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August 11, 2010 Permalink

Continuing Russian wildfires

Though many have been contained, wildfires continue to rage throughout many parts of Russia. In a new twist to the situation, officials have confirmed that some forests that were contaminated with radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster have now burned, but it was unclear what danger the smoke from such wildfires could pose. Monitoring stations have not registered any increase in radioactivity as yet. Recent windy conditions have temporarily cleared the smoke from Moscow's skies, but it could possibly return soon. The area of burning forests in Russia is now 927 sq km (358 sq mi), down from from 1,740 sq km (676 sq m) only 24 hours ago. The economic costs of the fires are now estimated at up to 15 billion dollars. [This entry is part I of a double-issue today, part II about Pakistan is here]. Collected here are recent photographs from the Russian wildfires. [See previous entry]. (36 photos total)

Light shines through forest fire smoke near a Russian Orthodox church 30km from Moscow in Zelenaya Sloboda late on August 3, 2010. (ARTYOM KOROTAYEV/AFP/Getty Images)
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116 comments so far...

Nice pics!!

Posted by Junior Pedruzzi August 11, 10 12:09 PM

awesome photos

Posted by richard w August 11, 10 12:12 PM

Stunning images as always. Terrible events in Russia. Strange that the UK media (BBC in particular) don't seem to be giving it much coverage ...

Posted by Ed Lamb August 11, 10 12:16 PM

From now on it will be either burning hot or bone-freezing cold.

Posted by Richad August 11, 10 12:17 PM

Вчера в Перми сменился ветер, было прохладно и наконец то рассеялся дым от лесных пожаров =). Сегодня как проснулся открыл окно - духота хлынула в лицо и дым - также интересно что Солнце скрыто за плотной дымкой а жара стоит как будто в пустыне! Быстрее бы зима наступила - холод в такое время хочется как никак сильно... за картинки большое спасибо, не что лучше не расскажет об новостях как фотография!!!

Posted by Artur August 11, 10 12:24 PM

amazing photo

Posted by Blog Prosens August 11, 10 12:32 PM

Amazing pictures, horrible situation!

Posted by Cmwillia August 11, 10 12:33 PM

Not to make light of the situation but how did they get the dog to keep on the mask?

Posted by Al August 11, 10 12:54 PM

#17: I wouldn't be standing so close to that tree.

Posted by Jeremy August 11, 10 12:58 PM


Posted by CÉLIO MARTINS August 11, 10 01:15 PM

wow wow wow!!! amazing photo

Posted by ibar August 11, 10 01:22 PM

Beautiful pictures but horrifying at the same time, Hopes & positive energy goes out to those there & that they get the fires under control & put out asap.

Posted by Gematestaruda August 11, 10 01:23 PM

#19 "Psst....Dude! your feet go ON the rudder pedals!"

Posted by phillman August 11, 10 01:28 PM

Great pictures! Only #14 is fun, not covered the dog's nose!

Ed, BBC have more than enough news about the wildfires, IMO. Remember alot happed around our world at the moment.
A bit scary:

Posted by Orb August 11, 10 01:29 PM

So tragic images, but that with the dog wearing the face mask made me smile, he he.

Posted by José Jiménez August 11, 10 01:36 PM

#5 Artur
Не ожидал увидеть здесь кого-то ещё из Перми =)

Posted by See.It.Clear August 11, 10 02:00 PM

Thanks for great pics

Posted by ololo August 11, 10 02:19 PM

very sad pics…
hope don't happen again in all our the world

Posted by amirhossein August 11, 10 02:29 PM

World leaders fiddle while the planet burns.

Posted by Brian Nation August 11, 10 02:35 PM

We have friends moving to the U.S from Russia..legally. through email they have stated that

" we are almost dying in this smoke over here ((((( it's impossible to breath normally, all people are using masks if possible, if not - they just use wet towels or something else to prevent danger.
You can see here how Moscow' downtown looked like last night - today it's not better. (There is a link under the small photo - if you press it you can see the photo gallery). Today the 90 y.o. temperature record for that particular day was broken - 104 F. Usual daily temp is about 100F for the last 3 weeks, with smoke and NO wind at all. I can't remember such terrible summer in Moscow."

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 10 02:39 PM


obama couldn't even feign to help during our own national disaster...


Posted by Charles August 11, 10 03:00 PM

Man, I need a better camera!

