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May 12, 2010 Permalink

Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico

In the three weeks since the April 20th explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and the start of the subsequent massive (and ongoing) oil leak, many attempts have been made to contain and control the scale of the environmental disaster. Oil dispersants are being sprayed, containment booms erected, protective barriers built, controlled burns undertaken, and devices are being lowered to the sea floor to try and cap the leaks, with little success to date. While tracking the volume of the continued flow of oil is difficult, an estimated 5,000 barrels of oil (possibly much more) continues to pour into the gulf every day. While visible damage to shorelines has been minimal to date as the oil has spread slowly, the scene remains, in the words of President Obama, a "potentially unprecedented environmental disaster." (40 photos total)

Seawater covered with thick black oil splashes up in brown-stained whitecaps off the side of the supply vessel Joe Griffin at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill containment efforts in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana Sunday, May 9, 2010. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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This is a catastrophic disaster, and I find it very hard to take in

Posted by Carl Spiers May 12, 10 01:19 PM

Amazing photos, as usual. Although large, this spill still pales in comparison to the volume of oil spilled in the Exxon Valdez spill.

Posted by Roy May 12, 10 01:21 PM

It`s a real disaster.

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 10 01:21 PM

This is nothing a $3/gal tax on gasoline won't fix. You'd see Honda's new 90mpg hybrid on the market in 3 years, traffic fatalities would drop by 60%, wear and tear on roads would be down, smog down, congestion down, asthma down, etc. This is win-win.
People doing something about the problem would receive an enormous influx of funding and the eco-criminals would see their ill-gotten profits plummet. Change we can believe in, Mr. POTUS.

Posted by paul May 12, 10 01:25 PM

super journalism coverage. sad event in Gulf history :(

Posted by Matt Adcock May 12, 10 01:29 PM


Posted by Shii May 12, 10 01:33 PM

this is so bad, It sickens me to hear that the one in charge are just trying to pass the responibility on. Those in charge should be dragged down there by their hair and help cleaning the mess up

Posted by Jens May 12, 10 01:41 PM


Posted by LoveBigPicture May 12, 10 01:45 PM

Nobody will dare say it on any mass media, which is a testimony of how biased they are, but this is the oil Tchernobyl. There's no other effin way to put it.

Posted by Franck May 12, 10 01:47 PM

i agree with Carl, it's all very hard to take in.

Posted by nancy May 12, 10 01:53 PM

beautiful images, nobody can top this blog's presentation of newsworthy images.

re:paul's comment - funny thing about a tax on gasoline, it's a tax on the entire economy. So yeah, there will be obvious benefits and stronger incentives for alternative forms of energy, but at what cost to the employment rate and US economy at large?

Posted by Brad May 12, 10 01:54 PM

The bastards that are responsible for this mess should take a swim in their own creation ...

Posted by Sander van Rossen May 12, 10 01:54 PM

horrifying and surreal.

Posted by A Klooster May 12, 10 01:54 PM

This is all your fault America! Wake up now!

Posted by Jean Paul May 12, 10 01:56 PM

It actually huts to look at those...

Posted by Trev D. May 12, 10 02:02 PM

Well, at least they didn't build those unsightly windmills out there ... those things might (maybe) be hazardous to wildlife ...

Posted by Wendell Chrysler May 12, 10 02:06 PM


I think #23 is the most sobering show of the fight we're facing with this oil disaster.

Mercy mercy mercy...

Posted by Jenny May 12, 10 02:07 PM

It's actually a win-win-lose, Paul. With a $3/gal gasoline tax, a significant portion of the population would be rendered unemployed as they could not get to work. Homelessness might rise drastically and deaths to malnourishment and decreased access to health-care, especially among the very young and very old, would as well. Where I live (OKC) you need to drive to live. Everything is far-flung here and many, many people work farther away from home than is realistic to bike. Sadly, our public transportation system is a tragic joke. These things need fixing, but crippling low-income families is not the way.

I agree about some kind of tax, or perhaps a mandate on increasing the minimum m/g on new cars, but I think your figures are a tad unrealistic (you know, as in you might be making them up on the spot without serious thought about the unintended consequences). Or you could just be apathetic or sadistic, not particularly concerned, or perhaps gleeful, about the human cost.

Posted by cgauthier May 12, 10 02:07 PM

The Gulf appears to be bleeding - Worse Than BP Admits

The video is sobering and sad

BP Hearing - What The Traditional Media Did Not Report

Posted by km4 May 12, 10 02:07 PM

One of the many reasons to ride a bike

Posted by Carson May 12, 10 02:08 PM

Just gut wrenching. So much of global oil contamination goes undocumented and unseen by the wider world (every major oil company has been implicated in horrors documented from oppression to contamination).
I've been waiting for the Big Pic collection on this. Thank you!
This is the reality of oil extraction (not to even speak to problems from refining or burning). Beyond the specter of this type of incident, the reality is that everywhere oil is extracted people & the environment suffer terribly.
(And before anyone jumps to respond -- read about Ken Saro-Wiwa & the Ogoni people first as just one example of oil's reality.)

Posted by pdx May 12, 10 02:09 PM

Last time I saw a group of business men like this, they were swearing nicotine was not addictive!! Jane Velez-Mitchell is covering this oil spill story the RIGHT way on her show "Issues" tonight (CNN Headline News channel).

Posted by JVMFan May 12, 10 02:13 PM

These Photo's are Sad and Compelling. (Where Pathos meets Oil Profit) . If only Photoshop would work on Pollution.
Dick Cheney's Unregulated Halliburton & British Petroleum are responsible for the disaster.
The devastation of the Bush/Cheney years never seem to Stop?

Posted by Kevin Lately May 12, 10 02:13 PM

painful to watch - lets just hope that those responsible will be held accountable

Posted by Chad May 12, 10 02:14 PM

I'd like to see regulation that basically says this:

You can drill offshore. That's fine.

If there is an accident, we (the government/people) can seize your assets and those of your partners to pay for cleanup and resulting damages. Damages include environmental as well as economic (see fishermen with no work). This money will be distributed as seen fit by a government commission whose sole job is to play a foil to the oil industry.

$350mil that has been spent so far for cleanup is, as reported today, a fraction of a single DAY'S profits for BP. They have no real incentive to take the utmost protections with this work. These kinds of accidents are just a part of the industry. That has to stop. They need to be afraid the way that the people in that region are. And the only way for them to be afraid is for it to truly hit them in the wallet.

Posted by Ben May 12, 10 02:16 PM

Dear oil industry thank you for another f*** up! I am wondering when the nuclear power industry is following with catastrophes like that - fortunately for the industry nuclear power is invisible. When starts a rethinking? It is terrible to forecast the future.

Posted by Martin from Berlin Germany May 12, 10 02:18 PM

This is nothing compared to what will come, no one believes the figures given on the amount of oil leaking from this well. In all probability it's about one Exxon Valdez every 10 days.

Posted by Mike May 12, 10 02:19 PM

I am absolutely sure all figures given are on the very conservative side. I don't think the general public has even the slightest clue of what the magnitude of this spill is.

There should be criminal charges laid for all executives involved.

Posted by Jason G May 12, 10 02:20 PM

very sorry for the animals ...

Posted by Loiuse Gabrielle Dick May 12, 10 02:21 PM

We suck.

Posted by Dan M. May 12, 10 02:22 PM

All of this and not one government agency, news outlet, or expert has said "We need to get people driving cars that don't run on gasoline." There are cars on the road today that get worst gas mileage than some cars in the 1970's. New ones are still being sold. People are still buying them, and no one is saying that is a problem. This is how far we have progressed with automobiles. There is a better way, there is better technology and it's finally time for everyone to jump on board.

Government, automakers and the citizens of every country. The auto and rubber industry killed half of the public transportation in the U.S. in the 1950's, it's time for the people to step in and kill the auto industry. Gasoline running automobiles are the reason for war, pollution and that to me just says that all humans are okay with being stupid, we just sit and think we can't do anything about it. Time for a change of mind.

Posted by Tony Krol May 12, 10 02:23 PM

Where are those people that said "Drill, baby, drill" during presidential election race? Very sad images.

Posted by Felipe May 12, 10 02:23 PM

Dammit... oil price a gonna go up again!!!
Who's gonna pay for incompetence again?
Surely not BP...

Posted by Sergio May 12, 10 02:24 PM

How sad. In the oil spill in Tampa Bay 90 to 95 percent of the birds that oil had been cleaned off of died from liver and kidney failure in six months from preening when they were covered in oil. Lets hope that these birds will have a better outcome.

Posted by Joe May 12, 10 02:25 PM

re: comprehending the size of the spill.
here is a website/utility for overlaying the spill on any place on Google Earth:

Posted by pdx May 12, 10 02:29 PM

Why was ther no protocal for somthing like this. There should be a system to shut these rigs down in an emergency. It's not like this was an unplausable scenerio. Why is it taking so long to solve this problem

Posted by jbfowler May 12, 10 02:29 PM

"There should be criminal charges laid for all executives involved."

As we all desperatly need oil to fuel our mass consumption way of living I guess we are involved too, in a way.

Posted by matt May 12, 10 02:30 PM

Saving the ocean should be our top concern. Every man woman and child should be filling pantyhose with shredded paper or hair RIGHT NOW and be READY when the time comes to go to beach and HELP!

HOW CAN WE BLOCK THE LEAK? How about sinking an iron ship directly over the top of the hole to seal it shut? Or dropping heavy metal rods in the hole until it becomes smaller and eventually plugged?

Posted by Saddened to Tears May 12, 10 02:30 PM

Kevin points out that we went through SIGNIFICANT deregulation (including subverting OSHA and environmental legislation) in the Bush administration. Not only has this caused significant loss of life (care to link this philosophy of oversight to the mining disasters in W. Virginia?), it has now caused an enormous loss of ecological richness, and altered several industries in the US. THAT may be worse than $3 gas.
As long as it is cheaper to pay the penalties than it is to provide a safe workplace, BP / Halliburton will pay the penalties. Getting caught is no longer a threat.

Posted by davemaz May 12, 10 02:30 PM

By mid-June, this outpouring of oil will equal Valdez's spill, and this is not a spill, it is an ongoing gush with no end in sight.

Posted by Scooter May 12, 10 02:36 PM

fantastic pictures of a not so fantastic event :-(

Posted by Ralph Lemarechal May 12, 10 02:42 PM


British Petroleum has a horrendous track record and we should not buy any of their products!!!!!!!

Posted by Chris Camacho May 12, 10 02:47 PM

I live in Carpinteria CA, and the local oil company, Venoco, is trying to get a proposition passed to let them expand. I can only shake my head.

Posted by Andrew May 12, 10 02:51 PM

@19: Yeah, because your bike uses absolutely no oil.

Posted by dmf May 12, 10 02:51 PM

Everyone needs to check out this movie:
Black Wave: The legacy of the Exxon Valdez

You will be amazed.

BTW, taxing gasoline is not the answer. Many, many more products are produced with oil as an ingredient.

Why aren't we holding our government responsible? They are ultimately in charge!

Posted by Steve Sexton May 12, 10 02:53 PM

While I whole-heartedly agree that the spill is devistating to look at, the simple fact is that the GoM will recover from this. Oil is not some foreign substance that man created. This stuff is seeping directly from the earth, just like it does in millions of natural spots all over the world every day.

BP, Halliburton, Transocean, Cameron... whoever made the errors in judgement or malfunctioning equipment that created this mess needs to be held accountable, and I feel confident that they will. Those of you saying we need to bomb the well, or drop a big ship over it, or have something that prevents this, are only showing your ignorance by commenting on a situation that you do not understand. The pressure on that well is enormous, and the conditions a mile below the sea are extreme. Don't you think that if there was some quick and easy solution, BP would have done it by now? Do you think they're enjoying this??

Posted by Kimberly May 12, 10 02:56 PM

Spectacular, amazing, incredible photos. Even as as beautiful as so many of them are, especially with the hard work being put in, they still make me sick.

Posted by Eva Adams May 12, 10 02:59 PM

So much for the amazing road trip I was going to treat my kids to this summer - driving from Houston to New Orleans, to Biloxi, to Pensacola, enjoying the beaches.

This really breaks my heart. I am flabbergasted that the oil is continuing to gush out & there's no end in sight. Just speechless.

Posted by Tracy May 12, 10 02:59 PM

To all those that are telling "the people responsible" to go take a swim in their mess, I suggest taking a good long look in the mirror. We are all just as responsible for this mess as the oil company executives, as they are only meeting our demands for cheaper gasoline.

To those calling for a gas tax, I would like to remind you that the IRS would be happy to take your extra money for every gallon of gas you buy, so start any time you want. Did you only want to tax other people?

Posted by Jared Webb May 12, 10 03:00 PM

Photo #30 drives this home for me...
Are we so selfish and foolish to think that we can continue acting this way without regard for the eventual consequences?
We are the only species on this planet capable of comprehending the damage that we do and yet we turn a blind eye... what have we become?

Posted by Shawn May 12, 10 03:05 PM

I saw this on the web somewhere . . .

Posted by Camboron May 12, 10 03:06 PM

This is so depressing - humanity needs to shape up. ALL OF US.

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 10 03:12 PM

soooo did anyone help the struggling bird or just take pictures??

Posted by me May 12, 10 03:14 PM

It makes me sick to see what man is doing to the earth

Posted by Cindy May 12, 10 03:16 PM

PS - I love how all society seems to care about nowadays is who has the fastest, smallest, whateverist iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, that can do EVERYTHING - whoop-dee-friggin doo. If we have these little gadgets that can make us all so happy, why can we not figure out a cleaner more efficient energy system?? WHY? Friggin money, friggin politics. So sick of it all. Sometimes I hate being part of the human race, we suck so much. Selfish bunch of idiots.

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 10 03:18 PM

#6 is an incredibly striking and sad picture. Striking for its luminosity and sad because the dolphins in the photo have no choice but to swim through the tainted water that will no doubt kill them in time. :(

No matter which side you are on, the reality is that these kinds of disasters don't need to happen and shouldn't. Nothing will change until we become more proactive towards environmental risks and less reactive.

Posted by justme May 12, 10 03:19 PM

What Needs to happen, Instead of events like this causing gasoline prices and the price of oil to go up, There needs to be a way that those price increases are not pushed onto the consumer but rather make the company that screwed up supplement the commodity increase. maybe a chunk of money like that would make these companies more environmentally responsible.

Posted by Jay Wiwchar May 12, 10 03:21 PM

We will all suffer because of that!

Posted by Michele May 12, 10 03:25 PM

There killing innocent animals.. Bastards!!!

Posted by annonymous May 12, 10 03:26 PM

Amazing photos and presentation. I've almost been physically ill looking at this devastation.

I see a lot of blame going on here, and the fact is: If you use gasoline or any plastic product, you are at the root of fault for this horrible accident. BP supplied YOU with oil. They are not the big bad wolf. They are the drug dealer. You are the addict. If you stop abusing, they'll stop producing.

As an environmentalist, I see this as a calling "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" all materials (especially plastic) as well as develop a lifestyle that reduces energy consumption so that someday in my children's future, we will no longer be using fossil fuels.

Posted by Mike in NC May 12, 10 03:26 PM

Drill baby drill!

Posted by Joe Blow May 12, 10 03:29 PM

Heartbreaking. The effect on wildlife is difficult to take in.

Posted by Sad Panda May 12, 10 03:40 PM


The new American Power Act isn't perfect, but it's a huge step in the right direction towards energy independence and a stronger, healthier future.

Posted by Jeff O. May 12, 10 03:40 PM

A ganancia do homem pelo poder está a levar o mundo ao abismo......

Posted by filipe May 12, 10 03:47 PM

There were and are protocols in place for this type of event. They were implemented ... and some of them failed. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a situation where the fail-safe and back-up devices have failed. Some of the protocols are helping reduce the impact (skimming, controlled burns, chemical flocking agents) while other efforts continue.

Keep in mind that there are 1483 rigs drilling off shore in the US alone. There have been 3 major rig accidents in the US since 1988. I am sure that there have been numerous incidents where something went wrong and the fail-safe mechanisms worked fine.

Is this a disaster of enormous proportions? Absolutely! Do we know exaclty what happened? Abolutely not!

Posted by Alex May 12, 10 03:52 PM

Poor animals... :(

But I don't understand why the Americans mewl and cry...
Petrol is about 3-times more expensive in my country as in the USA.
You cannot have cheap oil and fuel without greater risks...
BP will clean up the mess sooner or later, and the next day you will drive your cars as happy as yesterday and today - because "you need to drive to live", right? :\

Posted by snorbii May 12, 10 03:54 PM

All we need is a massive hurricane to event make matters worse...

Posted by Rico May 12, 10 03:54 PM

Emperor Namor is not pleased.

Posted by m4nm4n May 12, 10 04:04 PM

Drilling in the Gulf is NOT worth this! I am saddened and furious!

Posted by apatridge May 12, 10 04:06 PM

This is starting to look more surreal as it gets worse. The oil flows like blood from an open wound that can't be stopped.

What are the actual numbers regarding contamination? Every time I read or hear about how much oil is spilling into the ocean it seems to be different. British Petroleum and Haliburton as well as the Associated Press need to honest with the public, perhaps that's just an oxymoron considering who we're dealing with here.

Our North American society has grown to be absolutely dependent of fossil fuels and motor vehicles. As long as we refuse to give up our modern convenience of the car we will have these problems. Answers lye in trying to live a more localized modest lifestyle with the intigration of efficient, environmentally friendly public transit. Plastic packaging and products are another issue which are nearly impossible to avoid without finding a more environmentally sound source to replace these them.

Justification for this spill is ludicrous! When I read comparisons of this spill compared to wind turbines killing birds I get upset. This spill is going to change this world FOREVER! If humans truly are the stewards of Earth we all need to take responsibility for this and change accordingly. I realize that this will be no small feat but if we don't want our Earth to look like a post apocalyptic world, like many of these shots portray, then we need change now!

Posted by Nathan Fisher May 12, 10 04:06 PM

"El hombre es el lobo del hombre" es sorprendente que a estas alturas de la civilizacion y de las evidencias de los daños causados a la naturaleza por el uso indiscriminado de los energeticos no renovables, sigan insistiendo en extraer crudo de aguas profundas y las entrañas de la tierra, en lugar de canalizar esos grandes presupuestos a la creacion de energia ecologica como la solar y eolica. hidrocarburos perdurables. Ademas de los presupuestos que se gastan en crear armamento, canalizarlos a evitar la hambruna y la miseria de millones y millones de seres humanos. Que triste y que impotencia.

Posted by BLANCA E. GUERRA ISLAS May 12, 10 04:14 PM

Get on your bicycle, forget your car and let's all start a oil-free life.

It's not more BP's fault than every single person using a car every single day of the year.

I especially agree with #29 "very sorry for the animals" and #30 "we suck"

In a way if one day the living conditions on our planet get worst, we'll have only what we deserved

Posted by Thomas May 12, 10 04:17 PM

# 21 - Best name EVER! Dallas Bacon - - My mouth is watering as we speak. If he's anything like Corbin Dallas, with a voice like Dallas Green, and tastes like Bacon, I have found my dream guy.

Posted by Bonaventure May 12, 10 04:19 PM

So sad... Companies that are taking risks with the environemnt should have to set aside funds to make sure they can afford to apy for massive cleanups if things go wrong. It should be part of doing business; I don't know if somethin glike this is currentlty in place.

Posted by Guy At HockeyBias dot com May 12, 10 04:20 PM

that is really disgusting, i do not like the pictures this time. what has the beautiful sea turn into

Posted by jason May 12, 10 04:23 PM

Awesome photography, but as a life-long resident of Mississippi's Gulf Coast, I am wiping away tears. As if Hurricane Katrina wasn't enough, now this. I am sick.

Posted by Mary May 12, 10 04:23 PM


Os responsáveis jamais serão responsabilizados, afinal, a BP financiou a campanha de muitos dos que deveriam se levantar agora para defender os interesses reais do país.

Posted by Bruno Correia May 12, 10 04:24 PM

I feel sad, angry and powerless.

But I feel that our government should do more. In fact, this is an international problem that could become catastrophic if it is not properly dealt with. Perhaps BP was negligent. But at the moment I do not think a company can handle this.

Also, although the leak has not reached Alaskan proportions yet, it will overtake the Alaskan spill if the forecast are correct.

Lastly, I for one will not buy BP gas anymore. In fact, I will try to buy a hybrid whenever I can. Although the technology is not ready, my buy is a vote. A vote to stop the world's reliance on something that is slowly harming us and our planet.

Posted by Christina Jimenez May 12, 10 04:30 PM

Screw humans. So damn tired of us destroying everything..

Posted by Fred May 12, 10 04:30 PM

What happened is a horrible accident and the pictures detail a horrible reality in the Gulf of Mexico. It is horrible that 11 people are dead.

However, I do not see how anyone thinks there should be criminal charges against anyone. It was an accident, and out of all the oil platforms that surround parts of the country, this is the first incident like this I can remember. There are hundreds of oil platforms in the Gulf and this country NEEDS them. Every step should be taken to prevent these disasters. I just hope that someone has the technology to get to that depth and stop the leak.

There is no chance of us living in an oil free world.

Posted by Giggity May 12, 10 04:30 PM

too bad nothing will change

Posted by nate May 12, 10 04:34 PM

BP - drown !!!

Posted by michael May 12, 10 04:34 PM

So very sad. With no end in sight. Im not a religous person, but I cant help get the feeling that somewhere, some Being is saying. "I warned you."

Posted by concerned May 12, 10 04:39 PM

I just spent a semester studying soil and water science, and integrated pest management, and learned so much about how to do our best to help maintain the health of our planet's Ecosystem...
This disaster is heart wrenching! I feel helpless, but happy that I am not driving a car and buying gas these days...but instead riding bicycles and taking public transportation...
May this be a lesson to all of us!

Posted by TJ May 12, 10 04:40 PM

The board of directors and the operating management of BP should be criminally charged.
They get all the benefits (high pay etc) and get to walk away/apy it off when something like this happens. This should RUIN Bp, this should END them. But of course the reality is they will pay it off and keep making money until this happens again and again

Posted by Steven May 12, 10 04:42 PM


GOP IN 2010!!!!

Posted by Al Harrington May 12, 10 04:49 PM

It's disgusting that human greed puts profit over planet.

Honestly, it's a crime against humanity and justice MUST be served, or else it will happen again.

Posted by dave May 12, 10 04:52 PM

We're killing our planet. We should be so ashamed of ourselves. No large number of people ever really had a problem with off shore drilling till this happened. Now everyone is outraged. We're a bunch of hypocrites. How many people saddened by this will actually do something about their driving habits. I would imagine very few.

Posted by JJ May 12, 10 04:53 PM

This is going to affect a lot of people (not to mention animals). Think about when the slick spreads to states like Florida that make income almost solely from tourists visiting beaches. Who wants to take a dip in that muck?

Posted by Jeffs May 12, 10 04:54 PM

What have we done to the world
Look what we've done...

Posted by Avishek May 12, 10 04:59 PM

I have lived in the state of Alabama all my life and continue to be amazed at the stupidity of the people who think that this kind of event doesn't matter, because in their minds- the access to "all that oil out there" trumps everything else. It's just a few birds and fish after all! Wake up people! It's all of our problems. Go scoop it up off of our white-sand beaches and squeeze it out of your shrimp and lobsters. Try putting that in your gas tanks!

Posted by Crosby May 12, 10 05:05 PM

This kind of things happens from time to time. The ocean will fix its self. It's not as big a deal as the liberal media will have us believe. We need oil drilling off shore!

Posted by Andy May 12, 10 05:10 PM

in class we had to chose weather we thought off shore drilling should be allowed. i voted no. i think i was right. and BP needs to take FULL responsibility.

Posted by Molly May 12, 10 05:13 PM

Rationalizations like "this is smaller than Exxon Valdez" does not diminish the damage this spill is causing. It is also less radioactive than Hiroshima and makes less noise than Krakatoa. That doesn't mean it isn't killing people's way of life along with devastating communities.

The fishermen should go back to work, but ship all their catch to these knuckleheads who think this isn't a problem. I'd love to see Hannity and Limbaugh choke down an oyster that has been filtering raw crude.

Posted by Pete May 12, 10 05:17 PM

This was not an accident in the strict sense of the word ("unexpected or by chance"), but a continuation of BP's history of bad behavior for the sake of a dollar. A $500k safety valve required elsewhere in the world (& the option not to use in US water brought about by Cheney) would have prevented this disaster. Beyond that, there has been a series of reports on safety problems that likely brought this about (including an earlier gas surge that nearly caused the blow out to happen the week prior; just today reports implicate that the safety valve they did have had faulty hydraulics & thus failed to deploy).
Lastly, if anyone has any remaining sympathy for those running the show please note that the surviving rig workers were held for HOURS on boats without even the courtesy of a phone to contact loved ones for the legal convenience of a business.
Oh! And the pretty logo & new green re-branding slogan "Beyond Petroleum"? See online mea culpa by the fellow behind it who came to realize how badly he'd been played.

Posted by pdx May 12, 10 05:20 PM

Photo #30 sums it up for me. Imagine being that poor damn bird.

Posted by Roy May 12, 10 05:21 PM

The horrific pictures say more than words ever can regarding the catastrophic magnitude of this disaster. The death of so many mammals,
birds, and fish is beyond sad . So depressing to know that at my age, 65y, the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, where I have spent so much pleasurable time contemplating nature's beauty and bounty, will never be cleaned up in my lifetime. I weep for our loss. BOLA

Posted by Dan May 12, 10 05:23 PM

BP doesn't stand for "British Petrol" anymore... it is an "backronym" for "beyond petrol".

As long as people are allowed to build, buy and drive things like Hummers, as long as every halfwit needs AC everywhere, as long as electrical appliances are left on running the whole day (lights, radios, TVs) just because one is too lazy to push a button on a remote or can't bear the silence, as long as you get a gazillion plastic bags for every fart you buy in a supermarket, as long as we need cities illuminated like a christmas tree in the night, as long as people come with arguments against alternative form of energies...
you will experience exploding oilrigs like Piper Alpha or Deepwater Horizon, you will see oil spills from tankers like Amoco Cadiz and Exxon Valdez, you will see accidents happen in nuclear facilities like Three-Mile-Island and Tchernobyl.

Technology is not infallible and humans make mistake - to prevent disasters like this one the only way is to learn how to live responsible and to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Posted by Andi. May 12, 10 05:29 PM

So very disturbing. And yet, there are voices on the conservative side of politics that say it's nothing to worry about.

We can't allow megacorporations to continue using the earth like a toilet.

Posted by Thomas Horton May 12, 10 05:30 PM

@92 - yeah - and those pictures from the liberal media - they are all doctored, too. Right? First off - I don't know of any natural occurrence of a catastrophe like this. Exxon Valdez also showed that the ocean can NOT fix itself. And since the oil is still spilling out - this thing is far from over and not only threatens fishing and tourism in the gulf, but will also threaten the east coast all along the gulf stream. And that will cost the economy more than your obviously challenged brain can imagine.

Posted by kjpweb May 12, 10 05:32 PM

#55 -- yes, and all those gadgets are made out of oil.
This is really just unimaginable -- One thing a person can do, besides give money to support the banning of off shore drilling, and helping in any physical way, is to pray, if you believe in prayer, that this thing will be capped asap.

Posted by tdh May 12, 10 05:33 PM

O mar é imenso, mas não infinito! Assim como nosso planeta... a vida é infinita, o planeta não! E este planeta é uma dádiva - vamos cuidar de nossa consciência, cada um de nós, pra podermos ter um planeta mais saudável! Parabéns pelas imagens... como sempre uma linda documentação

Posted by Gil May 12, 10 05:34 PM

Off shore drilling has to to be banned and BP and Haliburton foot the entire bill for this -- NO CAPS on damages. None. Zip. Every person, every animal and fish and bird affected has got to be vindicated in this.

Posted by tdh May 12, 10 05:42 PM

it is beyond horrific.

i have no words...

Posted by kristy May 12, 10 05:44 PM

Spill baby spill. GOP is wrong about everything.

Posted by lmate May 12, 10 05:47 PM

@Andy, (you're an idiot) the ocean will fix it self, maybe in a few thousand years. If we continue to be ignorant then no humans will be around to see it. Get off the liberal media vs. my awesome conservative talk show bandwagon, this is a terrible disaster with no liberal or conservative leaning. The planet will of course survive, we are just going to kill off everything else.

Posted by MJ May 12, 10 05:56 PM

Horrific! BP should be ashamed.

Posted by Sallie May 12, 10 05:56 PM

That's some pretty terrible destruction and reduction in biodiversity. The gene pools for MANY species living in that ecosystem are going to be reduced somewhat probably leading to more potentially harmful recessive conditions coming to light in some of them.

On a lighter note, be thankful that you only pay $3 a gallon over there in the good old US of A; here in N.Ireland we are currently paying 8.36271 USD for a GALLON of super unleaded (97 octane rating) which I use in both my 1.6l 16v Jap' engined cars from the early 90's. I ALSO pay nearly £200 a YEAR for the pleasure of keeping them on the pothole infested roads here. Count yourselves lucky!

Hang the oil companies out to dry I say; they own us all unfortunately and I see the price of crude rising once again every time I have to put fuel in my cars; noote I don't say "fill up" my cars...

Posted by Liam O'Flaherty May 12, 10 05:58 PM

this is part of life. We depend on oil so freaking much, that these accidents are inevitable. If it really horrifys you so bad do something. stop buying gas.

you wont.

because we are dependent on these guys. the only reason that they are still drilling? is because we keep buying.

Posted by Taylor May 12, 10 06:00 PM

Did we all forget about the ITOX blowout of June 3, 1979? It took up to nine months to get this well under control. This spill had a devastating impact upon the Texas and Mexico coastline. The Valley Morning Star of Harlingen, Texas referenced this spill when covering the story of the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Hopefully, the BP oil spill will be under control sooner than the ITOX spill which occurred in the Bay of Campeche.

Posted by Jim Najvar May 12, 10 06:09 PM

These pictures brought me to tears. We can't go on much longer if THIS is what we're going to do to the water.

Posted by Jat May 12, 10 06:13 PM

@Andy (92): Oh yeah, Andy? And how long would that take, you reckon? Any statistics to build up your claim? And do you seriously think it's only the ocean that needs to "fix its self" (sic)? What about the birds, the sealife, and the coast? How long do you think it will take before all of that is magically "fixed", Andy?

(RE: This kind of things happens from time to time. The ocean will fix its self. It's not as big a deal as the liberal media will have us believe. We need oil drilling off shore!)

Posted by Brett Brenneman May 12, 10 06:16 PM

It is so sad to see this tragedy!

Posted by Dave Deatherage May 12, 10 06:22 PM

This is a disgrace, and has become a pattern with BP. We also need to recognize the failure of our leaders to properly monitor what is going on with these companies. BP should pay for every single cent involved in the cleanup of this mess, and the loss of revenue by the coastal industries this will affect, along with massive fines. This needs to be an example, so it never happens again!

Posted by The Wookie May 12, 10 06:26 PM

We can't continue to destroy the ocean.
We need to restore the moratorium on offshore drilling...Wind and Solar power is the answer.

Posted by bellks May 12, 10 06:29 PM

The heads of BP, Transocean, and Haliburton, as well as anyone in the Bush administration who voted yes to deregulate oil drilling should be publicly drawn and quartered. The US is the only country in the world that doesn't require the new type BOP. Cheap bastards... bet they wish they'd spent that 500k now!!

Posted by Kenny Oliverio May 12, 10 06:32 PM

@Roy, You mean the Exxon Valdez pales in comparison to this

Posted by Nikki May 12, 10 06:42 PM

The 11 fatalities are the most tragic part of this incident. The environmental and economic impacts are also horrific.

Although this is a tragedy, this spill doesn't even make the top 50 in spills. It doesn't even come close to the Ixtec I from 1979 that soiled the Texas cost. And in comparison to previous spills? It can't even come close to the worst which was 20,000x larger. The evil corporation in that instance was none other than the Iraqi Republican Guard acting on orders of Saddam. (Source:

Posted by Matthew May 12, 10 06:46 PM


Posted by K C May 12, 10 06:47 PM

Great photos.
This too will pass.

Posted by Bryan May 12, 10 06:49 PM

Roy - you mention that this spill pales in comparison to Exxon valdez - its not over yet my friend - lets wait to see the final outcome before we make that assumption. Tons and tons of oil is still pouring out of the ground as we write this.
this is a crime against the planet that we will be paying for forever.
we humans dont deserve to be here

Posted by John McMullan May 12, 10 06:50 PM

A company previously named Amoco now belongs to BP. In 1978, the Amoco Cadiz caused one of the largest oil spill in history.
Result: "[...]France was awarded $120 million from the American oil company Amoco in... 1990".
Blaming BP now and forgetting to remember what an american oil company and american lawyers have done in the past is as sad and disgusting than dying birds and dolphins.
"History Will Teach Us Nothing" ? We ALL have to learn, and remember disasters for more than a few weeks.

REMEMBER Amoco Cadiz.
REMEMBER Exxon Valdez.

These things happen again and again because we don't learn, and we don't remember...

Posted by Nicolas May 12, 10 06:53 PM

Beautiful photos...forces us to take a long, hard look at the consequences.

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 10 06:53 PM

The even more sad reality will never be fully cleaned up. And the chemical processes to clean it up are harming the ocean and its inhabitants just as much as the oil.
Damned if you do or dont.
How about just not have anything that will harm the environment in the water at all?

Posted by ACT May 12, 10 06:56 PM

aliens should come and exterminate us. we don't deserve this planet

Posted by sam the scientist May 12, 10 07:10 PM

This makes be sooo sad and mad at the same time!!! Every time this happens, all i can think about is the poor animals that are dieing everyday, and all the water that is being polluted, and how much EXTRA money america has to spend to control the oil. all of this is because of greed! It is very sad that that this is reallity, and it will be permenant damage.

Posted by Merci May 12, 10 07:14 PM

Wait... oil is from the Earth. It's natural. Must be a good thing. Just like pot.

We should send NORML to smoke the oil.

Good times!

Posted by Dave K from Philly May 12, 10 07:15 PM

Here's a plan to do the Earth a favor and make us feel good. Next time you run across a BP employee or executive, beat them to a senseless pulp with your bare fists or a weighty object and then kick them until they unleash an "unplanned spill" into their own trousers. Humans must have zero tolerance for the incompetent greed that threatens our homes. Mete out true justice. It's the only way.

Posted by One of many May 12, 10 07:19 PM

The time has come and passed for us to unit and make sure nothing like this ever happen again. Clean energy exist, the technology is real and it's up to us to force them to use and end our dependency on oil! How much more of this planet must we destroy, how much more life must we kill until we realize the wrong of our ways.

It's time for all of us to consider this:

If not for the planet, then do it for your wallet!

Posted by DFanatic May 12, 10 07:20 PM

Today there were were major energy disasters from both wind energy plants and solar energy plants. People were left with suntans and cool breezes. It was awful. Oh the humanity.

Posted by Steve May 12, 10 07:23 PM

@ Comment 14 - Wake up from what to see what?

@ Comment 23 - Blaming this on Cheney/Bush? Seriously, that is absolutely pathetic. You should have your mouth permanently sewn shut.

@ Comment 25 - "This money will be distributed as seen fit by a government commission whose sole job is to play a foil to the oil industry." Oh this wouldn't give government even MORE control, no way. You don't see how this just gives more power and corruption to government?
Oh and actually BP DID give paying jobs to fisherman who were out of work to help cleanup. I know it doesn't make up for the fiscal damages they will face, but it's better than nothing.

@ Comment 28 - "There should be criminal charges laid for all executives involved." Why, because they make a lot of money? There are fines, which of course I know, is just pocket change, but then you should be criminally charged since you use that oil as well.


@ Comment 36 - Seriously, stop talking, you are making yourself appear more incompetent. There ARE emergency drills in place. You can't stop an explosion mid-explosion. You have no idea of the complexity. If you know of a way to stop the leak then call BP.

@ Comment 38 - LOL!! Maybe you and jbfowler (comment 36) should have a conference call with BP about your old ship and pantyhose ideas. I bet you would get right through! Why are you sitting at your computer and not at the beach with your hair and pantyhose right now?

@ Comment 42 - YEAH!! Ban all BP products. Oh wait, do you use any of these products? Sure you still want to boycott them?
Art supplies
Cleaning products
Fishing line
Guitar strings
Nail polish
Petroleum jelly
Shower curtains
Sports equipment
Trash bags
Vitamin capsules
and MUCH more....

@ Comment 59 - You know, you are calling yourself a bastard since you use their products. Grammar is a beautiful thing.

@ Comment 79 -Why don't you start first...

@ Comment 98 - You are talking about changing the country from individual to collective. You want someone to tell you what you can and can't buy? When and where and how often you can use your AC? How often you can use your oven? You are in the wrong country, Andi.

Posted by mel May 12, 10 07:28 PM


"How about just not have anything that will harm the environment in the water at all?"

Great question. Here's the answer, essentially a drop-in replacement for oil. Water soluble, biodegradable 138 octane mixed alcohol fuel made from ANY carbon feedstock: oil, coal, municipal trash, sludge, contaminated methane, petcoke, etc.

If it floats on water, it's bad. If it biodegrades in water and doesn't kill anything, it's good. There's an entire world at stake here, and it's too important to power with dirty energy.

Posted by Jay May 12, 10 07:33 PM

Stuff happens. Accidental ignition of methane while finishing off the drilling. Failure of the (Chinese manufactured) emergency valve. The fail safe failed. Who knew? Nobody. I'm sure it makes the "big megacorporation" executives sicker than it does you. Do you seriously think they don't care about the environment? If so, you're too ignorant to comment on the grown up boards, go back to the kiddie sites.

