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August 2, 2010 Permalink

Russian wildfires

Last month, Russia endured the hottest July ever recorded since records began 130 years ago. The intense heat and drought affecting central Russia has been drying out trees and peat marshes, which have been catching fire recently, burning forests, fields and houses across a massive region. Some 500 new fires have been reported in the last 24 hours alone, and a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of emergency workers is underway to combat them. President Dmitry Medvedev has now declared a state of emergency in seven regions. To date, over 1,500 homes have been destroyed and 40 lives have been lost. as wildfires continue across over 300,000 acres. (38 photos total)

A soldier walks past birches, which are charred, damaged by fire on the outskirts of the Russian city of Voronezh on July 30, 2010. (REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin)
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Massive Catastrophe !

Posted by Murali August 2, 10 12:54 PM


Posted by Riccardo V. August 2, 10 12:54 PM

If this happened in the US, we'd already be bickering about who to blame.

Posted by asdf August 2, 10 12:58 PM

Força para todos os Russos, também estamos com o mesmo problema mas não tão grave Força from Portugal

Posted by tiago Jesus August 2, 10 12:59 PM

Great pictures. Thanks.

Hard to see how fire destroys nature

Posted by Erik van Erne, Milieunet August 2, 10 01:01 PM

I thank u for your photos, I've seen all the albums. Greetings from Venezuela.

Posted by Desiree Duarte August 2, 10 01:01 PM

subHana-Llah !

Posted by Al-Kanz August 2, 10 01:07 PM

what's wrong with the world? tell me Uncle Sam.

Posted by ~~ August 2, 10 01:08 PM

Speaking of Vyksa village, it actually burnt out totally. Not a single house stood the fire.

Check out this video as well —

It's in Russian, but I suppose, you don't have to speak it in order to understand what's going on. Few guys tried to drive back to the city, but the road they've used previously, got on fire. In the end of the movie they've shouted as there were several cars that followed them and blocked their way back, while they were trying to make a u-turn.

Posted by Kirill August 2, 10 01:09 PM

We don't need to bicker. Putin already decided that the local authorities are to blame.

Posted by Alexey August 2, 10 01:09 PM

Natural disasters are really painful, may god save our earth and everything he has created after all we all are his creation.

Posted by Suhail August 2, 10 01:28 PM

Здравствуйте я из России. Конкретно Белгород это соседняя с вышеупомянутой Воронежской область. Нас тоже немного зацепило.
Хотел ответить на 3коментарий. Я думаю, у нас тоже найдут виновных.
Может даже и виноватых. Но это всё будет потом. А сейчас все сплачиваются в борьбе с пожарами. Всё-таки это очень страшная вещь. Особенно верховой пожар. Когда огонь распространяется со скоростью в пятьдесят миль в час. И не какие заграждения не спасают.

Posted by Артём August 2, 10 01:33 PM

@asdf Actually, Russians have who to blame. It's new Forest Code signed by President Putin in 2006 which stongly favors economy at the expense of ecology.

Posted by Nikolay August 2, 10 01:35 PM

Dear God, save my loved Motherland, my Russia!

Posted by Elena August 2, 10 01:46 PM

So sad to see. I lost my home to a forest fire years ago, so I know what these people are going through. They are in my thoughts and hopes.

Posted by Jim August 2, 10 01:54 PM

This wasn't Vyksa that burnt totally. It was the village called Verkhnyaya Vereya (341 houses) - near Vyksa. There are some more villages that burnt out in the region. 19 people died.
Medvedev declared an emergency today. But too late for many people.

Posted by V August 2, 10 01:59 PM

Que cagada

Posted by Cacho August 2, 10 02:11 PM

Situation in Ryazan region (200 km SE from Moscow) is about the same. Dozens of fired villages, dozens of died people...

Posted by Vladimir Minaev August 2, 10 02:24 PM

Shame :(

Posted by Christina August 2, 10 02:26 PM

I live in Izhevsk, about 650 miles from Moscow and 200-300 miles from nearest massive fire, but even here we got smoke all over the skies and about 2 miles of visibility — quite strange and scary for such a small town. The Sun is red and dim all the day.

Posted by alesterre August 2, 10 02:39 PM

#3 and #19 are phenomenal pictures.

Posted by Hon Wei August 2, 10 02:44 PM

And well, this happens every single year...

Posted by Mi August 2, 10 02:51 PM

I am ASHAMED to live in this country.

Posted by polly August 2, 10 03:04 PM

Just notice how much asbestos is in those buildings.
If they didn't loose all in the fire they are now more likely to have lung cancer not as much from the smoke as from the asbestos dust.

Posted by Michael Skv August 2, 10 03:05 PM

Hi summer!

Posted by michael August 2, 10 03:17 PM

Tough times build tough people, that being so the Russian people should be stronger than iron,
I also live in wild-fire country S.California and survived several of these,
you just pick up and start over, what more can you do? best wishes

Posted by John August 2, 10 03:51 PM

oh my god this is horrible! what caused the fires everywhere? not the plane crash in 18 right? great pix!!! sad stuff :(

Posted by John August 2, 10 04:44 PM

The scariest thing about these Russian fire photos is that no one of these people has any kind of insurance.

Posted by krides August 2, 10 06:27 PM

I see a smoke monster rising over the forest in #17, challenging, defiantly beating his chest. Scary.

Posted by ~~Silk August 2, 10 07:10 PM

I have empathy and pray for those who suffer in so many ways from this disaster in Russia and others throughout the world. Hopefully each of us in our way can help those in need.

Posted by Dennis August 2, 10 07:56 PM

Welcome to the wacky world of global warming. Crop failure, heat waves, fires, and floods.

We now know that “After the hottest decade on record, it’s the hottest year on record, seemingly the hottest week of all time in satellite record and we may be at record low Arctic sea ice volume.” In the USA, we saw new daily high temperature records beat new cold records by nearly 5 to 1 in June.

At 4pm local time today in Moscow, Russia, the temperature surpassed 100°F for the first time in recorded history. The high temperature of 100.8°F (37.8°C) recorded at the Moscow Observatory, the official weather location for Moscow, beat Moscow’s previous record of 99.5°F (37.5°C), set just three days ago, on July 26. Prior to 2010, Moscow’s hottest temperature of all-time was 36.6°C (98.2°F), set in August, 1920. Records in Moscow go back to 1879. Baltschug, another official downtown Moscow weather site, hit an astonishing 102.2°F (39.0°C) today. Finland also recorded its hottest temperature in its history today, when the mercury hit 99°F (37.2°C) at Joensuu. The old (undisputed) record was 95°F (35°C) at Jvaskyla on July 9, 1914….

