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European flooding

Over the past month, heavy rainfall from different storms across parts of Europe has caused massive amounts of flooding - some water moving slowly across river plains and farmland, some moving swiftly through cities and villages. Dozens have lost their lives, many thousands evacuated their homes, some repeatedly - Poland in particular is suffering its worst flooding in decades. More recently, parts of Spain and France have experienced flash floods that have carried away people and vehicles. Collected here are some images of the flooding in Europe from the past several weeks. (42 photos total)

Local inhabitants are evacuated from a flooded village of Sokolniki in Southern Poland, May 20, 2010. Flash floods caused by days of heavy rainfall hit parts of central Europe, disrupting power supplies and forcing thousands of people from their homes. Southern Poland, parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and northern Hungary were among the worst affected regions. (REUTERS/Krzysztof Koch/Agencja Gazeta)
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#41 is awesome! Way to enjoy a flooding.

Posted by Alex June 16, 10 12:06 PM

I feel for the Europeans. We've had our share and managed to get through it. Ondoy and Pepeng were tests for us and so is this for you. Keep the faith.

-from the Philippines

Posted by mrwhitepatch June 16, 10 12:06 PM

Funny, I never think of Europe flooding.

Posted by Brian June 16, 10 12:09 PM

check out the clock in 14

bet he's glad that didn't get wet.

Posted by Mike June 16, 10 12:15 PM

I would be happy to share all our rain with some "dry" nation!

Posted by orangeguru June 16, 10 12:15 PM

C'est hallucinant !

Posted by Nathan Symoens June 16, 10 12:16 PM

I'm curious who the third leg belongs to in #32.

Posted by CJ June 16, 10 12:24 PM

Saudações Brasileiras!

Posted by Diego Balinhas June 16, 10 12:30 PM

I know it's a tragedy, but #12 is a hauntingly gorgeous photo!!

Posted by Bolo Jungle June 16, 10 12:36 PM

Multiply the look on the face of the girl in #33 by the number of buildings shown in these photos alone, and you begin to get an idea of the magnitude of misery caused by flooding.
I make the tongue-in-cheek assumption that #22 isn't showing us the cause of the flooding (grin!)

Posted by Chris Greaves June 16, 10 12:41 PM

#6 | "Ma'am, we have to leave.", "What about my plants? Wait, I missed one more, holdon."

Posted by Mark June 16, 10 12:43 PM

I'm always amazed at how people respond to shock from a crisis. Rescuing plants during a flood is not what I would consider a logical reaction, but maybe they had sentimental value. (See photo #6) Wonder how I would react... hope I never have to find out.

Posted by Paul June 16, 10 12:53 PM

I cant understand the feelings of Europeans... because I´ve never been in this situation but I can say that we have to do something every day in our activities to take care our planet. Also be thank of the most important things we have and that is our familiy, our knowledge, our health, no material things.

Posted by Daniela Q. M. June 16, 10 12:59 PM

#26 is my favorite. I thought that's cute

Posted by Sam the Deaf June 16, 10 12:59 PM

I'm from Brazil and since 2007 he are having a lot of flooding in southern cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis. We are getting REALLY used to that, every year now we expect the floods. Massive floods used to happen every decade, now it's yearly.

Posted by João Carlos Manoel Silveira June 16, 10 01:01 PM

#12 ... I'm pretty sure that's the sun.

Posted by LawrenceS June 16, 10 01:29 PM

Welcome to the effects of Global Warming. The warmer the atmosphere the more moisture it holds so when it rains there's more rain. You're going to see more and more pictures like these from throughout the world. Its interesting to me that the major media outlets, at least in the U.S., aren't connecting the dots between Global Warming and increased extreme weather and flooding events.

Posted by Les Smith June 16, 10 01:34 PM

That dog at #8 breaks my heart! He looks so sad because the master abandoned him... Do you think someone released him from the chain eventually? Maybe the photographer did.

Posted by ana June 16, 10 01:38 PM

incredibile...fa paura

Posted by Carlo June 16, 10 01:42 PM

even though al gore cheated on his wife with a popular comedian, it doesn't effect his sciences. it's clearly that global warming is happening, just look at the brazil guy's comment. floods use to be once every ten years. now it's once every single year.

it's just not like that if al and tipper were still together al gore's teachings aren't true? they're definitely true. if you don't thinks so, maybe you can ask some european...