They spend their entire careers developing new, better and safer ways to extract the bountiful energy we have all been blessed with. And no, I do not work for an oil company nor do I know anyone who does. I'm just not an emotional child about such disasters. Oooh, punish the big evil people that I know nothing about.

Yes these pictures make me sick too. But sooner or later the flow will be stopped. We will clean up and move on. Hopefully even more careful than before. Offer a positive solution and a helpful hand or shut up.

Posted by TiredOfWhineyBabies May 12, 10 07:36 PM

@Kimberly: Uranium is a naturally occurring substance too -- that doesn't mean I want thousand of pounds of it washing up on my beach.

Posted by Anthony May 12, 10 07:36 PM


Posted by CCT May 12, 10 07:52 PM

Thats why we cant rule our own planet. Some things will never change...

Posted by Joel May 12, 10 07:52 PM

The horrific pictures say more than words ever can regarding the catastrophic magnitude of this disaster. The death of so many mammals,
birds, and fish is beyond sad . So depressing to know that at my age, 65y, the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, where I have spent so much pleasurable time contemplating nature's beauty and bounty, will never be cleaned up in my lifetime. I weep for our loss. BOLA

Posted by Dan May 12, 10 07:56 PM

And they wanted to drill in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge! I don't think so.
This current mess is totally unacceptable.

Posted by Southern Plains Gyrl May 12, 10 08:08 PM

We're killing ourselves.

Posted by Garrett Castro May 12, 10 08:10 PM

Every one who looked the other way

Posted by lahsen boumnaia May 12, 10 08:11 PM

All BP execs in any way associated with this nightmare should be immediately and completely stripped of ALL personal assets and profit -- mansion, properties, BMWs, millions on the side, EVERYthing -- no more plans of Princeton or Yale for the kiddies, no more pedicures for the wife, no more gifts for the co-ed lover -- move them all to a one room motel on the Louisiana coast. Let them put on the rough clothes and gloves and spend the next 10 years working daily on the clean up of the disaster that their greed and casual carelessness co-created. They should all be made into paupers overnight. Let them have a taste of 'real life'. The entire unconscionable gang of them. Anything less than this and we are all being 'played'.
But in fact, we all know that despite the worst disaster in American natural history, the multi-million dollar yearly bonuses won't even be dented for these guys. Welcome to the Corporatocracy.

Posted by Aaron May 12, 10 08:13 PM

Aren't we all just sick at this? I hope we change soon before it is too late for future generations to enjoy what we may have ruined. Time for all of us to let go of oil using machinery, (cars, Plastics) we need to get back to basics and live the way people did 100 years ago. Less progress in nature consuming resources and more man power. Use good old manpower and not so much lazy machinery. We are all getting fat and unhealthy.

Posted by J Martin May 12, 10 08:18 PM

Picasso would envy the frameable pictures they look oil painted on canvas. Well done BP what a remarkable painting art.

Posted by vfun May 12, 10 08:18 PM

Have no car, no motor bike, no boat, don't fly but wait I am using puvlic transport and those buses run on all kinds of oily stuff, whether it be diesel or whatever. Life without oil products will be a big (impossible?) change-over. BUT making oil companies way more responsible and making them pay.... It does however not prevent disasters like this, finding a way of getting rid of oil without using poisonous chemicals is another way to look at such a horrendous problem.

Posted by Derek May 12, 10 08:32 PM

It's ridiculous thinking that the industry will not only get off scott free, but will also have most of this 'loss' covered by some insurance plan.

All the more reason to support the troops, I suppose. Nothing will happen, the genuine souls that want to help the species that are suffering will; the company won't even propose a budget for that-- they know all the 'hippie/love-types' will do it voluntarily, as for the rest, that'll be tax payer dollars.

Our country is blind to how the media swings the public. A constant stress test it is to watch the news in this age. It seems when the media is hyping a 'scandal' something much worse is going on somewhere else. As a twenty-one year old white Texan I have lost any hope of America being able to correct what it has done throughout its' history. I'm ashamed of contributing to disillusion of this magnitude. Most people should be as well; it's okay though-the public can just keep letting pop-culture mesmerize, sedate, and scare them into a satisfactory submission; I'll just wait for the curtain call.

- Deeply Frustrated American

Posted by DFA May 12, 10 08:35 PM

Why can't we run this country -- this whole freaking world even -- on solar and wind power? Screw the people who complain about what an eyesore windfarms are. I think they are beautiful, both aesthetically speaking and as a testament to sheer human ingenuity -- and they are certainly better to have littering the landscape than stretches of billowing smokestacks.

BP and Exxon Mobil are going to drag us down to hell in the name of their own bottom line. We need to get off of oil completely -- and we can do it, we honestly can, but its going to be a very hard fight.

Posted by Ry May 12, 10 09:01 PM

We are like a parasite on the earth! Until this so-called modern society learns to be symbiotic with the earth like the indigenous tribes did before we ruined this hemisphere for them we are going to suffer along with those in the wake of our utter stupidity. The sun provides energy for the entire solar system yet we choose to burn oil and coal for our needs. We choose to invade other nations to keep things this way when those billions of dollars could easily provide a new way, a paradigm shift in thinking necessary to wean ourselves from this oily mess. I pray this a wake up call before its to late.

Posted by Tony Taliaferro May 12, 10 09:09 PM


Posted by Chase May 12, 10 09:14 PM

The Spill absolutely sucks. It really does. But to all environmental lovers commenting here and calling for a witchhunt on BP and how we should ride bicycles instead of driving cars do you know how many products are made using crude oil during their manufacturing processes?? To name a few: Gasoline,Diesel fuel ,Heating oil,Jet fuel,Bunker fuel,Fertilizers/pesticides,Plastics,Synthetic rubber,Synthetic fibers,Fertilizers/pesticides,Dyes,Paint,Detergent,Photographic film
Food additives (canned food),Medicine,Synthetic fibers (such as polyester, nylon, acrylic),Make-up, Candles . So unless you live in a cave and in the dark you are just as responsible as the folks pumping it out of the ground.

Posted by GetBent May 12, 10 09:19 PM

@128: well said

Posted by ben May 12, 10 09:27 PM

Makes me sad to be human.. John, Toronto Ontario

Posted by John May 12, 10 09:34 PM

wow, this is an eye opener and makes me want to change my lifestyle and reduce oil consumption. Maybe some good can come of this if a critical mass has a realization

Posted by yous wisely May 12, 10 09:45 PM

Didn't someone already predict all this? Movies like "The day the Earth stood still" and "2012". That's what we need, a plague of those little tiny locust things to clean up all the shit we've created. Although that's in a delusional world, it's the only fantasy to prevent me from going insane from this madness. And just maybe, by 2012, there will be another big bang and we will all disappear the same as we arrived, animals get to stay!

Posted by Heather Stewart May 12, 10 10:04 PM

While it might have felt good to beat up people at the Congressional hearing on Tuesday, it is far more important right now to get this thing fixed - to cap that leak, to stop further pollution, to save the wildlife, and to try to minimize the long term harm. This is an event that will keep doing harm for decades. I can't believe it isn't the #1 story every single day in the news. The perpetrators can pay later. They should be working on simultaneous overlapping solutions every minute of the day.

Posted by Mick Mc May 12, 10 10:15 PM

How BP would compensate this? by throwing the ball to each other.

Posted by Selcuk Askin May 12, 10 10:30 PM

It's really sad to see all of you people accusing humankind for a single disaster caused by Halliburton's incompetent cementing. Why do you hurry to blame all humans on Earth for the greedy and careless corporate culture??? Are you so self-hating that you can't see the real criminals? Blame the corporations involved, not humanity!!! This is pure insanity!!!

Posted by Martin May 12, 10 10:35 PM

so sad...

Posted by Allan May 12, 10 10:41 PM

so sad

Posted by mag May 12, 10 10:49 PM

I pray for every precious animal, bird or mammal who will be impacted by this. God, please have mercy on their innocence and deliver them from any suffering..You can take them quickly if they need to die. Please save them if possible..Amen.

Posted by Rebecca May 12, 10 10:51 PM


First of all, its stupid to use "environmental lovers" as a slanderous term because every last one of us should be a lover of our environment. And second, although bicycles are a great vehicle for local transport -- have you ever heard of the electric car?

Posted by Ry May 12, 10 10:53 PM

At least when the US make a mistake they have the means to repair it !
Thanks for the pictures !

Posted by terviseks May 12, 10 10:58 PM

We are heading for dissaster!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Leandro A. Pichardo May 12, 10 11:10 PM

@ comment 131

glad to see you know everything :) HEY! i have an idea, seeing as you have all the answers, why don't you get off your high horse and do something to help. yeah sure the problem is more disastrous and devastating than just a few (even 1,000-1,000,000's) people, but it's better than trying to showboat your ingenuity on some blog that you have such an apparent impact on. with prayer and people helping, that is the only way to even come close to controlling it. that's ALL i know. and im gonna keep it that way.

Posted by R.J.V May 12, 10 11:16 PM

The planet has a way of dealing with species that overstay their welcome. I'm sure the planet will recover nicely, its us I worry about.

Posted by Mike Long May 12, 10 11:26 PM

Well said #131 & 149. So many people simply dont realise how much not just the luxury but also neccessity items we buy or consume on a daily basis are derived from the very substance we now see spewing from the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Its sad that 11 priceless human beings were lost. The death of all the thousands of mammals and animals. But if you stop and think about it, those numbers pale in comparison to the number of people and animals killed on our nations highways everyday. How much animal habitat is lost to a yearly multi- BILLOIN dollar industry called real estate developement. How many people perish in plane crashes. Face it people. Our lives and envirionment are endangered by so many other industries that are more detrimental to our planet than the exploration of Oil & Gas. Every industry has calculated risk and all the technology in the world will never prevent accidents from happening. Absolutely the parties that are negligent should be held liable just as the thousands of doctors who murder hundreds of thousands of unborn babies every year should be. How about it # 128? Would you be willing to beat them to a senseless pulp with your barefist or a weighty object. I wonder how the "ALIENS" would feel about that. Talk about bad stewards. We are all guilty in one way or another. As #131 & 149 said, just stop buying all these products and your own little world will be perfect....OR WILL IT ???

Posted by GlennB May 12, 10 11:35 PM

Sad just sad procedures should have been in place if an accident like this were to happen, Were is the finger point going to start? Truth of the matter be known someone will get a promotion to keep quite. The sooner man goes from the face of this world the better it will be. Bet that the human race will not be here as long as the dinosaur.

Posted by Flip May 12, 10 11:38 PM

"Justification for this spill is ludicrous! When I read comparisons of this spill compared to wind turbines killing birds I get upset. This spill is going to change this world FOREVER! If humans truly are the stewards of Earth we all need to take responsibility for this and change accordingly. I realize that this will be no small feat but if we don't want our Earth to look like a post apocalyptic world, like many of these shots portray, then we need change now! Posted by Nathan Fisher May 12, 2010 04:06"
Change US politics forever, likely....but it won't change the world for long. This isn't remotely close to the size of the Ixtoc I blowout 31 years ago and you did not even remember it when posting the above comment.

Posted by jgk3 May 12, 10 11:41 PM

@The person(s) who processed this compilation of photos: I like the drama in this set of photos. It shows a story of how we are fighting the oil away from the shore and trying to tame a disaster to almost no avail. I'd like to see another set of photos showing how BP and all of the organizations implicated in this oil spill crisis are handling the disaster in their corporate offices.

Posted by Nia May 12, 10 11:47 PM

Kind of like peeing on a forest fire! I pray that we learn from this.

Posted by Jack May 12, 10 11:50 PM

The dolphins are pissed!

Posted by Catie Adams May 12, 10 11:53 PM

Just about everything made from fossile fules could be made from HEMP. People open you eyes and read THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES by Jack Herer.

Posted by Gary Hodge May 12, 10 11:54 PM

It doesn't matter who is to blame. It only matters who will step up and fix this problem, and who will prevent it from happening again. I will be one of those people. Will you?

Posted by Karl May 12, 10 11:54 PM

I don't understand why everyone is bashing BP. Is it being done to overcome the guilt. BP did not do it on purpose, no company would, as it will only hurt their profits.
The problem is much bigger, its our insatiable hunger for oil. We need to decide if off-shore drilling should be allowed at the potential cost of enviroment.
I am damn sure all the BP bashers here are happily tanking up at the gas stations. If you are that against all this, then why not stop using the oil altogether.

Posted by leosharewala May 12, 10 11:58 PM

It's funny how everyone keeps pushing the blame around when it's something so inevitable. The world would stop if we had no oil, and everyone'd be furious. We should've all known something like this would happen and we, as consumers, are the ones to blame.

Posted by Ade May 12, 10 11:58 PM

All this and they are drilling another well off of NFLD which is 1000 meters deeper. They can't deal with this leak, how will they deal with a leak 1000 meters further down if that happens. Stop the drilling until the technology is there to protect the environment from catastrophic events like this.

Posted by Paul May 12, 10 11:59 PM


i like your list of petroleum based products - intellectual puniness at its best - "look, we're ALL responsible." right. sounds like you've had a few too many FOX News Glennemas™

anyone with any sense knows that a half a million to spend on a mechanism that would have prevented this from happening is the issue - not to mention the best response equipment and highest-trained personnel at cheap-ass BP drilling sites 24/7 for a year would amount to a their profit for a week. thanks to the lowlifes of the bush administration (cheney in particular), oil companies were given a pass on installing such prevention and safety equipment.


"We will clean up and move on."

"We?" who's that exactly? i'm guessing not you. this catastrophe won't be "cleaned up" within the lifetime of everyone currently living. it's an exxon valdez every week or so, maybe more, and no one has a clue on how to stop it.

the reason for this spill is not because people use aspirin and umbrellas. it's greed and government/corporate cronyism.

hey, 131 and 133: stop sucking the taints of your corporate heroes. neither of you will ever be millionaires anyway. you're both too stupid.

Posted by ronc4 May 13, 10 12:08 AM

While we all know that corporatons hold the major responsibility on this one, we need to make the connections between them, ourselves, and our environment. It is absolutely our dependence on oil that has led us to this catasrophe. Each of us has a huge responsibility in making the magnitude of this disaster known by all and getting each of our voices heard by our politicians, asking for renewable energy technology to be put at a higher priority. Along with that too comes the responsibility to use less oil and coal in the mean time.

Posted by Brady May 13, 10 12:11 AM

Don't forget about the 11 people that died in this tragedy. 9 employees of Transocean and 2 employees of MI Swaco.

Posted by james May 13, 10 12:14 AM

good bye New Orleans

Posted by Ruthie May 13, 10 12:15 AM

This entire situation is horrible and I am ashamed to be a part of it. Too bad so many other people around the nation and world cannot own up to our own faults. Everyday, everyone of us uses a petroleum based product and we don't even acknoledge our actions. While this is a major problem, that I am sure we will somehow, over time pull through, I pray and hope that each and everyone of us can remember the innocent animals and people this event will forever hinder. While we all sit here and bicker about off-shore drilling, and who did what, and who is to blame, its just one more second that passes without anything being done. I ask God to forgive us for our wrongdoings, and hope that He can pull us through this catastrophic event and make us all stronger people. Presently, I believe only He holds the solution for this troubled world. We all should be ashamed of what we have endured upon this once beautiful land that was bestowed to us and also neglected by us...May God be with us...

Posted by Michael May 13, 10 12:17 AM

Yep Halliburton and BP, there is no way to compensate for this disaster.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 12:23 AM

Como pueden ser tan irresponsables!!, y que actos tomaran contra estas empresas??? o se quedara en el olvido de las autoridades como tantas otras pero con el bolsillo lleno de billetes, Que hacen las naciones unidas para ver este tipo de atropellos al medio ambiente. Que tristeza y que rabia!!!!!.

As can be so irresponsible!, And take actions against these companies?? or stay in the forgetfulness of the authorities and many others but with a pocket full of notes, which make the United Nations to see this type of violations to the environment. How sad and angry !!!!!.

Posted by root May 13, 10 12:27 AM
Posted by John May 13, 10 12:50 AM

bicycle and recycle as much as you can

Posted by greenie May 13, 10 12:52 AM

Resources like this running amuck like this does not serve anyone. I hate seeing things like this happen. the damage is considerable. Sure wish we could get away using oil and start other some other kind of energy...

Posted by Mark May 13, 10 01:01 AM

A Vote for Palin is a vote for more of these beautiful oil producing masterpieces on our pristine waters, surrounding by baby dolphins frolicking in the crisp clear ocean!
The chant is 'drill, baby, drill.' And that's what we hear all across this country in our rallies because people are so hungry for those domestic sources of energy to be tapped into.

Posted by Go Obama Go May 13, 10 01:02 AM

Why are they bothering trying to drill another relief well beside it... why don't they just plant explosives and collapse the entire well? Obviously they are still trying to save the well and not the ocean and wildlife. It makes me sick.

Posted by Cayma May 13, 10 01:40 AM

irreparable loss, very sad...

Posted by amit May 13, 10 01:50 AM

The insurance payment B.P. will get from this disaster will turn out to be a lucrative, good bit buissness from a corporate point of view.

Posted by Tony May 13, 10 02:15 AM

This just shows that mankind doesn't deserve to live on planet earth.....
We should be banned from it...

Such a waist of beauty, just for money.....

Posted by Martin May 13, 10 02:19 AM

"The first mistake is theirs that commit it~the second is theirs that permit it."

Everyone NEEDS to know. If the oceans die~so do we. Who doesn't get that.........?

Posted by onceuponatime May 13, 10 02:32 AM

Welcome to Pandora, We are helping mankind by obtaining unobtanium in the process some indigenousness animal had to die but thats ok. .

Posted by Madanraj May 13, 10 02:52 AM

@131 You are an angry person. You should get help before your rage causes stomach ulcers.

I'm sick of seeing Democrats blaming this spill on Republicans and Republicans blaming it on Democrats. We're all responsible for this, every last one of us. Even those of us who talk about cutting our dependency on oil, we use oil products in mass quantities every single day! And as for the failure of the rig itself, that's our mistake as well, as a society. Our society has deemed it socially acceptable--and indeed imperative--for all building projects to be completed by the lowest-bidding contractors. And for safety precautions, if they cost money to install, we only install the bare minimum of what is required by law. We do it in our own homes (Fire extinguishers, fire alarms and escape ladders are not expensive, but no house I've ever been in has had more than what was required.) and we do it in our commercial and industrial buildings as well. Us Americans do not want to buy their safety, and they don't want to work for it either!

And in an oil rig that drills in water deeper than we know how to control, where the safety measures used in shallow water rigs don't even apply, what do we do? Do we err on the side of caution and install multiple cut-off valves and invest money into researching new oil spill containment technologies... you know... just in case? Hell no! We're America! We do what we want, when we want, and as cheaply as humanly possible. With the two notable exceptions of mass entertainment, where we gladly fork over trillions to keep ourselves dumb and happy, and war, where we gladly fork over trillions more to keep the people we don't like frightened and bloody. But safety? Pssh! Hell no, we won't pay for that!

It's not Bush's fault. It's not Obama's fault. It's BP's fault, and it's our fault for encouraging them. Now, instead of continuing to play hot potato with the blame, let's just accept that we all screwed up and work together to make sure this can't happen again. Please.

Posted by J. Reed Braden May 13, 10 02:54 AM

This is very sad indeed

Posted by Salman May 13, 10 03:06 AM

Comment 156 has it right. Listen to him. The use of fossil fuels is not the enemy. We need to make sure that corperations don't cut corners. Fine them until they get the picture.

I'd really like to know what you oil haters propose to replace oil and coal. And don't say solar and wind because they have negative total energy output. The mass suffering and starvation that would result from the incredible economic contraction that would result from not using fossil fuels would make your head spin. An alternative would be nice but as of right now we are stuck with dirty oil and coal.

Posted by Dziaji May 13, 10 03:11 AM

you oil spill, imma let you finish but you make for some awesome photography

Posted by DJ Blur May 13, 10 03:27 AM

We did this.

Posted by Bill May 13, 10 03:30 AM

@78 - "In fact, I will try to buy a hybrid whenever I can."

A world with nothing but hybrid automobiles is a world still dependent on oil.

@124 - "How about just not have anything that will harm the environment in the water at all?"

This is not really doable. I mean, the oil wasn't put in the ocean floor, it's kinda been there.

Posted by MMTanner May 13, 10 03:42 AM

Reportaje increible, pero vaya desastre todo por unos puñados de dólares, pobres animales, estamos destrozando el planeta.

Posted by Racoon May 13, 10 03:53 AM

Reportaje increible, pero vaya desastre todo por unos puñados de dólares, pobres animales, estamos destrozando el planeta.

Posted by Racoon May 13, 10 03:54 AM

this is the torusem from england

i am arabic

Posted by amman jordan May 13, 10 03:55 AM

Of course all of you feel terrible about the situation and are angry and 'sad' for the animals but you wont do anything about it except complain. If you really cared, you would go out and HELP. Who gives a poop what the news organizations are reporting?? YOU know who is responsible, so go after those people! THAT'S IT, because waiting for President Obama to 'talk' about it, or picking political sides isn't going to FIX ANYTHING. Stop moping over these photos and DO SOMETHING. Protest, or if you are a farmer you can contribute resources such as hay which has been PROVEN to absorb the OIL in the water and not harm any animals. You CAN HELP, just get off your butt!

Posted by Anonim May 13, 10 04:15 AM

I hate to break it to you, but the Earth has been mostly frozen ice ball and a molten sea of liquid rock. The Earth doesn't give 2 ####s about this or us for that matter. This planet has been here long before us, and will be here long after us. The idea that something that is actually part of the earth already is somehow going to "destroy the planet" is ridiculous. Over 99% percent of the species that have ever existed are already extinct, and were long before humans started using tools. All this "I weep for the planet =( " talk is a bunch of nonsense. Get over yourselves. You, and our entire species really just aren't that big of a deal at all and never have been.

Posted by Ragnar Danneskjold May 13, 10 04:17 AM

Its sad to see all of this, think of all the care and works and decades it took for us to get this wildlife where we wanted it protected, all the people that volunteered over the years, the law enforcement action on any one that even threw a cigarett butt into the water , it all paid off, and in one single incident all that was shot to shit forever.

Posted by marion May 13, 10 04:28 AM

"As a twenty-one year old white Texan I have lost any hope of America being able to correct what it has done throughout its' history."

You should really just leave, then. You're clearly very, very upset by how bad America is, and you would love the rest of the world, where everyone is peace-loving and right-minded.

The people who think this is a "Republican thing" are depressing and frightening in their blindered ignorance. You people have got to wake up. If the first thing YOU do is look at everything through the lens of liberal versus conservative, then YOU are the problem with this country. YOU are why the things you are so angry about happen, why they don't get corrected, and why no one listens but simply sits around bitching at the other side. YOU are what's wrong with this country every bit as much as evil "big oil" or anyone else.

Posted by Brad May 13, 10 04:42 AM

The American Power Act is imperfect! Its all for money matter when the Americans go after Oil while they kill many innocent animals.

Posted by SAJEER STARLINE May 13, 10 05:01 AM


Posted by DEEPAK May 13, 10 05:14 AM

The Invisibility Factor:

The photos are alarming but what is also alarming are the oil dispersants being used in unprecedented quantities to make the problem “go away”, that is, to reduce the coastal impact of the oil and in the process to make it invisible and coincidentally(?), to make the largely unknown causal chain of environmental harm much harder to trace. We now have oil + dispersants, not dispersants instead of oil.

The main dispersants being used are two forms of Corexit, both of which are proprietary so we do not know detailed contents. We do know it contains 2-butoxyethanol and an unkown organic sulfonic acid ester in propylene glycol.

- 2-butoxyethanol: organic solvent, toxic, kills most arthropods, is supposed to degrade in a few days and not bio-accumulate.

- sulfonic acid esters: common in many household products such as detergents and in sulfa drugs (anti-biologics) - add some detergent to an aquarium and watch the results on the life forms you can see.

- propylene glycol: an alcohol used in many household products, low toxicity, readily biodegradable.

BIODEGRADABLE - superficially this sounds good BUT: it means microrganisms can break it down and in the process they consume oxygen - very large quantities for propylene glycol. To the biological oxygen demand (BOD) it creates, add that of the decomposition of creatures large and small killed by oil and dispersants in a situation where an oil film prevents oxygen diffusion from the atmosphere. Go figure.

Figure too that many larval forms travel in the near-surface few millimeters of the sea and that contrary to what you might expect oceanic water masses tend to cohere, not disperse for long times and distances.
On the positive side, Corexit is made in USA, the stock of the producer has appreciated, and the costs the whole clean-up bundle will be added to GNP. Now is that an insane system or what?

Posted by Bill Allison May 13, 10 05:16 AM

we are all guilty of polluting our environment, we have created this modern world it has taken thousands of years to evolve, there are probably only a handful of tribes left that are still untouched by the modern world who are truly innocent of any crime. I cant see many people throwing down the shackles of the modern world and returning to living like cave men and women. we can however use our intelligence to make things more sustainable in our day to day lives, if everyone started to make some changes to their lives and try to be more aware of their personal environment then this would have a positive impact on the world environment. It is very sad and shameful this has happened but i don't think many people other than the poor families that have lost their loved ones, residents directly affected, the lawyers and BP executives who will be held to account will be thinking about this by Christmas, we will all of returned to our consumerist life styles!

Posted by cheryl cloake uk May 13, 10 05:30 AM

El día que los idiotas estos acaben con el planeta le van a verder su petroleo a sus muertos....

Posted by Oscar May 13, 10 05:38 AM

What about the mountains that are literally removed for coal mining:
Isn't this pretty bad as well. 470 mountains have had their tops removed to make coal cheaper... and then there's the polluted water that runs off... that's pretty scandalous too!

Posted by Mark Smith May 13, 10 05:54 AM

Number 30 slays me.

Posted by giddyflux May 13, 10 06:04 AM

Thank you so much for posting these photos - while they are amazing to look at, its also very important that we all see the real consequences of such a disaster, being on the other side of the world it is hard to really comprehend what is going on. Feeling incredibly helpless right now.

Posted by H May 13, 10 06:07 AM

The Dutch could have prevented this to become an environmental disaster by their knowledge and equipement. However USA is again arrogant and does not want this help. That is sad!

Posted by JJ May 13, 10 06:12 AM

What needs to happen is that the governements of the world need to grow some balls and start making meaningful changes to the way we live.

One way would be to introduce a staggered ban on the sale of petrol powered vehicles which comes into affect over a ten year period, followed by a reduction in the sale of petrol (ultimately forcing people to give up these vehicles) - that should be enough to get the car industry off their arses and seriously looking at alternatives.

As some people have already mentioned we use oil in a lot of different products, which ultimately are equally noxious to us and our planet... introducing a staggered ban on these as well would give companies time to find alternatives, and if the oil companies want to stay in bussiness perhaps they could start spending some serious money on researching alternatives.
Perhaps, when we have the total cost for cleaning up this mess - BP would like to match that figure and put it into researching alternative energy sources?

We need to stop wasting money on "cures" and started spending money on "prevention" - Long term thinking rather than just slapping another patch on it because it's cheaper in the short term

Posted by Luke May 13, 10 06:13 AM

We don’t deserve this planet, time and time again we keep destroying our environment and not respecting our VERY fragile eco-system.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 06:14 AM

You can feel sad, be depressed, play the blame game and stay passive.
Or take the innitiave like for instance Roz Savage and here and here amazing TED talk

Posted by Paul May 13, 10 06:33 AM

that's why nuclear energy isn't safe. Imagine the same thing happening to a nuclear central. There are things money can't buy. Life.

Posted by pimouss May 13, 10 06:46 AM

And how many of you drove in to work today?

Posted by Maddox May 13, 10 06:46 AM

Its very sad to see wildlife is struggling becoz of human mistakes...AGAIN!!!!
Lets hope this clears soon...

Posted by Naveen Rao May 13, 10 06:47 AM

Dear BP - go to hell. Love, Earth

Posted by dan May 13, 10 07:16 AM

We continue to choose death over conservation.

Posted by Bruce May 13, 10 07:16 AM

animals don't suffer. they're biological computers, not humans.

whoever says we don't deserve our planet, can have our moon, or some other planet.

the environment will recover, without our help.

Posted by Cornelius Jethro May 13, 10 07:18 AM

People just dont care. Oil is much more important than nature and thats the way it continues to be. Its sad

Posted by Joopajoo May 13, 10 07:25 AM

cut your dryers off and start using clothes lines again

Posted by al gore May 13, 10 07:34 AM

Government (who we elect) have no control over corporations.

People have the power- stop buying! Boycott companies like BP. Act en masse- get organized!

Posted by J MacDonald May 13, 10 07:35 AM

great reportage!

Posted by Nancy Spadaro May 13, 10 07:35 AM

@ 60 and others; indeed !

To me and the others; we know! It's not the first and even not the last disaster which will pass our heart. If it doesn't stop in our heart we'll probably stay an observer. maybe it must stop it. Do we really need to see, because at the time we see It's already to late and the real one, now invisible, but not undisprovable disasters are yet to come. Are we prepared ?! We, the almighty Human. Are we prepared to light them out, all of them ?!

To me and those who are irritated by those kind of disasters, are in the first line responsible for them. We the users dictate our "needs" to the megalomans which are just providing those "needs" on a colorful palette. and this never ending story of human greed is complete. Please, disrupt this completeness. Start changing the colors of the palette. Start feeling with your heart. Start thinking of and using ALTERNATIVES ! today, because it is not our and others lives last day.

After all we're not the rulers of the world, nor is the God.
Nature is. And we well know the devastating power of our Mother.

Keep thinking. Start changing.

Posted by marko May 13, 10 08:05 AM

"So long and thanks for all the fish" sings the last remaining dauphin

Posted by DocSavage May 13, 10 08:09 AM

to all 'smart' 'nature loving' 'omg, look what they did' people out there...

true, it is a disaster, true, they should have taken failsafes to prevent other failsafes to fail....


tell me you fly? i mean if there is this oil spill do you fly to the coast (using oil) or do you ride to the coast (using oil) or do you ride a motorboat to get there (again, using oil)?

if the answer is yes to any of these questions, then, sorry to proven yourselfves wrong, YOU TOO NEED the oil companies to get everything moving more whining, start helping!

Posted by dex May 13, 10 08:09 AM

Hi guys,

I'm very disapointed for all the nature, fisherman, people on the coast, animals, and all ..

This is very hard for american people to be victim of this shit ! and you cannot do anything.

I give you all my compassions, and hope you gonna make pay with force all these fuckers who are not able to work properly but lies every time for every thing..

Good luck
and god bless (only) american people

From a french guy

Posted by xavbad May 13, 10 08:15 AM


Posted by goofydg1 May 13, 10 08:34 AM

And is she still screaming ; Drill baby Drill......? And do they still cheer?

Posted by C. Cooke May 13, 10 08:37 AM

Big Picture needs to be more responsible when drilling for oil! ;)

Posted by Andrew May 13, 10 08:40 AM

I really would like to help clean up this mess in anyway possible. Let me know if anyone got a spare bed and vegetarian food somewhere in this area for a Swede.

Posted by Martin May 13, 10 08:51 AM

oil + humans = violence

Posted by Jonathan Sweet May 13, 10 08:51 AM

Incredible photographs!
It brings reality to those of us who are not there in person to see such a disaster!
To soak up the oil they need to start bringing in tons of hay which will absorb the oil. The 2 different types of hay abundant in the south would be Blue Grass or Bermuda Grass. These types of hay float and will stay on top of the water. Later, after it has absorbed the oil it can be picked up easily in fish nets or with seaweed equipment. Lets pass this around and get the job done before our beaches and wildlife are destroyed!

Posted by Gail M shumway May 13, 10 09:02 AM

With the ground work in place from failed use of technologies I wonder if the future of humanity is still bigger than the past.

Posted by Alfred Blakey May 13, 10 09:07 AM

What an appalling environmental disaster! Surely this will far surpass the Exxon Valdez spill. Maybe now we can start to understand the risks of oil drilling and move towards cleaner energy solutions.

Posted by utah May 13, 10 09:17 AM

Save Earth, Save Environment,

Posted by Jawahar May 13, 10 09:20 AM

Seriously, alternative energy needs to happen. Anyone ever heard of a disastrous "Wind leak" or "Sun leak"? I think that's reason enough.

Posted by Matthew Marshall May 13, 10 09:22 AM

"oil + humans = violence"

So humans weren't violent before oil was discovered? My history books lie!

Posted by Hood May 13, 10 09:23 AM

The BP explosion is an enormous tragedy but not just on the environment; let's not forget that BP is mourning the loss of 11 workers. It has not been revealed yet what caused this tragedy but I implore people not to fall into the trap of blaming "Big Oil" on this. We are a country that are extremely dependent on petroleum based products and BP along with all the other oil companies are simply supplying our demand.

Here is a very short list of things that would be no longer available if we stopped the oil industry: Fertilizers, Solvents, Bicycle Tires, Motor Oil, Cell Phones, Bearing Grease, Computer Components, Floor Wax, Ballpoint Pens, Football Cleats, Upholstery, Sweaters, Boats, Insecticides, Sports Car Bodies, Nail Polish, Fishing lures, Dresses, Car Tires, Golf Bags, Perfumes, Cassettes, Dishwashers, Tool Boxes, Shoe Polish, Motorcycle Helmets, Caulking, Petroleum Jelly, Transparent Tape, CD Players, Faucet Washers, Antiseptics, Clotheslines, Curtains, Food Preservatives, Basketballs, Soap, Vitamin Capsules, Antihistamines, Purses, Shoes, Dashboards, Cortisone, Deodorant, Footballs, Putty, Dyes, Panty Hose, Refrigerant, Percolators, Life Jackets, Rubbing Alcohol, Linings, Skis, TV Cabinets, Rugs, Electrician's Tape, Tool Racks, Car Batteries, Cases, Epoxy Paint, Mops, Slacks, Insect Repellent, Oil Filters, Umbrellas, Yarn, Hair Coloring, Roofing, Toilet Seats, Fishing Rods, Lipstick, Denture Adhesive, Linoleum, Ice Cube Trays, Synthetic Rubber, Speakers, Plastic Wood, Electric Blankets, Glycerin, Tennis Rackets, Rubber Cement, Fishing Boots, Dice, Nylon Rope, Candles, Trash Bags, House Paint, Water Pipes, Hand Lotion, Roller Skates, Surf Boards, Shampoo, Wheels, Paint Rollers, Shower Curtains, Guitar Strings, Luggage, Aspirin, Safety Glasses, Antifreeze, Football Helmets, Awnings, Eyeglasses, Clothes, Toothbrushes, Ice Chests, Footballs, Combs, DVD's, Paint Brushes, Detergents, Vaporizers, Balloons, Sun Glasses, Tents, Heart Valves, Crayons, Parachutes, Enamel, Pillows, Dishes, Cameras, Anesthetics, Artificial Turf, Artificial limbs, Bandages, Dentures, Model Cars, Folding Doors, Hair Curlers, Cold cream, Movie film, Soft Contact lenses, Drinking Cups, Fan Belts, Car Enamel, Shaving Cream, Ammonia, Refrigerators, Golf Balls, Toothpaste...

This is only 144 of the over 6000 items that are manufactured using petroleum based products. It's easy to say let's stop drilling but what do we do about our need for the 6000 products produced from petroleum? How would you replace THESE products? What kinds of alternates do you suggest we come up with to replace THESE products? How long would it take to develop these alternates? Weeks? Months? Years? Never? It's a complicated argument. This explosion & oil release is a tragedy and the ramifications are enormous. We must trust that the oil companies will do everything in their power to remedy this and take measures to avoid another one in the future. But when there's mechanical equipment and human beings operating them there will always be failures. That's an unfortunate fact. The best we can do is minimize them.

Posted by Julie Hunt May 13, 10 09:37 AM

at 223:
"animals don't suffer. they're biological computers, not humans."
Seriously? Have you never seen an animal in pain? Growing up on a farm, I sure have! They suffer. They're living beings - just like humans. They do feel pain, and they do suffer. Biological computers? Do you know about evolution? If animals are just biological computers - wouldn't humans be too, since we evolved from primates (who are animals)?

Posted by shelly May 13, 10 09:42 AM


Posted by Joris May 13, 10 09:45 AM

Welcome to the end effects of unchecked mega-mergers, corporate "lobbying", "campaign contributions" (spelled b-r-i-b-e-s) and untold government "harumphs" about everything. It all boils down not to our incessant use of oil derivative products (as alternatives have been conveniently been purged from availability), but to simple, blatant corporate greed. If man is truly steward of planet Earth, I would suggest we all pack a small bag, as a little trip to a place called Oblivion on the planet called Irrelevance looks like it's about to happen.

Posted by L.E. Crivain May 13, 10 09:50 AM

4-20-10, 4-3-10, 4-21-09, 3-31-09, 3-10-09, 2-2-09, 7-28-08, 12-12-07, 7-7-07, 10-23-07, 8-11-06, 7-14-06, 6-19-06, 12-08-04, 11-26-04, 7-28-03, 4-27-03, 11-13-02, 10-06-02, 1-14-01, 6-6-00, 12-12-99, 1-12-98, 9-27-96, 2-15-96, 1-19-96, 3-31-94, 1-5-93, 3-3-92, 2-2-92, 2-2-92, 7-1-91, 5-28-91, 4-11-91, 1-23-91, & 3-24-89... major oil spills since exxon valdez. Sickening, eh?

Posted by coldwater71 May 13, 10 09:52 AM

The world belongs to the ants. Bees, roaches, whatever. We're fated to desappear.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 09:55 AM

@J Martin:

Go back to the way we lived 100 years ago? Burning so much coal that you're liable to get dirty just walking around outside? Have the kind of mortality rates for infants and the elderly that we used to have? Live in squalor while a very small elite take advantage of us? War, famine, and all the rest?

