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July 21, 2010 Permalink

Oil spill in Dalian, China

Five days ago, in the northeastern port city of Dalian, China, two oil pipelines exploded, sending flames hundreds of feet into the air and burning for over 15 hours, destroying several structures - the cause of the explosion is under investigation. The damaged pipes released thousands of gallons of oil, which flowed into the nearby harbor and the Yellow Sea. The total amount of oil spilled is still not clear, though China Central Television earlier reported an estimate of 1,500 tons (400,000 gallons), as compared to the estimated 94 - 184 million gallons in the BP oil spill off the Louisiana coast. The oil slick has now grown to at least 430 square kilometers (165 sq mi), forcing beaches and port facilities to close while government workers and local fishermen work to contain and clean up the spill. (29 photos total)

Firefighters walk near an oil pipeline blast site in Dalian, Liaoning province, China early on July 17, 2010. Firefighters later extinguished the fire that raged for more than 15 hours after two oil pipelines exploded in the port of Dalian, the Xinhua news agency said. (REUTERS/China Daily)
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Aqui es uno de los escenarios del Batlefield2

Posted by Z July 21, 10 12:27 PM

:( These things are necessary in the world we live in, and accidents happen... but we should really try to take more care of this planet.

Posted by Wessel du Plooy July 21, 10 12:28 PM

beautiful pictures

Posted by dani July 21, 10 12:30 PM

Did he survive?

Posted by Coolires July 21, 10 12:32 PM

First 3 are really scarry

Posted by Ashwin July 21, 10 12:34 PM

it should be noted here that that's what oil spill is supposed to look like on the surface of the ocean, without the chemical dispersant. horrifying...

Posted by HD July 21, 10 12:44 PM

This is getting just crazy. In our attempt to control our environment, the self-same environment is going to kick our butts. I'm genuinely starting to feel like as a species, we're hard-wired for self destruction, and worse, we'll take down all sorts of others with us.


Posted by Mark July 21, 10 12:52 PM


Posted by Dalianren July 21, 10 12:53 PM


Posted by ch0n July 21, 10 12:55 PM

Guess what people of the world: This type of thing DOESN'T ONLY HAPPEN IN THE USA!

For all the haters that spewed that crap for the BP spill, feel free to dump on the Chinese now.

Posted by jack July 21, 10 12:56 PM

Yet another oil spill horror story, amidst the most environmentally worse one in human history...also to note that it was also a Chinese tanker that ran into the great barrier reef in Australia a few months back.....when will we get the HINT that we need to get OFF oil!? Now that China has passed the USA as the most energy hungry nation, this will only become worse and worse......what a sad, sad world we live in.

Posted by July 21, 10 01:01 PM

#3 #27 #28 are horrible.

Posted by Mkk July 21, 10 01:11 PM

Che schifo.... stiamo rovinando il nostro mondo e non riusciamo a smettere!

Posted by Diego Principe July 21, 10 01:34 PM

"For all the haters that spewed that crap for the BP spill, feel free to dump on the Chinese now"

BP could have prevented the largest spill ever with some small changes in the way they drilled but wanted to save a penny. They deserve every last "crap spewing" they get. Now they are filling us full of lies, raping us and not paying any taxes to boot. Yeah, it's a great situation. How can you possibly defend them?

Posted by Kelly July 21, 10 01:35 PM

horrible scenes again and again. it's just so sad. :(

Posted by IamL July 21, 10 01:37 PM

Coolires: the man supposedly survived. However, there was a 25-year-old firefighter who drowned after falling into the water during the cleanup effort. Sad.

Posted by Omar Modesto July 21, 10 01:44 PM

unlike the gulf, no photos of wildlife... probably because there wasn't any to begin with in industrialized dalian.

Posted by sustainablejohn July 21, 10 01:53 PM

Bullfighting pics and 200 commentaries in less than one hour bashing the thing, oil spill twenty times larger than the bp spill and only 15 comments about it, that's just sad

Posted by fjord July 21, 10 02:00 PM

I believe push has come to shove. We no longer should view clean energy options as options but we should make them a priority.
We have had environmental experts advising us for decades of the consequences of our choices and actions. It is time we listen to them and take action. This saddens me to see yet another area being destroyed by man's negligence. We need our environment, it is not disposable.

Posted by Kalyn July 21, 10 02:02 PM

Amazing, sad pictures. I hope we can find a way of recovering.

Posted by CB July 21, 10 02:11 PM

woh woh woh .. i didnt know you were allowed to take pictures in china and post em on the internet ..

Posted by booyah July 21, 10 02:19 PM

Jack (#10), was that supposed to be an elaborate comment? No one has said oil spills would only happen in the USA, and what you call "hate" is actually well-deserved criticism.

As you can read above, the cause for the explosion is under investigation.
The BP oil spill in the Gulf was (apparently) caused by 'negligence or misconduct' and was (definitely) followed by stonewalling, a spinning PR-machine and some politicians throwing only softballs at BP but didn't contribute anything to speed up clean up the spill.

Now there's another sad oil spill and all you do is finger pointing. You sound like somebody who always scamble when something in your country goes wrong or gets criticised, no matter how absurd you may look.

Let's just hope they manage to clean the mess up - very soon.

Posted by Norbert July 21, 10 02:22 PM

I am sure that with a small amount of extra expense and built in safety planning a lot of these oil disasters could be avoided, penny wise pound foolish springs to mind.

Posted by Benedict Warren July 21, 10 02:26 PM

Humans suck!

Posted by Trev D. July 21, 10 02:29 PM

Who's the camera guy/girl (just covering my ass lol). He/She should win an award just from the pics. I've never seen such beatiful angles and cropped shots of such a horrible event. Good job.Those pics of the fireman OMG.I need that camera ASAP! - Ed
P.s. God bless them all!

Posted by Ed Rogers July 21, 10 02:33 PM

>这样视角的图片在中国媒体上是见不到滴 (trans. "These images are not shown in the Chinese media")

So this (some of it, anyway) is censored in China. In the US the censorship happens closer to the source with BP using the Coast Guard to prevent journalists from even getting such images. China's not so different.

Posted by Lawrence July 21, 10 02:40 PM

@6 (HD): I'm sure you're saying this to make note of how the oil is actually floating on top of the water making for easier and more complete cleanup - not how the water looks dirtier because it's not below the surface. Dispersants were a huge mistake.

@18 (fjord): What oil spill are you referring to that's 20 times worse than the BP spill? Certainly not this one. Looks like the estimate is at less than half of one percent of the total gallons spilled by BP.

Posted by Chad G July 21, 10 02:43 PM

Devastating images, especially Nos. 24-28.

Unbelievable, the size of this spill :-(

Where will it all end?

Posted by Robert Zimmerman July 21, 10 02:53 PM

@ HD:

The appearance of the oil here is different mostly because what spilled is refined oil, not the pure crude coming directly from the well in the case of the BP spill in the gulf.

Posted by Reynoldbot July 21, 10 03:04 PM

"These things are necessary in the world we live in"

Why are they necessary? Why do we have to behave like we are the gods who knows and can control who can live and who not? Why do we have to control everything and destroy every piece of land and water on the planet?
This attitude is what's killing the ecosystem and in the end ourselves.

Posted by Ntbr July 21, 10 03:12 PM


Posted by Ein July 21, 10 03:17 PM

To whom can we attribute this beautiful work of art? I smell BP in the air again.

Posted by Anonymous July 21, 10 03:26 PM

Pic#13 defines futility! Trying to scoop up the oil with ladles! Whew.

I thought the oil covered animal photo's from the BP spill were awful. But the human covered in oil in this set takes us to a new level. Of course, one might wonder why someone would try to fix an underwater pump w/o first donning scuba equipment.

Posted by Jojo July 21, 10 03:29 PM


you wrote: "oil spill twenty times larger than the bp spill and only 15 comments about it, that's just sad"

but the article states:

"China Central Television earlier reported an estimate of 1,500 (400,000 gallons), as compared to the estimated 94 - 184 million gallons in the BP oil spill off the Louisiana coast."

you do know that thousands are less than millions, right? Therefore BP is bigger.

Posted by MNS July 21, 10 03:30 PM

To Wessel du Plooy: NO THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. This was never necessary. We made it necessary with decades of relying on it, but it was never and does not have to be necessary. This needs to stop.

Posted by Lizzie July 21, 10 03:33 PM

这样视角的图片在中国媒体上是见不到滴……"These images are not shown in the Chinese media")???

who told you that?
click on the link below for more pics from baidu

Posted by Kevin July 21, 10 03:48 PM

An other sad event which adds up to an already too long list of oil nightmares : Exxon Valdez, Piper Alpha, Amoco Cadiz, Erika, Prestige,
Without mentioning all the other ones no-one talks about (Nigeria, Peru, Canada, ...etc...)
All this as a irresistible thirst for Oil!

Posted by Martin July 21, 10 04:52 PM

2012 here we come

Posted by Anonymous July 21, 10 04:55 PM

Wow. What is there to say to these astonishing images, and the story they tell? Perhaps simply: do your part. Reduce your own dependence on oil in all it's forms.

Reduce, reuse, recycle may be trite, but it's spot on. Mostly reduce.

Posted by Jodi July 21, 10 05:03 PM

This is going to kill tourism in North Korea.