Posted by Scott Benson June 16, 10 01:46 PM

#19 reminds me a lot of New Orleans after Katrina and #29 gives me motion sickness. Great pictures of many tragic events.

Posted by Tony June 16, 10 01:50 PM

OK, now imagine all of this with OIL in the water.....

Posted by alm June 16, 10 01:55 PM

My God, it's so widespread over there: Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Spain... and powerful.

Astonishing, as we've heard nothing about this in the news with the Gulf Oil Spill.

Posted by Bruce June 16, 10 01:55 PM

I wonder what Canada is going to get hit with???...Seems every other continent is being to subjected to Mother Nature's wrath!

Posted by Peter Witruk, Toronto, Canada. June 16, 10 02:17 PM

I became pretty sad as I saw # 10 and laughed loud as I reached to # 41.

Posted by Blue Hen June 16, 10 02:19 PM

Taken out of context......but I do not want to know what is going on in #32.

Posted by SC June 16, 10 02:20 PM

well, if nothing else, this 100% CONFIRMS global warming.

Posted by Charles June 16, 10 02:38 PM

The US media so saturated with the Gulf oil spill, where a few dozen birds died, not a word on this major flooding in Europe. The US media power to control and filter the minds of Americans is so powerful, so vast, so effective, that it is no wonder that America has been dumbed down to that of a neo-communist state. Even 'communist' China media reported on this flood extensively.

Posted by The Real Deal June 16, 10 02:44 PM

The correct name of the river at photo no. 35 is "Brda"

Posted by pp June 16, 10 02:49 PM

Sad but nice pictures.

Posted by Mathieu June 16, 10 03:05 PM

real deal you are totally right. and more to the point is that our president, president obama, is trying to get legislation through so that THOSE SAME FLOODS stop happening so frequently. but nobody cares. they care about the birds and have no idea about how our president is trying to change the future to make it better for the environment, and less deadly for humans...

birds dying

Posted by Jason Bertick June 16, 10 03:16 PM

Funny that you are reading this on a US media website.

Posted by Larry June 16, 10 03:22 PM

I'm from Hungary... fortunately in the capital (Budapest) where I live, we have almost no issues... only the lots of rain (I've never seen such amount in a few days). We had a nice week anyway, sun and 35C but today rain and 18C again.... This is a weird summer here, thats for sure.

Posted by mice007 June 16, 10 03:22 PM

#26 is great!

Every year it seems we see the same photo's from spring flooding. Living close to a river presents a real risk of being flooded out and losing your possessions.

Posted by Jojo June 16, 10 03:32 PM

They ruined our planet when the H bomb and Atom bombs were tested and used, what we humans do can only help to stop these incidents, but the real culprits are the Nuclear bombs, you can see the clouds go into turmoil as the bomb explodes! do not accept that all this is our fault!

Posted by Michael Sullivan June 16, 10 03:45 PM

There were no pictures from Slovakia, but it's the same here...

Posted by katka June 16, 10 03:53 PM

Polish accent in the big picture :)

Posted by sese June 16, 10 03:53 PM

@alm there actually is oil in the water -- there are loads of badly constructed garages with all kinds of liquids in them that were fled. loads of dead animals and pets in the water etc.
sure it's nowhere near the damage caused by the Gulf oil spill, but still there is.

I really like the night shot from Poland here. my other favorite is #29 from here

Posted by cegg June 16, 10 03:54 PM

Internet is the very best tool to share information. I've killed my TV and now I only use the Internet because I'm no more bound to my country way of information
despite I live in France which is a relatively free country. Thanks you big

Posted by amertum June 16, 10 03:56 PM

All those cities look like Venice now. And they said pasta couldn't float! Well, I have no idea how to make that water go away but at least there isn't oil in it.

Posted by Frank June 16, 10 04:00 PM

#12. Is that really the moon?

Posted by Jamil June 16, 10 04:19 PM

The guy in 26 lost a friend.

The guy in 25 made a friend.

Posted by Xioping June 16, 10 04:21 PM

Climate change is turning our world into one big r pool. I don't think we will every be able to change that. this is only the begining, God help us we human have done a great damage to our world. . Now we must keep our nose out of the space world . before it come down on us. Let leave this space world as it is. come on don't you see that what we think is right is totally wrong. This world is our home for the time being.Let save these animasl of the sea as if they were humans or dog or cats.

Posted by Anonymous June 16, 10 04:35 PM

Catatrophe !

