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G20 Protests in Toronto

Last week, leaders of nations from both the G8 and G20 gathered in Ontario Canada, for meetings in in Huntsville and Toronto. Canadian authorities planning for the event spent an estimated $1 billion, mostly for security. Tens of thousands of protesters descended on Toronto, looking to have their voices heard on a broad range of issues, from indigenous rights to anti-capitalist ideals, to human and animal rights, and much more. Many peaceful marches took place throughout the weekend, but on Saturday, a small group of "black bloc" anarchists became violent, smashing storefronts and burning several police vehicles. Harsher tactics and more arrests by the 20,000 police officers deployed to Toronto soon followed, although many of those arrested were released from a temporary G20 detainment center soon after. (42 photos total)

A protester with gas mask and camera participates in a standoff with a line of riot police on Bay Street during the G8 and G20 Summits, Saturday, June 26, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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how sad...

Posted by cornels June 28, 10 12:59 PM

As you can see, Right-wing extremists are more dangerous than left-wing extremists

Posted by Satelite June 28, 10 01:19 PM

Eat the rich - fight the power - feed the poor

Posted by Amsterdam June 28, 10 01:19 PM

Those cop cars on fire were supposedly caused by "cops in disguise" meant to be used as an excuse to use excessive force.

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 01:22 PM

A $1.1 billion ""meeting"" deserves such protest. How can the government possibly justify the cost. They could use modern technology to get together rather than face to face. This would save...well...$1.1 billion dollars.

Maybe it's time for the government to actually listen to these people. That's the point of being a listen to the people and improve their lives...not? If they would listen then they wouldn't have these violent protests. And by the way, i actually congratulate the protesters for taking a stand and opposing the government. For all the government is, is a large corporation that does philanthropic work more than other companies do.

Posted by kellyhofer June 28, 10 01:29 PM

Great photos, as always. But #11 actually depicts the Barrie Police, not the Toronto police.

Different police forces from all over the country were brought in to participate in security for the summit. I saw officers from: the Ontario Provincial Police, Montreal Police, Barrie Police, London [Ontario] Police Service, Edmonton Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Peel Regional Police, York Regional Police, and others.

Posted by Lawrence Gridin June 28, 10 01:30 PM

Billions of tax payers dollars spent mostly on security just seems wrong. There's so many more things to spend our money on than entertaining guests.

Posted by Greg Washington June 28, 10 01:30 PM

Insane... Most of this stuff happened about 500 meters from my front door.

Posted by Michael Caputo June 28, 10 01:36 PM

What the hell are these people protesting, exactly?

To me, it looks like a bunch of hipster morons and wanna be "photographers" going out trying to cause trouble so that they can get pictures for their flickr account.

And the guy stealing the phone in #25? How is that allowed? How are the other protesters not beating this guy senseless?

Posted by Ryan June 28, 10 01:37 PM

I am ashamed to be a Canadian and Torontonian. The way our government and police handled the G20 and G8 summits is a disgrace.

Posted by casey June 28, 10 01:37 PM

Squad cars set on fire, windows smashed, stores looted...OMG the police bruised someone's lower back! THOSE NAZI THUGS!!

Posted by Casey June 28, 10 01:38 PM

#34 is mislabeled as Yonge St doesn't have streetcar tracks. The photo is probably of King St.

Posted by Leo Petr June 28, 10 01:41 PM

"Those cop cars on fire were supposedly caused by "cops in disguise" meant to be used as an excuse to use excessive force."

PROVE IT!, you get statements like this all the time, but no one every offers up any proof...

Posted by Police supporter June 28, 10 01:42 PM

So violent protester are an excuse to loot stores? Guess the violent protesters are worse as those they are protesting against...

Posted by Tag June 28, 10 01:42 PM

I love #25, it symbolizes the intentions of the black bloc scum in all facets: marauding and destroying...

Posted by critical_view June 28, 10 01:48 PM

#25 shows the typical side of anti-capitalist demonstrations.

not that I am a fan of the G20.

Posted by Christof June 28, 10 01:51 PM

@Leo They are at the intersection King & Yonge in #34, but are lined up along Yonge (the street car tracks are perpendicular to their position...), so it is labeled correctly.

Posted by Alison June 28, 10 01:51 PM

It wouldn't cost nearly as much money if those idiots wouldn't burn cars, loot stores, and just generally cause chaos. Peaceful protests, people ... learn it. All getting violent does is HARM your cause!!

Posted by Kevin June 28, 10 01:54 PM

Picture 25 summons it up quite nicely why I dont give a crap when demonstrators get their ass kicked. Looters and vandals. Thats all they really are.

Posted by Daniel from Sweden June 28, 10 01:54 PM


While this isn't proof that it happened it Toronto, it does prove that is has happened.

Posted by casey June 28, 10 01:56 PM

#4 you're a moron. If anything the cars were placed there so that the peaceful protestors would star mesmerized by the fire. It occupied the mindless dolts for about 45 minutes before they realized that they had to go onto do some more peaceful protesting.

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 01:57 PM

To everyone saying that #25 is why they hate demonstrators/protesters etc.. just remember that those are only a VERY small number of people compared to the thousands of peaceful protesters that came out. Please don't group the people who were protesting legally and peacefully in with this very small percentage of people who chose to be violent. It's unfortunate that they watered down the messages of the ones who weren't doing anything wrong and just wanted to be heard.

Posted by Alison June 28, 10 02:03 PM

Yes there are professional protesters that are there only to cause trouble. But lets not dwell on them only. How about the peaceful protesters in #1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 13, 15 and 20? Did you guys miss those pictures? Or do you only see what you want to see?

Posted by casey June 28, 10 02:04 PM


Still not proof, it says they believe that in this case these guys were undercover cops, still no proof. I believe they were Aliens, just as valid.

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 02:06 PM

What`s the point to do such a meeting in Toronto? If they want to see each other in person, whay not in another city with less population and less expenses in security?

Posted by Mario Seoane June 28, 10 02:12 PM

I want to quibble; many of the the so-called "protesters" described in these photos deserve different terms. The people engaged in "standoffs" with riot police look more like journalists, waiting for something to happen. The Black Bloc thugs are anarchists, vandals, and thieves who are not engaged in legitimate protest.

I also want to congratulate those protesters in image 22 who tried to restrain the Black Bloc rioters. They seem to understand that nonviolent demonstrations and civil disobedience are effective forms of protest, while vandalism and theft merely alienate one's audience.

And I hope the frightened child in #32 was safely sent home. That image was heartbreaking.

Posted by Jeff June 28, 10 02:12 PM

and we (taxpayers) keep on footing the bill, first the 2010 Olympics 8 Billion, then the G8 and G20, unknown, probably 3 Billion, then the Queen vicits part of Canada and another few billions, and what does all that give to the taxpayers, well not much of anything. I am sure a lot of other countries have similar tax wasting things shoved down their throat but I think the next protest should be just fed-up taxpayers.

Posted by Adoxa June 28, 10 02:13 PM

"Those cop cars on fire were supposedly caused by "cops in disguise" meant to be used as an excuse to use excessive force."

Yeah, I do it all the time: I trash and burn my house so I can then have an excuse to beat the crap out of my neighbors.

Posted by Another Police supporter June 28, 10 02:15 PM

#33, Cowards, nothing but cowards

Posted by mark June 28, 10 02:19 PM

This is probably the highest concentration of high-end digital cameras and iPhones I've ever seen. "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

Posted by Winslow Theramin June 28, 10 02:19 PM

It's just my imagination, or I'm really seeing the Black Bloc as some kind of pseudo-protesting provoking morons hired by some powerful person just to give Police a reason for beating up peaceful real protesters with real causes? I say this because that's the way it looks and happens all the time... Canada has some serious issues that have to be addressed after all.

Posted by Hectorjcm800 June 28, 10 02:21 PM

Did the TEA parties have these types of hooligans? Did they use Black Bloc techniques? What was the largest demonstration for the TEA parties?

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 02:21 PM

Stunning photography. Those of us in Toronto are shocked and saddened by what took place this weekend, and are happy that things are slowly getting back to normal so that we can enjoy our city once again.

Leo Petr: #34 is at King and Yonge. It does look like they are walking across Yonge St. as stated in the caption.

Posted by Connie Crosby June 28, 10 02:21 PM

Here are some of the rather disturbing videos from the weekend, showing the chaos and injustices. Illegal search and seizures, vandals lighting police cars on fire, coffee shop windows being destroyed, a protester getting run over by police on horses, and more:

Posted by Jerrold June 28, 10 02:23 PM

To these Black Block "protesters," some thoughts

Expensive camera gear, lenses, protective gear. Check. Let's not forget looting cell phones and threatening people who take your picture as you smash someone's place of business in.