This is the best time to be alive, faults and all. The answer is to keep moving ahead and figuring out better ways to produce energy, protect our environment, and reduce our impact. Not go back to being peasants.

Posted by j_king May 13, 10 09:59 AM

very sad

Posted by louise May 13, 10 10:04 AM

Lord, O Dear Lord! What are we doing to this planet? What are we doing to the future of our kids? With all the environmental exploitation and over consumption, I somehow get a feeling that the days of our species are fast approaching its end. Unless we mutate and start breathing in CO2. In that case of course we have produced enough of it to last few gazillion humans.

Posted by Lalit May 13, 10 10:06 AM

-- comment removed --

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 10:19 AM

I wonder how many of these "red state" people still have their "Drill Baby Drill" bumper sticker on their cars?

Posted by Joe Idar May 13, 10 10:19 AM

So sad-time for the oil companies to take fullresponsibility for their actions-less profits and more respect for nature and people

Posted by barbara ruvin May 13, 10 10:19 AM

Que fregados estamos... ahora los atentados son hasta con la naturaleza misma y todo por el cochino dinero.

Posted by Francisco May 13, 10 10:39 AM

Bush & Cheney as a matter of historical record, allowed the Oil & Gas Companies to not put the safety equipment on these rigs as one of their first acts in 200l "as it was too expensive." It is required in every other civilized oil and gas producing company. Yet, you hardly hear a word about this historical fact. In 2 term Bush & Cheney effectively destroyed environmental protection in the USA, destroyed our standard of life, and reduced the country to a third world, soon to be fourth world, country. I do not like Obama much either bc he is basically more of the same as Bush on the phoney "war on terror" that has/is stripping the citizens of this country of their once inalienable rights. Since the average USA citizen is a moron due to excessive television watching and school systems sabotaged by Carnegie and their oligarch buddies decades ago what could you expect. As no less a Billionaire than Warren Buffet stated, "There is a class war and my class is winning." That's bc the controlled media, owned by a few families, has failed to inform the average American Moron of same. They will not be able to cap this well, it will hit the Gulf Stream and destroy fisheries and the coast real estate industry. BUSH & CHENEY along with Haliburton and KBR would have been indicted, prosecuted and jailed years ago in a true Republic. We are a banana Republic. Let Palin go shoot another Moose. As Waylon Jennings stated, "ain't a dimes worth of difference" between Republicans and Democrats, but the Bush family and Cheney family were the worst things that have happened too normal working class people in 50 years. There is no argument, read Robert Kennedy's article on the deal to remove the safety devices in 200l. Have fun growing your own food, fools.

Posted by T Kinsella May 13, 10 10:42 AM

Breaking News: One of those massive windmills has collapsed, and wind is spilling everywhere! Oh the humanity!

Posted by Malone May 13, 10 10:44 AM

Tell them Thanks for Destroy our fresh water and help raise gas price. The people that run these plaints are F**k Heads and should be fired.

Posted by Bob May 13, 10 10:46 AM

We all inter-are. We are all connected. We all suffer the consequences here, and we are all responsible. When we understand this, then we will become active and not allow this to take place again. Accidents happen, especially when we take unreasonable risks. Drilling off-shore is an unreasonable risk, exchanging life for our insatiable and uncontrolled desire for oil and the easy energy it produces. We have taken the "easy" route, continuing to depend on oil, when we know it is a finite resource and we have to change the way we live. This is what it has brought us. In my own life, I try to reduce the amount of oil I use, but I know that I, too, am responsible here. Until we all see that we must curb our appetite for oil, we will all suffer together. Let's just hope there is a solution to this mess. Because if there isn't, it could cost all of our lives. No more drilling off shore!

Posted by Cynthia Handlen May 13, 10 10:46 AM

wow. amazing that we can see these pictures.
isnt oil from earth originally? then earth will be fine.
this is just human-kind ruining it for everyone else again.
water is poisined enough as it is, so be it that earth has to sacrifice humans to heal itself. earth has given us so much, and all we wanted was more.
who knows, maybe we'll be back in 10,000 years to ruin it all again?

Posted by lokirat May 13, 10 10:46 AM

znam covece jezivo videla sam to unapred sve joj godinama se sprema sranje razno

Posted by Mirjana posarac May 13, 10 10:48 AM

And finaly the Big American Dream come through and river of oil drift towards their borders...

Posted by hammerofthegods May 13, 10 10:52 AM

I guess that it is too much to ask that the EPA and Dept of Energy do something to justify their generous salaries.

Posted by Luke S May 13, 10 10:55 AM

Everybody who says to boycott and banish all BP products. Guess what you're typing on? Either a keyboard made out of petrolium made plastics or an electronic handheld of some sort with petrolium plastics and electronics in it.

Way to go.

Posted by Pat May 13, 10 10:56 AM

If I dumped my oil into the ocean I would get a fine. What is the consequence for BP doing the same? An insurance check?

Posted by jon doe May 13, 10 10:56 AM


Posted by Carolyn Cauthen May 13, 10 11:05 AM

Dale Earnhart Sr. IS STILL ALIVE? I did NOT know that. If you look at picture # 29, I think you'll agree.

Posted by Dale Fan May 13, 10 11:09 AM

I hope BP is planning on compensating all of those fishermen that are out of work.

Posted by Alyan Harris May 13, 10 11:10 AM

Human .........

Posted by qwerty May 13, 10 11:10 AM

Incompetence, period. Guess who will ultimately pay? the people. will government? NO...the government is the taxed schmoes, us. the government will fly over the area...throw "our" money at the problem, and continue to pass legislation protecting the BP's of the world.

they will all pay dearly. the absolute irresponsibility of a failed hydraulic system is unbelievably wicked. how BP shows themselves to be a money-based entity. days after the event they were trying to get the undereducated fisherman in Bayou la Batre, sign off for 5 grand. BP should have an open checkbook. PERIOD. their assets should be siezed...until everyone has been compensatted. probably, however, they will be dismissed with a small amount of a fine so that they can pass their billions of profits on too the governmental authorities that get paid by them.

The Creator wis taking this into account...and he will pay them can believe that


Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 11:12 AM

This is a terrible thing, but once the leak is stopped, nature will be able to fix things. There are whole ecosystems that live in oil saturated oceanic areas and there are natural bacteria that eats it in the ocean. More than 2 times the amount of oil spilled from the Valdez leaks from natural seeps in the Gulf each year. It's not the oil per se, that is a problem--oil is a vital part of the oceanic ecosystem--it is the over abundance at one time.

People seem to go way overboard about things like this. Get real. We have a problem. It needs to be addressed. But if any of you think we'd be a better world without oil, maybe you'd like to live like someone from the 1800's for a while? In fact, we'd all starve to death because we can't support ourselves with 1800 technology. There are too many of us. We need oil for a myriad of purposes other than fuel--less than half of our oil is used as fuel. The rest is used from everything from plastics to medicines. If oil were stopped the world as we know it would come to a screeching halt and those of you complaining now would be the first to whine about not having an X-box or something else as trivial.

Our duty now is to stop the spill, help the animals caught in the oil (the fish will do fine, btw), clean up or burn off as much as we can, then make sure this doesn't happen again by having better technology in place to prevent this from happening again. It's a horrible lesson, but one we need to learn.

Posted by Jeanine May 13, 10 11:14 AM

BP executives and all responsible for the decisions made behind closed doors that allowed something like this to happen should be immediately imprisoned........11 human deaths on their hands...many many human lives affected by their many innocent birds and fish killed.........why imprisonment for the these crimes against nature and man is not even discussed shows us that they will continue to make these mistakes with little or no consequences.......they will be fined but the economic impact will just be absorbed into higher prices at the pump..........we are all fools sitting on the sidelines watching our world destroyed

Posted by roy maggio May 13, 10 11:15 AM

I love how all you bleeding-heart new age hippies are saying how we should ban petroleum and we are ruining the Earth as you type on your plastic made petroleum based computer with the toxic Mercury and likely LCD screen. Don't just whine, change.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 11:15 AM

Martin are you just so self righteous and believe your perfect? Will I have news for you, your not! The cooperation operated by people who become very corrupt by power. If you were head of a large cooperation you would know.

Posted by Jason May 13, 10 11:16 AM

#165, real estate development is planned. dont think this oils spill was. this oil spill is a direct result of the inability of a corporation to safely contain the unknown. as crazy as it sounds, that is the truth. this was an event that happens with some sort of regularity but to an unknown degree. BP is simply at fault because it happened on their rig. and they did not have the measures to cope with it in the event that it should happen. they simply did not follow rule one of drilling, "hope for the best, PLAN for the worst". simple, but true. spent several years on rigs in the north sea. been there, done that. BP is the responsible party and yes, they are idiots. and since they are as well as any other off shore drilling companies that do not plan for this type of event, they should fit the bill for the clean up. how to avoid this, dont drill. seems simple to me. and i am not sure how abortion got into your conversation? interesting..........

Posted by sd hopper May 13, 10 11:17 AM

This stuff will keep happening until corporations have to pay for all the damage they cause. This means not only all the cleanup, but damages for lost careers, tourism, etc. Yeah, the costs will just get passed on to the consumer, but it would more closely reflect the true cost of oil, and make other energy sources more competitive.

Posted by CourtroomWolf May 13, 10 11:18 AM

Three Solutions:

1. Focus all efforts on top-kill and immediately HALT the relief-well drilling. The well would be plugged by now if BP hadn't only pursued solutions to save the well.

2. Put ALL the out-of-work fishermen & charter boat captains simultaneously on BP, Halliburton, & Transocean's payrolls and use them to help capture the oil and clean-up. These people are strong men with hundreds (thousands?) of boats and replaceable nets that could be used to contain the spill within a prescribed area offshore... and prevent oil from reaching any shore.

3. For the future, a system of dredged barrier islands needs to be built completely encircling all wells in the western gulf and cutting the well areas off from Florida, the gulf, and surrounding countries. If Mexico, Texas, MS, AL & Louisiana still want these wells, they need to be prepared to close off their existing coast to the gulf of mexico and their new "gulf beaches" can be right in front of the wells. The portion in-between the wells and the coast should become salt-water lakes, east and west of New Orleans, only allowing an outlet for the Mississippi.

Posted by Susan J. May 13, 10 11:25 AM

Tell me you drill baby drill people-----What are you going to do
when we have no water to drink?---no air to breathe? -- one of
our MAJOR food supplies and jobs--are being destroyed----
all everyone is saying "fishing - tourism ..."
THINK---this is going to effect alot more than most people
realize--just the beginning!! Going up Miss River--what about
when it hits on the Atlantic--it WILL---what about our water supply--
3 -THREE- months more they THINK--they do NOT think--still
GREED!!!! tell me how much have you lost in your 401 K? Put
all pieces together people------at LEAST 3 months(if what they
THINK will work)
Why is it -- it only took MAN to destroy in 125-150 years what
stood for 100's of thousands of years---that is BOOK LEARNING
INTELLIGENCE-- good with books not with LIFE!!!!!!!!

Posted by Carolyn Cauthen May 13, 10 11:30 AM

"I don't understand why everyone is bashing BP. Is it being done to overcome the guilt. BP did not do it on purpose, no company would, as it will only hurt their profits."

You are joking right? BP is making ten times more money with the prices of oil going up as a result of this spill than they are paying out. Plus, BP has said that they are only paying what they are liable for $75 million and not a penny more. They should be paying billions over this. BP is responsible because they haven't bothered to utilize their safety budget by putting emergency stop valves before this whole thing began.

BP was at fault in the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska in the late 80's and should have had to pay billions but ended up only paying 3% of what they should have paid.

How could you NOT blame BP for this?

Posted by Will May 13, 10 11:30 AM

You people are idiots. Instead of arguing and being holier than thou. Why don't you put your money where your mouths are and actually go down there to help. F**k, why don't you go to Nashville and help them recover from the flood? Huh?!?!

Stop talking sh*t and start doing something.

All of you are just a bunch of lazy Americans who would rather argue, than help.

Posted by BP Cansuckit May 13, 10 11:36 AM

Petroleum engineers and other professionals with experience in the oil and gas business know things happen that may not be preventable-equipment fails similar to an automobile or air conditioner. Balanced drilling and cementing is difficult, especially cementing a liner because of gas in the mud, hole conditions, etc. There are no guarantees. If we as consumers want to continue our warm and comfortable and mobile life styles, then we will have to accept these problems and work through them the best we can. A life style without hydrocarbons looks similar to a 19th Century life style.

Posted by Terry T May 13, 10 11:36 AM

#243... everything you have listed... reminds me that it can be found in millions of tons of garbage, unrecycled, in landfills all over. 426,000 cell phones alone are discarded EVERY day...
both triclosan and triclocarban have been found to function as endocrine disruptors in mammalian cell cultures and in animal models. Plastics are swirling in a mass that has now gotten bigger than the whole state of Texas in the Pacific, killing mass amounts of sea life. Where's the outrage at that??

had papermill owners not led such a huge bash against hemp back in 1930, this country would have more than enough renewable alternatives to wood and cotton... Not to mention 70+ years experience in doing so, too. We are finally getting around to using bamboo, another great renewable resource that can be used in lieu of wood.

there ARE alternatives... it's just getting the people with all the power and the money to make a change. I am a poor nobody with no influence over anyone. I can't afford to build a wind farm for everyone, or I would. Hell, I can't even afford to buy a small one that fits on my roof that could power my own basic energy needs. But I do my part in recycling and composting and turning off lights when not used, etc. That is all I can afford.

remember, we are also a country involved in 2 different wars. Where's the rationing that our grandparents experienced during their wars? We are a throwaway disposable nation that wants it all but without any consequences for our actions. I am just as guilty as anyone else, but at least I'll admit it.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 11:37 AM

maybe if people did there job right we wouldnt be in this problem. now all humanson the earth are going to be screwed. gas prices are going to shot sky rocket and all the animals in the ocean really didnt deserve that. there juss like any other person in the world. and im saying if i have to pay more than 4 dollars for gas then there's going to be a problem. are economy is going to shit. and everytime i turn around i feel like something elso is happening, this is a tragedy to everything and everyone and i think we shouldn't be blamming people and juss get the problem handled cuz blamming people aint going to help nothing!!!!! now stop thinking about your self and start thinking about them animals that got to live in freaking oil

Posted by nikki!!! May 13, 10 11:39 AM

I think it is like looking at a forest fire too. And we have to do everything in our power to stop it.I think we should have them dig underground next to the BP pipeline about a mile or so and set off a explosion to cave in the pipeline underground to stop it .Gravity should take care of the rest. ..The weight of the water and land should seal it up..It should have never happened, but now we just have to do our best to seal it off. Try harder u idiots!!

Posted by PM May 13, 10 11:39 AM

The following is about the last bad spill in the gulf...which destroyed the Texas beaches....this one is already bigger than that...and growing.

In 1979, the Sedco 135F was drilling the IXTOC I well for PEMEX, the state-owned Mexican petroleum company when the well suffered a blowout. The well had been drilled to 3657m with the 9-5/8" casing set at 3627m. Reports then state that mud circulation was lost (mud is, in essence, a densely weighted drilling fluid used to lubricate the drill bit, clean the drilled rock from the hole and provide a column of hydrostatic pressure to prevent influxes) so the decision was made to pull the drill string and plug the well. Without the hydrostatic pressure of the mud column, oil and gas were able to flow unrestricted to the surface, which is what happened as the crew were working on the lower part of the drillstring. The BOP was closed on the pipe but could not cut the thicker drill collars, allowing oil and gas to flow to surface where it ignited and engulfed the Sedco 135F in flames. The rig collapsed and sank onto the wellhead area on the seabed, littering the seabed with large debris such as the rig's derrick and 3000m of pipe.

The well was initially flowing at a rate of 30,000 barrels per day (1 barrel = 42 US gallons = 159 litres), which was reduced to around 10,000 bpd by attempts to plug the well. Two relief wells were drilled to relieve pressure and the well was eventually killed nine months later on 23 March 1980. Due to the massive contamination caused by the spill from the blowout (by 12 June, the oil slick measured 180km by 80km), nearly 500 aerial missions were flown, spraying dispersants over the water. Prevailing winds caused extensive damage along the US coast with the Texas coast suffering the greatest. The IXTOC I accident was the biggest single spill ever, with an estimated 3.5 million barrels of oil released.

over 5 million released with this idiotic accident. is this gonna kill the GOM?...who knows...but they could BLAST it shut...but don't want to close the well. too much oil down there. wicked..huh?

Posted by Rick Shade May 13, 10 11:40 AM

On the news I saw a louisiana fisherman bemoaning the fact that there seemed to be more concern about the birds & animals then the human victims & all I could think is what is the difference. What harms wildlife harms humans.

Posted by Sndra Watt May 13, 10 11:54 AM

Yeah, this was just a total lack of oversight and honestly, a lack of care. They're so used to the profits and revenue that's generated without any kind of effort, now the world is looking at them, expecting them to own up.

I think this really will change the way the world views these big Corporate oil Giants and there might even be some international mandates to ensure that this will happen less.

Posted by Notjoshqueen May 13, 10 11:54 AM

drill baby drill

Posted by bart May 13, 10 12:00 PM


Posted by tim May 13, 10 12:00 PM

“The true master lives in truth,
In goodness and restraint,
Nonviolence, moderation and purity.”
-- The Dhammapada

Posted by g.h. May 13, 10 12:01 PM

My first thought is how many flora and fauna of the water and near water areas are going to go extinct because of this? How long will it be before we know what we've lost?

It makes me sad to note, the world and its celebrities rallied immediately to help Haiti after the disaster there, but no celebrities are flying/sponsoring planeloads of aid to these disaster areas!!

Posted by Giina7 May 13, 10 12:05 PM

"My realization is higher than the sky,
But my observance of karma ('the infallible truth that every action has an effect') is finer than grains of flour."
-- Padmasambhava, the great Tibetan saint and sage

Posted by gaby May 13, 10 12:08 PM

@ 198 - "I mean, the oil wasn't put in the ocean floor, it's kinda been there"

It developed UNDER the sea floor and would still be there if that British company hadn't effed up.

Those Palin supporters chanting "Drill Baby Drill" seem to be awfully quite now, huh?

Posted by Jill May 13, 10 12:09 PM

These photos make me sick to my stomach and ashamed to be a part of the human race...

Posted by Sarah May 13, 10 12:09 PM

this is very goood work it is very helpful

Posted by qualia May 13, 10 12:12 PM

This incident has really brought to light (again) what happens when there is an accident. We all depend so much on crude oil, and when something goes wrong it is disastrous. I can't see a way in the near future, if ever, to divorce ourselves completely from oil. It is used in many, many everyday products (e.g. ink, crayons, heart valves, DVDs, plastics, tires...) but overall the vast majority, about 84%, is used for transportation purposes.

Why don't we stop trash talking the political party with opposing view points (we've more than established that each side firmly thinks they're right) and maybe try and save up a little money each month on gas by carpooling, taking a bike to the store a block or two away instead of driving etc... and use that little bit to help fund programs such as this: Yes, we are in a recession, but $15/mo from thousands of people can really help, especially with auch a huge percentage of oil being used for transport. We can together make a break toward a better alternative fuel and minimize our need for crude oil, which will in turn minimize the drilling and accidents.


Posted by Carolyn May 13, 10 12:14 PM

How are we not using everything possible to clean this up. This is destroying our planet as we speak. BP and Halliburton and other large corporations are all worrying about their money and their lost profits. WTF is wrong with this country.

Posted by mike May 13, 10 12:15 PM

I think it's funny that the other day, Palin blasted BP, saying they were a foreign oil company that shouldn't have been trusted. Funny thing is... her husband Todd worked for BP for 18 years until a year ago.

amazing how politicians can be so flip-floppy fickle from one day to the next, yet the environment takes decades to recover from such a travesty.

Posted by coldwater71 May 13, 10 12:15 PM

It's just so much oil that bactherias can't reach all the demand that it's offered and spreads all over the gulf. Even barriers are not enough numerous to control all that black poison.
So sad after all

Posted by Jardel Cocconi May 13, 10 12:16 PM

Who Killed the Electric Car?

“As a result of their development of a solar powered vehicle for a competition, General Motors decided in the late 1980's to develop a fully functional and affordable electric powered car. The resulting vehicles were high powered, zero emission, but could only run for approximately 100 miles on a charge, which is sufficient for most day to day driving. Because they knew that the technology was feasible and because of the global warming phenomenon resulting from the uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels, California state regulators passed the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate in 1990, requiring all auto makers to offer for sale in the state zero emission vehicles. The electric car was the most promising technology at the time. It was argued that they were more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles, even if the electricity was produced through burning coal. Under pressure from all the auto makers who sued the California Air Resources Board, the mandate was revoked in 2003. Despite lessees who loved their electric vehicles, all the auto makers repossessed their electric vehicles and refused to re-lease or sell the vehicles even to their existing users. Many forces seemed to be working against making electric vehicles available, despite technology itself making their production and operation feasible.” Written by Huggo

Human greed is going to sink our fragile ecosystem to the ground. It is time to rethink the way we live and the products we consume. What has happened with this oil spill is a sign telling us that we need to move forward towards more eco friendly products or our future generations will have to suffer the consequences of our outdated practices. Let’s try to clean this mess the best way we can and support positive changes for the future.
Kim DiMarco

Posted by Kim May 13, 10 12:17 PM

Will the destruction of this Beautiful Planet ever cease!

Posted by Wendy Berringer May 13, 10 12:21 PM

Before any of you people that are saying how horrible oil drilling is, and how much we as humans don't deserve to be here... think about this. you wouldn't have a computer to write this on if it wasn't for oil, we wouldn't have electricity in it's abundance if it wasn't for oil, you wouldn't have the home, clothing, or food in your fridge if it wasn't for oil...

basically if we didn't pull oil out of the ground, we would return to the Bronze age of technology and I don't know anyone who wants to sign on for that.

on the flip side, do I want environmental damage like this? no. but no human endeavor is perfect. issues will happen. unfortunately this is a big one. but we cleaned up Alaska, we can clean up the Gulf.

Posted by John May 13, 10 12:25 PM

To #208 - Thanks for adding some informative content here.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 12:27 PM

>>This just shows that mankind doesn't deserve to live on planet earth.....We should be banned from it...Such a waist of beauty, just for money.....
Yet another unintelligent posting.
Consider using the word "waste", in place of "waist”.
While this is terrible, it was a mistake. As long as we don't spill oil, are we all good? It's only when something goes awry that we become evil?
Animals do their own versions of decimation. Do you propose they have no business on the planet? Maybe the moon has it all right.
I certainly hope that everyone condemning the oil company involved USES NO OIL PRODUCTS. No rubber. No cars. No plastic. Otherwise, your just unintelligent hypocrites. I'd use the word ignorant, but you wouldn't understand the real meaning of word because you are too ignorant. You wear hemp clothing and sleep in the woods, right?
When Exxon spilled, it wasn't the accident that made them evil; it was how they responded to it.
Please ... try to educate yourselves before "waisting" everyone's time with your drivel.

Posted by Todd Beaulieu May 13, 10 12:27 PM

This was no accident. All of you people who are anti-human or who say BP was trying to make money are clueless. I think you have replaced TV with god instead of using your brain and critical thinking.

This was terrorism either by Corrupt US Government officials or a foreign country. Probably China or Venezuela.

Posted by ewak May 13, 10 12:27 PM

Las mas horribles imágenes de este desastre ambiental... que pena ser los artifices de esta daño... lo mas terrible de todo es q parece q no se ha generado la suficiente atención al respecto, quiza es por q no parece nada comparando la bastedad del mar... pero ya después, este se encargará de pasarnos la factura... El bueno empieza por su casa! Cuidemos el pedacito q nos tocó! RE RE RE ! ↑

Posted by Annie May 13, 10 12:28 PM
307. always, even in the light of a tragic event, the left has to somehow blame it on the Bush administration. Meanwhile, did President Clinton institute any of the directives from the 1994 report on the Exxon Valdez? Uh, no.

And you do realize that the same regulations that the eeeeevil BOOOSH allowed the BIG OIL companies to use were reinstated by Saint Barry? He's been in power for 15 months folks...when does his name get put on the blame line?

Pull your heads out people. It was an accident - horrific, yes. But still an accident. Until someone invents a "Mr. Fusion" from Back to the Future, we'll be dependent on oil. There is no other fuel or indunstrial material on this planet that allows us to have a modern society. Unless you want to cease production of any thing that is made from plastic, unless you want to stop all aircraft from flying, unless you want to stop every factory on this planet from operating - in other words, unless you want us to become a modern stoneage family, we need OIL.

Posted by EnsoniqDude May 13, 10 12:29 PM

Comments along the lines of "oil price is going to go up" show how little the public knows about energy commodities. Like #279's quote: "BP is making ten times more money with the prices of oil going up as a result of this spill than they are paying out."

This incident has little or no effect on the price of oil - in fact, oil has DROPPED almost 8% since this incident.

NYMEX (NY Mercantile Exchange) WTI (West Texas Intermediate) Spot Price
April 20th - $82.98
May 11th - $76.37

Global economic conditions (including Euro woes vs. the dollar) and crude inventory are what move oil prices....not this unfortunate incident. But don't let facts get in the way of a good yarn.

Posted by EnviroAg May 13, 10 12:31 PM

I think it is like looking at a forest fire too. And we have to do everything in our power to stop it.I think we should have them dig underground next to the BP pipeline about a mile or so and set off a explosion to cave in the pipeline underground to stop it .Gravity should take care of the rest. ..The weight of the water and land should seal it up..It should have never happened, but now we just have to do our best to seal it off. Try harder u idiots!!

Posted by PM May 13, 10 12:33 PM

@ 223 "animals don't suffer. they're biological computers, not humans.
whoever says we don't deserve our planet, can have our moon, or some other planet. the environment will recover, without our help."

... what is your state of mind ?!

Ad 1. Earth is the only planet that not only we live on but also share ! with all those beauty flora and fauna, that indeed suffer our stupidity, but do not blame us, they just fear us. So that's the lack of your perception of interpreting instinct and the reason why you declare them as "biological computers".

Ad 2. Our Moon was, is and will be never reachable for us. Oh, and the other planets, no need to explain.

Ad 3. And yes, the environment will recover, without our help, but in that time you'll be "dead as a dodo".

The Earth is Bleeding

Posted by marko May 13, 10 12:45 PM

All thanks to "us" humans....We have the responsiblility of cleaning up our mess...It's not going to be an easy task, and we ask ourselves, do we have what it takes to change...

Posted by Jon Butler May 13, 10 12:48 PM

You tree huggers are pretty dense. 75% of everything you own is petroleum based. If you idiots had your way, we would be eating out of what? Dirt clods? That would have a negative environmental impact as well. You sit and whine and down America, yet you all own cars and drink out of plastic cups. You wear makeup and think nothing of typing on a computer that was made from oil. You disgust me. You're a disgrace to humanity. Hypocrites.

Posted by sambo1 May 13, 10 12:50 PM

What a f*****g nightmare! I so despise having to be dependent on oil. I can only hope that in the future, we will find an alternative energy source which will wean us off of oil, and as an extra benefit, we won't have to pay the Arabs huge sums of money for it.

Posted by Ken Pasco May 13, 10 12:51 PM

One of the problems of capping it off is that they don't wanna permanently seal off a potential "producing" well. They may not say so, but why it hasn't been blown up yet may indicate otherwise. This is mere speculation, of course, but at least now they know the potential of this "exploration" well.

Posted by Birdebyrd May 13, 10 01:01 PM


Posted by JUAN IGNACIO May 13, 10 01:04 PM

Sad... very sad, not only the oil spill but the irresponsibility of BP's personel covering the disaster when it was possible to control...

Posted by Mauricio Villamil May 13, 10 01:08 PM


Posted by kath salinas May 13, 10 01:16 PM

This whole situation is sad and shameful, although accidents happen this one could have been prevented. I understand oil is a huge part of life especially in America and that it may not change for a LONG time but there needs to be more action taken by oil companies into preventing spills. I would like to personally thank the Coast Guard and all the hardworking people that are out there as we speak cleaning up oil and preventing its spread.

Posted by Kathryn Anthony May 13, 10 01:19 PM

Well, this is depressing, to say the least.

Although the ignorant, badly spelled commentary left by other readers is nearly as depressing as the sight of oil-slicked islands.

Posted by GingerAyle May 13, 10 01:21 PM

You people do realize that oil seeps are a naturally occuring event and complaining about one as tiny as this just shows your ignorance right?

Before you spout out self righteous garbage, look in to Coal Oil Point. COP is a natural oil seep that's been occuring for hundreds of thousands of years, and has released more oil then almost 80 Exxon Valdez spills. The Gulf Coast spill isn't even close to 1 Exxon Valdez spill yet.

So, again, before you go spouting how we torture the Earth and this spill is destroying the world, look at one of the worlds natural occuring events. If you are mad at the people for this Gulf Coast spill you must be PISSED at the Earth for polluting itself.

Posted by TheTruth May 13, 10 01:34 PM

Somebody's hands are growing from their as''''''es, so thata why they didnt move their as'''es to do a single thing to stop everyhting, guess why? they dont care!!! they care anly about the money!!! And no one can make them do soemthing to stop this ois spill , almost a month and what did they do??? nothing!!!! WTF are they waiting for????? for all animals to dye and peolpe loose their jobs??? I ahve one word- idiots!

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 01:48 PM

WOW i had no idea it was that bad until you see these pictures and shame on the national media and newspapers for not showing pictures like these to the American public on prime time tv. And its 2010 and we still have to hear about Haliburton and that crime mafia corp and who WHO in their right mind can put a price tag on this much damage and untold damage in the future still yet to come. BP, Haliburton etc will have to pay billions an billions of dollars in the range of 500 billion plus of not a trillion to pay for the damages done to the people in the gulf coast but sea damage. If i go to C-span right now they will be talking about nothing. When Wall street needed a bailout congress ran to push the stimulus and tarp. But ignore the gulf coast and do nothing but speeches and prime time tv clips. SHAME!!!!!!!! Support Solar, Wind power today!!!

Posted by Mike May 13, 10 01:52 PM

30,000 wells drilled in the Gulf between mishaps. I guess it's like terrorism. It doesn't matter how many times you get it's the one time you don't. It's a shame.

Posted by IWMPB May 13, 10 01:58 PM

To john: clean up your brain. Unfortunately there are so many brainless people in this planet who really think they cannot live without oil. Unbelievable.

Posted by Paul May 13, 10 01:58 PM

@320 Don't be daft. Coal Oil Point seep releases about 100-150 barrels of oil per day, not 5,000+. This is an enormous difference and gives the oil plenty of time to disperse so by the time it gets anywhere, it's harmless. A mass sheet of tens of thousands of barrels released in a short period of time is completely different.

It's like saying "oh, I've got so many cuts, scrapes and natural feminine processes throughout my life I've lost probably 10 pints of blood!" Funny, cause lose that in one day, and you're dead. Over time is very different.

Posted by Caroline May 13, 10 02:00 PM

Wow, the signal-to-noise ratio in the Big Picture comments area gets worse each week.

It's practically raining stones from the glass-house crowd in here!

Oh, I forgot...we could actually build enough wind farms to eliminate our need for oil....Not! I've read estimates that alt energy could provide 1/10 to 1/12 our future demand, with best-case adoption and investment rates. I'm sure we all support that, but need to respect that companies like BP exist in the market place WE control to serve OUR needs.

How many of us actually wrote/called/email anyone in the energy companies or government before this happened? How about since it happened? And just for many of us spent an hour watching Lost, 24, or American Idol in the last week? I watched 2 out of 3 and didn't write to anyone so I'll keep the finger pointed at myself and the whining to a min.

Posted by Chuck May 13, 10 02:07 PM

The problem is people. Too many of us. And growing at an alarming rate. In 1960, the world had 3 billion people. In 2010, we now have almost 7 billion. By 2050, projections are over 9 billion. Each is one more person sucking up resources, throwing away trash, polluting the air, deleting our food and water supplies, clogging the roads, eating Big Macs, demanding health care and killing the planet. We can talk about solutions to all these issues but nothing will change unless we address the real problem of too many damn people.

Posted by James T. May 13, 10 02:11 PM

Accidents happen. Now stop crying, put on your big boy britches, clean up the mess, and be more careful next time!

Posted by LP May 13, 10 02:13 PM

as for all the products that julie listed that we'd have to do without, without petroleum- hey julie- anything that can be made from petroleum can be made from hemp oil- which is one of the main reasons that hemp is illegal in the u.s.

Posted by vance May 13, 10 02:14 PM

In photo #40: I love the advisory on the side of the ship: "SAFETY FIRST." That seems as hypocritical as Bush's "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner.

Posted by Raymond May 13, 10 02:15 PM

They can't put a meter on the Sun or the Wind, solar and wind energy are the wave of the new generation. Talk about a time for change....Let's do it!
We've procrastinated long enough.....Are we going to wait until the world is totally destroyed before we try to save it?!!!

Posted by Mary MacDonald May 13, 10 02:15 PM

#304- "...Otherwise, your just unintelligent hypocrites."

irony- thy name is todd beaulieu.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 02:18 PM

How about this
Stop cowering in your self protective cacoons of fear and prejudice you all build up of, and invest into nuclear

Oil is outdated and mundane

Maybe do the maths and youll realise Nuclear is not the bunch of bullshit youve all heard it to be

and then maybe you all will stop becoming hypocrites.

Posted by Natural Realist May 13, 10 02:24 PM

To 320-- according to Wik- COP releases as much as 100 barrels a day. This mess is 5,000 a day. And, it's not natural. We caused it. And to all that say we must have petroleum-- personally I can definitely do without petroleum in my hair products and cosmetics. Most of the things listed have alternatives to petroleum. And for those that don't-- well... America is incredibly innovative and admired by the world for such innovation-- so, I BET we can come up with an alternative. It's not a tree hugging thing, its not "liberal agenda"-- it's survival.

Posted by Liz May 13, 10 02:25 PM

We are helpless like fish on a line, we all of us are just as guilty as any oil company, politician or lobbyist. we swallow the lure of all the techno-plastic, petro chemical society. We ride it , we fly it, we eat it we even have sex with it, it runs our families and our lives. And like anything we deem good we are greedy over it, we would kill mame cheat and steal for it. God have mercy on our souls for we have bathed our bodies in it! Some one somewhere has an idea to stop the leak! An idea that probably means the oil will not be salvagable is why we have not tried it. OR Maybe! Just Maybe we have gone to far and we finnally will experience the point of no returnn!

Posted by Lance May 13, 10 02:25 PM

next week up where I live is 'Bike to Work Week'

To go 1,000 miles per year, my bicycle uses about 3 ounces of oil for lube, plus probably 4 or 5 tubes. One set of tires last for about 2 years. It was longer in the country but here there's more glass and they get cut up worse. Total oil = what, about 1/2 a gallon?

If I drove to work and got 25 mpg city I'd use at least 40 gallons of gas, plus let's say just 1 oil change - that's another gallon of oil.

See Where I'm going? Get on your bike, America, and ride!

Posted by pedalpoetcuz May 13, 10 02:26 PM

BP should have to pay the environmental costs!!!
boycott BP

Posted by Bharath May 13, 10 02:28 PM

#243 (Julie Hunt): How did we EVER get along without pantyhose and artificial turf! We're DEPENDENT on those products, just like all our ancestors... can't live without 'em (or make them out of something else)!

Give me a break. Many of those products are toxic, anyway. We're better off without them. We can do better and are starting to do so.

Posted by balance May 13, 10 02:29 PM

Scientist have recently discovered that there is a gigantic ball bearing in the center of the earth, and here we are depleting all it's lubrication.
When we finish pumping out all the oil, it will bring this planet to a screeching halt.
It will be called "THE GREAT SPIN OFF!"


Posted by newscruzer1 May 13, 10 02:30 PM

This is hard to look at, truely heartbreaking.
Unfortunately these poor animals do not have voices...but we do, let's make ourselves heard. NO MORE OFFSHORE DRILLING!!!!!!!!

Posted by Krystal May 13, 10 02:32 PM

The relationship between oil and federal regulators is way too cozy. It baffles me to know that the worse case scenario plans have never been tested. Only when there is an actual situation and even then it's all a guessing game while thousands of barrels of oil spew freely into our gulf. It is the responsibility of a government to protect its citizens. Whoever heads the department that issues these off shore drilling permits needs to be FIRED. BP and the other companies involved are not the only ones who have failed us.

Posted by gabbo May 13, 10 02:32 PM

Well #243 is right! This is Chemistry 101. Almost everything are derived from petroleum-based products! Unless all of us alter or make improvements to our lifestyle of consumerism and materialism, we won't be reducing our demand for oil and other natural resources thereby affecting the environment. We are worsening the scenario by buying more from other countries (such as China) which has very poor environmental policies in place. The plastic particles extracted from the Pacific is coming from Asian countries. It all starts with us. We are to blame too.

For those quoting spiritual sayings here other than from the word of God. Be careful about what you believe in. You are believing in something where you haven't seen the remote monasteries in the Himalayas wherein death and a spirit of evil abounds. Ask yourself. Does the god that you believe in breathe, hear or speak? Does it say he loves you and cares for you? Only one does and His name is Jesus Christ - the Son of the true and living God. He loves all of us whether we love Him back or not.

Posted by Greg May 13, 10 02:42 PM

It's astonishing that some people think we need the petroleum industry to supply all the products we currently get from it. All these products could be manufactured from a crop oil (hemp)...except Americans esp. right wingers are still brainwashed by Reefer Madness to think that hemp means crazy orgiastic lifestyles.

We must recognize that all wealth and commerce directly or indirectly comes from ecosystems. If we destroy these ecosystems, we will have nothing left.