Posted by Sean Limbaugh July 21, 10 05:05 PM

Seeing numerous people working hard to fix the problem, then the Greenpeace "activist" looking it over reminds me of why I don't respect "activists" anymore. If you care, you're working to fix the problem, not just point it out and complain that other people aren't doing it. The "act" is with the hard working people of the community.

Posted by Anonymous July 21, 10 05:52 PM

Just imagine how much dispersant must have been poured into the Gulf to prevent it looking like this. This is less than 1/4 of 1% than what has spilled into the Gulf. There needs to be an immediate investigation into how much dispersant was released and how much of that was after the EPA told BP to stop using that chemical dispersant.

Posted by Laura B July 21, 10 05:52 PM

When will we learn

Posted by Z July 21, 10 06:03 PM

A good reminder that not everything is revolved around the US of A. More important issues around the world than the problem off the coast of the US.

Don't forget the exploited places around the world (mainly by the US).

Posted by HT July 21, 10 06:25 PM

The images of the man covered in oil are striking! Slowly (or not so slowly) our human folly sucks us into the mire along with the helpless, little things.

Posted by CQ July 21, 10 06:52 PM

This can hardly be compared to the BP oil spill in terms of volume of oil or it's effect on the surrounding environment. The BP spill has been spewing out oil for months, whereas this spill will be contained immediately by turning off the pipelines. Both are awful but let's not get ridiculous. Also, who is blaming America for the BP oil spill? Oil is not just a need of Americans but of all developed and developing nations in the world. BP is taking most of the blame for that tragedy as they should.

Posted by Travis July 21, 10 06:55 PM

It's begun.

Posted by Leo July 21, 10 06:58 PM


Posted by TZJ July 21, 10 07:05 PM

Terrible scenes, and frightening images of the fireman caught at the end, that must've been terrifying. But spectacular photography nevertheless.

However, even though human intervention is responsible for what has happened in Louisiana and Dalian, oil is merely a natural resource. As unfortunate as these situations are, the planet will find a way to cope with it. Even so, it is undoubtedly a catastrophe for the wildlife and peoples' livelihoods affected at this time. Best wishes to those affected.

Posted by Dave P July 21, 10 07:06 PM

The end is near! people destroying the environment. oil spill in the gulf and asia. wait for mother nature to get back @ us

Posted by sucker punch July 21, 10 08:06 PM

This needs to end.

Posted by scri July 21, 10 08:36 PM

congratulations everyone (including me),

We have officially screwed this planet.

Posted by sad July 21, 10 08:38 PM

the pictures are amazing of the footage.. but my heart is broken for our Earth.. When do we start to care and really take care of the place we live? We clean our homes and make them nice, but we can't take the smallest step for our planet. I am getting tired of my heart breaking over this crap!

Posted by moshy July 21, 10 08:50 PM

That poor guy. Glad they got him out of there. I have been impressed this week with the Chinese disaster response organization, both with the flooding and here.

Posted by marv July 21, 10 09:05 PM

What's the most dangerous thing in the jungle? We are. Energy technology can't keep up with society's demands. Too much too fast. Great photos.

Posted by The Mushroom Whisperer July 21, 10 09:37 PM

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manner of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

Posted by DD from China July 21, 10 09:50 PM

@Lawrence #26 邀请您来体验几天没有Twitter,没有Facebook,没有Youtube,没有Blogspot,输入敏感词即被强制断网的童话世界。
@kevin #36 我来自中国内地,我猜您也一样。这里有几张照片来自中国国内的媒体,Xinhua News Agency和ChinaDaily(您给的链接也只能看到这几张照片),其他的图片我都是第一次看到,国内的媒体也确实绝无引用它们的可能,所以,我只能尽可能地转发给周围的朋友。

Posted by KIU July 21, 10 09:54 PM

What a tragedy. This type of incident can happens everywhere. I heard the oil spill in Nigeria delta is worse, going on continuously for decades.

Posted by citizenearth July 21, 10 10:00 PM

Bless the police boy.

Posted by Louis Han July 21, 10 10:03 PM

Wow, Terrible

I know that same thing in korea.

Quickly, The government directs aid to a disaster zone.

Posted by Yang July 21, 10 10:23 PM

Who on earth let that company build a Oil Refinery near there yellow Sea?,are they that brain dead over there!!?? like was there no if's put in place before thay build that Refinery and now the hole world is seeing the out come. They say a photo is worth a thousand words??and there screw up has put new Light on how safty is looked at in all companys in China. How many more oil spills do we need before you Humans Wake up??, you have the power to make change?let the Elits of the world know your mad as Hell and voice your thoughts to the world viea the internet.

Posted by Mr Lorne Johnson Canada. July 21, 10 10:38 PM

To the comment about Greenpeace. If you think they are just taking pictures, and looking at things, I beg you to check out the Greenpeace website. I work for Greenpeace in Vancouver and I can personally tell you that every single person employed in our office is working tirelessly on issues like this. They are the people working hard in their communities. Right now for example, Greenpeace Canada is working to stop the proposed Enbridge Pipeline that would be built from Alberta to the B.C. coast, directly through the pristine Great Bear Rainforest. They are working so that a devastating spill like this one cannot happen here. And think about it, if people weren't out there Bearing Witness, which is what Greenpeace does, we might not have ever seen these shocking pictures, and then sadly we might not ever learn from our mistakes.

Posted by Laura July 21, 10 10:39 PM

The whole world is soon going to doom... All pathetic news from everywhere.. No one cares for anything..

Posted by dj090 July 21, 10 10:48 PM

@ 24

What are you then?

Posted by curious July 21, 10 10:51 PM


Posted by lj July 21, 10 11:04 PM

No, he was gone. @Coolires Did he survive?

Posted by Wesley July 21, 10 11:08 PM


Posted by JONE July 21, 10 11:21 PM

#10 kidding?

Posted by Breno July 21, 10 11:30 PM

well, probably a good idea to have a look at the Chinese website before you comment it.

this is what's in 163

I m used to ppl stearotype China as whatever they think. China does have A LOT of problems which are constantly exposed and reinforced to the western world. but please, give me a break. In a tragedy like this, ur only concern is just 'Chinese media is always hiding truth'??..

I understand if you were a westerner, who's probably equally brain-washed by the western media.

Posted by wonderer July 21, 10 11:35 PM

还好啦. 这样的图片昨天在国内的网络媒体上都有出现, 就是论事.

Posted by haha July 21, 10 11:40 PM


Posted by pengpeng July 21, 10 11:40 PM

paises del primer mundo dejen de matarnos.

Posted by daniel July 21, 10 11:43 PM

I hope you people who are bashing the world's dependence on oil all gave up driving years ago because although I agree that these oil spills are saddening, I don't think any of you have the right to make such reactive statements. I drive a car and I love it; I would hate to live life without it. I would hate to live life without air conditioning or cable TV or a gas stove. If I could go back in time I honestly wouldn't change a thing; not a single decision I have ever made. We know now that we need to make a change in the way we produce energy and hopefully we will succeed in putting carbon fuel behind us but the truth is that we may never find safe and equivalent energy sources.
One thing we can all agree on: these pictures are incredible.
We should all prey for that man covered in oil because even if he survived he is going to have a miserable time getting that tar out of his hair.

Posted by david July 21, 10 11:50 PM

Very nice work. You western should help we Chinese citizens to fight the government of Republic of china

Posted by free china July 21, 10 11:53 PM

beautiful pictures
Posted by dani July 21, 2010 12:30 PM

beautiful? it's terrible!!!!!!!!

Posted by swing July 21, 10 11:58 PM

f*ck those who said they cannot see these pics in china

Posted by fck laojiang July 21, 10 11:59 PM

Comment # 61. Dear Mr. Lorne Johnson of Canada. If you drive a car, you and I are partly responsible for what is happening with these oil disasters. You know and I know that if we have a car, we need oil for fuel. We need gasoline to power our cars so we can get to work to earn the money to give it back to the oil companies.
Check around your house, most of the things you take for granted has some materials made from Petroleum. Take for example you TV . Bet you didn't know the TV case is made from Petroleum by-products.

So unless you somehow invented a car engine that runs on water, then you just have to live with the fact that these sort of things will happen occasionally.
Granted it's an awful environmental disaster but at least it's not a giant asteroid slamming into the planet and really make a mess of the things.

I've been protesting and attending rallies againts these or that for a better part of 30 years and do you know what I found out, It doesn't really make that much of a difference.

"Accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference"--- some really well adjusted person

Life's short, don't worry, be happy!

Posted by Peace Out! July 22, 10 12:07 AM


Posted by flz July 22, 10 12:09 AM


Posted by cleverboy July 22, 10 12:10 AM


Posted by 青龙 July 22, 10 12:10 AM


Posted by 路过人 July 22, 10 12:11 AM

@67 Jone


Who said the fire was not covered by Chinese media? Go read Chinese media yourself and the speak. It was one of the top 10 topics in Xina Weibo (Chinese twitter) for several days.

Posted by californian July 22, 10 12:14 AM


Posted by popyard July 22, 10 12:24 AM

Great, another environment disaster.
China government conceal true fact to citizens, what a vicious censorship! We could see the Gulf oil spill reports, yet we can't see detail Dalian oil spill reports. F*ck off the CCP government!