Posted by Muralidheran S June 16, 10 04:50 PM

for those who missed oil from the Europe floods -- here's one for you:

Posted by cegg June 16, 10 04:54 PM

I wonder if the flooding has something to do with the Icelandic volcano? Rain clouds form by condensing on particles in the atmosphere, so the likely outcome of more dust in the atmosphere is more rain.

Posted by Owen June 16, 10 05:00 PM

Thank you...

Posted by gil June 16, 10 05:02 PM

#18, I was there. I have some pretty awesome pictures of it! We watched the flooding go from high waters, but the streets able to be seen, to the streets totally flooded and then the railway flooded over the course of 4 days. It was amazing to watch. Luckily, the Danube in Budapest can get pretty deep before it goes into the city streets. It was quite amazing.

Posted by Elizabeth June 16, 10 05:14 PM

"Heavy rains caused the river Hernad to swell, flooding parts of western Hungary." Except that it's eastern Hungary.

Posted by Balazs June 16, 10 05:20 PM

Poor Poles. Just can't catch a break.

And I think the deer in #10, was fleeing the photographer more so than the flooding.

Posted by Carbon June 16, 10 06:27 PM

Last two photos are the kind face of the disaster!

Posted by Guile June 16, 10 06:53 PM

They need more levees!! In jest of course.

Posted by James June 16, 10 07:13 PM

>#24 I wonder what Canada is going to get hit with???...Seems every other continent is being to subjected to Mother Nature's wrath!

The worst Canadian flooding use to happen in Manitoba near Winnipeg but with the spillway around the city that problem is now fixed. Flooding does happen in Quebec by the rivers that drain into the St. Lawrence River.

Posted by Mark F June 16, 10 07:56 PM

I don't understand #10. Why is the deer doing this?

Posted by Pooya June 16, 10 09:29 PM

#33 is one of the saddest pictures I've seen in awhile.

Posted by Brad June 16, 10 11:59 PM

It was very sad to watch

Posted by margaret cabrzynski June 17, 10 12:04 AM

#54 Because deer are some of the dumbest animals on the planet. Their vision doesn't allow them to see fences very well. And their brain doesn't allow them to figure out that if they run into something they can't see, that maybe there is something there and trying to run in that direction isn't going to work. But deer will try it over and over. They're not too good working in panic mode.

Posted by Matt June 17, 10 12:23 AM

#33 is sad. Young girl crying.

Posted by Eric June 17, 10 01:48 AM

#33 is heart breaking... may God help them

Posted by Jan June 17, 10 02:22 AM

I''m from Europe and really i haven't heard that much about it either, then again my part is very sunny and dry at the moment like it should be.

Oh and people laying the connection between global warming and the floods, it''s not like parts of Europe don't have some major flood somewhere every few years so that really isn't an indicator.

Posted by Jonas June 17, 10 02:59 AM

yes, that's very sad and everything. BTW the affected areas in Hungary are well known inundation areas. This information is so public that you cannot take out any insurance policy for flood if your house is built in these areas, because floods happen every year there. Usually, these are smaller, but this size occurs 4-5 times in a century.

People build in these areas, because no intelligent person would do, so sites were almost for free. This shouldn't be a problem, if these people would spend the money they spared to build river-control system. But they didn't.

Counterexample is Budapest. There was a big flood in the 19th century and locals rebuilt the city, but properly: the Danube is under control, it has enough space.

Posted by cha June 17, 10 03:07 AM

it`s so sad,
i love your photos

Posted by Amir from Iran June 17, 10 03:29 AM

The real panic in the flooding (an amateur picture from Hungary):

Posted by Viktor Tamas June 17, 10 03:37 AM

How strange, when people see the pictures of America flooding (see one of the previous posts on Bigpicture) the comments are all "God bless America, Jesus will save you, pray pray pray, blah blah blah" and with these pictures the comments are all "look at picture number ..., hahaha look at that animal in distress, hahaha look at that woman with her plants". Really odd.

Posted by Hester June 17, 10 03:55 AM

Who said "climate change"?
We just have a massive flood

Posted by Pau June 17, 10 04:10 AM

32 is so sexi :-)

Posted by fire June 17, 10 04:10 AM

i really wish that they would include follow up information for photos of animals in trouble. although i understand that this is a human tragedy, i can't help but wonder what happened to the dog who is chained to a house, standing in water. and did anybody direct that deer around the fence or did they just snap the photo and move on?

