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Vietnam, 35 years later

Last Friday, April 30th, was the 35th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War, and last Tuesday, May 4th, was the 40th anniversary of the shooting of protesting students at Kent State University. The Vietnam War and America's involvement in it affected the lives of millions for well over a decade, exacting a massive human cost with millions of deaths and countless injuries - both physical and mental - that plague many of those involved to this day. United States military involvement and troop strength grew rapidly after 1964 - at its highest level in 1968, with over 500,000 troops on the ground. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. now bears the engraved names of 58,267 of those troops. It's nearly impossible to encapsulate an event of such scale in a handful of photographs, but here, 35 years after the end of the conflict, is my attempt. (47 photos total)

Hovering U.S. Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into a tree line to cover the advance of South Vietnamese ground troops in an attack on a Viet Cong camp 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, northwest of Saigon near the Cambodian border, in Vietnam on March 1965. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)
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As always, an beautiful and poignant collection of photos very important to society as a whole.

Posted by kyle May 7, 10 01:02 PM

WOW. anyone who glorifies war has never been in war. These images are a stark reminder that war is always gruesome. Sometimes, its justified. In this case, the Vietnam war was a big mistake. How sad and ironic that history so quickly repeats itself, as the US invades another country and cannot seem to win or get out.

Thanks for these photos. I will share this.

Posted by Adam R May 7, 10 01:04 PM


Posted by James Berwick May 7, 10 01:05 PM

I feel so terrible for EVERYONE involved, especially the Vietnamese however. Such a terrible, senseless war.

Posted by Stephen Nesbitt May 7, 10 01:05 PM

: /

Posted by Alfredo May 7, 10 01:07 PM


Posted by isoy May 7, 10 01:09 PM

The wounds are still fresh while new ones still get created....

Impressive photo collection, with common and rather unknown material.

Posted by ImgBy.Me May 7, 10 01:12 PM

Picture 22 is one of the creepiest pictures I have ever seen of this war (or any other for that matter). Amazing pictorial!

Posted by Eric J May 7, 10 01:14 PM

googling the man in #8 tells you that he apparently lost his son in Afghanistan. so sad. Given so much to our country. Our soldiers stand above all others.

Posted by boko May 7, 10 01:15 PM

the parallels are scary...

Posted by tim May 7, 10 01:15 PM

War is Hell

Posted by Peter May 7, 10 01:16 PM

sad day

Posted by mike field May 7, 10 01:16 PM

Horrible! And what's learned since, but tighter control of media in conflicts?

Posted by Jakob May 7, 10 01:18 PM

47 is the only picture needed to tell the story...! Its all there in the face of the young women!

Posted by Olli May 7, 10 01:18 PM

powerful pictures

Posted by Justin May 7, 10 01:19 PM

There is an extremely powerful story behind these photos which I hope nobody forgets.

Humans are capable of so much destruction not only to ourselves but also to the world we live in. Would there be a net benefit if our species went extinct?

Posted by Rob O May 7, 10 01:19 PM

Tragic history
Amazing pics

Posted by xuan May 7, 10 01:21 PM

I find it interesting that two of the images that are hidden here because of their graphic nature were published on the front pages of newspapers then - a time when what was considered proper for public viewing seems so much more conservative than what is common today.

Posted by Ruth Anne May 7, 10 01:24 PM

WOW amazing picture this truly was a terrible war

Posted by Alexander Kabusk May 7, 10 01:24 PM

We recently visited Vietnam. The people in the South still really like Americans....even after all of that.

Posted by Jane May 7, 10 01:26 PM

Thank you for showing two of the war's most famous images as a series. Extraordinary.

Posted by Jeremy May 7, 10 01:31 PM

Amazing pictures.... simply amazing. I had to shudder at the little girl affected by napalm. So sad. :[

The ignorance about this war is very clear and evident. Although it is sad that we lost so many soldiers, the fact that the communists won in the end is even sadder. The US didn't lose this war. The US left Vietnam, mostly due to communist propaganda having its desired effect of US people protesting to end the war. Thus, the South Vietnamese lost the war.

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to HAVE to leave your country because it was overtaken by communists. The situation for the Vietnamese was/is so sad.

Comment number #20: The US went over to Vietnam to help the South Vietnamese... why wouldn't they like us?

Posted by vege May 7, 10 01:42 PM

Excellent Pictures!!!
I'm afraid that title must be "45 years later" instead of 35 (2010-1965=45).
Greetings from Argentina.

Posted by Andrés May 7, 10 01:45 PM

Thank you! As a student in the American educational system, it is rare to get this sort of glimpse into Vietnam. Sadly, Vietnam is barely studied in the American educational system, at least from a history class perspective. Rather, it has been left up to English professors to teach of the time through novels and stories. Any chance to learn more about this era is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Aaron May 7, 10 01:51 PM

The soldier in picture #5 looks like he's fourteen years old. Looking at that picture, and the expression on his face startss CCR's old song "Fortunate Son" playing in my head.

Posted by jrbreckbill May 7, 10 02:15 PM

Deep sorrow struck me suddenly.

Posted by young May 7, 10 02:26 PM

Very vivid collection, thanks, big pictures.

Thought i think this collection is not complete without mentioning the My Lai massacre. I don't mean to bring any mutual-hatre nor anger here, but we will never gain from the past, discern from the justice and the wrong-doings.

@vege in the comment 22, to massacre the local civilians is definitely not the best way to "help the South Vietnamese" in common people's sense. Maybe it is time to stop your signatured propaganda here. Thanks

Posted by rock May 7, 10 02:30 PM

Comment # 23:
It is 35 instead of 45 because it counted from the day Vietnam war ended (2010-1975=35)

Posted by Immigrant of the Vietnam War May 7, 10 02:32 PM

After I saw these pictures it came back to me why I am against every war. For every one who has to fight in a war it is his/her personal hell. Thank you for opening my inner eyes´s once again.

Posted by Mursalin Talib May 7, 10 02:44 PM

How history repeats it's self ... Iraq anyone?

Posted by None May 7, 10 02:45 PM

I think that despite what anyone thinks of this war or any war, this is a fabulous collection of photos. Great job as always.

Posted by Tomara Miller May 7, 10 02:46 PM

Remember that picture - ref. to # 14- many people always wonder about its veracity.

At least now I can say that it is true. In its more cruel and raw state.

Which brings to mind this article which I stumbled across about Capa's "falling soldier"


Posted by Isabel Beirer ( May 7, 10 02:49 PM

Where are the photos of preachers such as Billy Graham exhorting Americans to continue the war?

Posted by Glenn May 7, 10 02:55 PM


Posted by Dani May 7, 10 03:03 PM

This is a video of Kim Phuc in pic 31 just after the attack, horrible!

Posted by Marc May 7, 10 03:06 PM

"Promise me, promise me this day, promise me now,
While the sun is overhead, exactly at the zenith, promise me:
Even as they strike you down with a mountain of hatred and violence;
Even as they step on you and crush you like a worm,
Even as they dismember and disembowel you,
Remember, brother, remember:
Man is not our enemy.
The only thing worthy of you - invincible, limitless, unconditional.
Hatred will never let you face the beast in man.
One day, when you face the beast alone, with your courage intact, your eyes kind, untroubled (even as one sees them),
out of your smile will bloom a flower.
And those who love you will behold you
across ten thousand worlds of birth and dying."
-- Thich Nhat Hanh, written in 1965

Posted by Gaby Hollmann May 7, 10 03:11 PM

Impresionante... sin palabras

Posted by Littecurri May 7, 10 03:13 PM

I was born in a post Vietnam war world in 1978 and greatly appreciate this visual tour. It helps me gain perspective of the world at that time and of the horrors that man can create. My wishes and prayers are that we as a species can learn from our mistakes and avoid war at all cost. But I look at the world today and I am saddened by the ongoing conflicts and occupations causing more death and suffering. Is peace on Earth just a dream? I sure hope not.

Posted by Nathan May 7, 10 03:25 PM

Lets not kill each other anymore.

Great photos, TY.

Posted by humanbeing May 7, 10 03:36 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 7, 10 03:42 PM


Good pictures but the truth is the collection missing pictures of the prisoners in prison (the so-called Re-education Camp by the Communist Viet Cong). Many Vietnamese officers suffered and died in those camps. Please stop saying this war is senseless until you or your loved ones experience the hardships under communism. Many South Vietnamese officers and American soldiers died for FREEDOM that you have been taking for granted. If you don't understand, it's best to be silent and be perceived as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.

Posted by Proud Daughter of Brave South Vietnamese VET May 7, 10 03:46 PM

The Big Picture has a time machine to brings us Impressive photos from a very difficult time... thanks, big pictures.

Posted by Stephanie May 7, 10 03:46 PM

Thousands more Vietnam photos of US Army and Marines scanned from The National Archives -

Posted by chris willis May 7, 10 03:55 PM

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

How true!!!
From India with love.

Posted by Ajay May 7, 10 03:57 PM

Don't cry BG, next pictures from Irak, Afganistan will later...

Posted by michael May 7, 10 04:11 PM

Great photo story!
I always amazes me that we have all this knowledge of how terrible war is for everybody involved, civilians, soldiers, all their loved once who live in fear of loss, the next generations who started heir life with war, the psychic damage to everybody, the massive destruction of buildings, schools, hospitals and the tremendous pollution effecting plant life, food production and the Animal life...
Still we somehow find it to be worth it every time....just can't understand it..

Posted by Frey May 7, 10 04:25 PM

I was a young kid in the Philippines when this war was going on. What Americans may not see and see this war as a defeat is that the communism wave hit other Southeast Asian countries as well-Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. As I see it Vietnam was where Communism wave in SE Asia was stopped in its tracks. Sadly it was the Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians who bore the brunt of it more than the other nations did.

COMMUNISM IS A BIG LIE. In the Philippines the New People's Army (NPA)-military arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines, whose leader Jose Maria Sison enjoys a life of ease in the Netherlands, are still fighting a lost cause built on lies and deception. The CPP has been rightly identified as a terrorist group by the US. In April 1989, I was taken hostage by a band of the NPA on the slopes of Mt. Apo in the Philippines. They took 8 people hostage. They have closed down schools and aran the area. Civilians are caught inbetween and are held in Vietnam-style hamlets by the Phil. miilitary. They live in poverty in 1m wide by 3m long shacks surrounded by barbed wire. The NPA had 9 year old boys, teenage women in its ranks. Most are uneducated and know that the gun is power. Just being from Manila labels you as an enemy of the state. It's similar to the movie "Killing Fields" wherein those with glasses are enemies of the state. This band, led by a deranged man named Bensar Sarabia attacked a Protestant church 3 months later in the same mountain range, beheaded the pastor and shot people. I still have the image in my mind of a child that was shot in the head with her eye's almost blown out of her head. They don't hesitate killing children. Everyone is expendable in Communism.

The ideology of Marx, basic foundation of Communism, is based on Darwin's theory of evolution where we don't have souls but are just mere matter or organism. We are all expendable (or can be killed) if we are of no use or an "enemy" of the state. Movie "Killing Fields" is what might have happened in the Philippines if we were overrun by the NPA. It suppresses the people like they do now in China (albeit we don't notice it), North Korea and I'm sure, Vietnam.

Going back to Darwin's theory isn't that what they teach in American Public Schools? That is of great concern and extremely dangerous. Its principle has been used by Hitler and the Khmer Rouge. .

America stands for freedom, justice and liberty of all whether you disagree with me or not. One has to step out of this country to know this. Each American citizen is looked at in terms of this that's why they are still loved in Vietnam. No one does what the US does. Some would disagree on this but growing up in the Philippines, each American I saw resembled hope and was like a light in a place. This is not an exaggeration. No one stands more than the US does. That's why 39 million immigrants came here last year. It is still a nation of hope much as it did immigrants 100 years ago.

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. It has to be defended. War is hell. Most don't like it but some want it and drive the US into it. I have seen it. The President has a tough postion. So pray for him even if you don't like him that we may have peace and continued freedom in this land.

It was the US, being the Phil. from 1899 to 1945 that gave us government, education (via the Thomasites), hospitals,newspapers, banking, arts, buildings, bridges, highways to better life. It liberated my Mom, Dad, uncles and aunts from 1944 to 1945. In comparison to Spain's 378 year colonization (1521-1899), the US did extremely more in those 46 years.

I now live in the US. Much of who we are and who I am today is because of America. I'm very greatful to this country that I'm willing to serve even at my age. I'm determined to give back to it by creating jobs. I'm thankful that it's founding fathers relied on God. It's the only nation with God in its money. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD (Psalm 33:12)" This is why it is blessed and free to this day. LOVE THE USA FOR THERE IS NONE LIKE IT.

To every veteran out there, from World War II, to Iraq and Afghanistan - all my sincerest respects and "Thank you" from deep with me. I would not be here had you not come 65 years ago to liberate Mom and Dad. My Mom still lives and is in tears when she remembers the young blue-eyed American pilot who bailed out after a dog fight, marched in front of their house and executed later. She still has tears when she tells the stories of when the GIs rolled into Manila that evening in 1945. Do not judge this war for only time will tell why it happened. Wars are brutal from ancient to modern wars. It's only because that man is now able to capture images in photos that we can see its reality. Freedom is to be cherished. God bless the USA!

Posted by Anonymous May 7, 10 04:37 PM

painful and shaking :(

Posted by achaj May 7, 10 04:41 PM


Posted by maltman May 7, 10 04:41 PM

a lot of pain :(

Posted by geo romania May 7, 10 04:45 PM

At #31, The little girl who was running away from the napalm, she got interviewed few years ago by NPR. It is amazing how she turns out to be after all those pains.Check it out here:

Amazing photos.....I agreed with Eddie Adams, sometimes photograph only tells us the half of the story.

Posted by Indra May 7, 10 04:46 PM

Pictures 31/32 compared to 41. :-/ Shame.

Posted by Nemam May 7, 10 04:58 PM

Fantastic pictures !!!

Long life to BICPICTURE !!!!


Posted by Nelson May 7, 10 04:58 PM

Well said - dear Anonymous! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

To the one who posted "What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?"

Let me say yes, it means so much to the ALL who fought and died for FREEDOM. Show respect to the Vietnamese and American VETs that they are so deserved. If you have not lived a day with the communists, be thankful to the ones who helped to prevent the spread of communism. Be respectful to the ones who share the experience. No sound people wants to go to war but if I have to defend freedom for my country, either Vietnam or Canada, I will.

Posted by Proud Daughter of Saigon Vet May 7, 10 05:00 PM

A minor nit to pick. In photo #39, those are 155mm (not 175mm) M114A2 howitzers.

'beautiful' is the wrong word to use describing war, but this is a powerful photo essay.

Posted by david engh May 7, 10 05:01 PM

Man was committing atrocities toward man in the form of war, torture and genocide long before Darwin. As a matter of fact, after you finish Psalms, turn back a couple hundred pages and you'll find a few examples there.

Posted by Blank Frank May 7, 10 05:01 PM

I remember it, as they say, like it was yesterday; but then, I was subject to the draft and I served in the military although not in combat. I wanted to stay with my country, partly from patriotism and partly from a desire to seize the opportunities she used to offer, so I enlisted in the US Navy. But I would have deserted rather than serve in Viet Nam. Men who worked for me on board ship, men I considered my friends, did exactly that when they received their orders for WestPac (Navy Speak for Western Pacific - read Viet Nam). I had classmates, friends I had known from the age of four and five, who were heroes; others who were killed, horribly maimed or just disappeared. For years and years after, I would awake in the dark of night, troubled and weeping at the overwhelming wrongness of it all and I was one of the lucky ones. Before he died, Abbie Hoffman said he was disturbed to realize that his generation was more radical than the next. To be great, a people must be passionate and we're losing that.

Posted by Robert May 7, 10 05:05 PM

Millions of civilians in those game of pawns between the American and Soviet imperialist thugs. One of the greatest crimes of the 20th century and one which Americans are more than happy to "forget" about -- until it comes time to pat ourselves on the back for our role in it, of course.

Posted by Schalken May 7, 10 05:09 PM

Well, the optimist in me wants to say, "We have learnt a lot from this and will never be part of any war". But the realist in me says, "We have never learnt or will learn anything and we will continue to repeat history". A few years later, we will see pictures of Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, ... and the list goes on.

I personally believe that fighting for peace is an oxymoron. If we want peace, we shouldn't fight. The person above (Ajay 41) quoted Gandhi so correctly. What reason is just valid right enough to be worth millions? If we really want to end killing, we shouldn't attempt to do by killing. It should be done by saving and preventing loss of lives.

The most amazing soul to have ever walked on this planet, Jesus Christ, didn't need violence in any form. Yet, He managed to achieve so much greatness.

What exactly is a justified war? And justified to whom? These killings pit generations to come against each other, giving the hate mongerers and the fundamentalists all the more excuses.

If we want peace, then don't fight.

Posted by Prash May 7, 10 05:21 PM

I'm not sure what we eventually learned from Vietnam. I know that politicians were tripping over themselves with Iraq, insisting that this would not be another Vietnam, but it was usually unclear exactly what they meant. I do know that we are much better at honoring soldiers who fight these wars overseas, even though we are just now allowing the fallen among them to be photographed as they return. I'm also not sure it's fair to blame the US government in the 1950s when the reaction to Ho Chi Minh's rise to power was almost blind panic at the thought of another "communist" government along the Pacific. WWII was still fresh in the minds of Americans, don't forget. We are so quick to blame, I think, rather than to learn from what happens.

We should never forget the deep sorrow that this war caused, and the lives that ended or were ruined. There are so many other places too where the effects of this war was felt - the person from the Phillipines who posted here was but one example, and I thank that this person for that. Incredible pictures, thank you

Posted by Bill Olsen May 7, 10 05:33 PM

it was the first televised war live on US screens. big mistake for the US gvot. Hippies rose up to them, MAKE LOVE NOT WAR was their cry.
1968 marks student uprisings in Mexico, Chechoslovakia, France and Brazil, all antia war
# 14 30 31 32 are winners of Pulitzer prizes, truly masterpieces
and for some reason, this war reminds me of the US agression (war?) in Irak....they are there for no valid reason
back then it was bcs north vitenam wanted to be commie
and what can we say about Irak?

Posted by Mex May 7, 10 05:38 PM

the senselessness of this war is still unsurpassed.

Posted by asddude May 7, 10 05:48 PM

I find this collection to be an incomplete capsule of the Viet Nam War, in part because photos reflecting the horrors that the Viet Cong wreaked on civilians are entirely missing. Only the very last photo even hints at them.

There are reasons why millions of South Vietnamese fought and died to stop the communists, and reasons why so many South Vietnamese mobbed the U.S. Embassy in an attempt to escape. One such reason was dread of the communists' cruelty.

This collection includes the now-iconic images of a South Vietnamese officer executing a VC officer, and the suffering children, yet nothing from the other side of the coin.

Perhaps if journalists would offer images of the dismembered bodies of children whose arms the Viet Cong chopped off as punishment for accepting American innoculations, the iconic images would be more realistic and balanced.

It's disappointing that even after all this time, when journalists choose to look back to the Viet Nam era they still will not attempt to provide a balanced view.

Posted by Christian May 7, 10 05:59 PM

Powerful stuff.

...and #44 Anonymous, whoever/wherever you are, thanks for taking the time to write that. Seems a few posters here got their history from Zinn.

Posted by GoesTo11 May 7, 10 06:04 PM

The defeat in Vietnam was an alarm bell for the West and, especially for the US to truly prepare against communist imperialism: China and the Soviet Union. This defeat led to the big victory in the early nineties. Thanks to all victims in Vietnam and thanks to the winners, President Reagan, Edward Teller and the American people.

Posted by Imre from Hungary May 7, 10 06:18 PM

As always, a fine assembly of photo journalism. Thanks much.

Posted by Dan May 7, 10 06:20 PM

To #39 - I symphatize with your message. Your father went through a lot of gruesome, unimaginable events. I know that Communist regime that took over tortured and killed many South Vietnamese soldiers and officers in their re-education camps. They are in unnamed common graves and are forgotten. Communist regimes are capable of doing this as they suppress the media and kill them too.

Not intending to insult but this is a fact. The average American doesn't have an idea of farming or fishing villages, rice paddies, mosquitos, monsoon rains, living on fish or the land, living in a one-room bamboo, open to swarms of mosquitos and how war in Asia is conducted in biblical proportions-kill everything from humans to animals.

I agree that most Americans take their freedom for granted not knowing that thousands of Vietnamese escaped in overcrowded boats and on land risking pirate attacks, death at sea (frequented by typhoons), death or rape from robbers or pirates, hunger with just the clothes on their backs to escape the Communist regime and reach Thailand, and the Philippines. Cambodians and Laotians alike escaped when they were overrun too.

This is why we have to share, and remind them as Asians to quit calling this as a senseless war out of respect for those who died and fought for it. It is still too fresh in history to judge it. And second is so that they would know what Communism is like be it in Korea, China, Vietnam can do and that it's an ideology that oppresses, lies, deceives, scheming, sets its controls over people and that even your friend (even family members) can turn you in if you speak against the state.

Posted by Anonymous May 7, 10 06:21 PM

Hey Christian,

Perhaps if the North Vietnamese and communists in general were proponents of a free press, it wouldn't be an issue. Do you think the North Vietnamese were inviting photographers over to document the war with their troops or hang out in the re-education camps? There are plenty of examples of North Vietnamese atrocities in documentation of the war both in photos, words and oral histories of the war. Do you really think journalists aren't "offering" images of these things, like they have them stashed away and it's a big conspiracy? Give me a break. Scores of photographers gave their lives while bearing witness to what they could. Maybe you should think twice about insulting them.

Posted by Sarah May 7, 10 06:22 PM

North America will be always a good example of war and not for peace. Someday, someday I hope North America believe more on peace that war.

Posted by Gust May 7, 10 06:40 PM

Picture #1 kind of ruined the rest of the post for me, when you misinform on the first post it calls all other posts into question.

Those UH-1's were not "pouring machine gun fire" into the tree line. They were just taking off from having landed to discharge the troops that you see casually walking off of the LZ. Most of the troops still have their weapons slung over their shoulders!!

Posted by Smiling Tiger May 7, 10 06:42 PM

comment 44 posted by US Dept. of Defense; God bless the USA!

Posted by Greg May 7, 10 06:44 PM

Thank you for putting together this collection. It was very moving and brought tears to my eye. So much suffering comes with war.

Posted by AN May 7, 10 06:44 PM


"Going back to Darwin's theory isn't that what they teach in American Public Schools? That is of great concern and extremely dangerous. Its principle has been used by Hitler and the Khmer Rouge."

Darwins theory of evolution is a fact that every serious biologist accepts. It has proved to be true in every aspect of biology. It's not "dangerous" or "not dangerous", it's simply the undeniable truth. Period.

That does not mean that I or people who accept the fact of evolution endorse Hitlers or Pol Pots atrocities. Absolutely not. That would be absurd.
Hitler and other dictators misinterpreted, misunterstood and misused the notion of evolution for their sick ideas. People can only fall for this sick travesty version of "evolution" if they have not unterstood it. So: YES, it has to be taught in school to everyone to prevent more crimes to humanity.

Biology, psychology and sociology teach us that human societies are better off if individuals help each other, care for each other and treat others as we like to be treated. This is a part of christian faith, true. But it ist a far older and more universal principle, called usually The Golden Rule. It appears that this principle has a evolutionary basis. Look in wikipedia for "Golden Rule" and "Recipocity (evolution).

As for the "founding fathers [that] relied on God": Do a little research and you will find out that all of them were secularists, influenced by the Enlightenment. Most of them VERY critical of religion or christian faith. Most of them were deists who accepted the notion of a nature-god, a creator the the universe who does not intervene with daily life. They rejected the christian idea of a personal god.

It is very disturbing that an influential nation like the US ranks so low on the scale of the acceptance of the scientific theory of evolution. In fact only turkey ranks lower...


Posted by J. Lippmann May 7, 10 06:46 PM

Give Peace A Chance. Violence is not the answer. War only feeds into the miltary industrial complex. These Pictures are worth 100,000 words.

Posted by Justin May 7, 10 06:49 PM

Images still very fresh in my mind. War is hell!

Posted by Harold Loman May 7, 10 07:04 PM

Hypnotic, bleak, terrifying, and true, these pictures tell you everything you need to know about war. The haunted eyes of the American soldiers tell as much as the more overt pictures of the horrors of this pointless war.

And it would seem that we have learned only one thing from them, to keep all war photographers "embedded" under the control of the military, so they don't get too close to the truth.