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
only after the last river has been poisoned,
only after the last fish has been caught,
only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten. --The Cree People

Posted by anne marie May 13, 10 02:43 PM

Well chuck your dead wrong in my state of kansas in the small town of Greensburg, Kansas a town that was wiped off the map had went full green tech to rebuild. One wind turbine to a office building can supply 35% of power. now what would happen if you use two wind turbines or a even larger one to supply a whole block. They are also using solar water heaters and recycle the water a person uses in a bathroom and sinks for lawn care. So once again the choice is clear green tech power can and will work. all we need is to get off big oil and coal. Which creates jobs and saves the planet which we live on. You make a choice chuck profit or life

Posted by mike May 13, 10 02:45 PM

"animals don't suffer, they are biological computers" what inane bs.
plus, we need our ecosystems...
when the canary dies...

Posted by anne teters May 13, 10 02:46 PM

to #304
"Animals do their own versions of decimation."? How exactly do animals do their own versions of decimation? Humans are actually pretty exclusive in destroying their environment. Every other form of life on this planet comes to a balance with its surroundings, or it dies. I challenge you to name ONE species of animal that has consistently destroyed as much as mankind has, heck, even ONE measly instance of animal caused destruction that can even come close to comparing with any one of the thousands of human made "disasters".

I'll bet dollars to dimes that you can't.

Posted by Jared May 13, 10 02:46 PM

for every one crying that we dont need oil. think about how much oil was used just for you to cry out on the internet about this. im not going in to the ways i hope your smart enough to at least relize you are a part of the problem.

and drill more oil my truck is thirsty

Posted by May 13, 10 02:46 PM

this whole situation breaks my heart!
i wish there was something i could do to help clean up the mess.

save the animals!!!

Posted by Stephanie VosWinkel May 13, 10 02:53 PM

The really sad truth (the huge elephant that is in the room ignored by most)

The reason we are drilling in the Gulf and other offshore areas is to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. There is offshore/onshore drilling going on throughout the world and these accidents have potential at any of these sites. So why is it different that a spill happens in our neck of the woods? Maybe because it happens so far away it is easy for most of the self righteous people on here to ignore. But is this the thought, that when a spill happens in the middle east or South America it only effects their part of the world, their ecology?

So anyone driving a car, using a computer, watching a TV. using mass transit, talking on a phone or blogging on a website such as this are the folks that are part of the problem of taking up the resources that make additional drilling for oil a necessity.
So everyone needs to take a strong look at themselves, take a step off the soap box and try to be compassionate to people like myself that enjoys talking on my cell phone, getting my weather report on my satellite dish and driving my car to work.

Posted by mark May 13, 10 02:53 PM

It's all about the money and what it takes to pay off the government which causes the issues. You think this will be the last? Soon as someone ups the money to the feds they will allow everything to start again. Yet technology as advanced to where issues like this should never happen, but the inspections were overlooked, was there any practice drills to simulate these issues? I don't have an issue looking and drilling for oil but the systems need to be tested, I think the feds (specifically the people that were in charge overseeing this should be responsible for taking a handout for overlooking tests).

Posted by holdthefedwho let this happendresponsible May 13, 10 03:08 PM

nosotros somos los que provocamos nuestra autodestruccion

Posted by Mara Hart May 13, 10 03:09 PM

These comments are a textbook on how to abuse the concept of "false dichotomy"

The choice is presented: have what you have now, or have nothing.

As if we could not do better. As if we had no other choices. As if we were not thinking human beings that can change.

Posted by F May 13, 10 03:10 PM


Posted by eric May 13, 10 03:13 PM

Wow, seems like incidents like these always bring forth the activists.
As important as it is to find alternative energy, I think it's important right now to focus on solving the problem at hand and praying for the people who are out there fixing it, and those who have been directly affected by this tragedy and their families; Instead of standing on a soap box and pointing fingers.

Posted by Lindsey May 13, 10 03:14 PM

To all the above commentaries. PLease turn off, throw away, or don't use your computers, printers, ac, heaters, fans, radios, tvs, ovens, toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, printers, cell phone chargers, stoves, water heaters, refrigerators, icemakers, alarm clocks, all batery powered equipment, any thing plastic, lamps, dishwashers, electronic games, washing machines, dryers, cars, motorcycles, mopeds, vespas, no not buy anything new or that comes from a manufacturing plant, or that has to be trucked in. Then I will believe you when you say...bad oil companies.

Posted by leelee May 13, 10 03:17 PM

Show me that any of these offenders have learned anything from this except how good they are at pointing fingers at his partners in crime. Stop the madness of drilling in open waters now! The clowns who caused this don't take responsibility and have no answers, This appears to me, they spew just ignorance to give lame excuses and no fix to what they have done.

Posted by Twilla Leonard May 13, 10 03:20 PM

DRILL BABY DRILL....YES! If bama had not been 12 days to respond perhaps this would have not gotten out of control...but lest we forget the bama criminals inc...."never let a CRISIS GO TO WASTE" This is another of many "crisis" they will not let go to waste...wanting to control this country, it however will not stand in the long run...and you enviromential nut jobs should move to China, Cuba, Russia, or Iran aka (Germany) please leave, an let those of us who realize the "truth" about the Criminal Inc. in our Government, will pay one way or another!

Posted by Miss Ruby May 13, 10 03:21 PM

Yep, too many accidents before to be called an accident... yes we depend on oil, and we would have to turn the world upside down for that to change because it's all so connected... they made it that way. We ought to learn from our mistakes, so i guess off.shore drill is out of the question, no? oil exploration has passed its limits long ago, it corrupts countries, it corrupts mankind. . We are very easily corrupted, but we ought to learn from our mistakes. I'm not very 'smart', but even i can see this is all so very wrong, oil, wood, corruption... xtreme wealth, xtreme poverty... where do we go from here??

Posted by ana May 13, 10 03:21 PM

As I sit here and type on my computer (Made mostly of plastic from petroleum products), I use energy (fueled mostly from oil and natural gas) while sitting in my comfortable chair (covered in nylon made from petroleum products) I am here to spread my message of hate for offshore drilling. I believe Louisiana should not get a bigger share of Federal oil and gas revenues and even though my state will never allow drilling, I certainly don't want to pay higher gas and heating oil prices.

Although I drive a car and cool and heat my home and use food to sustain my life--ALL which necessessarily use petroleum products, I decry what "they" are doing to my earth.

I say until you live in a hut and use no form of direct or indirect fossil fuels then you should simply shut up--BECAUSE YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!!!

Am I happy with the situation?--NO
Do I think BP should be fully responsible?--YES
Do I support contunied oil production?--ABSOLUTELY
Do I support tougher regulations and penalties?--100%
Should Louisiana and other states that drill off their cost be compensated accordingly?--Definitely!
Should states that refuse to drill pay higher energy costs?--NO BRAINER
Should all the hypocritical tree huggers STFU until they are TOTALLY free from the use of any energy, product or service the depends on fossil fuels?--YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!!!

Posted by Nomrgo May 13, 10 03:24 PM

Hey if people like James Lovelock (Gaia Hypothesis) can change his mind about nuclear energy then maybe we should start USING alternative methods of fuel production vs. just talking about it. Wind Energy; Solar Energy; Nuclear Fission; Geothermal; Hydroelectic; Bio-fuels. Use what works where it works and WAKE UP people...the homeostasis is upset and it is up to us to make it right! RIGHT NOW!

Posted by D.Clingman-Bell May 13, 10 03:24 PM

Joe Idar - do you drive an automobile? Do you use plastics? If so, you're complicit. The problem right now is that not enough people are focused on solving THIS crisis in the Gulf and stopping the oil flow. Instead people like yourself, the oil companies involved, and our officiating political leaders on useless after the fact regulatory committees are more focused on placing blame and pointing fingers because its easier and provides a superficial sense of accomplishment.
Its an absolute tragedy that will be felt for decades to come. Money cannot fix what has been destroyed.

Posted by Alan Rivoir May 13, 10 03:25 PM

to # 291
I totally agree with you, when something terrible happens to another country celebrities AND a lot of other folk
wanna rush to there aid. BUT when we(Americans) have something terrible happen there is no one in sight. It's ashame
that we have to suffer cause everyone wants to give millions of dollars to the dumb a$$ countries that can't stop
having damn kids, well we have starving kids in AMERICA also so open YOUR eyes and realize the country you
live in needs your help!!!!!

Posted by MELISSA May 13, 10 03:28 PM

Jeanine, No 271... You are SOOO RIGHT ON! We do our part and the earth will regenerate. You are so right about everything else, too!

Posted by Judy May 13, 10 03:37 PM

It is pretty funny how uneducated all of you are on this topic. Where was the giant outcry when the mine exploded in WV killing 29 people?

The oil industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. This well was an exploration well - they did not know exactly what kind of pore pressure environment they were going to be in. There is so much we don't know about this incident - why the BOPs didnt work etc., so let the companies do their due dilligence. The Academy of Engineers is also performing a study of their own.

Without drilling the price of oil will climb and we will become even more dependent on foreign oil. Do you want your life dictated by the Saudi's?

Disasters happen - airplanes crash, trains derail, Toyota had their problems...why does the oil industry have such a huge target on their back? Yes they make a good profit, so does Wal-Mart, nobody is bashing down their doors. They have one of the most difficult jobs in the world - oil makes the world go round, without it we become still.

Lost in all of this is that 11 people were killed, have some freaking sympathy. And to the person who thought BP was making money on this - they are not. The 75 million you mentioned was going towards the rig, they are paying for clean up etc. This may be the end of BP as we know it.

Glad all the liberals finally got their chance to point their fingers at the big bad oil companies. But the sad thing is, it is a thing we need and that is not going to go away for a long time. So either stop driving your car, using your computer or shut up about oil.

I suggest everyone go stockpile gasoline because if our great President keeps this drilling ban on for long - the price of oil is going to skyrocket because of futures.

Posted by Andy May 13, 10 03:37 PM

very few comments here about reducing our use of petroeum-based transportation and other derivative products. reduction of demand is the answer.

Posted by david May 13, 10 03:37 PM

How absolutely TRAGIC this is. Catastrophic in fact. This will impact us for generations... It is even more disturbing when I see posts from an ignorant racist like Ramses_Atlantis who is looking for a scapegoat. People simply amaze me...or maybe it is just extremely simple minded people who cannot see beyond their own ignorance and prejudice.

Posted by JZ May 13, 10 03:38 PM

after reading comments i wonder if the people understand that IF the drilling was allowed on land there would be less problems on land. lives lost will be less considering man would be on land. stop with the tree hugging ! it is the tree huggers that have destroyed more land then loggers, ranchers, etc... yes the government needs to watch what they are allowing so lets say get the drilling done on land in alaska and tell washington dc know-it-nothings to watch their backs when it comes to reelection.
if the USA was allowed to drill in alaska and a few other areas then our gas and oil products would cost us less..hello...thanks to clinton and a few others this did not happen. push your congressmen today to drill !

Posted by dj May 13, 10 03:38 PM

blah blah blah,,,Up the Miss river???? WTH is that??? Let me tell u all something,...when gass hits $4 and $5 a gallon, thats gone be CHEAP and everybody at that point will be saying DRILL baby DRILL because nobody will want to pay the $6 and $7 a gallon that will come if we don't suibsidize our energy/gas needs with what we have here at home. Tragic is it is, we'll all learn from it just like we did the valdez incident and go on from there in a much better and safer way.

Posted by RC May 13, 10 03:39 PM

I hope everyone understands that this is NOT going to cost BP one dime. Once thier insurance is exhausted they are going to fall back on the fund they established after the Exxon Valdez for such events which now has between 3 and 4 billion dollars in it. They can't lose.

Posted by Erick May 13, 10 03:39 PM

The fuel is used to manage ur daily activity u cannot ignore the usefulness of it to our lives and how it helped us in many ways! and instead of helping around what do u do? u curse all the people who was trying to make ur life easier! Accidents happens but it depends on how do u react

Posted by my thought May 13, 10 03:41 PM

PAY UP FOR YOUR MISTAKES> in your mansions, your cars, diamonds, and riches...... save the planet and clean your F*CKING mess. WE are the people of the day to day, WE are the people that actually give a sh*t! If there is no means to your corporate malfeasance / things will have to get far more violent in our opposition I will promise you that.

Posted by Wolf May 13, 10 03:45 PM

Malone you're an idiot. All the poor sea life having to live in messes of dirty nasty people. It makes me so sad.

Posted by sea lover May 13, 10 03:53 PM

When the oceans collapse, the rest of the world will follow. This is not new age crystal sun goddess claptrap, this is science. Don't worry about the planet: it has seen worse, long before we were here. Worry about yourselves. We will experience hell on earth within 50 years if we keep going this way.

Posted by Thomas May 13, 10 03:59 PM

It's a real shame about all the animals that are going to die from we can't catch them, kill them and eat them.

Perhaps if we get enough wind generators we can kill every bird on the planet with the blades. Or if we get enough solar panels we can divert all of our water away from agriculture towards keeping the panels clean. At least we'll all have enough electricity to keep our computers going so we can blog about how hungry we are.

If you don't like the way things are now, get off your butt and do something about it instead of relying on other people to come up with a solution.

Posted by Mike May 13, 10 04:00 PM

#285, Your math is bad. The Pemex spill was 3.5 million barrels which equals 147 million gallons. This blowout is expected to leak about six million gallons before being plugged - or about half the Exxon Valdez spill.

More than 90% of the fishing area off Louisiana is open. All the beaches from Mississippi to Florida are open for business with no oil.

This spill is 50 miles offshore of the Lousiana delta and more than 120 miles due south of Pascagoula. Coastal areas remain unaffected as of now with very little chance of spoilage.

Posted by Pub123 May 13, 10 04:05 PM

#37 - "Sunset, seen over wetlands outside of Venice, Louisiana"...
prophetic words that pretty much cover it.

Posted by LED May 13, 10 04:08 PM

There are petitions to stop off shore drilling at Care2 and oceana,,, there are also petitions for green energy instead of oil, if you guys really care go to these sites and sign all the petitions that you can find

Posted by Kiona Tate May 13, 10 04:10 PM

Stop bitch'n about it, and invent something to replace oil.

Until someone does...this will keep happening because we all like our
cars and TVs,
being 72 degrees during a blizzard while looking out the window,
having our iPods,
fast food,
trips to Aruba,
counter tops made of anything other than natural stone,
video cameras,
artificial hearts,
prosthetic limbs,
false teeth,
garbage bags,
trash containers,
juice boxes,
bags of apples,
Ad infinitum....Ad nauseum

It isn't all the "greedy" oil industry, it isn't all the "greedy" petrochemical companies (that make everything out of some petroleum derived chemical)...

It is all of YOU.. me included.. that likes living as comfortably as we do. You want to "put the oil industry out of business"???? STOP DRIVING CARS and START WALKING EVERYWHERE... then give up EVERYTHING that contains or depends on a petroleum derivative.

I CHALLENGE YOU ALL TO EXIST without oil for the rest of 2010.

Posted by Wm O Watson May 13, 10 04:13 PM

One word...apocalypse.
I wish it would happen this afternoon.
There's way too much evil in this world.

Posted by Danielle May 13, 10 04:14 PM

These pictures are very good evidence to completely stop offshore drilling because the spills are just too difficult to contain and control. With drilling on shore, at least a spill can be contained to the immediate area. Offshore spills spread for 100's of miles and the "control burns" pollute the air. If we just have to drill baby drill - at least regulate it to on shore only. Then push for solar and wind energies.

Posted by Tom T. May 13, 10 04:30 PM

its a catastrophy of unimaginable proportions. i wish BP and all the others concerned well as they sort the mess out.....

Posted by stephen May 13, 10 04:36 PM

Sad. When will we ever learn? The worlds resources will not last forever. As a matter of fact, they seem to be cancelling each other out - oil, oil spill, no ocean life, dead oceans, no drinking water, no humans.

Our world is run my greed.

Posted by PBevan May 13, 10 04:39 PM

Have you AMERICANS ever noticed, that you use 2/3 of all oil pumped, drilled, or consumed of plants. (American = people of USA)

How many of you are living in there? 2/3 of all people on earth? no you have less than 5% of people of earth.

Where do you use that much oil? Do you drink it instead of milk, that we others use?

Posted by Risto Salonen May 13, 10 04:52 PM

Who would have guessed that all of the worlds best biologist, geologist and some of the worlds smartest people commented on this story?

Posted by Prof. Bigglesworth May 13, 10 05:06 PM

Um this isn't actually anyones fault and at the same time it's everybody's fault. This is nature in action. In the last 10 years glaciers have dumped enough fresh dense water in the ocean (9 times the size of cali). Under our seabed is a spongelike layer containing magma tunnels, oil fieds, salt fields etc. All that dense water is pushing down on the seabed. You see next to every oil field is a salt field and the earth is tryin to get the salt back in it. So volcanos are gonna keep going off, oil rigs that are near any major connecting bodies of water are gonna keep exploding. Anywhere where water is trying to come down from the antarctic and and connecting oceans. Along with all the strange lighting storms. The earth will get the salt it needs either from the elements or us....we are mostly salt and Nobody can do anything to stop it.

Posted by Chantel Chivon May 13, 10 05:10 PM

Do we have a chance at life without petrolium products? Or is that something that could only come when civilization as we know it ends.

Posted by George May 13, 10 05:16 PM

'As long as we rely on legacy systems defined in a 19th century mentality all we will do is spin our wheels while a parade of economic and ecologic disasters visit us again and again. It's time to pull the plug on this charade.' - ZM

Posted by peter ruotolo May 13, 10 05:20 PM

And crap like this could all be avoided if we would utilize two little words: Industrial Hemp

Posted by Trevor May 13, 10 05:23 PM

This is truly horrible, but honestly, reading comments like #283 really has me concerened about the lack of education in this country. We are truly the laughing stock of the world and it's cause of idiots like that.

Posted by jetmusicn May 13, 10 05:26 PM

This is incredibly relevant photography. So significant. I applaud the Boston Globe for showing the ugly reality to which many people have turned a blind eye.

Posted by Lisa Hughes May 13, 10 05:33 PM

You people, arguing politics, profit and the like.
you are missing the big picture.
This is OUR goddamn planet we are talking about and a bunch of sorry little politicians, laws and whatnot are insignificant to the real consecuences from damage like this.
oil be damed, politicians too.
Oh, and on another note.
People bashing on other people because their arguments seem hypocritical (seriously todd?)
Your sorry ass will be pretty upset when you are left living on a wasteland with no drinkable water or resources to survive. THEN your pretty little oil products argument will be just as hypocritical.
Respect the opinions of others, if you want yours to be respected.
we all have a saying in this, and arguing meaningless politics is not gonna help.

Posted by Antonio Protonotatrio May 13, 10 05:38 PM

to bad for the nature! but a good lesson for the oilspenders!!
go alternative energie , Americans,, stop joar oil consumption, is not good anymore!!!

Posted by andy May 13, 10 05:48 PM

Ditto On Andy's POST! Awesome, TRUE and WELL SAID dude!!!

Posted by RC May 13, 10 05:50 PM

We truly are destroying the planet with those morons running the show!
Did they not have a backup plan ever in place?? Good grief!
How truly sad!!

Posted by L. Gilewicz May 13, 10 05:56 PM

I will stay on the soapbox mark!!
Alternatives will be available for us when policy allows for it. Until then, we are hippocritical simply because we are playing the hand we are dealt.

Lots of talk lately about renewable energy sources and the funding for it. The real spur for alternatives will be to enact policy that reflects the true price of oil as opposed to the government subsidized oil business. And dont kid yourself our government cators to these oil companies.

I agree its important to produce oil domestically, but it is more important to allow for a competitive marketplace. Innovation cannot/will not occur while all the cards are stacked in favor of oil companies.

The spill will be cleaned up.. not the end of the world, but we have to realize that we are on a sinking ship. This fact cannot be argued - we will run out of oil on this planet. I am amazed that after all this drama in the world over oil, our policy is setup to discourage any competition for it. We intentionally set our country up to consume oil becuase TX had lots of it. Guess what... Time for something different!!!!

Posted by bob May 13, 10 05:56 PM

People! Oil is a dirty business. And it is a non-renewable source of energy. During the oil "crisis" in the mid-70s we should have invested heavily in finding other fuel sources. Through research there are many more viable and palatable options then ever before, but research dollars are scarce and big oil companies get huge tax benefits and other subsidies. The sooner we stop our addiction, the happier the planet -- its people and animals.

Posted by Bike Girl May 13, 10 05:57 PM

I Can Only say.... WINDMILLS WINDMILLS ,,,

Posted by lasse egelund May 13, 10 05:58 PM

To me i think there is a way to fix from the oil spilling out into the ocean by putting about 6 or more caps to put on the tube try to at least swim to the bottom of the ocean and try your best to dig out the tube and stop the oil spill.

the greiwe family

Posted by nate and alexus greiwe May 13, 10 05:58 PM

To me i think there is a way to fix from the oil spilling out into the ocean by putting about 6 or more caps to put on the tube try to at least swim to the bottom of the ocean and try your best to dig out the tube and stop the oil spill.

the greiwe family

Posted by nate and alexus greiwe May 13, 10 05:58 PM

The most incredible collection of gulf oil pictures I have seen to date and I live on the Gulf (New Orleans). I'll not engage in the angry field of commentary I see here, for who knows what drives people to say such things, there is frustration and tragedy in most everyone's life, but the oil gusher is a disaster beyond contemplation and the results are yet to be seen.

Posted by Karras Bommer May 13, 10 05:59 PM

I was switching channels last night and came upon a weird channel with this little guy screaming into the microphone about needing to keep the earth clean and to wipe out the oil industry yadda yadda yadda. I think his voice scratched most of the time because I couldn't make out most of what he said. Odd thing is, oil is the bedrock of everything in our society. If we did what he was suggesting, the ground would fall out from beneath us. We simply cannot stop using oil. Best we can do is clean up and get things moving again. Now, if you want to stop using oil, then do it. But that means you need to be real and stop driving, stop participating in the economy, maybe even go to another planet. Screaming and hollering into microphones is idiotic. And dead animals are nothing compared to a world without oil. I don't like to see animals die, but we don't have any other choice. We have to make the best of this situation and keep a positive attitude. Complaining about this problem won't make it go away and it won't give people a positive attitude. So I'd suggest if you want to get us off oil, you better get working because you got a lot to do!!!! In fact, nobody has any idea right now how to do that. So good luck!

Posted by Joe May 13, 10 06:03 PM

Don't forget that this oil is released in the middle of the Mississippi River dead zone created by all the run-off from the mid-west states. Most of the acute toxicity of the oil is being dissipated in this dead zone so the impacts are drastically minimized. It is not a good situation but it could be much worse. The dispersant's are turning the oil into droplets small enough for the background bacteria to be able to consume them so spreading it out into the water column and allowing currents to carry the oil away where bacteria can use it for food source is a much better alternative than leaving it to slick and mat and flow ashore where by simple smothering it can be made toxic again. If you want to complain, start by riding your bike and disposing of your fertilizer. Then write your congressman and ask that Ethanol subsidies (which spur senseless corn production which is fertilizer intensive). After that start complaining about the oil well blow out.

Posted by Brian May 13, 10 06:03 PM

Ohhh... Ohhh .. But who cares for earth, water, animals ,peolpe... and other irelevant things.
Only what suffer here is poor little PROFIT.
Hope profit will find way to recover this minor disturbance quickly (even capitalize that) and we all can continue our nice "American way of life"

Posted by baba May 13, 10 06:05 PM

I just scanned these comments and saw many posts stating that if you use petroleum-based products, you cannot condemn this tragedy or call for offshore drilling halts. Well, it should be said that we can do almost everything we need for modern conveniences WITHOUT drilling. Yes, that's right. Vegetable oil was the original design fuel for the diesel engine. People run their vehicles on freedom fries. And vegetable oil-based plastics can be manufactured to BIODEGRADE. Consider a sustainable future, not another thirty years of tar choking our beaches.

Posted by Hierofant May 13, 10 06:11 PM

I live and work in Louisiana and the oil spill is 5,000bbls per day (now where near the Sedco spill). It is bad and we want our wetlands protected but oil is a way of life for every person that drives or rides in any type of motorized vehicle, uses any type of plastic product, uses most forms of make-up, etc... As a matter of fact, if you spend money on anything, then you are supporting the oil industry as most everything we consume comes from China and was transported to the U.S. via ship or air cargo carrier burning tons of fuel per voyage. All of you bashing the oil companies have no clue how much you do to support those same companies by making those purchase every day. If you truly want to make a difference, I suggest that you lobby your congressmen and senators to introduce legislation to put funds aside (funded by big oil) for coastal wetlands protection for the states brave enough to produce the oil that make your lives so comfortable.

Posted by SDS May 13, 10 06:16 PM

an accident is an accident. sorry it happen but it must be cleened. for all of u complainig abut drilling. u need to turn off everything in your house including your computer park your car along with evrything else you own cause in some way drilling prvides everything you have.

Posted by donald mayon May 13, 10 06:17 PM


Posted by DIAMONDCAT May 13, 10 06:26 PM

bless all those who is helping with this miss

Posted by Devin May 13, 10 06:30 PM

#333 Natural realist...You are uninformed about the negative aspects of nuclear power, mainly the waste byproducts. This highly radioactive residue has been a major source of pollution of unimaginable consequences for years. Not knowing where to store it for the next hundreds of thousands of years has resulted in the stockpiling of it in places where the population near there have a marked increase of a multitude of health problems. And it is transported through many states to get to these sights, putting added danger for unsuspecting citizens. Also have you read about what happened as a result of the meltdown of a nuclear plant in CHERNOBYL or Harrisburg, PA.? C'mon ,what the world needs now is less pollution and CLEAN energy!

Posted by Sunshine May 13, 10 06:31 PM

You have to really dig to get info on this disaster , people at my work have no clue has to what is going on ,, media black out and dummying the masses down ,,,sad very sad

Posted by pete May 13, 10 06:36 PM

Why don't you HUMANS read the DISCLOSURE PROJECT, NO YOU DO NOT NEED OIL, there are cleaner advanced energy systems that can replace all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. Of course this knowledge is continued to be hidden from the general population. #305 most likely right wake up and change your linear thinking ways. Wonder if this comment will make it in. An enlightened one!

Posted by Linda E May 13, 10 06:42 PM

This is my home. You can smell the oil everyday. It gives you a headache and it's polluting our air as well as our ocean. The Louisiana Wetland are crucial to our environment. If these booms fail, then our Wetlands will yet again be wiped out. After Katrina I helped rebuild those Wetlands, and now they are close to being destroyed again, and it brings tears to my eyes, and it beaks my heart everyday to see these pictures.

Posted by Ruby May 13, 10 06:44 PM

" and he will bring to ruin those ruining the earth"

Posted by R May 13, 10 06:45 PM

Seriously, in just 200 years people will think how stupid and irresponsible we were, if we dont f**k every thing up before.
Banksters, oil tycoons, warlords... one solution: guillotine!

Posted by Rosa von Hymarket May 13, 10 06:46 PM

323 - post
Reply to that...

The more wells drilled; the more odds against the environment.

These are sad days.

Posted by Barbara D May 13, 10 07:00 PM

How's that "Drill, Baby, Drill" working out for you?

Posted by ESQuire May 13, 10 07:00 PM

The HURRICANE season (officially $peaking) begins in a couple of weeks... and the northern Gulf of Mexico is a storm track target area. Almost invaribly one or more HURRICANES hit the northern Gulf every year... especially those that start in the Gulf. Imagine what will happen WHEN one of these giant storms hit the area and pick up a lot of that crude oil goo... spreading the toxic rain over much of the United $tates. Meanwhile the wound in the EARTH continues to gush out the crude to eventually poison the entire Gulf of Mexico and then the Atlantic.

Posted by RICHARD RALPH ROEHL May 13, 10 07:00 PM

Well said # 317! People are in jail for robbing food to eat because they are hungry yet these criminals go free and expect us to help they pay while they rack in billions every month! What are the people of this world waiting for? What's it going to take to protest by the millions in the streets? Your going to be the first ones to go when everything is scarce. They on the other hand have milked you blind and will find the safest places to live while you rot.

Posted by Jane May 13, 10 07:23 PM

I live in St. Bernard with a brother who is a fisherman, It brought tears to my eyes to see these pictures. I am heart broken about this. The heartship that these men and familys are going througth. This effects the whole counrty with the seafood. So SAD

Posted by Leslie May 13, 10 07:26 PM

Time to think about a solar powered house with an electric car to run off the power from my garage roof.

When the Volt and the Leaf come out it will be time to buy a new car. I'm leaving fossil fuels.

Posted by Susan K May 13, 10 07:32 PM

It is frustrating that I have a hard time finding out info about this disaster on TV now!

I'm so sad about the tragedy (human & environmental) and hope this puts a halt to deep-water drilling until more safeguards are in place (if not permanently). oil is a finite resource and the sooner we realize that and move to alternative sources of energy (yeah, even nuclear) the better.

Makes me sick that drilling approval was allowed without having any plan to handle a disaster like this, because a disaster like this was statistically insignificant. BS! Look at how much damage & death this one statistically insignificant disaster has caused!

Posted by slh May 13, 10 07:33 PM

Wow, enough is enough -- there are alternate fuel sources... nah lets just be greedy instead...

Posted by boohoo May 13, 10 07:37 PM

This will lead to a huge expansion of offshore drilling technology that in the future will make it safer. Mistakes are where much of our technology comes from in hte first place. When this is all over we'll all be better off than if it had never happened.

Posted by Leebo May 13, 10 07:40 PM

According to many commentators here, the world cannot survive without oil, and those of us attempting to reduce our oil use are just stupid. I don't understand what these same commenters think will happen when there actually is no more oil to drill for.

Posted by JJ May 13, 10 07:42 PM

Slow-Motion Apocalypse

Posted by Casey Cripe May 13, 10 07:48 PM

according to ABC the other night -- the oil leak was slowing and everything seemed ok.
they don't want to embarrass obama. if bush was president this would be the end of everthing.

Posted by JJ May 13, 10 07:49 PM

Thanks to the hippies, we banned nuclear energy for the most part and a terrible stigma was formed. Perhaps instead of fearing something, that creative energy could have made nuclear energy safer and more efficient to use.

France is close to being only powered by nuclear energy and there are technologies that re-use rods and halve the radiation's lifespan. By the time this oil is done circulating the ocean it will be like Chernobyl's environmental holocaust.

Lets not forget that the amount of radiation generated from burnt coal well over exceeds that of which is created from nuclear tech.

Solar is almost useless because it requires vast amounts of land and is fairly inefficient. It is to supplement existing sources like wind or hydro. Perhaps more thermo or kinetic types of energy generation can be researched.

Posted by Ron May 13, 10 07:49 PM

The unhappy crack baby is an addict by force. Americans alive today were born into an oil addicted America. We are oil junkies by force. Is a crack baby a hypocrite for wanting a better life? Are Americans who want clean energy hypocrites? We want an America that operates on clean energy. It will take time, commitment, and American ingenuity to break our addiction. Our possibilities are limited only by our imaginations. United we stand, divided we fall; if you are one of those short sided folks making this out to be a liberal vs. conservative issue- shame on you! Let's clean up America together.

Posted by Bobee-Kay Clark May 13, 10 07:55 PM

wow all you people don't understand that this oil well could of been capped by an implosion a long time ago! the reason why is because BP is making $2 for every $1 lost on insurance. the Gov. will not cap it because it allowing them to take more control!

We do not need to be dependent on petroleum products as most posters on here believe. you choose to be dependent and allow big corporation to persuade the government to make other natural options illegal! There are hundreds of paths we could take but you all choose to be sheep and take the easy evil route! And to all the religious bigots and hypocrites that have posted on this site...May you rot in hell for your crimes against humanity!

Posted by joe May 13, 10 07:57 PM

We should have listened to Carter way back in '74.
We did not.
We should have RAGED against Cheney/Bush.
We did not.
We will continue to bleed for this addiciton.
We will get exactly what we deserve.
Too bad, so sad.

But, make sure to fly the yellow ribbon on your SUV.

Posted by Cheney Rules May 13, 10 07:58 PM

This is just sad. I can't believe America let this happen.

Posted by Jon May 13, 10 08:10 PM

Are we, as Americans, completely insane? Our military has been traipsing around the world invading one country after another in order to keep our oil-based way of life going. But hey, screw it, them there foreigners don't count. But let a pipeline break in the Gulf of Mexico. Let oil coat a few pelicans. Suddenly we've got a tragedy on our hands. It's just now a tragedy?! Our whole way of life is a tragic and unsustainable thing. Please, dear God, plug up this leak so we can all go back to sleep.

Posted by Kenneth Rickman May 13, 10 08:19 PM

we dont need big oil! and we all will be happy with out all the suvs, tv, and plastic bullsh!t they tell us we need!

Posted by bob May 13, 10 08:21 PM

Please help the gulf coast!!!!!!!!!!!! This is terrible!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 08:27 PM

if you drive an electric car you just replaced your oil burning car with a coal burning car. Think about it morons. Nuclear energy is the only thing that can replace coal on a large scale. Most of America is powered by coal and oil. Deal with it. Some of you act like the disaster is the end of the world. It isn't. It will be cleaned up at BP expense. Take a deep breath you leftist chuckleheads.

Posted by Barack May 13, 10 08:39 PM

i think that b.p should hire all the fishermen and women that lost there jobs dur to the oil spill....if you want to help all those whose jobs your spill toarok away hire them to help clean up your mess!!!!!!!

Posted by bbyar May 13, 10 08:46 PM

It's sad this happened.

God Bless everyone that is effected by this accident...especially the workers killed in the blast (and their families).

Posted by N FL Cat May 13, 10 08:51 PM

342, please spare us the Jesus speech; k thanks.

Posted by Smilee May 13, 10 09:15 PM

Type your comment here...

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 09:16 PM

How can anyone HONESTLY LOOK at those pictures and argue effectively in ANYWAY that this is OK????? L.A.M.

Posted by Lisa Mirra May 13, 10 09:45 PM

First, to the nuclear folks. What is worse, and oil spill or a nuclear explosion like the one in Russia that kills 50,000 people and another 200,000 sick within the next twenty years? It seems that everyone is willing to talk the talk and act like they would walk the walk. But you really don't. The truth is alternate energy sources cannot replace all the energy created by oil. The cry for alternate energy to save the planet is to get you to buy into paying for high cost energy. This is necessary because we consume to much. How many of the 430 people before me have gone out and paid $40,000 to put solar panels on your roof. It is a 40-year pay back if the panels last forever. [How many of you think you have a right to have them for free, meaning someone else should buy it for you.] How many have traded their cars, if they do not get at least 30 miles to a gallon? And you can get that without buying a hi-bred. More oil products are used to build the higher priced cars? You can have a car for under $10,000 that gets over 30 mpg. You don't have to change your $.49 light bulbs to an $8.00 mercury filled hazardous waste bulb. Just turn off the lights your not using. If you not willing to do these little things, to consume less, then you are the problem. Stop whining and blaming someone else, consume less, and pay double for every piece of energy you use. Union employees in the federal and state government are not willing to take a 5% pay cut to save their own jobs and keep the city's solvent. Do you really believe they are willing to pay out 5% more of there wages for energy? When gas goes to $10.00 a gallon you will complain it is to much. But that is what alternative energy will cost. If the power company succeeds, to reduce consumption, they will raise the cost per kilowatt to keep all the facilities and employees working. I would love to hear your comments.

Posted by Jon Warner May 13, 10 09:51 PM

I have asked Obama to set up an "American Idea's web site" I have a feeling the solution to this disaster will come from the educated masses
that are now under employed.

Posted by Anonymous May 13, 10 09:55 PM

If you want to help go to this page. There are several links of organizations involved.

Posted by Robert May 13, 10 10:05 PM

This is really sad...

That said, it kind of pisses me off that so many people are furious at America, or BP, or society really need to take a look in the mirror. This was a great catastrophe, but all the blame cannot be placed on one person. We complain when oil is expensive, so oil companies try to fulfill our needs for oil. It's not like anyone didn't know that having oil rigs in the ocean was dangerous. Society in general just let that happen, despite the fact something like this happening was inevitable. Don't blame BP. They where only fulfilling OUR needs as consumers. Maybe this will be a wakeup call and motivate the use of cleaner energy.

Posted by Magstar May 13, 10 10:15 PM

Sarah Palin should swim, baby, swim in the Gulf of Mexico after viewing these photos.

Posted by Mary MacElveen May 13, 10 10:41 PM

I try to minimize my trips and drive one of the greenest rates cars getting up to 50 mpg- a Toyota Prius, a hybrid, a near zero emissions vehicle. We need walkable, bicyclable communites and I would ride my bike. I love riding horses too. Yes, everyone driving an oil using gasoline or diesel vehicle, everyone using plastics, not "without sin". We need to create green, sustainable homes and communities. We need mass transit.

I love Louisiana and all the Gulf Coast. This hurts my hurt.

Posted by Betty Saenz, Leander, TEXAS May 13, 10 11:00 PM

All you people who drink water better look in the mirror. Wait, no, I mean all you people who eat oil. Wait, that's not it either. Well, regardless look in the mirror because we don't want you looking at BP or poor industry practices and poor industry governance.

Posted by djrichard May 13, 10 11:03 PM

Our radical environmentalists stopped Nuclear Power back in the early 70s, the big oil companies laughed at them all the way into Wall Street Banks.
Nuclear Power would have saved our coasts from rig drilling but the radicals patted themselves on the backs and shouted "WE STOPPED NUKE POWER" and allowed/complimented offshore drilling.
I blame the environmental numb nuts for ever Nemo that dies.

