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June 3, 2010 Permalink

Caught in the oil

A short entry - AP Photographer Charlie Riedel just filed the following images of seabirds caught in the oil slick on a beach on Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island. As BP engineers continue their efforts to cap the underwater flow of oil, landfall is becoming more frequent, and the effects more evident. (8 photos total)

A bird is mired in oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast on Thursday, June 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
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Good god :| I'm lost for words

Posted by Lithium June 3, 10 05:08 PM

Nooooooooo! this must stop

Posted by zander June 3, 10 05:09 PM

=( this make me very sad T_T

Posted by Elton June 3, 10 05:10 PM

This is not a good series.

1. It only contains 8 pictures.
2. It only shows death and pain of poor animals who should be freed from their suffering, not beeing photographed.

Sorry, you always have great pictures, but this series is a rough break in your quality.

Posted by Martin R. June 3, 10 05:12 PM

This breaks my heart - I hope BP gets all of these pictures and is punished justly. Maybe they should be set out in the surf like these poor animals to suffer exactly as they are.

Posted by Eric J June 3, 10 05:12 PM

Look at what we have done to the world. Shame on EVERYONE for becoming so engulfed in materialistic lifestyles, that we are literally killing our beautiful sacred planet. I'm angry, sad & disgusted.

Posted by Caterina Ienco June 3, 10 05:13 PM

There should be somebody responsible for this... these living things should be rescued and should have intensive care. Humans are really the destroyer of nature.

Posted by Moist Key June 3, 10 05:15 PM

Clean energies, please
This madness cant go on

Posted by humans naturals, not antinature June 3, 10 05:18 PM

To say this breaks my heart is an understatement. I cannot even look at this anymore. I wish I could do more to help. Does anyone know of charities that may be working trying to help the animals in the area?

Posted by Pam June 3, 10 05:19 PM

Someone needs to drop these poor birds on the desk of Tony Hayward. As Is. Make HIM clean them up.

Posted by CG June 3, 10 05:21 PM

I have an idea, let's take pictures of dying animals rather than saving their lives. I'm a genius, I know.

Posted by John Doe June 3, 10 05:22 PM

F***ing Depressing

Posted by Nick Jordan June 3, 10 05:22 PM

Maybe James Carville was speaking for the wildlife as well when he said "Man, you got to get down here and take control of this! Put somebody in charge of this thing and get this moving! We're about to die down here!"

Posted by Amy June 3, 10 05:25 PM


Posted by Brody June 3, 10 05:25 PM

Although the Boston Globe once again proves how awesome they are this just points out one of the many travesties of this disaster. But hey if it works print it. Print them and paste them at gas stations. Hand them out at the office. Put them on your neighbors windows. Since Texas City BP has been ruthlessly murdering workers and hasn't deserved a dime from anyone who cares about the world. Now I hope people are realizing it.

Posted by BrettB June 3, 10 05:25 PM

This makes me physically ill. I wonder about the long-term consequences of this for not only the animals, but the RESIDENTS of this area. Scary, truly scary.

Posted by Jennifer June 3, 10 05:25 PM

I hate to say it but we still need to DRILL BABY DRILL. Don't let the enviro-socialists scare you away from the greatest opportunity America has with pictures like these. This is tragic, but it was a complete accident and BP is doing all they can to fix it. If the government got involved they would have botched it some how, and it wouldn't be fixed for years. PLEASE continue to support American capitalism!

Posted by Mark June 3, 10 05:26 PM

Poor defenseless birds. BP should be ashamed of themselves. How are they sleeping at night?!

Posted by The_SuperVixen June 3, 10 05:27 PM

Ke skifo.............

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 05:27 PM

for anyone wanting to help:

also, bike when you can, open a window instead of running your air conditioning, put on a sweater instead of turning on your furnace ...

Posted by LIsa June 3, 10 05:27 PM

y aquellos animales que no se ven? todas aquella naturaleza bajo el agua destruida por el interés de unos pocos.
Pagarán las consecuencias realmente, los culpables??

Posted by Pame June 3, 10 05:28 PM

I knew we would see pictures like this from the start. I wish that was Tony Hayward, his corrupt teacher and predecessor, John Browne, Head of BP exploration David Rainey plus all the other evil people in that oil instead. I cry every day about this.

Posted by kimberley richardson June 3, 10 05:28 PM

Does anyone else want to drop a few BP execs and politicians in this water to see whether they sink or float and find out who's a witch or not?

Posted by nm June 3, 10 05:28 PM

I want to puke.
this is beyond heartbreaking.

Posted by Amanda Redway June 3, 10 05:29 PM

I just want to cry more to clean them with my tears..., to revive them.
It is all awfull.
I hate humankind being no responsible with life.
It is horrible. This is not a goot step in human history.
This must made us thing all the things wrong we are doing to poor innocent creatures that have the same tight to live their existences on this miracle planet we are destroying.
Awful, it is terrible. I feel no proud of being part of this human "antinature civilizarion".

Posted by horror June 3, 10 05:29 PM

Funny, how people hate on this set of pictures. "Too Depressing," "Rough Break In Quality."

This is the real deal, this is actually happening! Too bad we have to live with reality, huh?

Posted by Collins C. June 3, 10 05:29 PM

Oh God that poor little thing!! someone need to find a good way to make this stop, and take care of the animals that are been afected 4 this!!! 0.o

Posted by Vanessa June 3, 10 05:29 PM

This is truly saddening. I'm thinking back to operation penguin (worlds largest animal rescue operation) and wondering if the same approach would be of use in this case too. You can see the video of operation penguin in which 25,000 oil soaked penguins were saved off the coast of south africa in 2000. Video at (scroll to bottom of page - last video)

Posted by Nishit June 3, 10 05:30 PM

Sort of puts things in perspective doesn't it? Probably the shortest BP gallery but certainly one of the most poignant.

Posted by Mike June 3, 10 05:31 PM

I'm sad and ashamed. Everyone seems to be looking for a guilty party to punish, but the truth is that we are all guilty. Those oil rig are built for us, the consumer. From our tooth brush, car, small or big, even our flip flops, we ask for oil to be dug up. We might have to look in the mirror and ask if we need all this. We are all to blame.

Posted by Sylvain June 3, 10 05:32 PM

This is disgusting. It's truly unbelievable what BP has done. These poor animals.....not to mention the destruction to our precious environment.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 05:32 PM

This is horrible. I feel powerless to do anything, what can the average person do? WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING NOTHING?

I donated to the Audobon society, at least that is a little. I suggest the rest of you do the same.

Posted by Lisa S June 3, 10 05:33 PM


Posted by Marley June 3, 10 05:33 PM

The Big Picture is one of the best things on the web; unfortunately it sometimes shows us stuff we don't want to see.

Posted by brad June 3, 10 05:34 PM

Martin R. and John Doe:

While these aren't happy images, they need to be seen so people can understand what's really going on.

Or I suppose you can pretend it's not happening--that will really make things better.

Hopefully there are organizations near these communities that can help save these animals...

Posted by ARB June 3, 10 05:34 PM

What makes you think these birds weren't saved? I agree this is terrible, but people need to see it to understand. How do you know they didn't take the picture and then the animal rescuers took over?

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 05:35 PM

Speechless!!!!!!!!!!!! F*ck BP!

Posted by m106 June 3, 10 05:35 PM


Posted by Linda Peters June 3, 10 05:35 PM

This is so sad. Words seem so inadequate in this situation.
Here is a wonderful piece written by one who was born and raised in this part of the world. He expresses beautifully the harsh reality of what we are seeing here.

Posted by doclove June 3, 10 05:35 PM


Posted by Derek Cosson June 3, 10 05:37 PM

Yes, it's hard to look at. As a bird lover and keeper it breaks my heart- but the photographers are *not* equipped to help clean those birds. It is a difficult and long process, and there are people trained and equipped to do so already in the area where the spill has hit land. We have no way of knowing for sure but they may already be at that site.

To those who think it's a waste to publish these photos... WHY? Why on earth would the very people who are able to make the public (and companies responsible) aware NOT do exactly that? How else would we all know the extent of the disaster and its suffering?

There is some debate regarding whether the birds should be cleaned and re-released or euthanized, particularly since the area they are in is not getting any better. Why release them back to the same situation? And how much time/effort would it take to transport them elsewhere- would they survive the stress of the journey? The survival rate for birds having been cleaned is not good- add the stress of travel and adaptation to a new area and it's bound to just go down. Unfortunately, there is no good solution for the birds and other wildlife caught in this mess- and it's bound to take some time to determine what their best hope is for survival. Here's a quote I pulled from Birdchick's blog regarding experiences from another spill:

“Spiegel Online talked with Silvia Gaus, a biologist at the Wattenmeer National Park along the North Sea in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. ”According to serious studies, the middle-term survival rate of oil-soaked birds is under 1 percent,” says Gaus.

Gaus’ experience comes from the 2002 Prestige oil spill which killed 250,000 birds off the coasts of Spain, Portugal and France. Out of thousands of birds cleaned, only 600 survived long enough to be released back into the wild. The median survival of the released birds was seven days.”

In short, there is little we can do for the wildlife, and that breaks my heart. The best it seems we can hope for is that those responsible are held accountable.

Posted by SLC June 3, 10 05:40 PM

BP is not letting volunteers do much, i.e. save birds. Thousands are ready to help but BP is not allowing it.

Execute Tony Hayward!

Posted by Real American June 3, 10 05:40 PM

i am out of my words. i can only say its horrible

Posted by Rai Azlan June 3, 10 05:41 PM

can someone please tell me where are all the volunteers that have signed up to rescue marine life? Is BP just not letting anyone do any rescues. this is sickening to say the least!

Posted by LB June 3, 10 05:41 PM

In deep compassion from Latvia to USA :( ...feel so sad to watch this :(

Posted by Krist2ps June 3, 10 05:42 PM

Not defending BP, but do ya think if they weren't forced to drill for oil so far off shore it might be easier to handle problems like this. Maybe trying to stop a leak in a 1,000 feet of water would be easier than a mile down. Our wonderful EPA and the treehuggers of this world force them to drill that far out. And isn't hypocritical to complain about offshore drilling for a product we all need, use and depend on everyday, that without our entire infrastructure, economy and security would collapse. In a perfect world gasoline would just materialize in our tanks, but the world isn't perfect and this is the price of the way we live our lives. Stop blaming particular people and fault the entire system and society for the way we live and the demands we place on the earth to provide for us.and fault the entire systemand sociu

Posted by Tony June 3, 10 05:42 PM


Posted by moooi June 3, 10 05:42 PM

Don't worry, oil is natural. It's from nature.

Posted by Douglbutt June 3, 10 05:43 PM

Oh, the heights of visual impact! Wow, what a potent series of photos... What a mess, how sad...

Posted by Shalin June 3, 10 05:43 PM

I love how everyone loves to jump on the bandwagon and blame the oil companies, when it's our fault for giving them incentive to drill for oil. Every one of us is responsible.

Furthermore, I bet BP would prefer to drill on land, or in shallow waters, but since we don't want to have to look at oil rigs, we make them drill wells miles below the surface of the ocean, we've got all this legislation and refuse to grant them leases on land or in the shallows. We're the ones who put BP there. So if you want to blame someone, take a good look at your politicians, your co-workers, and then look in a mirror.

Posted by Van June 3, 10 05:44 PM

@ #15.Posted by BrettB - Ha-ha, this is very sad, but next time you get on your lovely car or use any sort of transportation that relies on oil just think about how you have somehow contributed to this! Blaming someone is easy, but thinking about your own action makes it harder! Yes, it is sad, but it was going to happen sooner or later to any other oil company. What BP has done is try it's best to plug the dmn oil leak and be very transparent about the issue. Tell me, what company in the US has been as transparent as BP has in such catastrophic event? Does BANK ring a bell for you? Haha!

Posted by AngelB June 3, 10 05:44 PM

I'm at a loss... Are there any photos showing seabirds being rescued and cleaned?

A reality check for sure... :( I want to hope for the wildlife and sea life around there... :(

Posted by GalFromAway June 3, 10 05:45 PM

it always amazes me that people will look at pictures like these and be shocked and disgusted and then turn around and eat a chicken sandwich which contributed to a hellish life and death for another bird that feels pain, stress and fear just like those in the pictures above.

Posted by Warren Jones June 3, 10 05:45 PM

It is bad..and what makes it even worse is...looking into the EYES of these beautiful creatures...NEVER BEFORE have I seen pain/suffering/loss from a bird...WOW. My heart hurts for them...and the rest..

Posted by Julia White June 3, 10 05:45 PM

Are we rich enough to kill ourselves yet? We are. We are killing ourselves and everything around US.

Posted by FAPinVT June 3, 10 05:45 PM

its sad..! :-(

Posted by mode June 3, 10 05:46 PM

This disaster is not just BPs fault, it is a symptom of our collective disease.

Posted by xhs June 3, 10 05:47 PM

John Doe, Martin R., I have to disagree. Hopefully these birds were reported to the authorities, and taken care of but that doesn't mean this photographer shouldn't have taken pictures (Especially when most people aren't qualified to take care of such birds). The story needs to be told, to insure this kind of disaster doesn't happen again. These are powerful, painful pictures, and they will do more than words ever do in insuring we remain environmentally responsible.

Posted by Benjamin Brown June 3, 10 05:47 PM

Not easy to see, but I don't agree that these are a "break in quality" or that the photographer should be accused of "not trying to help." That last one couldn't be further from the truth - that photographer helped more birds than those four he photographed. He helped those of us who don't live in the Gulf see what the real ramifications are - what reality looks like.

Donate money, donate time. DO something.

Posted by Sara June 3, 10 05:48 PM


Posted by GESSOLANO June 3, 10 05:48 PM

Who are the best people to contact about this? Has anyone seen "Boom School 101" on You tube? Correctly laid boom would stop a portion of this.

Posted by motherpeace25 June 3, 10 05:48 PM

This has to be BP's fault!

(but not yours - you're just driving your car, right?)

Posted by David Lascher June 3, 10 05:49 PM

"These poor animals.....not to mention the destruction to our precious environment."

Let's not forget the 11 people who died in the explosion that caused all this!

Posted by Dennis June 3, 10 05:49 PM

"These poor animals.....not to mention the destruction to our precious environment."

Let's not forget the 11 people who died in the explosion that caused all this!

Posted by Dennis June 3, 10 05:49 PM

That is now the most famous brown pelican ever.

Posted by TonyG LBCA June 3, 10 05:49 PM

This is so tragic. They need to stop taking photos and get them out. It's important for the public to see this, but I'd rather have them help clean/save the subject of their photographs!

Posted by Cullenizme June 3, 10 05:49 PM

I'm deeply shocked! These some pictures scary me because I know your type of press shows the truth without censorship and close-by. The Amount of pictures shows how broken you are. So do I.

hopes from Dresden/Germany

Posted by Alrik June 3, 10 05:50 PM

Wow there's a lot of stupid going on in here.

Martin R. and John Doe, do you really think a professional photographer should stop taking pictures to help inform the world what's going on with this spill and instead try his (amateur) hand at catching wet, oil-slicked birds in order to "rescue" them? Don't you think that should be the job of, oh, I don't know, people who know something about animal care?

Lisa S, where do you get your news? The government is "doing nothing"? Are you paying any attention at all?

Mark, supporting or not supporting "American capitalism" has nothing whatsoever to do with this disaster, and making up like "enviro-socialists" won't change that. It just exposes you as a Freeper type who doesn't think for yourself.

Posted by Ivan June 3, 10 05:51 PM

omg....... why is this happening....... HELLO !!!!

Posted by Peggy June 3, 10 05:51 PM

A picture says more than a thousand words

Posted by RobK June 3, 10 05:51 PM

Where is our goverment?? what day are we on with this spill?? Mr.President?? HELLO?? Has the White House seen these pictures??
God help us!!

Posted by Got2bUSA June 3, 10 05:52 PM

look! outage! sadness! horror!

...Quoth the consumers of the exact product.

Posted by laughtrack June 3, 10 05:52 PM

this reminds me Kurt Vonnegut`s famous words:

Dear future generations: please accept our apologies.
We were roaring drunk on petroleum
Love, 2006 AD

Posted by Shaahin June 3, 10 05:53 PM

Reading your comments, I can't do anything than say : thanks God it's finally happening in the US backyard...
Such thing already happened in the past all over the globe.
Some even say all the Iraqi mess started because of this same material...

But we had to wait for some poor birds to be oiled on US soil so you American people can open your eyes...

I'm sorry for the editor of the incredible blog. He gives us wonderful picture from everywhere on the planet, very often describing human pain and destruction. But this does not open American eyes. We have to wait for those birds to get strong reaction.
This should be depressing...

Posted by Stax June 3, 10 05:54 PM

These pictures are heartbreaking. It's amazing how much damage we enflict on our world. I just hope that when we finally decide to change and come together to fix our planet, it wont be too late. I wonder what this planet would be like if we didnt exist.

Posted by Ashamed June 3, 10 05:55 PM

This is so tragic and heartbreaking. These animals/reptiles/creatures have rights too and I hope that BP is held accountable.

To all the people who have backlash at the photographer...chill out. If it weren't for people like him getting these images out there, it would just be another thing that is forgotten. Besides, surely there are rescue workers there helping these poor creatures as they wash ashore. The photographer is just doing what he does best.

Posted by Jessica June 3, 10 05:55 PM

You could have told this important and sad story in three pictures. By rushing these pictures online and showing multiple images of the same subject you have cast aside journalistic impartiality and appear to be making a personal statement. It is a tragic situation, but this is not the kind of raw emotional knee-jerk reporting I expect from The Big Picture.

Posted by Oadbylad June 3, 10 05:56 PM

BP should not be allowed to continue as a business after this. The damage is too great.

Posted by Tom Elders June 3, 10 05:56 PM

To those critiquing the photographer for taking pictures instead of helping the birds:
a) there are numerous environmental and animal rescue agencies already down on the coast helping the animals - people who are TRAINED to handle them.
b) as an untrained individual, you don't just walk up to a Pelican and pick it up. First of all, you'd likely never get close enough before it fled, second of all, even if you did, what's step 2?
c) he is a photographer - his purpose here is to communicate the tragic effects of this oil spill to the public and engage them to act, it is the animal rescue workers job (with the help of trained volunteers - who will hopefully start to sign up in droves after seeing these haunting images) to help the animals - and it's a job that should be handled by those who know how.

Posted by Rachel June 3, 10 05:56 PM

When will we stop bending over for greedy corporations at the expense of the world around us?

Posted by Very Sad June 3, 10 05:56 PM

Make it stop!

Posted by Tiago Sá June 3, 10 05:57 PM

WHY? Lot of companies want to earn a lot of money, if something happen like this the pay a litte money for each bird....

just only money for life.........

Posted by grendl June 3, 10 05:58 PM

Absolutely horrific. I am so deeply saddened by this tragedy and only wish I could somehow help save the defenseless creatures who will be destroyed by this disaster.

I will not sleep well tonight.

Posted by Trisha June 3, 10 05:58 PM

Funny how people typing on plastic keys made from oil put the blame elsewhere.

It's us people, it's us.

Posted by CRAW June 3, 10 05:59 PM

imagine what we have not seen - everything under the water...
it's so sad...

Posted by Martin Fernandez June 3, 10 05:59 PM

If there is a follow up to these pics of these birds being assisted.. I want to see it, plz and thanks.

Posted by NR June 3, 10 05:59 PM

Dieu protège l'Amérique, 1ère dévoreuse d'énergie du monde et non-signataire des accords de Kyoto.

Posted by Alain A June 3, 10 05:59 PM

Comment 23: Spot on.

Posted by msc June 3, 10 06:00 PM

My heart cries for these poor desperate animals. Leave it to mankind and its greed for money to do more harm than good. Maybe if someone would step up and hold these money-hungry scumbags accountable, like taking control of ALL of their revenue from the date of the spill, and putting towards clean up efforts, animal rescue, and the damage this will cause to the economy, the next idiot may invest a couple hundred thousand on a switch!

Posted by Christa June 3, 10 06:00 PM


Posted by mrwhitepatch June 3, 10 06:00 PM

I agree with Mark! We must continue drilling! Never mind any further catastrophic damage it might end up doing to the ecology and economic livelihood of America's shores! Anything else would be succumbing to the evil socialists! BP is completely prepared for this, with its advanced technologies like putting a huge lid on it! CAPITALISM FOREVER!

Jesus Christ, spare me the free-market proselytizing, Mark.

Posted by Larry Velázquez June 3, 10 06:01 PM

Absolutely gut wrenching. There are no words...

Posted by Angela June 3, 10 06:01 PM


Posted by Jennifer Taggart June 3, 10 06:01 PM

Horrifying pictures but truly relevant. They add a much needed perspective to the disaster. As far as blaming the head of BP, I'm sure a lot of us learned his name in light of the tragedy, and accidents in any industry happen all the time. I doubt most of us were complaining about the birds dying from oil byproducts a few years back when prices hit $4, instead we wanted cheaper gas. The fault (as the solution) is in our behavior as a whole, as someone mentioned before, crack a window, wear a sweater, ride a bike and stop pushing the blame towards people who are giving you what you demand: cheap oil.

Posted by zeitgeist June 3, 10 06:01 PM

I'm with Collins C. This is a devastating reality to be faced with, and it is just that... reality.. These images are.. powerful.

Posted by kate d June 3, 10 06:01 PM

Did these poor birds get help? Or just a photographic pity session?

I don't mean to undermine the value of photojournalism, but pictures like this are only worthwhile if they can bring change - large-scale change, like the restructuring of our energy dependency, but also small-scale change, like CAPTURING, CLEANING, AND SAVING THESE SPECIFIC BIRDS.

Posted by rebecca June 3, 10 06:01 PM

How many of you that have commented drive a big SUV or pickup truck? Amazingly, it must be nobody - such people have no shame.

Posted by Cecilia Horton June 3, 10 06:01 PM

this has to go viral....please.....FB, Twitter, whatever it takes......but I agree totally with this from # 29 ".... the truth is that we are all guilty. Those oil rig are built for us, the consumer. From our tooth brush, car, small or big, even our flip flops, we ask for oil to be dug up. We might have to look in the mirror and ask if we need all this. We are all to blame." and that BP fu$%ed up...but that they are doing all they can to fix it and an oil-free world is not going to be here tomorrow

Posted by rockfish June 3, 10 06:02 PM


Posted by J. June 3, 10 06:02 PM

These are some of the most beautiful birds in the world and a treasure to our state. It's a shame that this is happening to our coastline.

Posted by Brian June 3, 10 06:02 PM

The problem is BP is NOT trying to CAP the well they are try to TAP it. They are only out for MONEY I hope they enjoy there stay in HELL!!!!!

Posted by Craig Wigle June 3, 10 06:02 PM

madness! this madness has to stop!!! (and as soon as i leave this blog i enjoy driving my car to places and fly with planes instead of sailing ships or traveling by foot)

Posted by anton June 3, 10 06:02 PM

This is painful to watch.

Posted by stan June 3, 10 06:02 PM

I don't care whose fault it is now. I just want it cleaned up. I want those wetlands to be saved.

Posted by ukenagashi June 3, 10 06:02 PM

John Doe & Martin - don't be so short sighted. You would have Charlie Riedel put his camera down to try to clean these birds? Please... So maybe he could've saved 10 birds in the time he spent on these photos... OR raise awareness and save hundreds. Think.

Posted by Benny June 3, 10 06:03 PM

I am amazed by those who continue to say this was an "accident" and that the drilling must continue. This could have been prevented. BP made $6 billion in profits last quarter alone. Why did they feel the need to cut costs when there were plenty of resources to ensure the best available technology and equipment were used? How many of these "accidents" can we afford? I can promise you folks would feel different if one of the 11 who died were their family members, or if they spent their lives in the Gulf fishing for a living. To those who think "Drill Baby Drill" goes hand in hand with "Spill Baby Spill", ask you to let one of these rigs be placed in your back yard next, with out royalties being paid to you nor compensation to negate the havoc they will thrust into your life.

Posted by jennifer June 3, 10 06:04 PM

I do------- the only PUNISHMENT is for stupid humans to stop using oil and oil products so the stuff doesn't need to be taken out en masse... punish the companies responsible by


Supply and demand, people. No demand, they go out of business and float away like the oil laying on top of the good ocean.

Smarten up and stop being dependant on the stuff.
That includes us all, even me, so this is not just a rant folks.

So let's see some REAL uses of social media and the tweets and the crackbook and get everyone out there to do their part to shut down these bastards.

(apologies to those that work for oil companies/related income--the ride will eventually be over, enjoy it while you can and while you still have a world to live and breathe in--unlike the animals in these photos and many others)

Just wait till the prices of gas starts to go up up up this summer and the fishing and food industries are likewise affected.

Posted by An Anonymous, But Informed, Ranter June 3, 10 06:05 PM

this is terrible

Posted by Louis June 3, 10 06:05 PM

I am heartbroken that innocent animals are enduring horrific suffering. :-(

Posted by karen June 3, 10 06:06 PM

so hows that Hope and Change working out?

Posted by Joe June 3, 10 06:07 PM

Too sad for words.... Thanks to all of the journalists who continue to cover this most important story and push for access.

Posted by Emily Diamond-Falk June 3, 10 06:07 PM

Oh, Jesus....

Posted by KateInMT June 3, 10 06:07 PM

Pelicans to BP: WE want our life back

Posted by kyle June 3, 10 06:07 PM

Even though BP is responsible, we must look at the big picture, with no demand there is no supply, if feel angry at these pictures, what are you doing about it? I know is hard but stop consuming oil based products, demand clean energy in your community, is not what we say or think, what really matter is what We do. I hope this encourage us to look at the lifestyle that we live in and make a change for good.

Posted by eltiko June 3, 10 06:08 PM

kill the man before he kills the planet !!!

Posted by quiche June 3, 10 06:08 PM



Posted by Jules S June 3, 10 06:08 PM

Just cry...just cry...

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:08 PM

Photo Journalism is a means to let the masses know what is happening.
To say "I have an idea, let's take pictures of dying animals rather than saving their lives." is a naive.
What have "you" done.
Have you made thousands of readers aware of what's going on?
Have you done ANYTHING?

Releasing photos to the world may help save more in the end.

Posted by Dee June 3, 10 06:09 PM

Can we do this to all the execs of the Oil well as to the Dept of the Interior for turning their heads?

I just read that Carville walked into the BP CEO having a cozy dinner with a coast guard admiral. Really? Do US citizens get a seat at the table, or only rich multinational corporations that basically own our country?

Posted by tim June 3, 10 06:10 PM

Blisters on my heart...

Posted by AmberM. June 3, 10 06:10 PM

no comments
just awful

Posted by Mari June 3, 10 06:11 PM

Think of these pictures next time you hop into your car.

Posted by Chad June 3, 10 06:12 PM

The_SuperVixen: do you drive a car ? .. take the bus ? .. use plastic products ? .. if yes, then you are a part of the problem and should loose some sleep as well.

Posted by thomas June 3, 10 06:12 PM

To all those people saying "don't take pictures help the poor things...etc..etc" without pictures like this a lo of people just wouldn't care. People are oblivious to things until they see shocking and saddening images. It is a duty of a photographer to document these. Who's to say they didnt help afterwards anyway.
Maybe now people will start thinking about renewable energies and the destruction of Earth for monetary gain will stop.
Its sad it takes the destruction of so much for people to take notice.

Posted by Joe June 3, 10 06:12 PM

Mankind sucks.

Posted by A Human June 3, 10 06:12 PM


Posted by Haddock21 June 3, 10 06:13 PM

Do you think god is weeping over what one of the creatures he created is doing to all the rest of the creatures he created? He should rain down his wrath and wipe us off the planet... but I guess we are already doing that to ourselves.

Posted by bethany ogdon June 3, 10 06:14 PM

Bad. Really bad issue of The Big Picture. All the pictures looks the same. There are only 8. There are bad pictures.

Posted by Guillermo June 3, 10 06:14 PM

The photographers should be commended for showing the public the devastation, but they should also be responsible for helping to clean these birds up. They should put their cameras down after taking the shots, and help these animals out. That's the problem I have with photographers -- they think its their job only to document, but they also need to get involved.

Posted by Eric June 3, 10 06:14 PM

Yeah. I highly doubt they took the picture and left them there. Come on people, the photographer(s?) aren't stupid or heartless; and while these pictures are depressing we need to see them. Thanks The Big Picture for keeping us informed :) I hope The oil spill problem is fixed very soon!

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:14 PM

Noi umani siamo delle merde. Solo merde! ;-(

Posted by Paolo June 3, 10 06:14 PM

This is so sad and disgusting that man in his search for greed can wreak such havoc. And, BP's denial is making it even more disgusting....

Posted by Tamara R. Pearlman June 3, 10 06:14 PM

wow. absolutely sickening... it's even more sad that these animals have *no clue* what they're going through. it's truly heartbreaking for anyone with an ounce of humanity.

Posted by Ed S. June 3, 10 06:15 PM

Good job BP.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:16 PM

This oil spill is beyond tragic, but we all have to accept responsibility for our reckless dependency on oil. BP is a profit-driven corporation giving the people what we so clearly want. Blame them, but blame ourselves, too. For the poster who asked why the government is doing nothing, I believe the government is doing all it can. The Bush/Cheney goons allowed BP to drill a well that is so deep no human can get to it, with NO PLAN IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT. Our efforts now are just, "Try anything. Try everything. Hope something works." Why is it everyone wants the government out of their lives until they need to be rescued, then the government becomes "Daddy! make it stop."?

Posted by Valerie Graves Bessent June 3, 10 06:17 PM

BP the karma train is waiting for you

Posted by toast June 3, 10 06:17 PM

Somebody said that we are all guilty if we drive a car. Not true. If I was responsible for that drilling rig I would ensure that it was operated safely. If I was a member of MMS I would have refused the permit. If I was the CEO of BP I would not have played a game of brinkmanship with the lives of these beautiful creatures. Read OIL by Tom Bowyer. See BP's record of corruption. See how Hayward's boss and predecessor cut costs and risked the planet for his own glory and shareholder value.
So no, we are not all guilty. Just very sad and impotent against these evil corporations.

Posted by kimberley richardson June 3, 10 06:18 PM

It's backwards to blame the consumer. The consumer will consume what makes the most economical and viable sense. It is the government, lobbied by these industries, that sets the policy. If the government set a policy for clean energy, cut tax breaks for big oil, and incentivized consumers to go green, they would.

Nobody is sitting home 'demanding' more oil. There's no choice.

Posted by Tim Geoghegan June 3, 10 06:18 PM

I know a lot of people are criticizing these pictures because they are showing pain and suffering of innocent animals and the photographers are presumably not "doing" anything to help the animals. It is not a photographers place to save the world. It is simply their job to give the silent a voice they wouldn't have otherwise.

Listen/read this story about Pulitzer Prize- winning photographer Kevin Carter. He struggled greatly with this and eventually killed himself because of it.

Posted by Christine June 3, 10 06:18 PM

These People from BP need to be charged with cruelty to animals and be shut down for good. That is so ridiculous. Those poor birds are suffering.

Posted by Larry St. Laurent June 3, 10 06:18 PM

loss for words :(

Posted by Cathee Smith June 3, 10 06:19 PM

Please folks. Your anger at the photographer for not "putting down his camera and helping" is misplaced. Someone needs to document it, so that we know how bad it is, instead of just reading "oh, there is some oil on the beach and some birds died" on a blog. These pictures bring it home, and may help save countless other creatures.
But always folks get angry at the photographer for taking the pictures of the tragedy, instead of the folks who caused it. (And you never know what happens once he or she puts the camera down. Maybe they snapped the photos as they were helping with the rescue and cleanup of the birds.)
Seriously, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at BP, Haliburton, and the oil lobby in general.

Posted by Frogman1975 June 3, 10 06:19 PM

People, we are getting a Cosmic Bitch Slap of epic proportions here on Earth. It's not just this disaster, but the way we humans go about our lives. The way we treat eachother. The way we are so insecure. The way we glorify violence. The way we we take so much for granted. The way we don't question things that we need to be questioned. How we go with the status quo. So many things....

Posted by julijuli June 3, 10 06:20 PM

BP is not completely to blame!! The government did not require BP or Transocean to have a plan in place in case something of this magnitude happened nor has the government accepted help from the Saudis who have successfully dealt with this kind of problem in the past!! I am all for clean energy but until we acquire enough clean energy we will all still be dependent on oil and oil companies like BP! The government has got to step up accept responsibility and make sure this can never happen again and to get this mess taken care of now instead of playing the blame game! Solve the problem and then worry about who is to blame!!!!!

Posted by Leslye Coleman June 3, 10 06:20 PM

unacceptable suffering...whether they were rescued or not

Posted by anon June 3, 10 06:20 PM

If you use gasoline/diesel on your vehicles, if you use electricity on your home, if you use plastics and any other oil subproducts... you are as guilty as BP. You don't have the right to claim nothing, you are participating on the World destruction too... How are you planning to save the World from now on?

Posted by Paul June 3, 10 06:21 PM

Now do you see?

Posted by Billie Davidson June 3, 10 06:21 PM

Look at those eyes. Are they blind? Look what we've done. Oh well, human.

Posted by Ihsan June 3, 10 06:21 PM

I'm thankful I live in a city that has alternative options for transportation and I rarely, if ever, drive. The world needs to start using alternatives and stop the dependence on such a cruel energy. These pictures are reality at their worst. Thanks BP for destroying one of the most beautiful areas of the United States, along with thousands and thousands of innocent living beings. Let's hope you NEVER get your life back, Tony Hayward. These animals won't be getting theirs back, thanks to your greedy corporation and lack of urgency to this horrendous tragedy.

Posted by Sarah June 3, 10 06:22 PM

Heartbreaking pictures.

The brown pelican JUST got off the endangered species list. I am really worried this may be the end off them...

Posted by Kara Dickman June 3, 10 06:22 PM

All this animal holocaust for oil that was to be sold on the free market, most likely headed to China. Drill Baby Drill is the sound a tool makes when it's operator needs to make a point for even more profits.

Posted by Orthoclase Feldspar June 3, 10 06:23 PM

How BP and its employees sleep at night, while we here in Louisiana are living our worst nightmare, is beyond me. These pictures, and the impact the BP Oil Spill is having on our Gulf Coast environment, ecology and economy, make me absolutely sick. God help us.

Posted by Rhonda Jung (New Orleans) June 3, 10 06:23 PM

These pictures represent exactly how I FEEL. I live on the beautiful, vibrant, mysterious Gulf Coast and I am dying right along with these beautiful birds. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can make this okay. Thank you for showing the truth.

Posted by April Boone June 3, 10 06:23 PM

heartbreaking. i am at a loss for words. so sad.

Posted by suz June 3, 10 06:24 PM

Humans ...we're like a damn virus!

Posted by Dae June 3, 10 06:24 PM

Tears...just more tears...

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:26 PM

im hurt deep inside for those animals. this must stop and criminal charges brought against BP. what they have done is disgusting!!

Posted by billy June 3, 10 06:26 PM
Posted by Jen Barnett June 3, 10 06:26 PM

OMG this is so horrible

Posted by Heather June 3, 10 06:26 PM

Where to Start to recover the Gulf. Well it ever be the same.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:26 PM

Heart wrenching.

If you're at a lack of words, at least share this link as much as you can - Twitter, Facebook, etc.

We can still pressure the Powers That Be to do more to resolve this issue as fast as possible and do as much as possible to prevent future tragedies.

Posted by Matt June 3, 10 06:26 PM

I am truly lost for words

Heartbreaking pictures something needs to be done & quickly

Posted by Jayne O'hagan June 3, 10 06:27 PM

I cant stand this. If i see that f_____ing Bp exec on my tv with his pathetic ad again im going to find him and pour the oil that is washing up on my beach over his head til he gasps for air like these poor helpless birds!!!!!!!! Im so sick of crying

Posted by Deluna June 3, 10 06:27 PM

@Martin R. And John Doe:

Why aren't you cleaning them up instead of sitting on your ass commenting?

These images need to be seen. I do hope the photographer is helping in other ways as well, though, since he is on the scene. This is heartbreaking and I'm sure he couldn't simply stand and watch.

Thanks to those who are posting information for getting involved.

Posted by Jarvi June 3, 10 06:27 PM

To 35: Yes, rescuers could have taken over, but what if they didnt? there are so many animals covered in oil and not enough people. I know there is a lot of rescuers but not enough. I agree that you must critically think all photographs but this is a disaster. You are contradicting for the sake of contradicting, but you have to take everything into consideration.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:28 PM

Hey Mark,

1) offshore drilling in the gulf will only sustain the US for three years with amount of recoverable oil that can be extracted (this is from the US dept of energy's figures..go check it out)

2)BP is NOT doing all it can to fix it. Blow it up with explosives. But BP won't because they will lose their rights to the well..and its a deep, profitable well for BP.

Posted by garfield June 3, 10 06:28 PM

How many times were oil company's warned about what could happen with off shore drilling!!But think about this,all our need for the oil also brought this on too.It;s a catch 22 situation a sad and depressing situation.

Posted by Geoffrey A. Pettigrew June 3, 10 06:29 PM

I am with those who suggest these pictures should be seen on every news cast, front pages of magazines and newspapers as well as in public places. Most people will be horrified and perhaps understand that we must change our ways, starting with strict regulation and oversight from banks to corporations and public institutions. It is unrealistic to think we could go back to the Middle Ages, however our energy sources should be safe and reliable for the planet as well as everything on it. Where there is a will there is a way. We, the people must demand it.

Posted by BB June 3, 10 06:29 PM

One of the many ugly faces of capitalism

Posted by Tom June 3, 10 06:29 PM

Wow, sad pics but this really drives home what most of us can only imagine what the scene is like there! Thanks for sharing these.....

Posted by Lisa S June 3, 10 06:29 PM

My stomach twisting...

Posted by Claudio June 3, 10 06:30 PM

unacceptable suffering...whether they were rescued or me it's about compassion...on all fronts...extended to all...BP included...compassion for all its employess from tony hayward all the way down the line....

from a proud atheist

Posted by anon June 3, 10 06:31 PM

@Mark (#17): There's only about a one year supply of oil in ANWR at current U.S. consumption rates. You're being taken for a sucker if you believe "drill baby drill" is a solution to anything except Sarah Palin's dwindling spotlight.

Posted by Jordan Peterson June 3, 10 06:31 PM

So sad. This is why we need to release our dependency on oil. It's time to start investing that money in alternate energy sources. We are a HAVE society, and it's time to start becoming a NEED society. Where we only buy something if we need it. Our lifestyles are just not worth this.

Posted by Plied June 3, 10 06:32 PM

horribel....what are they doing about it???? what can i do....I want to help...

Posted by emma Ejwertz June 3, 10 06:32 PM

It's not just BP..

BIG OIL CRIMINALS are all responsible.

They are all greedy corporate f*cks with too much power over government to arrest journalists and photographers who want to show the world what criminals they are...

Posted by jay June 3, 10 06:32 PM

"I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A little bird will fall dead, frozen from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself."
Let's not mourn for the loss of life and lash out at the industry that provides us the power to excel. This must be cleansed, but rest assured, this too shall pass.
For now, wipe your boogies and collaborate, find ways to help since our government seems to be happy in letting these pics pull on our heart strings, and dangle the wonderful salvation of cap and trade before, labeling the energy industry as evil planet killers.

Posted by Cervantes June 3, 10 06:32 PM

Drive less, ride a bike, and plant your own garden. Say no to big oil, and no to big food. The only real way, to really say "go to hell" to BP and Monsanto, is to NOT be their customer. You can be part of the solution, if you act! We also need real regulators working for us.

Posted by Greg C-Tedesco June 3, 10 06:32 PM

And this can happen at any time with any other platform at sea.

Posted by Antonio Fidalgo June 3, 10 06:34 PM

POTUS hasn't even authorized the Coast Guard or the Navy to try to contain or vacuum this disaster. There is so much more that can be done if only he could get his thumb out of his lower body orifice and let some of the good ideas various people have, be tried. It certainly wouldn't make things worse.

Posted by Dian5 June 3, 10 06:34 PM

Amazing photographs. They made me tingle with emotions. Good luck to anything or anyone that is suffering by this devastation.

Posted by Em UK June 3, 10 06:35 PM

Please God, Please tell me someone got those birds to help!

Posted by Millie Rice June 3, 10 06:35 PM

We should sue BP...for this.............

Posted by anees June 3, 10 06:35 PM

Yes, it's awful, yes BP should be punished, yes something needs to be done. But WE are the problem, just like Caterina said! It's our greed for bigger cars, more, more, more of everthing that's to blame. We need to learn to live with less, not more. BP is just supplying us all with what we want more of. WE are all to blame! Figure out what you and your family can do to reduce our need for oil.

Posted by takingtheblame June 3, 10 06:35 PM

Charlie Riedel is a legend from his days working as a photographer in Hays, Kansas. Great to see these shots by him. Very powerful on a level that aerial shots and graphs don't convey.

Posted by Cary Conover June 3, 10 06:36 PM

OMG tHIs is so aweful! how cruel human kind can be. shit im out of words really all i can think of is how ashamed i am for beeing a human, one of them, this is really really bad! :(

Posted by mary June 3, 10 06:36 PM


Posted by dani in nola June 3, 10 06:37 PM

When the planet has had enough of our murdering ways, she will find a way to get rid of US. Think Ebola, Bubonic Plague, Malaria, etc. Mother Nature will always, always outwit humanity.

Posted by Suzanne H. June 3, 10 06:37 PM

I have no words, just tears... What are we doing to this planet???? Someone needs to pay

Posted by beverlee June 3, 10 06:37 PM

Horrible. Tony Hayward should have to eat these birds if they expire.

Posted by Scott June 3, 10 06:38 PM

wtf man...people really need to watch wat they are doing...this is sad

Posted by James Davis June 3, 10 06:38 PM

I think BP bosses should also be covered in oil - seems only fair (actually nothing about this seems fair at all...)

Posted by Vanessa June 3, 10 06:38 PM

Damn it BP! Don't worry about your marketing budget save the birds!!!! (since you are going down for this anyways might as well do some good on the way out)

Posted by Jack June 3, 10 06:38 PM

God damn BP oil Company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Laura Simpson June 3, 10 06:39 PM

heart breaking!

Posted by Ben Sassani June 3, 10 06:39 PM


Posted by John Thawley June 3, 10 06:39 PM


Posted by KAREN June 3, 10 06:39 PM

OMG I'm crying... this is horrible i know what was going on to birds etc but seeying them is heart breaking, i dont understand why they are taking so long to fix this problem, this have happened quite a few times in Russia and they fix it immediately with a small atomic bomb when it explodes it closes the hole where the leaking is. Russia even offer to help but they dont want to do it that way bc then they can not drill close to where the leaking was THEY ARE BEING VERY SELFISH!!!!!

Posted by Dayli June 3, 10 06:39 PM

i just don't have the wold but i,m crying over &over for them that god have a clean places for they

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:40 PM

RE: The post #35: Posted by Anonymous June 3, 2010 05:35 PM

EXACTLY !!!!!! exactly what i was thinking -- thank god someone said this before i did !!!!

Posted by coydog June 3, 10 06:40 PM

This has to stop.. It has to end.. BP should be boycotted by all all Americans until this is stopped and cleaned up!!

Posted by Paige Baker- Alabama June 3, 10 06:40 PM

NNNNNNNoooooooooooo..!! this is sssooo devastating.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:40 PM

I am speechless also, poor creatures. It makes me ashamed to be human. :(

Posted by RachelRixham June 3, 10 06:41 PM

God,We are not good stewards of this beautiful earth. Help us do better and save these creatures you created . Show us the way! I pray in your sweet name. Amen

Posted by Hall,Carol June 3, 10 06:41 PM

This makes my heart ache and very sad at what the poor animals are going through:-(

Posted by xclbranicmicgrl June 3, 10 06:42 PM

Thanks for publishing these. People need to see this.

Posted by Ben June 3, 10 06:42 PM

I'm sickened by this! These birds (and all non-human animals) live their lives naturally on the planet we were all given, no desire to be better or worse than their peers and MAN in his infinite greed and NEED for more, more, more continue to destroy it and pass the blame and excuse their selfish behavior. I am ashamed and horrified.

Posted by patrick June 3, 10 06:43 PM

so after snapping photos can the birds be plucked out of the gunk and saved? or are they left sitting there to die? what organizations can an out- of -stater be directed in order to offer help in this insurmountable clean up effort? specifically with wildlife?

Posted by pam witherington June 3, 10 06:43 PM

drill baby, drill!

Posted by Brian June 3, 10 06:43 PM

I'm lost for words.........

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:43 PM


Posted by Charmaine Brazil June 3, 10 06:43 PM

that's going to be the entire ocean someday

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:44 PM

I am just sick to my stomach and have tears in my eyes. It breaks my heart.

Posted by Amy June 3, 10 06:44 PM

Crying... I cant stop crying!!!! What next?

Posted by Vanessa June 3, 10 06:44 PM

At the rate that BP is currently moving, it is only a matter of time before the entire gulf coast looks exactly like these pictures. It is beyond sickening and heartbreaking.

Posted by Collie Lamar June 3, 10 06:44 PM

To all those hating on the photographer, how do u know the animals weren't cleaned after the pics were taken?

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:45 PM

what have you done BP?!? this just makes me cry. there are no words.. DAMN you BP

Posted by lu June 3, 10 06:45 PM

How would the rest of the world know how bad it is if someone won't share their pictures or videos??. Thanks for sharing these pictures... It is very sad..

Posted by Lorena Sims June 3, 10 06:45 PM

I know that Dawn is contributing money to wildlife rescue. Buy some, but you also have to go to a website to ensure that the dollar is redeemed.

Posted by C. Comeaux June 3, 10 06:45 PM

My heart is broken by these photos. What we are doing to this planet is sickening.

Posted by Robin June 3, 10 06:45 PM

As mostly everyone above ... I'm at a loss for words. This is just .... wow.
// Goosepimples

Posted by Leon June 3, 10 06:45 PM

"Flails" ... I think you mean "dies gruesomely." That bird is not flailing...

Posted by Nathan June 3, 10 06:45 PM

instead of all your fat asses saying OH MY GOD. Why don't you get off your computer chair and do something morons.

Posted by fank June 3, 10 06:45 PM

BP's greed did this to us, along with help from the bush/cheney regime. God bless the U$A ...

Posted by Christopher June 3, 10 06:46 PM

so sad-hope they clean up and save these poor birds

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:46 PM

Brad, I think the best part IS seeing stuff that we don't want to see.

Posted by Paul June 3, 10 06:46 PM

FU BP!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:47 PM

I didn't think the situation was this bad. I had been convinced that oil has always naturally seeped into the ocean and the natural cycle would be able to handle the extra oil. These pictures have completely changed my mind on the issue

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:47 PM

I can't imagine the magnitude of suffering these innocent creatures are suffering. Their once natural lives just thrown off course ...and the suffering begins.
The promise, the rebirth of spring.....gone. Life will never be the same. And some days I don't even want to be a part of this world.

Posted by Mary June 3, 10 06:47 PM

This is disgusting. Mother Nature must be crying.

Posted by Anna June 3, 10 06:47 PM

How awfull ... can you believe someone told me that the majority of people dont care about this issue I am assuming them as well ... Unbelievable. I see alot of people care and it is soo sad to see these animals suffer like this.

Posted by Keiko. June 3, 10 06:48 PM

Crying. Not right.

Posted by Gedy June 3, 10 06:48 PM

Shame on all of us.

Posted by Dan Cohen June 3, 10 06:48 PM

I feel for the families who lost their loved ones, I feel for the poor animals; I feel for our state. This is going to wipe out La's seafood industry. Many people will be unemployed for years to come. So many are saying to quit drilling, to go natural etc...please think about this and then name some things or products *Are Not* petroleum based? And NO Oil/Petroleum can be used to produce/make the item.

Posted by Andrea Cannon June 3, 10 06:49 PM

how many others must be killed to show us that people are disaster for this world?

Posted by Marta Wisniewska June 3, 10 06:49 PM

Oh, good grief. If you could all just set aside the melodrama and the hysterics for a moment. Yes, dying birds covered with oil are a sad thing. Nobody - including the people at BP (and, yes, they are actually people there...not evil demon spawn sent from the deepest levels of Hell to rape and pillage the earth) - likes seeing any of this. No one wanted this to happen.

But, really. Calling for BP execs to drown in oil is terrible. Really? Shame on you. Quit your "I-hate-humanity-I-hate-myself" wailing for a minute and think a little bit downstream from your ideas to their consequences. Do you really, honestly, want to live in a world where causing the death of a bird is just cause for taking a human life? And for all of you "Where is the government??!!" wailers, do you really want to live in a world where that kind of morality is enforced by the government? I like my freedom, thank you very much.

I would have a wee bit more respect for all your histrionics if you were doing this over, say, pictures of the PEOPLE whose livelihoods are being affected by this disaster. But, no, PEOPLE are far less important for some of you folks than things with fur and feathers.

Posted by Terry June 3, 10 06:50 PM

To those people suggesting that the photographer should not be taking photos of these birds and instead should help them. He is doing his job which is to document the situation and therefore inform all of us of the impact of this disaster.

If every photojournalist or photographer was to refrain from taking photos most of the world would not know what was going on.

Please think twice before criticizing somebody doing there job.

Posted by David Cox June 3, 10 06:51 PM

Humans are a cancer on the earth.

Posted by Stett June 3, 10 06:51 PM

To stop these scenes from happening again, we would have to:

1) Stop drilling for ALL oil, worldwide, period.

2) Stop using ALL petroleum-based products, period.

3) Return to a 19th century lifestyle. Look around you. That means no air travel, no real international commerce, bicycling everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Imagine the effect on the world economy.

Until we're able to run our world on no petroleum, which is not going to happen anytime soon, accidents like this are still possible. I hate seeing this destruction as much as anyone, especially the way it has impacted the people of the Gulf area and their livelihoods. Let's get beyond the emotional reaction to these pictures and think realistically about our future energy use. Continue researching realistic alternative energy sources for the gradual reduction in dependence on oil. But no more expensive, heavily-subsidized windmills, please.

Hold BP accountable, and also use this experience as a demonstration that we should not place our faith in government to solve problems, big or small. I felt the same way after Katrina.

Posted by E June 3, 10 06:53 PM

BP is to blame for not having better safety measures in place, and better emergency response actions. But they're not the ONLY ones to blame when this happens. They just a competitive supplier, meeting a HUGE demand in a marketplace. If you drive a car, you share some of the blame for what you see. This is not a company setting out to kill animals. It's a company setting out to do whatever it takes to retrieve the oil the market demands. And YOU are the market.

If it wasn't them, it would be someone else. If you hate what you see, change the way you consume. If you ride a bike to work every day, you can throw stones. If not, STFU and vote for people who will regulate energy and demand electric car production instead of the same old corporate whores.

Posted by Lupo Tazler June 3, 10 06:53 PM

Feeling so sorry or those poor animals & birds.
Stupid Humans ---> U have once again proved how stupid you are.

Posted by Dipangkar June 3, 10 06:53 PM

For those of you complaining that these pictures fail to show that these birds may be saved... what does it matter? Does the fact that these birds might survive, thanks to some caring people, make this any less horrific? The point is that this happened, and should never have.

Also, for those complaining that the photographer was taking pictures, rather than cleaning the animals... I'd love to see you come across an oil soaked bird, and try to help it, without the proper materials or help. For that matter, maybe they were working WITH those that were doing the cleaning, in order to document the disaster.

Posted by Nick Chill June 3, 10 06:53 PM

RE: comment # 17 Mark. GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND DO SOMETHING THEN... TRAGIC DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THIS. And capitalism. really. you're worried about capitalism right now!!!

Posted by Pam June 3, 10 06:54 PM

The survival rate of cleaned birds is abysmal, the animals should be killed so that they won't have to suffer. If we don't want to see birds hurt like these in the future, then we need to move away from oil, and until we can do that, we need to make oil retrieval a lot more secure than it is today. Better regulations that are also enforced.

Posted by Hugh June 3, 10 06:54 PM

Those are the most disheartening pictures I have seen since this entire tragedy began.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:54 PM

You know, what is surprising me the most out of all of this is that when driving down the road I STILL see people pumping gas at BP stations! Now while I'm not going to jump on the "hey lets all stop buying gas and go to biking" wagon, understand we need oil as a society to survive, and understand accidents do happen, I DO think BP is completely responsible for this (they should have had a viable emergency plan for this type of spill before they drilled) and have acted horribly irrisponsible since it has happened. They need to pay for each and every day this travesty has been allowed to continue.

Posted by Damien Christopher June 3, 10 06:54 PM

this is unforgiveable!! I can't understand why with all the technology and resources available this leak has been going on for weeks at the expense of precious wildlife.. Why we ask? why?

Posted by Liza June 3, 10 06:54 PM

I agree with Comment #4 (Martin R.)

Surely they should be saving these bird's lives by getting them cleaned up and taking them to safety, not taking photos of their demise.

Shades of Kevin Carter's Pulitzer going on here. I know that if nobody takes these shots, we'll not see for ourselves the scale of the damage, but I hope whoever took these snaps done the right thing afterwards and saved these helpless animals.

Posted by James Henderson June 3, 10 06:55 PM

ouch! I just felt my heart break

Posted by Sonya Taylor June 3, 10 06:56 PM

I hope the people that took these sad photos caught and turned these animals in to the help group to treat and wash these innocent beautiful birds and make them well again. This breaks my heart and must stop!!! It's ashame these animals have to suffer because of our screwups!! We have enough technology to perform the most difficult surgeries to save lives that were on the brink of ending and have computers and machines that were built by the smartest people in the world! We have telescopes that can see the complex dimensions of the universe that are trillions of light years away even. But, noone is smart enough or cares enough to prevent oil from ever spilling again!!??? IF all the tings i named can be done so can oil spillage its a bunch of bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by crissy poston June 3, 10 06:56 PM

The photographs should be taken and should be shown, regardless of the fate of the animals. It's also odd to complain about saving the animals when no statement was made as to their fate either way, and whether the photographer should be taking on that job. Assuming just makes an ass out of you and... Ming...

Posted by JR June 3, 10 06:57 PM

This is horriable BP should be ashamed and they need to fix this leak!

Posted by Ashleigh June 3, 10 06:57 PM

Yes it is very sad to see what has happen and BP should be held for all the clean up but we also have to take account that our GOVERNMENT and PRESIDENT also had a hand in it to for letting them drill. We know they got a kickbacks but was that kickbacks worth the damage that has been done. Reminds me of 9/11 but which will be more harmfull.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 06:58 PM

Some context, please.You're a newspaper, not American Photography magazine. Nine different birds? Two birds? How many affected birds were visible in all at the site, including ones not photographed?

Posted by Mike June 3, 10 06:58 PM

While we can't all convert our cars to veggie oil burning machines overnight, it only seems logical to not purchase gasoline from BP. When an environmental catastrophe of this extent is easily blamed on one company, the general public should stand up and send the message that that company is no longer needed. Join me.

Posted by NoMoreBP June 3, 10 06:59 PM

I agree fully with ARB (comment 34): People need to see this. Particularly those pointing fingers at BP.

Look in the mirror.

The rear view mirror of your gas-powered car as you drive to the mega-mart —where your typical produce travels, on average, 1300 to 2000 miles—to buy beef for the 6th meal this week. I could go on. This is *our* combined faults.


"Oiled wildlife should not be captured but instead reported at 1-866-557-1401. To report areas with oil ashore or to leave contact information to volunteer in the affected areas, call 1-866-448-5816."