Posted by elviseno July 22, 10 12:26 AM

What will happen next?

Posted by ddy July 22, 10 12:27 AM


Posted by Sad Human Being July 22, 10 12:30 AM


Posted by afa July 22, 10 12:31 AM

There's also oilspill in Philippine just last week because of the typhoon.

Posted by Kevin Lee July 22, 10 12:32 AM


Posted by zhangbodhr July 22, 10 12:34 AM

Nice Pics。Especially the 3rd one.

The situation ,as I think, might be not so serious as the pics shows,because the broken pipes are just by the coastline, so the nearby coast will be heavily polluted with thick oil. All the heavy oil pics above are detailed scale,

Posted by Fir July 22, 10 12:34 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 12:35 AM

This is the report on China's biggest portal There are plenty of pictures on this oil spill.
It is not fair to say that the government is covering up this accident.

你们不看中国的媒体就胡说国内看不到这些图片。 中国政府的审查是不对,

Posted by Hong Kong July 22, 10 12:40 AM

One soilder died from cleaning up this mess. On the day he died, he had planned to take wedding photos. It is so sad. Chinese here.. Instead of blaming the government all the time. what have you done for the country?

Posted by HKchinese July 22, 10 12:47 AM


Posted by 兲朝威武 July 22, 10 12:57 AM

这是一场生态灾难,我很怀疑实际情况要远比照片上显示的的严重。 It‘s a environment disaster.I doubt that the reality is worse than these photoes showing to the public.

Posted by whitelogic July 22, 10 01:01 AM
Posted by neo July 22, 10 01:10 AM


Posted by HL July 22, 10 01:14 AM


Posted by china-shypoo July 22, 10 01:17 AM

we cannot see these in chinese website.

Posted by Ajayip July 22, 10 01:23 AM


Posted by Li July 22, 10 01:24 AM

"There are plenty of pictures on this oil spill.
It is not fair to say that the government is covering up this accident. "

BS. It is very fair. It happened almost a week ago...and most CH are very recently finding out about it.

Posted by North Ko July 22, 10 01:26 AM

这样视角的图片在中国媒体上是见不到滴……"These images are not shown in the Chinese media")???

who told you that?
click on the link below for more pics from baidu


yesterday,the TVB evening news about the accident was replaced with public advertisement.

Posted by clock July 22, 10 01:28 AM

Congrats! between China, Japón, USA and Europe our world is being killing!

Posted by Juan July 22, 10 01:31 AM


Posted by rr July 22, 10 01:43 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 01:49 AM

Slej ko prej bomo popacali ves planet.

Sooner or later we will dirtied entire planet.

Posted by Robert July 22, 10 01:51 AM


Posted by Matthew July 22, 10 02:05 AM

我就是想对 #92 楼的 hongkong 兄弟说一句,你能告诉我,国内新闻的图片来源是哪里吗?这种东西你为什么不深思一下,为什么出现事故,所有真相都是从外国人那里得知?


Posted by freedom July 22, 10 02:26 AM


Posted by bjcitizen July 22, 10 02:29 AM

it's too bad. the terrible thing is petrochina is a national company,how much they will pay for this crisis?

Posted by speechless July 22, 10 02:39 AM

It's an ecological catastrophe!So horrific!As a chinese,I am so anguished...

Posted by Vince July 22, 10 02:40 AM

@79 翻墙?这个用翻墙?我好好的。活该,翻墙卡了吧,活该看不到


Posted by lalashow July 22, 10 02:47 AM

I read a couple of Chinese news about Dalian oil spill. The Chinese news is quite open. There is some update information. The soldier who fell into the water died unfortunately and he planed to take wedding pictures on that day..... 3,00 tons of 1,500 tons are cleaned by Jul 20th.

There is WRONG information HERE. The oil slick has now grown to at least 43 (instead of 430) square kilometer. Come on, it's 10 times difference..... Please check the information before it's released.

I can provide some missed background information, since it is my hometown. The explosion happened in the industrial port. so there are not wild animals around, as I saw someone above mentioned it. It's away from wild animal areas. It's really lucky! Most beaches are polluted somehow and under cleaning now. Since Dalian is a famous tourist city, this will be a hit. The dangerous part is that the exploded oil contain was next to others. I can't imagine how much damage would be made when several containers are caught fire. I hope the cleaning work is going well.

Posted by crystalwhz July 22, 10 02:47 AM

Have you noticed that, when there is a large-scale disaster in China, it's very likely that some soldiers will die in the relieving operation. This can't be a coincidence, I'm suspecting that the authority is staging these deaths, to buy sympathy with their own peoples' blood.

Posted by Cons July 22, 10 02:48 AM

China government : go to hell~!!!!

Posted by arthur July 22, 10 02:55 AM

it's terrible and tragic !!!!

Posted by marvin chen July 22, 10 02:59 AM

I am a Chinese, but I can only see truth in a US website...

Posted by 11223344 July 22, 10 03:09 AM

@photographer: Dunno who you are but I just can't comprehend what kind of person you are, to be able to take this photos, just point and shoot through the lens. I envy your strenght and resolve immensely.

Posted by Ger July 22, 10 03:11 AM

I grow up in Dalian. So Sad! It used to be such a beautiful and lovely city

Posted by kudzu July 22, 10 03:15 AM

this is a very big tragedy in china i am really upset this news

Posted by Rizwan ali July 22, 10 03:26 AM

Yup, we are for sure destroying our planet and our species. Soon our planet will fight back and kick us all off. See you all in Heaven in 2012 (or Hell lol)

Posted by Roger July 22, 10 03:33 AM

Even though China has no freedom of information,
I hope your country will pay attention to the event.

Posted by Taiwanese July 22, 10 03:34 AM

These images are not shown in the Chinese media

I am Chinese

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 03:39 AM

to the brave anonymous Einstein on comment #41. You think that's it? Just take a shovel and clean up will sort everything out? Whereas it is a huge job to deal with the spill, you need people to see at the big picture and connect the dots. That activist was certainly not just walking by.

And if nobody took pictures but only shovels, how would you have known about the spills and brought your stupid comment to light?

by the way, did you take a shovel yourself or do anything remotely in favor of the environment? I can imagine you as a fat pig in front of his telly yelling and having an "expert" opinion on everything...

Posted by ben wilhelmi July 22, 10 03:43 AM


Posted by amie July 22, 10 03:50 AM

我不是中国 — — 请原谅我可怜的翻译。我在中国的朋友们。我是一个加拿大。我很抱歉位勇敢的战士的损失。你的人民的勇气给我留下深刻印象。

Posted by Ron Good July 22, 10 03:52 AM

God will save us now. I think all left to him and decide what is best for us. We have over used the sources available to comfort the human beings and still we want more and this is the reason behind this all scene.

GOD Bless All !!!

Posted by Jaynath Sisodiya July 22, 10 03:59 AM

Those responsible for the spills should be dipped into oil and fried !!!! Mother nature does not belong to your mother and father !!!

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 04:05 AM





Posted by lulu zeng July 22, 10 04:09 AM


Posted by jca July 22, 10 04:13 AM


Posted by 刘博 July 22, 10 04:25 AM

- Guess what people of the world: This type of thing DOESN'T ONLY HAPPEN IN THE USA!
For all the haters that spewed that crap for the BP spill, feel free to dump on the Chinese now.-
Sure Jack can happen anywhere, but at in China they clean it up faster, coordinate the clean-up better and will ask the army to help.

Posted by David July 22, 10 04:29 AM


Posted by Fusion July 22, 10 04:32 AM

my parents are living in Dalian,and it was such a beautiful coastal city.
claiming to have the longest coastline of China.

On the day of the accident,i called back home from Beijing, where i am living, and my parents told me the air was filled with choking smoke and black particles could be seen floating inthe air, as the result of the explosion and the wind was blowing those hazardous cloud over to the downtown area( the explosion site was over 100 kms from the downtown area.

i was so worried about the city, and to my little comfort, i could see the photos on the domestic websites so i could track the incident. fewer cover ups this time, at least everyone knows the seriousness of the incident, and everyone knows it would take quite long time before the oil slick could be possibly cleaned. i decided not to have any seafood this year.....

the oil spills in both US and Dalian are tragedy, and i really can't say it would not happen again , as long as we keep the way of living like this.
all i can do is pray and nothing else.

i was

Posted by Jackson@Beijing July 22, 10 04:57 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 04:57 AM

这些图片早就看到了,为什么说看不到呢?open yours eyes and hearts!

Posted by Yang July 22, 10 04:58 AM


Posted by newcswy14 July 22, 10 05:08 AM

1st : sorry for my english.

I am not chinese, but i am disgusted to see that people here are using this event to fight against Chinese people and government. Like most of the world do with the BP platform, and fight against USA oil programs. We are all concerned, we use oil, and unfortunally, here we can see here that many people dont want to reduce their consumption...

This is again a huge damage for nature and ecosystems... and it doesnt only mean "oohhh those poors animals".. It means one more step in humanity's death... we are animals, killing all what makes us alive on earth ... What occurs in the seas is not only what you can see from the shore, from your little human point of view.