Posted by James May 7, 10 07:07 PM

It's too bad you gutless baby-boomers can't see the reality of this. War is not a voluntary thing - it is an unavoidable reaction to a threat. Note the commentary from the Phillipino - that person understands, you don't. This is America's current weakness. I hope it's not fatal (but it might be).

Posted by VermontAl May 7, 10 07:07 PM

Nice how the depicted killings are all blamed on the other side...

Posted by bob May 7, 10 07:16 PM

I wonder why no photos of the way us vets were treated when we came back home. I wish someone had snapped a photo of hippies spitting on me and calling us "baby killers". Not a popular war but we served and got pushed aside.

Posted by BH May 7, 10 07:19 PM

It's immensely sad, yet somehow enlightening to safely view these highly expressive moments of the Vietnam War. Living apart from this horrible massacre -- viewing it on a website -- helps me to better understand what my parent's generation went through, and to some extent, what my generation is going through with yet more warring... Seeing this collection of inner-war photographs evokes such heavy feelings against the atrocities of war, and brings into light the ugly capabilities that our species brings forth.

Thank you for sharing your collection; good can come of bad.

Posted by Polarbearface May 7, 10 07:21 PM

theres no glory in war, theres no glory in searh and destry, not in sabotage, not in killing, make suffering, theres no honor in chemical weapons... theres nothing more wrong that war and a lot of innocent people died and get injured for what?? ask respect for veterans?? when did the american government has a little respect for other countries??? shame in war!!! theres no reason to war!!

Posted by je suis May 7, 10 07:29 PM

Great stuff. How can you say we stash away photographers? I'm an Afghan vet, and it's not our job to escort journalists around, we have a job to do and its not to provide pictures of what "war's really like" to a bunch of liberals. And really #57, you have ptsd from not even leaving conus? That's sad, there's no honor in not serving. I think the real lesson to be learned here is when the people turn their backs on their protectors its all goes to hell.

Posted by jordan May 7, 10 08:02 PM

Not enough NVA pictures, they were dragged into this war because: the French and Chinese were wheeling and dealing in the UN, USA stood by, and already had lost billions when the French couldn't hold Dien Bien PHU. THE DIRTIEST SCOUNDRELS HERE ARE AMERICANS, FRENCH AND CHINESE, the proof is what we have today and the so called U.N. set up by americans.
we have here is more obvious gory war pictures anyone coulda take just walk into any african hotspot. The NVA fight jungle malaria, the deep jungle of Laos and Cambodia taking the fight outside of populated location, they paid dearly with the lost of land and islands to China as the result of this, after the war AMERICANS WERE SO BITTERED THEY USED EMBARGO,choking finance from vietnam to rebuild.this is a testament of how Japan and Korea kiss their ways with america blessing to get to mordernity. AMERICANS are ill-educated,incoherent& cultureless misfits, they fail georgraphy that a 7yrs old from another country could pass, today is a testament of how ill gotten and self-serving little pigs americans have come to be. Ironiclly most of the vietnamese refugees have gone back home.

Posted by mrflabbergasted May 7, 10 08:11 PM

Its not that humankind is evil, but evil is at war to win our hearts. God is the creator and IS love. Jesus has forgiven and has already won those who will follow. The love we seek is really Him. The evil we hate is the devils work.

Posted by Cay May 7, 10 08:27 PM

I lived through that War time. Poignant and painful memories.

Posted by TexLeeger May 7, 10 08:27 PM

#77. It's probably 47 and not 44. I am a man of science and work in the field of science. Definition of theory according to the dictionary: "a hypothesis not yet emphirically verified as law but accepted as the basis of experimentation". In my definition it is an idea considered true for the moment until it's proven wrong. Hypothesis, emphirical also define uncertainty. So how can you say that the theory of evolution is undeniably the truth?

Concerning the founding fathers, they were not all secularists as you would say. I would not argue concerning this but below are from some of the founding fathers in the book Pray for Our Nation:

I pray that Heaven bestow the best of blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof. - John Adams, 2nd US President

I conceive we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the Supreme Ruler of the world...that the confusions that are and have been among the nations may be overruled by the promoting and speedily bringing in the holy and happy period when the kingdoms of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may be everywhere established. - Samuel Adams, American Revolutionist and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

We think it is incumbent upon this people to humble themselves before God on account of their sins...[And] also to implore the Divine Blessing upon us, that by the assistance of His grace, we may be enabled to reform whatever is amiss among us, that so God may be pleased to continue to us the blessings we enjoy. - John Hancock, American Revolutionist, and first signer of the Declaration of Independence.

God presides over the destinies of nations. -Patrick Henry, American Revolutionist

Direct my thought, words and work,wash away my sins in the immaculate Blood of the Lamb, and purge my heart by Thy Holy Spirit... Daily frame me more and more into the likeness of Thy Son Jesus Christ. - George Washington, 1st US President

Remember that God is our only sure trust. - Mary Wasington, George Washington's mother

While we give praise to God, the supreme disposer of all events, for His interposition on our behalf,let us guard against the dangerous error of trusting in, or boasting of, an arm of flesh...

If your case is just, if your principles are pure, and if your conduct is prudent, you need not fear the multitude of opposing hosts.-John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence

Reflect on each of this and you would know what is in each man's heart and who they are calling to. You can see all these line up with Scriptures in the Bible which I believe is true. Now read it before you doubt it and believe in something else. I pray that you will see.

Posted by Anonymous May 7, 10 08:29 PM

Yankee go home!

Posted by human being May 7, 10 08:44 PM

Those brainwashed who says 'WAR is responsible' for those atrocities I want to remind that WAR is created by greedy people with money which want to have more money and influence.
Sadly mass media serving those people never say and show the reality of GREED, but rather talk about brainwashed mass murderers as 'soldiers', socially accepted way of opression to people.
Of course whoever stands against the 'corporate truth' is proclamed a 'terrorist' without any rights. Don't worry, anyone who lives from evil outside will bring this evil inside.
Those children burnt and escaping from napalm are just a small example to all 'soldiers', what their 'button press' really does. I wish to those 'soldiers', to their officiers and nation, that their children will have the same fate like those on the picture if they will not regret what they did and do .

Posted by firex May 7, 10 08:54 PM

Amazing, gritty and sickening subjects. I have to say, I am dissapointed with your title for this. The REAL Vietnam, 35 years later, is a developing commercial and tourist mecca. Much of the word still can only think of the war... I'd like to have seen a photographic contrast to show where the country is now vs then. 50 story towers, 5* resorts, PGA golf courses - it's changed, a lot in 35 years.

Posted by Simon May 7, 10 09:04 PM

Amazing, and so amazingly sad. I'm so glad I've never had to crouch in a muddy ditch, holding my daughter and hoping we live. I'm ashamed, in a way, to be so lucky, so isolated from such terrors, which so many people live with even today. But in the same breath I thank God that I am. Photo #22 is terribly haunting.

Posted by ambivalentmaybe May 7, 10 09:22 PM

thank you, big picture, for opening our eyes to the world as it is.

Posted by bruno May 7, 10 09:28 PM

War is the worst of all horrors.

Posted by Thomas Yaroschuk May 7, 10 10:02 PM

Fantastic photos! Very stirring images. Reminds us of the horrors of war that we should never forget. Looking at the war protesters then (and now) makes me feel that it is rather pointless it seems. Governments usually go to war without the peoples consent while ignoring any protests and objections (domestic and foreign), often using violence to quell any opposition. Very sad indeed..

I was in Vietnam a couple of months ago and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to going again in the very near future! Wonderful place and lovely people.

Posted by Mack May 7, 10 10:22 PM

War isn`t the solution.Never

Posted by Edmundo May 7, 10 10:43 PM

America waged a war in a conflict that had nothing to do with them, 5 US Presidents could not win a conflict that they had no business in. 60,000 US troops and millions of Vietnamese paid with their lives because of that, and what has the US learned ? Nothing. And America wonders why the rest of the world despises it so much !!!

Posted by Patrick May 7, 10 10:45 PM

Glad to see our water cans and flashlights haven't changed in 40 years for the Army....

Posted by Elizabeth May 7, 10 11:02 PM

This was a senseless waste of human life because the American government got it wrong again....remember weapons of mass destruction....only in Vietnam it was a fight for freedom (translation: to stop the spread of Communism). Who in America really cares about Communism and why were you so ready to kill so many people over a political system. And yet a couple of decades earlier while Hiltler was ravaging Europe the Americans sat on the sidelines while the Canadians and Brits and Auzzies slugged it out against a real oppressor. The USA only got involved in WW2 when they were forced into it by the Japanese at Peral Harbour. In the end there was nothing for America to feel proud about in Vietnam and furthermore I find it enormously hilarious that the most powerful nation on earth was subdued and beaten by a little third world country.

Posted by Tim May 7, 10 11:05 PM

Some things are worth fighting for; family and freedom tops that list!

I feel sorry for those left behind, Communism talks big but fails to deliver, tens of thousands who escaped Vietnam settled here in Southern California, most of these refugees were the cream of the crop, highly educated and or motivated they've become the doctors, scientists, successful business owners and entrepreneurs, they've done well,

It’s not uncommon for them to send money back to Vietnam helping their impoverished families

Posted by Uzijohn May 7, 10 11:14 PM

I have tried to write a comment many times but end up starting over time and time again. As a young 18 year old some 37 years ago I got to serve with many other young men along way from home. During the end of the war there was a frantic effort to bring out as many children as possible during Operation Babylift and subsequently after the tragic loss of a C-5 fully loaded with children an airbridge using any aircraft available. Many were able to flee and were relocated but it was not easy. To all who served I say "Aim High".

Posted by wingnut May 8, 10 01:01 AM

I am a Canadian living in Hanoi and I would like to know exactly what freedom means. In Hanoi life is exciting, entertaining, fun and very very safe. The Vietnamese do not go around shooting and stabbing each other and I can walk any street any time of day or night without worry so I wonder who is more free. I see here highly educated and motivated hard working people who are doctors, scientists, and successful business owners as I work with them every day. Don't forget, when the Americans were driven out of Vietnam, in a school yard bully manoeuver, slapped a crippling embargo on Vietnam for nearly two decades until Bill Clinton lifted it in 1992. The American government killed the economy just as effectivly as Agent orange killed the forests and jungle . Not much to be proud of there.

Posted by Tim May 8, 10 01:07 AM

I was born and grew up after war. And now, although my country is not a big and rich country, I'm very very proud of be Vietnamese and be free completely.
War's always terrible. Many people (especially kids) in my country can't live normally because of dioxin toxic.

Posted by Le May 8, 10 02:42 AM


Posted by a May 8, 10 03:37 AM

Should all the leaves for all the trees
Surscorch from bombs and poisoned water,
Should not a single Vietnamese
Remain alive from cruel man slaughter,
The elephants will rage enroll
And wage against all the Yanks a war,
And wage against all the Yanks a war.

Should all the elephants be killed
And all the fields be ruined to pieces,
Yet life in Vietnam can be still
Again arise some living species:
The leagues ant and buzzing bees,
To sting the Yanks for the Vietnamese,
To sting the Yanks for the Vietnamese.

The birds and fish will take them bite,
All those, who came to kill and murder,
The snakes will hiss from noon till night
And then more bees will come further,
The animals will keep their rakes
Until the drive all away the Yanks,
Until the drive all away the Yanks.

Should all the beasts become extinct
The grass will raise from bombard tuffet,
And by the nature of instinct
Will crash the Yanks for those, who suffer.
You can not slash in hand a breeze
Not split the land of the Vietnamese,
Not split the land of the Vietnamese.

Posted by Anonymous May 8, 10 05:42 AM

Thank you !

Posted by ggt May 8, 10 06:00 AM

It makes me sad that people is capable to do things to each other which aint human anymore.

Posted by Anonymous May 8, 10 06:02 AM

As far as I can see no one has mentioned the fact that Viet Cong is a derogatory American term for the South Vietnamese who chose to resist an imperial invasion and the quisling Catholic dictatorship that needed US support to rule. It therefore hides the fact that the majority of ALL Vietnamese supported the Communist government (whatever you may think about it), that any fair democratic election would have delivered a massive victory to the communist parties, and that a fake government was propped up in South Vietnam, against the will of the South Vietnamese people. This brutal war, limned eloquently if one sidedly above, was not tragic though. A tragedy would require there to have been noble intentions in the conception of the war, something that cannot be said of our rulers at the time, who chose to murder millions of Vietnamese in the name of ideology. Perhaps 'freedom fighter' would be a better term than Viet Cong.

Posted by Penelope May 8, 10 06:03 AM

#79 The question would be: did you kill babies?

Once you answer that you can go back to that moment they spat at you and use that hindsight.

Posted by Tezca May 8, 10 06:09 AM

Sad :(

Posted by Jubish May 8, 10 06:10 AM

#67 Are you sure that the human suffering would have been of a similar scale if the US would have just sat down and allowed the UUSR influence to take place in a a land where thay had natural geopolitical interests?

I could understand the US getting involved in a war of such kind in Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean.

It made no sense wahtosever to do this in South East Asia porpping up a corrupt dictatorial regime.

Posted by Tezca May 8, 10 06:16 AM

...who,,what man,dares to make comment on these pictures.View them in silence and don't worry about what your going to write at the end of your readings.These pictures,every one,speak for themselves and tell the same story that all of your comments cannot do.Let them all RIP,soldier and civilian,US and VC.IT was against all humanity as is any war any where."Lest We Forget".

Posted by HappyPappy May 8, 10 06:39 AM

Don't blame for all Communists. War is always a hell. South Vietnamese troops and American also killed a lot of young people from the Communists side. There were almost 3 millions young generation died who came from the North and the Middle of Vietnam. They stopped working, studying, sacrifice their youth to become unpaid volunteers for fighting US troop while all of South Vietnamese received salary and compensation from US. Of course, Communists had to killed enemies because that was the war. You might be fought for your side.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Both of sides were vulnerable and lost many soldiers. Now, there are over 4 millions people facing the defoliation consequences which US made it, they are not real human, many babies and children are suffering from the fucking war. They don't look like a human and don't have a normal life. This will continue for many baby's generations. You lost your family and either do Communists. You should feel that you're lucky of running away to US for a better life and now you can come back Vietnam easily. If all Communists are bad, you've never come back easily like now.

Vietnam was invade and dominated about 1000 years by China, then over 70 years by French, then by US, then by China (in 1979), ceaselessly. You should appreciate that Vietnam has a big innovation for just 35 years although it is not perfect.

Let's the past over and look ahead.

Posted by KimberlyMN May 8, 10 08:06 AM

stunning photos but let me say that we have a really sad history !

Posted by antonio mercurio May 8, 10 08:11 AM

todo lo que las imagenes nos vuelven a traer del pasado es una sola cosa, el hombre no aprendio nada y debe sumirse a causar dolor y muerte entre si, por ideas sobre todo politicas y busquedas de poder economico ideadas por grandes politicos que comodamente sentados deciden la suerte de miles, es nuestro destino o no?

Posted by guillermo May 8, 10 08:23 AM

41. El resultado final en aquella guerra y en las actuales de iraq y de afganistan es simplemente esta: el americano despues de haber matado,destruido y hundido el futuro de millones de personas, vuelve sonriente a su límpida casa. Dejando atrás el dolor y la misera producidos a otros, sin responsabilidades, sin justicia, sin pagar por cerrarle el futuro a generaciones.

Si la sonriente mujer e hijos tuvieran su hogar en la miserable aldea de Vietnam que su amadísimo padre/madrido ha dejado arrasada con fosforo blanco, napal o uranio, otro gallo cantaría.

Y después se preguntan porqué les odian tanto. :(

Posted by Juan Quijano May 8, 10 08:33 AM

I see the common tread here...war is not the answer...peace is the only solution...war and the military cause all the world's woes...peace..peace..peace....

Are you all so out of touch with reality? Sometimes...oftentimes...almost always, war is the ONLY ANSWER.

Grow up...and act like adults. The namby-pamby infantilism that is gripping America is destroying us. Almost seems intended to me...we are the evil United States after all. I mean, we cause al the world's problems.

Look at history!!! Look at it...WAR has been the only answer...the only thing that brought about LASTING (this is the operative word) change...look at America...our Revolution..the Civil War, World WW1, WW2....unnecessary?????? Are you all that simpleminded??? This is not even debatable. Peace was tried before WW2...ask Britain France, Russia and did it work for them??? We were not at war when Pearl Harbor was attacked....

WAR is the only real, lasting solid rectifier and it is HORRENDOUS!!!!!! It is brutal and disgusting and should be avoided at all costs until the very end...but some of the repugnant pacifism and cowardice cloaked in the guise of kindness that is flowing forth here is both childish and disturbing.

Our military has been used in the past. We have ALL been used. But, our country has brought upon a greater good to this earth and you all know it. The revisionism and anti-americanism must stop. I've got a lot more. i am sickened by the lies and deceit of some here.

The North Vietnamese and Communists (how'd that work out around the world?????) did despicable things on a daily basis. The U.S. did despicable things on occasion...a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Posted by Mr. AMERICA May 8, 10 09:05 AM

Vietnam... possibly the worst mistake our leaders could have made.

And we see it happening all over again, in Afghanistan.

When will we learn?

Posted by Thrace May 8, 10 09:48 AM

And 35 years later again the same mistakes in Iraq, Afghanistan.........

Posted by Hotz May 8, 10 10:19 AM

#11. The nun is protesting Catholicism?

Posted by Mark G May 8, 10 10:20 AM

Respectfully, I ask why the images of the little girl with her horribly burnt skin weren't masked in this series but the images of dead soldiers on both sides were? They were doing their job and fell while so. While horrible, it's honorable. That little girl was an innocent bystander. Her injuries are the most shocking to contemplate (at least in my opinion) and deserve the respect of the same initial mask the soldiers received.

That said, thanks for the assembling of these photos. My former husband was a combat Marine infantry sergeant in Vietnam. I think these photos give a sense of how our country did not respect his gift of youth, innocence, nobility, and honor in defending our country. We had no business there.

Posted by Karen May 8, 10 10:26 AM

Thank you for presenting these amazing pictures

Posted by Darren May 8, 10 10:28 AM

simply amazing footage

Posted by deaddogcrippleman May 8, 10 10:32 AM

Lest we Forget....
Remember about the only time the Chinese and Americans agreed on anything in South East Asia was to allow the Kmer Rouge to have a seat at the UN. Look at what happened there...The phrase "Never again" just echoes off the grave stones.

Posted by The Gee May 8, 10 10:34 AM

The Wall in D.C.,pictures like these....59,000 dead ... more scarred physically, and mentally,...solemn. I often think how a different draft lottery number, draft board city or state quota, forever changed or cut short so many lives. I remain with a senseless sense of guilt to this day that that lottery number gave me a lifetime denied so many others my age. If I had lived two towns over,I would have been drafted with my number:42. That draft board was later closed, it's successor, a city, took 110 my lottery year. So, when looking at the youthful faces in your collection, I admire the courage, sense the fear, and wonder now at 63 how I would have performed, and how different I would be now from the experience, had I even survived.

Posted by ajp-md May 8, 10 10:40 AM

Vietnam was a bad mistake.

Irak is a bad mistake. Thanks to Bush.

Afganistan is becoming a bad mistake. Taleban's were supported by CIA in the 1980's. And now when the Soviet Union is gone, the Talebans are not.

Posted by pleppanen May 8, 10 10:55 AM

This was a JFK war. He sent all our CH34 Helicopters & crews from Germany to Vietnam shortly after he met with the French President. I was one of them. We assisted some special forces troops who were assisting village chiefs. Later I served with the 1st Cav Div & later the 101st. This was a costly waste of lives. We should never have been there & could have been in and out. Our intelligence machine was inflitrated there & in the states. I returned fired into a Viet Cong Cambodian incampment once & the State Department knew about it in less than 3 hours. No one knew I returned the fire but my crew & the enemy.

Posted by Billy Bob May 8, 10 10:55 AM

I am rendered speechless about what man does to each other. #37 especially hurts to see: The agony of that man, blindfolded and bound to inflict the most pain imaginable, while the guys in the back give off the nonchalont air of someone who has not a care in the world. They might be waiting for the bus, for all you know – forefathers of Abu Ghraib’s sinister torture teams.

I've seen most of these images in the papers and on TV as a child and remember vividly the news footage of the Huey pushed off the U.S.S. Midway in order to make room for more refugees (check Wikipedia for Operation Frequent Wind). I was 8 ys old that April in 1975 and it was the first time I saw my father cry. He'd been over there for three tours between 65 and 67 and lost many friends in the war.

War is not the answer. War is the question. The answer is NO!

Posted by Sean May 8, 10 10:56 AM

Q: WHAT did Americans HELP Vietnamese people at that time?
A: They fired house and village, killed people, spray DIOXIN (The Orange Death Poison), used B52 bomb to destroy civilian cities..

Q: WHAT did American soldiers fight for?
A: They think they were sent to Vietnam to HELP Vietnamese people, absolutely. But after that, they did not know for what they were here, in Vietnam.

Q: WHAT did Vietnamese soldiers fight for?
A: To unite the whole of Vietnamese Country. And they really did.

Q: WHY Vietnam War was/is not studied in American class?
A: Some of Americans do not want that.

And more and more...

Think of these questions after you comment who is wrong and who is right in this war.

Posted by Hanoi May 8, 10 10:58 AM

America never lost a single battel in Vietnam, it was the gutless Pol's who lost us this war

Posted by Matt All May 8, 10 11:39 AM

thx! that was a sad memory!

Posted by VuManhGioi May 8, 10 11:43 AM

I see no one knows what was going on before we got involved. The Viet Cong was chopping off the heads of all village chiefs & there supporters. Then they put thier own people in charge & used the villages to provide supplies. We initially got involved to stop that killing. I had the pictures.

Posted by Billy Bob May 8, 10 11:44 AM

#47 is amazing

Posted by redarrow May 8, 10 12:38 PM

War is hell on Earth.

These images were the daily exposure of the war I had from high school through university. Back then, when you opened the morning paper, you were hammered with the photos. In the evening, the network news showed the black and white video of the carnage: Pleiku, Da Nang, the Tet Offensive, Parrot's Beak. The photos of General Loan's street execution was actually a film of the entire execution - it was shown in its entirety on Chronkite's CBS network news. Consider these images to the sterilized material the US media presents today to the public. War is hell on Earth, don't let anyone tell you different.

Posted by Basel May 8, 10 01:02 PM

They are the greatest fighter of the world against U.S and do not believe in defeat

Posted by ouis vuitton knockoffs May 8, 10 01:11 PM

Just to remember, the US lost the war.

Posted by Marcos May 8, 10 01:22 PM

Great photos ... but those pictures only showed an 1/8th of what happened and we need the masses to see the results of war or it just repeats itself.

Vietnam warned the French that if they cross the sea territory, they will sink their ship. French ship drifted pass the enemy line at night and Vietnam held up their side of the agreement and France pulled in the U.S. because we are their allies.

That's basically how the war started.

Posted by Sam May 8, 10 01:56 PM

The sadly results of American Imperialism :(

Posted by Albert May 8, 10 02:03 PM

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

To the dead, maybe nothing. To those that have to live under the system that wins, it makes a lot of difference. The issue of whether the war was immoral for the US has been thrashed endlessly. The question nobody has asked was whether the war was immoral for the North Vietnamese. What, exactly, does Vietnam have today that it couldn't have had more of and better by rejecting Ho Chi Minh from the outset?

Posted by Steve D May 8, 10 02:28 PM

sad that the north vietnamese communists won

sad we cut and run

sad for all the innocents in the south slaughtered by a tyrannical despotic merciless communist govt

no one "flees" america - yet thousands braved the ocean on overloaded boats to escape communism - and where did they flee to? big bad "evil" america!


all you america-haters, open your eyes! the vietnamese themselves are witnesses against you! THEY prove you are all wrooooooong!

Posted by sandawg scorch May 8, 10 02:56 PM

Hey Albert, if you think the communists are wonderful people, then you have never heard of a place called Hanoi Hilton. The Viet Cong and their masters in Hanoi were brutal sadists. Its people like you who believe or teach the lie that Communism is moral equivalent to Democracy. Do you think in places like Vietnam or North Korea that you could criticize their govt. No.
I'm not saying the US should be the worlds policeman but I also know that the communists were and are scum

Posted by John May 8, 10 03:03 PM

I just can't understand the world today.

Do most of you idiots know there is a secret government behind the government we see everyday? Just be prepared for something much more devastating than this.

Illuminati. Hail Satan.