I'm sure the animals were reported and rescued by trained volunteers. What do you expect the photographer to jump in and "save" the birds? C'mon.

Posted by RA June 3, 10 06:59 PM

I think everyøne should just throw everything they have in their homes that is made from, or brought to them by, petroleum projects out into the street. That'll show em.

Posted by vanderleun June 3, 10 06:59 PM

Makes me feel sick

Posted by Darren June 3, 10 06:59 PM

Hope someone was with photographer, to catch these poor animals and take to a rehab station.

Posted by Chip June 3, 10 06:59 PM

When I think of all the environmentalists that spent so much time, energy and money to restore the populations of brown pelicans in the Gulf and one act of stupidity by these greedy oil companies undoes it all - it is too tragic for words. Are we ready to abandon oil and coal and put up those solar panels and windmills yet?

Posted by moose67 June 3, 10 07:00 PM

People need to see what's going on, if they don't all rescue efforts will be in vain, our future generations will not learn from the mistakes that are being made. Are the people who criticize the photographer advocating censorship for this issue?, seriously? the photos need to be seen, it's important, helping rescue efforts is also very important. Stopping more oil from entering the ocean is the most important! Oil as still spewing out of the rig as we speak!

Posted by BHud June 3, 10 07:00 PM

Quite right, Sylvain (#29). These pics work like a mirror. I am shocked about my own image in it. // Very good series of photos.

Posted by Horatiorama June 3, 10 07:00 PM

and then they re-released some of the birds they cleaned up back into where they were rescued....WHY????????

Posted by ann June 3, 10 07:00 PM

i cant even begin to describe my hatred for BP right now


Posted by josh June 3, 10 07:00 PM

#35, the sad fact is that the birds in these pictures have ingested and inhaled far too much oil and dispersants. They are past saving. And these are simply the ones that have not sunk beneath the surface of the water from the weight of the oil, being in the shallows or on the beach...if you can call that sewer of brown sludge a 'beach' any longer.

Posted by Marcy June 3, 10 07:00 PM

When I think of all the environmentalists that spent so much time, energy and money to restore the populations of brown pelicans in the Gulf and one act of stupidity by these greedy oil companies undoes it all - it is too tragic for words. Are we ready to abandon oil and coal and put up those solar panels and windmills yet?

Posted by moose67 June 3, 10 07:01 PM

How about updating the description to be "Brown Pelican" rather than "brown pelican" in photos 5,7 and 8? Of course the pelican is brown, it's covered in oil...

Posted by Jeff J June 3, 10 07:01 PM

we must elevate our sense of outrage beyond "f*#& bp". we are all guilty. we are the demand part of this equation, each and every one of us, and being Canadian, i have to own up to the facts, i.e. North America is the single biggest collective waster of energy on the planet, and we all depend on, and abuse, cheap plentiful energy, derived for the most part from non-renewable sources... things must change from the ground up, and the changes must come now, before the planet gives up on us... i own a car, have 2 comps, use plastic bags, i could go on and on, how about your selves? think about it...

Posted by blewsyboy June 3, 10 07:01 PM

So depressingly sad... no wonder i'm such a huge misanthrope. Capitalism, in its current form today, is full of enslavement and death, glossed over by the most brilliant PR marketing ever.

I was one of those who ardently strove to help Obama get into office. I watched him turn back on his promise to pull the United States out of the Middle East wars. I watched him screw up with the health care bill and succumb to the health insurance companies. Now, after over a month of looking at how Obama has managed this disaster, I have officially lost faith in President Obama. He is firmly a center-right-wing corporatist, intent on maintaining the status quo for his generation's moneyholders.

Posted by B.A.M. June 3, 10 07:01 PM

A strict response will change things. Force autos to run 5 miles or more at a clip, or pay a cover charge.

Posted by ken June 3, 10 07:01 PM

#4, you clearly have no understanding of journalism or what it exists for. Do you work for BP?

Contrary to your apparent belief, news organizations do not exist simply to entertain you or supply you with pleasant images to look at. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Posted by beth June 3, 10 07:02 PM

"In case that is not obvious, ask yourself: why on Earth are we drilling for oil in mile-deep water, in the complete absence of a technology adequate to fix mishaps when they happen? Don't you suppose there are places on dry land, say, in Alaska, or in the vast Federal lands in the western states, where they could be drilling instead? Why would a greedy business corporation be doing something as expensive and dangerous -- to itself as well as everyone else -- as what it is doing? The answer is obvious."

Posted by vanderleun June 3, 10 07:02 PM

omg poor animal...lets try 2 help them..

Posted by princess June 3, 10 07:02 PM


Posted by Laurence Yhuello June 3, 10 07:02 PM

Too heartbreaking for words. :'(

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 07:02 PM

For many years the oil industry, seafood industry and Louisiana have lived and worked together in harmony. This situation is going to have devastating effects on our economy and way of life. The seafood industry and our fragile wetlands will be crippled for years and may never recover. The knee jerk reaction to shut down 33 deepwater rigs is like ... See Morecomparing shutting down all air traffic due to one plane crash. It was reported on KATC last night that deepwater rigs supply 80% of the oil coming from the gulf. You do the math folks, thousands of jobs lost and the price of gas will skyrocket. Number one priority right now is to stop the leak, but also as important is protecting and securing our shores before the oil hits these delicate wetlands. The entire country will feel the effects of this for many years to come, but if drilling is halted in the gulf, Louisiana will go into a tailspin and may never recover. Once again, #1 - stop the leak, protect our shore, clean it up. #2 try to work and live in harmony again until we can efficiently and economically employ alternate energies. Take a few minutes to watch this film.

Posted by Matt Romagosa June 3, 10 07:03 PM

BP - Environmental terrorists. Thank Cheney. Why is that rotten evil undead creature still alive?

Posted by michelle June 3, 10 07:03 PM


Posted by Sandy Rosenthal June 3, 10 07:03 PM

I'm over 40 years old and remember the gas lines in the '70's. I remember telling my elementary school teacher that we needed to find alternative fuels that wouldn't harm the enviroment. She looked at me sadly and said, "The American people will not pay for that to happen." I said, "But if they wait it will just get more expensive to do it."

I had no idea that by this age not only would Americans be unwilling to pay to find a long-term solution but that their greed would also make things like this 'acceptable losses'. Who's to blame? Past generations that didn't want to spend money to find alternatives for our generation. Our generation for the most rampant corruption and greed in history.

Posted by alf June 3, 10 07:04 PM

So Sad...

Posted by Nilka June 3, 10 07:04 PM

Criminal charges should be pending over this disaster.

Posted by m.h.sally June 3, 10 07:05 PM

It makes me sick to my stomach. I watched the videos of that burning oil rig on National GEO and thought wow this could be the vision of hell on water. I have found myself choking up periodically, especially for the people surrounding the Gulf. I understand being from a coastal town in Maine, that poor communities depend on the ocean in so many ways that this is devastating to the core.

Every day I find myself captive to this issue, checking and checking updates- feeling attached to an ache that is in my subconscious and wanting to make a change. My car, my home, my work and in essence my life, runs on this oil. Yet, I have no idea what alternatives there are at a large scale to change this. Sure bike instead, public transportation, but this is bigger issue - What do we do when we survive on an infrastructure that depends on oil?

What is the plan?

There has to be funding for alternative source energy. But I know deep within my patterns- I am also guilty for the dependancy on this monster of a problem. But I think, I am like many, I want an alternative and I don't see the options out there.

Where is the guarantee from our government that there will be an effort to invest in alternative eco sustaining energy sources? That is what I want to hear from this devastation.

Keeping track and love to hear any updates @ :

Posted by Jodi Pierce June 3, 10 07:05 PM

Absolutely heartbreaking.

Posted by Cindy Y. June 3, 10 07:05 PM

@Martin R. The vert first three words in the lead are, "A short entry." I just want to reiterate that The Big Picture is not a place for you to "feel good" or look at pretty pictures.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 07:06 PM

This breaks my so sad

Posted by Danette Delahoussaye June 3, 10 07:06 PM

1) Why does BP and Govt (and us the people) not demand BP to remove the oil from the ocean water as it seems to be the most logical solution at present time... why do they choose to leave it in the water and let this go on destroying everything in its' wake? reference Ex CEO of Shell about removing oil from the water at Is BP really doing all it can to remove oil from the water? 2) Why oil companies off our USA shores do not use existing industry practices to have relief wells already in place with existing and new wells... and why not drill in shallow water, hit same deep well in safer and more manageable conditions? I am no expert, but these seem to be sensible common sense ideas to implement immediately... in addition to the trial and error methods BP has or will try that continue to fail. Just letting the oil flow and not attempt to remove it the next few months or years should not be acceptable by BP, Govt or us. Neither should wait and see... this should be treated as a national emergency.

Posted by Logical Issues - Solutions for now June 3, 10 07:06 PM

I live near where this is happening. The pictures do not say enough. The people in South Louisiana have been screaming for over a month now and we knew what the impending doom would be and now that the world sees it they say how sad - where was everyone in April - why weren't people working harder to stop this. The way of life I returned to after Katrina and rebuilt my life around is now once again gone. Sit on your porch and look at this and smell it - awww is not enough we need everyone to boycott BP and tell them start paying some of the bills and clean this crap up. This is only the beginning and it will get worse.

Posted by Joe'l Winstell June 3, 10 07:06 PM

You might say, "shame on BP" and f**k BP, but BP only do what we ask of them; to provide the cheapest possible energy (subsidies notwithstanding). We have to stand up and say no to anything and anyone, not just BP, that may cause environmental damage just so that we would rather fly or drive than walk.

Posted by Juggabags June 3, 10 07:06 PM

So easy to point the finger at BP. Are they at fault? Of course. But the "bigger picture" is that people make mistakes and accidents are inevitable . . . thus as long as we insist on the convenience of an oil economy over the sacrifices required for a green economy these things will happen. Blame BP? Sure. Blame Exxon for Valdez? Sure. But blame ourselves first. If we depend on oil we will hurt the planet and ALL its inhabitants.

Posted by Matthew Murray June 3, 10 07:06 PM

So the birds. Even more importantly, save the humans! It boggles me how people can get so concerned about these poor birds and never give babies at the risk of being aborted (or the millions that already have been murdered) a second thought! abort73-dot-com.

Posted by Vanessa June 3, 10 07:07 PM

i could just cry right now...

Posted by Mark June 3, 10 07:07 PM

these animals are too far gone to save...

Posted by judy June 3, 10 07:07 PM

Damn the man! What kind of society have we become, we need to end our dependence on oil. Its time for a change, lets support alternative sources of t energy. Lets make our government listen, hemp is a renewable source of fuel that won't harm our earth.

Posted by Susan June 3, 10 07:07 PM

Martin R, you have missed the point entirely.

Posted by Whatev June 3, 10 07:07 PM

Damn B.P,,and OUR PRESIDENT,,,I can't believe they have let this go on this long without coming up with something 2 clean our oceans up,,this is incredibly disgusting,,all these Rich a**holes that all they ever wanted is 2 have more money in their pocket,they weren't raised with any kind of values or morals because most of em grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth,,and I can't believe how many people still go 2 B.P stations 2 get fuel,while they are just making things worse by buying from the enemy ,all this is saying is go ahead B.P,,we really don't care how long it is taking 2 clean this massive oil up...But 4 one thing they had no reason 2 build the oil rig that far out in the ocean 2 begin with,,we had enough of oil rigs in the gulf as it was but they just couldn't stand around thinking O.M.Goodness Iran & Iraq,have more oil than we do,the truth is we have just as much if not more in Texas,that our last PRESIDENT BUSH has,but acts like we or he doesn't have enough 4 the american people 2 have 4 many many years,what we really need 2 do is go back to how it use 2 be before they made vehicles and ride on our horses,or trains that ran off of coal,we think it was bad without having something 2 ride around in while these poor sea animals are paying 4 one of our biggest mistakes in the world,what 2 make someone richer,well here's your sign people we all need 2 stand up and say we wont take this anymore and mean it,we could sacrifice alittle or do without and go back like the ammish people do,people make fun of these people but ya know they are smarter than all of our past,present Presidents,they no how 2 do things without having 2 have oil or fuel 2 do it with,we are all spoiled 2 being able 2 just run out 2 Walmart and grab food,most of it already ready just heat and eat,my family used 2 have a hugh garden and raise just about everything we ate,all it cost was the labor 2 plant,harvest it and can or freeze it 2 last untill the following year,then start all over again,that was the good ole days let me tell ya,,there ain't nothing like knowing what you are eating you raised.....But really people stop buying from B.P and see how fast they will get it together and clean this mess up......

Posted by Denise H June 3, 10 07:08 PM
Posted by moi June 3, 10 07:08 PM

Honorific. I'm anti corporal punishment but think those cost cutting ****** responsible at BP deserve some sort of medieval punishment,

One positive of this is that it's in the gulf of mexico (sorry to those living there) but if this happened off Angola it would be a footnote in any news broadcasts. Like the Shell mess off Nigeria.

Posted by Renegadegirl June 3, 10 07:08 PM


Posted by RENA NEWMAN June 3, 10 07:08 PM

Those of you commenting that these pictures shouldn't be taken are not thinking.

These pictures NEED to be taken. This is the best example of WHY THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

Thank you.

Posted by Jessica Ripley June 3, 10 07:09 PM

And this is only the view from the surface....
The toxicity of the dispersants and the oil is causing vast mortality below the surface. It's time people realize that every decision we make on a daily basis has an impact on our environment. If only people recognized the infrangible link between the health of the planet and the health of humans.

Posted by Alison Seigel June 3, 10 07:09 PM

F*ck BP!! It's a f*cking shame that these birds have to die.

Posted by Lighting June 3, 10 07:10 PM

Sadly, these birds are for all practical purposes dead. The first thing that oiled birds do is preen their feathers, and while doing so they ingest the oil, which is fatal for all but the smallest amounts.

The rescue rate is insignificant compared to the prolonged suffering caused by trying to rescue the birds. Torture 100 birds for days to save one.

I hate to say it, but the most humane thing to do is to wring their necks.

Posted by Alan Turner June 3, 10 07:10 PM

only humans behave like this, we must be stopped !!!!energy must become healthy energy!!!! we are not killing our life we are killing LIFE, ALL LIFE the planet is a living breathing life, it is all one. take the power of money away from energy and maybe it would done differently.

Posted by randall b plaxa June 3, 10 07:11 PM

The only thing that will help put an end to this EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT (google it), is to put an END to industrial civilization.

Try not to just say "there are no words", because there ARE words to say. Our culture is slowly but surely destroying the biosphere. Do your part. Stop promoting the meme that we must "grow the economy", that is simply going to destroy everything. What you can do is dismantle and destroy the infrastructure that continues this civilization.

Posted by Spiderman June 3, 10 07:11 PM

Sylvain, I don't think anyone could have said it better than you did. This is on OUR hands.

Posted by Kate June 3, 10 07:11 PM

Made my almost cry.
At least i hope that BP pays for this, and that makes change the law to not allow this to happen again.

Posted by sad June 3, 10 07:11 PM

Remember these the next time you use a car instead of a bike.

Posted by Angry Voter June 3, 10 07:12 PM

Give me a break. It's oil. It's leaking. We know it. Seeing these goop covered animals doesn't change anything. It still needs to be fixed. This to me seems like a cheap shot at trying to get some extra activity on this web site.

Posted by Franco June 3, 10 07:12 PM

Let's stop saying "oh my, look at how horrible this is" and join in the clean up efforts. This isn't our world - it's our children's. We are all guilty of oil addiction, and we all need to make drastic changes in our lives to prevent these types of things from happening again. It won't happen overnight, but it won't happen at all if we don't try.

If I could afford to leave work and fly down, I would be there in a heartbeat. I hope some of you are closer and can do your part.

Posted by Chris from Canada June 3, 10 07:12 PM

This breaks my heart. This is even worse then Bostons pictures regarding war, because the animals are 100% innocent.

Posted by Baddy June 3, 10 07:15 PM

How do we know they didnt save them after the pictures were taken? Because most of them are dead! Sylvian is correct, we are all responsible for this.Our need to make more and consume more and slow to find alternative energy caused this. Those pictures will be our legacy. There are no words .This makes me only imagine the horrors that are below the water.

Posted by Tania June 3, 10 07:15 PM

These photos are heartbreaking!!! Is there anyone out there to rescue these animals and clean them and release them once this situation is resolved?? I hear all kinds of reports of the damage, but nothing on the effort to rescue and clean the wildlife covered in oil. Where can this information be found???

Posted by Monet June 3, 10 07:15 PM

To the person who wrote, "This is tragic, but it was a complete accident…", no sir, it wasn't a 'complete' accident. There have been plenty of commentaries from scientists and engineers saying that the technology to drill SAFELY at depths of 5000 ft below the sea simply does not exist.

Government is as culpable as industry, for ignoring the facts in the name of 'ends justify the means'. But now we know at what cost, and that cost is simply too high.

Posted by Tycho June 3, 10 07:17 PM

Hey! Where's all the people who yelled "Drill Baby Drill"?

Posted by Sully June 3, 10 07:18 PM

I am so, so sad to see this...

Gov and private companies share the blame and can never make this right...which smart regulator allowed drilling at depths where there is no hope of fixing problems, I have so little faith in humans to do anything...

Posted by Patrick June 3, 10 07:18 PM

Truly disgusting

Posted by Rob June 3, 10 07:18 PM

This will not end until the human race does. Its the sad truth. Those who make up the minds of masses will help us forget about all of this and make us realize that we need more oil.

Posted by Tom Truth June 3, 10 07:19 PM

my heart is broken ;(

Posted by bellemer June 3, 10 07:19 PM

so awful :(

Posted by Daniela Peña June 3, 10 07:19 PM

we do a good job managing the earth don't we.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 07:19 PM

so awful :(

Posted by Daniela Peña June 3, 10 07:19 PM

Save the pelicans! Well save all the animals, but the Pelican is on the flag so it's one of the most important things.

Posted by San Francisco Slim June 3, 10 07:20 PM

Photo #5 should be BP's updated logo - or perhaps #6

scene of the crime - horrifying

Posted by Carol Oldershaw June 3, 10 07:20 PM

we do a good job managing the earth don't we.

Posted by alamino June 3, 10 07:20 PM

Powerful images that will hopefully charge the public outcry. Unfortunately it's probably just the beginning of such damage, please do your best to have your voices heard about this awful environmental disaster that will impact more species than we care to know, including humans.

Posted by Josh June 3, 10 07:20 PM

To follow up Anonymous (comment 35), you all should keep in mind that volunteers are specially trained for their protection (folks have already been burned by dispersants, which never should have been implemented) as well as for the safety of the wildlife. If Mr. Taylor did not play hero and clean them, then he did the right thing. If he pointed them out to trained volunteers or offered them information of what he saw, then he really really did the right thing. However, he got people to look at these pictures and hopefully influenced them to do what they can to help, so he has certainly done good.

Mr. Taylor, thanks for doing your part.

Posted by Sarah S. June 3, 10 07:21 PM

These pictures brought a tear to my eye. Awful

Posted by CFRV June 3, 10 07:21 PM

Sad and disgusting, yes.
What about the heavy elements sinking onto the ocean floor and how they will concentrate in animals decades from now? Will we realize what actually kills off generations of dolphins in the years to come, or will we look for an immediate cause?

Every major business entity involved in this needs to be held accountable, not merely BP.
As others have said, WE need to be held accountable as well. An honest and brutal inventory of YOUR own addiction to petroleum products might make you equally aghast.

Contact local Veterinary Medicine Clinics and university training programs for ways to help. A drive is already underway to send the vitally-needed supplies to help clean up this ecological cataclysm. ACT UP!

Posted by informed June 3, 10 07:21 PM

These birds may have been rescued, but that doesn't mean they have been saved. A lot of birds/animals covered in the oil have to be put down because they were to far gone. heartbreaking. This is all i can think about. boycott BP!

Posted by robin June 3, 10 07:21 PM

don't just blame this all on BP. You can blame me, yourself, friends, family. We all use oil at some point.

mankind did this to nature, not just BP trying a buck ( or a billion )

Posted by scott June 3, 10 07:21 PM

BP and all the others bleeding the planet need to take a huge step forward and start spending money on renewable resources and instead of researching existing energy deposits in our planet)looking for new oil deposits) that it start researching an alternate means of sustaining humanities power requirements. It is not that far off that this planet will not be able to sustain our numbers.

I think the picture series hits where it should, someplace very tender.. so we start moving forward instead of waiting for things to change.

Posted by J Ranger June 3, 10 07:22 PM

When the clean energy bill comes up for a vote this summer, we should contact our Senators to support it: the American Power Act.

Even though it also gives loan 'guarantees' to nuclear and "clean coal" that happens ONLY if those companies can actually get loans to guarantee from private sector!

Once they are competing with wind and solar, wind and solar will win, because they are cheaper (AND cleaner) than nuclear and CCS coal.

So enviros: we need to pull together to pass this, because APA puts a price on pollution for the first time, so fossil fuels are finally going to be priced as expensive as they really are.

Then it will be cheaper and easier for us to switch to electric cars, run on solar panels off your roof, or off of wind farms in the countryside or off shore wind (which looks about a half inch tall in the distance six miles away).

The first electric cars are coming out this year, and it is time to think about a different way to get around.

Posted by Susan June 3, 10 07:22 PM

The photos of the destruction of wildlife as a result of this RIDICULOUS MESS anger me to the very core of my being! I want to know what organization is doing the most to help the birds & animals in the area, so I know that whatever money I am able to donate will do the most good. If I had any vacation time available, or money enough to take time off from my jobs, I would gladly donate my time to come down there to do whatever I could to help the poor, defenseless birds & animals affected by the stupidity of mankind that has been inflicted on them!

Posted by L A McRae June 3, 10 07:22 PM

This is your greed america, this is your cheap gas, your big cars, your wasteful instant gratification lifestyles, this is your fault. Every one of you has had a hand in this. Let this be the turning point, let this shock you into action, making comments online about how terrible it is when you have a 3 litre SUV in the driveway is sheer hipocracy. Learn from this, change from this!

Posted by Pissed Off Non American June 3, 10 07:23 PM

How can we help?

Posted by Lara June 3, 10 07:23 PM

lol Maybe the bird shouldn't be stupid and not sleep in oil next time. I wanna eat it

Posted by KELSIPHER June 3, 10 07:23 PM


Posted by BECKY June 3, 10 07:23 PM

And so I ask, "What have these birds done to deserve this?!??!"

Posted by David Logan Morrow June 3, 10 07:24 PM

This makes my cry & want to vomit at once. Even if they 'saved' those birds there are many birds & too many other species in numbers greater than CAN be saved. Humans have now damaged the food chain in a way few seem able to comprehend. I hope someone with a brain is protecting the east coastline, since they told us a month ago it will ultimately go there. Hear that BP...better get booming all the coastline.

Posted by Cheryl Steinmann June 3, 10 07:24 PM

These pictures are only a glimpse of what is happening in the GULF as we speak. Not only have people along the coast lost their lively hood in fishing, shrimping, etc....but the incredible loss of wildlife in the air, land and sea. How many species of animals did we just lose in this disaster? Not just today, but long term? The inability to reproduce and sustain life is incomprehensible. This disaster is on the same scale as September 11, 2001! Now, the name game begins.

Posted by Kim Brooks June 3, 10 07:24 PM

These pictures break my heart!
BP NEEDS to get this taken care of asap!

Posted by Jennie5256 June 3, 10 07:24 PM

I really hope the photographer pulled that 1st bird out!
I saw the image on new report and couldn't believe the footage switched.

I know once covered a bird chances are slim and that bird is buried but _still_ I hope they tried.

BP should sell most if not all of it's assets (and, yes, I'm sorry that means putting people out of work who might have had nothing to do with the botched handling) and use that money to help pay for the clean up.

Posted by Rose June 3, 10 07:24 PM

@Cervantes, you ignorant fool, don't mire yourself waste-deep in fallacies and try to argue that pointing fingers at the oil companies is unnecessary and detracts from efforts. People can and will act to fix this mess, but blame must still be allocated. And the oil companies deserve most of it. They provide us with the power to excel? At what cost, though? They're greedy and selfish, and we've grown dependent. Not only should we blame them and point fingers, whilst we fix the problem, we should use this as a lesson to break away from them and get "power to excel" from a safer, cleaner, cheaper, and above all else, renewable source.

Posted by QuarkFlavoredCereal June 3, 10 07:25 PM

Instead of complaining... help. NBC news put together this great list
This is going to take more than BP's efforts to clean up. Donate, volunteer or report areas that need help.

Posted by karmiclife June 3, 10 07:26 PM

It's funny how many people want to blame anyone but themselves for this..

Posted by youdidthis June 3, 10 07:26 PM

These pictures are horrifying, this is a terrible disaster. But why would you get so close and take a frigen picture of animals suffering so badly and do not a damn thing, pull them out of the crap if you can or put them out of their misery, that is sick to just take a picture post it world wide and do nothing, I have watched the news all day and this is all I see. If these birds cannot be saved at least end their suffering somehow rather then blasting pictures of them all over. This is just my opinion.

Posted by Jessie True June 3, 10 07:26 PM

Tom, you're an ignorant waste of O2 at best; that is corporate penny pinching and neglect. That has nothing to do with Capitalism, you absolute creton; it's called human nature.

I hope heads roll over this. I visited my hometown, New Orleans, last weekend and the people are devastated over this. What a senseless waste of precious wildlife. I hope BP pays for their arrogance and neglect. I hope they pay dearly for the pain they are causing people.

Posted by Frank June 3, 10 07:27 PM

If you are interested in helping you can register to volunteer at

You help the clean up and handling the wild life it would be helpful to you have any HAZWOPER training, which you can do at your local town or online.

I look forward to have the opportunity to help and will be willing to fly over there every weekend to do whatever I can.

Posted by p. fucci June 3, 10 07:28 PM

Wow! These are really powerful images. It's ridiculous and unacceptable that the oil is still leaking... Hurry UP what are you waiting for? FIX IT! Stop with the excuses.

Posted by Tyler June 3, 10 07:30 PM

I bet BP's efforts at stopping the leak would be speedier if the children of BP executives had IV lines hooked to a major vein that let their blood run onto the ground. The IV lines will be removed when the leak is stopped and the seas cleaned up. The firstborn of each BP executive would go first, then the other children by age, then the spouses, then the mothers and fathers, etc. I bet BP would find a way to stop the leak before 100 gallons of blood were spilled—far less than what has been spilled in any recent war. This solution is no more horrible than the suffering that has been caused already by BP.

Justice has many forms. It is up to us to deliver it.

Posted by One of many June 3, 10 07:30 PM

oh my god. this is horrifying... I feel like crying... What can I do to help? What can we do? :(

Posted by Ryan June 3, 10 07:30 PM

I also helped Obama into office with the hope that he would keep his promises. But I now see that he has no intention of turning away big money and lobbyists from Washington. He lied. I will do whatever it takes to see him out of office next election.

Posted by jenn June 3, 10 07:30 PM

f**king oil companies need to stop being so god damn greedy and realize there the people that kill the world. They need to figure it out that theres a price to pay for the shit they do, sickening really, hope you all feel gutless and should

Posted by taylor lokling June 3, 10 07:30 PM


go green, go vegan.

Posted by David June 3, 10 07:30 PM

BP will get away w/ this, I'm pretty sure. Obama already said that it's his fault. shame shame.

Posted by lakers-fan June 3, 10 07:30 PM

HAHA B.A.M. (#264) so naive. "Obama, why couldn't you see the future and stop this before it started" You really think one man can foresee every possible disaster? Please. Big brother, come down and save us! We grant you ultimate control over everything (even though anything you touch turns to crap).

Posted by Benny June 3, 10 07:31 PM

So the Bush administration was criticized for showing up a day late to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Where is the Obama administration and why aren't they fining BP millions of $$$ per day until the clean it up? I assure you they'd have find a fix to this mess!

Obama's neglect to our nations worse economic disaster proves his abilities to lead this nation. This is catastrophic negligence!

Posted by Shad June 3, 10 07:31 PM

is anyone helping these birds?

Posted by lisa June 3, 10 07:31 PM

the oil companies are scared to lose their monopoly. to be complely honnest i wouldn't even be mad if the oil companies decided to monoplize the solar energy or wind energy industry because at least that's a CLEAN source of energy. they need to be stopped

Posted by Eric T June 3, 10 07:31 PM

Did it ever occur to people that these photos were taken right before they were picked up and cleaned?

The real problem is that even if they are cleaned they may have immune system problems from all the toxins they have absorbed from the oil and dispersants in the oil, so they may still die horrible deaths in time, if they don't do so very soon.

This is the face of unfettered capitalism. We CANNOT let these sociopathic companies run amok. These kinds of things are the result.

Posted by splashy June 3, 10 07:32 PM

To B.A.M. Post #264 - I am with you 100%!! I could not be more disappointed in President Obama. He promised change...he lied. It's just more of the same politics as usual. Looks like he's settled right in with the rest of the losers. This is catastrophic and he is leaving it up to the fools who made the mess in the first place. Someone please tell me how that makes any sense? We are facing one of the worst disasters in our country's history, caused by a company that cut corners to increase their profits, who had no back up plan in place, that hasn't been able to stop this in over 40 days, and we are going to continue to leave it up to them? Really? I am disgusted

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 07:32 PM

#264 Explain to me exactly what Obama should be doing that he isn't already? The guy can't exactly call up Superman to make it right.

If nothing else, this spill tragically proves that Oil is not worth the costs. Sadder than all of the heart-wrenching photos here is that the entire Gulf of Mexico might turn into a giant oil-tar pit before the majority of people realize this.

Solar panels don't cause spills that destroy 1/3 of America's coast. - Put that on a bumper sticker

Posted by SH June 3, 10 07:32 PM

Why is everyone bitching... we are all consumers of their product. Can't wait to go fill up my tank!

Posted by JasonMorris June 3, 10 07:34 PM

What became of the birds?

Posted by Ethan June 3, 10 07:35 PM

that's so horrible. These companies have plenty of patented plans that could give us free energy (like tesla's car & his other devices & the guy who made the car that runs on water that they killed & more) so we don't have to use oil. But some people are really more interested in $money$ than what's best for humankind. Some would rather have this than give you something for free.

Posted by aubery June 3, 10 07:36 PM

I think we should keep making money at ALL costs. The Market is god & will sort everything out in the long run.


Posted by D.B. Valentine June 3, 10 07:36 PM

I HATE seeing these pictures, the animal lover that I am.....although, I only have old pics that I can post of a dear friend, father and husband, Jason, who lost his life trying to keep this from happening. There are numerous families that have Dads not coming home EVER.

Posted by gayle June 3, 10 07:37 PM

Just imagine... If the "enviromentalist" had not forced oil rigs sooo far out to sea, forcing them to drill a mile below sea level; things could be different. This same accident a mile off the coast( where the water is maybe 300 -500 ft deep) could be fixed in hours instead of months.

Just another point of view.

Posted by Jeremey June 3, 10 07:37 PM

Do any of you really think these birds could be saved at the point of these photographs? That oil isn't only on the outside. Very sad.

Posted by Austin June 3, 10 07:37 PM

Really a sad deal...but I'm sorry friends, capitalism is a lot prettier than socialism.

Posted by Neil June 3, 10 07:37 PM

No more drilling oil on SEA!

Posted by Kay June 3, 10 07:38 PM

Time to bankrupt BP and use every dollar to clean up the gulf. Shut that company down, and shut down Exxon and Haliburton next.

Posted by The Truth June 3, 10 07:38 PM

This is so disgusting. I can't imagine how many animals off camera have been caught on oil.

Posted by Michelle June 3, 10 07:38 PM

The pictures are sad. So is the fact that three small birds have flown into windows on my home so far this year and not survived. Two died instantly and one after 15 minutes. Does this mean I am a criminal? Does this mean all future home construction should be stopped and all existing homes torn down? BP did not set out to injure those birds. The failure of the well may be BP's fault (we do not know what went wrong yet), it is surely their responsibility. We as humans regatively impact other living things every day. It is our responsibility to try to minimize those impacts as much as we can. But we never will have zero impact.

Posted by Bobof Texas June 3, 10 07:39 PM

@Tom Yes. Lets all be communist.

Posted by Karlov June 3, 10 07:39 PM

Do any of you really think these birds could be saved at the point of these photographs? That oil isn't only on the outside. Very sad.

Posted by Austin June 3, 10 07:39 PM

One Brown Pelican can get your SUV 2 Miles on the highway!

Posted by Tom June 3, 10 07:39 PM

This is one hell of a tragedy, for sure. But blaming an economic system for it? Tom... do you have any idea how communism treated the environment? Do you?

Capitalism isn't perfect -- show me a system that is -- but at least it can be responsive. Other systems commit these crimes in spades and people are given no choice about it.

Posted by snowball June 3, 10 07:40 PM

And the CEO of BP says he wants his life back, coward!!!!

Posted by Ryan June 3, 10 07:40 PM

BP Needs to pay

BP Needs to pay for a lot of things

BP Needs to pay

Posted by peaches1999 June 3, 10 07:40 PM

"I would have a wee bit more respect for all your histrionics if you were doing this over, say, pictures of the PEOPLE whose livelihoods are being affected by this disaster. But, no, PEOPLE are far less important for some of you folks than things with fur and feathers."

I haven't read all of the posts, so I apologize if I'm repeating something already pointed out. But, Terry, what many people don't understand is that if the 'fur and feathers' in this region of the country are wiped out - in Louisiana where entire communities function around wildlife and natural ecosystems - then the people and communities will die with them.

Humans and ecosystems are NOT separate entities. What happens to one inevitably affects what happens to the other, *especially* in areas like Louisiana where jobs and livelihoods utterly depend on the health and success of the natural food chain. It's not that we don't care about the people. We love our people. But our people and this beautiful, amazing state, are nothing without the land and the fur and the feathers.

The National Audubon Society and the Audubon Nature Institute are working both legislatively and on the ground to assist with the oil spill. They are organizing local volunteers and accepting donations.

Posted by Sarah June 3, 10 07:40 PM

@comment #35.... I can clearly see a bird with it's feet up in the air.... THAT MEANS IT'S DEAD MORON

Posted by aubery June 3, 10 07:40 PM

THANK YOU to all of those special folks who have stopped your lives, left your familes and who are working around the clock to try to save what is left. America is mourning for our precious wildlife.

Posted by Anna June 3, 10 07:41 PM

where is kanye to start spouting off about how "obama doesn't care about ________ (the environment, animals, fisherman, america, etc...)"

Posted by shawn June 3, 10 07:41 PM

@232, No one is trying to say that animals are more important than people. People did this to these animals, and we have to accept that fact and own up to it.

Posted by S June 3, 10 07:41 PM

Capitalism?... I just heard Chavez yell " drill baby drill" !

Days after the Gulf Oilspill a Venezuela platform went down...
But yes, Cheney really is the biggest ahole in the world!...

Posted by FreeBrain June 3, 10 07:42 PM

When is BP going to realize they have killed the lower end of Plaquemines Parish especially our wildlife. We were struggling to get back where we were before Katrina. Now this......They have destroyed a way of life for hundreds of people. Not to mention killing the wildlife, from birds, fish, shrimp, crabs, etc. Cap the well and stop pretending!!!! We know why it's not capped yet! As long as it flows they don't have to get another gov't permit.

Posted by Paula June 3, 10 07:43 PM

Pictures illustrating why it's embarrassing to be an Amercian right now!

Posted by Sarah June 3, 10 07:43 PM

These photos are just a few of the many signs we will continue to see as humanity travels the widely accepted path of modern science (not to worry 'cause the West is leading the way!). Be great to go back to the pure and simple, but do we really want to stop the progress we are making?

Posted by We're Making Such Great Time June 3, 10 07:44 PM

BP corporate employees should be there cleaning this up with their own hands & spend their personal money helping to clean this up. I would.

Posted by aubery June 3, 10 07:44 PM

F#@K BP!!!

Posted by Paul Manzo June 3, 10 07:45 PM

People, we can make a change happen, and faster than most expect. But it will hurt. We have to start the change in our own families, then we need to vote all of the morons out of office. If I see one more idiot with a law degree from 1950 trying to tell me that global warming is a myth and there is nothing wrong with fossil fuels, I am going to go ballistic. We need people with reall intelligence and REAL knowledge of the issues.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 07:46 PM

Verdaderamente triste

Posted by Suenie Galsome June 3, 10 07:46 PM

A public outrage! One very good reason to ban the use of ALL fossil fuels (Yes, it can be done. I personaly haven`t used fossil fuels for over 2 years now...)

Posted by Mark L. Koopsen June 3, 10 07:46 PM

Yes bp are meeting a huge demand, but its not our fault. THEY are 100% responsible for making sure this doesn't happen, you really think id pay £1.20 a litre if I didn't have to drive anywhere? Sorry folks but wake up, we now live in an age where we have to drive, don't blame this on people that have to drive to put food on families plates, this is all bps ill doing, how about they cut taxes on fuel to help fund a fix / cleanup? That's right government doesn't care!

Posted by secret June 3, 10 07:46 PM

Stop judging the photog. Those birds are dead. 90% of birds cleaned die within two weeks and those birds are trashed. If it was me I woulda taken their pics then snapped their necks. And think this scene times a few million. Would it make us feel less guilty to know that we washed em off only to die a week later? Want someone to blame? Blame your dad for voting Jimmy Carter out of office.

Posted by pat June 3, 10 07:46 PM

is everyone forgetting that oil is used to make plastic? that shoping bag, that TV, that mcdonalds coffee cup, that lunch box, all made with OIL. riding your bicycle to work is not going to make a difference, recycling the plastics we allready have might over time but it is more expensive than drilling for more oil so it wont happen unless you spend more for your consumer items.

Posted by Brendon June 3, 10 07:47 PM

"In case that is not obvious, ask yourself: why on Earth are we drilling for oil in mile-deep water, in the complete absence of a technology adequate to fix mishaps when they happen? Don't you suppose there are places on dry land, say, in Alaska, or in the vast Federal lands in the western states, where they could be drilling instead? Why would a greedy business corporation be doing something as expensive and dangerous -- to itself as well as everyone else -- as what it is doing? The answer is obvious."

Posted by vanderleun June 3, 10 07:48 PM

This is horrible. If only the environmentalist allowed the drilling in shallower waters rather than miles out and miles deep, prevention, recovery, and clean up would be a lot easier. Capitalism is not the problem, nutjob environmentalist are.

Posted by robd June 3, 10 07:48 PM


Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 07:48 PM

Omg, these poor birds. this is so sad. The oil spill has to be stopped. It's killing the animals with that area.

Posted by Rikki June 3, 10 07:48 PM

"What makes you think these birds weren't saved?"

Well, if my professional training as an ornithologist is not mistaken, they weren't. #6 is dead already, and the others are at least dying. Mineral oil is highly toxic to birds (just as it is to humans), and birds this much affected already have ingested a lot of the stuff trying to clean their plumage.

The Exxon Valdez disaster has provided much information on oiled birds. As a rule, with the best possible standards of care, a mildly oiled bird has about a 1:1 chance of medium-term survival. Depending on species, this may be higher or lower; small delicate ones with specialized feeding requirements are extremely hard to save, while large fat robust ones have often better-than-even odds. Long-term survival rates are less than one-third even for those species that are able to cope well.

Provided they are only *mildly oiled*.

Even with the best care that can be provided, a bird that has been covered in as much mineral oil as much as these has odds of survival about as high as those of a human who has eaten three packs of high-dosage Tylenol (with no liver transplant available). That is to say: if any of these, no matter how much time and care is given to it, would live for one more week, it is nothing short of a miracle. And even if, they'd probably not make it for another month. And it is essentially impossible to remove that much oil in the first place, without scrubbing the bird raw, or having it succumb to heart arrest. If one manages it, they usually die of hypothermia, because the plumage is soaked and cannot give warmth, and their digestive system is all messed up. Those that survive this usually die from of mineral oil poisoning; the intestines, the lungs, are all inflamed from swallowed oil and the vapours (birds have a body temperature of >40 centigrades, so these in the photos constantly inhale the poisonous fumes their own body heat produces form the oil).

From a veterinary standpoint, one can only hope that these particular birds got their necks broken quickly, and that the people went on looking for other birds that had a non-zero chance to survive.

Ugly, eh?

Well, you know whom you have to thank for it.

But the biggest problem is yet to come. Coastal ecosystems are more resilient to oil damage than was believed in the mid-20th century, when the problem first came up. The Gulf coast will probably recover in less than 10 years, from a purely ecological standpoint (the Persian Gulf coast suffered worse in 1991, and it took a good decade until the ecosystem was more or less back to normal). That is, if human interference is kept to a minimum. Meaning that the pre-spill level of human use cannot be maintained for at least 10 years, or THE GULF COAST RUNS RISK TO BE ECOLOGICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY OBLITERATED.

Let me make myself understood here:

Many 1,000s - perhaps even millions - of coast inhabitants wiill have to resettle, or at least quit their previous jobs, for years on end. It'll be either this, or the region will suffer long-term economic collapse.

It is physically impossible to remove that much oil; it will have to decompose by natural means. Opening shrimping or fishing grounds too early and for too long a season will mean that stocks will be permanently damaged, and that the ecosystem will not recover fully. Ground-netting will tear up sediment, under which most of the oil will end up buried, and reintroduce the stuff into circulation. Toxic degradation products of the oil and toxins from the emulsifiers will abound anyway; food gained from the sea will be unfit for consumption etc. The water supply will be tainted on places. It will look fine on the outside after 3 years or so, but if nature is not given a head start of some additional years, it will be all for nothing, because the oil will still be there, a foot or so down in the sediment, where it slowly decomposes. This will take another handful of years or so until sufficient progress is achieved to allow for pre-spill evels of hman coastline utilization.

In essence, BP and their colleagues messed up the coastline for good; there will be a "time before the spill" and a "time after the spill" for decades to come, even if the recovery is not tampered with and goes well (the salt marshes and the barrier island shore vegetation are the big unknowns). Whether those responsible can shirk from paying for the immense effort needed to relocate people from the most severely hit areas and provide a means of sustenance for those that stay but lose their jobs, or whether it comes down to the taxpayer to clear it up, depends on the reaction of the American public.

The annual follow-up cost of this disaster will probably be in the order of magnitude of one of the smaller U.-S. states' annual budget (judging from the amount of coastline and the population affected). Since it is probably barely within their financial means to make good what they screwed up, the severest pressure on those responsible will be necessary. Because for BP at least, this has become an issue of their own survival first and foremost.

Posted by Eike Wulfmeyer June 3, 10 07:48 PM

these photos makes me sad. I adore animals and it pains me to see them suffer . i just want to reach into the photos and clean them all up and set them free. God please protect your creations

Posted by chantel June 3, 10 07:48 PM

How many of you drive or own cars and use the oil that's killing the birds you pity in these photos?

Don't blame B.P.
Blame yourselves.

Posted by Thom June 3, 10 07:48 PM

what a foul way to go..

Posted by NotFunny June 3, 10 07:49 PM

"What have we done to the world, look what we've done..."

Earth Song - Michael Jackson

Posted by I83 June 3, 10 07:50 PM

Before you start yelling about how greedy BP is, remember that there are a lot of organizations in the this chain which make money through exploration. Not only the users of the product but many of you that are expecting great returns on your investments which very well could relying on discovering or using cheap energy.

I agree with the other posters, if you feel that strongly come down and help, put your compassion to good work instead of good intentions.

Posted by SMP June 3, 10 07:50 PM

Pauvre monde

Pauvre Terre

Posted by jpa June 3, 10 07:51 PM

To the person that stated that "WE are the problem because we want fast, bigger cars" Did you know that they can make cars that run on vegatable oil, also they made a car(no sure what year but I can remember my grandfather and dad talking about it) that can get like 60 miles to the gallon. So dont say its us thats the problem. The problem is these big companys LIKE BP that are greedy as F@#K, Look at these poor aniamls. They dont deserve this. There should be monthly mantence dont on all oil rigs or platforms or whatever there call to ensure this problem doesnt happen again.

Posted by Shanon June 3, 10 07:51 PM

Makes me cry when I see these images.

F$$k BP and all those people chanting drill baby drill!

Posted by prajwal June 3, 10 07:52 PM

I hope when Sarah Palin runs for President, people will remember her mantra "drill baby drill". This week on twitter she blamed this spill on environmentalists. These pictures are so sad as we are not good stewards of this fragile planet we live on. They are saying this oil will eventually make its way to the east coast. When will we learn as a species not to pollute our planet.

Posted by Justin June 3, 10 07:52 PM

The pictures are disturbing to look through. People, if you want to see who is responsible for this mess, go look in a mirror! We all are responsible. We let it happen, we made it happen. We all live pretty good here in America, we all come and go as we please, we are responsible for the demand for oil.
If you want to be pissed, than get pissed. Sometimes you have to get pissed so you can get your ass off the couch or recliner and go out and do something about it. Tell everyone on the internet may be therapeutic, but it is not going to stop anyone or change anything. Quit bitching and do something about it!

Posted by Chad June 3, 10 07:53 PM

It would be amazing if we responded to this disaster with the urgency and compassion that we did for the crisis in Haiti.

If these photos upset you, do something about it.

Posted by Jen June 3, 10 07:54 PM

Is there a Wildlife foundation taking contributions to aid in the cleaning of these birds?...I would gladly donate.

Posted by Brenda June 3, 10 07:54 PM

????BIG OIL CRIMINALS are all responsible???

So are you if you drive a car or use any goods or services that require the use of petroleum products. If you're not living in a cave and off the land, you have a hand in this too. As a matter of fact, you all owe your lives to the energy sources that have made it possible for you have refridgerated food and climate controlled living spaces so you can continue to overpopulate the planet like a rat infestation. Get over it already!

Posted by Tricky Dick June 3, 10 07:54 PM

This is sad yes. But what a lot of people fail to see is that we are all apart of this. Yes indeed BP is responsible for the leak, but, as it is now...We as human race are very dependent on oil. It allows us to drive our cars, fly our planes. There's a bigger picture to all of this. Companies like BP wouldn't exist in the first place if the demand was so high. It's easy to point fingers, just remember that you're a part of it too.

Posted by XenoChrist June 3, 10 07:55 PM

Way to go Obama. You've had two months to prevent this.

Posted by Hu Man June 3, 10 07:55 PM

You are all morons on high horses. I bet you all drives huge SUVs alone and then come home to your heated homes and whine on your laptop about big bad BP. I know it's sad but it's a bird. Be sad about the fishermen out of a job or the restaurant owner on a closed beach with no customers. They are the true victims.

Posted by Blah blah blah June 3, 10 07:56 PM

We have bred ourselves into a corner, and this is the result. Things WILL NOT get better until there is a massive die-off of the human race. Don't worry, though, that is coming very soon. This right here may be the beginning of it.

I think BP is pure evil. They have demonstrated again and again that they are more than willing to lie, lie, lie and cover up the true horror of what they have done. But if you want to know who is really responsible, go look in the mirror. Yeah, drive your car a few miles less a day. That will make a big freaking difference. It's too late to cut back on how we have mindlessly bred for the past few centuries. The four horsemen will have to fix things now.

Posted by John June 3, 10 07:56 PM

Being from the Gulf Coast (but currently living on the west coast) and seeing these pictures makes me sick to my stomach. May BP pay for what has happened to some of the most beautiful areas and wildlife in this country. I only hope that other oil manufacturers see what damage this has done and learn from it before there is another similar event.

Posted by Mary June 3, 10 07:56 PM

wow. can't wait til the photos of dead whales and dolphins come next. tragic.

Posted by victoria_sf June 3, 10 07:56 PM

"One of the many ugly faces of capitalism"

you should see the kind of ecological disasters for which communism was responsible.

lets just call it the many ugly faces of progress.

Posted by deforge June 3, 10 07:57 PM

Stop exploring oil!

Posted by Stewart June 3, 10 07:58 PM

What does feeling sorry for yourself have to do with anything? If someone doesn't feel sorry for themselves it makes it ok to do whatever you want with them? ...truly bizarre logic.

Listen Cervantes, this has nothing to do with cap and trade, this is about the true price of goods and services. It's time to flush Rush buddy, we can't afford to keep framing this as 'bleeding hearts' vs. economic success. The fact is there is a monetary value of a healthy and vibrant gulf that far exceeds the monetary value of the oil.

Lets turn off the radio and start thinking for ourselves.

Posted by Adams June 3, 10 07:58 PM

Just saying ... If BP offered Gasoline @ 99 cents a gallon, 90% of you all, would be lined up to fill up your tank. Thank You.

Posted by Jason June 3, 10 07:58 PM

No... :,(

Posted by Stacey June 3, 10 07:59 PM

We're as guilty as BP.

Posted by John Adams June 3, 10 07:59 PM

Of course the most advanced technology we've had to transport ourselves has been 100 year old out dated dinosaur technology, 20% efficient at best according to Honda chairman.

Of course there could not be anything better like figuring out how to make gravity waves or any other scalar (think quantumn) electromagnetic effect.

Posted by GhostR1der June 3, 10 07:59 PM

I have totally lost faith in what I called AMERICA. How ashamed we are to be such a public disgrace to mankind.

Posted by Sharon M June 3, 10 08:00 PM

I truly hope those basterds who did this to them burn in hell. I hate them so much right now.

Posted by Thomas June 3, 10 08:00 PM

Anyone who has heat in their home, drives a car, rides a bike, wears poly clothing, uses electricity, plastic, paint, name it. You know the one about the guy who can cast the first stone right? You think the organic cotton in your Patagonia jeans wasn't delivered by truck or your merino wool by tanker from New Zealand? Be careful where you point your fingers people. We all own this problem.

Remember the 3 R's...we need to work on #1 REDUCE.

Posted by street to peak June 3, 10 08:00 PM

We are all to blame! Do you drive a car? do you use plastic? we are all to blame...

Posted by ME June 3, 10 08:00 PM

Yet, all of us want our cars, our houses heated or cooled, and all the other things that oil gets for us, including the heating of our green houses so we can have all the food out that's out of season. Do we think about all these animals when we don't have our creature comforts?

Posted by charlotte June 3, 10 08:01 PM

I have totally have lost faith in what I called AMERICA. How ashamed we are to be such a public disgrace to mankind. BP, you are at the top of the list of what we strive "not" to be as a company and a nation!

Posted by Sharon M June 3, 10 08:02 PM

To all the POSITIVE people saying, those birds were probably SAVED! I say, put on a brain and an OIL MASK and look at the millions of DEATH creatures for hundreds of miles that will be DEAD at the bottom of the SEA,--- I mean OILSEA!!!...

We don't need to STINKING OIL anymore... LETS bankrupt those irresponsible morons by changing the worng ways!

Posted by FreeBrain June 3, 10 08:02 PM

Humans not only destroy animals, plants, etc... They destroy their self and each other daily... Geez people...

Posted by Me June 3, 10 08:02 PM

I think this is the wake up call America needed to put further restrictions on off shore drilling. For example, it should be outlawed to drill at levels this deep as they cannot be properly maintained or controlled. Write to your representative and demand that national funds should not be directed at paying for lawsuites, but federal funding should go to helping the true victims of this disaster. A life is a life; regardless if it has feathers, wears shoes or has scales. These are American lives being destroyed. Preservation of our nation's remaining natural establishments should be a priority, especially now.

Posted by Deborah Lynn Rod June 3, 10 08:03 PM

It is sad that they just take pictures,while the animals struggle. WHAT is wrong with that picture!

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:04 PM

One can hope that some of these birds were rescued, but it is hard to tell if they can survive swimming in such toxic swill. How we all live has to change, because drilling will continue as long as everything is energy-driven: heating macmansions, driving huge cars (yes, they still exist) and more. I dread when a hurricane sucks up this mire, because it will happen. :(

Posted by Elyse June 3, 10 08:04 PM

This is horrible. But let's have a sense of proportion. How often does this happen? Are we to just stop using oil as a natural energy resource just because of a very rare accident? If anything, this will teach us to find safer innovative ways to extract oil.

Thank you Exxon Mobile, Citgo, BP, Chevron, for providing a product that extends my freedom to travel long distances in a short amount of time. Thank you. Now clean up your mess, and let's move on.

Posted by Alejandro Gonzalez June 3, 10 08:05 PM

Where are all the Tea Partiers yelling for less government now? We had terrible oversight due to the Refoxlicans thinking big business should be left alone and we should have less regulation. This is the result when companies are left to their own devices and the regulators we do have are understaffed and told to not enforce existing rules because the political philosophy is to let them do their thing and it will be ok. Decades of this becoming entrenched into our government, since Reagan, and this is the result.

Every single tea bagger should stand up and state publicly that we need less oversight, less government and less regulation, not just in general, but in this particular case right now, or they should shut up and go home.

Posted by Marty June 3, 10 08:05 PM

I don't understand how this has been allowed to continue for so long without criminal charges, if I started to pour mass amounts of oil into my local river and lake, i'd be charged for sure. Poor animals.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:05 PM

It's so sad that these animals are suffering thanks to this sick humanity. We should all die and leave these animals their natural habitat as it once was. I hate being a human, I really do.

Posted by Rafaela June 3, 10 08:06 PM

I don't understand how this has been allowed to continue for so long without criminal charges, if I started to pour mass amounts of oil into my local river and lake, i'd be charged for sure. Poor animals.

Posted by Paul June 3, 10 08:06 PM

Why, BP. Just ... why?

Posted by KC. June 3, 10 08:07 PM

where's your god now...

Posted by graves June 3, 10 08:07 PM


Posted by RueDauphin June 3, 10 08:07 PM

This is horrifying. This is the result of big corporations controlling our government. It is time to take back the government my friends!!! And lobbying aka bribery needs to be illegal! We need representatives who will represent the best interests of the PEOPLE not big business! It sickens me to see the damage caused by greedy, irresponsible corporate assholes who have no appreciation for the beauty of our planet and are only concerned with their bottom line. Action is needed. NOW. We need CLEAN, renewable energy in order ensure the future of our planet and the human race.

Posted by jess June 3, 10 08:07 PM

that's just horrible. someone needs to do something fast.

Posted by Vincent Milone June 3, 10 08:08 PM


Seriously fucking boycott. Or they will continue to make profit.

Posted by Skole June 3, 10 08:08 PM

This literally makes me want to throw up.

Posted by Laurel June 3, 10 08:08 PM

you all say that it's BP's fault, or all oil companies' faults, but it's your fault, and my fault, and every human's fault, for needing the oil. it was an accident, and it never would've happened if we weren't driving our hummers and demanding our plastic water bottles.

Posted by anna June 3, 10 08:09 PM

I am a vet how can I help, let me know!!!

Posted by Yuri Fernandez June 3, 10 08:10 PM


This isn't BP's fault - it could have been any oil company's fault. This is a terrible, heartrending thing, but you need to look at your own behavior (plastic everything, SUVs to drive 300 yards etc.) and fix that before vilifying the people trying to feed your demand for oil.

Posted by Pragmatist June 3, 10 08:11 PM

this is the bad human, the capitalist human, the MONSTER human, the world has fallen in pieces.

Posted by andyrodrigues June 3, 10 08:11 PM

Everyone is criticizing big oil and BP, yet I don't see any more people refusing the plastic bags and/or bringing their own in the stores. Except in places like Whole Foods, I look around and I'm usually the only one with my own bags.

And are you using any fewer plastic bottles yet? Wasting any less gas yet? Adjusted your thermostat yet? Turned things off yet?

Also, here's a blog post about oiled wildlife on this island from many days ago. Why is the media only now telling us about this? Why do they keep reporting from Grand Isle?