In some comments i read that some are proud to use cars and oil in their products and couldnt live without... Nice, I hope they dont have kids, because if we dont reduce now, kids or theit kids will have less and less freedom and health. Thats scandalous to read "We cant change this"... If we dont want oil to be produced and sold, just dont buy it ... We could change this, imagine all the money spent in rescuing and fixing oil spills since years used for research programs on "clean" engines ... We already have solutions, but thats certainly too much expensive... But what "expensive" means ???

And for those saying that's the situation is not so serious, i just suggest to them to go live there a few monthes, go fishing, play with their kids on the beach, eat see food, smell the fresh air ...

And for those writing "Life's short, don't worry, be happy!"... I would say, you'll be very happy, acting as we act actually will make our lifes shorter, so that will be more hapiness because we'll have to live a more intense way, and why not, buying more, and consuming more... " don't worry, be happy!" is a nice way to say "i am not involved in all this".

But finally, may be it's the best thing that can occur : the faster we'll die, the faster the planet will be better...

Posted by LouRavi July 22, 10 05:35 AM

any one who feels a thing ...pls dump ur SUV/large cars for starters .

Posted by sid _india July 22, 10 05:39 AM

and I quote...God told Moses by the rainbow shine, no more water but fire next time! Please tell me how are these oil spill actually cleaned up?

Posted by I-ment-it July 22, 10 05:49 AM

世界中で俺たちだけ 胡 查 不看中国的!!!!!!!!
国政府国政府国政府 内看不到这些系上。 !!!


Posted by xiun li July 22, 10 06:06 AM


Posted by llj July 22, 10 06:29 AM

God bless China

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 06:31 AM

That is bad accident with that oil.

Posted by Matti Viikate July 22, 10 06:47 AM

dramatic pics, feel sorry for the oil 'rescue' workers

Posted by rob schenk July 22, 10 07:03 AM

To much accidents. May it be profitable for someone?

Posted by Jack July 22, 10 07:21 AM

#13...very efficient.
Poor man soaked in the oil. What a way to go.

That's how the animals feel.

As always, great photo-journalism.

Posted by thor olsvig July 22, 10 07:21 AM

According to the Chinese news report, one soldier died when checking upon the leakage. I dont know if the dead soldier is the one shown in the last few pictures.Anyway, my condolences!!

Posted by Kevin Wang July 22, 10 07:25 AM

we need to take care of our planet....!

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 07:34 AM

How sad. When will we learn and reduce GLOBAL dependence on oil? I don't drive, don't own a car and walk or ride a bike to almost everywhere I go. But sometimes I have to ride in cars, trucks, buses, etc.. so I don't imagine that I have any moral high ground to stand on, none of us do. I will pray for the people in Dalian as I pray for the peolple in the Gulf but mostly I will pray for the innocent birds and other wildlife that are hurt by our greed and stupidity.

Posted by Johnson July 22, 10 07:40 AM


各位同胞 您在哪上这个网还用翻墙啊???? 本人在北京

还有啊 腾讯官网上的报道照片视频都在哪里不属实了啊?? 别那么愤青 把眼睛睁开的说话行不行啊?

问题都没有解决就在网上瞎抱怨瞎造谣 什么东西!

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 07:46 AM

US government asked BP to pay 20 billion for their mistake.
But Chinese government did nothing!!

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 08:05 AM

To #73

what a depressing hate the idea of life without air-con or a car? i.e. you're happy to screw future generations so you can have a marginally easier life..didn't you learn how to share at primary school? Eventually either we leave oil, or it leaves us. I guess in the case of the former your options will be clear.

Just hoping and "praying" for a solution will achieve nothing - this is our collective mess and we must solve. Denmark gets 20% of it's grid electricity through wind power. Not a bad start.

These photos make me ashamed of my own inaction.

Posted by Jules July 22, 10 08:16 AM


Posted by anonymous July 22, 10 08:16 AM

Ashamed for being human. Really.

Posted by Fredrik July 22, 10 08:29 AM

13 blew my mind. they are using helmets nailed to sticks!

Posted by Misora July 22, 10 08:32 AM

For those of you saying the end is near, it's no where near the end. Please remember the earth is HUGE and these are small compared to the entire size of our seas. It will take YEARs to clean up, but it is recoverable.

When Mt. St. Helens blew it was worse as well as the volcano in Iceland.

Posted by Trueman July 22, 10 08:49 AM


Posted by cho July 22, 10 08:58 AM

wow awesome pictures!

awww, this event is terrible!

i wish i chinese people knew about this but they don't because their govt restricts their internet access!

no birds covered in oil though! :-)

Posted by Tracy in Montreal July 22, 10 09:02 AM

My grandfather was right: the world is coming to the END...

Posted by MLebron July 22, 10 09:05 AM

Chinese media is censored,what a silly CCP!

Posted by happyfan July 22, 10 09:08 AM

Again, this type of tragedy for GAIA. We need to work materially and spiritually to bring this to an end as soon as possible. God, have mercy on us.

Posted by Jaime Saldarriaga July 22, 10 09:37 AM

to these chinese from a american from southern new jersey.. we're right there with you. i wish i had the means to come over and volunteer to help. i hope my thoughts and best wishes for good luck and a quick clean up are some consolation. we're different, but both great countries and we will persevere.

don't let those among us who are misguided offend you. we are not all like them. the vast majority of americans share your feelings and would do anything to help if we had an easy answer or a hand to lend. we and our government can barely keep a handle on our own oil mess.

hopefully the near future will bring better news from china.

Posted by ttyp00 July 22, 10 09:47 AM

It's so terrible

Posted by Phan Quoc Dung July 22, 10 09:53 AM

Ummmmmm...I think do not touch technology to Chinese and Korean's.
Oil Mottainai...

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 09:55 AM

wow amazing. is there any way to get the full feed for your posts instead of just the main pic/story?

Posted by dude July 22, 10 09:56 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 10:00 AM


Posted by jean July 22, 10 10:00 AM

The difference from Mexico is they use robot to fix the pump, but we use people.

Chinese society is not very good yet, poor, gap of wealth....., but I love China, as it's my motherland! The truth is I can also browse such kind of pictures regarding this accident in Chinese web ( ), and I can open this website without anti-GFW softwares. Please don't think presumingly.

Welcome to China, to know a country differs from the reports of your media!

Posted by Davy Ho July 22, 10 10:06 AM


Posted by Y July 22, 10 10:11 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 10:18 AM


Posted by Try July 22, 10 10:31 AM

I was in China when this happened, and I saw the news reports about it on CCTV, so before people start accusing the govt of a cover up, try getting some facts.

And before people start spewing rubbish, I am a British citizen of British descent.

The western world needs to address it's own failings before it starts trying to impose standards on the rest of the world that we fail to uphold ourselves.

Posted by Colin Smith July 22, 10 10:33 AM

So are these disasters enough to remind us we NEED OTHER SOURCE ALTERNATIVES !!!!!

Posted by gennaro July 22, 10 10:41 AM

5 days ago and the Chinese are in full action to clean up.

Something to learn here, Mr president.

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 10:49 AM

#132: the two oil spills are very different. In the US you have an underwater well at extreme depths which is very hard to close. This one in China will be cleaned up a lot easier and faster because it's "only" a pipe that blew (or AFAICT anyway).

You can't really fault the US administration for their handling of the US spill (the sad truth is that the only parties with the expertise to actually close it are the oil companies) but you can criticise them (or the previous them) for having some seriously lax safety standards around drilling (including not mandating a relief well from the start). Something tells me though that with China's environmental and safety record, there'll be plenty finger pointing to go around there too.

There's no reason to believe there'd be a difference in efficiency cleaning up the spill. Both countries have a lot of resources at their disposal, after all. But you can't honestly expect to compare the events to begin with, as they're so different in scope.

BTW in pic nr 4, is that water they're trying to put an oil fire out with?

Posted by wds July 22, 10 11:00 AM

what f**k is this?

Posted by lingdy July 22, 10 11:04 AM

Incredible pics specially the ones of firmen / army people rescuing one of them from fixing a pump underwater.
hope no will be armed and that everyone can learned the consequences of drilling, storing transporting and using oil.

Posted by TB_French July 22, 10 11:19 AM


Posted by ~~ July 22, 10 11:25 AM

BP is British company. Get off your high horse Colin.

Posted by Me July 22, 10 11:26 AM

You have to admire those guys in the last six pictures, the ones running into the oil-slicked water to save their fellow worker's life. Everywhere you look, management won't ever spend a penny they don't absolutely have to, and politicians won't ever lift a finger for anybody without money or influence, but those guys were willing to put their lives on the line to help that guy who fell into the water.

Posted by W. Kiernan July 22, 10 11:32 AM


Excuse me?Is there anyone notice that the oil in Dalian is black while in US is brown?

Posted by vershelly July 22, 10 11:47 AM


Posted by nocoa July 22, 10 11:51 AM

dont blame oil, blame human error

Posted by Jo July 22, 10 11:55 AM


Posted by eos9d July 22, 10 12:07 PM

"Excuse me?Is there anyone notice that the oil in Dalian is black while in US is brown?"

The oil in the pipeline is probably refined, while that in the gulf was flowing directly out of the ground via a well. Light Louisiana crude oil verses heavier looking crude oil, pictured.

Poor guy drowning in the oil, that is something you would not want to ingest. Is he the soldier that died?

Posted by bhutanian July 22, 10 12:12 PM

So sad about all the mess that others do and everybody pays...

