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May 24, 2010 Permalink

Oil reaches Louisiana shores

Over one month after the initial explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, crude oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, and oil slicks have slowly reached as far as 12 miles into Louisiana's marshes. According to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, more than 65 miles of Louisiana's shoreline has now been oiled. BP said it will be at least Wednesday before they will try using heavy mud and cement to plug the leak, a maneuver called a "top kill" that represents their best hope of stopping the oil after several failed attempts. Based on low estimates, at least 6 million gallons of crude have spewed into the Gulf so far - though some scientists have said they believe the spill already surpasses the 11 million-gallon 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska as the worst in U.S. history. (39 photos total)

A dragonfly tries to clean itself as it is stuck to marsh grass covered in oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in Garden Island Bay on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana near Venice on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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Sickening to say the least.

Posted by Alex May 24, 10 12:47 PM

Too destructive for the species.. :( Kevin from the Philippines.

Posted by Kevin May 24, 10 12:51 PM

Human are evil...

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 12:51 PM

Heart wrenching. If it were financially feasible for me, I'd be on the first plane headed that way to help save some wildlife from this atrocity.

Posted by Rick P. May 24, 10 12:52 PM

De bien belles photographies pour une bien horrible catastrophe.

Posted by WdF (Paris / France) May 24, 10 12:52 PM

so depressing

Posted by rob h May 24, 10 12:54 PM

Sad, but nontheless good Pictures!
Thank you BP

Posted by Bastit May 24, 10 12:55 PM


Posted by Micah May 24, 10 12:56 PM


Posted by goofydg1 May 24, 10 12:58 PM

Absolutely 100% scary and the worst part is they have no idea how to stop the leak. It makes the efforts of the workers on the ground look fruitless.

Posted by Curtis May 24, 10 12:59 PM

Our great grandchildren will still be dealing with this.

Posted by MarketGarden May 24, 10 01:00 PM

Photo #38 just kills me. :(

Posted by Jorge Pentiago May 24, 10 01:01 PM

there's nothing to say, it's an unbelieveably huge mess....;^(

Posted by Amy May 24, 10 01:02 PM

This makes me so sad.

Posted by Reece May 24, 10 01:04 PM

just awful... thanks for the pics.

Posted by Ian Merritt May 24, 10 01:04 PM

These images bring tears to my eyes.

Posted by Hudson May 24, 10 01:06 PM

Drill baby, drill...

How's that for our energy policy?


Posted by A Oberheim May 24, 10 01:06 PM

This just makes me want to hurl obscenities and dump oil on the sidewalk outside at the BP complex in my city

Posted by burhan May 24, 10 01:06 PM

A chilling view of where humanity's thoughtless and harmful practices lead us... Let us hope the "top kill" strategy works.

Posted by Justas Medeisis May 24, 10 01:08 PM

Human, is the best tool to ruin human being life.

Posted by Mina May 24, 10 01:08 PM

This is really sad, Somebody has to do something now!!

Posted by Michele May 24, 10 01:08 PM

This is absolutely horrifying !!
I hope the US Government forces BP to clean up the area and on top of that fines them heavily.
I will never knowingly use another BP product in my life.

Posted by Stephen May 24, 10 01:09 PM

Words don't do this justice.

Posted by Jason May 24, 10 01:11 PM

This oil looks like dead blood.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 01:11 PM

Decades... :(

Posted by Fritriac May 24, 10 01:13 PM

Depending on foreign oil doesn't seem such a bad alternative all of a sudden, does it?

Posted by Mosez May 24, 10 01:18 PM

That first picture is a damselfly, not a dragonfly.

Posted by ronbailey May 24, 10 01:20 PM

The pictures are making me sad!

Posted by m106 May 24, 10 01:22 PM

I thought The Big Picture might just look the other way this time...but it did not; it delivered, finally! Thanks -- this is what we need, more visual evidence!

Posted by oilsnotwell May 24, 10 01:22 PM

Words don't do this justice. So sad. Lets Change our lifes, en respect the world, and use less oil.

Posted by Godelieve Engbersen May 24, 10 01:22 PM

put BP out of business...please.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 01:23 PM

BP executives should be jailed.

Posted by Brian May 24, 10 01:24 PM

I hate human. We kill all human.

Posted by Fritz VanVamcomb May 24, 10 01:24 PM

BTW - for those of you that think Natural Gas drilling is the way to go, I have one word: GASLAND.

More info here: - click if you'd like to see tap water burn (seriously).

Posted by Mosez May 24, 10 01:24 PM

is this what the future will look like?
when are people going to demand more from oil companies?

Posted by shahrzad May 24, 10 01:24 PM

BP should be brought to its knees

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 01:25 PM

Allowing for the expansion of off-shore drilling is the first thing Obama has done that I'm saddened by. As tragic as this spill is, I hope it causes him to reconsider and do what he can to stop this.

Posted by Lesley G. May 24, 10 01:30 PM

"This is really sad, Somebody has to do something now!!"

Hey Michele, you're somebody.

Posted by Firecracker George May 24, 10 01:31 PM

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

Posted by Kristin May 24, 10 01:31 PM

We need to make these billboard sized and put them on every highway in the country; we need to make these post-card sized and put them on every gas pump in the country. We need to have these projected onto the screen at every Senate hearing on energy policy; a split screen of clips with "drill, baby, drill" and especially #38. I was nine years old when Exxon Valdez happened, and I was stunned by how stupid, arrogant, and wrong oil was. I had the childish hope things would change. I was wrong.

Posted by PhoenixBeak May 24, 10 01:31 PM

This is just heart breaking. I agree with Bill Maher. Everyone who ever screamed "DRILL BABY DRILL" about offshore drilling should be down there helping with the clean up.

Humans just can't seem to stop themselves from destroying everything in their path. It's heartbreaking.

Posted by Grace May 24, 10 01:32 PM

these are the horrible consequences that animals must suffer because we need oil to meet our transportation needs, industry and home comfort ...

Posted by Paolo May 24, 10 01:35 PM

I have tears streaming down my face at the horrible loss of nature caused by this preventable tragedy. I wish I could be down there helping as well. I feel that not enough is being done for cleanup and not enough is being done for punishment of this atrocious 'crime'.
Thank you for the photos. I hope a lot of people see them and experience the same emotions. Only then will something, perhaps, be done.

Posted by Tracy Conant May 24, 10 01:36 PM

Among the 2012 predictions for the end:
"The oceans will boil."
This looks like a recipe for such an occurance in two years.

Posted by Don't Get Me Started May 24, 10 01:43 PM

Is there any hope out there?
Please if anyone can see a small dot of light at the end of the human path, please tell how to see it because i only see darkness and loneliness.

Animals have the same rights to live as we.

Matias from Argentina

Posted by Matias May 24, 10 01:45 PM

"The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and
dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total
water volume." Tony Hayward, BP CEO

Posted by Gob Bluth May 24, 10 01:46 PM

We, as humans, are going to be the destruction of the world, not any natural disaster.

Posted by Danielle May 24, 10 01:49 PM

Supply and Demand caused this. I agree with 42. We can cry "oh the humanity" and it's AWFUL... but I bet everyone on this board has a car. It was a terrible accident and we can blame BP if that makes us feel better, but the reality is we are all to blame for this.

Posted by Joe Schmoe May 24, 10 01:49 PM

#33 is just unreal. Too much.

Posted by Andy B May 24, 10 01:50 PM

BP needs to be brought down for this. No excuses, no passing the buck or hiding this time, get them out in the open and hold them responsible

Posted by Larry May 24, 10 01:52 PM

BP is evil.

Posted by Pierre-Alain Dorange May 24, 10 01:53 PM

Once again. BP drags its feet so the US government is left to fix the problem. It's tantamount to another bailout for Big Business. This time it's Big Oil. People get angry and wonder where is the justice.

Justice lies in the hands of the people. Government has abdicated its responsibility for justice. The people must rise up and mete out justice themselves. If this means finding BP executive and employees and beating them until they are no longer conscious, then so be it. Anyone who takes money from a ruinous corporation is guilty. They have a choice about the work they do. Those who take money from Evil deserve justice to be meted out on them.

Only when Evil finds no minions to do its toil will Evil go away. Take justice into your own hands, people, or die a slow lingering death at the hands of Evil like the birds and fish of the Gulf. Unless you stand up to Evil, you will be viewed by Evil as expendable like the animals and habitat they have despoiled.

Rise up! Do your duty.

Posted by Jim May 24, 10 01:54 PM

i´m chocked by this images.

Posted by Ligia Sims May 24, 10 01:58 PM

I hope that this catastroph will open the eyes of America. I'm sure that if it had happened in a poor country, nobody would have noticed that... It's easy to say that "it is soooooo sad", "it brings me tears".... I would like to see a change in the behavior of people now!

Posted by Matteo May 24, 10 01:59 PM

When the Exxon Valdez went up on Bligh Reef in Alaska, recently manned by the understaffed under new policy, the fortunately for that disaster I recall, it had a volunteered "oil skimmer" offered by the Russians almost on the scene. They also offered flights with emergency equipment from Little Rock, Arkansas to the Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans, LA, but were cut short after one flight. I wonder if there was another offer a month ago? What do you think FEMA? Brownie doin' a good job? From what I hear yes, for Nashville, after the flood. Could there have been a fleet of skimmers? Or Kostner barges? History is sure to ask at this disaster.

Posted by George Myers May 24, 10 02:00 PM

Is there a way to find out what camera, lense and setting you use for these pictures?

Posted by jim May 24, 10 02:00 PM

"Humans" the most intelligent animal of this planet and we are killing our self I wonder hoe long do we going to survive to our own self.
Shame on our self and our need's to technology and on destroying are own home, OUR PLANET AND FLORA AND FAUNA.

Posted by Pedro Duarte May 24, 10 02:00 PM

Oil = death

Posted by AnnaDraconida May 24, 10 02:01 PM


Posted by gb May 24, 10 02:02 PM

This makes me so sick. I am a HUGE animal lover and this breaks my heart to see this. BP sucks for dragging their feet on this. This is going to take years to fix, or at least start to fix. Species have the chance to die off in huge numbers because of carelessness and pushing blame around. All these companies think about is money, not the damage that can be caused by being lax on procedures and policies. As comment #43 Tracy C said above, not enough is being done as punishment. BP needs to be heavily penalized. You can't tell me there wasn't a plan in place just in case something of this magnitude happened. In that industry, every single hypothetical situation should have a plan to be tested and carried out in case of this type of explosion. Makes me want to cry, especially seeing the pictures of the innocent animals covered in sludge. Heartbreak doesn't begin to describe it. NEVER buying BP crap again. I also agree with #52, Jim. Well said.

Posted by Dusty May 24, 10 02:03 PM

I'm not sure what to say. We landed a man on the moon, we fly in space all the time, yet they can't figure out how to stop this leak in a month?

BP should be paying for every bit of this clean up as well as paying for lost wages.

We should all stop driving and making plastic.

Posted by planetMitch May 24, 10 02:05 PM

terrible photos.thanks for the courage of showing themElena

Posted by Elena Massari Haryasz May 24, 10 02:05 PM

Photo #38 made me cry.

Posted by Jose May 24, 10 02:07 PM

Don't be so quick to judge. I'm assuming that all of these comments about how "something should be done" are coming from people who don't drive, don't take public transportation, don't heat their houses and in fact don't eat anything at all. All of these things take energy and most energy comes from oil.

Yes BP should be held accountable, and yes some animals will die. But I am heartened by all the people who are willing to volunteer to minimize the damage to wildlife and habitats. BP has deep pockets and will ultimately pay dearly for this disaster. But oil flow will be stopped, the animals and habitats will recover and we will all go back to our lives.

Don't use this incident to condemn. Use it to learn. Drive more efficient cars, minimize driving, reduce your electricity use, get solar on your roof, support hybrids and nuclear power. We can have a better world, but we have to fight for it.

Posted by Chris May 24, 10 02:08 PM

We have to stop this non sense when will we learn we are just destroying ourselves..... how sad that a much as we record history we've learned nothing....

Posted by Sr May 24, 10 02:09 PM

Human beings are disgusting creatures and need to be exterminated to save this planet.

Posted by Reinhard May 24, 10 02:10 PM

I'm unable to look at these photographs because it makes me so angry and frustrated!

When will we learn? When are we going to REALLY stop depending on oil? Please, please, to the powers that be, manufacture cars and homes and products that use renewable and environmentally safe energy sources. Like, SOLAR POWER!! Besides the fact that oil is a hazard to the environment and to ALL life, it is NOT renewable. Which means we are going to run out.

Let's not waste our energy blaming and pointing fingers, let use our energy to find a solution!!!

Posted by Joy Adams May 24, 10 02:13 PM

Amazing photos of a horrible, /preventable/ tragedy. I'm sickened at how bad we have treated our world. We seem to forget that this is our only home and what affects the earth and the environment will eventually come back to hurt either us or our children. So very sad that the "short term" gains have over-ruled what is better for our "long term" future.

Posted by Kerri May 24, 10 02:14 PM

Happy now?


Posted by Mau May 24, 10 02:14 PM

@PhoenixBeak - "I was stunned by how stupid, arrogant, and wrong oil was." - Do you have a car? How is food and the other products you use shipped to you?

Posted by ech May 24, 10 02:17 PM


Posted by Carrie May 24, 10 02:21 PM

look what america has done

Posted by god hates you May 24, 10 02:22 PM

BP and others like them are OUR agents. We demand the energy. We are responsible.

Posted by Barry May 24, 10 02:28 PM

Yep, that's what BP called tiny

Posted by Erik van Erne May 24, 10 02:30 PM

As a resident of Louisiana, I can tell you that this is affecting not only the wildlife of our state and neighboring states, but also the people that live here and the businesses of these people, as well. I have close friends that live in Grand Isle and own 2 businesses that rely on tourism and fishing on the coast. Both businesses were immediately affected by the spill and at a complete halt at this point. With the amount of oil flowing into the gulf, it could be YEARS if not DECADES before our coastline is anywhere near it's former state. This means their entire lives / livelihood could be in jeopardy at this point. I'm not going to point a finger directly at BP, because i've heard that the contractors on the rig could have or were just as responsible for the accident as BP. I also don't know a lot about off-shore drilling, so I can't just blindly place the blame. I can say that it surely seems like not a lot is being done about the tragedy that is flowing further inland at the southern end of my state, and consuming a large amount of our wildlife and plants.

Posted by Cliff May 24, 10 02:30 PM

Can only hope for the future and pray for all the suffering wildlife.

Posted by christy May 24, 10 02:31 PM


Posted by ytcracker May 24, 10 02:31 PM

this is so disheartening.

Posted by Melissa May 24, 10 02:32 PM

It's one more reason that we should speed up the conversion to renewable energy, such as the endless energy of the sun (solar), Where's the big push for renewable energy that President Obama promised that he will champion? We need to do it now, we need to create a whole new industry that will in turn create more job and secure our future demand for energy.

The true cost of fossil fuel should take these "accidents" into accounts, and I support a heavy fossil fuel tax,e.g. $3.00 per gallon on gasoline,and use this money to fund renewable energy.

Posted by Nathan Wang May 24, 10 02:32 PM

You can all make a difference by cutting back on your own oil consumption, by living a more independent and sustainable life, and by lobbying your representatives to start pursuing alternative energy in a SERIOUS way.

Posted by Frank L. May 24, 10 02:33 PM

Drill Baby Drill, right republicans?

Posted by George May 24, 10 02:33 PM

The events of this oil spill are nothing more than tragic and to see the destruction of nature at the expense of making some shortcuts on the rig is pathetic.

BP needs to be forced to shut down all operations and fix this now. It's been far too long as the oil is now on the shores of OUR country.

Inexplicable and disgusting. Thanks for the photos -- heartbreaking is #38.

Posted by Derrick May 24, 10 02:34 PM

A professor in a document in the TV was speaking about the costs of the global transformation to using reneval energy. It would cost just a "small amount (some percentages of GDP)" if the costs are shared to few decades. It is strictly a question of a selection, there are alternatives to oil. In the past they could not see all the trouble that the oil makes in the long run. Many things we have learnt the hard way. I am hopeful that the green revolution is close to the tipping point, we will start seeing more funding, revolutions, inventions, technologies, requirements.. the environment becomes the top priority.

Posted by Astraalialma May 24, 10 02:36 PM

It makes me laugh to read some of the comments above considering one of the big issues during the presidential campaign was for MORE offshore drilling. People were all for it, because gas prices were high. See what happens when we do offshore drilling, nevermind increasing the amount of offshore drilling? There was pressure from the higher ups at BP to drill deeper, deeper than ever before at a faster pace. This is the result. Some people should be ashamed that they sit here and condem, but they were the ones calling for MORE offshore drilling. Drill away baby! This is the result, and this won't be the last.

Posted by Jessica May 24, 10 02:37 PM

Wow. I'm wondering, what will become of the rescued animals as they cannot be released to their habitat. It will take sometime for it to return to normal.

As for the marshlands, plants are resilient and are underestimated as healers of the planet. That's not to say this isn't a big f#*king mess.

I heard that BP will receive three billion dollars in insurance money but will only have to pay something in the millions because of an old law their lawyers found.

Posted by Carolynne May 24, 10 02:38 PM

Where is our federal government? Why are they not taking action on this? Why are the states begging for help and receiving no answer from the feds?

Posted by rambamrmm May 24, 10 02:38 PM

Oh, God.... what have we done to you?

Posted by brett May 24, 10 02:38 PM

It is nothing more than environmental terrorism.BP needs to be held accountable both criminally and civilly.This is the crime of the century.

Posted by Tricia May 24, 10 02:39 PM

heartbreaking :(

Posted by Gina May 24, 10 02:41 PM

Everyone is so sad, disheartened, and depressed but I don't see anyone giving up their oil based products... like the computer you are typing on.
You must not be that sad, disheartened, and depress.

Posted by Klassy May 24, 10 02:41 PM

It's very depressing. BP should do everything to protect volunteers health too..!!

Posted by Surya May 24, 10 02:42 PM

all them pics make me sick . we r doing a fund rasier called give a F*ck save a duck . in lansing michigan and will be held at spiral video dance bar on turnner st , we will be selling baked goods , and rubber bracelets with the fund raser name/logo . all proseeds go to helping clean up the oil on animals who shouldint die or have to live in a man mad desaster . what makes me even sicker is the fact that we contated british potrolyum about come to the golf to offer hour helping hads in the clean up and thay sed WE DONT NEED YOUR HELP

Posted by david May 24, 10 02:42 PM

What a tragedy. Absolutely heartbreaking.

God bless people like those in photos 32 and 36 working to save these animals.

Posted by Brian May 24, 10 02:43 PM

BP boycott now. those bastards are criminal and need to be in jail

Posted by jr. astronomer May 24, 10 02:43 PM

shocking. speechless. heartbreaking.

Posted by NORM LONG May 24, 10 02:44 PM

De bien belles photographies pour une bien horrible catastrophe. - I agree, beautiful pictures of a horrible catastrophe indeed. :(

I wish they'd quit calling this a "spill." Spill implies a finite amount. This is more like a spring or a geyser of oil.

Posted by germanbini May 24, 10 02:45 PM

This is the reality...and I'm sad beyond words,living in Florida all my life, to see this in our beautiful Gulf! I pray we do all we can to help...God Bless!

Posted by Tammy Jo May 24, 10 02:46 PM

Every time someone buys a Ford F-150, a pelican dies.

Posted by Edward Longson May 24, 10 02:47 PM

thank you Alan.


Posted by cristin May 24, 10 02:47 PM

I'm never using a BP gas station again!

Posted by Mathias May 24, 10 02:48 PM

Terrible how such an incident can occur. Hopefully the damages can all be recovered in time. As for BP they should learn wisely from their mistake, so it will never happen again.
As for jailing dam. no fk u dont do tat.

Posted by ben May 24, 10 02:49 PM

Se ha liado una buena. Espero que lo solucionen pronto. Ya pasamos por algo parecido en España, en las costas de Galicia. La conciencia ciudaddana ayudó a crear cientos de grupos de voluntarios que se acercaron desde todo el país para ayudar en las labores de limpieza. Las imágenes que se muestran aquí no pueden dejar a nadie indiferente. Muy buen trabajo.

Posted by Jesús F. Rodríguez May 24, 10 02:50 PM

Is this terrible? Yes. Do all of you drive a car or heat a home? Yes. Is this result of your need for comfort? Of course. You can blame the oil companies, the government, or your next door neighbor all you want - when in fact you should be blaming yourselves. Yeah this is terrible and I would never want this to happen, but you can't help but think that this happened because everyone's need for resources. And to the commenter PhoenixBeak saying they were aware of "how stupid and arrogant" oil was when they were nine: something tells me you're not telling the truth.

Posted by Brandon Vincent May 24, 10 02:51 PM

Every time I heard the news about this oil catastrophe, makes me thinks about the future of our planet :( , with people fighting, destroying things, politicians that never reach an agreement for the good of our country, and Global Warming, the future is getting worse and worse.

Posted by Hector May 24, 10 02:51 PM

I HOPE BP IS put outta business...but we know they are going to somehow push all this on the tax payers.

What also irks me is republicans who advocate for privatization of everything, then blames Obama and wants Obama to use all the federal power to clean it up.

They want to privatize profits, and push the costs and burdens on tax payers. Thats conservatism.

BP should get the heck off our shores

Posted by Adam R. May 24, 10 02:53 PM

I think I'm gonna be sick........

Posted by iggy May 24, 10 02:55 PM

we should really raise awareness about this.

Posted by ryan May 24, 10 02:56 PM

God this is just awful!!!!! I hope BP is proud of this disaster. Thank you for ruining the GULF!!!

Posted by Jason Bates May 24, 10 02:57 PM

Everyone should ride a bicycle! Not a $100 bike at Walmart. Spend 1,000-2,000 on a bike and you will be cruising around town in no time. No oil, no gas, no hassles! If everyone knew what a bike could actually do there would be millions of more cyclists!

Posted by Jared Anderson May 24, 10 03:03 PM

certainly now we all see the underbelly of corporate greed.

i can't help but feel somehow responsible.

hell on earth.

Posted by alexander May 24, 10 03:03 PM

I hope they wont get away with this, BP needs to get a penalty that will ruin them forever and they shall never even be able to put gas in their cars. From now on they should take all their assets and recruit brilliant people that will research in new energyforms.

Posted by Kristoffer May 24, 10 03:05 PM

So heart breaking to look at these pictures, everyone should be forced to see this imagery.

Posted by Michael May 24, 10 03:05 PM

Death throes of an obsolete paradigm...

Posted by We Need a New Story May 24, 10 03:06 PM

inintial permits already been given to SHELL for exploratory drilling in Chukchi now we wipe out what little numbers of polar bears that we have, huh?

go here:

Want to help STOP the offshore arctic oil drilling? GO HERE :

Beyond my comprehension that after this BP disaster, SHELL is getting the green light? Makes ya sick, huh?

Posted by Linda Scott May 24, 10 03:09 PM

Seeing this brought me to tears...

Posted by Rance May 24, 10 03:10 PM

thats all so sad it makes me cry

Posted by germany May 24, 10 03:10 PM

Thank you BP, soon, soon 2012...

Posted by michael May 24, 10 03:10 PM

Thank you Republicans for voting against oil companies to not assume bigger responsibility for oil spills:

As for these images... well, they are distressing to say the least.

I am all for these images to be produced for billboards across America and other countries.

Posted by Jamil May 24, 10 03:12 PM

Jared, that's a great idea!

Posted by ryan May 24, 10 03:12 PM

sick, sick, sick this makes me feel so sad,angry, and hurt.... this is only a speck of what is to come.. leave it to man to mess everything up!!!!

I want to help them poor animals.. =-(

Posted by Tara Ellingburg May 24, 10 03:13 PM

Photo #38 just kills me. This accident did not have to happen if BP was paying attention.

Posted by Linda May 24, 10 03:14 PM

God Almighty have mercy on us...this is insane and wrong in every way imaginable.

Posted by Michelle Solomon May 24, 10 03:14 PM

Sell a car, use the money to buy a bike, put solar panels on your roof. Choose wind power. End the dependency. I don't want to hear people say how horrible this is and then get in their car and drive home.

Posted by stopusingoil May 24, 10 03:16 PM

BP is just trying to get oil from this well instead of top killing it from the start. You can not tell me that this couldn't have been plugged by now, all their previous attempts are them trying to salvage oil from the well. They do not care about anything other than the oil.

Posted by Brendon May 24, 10 03:18 PM

Why any of you are shocked is amazing to me. We rely on oil, we need it. It is a fundamental part of our modern existence and by no means did BP intend for this to happen, they didnt set out and say, "lets destroy an eco system or two." This is a consequence of our existence, unfortunate but a reality. Its about fixing the problem rather then affixing the blame, and we are all part of the problem.

Posted by Barry May 24, 10 03:24 PM

At least Bush was here in 5 days after Katrina. Letting BP manage this is like putting an arsonist in charge of putting out a fire. The Coast Guard is even threatening to arrest reporters under the direction of BP. See cbsnews video.

Video Feed of Oil still gushing:

The cavalry was not come to help.

Posted by Scott Civello May 24, 10 03:24 PM

What is the government waiting for? BP obviously does not have the ability to stop or contain the oil. If this was a small gasoline or chemical release to a water supply, the EPA would step in to conduct the response and charge the polluter double or triple damages. This tragedy needs the resources of the federal government. Mr. President..please help. How much longer are you going to wait?

Posted by Helpless. May 24, 10 03:25 PM

What insanity! Who cares who fault it is. President Obama needs to step up to the plate and take control of this disaster. We have the greatest minds and technology in America. We've sent men to the Moon! There isn't someone in this country who can come up with a plan to cap this well??? The repercussions of this oil disaster will be decades in the making. I can't stand to look at the pictures. It is truly heartbreaking.

Posted by Donna May 24, 10 03:27 PM

Obama, yes we can. Oh really?

Posted by Jim Springer May 24, 10 03:29 PM

SICKENING and INFURIATING! These pictures just break my heart.

Obama, this is your Katrina .....STEP UP ALREADY! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! Remember all your promises? I do! That's why I voted for your ass. Apparently shooting hoops is more important to you though. Set an example dammit. Now.

Posted by Stephanie May 24, 10 03:33 PM

a politician recently said that we would otherwise have to pay $14./gallon
for gas.
i would be happy to pay $14./gallon to avoid such nightmare.
you can't treat the earth and it's creatures this way.
in the end, we will get ourselves.

Posted by left4vodka May 24, 10 03:33 PM

Honestly, everything else that Big Picture puts out just completely pales in comparison to this. People, what's wrong with us? Why do we have to keep doing this crap to our planet?

Honestly, I'm beginning to hope peak oils and climate changes force us to adopt a slower and less consumptive lifestyle. It just makes me absolutely sick to see stuff like this happen.

Posted by Frank May 24, 10 03:35 PM

Unless you've done nothing but walk/ride your bike every where you've ever been in life, you're to blame. We're all horribly selfish. We ALL did this. And we all deserve what we're getting for it.

But we also ALL have a chance to make a change... hint, hint. I myself am looking for bikes on ebay right now. Anyone else making a change? Let's talk about that. Something positive to answer back to this horribly negative disaster. Anyone?

Posted by Sarah Tuller May 24, 10 03:36 PM

Way to go Bush/Cheney and for EVERY igonoramus who who voted for them!!! - YOU are as directly responsible for these pictures as anyone!!!! Nice going American IDIOTS!!!!!!

Maybe each one of you, should get off your pretend Tea Party Ship and go lend both hands in cleaning up this carnage of Biblical proportions!!

Posted by Veritas May 24, 10 03:38 PM

On 60 minutes they interviewed a guy who was working on the rig when it blew. They had told BP about a problem with the drill and BP gave instructions directly against their recommendations, leading directly to this. Then BP also neglected to save the people working on the rig - this guy actually jumped (those things are extremely high) and he lived but 11 people died because BP left without rescuing them.

Posted by me May 24, 10 03:39 PM

This is a disaster of huge proportions - if it didn't happen to BP it would have happened to someone else. If you want to blame someone blame your government that is paid to look the other way by the corporations making billions.

Posted by RIchard G May 24, 10 03:39 PM

I wonder why Sara Palin has been so quite in the last month. I hope she remembers how she loved to encourage people to keep drilling: Drill baby Drill!! She should be out there helping with the clean up.

Posted by Sara May 24, 10 03:40 PM

@Mosez #26,

It's not local oil or even foreign oil.
It's oil in general.
We need better alternatives than fossil fuels.

Posted by Hanklin67 May 24, 10 03:40 PM

sadness :(

Posted by Christine May 24, 10 03:43 PM

RE: 131.

Love it! Obama's been in office for 16 months, but this is STILL somehow Bush and Cheney's fault.

Ahem. Shouldn't our CURRENT president shoulder some of this blame?

Posted by ATeam3 May 24, 10 03:44 PM

This is a perfect example of the paucity of Libertarianism which believes
government has no right to regulate industry or the individual. Both should be free to do as they please in the exercise of pure liberty. They always forget the that freedom and liberty demand responsibility. The are especially prone to forget responsibility when it incurs a cost. Tax Payers will pay for this but God forbid anyone suggest we levy a surtax on Oil Profits to help pay for the fiasco.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 03:45 PM

BP will walk on this one...just like they did on the refinery that blew up in Texas City in 2005, the oil leak on Alaska(due to unmaintained pipeline) and the Exxon Valdez> Yes, Exon owned the tanker, BP owned(and resposible for) the oil. No response team anywhere close OR ready. Yes folks, it's time tp privatize the profits and socialize the losses(cleanup). Not unlike our banking system. Great gig if you can get it.

Posted by robertsgt40 May 24, 10 03:45 PM

Be realistic. Rather than charging everybody $14/gallon, etc. and tell everybody not to drive, they should make some vehicles like Hummers illegal, period. And who needs an XUV? The heads of state could drive more efficient cars as well. Really, if everybody bought a smaller economical car it would help hugely.

Posted by me May 24, 10 03:45 PM

Here is where i am totally confused! how can this company and any other company get the right to drill, without being able 2 take extreme measures just encase something like this were to happen? we cant drive a car without insurance etc but these guys can destroy so much wild life etc, no back up plan! who gave them the OK to drill? they are the ones that should be at fault just as much as BP. is there any regulation to protect innocent wildlife why are we killing off the best part of NATURE let me guess "MONEY"

Posted by JamesCarrera May 24, 10 03:46 PM

This is so sad.

*drives to the mall in SUV*

Posted by David May 24, 10 03:47 PM

Jared, not everybody can ride a bike. They might have poor knees, have to haul things/children, or it might be snowing, etc.

I think a great start would simply be to outlaw cars that eat up oil and gas unnecessarily, like Hummers.

Posted by me May 24, 10 03:49 PM

Sell your car. Ride a bike. It's the only way.

Posted by Heather May 24, 10 03:50 PM

what an incredibly ignorant wall of commentary. oil has been keeping billions of humans fed and warm for the last 100 years. A small handful of disasters with somewhat controlled consequences is a tiny price to pay. Go ahead, outlaw oil in your thought experiment, and see the backlash as billions of people die. The economy and markets are a frail and complex system, there is no 'easy' solution to overpopulation/cheap energy unless we are all willing to go back to primitive styles of life like in tribal Africa... which all of you keyboard warriors posting will certainly not accept. Solar panels, wind power? Priced out a setup for your house lately? Given that most people can't afford to make their mortgage payment right now and millions are being foreclosed, do you really think a $150,000 setup is something within most people's reach, much less the bulk manufacturing capabilities of this country? My response to 'stop using oil' is 'i'll stop using oil, and you stop using air'.

Posted by Solstice May 24, 10 03:50 PM

It's time to make a change. If you're not on the ground washing pelicans, then start looking for public transportation to get to work. Recycle. Buy local vegetables - go to farmers markets. If these images don't make an impact, you've got a heart of stone.

Posted by Heather May 24, 10 03:51 PM

My family has been on the Gulf (Miss, Fla, La, Al) and I live in AL for so many years. I swear I have anxiety just seeing the photos. My sis & her 2 boys are devastated living in Empire, La, above Venice. Went to Venice w/mom before it got horrible and got the last of safe shrimp before season opened. We are all totally SICK over this disaster!!! I hate BP and all gas companies. They run the US and the world. TIME FOR CHANGE before oil companies kill the entire world!!!!

Posted by Paula Cash May 24, 10 03:52 PM

This Spill signifys the beginning of the end of our planet as we know it today

Posted by Allee May 24, 10 03:53 PM

I can't believe what i am seeing, this is a catastophe of epic proportions. How will Louisiana recover, those poor animals, that beautiful coastline destroyed. My heart breaks to see the sorrowful site.

Posted by Sophie May 24, 10 03:53 PM


Posted by michele May 24, 10 03:54 PM

It would be nice if we could dump some non-toxic bilge cleaner in the oil areas to safely dissolve the oil. This is extremely sad.

Posted by Angela Carey May 24, 10 03:56 PM

Yes this is sad and horrible...

Punishing BP - sure they should pay for their mistakes..

Is this corporate greed? No not really.. this is what makes the world go round. The demand comes from every single one of you using the internet right now. Absolutely everything in the room that you sit in and write on your computer from used oil in its production in some form.. most probably the plants in your garden and the fertilizers you used on them. Look at yourself first.

Just as an FYI, BP might pay for it financially, but the result is higher oil prices, which means higher price of goods.. yes even food and that means higher cost of research into alternative fuels. Might want to think of some other way to punish them.

If you think solar panels / wind farms etc.. is green your wrong.. you need oil to produce the solar cells, build the network and produce the metal and MAINTAIN them. For those people suggesting bikes rather than cars.. a bike uses raw resources extracted with the use of oil, transported and treated using oil, built into a bicycle with oil, painted using oil, transported from China to Europe/US with oil; it's as green as oil itself. Stop being ignorant.

And to the complete idiots who say that we should exterminate humans from earth... lead with example then; I chose to stay. All animals feed off of each other in some form; it is natures way, but we can try to be less careless and plan ahead if something should go wrong - chaos theory remains and is in full effect regardless.

This is indeed sad, but most of you are way too ignorant and need to go back to school and perhaps even get off that computer and start carrying water from your local stream to your house; because .. guess what!? the water in your tap is delivered thanks to oil, so is the entire power grid. Try building a house without using anything ever produced with oil, you'll find yourself living in the dark ages and burning firewood, contributing to higher CO2 releases than your electric oven produced by oil.

This is a horrible event.. blame yourself!

Posted by DumDum May 24, 10 03:56 PM

The Earth, our Home, is in deep, deep trouble thanks to the white man and woman.

Posted by gaby.h. May 24, 10 03:57 PM

Hey commenter #66, you go first.

Posted by Robert May 24, 10 04:01 PM


Posted by German May 24, 10 04:01 PM

These are the first pictures I have seen of the spill - I heven't been able to look at them because the images bring me to tears. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We are all responsible for this horrific catastrophe. We have done little to nothing to reduce our dependency on oil and until we do so this will be our world - so, so sad.

Posted by Shannon May 24, 10 04:02 PM

NO more drill on sea!
Tell any other oil companies on sea to give up!

Posted by Kay May 24, 10 04:02 PM

write your Congressman and Senator TODAY. Ask them to stop the oil from free flowing into the Gulf and to STOP ALLOWING BP to manage this disaster in such an arrogant way. This is just sickening to see happen and is unethical for us all to stand by and not do everything in our power to bring attention and demand this problem be brought under control. To find out who you Congressman is and generate a letter you may follow this link:

Posted by Barry Barbee May 24, 10 04:02 PM

We've really got to get America on board politically for making some major changes as rapidly as possible, with as little overt pain as possible.

Yes, our oil addiction is the primary culprit here, but surely the near complete lack of regulatory oversight (b.s. like allowing industries to "police themselves" and operate on some sort of naive "honor code") - or really, having the industry control the regulatory agency - this is typical of many major industries in the US. The nuclear power industry has captured their regulatory agency, the food industry has captured their regulatory agency (see the various incidents with foodborne illnesses), the coal industry has captured their regulatory agency (see the insane safety lapses and resulting deaths), etc.

It might help if people let go of the notion that government is necessarily and must always be The Problem and handing over our trust to profit-making companies which value the bottom line over everything - we have limited control of our government but we have zero control over corporations. We need our government to keep these industries in line with serious regulations.

We could also do ourselves a favor by exposing and shaming the shameless propagandists for Big Oil and Big Business generally. Like this extremist neo-con fellow who made a little "documentary" about how global warming is a hoax and makes ridiculous blog-posts like this one, childishly telling people to buy Exxon gas just to irritate environmentalists (BTW, he works for a couple of "think" tanks that are funded by Koch Industries, as well as Exxon (at least they were up until quite recently)):

We've got to make people see that guys like this are not just overpaid idiots, they're also dangerous!

Posted by Roger Cilmi May 24, 10 04:03 PM

I love the ignorant comments like, "You drive a car, don't you? Then you are responsible." Moron. If that's the case, then 99% of the civilized world is responsible. The issue is not necessarily drilling for oil, it's the incompetence, arrogance, and greed of BP that caused this little "accident". Any company who drills for oil and has no plan for emergencies, should be put out of business.

Posted by Joe Doe May 24, 10 04:03 PM

The pictures above are heartbreaking. While tragic, we must start action now on the cleanup. At the Global Innovation Commons, we have put together a set of open source, public domain technologies available for oil spill cleanup. We encourage everyone to browse and act as appropriate using the many ideas available. Please feel free to contribute your ideas on cleanup and we can find ways to add them to the solution set.

Posted by Ken May 24, 10 04:03 PM

sad state of affairs

Posted by Bill May 24, 10 04:05 PM

rothchild controled BP and rothchild controled goldman sach of shit who bet against this oil rig on 4-19 ar attacking the US. it happened on 4-20? thats evidence to me. 11 died? give me a break.
i hope the military goes after the right enemies this time.

Posted by c.cruz May 24, 10 04:05 PM

Expect more of this as we seek oil in tougher and tougher locations

Posted by jrm May 24, 10 04:06 PM

I'm a member of the Grassroots mapping group but in Europe so not able to be there, I just wanted to put a shout of well done to all those members on scene. They are helping to record events so that this can't be swept under the table.

Top job.

People power in action.

Posted by Gary Mortimer May 24, 10 04:07 PM

This goes far beyond "a spill". The photos illustrate the overwhelming expanse. How futile and small the clean-up crews appear in the big picture. Heartbreaking tragedy, God help all the little creatures.

Posted by Janette May 24, 10 04:10 PM

The money they pay won't mean a thing to the extensive damage that will be seen in the future.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 04:11 PM

People wake up and realize that we have had the technology to run cars with no fossil fuel use whatsoever. Do your own research -- Nicola Tesla was an inventor (a contemporary of Thomas Edison). He had invented a car whose battery power came from the earth's electromagnetic field - over a CENTURY ago. Free clean energy exists - if we can get our democracy out of the chokehold of corporate greed.

Posted by eileenacheo May 24, 10 04:12 PM

Es inaudito que despues de tal desastre medio ambiental, los EEUU permitan seguir trabajando a esta empresa, claro es productora de combustible, lo unico que se debiera permitir a esta empresa es limpiar el desastre que causo y buscar otro giro para su empresa y dedicarse a vender pasteles, por las perdidas economicas que acarrea esto, los pescadores de esas costas, ademas del futuro? acaso nadie a pensado lo que significa este derrame a las generaciones futuras, niuna pisca de desarrollo sustentable, cuanta mortandad de animales acuaticos , aves, etc...

Esto demuestra el poco compromiso con la humanidad que tienen las grandes empresas que explotan los recursos naturales, solo importan ellos y la ganancias que generará el negocio. Esperemos que no perdure en el tiempo este tipo de practicas, ya al mundo le basta con la gran espada (contaminacion) que lo estamos matando de pasada a nosotros mismos con el uso del vehiculo, el no reciclar la basura domestica y por que no decirlo los RILES de las empresas que van a dar directo a los ductos sanitarios, etc....

No lo quiero ni pensar pero el mundo ya esta dando muestras de su malestar y llegara el dia que dira YA NO AGUANTO MAS, el cual sera el fin de la humanidad, o piensan que es normal lo que esta sucediendo con los terremotos en distintos continentes no relacionados, erupciones de volcanes terrestres y submarinos, desastres naturales, etc...

Posted by Carlos Nicolas May 24, 10 04:13 PM

I am deeply saddened by these images and the effects this will have on the environment. But one thing I noticed that was missing is pictures of the people killed in the explosion. Have we forgotten them?? It isn't just gasoline, research all the products we use every day that come from petroleum, you will be amazed. Did you drink from a plastic cup today, use lipstick, what about the carry out container your lunch came in or the bag you used at the store.
I pray for all affected by this, we seldom hear about all the people who die or are injured to make my life easier.

Posted by Ruby May 24, 10 04:14 PM

BP didn't do this on purpose! Do you think they wanted this to happen?? Wake up people!! Like someone else already stated, we ALL use oil.

*******We need to write our government officials, and tell them to stop wasting tax money on the war and the space program (for now), and to help companies develop renewable and environmentally safe energy sources like solar power, etc.********

Posted by Joy Adams May 24, 10 04:16 PM

To Veritas, are u from America? Do you ride ANYTHING other than a bike? Do you live/work/eat/shop in heated or air conditioned buildings? If you answered YES to any of these questions then your one of those IDIOTS you were talking about.
oh yeah, one more question... are YOU out there helping with the cleanup?

Posted by Anonymous 2 May 24, 10 04:17 PM

Your tenets cook meth in the building you are renting to them. They subsequently blow themselves up. It's not you as the landlords fault that your tenets were doing something stupid.

It's the same here. BP owns the well-head yes, but they don't run the day to day of the rig. So think before you blame the company just because you don't like the fact that they make money.

And on another note Deepwater Horizons got a seal of approval from the Obama administration for their safe practices. So I think we can see the true power of a bloated bureaucracy right there.

Posted by Jon May 24, 10 04:20 PM

This makes me very sad!

Posted by michael May 24, 10 04:21 PM

This is Obama's Katrina. At least Bush did a fly over. Do something!!! WTF?!?!

Posted by J Ro May 24, 10 04:23 PM

Although this is truly tragic, you must remember something about oil. More oils gets in the ocean from natural oil seeps. It comes up through the ground. Drilling for this oil alleviates the pressure in the reservoirs. So, to call for the end of off shore drilling would actually harm the environment more than help it.

Posted by amanda May 24, 10 04:23 PM

Joe Schmoe here is right. Wake up everybody!
Which one of you doesn´t drive a car or use plastic products? BP is not to blame. It´s an oil company - it drills and sells oil just as we, the customers, demand it. We all are to blame.
So let´s voice our demand for politicians who seriously focus on ending our oil addiction. Coming to an election near you sooner or later. But just if you want to. (And, obviously, if you´re lucky enough to live in a country where there are free elections).

Posted by Marek Svoboda May 24, 10 04:23 PM

Firstly, this is exactly why we shouldn't drill in ANWR...

Secondly, just imagine when a hurricane comes through here and picks up all this oil... you think it's bad now?

Posted by Tim in USA May 24, 10 04:24 PM

So much pointless outrage. If you want the oil to stop flowing turn off your electricity and sell your car.

Posted by Jared Webb May 24, 10 04:25 PM

Palin helping with the clean up? You must be joking. She is probably in her plane shooting ice bears or wolves. Don't expect somebody like that, her offspring, or her buddies to care. We, the consumers, can ride our bike or walk to work or to the grocery store. We don't need all that "stuff" that makes us so dependent on cheap ways to destroy the Earth and all life forms. Praying, "God bless America," won't help either. Better to pray, "God save U.S., land of the free." Good luck!

Posted by g.h. May 24, 10 04:25 PM

drill baby drill!

Posted by whoop May 24, 10 04:25 PM

Forget finger pointing. As a gas guzzling, mass consumer nation I believe we are all share a little responsibility in this tragedy. These pictures break my heart.

Posted by schmeal May 24, 10 04:26 PM




Posted by Camila May 24, 10 04:27 PM

These photos convince me that we should stop drilling off the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic coasts, but that we should continue in the Gulf of Mexico, for two reasons:
1) there's clearly an enormous amount of oil there, and
2) there's nothing we could do to the Gulf coast that hasn't just been done already.

Posted by lnmonster May 24, 10 04:29 PM

Oil is as natural as ocean water. Just let nature run its course. Man always wants to intervene in everything, and that's just not the right answer.

Posted by Rush L May 24, 10 04:30 PM

These pictures literally brought me to my knees in a well of tears. I detest BP Oil and all of the greedy individuals who only cared about their fur coats and penthouses on Park Avenue. This "look the other way" approach to meeting regulations is another left-over fragment of the Bush Administration and all of his Texas oil buddies.

BP needs to rip every single sign they own down. Every time I see one I cringe and am reminded of all the wildlife they've demolished.

Posted by Tammy Childers May 24, 10 04:31 PM

People who love the earth need to coalesce and support alternative energy. I'm really tired of angry right wing "hairy hairshirts." They have nothing to offer..

Posted by ricksok1 May 24, 10 04:32 PM

Laying all of the blame at the feet of BP is to totally miss our personal responsibility as American citizens in this mess. Demand drives supply. We demand lots of oil.

I think Jimmy Carter spoke to it best in July of 1979, but nobody wanted to listen then. Maybe we should give it another listen now.

Posted by Jeremy Love May 24, 10 04:32 PM

I do not know how many months it will take the Gulf Stream to carry oil to the Cliffs of Dover, or the fish hatching grounds off of Greenland. You do not kill the ocean, and expect life to survive. Unfortunately, I am of a mind, that this is not the largest threat to the environment that we currently face. Current descriptions of methane release in the Arctic Ocean, describe it as a process that is accelerating. Is the release of methane related to the melting of the polar cap? Or, to put the question another way, is the polar ice cap Nature's way of containing methane gas release into the atmosphere? No one knows.

Posted by Loren Lieberman May 24, 10 04:32 PM

The pictures above are not nearly as sad as the comments in this thread. There is absolutely no hope for a bipartison America.

Posted by Me May 24, 10 04:35 PM

I have shared the link to these photos on my group on FB (BP is BC: Beyond Catastrophic) I would like to echo my thoughts on how to make a positive impact on our environment by putting an end to offshore drilling. Our group is currently working on efforts to raise awareness on this negligent disaster. Please feel free to add any feedback, ideas, or thoughts on what we can do to prevent something like this from happening in the future. If you are interested in participating in these efforts, here is the link to the FaceBook group:

Posted by CarolAnnB May 24, 10 04:38 PM

Everyone calm down! Don't worry about it, the free market will fix this *snark*

Posted by joe May 24, 10 04:39 PM

Do you really think the Federal Government would be better at cleaning this up than BP? What experience does the government have in running oil rigs or plugging a gusher 5,000 feet below the surface?

Plus, that would just start shifting the blame to the government and off of BP. BP needs as much blame and pressure on them as possible.

Posted by C. Togar May 24, 10 04:43 PM

5 weeks? This is far worse than the governments response to Katrina.

Posted by tom May 24, 10 04:43 PM

:( makes me super sad....i love animals, and this is heartbreaking, wish i could come down and help wash the shit off them :(

Posted by Nipon Libby May 24, 10 04:43 PM

What a tragedy and an outrage!

Posted by Dianna May 24, 10 04:44 PM

It's sort of like Obama's Katrina, except people aren't actually *dying* in the hundreds in the streets with their bloated bodies floating past. So yeah, it's sort of like that, but not really. Also there is no way to regulate or legislate against hurricanes, but you certainly can do that with oil drilling. IF the conservatives will shut up about the money and start thinking about the environment and the future.

And as for the States calling for help, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said numerous times he thinks big government needs to stay out and let States deal with things themselves. The people and the free market will take care of things if you just let them be free. Funny how he changes his tune now.

Posted by GiveMeABreak May 24, 10 04:45 PM

This is horrific. I couldn't even finish viewing all the photos it was so sickening and disturbing...

J Ro, you're joking, right?

Posted by Ed S. May 24, 10 04:45 PM

we have all of us got blood on our hands... I'm crying...

We can make amends:
Drive 55mph, get a hybrid car, ride your bike to town, walk, eat organic (no petroleum fertilizers or pesticides), get solar panels, switch to tankless water heater, or solar water heater, shop organic and from local farmers, don't use the AC, turn on a ceiling fan instead or retreat to a cool basement, install a wood burning stove, anything just do something to stop the murderous drilling and use of oil.
Be part of the solution! We can't just let those in power change the world, they have their own agendas. It's up to us to heal it and change the way we all live and we need to live more gently on our mother.

check out founded by Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth.
We have lived just fine for thousands of years without oil and in
just a few decades become so addicted we can't see the forest for the trees.
Let's all agree to change ourselves today.

Posted by Pauline May 24, 10 04:46 PM

I feel we would be better off if our government and BP stepped aside from the clean up and provided all funding so volunteers can take over the clean up of our wetlands, coasts, our wildlife, marshes, coastal islands, etc. With the volunteers, we have the numbers and it is a people who are passionate about this clean up. Not people who view it as just a job or a paycheck and and find it easy to not put in any real effort. But BP should be held liable for damages, cost of clean up and found criminally liable for lying to the government about their clean up capabilities from the onset of their drilling.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 04:46 PM

Why aren't they using MOP to clean it up???

Where's the ultrasound to warn the animals?

Where is the leadership in Washington?

Take note people: When emergencies hit, they'll get around to it...whenever.; even though you've paid in advance. (Of course, this doesn't include the illegal non-taxpayers- they don't contribute.)

Posted by anonymous May 24, 10 04:49 PM

Amanda. Please share with the board where you get your facts from. Otherwise, that's very clever. Did you just make that up?

Posted by emily May 24, 10 04:50 PM

I don't understand all the comparisons to Katrina... that was a HURRICANE, an act of nature.

This is a man-made, no, corporate-made disaster... it shouldn't be up to the government to do ANYthing about it. It's BP's mess, BP should clean it up.

HUGE difference. But anything to get an unwarranted shot at the President, right? Disgraceful.

Posted by Ed S. May 24, 10 04:54 PM

Why is everyone blaming the government and BP? This is OUR fault, not theirs. You probably drove to work today in some gas guzzler only to read this article and blame someone else. Nope. Your fault. Take a bus, take public transport, carpool, do whatever. It's not impossible people. Stop using everyone else as a scapegoat. We demanded oil, and now we've got it.

Posted by erica May 24, 10 04:56 PM

How bad does oil from the middle east look now? An oil blow out on the surface can be easily contained but a blow out 5000 feet under water is not so easily fixed as we all have found out. Until we can wean ourselves away from oil, deep sea drilling must be curtailed and land based or shallow water drill rigs must be increased. This spill is going to make the Exxon Valdez look small in comparison.

Posted by Jaden May 24, 10 04:59 PM

To all you kiddies who like to blame this on people who DRIVE, I hope that when you're a grownup, you'll look back and laugh and how incredibly stupid you sound.

You see, adults can't peddle around on little bicycles because we sometimes have these things called 'children'. And when children start off as wittle babies, they can't even walk! Crazy, I know... But that means we certainly can't be teaching them to ride bikes in the busy streets, now can we? And we certainly wouldn't look responsible carting our kids around on the handle bars, would we? No, we wouldn't.

Not everyone is an adolescant. People who drive cars aren't evil. Think before you type.

Posted by A Grownup May 24, 10 05:00 PM

It seems like the volunteers are doing a better job cleaning up the oil spill than BP is.

Those of you who are in the pro-oil, drill baby drill, but don't tax me category consider this: someone has to pay for the clean up. Whether it's your tax dollars for the clean up or regulating oil drilling more stringently so it is conducted responsibly to prevent or minimize spills from happening.

So if you are drill baby drill, then you are tax baby tax. Your tax dollars pay to subsidize the oil industry to make it so that it is less than $7/gal. Your tax dollars go to the clean up effort when spills like this one occur. So please get over yourselves when you claim that you are for no taxes and no spending, because you're really not. You just think we should privatize the gains and socialize the losses. That's all.

Posted by emily May 24, 10 05:00 PM

Dum Dum,
This is corporate greed. To the enth degree. Bush and Cheney are responsible for telling oil companies that a safety shut off valve apparatus that cost $500Million per well was not necessary. Don't tell me about my car or my house that burns oil, for most people, that's the only option. What we need is for our government who supposedly oversees these businesses to make sure that there are plans in place to avoid disasters like this. There were none in place, and now their only options is to try solutions that have never been tried at these depths. Blame BP, Bush/Cheney, and the office of mineral management. (Pete Salazar)

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 05:00 PM

Devastated just looking at the misery ... we didn't need this, not now. Fail BP... FAIL!

Posted by Nitin May 24, 10 05:03 PM

Impressive photography thanks for sharing, this tragedy is felt here too, on the other side of the Atlantic sea. God bless all the suffering animals.
God bless all people that stand for a better world where integrity has more value than stocks, profits and all of that.

Jeroen Zwaal, Netherlands

Posted by Jeroen Zwaal May 24, 10 05:05 PM

This is so sad.. But we are all at fault here.. Man, i wish i could just get rid of my car and ride a bike.. Easier said than done.. I could just see me riding my bike to drop off my daughter to school, then riding all the way across town to work.. Showing up all sweaty and looking like a hott mess.. Then leaving work early just so i could make it to get my daughter from school, and then back across town to drop her off at a babysitter and then back to work.Then pick her up and go home.. and do it all again the next day and the next... HAHA! Not funny.. I was for drilling for oil in our oceans, BUT.. I wasnt for the person not being prepared for a spill.. Jeez! Dont most people prepare before they start doing something that could kill off a whole bunch of land and animals and people???

Posted by Brandi C. May 24, 10 05:06 PM

I can't handle looking at these horrific pictures. BP better clean every bit of oil spill they caused. I just cant understand why we Americans can't stop using mass oil. We have the knowledge and technology for using alternatives which we should of done decades ago. But no, we rather make these oil companies richer and destroy the natural environment.


Posted by rajhlinux May 24, 10 05:08 PM

"Drill, baby drill!"

-Sarah Palin

Posted by sarah palin May 24, 10 05:11 PM

Oil slick solution:
This short video is an easily understood visual demonstration of a very complex nanoparticle reaction. The effectiveness of the interaction of this type of clay with water-surface oil is readily evident and indisputable. This ‘oil absorbent’ clay is available in massive tonnages, and is inexpensive. Much research has been done with regard to MMT (montmorillonite) clay in oil slick environments where the oil has already impacted a shoreline. Very little research has been done with regard to ‘oil slick settling’ prior to its impact on shore because of the innumerable variables that complicate a ‘scientific’ study ‘at sea’. Still, the video demonstrates unmistakably that the application of (MMT) clay to water-surface oil gives exactly the desired effect, that of sinking the oil to the depths of the sea, prior to landfall. Add to this the non-toxic nature of the clay (‘health advocates’ ingest raw bentonite/MMT clay daily), and the natural enhancement of biodegradability within the oil droplets after contact with the clay and you have the perfect solution for the Gulf oil slick. Air-drop application of the (MMT) clay could easily be accomplished with the fleets of C130’s used by each of the Western States for dropping fire retardant on forest and brush fires (the air-drops, of course, would optimally be from a higher altitude to disperse the (MMT) clay into the air prior to its impact on the surface of the oil slick…). All that is required is to activate the planes and crews, and send the bill to BP and Halliburton. A local ‘Gulf area’ supplier of nanoparticle bulk clay is Southern Clay Products. If they can’t supply the necessary tonnages from their mine, my mine in Southern Utah can certainly take up the slack.
The technology is available.
The material is locally available, inexpensive and non-toxic.
The application mechanism is available and ‘on hold’…(It isn’t yet ‘fire season’ in the West, and these planes are currently ‘hangered’, doing nothing…).
This is a solvable problem. All we lack is someone in government at a high enough level with the vision to recognize the solution, and the guts to say “go” before the window of opportunity closes, and the disaster is complete. Get the word out.

Posted by Craig Rosequist May 24, 10 05:11 PM

my god i have no words, im sick.....

Posted by barbara May 24, 10 05:13 PM

Wow. What a mess. Too bad it was a created disaster. Amazing how something like this happens AFTER Obama changes his mind on offshore drilling. Yeah, that was a coincidence. We can tell how sincere the desire to clean this up quickly is - after all, they have rejected proven methods one after another.

This is not just BP - this is the FedGov and BP and others like them.

Posted by Simon Jester May 24, 10 05:13 PM

This just makes me sick..millions of animals are going to die as a result of this....what a disaster..........while those idiots in DC run around creating panels to study the disaster and run to pass laws, all of this a day late and a dollar short, not that it matters anyway big business will still do anything it wants.

Posted by rad666 May 24, 10 05:14 PM

Picture 1 is a damsel fly, not a dragonfly.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 05:17 PM

this breaks my heart.

Posted by Jennifer Sheets May 24, 10 05:18 PM

We should all be ashamed!!! It is our selfish consumption of this earths resources that caused this. I blame myself... YOU SHOULD TOO DAMMIT!! Republican or democrat we ALL are at fault. Quit blaming everyone else!! Either ride a bike at all times or shut the hell up and make a donation to help get this cleaned up (better yet go volunteer to clean it up!!)

Posted by Cory May 24, 10 05:19 PM

Forget about everything else: DESTROYING THE EARTH!!!!! At least we're good at something!

Posted by Dakota May 24, 10 05:21 PM

I live in Louisiana. I can hardley look at the pictures makes me sick. Yes we do use gas and oil for our cars, but that doesn't mean we want this in our backyard. I for one would love to go green, but too costley. It's poltics and the big oil companys that stop new inventions from hitting the market. It's all about the money!! Now we have lost our most valuable accent. OUR EARTH! God gave us this earth to take care of and look what we have done. ( yes i try to go green have my own meat and veggies I'm blessed )Lets fix it before its too late. Grand Isle god speed.

Posted by cheryl May 24, 10 05:21 PM

I honestly don't know whether to be enraged or in deep mourning.

Posted by Isabel May 24, 10 05:21 PM

BP’s first-quarter replacement cost profit was $5,598 million, compared with $2,387 million a year ago, an increase of 135%.
but they expect an attaboy for spending $500 million on this cleanup....get a grip, spend everything to restore the shore of La. to what it was.

Posted by Annoyed by Greedy People May 24, 10 05:23 PM

The thing that we don't see is the dead organisms in the sea and marsh micro-ecosystems. Whether it is a once cell or multi-cell organism, they represent the first link in the food chain and without them the entire system breaks down.

We can't blame anyone but ourselves. Unless we walk or bicycle or use 100% solar we are all guilty in this situation. Let's learn from this and make sure as we decide how we inhabit this planet that it can be sustained and not ruined for future generations.

Posted by Richard May 24, 10 05:24 PM

Ride to bike !!!!

Posted by juliano May 24, 10 05:24 PM

For those trying to blame everyone in the US you need to review the facts. BP was told it was unsafe and just days before it happened had rubber pieces that would help to close the hole in case of an emergency break off. Instead, the BP official wanted to take short cuts to avoid any delays. This is about greed on the BP executives part. If this was done properly and issues were met with action rather than ignoring them than this would not have happened. But it would have cost money and caused delays and basically eaten into BPs profits. Can't have that. Again, this was stricly about greed on BPs part.

Posted by Matt May 24, 10 05:25 PM

So terrible, thats a Damselfly with oily wings not a dragonfly, btw.

Posted by CCP May 24, 10 05:26 PM

I would like to see pictures of beaches in Beirut when Israel deliberately bombed a power plant in 2006.

How long did it take for the beaches to recover?

Posted by Concerned Canadian May 24, 10 05:26 PM

BP grosses 6 BILLION DOLLARS every THREE months. No, they do not care about pelicans. No, they do not care about crabs. No, they do not care about you.

Yes, they care about the millions of DOLLARS spewing into the Gulf, but when they stop losing money, they'll stop caring about that as well.