Posted by boston234 August 11, 10 03:56 PM

nice Pictures? it is unimaginable tragedy ...

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 10 04:44 PM

natural disaster, human being nothing against nature

Posted by raman sharma August 11, 10 05:11 PM

Putin in a pilot seat. Isn't that funny? Probably, for poor Russian people, which are so proud about their "tzar", it's something impressive.

Posted by Sergey Kovalyov August 11, 10 05:23 PM

Fires, Oil spills, Earthquakes, Floods.........and we still got 4 months till the end of the year. Hope we've seen the worst.

Picture 14 of the dog wearing a face mask tells it all, even the smog was too much for a dog.

Posted by Ajibola August 11, 10 05:39 PM

Although I am not a fan of the current russian government, I much prefer the former soviet union, I hope the russian people can stop these fires and return to a totalitarian form of government.

Posted by Dave_A August 11, 10 05:43 PM

#18 is main reason i love russia ...

god help russia

Posted by srbin August 11, 10 05:45 PM

Finnish media is giving lots of coverage about Russian forest fires. Mostly it's just Finnish people complaining about smoke and bad air quality, and cursing Russians for not putting the fires down. Whole villages are burning down in Russia, dozens of people have died, and here in Finland we bitch about smoke...

Posted by Antti August 11, 10 05:53 PM

I weep for my friends in Russia.

Posted by Andy August 11, 10 06:07 PM

fire is always nice...

Posted by michael August 11, 10 06:07 PM

Crossfinger that fires didn't jeopardize nuclear plants.
Now, fires reached Chernobyl and some contaminated dust got in the air, again, thanks.
I've very concerned, fires have spread a lot, it's incredible the image from space. :@

All my best wishes to firefighters and all the Russian people involved in this disaster.

#19, Old style propaganda.

Action-Man Putin seems to say:

"I'm on it folks, don't worry", but feet are a bit away from rudder pedals.

Posted by Massimo August 11, 10 06:41 PM

spectacular photography ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! 2
respect for the photographers :-) ! ! 3
save the russians ;-( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by yuval shiber August 11, 10 06:59 PM

terrific!all the developed nations should come forward to extinguish the wild fire of russia.we the common people can only pray the almighty God to save effected.

Posted by M.K.Alkara August 11, 10 09:22 PM

terrific!all the developed nations should come forward to extinguish the wild fire of russia.we the common people can only pray the almighty God to save effected.

Posted by M.K.Alkara August 11, 10 09:25 PM

Putin, you are the man!
I felt sorry for Russia. And all the disasters happening!

Posted by shaoxilizheng August 12, 10 12:02 AM

.Fotogtafi beautiful but tragic topic!

Posted by naomi August 12, 10 01:11 AM

Such beautiful pictures, so sad that the reason I see them is because of the fires :( My heart goes out to all of those in Russia affected by the fires xxx

Posted by Samara - Australia August 12, 10 01:16 AM

Hold Fast!
I love Russia and it hurts me seeing that. Do not lose hope ! Wish i could help.

Posted by Matt August 12, 10 03:51 AM

Теперь фотку Путена будут везде пихать, мол, какой молодец, а да премьер министр. Посмторим, как он выплатит всем пострадавшим компенсации, ага

Posted by Sodom August 12, 10 04:27 AM

Sad, Germany feels with the Russians.

Posted by bmvv August 12, 10 05:20 AM

Лето горячего мучения...
Видео пожаров:

Posted by MMM August 12, 10 07:27 AM

This is really terrible. It's the last thing this planet needs. Catastrophe keeps coming..oil spills, earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, wild fires....

Posted by Jorel Jimenez August 12, 10 09:11 AM

Для всех моих друзей в России, быть безопасными и я надеюсь, что пожары потушить сразу же!

Posted by Gary August 12, 10 09:47 AM

fire is nice when when it's heating your house :o)

fire is not nice when it's eating your house!!! :o(

sympathy emotions to the soviets. forever may we be not emenies.



Posted by Luke August 12, 10 10:15 AM

Очень впечатляющие снимки.!Стихия-Головотяпство властей!

Posted by Рустем August 12, 10 10:43 AM

@Gary #44
For every friend in your country, be careful, and I hope, fires extinguish at once!

Oh, and never ever use on-line translators, Gary! Ha-ha.