Posted by Fearless Leader May 13, 10 11:04 PM

Commute? Live in the burbs? Own a vehicle? Use a lot of plastic? This is a direct repercussion of your bad habits. If we all moderate, we probably wouldn't need to drill in the oceans. If we weren't enslaved junkies to a few fat oil barons and sleaze-bag politichiens, we would have different energy (fuel). If we weren't greedy bastards, we wouldn't need individual methodes of ridiculous transportation, -to get to Walmarts and McDonalds. You know. Great cbastions of Ameriaca culture. Eat shit and die? Well here it is.

Posted by Jan May 13, 10 11:10 PM

É spaventoso tutto questo. Mai pensavo vedere di nuovo queste cose. E la tecnologia non ci aiuta in questi momenti, siamo fragile e stupidi.

Posted by basicregisters May 13, 10 11:16 PM

I hope those PUNKS (I'm using nice language in case a child happens by this page). FROM BP and HALBURTON all get whats coming to them, A BIG SWIFT KICK IN THE ($)(#)( plus what ever else awful they have coming their way .... BP has been fined sooooooooooooooooo many times for safety violations so saying this is an "ACCIDENT" is total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!
If they had taken care of their equipment to begin with this wouldn't even been an issue. This is an awful tragedy. Hopefully the families of the workers who were "murdered" by this corporations greed will be ok and can someday forgive the bastards in charge at BP and HALBURTON.

These corporations need to stop thinking with their "checkbooks" and start thinking about how they are impacting the environment and humanity.

Posted by Latifa May 13, 10 11:21 PM

These photographs break my heart.

Posted by Catherine May 13, 10 11:32 PM

"We" are our own worse enemies"; apply it any way you wish to any of the blogs and it still comes back to "me, myself, and I". Our own greed will be our final destruction.

Posted by Veronica May 13, 10 11:33 PM

Its really sad what happened, I'm all for finding away to keep life comfortable or fun for us, I just hope one day we can find a way to balance saving the earth (or just using less of what won't come back) and still having all the perks! I think we all would be happy when we do less damage!

Posted by Brandy May 13, 10 11:45 PM


The argument that "all hypocritical liberals should STFU until they are completely independent from fossil fuel consumption" is a BULLSHIT argument made by ignorant intellectual midgets. My wife and I are currently (slowly) working ourselves COMPLETELY off-grid, away from fossil fuel consumption of ANY KIND. This, however, takes a long time (for us, 5-7 more years), as the industrial society we live in creates an ancient sunlight-dependent system that is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid without MAJOR adjustments. We will be building a home into a hillside that will be completely energy independent; we will make our own soap, grow our own food, and interact only within a LOCAL economic network. However, this necessarily takes TIME, because the machinations of industrialization prevents communities from moving away from its grips with any ease.

We are all temporarily slaves to industrial stupidity - a selfish, short-sighted lifestyle that does nothing but destroy ecosystems in exchange for a globalist welfare system of exported (out of sight, out of mind) slavery and creates communities no less dependent on the sweat of others than crackheads are dependent on crack.

Posted by TikiBoy80 May 13, 10 11:59 PM

I send my prayers to the families that lost loved ones in the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon. I am very sorry for your loss. I have family and friends that work within this industry. It can be and has been a dangerous industry. I am praying that the hole in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico is plugged up soon. Please, let us find a way to stop this leak!

Posted by JAG May 14, 10 12:03 AM

The most the average person can do from afar to help prevent this happening again is take steps to reduce your fossil fuel consumption. Hang a clothes line, ride a bike, eat less meat, keep your clothing and electronics longer before replacing them with the latest fashion, forgo the A.C., fly less... we all need to take a look in the mirror

Posted by m May 14, 10 12:14 AM

this really sucks!!! where are you Barack Obama? stop this!!!

Posted by Randall Villarreal Chaves May 14, 10 12:20 AM

The reaction of the "drill baby drill" crowd to this horrific catastrophy just further reinforces my opinion that they are truly stupid, insecure, just plain bad people. We don't need oil. We can find other resources, other ways of doing things. Oil has been a scourge on man and on this planet. We kill each other, rob each other, con each other, lie to each other all just for this muck that will eventually be completely exhausted anyway. Meanwhile, we destroy the planet to get it and move it around. In fact, ALL fossil fuels are an unmitigated disaster. We tear apart mountains, ruin forests and rivers and lakes and groundwater, cover the seas and coasts with poisonous death-matter, fill the skys with toxic clouds. And it's all completely avoidable. We have unlimited renewal resources all around us, but we choose instead to burn this dead muck because it's easy, because it just happens to be what we were already doing.

This spill will be the worst ever. The toll on the Gulf will be incalculable and last for decades. But these sleazy, ugly, simple-minded "drill baby drill" sycophants of Big Oil just don't care. I hope there's a special place in hell for those people, where oil is poured down their insipid fat mouths for an eternity.


Posted by Jersey McJones May 14, 10 12:23 AM

My husband and I own land on the MS Gulf Coast and he has been there for the last 2 weeks to do some property maintenance. The official word is that there's no oil on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, but those islands can only be reached by boat. People can drive onto Dauphin Island, AL, so perhaps that's why it's been admitted there is tar on that island. My husband had lunch with a charter boat owner who brought a glass jar of water he'd dipped out of the MS Sound near Horn island. That water showed an iridescent sheen. It's the same water that a pair of bald eagles are catching fish from to feed their nestling chick. We wish volunteers could trap the birds before they are oiled, but our government won't allow it.

Posted by Sharon Winter May 14, 10 12:27 AM


I hope that BP DOES go out of business after this catastrophe. They deserve that and a lot, lot, more.

Posted by lee May 14, 10 12:42 AM

Nomrgo-yes, we all participate in the economy. We all use some form of petroleum-based products and services, for some or most of our livelihoods. This fact increases our responsibility to contain and mitigate disasters like the Deepwater Horizon.

The fact that earth's resources--energy-producing and otherwise--are finite (even including the sun's input) means we have the task of conserving what we have for future generations. It's not hypocrisy to condemn waste of resrouces.

Posted by agramante May 14, 10 12:46 AM

Has anyone heard of ALGAE FUEL!!!
The safest way to start producing oil.

Posted by Lois May 14, 10 01:04 AM

-repost from Micheal (above)-
"When the oceans collapse, the rest of the world will follow. This is not new age crystal sun goddess claptrap, this is science. Don't worry about the planet: it has seen worse, long before we were here. Worry about yourselves. We will experience hell on earth within 50 years if we keep going this way. "

this is well put...don't worry about the planet... save the species... over 70% of all the oxygen on earth comes from the oceans... have fun driving your car, while you slowly die, gasping for air... EVERY BENEFIT HAS A COST (yes, I'm shouting...) it has been a VERY short time in our history that we have even HAD oil... is it really worth the destruction of the species, just so you can drive to the corner store? the point being, if we used the oil in a RESPONSIBLE manner, then all this would be moot... no matter how you slice it, it's only a matter of time until it's gone... therefore, why is there not a concerted effort to find alternatives? could it be that the sociopath 1% , knowing they will die someday anyway, is not prepared to give up ANY power of any kind, even if it means the end of us all...?

Posted by Duncan Bray May 14, 10 01:06 AM

Utter horror fills my soul...especially for the innocent wildlife that is suffering and choking and suffocating and being poisoned all in the name of material wealth ...It's almost too much to bear witness to.

Posted by jakey May 14, 10 01:19 AM

Im sure the people who have been handed the responsibility to contain the oil spill are doing what is best to do their job and protect the environment. But just last week i saw a program on Discovery channel where in they proved that hair is a very good absorbent of oil. May be they could source all the human hair from various parts of the world and use it some how to contain the oil spill. Just a thought.

Posted by Ibrahim May 14, 10 01:51 AM

Thank you for posting this! Keep up the good work! The world needs to know!

Posted by Earthcry May 14, 10 02:04 AM

I have to react to some comments here, about not receiving help from other countries. You're so wrong!!!! There are 300!!! boats waiting in Europe alone, to help!! But America wants to do it themselves and do not accept help yet! The same happend with the Katrina hurricane disaster.... So please, complain to your goverment, and not blame other countries.


Maarten (The Netherlands)

Posted by Maarten May 14, 10 02:28 AM

Time to get out of oil and find an alternative energy sources. We have many to choose from. Oil tech is old and messy.

Posted by Ron Paul May 14, 10 02:36 AM


Posted by Hayley May 14, 10 02:38 AM

How tragic! Lets hope it doesn't get worse. "Exploratory" well that blows the rigs head off, could be a sign. Some speculate that this deposit is equivalent in size to Mt. Everest, and would have supplemented our oil needs for a very very long time. The crucial questions are; 'can they contain it'? Is there a chance that the ongoing flow becomes much worse? Will hurricane season get really 'nasty'? I guess all we can do is prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. What SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME is what IS the "WORST"? How do we prepare for that? All I know is that the situation is a huge concern for everyone, and it would be best if we ALL appreciate 'that'. Attacking each others ideologies in the wake of this episode is not helping. Yes, we need oil, but we have also been seriously deprived of evolving technological advancements for a very long time, which is why the US has become the oil glutton pigs that we are. I personally met a man 39 years ago that designed a carburetor that would get 200 miles per gallon and the patent vanished (it was supposedly going to be tested out on mail carriers for the US postal service). We need to get serious about hydro, wind, and solar, etc.. We need to proceed very wisely with our oil policy's, And we need to cap this hole to hell in the Gulf. For those who are really willing to understand more about the condition of our oceans, I suggest you look up Jeremy Jackson (studying the oceans since the late 1960's), he gave a incredible presentation called "How we wrecked our oceans", video on TED.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 02:43 AM

why dont americans think positive and do some research on solar energy(i know they dont have good sunshine ,but if they can give the technology to asian and african countries then they can get oil very cheap....
demand,supply,prcing stuff)

Posted by ravi May 14, 10 02:59 AM

Feel free to call me stupid, and I know nothing about the actual plausability of this suggestion, but why not develop a membrane that allows water to pass through but traps the oil? Thus allowing us to kind of...scoop the oil. This idea is based on very basic biology knowledge (the idea of osmosis), but surely it could work? Why not use our wealth of scientific knowledge and resources to develop a solution to these problems?

Posted by Philippa May 14, 10 03:00 AM

My name, JZ,my simple comments is: Learn this lesson.No more drilling allowed in the gulf period.Fix it,closed,secured, and pay back to all that has been damaged,and cleaned well. The countries all over the world need to learn about disasters like this and only just ONLY permit drilling just Inland but not in the ocean, in case of any disaster natural or terrorist , they can fix it quickly and safe.That's my comment.......

Posted by julio zunzunegui May 14, 10 03:11 AM

so many morons on here...yes we're dependent on oil, because government and corporation is so hesitant (refuses) to give us alternatives, With the money the oil corps make (what does exxon post? about 15 BILLION PROFIT a quarter?) and the great (/s) work of their lobby, its no wonder they refuse. Wind/solar/etc (hell even nuclear to some degree) are viable options, once resources and infrastructure shift so will price, and these options will be more affordable.

Reduction in consumption and fuel/power alternatives are the answer, and have been the answer for decades, yet for some reason only the minority get it. Everyone in power, and every corporation is only concerned about their own SHORT-TERM welfare, its a shame, as it wasn't always like that.

cash rules everything around me CREAM its the money, dolla dolla bills y'all

Posted by kgc May 14, 10 03:48 AM

C'est horrible!
Ils vont tous nous faire crever avec leur merde!!!!!!!!!
Et nous pendant ce temps on doit trier nos ordures...à quoi bon ?
Et maintenant quoi qu'ils fassent c'est foutu....

Posted by May 14, 10 03:53 AM

These pictures are stunning.
I really wish the people building the booms knew what they were doing. They should be moving them around with the prevailing winds so they act as funnels rather than just setting them and forgetting them. Of course all the dispersants that are being applied to a continuing gusher probably make booms useless anyway. Working smarter rather than cheaper might be useful, but then if BP had been doing that to start with, we might not have this problem in the first place.

Posted by Mary Foster May 14, 10 04:09 AM

i am so shocked at this disaster. i am so angry with BP.
i will never ever buy anything at BP or its subsidiaries again.
they covered up risks an lobbied politicians just to get they claim "its easier to land on the moon than stop this spill"...what the f***
assholes. what have they done? greedy bastards
the board should be locked up straight away...

Posted by damian (poland, krakow) May 14, 10 04:21 AM

Why don't we have ships that can skim the oil off the surface and filter into a container ship? such as:
Why didn't BP or whichever company responsible have tested containment devices already made as a safety backup in cases such as this?
Why aren't they able to move more quickly?
How can we prevent this in future?
How can we first find and hold those responsible accountable financially at least?

Posted by Norman Hirsch May 14, 10 05:13 AM

There is no comment that I could contribute that would introduce anything that has not already been shared. I can only express my sadness at what I have been able to see in these photographs. The pictures of oil impacted wildlife bring the reality of this disaster to the viewer in the most powerful way possible.

Posted by Michael P. Whelan May 14, 10 06:09 AM

Do something, even if small. A 7th grader in Annapolis Maryland has started ( slated for the first day of Summer (June 21, 2010).

"Take A Break From Driving Day" - a small but good, tangible idea.

Posted by Take-a Break Driver May 14, 10 06:32 AM

@ 378...

Why should we stop using a great resource like oil? It is a very nice resource, only not to create energy from or use as a fossil fuel... It's nice to make products from, only the large food companies should stop making all the packaging from plastic and that sort of stuff, or device a good way to recycle all those packaging materials. I mean why collect your green waste, paper and not your plastic seperatly from the other waste, probably cause then there allmost is no other waste left.... That's how much plastics we use, difirent ways of packaging or creating a good way to recycle it would help a lot from us to stop burning all that great plastic which can be recycled so easely...

We live in a consumer society which just throws everything away after use without thinking about it, and that's what bothers me the most about people. There are some people here that start making list of oil based products, and then say shut up if you use any of these products cause you are an oil user... It's not like me or you invented this packaging methods, when there is something to be done about the miss-use of precious resources like oil and the large corporations over packaging for example should be dealt with...

And ofcourse there should be ways to enhance the use of clean fuels for cars, and then especially in America, it's just insane when some Dutch person here has bought an American style pickup and drives around with it here, those cars look like fraight trucks compared to our cars, people in those kinda cars always make me angry for not caring one bit about their CO2 footprint.

Posted by Thomas Bayens May 14, 10 06:38 AM

Here lies Resiliency, beloved fellow and mentor of an ancient world.
Produce, consume and finally die.

Posted by Hamba May 14, 10 06:52 AM

It's so sad. I hope America can learn from this by switching to a more clean and sustainable energy source. America is too dependent on oil, do something like Europe does, switch to eco-friendly method, build tram or railway, reduce car use, more bicycle and pedestrian oriented, revise urban planning, create space for people and not for cars.

Posted by Rizky May 14, 10 07:01 AM

Is this really worse than nuclear waste? Really??

Posted by Katherine Williams May 14, 10 07:26 AM

They had enough ambition to turn it on,and no way to turn it off! ' Hence the old addage to soon old un to late shmart!!!!

Posted by larry May 14, 10 07:31 AM

Nature indeed. Won`t it be great when the alpha males leave, for Mars? Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

After a decade in their prison space ships, we will send up some pics and salute them.. as long as they watch it in video. All the bucks and honour they can stomach.

Play God...go live with the fellow.

Posted by edith hughes May 14, 10 07:37 AM


Che cosa ci dobbiamo aspettare dall'opera di profanazione e di violazione perpetrata dell'uomo contro la sacralità della natura e del mistero ?? Solo distruzione, miseria e morte.
Hanno scoperchiato il vaso di Pandora e le conseguenze saranno fatali. Estrarre petrolio a 1500 metri di profondità senza averne preventivato un tale rischio, non solo é da irresponsabili, ma sconfina nella psicopatia e nel delirio di onnipotenza. Fermare la fuoriuscita del petrolio é inimmaginabile e tecnicamente impossibile, sia per la profondità del giacimento che per l'incontenibile pressione con la quale il petrolio sgorga dal fondale marino. Stiamo parlando (sulla base di indiscrezioni) di mezzo miliardo di barili che in pochi anni si riverseranno nelle acque del globo, innescando una delle catastrofi più sconvolgenti della storia dell'umanità.
Nel frattempo, la politica, ci annuncia la costruzione di centrali nucleari in uno dei paesi a più alto rischio sismico del pianeta, di inceneritori DOCG e di immaginari ponti sullo stretto. Tutti mentono e tutti rubano, e la tragicommedia umana, sta per chiudere il sipario sull'ultimo atto della sua fine.

Gianni Tirelli

Posted by gianni tirelli May 14, 10 07:39 AM

bush cheney asked the oil industry what was their wish list. surprise,surprise...less regulation. bp didn't want to spend 500,000 on a accoustic regulator, a back up system that could have prevented this mess.
other countries with deep sea rigs have the a.r it's mandatory particularly in the north sea where b.p is required by regulation to have it in place.
the oil companies bribed agency officials with gifts, money, and sexual favours from female employees of the oil companies. what can i say karmic retribution is such a bitch it only gets better. how does $500,000 compare to 14 billion clean up and then some

Posted by walter edwards May 14, 10 07:50 AM

This is a sad situation of events. As species of fish die off so will the food chain. The 2012 legend may be true. Oil spills , earth quakes, volcano irruptions.....
Maybe we as one need a better source of renewable energy.. what a shame...

Posted by jon May 14, 10 07:54 AM

It's amazing how all the energy hypocrites come out when there is any disaster. We've been driiling oil here in Louisiana for over 40 years and have not had ONE major spill. Now that we've had one spill everyone's ready to scrap offshore drilling and scrap their cars and their oil-based products, which are almost EVERYTHING made on earth. When are you people who hate oil and hate petroleum-based fuels going to get rid of your cars and start riding bicycles? You complain that everyone else is using cars and that WE should start riding bicycles. Nobody's stopping YOU from riding bikes or purchasing electric cars. Windmills and solar panels. That's the only solutions you have. All we have to do is figure out what went wrong and fix it. You're just a bunch of whiny liberal babies. Grow up.

Posted by Jerry May 14, 10 07:54 AM

These politicians will attempt to publicixe the disaster , distract the American public while their Obama agenda moves forward.
Let's not forget Obama and his gang . Let the oil company solve the problem.
we know what he knows , nothing

Posted by John Weaver May 14, 10 07:56 AM

nuclear fusion is your friend.....

Liquid hydrogen for aircraft, Hydrogen-Lithium compound for aircraft and vehicles/ships respectively, Nuclear fusion for our pwoer needs.

This will 'save' the planet!! And new technology will be able to replace Fossil products withing the next 10 years....
Reforestation of tropical and temperate forests and the use of Hemp and Natural rubber, plus new technology will help us get rid of fossil fual products.

Posted by Alex K May 14, 10 08:09 AM

I don't know why it's so hard to stop this oil spill. It should not have happen in the first place, they should of secured from the start. Now we have this promblem. I think they should use the same idea, but the top should be open with a large size cylinder with a valve. On the peice they send down they should have attachments to put undetermined wieght to hold it in place.

Posted by Sal May 14, 10 08:39 AM

Great pictures

Posted by George Day May 14, 10 08:41 AM

The big irony here is that a British Petroleum company was contracting with a Swiss Transocean oil rig company to drill off the US coast and all that oil was already sold to China without a drop of any the oil going to the US.

Drill baby drill is the slogan for big international corporations to pollute & destroy the US so they can make more oil sales to China.

Posted by Big Irony May 14, 10 08:46 AM

BP played Obama like a fool, they should have sent in the US Navy - Corp of Engineers, and they would have BURIED it within a few days.

Posted by Kenny Christian May 14, 10 08:58 AM

If BP is asking to have it's liability limited... should we not have the right to limit profits. If you are in it to win it... you risk losing it also, that is the gamble that everyone assumes. Take your lumps BP and deal with the mess that you made, take full responsibilty. If it means the end of the company .... so be it. Lots of businesses fail, everyday, based on a gamble, bad luck and bad business decisions. Seems to me they have experienced all of those. Suck it up (no pun intended) and DEAL WITH IT !!

Posted by Glenn May 14, 10 09:05 AM

Read Robert Kennedy Jr.'s article "Sex, Lies and Oil Spills" and you will see why and how this tragedy happened. I am disgusted.

Posted by Karen Jorgensen May 14, 10 09:11 AM

I think they should burn it to save the ocean.

Posted by Simo May 14, 10 09:15 AM

those are some of the most beautiful and tragic pictures I have seen yet of this tragedy. perhaps this will be the wake up call our country and economy needs to permanently shift to alternative energy sources and higher efficiency measures for transportation and perhaps not. We didn't seem to learn this lesson after Santa Barbara in 1969 or the Exxon Valdez in 1989....

Posted by BlueRidgeJen May 14, 10 09:15 AM

accident terrible..........gros desastre.....................bonne journee

Posted by claude corbeil May 14, 10 09:16 AM

grasping the implications of this "accident" is beyond comprehension until the oil stops spewing unto the sea floor. these oil companies develop all the latest tools and gadgets to get their oil and make their profits but they do little to advance the technology of disaster prevention beyond the required safety valves and assorted "measures". Where is the investment in the future of accidents? little inflatable orange floats and a chemical dump of oil dispersants? So its back to the 70's when it comes to spill response? The best they could say, the BP brass was that they did not expect failure so they did not fully develop the technology needed to address it. Its like saying they did not expect rain so they brought along a newspaper and a garbage bag on their journey to the center of the earth just in case. Its absurd greedy profit motivated recklessness that has cost us immeasurably for generations. this is a tradgedy beyond Valdez far far beyond. and its too late to do anything to save the wildlife from a horrible slow death. It makes me sick to my core. I cant even really talk about it with people who watch the TV and blah blah blah whatever they hear 5000 a day.. the top hat.. blah blah blah..

Posted by bill May 14, 10 09:20 AM

So sad, so sad,... we are a sad species...

Posted by Iván Correa May 14, 10 09:25 AM

THIS IS SAD . VERY VERY SAD ONLY (from a popular movie , and totally truth now.)

No words to say. Theres no need to. The facts talk by us . We are killing our mother and we will pay this with our life. Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will happen if we dont stop to run in this road the way we do. This really show it ...WE R NOT DOING NOTHING TO CHANGE THINGS...

No Obama, No bush, or any other past or future president can make a chancg if we dont change our way to think and our ways to be. God if you're there or anywhere or in any way ,i dont konw,do somnething because we one more time show again that we cant doing things right.

Posted by Manny 29 May 14, 10 09:29 AM

To paraphrase and alter a bit: "What has industry wrought?"

If you thnk THESE mistakes are unconscionable - and they are- when will we make the BIG one with computers blowing up the world?

Posted by Lissa Roy May 14, 10 09:32 AM

Carter tried to wake us up in the late 70s...Reagan put us back to contented snoozing in the 80s..."The government's not the's the problem"...remember? So we've seen a government that can't do preventing 9-11, controlling immigration...Wall St., housing boom and bust, auto meltdowns, start the right the ones we start. You name it, Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush all helped make us impotent to deal with it. Whoever followed that had to be an ABSOLUTE failure, but a RELATIVE success, considering the messes inherited...

Posted by Bob Bonner May 14, 10 09:35 AM

For me it seems like BP doesn't want to seal the leck as long as they can't continue to use this source to produce oil. They even make it worse by using toxic chemicals! Screw you BP! People, take your money and invest in renewable energy! Buy stocks or do something useful! I can't believe that people stay calm when they see the pictures.

Posted by Chris May 14, 10 09:39 AM

This is the worst case scenario...this is like trying to take oil out of water with a net...oh wait we are trying to take oil out of water with a net!

Posted by adam May 14, 10 09:45 AM

Whyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lamia May 14, 10 09:46 AM

Lets hope that the oil company executives got paid out with sufficiently large bonuses, earned by cutting corners, so as not to be unduly inconvenienced for this science fiction scale catastrophe. Perhaps this will get rid of those pesky fisherman, nature lovers, and tourists, who just get in the way. Seriously, if they did care about anyone else they would have had a plan in place. The fact is, executives are already paid out, and have no stake in what happens next to their large corporations or banks. An act of unspeakable violence has been done. The people have to take back their own country, and lest this become our French revolution moment, what we really need to pray for is PEACEFUL change, because any non peaceful change will sow the seeds of its own illegitimacy, and only replace one problem with another .

Posted by Mespilus May 14, 10 09:57 AM

Maybe now people will start to think more about our earth and how we treat it, if that new realization and awareness could come out of the heartbreaking disaster we would well benefit. I couldnt even look through all these pics I just started to cry.

Posted by Shana Skaggs May 14, 10 09:58 AM

"What makes the crisis desirable is that in the crisis the environment ceases to be the environment. We are forced to reestablish contact, albeit a potentially fatal one, with what’s there, to rediscover the rhythms of reality. What surrounds us is no longer a landscape, a panorama, a theater, but something to inhabit, something we need to come to terms with, something we can learn from. We won’t let ourselves be led astray by the one’s who’ve brought about the contents of the “catastrophe.” Where the managers platonically discuss among themselves how they might decrease emissions “without breaking the bank,” the only realistic option we can see is to “break the bank” as soon as possible and, in the meantime, take advantage of every collapse in the system to increase our own strength." from The Coming Insurrection

Posted by Anon May 14, 10 10:02 AM

Let's just make this clear...BP has no intention of paying for this mess because they are already looking for ways to put a cap on their financial are the other major players in this disaster. We are all going to pay for this in one way or another. This is an complete and utter tragedy. We all share the blame in this but for BP and others to suggest that this was our fault due to our addiction to oil is insane...they could have used some of the money from their billions in profits to prevent this from happening in the first place. They have been taking advantage of American consumer for decades...and now it looks like the are the last ones laughing. I agree that if there wasn't some underlying profit to be made here that this pipe would have been capped by now.

Posted by Yvonne May 14, 10 10:02 AM

to #406
an accident is an accident only if it was not because of negligence.

many many t's weren't crossed and i's weren't dotted -

like in banking, the gov't had no regulation on corporate greed and oversight on how the work was done.

corners get cut, profits get made, and nobody is held accountable when the world comes down.

Posted by daltonic May 14, 10 10:05 AM

Come on people... don't you think they could have stopped this already if they wanted to...? Blow the drilled hole, do something...? They don't want to destroy the well ... Because there is money to be made out of it... But the disaster that has happened... It could have been stopped.

And yes, we need oil... But these things could have happened on a much lower scale, so who's fault is it?

Doesn't matter, what matters is there should be a procedure to avoid disasters on this scale again.

Posted by Engineer May 14, 10 10:09 AM

One thing comes to mind the almighty dollar that we have made it that way, we spend so much money on stupid stuff instead of going green for
an afordabke price When are we going to wake up when the planet is so
infested with impurities that our future generation can't live here. We are stupid, the other countries are so far advanced then us. and were supposedly the land of oporrtunity , BS we are trhe land of lets make a buck and screw everyone else. This tradgedy should open our eys and realise that US as human beings are doing this and we have to stop it and change our life styel. are we willing to do this probably not that means giving up a few things. and we are so slefish we can't give up a thing to sacrafise the wildlife> whats up with that.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 10:18 AM

so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brandon May 14, 10 10:26 AM

hmmm lets see... As oil runs into our oceans.. there great plan is to drill a relief well... lol what morons. lets make the problem twice as bad..

Posted by jon May 14, 10 10:30 AM


Posted by PHIL FROM OVER THE HILL May 14, 10 10:30 AM

este es un nuevo regalo de la Corona Britanica en su exploracion , como lo hace en las Islas Malvinas en una usurpacion terrtitorial

Posted by Eduardo Buxadera May 14, 10 10:33 AM

Jast clean it for sake of animals which cannot speak & given them tourching life which became so horiffied for God sak pl do cleaning work faster. So nature can give some relif to people (world)........

Posted by Jayanti Patel May 14, 10 10:36 AM

Drill Baby Drill - If more states allowed offshore drilling, then LA, MS, AL, and TX would not be drilling at such incredible depths where greater risks exist. It's a shame Louisiana is bearing the brunt of the impacts so other states can continue to benefit from low oil prices!

Posted by LA fisherman May 14, 10 10:36 AM

La tristeza de la estupidez humana, la raza superior...somos superiores!!!!!
The sadness of human stupidity, the superior race ... we are superior !!!!!

Posted by ivan romero londoño May 14, 10 10:41 AM

an accident IS an accident... but not in this case. when you KNOW something THIS devistating could occur and yet you do it anyways... thats not an accident...thats CARELESSNESS.

Posted by jenn May 14, 10 10:43 AM

What gets me is the juvenile attitude of these corporate heads... "its his fault" "its his fault" 'they made me do it" They should stop blaming each other, get this spill under control, reimburse the lost revenue, taxes and income for those people and states affected by this spill... even if they have to use their personal money to do it. Maybe if they were held personally responsible and accountable for their actions, they might not be so quick to finger point... I don't care if they have to sell their homes and empty their bank accounts to do it. And to TX Gov Rick Perry for his "Act of God comment, Ignorance can be remedied, but Stupidity is terminal.

Posted by Madison May 14, 10 10:48 AM

I hate this. I hate watching earth bleed out. I know. But I read these comments...I feel so sorry for our state of mind. "My truck is thirsty" "STFU Tree Huggers!" how can we say this to one another? misunderstanding steeped upon misunderstanding. I mean c'mon... People have been lied to for more than a century, we can't blame our ignorance upon one were we to know the reality of Our Selves?....CrudeOil is irrelevant for the uses that we have made for it. We buy into whatever 'they' say because we are so distracted in their fucked up game....that we don't even realize....they have had the technology for different oil bases since the first vehicle was designed. I'm no tree hugger but hell yeah dank trees and the leaves of those beatiful steeds. Hemp not for hippies. A US Steel salesman in the early 20th century was forced to quit his job because he would no longer deal with FORD motors, for morally sound reasons, after seeing their "vault" (we'll call it 'alternative' technology).....and bearing witness to the corrupt/greedy minds that guarded it. Those people still run this game, for money, and for more sinister purposes. it ain't what we thought it was, what they told us. it's tainted. bigger and badder than ever imagined. mirrors. lets break this shit down ! ! ! ! Creation is the Word. It rolls with Love, and fuck you, you can't beat it. They can't buy Our lives back and i'm sick and tired of them playing poker with Mine. Once our Reality is completely destroyed by the formatted jargon and bullshit dream, there will be no other way to sustain REAL LIFE! can't you see that? Humans are the ultimate technology. Everything else is "Crude" replica; a shitty laughable mockery that we've let some fucked up puppeteers produce for us; them, are those with mushy ideals, muddy imaginations, them who produce ugly worthlessness when they could be creating LIFE. People need to pull together now and understand what we face. This is as real as it gets. STOP Propoganda. This is OUR fucking planet. Not theirs. 1% of you fucking Imaginary blue bloods are the cancer to THE REAL PEOPLE ! ! ! ! ! ! Rape the land, move to the next? Rape the Woman, move to the next? Rape the Child, move to the next? Find it in yourselves to stop this madness ! This Torture ! You Are the same as are my sister...YOU ARE ME!!!!

The power is not in destruction but in
Resurrection, Reformation, Creation

Posted by ArtistsActualize May 14, 10 11:01 AM

I remember during the Alaskan oil spill information came out that every year, in the continental U.S., more oil was dumped into the eco system by people changing oil in their cars and not recycling, and from run off from services stations than what was dumped by the Exxon Valdez. I am only guessing, but I'd imagine that the illegal dumping is probably equal to or greater now.

Posted by Brian McGee May 14, 10 11:05 AM

An "accident" someone said? It was negligent not to prepare for such contingencies. Moreover, BP is lying about the volume of oil leaking. 5K barrels/day or 80K barrels/day? Which is it?

Posted by Ran Hansen May 14, 10 11:06 AM

The planet will heal itself when humans become extinct.

Posted by Steve May 14, 10 11:10 AM

Obviously, you dont live in the area that will be destroyed by the oil...

Posted by pensacola fan May 14, 10 11:17 AM

I like that series about Earth after People. We are the problem. Let us all die-off and give the world a chance.

Posted by Dennis O'Scanlan May 14, 10 11:29 AM

Stop off shore drilling. Get the oil from the Alberta tar sands. Canada has more oil than Saudi Arabia.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 11:39 AM

My son is in the photo taken in Hopedale. He is a 4th generation fisherman. We are sick over this. This is worst than my house washing away for Hurricane Katrina. For that we knew what we had to do. This oil spill, I don't think we will ever know the full affect.

Posted by Sherri Lopez May 14, 10 11:40 AM

People with a void in their soul will try to fill that void with material objects. This is the root of greed, and greed is the cause of this disaster and the ongoing destruction of ourselves. The only partial solution I can think of, and I say partial because I don't think there is a solution that can be globally implemented, is to enact behaviorally based education for people, young and older, about the values of respecting our home and those of all living beings.

I educate my own children in this regard. It comes down to being aware of what seem like minor things like turning the water off if you don't need it, or turning lights off when you're not in a room. Those decisions take awareness that is learned over time by behavior based training. We already have such training programs for job safety (BBS), and I know we can apply such a program to teach awareness of environmental preservation to children. We also need to teach adults because they are the ones passing on values to their children right now, and children are most influenced by their parents.

I still drive a car for work sometimes, and I do feel greedy sometimes and am guilty of buying a computer, television, and other electronics and consumer goods that use oil and coal during manufacturing and shipping. But, I do make small differences by turning off my engine at long stop lights, turning off lights and efficiently washing dishes and showering, mowing my lawn with a push mower, using a broom instead of a leaf blower, buying shoes only when my old ones are totally worn down, buying used clothing and goods, etc. These are they types of "minor" decisions that if practiced collectively, can result in an unquantifiably large reduction in the amount of oil and coal we burn.

Posted by jeremy May 14, 10 11:44 AM

This IS undoubtably a lesson to be learned...not only in the area of energy and our nations indepedance from outside resources, but from Americans indepedance from the large corporate companies that run, manipulate and control this country. Clean energy IS a viable option, we just dont know it because these large corporate companies invest in Americans as ignorant consumers. According to the World Energy Council, renewables would become competitive very quickly if they would simply recieve the subsidies that fossil energy and nuclear energy recieve in one year. Thats not to say Nuclear power is not a clear solution, because it is in respect to cogeneration plants in conjunction with clean energy. This oil spill is not the first, but under the circumstances should be the last. The government needs to step in and regulate the problem and the solution because Americans are simply allowing BP to cover up their mistake and fail in their attempts at a solution.

Posted by Victoria May 14, 10 11:53 AM

What is so sad is that people seem to forget that 11 people died in this disaster! People with families, children and pregnant wives! While you are praying for the "sea creatures" you might think about those families!!

Posted by Susan May 14, 10 11:55 AM

according to ABC the other night -- the oil leak was slowing and everything seemed ok.
they don't want to embarrass obama. if bush was president this would be the end of everthing.
What a shame, people still trying to gain points politically on a president who did not remove the safeguard regulations. Guess who did, the very administration that gave us Enron, and Halburton. Chenney and Bush allowed the oil mogels to write the energy policy!

Posted by r8dmarshall May 14, 10 12:01 PM

This is why taking the cheapest easiest route gets people in trouble. Stop taking shortcuts on things and give people quality not quantity. Stop trying to bleed every penny out of something and trying to make a quick buck. BP has been known to always go with the lowest bidder and eventually it was going to catch up to them. People need to slow down on their amount of consumption. Everything, for the most part, is fine in moderation. I really have begun to hate people everyone is so concerned about themselves and making money and not about other people or the animals. I could probably go on about this for hours so going to leave it at that.

Posted by Arielle a LA Resident May 14, 10 12:05 PM

Like Sarah Palin loves to say: Drill, Baby drill!

Posted by Yves Vidal May 14, 10 12:09 PM

How much of our domestic oil do we actually use?

Posted by Mooky Jones May 14, 10 12:11 PM

What do you think is powering the computers you are all using? Wind?

Posted by JoAnn May 14, 10 12:12 PM

I am FOR safe nuclear power, but I have to say that this tragedy has nothing to do with what may have happened had we explored nuclear power further. First of all, we have. We employ nuclear power plants across the country, perhaps too few. Second, thank God an error on this scale didn't happen at a plant. Third, let's all take EVERYONE'S concerns seriously and not call each other names. What can we all agree on? I believe both nuclear, solar, hydro, and wind power are worth investing into. Every source of power has inherent problems. What can we live with? Please, let's not use hypotheticals and conjecture as fact. No one wanted this to happen. We simply don't know what would have happened if... Let's just deal with our current situation.

Posted by Nick May 14, 10 12:13 PM


Posted by Jeremy Abramowitz May 14, 10 12:22 PM

As Pogo said, "I have seen the enemy...and he is us" Very sad indeed!

Posted by RogerT May 14, 10 12:29 PM

We need to invest billions in nuclear power. That is the only solution to weening ourselves off oil and coal.

Posted by Natasha50 May 14, 10 12:31 PM

How can you say this is the fault of hippies? Its the fault of oil companies that made us dependent on a product that kills!

Great one!

Posted by andrew May 14, 10 12:43 PM

426.according to ABC the other night -- the oil leak was slowing and everything seemed ok.
they don't want to embarrass obama. if bush was president this would be the end of everthing
rebuttla-- How sad, people trying to make political gain on this tragedy.Do. they forget the last administration gave us Enron, Halburton, and an energy policy deregulation written by the oil mogels? This tragedy caused by criminal neglagence should hold the companies and individuals responcible to account.

Posted by r8dmarshall May 14, 10 12:45 PM

Blame it on Obama! How sad, people trying to make political gain on this tragedy.Do they forget which administration gave us Enron, Halburton, and an energy policy deregulation written by the oil mogels? This tragedy caused by criminal neglagence should hold the companies and individuals accountable, and punished.
The automatic jump to the us and them mindset that has been so diestructive to mutual respect and cooperation is dangerous to the American way.