Posted by Next Girl May 24, 10 05:28 PM

Of course everybody is trying their best, it's logical, but they can't get control of this. No matter who they are, they will continue trying and trying something else and all the while they will resemble a 4-year-old trying to steer and land a Jumbo Jet. It will end when the last drop of oil that can flow through that dilapidated pipe has spilled into the ocean, not before then, and by that time every animal in that huge area will have suffered an excruciating death. I wish it were not true!

Posted by Care May 24, 10 05:32 PM

Шоб вы обанкротились, сраное Би-Пи

Posted by Edo May 24, 10 05:33 PM


Posted by Holz May 24, 10 05:38 PM

Where the hell is the obama administration helping to do something about this. Like a stupid committee is going to actually solve the problem. Why haven't we sent the national guard down there to get those guys to help clean this mess up.


Posted by Colin May 24, 10 05:38 PM

Everyone who is blaming this on either Obama or the Republicans should shut their mouth. This has little to nothing to do with government. This is the fault of two parties: a group of negligent oil companies, and everyone in the world who depends on oil for their livelihood. I'm included in that, and so are you. I'm going to do all I can to reduce my footprint.

Posted by Keith May 24, 10 05:40 PM

This is just too much for anyone to overlook.

Posted by Carol Balogh May 24, 10 05:42 PM

Thank you for showing these horrible pictures to the world.
We should no longer accept deep see drilling!

Posted by Elisabeth van Dyck May 24, 10 05:46 PM

If only the US government wasn't so reactionary... Think about it. So many of our problems would be solved if we just got rid of oil all together and the US started pouring it's wealth into alternative technologies.

1. It will fix our econemy, once the US develops an alternative energy source the world is bound to follow suit. And how are they going to get that energy source? Through us! It can be our # 1 export.

2. Will end conflict in the middle east. All middle eastern countries are funded by the oil they sit upon and the oil they own. You get rid of that they have nothing. Thus ending funding for terrorists, or any bombs that middle eastern countries might be making at this moment (iran).

3. Will fix the environment, remove the green house gas and global warming will go back to it's normal rate. In addition, we wont need to worry about another oil spill happening.


Posted by Dan S. May 24, 10 05:46 PM

This strikes me as the worst single environmental disaster of our time. The coastline of the Gulf of Mexico has tremendous and globally significant amounts of 'biodiversity' and the volume of pollutants being released is so large it's virtually incomprehensible.

However, at it's birth having the immediacy of an explosion (notwithstanding other factors) it's media impact has also been significant.

When we pay attention to this particular disaster we should also take care to realise that there are other human activities which, in the long term, may have have equal, or more damaging, effects on the environment, which lack the immediacy of effect and corresponding public media interest.

The extraction of 'dirty' oil from the canadian tar sands strikes me as such an equivalent.

Posted by Robert May 24, 10 05:48 PM

I'm a 45 year old guy. I don't cry very much at all.
But when I looked at these these photos, I started to cry.

Posted by Rob ONeil May 24, 10 05:51 PM

I can't stop crying... THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!

Posted by Dana May 24, 10 05:52 PM

I have read many of these comments and it is true that BP takes the main blame but it is also true that everyone else does also!! Yes we are all selfish as far as our lifestyle, our whole country has adapted this selfish lifestyle. Nothing is going to get better in this country until we get back to what our country was founded on and thats God!! We are trying so hard to push God out of this country when he is the country. Now dont get me wrong this didnt happen over night, this has been a series of events that our government has been mostly responsible for but after all of these things that have happened lately who do we have to turn to, our government? Lol. No God!

Posted by Logan May 24, 10 05:52 PM

Welcome to the gates of HELL.Now the gates will open wider.

Posted by jep May 24, 10 05:56 PM

Dear people touching oil with your bare hands: please don't do it. Crude oil is highly toxic.

@179: This is not true. I hope your are just badly educated.

Posted by Mike Mira May 24, 10 05:58 PM

Welcome to the result of your greed america. You reap what you sow.

Posted by Pissed Off May 24, 10 05:59 PM

One neer appreciates what one had, until they lose it!

The blue-green waters, the birds, seagulls, herons, egrets, pelicans, all the wildlife, turtles, crabs, dosphins, water skimmer insects, wetlands, and ALL of Nature.'

God! If there ever was a time that we need a Higher Power, it's now!

Some Higher Force, help us!

There is nothing or anybody that can help us now. Nothing a Human can do. We're in such deep trouble.

It's not a matter of Humankind needing to accepted responsigbility, or being taught a lesson, or sins - or Karma.

Or whose fault it is.

All that must be set aside- by whoever thinks it. This is such an emergency. We're waaay over our heads!

It hasn't hit home to the vast majority of the people, in theU.S. or in other countries. BUt it effects our very lives in every way.

Meanwhile, while Humans haven't started suffering, ALL of Nature is suffering and dying.

We need a Miracle. The wound of the Planet must be closed and the oil cleaned up.

It no longer matters what country, or culture or Race or your Politics, Forget Rand Paul or the illegal immigrants, or North Korea,or BP or Obama, or whatever. This has to do with our oxygen, or water, our food and crops.

And espeicially, our Little Brothers suffering.
God, help us in this.

Bring back Life!

There is nothing and no

Posted by Bonnie May 24, 10 06:01 PM

This is devastating....I am an animal, bugs, crabs, insects, fish, birds etc... lover. I especially love dragonflies. This really saddens me!

Posted by G. Normyle May 24, 10 06:09 PM

Just wait til a Katrina comes along and hurls this oily brew miles up onto the shores. Then we'll really have something to talk about. Yeah, drill baby drill. What happened to "This land is your land, this land is my land.....?
Greed! Nothing matters today but $$$. Concern for the well being of our land and people is nothing but a political dream. This thoughtless greedy mindset has to change or we are going to continue to destroy our country. Its time we develop a values system that includes respecting our environment and our people over monetary gain. Look at what cutting safety corners for profits has cost our country in lives and the environment this year alone! The damage is HUGE!

Posted by Lisa Bragg May 24, 10 06:15 PM

TESLA technology has been suppressed. And any time a FREEDOM loving person comes out with a new invention to help humanity, They are either bought out or silenced.
America has Destroyed other countries, families and lives over "the Precious" - and now the chickens have come home to roost. KARMA?

Free energy exists, but it's better to rip you and I off. $$$ Greed ruins your soul.
This will never be cleaned up in this Century.

Posted by Aware May 24, 10 06:15 PM

Why wasn't the well blown the first week to stop the leak? You all know that a 'spill' in finite - a 'leak' is forever or until it is plugged or runs out!

Posted by kitty May 24, 10 06:18 PM

this is horrible and sad and if mother nature dims fit that she wipes out the human race i will not blame her

Posted by shoreline May 24, 10 06:19 PM

What a tragedy and picture number 38 says all... no words! :(

Posted by Ashfaque May 24, 10 06:20 PM

Drill Baby Drill, Said the Republican party - I was one > NOT ANY MORE !

Posted by Paul May 24, 10 06:22 PM

People who think that, since we've used oil for 100 years we need to shut up and face the fact that we all need oil, and that oil made America great and all that - it's very simple. Our technology improves. We used to use whale oil, bows & arrows, and spears to survive, and those things were critical to our survival, but that is no longer true. Same with oil. Next time you calculate the cost of oil, figure in both Gulf wars, all oil-related pollution from burning oil; all runoff from roadways to waterways and those associated environmental impacts; figure in the health impacts on humans that are not measured from smog; figure in the loss of biodiversity from pollution; then throw on things like huge ocean cleanups like the one in the Gulf, and all of that economic and biodiversity impact. Save the oil for our military and construction and planes and a few other applications, and let's migrate what we can - building energy and cars and trucks - over to a new energy source. The problem with humans is that we think we're invincible. We think that it is "cute" to worry about birds and fish. That kind of arrogance is sure to lead us to failure in the long run. Quite simply, this is the time to push for and support alternative energy production like solar and wind. This is the time to see if you can use and afford a hybrid or electric car, use public transport, bike, walk, etc. and look into alternative building designs and energy requirements. WE are all the solution, and WE are all the problem. Start small, work up.

Posted by Kevin Reed May 24, 10 06:28 PM

People like "Solstice"(comment #148) are the reason our planet is being destroy !! You moron open your eyes,people lived for hundreds of years without oil but will not live for much longer if this continues.

Posted by monika May 24, 10 06:28 PM

we all need to take time and get over there somehow and many would be willing to help????. where do we go to help? if all these people could lend a helping hand i say lets do it .

Posted by debbie t May 24, 10 06:30 PM

Please tell me that someone at least picked up that baby heron and tried to do something for it. If it was too far gone, I hope they at least didn't allow it to continue to suffer. This whole situation makes me cry like a baby.

Posted by Jennifer May 24, 10 06:33 PM

Obama's Katrina. Asleep at the switch. Federal response was poor!

Posted by Matt May 24, 10 06:35 PM

For people with bad knees and things to haul ... I have a recumbent trike on which I traveled 20 miles 2 months after I had my knee replaced. "Recumbent" is not weight bearing and is easy to ride. However, bikes are not the answer to everything. Regulations and laws have to be stricter, faster and with the "right" opposition to those things ... it may never happen. God help us!

Posted by Jo May 24, 10 06:37 PM

Please visit for answers on how you can locate fight toxic dangers in your backyard. It's time we stand up and take back our country from toxic waste!

Posted by Boogie Man May 24, 10 06:38 PM

No, 148, it is YOU who are incredibly ignorant.

If the nation made a serious effort to replace oil, especially, but also coal, as a major fuel, and further, if we absolutely insisted on zero tolerance for safety shortcuts such as those that BP took with the Deep Horizon project, at the very least, oil head blow-outs like this would be far less likely, and if they occurred, would be quickly stopped, as this one should have been.

Furthermore, the "setup" to reduce domestic use of oil would not be so expensive. Certainly, maximizing natural gas over oil as a fuel is one way to move. At this point, I would even suggest considering the expense of converting oil into methane (if possible) before ever using it as a fuel.

You talk about the billions of people who have been saved from starvation thanks to our reliance on oil. What will it matter to be fed if the life in which they live dies around them?

We must find a way to live in non-growth-based economies so we do not need to grow our population endlessly in order to make life better for some, while making less and less likely the survival of all.

Posted by Inquirer0 May 24, 10 06:38 PM

It is time to mobilize against these evil corporations. While it is true that we are all responsible for the extraction of oil to fuel our cars, the majority of us, the sane, responsible, caring, compassionate majority of us would take every precaution to protect our world and the innocent creatures in it. These evil corporations have had their day. It is time to take them down and we can not rely upon the republidems anymore. they are all on the take. Men and women of conscience must stand up and be counted now. Hayward, are you listening? This was a rig too far. You have doen it thsi time.

Posted by kim richardson May 24, 10 06:39 PM


Posted by Dario Centurione (Brasil) May 24, 10 06:39 PM

@DumDum (#155),

Not everything is powered by oil. Have you heard of natural gas, wind farms, hydroelectric, or nuclear power? I don't see any power plants around running on oil/petrol.

The question is not to eliminate oil use from production chains, but to use it rationally. Driving a SUV that does a pair of miles a gallon, or driving food across the country are the things you should be worried about, and what you can help change.

Posted by Wayne May 24, 10 06:39 PM

We alone are destroying this planet.

Posted by tim May 24, 10 06:42 PM

@Rush L Don't be incompetent. "Let nature run its course"? Explain to me how this event is natural.

My uneducated opinion is that there seems to be many possible bandaids available, but the US government (and I'm sure it would be the same for most governments) is taking far too long to respond. -1 point for Obama.

Posted by Mark May 24, 10 06:44 PM

>Secondly, just imagine when a hurricane comes through here and picks
>up all this oil... you think it's bad now?

Yeah, remember what happened when the Cat in the Hat used VROOM to clean up those snowspots.

Posted by BigCynic May 24, 10 06:45 PM

Please stop the leak at all costs!

Posted by Robert Curzon May 24, 10 06:52 PM

To those who say "But aren't you using oil"

Oh shut up you idots! Using oil doesn't mean a company should just spill it all over.

Posted by Kermonk May 24, 10 06:53 PM

All I can say is, y'all are a bunch of whiney cry babies driving your SUVs
and BMWs and Hummers. Sell them and ride a bicycle or walk.
When this first happened I called the Coast Guard and offered assistance
using my boat to pull oil booms or to ferry supplies or volunteers to where
they are needed. This is happening in my back yard and I think that if you
are mot offering or participating in the cleanup or prevention, then all you
are doing is bitching. So please STFU.

Posted by jackazz May 24, 10 06:53 PM

Reading these comments makes me laugh a Little especially you heather. Unless you are telling me you sleep outside don't own a house don't live inside a building, don't enjoy a heated work place, stop making stupid comments. The fact is we need oil and it is bound to have happened the ocean would have eventualy corroded away the rock and caused the oil to come out as well we just well make it happen faster. The need for oil is massive, yes there are ways to decrease the consumption of it, IE smaller cars and the use of other power sources but lets look at this.
Solar power - how will you make it? With energy coal/burning oil etc plastic is made the same way as are all the other parts
Wind - You need to use power to make the turbines
Hydro - Again we need power to create the technology
As well it would cover the entire planet with solar panels and other machines just to power our entire population of 4 billion + people

You have to understand the basic aspect of our society before you start saying oh ban oil stop harvesting it etc...

Posted by seth May 24, 10 06:54 PM

In response to comment 148. It's the oil companies and world's richest people that have literally FORCED oil to be the primary source of energy for the last 100 yrs. It was'nt by the people's choice. The technology to be oil free has been there for decades, but lobbiests have squashed it each and every time. This is the USA, and we should have been the leaders in perfecting new technologies to rid us of oil dependancy w/ environmentally friendly methods..alas, greed once again prevails.

One little mishap? Are you kidding? This is hemispherically catastrophic!!

Posted by Dan Vollmer May 24, 10 06:55 PM

First, do you know how much oil seeps into the oceans NATURALLY each year?

Noun 1. sensationalist - someone who uses exaggerated or lurid material in order to gain public attention

The above definition sums up just about any and all news organizations. While these images are sad to look at, remember to take a step back, use your mind to think and not your emotions.

Posted by Jhon J May 24, 10 06:56 PM

The pipe has now broken up under the surface of the seabed, making the attempt at plugging the well futile. There are now many hundreds of small vents leaks coming up.....this will be even more of a disaster..

Posted by matt May 24, 10 07:05 PM

Yeah because I'm sure 70 year old people and people who are sick or in wheel chairs would love to ride a bike where they need to go.......

Posted by M May 24, 10 07:07 PM

I see a lot of people effected by this oil leak, many have said they are crying and the like. I honestly feel that we have no right to feel bad. We caused this, we drive cars, we use hair gels, we don't bother to grow our own food, or buy from local farmers at the least. We as humans are responsible for this right down to the mother and father that buy the rubber tipped spoons for our babies to eat from. Disposable diapers, petroleum, everything we do to make our lives more convenient demands more oil, EVERYTHING, so blaming this person or that person is pointless, crying gets us nowhere. This is a chance of a life time, we can come together as a species's and better our world, find better ways to do things... well we know how this will be, in a year or two, most of you will be right back to where we were before the spill. driving excessively, buying everything we can from grocery stores, and not letting this affect our precious lives of ease that we all demand. In part i guess all i can say is we as humans have all done this to ourselves, and it's the planet that will pay the price.

Posted by ben May 24, 10 07:12 PM

People are saying it's "America's fault", America didn't do this, BP did, America is just as upset (if not more seeing as how it is THEIR country that is involved in the situation) about the entire circumstance!

Posted by Randy Carpenter May 24, 10 07:19 PM

Yes we are heavily dependent on oil, our population has grown massively during this oil age.
We need to become less reliant on oil, a change in our commuting behavior, organic food production, modern forward looking technology which is not locked into carbon extraction.
Why? Because it is a finite resource, we are fighting a war to secure supplies of it, it may well be contributing to climate change and it is dirty and polluting whatever we do with it.

Posted by Cat May 24, 10 07:22 PM

this is so sad what has the earth done to diserve this cruelty we should be ashamed of ourselves

Posted by Tilman Gonnie May 24, 10 07:26 PM

The upside is that this has happened in USA - when it happens in poor countries no one listens or takes any notice. It is time for us ALL to give up our dependence on oil - if we use or dirve anything that depends on oil where ever we are we are just as much to blame as the oil company. Humans survived many thousands of years without cars - giving them up is no big deal.

Posted by Cecile May 24, 10 07:28 PM

BP should be pulling all of it's resources in to clean up the spill INCLUDING it's damn full tankers...they could be used to suck up the oil in massive quantites but they do not want to go to the expense. BP OIL and any other oil drilling company should be kicked out of the US domains when they show the type of disregard and greed they have on this project. They had absolutely no emergency plan backup, they lied to everyone about the amount gushing out..and STILL lie...hang them. I have heard others say BP is the best choice for stopping the flow...ummm do you READ the news? Have you seen the flow even slowed????????

Posted by Randy S Thomas May 24, 10 07:30 PM

If we use oil I don't think we can complain outright about drilling offshore. It can be done safely! The problem is bean counters and profit-obsessed ***holes are calling the shots, overruling the engineers and technical experts and taking shortcuts around issues they really don't even understand. Add to that an absolutely disgraceful effort by the MMS, charged with government oversight, that has allowed that wildly irresponsible conduct to flourish.

Drilling can be done safely and competently. We just have to set up a system in which the companies that are willing to do it with reasonable care, respect for the risks and the rules, and under government regulations that include safety inspections, are the only companies that get to drill. I should be a privilege they must earn. BP needs to have each and every lease and permit rescinded and their assets seized and their negligent executives jailed for manslaughter. Their safety record even before this disaster was such that they should not be conducting any operations in the U.S. While we're at it, let's send Halliburton packing, too, the modern day kings of slipshod work and war-profiteering.

Posted by t justice May 24, 10 07:32 PM

Do you now see the stupidity of not drilling onshore? Congress forces deepwater drilling and now points the finger at the oil companies. What a Joke! All you wacky envirmoMENTALists can now start beating the wardrum to turn off the oil spigot. You got what you wanted. The mother of all enviromental disasters. Now instead of turning back your own idiot policies, you want to start riding bicycles. Get a grip people!

Posted by Lucas Smith May 24, 10 07:36 PM

This is not the fault of the oil or it's users.

This is what happens when you allow fascism to flourish.

Keep in mind that none of you would be able to whine on the internet if it were not for the energy used to build and ship that computer your using.

The demographic that has the ability to buy a computer and have internet access is usually living in 2500 square feet more than they need with 5 TV's, 2 SUV's and fridge full of plastic water bottles.

Do any of you supposedly environmentally aware yuppies ever whine about the Texas sized soup of plastic floating in the Pacific?

Posted by Yuppie fake May 24, 10 07:40 PM

My comment is a response to "A Grownup"

You are anything BUT grown up. I am 42. I have a 9 year old. I look after children daily. I HAVE NEVER OWNED A CAR. People have laughed at me, smirked, called me a "hippy" in a dozen derisive ways. I do not buy every neato new gadget that comes along. I am healthy because I don't park my fat ass in a car to go to the corner store. My rule is: if you can walk. Do it. If it's too far, ride the bike (I have a bike trailer for the littles, the rest ride) If it's winter, or too far to ride, we use public transportation.

The only thing that would make me consider to drive a CAR would be if we chose to move into the country away from public transport. And even then use would be controlled (aka PLAN your errands so that fewer trips are necessary)

What you are doing is making EXCUSES for your behavior. oh oh oh! But I NEED my car. Bullsh*t. Then next time you load up your kids in the SUV to DRIVE to the playground 3 blocks away, remember me. My spirit is standing beside you. spitting at you.

Posted by Sarah May 24, 10 07:40 PM

Yes, as "DumDum" pointed out, it takes oil to make a bike. But just as much oil as it took to make your car, "DumDum"? Or to run it every time you use it? Could your argument be any more disingenuous?

The reality is we're faced with choices in the century that will define whether we bequeath future generations of humanity--our children's children's children-- an ecologically devastated planet. Because we are alive, we will always need resources to live, but the choice before us is whether we use those resources wisely, and live sustainably, or whether we continue to use those resources as foolishly and profligately as possible. That future begins with us, in the small choices we make every day. Don't be paralyzed into inaction by those who argue that if you're not 100% sustainable RIGHT NOW then you are a hypocrite and we should therefore all just continue to live unsustainably. Don't be paralyzed by the cynicism of those who would have us continue the assault on the planet that sustains us all. When you're faced with a choice, make the best choice you can at that moment. Sometimes your choices will be more sustainable than others, but make the best choices you can. We have to start somewhere. The longest journey begins with a single step.

And bringing that choice back to transportation, even if it does take resources to make a bike, it takes far fewer resources than it does to make a car, and running a bike only takes calories, whether from food, or from fat. As they say, "burn fat, not oil."

And yes, most people, including families with children, can ride bikes. They do it here in Portland, where it rains most of the year, and they can do it in your town too, if they want to. While it's true that some people can't ride bikes (including my mother), the vast, vast majority of people can ride a bike, for at least some of the trips they make by car. Like all journeys, you can begin that journey with a single step. A good way to start is with the 1 mile solution:

Posted by Rick May 24, 10 07:40 PM

Solstice- you are right, there is no easy solution, and we can't end the use of oil, gas, and coal tomorrow. However, we could be doing so much more than we are now to move in the right direction- for example shifting billions of dollars of subsidies from oil and gas to renewable energy. That's right, take financial support from dirty power and give it to clean power at no additional cost to you. While it is not feasible to have our electric grid 100% renewable in the next 20 years, it is feasible to reach 40% or even more. And that is just one of many things we could be moving to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable society. Remember, global warming and pollution bring with them a lot of costs that taxpayers will have to pony up for as well. So let's go for it.

Posted by Tad May 24, 10 07:42 PM


Please, go for a damn walk.

Posted by Sage May 24, 10 07:42 PM

It is a major flaw of mankind to think that we could possibly possess the power to ruin this Earth. While this oil spill is sad and hopefully a wake up call to some, saying that this is the start to the end of the Earth as we know it is ignorant. The worst we can do is kill ourselves off, after we are gone the Earth will live thrive on.

Posted by Josh May 24, 10 07:43 PM

Boy, Lots of comments out there. DumDum and Solstice..... We are EVERYTHING you say we are. Ignorant and selfish. We must take a look at ourselves, because we, the consuming heads of the worlds, are the cause of this terrible terrible thing. We need, we use, we throw away. But what I see here in these 245 comments that you dont seem to is that people SEE our ways are wrong, they are horrified at what it has caused, and they WISH to CHANGE it. Its a tuff thing, change. and no, riding bikes and recycling wont change the world or stop the use of oil. But its astart on a road to a CHANGE in the status quo consuming head game we all play. Bases are loaded, we are at bat...... do you 2 have anything COstructive to pitch our way?

Posted by peace May 24, 10 07:44 PM

I think people should just protest and request big time for electric cars!
Oil is the evil of our modern society!
We should forever cut this cancer that is killing us and the wildlife.
Oil is expensive, dirty and dangerous.
Electric power is cheap, clean and does not pollute.
What are we waiting for?
Why are people still putting up with all this??
We need electric cars and move forward to a better environmental friendly future!!

Posted by Mara Minnai May 24, 10 07:45 PM

Honestly this is sad but true....there isn't anything we can do...what has been done and has been done. All we can do is learn from this and not E V E R let it repeat itself.

Posted by Rick May 24, 10 07:51 PM

Q: Why is the U.S. Government not doing more?
A: British Petroleum Corporation owns the U.S. Government.

Posted by justanotherfool May 24, 10 07:55 PM

saying you want to 'Outlaw the gas guzzling cars" is about as un american is it comes. what gives you the right to tell me what i can and cant drive? whats next on your agenda? would you like to outlaw fatty foods too because it causes heart attacks? can you tell me i cant heat my house with coal anymore?
This oil spill was most likely sabatouge anyway, russian intelligence said they belived north korea in a suicide mini sub mission was the cause of the oil leak. oh hey how come the media isnt screaming at obama for not doing enough like they did to bush during katrina

Posted by S.D. May 24, 10 07:56 PM


Posted by LIL WAYNE May 24, 10 07:59 PM

Lets not forget, two weeks before this happened, Obama authorized more exploratory drilling. Everyone keeps quoting Palin, but they have forgotten that Obama also wanted to drill.

Until this...

Posted by Your Dad May 24, 10 08:03 PM

Anytime all of you who think us humans need to go away to save the planet want to take yourself out of the loop go right ahead.

If we have no oil we have no plastic, no bottled water, no tires, no computers, no power to make the computers run, far fewer clothes, almost no shoes, no cell phones, no TV, cars, buses, trains, boats airplanes, no trucks to deliver food, water, clothes, shoes, no light, I could go on and on.

WAKE UP, you are all (well mostly) hypocrites! If we had no oil 80% of the population would die which is what I guess many of you are wishing for.

I say, you go first, I dare any of you to remove all oil from your life.

Posted by SAM May 24, 10 08:06 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 08:19 PM

drill baby drill right?, smh

Posted by fedup May 24, 10 08:19 PM

To all the geniuses calling out everyone who uses oil: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Of course we're not going to stop using oil overnight. The only way to reduce our dependency on oil is for alternatives to be cost effective. Spills like this are one of those pesky "negative externalities" that have to be taxed. If we tax the hell out of oil (like the Europeans), other forms of energy become cheaper. In fact, we need taxes on oil that increase up until we're no longer using it, period.

Of course, no one has ever won an election by telling Americans that they need to make some sacrifice or some changes in their day to day lives. Anything that flies in the face of "American Exceptionalism" is commie pinko nonsense.

Posted by ConcernedFloridian May 24, 10 08:23 PM

I'm certain no person can view this and not have heartache. So much innocence - insects, animals and human children's lives being impacted. What makes it more difficult is people arguing out here and expending energy on blame. We all know... leave it alone. Focus instead on remedies. Solicit groups to assist. How can I help? let's start organizing small groups, that when multiplied, can overcome this disaster. Ideas and organization are needed - I know we're capable of this... Start some positive posts and watch our country pull together, again. Anyone who can offer a room in their home, tent in their yard - so many are unemployed and want to get where help is needed... think SOLUTIONS.

Posted by NCNatureLover May 24, 10 08:23 PM

it's not the conservative's fault we have to rely on oil drilling technology from 50 years ago...

this is easily pointed right back to arrogant environmentalists who think they're protecting wildlife, when all they're really doing is pushing us to search in our oceans and under muslim countries for our energy demands, as well as not being able to develop current technologies that would prevent accidents like this...

Posted by tim May 24, 10 08:26 PM

Amanda: I call BS, big time hallucinogenic BS

Posted by Greg May 24, 10 08:30 PM

the answer is simple , just get rid of BP , there is likely more people that hate bp then there is to protect BP, this is truly a sad sad thing to see happen to our water ways , the enviroment and the animals, so if you see a BP sales-person or store burn it or knock the crap out of the salesman, it is time for the people to stop getting the shaft from the big for writing to the gov. forget it , as long as there is money being made the gov. gets there kickback and aint gonna do squat.

Posted by concerned citizen May 24, 10 08:38 PM

If only there was some way to tell the poor get the hell out of there!

It is painful to look at these pictures.

Posted by luc May 24, 10 08:39 PM

d e p r e s s i n g !!!

Posted by Tara May 24, 10 08:41 PM

on the verge of crying...

Posted by Will Noble May 24, 10 08:42 PM

EVERYONE who is WITHHOLDING ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PATENTS is RESPONSIBLE. The only people who need oil for fuel are the jerks selling it to us who will snuff out or buy out anyone who comes up with an alternative. Look it up people. The people holding the alternative energy patents who also sell oil to you are your enemies.

Posted by Computer file 93 May 24, 10 08:47 PM

This goes to show everyone that you can have thousands of successful rigs never having any problems and all it takes is one to f*ck everything up. Yes we've been using oil to keep ourselves alive, essentially, for the last 100 years, but its time to find a segue to move us out of this habit. After all, there are only so many dead dinosaurs under the ground.

Simply and logically, if we do not reduce our use to the rate at which the oil is being replenished (which may be a few drops a day or it may be several tons a day - it doesn't matter) then we will run out. And unless we've come up with an intelligent alternative, many people will die very quickly. Yes, ride your bike and carpool, but more importantly, we need proactive participants in the field of alternative energy research. Oil is disgusting, and this tragedy is the ultimate undeniable example. The day the first man struck oil, in fact was a tragedy. We lived so long without it.

Posted by Sam May 24, 10 08:50 PM

#241 Dan S.
"So many of our problems would be solved if we just got rid of oil all together and the US started pouring it's wealth into alternative technologies."

Okay you can lead the way. Get rid of everything you own, your home, your clothes, just about every possession. Every single thing is created directly or indirectly by oil. We are more dependent than you can imagine.

Posted by Alex May 24, 10 08:51 PM

Here is a fact everyone needs to know. Nobody is blameless. That doesn't mean that nobody's responsible, but everyone is somehow involved. The president, the oil companies, BP, the democrats, the republicans, and the consumers. We need to stop pointing fingers and clean this up. (That said, I still hate BP, on whom I might venture to put a majority of the blame)

Also, for those of you who say that to give up oil we would have to go back to living in caves, I want to ask a civil question.

Would it be so bad to not be so well-off?

Not a single study has shown that humans are happier when they are more pampered. A spoiled child will always be angry and petty, even when given their own way, but a child whose parents don't give him everything will be able to better appreciate what they have and, as a result, be happier. I lived frugally in a semester school in the mountains for four months, and they remain the happiest of my life. Maybe the answer to happiness doesn't lie in more and more comfort, more and more wealth, more and more ease and security. Maybe if we actually gave up some of our luxuries we would be able to slow down and enjoy life more. After all, isn't that what life is all about?

I don't want to sound like some crazy, far out, hippie radical, but I have noticed that happiness and affluence aren't always linked. Why not try downsizing for once? See what it brings us?

Food for thought.

Posted by a concerned 17-year old May 24, 10 08:53 PM

Our glutenous ways have created this disaster. When you want to blame someone - look in the mirror.

Posted by katie schaefer May 24, 10 08:54 PM

That sucks bad.
I really hope the photographer who noticed the dying baby Heron didn't just click and leave. Poor muffin. I really hope they at least tried to save it!

Posted by Roxy Sapra May 24, 10 08:54 PM

What our country, and the world, needs to realize is that we have been wrong from the beginning. We have based everything on the three G's (god, gold, and glory), and it has done nothing but destroy the planet we inhabit.

Wake up and realize that there is no "God." He is a figment of your imagination.

Wake up and realize that money doesn't matter, and was invented by humans.

Wake up and realize that the "glory" is purely selfish, and has only been achieved at the cost of others.

Wake up. All of you.

Posted by Russell May 24, 10 08:55 PM

Those of you blaming it all on us and on BP are ridiculous. Yes it's tragic, I agree, but this was an accident that caused natural selection. The animals will die, people will live on, money will be lost, and money will be made. This is not the wake up call you are all spoon feeding each other. We've been complaining about using alternative fuels for years and years. Other incidents have not got us into gear yet and neither will this. It's unfortunate but it's not going to happen. This is not the apocalypse and this does not spell extinction. It was an unfortunate incident of human error. If you're upset, do something about it. Putting the blame anywhere will get you nowhere. Sell your car if you feel like it will help, but stop blaming the people who actually need them, even people who need them for a career. What about the people who deliver your food? Put them out on the streets because of an oil spill they didn't cause? Wake up.

Posted by Ryan Dockins May 24, 10 09:02 PM

spill 1 (spl)
v. spilled or spilt (splt), spill·ing, spills
1. To cause or allow (a substance) to run or fall out of a container.

Exxon/Valdez was a spill. THIS is a high pressure discharge more akin to a Plinian eruption than a spill of any magnitude.

"I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity."
John D. Rockefeller

Posted by Edward May 24, 10 09:03 PM

I wish I had the time/resources to help. That is so horrifying, our earth is undergoing enough trauma from us already. Those poor animals.

Posted by Brandon May 24, 10 09:14 PM

These photos are horribly sad. I'm on the east coast in Maine, but for those of you who are right in the affected areas, there is an iPhone and Android app called Oil Reporter that you can download for free -- to take photos of the affected areas and upload it to a single source, so we can amass a source of photos from the spill that can be available to the public, rather than waiting for professionals to snap the shots. Just go here to download the app if you can help:

Posted by Renae May 24, 10 09:18 PM

Thank you BP for showing us, just how safe offshore drilling really is.

Posted by Paul May 24, 10 09:21 PM

absolutely unbearably heartbreaking

Posted by jessica messer May 24, 10 09:22 PM

I'm all for alternatives measures except nuclear if you think there's problems now just wait til some of the nuclear reactors cause disasters.

Posted by justswallowedmorebs May 24, 10 09:27 PM

Honestly all these comments condemning people who drive cars and heat/cool their homes really make me angry, when they're being typed on by a computer. Do you people really think you're not using any petroleum products??? Really??? I think we need to focus on the fact that EVERYONE uses petroleum, and the most important thing is to stop the leak asap, and clean clean clean, save what we can.

Posted by Amanda May 24, 10 09:28 PM

I like how they always post a lot of high res pics on

PS. This is the "BP Gulf Oil Spill", not the "Gulf Oil Spill".

Posted by Matt May 24, 10 09:36 PM

We need to hang the people who are responsible for this mess. NO MERCY!!! This is the problem with greedy people who are careless. They need to be made an example to the public. Hang baby hang.

Posted by The solution May 24, 10 09:36 PM

BP, and all responsible must be brought to justice. I would be perfectly okay if this spill financially ruined BP - at least they won't ruin another body of water.

Posted by dan May 24, 10 09:39 PM

makes me want to cry :'(

Posted by flabaalaba ding dong May 24, 10 09:44 PM

Corporations have to be made to change so they are liable and responsible to society. They should not be only concerned with shareholders' wealth. This is the problem. They have no responsibility to anyone else. Try to get an executive to make a decision on what's best for society or what's best for the bottom line. Exxon still has not repaid all it's debts and now it is the richest company in the world. Where are our values?

Posted by Leean Sahagun May 24, 10 09:50 PM

This is what you get when you continually vote corporate-friendly conservatives/republicans (and fake or spineless Democrats) into political office. They deregulate (i.e., lower standards/safety, allow corporations to put profit$ ahead of people, etc.), lower taxes (which weakens an effective Government to the point where it cannot regulate these corporate giants, nor protect people from the greedy corporate whores; and also lowers quality and weakens vital infrastructure... do I really need to mention Hurricane Katrina, or homelessness, or hunger, etc.?), and continually dumb down the public with disinformation/misinformation (Faux News, right-wing hate-talk radio, etc.), which leaves the ignorant public hopelessly confused and frustrated to the point where they'll take their anger out on any faux issue (abortion, immigration, gay marriage, etc.)... so schizophrenically-paranoid about Big Government coming to take their guns away from them that they are too distracted to notice, and are too uneducated to understand, that Corporate America (Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Wall Street Bankers, etc.) own everything through patent, trademark, copyright, license, registration, etc. This is what capitalism run amok gets you. The greedy corporate whores own you and everybody you know; the corporate whores own the government and the environment; the corporate whores own everything you need to survive, live and thrive. As long as you continue to participate in and support this greedy-corrupt system, you are nearly as much to blame as the corporate whores who own you and everybody and everything else.

"Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow..." ~ Abraham Lincoln, November 21, 1864

Cleansing The Temple:

To the amazement of his apostles, standing near at hand, who refrained from participation in what so soon followed, Jesus stepped down from the teaching platform and, going over to the lad who was driving the cattle through the court, took from him his whip of cords and swiftly drove the animals from the temple. But that was not all; he strode majestically before the wondering gaze of the thousands assembled in the temple court to the farthest cattle pen and proceeded to open the gates of every stall and to drive out the imprisoned animals. By this time the assembled pilgrims were electrified, and with uproarious shouting they moved toward the bazaars and began to overturn the tables of the money-changers. In less than five minutes all commerce had been swept from the temple. By the time the near-by Roman guards had appeared on the scene, all was quiet, and the crowds had become orderly; Jesus, returning to the speaker's stand, spoke to the multitude: "You have this day witnessed that which is written in the Scriptures: 'My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a den of robbers.'"

This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master's attitude toward commercialising the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and the unlearned. This episode also demonstrates that Jesus did not look with approval upon the refusal to employ force to protect the majority of any given Human group against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power. Shrewd, wicked, and designing men are not to be permitted to organise themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force for self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects. ~ The Urantia Book (pages 1,890-1,891)



Posted by Lawrence May 24, 10 10:04 PM

@ #228...

"Unless we walk or bicycle or use 100% solar we are all guilty in this situation..." Posted by Richard May 24, 2010 05:24 PM

Can't even let you off the hook with that, Richard. Every plastic product is made from crude. Whether it's cellophane or the harder poly used in bottles... it comes from the same source that gets you your gasoline and diesel. Propane, heating oil... also from crude. Polyester, nylon, candles, anything with petrol jelly in it (that includes lotions), perfume, dish soap, inks, bubble gum, many different types of rubbers, ammonia, etc... all of that is eventually refined from the same oily brown sludge you see in these pictures.

Posted by Jimbo May 24, 10 10:08 PM

This is all very sad- from the pictures of dying birds to the squabble of people blaming. I'm not gonna say we are all to blame. I'm guilty of using plastic and petroleum products just like the rest of you. I drive an "economy" car that gets 38 MPG, but that car is largely made of a plastic polymer. I want to teach my child the importance of frugality and the use of alternate fuels, but most of her toys are plastic, as is the car seat that keeps her safe, the seat belts that save our lives daily, and even the bottles and gloves used to clean off the wildlife covered in oil on the LA coast.

Now that I really think about it, almost everything in my house is made with plastic or another petroleum product. Shampoo has petroleum alcohols in it, lotions have polymers, the containers that hold them are even made of plastic. As I type this, I can see that oil is a very important resource in our lives. It is a finite resource. It may behoove us to find an alternative to it's use, but it will be a long and arduous journey.

As for the government and their involvement or lack of involvement... The US government can't always come to the rescue. We should be allowed as citizens to volunteer to help. I live less than 3 hours from the LA coastline, and I know that I would love to help in any way possible. I will wash birds or beaches. I would find friends to help. After Katrina, they wanted us to donate blood, food, and clothing. We can't do those things with this disaster. We should stop griping at each other about who is responsible, and become accountable by doing something to make it better.

I know that it is just a matter of time before the spill begins to affect my home state of Mississippi, and I anticipate in fear the effect this tragedy will have on the entire Gulf Coast economy.

Posted by Beth Williams May 24, 10 10:08 PM

I reside in the state of MS where I believe our coasts will be effected, as well. (so far they somewhat have been) I do drive/own a vehicle but I personally along w/family & friends have chosen to boycott BP. I do not have to purchase their fuel. And btw, I know we have a God and he will take care of us..

Posted by Deborah May 24, 10 10:13 PM

Many centuries from now, whatever intellegent form walks this earth will look at our contribution to the planet and simply say "This destruction was the result of some 150 years of using oil. They weren't wise enough to realize that all the energy sources they ever needed was always here and always clean."

And that 150 years is just a blip on the screen of the big picture of time.

Posted by Don't Get Me Started May 24, 10 10:16 PM

Some of you think everyone must have tears over it. GROW UP! Not everyone cares at all. Some of you blame environmentalists, some of you blame big money, some of you blame everyone who works for BP. One of you blames everyone else who uses oil, but doesn't seem to give a toss himself, as a user of oil. Every single person who hasn't tried to help end our dependence on oil IS TO BLAME. If all of the too lazy, too greedy, too ignorant, too disinterested, too selfish to sacrifice their goodies, would get with the program, the problem would be solved easily. Could have been solved years and years ago! It is plain as day for anyone not afraid to look at it, that the majority of members of our species just don't measure up. Does anyone know how to fix that? I would like to see your comments!

Posted by FJ May 24, 10 10:27 PM

This disaster was preventable.

Google: Dr. Bob Bea UC Berkeley report on gulf oil spill

Dr. Bea reviews available information and concludes BP is responsible. It takes 4 pages to do so.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 10:29 PM

Image number 1 is actually a Damselfly, doesn't make it any less sad.

Posted by Ophelia May 24, 10 10:31 PM

@324 (Amanda)
I've raised funds for Environmental organizations and yours is one of the lamest (among many) responses to environmentalism. The 'you're a hypocrite' argument. Easy.
Yes, we live in a world that has been conditioned to accept petroleum products in everything from diaper rash ointment to gas tanks to FOOD.

Is that ok?
Should we just accept it and move on?


Can we actively try to CHANGE THAT? (It's not something that your 'economy' wants you to think about but it is possible.) We are HUMANS... we've accomplished some pretty impressive things in our time on the planet. Surely we can find alternatives to petroleum, no? Or are we just too dumb for that? Or too greedy? Or both?

and there ALREADY ARE alternatives, they're just not advertised during American Idol so they don't stand much chance. the oil industry has got our economy & politicians by the short & curlys and until we WANT to do something about it this kind of thing will continue to happen.

To use the hypocrisy argument, you also use something called 'oxygen' and another thing called 'water' which are constantly being degraded by the industry and habits you so blindly defend.

It's not too late to change. Almost, but not quite.

Posted by William Foley May 24, 10 10:32 PM

Really, Greg you call BS? I say who doesn't use asphalt? Or plastic? How did that plastic filled computer you are typing on get into your hands? You certainly didn't pick it from a computer tree. It's made of oil and every piece of it was shipped back and forth across the world by oil. Obviously you didn't read Amanda's link or just couldn't deal with the idea that we are all oil hogs.

As for the pics they makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder how long before things are "back to normal" in the gulf. Will it be completely rehabilitated in my lifetime? Its a scary thought: telling my grandkids what the gulf used to be like.

Posted by Chuck May 24, 10 10:40 PM


i hope that disaster never arrives to Mexico

Posted by Julio Morales May 24, 10 10:47 PM

I find it interesting that it has taken the BP oil spill to get people to wake up and realize that the way we live isn't sustainable and is destroying our world. This spill likely doesn't even rank in the top 10 oil spills over the past 25 years, yet NOW people cry in horror. Our collective damage to the environment simply through our daily routines makes this oil spill seem insignificant. Add up all of our emissions, all the fertilizers and pesticides that leach into the ground and our food supply through big agri-business, all the crap we throw out that could be re-used and that right there is a tragedy an order of magnitude greater than this. I'm not trying to make this out to be unimportant but some perspective is necessary if we're ever going to tackle our problems realistically and in a level headed fashion. The best thing you can do right now to help is to sit down with your friends and family and think SERIOUSLY about how you live and what you can do in your every day lives to reduce your impact on the planet.

Posted by Luke May 24, 10 10:47 PM

My heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible accident and especially to the families of those eleven workers who lost their lives.

Posted by Jan Rose May 24, 10 10:48 PM

This just gives me a sick feeling. Especially because I know we (the United States) makes up 4.6 % of the World's population and we use close to half of the World's energy.

Posted by Joshua K May 24, 10 10:49 PM

Look what we have done to our planet. Look at thse helpless animals.. Because of wealth or money we destroy everything. Sooner or later people will only see those animals and wonderful places in pictures. The next generation can only read them in books or see it in internet but they will not experience the beauty of the earth that God has given to us.

Posted by Kevin Lee May 24, 10 10:50 PM

It's okay, the oil companies will be fine because they will manage to turn a profit. They will blame this accident for causing gasoline prices that will shatter all previous records.

Posted by Deryk May 24, 10 10:56 PM

drill baby drill

Posted by sarah May 24, 10 10:58 PM

I've never been so saddened by photos. I'll be riding my bike from now on.

Posted by Corey May 24, 10 11:01 PM

OMG... Humans what have we done :(

Posted by descargas May 24, 10 11:05 PM

I understand that BRITISH PETROLEUM was given a permit to only drill down 18,000 ft but instead went down 35,000. Least we forget other nations INSIST on acoustic shut off valves run by remote control so that the whole rig can blow up and it can still be shut down. This was decided against in Cheney's backroom energy deals ( 2003) as TOO expensive at $500,000.

I understand that MMS (dept of the Interior) was on site (rig) to present a SAFETY award to BP. MMS has been found (2008) guilty of taking bribes - gifts - graft - trips and cocaine parties with oil personnel! MMS was also the regulator for the mines (recall 29 men died). This is what happens when lobbyist write the bills. The people of the EXXON spill (not blowout) waited 21 yrs before receiving a measly $19,000- for their entire livelihoods being destroyed.

The President should have first off --NOT permitted the INTERIOR dept to issue waivers. SECOND he should have called in world scientists/experts the second day ---instead they had the correspondent's dinner, the President and wife took off to an exotic spa, and then there was the elegant state dinner with Mexico's President/celebrities ----little wonder they call it Foggy Bottom.

Posted by Yankee228 May 24, 10 11:07 PM

If certain government officials hadn't gotten so much campaign cash from BP, including our President, it's quite possible that BP wouldn't have received an environmental waiver for this project, and would have been compelled to take more precautions, possibly preventing this disaster. I am in no way excusing BP, Halliburton, or Transocean (home of the "unsinkable" oil rig -- didn't we hear that term used in 1912?) for whatever carelessness they engaged in. It's just that the incest between corporate scum and government scum needs to stop.

Posted by mpetrie98 May 24, 10 11:10 PM

I am to sick to write anything about this coastal crisis...I hate this incident and everything that has been written here.

Posted by Poet Exordium May 24, 10 11:11 PM

Nice to see everyone getting all sad over this, but you're not reducing your demand for petroleum products. Think about it the next time you fill up your gas tank or buy anything made of plastic: It's your fault, too.

Posted by Ryan May 24, 10 11:13 PM

How about waging more oil wars on the far corners of the planet to reimburse the loss of oil, revenue and damage to the habitat? Damn those pest of countries which make us opt out for the offshore drilling. - That could well be the line of thinking within the halls of the Congress.

For decades long America has sought cheap oil delivered to its doorstep, so it's been waging many wars, toppling many systems abroad and interfering incessantly for that matter. A country led by lineage of policy makers who have been driven solely by greed and dominance could only find the answers to such tremendous environmental tragedy by soul searching within the very recent history of its own megalomaniac misdeeds.

How ironic that an extended arm of America's foreign policy partner (otherwise known as the poodle or lapdog in the wars of aggression) - the BP - is implicated in this irreversible fiasco. This damage is of biblical proportions indeed. The punishment in terms of this catastrophic spill could well be likened to the biblical retributions meted out to the major villain entities of history.

Posted by Cyrus The Great May 24, 10 11:15 PM

Too bad it was not baby oil. Oh! or EVOO!

Posted by Thek May 24, 10 11:20 PM

Thanks Obama, for giving this oil rig a safety pass two months ago and now blaming it on BP. Leadership would be nice. Hopefully we will get some in 2012.

Posted by mhkp May 24, 10 11:21 PM

After looking at a majority of these wall posts I notice that there is a large number of people who are upset with someone else, and not themselves. People who see these animals dying at the hands of an oil disaster. What are you doing? Sitting behind your computer. What kind of car do you drive? Gas powered. If you think oil is bad. You have to stop using it. You can blame these billionaire companies that drill for oil, but you are the consumer. You cause the demand. And it is just as much your fault as it is theirs. Want to go to solar energy? Buy a solar panel. Wind power? Get a wind mill. The power is in the hands of the consumer. Not God, not the government or any billion dollar corporation; you. Go out and fix it yourself.

Posted by Nyix May 24, 10 11:23 PM

Yes, this was a bad accident but it was not done on purpose and there were eleven men that died that day. For those of you that say this is a selfish country, Then you need to sell your cars, and ride your bicycles, America is anything but sellfish we give more to aid other countrys than any other Nation. And the personal charitys are unmatched by all other nations combined. God bless those families of the eleven men that died.

Posted by Brenda May 24, 10 11:24 PM

What you see is not man destroying the planet but his own viability on it. The earth, she will heal, only not with us on it.

Posted by Peter Frost May 24, 10 11:26 PM

in detroit crying crying crying over spilt oil.

we need to stop the blame game until everything is cleaned up.
usa... obama... bp... americans... fail.

Posted by dafunkystar May 24, 10 11:27 PM

you all call each other stupid. you point out all each other's hypocrises. You point fingers and soak in your own self-righteousness. I don't care which side you're on, I'm more disgraced by the tone of every one of these posts than the oil spill itself. Why? Because it is this very divisive and hateful tone that has set this world on the wrong track. We all make the decisions that suit our families. Does it make you a better person because you bike everywhere with your family or does it make me a better person because I drive a Prius and I run a charitable foundation that gives away tens of thousands of dollars to environmental organizations every year. Why are we comparing instead of consoling? Why aren't we making this community forum a place to express our grief instead of espousing more hate and "i'm better than you" mentality? There's an awful oil spill. There are many players you can blame. Does it make you feel better to blame others. What good does it do to blame yourself and wallow in judgment and misery? By all means, show compassion for one another.

Posted by Megan Danforth May 24, 10 11:30 PM

@ 274

You seem to have left out nuclear power. U-235 rods only use around 5% of of potential energy the first run through. France is 70% nuclear powered and reusing old rods.

Posted by Zack May 24, 10 11:37 PM

To Lawrence (post 331). Yes there are a very few, very rich who people control the economic winds. But republican/conservatives and spineless democrats? Please don't tell me that you see a difference in the two parties at this point? Sure, republicans and democrats differ on issues that people argue about - on issues that distract people, but when it comes down to what matters, issues that the average citizen doesn't talk about, and whats truly troubling this country and the world, they are about the same. Obama is as spineless as they come and "W" was no different. It seems that the higher up an official is, the less he or she is actually concerned with his or her job. We haven't had a real president since JFK who was a wild card ... and was assassinated for it.
Good Lincoln quote by the way.

Posted by Sam May 24, 10 11:40 PM

Don't get me wrong, I think this whole situation sucks for everyone, everything and every place in its path. But check out #26. Wouldn't a crab "crawling past a blob of oil" leave some tracks? The picture looks a little cooked to me. And if f waves are just splashing over the crab washing its tracks away, why does it have a sandy handprint?

Posted by Kyle May 24, 10 11:43 PM

oh my god, it's much more worse than my expectations!

Posted by zhanghui May 24, 10 11:48 PM

Solstice, say what you would like and of course you have a point, as does everyone here has a point and the right to be angry. It is not ignorant for any one to be angry and wish for change. We are not saying that completely cutting out use of oil immediately is smart. Reality is, if we cut out oil asap (as I think you believe what we are all asking for?) the economy will suffer and we will see a lot more damage in a much shorter amount of time. However, the way oil is being exploited is what is angering, to the least, me. The companies at fault are companies supplying everyone with an awesome right - to use oil to make their lives sufficient, etc. However, the way they do their business is what is frustrating. Why we hate oil companies is not because they are supplying oil and ruining the Earth, but more because their practices are messed up and they are placing everyone at risk for more bang for the buck. There is a right and a wrong way to do things. They simply do it wrong. The reason that we are all so frustrated and are pushing for these changes to cleaner energy is because there has been not one corporation who has entered the business and acted ethically. BP knew their backup plans failed. So yeah, we can be pissed.
To say that limiting your oil consumption is stupid and worthless, just means that your ignorant- and if anything- worthless. It all makes a difference, so stop being lazy and spoiled. We have pointed out a problem, so lets all work together- even in the most minute ways (since we unfortunately have lazy pple in the world, like yourself) and try and change it.

Posted by Trisha May 24, 10 11:50 PM

Solstice, say what you would like and of course you have a point, as does everyone here has a point and the right to be angry. It is not ignorant for any one to be angry and wish for change. We are not saying that completely cutting out use of oil immediately is smart. Reality is, if we cut out oil asap (as I think you believe what we are all asking for?) the economy will suffer and we will see a lot more damage in a much shorter amount of time. However, the way oil is being exploited is what is angering, to the least, me. The companies at fault are companies supplying everyone with an awesome right - to use oil to make their lives sufficient, etc. However, the way they do their business is what is frustrating. Why we hate oil companies is not because they are supplying oil and ruining the Earth, but more because their practices are messed up and they are placing everyone at risk for more bang for the buck. There is a right and a wrong way to do things. They simply do it wrong. The reason that we are all so frustrated and are pushing for these changes to cleaner energy is because there has been not one corporation who has entered the business and acted ethically. BP knew their backup plans failed. So yeah, we can be pissed.
To say that limiting your oil consumption is stupid and worthless, just means that your ignorant- and if anything- worthless. It all makes a difference, so stop being lazy and spoiled. We have pointed out a problem, so lets all work together- even in the most minute ways (since we unfortunately have lazy pple in the world, like yourself) and try and change it.

Posted by Trisha May 24, 10 11:50 PM

Why did Obama give Halliburton a get out of jail for free card on this disaster? Halliburton just completed cementing the drill just 20hrs before this happened, yet everyone's focused on BP.

Posted by pissedoffaboutthismess May 24, 10 11:52 PM

I don't see a single post by a geologist (that would be me, so now there's one), petroleum engineer, chemist, or anyone else remotely qualified to discuss this disaster. Yankee228 blasts BP for using the wrong kind of blowout preventer. Would you know a blowout preventer from a Model T engine block? They wanted to save $500,000? You have no clue about the economics here. $500,000 is chump change compared to the total cost of an offshore oil well. I bet not a single one of you can tell me what the profit margin of an oil company is. And if you don't know the difference between profit and profit margin, please do us all a favor and stay home next election day.

If you really want to develop alternatives to oil, then wad your useless business or ethnic studies or whatever major diploma into a little ball, flush it down the toilet, then go back to college and major in something that will equip you to contribute constructively. The guy with the boat who volunteered to tow oil booms is the only person on this sorry collection of 350+ parasites who has offered to do anything the least bit useful. Yes, parasites. You all trained for soft careers that would earn you a living without having to think hard, take math or science, or get your hands dirty, and now you wonder why "somebody" doesn't "do something."

Posted by Steve D May 25, 10 12:01 AM

the last photo is very symbolic of how the blood of this crisis is on our hands

Posted by pat May 25, 10 12:01 AM

This oil thing has me dumbfounded, I must me missing something. Not the spill but the unintelligent response from most Americans. "Give up oil"? "Oil=Death"? Thats stupid. At this stage in the game "no oil = death". I would be willing to say that MOST Americans could not give up oil for one single day. Most everything we use through o...ut the day requires oil to produce, manufacture, distribute, store, use, maintain, and repair. Giving up petroleum and petroleum bi-products is near impossible. We spill something we clean it up we don't get rid of it. And no, we have not come any were close to destroying the earth. Man in all his arrogance is not that good. Don’t even get me started on the MYTH of global warming... Its all about responsibility people!

Posted by Ken May 25, 10 12:04 AM

Obviously BP is the prime suspect, but so many people, even ones on this blog are to blame for this. The world runs primarily on oil, plain and simple. The oil comes from the earth. Every year we drive drilling operations further offshore into deeper water with more complex logistics. "Keep those unsightly rigs away from my view" This oil rig had a pipe running one mile into the ocean! It's a spill waiting to happen. Submarines can't even go that deep without collapsing.
Who here is willing to go back to caveman days? For it to be effective it would have to be before fire. Otherwise we'll have the whole world using wood, whale oil and other animal fats. All these things come at a price. The question is clear what do YOU want to do? Use oil? Then it must be drilled. Stop using oil? We'll burn 75% of all forests or kill off the whales or something. Stop using any energy? I'll wager that will NEVER EVER happen. Even the biggest complainers are typing away on their computer contributing to the problem while blaming SUV owners and forcing oil companies to drill in places that are harder to get to and a much higher risk for a spill. Until you sit in the dark with no heat, eating raw food that you harvested yourself, you will always be just as guilty...

Posted by DoseofReality May 25, 10 12:06 AM

What a S**t human is...Forget we protecting nature. If nature goes wild then we have to get saved from nature and one day earth will do a restart. I hope human not take birth again.

Posted by Chandu May 25, 10 12:08 AM

Nightmarishly scary and the worst part is they have no idea how to stop the leak or what the consequences will be . How does New Orleans
survive this -given its reliance on seafood cuisine?

This is worst than Katrina . Rebuilding a habitat for man is one thing rebuilding an ecosystem and aquatic wildlife population is a bit beyond our pay grade and competence level.

The valiant efforts of the workers on the ground look downright sisyphean.

Posted by GF May 25, 10 12:08 AM

Its very bad for those creatures, animals, n birds..... they hav no choice to go somewhere... what they would do? where they would go?

Posted by Varsha May 25, 10 12:15 AM

Anyone not moved to tears by the sight of the young heron dying is dead themselves.

Posted by JuliaC May 25, 10 12:27 AM

reading all the crazy, unsubstantiated, non-scientific, irrational, emotional, impractical comments here is enough to make me crazy. in fact, i have just decided, that reducing oil consumption, solar, wind, nat-gas, organic foods, local foods, bicycles, compostable plastics and all of that are a very very good thing.

you know why? because there will be more oil for ME! enough to last the rest of my life without major hassles. after that, i'm dead and don't care. let the babies being squeezed out all over the world right now deal with it.

the preceding statement is no less crazy than 90% of the other comments here. in fact, it's the most rational one i've seen. good for me.

Posted by STFU May 25, 10 12:28 AM

The saddest thing about this is the idiots that try to play it off as no big deal. I work with a guy that says "animals go extinct every year" and " this environment thing is blown way out of proportion." Heck I even saw an idiot on tv say that more oil seeps out naturally than this spill is letting out. That may be true over thousands of years.

Posted by Cameron Freeman May 25, 10 12:29 AM

Listen we just need to do exactly wat the russians did. Use a nuclear submarine and a torpedo and hit the well. it will emplode on its self stopping the leak. and if they still want the bloody oil they can drill another well

Posted by John May 25, 10 12:31 AM

Basic economics cause market competition. The reason we use oil is because it is cheap, efficient and abundant. Change those variables and you will get alternatives.

Ethanol uses more energy to make 1 gal of Ethanol than you will get from it. Ethanol is a farm subsidy.

Solar, likewise the energy that goes into making solar panels and maintenance cost is extremely inefficient.

The list goes on. Unless oil is $200/barrel you won't have a great alternative.

Nuclear is by far the best alternative as it has ZERO emission but this is another FEAR technology because of the concern of a meltdown.

We need a massive energy crisis to get a quantum leap in energy technology and change of habits.

Lets add a $40/barrel tax. Lets also add a Sin tax to alcohol and tobacco as they unnecessarily burden our health care systems. And lets keep going......

Remember, Oil is a natural product, this spill is Organic. People used to use the oil for medicinal purposes. Still today it plays a big part in cosmetics and skin products. As well these other items
Plastics, paint, asphalt, feedstock. Less than 1/2 of a barrel is used for gasoline.

Also, remember there was a safety valve that Halliburton had just poured concrete around 2 weeks prior to the fire.

Also, BP is spending $20million per day with over 20,000 people helping out. THere is no doubt a big mess here but I think its hard to say they could do more or that they aren't doing enough. THe Exxon Valdez split ended up not being as detrimental to the environment as people thought and double hull tankers were created to carry oil which was a great invention as a result of that crisis.

There is no way that we will change our dependency by more than a few percent unless we have substantial price shocks.

Everyone was supper mad at the government and the oil companies when the price of gasoline was at all time highs, yet that is exactly what everyone needs to remove the dependency.

I would love to see us substitute our dependency for heating and transportation so that we can continue to have oil available for all the other things we need it for like paint plastic, cosmetics etc. however, we don't want to absorb the price shock. And why is that? We expect a low cost alternative to a clean energy alternative that simply does not exist.

The environment will recover and recover faster than everyone is suggesting. No species will become extinct. If anything it is preventing the over fishing of the area and I would argue that alone is allowing fish stocks and other species that are fished to be in huge abundance. Although the fishing of some species may allow other species to be more abundant as the fish are no longer around to prey on them. We say this problem with the seal hunt. Once the seal hunt was drastically changed and seals were not hunted as much as before the Cod fish stocks virtually disappeared. Virtually destroying the fish trade.