Posted by Jas May 8, 10 03:04 PM

This makes me very sad. I am sorry for all those people that perished, and I am embarrassed by our country's lack of support for our Veterans. I thank you for keeping me safe. I wish I knew what to say.

Posted by Becky May 8, 10 03:16 PM

@ Sam

wrong. that is not how the war started.

Posted by Anonymous May 8, 10 03:31 PM

war is an ugly, but necessary tool to combat those who are too evil to reason with. anyone against war need only to look at history to see that sometimes the good must make war to combat evil. hitler conquered most of europe before anyone grew the balls to say no. all these peaceniks would leave evil unchecked and be the next to die. no thanks

Posted by patriot May 8, 10 03:38 PM

I need to know if the terrified women and children huddling in the muddy ditch were godless enemy communist women and children or capitalist, freedom-loving women and children, so that I'll know if I should sympathize with them or not.

Posted by Patriot May 8, 10 03:40 PM

devastating collection. thank you BigPicture. iconic pictures like #14 and #31 put here in context are like reborn. we can now relate more closely not like to "icons".

Posted by augis May 8, 10 03:43 PM

It was the most important confrontation of the Cold War. USA was not prepared for this war, but were about valientes.Mi admiration for all the dead, wounded and maimed and all despised. They gave an example of selfless courage that made you rethink the Communists would not have cost 0 for expansion.

Posted by Santiaguito May 8, 10 03:47 PM

This is a "war" that should not be forgotten. 58,000 American were killed, 130,000 committed suicide after returning home and thousands more carry wounds both physical and mental (PTSD). These brave soldiers were spit upon and called "baby killers" on their return to U.S. A. - this treatment is this nation's shame . Respect those who put on this nation's uniform... the politics of the "wars" don't matter.

Posted by jerry May 8, 10 03:47 PM

Most of you are ignorant and talking out your A$$ just to make yourself feel important or something. Statements like "war is hell", "this was a senseless war", "massacre innocent people"....blah blah... bet a lot of you weren't even born then. Bet most of you don't even know Saigon. Hint: it's not a Vietnamese noodle dish. And DON'T come back here with some smart alec answers after you googled stuff up!

It was a horrible thing for everyone, but, like some said already, COMMUNISM is HELL! My parents were driven out from the North down the South in '54. I was driven out from the South to HELL in '75. Subsequently, driven to the US in '79, via a rinky dink of a boat to Thailand. Why the hell do you guys think that millions of people risked theirs and their family lives to get the F**K out of there? Many more would have if they could. Sitting there in the comfort of your AC house, you guys take so much for granted! For those of you with kids, consider taking your little ones on a wooden raft and head out to open water in the middle of the night! It would have to be some crazy a** insane reasons right? Don't even say for economic reasons. It would just once again prove that you don't have a clue. Have you even seen the ocean before!? Probably not either.... never mind this is so pointless.

I can't speak for the Iraq war. I'll leave that to the Iraqis. As for the Vietnam War:

I am thankful for the Americans. I am sorry that so many of you were killed (as were so many of ours). Seems like one of your lives are worth so many more than one of ours -- it's not. I am thankful that I got out but not before seeing FOR MYSELF the atrocities of the communists. I am thankful that communism didn't spread further. My condolences to all the vets who had to suffer afterward. It was not pointless nor wasted. I am thankful that I am in the States now. No, I don't want to go back there. I am pissed off about how we are starting to piss away our rights and freedom here in the US out of fear. I'll fight you if you try to touch my US citizenship paper and all the privileges that come with it.

For those of you who despises the Americans so much, don't come here. Oh wait, you ARE here....get the H*LL out then! Other countries will take you...

Posted by Saigon May 8, 10 03:52 PM

I'm crying
Merci la colonisation.

Posted by Paul May 8, 10 04:17 PM

i served in this conflict as a marine radio operator,how these pictures make time stand still, seems like yesterday!

Posted by john mcalister May 8, 10 05:04 PM

It is sad to realize how humanity invests huge amounts of money to design and build devices to kill human beings without hesitation and limit.... Weapons are "smarter" now but more lethal.... When will there be an end to this insanity?

Posted by Mauricio Villamil May 8, 10 05:08 PM

It's unfortunate how one-sided a view so many people, especially people who have lived in comfort their entire lives, who have never personally known or seen war with their own eyes, have of this war. The conflict in Vietnam was not about dreams of American Imperialism. It was a result of a long history of colonialism, a tragedy that has been shared by many nations. The brand of Communism that was spreading across Europe and Asia was not, in any way, a good thing. Stalinist communism had already resulted in the deaths of millions across many countries. There was no reason to believe the genocides were going to stop. In the 1950s, the communists in North Vietnam were already murdering farmers. The authoritarian rule in the South under Diem was no better. Authoritarian rule never ends in a good way, but Stalinist Communism was a different beast altogether. Ignore the genocides if you wish, but the fact is that it happened in country after country, and it was continuing to spread. It's easy to look back now and laugh at the "red scare" and America's (and many other western nations) fear of communism, especially if you're younger and did not live in that time. But there it was. A system that was rapidly spreading, that placed no value in human life, that enacted one systematic genocide after another. At some point, it had to stop. Maybe Vietnam wasn't the best place to say, "it ends here." Maybe it should have been done earlier. Maybe it should never have been done. But they didn't have the knowledge that we have now -- of what happened to Stalinist communism in the decades that followed.

On a personal note, some of you should be ashamed of yourselves, with the lack of respect that you show to soldiers. Take a look at photo #5. Most of these soldiers were just boys. Maybe they were old enough to be considered adults, but it doesn't change the fact that they were just boys. They weren't murderers; they weren't baby killers; they didn't take joy out of senseless killing. Back then, as it is today, the military is largely made up of people who came from poor families who had little in the way of opportunities. To spit on them, literally or figuratively, is just wrong. Shame on you.

Posted by Justin May 8, 10 05:15 PM

This is one of those things humans with power do best, send other peoples children to fight dirty pointless wars.

Here we sit in the west away from the screams and agony today as this cycle of violence continues in the name of religion, defence, justice, resources, whatever...

We stupid humans will continue to fight until there is no left to fight. We are still the paranoid hunter gather tribes of ages past unable to shake off our lineal history. To fight and kill each other is to be human, to be human is to be cursed.

Posted by Ash May 8, 10 05:19 PM

This picture series does not do justice to this massive crime committed by the US against the people of Vietnam. It puts way too much emphasis on the aggressors, the US troops, instead of their victims.

If you have any heart in your chest, your sympathy is with the victims, not with the perpretrators. Those who fought the US troops are heroes.

Posted by Stephen May 8, 10 05:22 PM

It's almost too obvious to say, but I'll say it anyway.

These pictures aren't of Vietnam 35 years later. They're of Vietnam 35 years EARLIER.

Not that the horrors of war shouldn't be shown, but I've seen nearly all these pictures before, some of them hundreds of times. I honestly think it would be more interesting for people to see pictures of modern Vietnam. That's what I assumed I would see when I clicked on the link.

I encourage the Big Picture to do another post which actually does show the country "35 years later".

Posted by Ambrose May 8, 10 05:48 PM

Number 32 makes me shake my head. Lets shove a video cam in the face of a wounded and terrified child. Either way, great pictures, they really capture the intensity of the war. Both sides, and the civilians caught in the middle.

Posted by Robert May 8, 10 06:08 PM

seeing those pictures im happy to see any soldiers invading countries without right die.

Posted by thatsjustmyopinion May 8, 10 06:19 PM

Not to forget the horrors of the past, but can someone offer some relevant links to Vietnam as it is recovering today. Perhaps someone who lives there?

Posted by Doug May 8, 10 06:20 PM

Huh? 154 Stephen. B.I.O.Y.A. Ok? Got it?

144 ..I'll make it easy...they are to be sympathized with because a). the VC are trying to kill them and b). they are clearly in the ditch with either US or South Vietnam soldiers (who the VC are also trying to kill)...they are "ours" you can like them.

136... American one sq. inch of foreign soil under American inch. Go ahead...this imperialist will wait.......and wait...and wait. As has been said...all we ask is someplace to bury our dead when we come to your rescue.

To all: USS MADDOX...ever hear of it?

Posted by Mr. America May 8, 10 06:27 PM

To: Albert post #136, you should learn your history, your ignorant is astounding; the war was NOT a result of American Imperialism. You can also testify it with hundred of thousands of Vietnamese American who lives in America. I also want to give out a message to those out there who thinks ill of America: Please be grateful that you are living in the best country in the world. Those that never experienced terrors of living in another country whose government suppresses it people do not understand the agony, so do not criticize the US, for what they did was to stop that agony done to people, to stop those terrors.

Well Said Anonymous, Freedom is not Free.

To #59: I have to disagree with you, for you are so naive. Do you think we can ever have peace if we do nothing to protect from the terrorists? Do you think you can stop the devil from killing by preaching him about peace?

Posted by Army Strong May 8, 10 06:31 PM

veterans of vietnam and korea were spit on when returning and for many years after. seems the only people who honor them are other veterans and current military to include myself as a marine veteran. i did not fight during a war but i did serve proudly as others who have and still are. americans protested vietam and korea because "it is not OUR war" yet neither is the middle east yet all the young men and women who are there and who been there are hero's. they are ALL hero's. no one wants to be in war, but they do as they have signed up for. i salute all military past and present with the pride and respect they have earned and deserve.

Posted by dorothy May 8, 10 07:19 PM

These ARE the pictures that ended the war

Posted by Joep May 8, 10 07:50 PM

Vietnam was so sad. I was assigned to two Navy ships that served time in Vietnam. 1965 aboard an APA-two Marine landings and most of the time in DaNang. 1969 aboard a DEG on Yankee Station on plane guard detail. Vietnam was generally a waste of our lives, time and money unless you count my GI Bill college education. As to Kent State when will the truth ever be told that NONE of the Guardsmen had live ammunition, it was against the rules - it has been proven that the students were killed by a third party agitator group(some say the Black Panthers) but that's not good news so the lies continue.

Posted by Robert May 8, 10 07:51 PM

I was there in 1968 during the start of Tet as a Marine in I-corps, Today I still suffer from that dam war, No one knows except us Vets what it was like and what happened to us when we came back, my own brother who was a scout dog handler in the Corps committed suicide, homeless, drugged out and could care less about his life and the way he survived, he once told me, John I,ve been to hell this is nothing let me be. and to that end where was our country for us ??? 4 Years in the corps, no help when getting out, dropped off at the airport, no unemployment, no thanks, and all I can remember is " Yours is not to ask the question why , Yours is to do or die " I,m sure my fellow Marines remember all to well, find your private place and peace my brothers, Semper-Fi

Posted by John B. May 8, 10 07:57 PM

Nice. Keep Spirit and Smile

Posted by Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace May 8, 10 08:05 PM

to #119 that young girl running from the napalm is married happily with family in Markham Ontario Canada,so the picture only shows one part of the story...

Posted by Bill May 8, 10 08:25 PM

For many reasons (work, friends living there), i often go to Vietnam (in Hanoi, to be more precise). There's just one thing i want to say, as a french.
Despite the remains of the war, despite all the reasons they have for beeing angry against french (or american) people, i always found vietnamese people very nice, very friendly (except policemen in the airport, but... i'm not sure that we welcome foreigners better when they arrive at Roissy Airport !).
I know many vietnamese people, including veterans from both wars (Indochina and Vietnam). Spent time talking with them about this period, what they think about it, how its does affect their point of view etc.

They suffered at a point we just can't imagine... And despite of it, they are friendly, gentle, never agressive... When i compare with the relationships we had (we, the french) with the germans, the time we took for reconciliation...
It's a great lesson. Of course, we must not forget what happened. But Vietnamese people look at the future, today, they don't live in the past. Should'nt we do the same ?

(sorry for my faults in english, nos lecteurs auront rectifié d'eux-mêmes)

Posted by Edouard May 8, 10 08:29 PM

And yet we keep fighting and killing each other.

Deaths by Conflict

Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4383
Operation Enduring Freedom: 1046

Posted by Ted May 8, 10 08:34 PM

# 63 You said it best. The Communist were brutal to the South Vietnamese and these pictures are one sided. Where are the pictures of men and women that went through disembowelment for not giving in to the Communists?

Posted by Vernon Pobanz May 8, 10 08:59 PM

The communists won. Losing to them cost the lives of about 59,000 Americans and God only knows how many Vietnamese. And here we are, 35 years later, and Vietnam is doing fine.

Whatever one may have thought of the war at the time, in hindsight it's pretty clear that if America had just stayed out we could have had this same result with a lot fewer killed.

Communism is evil and stupid. It ran its' course in Vietnam. Had we not spent ten bloody futile years fighting it, it probably would have run its' course ten years earlier. Vietnam would be much much better off today if no American soldier had ever gone there.

Sometimes you just screw up. A man owns up to it and resolves to do better. A child angrily insists, in the face of all reason, that he was right all along.

Awful lot of children here.

Posted by Jim May 8, 10 09:13 PM

Heres the video of the accidental fire bombing. Taken by the cameraman in the photos. (Pictures 30-32)

Posted by Evan Kirby May 8, 10 09:17 PM

Picture No. 41 makes me sick.

Posted by GValg May 8, 10 09:23 PM

I was interested in this article because the first sentence claims "Last Friday, April 30th, was the 35th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War,.." I was in the USMC in 1972-1974 and distinctly recall the Vietnam war ending during the middle of my tour, in January 1973. I did an Internet search and got an ample amount of hits on news articles agreeing with me, such as:

"The ceasefire will begin at midnight on Saturday 27 January. War in Vietnam draws to a close · President Nixon announces an end to the war ..."

27Jan1973: The Paris Peace Accords are signed by the U.S., North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Viet Cong.

Posted by Eric Christensen May 8, 10 09:24 PM

Thank you for the great pictures. I was there in 69/70

Posted by Mike S May 8, 10 09:33 PM

Thank you! for putting these pictures up. Pictures do say more then a thousand words (sometimes)
Found through reading twitters from someone who posted on the `geen stijl´ website in The Netherlands...

Posted by Nicole Netherlands May 8, 10 10:04 PM

#27 I agree with you. The tragedy of the My Lai massacre, and the photographic documentation, was a very important and pivotal part of the Vietnam war, and the public sentiment towards it; it should have been included in this photo retrospective.

Such a terrible event should never be glossed over or omitted, for fear of history repeating itself.

It's sad to think that, even after the horrifying events that happened there 42 years ago, there still exists a culture in the U.S. military that propagates coverups of other atrocities, although none to the same degree of My Lai, to my knowledge.

Posted by Remembrance May 8, 10 10:13 PM

Those pictures bring back memories from a time long ago. Having served there I saw the brutality of the VC and the NVA. Why the Communists chose to be a puppet of the Soviets and took the war to the South Vietnamese is a great tragedy of history, resulting in the deaths of over a million South Vietnamese and later the Cambodian massacre.

There was no American defeat in South Vietnam. Due to the leadership of Nixon America achieved the objective of a cease in the NVA invasion. The filthy Democrats, aided by a few weak minded Republicans, gave away the victory by defunding the war, long after American combat troops came home. The Left characterizes the results of the defunding of South Vietnam as a loss of the war but in fact it was a loss of moral clarity on behalf of the Left Wingers in Congress that resulted in the Killings Fields.

I am glad I served and I claim moral superiority over those that chose to side with the North Vietnamese Communists. I came to that conclusion in August 1968 after spending a morning helping to bury children killed by the VC the night before. Their crime was being in an orphanage supported by the Americans.

Posted by Edward May 8, 10 10:52 PM

wish the media, schools, etc would cover and remind folks about the Vietnam war as much as they do World War 2.
Its unfortunate that the Vietnam war seems to be only only captured in Hollywood big budget epics. This However, blurs the line between fantasy and reality.
Where are the great Vietnam documentaries, etc. There are enough vets, civilians, etc, still around. get those cameras rolling.

Posted by iamser May 8, 10 11:55 PM

VermontAl, It's the baby boomers who FOUGHT in the Vietnam War, for the most part. I'm sure all those veterans you just insulted have a much poorer insight on this war (and war in general) than you do.

Posted by Meredith May 9, 10 12:07 AM

I speak as a veteran of the USA. And i say that you have to had served to understand what soldering ment to those individuals who had to protect their asses. Vietman left an everlasting scare on so many veterans, not to mention those brave young men who returned in body-bags. Don't blame the man who was required to carry out his mission. Don' blame the individual who ended in the Walter Reed Hospital, or a constant visitor at some V.A. Hospital. In addition, think of those who, because of "Agent Orange, have left us or are still suffering from various afflections. We were victums just like that little girl in the photo

Posted by chas mckinney May 9, 10 12:28 AM

Why didn't Truman or Eisenhower accept the overtures of Ho Chi Minh at the end of WWII? The Viet Minh would have aligned with the US if we offered a path to self rule, but by supporting French colonization, we drove them to the Soviets. We mistook nationalism for communism and blundered into a protracted war with no exit strategy and no understanding of how to conduct a counter-insurgency. Our soldiers fought with courage and honor, but our civilian and military leadership was myopic and ill prepared. I only hope we don't repeat the mistakes of Vietnam in Afghanistan.

Posted by Richard May 9, 10 12:47 AM

I was there in 1968 and 1969. When LBJ stopped the bombing of North Viet Nam, the gate was opened. With the gate opened, restrictions placed on engagement, and communist funded protests in the USA, the direction was set toward the world we live in today.

While these pictures are graphic and in no way show the true picture of the Viet Nam (WAR) conflict, they are very precisely positioned to slant the opinion of the viewer. This reminds me of the propaganda designed in the 1960's and 1970's to influence the destruction of American Society. It appears to me that the Progressives, Marxists, Maoists, and those wishing for a totalitarian government in the USA are still at it.

Will history repeat itself? Will there be another war to decide who knows best...the Government or the People? Where will this war take place? Will there be a Nuclear Holocaust caused by ego driven dictators in third world countries....fearful that the people they attempt to control will learn how scared they really are?

Will the attempted destruction of the world economies really result in one world government? Is there a God, and is Revelations really a road-map to tomorrow?

Who has these answers?

Posted by Architect of Adversity...USMC 1968 to 1969 May 9, 10 01:19 AM

Considering the horrors which war brings, it should be the second-to-last option. The last option would be to lay down and die. The first option should be to weigh the costs, and if at all possible, find another way to deal with the strife.

The communism espoused by Stalin and Mao Tse Tung was evil, no doubt about it. Yet, the majority of the Vietnamese people voted for it. Are we so wise we should veto a democratic mandate and use the blood of millions to ink the stamp? Surely there would have been abuses under a Communist regime, but would it have outweighed what we inflicted?

If capitalism is so much better than communism, as I believe it can be, why not simply maintain all diplomatic and trade ties and let our economy and our freedom prove themselves to others? The economic sanctions against Vietnam were lifted, and Vietnam converted itself to a capitalist society almost immediately. It would be nice to see what could happen in Cuba with the same approach.

Yes, sometimes war is necessary. Defeating Hitler was worth it. But I don't think the Vietnam War was necessary. It should have been avoided. My father is a veteran, and he served in Korea and Vietnam. I am proud of him, and I would never question his honor, his patriotism, or his innate goodness. The fact that he served his country honorably, as so many others did, does not mean that his country behaved honorably.

Kim Phuc, the little girl in Pictures #31 and 32, wrote an essay titled "The Long Road to Forgiveness." In it, she says:

"Forgiveness made me free from hatred. I still have many scars on my body and severe pain most days but my heart is cleansed. Napalm is very powerful, but faith, forgiveness, and love are much more powerful. We would not have war at all if everyone could learn how to live with true love, hope, and forgiveness. If that little girl in the picture can do it, ask yourself: Can you?"

Posted by Robin May 9, 10 01:20 AM

unless you were there, SHUT UP.

Posted by C. Sparks May 9, 10 01:43 AM

just a few words: Be kind, don't invase my country, it's gonna be fine and we'll be friends.

Posted by mozart May 9, 10 01:48 AM

And not a word about abandoning the Vietnamese to 35 years of life under a Communist Oligarchy who created one of the poorest and least free nations in the world outside of North Korea.

Just more sick Liberal hypocrisy. Liberals are willing to sacrifice any number of people as long as they don't have to watch their suffering on the nightly news.

Posted by John Kantor May 9, 10 02:56 AM

Its about time that someone put to bed the often repeated myth of returning troops being spit upon by hippies. I served two consecutive tours in Nam with the 1st Infantry Division (gonna be one might as well be a Big Red One) as a combat engineer .... tunnels, dropping out of Chinooks to cut landing zones in the jungle...all the fun stuff. We were rotated in and out as individuals, not units, and landed at military airports, in my case Oakland Army Base. By the time we left there we were in civvies so no spitting allowed. Not that any Nam vet was suddenly a pacifist however. We were discharged and lost our Military IDs. After a year or 2 jungle fighting we didn't have any civilian ids either. At one point I found myself and 4 other "military exiles" in a pizza place where a young San Francisco waiter demanded "proof of age" before he would bring us a pitcher of beer. At that time I was about 43 hours out of combat, trying to kill people who were trying to kill me. I literally picked him a foot off the ground by his shirt and told him that if we didn't get our beer I would slit his throat very very slowly from ear to ear. We got our beer. He was very lucky that I responded because the other 4 guys with me would have been really bad on him.

My point is that no "hippie" would be able to spit on a returning Nam trooper without subsequently spending some time in the coroner's refrigerator.

I do recall one case of extreme harassment against an Army officer though. We were required to be in uniform to receive the military rate for domestic air travel. So there I was, sitting in a bar at the San Francisco Airport (SFO) with a chest full of Unit and Individual battle ribbons when who should sit next to me but a Butter Bars on his way to The Nam. He wanted to learn how to survive his tour and I was glad that he kept buying the drinks. While I never told him anything that might endanger the grunts in his platoon I probably gave him more information about the horrors of jungle warfare than he was ready to gulp down at one sitting. By the time my plane was ready to board I believe he was ready to catch a flight to Vancouver. Call it the enlisted man's revenge if you will.

Memories of a retired Nam Vet and still somewhat active Vermont Hippie.

Peace Brothers and Sisters

Posted by Random Arrow May 9, 10 02:57 AM

All these years later, I'm just so pleased that the lessons of war have been learnt, and that we no longer engage in senseless wars of aggression on foreign soil.

Posted by BuffaloBill May 9, 10 03:05 AM

I say "Kill em All and let God sort em out" You bleeding heart liberals make me wanna puke. God forbid war ever makes it to this great country but if it does you'll be glad there is people like me willing to give my life so you dont have to. The US is being sissified by the theory of "politically correct" in our society. Only the strong survive people - if you don't like it then go live somewhere else!

Posted by Rage May 9, 10 03:24 AM

sigh most of the commentators are all wrong. was there did the thing do ya think we gave a rats ass about politics while we were in combat? no all we wanted to do was keep alive and help our buds do the same. basic training is a brainwashing technique (for that matter so is any school conform or else) war is hell i look at these pics and i'm there again the heat the rain the bugs malaria pills the smell of death the joy of life the guilt of living when your bud is gone the recoil of your rifle (dont call it a gun lol inside joke for vets) any war is hell wether you agree with it or not and there are some wars that have been needed ww2 for example. dont forget the pols didnt go only the good die young yeah right sigh i remember the fall of siagon was at my girlfriends house when the tv news broke in with the images of choppers taking off from the embassy one of the few times i have allowed myself to cry. thinking all the shit we went thru and for what? all the lifes all the pain and this is how it ends? not knowing it was just the start of a long nightmare for myself and america. sorry for the rambiling but perhaps i got a little bit across. sigh its going to be another long night tonight

Posted by Bruce May 9, 10 03:44 AM

iconic photos, I wish they listed what film and equipment was used to take the photos.

just to comment on the comments, a good portion of you are some real idiots. You can tell the people that have been sheltered and those that haven't. Will people stop comparing Vietname to Afghanistan, it just shows how stupid you are and how short term your memory is. We went to Vietnam over cold war politics. We went to Afghanistan because they a NYC block. Or you can ignore the thousands of deaths, so you can make your uneducated point.

Posted by Juan May 9, 10 04:58 AM

LBJ knew the war was unwinnable very early on. Nixon was elected in '68 with a promise to end the war. He and Kissinger then cynically prolonged the war till the mid-70's. More Americans were killed in RVN after Nixon was elected than before. My infantry brigade alone (the 198th, in I Corps, RVN) had suffered about 2,000 KIA (Killed in Action) and 2,400 WIA (wounded in action) by the time I left in June '69. In the peak years of the war an average of about 350 Americans were being killed every week. That's 59,000 dead and more than a quarter million wounded Americans, altogether. And we killed, in toto, at least 2 million Vietnamese. Idiots talk about us "losing" Viet Nam. We lost the war, not the country. When was the country ever "ours" to lose? What would we do if we "had" it today? Viet Nam, run by the Vietnamese, is doing quite well without us, thank you very much.. And it's a pretty good trading partner and tourist destination. Yet there are still embittered old men so terrified of admitting how wrong the war was that they talk as if we should still be over there, occupying somebody else's country. Go figure.