You think those planetary Lords, nestled behind their glass wall fortifications and barbed wire moats are going to be moved by the news that "out there" some one smashed windows and set a couple of guards chariots on fire? You think they care that some poor shmuck had his face bashed in for throwing trash at a cop or that someone got his ass kicked by a rubber bullet?

If you don't actually care about what you term as "the acceptable casualties", why should they? So, just be honest already and stop pretending like you have a cause. Stop pretending like you're fighting for "the common people."

You're cause is to destroy. You're point is to tear it all down. You're venting anger. They know it, you know it, yet you still can't accept why more people don't want to join you, to set bigger fires and watch their own world and loved ones burn. You just can't wrap your dark minds around why so many people refuse to join your "cause". Maybe because we see how it's played out in history, all over the planet.

Because almost everywhere there are these sorts of riots and protests it's the plebs attacking other plebs. And the lords always come out on top.

You're not "eating the rich" you're eating your own kind. Eating the regular folk. The lords laugh at you as you dance your monkey anger dance and tear at the other monkeys that don't want to play as hard and fast as you. The lords see you as throwing monkey poop at other monkeys, all of us tucked inside a cage. That's what we are to them and these acts continue to prove it.

Posted by Maria June 28, 10 02:25 PM


Posted by Nick Sushkevich June 28, 10 02:26 PM

In picture #9: Jose Manuel Barroso IS NOT the president of the European Union. There is no president of the European Union. The closest would be Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council ( Barroso is the President of the European Commission (

Posted by celui June 28, 10 02:27 PM

Hm, what was Barroso doing there, to show up in picture #9?
He's not "EU president" either, whatever that is.

Posted by EU Referendum June 28, 10 02:29 PM

This is absolutely ridiculous...I agree, what is the point of these protests? These idiots deserve getting tasered/pepper sprayed/tear gassed/etc. Causing anarchy for absolutely no reason but to "demonstrate" and prove a point is absolutely retarded and dumb.

Posted by ErikN. June 28, 10 02:43 PM

My heart and thanks goes out to the man pictured in number 22. It must have taken great courage to stand up to a mob wielding sticks and hammers. I wish more people had acted as he had - instead, here in Toronto we have seen numerous footage showing "peaceful" protesters intervening and protecting black bloc members each time a brave citizen tried to intervene. And now we are supposed to listen to your 'cause'?? Shameful, and utterly embarrassing.

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 02:47 PM

I think those 'Black Bloc' dummies get a boner from dressing in their little uniforms and pretending they're freedom fighters. What a bunch of losers.

Posted by Graham June 28, 10 02:49 PM

I am proud of the protestors in #22, standing up to black bloc. The protest movement has to repudiate violence if they're going to get anywhere.

Posted by SvE June 28, 10 02:49 PM

I'm none too impressed with the Harper government for a number of reasons, but once again they've managed to make me ashamed to be a Canadian. :(

Posted by Andrew Hammond June 28, 10 03:00 PM

@BostonHerald. One major occurrence that you didn't show was when the riot police practically held over 200 citizens (mostly pedestrians and onlookers with a minority of peaceful protesters) hostage at a major intersection in downtown Toronto on Sunday. Many of these people were crossing the street, in the area taking pictures, trying to catch the nearby transit, when riot police swooped down on them and boxed them in on all four sides and repeatedly threatened them all with arrests. After an hour a rain storm started and the police didn't move them out of the area, but instead made them stand in the rain for 3 more hours. During the fiasco, people tired of the treatment started to line up to be voluntarily arrested, so that they could be get some type of shelter.

Ironically, they forced non-protesters to stand in the rain, while they had pulled most of the protesters much earlier and carted them off to the detention center. From Saturday's complacence to Sundays overreaction and overuse of force. Way to Go Canadian police.

Posted by numnumyumyum June 28, 10 03:01 PM

Is Toronto's police force inept or unarmed or both? Why would they allow this looting and destruction?

Posted by Jeff June 28, 10 03:05 PM

when I look at the cost of the outfit/uniform/gear from just one of the riot police, then multiply that by the amount of riot police there
surely there are better ways of spending money
and by the way
that's our tax paid money
we pay for it, that's what makes it even more absurd, as we don't have a say on how our money gets spent
that money could help out elderly sick people

Posted by sonny June 28, 10 03:07 PM

#7 sums it all up for me. There are people starving in the world, but it's okay, because at the G20 summit, some pampered journalists had a nice water feature with pretty canoes in the background!!!

It's all about preserving the status quo - the rich get richer, and the poor get shafted. Just look at what's going on in Haiti now - following the earthquake - see this for example:

Posted by Arthur June 28, 10 03:10 PM

I LOOOOVE the pathetic wannabe who is bawling like a little school girl as he gets arrested. If you can't do the time, you probably shouldn't do the crime...

Posted by TorontoGuy June 28, 10 03:12 PM

To all the protestors out there - Do you people see a trend here? The use of protest, whether it be peaceful or violent, is futile. Do you honestly think that any of your marching, chanting, banner waving, looting or vandalism will ever make a lick of positive difference? That was an embarrassing display of idiocy by people who are a burden to this country. Do you know what might have worked? If you would've all stayed at home! Then Harper would've looked foolish for spending so much on security. But instead, you all proved him right, and the money spent was justified. Oh, and add 4 police cars and an expensive cleanup to the tab that will also most certainly be covered by my tax dollars.
There seems to be no shortage of you tree huggers and crybabies out there.... I find it hard to believe that not one of you has enough intelligence to think of a more effective way to have action taken towards solving your plight.
To quote Albert Einstein, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Canada is one of the best countries in the world and to all of you who feel so hard done by, I can gladly direct you towards your nearest emigration office.

Posted by shank June 28, 10 03:13 PM

How sad to see this "made for t.v." show. It's almost pornographic. First the police baiting the "thugs" and the thugs responding. What a great opportunity for the "powers that be" to test all there latest anti terrorist toys. Hollywood script. How sad and stupid that Canadian decision makers tried to pull this off in the middle of one of Canada's larger cities. I guess there is a real shortage of fine facilities - food - wine - entertainment for the privileged in smaller centers or remote lodges of which there are many.
Thank goodness there was FIFA. Most other news channels were rife with crap that sadly resembles late night crime drama tv.

Posted by Ed June 28, 10 03:14 PM

If i leave now are they going to continue? so i can get there to take some pics??

Posted by Matthew June 28, 10 03:16 PM

If only the corporations whose windows were broken were held the same standard as the Black Bloc.

The protesters are breaking a few windows, burning a few old cop cars left there for them to burn. Corporations are destroying the *earth*.

Posted by ddeboer June 28, 10 03:21 PM


yes, those cops and their organizers are idiots.

apparently toronto is a police state where you must accept being searched for simply standing on a sidewalk.

Posted by toronto_is_where_i_live June 28, 10 03:24 PM

Peaceful protest is useless. Corporations run this planet, and they're running it poorly. Presence of "iPhones and digital cameras" isn't proof that the world works. It's proof that consumerism is now more important than humanity.

No amount of marching and sigh holding will ever change that. We're on a collision course with frightening, violent destiny thanks to neoliberals and free market idealists.

Get ready.

Posted by Ikari June 28, 10 03:26 PM

@Jeff #41, your ignorance astounds.

Posted by dude June 28, 10 03:26 PM


Posted by SAM June 28, 10 03:30 PM

"Those cop cars on fire were supposedly caused by "cops in disguise" meant to be used as an excuse to use excessive force."

Whether or not a car was left as a decoy or bait does not justify the act of arson. Its is not MANDITORY to sacrifice a sacrificial lamb. We all make our choices and must be held accountable for them...not just the government, not just the police, but the common people as well.

People knew and were warned that this was likely to occur. All these protesters both peaceful and violence showed up knowing full well what the possibilities were. Early in the events it became clear that the messages that protesters were trying to get out were being very overshadowed by the rising violence. At that point the peaceful protesters, innocent "bystanders", hobby photographers, facebook/flickr/twitter addicts and general lookiloos should have just gone the hell home.

Posted by kim June 28, 10 03:30 PM

Ridiculous. There was shameful behaviour on both sides, among both cops and protesters. Civil liberties were stepped on by police, while at the same time, these hypocritical and violent cretins were smashing windows of the capitalist machine.... but also taking a moment to loot cell phones. Please.