Bottom line is that there will be great things that come out of this crisis. Better dispersants, more safety precautions for deep sea drilling and other great things that we wont realize till years after this crisis is over.

Posted by Chris In Canada May 25, 10 12:41 AM

so many countries offered professional help. usa refuses since they have the situation under control.

the chemicals used make the problem worse (they showed on Dutch tv on a kids program in very simple terms why)

our (dutch) salvage systems would only clean around 90% of the oil out of the water (tons at a time) but since it was not 100%, they said: no thank you. iran offered salvage, but oh no, they probably come with nukes..
get real.

how can the world feel sorry for the usa?
i feel sorry for that turtle :(

Posted by Ron May 25, 10 12:43 AM

The human race which I am unfortunately a part of, disgusts me.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 12:45 AM

Lawrence, spot on. I am furious at Obama but this goes back much farther; like the New Orleans disaster, Bush and his cronies with their power/money hungry ways completely did away with any regulation in the name of "less government". Why do we think Government is always a negative thing? Thank God for the government - school, libraries, firefighters, police, parks, etc.; we must keep regulations on the true evil; CORPORATIONS.

Posted by S.E.M.Tanabe May 25, 10 12:46 AM

I am struck by the childish petulance and spiteful ignorance of most of the persons who posted anti-environmentalist comments. Yes, we need oil, but we also waste an awful lot of it in out daily activities, even excluding mammoth oil spills. We should be much more careful in using this irreplaceable natural resource.
As the reports keep coming in, it seems to me that BP erred in trying to do things on the cheap. Perhaps, as one commenter said, $500,000 is "chump change" to an oil company, but it is also true that corporate managements can be incredibly--and shortsightedly--stingy.
We should also face the fact that whenever human beings undertake an activity, human error is always a possibility. It can never be entirely eliminated. Therefore, we should keep risky ventures like drilling for oil 5,000 feet below sea level to an absolute minimum.
Two comments were particularly annoying: #287 assumes, unwarrantedly, that anyone who has a computer and Internet access also has 2,500 surplus square feet of living space, five TVs, and 2 SUVs. I, for one, do not. My wife and I manage very well with two TVs and two small cars. #287 should examine his prejudices.
#297 expresses a childish addiction to big cars and reacts like a spoiled child at even the suggestion that he--or she--get a smaller vehicle next time around. #297 should also learn to spell. I believe that gas-guzzling cars should be taxed more heavily than more fuel-frugal ones. After all, their greater demand for petroleum-based fuels helps keep the price up for everyone else. And, while we are at it, why not tax horsepower? Yes, those who haul loads for a living need a powerful engine, but who needs 200 horsepower to drive to work or to the supermarket???
Yours in the name of more common sense and less uninformed rage.

Posted by Peter R. Limburg May 25, 10 12:46 AM

@ Jon #276
Uhh, yeah, NOT this much! If anyone's a sensationalist, it's you.

And at picture #25, what are they doing? Just putting oily sand in PLASTIC bags to be thrown in some LANDFILL?

Give me a break.

Posted by Saint Nowhere May 25, 10 12:48 AM

All of you who are saying that we need oil are going to be sad when we run out. We do not need oil, we need to find an alternative to oil. Peak oil is here and we have no way to survive after it's gone. There are other possibilities but unless people actually start researching them and stop just milking oil for all it is worth we are gonna run out which is going to be a global catastrophe.

Posted by sara May 25, 10 12:50 AM

The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, 9a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

Posted by Truth Bringer May 25, 10 12:50 AM

tears. deepest sympathy from chile to the people and animals of the beautiful gulf coast.

Posted by bruno May 25, 10 12:52 AM

The picture of the oily pelican did it - streams of tears. I was moved to write this post, a requiem for the birds, a wake-up call for us, and some action we can take to move beyond a carbon-burning lifestyle:

Posted by Jen May 25, 10 12:54 AM

Born by oil, Die by oil …

Posted by Ex On May 25, 10 01:00 AM

Did BP have to let the spill GET SO OUT OF CONTROL???? Noooooo. No excuse there.

Posted by Tierrah May 25, 10 01:02 AM

Someone needs to do a slideshow of these overlayed with the chants of "Drill Baby Drill"

Posted by tim May 25, 10 01:04 AM

Cat in the Hat is right...what I've been saying all along

Posted by allison May 25, 10 01:04 AM

Blame it on Reagan, he is the one who cut all the funding for alternative energy in the early 80's.

Posted by Brendan May 25, 10 01:05 AM

Thank you Bush/Cheney for de-regulating the offshore drilling industry. Republicans sure know how to build a lasting legacy of destruction. Let's vote the Grand Oil Party back into power, so this can happen again, and again, and again...

Posted by Carbon May 25, 10 01:09 AM

i think oil hungry americans should stop driving cars

Posted by zero_cool May 25, 10 01:13 AM

I hope they can fix all of this mess up and soon. What would happen if we got a hurricane before they got it all cleaned up? The mere thought of it scares me a little.
I guess everyone's trying their best. I would just like to be able to go to Grand Isle again or to any part of the coast for that matter. :[

Posted by Linda May 25, 10 01:15 AM

Any US citizen who hasn't boycotted BP at this point is foolish and unpatriotic. A foreign company is responsible for the worst environmental disaster in the history of the US and people are still filling up at BP stations daily.

Posted by Brandon May 25, 10 01:18 AM

This is a generational failure. Your parents left you with the world's most technologicaly advanced for the era, power and transportation grid known to man. And 50 years later we are still stuck with it. We knew 30 years ago we had to reup our infrastructure and rather than doing this for future generations you and your generation selfishly profit took and steadfastly refused to reinvest in your own children and grandchildrens future. Moreover you refused to even acknowledge that there was a problem. Sticking your head deep in the sand, denying reality and lashing out at the likes of Jimmy Carter for even introducing the possibility of there being a problem. And now 8 years of war and the destruction of the GOM later. No end in sight and too late to do anything about it. Look in the mirror and realize your generation has failed my generation and left us with a bleak future. Declining resources, deeply in debt and a country crumbling.

Posted by john c May 25, 10 01:20 AM

"Drill baby, Drill"...


Posted by bledur May 25, 10 01:29 AM

I keep crying about this. I am angered that BP and government officials will not put hay/straw on the oil to remove it despite it being effective. I have contacted every organization I could find and more. Yet, this basic, cheap, green, effective method of putting hay/straw onto the oil has been known since at least May 10th, 14th.....It is now May 25th. The stupidity of America is beyond belief. It now seems deliberate. If you hate this planet so much, you should kill yourself then. I am deeply heart broken and extremely sickened by the lack of response in this manner. I am beginning to wonder if there are really demons......

Posted by Pi May 25, 10 01:33 AM

civilisation has lost

Posted by serhan May 25, 10 01:42 AM


Local officials wanted to build barrier islands but WASHINGTON WOULDN'T LET THEM!!!!!

The leak itself is bad enough but the ecosystem could have been saved!!

Someone needs to put that dead bird on the oval office desk. This is criminal malfeasance.

Sorry for the caps lock but this local official needs to be heard.

Posted by Jim Morrison May 25, 10 01:45 AM

All efforts on all levels must be directed into plugging this leak, cleaning up the environment and permanently switching from an oil-based economy
to green sustainable energy production world-wide. It could be any oil company, anywhere on the face of the planet. This is a global ethical & moral issue affecting the entire life and food chain on this planet.-Pat

All efforts on all levels must be directed into plugging this leak, cleaning up the environment and permanently switching from an oil-based economy
to green sustainable energy production world-wide. It could be any oil company, anywhere on the face of the planet. This is aglobal ethical & moral issue affecting the entire life and food chain on this planet.-Pat

Posted by Pat May 25, 10 01:57 AM

Megan 361...I am with you. this partisan bickering is why this country is in the shape it is in....from oil spills to immigration to wars that should be stopped...etc, etc. Look at Congress.....nothing but bunch of self serving individuals looking toward their next election...and no deals they have to strike or folk they have to buy are off limits. they cannot seem to come together on anything for the good of the country...and their poor attitudes are sadly reflected here in the majority of these posts with their name calling and blaming which is unproductive at best.

Posted by Fed Up May 25, 10 02:07 AM

Seth, you left out magnets and I am sure some patents that ahve been suppressed. peace peace

Posted by iam May 25, 10 02:11 AM

well.. blaming the blamers seems real constructive steve.d... ya. i think that's called irony dude.

Posted by budee May 25, 10 02:15 AM

There are mainly two types of commenters here:

1 The smart people who say we need to change..thank you!

2 The dumb people who say we can't change, don't complain when more "socialism" comes to change you because you can't make smart choices on your own. You are the people who require big gov solutions and complain about big gov.

Posted by Chris May 25, 10 02:21 AM

No excuse is good enough for the amount of time it is taking to resolve this mess...

Posted by Kenny Gilliam May 25, 10 02:35 AM

This is nothing if not an example of how arrogant the oil companies are. "We don't need no stinkin' backup plans"

In any world governed by sense and engineers there would have been 1) a way to detect a leak, 2) if and when a leak happens there should have been a HUGE amount of containers through a spare valve which would have been turned the INSTANT they heard of a leak. This would have reduced the damage immensely.

But no, they just keep pumping. Sigh. Anyone who's bought stocks of oil companies should be ashamed.

Posted by MH May 25, 10 02:55 AM

I totally agree with @368!

Posted by Dude May 25, 10 02:58 AM

So sad. :( We are just destroying this beautiful world bit by bit.

Posted by Carissa Hurst May 25, 10 03:13 AM

Tax gasoline $4.00- $5.00 per gallon. Get us off the oil merry go round

Posted by steven epstein May 25, 10 03:15 AM

The first post from somebody in the oil industry (#368), and it's dripping with unmitigated arrogance and condescension. Who could have seen that coming?

Posted by Rick May 25, 10 03:36 AM

This shows the true cost of our lifestyle. That has always been the problem with government subsidized growth and our voracious appetite induced by slick advertising. The true costs are hidden until some thing like this happens. It's a crime, that after 100 years of development, "advanced" cars today just push you harder into your seat back when you leave a stop light, while what they SHOULD be doing is getting 100mpg.

Posted by lens42 May 25, 10 03:49 AM

The planet will figure it out. We won't.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 03:52 AM

The main problem is: The free market has no solution for negative externalities. We need strong regulations and high taxes on negative externalities. And high fines in case of accidents like here with BP.

Speaking of oil, negative externalities are oil spills like this one, the negative effect of burning oil and fuel in regard to CO2 emissions, the use up of valuable non-renewable resources within a mere 200 years of "modern" civilization (it took nature millions of years to create all that oil!).

Nuclear energy isn't any better as it also uses non-renewable resources (Uranium), creates a lot of radioactive, deadly waste and the negative effects of a catastrophic event are magnitudes higher than of any other catastrophe we know.

We need to make our lives sustainable. Neither oil nor nuclear energy are. Using solar power, wind power, water power, tidal power could be a step forward.

Posted by Peter Hogan May 25, 10 04:07 AM

The oil industry needs to die and that's it. This is the worst thing corporations have ever done to this planet and this cleanup is a pathetic joke. There are viable technologies to replace it but nobody's going to tell YOU because oil has a death grip on the world. And it's not out of necessity, as the liars would have you believe.

Posted by reverberation May 25, 10 04:10 AM

anyone who thinks this is just an accident, remember...
the republicans voted against a bill that would have demanded all wells is US waters have a shut off valve: - the cost, merely $500,000 per well.

Over time, accidents will happen. Its up to us to demand our politicians protect us.

I also find it incredible that anyone could be cynical at such a time. Just because we are overdependent on oil, doesn't mean we shouldn't take steps torectify thator demand effective environmental safeguards.

Posted by cheesed off. May 25, 10 04:14 AM

@Jackazz - and what do you think bicycle tyres and most shoe soles are made of? Nice bout of self-righteousness there - people can have an opinion, but only if you say so.

Posted by CTheB May 25, 10 04:23 AM

We're all so dependent upon the oil industry and it makes me feel quite frustrated. If only governments would put more effort and cash into other renewable sources, much of the technology is there, it just needs to be developed. But instead they insist on milking this dirty and depleting resource.

Pump some real cash into providing the worlds population with alternatives and disgusting events such as this will become a thing of the past. Hopefully there will still be some wildlife left by the time we've pulled our fingers out and completed this task.

It's all just so sad.

Posted by Hamish May 25, 10 04:30 AM

this is such an atrocity. such devastation to so many animals, human animals included. to those whose heartstrings are tugged on by this disaster, by these photos of animals in misery, please think about going vegetarian. none of us like seeing animals in pain, be it wildlife or farmed animals. let's increase the peace in this messed-up world!

Posted by sara May 25, 10 04:34 AM

the word Koyaanisqatsi means

"crazy life, life in turmoil, life out of balance, life disintegrating, a state of life that calls for another way of living"

Posted by Pluma May 25, 10 04:38 AM

maybe if people didnt have that attitude (not in my lifetime it wont or it wont happen to me ) or the fact we have a 6 billion plus population thats now a throw away society.. putting personal safety and the enviornment just so they can make a quick buck.. but when it finally does effect everyone all of a sudden there wining a bitching.. people need to stop being so wrapped in there bubble of worthless bs and start paying attention .. theres alot of disturbing stuff out there and no one even knows about most of it.. oh and what about the big plastic dump out in the pacific everyone thinks is a toilet

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 04:43 AM

Number 38 is so very sad.

Posted by Khristopher May 25, 10 04:51 AM

If BP saves its ass after this one then there is no justice in this world.

After images like this I ask myself if humanity even deserves to survive?

Posted by Dejan May 25, 10 04:55 AM

It is heart wrenching to see these pictures. Where are we heading to? Hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes- to that we add our negligence- oil spill. In no time nature will vanish from the face of the universe, and we will be living on artifically created oxygen with artificial water bodies and illusionary trees and waterfalls around!

Posted by Shivangi Bose May 25, 10 05:04 AM

@ 274

You must be kidding me if you say, "it is bound to have happened the ocean would have eventually corroded away the rock and caused the oil to come out as well we just well make it happen faster"

first, primary school students can tell you about sediments, which built up under the ocean, and under pressure, turned into rock.
So contrary to your belief, the rock cannot be 'corroded away'

and yes, oil may leak out naturally, but not in such massive amounts as seen here, that is effectively going to enter the loop
and seriously damage the biodiversity of our oceans.

if you think people can't survive without oil,

try surviving with no fish in the sea.

Posted by Jessica Qiboer Su May 25, 10 05:34 AM

Wow Seth you are an idiot and your post just makes it glaringly obvious to the rest of the world, not just the people whom know you.

We don't need oil to survive. We don't need it to power our houses, we don't need it to make building materials. Hydro electricity as well as solar and other power sources make it so that we do not need oil to survive.

The ocean would have eventually (that is how the word is spelled) corroded away the rock? Did you mean erode? I am pretty sure you did as corrosion and erosion are not the same thing. Corrosion is a break down of engineered materials by chemicals. Erosion is the wearing away of materials by wind, water or ice. Natural elements ERODE.

Now that we have that straightened out what you are talking about would take hundreds and millions of years to ever happen. This seems a bit unlikely, as if your theory was correct it would have happened by now. I mean using your logic there should be oil just being spilled into the major bodies of water every day.

I wish you would have expanded on how we are going to get Solar and Hydro electricity. According to you all the manufacturing plants in the world are powered by oil. I guess all the power generating stations are powered by oil as well. That is probably a giant news flash for most of the world.

You might want to learn what oil is used for. What products come from oil and who in the world uses them.

Now just to make you look like even more of an idiot I do love how you have no idea how many people live on this planet. There are more than 7 billion. I know you said 4 billion plus but seriously?

You Sir, are the one who needs to have an understanding of more than just the basic aspect of our society. I think you need to pick up a few books and gain some knowledge before you make more posts.

Posted by Cyndy May 25, 10 05:42 AM

I am a free-lance botanist. I do not understand how Crude works, but fully understand how plant oils work. Isn't there a bacteria that "eats" crude oil? I remember something being said of this during the Valdez disaster. Is this too large in scope for something like that to work?
I know of certain plants that can help break down crude oil, but I believe they would be useless in something like this.

Posted by Kevin B May 25, 10 05:46 AM

I think it's a little beyond the scope of this thread of conversation to discuss the merits and demerits of using oil. The fact is, until a suitable alternative is found, we need oil. The real issue is the effort (or lack thereof) of BP to clean up the mess they've made. Corporations should be made fully responsible for situations like these.

Posted by Zaigham May 25, 10 05:47 AM

Oh My GOD, please help us. These pictures are incredible. This oil is such a disaster--I seriously wonder whether we can come out from under this mess. We may end up filling all our oceans with this crap. Why doesn't the gov try to find a more competent oil company to assist with a solution to the problem?

Posted by bern dawes May 25, 10 06:33 AM

1) I really want to thank for focusing a much-needed light on this situation from the beginning, while the NY Times has pretty much relegated the situation to fine print until it got too big for them to ignore. The collective economy of the Gulf Coast is the 6th largest economy on the planet. And this is in the Gulf Stream now and coming to a theatre near you.

2) I want to point out that NASA and NOAA scientists sat down with the president on May 4th with a tried-and-true solution using liquid nitrogen intermittently to slow the flow while repairs could be done. This solution has been used many times before. WHY has BP prevented an end to this tragedy? WHY are they thwarting clean-up efforts? At this point, I say their criminal negligence should be treated as an ongoing act of terrorism, and BP should be told to get out of the way and let the scientists do their job. But then I'm just a musician...not a "parasite."

Posted by mizmaestro May 25, 10 06:45 AM

Oh,It's such a terrible thing that has happened.

Posted by Takahide May 25, 10 06:55 AM

Wonderful photography, but for such a wrong reason.

Posted by Dima Ivanov May 25, 10 07:06 AM

So Sad, Really Sad, Feel Sad, Ashame of Sad

Posted by Ritshaa May 25, 10 07:13 AM


Posted by coolteeth May 25, 10 07:14 AM

No, we all aren't "guilty" of this. It has become impossible for consumers to know what the corporations are up to. They control EVERYTHING and basically everyone. It would be impossible for an end-user to remain informed of what goes on at the source of every corporation.

That's why these corporations who cost-cut and engage in dangerous, selfish actions should be penalized heavily. Somebody somewhere decided to take the risk (for financial gain) of not having emergency equipment in place to squelch a disaster like this. And that person(s) should pay.

Posted by George May 25, 10 07:25 AM

Hi this is very harmful for sea life as well other.
This is also against the envirmental value and law which may cause a very serious issue in furture. so it is responsiblities of rich country to salve the problems.

Posted by Saqlain Muhammad May 25, 10 07:33 AM

Modern Technology and Still we all wait for it to Stop. This just shows the complete ignorance for natural resources that we take for granted. I find it hard to believe that the Defense dept could not have stepped in weeks ago. We can launch space craft to the moon but can't plug a hole in the ocean floor.

Posted by Steve Ferriter May 25, 10 07:39 AM

these pictures break my heart. it's simply horrible. I don't know what to say.

Posted by Lily May 25, 10 07:42 AM

Your argument doesn't hold water. Maybe if you had focused on something in addition to science, you would know how to 'think' rather than just 'do'.

If you claim to be one the "productive scientists" in the world; then why didn't YOU do anything? If you are the smart "scientist" who didn't choose a soft career, why didn't YOU stop BP?

Oh, because you are just another chump brainless scientist getting paid for a BS line of work. Tell me, what inventions have YOU made that help predict earthquakes? Tell me, what inventions have YOU made to improve building construction?

I can easily stop corporations like BP. But if I did, you would be one of the jury members who would convict me of being a "bad guy".

We're guilty? Wrong. You are guilty.

"I don't see a single post by a geologist (that would be me, so now there's one), petroleum engineer, chemist, or anyone else remotely qualified to discuss this disaster. Yankee228 blasts BP for using the wrong kind of blowout preventer. Would you know a blowout preventer from a Model T engine block? They wanted to save $500,000? You have no clue about the economics here. $500,000 is chump change compared to the total cost of an offshore oil well. I bet not a single one of you can tell me what the profit margin of an oil company is. And if you don't know the difference between profit and profit margin, please do us all a favor and stay home next election day.

If you really want to develop alternatives to oil, then wad your useless business or ethnic studies or whatever major diploma into a little ball, flush it down the toilet, then go back to college and major in something that will equip you to contribute constructively. The guy with the boat who volunteered to tow oil booms is the only person on this sorry collection of 350+ parasites who has offered to do anything the least bit useful. Yes, parasites. You all trained for soft careers that would earn you a living without having to think hard, take math or science, or get your hands dirty, and now you wonder why "somebody" doesn't "do something

Posted by George May 25, 10 07:44 AM

And now imagine cleaning after nuclear disaster. The probability is low. But it could happen. And it will be really worse.

Posted by Martin Soušek May 25, 10 07:49 AM

PI (post 400), Yes there are demons, and they had a real part in this. It would be sickening to know who they appear to be.

Posted by brucealmighty May 25, 10 08:06 AM

For everyone thinking about our dependence on oil - for fuel, for manufacturing, for goods, etc - not one of us has a non-plastic computer or mouse. Who among us would be willing to fully divest?

Posted by bigdiscussion May 25, 10 08:12 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 08:12 AM

Great photographs!!! (the site is about photographs, is't it?)

Posted by pinaresco May 25, 10 08:36 AM

Heartbreaking photos!!!! This is the price the environment and ultimately all of us must pay for our ever-increasing thirst for and reliance on oil for energy. It's so ingrained in our society and economy we will never be able to be rid of it. Plactics, automobiles, household products....just think about everythign we use on a daily basis that was created using oil and petrochemicals. It's mind boggling.

We reap what we sow......

Posted by utah May 25, 10 08:37 AM

I cannot believe the finger pointing of this adminastration. How about we get in there a figure a way to stop the flow. I am also tired of this thing being called a leak, this is a full blown blow out not a leak BP. I have over 5 years in the oil field working on drilling rigs and blow outs don't just happen, there are to many saftey devices. It has to be either neglect or sabatauge. I also know a way to control the flow and retrieve the oil. Contact me BP it may be more simple than you think.

Posted by Forrest Clark May 25, 10 08:42 AM

When going shopping in our huge vehicles, take some reusable bags and a cutter knife. At the counter, strip all products of all the plastic and take home just the product. Oh, before that, ask yourself, do you really need it???

Posted by ela May 25, 10 08:49 AM

#38 has made me cried .......

Posted by RB May 25, 10 08:50 AM

Henry Ford was also a farmer who recognized the value of living off of the land. He had a Model-T made from hemp resin and it was originally designed to be powered by plant-based biofuel.

Thus, it could be argued that the criminalization of hemp and marijuana effectively made us more dependent on petroleum for our plastic and fuel products.

This tragedy in the Gulf could have been avoided over 2 generations ago had we followed a path for our industrial methods that were more inline with sustainable practices.

Not only that, it takes 7 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth but instead we were led to be more dependent on fossil fuel instead of solar energy. A newly found oil well takes 10 years to be commercially viable. When did 10 years have more value than 7 minutes?

Posted by Jerry D. Elmore May 25, 10 08:55 AM

This is pathetic!.. Huge amounts of oil was just dissolved in sea water.. This is not the first time its happening.. we have seen relevant scenarios over the last two decades happening at various places in the world. People must make sure this should not happen again by taking proper care and preventive measures...
God bless the Nature and the survivals...

Best wishes,


Posted by Mickey May 25, 10 09:01 AM

It is increasingly clear to us down here that the U.S. Government considers Louisiana expendable (or why would be still be *studying* the feasibility of providing flood protection even a fraction of what the mighty Netherlands provides to it's people).

Remember that marshland cannot effectively be "cleaned" whatever non-sense the EPA or BP is spouting. This is not some sandy beach or the rocks of Prince William Sound.

This is a catastrophe on the order of Chernobyl, and the government is still asking BP is they might consider (please) not using known toxic dispersents.

I think the immediate solution is clear. Take BP off the job, give it to another major oil company and tell them cost is no object because BP will be paying for it. Freeze BP assets in the U.S. to ensure they do pay for securing the well, and the cost that will run into the hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions, to mechanically rebuild the coastal wetlands they will have destroyed.

Posted by Mark Folse May 25, 10 09:03 AM

I just reviewed a reference sheet I have that shows which plastics are derived from oil and which come from Natural gas. Far and away the bulk of plastics, by type, come from natural gas versus oil. How about the plastics derived from peanut oil?
We're going to allow a few loose minded people dictate what happens to all oil products based on misinformation or lack of information.
As far as I'm concerned, the BP people are a morally worthless lot, but have extensive financial holdings that control our Congress.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 09:09 AM

We reap what we sow.

We need to rethink how live, NOW.

Posted by Matt B. May 25, 10 09:20 AM

I hope BP rots in hell and all the animals that they murdered eat their soul slowly.

Posted by devon May 25, 10 09:27 AM

Thats disgusting to see whats going on there, nobody cares as I noticed, only those who live there. I am very sad the after a month nothing has beed done, again one word idiots, we should put oil in their homes, they should go and clean it and pay 3 times more than they are supposed to.
Just brainless idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate hate hate for BP

Posted by Al May 25, 10 09:33 AM

To those who say it is our fault, you need to think about that comment. How does someone who lives an hour from their job, (I live in the country and need to commute to the city) get to their job without gasoline?? I certainly cannot bike it, I certainly cannot afford a hybrid, I barely get by and my car is my means to my job. If I could stop using petroleum, I would do it in a heartbeat. Oh wait, one way to do this is join the nearby clan of Amish!!!

Posted by Cindy May 25, 10 09:33 AM

how are those poor birds, animals and turtles responsible for all this.... can we just imagine how many endangered species might have already gone unnoticed? is this all just the reason for being the most intelligent of all the living beings? let us make this goo off.. pls support.

Posted by vikas May 25, 10 09:38 AM

Why is Obama being blamed for this? This is an environmental disaster and blaming Obama won't undo anything. I agree with post # 453, we do indeed reap what we sow, but we must remember that everyone is not reaping or have benefited from oil profits. Maybe BP will now have to spend all of the billions that they have stolen from us from the high gas prices at the pumps. Most importantly and another agreement with post #453, we must rethink how we live before the planet and everything in it is destroyed because of greed and profits.

Posted by Wendy May 25, 10 09:43 AM

It is all so sad. I look at each bird, this is his/her only chance at a life .
What craziness.
And the people that are blaming Obama, come on give me break. Do you spend all day coming up with new ways to blame him for everything? jeesh

Posted by Never forget May 25, 10 09:44 AM

To those concerned, getting angry about people complaining or posting an opinion against another opinion. Yes, this situation is bad and is a disaster to the natural habitat, but what happened has happened - its in the past now, and focusing on whose fault it is will not solve the problem. Perhaps focusing on ways to prevent and resolve future situations that relate to this is a more positive and proactive way of criticizing and discussing this situation.
How was anyone to know that this would happen, yes there was obviously a risk when it was initially built, but taking risks is apart of everyday life and so is that oil.

Posted by yaya May 25, 10 09:49 AM

I agree with the comments that are posted about taking business into your own hands and stop buying/using gas powered vehicles - but to the average consumer, what are their options? For example, one option is a hybrid vehicle, but did you know that to buy one on finance in Canada you pay upwards of 9.9% interest? This makes it unaffordable to the general population.

Walking and taking the bus are an excellent way to get around, if you don't live in the country or the suburbs where public transportation sucks - oh and increases each year in price substantially! Not to mention certain regions of Canada are not making improvements to accommodate the growing demands for public transportation into and out of the major cities.

In a perfect world, we could stop using cars and go back to working near home, but unfortunately our cities and suburbs were not designed to let us do that. The only jobs we can get near home would not cover our mortgage let alone property taxes. This is why we complain about the companies that we trust to do their due diligence and maintain their oil fields properly. Until the government steps up and makes public transportation, solar power, and any other power saving programs more affordable to the general population, we will continue to point fingers at those companies who do our environment wrong.

Posted by L.P May 25, 10 09:51 AM

How do you think that public transportation is powered?????
So why don't you throw another stone??????

Posted by Proud to be an American! May 25, 10 09:55 AM

Steve D (post 369), you are not the only scientist posting here. I wasn't a business major or a communications major, I was a physics major and math minor and I'm thankful that my educational background allows me to see things in a different light. Not everyone that is bitching about the problems highlighted in this series of pictures has to go and get their hands dirty in Louisiana - they can do it in their home towns. I currently reside in the Permian Basin area of West Texas. You can't go in any direction outside of town and not see a pump jack or a rig. There used to be oil rigs right next door to 7/11's before a city ordinance banned drilling within the city. I'm reminded everyday of the ultimate futility of the oil industry at the current rate of consumption and I'd like to go down to LA to help but I don't exactly want to burn up 100+ gallons of fuel to get there.
Its true, the US needs more scientists, more specifically physicists. Physicists are constantly advancing the technology and the basis for technology advancement within other fields. Physics is the purest science, everything else is almost stamp collecting, and our country does not put enough emphasis on its importance. Not to downplay the importance of other fields, but just look at a statistical distribution of global Physics GRE scores and you'll see two distinct peaks. Very generally speaking the first peak is US students and the second peak is Chinese students ... and guess which one is peaked around the higher average score?
I think even the liberal arts colleges need to make at least the two introductory physics courses a requisite for graduation. Even the first two courses would make people more aware of political and commercial BS, and would help in extinguishing some of the ignorance of this nation. There are plenty of smart people out there but not enough practically educated people.

Posted by Sam May 25, 10 10:05 AM

BP DEA(discriminate exploit abuse) workers, environments, birds, sea creatures, plants, sea water, and........And still wasting time. This, i think is a conspiracy to raise oil price. Singapore arse kisser follow up by spilling some oil to get publicity. What next?

Posted by Ng Boh Seng May 25, 10 10:10 AM

Two Wolves –

A Cherokee Parable

An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life...

"A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.
"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.

"One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed,
arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,
false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego.

"The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope,
serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy,
generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.”

"This same fight is going on inside you
- and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute
and then asked his grandfather,
"Which wolf will win?"

The old chief simply replied,
"The one you feed."

* we all have been feeding this oil monster...

Toni Radmannn

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 10:12 AM

Steve D.,

Then get your rear end out in the drink and start doing something and when you ass is sick, my uneducated self will nurse you back to health. Or maybe, join the military as I did, and do something which requires a little brain and muscle. Or even better, run for office, become corrupt, and go to the Middle East and fight for the consumption of more oil! Peace out to the socially inept!

Posted by Ignorant according to Stevie D May 25, 10 10:22 AM

these BP guys better get justice for their irresponsibility. I'd be up for sucking them dry of the millions they have until every droplet of this oil is cleaned...

Posted by the effects of this will linger for some time May 25, 10 10:25 AM

Type your comment here... Public demands cheap gas. They deliver it cheaper than bottled water. Put dollar a gallon environmental tax on it for this sort of thing and to reduce demand.

Posted by Ron Jardini May 25, 10 10:25 AM

honestly, this kinda ruined my day =/
i was already starting to lose hope in humanity.... should i just abandon all faith? because i'm sure we'll end the world before any god shall smite us. whether it'll be war and petty little differences that have us slitting each other's throats or disasters that we have bestowed upon ourselves.

Posted by Ghost May 25, 10 10:41 AM

IF you drive a car, your partially to blame. Without oil demand Oil production will end

Posted by devils advocate May 25, 10 10:45 AM

no amount of fines or penalties will bring the coastal estuaries back.
Where's Halliburton gone? No mention of that company's hand in this in all the recent press.
Watch out for the OMISSIONS of INFO. THAT is the danger.

Posted by Caroline Aiken May 25, 10 10:45 AM

I am a 52 year old man and I just want to cry looking at these pictures. At the same time I feel completely helpless and overwhelmed at the situation. What can we as individuals do? Our dependence on oil seems insurmountable - how do we stop the cycle? How do we stop the corruption? How do we stop the greed?

I agree with the post above - the Earth will heal but we will not be here to see it.

Posted by DennisH May 25, 10 10:46 AM

i like the way obama iss getting the blame not his fault

Posted by m.smiles May 25, 10 10:46 AM

I do believe Mother Nature will be Unemployed in my generation.

Posted by Becks May 25, 10 10:50 AM

Deus, dê forças e saúde aos trabalhadores que estão nesta batalha.
Deus salve o planeta !

Posted by Ézio - Minas Gerais - Brazil May 25, 10 10:55 AM

Thank you for posting these shots. The news media show only the same footage of oil gushing underwater. This is the first time I have been able to understand the extent of this disaster. Is there a way to get them more widely published? People should know.

Posted by Rob Fleischman May 25, 10 10:56 AM

I find all this anger towards BP to be very misguided. Oil extraction is inherently harmful to the environment (and as an Iraqi- also harmful to the wellbeing of my fellow citizens) and as long as we keep demanding cheap gasoline and live in a society that is dependent on its economic survival on excess consumption, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

However, we should also recognize that fossil fuels have greatly advanced our society and culture and that it will take some time to find an adequate replacement. It is imperative that the government finds a way to price the externalities of oil extraction and consumption and get the consumers to pay for these externalities. Once the high cost of oil is made apparent and starts hitting people's wallets, there will be greater incentive for finding alternatives. I think a gas tax is the most effective way of doing this.

Posted by cizan suliman May 25, 10 10:57 AM

It always heartens me to read comments posted by people who are thoughtful and intelligent.

There are plenty of people to blame, but despite how much this reference pains me, we need to start with the man in the mirror. I demand oil-based products for multiple reasons and until my demand stops the oil companies will continue to make money. But, I also believe that if a safety measure is proven effective and necessary than it should be mandatory and its not up to the government to make sure that companies aren't cheating, companies should not cheat (just like we tell our kids not to cheat even if no one is looking).

Posted by Emily May 25, 10 11:05 AM

If we try to look at any good that can come of this man-made disaster, it would be that BP should hire lots and lots of people to help contain the oil. Doesn't seem like you'd need a PhD to help out. Unlike natural catastrophies, BP should foot the bill to put America back to work.

I'd like to hear comments on Bill Maher's suggestion that the well should just be blown up. He said something to the effect that dropping a bomb down there should seal the well, but of course, BP would then lose the profits, so it won't do it.

I am so saddened by what we've done to our environment, both with the oil spill and our rose colored glasses. My grandchildren will have to live with our bad decisions.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 11:06 AM

There is no one to blame. I guess it makes pepople feel better as long as they have someone to blame. All Americans, really, are to blame. We love to go so we continue to buy gas (no matter how expensive it is). These things happen. It will get cleaned up. Yes, sea life will die, gas prices will go up, we will continue to drill more wells, we will continue to buy oil from overseas and life will go on. There is absolutly nothing any group or party can do about it. Life always will move forward. From the beging of creation life has had many catstrophies (MUCH WORSE THAN THIS) and yet here we are. So don't get yourself so worked up. Do what you can to help and hope for the best.

Posted by pastoriley1 May 25, 10 11:08 AM

According to the most recent issue of Forbes magazine, BP was the 6th most profitable company in the world, having netted $16.5 billion dollars last year. One would think that if they were fined $31 billion (two years worth of net profits) that they would be taught a good lesson (the $500,000 blowout protector should have been used from the beginning!) and they wouldn't be bankrupted either ...The $31 billion should be enough to clean up this spill, establish a future oil spill response entity and compensate some third party victims.

Posted by gfretz May 25, 10 11:10 AM

I'm continually saddened when I read any forum of comments. The finger pointing and name calling, it's like we are all a bunch of bratty kids. We steward nothing, have no cummunal sense, and we have lost touch with what it truly means to be human.

Scratch a conservataive and you find someone who prefers the past over the future.

Scratch a liberal and find a closet aristocrat.

Liberal governments always develop into aristocracies. The bureaucracies betray the true intent of the people who form such governments. What a hypocrisy, what a pattern, but if patterns teach us anything, they teach us that all bureaucracies follow this same pattern, throughout history, furthermore that those patterns repeat.

Bureaucracy destroys initiative. There is little that bureaucrats hate more than innovation, especially innovation that produces better results than the old routines. Improvemnets always make those at the top look inept.

Please relearn what it is to be human. In your imagination you create order, of beautiful shapes and systems, you are an organizer of chaos. Be it then, be human.


Do you hear me Romans? .

Posted by ThePreacher May 25, 10 11:11 AM

I was born and live in Miami, Florida. This is a great tragedy for the entire Gulf Coast. Once the oil hits our loop current, you can kiss off Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Our tourist industry, a major source of revenue, has already crashed and burned. Coming so quickly on the heels of the real estate crash, some businesses will never recover. Somehow, I don't think this is what Jimmy Buffett had in mind when he sang about all those "tourists covered in oil"...

Posted by Judi K May 25, 10 11:12 AM

Hi, Im a student at LSU(Louisiana State), and i want to say thanks for the thoughts and prayers ya'll have give us down here on the Gulf Coast. Im about an hour away from the coast, and it truly is devastating to see the impact this oil is having on our ecosystem. In Louisiana, we love our fishing and our wetlands. Half of our damn state is water, so we know how to appreciate. I Just want yall to know that this problem is not over, and it is continually getting worse, and everyone in Louisiana and the gulf region appreciates any and all support(including a big thanks for katrina help). But whenever it is all cleaned up, come down and enjoy beautiful Louisiana(without oil). Laissez les bon temps Roulez(let the good times roll).

Posted by Connor- Baton Rouge, LA May 25, 10 11:13 AM

Hailing from a country other than the States I can say that it doesn't matter where you come from or how many fingers are pointed in however many directions.
The point is this is a disaster. It's catastrophic in its proportions and I for one did not realise the impact this was having (having only heard about it in passing on one of the myriad social networks we all pander to). I don't own a TV.
I also don't own a car (or drive). But I still make use of a vehicle (of some sort) to get to and from work. In this country - the THOUGHT of a hybrid costs too much let alone actually buying one.
Does this make me better than the next guy in his petroleum / gasoline powered vehicle? I don’t think so. I’m sure I contribute in adverse ways too. We all do. Another point here: people are AWARE more now than before of what they are getting up to.
And final point – there are people doing their utmost to clean up this mess, to help the living flora and fauna, to protect the islands and other coasts as best they can. Instead of whingeing and b!tching at each other about how ‘stupid’ we may be or how ‘at fault’ we are why not just stop a moment … actually look at these images (and they are fantastic despite their content) and take a step back and really, really look around you. If you’re pointing fingers and ‘trolling’ or ‘flaming’ on a forum much better designed to support useful ideas and, yes even sympathy, I do hope you are the world’s next greatest gift to mankind by way of being a goody two shoes. Because then you may be forgiven. But I’m fairly certain that even those with some serious anger management requirements have their flaws – we only recognise that which we perceive as a flaw in others if we, too, are flawed in that manner. It’s misdirected angst at not being better human beings ourselves.
The least I can offer are my prayers for those animals that are suffering and people that are working so hard to fix it – and for the die-hard hippies out there I’ll even send out a ‘something’ for the plant life too ;)

Good luck with this clean up. I hope we don’t have to see any more images like that of a dying heron. As if petty finger pointing and name calling could top the heartache just that single image captures.

Posted by RhiannonOset May 25, 10 11:14 AM

To all the defenders of petroleum I would like to say that you are just simpleton victims of the propaganda spat at you by the very powerful oil lobby. You are the kind of spineless people who fear change so railing against it comes naturally. You are also the kind of people who rather die of appalling sicknesses than EVER admit that you were wrong and someone else was right. You are the kind of people who arrogantly stated that Iraqis would welcome Americans with flowers and WMD would be found and it would be a cakewalk and now you are silent on the issue even though you sneered at those who rightly predicted the disaster. This Gulf disaster was predicted as well and you sneered at those who predicted it, calling them tree-huggers or liberals (whatever that's supposed to mean) or pinkos or some other childish remark. Katrina was predicted since 2002 as that was when the levee inspectors started begging to have them upgraded and strengthened. Bush ignored them. The Wall Street meltdown and subsequent theft by G-Sax, AIG, JPMorgan, etc., was ALL predicted and you called the predictors names like the arrogant little d**kheads that you are.
Sure, petroleum can't be replaced over night but it can be replaced. We don't need all the byproducts we get from petroleum but we can still manufacture most of them. Industrial hemp can be used to make practically all petroleum based products. Rudolph Diesel designed an engine that runs on hemp oil.
And to those people who live 100 miles from their jobs I say, what kind of idiots are you? Why the hell are you living so far away from where you MAKE your living? That's just plain dumb.

Posted by picklehead May 25, 10 11:15 AM

This is a very sad day, I don't know how they will ever clean all of the oil up.

Posted by Andrea Pekarik Welch May 25, 10 11:15 AM

# 38 is terribly heartbreaking.

Posted by Caroline May 25, 10 11:16 AM

We are all responsible. If you have a car, you use oil. If you have a bike, you use oil. Yes, oil. Where the heck do you think tires come from? Petroleum and rubber.

If you have tennis shoes, you use oil. Nearly every plastic on this planet is processed with a petroleum derivative. A shampoo bottle. A piece of weather stripping.

That beautifully stained picture frame.

We are all responsible. And so far, as a nation, and a plant, our response is way off the mark.

Posted by BayouMan May 25, 10 11:19 AM

AMEN #384! Peter R. Limburg, you made my day.

Posted by Marilyn Levins May 25, 10 11:30 AM

All of you sit here and talk about whos to blame for this and what should be done that isnt... Talking about how we need to stop using oil and find alternatives... Comparing this disaster to world events from the past... There are currently 459 posts on here. Thats 459 people that could actually be doing something USEFUL to help with this terrible disaster instead of just running your mouths and trying to have the bigger badder opinion than the last person to post before you. You all seem to be pretty well educated people... Put your differences aside, put your heads together, start a volunteer group, and figure out how to fix the disaster now. Or at least do SOMETHING to help... Instead of saying that what they ARE doing is wrong... Come up with something thats RIGHT. Or just shut your mouth and pray that someone else does.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda... DIDNT. Well this disaster DID happen and regardless of whose fault it is, what we coulda or shoulda done to prevent it, we ALL need to do something to fix it NOW. After the oil spill stops and is all cleaned up... Then you can go back to pissing and moaning about it all you want. Its sad that it takes such a huge disaster like this to make so clear what the biggest disaster of all really is. US. All of us. So selfish and so self centered... We all should be truly ashamed. Yes WE. I am no better nor would I ever claim to be. I just think WE all should pull our heads out of our third point of contact and truly realize it.

Who am I to say anything? Noone. Im not an educated man. Im just an average guy. I serve proudly as a Specialist in the NY National Guard and have been a volunteer fireman for over 12 years. I know my words fall upon many the deaf ear, but if just maybe a few of you can hear and realize what Im saying...

Posted by Thomas Ford May 25, 10 11:31 AM

Quel désastre! C'est une honte pour l'humanité. Il n'y a que l'homme imbécile pour créer de telle catastrophe!
Bravo à tout c'est gens qui se batte pour ralentir les effets de cette marée noire démoniaque.
Jean-Lou - France

Posted by Jean-Lou May 25, 10 11:33 AM

That heron chick...

(Photo 38).

Posted by Victoria May 25, 10 11:34 AM

What's the problem here? Nature will take care of this...Naturally. It may take a few centuries...

Posted by Laura Ingram May 25, 10 11:37 AM

Anyone who drives a car shouldn't complain about oil spills. We all made this mess.

But it's not like our society can stop using oil. It's just something we have to learn to cope with. The way we live destroys everything.

Posted by Francis May 25, 10 11:39 AM

Now I hope all you Democrats pay attention. Since Pres. Obama has agreed to allow more offshore oil drilling. We don't need more oil! The technology and alternatives to oil are already here. The problem is politicians that cow to corporate sponsors instead of doing what is right for US and right for the WORLD! When you vote don't vote for any republicans and don't vote for any democrats. They have all been bought by corporations and just do the same crap they accuse the other of doing! Can't blame the President nor praise him... all the crap we are dealing with was created by both democrats and republicans. Its time to kick them all out if they wont do what we pay them to do.

Posted by Dean DaCosta May 25, 10 11:40 AM

why the media continues to call it a "spill" is beyond me. Is that a way of making a geyser that is still dumping oil(equal to the valdez spill, every couple of days without an end in sight) into something smaller. Seems like a way of trying to make a mountain into a mole hill.

Posted by robert May 25, 10 11:41 AM

WE the UNITED STATES have to remove this oil from the water NOW! WE fit oil skimmers to oil tankers much like airplane wings to reach out even just 100' per side would clear 200' swatches as the tankers move forward so the skimmers catch the oil and the ships pumps store the oil it their tanks. Seperate the water from the oil (which will do on it's own) and we would have millions and millions of gallons of oil in our control. also free oil that can be used to help the local economy to survive all this captured oil would not invade our shores and wetlands. No more oil dispersment the oil needs to float in large areas to be caught by these ships. The cost of these skimmers wouldn't hold a candle to the cost of the clean-up if left unresolved

Posted by Regis Mullally May 25, 10 11:42 AM

Shouldn't we be blaming ourselves? We are the consumers. We drive the market. Should we have discovered a replacement energy source to oil by now? Yes. Why haven't we? We are simply too comfortable. Overhauling our energy infrastructure will be a long tedious process that requires an innovative mindset. We have been putting this off and putting this off. We have allowed the government to dilly dally and tap-dance around this issue without really doing anything. We have allowed the oil companies to remain the top-dogs that determine the path of our economy and energy infrastructure. It's high time that us consumers take control of OUR OWN MARKET and demand the changes that are long overdue.

Posted by john May 25, 10 11:47 AM

Thanks you BP and the Obama Administration!

Posted by Adam Prince May 25, 10 11:49 AM

*******We need to write our government officials, and tell them to stop wasting tax money on the war and the space program (for now), and to help companies develop renewable and environmentally safe energy sources like solar power, etc. ********

Posted by Joy Adams May 25, 10 11:53 AM

Time and time again we shown that we do nothing but destroy this planet and it's ever so fragile eco-system. We care nothing of the other life forms on this planet (not even our own) WE DO NOT deserve this planet and it would be best if man-kind were wiped out so the planet could heal and not have us f*** it up anymore.

Posted by Emily McClain May 25, 10 11:55 AM

Useless. why is the booming being done all wrong in the gulf?

Language is strong but the info is dead on.

Posted by tommy May 25, 10 12:03 PM

Are you PROUD OF YOURSELF BP? You should have to answer for everything that is going wrong with this mess. I hope that you do not make another dime of AMERICANS! You sure will not be gettin my money!

Thank you
Tracie Penning

Posted by tracie penning May 25, 10 12:04 PM

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience....ralph waldo emerson.....we have been too demanding of what nature can provide for US.....It is ever so clear that WE are not nature's priority....I think it is time that we make nature OUR priority!

Posted by bean May 25, 10 12:09 PM

For all of those people blaming America and Americans it was BRITISH PETROLEUM that caused this... BRITISH, not AMERICAN.

If you want to look at a country that uses more then its fair share of oil check out CHINA. They are consuming FAR more resources then the USA is and they have no EPA to even attempt to protect its people.

100% of the fault is with BP and their lack of safety and being cheap. If this rig was anywhere else it would be that countries fault.

In my opinion this REEKS of sabotage.

Posted by jack May 25, 10 12:10 PM

It is pleasing to see the passion of everyone who took the time to post a comment so far. While some comments are throwing mud, others are looking/wondering what they can do to help.

We are citizens of a powerful nation. We rely on capitalism to run our economy. This means that the concepts of supply and demand, competition and the human desire to be "better-off" fuel the complex economy in which we ALL participate.

While there is no easy solution to cleaning up this oil spill, there are a few simple strategies that we can promote to attempt a paradigm shift from our reliance on oil.

We all know that oil is profitable. That is why big businesses are fighting tooth-and-nail, the movement to "go green" and move away from oil. In order for individual consumers to rely less on oil, a better solution needs to be profitable (it's sad, but true). Show that a more profitable solution is available and many aspiring entrepreneurs or existing businesses will jump on the band wagon to make it happen.

However, in order for it to be profitable, there needs to be a market. This means that there needs to be a massive (long term) demand for the alternative. I believe this is where our current problem resides. As we try to promote green technologies to replace oil (hybrid cars, solar/wind power etc.) most of us can't afford the technologies because the companies who offer the products can't afford to sell them at the same price points as the non-green products.

But, if there was more demand, then companies could take advantage of "economies of scale" (the walmart effect) and produce in large quantities of green products, spread out high fixed costs over many units, and sell cheaply.

Another issue that we face is that there isn't yet an efficient replacement for oil. We have discovered that oil is a FANTASTIC resource, packed full of stored energy that we have yet to replicate in other technologies. We're certainly getting closer, but we are having issues with efficiency and safety. It seems the "good stuff" is often times the harmful stuff.

What can you do? Take a more critical role as a consumer and buy products that promote green technologies, or products that are produced by companies that take, at a minimum, a role in improving waste streams, greener manufacturing processes etc. (and while you're at it, positive humanitarian /organic policies too). It may cost us a bit more, but we can do a lot as a group of consumers.

The key to the paragraph above is to be informed. We are all great consumers here in the US, but we are blind consumers. Take a few extra moments and learn about the companies that sell you products. Be selective. Purchase based on price AND on factors about the company that you agree with.

Just think about it: would you produce a few widgets that only only a handful of people wanted (at a low profit margin), or would you produce many widgets that many people wanted (and make more money, and with a higher profit margin?).

I know things are more complex than the basic principals I've just discussed (government involvement, foreign markets/trade, human resistance to change/laziness). However, it is usually the basic principals that are the foundations of massive endeavors.

Posted by Brett May 25, 10 12:13 PM

Seeing all the beauty smothered in such greed and arrogance makes me sick. To be a part of this incredible planet, we need to find other ways to belong here. Right now, we don't belong because all we do is destroy. My heart goes out to the fishmen, their families, the animals and all living beings that are being so devastated by this horrible mess. Why if there are other products and ways to help clean this, are they not being taken? There are products that will help soak up the oil etc. is our greed still pushing us to allow this to continue until it is carried by the currents to other countries and then the hew and cry will not be so ignorable??

Posted by Jae May 25, 10 12:22 PM

El error de unos cuantos hacen que el planeta esta cada vez peor. Pero a ellos no les importa el daño que pueda ocasionar esta catastrofe, solo el dinero que van a perder limpiando su mugre. ¿Los dirigentes de las naciones que han hecho al respecto? Ellos son la voz del pueblo, deben de hablar, haganlo.

Posted by DS May 25, 10 12:26 PM

I didnt realize BP owned Arco and AMPM!

I thank them for making it easy to find their franchises in America! Now I know where to avoid next time I fill my tank.

Posted by Alex May 25, 10 12:26 PM

This is one of the sadest things I have ever seen in my life time. I can't even express how bad I feel seeing these pictures. This will take years and years to recover from, if it even is recoverable. What a legacy to leave the next generation. Shame on BP and shame on the government for not enough safety controls in place even before it happened and not acting fast enough to stop this disaster when it did. This is going to have devistating very long term effects for all of us.

Posted by Pam May 25, 10 12:34 PM

The sorrow I feel is heavy. This is a large scale example of something that destroys the fibre of a soul. That things are out of your hands, and yet that you would be the first in line to rectify it. We have all felt this, at the death of a loved one-- and for the posters here, our ecosystem is considered one that we love.
For while republicans worship Jesus as the shepherd, we see that the Earth is the true Holy, the true Heaven, the true Forgiveness. That she should provide an arena for such disrespect boggles the mind-- that she should harbour us in our greed and contempt defies the forgiveness of any preached 'God'.

Words leave me. Crime has once again come to pass in the hearts of true evil: the human being.

Posted by Alexandra May 25, 10 12:36 PM

How many of you people drove a car to work today?

Posted by Lucas May 25, 10 12:43 PM

If you want to know whose fault this is, look in the mirror! The US uses more energy in relation to it's population than any other country. Supply equals Demand, period. If we want to end the madness of a government and an economy controlled by big business (can you spell O-I-L?), then we have to take away the profitability. Stop driving gas guzzlers, stop buying McMansions that that require so much energy to heat and cool. And start demanding/supporting alternative energy like solar and wind power.

Posted by M. Taylor May 25, 10 12:45 PM

Blame is on BP and politications who take free gifts from them to get what they (oil cos.) want. Now we will have to pay for this mess too. What the hell give away all of our money to cheats and thieves.

Posted by bigart May 25, 10 12:46 PM

I feel terrible about driving a gas-powered car. I'd feel worse if they had a competitively priced electric car on the market. I wonder why there isn't a competitively priced electric car on the market. They must be harder to build than a nuclear warhead, huh?

Posted by Chris May 25, 10 12:49 PM

I agree we need cars and oil, But at what price. These things are always going to happen were always going to hurt our environment around us

Posted by Brent Agar May 25, 10 12:56 PM

hasta que no llegue a mexico van a estar conformes.!! paren esto..!!
como se.. ve!! todo esto.. ojala que fuera la casa del dueño de esa madre!! del petroleo..!! como hazen sus pendejadas!!..

Posted by Rodrigo-- May 25, 10 12:58 PM

This is so sad to see, I really wish they get off there ass's and come to a conclusion this is a dissapointed right now

Posted by Damaris May 25, 10 01:01 PM

There is surely a degree of pragmatism around the reluctance to execute the top-kill until now... They probably spent $200M on the well before the accident... Killing it would be a waste of that money... Not to mention that if the well continues to perform like it has and they are able to get it shut down and hooked up, it will likely be able to pay for itself (accident included) many times over.

Couple that with the fact that the final punitive cost will not be incurred for another 20 years (vis-à-vis Valdez), what motivation did the BP leadership really have to act quickly (kill the well)? They will be retired and long gone before the fisherman of LA get a single cent...

Posted by Chris May 25, 10 01:08 PM

I just don't see the problem here, oil spills happen all the time. BP is losing a lot of money on this, and it is the governments responsibility to aid the company.

The clean-up is a job for the Mexican people, they are used to this kind of low-paid work.

Posted by May 25, 10 01:09 PM

number 459 -- try a little motor bike -- i had one that used a gallon of gas a week and it got me all around, every day of the week, the countryside on weekends, too -- it wasn't very fast, only 30 km an hour, nevertheless, i enjoyed what i saw on the way to where i was going -- even in the rain -- now I'm retired and only ride my bike or walk to the grocery store down the street -- meet lots of people on the way and we enjoy a short chat -- no need to go Amish, although they certainly aren't to blame for the mess the U.S. is in -- greed and complacency, that's what people fall for -- good luck !

Posted by gaby May 25, 10 01:09 PM

1) This would not have happened if oil rigs were allowed to be closer to shore in shallower water.
2) The Law of Demand will control gas prices, not the government.
3) why don't we read some legislation before we make our opinions?
4) This is not a large volume of oil when compared to the amount that naturally seeps into the ocean. It's not like oil was invented by the evil conservatives.

Posted by John May 25, 10 01:13 PM

Keep the addiction going, and you haven't seen the worst of it yet. We love that oil so much we want to swim in it!

"Drill baby Drill!"

Posted by zen May 25, 10 01:16 PM

To all the people who suggest we just stop using oil, plastics, etc. in order to lower demand so the oil companies won't pump so much oil and make so much profit - this is not feasible, because this is really a supply-side problem. Our government - and many governments - give huge subsidies to gas and oil companies that are mostly hidden from the public. If they did not, solar and wind and geothermal would really take off. Same with electric cars. The first cars were electric, and there are some really good ones being made now. But as long as there are so many different brands of internal combustion engines out there that are cheaper, made more attractive through advertising, and more familiar to consumers, most people will continue to buy gas-dependent cars than alternatives.

Same for plastic packaging in the stores- everything is wrapped in plastic, it is hard to buy anything that is not. Even if you take your reusable bag, if you buy anything other than fresh produce you have to take the plastic packaging. Even if you took it all off at the counter, as one poster suggested, it still would have been created and it will never biodegrade. As the line in the movie the Graduate = "the future is in plastics." It will continue to be until viable alternatives are introduced and we have the option to vote in the marketplace. And some viable alternatives are indeed out there, they just don't get the huge subsidies that the entrenched industries do, and neither do they have economies of scale - a Catch-22. I believe that once more electric cars out there, solar plants, etc.--once people do have a real choice, with comparable prices, we will start to move toward a tipping point that will put us back in balance with the earth.

Let's just hope it's still salvageable when that day arrives, because as a species, we are driven to maximize our use of resources just like any other, and being at the top of the chain, the only thing that could keep us in check are other human beings. The correction will happen- through war if we're not careful. Either we find ways to preserve and renew our resources, or the population will be decimated until we are back within our natural limits. And if the check doesn't happen quickly enough, we too will become an endangered species. The universe doesn't care about petty politics.

Posted by Lposter May 25, 10 01:18 PM

way to go BP you have just put another nail in the coffin of the usa .while your president bankrupts your country you distroy its coatslines and deltas,that will be good for your employment numbers . people better wake up and realize that things are going down hill fast and governments and big money buisenes are not on your side.too the day dream beleaver that thinks they will fix it all GET A LIFE

Posted by BOB ALLEN May 25, 10 01:27 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fuel source that isn't toxic? We've managed to modify the earth to suit our needs. There are humans living at the polar extremes. Yet we can't manage to come up with a fuel source that doesn't pollute the environment and cause cancer?

To put it in terms you can understand: Quit whining about how you need your SUV and stop lining the pockets of the corporations who are actively quelling alternative fuel research.

Posted by Shadeseether May 25, 10 01:29 PM

Huge mess we have caused.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to every single person that is there contributing their time and effort to save animal lives and cleaning oil from the enviornment harmed.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 01:36 PM

I want to help!!!!

Posted by Honduras May 25, 10 01:37 PM

I remember that some one came up with an organizm ( protazoa ?) that literally ate oil and it was dropped on the oil from either a plane, or ship, or helicopter, and it literally ate all the oil and in the process reproduced and the numbers grew exponentionally, then when this food source was depleated it died out. In stead of scratching (their) heads going duuh, get a ship load of this organizm, drop it on the damn slick and let it go to town eating up this mess, instead of throwing blame every where and on every one. Is there a politican or anyone out there who can get something done about this.

Posted by Doyle Shaw May 25, 10 01:38 PM

I believe that commenter 384 should examine his lack of basic car knowledge as well as his manlihood. First of all, those who haul heavy loads rely on torque, not horsepower. Second, why don't we just initiate a "Testicle Tax", that will tax every American born with a pair of balls? Within a couple of years after passing the "horsepower/torque tax", there won't be many of those left anyway.

Posted by Delta Force May 25, 10 01:38 PM

For those who helpfully point out that bicycle tires and shoe soles are made from petroleum products, please also compare the relative environmental impacts between a bicycle tire or a shoe, and a gas-guzzling monster SUV.

Or is obscuring that comparison the point of your comment?

For bonus points, please explain why it is technologically impossible to develop alternatives to petroleum in the manufacture of products such as bicycle tires and shoe soles.

Posted by Rick May 25, 10 01:40 PM

If we can send people to the moon and astronauts to a space station. Why can't someone/anyone find a way to plug this leak. Think about it.
Maybe we need to hire better engineers, we should be jumping on this like a fly on do do and get the job done.

My heart is breaking at the site of every critter who is full of oil suffering or already dead.

Posted by hogsncats May 25, 10 01:40 PM

Seriously ... what is being done to stop this ... why are we not trying every suggestion imaginable to plug this leak ... I have heard about shooting tire parts and golf balls in to plug it up ... have we tried ..? are we doing anything except watching this empty into our already fragile oceans ?
amazing that the president has not addressed the nation to let us know what is being done.. this is horrible ... absolutrly devastating

Posted by DJL1955 May 25, 10 01:42 PM

# 38 is the worst of all. SOOOOOOO Sad. This is a DIY on how to destroy nature and makes it look like hell and death.

Thank you USA governement, Capitalism and BP for destroying our beloved planet.


Posted by Etienne Gosselin May 25, 10 01:44 PM

I am crying.