Posted by moby doug May 9, 10 04:58 AM

yet another stupid war. That bastard Johnson, who faked Tonkin should burn in hell for that.
I was allways thinking the US-people have learned from that, but then they attacked iraq with their cowboy bush - again with a faked reason.
no mass destruction weapons yet... i guess they all just disappeared.
the patriotisem of american people is holding them from rational thinking.

thanks you got obama now, atleat one with a clear mind.

Posted by Robert May 9, 10 05:23 AM

Comment 77: It's too bad you gutless baby-boomers can't see the reality of this. War is not a voluntary thing - it is an unavoidable reaction to a threat. Note the commentary from the Phillipino - that person understands, you don't. This is America's current weakness. I hope it's not fatal (but it might be).

Comment 77 shows nothing but ignorance. War IS a reaction, but not the ONLY reaction, nor unavoidable, nor the smart 'reaction' when a perceived threat stands. When you refer to our 'ignorance to war' or our 'gutless-ness' as America's weakness, you should be corrected: America is morally stronger for understanding the reverence of each human life as being important... and more important than most of the reasons countries go to war.

If we choose to forgo the value of life of even ONE individual on the simple basis that they have citizenry in the perceived state "threatening to our security," then we deserve to have our value foregone as well...

Posted by Scott Adrian May 9, 10 05:29 AM

not different from iraq

Posted by serhan May 9, 10 05:32 AM

I do not find this selection of photos anyhow related to pacifism. The photos of enemy are the same sadistic like in the previous set of photos about Afghanistan. No photos about the damage to civilians at the NV side. The same in the Afghanistan photos.
Seems like we go through new evolutional spiral of fascism with citizens ready to approve the killing of citizens at another side.

Posted by Aleksey May 9, 10 05:35 AM

Depressing, yet necessary pictures, but as others have said: The title is misleading. It would be nice if the Big Picture could show us Vietnam 35 years *after* the war, too - maybe in another pictorial.

What I find interesting is how many people writing comments here claim that these pictures show an absolute truth: either that war is terrible and justified by *nothing* - OR that this was a "necessary evil" to fight back communism, and that we should honor those who fought it. Both can't be true.

I'm German. Karl Marx came from my home country, as did "national socialism" (our highly-efficient brand of fascism), the Holocaust and WWII. So in a way, people from my country - regarded as "the land of poets and thinkers" - created ideas that were responsible for the deaths of millions of people all over the world, in Europe, Russia and Asia. Quite a legacy.

Victor Hugo once said "One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas." A more popular version of this sentence is "Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

I'm thinking about this a lot, especially with regards to the forces shaping our planet today: economic globalization and islam. Because the opposite of this sentence is true as well: When an idea's time is *over*, no army in the world can defend it.

I am glad that Russia (who paid a much higher price than any other country), Britain and America fought fascism and brought freedom and peace to Germany. Had I been born just fifty kilometers east of my home town, I would have spent most of my life in a sad little socialist state.

But just like fascism, communism is now a thing of the past (China doesn't count, they are effectively a capitalist state).

And I keep wondering if history hadn't run the same course without the millions of people dying after WWII, fighting proxy wars for the "free world" (= capitalism) and communism.

I read a lot of Science-Fiction, but still I can't imagine a world where an obviously failed concept (fascism or communism) rules forever. Humans aren't *that* stupid, and in a high-tech, networked world, no oppressive regime can stay on top over generations.

So I think despite the terrible past these pictures show, they do not give easy answers how free societies should face new challenges. Do thousands have to die so that millions can live in freedom - or will a stupid idea simply vanish like a nightmare when its time is over?

I wish I knew.

Posted by Wintermute May 9, 10 05:58 AM

154 stephen: Shame on you...........your comments are despicable. You certainly have the right to express them..........though I do wonder why if you are an American you're still here. After all, there isn't anything barring you from leaving.

Yup, war is horrific, it's supposed to be.

Posted by walt May 9, 10 06:50 AM

It is a tragedy that the Vietnamese suffered so terribly because such a large portion of the US population bought into communist propaganda and lost the will to help the Vietnamese defend their freedom.

It is even a sorrier tragedy that such a large segment of the overindulged generation, who were traitors to humanity, continue to believe they were justified in protesting the war.

Where is the iconic picture of Hanoi Jane Fonda sitting on an NVA anti-aircraft gun laughing and congratulating the communists for having killed American pilots? May Hanoi Jane, and those of her ilk, roast in hell for eternity.

Posted by Jake May 9, 10 08:18 AM

the napalm-bomb of picture 6 is so overwelmingly ...

i did a search and ... omg .. the footage of pics 30,31,32
(from 25 seconds)

Posted by basje May 9, 10 08:43 AM

i feel realy soory for haiti my country canada has been donating probably over $1000 to try to help haiti also my school gregory a. hogan in sarnia we did 3 foundraisers 1 is a coffie lodge in our school for 2 days and it was awsome we selled butter tarts and coffie for haiti and raised about$1000 i think and another foundraiser is a quartere drive where all peaple bring qharteres and prinsable for the day i have to go now i will keep foundraising!!

Posted by michele gillinghamer May 9, 10 08:58 AM

I was born and grew up in Vietnam,but I'm living in London at the moment.
My dad was one among hundred thousand student who gave up their University and joined the army in Hanoi in 1972. They all came to Quang Tri during that summer and almost all of them died within a few week,luckily my dad wasn't one of them,he survived through the war and came back home safely.
I can tell you how many friends of him and people in his generation became great Vietnamese today.Some of them are working for the Goverment,some of them have their own businesses and more than just a Roll Royce,some of them have become a giant name in the country. So if 50.000 student weren't died in 1972,you can imagine how could they have changed this country in a positive way.

Posted by Minh May 9, 10 09:24 AM

Who holds the truth??

Posted by 大侠 May 9, 10 09:35 AM

Sure glad that you all have America to blame for everything. G*d knows the Chinese communists never killed anyone. Sure hope I don't live to see the world after enough of the anti American retoric takes hold to get the next war started. It's gonna be a rough century or so after that. America didn't start the war and America didn't lose the war. South Vietnam did. We didn't cause the violence we did what we thought was best. No war is right and this war was as good as any other. We could say that any war fought was useless. If we would have never fought the America Civil War the south would have over time freed the slaves as an economic need. If we would have stayed out of WWI we would never have needed to fight WWII. JFK and LBJ made a lot of bad decisions but they did try to do what they thought was best not for America's interests but the worlds. Dreamers always get us in trouble and we have another one back in the White House.

Posted by Sparky May 9, 10 10:03 AM

A whole generation had been raised on american films. The good guy always helps the small people against the bullies. The handsome good guy cowboy helps the small family farm against the big cattle rancher.

In Vietnam it was not clear that the USA was the good guy. In the vietnamese war of liberation against the french, the french looked more like the bad guys than the vietnamese. In the war between the communist north vietnam and the capitalist south vietnam, it was not clear which side was the good guys and which side was the bad guys. North vietnam supported small farmers against economic oppression so could claim to be the good guys. The communist government of north vietnam (as all dictatorships with a mission) suppressed the freedoms of their people as well as committing attrocities for their cause, which made them bad guys. The government of south Vietnam supported property owners which made them sort of good guys unless most of the property owners were very rich. The South Vietnam government was also not so nice. It was not obvious at all who were the good guys so the support for the war in Vietnam was not there back home.

The USA still has a lot of good will in the world. But this is hurt when they don't support clear good guys. Playing power politics like supporting the Taliban when it suits the USA, then fighting the Taliban a decade later does not lead to clarity as to which side has the good guys.

Posted by marc May 9, 10 10:04 AM

There was a logical error/omission in my previous post (#197). Of course, Russia did their part to free Europe/Germany from one kind of terror (fascism), but brought another one (socialism/communism) to the GDR and the other countries of the Eastern Block.

Fighting fascism was necessary. But I still wonder whether all the blood shed in Vietnam was worth it. The Domino Theory said communism had to be stopped in Asia. The price was that the resulting political conflicts almost tore Western societies apart. Did the US intervention really stop world-wide communism? Did it prove the Western world's moral superiority? Will the current presence of Western countries in Afghanistan and Iraq - again paid for with American blood and boatloads of money -, ensure the victory of democracy and the end of terror? Is the alternative a world-wide muslim caliphate and the end of freedom? I have my doubts.

Posted by David Winter May 9, 10 10:05 AM

I am fortunate enough to be living and working in Ha Noi right now. I love this crazy noisy dirty and totally wonderful city. But most of all I love the people. I love their resilience and their capacity to BE in the moment, to learn from, but not be dictated to by the past.

I read a great deal about the history of the country before coming here. What led up to and led from the American war. Seeing these pictures is very sad and very sobering but a good reminder of man's inhumanity to man but also of man's capacity for surviving the worst that can be thrown at them and thriving out of adversity.

Posted by Pat Sawyer May 9, 10 10:08 AM

My tour was 1978- 1986 U.S Marine with 3/2 wpns STA. I thank God for all my brothers that served in Nam, I was too young at that time, but would of never made it out of the places I did have to go without them. I will never foget you and my childrens children will honor your sacrifices.
Semper Fi,
Cpl. Longo,B. USMC

Posted by Ben Longo May 9, 10 10:16 AM

Một cái giá quá đắt cho độc lập, tự do.

Posted by Nguyễn Tất Anh May 9, 10 10:51 AM

The children should not be part of any war...

Posted by Rodrigo May 9, 10 11:12 AM

I'm in Vietnam, and have been here for the past month. Today I went to the War Remnants Museum in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, and I find it interesting how each of the countries have remembered the event.

The museum was opened up in September, 1975, just five months after the fall of Saigon, and it was originally named "The House for Displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism and the Puppet Government of South Vietnam". I think the latest name is better, but that's just me.

Among some differences in how each of the countries have chosen to remember the war, in Vietnam, it's called "The American War". They like to highlight the millions of gallons of Agent Orange used to defoliate the jungle, which in turn spawned generations of horrid birth defects in Vietnamese children. The extensive use of phosphorus bombs is also presented. Massacres that were reported to have taken place by the American troops took place around the country are presented here - specifically Son My, though several were highlighted.

There weren't photos of homecomings, kissing family members on runways, and happy endings. I felt like I walked a mile in another persons shoes, and saw the world through their eyes.

Posted by Paul May 9, 10 11:28 AM

Các thuyền nhân trả một cái giá khủng khiếp cho tự do của họ

Posted by Nhà vệ sinh May 9, 10 11:38 AM

War Sucks. We are not humans just monsters.

Posted by UFO N343 May 9, 10 12:34 PM

Edward, Comment #176
Well said, Communism brought death, poverty and enslavement everywhere it went!!!

The "Left" would bemoan this as a horrible thing, but wouldn't lift a finger to stop it,
Some glance at a bad accident saying how terrible as they drive past, while others get out and try to help, these are the “true heroes”

Kids are too often taught about the Vietnam War by 60’s protesters, idealists and pacifists, better to talk with a few Vietnam Vets and South Vietnamese refugees who lived it, then you'll have heard both sides and have a better understanding

In comments I keep seeing the phrase “war solves nothing” yet nothing could be more untrue, tyranny and evil need to be opposed and at times war is the only option

To those who can handle the truth, Youtube the video
“A Tribute to Communism”

Posted by uzijohn May 9, 10 12:45 PM

The pictures made me realise that all warfare is of no benefit to mankind.
My thoughts from the UK.

Posted by Brian Wood the Admiral May 9, 10 01:07 PM

Wherever you go America, death goes behind. And also your war trophies on photos. As the way you choose to live, the world doesn't need you. Why won't you change? I can't believe an entire nation think like their leaders. But I do believe that an entire nation can be be deceived through the years.

Posted by World in peace May 9, 10 02:37 PM

Every bit as a sad memory for Americans as to the Vietnamese.

Posted by Anonymous May 9, 10 02:41 PM

on and on and on, after another 35 years we will have pictures from Afganistan, Iran, Iraq and so on....... sad realy sad.

Posted by VIM May 9, 10 03:00 PM

Not much has changed in 40 years - if you weren't there you can't understand, and if you were there you can't understand; so much happening in so many places, so many intense feelings, so many shades of grey, and red, and white and blue, and green, yellow and black on red; so mixed, without realization, with the freedom marches, the firebombings, lynchings and screaming at little black girls in pinafores as they were escorted to integrate a school. we have our own little perspective, from our own little frog pond, not seeing the swamp for the marhs grass in front of us, or the forest for the trees, or whatever analogy you want to use. We who served, served for many reasons, but at least in part to serve our country, believing we were helping our fellow men and women protect their freedom; not to kill babies or ruin a people and their country

Posted by Paul J. Rasmussen May 9, 10 04:04 PM

Isaiah 33

Woe to you, O destroyer,
you who have not been destroyed!
Woe to you, O traitor,
you who have not been betrayed!
When you stop destroying,
you will be destroyed;
when you stop betraying,
you will be betrayed.

Remember Vietnam, Remember.

Posted by Jesus Vargas May 9, 10 04:29 PM

Gerónimo dijo: "cuando los invasores no tengan nada que destruir, se van a destruir ellos mismos" ahora están en Afgan, tomorrow en Irán, y por último se van a autodestruir, bien para los pocos que sobrevivan de las otras naciones.

Posted by gilio May 9, 10 05:12 PM

I would like to thank Cpl. Longo for remembering the Vietnam Veterans. I was there in 1970 with the USAF. I don't agree nor do I respect those who condemn the US Military for participaing in wars all over the world. The US involvement was to help the people of those nations. The average marine, army grunt, sailor and airman were not briefed about the corrupt South Vietnamese government. We were there to defend America and to prevent the spread of communism. Most of the seasoned South Vienamese Army were few in numbers as most were lost in WW2. What was left were young kids who were conscripted and not ready for fight. I am not defending the South Vietnam government, but I am defending the USA and the US Military. The Russians, Cubans and Communist Chinese were "in Vietnam" advising the NVA, they were the brutal ones. For those who don't support the US, you can go live with the taliban or uncle fidel down south and do your research before you speak. It's the military of this country that defends your right to speak out and criticize us. Cp. Longo, thank your for your service in protecting the USA.

Posted by ringo20001 May 9, 10 05:19 PM

"WAR is the only real, lasting solid rectifier and it is HORRENDOUS!!!!!! It is brutal and disgusting and should be avoided at all costs until the very end...but some of the repugnant pacifism and cowardice cloaked in the guise of kindness that is flowing forth here is both childish and disturbing."

You fight to protect your homeland, if it's attacked.
Everything else is bogus.
When has war changed anything?
It is still with us, is it not?
War has got its owners - it is always the same war.
It is a racket, and with upwards of 30% of your GNP
directly bound to said racket, it must be kept going,
I am deeply ashamed my own country is represented
in the Afghanistan swindle.

That said, I can't see what else Gramps and his buddies could have
done, but stand and fight, when our homeland was a target of super-
power aggression once upon a not too distant time.

F W, Finland


Posted by F Wenelius May 9, 10 05:39 PM

13 and 14 deserve an explanation. The POS executed was murdering police officers and their relatives. I would not have been so nice as to execute him.

Posted by Scott Battles May 9, 10 06:15 PM

I was at Tuy Hoa from summer 1966 to summer 1967 in an Air Rescue Squadron. All the soldiers that I knew of, were there because their government ordered them to go, and they refused to run away. They did their duty however distasteful it was to them. And they were hated for it. I am proud to have been involved in the business of trying to save lives where we could. In my opinion we could have won that war with a lot fewer casualties if only we had had the support of our countrymen. So many died who didn't have to because of fearful politicians afraid of not getting re-elected. It was a shame they let over 58,000 Americans die in that place and then refused to complete the mission, and forced us to run away.

Posted by Retired MSgt. Dave May 9, 10 06:35 PM

Saigon...YOU speak the truth! I am happy you made it safely out, I am happy and PROUD you are now a citizen of the United States. THANK YOU for saying what needs to be said. And for those of you bleeding hearts who want to pontificate, LEARN from Saigon!

Posted by Proud of our Vietnam Vets May 9, 10 06:42 PM

My dad served two terms in Vietnam and I am myself am almost 20 year veteran of the US Military and a History teacher as well. These photos remind me of what my father went through, what our current military members are going through in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and how we must never forget the sacrifices of those who serve this country, no matter the time a/o place. All gave some and some gave all.

Posted by Mike Poirier May 9, 10 06:51 PM


Posted by Tom May 9, 10 07:00 PM

With a very few exceptions, soldiers returning from Vietnam were not spit on and called baby killers. The "hippies" protesting the war wanted our fathers and brothers home to their families- the last thing they wanted to do was to insult or humiliate them.

For the most part these stories are made up by warmongers who never served in order to discredit the efforts of those who tried to end that endless war.

Posted by Hi roller May 9, 10 09:09 PM

As to spitting on returning are spitting on your brothers......on Jesus.....not the great Satan you claim America is!! The Great Satan is not America, however.....he will one day come! But if you must spit or lay blame....lay it where it belongs....on Tyrants! It's the Tyrants that torture, loot, pillage! And the people are the victims! Jane Fonda and the demonstrators were wrong, and were the Traitors of this country! the Traitors of FREEDOM! I blame them and hold them responsible for all my fellow vets who Died in Nam(and after)! I hold them responsible also [ for all my Vietnamese friends I fought beside to protect their way of life....their farms and their lives and the lives of their families] whose lives were lost by being DESERTED in the fall of S. Vietnam! Some of those young soldiers, I trained; and were like my own children!! And I also hold all the demonstrators and politicians that crapped their diapers and ran, with yellow streaks down their backs, when it was time to stand and fight for God Almighty and his innocent children! I'm ashamed alright, but not of fighting for what is right! I'm ashamed of all the yellow crybabys whom will no doubt one day; back Satan against the righteous people of the earth.....the children of God! May they rot in Hell! America was damaged forever by her own citizens from then till now! While young men and women still die for the same reasons they did in Nam.......the country is being thrown down from within by the spawn of the demonstrators of the Vietnam Era........and the current administration is helping that happen!

Posted by John D. May 9, 10 10:18 PM

[quote]With a very few exceptions, soldiers returning from Vietnam were not spit on and called baby killers. The "hippies" protesting the war wanted our fathers and brothers home to their families- the last thing they wanted to do was to insult or humiliate them.

For the most part these stories are made up by warmongers who never served in order to discredit the efforts of those who tried to end that endless war.[/quote] You are so absolutely wrong.......figuratively speaking, all returning soldiers[from Nam] were spat upon! They were made to be ashamed of their contribution to FREEDOM.........removed from any possible HONOR of Sacrificing for their FELLOW MAN! This destroyed these hero's mentally! You must understand the total terror it is to be 18 years old and in a foreign country at night where every sound, every shot fired is aimed at depriving you of sanity; of your very life. The delicate state that sanity is upon your return from hell....and how easily it can be snapped. Don't celebrate the man I am didn't get me here! God did! Try to get it right from now on!

Posted by John D. May 9, 10 10:37 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 9, 10 10:49 PM

"Fighting fascism was necessary. But I still wonder whether all the blood shed in Vietnam was worth it."

Vietnam war was fascism, because most of victims were civilians and they were killed just because they were there.
Afghanistan war is the same.
The word "fascism" can be explained as killing or hurting somebody regardless of his/her doings.
So did Germany to Jews.
So did SU to Poles in Katyn
So did US to Germans in Dresden.
So did US to Japanese in Hiroshima.
So did US to Vietnamese.
So did SU to Afghans
So did RF to Chechens
So did Ceylon to Tamils
So does US to Afghans.

The idea of "coalition" "fighting fascism" is totally wrong. There was no such a fighting.

I don't care all that deaths and nations, which are far in time and distance. I think about mass media I read every day and people around me, who approve such killings. With such ideology we can get anywhere tomorrow. And it is obviously disgusting to see the celebrations ceremonies for such kind of soldiers. With such a policy we routinely selebrate slaughtermans, who "did their duty however distasteful it was to them"( #225).

Posted by Aleksey May 9, 10 11:48 PM

Hope this will not being in Thailand soon. T_T

Posted by warachot May 9, 10 11:53 PM

We are dealing with the Communist that backed this war Russia and China to defy the democractic way. So remember that. Every day you buy Chinese products for the most part support the communist Govt.. And the US govt. seems to have no problem with that since we owe them so much. So what went wrong. Hmm! Could it be the greed and selfishness of few. As ex Nam Vet I still haven't changed my view. Communist still are not for human rights and the wealthy corporations aren't least bit concerned about anything but there bank accounts. So pics keep my memory fresh. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 10 12:17 AM

incredible set. thank you!

Posted by luca May 10, 10 12:24 AM

to sandawg scorch:

are you kidding me? As the daughter of a Vietnamese refugee, I find your comment insulting. how were so many Vietnamese people forced from their homeland? Violent aggravation of the conflict in Vietnam, courtesy of the United States. can we please erase this myth of America as the all powerful white savior?

amazing pictures but frightening and very sad

Posted by Lucy May 10, 10 01:35 AM

I don't know why people participate in war ???? They don't even know each other? Everybody should do good thing

Posted by Mikymikye May 10, 10 03:58 AM

"I need to know if the terrified women and children huddling in the muddy ditch were godless enemy communist women and children or capitalist, freedom-loving women and children, so that I'll know if I should sympathize with them or not."

Reading this makes me sick... "godless enemy ...children"
For some people it really is true what is for Homer Simpson...
Empty skull, just a piece of paper stating "I.O.U. a brain, god."

Posted by Chris May 10, 10 04:56 AM

Seeing these photos of each human remains amazed. Now again, Iran is threatening to attack, by Israel and America.

Posted by peyman May 10, 10 05:34 AM

Seeing these photos of each human remains amazed. Now again, Iran is threatening to attack, by Israel and America.

Posted by peyman May 10, 10 05:38 AM

From reading the comments above, it seems that after all this time people are still fighting this war. I suppose it will never end. As human’s, war would appear to be an evil we can’t live without.

Posted by Brian O'Farrell May 10, 10 05:43 AM

Amazing pictures. I came of age during Vietnam, had to register for the draft, remembering the scenes vividly on the news each night with Walter Cronkite.
Vietnam forced the Chinese and the Russians to deploy valuable assets. This prevented them from deploying them elsewhere.

Posted by Space Oddity May 10, 10 06:26 AM

There are better way such situations such as negotiations.

Posted by nelson May 10, 10 06:29 AM

I arrived in June 1965 and left in Feb 1971... It was intense, incredible and mainly sad. I was in many positions and all over the entire country. Radar repair, artillery, loadmaster on 123's, 130's and 141's, 1st Cav, then Air America then worked in Vung Tau for Dynalectron and then as construction boss with RMK. I watched many of our 58k kids die and when I returned to EIU in Ill, I joined the vets against the war. When I moved to Mill Valley in '73, I met the author, Dan Ellsberg, who proved the Gulf of Tonkin was a LIE. Not unlike many of our other wars. My GGG grandfather signed the Dec Ind (bottom signature, 2nd column) and I see we've move away from the 'give me your hungry and your homeless', and started the 'give me your life and I'll take more'. I'm working over in Kiev for 18 years, to take it back even better to the way it was once dreamed to be, all over the world! Peace and Namaste paulatwbc4securitydotcom! NEVER give up!

Posted by Paul Waters May 10, 10 08:05 AM

I served in the war, but not voluntarily. I went b/c I felt I had an obligation to serve in the military which I thought was universal for men.

The first casualty in war is the truth. When I arrived in Nam, I was appalled by the atttitude of the South Vietnamese towards the US; although they didn't hate us, we were definitely not wanted much less appreciated. From there, it all made sense that the war was a big sham and a shame that so may people were killed for nothing. I couldn't wait to get out and hated the military as did most of the troops. Any chance to not cooperate was considered a personal victory.

It will be a long time before the truth is finally known about this war, why we got involved to begin with, how the assasination of Diem, the President of So. Vietnam in the first week of Nov 1963 affected President Kennedy who would himself be assasinated three weeks later and was there a connection. Then the infamous reversal by Pres Johnson who ran his 1964 campaign on the statement that he was not going to send US troops to SE Asia. And the most corrupt US President, Nixon, who campaiged and won the 1968 election on the vow of "Peace with Honor". Little did we know that he had no intention of negotiating peace in good faith which the No. Vietnamese were well aware of as he ordered some horrific bombings of North Vietnam including Hanoi and Haiphong. And since as we later found out that he had no honor to begin with, how could he deliver on that.