Posted by engineers for the planet August 2, 10 08:19 PM

Wild fires happen all over and lots of them in North America. Many have been devastating. I live close to a place where they lost 350 homes in a fire.
Good to give some publicity to wildfires but there are so many in our backyard (so to speak).

Posted by Chris August 2, 10 09:35 PM

what is it with russians and stripes

Posted by charleston chew August 2, 10 11:57 PM

>Welcome to the wacky world of global warming. Crop failure, heat waves, fires, and floods

This is just a taste, an appetizer, to what's in the pipeline.

Posted by witness August 3, 10 12:34 AM

Picture # 1 is a true tragedy, all those trees planted on a grid, that's no forest. It would have been better if the trees had burned to give the land a chance to heal from its misuse as a tree plantation.

Posted by TreeLover August 3, 10 12:43 AM

.....and we here in Australia think that a bushfire season is catastrophic when 200 homes and half-a-dozen lives are lost.
It pales in comparison with what nature is doing in Russia in this northern summer of 2010.

My sympathies go to those affected.

Posted by Trevor August 3, 10 12:44 AM

#28 looks like a painting

Posted by Michael August 3, 10 01:18 AM

best wishes to Russian people suffering the fire there.hope the world healthy and peaceful.------------------------leo chan,China

Posted by leo August 3, 10 01:22 AM

Great Photos. This is where we start building bridges with the Russians. Here in Southern California, wild fires are a way of life. Bring over some Rusian fire fighters for a school on how to fight these wild fires or ship over some So Cal. fire fighters to give them some on the job training.Who will pay for it? I am sure we could get plenty of volunteers and donations to make this happen. Just a thought but I think this little effort could bring great dividens, in my humble opinion anyway. Thank you for your time.

Posted by raul briseno August 3, 10 01:26 AM

Natural Disasters :(

Posted by Shakeel Abbas August 3, 10 01:52 AM

I live in Russia in Vladimir city,
This is horrible!!!
we cant breath.
A view from my window is almost nothing!!!!

Posted by Nastya August 3, 10 02:01 AM

God Bless the families who has to suffer.

Posted by GabrielaGore August 3, 10 02:03 AM

>I am ASHAMED to live in this country.
>Posted by polly August 2, 2010 03:04 PM

Polly, go find yourself another one.

Posted by Ilia August 3, 10 04:05 AM

#30 is so disturbing

Posted by Qausain August 3, 10 04:12 AM

Merciful God, bless the Russian land ...

Posted by Stormofdreams August 3, 10 04:51 AM

And in Siberia it is quite cold right now.
We had only two weeks of summer.

Posted by Zebooka August 3, 10 05:18 AM

Hey, Charleston Chew, you've even got stripes on your flag, if I am not mistaken.
No time to ridicule victims...

Posted by Friedrich-Wilhelm Nehl August 3, 10 05:46 AM

We expect doomsday?
Это уже и не только в России)

Posted by Valeriya August 3, 10 06:36 AM

Number 33, yes, everyone knows that there are lots of fires in California every year; it's in the news too. These photos inform us of the suffering that people living in other parts of the world go through, so Californians, you aren't the only ones!
My empathy for everyone.

Posted by g.h. in Europe August 3, 10 06:43 AM

"I am ASHAMED to live in this country. Posted by polly August 2, 2010 03:04 PM"

If so, go away from here as fast as you can, it will be better for all, especially for Russia :)
All will be ok very soon. Don't worry.
Moscow District Firefighter.
President Medvedev accepted a new federal programme against fires, which will really improve situation in near 3 - 4 years.

Posted by Sergey August 3, 10 07:48 AM

#15, 22. So much misery :-( Wish you all the strength!

Posted by Bas August 3, 10 08:10 AM

#30.. who is she?

Posted by s August 3, 10 08:35 AM

My thoughts are with all those folk who have suffered from this disaster, hopefully there will be a fund set up to assist these people to recover from their losses like that one that was set up for the Australian bush fire victims.

Posted by Benedict Warren August 3, 10 08:37 AM

My heart felt sympathy to those who went through this disaster!

Posted by vijay August 3, 10 09:16 AM

I thought it was not simply a natural disaster but also that lot of people threw away cigarettes and other hot/burning stuff?

Sure I feel sorry for all the people in the area, still it's not nature to blame!!

Posted by cegger August 3, 10 09:18 AM

"I am ASHAMED to live in this country. Posted by polly August 2, 2010 03:04 PM"

If you ashamed to live in Russia, you better live in Haiti. I am assured, you will be proud of this country

Posted by Anna August 3, 10 09:28 AM

we shouldn't be so quick to judge. just wait until the huge tidal waves washes over the fires to put them out. is that any better? water's wet, sky is blue, global warming is going to put an end to this place in just a few years. ever seen 2012? stop flying, stop driving, stop cooking and only burn wood! it's the only natural way, and the only way to save us...

Posted by PittJake August 3, 10 09:37 AM

As i have seen the pictures above , i am feeling very sorry for the people living in that disasting place and the little children .
They shouldn't be worry about that , soon there would be way for that and everything would be okay.

Posted by maira August 3, 10 09:56 AM

Боже, помилуй Россию!

Posted by duke August 3, 10 11:07 AM

I just wanted to say I've been following the Big Picture from the UK for several weeks now and I think you're doing a wonderful job. It's almost like reading the old Life Magazine picture stories that I remember from the very dim and distant past. Please keep this coming - it's a window on the world when we need all the clear vision we can get...

Posted by MarkG August 3, 10 11:40 AM

what a massive fire, hundreds of people lost their house....

Posted by TD August 3, 10 12:12 PM

34 is heart-breaking

Posted by Emily August 3, 10 12:29 PM

To those who compare this to California wildfires, these are different. Apart from the San Joachin river delta, California is not really known for peat bogs. Bogs are wet, but peat *burns*. It burns well, especially if it's had a chance to dry out, and some peat fires have burned for years. Historically, it has been an important fuel, and people in many parts of the world still burn it to heat their homes and cook their food and sometimes even for electricity generation. What burns in the home can burn in the peatland as well. Hopefully these are all still quite wet, so the fires can be extinguished, but some peat fires have been known to even reignite on their own once they get warm enough.

Posted by Calli Arcale August 3, 10 12:33 PM

Há males que vem para o bem... e a vida se renova. Força a todos...