Frankly, I was disappointed by both sides over the weekend.

Posted by Don14 June 28, 10 03:32 PM

The police showed great restraint when dealing with a bunch of hooligans who used this as an excuse to damage property and get their 15 minutes of fame. Half the front line of the protest was reporters and individuals looking for the money shot! Why did the 'peaceful' protestors not do more to stop the Black Block tactics in their midst?
We blame the police for doing do litte/then blame them for doing too much. I am 100% supportive of the cops and wish they had free reign to bash the hell out of the people who did the damage!
Shame and contempt for Canadians who participated in this mess!!!

Posted by Ros June 28, 10 03:33 PM

@Ryan 1:37pm, people were protesting Indigenous rights, maternal care, economic issues, etc. Lots of real issues. Especially the suspension of a number of rights for the duration of the summit such as detention without warrant.

But, some people (a small minority of people there) were not protesting anything and go to these things for the sake a anarchy. Nonetheless, the gov't gave the police an unprecedented amount of power during the summit (equivalent as available when Canada's War Measures Act is applied). A number of police also did apparently way overstep their bounds like in this video: .

Posted by Ricardo - someone actually in Canada June 28, 10 03:34 PM

Dude in #23 is lucky he didn't get his a$$ kicked. Some tough guy he is, wearing a mask and threatening someone with a camera.

"Hold my camera while I knock some sense into this coward in black."

Posted by Silly June 28, 10 03:35 PM

#38... that is not fruit of the loom.... that looks exactly as fruit of the riot!

Posted by al June 28, 10 03:37 PM

Yeah, screw that Martin Luther King guy, right shank? What did his protests ever accomplish?

Some of us are in Canada to escape excesses and intimidation by the police and military. This is supposed to be a free country. Instead, people are getting detained (WITH NO CHARGES) simply for being out on the street. You can generalize the "black bloc" and the "protestors" all you want, but the majority that were detained unlawfully were by standers, locals buying groceries, journalists, and peaceful activists. Some people were waiting for a streetcar at Queen and Spadina when they got caught and surrounded by police and not allowed to leave.

So, yes, I am here because it's a free country where I am assumed innocent until proven guilty, where people can freely express themselves, and where I shouldn't expect to be searched or detained with no due cause. If this is the Canada you like, then might I suggest that YOU be the one to emigrate out of it. There are enough countries to satisfy you out there already. I can suggest China for you.

Posted by m June 28, 10 03:40 PM

#25: "What`s the point to do such a meeting in Toronto? If they want to see each other in person, whay not in another city with less population and less expenses in security?" -- Each country brings a delegation of about 1,000 people. You think Biloxi, Miss. can accomodate 20,000 people in their hotels? Billy Joe's Motel Emporium would not be up to snuff for their dicriminating tastes.
Regarding the looting, that was very isolated. In fact, the person reaching for the cellphone in the pic, found that the box was empty as are most window display items.

Posted by EarthJuice June 28, 10 03:50 PM

"Those cop cars on fire were supposedly caused by "cops in disguise" meant to be used as an excuse to use excessive force."

Riiiggghhht. That's why the police stood back and let them burn and didn't jump into the crowd, waving their batons. Considering everything I saw happening over the past 48 hours, I think the police responded with considerable restraint.

@44 - couldn't have said it better myself.

Posted by charger June 28, 10 03:51 PM

picture 32:

He is just a boy! cowards...

Brave New World

Posted by Brave New World June 28, 10 03:56 PM

Correct me if I am wrong but what is in common in protesting against pollution,capitalism etc. and stealing telephones, burning police cars etc.? All those "left-wing" pseudointellectuals who are only waiting to burn,destroy. Are those they only arguments?I was born in a communistic country, I was living in a country where they were "fighting" for communism just like all those "left-wing" idiots do.Next step is killing in the name of. Just like part of my family that was killed or send to Siberia just because they did not agree whit this point of view. It is easy to say that You want communism when You were born in country where You were not afraid to say what You want. Wake-up before it is too late!!

Posted by siono June 28, 10 04:00 PM

They go for the G8 and G20 shows and riot while a few delegate from the Trade Mafia negotiate in Lucerne, Switzerlands the ACTA agreements which limits access of the world's poor to medical aid.

Read Geist's blog.

Posted by Donny June 28, 10 04:00 PM

@shank #44

Well said. I heard this quote on the news last night. "I wish these idiots would use this energy to find and job, work and contribute to society."

Posted by Les June 28, 10 04:12 PM

As someone who was on the frontlines on both days, I can attest to the following:

1. The huge majority of protesters were peaceful and organized
2. Various gasses, rubber bullets, and trampling horses were used
3. The "violence" was highly sensationalized in the media. In fact, the media mistook the definitions of "vandalism" for "violence". Property damage? Yes. People damage? Not really.
4. The police dropped the ball on Saturday, allowing the vandalism to occur. To try and compensate, they overreacted on Sunday and wrongly detained/arrested people (including media, journalists, photographers, even passersby).

This picture pretty much summarizes how I (and many others) felt about the whole G20 -- Unfortunately, it doesn't make for good TV.

Posted by justsomeguy June 28, 10 04:20 PM

Those pictures, if taken out of context, can certainly suggest that most of the violence against the protesters was justified. What can't, or hasn't been justified is that violence, repression and intimidation was done towards every single individual in the streets of Toronto during that week end. Arrests were made without any given reason, and anyone with a bag was a suspect.
Any gathering, even the most peaceful ones were highly controlled, not to say repressed with a force that is hard to explain. Humans rights were suspended during that weekend, and laws were passed without the citizens being noticed.
If we can't justify the violence made by some protesters, we should not justify the violence of the police either, which is far more dangerous since it is endorsed by our beloved government.

Posted by Iwasthere June 28, 10 04:25 PM

A bunch of idiots: The Canadian governement, the G8, the G20 and the protesters.

These country leaders could easily hold video conferences to talk about these issues rather than meeting for the cameras and wasting millions of dollars for their security. Besides , we all know the real decisions are never made at those official meetings.

Posted by Sebastien June 28, 10 04:43 PM

People are protesting all over the world nowadays. What is happening in Toronto happens everywhere, Thailand, for instance, or Colombia, or Mexico, or Russia, or China. People protest because people are UNFED, while their repressive administrations truckle to Corporate Greed. This last "summit" in Toronto the G8 decided to "balance world debt" by servicing it, by making payments to the BANKS instead of feeding human beings in need. THAT is why people protest what is going on in so called governments worldwide. Corporate Controlled so called "governments" fix elections, cause violence in the midst of peaceful protest world wide purposely to make people protesting honestly for Human Need look less than honest, make them look "violent". It is not the protesters that are violent. It's the repressive tactics of Corporate Controlled so called "governments" world wide, who bomb and kill with impunity. Look at what the US is doing, dropping bombs on Bagdhad, all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria, bombs bombs bombs. Don't wonder why people are prostesting, read, find out why. Food, not Bombs. Human Need, not War.

Posted by charles potnar June 28, 10 04:49 PM

Protest is good...but why you should steal? Thats not fair...

Brave New world!

Posted by Brave New World June 28, 10 04:52 PM

Picture #25 - Members of the Black Bloc anarchist group looting Bell - they riot because they are against giant corporations yet they are stealing from them to use their products?! They are hypocrites!!!! In the end what did they actually accomplish? These corporations will continue to survive long past the Black Bloc's miserable lives come to an end so in the end these violent protesters still lose. They are a waste of space on earth - there are more deserving people in 3rd world countries who would kill to take their spot in a country that is ripe with opportunities yet these Black Bloc protesters squander what is given to them. They don't deserve any rights or freedoms.

The police did an excellent job in Toronto, a few hiccups but it's not like we face riots every day - anyone who was arrested for protesting deserved it and I have no remorse for those people - this includes all those people who weren't rioting but taking pictures or watching because they needed to see the action (but I do feel bad for those who got caught because they were in wrong place at the wrong time and had no involvement in protesting/picture taking/wanting to see what was happening).

Just be glad we live in Canada where they use RUBBER BULLETS instead of real ones - think of how many people would be dead if the G20 was held in a country that was not as nice as Canada. They should be happy that they have the opportunity to voice their opinions and practice their right of free speech. To think that the count is at over 10,000 people protesting or marching for a cause over the entire weekend and only 700 people detained, I think that is not too bad! AND most of the people were actually just detained and then released within a few hours without being charged. The arrests were less than 1/3 of all those detained.