Posted by kimmisan June 17, 10 04:11 AM

Pic #12 : Is that moon or the Sun ??? Looks like Sun to me..

Posted by Jaguar June 17, 10 04:45 AM

excelent job, poor animals y poor people!!! good luck to building all!!

Posted by Racoon June 17, 10 05:59 AM

# 6 leaves me thoughtful. In case of flood, would I save my house plants first ?

Posted by Yellow Jester June 17, 10 06:06 AM

@# 36 smoke a cigarette , help a cyclist. I wonder where he got a dry matchbox amidst so much water.

Posted by shreyabha June 17, 10 06:18 AM

CJ... I think #32 about third leg was kid with granny, I hope so...

Posted by Vasco June 17, 10 06:47 AM


Posted by Danny June 17, 10 06:50 AM

Sorry for the loss, it's a disaster for many families.

Wakeboarders like flood in Budapest:

Posted by pam June 17, 10 06:52 AM

thats really very sad

Posted by sess June 17, 10 07:21 AM

Actually there were two floods on the same rivers in two weeks in Poland.

Posted by Marek June 17, 10 07:48 AM

When the earthquake struck in Haiti, Israel was the first country to send in medical aid. When Europeans are struck with disaster Israel stands by and watches. Maybe this has something to do with all those countries and populations that stood by and watched, or even participated the genocide of the Nazis.

Serves you right.

Posted by hasi June 17, 10 08:33 AM

#42 - You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Posted by Dan June 17, 10 08:38 AM


Magnifiques photos, triste destinée...

Posted by Guillaume June 17, 10 08:54 AM

actually, in France, fatalities are up to 22 now, and they're still looking for missing persons. They said on TV that such flash floods had last happened in 1813!!

Posted by caroline June 17, 10 08:59 AM

We all are guilty that things like this are happening, mother earth is just trying to get balance for what we have destroyed but the main thing is, are we learning from our mistakes in the past? Our children must have a better conscience of our environment and it is our duty to make them understand what not to do to maintain the balance between man and earth including all living creatures.

Posted by All Montoya June 17, 10 09:24 AM

those old buildings are never gonna dry out! i feel for the people that are affected by the flood. we are in austria and have had some terrential downpours, but no flooding in our region , "yet"

Posted by tam June 17, 10 09:39 AM

In #39 the name of the river is Nartuby and the flooded village is probably Trans en Provence (not Draguignan, a bigger town) ..and sadly, the current loss is now 22 ..

Posted by Jean Dupont-Martin June 17, 10 10:18 AM

I hope that dog in number 8 got rescued before that water got to high :S

Posted by lolmaster123 June 17, 10 10:42 AM

#17, 39, and 42 are just...astonishing...

Posted by Shalin June 17, 10 10:49 AM

Where where these pictures on our US news?

Posted by Marvin Franklin June 17, 10 10:52 AM

This series of photos is incredible!

Posted by sherry June 17, 10 12:52 PM

Warm summer in 2010...

Posted by michael June 17, 10 03:54 PM

no 8 just break my heart...

Posted by audra June 17, 10 04:40 PM

i hope the photographers helped the dog and the deer!

Posted by rhiannon June 17, 10 07:58 PM

We know how tough it is to lose everything to flooding. Im from Nashville Tennessee and we just went through the same thing. Just be grateful you have your loved ones and pets safe during this time. Properties and possessions can be replaced; people and pets cannot.

Posted by Mark Chambers June 17, 10 09:16 PM

i feel upset for what happen but the rescue is doing the best to help the people

Posted by dina June 17, 10 11:38 PM

Nice collection of photos. #17 and #40 really show the power of moving water.

Posted by Ed June 18, 10 12:13 AM

In Hungary, there were some very odd reasons of the flooding in some smaller villages, apart from the much water, certainly:

-New hypermarkets and highways have been built nearby and due to the landscaping changes, rivers can't deflect a bigger amount of water.
-In another place, the barrage had been privately owned, and the owner simply broke it down.

Official inspections are in progress in both cases.

Posted by Viktor Tamas June 18, 10 02:51 AM

@ "Global-warming--Boons": We had these floods many years before and almost every year the rivers moselle and rhine are flooding the inner parts of our cities for example. It´s not global warming. It´s due to the fact that we straitghtened our rivers.