Posted by Sps August 12, 10 10:45 AM

Whenever there is a war-like situation almost every country in the first world thinks about sending troops and getting involved, just to make sure there will not be any negative influence on economics. But seeing a whole country burning, the first world does not even think aloud about sending troops, machinery, planes, tanks or whatever could help to fight this threat.

I know that for political crisis there are contracts that regulate responsibilities etc.. But why don't we just f*** on agreements and do whatever we can to help each other in situations like this one? Send everyone and everything out to extinguish the fires and help people back on their feet. Simply because we are human(s). You get my point?

Posted by Holger August 12, 10 10:49 AM

Incredible photos. Powerful look at these massive fires and the destruction they are causing.

Best of luck to Russia! This is another bad year for disasters...

Posted by TF August 12, 10 10:59 AM

#19: I wonder if this is still some kind of game to him. looks like it to me...

Posted by iselin August 12, 10 12:29 PM

We have out of work firefighters like myself availaible and waiting for the go ahead. Regaurdless of this language barrier why is no one assembling resources. It's come to the point that me and a couple guys are getting ready to hop a flight out there paying out of pocket. If anyone gets info on mobalizations please forward my way.

Posted by Kurt Prigl August 12, 10 01:04 PM

Occorre cercare i colpevoli del fuoco, non solo i negligenti nell'emergenza. l'autocomustione è una menzogna. Qualcuno ha appiccato il fuoco.

Posted by Marco August 12, 10 02:13 PM

Dude... Chernobyl is in Ukraine... We don't have fires in Ukraine. This is getting really old.

Posted by krides August 12, 10 04:44 PM

My heart and prayers go out to the Russian people caught up in this terrible situation. To those fighting fires I pray for your safety and strength. To those who have suffered loss I pary God's comfort and His uplifting grace to heal your sorrow and grant you hope. To those who may read my post please join with me in prayer at this time of testing and grief.

Posted by H. Klenck August 12, 10 04:55 PM

why some of you are so idiots?
if you wanna nice photos go in national geographic site.
these people are heroes, this goverment burned them.

nice photos...

Posted by yulia August 12, 10 06:25 PM

I don't understand why Russia gets all the attention when MODIS says half of Africa is burning?

According to the FAQ 50 m² is the smallest detectable fire under perfect conditions but 1000 m² is normal minimum, so no it isn't cooking fires.

Posted by BGE August 12, 10 07:53 PM

Yes, they are certainly amazing pictures. I was just up in Whistler BC Canada last week and the day I arrived the air looked as hazy as it does in many of the photos. It didn't dawn on me right away the reality of the situation - the fact that I get asthma from smoke inhalation and that the mountains, which I had specifically come to hike around on top of, would remain virtually shrouded in smoke and dust for days. There were/are several forest fires about 130 kilometers north of Whistler. I stayed four days, hoping the air quality would improve - it didn't - so I wound up running seven miles a day inside on a treadmill a the Meadow Park Sports Centre. I've been going up to Whistler every August for about ten years and this year is the first time I've seen the mountains shrouded by anything than a little morning mist.

Posted by Sandy August 12, 10 10:11 PM

The dog with a mask is so cute :)

Posted by Jim August 13, 10 02:57 AM

Very very good photography and very interesting events, sorry to be like that in some part of the world we live.

Posted by Aung Shin August 13, 10 06:13 AM

Don't know how to enjoy these pics..!!!
I big question Nature puts sometimes..!!!

Indrapal Parmar
Vadodara (Gujarat)

Posted by Indrapal Parmar August 13, 10 07:45 AM

why some of you are so idiots?
if you wanna nice photos go in national geographic site.
these people are heroes, this goverment burned them.

nice photos...

Posted by yulia August 13, 10 08:16 AM

As a child of the "cold war" I take perverse pleasure in seeing that the Russian government can no better protect its citizens from nature than ours. Always a tragedy with loss of life, property and disruption of commerce. Kak zhal!

Posted by Don Poremski August 13, 10 08:55 AM

yulia hi! i agree with your basic point that it is a tragic that the soviet is kind of gone and that russia is just a tiny nation like africa or state of ohio.

maybe if less fires happened they could have better time.

just watch out for the famous russian bears in the trees.......

Posted by Amil August 13, 10 09:33 AM

Putin should better sit on his own place and think about how to help all those who lost their homes and not to show off pretending he is extinguishing the wild fires!!