I wish that those who participated in the Black Bloc are caught and shipped off to a country where their rights are stripped - lets see them survive then! AND all those people who were sent to the detention facility - STOP COMPLAINING! You can start complaining when you experience what it's like to be 'caged' when you are arrested in a third world country where your rights are stripped and you don't even have access to food/water OR a lawyer - THEN you have a right to complain. It comes with the territory - you want to protest - you have the chance of being arrested - you don't want to be arrested then DON'T PROTEST - simple as that!

Posted by Kris June 28, 10 04:52 PM

While most of the public demands were decent, some less decent people found they ways in the crowds and caused lots of damage. What has, for instance, fighting breast cancer in Africa to do with looting? Precisely. It's the anarchists that spoil the decency of these protests that would otherwise be rather peaceful.

It's always the same sad story.

Posted by Robintel June 28, 10 05:07 PM

These "G" meetings are useless, it's just a big business, a waste of time and money. Our money.
Can you remember a significant decision taken during a G20 ? Let's stop that. Our politicians will have good diners anyway...

Posted by Nicolas June 28, 10 05:10 PM

I didn't know they had Tim Hortons in Iran!

Posted by HaliburtonZeke June 28, 10 05:25 PM

regarding everyone's outrage over the little"boy" in # 32.

that is not a boy....if so he has breasts. it is most likely a girl of college/university age...I have worked with a lot of boys AND girls in their 20's who look like this.

so quick to criticize without a critical eye.

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 05:29 PM

Look how tame these pics are. They added a pic of someone's side with a scrape. Anyone see the Kyrgyzstan pics? Now that is horror. Bunch of kids who listen to a rage album and think they are above the gov. Comical stuff

Posted by kris June 28, 10 05:29 PM

That's a lake??

Posted by CanuckChick June 28, 10 05:37 PM

anyone that hides their identity does not believe in the cause they fight for.

Posted by mike wilson June 28, 10 05:49 PM

Free Burma so i can get me ma new Blackberry.

Note to all protesters. You get your message across far more effectively with numbers, not actions. 100,000 people sitting in silence can say more than 10 people throwing rocks and looting.

Posted by Casey June 28, 10 05:57 PM

What's this "Black Bloc" crap? They're not protesters, they're just a bunch of idiots looking for an excuse to go smashing stuff.

Posted by Simon June 28, 10 06:01 PM

cops in disguise burning're an absolute fool. living mere steps from where the first car went assured it was the violent protesters who shamed Toronto and embarrassed us all.
i am all for protest...but these idiots have no right to call themselves activists...they're thieves, anarchists and frankly just short of brain cells.

Posted by dave June 28, 10 06:14 PM

Kris - you hit the nail on the head...very well written.

These Black Bloc parasites should look at their actions and explain how these actions pose ANY good in a cause, a cause that is contradicted in these photos.

Posted by dave June 28, 10 06:19 PM

As a Canadian, living in the states - I have to chuckle a little when I read the posts that Americans are so amazed on how Canadians can be so polarized. Fact is just after the Olympics wrapped up in my home town of Vancouver there were riots when the low-income protesters wanted waterfront property put aside for low income housing rather than to be sold off at market value. It would be like the best waterfront in Boston given to lower income folks because they somehow deserve it. Canada has a tendency to be so incredibly giving to the lowest common denominator – we as a people bend over backwards for the little guy – and hence we do little as we worry about what the fringe thinks.
On the other side of the coin is our absolute draconian police – there are reasons that Canadians are polite – it’s because the RCMP can put a Rodney King style beating on you without any prosecution what so ever – make no mistake you do not F*** with the Police in Canada, That is why we are a polite people and say sorry all the time.
Case in point – The USA would never revoke ALL Civil Liberties like Canada did during the FLQ crisis in the 70’s Imagine the US government doing what was done then – it simply wouldn’t happen.
Our socialist underpinnings however have given the fringe of our nation too much of a voice – and our polite demeanor has given them the spotlight without telling them to shut the hell up, don’t steal, become a beneficial part of society.
I am surprised there hasn’t been enough people to stand up to these anarchists that did the same rioting in Vancouver this winter – it is a sad state and shows the incredible entitlement our youth have to the World and how they feel that looting and rioting is acceptable.

Posted by Hugh June 28, 10 06:32 PM

These are not protesters. Toronto has peaceful protests and rallies every day without this kind of behavior, or misbehavior. This came from those looking for violence.
You are the problem, please NEVER come back your invitation is revoked.

Posted by Brenda June 28, 10 06:33 PM

¿Porqué hemos de pagar los ciudadanos que estos señores se vayan a pasear por Canada y los miles de euros tirados a la basura por estos mismos políticos que nos bajan los sueldos, nos alejan las jubilaciones, nos aumentan los impuestos y nos obligan a perder bienestar?


La sociedad debe despertar, incluido esos policias que son personas y que deberían entender que los palos se los deberían dar a los 20 MISERABLES que aparecer sonrientes en las fotos con sus trajes de miles de euros pagados por NOSOTROS.

Posted by Juan Quijano June 28, 10 06:33 PM

#39, love the irony that Fruit of the Loom is Walmart's brand of underwear.

Posted by Caracas June 28, 10 06:40 PM

#9 is oddly exclusionary, but I didn't see anyone call it out.

This is a photo of the G8 leaders walking together, only the photographer excludes Japan and includes the president of the European Council instead. Considering that Japan is second only to the United States in GDP (never mind other measures in which they excel), this seems an odd choice to show the faces of the G8. It makes it looks as if the leaders of the world are all western, which is not the case.

Would love to see who the G8 are in fifteen years. My guess is that photo #9 will have a lot more asian faces.

Posted by puzzling June 28, 10 07:03 PM

Police burning their own cars in Toronto The Good???? At least now the cops there are getting some experience that other police departments will recognize.

Posted by Ed June 28, 10 07:04 PM

#90 - The guy in the Fruit of the Looms is a journalist - no irony here.

Posted by John June 28, 10 07:05 PM

there are morons everywhere, protesting for everything, or anything....just weeks ago, downtown Montreal was smashed after the habs won a series...there are many ways to be heard, to protest, to claim, but smashing the window of a Tim Horton is not one, idiot

Posted by jeff June 28, 10 07:05 PM

Why protesting against globalisation or anything has to be synonym of theft, vandalism and destruction? THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT WAY.

Posted by José Jiménez June 28, 10 07:20 PM

An agent provocateur may be a police officer or a secret agent of police who encourages suspects to carry out a crime under conditions where evidence can be obtained; or who suggests the commission of a crime to another, in hopes they will go along with the suggestion and be convicted of the crime.

A political organization or government may use agents provocateurs against political opponents. The provocateurs try to incite the opponent to do counter-productive or ineffective acts to foster public disdain—or provide a pretext for aggression against the opponent (see Red-baiting).

Historically, labor spies, hired to infiltrate, monitor, disrupt, or subvert union activities, have used agent provocateur tactics.

Posted by jay June 28, 10 07:48 PM

I live here......all these pictures make it seem far worse than it was. I think the media and police created this response long before the actual summit by advertising that they were bringing in thousands of police and military and RCMP. Let all this fencing and head-knocking show the people that the Government and Police don't give a damn about the citizens. It all remeinded me of Nazi Germany, Warsaw and Auschwitz. Learn now or forever be enslaved!!!!

Posted by Ron P. Short - Toronto, Canada June 28, 10 07:49 PM

Why would Canada hold a meeting of unemployed Canadians and Americans alongside and during the same date as G8 and G20 meetings?
What else would you expect other than protests?

Posted by Daniela Eaurouge June 28, 10 07:53 PM

The protesters using the "black bloc" method are a greater threat to the democratic right to protest then the police could ever be. The ISU (integrated security unit) showed incredible restraint while a small group of violent criminals showed incredible idiocy. I am not happy this happened in my city, but I am overwhelmingly proud of how the police handled the situation.
Human beings need to behave better if they want to prove that civilization still works.