Posted by José Orlando Lucatelli August 3, 10 12:43 PM

i think i speak for the whole mankind, when i say that in the past 2 years (and in the following) mother earth / nature is going to take revenge for the things ALL OF US did to her because of our misbehavoir :(

Posted by David Ehrenberger August 3, 10 02:07 PM

Anyone else sick to death of how everyone tries to make everything about politics? Anyone else sick of every other comment being nationalist? Or republican? or Democrat?

How about we find something else to talk about. People need to quit their b*tching.

Posted by bob August 3, 10 03:00 PM
Posted by romanov August 3, 10 03:58 PM

Unfortunately, photos do not convey the nightmare of fire ...
See a video of the burning areas:
Reflections on the causes and consequences of fires and video burning forests and villages:

Posted by Macsimus August 3, 10 04:14 PM

if we don`t change, be conscious, this world is in way to the end.

Posted by lucas August 3, 10 04:28 PM

Please save us from Putin and Medvedev

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 10 04:43 PM

Espero que todos los rusos afectados se recuperen pronto. Realmente una tragedia. Y a todos los americanos, al resto del mundo no les importa lo que tengan para decir, callense la boca y dejen de hablar estupideces.

Posted by Federico August 3, 10 05:55 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 3, 10 07:15 PM

God, help these people and take care of them, amen!

Posted by yimmy August 3, 10 08:54 PM

comment #23, polly. I am ashamed to live with persons like you in one country.

Posted by Alex August 3, 10 09:39 PM

#34 - last hope

Posted by Lexx August 3, 10 10:04 PM

Yeah, global warming is a farce, this extreme weather we are having is natural. Were fine. Lets just move on like nothing is happening. It's OK, nothing to see here. Large corporations told me so.

Posted by The Dude August 3, 10 10:15 PM

Oh no.... this is horrible. Feel sorry for those involved in this natural disaster..

Posted by akiko catbun August 3, 10 11:49 PM

Hi. I'm from Russia, from Nizhniy Novgorod, mentioned on pics. Thanks to all of you for your support.
And yeah - polly, fiind another country.

Posted by Alex August 4, 10 01:51 AM
Posted by Mike August 4, 10 02:26 AM

Ancient Gods and Nibiru are returning!

Posted by False Prophet August 4, 10 03:09 AM

количество погибших на самом деле намного больше 150 человек. я из выксы

Posted by August 4, 10 03:18 AM

24th - 31 August 2007 in Greece mega fires hit (70 deaths - 3.000.000 acres to ashes dring that summer including these days. only in Elia perfecture was worst hit with 1.110.000 acres burned - 40 died)

the same happened in russia i guess.Weather is a key factor when a large wildfire becomes a mega one. Conventional ways to fight are not enough if conditions reach to extreme

Posted by greg August 4, 10 03:55 AM

Ilyushin-76 tanker plane ?????????????
This is BERIYEV plane - BE-200 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Marina August 4, 10 06:24 AM

Forest fires in Russia (Vyksa, Voronezh, Ryazan, etc.): eyewitness accounts, photos, video

Posted by Shan August 4, 10 07:33 AM

I knew about that situation for a very long time,
but when I see these photos I find it difficult to not start crying.

Боже, Спаси Россию.

Posted by Alexandre August 4, 10 07:48 AM

Marina, you are wrong there is IL-76 on the picture.

Be-200 is amphibious aircraft and has engines over the wing not under.

Posted by Askar August 4, 10 07:50 AM

Poor people an nature , but Russia deserves worst.

Posted by m.g August 4, 10 07:53 AM

very sad to know about Fire in Russia. May God bless the victims.

Love from India

Posted by Jaynath Sisodiya August 4, 10 08:14 AM

es lamentable ver tanto desastre.
un abrazo solidario

samuel rodriguez

Posted by samuel rodriguez August 4, 10 08:39 AM


Posted by Shadow August 4, 10 08:45 AM

#33 is a work of art

Posted by Parfonsk August 4, 10 08:53 AM

All my condolenses to russian people. I wish you strength and a good rain.
We. in, Greece, have had a lot of support from russian helicopter crews like thiw Mil Mi26 (
And yes, the plane in photo No 18 is an Il-76 ( and not a Be-200 ( spot the difference on the engines positions.
Be brave!

Posted by ValiaCalda Dog August 4, 10 08:57 AM

No it's not BE 200 please take a look at google images for example

Posted by Artem2048 August 4, 10 09:08 AM

Yep, this is IL-76.
"Ил-76П — самолёт для тушения пожаров. Способен брать на борт 32 т огнегасящей жидкости. Первый полёт 22.09.1989"

"IL-76P-firefighter plane. It can carry 32 tons of fire-fighting liquid on board. First flight 22.09.1989"

Big thanks for all foreigners for kind words of support!
Unfortunately troubles like this are the one of the main things, that brings people from all over the world together.

Posted by Evgeniy August 4, 10 09:20 AM

Yep, this is IL-76.
"Ил-76П — самолёт для тушения пожаров. Способен брать на борт 32 т огнегасящей жидкости. Первый полёт 22.09.1989"

"IL-76P-firefighter plane. It can carry 32 tons of fire-fighting liquid on board. First flight 22.09.1989"

Big thanks for all foreigners for kind words of support!
Unfortunately troubles like this are the one of the main things, that brings people from all over the world together.

Posted by Evgeniy August 4, 10 09:26 AM

not BE-200! its IL-76 special firefighter

Posted by globby August 4, 10 09:51 AM

Actually it is IL 76. BE 200 is much smaller - I saw Be 200 in Baku airport just 4 days ago (btw it is just standing there in the heat doing nothing, Azerbaijan should have offered that instead of two helicopters). Interesting articles in Russian media saying that the agency (i think Lesohran) that is responsible for observing forests was significantly downsized a few years ago, which is why some of the smaller fires were not noticed until they got out of control - hence the terrible tragedy we have now. We are close to the election year, so hopefully all the people who have lost their homes will receive adequate compensation. Putin promised $7,000 per person plus the houses lost to be completely rebuilt and he will make sure it happens since the presidential elections are in 2012. Lessons of Katrina are remembered well. My thoughts with those who lost their loved ones. Missing mother Russia.

Posted by Javad August 4, 10 10:19 AM


Posted by HELLAS August 4, 10 11:51 AM

Great photos!

By the way, Putin should be sent to jail.

Posted by Will August 4, 10 12:04 PM

10th pic
The description is stupid. Shatura is located in 110 km far from Moscow and Lubertsi is a part of Moscow now

Posted by Demetr August 4, 10 12:14 PM

August has always been a month of disasters for Russia. It is a shame to see how people suffer. God save Russia!