Posted by Linda Foss June 3, 10 08:12 PM

BP could have prevented this by spending an extra $500,000.00 on an acoustical valve, but United States law does not mandate the need for such extra protection on oil rigs off the coast of the U.S. BP does not care about what they have done. Be assured, this was not an accident. Be more assured, that we are not being shown or reported the true horrors of this growing tragedy. The people that will help to try and fix this will be thrown to the wolves as well when word gets out about the health issues related to what is in the air and in the ocean. People need to take a stand and realize they are being played again. G-d please protect those animals.

Posted by SDR June 3, 10 08:13 PM

This is a reflection of what we are. Parasitic humans with sinister egos. Destroying everything in our greasy wake. We're blaming BP. But who gave them their power? This spill is here to show us what we really care about. We're no better than BP. Not even if these photos make you really sad.

Posted by Rigel June 3, 10 08:13 PM

There's something each one of us can do immediately: Take steps to loosen our dependence on oil.

Stop consuming so much of everything.
Drive a hybrid. (By driving a Prius, I started saving $100/mo in gas, but the greater satisfaction has come from knowing I give $1,200/year less to oil companies.)
Switch to the "green" electricity option where available, opting for wind and hydro.
Walk more.
Quit using electricity for can openers and egg beaters and stuff we can do just as easily by hand.
Recycle more.

Posted by Sandra Glahn June 3, 10 08:14 PM

This breaks my heart. It's such a tragedy. I say put BP out of business. Put a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, and get serious about finding alternatives to petroleum.. we need to be serious about it NOW..

Posted by Lauta June 3, 10 08:14 PM

... "" I wanted to destroy everything beatiful I`d never have. Burn the Amazon rain forests. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight uo on gobble the ozone. OPEN THE DUMP VALVES ON SUPERTANKERS AND UNCAP OFFSHORE OIL WELLS. I wanted to kill all the fish I couldn`t afford never eat, and smother the Frenchs beaches I`d never see. """ ... Tyler Durden

Posted by MARIO HUGO June 3, 10 08:14 PM

Cervantes you are an idiot. Of course you don't "see" animals feeling sorry for themselves, since it's not an emotion they can communicate. Does it mean they don't suffer, moron? Try a little compassion. I hope that if you ever suffer, or your children do, people's response isn't to tell you to "wipe your boogies." Tool.

Posted by DFC June 3, 10 08:14 PM

Palin, McCain, and many Republicans have been calling for years to drill everywhere including offshore. Look at these pictures, Republicans, and call our your slogan: DRILL BABY DRILL!

Posted by RepublicansSay DrillBabyDrill June 3, 10 08:14 PM

Please donate to International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) -

They are doing so much to help! Also remember to register any bottles of Dawn you buy and help wildlife!

Posted by Marlo June 3, 10 08:14 PM

This is horribly disgusting, drill baby drill! Thats what we need, more of these kinds of disasters. When is the government ever going to wakeup? Obama should be ashamed of himself as so should everyone that voted for this idiot!!

Posted by Lori June 3, 10 08:14 PM

This is Obama's fault..he hasn't done anything or given the states any money for cleanup. He has been golfing, partying, 2 vacations, fund raising. He is totally incompetent and needs to resign immediately.

Posted by mau June 3, 10 08:16 PM

We created the monster when we became so overwhelmingly dependent on oil and plastics, etc. We gave it a weapon when we allowed them to do whatever, whenever and wherever they wanted (drill baby drill mentality). How can we be surprised when the monster does what it does best. Kill.

I don't know who I feel sorrier for. The marine and wildlife that is suffering a pain we cannot comprehend, or the people who don't care because "it's just an animal." Human workers who are just near the oil are getting sick; eyes burning, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation. Can you imagine what more fragile creatures are suffering immersed in the stuff?

I feel sorry for the people who have lost family members, their livelihoods, their neighborhoods, and are going to suffer irreparable damage to their lives and lifestyles. But, they probably drive a car and carry their Wally World purchases home in a plastic bag just like you and I, and the workers that died in the explosion knew the risks when they took the job.

Not a one of the animals and birds that are dying have any idea what is happening to them, or why.

There is not a thing I can do about the situation that exists in the Gulf, but I CAN make my footprint on the earth smaller. I CAN carpool when possible. I CAN ask for paper instead of plastic. I CAN recycle. I CAN urge my lawmakers to press for alternate fuel research. I CAN. And I WILL. Will you?

Posted by bobbyesox June 3, 10 08:16 PM

If only all of you cared so much about your fellow humans who are suffering far worse than this every single day, maybe the world would be a nicer place to live in.

Posted by Benjamin Sandy June 3, 10 08:16 PM

Hey, all you people calling for the death of the BP people.

This situation sucks. its horrible and BP should pay for it, but for argument sake. Say you are driving in your car. your breaks go out and you crash into a bus filled with kids. It wasn't your intention to do so, accidents happen, ya know. yeah you will pay for it but do you deserve all the venom being send your way the way BP is getting it?

Posted by rob June 3, 10 08:16 PM

I feel so just reminded me what if those were not birds but humans, our childs.........This disaster will haunt us for decades........we should immediately spend more resources on this than any other issues first reaction was to drown all the BP exec/CEO in that water for a week but on a second thought.......We, Americans should make BP pay for their crime by every penny.........
These oil/gas GIANTS should not be allowed to get away with these.......I know they can do that in third world country (as was in 1997 in Bangladesh-- Magurchara gas field explosion due to the negligence of Nico)......but I hope we the American's won't allow BP to get away with this......BP should hang these pics in all their offices so that for the next 100 yrs it would remind them what they have done.

Posted by masook June 3, 10 08:17 PM

That is perhaps the most horrible thing i've seen in a long long time

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:17 PM

I seriously hope they're trying to save these birds (and animals) rather than just photographing them....

Posted by KS June 3, 10 08:17 PM

Those birds will not be saved. The poisons in the oil have already doomed them. Photographers record what they see, but they tend not to rescue their subject matter when they are recording natural events.

This is more than horrific; this is an indictment on our unwillingness to pay higher prices for alternative sources of energy.

Way to go big oil and big business - you're squeezing us by the balls. The irony is that we already have the technology to wean ourselves off oil, but it has been more profitable for big business to maintain the status quo. As for us, there's a family down the street with 3 SUV's - one for mama bear, one for papa bear, and one for boy bear.

We are all to blame.

Posted by Vic June 3, 10 08:17 PM

Can the people in charge of BP just get shot in the face already. Things like this make me so ashamed of being a human being. The human race shouldn't exist.

Posted by ThisIsNotJon June 3, 10 08:17 PM

I don't know what to say besides that if man does not evolve soon into more caring beings we will kill everything. This is horrifying.

Posted by Disappointed in Humanity June 3, 10 08:17 PM

I want off of this planet. Beam me up Buddha!

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:18 PM

This is so awful, dispicable and horrible. Those poor beautiful birds. Lousiana just took the brown pelican off the endangered list and their rookeries are right there, it's an unimaginable shame.

Posted by dtigerr June 3, 10 08:20 PM

Truly heartbreaking! BP must feel miserable for this mess they caused!

Posted by Hugo June 3, 10 08:20 PM

save a bird, ride your bike.

Posted by joe June 3, 10 08:21 PM

This is very sad.

Posted by Thomas Bona June 3, 10 08:21 PM

Hey PissedOff,

When you are done brushing your teeth and combing your hair, check the time on your watch and then call me on your cell phone. We'll talk about petroleum products.

Get knotted, freak.

Posted by Kirby June 3, 10 08:21 PM

At some point out of kindness euthanasia must be considered an option. They do not deserve to suffer such pain and cruelty

Posted by Alison James June 3, 10 08:21 PM

I live right here by oil spill, i'm so disgusted by the actions of all the head people. We have suffered through Katrina, now this. We live on seafood down here and our fisherman income is now washed away. There is no job's as it in down here. What can we do move from what we were rasied on and no how to make a living. Our house have been destroyed, now our wildlife, and seafood for the next freaking 10 to 20 year. How screwed up is this, natuarl disasters or one thing, but multi billion dollar mess up is another.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:22 PM

This is only the beginning......

When this type of imagery begins to hit the mainstream media, then and ONLY then, will the allegorically asleep American populace be jolted out of its dream.

The worst part is that 5-6 months from now, when this well is STILL spewing death in the Gulf, oil covered birds and dead dolphins will be the LEAST of America's problems.

This is the beginning of the end because even if the well were to be capped RIGHT NOW, the effects of the oil and Corexit 9500 already in the water won't be realized until 4-7 years from now.

The dispersed oil (due to the Corexit 9500) will be deposited on the ignorant populace via tropical weather systems.

Get ready for a real poo-fest!

Posted by ToadPrince89 June 3, 10 08:22 PM

And to think, Obama gave BP a safety award last year.

Posted by Fred June 3, 10 08:23 PM

well this wouldn't have happened if environmentalists didn't force BP to drill that far offshore...

Posted by sandy June 3, 10 08:24 PM

This was an accident. It's true, we need to find a new source of fuel. Capitalism should not be blamed here, but the greedy people that don't want to find a new source of energy, because they will lose money. Capitalism has it's problems, but socialism is no better. All Socialism will do is take away our freedom. LOL sorry to get into a political debate, but I see many people blaming everyone, when you should try to help.

Posted by 4983453 June 3, 10 08:24 PM

put a man on the moon but can't stop an oil spill. bravo. maybe if you paused your proxy wars you would be able to get some cash together for some brilliant minds to help you with this instead of some jackasses who don't even care if they stop it because it's not their territory

Posted by b.a.mofo June 3, 10 08:24 PM

You people are so ignorant. You MUST first of all accept the fact that we are, for the time being, dependent on oil. There is no way to get around this fact. You think it's easy to change the world saying "just ride a bike or walk," and that's fine, there's nothing wrong with being optimistic, but it won't happen on a large enough scale for us to become independent of oil. Second, the thing many of you people don't realize is environmentalists are partially to blame with this disaster. With all the pressure placed on the government, they forced the companies to DRILL IN WATER NEARLY A MILE DEEP. Just imagine how difficult and complicated it is to drill in water so deep, when there is oil everywhere. It's waiting to be tapped right offshore, but we can't because the environmentalists won't let it happen. So the platforms go about there business with the complicated and difficult task of drilling in water nearly a mile deep, then an explosion occurs that kills eleven people. And now we're stuck with our thumbs up our ass trying to stop the leak, but we can't because it's so goddamn deep. No one seems to care about these lost lives, all they care about is puffing out their chests and talking about suing BP. Why don't you go out and fix the leak? Oh right, because it's easier sitting back and pointing your fingers at those in the hot seat actually trying to fix this problem.

Don't get me wrong, I think these pictures are sickening, and I hate seeing animals suffering. If I had the opportunity I would go and help with the environmental clean-up if I could. It's just the fact that ignorant people + the internet is a very poor combination, and it drives me insane.

Posted by b June 3, 10 08:24 PM

this breaks my heart seeing these photos. It is not right! so many innocent victims for what cheap gas

Posted by kerry hawkins June 3, 10 08:24 PM

I cant even explain how this makes me feel! OMG it just breaks my heart! WOW!!!! My heart is broken!

Posted by Eddie Cabrera June 3, 10 08:25 PM

drill baby drill!

mind not this pesky hiccup in man's grand scheme of industrial progress. It will be cleaned. and you can go back to living your life consuming and forgetting that there is a world outside of your window. Doing what every good citizen in the USA is useful for; consuming and turning the gears of the economy. Your well-being is your only civic duty.

A small price to pay for our modern lifestyle we so deserve.

p.s. I hope to God you saw this as tongue in cheek.

p.p.s. you think this is bad? read up about the Niger Delta. many times worse than what we are getting in the gulf.

Posted by ephper June 3, 10 08:26 PM

Americans disgust me, and I am one. BP only cares about money. They don't care that we've lost unrenewable resources and animals. It's all about money. And when this world becomes corrupt and unusable, they'll be sorry that they didn't care.

Posted by DisgustedandHorrified June 3, 10 08:26 PM

This is BP's fault and every American "comsumers" fault. Ride a bike, walk, and quit buying stupid crap!!!!

Posted by EP June 3, 10 08:26 PM

I am horrified and saddened by these photos and grateful to the photographer who took them. This should all make us think twice before we make frivolous trips in our cars or perpetuate the idea that we don't need to find alternatives to oil.

Posted by Rebecca June 3, 10 08:27 PM

Oh my god. Those images are horrifying... Can anybody help them out.. They are dying... WAKE-UP People! This is not the time to blame anyone but help them out...

Posted by independentjohn June 3, 10 08:28 PM

This is horrible! I just hope it get's fixed soon... How did we handle the last major oil spill?

Posted by katdapper June 3, 10 08:29 PM

Well, to all the people griping about others using electricity....are your computers solar powered?

So, "let's get rid of oil!!!". Okay. And, replace it with what? You want one of those cute little lithium powered cars? What are you planning to do with that giant lithium battery when it dies? You think there are no toxins associated with those?

The problem is not that oil is a bad thing. The problem here is that there was never a plan for a worst case scenario, which is inexcusable. Just as it's inexcusable for the President to run out & make a big speech on the day it looked like something might be working to stop the leak...then go back to sitting there doing nothing. Got to go on vacation. Got to go to a party for Paul McCartney. On and on and on.

And, if the oil companies were allowed to drill offshore, instead of having to drill 1 mile under sea level, due to stupid restrictions, this wouldn't have been an unknown scenario. Again, they should have researched how to handle this in case it happened. But, it's something that should have never happened...

Posted by I_hate_morons June 3, 10 08:30 PM

The photographers better have SAVED all those animals after the pictures
thats just cruel to take pictures of them like that and leave
hope all of them got help

pull it together USA the wildlife is more important than money

Posted by GlamourKillsTian June 3, 10 08:30 PM

Hey pissed off non American - get over it - I and just about every American didn't and couldn't have had anything to do with this
I don't drive an suv lol - quit stereotyping any of us
this is bps fault not the American peoples fault
I don't work for bp so get over it

Bp = British Patroleum

Posted by Kathryn June 3, 10 08:30 PM


THere have been plans in place for this type of emergency for years.

Posted by Karyn June 3, 10 08:30 PM

the oil company wasnt prepared?????????? hell no!!!!!!!!! they need to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Alvino June 3, 10 08:30 PM

BP makes me sick! How can they just sit there and not put a stop to this!? It disgusts me how concerned about money they are! It's going to cost them more to clean up this mess they've made than it would have to get rid of the stupid thing in the first place!

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:30 PM

YOU have to be the change.

Yes, YOU.

Posted by MoverShaker June 3, 10 08:30 PM

the oil company wasnt prepared?????????? hell no!!!!!!!!! they need to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Alvino June 3, 10 08:31 PM

Think about these birds and clean energy next time you gun your engine

Posted by whatever June 3, 10 08:31 PM

I give it until September for the general public to forget this.

After all, the U.S. government already did:

Remember H1N1? Katrina? These things, sadly, have a shelf life.

Best of luck America. You need it more and more every day.

Posted by Survey_Says June 3, 10 08:31 PM

This is obviously horrible, but unless you live your life without any reliance on petroleum then you are hardly in a position to blame BP. They provide a product and people pay for it. BP aren't greedy, they are just running a business with inherent risks. Unfortunately for them, and for everyone and everything in the GOM the worst case scenerio appears to have occured.

Posted by Benj June 3, 10 08:31 PM

Everyones acting like the oil was purposely spilled, yes its horrible for the animals. But things happen stop placing blame you babbling morons.

Posted by Your Common Sense June 3, 10 08:32 PM

I'm So so so Angry!!!!!!

Posted by Adam June 3, 10 08:32 PM

sonofabitch BP

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:33 PM

Take away oil, and you not only take away cars and trucks, but practically 90% of the things you depend on every day. Even the stupid damn computer you are complaining on is built using polymers derived from petroleum. Most of the things that are not organic that you use every day comes from petroleum and chemicals developed from petroleum..

Before you say NO OIL.. You really should think about how your life would be going back to the stone age.. This is not a greed thing, not an American thing, not aPolitical thing.. This is a global thing.. The whole world is addicted to oil. If we stop drilling, we will just pay more feeding someone elses greed.. Simple as that..

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:33 PM

How do we help? I'm sick and tired of bickering. We all know BP is to blame. I don't see photos of BP employees cleaning these animals. Meantime, what do we do to help?

Posted by Sean Adam Simpson June 3, 10 08:33 PM
Posted by Adriana June 3, 10 08:34 PM

God please forgive us. We dont want oil anymore

Posted by vic martinez June 3, 10 08:34 PM

This is so sickening it makes me want to put there asses into this mess, head first! We strive to make our lives better only to find we are killing ourselves. While the capitalists get rich.

Posted by FAPinVT June 3, 10 08:34 PM

You won't see a penny spent outside of containment from BP.
ASK me how I know- I live in Alaska.

BP, Exxon... is there really a difference?

Posted by Denise June 3, 10 08:35 PM

I mean all I have to say is the day that we are not using oil will be the proudest day of my life. Those of us who say we can't are unimaginative and ignorant. Those to refuse to are greedy and only interested in their own self gain and preservation in overly conservative ideals that are served to them. Lets move on to better and more efficient means of power through innovation. If solar power is properly captured it can create more than 5 kW per conventional panel, currently we can only capture 200W per panel. If we were to focus the same amount of cash infusion in renewable research that is put into oil each year we could probably have solar powered cars at this point but, alas, lack of vision, imagination, and a political backing keeps oil in the safety net, exactly where we dont want it!!!

Posted by Justin 2 June 3, 10 08:35 PM

Nothing will change, capitalism at it's worst. This is humans treating the world as a 'resource' and the casualties.

Posted by Rahul June 3, 10 08:35 PM

i must agree with 322--but i am an american but the greed in this country pisses me off to hieghts of pistivity---the rich don't give a shit, they just want more and most of the rest just want to catch up with them, while some of us struggle and we will be the ones to pay for this in the long run........

Posted by pissedinalabama June 3, 10 08:36 PM

i watched the world as it grew darker and blew up through the roof

Posted by jesus June 3, 10 08:36 PM

Absolutely heartbreaking.

Unbelievable. Can anything be done?
I heard that a oil spill represents small percentage of what the USA uses in a day.

The oil has not been stopped yet. It is still doing the horrid spewing.

Posted by Tammy Terrific June 3, 10 08:37 PM

i watched the world as it grew darker and blew up through the roof
- tom delonge -

Posted by jesus June 3, 10 08:37 PM

if these pictures make you mad/sad consider the role we ALL play in the demand for oil that causes companies like BP to push harder and faster to supply. Who has oil on their hands?? we do, we do!

Posted by Uberkiki June 3, 10 08:38 PM

We need to stop this by demanding a clean energy future at

Posted by William McMullin June 3, 10 08:39 PM

BP is evil. I was wondering how I could help and I checked out the Gulf Restoration Network - www/ They've been around since August 1995 and have worked to clean up the Gulf ever since. I am sending them a check tomorrow. This destruction has to stop.

Posted by Linda June 3, 10 08:41 PM

Yes, everyone is to blame. These posts blaming America are idiotic. Every single person that has commented on here supports oil companies with their money and uses oil in one way or another, blame yourselves just as much as anyone else. Still, these are terrible pictures and the incident could have easily been avoided if the safety measures recommended to BP were put in place. The cold, hard truth though no matter what grandiose delusions some people seem to belive is that we will still be using large amounts of oil for a long time to come.

Posted by mickty June 3, 10 08:41 PM


If your comment isn't a joke, you should probably find yourself a new planet to reside on, because this one doesn't like you anymore. Oil is invading the homes of these animals. Look at the pictures a little closer. I'm sure the last thing on their minds was "let me go sleep in some oil," you absolute doucher. Eating oil cannot be good for you, so I strongly urge you to act on your urges and eat the next dead, oil-soaked pelican that washes up to shore.

Posted by Peoplearelosers June 3, 10 08:41 PM

Isn't there any relief effort to try and clean off these birds in this area. it is so so tragic.

Posted by Laurey Glenn June 3, 10 08:42 PM

Apparently everyone in here drives a car that runs on bitching. Sorry birds, but we need energy. Everyone in here complaining about how evil humans are should be a solution to the problem: commit suicide.

Posted by Solid Snake June 3, 10 08:42 PM

As horrible as these pictures are I have to think of the people who call the Gulf Coast home. What about the fishermen? How are they supposed to feed their families or keep a roof over their heads?
If you have kids can you imagine explaining to them a situation where they are losing their home, the only familiar places and things they know? Can you imagine not being able to provide them the things they need and the frustration that would cause? Personally I have a hard time with that.
Fortunately there are organizations that rescue the birds but who will rescue the people whose livlihoods are being destroyed?

Posted by Susanne R. June 3, 10 08:42 PM

The birds in these photos are so sad, you can see in their eyes that they have given up hope. It makes me incredibly sad & very mad to see such a pointless waste of life. Honestly can't believe there weren't several contingency plans in place in case something like this happened - it's a basic business rule.

Posted by Katherine June 3, 10 08:43 PM

take a few vacation days and run down to help out. or better yet, plan a vacation to the gulf coast to support our people. they need our dollars to keep many of their business alive.

Posted by Teri June 3, 10 08:43 PM

Where the responsible person that caused all these happening right now gone?

Posted by putra heights June 3, 10 08:44 PM

NUKE or EXPLODE BP's Frankenstein

Posted by mark dacosta June 3, 10 08:45 PM

it kills me to see things like this

Posted by ezra June 3, 10 08:45 PM

I am so sickened and outraged by this. When will humans stop killing this planet?

Posted by R. M. Sullivan June 3, 10 08:46 PM

Just awful. :(((((((((((

Posted by Som June 3, 10 08:46 PM

Had the previous administration (George Bush) pushed for green energy and required our auto makers to build cars that ran on corn oil (yes! it's already being done in parts of the world!), I would bet that 80% of Americans would own a "green" car by now. SHAME ON THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENCY OF GEORGE BUSH! He and his crony oil buddies in Texas are the ones who stalled our country into this disaster, along with creating the biggest budget deficit we've ever had. Obama is not responsible for ANY of this mess!

Posted by Dana Lynn June 3, 10 08:47 PM

BP stands for British Petroleum.. or have you all forgotten. In the midst of a crises everyone wants to point fingers at someone else while saying how they are not a part of the bad thing, but in this case the entire world of humanity is to blame. Unless you grow everything you eat without using a single man-made thing, live in a house you built without using a single forged or cast object, get to and from places on your own two feet, and make your own clothes from the wool of the sheep you raise and cut with a knife you made out of flint and steel... then you too use oil and petroleum products in your every day life.. Farmers use it in soils additives and pesticides, as well as their tractors. Everything man-made is created somewhere along the way with oil or oil based products... and that is world wide. This problem just happens to be in our backyard. BP is not solely an American company, but we sure like what they make! If you want to help the oil soaked shoreline... look in the mirror first.

Posted by Vic June 3, 10 08:48 PM

omg none of the animals deserve any of this, PB needs to get more people on the cost line and start taking care of these animals. this just breaks my heart to see these helpless animals. :(...

Posted by tiffany June 3, 10 08:48 PM

This could be why support for Green politics around the world is growing. Australian Greens have hit 16%, the highest ever in a national poll. The UK has its first ever Greens MP, and Clombia has Greens presidential candidate who's a serious contender. More here:

Posted by Philip Machanick June 3, 10 08:48 PM

@Shannon - No. The problem is not (only) greedy corporations. The problem is that consumers don't demand anything else.

Posted by Sarah June 3, 10 08:49 PM

@nonamerican, you think we CHOOSE to have 3 litre SUVs? they wont let us have a functional rail system in this country, they NEED us dependent on their F'N OIL. i would gladly ride a train around town if they would let us build it.

all this will lead to is the inevitable carbon tax. because us paying more money to the bankers will save the Earth. pull your heads out of the sand and look at what is happening (and been happening the last 30 years) around you.

Posted by erinatx June 3, 10 08:49 PM

"Stop taking pictures and help me out of here you assholes!"

Posted by Hen na Otoko June 3, 10 08:50 PM

Yes! Yes! there are plenty of places to donate~! Time and money. The Audobon society, volunteer Lousiana, etc. Living here and seeing it is a nightmare. Our Governor goes out into the wetlands and the swamps and calls people in when he finds new oil and helps clean up these animals.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 08:50 PM

Tar and feather BP executives!

Posted by Arrest BP June 3, 10 08:50 PM

to Charlie Reidel, the photogrpaher of these humble creatures, thank you so much for giving witness to this utterly unacceptable suffering....but to me the BP and BO bashing must's about compassion....extended to all....turn a face of compassion to all of it...we are all to blame....but we can and must evolve...the time is now

Posted by pink sapphire June 3, 10 08:51 PM

why is obama taking vacation during this disaster. he should be down there taking control.

Posted by teatime June 3, 10 08:53 PM

this is sad thats all i can say very sad what has this world come to?

Posted by Ced June 3, 10 08:53 PM

it is not the first time something happened like this. Only now it occurs at YOUR own coast. welcome to reality!

Posted by Niklas June 3, 10 08:53 PM

To all those calling for a cleaning of the birds, to do so is a pointless endeavor, efforts would be better spent in preventing the spread in the first place.,1518,693359,00.html

"According to serious studies, the middle-term survival rate of oil-soaked birds is under 1 percent"

Birds get dirty, they preen, end up eating the crude, and their livers are destroyed. Unless you get the bird immediately after it's exposed, it's almost certainly too late.

Very saddening.

Posted by Alex June 3, 10 08:54 PM

they are just least this is driving gas prices down

Posted by Leon Hess June 3, 10 08:54 PM

Look it's simple we desire more than we can be responsible for, the need for better , bigger, faster and simply put I look beter than you is the culprit.
We consume more than we can take care of, Me inclued. Demand was high,, so the risks were even higher. Bp, we simply need the truth, so we can help fix this, hiding things like the real leak and how bad this realy is only leaves us unable to fix this, For the Love of God come clean. Let all of us help each other. We only have one Earth, Let's save it together.

Posted by Chris June 3, 10 08:54 PM



Sustainability is the only way we can all survive.

Posted by Amanda June 3, 10 08:55 PM

How much of our workforce could telecommute daily?

How many of us are forced to burn dino-juice to haul ourself and 2tons of metal and plastic from one location with a computer on a globally connected communications network, to another location X miles away with a different computer on the same globally connected communications network?

For at least the 'data-workers' in our society, to do so is pointless. We can move data at near the speed of light with very little energy. People not so much.

Posted by Alex June 3, 10 08:55 PM

oh this is so heart breaking I am so sorry to these little fella's just little birds tring to live. its too much to look at!

Posted by Kim June 3, 10 08:55 PM

Absolutely sickening. I hope Tony Hayward can get his life a federal prison somewhere. I'm really at a loss for words, just too angry and depressed to articulate anything meaningful.....

Posted by Russ June 3, 10 08:55 PM

This we are all part of this BS is getting sickening. Yes we have to dirve cars and use gas, but we would love to have cars that get 200 miles to the gallon, we would love to have clean energy, and a million other things, but we are not given the choice. A decision was made a long time ago that we would be an carbon based economy. Car companies, Road builders and oil companies got together, destroyed the city cable car companies, they lobbied to build roads, sell cars and sell as much oil as possible. They demonized trains and still do. So we have to drive. Others were destroying small local power companies and building large, coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants. We don't have a say in any of this. Politicians fight new fuel efficiency standards, the fight regulation of the oil industry and kill any kind of clean energy inititives that are proposed. Ronald Reagan destroyed Jimmy Carter's solar and clean energy programs. If he had not we would be energy independent today. So to say that we are all at fault is lettting all those that got us here off the hook. This spill is BPs. They cut corners, lied about their capabilities and now they should pay the price.

Posted by Henk June 3, 10 08:55 PM

"We are all to blame! Do you drive a car? do you use plastic? we are all to blame..."

If my place catches fire due to faulty wiring, it's the electrician's fault. If faulty oil rigs explode, it's the oil companies fault.

Don't be a Oil-con apologist.

Posted by Jimmyg June 3, 10 08:57 PM

May God be with our country and our people because we surely are falling apart. We should all be praying that God has mercy on us. We can point fingers all day, but it takes a village...

Posted by 6th Grade Teacher June 3, 10 08:57 PM

People, when are you going to realize that this was not an accident. This was a false flag attack in order to get the Cap and Trade (further slavery) bill passed. They could have fixed this leak a long time ago, but they are letting it worsen to the extent that Americans will see the horrific destruction of life and beauty and demand "ACTION' be taken against the so-called enemy....BIG OIL! Only, big oil is not the enemy. It is the private bankers, like Goldman Sachs, who most of Bush's and Obama's cabinets used to work for....and they're still adding to the team, btw. Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their BP stock 3 weeks before the "accident."

American Funds Growth Fund of America dumped over 75% of their Halliburton holdings at the same time.

Somebody knew something was going down. Get passed the smoke-screen and go after the real criminals that are in total control!

Posted by Charles Madabout June 3, 10 08:58 PM

Things like this happen sometimes. It's happened before and it will happen again. The leak will be stopped, the oil cleaned up and we will move on.
It's unfortunate but we need oil to live, and moan about it if you like, but HUMAN life takes precedence over all else. There is a hierarchy.

Posted by Big Patriot June 3, 10 08:59 PM

It's so funny that all you losers wanna make this into a political battle. hmmm I bet if i sit here and blame the republicans or democrats that will make that oil lift right off those birds.

Posted by Matt June 3, 10 08:59 PM

I feel so angry
I feel so callused
So lost, confused, again

Posted by jésus June 3, 10 09:00 PM

I got rid of my car and now walk, bike and take public transportation everywhere. I used to drive a 100 miles every day back and forth to work.

In the past year of doing this I became healthier, happier, and less stressed, and I realized that all the big fancy cars everyone thinks is wealth isn't wealth at all -- living a car based lifestyle pollutes the world, makes you get less excersise and makes you feel emotionally horrible in the long run. I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't so personally experience it myself. I still occasionaly use a car, but car-share on weekends if I really need one.

It *is* doable and possible, and life enhancing to reduce oil dependence and to give the finger to the forces that are causing these pictures. I encourage other car-free people to share their stories!

Posted by dmh June 3, 10 09:00 PM

A while ago BP was trying to pitch how they were going to change their name to "Beyond Petroleum."

Who knew, through our greed and their folly we'd end up getting there... only after being spurred into action by our own stupidity.

My our children have mercy on us for the crimes we have through our greed, committed.

My Mother earth have no mercy on us, we don't deserve it. We've proven we are not worthy stewards of this beautiful planet.

Posted by Tim June 3, 10 09:00 PM

427 says" It's so sad that these animals are suffering thanks to this sick humanity. We should all die and leave these animals their natural habitat as it once was. I hate being a human, I really do"

I totally agree...and what about Haiti and Darfur and other people...

All you idiots calling for Criminal Charges! How about addressing the problem first and sort out the losers later?

427...Do us a favor and kill yourself so you won't consume anymore, eh?

Posted by Shim June 3, 10 09:01 PM

To all of you saying that we are just as guilty as BP...NOT!!! BP has a long history of shoddy repairs, skipped maintenance, and delayed upgrades on the Deepwater Horizon rig. Why? Because all of that would have cut into their precious profits and NOTHING, not even the lives of their own workers, was worth that! Didn't any of you read that the workers working on the failed top kill attempt were complaining that BP was cutting corners and using substandard materials? This was AFTER the damn thing blew in the first place due to cutting corners! BP has done nothing but lie, lie, lie. And then had the gall to whine about the inconvenience of being forced to deal with what will surely be one of the worst man-made disasters to ever deface the Earth. So, NO, I am NOT just as bad as them, I did NOT contribute to this problem, and the fact that I drive a car is irrelevant to this situation because these CRIMINALS could have prevented all of this and chose not to!!!

Posted by Natalie June 3, 10 09:01 PM

... just depressing :(

Posted by Fritriac June 3, 10 09:02 PM

This is due not because 'who we are' this is how the system was setup! waay back in the day when the automobile was being mass produced, city planners got together and decided to design cities and suburbs in a way that forces people to drive everywhere and have at least two cars in a household.

Posted by Matt June 3, 10 09:02 PM

These photos show the horrible devastation this spill has caused. Its very sad and heartbreaking to see this.

I accept that are current lifestyles are to blame. So is corporate greed. We all, as well as BP, are guilty for causing this catastrophe. No amount of guilt that can be blamed on us is going to plug the leaking well. The largest BP lynch mob cannot plug the well. We are all outraged by this. Its frustrating to watch this catastrophe continue to unfold while we sit back helpless. I ask you folks playing the blame game here, whats YOUR bright idea for plugging the leak?!? Yes BP needs to pay big for this. Yes we need to kick our oil habit. Neither of those things, though, will stop this catastrophe. As much as it hurts to admit, the folks responsible for this nightmare, are also the ones best equipped to stop it. To those wanting the heads of BP on platter, I hope you have a solution to stopping the leak. This blame game a lot of us are playing isn't doing one damn thing to plug the leak.

Posted by Nick June 3, 10 09:03 PM

So heartbreaking. This is what happens when people are overpowered by greed, it's disgusting. Such a shame, the enviroment is never going to recover.

Posted by Rachel June 3, 10 09:03 PM

I hope BP never get's it's life back! I'm also ashamed, dismayed and disgusted at the President if that's what you want to call him for not doing more!

Posted by Lynette Taviano June 3, 10 09:03 PM

Hey Everyone there's thousands of free energy devices all over the world that can be utilized with or without the governments permission. research all over the internet you'll see it to be true! You will then realize what i have realized, These oil organizations can kiss my ass! They are not taking control of the situation so we have to. and let that be an example to ourselves as well as those we ALLOW to run our GOVERNment of who is in charge of this nation.Trust me research FREE ENERGY.

Posted by Dehaydne June 3, 10 09:03 PM

All BP needed was an emergency shut off switch. The other countries that drill for oil have it. Costs too Much? Lives are lost. Families are suffering. INNOCENT animals are dying everyday. Greed will bring this world to an end. So get ready BP big shots. When your dead you can't take your money with you. Only all your mistakes!!!! Judgement Day.

Posted by Michealyn Johanson June 3, 10 09:03 PM

God bless America?

Posted by Thoughtful Human Being June 3, 10 09:04 PM

"This is horrible. But let's have a sense of proportion. How often does this happen? Are we to just stop using oil as a natural energy resource just because of a very rare accident? If anything, this will teach us to find safer innovative ways to extract oil. "

Yeah, we learned so any lessons from the last time this happened that it's happening all over again and we have no earthly idea what to do. Three cheers for progress and free market solutions!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick...

Posted by Terry Canaan June 3, 10 09:05 PM

Horrifying. And don't forget the impact on the fishing industry, too. Environmentalism isn't just about "saving cute animals". It's about not destroying the resources we have and need to live.

Oil can be drilled for safely, albeit not without risk. But BP has a long history of safety violations. Back in October, OSHA punished BP with the largest fine in the history of the agency, citing numerous safety issues that the company refused to fix, even when told to. The prior largest total penalty, $21 million, was issued in 2005, also against BP.

The question many of us have is why were they permitted to continue to operate at all? If a nuclear power company had issues like this, the NRC would have shut them down immediately.

Posted by Virginia June 3, 10 09:06 PM

well im offshore right now and have seen today alone hundreds of healthy pelicans the species will survie. i can remeber in the eight grade learning about animals in the tar pits in california. i know this is a man made incident but its up to man to cleanit up!!! everybody get down here and help!! if there hadnt been so many regulations on drilling in shallower water thenwe wouldnt be in that deep of enviroment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by gn June 3, 10 09:08 PM

This is just the tip of the iceberg! It is sickening and there is no exscuse for it.Our country has lost site of what is best for the people and our environment. I think this inhumane situation should not go unpunished. We " could atleast fight for ourselves ", they are not able to protect themselves. B. P. and Obama are all to blame !

Posted by Katie Wilken June 3, 10 09:08 PM


Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 09:08 PM

Americans: Stop the Republican vs. Democrat BULLSH*T and just sell you car, walk, use public transit, ride your bike or scooter, skateboard, rollerblades .... and take responsibility. Everyone is at fault... also buying local, buying less... living more simply, giving more to international development orgs, spend more time with children and the elderly and the homeless. Find you local homeless shelter, take the bus there and spend an evening talking to the marginalized. Ok... and Canadians... do the same things too... our politics is often the same charade over here... just a slightly smaller bullsh*t factor.

Posted by Mark-Philip Venema June 3, 10 09:09 PM

Time to break out the DRILL BABY DRILL T-Shirts.

Posted by MsVeronicaJay June 3, 10 09:11 PM

It will take more tragic events for the majority of good people to finally stand up to make the changes to elect true men of honor. The technology is available but the men who control the media, cooperations and influence governments refuse to let you know. Read about "Stan Meyer's Water Powered Dune Buggy" as One example and look to the skies and ask what are they spraying into the air we all breathe. It will take more tragic events for the majority of good people to finally stand up to make the changes to elect true men and women of honor.

Posted by Starone June 3, 10 09:13 PM

@ RepublicansSay DrillBabyDrill

i like how a lot of liberals and democrats feel that when all else fails, blame the republicans, or blame bush... who btw isnt even president anymore! They spend too much time bashing others instead of thinking of ways to help our country! that is what is wrong with this country!

Posted by someguy June 3, 10 09:13 PM

While the bird picture is certainly sad, just look to the White House for the reason that such an area was being drilled in. Obama's administration has forced offshore drilling further and further out in dangerous waters. The risk of a spill is very low in shallower water plus any cleanup is far easier to deal with. This isn't just a US problem. The whole world runs on oil. It isn't going away any time soon. Hopefully this tragedy results in better technology to deal with spills.

Posted by Winger June 3, 10 09:13 PM

So heartbreaking. This is what happens when people are overpowered by greed, it's disgusting. Such a shame, the enviroment is never going to recover.

Posted by Rachel June 3, 10 09:14 PM

Arrest BP execs for Eco-Terrorism and send them to Gauntanamo Bay! They are not needed for the clean-up, obviously!

Posted by Arrest BP June 3, 10 09:15 PM


Posted by kate June 3, 10 09:16 PM

People say, "things happen" but things like this really can be expected. It's because of the mentality in business and project management. The last class (you will soon learn why it was the last) I took in the Project Management Institute track was taught by a Quality consultant to big firms like GM - huge players, market makers, industry standard setters. I'm a Quality professional with a serious urge to make things as good as they can be, so I was really excited to take the course from her as opposed to someone in another PM specialty.

That is, until she stood there halfway through the class and told us that if the project requires a certain timeline and a certain budget, there are a couple ways to achieve Quality, and they are - "buy insurance", "redefine the project so that the quality responsibility is someone else's", "limit the scope of the project so that the problematic issue isn't considered any longer".

Know that Project Management Institute requires its certified professionals (she was one, had to be to teach the course) to adhere to its methods and standards. She was teaching us the approved attitude. Know also that PMI-certified Project Managers are highly sought after in big industry. In fact, the bigger the company, the more likely they are to seek people who follow this practice. One reason for this is simply that if everyone has the same attitude and the same goal, it's easier to push the project out the door. Using this type of standardized process means that items in the to-do list will always be crossed off, boxes will always be checked, there will be a semblance of assurance that the project has been completed well.

But, what this woman told us is, if the project isn't going to go well under certain Quality requirements, an acceptable solution is to change the requirements so that the assurance isn't needed any longer, or arrange matters so that the assurance of good quality is replaced by the assurance of having someone else clean up the mess.

Posted by Rebecca June 3, 10 09:16 PM

I just can not give any words to say, Those birds did something to human beings? what a hell BP done and please rescure those birds and creature or nature. This is not for the US problem, this is the world issue!

Posted by keiko from Japan June 3, 10 09:17 PM

This breaks my heart! Please start driving less! People drill for oil because there is a demand. If we drive less, there is less demand and maybe we will be allowed to continue living on this planet.

Posted by Marianne Van der Wel June 3, 10 09:17 PM

Please thank your republican friends. Here is what happens when you let them run the government.

Posted by Independant voter. June 3, 10 09:18 PM

For people who say this is Obama's fault.
It's not.
It's humanity's fault.
We've become selfish monsters to think we can take all we want and give nothing in return.
It's Karma's fault, if anything.
Obama has enough problems to work out, as it is.
You try coming into office after Bush.

Posted by aine June 3, 10 09:19 PM

Too bad we can't get people this fired up about killing children. Maybe if we put some of the horrible pictures of aborted babies on here we could save some humans!

Posted by Sad June 3, 10 09:19 PM

sily rob (#452), BP deserves every bit of venom and more. your analogy doesn't work. you'd deserve every bit of venom if a mechanic told you repeatedly that your brakes were bad and that there's a good chance you'd end up driving your car into a bus full of kids and then whoops one day it happened, yes, you should accept the hate and blame. i mean, who else?
and matt (541), repub douchebags made it politics more than a year ago with "drill baby drill." it was their rallying cry at the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL FUCKING CONVENTION. jesus! the lengths people go to justify their inane beliefs.

Posted by sam June 3, 10 09:19 PM

BP = Earth Fail. Thanks a lot. Greed kills.

Posted by @teedubya June 3, 10 09:20 PM

Dawn dish soap helps oiled animals - if they can get to them

Posted by Kate June 3, 10 09:20 PM

The people who use oil are guilty only of motivating companies like BP, Transocean, and Halliburton (the ones that owned and ran the rig and drilling operation for BP). Those companies are the ones that cut corners and violated safety protocols to save money on the drilling operation.

The previous "largest oil spill in US history" was also in the Gulf of Mexico (1979), and started at a platform operated by Transocean. It too was caused by a failed blowout preventer. The first remedy attempted then was also dropping a huge cap, or hat, over the top. It also failed to stop the spill. They then reverted to a "top kill" method. It also failed. 31 years later, same company (transocean, not BP), same failed methods at containing/stopping the spill. Relief wells to reduce the pressure that is forcing the oil out are still months away from completion. Canada requires pressure relief wells to be drilled at the same time as the primary wells for offshore drilling - are they that much smarter than us, or just less eager to give in to greed and oil company bribes?

Exxon still has not paid near all the fines levied against them for the Valdez spill, and that was 20 years ago: Does anyone think the three companies involved in this spill will be made to pay for the cleanup of the damage they caused? (This isn't just one company responsible, all three must be brought to account) BP is already prohibiting proper documentation of the damages by having local sheriffs and the coast guard keeping people off affected beaches and prohibiting photography of the beaches and animals, and making cleanup workers who fall ill due to the toxic dispersants sign nondisclosure agreements regarding what they saw and their illnesses.

Posted by Red Itor June 3, 10 09:20 PM

It's going to be a long summer. As one poster recommended, read up on the Niger Delta. And what of Hussein's blowing up oil rigs in Kuwait.I wonder what the status of clean-up is for that mess.

Posted by Carolynne June 3, 10 09:21 PM

Anybody wondering why the price of gas has dropped dramatically in the last few weeks instead of jumping like it typically does over Memorial Day Weekend? If there was a threat of a hurricane in the Gulf and Memorial Day prices would be through the roof. But, even with this disaster of oil pumping into the Gulf - gas prices drop!


Posted by Wondering in PA June 3, 10 09:21 PM

well im sure im not gona say anything that sumone has not already said but wow seeing these pix realy breaks my heart. i find it funny how we can put ppl on the moon and waist all that money but we have ppl that cant manage to stop a oil leak get with it ppl the white house need to pull there heads out there ass and do sumthing! we always wana fix problams every where eles but cant never work on there own

Posted by crystal lirette June 3, 10 09:21 PM

It irritates me when people say this is Obama's fault. Please educate yourself before you spew garbage. The checks that were supposed to be done on off shore drilling in the United States that could have prevented this fell under George W. Bush, but wait I forgot all he did care about was oil.

This is BP's fault and the fault of a government who refused to hold a company responsible because they put a lot of money into the hands of politicians.

Instead of blaming Obama or whatever political party you do not associate yourself with you should get off your ass and help. It's time for people to stop running their mouths and actually take action. AND for people to stop purchasing gas and other products from BP.

Posted by Rachel June 3, 10 09:22 PM

We are all to blame for our dependence on oil. I'm riding my bike to work tomorrow, I encourage you to do so as well. This will happen again if we continue to look for oil in hard to reach places which unfortunately we have to because it's running out!

Posted by Lee June 3, 10 09:23 PM

That is what we get for being dependent on OIL and not stepping up to the plate by holding ourselves responsible.

Posted by Ciderkiss June 3, 10 09:23 PM

The birds in those photos cannot be saved, they are going to die. A report released last week by a European expert on post-spill animal rescue and clean up efforts, states that all the birds that have been caught should be euthanized and those that have not yet been caught should be left to die via starvation. The survival rate of birds that have been caught, cleaned, and rehabilitated is abysmally low. The capture and cleaning process is remarkably stressful for the birds, so the kinder thing to do is to leave them to die since they will die, even with clean up, anyway.

As for those of you blaming the general public for this mess, shut up! I am an American—an embarrassed, ashamed, depressed American. But I am also a compassionate person and a responsible consumer. I DID NOT cause this problem. Since before the war in Iraq (a war for oil) started I gave up my gas-powered car. I bought a used diesel vehicle that I run on 100% biodiesel made from recycled potato chip oil. I adopted a vegan diet. I do not heat my home. I do not have an air conditioner. I do not mindlessly consume stuff. I buy used appliances, clothes, cars, bikes, and furniture. I sell my old items via craigslist so they can continue to provide use and keep someone else from buying a new product, plus they stay out of the landfill. I do not use plastics—any—from storage containers to trash bags or grocery bags. I am learning how to install solar panels and wind turbines in residential settings so I can help low-income communities take advantage of these clean-energy resources. I buy local and organic food. I grow my own food. There are plenty of other folks like me. Hopefully, this disaster in the Gulf will inspire others to consider adopting similar methods for lessening their environmental impact on the planet.

Meanwhile, BP and our nations corrupt, bought-and-paid-for government are 100% responsible for this disaster. Citizens care about the environment and the wildlife as well as the livelihoods of the folks in this very sensitive and already troubled area. Americans will make better choices now, but they are not the problem. We have a nation led by a corporatocracy. The corporations do not make decisions that are best for citizens and communities. If they did, public transport would have been prioritized over oil drilling. Bike lanes would be more important than highways. Produce would be subsidized instead of meat and milk and cheese. Bad decisions that hurt Americans are made all day everyday in Washington and we the people are left standing on the sidelines, mouths agape, and heads reeling from the reality that we do not matter and our voices are not heard. The masses are placated with messages urging them to shop to feel better. Left confused, bewildered, and helpless, they wrongly head to the mall to fill the void. But, that is changing. People are waking up to the reality that the government is not working for them and their communities. Rage is starting to build and people are starting to head out into the streets. This disaster, awful as it is, might just be the kick in the ass the American people need to make them realize it's high time we wrest power back from the greedy, self-interested criminals in Washington.

Posted by Chrs June 3, 10 09:24 PM

estamso ending is amazing how wildlife is very unfortunate accident, but also have to look that may cause damage to the population the spill

Posted by Malu Bane June 3, 10 09:24 PM

These images of the oil spill were the most heart-wrenching that I've come across so far. Honestly, to those blaming Obama - can you honestly blame one man who isn't even responsible for BP for this spill? Sure, he's our president and can make some more decisions to help - but he's not to blame for this happening. Instead of complaining, we should all be constructive and come together (be it donating money or efforts) to help restore our waters and wildlife back to their natural order.

Posted by Stephanie June 3, 10 09:24 PM

thats soo sad to see.

Posted by melinda June 3, 10 09:24 PM

Truly heartbreaking. I hope we can learn the lessons to avoid another spill.

Posted by Tom June 3, 10 09:25 PM

if we (the USA) weren't so dependent on fossil fuels, we wouldn't need to drill for oil... place the blame where you want ... whatever makes you sleep better tonight.

Posted by Dave June 3, 10 09:26 PM

haha!!! this is not obamas fault...
this is all of us fault... for depending on oil and plastic that much...

I really hope we can learn about this and start doing the things right..

Posted by bruno June 3, 10 09:26 PM

re 452...if you had a brake warning light, yes, you would deserve backlash for you brakes failing and hitting the bus.. BP knew there were issues with that pipe.

Posted by Penny M in Columbus, OH June 3, 10 09:26 PM

breaks my heart! In time, all of the seas will be filled w/ oils and just like those birds soon, we'll all be's too late..

Posted by Elgie June 3, 10 09:28 PM

Mau - I cannot believe you would seriously say this is Obama's fault. This is BP's fault. It's their well and they are the ones that didn't have a backup plan. Do you want Obama to get on a boat with a hose and start sucking up the oil or something? You’re delusional. I'm not saying he's put enough pressure on those responsible but it's not his fault. You are hating just for the sake of hate. And p.s. he has not been partying, gone on 2 vacations or any of the rest of what you posted. Now who's the incompetent one? I think you should resign from posting statements on the internet.

Posted by Jackie June 3, 10 09:29 PM

breaks my heart! In time, all of the seas will be filled w/ oils and just like those birds soon, we'll all be's too late..

Posted by Elgie June 3, 10 09:29 PM

this is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its got to SSSTTTOOOPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rhonda West June 3, 10 09:29 PM


Posted by ANGRY June 3, 10 09:29 PM

There are 3500 oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. These things are huge! They're like floating mini-cities. The Deepwater Horizon had nearly the same displacement (52,310 tonnes) of the RMS Titanic (52,587 tonnes) . For scale - an off-shore wind turbine would look like a lawn ornament on in it.

Posted by OnSiteStudios June 3, 10 09:29 PM

For those that say, "Give BP a break, it was an accident!" Do you know why this has been going on for SO long without being stopped? Because they refuse to collapse and kill the well. They want to continue to try to get the oil they drilled for. And when their stopgap measures don't work, they just keep trying one more thing so as not to lose the well. SCREW THEM. Collapse and kill the well already before the entire gulf coast is beyond repair due to one stupid company's greed.

Posted by Kat June 3, 10 09:31 PM

I love when people blame Obama for this. Was he the one that let an unsafe rig slide through and continue to function? Did he cause the oil to pour into the ocean? Nope. Yeah, he did take 6 weeks to respond to the disaster. That's far too long. But to say he caused this is just pure ignorance fueled by a predisposed dislike for him. Stop using this disaster as your crutch for finger pointing. this is BP's fault. The Obama administration should give a multi-billion dollar oil company money for clean up? Hello? MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION. The problem is that oil companies have way too much rope when it comes to limitations and regulation. We, the general public, would've been exempt from having to pay our tax towards cleaning up messes like this but take a wild guess who blocked the bill to put more regulation in place: The GOP. The Republicans. If you don't know the answer as to why they would do this, then I feel sorry for you.

Posted by Daryn St. Pierre June 3, 10 09:32 PM


Posted by Puppypimp June 3, 10 09:32 PM

@mau: Actually, President Obama put together the team of scientists that are working with BP to solve the problem. The federal government is also employing a large number of people to help clean up the mess right now. Read the news.

Posted by Jack Petersen June 3, 10 09:33 PM

How nice of the photographer to just go around taking pictures when these birds need help...

I wish that I could just take all that oil out of the water and off of the birds and pour it over every single human who uses petroleum products and see how smug they are. These people with three SUVs in the driveway make me sick, and they make the planet sick. These birds did nothing to deserve this, but the irony is that humans have done everything to deserve this.

We are a disease, and we are killing the earth.

Of course the government isn't lifting a finger to fix this because they have so much more important stuff to spend their money on, like the so-called "war on drugs" big waste of money that demonizes people who aren't even a fraction as harmful as these corporate fat f****s.

Posted by Legalize It Now June 3, 10 09:33 PM

Gods wrath will begin with those who caused this

Posted by withheld June 3, 10 09:33 PM

All the words in the world will not change what has occurred. We all need a change of heart. Being angry will not change things either. We need to be more focused on loving people and helping them rather than manipulating and controlling them. Did it ever occur to anyone that what is happening is being done to create animosity within the masses. We are falling into their trap. They are not building concentration camps for nothing. If they can get the people to riot and turn on each other, it would fulfill their plan. Focus on the goodness you can manifest in people's lives.

Posted by Cathy June 3, 10 09:34 PM

why does everyone blame the damn president on everything - get a grip. this mess is because of greed and crappy work. BP and all their stockholders are accountable for this mess. where the heck are the big oil companies -- they are all supposed to be ready for a disaster like this!

Posted by linda June 3, 10 09:34 PM

Blaming BP? Blaming the government? Blaming everyone except yourselves. We are all to blame for this mess. Our thirst for oil created this monster. Remember when you point the finger at someone there are 6 pointed at you.

Posted by Mote June 3, 10 09:34 PM

For those who think this is President Obama's fault, I take it you approve of another government bailout of a large corporation who can't fix the mess they caused. However, this bailout would be for a multi-BILLION dollar oil company.

BP is responsible because this is the business they are in and need to be prepared and capable to stop any leak/spill as soon as it starts or they shouldn't be in the oil business. IT IS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS.

Posted by CJ June 3, 10 09:34 PM

Hey #449/MAU

Yeah lets blame the current admin, lets not look at the safeguards that the previous admin took away. Did you forget the fact that BP cut corners installing this well.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 09:34 PM

Disgusting criminals. All of them. Oil companies. Politicians. No exception.

Posted by noushin Izadifar June 3, 10 09:36 PM

The sad thing is that the technology probably does exist for an engine to run without oil The oil companies just buy up all of the patents. Do you honestly think giants like BP and Exxon would let an invention of an engine that does not need oil ever see the light of day? These are multi BILLION dollar corporations that are going to protect their interests first and foremost.

As far as drilling, how about let the American people vote if they want more drilling. The only thing... you can only vote if the proposed drilling is withing 300 miles of where you live. I live in FL, it's real easy for someone in Iowa to say they want more drilling when it doesn't effect them.

Posted by Tim June 3, 10 09:36 PM

Boycott BP!

Posted by nish June 3, 10 09:37 PM

Hmmm. I read a few messages that are blaming Obama.

Well, it wasn't long ago that Palin was touting: "Drill, baby! Drill!"

Posted by Former Red June 3, 10 09:38 PM

absolutely heartbreaking.

Posted by Jess June 3, 10 09:38 PM

Can you imagine the outcry if Bush was president? So much fail on the part of this administration, shame on Obama!

Posted by Jason Wilson June 3, 10 09:39 PM

Humans need to LOSE our dependency on fossil fuel. And EMBRACE new forms of alternative energy. We NEED electric cars NOW.

Posted by Mike C June 3, 10 09:40 PM

but you see the difference with breaks going out and a ocean destroying oil spill is, it is their fault. this was caused by trying to cut safety regulations short and save a few bucks, illegally. This is their fault, and this was preventable, and this also isn't a few kids on a bus, this is the ocean.

Posted by erin June 3, 10 09:40 PM

This makes me want to effing die

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 09:40 PM

Please tell me something is being done to end the suffering of these beautiful creatures. Euthanasia is far kinder than letting them suffer like this.

Posted by Kat June 3, 10 09:41 PM


You're an idiot. Get off your ass and go do something. Stop blaming everything on a president, moron.

Posted by MauIsARepublicanTool June 3, 10 09:41 PM

How can you say it is the Presidents fault, and why should the government, yes this means us the tax payers!! pay for it when it is BPS fault . The previous administration new all about the dangers of this rig and did nothing about it, this rig has been there a very long time. How about all this money it is going to take to TRY and clean this up, we look for alternative fuels with... Oh sorry the oil companies don't profit off of wind mils or solar....It is people like you that keep this country down and dumb!!!