Posted by r8dmarshall May 14, 10 01:04 PM

Obama is proposing the first new offshore oil and gas sales in the Atlantic in two decades. The decision modifies a 20-year-old ban that limited new drilling, confining most to the seas off the Gulf of Mexico. The government will continue lease sales in the Central and Western Gulf of Mexico.

Read more:

Posted by Denise May 14, 10 01:13 PM

"The sky is falling!"

Posted by Don May 14, 10 01:13 PM

This is the culmination of de-regulation gone MAD. Starting with Ronald Reagan, de-regulation as we conceive it has turned into corporate anarchy. If corporate anarchists do not want government regulation then who will regulate?

Posted by Benjamin Wordsmith May 14, 10 01:16 PM

Bought a solar cooking oven, am now working on electric transportation to be charged by our solar panels. I can't be part of it anymore.

Posted by Shinaweh May 14, 10 01:17 PM

#23 just kills me. poor enviornment. so lets everyone just watch.

Posted by Josh Benoit May 14, 10 01:17 PM

I want to see people like the management of these companies, the main shareholders, Palin, their children and grandchildren ON THE SCENE with their SLEEVES ROLLED UP and HELPING WITH THE CLEANUP. Any idiot with deep pockets and future profits can hire help to clean up their mess. Unless these make an appearance ON THE SCENE, to show SOME SPINE and that they take seriously what it is that they have contributed to doing, their platitudes and evasions are meaningless.

Posted by Ignatz deFyre May 14, 10 01:19 PM

It is really interesting to read all the responses on this blog. They range from concern for the families that lost loved ones in the accident to outrage over the government and oil companies letting this happen. The one thing that I think we can all agree on is we CARE! We care for those that were lost in this unfortunate incident, we care about our environment, we care about the fact that maintenance of the ship wasn't up to date, and we care about legislation not taking more of an active role in regulating standards for these oil companies. What is not productive is pointing fingers and assigning blame. We should all internalize what our roles in providing a solution should be and go from there. A unified front is always productive than a divided one. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments!

Posted by Abby May 14, 10 01:20 PM

This makes me want to cry. The effect of this spill will be felt for years to come. Do these oil companies fully understand the long term affects from this, or do they just not care?? Because there seems to be a lot of lag time in trying to get something done to stop it. All the stupid things we do in the name of progress with little thought to the reprocussions of anything going wrong, and with devastating results. I still can't believe this is this the kids of things we want to leave behind for the next generation to deal with? One day, man will perish at his own hand.

Posted by Elizabeth May 14, 10 01:22 PM

These photos are deeply moving. Rarely in my life I have experienced anything like it, utmost beauty in the face of desaster. This is truely art.

Posted by Claus Martinet May 14, 10 01:26 PM

Money most certainly is the route of all evil. 200 years ago this planet was beautiful. Mankind has thrown away one of the most brilliant phenomenons (Earth and our Universe) based on their common trend to neglect all that is important for a few dollars. Remember the money you earn is left behind when you die and so is our once beautiful planet. I hope the money hungry pigs behind these projects experience eternal torture in hell for their lack of consideration for our one amazing planet. I'd give anything to live in the dark ages where the petroleum molecule wasn't even discovered and where nature was appreciated and valued like nothing else.

As a person who doesn't have children, I surely do not see myself bringing an innocent child into this dark and corrupted wasteland.

Posted by BmacCanada May 14, 10 01:28 PM

the bigger tragedy here is that there are 500+ comments posted (from very intelligent + knowledgeable characters for the most part), but the majority of them address who and where we should be pointing the finger at, rather than, how we should deal with this tragedy as a people. shouldn't we stop complaining about what should or could have been and deal with the 'what it is now?'

can we honestly say that we have the right to dribble our lips towards whose fault this really is while there's no effort of any kind from ourselves both now amidst this disaster + in our own lifestyles?

Think about this: one day we will all be judged (whether you believe that or not is a tiresome + futile argument). not only for the things we've done, BUT, also for the things we didn't.

Posted by joe May 14, 10 01:37 PM

Tragic. Another example of humans ruining the environment and oceanic ecosystem.

If we weren't humans we would think that people who do environmental crimes were very self-destructive and treacherous.

The earth is probably saying things were so much better than when they weren't here.

Posted by Mr. Disgusted May 14, 10 01:41 PM

Estimates (not BP's PR lies) is that upwards of one million gallons per day is spewing into these wetlands/marshes. You DON'T clean up marshes! Much of the oil is not even observed in these photos. Check out LaBucketBrigade map daily (not on media) to see updates of how much it has spread ---People are smelling horrify fumes as far (on La map) away as Orlando - Sarasota.

People in La overwhelmed by these/ respiratory distress - nausea- headaches etc. This oil is mixed with the TOXIC dispersions being dropped by the hundreds (worse than oil) of thousands of gallons. These don't disappear - but poison not only humans but the fish - oyster beds - shrimp bets - Sea Turtles (their nests) - saturates the entire eco- system (marshes) and KILLS it. Other countries, i.e. Norway - Brazil mandate the remote control Acoustic Switch - Cheney's secret energy oil guys/ Minerals Derangement Services determined that the cost - $500,000 was too much to invest. It is not that off shore drilling shouldn't be done - but that the most stringent safety/ regulatory policies be set in place and FOLLOWED.

MMS ( a dept of the Interior) have been in bed with oil personnel these many years (See - MMS - found guilty 2008). The Inspector General reported cocaine parties - money deals - graft - bribes - an environment of corruption. NOBODY was fired, they were allowed to retire with their pensions. Meantime nothing has changed since 2008 - so don't be impressed with the moaning and passing of the buck in Washington. MMS was also responsible for collecting royalties - which they allowed the OIL companies to determine. Safety - environmental regulations were ignored. In fact on the day of the disaster ELEVEN men dead ---MMS was on the rig with BP officials receiving a safety award. They knew (warning signs) five hrs before the explosion that something was amiss.

Alas nobody wanted to call the order to shut down - costing BP millions and perhaps losing their jobs - so they didn't. I feel sick to my stomach just sick watching the wildlife struggling - dying because of man's greed and depraved indifference. It took 21 yrs for the Exxon disaster to be settled - the Supreme Court sided with oil. The victims only got $19,000 - a thousand a year for destroyed livelihoods. 6000 died waiting. The herring NEVER came back and pools of oil are still washing up.

The Gulf current goes up the East coast! These fools have no idea what they're doing. Now they want to plug this volcanic explosion with shredded tires and golf balls!! After all the spills these past yrs..nothing has been done to mandate the BEST of safety equipment on site. NOTHING. The lobbyists have written their own meal tickets.

But what's new? Same thing with SEC /legislators asleep at the switch with this Financial meltdown. We've spent billions over the years on defense - billions, only to have some rag tag criminals with $1.98 box cutters - attacking Super Power USA. What is terrorism? If the environs - people's livelihoods are being destroyed - our financial markets, our jobs lost , our homes gone - what to hell are we being kept safe from?

Look at the thousands of people in these photos whose entire lives are set on hold - trying to contain this (can't be done) - and waiting for HELP. Why aren't the BP personnel - all of them out there? How about the personnel from the Interior Dept?

Posted by Jude Moriarty May 14, 10 01:46 PM

Tree living in pandora is looking better every day.

Posted by blue girl May 14, 10 01:46 PM

Its a terrible disaster for the world It will affect all of us. I hope someone will come up with a good idea. Everything we do in life has a price I really feel bad for the generations to come because we have lived like nothing matters me first. Please look around lets all work together to solve this problem maybe not for us but for generations to come:)

Posted by Rina May 14, 10 02:01 PM

The ignorance being displayed on this comment bar is typical for such forums, but no less stunning for that.

Do your research, people. Learn about energy. Read the chapters in your physics and chemistry books on Thermodynamics. Look up the numbers on renewable energy and crunch them yourselves. You may not be surprised but you'll probably be disappointed. So, after that, look up the mortality figures from ages past. Then you'll feel better. Learn a little bit about chaos theory and fluid dynamics and sensitivity to initial conditions. It will help you make sense of the truly sophomoric debate over climate change.

Don't listen to pundits or politicians. They are as ignorant as you are. Look at the numbers. They paint a very clear picture.

But in case you're to lazy to do the work yourself -

I will summarize. Life is better than it has ever been because of energy. People are able to care for the environment because they possess access to excess energy. Any attempts to ration energy will reduce both humanity's quality of life and humanity's ability to protect the planet.

Energy is the ability to do work (that means everything you do - breathing, thinking, hugging your children, protecting whales from impoverished or greedy fisherman, hiking in the mountains, feeding rangers to watch over national parks, warming your house, keeping your brain alive so that you can read this message...) Petroleum is the cheapest source of energy we have access to at present, by a considerable margin. Remove it before a suitable alternative is found, and you are left with one option - do less of everything you do: less evil, less good, fewer people, smaller cities, less money, etc.

Do you like yourself? Do you love your family? If not for oil, some of you would have to cease existing.

Want to save the environment? Want to save humanity? - One solution. Find a better energy source than oil. (Hint: wind, solar, hydroelectric, and biofuels aren't as good. That's why they were abandoned when petroleum was discovered.) Fission is a start, at best. Terribly expensive, yes, but it does produce enough energy for us to expend the enormous amounts of time and money required to offset our own effects on our environment.

Posted by Will May 14, 10 02:02 PM

A bird dies in an oil slick every time someone buys a pickup truck or SUV.

Posted by Susan Hearn May 14, 10 02:05 PM

Karen Jorgensen wrote: Read Robert Kennedy Jr.'s article "Sex, Lies and Oil Spills" and you will see why and how this tragedy happened. I am disgusted.

Would this be the same Robert Kennedy Jr. who is opposed to Cape Wind?

Posted by Slack May 14, 10 02:05 PM

I live in south Louisiana and it sickens me to see the Dolphins swimming with the oil sheen above them. It saddens me to see the oil soaked bird trying to find something to cling on before it drowns. It repulses me to know that BP is dragging their a$$es trying to find out why? Ok, we need to know why to prevent future blow outs and devastation like this, but let's just do everything possible to STOP the pollution right now, to cap off this well, and to start major efforts to clean up this mess! So many of our people are now out of jobs and that's horrible, but our beautiful shores and estuaries are suffering and our seafood and animals will die due to this. BP should have to pay for every penny spent on this and they should have to be sure to prevent such accidents in the future.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 02:06 PM

These pictures make me sick. We can use other alternative resources besides oil, but we continue to do things like this. Hemp oil can be used to run cars/trucks/etc....BP should NOT post a profit in years because of this, if they do this year, I will be pissed. We won't know the severity of what happened until years later, but it isn't going to be good.

Posted by ScottieB May 14, 10 02:13 PM

OMG! This makes you want to cry!!

Posted by Camille May 14, 10 02:18 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 02:19 PM

Everyone!!!! Please!!!!!!!! Do not go to another BP gas station until they stop this disaster and clean it up!

Posted by Monte Tullos May 14, 10 02:22 PM

Let's work together...whatever it takes to stop this.Love and compassion is what is needed here, and I am tired of being called a hippie because I love nature.I wish we were all hippies then, and the world would be a better place. I could give two cents for all the rhetoric floating around here, while animals are suffering and people too. The psychological damage to people from this incident is worse than anything.We are our best thinking, and if this is our "best" then this is where we are to stay.I say we are all better than this tragedy and perhaps this will galvanize our resolve to be better people in general. Perhaps something of this magnitude is what we need to convince us all how fragile our planet is ,and that we all have a stake in the success or failure of her existence.Our thoughts are real.Think that we will end this leak, that is a good thought to have, a prayer to ask, a meditation to ponder!!!

Posted by Michelle DeShane May 14, 10 02:32 PM

If, as explained on the news, the oil gushing out of the sea bed in the Gulf of Mexico stems from the open end of a pipe that was drilled extensively through the sea bed, why not seal the oil flow with explosives? Seeing as the actual oil field feeding the flow of oil into the Gulf is far removed from where the oil is spewing out there is no danger of further oil escapes by sealing the comparably very narrow outlets with high explosives

Posted by Andrew Planet May 14, 10 02:33 PM

that is dumb why cant people help save the ocean not distroy it....GOD

Posted by alex May 14, 10 02:39 PM

What would you do to help clean up this mess? If riding a bike for a week (instead of driving) cleaned up 1 square metre of oil would you do it? Until each and every one of us is willing to 'walk the talk', nothing will ever change, and it is just as much our fault as BP, the government or anybody's.

Posted by Jill Wanless May 14, 10 02:50 PM


Posted by CONCERNED MOM May 14, 10 02:57 PM

I know that Pres Obama keeps saying that BP should pay, but it is not BP's environment that is getting destroyed. The US Federal Government is not doing enough. It should be pouring billions of dollars in resources and research to stop this leak! if it means setting half the Gulf on fire, so be it. I am truly disheartened and appalled to see this. I would trade in my luxury and live in a small 1BR apt with just enough food to get by to stop things like this for happen. The excessiveness of life that necessitates the drilling of so much oil is disgusting.

But, this is definitely a wake-up call for people here in America. Environmental disasters have been happening unchecked in places like Nigeria without nearly the resources the US has to lessen the impact. This tragedy has really affected me.

Posted by Hartford, Connecticut-er May 14, 10 03:07 PM

Less driving please, thank you.

Posted by Matt May 14, 10 03:12 PM

Love and Peace to all of good will!

Posted by Ivar May 14, 10 03:12 PM

its sad so sad!!!! without words!!!

Posted by Amalia Rodriguez May 14, 10 03:13 PM

this is terrible...when i saw the pictures i was crying....what kind of people are you??? poor animals...this is really sad,

Posted by Elizabeth May 14, 10 03:15 PM

BP needs to quit trying to recover the oil and just stop the flow. The dome, the plug with a tube in it, these are not attempts to stop the flow they are attempts to harvest it. Send down a 100 ton solid block and let it land on top of the pipe and I bet the flow will end!

But that would put the environment above profit...

Posted by Kevin Barry May 14, 10 03:21 PM

It isthe GD Queen and BPs fault cutting corners employing the criminals at Haliburton who are nothing but a bunch of terrorists. This spill was a terrorist act of sabotage. Here is a letter from someone in the know:

Commander Norman Olson-a 22 year Air Force Officer-retired:


There is a huge bubbling torrent of superheated oil erupting from the gaping hole remaining after sabotage destroyed the pumping rig, 1 mile of pipeline to the bottom of the canyon, and the check valves able to control the flow. The exploratory borehole, approx 24" in diameter pierced the rock 5,000 feet below the surface, to reach a vast and immeasurable dome of oil under great pressure beneath the floor of the Gulf.

The hole, now enlarged by the past ten days of scouring, is calculated to become much larger, as long as the great pressure on the dome, by the weight of the water in the gulf continues. Essentially, the pressure will not subside until the hole in the oil dome is patched. Such a patch job has never been attempted. Nor can anything be built large enough or fast enough to deliver and install it in time enough to even hope to slow the flow.

It is thought also that near simultaneous explosions both at the wellhead, the great check valves, and the pumping station on the rig, were calculated to blow a crater at the wellhead. That crater itself is growing larger as the oil flow continues to increase along with the diameter of the drill hole.

Geologic dynamics include what is called the "Rebound Theory" which means that the earth will rebound after it has been bent and broken, such as in the case of an earthquake. After the slip or upheaval, the earth will return to its former topography. If this were the case in the Gulf, the oil will empty from the dome until the weight of the water equalizes the pressure. When this happens, the earth dome will begin to rise once again, causing a vacuum in the now empty dome. This vacuum will draw water down into the dome where it will be superheated. A huge explosion MAY occur, larger than any thing we've ever seen before, possibly setting off a string of earthquakes, including a colossal one along the New Madrid fault running from Chicago to New Orleans. Think of what happens when a tennis ball with a small hole bored in it is pushed below the water. Now squeeze the ball. Air will bubble up as long as the pressure remains on the ball to force the air through the hole. Now enlarge the hole and increase the pressure. Soon the inside pressure and the outside water equalize, but you still have to deal with the rubber characteristic of the ball. The ball will attempt to rebound to its former shape, when that happens; a vacuum begins to pull water into the ball through the hole. The larger the hole the faster this happens. But what if the center of our "tennis ball" is 10 times the boiling point of water 10,000 feet below sea level. What would happen?

The timing of the sabotage was critical. BP estimates say that the hole cannot be patched for up to 3 months. If unchecked, the dome could release nearly 100 million barrels of oil into the gulf. The economy of all Gulf States would be wiped out. The destruction of the rig coincided with the onset of hurricane season. By the end of July as the near peak of the hurricane season approaches, there will be a crust of oil many thousands of square miles in size, nearly 3 inches thick float along the coast when the first of the great hurricanes hit.

There is no way to stop the borehole's enlarging every day.

Later this year, unusual plant life will begin to grow along the coasts where oil has been washed and blown ashore. Dryland oil drillers do not freely talk about the plant seeds and other material that gushes from oil wells since any exotic or rare plant life would result in shutting down the operation by federal endangered species agency order. Once spore reach the warm climate of a Gulf Coast summer, they will sprout and bloom.

The question will forever remain, who sabotaged the BP operation?

Someone picked the best possible location at the best possible season and with the best possible destruction anyone could possibly imagine.

High-ranking officials at BP face one of two possible scenarios. Either they announce that the destruction was sabotage and escape some of the financial devastation due to lawsuits, or they remain silent and end up totally broke. I suspect that we will begin hearing about terrorist sabotage within just a couple weeks.

Hundreds of platforms. Dozens of companies, Hundreds of subcontractors. Skilled laborers and technician teams coming and going. People from all different Middle Eastern counties working on rigs. These repair and operation team members are not given extensive security checks. They work for the lowest bidding contractor. Background investigations cost money and to win the bid, expenses are shaved.

Only a very brilliant mind could have chosen an act of sabotage so devastating.

Norm Olson, Commander


Posted by Max Chaos May 14, 10 03:29 PM

We should be using our military to destroy all the oil platforms around the world instead of bombing farmers in Pakistan. Once the platforms are gone, it will take at least 10 years to rebuild them. In the mean time we can all learn to ride a bike. I'm going to WalMart this weekend to try one out. It makes me sick to be a human. We should all die for this.

Posted by Samuel May 14, 10 03:30 PM

We could have been off oil decades ago. Tesla was poised to give the US free unlimited clean power, but fat cats like J. P. Morgan said now way.
Tesla's discovery has been suppressed for many years. It's time to demand that it be released NOW, to everyone.
We should seize all assets of the oil companies and their executives. Pay for the clean up and the rest can go to converting to clean energy as Tesla envisioned.
This is the line in the sand. Either you are for free clean energy or you are a tool or the government and the oil companies. PICK ONE!

Posted by WTF? May 14, 10 03:39 PM

When are we going to stop saying, "Our Beaches" ... "Our Water" ... "Our Fish" ... NONE of this is OURS. This is the very mindset that is killing "Our Mother".

Posted by Ray May 14, 10 03:45 PM

Yes, why aren't they using the sponges that this company on TV said they had, and NASA had worked with them in the past. They float and soak up oil. They said they called BP but BP would not reply. Why haven't I heard anymore about this company and why aren't they using their huge sponges that soak up the oil? Also, this accident also happened in Australia and why are we still thinking about oil drilling? Why not convert the water we have around us into energy. Or solar or wind energy. Or corn oil ...something where it doesn't ruin our planet and people and animals!!

Posted by Cindy McEwen May 14, 10 03:54 PM


Posted by S Campos May 14, 10 03:54 PM

The longer we allow the CORPORATE FASCIST POLICE STATES to run this world, the more the destruction will continue. Allowing those who will not govern themselves to continue to stay in power is a sure way to allow insanity to set policy. The bottom line is not "the love of money" or "maximize profits" because that is a sure road to the root (route) of all evil. They are a bunch of brain dead ignorant fools that have allowed this insanity. Are we supposed to calmly sit by as these ignorant fools continue their destruction?

Posted by Mike May 14, 10 03:57 PM

I am amazed at some of these comments.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 03:58 PM

These pictures are incredible. This has got to be the WORST man made disaster ever! As the elite who own oil and push for cap and trade this clean up which will probably take decades should cast them big time in cap and trade fees as this oil spill/gusher/disaster is certainly multiple time worse than anything us common folk do driving a car.

Posted by AreWeFreeOrWhat May 14, 10 03:59 PM

These pictures are incredible. This has got to be the WORST man made disaster ever! As the elite who own oil and push for cap and trade this clean up which will probably take decades should cast them big time in cap and trade fees as this oil spill/gusher/disaster is certainly multiple time worse than anything us common folk do driving a car.

Posted by AreWeFreeOrWhat May 14, 10 03:59 PM

Look at the bright side, at least British Petroleum does run any nuclear power plants.

Posted by Jeff May 14, 10 04:04 PM

Any guesses as to how many millions/billions of gallons will be vomited into the sea? How many creatures will die because of this BP greed? How many people will lose their jobs because of greed?

Greed is the driver for this, and WE - the world -- are all guilty of this greed.

What disasters the alleged terrorists have failed to achieve against the USA, BP has accomplished quite easily.

This disaster will be politicized for multiple purposes...and greed.

Stephen Markovich

Posted by Stephen Markovich May 14, 10 04:18 PM

30,000 feet down. The equal to TEN 30 story highrises stakced up.

Earth is hurt.

Posted by Sean May 14, 10 04:21 PM

What a fracking nightmare.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 04:22 PM

I hear that a lot of the responses are unpublishable, what does that tell you about the rising unrest of the american people?

Posted by Mike May 14, 10 04:27 PM

almost 600 comments of ranting and raving... and we're still right where we were 4-20-10.

has anyone that doesn't normally recycle, put some plastic bottles or shopping bags in a bin?

has anyone that normally drives to work, taken the bus, walked or bicycled?


Posted by an apoplectic guest May 14, 10 04:41 PM

"A bird dies in an oil slick every time someone buys a pickup truck or SUV."

Hey Wise Old Owl, your Prius isn't exactly what I'd call OIL FREE either.

Does your Model of Prius come with a Perrier Bottle Chiller?

Stop blaming people and fix it, since your levels of self-hubrism are so highly indicated. If you aren't part of the Solution, then you are part of the Problem.

I happen to enjoy my Ford F250 4X4 because I can afford it. It really helps to haul the 20 wild hogs I kill in my traps once a week. That's part of how I make my living. Now there's an immigration problem. Did you know that to sustain a healthy ferral hog population, that every 7 out of 10 must be culled back? I'm all for conservation efforts and wildlife management programs.Let's help save the wetlands and beaches ! We need them, trust me.

What we need to do, is throw or spray out on the oil slick a buttload of Bermuda and Bahia hay and let it soak it up. It's been proven to work. So... What are they waiting on? I've got a few spare bales I can donate to the cause, just tell me where to haul and drop it.

Book em' Danno !

Posted by 30 Year Farm Vet May 14, 10 04:49 PM

Edith, the alpha males created the internet, your computer, universities and on and on. Grow up! If your kind ran the world who would be responsible for anything?

Posted by real conservative May 14, 10 05:08 PM

simply heartbreaking

Posted by bd May 14, 10 05:14 PM

Vaya desastre, no hace tanto tiempo lo hemos padecido en nuestras costas gallegas (España),lo deseable es que se encuentre una buena y rápida solución para todo.

Posted by María Jesús May 14, 10 05:14 PM

Man sucks! We all deserve to be obliterated from this planet and let all the other species have their planet back.

Posted by al May 14, 10 05:16 PM

Throughout the Western World we see govts. selling off public assests (water,electricity etc.) to Private Industry because "they" can do things better then govt corporations? Well after seeing the damage BP have done it's time we took control of the worlds oil supply back from "big business" & let govt. run it. At least the profits could be spent on research into alternate energy sources to prevent our addiction on oil and Middle Eastern dictators.

Posted by Bob Gaul May 14, 10 05:18 PM

Muerte al capitalismo!

Posted by PDavid May 14, 10 05:20 PM

Unbelievably Sad! Cry for the oceans and wildlife.... cry for the people who lost their jobs, devastating hundred of family's means of income.... pray for our planet and the people who live on it. What an ugly mess.

Posted by K.A. May 14, 10 05:25 PM

It is my view, of using suction system of contaminated water into tanks and vessels that they have communication and function as a fat separator between them to stabilize and recover oil more safely, these devices can be made with barriers have on the front suction nozzle works with this vacuum tank mounted on a barge

Posted by Wilman A. Moreno R. May 14, 10 05:27 PM

This is not the first time we have done permenant damage to our planet and wont be the last. We are greedy uncaring slobs who destroy everything we touch. The thirst for more will be the undoing of us all. When we will we respect our environment? When?

Posted by Jeffrey Rowe May 14, 10 05:32 PM

"It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the Judgment." Hebrews 9:27

Posted by Lynn May 14, 10 05:34 PM

Once again corporate greed shows its ugly head. I can not believe better safety features are not available . It sure looks as though " 2012 " is coming sooner than we think.

Posted by EJC May 14, 10 05:41 PM

Nice going BP. Never been accused of not puting profits ahead of safety. Five years ago your refinery blew up near Houston(neglegance). Pipeline blew up in Alaska(neglegance). We should be siezing your assets. By not investing 500k in an extra BOP you've trashed(forever) our Gulf coast and maybe Atlantic coast. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll weasel you way out of this(payoffs usually work). I like you promise to pay all "legit" claims. I guess we'll have to redifine "legit" like Clinton did "is"

Posted by robertsgt40 May 14, 10 05:41 PM

Everybody needs to stop buying from BP gas stations. Drive on to another one.

Posted by bpgoindown May 14, 10 05:51 PM

This is awful....
It makes me want to cry.
But we can't sit here and cry, we have to TAKE ACTION!

Posted by Colette May 14, 10 06:01 PM

So people will vent their outrage...some "stars" will do a benefit...and once again...people will go back into the numb little existance that they live in where everything is someone elses problem and someone else will come up with the solution...and the money makers...they will manage to do it all again...It is like watching a very slow shipwreck...the destruction of our world. Bad news folks...THERE ARE NO LIFEBOATS...and meanwhile...the band plays on.

Posted by Christine May 14, 10 06:18 PM

Lived like the Tribes used to live upon Creator's earth and this would never have happened.

Posted by ChiefApathetic May 14, 10 06:26 PM


Well Phil, I have a wife and three kids and my mother in law lives with us as she is dying from cancer. She is in and out of the hospital almost weekly. I live out in the burbs and public transportation doesn't reach us. So if you don't mind, I'll keep my SUV because it is a little hard to stuff 6 people in a F@cking Prius!!!!

Posted by Rob May 14, 10 06:33 PM

You are all hypercritical.

Yes it's terrible, yes its a disaster, but the fact is we live in a world that is driven by oil. ALL of you use it, none of you would be able to leave a message on this blog without it.

Posted by Gareth Prescott May 14, 10 06:33 PM

George Carlin time :P

Posted by what name May 14, 10 06:37 PM

Fraud and lawlessness are now standard American business virtues. This is the end result of the deregulation lobbyists are constantly bribing your spineless, corrupt politicians for. No heads ever roll at the top in today's America do they. 911, Iraq lies, banking collapse and real estate fraud, now this. Its endless now and no-one ever seems responsible.

Posted by Paul May 14, 10 06:39 PM

Think animals under sea have families just like us. Think that they're suffering badly as of now, just like the TREE in the movie Avatar is being burned down. The MOTHER EARTH hurts mightily because her sons and daughters' mistakes. " DRILL, BABY, DRILL" my azz, this government is out of mind for drilling our own oil, instead of importing oil from the Middle East or anywhere else. I currently own a hybrid car and happy that I made the decision buying this car.

Seeing the pictures really breaks my heart. If you have seen the movie Oceans (2010) in the last 2 months, you would be crying seeing these pictures. I hate BP for being too slow to stop the leakage. I'll never go to their stations ever again. Period.

Posted by Andy Nguyen May 14, 10 07:05 PM

well money, bonuses or whatever rubbish these guys got, it is nothing compare to what we have to deal with now. how we are we going to repair it and how the planet will punish us all including those smart arses in charge, that is the scary bit, so god help us all now.

Posted by orlando toro May 14, 10 07:06 PM

You are choosing to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. What's done is done. Let's pull together to fix it.

Posted by Henry Johnson May 14, 10 07:33 PM

BP you are a bunch of bastards along with that company that was doing the drilling. You have no regard for the impact you are having on the fish and other wildlife. I just heard that BP was quoted as saying the spill is "tiny" compared to the ocean. You are a bunch of pious bastards and you will reap what you sow. It disgusts me as to your lax attitude. Hope you all drown in your oil spill....I hope everyone boycotts these greedy bastards.

Posted by annalaura May 14, 10 07:36 PM

Big corporations have no inner personal responsibility by design - it's what they are created for: legal entities that serve as barriers so no single individual within them is answerable to noone except its shareholders. The whole structure is set up this way, everywhere. Everyone high-level enough to realistically be blamed for something like this will have his ass covered by dozens of subordinates which will, guilty or not, be blamed instead. In all probability this will end up comparable to the recent financial sector problems - everyone will pretend to forget, the world will go on.

Posted by i May 14, 10 07:53 PM

I hope soon that there will be no more petrol on earth...This is so sad....Thanks to all of the persons who work so hard to helping all living ....

Posted by Renaud Éléonore May 14, 10 07:54 PM


Posted by CORTEZ WIZARD May 14, 10 07:56 PM

I know this a voice in the wilderness. Get all the hay you can get your hands on and spread it all over where there is oil on the water.
spread it on the beaches and in the marshes. The hay will soak up the oil and then the hay can be easily picked up and the oil processed out of the hay, This nation has all the hay it neads to do the job till the blowout is stopped. Wake up folks, This has been done before. It's low tech and it really works.

Posted by Dean May 14, 10 07:57 PM

Puts nuclear power in a new light. We so often underestimate the environmental cost of fossil fuel energy.

Posted by Bob S. May 14, 10 08:00 PM

Methinks that this aint no accident, could it be, dare we say, planned, to give us a message? Drilling is bad, no matter where you do it, it has the possibility to have catastrophic consequences. We continue to fall into the evil plans of the rich oil barons, we suffer, they get richer while they sit back and laugh at all of us for being so dang gullible. And now, not only do these fishermen, wildlife, etc. deal with the devastation, but now the price of oil will go up, yet again, to cover for it. If we turned toward a more natural, safer alternative, it could make our bankrupt farmers regain their losses and their farms, and we could face the possibility of living in a growing world, and not a dying one.

Posted by CTurtle May 14, 10 08:21 PM

what other kind of energy they are offering, what other energy companies i can use? and it is afordable? why not? that oil company must be doing solar cells or windmills, not bad drilling the oceans soil.

what do you eat? plastics?

what do you breath? smog? carbon dioxide?

government stop offering oil!

Posted by joe May 14, 10 08:26 PM

Don't say "we" are the problem. The oil companies are the problem. They screwed this up big time. Now they don't know what to do about it. Duh. Oh, but let's deregulate some more. Drill Baby Drill. Where's Palin now with her stupid chant?

Posted by GregR May 14, 10 08:35 PM

> Get the oil from the Alberta tar sands.

As a Canadian I'd like to say that would just be shifting the disaster site somewhere else, frankly. Please see

At this point nuclear isn't looking so bad.

Posted by Johnny Canuck May 14, 10 08:45 PM

Stores on the West Coast are putting signs up buy their seafood "Not from the Gulf, Safe to Eat"

What's really sad is they can't "MOVE" to look for work, there is no work anywhere! The government & BP will screw these gulf communities over, just watch.

Posted by August May 14, 10 08:56 PM

Should be interesting when it rains as that water is recycled over and over. Money does strange things to humans.

Posted by mike May 14, 10 09:01 PM

We are all to blame. We can't start our morning commute without knowing that the ease with which we travel carries such a high price. The potential destruction of our planet. So human like it is.

Posted by Valid Soltz May 14, 10 09:04 PM

I remember when there was discussion was about drilling a mile down and the pressures down there and whether something like this could happen if you poked a hole in the crust that far down and what you could do about a possible blowout. There were some real negative statements made. We did it anyway.
I remember when the nuclear scientists were going to explode the first atomic bomb in Almagordo New Mexico and whether or not there would be an unstoppable chain reaction and the whole world would be destroyed. We did it anyway.
In China if you screw up this big they give you death. Makes people think about the repurcussions of their actions. In the USA they will probably get a bonus.

Posted by Mubtuc May 14, 10 09:05 PM

There's one man in my town of 100,000 that can run his house (heating, cooling, electricity) and post to this blog without using oil. One. There are a couple hundred more that at least walk or ride a bike for transportation (me included). But... that's it. We consume so much energy just to live our lives.

I'm not a Christian, but there's a passage in the Bible about the seas turning red. Look at the pictures; are we there yet? We have wounded the earth, and it is bleeding.

Posted by h4x354x0r May 14, 10 09:07 PM

The government is too blame for allowing industry to police itself. Both the Dems and republicans area bunch of whores.

Posted by Mike D May 14, 10 09:22 PM

Everyone complains about the big oil and how terrible they are, but who is really doing anything to lessen big oil's power?

As consumers we make big oil powerful (especially as Americans). We love our plastic water bottles, we love to drive everywhere alone in our cars, and we love to have off season fruits and veggies in the markets.

You want to send a message to big oil stop using their products. Starting getting things that are grown locally, start taking the bus, and use reusable bags at the market. Stop using oil based products and BP and their friends won't have as much power, and won't be able to get away with creating disasters like this.

Posted by TOm May 14, 10 09:23 PM

To all the people posting about "humans" being the problem, and we should all be dead/extinct: LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!

Posted by Axl VanJovi May 14, 10 09:25 PM

I worked in the oil fields every summer in the fifties east Texas and we never had a mishaps like this all the time . I believe in my spirit that these incidents are not accidents but deliberate sabatoge. They need a full time servailance team to keep.a watchful eye on the drill sights. We have a lot of enimies we have made and to cripple our oil supply would do tremendious damage to our economy.We had guards on our rigs in texas when we were down. Our rigs did not look after themsleves. Their is no excuse for this loss of oil as run off ponds need to be built to carry over loads.

Posted by hungerford OW May 14, 10 09:35 PM

Still don't see them using hay, What a joke. Those amateur BP Engineers should be made to clean this up..... Just makes me sick, Obama, had 1 and a half years to fix this. His Department of Interior should be fired and he should be impeached for high crimes. Instead of helping his buddies he should be fixing this. But all you hear is the system failed. MR President you are the system. You and your administration failed.

Posted by No More Mr. Nice Guy May 14, 10 09:44 PM

RE: "Stop off shore drilling. Get the oil from the Alberta tar sands. Canada has more oil than Saudi Arabia."

Get a life! Drilling in Canada is no better then drilling off shore! Alberta's lands need to be protected!

Posted by Alberta Girl May 14, 10 09:45 PM

The diesel engine was designed to run on agricultural waste and inedible seed oils.Industrial hemp oil doesn't spill. If it did it acts as a fertilizer.Boycott BP,
Shell is spilling into the Niger Delta now.
Standard BP oil saw diesels engine was a threat and Rudolph Diesel died under mysterious circumstances,falling off an ocean liner after Britain and France outfitted 2 ships with veggie oil.Rockefeller and the British and Dutch made a deal to sell this poison to the world.It took 14 years to reconfigure the diesel engine to run on this petrodeath carcinogenic devils blood after Diesel died.
Go to hell BP ! I will never buy your product again. We could have biofuels that harm NOTHING.They make CO2 which the British and their UN say is destroying the earth. What a joke. Go to hell BP.This is the 21st century,and petroleum should be banned.Industrial hemp renews every 90 days.No killing necessary. Diesel
In 1893, German inventor Rudolph Diesel published a paper entitled "The Theory and ... Henry Ford demonstrated that cars can be made of, and run on, hemp. ...
Google video
Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel Against Petroleum ...
See the car ford made from industrial hemp,that ran on hemp he grew on a few acres.
Ford was pressured to abandon this by Standard (BP) and then he went on to help the nazi's.
Ban this poison bankrupt this insane product.We don't need it at all!

Posted by pammy May 14, 10 09:53 PM

Shame, shame on mankind. What have we done to our planet, and why?

Posted by Joan McConnell May 14, 10 09:53 PM

Atomic baby Atomic
France uses it
Russia uses it

ps Arco is the only gas seller that doesn't buy from the Middle East.

Posted by Mary Jane May 14, 10 09:55 PM


Posted by ROXANNE MCCLIMANS May 14, 10 09:59 PM

We live in interesting times. And this is a defining moment for humanity.
How shall it go?

Posted by PJ May 14, 10 10:05 PM

My family has established itself down here in Louisna from both oil and commercial fishing. This tears me up to no end.

Posted by Kevin May 14, 10 10:13 PM

the world is really gone. Can't we just use the facts.
Amish make push mowers. ( could we just one time, just once!! ourselves.-------Make a commitment to pray, really and stop going into battle with the "i am better than you:", and whoever cleans and helps will do that, and whoever doesnt clean and can't or won't help, let them go. I applaud all those that do take the time and make environmental saves, and clean-ups, and great "green products:", as it looks, it's all in who can help and they are really doing their best.

Posted by land92or35sea May 14, 10 10:18 PM

google free energy netherlands, magnets and zero point devices--the future has been hi-jacked by greed...

ditto regreening deserts on youtube

Posted by chris May 14, 10 10:33 PM

The answer is ithe moving water (Rivers) for Hydro power.It is Clean and rivers have been in existence since the beginning of the earth.