Posted by qwertz June 18, 10 05:00 AM

#10 - desperate... makes me feel sad for the animals unable to protect themselves...

Posted by Gaurav June 18, 10 05:57 AM

oh my god....

Posted by adhi June 18, 10 06:43 AM

My heart felt very heavy after seeing those scenes,and those dogs are very poor……

Posted by Vivi June 18, 10 06:54 AM

#33 is harrowing....

Posted by tina June 18, 10 07:20 AM

its seem the flooding is coming it effect of climate chance????

Posted by emwady June 18, 10 09:03 AM

Wow Hasi, grow a heart. This generation didn't participate in the genocide BY the Nazis not from the Nazis.

Posted by vincent mesa June 18, 10 09:51 AM

#41 no non no no no jajajajajaj.. no puede ser..!!

Posted by June 18, 10 10:13 AM

@ Brian Yes, it also happens in Europe. In 1994 (if I'm not mistaken) we had a terrible one. Some capitals in Germany flooded and also the Netherlands (Where I live) had its share. In my town Nijmegen we do a lot to prevent flooding in the future. The river Waal splits our city in two and it bends into a bottleneck. We are giving up land and houses now to give the river some space to flood when high water is coming in the future.
I remember my parents house was in the danger zone but luckily the dikes stood up to the force of the water. I was overhauling a bike in the garage having parts lying all over and I was racing against the clock to get it together. My niece who lived in Gennep had to move out of here home twice and it flooded both times. She was disabled which made it extra sour.
The Netherlands is mostly below sea level as you might know so we are masters in building dikes and controlling water. Our prince royal is an architect in watermanagment.

Posted by Ludwig June 18, 10 10:50 AM

#12 is indeed the sun

Posted by ChristianNL June 18, 10 12:30 PM

Gratulálok a magyar fotósoknak, hogy ilyen színvonalon megörökítették ezeket a tragikus pillanatokat!

Posted by Verspatikus June 18, 10 01:36 PM

#6: She's taking her plants?!!!

Posted by jtower June 18, 10 02:04 PM

In Budapest it was raining, in Vienna it was raining in Praha when we left it was raining, we cycled from Vienna to Prague last week on a Greenways tour and did not feel a single drop. (-:

Posted by B. Pilipavicius June 18, 10 08:14 PM

Pretty bad.. Being published on the internet makes it worse to see.
I don't see Indonesian flood as worse as these photos.
Even the most educated continent could have experienced this disaster.
*my opinion

Posted by Wahyu Prasetya June 18, 10 11:45 PM

SAVE OUR PLANET, No more discussion or debate about global warming, we already have so many data and information everywhere,about mitigation in the world such, flooding, earthquakes, landslides, etc .We have to do now is sharing our contribution in order to minimize it,and come together to keep the process of equilibrium or harmonisation in our earth. The process in the earth always tends to reach this Equilibrium, but if so many people disturb it by some activity like industrialization, war, forest cutting, build many concretes etc.

Posted by joekly sinaga June 19, 10 12:28 AM

Incredible gorgeous documents of evil forces of nature.

Posted by B.M June 19, 10 03:53 AM

Just goes to show that tragedies don't only happen in the struggling third world! These pictures are remarkable though!
>#24 I know! It seems like something big is coming, nothing ever happens!

Posted by Maya June 19, 10 08:54 AM

This is so devastating. I know exactly how those people feel. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. Flood is our yearly issue here and this year it rains even more than it used to. I think one of the reasons it happens is the way how people here are not concern enough to the environment. I hope things get settle soon there.
Btw, these pictures are amazing! Like them!

;) cheers!

Posted by zee June 19, 10 10:49 AM

Awesome photographs esp #12 (yes that's the sun); #15; #17; #29 & #33.

I know my photography tutor would love those.

Posted by Marian June 19, 10 06:10 PM

This is a tragedy ...just as it is in Texas when the hurricanes
hit..we have six months of waiting for various hurricanes to hit the gulf coast.

The scenes here were so heart can only hope that global warming will be the reason to be more cautious about how we use the earth's atmosphere, oceans, forests, north/south poles. these occurences hit not just one country but the whole world is suspectible to natural disasters.

Posted by Florence Bonn June 19, 10 11:58 PM

The contrast between hearing the word "flood" on the BBC and actually seeing the voracious effects of flooding is tremendous. Thank you for providing that clarity.

The Big Picture is a wonderful resource!