Posted by m May 25, 10 01:45 PM

Good Morning Children (posters).
Today’s lesson is about a thing called “Self-Righteousness”.
Now, the only thing I want you to be is honest children, OK??
All right now, here we go……..
All of you seated here today, by a show of hands, how many of you think BP WANTS to burn a million or so dollars ($) every day that their busted well pollutes the Gulf?
Again, by a show of hands, how many of you think that BP is ECSTATIC about the post-cleanup lawsuits that will probably run into the billions of $?
Very good. Now by a show of hands, how many of you are boycotting your local BP station that is probably run on a hair-thread profit margin by your local go-to-church-together neighbor, who, by no fault of their own, will be forced out of their business or livelihood by your boycott? A show of hands please.
Now, how many of you are willing to park your gas or oil-driven vehicles and walk, bike, fly, swim, or crawl to your place of employment, grocery store, church, etc.?
How many of you are willing to give up the very PC you publish your drivel on for the world to see your self-righteousness, or the clothes on your back, or your LCD TV, or your upholstered furniture, carpeting, bedding, or the asphalt roads you drive on? Show of hands please?
How many of you, especially in the northeast, or willing to rip out your old oil furnace and install a new state-of-the-art natural gas furnace (for a small fortune)? Ok, if not, how many of you are willing to go without heat this winter and do the layered sweater thingy?
Wow, didn’t see many hands today, children. Hmmm, I wonder why?
Moral of today’s lesson, Damn Self-Righteousness anyway!!
Blame BP. Blame Bush. Blame Obama. Blame mankind. Now, turn your finger around 180 degrees and blame YOU.
Oh, and we must NOT forget about the damsel fly in #1.

Posted by Search4Truth May 25, 10 01:48 PM

Wake up America, wake up!

Posted by bruce May 25, 10 01:49 PM

someone HELP ! save my coast and my wildlife!

Posted by Sad in Louisiana May 25, 10 01:50 PM

BP and every corporation out there, who uses PUBLIC RESOURCES, such as the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, first need to be held liable for lying or rather propagandizing about their "alleged superior technology" and its' capabilities.
It's quite obvious that deep water oil drilling is WAY BEYOND BP or any oil corporations abilities to safely harvest oil from the ocean's depths.
Hold them accountable for ALL costs and damages incurred and shutdown ALL off shore drilling PERIOD!

Posted by kladinvt May 25, 10 01:50 PM

What is Rush Limbaugh's response to these pictures? That jerkoff was running his mouth last week saying the ocean could handle the oil. Where are you now, Rush?

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 01:52 PM

To the one who posted comment 522,

People like YOU are running BP. People like YOU are responsible for the damages and people like YOU should be eradicated from humanity.

When nature is dying, money should NEVER be an issue.

Posted by Etienne Gosselin May 25, 10 01:56 PM

Drill Baby! Drill!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 02:02 PM

Jesus matey never realised they had not contained.

Posted by A jenkinson May 25, 10 02:03 PM

All very easy to blame BP, but the truth is we're all part of this, and we probably deserve what's happening to us - those poor creatures don't.

Posted by Olivier May 25, 10 02:06 PM

# 449 you are right - there are many safety devices that could have prevented this. BP just didn't want to spend the $5M on an extra 2 weeks of construction so that the correct mechanisms would have been in place to prevent this. It's corporate greed, plain and simple.

Posted by Jessica Metzler May 25, 10 02:23 PM

doesnt brazil run cars off of alcohol???.. and cant we find some other way of fueling auto's and other transportation systems other than oil and gasoline?? There HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!!! ...and yes I know electric is out there too... but still, there is got to be a better way.. its evil that lerks the benifits of greed.. everone else just gets "the spillover"

Posted by Eddie Abbott May 25, 10 02:26 PM

To the question "who among us would be willing to fully divest" I say: This is not going to work because a few of us will fully divest. It will work when the majority of us become fully aware of what's at stake and are ready to put in government the kind of leadership that will help us divest and get into a new direction. The sad news is that we are far from that point.

Posted by Cely May 25, 10 02:32 PM

international waters, no law our government passes matters. we just happened to be the closest country to the leak.

You think china would give a fuck if one of their rigs blows in the gulf? lol just be glad they arent over here... yet.

Posted by jpm May 25, 10 02:36 PM

Un seul mot : TERRIFIANT

Posted by duvoid May 25, 10 02:42 PM

saying that this disaster is the resposibility of automobile owners is like saying that a neighborhood gas fire caused by contractor error is the resposibility of the homeowners.

the issue is the failure in disaster preparedness

Posted by chambers May 25, 10 02:44 PM

I hate you, BP...

Posted by Loli May 25, 10 02:44 PM

Too sad for words.... Should we not all spend three weeks of our holidays to help cleaning up the dirt, cleaning the annimals....
Being a teacher and having 6 weeks summervacation (as have the pupils) I am really eager to come over and DO something!

Posted by Christine/ The Netherlands May 25, 10 02:46 PM

poor animals :(
BP we hate you!

Posted by RDilus May 25, 10 02:50 PM

The government and others capable of actually making decisions in this area should read these comments - there are some excellent ideas posted here! Maybe this could/will actually be the LAST TIME we have to view this tragedy. Horrific!

Posted by Cindy May 25, 10 02:51 PM

Blame on u USA!!!!

Posted by Ronnie May 25, 10 02:55 PM

what's going to happen? how screwed are we?

Posted by chris May 25, 10 02:56 PM

Thank you Barrack Obama for not acting quickly to devise a plan to prevent all this. It may be BP's fault that the rig exploded and is leaking oil but it is Barrack Obama's fault that efforts to stop the oil slick from washing ashore were not begun earlier.

Add this to the list of ways Barrack Obama is ruining the country.

Posted by William May 25, 10 02:56 PM


"We all know that oil is profitable. That is why big businesses are fighting tooth-and-nail, the movement to "go green" and move away from oil. In order for individual consumers to rely less on oil, a better solution needs to be profitable (it's sad, but true). Show that a more profitable solution is available and many aspiring entrepreneurs or existing businesses will jump on the band wagon to make it happen.

However, in order for it to be profitable, there needs to be a market. This means that there needs to be a massive (long term) demand for the alternative. I believe this is where our current problem resides. As we try to promote green technologies to replace oil (hybrid cars, solar/wind power etc.) most of us can't afford the technologies because the companies who offer the products can't afford to sell them at the same price points as the non-green products.

But, if there was more demand, then companies could take advantage of "economies of scale" (the walmart effect) and produce in large quantities of green products, spread out high fixed costs over many units, and sell cheaply.

What can you do? Take a more critical role as a consumer and buy products that promote green technologies, or products that are produced by companies that take, at a minimum, a role in improving waste streams, greener manufacturing processes etc. (and while you're at it, positive humanitarian /organic policies too). It may cost us a bit more, but we can do a lot as a group of consumers."

Posted by Joy Adams May 25, 10 02:56 PM

try and save the animals and birds they are the ones in danger of their lives we stupid humans can walk away

Posted by peter May 25, 10 03:00 PM

Yeah I am getting a little sick of the blame Obama game. This is hardly Katrina. That said I think the administration should force BP to compensate Louisiana and its residence monetarily either by direct payouts to indivdiuals (fishermen and the such) or in support of government programs (job training and higher education).

I can't wait till this coming election lets see what the republitards can say other than 'drill baby drill' and deregulation. Lack of regulation is what's causing all these issues. Rand Paul is an idiot, I hope he wins it will be a boon for the administration.

Posted by orbital318 May 25, 10 03:03 PM

The poor unsuspecting birds, crabs, turtles, and all the other little creatures that we can't even see are suffocating on oil that WE put there. Stop the bickering and fix this! AND put in better restrictions so we can never do this again to ourselves and the helpless wildlife that exists.

Posted by Jill May 25, 10 03:07 PM

Does everyone realize is us stupid human fault?! We should be the one dying not the animals!!

Posted by George May 25, 10 03:08 PM

This is not acceptable and all for profit and greed. DISGRACEFUL.

Posted by LJ May 25, 10 03:08 PM

@544 the "ocean" can handle the oil. it's the land / wetlands that cannot in the short term. In geological time (like Limbaugh's), this won't be a big deal. In OUR time, it is a huge deal.

Obama's fault? nope. This well / location has been planned long before he came into the White House.
BP and whoever they contracted the work from: their fault.

Modern man's fault? Sure, but so is every other form of pollution and enviromental destruction. We've been modifying our world for ages and we have always built the factories for the "product" long before we ever thought about the waste product that we generate. So, yes we all "demand" cheap oil / gas and we don't care how as long as the problem isn't in our backyard (NIMBYS). Now, it's in our backyard and boy it does suck, doesn't it? BP and their contractors must pay for all this but you know we will all pay with higher consumer prices soon enough.

We are meant to be stewards of the land. we fail epically again and again.
God Bless you all who are helping to try and clean it all up and those of you who are dealing with the reality of it now.

Posted by schackleford May 25, 10 03:15 PM

So so so sad for those animals! Oil hungry bastards.

Posted by keith May 25, 10 03:17 PM

We should buy only hybrid or electric vehicles, that’s all we should do.
Guillermo from Costa Rica

Posted by Guillermo Saborio May 25, 10 03:22 PM

Where are the fines? BP Oil has ruined thousands of wildlife, and scarred the entire Gulf of Mexico. They will recover all their profit losses in a month. If they aren't going to get punished for this, then why should we care? it will happen again and again and again until it becomes an eye for an eye.

Posted by Stephen May 25, 10 03:26 PM

This is horrid. We humans have NO RIGHT being on this earth if we can't respect MOTHER EARTH and learn to live in harmony with it not against it!! Power and money suck!

Posted by Roxanne May 25, 10 03:28 PM

In response to #'s461, 462, and "I think?" ask why Obama is getting blamed....................think again, why did Bush get blamed for Katrina??? It was a natural disaster...more so than this. How pathetic you all are to think that Obama should get a "bye" for this one...yet Bush, to this day, is blamed for EVERYTHING...from then to what is still happening! And, before you start harping on me as if I'm a Bush lover...I was quite disappointed in some of his service...but, not nearly as disappointed as I am with our current administration. I know one thing for sure...I wish I got as many fun vacations as he (Obama) and his family does, and my husband would love to get to play golf as much as he (Obama) does! But wait, my husband is OUT OF A JOB! Keep letting him off until our country is in complete ruin..........then, let's see who you blame.

Posted by PLR May 25, 10 03:30 PM

how sad to destroy the beautiful nature. Now it will take very very long time to recover.

Posted by sam May 25, 10 03:42 PM

Shame on our SLOW goverment for not doing ANYTHING to help. Get off your rear ends and DO SOMETHING!

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 03:43 PM

@446: Why BP? Wrong question! Why we all? BP is drilling for oil for everyone of us! WE all caused this.

Posted by Anaonymus May 25, 10 03:48 PM

just as an indication that everyone needs to know a hybrid vehicle is actually more toxic over time because of what is used in the batteries to store the electric. there is no way to recycle them and they create a lot more of an environmental impact on nature.
also does anyone realize what BP stands for? British Petroleum. i think people need to stop blaming the United States and remember all assets are goin to a different country for this drilling location.and yes our government ...our president mr OBAMA needs to make a decision and get our government on this

Posted by James May 25, 10 03:49 PM


Posted by ALICIA May 25, 10 03:53 PM

# 38 too sad
We should pour buckets of oil on the BP execs and drown them in it and tell them it will take months before we can clean them off

Posted by Andrew May 25, 10 03:54 PM

Heartbreak, Helpless and Hopeless. And lets not forget the 11 men who were vaporized. All had families. God Bless their families and help them.

Posted by Rick Phillips May 25, 10 03:57 PM

I have seen several inovators come forward with designs to clean up this continually escalating disaster more efficiently than the current efforts. Many of these "new" ideas had delivery times of 2-3 weeks, they were proposed to BP and all received the same lame response: We are not interested in pursuing any new technology at this time. WTF! I don't feel that this is Obama's fault in the slightest but if not from the top, who is going to push these environmental reprobates into doing the right thing! We need to explore every option in our efforts not just the old tried, tested and failed methods

Posted by Johnny Utah May 25, 10 04:00 PM

Thank you Boston Globe for always providing us with the best pictures of current events! Shame on BP...

Posted by Keith Craig May 25, 10 04:03 PM

This scene is the most disgusting sight I have ever witnessed.

: Do any of these jerks care about our environment and how this will be for years to come. You rape the earth and water and sit on your fat ass watching TV busily using anything from plastic, eating popcorn and coming up with more ideas for plastic.
Makes me want to boycott anything from crude oil. Even driving my Jeep and that is a huge statement from me.

Posted by MM Bare May 25, 10 04:06 PM

My heart is filled with so much sadness. I can't even begin to express the love of the coast my family has had for generations past.

Please do all that you can...each and everyone of us; to save our wetlands and wildlife.

Posted by Heart broken Louisiana resident May 25, 10 04:06 PM

All this to work at jobs we hate so we can buy stuff we don't need. We will consume ourselves into the extinction.

Posted by bodhi May 25, 10 04:10 PM

Well...I think we all need to reconsider our use of oil, if there is no demand, the supply won't be so great.

Electric cars and bicycles.... I'm going shopping.

Posted by suefletcher May 25, 10 04:11 PM

#39... all I can think is...

"...out, damn'd spot... Here’s the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.... ...What’s done cannot be undone...."

My heart hurts for what we've done to the earth.

Posted by libberding May 25, 10 04:26 PM

One litre of this stuff will get your car so far?
How many days would it take you to push it the same distance.
trash the car and the criminals we suport, work a day less.
use your energy to suport transition inititves

Posted by ausearth May 25, 10 04:32 PM

To comment 516:

I rode my bike to work today, just as I have been doing four out of five days each week for the past year. With very few exceptions, EVERY SINGLE CAR on the road during my commute has ONE PERSON IN IT! Most of those people look at me like they'd like to kill me or run me off the road. I don't understand the anger. I enjoy my ride each day. If others tried it and stuck with it, I am pretty sure they would enjoy it too. But as long as angry motorists keep treating cyclists like the enemy, or people on this site keep mocking cyclists as though they are crazy children, few people will ride bikes. This is a shame. Those of you in cars should show these photos over and over to yourselves and your children on your headrest DVD players. Then maybe you would have something constructive to channel your anger at instead of bicyclists.

(Oh, and spare me the BS about how the tires or manufacturing process of my bicycle is equal to the carbon footprint of daily commutes in a motor vehicle! It's just such a stupid comparison. All conservation is good conservation. Period.)

Posted by Jimbo May 25, 10 04:36 PM

Please Help

Posted by Kristy May 25, 10 04:37 PM

David Gilmour said it best in Pink Floyds last album, "she will take it back".
I think "someday" is fast approaching. All the best to those struggling to clean this mess up and coming up with ideas. The more ideas we put out there the more chances we have of something working!

Posted by Gulf Coast Lover May 25, 10 04:41 PM

But those who govern are more concerned with silly and racist laws that assignment the worst disaster to human being, that if a natural disaster is not a fact that harms the human being who would say "natural disaster" in my opinion are better than those animals now die because of oil that spilled humans.

Oil spill in their noses but they do not invade other countries costs across the world for oil.

Posted by Daniel Sastré May 25, 10 04:41 PM

All of you are hypocrites posting comments from your Petroleum based laptops in air conditioned offices; assuming you hold a GDP related job. The rest relying on government handouts to FUEL your passionate debate. Greed caused this and the current administration is adjoined at the hip with the responsible. Safety measures were bypassed and George Bush was not at the controls; the illegal alien is!
Secondly, get off your rear come down here and put your money where your mouth is.
This is a catastrophic event that needs the attention and resources from all! So dawn your petroleum based footwear and lend a hand.
Once the mess is cleaned up we will throw the responsible in jail and learn from the mistakes. Otherwise we keep funding those who are trying to kill us.
Are we going to cancel all flights because the Indian airline flight crashed?

Posted by Blackened Redfish May 25, 10 04:46 PM

That is the most absurd thing I have heard, and the most tragic thing is that I've heard that repeatedly since this whole thing began.
Rush Limbaugh fan?
The problem is that it is destroying my home state, killing thousands of animals, potentially wiping out smaller species, killing our already frail economy (how we remain so poor while the rest of the States do so damn well with what we put out is absurd on its own), and just generally wreaking havoc.
What's wrong? Are you kidding me? Sure, oil is natural, but it is natural and functional BENEATH THE SURFACE, not above. It is currently where it doesn't belong because of negligence.
This is a BIG problem. There is definitely a problem here. If you can't see that, then I am genuinely concerned about you as a person.

Posted by Parrobe May 25, 10 04:49 PM

Grazie per questa notizia terrificante grazie.

Posted by Antonio May 25, 10 04:52 PM

it is evident that the world, though we resist the truth with our menial attempts to contain our error of consumption, will be polluted and ruined and laid to waste. The truth is anyone who has gone and filled their tank with gasoline is guilty. Anyone who takes a resource from the planet faster than it can replenish is guilty. Though i appreciate the effort from BP to clean up thier mess, it is the petroleum dependent society that should acknowledge the real error. I only hope when the modern way of life crashes the earth will be able to recover. The tourism suffering is nothing compared inability to harmonize with our mother earth.

Posted by earth killer May 25, 10 04:55 PM

I agree with 554. Amen to that statement...

Posted by NS May 25, 10 04:56 PM

#573... not defending Obama's reaction to this AT ALL, but please keep in mind before you start going off about his "vacation time" (while in the same statement drawing comparisons to Bush), the Bush took 977 vacation days out of 2,923 days in office. That's roughly 33% of his entire time in office, more than any other president. Ever.

Posted by shanexedge May 25, 10 05:04 PM

Everyone is to blame. Pointing fingers at people driving gas-powered cars or at the oil companies and especially at other political parties is insane. Take a look at your own oil footprint (this has already been mentioned but skipped over by people arguing just to argue...this will be skipped over too, but hopefully some people will take the lesson).

Gasoline is the easy one. But what else is there? Just about every plastic item you own is probably made with oil or an oil byproduct. Anything with a lubricant, so everyone riding bikes to work are supporting the oil industry. Food packaging, kitchen appliances, shoes, tires, garden supplies, fertilizer bags, it's a limitless list. And if that's not bad enough, everything you own that was synthesized, manufactured, and transported was supported by the oil industry. All of the "green" people are using almost as much oil as anyone else. The only way to be free from feeding that machine would be to have a cottage in alaska and literally do everything yourself.

So pointing fingers, whining, and throwing blame won't do a dang thing except falsely alleviate your sense of guilt. Its time to figure out new ways to do EVERYTHING so that we don't rely on oil.

Posted by Andy May 25, 10 05:05 PM


Posted by Krazy Sarah May 25, 10 05:12 PM

It's a shame!

Posted by Massimo Burgio May 25, 10 05:23 PM

Pay close attention to these photos.
We are the culprits. ALL OF US Probably everyone who is
reading this now are surrounded by oil derivatives. The question is
we have an obligation to seek alternatives to our dependence on
these products.
Each of us must do our part to not make this world property only of our generation.

Posted by Marcelo May 25, 10 05:28 PM

The problem is not oil itself, it's not Obama or some administration. The problem is that we use too much of it, oil companies want to be profitable and make billions out of oil, so they build fast but weak structures and hope that the worst won't happen. Ususally, it'doesn't but when it does, this is what we get.
Stop using frentically oil based products, use alternate products (hemp is a good idea) and stop listening to politics or lobbyists to make your own conclusions. Your conclusions should come from your head, not from some kind of pre-cooked ideology. US people should learn to think by themselves. This is what school is all about (or should be in a free society). Your society is sick, it's like a cancer, everything grows continually, profit is part of that, this is not natural and it is time to start making something about it. Stop being fat in your head, start using resources in a moderate way or you will kill us all.

Someone who is just tired of all those crazy way of thinking. Just live your life simply.

Posted by jon May 25, 10 05:37 PM

Hey S.D. (post 297), I don't know which is more lacking--your sense of patriotism or your sense of direction.

You suggested that to restrict gas guzzling is about the most un-American thing that can happen in our lives. Then you went on to express your confidence in Russian intelligence services and a conspiracy theory that put North Koreans at the site of the BP oil spill?!

Did the Korean mini-sub make it through the Panama Canal or did it go all the way around the Horn of Africa? And you say you believe in the Russian intelligence more than our own American intelligence?

You are both dumb and anti-American. You are in fact the very worst kind of anti-American that there is: The fool who believes himself to be a patriot, and drapes himself in the flag while his ignorance strengthens the enemies of democracy. Sadly, you are far from alone.

You asked why the media is not more all over Obama for this, as it was with Katrina and your Saint Bush. It's because (1) millions of Americans like you do not want to hear about oil-related trouble and our foreign dependency, (2) people like you don't actually want the government getting involved in the affairs of big business, and (3) because, thank God, human casualties due to the oil spill are not nearly as many as were due to Katrina. Again, the media leads if it bleeds mainly because of ignorant people who are not interested in more thoughtful journalism. Had you been listening to "liberal" public radio (WBUR here in Boston) this morning around 8:45, you would have heard the "commie" democrat newscasters coming down hard on Obama for not taking control of this situation, and even accusing him of not following the established law applicable to this scenario.

You Republicans can't have it both ways, though. If you think Obama deserves to be chewed out, then you need to admit that you favor government intervention. Which is it?

Posted by J Malden May 25, 10 05:38 PM

Don't just blame BP -




the oil that we all consume does more than just damage the Louisiana coastline...
These should be wake-up calls not hate-rallies

Posted by Alexwalker May 25, 10 05:53 PM

Excesses of unmindfulness and greed, capitalism and weak government/democracy

Posted by Jan de Ruiter May 25, 10 05:55 PM

This is what the world will look like if the God loving Republicans have their way. Rush, Palin, and every other right winger who has screamed "drill baby, drill" should be forced to get their drinking and bathing water from the gulf.

Posted by Matt May 25, 10 05:57 PM

i find it comical how Americans are so quick to blame people like Obama... how the hell was he responsible ?

also, BP does not = British Petroleum, learn facts. BP means British Petroleum as much as AT&T still means American Telephone & Telegraph.

also, BP have accepted responsibility, not fault - BP were only leasing the rig from Transocean. Transocean (which is a Swiss country) is as much to blame as BP are; that's a snippet of information for you should you desire to point fingers.

Posted by recrudesce May 25, 10 05:59 PM

Plug the dastardly hole with the seed of mankind. Et. I digress. E I E I O. This does not worry the eskimo. I saw myself in the reflection of my oil brown coffee in the bottom of my styrofoam cup and i thought to myself, "who is this evil, vile, complacent user of the very filth that finds itself deployed into the ocean, and our hearts, and our minds. Fortunately, most prescription drugs now come in a suppository form so that we may make room for future events. The world will rid us of itself when it has had enough and then we will live in the mind of the doppleganger. Yep, this makes about as much sense as some of the other poetic crap on this board.

Posted by Barry Manilow May 25, 10 06:05 PM


Posted by Sarah May 25, 10 06:20 PM

BP, You suck!! Where is our Govt. when you need them? Why do'nt we spend More money in the Middle East! Are vthe going to help us! This is an outrage. We, should all feel sorry for letting the Govt. allow these drilling practices.

Posted by captgeorge May 25, 10 06:23 PM

@ "these things are always going to happen"

especially when your subcontractor doesn't want to equip the rig with the best safety equipment, which is deployed elsewhere in the world

@ "we are all at fault"

no, we're not all at fault. The ones directly responsible are at fault--British Petroleum and Halliburton, as well as the Minerals Management Services of the US, who did not insist on using the safest, most backup-redundant systems currently available when drilling and rigging this well in the first place.

Posted by Steve in W MA May 25, 10 06:27 PM

To 385, just want to let you know that the soiled hair mats can actually be made into fertilizer by the magic of worms: (But, it is very ironic that they have to be hauled away in plastic bags, as ALL plastics are made of petroleum bi-products.)

I want to let others know that petroleum was not the original fuel used in cars. The first Ford car was run on biodeisel made from hemp. Oil companies are actually responsible for making marijuana illegal:

We DO NOT NEED to keep drilling for oil. The earth has more natural solutions that we do not need to drill for.

I'm so sorry for all of those who live in the Gulf Coast.

Posted by Molly May 25, 10 06:30 PM

First and foremost I am amazed at the complete illiteracy of most of the bloggers. If one seeks to be taken seriously one must communicate properly. Second, for nearly 20 years our national approach to solving major problems has been name calling (starting with Clinton, then on to Bush, and now on to Obama). Yet for all the names and ideological vituperation, what problems have we solved? Who amongst you has spent one day and NOT used a product derived from oil? We need real solutions, not rants. This is awful, but for all the venom about what's right and wrong, what have we solved? Nothing. When do we get serious?

Posted by dpm May 25, 10 06:31 PM

i never thought i would cry over "spilled oil" but these pictures...specially #38. -sighs- man we, as a great nation, really need to do SOMETHING about this. We cant afford to wait to see what happens. Animals are dying. marine life, contaminated, all while BP sits around and ponders what to do now. they were "smart" enough to drill a well 5000ft on the ocean floor, they should've been smart enough to know what to do in case something went wrong. something like this.

Posted by brenden May 25, 10 06:31 PM

BP should be permanently shut down, if you are an employee you should be ashamed of yourself and quit your job with such a company that has no cares about the planet and all the wildlife .but by now BP has you brainwashed that this is acceptable and that it is somehow not their fault. you can tell who works for BP by the stupid things that they type on here in defence for BP. shame on you ,BP will loose this battle in the end. God will have the final say ,and it will go something like this , you destroyed his creation ,so have fun in HELL ,

Posted by friend of the enviroment May 25, 10 06:39 PM

soy de Chile, y que somos los seres humanos, destructores, malvados, crueles, con la naturaleza Madre, estamos e serios problemas y en deuda con ella, y aun nos asustamos cuando la tierra se mueve, hay inundaciones, y desastres que no avisan, solo pensemos que hemos causado, la tierra esta casada y enferma y nosotros somos el peor virus. Ya no hay conciencia, los poderosos se encargan de sacar la riqueza, y el costo es muy alto, tanto que es irreversible, que dios nos perdone por dañar su preciado tesoro "LA NATURALEZA".

Posted by ERICA MATTE LINEROS May 25, 10 06:42 PM

Millions of people will die from this, billions of lifeforms will die from this. It may take 20 years, and the source may not be directly traceable, but expect to see a massive rise in cancer and other detrimental health effects along every piece of land that touches this gulf...

Posted by Arminius May 25, 10 06:52 PM

...tomorrow everything will be forgotten.

Posted by Holocaust Gaza May 25, 10 06:55 PM

Thanks RhiannonOset for your well expressed views. I looked at these photos with a mixture of sadness, despair, and anger. We have all had a part to play in this disaster. We all enjoy the 'benefits of civilization' and if we, the people, didn't use so much oil, directly or indirectly, this would not have happened.

Of course individually we can reduce consumption, but ultimately real change can only be engineered by the leaders of a society, and maybe this appalling mess will act as a catalyst for some urgent rethinking about a) the size of the human population and b) balancing our resource needs with that which the planet/sun can provide on an ongoing basis

Posted by Gordon C Harrison May 25, 10 07:01 PM

I just have no words to say on this disaster that's positive. I feel like driving down there to help.

Posted by Stephen May 25, 10 07:11 PM

I am in tears after viewing these photos. And why have these not been shown on TV news programs?? They truly bring home the death and damage that has resulted. Those of you who say we are each to blame are right. I am 74 years old and I can remember every President for at least the past 40 years making the big speech about getting off our dependence on oil, but we didn't demand that they follow through and for that I ask forgiveness from my children and grandchildren. Looking at those oil-covered pelicans, realizing that they were only recently removed from the endangered species list, I am reminded of this quote: "... when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again."
William Beebe

Posted by Laura May 25, 10 07:31 PM

We are each and all to blame, in our endless demand for ever cheaper goods and services. If gasoline were required to reflect the true economic cost of its use- in excess of $15/gallon -few of us would be using it. And that price doesn't even take into account the impossible-to-quantify environmental & spiritual impacts. See this link for some of the hidden costs:
I think we should just shut off the global oil spigot and see what happens. Sure couldn't be worse than what we're doing now.

Posted by Gduell May 25, 10 07:33 PM

where's the love? - this is getting out of hand.

God I/we pray that we would come together as one people and unite to help clean up this major disaster.

I don't have the answer for this & that's why we look to you Father in Heaven. Please help, give us the wisdom to discern the right things to do in this current situation. We love you, have faith in you and believe in you. In Jesus name I/we pray. Amen.

Posted by friend May 25, 10 07:34 PM

and look at how we live. how do you get around without driving? why aren't our communities more compact? why do we have to commute? why ISN'T biking sufficient? there are so many things wrong with how we live.

Posted by Isabella May 25, 10 07:34 PM

Totally heartbreaking...

Posted by John A. Pagnani, Psy. D. May 25, 10 07:37 PM

I've been trying to look at this from the perspective of BP and from that viewpoint, I see this as nothing more than a tragic accident.

BP was merely doing what they can to meet the demand of the consumers. If you think BP is not motivated to get it fixed and cleaned up ASAP, I would have to ask how they would benefit from that? Even if BP doesn't care about the environment -- even if BP hates the environment and wants the Earth to die -- this is not profitable for them. The costs are mounting every day, and all of this is for a well they were already closing off in the first place. It was an exploration well, not a production well, so they're not trying to figure out ways to save the product (as some have speculated).
Furthermore, this is a PR nightmare for BP, and they are launching a huge campaign, but not a PR campaign. Their campaign is to stop the leak, clean up the mess, and keep the people informed. The way I see it, they are taking responsibility for this accident as best as they can.

All of these solutions are being thrown at them from people who think they know how to stop it and clean it up, but any one of them would be a huge effort and it would stretch their resources thin to try everything at once. It's not that BP is being lackadaisical, but rather they are being thoughtful and methodical so as not to waste precious HUMAN resources and assets.

Posted by Anthony S May 25, 10 07:41 PM

Alaska sends its sympathies to Louisiana. Can we please not do this again?

Posted by Alaska Fan May 25, 10 07:47 PM

Very very sad!! No one want to take the responsibility for this disaster situation, SHAME on them! Make them to swim in it. The volunteers are happy to come to clean up. They are the ones should be 'HERO'. This planet need to be preserved for our generations.

Posted by Debb Lovett May 25, 10 07:48 PM

I guess we should all just let the transportation fairy take us back and forth to work, to the store, doctors, etc... Until someone comes up with something better than gasoline for fuel, STFU about our use of oil. Oil isn't the problem. It's the wrecklessness of BP and it subcontractors that are ultimately responsible, and our President's failure to do ANYTHING constructive to resolve this issue! It's like he's in hiding, like Bush after Katrina!

Posted by The Wookie May 25, 10 07:50 PM

Help the planet... use a bicycle!

Posted by elmono enbici May 25, 10 07:54 PM

To Eddie Abbott (poster 550), yes Brazil runs a lot of their cars off of ethanol. They've come up with a way to distill it from feedstock that is extremely varied. This is partly because every bit of vegetable or food scrap they see as potential fuel, so instead of throwing in in a landfill, which is what we do, they separate it. So basically they get a lot of their fuel from their table scraps!

Now, to the hybrid lovers, and I'm sorry if anyone is offended by this ... If hybrid cars had significantly higher MPG's than a very fuel efficient gasoline or diesel car (which they DON'T) they still wouldn't be the answer, they'd be only a BandAid to an escalating problem. The Prius only gets 50 MPG. That's about the same as taking a small displacement gas engine or diesel engine and tuning it to its maximum efficiency. In the short term, we'd be better off focusing our efforts towards that. Look at the new VW diesels. Damn, my friend's Saturn sedan gets 40 MPG!

A lesson about Hybrids (not plug-in electric cars) from a physics perspective: They derive their electrical energy from the power of the fuel-burning engine. The mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy, much like a small gasoline generator, and then stored in the car's several thousand dollar currently-not-recyclable battery. The problem is that they don't convert all of the energy into electricity, a lot is lost ultimately in heat. So automatically, a fraction of that is gas that you burned for no reason! Why not directly power the car with it? And develope better driving habits while we're at it?

To see an everyday example of this energy loss, take the example of the small generator. Look at the HP rating on the engine, convert it to Watts (1HP≈746W) and compare it to the Wattage output rating. The output is usually about 2/3 of the input. Though slightly more efficient than your everyday Home Depot generator, hybrids are basically generators just like these with expensive batteries and a small car built around them. But hybrids are politically correct and trendy so owners get a lot of breaks. I can't believe that all I have to do is get an SUV with the word hybrid somewhere on it and then I get a tax break? Awesome!!!

We currently burn gas and diesel at 25% and 33%, respectively, of their potential energy. We'd be better off (for now) developing the technology to more efficiently burn the fuels, but that still would only be a BandAid. The problem is, the more energy you get out of it, the more heat you have to deal with so we need more heat resistant materials and research into that would have more applications than the auto industry.

Posted by Sam May 25, 10 07:55 PM

What's unfathomable to me is how this off shore drilling industry was allowed to move forward without a clear documented and proven plan of how to plug a gusher a mile below the sea should such an incident happen. It was BOUND to happen sooner or later, Did no one ask this question???

Posted by Janice Ashby May 25, 10 07:56 PM


Posted by FRANK-WHITE May 25, 10 08:02 PM

They showed a fantastic new electric car on Top Gear last night. Outruns a Porsche 911, 200 miles @ $3.50. C'mon! get out of that oil soaked life and get into an electric car, and while yer there, go nuclear energy in ya home as well. Clean and, in this day and age, safe. If yer not keen on that go solar energy! The cold war is yesterday and so is oil. Change now!

Posted by Kat Heinze May 25, 10 08:04 PM

such a horrible tragedy.I have to be honest that it has made me more aware of just how fragile the earth is & how fragile we will be once everything we take for granted is gone.

Posted by Tiffany May 25, 10 08:04 PM

This is horrible, no doubt about it.....I feel for the animals in particular, but also all of the people whose lives may be ruined because of this. The thing we must do is help to clean this up, if at all possible, and continue on the tract of clean and renewable fuel sources.....even the car companies are getting into the act...Toyota just partnered with Tesla motors (the folks who made the electric sports car with a 100 mile range and 200mph top end) to develop a consumer level vehicle that is affordable and practical. There are plenty of other examples, so have some hope and a little faith...this will just make everyone work that much harder to end our dependence on oil as a source of energy...and as much as I'd like to see BP shut down, they're are just a distraction...they are going to keep doing what they do, despite how angry we get with them. So we have to stay focused on the renewables......microorganism based fuels (the technology is more advance than you would imagine...biofuels, at least as a short term solution, more electric, wind and will take time, but eventually we'll have no more need for BP.

Posted by Bud Larson May 25, 10 08:05 PM

Stop this or the Oceans will be full of Death!

Posted by Leo May 25, 10 08:11 PM

Heart breaking.


Posted by Alex Rodríguez May 25, 10 08:14 PM

Sickening! All in the name of money and big profits! Gotta make that money....maybe the oil companies should take most of their profits and put it into safety. Anyway Palin and your drill baby drill should be kicked in the a**.

Posted by Ev Ball May 25, 10 08:14 PM

why bother emission testing vehicles and have Ozone depletion prevention in place if ASSHOLES like BP can just get away with stuff , on a level like this, it goes to show that if you have the big bucks you can get away with it. if BP does not get shut down then i think we are going to see alot more people not caring and just dumping gas and polluting and letting hazzardous waste into the air, but hey why not BP can do it why not the rest, already people are saying that if BP doesn't get shut down and just a big fine which is useless cause they will be able to pay the fine easily. then people are just gonna pollute , it is sad, people were trying , now what is the point BP will just screw up again and again and get away with it . i am getting more and more ticked off here so this where i will stop.

Posted by James May 25, 10 08:15 PM

Offshore drilling we may want to stop, but don't throw away cars yet.
Oil was first discovered in Oil City, PA. First place, anywhere!
Now, new technology in drilling: Oil City, PA, is set to be one of, if not the, the largest oil-producing area in the world. This is not a joke - not a tease. Innovative drilling in progress as I write this. Forget major foreign dependence. U. S. will be PA.- served. Again, this is not a lie or joke.

Posted by Carl C. May 25, 10 08:15 PM

I don't see any point in playing the blame game.

This environmental disaster could have happened anywhere on the planet where oil is extracted - it just happed to be the Gulf of Mexico. We were already slowly killing ourselves (and everything else) with fossil fuels. This disaster will simply speed up the process.

The Roman Empire ended to a large extent because they used lead for piping in their water system. Now our civilization will end and drown in oil and all of the other toxins we produce. Why are we even surprised? The planet will look after itself and eradicate humans, as we are the only species on the planet not living in harmony with the environment.

The ironic thing is crude oil came from the decay of dinosaurs and vegetation that died out roughly 230 million years ago likely due to a global catastrophic event.

The mistake we make as humans is we are arrogant and think that we are somehow more advanced than other species and have become dependent on technology to artificially support our population.

Posted by Brian P May 25, 10 08:16 PM

to Blogger #612 - you are right on the money. Name calling is a waste of time & the illiteracy is astounding. Most, if not all messes like this one are generally in the name of the almighty dollar. BP obviously never spent a dime on safety & disaster planning. By the time anything gets done it will have ruined more lives (human & animal) than I care to think about. Where is the humanitarian side to all of this. Why are they not making it possible for all the people who really do want to help, find out how to help. I would feel different about donating to the cause if I knew it was really going to the heart of the matter - meaning the people & animals.

Posted by Bonnie Guiomar May 25, 10 08:16 PM

je n'ai pas de mot que des maux

Posted by marie piché May 25, 10 08:26 PM

I am at a loss for words. With all the money we give our government, you would think we could all be driving electric cars at an affordale price! This is freaking sad that we let oil companies destroy our coast lines, coastal towns and sea life!!! They will have to answer to God for all this damage one day!

Posted by Shea Bacon May 25, 10 08:27 PM

At last eyes opened and hearts and lives wrecked up. It's time creed is stopped. God gave us and creatures a purpose on an earth paradise and we destroy it and make it hell.

Posted by Liz May 25, 10 08:31 PM

I find it terribly amusing the people who are trying to justify their SUV's by saying how my bike uses oil. You're quite right. The production and maintenance of my bicycle uses about 1:20,000 the oil that the production and operation of your car will use during it's lifespan. I'll put it in words you can understand. 20 THOUSAND people can ride bikes for the same oil cost as your car. That's ONE car.

And my evil public transportation? Estimated that for every bus out, it keeps 500 cars off the road.

I'm sure that really doesn't matter to you, because you'll use every excuse you can come up with to absolve yourself. I mean, really. You NEED to jump in the van to chase down the ice-cream truck 50 feet, right? (Yes, people do this. On the weekend my son and I were watching in disgust as a mom did this... while at the same time we used boring old feet power. We also played with a very lovely family of 5 at the park this week who piled into their SUV to go home. 3 blocks down the road, they got out and went into their house. You could SEE their house from the park.)

But hey you NEED your cars, right? LOL Whatever helps you sleep at night!

Unfortunately it doesn't stop at your cars though. I was in IKEA a while ago, and one woman was complaining at the sample nursery they had on display. Apparently it was making her "claustrophobic" and compared it to the size of her closet. The room was about 8x10. Seriously, what DOES a 2 person family need with a house that is 4000 square feet??? BIGGER! MORE! And then we'll fill it up with LOTS OF STUFF! STUFF is important!

And then since size matters, you'll go ahead and eat what would feed a European family of 4 (or a small African village) MORE! MORE! MORE!

But that new nifty phone that does everything except wash the dishes for you came out! You HAVE to have one of those too!

I'd like to say that this disaster is payback, but it's not hitting the right targets :(

As the oceans die, and we all slowly suffocate (or kill each other in the panic) people will say "but we didn't KNOW this would happen!" Yes you did. But it's easier to ridicule cyclists and people trying desperately to persuade you to take a good hard look at the way you live.

Can this be stopped now? I don't know.

Could we take the time we have remaining on this Earth and do something different? YES

First - remove the psychopaths that control you, me, every corporation, and every government. This includes every person who can look at that dying baby heron and not hurt. These "people" have no feelings, no conscience and exist only for self-gratification. They are also quite okay with sending your children to die in their wars.

Second - STOP BUYING STUFF YOU DON'T NEED! It's there to make you turn your brain off. In that respect I'd also say don't turn your TV on.

Third - use the oil resources minimally and only when necessary (If you tell me that it's "necessary" to take your car to get to the park, I'm going to slap you.) The oil we have now is far more useful for developing different energy sources and products then burning away in your gas tank.

Of course, I'm only shouting in the wind. I've been trying to get people around me to take a GOOD HARD LOOK at their behavior for 20 years. And not one single damn thing has changed.

There's some Christian saying (I'll probably get this off a little, I'm not Christian)

You shall reap what you have sown.

Good Luck to us all. We're going to need it.

Posted by Dawnsinger May 25, 10 08:36 PM

In a sense, we're all responsible for this. It is an inevitable consequence of our oil-dependent civilization that encourages the proliferation of such an environmentally destructive industry. This was bound to happen.

Posted by Nate Carlson May 25, 10 08:38 PM

I feel we should look into the PAST Presidental officials and see why they were more worried about there pockets then making Companies have more strict guidelines, and plans in place. I mean it's our shore lines they are drilling off of. I don't think anyone really ever thaught it would get this bad. Most of all BP. I wish everyone the best in LA and Miss....Everyone needs to buy DAWN Dish soap they donate a $'s on the bottles.

Posted by Valerie Knowles May 25, 10 08:38 PM

This is why my husband and I take mass transit or walk everywhere we possibly can instead of drive. It's why there's no good excuse the money wasted bailing out crooked companies couldn't have been put to much better use (if you're going to blow a trillion bucks) by outfitting homes with solar or other cleaner power. Here in AZ nearly every building could and should have some solar assisted power, we have sunshine most days. Thank God they stopped making Hummers at least. The crooks that run these companies should face long jail sentences in real jails. Fining them will do NOTHING. They treat fines as a fee! Sometimes they have to pay it, but overall cheating and shortcuts are too profitable to stop the practices. JAIL them.

Posted by CSC May 25, 10 08:39 PM

Some of you people need to just stop trying to see everthing through the lens of your personal politics. Bush, Obama.... it is more complex than that.

And at the end of the day, this is nature we are damaging. The earth and the sky and the sea are dispassionate about what you people think. It only reacts to what you do. I operate under that grim law daily.

369 had the best post here to some extent. He talks about doing more than whining online and then feeling superior. I hope you people find your finger pointing personally cleansing. The gulf does not. Some guy complained to 369 that it would take 100 gallons of gas for him to "do something" so it would hurt nature more for him to pitch in. What a cop out. I think he could make up for it when he got there.

Using this tragedy to further politics, regardless of if you want to blame Bush or Obama, is a an unforgivable bit of self serving high drama for your own selfish ends while the earth bleeds.

You are probably the type of people who argue over the contnents of a will as a relative lays dying.

The investigations will come. Perhaps they will be just, but some of you already have your verdict before the facts are out...."Bush was behind BP saving money on the cheaper valuves"..."Obama is intentionally slow to make the damage worse to pass more green legislation." What a bunch of looney tunes. I don't know what the truth is but it isnt one of those.

369 asks that if you complain, you should be contributing something. If not to this tragedy, then somewhere....

Anything else is just narcissism posted here.....

Posted by Tex May 25, 10 08:39 PM

I have been boycotting BP since this happened, but the truth is, BP needs my money. It needs my money to clean this up, to pay the out-of-work fishermen to help clean it up, to pay the wildlife workers to fix this heartbreak and save those precious, innocent lives that support our own and depend upin us "wise" humans to do the right thing. Do I withold money from a company that only got caught with its pants down in exactly the same way that all the other companies would have been caught if this had happened to them?
They all have these kinds of drills. I bet not one of them has an emergency contingency plan. But the federal govt needs to make damn sure that they all do from now on. There needs to be a law that if you drill in America, you have to have a safety plan for every contingency.

Posted by Stephanie May 25, 10 08:48 PM

Hey BP Execs...please make wallpaper out of photos 1 and 38 and paste on all the walls in your homes.

I am saddened beyond belief at these images, all of them.

Posted by Crying in NY May 25, 10 08:49 PM

Put a moratorium on all under water drilling in US waters until this is resolved. I bet the oil companies will sit up and notice then. STOP the gusher. This is not a spill. It is an on-going, uncontrolled, man-made gush. Every moment of the day, more oil is pouring into the ocean. BP is spraying dispersants which cause the oil to fall below the surface where it lurks in gigantic plumes that are the size of cities. What the heck is going on, folks. Let's get on this!

Posted by Camela Giraud May 25, 10 08:53 PM

Absolutely heartbreaking. Make it stop.

Posted by Dave O. May 25, 10 08:54 PM

CLEAN energy is the answer. Yes-we must be energy independent. We have solar, wind, hydro. We need to develop these NOW.

Posted by Sandra May 25, 10 08:58 PM

No words can express the sadness.

Posted by Sue, from DE May 25, 10 09:01 PM

Where are the hair booms and hair mats that actually pick up oil? I did not see any o them in these photos. See for a real cheap and simple solution. Hair saturated oil can be composted too. These photos of a few people cleaning the beach by hand looks like a poor PR event for BP, are you kidding me?

Posted by Robert May 25, 10 09:02 PM

With all (undue) respect, #561, your village's idiot is sitting in front of your computer screen!
President Obama can in no way be blamed for policies and procedures that were put in place during the last or previous administrations -- nor can he be expected to take on all the problems presidents seem to think they need to deal with, at one time.
I fault him for being distracted -- and diverting untold billions of dollars and human lives -- by military 'adventures' in two places where we cannot 'win', what ever THAT might mean, and we aren't wanted, anyway.
Oh, and someone ought to remind our Congress and our president that World War II has been over for a long time: Isn't it time we stop 'propping up' Germany and Japan with our military (read LOTS of dollars)?

Posted by Doug Harris May 25, 10 09:03 PM

It isn't Obama's fault that this happened. However, he does bear a lot of responsibility for continuing to allow new offshore drilling facilities to be built before we figure out how to prevent or stop disasters like these. This could have happenned to other oil companies. Shell already has a permit to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge starting next month...unless we can figure out how to stop it. We need to put whatever money we can into alternative fuel sources, and lessen our dependence on oil ASAP. We are hurting the Earth greatly by our actions. Did you know fertilizer and plastic come from oil too? Lessen use whne you can. We all bear some of the blame and shame in this.

Posted by Katherine May 25, 10 09:05 PM

conservatives are such hypocrites, on one hand they blame Obama or government for lack of response but then demand smaller government. Ask not what your government can do for you but what you can do for your government\nation\neighbours!

Posted by tom May 25, 10 09:08 PM

It's sad to say but it takes a disaster like this to make most Americans realize that they get what they preached for. "Drill baby drill" and see what you get when there is No control, No rules in this free market economy. Only greed and money counts...and see what you get. It time to regulate lots of things in this country otherwise we will destroy and pollute the Earth and ourselves.

Posted by Christian Foi May 25, 10 09:13 PM

@ The Wookie

Ah, but there IS a transportation fairy! It's been around for about 3 million years. And as far as I know - still works.

It's called your FEET.

Feet. Being walked all over and abused for millions of year, and still they carry us around. They need no gadgets to get them to work, and are extremely energy-efficient. (No oil needed!) However, they don't make anyone any money, so don't expect heavy advertising for their services on TV any time soon...



yeah, that'll happen...

Posted by Dawnsinger May 25, 10 09:14 PM

There should be no more Drilling anywhere anymore Period

When those fuckers dry up then .... its over

Societies and governments need to switch to Green fuels NOW

All assests and wealth need to be removed from all Oil companies

No more

Posted by Johnny Rocket May 25, 10 09:16 PM

The LOCAL government of the affected territories (NOT the federal government) should seize BP's assets!

Posted by Jill Ferguson May 25, 10 09:18 PM

To everyone, one if you are blaming others please stop we created this problem the blame is not on any single individual or company or country. Two, yes there are alternative energy sources, but how people are actually using them and face it each energy source is going to have its own problems. Also the main concern is cars, but they are not the only devices that use oil. Also BP is trying to contain the problem along with the help of the US government but they are having to invent new technology and techniques in order to do so.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 09:18 PM

How many of you are going to call everything Obama will try to do,turn around and say he is promoting Socialism? This is disgusting all the poor bird's dieing the way they are! Every living thing. This is worse then Criminal! And i wood bet if they had something that run on water, they would not let it be known or release it for at least 50 years,so they can faze out Oil for the last cent ! Who Care's about this Country for anything but profit ? Stop this Madness,and make our leader's,( if you can call them that) do what we say, not what they think we should do, remember this devastation!!!!

Posted by Joe May 25, 10 09:26 PM

anything you can make from oil can also be made from hemp

Posted by eric May 25, 10 09:28 PM

577 and 622 Batteries are completely recyclable check out the link.
watch "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and get educated. The Rav4 's you see Edison driving for the last ten years are all electric and non polluting.
Put solar panels on your roof, deep cell batteries in your yard, charge your electric car at night off of your solar charged batteries and live off the grid. Even in the big city. Check out Phoenix Motorcars to see 1 sample of what will soon be. As well as Tesla motors. both .com. F*ck oil.

Posted by Bruce Lewis May 25, 10 09:31 PM

After viewing the pictures, I don't know whether to cry or just throw up! And yet, this is a very small impact on our environment considering the much larger impact we have on our planet with all of the industrial toxins we produce every day, but which are hidden from view. (E.g., CO2 is a colorless odorless gas but is very deadly, expecially when it contributes to the greenhouse effect.) Will God forgive us for destroying our planet, while we, at least for now, indulge in the good life, turning a "blind eye" to the destruction we cause to ensure us our standard of living. All too soon we will have to pay for our overindulgence and neglect.

Posted by Bernard A. Rafacz May 25, 10 09:33 PM

This is totally horrid. There is no backtracking to undo what BP and our administration has allowed to occur. To all coastal residents, take photos now before our natural resources are wrecked. Take photos as the oil approaches and devastates your area. Our documentation may be helpful in the effort to hold BP accountable.
By the way, please tell me that no one is patronizing the local BP stations!!!

Posted by C Thomson May 25, 10 09:54 PM

Here is the underlying fact. When a corp. profits this much in a quarter, what is the incentive to spend a few million to shut the well down? Profit up 135% from 2009. I'm all for a free market.... it's a great thing, but sometimes we have to do the right thing and display integrity, even if we lose revenue.

"BP's first-quarter replacement cost profit was $5,598 million, compared with $2,387 million a year ago, an increase of 135%."


Posted by May 25, 10 10:00 PM

Unfortunately, I think we are only just beginning to see the effects of this horrific oil spill. The worst of it is yet to come.

Posted by Anne Loiterman May 25, 10 10:00 PM

Why does anyone care about the fishermen, etc. who make their living off killing the animals in the gulf? I can't see how their livelihood is any better than the oil companies who may make a (huge) mistake now and then and cause the death of millions of animals. If you are so concerned about the loss of animal life, STOP EATING ANIMALS FROM THE GULF! Shrimp, fish, crabs, etc. are no less important than an endangered pelican, manatee, pelican. The only difference is we have some emotional attachment to those animals. If you are so concerned about all the animals, don't just stop consuming your oil consumption, but stop eating these animals, too.

Posted by karen222 May 25, 10 10:00 PM

All of us share the blame on this one.
Only the land, the animals (some that will now disappear before we even knew they existed) and the oceans are the innocent.
Greed at ANY level did this.

Posted by Tricia Anderson May 25, 10 10:03 PM

The fact that we are all here whining about it is clear indication that nothing will change. Each and every one needs to get off their arses and DO something about this. Words don't mean a thing... action matters.

Posted by Jean Cyr May 25, 10 10:08 PM

The fuse has been lit and no way to put it out. The TV had me thinking astroid. I see everyone should beware of who they trust.

Posted by Dennis Swanson May 25, 10 10:12 PM

Hay we can land on the moon, we can travel to space, and we cant stop a leak. just a little common- sence. one once of preminition is worth a pound of cure. just do it..

Posted by jason May 25, 10 10:13 PM

Someone send these to BP CEO Tony Hayward these photos 5 times a day for the next month. Another reason to hate the smug Brits

Posted by johninjp May 25, 10 10:15 PM

This is most definitely BP's fault. But it's also YOUR fault! Yes, YOU! The one who is addicted to the products made from crude oil. And yes, that includes ME too. We've got to find another way to live. Until we do, horrific scenes like these will happen over and over again until all the oil is gone. I'm ashamed to be part and party to this tragedy. It makes me sick and sad.

Posted by Derek Hoeckel May 25, 10 10:26 PM

We had the brains to get into this situation, but do we have the intelligence to get out of it?

Posted by alex May 25, 10 10:30 PM

Next: drill the Arctic :-(

Posted by Rev. Jane Eagle May 25, 10 10:33 PM

its a shame we destroying our most precious and most vital oceans. When or are we ever able to stop the oil companies?

Posted by Mike May 25, 10 10:33 PM

Joy Adams, wrote (562)

"In order for individual consumers to rely less on oil, a better solution needs to be profitable (it's sad, but true). Show that a more profitable solution is available and many aspiring entrepreneurs or existing businesses will jump on the band wagon to make it happen."

How we can make a green solution profitable is through "fee and rebate": Set a FEE to compensate society for the environmental degradation from carbon emissions from fossil fuel. Collect the fee from the large corporations such as BP and Massey Energy, at the time of resource extraction. This will make the fossil fuels more expensive to the consumer. Give the money collected back to the citizens as a REBATE (automatic deposit into each person's bank account, monthly, on a per capita basis). Now the citizens have the money to buy the CHEAPEST energy, which, with the fee boosting the price of the carbon-producing fossil fuels, becomes non-carbon emitting GREEN energy products such as SOLAR and WIND! (and, in a few decades, "4th generation" nuclear power, which will solve the nuclear waste issue).

Posted by John in Easton May 25, 10 10:35 PM

Obama is the one who gave BP a pass last year BEFORE this happened so YES he is to blame too. His inaction by not declaring a national emergency makes him to blame a well. This is not just a "private matter" It's a national disaster and BP should not be allowed to rule the clean up. That is pure pass the buck b.s. B.P. is a very, large political donor and they have given a lot of money to a lot of candidates. They gave more to Obama than any candidate in the last twenty yearss.No wonder they are getting such a free hand here.

Posted by Radf May 25, 10 10:36 PM

Stop buying BP oil !

I hope this company cannot wild life on mexico gulf

Posted by BREHAT May 25, 10 10:39 PM

Drill on America - who cares about a few birds. My Hummer needs fuel so I can go to Walmart and buy my kids some plastic toys that I bring home in plastic bags. When they break them tomorrow I'll throw them out in plastic garbage bags and into the landfill or ocean they go. Then it's back to Walmart for more plastic stuff. What a beautiful culture we are.

Posted by Dave May 25, 10 10:42 PM

Who has it out for Louisiana?? Our Coastlines are eroding and now being soaked with oil. I know Katrina was an act of Mother Nature and not preventable, but this Disaster was! Salt Water intrusion and now the oil....what next?? And people of other states have the nerve to say that the man (or woman) from Louisiana just waits with their hands out...Wonder why? You people kill our Livelihood!!! We have some of the hardest working people in the country who just lay low and make ends meet with what they have, but this is killing us!!

Posted by Lil' Cajun Woman May 25, 10 10:42 PM

Heads need to roll at BP and all the companies involved with this.

Heads need to roll literally.

Posted by Sanjay S. May 25, 10 10:46 PM

Que pena y verguensa da esto.y pensar q todo fue por quE usa.queria robar mas crudo a Pemex y como todo algo tenia q salir mal. Pero muy mal.

Posted by roux May 25, 10 10:48 PM

Our President was highly critical of the Bush Administrations response to Katrina. He said his presidency would never stand aside while a major US city drowns. Now, while the Gulf is being strangled by oil, he's off raising money for his next campaign, Bite me, Mr. Obama. My money will go to the organizations that are going to be cleaning the animals in the area and trying to keep it alive. Until off-shore drilling has safety mechanisms in place so this doesn't happen, it should not be allowed.

Posted by Mary May 25, 10 10:50 PM

Katrina was an "act of god" but this was an act of a company with a profit increase when everyone else is loosing their jobs and income.

Posted by zeddy May 25, 10 10:51 PM

Though the damage to the American economy is great, this oil spill has far greater consequences. When we turn our mother Earth into a mere source for resources to quench our thirst for what GWB called "our way of life," we have already abandoned the rest of the planet and have lost the right to inhabit it. A questions: what natural reality, what plant, what animal is better off for our being here? If the answer is 'none,' then by what right do we continue to live counter to our own Nature? If we are not only useless to the rest of the Earth community but also a positive disaster, then we have much to repent, much to repair before we are re-admitted into the Council of

Posted by bob sauerbrey May 25, 10 10:53 PM

es triste ver como los que nada tienen que ver terminan pagando por los errores de los demas.

Posted by Carlos Marcelo Bonifacio May 25, 10 11:09 PM

Tex (369)
Yeah, I'm the guy "complained" to the geologist that it wouldn't be practical for me to make a 1500 mile round trip to Louisiana's coast. But if you notice, I ALSO advocated pitching in around your home town to clean up the messes that everyone makes all the time. One of the huge problems that we have is a nation is having to travel all the time and get things from far away when, if we look around, there are loads of problems locally to work out and there are usually plenty of resources nearby. I'm not saying that people shouldn't travel to lend a hand, and I'm not saying that I wouldn't. But right now given my own personal situation I can't justify, nor can I afford, making that trip. Until they start calling out for unskilled clean up crew volunteers to come down, I'm definitely not going down there just to get in the way of people who know what they're doing in an oil clean up. And until you go down there yourself or prove that you've done something directly don't go around calling people a cop out.

Posted by Sam May 25, 10 11:12 PM

To BP or to the Goverment that is cleaning up the oil spill in the gulf. I know they are trying to stop the oil from coming up from bottom of the sea bed, I do think to try new things like hay, They should get big planes from the army and some big ships to drop hay from the back and then have the ships to collect the hay after it is done its job. You can also put people out on the shore line droping hay as they walk,and then people go behind them and pick it. We need to start to do things faster. So we can get this clean up. It dose not matter where you live water is water this is mother earth and we need to keep it clean. Yes we do need oil for cars trucks other but we have to know when enought is enought we have to start to fine better ways to get the oil off of owr shores. Thank you

Posted by Mark May 25, 10 11:19 PM

The Reddish Egret in photo number ten has not been seen since Saturday. In the short time that i've been here in Grand isle, LA I developed a real love for this bird. It's kind of dumb, a biologist falling for a bird, especially in light of so much carnage, and the expectancy of so much more, but that bird touched me somehow, which is why I pointed it out to officer Kelley and his colleague as they inspected the booming in Caminada Pass. I wanted them to take notice of how beautiful a bird it was. So glad that he got this photo, it is beautiful.
I heard about some AP photographer disturbing Colony Islands in the vicinity of where the Pelican shots were taken on May 22, I sure hope that it wasn't Gerald Herbert.

Posted by Drew Wheelan May 25, 10 11:19 PM

Let this be the bottom in our deadly addiction to fossil fuels. If it serves to turn us around, make us take an honest look at our insane behavior, then WE can turn it around for good.

We already have solar, wind, geothermal technologies in place that, for the $billions in oil, coal, nuclear subsidies could rapidly be instituted along with electric vehicles. That would quickly provide jobs, a better economy and a healthy planet. Lets use the 12 Steps and Traditions of Recovery to help us find the courage to change the things we can (ourselves).

Posted by Deb May 25, 10 11:23 PM

Before we dump our gas burning cars and trucks for electric powered vehicles, or fuel cells for that matter, you need oil, gas or coal to generate power to charge batteries, crack gaseous fuels for hydrogen fuel cells as well as performing the manufacturing processes for all of the things that keep us mobile. The closet oil-free thing we have as an energy source that can sustain the power demands of today, is nuclear, but we all know was the hyper-environmentalists would say about that. Please don't get me wrong, I am saddened by the disaster in the gulf as well, but until we learn to walk 30 miles one way to work, stop taking pleasure flights to Europe, and live within our means as basic humans, we are stuck on oil.