Posted by Ralph A.Golec Sr. May 14, 10 10:40 PM

I have read some of the most stupid comments that any American could possible write, less even think. Where would we be without making mistakes, picking ourselves up, and making it better. Obviously not where we are now in what used to be the greatest country in history. It seems that America is nothing but a bunch of wimps. Willing to give up. Willing to never advance their lives or their childrens lives. It seems the brainwashed, acceptable thing to do now is to retreat. If someone fails, then run! Blame someone else and give up. Don't find a solution. Just give up. I"m disgusted to call you my fellow Americans. You put your faith in absolute idiots in government to take control of your lives and the lives of your children. America's greatest days are behind us. How very sad for mankind. Go hide under your bed and give up. And because of your cowardice, future generations will be cast into another 1000 years of darkness. Guture generations will ask why. Why did you give up? And whom are you going to save the earth for? If the earth is more important than God, than you have lost your moral compass if you ever had one to start with. Shameful!

Posted by NOLA May 14, 10 11:17 PM

Every person, including myself, has colluded in this awful situation because we demand what BP supplies. WE are in control of corporations because WE demand what they supply. We all provide lip service regarding this catastrophe, but... ask yourself the following if you have the courage to do so: "can I honestly get by with less of everything?". Many simply cannot...just cannot. Many can do with less but lack the self-discipline to act. Some will find the ability to live with less of everything. These few are part of the solution. All the rest contribute to the problem.

Posted by Wayne May 14, 10 11:19 PM

Don't you think that it is odd that this disaster happened just after Obama made it OK to drill off shore for oil so The United States could rely on our own oil and not have to rely so much on foreign oil. It looks to me that someone somewhere decided to blow up that oil rig in order to scare us into demanding that there be no more drilling for oil just off the shores of the United States. Someone doesn't want us cutting into their oil profits.

Posted by Brian Elliott May 14, 10 11:23 PM

Solor and wind does not have this stuff. I am no scientist but I can tell you that the people in charge are very stupid. Anything that is under water that deep should be left alone. If you can't swim down that far than don't bother.
Nuclear is also dangerous. How smart do you have to be to know that?
Silly and stupid! Lets have a war on water pollution. We should use all of our millitary might to combat the problem. Our leaders are greedy and stupid! The water courant is enough to power everything in buildings.
maybe the oil salt water could be used in some industrial process.
So sad that we seem to be stuck on stupid.

Posted by william lettick May 14, 10 11:24 PM

The truly appalling thing is that even while this is going on, BP is fighting to be exempted from having to drill relief for their arctic oil rigs because they claim it is too expensive due to the short summer season. What outrageous gall in light of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico! They just don't give a damn as long as there is money to be made.

Posted by Gordon Rowles May 14, 10 11:37 PM

Time for another Billion Dollar Bailout payment this time for the oil companies.

Posted by Mel May 14, 10 11:38 PM

Hopefully, whoever is aware of this catastrophe is getting the message that it is not just a problem for the people and environment of the gulf coast but a national problem that will forever affect the world.
Also, it's time the people of the United States start demanding better public transportation within as well as between cities as a start for becoming less dependent on cars.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 11:40 PM

Maybe it is time for the Dolphins to have their say and point theit fins at the finger pointing CEO'S of this catastrophe!!!

Posted by Mark May 14, 10 11:48 PM

The Gulf is going to be same as a complete DeadZone for generations to come, there is no salvaging that much. We should get a focus on rescue what wildlife can be, secure what areas, coastlines, wetlands, etc that can be sandbaged off so there are places for said rescued. THAT SHOULD BE THE MAJOR NATIONAL FOCUS UNTIL IT'S ACCOMPLISHED! BP & everyone else responsible should & WILL foot the bill for every penny of it. Their profits should be especially fined/taxed etc. for a length of time double the time the environment is back to normal. The citizens of this country are going to have to do everything nessissary to take Congress back from Big Business, Wall St., etc. so we can make sure this kind of thing can never happen in any industry ever again!

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 11:55 PM

It looks like blood on the water.

Posted by George May 15, 10 12:09 AM

Type your comment here...
A tragic disaster.
Superb photography.

Posted by Ronald Cross May 15, 10 12:18 AM

Iran offfered his assistance , expertise and knowledge to stop this spill but......

Posted by Anonymous May 15, 10 01:06 AM

The oil goes, all this time. What are you all discussing? Money? Philosophy? Politics? BP?
I can tell the reason of this catastrophe. Society lost the ability to look at the center of problem. In the center of the problem there is just a pipe. One pipe.
The same with those migrants - what is in the center? The american personal IDs system, which failed, does not work. What is discussed? Peoples rights? Racial profiling? Personal IDs failure is the symptom of the failed state. How can you define what is US state if you cannot define who is a citizen?
The same with AIDS. What is in the center? The infected persons who proceed with infecting others due their antisocial, wrong lifestyle. What is discussed? The sympathy and help to that people. Why anyway I should feel any gram of sympathy to them? 90% got infected because they are stupid. What is the society is concentrated on? Prolonging the life of that people. Prolonging their life and freedom means direct support to epidemy.
The same with that war. What is in the center? One person who is hunted for. Why? Who proved that that Osama was involved? Is it possible to strike out thousands of lives to catch one SUSPECT? What is discussed in the mass media? Everything beside this. Everything.
This is the humanity, which lost the ability to catch the center of situation.
What is american mass media concentrated on? How to punish BP? How to regulate the drilling? THE OIL GOES. Who care? Who discuss?
Insert one pipe into another - that could be done in the second day. Any sane society would be concentrated on this. But not american. Lie, lie, lie everywhere. To concentrate on the center you need to stop lie. But this is impossible. This means to stop almost everything - presidency, "democracy", stock market, because all this is lie - stock market is a pyramid, presidency is obvious deception and parliament is obvious anachronism with a illusive feedback once in four years. Can you imagine the system with such feedback? When you drive a car you get a feedback several times in a second and correct the trajectory. Can you imagine looking on the road once in four minutes and then try to correct using the steering wheel which is not properly attached? This WAS good when people were driving the telegas attached to the oxen.
That pipe was not inserted at the second day because in the society devoid of proper feedback there is no institution really responsible for situation. In the normal society the president would spend his nights in the same room where the best scientists would discuss how to insert that pipe ASAP and properly. In the normal society the mortally infected persons would be isolated at the start of epidemy. In normal society the state border IS guarded. Etc.
The peoples on the beach with the buckets and the shovels to collect that oil are the symbol. PALS, THAT OIL IS NOT STOPPED YET. You will collect next thousand years. PALS, THAT BORDER IS NOT GUARDED YET. You will be scared to walk your street next thousand years.

Posted by Aleksey May 15, 10 01:24 AM


Posted by MEL May 15, 10 01:25 AM

welcome to the beginning of the end of days my fellow inhabitants of a once beatiful earth.Hope to someday meet you on the other side.Maybe all the hype i am hearing about the powers that be wanting to take over the world is B.S. You cannot take over a world that does not exist anymore. Although what a good way to start killing off the vast majority of mankind to make the world easier to take over. Who are you in bed with B.P.

Posted by annonymous May 15, 10 01:28 AM

if i read one more comment from some bleeding-heart about how "seeing these animals covered in oil made me cry", i think i might scream! of course it's awful, anyone can see that. but what's really awful is how little any of these people who feel so sorry for the animals and wetlands are actually doing to decrease their use of oil-based products, which they are so against.
you want to know what makes me cry? listening to a bunch of whiney hypocrites. if you want to protect our earth so badly, get off your ass, hop in your fossil fuel-powered vehicle and DO something instead of talking it to death.

Posted by quityerbitchin May 15, 10 01:44 AM


Posted by melo May 15, 10 02:09 AM

What a bunch of baloney. He's been in office a year and a half, he's fighting significant opposition, and you want him to fix everything already? Even if he has two terms he'll only be able to fix SOME things. And not by himself. I don't agree with everything he does, but to expect the President to fix everything is just not realistic. May I suggest you deep six your television (maybe they can use it to plug the hole) and try a little thinking for a change?
No More Mr. Nice Guy wrote:
snip... Just makes me sick, Obama, had 1 and a half years to fix this. His Department of Interior should be fired and he should be impeached for high crimes. Instead of helping his buddies he should be fixing this. But all you hear is the system failed. MR President you are the system. You and your administration failed. snip
Almost all of us are implicated here. (Me too.) Continued oil demand is going to keep making stuff like this happen. In the short term, we should be trying to save energy, which has quicker results than developing new. There's lots of stuff you can do which will save you money and saves energy too. Turn down your thermostat, fix those leaks, drive a smaller car, consider renting closer to town, etc. etc. And support policies that will help. As long as so many people are NIMBY's about the clean tech, we'll have to stay with the dirty tech. And still there's no magic bullet.

Posted by LR May 15, 10 02:11 AM

Is there anyone else out there thinking if they had the power to do something; would you make a stand? How many of us feel the frustrations of this world but our daily lives get in the way. not enough income to even think to focus on the stress of the world.. I KNOW I AM,. THIS IS OUR WORLD and Some how we all need to pull together!!! And we wonder why people are so superficial now a days they are too scared to look past day to day lifes to look at the big picture... its F'IN SCARY.. Igorance is Bliss, but its time to WAKE UP. I am scared to have children, I am scared to see grandchildren, I am 22 and my generation needs to LOOK PAST THE MIRROR, I dont want future generations to live with out the Dolphins.. without the bees...without the birds.. Our governments need to be burned along with the oil..

Humans NEVER EVER EVER should have created a money system!

Posted by Darc May 15, 10 02:51 AM

easy fix, we need sub abig one capto cover pip the sub will push cap in pip and block the oil

Posted by Anonymous May 15, 10 03:48 AM

Occurrence of oil in Mexico is an example for mankind in the world which is a big blow that can be said for human sin caused rather than the approval of each country in world economic relations that use oil as a result of state revenue. Living in a world of technology not mean life for destroying the earth, because the result of natural disasters that are difficult tackled, and felt not only by governments in the countries concerned, but it becomes a major constraint for each country relating to the country as well as neighboring countries will participate contaminated with oil soiling destructive and deadly of all living animals and plants that live in the sea, and the animals that have lived their food dependency in the sea, also on humanity. Oli is also in the process is always dirty in the end, and if the world of technology is rapidly and as we all know that: The water was able to move the machine, for example the car can be driven engine with water, the car can be in motion by electric power, the car can be in motion by using energy of sunlight, so all it ensure a decent life and avoid the destruction of nature resulting in death in the surrounding environment. If we talked into things that are more likely in politics so as oil fell by as much victims of the greed of the officials of the country concerned so that the wearing of all things in their program that have been set up so that victims of deceit, murder victims, victims of wars, etc. it happens to ordinary people who do not know anything. One simple suggestion to every reader of my comments was to jointly realize from now on and advance the aspirations of the conditions to change the world with natural pengelolahan teraratur process, clean, and secure the safety of the good life for humans, animals who live in the ocean, air, land, and also the plants that live in the sea or on land. This aspiration we developed for extended into the international forum as a responsibility to each state government in power at that time for attitudes and their responsibilities in view of the nation and his country for a decent life in future.

Posted by Paul Souisa May 15, 10 04:12 AM

Waa5rom neemt Obahama de hulp van Nederland niet Aan?

Posted by Wouters May 15, 10 04:35 AM

Do ya think it was an 'accident' ? If every single safety feature was ignored. If the greatest engineering minds were over-ruled by slick cats in suits whose pay is based on supposedly etherial mental prowess then who is to blame? How can it be that money over-rules science when it comes down to such mind boggleing consequences?
There were voices that urged caution, and they were over-ruled and they should be vindicated. Who ever over-ruled those voices should be castigated and prosecuted. Without accountability there is no justice.

Posted by Dave May 15, 10 04:57 AM

at comment 565; ohhh i see, petroleum is the "cheapest" of all the energy we have access too. When are we gonna learn that infinite energy for all of us does not cost money, it cost resources; and takes some imagination. Einstein, Einstein. Einstein said, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." He also mentioned imagination this one time. Once things like geothermal plants, 50%efficient solar farms, more windmills(not my favorite, currently the best, more short-sightedness really) ect, we simply need to maintain them to be stable. Not to mention all the suppressed energy alternatives, such as cold fusion or perpetual motion machines. I think cold fusion is more realistic. Palladium is real. Water is real. The suppression of cold fusion is also real. Also on top of that people can be sustainable energy-wise within their own smaller communities, relatively easily with petroleum supplementing the move forward. If people bought into what your saying then we'll simply continue on our non-progressive path with this runaway machine that is the oil industry. I know what your saying is true, but we cannot continue this way anymore. Oils energy return rate is dropping off at a steady rate. Just take the current oil spill for example. How much energy will it cost to clean? Take a few 0.000001s off of oils energy return rate. Please :).

Posted by brett May 15, 10 05:00 AM

I am at a loss for words. I would say no more offshore drilling, period. If you want oil from the ocean, go clean it up, it's free and plentiful.

I was looking at the first footage of the underwater oil leak.

Looks like there is as much frozen methane being released than oil?

Posted by Glenn May 15, 10 05:05 AM

If I have a few too many drinks and I decide to drive and then someone runs a red light and crashes into me and they die,then I am held responsible under the law for man slaughter,as the accident would not have happened had I not been behind the wheel,or so the logic goes.
Anyway should not the CEO,s of corporations be held to the same standards when they are drunk on money and power? Are they not in at least that same position or worse? For sure with the position comes the responsibility.

Posted by Nan May 15, 10 05:36 AM

Unless you live outside, naked, and grow or collect all of your own food using tools you make entirely from materials you grow or collect, you use oil, products made from oil, products shipped to you using oil as fuel.

Before you point fingers, take a look at your own lifestyle. Do you like electricity? Tennis shoes? Cheap Chinese electronics? Strawberries out of season? The latest iGadget? I hardly know where to stop. All brought to you by oil.

Posted by kda May 15, 10 05:43 AM

Stop buying products from BP.
That way we all send a message to the oil companies to get their act and safety regulations in place.

Posted by Stephen May 15, 10 06:05 AM

I heard that alcohol can power a car no problem.

Posted by Phil May 15, 10 06:11 AM

I am amazed at some of the comments in here. Most in here complain about oil and all these drilling companies. How oil and these companies should be banned, how everyone should stop buying SUV's and burning so much fuel. Funny you say that while you sit there and type on your plastic computer, have your cute plastic phones sitting there on your fake wooden computer desk made out of plastic in your cute plastic office depot chairs with your cheap plastic framed glasses so you can sit here and read this. Never wondered where plastic comes from? Yeah.......... What about your cheap plastic clad totally electric car your driving?

I guess this is where you try to defend yourself by saying your carbon foot print is smaller than mine so its ok? Help yourself believe that. Because of oil you have most of the plush things around that make you comfy in one way or another. Go ahead, take it all away and watch how your yuppy little life will change. How will your cheap furniture come from China? Ships burn oil. How will your food get to market? Trucks burn diesel. Well I guess the most of you have your own farm in your backyard and are totally free of the need for oil.

Posted by Marius Blackwood May 15, 10 06:44 AM

To "Will" 565 calling many of us so ignorant and uninformed.

You must work for Shell or BP or some energy related company that has no regard for the simple fact that this is a very unpleasant event.
As for reading up on thermodynamics, I think you need to study up on finger-painting.

Your missing THE point. Most of just wish there was a lot more genuine care from the multi billion dollar industries that dominate our lives,televisions and malls. No nedd to get your shirt collar (white I guess) up!

Posted by Rossco May 15, 10 06:48 AM

quote>>We should be using our military to destroy all the oil platforms around the world instead of bombing farmers in Pakistan. Once the platforms are gone, it will take at least 10 years to rebuild them. In the mean time we can all learn to ride a bike. I'm going to WalMart this weekend to try one out. It makes me sick to be a human. We should all die for this"

Would that be the bike that Walmart ships over here from China every week, in a huge, full container ship that then returns to China empty, b/c goods manufactured there are so cheap that it's cheaper to send an empty container ship?

I'm all for using less energy wherever we can, but look farther than Walmart for the answer.

Posted by K. Thompson May 15, 10 07:31 AM

You would think they would be able to corral the rising oil into one large fire-boom and burn it all up along with the natural gas torrent. Instead they are letting it drift where ever wind, waves and currents drive it.

And can't they unbolt the riser and bolt on an extra valve to the top of the BOP. This could all be accomplished with the large valve open and flowing. Then they just close it to stop flow.

Posted by Johnny K. May 15, 10 07:40 AM

The human race is one is coming to save us from ourselves...

either we change from within OR nothing is going to change only increased misery and suffering until we do get it....this is the worst eco-disaster in our history...for GREED...

one third of the planet was dying before this disaster hit...and it is business as usual....what we have allowed and accepted through ignorance and selfishness our GREED is killing the planet....simple really....start living in self honesty and self responsibility promoting life for ALL or we PERISH...

Posted by Laurie May 15, 10 07:57 AM

This one is on Obama... He had other priorities, rather than ensuring that the federal government properly inspected oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Anything three miles offshore is in International waters and the responsibility of the Feds.

He is the believer that corporations are greedy and MORE government regulation is necessary.

But in this case, no political candidate received more money in contributions over the past 20 years from BP than Obama.

Mr. President, this is shameful!

Posted by CBS News May 15, 10 08:50 AM

Man is destroying the planet... all for power and money.... shame on man kind,,,,,

Posted by Bonny May 15, 10 09:02 AM


Posted by Tim May 15, 10 09:17 AM

A learning process, so sad to see. We need oil for industry and I hope this is a good lesson to my home country Canada not to rush and line the coastal waterways with platforms until we know how to prevent and stop a leak. My heart goes out the the people of the Gulf area whose livlihood had been snuffed out with nt its own waterways that produce income to so many. The photographs are well done and give you a deja vous of the Exxon Valdez

Posted by Ron Cairns May 15, 10 09:23 AM

We all use oil so it's ridiculous to sit and point fingers. I use oil to power my car, I have a computer. We all use it. Yeah there have been some crazy comments and everyone is right in some way. But it doesn't matter what happened in the past and frankly, right now it doesn't even matter what caused this or who caused it. Right now what matters is that the ecosystem in the gulf is ruined. Gallons of crude oil is being poured into the water. Animals are dying, the marshes will be destroyed and the poor families down there that rely on the fish and shrimp that are now contaminated have lost their livelihood.
So lets all stop complaining and figure out what we are going to do. It's time to stop pointing fingers and instead work together to do something about it.

Posted by The Biologist May 15, 10 09:36 AM

Halliburton bought up a small company one week beforee the fire on the oil rig that specialized in fighting fires on offshore rigs HALLIBURTON ESTABLISHES NEW PRODUCT SERVICE LINE, ANNOUNCES AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE BOOTS & COOTS AND COMBINE WITH CURRENT ASSETS
Halliburton to acquire resources, creating premier intervention services and pressure control product service line

Posted by Shiva May 15, 10 09:40 AM

Free energy systems exist! RELEASE THEM NOW!! They have been invented over and over by many different people but suppressed! PLEASE EVERYONE demand the release of FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY! This is the only solution to our problems and the only thing that matters right now! Its GREED that is killing this planet and keeping us enslaved! Its GREED that is keeping those technologies from us.

Posted by Peter May 15, 10 10:00 AM

Fellow Americans: Are we sick enough yet of the way this country is reacting to disasters/foreign trade/our own people? THIS IS THE YEAR to change all that! Vote out ALL incumbents! They've been in office collecting paychecks, yet we continually suffer more and more insult every day by the way we, the citizens, are treated. VOTE OUT ALL WHO HAVE BEEN SITTING IN OFFICE THIS YEAR !!!

Posted by Concerned Citizen May 15, 10 10:03 AM

How can I help????

Posted by Davida May 15, 10 10:04 AM

We need to put these jokers out of business! Let's avoid going to any BP gas stations and buying gas from these bastards! These photos make me sick to my stomach! I'm a surfer from Florida and this has really pissed me off. Not only is it going to destroy the gulf region, but if it gets into the Florida straits the oil will make it to the atlantic and reach as far as North Carolina and maybe further. Please stop buying gas from these people, they don't care about us why should we help them get richer?

Posted by Mark Rozados May 15, 10 10:10 AM

Some of these comments are without question, absured!!
ie: What do some want--Go back to the horse and buggt days....
No drilling of oil ''here'' but it'e OK to buy from ''other Countrys...
Some just do not think... beyond the end of their nozzz
Folks with out oil se are back in the stone-age, and as for the
fowls of the air,of course we MUST do somthing to take care--
but do we have to forsake ''human lives''to to do it..
Does Not make a lot of ''brain power'' to me....

Posted by jim May 15, 10 10:12 AM

See if that oil rig would of been drilled on land we wouldn't have oil filling our ocean and killing our fishing industry. This wouldn't of happen, it (oil rig ) would of been cap off or emploded.

Posted by mary May 15, 10 10:13 AM

There was a safety 'switch ' which could have been installed for $500,000 but the oil companies didn't want this expense! Now they will pay billions for cleanup! Where is the logic here? Business degree go to people who do not have the brains to do anything worthwhile! Herein is the proof! They were drilling under pressure that humans have never worked with before! When you are in uncertain territory even I know that you should have all possible safeguards in place! I hope someone successfully sues the pants off these nutcased pinheads with IQs lower than room temperature.

Posted by cat callahan May 15, 10 10:24 AM

There is a kind of paradox here. Every night on the "News" we see fishermen pointing out that their way of life is being wiped out and "it's the only thing we know how to do". They are right!

However not too long ago the President killed the manned space program and thousands of jobs went away. Specialized, space industry jobs, the kind where you can accurately say, "It's the only thing we know how to do".

No ecosystems were ruined, no news coverage of aerospace workers on camera saying "How am I going to feed my family" but the loss of family and community income will be catastrophic and there is NO ONE to provide a helping hand to the Shuttle personnel.

Doesn't make for stunning pictures but it's the loss of a culture just the same.

Maybe this is not the place to point this out but no one is listening anywhere else.

Posted by Phil May 15, 10 10:25 AM

Funny, a few thousand animals die from an Oil Spill and the world is outraged. A few MILLION people die in wars PROVEN to be instigated on false intelligence in order to control the oil and the world goes on without a peep.

All of you better hope that there is no God, because if there is, Hell is surely your final destination, for the clock is ticking and your time on this earth is running out.

Posted by John May 15, 10 10:31 AM

I read Anastasia, the Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

You can see that those shrimp boats with oil booms trolling around is not accomplishing anything. BP is so criminally negligent to not have any contingent plans or technology to quickly stop any type of breaks in the pipe, for drilling at this extreme depth. They should be fined 200 million dollars for every day this leak is still billowing into the sea. The fine should go to the states and people directly effected.

Posted by Todd May 15, 10 10:38 AM

So sad! Horrible things that boat did

Posted by Bob May 15, 10 10:46 AM

Dick Cheney knows there's money in oil, and there's money in wars. The American taxpayer pays Haliburton to clean up the oil slicks they help create, and they also pay them to rebuild the countries they help destroy. Oil exploration (drill, baby drill) and wars of destruction (war on terror) will always rank high in the eyes of most corporate executives, because they know that at least some of the profits will trickle down to their level. This is what the great conservative thinker Ronald Reagan had in mind when he coined the phrase "trickle down economy".

Posted by plumbob May 15, 10 10:49 AM








Posted by SILVERSUITEDBUGGER May 15, 10 11:07 AM

BP Best Poluters

big disaster at refinery explosion recently
now this
what's next

BP this disaster let exxon valdez be a baby

goamaui netherlands

Posted by goamaui May 15, 10 11:20 AM

Why are some of you blaming BP. BP own the rig but were not running it. If you hire a car or a truck and you crash into someone is that the fault of the car hirer or is it your fault?

Posted by JIm Bell May 15, 10 11:23 AM

Revelation 8:8-11

8And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea (Maybe the Deep Water Horizon): and the third part of the sea became blood;

9And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

IS IT JUST A Coincidence??? Our Human race has gone to Stray so badly, perhaps its time to start All over. I am Heartbroken and do not know what to do anymore.

Posted by Nancy May 15, 10 11:29 AM

it would have been easy to do, just short out the battery in that blowout preventor...even so I am sure BPs timing must have been off.
The conspirators could never have anticipated the fallout from they are murderers.

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) - In what is looming as another public relations predicament for Goldman Sachs, the banking giant admitted today that it made "a substantial financial bet against the Gulf of Mexico" one day before the sinking of an oil rig in that body of water.

The new revelations came to light after government investigators turned up new emails from Goldman employee Fabrice "Fabulous Fab" Tourre in which he bragged to a girlfriend that the firm was taking a "big short" position on the Gulf.

"One oil rig goes down and we're going to be rolling in dough," Mr. Tourre wrote in one email. "Suck it, fishies and birdies!"

Posted by Jana May 15, 10 11:44 AM

We can either get away from fossil fuels the easy way, or the hard way. Looks like we're choosing the hard way. Hopefully the oil will affect that very rich in Palm Beach too, like Rush Limbaugh and then he might see the light and stop saying stupid things like the oil is perfectly natural and leaks into the sea all the time. Or that during WWII we leaked far more oil into the sea with sunken ships.
This is the same mentally an 8 year old uses. Well, Johnny's doing it . . .

Posted by Robin Landry May 15, 10 11:51 AM

'There's one man in my town of 100,000 that can run his house (heating, cooling, electricity) and post to this blog without using oil. One. There are a couple hundred more that at least walk or ride a bike for transportation (me included). But... that's it. We consume so much energy just to live our lives.
I'm not a Christian, but there's a passage in the Bible about the seas turning red. Look at the pictures; are we there yet? We have wounded the earth, and it is bleeding.'

And as for the other prophecies-look at their plans-
1-Nuke the site to stop the flow-(yeah, just a GREAT idea inside the tectonic plates}
2-Burn the oil-(yeah the fire of a lifetime inside the belly of the earth- GREAT idea
3-Pile trash on it to stop it-everywhere else we have piled trash people soon cannot see the original problem so-GREAT idea
4-Put a little house around it- keep the filth inside- find away to make MORE money while you expect a structure to just sit nicely on the ocean bottom where the crusts move and currents are profound-BRILLIANT.
So..yes it seems 2012 is a good idea- we are already mentally dead, terminally evil , unrectifiably contaminated down to our molecular level-
Death may not be all that bad-it is too bad the animals and our precious Mother Earth had to go with us.

Posted by a May 15, 10 12:09 PM

Look like the problem is really we have not found a way to collect oil off the water! If you drive a car this is your fault. Why are you placing the blame on BP? Silly people! Can I see the video of Sarah and John Mc Cain and the fool calling, DRIL BABY DRILL! We are not as smart as we thin we are. Need more examples?

Posted by Paul T May 15, 10 12:09 PM

This oil spill disaster is far worse than Katrina but will devastate and affect much of the same area and many of the same people. Oil drilled here doesn't stay here unless it is in the form of a spill with all its disastrous effects so why drill? Listening to those industry execs pass the buck between BP, Halliburton and Trans? on C-Span was disgusting. Our longterm hope lies in clean, renewable energy and the leadership that promotes it. DRILL BABY DRILL should be erased from our political rhetoric forever!

Posted by Caroline McKee, Bend, OR May 15, 10 12:16 PM

We can blame everyone else but all we need to do is look in the mirror and place blame where it belongs. The oil companies are only providing us with what we crave! This is not a new situation nor the last!

Posted by OURFAULT May 15, 10 12:18 PM

If you want to help stop drilling go to: STOPTHEDRILL.ORG

Posted by Nancy May 15, 10 12:20 PM

Tragic, definately, as most disasters are. Who should be blamed? Technology, systems, and people often fail. Accidents happen, even with all the precautions, preparations and diligence to ensure they dont. Fossil fuels have made the world what it is and until we develope a viable alternative we must accept the one in a million times bad things happen.
Many people would prefer a simpler more primative existance. Tell them to give up their phones, computers, shoes, toothbrushes, medicines....., move out of their homes and live on the land, and forgo everything fossil fuels and technology has given us. Let the rest of us advance our technology, wellbeing and civilization forward

Posted by Mike May 15, 10 12:27 PM

so sad : (

Posted by me May 15, 10 12:30 PM

As I sit and watch the events that are unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, my heart is breaking for my children and grandchildren that will have to survive into the future. I wish that the media/government would tell the public the truth about what is occurring at the point of exit on the bottom of the gulf. As this well is erupting its raw goop into the sea water, we should be aware of the magnitude of this catastrophe.5000 barrels a day is BS from BP. At 150,000psi through a 21 inch pipe, there is about 200,000 to 300,000 barrels gushing out per day, and the abrasive factor of the oil goo is cutting the steel pipe and blowout preventor away like a giant sandblaster. Once the steel pipes that should be controlling the flow of the oil are gone, the flow will cut the rock that the oil is spewing from into a giant hole with billions of barrels of oil erupting to the surface with no way ever to stem the flow of oil. May the Spirit forgive us for being naive and greedy to have all of the trinkets of our technology. I pray that my children and grand kids can forgive us.

Posted by Brad Archote May 15, 10 12:37 PM

We are the biggest pest this planet has ever seen. We are totally out of control, the main problem is the heart of men that is so greedy and dark nowadays.

Posted by Nomore of this May 15, 10 12:44 PM

Rant and rave about BP and corporate abuses all you want. I'm sure they did it on purpose. deregulation didn't cause this. I am no fan of corporations. and certainly have no respect for BP. It most definitely sucks big time and it is a huge mess. Blaming these greedy bastards is not a solution and going back to the stone age is not what is gonna fix the problem either. Funny how some of the people making whiney statments about goin back to horse and buggy kinda days, seem to forget they are typing messages on a keyboard in the 21st fuckin century, probably sittin at a starbucks drinkin overpriced coffee,. or some internet cafe, or their student lounge on some college campus. Wanna do somethin jump in your prius and go down and get your hands dirty or stfu.

Posted by Chris May 15, 10 12:48 PM

No amount of pay-off can ever offset the deep grief of sentient beings who are Pure...this includes all the sea and land creatures who will suffer from this ruptured aneurysm of our Mother Ocean's artery. This could be the beginning of the end of life as we know it...for All of Us. Get your Spiritual priorities together, beloved People. Wake Up!

Posted by Dr. Laura May 15, 10 12:55 PM

out of control oil volcano?

Posted by anon May 15, 10 01:02 PM

Keep wonderering why they don't call in the Dutch dredging fleet. Their dredging company Van Oord still has a pretty foolproof plan on the shelve to tackle the slick.

Posted by Tom May 15, 10 01:17 PM

Hear a LOT of anger and that is sooo justified, but action on a personal level is much more fruitful! Thanks for posting the photos as they are so telling. I feel for those poor folks as well as the innocent wildlife and vital flora.

I also feel that many people are locked into an extremely destructive lifestyle with the CONSTANT voices urging them to acquire "bigger and better" without considering the longterm effects. They are brainwashed into only seeing the short-term benefits...they have ben sold a false dream!

Each person could do his/her part by re-cycling and driving a SMALLER vehicle less or using some sort of mass transport. Less demand would mean less profit for the "Big Guys"!

THINK and consider the effects of your behavior and get off that big energy use treadmill!

Posted by Cheryl Youngberg May 15, 10 01:31 PM

The pictures that cover this incident are mind-boggling. It gave me the opportunity to understand the dire need for regulations regarding oil and oil spills! Politics aside (Sarah Palin (PAIN)....) all the money in the world won't stop this autrocity. I only wish I could be there to DO something! Thanks for opening my eyes !!! If anyone knows a way I can help from Arizona please send suggestions to

Posted by Diane Allen May 15, 10 01:33 PM

LORD help us....please have mercy on us father

Posted by Anonymous May 15, 10 01:42 PM

I think that ALL of the oil companies responsible should hire unemployed Americans to help contain this disaster.

Posted by Harry Gio May 15, 10 01:59 PM

What did the animals ever do to deserve SUCH CRUELITY! IT MAKES ME SICK! Use the only REAL POWER we have, HOW WE SPEND OUR DOLLAR!!! WHO AND WHAT WE SUPPORT WITH THAT DOLLAR!!!!!

Posted by CINDY May 15, 10 02:03 PM

If the people that caused this and if money was involved the root to all the worlds evils don't foget GOD sees everything.The end of this age is closer than most think.So governments people everyone in general tride to live a good life as in GODly way of lifethings may get better but are human carnal mind will not allow that.I'm not perfect far from it but I'm tyrying one step at a time is better than nothing.Money and greed cause most evil.Every one needs to care for there famillys but not buy hurting others.....

Posted by Jamie Napider May 15, 10 02:18 PM

There is no hope for humanity. I think we all want the best and would like to avoid that, but the fact is big corporations are running EVERYTHING. We want a life without petrol and we all know technology is there however too much money is involved for these capitalism pigs and they will never let that happen. They prefer polluting and make us pollute the atmosphere in the same time. Government went for free trade, well guess what it's making everything worst. Local markets is where the solution is, going back like the early 1900 is what we need. But turning back is now impossible and humanity is doomed. I'm effraid 2012 is a lot more realistic than we think. Maybe not the pole shifting but humanity destroying itself yes.

Posted by Etienne May 15, 10 02:19 PM

I guess BP will get the next bailout!

Posted by loosedeuce May 15, 10 02:24 PM

One more human-made disaster...what's the big deal? How about starvation? How about the failure to contain AIDS? How about the tens of millions of refugees? How about the epidemic of deformed babies in Iraq?

Maybe the big deal is that, for some reason, television chose to overamplify this one compared to the others. Why did "they" make this decision? Go figure...


Posted by Dan Noel May 15, 10 02:25 PM

The outrage is obvious. It is shared by many. Saddness, disbelief, guilt, many, many emotions erupt right along with this uncontrollable oil. Time to regroup, I think we should all agree to disagree about the little things and stand strong against the destructive means by which many of us live. We can be mad, or sad, or anything else, but how will we move forward if we do not pull together? There is nothing civilized in attacking eachother. Choose to: Acknowledge, Accept and move on or Acknowledge, resent-reject-disrespect and move backwards. Those moving us ( us= We The People) forward, in the right direction, should continue their quest and those (in power) hurting us should go into early retirement.

Posted by Sharon Mulheron May 15, 10 02:30 PM

We have met the is us.

Posted by Sheila May 15, 10 02:35 PM

How is it possible in this day and age that when this rig was being constructed that no "Fail Safe" solution was built in? It makes no sense,here in Ma we must have both smoke & carbon detectors in our homes and do so many other things to be up to a safety code that Big Brother insists upon but it seems that when the Big Boys construct something that will make them Zillions Big Brother looks the other way.
How sad for the earth and us,I wish I was a magician and could make it go away.

Posted by T.Daly May 15, 10 02:44 PM

@617 Rob: They make hybrid SUVs, you know. Stop rationalizing.

Posted by Woody May 15, 10 02:49 PM


Posted by JANNIS May 15, 10 02:55 PM

so sad! :(

Posted by ac May 15, 10 02:57 PM

The earth is disemboweled, filleted, consumed everyday. All around the world: mountain tops leveled in West Virginia in the quest for coal, large oil spills in the Nigerian Delta, nickel mines turning vast areas of land into a lifeless moon like lunar surface, human waste and excesses being dumped into tracts of land and then superfunded on the tax payers. All around this sacred planet untold stories of destruction play out. The Gulf is a monster of disaster which will be eventually eclipsed by the news of the NBA playoffs, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Wake up!

Posted by Richard May 15, 10 03:04 PM

Someone needs to do a political cartoon with the following theme: on the bottom, a British Redcoat is standing with a huge spray-hose in his hands which is spewing oil all over a US patriot in Rev war garb. The Redcoat is standing in the gulf and the patriot is standing in the states. The caption reads . . . "Well, it took almost 250 years, but the Southern Offensive finally worked."

Posted by Riley May 15, 10 03:13 PM

I see the Armageddonists have taken another step in their direction, dragging us further down. I'm sure the elites just had a collective orgasm. What a bunch of fukin slobs.

Posted by ME May 15, 10 03:16 PM

I am a resident of South Louisiana, 10 miles from the Gulf, as the crow flies. These pictures are nauseating to me. This little piece of "heaven" seen clearly from the sunset photo, that we call Louisiana, may be taken from us forever. God bless Louisiana, and all the coastline affected by this. BPI karma is a good thing. Watch for it.

Posted by M. Baker May 15, 10 03:22 PM

Why aren't they using straw to help pickup the oil? It's free, readily available and non-toxic? DUH! I am saddended for the dolphins and birds and fisheries. BP should be castrated.

Posted by EmBee May 15, 10 03:25 PM

Good old B.P.
If they are not blowing us up and setting us on fire (Texas City) then they are taking a dump on our front lawn.
Everyone who is invested in B.P. can be proud of this one.

Posted by Mr. Wizard May 15, 10 03:28 PM

I have driven a Honda Accord for years and have always bought compact cars. I would switch to electric if available in my area. What we see here will be the demise of the wonderful Gulf of Mexico. This is an ecological disaster we can't begin to comprehend. Linda Locke

Posted by Linda Locke May 15, 10 03:36 PM

I think all the politicians who made it possible for BP and those associated with this disaster should share in the expence of covering the cost of correcting this disaster. Being the fact that they made it possible by being infulunced by contributions, by which they benifited, by those involved, througe the reduction of oversight on procedural safety guide lines governing the drilling process. We as constiutuations of these politicans no longer hold them responsible for there actions. Can we truthfully assertain we are led by a goverment respossible to the people.