Posted by Dmitry August 4, 10 01:23 PM

Thank you, people of the Earth... I think it's time to consolidation, not war... Our planet dies... what else must happen to understand that ?! Money kill our Earth

Posted by Dimitri August 4, 10 01:35 PM

Держитесь мужики!

Posted by Санек August 4, 10 01:51 PM

It is tough seeing these images as I admire nature a lot. I spent 5 hours in local swamp yesterday, taking pictures of wildlife.
I hope that the locals can find a new place to live and the government supports them.

All the best from Estonia!

Posted by Anonymous August 4, 10 03:43 PM

Doesn't anybody have sympathy for the poor bird that was burned in the fire? It must have been a painful death. It is the people and animals that lost their lives that I feel sorry for. Houses can be rebuilt.

Posted by sm August 4, 10 04:22 PM

My heart goes out to all in this tragedy. I live in Pennsylvania, USA and wish I could help.

Posted by Jean August 4, 10 04:32 PM

Thanks for your condolences, guys. I'm from Russia too, the fires are near Moscow already, hard to breath, much smoke here.

Posted by Natasha August 4, 10 07:12 PM

Боже, помилуй Россию!

Russia will survive! I have trust and i am sure that Russia's firefighters will do the best to save as much as they can do. It's a tragedy for all on this planet! My symphaty for all that lost their life in this disaster,

Russia in my heart,

Posted by Ivan August 4, 10 07:23 PM

The Russians are strong and hard working people, they will survive and rebuild better communities, no doubt about it.
Best wishes form Mexico.

Posted by Enrique August 4, 10 10:47 PM

I'm sory

Posted by Bjn August 5, 10 02:14 AM

Ну а чего вы хотели? Развалили сначала все что было (какая-никакая, но была система, и она РАБОТАЛА), а нового не дали: ни техники, ни людей - власти только и умеют, что бабло стричь, обещать, да по Америкам щеголять (что вот мол, какая у нас страна богатеющая), а пототом люди страдают простые, теперь вот что делать? Куда людям податься? Вот что главное! Зима на носу, надо быстро взять ситуацию под контроль (хотя это надо было взять с самого начала) и обеспечить людей жильем!

Posted by Nata Hazk August 5, 10 05:57 AM

Держитесь Ставрополь с вами!......

Posted by Леха August 5, 10 06:27 AM

I live in Russia, and I can honestly say that everything you can see on these fotos is true! Our country is terryfied by wildfires, people in the center of Moscow can heavily breath because the air is full of smoke. The situation is very serious!

Posted by Varvara Shlyapina August 5, 10 08:29 AM

moskow is really in a smoke. but today just a little better. on saturday near +40 again :(
...only for a moment imagine results of war

p.s.: отчаиваться не надо (бортжурнал подлодки "Курск")

Posted by ck August 5, 10 09:26 AM

я живу в Удмуртии. при возгорании свалки около газокомпрессорной станции (примерно 1 км), ни одна пожарная машина из города не приехала, тушили своими силами, звонили, помощи просили.

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 10 09:32 AM

Все будет хорошо! everything gonna be alright! I hope so

Posted by Anny_Moscow August 5, 10 09:49 AM

I remember the 90th at Far East region of Russia when we breath the smoke of burning wild forest around us like a Moscow residents now. It was very tiresomely.
I disagree about global warming. It's not a global warming. It's a global climatic zone shifting (dislocation). For example: I live in Khabarovsk and now we have a climate of Vladivostok. Vladivostok is located for 1000 kilometers to the south of Khabarovsk. And Vladivostok now have a climat of Japanese north.

Posted by Stanislav from Khabarovsk, Russia August 5, 10 11:24 AM

Спасибо за фотки. Гораздо больше информации чем в наших СМИ

Posted by Серёга August 5, 10 11:47 AM

isn't a true about 40 lives.. the situation is more tragic, but oficial news don't tell us this. Just in one vilage 72 lives have been lost, and they say about 48 in all country. The government don't help, simple people bay food and water for fire fighters and soldiers, because government don't do it. our government is against its people!

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 10 12:02 PM

Touching and poweful images..

Posted by Ganesh H Shankar August 5, 10 12:04 PM

RUSSIA enough векщтп to win this problem. in usa also happened such large scale disasters: flooding in Florida, fires in California, tornadoes, oil spills, most recently

what to say, nature is force, and people-ants)))))

ps. everything happens even Fedor loses((((((((((((((((((

Posted by ADYGAboy August 5, 10 04:48 PM

#100 I'm watching you...

Posted by Put in August 5, 10 04:59 PM

@33: striped shirts are usually worn by russian sailors. (not sure about other military units in russia). So the people pictured are most likely soldiers that are helping out as makeshift firemen.

Posted by Konstantin August 5, 10 06:14 PM

Its increible! Where is the international humanitarian help!

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 10 09:51 PM

Photos show a lot... Our mass media don't show such frames on TV... maybe they are trying to avoid panic. I wish more strong and good health to people, who lost their houses. And I hope authority will do the best to help the people to restoration their houses and documents with minimum bureaucracy.
It is our general tragedy and we must to help each other.
Thanks to foreign states who helps us solve this problem and sent their fire-fighting forces

Posted by FloG August 6, 10 12:15 AM

Ask for help from other nations.

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 10 01:50 AM

I live in Moscow. Many thanks to all of you for support!!!

Posted by Natalia August 6, 10 02:04 AM

Russia, Moscow, 10:41
I can not see football field behind my window because of smoke. Visibility is near 70-100 meters. Smoke is very caustic and +40 C, so I can not present how much hard to stay here for old and sick people. Every day I see a lot of emergency cars. But of course it is not so hard as to be directly in fire or burning house. I am asking god to send at least a few rains for our country.
Yesteday fire have came to shelter for animals in Moscow region.

Posted by Jury August 6, 10 02:56 AM

Too many disasters recently, I can say nothing but pray for the suffered people. We are now swallowing the bitter fruit of the crimes we committed to the Mother Nature.

Posted by Eva August 6, 10 03:55 AM

У нас в Перми уже не один день задымление стоит, запах гари. По новостям нагло врут по состоянию пожаротушения и мобилизаций населения якобы от партии ЕР и тд... Эта катастрофа ясно показало лицо нашего правительства и подвластных им органов, их бессилие... Я конечно не обвиняю об бездействии всех - МЧС или пожарных., но по рунету видно как население борется собственными силами с огнем когда пожарные машины проходят мимо оставляя людей лицом к лицу с их бедой! Подобное вранье власти уже за*****!