Posted by William June 28, 10 08:04 PM

LOL - i cant help but laugh at some of the morons commenting...
everyone who thinks this is in any way using excessive force and is not an acceptable means of protecting the city and its citizens is absolutely ridiculous... did they spend too much money on it? probably... are there more pressing issues in Toronto such as the wasted waterfront, bad road infrastructure, outdated transit system and stoplight technology? of course!
that being said, if this country wants to be taken seriously on an international level, it must partake in international meetings and do its part by hosting these type of events...
like it or not the world we live in is GLOBALLY CONNECTED - through politics, technology, travel (business and leisure), family living in different parts, etc... don't you want the democratically elected leaders of the most advanced countries in this world to meet up and make sure they are on the same page? Isn't that type of communication good????
people in this country and this part of the world have it so unbelievably good that they're perception of what real horror, terror, and pain really is like is so skewed....
anyone ashamed of how the police handled the situation, anyone supposedly ashamed to be a Canadian or Torontonian because of how the police handled the g20 protestors, and people dumb enough to put themselves and their pets in harm's way by going to danger zones clearly indicated by police, is a complete idiot and should move..... preferably somewhere where they can get smacked in the face by a big fat dose of how dangerous and oppressive the real world can be...
what a joke

Posted by LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE June 28, 10 08:05 PM

I do not understand why these leaders keep meeting each time in a different city so that we just duplicate the security costs.

Why don't they meet on a BP plateform? Easy and cheap to secure.

I support pacific protester, but these extrem left-wing protesters (black blocks, etc.) are just stupid kids, they should be sent to North Korea for some reeducation.

Posted by idont June 28, 10 08:22 PM

Both sides are wrong... Just think by Yourself

Posted by Axynaga June 28, 10 08:33 PM

This deeply saddens me. It seems that the actions of the peaceful demonstrators concerned with real causes are just being negated by the actions of these crazy "black bloc" folks. Awful.
I feel terrible for the small businesses that might have been hurt by those loonies. Tim Horton? Come on.

Posted by Katie M June 28, 10 09:09 PM

Everybody is looking for a pseudo-politically-correct reason to express their itching human hatred, whether they are protesting or protesting the protest. We're all so good at noticing that we're thieves and murderers, but not so good at acknowledging that we need a Savior.

The Almighty won't be using rubber bullets. If we do not have fear now, we surely will then.

Posted by Paul June 28, 10 09:16 PM

You can see from a number of the photos of the G20 (rather than the rural G8) that this event - and the temporary jail location - are literally in people's back yards. Writing as a torontonian, it is infuriating to me that the canadian govt would host this steps from where people live, work, socialize and relax, and then move on to the next news story (the queen's visit anyone?) and leave us to clean up the damage and bail out the kids who protested. Apart from the couple of billion price tag for a glorified photo op they showed their true colours in their total disregard for us, their fellow canadians, as citizens. Feel bad for ya, Korea, good luck in 5 months and hope it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Posted by gavin June 28, 10 09:23 PM

as you can see in this pictures:
looking further up in the BOSTON GLOBE's pictures - they post the same character breaking the window of a coffee shop (TIM HORTONS).
if you look closely on the left side of their pants - the "bloc party member" is wearing NIKE pants.
an anarchist with a NIKE logo would be like a jew wearing a swastika - it just doesn't happen.
do the cops dress up as "bloc party members" and insight violence to justify their behavior?
looking at the comparison above and seeing these videos:

the answer is clear.

Posted by Carlo Guillermo Proto June 28, 10 09:57 PM

I am extremely disappointed to be a Canadian and a Torontonian. What a terrible impression for us to leave as a City!! I do not object to anyone that has a legitimate issue, but it does not require disruption to plead your cause. There is a time and place for everything. Some people need a cause and a life!!!!! I feel sorry for our police because they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. After all this is the first time we have had this type of meeting if our City. I blame the government for planning this important event downtown Torornto. There are several of places in Toronto that would have been much more effective and less populated by several different cultures!!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 10:14 PM

#90 Fruit of the Loom is just a wee bit older than Wal-Mart, and is not Wal-Mart's brand. They're a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathaway, though.

Posted by prilofx June 28, 10 10:27 PM

What a joke you protestors are....smashing windows of stores like Tim Hortons and Subway?? Wtf do any of those places have to do with the G20? Your a bunch of morons causing trouble - to those peaceful protestors who had a true reason...a true meaning good on ya - you did good and you stood up for your cause in a just and humane those of you who just came to loot and cause trouble for my city - jackasses got what you deserved - and if you didn't make sure you show up for the next G20 - I hope the cops don't take any mercy and beat your asses down!

Posted by Dan June 28, 10 10:35 PM

Maria's comment at 35 is powerful.

At this point, anarchy will lead to an excuse for those in power to abuse of it. Changing the world for Good is, sadly, a painfully slow process, but one worth doing well, without violence.

Posted by Hex I June 28, 10 10:42 PM

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:(a)
freedom of conscience and religion;(b) freedom of thought, belief,
opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other
media of communication;(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and(d)
freedom of association.

Think about it.

Posted by davo June 28, 10 10:46 PM

"It seems that the actions of the peaceful demonstrators concerned with real causes are just being negated by the actions of these crazy "black bloc" folks. Awful."

Sorry, I have limited sympathy. First, going my experience with Toronto left-wing radicals, most of these protesters are incoherent malcontents, acting out political theatre. Secondly, many of them, including (AFAIK) ALL their leaders pretty much openly abetted the black bloc.

The black bloc played both the police and the mainstream protesters like a violin, and got exactly what they wanted: a clumsy police crackdown on protesters in the full glare of the media. The police, at least, were merely incompetent. But the protesters wanted it. They wanted the symbolism, the martyrdom, the victimhood.

Posted by Chris B June 28, 10 10:53 PM

What a bunch of fools.

Posted by Common Sense June 28, 10 11:22 PM

The one with the backpack being dragged away-That's my highschool math teacher-just saying-thats hilarious.

Posted by Student June 28, 10 11:31 PM

Everyone who thinks this was just cops doing what was right against violent protesters needs to watch the videos that are coming out of cops beating up peaceful protesters without cause.

This one is a good start.

Posted by john June 28, 10 11:54 PM

why did the the so called so called "leaders" not use a stupid video conferencing ? none of this would have happened ..

i hate the fact that citizens (all citizens, protesters, morons, hooligans .. ) have to go thru this bs .. while the effing higher mortals are posing for a nice picture ..

these conferences do no good ..
i wanna find a way to stop paying any taxes ..

Posted by booya June 29, 10 12:02 AM

#6 - sweet nipple slip by Barack Obama. You go, girl!

Posted by Nipple Police June 29, 10 12:20 AM

#22 thats my math teacher!! :O

Posted by laura June 29, 10 12:34 AM

Got to love the black bloc! Down with boredom! Down with asymmetric tactics!

Posted by K June 29, 10 01:30 AM

#25 was taken in Los Angeles.

Posted by Nick Papagiorgio June 29, 10 02:08 AM

The fact that there are certain people who feel antipathy to those portrayed in picture 25 is a reminder that whilst the larger body of individuals are bending over for their bosses and doing nothing more than complaining of things like CEO bonuses over the dinner table, some people are smashing windows and taking that 300 dollar phone, which costs a dubious fraction of that to produce, and will continue to steal and rampage with impunity.

I accept this, if not embrace it, because despite the ignorance and selfishness that others might assign to them, that burden instead lies in the lap of those who actually pay for the phones. Most of the cost of our hypothetical phone is invented, and the margin on which these companies profit are derived from expropriating the humane costs of production in the United States and Europe to places where surrogates make no effort to insure to their worker's safety, nor promise living wages, nor even play in active role in the betterment of their surrounding communities.

Oh my, I sound like an anarchist... turns out I'm just an econ student! Funny thing, that.

Posted by Alex June 29, 10 02:18 AM

warm summer 2010...

Posted by michael June 29, 10 02:32 AM

I don't get why there always are the black bloc anarchists at protests like these. They tend to basically ruin it for the PEACEFUL people who are just trying to get their message heard. The majority of the protests are peaceful in intention but are either escalated by a small minority or the police. I'm not sure I trust the Canadian state given their track record not to have planted people in the crowds for some of this. As in,

The looters give the protests a bad name. Ex - 22. They're trying to stop them from going and destroying anything. All that results in is needless violence/arrests.

Posted by Ree June 29, 10 02:35 AM

Some of these are just brats having no point of view and just distroying everything what they see.

Posted by Evaldas June 29, 10 03:52 AM

I think picture 25 says it all about these 'activists'. Apparently looting is part of demonstrations nowadays.

Posted by Paul June 29, 10 04:07 AM

Michael Jackson is hide in the #22 :)

Posted by VaX June 29, 10 04:14 AM

$1bn down the drain ..ppl injured and efforts lost .. have they not heard of video conference. I wonder what thos politician will do if they cant do that handshake infront of million cameras.

Posted by SId June 29, 10 04:55 AM

Futile, the power is too big and too arogant... those 'violent' protesters are false flag ops.
One can not imagine how much energy is invested to study hw to control and to bully the people
This is the end of the society, this is just well organised prison without walls.
Last step will be the total control of mind via watching about inputs and outputs of each man. It will be very hard to think on own.