Posted by mike b May 25, 10 11:38 PM

And BP doesnt know how to stop it.

Posted by karen May 25, 10 11:39 PM

I am deeply saddened by this event and I know that the only way to begin to help be sure that this situation doesn't happen again is to reduce (even drastically) my oil consumption and demand alternatives. As long as this is our main source of "transportation energy"...we can assume that this can and likely will happen again. As human beings, we are both amazing and incredibly frightening/debilitating to the planet and its other inhabitants, plants, insects and animals alike. I look forward to joining all of you in changing the future. Thank you for 'being...human' and for understanding that the planet Earth does not need us to survive and it is a privilege to be here.

Posted by Michelle BeLLe Minshall May 25, 10 11:43 PM

i live in lafayette, louisiana. this really hurts to see whats happeningg. louisiana is already sinking and this just adds to the problem. whoever was careless with their equiptment or whatever it was should be ashame. help the animals. plz save the wetlands its important to louisiana. theres not much obama can do its not his fault. yes hes pres., but not everything has a solution. so its not really his fault. try not to use vehicles as muchh. we just wasted bunches of oil try to be resourceful.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 11:58 PM

Well, a helluva lot of people are pissed. And there are a lot of angry words and sad condolences. But what are we doing? We sit on the sidelines and piss ourselves as we do nothing to interfere with the game being played out in front of us... that is the most disgusting. I do not believe the blame should more heavily rest on the perpetrators, but it should rest on the bystanders who have watched and done nothing yet wave their frantic arms in the shadow of the injustices. There are so many of us and not many of those controlling us... how long must this go on before we become aware of each other and unite and organize to rid our world of these crimes and those who carry them out? Until that day, we are enslaving ourselves to them

Posted by John May 26, 10 12:05 AM

We all have opinions that are very passionate about what we believe...its easy to pass blame for us as well as big government and big business...that being said my opinion would only get lost in the mass fire of outrage...however, im quitting my job and heading down to Lousianna to help clean it up..later, i can spend hours, days and months blaming someone..but now i can help salvage the rest of my culture (because i am a gulf coast native) and the rest of my homeland. and one day the birds will come back and you will be able to eat the oysters right out of the water and taste the sea..but thats not going to happen until we get this it tragic? its excrutiating and i weep bitterly. But i can blame someone later. I can help fix the problem now...not everyone can. some people are stuck in the midwest or around the country, albeit the world..and thats ok..but whomever is responsible WILL PAY.

Posted by dave May 26, 10 12:10 AM


Posted by isa May 26, 10 12:13 AM

The sad high water lines of oil on the grasses in the marsh remind me of the high water lines in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Heartbreaking.

Posted by Catherine Smith-DuGay May 26, 10 12:15 AM

This is what happens when all we care about is money and selfish desires. Lets do what we can by thinking about the true importance that we have alive on this planet, like love and positive energy. Lets try our best to not support this disaster and RIDE A BIKE!

Posted by krista May 26, 10 12:16 AM

I know it won't have the proper affect, but that whole "Drill Baby Drill" crowd should be forced to look at these gripping photos and then help BP with the clean up. This is a complete joke and why more folks aren't up in arms with BP or even our government is beyond me.

Posted by Ken May 26, 10 12:40 AM

Don' t play politics on such a hazard and lost.Nations should reduce the expenses on war and quarrels they should leave the people to live as per their systems and style of living instead of teaching them lessons ans establishing their likings forcefully .lot of financial wastage can be avoided and this money can be used for researches and use for the betterment of humans in different fields.
Now at this situation first of all leakage should be stopped by any mean and protect the fue from heavy lost and also protect the environment from pollusion.

Posted by M.N.Qureshi. May 26, 10 01:00 AM

These pictures are very disturbing and SAD. I feel that all the talk and blame has run it's course and now it's time for action STOP the finger pointing and blaming and START working together to Get this DISCUSTING DISASTEROUS MESS CLEANED UP!!!
I have stoped purchasing anything that has to do with oil with the exception of driving my car to work.
I remember the Exon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound, I cry daily over the disreguard for the environment and the Gulf of Mexico and the people who los thier livelyhood.

Posted by Margaret Banker May 26, 10 01:02 AM

This is what happens when corporations own everything. Obama like all presidents before him is corporate owned puppet. Just as Bush failed during Katrina, Obama has failed us all now. Instead turning this project over to the army corps of engineers or coast guard, he handed to the coast guard over to bp. The same people who caused the leak are in charge of fixing it. The toxic chemicals they are using are just as terrible if not worse than the oil. Those of you blaming republicans are misinformed! Both sides are controlled by the same people! Divide and conquer! BP was a major backer in Obama's campaign! Obama fooled everyone! This change taste the same! Why were barak and michelle's licenses to practice law revoked? Why has Obama spent millions to hide his birth certificate? Why does obama have so many social security numbers? How did someone who was a c average student get into Harvard law school? Why?

Posted by Goodbye America! May 26, 10 01:07 AM

This is the direct result of deregulation, laissez-faire attitudes and the "efficiency" of so-called "free markets".

Nationalize all oil companies, seize their assets, set up PETRONAUSA to provide energy.

The USA has the power to do this, so USE IT!

Posted by Martin Bryce May 26, 10 01:07 AM

In some ways it is ALL our faults. We (and our ancestors) allowed and then ignored increasing corporate greed and collusion with our governments.

Posted by Patrick May 26, 10 01:08 AM

It is obscenely irresponsible to have granted oil drilling rights in such extreme conditions when the technology to deal with the worse-case scenario does not exist. The worse-case scenario playing out in the Gulf of Mexico is a direct result of our addiction to fossil fuels, and our unwillingness to pay the prices up front for the true cost.

How unfortunate that we are dependent upon BP to provide the technology to stop, or at lease attempt to stop the gusher of oil. I do think the Federal Government could have mounted a more immediate and effective effort to keep the oil from the beaches.

Posted by J. Michael May 26, 10 01:15 AM

So where are they burying all those PLASTIC BAGS full of oil soaked booms?? If I may make a suggestion BP needs to PAY and pay and pay to bury them preferably on their CEO's and VP's private land !? And what about all the researchers in bioremediation that have bacteria that love to eat oil?? Why don't they AT LEAST try them on the oil soaked booms in a controlled environment.

Posted by Linda Burianek May 26, 10 01:16 AM

Now why in the World would anyone think that the U.S. Government would HELP !
Gastopa Bama an the rest of the U.S. Government care nothing about its people or country.
When are you Americans going to wake-up ?

Posted by Rick Colyer May 26, 10 01:24 AM

To all the people who are angry at BP for causing this catastrophe, be angry at yourselves for being addicted to oil... If you want to punish BP get out and do something about it. Force your government to release the clean energy technologies they have been hiding for decades. The truth will set us free.

Posted by Raphael May 26, 10 01:25 AM

Now why in the World would anyone think that the U.S. Government would HELP !
Gastopa Bama an the rest of the U.S. Government care nothing about its people or country.
When are you Americans going to wake-up ?

Posted by Rick Colyer May 26, 10 01:25 AM

The oceans don't have boundaries, so maybe some of the oil will end up across the Atlantic or even in the Pacific! Will anyone in coastal communities be untouched by this incident? The up-coming hurricane season could spread the oil further and make it much worse in the Gulf too.

Who is going to check on all those other off-shore rigs in the Gulf to make sure they are safe? However, since accidents do happen, I think we need to stop all off-shore drilling and not grant any new contracts! This is a wake-up call to get busy on all forms of safe green energy, now!

Posted by Karen Stone May 26, 10 01:28 AM

This compilation of photographs is as incriminating of the Bush legacy on lax environmental standards and Dick Cheney's subterfuge in the "Energy Policy" meetings held behind closed doors for the oil, coal and nuclear corporations as the Abu Ghraib photos were of his lax policies on torture and poor national preparedness with Hurricane Katrina. Like oil and water, Government and corporations should NOT mix

Posted by JAG May 26, 10 01:29 AM

This is certainly a disasterous scene and it is just downright unfair that all of this wildlife must suffer as collateral damage to our human existence here on earth. We can only thank all of those who dedicate their lives to wildlife and land preservation because they are the ones who come through and quite literally save the world in situations like this.
With that being said, I can not bring myself to strictly point fingers at the BP execs. The American public seemingly has this syndrome these days to blame anyone and everyone but themselves when things go wrong. What we need to do is to stop blaming company executives and take a look at the life WE live... It is US who wakes up everyday, drives our cars to work, goes to Walmart to shop for imported goods, goes to the grocery store to buy food that is transported all the way across the country, cooks on gas stoves, heats our homes with gas and oil, and on and on and on. It is because of this hyper-consumption culture that we have created and continue to feed that companies can not just afford to , but MUST go out into the ocean and drill for more oil.
Although I am an American and proud of it, it is embarassing for me to see how ignorant and blind to the big picture the American people are. Most people are so dumbed down by their televisions, the media, and the newspapers that they lack any sort of intelligence necessary to form their own opinions and see what is really going on with the world today. We have created a lazy society where people would rather blame someone else for their problems instead of taking initiative in their own lives to change their situation. We need to stop blaming "them" and start taking our own lives into our own hands.
It is true, there are some corporate executives doing things that are unethical and immoral that affect the general public in a negative way. But this is the minority. Did mortgage companies lend money to people to buy houses when the signs showed that those people couldn't afford to make those mortgage payments once the adjustable rate inflated? Yes. BUT, also did millions of Americans sign legal contracts, agreeing to make those mortgage payments without educating themselves even on simple financial principles, such as what an adjustable rate mortgage even was? Yes. And then the general attitude became, "Oh those damn CEO's taking there $13 million bonuses, where do they get off?" As far as I'm concerned, the CEOs deserve every penny of compensation and bonuses that they get, because they took the time to educate themselves and worked intelligently to get to the top of their companies. It's natural selection, these days only the smart survive. People are welcome to jump on the bandwagon and rise up if they want, or they can continue to point fingers look to everyone but themselves for help. As far as I'm concerned, they can take their finger pointing and blaming with them right to the poor house. As for me, I think I'll kill my tv, stop reading the damn newspapers and mainstream media, and start to make changes the only place I know how, in my own life. (I know that I made some generalizations in the article. I am aware that EVERY American isn't completely ignorant, and that there are people with extenuating circumstances who legitimately do not have the time or resources to educate themselves on much of anything. What I am talking about here is a general "laziness of the mind and body" that once you open your eyes to, you will begin to realize how rampant this attitude of laziness is in society today.)

Posted by Ben May 26, 10 01:32 AM

This is a terrible tragedy: one that will impact the environment in ways we don't even know. If there is any good that has come out of this, I think it is to sound the alarm loud and clear that we need to get off fossil fuels immediately and stop delaying the inevitable. This oil spill has raised public awareness and anger and it seems that peoples' tolerance level for violations such as this is very low as it should be. Also, we should hold these big corporations responsible for their negative impact on environment. Not only oil corporations but the food industry (Monsanto et al) who are only interested in exploiting the planet and making maximum profit.

Posted by Yvonne May 26, 10 01:43 AM

Well, I'm ready for all 705 of you (and certainly those who may follow) to stand up with me and make sure the next corporation doesn't screw us and our environment over again! Take your pick ~ there are plenty to choose from, and they definitely give us plenty of reason...but apparently there are not enough of us to rise against them??
In the meantime, I will navigate elsewhere to research how I can help. I know that at least I, alone, can do that much.

Posted by Angelfire May 26, 10 01:48 AM

how many people on here have had pizza, or other things delivered to thier houses. this is tragic, and hopefully avoidable in the futre. but in this day and, we cannot survive/function as a society without oil. we are all to blame

Posted by c brown May 26, 10 01:48 AM

The Terrorists are small potatoes when compared with the destruction that unleashed greed can produce. According to an interview with a survivor from the Drilling Platform explosion, BP executives overruled the Platform managers when they brought attention to problems that suggested the Platform was in danger of serious functional failures. I hope this surviving witness to the buildup to this tragic event is given the opportunity to testify and help in the conviction of the irresponsible perpetrators of this calamity.
Posted by MEL

Posted by Mario Lamorte May 26, 10 01:55 AM

My heart is broken for all the animals who are affected by this, and the adverse situations the spill is impacting. Sometimes, in these, and other, unbelievable circumstances that we humans create, I can't believe how utterly selfish and greedy we can be. Plain and simple, this is a tragedy that should have been avoidable and never happened. I am so sad!

Posted by Adrienne May 26, 10 02:05 AM

I'm ashamed to be part of the human species...

Posted by anita May 26, 10 02:11 AM

Sue those bastards!
They made the mess, now they have to clean it up and pay for the damages.
The birds and the wildlife cannot speak up but we can and we MUST.
Don't let them get away with this!

Posted by Philip May 26, 10 02:18 AM

I'm crying

Posted by Liz May 26, 10 02:29 AM

Never fill up using BP fuel ever again. force them to close. Disgraceful ethics and standards.

Posted by Annie May 26, 10 02:56 AM

It's sad to say but it takes a disaster like this to make most Americans realize that they get what they preached for. "Drill baby drill" and see what you get when there is No control, No rules in this free market economy. Only greed and money counts...and see what you get. It time to regulate lots of things in this country otherwise we will destroy and pollute the Earth and ourselves.

Posted by Christian Foi May 26, 10 03:02 AM

this is quite hardcore situation already... must be very depressing for the cleaners also...

wishing success from 5000 miles away...

Posted by siil May 26, 10 03:09 AM

Can we learn from our mistakes, ... guess not .... this is the begining of the end.

Posted by barb May 26, 10 03:17 AM

Is it possible that the reason the government has been so slow to act is because of Obama being the biggest receiver of contributions from BP? Enough already! If BP is going to drag its feet, then the Gov. should step in and act. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say i'm not to blame, I drive a gas powered vehicle, use electricity, buy items that got to their destination by using fuel, etc. But even the environmentalist are to blame if they wear glasses, of which the frames are made out of Petroleum products, among other things. There isn't one person on this earth, that can say they don't contribute to the problem- no matter how green you live.

Posted by pamela corrisson May 26, 10 03:37 AM

although i am very really sad, after the sad a thought came to mind
maybe it was good ... perhaps the hand of God intervened to show you what it means to leave it to human stupidity and greed, the only way to make you understand, you stupid human beings, what it means to destroy nature with your crap, I hope that B.P. is eating fish caught there, or the money they earn will be the day when hunger ...

from Italy

Posted by laverita' May 26, 10 03:44 AM

I would like to see Sarah Palin in rubber boots helping with the cleanup for several weeks. Put your money where your mouth is bitch, and while you're at it lets see if you can say "Drill, baby, drill."

Posted by Shadow May 26, 10 04:08 AM

I agree with DPM . Oh, how easy it is to suddenly become angry with the government and BP. A 'blame culture' at its best.

Yet how many still drive cars that consume more gas than necessary? How many plastics do you use on a daily basis? How concerned are you with recycling? Why does America still consume the most oil on earth whilst some other developed countries make economic sacrifices to pursue long-term, sustainable growth? Why do we only batter an eyelid when a disaster like this happens in the US? How many have taken a day off to help the clean-up efforts? What does that say about us?

It's easy to point the finger, yet I often wonder what would happen if for just one day we all took responsibility for our own actions. What if we made purchasing decisions based on a factor other than price and started recycling more? What about consuming and investing in cleaner energies and products? Wouldn't that be a good start?

Posted by Sholto May 26, 10 04:30 AM

stick a torpedo in it

Posted by rolfe May 26, 10 04:39 AM

I humbly hold the opinion that this planet could (and may) rid itself of humanity in the blink of an eye, as we continue to destroy the delicate balance of our patient host which this earth is. This has happened before many times in history.
There are alternate pathways mankind can take should we make an effort.
We only have to care enough.
I dare you to look at these pictures of Heron and other animals and plants dying and not care!: But do we care enough?

Posted by Mark Eyres May 26, 10 04:50 AM

I was in the solar business from approx. 1979 to 1984 and everyday I woke up and went to work I felt high on the fact that I felt that I was making a very positive contribution to the world. That was a few lifetimes ago, now. These days there is not quite so much work and I spend some time bird watching and taking hikes; it is agony watching any species in death throes because they were chemically poisoned with crude that showed-up in their home; pure agony! I ask Gaia for forgiveness for any energy that I put into this event happening. This, event was predictable; avoidable, and we must do everything humanly possible that ALL safeguards are in place so that this never happens again; lifestyle change is key!

Posted by Gary B May 26, 10 05:07 AM

The time for clean energy is NOW we need to take responsibility.

Posted by Ciderkiss May 26, 10 05:10 AM

Reminds me of the "Amocco Cadiz"wreck in Brittany, France, in 1976... On those pics, you don't have the sickening stench of the oil, the muffled sound of waves, the occasional bird body you step on and crush while walking ankle deep in the glue! I was a volunteer to clean up the beach then and, sorry 626, not a happy one! but the job had to be done, and I spent my easter holliday shovelling crude oil and being sick from the smell! I guess Alaskans can recall that after the "Exxon Valdez"!
Who's next? Chevron? Shell? and where? Place your bets...
By the way, I don't understand why BP officials do escort public and medias on polluted beaches (photo 6), for their safety, maybe?

Posted by JeanMarie Daburon May 26, 10 05:23 AM

well, mabe next time peeps will vote for a prez thats not in the pocket of BP like obama is.. sarah palin is the only politician that i know of that forced strong regulation and oversite on the oil companys in alaska, and put the corrupts in jail..its sad to know we have a CIC thats a community organizer with ZERO experience in anything.. that drill rigs BOP's failed before it came to GOM and it was allowed to drill anyway, and obama is still giving out deepwater drill permits even after this-- keep drinking the cool-aid libbys

Posted by darin May 26, 10 05:27 AM

Why is everyone blaming BP? It could have been ANY oil company, including an American oil company. The problem is that people don't want to change their appetite for oil, especially America. People are not willing to change their destructive daily ways. Recycling? Why should you? Because plastic is made of oil, so recycling would make a big difference. Smaller, greener and cleaner cars? Solar energy?
Turn off your lights if you leave the room? Heater or air conditioning on while windows are open... unfortunately I see too many Americans do it. Think of the energy you waste every single day... Tons and tons of food (up to 40%) is thrown away daily in each home. Do you ever think that to produce the food, the meat, the cereals, the dairy etc... a lot of energy is needed? We are all to blame because of our consumerism and our wasteful behavior.

Posted by Sandra Wijnveldt May 26, 10 05:36 AM

Sheer negligence. These giant companies are millions in profit by sucking the blood of customers. When such calamity arises they must be penalised heavily apart from cleaning the mess.

Posted by A.A.Abbasi May 26, 10 05:48 AM

yes...lets all pray to the plot holy god and ask him to scoop up the we dont have to...lets all blame god for this. cus humans are too good to have let something evil as this must be the work of satan... or witches...
i just love these ignorant people... get off your fat asses drive down here and help us clean it up. cus the people whos fault this is aint gonna.

Posted by pete May 26, 10 05:56 AM

number 657 -- who is propping up whom in the last two decades, while Irak and Afghanistan were and are being totally destroyed for oil and access to pipelines? Check out Landstul in Germany, where every soldier who is paid by your taxes to invade those countries and kill innocent people, and who becomes wounded himself, is treated before returned to their home country with artificial limbs (in case he isn't able to return to life in the Killing Fields). Do research and learn which country is paying to have the site of the destroyed Twin Towers rebuilt. Check that out, please. Thanks and best wishes to everyone from gaby in Munich, Germany

Posted by gaby May 26, 10 06:14 AM

When I see these WAKE UP CALL pictures of the oil spill catastrophe my mind could go place of anger, despair and grief. WE CAN AND MUST SOLVE THIS PROBLEM of being reliant on the petroleum based energy business that our planet runs on, NOW! I drive a conventional car, heat and cook with natural gas, so I am guilty too, AS IN ANY PROBLEM THERE IS A SOLUTION. We have tried to clean up our lives by not having muddy streets and horse manure all around, but we pushed the waste problem to the air we breathe, the sustaining oceans and soil that we rely on for food, (as in petrochemical fertilizer). This is worse that the manure for sure! So now we must think positively and STOP & THINK about the next phases of energy, have REAL WISDOM, NO TIME TO LOSE! Our survival as race and the survival of all the other beings who are caught in our greedy cycle depends on us CHANGING OUR WAYS. Working on the solution in your daily life, THINKING OUT OF THE BOX, stoping being asleep on this, and so many issues, can bring a refreshment and a lightness TO LIFE!

Posted by Nanri Tenney May 26, 10 06:17 AM

It would be just if the newsies juxtapose a photograph of the dying heron with President Obama getting off the plane in Chicago, having also forsaken his duty to speak in ceremonies at Arlington. Sadly, Obama will be slimed by the same oil he is intent on escaping as he avoids 'photo ops' in Louisiana and being called to account for his administration's pathetic responses. Our estuaries and marshes, which are Louisiana's sacred nurseries for wildlife and myriad sea life, may take decades to recover. Obama is taking care of his political business while hearts are breaking.

Posted by Cee Howard May 26, 10 06:18 AM

shame on us human being

Posted by Renate May 26, 10 06:19 AM


Assim se vê como tentamos manipular o que não sabemos controlar.
As fotografias são tão boas que até fazem doer a alma com tanta desgraça natural.
As petroliferas não podem ter perdão. Energias limpas e alternativas já!!!

Posted by Eduardo May 26, 10 06:24 AM

BP needs to stop the leak now. 34 or 35 days of gushing millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf is enough. Local word is that BP doesn't want to cap the leak, because BP would lose future access potential. It's blatant greed over environmental and economic responsibility. BP: Stop publishing all your public relations full page ads in newspapers, even in our local community shopper newspaper ( ! ) and simply stop the leak. Put all that ad money to stopping the leak now. To the US government: As a country, we've given BP enough time. BP's inability to stop the leak by now is justification for the US to seize all US-based BP assets, and redirect them to stopping the leak, cleaning up the massive spill, creating a decades-long clean-up fund well into the future, providing reparations to states and local communities, providing for the negative economic impact to families, and paying for the economic destruction of livelihoods and industries (like fishing) as well as and the destruction of families' and communities' heritage.

Posted by Frank May 26, 10 06:27 AM

Thanks a lot, BP.....

Posted by john locke May 26, 10 07:06 AM

Blame whoever you want but the most positive & impactful thing YOU can do is simply ride a bike.

Posted by Timur E. May 26, 10 07:11 AM

this gulf Mexico oil disaster is sponsored by . . . the multinational auto industry . . .and people who own or drive motor vehicles . . . .the main recipient of offshore oil drilling is gasoline for motor vehicles....MORE CARS = MORE DEMAND FOR GASOLINE = MORE OFFSHORE DRILLING = MORE OIL SPILLS

Posted by S.TASOVA May 26, 10 07:21 AM

The problem is our culture that has evolved which attempts to place blame before finding a solution to the problem. What if the fire department reacted to your house fire in the same manner? Attempt to "investigate" befor putting out the fire. Blame big oil? They only are trying to meet the demand. Blame government? Every attempt government makes to do anything is mired down in BS. Why can't we find the brightest, best and most talented? Extend an invitation to those who are in the industry to bring the tools they have and jump in to help where they have the skills. There is plenty of time to investigate and place blame later. A common sense approach would be more logical but as always, politics must be put first. It shows the weakness of this administrations leadership and the shallowness of their intellect.

Posted by DD May 26, 10 07:32 AM

I am saddened to tears. This is no longer a spill, it's a horrific example an BP incompetence. Does anyone know what they're doing???? I'm willing to pay $4 a gallon to avoid this ever happening again

Posted by Diane Fuchs, Venice Florida May 26, 10 07:39 AM

(1) Is Brit Hume of Fox News still asking "Where's the Oil?" as he did on Sunday's show. Would he still claim that this is just like "natural" seepage from the ocean floor?

(2) Why are comments disabled for THE MOST POPULAR STORY in today's Globe. The UMASS BOSTON BASEBALL TEAM!!! I'm forced to comment here because the Globe has allowed comments for every story (including an editorial on Kentucky's Rand Paul) except the BIGGEST and MOST LOCAL one. Please enable comments on "The Road to Respect"...

Posted by ShakesProf May 26, 10 07:41 AM

My next email, after reading and seeing the photos of this oil drilling disaster, is to my congressmen, here in Michigan. Please call or write yours ASAP, too!! I am going to put my "money" where my mouth is and contribute financially to those "cleaning up" the ongoing battle with this oil. Also, after "three tries" at capping this oil, let's all PRAY that the next attempt will finish the job successfully. Comments regarding ANYTHING ELSE at this point, short of getting ourselves to this site and physically "giving all the help we can" are fruitless. I'm sitting here on a spring-fed lake, just now listening to the loons call. With our Loon Association and $100,000 we helped to save our lake from being drained. It's taken 5 years and lots of money to accomplish. Just 15 miles from my home, a forest fire, burning over 8500 acres of trees last week was finally extinguished, thanks in part to a recent rain. So, what's happening in YOUR BACKYARD?? Does this oil need to REACH your yard, your children's yard, your parent's yard for you to get up and DO SOMETHING about this oil spill?? Everyday I take along a garbage bag on my walk here in the north woods. Almost every day my friends and I find trash, carelessly thrown by the roadside. We pick it up, ONE PIECE AT A TIME!!
Again, the 750 + bloggers here CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Let's contact the people in our states and those HELPING ON THE FRONT LINES IN LOUISIANA NOW!
The People of the Earth, the Creatures of the Sea and the Marshland Wildlife THANK YOU and so do I~
Thanks, too, for these ENLIGHTENING PICTURES~

Posted by Wendy Denman May 26, 10 07:53 AM

“If the mortality rate seems high we must realize that Nature is a ruthless teacher. There are no second chances in Mother Nature's Survival Course.”

Posted by Bertfly May 26, 10 07:55 AM

This is just the beginning--the worst of it is yet to come. Just wait for the first hurricane of the season to hit the Gulf....oil floats, so it will be hurled on land, splattering every thing and every one in its path.

Posted by Judy May 26, 10 08:03 AM

I'm not sure how many people have been hired to help clean up the shore and save the wildlife but not enough. BP, put your call out to the millions of out of work people in this country and get more help. This is one effort that cannot drag it's feet. The balance of nature depends on a quick resolution and rapid clean up efforts. Where can people apply for work?

Posted by KJL May 26, 10 08:04 AM

I worked on the Alaskan Pipeline and we should have learned the lesson about having containment equipment and methods available immediately-this taking weeks to ge things in place and figure out ways to deal is unacceptable-why so they can save a couple million dollars not having the equipment there ready to go? Just like Exxon they were supposed to have containment equipment at Cordova and use pilots-but NO they wanted to save some money-these companies make BILLIONS. Accidents will happen yes, but real blame can be assigned to those unprepared for dealing with them when they have the means- many large tankers should have surrounded this accident immediately and started sucking in the oil.

Posted by Nick Gencarelle May 26, 10 08:10 AM

well people oil leak is an act of god... with all the progress and development by the human kind this is the cost we have to pay.. but this all can be stoped by switching to the reneuable sources of energy.. and doing every thing what an indivisual can do to save energy in any form.. so what i belive is that more precautions must be taken by oil companies... this act is a lesson for all them and its time we should take more care of our mother nature.... peace..

Posted by yellop singh May 26, 10 08:11 AM

Some of the most balanced, thoughtful responses on this site I've seen anywhere. Glad I followed the link. I think I'll choke if I see much more Obama-blaming or BP-scapegoating, as if they are the only culprits, or as if they have some secret, omnipotent solution to stop oil gushers under the sea. I hope we can use this tragedy to change regulation to make our country, if not world, safer from this crap.

Posted by Justin May 26, 10 08:20 AM

I have read a hundred comments. There is only one solution to the pollution that we have not been able to stop due to the reasons most have clearly stated.

THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. We are currently exceeding the earth's capacity for our consumption. You can save all you want, you can cut in half what you consume, but if you double the population again then you are where back you started. Hello? Anyone?


Posted by Gary O May 26, 10 08:33 AM

human nature is stupid!!! absolutely :(

Posted by emkejx May 26, 10 08:35 AM

For the Drill Baby Drill now it is Spill Baby Spill and Kill Baby Kill.

Are we really truly insipid enough to trash ANWAR?

Posted by Gary O May 26, 10 08:35 AM

The Gulf of Mexico is filling up like ink in a bowl and we “hope” it doesn’t reach the marshlands (oops too late) or the everglades (eventually.) What if there’s a hurricane? Most importantly, please, have we examined whether this could ever happen again? Like the second plane hitting the WTC? Oh please god, if that happens let Yellowstone Blow tomorrow, then at least we can call it a NATURAL disaster.

Other than the geyser of oil that is gushing out of the bottom of the earth, I have two pet peeves about some of the words I’ve heard in response to this catastrophe of monolithic proportions. The first is that this is a “Spill.” Let’s be crystal clear, like the water in the Caribbean (oops), this is not a spill. A spill is a measurable amount of liquid that falls out of some kind of container. Key words: Measurable, Container. This is an untold, unholy amount of thick black, smelly killer crude oil actively and strongly being pumped into the bowl; it will swirl and swirl, like a toilet, until it gets sent out to wherever the hell it wants to over however long a period of time. This oil will eventually, go everywhere. The oceans, rivers, seas and gulfs are all connected in some way, this oil will get everywhere, eventually.

Crudezilla will eventually get everywhere. No doubt about it. We’re so caught up in the here and now and are so mesmerized by the swirling swirling of the present that we are not thinking about the long terms effects of this situation or how to avoid this again in the future.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the word “Hope”, “We hope it doesn’t spill much longer.” “We hope we can get the pipe clogged up,.” “We hope mud will work.” “We hope it doesn’t reach the everglades or the keys.” I hope you will all shut up and find a way to fix this mess. Take your hope and shove it, we need a plan.

If I were in charge the first thing I would do is dip Dick Cheney in the bowl like a pelican. Thanks Halliburton, you’re doing a heckuvajob!

Questions I have:

1. Are their any other drills out there that are built like this one? IE: is there any chance this could ever happen again?
2. Why were regulations lightened?
3. How are you going to stop it from reaching the coast? You’ve already failed in Louisiana.
4. Are you trying to kill the Gulf of Mexico?

Posted by Libby Buck May 26, 10 08:36 AM

Image 38- "A young heron sits dying amidst oil splattering underneath mangrove on an island impacted by oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Barataria Bay, along the the coast of Louisiana on Sunday, May 23, 2010. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) "

Was he rescued???

it's awful :(

Posted by Aimee Matilda May 26, 10 08:38 AM

Even suggesting that Palin would have handled this better is a comment on the dillusional nature of the Palin crowd. Her gang of moronic supporters should go to LA and clean up the beaches. The last thing we need now is a takeover by the Big Business supportiing right wing. Give us a break and just try to keep your mouth shut.

Posted by Tom May 26, 10 08:38 AM

who cares whose fault it is, just someone do something about it!

Posted by Alex May 26, 10 08:50 AM

To the Editors of THE BIG PICTURE,
For god's sake stop calling this disaster a "leak"!
It started as a homicide of eleven souls and has morphed into the biggest, man-made, environmental catastrophe in History with no stopping in sight! This is a National and International State of Emergency. Think not? Wait until the oil fouls the beaches and destroys habitats in Cuba and the rest of the Carribean. Can you spell Extenction Level Event?

Posted by Ed Martell May 26, 10 08:59 AM

@ Sandra Wijnveldt. I couldn't agree more.

"The problem is that people don't want to change their appetite for oil, especially America. People are not willing to change their destructive daily ways."

Consuming products that create environmental damage, or that come from companies that do. Not recylcing or investing in cleaner energies and more envirnmentally friendly food sources. Then blaming a single person we elected as a majority or pointing at a company no different from its competitors whose product we know is dangerous and yet consume more of than any other country on earth....

There doesn't seem to be too much logic in that to me.

Perhaps we should point the finger the other way for a change and modify our own behaviors instead of shifting the blame all the time. Our choices and demands collectively as consumers today will shape the products and companies of tomorrow...

Posted by Sholto May 26, 10 09:00 AM

The people of America should be ashamed of these images.

The U.S. population is only 5% of world population and consumes 30% of the planet's natural resources, that due to his habit of superiority and find that they have the right to do whatever they want. To make matters worse, they do not have the least environmental consciousness and continue acting ridiculous at this catastrophe. This is a consumer population that does not care about anything but money.

Here in Brazil and South America, we may be technologically backward, but people do not have a way of life so degrading as the poor souls of Americans who will end the world.

Posted by Maurício May 26, 10 09:00 AM

On ne peut pas laisser notre planète se faire détruire par petits bouts, par des industriels peut soucieux de l'avenir de la faune et de la flore....

Posted by catherine bernard May 26, 10 09:02 AM

I just can't stand this.

Posted by Francesca May 26, 10 09:10 AM

If you own a house with a heating oil tank and a few houndred liters leak out into the foundations or under the street then you alone have to pay for the entire cleanup plus survey reports plus bureaucracy fees etc.
Apparently, if you own oil rigs, you can ignore any signs of trouble, and if one blows up and leads to 10.000.000 liters of oil gushing into the ocean per day for over a month without any chance of stopping it any time soon, you are just mildly in trouble. Nevermind one of the worst environmental disasters in the history of mankind. You even get to decide who may look at the mess and what he sees (#6)!!
I will never understand this kind of thing. The little guy is directly responsible for every fart, the big ones get away with all their absolutely overproportional messes (wether its oil or the stock market). If something like this does not get a company punished to economic ruin, what will?

Now I better go dig the garden or something

Posted by phalacrognathus May 26, 10 09:32 AM

Johnny're an absolute idiot. While nobody likes what's going on, shutting down an industry that is vital to our national economic existense is not the answer. That is of course you want total dependence on Middle East oil. The many uses of oil cannot be replaced overnight and are likely decades away from coming anywhere close. So, come out of the fog you're living in and support better practices and better government than what we have now. Where was your concern for the last 30+ years for Louisiana's vanishing coast when it's citizens have been begging Washington for help to restore this national treasure that's been washing away.

Posted by Stephen May 26, 10 09:33 AM

Sabotage by OBAMA and BP exes to get his green agenda across. This is a deliberate act by the government carried out by BP. He is laughing at the people of the US.

Posted by JT May 26, 10 09:41 AM

8 Then the second angel blew his trumpet, and a great mountain of fire was thrown into the sea. One-third of the water in the sea became blood, 9 one-third of all things living in the sea died, and one-third of all the ships on the sea were destroyed.

Posted by Watchman May 26, 10 09:43 AM

Im sorry? smug brits?? hate?? i would say what a typical american idiot thing to say, but not all americans are idiots, just you

Posted by Anonymous May 26, 10 09:45 AM

"Yes we can." -- Candidate Obama, 2008

"No we can't." -- President Obama, 2010

Posted by Marcello May 26, 10 09:55 AM

Brazil has experience with research in deepwater oil. Why not invite him to try to solve this problem?

Posted by helena May 26, 10 10:02 AM

We should consider that the fact is, it's not our fault! It is the GOVERNMENTS fault!!! Yep, I said it. They are the ones refusing to to try to clean up the mess. All they have to do is patch up the leakage. But NO NO NO NO NO, they do not want to waste $2000 to help save our wild life and water! Pretty soon they are going to close down the beaches and then who will be able to at least try to help clean up the beaches??? I think that we need to tell the government to listen to us and tell them that they have a part in this. Everyone has a part in this and they need to do there share of work!

Posted by Bethany May 26, 10 10:05 AM

In response to the comments that BP gave more donations to Obama than any other candidate.. apparently, you watch FOX and forgot they are anti-facts. This is the result of the Bushocaust. All that he did and his ho Cheney did will be visiting us for the rest of our lives, our childrens' lives and their childrens' lives. Just because you *WANT* Obama to be blamed, doesn't mean that he is to blame. Talk to Halliburton and the people who decided NOT to care about safety. The MMS is just as to blame - the people in the MMS at the time DWH was being built? Bush and Cheney folks. You really should check out all the facts before spewing FOX news anti-facts.

Posted by TruthDefender May 26, 10 10:09 AM

É com vergonha que assisto ao que se passa neste planeta, no nosso planeta.

Será possivel que vamos continuar a assistir impávidos à morte gradual do mundo natural? Vamos continuar a exterminar, a dizimar todos estes milhares de animais, de forma e maneiras recorrentes? Tenho vergonha em ser humanos...

Nuno - Portugal

Posted by Nuno Bento May 26, 10 10:10 AM

God Bless all those who help to save our Wildlife and Mother Earth from the monsters that pollute our envirnment. I could lay face down myself in the oil and smother along side with the rest of these creations of God. I commit to helping save our Wildlife until there is not one creature left to save. And then I will rest among the pollution until I am its next victim, always wondering "Why are some people monsters that are blind to the beauty of life? Thank you for reading.

Posted by Jessica Leis May 26, 10 10:16 AM

Corporations are not people. Money is not free speech. How do we DEMAND Obama announce a Bold Energy Plan to get us off fossil fuels by 2020?

Posted by D Adams May 26, 10 10:21 AM

bp will never in life get a penny from me, I just wish it could be more!!

Posted by William May 26, 10 10:24 AM

as Roman roland,the writer, wished many years ago, now there's a problem which needs all people of the world,the rich and the poor,educated and uneducated, west and east think and try to solve the problem together. It is not bad. More than the waters we should clean our minds.I think we should try to control our thirst for having everything.It is possible if children learn to love and enjoy being with nature.

Posted by shiva May 26, 10 10:28 AM

You know with all the modern tectnology we have out there they should be able to cap off or do something to stop this terrible oil leak that is effecting everyone and everything around the world.It's a pure disgrace by an oil company such as BP to have something like this to happen.And President Obama is just as much to blame in this as anybody.People in Government like the money they get from oil,now step up to the plate and fix the mess that has been created from Big Money and Big Oil GREED is all it is.FIX IT NOW!!!

Posted by Shirley May 26, 10 10:28 AM

"Gesetze schinden die Armen, und die Reichen beherrschen die Gesetze."

Posted by D.Müller May 26, 10 10:31 AM

I want to see a picture of all the BP execs and managers hip deep in oil, their clothes ruined, their hair stained, and their hands on a barricade or pump to help fix the issue. Get them out in the elements and doing manual labor to show the care about their grave mistake. This is truly a disgrace to humanity.

Posted by Tra Sol May 26, 10 10:32 AM

I wonder if anyone has asked NASA to help?
NASA has encountered many tough situations in the past and seem to come up with good solutions.There are some pretty smart Engineers there and they are without work now that the suttle has landed for the last time.

Posted by Gene McKinnon May 26, 10 10:38 AM

Dear God,

I'm sorry we made you cry! Please help your children to stop destroying the home you gave to us, and all of your creation in it!
Your daughter!

Posted by Lea May 26, 10 10:40 AM

There are alternatives! We provide biodiesel to our region to power everything from distribution fleet trucks to residents running diesel vehicles. We start with waste oil from restauarants and turn it into fuel which runs in any diesel vehicle without modification. It has 75% less emissions and is not made from oil and is 100% sustainable and renewable. Although it only meets a small amount of the fuel demand, at least it is a start.

Posted by May 26, 10 10:41 AM
Start another war? Is that what is being asked of peaceful nations, with U.S. regulating everything, while decent citizens along the Golf Coast are fighting for their livelihood and homes? BP made a big mistake when they trusted the companies that built that dilapidated rig, leasing it from them, and they must now pay the price. Can't the U.S. learn to be honorable? The poor animals, the poor people in Irak and Afghanistan, the poor young American boys, etc., etc., etc. Now they expect their allies to bomb No. Korea to dust and ashes. Help us! Help the animals! Save the Earth!

Posted by g.h. May 26, 10 10:42 AM

I'm ashamed of living as a human being on this world...

we are the only race that is capable of killing themselves...

Posted by flobiss from Germany May 26, 10 10:42 AM

Please AP, Getty, Greenpeace, all others make your photos available so every newspaper in America can put these disturbing images on the front pages of their papers. People will not 'want to see it' but they must look, and realize that WE THE PEOPLE have to demand a stop to all offshore drilling, and look for alternate sources of energy. Let's have REAL news instead of Dancing with the Stars and Tiger Triva. Don't let a few powerful wealthy individuals and companies make our planet an unfit habitat for all living creatures. They should not be given carte blanche to destroy all the innocent life forms and destroy the Gulf coast economy.

Posted by Laura May 26, 10 10:45 AM

How many people here ride a bike? ... start.

Posted by Uncle Ash May 26, 10 10:46 AM

Unfortunately, the perfect legacy for Bush, Cheney and "drill baby drill".
Too bad so many living things, including millions of humans, are going to have to pay the price, with their lives, their livelyhoods, and with their health.
Very, very sad indeed.
Time to put a $2 per gallon tax on gasoline and rapidly get off of this toxic 19th century filth.

Posted by Jim May 26, 10 10:55 AM

Completely disturbing on so many levels!!!

Posted by OMGWTF May 26, 10 10:59 AM

this is all about money!!! they didnt fix it because they were debating on how much it will cost to fix !! bunch of retards

Posted by david May 26, 10 11:05 AM


Posted by JCC May 26, 10 11:06 AM

I love the comments blaming the oil companies....haha, so I am assuming those who are making these comments are free from using any products from these companies? because you wouldn't want to be a hypocrite...

Posted by Anonymous May 26, 10 11:08 AM

Make BP responsible. End the vile corruption. Make the real destroyers pay.

Posted by Leslie Bender May 26, 10 11:09 AM


Posted by George Mancer May 26, 10 11:11 AM

this is indeed terrible, but try driving your vehicle without oil. or all of those groceries you enjoy eating would not be available without oil for the trucks that deliver them, or the diesel fuel we get from drilling. do you use anything at all that is plastic? how about all of that plastic tubing used in hospitals to save lives every day?

everyone is looking for someone to blame in this mess. this is a wake up call for us to develop technology that can keep this from happening again...or at least on this scale.


anonymous louisiana resident...

Posted by anonymous May 26, 10 11:12 AM

Sad - yes
Outrageous - Yes!
A demonstration of the ravages of greed - YES!!

Posted by Janet Whitney May 26, 10 11:13 AM

100% liability starting with BP+the company that designed the rig + company that designed the "safety" valve. If they run out of money, so be it.

The officials that oversee and approve the permits filed to do this kind of work should be looking for work right now.

Posted by J. Mitchell May 26, 10 11:15 AM

Well, while we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off squaking about whose to blame and whose going to clean it up! What about the volcano in Iceland that stopped travel for days caused destruction and death? Whose to blame there? Whose cleaning off those animal? Shit happens!!!!!! Get over it and learn from it, what you can. The world would be far worse off without petro products. They touch our lives everyday and in all different aspects. People keep squaking and it will get to be where there will be so many laws against drilling that it will not only be nonprofitable but a crime. Think people ,is this what you really want?

Posted by farm lady May 26, 10 11:19 AM

From Slidell, La. on the east shore of Lake Pontchartrain, on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico Thank you for the real pictures. Please continue to show the world what we are losing here. This is the legacy of southern Louisiana. We may never be able to share with our grandchildren what our parents and grandparents were able to share with us. To the commentors, thank you, let your voices be heard. This will very soon be affecting each of you. God bless us and all of his creatures.

Posted by Jodie Crawford May 26, 10 11:20 AM

What have we done??? We are destroying our world. This is so so so sad. I pray that every animal, person, piece of land, and our beautiful Gulf Coast waters will recover from this disaster.

Posted by Emily Nolan May 26, 10 11:24 AM

We need to be putting all our government energy subsidies into solar and wind energy and insulating all of our buildings so that we don't need so much energy to heat our buildings. We need to build a much bigger mass transit system so that we don't need cars. We need to eat foods that are grown near us. Flying fruits in from the southern hemisphere is not good for the environment. Strawberries are a very special treat when you only get them locally. They taste better when they are grown locally and you only have them for a few weeks each year. Many of us in the USA have too much stuff. Life would be simpler and easier if we didn't have so much stuff.

Posted by Heloise Rathbone May 26, 10 11:36 AM

Very sad. What to do? They just take care after money.

Posted by Namgyal May 26, 10 11:39 AM

One of the most heart breaking things for me after seeing these pictures is that it looks like they're placing the booms all incorrectly. The booms won't do much good like that because they're meant to divert oil in a way that it can be collected. They can't act as a wall to keep the oil out ... it will just go over or underneath once it's built up enough on the boom. Who's in charge of coordinating the clean up? I hope it's not BP.

Posted by Vic May 26, 10 11:47 AM

Perhaps the government should take over BP, liquidate all its assetts, and use every penny to reimburse the people who have lost their quality of life, their health and their businesses and incomes for the next several generations. Even that huge amount of money would likely fall far short of the overall cost of what this irresponsible company has done.

Posted by Tkeeler May 26, 10 11:48 AM

Putting an end to offshore drilling will not solve the problem, because we'll have to substitute shipped-in oil instead. On historical average, trans-ocean oil tankers release far more oil than offshore rigs do (though this current "outlier" may change that).

There is no escaping the fact that if we want to continue our current "American way of life", we'll just have to live with things like this. Or, if we find this disaster unacceptable, then our way of life must change. Those are the only two sober options. While better enforcement of existing regulations (and/or better regulations) will help, it cannot eliminate the problem or the risk, and oil spills will continue.

Of course another part of the problem is big oil (and big money in general) being in bed with the law and policy makers. That's not likely to change either, unless there is enough public outcry that the politicians fear a revolution. (Can't see that happening anytime soon. We are too complacent and comfortable.)

Posted by Jim Collier May 26, 10 11:53 AM

This is not only the fault of BP and government regulators. It is also the fault of all of us who use too much oil and gas. We insist on big cars, do not carpool, do not ride bikes or walk when we could, insist our homes be at 68-70 degrees in winter when 50 would do (see the blog at or that they be cooler than necessary in the summer. We asked for and bought that oil.

Posted by Susan Filene May 26, 10 11:58 AM

Just wait for the Hurricanes even tropical storms... then what!
Once it gets in the gulf stream we're DOMED.

Posted by Aquagirl May 26, 10 11:59 AM

If this devastation was the result of an Al Queda attack, both the Democrats AND the Republicans in the House and Senate would be howling for blood and sparing NO expense to "saddle up and git em". But this can't be solved with guns and the Republicans are against holding a "Corporate person" responsible for this mess, and the Democrats who so DESPERATELY want Republican support would water down any bills language until it meant less than nothing. I guess eco-terrorism is Okay when a Corporation does it and it only hurts wildlife and the working poor.

Posted by Eric Paulsen May 26, 10 12:15 PM

Let's make sure the environmental and human cost of petroleum is adequately accounted for. For taxpayers to cover the cost for cleanup or to help the folks whose livelihoods have been damaged, that's simply corporate welfare. Let BP fend for itself in the market place.

Posted by colluvial May 26, 10 12:24 PM

We the people of the USA voted in Bush (the oil companies) and not Gore, or wait didn't Gore get the popular vote, we the people of the USA allowed our crountry to be governed by(the oil companies) someone we did not want. We are a democacy, but we don't vote.We have gotten use to being taken care of. Why is it every one elses fault, and never our own? Both the major parties are to blame, we are all to blame. Do you really think that individuals don't care? Of course they all care the excecutives care, Obama cares, Bush cares, we care as individuals but we don't care enough as a group to do any thing about it. Gore did but we didn't help him we let what happen happen. We don't care enough.

Posted by Pat Vetta May 26, 10 12:26 PM

and where is Barack today? campaign fundraising of course. This makes me sick to my stomach.

Posted by Sharon May 26, 10 12:27 PM

BP = Busted Pipeline. Wouldn't this be a great time to attack the U.S. coast lines and wage war with such a pathetic country? I am a proud American, but this whole 'mess' leaves me angry and disapointed in our country's efforts to PRESERVE OUR LAND. Poor animals.....

Posted by Brahm Bedell, CA May 26, 10 12:35 PM

For those of you Looney Toones on this blog that want to blame Americans for our supposed ADDICTION to oil - Get a Life!. The supplier should be held as accountable as much as the user. If it was not availalbe it could not be used. Like you, we don't drink it, eat it, smoke it or wear it other than what it is turned into like everyone in the world's use. The only reason why we use it, is because that is mostly the choice we were given even though many of us have called for alternatives. And oh by the way BP is British Petroleum - a foreign company and most cars on the American road are made by foreign companies. Believe me if Americans were given a reasonable alternative that worked - most of us would have gone for it. You are being used as pawns in the global blame game that is being played to make us look the other way, so stop and think for yourself. Don't be surprised if someone doesn't surface with an answer and of course that someone will make billions off of this supposed accident. We are not playing the same game. We are the little people like you that don't pull the strings. And by the way America stopped being the largest use several years ago and other countries are fast surpassing our rate of use. And do you think for a minute that any of us wanted this to happen. Do you really think that we are not upset that our idiotic leaders that do nothing but bring this country down are doing very little to stop this mess. I'm sure this will be reason to raise the price of gas so high in this country that it we will be yelling to bring back the horse and buggies back. Ask yourself also, if LA and Fla knew this was on their way why did they not take precautions to help avoid the worst? They had a month to help avoid a good deal of the damage. And with millions unemployed in this country cheap labor is easily acceible. and could have been used to help clean it up to minimize the effect?

Posted by Josie May 26, 10 12:35 PM

This is so sad! I wish there was something for us to do to help!

Posted by A Girl From The USA May 26, 10 12:41 PM


Posted by dav May 26, 10 12:50 PM

The pix are overwhelming. The size of the spill makes you feel helpless.

Posted by Helen Heitkamp May 26, 10 12:54 PM

Can't wait for hurricane season, there will be oil everywhere. :(

Posted by SickOfit79 May 26, 10 12:55 PM

Yes, let us all embrace nihilism. There is nothing we can do. It's everyone else's fault. The end is near. Stupid humanity with its greed and capitalism and yadda yadda.

The comments section on blogs and news sites are nothing more than a pity and bitching pot. They exist as an outlet to falsely voice and validate ourselves, and to pretend, for the moment, that any one of us has agency in this world.

Go out and do something, if you care so much. I bet you won't, because you don't.

Posted by Pinedon May 26, 10 12:58 PM

may I remind you all that it took Obama almost 9 days to even mention the oil spill and then he and Napolitano lied about their reaction time. OMGesus, That is so George W Bush...may I also mention that Obonehead during his time in the Senate and while running for president, received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.

Posted by Vizzle May 26, 10 01:01 PM

Humans - nasty, brutish and shortsighted.

Posted by sgo May 26, 10 01:02 PM

El humano y su idiotes no hay mas palabras.

Posted by Alberto Elizalde May 26, 10 01:04 PM

I worked on the response to the Exxon Valdez in 1989. There was never any doubt that the oil will render useless efforts to contain it with booms, skimmer ships, dikes, etc. Once the oil enters the ocean it literally becomes part of the ocean. It will go over, under, around and through every human placed barrier. And it will continue doing its damage for decades to come.

Posted by Ray May 26, 10 01:05 PM

Has anyone watched the documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" If we could bring them back... the future would look brighter and cleaner, and we would be less dependent on oil. I highly recommend...

Posted by Anonymous May 26, 10 01:12 PM

Mais uma vez a ganância do homem em aumentar seus ganhos coloca todo um ecosistema a beira da morte, nem em risco poderíamos dizer neste caso específico. Agora vemos o quanto é importante se Planejar e falar dos riscos operacionais nas operações de exploração de petróleo em qualquer parte do Mundo. Dispositivos muitas vezes caros demais para serem instalados vemos agora serem infimamente baratos em relação a perda da imagem da companhia, Ambiental, pessoal, e financeira.
Isso serve de alerta para os que pensam que prazo é prazo Atenção, isso pode ser um alerta para o Brasil que irá logo em breve explorar a área do pré-Sal que conhecemos mas o quanto...

Chiandotti SP Brasil

Posted by Chiandotti May 26, 10 01:20 PM

I question whether this was an accident (was this truly an accident) that no one seems to be able to stop or slow down or is it to give reason for the idiotic EPA groups to step in. THINK ABOUT IT. The Global Warming Farce was exposed and the millions/billions of dollars were somewhat slowed down. Is this supposed accident just another attempt for the Gore's in this world to get control? Americans are no more to blame for this mess than you are for not stopping the Iceland volcano speuwing out dangerous gasses in the air. Perhaps we need to start thinking of the bigger picutre and read your bible for answers- first the air and land and now the water and sea life. I don't know what to believe or do but I think we need to be ready and remember "Let not Your Heart be Troubled."

Posted by Josie May 26, 10 01:21 PM

The Obama Administration is slicker than all the oil that has leaked into the Gulf!

Posted by KROBO May 26, 10 01:22 PM

Let's stop the blame game all the way around and focus our enery toward finding a viable long-term solution to this disaster. Blaming others solves NOTHING. If you are that upset about what is happening to the environment and its creatures then put your money or labor where your mouth is and go help clean up the mess. How many of you out there will do something positive rather than complain all day long?

Posted by Pete May 26, 10 01:32 PM

744: Sarah Palin? You have got to be kidding.

Posted by faultyeyeball May 26, 10 01:34 PM

Oh please, Obama hasn't handled the situation, but Miss "Drill baby, drill" would not be doing any better

Posted by Anonymous May 26, 10 01:46 PM

to be honest the blow out was probally negligence on someone that was operating the rig so the people you all are mad at are probally dead so you are wasting your time being pissed off at people so if you live on the coastline quit all of your bitching get off your ass and help p.s. don't take your cars either because that is obviously immoral according to everyone on here and turn every thing that is natural gas off in your homes as well and see how much you enjoy your pathetic lil lives then

Posted by chris May 26, 10 01:46 PM

We are finally seeing the results of the corrupt corporate people President George "Mission Accomplished" Bush planted in all the critical resource agencys in this country, like MMS.

And, a completly corrupt Republican and Democratic Senate and House membership that constantly takes protection money from these large corporations, just to stay in office. But other people who do this get put in jail.

Our votes mean nothing, when the most money always wins. These global corporatists do not give a crap about this planet, just the bottom line. Money talks, and talk walks. Welcome to the United States.

We are a big corrupt "Banana Republic."

Posted by jimmo May 26, 10 01:50 PM

BP really should be heavily penalised for this oil spill. It is not enough to help clean up. Greed is such that they are using huge tankers carrying millions of gallons of oil and of course when there is a disaster, it is the wildlife that suffers. It is heartbreaking. The top brass of this company should be named and shamed and taken to court.

Posted by Wendy Forster May 26, 10 01:55 PM

This is unbelievable horrible..... :(

Posted by Tayler Schmid May 26, 10 02:05 PM

I cant take looking at the oil pictures it makes me disgusted

Posted by Tyler Fenton May 26, 10 02:06 PM

i can not believe that happen that makes me cry and the poor animals they look so said i really want to come out there and help:) but i want to studdie animals when i get older it ( vets) people should now more about it.
it make s me cry about all of the animals and other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:():):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):)

Posted by Cauley May 26, 10 02:07 PM

That is soooooooo sad! Whenever I see those sorts of pics, it makes me want to go out there and help!!!!!!! I can't believe that could happen.....again, and again, and again. Shouldn't we learn from our mistakes? Oh, and I do think that people should, I don't know, STOP BLAMING EACH OTHER!!!!!!! Every minute we spent arguing about whose fault it is, more animals are dying, more water is getting polluted, it's getting worse and worse!!!!!! If you can't or won't go down and help, well in the meantime, try to be more eco-friendly in any way you can, because it will really help!!! If you can't donate to a program that's trying to stop all this, well try riding your bike instead of driving somewhere, use cloth napkins instead of paper, try not to use as much paper, don't use as much air conditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by terragirl May 26, 10 02:07 PM

This morning I looked at the photo essay and I found some of the photos, especially of oil-soaked and dying birds, incredibly upsetting and brought me close to tears. I, along with anyone who cares about humanity and the environment, has been following this since day one, but these
photos put what's going on in the gulf in a much more dramatic and personal light. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to those who love and appreciate nature and value it's importance and are experienceing first-hand this tragedy.

I've been a birder, amateur-naturlist and environmentalist for over 30 years and this tragedy is difficult to cope with. I've been on a crusade for several years in regards to convincing others of the urgent need to address population control, global warming and reducing overall energy demand. But, apathy, ignorance, arrogance and greed are huge obstacles to overcome.

To make matters worse, whether it's true or not, they said on the news this morning that BP knew there was something not quite right with the well, but chose to continue drilling and extracting oil anyway. If they can prove that, then those directly responsible should be held accountable for
environmental crimes against humantiy.

Posted by Gary Felton May 26, 10 02:22 PM

Everyone blaming the gov't, President Obama, BP, lobbyists, clean up crews, etc. Why are you pointing the finger at anyone? Point it at yourself first. Are you riding a bike? Or are you contributing to the dependence on oil? I'm guessing it's the latter. If the US population woke up tomorrow and chose to ride a bike 75 percent of the time that you traveled...things would be different. You're to blame. All of you. Those oceans, those birds, that caused that, too. Stop blaming and start doing. (Riding a bike would also help the obesity epidemic in this country that is causing soaring healthcare stop pointing the finger about that, too.)

Posted by CZ May 26, 10 02:22 PM

Outside of conservation, the "politically incorrect" correct answer to decreasing our need for energy is population control.

As with anything, humans won't volunteer to change so here's some ideas:

a) increase federal and state taxes for every child a person/couple has (currently we decrease federal and states taxes which is an incentive to have more children). Education should be paid for by those who use it.

b) end automatic citizenship for anchor babies (many have children just to stay in this country).

c) enforce current immigration laws.

d) after two children have government provide subsidies to have tubes tied/vasectomies.

As "unpopular" and "drastic" as some will accuse these measures, it is the only way to truly live in harmony with nature and mother earth: procreation of humans has got to slow down.

Posted by charrob May 26, 10 02:24 PM

For the people who think BP doesn't want to plug the well because they will lose money or lose the oil or whatever you believe, you obviously have no clue as to how the Petroleum Industry works, how wells are drilled, how wells are produced, and how oil is refined into products we use every day. BP is doing what they can. The only sure way to stop it is to drill a relief well. While they are doing this they are trying other things to slow or stop the leak.

For the people who say we need to find other energy sources, thats fine and good but obviously you forget (or don't know) that hundreds if not thousands of products (especially plastics) are made with some form of petroleum (Google it).

So all of you bashing the oil industry, please park your cars, trucks & SUV's, put down your bottled water, your Starbuck coffee etc immediately. You better walk, baby walk.

Posted by Scott May 26, 10 02:24 PM

This is one of the worst disasters man has ever done to this great earth. God gave it to us to take care of it, protect it and live in it. It won't surprise me when He finally takes it back.
Shame on BP, shame.

Posted by Kathy May 26, 10 02:28 PM

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. Look at these photos every time you go to the gas station because we are supporting this. Don't blame anyone before you blame yourself. I am embarrassed and ashamed that I have put money in these peoples pockets and inadvertently supported this.

Posted by tristan May 26, 10 03:18 PM

Hi Americans,

I HOPE for the world's sake that thanks to this oil spill that you will look at your values and way of living and consuming regardless of the impact on the planet and the rest of the world.

How can anyone today envisage buying a V8?
I heard that the Ford F-150 truck is still n°1. Its outreagous !!!
Such vehicles should simlpy be banned exept if needed for specific working conditions (not years of marketing blurring you away of comon sense).

Please reduce your OIL consuming useless transport and heating bad habits and replace them by clean technology and evident practices.

You have less than a couple miles to go? Walk or use a bicycle and re-discover how moch more pleasant it is than driving a V8.

Its less than 10miles, use an electric bike or scooter (I've been doing so for 6 years now, a great break between work and home ... and I go faster than cars in traffic jams).