Posted by Artur August 6, 10 04:10 AM

Russia will never change. Good poople led by the bad ones. Worst thing is that the good people are proud of their leaders. :o(

Posted by mic147 August 6, 10 05:35 AM

These photos leave nothing to guess about the extend of this tragedy. I have been reading many comments of people who know it all, who predicted it all, who blame "the world"and who promise us more.... Does that make any sense at this moment? My only question can I help, where can I help, is there any way to help these people?

Posted by Christine/ The Netherlands August 6, 10 06:34 AM

"Picture # 1 is a true tragedy, all those trees planted on a grid, that's no forest. It would have been better if the trees had burned to give the land a chance to heal from its misuse as a tree plantation."


Posted by catdob August 6, 10 09:03 AM

What can a person thousands of miles away do? It's heartbreaking to see these pictures. I hope those who suffered through this tragedy will recover. I hope that the Russian government takes steps to make sure fires on this scale do not happen again.

Posted by Tony August 6, 10 10:51 AM

An utter devastation. A reality show for whom who deny global warming. This year we had a massive fire in jungles near Montreal for the first time in history. The weather hit 37 degrees in July which was not previously recorded.
Unfortunately the ones who keep denying won't see these pictures. I wonder where the human's greed will lead us in future...

Posted by Babi August 6, 10 11:40 AM

Hell on the Earth!

Posted by Zeppelin August 6, 10 12:13 PM

the person who is ashamed of their country are you from russia or us?? majority of americans have been ashamed for eight years under dictator bush and told if don't like it get out and these same people telling anybody critical of bush wars now blame russia for fire, pakistan for flood etc..and complain now about our new president trying to forge new bonds after prev. president shattered them...russia is blessed with natural resources and hasn't yet squandered them yet like america...I hope it all works out.

Posted by more ashamed August 6, 10 01:54 PM

ok, so the real question is: if most of us, at least, who have brains admit global warming and that we are causing it, how do we know stop it??? I don't think every country individually can choose to do something or not, or capitalist society will continue evading any regulations and buying out what do we do??? one of my graduate degrees in envir. science and I wanted to make a difference...but politics doesn't work that way....seems more envir. organizations are now mostly interested in lawyers to fight the big corporations....who flood us with ads...even today at gym flipping through all the 'travel' mags nothing but ads for giant is a tragedy of the commons in modern world, take over everything first, so you can use it all up before your wars over water not religion or politics..I hope americans are smarter and we all wise up SOON!!!!!

Posted by changing climate August 6, 10 01:58 PM

my question is how long will people even care? this year in us flooding in tn, rhode island ct happened which is NOT USUAL!!! and immediately forgotten due to massive oil "leak" in our Gulf...too many things happening today with our brains wired for latest 'sound bite'....I have tried many times to do whatever I can for envir. on a professional basis and hit a I try my best in my personal life to have zero carbon footprint..even then, I look at everything made from petroleum over which I have no choice...I think things will get better, but only after more bad things like this happen, which some americans still want to deny, unfortunately....

I have traveled from US to overseas with so much scrutiny on protecting our homeland we cannot even see 'the forest for the trees'...I have been back to places which are not on the map now due to global warming...and most americans STILL deny things are happening...I have been to place in Asia which is gone due to earthquake and mudslide which would be medium city in US...I could go on and on.....I think the rest of the world needs to try very hard to move on without the US.....I think we are too greedy and small-minded to ever change as a nation; even our new President said our political system makes it hard to do anything big now.

Posted by changing climate August 6, 10 02:04 PM

#38 says a lot about the Russian people - in the midst of such destruction of so much of their home, those two women still recover what they can and I see not a hint of them feeling sorry for themselves. They simply do what they must. There's an underlying toughness there that makes me sure they will rebuild... given time. I hope the world pitches in to help.

Posted by TJGeezer August 6, 10 02:40 PM

What are the West doing for Russia?
Have they asked for assistance from the West?
is there a donation center where people from Canada can give what they can to?
May God help these poor people in there time of need.

Posted by Ralph Morton August 6, 10 02:52 PM

Air pollution surged to five times normal levels in the city of 10.5 million, the highest sustained contamination since Russia's worst heatwave in over a century began a month ago.

Interfax news agency quoted an "informed source" on Friday saying death rates in Moscow surged nearly 30 percent in July because of the "disastrous heat and smoke cloud".

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has been silent on the smoke engulfing his city. A city government spokeswoman said he had left on holiday earlier in the week.

Posted by dontwannabeanamericanidiot August 6, 10 03:44 PM

I've got my SUV and my 5000 square foot mansion, why should I care about some peasants in russia?

Posted by Wayne August 6, 10 03:55 PM

These are intense, gut wrenching photos. Wayne's comment #144 surely was being sarcastic as a reflection of our many fortunes in the US, if not - surely you have no friends and certainly no heart.
Thank you Seth for giving us all a dose of reality... in what way can we help?

Posted by Claire August 6, 10 07:54 PM

Cuanto dolor .... Dios bendiga a estas personas y les de mas de lo que hoy han perdido.

Posted by Salvador Arcos August 6, 10 09:16 PM

Haunting pictures--and, seeing the ancient fire trucks and dated equipment, a stark reminder that Russia under the Putin regime continues to be an utter failure at industrializing, modernizing, and prioritizing the allocation of its natural resource-derived wealth.

Posted by Righthere August 7, 10 01:17 AM

I'm from Moscow. Don't be afraid ppl that situation is just because of russian mental , we have fires every year in summer, but those who rule our country are just people who want to get some money without doing anything no one cares about the future...

Posted by Danila August 7, 10 05:46 AM


Posted by August 7, 10 06:24 AM

Неисповедима доброта господня к чадам своим

Posted by Бакунина August 7, 10 07:17 AM

Instead of firefighters brigades number increasing, real actions, our "rulers" (in fact - legion of corrupted traitors) interested in USSR discredit and "militia" rebranding.


Posted by Aler August 7, 10 12:24 PM


Clearly Your Just As American As Everyone Else. Your Quick To Pat Yourself On The Back For Having "Zero Carbon Emmissions" But You'll Blast This Country To No End On Every Thing Else. I Guess Being Thankful For Running Water In Your House And Power To Heat Your Home. As Well As Enough Food To Eat, And The Internet To Post Your Bashing Ideas Isnt Enough. Be Thankful For What You Have, Pray For The Ones Who Don't, And Never Turn Your Head To Someone In Need. Finger Pointing At Whomever Or Whatever Isnt The Answer To Any Serious Question. Earth Has Been Around Millions Of Years, It Will Continue No Matter What. Real Question Is Are We Gonna Be Alive To See It. Right Now We Are Determining That Answer. Hearts And Prayer To The Russians Affected By This. I Hope Like We All Do, The Governments Of Our Nations Can Work Together When Bad Things Happen To All People.