Posted by Lilo August 13, 10 10:06 AM

В Москве было сильное задымление, но уже пару дней ничего.

Posted by Mastergo August 13, 10 02:44 PM

.....hopefully the fires will soon be under control....heart goes out to the people of Russia....wish I could send some of the rain to you from Minnesota....take care

Posted by Diane August 13, 10 02:45 PM

Does anyone notice that not a single photo shows a firefighter wearing even the simplest of masks..they are trying to fight a massive conflagration by dragging a tiny 8" pipeline through the woods and civilians beating at flames with branches? It is a desperate situation, worsened by the ominous threat of proximity to Chernobyl and their primary nuclear resaerch site.
A tragedy for the people of Russia and for the earth.
And, despite this drought, and the dramatic acceleration of melting polar ice caps, one can only ponder how it is that some people are so foolish that they believe we, the human population, are not the causation of global warming, through our profligate use of fossil fuels...and some people do not even seem to grasp what an ignoramus sch as Sarah Palin , as she espouses "drill,baby drill", and other earth-damaging horrors.
What does it take to wake up what one would think should be educated, responsible perole?

Posted by ted senton August 13, 10 03:06 PM
Posted by Flogger August 14, 10 02:09 AM

Nice pictures in bad moment... but it so great

Posted by Totok Bian August 14, 10 02:45 AM

Havn't these Russians ever heard of a hose, not just a fire house but a garden hose. Nah they prefer to use tree branches. Seems kind of counterproductive to use branches to put out a forest fire.

Posted by August 14, 10 07:26 AM

Преступно-халатное отношение правительства России к разрастающимся пожарам довело российскую глубинку до катастрофы с гибелью людей и уничтожением поселений, чтобы потом принимать
героические меры и, опять же, гнать солдатиков на выручку народу.
Правительство России не обеспечило безопасность своих граждан и их имущества и ДОЛЖНО уйти в отставку вместе с Гарантом - это как максимум! А, как справедливый минимум, министр Шойгу ДОЛЖЕН быть снят с занимаемой должности за халатность и отдан под справедливый суд.

Posted by Vic August 14, 10 09:23 AM

Ужасная трагедия и укор государственному разгильдяйству. Пример того, как пуская пыль в глаза можно довести до Большого огня!
Его последствия ещё скажутся и на здоровье тысяч и тысяч, и на критическом отношении к Власти миллионов. Страна не простит ...
Не смотря на трагичность всего происходящего связанного с этими событиями, сами снимки блещут своим профессионализмом!
Огромное спасибо тем, кто смог донести до нас визуальную картинку всего творящегося ужаса !

Posted by akozmin August 14, 10 09:29 AM

Номер 69 ты самый умный дохуя, что ли?
Когда пожар тушишь ты его хоть чем тушить будешь, когда нужных средств нет в необходимый момент.
Зеленые молодые ветки лучше всего тушат локальное возгорание.
Надеюсь написал понятно, а то ты все равно через Google translater читать будешь.

Posted by бамблер August 14, 10 10:37 AM

Наш премьер как всегда на публику сработал, за рулем вторым пилотом посидел. Как всегда всеобщий похуизм властей и безответственность в надежде на дождик.
Я работаю пожарным у нас выезд на лесной пожар происходит только в том случае если огонь угрожает населенному пункту или объектам промышленности и инфраструктуры, в остальных случаях это дело лесничества в котором работают несколько человек c мизерной зарплатой и минимумом оборудования которое состоит из нескольких лопат и мотопомпы. Как результат, имеем то что имеем.

Posted by kino August 14, 10 12:24 PM

These photo episodes are so vivid. I feel so sorry for Russians. This is a real disaster, so many people have left without their homes, and keeping in mind, that there are so many old people who live in villages, they have lost not only houses, but their memories too.

Posted by Temporal August 14, 10 12:47 PM

Good clown, Putin.

Posted by to Charles August 14, 10 01:42 PM

O.o i'm so shocked by comments like "nice", "beautiful". Can you just imagine that your own house, yes, the house where you are sitting straight now, has just burn out! You don't have it anymore! Will you laugh or maybe you will say "nice" standing at the place where you house had been standing, and now there is only ash on that place? First imagine that this tragedy has happen to you and then say "nice,nice.." and some of comments are so contemptuous. i mean, attitude to Russia is so angry. Stupid stereotypes will always make our planet unhappy)

Posted by Valerie August 14, 10 03:45 PM

Nice pictures? No comments.