Look at your plastic (OIL based) trash & see how you can reduce it drasticly Ex. : water filters instead of bottled _in OIL_ water
... etc.

Please stop using all this OIL and polluting the rest of the planet and make the "American way of life" one you can be proud of : not ultra useless consumerism, but something new, intelligent, better for your health and the planet's.

I REALLY HOPE this OIL spill becomes an iconic start of YOUR change, for the best of the rest of the inhabitants of our planet ... and more importantly, the planet itself and millions of species constituting our _very sick_ecosystem.

Posted by Patrick May 26, 10 03:19 PM

I'm also from Florida, and watching the herons, turtles and other wildlife that helped raise me be slain by the ugliest greed, has darkened any hope I had left for my home; so much of which has already been reaped and scarred by development.

"I'm willing to pay $4 a gallon to avoid this ever happening again"

Don't cry and throw cash at it. Money is the problem, not the solution. Oil is the problem, not the solution. Be proactive and change the market. Ride your bike.

Posted by Amanda May 26, 10 03:23 PM

"The problem is our culture that has evolved which attempts to place blame before finding a solution to the problem. What if the fire department reacted to your house fire in the same manner? Attempt to "investigate" befor putting out the fire. Blame big oil? They only are trying to meet the demand. Blame government? Every attempt government makes to do anything is mired down in BS. Why can't we find the brightest, best and most talented? Extend an invitation to those who are in the industry to bring the tools they have and jump in to help where they have the skills. There is plenty of time to investigate and place blame later. A common sense approach would be more logical but as always, politics must be put first. It shows the weakness of this administrations leadership and the shallowness of their intellect. "

I think you might be forgetting that the ideas that spark innovation don't come out of nowhere. Science as we know it is nothing like what we see on film and television. First of all, there is often no "Eureka!" moment. So, progress is not immediate. Secondly, science is as economically driven and motivated as every other sector of our modern lives. Therefore, it cannot take place without business and government making substantial investments in both education and research. The reluctance of big business and the government to abandon short sighted greed in order to promote this growth and change is certainly something to be angry about.

Also, a fire company is a relatively small group of people with a relatively small skill set. Hopefully, the people investigating the reasons behind the accident do not have the same qualifications as those who are working to fix the problem.

Posted by Amy May 26, 10 03:31 PM

We should respond to this disaster by saving Louisiana's wetlands, which were already damaged before this disaster. One way would be to create a coastal national park that would belong to all Americans/ not oil companies. It is obvious they don't care about OUR environment.

Posted by Paul May 26, 10 03:34 PM

In the world today, disasters will always take place, manmade Stupid disasters like this are uncalled for. Sad as it is --We Will learn from this (Maybe) there will be those that profit from it and those that will be negatively impacted. Out of all bad we can make some good from it. We are The United States of America, we Always prevail. What needs to be done is Private sector take over, fix it, take charge of the well and turn the income over to the private sector. If you continue to let the Pompous Fat Cat BP and our so called Government do it, the disaster will continue. We know the problem, come on people.. Let us do what we always do --FIX IT--and Learn.

Posted by Rich L Mack May 26, 10 03:41 PM

In the world today, disasters will always take place, manmade Stupid disasters like this are uncalled for. Sad as it is --We Will learn from this (Maybe) there will be those that profit from it and those that will be negatively impacted. Out of all bad we can make some good from it. We are The United States of America, we Always prevail. What needs to be done is Private sector take over, fix it, take charge of the well and turn the income over to the private sector. If you continue to let the Pompous Fat Cat BP and our so called Government do it, the disaster will continue. We know the problem, come on people.. Let us do what we always do --FIX IT--and Learn.

Posted by Rich L Mack May 26, 10 03:50 PM

mens are destroying in less than a century what nature has for centuries has built

Posted by Greg Yetchmeniza May 26, 10 04:13 PM

Blaming President Obama is stupid and just adds insult to injury.

Posted by Larry May 26, 10 04:14 PM

It seems that any oil company has a natural adversion to "stopping" oil from flowing. It is in their DNA to see oil stop it is going against their grain.
Shame it is concidered not bad by some.
The more we look the 'other way" the more things happen.
Stand UP USA.

Posted by Roger May 26, 10 04:22 PM

"We have met the enemy and he is us" and "love of money is the root of all evil" are clearly evident in almost all of these commnts. In my opinion, our behavior and our choices are in need of close personal evaluation, not pointing fingers at each other. Our duty, I belive, is to work together to remedy this problem and the other big problems that we have and hope our descendant will follow our good ideas and avoid our mistakes and weakneses and remember that no one is a perfectd.human being.

Posted by H. Stuart Bacon May 26, 10 04:23 PM

Yes, we are the culprits with our big SUV gas guzzlers and our "too proud to car pool" attitudes. Most Americans are not willing to go without and want everything right now! We are so spoiled that we even buy gas guzzling HUMMERS, ugly as they are, to show off our wealth and feed our egos. You won't see many big cars in europe. They haven't driven big cars for years. Their gas is too expensive so they can't afford to drive gas guzzlers. They say alternative energy is expensive but we have to bite the bullet and go for it. It will increase jobs that don't destroy the environment like coal mining and oil drilling. Pay the price or continue to destroy our environment.

Posted by Kitty May 26, 10 04:26 PM

BP is doing as good a job as anyone else would.

Any "solution" that doesn't involve a moratorium on fossil fuels is no solution at all. We can't quite impose a moratorium yet, but we CAN push in that direction. Drive less, bike more, push for public transit, demand renewable energy from your local utility, insulate your house, get a programmable thermostat and learn how to use it.

If you've bought an SUV in the last 10 years or so, then you are personally more responsible for this disaster than most people.

Posted by Ben May 26, 10 04:27 PM

What a shame!

Posted by Leo May 26, 10 04:30 PM

So very sad. Beautiful animals, insects, sea creatures...all dying? Do we really need oil, yes we do very insensible question BUT after this we will never learn, I hate to be so pessimistic but we have disasters like this over and over again.

Posted by Janelle Phillips May 26, 10 04:30 PM

If this is not all bad enough now Lisa Murkowski Senator of Alaska "wants the company to only pay for about the first five days of the cleanup and put taxpayers on the hook for everything else."


May I suggest you click the link above if it accessible.

Posted by just...b May 26, 10 04:36 PM

Our poor animals are suffering

Posted by Stacy Reisinger May 26, 10 04:39 PM

Offshore wind farms can't spill. Machines that harness tidal power can't release millions of liters of oil.

All of our transportation and distribution needs CAN be met by electric vehicles powered by renewable electric sources (not coal).

Our addiction to oil based products can be sated by plant oil products.

The only petroleum used in the future should be used toward this transition.

Posted by Mike May 26, 10 04:43 PM

I am responsible. I feed the gas into my car. I use electricity. I do not use solar power.

How about you?

We need to pull our heads out of our asses and stop pointing fingers. We need to protest, boycott, donate, turn off our Television, get up out of our "Lazy Boy" chairs and begin to take action.

Posted by Skyko May 26, 10 04:49 PM

My comments are not to diminish the environmental disaster this oil spill represents. But there is another and far greater disaster this oil spill is "red flagging". We have to understand the full implications of this tragedy. The culprits are all of us, the quality of the leaders you and I voted into positions of power and leadership (these "leaders" after all have been given our permission through voting to direct our lives) and the oil companies that naturally want to make as much profit as possible from their efforts to fill our demands for oil (including skating on safety regulations and poor oversight by our "leaders"). But in a democratically elected representative Republic the ultimate responsibility rests with WE THE PEOPLE. If we, who find this so situation so horrible, don't decide to make fundamental changes in our lives and our use and therefore demand for oil (energy), this is just an prelude to a far greater degradation of the environment and our quality of life. There is a signal here that all of you who might read this need to take heed. These oil companies wouldn't be drilling in these expensive, difficult and dangerous places if they weren't aware that the current level of world wide oil production is nearing Hubbert's Peak and in the very near future there will be a decline in world wide daily oil production to supply the world's demand for oil. Why would BP or any of the other oil companies hire a billion dollar off shore drill rig, pay the owners $300,000 to $600,000 a day to drill in this risky place, to reach a very limited daily oil production if there were other cheaper alternative sites? This blow out is producing, in an uncontrolled and destructive manner, the oil output it would have if it hadn't had the blow out. It is a drop in the bucket of America's daily 10 million barrel demand for oil, to say nothing of the increasing world wide demand. If you readers don't use this as a wake up call to start adapting your life styles to lower energy usage, then you will find when Hubbert's Peak is reached (look this up and educate yourselves), you will be forced to do it and you'll be unprepared. This situation is more than an ecological and environmental tragedy, it is a clear indication that we are in for a personal tragedy as a culture and economy if we don't wake up and see all the implications and reasons for this type of dangerous oil drilling.

Posted by jerry May 26, 10 04:52 PM

Bike, Baby, Bike!

You can start with the one trip close to home, once a week:

For longer trips, several electric automobiles, including cars by Chevrolet and Nissan, will be introduced to the market this year.

And if you need to travel more than 100 miles in a day, a diesel car running on biodiesel will do the job, some of them with greater fuel economy than the most frugal hybrid.

Posted by Rick May 26, 10 04:53 PM

Where is the common sense and caring gone. In this world today things like this should not happen. I could just cry,this is so very sad. Are resources are worth more than that dollar bill in someone's pocket.

Posted by lynda villalpando May 26, 10 04:54 PM

If our president would stay true to his word and take charge of this situation and stop letting Bp run this country.It would have been handled alot faster if this was Califonia's coast.

Posted by Reggie Aucoin May 26, 10 05:04 PM

"Here in Brazil and South America, we may be technologically backward, but people do not have a way of life so degrading as the poor souls of Americans who will end the world."

What is happening to the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil again?

By no means am I disregarding your comment about America consuming wayyyy too much, but to place the sole blame of environmental issues on America is ignorant when huge amounts of deforestation are occurring in your own back yard.

Posted by Steve Waites May 26, 10 05:04 PM

It would be great if our president would stay true to his word and take charge of this situation and stop letting Bp run this country.It would have been handled alot faster if this was Califonia's coast.

Posted by Reggie Aucoin May 26, 10 05:05 PM

das kann doch nicht sein das die das loch nicht zu bekommen haben die den keinen notfall plan für sowas ?
this can't be true that they can't stop this,
dind't they have an emergency plan or something else ?

Posted by jack May 26, 10 05:25 PM

No reason to comment, because anyone with a brain already knows that water can replace petroleum as the energy needed for transportation.

Make this relatively simple substitution and the need for oil would be drastically reduced.

Posted by Max Jerome May 26, 10 05:51 PM

Heads will roll. Those in charge will suffer from their chosen ignorance. And, they'll most likely do what cowards do best and move. These "educated" people with all their fancy PHDs, Masters', and BS in BS, will have to go live with Bin Laden. He's obviously found the only safe place on the planet.

I want to know why BP hasn't put out a call to hire as many hands as possible to work 24/7? They are NOT doing everything possible to fix this catastrophe.

And all the left-win, or extremists, who use this page to spout their disturbed thinking are as useless as society as BP. These fanatics want to stop all fossil fuel use. But, what have you come up with to fix the issue? Have you done ANYTHING for society other than gripe? Only very few have the legs to back it up. Move along to another site with your disturbed opinions.

Posted by Imminent May 26, 10 06:14 PM


Posted by Johnny Gosh May 26, 10 06:21 PM

This is so depressing. I feel dead inside seeing these pictures of the wildlife. This depression started April 20 and has not let up.

Posted by Debi May 26, 10 06:24 PM

See pic#16, oil is on the wrong side of the boom.

Posted by Richard May 26, 10 06:26 PM

Never owned a car in my entire working life because i use the public transportation when it snows and my bike when it is sunny or only rains, but i don't live in the U.S. anymore -- not my lifestyle to concentrate on consuming and consuming and consuming and drinking coffee out of paper cups -- bääää -- tastes awful! Air conditioner when it's very hot? No thanks. Wasting electicity by leaving lights on all day and night? No thanks. Etc., etc., etc. The poor animals have no chance to survive mankind's greed and complacency! The poor, poor animals!

Posted by g.h., in Europe May 26, 10 06:27 PM

Thank you Halliburton! And big thanks to your slimy puppets, Bush and Cheney.

Posted by Neil Harmer May 26, 10 06:52 PM

O M G Ride Ur bike, that will fix all the world's problems! Your bike that is made as much from oil as anything these days. Fact of life for you: Unless you live in a VERY small place, a bike is useless to you except to have one more thing you buy and leave under the stairs and never use. You're going to spend 3-4 hours of your day riding around when you can get there in 15 minutes in your car? Yeah right hypocrite. Maybe if you're a farmer and live 5 minutes from the grocery store down a lonesome country road.

Well more trains then... that run on power...that is generated by oil... Hrm

Oh boy, electric cars will save us... Till we have to charge them from our oil fueled power plants.

Oh, solar power will fix that... If we blanket the planet with solar panels such that they block out all the light ever green living thing will receive, or some large portion of the ocean. (Which are also made with oil products, toxic metals, perhaps cause global warming by so much black surface area which attracts heat, most of which is not absorbed by the solar panel and is radiated off locally.)

Oh, but Nuclear power is the answer! Until the first Nuke spill, then we'll see what REAL environmental damage looks like.

Wind power is an eyesore, kills every kind of flying life ruthlessly, and if we're lucky, might provide 2-3% of our power needs ever.

This leaves I think, hydrogen (Explosively unstable, hard to use without extensive toxic acid batteries), Water powered cars (Not a myth, look up the youtube videos, however water is a scarce resource most places), and some mythical cure-all yet to be discovered.

To sum it up: Everything has a downside, get over it or kill yourself to stop being a problem. This oil will clear up in a couple years, it'll soak into the mud, it'll go back to where it came from. Oil's been here longer than humans. Just imagine if this had been an offshore nuclear power plant, or even better, an ONshore nuclear power plant. We'd have to wait around several hundred years, or thousands of years, for the area to be reusable.

Until all of you "oh America did blah blah" people invent an alternative and clean energy source, you're just as much a problem as the rest of us.

On the plus side, India and China are set to put over 300 coal fired power plants online in the next 2 years. That's way better than oil right? And it's totally the United State's fault too right? Hope you like mercury in your air.

Posted by The Moderight answer May 26, 10 06:56 PM

number 789 -- thank you Jessica ! You won't be alone on that day when no animal inhabits the Earth anymore -- the Earth, our precious Home that we must cherish and treat with deepest reverence and respect. The animals are our faithful friends and we won't rest as long as they suffer.
g.h. in Europe

Posted by g.h. May 26, 10 07:02 PM

Please repost this frequently on any page you go on and post this as your status: - We all need to call the White House Call Line (202) 456-1111 and say the same thing:
"NO MORE OFFSHORE DRILLING. EVER!" By calling, they know what your opinion is. We must act to counter efforts to minimize this disaster. This line is o...pen M-F from ...From the NRDC

Posted by Bethan May 26, 10 07:09 PM

I just love how people are blaming Obama for this.

Hey, folks, it was Bush and Cheney who pushed the Minerals and Mining Service to disregard environmental warnings.

It was Cheney, personally, who developed a behind-doors energy policy that was "drill baby drill."

What the heck do you want Obama to DO?

Posted by Cal Gal May 26, 10 07:09 PM

This is obviously a tragedy of immense proportions, but there is another issue here that this catastrophe is hindering and that is America's move towards energy independence and eventually clean energy implementation. The first step is to work towards becoming independent of foreign oil. We all know that oil is at the root of our troubles in the Middle East and the Islamic world. To do that one of the initial necessary evils would be off shore drilling here in America. The fact that this oil company was negligent in their safety precautions will set us back for decades. We will remain completely dependent on foreign imports until more clean energy becomes realistic and financially feasible. That means more pollution and more trouble in the Middle East. If you really want to do something about this trade in your suburban, take public transportation, and install solar panels at home.

Posted by Rob Bean May 26, 10 07:43 PM

i drive, i'm at fault like everybody else, but I'd like my president to at least appear to care about the largest man made disaster in american history. sending a couple dudes with rakes to the beach is really just not enough.

Posted by jess May 26, 10 07:48 PM

BP, as well as, Mobile, Exxon, etc., are the providers. The government sets the standards. The government should have set higher standards for oil riggs and drilling, while backing the engineering of alternative fuels and vehicles, as well as, decreasing the prices of these hybrids. I would love to have a hybrid vehicle but I can't afford one or any new vehicle for that fact. I am sure I am not the only American that is in this situation. My alternative action is to try to drive less by combining trips or errands. It is all a vicious circle we face. Does anyone have an answer? It breaks my heart to see the animals and environment suffer.

Posted by G. Rose May 26, 10 08:09 PM

.....and we still think that our species is the smartest one...The best thing can happen to our planet is our extinction.

Posted by Mónica May 26, 10 08:24 PM

Not one of you that posted here can claim to be petroleum free. So get off your high horses.

Posted by HPRAY May 26, 10 08:38 PM

MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH and makes me want to cry.

Posted by Alison May 26, 10 08:38 PM

Stop spending money on Mars, and start figuring out how to save our own planet. Alternative energy sources are already available, but government and corporate greed continue to feed the fossil fuel race. As long as the world is run by "the bottom line", we're shooting ourselves in the foot.

Posted by M. Weir May 26, 10 08:40 PM

This is an act of terror.

Posted by Sherry Garbarini May 26, 10 08:53 PM

Those poor animals!!! I'd like to strangle the person who decided to use oil in the first place. I can't believe we did this!!

Posted by Kaelyn Brooks May 26, 10 08:58 PM

AMEN and DITTO to #800 flobiss from Germany May 26, 2010 10:42 AM

Every time I try to take even half a step forward, I end up getting kicked 1000 steps back. It's taken me 41 years to finally realize that "one" human can NOT make a difference. But, if anyone is willing to join me, I will gladly work to take those 1000 steps back in the right direction... FORWARD!

Posted by Samitha May 26, 10 08:59 PM

Wow I knew of the event but it is so much more real to see a visual. Thank you for posting this.

Posted by Antoinette Reyes May 26, 10 09:01 PM

omg sucks for the earth

Posted by Anonymous May 26, 10 09:11 PM

The earth bleeds and it is our hands soaked in her blood......when will we learn? Will greed end us all?

Posted by Marisol May 26, 10 09:11 PM

AT 813 one thing is for a "real" natural disaster to occur and another is for a "man caused" disaster to happen. We seem to have forgotten how to value what GOD gave us, earth and life. Lets go back to the basics and learn to respect, value and take care of mother nature and everything and everyone in it!!!!
STOP the Drilling for crying out loud.

Posted by GEB May 26, 10 09:16 PM


Posted by VALERIE MACKO May 26, 10 09:17 PM

I must disagree with one of your captions. The one where you stated a BP worker is picking up oil, I doubt it seriously he works for BP. He may work for a contractor, that will make Millions off this disaster. BP should have every employee available picking up oil, even if it means shutting down some operations. CEOs and Engineers included. These people have the attitude that they are above this! Halliburton and TransOcean Included, At no profit! These people want African Americans and Mexicans working for pennies to do the Manual labor, while Executives reap huge profits.
Rumor has it that BP would love for a hurricane to come thru so some of the liability would be off their back.

Posted by Jordan Blanchard May 26, 10 09:21 PM

We've had catastrophies in space (Apollo 13) that we've handled better than this. The people of Louisiana have been hit 3 times now, and rather severely. Clearly, if we can't stop this leak in a short period of time, then we shouldn't be drilling for oil underwater. Is it worth it? I don't think so.

We need to rapidly move to other alternatives. If we poured half the money into alternatives energy resources, that we pour into the oil industry, we'd have some impressive results rather quickly.

Posted by Spring, TX May 26, 10 09:23 PM

What a tragedy for all of us! It is so sad to see photos of the critters that are covered in oil.

Posted by Judy Wilson May 26, 10 09:42 PM

All these people going on about Obama should do something; what the hell do you want him to DO? What would you do, all you smartasses? He has to use BP, like it or not; they or their cohorts in the oil business are the ones who might finally find the expertise to stop the flow; you can hardly say he is uncritical of them. Yes, I too am heartbroken about the innocent wildlife, and the people who have lost their livelihoods; I think the feeling of helplessness is the worst thing.

Posted by Elizabeth May 26, 10 09:45 PM

We need to legislate that 50% of Big Oils profits go towards developing clean renewables. Consider that two years of BP profits could make Orbital Solar a reality.

Posted by Craig Gulow May 26, 10 09:58 PM

I pray for our dying oceans caused by our materialist corporations that rape and plunder Gaia. I pray for all of the innocent sea and wildlife that will suffer and die from this mess. I pray for all people that will be affected by this..may our divine creator give us the wisdom and courage to expose and rise against tyranny and honour the divine within!!!....namaste gaia

Posted by LibertyBuddha May 26, 10 10:09 PM

We had the know how to get the oil,therefore,let us use these human brains to develop the enginuity and the know how to stop the leak,and then to develop technology and safe guards to prevent future catastrophes.
Without the oil at present,we are in deep trouble,and with the uncontrtolled release ,we also havedeep trouble.
This leaves us one option ---Repair and stop leak,and develop fail safe methods for drillimg. In addition ,lets begin more on land drilling.
Obama can be blamed for not allowing greater land drilling.
Uncontrolled anger toward oil cos. ,and cease drilling for oil is not the answer. Nor should we blame presidents. We need answers and action

Posted by Morris Clarke May 26, 10 10:22 PM

Thank you to Gerald Herbert and all of the other photographers for using their talents and time to record the BP oil spill! I am a quilter and a member of the Salt Creek Quilters Guild, Illinois. I would like to know if you would be interested in having one (or more) of your photos made into a pictoral quilt. The choice of photos is up to you. The quilt would be entered into various quilt shows and would be used to promote awareness of the consequenses of being an oil dependent nation. I do not know which alternative energy source would be best for the environmennt, for life, but together we may be able to help people think about those choices and help make their opinions count. All and any award money/ profits will go to a USA organization of your choice that is involved in cleaing up the wildlife and environment that has been impacted from the BP oil spill, May 2010.
If you are interested in this project, please contact me at the email address provided. Thank you so much. Arlene

Posted by Arlene May 26, 10 10:24 PM

certainly gives another mening to "drill baby drill"

Posted by king May 26, 10 10:26 PM

very sad.

Posted by Salvador Mtz B May 26, 10 10:30 PM

If Obama cannot stop the flow, he could have the army clean up at last.

Posted by Isabelle May 26, 10 10:32 PM

If I were President, as soon as I learned of this my first order would have been: turn it off in 48 hours or you will be arrested and put in jail, no bail. Instead they allowed BP to have their greedy way to try and salvage the oil, not stop it... and that took precious time.. now since they can't salvage the oil they've begun trying to stop it... a serious flaw in the series of events.. The GOM is over.... we've not even begun to realize the consequenses of this stupidity.

Posted by Get Real May 26, 10 11:22 PM

the oceans, the land, the earth wil recover over time. the same cannot be said for the human race. most of the human race will burn in HELL for its stupidity and ignorance.

Posted by stan posthumus May 26, 10 11:27 PM

Obama will create the Southern Conservation Corps. He will hire 100-200 thousand workers in a make work program during the great currency collapse of 2010.

This mess is truly sad.

Posted by John Q Public May 26, 10 11:39 PM

Very distressing for me right across the world in Australia. I find this absolutely unbelievable. Was there no backup for a disaster of this kind so that it was able to be stopped before the pumping of all this oil into the ocean?

We have had oil leaks here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland from oil tankers in Europe and been very angry and are holding those responsible but nothing like this.

BP should be VERY accountable and noone should be allowed to pump oil unless there is a backup, backup, backup plan in place.

Posted by Esmae May 26, 10 11:45 PM

744 Sarah Palin ? I think you have swallowed too much Gulf water If you want to blame Obama or even the idiot Bush, then go back 31 years when there were similar disasters in the gulf. And in the 31 years since our technology in this area has not improved one dam bit we still use the same skill set learning nothing and demanding less from the companies . No one wants big Government but with this issue ,the coal mining mess ,the Wall street mess et al a blind eye is turned to self regulation . Itdoesnt work at all because of one simple word


Posted by peter May 26, 10 11:47 PM

Human beings are the only organisms on Earth that do not adapt to their environment, but rather adapt our environment to ourselves. As long as we continue to follow these destructive tendencies, or behavior will come back back to bite us in the ass. That whole monologue Hugo Weaving had in "The Matrix" is correct, we are the cancer of this planet.

Posted by Danny P. May 27, 10 12:04 AM

"and where is Barack today? campaign fundraising of course. This makes me sick to my stomach. " realize he said, on national television, that BP needs to "stop the damn leak", right?

"If Obama cannot stop the flow, he could have the army clean up at last."
Okay that's just ignorant. WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR. It's not the army's job to clean up oil! Good freaking lord.

Posted by Christy May 27, 10 12:23 AM

I do not own a car, nor do I own a TV. I do not use pharmaceuticals (another big user of oil). Can't say I'm so good with the plastics yet, but I am keeping an eye out for "plastics" made from other things now. I'm living a healthy, productive, interesting life and I'm 60 years old this year. Now! I'm sick of this sort of thing happening. I think the comment about Obama accepting PAC money from the oil companies is interesting. I'm just reading a book now on subsidies and how many billions of dollars the US and state governments give out to various segments of our society in response to such contributions, including domestic and foreign oil companies. We have GOT to get it together. We are bankrupting ourselves and ruining our land.

Posted by shinetiger May 27, 10 12:27 AM

We've been given this big, beautiful planet, and look what we did to it.

Posted by Looking for Springfield May 27, 10 12:27 AM

Ok. I read the last 100 or so comments and all i am reading is, republicans this, democrats that, poor animals, and it makes me sick. What I dont see is how we can resolve this. A lot of you are trying to tell me that our votes dont matter, and maybe you are right, i dont know and thats why i am not in politics. But when does voting ever stopped us from going out helping. When it was 9/11 we all banded together to help the loved ones lost be found and help their families in time of need, hurricane katrinia same thing. I believe in this saying, "Keep doing what you are doing, to keep getting what you are getting." I think that the people of America really are to comfortable for letting someone else do the "dirty" work. I dont know how to stop an oil spill but i do want to help but ideas and people brainstorming need to start. what the workers are doing isnt really helping so we need a better plan before the, as many of you have said, hurricane season comes and we are in really big trouble. Some ideas on this blog is needed not more bitching about poor this and that. So I am seriously asking what can we do? I am a college student in Missouri and I want to help but i just dont know what. So can an intellegent person tell me what I can do other than pay someone else off to do it. I want to get my hands dirty and help.

Posted by Erika L. May 27, 10 12:30 AM

Increible y magnifico reportaje gráfico, no cabe duda que necesitamos hacer consiencia.

Posted by Yahir Ceballos May 27, 10 12:48 AM

"For the people who think BP doesn't want to plug the well because they will lose money or lose the oil or whatever you believe, you obviously have no clue as to how the Petroleum Industry works, how wells are drilled, how wells are produced, and how oil is refined into products we use every day. BP is doing what they can. The only sure way to stop it is to drill a relief well. While they are doing this they are trying other things to slow or stop the leak.

For the people who say we need to find other energy sources, thats fine and good but obviously you forget (or don't know) that hundreds if not thousands of products (especially plastics) are made with some form of petroleum (Google it).

So all of you bashing the oil industry, please park your cars, trucks & SUV's, put down your bottled water, your Starbuck coffee etc immediately. You better walk, baby walk. "

By Scott

Posted by Right May 27, 10 01:00 AM

OMG esto es espantoso muy triste y lo peor es que nosotros los humanos lo provocamos, de verdad que asta pena y verguenza me da, pobres animalitos = (

Posted by martha May 27, 10 01:05 AM

In reply to Wendy Forster...she says "greed" who is the greedy one? If the U.S. had strict rules that the Europeans have, none of this would have happened. U.S. guidelines are lacking strict rules, in this horrendous mess to the planet. Quit pointing fingers and start working together without provocation to BP. They are doing the best they can with too many regulatory bodies stepping in too late. The poor animals and the lively hood of people in this vast area are all in need of the global community. Things will never be the same. Robb J.

Posted by Robb Johnson May 27, 10 01:10 AM

I just want to say that as far as the planet is concerned, humans haven't been very productive. We've really done a number on her. And you and I will be gone before she goes, so lets take a moment to reflect on that simple fact. We will die first. The mother will outlive the children. Did you know that most hospice patients want to be in a room facing west to watch the sunset? Not the plasma tv. Maybe if we could realize just how brief a lifetime is it could become something more.

Posted by RickLevy May 27, 10 01:36 AM

Seriously, how the hell is this Obama's fault -- or any politician's fault? You really think he wouldn't stop it if he was Superman?? We're all having to depend upon BP to fix this, because they are the only ones who can (hopefully). Obama is at their mercy on this, too. And we need to take some of the blame for being so dependent on oil. We really are assholes and don't deserve this beautiful planet. All our cars, plastic products, and families having 19 kids -- that is just all of us being greedy.

My biggest immediate concern is that the fix is easier than BP is letting on. Are they avoiding a permanent fix because they are stalling to find a way to keep sucking up the oil in that location?

Posted by PamelaKL May 27, 10 02:02 AM

These photos made me cry inside. After surviving the levee failures after Katrina I've just been hiding my head in the sand. If the CEO et all of B.P. are not bankrupt and imprisoned for many years after this then I call upon all conservative, liberals, and libertarians to finally come together to hold them and all our politicians accountable. Anything less would be a travesty of justice.

The Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are equal to us individuals for elections. If that's the case then they should be equal to us when it comes to criminal justice. You or I would be paying for this for the rest of our lives. So should the CEO and Board of Directors.

Paul Harris
Author, "Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina"

Posted by Paul Harris May 27, 10 02:23 AM

I am disgusted, WHO did this needs to be punished, those poor animals our environment and for what MONEY !

Posted by Sally Jay May 27, 10 02:55 AM

We needed this. We also need $8 a gallon gas. We may be the richest country on earth but we have quickly become one of the dumbest. We love our lifestyles and our perks and especially love to think that we are different, but we aren't. We lie to ourselves and say that we deserve what we have in life. Everybody else lies to us, the government is owned by big oil and other businesses, and we are generally too lazy to do anything except point fingers and blame everyone but ourselves.

The only time we even care is when there is a mega disaster. So yeah, I hope this continues gushing for months. Maybe this time people will actually get off their asses and do something positive instead of complaining all the time. What a country of whiners. I hope it goes all the way up the East Coast.

Posted by Hugh May 27, 10 02:57 AM

These seems like Kuwait 1988.Is this Saddam Hussein's curse?:-)

Posted by papasandmamas May 27, 10 03:10 AM

Just says "ride your bike" or "walk" won't do - most people in UC will simply climb into their SUVs and Hummers and V8s and drive to the corner store for a slurpee. The BEST way, most Efficient, most EFFECTIVE, most Democratic way to make sure people reduce their oil consumption is - OIL TAX. Pure and simple. Anything else skirts the real issue, allows loopholes, is inefficient. TAX gas/oil and make it HIGH enough to pay for the True costs. Ask any economist. Ask any european. Call your gov-t rep and TELL them that you support the GAS TAX!

Posted by AJ May 27, 10 03:20 AM

Don't you know that US gov is Illuminati puppet? whoever wins the election, they all work for the same 'big boss'. Their main job is to reduce world population, destroying the environment, etc. Shame on us. Money is root of all evildoers.

Posted by ST May 27, 10 04:12 AM

you destroyed everything

Posted by andrew May 27, 10 04:29 AM

"Spill, baby, spill!" On this page appear 39 photos of the devastation wreaked upon the Gulf of Mexico by the 20 April Deepwater Horizon disaster. Thirty-nine images of the vale of death we have made for countless living things. Thirty-nine pictures of an ecosystem wrecked, waters iridescent with oil, islands and marshes smeared and stained with viscous petroleum. Thirty-nine images that should be printed, enlarged and plastered across every oil company boardroom and every environmental regulator's office across the United States. Thirty-nine reasons never again to trust corporations or their apologists. Thirty-nine reasons to prosecute and imprison the executives and regulators who let this happen. Thirty-nine reasons to leave the car in the garage and walk to the grocery store, bicycle to work, take the bus to the game. Thirty-nine reminders that if we don't learn from this and force fundamental changes, we have no right to hope for better than the hell we are making of this former paradise, our world.

Posted by Phronemophile May 27, 10 04:31 AM

Obviously, it is a hugh disaster. We could be on here all day placing will get us nowhere. Does anyone have solutions, suggestions, ways to help? Bitch to yourselves, bring resolutions to the table!

Posted by Connie May 27, 10 04:54 AM

So most of you say we should cut on our wasteful lifestyle. I honour that. I'm glad to know that everyone is finaly opening their eyes to the impact we have. But I would just like to know how is cutting on oil, use of plastic and many other harmful stuff going to make a differance. We all know that statistacly there is about 25000 births a day vs 9000 deaths. So that leaves us with a population groth of about 16000 new born a day. So lets say each baby is given somethig basic like a milk bottle to suck on. That is 16000 bottles per day extra made of plastic. Hmmmmm... Now lets say we cut on all these things you guys say. Which I gladly comply but what difference is it going to make in the long run. This oil spill, human error could have been avoided, I agree. Steps should have been taken. Where were the inspectors when the drilling was done. Put that aside and I ask you guys the geustion. How many of you know about the pacific garbage patch? Another example of how our lives are shaping the enviroment. Why doesn't anyone say anything about that? Plastic fills our ocean twice the size of mexico. Killing more ocean life than the oil spill for the moment and its making its way into our lifestock as we speak. We're not just poisoning the planet but ourselves aswell. Everyone is just so ignorant and self sentered. I hope that this oil spill gets resolved soon unlike the pacific garbage patch that will never be resolved. And for the hurricane senario, lets leave that for God to decide and if it does occur than take it as a warning that nature will turn our mistakes against us eventualy. My blessings to those affected and willing to do something about it. Regards from Africa - the smallest consumers in the world :)

Posted by Frogger May 27, 10 06:03 AM

I am heartsick and nauseated looking at these photos. Please God take out of BPs hands and into Government and those who care to make the best effort possible restoration to clean up.

Posted by Citrine Cool May 27, 10 07:47 AM

BP must be sued to the full extent of this disaster! If they only have to pay 75 milion which is the capped amount by US law, Im betting and hope there will be mass protests.

Posted by Dutchboy May 27, 10 08:00 AM

boycott BP permanently...
its called voting with your wallet
if you havent caught on, from the last few presidential elections, no other vote counts
big corporations vote with their wallets daily in the form of lobbyists
do the same....

Posted by john May 27, 10 08:11 AM

Why do people think Bush had anything to do with this? Didn't BP lobby not to have safety features installed in the oil rigs because of the cost? Isn't it the corrupt state senators and representatives that passed the bill not have the safety cutt off valve installed?
And isn't it sad the world has to learn how to correct the problem at the expense of the Louisiana coast line?
And with all the people on welfare, why doesn't BP hire them to pick up the oil on the coast? Oh, I forgot the government has made the people lazy who are on welfare. They can't get out of their air conditioning, stop talking on their free cell phones and off the couch to work.

Posted by Virginia Dean May 27, 10 08:31 AM

Quel désastre! Honte a l'homme.

Posted by Stéphane May 27, 10 08:43 AM

It is easy to cast blame for this horrible disaster - it's BP's fault, it's George Bush's fault, it's the fault of corporate greed, whatever. But you know who's really at fault here? Look in the mirror, sunshine. At the end of the day, each one of us has to accept some level of blame by continuing to fuel the market for oil.

Do you drive a car? Then you're partly to blame. Do you have any plastic products in your home whatsoever? Then you are as guilty as anyone.

We all drive cars or take public transit (which runs on oil). We all buy stuff made out of plastic. We all wear synthetic clothes and shoes, we all go to Wal-Mart for deals on cheap crap that came here from Bangkok on a ship that burns oil. We wash our hair with shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle (made from oil) and put on deodorant (which comes in a plastic container) each and every day. Heck, I'm typing this rant on a plastic keyboard that was made from oil, and you're probably reading it on a plastic computer with an LCD screen. They're made with oil too. That makes every single one of us - you too - collectively responsible for those birds and turtles and dragonflies dying.

Stop casting blame and start looking at how we're all screwing up the world we live in. Until we are willing to change the way we live, we will only keep doing this again and again. I'm not saying we all go back to wearing loin cloths and hunt our own food, but reduce our demand for oil by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Posted by Symmetre May 27, 10 08:59 AM

I thought our president was Green.
But, hey, drill baby, drill, is the modum operandi, of the day.
Where was the oversite of the Minerals and Management Department
for the last one and a half years? Certainly, not Green.
And if the average American does not reduce his petroleum and
coal consumption henceforth,nature as it existed for millenium
will be no more.

Posted by SAM May 27, 10 09:08 AM

This from Our Lady Of The Roses web site. Much more where this came from.

"There will be more floods with death, more volcano eruptions with death, more accidents that are not accidents, until you will surely come to your senses and realize that there is a higher power working at this time to bring you to your knees." - Our Lady of The Roses, June 18, 1986

The cover-up of BP's gulf coast oil rig explosion and the looming environmental mega-disaster...

WMR has been informed by sources in the us army corps of engineers, federal emergency management agency (FEMA), and Florida Department of Environmental Protection that the Obama White House and British Petroleum (BP), which pumped $71,000 into Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign — more than John McCain or Hillary Clinton, are covering up the magnitude of the volcanic-level oil disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico and working together to limit BP’s liability for damage caused by what can be called a “Mega-Disaster.”

Posted by Anonymous May 27, 10 09:13 AM

Maybe someone should call a Waaaaambulance. Yes it sux, and I think that someone or someones should be tried in a criminal court, but it is not as bad as it could have been. The winds have been kind and the enviroment will recover. The Exxon Valdez was worse and it didn't take nearly as long as predicted for the coast to recover. The real travesty is that it occurred in the first place because of poor decisions and poor safety backup systems. I.E. a relief well could have already been put in place BEFORE they started to extract oil. Put any nuclear power plant engineer in charge of all these new Regulations and this won't happen again.

We need oil all you environuts.......even your crocs and tents are made out of it.

Posted by Mr Spock May 27, 10 09:17 AM

What if Obama told the people: 'hey, any oil you collect you can keep and sell back to BP for $2 a gallon'. Would that help the cleanup efforts?

Posted by Cow May 27, 10 09:26 AM

I think BP should have their lisence to operate revoked after they have been made to clean up this mess. Lets see if the USA really has the balls to punish the people responsible for this or does the USA only have the balls when it comes to invading countries.

Posted by Bill Dobie May 27, 10 09:36 AM

We reap what we sow. You want cheap gas, you risk this.

Posted by David Remsen May 27, 10 09:38 AM

Who is running the clean-up? Aren't offshore emergencies the responsibility of the federal government?

Posted by Outraged by inaction May 27, 10 09:44 AM

That's just sad.....-_________- BP you have to hurry!!

Posted by pablo May 27, 10 09:46 AM

This is all wrong i feel bad for those animals... imagine that was you Im Sad look at the poor turttle. poor animal spieces there diying

Posted by Nathaly May 27, 10 09:48 AM

This is just too sad. BP should really clean up there act. The oil is just hurting these poor animals. What would you do if you were those animals out there dying and stuck and trying there best to survive. What they are trying to do in my opinion theyare just making it worst. These are one of the reasons why the animal species are swiftly dying out

Posted by Abigail and Davenia May 27, 10 09:48 AM

Shame on us! Shame on our dependence for oil produced products,Shame on our so called regulators in the back pockets of Big Oil. I live in Daytona Beach, Fl. "The world's most beautiful beach". The spill hasn't reached us yet. Though I cry for those already affected. I hear the words from Christ, "Forgive the lord, for they know not what they do"

Posted by cj May 27, 10 09:57 AM

And how many of you crybabies have stopped driving?

Posted by Krue May 27, 10 10:03 AM

I think BP was using techniques that would eventually enable them to restart the well. Why didn't they use the latest "Top Kill" method in the beginning??

Posted by Ted Sorce May 27, 10 10:03 AM

On a political note (not that this is political at all!!) I am a republican, and I do not blame Obama for this, nor do I question his handling of it at this point. However, do you think it would be the same from Dems if Bush was still in office? Remember how he was blamed for Katrina and his handling? And Katrina was a natural disaster. The levels of hypocrisy amaze me.

Posted by Tad Royster May 27, 10 10:04 AM

BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I don't see any of you at the coast helping. You just sit in your little computer room and complain, complain, complain. I feel sorry for all of you that act as if you actually give a dam* but do nothing. These are just words that have little meaning til you act. I know I'm not going to give up my car, my house, my lifestyle because of an accident in the Gulf. And neither will the majority of you. So stop all of this Bitching! This will be cleaned up and we will go about our days as usual, that is, until the next major disaster comes along and people start throwing mud in all directions trying to make themselves feel better than everyone else!!!!

Posted by Jimmy May 27, 10 10:09 AM

How very sad to see all the beauty God created being destroyed!! It makes my heart and stomach sick. We all need to change our way of living, think twice about what we purchase and what we do with it. God forgive us for being so selfish and not taking care of that which you have blessed us! Help us to use the brains you gave us to solve this current disaster and prevent it from happening again. Oh, how very heartbreaking to see these precious creatures and the beauty of the land and water !

Posted by Evelyn May 27, 10 10:11 AM

AMEN and DITTO to #800 flobiss from Germany May 26, 2010 10:42 AM

Every time I try to take even half a step forward, I end up getting kicked 1000 steps back. It's taken me 41 years to finally realize that "one" human can NOT make a difference. But, if anyone is willing to join me, I will gladly work to take those 1000 steps back in the right direction... FORWARD!

Posted by Samitha May 27, 10 10:24 AM

now we know what happened 3 years ago in new orleans

Posted by bk May 27, 10 10:24 AM

You think it's bad now, just wait until a Hurricane blows through there, there will be oil all over the Southeast.

Posted by John May 27, 10 10:30 AM

I have to buy a fishing license to fish in these waters, it's MADNESS I tell you. The oil companys & the gov't it's all about profits for them. We the people keep paying & paying, when will this MADNESS end. We need alternative energy now! Read up on Nikola Tesla people, open your eyes! The gov't has kept him a seceret

Posted by bluesman May 27, 10 10:31 AM

This is only the second major accident in over 70 years of off-shore drilling. There are currently 700+ oil rigs floating in the Gulf of Mexico, and many oil rigs have survived extreme weather including hurricanes. I'd say that's a pretty good track record. I think a more important question to ask is: Why are we drilling off-shore to begin with? We have plenty of energy reserves on the mainland. However, these have been blocked by environmental groups. Does anyone think that an accident on dry land would be as difficult to contain as one that is 100 miles off the coast and mile under water? Finally, anyone who criticizes others for over-using petroleum products should stop and take a look in the mirror. Aside from the obvious gasoline used to power cars, crude oil is used in a plethora of other products used daily, including make-up (for the ladies), most anything made of plastic, and the roads you drive on. Stop using anything petroleum related and then we can discuss my living habits.

Posted by whoisthetrizzle? May 27, 10 10:32 AM

terrible tragedia ojala el hombre pensara mas en esta realidad ,, debe haber una forma de ayudar que no sea solo ver las fotos ...

Posted by mary May 27, 10 10:35 AM

This solution was raised shortly after everything started. We tried it as a small test ourselves in the backwaters on some trapped boomed oil and it worked. Unfortunately, the local government said they had things under control and wouldn't help us get the hay or provide a barge for our shredder to shoot the material out.

Posted by Paul May 27, 10 10:51 AM

No one is above blame. You who blame others, blame yourself. Just because you don't use oil, does not mean you are not to blame. You did not stop or try to stop the use of oil. To sit silent amidst crisis and do nothing is idle sin. This is why we must take precautions, to work for the greater good. We must take up arms together! None shall stand alone, as we must save the ecosystem. Else we shall wander blindly to the inferno which shall consume us.

Posted by The thinker May 27, 10 10:52 AM

Well said Jerry.

"My comments are not to diminish the environmental disaster this oil spill represents. But there is another and far greater disaster this oil spill is "red flagging". We have to understand the full implications of this tragedy. The culprits are all of us, the quality of the leaders you and I voted into positions of power and leadership (these "leaders" after all have been given our permission through voting to direct our lives) and the oil companies that naturally want to make as much profit as possible from their efforts to fill our demands for oil (including skating on safety regulations and poor oversight by our "leaders"). But in a democratically elected representative Republic the ultimate responsibility rests with WE THE PEOPLE. If we, who find this so situation so horrible, don't decide to make fundamental changes in our lives and our use and therefore demand for oil (energy), this is just an prelude to a far greater degradation of the environment and our quality of life. There is a signal here that all of you who might read this need to take heed. These oil companies wouldn't be drilling in these expensive, difficult and dangerous places if they weren't aware that the current level of world wide oil production is nearing Hubbert's Peak and in the very near future there will be a decline in world wide daily oil production to supply the world's demand for oil. Why would BP or any of the other oil companies hire a billion dollar off shore drill rig, pay the owners $300,000 to $600,000 a day to drill in this risky place, to reach a very limited daily oil production if there were other cheaper alternative sites? This blow out is producing, in an uncontrolled and destructive manner, the oil output it would have if it hadn't had the blow out. It is a drop in the bucket of America's daily 10 million barrel demand for oil, to say nothing of the increasing world wide demand. If you readers don't use this as a wake up call to start adapting your life styles to lower energy usage, then you will find when Hubbert's Peak is reached (look this up and educate yourselves), you will be forced to do it and you'll be unprepared. This situation is more than an ecological and environmental tragedy, it is a clear indication that we are in for a personal tragedy as a culture and economy if we don't wake up and see all the implications and reasons for this type of dangerous oil drilling."

Posted by Justin Ellis May 27, 10 11:09 AM

Thank you for these photographs! The last 37 days I have felt sad and sick from this DEEPWATER DISASTER but now I am angry! What right do a few powerful people and powerful companies have to make decisions for the rest of the planet's population? How greedy can they be? 25 million birds pass this way on their migration, marine life reproduces in saltwater marshes. Thousands of locals will now be unemployed. The economy in this area shattered. I have written over 40 letters to 'important people' you know them, the ones who make the decisions for all the rest of us! I've
googled the top 100 newspapers and written letters to editors.

Posted by Laura May 27, 10 11:12 AM

Has anyone heard of the video by a couple of farmers who showed how hay, yes hay, can absorb oil and then be picked out of the water leaving clean water behind?????
This would be an environmetally safe remedy, massive and costly yes, but is it not so now??

Posted by Lil May 27, 10 11:13 AM

Do you people know that oil leaks into the ocean constantly ALL over the Earth? They said Alaska would not be the same EVER, and look at it now. The Earth is MADE to withstand anything. You and your cracker jack ideas of riding bikes and not driving, PLEASE! Does anyone complain about the hot lava that burns wildlife from a volcano? Does anyone complain about earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes that kill wildlife? NOPE! But EVERYONE wants to point fingers at SOMEONE and then throw their water bottle in a recycling bin because they are doing there part. BS!

Posted by Roman May 27, 10 11:20 AM

Too bad we don't have a repulican president. If we did, the media and all you envronmental wack jobs would have raised such a fuss that it was Bush's fault, there would have been a response to this. Instead, Obama is using this as a "teachable moment". Never let a crisis go to waste, instead of action to reduce the impact of this disaster, we get a lot of finger pointing and no action. The A hole only knows how to bitch and not how to actually do anything. Our Government can't protect the borders or the environment, yet they can run our heath care, right.

Posted by Gary May 27, 10 11:31 AM

these are some sad pictures.

Posted by mathew May 27, 10 11:34 AM

this really stinks for all the animals that are dying. We really need to save them.

Posted by JHI May 27, 10 11:39 AM

This is why the government should allow US land drilling. (On oil rich restricted land.) A incident such as thing would not have happened.

Posted by Cindy Adams May 27, 10 11:48 AM

I would like all the famous stars ie. Ellen Degeneres, Harry Connick Jnr etc to speak up ASAP, the way they did after Hurricane Katrina. This will be as devastating to the people of LA as the hurricane. Just because you can't see the people suffer, the environment will suffer immensely, thereafter the people, all people will eventually suffer. If you don't give a damn about the environment, give a damn about you kids & the generations thereafter. Let's get on it!

Posted by Peita Schafer May 27, 10 11:50 AM

Embarrassing to be part of the human race.

Posted by Pablo May 27, 10 11:55 AM

At what point will it stop being Bush's fault? The current administration cannot be faultless forever.

Posted by Tom May 27, 10 11:59 AM

My prayers first of all, go out to the 11 workers who lost there lives and to there families. BP ultimitly should be the ones responsile for this situation with the clean up and capping the leak. Although, from the beginning efforts should have been made from the federal goverment (Obama Admin) to take leadershipship also in addressing this. All that was said from Obama was "BP will be responsible for this" So post 912, yes it is what it is, Obama has no leadership as his track records showed this before he was voted in with no experience and no moral values. Wake up America!

Posted by avery May 27, 10 11:59 AM

I offer thanks to all the men and women who have put their lives into the cause and are out there trying to clean up this disaster - our universal disaster.

Posted by Lisa Lacroix (Canada) May 27, 10 11:59 AM

My prayers first of all, go out to the 11 workers who lost there lives and to there families. BP ultimitly should be the ones responsile for this situation with the clean up and capping the leak. Although, from the beginning efforts should have been made from the federal goverment (Obama Admin) to take leadershipship also in addressing this. All that was said from Obama was "BP will be responsible for this" So post 912, yes it is what it is, Obama has no leadership as his track records showed this before he was voted in with no experience and no moral values. Wake up America!

Posted by avery May 27, 10 12:00 PM

I didn't realize the seriousness of this spill until just recently....(shame on me), however this is unbelieveable and very, very sad, especially for those who reside in the area...I don't know how or when this will be fixed or resolved, but I will continue to pray that God will intervene and help us all. We can continue to point the finger, but is it helping?, has the leak stopped as a result? We all know the answer to that....God Bless!...BP hurry!!!.....and God Bless you too

Posted by Mz. Jay May 27, 10 12:05 PM

a real heart breaker indeed!

Posted by Anonymous May 27, 10 12:07 PM

This is a shame but no where near the worst oil spill. Check out the 1979 Gulf oil spill that lasted 9 months before it was stopped. This spill will have to last 700 weeks before it reaches that magnitude. The Gulf survived in 1979, it will survive this one

Posted by Bill May 27, 10 12:08 PM

whatever happened to the man who invented the h2o for fuel did someone kill 'em or whatever happened to the project was it altogether liquidated?

Posted by Anonymous May 27, 10 12:09 PM

why must louisiana and our gulf coast suffer again from our
federal govt's mistakes. we don't care about red or blue;
dems or replubs ; east or west; north or south ; bush or obama;
right or wrong. just fix this damn thing like you would if it were
located in the northeast or the west coast. we are part of
this country too. we should have the same level of support.

louisiana and gulf coast

Posted by selser May 27, 10 12:13 PM

This is all due to Obama's greed. He is too weak to stand up to the government and teacher's unions and police and firefighter unions, who's pensions reap billions and billions from these oil company profits. I am tired of all the hypocrite posters on here that type about how they "cry" when they see the pictures, but I bet you laugh and laugh when your fat pensions go up and up with the price of energy. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I think that companies should be required to provide housing for their workers. So say you teach at a school that requires 50 teachers, there should be dormitory style housing for 50 families. It would of course be reasonable to offer a lower salary considering that all housing is provided. I bet the cafeteria could be expanded to serve the working families as well at a cost savings to everyone. And all of this would lessen the need for OIL and the CARS that have to run on it. Face it, if you have a guest room, you're part of the problem. If you have a "den" you're part of the problem. If you have 3.5 baths, you're part of the problem. How can we learn to share the resources of the planet if we cant even teach our own family how to share a bathroom? Closets full of clothes for every occasion. 20 pairs of shoes. When's the last time you ate at a restaurant or a DRIVE through? I can't remember the last time I did, but I bet you can. Try a grocery store, or better yet, pick up a shovel and PLANT something to eat. It's time to do without. I DARE you to get rid of your computer. I'm using a public one at the library. After I'm done here, I'll go READ A BOOK. Oh my gosh! Something that doesn't take batteries or a wall charger!

Posted by Scott May 27, 10 12:16 PM

What have we done to prevent these man-made catastrophes? Almost nothing. We can decrease individual consumption all we want. It is a lost cause so long as we keep increasing the number of consumers.

After reading the comments, I am struck by the fact that no one has mentioned the root cause for our environmental degradation: OVERPOPULATION.

I was born in 1934.
In 1934, US population was126 million
In 2010, US population is 309 million.
We have added 182 million people since I was born.
Our population is now 2.45 times what it was when I was born.

What one person consumes is a small part of the problem.
Think about it.

Posted by Donald B. Roberts May 27, 10 12:37 PM

Florida, Stand Up!

Required reading for all Florida legislators of all ranks who are in favor of off-shore drilling in the Gulf should be Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. This is an old book but that carries a new and prophetic message. If we, as an American people, cannot rein in our use or overuse of fossil fuels, we will return to a time when there were no grouper, no Gulf shrimp. Farewell Key West. Since the lower forms of life in the Gulf are the most sensitive to the environment, the larger forms of life will perish. The beaches that once were bread to our tourist industry will grow hard and encrusted with petroleum. We will never again be a place desired to get a way to, instead we will need to get away. Money isn’t everything. Is it? Oh, by the way, read Carson’s The Sea Around Us and The Edge of the Sea and Under the Sea Wind and please remember, these fine books do not have to become our ancient history. Nor does our precious River of Grass. So stand up for our Florida, for where you stand now was once sea. Martha Cain, Tampa
Martha Cain

Posted by Anonymous May 27, 10 12:47 PM

BP and all the other oil companies are to blame for this mess. They sold a pack of lies to the goverment that they could contain a worse case scenario. This BOP (blowout preventer) that was suppose to work is a joke.
Such a device should have been designed to allow remote testing on a regular basis. If the test every failed to close the flow then the well should have been permanently sealed before it blew up.

Posted by Richard West Hartford, CT May 27, 10 12:51 PM

I have an idea...instead of complaining and whining about who's fault this is and why making money and capitalism and oil is going to further ruin your already miserable life, why don't you take off down to the coast and see if you can volunteer to help clean up. I bet if everyone who sits and posts about how this disaster is going to end the world would get from behind their computers and pitch in to help clean up then we might make this seemingly impossible effort not so impossible.

Posted by BTT May 27, 10 12:52 PM

HYPOCRITES ONE AND ALL..... Poor birds, poor fish, poor coast line blah, blah blah. If you realy want to have an impact, sell your car, turn off your AC, turn off your plasma tv, turn of your computer, yea this one! Grow your own food. Walk to-from work, let your kids walk to school. And soccer, and cheerleading. Stop using disposable diapers. Or baby formula. Or wearing synthetic fabrics. Don't use your washer, or dryer. Cry your lawn with a reel type mower. Shovle your drive, and park the snow thrower. Once your AC is off, don't use a fan either. If your not ready to do this, then your words are baseless.

Posted by Pedro Schilavsky May 27, 10 12:53 PM

soy ing quimico trabajo en poza rica ver, mexico
me dedico a recibir desechos de perforacion que incluyen agua, lodo y aceite y descargamos el agua tratada al rio. Pero estas imagenes me tienen muy preocupada el aceite no desaparece de la noche a la mañana, se necesita mucha ayuda para ir limpiando el derrame.

Posted by nora alicia May 27, 10 12:54 PM

Comment 898 is right. Tho this is a terrible disaster, the fact of the matter is that we have ALL caused this. Our dependency on oil is sad, but it's reality. Some retard commented "humans are evil", we are trying to live. We are just going about this the wrong way. If you want someone to blame for this, point your finger at yourself...I am

Posted by Macphisto May 27, 10 01:12 PM

THIS IS MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Someone needs to do SOMETHING!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 27, 10 01:16 PM

Oh my goodness, the calamity of it all. Humans are the scourge of evolution and mother earth should have stopped with the apes. Puhleaze, get a grip everybody. Yes, the last very liberal estimate of 40 million gallons of oil that has spewed into the gulf is bad for the ecosystem but it represents a minuscule fraction of the 643 quadrillion gallons of water that the gulf holds. The ecosystem will recover and much faster than the scaremongers want you to believe (READ: and Who was it that said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste…it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” Oh yeah, it was Rohm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff.... This is all about political power and control, people, it is just that simple. The only question that we all need to answer for ourselves is whether or not we are going to allow the politicians in both parties to use this situation to take away even more of our liberties. Personally, I choose to look at the bright side of the situation, this incident will lead to the development of more efficient and safer technologies to explore for and recover oil and natural gas in the future, and that, is a very good thing.

Posted by Greg May 27, 10 01:23 PM

This is what happens when corporations rule our governments . . . greed always trumps any sense of the "common good" . . . can we really be so surprised or incensed when they so casually plunder the planet? The CEOs are still making their multi-million dollar salaries and sitting back awaiting their bonuses while we taxpayers bear the burden once again. And so it goes. The Supreme Court just voted to increase corporate power over our government. Now that they have almost all the power, they will never surrender it and this type of travesty will never end

Posted by Kristin May 27, 10 01:25 PM

I proudly ride my bike and i know this is the end of the world 2012. In the Bible is says and the seas will become red. The seas are now turning red....

Posted by Etienne Pushkin-Shea May 27, 10 01:33 PM

I wonder how many of these comments have been sent via iphone bought from Apple stores that keep their massive doors open in summer while blasting air conditioning. Waste is everywhere; point it out; make it a social obligation; use shame. We have to lower our dependance on crude oil for this and many other reasons.

Posted by martin May 27, 10 01:45 PM

We are already dead.

Posted by Sick, tired, and lonely May 27, 10 01:49 PM

It's amazing that we can build a space station and have money to put men in the moon ,but are unable to clean up an oil spill......makes you wonder how many people are pointing the finger at each other ,and how many are willing to pay and be responsible for the spill. Meanwhile ....everything around it ,is dying . How will this effect our food-chain?? Countries are offering to help, what is the real reason other countries are not being allow to help?

Posted by B.Watson May 27, 10 02:25 PM

read one, stop bitching and come up with a solution, I have talked to many people about pumping cement or pumping drilling mud to stop it sense the beginning,38 days later and all of our seafood industry later ,theyre gonna try it, BP, the US government ,the state of Louisiana's government, are all to blame for the time wasted in finding a solution,bp caused it and these other agencies shouldve stepped in and gotten it stopped.

Posted by Todd May 27, 10 02:34 PM

BP= Bad Polluters

Posted by Howard Katz May 27, 10 02:36 PM

To those of you who have yet to realize it; the human species is a metastasized cancer on this planet. Too bad. It was a really nice place once.

Posted by Deuxdad May 27, 10 02:41 PM

What is as sad as the oil ruining out natural beautiful shore line is the fact that they were CAPPING the well when the explosion happened. Why in the world are they drilling for oil and not using it? Is it because our US Government wants to deplete the oil from the rest of the world first so we can then charge outrageous prices per barrell when they run out? THINK ABOUT IT! I may not be the smartest person in the world, but this makes no sense to me. If you drilling for oil, USE IT.

Posted by Marie Walters May 27, 10 02:46 PM

I like "Symmetre's" comments about our personal responsibility for these problems.
I feel that the best I can do is take personal responibility. Ways that I do that are:
*I use as little plastic as possible.
*I never step foot in stores like Wal-Mart.
*I live as basic, simple and ecological lifestyle as possible.
*I buy foods in bulk and store them in reused containers (glass jars).
*I refill the same shampoo bottle again and again at my local food co-op
*I use mineral rocks for deoderant. One lasts for years and uses next-to-no packaging.
*I buy everything as locally as possible--especially food.
*I grow as much of my own food as possible and forage for other food and medicine in the wild (responsibly).
*I do not use pharmacutical drugs.
Yes--this all makes a difference and it's the best I can do!