Posted by Mari July 22, 10 12:23 PM

hey everybody..mind if we sit down and think through the whole event..?
we had a OIL SPILL here..nature has been tainted, people had lost their lives , and you guys are just f*cking around with the censorship and the Chinese government.. see what the people had been doing over there..we are not sitting there playing video games like those indifferent creature, like some of you/ we are trying our best! I am a volunteer on this oil-cleaning project and i am here right now in Dalian where this catastrophe just happened.. i see heroes all around.. but not some of you..有些国人还是不要在这里丢自己的脸了。


Posted by taintedsoul July 22, 10 12:38 PM

Oil is used to make plastic which is in carpet, paint, cosmetics, fabric etc. Everything is touched by plastic. Buy a cotton shirt ....... made on a machine coated with paint, plastic parts to make it run, run by electricity brought in with a plastic coated wire. We live on it, in it, drink tiny bits of it, wear it, make a living using it, even breathe particles of it. Landfills are flowing over with it, tons and tons of it. The oceans have floating masses of plastic particles. Its pitiful, everyone already knows this. MEH !! The world is already a sad place, but this is all terrible, we could all be more compassionate. We could quit asking them to work so cheap.

Posted by JM July 22, 10 12:38 PM

E.Ts are causing the oil spills...

Posted by allein July 22, 10 12:43 PM

这就是当地政府部门报道的 所谓的 对生态基本没影响,大气质量优。。

Posted by A July 22, 10 12:51 PM

I watch the news every night when I eat dinner and never once have I heard any reported mention about this oil spill.
Quite frankly this happened 5 days ago and I just found out about it NOW!
I guess CNN cares more about Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan rather than the environmental safety of our beloved China...

Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 01:15 PM

It's so simple: We have to STOP BURNING THINGS to produce energy. We now have all the technology to produce energy cleanly, environmentally sustainably, (and in the long run, practically free), but ALL of us have to do our part to change our practice. The argument of it being "expensive" and "hurting the economy" doesn't fly anymore because the expense and consequence of not switching will be many orders of magnitude more expensive and catastrophic.

Posted by Jump July 22, 10 01:21 PM

These pictures have more information that the pics showed in the USA spill.

Posted by B July 22, 10 01:49 PM

I am from China mainland. I did not learn about this until now on travelling.

Posted by Han July 22, 10 02:22 PM


Posted by 們完成一 July 22, 10 02:46 PM

These info and pic are NOT blocked in China.

BUT, the China gov acts differently from US gov.

In US, we see hearings, debates and lots of craps. People are blaming each other. No real works. Solution always comes late.

In China, the gov deliberately neglects her responsibility of the disaster (and keeps reassuring the citizen everything's okay), but instead spends tons of money to solve it asap.

IMHO, I don't know which way is better.

Posted by Chengjie July 22, 10 02:51 PM

i think everyone can agree that using oil makes everyone happy but that oil spills are a very bad thing, especially when they affect life.

it doesn't matter if there's oil in the water if some fishes or birds or human people aren't using it right? it's not like water is alive. still though, we have to be mindful that oil spills shouldn't happen.

we need to raise awareness about this. thanks boston big pic for doing your part. by commenting, i'm doing mine.

Posted by Tracy in Montreal July 22, 10 03:33 PM

We are doomed as doom can be!! Maybe" the end is near " This is getting really scary!!

Posted by Stephen LeBoeuf July 22, 10 03:56 PM

Nature has its own way of controlling things. With more fools coming in this world, accident like these ought to happen!

Posted by Kiran bhat July 22, 10 04:52 PM

boston.com也不过就是美国一媒体,事后综合一些图片,让人震撼,典型的媒体炒作手法! 大连石油管道爆炸的当天,CCTV就已经播出,网上的这些图片随后就在各网站公开了出来(前面有众多网友验证),不知道这里的人什么毛病,尽给中国抹黑。是嫌这石油还不够黑? 另外,这网站根本就不用翻墙,我现在不是上得好好的?不要因为自己的信息渠道狭窄就片面的抹黑中国媒体。

Posted by commentor July 22, 10 05:40 PM

May all the new world order greedy fat pigs all dine in Hell forever

Posted by Lyn Iver July 22, 10 06:05 PM

OMG what a disaster! the opening shot looks a lot like our Sydney Red dust storm. some world class World Press Photo shots in here for sure like the guys swimming in the oil. have never seen something like that before.

Posted by Simon Food Favourites July 22, 10 06:59 PM

For those people who are over critical of China's "censorship" of this disaster, my question is: What exactly will you do if/when you find out about it? Are you going to China to help clean up the mess. Did you go to the Gulf coast to help clean up the oil disaster there? Did you invent some material that could make the oil spill go away? Are you organizing funds to help rescue affected animals?
Make comments regarding the quality of the pictures not who/what/when/how things happened. Besides, its not as if you can do something major to help out anyway.
Compare what China has done to their country since the inception of free market economy to that of countries in Africa, South America, Middle East and you be be astonish at the pace of progress they have manage to do. It's not easy leading a country of 1,330,141,295 to keep pace with progress while at the same time uplift people out of poverty. Sure there are dark chapters in China's history but pretty much every country has some dark chapters.
It will be just a matter of time before China becomes the world's policeman. Maybe those evil terrorist think twice before doing anything nasty. They'll have a large potion of the current 7,555,000 (active and reserve) soldiers hunting them down. Maybe its about time for USA to hand over that responsibility after all its also time for the USA to focus on its infrastructure and people. I'm just saying, it's way past due Mr. President.

Posted by J. Campo July 22, 10 07:38 PM

Kudos to the brave firefighters and the clean up crews who risk their all so others can be hear goes to those brave souls who toil in danger where others fear not tread. Congratulations to a job well done.

Posted by James ( Wryter ) Charlton July 22, 10 07:45 PM

不用你的中國我的中國的 台灣屬於中國這是個事實而不是需要爭論的話題

還有某些同學 BP我在國內也不用翻牆上 別以訛傳訛了

When it comes to the "dictatorship"or"censorship"of Chinese government, it's rather rare to see someone from the US to analyze it full of striking thoughts. Nowadays in China, the majority of people tend to believe that during the transition of the society, the government needs to apply "power politics" due to the enormous population, however, when the country has developed into a stronger nation, it will be the time for democracy. I myself can only hope to see that day coming.

My condolence to the victims and people there.

Posted by amberism July 22, 10 10:13 PM


Posted by 赵博 July 22, 10 10:30 PM


Posted by Anonymous July 22, 10 10:41 PM


Posted by nansion July 22, 10 10:48 PM


Posted by Anonymous July 23, 10 12:00 AM

some guys really cynical, under this tragedy situation,shouldn't we just come together to deal with this emergency? complain will never solve any problem !
almost all chinese just want a better 'master '-like america, but donnt u notice that all american fight for their right instead of complain ! and that is why america become a 'better' country -- not best , onthing is perfect! china is progressing very fast , and i believe one day she will become better, that depends on us-- every member of this big historic country.

Posted by dalong July 23, 10 01:37 AM

头一次见这么多中国同胞在大图上= =#

Posted by xxx July 23, 10 02:04 AM



Posted by 黑哥 July 23, 10 02:11 AM

I am disgusted and disapointed that so much of a natural resource is going into creating waste. This is 'ENERGY' going down the drain.

I am dissapointed that till today no one looks to oil as a resource akin to blood that runs through a human body.

Imagine so much blood going out of circulation out of a human body. Yes new blood will be born. But if you continue to drain blood again and again from the human body how will the human body survive.

Now, imagine if we were to treat mother earth as a human body. For the earth to function it needs oil in its body to continue to survive.
If we humans continue to draw oil from earths body; one day it will give way; dry up and die.

If the earth dies so will all LIVING beings who live on it.

The solution for scientists is to think of ways to give ideas of how to run cars electricity etc etc without OIL.

Once a solution is found EARTH will breath again.

At the moment the mercinary OIL LOBBY is out to dry the earth of its BLOOD. STOP THIS BLOODY COUP.

Posted by MOHAN LALWANI July 23, 10 02:42 AM

My mom lives in Dalian, she said that the air is filled with smokes; she couldn't breathe properly for 4 days. It’s a bit better now.
I am more worried about the long term environmental effect.
It’s a wakeup call, our lives are too depended on oil, and we should all look for a greener energy.

Posted by Emma July 23, 10 02:43 AM

@171 建议天朝向美国宣战吧,战败了是唯一的出路。

中国人都这么想的话中国就惨了。多数美国人基本认为中国是第二个苏联。美国若统治中国第一步就是把中国分裂,免得以后与美国竞争。别的国家是不会把中国的利益放在自己的利益之前的。 你愿意给美国纳税吗?


Posted by heartless July 23, 10 02:56 AM


Posted by 台灣人 July 23, 10 03:12 AM


Posted by frank July 23, 10 04:30 AM

其实,这个网站也是被和谐过的,你看去年六月的关于64的那期 的确实要翻墙才能打开.
另外,就是 拜托各位不要都到哪里都吵来吵去的,我经常纳闷咱国人就吵架这点出息?

Posted by the,Xuan July 23, 10 06:40 AM

impresionantes la fotos, es hora que pongamos en practica la definicion de la palabra conciencia (La conciencia se define en general como el conocimiento que un ser tiene de sí mismo y de su entorno) para poder vivir en armonia con nuestro mundo

Posted by sergio July 23, 10 08:35 AM

... and The Big Picture censored by the Great Firewall in 3... 2... 1...