Posted by Dave D June 20, 10 03:42 PM

This is not unexpected with the kind of activities humans are doing for nature. The CO2 below earth's crust(Fossil fuels) is pulled out which is changing the balance of atmosphere...and we are just paying back for it.

Posted by Chandu June 21, 10 01:23 AM

muy triste todo.FUERZA!!

Posted by Roberto June 21, 10 10:23 AM

We don't need no stinking solar and wind power. Burning fossil is working just great for us up here on the hilltop.

Posted by pwk16 June 21, 10 01:11 PM

Great, great pictures!
(but: photo no 6 should be "Troszyn Nowy" not "Troszyny Nowe", photo no 35 should be "Brda" not "Brdzie")
Greetings from Poland!

Posted by Ewa June 21, 10 02:42 PM

#33 i started to cry...poor people God bless them

Posted by victorres June 21, 10 05:35 PM

Kinda makes you think, is someone trying to get our attention?...look up from where our help comes from.

Posted by Barbara Hollick June 21, 10 05:47 PM

Picture # 33 is heartbreaking.

Posted by Barbara Hollick June 21, 10 05:48 PM

May we all be blessed with ever deeper compassion.

Posted by CJ June 21, 10 11:45 PM


Posted by fem June 22, 10 06:37 AM

Global warming is responsible for this type of flooding? C'mon people; wise up. This is the same flooding that has been taking place all over the globe for as long as there has been rain (and before the global warming hysteria started). The simple fact is that the internet makes information frictionless. It passes freely all over the globe within milliseconds. This month Eastern Europe, next week? and so on. Perspective, please. Never underestimate the human spirit; that is how we've survived this long.

Posted by MJK June 22, 10 11:16 AM

aia din poza 27 sunt tigani :))

Posted by dan June 22, 10 02:07 PM

Malta is certainly a blessed island. These tragedies ate unheard of.

Posted by Giov DeMartino June 23, 10 04:20 AM

The floods are the result of man alterating the course of rivers. Straightening the rivers with concrete shorelines eliminates natural flood plains. The water has nowhere to go but up and over.

Posted by Tom Marko, Okinawa, Japan June 23, 10 06:13 AM

Our Father hears our prayers. Pray for these people that they may soon be back to normal.

Posted by Barbara Labbe` June 23, 10 07:12 PM

nature takes its toll...

Posted by Cathy (Paris) June 24, 10 06:18 AM

a ja po prostu płaczę.

Posted by Zbigniew June 24, 10 12:33 PM

i am from Hungary. This is very sad. Edeleny is just 1o km far away from that place where my parents are living.I live temporary in Warsaw. The flooding made horrible loss here as well. I am praying for everybody, to get over it!

Posted by Anonymous June 24, 10 12:38 PM

I live in Hungary, next to the river Tisza.. Fortunately our village isn't in danger (but thousands of wild animals died because of the flood, and crops are flooded as well,so farmers have huge damages)...
I can't even imagine what these people may feel... i mean loosing their houses and ..and everything... it's terrible :S I'd like to help them, but I don't know how.. :S:S

Posted by hungariangirl June 24, 10 01:13 PM

"78 When the earthquake struck in Haiti, Israel was the first country to send in medical aid. When Europeans are struck with disaster Israel stands by and watches. Maybe this has something to do with all those countries and populations that stood by and watched, or even participated the genocide of the Nazis.

Serves you right."

The nazis were all killed in a genocide?

Posted by JOE June 24, 10 03:18 PM

#78 - and this is just one reason why Israel should NEVER be the part of European Union... The other reason is the current issue with Gaza... BTW, don't you think that we (Europeans) are already getting tired to listen what happened 65 years ago? It is time to move on... There were communists, gypsies, psychiatric patients, homosexuals, decent Hungarians, Slovaks etc. whose lives ended in camps... Why don't they ever talk about them?

On the other hand: note that the newly elected Hungarian government does NOT care about the flood-issue or its victims. The new President just returned from his vacation... Excuse me??? Even the often-criticized US-president (and not one, but at least two that I am aware of...) returned from vacation when the country needed him... By the way, why exactly Mr. Orban left for vacation... Per a new law, the flood-victims have to destroy their houses within 10 days, and clean up the site, otherwise they will be fined to 500,000 HUF (about $2,500)... Where is the truth? "Congratulations" to all those who voted for this government...

Posted by A concerned Hungarian June 29, 10 02:47 AM

Do, ut des!
Sajnos, aktuális.