Posted by Sherri Glebus May 27, 10 02:50 PM

Now that we have solved the problem on how to do it rom the past 1000 or so post let's let BP go back to work and solve this damn mess! None of us like this at all and are pissed but someone = BP and volunteers go back to work on this problem as it isn't the only oil leak we have and I know I won't be helping them, yes I'll pray but that is all

Posted by Bob May 27, 10 03:04 PM

We need to pray. Ask God to help us! He will hear us if we cry out! We need divine intervention!

Posted by Stephanie C. May 27, 10 03:05 PM

My heart goes out to those in the Gulf area.

Posted by Carol May 27, 10 03:05 PM

It's so hard to look at these photographs and take it in, I mean really take it in. But we must all take it in, so that a tragedy like this can never happen again. It is not our right to spoil the homes of other living beings. It never has been our right and it never will be our right. There will be serious karma to pay for this.
"The meek shall inherit the Earth."
God help us!

Posted by Brigetta May 27, 10 03:05 PM

I'm so upset with our Government for allowing this to go on for 36 days. What does it take for them to realize the size and effects of this disaster? HELLO? It breaks my heart to see our coastlines ruined and those innocent animals die because we sit idly by and let BP "try" to do something. BP only cares about BP! Why did we not use our Navy and Coast Guard to do something 36 days ago?

Posted by Alisha May 27, 10 03:27 PM

How many of you good people that are critizicing the petroleum industry ,that you know nothing about, are going to be in South Louisiana helping to clean this mess up????? None probably. You make me sick at my stomach. We are here up to our necks trying to clean as much as we can, and you "good people" are sitting at your computers whining and beating your chest and bragging about how you are such friends of the environment. Park your SUVs, turn off your lights and air conditioners, and start eating tree bark OR SHUT UP.

Posted by Nelson May 27, 10 03:30 PM

Oil & gas. People what would you do without it? Oil and gas is in your life and in everything you do. The oil companies will not go away as the oil and gas industry is the most powerful intity in the world. We have gone to war over it. The politicians that we are supposed to elect into office is paid by oil giants. (donations. etc. etc.). The business I am in covers all markets but guess who is my biggest client base, the oil and gas industry. The owner of the the company I work for will call me ask why business may be slow at times. I ask him, do you know where the price of oil and gas is and he says what about our other markets. I then ask what part of our life does not require this product in it. Oil and gas is used as an energy source to produce most all products made. Oil and gas is in thousands of products. And last but not least it is used to transport every product known to man. With that said since oil and gas is not going away any time soon, we need to make sure disasters such as this does not happen again. BP needs to be made accountible for their actions or lack of safety precautions. Short cuts are made by all. This is when catrastrophies happen. I am not an engineer but there are ways to prevent this from happening again. The question will be, is BP or any other oil giant willing to pay for this added safety. Truth be told the answer is no.
We as a nation need to stand up and force the government to take action against these most powerful corporations. Yes the environment will be back to its old self eventually as we know where oil and gas come from. It will take time for this to happen but it will happen. Until then we need to buckle down and make voices heard.

Posted by k staff May 27, 10 03:33 PM


Posted by Pinch May 27, 10 03:37 PM

It's foolish to say that humans are a "cancer" on the planet. In fact, we are the plantet's most valuable, natural resource. Unlike any other species, we clean up our messes. We help other species to survive. We will survive this, too -- and so will wildlife.

Posted by Kristin May 27, 10 03:38 PM

hace ya unos cuantos años pasé los días de navidad limpiando fuel en las costas de Galicia ( Spain). Toneladas de grasienta brea sacadas con nuestras manos, cientos de lágrimas derramadas cada mañana al ver que la playa volvía a estar llena de brea.
Pero pudimos con ella, conseguimos limpiarlo todo, incluso nuestras conciencias.
Os deseo que lo consigais pronto y me apena no poder ayudaros en persona.
Sopis un pueblo fuerte y lo conseguireis. Un abrazo desde España

Posted by Arnaiz May 27, 10 03:44 PM

BP was one of Obama's biggest contritbutors to his campaign, and he better start taking ownship of the problem instead of swiveling his hips around giving speeches and blaming the last administration and then blaming BP. He just does not want to do his job, because he thought it would be easy-peasy photo ops and part of being a president is taking ownership something he knows nothing about. He should damn the cost and get going with doing whatever it takes to save our environment. collect from BP later!!!!!!!!! do something NOW!!

Posted by cmaumus May 27, 10 04:21 PM

who is going to lead the movement to get us off these drugs? i take the bus to work, but i want more to do, how can i save the world? Please someone just tell us what to do, my heart just collapsed.

Posted by Nicole May 27, 10 04:37 PM

GAS TAX my butt.. We are a nation started by over taxation from the British in the first place. Put more TAXES on the American people and you can bet there will be another REVOLUTION this time against the United States Government.. British Petroleum is the culprit in this disaster, it is going to be up to them to rectify this situation if at all possible.. One thing I can see was absolutely absurd was sticking a 4in. pipe into such a huge pipe to try and siphon the oil. The smart thing to do would have been to put a larger pipe fitted with a bladder to inflate inside the pipe to shut off the flow of oil then they could have siphoned the oil safely. Why couldn't any of the so called brains of the oil company have thought of something as simple as an inflatable bladder..? I would love to hear their reasoning as to why an inflatable bladder or anything to block the huge pipe would not have worked..?

Posted by Terry May 27, 10 04:41 PM

It's a shame that Louisiana is not noticed when we have disasters. We ARE one of the 50 states.

Posted by joni s.dickson May 27, 10 04:49 PM

If BP's profits are private, why is it the public's responsibility to volunteer to clean up the mess BP made?

Posted by Rick May 27, 10 04:56 PM

These are the things we see. Imagine what we can't see!!

Posted by Gina May 27, 10 04:58 PM

Aside from this being truly a tragic accident it serves as a very good lesson about American Mentality ! Blame the person in power now but forgot who was responsible for deregulating off shore drilling in the past ..... Bush was the President who allowed for Oil companies to "save money" by not installing the fail safes that would have plugged this spill before it even had a chance to leak !

That said it is time to clean up this mess and look at other off shore operations to make sure that this never occurs again. If this is such a difficult task to plug then should we be putting the taps in the first place ?

Alternate energy, well of course that is obvious you need to always look for a more efficient cleaner way to ensure the longevity of our planet and our species !! Not using petroleum when not necessary is always a great idea but hardly realistic.

Looking at our basic way of living and creating solutions and changes in materials and goods that allow us to thrive but also be in balance with the natural resources we have available to us.

I hope that this disaster is ramified soon but I fear that if this does not serve as a catalyst for change, we may be in a downward spiral into a world of peril !

Posted by Cervex May 27, 10 05:11 PM

:o( It's so sad to see, this needs to be dealt with and something needs to be done to prevent something like this from ever happening again. The poor animals who have to suffer and die because of some stupid oil company!

Posted by Angela May 27, 10 05:17 PM

I have no faith they will be able to stop this. I don't think most have yet grasped how bad it's going to get. Oil, a legal drug that destroyed us and all around us to the bitter, painful end. Government, corporations, humanity, one big fail. I hope they can stop this flow and we can redeem ourselves by promising to give up on oil forever.

Posted by Fred May 27, 10 05:18 PM

If all of us would stop bitching about the price of gas....Good Lord, ever been to Europe? Last time I was in the UK, gas was somewhere around 3 Pounds a litre. For those of you who would like to know the conversion, 1 gallon = 3.78 litres. At the time, the pound was at about 1.60 dollars US.

You do the math.

Now shut up or come up with a solution, because this is the seond time in 5 years my state has seen a preventable yet enormous disaster. Stop trying to figure out who's to blame and fix the damn thing. Solutions people. Fix the problem and let's worry about how it happened once we have the thing caped. Priorities!

Posted by STK May 27, 10 05:18 PM

It will be cleaned up, and none of you will remember this next year so grow up and stop blaming everybody. All of your preachy hippie-liberal nonsense vs. pridefully ignorant-conservative anti-intellectualism doesn't make a bit of difference because you're all hypocrites.

It seems like I'm the only honest one that is on here, because I'm not afraid to say that this isn't the end of the world. Mistakes and accidents are bound to happen, this isn't going to destroy life on the planet, and oil may not be the best resource for energy but there is no easy way to ween ourselves off of it yet.

Now while you're all crying and complaining there are actually people in the Gulf trying the best they can to clean it up. It's easy to sit at home on your computer and blame others and act like you're not part of the problem - but we all are. We're not willing to change, it makes no sense to stop driving because we have grown to depend on it, and adding more tax on oil is only going to hurt us more in the long run, and boycotting BP is only effectively giving them less money to clean up the oil, so what we need to do is shut up, accept certain temporary consequences, be responsible to clean up when disasters like this happen and not be whiny bitches that do nothing at all but make comments to make themselves feel better for being hypocrites.

Posted by Douglas May 27, 10 05:29 PM

OK, this is a heck of a mess, no doubt. But what would you do about it? They've almost got it plugged now and precautions should be taken in the future (evidently BP takes some short-cuts that other companies don't?)

But to quit drilling, we become even more dependent on the middle east. Renewable energy sounds so good, but the laws of physics are preventing virtually every type proposed.

Wind? Unreliable. What if it doesn't blow? Even the shining example of Denmark uses the energy equivalent of 8 times more coal and 25 times more oil, than wind. One nuke plant in Texas takes up about 19 square miles. You'd cover all of Rhode Island to get that much energy from wind (and only if it is blowing). Ethanol? You'd cover 24 Rhode Islands with corn. Solar power takes even more space than that! Don't you think that if these were all working so well, they'd make a profit and wouldn't *NEED* subsidies because the profit motive would make sure enough companies invested in them.

The elusive electric car has been touted as long ago as 1915. It will be here any day now. 95 years and still waiting... and where do you get the electricity? From that windmill standing still, or that coal plant, or ......

Oh, BTW, the idea of confiscating 1/2 their profits... I hope your 401k isn't invested there.

Posted by Rapaline May 27, 10 05:31 PM

to commenter 1028. Oil floats in water, so there's nothing under the surface that we're missing.

And just like when you're bleeding in water, it looks like a lot more than it actually is.

Posted by Daniel May 27, 10 05:38 PM


Posted by JOHN E. ERNY May 27, 10 05:41 PM

Our response to this crisis will be a singular defining moment in determining the future of this planet.

Posted by Sundolly May 27, 10 05:44 PM

I agree with comment 995 by Donald B Roberts. More consumers = more damage. Without population control, our earth will be completely destroyed. It is common sense and historically correct. We need to correct the bigger picture now. A band-aid on an amputation will not suffice any more than than a plug on an oil gush after the damage is done. We must react now to this catastrophe but we must also be proactive to prevent further destruction. Man is suppose to be the superior animal yet none of the inferior animals do a millionth of the damage that man does. The word off-shoring (drilling and job-giving) is just evil in that it is destroying us both environmentally (oil spills and economically, (jobs). We must stop being sheep and put a stop to this insanity.

Posted by D Strayer May 27, 10 05:56 PM

We can produce everything the petrol can do with the cannabis plant: Plastic, cloth, oil, medicine...

But governement will never allow that ! they will destroy petrolium insdustries !!! Rich people will fall !

Posted by Phil May 27, 10 05:59 PM

looks pretty brutal. I've read a lot of comments also. And i agree that someone is to blame, but lets fix this issue first. I am a network administrator that works for a petroleum transporter. I know nothing about drilling and wells. someone, anyone with any knowledge or bright ideas please share. you might considering it stupid or a waste of time, but if BP's experts are having an issues resolving this, maybe someone else has something, if so bring it to the table.

"we pierce this planet, now it bleeds uncontrolled."

Posted by Dustin - Houston May 27, 10 06:01 PM

The federal government must play a much larger role in the clean-up. Lets vote out every incumbent senator and representative so we can move ahead instead of wallowing in the same old same old. Lets make all cars and trucks in this country all electric by 2050.

Posted by Les Gorsuch May 27, 10 06:23 PM

First of all my thanks and compliments to the photographers, without them we would all just lull into the "spillage" of unecessary words and lie to ourselves with phrases like "Nature will take care of it". No need for Pandora, we HAVE Pandora, this is not an award winning film, this is our nightmare! Every man, woman and child should march to the White House, dare to say "Not good enough!" What do you have to loose? Try to think and while you think the 17million gallons will become 34, try do something, you, now, and you will be the stone thrown in a pond.If you are not happy with BP anf the rest tye an orange ribbon to your car/bike/dog/lorry etc, LET THEM KNOW and find out you're not alone!

Posted by Gisella Curioni May 27, 10 06:40 PM

If I didn't know Obama was involved in this mess I would swear that the "emergency" was the result of sabotage to an oil-drilling rig! But, knowing full-well the truthfulness of our Oval Office representative, it must have been an "act of God" for this event to take place! After all, Obama provided a reasonable time period for the Gulf Coast States - 38-days - to take appropriate actions to defend their coast lines. Now that Obama has offered federal assistance we can be assured all will be well again!

Posted by jack Sherratt May 27, 10 06:41 PM

Maybe we should reorganize our government agencies so that MMS reports to NOAA. Perhaps then MMS would get their priorities straight. Exempting deep ocean drilling from the environmental review process, while losing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by mis-managing the "royalities in kind" program is not anyone's idea (well, maybe BP's) of a well-run agency.

Posted by Rosey May 27, 10 06:42 PM

If you want to know what to do to help - here are some of my thoughts: call your Senators, Congressmen, etc. and have them put pressure on the White House to give what the local Louisiana parish presidents and governor have asked for. We need the sand berms built, we need tankers with vacuums to suck up the oil floating on the top of the water before it hits the beaches and marshes. We need someone to take control from Washington - no one has yet. There are hundreds of shrimpers just waiting for the word to skim - but can't do so until Washington gives the word. We thought it was BP holding up everything and my anger was toward them. Today our president announces that Washington was always in charge. And, this is why I say, put pressure on Washington. We can not wait - there is still 39 days of oil floating out there waiting to come on to someone's beaches, marshes somewhere.

Posted by Loretta May 27, 10 06:51 PM

Heartbreaking, it's almost unbearable to hear that there are still so many problems and that the leak is still not fixed. -Kate

Posted by Kate May 27, 10 07:01 PM

Another terrible human being mistake...
I feel so sorry for earth, sea, air and those animals

Posted by Sergio Palma Hidalgo May 27, 10 07:03 PM

If BP is responsible, and has not done completely successful in stopping the oil spill, why not the other concern authority or govt authorities should take immediate action to stop it. BP only cares about BP intrests, it’s effrots are nothing infront of serious man made errors-disasters?

Does the US or part of the global technology doesn’t have any tool / technic/ skill/ / risk methodology to stop immediately????

None probably,, Wake up America! Wake up safety integrity leavel ( SIL) teams

Posted by Ashok May 27, 10 07:03 PM

somebody just needs to stop the leak asap and start the recovery process. and worry about the blame later. BP should step up and foot the bill for it all.

Posted by Roger May 27, 10 07:06 PM

I am probably repeating what someone else suggested, but what the heck. When there is an oil spill in a boiler plant, one foot square towels that only absorb oil and not water is thrown on top and when lifted up brings most of the oil with it. How about helicopters with large 'blankets of this material, say four at each corner, lower it onto the oil, it absorbs, and then lift it up and drop them in a tanker. Use an aircraft carrier to shuttle the copters with new 'blankets back and forth for the material and refueling, and BP pay for the remediation. Instead of just snake-like boons floating to keep oil away, have the towels connected to the boom with weights heavy enough tohold them vertical just below the water level and slowly pull the booms to 'corral more of the oil. Just thinking I guess.

Posted by Feranado Quintero - Heating/Oil Remediation Instructor May 27, 10 07:42 PM

maybe the earth will bleed out like the hole in the human body when shot, no one should drill in the earth without a way to fix it in a short time.
Who knows if the oil leaking is from the center of the earth and the gulf of Mexico will collaspe like a sink hole.

Posted by Anonymous May 27, 10 08:02 PM

OH MY GOD, I didn't think it was this bad! Only God can help us.

Posted by Vicki Martin May 27, 10 08:25 PM

If you have never looked into the very fragile saltwater marshes that line the Mississippi River delta, it's time for you to do so. Some of you who say that nature will repair itself are correct, but this is not some very stable and abundant ecology we are talking about here - it is a very fragile ecosystem that has a hard time staying intact through normal everyday human activities, let alone a huge mega-disaster like this. It is not only sad - it is painful to watch. This is a very delicate and integral part of the Louisiana environment, and very few people actually know enough about it to make educated statements about the virility and endurance of such a ecosystem.

In other words, try not being so ignorant and mean-spirited. To the comment about oil floating, so there is nothing below the surface to worry about: they used powerful chemical dispersants which actually caused the crude oil to glob up and drop, creating plumes of oil 20-25 feet deep under the surface. See the video:

I think that those people who are hoping, praying, and doing their part to contribute to the solution are doing everything they can, and should be complimented on their involvement and continuing watchfulness. For all those people making mean comments and pointing fingers, you are wasting breath, energy, and vigor. This is a big situation, and very little will come from such animosity. There is a lot happening here, and it comes from many angles. That's why this situation is difficult.

We will get through this, but I sure do hope we learn a few things from it, and are called to action to do the RIGHT THING in the end, whatever that may be. I pray for the safety of those people, animals, and ecosystems which are on or near the coast and in any way affected by this event. Southern Louisiana is an amazing place, rich in culture and biodiversity, and it has a lot to offer. I only hope that it is not permanently changed for the worse by this event - if nature corrects itself, AWESOME. If not, God help us to be more wise, compassionate, proactive, and responsible for our own actions and the actions of our societies. Best wishes to all of you and your loved ones,

Posted by Will May 27, 10 08:53 PM

What is amazing is all the finger pointing, even on this blog. The blame game does not help anything. Solutions are what is needed. I am pleased that the leak looks like it is being contained. My condolences to the families of the 11 who died and to the people who's lives are directly impacted by this disaster. But make no mistake, we are all going to be affected in one way or another.

Posted by Carol Richardson May 27, 10 09:51 PM

You've said it all, we must take responsibility for all of it. Anne White

Posted by anne white May 27, 10 09:55 PM

my 8 year-old is sitting here looking at these images, and can't be consoled. she is crushed by all the poor animals dying.... so, so sad. this is terrible what we have done to the earth as humans. i am especially angry at the huge corporations who wield their power in congress for "de-regulation" of the oil industry. and yes, we all need to stop our dependence on gasoline. what can we regular ol' citizens do today to help with this catastrophe?!?

Posted by Tres chicas in San Antonio May 27, 10 10:17 PM


Corporations keep the competition at bay. How? They're in cahoots with the government. You can forget alternative energy. BP and the others will never let that happen. Too much money is at stake.

Guess who's going to foot the bill? The taxpayers. Corporations love to privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

Posted by oh my May 27, 10 10:21 PM

If you think this is bad, listen. Watch what happens next, and please do not be suprise about the next bad thing that is going to happen (warning). It is going get worse. We must prepare ourselves with all that the body can carry and carries for what is about to happen on earth to us people. The problems of this world started a long time ago, not now. No one made these bad things happen. It is whats inside of us that causes these things as tho. We as people must pay for what we have done. You may not have spilled the oil, but you have spilled something in your life or even caused someone else to spill.

Look at this situation a little bit more deeper. This is a fight to my understanding of the problem. We all just keep fighting and fighting and fighting, and somebody thinks that they are winning when their not. Remember that everything is out of our hands, as before. But if we just listen to ourselves, this thing could stop in the twinkling of an eye. Otherwise get ready for the never ever seen or heard before actions that is about to take place.

This is not negative. This is only preperation. We need to listen to ourselves, because we want listen to each other. Maybe we need help with ourselves. Have you ever thought about that? Sometimes we must let go or deal with the never, ever, seen before disaster that is coming our way folks!

Posted by JR. May 27, 10 10:30 PM

TO: Tad Royster May 27, 2010 10:04 AM Katrina may have been a natural disaster as far as MS gulf coast was concerned BUT the levees are the FEDERAL GOVERMENT'S fault, Army Corp of Engineers, ever hear of them. New Orleans/ Louisiana made it through the storm but the flooding from the levees is what KILLED people. The goverment let BP slide and they had NO disaster plan, check your facts.

Posted by S.S.Harper LOUISIANA May 27, 10 10:35 PM

To #957....
"CHEAP" gas?
You must be bloody joking!!!
We pay > more for fuel than we should.
All oil companies should wear the responsibility for this mess; they are all (aptly) tarred with the same brush.

Posted by Trevor Dubbo May 27, 10 10:44 PM

BP and them ALONE should be responsible for the TOTAL and complete clean-up! WHEN will the US QUIT being everyone's policeman?? BP started it--let THEM clean it up--and the same with Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and anywhere else we THINK we have to save!!! The USA is NOT the worlds policeman and shouldn't be expected to be!!!

Posted by Cindy Swoyer May 27, 10 10:50 PM

Conservation - our cheapest and cleanest energy resource

Posted by Robert Forsythe May 27, 10 11:28 PM

I live in Queensland Australia, an ex pat Brit, I have lived here for 46 years
and at my age of 78 years have seen many disasters but never so much buck shoving as on these pages, my neighbour only a year ago led one of the teams clearing an oil spill and I well understand your concern but this no matter what you think is an ACCIDENT, the very best of equipment was in use and the security in place would have been at top level but something went wrong and the reaction from a minority of the messages I have read smacks of ignorance or stupidity, do you think for one moment that any oil company deliberatly causes spills, (It was EXXON VALDEZ) last time was it not??? someone mentioned how brilliant you are building space stations and going back and forth, but do you remember how many died trying, or the one we all watched blown to pieces and burning up with all of the crew, That was an accident also, who did you blame for that???
This I believe is the deepest or one of and therefor presents many unknown
problems but the problem was caused above and I doubt we will ever know
how or why but I as an OUTSIDER I can not understand how blaming your
President Obama, is going to help, negative attitudes create negative results so try something positive for a change and I am sure you can be assured the oil company is doing all it can to put a stop to the leak and with the as usual hundreds of volunteers in time you will have your wetlands under control and I wish you well at this time.

I left the UK after my service as a regular soldier, have lived in Australia for 45 years but also have relatives in the USA from Alabama to Alaska
so I am not one eyed about your situation

Posted by John .H. May 27, 10 11:42 PM

I think everyone can agree that this was an accident and BP can hardly be blamed (at least not entirely). However they MUST be blamed for the continued failure of the numerous contingency plans. They must be held accountable! And how is this Obama's fault? Forgive my ignorance of American politics but was the drill not there during previous administrations? Is Obama not doing all he can? We are too busy blaming everyone when there is only one to blame: BP!!! Best wishes to the people (and wildlife) affected by this terrible tragedy from New Zealand.

Posted by Mukz May 28, 10 12:35 AM

In a poem called Requiem, Kurt Vonnigut wrote
"When the last living thing has died on account of us,
how poetical it would be if Earth could say,
in a voice floating up
from the floor of the Grand Canyon,
"It is done." People did not like it here.

I am sad beyond words

Posted by Lori G May 28, 10 01:07 AM

Unless we seize this opportunity to remove the oil industry from power, little will change. Our demand for oil sustains these disasters... we truly have met the enemy, and he is us (Pogo, Walt Kelly)

Posted by Paul Schultz May 28, 10 01:40 AM

I think that is so funny that Americans still think the people they elect will actually represent them. The average American will never in a life time have enough money to supply the payoffs to get what they want from their government. They throw us bones called votes and make us think we have power. Had BP not been allowed to circumvent the permitting and safety process this accident may not have happened and they sure don't need quick setting cement from Halliburton if it does not have a proven track record. They know things like this can happen to the rigs so why did they not have barges with the needed fixes there {out of blast range} when they cemented the well instead of taking weeks to build them after the fact. We are governed by the corporations people, and our so called government are their pawns and we are the low payed or unemployed slaves who pay the government pawns wages through taxation. Either rise up or get used to it as we have been in denial long enough.

Posted by Rantorama May 28, 10 02:39 AM

First, we must clean up all of the oil prior to hurricane season and then deal with the responsible parties. It must all be vacuumed up and then separated from the water. If this isn't feasible, then we must make it feasible even if it takes a thousand ships to accomplish this to avoid more birds, animals and the ecosystem dying a horrible death.
A very high risk with only one contingency plan for a disaster of this magnitude? This is not right. It is an act of greed gone wrong. The responsibility lies at the top which is at the CEO level. President Obama mentioned in one of his campaign speeches that there would be accountability. There must be accountability for this action and not by the little folks but by the ones that are well paid to take this responsibility. All who offshore whether it is oil drilling or jobs should be held accountable and made to pay handsomely for the results of their greed. This also applies to the CEOs of pharmaceutical companies.

Posted by Diane May 28, 10 03:04 AM

I wish this was a better world...

Posted by Belgium May 28, 10 03:49 AM

consumerism, consumerism, consumerism...

Posted by Anonymous May 28, 10 04:56 AM

So sad and depressing! And I feel partly to blame because I drive a car....

Posted by Jon B Good May 28, 10 06:09 AM

OVERPOPULATION and OVERCONSUMPTION are two major contributors to this statistically probable accident. Consider vegetarianism (meat industry is energetically wasteful), local food (to reduce transportation costs), and abstaining from having children.

Posted by Anonymous May 28, 10 08:13 AM

I sympathize with people in the south coast of US for this mess.but think about it for a minute,USA the biggest superpower in the world can not plug a leaking oil well.Its a shame. In Nigeria we live with this problem. The so called BP,Shell and co are destroying the flora and fauna in our country.

Posted by Anonymous from Nigeria May 28, 10 08:49 AM

Even though I am distance-removed from all of this, my heart is so sad remembering all the time I spent in this area growing up. I don't want to think of the destruction to the marshes and to all the people's livelihoods and fear it will take a very long time for all to get past this....My prayers are for all involved.

Posted by cynthia briley May 28, 10 09:02 AM

I have the oil spill soluton, but, I need help to contact somebody that help me to show my product. I'm from Brazil, and I want to help. Someone can help me, to us help the world?

Posted by Marcelo Sardela May 28, 10 09:26 AM

This isn't just about an accident, or the incompetence and irresponsible behavior that led to it disastrous outcomes.

These events form a rather small part of the ongoing environmental catastrophe that is now pacing us as we continue to strip what is left of the last of our ecological defenses.

They merely serve to underlie the larger picture.

Once this imbroglio is capped and 'cleaned up', sort of, the much more serious, albeit less obvious and newsworthy litany of death and destruction will just keep on winding up until the Real Drama starts to unfold; when very large numbers of our species die and human global population starts to decline; first slowly and then quickly.

The photographs then won't make for anger. Fear is more likely.

Posted by Christopher Nagle May 28, 10 09:52 AM

UNBELIEVABLE! That's so sad!

Posted by Bill Habal May 28, 10 09:55 AM

It's fine to look at these pictures and think: "This is sad, this is terrible", but if that is all we do, merely feel bad and take no action, than it doesn't really matter whether we have seen this tragedy or not. But if we see this and say, "I'm going to get back on my bike", or "I'm going to change the way I consume oil and oil-based products", and then take some action, then seeing these photos is meaningful. Let's not just feel hopeless and sickened; let's take an opportunity to help any way we can, and make the changes in our own lives that prevent this from happening ever again.

Posted by Jo S. May 28, 10 10:31 AM

OBAMA is the WORST president the States has EVER seen. No leadership on this issue! He could have acted to stop this from destroying the whole Gulf. DISGUSTING.

Posted by Katie Fisher May 28, 10 10:32 AM

Anyone saying "drill, baby, drill" or that this is not a "learning moment" is a ****ing idiot! This needs to stop!! The resources ARE available...the resources have been there...with so much hydro, wind, water and countless other ways, we are truly an ignorant species to be doing this to our future generations; if, indeed, there will be many more.

Posted by kv466 May 28, 10 10:32 AM

Everybody has got an agenda... The oil companies have an agenda, the government has an agenda, you have an agenda and I have an agenda. I admit that I am plenty at cause for the oil demand; I imagine very little of what I own is not factory made at some point. However, I also believe there is a sliding scale of blame to be dispersed.

First the corporations for not taking the time and care with their mechanism to ensure that disasters such as this do not happen. This however would increase cost and set back operations for oil harvesting, not just for this well, but worldwide. Take a moment to ponder how this would affect you individually. Higher prices, slower advancement is what comes to my mind. Therefore, while companies are profiting from these oversights, it cannot be said that it is not driven by the mass of individuals.

Government... Government should be regulating and demanding more with regards to environmental safety from these corporations. The government should stop companies from walking all over it. But these are the times that we live in. Until this kind of interaction between corporate and government changes, this is what we have to work with. And I can't even afford the space in this response to even go into the nuance of that interaction. These governments give us many things that we can easily take for granted, and life would be be considerably more uncomfortable without them.

Yes... it's a tragedy, but the world will recover from this: I mean, Earth used to be a ball of fire... it has buffering mechanisms. Just remember, everyone, that we all add to this, even by enjoying "civil liberties." Also, we are all into this together, and finger pointing is not constructive. And please please do not rant on your holier than thou BS. Thanks!

Posted by Ian May 28, 10 10:38 AM

Jeez louise. I don't know why I bother to read people's comments under an article. Bible thumpers predicting the end of the world...Pollyannas who think it's OK to have oil soak the waters and marshes because la de da it will all get better anyway...crackpots who use it to further either their anti-Obama or anti-Bush who shrug and say well, if you use electricity, you're to blame, too, so let's all just sigh and not hold BP or anyone responsible, unless you're living in a tent and not washing you can't criticize...Note to self: Never scroll down and read the comments!

Posted by Cristina May 28, 10 11:14 AM

мда...бля жесть

Posted by lEO May 28, 10 11:15 AM

Gary is an idiot. I'm as Republican as they come, still support drilling as well, but this is a tragedy, a mistake and to try to make this political is why this country is in really sad shape.

If you are a conservative you morn the loss these good hard working people are facing, if you are a liberal you cry at the tragedy of what has become of nature. In either case we the people have lost. This is a teachable moment, let's learn how to fix this and never let it happen to our country ever again.

Posted by Eric May 28, 10 11:19 AM

Game over, Man.

Posted by osisbs May 28, 10 11:29 AM

We, as human beings , have to pull together and stop pointing fingers at the ones to blame. Its all our fault. If you drive a car or ride the bus, then its your fault. We need to establish new means of transportation. And yes I agree that the world as we know it is coming to an end. Call it what you want, but this is truly a tragic accident that not only costs lives ,but also our way of life. I am not taking up for BP but it is time to stop pointing fingers and pull together as a human species and take our planet back.

Posted by Brent Sutherland May 28, 10 11:32 AM

Subject: Gulf emergency shut off valves.
From what I have seen they do have two valves that shut. But they shut under hydraulic pressure. They couldn't get to the manual hydraulic to shut the valve and the automatic didn't work. I would suggest to them to have valves that open under pressure of air, then leave the air pressure on it all the time when in use. If they want the valve to close all they have to do is take the air pressure off it. If they can't get to the valve to release the air then it will close as soon as the compressor shut's down when the voltage is lost or in this case if they have the loss of the whole rig. There ain't no way the valve would stay open with out air then. I'm sure the power was lost because of the fire.
If a valve is under pressure to open, it will close once the pressure is taken away.

Posted by Frank D. Woodruff May 28, 10 11:35 AM

So sad that our gulf coast is such peril. This will effect our children and grandchildren for years to come.

Posted by Leona Wilson May 28, 10 11:40 AM

It is awful tragedy... How it could happen in 21 century, with super technologies? It turns out that there is no guarantee that it will not repeat somewhere else... As people are vulnerable even that have created... Also it is very a pity animals and birds who have appeared not protected before such crash... I of sympathy to all inhabitants which have suffered because of this ecological crash...
Sorry for my bad english...

Posted by Andrei May 28, 10 11:57 AM

The photos are dramatic and poignant. A way of life is gone for the commercial fishermen who have lived in the coastal communities since the 1780's.
Americans are lucky if we get half the story. Well after looking at this.. you should be able to put 2 + 2 together and come to realize the destruction, by oil, of our Gulf Coastal regions equates to the significant destruction of a primary food source and chain.

Oil breaks down over eons of time and not in our, or our Grand children's, life times. What they are not even hinting is that the oil will travel the gulf stream into the Atlantic. You might not hear about this for several more weeks but it is coming. All you folks that live on the East coast better wakeup!

Posted by Susie Harris May 28, 10 12:03 PM

This isn't Obama's Katrina, it's Big Oil's Gulf Coast. Bush/Cheney protected these guys from regulators for years and now we see the result. Got nothing to do with Obama. BP's repsonse is the problem. Katrina wasn't *caused* by someone. You republitards need to get a clue.

Posted by Chris May 28, 10 12:16 PM

Now you morons want the government to step in. For the past year, you people have been protesting the the government is "meddling" in your lives, how it is turning this country into a socialist and marxist state. "Let the states decide what is best for their constituents." Guess what, you want it you got it. Fix it yourselves.

Posted by Me May 28, 10 12:21 PM

To see the absolute destruction of our historical wetlands in the Louisiana marshes and then hear BP officials trivialize the effects of this tragedy AND the army corps of engineers say that constructing these levies(berms?) might cause the oil to go to Mississippi is ENRAGING!! The people of Louisiana are citizens of this country, too.How is it that we can help Haiti , but one of our own states could suffer complete devastation and NO ONE cares??????

Posted by Susan Jones May 28, 10 12:36 PM

Thank you all those involved who decided their stupid oil rig could be more important than whole gulf region's survival.
GJ tards.

Posted by Bryan C May 28, 10 01:00 PM

We are all to blame for this oil spill.

Quit pointing fingers and find a way to get the country off the fossil fuel addiction.

As long as we use oil, we are to blame in some way. We wouldn't be drilling for this stuff if we used our creativity and ingenuity to power our lives with something else. Oil wont be around forever anyway. Might as well make the time now to change the way we power our lives.

Posted by Cris May 28, 10 01:01 PM

not an unbelievable event...! the great consumers of the world, actually the consumers of the humanity, the ones consuming humanity, I mean, will go on....go on.....go on......!

Posted by cemal karahan May 28, 10 01:10 PM

its not BRITISH petroleum, its BEYOND petroleum.

Posted by Anonymous May 28, 10 01:42 PM

GOD gives us a beautiful earth to take care of, but NOPE , " I don't wanna listen to GOD. I will do it my own way!" .... so there you go, the little brat human that figures he does not need GOD and does everythign his way rather than GOD's will....and where does it get him? DUH?!?!?!
Start praying people and ask GODto help give us knowledge to figure out how to contain this monster that we created.....get it fixed, and then START listening to GOD and not your own pee brain!

Posted by Dolly May 28, 10 01:51 PM

Man, leave it to the republicans like Gary to try and score political points. As usual, let's undermine the President and pretend like the problem didn't exist BEFORE he got into office. Let's leave the bipartisan rhetoric at the door and look at the bigger picture. This problem was caused by the inefficiencies of BP in their safety equipment AND procedures. Why were their safety measures and equipment inefficient...? Because they were cozy with regulators who allowed personal (and I dare say financial) gains to cloud their judgment and dissuade them from doing the job the American people entrusted to them and our leaders. Case closed.

The next issue is what do we do to clean it up and how do we keep it from happening again...? The answer IS NOT more drilling and a further dependence on oil when there are cleaner and more readily energy options that need to be explored. Does anyone care that, cool fantasy and sci-fi movies and books aside, this is the only planet we can live on and it's turning to crap for the sake of the almighty dollar, dinar, peso, dinero, euro, or whatever currency you worship?

Posted by Voice of Reason May 28, 10 01:55 PM

Its Our Fault !!!

Posted by Sanjay Santha Anantharaman May 28, 10 02:00 PM

Time for some divine intervention, way too big for us to do alone!

Posted by me May 28, 10 02:04 PM

All I can say is .......sickening, meaningless, waste of life. I encourage anyone and everyone living on that coast to please, throw down what you are doing.....and go do what you can! Don't depend on others who do not care as much as we, to handle this. This is like someone else trying to take care of our child. Get up, and out....even if you save a bird, a crab. Grab Dawn Dish detergent, start washing everything you can down! If we want this done right we need to do it ourselves.

Posted by Valerie Overstreet May 28, 10 02:25 PM

Being a Technologist and working for numerous years in the Manufacturing Area when manufacturing was done in the ”GOOD OLD USA”, we were trained to have various safety strategies and equipment in place prior to releasing any process. For the life of me I can not understand why safety strategies and equipment (Domes, etc) are being developed “AFTER THE FACT”. Seems Back Ass Wards.

Posted by Mitch May 28, 10 02:54 PM

You don't hear Repulicans like Sarah Palin saying "Drill, Baby, Drill" anymore. Not that this will stop more oil wells from being dug. What will be really shocking is at the end of the year, looking at BP's 'profits' and their CEO's bonuses.

Posted by Ticked Off US Citizen May 28, 10 03:03 PM

People always whine and cry foul, then they kick on their air conditioners, drive their cars, turn on their television sets, use their stoves, cook with plastic utensils, etc. Oil/carbon are not the enemy. They're part of nature. Sure, this is a disaster, but whining about it solves nothing. Complaining about the "greed" of corporations or the rich does nothing except for prove the jealousy of those with less of those with more.

What needs to be done is analyse the situation, find the weak points and fix them. Not some huge government regulation, or playing the blame game. Government isn't the solution. Regulation isn't the solution. Correcting the procedures and improving the technology/training of the equipment/personnel involved will solve these problems.

In the mean time, we will continue to live our lives. We can continue to educate ourselves, and we can continue to make improvements to the world we live in by developing better technologies and working to improve ourselves.

Posted by Daryl May 28, 10 03:18 PM

We are all going to die ! This is a world wide planet problem . If we do not come together on this , the whole planet and the ice caps will see oil within 2 yrs. THIS IS NOT JUST A PROBLEM FOR AMERICA . LIKE IT OR NOT ; THIS STUFF IS COMMING EVERYBODYS WAY. DROP EVERYTHING AND FIX THIS OR WE HAVE NO HOPE.

Posted by Ron May 28, 10 03:43 PM

So what's a little oil spill?
It's profit before all as usual.
Money is worth more than life and that's just how it is.

Posted by Claes May 28, 10 04:23 PM

It is difficult to look at the photographs of the animals who are being destroyed due to the oil spill. How can we, in this day and age, not have a back up plan for disasterous projects such as this? This "ACCIDENT" that could have been prevented. I find it amazing that we can put someone in space, drill for oil in an ocean, create technology to reconstruct someone's face, but stopping an oil spill seems to be difficult. Someone needs to wake up, and find a way to stop this.

Posted by Whitney May 28, 10 04:42 PM

gracias Espana...vivi en La Coruna durante mi infancia. Me alegro que ustedes pudieron limpiar su playa pero desgraciadamente este derrame de petroleo es se si vamos a poder con el. Todavia esta deslizando millones de galones en nuestro mar.

Posted by Beatriz marcelin May 28, 10 04:48 PM

We do not need oil. Let the little microbes stay where they belong. We have wind, we have candles, we have the sun. We only use oil because Big Companies like BP make Big Money. We must stop or we will soon find ourselves in the 6th Major Extinction. Money is useless, except perhaps to paper your walls with. STOP IT!!!

Posted by Judith Harris May 28, 10 04:49 PM

What we can't see is the oil dispersed by hundreds of thousands of gallons of Corexit 9500 and which is in the water in a plume five or six miles wide extending twenty-two miles northeast from the well site. The grandson of Jacques Cousteau dived in those waters and the crew with him described the dispersant/oil mix as flowing beneath the surface some twenty or so feet.

It was BP's decision to speed up the capping protocol, together with accumulated violations of safety procedures that caused the explosion.

They were not capping in the sense of abandoning the well but as part of the process of ending the successful drilling phase and moving the drilling rig in order to take it elsewhere to drill. A producing well doesn't need to be drilled anymore.

The president has no personal knowledge of how to stop a broken well from spewing oil and I don't think many people do. It is impossible for us to know whether the people who are working on this are taking the right steps to stop it or even if it can be stopped.

It is with this like so many other things: fixing blame is not the same as fixing the problem. People who focus on the former are not focused on the latter.

Posted by wev May 28, 10 05:16 PM

I've read the last 100 blogs and have seen lots of "mea culpas", finger pointing, conspiracy theories, 'end of the world" themes, etc. I've, yet, to see a solution that will be used and there were some that did sound feasible.

I live just a matter of a few miles from where all this is taking place. Believe it or not it is near the Greater New Orleans Area. I am a native New Orleanian and have lived on the "westbank" of the Mississippi River my entire life. If you know the course of our river; you will realize the westbank is topigraphically south to east of the actual city of New Orleans. The Greater New Orleans area includes other parishes (counties to the other 49 states) and Plaquemines and Jefferson Parishes are part. I live due south of the city and only a few miles from the wetlands we are desparately trying to save. Five years ago; we lost much of all I had ever known for 50 years partially due to Katrina; but mostly due to the levee system that we rely upon so heavily. To date those levees have not been completely rebuilt, are insufficient in many areas, and non-existant in heavily populated, agricultural areas. I have seen the loss of wildlife, some so simple as the fire fly, over these years; how much more will I see lost? My grandchildren have no idea what a fire fly is; they had to see them on a Disney movie! Our state bird, the Brown Pelican, just got off the endangered species list; now they are being caught and sent to Florida for safe keeping from the oil. Sad! Sadder still; while we are trying desperately to regenerate the wetlands and barrier islands that bound our state from the Gulf of Mexico; we are losing that battle due to this oil spill. Some one wrote that our wetlands are very delicate; that person knows our wetlands, for they are very fragile. We fought hard to have the MRGO closed post Katrina because of the damage it was doing to our wetlands! When the marsh grasses and other flora are dead from the oil and nothing more will grow in the contaminated soil erosion will take place. Our land will be washed away with each tide. The very least that will happen is the USA will need another topographical map made to show the loss of part of Southern Louisiana. As I wrote, that is the least! We are facing an El Nina summer for hurricanes. That means more hurricanes and stronger ones for the Gulf States. Are you still reading; do you give a damn yet? Without those wetlands & barrier islands to buffer the tidal effects from a hurricane; Katrina will have her work completed for her. What she didn't destroy will be destroyed by another hurricane. Our hurricane season begins June 1st and continues through November when the Gulf waters cool enough to no longer support the storms' needs. How many more lives need be lost to these storms?

Our livelihoods in the seafood industry will be gone and we supply the best seafood; that's going to strain the already high unemplyment rate; not to mention you can forget seeing oysters on the menu for a long time. New Orleans is known for its wonderful cuisine; where do you think the seafood comes from? So economically we are being hurt, too.

Are you still with me? Try walking a mile in our shoes and then let me know if you are starting to feel fear; because I can tell you that we are feeling it! How much is that worth; to live in constant fear for your home, your livelyhood, your safety in times of storms, and knowing no one is doing a thing to help you! Yes, we hear the lip service but we see no results. We have to help ourselves, at our expense, with our blood, sweat & tears; at least that is what we perceive here in Southeastern LA.

Thank you for your time; please don't forget that we are hospitable people who would help anyone else in this situation. Please don't recommend that we move from our homes; that's been done and we didn't appreciate it anymore than you would if you were in our shoes. This is where we live, where we thrive and our culture is here. You can't move some things.

Posted by Debra May 28, 10 05:25 PM

It is so sad that this is going on and at the same time you feel that their is no help or resolution in sight. I have lived in Louisiana all my life and have gone through Katrina and now this, and still waiting for response is obsured. Where is the government when you need them. If this was the east coast or the west coast I feel that the response would have already come.

Posted by Ashley May 28, 10 05:34 PM

spill baby spill :(

Posted by blame canada May 28, 10 06:15 PM

I sure wish my government would at least try to make BP attempt to keep oil out of our marsh. Up until today, they are just letting it come in without even trying to keep it out even though local officials keep telling BP & the Coast Guard where it is most threatening. They just won't react.

Posted by crescentCityRay May 28, 10 06:31 PM

I think you guys should put more Dawn animals.pretty please thank you.
Jordyn Banks 3rd grade.



Posted by Anonymous May 28, 10 06:38 PM

My family has lived off these wetlands since 1765. This might be the second time the British run us off our homeland. I know, the way this thing is going, a lot of Cajuns lives will be ruined... could kill our culture. this ain't right. Why won't Government insist BP try to defend our wetlands?

Posted by crescentCityRay May 28, 10 06:41 PM

So now all the "Drill, baby, drill" people only answer is to pray to god and blame Obama.

Posted by AtheistShouldNotHaveToStandInLineAtAirports May 28, 10 06:56 PM

When did this big dependency on oil and gas happen? Thousands of years ago? Come on, we're not that trapped by it. People consume way too much, every single person, every company, on a daily basis needs to be aware of what their impact is. Imagine a world where our impact and the suffering we bring to this planet are minimal, and then make it your reality every day. Dream it and Live it.

Posted by Community Spirit May 28, 10 07:13 PM

Hemp is the answer to all our needs. We must stop using petroleum products.

Posted by Anonymous May 28, 10 07:16 PM

i will criticize the oil industry. this leak has been going on for over a month. i hope BP goes bankrupt. anyone who wants to criticize them has the right to do so. Louisiana's Baton Rouge went underwater a few years ago now their beaches are robbed... what gets me the most are the animals that will unknowingly suffer and die, are washing up along the shores.

people in the oil business have a problem with civilians being upset? who cares. let BP go down... who cares about their shareholders. those shareholders took a risk in investing. it would be despicable to force taxpayers to pay for this- who never opted to invest in an oil company.

just let them fall. make them pay. it's as simple at that.

i am applying to train for volunteer animal rescue to a few places. already donated $ and started to round up supplies to send. im sitting on the internet getting more information and came across this.

i will give half of my summer break from school to be a part of the solution. i sure as heck won't be someone who complains about those who are upset over this. tool.

Posted by Joyce May 28, 10 07:25 PM

Look at picture number 38 in this slideshow and let your hearts break,
all of you out here, voices on the ether, opinions on the wind.
One small clump of white feathers struggles to live
glued to the sand under mangroves that could have sheltered it,
now dying too.
We are responsible, all of us, for this life,
all of us. It's no use shouting: just start

Posted by Zer-me Dri'med May 28, 10 08:12 PM

There are some questioning as to why an inflatable bladder couldn't be used on the end of a pipe and the answer is simple; too much pressure. The estimated pressure @ 5000 feet would be 9000 Pounds Per Square Inch. So the obstacles to this approach would be finding a flexible material that could withstand that amount of pressure, finding an air pump powerful enough to inflate it under so much pressure, and getting air to pump that deep. It could be inflated with water to even out the pressure, but you'd need a water pump that would work at that depth.

Posted by James F. Reynolds May 28, 10 08:18 PM







Posted by Bruno Moraes May 28, 10 08:37 PM

When is it going to stop? We are graced with this beautiful planet that we call Earth and home. But everyone is busy and worried about themselves to take the time to stop to appreciate what we have. Everyday we are breaking it down. Is it possible for whomever is reading my comment to stop what they are doing and reflect on the what is wrong with the was we live.If we keep destroying our "HOME" we will completely destroy it.

Posted by Lori Van Horn May 28, 10 08:37 PM

Has BP demonstrated an ability to clean oil from marsh yet?

Posted by CrescentCityRay May 28, 10 09:11 PM

As a New Zealander I watch in horror at the pictures we are sent by friends in the USA. We find it so hard to believe that there could have been preventitive measures in place but that they were removed by the Bush administration during their "watch". I wonder what underhand crime we are watching here. Is Michael Moore going to investigate this - I bet he does?
Just suck the stuff up, separate it from the water (like the old method of separating cream from the skim milk when I was a kid on the farm) and start doing it NOW.
There are people out there who have ideas too - is anyone listening to them?

Posted by Robin Insull May 28, 10 09:32 PM

If your house is on fire, do you blame the wiring for it before you get out of it? If you are in a car crash, do you blame the other driver before checking if anyone has injuries? If you was hit in the head with a baseball at a ballgame, do you blame the players before you go to the ER to get check out? If you answer no to any of these, then why are you blaming Washington and/or BP for this mess? CLEAN IT UP THEN PLAY THE BLAME GAME!!!! Thank God you are not in power!

Posted by meagle May 28, 10 11:55 PM

Thank you for the pictures that tell 10000 words....I will call my Senators and Reps Tuesday to urge a permanent ban on offshore drilling. I urge others to do the same. BP has amassed more power than any government, and reining them in will be very hard, but the President must take the reins and push for better controls both at the regulatory and legislative levels.

It seems we always see the light when horrific disasters take place. Prevention and eternal vigiland are the price we must pay. But the new Surpeme Court ruling that removes limits on campaign spending by corporations may truly be the death blow of our fragile democracy - look at the harm unchecked power by global coporations has already brought us.

God, save the Earth from the major corporations.

Posted by Kristin May 29, 10 01:18 AM

I see that the oil companies are hard at work disseminating disinformation. Apparently, it's not enough that they try to block the flow of information to the public.

This oil spill is TERRIBLE. It is the worst man-made disaster IN AMERICAN HISTORY.


Posted by Aaron C. May 29, 10 01:36 AM

Its not earth or nature we are killing..We are trying to kill our future generations..who knows..we are killing ourselves too..Stop blaming others...Each one of us is responsible for this..Our greediness is the reason for all..

Unless every one of us takes the blame and take steps, nothing can help from saving ourselves..Rather than blaming a particular person(Obama) lets accept the blame and start working towards it..

Posted by Satya May 29, 10 01:54 AM

1031- It was the current Obama admin that gave the permits (the OK) to these guyz to not use the safeguards. It's on Obama.

Posted by Citizen May 29, 10 03:04 AM

in response to post 1033 - Are you willing to give up your way of life to keep that promise? How are you planning on getting to work? Does your job have the charging stations necessary to recharge your car? Mine doesn't. I agree that promising to give up oil would be the dream situation but it is not at all realistic right now. Businesses would all have to have parking set-ups where all employees and customers could charge their vehicles (or stables for the horses :-P). With many companies struggling to stay afloat, how can we possibly expect them to be able to afford the charging stations necessary for the parking lot "remodeling"? Then you have the millions of people that are unemployed trying to figure out where to find the money to purchase an electric car to replace the gas powered ones that they already have.

in response to post 1055 - Very well said!!! I grew up in Louisiana and if someone has never been there, they cannot fully understand the impact that this will have. I have seen the videos of the plumes and it was enough to make me cry. We all see the birds and the grasses/trees but very few people think about the marine life because it isn't something that is seen every day. How many people are aware of the fact that Louisiana is home to many endangered species (for example: sea turtles, manatees). And then of course, there is also the potential destruction of the fishing industries. Catfish and Crawfish are two primary food sources for many of the people in that area. How much damage is it going to take before those two food sources are not available. How many people are going to lose their jobs on the fishing/shrimp boats because the fish and shrimp have been wiped out? What about the impact that this will have on the farming industries? Many rice farmers rely on the waterways for irrigation. Where are they going to get the water if this damage gets much worse? This tragedy goes much farther than rising oil prices. The impact of this will be felt everywhere.

in response to post 1063 - BP is not solely to blame. This is just as much all of our fault as it is theirs. We demand the oil, they supply it. If they didn't supply it, we would all be complaining because we can't have it. And before you say that they cut corners so it is their fault, we allowed that as well. We elected the officials that allowed them to cut corners. If we all paid more attention to the officials that we elect and more attention to the amount of fuel that we use, this would not even be an issue. Instead we all use the fuel for unnecessary things (spur of the moment drives through the country, driving to the corner store because we are too lazy to walk four or five blocks, etc...) and elect people based on party, race, or religion instead of based on whether or not they will do the right thing. As long as we continue to use the amount of fuel that we do, oil companies will continue to take short-cuts to get it to us. As long as we continue to elect officials that love money, we will continue to get officials that accept money to overlook those shortcuts.

Posted by Dee C May 29, 10 03:22 AM

Seems like Americans dont think this is such a big thing at all if u read the comments... I mean WTF is wrong with you? "drill baby drill", callin people hippies that actually cares about the wildlife sufferin etc etc.
Im from Scandinavia myself and feels so bad about the situation. This shit happens when greedy oil companies thinks they can do what they want.
You do realize that this wont just go away by itself?
Alot of animals and plants WILL die and the sea will still be polluted cause the retarded oil company hasnt even yet stopped the leak......... may they burn in hell those greedy bastards.

Posted by Tobbe May 29, 10 03:22 AM

Douglas, thank you.

Posted by jim May 29, 10 03:24 AM

I think a good strong wind is needed to blow this mess across the Atlantic to the shores of GB. See how they like it!!

Posted by David May 29, 10 03:38 AM

Heartbreaking photos. And thank you for recording this BP crime and inadequately slow and incomplete response to the BP Oil Disaster.

Why aren't the authorities sucking this stuff up into tankers before it gets to shore?

Why aren't the safest drillers in the world being brought in to take over the wellhead and close it? Why is Bungling British Petroleum still in charge?

Where is the hay that can attach to the oil and be removed?

Hay absorbing oil in water demo, FYI, in case your are not yet among the nearly 1.5 million who have viewed this video:

Those in authority are compounding their crimes by not doing enough to prevent the landfall of these oil pollution plumes/rivers. It is unconscionable.

Let's see, what do these oil industrialists like most -- the eco-system or profits? And they KNOW the hurricane season is coming and that that will stir up this oil, which is the evidence of their crime. Will the hurricane season stir it up so completely that, with a shrug of their shoulders, stingy BP doesn't care if any clean-up and prevention is attained, saying, 'Why bother to call in the vacuuming tankers?'


Posted by nora May 29, 10 04:19 AM

We are reaping what we sowed.

Posted by the prophet May 29, 10 04:28 AM

Well this very unfortunate thing ,that so occurs in the 21. century!!!I would hit the environmentalists to help with pleasure but I do not have an opportunity for him unfortunately!I speak in German unfortunately only anyway!

Posted by Krisztián Szekeres May 29, 10 04:36 AM

Bush was the President who allowed for Oil companies to "save money" by not installing the fail safes that would have plugged this spill before it even had a chance to leak ! Here we go again blame Bush. Are you absolutely positive about that. Being an oil man I suppose it is possible There is a lot of blame to go around. What about the laws passed long before Bush That require oil companies to drill that far out! Huh! Lets just stop drilling for oil altogether.Drill no more! Walking would be better for you any way. Gasoline, and diesel are but a fraction of the oil used in this country. As a matter of fact they are just by-products. You can not go five minuets in your life with out using something that is made with a product that comes from oil. So lets just drill no more. The big trick will get the rest of the world to stop drilling.

Posted by James truck driver May 29, 10 05:03 AM

Corporate greed at its best, I HOPE their shareholders choke.

Posted by joe konkol May 29, 10 06:01 AM

How many of you crying about stopping using the oil have actually stopped using cars and refused all plastics and drugs in your lifes? This is rediculous...

Posted by Kate May 29, 10 06:07 AM

interesting 10 years or so , eh?
9/11,gfc, and now bp's stuff up and cover up
anyone see a connection?

lets all make the next decade one of positive change or
we will get the 2012 of hollywood's imagination
instead of the mayan, cree etc predictions
of the rainbow tribe and
"green peace"

Posted by John McBain May 29, 10 06:32 AM

I say make BP's top staff drink a cup of that water everyday (if they live past the 1st gulp), until that crap's cleaned up. Atleast when their ass sounds like a bullhorn is will compensate for the crap they speak within the "cleanup efforts" they''ve produced thus far. Obama next.. Uh oh, gonna get a knoick on my door for saying the "O" word. lol

Posted by Roo May 29, 10 07:27 AM

Cole and oil r the dirtiest fuels in the world, that distraction also very dangerous why cant we go for renewable energy

Posted by mdjahiruddin May 29, 10 08:12 AM

Just as every junky had a hand in the 911 attack, so too do those who waste have a hand in this crime against nature

Posted by Clifton Laird May 29, 10 08:49 AM

Very little is reported about this .. but Venezulan and Russian submarines and submersibles come and go independently in and out of the Gulf of Mexico and even more frequently in the Carribean Sea( THEY ARE INTERNATIONAL WATERS); I pose this question . . if these foreign naval vessels unitentionally caused this petroleum accident would our National Security Agencies do EVERYTHING in its power to keep this information from being revealed. I would definately think so. I suspect we will NEVER know the real facts about this incident and I DOUBT no one, the Marine Accidents Investigations Board, British Petroleum, the elected governing officials, commercial fishermen, and residents of the lower parishes of Louisiana will ever be satified with the final report conclusions. . AND NEITHER WILL I. The truth be known .. what happened the night of April 20th 2010 , will forever be a mystery.

Posted by Bob Boyle May 29, 10 09:03 AM

lets give as many un-employed people jobs here , and get this cleaned up as fast as possible
i`m sure you could easily quickly hire able bodied ,unemployed people who are used to physical work ( construction works etc) , and let them make a basic dollar , and also let them help
it`d be relatively inexpensive , and in most photographs shown i don`t see hundreds on the beaches cleaning up in each area
you need alot of people
there are alot of people available
give them a quick clean-up course , and get them out there now

Posted by spike abdulhadi ( contractor in miami) May 29, 10 09:22 AM

Finally we can clearly see what the big Corporations are capible of, complete and utter destruction. The big boys make the big messes. Now, how much longer will we allow them to poison our minds, body and souls?

Posted by MA Martin May 29, 10 10:15 AM

The whole situation is terrible. Unfortunately BP was the ones that had a explosion and major leak. There are bigger and better companies that follow the same rules and lack using ultrasound security devices so they can have more profit and keep federal govt. from having to tap into reserves. In my opinion this should be considered eco-terrorism. Many other SMART countries have a mandatory law that certain devices be in place before drilling can start. Just call smarter people from other countries who don't rely on bailouts, healthcare reform, political campaigns to keep there country focused to what is actually important for all one nation under god (Mother Nature). Get the foreigners here to show us americans how its done by putting greed aside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tanya May 29, 10 11:22 AM

WE ARE ALL TO BLAME!!!! We share in this disaster together. Our personal lifestyles centered around the automobile demand more and more oil! We need to develop walkable communities with the ability to work, live, shop and play inside a 5 minute walking radius! These are lifestyle decisions we need to begin to make.

BP isn't the only oil company that has screwed up recently. What about the American oil companies in Africa that have capped oil wells in Somalia but have left them leaking and destroying the environment there? Not a lot of outcry goes on about that.

Haven't we 'used' and 'consumed' enough? At what threshold of disaster do we think twice about getting in our cars and driving rather than consolidating our trips or taking a bike or walking?

What about a "Great American Drive-Out' day in addition to our "Smoke-Out' day?

The anger and frustration we express are JUST WORDS until we ALL decide to make the changes necessary to DECREASE the demand for new oil fields!!!

C'mon all!! huMAN-UP and shoulder YOUR responsibility in this disaster too!!

Posted by Jane P May 29, 10 11:40 AM

I made my first trip to New Orleans this past spring to plant vegetable gardens in the Lower Ninth Ward, and nights were spent exploring downtown and soaking in the culture. I really cannot tell you how enchanted I was with New Orleans- beyond the delicious cuisine and jazz/blues/country/karaoke music floating out the doors all over the French Quarter, there is something so unique about the culture; the deep historical roots and the resiliency of the people is truly moving.

And so I'm reading the posts from New Orleans residents and I can say that I do share your fears- hurricane season was my first thought when this disaster began. Katrina was a disaster enough, but what happens when millions of gallons of oil are thrown in? It is truly frightening, and I do have a deep desire to protect the area and ensure it's survival (and I know that I'm not the only one).

But I'm now back in Colorado, and it's unrealistic to expect throngs of people to go down there to help (particularly as the cost of living in the area has already increased due to the number of volunteers going down to help with post-Katrina efforts). So I'm wondering, WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? I hear that you want people to care and help, and believe me I do, but I have no idea how. What is it that you need from us? We all have a stake in this, and I am not one to rely on BP or the US government or God to be solely responsible. Moments of crises like this require us to let go of who's at fault and to just pitch in. SO WHAT CAN WE DO?