Posted by firex June 29, 10 05:14 AM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the dude(tte) smashing the window with a chair, on the police car and checking out mobile accessories (nifty headgear, purple backpack) is one and the same, isn't (s)he?

Must be some day out for them. Has little to do with actually protesting.

Posted by Lars June 29, 10 05:40 AM


Do some research and you`ll find out that like 5% of all protesters at something like the G20 are violent/looters.

Posted by Sebastiaan June 29, 10 06:56 AM

I am disappointed by this set of photos. On the one hand, reporting the news is a valid endeavour, but just like not reporting suicides by people who throw themselves in front of subway trains is a good idea because it reduces this kind of suicide, journalists should consider the ethical implications of reporting on the G8/20 summits in the way they do.

It is easy to understand the focus on violent protestors because they make for "pretty" pictures, but by putting the focus there, one (a) encourages this kind of behavior in the future and (b) drowns out the legitimate criticism that is voiced by the majority of the protestors who are entirely peaceful.

So please, journalists, try to restrain your understandable urge towards sensationalism. You can help make the world better if you do.

Posted by Nicolai Hähnle June 29, 10 07:26 AM

The only thing I like about this is the woman in # 36

Posted by Uncle Jean June 29, 10 07:52 AM

Amazing! i love this one #18

Posted by Lena June 29, 10 08:34 AM

#19 : And the Rodney King case summons why I don't give a crap when cops get shot. Racists and killers. Thats all they really are.

See how stupid your reasoning is ?

Posted by Guillaume June 29, 10 08:42 AM

#32 I want my mommy.

Posted by Anonymous June 29, 10 09:14 AM

¿Qué se ve desde el edificio más alto de Toronto?


Posted by Stranno June 29, 10 09:18 AM

1 BILLION dollars WASTED in this useless meeting. In a Country like Canada, supposely democratic, we see less and less opening to free speech. Obviously thiefs should be arrested. But overall, Canada is slowly becoming a police state.

The Harperian dictature is in place. We vote once every 4 years for our dictator. Canada is not a democraty.

Posted by Etienne June 29, 10 09:43 AM

The irony of the Left. Violently protest and then cry when you get arrested. There is a reason why the Left NEVER wins....but rather destroys and requires grown-ups to rebuild.

Posted by Tizz June 29, 10 09:44 AM

The japanese prime-minister may be the person behind David Cameron on the photo... This photo is a bad choice indeed.

Posted by Deluxe June 29, 10 09:51 AM

If the Black Block had any balls or integrity, they'd storm the gov't buildings and actually attack the powerful people they purport to be against. They'd "Storm the Bastille" as it were. But, they do not and never will. That is because, I firmly believe, they have no balls or integrity.

However, to see it from their point of view, if I was an angry adolescent coward, I'd rather loot a cell phone store or a coffee shop than actually confront Power, too.

In other words (and I apologize for the language), f*ck them.

Posted by Kristian June 29, 10 10:32 AM

Ah-ha-ha-ha that’s HILARIOUS!!...
Some weak bully gets all decked-out in fancy black so Mummy won’t see him protesting about “Globalization” (I dare you to ask him to explain what he’s protesting about)…and what does he do…break into a shop to steal the latest foreign-made cellphone so that he can be a cool international citizen and keep up with the global trend.

The true mark of a global citizen.
Ooohh…I wish I was in the Riot Police….

Posted by David June 29, 10 11:22 AM

god these middle class warriors really get on my tits - running around in their uniforms acting like they are remotely relevent or making a difference to anything.

Posted by steve June 29, 10 01:36 PM

Thank God for the police. Stopping petty thieves/violent thugs who masquerade as protesters. Kick the socialists back to Mother Russia and let them rot in their own gulags.

Posted by Justin Danleoni June 29, 10 01:36 PM

Look at #24.
My question is, why didn't our billion dollars of police in riot gear do something that moment?? They let the violence happen to justify the silence of peaceful protesters thereafter, and to pit the people against the people by giving a call for social change a bad name. All to distract everyone from the g20 and real social causes.

Posted by For peaceful social change June 29, 10 01:38 PM

The good protesters should have beaten/subdued the ones doing the looting... but then they would be charged with assault. Not fair. :\

Posted by Dan June 29, 10 02:05 PM


Most TV crews chose to film outside instead and very few journalists even sat near there.

It was the Canadian government that decided it wanted to create it - without consulting the media - as a way to show off to foreigners.

Posted by Scott June 29, 10 02:24 PM

#9 - Who is walking behind Cameron? Not very noticable but definitely a set of legs standing there.

Posted by Cory June 29, 10 03:10 PM

@ 143
"Thank God for the police. Stopping petty thieves/violent thugs who masquerade as protesters."

"Kick the socialists back to Mother Russia and let them rot in their own gulags."
Idiot. If you can't handle actual protest and dissent, perhaps YOU would feel more comfortable in Mother Russia.
And on the topic of "socialism" -- ever heard of Farm Subsidies?
Or roads.
Or schools.
Or the big nasty gov't limiting the amount of feces allowed in your milk?,
Or, perhaps, the military?

These are all examples of government acting for the collective good, which sometimes involves (gasp) taxes and regulations, which apparently mainstream conservatives now think of as "socialism"....except when they are BEGGING for federal assistance for hurricane relief or during oil spill disasters.

Posted by Kristian June 29, 10 03:51 PM

"To all the protestors out there - Do you people
see a trend here? The use of protest,
whether it be peaceful or violent, is
futile. Do you honestly think that any
of your marching, chanting, banner waving, looting or
vandalism will ever make a lick of positive difference?
That was an embarrassing display of idiocy by people who are a burden to this country. Do you know what might have worked? If you would've all stayed at home! Then Harper would've looked foolish for spending so much on security. But instead, you all proved him right, and the money spent was justified. Oh, and add 4 police cars and an expensive cleanup to the tab that will also most certainly be covered by my tax dollars.
There seems to be no shortage of you tree huggers and crybabies out there.... I find it hard to believe that not one of you has enough intelligence to think of a more effective way to have action taken towards solving your plight.
To quote Albert Einstein, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Canada is one of the best countries in the world and to all of you who feel so hard done by, I can gladly direct you towards your nearest emigration office."
First of all, thank you all for the discourse. Shank--the Einstein quote was poorly chosen, iterated in commonly, and oversimplifies psychoses, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses; but that is beside the point. I am going to make an assumption, always a dangerous move, that you are a male, you are white; plainly said, you are our perfect subject and representative of and for the dominant culture of the u.s. and canada. By virtue of this accident, let us move to your choreographed words, pick away at some of the faulty steps and warped floorboards.

Shank begins with a self-imploding ignorance that unfortunately betrays his polemic before it was able to gather any kinetic movement or force: "The use of protest, whether it be peaceful or violent, is futile." First: this flippant yet understandably ignorant statement is our clue that you are part of a culture which is far from, abstracted from people of resistance. Galeano or Chomsky could be of some help here for you, at least intellectually, but clearly you have not befriended or communed with Indigenous Groups, Latinas o Latinos, Africans, Chinese, Korean, Nigerian, Kenyan, et cetera. The history of resistance--and this absolutely includes the employment of "violent" tactics and strategy--has to my mind (as well as being documented by tens of thousands of literary and nonliterary sources of evidence), shown that resistance to the logic of domination and the matricies of oppression is crucial to the trasnformation and survival of human beings. This broad statement is validated with even a cursory exploration of the history on nearly every continent, i.e. Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Domincan Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Congo, Mexico, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Turkey and the Kurds, Hawaii, Kenya... You get the idea. From Sumer to Egypt to Greece to Rome to India-Vedic to Aztec to Mayan to Aborignal to Hopi to Apache to Sioux ... ... ...

We do not even have to deal long with your blithe comments about "banner waving," "looting," and "vandalism." Anyone who is able to think critically and examine oneself realizes the triviality of the many, many banners, and the unsatisfying, bland irony: that it remains a form of propaganda similar but not equivalent to corporate advertising and propaganda networks.

To mention the tax dollars piece also speaks to your vast non-understanding of the systemic formulae at work here. If your personal savings account is the only concern here, besides the "trends" that "always" end the same way, I am beginning to question why I am even responding to your writing here.

Hopefully, Shank, you could lead some of us towards the emigration office. Your closing sentiment is a "trend" that also is kin to xenophobic writings and demonstrations the world over, and it has, much of the time, proved to be a precursor to genocidal and militaristic violence.