Posted by strider June 3, 10 09:43 PM

This is unacceptable... and NOT Obama's fault people...The only mistake Obama made was in believing the so called "experts" who assured him that drilling technology had rendered offshore drilling a safe practice. These people were whores employed by the oil companies to lie. The more fundamental problem however is you people who have no understanding of facts, history or anything else for that matter. You are whipped into a rabid frenzy by corporations whose only interest is their own bottom line. Your ignorance weakens our democracy and our nation. Until you educate yourself do us all a favor and refrain from having an opinion on anything outside of American Idol.

Posted by Richard Grenier June 3, 10 09:44 PM

i dont understand how so many of you can blame Obama for this. so many of you act like he swam down to the bottom of the ocean and broke it him self because he doesnt have enough to deal with at the moment. scientists trained in this area have no idea what to do why would he. stop bitching about him. the guy is our president for the next 4 years so just deal with it. you all need to stop looking to blame him for everything and put some of the blame on ourselves we create the demand for oil as there is no better option. right now all we can do is our best to help the relief effort as much as possible.

Posted by conerned citizen June 3, 10 09:44 PM

No - oil is not a necessity nor is currency. Check out Nikola Tesla was the genius behind 'free energy'. Look him up. We do not 'need' oil. As long as the world is run by people filled with greed for money, these disasters will continue.

Posted by Diana Brownstone June 3, 10 09:45 PM

@Posted by rob June 3, 2010 08:16 PM

How about you drive your car, and the brakes started making some noise. And you ignored it. And then they started making even more noise and you ignored again. So who's fault is it going to be if they fail at some point?

Posted by Peter Pan June 3, 10 09:46 PM

I like how people are blaming Obama as if the Republican party hadn't sat there and shouted "DRILL, BABY, DRILL!" for however long, pushing for more drilling in the Gulf Coast. What do you expect Obama to do about it once he's down there? Sit there and watch? Then you'd just complain more. Grow up and deal with the fact that Obama has accomplished more in his first year than yours did in eight.

Posted by Yeah. June 3, 10 09:49 PM

rob, your metaphor is missing something, it's more like a person's brakes go out and he kills someone. he decides to drive his car around "apologizing" to make himself look better but doesn't fix his brakes and kills more people "accidentally" every time he drives. he keeps apologizing and trying to fix his brakes with tape and bubblegum. there's a lot more that BP is doing wrong than the initial accident.

Posted by anon June 3, 10 09:49 PM

"Environmentlaists" did NOT "force" oil companies to drill off-shore!!! That is a Right Wing talking point. Oil companies went there cause that is where the oil is! Do you really think if they were allowed to drill in Alaska they'd just say "Oh, OK, that's all the oil we want - thanks!" and close up shop everywhere else?

And environmentalists opposed deep-sea drilling BECAUSE it was so dangerous, and fought hard (and lost) for tough safety regulations!

It's the height of hypocrisy that now the "drill, bill, drill" and "deregulate deregulate deregulate" crowd are now trying to act like they care.

Remember, they were the same people who were arguing during the Bush administration that we should allow MORE off-shore drilling because it is so safe now.

Posted by Mark Fradl June 3, 10 09:50 PM

Agreed. We as human beings are functioning in a society that has been pre-determined by the powers-that-be (the Government and the corporations that drive the capitalist economy). In a way we are connected to this spill due to our participation in society as consumers but we were never given a choice to *not* consume. Therefore the individuals are not to blame for this oil spill, instead the governments and corporations must take responsibility for creating us and this mess.

It is up to us as *individuals* to pressure the government to change society in ways that eliminate the corporations as a significant power. Otherwise they will continue to function in the most economically profitable way they can, and that carries risks that can result in ecologically catastrophic disasters such as what is happening right now.

However, this requires a lot of work and determination and people are lazy and scared. Pessimistically, the real reason we are likely going to be dependent on oil for a long time is because the possibility of rallying enough people to pressure the government into changing is slim to none. I however am optimistic and believe that if we want social change we can make it happen. This spill invokes the necessary feelings for a revolution, if we could get off the computer and get into the streets.
Do you want change bad enough? Prove it! Your grandchildren will pay the price tomorrow for your inaction today.

Posted by Stephanie June 3, 10 09:50 PM

look i drive a car .yes i am guilty i have to get to work but, and this is a big but this is crazy B.P. should pay for all of this do not buy B.P. product's make them hurt for cheaping out on safety. its true they did it. as did haliburten
just because i use oil doesnt mean i want them to spill the oil in the gulf get real people

Posted by chris June 3, 10 09:51 PM

"they are just least this is driving gas prices down"
Classy, you jerk!

Posted by William O'Reilly June 3, 10 09:51 PM

the poor wildlife, they are the innocent victims of all this and they are helpless. BP needs to give more money to help the people that are down there to save the birds and other wildlife. the environment as we know it in the Gulf will never be the same.

Posted by linda June 3, 10 09:51 PM

A tragedy it is and one I hate to see. We all need to stop our reliance on oil as humans. The problem is our reliance on it and the lack of infrastructure to support other renewable resources. If the government wants to truly see other means of energy we, the US of A, needs to start as we consume more than any other nation per capita. The government is doing this slowly with lower emissions, more gas mileage, etc.., but it is a slow process and the oil lobby group is way strong. I am a republican and not proud of the national republican stances as of late as it regards to the environment. I elect locally and hope these people keep true to their beleifs and are not lobbied into indecencay. As far as riding a bike or walking, I need a car to work. I try and make a smaller carbon footprint, but as it stands, I have almost no "affordable" options in that respect.

Posted by Chip Puccio June 3, 10 09:51 PM

Omg that is so disgusting!!! Poor animals didn't do anything to deserve this!

Posted by jennifer June 3, 10 09:52 PM

These pictures are horrifying and literally make me sick to my stomach.

BP, the oil industry and our government are all responsible for this mess, because they should have multiple contingency plans as a safety net for oil leak disasters like this one. Instead they don't have a clue on how to stop this monster.

It makes me feel sad and helpless.

God help us!!

Posted by Bryan June 3, 10 09:52 PM

Poor things, they look too sick to be saved shooting them to put them out of their misery and suffering would have been kinder..

Posted by Laurent June 3, 10 09:53 PM

so incredibly painful to see these images :(

Posted by cassie June 3, 10 09:53 PM

Oil is non-renewable...
Fishing is sustainable...
Should they operate side by side ?
If you have an opinion let your government know.
We are watching from afar and wishing for a stop to this disaster soon.

Posted by Joan June 3, 10 09:53 PM


Posted by mag June 3, 10 09:54 PM

In in North Carolina. Myrtle Beach and Cherry Grove Beach are my favorite places on earth. I am mad as hell, period. BP - you really screwed up everything this time...and for a long time too.

Posted by Barry Cameron June 3, 10 09:55 PM

Saying it's all Bush's fault is just as ignorant as saying it's all Obamas fault. It's the lobbyists in DC that work for these big corporations, such as BP, who continue to get support from politicians (repub and dem alike). Everyone has their hands in the pockets of the big corps. The sad truth is that there's hardly such a thing as an honest politician on the federal level. They all have their own agendas.

Posted by Not A Tree Hugger But I Do Enjoy Oxygen June 3, 10 09:55 PM

Not everyone is to blame. You should not kick yourself over having a normal life. If you use oil in excess and know it, you are being careless and may share some blame. The truth is, our government enables oil companies to create a society dependent on oil. They disguise how much oil we use in our day to day lives. It would take a lot of concerted effort, money, and research to try to live a life oil free- more than most people can spare. We can all help play a part in moving past this, but this horror is not "on the hands" of the average American citizen. Creating a change is something we all must try to accomplish, but it is not going to be an easy task. You should let your representatives in government know how you feel about energy, and you can adapt your life to conserve as much oil as reasonably possible.

Posted by Celeste June 3, 10 09:55 PM

Om Mani Padme Hum

Posted by WE June 3, 10 09:56 PM

First off I think the poster number 509 "Solid Snake" should calm down.
Secondly, the pictures are very sad. If I were closer I would grab a bottle of dish soap and a bucket and go scrub birds.

Posted by TJ June 3, 10 09:57 PM

BP won't pay for this, they have insurance and the cost is shared amongst their business friends. You have to remember BP and other corporations run this place, it is corrupt from the very start. Governments are supposed to be there to represent the people, but how on earth this is supposed to happen when lobbying is allowed? It can't. It isn't fair for BP and any other corporation to fund political parties making sure their business agenda's go ahead regardless of how immoral they may be, basically what it means is that at the end of the day the more money you can flash around the better. Is this the way any healthy society should run it self? I don't think so and that is why voting is so important, but the majority are lazy and numb. The majority do not care about politics and do not vote, but this is exactly why big business rules our arses - because we let them! If enough people agreed that enough is enough, let us abolish corporate funding of political parties so then politicians will have no choice but to do the right thing by us!

This talk of government as "evil" and let the corporations do everything is right-wing propaganda. Why do you think they spew these lines out? For your benefit or for their benefit to profit? Think about it. I'm not one for complete government control, I am no socialist, but what I am standing for is capitalism with a HUMAN FACE.

Posted by Matthew June 3, 10 09:57 PM

Those birds are a visual metaphor for America.

Posted by Jarrod Pyke June 3, 10 09:59 PM

I don't agree with those who post that WE are all to blame because we all use oil. What other option do we have. Yes - other energy sources should be explored - but unless they can be manufactured for for a reasonable price - the average person will not be able to afford it. BP is to blame for taking short cuts in the procurement of the oil. And why on earth would they not have a contingent plan in place for this - all the years they have had oil rigs - you would think they would have had a plan for every possible problem that could happen...

Posted by Debbie Thomas June 3, 10 09:59 PM

I cried when I saw these pictures.

I'm just sorry. I feel so helpless and I just want to apologize for mankind when I see this. If there's a god he sure must have stopped keeping score. I am so sorry.

We are all responsible for this, not just BP. We all are for driving SUV's and fighting wars for oil around the world.

Posted by Human Being June 3, 10 10:00 PM

For any American disgusted by this and who left a comment.... all you have to do tomorrow is give up your car, and quit buying plastic (water bottles, food packaging, straws). If you can do those two things, you aren't a hypocrite.

Try it sometime, it's impossible, our entire existence is based on a petroleum economy.

Posted by Taran Morgan June 3, 10 10:00 PM

The Human race is next....
Heed warnings

Posted by tom jones June 3, 10 10:01 PM

I agree with 526 - we should take the BP Execs and let them roll around in this oil for a few days - see how they like it. These pictures bring a tear to my eye and make my stomach sick. I am posting them on facebook - the more people see this - the better... and boycott BP gas

Posted by Debbie Thomas June 3, 10 10:03 PM

What can i do ?? go there and clean them where is it?????

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:03 PM

I totally agree with you Matt "This is due not because 'who we are' this is how the system was setup" The industry is corrupt as hell with the auto-makers, gas companies, politicians, and oil barons all doing a dance together while the people who have no other choice become dependent on the system. A hundred years ago there were more electric cars than gas,

In many cities electric trolleys were being used till General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California, Phillips Petroleum, Mack worked together to buy out and scrap all the trolley lines, forcing everyone to use a gas guzzling piece of garbage.

Who Killed The Electric Car is an excellent documentary that explores the creation, limited commercialization, and subsequent destruction of the battery electric vehicle in the United States, specifically the General Motors EV1 of the mid 1990s. The film explores the roles of automobile manufacturers, the oil industry, the US government, the Californian government, batteries, hydrogen vehicles, and consumers in limiting the development and adoption of this technology. Who Killed The Electric Car? 1/9

The film shows a few of many examples that demonstrate the corrupt nature of these companies. They are simply deceiving us while destroying the environment and our health for profits. Not to mention creating a state of dependence that could influence everything in our economy. The whole thing stinks and I want my electric or water powered vehicle already, the technology is there but it's being suppressed.

Posted by gearlockT June 3, 10 10:03 PM

This is a wake up call for ALL of us! Until we start changing our lifestyles and demanding for new sources of fuel and technology, we have no one to blame but ourselves. This is so sad.

Posted by htt June 3, 10 10:03 PM

a SHAME! a SHAME!!!!!!! i CANT BELEIVE my kids will have to swim in this water. i dont have any yet but i plan on having some. i can't even CONCEIVE they would have to drink it!

there should be a law that all BP Exec must have their penises torn off! they should not be allowed to reproduce and spread more misery from they're evil seed by having children JUST LIKE THEM!

i ride the bus every day because i care about a little thing called THE PLANET. i also recycle and dont water my grass. all i can say is my kind will be spared but BP will know the rath of you know who!

Posted by sandra June 3, 10 10:04 PM

Many things to think about: Halt climate change by reducing carbon dioxide. A noble objective, but humans are not ready to scrap the largest planetary energy source available. (Solar is the largest, we just don't have the technology to use it EVERYWHERE.)
I heard today, and have not researched this, that BP tested the "blow-out preventer" 2 days before the explosion, and it failed. Continuing without solving the problem is criminal in my mind, and for this BP should be prosecuted fully. AFTER THEY STOP THE LEAK!!
I know that BP did not "plan" for this to happen, they took a chance and it bit them in the arse. 11 people are dead, the environment is devastated, and the animals in the photos above are dead by the time they are coated with oil like that. Better to euthanize. (sigh)
I know BP is not evil, but they acted stupidly and have destroyed so much already, and if the "Top Cap" idea fails, it will be August before they can seal the leak.


I use gasoline in my Toyota Corolla (still 35 mpg) and of course electricity, plastics and everything else made from petroleum. I RECYCLE EVERYTHING I CAN. MY RECYCLE CENTER TAKES STEEL CANS, cardboard, plastics, electrical components, newspaper and glass, and that's not enough. I will buy CLOTH grocery bags this weekend.
Mr. Obama has power to prosecute BP, but the only entities prepared to do this work are the oil companies! Back off on Barack Obama, there is nothing he can do but talk about how furious he is. That does not do one bit of good, nor does any of us fussing about it, either.


Then, we can get after BP to carry out their responsibility. Every person in the Gulf who has lost ANYTHING due to this needs to be compensated FULLY by BP.
To do the clean-up, safety equipment to protect the workers is MANDATORY!
'Nuff said.

Tom Martin

Posted by Tom Martin June 3, 10 10:04 PM

Mote @605 - Six fingers pointing back at me? You were born near Chernobyl, were you?

Posted by Jeremy June 3, 10 10:05 PM

-- comment removed --

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:05 PM

Its kind of ironic... to all you morons that are just about to fill up your cars with petrol -- you are the reason why this is happening. But hey, let's blame everybody !

Posted by JP June 3, 10 10:06 PM

The real question at hand is why are these animals covering themselves with chocolate and frolicking about? Everyone has their fetishes but I mean come on, it's a public beach, have some common decency, Pelican!

Posted by Mike Roch June 3, 10 10:07 PM

This is absolutely terrible. It's even more upsetting that most American's aren't even aware of factory farming and continue to eat meat every single day, even after seeing images like these, These animals are hurting from this spill, and the only thing one can do about it is try to minimize the oil that we use in our everyday lives. Well, the animals you eat every single day are hurting factory farms, and the one thing you can do about that is to boycott meat and dairy from your diet. If looking at these animals suffering upsets you, please reconsider your meat diet. For suggestions on meat substitutions please visit

Posted by Blyth June 3, 10 10:08 PM

they are just least this is driving gas prices down

Posted by Leon Hess June 3, 2010 08:54 PM
they are just least this is driving gas prices down

Posted by Leon Hess June 3, 2010 08:54 PM
they are just least this is driving gas prices down

Posted by Leon Hess June 3, 2010 08:54 PM
If you eat fish, shrimp and oysters your going to pay more for it, if you use sugar your going to soon be paying more for it, if you think that gas prices are going to stay down your fooling yourself because they are soon going to skyrocket and the statement you've made about them being just birds, well the price of rescueing those birds, of cleaning this up, of a lot of things directly effected by this leak is going to show very soon in the way of higher taxes, BP isn't going to eat the entire cost of this, were going to be paying for it too in the prices of things that many don't even know come from the gulf coast, how selfish of you to say they are "just birds" there will be more, much more before this is cleaned up.

Posted by HopingForChange June 3, 10 10:09 PM

OMG, I just read comment 531 ( "they are just least this is driving gas prices down" )

What the hell, that is our beautiful wildlife you are talking about, not 'just birds'

These images are just heartbreaking.

Posted by Bec June 3, 10 10:09 PM

do you people seriously think BP meant to cause this disaster?? you can talk about oil giants all you want but the fact is they just supply what people demand...if people didnt need oil they wouldnt go drilling for it...this oil spill is just a disaster, an can say "oh, i hope the US goverment convict these oil companys of their crimes" but really the all they are doing is pushing the blame onto someone the end of the day this is just a disaster, BP have made a mistake and the wildlife is paying for it, which is sad, i admitt, but BP are doing all they can to stop this oil leak, the fact remains that its difficult to stop a leak miles under water....all the people leaving comments on here about how bad the people from BP are should just stop and think about how they are getting there energy to power their computers in the first place, it may not necessarily be BP but i guarentee its going to be one of the other major energy companies...hypocrisy springs to be honest most of the people who have commented on this article are self righteous pricks who dont really no what it takes to make the world go round, im all for doing less damage to the enviroment but if that is to happen now then we can say goodbye to the equipement used in hospitals to save lives everyday as that uses the "irresponsible" energy that BP and other companies admitt they probley could do it better and that the enviroment could be a more important point for the oil companies, however the fact remains that this particular accident is infact just that, an accident and everyone involved is doing all they can to stop this distaster...and to the people who say "President Obama should stop his holiday and takeover and sort this mess out", i say what qualifies Obama to sort this mess out, BP have some of the best minds and engineers in the world workings to sort this problems, how is Obama goning to make any sort of difference?? Is he an oil expert? does he understand off shore oil drilling?? NO...he is just a politician....i dont usually comment on these sort of articles as usually know one really cares what the people who comment on these things actually think but to be honest the comments here have pissed me off so much with their self riteous and enviromentalist bollocks i felt the need to present a resonable point of view x

Posted by J June 3, 10 10:09 PM

"God bless America?"
Posted by Thoughtful Human Being June 3, 2010 09:04 PM

Serious? This is going to effect the whole world.

Posted by mike June 3, 10 10:10 PM

BP aint moving fast enough to stop this disaster.

Posted by yesenia June 3, 10 10:12 PM

it's to bad the human population is so greedy . it is sad what happening to the fishermen. and all those who make a life by the coast. but i hate to say, if it was't are greed for fuel to run are monster cars to dive to the corner store to get chips and a pop. this might not have happened. maybe next time we get into the car by are self think. can i WALK it , BIKE , or maybe local transportation. or maybe invite or neighbor when you do your groceries to save a bit on gas?! also what about all the animals that live their people forget they where their first and they where the first to get hurt. (example the earthquake in haiti help came asap. the wild life needs help asap and their few and far between for help for them) all i can say is come on think . you had one when you where born now you should use it . human life is not better then animal life!

Posted by MR. F June 3, 10 10:12 PM

All of you blaming Obama are idiots.WTF do you expect him to do? Commandeer the robotic subs himself and seal the well? Get a grip, everything that could be done is being done.

Posted by Nathan June 3, 10 10:14 PM

i have to ask why he is taking a photo instead of trying to help. it's sad and I know i was interested in knowing the situation with the sea life but if you are standing there taking photos what good are you doing for the birds? I sure hope that you put your camera down mr photographer, and helped wash them birds with some dawn right after you snapped these photos. And to the person that posted #573 about aborted babies..PLEASE The world is over populated as it is. If you KNOW you can't take care of a child you are pregnant with, I'd rather spend my tax money on an abortion (a one time fee) rather than welfare for the remainder of the child's life

Posted by crystalk June 3, 10 10:14 PM

Kat dawn dish soap will take it off but they have to be rescued first and im betting the rescue workers weren't far behind the photographer, they don't have to die but they will be needing some care and a lot of dawn dish soap, wonderful stuff, it even kills fleas! YAY for the makers of dawn and their generouse donations to help these poor babies out (i hope they charge BP a hefty bill for all the detergent!)

Posted by HopingForChange June 3, 10 10:14 PM

@ Lynette
What exactly do you expect him to do, swim down to the bottom of the ocean and stick his finger in the well? He he put together a team of the best scientists and engineers in the feds to help with the effort to stop the oil flow, he has employed the Coast Guard and many other agencies to aid in the cleanup effort, and he is making sure that BP is doing its job. Nobody wants this mess to continue any longer than it has to, but blaming the the President is naive and unproductive. There are some things he simply doesn't have the power to stop. This is 100% BP's fault, and I'm confident that Obama will rub their noses in it when this finally gets fixed.

Posted by Jason June 3, 10 10:15 PM

so I am not reading everyones post before posting..
but are you realizing that this WATER oil is going to be rain soon and in your backyard ...

How often does this happen well once is once to much of course. if it happend once it can hapen again the ocean is more powerful then any pipe..

the birds is just at the top of the surface so many ocean floors and living creatures destoryed..

Posted by Tamiann June 3, 10 10:15 PM

so I am not reading everyones post before posting..
but are you realizing that this WATER oil is going to be rain soon and in your backyard ...

How often does this happen well once is once to much of course. if it happend once it can hapen again the ocean is more powerful then any pipe..

the birds is just at the top of the surface so many ocean floors and living creatures destoryed..

Posted by Tamiann June 3, 10 10:15 PM

This is horrible. If I didn't live in Australia I'd be there right now cleaning those poor birds up... So incredibly sad to see an animal struggling like that.

Posted by Danielle June 3, 10 10:18 PM

Barack Obama hates black people. Seriously dude... Do something. GW was grilled for a slow arrival to Katrina, but your train hasn't even left the station. You are the biggest let down in history.

Posted by Citizen A June 3, 10 10:19 PM

This is horrible. If I didn't live in Australia I'd be there right now cleaning those poor birds up... So incredibly sad to see an animal struggling like that.

Posted by Danielle June 3, 10 10:21 PM

Since the Exxon spill I never patronized them again, I will never patronize BP again and if I had the choice, I would use an alternative form of energy for my transportation. When someone finally comes up with a realistic alternative, I will be one of the firsts to use it. Makes me sick to my stomach seeing these and knowing it's so much worse then we can even see.

Posted by NorCalSurfNomad June 3, 10 10:21 PM

You would almost guess BP stands for Big Picture...

Posted by Lucas June 3, 10 10:21 PM

8 birds. oh no. how about everyone who is saying how bad the oil industry is, sell your car and donate that money to the clean up effort. Minus about 100 bucks, and buy yourself a bike with wooden tires. while your at, stop buying plastic, cosmetics for the ladies, and everything that is made from petroleum (about 6000). everyday life as we know it would not exist without oil and the people who work hard to go get it. So instead of typing negative comments, get off you butt and do something about. Drill baby drill

Posted by casey June 3, 10 10:22 PM

Stop blaming the Republicans or the Democrats! Who cares? It's time for ALL of us to care! Politics has nothing to do with this mess.

Posted by Laurie June 3, 10 10:22 PM

I say if we can fly to the moon then we can clean up this oil spill! We are destroying many habitats and many animals are dying. So why aren't we fixing this problem now? If somebody does not start now then I will personally fly done to the coast and help out these poor animals!

Posted by brittany June 3, 10 10:23 PM

for the moron who said "thank the republicans," get a clue.

Posted by the guy who thinks that lib lacks a brain June 3, 10 10:23 PM


British Petroleum is a private globalised corporation... a capitalist enterprise. The citizens of Britain have nothing to do with it, despite the word British in the name.

The big capitalist corporations like BP, Shell, Exxon etc are gushing oil all over the shop - Lousiana, Eucador, Nigeria, Angola to name a few examples - poisoning rivers, seas and land.

Aim your ire at the right target, please.

Posted by Wellwell June 3, 10 10:24 PM

Something needs to be done quickly the animals are suffering what's next! Will we as americans have to face polluted drinking water next?

Posted by fredreca johnson June 3, 10 10:24 PM

Oh my goodness :( makes you really sad, brought tears to my eyes and this is obviously just a small snapshot of the devastation??'s awful

I'm in Brisbane, Australia - know what's been happening through the news, but when you see confronting images like this it certainly brings the issue to life here. Let's hope they fix it soon...

Posted by Jo Evans June 3, 10 10:24 PM

Is anyone doing ANYTHING to help these innocent, suffering birds? Wildlife facilities are opening "stations" but wth are they actually doing? Are they asking for volunteers --- there are thousands of us, probably, willing to help --- and BP (and the US governement) has a responsibility.....

Posted by BRC June 3, 10 10:24 PM

Some blame the government, some blame BP, some blame the inspectors, some blame Pres. Bush and V. Pres. Cheney, some blame this one, that one, this policy, that policy; the problem is everyone is blaming everyone else. There is evidence corners were cut and precautions were ignored. At the same time, our government put into a plan that we have paid for just after the Exxon Valdez accident to handle another oil spill of this preportions - it was not put into action by anyone in this government. Now, to make matters even worse economically, this administration has called for all deep water drilling to cease for a time to make sure this doesn't happen again not realizing the number of jobs in different occupations directly and indirectly involved with the oil field. WHAT IDIOTS!!! How much longer do we have to put up with the incompetence of government and their childish political games that end up hurting the very people they are supposed to be protecting - WE THE PEOPLE!!! And this is who some of you trust with our healthcare? PLEASE!!!!

Posted by Jimmy Higgs June 3, 10 10:27 PM

So sad - the earth is bleeding and I feel so helpless - the effects are going to be far reaching in our world, even if they cap it tomorrow....

Posted by Judy - Vancouver Island June 3, 10 10:28 PM

I am not proud of my species.

Posted by Jared June 3, 10 10:28 PM

@ Sad - look at the big picture. The behaviour that creates this scenario is all about compromising our children's futures, in favour of the present, and on a massive scale.

Posted by j June 3, 10 10:28 PM

To everyone "rescuing" Obama from blame for his lack of attention to this disaster, I ask you - were you certain Bush was to blame for 9/11 just months after taking over the presidency after 8 years of Clinton? Did you blame him for not taking action within 3 days after hurricane Katrina? Seriously - just shut the fu and stop with saying he has no bearing on this disaster. His inability to act is just as responsible for what you are seeing as it was to Bush for terrorist acts and natural disasters. You are all incredibly embarrassing and I'm ashamed of you.

Posted by Modwild June 3, 10 10:28 PM

Did anyone try to help these animals? I hope they did! I love animals so do my kids. If I had the money I would help, But I don't My heart goes out to them, I wish I can do more, I want to volntier ( sorry I cant spell)

Posted by Diane Majewski June 3, 10 10:30 PM


Bypassing Protections
Buying Politicians
Banking Profits
Betraying the Planet

We're British Petroleum

Posted by Dude June 3, 10 10:30 PM

So, the oil company is responsible for this spill and I think that we can all agree on that. I just want to know if these animals were helped after they were photographed.

Posted by Anna June 3, 10 10:30 PM

Dana Lynn,

NO ONE IS BLAMING OBAMA FOR THE OIL SPILL... Some people are simply frustrated with him for not acting fast enough, or attempting to come up with any plan (whether it works or not).

We are looking for a SOLUTION... not for someone to blame... but apparently you are?

Do you remember when the US "flipped their shit" after hurricane katrina for "not sending help fast enough" in the matter of two days? Can you tell me how many days it has been since the oil leak? There are various comparions I could make. However NONE OF IT MATTERS. Pointing the finger at George Bush who hasn't been in office for over a year...... does not present a workable solution to this catastrophic problem, it's just a waste of time and energy. I really hope you move on. Less blaming, more doing.

These pictures are sickening to me.

Posted by Mackenzie June 3, 10 10:31 PM

I wish they would have never killed off the electric car. The world would have been a better place. These pictures really are sad. Did the people taking the photos help the bird after taking them?

Posted by Reghardt Claassen June 3, 10 10:32 PM

Drill, baby, drill?

NO. Not until it can be proven that leaks will be fixed immediately. This should be proof that no consideration has been made on the consequences of offshore drilling, and the industry hasn't learned a thing for decades.

Posted by Kevin June 3, 10 10:35 PM

I don't blame President Obama for the oil spill. That is solely BP, et al. fault and they should pay....for years to come....But I do blame Obama for the bad response to the clean up. They knew this was coming ashore for weeks and left the states to flounder. National gaurd and everyone else should be there containing this spill.

For the person who said that the birds can't be saved? Birds can and are saved from oil all the time. When the response is fast enough, it can be very successful and rewarding

Posted by Marci June 3, 10 10:37 PM

This is human responsibility. No need to be tagging this to the presidency. Let's get it cleaned up and think of solutions to the problem and how to abate future occurrences.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:37 PM

Blowout Petroleum. May your UK pound sink into the sludge. You owe the U.S. BIG TIME!!

Britain you'd better make this right! This is not how an ally works with an ally.

Opium Wars, India, Faulklands, wherever there's a bad scene, it seems like you're there. Why is that? Huh?

Americans. We won the war. Don't let these pricks walk away from this!

Posted by Chuck June 3, 10 10:37 PM

Hey Sad (#596), your first statement is spot on, but why did you have to tack on the second? Shouldn't we focus on saving the children that EVERYONE considers living and breathing humans, and not the fetuses that only a small subset of society cares about?

Posted by John June 3, 10 10:38 PM

I'd argue you CAN blame the Obama administration. We knew there were problems with energy industry regulation when we had that mine diaster. Investigations in the wake of that found HUNDREDS of violations and irregularities.

It shouldn't have been that big a jump to go "hey, looks at what happened with the coal industry, maybe we should take a look at the oil industry too..."

I wonder how many more of these deregulation time bombs were left by the incompetents at the Bush administration?

Posted by Jordan June 3, 10 10:38 PM

Sad- You're an idiot. Bring more people into this world, that's all we need. Because we have completely limitless resources, as you can see.

Posted by Katie Williams June 3, 10 10:38 PM

"Gods wrath will begin with those who caused this" mean the rest of the religious nutjobs like yourself?

Posted by jason June 3, 10 10:39 PM

F-ing unbelievable. This is horrible. Breaks my heart to see these pictures. I can't believe how long this has been taking

Posted by ADA June 3, 10 10:39 PM

Anybody who tries to tie this to Obama is a fool or lying through their teeth to avoid their own culpability.

These pictures are the face of eight years of Bush era DEREGULATION, Bush and Cheney allowing private industry to take charge of policing themselves, lax or zero enforcement of environmental and safety policies under Bush and Cheney, etc. etc.

You morons seem to be forgetting that this debacle of BP failing to stop their own leak is the end result of the dreams of conservatives for a generation: LET PRIVATE INDUSTRY DO IT. What BP has shown is that the private sector can't do everything; the private sector can't even stop an oil leak that they themselves started.

Unfortunately, as a result of Republican (and conservative Democrats) emasculating and defanging the government's effectiveness over the last 30 years, it doesn't matter who is in charge, the government is impotent to solve these types of problems. The funding that would have been necessary to test equipment and strategies to solve a huge oil leak like this one was slashed and diverted. By conservatives.

Republicans trusted that private industry knew best. Private industry claimed they had contingency plans that would quickly and effectively solve problems like this, and the conservative mindset was to take big business at its word. Why would former oil men like Cheney and Bush not take their good buddies at their word? Of course, the oil companies lied. They had no effective plans prepared. And as a result of government assuming the private sector would take care of itself with honesty and integrity, no money was spent on backup plans to buffer the private industry plans.

This isn't a matter of just having a new president. Policies as deeply entrenched as the lax environmental policy and impotency of government regulatory effectiveness take YEARS to reverse. Obama could have put into motion a huge reversal of Bush era policies on the first day of his presidency, and this tragedy would have still occurred. Obama could have diverted hundreds of millions of dollars into developing contingency technology and plans to prepare for a leak like this, and an effective mechanism would not have been ready last month.

I'm sick of sycophants and mindless partisans from the right not OWNING this spill. It is YOUR spill. Private Industry and a government colluding to allow private industry to regulate itself CAUSED this mess. Your conservative theories have FAILED. And the fact that none of the major news organizations are framing it in this manner shows just how corporate and just how little liberalism really is in the media.

Posted by mister crispy June 3, 10 10:40 PM

This is the fault of the Democratic Party and the environmentalists. By forcing needed oil drilling to deep water, they made it far more difficult to repair a leak like this one.

Drilling closer to shore (in shallower water) and drilling on land (like in ANWR) would have prevented this tragedy.

As for all of you who think we can do without oil, do you not drive cars? Do you not buy food, warm your homes, buy clothing and other consumer goods, all of which had to be trucked from somewhere, using OIL. What is your alternative to not drilling? Have you even thought it out?

Posted by Stogie June 3, 10 10:40 PM


Bypassing Protections
Buying Politicians
Banking Profits
Betraying the Planet

We're British Petroleum

Posted by Dude June 3, 10 10:40 PM

If Katrina was Bush's fiasco...

This is Obama's ...

Look at it this way: The oil is spilling into federal waters - where the federal government clearly has jurisdiction. On the other hand, the banks, health care, the auto industry are private sector where the federal government likes to play...

Sure, BP is a private company but their oil is shutting down federal waters. So lets tax them or sue them like the president says he will...

Guess what?

Who do you think will have to pay that tax or the fines? (Hint it won't be BP and it will sound like this: Yes we can ! )

Posted by Joe June 3, 10 10:40 PM

BP is doing very little to help the birds and other wildlife affected by their oil spill. As a trained wildlife rehabilitator and a person who has volunteered on past oil spills, I called the BP "Hot Line" in early May and told them I was experienced, trained and ready to go. I was told they would be calling me as soon as they knew where help was needed. I have yet to hear from BP. They have extensive lists of volunteers and they never call. BP does not want the public to see the extent of the carnage on our coastal wildlife. Their “wildlife rehabilitation” efforts are a PR sham!

Posted by Uneeda Laitinen June 3, 10 10:42 PM

well its kinda like this...BP is a British company,I will still purchase BP gasoline instead of Hugo Chavez's Citgo.....yes this is tragic,but boycott Citago

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:42 PM

This is Obama's fault. He should take some time off of his vacations and "Plug the Hole".

Posted by R June 3, 10 10:42 PM

When we as humans decide that Mega Corporations have made enough profit...more money then any of them can spend in a lifetime....and insist that they spend some of it on making sure they install a %##$^%# remote shutoff valve on a well one mile deep, then maybe our kids will have a chance. As long as net profits rule, we lose.

Posted by Jim Burns June 3, 10 10:42 PM

ok you all have the right to your own opinion and all, so go ahead blame bp if you want blame obama if you want but just blaming people WON'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM!! greed didn't create this disaster either, it was and ACCIDENT on bp's part and calling them a bunch of greedy bastards WON'T CHANGE THE SITUATION EITHER OKAY!?!! you people like placing the blame on greediness and corruption but HOW MANY OF YOU USE OIL!?? i'm gonna bet every last one of you uses oil AND WILL CONTINUE to use oil too. now PLEASE if you want to go fix the problem, go ahead!! THEN go whine about how terrible everything is...

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:42 PM

Drill baby drill! We've been through worse!

Posted by Sarah Palin June 3, 10 10:43 PM

The cost of gas has dropped because this oil well was not for being manufactured for general use and mostly for exploratory purposes. I don't even care about the price of gas looking at the the cost it is taking on the environment and the workers killed in the explosion. All so we can continue our auto-centric lifestyles that has been killing this planet for years? I write this knowing very well I'm being a hypocrite because I am too part of the problem. But if this doesn't help push us away from oil and towards the other, cleaner, safer alternatives of fuel, then nothing will and THAT really is pathetic.

Posted by Scott June 3, 10 10:43 PM

Please don't tout the benefits Dawn dishwashing liquid!!! You know why it works? Because it is a PETROLEUM product!! Nasty little secret most of our American products hide...start looking up those long chemical names found in major branded shampoos (baby shampoos too!), laundry detergents, makeup, dish liquids, etc. Start supporting brands like Seventh Generation and Ecover that have done the right thing from the beginning--and send some bottles down to the Gulf. I am pleading with everyone that will listen--do your research and find out how many products are made from petroleum. Don't ever buy them again! And tell everyone you know!

Posted by ddress June 3, 10 10:44 PM

What an aptly named breed of pelican...

Posted by Enzy June 3, 10 10:45 PM

wow, it's funny how in just the last 100 posts this oil spill has been used to preach personal agendas of: libs, cons, teabaggers, environmentalists, bible-thumpers, pro-lifers, the self-righteous, and the self-haters.

stay classy!

Posted by Kevin June 3, 10 10:45 PM

good points made by 607,Chrs..I like that you take steps away from wrong, long used methods of energy the world has relied on all these years. as a species..we have yet alot to learn. I don't think the oil men of years ago realized how harmful the stuff could be..the disasters we see today. I hope all of us as humans, can begin to ween ourselves off these corporate driven energy our numbers grow..the world will change..and tomorrow could be beautiful.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:46 PM

I love these idiots bleating that people are blaming Obama. You're idiots. Presidents get the blame. You did it for EVERYTHING for nearly a damned decade when Bush was in office. You're partisan hacks. You're hypocrites. You're ignorant. You're what's wrong with this country. You see everything in black and white partisan terms. Again, YOU are what's wrong with this country. You bleat and whine and moan and cry that someone is holding the POTUS responsible for actually doing something to fix the mess, you claim that you can't blame "him," then you turn around and blame Republicans for all of it. Pay attention. Open your eyes. There's plenty of blame to go around for everyone in both parties. YOUR people enabled and caused this as much as the next guy's.

Posted by BPO June 3, 10 10:46 PM

"I wish they would have never killed off the electric car."

The irony here is that the company which, inexplicably, killed off the EV1 was just bailed out a little over a year ago for continuing to make gas and oil hungry vehicles by the very same Federal government which failed to effectively enforce already existing regulations.

There is plenty of blame to go around but to assume that "the government" a panacea for whatever particular crisis faces the people of the United States is the acme of naivete. If anything, the failure of the FDIC, SEC and MMS to effectively execute their charge should give us less faith in the current system as it operates.

Posted by Rob June 3, 10 10:47 PM

I am Canadian. I am an Earthling. I am homo sapiens. I am a democratic idealist.

We are nothing without the natural world. Nothing at all.

My heart goes out to the communities in America that are in the epicentre of this vulgar-greed driven disaster.

Posted by Vineca Gray June 3, 10 10:47 PM

To #595: First of all, I would like to know who "Karma" is because I'm pretty sure "Karma" does not control crap. Second, Obama is the leader of this country and should try to do the best he can to save our southern beaches. Third of all, you try to run a country period. Fourth, those poor birds and every other living creature in the gulf is suffering because we're to ignorant to fix the problem.

Posted by Stock June 3, 10 10:48 PM

we cannot kill this planet. It will kill us.

And Obama did NOT "wait 6 weeks to respond". What an irresponsible statement.

Posted by alfuso June 3, 10 10:48 PM

What floored me was the CEO of BP, complaining that "he wanted his life back". After all the damage inflicted on the wildlife, the ocean, and the people of the Gulf Coast, how disingenuous for this pampered CEO to complain about his personal suffering.

Posted by James June 3, 10 10:49 PM

So, I see these photographic images of unimaginable suffering... animals dying without even knowing why, just that their pores no longer breath, their eyes no longer see, their lungs are filled with goo and they can no longer fly to find food, nor dive for it... and they starve.
Some animal instinct in my wants to put the BP executives who issued the orders and negotiated the deals, who ignored the flaws in their system and who took over a month to fix the problem, in a big vat, filled with the stinking stuff and let them live out their days in it... food covered in oil, no drinking water, skin burning smelling the stink... How can they have done this.... it is a horror and no money will compensate those lives and the environment can never be put back together again.

Posted by Anne Kane June 3, 10 10:49 PM

This is our fault. No one is excluded. Jimmy Carter warned us in the 1970's to get off the oil. No one listened and called him an idiot. This is peak oil. How much do you think gas will go up to pay for this? How many more of these can the world afford?

Unfortunately someone has chosen this path for us long before I born and now I will have to live with it; sort of like SS, Medicare, income tax, Israel, empire, nation building.....

Why does every generation have a penchant for screwing over the next?

Posted by Destinatus June 3, 10 10:50 PM

The earth is sick and we have contributed to the virus. This must stop now, it is nearly, if not already too late.

You-tube alternative energy options. Google and research. Demand affordable options from your representatives, from your government.

Alternatives exists, we do not have access to them and wont until we demand it. There is too much money to loose those who wish to keep peddling fossil fuels and they lobby and influence our leaders

Posted by john June 3, 10 10:51 PM

OMG! I cannot tell you how awful that makes me feel. I think that BP and their 2 other partners in crime should be boiled in oil! I hope that whoever took these pictures also rescued these birds. I cannot believe that this mess is still going on...started on Earth Day April 22nd and there seems to be no end in sight! They say maybe belching till August or later!
Heard that BP also had a 100,000 barrel oil leak in the Alaska Pipeline too!
ENOUGH ALREADY!! President Obama has to get this stopped, he is in charge and this mess is on his desk! People need to go to jail too! The environment in the Gulf will never be the same. The government needs to pull up the environmental impact study done on the Exxon Valdez oil spill to see what we are looking at in the long run.

Posted by Elizabeth Taylor-Martinez June 3, 10 10:51 PM

Louisiana coast is going to become the USA tar sands, it's the american way of life, not only the american but the capitalist world which is living in this extremely selfish way, here in Brazil, we run the same risk once we have several oil rigs operating in our coast, it's a "faunacyde", the death of all animals that live in those Louisiana waters, 'cause i´m not sure if they will get to stop that gusher well so quickly.

Posted by Antonio Viana June 3, 10 10:52 PM

Oh my God, I am heartbroken.

Posted by melanie dunn June 3, 10 10:52 PM

Peak Oil. Enjoy.

Posted by LATOC June 3, 10 10:52 PM

I am gonna cry myself to sleep I can not do anything for the innocent wild life that is literally disappearing before our eyes due to this horrific raping of a world that the human race was supposed to take care of. I just want to barf now...

Posted by Angela from Canada June 3, 10 10:52 PM

Oil, pharmaceutical, armament giants with collaboration of political clowns are ruining our planet. Each cancer patient provides Thousands of Dollars of profit for drug companies, why should they cut the branch they sit on?
Same applies to bloody BP and all the rest. Nothing will happen to them.
Filthy Capitalism will be my epitaph.

Posted by selcuk Askin June 3, 10 10:52 PM

Could we all stop fighting about whose fault it is a focus on how to FIX it now? Could we PLEASE stop making political fodder out of this DISASTER and band together to STOP it now and CLEAN it up? We all agree that it's harming the wildlife and OURSELVES. So how's about we WORK together to SOLVE the problem?

Posted by TigerDiva June 3, 10 10:53 PM

the blame belongs to all those that still drive 4 wheels daily. Get a scooter, bicycle...... or public transport if it's available. Unless you are taking any of these options.... quit whining !

Posted by halfbreedhalf June 3, 10 10:53 PM

BP: g-damn it, gdmn it, gd...

Posted by Kidcurioso June 3, 10 10:53 PM

remember when Aquaman was the lamest superhero?

If he existed that would be pretty bad ass about now.

Posted by Kevin June 3, 10 10:53 PM

This IS Obama's fault!!! Governor Jindal was begging him from day 1 to send The Army Corps of Engineers to build barriers to stop the oil from hitting land on Grand Isle, marsh land. After three weeks he gave them part of what was needed to protect it. THAT is Obama's fault. Louisiana is DEAD. The marsh lands protect from hurricanes.
Remember Katrina? We do. And you will soon see the next Katrina, now with much warmer water, which causes hurricanes to gain strength.
The spill is BP's fault. So there's the spill and there is the protection of land.
Do you get it now?

Posted by Steve M. June 3, 10 10:54 PM

At the center of this unleashed monster is engineers and lax federal US oversight.

Sandy Rosenthal, founder of

Posted by Sandy Rosenthal June 3, 10 10:54 PM

"Blaming Obama" ???

Nobody said he caused the leak.

These are federal waters that are being affected. Soon to be international waters...

He is the president of the United States (the Federal Government).

The question is:

How does " Yes we can ! " equate to doing nothing about this utter disaster on federal waters ?

Posted by Joe June 3, 10 10:55 PM

People are blaming Obama because the rest of you would have blamed Bush. Thanks to you, we have become a nation of blamers instead of a nation of doers.

Posted by Anna June 3, 10 10:57 PM

ah, but after the birds are cleaned up, where to put them? The oil will foul the Gulf for months/years. All the birds know is to go back into it to get their fish, which are also dying. And they will get covered in oil again. And again. And again.

Posted by alfuso June 3, 10 10:57 PM


Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 10:59 PM

this makes me could we as humans be so dumb that 1. we cant figure out how to stop this, and 2. that we were not smart enough to put a shut off valve on the damn thing! how many oil spills and leaks must there be before we wise up and take the correct precautionary messures to ensure that this NEVER happens again!

Posted by Keri June 3, 10 11:00 PM

Its not just company's and politicians...its everyone who uses this shit on a regular basis. This bullshit isn't sustainable.

Posted by DoneFor June 3, 10 11:00 PM

I find some of these comments crazy. People are arguing about whose fault this is Obama, Bush, BP. None of us ever asked when we filled our cars up, are those rigs really safe for the PEOPLE on them or for the environment if something happens.None of us will really quit using things from BP it would be to inconvient. You all are just like me right now sitting in your house doing nothing except being angry. Don't get me wrong I know most of us truly care, but how many of us are actually going to go help or do anything tht will change the way things are regualted... very few. We will stew on this until the next big thing. This is a heart wrenching event I am praying I become a better person and take this and many other issues alittle more seriously and start asking questions and really get in there and help when things go wrong, you know have a voice that counts not just complains to others that aren't doing anything about the big picture either.

Posted by honestly June 3, 10 11:01 PM

625 I am sorry to have to say to you. honey .But,. The photographer was doing something to help not just that one bird but millions ....If he took the bird and tried to remove its oil we would not be seeing the damage would we?.. Give credit where it is due. I am sure someone was helping the poor bird. However, I believe it is beyond help. Greed for Oil has created this and it is now time to They have designated all the states up the Eastern seaboard for oil drilling. Try to find some little way you can avoid contributing to Big Oil.Companies......At least your consciense will be clear. This is so difficult for us who love nature more than money.... . .

Posted by ida snow June 3, 10 11:01 PM

So incredibly tragic and sad, and so incredibly unnecessary. Thank you, all you stoopid Bush peeps and drill baby drill idiots.

Posted by C. Penberthy June 3, 10 11:01 PM

It's pretty plain that a lot of folks on this thread think the government is a shill for the oil companies and are doing a terrible job of running things.

So then, who do so many of you keep voting these crooks IN, time after time after time?

Posted by Scribbler1 June 3, 10 11:02 PM

I am sure there is enough blame to go around... !!! Forget about POLITICS !!! Just birds huh, part of the echo system. We are all guilty of gluttony, we wouldn't need so much oil if we didn't want large expensive homes, vacations, JETS, big yachts etc. We are all to blame. Especially the real GREEDY ones, who live like kings and queens and think it is okay to use as much energy as they see fit because they BUY carbon offsets... that is a joke.. Then they go around and holler Global Warming as they live in their mansions and drive around in jets.. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! U best pray for you haven't seen anything yet !!!!

Posted by Tina Jones June 3, 10 11:02 PM

Let's not forget the Bush/Cheney relationship with "BIG OIL" and "BIG PHARMA!" I think if we had personal knowledge of the acts of both commission and omission that took place during those infamous 8 years, we would all be so damned angry that we would agree that we hanged the wrong S.O.B. in Iraq! Has anyone noticed that Mr. Cheney couldn't shut up after leaving office, but since April 20, 2010 he hasn't uttered a single word.

The Louisiana coast is my home, and I will NEVER forgive Bush/Cheney for the debacle that is now taking place in my back yard!

Posted by Guy Stirling June 3, 10 11:02 PM

These pictures should be widely publicized, splashed everywhere and anywhere. People need to see the true damage that is being done. Showing the same grainy footage of a leaking pipe does nothing.

Posted by LMH June 3, 10 11:03 PM

The liberal sons of bitches are at it again. This is ONCE AGAIN not the fault of our current president but falls on the shoulders of our previous Presidents. Really? Yes, BP should accept responsibility for allowing such a disaster to occur without a tried and true backup plan should a leak occur. But, it falls on the shoulders of our federal government to allow BP to pursue drilling without such a backup plan. So, with that being said, our government AS WELL AS BP failed to look after the best interest of our country, our wildlife, our water and our gas prices. What happened to "checks and balances?" Who was looking out for our country?

Posted by R. Grigg June 3, 10 11:04 PM

Truly, human beings simply do not deserve to continue to exist on this planet.
The one we call "ours" or "home"
We are the only creatures in existence (that we know of for sure in this universe) who have the ability to either save or destroy and entire planetary ecosystem.
We have the freedom of choice and what do we do?
We let greed dominate our behavior.
All this destruction and for what? So we can sit on our asses watching large screen TVs and drive around in fuel burning vehicles.

Pah.. Humans.. who needs them.
Not mother Earth, that's for sure.
Time for another asteroid impact.

Posted by Terry June 3, 10 11:05 PM

Right now, the best chance of stopping this disaster lies with BP. Boycotting BP or trashing them in the news is not going to do anything except hurt them financially, which is not helping the situation at hand. And in the real world, a world where things don't happen in a millisecond, solutions take time. Don't you think that BP would have fixed this the first hour that it happened if they could have?! They are trying, people! How about supporting the effort, or supporting the agencies that are helping with the clean up, or supporting your favorite wildlife charity? Or maybe we should support politicians who advocate breaking this country's addiction to oil. But to sit and bitch and point fingers does absolutely nothing to help in this awful situation.

I, for one, support BP in their effort to find a solution.

Posted by Larie June 3, 10 11:06 PM


Posted by sara moayed June 3, 10 11:07 PM

This made me unbelievably sad. I can't believe these poor animals have to suffer like this.

Posted by Katie June 3, 10 11:07 PM

Most of the birds were saved and taken to the Fort Jackson rehab facility. The journalists were with the Governor and they came upon this scene.

Posted by GH June 3, 10 11:07 PM

Funny how much of American time and money is spent defending against outside terrorism... when with the recent financial crisis and now this oil catastrophe it is clear we are destroying ourselves.

Posted by MZK June 3, 10 11:08 PM

humans can't make this better.

Posted by love each other June 3, 10 11:08 PM

In 1973-1974 we had a wake-up call regarding our dependence on oil. Another wake up call came in 1989. Now we have this in 2010.

How many more times are we going to be hit in the head before we start getting serious about breaking our oil addiction?

Posted by ds0490 June 3, 10 11:08 PM

Drill, Baby, Drill

Blame, Baby, Blame

Posted by roberson June 3, 10 11:09 PM

wtf people! stop buying bp! foreign company making our soil bleed oil? wake up!

Posted by g$ June 3, 10 11:10 PM

So sad. America is more trouble than it's worth.

Posted by John Thompson June 3, 10 11:11 PM

Ya know what, never mind the blame game...Who cares? We just need to get off our asses and try to help this situation...If ya think Obama is not responding, then I suggest you jam his phone lines day and night.
Other then that, SHUT the fu*k up about whose to blame...!!
Take a good look at those pictures.... Unless you are standing on that shoreline responding to this from your IPHONE with OIL all over your hands and body then stop complaining and do something about it yourselves!

Posted by Holly Lynn Danyliw June 3, 10 11:12 PM

What a shame! Drilling must stop!!

Posted by Dawn June 3, 10 11:12 PM

Saying that we, as 21st century humans, are responsible for this gross incompetence because of our dependence on petroleum products is a bit like saying that we are all responsible for the financial crisis because we trade in currency and not beads. Last time I checked, it was illegal on most roads to operate a horse and buggy. Don't get me wrong, I'd do it in a heartbeat.. but eventually there would be .. oh, I don't know.. something like Mad Cow disease that was caused by rancid grain? Anyone remember that bit of history? ALL of the oil companies have been enjoying obscene profits while spending precious little time on 'worst case scenario' preparation. This is the fault of the entity who was drilling without a fail-safe, and the inability to be prepared for a disaster on this scale. While you bicker back and forth about which political party is responsible.. the people who are actually responsible are more than happy to watch it go that way.

Posted by Feelin' it June 3, 10 11:13 PM

The same people who bitch and moan about "big government" now want big government to solve the problem. Go figure.

Posted by TJ June 3, 10 11:13 PM

These images just horrify and disgust me. It is unthinkable how such large corporations can cause so much damage, and virtually murder thousands of living beings with their reckless ways. And these are the people who we are forced to have as our leaders. Large corporations, such as BP, hold more money than some of the world's COUNTRIES! This kind of power should not lie within the hands of some of the world's most crooked businessmen. We are all more or less damned to hell under their ruling.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 11:13 PM

Ya'll are all hipocrites! you say that we need to find a better fuel source we need to do this we need to that, But i bet every morning on your way to work you stop and fuel up with that precious gasoline, you know where that stuff comes from? OIL!!!! so before you blame the companies who is out there getting the oil for that gas that YOU use. Blame yourself. Any of you that went through school learned about this thing called Supply and Demand. We demand the gas and they supply it. if they stop supplying the oil to make gas for a little while yall would be saying screw the birds. For the main and very simple reason you don't want to have to walk or ride a bike to your destination. now i agree tthat this to a certain extent is wrong, but ya'll have to think about things. americans get lazyer and lazyer everyday. Next time you stop at the gas pump, you can blame yourself for what happens to the wildlife. for all of you thatposted on here that you are against the oil companies, walk your layzy asses next time.

Posted by Blake Totty June 3, 10 11:14 PM

the real rats of earth ... Humans!

Posted by DP June 3, 10 11:14 PM

The problem with demanding alternatives is that the technology is not there yet and nobody wants that cost. I think that until we have the technology to capture alternative "clean" energy, we need to be ok with getting oil the easiest, and most environmentally friendly, way. I feel that the problem with clean energy is that is causes problems as well. Solar energy only works in the day and requires a vast amount of space, wind energy only works in the wind and really demands a large amount of space to generate large amounts of energy, nobody wants a nuclear plant in their backyard and the EPA doesn't want one anywhere. It is just a vicious cycle. Keep working on the technology, find oil in places that is easier to get to (like land ie North Dakota). Its called a comprehensive energy plan.......

Posted by kiddrmissouri June 3, 10 11:14 PM

Timmadoo - You need a spell check and a talk/listen with Jesus. He would't advise to cast stones as you do. This oil spill has nothing to do with gay marriage, it has to do with greed and negligence on the part of powerful companies. If you're going to cast stones, at least do so in the direction of the ACCOUNTABLE. And -- Please learn to spell correctly. PLAIN sight not plane. UGH! why does ignorance breed such volatile opinions and poor spelling?

Posted by Samantha June 3, 10 11:15 PM

If Bush were president they would be calling for his head. Say what you will, this happened on Obama's watch. He missed his "bullhorn moment" and we are all the worse off for it.

Posted by Brad Parker June 3, 10 11:15 PM

It's not about Republicans and Democrats. They are just moronic politicians that only care about getting re-elected. The Big Picture (BP), to use someone else's terminology, is that it's about MONEY!! It doesn't matter what the danger may be as long as Wall Street is printing money for investors. Sacrifice the world, who gives a shit, as long as "they" are making money. There may be alternative energy to be had but sure as hell it will get squashed by the big corporate oil magnets who don't want it to replace their "golden egg". Until we change our attitude about mother earth, this will go on forever or until we have no more oil to suck out of her belly. Danger!! We'll worry about it when it happens. "Keep drilling" is the corporate motto. Hell, we are deep in it until something big and drastic happens that will alter our way of life permanently and we have no choice but to change. God, I hope I'm not around then!! The only hope we have right now is that the damage is manageable and not too hard to handle. I think that's the best we can hope for. What's next??