Posted by chris July 23, 10 09:32 AM

it just shows how slowly by slowly we are killing mother earth it is disgusting

Posted by noel July 23, 10 09:37 AM

Sé que puede parecer utópico o behemente, pero lo ideal sería que no usemos más productos fabricados a base de petróleo. Obvio, no se puede dejar absolutamente todo, pero unos cuantos si, plástico (desde bolsas hasta computadoras), gasolina... Andemos en bicicleta! Hagamos cualquier cosa... ya está... el petróleo genera guerras, exagerada desigualdad en la distribución de las riquesas, catástrofes como ésta... Paren un poco que así no vamos para ningún lado

Posted by José July 23, 10 09:40 AM

I live in China. Two years in this mighty country. What I never understood is how the Chinese are so quick to give up their ways of life for this sickness of dependency on oil. It's a monster, far greater than the U.S. I guess they too will learn the hard way once everything natural and necessary is completely destroyed. There fear of never starving has led them to industry, and ain't it a karmalistic bitch that industry will lead them right back to starving. I hope not...

Posted by Xiola Red July 23, 10 10:02 AM

I saw many pictures from Chinese website on the second day of this accident. Feel sorry and pity about this.
And Chinese government doing their best.

Posted by Lin July 23, 10 10:14 AM

just wish the great chinese people could see what the corrupt oil companies have done to their precious waterway...

is it ironic that the chinese govt regulates and controls everything in china, yet can't stop an oil spill? is this lost on our superhero barry? regulation cannot solve all of life's problems, what it can do is give more power to those proposing the legislation. they're all saints though, so we should trust them...


Posted by ryan July 23, 10 10:41 AM

My heart goes out to the people of Dalian, China, unfortunately disaster can happen anywhere and at anytime

Posted by Kim Landwehr July 23, 10 11:13 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 23, 10 11:20 AM

@ 214." At the moment the mercinary OIL LOBBY is out to dry the earth of its BLOOD. STOP THIS BLOODY COUP."
Sorry mate, that's a really bad analogy. I think "Mother" earth will survive even if all the oil is pumped out of her. A better analogy for "Blood" would be "Water". Water is the blood of all living things, I guess you forgot elementary science. Try not drinking water for 4 days and see if you are still ok by the 5th.
The pictures are great, haunting especially picture 29. There are always pitfalls and obstacles for any country on the way to greatness and prosperity.Accidents do happen that's why they call it accidents.

Posted by I. Feelu July 23, 10 11:28 AM

I think this one survived. Another one didn't make it, so sad. He drowned because the oil was so thick, making it impossible to swim.

Posted by CCF July 23, 10 01:41 PM

F**ck armageddon, this is hell.

Posted by Chris July 23, 10 02:07 PM

Oh My god, this is the damage that man make in our world....just take a minute to think how many sea animals have died due to this catastrophe

Posted by Dave Quezad July 23, 10 03:51 PM

No intentions at attacking China with words but China is one of the greatest polluters of the world now be it in air, land and water. The industrialization of China over the last decades has created more trash, polluted streams and rivers in their country. Not to mention that pollution from China flows out into the open seas in terms of micro plastic particles that end up in the China Sea and Pacific Ocean. Industrial emissions has increased and are now affecting air quality in adjoining countries. Environmental protection is at the bottom of Chna's industrialization programs.

Posted by Mogs July 23, 10 05:26 PM

why are we doing this to earth?

Posted by arp July 23, 10 06:33 PM

Net worth does not equal self worth.

Posted by J Chadi July 23, 10 06:48 PM

To Comment #138 - Your view could also be limited as you're more concerned about emissions. The use of fossil fuels (or oil drilled from the ground) is not limited to fuel that is burned for automobiles, ships, trains, factories, and power plants. This does not justify the oil tragedy in Dalian, US Gulf of Mexico or in Alaska.

Crude oil spilled is just the basic material. Out of it, when refined and separated & processed , comes all sorts of fuel oil, gases and chemicals such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, are some key elements for both industrial and medical purpose. One of its key byproducts is polymers (through the process of polymerization) used to make plastics including the mouse, keyboard, computer screen, monitor you are using now. It's used for bottles of softdrinks, shampoo, cooking oil, CD cases, cellphones, watches, toys, bra rings, laptops. Petroleum byproducts include shampoo, cosmetics, creams, medicine, paint, fertilizers, rubber gloves, synthetic polymers such as synthetic rubber, Bakelite, neoprene, nylon, PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile, PVB, silicone, and many more. Even Teflon (or PTFE) on your frying pan is a petroleum byproduct. List goes on. Without these would we better off.

True we should reduce emissions, look for alternative energy and we are doing that now in the engineering/science field by harnessing wind, and solar power, and processing ethanol. However, there is one substance that reduces emissions comparatively still associated with petroleum-natural gas. It's on top of oil in gas form. It's used on Hydrid cars and to run power generating and industrial plants. At the moment we are very dependent on oil for existence. Until man comes up with a chemical which contains the hydrocarbons which respond to processes as polymerization to create strong and solid materials man is dependent on petroleum for existence. Without polymers we would have to resort to metal and wood again as in the 19th century. Would anyone want that? I don't think even the so-called environmentalists would want that.

The key to a greener earth is with each individual. Also, the key to avoiding disasters is wise, safe and economic management of natural resources-whether it's oil, wood, minerals, animals for food, plants. Most often times shortcuts and human error contribute to tragedies like this. Each of us can contribute to a greener earth in simple ways anywhere. Reduce that consumer mentality to reduce shopping which in turn reduces trash. Recycle. Walk or bike. Use energy efficient equipment from airconditioners, heating furnace, lighting, windows, etc. Tip: Energy efficient lights, based on my experiment at home, cuts electricity by 30-40%. I still see a lot of people, just because of the low cost of regular bulbs or being able to pay their electric bills, still using the old standard bulbs.

Posted by Anonymous July 23, 10 06:55 PM

Are the U.S. & China going to arrest themselves in the war on terror for Crimes against humanity? Nah of course not its only the planet and it can only be seen from the television.Picture the end of the film "Soylent Green" when W.G. Robinson is preparing to be euthanised and is shown film of the earth when it was a healthy place,Money is God.

Posted by Patrik Dalton July 23, 10 07:05 PM

im shocked, its absolutly terrible!!!
... but nobody can and will change it,
this is the poor reallity!

Posted by a german reader July 23, 10 08:43 PM

if the world goes green we wouldnt be destroying the human kind and planet earth plus less making children wouldn't create unsustainable growth

Posted by michael July 23, 10 10:33 PM

I love DaLian

Posted by legend July 23, 10 11:14 PM

@ 233. If you even read history, the United States and Most of the European countries did the same thing during the industrial revolution. They were the major polluters starting mid 19th century on to the 20th. But no one seems to castigate those country for the destruction of the environment.
Progress, not matter how advance your technology is, will always be destruction of the environment. It's inevitable and unavoidable especially in developing countries. Look at the amount of deforestation happening in South America. People should be alarm by that. But Mother Nature has a way of balancing everything. She's been doing it for millions of years. Sooner or later she'll let the pitiful humans living on the surface to stop their selfish ways and start taking better care of the planet. We only have one and when its gone, its gone.

Posted by J. P July 23, 10 11:34 PM

respect your do something or shut up.hate those guys who are always blaming this,that blablabla...
what have you done?ask your self.
no government,including China or US, is perfect.
bigpic is a photograph website, not political forum.

Posted by leo July 24, 10 03:13 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 24, 10 05:11 AM

If only I could 'say' what is in store for the whole world. I can not due to censorship. It's trully sad what is happening, and no way to stop it.
When I see our political station of our decision makers, live on T.V. having periods of sudden media blackouts...I have a problem!
I can only 'pray' the world gets to be a better place. But, I feel it's going to get worse before it gets better.
We must stop this depence on oil. I have not driven in 18 yrs, I'm still alive...and so far have the things I need. Best wishes China, from the U.S.

Posted by cw July 24, 10 06:12 AM


Posted by 一米之外 July 24, 10 07:35 AM

Stop buying gasoline NOW!

Posted by Alexander Deml July 24, 10 10:52 AM

This is sad but I thank the rescue and fire teams for their efforts

Posted by Idada July 24, 10 11:27 AM

Feel so ashamed being part of mankind out to ruin God given sources,water,air,forests,and above all no respect left for the animal and bird kingdoms.........

Posted by Armin Desai July 24, 10 01:28 PM

What we really need is more development of oil spill clean ups. American oil companies promised that they would develop more effective strategies after the Valdez spill years ago. They failed to do so. They failed to provide adequate health care to their OWN EMPLOYEES after they attempted to clean up the oil spills then. Now we see that oil companies are still practicing dangerous business. They fail to invest in the clean up technologies and strategies that they promised us and the US government is STILL content with allowing promises for increased protection against these tragedies go unpunished. We MUST hold oil companies to the promises they make to the public. We MUST ensure that they are willing to invest a small portion of their enormous profits into clean up technologies. and the public has to become more informed and aware of how shortcuts taken by oil companies are resulting in misery for those unwillingly affected by oil spills. These are common much more common than the public or media is willing to believe and that naivety is preventing the world from reaching a health balance between oil consumption, human rights, and the environment.