Hi Kurt ! I am afraid Russian state people will not allow you to help.
They have good air conditioning.
Any way thank you very much indeed from all Russians for your intention.
I guess you are a real man.

Posted by Andrey August 14, 10 06:16 PM

Too bad that photo wasn't of Putin crashing and burning.

Wait till the Iranian reactor the Russians are putting in starts up. That will make this fire look like childs play.

Russians deserve all this and more.

Posted by Joe August 15, 10 12:19 AM

A scorched earth policy is a military strategy or operational method which involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area

Posted by moose August 15, 10 02:41 AM

Los incendios en Rusia han removido parte de los residuos radioactivos de Chernobyl y dado que la atmósfera es una sola, en un enfoque sistémico (Teoría General de Sistemas), las partículas que van al aire, se distribuyen a kilómetros de distancia, afectando a otras áreas: un fenómeno que ocurre en un paisaje, también afecta a los demás entornos, cercanos y lejanos, nadie está exento de sufrir los efectos de esta devastación. Aumenta el dióxido de carbono en la atmósfera, se genera oscurecimiento parcial, aumenta la temperatura y de derriten los hielos eternos, o sea teoría de causa-efecto. Lo importante es que seamos capaces de readecuar nuestras acciones en beneficio del sistema Tierra.

Posted by Ana María Cabello Quiñones August 15, 10 02:46 AM

Great thanks 2 Germany 4 their great help!

Posted by Alexey Babak August 15, 10 03:47 AM

great photos!

Posted by arkady August 15, 10 06:05 AM

We all know how bad a disaster such as this can devistate a persons life. These pictures bring back some honting memories. Thank You for shareing.

Posted by Don August 15, 10 06:10 PM

i feel bad for all the people but nice pictures keep it up ill be prying for them.

Posted by ty August 15, 10 09:36 PM

Impresionante las imagenes, sin hablar

Posted by Pato August 15, 10 09:59 PM

It is really too bad that we have so many ignorant people making derogatory comments against people that have been devastated by nature. It's no wonder we don't have peace in our wonderful world, how sad. Maybe if we put a little more God in our lives we would be spared some of these disasters. How can anyone not feel pain for the Russian people when they have lost everything. And they say kids are cruel. Mother Nature is always beautiful even when she is angry at the worlds people. My prayers are with the people not necessarily the government.

Posted by Jim Stewart,USA August 16, 10 10:28 AM

It is a real horrible tragedy,
It remember us the hell.
God help and save Russians, acosystem.
Armin, Iran

Posted by Armin, Iran August 16, 10 03:02 PM

И после таких снимков кто-то хочет повоевать ещё?
Некоторые снимки очень смахивают на хронику Великой Отечественной войны 1941-1945 годов.
Спаси нас Господи!
And after these pictures someone wants to do some fighting still?
Some pictures look like the chronicle 2 World wars.
Save us God!

Posted by Михаил Сватковс& August 17, 10 03:04 AM

What a parody seeing the helicopter carrying ONE bucket of water to drop on a forest fire! God bless the people of Russia. They have once again been hamstringed by the government and are overcoming in any way they can.

Posted by Lisa August 17, 10 06:44 AM

These pictures speak for themselves, but there is more. Wildfires in Portugal, floods in middle Europe, earthquakes in south America etc.
Russia didn't deserve this and certainly didn't deserve the politicians it has. How can they stay on vacation when half of their country is on fire? Now they are showing how much do they care about what.

Posted by _r3450n_ August 17, 10 07:29 AM

Россия расплачивается за грехи путлера и медвежонка

Posted by Sad August 17, 10 08:30 AM

Fire can make you having cold !
Courage,russian people !

Posted by bonzai in france August 17, 10 03:20 PM

Кара Всевышнего!