Posted by Nat June 3, 10 11:16 PM

Stop the blame and add to the solution! We all are mad and or feel helpless. Can we not all PRAY? Can we agree to pray for a recovery of this disaster. Can we pray that no more life will lost? You can complain and blame all you want. It does not HELP these animals or the enviornment which will be changed forever. Pray..

Posted by HelplessinSeattle June 3, 10 11:17 PM

Picture number 5 is absolutely terrifying-all of them are obscene-anger is the appropriate response

Posted by Matt June 3, 10 11:17 PM

This is not a political issue! It is heartbreaking! We all need to band together as Americans and help. I pray that the person that took these pictures aided in their rescue. Why aren't there oilships sucking this stuff out of the water? Why are they just letting it go to the coasts? This is truly horrific. It is not Obama's fault that this happened. It is BP's fault and not enough is being done by either one of them to clean this mess up.

Posted by Clayton June 3, 10 11:19 PM

The OPTION we have is to DEMAND the release of the free energy technology the DAMN oil companies and other immoral 'big money' people have been sitting on since Nicholai Tesla or before!!! Get a bike, plant big gardens, form self-sufficient communities. Let the corporations go the way of the dinosaurs. We have what it takes. It is WE who are the life blood of corporations. We don't need somebody telling us how and when to do what we already know. We just need to do it for ourselves, our children, each other and for the common good. We are the majority. Take a moral stand.

Posted by Mir-Ra June 3, 10 11:20 PM

BP: Beyond Pollution

Posted by Alex June 3, 10 11:20 PM

I agree with those of you who are pointing the finger at was their lack of responsibility that led to this, and while many sea creatures and more land and air creatures die, they are taking their sweet time repairing the problem...something that should only take a day has taken a week. It's getting ridiculous!! Some people have even begun protesting at BP stations, telling people not to buy gas. If this goes on long enough, BP may soon have a lawsuit on its hands, like Toyota does. However, it doesn't take one voice to make a difference, but many voices, sounding out as one! Working together to make a change to better our economy. We're suppose to be going green, so let's prove it!

Posted by PFC Harmon June 3, 10 11:20 PM

to me this is hell on earth, a nightmare. i hope these beautiful creatures died swiftly after the photos were taken.

Posted by bruno June 3, 10 11:21 PM

This is so sad, so tragic. I wish I had answers.
Actually, I wish ANYONE had answers. So far, the "best and brightest" seem to be emulating the Keystone Cops.

Posted by cwize June 3, 10 11:21 PM

it will get worst, much worst.... maybe after this we will wake up. There is always hope for the healing of our beautiful planet. It will prevail!!!!!

Posted by vivi June 3, 10 11:23 PM

Absolutely horrifying and depressing pics. BP should be put under receivership until this mess is cleared up.

Posted by Indeshaw Adenaw June 3, 10 11:23 PM

"so I am not reading everyones post before posting..
but are you realizing that this WATER oil is going to be rain soon and in your backyard ... "

No it won't. The water evaporates while the oil remains in a liquid state on the ground.

Posted by John S. June 3, 10 11:23 PM

I'm just curious if there are any organizations doing anything to help these animals. I would honestly give up everything I have to go out and help these poor innocent creatures, they are suffering from our mistakes, if it was not for these birds and animals it would be nearly impossible for us to survive. It absolutely breaks my heart to know that people can just go about their every day life, and not even care about whats going on on the shores of Louisiana. My heart is breaking, I knew I should not have looked at these photos it put me in such disgust. If every one would just take a day of their lives to go out and help it would make a huge difference.

Posted by Candace June 3, 10 11:23 PM

The facts are in. Obama did NOT have BP follow quality control measures because they helped...and continue to help...him hold office. Add it to the list...and learn the facts. His actions prove he could care less - quite frankly, his actions show that he WANTS America dependent on others for oil. Let "ours" fail. He wants socialism. Moreover, his definition of hope is not the hope we define it to be. His hope is to deface America and pay-back all of those who got him into office. Again, read the facts people. Learn his history and the crooks and evil empire that introduced him to us on the big screen. He's not here for us...though his crafty pre-written speeches say so. When did we start letting words speak louder than actions.

Posted by Dori June 3, 10 11:24 PM

Most of you are so "without a clue" it's scary. "Oil will become rain in your backyard next" ??? do you even know what evaporation IS or how it works?

You say BP should be doing more, etc. but have no idea what it's like trying to do this remotely, with robots, that aren't anchored to anything....

Who would you guys blame if there was an earthquake in the gulf and it opened a fissure and oil started pouring out. No deep pockets to go after there eh? We can't blame "nature" now can we because she has no money to offer. All this talk about "evil, crooked, greedy businessmen" when they only provide what the public DEMANDS !!!

You seriously need to shut your pie holes and get a clue....

Posted by VoiceofReason June 3, 10 11:25 PM


Posted by shelley davis June 3, 10 11:25 PM

I agree with you # 765 I really think that if you've never PRAYED in your life nows the time to start !!!!!!

Posted by anonymous June 3, 10 11:26 PM

I just hope everyone on here knows that "fixing it" (aka stopping the leak) will not be solving much.. i mean yeah it'll stop leaking but the oil is going to be there for decades to come.

The last huge oil spill (can't remember where it was exactly) still has effects.. such as digging into the sand a good foot and, oh, oil!

Posted by Jenn June 3, 10 11:26 PM

Let's help someone like Matter of Trust clean up the oil. Time for Americans to act since no one else is.

Posted by Cindy June 3, 10 11:27 PM

Please, please let us stop blaming each other and start doing some thing serious about this troubled world we live in. We have huge health problems in this country because we do not get enough exercise. Maybe we should start looking at the energy we can expend - for our own good - just by walking and using public transportation. This technology already exists. Instead of spending money on oil - and wars for oil - maybe we should invest in something that is actually in our country's interest - that is, invest in public transportation systems that actually work, more bike friendly cities and stop cutting trees down to build subdivisions and strip-malls that look like army bunkers. Reclaim the charm and the many wonderful benefits of a community life, in cities and towns. Be the change you want to see in the world, and stop blaming politicians and captains of industry. They will become obsolete when we demand change of ourselves first.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 11:29 PM

How an we tolerate such atrocities in the name of profits ?

Posted by seb June 3, 10 11:30 PM

My God! I just can't tell sad in my heart.

Posted by Kino June 3, 10 11:30 PM

If Bush hadn't have passed de-regulation for these oil companies and the government had stricter sanctions, we wouldn't be in this mess........BP is 100% responsible. Obama can help, but it is certainly not his fault. We all need to be aware.........hopefully the "cap" has worked, we will find out tomorrow. I am sure many of us wish we could leave our jobs, responsibilities, and personal issues and go help the poor people, wildlife and plant life in the Gulf area. Thank you to those who are able to do so. Stop the blame game and give support!!

Posted by Pamela June 3, 10 11:31 PM

for those wondering where the cleaned birds will be go, they will not be released back to the disaster area....many so far have been released to sanctuaries in Florida....wildlife rehabbers always prefer to release injured animals back to where they came from when possible, but obviously here it is not possible.......

Posted by pink sapphire June 3, 10 11:31 PM

these pictures seriously piss me off. BP should be in serious trouble.

Posted by ashh June 3, 10 11:31 PM

#595, #597, #690, your lack of intelligence is showing. No one is blaming Obama like he caused the spill, if you had the energy to even just WATCH the news, let alone READ some facts, Obama's response to the oil "spew" was irresponsible. Find out the facts of what his response was. His lack of knowledge and leadership glaringly shows. It has cost us dearly, not only in human lives, but our animal kingdom, our water in the gulf, our beaches, our fishing industry, etc. Everyone who doesn't have a clue uses excuses for another's actions. What Bush did is in the past, what Obama does is NOW. We can't change the past but we damn sure can shape the present and hence the future. Quit whining when people don't see it your way, get off your ass and learn the facts, then do something to change what is happening for the better. I can already hear you whining, "What can I do?" Those with any gumption will figure it out and get off their ass. #619, we do have a shitty government, I just hope you are doing something besides shooting your mouth, about it, and by the way, get your facts straight. You will at least sound intelligent then. #622, get off it, dislike for a lying, hiding, unintelligent so called leaders is normal. His justice will be well deserved. Hopefully he will be impeached for his latest antics.#633, BRAVO my friend!! Someone with some intelligence.#641, thank you for your compassion, I will be working with Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge to help as many animals as possible, and I don't have an answer for that yet, but feel free to call and talk to them. There are things that are needed go to their website and see if you can help. You don't have to live here to do so. $645, you are right, you don't understand. Please get a grip on reality. You don't have to swim to the ocean floor and break the pipe, idiot. BP didn't do that either, yet they and Obama's response are lethal, and we as AMERICANS need to hold them accountable. READ AND WATCH the news. Learn the facts and then you can hopefully intelligently state an opinion. Watch more than one channel, and get some information off the internet, since most of the media is owned by certain corporations, and even our government and therefore not all the facts are always reported. I shouldn't have to tell you that though. #651, pretty well said, but it is the oil companies that keep us from getting off the oil dependence. Just read about the inventors who have been robbed, silenced, and even killed. #674, if you don't know "where it is", please don't find out and show up. We need people with brains, and compassion, that really do care about our beaches, animals, and people. MANY MANY people have and are losing their jobs along the coast line. If you want to help, is supporting people who have been affected by this. Donate a $1.00 is that is all you have, to help. #675 THANK YOU!! You must be a mensa. #677 your kids won't be able to swim in this water, unless you want to kill them. #680, God needs to punish you for your idiocy, and doesn't God say judge not lest you be judged? Hmmm. #682, you should be stoned like in ancient times by real people for your joking about this tragedy. #686, please get an education from something other than the comic books before you open your mouth again. You are spewing more slick than the pipe is spewing oil. #690, you need to get a grip on reality. You obviously don't understand what a leader of this country should be doing. He hasn't led this country yet, so I can understand, if you are basing your knowledge on what he has done. Then get an education on the facts of this tragedy, and you will learn what he could have and should have and still should be done. No he and BP are not doing all that can be done, and everyone in this country with the facts knows it and THAT IS WHY THEY ARE UPSET!! Please everyone needs to lend a hand with any donation that they can. Be it towels, cash, etc. for the wildlife rescue teams, or the charities supporting the people affected. Every single dollar adds up, so if that is all you can afford to do, do it. Don't be crying on sites like this, and not doing something for the immediate affect now. or

Posted by Colleen June 3, 10 11:31 PM

Being in the oil industry I can confirm that the only way to stop the BP well blow-out is to drill a relief well. BP started on this immediately after the disaster, but it takes 4 or 5 months to drill so in the meantime they have to show the public that they're actively doing things, even if those things are useless - ie. trying to cap the pipe. This blow-out is a direct result of the Bush/Chaney era. A very sophisticated safety valve set on the ocean bottom was invented in order to prevent this kind of accident. When it was proposed that this valve be systematically installed on all wells drilled in the GofM, the oil lobby got it thrown out because it was too expensive. Strange that no-one has brought this up.......There are a half dozen very good European oil spill companies working in the North Sea (much better than the American outfits now working the spill) . None of these companies have been called in to assist in containing the spill. Why hasn't the Administration obliged BP to call these guys in? There is a documentary film on the Exxon Valdez disaster.. lots of similarities.

Posted by Mtastic June 3, 10 11:32 PM

I use oil. This is my fault. Do you use oil? This is your fault.

Posted by JOHN June 3, 10 11:33 PM

I suppose these pictures are food for thought. The process of extracting and shipping oil is associated with the risk of fire and/or spillage.
This risk will never be zero. So long as oil drilling continues there is a small probability of a fire and/or a spill.
DWH is not the first, and it will not be the last. It certainly isn't a small spill, but it hasn't go the potential to become ixtoc either.
When you drive around or fill up you car, think about these pictures. This is the natural ongoing cost of the oil industry.

Posted by Michael Streeter June 3, 10 11:33 PM

I think Charlie Riedel deserves a Pulitzer Prize for the photo of the seabird with it's wings spread. #5 That photo speaks volumes.

Posted by Melissa Bess June 3, 10 11:35 PM

For the morons who don't think this was facilitated by the republicans, get a clue!

It was their collusions with giant MNCs like BP that allowed for the lax safety restrictions, that consequently led to this disaster.

Big oil families like the Bush family don't want to have anyone tell them what safety systems they must have, so they forward this attitude into their government policies while in power.

Posted by Fed up with the GOP June 3, 10 11:36 PM


Posted by Nailin' Palin June 3, 10 11:36 PM

Do you drive a car? Do you heat your house in the winter? Drink out of a plastic bottle and toss it? This is your fault, too. It's my fault. We ARE the problem.

Don't support alternative energy research. Demand it.

Posted by Mike June 3, 10 11:36 PM

These photos should be blown up as big as possible and placed on the buildings and offices of BP! I personally am ashamed that we have not figured out that there alternative sources for energy that the oil companies have done there #$*!#$% to keep hidden! Look into The Orion Project and also Nassim Haramien.

We need to demand that these technologies be released to the public and I mean yesterday! The car companies are complicit in this and have had the means to produce cars that don't use oil by products for a long time, but instead they have kept us slaves to them and the oil compaies!

I am sickened by this more and more everyday.

Posted by Marilyn June 3, 10 11:37 PM

A corrupt tree bringeth forth corrupt fruit. We should pray for all who are affected.

Posted by C.L.H. June 3, 10 11:37 PM

If people can't even get along and agree on this blog, how will the world ever get fixed??? This particular story is about saving the wildlife and wetlands, NOT a political discussion!!

Posted by FYOU June 3, 10 11:38 PM

The birds aren't going to be cleaned up. They're poisoned from the inside out. The recommendation is to euthanize them or let them die where they lay. Check out post #402 written by Eike Wulfmeyer, an ornithologist.He also outlines a very depressing, but accurate, future for the Gulf region.

Posted by Natalie June 3, 10 11:38 PM

Republicans and Democrats or indeed to blame. These are the folks who are in bed with BP, TransOcean, Haliburton and Cameron International. It is our elected officials who have allowed these companies to cut corners and throw caution to the wind!

Posted by Guy Stirling June 3, 10 11:38 PM

so how hard is it for everyone who lives close to this spill to go out and grab a bird with soap and water. clean them off and put them were they can't get back into this mess. we as all people need to be down there helping these animals. it is no ones fault but our own. we all take a part in this mess. so it is only fare for everyone to take part in helping. less talk and this bullshit the more can get done.

Posted by becca June 3, 10 11:39 PM

That's okay, obama has sent in the lawyers. They will take care of everything...right.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 11:40 PM

Neither Democrat nor Republican, Neither Left nor Right, Neither Red nor Blue.
Wrecklessy galavanting around the earth weilding my big tools.
Carving up the ground, sailing through the air, drilling into the sea. Always forging forward, driven by ego, eyes set on the dollar. Never looking back to see what is left in my wake!

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 11:40 PM

this is a terrible disaster. i agree with the comment that is incredibly stupid to stop all deep water drilling while we investigate. i see no one asked WHY we are drilling in 5000 ft of water. the nit in my backyard idiots have pushed oil drilling off the continental shelf 700-900 ft of water and wants the rigs out of sight/ out of mind to 140 miles from land. this would have been over in a few days in 800 ft of water.we have tried and proven technology to solve oil spills there.
its a much more difficult problem at almost 1 mile underwater.
kind of ironic that some of the the magnitude of this disaster is our own fault.
anwar is at ground level. that would be even easier to correct.
which is a lesser evil, oil leaking on land for a few days, or 6 weeks and going 5000' down?

Posted by kent June 3, 10 11:41 PM

To those that say 'they're just birds,..., we need money and oil'; you sound like the folks that put formaldehyde in infant formula many years ago to preserve the shelf life (while putting many children into retardation, death, etc); or the doctors who said children don't feel pain, then operated without anesthesia, numbing agents, or pain killers.

How do you know they don't feel it? Did they tell you? Just because they don't show the same 'mourning' signs humans do, doesn't mean they don't feel it.

Believe it or not, some people actually like wildlife, birds, trees, breathing clean air. Those people also sacrifice to limit their usage of oil by-products, so at least the demand is not so strong. I mean really, why buy plastic bags that are put in plastic shopping bags, to throw leaves away? Why throw away plastic butter containers and buy brand nrew plastic containers. WTF?

This could have been prevented with another failsafe switch that would have cost BP half a million dollars. If the first preventer fails, this 'acoustic switch' can turn the well off from land. Budget minded BP opted out. (Must be nice, could you imagine saying "I'm sorry Judge, that $250 infant carseat just didn't fit my budget"). Mind you, many European countries Regulate oil companies to have the switch.

Yeah, regulations. All you people bitchin about 'Government interference and regulation in Corporate America' can kiss my government regulated personal life's ass.

I now see no future for my family, our business that relies on the seafood and tourist industry for advertising, and the beautiful braches I moved here for. Mostly, I fear the longterm health effects of my children.

In the end, God, Mother Nature, the Universe, whoever, is probably just fighting back. Humans can be rather apatheticly abusive in their greed.

Posted by Depressed GC Resident June 3, 10 11:41 PM

Petroleum isn't everywhere on land, and we are RUNNING your homework before you make a comment like that...

Posted by Ryan June 3, 10 11:41 PM

Those poor animals :( This needs to be fixed now. This isn't any "one"'s responsibility, this is EVERYONE'S responsibility. It makes me sick to see these animals suffering while everyone plays the name game...

Posted by Lila June 3, 10 11:42 PM

This disaster is well within what is "acceptable" given the convenience of oil as a fuel and a raw material.

Nuclear power is an example of something that's extremely useful, and extremely safe, but if something goes wrong, the consequences can be Biblical. Public opinion has come down on the side of "not really worth the risk". Oil has caused untold suffering by way of environmental destruction, pollution, and war, but giving up oil would be a little bit like giving up Western Civilisation. We aren't going to do that (willingly) any time soon.

Posted by hagfish June 3, 10 11:42 PM

wow, humanity sucks.

Posted by kim June 3, 10 11:43 PM

Taran Morgan (and others): It's not impossible. The way we live is not inevitable. It is our demand for 100s of 100,000s of plastic bottles, plastic products, plastic packaging, as much as gas for cars that feeds this. And we can stop: we can ask our governments to stop, we can stop living in ways that require cars and designing our towns and cities around cars. Basically, we have to.

If you see these photos, if you are heartbroken: please give to the National Wildlife Fund. I have no affiliation with them, but I've seen from Day One that they've been working around the clock, with 100s of volunteers, to try to cope with this situation -- long before there were pictures.

to donate:{2D8F667E-A355-4E3A-B8F3-0652020A3CAB}&c={E2F1ADDC-AF52-4FBD-ABC0-6BC16D4E9107}&p={110D559F-DEA5-42EA-9C1C-8A5DF7E70EF9}&a=Oil+spill+-+donate+now

Most of these shots are Brown Pelicans: taken off endangered species list last year.

Posted by Helen Spitzer June 3, 10 11:43 PM

STOP BLAMMING OBAMA!!! You are all just looking fr someone else to blame. Thats all we ever do and its not obama, bush, bp, or anyone's fault besides the inspectors for the rig. If they would have fully inspected the rig then the would have learned the pressure was to great for the pipe and stop drilling. Also the only way the oil will stop is to drill wells around the pipe to relive pressure and everyone in the oil industry knows that. They are just trying to save money! And to all you stupid people that say thy shouldnt have stopped more "green" ways of transportation, oil isnt only used for transportation, it is used for alot of other things. and also this will affect all of the U.S. First the fishermen will be affected then evryone on the gulf shores and everyone associated with the oil industry, then they will have to lay off people and that will affect children because they may not be able to pay tution to school, an most of all it will affect our economy. It will because we sell our oil to diffrent countrys instead of using it. So if we stop our oil production it will hurt the economy bad so everyone or almost everone will be somehow affected by this, not just the people living by the golf. So stop blamming people and do whatsright .

Posted by Kyle June 3, 10 11:43 PM

They need to carry BB guns so they can shoot the poor suffering creatures and put them out of their misery after they take the pictures.

Posted by eddie June 3, 10 11:44 PM

I am devastated. I FEEL HELPLESS. What can we do to HELP? Are there animal rights groups cleaning these animals? Is that a completely uneducated question to ask? I am furious. I am shocked. I am depressed over this. THIS IS A MAN MADE DISASTER. Who is helping the animals?

Posted by Nathan June 3, 10 11:45 PM

NY Times:Senator Barbara Boxer, who was pressing Mr. Holder to act, raised one more ominous possibility: that BP may have made false and misleading statements to federal authorities in the 2009 exploratory drilling plan it submitted to the Minerals Management Service. The plan asserted that the company had “proven equipment and technology” to respond to a blowout. Given the ad hoc nature of BP’s response, Ms. Boxer has suggested, that assertion now seems misleading or even false.

Posted by jd June 3, 10 11:45 PM

earth will get its revenge when were gone

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 10 11:46 PM

Such a misery.

Posted by S.A. June 3, 10 11:46 PM

Criminal charges for animal cruelty along wih all the other charges should be levied against BP

Posted by Roz Kaye June 3, 10 11:46 PM

Ride a bike!
Stop buying petrol based products.

The solution starts with the man in the mirror.

Posted by Brandon Static June 3, 10 11:47 PM

#823, you feel better after ripping these people a new A@#^$%* ??? What good did that rant do you? Why don't you put that energy into helping or donating? Nothing better to do? All of you high and mighty people have the answers sitting here at your computers spewing hate. I feel for you. This is supposed to be about compassion for the animals. Not a political forum!!
What BP let happen is sad, but this is VERY SAD.

Posted by Pamela June 3, 10 11:48 PM

as post #834 points out, these once magical and mesmerizing creatures will likely die ....euthanization on the spot may be the most compassionate solution for them.....but some less assaulted are able to be cleaned, rehabbed if necessary and then released......

Posted by pink sapphire June 3, 10 11:48 PM

This "debate" is still going on?

Posted by Reese June 3, 10 11:49 PM

These pictures make me sad. My dad is an avid birdwatcher, so I feel like I'm watching life-long friends suffer from something they can't understand.

What a tragedy.

Posted by Tim June 3, 10 11:49 PM

This would be solved much faster in China with the army involved the second day.

Posted by Tulio June 3, 10 11:49 PM

#782 - Posted by GH - Are you sure most of the birds in the photos were rescued?

Posted by Jim June 3, 10 11:49 PM

Poeple are helping and cleaning the animals. Yes some have died but people are working around the clock on this. It is important to remember that there are less people living on the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama Coasts because of hurricane activity. This means that there are less people to help then there were before. So things take longer. I live not but a few miles from the Louisiana coast and I am proud to say that Louisianians are taking this very seriously because most of our money comes from that coast. The big problem right now is that there is a lack of info on what we should do to clean up so having hundreds of people standing on a beach not knowing what to do does not help the situation.

Posted by One Louisiana Resident June 3, 10 11:50 PM

SOMEBODY SAVE THOSE BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anegline Gragasin June 3, 10 11:50 PM

Conspiracy theorists all around have been saying those who want the New World Order want to eliminate 90% of the population. I guess this is a good way to start. Seems Goldman Sachs dumped $250 MILLION worth of stock shares 2 days before this happened. Can we say coincidence? By doing this, they can evacuate anyone living on the gulf, leaving it open to bring in the UN troops so that the government can come in to confiscate the guns. No one will be there to see them come ashore. Those that they evacuate will be sent to those internment camps that Halliburton refurbished and built to house some 200 million people. If they need more room, they will use the military bases and post offices. We who are unsuspecting will be shuffled around the country somewhere and possibly even separated from members of our own family. THIS is serious folks. Truth be known that they have already placed UN military every 500 miles along the southern borders. While americans HAVE the solutions to clean up this spill, O and his czars fail to do a dang thing about it. Neither does BP. Now BP says it may not be fixed till Christmas. They must think we are all kindergarten kids without a brain!!

Posted by Martha Washington June 3, 10 11:51 PM

this makes me SO sad!
very upsetting

Posted by Jessica June 3, 10 11:51 PM

Here's how you can help:

I am not affiliated with this organization, but the National Audubon Society is a trusted organization. Your time/money will be put to good use.

What's done is done... we have to do all we can to help these poor animals affected by our mistakes.

Posted by Becky June 3, 10 11:51 PM

Yeah, yeah...we all use oil, we're all guilty. But that choice was made for us a long time ago and perpetuated by greedy millionaires and their government bedfellows. Am I supposed to go "off the grid" and live off the land? Will sorting the fucking recyclealbes and plugging in the shitty electric car make any difference?

Posted by KD June 3, 10 11:52 PM

I am outraged re: so many things. The CEO bitching he wants his life back...idiot! And many of you now angry are included when many of us were trying to get your attention and stop off shore drilling, you called us owl kissing, tree hugging liberals. NOW UR MAD!
I am heartbroken! I am so sick of short-sighted people who do nothing, wont' change their attitude much less their lifestyle. I've said for years, change it slowly or have it changed for you abruptly. The economy and now this and you think this was not deliberate? Wake up.

Posted by Channing June 3, 10 11:53 PM

Oh my God... I am heartbroken after seeing these pics... so sad... this creature has done nothing to deserve this... God please make it stop... this is so incredibly sad........ and it's only the beginning.... of an end.

Posted by Lynda Quintero-Davids June 3, 10 11:53 PM

Actually, Obama is to blame because he's been working hand in hand with BP (which has a history of cutting the BP Alaskan pipeline...and who he has accepted more campaign money from than any other president) which has been working to save the well, not shut it down. He's also been ignoring Gov. Jindall's requests for sand bars to be put in place to help protect the marshes. The feds have also made it difficult for people and companies with new technologies that could help to get at the sites that need it.

The people of Louisiana don't want sympathy, we want help. Put your money were your mouth is and donate to, or to one of the sites on the LA state web site. That way we know the donations will actually get to the state. Or take an "eco tourism" summer vacation down here to help instead of going some place clean. The folks who run all the hotels and B&B's could use the help too.

Posted by Lawst June 3, 10 11:53 PM

You guys kill me with the figurative mud slinging. As much as I dislike the Obama Administration, this isn't their fault. Conversely, this isn't the Bush Adminstration's fault either. This is simply a disaster. I don't personally want big government to "fix" anything, I think they've got their fingers into too much as it is. The entity responsible for cleaning this up is BP. It's a sad day when, instead of thinking of plausible ways to contain/clean up this mess, we decide to sit around our living rooms fat, dumb, and happy and look for more and more people to place the blame on. I have NO idea how in the hell we can stop this fiasco, but with all the "brain surgeons" that want to post on thisyou guys should have a sure fire way to get this thing capped and handled within the hour, so instead of pushing the blame around, let's throw around good ideas. I was always taught in the military if you're not part of the soluteion, you're part of the problem.

Posted by PD June 3, 10 11:53 PM

This makes me cry. Just another reason to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as I can so I will use less and less of the products that hurt our world. I just don't understand it. We have CEOs of companies that don't care about anything but the bottom line, parents that assault and abandon their children, a country that is extremely in debt, and a lack of humanity in the world. I wish there was more that I could do at this moment to help repair some of the damage in the world but there is just too much.

I give my husband to the wars that our country creates, myself to children that have been abused and our family to recycling and being more green in everything. What else can one person do?

Posted by Carla June 3, 10 11:54 PM

I looked at these pictures and wept.

Posted by Paul Clinton, St George, Bermuda June 3, 10 11:54 PM

This makes me want to cry, look at the poor pelicans and sea birds :( They never asked for any of that. Leaves me heartbroken :(

Posted by Dani June 3, 10 11:55 PM

We need to stand together now to clog this thing and give the owner a slap on the wrist later when it's all clean. Nothing will get done while everyone is fighting about which president is worse. Irrelevance.

Posted by James Luzzi June 3, 10 11:55 PM

this is great work, Boston, and is vital towards sharing a full perspective of what is going in the world - keep it up

Posted by Hello June 3, 10 11:55 PM


Posted by anonymous June 3, 10 11:55 PM

What I see is greed, IN all of us, more of this more of that. More and bigger homes, more cars, plains ,trains, toys, more ,more, more, never less = more oil, more oil spills. I can only blame myself for wanting more. My greed helped create this mess. Now I want someone else to fix it now. What's your greed number? What will we do to lower our greed number? Let's don't blame others, lets try to use less. Less = less oil spills.

Posted by Robert Chapman June 3, 10 11:56 PM


Posted by Nigerino June 3, 10 11:56 PM

We're all to blame. Not just Republicans or Democrats. Not just Obama or Bush. Both parties and those who elect them, the citizens who rely on petroleum products, those who pushed for deregulation, and the environmentalists who made such drilling a necessity.

But bureaucracy itself is responsible for the sluggish response in both Katrina and the BP oil spill. It doesn't matter if Carville or Jindal scream bloody murder. The levels of bureaucracy will render almost any response ineffective. There's too many chefs.

Posted by John June 3, 10 11:56 PM

This is absolutely devastating. If you want to make a difference in helping clean up this oil spill, you can make hair booms! Please collect as much clean human and animal hair as you can, as well as used panty hose and send it to matter of trust. Info is on this website!
Don't just stand by and watch...we made a mess of the ocean, it's our responsibility to clean it up.

Posted by Jessa Rowan June 3, 10 11:56 PM

Looks like we have no choice.. it's BP boycott time.

Posted by fenderflip June 3, 10 11:57 PM

Oh Lord, please help us all

Posted by Becky June 3, 10 11:57 PM

People say how could GOD let this happen? Wake up people God had nothing to do with this. This was all man!!!!!!
Also I like many others assumed that there were cut off systems every couple miles, I mean that would only be using common sense wouldn't it?

Posted by cjb June 3, 10 11:57 PM

Some real ignorance here.... people more interested in placing blame then fixing the problem. No matter what got us here in the first place, here we are. How about actually taking the time to actually understand what is going on on both BP's side and the Government. Way too much energy is being spent on political damage control and not enough helping to fix the problem.

Are you aware that BP is dictating press coverage rules to the Coast Guard, who are enforcing them? I applaud this journalist for being able to provide photos of the real devastation going on to wildlife. Won't see these on CNN or fox news because, well, they are being manipulated by BP as well.

How about the fact that BP shipped in workers to clean up the areas the president toured before he arrived and during his stay. After the president left, so did the workers. WEre you also aware that our lovely government enacted a $75M dollar cap on damages after the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Instead of pointing fingers, which never does anything, get some facts and put pressure on our government to do the right thing and quit letting corporations run the country.

Posted by Brian M June 3, 10 11:58 PM

Hope Obama has enjoyed all his vacationing, partying and private concert from Paul McCartney while the greatest environmental disaster in history takes place. This idiot is supposed to be our leader? He couldn't lead a group of school children across the street...

Posted by Rick June 3, 10 11:58 PM

One of the greatest tragedies of our time... an entire ecosystem and economic region destroyed for all of this generation and who knows how many more to come...

we are a sad and pathetic creature to have allowed this to happen over greed and pure irresponsibility on everyones part.

Posted by keely June 3, 10 11:58 PM

This just breaks my heart. Absolutely awful.

Posted by Amy Aldrich June 3, 10 11:58 PM

I am an immigrant from another country, When I arrived here 15 years ago, you could really see what a GREAT country the USA was. Through the transcursion of the years one could see the steady DECLINE of the country(politics are separating us? idk idc).Now let's look at the BIG PICTURE. It evidently is a waste of time to BLAME BLAME BLAME. Just a waste of energy. That is not going to solve anything. Instead of using our minds to blame; why not come TOGETHER as a species we are and come up with innovative SOLUTIONS, COOPERATE. VOLUNTEER. SHOW what an AMERICAN is really like... We came together in 911 as a NATION. Why stop as a nation? An astronaut once said," When you look at the Earth from above, you see it how it's meant to be, without borders. A single organism living in apparent HARMONY" I believe this is EVERYBODY'S problem and should all pitch in however possible.
I seriously believe we can SUCCEED if we all pull together in the GOOD and BAD. Even though right now it may be far fetched, I have a vision of a UNITED species that joins together for everything good(technology, resources, survival, preservation, you name it). Why not start today and be proud to be called the GENERATION that changed everything?

If you agree with this please spread the news with a simple word at the bottom of every post. *GENERATION1* or the number of my comment...

Posted by trying to spark action here. June 3, 10 11:59 PM

Oil is a commodity. It does not matter where it is drilled, it all goes into the same world-wide pool and is traded on open markets. The middle east has 80% of the world's conventional and heavy oil so no matter how much we drill we will never be able to effect the price or availability in any meaningful way. By drilling offshore in the United States, we are risking our environmental integrity and depleting strategic oil reserves that might be sorely needed in the future (even while oil is still plentiful and eagerly sold from other sources). All this so that we can employ less than 0.5 % of our workforce, collect taxes and above-the-table bribes, and make a few international conglomerates and their shareholders obscenely rich. The average consumer in America sees nearly no financial benefit, and we risk events just like this. Saying that we need to drill to get away from foreign oil is hilariously ignorant. If we extracted all the oil we had, as fast as we could (which wouldn't even let us run full economic capacity), it would last us less than a decade. I fail to see how "Drill Baby, Drill" makes any sense on the national level.

There is no getting away from oil. It's just not going to happen, but I think there will be a time in the future when people will be aghast at us for squandering it all away by BURNING it, instead of using it responsibly for all it's other miraculous properties. This event is a fantastic illustration of the costs, now where were those benefits?

Posted by Ryan Morris June 4, 10 12:01 AM

Charlie Riedel is a brilliant photographer... he truly has the eye. These images are yet another piece of proof of his amazing skills as a photojournalist.

Posted by T. Rob Brown June 4, 10 12:01 AM

Yes this is all bush's fault

*Drives away in prius*

Posted by Berto June 4, 10 12:01 AM

I'm guessing that 90% of the people who are commenting on this thread are still filling their tank every week. Unless you take public transportation or drive an electric car you have no right to point a finger at any politician or BP, because you are fueling the very problem you are complaining about. If you want to see less catastrophes like this in the future, do something. Make a sacrifice, go out of your way and actually take the extra time to wait for the bus, or pay a little bit more for the cost of an electric car. If you're not willing to do that, then you are as much to blame.

Posted by Melissa June 4, 10 12:01 AM

It's really sad to see how vested interest and the billions of dollars that go into the oil company prevent our world from further advancement. The technology exists out there where we can get free and abundant energy like nothing straight out of the atmosphere, but what do the US government and the oil companies do? THEY SUPPRESS THE TECHNOLOGY SO THEY CAN KEEP THEMSELVES RICH. Drill baby drill, its pathetic. We are falling behind every day and all we are doing is making the future worse for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, the environment, etc.

Posted by Shaban Hani June 4, 10 12:01 AM

for those interested in the wildlife response to the disaster, the efforts began at day the tremendoud effortsd of the locals....also there are countless individuals down there from all over the country...wildlife rehabbers, wildlife biologists, photographers, veterinarians, vet techs, ornithologists, zoologists,etc....there are at least 2 major oil spill response wildlife groups down that have been around for from California and one from
Delaware )so literally from coast to coast)....and to their credit BP called them in and set them up from the get go......also, the Audobon Society has a huge presence down there....

Posted by rockfish June 4, 10 12:02 AM

@836 Very hard. Last week saw a woman trying to freelance a "rescue" of a pelican by attempting to stuff it into the backseat of her Volvo. Bird was not having it. Hilarious hijinks ensued. There are pros down there right now doing their best to clean the animals we can get hold of. A mob of untrained people tromping through an already fragile ecosystem (not to mention nesting grounds) is not the way.

We're angry; we're saddened, but the solution is to get to work--- first on the small things we can fix (a stopgap palliative at best), then on the real work: restructuring the ruthless system that makes this kind of desecration not just possible, but inevitable.

Posted by Jean LeMoyne June 4, 10 12:02 AM

These photos make me physically ill. It is horrible. I know accidents happen, and that the people responsible are trying to clean up the mess, so I'm not angry in that respect. It's just a tragedy all around, and these photos really show the impact. It makes me very sad.

Posted by Emma June 4, 10 12:04 AM

I hope that they fine BP millions if not billions and make them pay for the clean up. Oh wait its the american government they wont do anything but let them get rich off of this tragedy.

Posted by Joe June 4, 10 12:05 AM

wake up people. liberals AND conservatives are responsible here! they're all in the same pockets of the largest corporations in the country. while we're busy arguing over who's to blame and who's ruining this country, these crooks are laughing all the way to their bank buddies they all bailed out!

and of course this is a political discussion....nearly EVERYTHING that happens is directly related to political feuds these days.

Posted by Emily June 4, 10 12:06 AM


Posted by Kate June 4, 10 12:07 AM

this is really sad..

Posted by OMG June 4, 10 12:08 AM

What good is all the blame going to do? It's Obama's fault, it's Bush's fault, it's BP's fault, it's those who drive cars fault. So we point fingers, but what good does that do? What we feel better about seeing these horrific images because we have a bad guy to blame? Well what good is that? What is that going to fix. If all you've got to say is "I blame so and so" then just shut up. You're no better than the villain at that point. Blame society. Blame us all for being an over-consuming nation of lazy slags. But really, look beyond blame and into what you can do be it helping or spreading the word to get help.

This is the worst disaster in centuries. If you think these pictures are bad, just wait. It's going to get a lot worse. So go ahead, keep blaming, because maybe if we bottle up all the blame and finger pointing we can use that to stop the leak.

Posted by Jason M. June 4, 10 12:08 AM

Stop blaming others and look to ways or ideas that might have that could help or contribute to fix this problem. Blaming will bring you nowhere! And use this opportunity, even it is a bad one, to see what you can do and change as an individual in your daily life. We are doing the same then that large flowing pipe of oil but only at small scale, killing and polluting our water and land and being greedy only thinking about ourselves.We want to leave the best for the future generation,this is not the way and certainly not enough. This is a lesson, an wake up call, for me and all of you, so we see what we all do to the planet.Hope you can see a teaching!!

Posted by Pascal June 4, 10 12:09 AM

My Heart and soul ache "for god's little creatures" I just stopped crying,after veiwing the few photo's.Mankind is 'BLOWING IT BIG TIME'' is this all worth it.ALL THIS FOR F-ING STINKING GREEN.$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Posted by DONNA BOUVIER June 4, 10 12:14 AM

Oh my God, these pictures are so awful...BP executives should be dipped in the oil...let them see how it feels! So so sad, what an unspeakable tragedy in so many ways. I know if it was me who caused this catastrophic damage, I'd couldn't live with myself...

Posted by Jill Purdy June 4, 10 12:15 AM

I don't care to point fingers, we all know how things happened.

There are only 2 real words to describe these pictures.

heart breaking :(

Posted by Cory June 4, 10 12:15 AM

I cannt help but feel responsible for this disgrace, with the carbon footprint us westerners leave.

What can I do to help?

Posted by Harry- Melb Austrarlia June 4, 10 12:16 AM

The same people who try to defend something that they know nothing about are a lot like the same people who make fun of the people that try to make like they all someone needs to do is step up and change something...with the forgiven fact that they probably couldn't do much better...such is the relation between hippies and rednecks...sigh!!!!!

Posted by yo daddy!!! June 4, 10 12:16 AM

I look at this and it makes me even more pissed to think of how our great government isn't prosecuting the people in charge at BP,but they are still wasting time and money worrying about how my bikes and snowmobiles don't have stoke exhaust systems. Hey tree humpers go down there and make yourself useful now that is something to worry about. Take Michigans governer with she's useless here.

Posted by Jim Ploechl June 4, 10 12:17 AM

That's what we get for having all the nincompoops in Washington listen to the bp lobbyists and allowing them to save $500,000 by not installing a remote control shutoff valve

Posted by annon June 4, 10 12:18 AM

Why Wash Birds.....Why wash Birds.....Jim Nohlman, whaleman extraordinaire, a man way way ahead of us on the evolutionary curve, he sums it up a piece he wrote many years's an excerpt....
"Sorting out all the philosophical camps only leads to more confusion. My bird washing friend assures me that all the various ethical stances are created in response to the one and only environmental crisis. She insists that this crisis is best understood as a breakdown in the way individual human beings perceive nature, and that each one of us needs to start relating to such creatures as oil-soaked seabirds as if they were real neighbors fallen victim to our own (yours and mine) real greed and folly. We need to first ground ourselves in this essential vision of neighborhood before we can solve anything.

So what's the answer? We need more, not less compassion? Seeing sick birds and immediately thinking time and money and media attention and anthropomorphism devalues the heightened awareness about nature that only arises when actual people possessed of actual compassion find a way to actually interact with actual animals individually. I, for one, feel outright appreciation to learn that unselfish human volunteers are traveling out to the Coast, some coast, any coast; gone off washing birds for the weekend; doing whatever they can to atone for the collective sins of our species. These bird washers represent you and I. We all benefit by expressing our gratitude for their compassion."

for the rest of this profound article, click here.....

the shift must come....the time is now

godspeed, from a devout atheist

Posted by rockfish June 4, 10 12:18 AM

How impossibly sad God created these creatures to keep man company, for us to rule over and be good stewards of the Earth. We have failed miserably, over and over.

Posted by Chrissy Richardson June 4, 10 12:18 AM

This is humanitys fault for being dependent on oil. Shame on all of us, cut down the dependency of oil.

Posted by Rishi June 4, 10 12:18 AM

Design, Inspection, Welding and all Construction Erection requirements should be similar or more stringent than the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements. Project must only proceed after verification of design of all safety implementation, procurement of materials in accordance with ASME / ANSI requirements applicable for deep sea, construction / erection to meet all possible whether conditions and seismic requirements. Mr. Obama is on the right track and he will need support to implement federal regulatory requirements for this industry to avoid any mishaps. Owners operators, desing & operation engineers, inspectors, welders, pipefitters, millwrights, machinist and all other labor work force must go through the training similar to the NRC requirements. Saftey is the key to life itself. God bless America. Support Obama to create this agency.

Posted by Syed Suleman Ali June 4, 10 12:19 AM

i think nothing is important than Save the Gulf right now....why US still sending their soldier to Asia, why don't send it to save the environment.

Posted by James June 4, 10 12:20 AM

This needs to be fixed, NOW!!

Posted by Morgyn June 4, 10 12:21 AM

this is awful. The oil spill is over 2.6X bigger than the Exxon Spill

Posted by concerned citizen June 4, 10 12:21 AM

Just courious #794.. what are you drivin ? MY kids job is 80 miles away..bit tough on a bike..I'd say.but they car pool when they can.
The pictures make me cry.... but we do have alternitive sources....and many of us push for them...But with the "mafia" that runs the government...fat chance we'll ever see them.

Posted by Bjordan June 4, 10 12:22 AM

Stop it Now!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:22 AM

If we all stop pointing fingers of blame and do something in our little corner of the world, all of us, could make a difference. Little decisions add up such as going vegetarian a few days a week (meat is the most energy intensive crop, not to mention runoff from factory meat farms is highly toxic)
-stop using plastic water bottles (use stainless steel)
-zero growth (yes, that means making the decision not to have children, how about adoption?)
-Composting (less garbage, smaller garbage bill and a prettier garden)
-Living a simple life (do we really need the latest gadget or i-phone??)
If we want to have a healthy earth for tomorrow's children, we must do something now. A little effort on everyone's part, will make a huge difference.

Posted by Liz D June 4, 10 12:22 AM

Where is the mention of the human beings who died in this tradegy? Are there pictures of them to be seen? I'm not saying I don't feel horrible for the birds and sea creatures, but does anyone care about the people who died and the people they left behind.

I think if my husband or father had died I would want someone to care at least as much as they do about these birds.

Posted by Debbie June 4, 10 12:22 AM

Funny how if the oil companies are drilling offshore and you don't hear anything about them in the news even though they are silently hurting the environment , everyone thinks that everything is ok, and that the government should mind their own business. Then the minute there is a disaster, everyone turns the blame on the same government they wanted to not interfere with business as usual. This country is ruled by capitalism which has turned to greed at any cost, the environment, and worse our own sick, elderly and less fortunate. WWJD people?!

Posted by Ready To Move June 4, 10 12:23 AM

My god there are some dimwits loose, and they're not at BP - not all of them - a slew of them are posting above.

re: BP - has the worst environmental record in the oil industry. Has in spite of that promoted itself as a friend to the environment. Has been unforthcoming and even untruthful about the state of the problem from the get go.
re: technology - we (in the form of oil exploration and collection) figured out the technology to get the oil from 5 miles below the ocean, we (in the same form) just didn't put anything like the equivalent effort into creating the technology to make it secure and safe to the environment.
re: wildlife - they are not expendable, they and their ecosystems keep us alive. if you can look at those pictures and not feel sick, you're missing a gene.
re: Obama - the only serious error in judgment on his part was coming out in favor of more off-shore drilling only a week or so before this happened. The federal response has been massive - the fact that you can't hold back the tides should be obvious to anyone who was paying attention in school.

Posted by TomCrisp June 4, 10 12:23 AM

I don't really care about a few birds. Far more birds are killed by windmills every day than will die in the Gulf. This was an accident. It will happen in the pursuit of a better life. If you want to object, I demand you drink no bottled water (what is that plastic bottle made of?) and wear no clothes (what are they made of and how did they get to you?). Man up and recognize that bad shit happens in the pursuit of a life that isn't primitive.

Posted by Michael Wilson June 4, 10 12:23 AM

I imagine there must be waterbird organisations who are in the frontline there, working on saving the birds. I know here in Oz, they are very successful at doing this...maybe BP should be flying bird rescuerers from round the world to help with cleaning the birds

Posted by Twiggy June 4, 10 12:23 AM

The Human race is the cancer cells of this planet. Constantly eating away at everything it can, and we know what we are doing so that is why the so called brains of this cancer cell are looking to find another planet to live on. Like cancer travels we try to travel this fantastic universe we live in.

Posted by C. Mcadam June 4, 10 12:24 AM

NO, you will NOT wake up. It's NOT about BP, it's about GREED and PROFIT uber all. A sick society can only wake up DEAD.

Posted by HastaSiempre June 4, 10 12:24 AM

what a shame, this is what bush, cheney and his band of oil/ war mongers have brought us.

Posted by ashok pai June 4, 10 12:25 AM

It breaks my heart. BP should be crucified!

Posted by Kay June 4, 10 12:25 AM

WE are to blame, since WE the people have not demanded clean renewable energy. We have to have SUV that eats gas like crazy.
Give me now and will think about the consequences later.

Posted by owl June 4, 10 12:25 AM

Two things to know here:

- On 4/12/10 Halliburton Bought Oil Well Blowout Company Before BP Gusher...

- Two days before this disaster, Goldman Sachs traded 44% (4,680,822 shares) of their BP stocks for $266 million...

Similiar to 911 when the airlines involved had their stocks shorted several days before 9/11/01...

Follow the money...

Posted by John June 4, 10 12:26 AM

The birds were picked up and the process of cleaning them began right away... I believe there were 18 birds rescued. The prognosis is not known at this time. The sad thing is that these photographers are also looking for a story, and the tragedy is that the birds are the story. The photographers will probably win prizes for their work. The brown pelican, our state bird, was recently taken off the endangered list, and now this! They are nesting at this time and their eggs are covered in oil, which will probably kill the babies. Sadly, this was human error... everyone doesn't have all the facts. It's a time to help and do what we can for our coastline and stop blaming everyone... we all use oil, in every form of it...

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:26 AM

If Bush was still president, something would have happened by now.
Maybe Obama can toss his newport in it and burn it off.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:27 AM

# 751 I believe what you are saying is exactly what we have to do in order to survive as a species beyond cleaning this up and finding a way to plug it. Dear humanity... those that are responding to this post.
I'm glad to read what everyone is saying, even if there is anger and blame being pointed temporarily. Sometimes when people feel out ranked and powerless that is how the response comes out at first, but we can all grow beyond it with the willingness, and I believe that in times of great danger, our individual capacities can expand. We can invite the best in each other. We as a species, historically, by way of our internalized conditioning / oppression usually start that way, by feeling / thinking that as individuals, even grass roots organizations, we cannot do enough to overthrow the massive darkness that sweeps the earth from those with the lethal combination of money and ignorance in their hands. What is good news is that for those of us willing to hear the cry of the Earth, and of each other, those of us willing to be touched, whether it arouse anger or grief, I believe it is through being willing to feel without enacting violence on ourselves or each other, that this can transform our own hearts and minds and spurn us into action in unexpected ways. I believe that coming together as one global voice and demanding ( by way of fierce loving kindness, and respect for truth ) that all governments and corporations recede all agendas and drop all red tape and immediately begin implementing all sustainable renewable energy options into effect within the next one to two years without hesitation or concern for profit, is the only way to stave off further global calamity.
Deep inside each of us, I believe, regardless of our circumstances, there is the seed in each of us that remembers that we are very old, older than these bodies and this lifetime, older than our human stories of struggle and separate identities, and that no matter how estranged we each are from the depths of who we truly are, in times of great crisis, this light inside each our souls can guide us to remember, and give us strength and guidance to remember this unity, this primordial ancientness that has evolved us to this point.
I believe and have experienced that when we come together, in this remembering, of the basic interconnectedness of all life, that much magic can happen. Miracles can happen. Great uprising strength and change can happen. It requires a step into the unknown, it requires sacrificing our individual identities as suffering beings at the mercy of circumstance, but ultimately that is the truth of who we are and what is needed. I'm asking for that courage in you as well as within myself, beyond all negativity and projection, beyond all forgetfulness, as we are in great danger as a species, as is the entire web of life. I would like to have a good life and to live a long time, if I am meant to. I am just now 30. I feel blessed to have been given a healthy body and mind and heart in this life and I would like to use it every day on behalf of our collective awakening and for all beings that together we can end the horror and needless suffering on this planet and collectively be reconnected forever to the truth and magnificence of who we are.
I would like for this supreme light being that we ultimately are, to be able to continue to manifest in form, in these bodies, on this incredible earth for as long as we wish...this which was once our playground of discovery and creation...but we do need each other, and we need everyone who is capable of it. We need to invite our entire SELF to awaken and remember, and to take action. I encourage you, if you feel called, to go help with the clean up, even if they say not to. If you are concerned but afraid to act, there are lots of ways. Bring each other together in community to connect and process the grief, write music and share healing with each other, write to local and national government officials, pool resources to make videos and films and post them letting the world know your feelings as a human being and how you would like to be used at this time. Engage in spiritual and creative practices that help you feel nourished and connected so that you can be of support to others who are having a challenging time.
We can each do a little each day, even if it means being willing to cut down on driving a small amount every day, and together we can do anything we collectively choose to. I have seen it in visions and within my own heart that we can. It does require that we drop our separate opinions, it requires that we drop the internal war on ourselves and the external war on each other for having different beliefs and world views. Ultimately it comes down to whether in our own hearts both collectively and individually we are willing to do whatever is required to stay living on this planet, and whether or not we will heed that call from within and without when and as it comes, rather than bickering amongst ourselves. We are each brilliant in our own ways, and creative, but that flow of creativity stops the moment we go to war on anyone / anything. Remember who you are. I believe in you.

Posted by Poetic Wonder June 4, 10 12:27 AM

It's not drilling for oil that's so bad, but the greed of a corporation that put the almighty dollar, corporate big-wig bonuses, and keeping stock holders happy above responsibility to take the proper precautions and do things correctly. I see it all the time in big business - what can they get away with to make the bottom line look better. Someone high up in the company made a bad decision, for their greed, that now many people and animals are paying the price for.

Posted by Diana June 4, 10 12:28 AM

You can still see the remnants of the Exxon Valdez spill on the coast of Anchorage Alaska. I can only imagine what the gulf will look like when this is all finished. Seriously, why are we not consulting with other nations on this? The Saudis have had spills of their own and been able to clean it up without much environmental loss. For all we do for other nations, regardless of their political or theological views, we should be asking and accepting their help.

Posted by nihilist June 4, 10 12:28 AM

That is sad.. I can't believe this all happened.. I wish I could help. but I have a baby on the way

Posted by Melinda June 4, 10 12:29 AM

Oh Dori, I feel sorry for you for many reasons. Right now, I mainly feel sorry for you for trying to politicize the tragedy depicted in these pictures. And to prove your lack of knowledge about the situation, Obama was the the one who wanted to limit off-shore drilling; it was the his opponents, mainly on the other side, who were all for it

Also, it's not "I could care less," it's "I couldn't care less." Think about it, if you could care less, then why wouldn't you? It's alright, keep trying, you'll get there...

Posted by ayd June 4, 10 12:30 AM

As oil and petroleum consumers, we are all complicit even though we were not in control of this incident. I, too, am horrified at what we have done. Now we need to see if the planet can forgive us. And pray for a swift resolution to the continuing spill.

Posted by Aimee June 4, 10 12:31 AM

The photos are crushingly depressing, and it hurts worse to point out that these are just a handful of the untold hundreds of victims of this atrocity. We can't even see the countless other animals now dead at the bottom of the sea. Please pray, send money to animal rescue societies, and use less energy.

Posted by E. Coady June 4, 10 12:32 AM

stor to buy fuel anymore....jessus take a look the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by elias mastorakis June 4, 10 12:32 AM

Voice of Reason, you clearly work for BP. It is my understanding that they did not put into place a third back up that would have cost them another half million dollars - look what it is costing them now? And Martha Washington, did you smoke some funny weed before you posted here? I am not saying I think the government is completely honest with us all the time or tells us everything, BUT, I think all those conspiracy theorists are just trying to SCARE people.

Posted by George Washington June 4, 10 12:32 AM

Ten Things You Need (But Don't Want) To Know About the BP Oil Spill

Posted by Burt June 4, 10 12:36 AM

823 = Sanctimonious S.O.B.
Let me sum up your rant. I'll paraphrase for you: 1. "My (Fox News) sources as well as my intellectual benefactors (Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh) have convinced me (well really they just told me what to believe which is so much easier for me) that the Obama Administration's response to the BP spill is equivalent to Bush's response to Katrina." 2. "I am the type of guy who will take action if that action offers me the two things I value most: a.) the opportunity to boast and sneer at others; and b.) a chance to express my antisocial and fear based rage at people and institutions who do not share my views and values.

Who made you the moral authority? The BP oil spill is not a political football no matter how much time or money you have given.

Is it just me or is it (almost) equally dismaying as the pictures to read these posts and find that only one in 50 (of those who express an opinion) displays anything resembling intellectual honesty. And yes, I could easily phrase some left leaning responses in a similar way. My scan of the posts inclined me against the outspoken right.

Posted by MQ June 4, 10 12:36 AM

human beings... disgusting.

Posted by R3SP3CT June 4, 10 12:37 AM

These pictures are the saddest sights I have ever seen.
It's time the Government puts a halt to ALL of BP's producing wells until they have this oil spill capped. It seems they don't want to stop the flow they are holding out to get as much oil to the service and into a tanker until a relief well can be drilled. They are doing this so they can recoupe as much money as possible. They could careless how much oil is spilled in the gulf. It's time to shut them down.

Posted by Norm B June 4, 10 12:37 AM

This is a crime and it needs to be punished. It is a crime not just against wildlife, but against all of us. This is our planet, and our birds and seashore and ocean is our legacy for our children, and their future livelihood, their food, and their playground...

And even know, as wildlife dies, as fishermen are left broke without livelihood, we are given glowing assessments of how great things are going and poisonous dispersants are applied so that this tragedy looks "better." What an outrage!