Posted by Anti, Demszkyfalva June 29, 10 03:02 AM

..nagyon jó képek!
csak az a baj, hogy EZ meg is történt! :-(((

Sajnálom a bajba jutottakat!!!


Posted by Bucho June 29, 10 03:09 AM

God save us all! or, WE have to do it!


Éljen a Haza!

Posted by Mr-Ákos June 29, 10 03:16 AM


Posted by Anonymous June 29, 10 04:18 AM

Kitartás Magyarok!

Posted by Hun June 29, 10 05:18 AM

The scientists warned us about these flooding just few years ago, but noone believed, or didn't want to believe that. Now, it's the result, here you go!...

Posted by Ender Koroglu June 29, 10 07:02 AM

Amazing photos. That's a very brave man standing behind the horse (pic#4). Areas like Passau in Bavaria (#11) where the three rivers meet, flood regularly and to high levels. I wonder if this is one of their highest?

Posted by Flip June 29, 10 11:45 PM

Tom Marko, Okinawa, Japan June 23, 2010 06:13 AM

Yeah, dozens of officials are already sacked because of recently constructed buildings in the area...

Posted by cegg June 30, 10 12:47 PM

remélem minden helyreáll hamarosan és aki tud segítsen ezeknek az embereknek!
Nekünk is segítenének.

Posted by Anonymous July 2, 10 02:11 PM

global warming.we all must act before it is too late

Posted by mahendra. July 3, 10 04:03 AM

These pictures should be sent to Polish Prime Minister Donalt Tusk and his kamrats from the Government with the question: "What have you guys done to prevent this disaster, already having in Poland similar one just few years ago?" Shame to such politicians, who do not care for their country and its citizens and for their stupid comments on the disaster ("water tends to flow" or "building houses on lowlands is a fault of their owners". These pictures should stay on walls in the Polish Parlament as long as the solution is found what to do in the future to avoid such huge human tragedy. Victor from Canada.

Posted by Victor July 4, 10 12:44 AM

I do not know how to respond to this type of losses. My first thouhts had been my family, who are still living in Hungary and Germany.
Papa, Tundi, Kati, Gyerekek, Gabor es minden ismeros es barat, Delinke, Lajos es az egesz ottani csalad. Remelem jol vagytok, ha esetleg latjatok ezt az uzanatat, valaszlojatok

Posted by Ann_marie Vegvari July 10, 10 10:17 PM

Hi I live in Hungary. We have to pray for our brothers and sisters. God will help them. It's our hope. GBY.

Posted by girlfromhungary July 11, 10 06:04 AM

Yeah, this is horrible. I hope things get better here.

Posted by Szandi July 13, 10 08:36 AM

superb snaps
great work by cameraman

Posted by Rishi July 15, 10 12:49 PM

All pictures so sad...

Posted by Anonymous July 20, 10 03:28 PM

سبحان الله اللهم حولينا لا علينا

Posted by Anonymous July 28, 10 09:03 AM

I can't get over the human arrogance thinking that everything is always about us, these kind of things have been going on long before we came on the scene and will continue to happen long after we're done and gone from the face of the earth, we are here for a short bus ride and our influence in global sense is minimal at best let alone universal sense, the planet itself couldn't care less whether we exist or not, it will keep going on until it's own ultimate end. Now with that said, I still think it's very sad.

Posted by Yoav Cohen July 31, 10 10:13 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 3, 10 10:29 AM

Te zdjecia wyryly mi przed oczyma wersy z Bibli:-
Mateusz 24:7
"7 Albowiem powstanie naród przeciwko narodowi, i królestwo przeciwko królestwu, i będą głody i mory i trzęsienia ziemi miejscami 8 (Ale to wszystko jest początkiem boleści."
Polsko!!! Nawroc sie!!! Nie Maria jest nasza zbawicielka -ale Jesus Chrystus

Posted by jolanta kuzmik August 10, 10 12:48 AM

With so much new technology & inteligent Engineers all around
A way can be found to divert the rivers in advance through various methods
Excelent pics - Specially #s 8 / 15 / 16 / 30 / 31 / 36

Posted by AA August 23, 10 05:58 AM

#37 A name of the river is "Brda"

Posted by asia August 25, 10 11:29 AM

needs a flood barrier like, thames floodbarrier

Posted by arunkumar October 4, 10 02:55 PM
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