Posted by David August 7, 10 03:46 PM

84: It's IL-76

Posted by alex August 8, 10 01:35 AM

It's not an autonomous problem of a nation: an unexpected rise in temperature and wildfires could now occur anywhere in the world, therefore don't mix inaccurate information from the news and other xenophobic and inappropriate things with this issue. Russia is a great country with strong, enduring people. Hope you will get through these difficulties as soon as possible and God help you!
Best wishes from Greece!

Posted by Despina August 8, 10 08:11 AM

Diep onder de indruk van deze foto's. Wat een machteloosheid!
Mensen die in nood zijn aan hun lot overlaten is inhumaan en nooit goed te praten door welke regering dan ook.

Posted by Ingrid van Belkom August 8, 10 08:28 AM

Thank you people of the world fo the supportive words and thoughts and prayers!!
Gracias a todos)

M, St Petersburg

Posted by Margo August 8, 10 08:47 AM

Russia is a great country with a rich history, unfortunately Communism destroyed it and made most of it a 3rd world nation. Fire however is not uncommon in the world, we in the USA have great wildfires that destroy homes and lives. Never be ashamed of your country! Never!

Posted by rwd USA August 8, 10 12:42 PM

The heat of the summer and lack of rain has put this part of the world
in jeopardy as in the state of California in USA. It is wrenching to see
these pics and the losses . I live in Vermont where it is cooler and wetter.
C.E.B. Bethel Vt.

Posted by charlene bostrom August 8, 10 01:43 PM

Вот так. Как говорится, "от сумы ... не зарекайся"! Особенно если живёшь в России. Люди, держитесь!

Posted by Elena August 8, 10 06:12 PM

I am so sorry for all your loss, but I am sure everything will be fine even if it seems very unlikely at the moment - just hold on.
Best wishes from Italy.

Posted by L'ItaliaMilanese August 8, 10 06:38 PM

Страна корумпированного правительства, садят только тех кто не хочет с правительством делиться или не хочет им бизнес продавать. Посмотрим кто крайним будет, по ходу ими будут одни губернаторы, а Шойгу будет героем.

Posted by RUS August 9, 10 02:02 AM

Кошмар что твориться! У нас в Свердловской области в Каменском районе горят торфянники, утром встаешь и при полном штиле домма нечем дышать. Боимся не проснуться в один прерасный день. Даже животные ведут себя плохо и собаки лают по ночам как буд то бы напоминая, что спать нельзя если хотитте выжить.......

Posted by Павел August 9, 10 02:19 AM


Posted by Hakan August 9, 10 07:52 AM


Posted by Hakan August 9, 10 07:53 AM

Yeah, you're all sorry.

First of all, do you know how many extinguisher-airplanes we have to cover whole Russia? I'll tell you... 4! Okay, let's say 6 with the Italian airplanes. But can 6 airplanes cover all russia? Don't think so.
Second, there are about 1.000.000 in the military in russia. 100.000 are helping.. WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?!
It's a disaster.

Posted by Mikhail Kuleshov August 9, 10 12:42 PM

We need the earth, but the earth dont need us...
About 20 years ago, there was 1 tragedy a year, now there are 5-6 ...
Pray for Russia...that it ends soon
Love from germany

Posted by joba August 9, 10 02:01 PM

As you know my beloved pple of Russia
the wave of heat that impact now not in Russia
ifn't in whole planet , is caused for the activity in the
sun , but no one say this news , everything
happen coz have to happen , here in mexico happen
so much things related of golbal warming , we know
that we must take care every living being on earth
and love them .
Specialy me my beloved people from Russia , u always are
in my prayers .

God bless u all with love

Posted by Aldo Gabriel Diaz Garcia August 9, 10 06:05 PM

This disaster is sad and heartbreaking to see. Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Russia affected by this terrible event! Find strength and comfort in eachother!

For the jack-wagons out there who think this disaster has something to do with Global Warming, please go out and buy a Prius, hang out your laundry and use only one square of toilet paper so that this doesn't ever happen again.

Posted by Art August 9, 10 10:47 PM

I'm from Moscow and all my family is over there. My brother got poisoned really badly by the smoke :( my parents feeling really bad at the moment:( I'm in Sydney as a far away observer :( hope this horrible nature joke won't last long !!!! Everybody, call their beloved ones if they are in Russia!!

Posted by Anna August 10, 10 01:45 AM

officials have stolen all the money from the budget
and as always in Russia there is no money to put out fires
It is common practice when the boss steals the money of the people

Posted by xxx August 10, 10 03:18 AM

Environment,Climate,Warming,we the Humans are playing with the Nature..?,not much considering that Nature knows to take its revenge...!
PAKSAS (Pakistan Sobbing Animal's Welfare & ENVIRONMENTAL Adventure Society) shares pain with the grieved families of Russia & Pakistan.

Posted by TARIQ MUNEEB August 10, 10 05:29 AM

The pictures, as images, are striking.
The subjects of the pictures is heartbreaking and nightmarish.
On the one hand - fire is nature's way of housecleaning to allow new growth.
On the other hand - this is people's lives and homes and memories.
Praying for all, and that, like the firebird, Russia rises beautifully from the ashes.
I'm posting on Facebook to raise awareness. God keep you all

Posted by Hewahine August 10, 10 06:27 AM

This is awful.
News coverage of this tradegy is dismal here in the UK. Most people don't even know what has been happening.
Where is the international help? These are real people who have lost
I am urging my original home country of Finland to help with their large army and equipment.

God bless you all. You are in my thoughts.

Posted by Liisa August 10, 10 07:38 AM

the whole episode is a nightmare LET THE HAND OF GOD help the people of Russia

Posted by mathew mwangi August 10, 10 07:41 AM

Very strong images indeed. I am left with big a lump in my throat.

Posted by Charlois August 10, 10 09:53 AM

Dear all,

I share pain with the grieved families of Russia!
What are the World doing for Russian people?
All the best from Black Sea, Turkey!

Our Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,Turkey sent two fire fighting helicopters on Monday (August 8, 2010) to help out in Russia!