The response to this crime, so far lacking, needs to be corrected lest we have no faith in our government left.

As citizens and simply as inhabitants of this Earth, we need to make these people accountable, and we must demand that our government starts acting now.

Internationally, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, Bermuda, and even Europe should too get into the battle... This is is a tragedy of planetary scope, and not only US beaches might be damaged.

We need to stand up now, for the sake of the birds, wildlife, and for our own sake and self-interest.

Posted by fhiller June 4, 10 12:38 AM

The Bush legacy shall live on.

Posted by James June 4, 10 12:40 AM

This is absolutely terrible. It's even more upsetting that most American's aren't even aware of factory farming and continue to eat meat every single day, even after seeing images like these, These animals are hurting from this spill, and the only thing one can do about it is try to minimize the oil that we use in our everyday lives. Well, the animals you eat every single day are hurting factory farms, and the one thing you can do about that is to boycott meat and dairy from your diet. If looking at these animals suffering upsets you, please reconsider your meat diet. For suggestions on meat substitutions please visit

Posted by olive June 4, 10 12:42 AM

I am so sick over this...What can we do as average citizens not living anywhere near the oil spill to help? I am just sad, mad and wish I could do something. Anything before we destroy our planet.

Posted by suntrail June 4, 10 12:45 AM

Don't blame this disaster on humanity. Human beings have many concerns and at least the capacity to understand and weigh the long term effects of trashing the planet they live on, next to any short term financial gains or "convenience" of something like oil drilling.

But in many cities public transit is not a viable option. Thanks in great part to corporations who profit from it, govt at every level for decades has invested in car infrastructure over public transit, and in the case of Los Angeles, corporations bought up mass transit precisely to dismantle it.

This disaster lies squarely at the feet of us- VOTERS who allow our government to give CORPORATIONS so much power and control over public and natural resources; corporations that don't have the capacity to weigh anything BUT short term PROFIT, no matter what the public cost in human life and health, or economic and environmental long term damage. We give them that power- the voters- implicitly when we do not demand and hold elected officials responsible for putting public interest OVER corporate profits and when we allow important public resources (like water, power, health care) to be privatized.

Posted by glizz June 4, 10 12:46 AM

This sad legacy will be our gift to our children. They will perpetuate it til there is nothing left. Then they will finally die off and leave the planet to the creatures we ruined. There is no hope for us, but a great day for the animals-if they can make it that long! God has long since written us off as even the devil has nothing to gain from us. You have to have a soul for him to want to steal it.....we have no such thing anymore.

Posted by C. Rose June 4, 10 12:46 AM

It's ridiculous that BP should have to clean up the spill. How can spending money time and effort on a cleanup possibly benefit BP? The most important thing is for BP to continue making profit. And if any of you clean oil off of one of those birds, you better send it back to BP because it doesn't belong to you. Now get back into your SUV and go fill 'er up with BP gas you whiners.

Posted by photofx June 4, 10 12:47 AM

If I lived closer I would go to the beach to help clean the birds.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:47 AM

Where's Superman when you need him? Oh, that's right, we made him up!
Paper or Plastic? Forests or Oceans? Air or water? Breathing or Drinking?
We have no choice! Quick! Somebody find a real Folkhero!!!
Our "BubblEarth" has burst!

Posted by June 4, 10 12:47 AM

With all of our knowledge, all that we now know; this is undeniably unacceptable. If we can put men into space, surely, we can garner power from the sun and wind and garbage to replace (over time) the necessity of oil.

Posted by Tiffany Ingalls June 4, 10 12:48 AM

I live in Los Angeles but ride a bike and take the bus.It is possible ! If all the roofs here were covered in solar panels,the city could produce it's own electricity but the power companies won't have it that way.They want to keep centralized control.
In the North Sea,all the oil companies have to have relief wells in place before they open the main well.Ask yourself why they don't have to do that here!Also,we now know that Ken(the wildlife hater)Salazar gave BP sort of carte blanche(wanna drill?Sure!Go ahead!)and it's time that he is investigated and his behind dumped,hopefully right next to a big glob of oil.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:48 AM

Obama doesn't care about birds, unless its "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night"... when Paul McCartney jets over here to stick his pompous nose in our business. I guess Obama will be jetting down to LA again to get some more pictures of him squatting in the beach like Osama bin Laden in a cave. Obama has burned more fuel in AF1 since this oil spill started than has been spilled in the Gulf. And he has the gall to tell us we have to end our dependence on oil. First, let's end our dependence on welfare, food stamps, and Big Government for everything in our lives.

Posted by cecil June 4, 10 12:48 AM

This is so devastating. I was just informed the other day that Obama went to Louisiana's coast and had hundreds of "volunteers" come in on buses, take a photo opt, then Obama and all of the "volunteers" left too. I REALLY hope that it is not true. Using a tragedy like this as an advantage to get more political publicity is pure BS and shows the true makings of a person. I really hope he didn't do that.

I live in Pensacola. I just heard yesterday that the spill has hit Dolphin Island and heading this way. :(

Posted by Becky June 4, 10 12:49 AM

soon it will be the end of life as we know it , money money money, look were it's lead us now ! we all need to ask ourselves what we want for the human race! and the response should be tacking care of all creature walking on the surface of this incredible planet and make sure that everyone lives in peace and harmony - my deepest thought to the louisianna resident and all lovers of animal life

Posted by christian millaire June 4, 10 12:50 AM

These pictures made me weep. The moment I broke down was when I first got a good look at these birds' eyes. Those white, coated eyes - they're all blind.

Imagine being sick. Blind. Unable to move, unable to eat. Cold.

It turns my stomach and it breaks my heart.

Posted by LillyAnne June 4, 10 12:50 AM

Simply Sad....BP can't folk over enough cash to make up to mother nature, animals, and people of the south. Some needs to do something to make a strong point. Our Eco System is all we have. I don't thing some people or companies in this case understand that once our Eco System is gone, it's gone for good!! Pray for this happening to turn for the better very soon!

Posted by Nick M. June 4, 10 12:52 AM

this is horrible....I'd give up car if it would resolve something like this....I rly hope the ppl taking the pic actually tried to help them :-(

Posted by SN June 4, 10 12:52 AM

Lori: NPR did a story about how Obama's never shown so much anger over anything as over this. He has been working hard to end this, and to anyone looking at your precious "facts", that's obvious. To people who mindlessly regurgitate the propaganda of Conservatives who care more about getting elected again that examining his policies and their results, its not obvious. Try directing your hypocrital sewage at BP and big oil, those sainted bastions of good old 'Merican unregulated capitalism. We need to kick two habits: fossil fuel and mindlessly spouting the opinions of extremely slanted sources and politically fanatical ideologues.

Posted by Dashiell June 4, 10 12:54 AM

Why would a profit seeking company go 46 miles off shore and drill in 5,000 feet of water? Why not drill on land where if something goes wrong it's right there and you can get to it and fix it? Why would you go so far?

Posted by r June 4, 10 12:55 AM

This is eco-terrorism against the American people, pure and simple. As Rahm Emmanuel said, "Never let a crisis go to waste..." and right on time, Obama is using this tragedy to push his cap and trade (tax) bill onto the bleeding hearts... who sadly, didn't pay enough attention to the Climategate scandal....because, well let's face it, everyone but Fox News ignored it... and even Fox News has failed to report on just how damaging the revelations have been for the people involved.

Scientific thought is being corrupted and co-opted on a mass scale these days... thanks in large part to systemic failures within the US media, which long ago shed its obligation to tell the public the truth....

We need alternative energy... of course. But more importantly, we need a gov't that is not owned by the corporations who consider these emergent technologies such competition to their hereditary monopolies. If we let Obama's Cap and Tax go through... our energy rates will skyrocket... as we put a new environmental tax on consumption...which will do little to clean up our water, air or food. Instead, this money will be used to subsidize the alternative energy research of companies like BP and it will fund the infastructure for 'Global Governance'... which means the monopoly men will be allowed to role out the new technologies at their lesiure, but only after a global gov't has been launched, with authority over the entire planet... this body of unelected officials, will then rule over all technological societies and their carbon-leaking citizens... with a velvet glove... no doubt.

Posted by doctordrewl June 4, 10 12:55 AM

Simply terrible, no make sense as the rulers do not accelerate the elimination of this problem...Where ares ours thinkers?

Posted by Eder June 4, 10 12:59 AM

Oh Lord. Seriously heartbreaking!!!
Mother nature will sure have her revenge when we burn!

Posted by Griever June 4, 10 01:02 AM

It is really affecting watching those pictures.

Poster Brandon Static had a point.
You wanna change things?

Get involved on HOW you can make a permanent change.

It's not too late. Get involved. Do ANYTHING. There is an Ocean of Information on how to make a significant change.
The power you hold is To Stop reading this comments, stop feeling sorry and helpless AND DO SOMETHING.
Anything it's better than nothing.
Anything at all.

Posted by Antonio Gonzalez June 4, 10 01:02 AM

To #922, Michael Wilson June 4, 2010 12:23 AM:
YOU are part of the problem. YOU.

Posted by Jessica Williams June 4, 10 01:08 AM

WTF BP? you care for the environment? !@#$ you and your business

Posted by lgears June 4, 10 01:09 AM

where's a tsunami when you need one?

Posted by bitfader June 4, 10 01:10 AM

I would be interested to know how MANY of the folks who left such rabidly angry remarks, are actually DOING SOMETHING to remedy this disaster. I'm old enough to remember the desecration of the Gulf from an "accident" much like this, 31 years ago. A blow-out preventer failure, and the resultant leak (just like NOW)...and all the capping, filling, putting a "hat" or "sombrero" over the leak.. NONE OF IT WORKED until they drilled the relief lines and THEN were able to cap the one that was in such bad shape. I would have THOUGHT the oil industry, and indeed, our government would have learned from that disaster, and STARTED with tactics that are KNOWN TO WORK, instead of wasting time with the stopgap measures that have been employed so far.

Drill below the blow-out, channel the pressure out, then implode THAT part of the damaged pipe. Then CAP IT.

Those who do not learn from History are DOOMED to repeat it. What a sad commentary on the oil and gas industry.

Posted by Joyce Jordan June 4, 10 01:11 AM

To whom who wants to blame Obama or Bush, or any other! shame on YOU! we are supposed to make the changes in our own world.

You may be happy in you own little life, but rest assure that the world around you is still revolving even if you can't think of better ways to make the world a better place.

Similar disasters happen all the time across the world all the time, we, useless human do FUCKING nothing but complain about our government! lets just get off our ass a little and stop relying on the government (or God) and stand UP for ourselves!

For once, lets show God we are worthy and that we stand up for our rights!

Posted by meme June 4, 10 01:13 AM

Sad?? Maybe. Fact of life?? Definitely!! Animals die everyday, it's no reason for a person to argue, and get heated, with another person about. It's nature, survival of the fittest. Are these animals poor victims or mans actions...yes. How many animals die in a forest fire that's been started by a person? You don't hear anybody weeping about that. I guess it becomes more relevant because somebody can bring pictures to the internet.

Hell, I live in Destin, Fl. We watch, everyday, as the oil gets closer to us. I watch as shrimpers are losing business. I watch as hotels lose 50% of their reservations. So many businesses down here rely on the summertime tourism. THIS, is something to be sad about. These people have families and children that rely on them. I'm not going to cry over some bird!!!

I'm also not worried about placing the blame. Let's just fix this, clean it up, and move on. Then we can figure out what went wrong, and fix that so that it won't happen again. How productive is it to sit here and point our fingers at the Obama administration or the Bush administration. If we don't hold each other to higher standards, how can we ever expect to transcend our mediocrity as the humans that we are now.

This just shows everybodies small mindedness to lay blame and put animals before other humans. Sad!!!

Posted by Matt June 4, 10 01:20 AM

In the words of Andy Rooney, elderly gentleman commentator on TV's "60 Minutes"...about 15 years ago..."I want big protect me from big business". After the oil embargo of the 1970's, why are we still dependent on oil, gas and fossil fuels?? That was 35 years ago folks. Why have cars not yet evolved into something better? Who besides me has considered that the car companies are in cahoots with the oil dependent on the other?? Therefore if cars never progress beyond petroleum engines, we are never weaned from big oil companies.

Posted by Midland NC Mamma June 4, 10 01:22 AM

I was down in Venice LA and Grand Isle working for the last couple of days, BP is throwing sand over the oil and dead sea life carcasses..... very strange.. An hour later, the oil comes to the top .. Many BP executives are also execs at Goldman Sachs, that took shorts on the Trans Ocean stocks two days before the explosion. Stocks plummeted and they are making many millions a day on this disaster. Fabrice " Fabulous" Tourre a rising star at Goldman Sachs e-mailed a female fellow employee (and it was intercepted), saying: " The firm has decided to take shorts on the Trans Ocean stocks. If just one rig in the Gulf blows, we will be rolling in dough. SUCK IT little fishies and birdies !!" You will remember Tourre if you watched the congressional investigation into Godless Sachs complicity in the bursting of the housing bubble. He was the exec taking the most questions. Here's something you may not know: A guy from Michigan manufactures a substance that turns crude oil back into a maluble organic compound. Poured on the back of a bird, the oil will collect on the bird's back and can be washed away with water and the bird flies away. This guy offered to donate 151 million gallons of his product to the cleanup effort. Halliburton instantly filed injunctions against this guy and his product. Why? This product also illustrates in some way, that oil can be mined from simple above ground sources and there is no good reason for drilling for fossil fuels. For you ignorant idiots trying to make this a political better dig deeper in your research about who controls what. Start with the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller faction that own BP and Goldman Sachs.. Most of you who are going into your usual politically factioned rants, dont really care about the Pelicans, sea turtles, dolphins, fish etc etc that are dying down here, or the Gulf coast men and women whose livliehoods have been wiped out. You are just looking for yet another excuse to vent all your ignorant frustration and anger issues, so why dont you just fill your cars, pickups and SUVs with another big tank full of gas, open another beer and go back to watching the game. Those that actually care will find a way to help us with the cleanup and animal preservation efforts out down here.

Posted by james Pickford June 4, 10 01:27 AM


Posted by MARY June 4, 10 01:30 AM

Everyone talks about using less but you have no idea what you are using. 90% of the things in your household contain something that was created from "oil". ANYTHING Platics rubbers fuel paint makeup light batteries carpets vinyl etc. Educate yourself. This is just the end.

Posted by Joe June 4, 10 01:31 AM

Can someone tell me why President Obama hasn't cut through whatever red tape there is and fixed this mess? Send in whatever you have to! Where are you!

Posted by Concerned Citizen June 4, 10 01:33 AM

GOD, please help these poor ones...they cant explain the pain they are undergoing.
The BP CEO and all his engineering team should be dipped in the same water and know how it feels like. They are still enjoying their air conditioned homes and vehicles, these day light robbers have to be punished

Posted by Hari June 4, 10 01:37 AM

no comment, the imagine is so terribol. i hope that sombody at the top, just keep in His hands the situation. We don't need anather nigthmare.
hellò everybody, singing all together Hey Jude...
Walt, pora el pueblo siempre!
Rider on the sun!!! Fuck the oil.

Posted by walt June 4, 10 01:38 AM


Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 01:40 AM

Thank BP, you are against bird flu H5N1...

Posted by michael June 4, 10 01:43 AM

I can not bear to continue to see these hear breaking pictures. We are nature loving people. our lives are not in buildings, they are outside.
It breaks our hearts to see our friends, the wildlife dying in front of us, and we are helpless to help them or stop this. I'm saving the children that I have taught to survive. and I being 52 will die w/ the ones who will not leave.
I have lung problems too, so I will go first. finally out of pain....But I will sound the aloarm as you all tell me the truth and I can get the young ones out first! thank you for opening my aching eyes.this is theTRUTH!!

Posted by momma koko/la June 4, 10 01:48 AM

these are making me sick. where is superman when you need him?!

Posted by ms9 June 4, 10 01:50 AM

l have never seen anything so awful when it comes to anmials in my whole
life. It's so sad these animals have to try and life through this or just sit there and sir an awfull death. It makes me feel so sick .

Posted by Lisa Begg June 4, 10 01:55 AM

Broken heart!

Posted by wes June 4, 10 01:55 AM

GOD, please help these poor ones...they cant explain the pain they are undergoing.
The BP CEO and all his engineering team should be dipped in the same water and know how it feels like. They are still enjoying their air conditioned homes and vehicles, these day light robbers have to be punished

Posted by Hari June 4, 10 01:58 AM
Posted by Dragonflyatrest June 4, 10 02:01 AM


Posted by KATYA of KATYAMUSIC.COM June 4, 10 02:01 AM

give me a grip so big in heart to see these poor birds,neither they nor the nature deserve to be suffering this way :(

Posted by Paola Brizuena June 4, 10 02:01 AM

#868 Yes, pray to God. That's what we all should do. It's in the hands of God now, nothing we can do. Phew, that's a load of my mind.

Posted by Naim June 4, 10 02:02 AM

sadness...rage...disgust. vexed and beaten, wanting to hold on to something to help me from collapsing in on myself. I reach out but all my hands find are slippery goo. see you all on the other side...

Posted by paddy June 4, 10 02:03 AM

If only it were the BP execs struggling in that oil instead.

Posted by Andy Brown June 4, 10 02:06 AM

I think staying off the politics is a good idea on this one because the creatures suffering won't benefit from anyone's pension or popularity vote. But I hope the US government does penalize BP in a form that they have to contribute substantial amount of money to a charity that looks after the causes they have harmed or .....well we really can not trust them to launch and spend on their own initiative.

I feel penalty for environmental damages should be a hurtfully substantial amount because the damage done is not measurable in money and the effort and support required to heal such damage requires long term effort = meaning more money (higher penalty).

I hope the government already plans such a move....Any ideas on how we could raise this issue?

Posted by Sid June 4, 10 02:06 AM

With all do respect. Put down the damn camera and help the birds.

Posted by shannon June 4, 10 02:08 AM

why isn't Obama helping this catastrophe?

Posted by jeoff June 4, 10 02:08 AM

To report oiled wildlife, call 1-866-557-1401 and leave a message. Messages will be checked hourly.

Posted by Shannon June 4, 10 02:11 AM

"Yeah, yeah...we all use oil, we're all guilty. But that choice was made for us a long time ago and perpetuated by greedy millionaires and their government bedfellows. Am I supposed to go "off the grid" and live off the land? Will sorting the fucking recyclealbes and plugging in the shitty electric car make any difference?"

Hell yeah it will make a difference! You're only exaggerating troubles with greener energy!

Don't go off the grid. Pay for your electricity for the companies that care more about nature. Get some solar on your roof, or a windmill. Go for nuclear if need more power. After YOU plug that shitty electric car first time, your second electric car will be a lot better! For long trips have a second gas car, or just rent one.

It is all about resources! If one billion of people put 10 dollars per year to development of renewables that would be 10 billion more resources for those!

Small matters make A huge difference in large scale. And it is ONLY YOU who can start and support this evolution! It is everybody!

Just forget your false manhood with fast and noisy cars. Real men go electric, save some nature, provide their wives, children and grand children healthy and safer future!

Posted by RealMan June 4, 10 02:16 AM

I blame the Earth for leaking the oil, WE didn't put the oil there.

Posted by Stan June 4, 10 02:18 AM

What's also sickening is that BP a few years ago tried hard to lobby politicians in Whiting, IN (where there is a BP refinery) to loosen environmental laws. These laws were to make it easier for BP to dump toxins like amonia into Lake Michigan. Luckily politicians from Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota booed that proposal down.

Posted by ConnieG June 4, 10 02:19 AM

What can we do...this needs to stop!!! God help the poor Gulf coast and all the creatures...we puctured a hole in mother Earth and now it looks like everything is dying :(

My heart goes out to these poor things...I'm sure this is only the beginning

Posted by Karen in Illinois June 4, 10 02:20 AM

I prayed for them all in the "Sweat" tonight during the third round

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 02:20 AM

I am sooo pissed off!!! I'm watching CNN Anderson Cooper and seeing a bird rescure team the from IBRRC.ORG Website states they are currently not coordinating any outside volunteerism at this time to help with the bird / wildlife rescue off the coast. But rest assured, BP has hired to take care of this. What a sack of shit! Prez Obama will be at the Gulf tmrw he better send the message loud and clear to no longer allow DEEP OCEAN OIL DRILLING on U.S. SHORES...EVER!!! Yes that includes ALASKA!

Posted by Mary Ann June 4, 10 02:20 AM

It's hard to believe that we are still being so careless with our environment and that people still do not see the "big picture" or look to the future to preserve what we have.

This is just so heartbreaking.

Posted by Jayne Eldred June 4, 10 02:21 AM

The Oil Companies have been shoving this down our throats since the inception of internal combustion engine and then they have been systematically suppressing alternative technology from the get go. The truth is so much more brutal then just the gulf "spilling" and a price per gallon justification. We have stood by and let this happen. God have mercy on our souls.

Posted by Ricardo Frustockl June 4, 10 02:22 AM

Re: 922-

So, we should "man up" and keep making millions of animals suffer so that a few oil executives can buy a fourth yacht for their kids?

What if someone came to your house and made "bad shit happen in the pursuit of" your big-screen TV. Or your daughter? Would you still "man up" after that?

Posted by Grondo June 4, 10 02:23 AM

The poor ones cant even express the pain they are undergoing. GOD, have mercy and help them.

This is the product of BP, hence its CEO and engineering team have to be dipped in their product. They are still enjoying in their air conditioned homes and cars.

Posted by Hari June 4, 10 02:23 AM

I tried to read through the last 100 comments to find a nugget of intelligence or intellectual maturity. Alas, I have found none. If it's not blatant trolls, it's Mr. or Ms. "I want everything I don't like to be illegal". Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, government regulation, anarchy; it all works on a SMALL SCALE.

So what's the answer? Don't drive? Check (bike commuter - sans car - for seven years). If you don't already do that, you live too far from work/your personal life and should probably re-prioritize your life, if Mother Nature is really what you care about most. Volunteer on the South Coast? Doubtful, unless "what really matters" is your ego and self-satisfaction. I highly doubt anything I could do would compensate for the fuel used to propel a jet from Oregon to the Gulf Coast. Turn to God? I've already tried pleading to my bath tub-friendly Devil Ducky that usually speaks to me when I huff paint thinner, but i suppose seeking guidance from one more imaginary friend won't hurt.

How about starting small: buy local (not organic; that's more often then not "green washing"). Eat sustainably and NATURALLY (not vegetarian; that is very commonly far from sustainable, and far from natural for humans. I appreciate your intent, my veggie friends, but opting out of a broken system is not fixing the system). Avoid corn. Start your own poly-culture in your back yard.

Want to try something radical (short of "start shooting")? Declare your independence from corporate debt and ecocide and support secession from the (former) United States. VIVA CASCADIA

Posted by Austin June 4, 10 02:23 AM


Posted by SANDKEYFRED June 4, 10 02:24 AM

Free energy has been available since 1947. The shadow government has kept this from us. The Roswell Crash has been back engineered and the US military industrial complex has hidden this from us.

Posted by End The Secrecy June 4, 10 02:24 AM

These photos sadden me... and I want to be able to help so bad. I am a vet tech and animals are my life, but I, like many in this nation, am broke as a joke! Though I will be sending what I can from my next tiny check to help efforts:)
I, knowingly, am no rocket scientist... but whos brilliant idea was it to leave the safely mechanism off of this project??? Maybe it wouldn't have completely stopped all of the oil from leaking, but it would have been a damn good safety barrier and would have probably slowed things down enough to for BP to think of some way to fix what they broke! Why are these companies allowed to drill without safely mechanisms in place? Shouldn't that be a stipulation to drilling in areas where they can do this much damage? I am at a loss for these creatures who suffered and died these slow painful deaths, and for the further damage caused by the stupidity of yet another company trying get by on "Its a fail safe machine".

And another thing... Do these photographers just take the pictures to get paid... or do they actually make an effort to try to save the animals they are taking photos of? Just a question...

Posted by Nikki June 4, 10 02:24 AM

Free energy has been available since 1947. The shadow government has kept this from us. The Roswell Crash has been back engineered and the US military industrial complex has hidden this from us.

Posted by End The Secrecy June 4, 10 02:25 AM

This is disgusting......

Posted by Maryse June 4, 10 02:26 AM


Posted by GEORGE June 4, 10 02:27 AM

we all have to take responsibility for this situation because we all live an oil driven existence. what are you going to do, what am i going to do, to make companies like BP operate responsibly? or to make oil less essential to our existence.

Posted by jen weih June 4, 10 02:28 AM

This is just unacceptable all these animals suffering & dying because WE/BP wasn't prepared for a disaster like this .. Something has to be done now ! All the billions these companies make MONTHLY if not WEEKLY need to fork over the cash & triple their clean up efforts NOW ! Things are only going to get WORSE !

Posted by Donnie June 4, 10 02:30 AM

This is one issue those of us on the right (like myself) and those on left need to get together and make a full-on final push for alternative fuels and energy sources alike. For far too long we've been using this technologically outdated called fossil fuels and it needs to be nearly, if not completely, made obsolete for civilian use and industrial use alike.

Yet, as is evident, Bush was no fan of getting away from the oil companies and Obama is in their back pocket too. We've got to become vocal about this and not let it fade from the headlines once the clean up is underway. Because, in my view, the outcome will not be just the pollution. It won't be just the endlessness of reliance of fossil fuels. These things could very well lead to the decisions that make ourselves the next endangered species due to these missteps.

Posted by Ron June 4, 10 02:39 AM

These images are nothing less than gut wrenching. I applaud the photographer for his efforts to put a real face on BP's victims.

My feeling is that, it’s BP who is primarily at fault for the faulty structure and shoddy safety measures. Nevertheless, what has happened also falls on the heads of every single man (and women) who have become addicted to petroleum products…and not just for our cars. Americans are petroleum junkies. And by the looks of it, will go to any lengths to sate their fix…even if it means killing. Even if it means killing "Ourselves" by killing off a delicate eco system that, as "humans", we so desperately depend on for life.

Even though I don’t own a car, and walk every where I need to go (I live in a small town and the public transportation is a blood joke), I feel the responsibility of such actions as well. My fix comes from the medical supplies that I must wear daily to go about a semi-normal life. Medical supplies that are primarily petroleum based (98%). There has to be a solution out there. Somewhere there has to be someone who knows how to develop a different method to slow down the need for oil...and is brave enough to take on the "Big Boys".


Sad to say, it will never stop. The “need” to drill for oil will continue. After I die, after you die, our children have gone and most certainly by the time Obama is no longer president (whether that be 2 or 6 years down the line), unless someone does something about it, the need (greed) for oil will still be there (and disasters will loom over them). I do not believe that there is one President to blame. Besides, the President is not the all powerful icon we'd like to think he is (if he was, Congress and their influences would not have a middle finger in everything). It’s one of those “it’s happened before, it’s going to happen again” scenarios (i.e. in 1979 when the Ixtoc exploration oil well blew in the Gulf...and Jimmy Carter was President). Where the exact same measures were used (and failed) to cap that leaking. So unbelievable...the very same freaking measures that had failed then, continue to fail today...31 years later! What must happen is that for those who wish to drill, they MUST (and I can not emphasis this enough)…they MUST!…have a better plan of action “when” something like this disaster happens. There must be new safety and response measures in place before they are allowed to start constructing any structure. Because as history has proven anything, it's shown us it WILL happen...again and again...and again. Whether it is human error, mother nature or just plain cutting of corners due to greed, it WILL happen as long as there are oil rigs out in the ocean...and as long as we humans must have our drug of choice (oil).

Posted by C.Gimenez June 4, 10 02:41 AM

I would truly like to kick these people's asses. Can you spell "stupidity"? It is spelled BP.

Posted by RN June 4, 10 02:42 AM

Shame on America for this environmental desaster. No money will help to solve this tremendous problems. Health and environmental protection cannot be bought with debit cards. An exhaustive way of life has lead the US to states of paranoia and the US of Pollution. I'm shocked about the news from across the Atlantic and the incapability of engineers.

Posted by Stephen June 4, 10 02:45 AM

arent computers and keyboards themselves made with petroleum products?

Posted by austin June 4, 10 02:45 AM

Humankind deserves to rot in Hell and go extinct as a species for this. No God anywhere woudl keep such defective beings who would allow something like this to be done.

Posted by EquiisSavant June 4, 10 02:47 AM

shame on human!
Be Veg Go Grean Save the Planet

Posted by lili June 4, 10 02:50 AM

this is not Obama's fault. Halliburton is Cheny's business. last time i checked the republicans were shouting "drill baby drill". this is all on the people who run Transocean, Halliburton, and BP. last time i checked most of the republicans are calling this an act of God! give me a break!

Posted by mojo June 4, 10 02:51 AM

Wow, I love how these discussions become political soapboxes where everyone preaches how their ideas are the best. And I especially love the massive amount of finger pointing. But the best part is how everyone suddenly feels guilty. What a joke! You will do nothing in your lifetime to rectify a situation like this, so stop acting like you are outraged!

Way to boycott BP guys! Y'all will show them who's boss!

Posted by Stupefied June 4, 10 02:53 AM

Great job Charlie! This must have been hard to do. Thank you.

Posted by Stevie June 4, 10 02:54 AM

Stop Corporate Domination of the US Government! Demand Fair Elections Now in Congress which helps to insulate our representatives from big money lobbyists!

P.S. June 8, California votes on Fair Elections. Tell every Californian you know to vote YES on PROP 15 and stop the corporate giveaways, and tax loopholes, and deregulation that lead to Madoff, Wall Street, BP, Coal Mine disasters, Global Warming denial, Enron, Derivatives...

Stop the outrageous amount of fundraising and spending in Washington and Sacramento NOW!!!

Posted by James Saxon June 4, 10 02:58 AM

a beautiful world

Posted by O June 4, 10 02:58 AM

BP's Tony Hayward should resign his job immediately. The man has absolutely no compassion for anything. Our govt should be held legally accountable for not handling this sooner. But when TPTB hold the cards, you're pretty much f*cked anyway.
Listen up dumb*sses, it's not about the left or the right. It's TPTB who hold all the cards. If you voted, then you just wasted your vote because they don't count for sh*t anyway. Barry was put into office to just do what THEY wanted and when they are through with him, what do you honestly think is gonna happen? That's right. They'll "Fire him" in a manner of speaking. He's being used just like the rest of the puppets they got under their control. These elite are some of the most powerful people you will never meet. You don't see them, you don't speak to them. But yet, they control the govts of the entire world, they own the money that you and I work for. They control every aspect of your lives and you don't seem to get it. What is signing a f*cking petition going to do? nothing. Oil will keep trading at $50.00/ barrel. Don't believe that BS about what the stock market prices are, they're fixed to make YOU think that's what it's supposed to be. Our military is over in Afghanistan right now protecting the opium trade for some very powerful person who wants to stay in business.
The USA has been relegated to 3rd world status. The elite have turned their attention towards other countries, mainly China because they hold nearly all our debt. They control and own everything, they got you by the b*lls and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care and ya'll are just wishing this will go away?
For f*ck's sake! They won't even let the locals down there clean up their own ***damn marshes. They literally hold them hostage under gunpoint and yet nobody will stand up to these bullies and do what's right because well, everybody is scared. Does this sound like America to you? NO!! and I for one will say it. This is no longer my country!

Posted by Hawk8414 June 4, 10 03:03 AM

Somebody needs to throw Sarah Palin into that oil sludge and take a photo of it!

Posted by Mike'R'Us June 4, 10 03:04 AM

RE: LilyAnne #958:

The birds are not blind. The paleness you see is the nictitating membrane, closed (presumably to protect their eyes from the oil); see

Posted by Helena June 4, 10 03:04 AM

The oil well should have been imploded immediately.
People should stop driving automobiles immediately.
Whoever runs British Petroleum should be put out in the middle of the oil spill in a rowboat without oars immediately.

The world is already over. It's been over for a very long time.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 03:04 AM

Obama has nothing to do with BP, come on, glutinous oil companies deserve what they get for not being responsible. You are supposed to have a PLAN for this kind of problem. Fuck them and all they represent. They will pay, and America will finally release their sad obsessional need to fossil fuels. Idiot selfish fools.

Posted by Shawndee June 4, 10 03:05 AM

There have been a few major oil spills off the coast of Southern Africa in the past few decades and there have also been major successes with the cleaning and rehabilitation of seabirds through volunteer organisations. In this regard, see one example: - It would seem as though some mass volunteer program, of a similar nature, is needed for this current disaster.

Posted by Paul-Michael Keichel June 4, 10 03:07 AM

It breaks my heart too. Can we do something about it? Like saving the birds?

Posted by Rebeca June 4, 10 03:11 AM

The arguement that we are all to blame is ridiculous. If the oil companies were charitable, non-profit institutions that harvested oil for the benefit of us all and didn't rake in millions in profit I might agree. But they are not non-profit charities. They are greedy. They drilled this well in haste and ignored multiple warning signs along the way. Rather than stop and correct those problems, BP chose to push ahead as the drilling was costing them $25 million a day. So they pushed it in order to save the money that a delay might cost them...oops. So, no, we are not to blame. Sorry...I pay for isn't given to me. And BP, et al, prfit from it...enormously.

Posted by Atari 2600 June 4, 10 03:11 AM

Kurva Anyad kib@szott BP!!!

Posted by messiah June 4, 10 03:11 AM

James Cameron asked to film at the bottom of the sea for BP and they were denied. Maybe the oil leak is fixed and the powers that be are trying to stir the pot (the people) in America. Make us mad, Make us riot, Make us get crazy so they can arrest us and put us in Fema prison camps since the dollar is falling, we are in the biggest depression of our lives and there is no end in site.

Posted by Champion Fighter June 4, 10 03:15 AM

These pictures make me both sick and mad!

When we first had our big oil problem in the U.S in the 70's when cars were lined up for hours, we were told this would never happen again, being tied to foreign oil. That never did change!

Now we run the risk of polluting our oceans and killing all forms of sea and wild life that live off it.Not counting the families who provide sea food for us to eat and their livelihoods. All this from just 1 major mistake! How many will it take to kill the entire planet? Maybe just an even dozen spread over time?

We need to do better and do it quick! This planet and what's left of it is on really shaky ground. If we are not better stewards of guarding what we most cherish and need most then shame on all of us!

Time is short and it's ironic that with all that oil in the ocean going all over the place that I would ever see myself wishing for hurricanes to hit in order to stir up the ocean again and make it better. That may be the only answer in the short term if BP doesn't stop the leakage.

I hope I am wrong.



Posted by Barry Michael June 4, 10 03:18 AM

this is going on way to far, get bp the hell out of here..obama take over that damn oil well do your damn job, not amused with our presidents actions on all this BS, this is our GULF COAST & FLORIDA is next i live in florida love our beaches; so obama get your ass out of the damn white houes & do your job; you want be in office come 2012 IMPEACH Obama & all his damn goonies i as an AMERICAN CITIZEN have had enough of this....take back our country, do not put obama back in the houes in 2012!!!!!!!

Posted by dorothy June 4, 10 03:20 AM

The arguement that we are all to blame is ridiculous. If the oil companies were charitable, non-profit institutions that harvested oil for the benefit of us all and didn't rake in millions in profit I might agree. But they are not non-profit charities. They are greedy. They drilled this well in haste and ignored multiple warning signs along the way. Rather than stop and correct those problems, BP chose to push ahead as the drilling was costing them $25 million a day. So they pushed it in order to save the money that a delay might cost them...oops. So, no, we are not to blame. Sorry...I pay for isn't given to me. And BP, et al, prfit from it...enormously.

Posted by Atari 2600 June 4, 10 03:21 AM

Stop whining about how terrible all this is unless you have earned the right. If you drive a car, then you are part of the problem, and have not earned that right.

Do something significant and sustainable that gets away from these kinds of fuels, and then you have earned that right.

Otherwise, shut up and live with it, because almost ALL of us are guilty. From the CEO of BP down to the last person who uses petrol...

And by the way, anyone who uses this to advance their own agenda is going straight to hell.

Posted by drhiii June 4, 10 03:25 AM

How can this be anyone's fault other than BP's? They should have to keep paying until every last drop is cleaned up and then some more to try and replenish the wildlife to what it was.

Posted by Paul June 4, 10 03:32 AM

pull down your oil company and save our nature whit that money!!!! F - U.S.A

Posted by 6 June 4, 10 03:33 AM

millions of animals die everyday in far crueler ways to end up on your dinner plates but does that make you stop eating them? No.
will your current outrage at this oil spill make you stop driving your car to work? No.
You and BP have more in common than you think.

(it looks like half a dozen shots of the same bird to me)

//the pelican is just a prettier chicken//

Posted by Aufman June 4, 10 03:38 AM

Very sad to see this. Man made mistakes hurting the nature.~

Posted by shiva June 4, 10 03:43 AM

Poetic Wonder # 931

I was to go to bed tonight. Wasn't going to peruse the news sites. Wasn't planning on reading the comments but yours caught my eye. I hope you read this, and know this: You aren't the only one who feels this way. It's nice to know there are others out there who understand there's so much more to life then one could imagine. You renewed my hope for mankind... Thank you, be well. Little steps, people. Little steps...

Posted by morsayne June 4, 10 03:43 AM

@866, plugging in your electric car won't mean squat in any country that doesn't renewable or at least "clean" energy (Australia, my country, is among them). Here your choice is either: oil for petrol, or coal for electricity. Doing harm either way, just drive past the open-cut mines in Gippsland. Giant open wounds.

Posted by Alex June 4, 10 03:44 AM

Ouais, ouais, ouais... Ces images sont terribles. Vivement que l'on trouve une alternative à tout ce pétrole !!!

Posted by Manu June 4, 10 03:45 AM

Thank you British Patrol (BP). Awesome work. Thumbs up!

Who needs nature when you have fuel ...

Posted by oilyoilyoily June 4, 10 03:47 AM

Sad world we live in... Shame on BP and the whole petrol industry

Posted by Peter H. June 4, 10 03:48 AM

I am absolutely disgusted by seeing these pictures.... Makes me both angry and sad. Then there is also so much more life underwater affected that is not being photographed.

Posted by Servaas June 4, 10 03:51 AM

Yes, everybody crying because of these pictures. But who think this bird when you come in with your car, or switch on the tv, radio, net and so one. These birds sufffering my comfortable lifestyle. I don,t cry just i think a lot how to make my life more and less energy! If you give me a right, please write me an email.

Posted by Tomi June 4, 10 03:52 AM

cecil, maybe you should get your facts straight about Obama and what he is doing in the Gulf before you go on your political tirade. I am so tired of listening to ignorant people who are using this catastrophe to blame Obama, when we all know full well that we ALL share in the responsibility for what has happened. Until we all are riding bikes to work or driving electric cars, then YOU deal with it too! What are YOU doing to curb your reliance on oil?

Posted by Jessie June 4, 10 03:52 AM

We're all to blame. We did this.
I'm taking my share of the responsibility.
What are you all doing?

Posted by Andy June 4, 10 03:55 AM

Yes this is devastating and a bumbling show of incompetence, a litany of lies, a work of mass destruction but we all should do something to change things for the better. If you cant get a electric car then get a diesel, do not wear skull and bones shirts and cave in to the philosophy of the powers that be. then try, to put things in priority for if we kill babies but cry for birds then that insensitivity to human nature will only show that we are bent on self destruction and there is nothing you can do to someone who cant hear you any longer. They become numb. May Jesus help us all, not your frail men or guru that will only shaft you.

Posted by dave June 4, 10 03:55 AM
1058. anyone helping these animals?? Or are they just being photographed and left for dead?

Posted by Mike June 4, 10 03:57 AM

these photos are truly heartbreaking. i can't stand to see animals suffer, and this made me physically sick...

if you're really interested in getting the message across, go to and sign the petition.

even if the oil spill stopped today, it would take more than 60 years for the eco-system to fully regenerate itself.

Posted by Caitlin June 4, 10 04:00 AM

absoulutly digusted with bp

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 04:04 AM

Conservatives are hypocrites to say that moral equivalence can't be used to compare freedom fighters to Western imperialism, then equate people who use almost no oil to those who use it heavily.

Posted by truth spirit June 4, 10 04:04 AM

Enough. Stop driving the SUVs and get a bicycle or walk. You'll be thinner and healthier and the birds can live the life they were created to live. Show the world we're smarter than this.

Posted by Sarah Collins Honenberger June 4, 10 04:15 AM


Posted by John June 4, 10 04:15 AM

najprej so zjebal svet z recesijo, zdaj ga bodo še dokončno s svinjarijo

Posted by sky June 4, 10 04:16 AM

Shouldn't we look at ourselves?

Next to fact that BP is making a big mess, we (consumers and companies) need a lot of oil.
Our big hunger for oil feeds the quest for companies to search faster and faster, more and more.

As long as we (everybody) need the oil, there will be excesses in the providers of this need.

Posted by Bram Verniest June 4, 10 04:16 AM

I cried.

Posted by Naveen June 4, 10 04:17 AM

Governments are chosen by people (at least if you claim you live in a democratic country), so if you have a shitty government - then sorry, some time ago you have made a bad choice and now you are paying for the consequences.

Boycotting BP will only hurt the ordinary people like me and you who will be fired to reduce costs.

Rather than talking bla bla about how bad the situation is and how miserable the humanity is - better grab your friends and just fly/drive/walk there to help out.

Next time you throw garbage away just watch Futurama episode and think what it can do to your grand kids

Posted by katja June 4, 10 04:20 AM

kill the humans! we are only good at destroy all around us

Posted by greendad June 4, 10 04:21 AM

greed is the cause of this problem bp pushed the oil rig too drill faster and take short cuts so they could get the oil to increase profits stupid murderers

Posted by humpdatrump June 4, 10 04:22 AM

BP. Beyond Petroleum. I doubt it.

There has been an effective propaganda campaign which equates oil and the wars for oil with pragmatism and patriotism. We have little or no control over the way resources are used and obtained. In our weak democracies we are are expected to be nothing more than spectators (at best).

Posted by Jeremy June 4, 10 04:26 AM

That is horrible. Just as bad as the images from the Valdez accident and all the animals that suffered then.

It took us 8 years from announcement to accomplishment to put a man on the moon - landing almost 41 years ago! But we still have yet to produce clean renewable energy on a grand scale. Year after year goes by, with disaster after disaster happening, and we still snort the fossil fuels.

Anyone see what is happening in Nigeria with oil? Google "Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill"

Posted by Wolf June 4, 10 04:28 AM

That's terrible, and after I drive 300 yards to the shops in my 20MPG truck then I'll demand action against who's to blame.

Posted by Steve June 4, 10 04:29 AM

no other animal in the entire nature destory the otheres for their mere selfish ness except MAN.. WE ALL NEED TO PAY FOR THIS.. FOR THE GREED.. Let NATURE swallow the entire human race and save the other innocent animals. :( :( :(

Posted by i1n1 June 4, 10 04:30 AM


Posted by Jesus June 4, 10 04:37 AM

Amazing what the government puposely did there to say "see, we should not drill"
Damn false flag event. May they burn in hell for this one.

Posted by Really Pissed Off June 4, 10 04:38 AM

As oil deep under the earth is not made by BP or Exxon or Shell, but by natural development, we all should ask, how mostly three worlwide operating companies are entitled to steel the oil which belongs to the mankind and sell it for prices that in the first three month ´s of 2010 only BP could make a profit of more than 6 billions of USD. We pay the price double, we make some people incredibly rich, and a lot of creatures and people incredibly poor - or dead.

I am not a communist, but we should earnestly think about the solution to socialice everything what is under the earth, coal, oil, ore.

Posted by Eckhard Benkelberg June 4, 10 04:42 AM

#960 ... this is horrible.....I rly hope the ppl taking the pic actually tried to help them :-(
Posted by SN

Sorry but what do expct a photographer to do?

What happens when they cover a war story, civil unrest etc etc

Posted by Grant June 4, 10 04:43 AM

Stop the leak. Clean up the oil. Arrest the criminals. Help the ruined. Change the laws.

Dammed Dirty apes.

Posted by John K. Fabiani June 4, 10 04:44 AM

WIRD ZEIT Das Sich Etwas durchdringend tut!

Posted by Jörg Hubertus Hobner June 4, 10 04:49 AM

This is a man-made disaster which just needs fixing. Blame and legislation will not fix it. We should all do what we can, whether its volunteering to clean up, supporting the agencies involved or just coming up with suggestions.
Its terribly sad and very damaging, but the earth heals, every time it needs to.

Posted by Iain Simpson June 4, 10 04:50 AM

Lets go find the pets of BP executives and cover them in oil. See how fast they clean off their dogs and cats...

Posted by Tom Kreft June 4, 10 04:52 AM

For the ridiculus majority of human history people existed with no electricity, now after only a few generations the idea is somehow absurd what's absurd is how we can walk around everyday each individual consuming far more than kings only 200 years before us and somehow be offended at the idea of living in the natural world. There are infinate small choices that we make everyday the sum of these choices determines our reality. It's really quite simple if you choose a higher standard of living (and really if you consider cosmo a high standard you're only fooling yourself) then you manifest a higher quality of life.

Posted by Gregory June 4, 10 04:56 AM

I am so angry... I am not American, but my heart goes out to all Americans.
But I am angry... with all the short-sightedness, greed and stubbornness of people. I have been to the United States a couple of times, and the amount of consumption, and your shopping habits, are just staggering... Will this disaster change how you approach life? I don't know, but certainly hope so... You do NOT need big-ass SUVs, you do NOT need to have big houses, you do NOT need so much food and other perks that have put so much strain on the environment, not only yours but the entire world's... Just live by the means, and get away from consumerism... Just realize, you contribute 40 percent of the world's air pollution, and you are a country with only 300 million population... It is really, truly staggering how ignorant you are of the amount of problem you have become...

Also, someone in this thread said "God please help". What kind of ignorant, arrogant statement is that?! It's got nothing to do with a higher being (not that there is one anyway), it's all Man's fault, and will have to be dealt with by the Man.

Posted by seafish June 4, 10 04:58 AM

this is truly appalling what gives us the right to treat the planet in this manner - shame on all those involved

Posted by Iodo Rice June 4, 10 05:02 AM

My favorite part of the whole thing is that they're still trying to salvage the well, and that you know this is a sweet ass reason for them to just open up 2 more oil wells. I understand the need to relieve some of the pressure, but you think those fucking wells are being made any better? or that they will shut them down once they have served their purpose? I'm currently deployed, my wife closed on the house we bought in Destin FL, and area that relies on tourism and commercial fishing. Now all of these people will be out of a job, the businesses will pick up and leave, and a once booming community will die. Oh, and my house will become worth maybe a quarter of what i just payed for it. yay.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 05:04 AM

Why do people insist on placing blame or pointing fingers during a crisis?
Energy is better spent working on a solution or finding another way to help.
Fix the problem first, then you tweeds can continue with the bickering of who's to blame/responsible/at fault.

I didn't realize that so many Americans loved "blamestorming."

Posted by Tae June 4, 10 05:07 AM

F#@k human!

Posted by X-625 June 4, 10 05:08 AM

I've started a site on FB called Bottom Kill.

Originally intended to vent anger at the horrific disaster unfolding in the Gulf, it's now slowly morphing into an organization with a higher calling: to sit at the table and help dictate oil-industry policy and to make sure that these incidents never happen again (or is simply part of our Faustian bargain with the industry which supports our lifestyle choices?).

As the admin of the site, I'd greatly appreciate your support. It still a small effort, but I'd like to change that.

Posted by John Faulk June 4, 10 05:08 AM

There should be the big shiny and green "bp"-Logo on every single of those photos!

"It's all natural..."

Posted by alex June 4, 10 05:10 AM


Posted by Palin 2012 June 4, 10 05:10 AM

The oil leak could have been capped immediaty by deploying a small nuclear device underground, with very little environmental risk (compared to massive oil slicks anyway). This hasn't been done because BP is still trying to collect the oil to recoup their losses.

The government should have stepped in and solved the crisis immediatly then fined BP for the cost of the operation, rather than letting them leak oil into the ocean while they desperatly tried to find a way to make money from the situation.

Posted by anonymous June 4, 10 05:11 AM

so so sad. absolutely heart wrenching.

Posted by Julie June 4, 10 05:15 AM

Goverment people point fingers saying ''terrorist''
every one that is against the greedy world capitalist machine is a terrorist.
everyone one that opposses the grand gready plan is a terrorist.

this is terrorism , this is my planet , the ''native american indians where right''

until american realise they are the terrorists this will continue.

buddists have never invaded another county ,killing under the pretense of gods justifcation....where are the cristians now....stopping capitalists and communists alike from this evil .

where is Jesus .. its all a lie.. these people walk on us and destroy our paradise.

Posted by spiritus June 4, 10 05:20 AM

I really like all those comments about how terrible these pictures are. Shit happens all the time! Are you 5 years old or what? If you don't like oil you should avoid almost all products in the current market. A little sample of products made from oil is here:

Posted by John Doe June 4, 10 05:21 AM

Pure irreversible act of irresponsibility shadowed in the the false condolense..
We must change.. for we just have 1 earth.

Posted by Umang Saini June 4, 10 05:24 AM

What was it that Sarah Palin said? "Drill, bay, drill!". Next time she says that, remember these pictures.

Posted by Janne June 4, 10 05:29 AM

You will pay for this! More than money! Money is nothing...

Posted by Universum Vicerosum June 4, 10 05:29 AM

This Tony Hayward guy should be covered in his 'own' oil and be laid down to rot.
As with the rest of his cronies

Posted by Geenszins Joling June 4, 10 05:31 AM


Posted by Gonçalo June 4, 10 05:35 AM

Long after they're gone, Bush and Cheney are still screwing up the country. The Minerals Management Services basically sold itself to the oil companies for whores and drugs. And yet some people say Big Business should be trusted.

Oh well let the hypocritical Republicans win in November and complete the task of totally fucking up the country that they're half finished.

Posted by Michael June 4, 10 05:37 AM


Quoted: "The entity responsible for cleaning this up is BP."

Yes, I do agree with you, but the problem is that in a globalized world, this will never happen. BP has nobody pressuring them to do anything except a Goverment.

The company acted in an unethical manner, yes and has, because of various cost-cutting moves, caused this problem. Having a relaxed US oiling regulations hasn't helped the situation.

However, BP will do nothing unless pressured or sanctioned by the US Goverment and the American people. Leaks of this sort have happened before, companies have behaved badly, but they won't solve the problem themselves. BP won't fix anything with Obama breathing down their necks (if lobbying doesn't "force" him to do otherwise).

Posted by Sandok June 4, 10 05:38 AM

We should all stop wondering and finally begin to see the answers to some crucial questions here.
Why was electric vehicle ready for mass production 20 years ago and still isn't emerging en masse?
Why the hydrogen car isn't produced on a mass scale?
Who insists that hydrogen be extracted out of oil instead of water?
Why aren't there some restrictions in gas-guzzlers production and usage yet?
Why aren't there some global class laws regulating global class crime and wrongdoings, like drug traffic, environmental damage, etc. etc., so that perps are equally treated wherever they flee? (The countries and governments which do not support this could be threated with isolation from the civilized world)?
The politicians have learned that the people are sheep to be fleeced and run the way they like; why can't people understand it? The few greedy and shortsighted millionaires are destroying our World for us, and Democracy has failed grandly if only thing we can do is bitch about their tinkering with the planetary resources and safety.
I think we have a chance or two left, but we won't be using them; we're grown used to be stupid, and inertia is overwhelmingly strong.
Grand total: we'll do nothing effective about all this... just go see what's new on TV...

Posted by Fil June 4, 10 05:41 AM

*870, "I was always taught in the military if you're not part of the soluteion, you're part of the problem."
This is just another slogan mouthed by members of the US Military dwelling in negativity.
The US Military is part of the problem. They consume more oil then almost anyone else on the planet.

Posted by Mark June 4, 10 05:42 AM

this breaks my heart, im so sure it would have been stopped already if it were human beings lying there covered in oil..

Posted by bianca June 4, 10 05:43 AM

BP stands for "Brown Pelican"?

Posted by Fred Krueger June 4, 10 05:50 AM

¿Ya se han paralizado las decenas de plataformas extractoras que están en funcionamiento por todo el mundo el mundo?

¿Va a haber penas de carcel? ¿Porqué el presidente y toda la junta directiva de BP no está en la calle con las manos esposadas?

Posted by Juan Quijano June 4, 10 05:52 AM

I have personally seen over 35 senior officers at the Pentagon scrambling to organize the fleet and assist. I'll be damned if Limbaugh says our task force is not doing anything!!

The problem is that our politicians are on the take! How many BILLIONS have been pumped into congressional pockets by BIG OIL to prevent regulation. These CEOs need to stand trial and we all need actually DEFEND AMERICA from them!!!

Posted by Raymond Richards June 4, 10 05:58 AM

The US choked on the (cheap) oil they have appetite for.

Does this mess surprise you at all?

Regards from Europe.

Posted by Conga June 4, 10 06:06 AM

Yes without a doubt we need to pull together all that we can to save what we can... But again it's left to the people to sort, donate money!! Blah blah… same old nonsense!!!
God I get so mad!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE!! We are the sheep that follows all the so called trends and believe all the bullshit adverts promising us a lifestyle of convenience, class and god knows what else. This is created by these big corporations and institutes and we fall for it every time!! Truth is we have the power, if we don’t spend, they have nothing! but we are too lazy to get off our asses and learn to do some of the things ourselves... we fall for the stuck in a rut lifestyle of debt, driving the cars, eating the food, and shitting on our planet!
Consumers... We don’t give a shit as long as everything is nicely packaged and convenient… until we see pictures like this! The time is now, start walking, learn to plant some god damn organic tomatoes, stop shopping at all these convenient stores and support you local farmers and markets. Let’s look after those who really look after us and the planet! Life is all that matters!!e

Posted by Nelize June 4, 10 06:07 AM

This is horrifying! How could anyone let this happen?

Posted by ba6a June 4, 10 06:15 AM

Everyone who uses oil is also partly to blame. With 1000s of rigs around the world - accidents happen. It'll probably turn out BP and partners are more cuplable and took more risks. So the world uses 83million barrels per day (mbpd) the US uses a disproportionatly large 20mbpd. A barrel is 230 litres. A lot has to come from domestic and now very deep sea sources. The easy oil is gone yet many americans (and others) still don't cocern themselves with the large ineffient vehicles. The more oil everyone uses, the more expensive it's going to get, and the more oil is going to get spilled. Let's all please try and use less oil. Insulate your home if you use heating oil. Drive less, work closer to home, drive a more economical car. Consider the Nissan Leaf, or Chevrolet Volt when they are put on sale in November and January.

Posted by mark yates June 4, 10 06:16 AM

Hi dudes just to let you know that this disaster is a drop in the ocean in comparison to what climate change is going to do to us in the next 100 years.

Posted by Ownage Dude June 4, 10 06:16 AM

This is devastating to witness. And we are the problem. BP's mistake but it's oil for us. Real energy conservation is something the developed countries no nothing about. We believe we are entitled to the energy supporting our lifestyles. The birds just got in the way of our entitlement. Really sad and maddening.
I am going to make more changes in my life.

Posted by Fundley June 4, 10 06:18 AM

*****PLEASE READ ******

Posted by MIKE CE-5 June 4, 10 06:19 AM


Posted by ANDRE LUKE June 4, 10 06:26 AM

Heartbreaking... What is our race doing to a planet that would be healthy without us? Why are we so arrogant and brag about our intelligence if all we do with it is destroy the world more efficiently while trying to serve our own selfishness and greed? When will we start to learn from other creatures on this planet that are happy to fulfill the purpose God has created them for without striving to be more than they should be?