Posted by Jen May 29, 10 11:43 AM

Electricity to be the 1&only energy ... ASAP

Posted by eric May 29, 10 01:15 PM

This whole situation has broken my heart. WHY can't they do more to stop this oil spewing from our earth. No one should be allowed to start anything without the indepth knowledge of how to stop it. And they are not doing nearly enough to try to stop the spread of the oil. It is incomprehensible that this humongus disaster has occured. And God help us all if a hurricane should blow up in the Gulf.

Posted by Margaret Louisiana May 29, 10 02:12 PM

ITS SAD AND BAD at this in life we have to have OIL DRILL DRILL DRILL

Posted by tommyarmstrong May 29, 10 02:26 PM

Drill Baby, Drill - Closer to land, so that if something goes wrong, it can be fixed.

Posted by Joe May 29, 10 02:37 PM

I am a Katrina survivor and for two years went to Plaqueminew and help people who needed help.

I am so familiar with the fauna in tha area. And it breaks my heart just to watch and see how the animals are desperate to survive, if this is the animals can you imagine the humans in that area.

Everything has a domino reaction, we all going to suffer from thsi
not just Luoisiana and the south. This affect the earth with a lot of pollution.

This is a tragedy, I am hoping that the same way the instaleed this rif
the same way they can figure it out how to stop this. There is must to be a Plan B in case of emergency.

If the Exxon Valdez still have consequences after 21 yearsa can you imagine how long this is going tobe??

Please hurry up!!!
And find a solution before is too late.

Posted by ECarrero May 29, 10 02:38 PM

What enzymes would be capable of dissolving the oil?

Years ago, it was usual to take, uh, gasoline or something, to use on a rag to wipe the oil off your skin whenever we visited the Outer Banks, NC, Atlantic Coast. It was said that the ships discharged their bilges out in the ocean causing the oil to wash up on the beaches. Please answer to

Posted by Sarah Litchfield May 29, 10 02:52 PM

O Lord God Jehovah in Heaven, please help. These photos show that we are in very deep trouble in the Gulf of Mexico. The innocent lives that were taken in the explosion and now a more slower explosive. The lives of the wildlife. Dear Lord, hear this prayer, listen to our hearts. Forgive us of our sins O Lord. Help the efforts of the Rescue Teams and volunteering people to make a difference in saving lives. God bless the Egrets, the Crabs, the Herons. Lord help this wildlife seek better shelter. Lord help this wildlife know that their environment can make them sick right now. Please help us help each other Lord. Amen.

Posted by Missy Moreno Brown May 29, 10 05:23 PM

I don't understand why we are seeing these poor birds in such distress. I volunteer for Save Our Seabirds out of Sarasota, FL and we are ready to go to LA and help out. For some reason, we've not been called. We offered, but weren't take up on that offer. We have resources and expertise and WANT to help!

Posted by Heather Johnston May 29, 10 06:52 PM

The mindless plunder of our one and only planet has been going on for hundreds of years, ignoring the Earth's anguished gasps and cries, even as they've grown stronger and stronger and stronger. Now, who will ask, and who will answer: is this howl strong enough? We humans have gotta change!

Posted by Sarah May 29, 10 07:26 PM


Posted by Sherri May 29, 10 08:43 PM

Have a 401K or investments in mutual funds? Chances are you are an equity owner in BP. Own a car? Chances are you have bought gasoline from BP. It's easy to blame BP, but at the end of the day most people have funded this incident one way or another. Root cause: Americans' need for CHEAP oil. Now I guess we are beginning to understand the real cost of oil and not just the cost to extract.

So where do we go next? New rules and regulations around deepwater drilling are easy and will happen quickly. But we need to realize that this spill is nothing compared to the CO2 emissions that are produces on a daily basis. The CEO of BP has stepped forward and called this spill a catastrophe. The real catastrophe is our failure as citizens of the world to demand renewable energy sources as the only long term sustainable way of life. I hope this incident provides the impetus needed for a comprehensive energy plan that propels us forward and raises awareness and discussion.

Posted by Alan May 29, 10 09:02 PM

Kill the oil dictatorship, not the wildlife and our lifestyles! Wind, solar, nuclear, carbon, hydrogen or whatever else we're already capable of, SOON !

Posted by Nigel Rollings May 29, 10 09:17 PM

This is a f*****g ecological disaster of unparalled proportions. It is time that all citizens of the world begin to question the unnecessary consumption of petroleum products beginning with products that come from petroleum distillates. In time, with dedicated lobbying on behalf of environmentalists (as all people should be), we can eventually curb the use of of gasoline. Will the use of gasoline ever be eliminated? Probably not, but we can all start by examining the products that we buy on a regular basis other than gas and replacing them with natural biodegradeable products. i.e, cleaning solvents, polishes, paints, detergents, fabric softeners, personal care products, etc... for a brief education take a look at:

Posted by alexander h May 29, 10 09:50 PM


Posted by MA JOSE May 29, 10 10:22 PM

just remember that when and if "the world comes to an end" the humans will be gone. the earth will still remain. god wont punish the earth for what we did.

Posted by amiee bach May 29, 10 11:13 PM

on BP's website:

Do you have ideas to help us?:
+1 281 366 5511


Posted by Tom Jones May 30, 10 12:22 AM

Boycott BP! Do Not Buy Gas From Them!

Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 12:41 AM

What if this was no accident? What if North Korea used a mini-sub to hit us on Earth Day. Didn't they use torpedoes against a South Korean warship.?? Hundai was a target and they owned part of the rig. Research this point. I hope it is wrong. We'll probably never know. These pictures brought tears to my eyes. The powers that be win again in their evil agendas. Let it happen and they DPRK made it happen IMHO.

Posted by Dave Mason May 30, 10 01:58 AM

This happened on OBAMA's watch, during his presidency. OBAMA is the WORST president the States has EVER seen. No leadership on this issue!

Posted by jimbo May 30, 10 03:22 AM

heeeeeeey i love lucan shantel doesint like anyone summer love's joey migel

Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 03:34 AM

Dawn or Palmolive?

Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 04:51 AM

I just don't understand how anyone can blame a president who was has only been in office a few years for all those faulty contraptions built many years ago under the leadership of previous presidents. Sure, the disaster occured at this time, i.e., now, sad enough, but remember the same disaster could have happened years earlier and probably will happen in the future many times over, no matter who is in office. And it cannot be solved overnight, know that. Those who ignored safety rules many years ago when allowing oil companies to build recklessly -- what do they have to say about this man-made disaster? Are they also blaming the child for mistakes that its dad or granddad made? It's said that Americans have a bad education, but after having read most commments here, you guys over the Atlantic Ocean have us convinced that it's true. In this case, if you think education is expensive, what about stupidity? Good luck and best wishes.

Posted by g.h. May 30, 10 07:24 AM

this is a huge disaster, i wish usa would bring that issue to u.n. .countries which have enough techology could help closing the ruptured well.
bp must be punished harshly.

Posted by Osman May 30, 10 07:31 AM

They need to close up that drilling rig ,all the pipes,fill all the holes ,do it now !
And stop ALL offshore drilling for GOOD.If we run out of oil ,then so be it!
BP should be fined into submission! The people that still buy from BP should wake the ----- up !This is a distaster! We are DESTROYING the ocean and the beaches. AND CORPORATIONS OR OUR GOVERNMENT DONT CARE ENOUGH!

Posted by Joe May 30, 10 08:01 AM

The only thing I can think of to do is pray. We as human beings have never had a disaster quite like this. We have had tsunami's earth quakes, wars, hurricanes, tornado's and many other disasters. I think BP should be held responsible for not insuring safety measures in place to stop the influx of oil in our gulf. If the govt can fine Toyota 16 million dollars, for possible runaway vehicles, why shouldn't BP be held responsible, even if it means their financial demise and ultimate bankruptcy. Im sure there are oil companies that know how to drill for oil and not have this kind of thing happen.But for now we must take care of the existing problem for future generations

Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 09:17 AM

Depressing. BP should be held not only financially, but criminally libel for this.

Posted by meade fischer May 30, 10 10:41 AM

Louisiana is TOO BIG TOO FAIL !!! Please Help us.

Posted by Tom - South Louisiana May 30, 10 10:53 AM

Oil and coal are what keep your lights on and your homes comfortable. It's our planet and we have to take care of it, but these natural resources are there for us to USE - wisely.
Every time the environmentalists overstep, we have a disaster. Look at California fires - homeowners are not allowed to clean up brush around their homes - and it serves as kindling when the wildfires rage. When oil companies are forced to drill so far offshore - so deep in the gulf - it should come as no surprise that problems are nearly impossible to repair. All of the "clean" energy solutions are not enough to keep the US operating yet. Until they are, we have to respect what's been given us, and stop quaking in our boots every time an environmentalist tells us we cannot do something. The number one enemy here is not the oil company, it is the environmental extremists who force the ridiculous restrictions on the companies we still need. Don't like the companies who are keeping you comfortable? Fine. Freeze to death in the dark.

Posted by Jim May 30, 10 10:55 AM

This is our long history in the U. S., and what we increasingly sow under an environment of deregulation. This sad, sad decline is another in the long chain of events in which corporations thumb their nose at any intrusion into their business practises.

It is hardly a new story. The largest superfund clean up site is in Butte Montana. When a migrating Swan lands in water covering the remains of an open pit mine, death immediately follows. This has been going on for decades.

The corporations have an army of lawyers always at the ready, hell bent on bending the constitution and the law toward their favor and they are unaccountable to the havoc they leave behind. Somehow, a corporation has the same rights as a living breathing person, yet no accountability.

A quarter of the residents of Libby Montana live under a death sentence wrought by the Grace Corporation, protected from accountability by an executive act of President Reagon, and all attempts to hold those responsible have failed under legal manuevering. How can you knowingly poison an entire town and suffer not? Term "Friend of the Court" comes to mind.

Until we turn this behavior into a criminal act and pursue those responsible with the same energy and zeal we've pursued those engaged in the drug trade, we shall always endure these assaults on our lives. If a corporation engages in harm, seize the assets of those who run the corporation, starting first with the CEO, just as we do with those engaged in the drug trade.

Don't blame the consumer who has little control over the decisions made by a few. The consumer, in our failed "ownership" society, is castrated.

This is a leadership issue, and as more and more wealth is concentrated in fewer hands, these events will only escalate. The middle class is almost gone. We are nearly back to a fuedal system, just under a different name.

Corporate exectutives, whether they are on Wall Street or in glass towers throughout the land, are well schooled at thumbing their noses at regulation and in appreciation of the trust placed in them via governmental agencies, they've responded by making the smallest token show of abiding by these regulations.

Almost always this enforcement is aimed at those with the least amount of ownership in the root issue.

For instance, U. S. Truckers have an 18 year reduced life expectancy over any other profession, and no one cares in any of the agencies charged with ensuring their safety---just as long as Wal*Mart is always stocked, that's what matters.

The companies have no shame. Trucking companies post signs on their sleepers that if the truck hasn't moved in 48 hours, call an 800 number. 48 hours? Up here in the woods, if someone is missing for just a few hours, search teams are launched. Employees expire in their trucks and no one even starts to look for them for two days?

A few years ago a huge mountain came down in the northwest, stripped bare of all timber, and as the remains of the mountain drifted down river, it clogged the watershed. I -5 closed. The rail corridor serving the entire West closed shut down. It was only when the media flew over the mountains and publicized the source of what had devastated these several small towns (who were already reeling from decades of big timber exploitation), and thousands of travelers were inconvienced on the most traveled Interstate and rail corridor in the west, did an outcry bring down the Republican at the state agency who up until that time had been in bed with big timber.

Name almost any corporation and dig deeply into their board rooms and there is no end of outragious behavior to be found. We incarcerate millions of drug underlings for crimes far smaller than the generational devastation that has been unleashed upon our population in the name of corporate returns and productivity gains. Which has been more harmful to society? Derivatives? Or a person with cancer consuming pot laced brownies?

Exxon, though a masterful play of back room law tactics and appeals stonewalled justice for those impacted by the Valdez spill, until finally they stood before the friendly gaze of a packed supreme court, where the eventual award against the company barely made a dent in their corporate coffers. What little penalties that came did not come before many of the original plantiffs were dead. Remember all the full page ads in the nations papers promising that Exxon was taking full ownership of their behavior? Just spin.

B P, isn't even attempting the same initial public shame that was first shown by the head of Exxon at the time of the spill in Alaska. Instead the tactic is to minimize the damage, bait and switch the public and hope a big news event will come along to take their name of the front pages. Clean up crews show up for the camera's, cleaning a beach already cleaned.

Maybe this time, someone will grow a pair, and stand tall against this powerful minority of corporate power. Our salvation will not come through either of the political parties which has enabled this, it will have to come from outside the current power structure.

Teddy Roosevelt once said "When I hear of the destruction of a species I feel just as if all the works of a great writer have perished."

I just hope we are still literate enough to be able to act on such wisdom.

Posted by Tim May 30, 10 11:09 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 01:40 PM

The timing of this bothers me.

Posted by Jane Toliver May 30, 10 01:45 PM

we own about one fifth of the fresh water-we had the dust bowl-and water was under the land the whole time-going to war-late in the game, pulled you out of it.You still live on past glory.And the world has been passing you by.Ever since world war 1 and 2-everything has been wrong.I see fat people everywhere that must drive, vain chubby.I bike to work -its looked down on.Oil is a old invention, should have been a stepping stone tool only.But you got stuck-your main crop=lawns-so you dont like clean water-dont lye to me -i see it every day-This is about moveing forward, get all your kids out of every country and start a clean up-you pay them -you have them-its a needed skill-their strong-come home and fight for America-we will pay for years-just use what you have to start-old men cant do this-thats why they go to Washinton D C thier weak-we need are kids back-TODAY!not next something or other today-a ship starts NOW with are boys comeing back today-all of them like we voted for-

Posted by keith allen May 30, 10 02:33 PM

"We could have saved the Earth, but we were too damned cheap."
-- Kurt Vonnegut

Posted by g.h., in Europe May 30, 10 02:55 PM

Ladies & Gentleman,

I guess all can have opinion so I tell mine.
Have you ever though of a bigger car, a greater microwave, giving all kind of electric toys for our children whatever they need or not, a greater LCD for every room of your department....etc?
We all sucking the environment & BP and the others...capitalizing our voraciousness !

In the end You are the customer, arn't you?

Posted by ALAJ May 30, 10 03:02 PM

After reading the long list of outcries against hidden political agendas by both parties, the admonition of individual passivity, and the push for greater political reform, I ask you now what you plan to do about it. As a tech geek and an engineer, I don't suggest you do what many have implied as the only way of exempting oneself from hypocrisy. If you want, you can get rid of all your consumer products, your technology, and anything that has or may promote further destruction of our environment (incidentally that includes books as well). But what will that do for us? Technology came about to facilitate our lives and tackle problems. When we solve one, a new problem is presented before us. If you expect a singular solution to the world's problems, you're being naive.
If you want to eliminate oil-dependency, you can do any of the small things already suggested. Or you can strive to make the bigger difference. Install solar. Here's an interesting article about the cost-effectiveness of solar ( By 2015, 2/3 of the U.S. will actually save money by installing solar to power their private energy usage. In the southwest, there are already several areas that can. How's that for eliminating oil-dependency? The learning curve of solar energy is around 68%: that means every year, the price of solar cells drops 32%.
Don't just complain about how we need to invest in the technological revolution. Become a part of it - do some research and understand the state of things and their progress. Many of you probably haven't installed solar because you think it's too expensive, but I'm sure that for some of you it's already a financially feasible option (maybe even financially beneficial). The future is already here but many people don't really know it.

And if you're really gungho about this, start learning about greener energy solutions and see what you can do occupationally to further its goals. It's not just about living styles. It's about taking the technology that's emerging and producing global change. If you're an engineer, learn how green techs work and maybe even start a start-up. If you're not an engineer, a large part of the energy problem is making it marketable. Anyone and everyone can help with the solution. The problem isn't hypocrisy. It isn't political. It is the belief that we are impotent.

Posted by Wesley May 30, 10 03:33 PM

This is a tragedy. When you put profits ahead of safety. Deny the true statistics and not respond for 34 days Then I do point my finger.
We are guided by corporate greed and until that changes, our lives, our childrens, our grandchildrens will suffer. All God's creatures deserve so much more. Number 1183 says it well. Thank you Tim

Posted by Priscilla Peters May 30, 10 03:57 PM

Why do you all sit there looking for people to blame for the spill rather than get out there and volunteer your time to help fix it, especially during your weekends. I live on the other side of the world and can not understand the American way of having to find someone to blame. Hows about getting out there and helping to clean up the mess and finding someone to blame (if you must) afterwards. All I hear is "they have ruined our beautiful marsh", "not we went out and helped clean up/ save our beautiful marsh". All this debating about politics and 'we are all to blame' etc... no wonder you live in the most scewed up country on earth. You don't really care, you just want to look like you care.

Posted by Heather May 30, 10 04:32 PM

The photographs really show the scale of the disaster, picture 38 is so upsetting. My heart goes out to all you guys.

Words fail me


Posted by Stewart James Hingston May 30, 10 04:45 PM

Eu fico muito triste com as notícias de desastres naturais e dos causados pelos homens em nosso planeta no últimos anos. O pior de minha tristeza é saber que quanto mais distantes geograficamente deles, menor nosso compromisso em tentar SALVAR O PLANETA que nos pede ajuda contra a raça humana que o destroi a cada dia, sem se preocupar com o amanhã.
Neste momento de tragédia como disse a priscila todos deveriam estar implicados, não importando de onde vem a tecnologia (do oriente ou do ocidente), pois trata-se de um acidente com proporções incomensuráveis para as próximas gerações..

Posted by Ione Aparecida Xavier May 30, 10 05:13 PM

If this had happened on the WEST COAST there would be HELL to pay and BP would be held libel and taken down! Can you just imagine the number of Lawsuits that would be filed say, in La Jolla California if BP were stupid enough to drill there!
The people of the Gulf Coast need lawyers working for them now! BP is counting on you NOT to have lawyers!

I am shaken by this event, the destruction above the water is enough to make you want to die! What is happening deep underneath even the scientists are unsure....
If it ever happens on the West Coast, those oil men are going to be up against some pretty heavy hitters!.

Posted by the kid May 30, 10 05:36 PM


Posted by ROBERTO May 30, 10 05:45 PM


Posted by FILIBERTO SALDANA May 30, 10 07:10 PM

I'm weeping! This is so sad and tragic! Let's not have this happen ever again! Protect our beautiful planet!

Posted by Karen Larson May 30, 10 07:56 PM

thanks to USA for leaking all that oil and allow us no see that amazing photos!!!! QUE VERGUENZA!

Posted by N May 30, 10 08:03 PM

enough said do something

Posted by Kathy May 30, 10 08:25 PM

This is all a result of man(kind) (??)'s stupidity and greed! We have only one planet on which to live. What do we do if this is an example of our so-called intelligence?

Posted by Brian Wood May 30, 10 10:03 PM

There should be no oil rigs in the ocean BP should be going to jail. wildlife is still needed in the world.

Posted by Craig May 30, 10 10:08 PM

Obama took more BP money than any other candidate in 20 years.

Why did he wait an entire month to even visit the Gulf?

Why did Obama ignore Nashville when it flooded?


Posted by DJ May 31, 10 12:55 AM

Oil rises to the surface correct? Why not huge concentric rings of booms to capture the oil as it rises to the surface. I understand that underwater currents will change and the point at which it rises varies but if the target area is big enough to completely surround the area why is the oil still spreading?

Posted by Markuspea May 31, 10 01:03 AM

Unfortunately, finger-pointing is very necessary here and for good reason. For ages people have been coming up with ideas for alternatively powering our mobile machines. The only people that stand in the way are the ignoramuses. The ones who cry," Oh, but that windmill that is TEN MILES OUT, doesn't go match our beautiful coastline." Or better yet, the ones(Oil companies) who are so greedy that they buy off environmentally-savvy ideas from inventors(you'd choose the money they offer too) only to patent these ideas then throw them in a locked box. Greed! Idiocy! Selfishness! As my history teacher says,"Maybe we just need a cataclysmic event to wipe out all mistakes and start anew." Humans are positively the WORST things to happen to this planet.

Posted by Jai Williams May 31, 10 01:33 AM

Instead of bitching why don't you all go out and do something? Donate money, help clean up the beaches and wildlife, just something. Your snarky comments don't change anything. Pontificating on your pointless opinion changes nothing. Blaming people changes nothing. It's time to get off your lazy asses and go help.
Everyone is so quick to blame, but so slow to do anything about it. Now is a time for action not hot air.

Posted by JDubbs May 31, 10 01:39 AM

Good post Mosez. Everyone should check it out #34. Fossil Fuels are NOT the way to go for energy. If we have to dig to find them, just maybe it's hidden from us for a reason. Wind, water and solar power are all above ground and are not comprised of harmful chemicals. They do not endanger people, animals or the earth. That's clean energy.

Posted by Rachel May 31, 10 02:56 AM

We can cry , we can shout , we can blame! But , at the end we are still going to the gas station filling our cars , keeping the aircon running aso.
It's on us to change our behavior so the oil producers have to cut back.
Would you agree to cut your energy consumption by 50% and pay twice the prize for it?
Do not say " somebody else first" it is all of us. If you do not agree , you still will be part of the destroyer of our enviroment.

Posted by Harald Reber May 31, 10 03:31 AM

When the electric cars come on sale next year, we need to remember this whole sorry mess.
We really can shake off our dependence on oil if we are willing to recognize the political economic and environmental damage it has done to the West over the past 40 years and move on.
Reducing demand is the simplest and quickest route to avoiding this madness.

Posted by Jonathan Mills May 31, 10 05:04 AM

Why it is so difficult to stop the oil dropping out of this hole?
I can't understand that! What are they doing? really...

Why can't they tear down this stupid oil platform... part for part ...
I think it would be easier then to stop that shit!!!!!

PLEASE STOP IT!!! Don't sit around and do nothing.. we'll all die if you'll go on like this! Don't sit around and just think about it - DO something.. anything!!!!


Everybody! Come on... let's do something!

Posted by elepricon May 31, 10 05:18 AM

There is nothing beautifull with this it ia the same as to make pictures from blod in war. This is killing!!!!

Posted by Ajna May 31, 10 05:46 AM

1202, too much Crude to handle, no man power or huge stores of oil absorbant can take care of this mess quick enough.
this has nothing to do with poletics, this has to do with the world not advancing the tech of cleaner, safer alternative energy sources.
we all know the tech exists, its us humans, people that screw it up, all we ever care about is money, and if there is still money in Oil, there will still be Oil, regardless of environment needs.
we are motivated by Greed, we cant just blame country leaders, Oil rigs were around before most of them went in to poletics.
Doesnt have to be anyone to blame here. i dont understand what this has to do with blame and lawsuits, Oil rigs will dissapear in years to come, we can only hope they will come sooner.

Posted by D.L.T May 31, 10 08:27 AM

this poor planet has met her match, she is exhausted, sad and crying now that her beauty is partly gone...why is it that everything man made is destructive? When I listen to the song by Louis Armstorng " what a beautiful world" I dream that song... what future do we have now for our kids and grand kids and so on? thanks BP for all your mistakes, and no back up plan! you have ruined our beautiful waters and poisoned our wildlife! you ought to be ashamed of yourselves! now fix the dam problem!

Posted by Deb Muse May 31, 10 08:36 AM

I hear all this blame and finger pointing towards BP. Did I hear Haliburton is involved in the life of this rig?... just as Haliburton got the contracts for Iraq oil sites? Oh I'm sure Haliburton is decreasing BP shares to scoop up ownership at bottom line price.

Fine to criticize a company who puts their name to this mess; what about the companies who were hired for the construction, maintenance & integrity of this drilling rig?

I think a lot of prominent (& former) politicians are in cahoots with this mess; I'm sure they will get nice bonus for all the oil going through that pipe.

Money breeds greed...cut corners wherever we can, to stuff our pockets more..

BP ain't the only guilty party here...look beyond the registered owner's name, let's look at who was doing the overseeing for BP

I know beans about oil, but when it comes to oil tycoons, I'm sure there are lots of slicks staying of the radar watching their bucks roll in.

Are they seeking or accepting help from other countries who also have offshore drilling? Maybe that would bring an end to this disaster much too soon, if they did.

My heart so breaks for all of you living in that area, your livelihoods, ALL the wildlife perishing and its destruction for years and years to come.

Posted by Jan Zinn May 31, 10 09:07 AM

It doesn't matter if you clean up any of the wildlife, if the animal is contaminated with toxic oil, the animal has become poisoned and will suffer and die, as its life expectancy is dramatically decreased a year or so tops. Oil spill proof is in the pudding, they attempted to clean up other animals that were oild covered like otters. Otters live for 8 to 10 years, all the sea otters that were contaminated lived 1 yr and died, you can kiss the gulfs fisheries goodbye and all the sea life.Thanks BP and Thanks Big Oil for ruining our world.

Posted by Anonymous May 31, 10 09:18 AM

1155 "Electricity to be the 1&only energy ... ASAP." Posted by eric May 29, 2010 01:15 PM

To eric, please go back and do your research. Electricity is generated from the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. When you turn on your electric light, unless you have solar panels on your house, there was a fossil fuel responsible for generating that electricity in the first place. Again, do your research!!!

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 09:57 AM

Es realmente un a pena, dolor inmenso, por lo que está pasando.

El ser Humano al intervenir la naturaleza (nuestro hogar la tierra) debe tomar todas, pero, todas la medidas para evitar un impacto tan desastroso como este. No existe en la naturaleza algo que provoque tal daño, solo el hombre puede hacer esto y dejar tal daño. y todo por dinero, sabiendo que hay altennativas para no impacatar tanto, y para quienes usamos el sistema, estamos abligados a consumir lo único que está en el mercado.

Debemos recorordar que no se trata de dejarles este planeta a nuestros hijos, si no más bién lo tenemos a prestamo de las generaciones futuras..

Posted by Andrés García Vasquez May 31, 10 10:06 AM

All of you that you are yelling about this catastrophe, you re going to yelling louder if the oil price goes up. Hypocrits.

Posted by toda May 31, 10 10:25 AM

Yesterday: 100 years ago, coal miners brought canaries into the mines with them to test air quality. If the bird died, they knew that they would be next!!! This disaster is like that canary, and it won't be the only one, be clear on that. Humanity is not in danger of dying out any time soon but we're causing that clock to tick faster and faster each time we allow something like this to happen.

Today: Destroying land and waterways doesn't just hurt wild life and plant life. It hurts ALL of us in time. Did BP mean for this to happen? Of course not! Is saying "Oooops, I'm sorry" and doing a little bit of clean up for the camera's until the media gets tired of the story, is that enough? Once the camera's were gone during the Exon Valdez clean up, so was the clean up effort. There are many that think it is quaint to protect land and it's accompanying plant and wildlife. That it doesn't matter. It's no more important than a pretty John Denver song about mountains and eagles. That somehow it will all grow back and everything will be alright. Maybe. The earth does heal itself, this is true. The earth has seen a lot worse than this man made disasterous oil leak. I'm not concerned about the earths ability to heal. It always will, but we won't. The earth will go on and revolve around its axis whether we are here or not. Allowing this sort of thing to go on in a dismissive way will eventually come back to haunt us. There will be more of these kinds of leaks and generations of the future will live in a poorer world and wonder why we didn't do something the hell about it now. Oh but waite, I forgot. That's their problem. As has been human history, the many will suffer for the benefit of the few. The lifestyle that we all enjoy now can not be maintained forever. Everyone knows that ofcourse, but very few want to do anything about except point fingers and blame someone else.

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 10:32 AM

"All of you that you are yelling about this catastrophe, you re going to yelling louder if the oil price goes up. Hypocrits." Posted by toda May 31, 2010 10:25 AM

Yes, they will be hypocrits, you're right, but there is more at stake here than just the price of gas at the pump. Thousands will be put out of work, lose their homes, won't be able to feed their families, much less be able to put gas in their cars. Their concerns will be much bigger than the price of gas. Does that matter to anyone????

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 10:38 AM

"Oil and coal are what keep your lights on and your homes comfortable. It's our planet and we have to take care of it, but these natural resources are there for us to USE - wisely.
Every time the environmentalists overstep, we have a disaster. Look at California fires - homeowners are not allowed to clean up brush around their homes - and it serves as kindling when the wildfires rage. When oil companies are forced to drill so far offshore - so deep in the gulf - it should come as no surprise that problems are nearly impossible to repair. All of the "clean" energy solutions are not enough to keep the US operating yet. Until they are, we have to respect what's been given us, and stop quaking in our boots every time an environmentalist tells us we cannot do something. The number one enemy here is not the oil company, it is the environmental extremists who force the ridiculous restrictions on the companies we still need. Don't like the companies who are keeping you comfortable? Fine. Freeze to death in the dark." Posted by Jim May 30, 2010 10:55 AM

It wasn't the environmentalists that told BP not to use equipment that could have prevented this disaster? Your "point" makes no sense!!

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 10:40 AM

Welcome to the real world of BIG MONEY. The Farce is a cozy relationship between those who are supposed to regulate and the Barons of Big Oil. So a few million wildlife will die but we can't allow the Environment to stand in the way of PROGRESS and the Millions the stock holders earn.
BP should be held accountable as well as the Government Regulators.
The area being destroyed in Louisiana is one of the largest breeding grounds for wild life on the Gulf Coast.

Posted by Chuckwagonchuck May 31, 10 11:23 AM

We've been able to put men on the moon, but we haven't been able to stop this explosive underwater geyser! Leak is toooooo timid of a word to describe what is happening.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, despite his use of humor, correctly described this incident. He said it's like being able to send people to the moon with out being able to bring them back. The amount of technology needed to drill 5,000 feet underwater is immense and so is the abililty to stop any potential disasters. Unlike the moon launches, that side of the equation for this oil rig ws never figured out. How's that for planning!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 11:39 AM

Amerika fliegt zum Mond und auch zum Mars und blickt in ferne Galaxien. Da muss es doch auch eine Moeglichkeit geben, dieses sprudelnde Bohrloch auf unserer Erde endlich zu schliessen! Es ist beschämend zu erfahren, wie so ein umweltschaedigendes Desaster hinsichtlich der dort lebenden Menschen, der Fauna und Flora von BP wochenlang heruntergespielt wurde. Techniker der Welt, kommt in die Hufe und macht den Amerikanern Vorschlaege, die endlich zum Erfolg fuehren!

Posted by Hugo Jarmatz May 31, 10 11:55 AM

Yesterday: 100 years ago, coal miners brought canaries into the mines with them to test air quality. If the bird died, they knew that they would be next!!! This disaster is like that canary, and it won't be the only one, be clear on that. Humanity is not in danger of dying out any time soon but we're causing that clock to tick faster and faster each time we allow something like this to happen.

Today: Destroying land and waterways doesn't just hurt wild life and plant life. It hurts ALL of us in time. Did BP mean for this to happen? Of course not! Is saying "Oooops, I'm sorry" and doing a little bit of clean up for the camera's until the media gets tired of the story, is that enough? Once the camera's were gone during the Exon Valdez clean up, so was the clean up effort. There are many that think it is quaint to protect land and it's accompanying plant and wildlife. That it doesn't matter. It's no more important than a pretty John Denver song about mountains and eagles. That somehow it will all grow back and everything will be alright. Maybe. The earth does heal itself, this is true. The earth has seen a lot worse than this man made disasterous oil leak. I'm not concerned about the earths ability to heal. It always will, but we won't. The earth will go on and revolve around its axis whether we are here or not. Allowing this sort of thing to go on in a dismissive way will eventually come back to haunt us. There will be more of these kinds of leaks and generations of the future will live in a poorer world and wonder why we didn't do something the hell about it now. Oh but waite, I forgot. That's their problem. As has been human history, the many will suffer for the benefit of the few. The lifestyle that we all enjoy now can not be maintained forever. Everyone knows that ofcourse, but very few want to do anything about except point fingers and blame it someone else.

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 12:15 PM

We are ALL very good at being arm chair quarterbacks. I include myself. I'd like to see posts from people that are actually doing something to curb their appitite for oil. Or are in the Gulf area right now helping with clean up efforts. SERIOUSLY!!!

I do try to walk as much as possible, but I do drive to work and school. Both are 20 miles away from my house so walking is not practical. Also, I live in an area with almost no public transport. Another issue that keeps being put on the back burner in this country. That would go a long way to reducing consumption nation wide. Also, as I type, I'm using a computer that is plugged into an electrical outlet. That electricity was generated at a plant powered using fossil fuels. Coal mostly, but oil is also used.

I still need to work on my part, but it would be great to hear what others are already doing. This is more helpful then endless complaining and finger pointing.

Posted by Kelly Moross May 31, 10 12:35 PM

The ongoing oil spill is an ecological catastrophe. Obama and his gang claim they were on it "from day one." Sorry, but that propaganda won't wash. In this kind of disaster, it's the job of the federal government to commit the resources to mitigate the damage. They didn't do enough fast enough. Now we are seeing the result. Disgustingly shameful.

Posted by The Old Dog May 31, 10 12:36 PM

we need to keep our ocean a live.

Posted by Anonymous May 31, 10 01:29 PM

Looks like the little pipe leaking is just a mice with a elephant behind it check this out >

Posted by Vork May 31, 10 01:48 PM

I am from Belgium and I feel terribly sad and sorry to see these pictures.
I follow up every day the operations to stop the leak, ...

It is very worrying to see that global companies are pumping oil in extreme conditions, when they obviously have not prepared a scenario like this one.

I mean we can clearly see that NO ONE is able to stop this... so no one is prepared.

I can't imagine the ecological consequences if this would happen in a poor country.

Posted by Fred May 31, 10 02:05 PM

This is so sad, we see pictures for what has already happened yet there is more to come daily. Get on the ball and take care of business. That is your job and shouldn't have happened to begin with.

Posted by Lanier Lewis May 31, 10 02:29 PM

désolant, il faut donner une amende a BP afin de les punir.

Posted by Anonymous May 31, 10 02:30 PM

désolant, il faut donner une amende a BP afin de les punir.

Posted by philippe May 31, 10 02:32 PM

this is so terrible. our wildlife and human life and aquadic life...sure hope they can find a solution before its too late.. Im afraid they wont stop it until the oil well is

Posted by norma blandford May 31, 10 02:46 PM

One of the saddest things i have ever seen in my life. Damaging the water, animals, and all of our hearts. Something needs to happen fast and efficiently, or we're going to loose our oceans and our animals! God Bless!

Posted by CandiceG May 31, 10 02:49 PM

What a terrible tragedy. Who is to blame??? We need only to look in the mirror. Never forget that we are responsible for the mother earth.

Posted by johanna May 31, 10 02:54 PM

that must take a lot of work

Posted by miley May 31, 10 03:19 PM

Words no...Only tears

Posted by Susi May 31, 10 03:46 PM

Ted Turner said it right "we can't live without the environment!"
Where are the Saudies?...they have a team like our firemen and they are on spills in ONE HOUR!...i thought they were on their way??? HELP!
and why can't the tankers pick it up at the source?? Heartbreaking!!

Posted by sandy Mason May 31, 10 04:06 PM

Blood for oil; again . . .

Wake up, world; the bastards you've esteemed, supported, and elected have won.

Posted by BlankReg May 31, 10 04:18 PM

This mess should do it ! We have been lied to by the oil company's and the be-suited bastards on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C., If wall street has a Wall I think we should use it! Before they all get together and have some pretty person sing us another song with high Ideals that do not mean any thing. If there lips are moving they are telling lies. REMEMBER ALL MARKETING LIES.!

I am damn mad

Posted by Bill Meldrum May 31, 10 04:20 PM

It's a horrible environmental disaster that will effect us for years to come. It's unfortunate that there is even red tape with the cleanup efforts. I called the cleanup hotline to volunteer services of my family and was denied because we do not have biohazard training. We just wanted to soap and wash oily birds and animals!!!

Posted by Tiffany May 31, 10 04:23 PM

New S.T.A.L.K.E.R coming up!!!

Posted by Ryukenden May 31, 10 04:28 PM

Our state is being sacrificed, pleas from our governor ignored by the administration. We are not allowed to dredge our own sand in Louisiana waters. The Corps of Engineers is "studying" the environmental impact of dredging.........What the hell do they think the spill is, if it's not an environmental impact. Get the Hell out of the way and let the clean up and protective measures get underway. Stop with the photo-ops. Mr Obama, 4,000,000 residents of Louisiana KNOW you weren't "on this from day one". So get out of the way. We don't need to participate in or cater to your ego inflating rhetoric. 50 clean-up boats sit idle. I saw clean-up crews on beaches in Gulfport and Bay St. Louis picking up small bits of trash on the beaches where there IS NO OIL!!!! why aren't they where they're needed? Why didn't Thad Allen, who is supposed to be in charge of this mess, know the latest attempt to plug had failed??? This is a mess of epic proportions. It seems no one but the good people of my state know how important Louisiana is to the entire country. Lake Pontchartrain was dead because of pollution. It is now viable, the pelicans are back, the fishing, shrimping and crabbing is again what it once was. The water is safe. This took years of hard work, discipline and regulation. The people of Louisiana know how to take care of the land, water, resources and wildlife, and we care. We are being left to die by a pathetic, what's-in-it-for-me, useless administration, congress and private industry. The next time you pay more at the pump, or your heating oil bill goes through the roof, think about the 30% in resources you get from the Gulf of Mexico and the good people of Louisiana that are willing to share that oil with you.... Say thank you. Respect us, help us force the clean-up and stop the stalling, and please pray for our beautiful state.

Posted by Pamela May 31, 10 04:54 PM

It truly is a horrendous tragedy. I hope that people will start thinking along other methods of getting the energy that we seem to need for our expnded life styles.
I do hope the the comments about limbaugh are "tongue-in-cheek"!

It turns my stomach to hear anyone "honor" Limbaugh... a wealthy druggy big mouth... just because he may have said something that others have been saying for a long time... Just my feelings.

Posted by Bill in Saratoga Springs , NY May 31, 10 05:11 PM

I wish we don't use so much oil but we have to use it to do you think we can stop it???I hope it doesn't get worse then this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE HAVE TO STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by AMBER DALEY May 31, 10 05:27 PM

"Drill baby Drill" If we keep drilling our tears wil be British Petroleum Lubricating Tears. Good for dry eyes. So dry that they can't see the dmage now.

Posted by Freddy Borges May 31, 10 06:02 PM


Posted by ANDREA DEMOON May 31, 10 08:48 PM

Boston Globe: Being from Louisiana originally, I have designed a poster in answer to BP's negligence and disruption of the Louisiana waters and the welfare of the people that make their living from the Gulf of New Mexico. I have used a photo of the shrimp boat used to collect oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion by Eric Gay. No means to upload the poster but would like to post the poster as a visual expression so all can view and get the words out. Please advise as to a way to send it to you, any legal issues in using the photo and any publishing opportunities.

Posted by Steve Collier May 31, 10 08:59 PM

These pics are over 10 days old and look at the devastation. Now there are many photo/flight restrictions, can we even fathom the extent of the damage? Where's the outcry for truth? The damage is done, point fingers later just solve the problem instead of trying to cover it up! Even on the live feed of the spill they've changed the light angle so you can't see the massive amounts of oil still gushing!

Posted by P4 truth May 31, 10 09:22 PM

The photos really help people better understand the effect of the spill. Please add more as time goes by. MORE oil will almost certainly continue to flow into the gulf and onto shore all summer - and probably beyond. While this is certainly the worst oil spill in U.S. history, it is not the worst (yet) in the gulf - so there is hope that, in time, the earth, oceans, plants, and animals will be able to recover (more than the amount of oil or money BP seems able to).

Posted by Oren Pardes May 31, 10 09:53 PM

I have lived along the Gulf Coast my entire life, it's what I know and what I love. These pictures bring tears to my eyes and immense anger to my heart.

Posted by Bryan West May 31, 10 11:06 PM

the ocean has been and will continue to be the dumping ground of the world. Its going to be a slow miserable death for the earth and all living things all in the the name of dollars. We are such wasters of this beautiful place. Hope its not too late for us.

Posted by flip May 31, 10 11:49 PM

and "drill baby drill" what McCains slogan for his presidential campaign. Lovely isn't it?

Posted by Alexandria May 31, 10 11:50 PM

Every day that passes, the more I feel like I am living inside a David Brin novel...

Posted by Andrew L. Ayers June 1, 10 01:03 AM

Alas, we are doomed. I grew up on the chesapeake bay and know the birds and wildlife and the bay is in horrible shape too but nothing LIKE THIS!
What have we done and what have the lobbyists done to our politicians who cater to the multi nationals and don't care about the environment until a horrible disaster comes. What happened to the electric car and teaching our kids to love the earth and using bicycles' mass transportation and living close to where we work and living with the land? The car commercials, the greed cuz we have to have every new gadget and mow our lawns with oil from the gulf of mexico? What kind of a society have we created with the help of the multi nationals and our political leaders and our own ignorance??? It's hard being a human and seeing our collective mistakes!!!!!

Posted by Deborah "Spice" Kleinmann June 1, 10 01:09 AM

Hey everyone relax. Rush Limbaugh said it's not a big deal.

Posted by Chill Dude June 1, 10 03:16 AM

Stop blaming - look at yourself - if you folk in the US OF A did not drive fuel guzzlers, there woul not be such a demand for oil. Wake up to yourselves and stop blaming. Clean up your own home. Your president can do so much and no more - you have had worse presidents than him.

Posted by Rosebud June 1, 10 03:32 AM

Has this actually stopped anyone buying their petrol? Protest with your wallets....

Posted by dark rabbit June 1, 10 05:52 AM

pa´¨que vean los pen..sadores de pemex que todavia creen en la alta tecnologia gringa imaginenese si esto yega a pasarle a mexico . deberian de ser como los arabes ellos si que saben para que es el petroleo . el daño esta hecho y yo no puedo ayudar. pero mi bolsillo si pagara las consecuencias de esta tragedia.

Posted by tach June 1, 10 07:28 AM

These is all our fault. We need to change fast or our children will pay the consecuences.

Posted by Anonymous June 1, 10 08:38 AM

REALIZE ALL... u must pick up every scrap of paper, cigarette butt, all of this is liter to OUR earth. We must QUIT damaging it... Use less electricity, Stop wasting water, all of it does matter. You are ALL Responsible in each of our own way. Join a clean up crew. If you don't stand for anything you will Kill it for all of us....!!!!!

Posted by Lacie June 1, 10 10:30 AM


Posted by donna mustari June 1, 10 11:10 AM

Despair, Devastation, Death! What will it take to wake us up!!!

Posted by Linda Prudhomme June 1, 10 12:07 PM

Es sind erschütternde Bilder.
Frage: Läßt sich ein Zylinder mit einer außenliegenden archimedischen Schraube über das Bohrloch setzen? Im Innern des Zylinders könnte das Öl so geleitet werden, dass ein Drehimpuls entsteht, der den Zylinder in das Erdreich schraubt. Danach könnte dann ein Ventil im Zylinder das Öl absperren oder ein Rohr in den Zylinder geschraubt werden um das Öl ab zu fangen.
Bestimmt ist das nur ein Vorschlag von hoffentlich vielen.

Posted by Fritz June 1, 10 12:16 PM

For those of you complaining about the US consuming oil. I really HOPE you don't use vehicular transportation.

Posted by Anonymous June 1, 10 12:31 PM

After reading all the comments and seeing all of these pictures I can only come to one conclusion. The end of the world is near and we should all be prepared to go to heaven because earth is becoming HELL and it is not going to get better. Pray for us all.

Posted by Sandra Lennon June 1, 10 01:07 PM


Posted by Gabby June 1, 10 01:19 PM

If the govt would have had an adquate oversight this may have been prevented. BP owes not only the US but the world. They should be barred from doing any more off shore drilling. Let's get moving on alternative sources before it is too late! Dr. M.A. Gonzalez

Posted by Miguel A Gonzalez June 1, 10 01:32 PM

I think that if we don't do something to stop this now then we are going to ruin our wildlife and it will never grow back

Posted by Anonymous June 1, 10 03:53 PM

I think that if we don't do something to stop this now then we are going to ruin our wildlife and it will never grow back

Posted by Anonymous June 1, 10 03:54 PM

This is a waste of oil.

Posted by Erik June 1, 10 04:43 PM

Sorry honey, it's not the president's fault! Big business = big problems. Hopefully this is a wake-up call to the U.S. and our (lack of) environmental policies! This is an awful disaster, that's going to take an awful lot of work to clean up. :(

Posted by Kelsey June 1, 10 05:01 PM

please stop blaming people and help save a way of life I fought hard to keep after Katrina.
my children need to live this life

Posted by anonymous June 1, 10 05:04 PM

I wonder if any of you geniuses have thought of:

1. The Oil from the Deepwater Horizon was going to CHINA.
2. The Deepwater Horizon sits in INTERNATIONAL waters, NOT in US waters. (So, WHO will prosecute BP?)
3. WHAT would you have the government do? WHAT? They are not magical.
4. The REASON for offshore drilling is DEMAND from YOU. Yes, YOU!
5. There is NO replacement for oil. NONE. Not Hydrogen. Not Solar. NOTHING.

Posted by Anonymous June 1, 10 05:17 PM

This is very important. The whole world she be involved in the clean up no matter who is responsible. And ....yes, we should stop using as much oil, gas, electricity etc. If they can live like that in India, Africa and South America we can do it in North America and Europe. Let's stop being so childless, selfish and want, want, want. We'll have to renew our way of living. This accident has killed so much; the poor birds, and fish, ...the poor children who can't play in clean water..., the poor land that is destroyed. What happens when more erupt? Will everyone just stop! Our grandchildren need a place to live.

Posted by Sandra Marsili June 1, 10 06:03 PM

This is a sad time for America - God bless the Gulf coast people hurt by this. We are praying for you -

Posted by Jim June 1, 10 06:30 PM

Your Polyester clothing, your computer case, keyboard and monitor case, Asphalt roadways and driveways, the shingles on your roof, many appliances in your home, lubricants, solvents, plastic bottles and jars.
Oil spill protesters with Styrofoam coffee cups in hand, how ironic

The accident happened, the coal mine tragedies happened !! They are all so sad, but we must move forward, learn from our mistakes, do it better and safer. Or maybe go back to the old days, before coal oil lamps.

Posted by P Gilland June 1, 10 07:06 PM

i think we all should get planes and airplanes and pick up everybody and start cleaning our enviroment now i know how 2012 is gonna happen if you guys don't help then pln on dieing thats just how i feel so go out there and help

Posted by courtney volpe June 1, 10 08:25 PM

this is bad i hope its be better !!!! im scard.

Posted by brenda June 1, 10 08:33 PM

A large cooperation such as BP has NO BUSINESS drilling offshore if they do not have an emergency protocol in place to deal with such an event, only to find out after the fact that they haven't the slightest clue how to stop this given all of their high-tech engineers and so-called professional executives. HEADS UP U.S. Government - tighter regulations need to be in place if this off-shore drilling is going to take place. Talk about closing the gate after the cow is out...

Posted by Cheyenne June 1, 10 09:01 PM

Let's try to support a drive for cleaner energy sources! :]

Posted by :] June 1, 10 09:15 PM

I guess nobody really sees the environmental impact of this whole situation. Sure we can point fingers, use our thousands of bags to clean up the tons of oil... it's all pretty scary ladies and gentlemen. It is not like they have stopped it and everything is uphill form here.. Look at the damage it is causing so far.. that is probably the oil from 2 weeks ago that is hitting the shore now..they havent even capped it. They say they will have to spill more oil before being able to possibly stop it. Just imagine if every beach along the shore line was covered in oil everything was black and sticky.. you couldnt go in the water .cause thats what its going to be like. Us as people should be shitting about this! This is crazy!

Posted by B June 1, 10 09:27 PM


Posted by Anonymous June 1, 10 10:55 PM

This makes me sick and so very sad. We have the technology to send man to the moon, but we can't fix this mess??? Pray for all of the animals and sea creatures!

Posted by Carla June 1, 10 11:30 PM

My home...

Posted by Jared June 1, 10 11:48 PM

To dramtically speed up relief well, why not do it at 5,000 feet in June rather than 128,000 feet in August?

Posted by David Hoo June 1, 10 11:52 PM

Apparently dried grass or HAY as we call it is a FANTASTIC absorber of OIL. Why don't you take large bales of hay and have a cutter and a blower to blow the hay onto the gulf water to absorb the oil then the mop it up and burn it somewher???
Or is that too simple for the so called smart engineers and scientists?
This is so desperate a situation that any possibility should be tried, EH? (from a canadian)

Posted by Mel Bergstresser June 2, 10 12:41 AM

The Earth will abide, like The Dude, and even as I type this, she's getting busy with the chore of! It won't be pretty, or much fun, but it will happen, seemingly sooner than later........

Posted by Ernie Earnshaw June 2, 10 01:03 AM

At this point in history, anyone who simply arrives to take pictures or the story and stands by as witness without helping is committing an act of IMMORALITY. I've seen too many photos of dying animals. How could anyone's focus be on the image or the story when they come across suffering? At the point of suffering, the need to act is of the highest importance. The photographer, the journalist MUST act. When I see photos without additional information explaining how the sufferer was helped, it feels as though these witnesses are from some ancient bygone era.

This witness mentality was also evident in Haiti after the earthquake. It seems people did call in to voice their outrage.

Please, everyone who has a voice in humanity, contact the journalist or photographer and ask why they did not act. Contact the editor and explain that images of suffering are immoral unless a story follows to explain what was done to assist the one who suffered.

Posted by Leslie Weller June 2, 10 01:35 AM

this is what the bush/ chaney 2005 energy bill permitted! new energy bill now please! offshore drilling is horrible and natural gas drilling is just as bad! need change now! no more excuses about we do not have the techknowlegy to change, we've had it for years! our gov. needs to stop listening to big corporations and start doing the right thing!

Posted by darrell smitsky June 2, 10 02:00 AM

We need God's Help to get out of this mess we've gotten ourselves into! Please do your part and ask for God's help! Seriously, we're not in control here obviously...

Posted by khadija harsolia June 2, 10 03:41 AM

Lets face it we have become dependent on oil and all the yell and crying that is being done will not help. what will help is demanding that these companies use better equipment but then we will end up paying for that as well and I am fine with that, We must insist they have better emergency plans where oil is not spewing as it is now into our precious water ways again! They must be prepared for any and every possible emergencies! lets not just see it on paper they have got to have it ready in a moments notice not a month or longer as it is now! we need laws that make them prove that these emergency plans work and not plans that look great on paper but won't work once needed! We need to quit crying and go lend a helping hand cleaning these beaches I know volunteers are being trained to clean this mess up so get off your rears and help! I am next week!

Posted by Laura June 2, 10 03:58 AM

as much as i'd love to drop the blame on the obama administration i really can't. the only thing i can suggest is that they turn the army corp of engineers loose with no political involvement with the exception of the coastal parishes. it seems that with every government action there has to be committee involvement. this isn't and shouldn't be a political statement. washington should get off their asses, party be damned, get this done. let's get beyond the issue of looking bad in the news. I'd accept complete misguided actions as long as they're actions. looking good in front of the cameras isn't important. the american people want action not an oratory masterpiece. don't know what to do? turn the army loose and get out of the way.

Posted by steven kiser June 2, 10 05:53 AM

The U.S. government has never taken steps to correct it to correct all their own faults and sins against the world. America is a multicultural nation and is generally the youngest ever. Perhaps we all forget from where come from and who actually are! Destroy the world around them, kill, degrade the Environment and bear alone. I give this world 100 years. 100 years of life of the planet earth and we got ourselves to destroy it.

Open your eyes! People around the world are enslaved MONEY therefore do not have time to to go back to nature and to protect Everything we were given.

Tim is not to say that the American people is bad or it's not the worst. I mean, that your 'bussiness' ceases to comply with all laws of nature as profit whatsoever. I feel like money and bussiness humanity blinded so that he saw where it is our place. Our place is everywhere here on earth is the moon, Mars, whether out of the galaxy and learn when it is important, but will be followed by law and therefore being laws of nature. 'Need' a million things fun, which showed us how to relieve time. 'Need' a million things that really do not need, which still have their fate sealed - to the dump. And the only quiet observer of all this is nature - trees, flowers, grass, birds, insects, animals and many members of the board of the world in another sense.
PEOPLE sit down and think over my above.
Why are we here? And what am I doing here? Who are we?
Think is not much time to fix bugs and to live lives of gods, because each of us is GOD!

Posted by H350 June 2, 10 06:37 AM

The Reuters photographers sent to cover the oil spill have each written about the experience here

Posted by Corinne Perkins June 2, 10 09:30 AM

Hopefully, this event will cause us all to reaccess and change.
For many, ti will become the work of their lifetime.

PS. Come walk with the Krewe of Dead Pelicans, Sat, June 5th. 6pm. Silmultaneous coordinated Julia St. June Art Galleries opening paired with a Gulf Coast Community or Wild life charity. New Orleans, La.

Posted by Ro Mayer June 2, 10 10:27 AM

If the President and the Democratic party would commit to work half as hard for this cause like they pushed for their Healthcare Reform and bailout programs, the innocent oceanlife and wildlife creatures wouldn't be in danger of losing their habitat and lives!

Didn't the President take an oath to protect not only the U.S. citizens but America's shores as well?!! Obama needs to put his money where his big mouth is and get to work with BP to not only clean up this mess but take measures so that another mess like this never happens again!

Posted by Dess June 2, 10 11:06 AM

To all the people who are saying we are just pointing the finger when we should be volunteering, you should realize that there are so many people signing up to volunteer that they just aren't taking everyone's applications. I signed up immediately after the spill to volunteer and still haven't heard from anyone. The beaches are closed to the public and you actually have to have the paperwork from them to get in and help. It's really hard when you want to help, but can't. It's sad to say, but the finger has to be pointed at someone or nobody will be held accountable to fix the problem. I just hope they start accepting more volunteers really soon so more people can go out and help.

Posted by Katie June 2, 10 11:12 AM

this is so sad i think we might die at least thats what people are saying. poor animales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mariam June 2, 10 12:15 PM

Oh my God, do something!!!!!!!!! This is a nightmare!!!!!

Posted by Alicia Byrne June 2, 10 01:11 PM

Ich finde das sehr schlimm.Ein Sauerei.Öl ist wichtig aber kann nicht so wichtig sein dass die ganze Natur und Erde kaputt geht.Hört Ihr auf bitte mit dem.Die Erde ist ganz krank und anstatt die Erde heilen machen sehr viele Menschen die Erde noch kränker bis die Erde stirbt und damit die Menschheit auch.Ich habe in die Schule gelernt dass der Mensch eine Intelligente Lebewesen ist aber so ist das ein gegenteil.Es geht nur ums Profit und sonst nichts.Bitte hört Ihr auf die Erde schaden und fängt Ihr an endlich überlegen wie können wir das ganze retten und pflegen.Danke

Posted by Les Lee June 2, 10 01:30 PM


How about wind power? Or solar power? Maybe water power? Nuclear power? Soon it could be fusion power. Go back into your cave, barbar!

Posted by BlahBlah June 2, 10 01:56 PM

Already happened. Called Exxon Valdez.

In AK, thousands of animals died immediately. Oil on the Alaskan beaches still today.

Maybe when the oil goes up the East Coast, we'll get some political action.

Humans learn nothing.

Posted by francelladell June 2, 10 02:18 PM

You want disasters like this not to happen? well, then why not dig for oil where we don't have to to resort to digging miles under the ocean for oil? I blame the tree huggers for this disaster. If WE Americans don't dig for oil on our own turf, others will.
Let's face it, we need oil. Wind and solar power are not only inefficient, but unreliable. It is America that is best suited to dig for oil, yet, here we sit waiting for other countries to do it for us at the cost of the environment.

Posted by jsalas June 2, 10 02:35 PM

quit crying about it, its the way it is, it will be all gone in a few short months, and everything will be back to normal in a year. this earth heals itself quickly from our mistakes, its just a few animals.

Posted by kali June 2, 10 02:45 PM

Is it ironic that this has happened after the movie Oceans came out? From watching that movie we should have more appreciation for the ocean and protecting it and all the wonderful, big or small, creatures within it. We should be inspired to DO SOMETHING instead of sitting at our computers playing the blame game.

Posted by carpediem June 2, 10 03:25 PM

We had better hope that there is extraterestrial life because their intervention is our only hope. We are continuing to destroy the planet which may or may not belong to us alone. I'm sure we will wipe ourselves(the human race) out with time, however the planet will survive. Of this I am certain.

Posted by woody June 2, 10 04:17 PM

What people do not realize is what can possibly happen,
If the upcoming attempts to stop the oil fails, even more oil will shoot out, if more oil shoots out, the whole floor could collapse, and cause a tsunami.
This is a bigger disaster than what people are realizing.

Posted by GMresident June 2, 10 04:38 PM

that is very sad and bad for the nature and all of the animals that sufferd

Posted by Mckena June 2, 10 07:08 PM

taking way to long.should have been capped from the start.what i call ,GREED!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 2, 10 07:22 PM

I have lived in my beautiful Louisiana since birth. Please God, stop this oil leak and save my Louisiana.

Posted by Anonymous June 2, 10 07:25 PM

We had all better take this seriously, this is ONE, the number of US structures in the Gulf is roughly 4,000, with 819 manned platforms. Now that is alarming . . .

Posted by Mike June 2, 10 07:54 PM

has an act of terrorism being ruled out here.................human error not computing...........worst yet 2come

Posted by stemer June 2, 10 09:22 PM

Rosebud I agree with you on all but one count - Obama will prove to be the worst President we have ever had far far eclipsing Carter.

Posted by Tommy D. June 2, 10 10:14 PM

We are always confronted with a pomegranate in matters of energy (oil). On one side of the oil may cause disasters on earth, on the other hand we are dependent on energy (oil) in order to live a more comfortable life. We have to beat one's brains to be able to do revolosi technology that can create a more secure energy for life on this earth.

Posted by Dias June 2, 10 10:28 PM

Will someone please explain to me how Red Adair, Texas oilfield fire fighter could take a stack of dynamite, hold it over an oilfield rig fire, detonate the dynamite sucking all the oxygen out of the air thereby eliminating the fire then capping the pipe off to stop the escape of more oil and gasses --- but BP cannot stop this leakage.
How do archaeologists find a galleon in the Gulf of Mexico, put a fence around the area, pump out the water and dig up the ancient ship and artifacts, but BP cannot re-thread a pipe and cap it off.
Does "change" mean ruin??

Posted by jo June 2, 10 11:29 PM

Ironically... millions of years after the mass extinction of humanity, our oily fossilised remains may be discovered by a future species - perhaps they will be an intelligent life form and leave the mess where it belongs, relegated to the geological archives as a reminder of the cleansing power of mother earth.
"Man has given a false importance to death. Any animal, plant or man who dies adds to Nature's compost heap, becomes the manure without which nothing could grow, nothing could be created. Death is simply part of the process." Weiss

Posted by Shane Clifford June 3, 10 01:15 AM

To the people placing responsibility on the regulations that prevent oil companies from drilling closer to our shores (I'm assuming this is a El Rushbo talking point?) know that there is a rather basic counter-argument. The Canadian government will not allow oil companies to drill unless they there is a relief well drilled as well... Had BP been required to have a relief well from the beginning, we wouldn't have to wait till September for a end to this disaster... So rather than going the typical conservative route of blaming too much regulation... try and be objective and realize that more regulation would have been beneficial in this case.

Posted by Mike June 3, 10 01:55 AM

Installing an acoustic switch would have avoided this desaster. But it would have had a price of 500,000$ meaning less money for BP shareholders.
Yes, they are right on :
"Despite a chorus of claims to the contrary, Capitalism is the cause of this disaster. Our wonderful world will be effectively destroyed if we do not come to grips with this fact very soon. Please spread widely all over the world. The time to organize and act is now."
But don't we all