In the end, it was a humiliating defeat for the US, but one in which many lessons were learned which I sense has since been lost. Seeing these photos brings back memories and maybe in our collective recollection, we can rediscover what went wrong and find a way to institute preventive measures in executive and legislative branches of government.

My sense is that after the CIA installed Diem in power, he turned into a brutal dictator (as most of the CIA-installed government heads, e.g. Battista / Cuba, Hussein / Iraq, Pahlavi the Shah / Iran, Noriega / Panama, the list goes on) and suppressed the SVN people including ignoring an agreed refendum on reunification as one of the terms of the settlement of the war with the French in the early 1950's. That was the genesis for 60's revolt. As there was great concern for the spread of communism in SE Asia, the US intelligence and government incorrectly characterized this uprising as the continuing spead of communism rather than a war for independence.

In other words, we let our fears get the best of our good judgement and then our morally bankrupt politicians used those fears to build support for going to war.

PS Kennedy's inner circle has since reported that he was shocked and shaken by the assasination of Diem and his brother; just previously he had instructed the US Embassy in Saigon to explore a change in leadership realizing that SVN was in a downward spiral due to Diem's dictator-like iron rule; obviously he was dismayed by the CIA in their handling of it since Diem's safety was supposed to be guaranteed. There was already high tension between the Kennedy Administration and the CIA in the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs, Diem's assasination had to be . This may well have prompted Kennedy to completely lose all confidence in the CIA and the policy being pursued in SE Asia. Maybe he was ordering a review of the strategy in SVN much to the distress of the CIA and also in all likelihood the State Dept, with Dean Rusk as Sec'y of State who as we know was one of the Kennedy admin hawks along with Def Sec'y McNamara. It would be interesting to chronicle the relationship of Pres Kennedy and the CIA from the beginning of his administration and especially around the the Diem assasination

Posted by richard May 10, 10 08:32 AM

What was the corporate interest convinced us to murder a country?
Wood? Metal? Gas? Women?Land?

Posted by david May 10, 10 08:35 AM

What frustrates me most is that everyone calls this action a "WAR". Wake up people only Congress can declare "WAR" the last being WWII. Worst of all I/we must face the fact that we fought and died for absolutely nothing and as for our soldiers in Iraq they also will end up the same (forgotten). . . I for one will never forget.

Posted by I Corp combat vet May 10, 10 08:40 AM

Devastating photos from such a devastating war! Today we recoil when 12 servicemembers are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but during Vietnam we were seeing over 100 soldiers a week KIA at certain points. How would we react to that now, I wonder?

In any event, Vietnam was a terrible war in terms of the human cost and the butchers bill is still being paid out.

Posted by omaha May 10, 10 08:54 AM

Is it really over ?
Is my daughter likely to see some, or even worse, similar pictures coming from Afghanistan, Iraq, ... in the next years ?
I was a child during this war and I can't still catch what moved such a cruel and useless action.

History MUST teach us something !!!

Posted by Angelo Bergamini May 10, 10 09:57 AM

After reading these comments I am amazed at the misconceptions of the war. I guess that is what happens when we let Hollywood and the Liberal media define history for us.

If you want to know why we went into Vietnam go read Senator JFK’s speech to The Friends of Vietnam that he gave in August 1959 before being elected President. He articulated four valid reasons why America should be concerned that the Communist were marching south to invade South Vietnam.

As far as the war went LBJ and McNamara were poor leaders. They chose to fight the war on the terms of the Communists and that caused far too many casualties. They showed weakness with their stupid cease fires that led the Communists the opportunity to resupply. Far too many Americans died because of the mismanagement of the war by LBJ.

The American media assisted in the stupidity by siding with the Communists. For instance, Walter Cronkite’s stupid proclamation that “all is lost” after the tremendous American victory at Tet was absolutely unacceptable and false.

Once elected Richard Nixon got it right by taking the war to North Vietnam and withdrawing American combat troops. The South Vietnamese were taking over the war and had several victories over the North Vietnam.

The North finally had enough and called it quits and agreed to the Paris Peace Accords, which secured South Vietnam. That was the objective of America’s participation in the war from the beginning. We had won and achieved our objectives, even though it was at the cost of too many lives.

The Democrats in Congress couldn’t stand the idea of an American victory and passed the Case-Church Amendment, which defunded the war and gave a green light to North Vietnam to break the Agreement and invade. The Liberals gave away the victory that was so hard fought by American soldiers.

One last comment. There was never this massive opposition to the war as proclaimed by the Left. Nixon, in 1972, ran on a platform to win the war. It was the central issue of the election. Nixon won the election by almost the biggest landslide in American history. The Left in America wants you to believe that the hippies were reflecting mainstream American opposition to the war. That was wrong. The real poll was in the election of Nixon and the people voted for victory.

By the way, I served over there in the US Army from October 1967 until March of 1970.

Posted by Edward May 10, 10 10:01 AM

Very powerful and emotional pictures. If it wasn't for this war, my sisters and myself would not be here. We are Americans, and we thank God for each day for this country.

Posted by gab May 10, 10 10:24 AM


Posted by MJ May 10, 10 10:45 AM

History does teach us .... that We, The United States Of America is the most beautiful country in the world .... We allow every one to join us.... even illagel's ... and we protect .... I challenge each and every one.... try living in another country outside of North America and see how you like it ... women, go to Asia and see how you like it ..... FREEDCOM IS NOT CHEEP .....SO let's not give it away .....

Posted by Bill Murray May 10, 10 11:08 AM

This is for Stephen, you liberal moron, "those who fought the US troops are hero's" how can you say that and call yourself an American, dont you have any backbone you spineless coward? How about all the Americans who died over there, you dont consider them heroes? Well next time you go to sleep at night remember who keeps you safe, and who fights for you to say things like that, remember that... And to all you who fought over there, many thanks, Semper Fi

Posted by Kevin May 10, 10 11:12 AM

All the people that served, or lived in the country, during this war, should be respected by every person on this planet. If you live through something like this, you have my heartfelt regards. I pray that you have healed. All you posters ranting about what you think is right, stop it. you do not know what you are talking about. All the govts in the world have an enemy, the South , and France asked for the US's help and we tried. Lets hope your country isnt attacked and that your govt asks for help and you get it, cause your faith is severely weak. The USA does something for everyone everywhere! Does your Govt? The USA is despised becuz you are told lies about us that because you are controlled to the point of ignorance, you will never understand why we fight for everyone else, we are the world police because we are the greatest country in the world. You might as well accept it, your govt already has its just another thing they dont want you to know!

Posted by jwright May 10, 10 11:56 AM

Where are the pictures of all the dead from Cambodia after Vietnam invaded them?

Us pulling out of Vietnam didn't end the war by any means.

Posted by brandon May 10, 10 12:01 PM

Yes I am A vet I was aboard the USS BLUE RIDGE LCC19 when I was in the waters off s. veitnam 1975 trying to help the refugee get out of saigon. We helped as many as we could to get away from the communist advances from that dam war.I am proud of all the vets that served In that dam war an the man that put this all together. Amazing pictures , but at the same time very sad.

Posted by Norman F. Yott Jr. May 10, 10 12:40 PM


Posted by sparta May 10, 10 01:10 PM

Vietnam 3 USA 2 Final
Afghanistan 5 USSR 3 Final
Afghanistan 4 USA 1 Hafltime

It appears that Afghanistan will remain undefeated.

Posted by pk May 10, 10 01:23 PM

I am too young to have experiecned the Vietnam era. But the more I read about it, and the more I understand about the anti-war leaders at home, the more I am disgusted by their behavior. The war was lost by these Fifth Columnists, our troops who fought to keep South Vietnam free form Communist rule were humiliated, and S. Vietnam got conquered.

If Communism is so wonderful, why did the S.Vietnamese leave in droves afterwards (aka "Boat People")?

If Communism is so wonderful, why did over 1 million die at the hands of Communists in Cambodia AFTER we left?

Their blood is on the war protestors hands.

Posted by Tim May 10, 10 01:25 PM

Vietnam was really a threat? I mean they lived on trees and s**t!! And US couldn't even win it...
There are no wrong or right comments, people are entitled to their damn opinions, so stop pointing fingers and go drink some some!

And don't hate the soldiers they are brave and weren't the decision makers!

Posted by brian May 10, 10 01:37 PM

Thank you.

Kipling: "When they asked us why we died, tell them that our fathers lied."

Michael Paul
RVN, 1966 - 1967.
An Army Corpsman.

Posted by Michael Paul May 10, 10 01:58 PM


Posted by NEIL May 10, 10 02:05 PM

I was one of those kids that escaped from the communist regime. Young but old enough to remember the bombs and gun fire. Vietnam vets you guys are hero's! ..Thank You All!

Posted by Tri May 10, 10 02:22 PM

Returning Viet Nam vets WERE spit on and called baby killers and other foul things! I know because I was spat on in the San Francisco airport in September of 1972. It was by a foul mouthed woman and most returning vets still wouldn't kill an unarmed women. Also with the low travel pay you could only afford to fly military stand by and you had to have your uniform on to do that.
I just wonder if Hi roller was even there.

Posted by Mark May 10, 10 02:39 PM

Fighting communism was no more than marketing. The fact is that every, bomb, bullet, tank or piece of equipment, put money into the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex. So as long as the American war industry is allowed to exist, kids will be tricked into dying for profit.

Posted by Carbon May 10, 10 03:26 PM

World in peace, you are an IDIOT. (post 216) the world doesn't need the U.S.? EXCEPT when the world has it's hand out for more goodies from "Uncle Sugar" You and your Marxsist friends have done NOTHING to stop genocide. You conviently ignore the Vietnamese, Iraqi's and others who have been tortured, raped, and killed by your "friends" Perhaps you have a vision impairment that prevented you from seeing all the Vietnamese who desperatly tried to get out of the country instead of being "liberated" by Hanoi. You wouldn't recognise evil if it bit you in the ass!

Posted by bydand May 10, 10 05:48 PM

Pictures most of us who served there never knew these photos were taken.

Take Photo #4 of the Marine CH-46 in flames and ready to crash during OP Hastings. I was there and saw it, I could have been in the photo taken, but am not sure. I was with G Company, 2nd BN, 1st Marines and we operated in and along the DMZ for over a month (July-August 1966). The photos are great a piece of history. Thanks, Boston Globe.

"War is Hell." ~ Gen. Wm. T. Sherman

"War is Hell." ~ Gen. Wm. T. Sherman

Posted by Dan Francis, 1st Lt., USMC (Ret.) May 10, 10 07:17 PM

Michael Paul....If you had been in the Navy, then you would have been a Corpsman. If you had been in the Army, you would have been a Medic. Both were called "Doc" by the men they treated.

Semper Fi
RVN 69-70

Posted by Ken May 10, 10 07:31 PM

For all of you that think freedom comes cheap, think about it again. Think what it would be like to live under communist rule and to have nothing that you work for to belong to you and your family. You bleeding hearts are the first ones to cry for help as soon as something happens to take away everyones precious freedoms.

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 10 07:39 PM

THE HIPPIES ! Yes of course, and their wonderful contributions during the 60's and early 70's, to society, to the principles our country was founded upon, to ending this 'very unjust war' for being an example of character and strength. Let's see- who were they ?

For the most part, they were the kids who went to college full-time, certainly didn't have to work, had the LUXURY of spending their parents hard-earned money running around 'protesting', creating their own brand of hate.

However, since this was so much agonizing work and responsibility they were able to diminish the stress with free-love communal love fests and living, plenty of dope and alchohol for all AND lots of rock concert venues to hang out at. You could burn books, American flags and bras, so liberating!

They WERE merely the spoiled & entitled brats of that era. How do I know this ? How can I be so sure? I had to go to work every day of my life starting when I was 15 and could get working papers. When I wasn't at work, I was in school or home helping with all the chores that were expected. There were no love-in, sit-in, flower options. And every one of my friends from our lower-middle class roots in Detroit were doing the SAME thing. I did not personally know any 'hippie protesters', they were just a few people on TV to me. They had money for VW buses and tents, they never looked starved to death, who bought the pot, oh right they grew their own.

For me the war could not have been more real even though I never went to a single Peace March or War Protest. Starting at age 15 till age 18, I wrote letters to soldiers stationed in Viet Nam. I didn't know them, we were given their names. They loved mail, any mail. I told them about my simple every day 15 year old girl high school life and they told me about theirs as a 19 year old in Viet Nam, what happened at the raid the night before, and who died.

I sometimes think about these guys 45 yrs later, I know at least 2 got home safely. I don't recall their names, I didn't save the letters, but they were the ones who brought this war into my life, not the TV with a bunch of long-haired freaks running around partying in between protesting. NOT one of these guys EVER wrote a disparaging word about America or about being there.

They just told me about their day in Viet Nam, their families, their home town, what they might do when they got home. I told them about working at the dry cleaners after school every day, how a test went. But mostly I tried very hard to tell them in my 15 year old 1965 way, I was scared for them, I was praying for them, and I couldn't imagine how frightened THEY must be every day.

Hippies ??? They were NOT, nor was their message what ALL of America believed and wanted and stood for. Nor did they represent anything to be proud of..... not to me in 1965 nor now!

Apologies of course to all former hippies out there who may feel offended.

Posted by Sally May 10, 10 08:22 PM


Posted by STEWART usmc 72-74 May 10, 10 10:10 PM


Posted by D. MC ADAMS May 11, 10 02:06 AM

I am proud to have served aboard the USS Marshall DD783 in Vietnam's Tonkin Gulf and on "the gunline" in the Mekong Delta firing artillery support for our troops. For you men and women who served in country you have my heart felt thanks and gratitude! I also feel that the "Jane Fondas and people of her ilk rot in hell" the traitorous cowards!

Posted by CalifCal May 11, 10 02:18 AM

Thank you Dad!

Posted by Teresa May 11, 10 02:22 AM

I did not read all the personal comments listed, but as a buck sargent in country 1968/69 with the 1st Field Force I must say pictures DO NOT speak louder than words. If you are going to show the pictures make it the ones that show the real truth of the Vietnam war!

How about some of the things we saw of the VC and NVA and what they did to their own people? If anyone in their right mind thinks that Communist ruled Vietnam is so much better off now than it was when we were there. GO TO VIETNAM AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! Remember the lambras and the wagons pulled by animals. Well it has not changed that much! Some of my vet friends have and they tell me the same thing , that if it wasn't for the vegitation growing up all over the LZ's and firebases you would not know much has changed in South Vietnam except some of the highland cities like An Khe are much bigger. The people are no better off and most of the kids don't even remember the war except from their older family members.

For me and a lot of other vets, I have no reason to want to go back to Vietnam to have closure, I left to many there as it was. Read about Vietnam, and forget the pictures and press releases. Read about General Gap and his statements that one more day of around the clock bombing of Hanoi and they were ready to surrender. They were out of SAMS , AAA ammunition and the will to fight . One more day in his own words and the US media helped them win the war!! So much for pictures and editorials on the nightly news in the States. It almost sounds like Iraq and Afganistan 5 years ago doesn't it? Of course now that it has gone on for awhile the news media has moved on also , you can't sell air time for old news!! SNAFU

Posted by Richard S. Iaeger May 11, 10 02:28 AM

There was NO WAR before the "American military advisors" came. The first Viet-Namese President Ngo Dinh Diem refused to provoke war with the North Viet-Namese. JFK sent CIA Lucien Conein had President Diem killed. JFK then choose another VN President Nguyen Van Thieu who would listen to him and sent the country into this unjust war. Three millions of Viet-Namese lives were lost vs. 50,000 Americans. After the war, President Thieu fled to Boston and lived close by his master, Kennedy's family until he died. JFK had a reputation of war. Within days becoming a U.S. president, he sent commandoes to Cuba and tried to assasinate President Castro. This leads to the later missle crisis and eventually a nuclear arm race to the point the U.S. and Russia have enough nuclear war heads to destroy the entire human race. I don't see how you Americans can call JFK ahero, who indeed was a great destructor of human life. It is hard for me to see these war pictures and hold back my tears. I have lived and grew up in this meaningless war that JFK brought to us. Americans who provoked the fight with the North VN subsequently abandoned their ally, the South Viet-Namese and let them to another sad chapter in the history

Posted by Khuong Chan Trinh May 11, 10 03:52 AM

Horrifying pictures.
There is no war for democracy
Just war for greed of few and pain for many
Let’s not forget it

Posted by Rapakruda from Italy May 11, 10 05:00 AM

An Intense pictorial of a hellish war. Thanks for sharing.
2nd Squardron, 11th Armored Cavalry Jul67 to Jul68

Posted by Charles May 11, 10 05:01 AM

Thanks for posting the pics..Was there in 69-70(199th LT INF BDE). Seeing them brings back memories; good nd bad. Too bad we didn't get the wecome home that the men and women of today get. To ASbsent Companions-Salude.

Posted by Larry Mallette USA Retired May 11, 10 05:05 AM

Bydand who really is the idiot in this matter?
You really believe US involvement in these countries is not from a beneficial point of view? You really believe US invaded Iraq to help the people there?? How naive can you possibly be?..

Posted by Jacob May 11, 10 06:39 AM

Carbon – when I hear statements from people like you such as “Fighting communism was no more than marketing” I am amazed at your ignorance of the Cold War.

I would strongly suggest that you do a little bit of historical research before making such statements because it really is embarrassing having to explain the post WWII expansion of Soviet sponsored Authoritative Communism.

There were over 90,000 Americans killed during the Cold War and countless millions of innocent civilians killed by that revolutionary scourge that never worked out so well. Civilians were killed in South Vietnam, Laos, Central America, Cuba, Korea, Africa and in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. I won’t even mention the tens of millions killed in the Soviet Union and China. Two of the most repressive societies in the world today, North Korea and Cuba are the legacies of that Communists brutality. There is a reason why the AK-47 is the most mass produced weapon in the history of the world and that was to give the Communist a weapon they could use to kill.

I suggest that if you are really interested in learning why we committed ourselves to the defense of South Vietnam you go and read Senator John F. Kennedy’s speech to the Friends of Vietnam that he gave prior to winning the election in 1959. He established four reasons for intervening in the desires of the Indochina Communist Party to subjugate the people of South Vietnam to Soviet sponsored Communism. I know that actually doing a little research is a lot harder than coming up with Left Wing placard level statements like “Fighting communism was no more than marketing” but it is worthwhile for your education.

Why you are doing this research I would highly recommend that you look up the statement “voting with their feet” because that describes the massive flood of Vietnamese that escaped Communisms from the North to flee to the South.

Being a Vietnam Vet having spent over 30 months in the war I am going to clue you in on something that you probably never heard in your Hollywood movies about the war or never heard from traitors like John Kerry; The VC and NVA were the bad guys. They were very bad. The killed hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese during the war. The Communists killed millions after the war, which is the legacy of Communists domination every time they seceded.

Thank God that the US and our allies had the guts the stand up to the Communist after WWII or else people like you would probably not be expressing your ignorant statements on the Internet like “Fighting communism was no more than marketing” nowadays.

Posted by Edward May 11, 10 09:03 AM

USA rocks!

Posted by felipe May 11, 10 09:13 AM

I cannot believe how utterly illiterate some of the anti-war posters are here still spewing their panty-waist ramblings. Can't you see that the politicians pulling us out of VN has repercussions today? It indirectly led us to 9/11 where a band of terrorists saw how unprepared we were for today's wars. Afghanistan and Iraq were necessary to keep them fighting us Over There. I dread if they hit our shores, the anti-war protesters would welcome them with open (empty) arms. Now with our march to Socialism, the metamorphosis is almost complete. Gawd help us!

Posted by Larry May 11, 10 09:16 AM

What's the word again .... ? Ha yeah "god bless America" :(

@BuffaloBill post 188 > +1000 I fully agree with you, we're so lucky today ;-)

Posted by Thomas May 11, 10 09:56 AM

Minh Wrote:
I was born and grew up in Vietnam,but I'm living in London at the moment.
My dad was one among hundred thousand student who gave up their University and joined the army in Hanoi in 1972. They all came to Quang Tri during that summer and almost all of them died within a few week,luckily my dad wasn't one of them,he survived through the war and came back home safely.
I can tell you how many friends of him and people in his generation became great Vietnamese today.Some of them are working for the Goverment,some of them have their own businesses and more than just a Roll Royce,some of them have become a giant name in the country. So if 50.000 student weren't died in 1972,you can imagine how could they have changed this country in a positive way.

A stupid Viet Cong.... Yes, many of them now own so much money.. and those dollars are undertable ..... and that is how they own a Roll Royce... too bad.. after the war, we left behind with no freedom for over 80 millions people surving for food, look for freedom for religious, freedom for speech which will never happen if the communist still takes the control as now.. I just came back from Vietnam couple months ago and this still exit now aday....
Bottom line is to have a freedom for the country so that the 80 million people can live in free.....stop taking money under the tables... and tell your dad too...

Posted by Vu May 11, 10 10:00 AM

it's so very sad to see people talking about the Vietnam war (or the American war) without giving a damn of how today's Vietnamese people think. It's like there are only two sides of the debate: the South Vietnamese who regard themselves as wise yet victimized men, and the American who are both the big boss and the morally superior. The REAL Vietnamese are in the middle, and treated as fools who can't see properly the right and the wrong. As a youngster I, not YOU, know Vietnam as it is at the moment, and for your information, it's getting better. I clearly understand that we no longer are hardcore communists or stuff; we're capitalizing our economy and democratizing our society. But, as a whole, the government enjoys healthy and confident control over the country, and the Vietnamese people are more united than ever. Go to Vietnam and witness for yourself what a beautiful country it is growing into. I know in the past our image was one of a backward and reclusive people, but no more. Pay us a visit to be welcomed and respected, as we bear no grudges against any races in the world right now. Americans, English, Australians, etc. We all have forgotten the past and are looking into the bright future. The question is, can YOU? especially you, the EX-Vietnamese. U are welcomed come back as visitors and investors, but if you love the US more you may very well stay there and shut up. Leave us alone.
oh, by the way, many thanks to the blogger who posted these priceless photos.

Posted by anonymous May 11, 10 11:34 AM

#42 is such a contrast. What a painful collection.

Posted by Zaaviyah Hussain May 11, 10 12:48 PM

War is HELL! Unless you have really been in one, by being there, you have no idea, really no idea, what war is like just by looking at a photo, or looking at the 6:00pm news. I served in South Vietnam from April 1967 until July 9, 1969, and there were good and bad times. After spending 17 days in the hospital in 1968 and watching so many soldiers fighting for their lives, among other things, I knew it was time to end this senseless war.

Being in a war doesn't make one a great patriot. The majority of us, like myself were DRAFTED into the military. We went because the government called upon us to serve in time of great need. I don't hold any grudge or make any judgments against anyone who didn't, and neither should anyone else. What we loss (50,000-plus) in human lives during the Vietnam War is far greater than the loss of American lives in both Middle East conflicts.

James W. Preston, Sr., Wash. DC. Served with the 4th Transportation Command, South Vietnam, April 1967 until July 9, 1969. Received the Army Commendation Medal.

Posted by James W. Preston, Sr. May 11, 10 01:18 PM

Gran trabajo de recopilación! Good job!

Me han impactado mucho las caras de los hombres que aparecen en la foto *32, seguro que ya habían visto mucha muerte en esa guerra, y aun así, se les ve como miran horrorizados a esa pobre niña quemada por el Napalm.

Posted by Valentin May 11, 10 06:01 PM

Seems Like Just Yesterday! And it is!

Posted by Beau Richards May 11, 10 06:57 PM

If you or anybody else thinks that rhetoric about war will change anything, forget it. As long as there are tyrants and their greed to change a peaceful people, others will stand up to them, and deservingly so. The crying hearts that condemn warriors will never know what war is really like. Before you cry on someone's shoulder of how bad war is, try being the one who is tormented by the real evil advisory.

Posted by SS for Gallantry in Action May 11, 10 08:00 PM

Gotta love all the Americans on here who seem to think the US was somehow the underdog of the war despite having overwhelming technological superiority. You need to get over yourselves. The war wasn't just a political psychodrama for the US; it actually impacted the Vietnamese much more. They lost millions of people in that conflict (and the French war, and the Chinese invasion). Americans only care about how it hurt them, what it meant to their country. The Vietnamese have done the right thing and moved on. Now, you need to. The Cold War is over.