Posted by Matt Kim July 24, 10 04:18 PM

It's also not unreasonable to at least suspect China of misinforming the world about this issue. However, it might not be a direct result of censorship as many suspect. We should recognize that the bureaucracy of China resulted in a crucial misrepresentation of fish populations in the World not too many years ago. Chinese officials were willing to fake reports to their higher ups in order to make things look good in their districts in the hopes of favorable rewards. Big numbers mean money. I would argue that while we are watching over this issue (as we very well should be) we should be willing to accept underestimations in the damages sustained to the area by the Chinese who are ashamed that this happened under their watch.

Posted by Matt Kim July 24, 10 04:26 PM

@213 媒体立场有偏是肯定的,其实糊弄人的和被糊弄的心里都明镜似的,只是不便公开说,这样的现实,不是一朝一夕就能改变的。有句广告:没有最好,只有更好。没有“一律新华社通稿,不置顶,不设专题,不跟贴”已是进步,有进步就应该予以肯定(如果还自认为公正的话),当然问题也须正视,只是解决问题有个过程,要分轻重缓急(个人比较看重教育/社会保障/环境保护)。爱这个国家的人,会像爱自己的孩子,犯了错,溺爱是爱,谆谆教导是爱,严辞责骂也是爱(当然也有骂而不爱的),方式不同而已,有何必以“五毛”攻击之。


Posted by bigfatsea July 24, 10 05:11 PM

This is a shame for humanity just like in the gulf of mexico.

Posted by i hate to be human July 24, 10 07:59 PM


Posted by Anonymous July 25, 10 07:20 AM

@251: By definition, "50cents" refers to those who were PAID to post biased, misleading comments here. Why is pointing out the fact considered "insult" in any sense?

Posted by Rainarrow July 25, 10 08:52 AM


Posted by CPC July 25, 10 09:42 AM

The US Media this spill has not made CNN yet, the most Corrupt News Network in the USA..

they are spending this week promoting racism

the floods and 1000 deaths and 3 Gorges dam, hasn,t made CNN yet either

i wonder why?

Posted by dell johnson July 25, 10 05:09 PM

We either pull together as Our higher power would expect us to do, we are not dead yet we as a team can make things better for our earth and our children and future generations.

Posted by Carole July 25, 10 06:16 PM

A tragedy and I really admire the efforts made by so many valiant and courageous Chinese to clean up the mess and try and prevent it happening again. But what is the underlying cause - supply and demand. The supply comes from the limited resources of our wonderful and beautiful planet and the demand comes from our ever increasing population. Long term there is only one real solution - reduce the demand - reduce world population to manageable static levels. We have a choice to actively control our world population or to allow natural and man- made disaters achieve the balance for us. Unfortunately the "Tragedy of the Commons" applies and all of us seek an ever larger slice of the cake of our earths limited resources. Yet I believe there is hope for the human race.

Posted by George Fricker July 25, 10 10:01 PM

I'm telling you its a sign to stop using petrol!
It won't stop until something huge happened to stop.

Posted by Zandy July 25, 10 10:10 PM

Well, Chinese government sponsored web commentator are all over the place... all mighty Chinese government! hahah........

it is a pity to see such a tragedy happened on a nice city, just hope Chinese government could put in more efforts to save the mass than the efforts they spent on controlling of the information flow.

Posted by Leon July 25, 10 10:16 PM


Posted by haimimi July 25, 10 11:31 PM

I love Dalian-my hometown.
I hate the corrupt government , especially the bureaucracy and officer, they ruined our homeland.
I suspect ,whether the accident will happen again.

Posted by 11 July 26, 10 09:19 AM

He is dead! named Zhang liang, 25 years old. His fiancee is at home waiting him to take wedding photography ..

Posted by Mr.sing July 26, 10 11:04 AM


Posted by Echo July 26, 10 10:33 PM

another day, and this spill has not made the USA Main Stream Media yet???

WHY NOT?? whats their agenda with the News Black out?

theres nothing about the floods yet either. or the 3 Gorges Dam.

does anyone have a idea why this is?

Posted by Dell Johnson July 27, 10 01:34 AM


Posted by DD from China July 27, 10 02:42 AM

大连漏油这事情应该让领导去捞 他们捞油水水平一流

Posted by 屁民 July 27, 10 02:45 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 27, 10 04:03 AM

213楼的,我是207的,这里各抒己见,没人有功夫和你‘纠缠’,看到这个词确实把我逗乐了。每人都有自己的政见,你拿着你的,我拿着我的,不要紧的。至于说我什么最大的5毛什么的,我不懂什么是5毛,也没猜出来,还懒得上网搜,反正我要说的我上面都说了,发表一下自己的看法就行了,口水战是最没心胸的人干的,您也自重吧,谢谢。至于255楼的仁兄的‘祝福’,那种纯粹的攻击式发言还不象您有自己的政见,回都懒得 回

Posted by 赵博 July 27, 10 06:08 AM

wtf was happening in world..........................

Posted by tenzin July 27, 10 07:53 AM

Escribá Su Comentario Aquí ... No se que mas Desastres pretendamos precensiar para darnos Cuenta De lo destruído que esta ya nuestro Planeta, Con El Derrame de EE UU y Ahora Este de China hemos Acabado una gran cantidad de Alimentos Que Se podria proporcionar Los Seres Humanos, Que van en China poder limpiar y Los Daños Que Hacen un Segundo Segundo se ... ESO a Quien le importa . Mandatarios De Todo El Mundo Que mas .... Sigue

Posted by maria ester covarrubias July 27, 10 10:54 AM

i saw the photo of the oil-covered firefighter in our newspaper. totally frightening! Hope this firefighter & his rescuers are ok. Glad the Chinese GOVERNMENT led the way! BE PREPARED!

Posted by judy emerson July 27, 10 10:14 PM

To 同胞们:
关注big picture 很久了,从来都是顺利登陆的,根本没有被屏蔽过啊~~包括去年六月的那个专题,还有新疆75的那个专题。

Posted by WE.S July 27, 10 10:55 PM

Do humans still know what they do ?

Posted by Thomas July 28, 10 05:55 AM

this reminds me of the map 'dalian plant' in battlefield 2.

Posted by cheese11 July 29, 10 03:10 AM

269说自己不知道5毛 也不想知道5毛 那么你确实就是5毛了

Posted by Anonymous July 29, 10 04:19 AM


Posted by xiangboo July 30, 10 12:52 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 30, 10 06:00 AM

Why don't they prepare a plan to what should do for this kind of disaster before they start to drill down the water?!

Posted by j July 30, 10 10:44 AM

poor me,
poor you,
poor everyone...
as long as we continue demanding these vast quantities of oil through our daily "needs",
"accidents" will continue happening
everytime bigger and more deadly,
like our demand in material needs.

we are all to blame.
STOP USING OIL, and there will be no accidents!

Posted by nikk July 30, 10 11:25 AM

Every thing is relative! Can you imagine how many fish and life were killed in that water in this spill and the others! Humans keep killing species off in desasters like this and others, we might as well say good bye! Our beautiful earth is slowly being destroyed by greedy big daddy in all of his sickening greedy ways. I fear for my children and Grand children. We MUST put more safety specifications in place to avoid any more of this, our precious earth can only take so much. So you greedy sucks! Back off a little because the working stiff's will only take so much also. Start taking better care of mother earth.

Posted by Jill Bateman July 30, 10 12:14 PM

Dear 207, I don't agree with you and I feel sad for you. Everyone has the right to know and the right to speak. A country belongs to every citizen, not just a few people. This is democracy.

Posted by July 31, 10 12:55 PM


Posted by Anonymous July 31, 10 04:53 PM

hate this !

Posted by beejan August 1, 10 02:28 AM


Posted by yahu August 1, 10 06:13 AM


Posted by 施耀宗 August 1, 10 12:00 PM


Posted by 拥蒋挺毛 August 1, 10 07:27 PM

It's really a man-made disaster, and our country has to pay for the painful lesson to learn before learning to be smart

Posted by Worldtone August 2, 10 09:11 AM


Posted by 90后 August 2, 10 10:39 PM

大连加油! That comment made me laugh! The CHinese encouragment of "add fuel" or "Add oil" may not be appropriate in this case!

Posted by tynan August 3, 10 10:39 AM

嘿我就納了個悶了, 台灣當年不也是一黨獨裁了好些年的麼, 台灣不還搞了號稱史上最長戒嚴的麼, 台灣不也是經濟不景氣失業率居高不下的麼, 台灣的民主折騰了也沒多少年怎麼已經開始"教育"起大陸來了?

你幫幫忙吧還"國家", 讓你頂著"中華民國"的帽子滿世界跑那是叫睜一隻眼閉一隻眼!!!


RT 197:
In US, we see hearings, debates and lots of craps. People are blaming each other. No real works. Solution always comes late.
In China, the gov deliberately neglects her responsibility of the disaster (and keeps reassuring the citizen everything's okay), but instead spends tons of money to solve it asap.

Anyway our gov reacts to such accidents or disasters immediately, which is the most important.