Thanks for the words Shank; remember, we are just having discourse through a cybernetic medium. Many of us should feel this unsettling, mold-ridden guilt forming inside our stomachs right now. Not all. But many.

Posted by s{ioux}ue June 29, 10 04:46 PM

Notice these so called "Anarchists" began showing up at these G8 and G20 conferences all over the world, the police don't go after them,
instead they use their illegal activities as a reason to brake-up the legal peaceful protest and smack the people around,
I suspect they're actually a rent-a-mob of agent provocateurs, either being paid by the police or indirectly by the G20 itself, be interesting to follow them up or try infiltrating their ranks

Posted by Uzijohn June 29, 10 05:20 PM

I can't believe I haven't heard about this anywhere else!
Thank you so much for being such a great news source.
I take things in much better visually, it's as if the only way my mind will accept such horrifying information is if it's presented to me with some art and creativity.

Posted by Yaya June 29, 10 05:41 PM

I guess that one looter was protesting paying retail prices for Blackberry's.

Posted by Anonymous June 29, 10 05:48 PM

I guess that one looter was protesting people having to pay for Blackberry's.

Posted by Daryl June 29, 10 05:49 PM

Why loot when half the people around you are holding $5,000 cameras?

The guy up front in 13 has a Holga toy camera and is talking on his iphone, so funny.

I also like 1 with the guy in the nice shoes and nice camera and customized pink gas mask, his standard of living is so low he decided to go protest/riot.

The lone guy in the designated protest area with a legitimate cause is a good one too (number 10)

The guy in 30 is really getting beat up for going out with a half shaved goatee.

22 is Birkenstocks vs. Doc Martins

But the best photo is the anarchy heart with the police car burning in 26. This one is a prize winner.

Posted by Josue June 29, 10 07:11 PM

Check out this video for an in your face look into the Black Bloc activities during the Saturday of the G20:

Posted by Murray June 29, 10 07:17 PM

There is no moral basis for violent protest against the G20 as such. Violence as "social protest" if it succeeds leads to a spiral into authoritarian repressive militaristic regimes from the French Revolution which led to the Reign of Terror and Napolean's dictatorship which plunged Europe into war to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to Mao Tse Tung in China to Pol Pot in Cambodia. Perhaps the violence of the G20 is by frivolous hooligans who seek excuses for violence and looting like hockey playoffs in Montreal. But it imposes high economic costs for security on a democratic society and degrades political debate.

Posted by Michael June 29, 10 08:12 PM

Support globalization. Leftists don't know anything except protesting...

Posted by Moses June 29, 10 08:56 PM

A fairly well respected witness describes arrest and beating of Guardian newspaper journalist

Steve Paikin is a Canadian journalist, author, and documentary producer at TVOntario (TVO). He is currently anchor and senior editor of TVO's flagship current affairs program The Agenda with Steve Paikin, and previously hosted TVO's Studio 2 and Diplomatic Immunity.

Posted by Anonymous June 30, 10 12:18 AM

Cop cars are a lot cooler when they are on fire.

Posted by Spencer June 30, 10 02:32 AM

guys guys its all just a show.. why didnt they meet up at a secure location or something but instead middle in Toronto with security costs up to the billions? This proves that they dont care about you, they are showing off on your costs

Posted by ero June 30, 10 04:41 AM

$1 billion security cost.

maybe 10 mobile phones and 10 windows smashed.

who are the vandals then?

Posted by edith hughes June 30, 10 06:53 AM

No sympathy here for anybody caught up in the arrest sweeps on Sunday. It's a personal choice to be in the area - whether you were out having dinner, walking a dog, protesting, looting... Those people CHOSE to be there. What did they think was going to happen.

Heck, go sit in the middle of the intersection right now during rush hour - you'll get arrested too. It's not a RIGHT to live here in this society, it's a PRIVILEGE. All these whiny people think it's their RIGHT to do this, that, etc. This society is built on the backs of hard working people that actually contribute, as opposed to complaining about it.

If you want to change something, get yourself a job, do something with your life, and then make a change to the policy you so hate.

Any moron can go stand on a street corner with a sign, and complain - we have an entire generation that can do that.

Posted by Ben in Toronto June 30, 10 07:31 AM

They really should hold the meeting in China, there will be no protester

Posted by Ting Pan June 30, 10 11:01 AM

These are spectacular pictures. Bravo! FYI, I was present at much of what is shown here, and I can only report that the the real story is one of failure by the police. They failed to prevent or even deal with on any level the destruction by the so-called "Black Bloc." This was the result of direct orders from central command not to engage them. The other major failure was that they failed to protect Canadians' civil rights. The police arrested about 1000 people, and the evidence is that 98% of them did NOTHING to be arrested for. Many weren't even demonstrators, they were simply walking home from work etc.
Moreover, the majority of those arrested were not properly read their rights etc. There was no due process. It is a scandal, and I hope that Bill Blair, Chief of Police, will eventually have to resign.

Posted by Nick Van der Graaf June 30, 10 01:24 PM

The Black Bloc did the violent damage, but they were only less than 1% of the protestors.
On Sunday the police in riot gear blocked in , 200 protestors,on all four sides, the police then did a snatch and grab, of protestors. The remaining 200 were kept in the pouring rain, so severe that it closed major roads and subway stops from the flooding. They arrested the media, in the crowd but one TV station had it on live, CP24 , for over three hours. And then just let everyone go..

Police cars ( 4 ) burned,stores vandalized , with no police in site, because the 20,000 police, OPP were to protect the Wall surrounding the Summit , as the priority and at all cost. If you neared the wall, without ID , you were subject to arrest, as the Civil Liberties had been cancelled , in secret early in June, by the government.

Posted by J Blake June 30, 10 01:25 PM

Sometimes the best form of demonstration is a silent one. It is too bad that all groups & individuals involved simply didn't show up to this specific meeting, especially given the price tag, and went about their normal lives. I wonder what the GOON SQUAD would of done?

Their messages fall on deaf ears cause the world leaders do what they please, regardless.

& Ben go read the Charter of Rights, it is not a privilege to be able to demonstrate or protest peacefully, it is a RIGHT for all Canadians. That is the part of the basic declaration of human rights. You may not agree with their messages just like many disagree with yours but we all have a right to be heard. Do not fault them because they have the conviction to do something while you sit & opinionate.

Posted by Anonymous June 30, 10 01:36 PM

Hey s{ioux}ue... Did I hurt your feelings? You want to pull a few pages out of that thesaurus to wipe your tears? None of your bellyaching changes the fact that these protests were extremely ineffective towards evoking any kind of change. When the world leaders look out at a group of delusional daydreamers waving signs about a myriad of problems, do you know what they see? White noise. Fanatics worth avoiding. Do you really think any of the world leaders said, "Hey, that guy dressed up like a seal really got to me. I better do something about that problem." Wake up and realize that the government treats protests with an attitude of patronization. ie Yep, I guess they have the right to free speech and assembly, so go ahead and let them wave their signs. They'll feel all warm and fuzzy because their message was "heard" and we can go ahead and continue to ignore them. Just like it's been done for decades.
Let me state again that I love Canada and I think our police did an excellent job. I am an educated professional... I work hard to better my life for my family and my country. And I'm sorry if it bothers you that I think Canada is awesome and that I have a million things better to do than waste my time pleading to deaf ears.
These guys have it figured out:

Posted by shank June 30, 10 02:32 PM

Someone else has probably noted this, but are you aware that in your photo #32, the crying protester being arrested and surrounded by riot police is a 15-year-old boy?
Protesters were not legally arrested, nor were they legally processed as prisoners with the right to phone calls and legal representation. The conditions of their incarceration were not humane. The police in Toronto misrepresented the law that was supposed to have suspended the civil rights of protesters. In fact, observers from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association were also arrested. Toronto declared war on Canadians: not just vandals, but peaceful protesters, people doing their jobs, journalists, innocent bystanders alike. Shame!

Posted by Liz J July 1, 10 12:07 AM


Posted by олег July 1, 10 12:23 PM

News in very useful

Posted by Paramasivan July 1, 10 12:56 PM

Does anyone even know what the hell they want anymore? If you look at the signs everyone is about something completely different, too many people just have too much time on their hands!

Posted by July 1, 10 02:11 PM

la fel va fi si in romania in curind inpotriva nolui dictator basescu care a adus tara in faliment dindo la clientela lui politica si familiei personale

Posted by Anonymous July 1, 10 03:17 PM

Today is Canada Day and I normally am excited to celebrate it. This year though it is a more sobering day because of what I have witnessed at the G20 by the police.