Posted by James S. May 11, 10 08:46 PM

mexico is near from a war like this
our president is an stupid fucker son of a bitch
since 2000 the fuckers suckers goberment are in the narcotrafic
every level in the goberment is corupted
the figth against the narco is part of the narco
and the fancy panistas are nazis in this country
i hope the war comes versus my goberment

Posted by benito ramirez diaz May 11, 10 09:17 PM

" War is cruelty. There is no sense trying to change it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. We cannot change the hearts and sentiments of the people of the South, but we can make war so terrible that generations will pass away before they again harken to it "
William T. Sherman 1864

Thus was born the idea of total war. I am a US veteran from 83 to 89 and fought in Central America. I lost three Uncles in Vietnam.I believe they died for something right. God Bless our troops past and present. Thank you for your service. For those who condemn the US and our troops, I remind you that you can condemn them and voice your opinion because of the sacrifices of those you condemn.

Posted by Thomas May 11, 10 10:38 PM

The pictures brought back many memories long suppressed. I daily think of my sojourn in Viet Nam, as a matter of my having experienced it personally. I never felt that my reason for being there was for naught. There WAS a reason for me to spend time in that forsaken country. I do NOT regret it. For me it was a turning point in MY life. One which was forcefully brought upon me, but never regretted. I believe the lessons learned there can NEVER be measured, and it will never fade from my memory. For it is me. ingrained in my soul forever.

Posted by TC May 12, 10 01:06 AM

Two of the greatest human minds have said "Blessed are the Peace Keepers, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." He did not say "Blessed are the War Mongers".

Another said "If you kill one human, it's like killing the whole world".

I agree with one comment that war & killing is only justified if your homeland is attacked. Unfortunately war is justified today for oil (energy) that leads to power, control, and riches for the fat cats.

Soldiers who fight and live or die in wars are heros. They suffer through unimagineable Hell on Earth so others in ivory towers can prove a point and build taller towers. Can human nature ever be changed, or are we destined to eliminate each other?

Posted by Devastated By Fotos May 12, 10 01:32 AM

I fought in VietNam 1966 - 1967, LZ English at Bong Son.. I did not come home a hero.

There should be pictures of the atrocities from both sides so the world will know how horrible war can be to our race. If our world leaders would participate in these horrific episodes of mans inhumanity to man, they would ban war forever.

We continually send our children off to die in foreign countries for gains that can be gotten peacefully.

I served my country with honor during those times, and would do it again if asked, but what do we say to the 58,000+ names on the Wall in DC who gave it all and have no voice now?

Posted by An old soldier May 12, 10 06:22 AM

WAR = Worst Act of Reason - His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
May the peaceful warriors rise to spread love.

Posted by Arvind May 12, 10 10:03 AM

The last american war with free reporter...

Today, governments control all the people's protests and we're just sheep in flock.

Posted by Lionel May 12, 10 10:27 AM

Lucy May,
The American warmongers are long gone from Vietnam so I believe it's safe to return there. I think you will be very happy there.

Posted by John Magurn May 12, 10 07:13 PM

Looking at these pictures brings back some vivid memories for me as I was in VN from August '65-April '67, USMC 1st Force Recon Company. While looking at the pics I was shocked to see photo #4. I had been on that chopper 10 minutes before it was shot down. I remember it like it was yesterday. I did return to VN in 2003 and that was an eye-opening trip. There is almost nothing left that shows we were there and the majority of the people were born after the war was over and they know little about it. Good for them. On my return trip I found the people to be kind and decent. None that I met harbored any ill will towards Americans. That was a healing experience. Semper Fi.

Posted by Rick May 12, 10 07:43 PM

I remember Hanoi Jane. I will never forget!

Posted by Chris May 12, 10 09:08 PM

A war never leaves sweet memories. ~ Ziyad ~

Posted by Ishak Latipi Mastan May 12, 10 10:19 PM

What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
War is something that I despise
For it means destruction of innocent lives
For it means tears in thousands of mothers' eyes
When their sons go out to fight to give their lives

Posted by Marcel May 13, 10 12:54 AM

Why everybody says 'American' when talk about US people only? American are also Mexican, Argentinian, Canadian... U.S is not all America.

Posted by Jesus May 13, 10 04:34 AM

Cảm ơn Big picture

Posted by tranhung09 May 13, 10 04:35 AM

The business of war - the comments suggest that it is as alive as ever.

Posted by edith hughes May 13, 10 05:55 AM

Peace Keepers will try to right a wrong when they see it or are summoned for help. I agree that the photos of those trying to escape the incoming regime point out that it was not welcomed by the people. To keep those who would commit ethnic cleansing at bay by whatever means unfortunately must sometimes include war. There are no negotiations with evil. Deception is it's playing card. Unfortunately, it still takes a toll on those who would like to pretend it doesn't exist! I was torn between patriotism and wanting our soldiers to return home safe. I wore a POW bracelet and am ashamed that I took it off without ever finding out what happened to that person. Peace will only arrive with the Prince of Peace Himself!

Posted by Pam May 13, 10 08:22 AM

I am always amazed how so many people post comments about things that they really know nothing about. They should read about the subject that they are posting about, not just throw some willynilly opinion out there because the happen across one piece of information or heard it from an unreliable source, my God!
I am a VietNam Veteran, served with the 101st ABN Division 1970 to 72 in I Corps. Even my opinion is biased, having been a grunt workin the western mountains and valleys of VietNam. I would like to think that my sacrifice of time and effort went for a good cause, as I am sure most of my fellow vets do, I served and I am proud of my service as all who did should be.
When I read some of the statements made here I am sometimes sickened, sometimes proud, but mostly I am disturbed by the few who think America is evil, that is absurd!

This country does more to help the world than any country before or still! We would love as Americans for the rest of the world to respect its citizens as America does, this country is not perfect, it has problems, as all do, but we do not want to rule any other country, or its people, that has never been a goal of America.

Most who say these things about us should read our history, unfortunately in todays world, hatred seems widespread, and most Americans are confused why others hate us so much. Yes we have to watch for our countrys best interest, as all do. And the rest of the world needs to take note, we have not lost a war, we have not started any wars, but we will defend our country and our allies who ask for our assistance.

Vietnam was unfortunate, but it was not unjust, and if the American military would have been able to do its job it would not be communist today! America believes in the right for a country's people to elect its own leaders, not have them force their way into power, or inherite the right to rule, one should be able to choose their way of life their religion, their dreams, not have them dictated by some religous or genetic appointee!

Think what the world would be like without the U S A, one thing is for sure, it would not be better!
As Jane Fonda said later " I was misled and lied to by the communist" they signed a peace agreement not to invade the South, they were smart, they waited untill the US military was gone, so did they win, no! Communism never will!
America's soldiers are not heroes they are AMERICANS! They are heroes second!

Posted by Illini Grunt May 13, 10 11:19 AM

While viewing these photos, I couldn't help reflecting on the human condition vis a vis conflict. Conflict between and among groups of humans has existed since the emergence of human kind. Nothing has changed since the alpha nor will it change before the omega. We will always find something to fight about whether it's individually or collectively held resources of various types, religious beliefs, political ideology or simply greed. And, when nations become embroiled in conflict each with the other, there will always be "good" wars and "bad" wars, depending upon the level of personal threat perceived by the citizenry concerned. In general terms, it's a "good" war if we shoot the bad guy who kicks our door down in a home invasion. It's a "bad" war if we become proactive and shoot the bad guy down in the street before he has the chance to kick our door in. Until and unless all peoples of all nations begin to think alike, believe in a like manner about a wide range of closely held ideologies, and share all of their personal and/or collective resources, there will always, repeat, always be war. So, old hippies, socialists, communists, and pacifists of all ilks who have had the good fortune to call America home, be thankful for the country boy who is willing to trade shooting squirrels for shooting the bad guys when necessary; for the city boy who loves his family and his country enough to risk his life for either; for the boy from the burbs who follows in his father's or brother's footsteps while honorably serving his nation . Be thankful for those boys when your ass and the rest of your worldly possessions are at risk of being taken from you by the next "bad guy" who shows up at your front door or down your Rockwellian block. No one who loves America cares about your pitiful, whiney reasons for portraying America as the "bad" guy. God Bless her and God bless our Troops.

Posted by Jim D. May 13, 10 11:40 AM

I would like to say thanks to the brave men and women who served in Vietnam.

Posted by V. Pham May 13, 10 12:58 PM

#247 " I " Corps Comabt Vet"
HE HAS IT CORRECTLY PORTRAYED. Also an "I" Corps survivor, I can tell you that it was and will be consdiered will Iraq & Afghanistan. A terrible waste of great Americans and so much sorrow for their families. Most Vets will tell you..."we just tried to to day..." remember, war is an extension of politics...if YOU don't like the war....LET your politicans know, right away !! Vietnam is becoming ancient History but never will that happen to its VETS...we live with it daily!

C. Sawyer
"C" 1/9 USMC

Posted by Chuck Sawyer May 13, 10 01:08 PM

Post 265 (Mark) is correct, Post 228 Hi Roller), 230 (John D). Were you there? Did you come home like I did after serving a year for my country and being spit on at the SF airport and a few bars? I bet that's a big NO. ANYONE who talks negatively about a war who's never been in one makes me sick. They have no idea what they are talking about. And unfortunately, eventually the same thing is going to happen in Iraq, Afghanastan, and any where else we go in the middle east.

Posted by Hugh- proud Nam Vet, 68-69 May 13, 10 01:54 PM

I served in Pleiku in '70 and '71 as an ARVN advisor; spoke vietnamese and I guarantee the people that I came to know and love did not want the communists to rule their country. Walter Cronkite labeled the war "unwinnable" in the same manner that the media had labeled Tet '68 a victory for the Viet Cong. Our media coverage gave Vo Nguyen Giap the motivation to continue the struggle. That's what they called the war, dao chung, the struggle. If you are looking NVA allies look to the Associated Press, Ramsey Clark and his pal Jane Fonda.

Posted by tom marschel May 13, 10 02:27 PM

If you were'nt there shut the f%#* up ! we paid the price you didnt We lost this war because of greed and power some of the same sen.congress are still in power hows that working out for you !!!

Posted by mike campbell May 13, 10 02:42 PM

I've been studying the vietnam war these past few weeks. Two of my friends are nam' war vets. One of them has a huge scar on the back of his neck where a bullet nearly killed him. He was stationed in camron bay until they moved him and his company to the north. There his commanding officer sent them all to bed with there guns locked up in racks in seperate storage areas. They were attacked and seventeen of his friends were killed. He barely survived by hiding under a truck until daylight...
I don't think it's possible for anyone to really understand what it was like for the troops except the troops.

Posted by ciara taylor May 13, 10 03:19 PM

As a refugee myself, these pics has brought me to tears once again...
I fully agreed The rich only worried about their Bank Account while Communist is only GOOD for nothing!!!
Thanks for the posting..!

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 06:38 PM

Excellent photos. Thanks a lot.


Posted by Dez! May 13, 10 07:13 PM

Scores of American tourists travel to Vietnam these days. I heard them say in amazement: "They do not hate us!" (the Vietnamese). Indeed, why not?

The US has the veto power at the UN security counsel, otherwise it would be convicted for genocide and war crimes. And the likes of Kissenger, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson would end up hanging like the Nazi criminals in 1945.

Posted by Yger May 13, 10 08:51 PM

To all of you with some politic view on war... it is human nature. We do it, and have done it for all of recorded history.
Vietnam was an offensive for freedom. Not worthy of debate.

To all of you who chose to protect freedom by fighting for it in any offensive.

I salute you.

To all of those have lost something due to war... emotion, envy, desire, or their life.

To you I give thanks.

Posted by WavyGravy May 13, 10 11:50 PM

Hi roller wrote:
With a very few exceptions, soldiers returning from Vietnam were not spit on and called baby killers.

For the most part these stories are made up by warmongers who never served in order to discredit the efforts of those who tried to end that endless war.
I, for one, was spat upon. I had returned from Vietnam only the day before and was traveling home. To get the military discount, one had to travel in uniform. In the Atlanta airport, I was spat upon and called a murderer. I was 28 hours from the jungle. Had there not been a police officer present, bad things would likely have happened to the scumbag.

The epithet "baby killer" was common enough that we bandied it about in Vietnam.

Bob Greene has documented a number of cases of people being spat upon and insulted when they returned - as well as cases where people were treated well.

Those who did those things now take great pains to gloss over their actions, going so far as to call their victims liars and denying their own acts.

The majority of the people who protested the war were upstanding citizens who observed proprieties of sorts. However, there was always a more extreme, more radical element. Some of those deliberately tried to provoke over-reaction by law enforcement or soldiers. All too often, they succeeded.

Posted by Mike M May 14, 10 03:53 AM

If you haven't been in the militay you just don't understand. 1964 + you either got drafted or enlisted, or evaded the military. 1965-1973 I enlisted USAR ER-19829xxx. Once you put on the uniform you get orders. I was against the war, but if I refused to carry out my orders I'd get imprisoned. If my unit got mobilized for VN and I refused to go I'd get another option; Court Marshal and Ft. Leavenworth, KS.
The guys who served 'in country' weren't given a choice. You who have not served cannot understand that once in you don't have much of a say in where you end up and what you end up doing.

Posted by Bruce 311 Log Command May 14, 10 04:44 AM

I love pictures

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 09:01 AM

Просто классные фото. Они позволяют понять, что воевали люди, а не машины...

Posted by Геннадий, Москва May 14, 10 09:53 AM


Posted by ROBERT G. CLARK May 14, 10 10:44 AM

War never solved anything... bottom line is Innocent people shouldn't die.

Posted by Rob May 14, 10 12:12 PM

"63 - '64 - SF Detachment A-411, 1st SF Group - Camp Phrey Srung, III Corps

'66 - SF Det B52 (Project Delta) 5th SF Group - Incountry reconnaisance

'67 (six months) - FOB 2 SOG 5th SF Group - out of country recon

'67 - 68 - SF Det B52 (Project Delta) - in country recon

I salute everbody who carried a rifle.

Posted by Robert W. Kinzer May 14, 10 04:16 PM

I’ve seen a lot of these before. Unfortunately many of the comments were made by people who weren’t alive then and/or have little or no understanding of the history that bought us into the war. Although the “domino theory” of the spread of communism doesn’t mean much anymore, those that were alive in the early 60’s were aware of the atrocities committed in both the USSR and China when the communist took over. After WWII Russia basically took all of eastern Europe as the USSR all of which became communist with brutal dictatorships in power. The threat communist expansion into western Europe is why there were still a large number of US military bases in these countries after WWII. Then with the fall of Cuba to communism and the Cuban missile crisis coupled with the USSR and Cuba’s attempts to turn South America communist the Domino Theory seemed very real.

Vietnam probably wasn’t the place for the US to go to stop it, as most Americans really didn’t see the fall of Vietnam as a concern of ours any more than Korea was. And as it turned out Vietnam did fall to the communist in April 1975. As some posters stated Vietnam really started with the French in the fifties. In fact Ho Chi Mihn the leader of North Vietnam was surprised that the US sided with the French as the Vietnamese also fought against the Japanese in WWII.

Posted by Bill May 14, 10 08:56 PM

I am a Vietnamese, an insider who knows the truth about this war. One thing, a very controversial thing: freedom is very very expensive! the American tried to bring it to us, we fostered it short and both paid for it. At the end, just the matter of who is paying for it, right? The American should know and must know that in the next war. We didn't seem to learn the lesson .... even now :(
sad, sad. I moved to live in U.S. a great country which treats me as a human that I won't find ANYWHERE else on this planet! but .... I still woke up at night and think about my destiny. Do I need to live for cheese, butter, cakes, milk ....? a long exhale .....

Posted by LonelyVietnamese May 14, 10 09:50 PM

Communist government is destroying Vietnam day by day. Development in some big cities as HCM, Can Tho, Ha Noi... is only artificial thing. If you go to contryside of North Vietnam and South Vietnam you will see what is the true. Violence is increasing, tradition and culture are reducing. Communist is the bad thing in the world.

Posted by Vietcong May 14, 10 10:28 PM

1. The pics bring back memories of my time in VN, but they are one-sided, show designed to how evil we were to be there. 2. War is terrible...people get hurt...bad. 3. The Communists were vicous, inhumane killers, who would stop at nothing to accomplish their ends. 4. Cowards in Congress & as few thousand protestors who went from college campuses to Wash., DC and Walter Cronklite and his ilk (elitist journalists many of whom gained deferments from the war on which they so critically reported) brainwashed the American public into believing then & now that our efforts there were evil. 5. Is there is anything anywhere noble & selfless, it is when someone (America) who has little to gain but goes to the aid of the defenseless who are being tormented by godless bullies, such as S. VietNam by the VC? 6. Just because a relatively few, who were more vocal in their opposition to the war, were successful in swaying public opinion, doesn't make their position right before God.

Posted by Jim F. May 15, 10 09:19 AM

for 332
....comunitst is the worst? capitalism did what it's shown in the Vietnam's pic. and also Irak, and all the places it gets involved in. People will fight and die localy because of the the government's policies forever(for is the human nature, has always been like that) but they become catastophes whenever the Capitalism gets involved in.why? because they say they want to set the right rules, as it should be(acording who?) btw, where have ALL the Eastern European countries got all the garbage imported from after the fall of the great wall? wasn't that from the west? isn't the violence, drugs, fraud, coruption growing also under a different shape in the capitalist countries? yes it is, but we are too hipocrits to admit it, because would ruin our consciounsness and confort. let's not blame the comunism, it will always exist a form of ideas to lead the crowd, just like the capitalism. Great pict.btw

Posted by amalia May 15, 10 12:49 PM

Hope all of you guys will take time to READ all informations which just released from Government Archives about VN's war ! Your comments would be much valid to SWALLOW - Don't be a blind and the elephant ! God bless you all - Wait and see .

Posted by J.B.Dao May 15, 10 02:01 PM

How short memory you people have! North Vietnam, attacked South, All the pictures are from South Vietnam. Does not a nation have a right to defend itself ?
Its funny that those who constantly curse America, line up at the US Embassy doors to get entry visa to Devil's country.
Beautiful pictures, it takes free and courageous nation like US to show them.

Posted by Drifter May 15, 10 10:34 PM

butiful picture thanks.................................

Posted by marfe May 16, 10 06:21 AM

i am vietnamese

Posted by quang May 16, 10 01:43 PM

I have no words

Posted by Guillermo May 16, 10 04:29 PM

Why we send you to fight a war is seldom clear and often enough, if not always for all the wrong reasons, but know this:
Those of you that fight so that we may enjoy the right to cal you “names”, throw “things” at you and protest freely and openly war, without the risk of government reprisals and or persecution.

For this I am grateful and I salute you.

Posted by SMB May 16, 10 07:30 PM

Don Cantrell
101st Airborne
Camp Eagle

A waste of lives!!! God bless all soldiers and vets that have and are sacrificing for the political wars of the scumbags in Washington! John Mc Cain being the #1 scumbag!!

Posted by Don Cantrell May 16, 10 10:59 PM

God did not mean for wars such as Vietnam to happen. They occur because of Greed, Envy, and Pride. Wars like Vietnam only waste our young and only serves to makes the rich richer. There is a time when we must fight to preserve forses of good over evil, but Vietnam wasn't one of those.

Posted by DB May 17, 10 12:15 AM

Thank you for the powerful photos. They remind me of the war I saw as a foot soldier in Vietnam in 1966-67 and wrote about in "War Lessons." I have returned every year since 1995. Speaking at the Book Fair in Ho Chi Minh City in March, I received many questions from young Vietnamese: why did you come to fight in our country? When will your government address the damage done by Agent Orange? These young people are curious about how our two countries could ever have been at war, but glad that the US and Vietnam are now partners. I am hopeful that we will learn from our past mistakes. John Merson,

Posted by John Merson May 17, 10 09:12 AM

I served with 1st Marines from Aug. 67 to Sep. 68. Was at Hue during TET of 68. God Bless all of my brothers and sisters who served and those who gave all. Most of us served honorably and proudly. Semper Fi and welcome home.

Posted by Jim May 17, 10 10:58 AM

It's the worst thing you can do to any person: teach him to handle a gun and put him in a war.

Thanks for the collection of pictures. With so many wars during the 35 years past, we need a reminder every now and than. Or else the old phrase : "History tells us we don't learn anything from history" becomes true.

Posted by Piet van Hees, Holland May 17, 10 01:37 PM

The youth of today do not understand Vietnam, Korea, WW2, etc. because serving in the miliary is no longer important. Elvis served - so why can't George Clooney give up 2 years?

Posted by Anne May 17, 10 01:43 PM

reinstate the draft. by reinstating the draft the ENTIRE country will be forced to be part of any conflict. now, we are an elitest military - only a few participate - so only a few are affected. that's one of the biggest differences between vietnam, korea, ww2 and now. the idiots running our gov't havn't ever picked up a rifle & that should be a requirement

Posted by akh May 17, 10 01:58 PM

When we went to Vietnam, we all died. The only difference was that some of us came back, and some of us didn't, but we all died.

Posted by Dave Stephens May 17, 10 05:35 PM

i love America and would die for MY Country, served 1967-1971, my son (Iraq)2006 USMC. God Bless America and all who served, and sacrificed. You may think it wasnt right, but duty to country called.

Posted by Paul Burg May 17, 10 10:01 PM

I was a corpsman in Nam back in 68-69. I'll never forget those images and these are very much the way it was. The US has changed alot but war is still war.

Posted by HM3 Robert May 17, 10 11:00 PM

I was there as a Door Gunner with the 61st Assault Helicopter Co. at LZ English, Bong Son, between February until September 1968. Like "an old soldier" said, I did not come home as a hero. But was proud to serve and support our troops on the ground. This was one of the most unpopular wars in the history of the USA. Actually retired as a CW4, whenever I travel around the USA and show my ID card, people thank me for the job we're doing worldwide. That should of been the norm back when we fought in Viet Nam and could of helped all those Veterans who still carry the effects of such war. HATS OFF TO ALL VIET NAM VETERANS!

Posted by CW4 (R) Luis Aponte May 18, 10 08:11 AM

While I think that US involvement in Vietnam was unjustified, I commend the bravery and dedication of all forces involved. The NVA, much like the alarming majority of the Wehrmacht in WWII, were not fanatic ideologues who were evil at heart. They, like the Marines, like the Paratroopers, like everyone, were assembled for a task that noone who hasn't lived it can imagine the horror of. Unfortunately, few soldiers have a say in where they are deployed, and for what reason.

Posted by Holmes May 18, 10 12:17 PM

I will set a few things straight; USA supported Pol Pot, even though he was a communist, so that he may attack Vietnam. Pol Pot was an evil dictator who killed many, MANY more people than Việt Cộng, and the Vietnamese after their war with the U.S. fought the Cambodians to stop the bloodshed there as well. Where were the U.S. troops when France was mistreating Vietnamese poor? Where were the U.S. troops when Pol Pot was lining up people by the hundreds and killing them? The "boat people" who left Vietnam were wealthy Catholic Vietnamese who supported the stupid despot Ngô Đình Diệm, who won elections by fraud and U.S. help. He hated Buddhism and culture of Vietnam and was a U.S. puppet. If life continued the way it was in Vietnam, there would be slavery of poor by rich, and all of Vietnamese resources would go to west instead of those in poverty. I do not agree with all of Việt Cộng action, but neither do I agree with all U.S. military force action - who had no right to be there and escalated what would be a good revolution (like in Americas!) into a bloody, pointless war for power!

Posted by đào trắng May 18, 10 03:23 PM

God Bless our Troops. I was there and I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN !!

Posted by Doug May 18, 10 03:46 PM

To all of you Marines and Soldiers that tread the grounds of war before me; thank you for your scrifices and your service, and a late 'Welcome Home'. If any of you served in TRIM in Danang you may have run into Johnny Finley of Bodfish, CA. He was my uncle and I used to look for him on the TV as a little crumb snatcher before the Friday Night Fights.
He came back, but didn't make it. He had serious PTSD issues and commited suicide the summer of '75 if my information is correct.
All of you did the job that many would not do, and if your leaders had carried on for another month, you would have won(Giap in his last book explains the(NVA/VC) could only last another two weeks and would have lost and surrendered at that point).
When you run into a little black harley ridin crazy fuck that just retired near Clarksville,TN You will get that welcome home handshake and another thank you for your service.