Posted by Elke Posenauer June 4, 10 06:26 AM

we should try to repair it !! as good as possible !

Posted by GonzuS Decosta June 4, 10 06:27 AM

Who ever made this mess, needs to clean it up. Its everyones water.

Posted by Lisa June 4, 10 06:27 AM

Gross...Theyre Not Brown Pelicans...Thats OIL....Its MEssed Up

Posted by Silly Dread June 4, 10 06:28 AM

"B P" Bad Publicity. I thought we were running out of oil? soon thanks to BP we can swim in it!

Posted by Frankie June 4, 10 06:36 AM

As long as people drive cars and consume oil products, firms will have to search and drill. We are all responsible for this because we all use oil products.

Posted by Johan June 4, 10 06:37 AM

Yes, indeed we are all guilty of what is going on. Those creatures deserve to be treated as human. If this had happened in another country, Uncle Sam would have prop into it, but because it happen in there, so........ If those creatures had the means of suing Uncle Sam, by then Uncle Sam would had pay a lot of money to them. I hope BP will do well to stop it oil from oozing.

Posted by Sam Daniel June 4, 10 06:41 AM

The problem is lack of property rights: if I could own, say, a cubic mile of ocean by homesteading it, I could simultaneously fend off the "drive by" fishermen and make the farmers pay for their phosphates and the oilmen pay for the damage their oil does. Drilling for oil in the gulf would be a whole lot more expense and drilling without proper safeguards would become catastrophic to the bottom line.

Posted by Dave Babbitt June 4, 10 06:41 AM

That is just so heart breaking to see

Posted by Michael June 4, 10 06:48 AM

This is so sad and horrible. I believe this nation will be destroyed by people being so greedy!!!! Nature is so beautiful and look what the people are doing!!!

Posted by Carolyn June 4, 10 06:50 AM

Deal with BP later. Right now, coordination should be taken worldwide to fix this.

Posted by Don June 4, 10 06:52 AM

we all are responsible for this. We cannot deny the fact that humans are so greedy!

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 06:54 AM

I remember that photos like this were played in TV around the world before the first war in IRAK.

Posted by hill78 June 4, 10 06:55 AM

Send bottles of the preferred cleansing agent to the wildlife groups that mobilize during crises like these! It may not be much, but it could help them stretch their underfunded budgets a bit further to help more animals.

Posted by Sarah June 4, 10 07:01 AM

This would be a prefect time for Obama to create something like ORC (Oil Regulatory Commission) to deal with oil industry, much like the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) sets safety standards for the Nuclear industry. The oil companies have been able to set their own standards, which are pretty low. It's time to bring them up to code.

Posted by C.Dunn-Florida June 4, 10 07:04 AM

terrible...................and sad...................

Posted by Dagmar Vanova June 4, 10 07:05 AM

Good god, what a bloody mess. I work with birds, day in and day out. The suffering of these birds in the photographs, must be absolutley hidious. I only hope BP are made to pay the price.

Posted by Dawn Shepherd June 4, 10 07:08 AM

monet, money money.....

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 07:08 AM

What does "clean up operation" mean ?

Is there nobody to care about that ?

The oil spill disaster is also a political, systemic complete failure.

The USA is in a near Soviet-style situation.

Posted by Afu June 4, 10 07:10 AM

I have to laugh at the americans, digging at britian & BP. Before the british empire colonized your island it was ran by loign cloth wearing, feather capped wearing totem builders, so then a british general liberated the 13 colonies and named it The United States of America, you grew as a nation spread to the far corners of your continent your demand grew as your population and the technology grew. Your population and goverment became greedy after using all there natural resources you turned abroad seeking oil and such, if you couldent get it via trade you invaded... iraq & afganistan asking others to help in your unjust war for fuel and wealth, then your government ask British Pertrolium to dig for oil in the gulf to supply there need and greed, your government used BP as a scapegoat for there greed and incompitance to run a country. America is no longer a super power in this world its a modern day bandit state. look to china, india and europe and russia these are the new supper powers in this world

Posted by listenandlearn June 4, 10 07:12 AM

It's 2010... WHY are we still using fossil fuels anyway? We are supposed to be the best country in the world. How's that working out for us?

Posted by Mike H June 4, 10 07:15 AM

If interested, you can donate as little as $20 to the NWF to help with rescuing and protecting the wildlife affected by this tragedy:

Or as little as $25 dollars to Audubon:

Posted by geneva June 4, 10 07:17 AM


Posted by Sandra June 4, 10 07:17 AM

This actually made me cry.
In the long run, this tragic "accident" could be the best thing to happen in a long time by being a massive wake up call to our dependency on oil and our destruction of our one and only precious planet. These pictures, along with many others, have been seen all over the world. Protecting the environment has been on the political agenda for years, but this event, and the media coverage that has followed, has brought it all to the forefront of our thoughts and will no doubt be spoken about, referred to and more importantly acted upon for years.
Lets all ensure that something positive comes out of this tragedy. Sure, blame BP, Obama, or whoever you like, but they were drilling oil for US and OUR lifestyle. Time to change, methinks.

Posted by Kate Collison June 4, 10 07:18 AM


Posted by Fausta June 4, 10 07:23 AM

I am at a complete loss for words.

Posted by alex June 4, 10 07:28 AM

asking the ppl in charge to resign does nothing to solve the issue.

Posted by chuck June 4, 10 07:29 AM

Tragédia. Mennyi ártatlan élet a nyomorult emberek miatt

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 07:30 AM

Is moreheartbreaking than anyone can imagine!

Posted by Pam Ball June 4, 10 07:32 AM

US Gov't and BP are useless, the 2 of the richest entities perhaps on the planet and they just stand around while oil washes up.

Posted by MTT June 4, 10 07:34 AM

I live here, south of New Orleans (Barataria), and first:
The bird pictures you see are not just the same pics of 2 birds, more than 200 have already been discovered, "alive". More are dead.
Sea Turtles large and small are being "skimmed" along with ther oil crap. Bunches of turtles "belly up" , dead. Dolphins washed up on the beach , dead all black and coated with oil that makes them almost look fake.
Second: The oil has not stopped coming in because it is still blowing out of the well, so this "tragedy", "disaster", "problem", "nightmare" or whatever you want to call it is still in it's process. The outcome of this has not been seen yet. Not only are the fishermen without a job and livelyhood now, but also the charter boats, restraunts, offshore supply companies, fuel dock companies, transport boats, and the resort areas. This is going to create again a mass exodus from Southern Louisiana because of job loss.
Third: DO not believe that what you are given via video, photo or statement are the truth. It is a scrutinzed feed for the rest of the country. Just as with Katrina, they try their best to NOT put the whole situation if front of millions of people so that it can be controlled, aka not as bad as it looks. (Sorry to tell all of you, but it is worse)

Fourth: When they say "oil is coming ashore", for us it has been doing it for 3+ weeks and not just those little globs but a complete and wide, thick coating of more than 100 miles across. But now that "resort" states:
Mississippi for it's casinos, Alabama for it Dauphin Isl. Naval area and Florida for it's beaches, are all getting ready for what we have endured for 6 weeks, the rest of the country is now hearing and seeing a little more: Hence the reason for Pres to be back here today. Deja Vu to G Bush in Katrina world: "We will not leave until the job is done", sure........

Posted by J Adams June 4, 10 07:35 AM

This is a bad omen for Louisiana.

Posted by Bubba June 4, 10 07:39 AM

I do not want to just see these photos. I want to see photos of people working with these birds to clean them, feed them and rehab them... please! Please can we see if anything is being done to help these desperate suffering creatures. I am a bird rescuer in South Africa.

Posted by Sue June 4, 10 07:41 AM

This entire thing disgusts me. This is a WORLD CRISIS!
It should be fixed in the next week no mater how much money it costs.

Posted by A. McKenzie June 4, 10 07:43 AM

Humans are greedy and it is capitalism that is the motivator. If we weren't so wasteful huge amounts of energy sources wouldn't be necessary. How many of us drive wasteful SUV's without any sense of remorse. It is the helpless animals that suffer in the long run. For those whose pocketbooks suffer, at least their lives were spared and they will most likely be reimbursed by BP. The animals who lost their lives will not be reimbursed and must have suffered a long and painful death.

BP should be donating huge sums of funds to help wildlife rehabilitate. This is just a horror show observing these birds.

Posted by tina max June 4, 10 07:46 AM

This is just aweful. No words!

Posted by Maruko June 4, 10 07:47 AM

Poor multimillionaire BP CEO Tony Hayward says he “wants his life back”. Boo-hoo! What about the men who DIED, the thousands of people who’s lives will be ruined FOREVER because of this disaster AND the poor birds/animals/environment that have been destroyed and killed. Tony Hayward should have to have these photos placed in his house to look at forever! Piece of sh*t!

Posted by robin June 4, 10 07:48 AM

BP chiefs are bastards - ways_and_methodics of blocking a leakage exist, also exist safe and proof methods of collecting oil - but they're a little more expensive than those which are now being used - and which are in fact useless...

Worse - BP doesn't want to let any other _competent_ institutes or people to know the real situation on the ocean bottom - which is surely worse than we can imagine!

Hang them all - Hayword - and others - by the neck? :(((((((

Posted by headshotboy June 4, 10 07:49 AM

I was born in 1982, and know nothing but a world run by oil. I find it hysterical the people saying we're all to blame for oil dependency, when in reality we are all slaves to it. I do not know a world without oil. Forget how we use it for fuel; try to go one week, one day without plastic. It's everywhere & in everything. It's scary how dependent we are, knowing we have way less than a century of oil left.

But yes, in some ways we have ourselves to blame. Almost 40 years ago we had a president who clearly saw this problem for what it was, tried to do something about it, and the US soundly booted him out and still recall him as a bad president. I guess we'd all prefer the Ronald Reagan's of the world who can come in, give us false promises, and allow us all to stick our heads back in the sand.

Here's hoping we don't waste another 40 years, or it might be our last.

Posted by Meghan June 4, 10 07:49 AM

The range of feelings I have had about this event cannot be summed up with mere words. The implications of what is coming can not be measured. Even if the leaks were stopped today, the existing slick will continue to spread along the beaches and marshes from the western coast of Louisiana all the way down to the Florida keys. That will happen over the course of the summer hurricane season. I dare not even think about if the leak continues for the next 90 days and circulates through the whole gulf from the Caribbean and along Mexico and Texas beaches, and (OMG) up the eastern seaboard and into the Atlantic currents. I wonder when the country is going to have a reality check here and realize this is shaping up to be what could end up being the WORLD'S WORST ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER TO DATE!

To make it worse is that I would bet my life on it that we are not being told just how bad it REALLY is! Think about it... haven't we already been deceived on the amount of oil that is leaking into the gulf from day 1? Oh yeah... they don't want to interfere with the people trying to stop the leak so they can't take any measurements. No! I don't think so. You know how greedy oil companies are? I would bet they know exactly how much oil is leaking. Companies always measure the potential profit so wouldn't the pressure and size of the well bore be the first things they measure when the oil starts coming up the well?

They are trying to stop a leak from the outside! People!!! Have any of you ever tried stopping/patching ANY kind of leak from the outside when what is coming out is under pressure??? It is near impossible. In this case the leak is oily/greasy/gaseous/loaded with abrasives and under massive pressure. IT IS A MILE BELOW THE SURFACE!!! We can't even send anyone down in person to deal with it. BP, the government, and remote control robotic subs are what we must rely on. God help us.

WHY aren't we begging the whole world to send help in the form of extra oil skimming ships and equipment and KNOWLEDGE??? Why are we finger pointing and laying blame and lying and hiding our heads in the sand? Mississippi? Alabama? Florida? Where are you? Sure the oil may not be on your beaches right now! But it is coming! You're trying to salvage your summer tourism trade. You're saying, "Oh we don't have any oil! Come visit us!". Don't lie to your population. PREPARE for what is coming! When the hurricanes start coming through there will be NO TIME! If you pretend there is no problem just to bring your tourists in the oil will hit you like a brick when it comes in.

I don't really know for sure but I really am concerned about whether or not a hurricane can pick up the oil on the surface of the gulf. If a cat. 3-4 hurricane moves over that oil slick and picks up the thinner compounds of the oil it could rain it down on us all up and down the east coast. Oil is darker than water and thicker therefore it could raise the surface temperatures of the water it covers by absorbing more heat from the sun. I've already heard that the slick is creating it's own weather pattern. Will it attract and strengthen a hurricane? Also, the slick is like a blanket over the water. The wind does not ripple and move the water around as much so it gets even warmer. The water is already 4 degrees warmer than average in the gulf coastal regions. This is catastrophic not only to the gulf and the coastal states but to the entire country. If it was completely sealed today, the amount of oil already in the water and slowly creeping into the marshes will be impossible to clean up. IT IS NOT YET CLOSED THOUGH!!! What we're seeing on Louisiana's coast WILL BE THE SCENARIO ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE KEYS!!! If I was a homeowner anywhere between Texas and the Florida Keys I would be selling my house/property at firesale prices right now to ANYONE that would buy it for ANY PRICE just to get out of there. I'd even sell for a loss just to not have to deal with the severe economic/social/environmental depression coming for the gulf coastal states. Every hotel, every restaurant, and EVERY business that caters to coastal tourists will be affected. Even support business for those categories will be affected.

Houses on the coast in those regions will be worth nothing by the end of the year. Business establishments will be worth less...only a financial burden on those unfortunate enough to own them. Some people will be angry with me and say, "Oh I'm trying to start a panic and I'm a pessimist etc. etc."
People, IT IS TIME TO PANIC RIGHT NOW!!! They are hiding the extent of the disaster!

Can you imagine this.... All marine life in the gulf is DEAD! 20 - 30,000,000 people in the coastal regions become sick from the toxic air. Hundreds of thousands of coastal homes worth nothing. Toxic rain all the way up to the northeast killing vegetation and poisoning our streams and lakes. Waterfowl have become extinct. Ghost towns dot the coast from eastern Texas to the Florida Keys. How many people along the coast rely on the ocean for the very food they live on? Not to sell fish for a living, but for the very meals they eat 4-7 days a week? Many of them will continue to catch and eat the seafood they and their families have relied on for generations. Toxic water desalination plants up and down the coast no longer capable of producing drinking water. WHERE DOES IT END??? ACT NOW!!!

Posted by Mark June 4, 10 07:49 AM

yes, heartwrenching. BUT, to me not as bad as all the" human" sickness and disaster and torture photos i have seen over the years though. Aid to humans is priority on earth .Lets not jump on this band -wagon and pretend we are all feeling so much better about ourselves lately because we are talking- the-talk about fish and environment and birds having it so bad on earth ,.....while we live DAILY,our whole life in a world of HUMAN torture,terrorism,suffering,and disease,most by our own hand.

Posted by Tony G . Boerkamp June 4, 10 07:51 AM

Everyone must stop blaming Obama. He is going down to the gulf. He is doing everything he can. Where was bush during the New Orleans disaster? He didn't go down to New Orleans for weeks. How quickly we forget. We, as well as BP are to blame. Everyone who drives a car and relies on petroleum based products( makeup) contributes to this disaster. Stop relying on your cars etc and maybe oil companies won't be so quick to drill for more oil.

Posted by Leon June 4, 10 07:53 AM

Guys, here in Indonesia, we had worst
not only wildlife, but also human social life extinct

Posted by Jodhi June 4, 10 07:56 AM

this is the end of living world

Posted by erkan June 4, 10 07:56 AM


Posted by EGIDIO June 4, 10 07:59 AM

What good it'll do if we all stand around pointing fingers at BP?
Honestly - does anybody really believe that BP wanted this to happen?
Instead of dealing with the problem, we ask 'who's guilty?'
or even better pound our self's chest and crying 'we all guilty!'.
If you think somebody intentionally prevents locals from cleaning -
launch public outcry, go rally, whatever it takes.
Obama choose the easiest path: to be furious and send bills out.
If he'd really care for people and environment,
he'd be already summoning experts/specialists/scientists from all over the world,
organizing people to fight a disaster and heading this effort.
None of those areas affected recieved a real emergency help.
People haven't been temporary relieved from paying their bills
even thought the main source of their income is gone.
But he goes to Larry King while another puppet Holder is busy spending
dearest taxpayer money on criminal investigation into BP-s conduct.

Posted by newyorker June 4, 10 08:01 AM

What a shame this whole thing is... creating unrest politically, morally, environmentally... the only ones really suffering are the wildlife in the polluted areas. Not just a few feathered victims in these pictures but also the unseen - the water column exists in balance - once the creatures in the upper water column are dead those living below are affected. Creatures in sediment are poisoned and you can wave goodbye to any kind of semi-balanced ecosystem for another 5 or 10 years (a full recovery will take decades).
After our huge oil incident in South Wales some years ago we have seen an amazing recovery but that was 'a ship', a finite quantity of oil; not an endless supply pouring out constantly for weeks.... Mankind has pushed for technology and with it goes the source for energy / fuel. While demand is there there will always be an element of risk in obtaining it from wherever - self sustainability in reality seems a thing of the past so we will have to just live with this risk unless we all choose to live in the most energy efficient / self sufficient way possible.

Posted by Catherine, UK June 4, 10 08:02 AM

The sad thing about it is, that BP doesn't gets punished in a fair amount of it, because a law of the bush era limits the liability in this case. But even worse, guess who's producing the poison applyed against the oil ? Guess ? It's BP; so they earn money with the catastrophe. That's so ridiculous, we really need to have a government, which has the guts to establish real laws for nature, even if this would be uncomfortable for economy.
And neither Obama with his democrats nor the conservative party is of this kind of political movement we strongly need.

Posted by college boy June 4, 10 08:03 AM

Really Sad, these helpless ones suffering.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 08:04 AM

What a shame. I just want to pick up all these little guy and just clean them off. It makes me want to cry, how horrifying.

Posted by KT June 4, 10 08:06 AM

I thought they have people there helping the wildlife? What is going on???

I emailed a few places and told them to contact me if they needed help but was told BP has contracted enough people to handle it. ????


BP is evil, that is all I can say!

Posted by Brenda Robinson June 4, 10 08:11 AM

Really Sad, these helpless ones suffering. Government should their priroties right. Do they Care or Pretending? It's all about money to most.

Posted by Jaya Nair June 4, 10 08:11 AM

I'm in tears.

Posted by rick jansen June 4, 10 08:12 AM

Is there a particular reason why they are photographing these poor birds and not making an attempt to save them? I would prefer looking at pictures of them being helped rather than struggling. They could have gotten the message across just as well and at least I could think these dear creatures had some possibility of survival.

Posted by Macky Miller June 4, 10 08:13 AM

Have a look at this. There is hope. But don't give that energy to governments or oil companies. Cliche and cheesy as it sounds, that power is ours. Time we reclaimed it.

Posted by Amit June 4, 10 08:15 AM

The answer is bikes, walking and having electric cars. Of course our Government doesn't want that to happen and it all boils down to money. Greedy greedy greedy. Greed is ruining our world. It's the same as us wanting the fair tax law being passed because taxes are stressing out americans and we are being double, tripple, quadruple taxes (which is AGAINST OUR OWN CONSTITUTION...seriousely, go and read it, you'll see) But our Government doesn't want to help us and make things easier for us because they are all GREEDY, wrapped up in taking our money and they know people like cpa's and accountants and irs workers will be out of jobs if fairtax passes. When our Government stops looking out for it's people...?....that's when they need to be overthrown. And we are allowed to. If a huge percent of americans stormed the white house in would happen. We just all need to stop being scared of what they might do. This whole BP thing makes me sick to my stomach. I keep thinking about all the animals and sea life that is either contaminated or dead...and all the people and businesses that are out of work because of this crap. The people need to rise up and revolt against this! Thanks to the photographer who captured's terrible but the truth hurts and we need to get angry. That's the only way things may change. God have mercy on all of us.

Posted by Lynn June 4, 10 08:20 AM

Where is the $9,000,000 a day that BP is paying going? Certainly NOT to the folks who are out of a job forever due to BP's negligence! My nephew is in Orange Beach, Al. helping with the clean-up. Why is BP hiring boats from Mass. and not the local boats that NEED work? All this BS is just what we're used to, been hearing it for so long. KUDOOs to those who fought so hard against drilling in our Gulf! Sorry you didn't succeed. Maybe now our STUPID govt will listen to you! I pray they will!

Posted by hotgranni99 June 4, 10 08:22 AM

The argument that we are all to blame is not ridiculous, because we are formal party to the problem. We buy our gas and in doing so, we join in a relation with the gas/oil companies that provide it. We drive the demand that drives their business, which includes drilling anywhere there's oil. That we had no say in the methods or manner in which they drilled (cost cutting, short-cutting) does not matter; we like our gas prices lower than the Europeans and Big Oil likes their profits.

Look What We've Done.

Posted by Lanny June 4, 10 08:31 AM

every single one of us IS to blame for this - we all have had this ravenous selfish gluttony over this dirty filthy fossil fuel rather than collectively seek and implement clean renewable energy solutions. how many of us are living off the grid yet? how many are running on solar energy? how many of us recycle everything we use or throw AWAY? how many have electric or biodiesel cars? we've become so passive collectively to this point - will we CARE enough to say to hell with the government and big corporations and make these changes ourselves? or are we gonna wait on the current president who promised us CHANGE in his campaign slogan but it's all business as usual - no matter WHO's in office? need to change that slogan to OIL CHANGE - and do it now! we all must demand that we become energy INDEPENDENT and no more dirty fossil fuels for our autos, industries and homes. we COULD be leaders in this - but we're too busy being entertained by REALITY tv while our governments are working on the next big war..

Posted by TheyDontReallyCareAboutUs June 4, 10 08:35 AM

Iam afraid it will hit the entire coast till up north europe .The atlantic full of oil
no more sea life no more holidays on the beaches!!

Posted by sabina June 4, 10 08:37 AM

Iam afraid it will hit the entire coast till up north europe .The atlantic full of oil
no more sea life no more holidays on the beaches!!

Posted by sabina June 4, 10 08:39 AM

Tony Hayward and the rest of the top brass at BP should be hung for this crime against the earth! BOYCOT BP!

Posted by Vernon Wolf June 4, 10 08:40 AM

To hell with space travel and exploration. Let's spend our $$$ on fixing our planet before it's too late.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb

Posted by DCote June 4, 10 08:41 AM

I am not an american citizen but Iam afraid it will hit the seashore of europe!!°!

Posted by sabina June 4, 10 08:42 AM

My heart is completely broken. I can't stop crying.

Posted by Lynn D. June 4, 10 08:42 AM

Stop saying dumb stuff like 'if you drive a car you are part of the cause of this'. You are part of the problem, for being ignorant.

The people wanted electric cars. Know what happened in the 90's with that GM electric car? It was stifled by the oil companies.

Anytime something new springs up that could be of considerable competition to the archaic gas engine, it gets bought up and hidden from public.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 08:42 AM

STOP ignoring the calls for tough climate change regulations. So many of the US citizens object for any climate hdcnage related regulations and then when it comes to this disaster you pretend to be shocked!. SHAME ON US ALL! We people are to be blamed FOR THE UNCOTROLLED CONSUMPTION of materials that cannot be sustainably replenished.
How many of you cheered to SARAH PALIN WHO SAID DRILL BABY DRILL! The Damn terrorists in Iran, Turkey, Syria etal are all laughing at our stupidity and yes, our dollars that pay for OUR ever growing oil consumption.

Posted by Climate Change is reality June 4, 10 08:44 AM

We can't live off fossil fuel and expect things like this not to happen. BP just happened to draw the short straw.

Posted by Brian June 4, 10 08:44 AM

This is the most awful thing I think I have ever seen, WHY are they not helping theses animals. It makes me so mad to see this that I can not watch it anymore. someone try to explain to me why this has not been stopped yet, why could they not implode the thing like the first week the hell with BP and the money the would loose. Damage that is done can never be fixed??? :-(

Posted by D. Childress June 4, 10 08:45 AM

To blame Obama for the oil mess is ludicrous. Big oil is Bush/Cheney and there is no way around that fact. The loose/non regulation of the oil companies was formed under Bush/Cheney and they are as much to blame for this mess as BP.

Posted by Diane June 4, 10 08:46 AM

I can't believe it's been so long, BP was patting themselves on the back with this latest attempt because they had BOTH a roughcut cap and a smooth cut cap at the ready... they should have 5 plans for every thing they try. Now they find oil leaking out of the jagged edge because the cap doesn't fit smoothly... have you heard of rubber? a bushing? washers?

Kevin Costner's oil machine is proven! BP needs to start paying him for these machines to do the cleanup.

Posted by J Wilcox June 4, 10 08:47 AM

Peak oil means drilling in more dangerous areas. Get used to it. We need oil because it drives the American democracy-spreading machine, aka the military. And we need a standing army that will obey every unconstitutional and immoral edict of our beloved dictator-in-chief to protect ze homeland.

Posted by conscious american June 4, 10 08:47 AM

If you visualize the remaining oil reserves as a reverse pyramid,you see how a finite supply reduces in size. As we approach the pointy end in this visualization, extracting the oil becomes an increasingly more expensive and dangerous operation. We are going into deeper and deeper waters offshore and further into the frozen arctic for a decreasing return. The ecology and our dignity suffers. Read this latest accident in the Gulf as a signpost, signaling the need for an all out push on our part to develope alternative fuels.

Posted by Tim Dewane June 4, 10 08:48 AM

Can we please start investing heavily in renewable resources now?

Posted by Adam Lee June 4, 10 08:49 AM

This is so sad and unfortunately it is going to get much worse. Humans are very greedy. I hope we can learn from this huge mistake and make the world a cleaner place. Let's hope this opportunity to learn and change is not soon forgotten.

Posted by Marie June 4, 10 08:50 AM

those birds are emblematic of the entire earth when you think about it. the whole damned planet is wriggling in the muck and mire. this brought tears to my eyes. very upsetting, indeed. BP needs to be brought to their knees!

Posted by Hix June 4, 10 08:52 AM

Oil companies do what they do because there is a demand for their product. If you drive a car you are ultimately just as culpable for this mess as anyone

Posted by superduperfly June 4, 10 08:52 AM

Por favor!!! detengan esto ya!!!!!!!!! Las autoridades deberian de hacer mas esfuerzos...

La naturaleza esta pagando el error humano!! no puede ser, hay que solucionar esto de inmediato!

Posted by Joana June 4, 10 08:53 AM

the only thing we are to blame is our stupidity... we have to wake up and see the big picture...otherwise we remain under their control and live "happily ever after" in a rotten world, good comments 1102, 1109

Posted by ana June 4, 10 08:58 AM

Save the animals, fight and blame later. The earth needs us NOW!

Posted by adewbre June 4, 10 09:01 AM

STOP blaming Obama. Jesus people. What is he going to do? His only option is to outsource the repair work to ... wait for it ... a big oil company because they are the only ones with the resources to even attempt at such a problem. Are you expecting Obama to get into a wetsuit and dive down there and tie a knot in the pipe? Get real ... its sad but our only option is to wait for BP to fix it. If you're mad at BP, stop buying BP. That's all you can do. Accept it. Deal with it.

Posted by Jay June 4, 10 09:04 AM

BP could have permanently plugged this during the 1st 2 weeks but they want the oil so they are trying to contain it then sell it.
The reservoir of the abiogenic oil in the Gulf is reported to dwarf all supplies from the middle east and will supply the US economy for at least another 100 years.
Fact is, they should have drilled and detonated a small nuclear charge deep enough not to contaminate upper strata with radiation and not to low to contaminate the resevoir - crumbled and fused the upper strata and then drilled elsewhere.
It must be cheaper for them to litigate with the US gov against compensation and then pay out rather than to drill again! makes no sense!
I personally would have plugged the hole with the BP execs.

Posted by Johns June 4, 10 09:05 AM

this reminds me of an irish poem (an faoileann by Micheal Davitt, its in irish) i am doing for my exams and in it the poet calls the oil the urine of the rich because it killed a seagull. He got it so right.

Posted by irish boy June 4, 10 09:06 AM

Here's what I find funny, every single one of you are on here bitching about the problems that are occuring ... but what are you doing about it? Quite bitching about our economy and how the government is to blame for this devasation and get off your ass and do something about it.

Posted by Kati June 4, 10 09:06 AM

If BP hadn't spilled the oil in the gulf, we'd have spewed it into the atmosphere. We all need to take responsibility for this, and change our actions. We can't be talking environment while living as though the planet can absorb all our waste.

Posted by Michael June 4, 10 09:07 AM


Posted by rudolf June 4, 10 09:07 AM

yes we are consumers of vast amounts of oil, but it is too simple to blame it on people and their automobiles. Corporate interests have also contributed to our dependence on oil, over more favorable alternatives.

Please read this article and it can shed some light on some of the historical factors relative to the automobile and oil companies:

Posted by John Brown June 4, 10 09:09 AM

When the Exxon Valdez spilled off the coast of Alaska everything in this country's power was done to save the wildlife there. Why isn't it being done again? This is absolutely unacceptable. There is no reason for us not to be helping these poor birds. They didn't do this and now they have to suffer the consequences? It's just not right. Please someone help them!!!!!!

Posted by Kate June 4, 10 09:11 AM

It was an accident. By definition it was preventable and BP should be held accountable. Obama has handled this poorly as well. But do lose sight of the fact that these rigs are having to drill in such deep areas of the oceans because these very same enviromentalists have pushed them that far out. The same enviromentalists have opposed the building of barrier islands to stop oil ingress, which Louisiana was ready to do weeks after the spill, because they needed an enviromental impact study. They are getting in their own way.

The gulf will recover. The Ixtoc oil spill from 1979 is proof of that.

#1126 has it right. Concentrate on the task at hand and you can punish BP for the next decade if you want.

Posted by Scott Childers June 4, 10 09:11 AM

I am disgusted and heart broken. Horrific. no words.

Posted by Sallie June 4, 10 09:12 AM

Never EVER give BP a cent of my $$ ever again

Posted by w June 4, 10 09:13 AM

One would think if people in this world really cared about our environment and wildlife, all of the oil companies would get together and help fix this well. Why is it always about the money and greed. All of the oil companies should be teaming up to get the job done. STOP THIS DISASTER NOW!

Posted by Bobbi Glenn June 4, 10 09:16 AM

none of the worlds problems were ever solved sitting at your computer and complaining about it.

Posted by Ben June 4, 10 09:16 AM

This is just so wrong and sad where is GREENPEACE??? We need you GREENPEACE!

Posted by Jenn June 4, 10 09:18 AM

Wake up America! We need to get off oil for our transportation needs and the sooner the better. We have enough energy from the sun to power our world. We just get need to get moving in the solar direction for electricity, heating buildings and water, cooking etc.

Posted by Terri T. June 4, 10 09:18 AM

My heart aches for ALL affected by this horrific and tragic event. I will NEVER support BP. I pray for Mother Earth to forgive us for what has been done to her.

Posted by Kelley 444 June 4, 10 09:22 AM

My heart is crying about this!
This innocent animals, this innocent nature is helpless and have to suffer in pain we just cant imagine!!!!
My heart goes out to all suffering and dying animals, plants and every life in the ocean!
Our politicians should be in mental hospitals to get clear and we as society should help whereever and however we can!
And we should boycott BP forever , because they started the biggest polution ever ....

Posted by Daniela Krampe June 4, 10 09:23 AM
Posted by trick June 4, 10 09:25 AM

We fail at life

Posted by Lilyana June 4, 10 09:26 AM

This oil spill is nothing else but internal bleeding of our planet caused by greedy bussinesmen... we are killing our planet...!!! is it too late to try to solve the problem??? would you give up your comfortable lifestyle?.... and if you you think you will be able to survive????

Those are the questions we must ask ourselves....!

Posted by Alex J Diaz-Rivera June 4, 10 09:27 AM

Uncontrolled greed is to blame for this spill; not the need for oil and gas!
Uncontrolled greed is to blame for outrageous health care costs, not the need for treatment and medication!
Uncontrolled greed is to blame for 100s of millions on lost jobs and life savings, not the need to work - or a place to put your money other than under your mattress!
Uncontrolled greed is to blame for a government that can't solve the slightest
of problems, let alone major ones like these.

Posted by Mike June 4, 10 09:28 AM

For years, I was a rescue volunteer for a wildbird rehab facility. I know from
dealing with these feathered creatures, that they feel pain and suffer
terribly because of our greed and stupidity. My heart breaks when I see
these wonderful birds in trouble like this. Thousands will die. So sad.

Posted by Charlann June 4, 10 09:28 AM

Many many heart warming comments here from people who can see further than their comforts.

Unfortunately many will not care until a disaster hits their front door. Even then I don't foresee us changing our stripes. Of course a miracle could occur, which, I very much doubt.

Just do your best, those of you who do wish to do something about it...

Posted by Sam F. June 4, 10 09:29 AM

this is man made disaster......

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 09:32 AM

This is an environmental catastrophe for sure...

but pictures of a few oily birds and everyone is disgusted, heartbroken and up in arms ~ yet millions of PEOPLE starve in Africa every day and most everyone hardly looks twice or even cares. And millions of little PEOPLE are killed in America every year (Abortion) and most don't even think twice.

Once again the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Well there's your grease people. America is a moral wasteland, fitting it is becoming an environmental one too.

Posted by saysaysay June 4, 10 09:34 AM
Posted by Ramona Flores June 4, 10 09:34 AM

I love how the Europeans posting on this site are doing absolutely nothing but pointing, laughing and blaming.

Because yeah, that really helps a lot.

I thought you people were supposed to be classy, smart and compassionate (moreso than us, you claim at least). You're displaying none of those traits. Meanwhile all we can do is watch horrified and angry as a BRITISH oil company fouls up our ocean because they didn't care enough to prevent it.
You use oil too--oil from this company, as well--so you should be just as ashamed as we are, and should be.

Posted by Nonny June 4, 10 09:35 AM

It's a shame what GREED does to this world. As usual, the helpless suffer while politics churn and stall a fix to the problem!!! Bummer on BP losing billions of dollars when they've killed so much already and for years to come. Disgusting.

Posted by Michelle Olson June 4, 10 09:36 AM

Where are all the people that helped clean up the birds during the last oil spill in Alaska. It seems to me that this administration has dropped the ball in this situation and could have called for volunteers to help save the wildlife. It seems to a lot of people that the WH doesn't care and is using this "crisis" to further their agenda. warming, climate change and what ever else you want to call it is crap....junk science.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 09:38 AM

The Obama Administration should give the unemployed people of Florida a God Damn Job cleaning up this mess instead of dragging their ass and not implementing adequate response to the clean-up efforts of oil washing in and destroying Beaches, ecosystems, and wildlife. Instead of seeing pictures like this, we should be seeing pictures of people cleaning it up. They should take the incompetent CEO's of BP and hang them by their balls!

Posted by Jeff H June 4, 10 09:38 AM

All these comments complaining and bitching about whatever company, or government, WHY DON'T YOU stop blogging your smooth finger and go down there to help clean the animals?!
Yeah I think it's bad, but I don't bitch about it! If you're so passionate, take some days off work and go down there! People need to start taking action rather than blogging on a website where no real authority is really reading and nothing will be done.

A bunch or comments also saying why dont we invest in alternative fuels. Several companies and government already do that!! It's just not as publicized as a man made disaster like this one.
I do agree however that SOME spend should be re-routed to better ends, but it's a slow process.

Posted by brian June 4, 10 09:45 AM

you are all full of BS this is not all of our fault it is BP's fault. we did not ignore the faulty BOP nor did we over look the downhole pressure and start pumping out the mud that was holding the gasses down BP did..
and as for not using oil products thats just stupid, that computer you wrote your post on is made of petroleum and so is the cell phone that you have stuck to your head 95% of your life.
everything in your life is made possible from petroleum so get off that wagon.

the issue is that the Feds and BP are sitting around with their heads up their asses and not do what needs to be done and that would be implode fcking well.

Posted by Live from Louisiana June 4, 10 09:46 AM

so sad to see what we do to our nature!

Posted by sebastian weidenbach June 4, 10 09:47 AM

I like the Canadian policy regarding these risky wells. They require a simultaneous relief well to be drilled alongside the exploratory well. But since safer drilling reduces the profit margin, I expect that such regulation could never be enacted in the US. Basically, we have a legislature in which a single corporate-lackey Senator like Murkowski or Inhofe can completely block any sort of corporate regulation or accountability.

Posted by Jonathan U June 4, 10 09:47 AM


Posted by Jon Thorsten June 4, 10 09:49 AM

It's incredibly saddening to see these images. It's also saddening to know that we all caused this. Perhaps I can best express my feelings with the following quote: "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world" -John Muir

Yes-we are directly connected to the natural world. The harm and destruction we cause to nature directly effects us. Until we truly realize this, these things will continue to happen.

Posted by Toby June 4, 10 09:49 AM

I need to see these photos because they open my heart and make me want to stop carelessly using my car. This isn't a one-off thing. Oil hurts the environment terribly all around the world. I walked on beaches in India where oil slicks and crude were commonplace because spills happened all the time off shore. The BP spill has given me the shake I needed to feel the hidden guilt I have been trying to repress about driving my car. Now I need to take steps to stop. Thank you to all the photographers out there.

Posted by Theresa June 4, 10 09:50 AM

This is one of the worst things I have ever had to see!! Complete BS!!!!!!

Posted by scotty June 4, 10 09:51 AM

Hey # 1135! You seem to be jealous. Before you start commenting on the US, look at where you came from first. Is it any better? Does it respect the rights of people? Do they treat you respectfully and equally? Can you make your dreams come true there? Can you say that by working harder you can reach your goals there? I can say that because I am an immigrant myself. It is still the best immigration destination that's why 2 years ago there were approx. 39 million immigrants. The US is still and will keep on attracting talents from all over the world even from your country-doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists. They simply have the best that's why people are living longer and better lives here. From here I could help the country I came from through my time, talent and finances.

You have a personal computer and have the internet because some American genius and lots of immigrants used their brains to make life better for you. It's time for you to look at yourself and see what you and your country can contribute to make this world a better world.

Posted by An Immigrant June 4, 10 09:52 AM

In the famous words of Red Adair, "One word, Dynamite".

Posted by Wave Ripper June 4, 10 09:53 AM

its cool how we can take pictures of these animals but not make an effort to help.

Posted by crossjas June 4, 10 09:56 AM

shame... shame.... shame... my heart goes to the poor animals and sealife!

Posted by Roshitha June 4, 10 09:56 AM

It Seems Very Bad :(

Posted by vahid saberi June 4, 10 09:58 AM

I think it is pathetic how all of you can be moved by the suffering of some birds, while the United States has multiple active wars in progress. Wars that hurt humans.

If you will sit back and let war be waged around the world, why is this really so hard to witness? We eat birds every day.

If you don't care about humanity, quit fooling yourself, you don't care about this either.


Posted by anonymous June 4, 10 09:58 AM

Crying for our wildlife, our fisherman and their families, those who were killed by this explosion, the earth, our nation, and the world will never be the same again. Welcome to the end times.
And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. Revelations 16:3

Posted by Me June 4, 10 09:58 AM

This entire sad, sad episode illustrates that
a) we should not trust commercial enterprise to put the interest of protecting the environment ahead of their quest for revenue generation
b) we should re-think the viability of off-shore deep sea drilling. Is the risk worth it?

If the alleged negligence of BP prior to the disaster is proven, I sincerely hope that the US government sues BP right out of financial existence. Executives that are found negligent should be sent to jail. Of course, BP will get their wrists slapped, but it is not enough. This fiasco has turned into just another public relations exercise for both BP and the US government.

People do not realize that this disaster will persist for years to come. It cannot ever be fully cleaned up.

Posted by doctari June 4, 10 09:59 AM

OMG!!! Stupid, greedy, self centered humans...especially those from the US are going to speed our world into destruction!! Get a grip people!! We are ALL responsible to make sure these people that do this kind of thing pay for ruining the world we live in!!

Posted by Lisa E June 4, 10 10:00 AM

something this bad has to be a punishable crime

Posted by Mattie June 4, 10 10:00 AM

Where are the pictures of BP hired workers trying to save these seabirds? Have they even done this? Doesn't that go hand in hand with cleaning the beaches? There is no excuse for these birds to be left to suffocate in this horrendous mess. They are sitting there waiting to be rescued!

Posted by mad mama June 4, 10 10:00 AM

no words. the british must pay for this. colonialist pigs. everything they touch dies or gets murdered. Just look at their history!! All their women leaders from Elizabeth to Thatcher are bloody murderers.

Posted by Joel June 4, 10 10:03 AM

Where are the drill baby drill pushers now? The small government tea partiers? Deregulators? Hmmmmmmm......... And to all the righties who maintain that we all drive cars and use plastics which makes us ALL at fault, that's besides the point. There is a difference between responsible use of these resources vs. idiot consumption. You maintain we are "free" to be idiot consumers no matter what the cost. Guess what - these pictures are the cost. We don't have to drive huge idiot SUVs, nor do we have to design our idiot consumer economy around the continuous purchasing and throwing away of plastic junk. If there is any silver lining in this disaster, hopefully it is the demonstration of the unsustainability of our idiot consumer/throwaway economy designed to max the financial benefit of a relative few.

Posted by Chip June 4, 10 10:03 AM

doesn't make any sense. terrible.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 10:05 AM

These photos are one result of BP's limitless pursuit of profits and the Federal government's abrogation of its regulatory powers. I would not be surprised were this to have happened during the Bush administration. I am disgusted, after the scandals in the Minerals Management Service before and since the 2008 election, that the incoming Obama administration did nothing, as far as I'm aware, to improve regulation of the oil industry.

Do you remember those scandals? MMS employees were provided sex by the oil companies; provided cocaine by the oil companies. This came out in fall 2008. More recently pornography was being downloaded onto MMS employee computers. And these are the people that the Obama administration, and the Bush administration before it, employed to regulate the oil industry.

It gets worse but you'll have to look elsewhere for the details of MMS malfeasance.

Posted by Larrykoen June 4, 10 10:05 AM

What else can you say but, "W.....T.....F", WAKE UP WORLD!!!!!!

Posted by Michelle June 4, 10 10:06 AM

Damn this is terrible. I won't take part in the blame game, but this is just despicable. It's not just Louisiana, it's happening to the nature and it's non-human beings all over the world. One day, some day, we'll have to pay for this.

Posted by Ankush, India June 4, 10 10:06 AM

A little perspective: at perhaps 20-50M gal, the Deepwater Horizon spill pales in comparison to the volume dumped by Saddam Hussein at the end of the 1st Gulf War in 1991 (400M gal) or the Ixtoc 1 spill in 1979 (150 M gal).

Posted by jake June 4, 10 10:07 AM

I am appalled at what is happening to these animals. BP MUST put their people out there on the beaches to rescue these helpless, innocent creatures. They cannot allow this to continue. Obama needs to order BP to take care of the marine life they are destroying - at their expense.

Posted by Jan June 4, 10 10:08 AM

I'm wondering if anyone who was brought to tears by these photos have stopped driving their cars. BP isn't the only one with blood on their hands.

Look down.

Posted by Plan 9 June 4, 10 10:10 AM

This is how its going to be untill the lawyers and shrinks get off their asses and arrest a small handfull of craziies Now Obamas pushing for nuclear energy " whoops sorry nuclear accident", "whoops sorry we were just servicing HAARP and accidently pressed the earthquake button " whoops sorry...... No problem we'll pay all legitimate costs, cos money fixes everything.

Posted by audit the Fed June 4, 10 10:11 AM

Good god. Reading through these comments makes me damn glad a lot of you people are not working on the solutions you demand. Some of you are barely literate and others string together disconnected and incoherent thoughts that baffle the mind and still others just rant and blame.
Tragedy. Yes, this is a tragedy of epic proportions. There is no arguing that point. But blaming "you people" because gluttonous oil consumption is ignorant. How many of your posters shop at Wal-mart.? Do you have any idea of the impact those cost-savings have on the environment? Doubtful many do.
You can't have a benefit without the associated risks. BP is solely to blame for this. Not necessarily for the accident but for not having viable remedies for accidents.

Posted by arm66 June 4, 10 10:12 AM

If there is no way to drill for oil safely, then don't drill! I ASS-UMED this was the case. BP told MMS (now we learn they are oil people) it was safe and they had emergency plans for accidents ... and MMS believed them?! It's criminal ...

Posted by deedee June 4, 10 10:12 AM

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that about 5 ft below the spot they cut the pipe is a flange? Unbolt the damn flange and install another BOP on top of it with the valve open. The valve being open will the oil to pass through and not build up pressure until the new BOP is sucured to the pipe. Then close the valve. Problem solved. What's the big deal. Stop with the creative solutions and fix the problem with a simple one.

Posted by Simple Man June 4, 10 10:12 AM

WTF!?!?? Makes me SICK!!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 10:13 AM

I could not see the full page of any photos. My heart broke from me and I became very sad. Instantly, I compelled to think that not only captured, Really, how much living creature have been sacrificed their life due to the human mistake ? I think, human not only have rights on the nature but all living creatures have equal rights on it and its justification should be from god.
Please all human, do not show your superiority on the living creature as well as on the nature. You are not the supreme. please, stop to kill others life. Just realize that one day, you have to die too.

Posted by HARIHAR SHARMA June 4, 10 10:13 AM

I LOL'd at:

1136" we are supposed to be the best country in the world"

Dude, THERE IS NO SUCH THING as "the best country in the world". Trust me, I've been around my share of countries around the globe - including the US (I've lived in Utah and in Florida).

The US may be the richest country but it's certainly not the BEST country in the world. I'm brazilian, so before you start bashing my country for its problems, I'm NOT saying Brazil is the best country to live in either.

It's an abstract concept. What's good for you may not be good for others. Some people live life to the fullest and happier than we ever will and they don't have all the technology or money that we have (YES, I do have access to the same technologies you have).

What is "the best country" for you? The one that explores the world and wants to boss everyone around the most? The one that, a few months ago was the LAST country in the western part of the world that DID NOT have a public health system? A country that has so many commodities and such a volatile economy that would have bankrupted HAD COUNTRIES LIKE CHINA AND EVEN BRAZIL not interveined and sent money - of course, only because the world needs you as part of the economy, NOT because we like you or anything. ; )

The way the US acts seem to work "ok" for its people - although living there I realized it's far from being "the dreamland" you guys like to think you are.

There is no such thing as the best country, mate. You're sounding just like Hitler there.

If there ever were such thing, or if there ever will exist such thing, certainly the US is NOT gonna be that country.

Posted by MysteryGuitarMan June 4, 10 10:14 AM

What well Obama doing????

Posted by Leandro June 4, 10 10:15 AM

Stop the Leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit!

Posted by Earthly Delight June 4, 10 10:15 AM

Next year, the drill-baby-drill crowd will be back! Sickening.

Posted by deedee June 4, 10 10:16 AM

beyond punishment.


Posted by dot tilde dot June 4, 10 10:16 AM

This is just heart-breaking. I don't see how anyone could look at pictures like this and say it is not a disaster.

Posted by angelita a. ritz June 4, 10 10:16 AM

This says it all. "The Story of Stuff" Watch it.

Posted by Chip June 4, 10 10:16 AM

I live in Louisiana and I know that the majority of the Government do not give a darn about us down here. Most of our state resources are made from the Gulf and the oil spill has destroyed out way of life. We are a state that relies on our seafood and many of the people who live in the most southern parts of Louisiana make their living by the water and they are out of work and they are suffering. Mississippi did post something on YouTube about how hay will soak up the oil and not harm the environment, check it out and form an opinion for yourselves. Look up

Posted by Keri June 4, 10 10:16 AM

I think the Government would help. Who has to ability to do this but the oil companies? The President is going to the area today. Until the well is shut off "some kind of way" we all need to do our part to help. Spread ways to help, not just scathing messages about anger. If we all put our heads together....pray....and do research maybe we can effect "something" before it impacts the entire country. I think information to let the rest of the country know how this disaster will impact them ECONOMICALLY might be in order. Money always talks, and to get everyone in the country as concerned as we are might do something

Posted by Dee Cothern June 4, 10 10:18 AM

The most sadddest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our dammmmmm government is USELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....TO HELL WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tina June 4, 10 10:19 AM

These pictures literally made me want to vomit.

Posted by Lisa June 4, 10 10:20 AM

What a shame. Great pictures. Maybe they'll wake up a few people.

Posted by Alyssa June 4, 10 10:21 AM

What really can be said? There are no words to express the sorrow we collectively feel. Shame, baby, shame.

Posted by Judy McAlister June 4, 10 10:21 AM

BP you bastards.

Posted by Jacqueline Levine June 4, 10 10:22 AM

May God have mercy on us.

Posted by Henry June 4, 10 10:22 AM

Obama's a loser. Yeah, BP is to blame, etc., etc., but how does that help the wildlife, sealife and the people living in this region? Not one bit.
Get off your a** Obama and do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a global disaster. It will effect all of us.

Posted by Kathy June 4, 10 10:23 AM

If this was President Bush oh my gosh! Of course if would be his fault.
Not a word about this President, you liberals should be hanging off your seats and questioning why this president is off playing golf having celebrity dinners what the H....! He should be impeached because he doesn't know what the H...! he's doing--Corps of Enginneers should have been brought in, thousands of empty oil tankers but no, he's off on his premaddonna I love me, and you have to love me screw the world campain. This so called third rate leader has done nothing right since being in office, all he and his criminal cronies have done is put the world in a mess with their own decades old prove n failed doctrine.

Posted by Mr The Change June 4, 10 10:25 AM

hope n change baby

Posted by god June 4, 10 10:28 AM

This is more proof that corporations are NOT people. They are required by law to consider profit above all else. Therefore, governments must regulate them.
Many many examples of corporate destruction exist. Everybody look around you! This is not free enterprise. It is a world driven by greed, by design. This oil slick can erase the red state vs blue state fake divisions. Put people back in charge.

Posted by Fran Ross June 4, 10 10:29 AM

to 1156 and 1218, Humans caused this "accident" to happen. This is why people feel shame and sadness for the animals, because of human's stupidity. The world is over populated, that's the number one reason there is so much famine, war, and environmental murder. People like you who put human's above all other living things are part of the problem. Every living thing on Earth should be treated with equal respect and none favored over another. WE are the problem so WE need to fix ourselves first and foremost. BP screwed up, now everything gets to pay for it.

Posted by Sad and Angry June 4, 10 10:29 AM

if Walmart had to pay the state of California $27.6 million for their environmental infractions, I would hope Louisiana and all the surrounding states affected rally together. BP better be prepared to lose their asses.

Posted by julie June 4, 10 10:30 AM

Sad, Sad, sad, .....

Posted by Louis June 4, 10 10:31 AM

Its more then the heart can take....God help us

Posted by Becki Martinez June 4, 10 10:33 AM

When I wake in the morning and remember whats happeing in the Gulf, I feel nausiated. For the first time I started riding my bike to work and using my car only for importaint reasons, I believe and hope that more previously enviormentally uncaring people are waking up and start doing their own little bit for our planet. We need a fuel alternative NOW, not 5-10 years from now or us and our children are all dead.

Posted by Johnson June 4, 10 10:34 AM

Truly heartbreaking -and very angering- pics!!!!

Posted by David Villagómez June 4, 10 10:37 AM

Thats sad, so sad.

Posted by Ashley June 4, 10 10:37 AM

To those of you in other countries pointing the finger and making snarky comments about this disaster; I'm sure you'll also be the first to ask for America's help the next time some horrible tragedy befalls your country. Shame on you for using this opportunity to get on your soapbox and make claims against America.

To those of you who still want to blame President Bush for every problem in America - stop the madness. He can't be the fall guy for everything, and neither can Obama. We need to pray for guidance, support and a quick resolution to this issue.

Posted by MsMichNich June 4, 10 10:38 AM

You know that BP is controlling the news when the worse environmental disaster the world has seen is not getting the coverage it deserves. Yes, most sites like this talk about it, and we talk about it, but the coverage should be much bigger, broader, and unrelenting. C'mon, when pop stars pass away they get so much noise it seems like the world is going to stop. Well this disaster is certainly going to ruin the world that we live in, is there anything bigger?! Right now, wildlife is dying because of this mess, how much longer before it takes human life.

Posted by Rob June 4, 10 10:42 AM

Are there any organizations paying for volunteers to go down and help? If anyone knows please post the info! I live in Kentucky, far away from the reality of this situation, but I want to help!

Posted by Erika June 4, 10 10:42 AM

The fact remains that hardly anyone here has a clue on reality. The executive branch of government is not responsible for this disaster, or any other catastrophe. Their job is to protect the Constitution and our civil rights, not play babysitter to big corporations or take care of you until you are so old you can't wipe your own arse. Bush and Cheney are tools for sure. But this is not their fault. These men from BP knew what they were doing was wrong/illegal and did it anyway. Regulations or not, they ignored them. So to say we need MORE regulation is like throwing gas on the fire. If they enforced the regulations in place this would not happen, ever! The world saviour Barry Seotoro received more funding from BP than any president in history, including the "drill here, drill now" republican, McCain. So you idiots arguing party politics need to get educated to reality. They all play for the same team. Bipartisan politics is just a puppet show to fool the masses into thinking they are opposed. It makes you pick sides, when both parties are only looking for a way to stay in office and collect their salary.

This is a result of greed, any way you slice it. Hold BP responsible because they have admitted fault and deserve to be held to the full extent of the law for violating the regulations and laws.

Posted by Doc June 4, 10 10:44 AM

OMG, I'm sure reality is even worse...

This whole oil-tragedy is a social matter. Plugging the hole is totally BP's duty and paying for the damage they caused, too.

However, BP is just a temporary name for the bad-guys in this business. Take Exxon, Shell and whatnot.. bad-ass companies, too - just lucky it wasn't their well this time. Their profits should be entirely taken for research and development of renewable energy sources instead of making rich people more rich. If that's guaranteed I won't complain paying a much higher price for fuel.

Posted by Michael June 4, 10 10:45 AM

Screw the gov't! Let the media do what they are supposed to and report the TRUTH. Show us how it really is so we can be PISSED enought to do something. My question is why aren't there people doing the wildlife assistance down there. They seem to be at every other oil spill. THey always have plenty of workers cleaning and saving the animals... Are we not seeing them? Are there too many animals dying and/or dead? Also why don't the states say to hell with BP to hell with the GOVT and just get these people in there with cleanup solutions to start cleaning up the areas? After all it is their costlines being damaged; their economy being decimated; their people being devastated. They should take the matter into their own hands and take over and deal with it. Send the govt and bp a bill. Is that not what Obama is doing-nothing and sending BP the tab. They must act and act now. Inaction is deadly as is evidenced by what little we are allowed to be shown.

Posted by Apalled in KY June 4, 10 10:45 AM

Rescuing the individual birds is noble, but largely a waste of time. We must concentrate on protecting entire ecosystems. One hurricane could smear this oil across the Everglades. If the oil kills the cypress swamps, many areas will lose their protection from huricane winds. Many species of migratory birds will be wiped out if the beaches on the major flyways are oil-soaked. Entire economies in coastal communities will be destroyed by this. If you live anywhere along the Eastern Gulf and make your living off the ocean, start thinking NOW about how you're going to find a new career. Don't expect some financial handout from BP - take charge of your life and retrain. And the Gulf Oil Spill is NOT the biggest problem caused by petroleum products in our oceans. Recent studies show that plastic particles in the Pacific now out-weigh PLANKTON - there is more plastic than plankton in the surface water of the Pacific. People, wake up - 99% of the mass of the products you buy becomes garbage within 6 months. If we continue our oil-addicted, disposable product consuming lifestyles, we will kill the planet and ourselves. We need legislation that charges manufacturers and distributors (and consumers!) for the full lifecycle cost of every product. Your styrofoam cup for your coffee should cost more than the coffee.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not living a carbon-neutral life. I'm just as guilty as anyone. But this incident has prompted our family to make changes, and it should prompt everyone to be learn more about what humanity is doing to the environment.