God bless you all

Posted by YILMAZ YILDIRIM August 10, 10 10:48 AM

Way, no assistence form the United Nations....??? whe are no anamy's from Russia. I,m very amasde thar are in Netherlands almost no images in our News papers .
I,m shocked to see this tradegy on the pictures

Posted by Aat van de Water August 10, 10 10:49 AM

Global warming is a scam right? How much time will we waste while the oil lobby tries to stop a switch to green energy? Will we have time to revert earth back to a stable state or will we become a scorching hot planet like Venus? Only time will tell but i have a feeling the future generations will curse our names for opening up the gates of Hell. And im an atheist.

Posted by Eric Francis August 10, 10 01:38 PM

I am from Southern California, and my heart goes out to all the people of Russia, and to all the Firefighters in your country. I pray for the safety of all, as we are all kindred spirits in the devastation that comes from wildfires. I keep you all in my thoughts.

Posted by Knitter August 10, 10 01:40 PM

Чтобы спасти Россию надо сжечь Москву.


Posted by Anonymous August 10, 10 04:56 PM

My heart breaks for Russia. Praying for your country.

Posted by Tina August 10, 10 05:45 PM

Encore un malheur de plus pour ce beau et attachant pays!!!Courage à toute la population meurtrie!!!En espérant que la gouvernement sera à la hauteur et s'occuperont pour une fois des "petites gens"

Posted by doaré August 10, 10 05:48 PM

I am so concerned with the unfolding trajedy in Russia happening even as i write this.Even in your fear,loss , grief and uncertainty. I pray you stay strong and receive the help and resources and support you need .Love Peggy/Canada

Posted by Peggy Slobodian August 10, 10 10:54 PM

We (people of the world) must be sensitive to the situation in Russia and other places in the planet where different kind of disasters are happening, but also happened in the past. We must be aware of the needs of others, and help them. We must be in solidarity to each other. It is obvious that we need to make the next big step in evolution, helping all the people (and ourselves) in making this world a better place for living in peace and harmony. That is perfectly possible right now from the technological point of view, with so much cutting edge technology being undercover, hidden for all the people not to use it for good. That would be the easy part. But what about people being conscience enough to make it right, helping each other without waiting anything from anybody, just given. Are we ready for that? … we should. The key word and value is LOVE.

Posted by New GAIA August 11, 10 08:55 AM

From Indiana, US - This is a terrible tragedy. Be strong, you are all in my prayers.

Posted by Chris August 11, 10 10:05 AM

GOD Will help this poor people!!!

אבינו שבשמים!
עזור לאנשים אומללים אלה!

Posted by Isaak August 11, 10 10:15 AM

My prayers go out to the people of Russia. Amazing photographs.

Posted by Jay August 11, 10 12:10 PM

My heart goes out to the good people of Russia.

Posted by Jon Glassett August 11, 10 12:36 PM

Researching pix for book on climate change. The 2003 heatwave has been replaced by this tragedy. a mere 7 years later. Hello people? Such human suffering. Wish we could print every image.

Posted by Laurie August 11, 10 01:04 PM

i feel so sorry for the russian people i wish i had the money to go to russia and help out or donite some money.but the russian people are hard and strong people and this wont stop them and they will rebuild there homes and commuties ......keep going i feel so sorry for you all be strong

Posted by alan vince August 11, 10 01:15 PM

To all of Russia... My deepest sympathy and prayers go to you all. Natural disasters are devastating to your mind and soul as well. I was in the midwest's 1993 flooding in Missouri. A different disaster altogether, but loss of home and our sense of 'place' in our world is devastating to people and animals.

I assume this is being done, but is blasting being used to offset fires from raging out of control? Or is that not relevant in this scenario?

Be assured we would do all we could to help, and I hope the US is. We usually respond immediately to other countries' disasters.

Prayers, thoughts and tears to you.

Posted by teri August 11, 10 02:27 PM

It's the last days people. Time to break out your Bibles and get right with God before the real Tribulation begins.

Posted by Lucy August 11, 10 02:59 PM

My most sincere condolences for your losses.
As a 33 veteran professional wildland firefighter, I wish that I could help.
Strength and wisdom to my firefighting brothers- you have our support.
May the rains come early this year.

Posted by mikeb August 11, 10 03:12 PM


Posted by MOHSEN August 11, 10 04:45 PM

People are suffering because of these wild fires!!! Shame on those who are writing outrageous comments. If you don't like something about Russia, this is not the place to write that.

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 10 05:18 PM

Terrible situation. We need to look at the Rockies in the USA. I was in Colorado last summer and a beetle has caused massive damage to the pine trees. I saw so many dead trees, whole mountains were brown. God forbid if they caught fire I don't think anybody could stop it. By the way this beetle was imported somehow.

Posted by John August 11, 10 05:30 PM

God bless all the people of Russia and grant them strength and courage during this most ddifficult time. We are praying for you in America!

Posted by Julie Southwick August 11, 10 05:59 PM

Devastation in the Russian villages and nature preserves cause such heavy tolls in our hearts and the planet. My prayers for all of you in your time of distress.

Posted by Buena Rabe August 11, 10 06:59 PM
Posted by miki August 12, 10 06:16 AM

great photos
all are amazing and powerfull

Posted by Tayseer August 12, 10 06:43 AM

Lo siento profundamente
Que Dios Salve a Rusia!
Desde Tucumán, Argentina, uniéndome a todos los que desde aquí están orando por el pueblo ruso

Posted by Norma August 12, 10 11:06 AM

Good luck!

Posted by scott August 12, 10 06:56 PM

This global warming way to deny this photos.
Hope people get their act together and push for action.Action now,in all fronts,you all know what to do,if not ,you are getting the idea,very clear in this pictures,of the consequences of doing nothing or ..
Lets do something about,local,regional in all fronts,we can not leave this earth like we see in this pictures.
Hernan Urquiza Jimenez

Posted by hernan urquiza August 12, 10 07:41 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this disaster.

Posted by Tom August 13, 10 08:07 AM

News of this tragically unfolding event here in the UK seems to be very selective and politically biased. The poor people seen in these images and the millions unseen are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Steve August 13, 10 08:36 PM

in another place, a woman named Lenora wrote in answer to the question: are these fires caused by global climate change?: she said: "Not quite, but it will have an effect on global climate change. Human activity has caused the drying of peat bogs. This drying has caused cracks to open up in the peat. Air can get down those cracks to feed fires that have started by spontaneous combustion in the peat. Lightning strikes have also ignited the upper surface of the dried peat. The fires on the surface have set fire to trees and bush. Even if there is rain that douses the fires on the surface, it will not stop the below ground fires. The carbon aerosols from the burning peat will rise into the atmosphere and provide a surface for water to condense on, and cause heavy rain in other places where they have been blown to by the wind."