Posted by James N. May 18, 10 08:16 PM

you pro war people are either sick or completely empty inside your head.
2-the vietcong where not communist, they where stupid
3- the US does not "help" countries, the US is NOT the greates country (as some posters have stated), the US only intervenes for its own interest, gaining support by lying and taking huge amounts of tax money that could be used in more useful things such as health and education. obviously they don't invest in education, as we can see from such stupid ideas you warmongers have.

Posted by juancs May 19, 10 07:47 AM

For those who are arguing about the spread of communism to Cambodia in 1979, read about the U.S.'s involvement there. For all we know, Pol Pot would not have been there in the first place if he couldnt find a pretext for attacking the cities and killing all people of secondary education and above: the U.S. bombed cambodia even though it has no business there.
It's all politics. Its hard to argue who is right and who is wrong, but the fact remains. Has american not been there, millions of lives would not have been wasted on this stupid war.
And talking about aftereffect of war, agent orange (or what the u.s. called defoliating agent at the point) creates birth defect for generation. You think the U.S. support the south vietnamese? Think again. All they do is to have pilot spraying agent orange all over vietnam, and then send their ally-the south vietnamese- into jungle to find vietcong. Did you ever find any U.S. vietnam war veteran with children having birth defect? if you really want to to find out fact, take a course in south east asian politics and form your own judgment. But don't say Nixon is right because it is an insult to the vietnamese people, the american people (see how many people stood up against the war at that point) and yourself.
I bet 50 years from now someone will come out and say Bush is a great leader.

Posted by Victor Tran May 19, 10 02:22 PM

Was there 67 & 68 Navy Destroyer USS Ault DD698 ,from I-Corp to Gunline up north RT talker w/FO's & Air Spotters . Really remember Tet , so many people calling needing help & we tried to do as much as we could .Set a record for trips to Sasebo,Japan to re-barrel & take on ammo . Did this three times as I remember .Worked alot with Marine spotters out of Duc Pho . God bless all of you that were there .I remember the bus got me home @ 4:30 AM & the long walk home & how no one in my family wanted to talk & how many things I wanted to say .

Posted by Robert C. Bredemeyer RD2 US Navy May 19, 10 09:03 PM

To Illini Grunt,
I respect what you've given in the war and your complete trust in democracy. But when it comes to Vietnam and the goal of US in Vietnam, you just got it dead wrong. "America believes in the right for a country's people to elect its own leaders, not have them force their way into power, or inherit the right to rule, one should be able to choose their way of life their religion, their dreams, not have them dictated by some religious or genetic appointee!" America intervened in Vietnam, because it knew Ho Chi Minh would have won the election. He was immensely popular in Vietnam (yes, both North and South) when the election was scheduled to take place in 1954. The U.S stepped in, abolished the election and set up a puppet regime in South Vietnam. So much for the vanguard of democracy there...

Posted by Trung Luong May 19, 10 09:51 PM


Posted by Marcin May 20, 10 06:30 AM

To those who lived it, "God bless us all" To those who supported us, "God smile on you." To those who protested us," God have mercy on you." 'cause I never will !

Posted by Larry May 20, 10 09:55 PM

You cannot reason with liars and the ignorant. I refuse to argue with those who don't understand the threat of global communist expansion or those who are just liars and useful idiots who repeat the usual canards ad infinitum.

The truth is that a large number of Americans supported an enemy of the United States and abused those Americans who were responsible enough to answer the call of duty.

Isn't it odd that now, after all these years, there are so many wannbees claiming to have served, who when they were called upon, didn't have the guts to do the right thing at the right time.

"We few, we happy few...."

Posted by GradyPhilpott May 21, 10 11:35 PM

Trung Luong, if what you say is true, and it could be, why did the North stop people from coming to the south? Who supported Uncle Ho? Where did they get their weapns and supplies, we all know the answer to that. It was a war between Democracy and Communism and VietNam happen to be the country where it came to a head, unfortuanately! The major powers are always going to get involved and most of the time it will be a small country with political turmoil.

I personally despise war, I have seen it first hand, and you can take this any way you want, but I don't believe that many of the places that young Americans give their lives is worth it, but the world should be thankfull that they are willing to do so, because it is definately a better place because they do!

Posted by Illini Grunt May 22, 10 11:23 AM

america usa like tobe father and mother of the world.but he dosent treat it like brother.

Posted by peace for ever May 23, 10 02:41 PM

Thank you for your service in such a messed up time in American History! You are heroes and I respect every one of you! Thank you for showing the world you don't mess with the American Soldier we will send our troops and mess you up!
There is a WELCOME HOME FOR ALL VEIT NAM VETS in Grand Rapids, MI 3 July 2010

God bless you and yours for your selfless service!
Sam Cottle

Please click on "meet me at LZ MI" and tell us about yourself

Posted by Sam Cottle May 23, 10 10:08 PM

I served in Phutai, Vietnam during 71-72 with the 597th Trans Co. running Security as a Gunner on the King Cobra Guntruck up North thru MangYangPass and AnKhe Pass into Pleiku, etc., and South to Quinohn and TuoHoa. I think I did what was right and what gets me is all the so stupid comments people make. Hey the War is over, time to put it to rest. Many won't post because of all the BS that is posted. People have got to remember whether we fight a war or not, that if we don't fight for Freedom, then Freedom will be lost. How can Countries Get Along when People Cannot even get along with their Next Door Neighbor at Home, Enough Said , thank you, Bruce Bourget

Posted by Bruce Bourget Sr May 23, 10 10:18 PM

Vietnam war was the aggression of the WORST kind. Started under false pretenses, carried out using chemical warfare against half armed untrained partisan force. There is no difference between US forces in Vietnam and Nazi Germany attacking Poland and killing 1 out of ever 5 Poles.
Americans did the same. Napalm bombs and B-52 against rifle armed peasants - what a bunch of heroes American soldiers are. Having numerical and technical superiority and STILL LOSING.

Posted by David K. May 23, 10 10:22 PM


Posted by RON STECKO May 24, 10 11:45 AM

If it was not for this war, my Mom would have not had to marry a loser who did not have to serve and ended up abusing her and me as well. She said the pickings were slim. Too many good men were lost, what a shame....

Posted by mickeyollie May 25, 10 09:34 AM

So this is the war that Dubya's daddy got him out of? What an embarrassing shame he was.

Posted by Andy Strong May 25, 10 09:44 AM

Maybe I'm being heartless here, but pic # 14 is a masterpiece of timing. It captures the moment just before the bullet reaches the head.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 11:33 AM

I remember that during the years of 1965-1967 very well. My Division the 1st Cav did a lot of battle with the viet cong and hand more soliers injured and killed than any of the other elements. I saw most of the central highlands by chopper or walking. I came home in April of 1967 and than went to Okinwa for 18 mos. Viet Nam Vet 25 May 10

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 06:02 PM

Whenever America reaches out to give the "helping hand", they leave nothing but pain and despair...

1953: U.S. overthrows Prime Minister Mossadeq of Iran
U.S. installs Shah as dictator.

1954: U.S. overthrows democratically-elected President Arbenz or Guatemala.
200.000 civilians killed.

1963: U.S. backs assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem.
1963-1975: American military kills 4 million people is Southeast Asian.

1973 Sept 11: U.S. stages coup in Chile. Democratically-elected President Salvador Allende assassinated.
Dictator Augusto Pinochet installed. 5.000 Chileans murdered.

1977: U.S. backs military rulers of El Salvador.
70.000 Salvadorans and four American nuns killed.

1980's: U.S. trains Osama bin Laden and fellow terrorists to kill Soviets.
CIA gives them $3 billion.

1981: Reagan administration trains and funds "contras."
30.000 Nicaraguans die.

1982: U.S. provides billions in aid to Saddam Hussein for weapons to kill Iranians.

1983: White House secretly gives Iran weapons to kill Iraqis.

1989: CIA agent Manuel Noriega (also service as President of Panama) disobeys orders from Washington.
U.S. invades Panama and removes Noriega.
3.000 Panamanian civilian casualties.

1990: Iraq invades Kuwait with weapons from U.S.

1991: U.S. enters Iraq.
Bush reinstates dictator of Kuwait.

1991 American planes bomb Iraq on a weekly basis.
U.N. estimates 500.000 Iraqi children die from bombing and sanctions.

1998: Clinton bombs "weapon factory" in Sudan.
Factory turns out to be making aspirin.

1999: Largest one day bombing by U.S. in Kosovo War

2000-01: U.S. gives Taliban-ruled Afghanistan $245 million in "aid".
Sept. 11, 2001: Osama bin Laden uses his expert CIA training to murder 3.000 people.

... the rest of the events most of you probably knows... given you being at least in your teenage age....

Posted by monika May 25, 10 11:54 PM

If you can read and understand what follows my name below, then a belated "Welcome Home" and "Thanks!" to you, yours, and the 58K+ down on the Wall. After 40+ years since I came home, including 21 years in the Guard and Reserves, I still find that you had to be there to go there and anybody else is just talking out their rectal cavity on what reality was back then.
Grumpy1910, SP5, 8EB1ACD, 10Feb68-07Apr69.

Posted by Grumpy1910 May 27, 10 03:01 PM

To all of the Viet Nam Veterans (Americans/Vietnamese), I want to THANK YOU for your brave service to your country. Your sacrified your own freedom to serve for your country and to help Viet Nam is the greatest gift of freedome anyone can give. I am able to live the last 35 years with freedom and am free from living under a communist government. I will forever thankful for you who gave up your youth, your family, and died to server your country, and I will forever thankful for you who returned from this war and still dealing with its affect with nightmare and flashback....My freedom was paid with yours. I have tried to thank as many Vietnam Veterans as I have the privilege to meet over the years. I hope this message will reach many veterans out there. God Bless You!!! THANK YOU!!! - JP, Columbus, Ohio

Posted by JP May 27, 10 07:08 PM

I'm young Vietnamese. US was wrong when invading our country. Our people just stood up and fought for our country. I think US hasn't learned enough lesssons about Vietnam War. Their governments still make mistakes in Irag, Afghanistan.
Anyway, US was defeated in Vietnam War.

Posted by MT May 28, 10 01:31 AM

I wasn't in Vietnam, but I agree that people should read General Giap's book. There're to many American "journalst" who think that they are experts on the Vietnam war, but they don't have a clue. They treat the war as if it's theirs and theirs alone, and no one has the right to disagree with them.

Posted by Vince May 28, 10 11:24 PM

q gonorrea de guerra

Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 07:53 AM

Any thing that I can express after the data exposed by Monika, in its comment (#373), would be unnecessary.

I am Cuban, that is to say, I live inside a communist, supposedly "murderous" regime, violator of human rights, and oppressor of all freedom of conscience.

I know great part of the history of the communism in China, the old Soviet Union, and other nations because, contrary to those that live in the capitalist societies, us the oppressed ones for the regime "Castro supporter" we HAVE the opportunity to study the opinions of both parts in conflict. The same fact that I can write and commenting in this page denies completely the absurd accusations made against the regime of my country.

We are very far from perfection, and we don't have the same freedom to express us openly like it exists in the United States. But I’m for sure if our country was not constantly attacked by the government from the United States, in its multiple intents to "help us" to reach a true democracy (although right now escaped from my mind the relationship existing among the many human and animals illnesses that CIA has introduced in my country and the true democracy. Not I know how forcing hunger, necessity and provoking the death or damages to the health of thousands and thousands of Cuban, impeding them -because of the economic seizure, since they don't like the word blockade- the access to medications, medical equipment, trade of foods at the same price that for the rest of the world, it can help to reach a more perfect democracy, exception made for the fact that in a cemetery all the present will agree with oneself approach without spirits of protesting. But I assume my ignorance and inability of relating a criminal and aggressive politics with a true democracy to the brain laundry and the political drug addiction of masses to that they have subjected me in Cuba); I repeat, I am for sure if my country was not constantly threatened, attacked, blocked, and limited internationally, we could express ourselves more freely.

Don't you believe me? Remember how many freedoms you have seeing evaporated in the United States after the 11/9, and it was for a single attack that it caused three thousand deaths! What do you think happens in my country after more than 50 years of aggressions? When a country is under aggression, anything that weakens its defences can be considered, from a military concern, a kind of betrayal.

Let Us return to Viet Nam. Many of those that have exposed their opinions outline that the USA in fact fought to defend freedom, against the advance of the totalitarian communism who imposed its approaches and political to any price. How interesting speech! USA maybe was not about imposing in Viet Nam, to any price that was necessary, its approaches and political? They accuse the communists of killing to thousands of people, Didn't they provoke the death of millions? They speak of thousands of people who escaped from the communist regime from the North, without taking into account that many of these thousands that escaped were still the same ones that had supported previously the French in their colonialist intentions, against their own nation, many of these were proprietors to whom had been removed their properties off and for being distributed among the people (I want to point that I am not approving this practice, and the fact that I can express it openly is another evidence that in my country we can speak freely, inside the logical frames).

It is certain that we don't see to thousands of people escaping of the United States because exists in that nation a oppressor regime (I don't know, in fact, anybody that wants to escape from the USA). On the contrary, are hundred of thousands that every year wants to enter to the country of the democracy, coming from Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Haiti, Bolivia, Honduras, and many other underdeveloped countries… Wait a moment, are not North American the companies that during more than one century have exploded and impoverished to those same nations? Has the government from the United States been NOT the one that prepared and builds the skills of paramilitary, dictators and tyrants in The School of Las Americas? Was not the United States who imposed and sustains, as still make it, the governments of facto, dictatorial and murderous, in almost the whole world? Now I start understanding why so many thousands want to leave their countries.

Viet Nam has made, being a tiny country, of scarce population, what the United States of America have not had the brave to make. They had the value to forgive, of forgetting and of beginning again. The USA complains that in Cuba were confiscated them properties and stole from them. How much can they have lost in economic terms? In human terms? (Please, neither I do want to remember that they stole those properties from the Spaniards, and that the Spaniards stole them from our natives, so legally, we alone recover what was our from the beginning) But, how much did Viet Nam lose in economical terms? How much is that in comparison with what the USA lost in Cuba? How much did Viet Nam lose in human terms? How much is that compared with what the USA lost in Cuba?

I honor the brave that fight with honor, for a cause that they believe noble, and as such I honor to the dead in the war of Viet Nam, for both sides. But from there to swallow that it was a war fair and good… Please, we are no longer children, neither have we believed in fairy tales.

Bigger honor deserves the nation of Viet Nam. And bigger still those that recognize that the war lacks sense totally, and they lift its voices and (naked) arms to defend the peace.

From an “anonymous” Cuban.

Posted by "Anonymous" Cuban May 31, 10 12:53 AM

When I was growing up I saw the real terrible pictures of war on the cover of Time magazine. Today we have armed conflicts in 4 countries and I see movie stars on the cover & read nothing about the terrible treatment of vicitms in Guantanamo, where Shaker Aamer has spent years in solitaire confinement, they've had 22 children, & on 15 yr. old will go through a military biased do-over ct hearing. There have been murders in the prison supposedly suicides having tortured themselves in front of guards & no autopsies on some. Still I see so little information on these terrorizing actions in Time or anywhere else, Why?

Posted by Susan Hall May 31, 10 02:15 PM

From Melbourne, Australia - we read your long dissitation re involvement in Vietnam and the communist threat. I find that very "interesting". How is it that now the US business community is investing billions of dollars in Vietnam and the trade between US and China runs into trillions of dollars???? I wonder how the mothers of the boys who died in Vietnam would feel about the disastrous involvement? I should like to remind you that the rocket designers and engineers from Nazi Germany (massive murderers) were welcomed to the United States i.e. Von Braun ??? And it may be an inconvenient truth but it was he who designed the Apollo rocket, assisted by mathematics genius and Nazi Mr. Rudolph, so it might be an idea to have a look in your own backyard. First man on the moon haha all the US did was supply the money and made the rocket but couldn't do it without Nazi assistance.

Posted by Brian June 1, 10 06:36 AM

Awsome pics!!

Pls note, the picture of the USS Forrestal is at least a year after the fire. The whole back 1/3 of the ship was burned and had several 1,000 pound bomb holes in Her flight deck (aft). I went on board Aug 3, 1967, 5 days after the event (She was still on fire when She pulled into Subic Bay carrier piers). We sailed Her back to the states taking 33 days to get to Mayport, Fla. from Subic bay, Philippines. We went into dry dock in Portsmouth, Va. for 10 months of repairs. (Then went on a lenghty Med. cruise.)

Posted by S. Bruton June 1, 10 08:31 PM

the irony that a country taking the *unsolicited) role of defender of peace, freedom and democracy

a) is the only country ever to have used a nuclear bomb
b) has invaded countries in middle east, south america, africa, and asia in the last 50 years.
c) selectively supports rulers who have overthrown democratic governments/ refuse to make their countries democratic


Posted by Rax June 2, 10 11:19 AM

and for people who demonise all forms of communism, I come from a state which had one of the earliest democratically elected communist governments in the world (1957).

Of course, they are not the best bunch one can have- with their myopic views on industrialization and other aspects of capitalism-(personally I have voted against them in the last few elections)- but they have done some good things in this state- which has contributed to its current status, which is much much better than the average Indian state.

I of course condemn what has happened under ppl like Stalin and Mao, but just wanted people to think before automatically assuming that communism is evil.

Posted by Rax June 2, 10 11:34 AM

CmdrKat--Gary Puckett (and his band The Union Gap) performed a song "Home" during the Viet Nam Era and were occasionally condemned for it supporting the "Baby Killers". Now that our young people are back at it again in yet another seemingly endless war, his song is even more revelent. I say to my good friend Gary,"God Bless you for writing and singing such wonderful words about young military people being over there doing as the song says, "And every night they lie awake, and dream of Momma's chocolate cake. And wonder if there'll be a tomorrow. And will they ever see, their home and their family, and will they ever be back home". Sadly, it is a timeless song, but thank you Gary for remembering those who have given so much so selflessly. God bless all who are there now and those whose spirits remain with us watching over the mess we've made of this Planet Earth.

Posted by Cmdr "Kathryn "Kat" Demary June 2, 10 04:51 PM


Posted by stop June 3, 10 03:38 AM

O homem é um ser terrível, capaz de atrocidades como essas na Guerra do Vietnã. Imagens que sirvam de lição para nunca mais serem repetidas. Celebremos cada dia de Paz até a eternidade , amém !

Posted by Márcio Guerra June 3, 10 04:40 PM

I was 22 at the time that I served in Vietnam. At that age, I simply counted the days and hoped to return home. Geopolitical considerations were not a part of my everyday existence. Now, I have to deal with the persistent doubts and the feelings of guilt which that war, my scant experiences of the time and these wonderful pictures arouse. At age 22 I thought I could justify the war to favour the side on which I served. Now at 64 I cannot.
Perhaps the justification for the Vietnam/American War ought to be viewed, more rightly, from the other side! In the minds of the Vietnamese, in the final analysis, the more justifiable thinking might well be that the persistence and bamboo of the filthy, yet committed little mole in the underground lair who knew unreservedly that he was right, proved to be more enduring than the B52s and napalm of the self-righteous but hesitant giant in the sky, who only ever thought he might have been right some of the time, but really wasn’t certain of even that most of the time!

Posted by Frank Benko June 5, 10 05:16 AM

I wish those photos weren't real

Posted by Rodrigo Rodrigues June 5, 10 02:22 PM

The NVA never once overran and held a US position. No number of schools and kindergartens shelled by the NVA and VC would evoke one single word of criticism from the American left. After the US left, the ARVN fought on for nearly a year without any resupply whatsoever while China and Russia gave the North a blank check.

Granted, things might have been different had we backed Ho after WWII. Arguably, we should have since he was a faithful ally against the Japanese. And it was counterintuitive to back French colonialism at a time when colonialism itself was passing into history.

Posted by MarcGA June 6, 10 03:07 AM

I have been reading all these comments and i was not in the so called war, but I did lose a brother in Vietnam who was a member of the 101st airbourne division. He had been home for 2 weeks on leave for a funeral and when he was home he was spit on and called all sorts of filthy names, but he still wore his uniform proudly. When we received word of his death my father(who served in WW2) said he was not surprised at all as my brother had told him a few things that were going on there and he expected this to happen. I did not and still do not believe this war was necessary. To bad when these soldiers returned home they were not given the repsct and honor they deserved

Posted by Anonymous June 6, 10 07:32 PM

My son, a history major, absolutely stunned me when he said that political historians, almost grudgingly, are beginning to admit for the first time four basic truths regarding the Viet Nam Conflict:
1. The US was winning the war. This was born out of interviews with both North Vietnamese generals and high ranking Viet Cong representatives.
2. The Tet offensive of 1968 obliterated the Viet Cong for five years and stopped the North Vietnamese Army in their tracks. It was an overwhelming victory.
3. Walter Cronkite, the hero of every post war journalism major, was the single greatest factor in America changing its mind about Viet Nam. He reported that the Tet Offensive was a resounding defeat for American forces.
4. Over seven million South Vietnamese died as a result of starvation, executions, political resettlements and disease.

Posted by Aznav June 6, 10 10:45 PM

In picture 31, you state that Kim Phuc tore off her own clothes. She stated recently, in English, either on BBC or RTE radio, that the clothes had melted, they didn't fall off, were not torn off. She was interviewed with one of the Americans, who was there. She was saying to them that she was to hot, I think they splashed water on her. I saw this picture in 75-76 and I knew straight away that war could only be wrong, it was in a Time Life magazine, how I didn't get sick as A thirteen year old, I don't know, there were many horribly graphic photos including the execution photo you show here. I will be writing about this for weeks now.The best photo of the whole period was the helicopter on the roof of the Embassy April 75. Many millions of lives ruined and maimed, or otherwise damaged. Why?. So we could learn, yeah, how to do it better the next time! They still have the best food in the World, stunning people, demonised by monsters.

Posted by david Walls June 8, 10 11:27 PM

Having served in a Marine infantry regiment in Vietnam I can say that I have, without question, the most respect for the North Vietnamese & Viet Cong soldiers I fought than I do one ounce of give-a-damn about who died at Kent State. Those who want to tell the Kent State story need to tell all of it. Start with the three days prior, of the riots and destruction downtown - burning of furniture, upsetting cars, destructuion to the ROTC building. Governor Rhodes didn't send troops there because they wouldn't go to class! The famous wire photo of the girl, arms outstretched over a injured student? She didn't belong at Kent State. She was a runaway from Florida and her parents didn't know where she was until the picture hit the nations papers. Four died at Kent State. How many died in Vietnam that day?

Posted by Jay Arthur - Ohio June 12, 10 01:04 PM

Thank All The Vets for there service and God Bless America I hope we survive this President.

Posted by Bill Lane USN June 14, 10 08:39 PM

40th sig bat cahm run bay nhihg tran 2 years in country the advanture of a lift time friends of a lift time if you get back home ok if not god bless you all

Posted by jeffrey [sargt mike ] mikolajczak June 15, 10 05:36 PM

Im a young Vietnamese photographer, and it makes me cry, again, to see of these photos.

Posted by Linh June 16, 10 05:12 AM

I served in Nam in 1968-1969 in the 2nd 39th 9th Infentry Div.Mekong-Delta
the photos shows only a portion of the grim distruction that took place. It was terrible there as it was when I returned home. Please pray for safty for all our troops and for there return home God Bless Ameerica.

Posted by B toby June 23, 10 11:20 PM

I was there on 1969 to 1970 at the QuiNhon area I saw this picture and i got the flash back of this war.

Sgt.Merido Aponte

Posted by Anonymous June 25, 10 05:45 PM

Hurting pics....but so few from the over 1 million killed Viet's !
Who attack? Who started? The Vietnamese people never attack or terror to any USA area or person - the only reason for this cruel & useles war was a desired demonstration of US military power in South-east_asia - nothing to do with the Vietnam people!
This wonderful country showed the world in the last 35 years that they are such a peaceful, industrious and FORGIVING people ! They only want to live their life &culture.......nothing else!
They have my highest respect!
Chuc Viet Nam hoa binh tot dep nhe!
Peter from Germany

Posted by Peter June 27, 10 04:16 AM

the real warmongers were the communists , viets or their supporters
but younger folks son't understand or don't want to understand that
instead of posting idiotic comments you should think about the safer world you grew up and live in thanks to Western , most of it US , military effort

the bigger losers were the vietnamese : the after war years of repression and communist absurdity left them worse off - the economical embargo added to their misery - very fortunately said embargo is over so they can work for Western corporartions like Nike and earn a decent living.

and to think it was the French who started this mess and then couldn't hold ground ....

My respect and thanks to all vets !