На территории Российской империи продолжают бушевать лесные пожары. Огненная стихия охватила уже 20 регионов. За минувшие сутки огонь перебросился на Ростовскую область и Дагестан. Россия в огне: уже есть первые жертвы лесных пожаров. Полыхают леса на Камчатке, Чукотке, Урале и Сибири. Однако самая сложная ситуация по-прежнему остается в центральной России и Поволжье. В некоторых регионах масштабы бедствия таковы, что уже впору говорить о региональной катастрофе. Погорельцы в Нижегородской области побили мэра Выксы, а на главу МЧС пытались бросаться с кулаками. Центральные СМИ во главе с руководством России пробуждают патриотизм через пожары. Однако на той же климатической зоне находятся Белоруссия и Украина, но у них не горят леса. Кто же виноват в этих массовых пожарах? Не устраивают ли поджоги «партизаны»? Могут ли спасти нас от кары Всевышнего, совершенные нами добрые дела?
Татарстан, председатель ТОЦ Рафис Кашапов.

Posted by Anonymous August 18, 10 12:42 AM

All are talking about americas europe russia, cant you see whats happening in pakistan

Posted by saleem August 18, 10 07:38 AM

OH my heart goes out to the Russian People ! I am a 2nd generation American. Russian on my father's side. I have always loved Russia, It's beautiful land, it's art, it's people. In our World, our governments, are of man, but God seems to be working his ways throughout our entire World. It shows we are of God, not to be so stictly run by man. We are of one World. Peace.

Posted by Carol E. Kalinich August 18, 10 10:14 AM

Elke foto Zegt Duizend Woorden !

Posted by swannie August 19, 10 03:59 AM

Ну ты Джо и урод ! встретила бы тебя , всё бы сказала! чего мы заслужили ? а разве все эти несчастные люди , которые остались без крыши над головой они в чём то виноваты ? ! они виноваты скажи мне ? ! ?!!!!! виноваты ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! вы говорите , что фото красивые , замечательные , люди , что с вами происходит ? ! вы звереете ! как можно быть такими безжалостными ? неужели вам не жалко всех этих людей - ни в чём не повинных бабушек и дедушек ? ! люди задыхались , падали в обмороки , не могли дышать ! а вы так говорите ! нельзя же быть такими бесчувственными! ВЫ - ВЗРОСЛЫЕ ЛЮДИ , И ВЫ НЕ ПОНИМАЕТЕ ЭЛЕМЕНТАРНЫХ ВЕЩЕЙ ! .. МНЕ 13 ЛЕТ ! И У МЕНЯ СОЧУВСТВИЕ И ПОНИМАНИЕ К ЭТИМ ЛЮДЯМ БОЛЬШЕ ЧЕМ У ВАС ! МНЕ ЖАЛКО ИХ ! Вы взрослые ВЫ НЕ ОСОЗНАЁТЕ ВСЕЙ СИТУАЦИИ.Ладно , давайте по - другому : давайте у вас сейчас будет такая беда ! .. а мы будем писать про ваш народ всякие гадости ! и говорить какие чудесные фотографии ! что ТАК ВАМ И НАДО ! ВАМ БУДЕТ ПРИЯТНО ? - Конечно же НЕТ ! - вот и НАМ НЕ ПРИЯТНО , когда так пишут про НАШ РУССКИЙ НАРОД ! .. ОДУМАЙТЕСЬ ! Все мы разные , наши обычаи , ваши обычаи , да , они разные , но все мы люди , нас многое связывает.И плевать что у нас разный цвет кожи , что у нас разная речь , все мы прежде всего - ЛЮДИ.Нас объединяют наши мечты , наши цели.ВЫ - ничем не отличаетесь от нас , и если бы с вами случилась такая беда , мы бы так не говорили , а оказали бы свою помощь .. Зря вы так .. И отдельное спасибо тем , кто поддержал нас , кто проявил к нам сочувствие , СПАСИБО ВАМ БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО :)))))))))))))))) ) нуу вот и всё , я высказала всё , что думаю , всё что накопилось в душе .. всё .

Posted by Щёголева Дарья.13 &#10 August 19, 10 02:11 PM

ALLMIGHTY GOD, please send rain and HELP Russia,its leaders and its people in this terrible tragedy! Also, send your Divine help and Mercy upon
ALL countries and ALL people everywhere,who need help !!!
ГОСПОДИ БОЖЕ, пошли дожди и помоги Россий,правительству и всем
россиянам в этой ужасной трагедий! Также, пошли Твою Божию Милость
Всем странам и Всем людям нуждающимся в помощи!!!
Dieu d'Allmighty,envoient svp des pluies et aident la Russie,son gouvernment dans cette tragedie terrible.En outre,aidez tous les pays et personnes partout necessitant l'aide.