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 10 03:21 PM


I'm sorry but these images are not in the correct order. They make you believe the man was rescued when in fact he died. There are 3 people in the water. The final images are of the two men that tried to save the first but failed. The hand in image 25 is the firefighter after he sank below the water and doesn't surface. Shame on for disgracing the life of the fallen fire fighter.

The entire sequence of images can be found here:

Posted by Leeroy Jenkins August 3, 10 08:52 PM


Posted by 自由空间 August 4, 10 11:52 AM

It is really sad that this man Zhang Liang died ,let us hope that he did not die in vain ,that we can all learn something from this disaster. My prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends. Our dependancy on oil can not last,nothing does.Thankyou for the firefighters,workers and peoples liberation army who risk their lives to save others. China is a wonderful place,the people make it so. I have spent some time in Dalian ,it is a beautiful city with such friendly people.
I love the way the chinese people work together,the rest of the world should learn from this !! I hope the spill will be cleaned quickly and steps are taken to prevent it from happening again.

Posted by robin nears August 5, 10 01:40 AM

Wake up, it's not about which country is "better" or worse. The ideology of eternal (technological) progress is ubiquitous and with it the blind faith in the reliability of our "achievements". Is it accidental that the green movement grew strong after Chernobyl? Is it accidental that at the moment everyone in the US is talking about clean energy? We are blind until we fall. There's no preventing oil spills or "incidents" in nuclear plants, as such things will always happen. The thing is, they are only a side effect. I'm excited to see what will happen in 20-30 years when the oil and gas reserves are drawing near the end. Nuclear power plants everywhere? Good Night.

Posted by JohnPi August 5, 10 05:17 PM




Posted by kyan August 5, 10 10:32 PM

this is pizdets

Posted by Umberto August 6, 10 08:07 AM


Posted by C M Lui August 6, 10 10:03 PM

To everybody: please don't discourage... this is a terrible thing, it's true! but we need to keep going...use these images instead to raise consciousness among others and let's all remember that we are at least in part responsible for these things with our inaction...we need to stop thinking that this is someone else's fault. That man drowned in water and oil is every one of us. Yes: it's also true that we are trying...things like this are just a reminder that we need to try harder. Big hug to you all.

Posted by Agustin Figueroa August 7, 10 12:12 PM











Posted by ETan August 8, 10 04:30 PM





Posted by 鑫 August 10, 10 09:36 PM

after reading every blog, thank you #236 for the most concrete reality check assuming all was accurately spoken...very informative w/o emotions. Yes everyone should reconsider how to use less petroleum based products, and yes it was an accident, yet may oil companies be more thorough to use safer operations/engineering and safer emergency training & practices, and invest as much in disaster prevention before production to be more prepared/in control of disaster in case the such a tragedy takes place again. The photos display a major unfortunate event with harm to heroic people and earth. We can assume they are doing their best to clean up and learn from their mistakes. Let's pray for China. Use less, purchase less, purchase local and locally made, live and spend within your means, recycle and live simple, and let old school quality supplies and new technology for green living, and compassion for others reign.

Posted by J August 12, 10 04:16 AM




Posted by Tristone August 12, 10 10:54 PM

It's not the matter of helping out cleaning the oil spill, inventing a machine to make the oil spill go away or organizing funds to help rescue affected animals. The solution to STOP this environmental disaster is "NO TO OFFSHORE DRILLING" at all....out rage.

Posted by Emer August 13, 10 04:38 PM

I just want to know the truth,but there is too little message on the TV and Web site in our country.The goverment focus on report saving people and plus,plus ,plus,but not report why this happened and how serious it is. That `s a tragedy

Posted by 不明真相的群众围观中 August 14, 10 02:54 AM

We need to get away from the need of Oil and save our world fast or we will not have a world for our children and our childrens children.
We can do it , we just need to work as one. It dose not matter where we are from but where we are going as a people of this world.

Truly Carlos Polkey,

Posted by Carlos August 19, 10 03:14 AM

~Basic Nature~

It is the nature of water to be clear and transparent:
It is mud and sand that makes it turbid.
But when it is turbid,
Has its clear nature gone out of existence?
When it does not move for a long time,
The mud and sand sink to the bottom of themselves,
And its clear, bright nature mirrors Heaven and Earth:
This is not something that comes from the outside.
So when it is turbid, its basic nature is not lost,
And when it returns to its former state,
Its nature is not produced again.
The nature of man is like that of water.

Li Ao (c. 800)
Dedicated to Global Warming Fighters and all the Cultivators over the world.

Posted by Li Ao August 20, 10 11:16 AM

It's heartbreaking to me here in America to know that this kind of suffering is behind the stuffed shelves, while the essentials of clean air and water and life are becoming ever scarcer for more people. I'm staying out of my car as much as I am able. There's blood in its gas tank.

When we make and buy things cheap, plastic, and disposable, we make life somewhere in the world cheap, plastic, disposable. It comes around eventually. I don't want a lifestyle that exacts that kind of price, not even behind my back, not even on the other side of the world from some store's shelves.

It's painful that this has come out in China on such a huge scale. All of us are going to need to learn how to repair this planet we're destroying so thoroughly.

Posted by Daniel Rollings August 23, 10 04:21 AM

It is tasteless to make political statements as I read here. Like it or not, petroleum is our major energy source for civilization. It was yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow. There is no point in ranting about how we need a different form of energy. Of course we do, but it won't come tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Meanwhile, our cars and machinery runs on oil, so we must tap it. That tragic oil spills occur on RARE occasion (and they ARE rare!), is the price we pay for living in civilization instead of hunkered over a campfire fueled by camel dung. I hope the Chinese people are more understand of all this, and can rebuild this refinery to be even safer and dependable. Meanwhile, environmentalists, until you have an alternative solution in your hand, don't criticize others for not coming up with one on your demand. Get into your laboratories and start working on a solution, not merely contributing noise pollution.

Posted by Gary August 26, 10 01:19 PM

it was a sad statement at the end and thank u very much for all 29 pictures

Posted by princess September 2, 10 07:28 PM


Posted by 台灣人 July 23, 2010 03:12 AM


Posted by 台灣不是國家 September 3, 10 07:28 AM

It is more then obvious that we are very depended on fossil fuels. I quite agree that this is a price for living in civilization. All what we can do now is to work on higher safety and security of the oil refinery technologies. Look what happened here in China and U.S. almost at the same time… That are disastrous we have to learn out of it that should have never happen again…

Posted by Jay Banks September 6, 10 07:01 AM

Convert all things to Ethanol and Biodiesel. Problem solved.

Posted by Dan September 26, 10 09:22 AM


Posted by Ben October 27, 10 08:50 AM


Posted by JOHN WIESELMAN November 1, 10 08:45 PM

Posted by 台灣不是國家 September 3, 10 07:28 AM

Hi Don, Thank you for sending me the " oil spill in Dalian". I have glanced over the pictures, but somehow I was more interested in comments in Chinese to those pictures of the disaster. Some of these comments have become political and sickening. I have grown up in Taiwan under one of the worst Chinese dictators/tyrants - Chang Kai-sek and his gang, which exposed all the bad aspects of Chinese culture, and the worst is politics/environments. All these forced me into losing interest in modern China. Why? Let me translated one of Chinese postings therein on September 3, which responds to a Tawanese rather mild comments:

Let recapture Taiwan, keep the island but not the people (which means kill all islanders ?)
Let recapture Taiwan, keep the island but not the people
Taiwan cannot become a nation, forever. If one day Taiwan becomes independent or occupied by the US/Japan, I will contribute every penny of mine to bomb out and sink in Taiwan.

Your old friend

Posted by Chen Fu Re November 6, 10 10:59 PM

How sad so few people have concentrated on the real evil evidenced in these photographs. The oil is certainly horrible enough, proof industry is out of control, that any integrity with regard to safety precautions has been sacrificed to odds and actuarial tables.

It's not cost-effective to guard against every disaster, when disasters occur too seldome to have a significant effect on inflated revenues.

But the greater evil is seeing brave individuals sent to deal with a deadly disaster without any armor to protect them. These men should have been wearing suits capable of keeping toxins and heavy metals from seeping into their bloodstreams...hoods or helmets to prevent them drowning in oil, delivering sufficient oxygen to allow them to breath untainted air. They should have had at least the most basic of gear to keep them healthy or—at a bare minimum—alive.

Why the hell were they out there in what appears to be nothing but camouflage? With seemingly no support, no precautions, vulnerable to fumes and sludge and exhaustion...drowning for want of even minimal protective gear?

Most nations have, and attempt to enforce, laws to protect workers from exposure to toxic substances and hazardous environments.

But to Chinese industry's crime of grossly negligent pollution, let us add the greater crime of premeditated murder, pesrpetrated by corporate and government "leaders" who abandoned their command...and left troops to drown, undefended and unsupported.

Chinese companies have shown repeatedly in the past few years they are unconcerned with preventing harm to any living being, whether human or animal.

How many pets, infants, children, adults....soldiers, policemen, firemen, emergency workers...dissidents, those who want the right of free many have to die before China or anyone else cares enough to stop it? How long before we end the insanity of granting "Most Favored" status to a regime every bit as tyrannical and punitive as any Middle Eastern country with whom we have chosen to wage war?

Is fruit juice on every American table really worth so many lives?

Posted by cordwainer November 11, 10 02:00 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 12, 10 08:56 PM

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