Posted by The Ed June 28, 10 09:48 AM

Ôi Việt Nam:(

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 10 03:26 PM

To Don Cantrell... His comment 16 May ... How can you praise the vets for there sacrifice and serving... then call John McCain a scumbag? He paid his price as a POW and still serves this country well. As far as I am concerned sir you are the scumbag.

Posted by Anonymous July 3, 10 09:22 AM

Post #356 by juancs:
I was in Vietnam 1965-1966. I have never met a Marine who was 'Pro-War'. You've been watching too many movies.No one wants to go to war, but it's something that has to be done at times to protect the freedom that someone such as you enjoy, but never earned. So ....If you ain't been there, shut the F%*# up!
Sgt. USMC 1963-1969
DR 1965
Vietnam 1965-66

Posted by Doug Smith July 3, 10 03:58 PM

To the yanks who flew the choppers / gunships / medivac etc you have the thanks of all the Aussies who served in Vietnam (unbelievable pilots & unbelievable heroics) and g'day to the rest of you. God bless and may you all find peace of mind, just a digger (Oz infantryman) who served 69-70. Not a very enjoyable 12 month backpacking holiday. 3 Corp Nui Dat---near Vung Tau.

Posted by linus July 4, 10 06:31 AM

I was a Vietnamese Marine and in the war 3 years till its end and 6 years in Vietcong concentration camps from central to north Vietnam...
I'm proud to be a soldier to serve our country that's a honor, a citizen's duty
Just the top-leaders both capitalism and communism, they always hunger for money and power. They are war-criminals

Posted by Minh 7TQLC July 5, 10 10:04 PM

Many thing that we can learn from history. But the one and foremost is : when comes to war, we are all victims except those politicians who causes war. There always money and power behind all of other reasons they use to justify that war. They never think like us think about the lost of our life, youth..etc. For them it's just part of the expenses.

Everyone and every country having their shame pages in history. Read it out loud and applied it on regardless of time is stupid. We all need to move on and act for a better future, not by killing more.

Posted by Huy Nguyen, Viet Nam July 6, 10 05:47 AM

I am Vietnamese , and I always proud of my father my brothers ...

The Americans changed , and We changed too

Posted by MorattiNguyen July 11, 10 01:48 AM

I Kenneth J. McCullough,Sr served with Charlie Company 4th Bat. 503rd Airborne Inf., 173rd Airborne Brigade from 7/11/1966 through 7/11/1967. I was not a hero, but I served among heros. I live in the "Land of the Free, because its the Home of the Brave".
To all Vietnam Vets. "Welcome Home".

Posted by Kenneth J. McCullough,Sr July 15, 10 01:51 PM

Having had dear relatives that served in WW1 , WW2 and vietnam and hacing heard their heartfelt experiances of those wars I have the utmost respect for those them.
I served my time in AR & ARNG , was in the sandbox in 91. All you armchair peaceniks have ZERO experiance in the reality of this world we live in. Communisim/socialism has MURDERED by far more humans than any other dark cloud in recent history. Look at what germany suffered of - NATIONAL SOCIALISM... same awesome dictatorship as COMMUNISM under that asshat mass murderer Stalin.

Posted by The Anti socialist July 18, 10 11:28 AM

People like that guy, Don Cantrell, who posted a foolish slur about John McCain in May, 2010, don't have a clue ! John McCain served honorably in the only way he knew. To serve his country and endure being shot down, imprisoned, tortured and refusing early repatriation as the son of an Admiral, because it was the right thing to do ! All loyal Americans should admire and applaud all those men and women who did their duty as they saw it, for their country and their fellow countrymen. To do otherwise - as this sorry piece of excrement, Don Cantrell, did is the sign of a truly ignorant man. He is beneath contempt and deserves nothing but disrespect from those who answered the call of their country !

Posted by Howard Deane, U.S. Army (Ret) July 20, 10 12:22 PM

These all appear to be press photos, many previousely utilized over the years. Perhaps a site such as this of personal photos would be of even greater interest. I am planning on putting together one such as : "A year with the 14th Combat Engineer Battalion: 1967-1968" as I took numerous photos during my tour. But I also hope to obtain photos taken by others at that time and place.
Thanks for the collection of classic photos.

Posted by G. Daland (Dale) Webb July 20, 10 09:50 PM

Welcome home, Veterans, and thank you for your service. We wouldn't have a country if it weren'f for you. (PS--I'm a psychologist working at a VA Medical Center with veterans with PTSD).

Posted by Susan H. Houston Ph.D. July 23, 10 11:38 AM

I served with the 9th Inf Div and also the 1st Cavalry Div in 68-69. I have to respect our enemy for their determination, but we certainly didn't lose in the field. We commanded the field and won it militarily. We certainly DID lose it politically. We underestimated our enemy's resolve. Their independence obviously meant more to them than their very lives, much like we were in our revolutionary war. I can only hope that the lessons learned by the massive spilling of blood will be remembered in our future involments. We obviously didn't know our enemy. TZUs main rule.

Posted by Robert Hoelle July 25, 10 10:50 AM

I'm also a Viet Nam Era Vet but sadly did not make it there. I joined the US Navy Seabees while still in school, January 19,1973. I was only 17 yrs. old, still in school and wanted to help my fellow American Soldiers. I was in the Delayed Program, which meant I would go into the service right after finishing school. Hell I had to beg my Mom to sign the enlistment papers because of my age. The main reason, truly, why I wanted to join the military was because of my older brother. You see, my brother, which is 5 years older than me, did everything in his power to dodge the draft. That really shamed me. I felt, regardless what the reason the war was going on, Uncle Sam called upon him to serve for the USA. I wanted to clear that shame by joining as soon as possible and do the right thing. Well Thanking God now, I put my 4 years in but never really served in Viet Nam. The reason I'm writing this is this.
NOW, my cowardly brother tells stories of being in Viet Nam and fighting in the War! Can anyone believe that crap!? Of course he only tells these stories when he's stoned drunk and I'm not around to call him a " BIG FAT
COWARDLY LIAR ". Yes, I love my brother except during the ocassions he's
wrongly taking pride and credit for something he didn't have the "stones" for
many, many years ago. Thing is........ "I" have my pride and honor and will be
buried that way. Thanks for reading something I wanted to get off my chest
for a long,long time. Sincerely Ex-Seabee Rick Y.

Posted by RICK Y. July 28, 10 04:04 AM

Love and respect to all, soldiers, demonstrators, Vietnamese, mothers, fathers, children, those who have fought, those who have not fought. I only see meaningless suffering and do not wish that upon any being.

may we all find love and forgiveness in our hearts.

Posted by Mary July 29, 10 07:11 AM

This was a war we tried to win by limiting it to South Vietnam and avoiding invasion of the North due to fear of Chinese and Soviet interference. Our political leaders made the decision to fight to a stalemate and not to win. We could have saved lives by realizing the NVA was fighting for all of Indo-China. The most we have gained from this war is the understanding our news media is only interested in our worst conduct. History of this conflict is being rewritten to disparage the South Vietnamese and ignore the threat of Communism during that time.

Posted by Jerry Hassler August 3, 10 04:24 PM

I have no words

Posted by Aressius August 18, 10 03:35 AM

Excellent and graphic presentation for both people who lived through that era and those who did not. Did the US have any territorial ambitions to make Vietnam the 51st state of the USA? I think not. The US saw a movement of adventurism by the governments of China and the Soviet Union.... and saw the geopolitical mess that the french left in SE Asia. It was the responsibility of the UN and the US to insure that SE Asia did not become part of the totalitarian systems of the world. The US paid a major price to try and help the people of SE Asia.... a line was drawn in the sand. Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma were left to develop their own political systems without intrusion by the gangster commies. The US again is called upon to assist the people of Iraq and Afghanistan --- stones are thrown at the US for doing deeds against the evil empires of the world. God Bless George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman. The US never seeks war but is pulled into war because of our compassion. War is Hell for everyone.

Posted by Germando Echovarde August 19, 10 03:12 PM

The caption of picture #2 has an error: the year cannot possibly be 1960 because the North Vietnamese/NLF were not strong enough then to attack Saigon. It looks more like May 1968 when the second wave of the Tet Offensive struck Saigon/Cho Lon. As a fourteen-year-old, I went to Cho Lon to see it first-hand.

Posted by Dinh Nguyen August 29, 10 12:59 AM

To "Anonymous" Cuban,

My mother was one of those thousands (between 500,000 and one million, to be more precise) who escaped from North Viet Nam in 1955. You're wrong: she's not Catholic and she didn't help the French to colonize her country (that would be very stupid). Her family supported the Vietminh revolution against the French; one of her brothers died in the war against the French. After the Vietminh won, her parents were put on trial for owning one acre of land in the North. They were stripped off their land. Fear for their life led them to make arrangement to escape from the North in 1955. Your ignorance of Vietnamese hisory comes out loud and clear.

Posted by Dinh Nguyen August 29, 10 01:21 AM

Minh said in post #278
There was NO WAR before the "American military advisors" came. The first Viet-Namese President Ngo Dinh Diem refused to provoke war with the North Viet-Namese.

South Viet Nam's first president Ngo Dinh Diem was a staunch anti-communist. He led South Viet Nam for 9 years in a fight against the Northern Communists (not against the North Vietnamese, since many of his followers are from the North). Diem eliminated many Southern Communists between 1954 and 1956. The civil war between North and South Viet Nam began in 1959 when the North sent infiltrators to the South. Diem died in 1963.

Posted by Dinh Nguyen August 29, 10 01:45 AM

To Post #353,

The Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot was initially supported by Hanoi, not the US, and they came to power with the help of China. After 1975, they attacked South Vietnam and killed several Vietnamese near the Cambodian border. Their motive was to intimidate the Vietnamese into giving up parts of South Vietnam that used to belong to Cambodia. Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 1978, and the US and China viewed this as an expansion of Soviet influence into Cambodia. The US supported a coalition of Cambodians including Khmer Serei (Free Khmer) fighting the Vietnamese in Cambodia, not just Pol Pot.

Posted by Dinh Nguyen August 29, 10 11:26 PM

In my mind everyone that served in the Vietnam war should be considered a hero and I salute all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Had I been of age, I would have been there with you. I agree that those who were not there cannot fully understand the horror of the war and barbaric regime we faced. If you didn't live in the 60's, you had no idea. Society was really f*cked up....hippies, draft dodgers, protests against the war, and those that went because it was their duty and they believed in their country and cause. The ones on the right signed up and went to defend us, the left protested in peace rallies and love-ins, and those in the middle skipped town as draft dodgers cause they were afraid to make a stand.

Posted by M.B. September 1, 10 08:44 PM

This is the first time I have seen these pictures. They bring back some very powerfull feelings. I arrived in Vietnam on the 3rd of November of 1967. I fought on the southeast perimeter from daybreak untill about four or five in the evening. After the main assault had been stopped I was standing on the perimeter fence having a smoke to calm myself down when I saw two RVN's comming toward me. They had a VC prisoner with them. the brought him directly in front of me and executed him right there so I would be sure to see what they were doing. Now as I look back I think they were trying to show us that they were not going to take any prisoners.

Posted by Robert Pompeo September 3, 10 09:49 PM

hi a toda la raza. escribo en espanol porque he combatido junto a hermanos latinos, y hemos dado nuestra sangre por USA,y estamos orgullosos de haberlo hecho.Hoy hace exactamente 39 anos que me enviaron a Nam y si no fuera por nuestra participacion en la guerra toda la region estaria dominada por el comunismo.O no es hermoso ver libre a Thailandia, Sumatra, Borneo, Malyasia? Nuestra sangre no fue en vano y PLEASE, aquellos hombres que no pelearon, no opinen de Vietnam,porque jamas sabran lo que fue ese infierno.Yo no combati por un gobierno, LO HICE POR TODOS AQUELLOS QUE ESTABAN A MI LADO,CON SU VALENTIA Y HERMANDAD.Saludos a todos lo que combatieron en Nam y mi reconocimiento a los que murieron alli.JOE

Posted by joe September 8, 10 09:44 PM

D co 75th rangers 69 2bn 503dinf. 173rabn 1970 we left home strangers returned home brothers'

Posted by kaiser sterbinsky September 30, 10 03:26 PM

wow im speechless those are some powerful Images

Posted by virgil October 28, 10 02:08 PM

With respect, it's time to take off the blinders and stop invoking the old patriotic clichés about war being grand, service to country, god's glory, etc. and realize that contemporary warfare is not about idealism, freedom, democracy, or other nebulous catch-phrases -- it's about political and economic gain for a select few. Those in charge don't give a damn about the soldier as an individual, about their heroism or sacrifice. The soldier is a means to an end, and his or her death, injury, or acts of atrocity are all calculated parts of an indifferent economic-political process designed to make the rich richer. While their bravery is undeniable and their sacrifice is more than most can comprehend, soldiers and their families are the ones who pay for the greed of the ruling few. Dress it up in whatever fancy rags you want, a sow is still a sow. Let's refrain from glorifying war.

Posted by tinypalace November 8, 10 08:23 PM

Why is it that every time I see the picture of General Loan executing a Viet Cong murderer the caption says "suspected VC soldier" when he was just caught red handed after murdering family members of Vietnamese soldiers. He was not suspect, he was guilty. It was war. The General was right. This is the kind of reporting that turned the american public against the war. I served two tours in that war and I am sick and tired of history being distorted. When TET was over, the VC ceased to exist as a cohesive force and the North Vietmese were set back on their heels. It was a great victory for South Vietnam and thier allies. Had we pursued our advantage at that time, the outcome of that war would assuredly been much different.

Posted by jmg November 17, 10 02:55 PM

What? No pictures of Dr. Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho signing the Paris Peace Accords of 1973. The peace agreement which North Vietnam promised not to invade South Vietnam and the United States promised to support South Vietnam if the agreement was broken.

Posted by hueygunner December 6, 10 10:22 PM

There are many photographs of American anti-war protesters waving the North Vietnam flag at their rallies in the United States. When I spotted one of these in Life magazine, it hurt me to think that Americans were against us soldiers and for those Communist Vietnamese. I wish I had had every one of those b*st#rds over there with us GIs so they could be put on "point" and meet their Commie friends first hand.

Posted by hueygunner December 6, 10 10:55 PM



Posted by SENTHIL KUMAR December 17, 10 06:33 AM

Educators can teach our children and grandchildren whatever they want about the american soldiers in Nam. We won nearly every engagement with the enemy, lived as animals in the enemies environment, seeked them out, and destroyed them. We commanded the field of battle, period! You don't have to be a math major to figure it out.
The sad part is that we did it with little or no support from home. Most friendly KIAs were Army draftees and just plain dedicated troops that loved their country....No questions asked.
I would be more than willing to bet that communism would have been spread far throughout Asia if it wasn't for us.
Garry Owen

Posted by Bob December 26, 10 10:12 AM

Those that did not stand behind the American soldiers should be willing to stand in front of them.

Posted by steve switzer December 27, 10 01:15 PM

I wonder how we would have felt, at that time and under those circumstances, if we would have been the resident of the USA. Several presidents held office during this war. As we are not privy to the insiders information, it is hard to judge the situation. Of course, it is always easier to be objective as an outsider or in retrospect. What was it like to step into the President's shoes, ... be under such pressure?

All I can say is that I hope we can outrule war and reach the status of a "league of Nations" with a world counsel ruling against war as a first step towards winning the battle against poverty and inequity including environmental issues of global interest.

We must abandone the extreme lifestyles which are harming our environment: overexploitation and contamination. That's the real enemy.

In other words, the past is water under the bridge yet valuable as a lesson to be learned.

Thanks to all combatants, which have offered their lives in the fields of honor, and brought our history to this point in time, where we can make decissions for the better of all humanity.

You are all heroes. Brave and worthy.

Philippe Degel - galapagos

Posted by Philippe degel December 31, 10 12:11 AM

Stupendous photos. It is a tragedy that we lost so many lives and ended up losing the war when we had the manpower and firepower to win that war in much less than a decade. I am definately not an expert on this war or any war but from what I have read and seen the primary reason we lost that war is that the war was run by politicians from washington. If we had let the Pentegon run it we would not have had a problem winning it. We betrayed our soldiers, our nation and the south vietnamese people that we pledged to liberate from communism. And to add insult to injury to our fallen soldiers and veterans we now have diplomatic and commerce relations with that communist country when the correct thing to do is have the nation gear up and militarly overthrow that goverment to correct the mistake we made. My respect, admiration, and sympathy go out to everybody involved in the Vietnam War.

Posted by Tony Topcat December 31, 10 10:17 PM

My family and I served as missionaries in Dalat and Nha Trang in 1969-75. We're thankful for the American military who helped us in so many ways. American troops built chapels, orphanages and did so many other projects to help the Vietnamese people.
War is bad for all involved, but a positive: The American presence in Vietnam during the 60s and 70s gave the other SE Asia countries an opportunity to build up their infrastructures and economies. It said to the Communist leaders in the world: No, you can't have SE Asia. I volunteered to serve in the Marines in the 50s, so I have nothing but admiration and respect for our American servicemen and women. They were willing to do the heavy lifting in VN when called upon. You have our deepest gratitude.
Joe Turman, author, Forty Days to Eternity Jan.2,2011

Posted by Joe Turman January 2, 11 11:04 PM

los estados unidos no aprenderan asta k un gobierno lo enfrente de verdad como hicieron los vietnamitas k apesar de no tener tantos recursos como los estadounidenses les ganaron la batalla y todo por los precidentes ambiciosos de poder. El hombre debe de ser libre y no dejar k sele amedrente,.

Posted by Ruben January 7, 11 08:20 PM

My only comment is every Congressman, Senator President and Vice President ought to be a veteran to be elected to any position that sends our military to war. Every Citizen ought to have to serve 2 years to know and understand just what the military goes through and these protesters that hear nothing but what the liberal media spreads and liberal college's teach. I love this country and I served 1964-67 active Army and 1981-2006 Air National Guard.

Posted by Richard Hunter January 9, 11 09:37 AM

Este mensaje es pare ruben. Se ve que tu no sabes nada de la guerra de Vietnam. Primero estudia lo que actualmente ocurrio y luego hable. Primero los vietnamitas no batallaron a los estados unidos solos, ellos estaban siendo repaldados por la union sovietica en ese tiempo. La razon principal que Estados Unidos no alcanzo le meta fue porque los politicos de Washington estaban dirigiendo la guerra en lugar del pentagano. Si los militares habian dirigido ellos mismos la guerra en lugar de washington vietnam del sur habria ganado. Hay otras razones tambien que son importantes pero no estoy aqui pare educarte totalmente. ve y educate en porque salio la guerra como salio. La hisoria ensena que ese pais del tercer mundo no le gano a los estados unidos.

Posted by tony topcat January 9, 11 11:39 PM

When will we ever learn ? History is being repeated.WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!!! 3/5 CAV 69 70

Posted by Dean J. Moretti January 22, 11 01:51 PM

. . . 58,000 body bags later, and hundreds of billions of hard earned U.S. taxpayer dollars down the drain . . . what was that all about? Today the Vietnamese are still communists. Mental midgets like Johnson, Nixon, McNamara, Kissinger should have been put in jail.

Posted by Hans Gunther January 24, 11 02:17 AM

Amazing, perfect and excellent works

Thanks Henri

Posted by Hanoi February 8, 11 11:43 PM

Vietnam just a testing ground for the US, if their really want to win, the was may only take 2 week like in Iraq ...We fought with the hand tied in our back
...sadly 58,000 US soldiers, almost 750,000 South Vietnam Army, and over
250,000 Vietnamese people gave their life for the war game.
i agreed with Hans Gunther ....Johnson, Nixon, McNamara and specially Kissinger... should have been put in jail

Posted by Minh Tran - 2nd Battalion Crazy Buffalo February 11, 11 03:49 PM

Images are a way of transmitting information down to the next generation and to help educate all those who come after. I am sadden to know that my generation doesn't know much about Vietnam, Korea, the Cold War, or even WW II beyond what we've been told by our parents and grandparents.
It isn't that the history books are lacking, but the teachers aren't allowed to teach what they think about their experiences, and their feelings. We need to know and understand the cost that war has
God willing, none of us will experience another war firsthand, but that doesn't appear to be happening, what with congress and politics trying to dictate what happens overseas.
These brave men and women took a stand to defend their country! To fight for their beliefs, and to protect their families! Not to obey every whim of the rich man who writes laws (though, technically, they did, by taking the oath to serve and defend, but still!), these people know the cost to serve might be their life, but they are still willing to go out and defend.
We should respect those who came back, and remember those who didn't. Choices were made and a price was paid. Yes, there were innocents hurt in the conflicts, but if they hadn't stepped in, how many more innocents would have been killed?
Bad intel hurt us just as much as it hurt our allies, and those fighting for their lives, struggling to survive.
War isn't pretty, and never should be glamorized. DON'T FORGET!
Perhaps we should take the news reporters out. No, let's let them continue on trying to cover the events as they happen. The dedication to getting life-changing photos, and to capture the events, memorable or not, is impressive. These photographers and news reporters may not have signed up to defend this country, but they did willingly insert themselves in a war zone, willing to do whatever it takes to remember those lost and forgotten in the fighting.
Images are important--but we shouldn't loose the history behind the images. I thank Boston and this website for including the photographers name, and other important notes, telling us what these images are about (and not letting us readers make up any old story about the truths depicted here)

Posted by Shinlie Troastad March 7, 11 11:24 AM

I was there in 1968&1969, I saw first hand good American soldiers perish,some of them were strangers and some were my friends. It was a very painful experiance, I was 18 years old when I arived their, I left their to come home to a country that had no use for its veterans. I was bagered by people in air ports had a beer can full of beer throne at me and was called a lot of different thinks by people I believed I was fighting to protect.
My home comming was so bad and so embarrasing, I moved to a different state. For years I never talked about the war or let anyone know I was a veteran, I didn't even talk much with other veterns, I just wanted to forget. I have been in therpy now for PTSD for the last few years, It has helped. I am glad that the Veterans comming home from our current wars are treated with the respect they deserve. And not the harrasment that we were given.

Posted by Dan Leahy March 7, 11 05:31 PM

If you want to die for your country, you're crazy. Your own family or friends are much more important.

Posted by Henk March 14, 11 02:43 PM

Vietnam_35_years_later.. Smashing :)

Posted by March 16, 11 01:37 PM


Posted by miter March 19, 11 01:23 PM

Hơn 35 năm sau chiến tranh, và VN đang bị hủy hoại bởi những người lãnh đạo bất tài. Những người dân và lính năm xưa bây giờ hối hận vì đã theo cộng sản nhưng đã quá muộn

Posted by Nam March 21, 11 05:27 AM


My unit, the 58th Trans Bn 34th Gen Support Group, U S Army, was located near the MACV Annex. As I recollect, the 58th's Task Force was an active player in ground operations at the Tan Son Nhut Flight Line. Our mission was to block VC & NLF sappers from access to the fighter aircraft and demolishing them with satchel charges.

One of our platoons, deployed approx 0500 hrs, participated in a harrowing action at the flight Line untill appprox. 1000 hrs.

My platoon's deployment to the flight line was approx. 1700 hours 31 Jan and continued at the assigned position to 1 Feb at approx 0900 hrs. I was a squad leader-OJT.

During our deployment, we exchanged fire sporadically with VC/NLF. We were in good shape with a 50 cal mounted on an APC (I'm not sure about the armoured vehicle type) and a rocket squad from the 1st Infantry Division.

In our squad we had a trooper with an M79 who put a concussion shell in a Renault cab with 2 hostiles returning automatic fire from Highway One.

The abiding memory I have is the B-52's carpet-bombing the village north of us with cluster bombs. The closest bomb-lets were, I think, about 500 yards from our position on the high ground.

Between bomb runs' a C47 with 30 cal. Gatlings on its port side hosed down the fence line. The atmosphere was heavy with drifting fumes from the flares. Stench from the bodies littering the free-fire zone since the morning of the day before was becoming obnoxious.

When we returned to our HQ, I was flip-flopping across an open space to the showers. A bullet slid by my nose so close I felt the heat. I never heard a report. I was tired and just shrugged it off as a stray. It wasn't. A sniper almost dropped me. But God had other plans.

If you have additional information about the TSN Flight Line ground operation from the evening 31 Jan 68 - the morning 1 Feb 68, I'd be appreciative if you'd send me an e-mail. It's part of our family history, and I'd like to get it accurate.

Thanks & still alive, Dave Bischoff

ADDENDUM - There was "mini-Tet Offensive" I participated in 1967. Why do I mention this? Simply to validate Hegel's dictum: "History teaches man learns nothing from history."

Posted by DAVID MICHAEL BISCHOFF March 28, 11 01:06 PM
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