Posted by jim adams August 14, 10 12:45 PM

You are in our prayers. May God's love sustain you as you deal with this tragedy.

Posted by Anonymous August 14, 10 06:27 PM

@144 you are sick. Bad things happen to everyone. Your turn wil come and by then i hope that you wil be a poor peasant so that you can feel what it feels like being a poor hardworking white russian peasant and then loose everything. I cant believe you could write something so smug! assh@le!

Posted by South africa August 15, 10 01:14 AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in Russia. So sorry for your suffering.

Posted by Momo, Indiana August 15, 10 08:38 PM

Prayers and politics be damned. How can we help?

Posted by An American August 16, 10 04:21 PM

Wonderful and at the time terrible photos, even if I am not
Russian I feel very close to it because sto it ome of my best friends
are there... I am really rally sorry...

Posted by Eduardo Murillo August 16, 10 04:24 PM

these are very terrible photos and russians are really in panic.
United Nations must help people.

Posted by vijay August 17, 10 06:06 AM

US citizens are praying for the people in Russia.

Our climate is crazy here too!

Someone asked where is the international aide?

When Katrian hurricaine happened in the US Federal government took forever to show up and then they did little.

Many US people are disallusioned with our government too. We have had very weak responses to natural disasters... its like they don't care and want population reduction. The oil spill in the gulf is not over although they say it is. We will have many problems ahead from it.

Posted by Arrow August 17, 10 04:31 PM

My heart breaks for Russia. Praying for your country

Posted by hemant kaushik August 18, 10 01:20 AM

tak i nada suki vam, eto za vso zloje katoroje vi delali!

Posted by asdddas August 18, 10 06:52 AM

I wanna help. How can we send food, drinks, clothes?! I'm from california. Please email me if you know an organization that will get the stuff to the people in Russia who need them.

Posted by Viktoriya August 19, 10 02:23 AM

#208: have you ever heard of sarcasm?. bright spark!

Horrible pictures, deepest sympathies for all who have lost their homes and more! Coming soon to a place near us?

Posted by Xavier France August 19, 10 03:11 PM

# 208, I completely agree with you! # 144 and # 215 are two heartless, nasty SOB's. I can't believe a human would write anything so nasty and heartless...
This sight should not accept vulgar and nasty submissions like these two. Adding insult to injury - you two will be getting yours, don't worry. But when it comes, don't you dare question "why me". Read your posts and that should be your answer. # 144, the day will come when you are not going to have a pot to piss in, you'll eat your own words then. #215 - bitter, are you? What are those children done to you that you call them "suki"? I have a few choice words for you, but don't want to use even those on scum like you...

Posted by Russian-American Mother August 19, 10 03:41 PM

#218 - calm down mama...Russia is not perfect, and by your own logic they are getting theirs, only you worded it differently....144 you say will get his...yeah he will run out of money heating his mansion and fueling his SUV haha

Posted by Polish-America Realist August 20, 10 10:41 AM

The photos shown in the BIG PICTURE are of very nice qualities and daring too. Thanks for the photographers to shoot these photos.

Posted by Mahabir Pimoli August 22, 10 05:06 PM

Am a fireman from greece.Everything that posted makes sense.I have seen the worst.Thus i wish the photo above to make YOU always to protect me/you/him/her/.. -->means mother nature.OURS home!!

Posted by Thanasis Nimas August 26, 10 12:16 PM

pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!

Posted by LeupoldEst August 27, 10 09:39 PM

The whole were in disaster, wild fire in Russia and flood in Pakistan. The sign the end of the world.

Posted by Deewa Fiaso August 29, 10 04:55 AM

GREAT photos... TERRIBLE cutlines: "A man walks through the forest..." C'mon, tell the readers something they can't see in the photo.

Posted by DS August 29, 10 10:17 AM

I live in Newcastle australia and have seen many bush fires or forest fires in Russain words. Russia has one quarter of the worlds timber so with dry conditions this is fuel for fires. I have been to Russia and realise people in sparesely populated areas have struggled to make a home then have it burn in a forest fire. Australia is very similar and with a hot dry period with high winds our homes frequently burn in forest fires. Also we have had large losses of life with fires moving quickly in the wind take life as well as homes.
Apart from keeping trees and burnable substances away from homes there is little one can do but stay and put out small fires and have a safe underground shelter nearby. My heartgoes out to the people of Russia who have lost their home and life long belongings.

Posted by dennis rees September 1, 10 03:37 AM

k feo la vardad yo soy una chava de 15 an'os pero estoy konsiente de esto lo k esta pasando actualmente la verdad es muy triste ver esto pues nos afecta a todos me da mucha tristesa ver las fotos ay gente k ni se dan kuanta pero ojala y se recuperan de esta racha los de rusia me da muicha tristesa

ojala y esta byen todo0s

Posted by leyda September 3, 10 08:56 AM

insanın içi cız ediyo o güzelim ormanları görünce dünya bizim dünyamız sonuçta nerde olursa olsun yangın nefesimiz biraz daha yok oluyo ve insanlar.......zordurumda kalan insanlar........

Posted by efsane September 4, 10 05:14 AM

Bir tarafta yangınlar bir tarafta seller bu nasıl olur...
Biz mi doğayı mahvediyoruz yoksa doğa bizden intikamını mı alıyor...
Geç olmadan doğayı daha fazla korumalıyız...
Zor durumda olan insanlar mı yoksa doğanın kendisi mi?
Dengeyi korumanın bir yolu olmalı...
Ama zarar gören ve ezilen galiba daha çok insanlar oluyor ...

Posted by Anonymous September 4, 10 12:07 PM

I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

Posted by PayofVorkZoor September 5, 10 06:29 AM

I never knew it was so bad, till I saw these pictures. Hope you Russians will get over this tragedy very soon. May God be with you to give you strength to tide over the situation.

A friend from India..

Posted by KM Priyadarsanan September 5, 10 02:30 PM

Maybe not the best thing to be sarcastic about sometimes think before you use your big mouth

Posted by Gooday75 September 21, 10 01:12 AM

love Russia n Russians , it happens , and they will tackle this ........ from the people of Afghanistan

Posted by Afghan October 15, 10 10:29 AM

poor people

Posted by krkor November 5, 10 02:59 PM

praying for you

Posted by beyourownhero November 9, 10 05:04 PM

strange fire like jahanam.its time to pray to allah.

Posted by sajidkhatri February 12, 11 11:08 AM
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