Posted by Alex Kochneff August 20, 10 01:34 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 20, 10 01:09 PM

This is really horrible tragedy ! God and Nature will help to fight this situation.
Pray for the people who lost their homes (especially villages).

Posted by Subhash Kharade, India August 21, 10 08:36 AM

Фото действительно красивые, но лучше бы это было только кино... Не принимайте близко к сердцу, что случилось, то случилось. А сейчас мы можем посмотреть на это как прошлое, на страшное... Потому не слушайте тех кто говорит, что это "за грехи" их не мало, мы все знаем... но те кто так говорит лишь провоцирует агрессию. Мира. Добра. Благополучия.
Автору благодарность!

Posted by Макс August 21, 10 05:20 PM

a real grim situation over there, world shall send them aid in any form their governments agree, we shouldn't be spectators... i can't imagine how they are running daily life suffocating???

Posted by arif khalil August 23, 10 01:15 AM

after seeing fires like this wipe several towns of the map near my home in melbourne last year i have great sympathy, then the backlash of people blaming politians, global warning and even the environmentalists! Then you have the blind who look to God! Dont you think fire is a natural part of nature and that before we spread to every part of this globe that fires were part of the natural order. Sympathy to the ones who lost their lives or homes and admiration to the brave people who try to defend the homes.

Posted by Timothy Haymes August 23, 10 02:16 AM

Lisa, it's not a parody. It's a bucket of 12-15 tons of water or more than a big fire truck tank dropping to the edge of fire. It is very effective if it hit on target. The point is that there are many places without roads and water sources in our forests.

Posted by Dm August 25, 10 08:50 AM

18, 28 and 30 pictures are with wrong white balance to look them more dramatic than they really are. Shame for those photographers. Pictures are good but they should be realistic as they are, colors too.

Posted by Robertas August 25, 10 06:30 PM

Когда дым с Москвы дошел до Питера, я ужаснулась, представив, что в столице - ад.
Стихия - страшное дело.
Сочувствую всем, кто пострадал от этих бедствий.
Авторам фото - огромный респект, отразили происходящее превосходно!

When the smoke came from Moscow to St. Petersburg, I was horrified, imagining that in the capital of our country - hell.
Element - a terrible thing.
I feel sorry for all those affected by these disasters.
Photo by - a huge Respect, reflected what is happening perfectly!

Posted by Ольга, August 26, 10 08:38 AM

Support the Iranians with nuclear power and this is what you get....God's Judgement!!!

Posted by ndw August 27, 10 08:40 AM

Классные фотографии. Даже и не верится, что это было.

Posted by Success August 31, 10 08:30 AM

Фотографии действительно хорошие и не воспринимайте как обиду то, что люди ето заметили. Если бы не фото, многие даже не узнали бы что в России такое творится! От них сердце разрывается, кото-то свою трагедию вспомнит, а кто-то рванет на помощь. Как жаль, что у такой богатой, красивой и могучей страны нет достойного хозяина! А ни в чем ни повинным людям расхлёбывай. У меня ком в горле.

Posted by YZ August 31, 10 02:46 PM

Я знаю, что значит потерять свой дом и родного человека в огне. Но у меня это случилось еще в прошлом году. Поджег какой-то урод...
Могу вам только посочувствовать.
Однако, нас (город, где я живу) эти пожары почти не коснулось - лишь в середине августа пару дней был дым.

I know how to lose a house and near relation in fire. But it happened with me a year ago. Someone ass did it with us...
I just can sympathize with you in your sorrow.
Any way those fires almost didn't harm us (I mean our town), just some smoke was here a few days in middle of this August.

Posted by Mikhail (Nizhny Tagil) August 31, 10 04:35 PM

effects of our ignorance when it comes to the environment

Posted by Noel lemuya September 2, 10 07:19 AM

Клоун за штурвалом самолета!
Героизм подчиненных - показатель бездарности руководства!
Жалко, что не канализацию прорвало - какие бы снимки Путина бы были!

Posted by Mikhael September 8, 10 10:58 AM


Posted by javier September 8, 10 10:00 PM

im hossam from egypt
im so sorry to hear that news

all muslims sad to hearing that news

Posted by hossam September 9, 10 11:47 AM

May Allah bless .......

Posted by shohanaaktar September 11, 10 04:47 AM
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