Contrary to what some anti-global-warming people may say, the Earth's ecosystem that supports human life is NOT "too big to fail".

Posted by RickK June 4, 10 10:47 AM

The wealthy few own everything and everyone, but they won't clean up their own damn messes. I just wonder what's stopping BP from getting the problem resolved as soon as possible. I mean, they're not like a multi-billion dollar company or anything, right?

Our nation has devolved into a terrible pre-pubescent phase, it seems. I agree with #1243; we live in a throw-away economy, where the only true enemy to our national security is something that's environmentally friendly and/or reusable. It is at this point, PAINFULLY obvious.

I've been wondering if our nation is ever going to step back and see the big picture here, and it's tragic it takes an event of this magnitude in order for some people to realize not only how we're destroying ourselves and each other, but also everything around us.

No wonder it's easy for some people to despise this place. What's so great about the (former) greatest country in the world?

Posted by Osiris June 4, 10 10:48 AM

Hi, everyone who is making a comment, you're not making a difference.
Thanks for reading,
if you read this, you could have been helping.
Yes I wrote this, but its not on my priority.

Posted by Kjo L. H. June 4, 10 10:48 AM

I am both speechless and sad. I am sure I alone cannot fix that oil leak thing. Hope at least I could be there to save some birds, clean them and give them some relief.

Posted by Vaidy June 4, 10 10:49 AM

This isn't about dead birds or no more holidays at the beach. It is about inept and negligent managment of our natural world. I am an Obama-fan but have to ask - WHERE IS THE ACTION? His visits to the area are only a small step in the process that sound be happening here. WHERE ARE THE EXPERTS? WHY ARE WE LEAVING THIS TO BP TO FIX? Have they (or anyone else) proved worthy of our trust to be doing all the right things, or even to know what the right things might be (clearly they cannot cap the well) ?
We can spend billions fighting a war where the factors that brought us into it have never been as significant a threat as this "spill", but this gets left to the company that had the problem in the first place? Oh please!

Posted by kfh June 4, 10 10:50 AM

WRITE TO YOUR SENATORS AND THE PRESIDENT EVERY DAY UNTIL THIS IS PLUGGED!! And let's keep writing until we STOP using and importing oil, and find alternatives! Heck with the "slow transition" -- obviously a leak of this magnitude isn't a "slow process"!! Every day--let's inundate them with e-mails!

Posted by Lisa June 4, 10 10:51 AM

C'est juste lamentable. A pleurer. Mais que faire ?!! Punir BP à coups d'amendes ? Encore une fois ? La bêtise humaine est sans limite.

Posted by Prij June 4, 10 10:51 AM

BP equals poor management. The same probably goes for all the other big oil companies. BP has shown that they did not have a plan or plans to handle a "what if an off-shore rig exploded and sank into the gulf before the well could be capped" scenario....not one. Everything is theory and statistics. They should have had plans for a worst case scenario. Use some of those astronomical profits and do some real-time testing. A couple of hundred million upfront may have prevented the billion dollar price tag later not to mention the ecological tragedy currently unfolding.

Yes, we the people are to blame. It's the year 2010 and we still haven't developed an affordable electric car. Sh*t, we still haven't even developed a decent rechargeable battery for cars. Instead of spending billions securing oil in the middle east, we should have been spending billions developing this 20 years ago....but then the Halliburton's and Blackwater's of the world wouldn't have anything to do. We need to open our eyes!

Posted by Wayne June 4, 10 10:53 AM

How many times will we fail the Gulf Coast? It breaks my heart

Posted by sj June 4, 10 10:55 AM

These birds speak for themselves... WHY YOU HUMANS DO THIS TO US, WHY! SHAME ON YOU!
And all because of the oil for our computers, cars, iphones, electricity, etc.

Posted by Bryan Solano June 4, 10 10:56 AM

Before it gets any further-why can't we just burn off the oil fro the surface?
Would it not be better than having it all soaked up to land. Granted we may loose wildlife or fish but it might save us where we are.
Why hasn't NASA contacted anyone about things they have discovered to collect with in space?

Posted by Deb June 4, 10 10:59 AM

The oil industry has measures to reduce the amount of damage that is done during a spill, which apparently BP are not following properly. It seems like this is not only a case of BP being unable to address the problem but also that they are guilty of incompetence / negligence:
According to this article, if preventative oil booms were properly installed, the damage would be less severe.

Posted by tracy June 4, 10 10:59 AM

Don't worry right wingers, it is entirely possible to hold blame BP AND work to solve this disaster. We're humans, we can do both because we've got these complex brains and all.
Of course I'm sure BP didn't actually WANT to completely destroy the Gulf of Mexico, but it's pretty damn obvious that they don't want to be held responsible and will do everything in their power to avoid being held accountable. I'm surprised these pictures came out, because they are clamping down on where the press and public can go and what can be reported. They are keeping planes from flying over the worst areas. They are keeping the shrimpers who are trying to protect their livelyhoods from wearing respirators(because that looks bad), they are forcing them to sign confidentiality agreements if they want to get paid for their work, and they are paying them a pittance. Trust me, if you're breathing benzine fumes all day and get sick, it is NOT food poisoning.
I hear a lot of whining about our "addiction to oil" and "car culture" from people who don't seem to realize that all the plastics we use today are OIL PRODUCTS as well. So ride your bike and be as smug as you want about minimizing your carbon footprint, but until you give up your addiction to plastic as well, your smug opinion holds no weight.

Posted by Feh June 4, 10 11:00 AM

Seeing stuff like this angers me. It's taking more than a month to contain this oil. These people should be working harder to make this stop. I think it is about time to find some other source of energy besides oil or drill from land. There are plenty of things that we can use. Cleaning water is not an easy task and I don't think it can fully be cleaned unless they have a filtering system, which I do not think they could get one big enough. What is going to happen once all these animals are gone?

Posted by Denise June 4, 10 11:00 AM

You think the CO2 levels is killing our atmoshphere .. Just set and watch people . The oil is killing off so much stuff and one of the most important is an organism that eat and lives off of the methane that is produced by the ocean!!! What is methane you say??? Methane is over 1000x more danegerous than our precious co2 gasses and will only destroy the ozone even that much quicker.. Hope some ones trying to figure out how to contains it as well as the oil.... Here's what I would do . Set in chair, bend toward knees, spread legs and kiss out arses good by.... It's only in our fate for every species to extinct it's self... We don't need to spped up the process.

Posted by Andy June 4, 10 11:00 AM

These pictures tell a disturbing story of mans greed. I am very disturbed by these pictures.I hope we can recover from this disaster. I feel so sorry for the wildlife, who it seems, always get caught in the crossfire.

Posted by Theresa Nagy June 4, 10 11:01 AM

This is truly a great trajedy.... people need to understand that the animal life is part of this great earth's eco-system. We need to do our part in our communities.....

Posted by joe nunez June 4, 10 11:02 AM

Biodiesel, foo.

Posted by Mike June 4, 10 11:04 AM

We need to stop all offshore drilling. At this very moment oil and gas companies are pushing to start drilling of the coast of Alaska and the Atlantic coastline. These companies should be putting all their energy into the production of clean renewable resources and stop drilling for fossil fuels. There are numerous technologies that exist today that they could promote and profit from and leave fossil fuels in our past where they belong. The disaster in the Gulf is far worse that we can honestly measure. God help us.

Posted by Jane June 4, 10 11:04 AM

these pictures were totally predictable after the spill was coined as the "largest" ever. this is just another way the planet is telling us fossil fuels KILL. But everyone is getting off looking cool in their cars and consuming petro to drive to buy slurpees down the street in their hummers 10 times a day just down the block.

everyone who drives a car is to blame!

and BP's evil ways are now being exposed.


Posted by cYaSK8 June 4, 10 11:05 AM

Hemp for fuel. Hemp = Ethanol. Pay folks to grow hemp to create income/jobs!!!

Posted by Harry Knutz June 4, 10 11:06 AM

i want a tribunal that only punishes "treason against terra" - we can try the BP-responsibles as traitors against our planet, for their oilspill endangers the future of our children and the health of the natural environment that we live in. We must make very harshly punished examples of them. Also, and more importantly actually, we need a radical shift in energy policy. We cannot stripmine the planet for fossil fuels anymore. The cost overweighs the benefits by an insane margin.

Posted by HereticPriest June 4, 10 11:08 AM

I am speechless! The birds are highly visible, What about every living thing in these infected areas. This is sad and disgusting. As being a human being , I am embarrassed that our kind can be so creative, but yet can’t plug a pipe!

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 11:08 AM

Sad! OMG! Shame! Por favor! Greepeace! HYPOCRITES! Read #1243 and wake up! "Greenpeace" and greening starts with each and every one of us! Quit buying and buying. China, which is the source of all cheap products, is one of the great polluters of these world. And they don't care as long as money comes in. Throw less trash. Use energy efficient lights and appliances. Reuse. I cannot believe the bags and bags of trash that people throw out every 2-3 days. Walk instead of driving so we don't carry around "cottage cheese" butts. Let us make it a way of life to live "green". It's true that we are an idiot consumer/throwaway society! We cannot get rid of this overnight but we can start now. I have started living green years ago and am still striving in some other ways to harness solar and wind power. Besides if I don't it will hurt my pocket-plain common sense.

That goop on the bird is what is used to make the plastic of your shampoo container, plastic on your computer, car panels, knife handles, Teflon for your cookware, paint for your house, nylon for our underwear, contact lenses, etc. And yet we have the guts to cry out like Sad! OMG! Hypocrites!

Posted by An Immigrant June 4, 10 11:09 AM

If you own a car you are just as guilty!!!!!!!!!!!! To think that an accident is not going to happen when you use FUEL everytime you start your car is CRAZY!!!

Posted by catty June 4, 10 11:09 AM

If this was France people would be out on the streets raising hell. Here in the great old USA, we blog about it.

Posted by Rich June 4, 10 11:11 AM

Legislate a new responsibility model for shareholders in corporations and then fine and charge all BP shareholders for the cleanup in proportion to their stake in the company. This is what is needed to make corporations act responsibly. The current model allows for individual profit without individual responsibility and it is completely broken. (by design)

Posted by Taz June 4, 10 11:12 AM

this accident will be the tipping point that future generations will look back on when they talk about when America killed the planet.

it may take about 2 years for the oil to get into the underwater streams and make it way to the UK or even AU, but it'll happen and then everyone will hate those Americans for what they did to the planet.

Posted by Emily June 4, 10 11:13 AM

Someone HAS to pay for this. The fact that this travesty was avoidable infuriates me to no end, and these poor animals are suffering because one or two hotshots decided to cut corners. I hope the people of America understand how important it is to speak up about this, and use this tragedy to seriously begin the move to sustainable energy.

Posted by Asia June 4, 10 11:13 AM

This is BP's greed for the all mighty dollar. They didn't install the prevention valve correctly, nor did they wait for the seal to dry before starting production. Offshore, these men are under a whole lot of pressure to get the oil into production, and the executives don't want to hear any excuses as to why they should wait. If this well preventer would've been installed correctly, perhaps this wouldn't have happened. But, this does shed light on the short cuts that the oil giants are taking, and this is a very rude awakening as to how we drill in deep water. Wake up! Remember, Cheney DEREGULATED the oil industry. It's time to clean house with the government agency that's suppose to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Posted by William H. Parr June 4, 10 11:13 AM

All for money .. how can we allow the world to come to this? No backup plan? How the hell can oil be transported in the ocean - and there not be a backup plan? What is wrong with us - how can we consider ourselves the intelligent species and allow this to occur? For the sake of innocent beings - I hope the whole 2012 B.S. talk occurs.. we are far beyond any hope as human beings. We no longer deserve to live on this planet.

Posted by Jessica June 4, 10 11:14 AM

I have to agree with what everyone is saying here. This is catastrophic and this needs to get cleaned up ASAP! This is FUBAR. But that is how it goes with the greediness of mankind. They care more about making a buck than what happens to our world and the animals that live on this planet. Animals came along first and then man, he surely fraked things up big time!

Posted by Melissa Schmidt June 4, 10 11:15 AM

This is heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable. I live on the East Coast of Florida, and to think it may wash up here is devastating.

Posted by Jessica June 4, 10 11:15 AM

I love how all of you bleeding hearts are SOOO sad about the birds and angry at BP - yet an hour from now you'll get in your car (which uses gas and oil) and drive to the movies.... and you'll use your Ipod, with all of its chemical-based plastics inside.... You want to whnie about Mother Earth, but you sure don't want to give up that hairspray, do 'ya?

It's called an ACCIDENT, folks, and from where I'm sitting the greatest minds on the planet are stumped as to how to fix it.

As for all of the idiot comments about "GREED" - believe it or not, BP is not solely made up of 3 rich guys sitting around smoking cigars and trying to find a way to screw you over. 99% of the employees of BP are average working people like you and me - your friends, neighbors and relatives.

So many of you are using the logic of a child, or a liberal - same thing. Guess that's easier than thinking things through like the grown-ups.

Posted by The Decider June 4, 10 11:16 AM

When I’m in the marsh fishing, I’m always listening and looking for the marsh hens. They are very timid, but vocal and cute. Rarely do you get to actually see one. You just hear them. When they are harmed or threatened, they head towards the center of their marsh island and hide. I keep wondering about the marsh hens and if they know to avoid the oil. I think they have a very low IQ. I wonder if they move from marsh island to island or if they always stay near one nest?

There are so many birds and mammals living in the marsh that are very difficult to see when they are healthy, much less injured.

I’m very disturbed BP/USCG seem unwilling to try to protect Louisiana’s wetlands. -which is one third of all the wetlands in the US.

Posted by crescentCityRay June 4, 10 11:16 AM

Currently, you cannot see the oiled birds unless you are traveling by boat or foot. Walking the marsh with a camera, looking for wildlife, is not practical. By boat, you only see whatever is at the water’s edge of the marsh islands.

The only effective way to survey for damaged wildlife in the middle of marsh islands is by helicopter flying very slow under 150 feet, but BP/USCG/FAA has imposed a NO FLY ZONE below 3,000 feet and any air services that accepts work, even above 3,000 feet, from the press has been threatened not to do so.

I don’t understand why our wetlands are not being defended.

Posted by crescentCityRay June 4, 10 11:18 AM

Seems like BP officials on the platform ordered shortcuts be taken in drilling. If thats the case, then thats what caused the explosion and oil spill. Its not the drilling or oil at fault...its mans failure to follow safety procedure.

Posted by irby atkinson June 4, 10 11:19 AM

This is too disturbing, but we need these images to demonstrate how mankind is killing its environment.

Posted by Nadine June 4, 10 11:20 AM

Do not fill up at BP gas stations!

Posted by Rebecca June 4, 10 11:22 AM
Getting back to what's actually being done...A message from BP SEO Tony Hayward - can't say much fairer than that i wouldn't have thought. They are backing up the words with actions, which is all we can really expect for such an unprecedented scenario - granted - for which better preparation should have been made. But how many times in history have we said that! We only learn thru our mistakes...and even then....

Posted by Flopper June 4, 10 11:23 AM

What can we do to help?

Posted by Patti June 4, 10 11:24 AM

Hayward rot in hell!

Posted by SAD June 4, 10 11:24 AM

You can't blame BP unless you don't drive a car, heat your home with oil, use a cellphone or a computer or a TV cased in plastic, buy plastic- packaged, oil-fertilized food imported from everywhere, drive on asphalt roads, own lots of plastic widgets and toys, travel by air or bus, use disposable products .... someone famous once said, "Let he (she) who is without sin among you cast the first stone."
If we want to stop the oil pollution and the changing climate, we're going to have to educate ourselves very differently. And design a lot of change.
(Pogo also put it succinctly once upon a time. He said, "We have met the enemy and he is us.")
If you're not ready to re-think the totally oil-dependent life, you'd do better to clean up the beach than blame the guys who keep drilling deeper and deeper to feed our convenience and demand.

Posted by GreenMum June 4, 10 11:25 AM

If many here dont want to support anymore BP thus don´t buy gas, try to think on alternatives to transport: electric, solar, etc.

Posted by John June 4, 10 11:26 AM

To be truly Honest. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that life as we once knew it is OVER. This is the beginning of the end for us. The domino effect of this is going to change our whole planet. OUR whole extistance. To Big business, To all of those envolved from impotent politicians, to the Oil companyies. Hats-off, Gee Thanks for killing the Planet. Global Warming is nothing compared to this one. You are all the composers of Earth's Epitaph.

Posted by Rebecca Ranger. June 4, 10 11:27 AM

They should have tried plugging the leak with BP executives instead of ground up golf balls, shredded tires, mud & cement.

Posted by Matt June 4, 10 11:28 AM

Solution for spill with at least one positive result

BP should pay and hire and contract people pooled from the current unemployed group (like me) to travel to the site and clean. This would at least temporarily help the unemployment crisis and possibly help the clean up though from what the c span discussion assessed you can never really clean up oil once it’s spilled.

Posted by Dana Marie June 4, 10 11:29 AM

omg, as you see were not the only ones the suffering from this oil spill.. Something must be done soon!!!!

Posted by Mark June 4, 10 11:30 AM

Ask what u can do for your country, not what your country can do for you. People talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. So stop all your pretend complaining like you really care. Go help or shut the hell up! All your other opinions and coffee talk is BS. Stop using products that hurt the enviornment and the problem starts to get better. Oh, but no, you need your comforts and easy way of doning things. Please, your all full of it! Like I said, go help, or shut up! Most of you act like you care and then get in your car and smile like nothing is happening. Think about it. Have you all had your phony bologna sandwich today? hypocrites!!

Posted by Rich June 4, 10 11:30 AM

So sad, what is this world coming to? Hope we can get through this!

Posted by Hazel June 4, 10 11:30 AM

The Human Race = Mother Earth's Aids!!

Posted by John June 4, 10 11:31 AM

It is hopelessness against progress and profits. The planet’s life is doomed.

Posted by michel gadoury June 4, 10 11:32 AM

I think this is so sad!!! We"our government" will spend BILLIONS on relief aid to other countries but haven't spent what it takes to STOP this massive leak. We have the ability to do it and I don't think it is a problem with the ability to .It is the a problem of want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This president and government should be drowned in this oil if it was up to me.Poor birds....

Posted by Steve Griffin June 4, 10 11:32 AM

I think that, together, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh could plug the well.....literally.

Posted by steely75 June 4, 10 11:33 AM

This spill is horrible and it's going to cause huge problems for the gulf and beyond, but all the screaming and whining about greed is nonsense. Do you people think BP ever wanted something like this to happen? For crying out loud stop acting like simpleton children and try to understand that bad things happen in this world. And as some other poster said, what about the millions of babies and youngsters dying in Africa from diarhea, starvation, and abuse? And yes the innocent fetuses in medical waste as well.

Posted by JCDC June 4, 10 11:33 AM

Someone should disable comments for this sort of thing..

Posted by June 4, 10 11:34 AM

These images need to be seen, they need to be remembered, they need immortality. thank you for these images, sorry you were able to take them. We live in a stupid world that allows some to put money over life.

Posted by charlie mclenahan June 4, 10 11:35 AM

"humans" the worst animals on hearth, always. humanos los peores animales sobre la Tierra!

Posted by shame-vergüenza June 4, 10 11:36 AM

spOILed! is what i say! feel good about driving now?

Posted by carol June 4, 10 11:36 AM

I would like answers more than anything. Officers are blocking some of the beaches to the public. I thought that this was still public property regardless. My point is that people taking pictures are getting booted off public beaches by police officers because BP asked them to. Who do they work for BP or us? Secondly BP asked bird cleaning facilities not to post the animal casualties. Why do they feel like they can hide everything.. It is so obvious that this is what they are trying but they are just stupid if they think that this will just go away. Does anyone else see this, or is it just my imagination?

Posted by Day-na June 4, 10 11:40 AM

A human being is the only creature that destroys its own nest. OK, maybe a few chimpanzees too. From what I've read here so far, with few exceptions, .... it looks like destroying our own nest.... and destroying myriad of other creatures nests will continue unabated. When a group of humans, a company, can destroy waters and shores, flora and fauna of a lush spot on this planet, and other humans at that spot are prevented from even fully documenting that destruction, much less helping, what on earthly good is any sort of politics no matter what your bent. Lots of luck human beings. Say hello to all the dolphins. The planet earth is going to survive just fine without us.

Posted by Dean Wynveen June 4, 10 11:40 AM

My heart is moved by all I cannot save.
So much has been destroyed.
I have to cast my lot with those who,
age after age, perversely,
with no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world.
~Adrienne Rich

Posted by Jen June 4, 10 11:41 AM

Furious!!! I live on the beaches of the panhandle and I am outraged! Get it together and collect the oil and send it to oil refinery! Take care of our wildlife and marine life! Many people are going to suffer from this and its incredible that the government can deal with so many other things but cannot deal with this. Talk about being unprepared again!! BP needs to pay for all the loss

Posted by Nina Stewart June 4, 10 11:41 AM

Is there an organization training people to clean the birds?

Posted by Raven June 4, 10 11:42 AM

The reality is that BP finds and provides us with the oil we need and this inherently entails great risks for the environment, which even with proper regulation and caution will remain. We need to correct this dependence on oil and the most concrete way to do so is taxing gas at the pump. This, along with subsidizing research and development into alternative energy, can make it possible to wean our country off oil, and hopefully spur our economy by selling these technologies to the world. Creating tighter regulation and accountability will surely reduce such disasters, but ultimately it relies on our collective and political will to decrease our dependence on oil.

Posted by JohnSmith June 4, 10 11:43 AM

re: anonymous poster 1236
1) Not everyone 'eats birds everyday'. about 10% of Americans identify on the spectrum of vegetarian.
2) What do you think the wars are over? OIL, POWER, & MONEY. Yes, a lot of lives, human and animal have been lost all over the world in the name of Cheap Oil.

and lastly,
While everyone is sobbing over the loss of their favorite seafood dish etc. No one cried for the hundreds of thousands of fish and sea creatures and environmental degradation that has been going on for decades, as a result of commercial fishing in the Gulf. The ecosystem will take generations to recover. Get over not being able to eat a po' boy while helpless animals die because of our American greed.

Posted by alleycat33 June 4, 10 11:44 AM

this is is so UNHUMANE! poor birds and i want to go down there and rescue them! wtf.....where is obama!

Posted by candice June 4, 10 11:44 AM

These Pictures reminds me of what happened in KUWAIT during the second Gulf War.

So Sad

May Allah Help Us To Recover This Catastrophe.

Posted by Mohammed Taqi - Kuwait June 4, 10 11:44 AM

For some of those who comment that we should not feel spend time feeling sympathetic for our wildlife, I would like to comment that it is selfish of us to think we are the only species on this planet that matters. We weren't here first and the decisions we make, should of course be considerate for other species, not just ourselves. There is a thing called a balance, and stupid idiots who find birds, fish etc are not important haven't realized they play a role and it does indirectly affect us. There is a lot that we can do to be considerate for other species, but people tend to be selfish.

Posted by Brit June 4, 10 11:44 AM

This entire disaster is absolutely disgusting. These photos are heartbreaking... but I am sure

There has to be a solution, and it has to come quick... A disaster of this sort is only impacting our planet negatively, and will continue to affect future generations to come.

The only upside I can see to this entire event is that hopefully it'll open the public's eyes to the risks involved with living life the way we do and in that, our heavy reliance on oil.

Time to start producing the damn electric car and stop digging for oil. This entire situation that has happened is ridiculous. Living on mars doesn't look like a possibility just yet so I suggest we start having some respect for the ONLY home we have ever known.

Posted by R June 4, 10 11:45 AM

Pretty sure the people who think this is sad are anti-war too. Just sayin', anonymous....

Posted by BumblebeexSweat June 4, 10 11:46 AM


When the human-created problems that hurt humans manage to exterminate people, the world will thrive without humans.

When the human-created problems damage the world, everything gets to die at once.

Posted by Owen Pellegrin June 4, 10 11:47 AM

We have a problem. The man on the street in South Louisiana will pay for this catastrophe. That is the way of this world. People like BP & the feds see you and me as the problem. They see pelicans as a problem.

Why does southeast Louisiana have to suffer periodic government approved man made catastrophes of biblical proportions?

South Louisiana, especially southeast Louisiana, has always been the whipping post for the state and everyone knows Louisiana is the whipping post for the US. We have just as much wetlands as Florida, but have never received significant wetland protection/restoration federal funds when compared to Florida ($11 B .vs. $0.6 B). No, we cannot afford our 'cost share' for fixing our problem caused by federal government and the O&G industry.

We've been treated this way for 208 years.

Posted by crescentCityRay June 4, 10 11:48 AM

RE: 1236 I think it is pathetic how all of you can be moved by the suffering of some birds, while the United States has multiple active wars in progress. Wars that hurt humans.

If you will sit back and let war be waged around the world, why is this really so hard to witness? We eat birds every day.

If you don't care about humanity, quit fooling yourself, you don't care about this either.



Posted by Mizterie June 4, 10 11:49 AM

For those saying not to "cry" for the birds, well, what about the fish you will no longer get to eat from the gulf at your favorite restaurant? What about the fact that you will have to be eating more fish caught by foreign companies not in America? Saw a man who deals in fish on CNN who has contracts with fisherman from both sides and he says that since the Gulf fish are off limits now the price will go up on imported fish.

Also, just because it is not a "human" does not mean we cannot feel empathy for something that is suffering. You don't have to be an extreme environmentalist to feel for something that is suffering or a "hippie democrat" as some people love to throw around.

Suffering knows no race, creed, sex, or species. Suffering is suffering no matter the cause be it war, disaster, or human error. If you cannot feel empathy for anything suffering no matter the circumstances you do not deserve to be called "human".

Now, as far as this being an "accident" - yes it was, due to many human errors. To say BP "meant" for this to happen is absurd, but at the same time "accident" or not, they will be held accountable and should be - however stop pointing fingers and yelling at each other on the internet. Both sides of the opinion pool should be joining together not yelling at each other. This is as much as tragedy on us humans as it is our environment. No matter if you want to drill or stop drilling. It's not good. Not good at all.

Posted by Cathy June 4, 10 11:50 AM

If you think about this, all of us are responsible. If we want to have cheap gas for our cars, drive SUVs, buy cheap coffee and doughnut in a drive-thru, walk with short and t-shirt in our homes during cold months of the year, and have a chilly home/office/super market in the middle of summer, then this is the way to get all those. This is the risk associated with that. If the government today bans drilling and all oil companies' activities in the Gulf, tomorrow gas price will be doubled at least, are WE ready for that? We need to re-think and re-design our way of living, and attitude towards the world and our planet....

Posted by hamile June 4, 10 11:50 AM

Please people get educated with oil and all the uses of it. It is not used for just our automobiles, that is only a small fraction. We are not ready to give up everything oil is used for. The system is not the problem, there are restrictions to follow, giidelines that must not be broken, just like the speed limit, maybe when there are too many accidents we should ban the interstate highways. There is a reason for this terrible accident, by the comment "I want my life back" shows the "ABOVE ALL" attitude of some people. Don't punish the ones who respect the guielines, punish the ones who don't follow them.

Posted by Leroy Benoit June 4, 10 11:51 AM

Those humans put themselves into those wars. These animals did nothing to deserve this.

Posted by Lola June 4, 10 11:52 AM

Those of you blindly slamming the solely US for this should note that BP is a British company.

As for the wars American soldiers are dying in, you guys have no one but yourselves to blame. Had you not repeatedly voted for Bush and Cheney, your soldiers wouldn't be needlessly dying in the name of American Imperialism. As for your soldiers, none of them were conscripted. They made the choice do go out there and die for nothing, they get no sympathy from me.

So if soldiers dying in needless wars is more of a concern to you than the destruction of the environment, something that has a true impact on your non-soldier life, then I deplore your misinformation and priorities and urge you to stop voting for warmongering assholes.

Posted by Steve June 4, 10 11:53 AM

1239: Why is it "especially those from the US"???? BP is a British company....right? Oh wait....let's blame EVERYTHING on the US, that will make everyone feel better. Nice.

Posted by KDM June 4, 10 11:54 AM

To 1236, you're an idiot. We are moved and saddened because they are just animals, innocent animals. Who thinks the people we are fighting overseas are innocent? They can choose how to live; they can choose their destiny. These birds have no choice, they are just living their normal lives and look whats happening.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 11:54 AM

they take pics of the birds, and show them sitting there suffering in the oil, why not help them?

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 11:55 AM

I think you people who bash the oil companies and point fingers need to take a hard look at what you are bashing. You say we should stop drilling for oil? Are you aware that just about EVERYTHING you touch these days is made of oil? Your clothing, your bedsheets, your computer keyboard! every piece of plastic is made from.... that's right OIL. To say our lives would be better without it is ludicrous. Ok the oil spill is a terrible accident which will effect the world for many years, but pointing fingers and saying that the government should bankrupt BP etc. that is just stupid. Wake up people. I hate that this tragedy happened as much as the next person, but let's see if anyone these days can go a whole hour without touching anything that was produced from, or with the use of OIL.

Posted by Michael June 4, 10 11:55 AM

Refering to cmment 1236:
I'm sorry you feel that wars between power and money hungry nations demands more sympathy from the general public. But I am pretty sure that the reason why more people are moved by the plight of oil drenched animals, as opposed to diffrent countries fighting, is because the animals didn't start this. And the animals are incapable of helping themselves (as opposed to the warring governments who can stop the fighting but are either unwilling or too stubborn to compramise) This was brought on by BP, and the want of more money.

Posted by Matt June 4, 10 11:56 AM

What can we do to help? I would come help if I had a way down there. I don't have the funds myself. I live in Holland, Michigan. I would do anything I could to help. Any ideas email me

Posted by Kahtryn Clemens June 4, 10 11:56 AM

facing the coming of 2012
every one put down your dealing work
look back to see what you've missed
accomplish it right away!
than facing the coming of masive disaster!!

Posted by Armageddon June 4, 10 11:56 AM

In response to #1236. In america there is no "draft" these days. People make the decision to go to war. I really don't agree why we are there but I come from a military family and I KNOW it is always a "choice."

Do you think these animals chose to have oil spilled all over them? Do you think they chose to have their ecosystem destroyed? NO, we made that choice for them.

Anyone who harms innocent life forms (humans or animals) should be killed or put in jail for life with the rapists and child molestors. No exceptions.

I equate animals to three year olds. Would you want to see three year olds washing up on the shore covered in oil? I didn't think so.

Posted by settee June 4, 10 11:57 AM

Wow, you people need some perspective.

Posted by Green Eye June 4, 10 11:57 AM

facing the coming of 2012
every one put down your dealing work
look back to see what you've missed
accomplish it right away!
than facing the coming of masive disaster!!

Posted by Armageddon June 4, 10 11:58 AM

i think you people talking about we not having to feel sorry for this animals because theres wars bla bla bla its pathetic, we are responsible for this, those animals dont have the fault, and its our duty as humans to try and ensure the wellbeing of our animals, we do eat birds every day, but its part of the food chain, this is not, this is a catastrophe , and british petroleum has to assume his role and contribute as much as it can in fixing this right away.

Posted by eren m. June 4, 10 11:58 AM

Yea like 1333 pretty much sums it up! If I had the means I would be on the way to help, but the family has to be provided for so I'll do what I can from here . What are you going to do?

Posted by Ryan June 4, 10 11:59 AM

A very apt picture of humanity. Our need for oil, regardless of the consequences, pushes the limits of technology until disasters occur. Then, when disasters do occur we photograph, document and complain about them rather than pitch in and help.

BP may be a big evil capitalistic corporation but they are a capitalistic corporation and therefore it is not in their interests to let oil cover the oceans any more than it is in the interests of the environmentalists.

I despair of the blame-throwing, name-calling, back-stabbing culture that the so-called "developed world" has become!

Posted by Nikki June 4, 10 11:59 AM

@ comment #1236 - Get off your high-horse. What gives humans any more right to live than these animals? Especially seeing how this is a MAN-MADE PROBLEM - and the world suffers, yet again due to OUR negligence. We have less right to live than a flea, yet we claim 'dominion' over everything we see. And everything we see, we destroy. Wars are MAN-MADE problems too...

Posted by MrG June 4, 10 12:00 PM

Very sad to see those pictures. Tragic in fact. The fact this was BP is almost irrelevant, it could have been any oil rig anywhere operated by any company.

Posted by AndyTSJ June 4, 10 12:00 PM

@ anon. Wars are fought my men and countries who chose to battle over whatever. These birds are innocent wildlife caught in the destruction of careless oil profiteers. Note the extreme difference.

Posted by Blair June 4, 10 12:01 PM

We are only ourselves to blame for the way we live our lives. We want more petrol, oil, and all sorts of Minerals. We are totally ignorant towards the earth in our behavior. We are run by big cooperations and not by our governments ! Imagine if something goes wrong with all this nuclear undertakings we have going on ! Another thing we have not much control over particularly if something goes wrong. It is a warning that we have to change our lives. Changing a leader will not do much.

Posted by Albert Boll June 4, 10 12:02 PM

BP is only trying to CONTAIN the spill, not STOP it. If they stop it, they can't use the well. If they can CONTAIN it, they can still use the oil that is coming out. After it is contained, they can slow the flow rate down to 10,000 barrels a day for a while, and only have to pay fines for 10,000 barrels a day, not the 55,000 barrels a day it is probably closer to actually spewing today.

Posted by PG_in_NOLA June 4, 10 12:04 PM

So sad, many animals had died due to this oil spills. Instead of fighting a war we should worry about the oil spill.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:05 PM

I can accept war, intra-species brutality is just fine with me. All humans are capable (and probably guilty) of some pretty terrible things (as these photos show) so it all evens out in the wash. Human suffering is a-ok in my book. But when a man-made "accident" leads to the unnecessary death and suffering of so many innocent animals, and the destruction of priceless habitat, how can you possibly continue to look at things from an anthropocentric perspective? Humans are obviously in the wrong here - this is not natural!! It's really too bad, because after this situation is "solved", we'll go on just as we did before and this whole fiasco will be forgotten. It's happened so many times in the past, people just never learn from their mistakes!!

Posted by Anon June 4, 10 12:05 PM

If this infuriates people to seek resolution and make changes, let's post pictures of our killed and wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to put this all into perspective. Let this not cast a shadow on the fact that men and women are dying to preserve the freedoms which allow companies like BP to get only a proverbial wrist slap from our American government rather than being tried as criminals for profound amounts of neglect and carelessness.

Posted by naeD June 4, 10 12:05 PM

The difference is that wars are caused mostly by the selfishness of humans. It's not the animals fault, they can't defend themselves. It's all related to humanity, if we destroy the only home we have, we're just hurting ourselves in the process.

Posted by Rafael June 4, 10 12:05 PM

Thought you might want to read this article about how much the ESTIMATED amount of oil that has been spilt. I would say this is more than a spill - more like a deluge. This is affecting more than just the wild life - have any of you read about the people who are doing the clean up who are suffering from respiratory problems?

Posted by amy June 4, 10 12:05 PM

Response to comment 1236. I don't think for one minute that because someone is concerned about pictures of birds that they are not also concerned about the well being of our people. The pictures are of birds, not people so what would you expect them to comment on? If you are not concerned yourslef and do not care about the wildlife, how about you find something else to waste your time making PATHETIC!! comments on.

Posted by Christy June 4, 10 12:05 PM

This is a sad situation. However I ask how many of you BP bashers are out on the gulf putting your money and time where your mouth is!!! It's very American for you to sit and gripe and never leave the comforts of your home get off your butt and help or shut your mouth!

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:06 PM

As long as you keep driving that car everyday, these companies are going to keep drilling. Stop crying and pointing fingers. If you want change, own this. Your hypocrisy weakens the ground you stand on. Your government knows this and knows that in order to sustain your luxuries you will soon forget about the horrors of this spill as you've forgotten about the horrors of war. What are YOU doing about all this?

Posted by Chris June 4, 10 12:06 PM

There are people here complaining that we care about the animals more than humans becase we "sit back and let war happen". I think you'd probably find that the general public have no control over wars, and if you paid any attention whatsoever, you'd know that people aren't just "sitting back and letting" war happen. A lot of people protest against the wars, write to the government, and so much more, doing all they can to try and stop it.

Also, what gives you the right to place the well-being of humans ahead of the well-being of animals? The fact that you place one species over another disgusts me, and it's you who are the hypocrites for doing it.

Posted by anonymous June 4, 10 12:06 PM

to # 1236
humans deserve to go to war and die.
we destroy everything good about this planet and everything on it!
that is pathetic. at least we have a choice.
awwwwwww, poor poor humans.

Posted by jimmey June 4, 10 12:06 PM

Come on, is this really news? Big deal. Who cares.

Posted by Timbo June 4, 10 12:07 PM

Volunteers are needed. Buy lots of Dawn liquid. They are donating to the cause to help these innocent creatures. May God help us. There must be a way to stop this leak and BP should be donating money and time!

Posted by Betty June 4, 10 12:07 PM

Hey after reading all the comments left, everyone seems to be upset for all reasons. Its sad this has happend but it is not really greed of humans that has caused this. No one had purposely done this. If they could take this back they would. I am an definatly an animal lover. In fact I feel more sorry for the homeless dod standing next to the homeless man. At least the man can do something about his situation. Which is excactly why we as a people can do something about this. Now we need oil there is no argument about that. SO...... if the "CRAZY" enviromentalist will stay a little further back and allow shallower drilling or even drilling in Alaska maybe we could be a little quicker to respond to such a horrible event. But just remember just like our american Soldiers that are out abroad defending our way of life, we must remember the people who died on that oil rig when it blew up. They too contribute to how we live. So lets quit bickering and get this done.

Posted by Patrick L. June 4, 10 12:08 PM

i don't understand why the government still hasn't stepped in and taken over. BP is admitting now they don't know what to do they have only now asked for ideas what to do. if they would have done this in the beginning maybe the oil would have been stopped by now. i don't understand if they were able to push a tube into the hole at the beginning and partially direct some of the oil up why couldn't they have put a bevelled cork around the tube and push it into the hole. this would have stoped most of the oil from leaking and then they would have been able to direct the oil anywhere they wanted.the cork may not have completely stopped the oil but it would have got a lot more oil out of the water. why not even drop a 500 ton cement box with a big tube going through the top over the whole leak. the pressure should still push the oil up through the tube and then they connect a pipe to the tube and pump oil up and out of water. or even easier just float another drilling platform over leak and push bigger drill into leak hole. these are only a few ideas i came up with and i'm not a rocket scientist haha. good luck AMERICA and good luck world!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by marty cohen June 4, 10 12:08 PM

to 1236: People can care about the oil spill AND the war and violence in this world. I know, it's hard for you to understand, but the human mind is really quite complex. We do have the ability to have a variety of emotions and thoughts on various subjects. We are all living creatures, none of which deserve to suffer, especially due to the ignorance and selfishness of the human species. Have some damn's obvious it's YOU who doesn't really care. So, who's pathetic again? Seriously, you're ridiculous.

Posted by Krista June 4, 10 12:10 PM

Shame on you BP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY SAD!!!!!!!!!! VERY SAD!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Dale - Pensacola June 4, 10 12:11 PM

It's a horrendous crime!! We should care all around us, however We are destroying it!!!

Posted by Claudia June 4, 10 12:12 PM

This is far more terrible than Tschernobyl!

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:12 PM

For people who want to help, the best thing you can do is DRIVE LESS.

Less demand for oil = fewer oil spills = fewer seabirds dying horrible deaths.

These images are heartbreaking.

Posted by Raphael June 4, 10 12:12 PM

This is awful. Thanks to the photographer for showing us the impact on local wildlife. BP and the oil companies can never make these pictures go away.

Posted by John June 4, 10 12:14 PM

Stop taking pictures and get some help for those birds, I am sure there is a team around there somewhere with Dawn dish soap and toothbrushes.

Posted by Jess June 4, 10 12:15 PM

It is very sad and unfortunate. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath though. This is not the worst thing that ever happened on the planet. It's not the worst thing that will ever happen on the planet. Animals will die and others will survive. Life will go on.

Posted by Samantha June 4, 10 12:15 PM

Post 1327 makes a very good point. People seem to think that all we require oil for is gas....ahahhaa. Oil is used in EVERYTHING you media thought driven idiots. Anyone who says we should stop drilling bc of this (which is unfortunate dont get me wrong) has no clue how the world works. Instead of posting cry baby comments you should all be looking for jobs to pay down the massive amounts of debt you established from your sweet private fine arts school that got you no job. =....hahahhaahahaha

Posted by John Smith June 4, 10 12:15 PM

i blame our awful goverment and the greed of people that fuel this kinda thing

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:15 PM

All very tragic but comments won,t help action is needed.

Posted by margaret rees June 4, 10 12:16 PM


You sound pathetic if you believe that the fact that we eat beards every day is comparable with this… Actually it sounds stupid. The world is not only for humans there are a lot of habitants, we are only one species that live here. The ecological impact caused by BP is absolutely huge, and the first one suffering the consequences is the local biota, and then all of us. The wars are created by few groups of people, worrying about them doesn´t help but if we change our paradigms we can’t stop killing the world, the world of all species that live here.

Posted by Jerry June 4, 10 12:18 PM

Looks like the same footage from CBS news... Watch the video... they didn't even try to help the animals either... that in my mind is just as awful... Let's show the world what it looks like and do nothing...

Posted by Tim June 4, 10 12:21 PM

Capitalists, also known as corporatocratists , - like the monsters of BP - are the plague of mankind. They are responsible for everything bad that happens in the world, to humans and animals. They conduct wars, keep the prices of oil, medicines, food, everything that is vital for survival, high and unreachable for the poor. They don't respect anything, looking down on us on their high and mighty penthouses and luxurious offices, while they are making life and death decisions only to earn more, even more.

I hope they all drown to this oil.

The world is going straight to hell, and it will only become worse from now on. Humanity has taken a bad turn for a long time now, this will NOT end well!

Posted by Ungry June 4, 10 12:23 PM

What happens when a boat turns over and small Children and Mothers and Fathers, friends fall out into the ocean of oil that is killing our birds?
Just what if it was one of his children, or there's?
This is a movement to take over the oil, and land where it is.
I want to thank Charlie Riedel for the Pic's of our new reality.
(We must do something). If it stands like this we all lose.

Posted by Smith June 4, 10 12:23 PM

Some very encouraging posts on this forum recognizing the root cause of this problem, ie the world's addiction to oil. To put this spill into context, the total amount that has poured into the sea since the Deepwater rig blew up equals roughly 2 HOURS consumption by the US alone.

Posted by Damo June 4, 10 12:24 PM

When I saw thes pictures i cried a lot for thes helples animals.

Posted by Najibeh Kheshti June 4, 10 12:25 PM

This is what ya get when you don't let us drill on our own land.

Posted by calvin June 4, 10 12:26 PM

TRULY HEARTBREAKING........... My prayers for all the helpless animals affected.

Posted by Angela June 4, 10 12:27 PM

@MsMichNich, not everyone overseas is attacking the US or its government. I for one donated money within a day or two of the disaster, as my small contribution to saving what can be saved. We are watching this unfold with as much horror as you are. (South Africa)

Posted by Mariaan Nel June 4, 10 12:27 PM

RE: what can we do to help? Tell people they can text WILDLIFE to 20222 (in US) and donate $10. Or you can give to these organizations:

Or to the National Wildlife Fund, who have been doing great work{2D8F667E-A355-4E3A-B8F3-0652020A3CAB}&c={E2F1ADDC-AF52-4FBD-ABC0-6BC16D4E9107}&p={110D559F-DEA5-42EA-9C1C-8A5DF7E70EF9}&a=Oil+spill+-+donate+now.

Unless you already live in affected areas however, or have specialized knowledge, please *don't* show up to volunteer.

Posted by HS June 4, 10 12:27 PM

To much...
To sad...
To painfull...

Posted by Vince (Holland) June 4, 10 12:27 PM

VADER, in JEZUS naam help de dieren.
En vergeef ons VADER, want wij beseffen niet wat wij doen.

Posted by JKG June 4, 10 12:28 PM

Ignorance is a state in which we ignore reality
We cannot ignore what we are doing to Mother Earth which is an extension of ourselves
We are fast approaching 2012 and disasters will continue
We must wake up!

Posted by Dr Bill Dean June 4, 10 12:29 PM

This should be the first Gross Criminal Negligence Capital Offense Trial!!!

Posted by monke June 4, 10 12:30 PM

I never saw something as terrible like these pictures. I'm very angry now.

Posted by flowersophy June 4, 10 12:31 PM

Who is going to paid for this??? the were training to make a hole, but they were n't training to spect something like that right???? and of course the fastest way to get out is QUITING...

Posted by Armando June 4, 10 12:32 PM

wish it was a chocolate fountain

Posted by Joe June 4, 10 12:33 PM

oh ((((( is all sorts of Petroleum and the rich are to blame for that does not keep track of this nightmare !!!!!

Posted by lisa June 4, 10 12:37 PM


Posted by Jenna Howell June 4, 10 12:38 PM

Corporations follow the demand. If we the consumer demand less petroleum products, big business WILL follow. I hope these pictures wake us all up out of consumption-mad complacency.

Posted by Nykya June 4, 10 12:39 PM

If we used BP executives to plug the hole, the ocean would be even more slimey...

Posted by Joe J June 4, 10 12:39 PM

Perdonanos Padre, NO SABEMOS LO QUE HACEMOS!!!

NO BODY KNOWS WHAT U HAVE until U don´t have IT.

The only TRUTH is GOD, nothing else.

Posted by Edgar Camacho June 4, 10 12:39 PM

My god, this is the first time I see pictures like this and it hurts. This should be the end of the oil gold rush. The risk the oil giants and governments are taking for this substance are enormous and this is the result. There are so much alternatives but the politics have too much reasons to continue hurting our planet. I hope this will at least put BP out of business. I hope much more people will follow the example to stop using their services. God help us.

Posted by iDenis June 4, 10 12:40 PM

This is so truly disturbing!!!

Posted by Jay June 4, 10 12:41 PM

Congratulations BP (British Petroleum)

Posted by Pablo R. Darde June 4, 10 12:42 PM

When I look back and think
When I ponder and ask why
I see my ancestors spend with careless abandon
Assuming eternal supply

Modern man, evolutionary betrayer
Modern man, ecosystem destroyer
Modern man, destroy yourself in shame
Modern man, pathetic example of Earth's organic heritage

-Bad Religion, Modern Man

Posted by Adam S June 4, 10 12:42 PM

Those pictures absolutely break my heart. Look at God's beautiful creation and what we have done.

Posted by kim June 4, 10 12:43 PM

I am so sad. We are all to blame. Stop using oil.

Posted by Silvia June 4, 10 12:43 PM

I think one solution is to reduce the oil flow by placing layers of sewer grate .
this an idea to drive it from micro to macro.

Posted by Agustin Ortega June 4, 10 12:44 PM

We are all responsible for this, and we all need to do something about it: make a real effort to cut down on driving ( this is especially for those of us in the U.S.); use less energy; consume less. The guiding principles are quite simple, even if living up to them is hard. But it's our only option.

Posted by * June 4, 10 12:44 PM

(in tears)

Posted by estebanNYC June 4, 10 12:44 PM

What other species besides humans could possibly have such a a devastating impact on an ecosystem??? This isn't about basic survival. This is about humans enslaving themselves to the technology we have come to depend on. Be damned the consequences.

Posted by Christine Manchester June 4, 10 12:46 PM

This makes me extremely mad at BP, and very sad for the pelicans. No animal should have to suffer like that because of a million dollar company's mistake.
They should donate a hell of a lot of their profits to helping these animals.

Posted by Melanie Cayon June 4, 10 12:48 PM

Oh my God, I am so sorry. Look whats we've all contributed in doing to these poor birds.

Posted by kerri June 4, 10 12:49 PM

I hope someone is helping them and not just taking pictures.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:51 PM

A testament of America's greed for oil.

Posted by Jason Edrosolo June 4, 10 12:51 PM

its all ower falts
we drive big car wen we can drive small cleen cars we ues gass wen we can use electric and we drive wen we can walk and ride bikes. its all ower falts and only we r to blame

Posted by jake June 4, 10 12:51 PM

This is just so very sad, I'm siting here crying after seeing those photos. What have we done? OMG please forgive us! Can you imagine the suffering that those bird are to endure?

Posted by Sonia June 4, 10 12:51 PM

The Carian / or Bird Tribes incarnate upon this earth - need our energy, and, our prayers ~ Will you stand with me, as, we all do this ~ this is really hard on my heart ~ they need our energy ~ will The Pacha iNTi, the divine blending of Pacha Mama, and, Pacha Camac, work with us ????
Love Susan Lynne ~"Medicine Heart"~... Kit'si'nu

Posted by Medicine Heart June 4, 10 12:51 PM

1333 and 1375 have it RIGHT! What are each of us willing to do about this? Look at yourself! The people have the power - IF THEY JOIN TOGETHER. The ONLY thing that BP and all the others understand is THE BOTTOM LINE! Don't buy their shit! Over a year ago I emailed a major automaker and said I will NEVER buy another new car that uses ANY polluting fuel. How many of you will take that small step - and STICK TO IT! Lo and Behold - FINALLY - Nissan now makes one that they are SELLING to the public (not just leasing until they can buy enough politicians off and then take them back and crush them). If you need a new car ... BUY THAT ONE!

Posted by bman June 4, 10 12:52 PM

Hey fellow commentors,

I bet not even one of you will stop driving your car. Or is that an SUV?

In 5 minutes you'll return to business as usual: what the world owes you.

Posted by donkeys June 4, 10 12:52 PM

Blame it on Obama. I mean after all Bush did such a great job putting this country in debt. But lets blame it on Obama.
LOL. What a bunch of clueless idiots.

Posted by stfu June 4, 10 12:53 PM

The whole "we are outraged" schtick the American voters have going on these last few years is getting really old

"we are angry about the banks" but we do not want government intervention
"we are angry about the spill" but we do not want a gas tax or any reduction in our oil usage.
"we are angry about the debt" - but you cannot touch medicare, medicaid, social security, the military, etc.

If you are angry, then make time to educate yourself about the issues and get involved in advocacy and the government. This is a democracy and you are responsible for the government you have.

Posted by Csuliman June 4, 10 12:55 PM

Anyone who says no one should criticize BP for this insurmountable disaster because we drive cars, type on a plastic keyboard, etc. is straight up silly. Humanity has the technology to go beyond using petroleum and use other alternative sources in mass-produced products of all types. It exists. electric cars, biodegradeable "plastic" bags, cutlery, etc. But why hasn't this become common-place? It's more profitable to continue with the current model of industry based on petroleum instead of investing in renewable sources and changing the paradigm of all products. It's that simple. THEY are the ones who CHOOSE not to reinvest a portion of their vast profits (i.e. EXXOn-Mobil: 7 BILLION in 2008) in changing to alternative sources as common-place to make available to everyone. The individuals as a general public do not have the monetary might to make such changes affordable; THEY DO. Remember BP's ad campaign maybe 5 years ago? "Beyond Petroleum. Hey, it's a start." What happened with that. NOTHING!!!! How soon we forget.
So OF COURSE ANYONE can critize such a despicable company; THEY put themselves in the situation where this "ACCIDENT" occurred, and are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the complete DISASTER that is taking place. a choice they made for MONEY, plain and simple.

Posted by Joe J June 4, 10 12:55 PM

Oh gosh ... I wish all of them could be taken out before having to die from this ... it is just too painful and sickening - it makes it hard to believe that oil is actually supposed to be natural stuff ... how can there be any possibility that it will eventually "dissolve" into the ocean ...

the only hopeful thing I have heard (and it is not very hopeful .. more actually a sign of despair that we already have done this before) is the fact that there was a bigger spill during the first gulf war .... I did not know that ... a million barrels released. But was it onto land as well as into the ocean .. what are the signs left in the oceans around there. Has it dissolved? Forgive my stupidity- I don't understand what happens ... I guess Alaska and its waters are one clue.

Posted by Anonymous June 4, 10 12:55 PM

"Drill Baby Drill"

Posted by Sarah Palin June 4, 10 12:55 PM

This is what human beings have done to the wildlife, the planet and ourselves. We are the most destructive species on earth. Unfortunately, there are those who feel full entitlement to be such. The think "people come first" and they don't care what is happening, as long as their lifetime is profitable and comfortable, that is all that matters to them. It is truly heartbreaking.

Posted by Melissa June 4, 10 12:55 PM

This is not that bad. I know, Rush said so on his show.

Posted by cofcharlotte June 4, 10 12:58 PM

It is so sad!

Posted by Sherry June 4, 10 12:59 PM

Good morning America,
We just birthed a new generation of environmentalists. Look, even Bobby Jindal has been transformed, schooling the nation on the deleterious effects of lack of oversight, rampant waste, corporate power and greed. Believe me, the words he rattles off these days are new to his mouth.

Let's all be mothers to this earth and begin again to help her heal from this mess. Use the spoken word, art, video images, and modeling to create a post Katrina, post BP Spill paradigm where our demands for clean energy and regulation and consumer restraint reign.

These creatures and our innocence will have been sacrificed for a good purpose. 2012 may be the year of dramatic change--a transformation from one paradigm to another.

I call on each of you to channel love, peace and healing from your sorrow and anger. Steel yourselves for the great battle that lies ahead and become models/teachers for the uninitiated.

Teach the children not to be distracted by the blame game, the shiny balls cast on the landscape that serve only to keep us from uniting to change the world and keep us from taking real action. Use this misery as fuel to go solar, use wind, buy smaller more fuel efficient cars and use them less often.

Use this misery to absolutely insist on biodegradable or recyclable packaging for ALL consumer materials.

From now on, Earth Day is every day. 4/20=24/7

(4/20 is the date of Horizon Explosion)

Who's on board?

Posted by Gulf Coast resident June 4, 10 12:59 PM

Keep in mind that Canada is next. The Canadian government decided to NOT hold off on all drilling for 6 months like the rest of the world until better safety regulations could be put in place. BP is now drilling right off the coast of Newfoundland in the deepest waters to date without an restrictions and wants to drill next in the Canadian Arctic.
Someone should soak Stephen Harper in oil and leave him flailing on the coast as a preventative measure.

Posted by Annie June 4, 10 01:00 PM

If these pictures were of HUMANS COVERED IN OIL...would our government respond quicker or with the delay they have done, and continue to do???

We MUST ask ourself...who is our GOVERNMENT and What is really their purpose???

I pray for my home state!!

Posted by Derek June 4, 10 01:01 PM

And when the hurricane's hit there will be similar pictures of us....humans and their possessions covered in oil.

Posted by Cheryl June 4, 10 01:01 PM

WDF IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX A LEAK THEN DONT FRICKEN TAKE THE OIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mc June 4, 10 01:01 PM

I hope you're all vegans and not hypocrites because living wild and dying because you're covered in oil is nothing compared to the lives food animals lead in factory farms. "It's part of the food chain" (@1374) ain't no excuse.

Posted by Spare Me June 4, 10 01:02 PM

Repuke idiots. Dump the repuke serf mentality. Just because we can't stop using oil 100% tomorrow doesn't mean we can't start cutting back now. You have been willing to lay down your lives for your wealthy noble lords for a millenium. You