Question; why was a police cruiser sitting in the middle of an intersection with know violent protesters around? Who made that decision?

Why were journalists and peaceful protesters charged, arrested and inhumanely treated when the violent protesters are able to create such destruction?

Why should these leaders of government come together and then what they talk about not disclosed to the public? What is the real agenda?

What are we the people going to do? Some suggestions.
1.) Write your representative of parliament and tell them what you think about what we have just witnessed and why.
2.) Get involved in your community Governments and participate.
3.) Discuss with family and friends your concerns and talk about solutions.
4.) Continue to peacefully protest.

What happened in Toronto was orchestrated, from the police to the violent protesters. It was done to show the people watching that what the police and government did was justified.

It is not justified.

We the people must express our opinions consistently and specifically. Get involved. Be awake and aware.

Posted by Cheryl July 1, 10 03:55 PM

This makes me ashamed to be a Canadian, a Torontonian....

The police actions and inactions this weekend were disgusting. Search #G20 on twitter for the real news along with personal blogs and so on.

Posted by disgusted July 1, 10 06:55 PM

The police did what was right. They should have arrested and gotten more of those filthy Black Bloc though.

Posted by Chief July 2, 10 02:05 AM

I think the majority of people here are missing the point completely.

It doesn't matter what the (non-violent) protesters were protesting for, it's the fact that they have the RIGHT to do so peacefully. I couldn't care less about what most of the protesters have to say, but I will fight to the death to defend their right to do it.

From the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Section 8: right from unreasonable search and seizure...FAIL
Section 9: freedom from arbitrary detainment or imprisonment...FAIL
Section 10: right to legal counsel and the guarantee of habeas corpus...FAIL
Section 11: rights in criminal and penal matters such as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty...FAIL

Some of you seem to value a couple burnt police cars and smashed windows more than your rights as a Canadian. SHAME on you all. Immigrants have been coming to Canada for years to be granted these rights you all take for granted.

Posted by justsomeguy July 2, 10 06:01 PM

I think there are alot of good points, the meetings are a waste of time and money and protest are good in some ways, but WHAT THE HELL does stealing smashing and burning stuff have too do with your cause's. All that does is piss alot of people off and tooks away from the cause's point. Just a bunch of losers that use the word protest to cause damage... No point what so ever!!!

Posted by Anonymous July 3, 10 08:31 AM

Sad to see that even a beautiful city like Toronto, with its great diverse population, has to see the kind of ridiculous destruction these "protestors" brought to the city. The police here endured a great deal of pressure before acting, as can be seen in the number of YouTube and other videos.

When extremists of all varieties descends on a peaceful place like Toronto, you have to expect the worst. Shame on those who feel that destruction is the correct way to express one's feelings. The US endured this nonsense for years and I'm sorry to see it in Canada.

Posted by Peter July 3, 10 10:59 AM

#25. What a surprise!

Posted by Jake July 4, 10 09:33 AM

lol @ pic 25

"bad capitalism...bad companys... but hey wow, the new phone right here i will take it for me....bad companys...bad capitalism...." hahaha what a jerk

Posted by michael j. July 4, 10 12:17 PM

cops look good dressed up as "blac block" members....

Posted by JoJo Chinto July 5, 10 02:23 PM

Maybe you did not love the activists, but of France where we live, it makes the good see that people protest against this representatives' meeting of the rich. If there had been no incidents, no television would have spoken about demonstrations outside G20. The media want to frighten us with these images but, in fact, due to producing them, these images do not frighten any more people. They are justified by attacks against our labor laws and our political rights

Posted by marie July 5, 10 05:54 PM

"Logic and Common Sense". Wrote:

"LOL - i cant help but laugh at some of the morons commenting...
everyone who thinks this is in any way using excessive force and is not an acceptable means of protecting the city and its citizens is absolutely ridiculous... "

You are pathetic, and serve no purpose to help any cause with your violence. You can laugh all you want. You can cause property damage all you want. You will never be taken seriously, or have a voice that matters.

Posted by Becks July 6, 10 11:34 AM

its always the same:
people crying out about wha the "violence" protesters doing...
nobody is talking about the REAL violence the G-states are causing. what are few smashed windows and burned police cars, if you see what the rich countries of the northern hemisphere are doing to the rest of the world? You don,t believe it? take a look at the world markets, there you see real violence.
and as sad as it is: the media doesn't care about peacfull protesters, they want pictures. and without out the pictures, nobodys is talking about the message.
Have you all forgotten genua 2001? AFTER the massive riots and 1 protester dead, the media started to talk about what the protest is all about.

and at the end: morally, its absolutly right, to smash McDonalds.

Posted by Heiko July 6, 10 11:35 AM

Wow. #25 just got himself some free smartphones!!!!!!!!!!!

How was this allowed to happen? Not enough law enforcement troops???

Posted by TareX July 9, 10 07:00 AM

Hey it was a change from the running gun battles ,the drive by shootings and daily murders that fill Toronto streets on a regular basis. They don,t call Toronto "Dodge City" for nothing.

Posted by the onlooker July 9, 10 09:18 AM

Meetings are fruitless, G20 will get nowhere, just like the meetings in Copenhagen and Iqualuit . One billion precious dollars better used on paying Olympic debts into the incinerator.
Great pictures as usual.

Posted by Greg July 10, 10 09:48 AM

Folks, it does not much matter HOW the protest went on, but consider that in a worldwide abrangence we have not seen these news, as a political message on the G20 gathering. And often NEVER will, if not seaching well on the internet. As I speak from Brazil, press and television put on massive crappy nacionalism powered by the soccer world cup, meanwhile the war in afghanistan is forgotten, and G20 doesn't much matter anymore.

Posted by Newton July 10, 10 10:21 PM

NO.163 is right, but as a Chinese I'd rather watch Japan suffer from 1billion dollars worth of property damage caused by protesters and another wasted 2 billion on security.( Sino-Japanese war II)

Posted by shenkai July 11, 10 09:23 AM

They were all Police provocateurs, did you noticed, they all breathed same air!

Posted by Drifter inAfrica July 11, 10 05:39 PM

The Black Block lot are idiots. They should be isolated, excluded, shunned and reviled. Their sole aim is to spread anarchy. They are not representative of what Canadian people are.

Posted by Proud Canadian July 15, 10 11:55 PM

NO 149
Your absolutely right

Posted by anonymous July 17, 10 11:42 PM

they call anti-G20 people violent!? they should call all those guys from government violent, who really f*** up with this world!

Posted by anonymous July 19, 10 11:53 PM

Any thinking person knows that the Black Blockers were allowed, maybe encouraged, to trash Toronto. Why did the police stand by and watch? They were there but didn't use their water canons. The burning cop cars didn't explode. Was there any gasoline in the tanks? Where are the pictures of the much worse police violence against mostly innocents, many passersby? Over 1,100 arrested and just more than 200 charged. 19,000 police and none saying that they mishandled the situation.

Posted by feeling helpless July 24, 10 03:34 PM

To all you trolls complaining about the cost of security...

What would you have preferred? No police at all?

Give some intelligent arguments at least.

Posted by ObjectiveQuestion July 25, 10 04:54 AM

"Encouraged" to trash/destroy property???? Are you that stupid that you can't make your own decision whether to destroy property or not??? No amount of "encouragement" should make you go out and burn a police car or break windows because you are told to.

Take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming others!

Wouldn't it be nice to be a provocateur and have that much power that you could convince someone to go out and cause that much damage when they would never have done it otherwise??

Posted by disgusted with the blamers July 25, 10 09:41 AM

the depredations of the so called black bloc pale in comparison to the plundering of the world committed by the central banks!the images do not lie!we live in a police state world and this kind of protesting is going on in many countries for good forclosures,banker bailout,austerity measures,health cuts,black budgets,health care cuts,education cuts,illegal occupation.....ect.ect ect.....slave against slave mentality is exactly what they depend upon to oppress us.without it they cannot dominate.

Posted by rick james January 18, 11 08:35 PM

the depredations of the so called black bloc pale in comparison to the plundering of the world committed by the central banks!the images do not lie!we live in a police state world and this kind of protesting is going on in many countries for good forclosures,banker bailout,austerity measures,health cuts,black budgets,health care cuts,education cuts,illegal occupation.....ect.ect ect.....slave against slave mentality is exactly what they depend upon to oppress us.without it they cannot dominate.

Posted by rick james January 19, 11 12:24 AM

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Posted by Buy Backlinks March 15, 11 08:53 PM
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