Posted by miguel May 15, 10 03:41 PM

spend the money to clean it up , because he spend more on other country n other things

Posted by Anonymous May 15, 10 04:02 PM

This is what you get when you continually vote corporate-friendly conservatives/republicans (and fake or spineless Democrats) into political office. They deregulate (i.e., lower standards/safety, allow corporations to put profit$ ahead of people, etc.), lower taxes (which weakens an effective Government to the point where it cannot regulate these corporate giants, nor protect people from the greedy corporate whores; and also lowers quality and weakens vital infrastructure... do I really need to mention Hurricane Katrina, or homelessness, or hunger, etc.?), and continually dumb down the public with disinformation/misinformation (Faux News, right-wing hate-talk radio, etc.), which leaves the ignorant public hopelessly confused and frustrated to the point where they'll take their anger out on any faux issue (abortion, immigration, gay marriage, etc.)... so schizophrenically-paranoid about Big Government coming to take their guns away from them that they are too distracted to notice, and are too uneducated to understand, that Corporate America (Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Wall Street Bankers, etc.) own everything through patent, trademark, copyright, license, registration, etc. This is what capitalism run amok gets you. The greedy corporate whores own you and everybody you know; the corporate whores own the government and the environment; the corporate whores own everything you need to survive, live and thrive. As long as you continue to participate in and support this greedy-corrupt system, you are nearly as much to blame as the corporate whores who own you and everybody and everything else.

"Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow..." ~ Abraham Lincoln, November 21, 1864

Cleansing The Temple:

To the amazement of his apostles, standing near at hand, who refrained from participation in what so soon followed, Jesus stepped down from the teaching platform and, going over to the lad who was driving the cattle through the court, took from him his whip of cords and swiftly drove the animals from the temple. But that was not all; he strode majestically before the wondering gaze of the thousands assembled in the temple court to the farthest cattle pen and proceeded to open the gates of every stall and to drive out the imprisoned animals. By this time the assembled pilgrims were electrified, and with uproarious shouting they moved toward the bazaars and began to overturn the tables of the money-changers. In less than five minutes all commerce had been swept from the temple. By the time the near-by Roman guards had appeared on the scene, all was quiet, and the crowds had become orderly; Jesus, returning to the speaker's stand, spoke to the multitude: "You have this day witnessed that which is written in the Scriptures: 'My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a den of robbers.'"

This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master's attitude toward commercialising the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and the unlearned. This episode also demonstrates that Jesus did not look with approval upon the refusal to employ force to protect the majority of any given Human group against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power. Shrewd, wicked, and designing men are not to be permitted to organise themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force for self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects. ~ The Urantia Book (pages 1,890-1,891)



Posted by Lawrence May 15, 10 04:11 PM

how many of you are calling your state officials, or picketing, or boycotting, or blowing something up, or taking your frustration to the streets?
i would say little to none. because if you were taking the streets and committing radical acts maybe the government and corporations would start to fear the people again, instead of the inverse.

Posted by Josh May 15, 10 04:32 PM

Comments... in addition to armageddonists, radicals, extremists, Nazis, running this planet... we have all the arrogant people running our institutions.. so I don't see how campaigning for votes is going to make a difference. And everyone gleefully panders to bankers, idols, billionaires.. And if B.P. disappears tomorrow.. the next day we would have C.Q. ruining everything. We need a shift in consciousness, not vote reform or partisanship or all of this nonsense.

It amazes me how the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Posted by ME (one World, our planet) May 15, 10 04:37 PM

So sad...............

Posted by Rich Bou May 15, 10 04:39 PM

the problem is.... everyone keeps saying "alternative fuel" but I'll wager that your Prius uses oil.... Stop griping and buy a bicycle.

Posted by El Rob May 15, 10 04:46 PM

Forgive me for my panic. Two biblical proportioned man made disasters within five years ain't fair.

At all costs, estuaries and marsh must be protected. Marshes cannot be cleaned and are essential to a lot of life. This decision better not be based on how dispersant effects a sand beach, because beaches are possible to clean and marshes are not.

Where is information on how this leaks' toxic petrochemicals behave with and without dispersant?

Subsurface tarballs are much less desirable than sheen or mouse because you cannot defend marsh against subsurface tarballs.

If the dispersant breaks up and keeps the oil from reaching the surface, and if a side effect is subsurface tarballs that can then possibly flow into our wetlands undetected, then the EPA is making it impossible for Louisiana to defend our wetlands.

We've already sacrificed our beaches in favor of trying as best we can to keep the poison out of our marshes.

We should make BP pay us what it would cost to attempt to fully clean up our poisoned marshes, including replacing all the mud that will erode as a result of this disaster and replanting every blade of marsh grass if necessary, and use that money to clean hard shorelines and to try to rebuild our wetlands rather than further damage the marsh in the name of cleanup.

Why hasn't US Marshals seized all of BP's US assets yet? South Louisiana is under attack.

South Louisiana should immediately get a share of oil royalty revenue for oil produced in federal waters off the coast of Louisiana. We currently get no oil royalty share or part of the lease payments and the feds have leased a lot of our offshore for the sake of domestic oil production at the expense of Southeast Louisiana's environment.

If you are not familiar with the US's Gulf of Mexico offshore oil fields and pipelines, check out this map: We need to keep putting out more and more boom and no parish should be allowed to run out of boom.

Wer're getting really mad down here.

Posted by crescentCityRay May 15, 10 04:50 PM

100 years down the road and this might be half way cleaned up Im in Tears...

Posted by katie May 15, 10 05:23 PM

I believe oil spill will be biggest disaster this planet has endured in a very long time. It will make Exon Valdez spill look like a drop of water in an Olympic swimming pool. All efforts so far have been like trying to stop the bleeding on severed jugular vien, with a small band aid. BP should have had a fail safe stop leak valve--a mile down--wow!--I wish one of the procedures to stop the leak will work soon, cause as of now the clean-up will in my opinion take many years---perhaps decades or more!

Posted by Shallow and Amy May 15, 10 06:00 PM

Tony Heyward is reported to have announced that BP will try to plug the gushing oil pipe with garbage. I think the he should first plug the garbage coming out of his mouth.

Posted by NBECK May 15, 10 06:02 PM

The stridency of trying to make BP pay is only relevant IF they did NOT comply with the Government procedures.

Perhaps this will remind people of how the people of Bhopal felt when they died in 100s and Union Carbide sheltered behind the US Government - they STILL await help and reparation.

How do you think the people of Iraq feel at being surrounded by raw sewage and oil as a result of the obscenity of American attacks gratuitously massacring 1,300,000 Iraqis so far just to prop up the US Dollar as reserve currency of choice.

Sadam Hussein was America's allie until Bush colluded with Blair & Straw's lies to commit their crimes against humanity.

So now YOU have a bit of a problem with an oil slick - if you had paid the rate the WORLD pays for gas you would have surplus for the clean up perhaps.

Greg L-W.
PS - when will you honour your debt to Bhopal?

Posted by Greg L-W. May 15, 10 06:04 PM

Sad are the men who, for a few silver coins, sold the future of so many creatures and of such a beautiful land and sea, because the price they will pay will not fall upon them but upon their children and the children of their children....and then no money will undo what they caused, even IF they really regret about causing this!

Posted by Gisella Curioni May 15, 10 06:06 PM

Those poor animals stuck in that mess. I also feel so sorry for the fisherman who make their living catching fish, clams, oysters, lobsters, etc.

Posted by Donna Ploss May 15, 10 06:47 PM

Detonate the nuke already and seal the hole.

Posted by Some Bloke May 15, 10 06:50 PM

I read an article from an experienced engineer who said that only an atomic blast can close the gushing hole...

Posted by lore May 15, 10 08:00 PM

I love and accept all of the anger and blame that is being shared in these comments. I forgive us all for being soooo con-fused by the Dream...the ill-usion. I trust in humanity recongnizing that the true blessing is that for every bite of food we eat that required petroleum to make, ship and harvest we turn into the next more loving version of ourSelves and use the energy for creative soulutions for peace, sharing, emparthy and forgiveness.
I trust that the blessing is that everytime we get into a car, our own or someone else's that we will feel HUGE amounts of petroleum gratitude and use that journey and energy for the highest purpose in service for ourSelves and all of creation. That we will be very open to new ideas and possibilities for life, love and energy. Time to simplify! More gardens, less concrete!
Love heals all...blessings precious BEings... aloha

Posted by m!chaeloha May 15, 10 08:12 PM

But but but but this is Obama's fault! It must be! Obama and oil spill both start with O! It's too coincidental!

Posted by regnad kcin May 15, 10 08:13 PM

Soo sad and amazing that soooo many see our planet as just a stopping point for a future in heaven..Does that mean its all indispensible ??? Whatever your beliefs are , to do the right thing is to have oil drilling the safest place, ie: not in te ocean and preferably not at all usong alternative energies...

Posted by Sal May 15, 10 08:27 PM

What have they done ????????

Posted by Barbara Bryson May 15, 10 08:29 PM

Well then damn it, I'll say it "ENOUGH!" ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Mr. Big Business Oilman,
Tear down your walls of unorganized, distructive, greedy business tactic's.
For God's sake think of the children! If there was a safety switch so many of us have mentioned then you are responsible for this!!!!!! We will all pay for your mistake!!! The most innocent will pay (in one way or another) or die.

Nope, this is not okay!!!!!!!!!!!! And about the enemy being us......I get it, and yes maybe so........but I don't think it has to be that way. We need change! Oh and I loved the Abraham Lincoln quote.......waz awesome!

Posted by Sharon Mulheron S.A.M. May 15, 10 08:38 PM

In response to 666:
Q: The oil goes, all this time. What are you all discussing? Money? Philosophy? Politics? BP?

A: Everyone is discussing everything because that is what Freedom of Speech has allowed us to do.

Q: I can tell the reason of this catastrophe. Society lost the ability to look at the center of problem. In the center of the problem there is just a pipe. One pipe.

A:Thanks for your suggestion of 1 pipe. Sounds like a plan. How do you get the pipe down there and into that other pipe? We would all love to hear it. Do you have an answer?

Q: The same with those migrants - what is in the center? The american personal IDs system, which failed, does not work. What is discussed? Peoples rights? Racial profiling? Personal IDs failure is the symptom of the failed state. How can you define what is US state if you cannot define who is a citizen?

A: Everyone crossing the US border needs to have a Visa. If they do not, they are in this country illegally. Do you have a solution to learn who has passports and who do not if they sneak across the border illegally?

Q: The same with AIDS. What is in the center? The infected persons who proceed with infecting others due their antisocial, wrong lifestyle. What is discussed? The sympathy and help to that people. Why anyway I should feel any gram of sympathy to them? 90% got infected because they are stupid.

A: No one is infected with Aids on purpose. In the USA, if they are purposely infected with the virus, it is considered an act of violence that I am sure the American court system is perfectly capable of prosecuting and probably has. Do you have a solution to stopping the spread of Aids when it is not accidental with a solution that does not disregard the freedoms which all Americans live by under the present laws of this country? Please only respond if you completely understand how freedom works in the USA, our present laws and the reason those laws are in place.

Q: What is the society concentrated on? Prolonging the life of that people. Prolonging their life and freedom means direct support to epidemy.

A: I assume you mean "epidemic". Yes. The majority of Americans believe in the idea that we the people have the right to prolong the life of freedom with and without Aids and any other problems that we all live with in our society. What do you believe?

Q: The same with that war. What is in the center? One person who is hunted for. Why? Who proved that that Osama was involved? Is it possible to strike out thousands of lives to catch one SUSPECT? What is discussed in the mass media? Everything beside this. Everything.

A: You have to start somewhere. But if you have been paying any attention at all, there are a few more individuals who have been hunted and caught in the process to capture the ones responsible for terrorist acts against people who wish to live their lives in peace, either in the USA or abroad.

Q: This is the humanity, which lost the ability to catch the center of situation. What is american mass media concentrated on? How to punish BP? How to regulate the drilling? THE OIL GOES. Who care? Who discuss?

A: All writings in this blog are examples of the freedoms of free speech that Americans have been living with since our Constitution was written over 200 years ago. The media companies you refer to are corporations who are legally practicing "freedom of the speech" and the "press". If you have not heard of it then you can learn more about it by reading the US Constitution at your leisure. It is not always correct… but you have to understand we are not brainwashed. Americans know what goes on. We are not alone on this planet. Think about it. Humanity is in it’s infancy. The planet is much older and we still have a long way to go. By stating the comments you have made, you are causing people to think twice. Thanks and good job! Welcome to freedom of speech. Trust me…. We have a great chance to make a change and to correct the wrongs. It’s a slow process but we humans are giving humanity a shot... The other animals of our planet may not be creating our problems but they aren't really solving enough for us either. In example... I do not know of one other species that can plan and build a house to my liking.

Q: Insert one pipe into another - that could be done in the second day.

A: Please explain in detail how to do this and send it into the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and all other newspapers and news media companies in the USA. I am sure they will enjoy hearing it and it may even get published. You may also wish to get a patent on it with the US Patent offices. Could be worth a lot of money.

Q: Any sane society would be concentrated on this. But not american. Lie, lie, lie everywhere.

A: Any sane society as you call them would step up and solve the problem without a need to get permission. Where is yours? Every country has lots of lies. But every country has lots of truths.

Q: To concentrate on the center you need to stop lie. But this is impossible.

A: That is true because this is basic human nature everywhere on this planet.

Q: This means to stop almost everything - presidency, "democracy", stock market, because all this is lie - stock market is a pyramid, presidency is obvious deception and parliament is obvious anachronism with a illusive feedback once in four years.

A: Everyone in the free world understands that democracies are not perfect but it is the best system in the world for allowing individuals the opportunity to express themselves freely and without fear of being tortured or imprisoned. Until you can explain a better one, I think it will be around a while. Can you?

Q: Can you imagine the system with such feedback?

A: We already do and have done this for over 200 years.

Q: When you drive a car you get a feedback several times in a second and correct the trajectory. Can you imagine looking on the road once in four minutes and then try to correct using the steering wheel which is not properly attached? This WAS good when people were driving the telegas attached to the oxen.

A: I understand you may be familiar with carts pulled by oxen from the early days of transportation in Russia. I don’t think you can fairly compare any government system that has been established by the people and for the people to one man driving an oxen and cart. Do you know of any free government system (democracy or otherwise) the size and magnitude of the USA, provides the same number of human rights, that turns quickly and operates without problems?

Q: That pipe was not inserted at the second day because in the society devoid of proper feedback there is no institution really responsible for situation.

A: Where was your solution on the second day? What kept you as an honorable human being ready to think not of yourself but to think of others and provide this so-called solution you speak of? Where is it now? Let's hear it in detail with diagrams.

Q: In the normal society the president would spend his nights in the same room where the best scientists would discuss how to insert that pipe ASAP and properly.

A: What scientists know how to do this pipe solution you are referring to? I will personally introduce them to those individuals who are capable of stopping that leak. If you want to ask me how I will do that… no problem. Trust me. I can. I was born free to make that call. Just make sure you are giving me facts and you are not just guessing.

Q: In the normal society the mortally infected persons would be isolated at the start of epidemy. In normal society the state border IS guarded. Etc.

A: The USA is not a normal society. It is only 200 some years old. It is still in a development stage. The USA borders are watched and we see people coming over our boarders on television and on the Internet. The people are coming across illegally.

Americans do not imprison or isolate Aids victims for any number of reasons. Talk to any doctor and he will tell you why that is not necessary. If you look up the history of people with viruses in the USA who have had to be isolated, you will find that situation has and will continue to take place. Example: people with Small Pox are kept isolated within households whose other family members have not been vaccinated.

Q: The peoples on the beach with the buckets and the shovels to collect that oil are the symbol. PALS, THAT OIL IS NOT STOPPED YET.

A: We know.
Q: You will collect next thousand years.

A: I doubt this because I believe your scientists will find a way to stop it… otherwise it will affect you too if it continues.


A: John Lennon said there is no need for borders. So you see there are humans who really don’t care if aliens come or not as long as they are not terrorists. True, it is hard to say which ones are terrorists and which ones are not. But if you really want to know the truth, we have experienced terrorized people in the USA since the country was founded. The guarded borders do not stop a person from doing terrorist acts. Education does. And America has a very well established (not perfect) education system.

Q: You will be scared to walk your street next thousand years.

A: In one thousand years I will not be afraid. I will not be here. Will you?

Posted by RoyRogers72 May 15, 10 08:40 PM

It is like agent Smith in the "Matrix" has said. We (the humans) are like a virus on this planet. Maybe another virus (maybe man made) will rid us of it.

Posted by ScalNeCuS May 15, 10 08:42 PM

Failed automobile industry, failed oil rig, failed fast oil spil rescue, what american people can do now?

Posted by thinking May 15, 10 08:46 PM

Blame anyone you want to, that will not fix the issue.

Lets put our collective heads together and help find a solution. There is a solution and we will find it, when we stop pointing fingers and positively contribute to a solution.

Think outside the box, way ouitside the box.

Posted by DWW May 15, 10 08:59 PM

I would like to bring this to your attention.
There are no satellite photo's of the oil
slick since May 10, Anywhere on the
Internet. I searched pretty thoroughly.
There were updated images every day
until then. Now, no new images.
Please go look for yourself.
Very disturbing.

Posted by Gary Jones (SpottedOwlStew) May 15, 10 09:32 PM

Ugh, really, some of you people annoy me. The people saying "Stop pointing fingers". I can gladly point my finger! I HAVE taken steps. The oil industry IS corrupt. You ARE ignorant. I am 16 years old and I developed a way to charge my phone using energy NOT PRODUCED BY OIL! There ARE cheaper ways to have energy instead of oil. There is nuclear power, wind power, piezoelectricity. Oil industries are lying to you. "The truth is, windmills kill more birds than this oil spill EVER could"... What? How could anyone believe this? Go ahead oil supporters. No, I am not saying I have a smaller carbon footprint, I am saying I am taking steps to not have one at all

Posted by Me May 15, 10 09:48 PM

I've seen the disaster that an oil spill can leave behind in it's wake. I've worked on the front line of shores near my home cleaning up the horrendous aftermath with special oil grabbing pom poms. I've had to catch and clean oil soaked birds, some made it some not. This is all 3 years ago and I'm still finding oil on the beach. Our spill was minor, human caused from a ruptured street pipe, Alaska's spill HUGE. Gulf Of Mexico - man made disaster of epic consequences.

Posted by Teresa Flores May 15, 10 09:53 PM

Let's see. You don't want Nuclear energy, you don't want clean coal technology, You don't want wind power. What on earth do you want?

Yet you use electricity to post your BS about the oil spill .
Yet your cell phone and computer are made of plastics from CRUDE OIL!!

You want heat in the winter but don't want anyone cutting trees.
It take heat to make bricks and building blocks.

Chances are the roof keeping your sorry butt dry is made of an asphalt product. either shingles or tar and chip i.e. gravel, even if its a newer polyurethane its a petroleum product.

You clothing is synthetic, it take oil to grow cotton, It take oil to grow your food, tractors use diesel and oil, hydraulic fluids. seeds are trucked in and product is either trucked out or hauled across the country by railroad..

So what on earth do you tree huggers want?????

We need to build 100 nuclear power plants now, store the spent fuel in Nevada where there is few people and the facilities are already finished.
We could cut all coal burning in 10 years.

Your 2000 year model or later automobile can burn hydrogen with nothing more than a fuel tank change NOW! You can build a hydrogen converter for under $2000. that emits car fuel and oxygen from your garden hose.

China , Angola, Russia, Vietnam is even drilling is drilling in the GULF of MEXICO too. do you think they care about our shores???? If you do you are on some other planet.

So which one of you will be the first to shut off all oil use, cellphones, computers, your metro bus , who will start tomorrow walking and never use another oil product again.

Posted by John Creager May 15, 10 10:04 PM

Funny how you Americans (on the republican right) keep going on about about 'personal responsibility' and how big corp can solve all problems , but when the oil hits the fan..... Nothing but excuses and nobody stepping up to the plate. Where are all the drill baby drill preachers now? So much like religious excuses and hypocrisy.

A Canadian

Posted by Mike May 15, 10 10:18 PM

Just so Terrible I live on the west coast of Florida and I'm just S.A.D.

Posted by terri May 15, 10 10:30 PM

# 12

agusta westland eh101 taking off from helipad(:
i know my helicopters

Posted by Connorf98 May 15, 10 11:24 PM

#688 Because that oil rig sprang into existence the moment Obama was sworn into office...

Posted by Art May 15, 10 11:36 PM

Let's take a good at our lives, and find a way to live without oil. We are ingenious human beings who are asleep. Let's wake up and have 'saving planet Earth', and taking care of each other, our utmost priority.
We can do this!

Posted by Geetam May 15, 10 11:56 PM

wow just unbelievable we should help those animals so they get a chance to live and to see and learn and experience have a good life

Posted by Alethea chauvin May 16, 10 12:50 AM

Go enjoy the gulf beaches while you can folks.
The sunrises have been spectacular on Pensacola Beach!
Soon we will be smelling oil and gathering tar balls for the next 15+ years.
Let us hope this oil (spill?)...gusher will be turned off soon.
BP will file for chapter 11 and rename their company, change their logo and
get back to the business of trying to quench American's thirst for black gold.

Posted by Bruce May 16, 10 12:59 AM

yea right, what is SAD is that 11 good people lost their lives for their country so that all you people can use your cell phones, computers, cars, etc...

#779 The DWH was drilling ever since Bush first got in office.

Please excuse me while i go back to work on my oil production platform.

Posted by oktane504 May 16, 10 01:06 AM

First off before I go into the oil spill conversation at hand... I'd like to note that yes this is indeed a horrible situation we are all faced with. BUT I want to mention that no one has yet to say anything about COAL. Umm isn't coal needed to power the computer that you sit at and type this with? Isn't COAL needed to power all the other electric devices in your home and at work? Not all places are able to receive WIND power or other means of electricity. Now don't mistaken me for dismissing this environmental disaster. I'm just simply stating the facts here. Think before you type. Oh and one other thing. IF oil were to be banned in America... Exactly how do you propose that Trucks and other vehicles get your food and other supplies to the store? Hmm? I wonder... Seems no one thinks about that kind of stuff in the light of a disaster.

Posted by Chris G May 16, 10 01:22 AM

This breaks my heart. And to think that at the top of the company, no one thought of this? No one thought this could happen? And more upsetting is apparently no one had any actions in place in case a spill of this magnitude did happen. Why? Does BP hire dummies? What the hell is wrong with the top brass..........don't know how you can sleep at night. Honest to God, how do you live with yourself after not planning for something like this. Every single action should have had a reaction ready to go.....just in case. Blows my mind sometimes at the complete stupidity of some.

Posted by trudye May 16, 10 01:27 AM

Louisiana's coastline is a kept secret of beauty and it's so sad to see 'Sportsman's Paradise' in such devastation!

Posted by lab May 16, 10 01:58 AM

To the poster who mentioned plastics as a sort of quasi defense of our oil addiction: a comparatively tiny fraction of overall oil production goes toward creating plastics when compared to energy. In other words, our dependency on petroleum is primarily as a cheap energy source, not to satisfy our plastics needs; you don't need a multitude of potentially disastrous oil platforms for the sake of eyeglass frames or cup holders.

By the way, this post was drafted on a PC manufactured from solid zinc.

Posted by g. edward weitl May 16, 10 02:06 AM


Posted by Mike May 16, 10 02:30 AM

I know nothing about the company BP nor know anyone employed by them. I feel that BP did not purposely create this disaster, it was a freak accident which don't happen to often. I think they are doing everything possible to clean it up and make it right, so cut them some slack. I am from Louisiana and love to take my three kids saltwater fishing on the Louisiana coastlines, but things like this happens and we have to learn to live with it.

Posted by Jerry F May 16, 10 02:36 AM

why-dont all you oil people take all the peoples voice that have worked in the oilfield all of there lives and take any advice to get this problem solved in the gulf. There are alot of old rig hands out there or drillers or pushers that have different opinions on getting this well closed in. BPOil shouldlook at all the help and opinions that all these people have as knowledge. There are a lot of smart people out there that have great ideas on how to take care of this situation. Please take all the questions and put them to work to solve this disaster. I,m only one person that has worked on drilling rigs all of my life.Take all things that are good and put them together to shut this oil spill off. I have a couple of my own ideas that might be worth thinking about. Good luck on project.

Posted by Terry Grove May 16, 10 02:43 AM

Hey Jim Comment #698

Perhaps you should also think beyond the end of your nose. When do you think we are going to run out of oil? It's going to happen, and that day may not be as far off as some think. We will have another 3 billion people on earth by 2050. More and more countries are becoming developed like China with its 1.3 Billion people-thus creating an even greater demand for energy. Perhaps it is time that we start looking for some alternatives to oil sooner than later. No matter what, oil is a finite resource and we are using it like crazy. Wouldn't it be better to develop alternative energy systems rather than invest in these dangerous oil wells? I certainly don't want to oil wells off of my coast, or any other one for that matter. We can all take steps to limit our fossil fuel usage that are so incredibly simple (turn off the lights, use reusable water bottles-60 million per day end up in landfills, use solar panels for your electricity-not as prohibitive as you might think, drive more fuel efficient cars-or an electric car etc.). If we all got on board we could at least make the oil last longer while more efficient alternatives are perfected. The oil will be used up one day. If we don't do something to develop alternative energies, we will be back in the horse and buggy days. None of us want that.

What is absurd is the rate at which we are destroying our earth. Simply making comments will not solve that, but taking action will. Make a commitment and take action!

Thank you to all of the people working tirelessly in the Gulf to attempt to clean up this mess. If we are going to have these oil platforms, the companies running them must have an action plan to stop the spill under any possible situation. It is my understanding that BP did not have a plan in place, therefore making this a much worse disaster than it needed to be.

Posted by Penguino World May 16, 10 03:41 AM

UHHHH Hold on just a minute . What if I told you I have thee ultimate solution ? DO I ? YES I DO . The problem is BP , nor the federal government will be willing to try it . Introducing the SECRET 700 million dollar oil fix that worked .This information comes from former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister . The untapped solution involves using empty supertankers to suck the spill off the surface, treat and discharge the contaminated water, and either salvage or destroy the slick.

Hofmeister had been briefed on the strategy by a Houston-based environmental disaster expert named Nick Pozzi, who has used the same solution on several large spills during almost two decades of experience in the Middle East — who says that it could be deployed easily and should be, immediately, to protect the Gulf Coast. That it hasn't even been considered yet is, Pozzi thinks, owing to cost considerations, or because there's no clear chain of authority by which to get valuable ideas in the right hands. But with BP's latest four-pronged plan remaining unproven, and estimates of company liability already reaching the tens of billions of dollars (and counting), supertankers start to look like a bargain.

The suck-and-salvage technique was developed in desperation across the Arabian Gulf following a spill of mammoth proportions — 700 million gallons — that has until now gone unreported, as Saudi Arabia is a closed society, and its oil company, Saudi Aramco, remains owned by the House of Saud. But in 1993 and into '94, with four leaking tankers and two gushing wells, the royal family had an environmental disaster nearly sixty-five times the size of Exxon Valdez on its hands, and it desperately needed a solution.

Pozzi, an American engineer then in charge of Saudi Aramco's east-west pipeline in the technical support and maintenance services division, was part of a team given cart blanche to control the blowout. Pozzi had dealt with numerous spills over the years without using chemicals, and had tried dumping flour into the oil, then scooping the resulting tar balls from the surface. "You ever cooked with flour? Absorbent, right?" Pozzi says. Next, he'd dumped straw into the spills; also highly absorbent, but then you've got a lot of straw to clean up. This spill was going to require a much larger, more sustained solution. And fast.

Posted by JAMES ROBISON May 16, 10 04:43 AM

I hope the Biologist doesn't mind, this is the smartest comment I have seen and so I am reposting it.

We all use oil so it's ridiculous to sit and point fingers. I use oil to power my car, I have a computer. We all use it. Yeah there have been some crazy comments and everyone is right in some way. But it doesn't matter what happened in the past and frankly, right now it doesn't even matter what caused this or who caused it. Right now what matters is that the ecosystem in the gulf is ruined. Gallons of crude oil is being poured into the water. Animals are dying, the marshes will be destroyed and the poor families down there that rely on the fish and shrimp that are now contaminated have lost their livelihood.
So lets all stop complaining and figure out what we are going to do. It's time to stop pointing fingers and instead work together to do something about it.

Posted by The Biologist May 15, 2010 09:36 AM

Posted by Antoinette Clark May 16, 10 04:44 AM

I bet CANADA'S "dirty oil" is looking GOOD now...EH!!!

There should be NO off shore drilling unless they had ways of containing something like this. PERIOD

There was a canadain off shore rig that offered to come in and tap into the well to releive pressure and they never took them up on it. WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR???

Posted by Grant May 16, 10 06:37 AM

Yes, this is a disaster! But, when passenger jet liners crash we investigate and we try to stop it from happening again (and unfortunately it can and will happen again), but we don't call for NO MORE PASSENGER JETS IN THE AIR!! Floods happen on a regular basis and wild fires too, we investigate and try to prepare better for them the next time, but we DON'T call for people to move from the flood plains or from the areas were wild fires seem to hit on a regular basis in California and similar locals. Hurricanes like Katrina hit us and we DON'T call for people to move out of New Orleans. Or, for that matter, coastal communities all over the world continue to stay in these areas which are going to be hit again, its just a matter of when. The list could go on and on people!! The point is we NEED the oil. We can buy it form other countries, most of which HATE us and make them richer, or we can DRILL HERE RESPONSIBLE!!! But, what we don't need is to stop all drilling here, that makes no sense!

Posted by John May 16, 10 07:40 AM

These comments are amazing! Our Canadian and British Columbia governments are spending millions on "stimulus" packages that include roads. One is the South Fraser Perimeter Road. It will destroy some of the most fertile farmland in the Lower Mainland and put at risk the "globally unique" Burns Bog--a bog that four levels of government spent $73 million of taxpayers money to buy.

Wouldn't have been better to pu in a "stimulus package" that encouraged, no,demanded that all mulitiple family homes and high rises included solar or geothermal energy.

Posted by Eliza Olson May 16, 10 07:45 AM

I honestly don't care about this in any way.

Posted by Scott May 16, 10 08:27 AM

Ashamed I drive a petroleum based vehicle
At least it is a diesel VW that gets 45 MPG..
When I see people commutting in Hummers, etc I just want to cry for the planet.

Posted by Butch May 16, 10 09:09 AM

This one is on Obama? Bull. This one is on the Cheney administration for completely gutting any regulations over the energy industry (coal included) and neutering the MMS of the EPA. The "regulators" were in bed with the industries they were supposed to oversee. If the Obama administration can be faulted on the Gulf tragedy, it's because they have so far allowed BP et al. to completely control the situation and the information the public is allowed to see. The dispersants they are pouring in are doing a good job of hiding the full extent of the damage but, in the long run, they are almost certainly causing even more harm (according to an article in the Guardian today).

Posted by profh6 May 16, 10 09:36 AM

Quit pointing your finger at others! You, and I and all who consume oil and gas in one form or anther are to blame. But most of all, this is an industrial disaster and therefore the operator(s) should be held accountable.

Posted by Lorenzo May 16, 10 09:37 AM

OMG wy are killing the world=(((((((( the more important to meee is the animals

Posted by Anonymous May 16, 10 09:59 AM

Just another reason to increase biofuel production in the US. Everyone is against ethanol b/c of food vs. fuel and engine requirements. Brazil has been off foreign oil for a long time b/c of ethanol. Why can their cars run on whatever the consumer wants and ours can't? Is their technology better than ours? Corn yields and production keep going up, while TOTAL fertilizer use is drastically down. Why not give the American Farmer the chance to prove that we can grow enough corn for food and fuel. Green fields of corn and jobs are a lot better than white beaches stained with oil, dead animals, and war.

We need to wake up.

Posted by Tony Newton May 16, 10 10:31 AM

Why isn't nothing being done to learn what caused the explosions-gas pockets or C4??? They have gas sniffers all over these rigs-1 whiff of gas & the whole rig is shut down & goes into circulation mode. I knew as I used to "Flic my Bic" to these gas snifters when we wanted a break. 1 little whiff of gas from Our lighter to the gas sensor & the rig was automatically shut down & went into circulation mode-where the mud is circulated thru the drill stem to keep the pressure. This was no damn gas pocket but a false flag ops. Look into Amdocs/Verint spying on the entire phone system

Posted by Pete's Inc May 16, 10 10:48 AM

These scenes are shocking and devastating. See what people teem disregard for our planet, our only home, gets to be inhuman if it, that someday people had humanity. It's amazing how the profit at any cost comes to blind business owners who fail to realize that our essence is the water and destroying the environment we have no life, no way.

Posted by Luiza Gosuen May 16, 10 11:33 AM


Posted by Sandytx1 May 16, 10 11:49 AM

These scenes are shocking and devastating. See what people teem disregard for our planet, our only home, gets to be inhuman if it, that someday people had humanity. It's amazing how the profit at any cost comes to blind business owners who fail to realize that our essence is the water and destroying the environment we have no life, no way.

Posted by Luiza Gosuen May 16, 10 12:25 PM

Will we the public be paying for this disaster through higher oil prices at the gas pumps OR WILL BP PAY FOR THEIR MESS?

BP should be booted out of our country back to the british islands where they are based, never to return! This is not the first environmental screw-up for them.

Posted by Anonomyous May 16, 10 12:45 PM

The Gulf will never fully recover from this tragedy. Let's make sure that we eliminate off shore oil drilling completely so that this tragedy wasn't in vain. We can't depend on fossil fuels any longer.

Posted by JA May 16, 10 12:56 PM

A helluva lot more water in those pictures than oil...Everyone, take a deep breath. The world is tougher and more resilient than we cretins who inhabit it.

Posted by Alan May 16, 10 12:59 PM

impresionante!! muy triste!

Posted by natacha May 16, 10 01:00 PM

thats the price of technological advance, and i am willing to pay it. sh*t happens.

Posted by Harcix May 16, 10 02:20 PM

It seems our disasters keep getting bigger in magnitude every year...
God help us all from the fools that run this planet.

Worse floods in history, Katerina disaster, volcanic ash...
uncontrolled oil spills, what's coming in the future??
We have to deal with these and future problems promptly.
The suffering animals among us need help, NOW

Posted by Winstoncar May 16, 10 02:27 PM

One quarter to one third of all the oil imported goes too make plastic products. 14 million gallons of gasoline are wasted by people sitting and idling their car or truck. Yes Soccer Moms are both members of the Democrat and Republican Parties and drive SUVs. A nuclear bomb in the Gulf will kill all life in the sea and air and the radioactive fallout will kill people on land.

Posted by Stuart Buncher May 16, 10 02:28 PM

I'm not technic on what the exact picture is on dealing with this but seems like instead of capping off the flow ,cut it off where it is being tapped in at to start off with, like ground zreo. In other words, the first pipe laid or whether. Start where this pipeline originates from or as close as possible and shut off the flow at this point and deal with it as a problem instead of and on going problem???

Posted by deb May 16, 10 03:06 PM

I hope the BP and Halliburton owners and executives keel over and DIE!
100% of the business and personal assets of these companies and the third one should be confiscated to pay for this OUTRAGE!

Posted by Mark May 16, 10 03:15 PM

Makes me sick... are we ever going to learn? what kind of planet are we giving to our children? is this the future we presenting them?

Posted by Maribel May 16, 10 03:29 PM

I pray that this is not the end of sportsman paridise..... and all the
gulf......and the beginning of the end.

Posted by Bob Stauss May 16, 10 03:41 PM

I spend alot of time on the gulf coast and have all my life.I am afraid that what I have enjoyed will be lost for generations to come.I agree that the human race in general is to blame.But,BP is a multi billon dollar a year PROFIT company.There is no excuse that they are not ready for any worst case scenerio that could possibly happen.IMO,they are more worried about trying to catch the oil than they are trying to seal it off.Its taken way too long to stop the oil.They should be liable for all the families whose livelihood comes from the gulf,fishermen and tourism ,until it is back as it was.or we should all botcot BP .

Posted by Andy May 16, 10 03:52 PM

May God have mercy on us! We are living in very serious times. Even little children are questioning current events. Terrible earthquakes, floods, conflagrations, child killings, civil unrest, mass starvation, volcanic eruptions, people hating people, political unrest, hurricanes, cyclones, diseases of every sort, and now the major oil spill in the gulf. What is waiting for us around the corner? It is a sobering, yet frightening thought.God is in control! He can stop this mess. We are living in the last days. folks.

Posted by Colleen Jeffries May 16, 10 03:54 PM

it's sad to see what the United States, and all world big companies are doing to the world.
but it's more sad, let this things happen.. and that it's our responsability.

Posted by Diego May 16, 10 04:04 PM

when is it going to end what is in store for us next common sense i wonder if this message would reach the white house just think how are they going to clean this up what about the pacific ocean is that going to have a oil spill before you know no nature no water no work oh already there and no human life just thinking but i don t make sense who am i a nobody i am just like wind passing thur here today gone tommorrow

Posted by shirley May 16, 10 04:25 PM

Using a mini-nuke could work...possibly the only way to contain the flow from the sea floor.

Posted by Damian May 16, 10 05:43 PM

I am a modern consumer.

I love fancy packaging.

I eat meat even though I know we farm our animals in ways that is so horrific that most people won't even entertain a conversation about it.

I am fat. I have to diet to loose weight. Ha!

I am a smoker.

I drink even though it accounts for many of the things that I regret doing in my life.

I feast on gossip. I'm jealous and spiteful. Its what drives me most of the time.

I feel powerful when I win and I'm addicted to money even though I'm not rich.

I use the products of giant corporations that strangle the life out of the worlds poorer workers. This really should bother me but it doesn't.

I know we need to stamp out all the plastic and oil based products that I use but everyday I buy more and more. It keeps people in jobs after all.

I need to focus on crops that grow within short distances of where I live but its easier to shop at supermarkets that import crops from around the world.

I hate other peoples religion because its not mine.

I don't really know why Britain and America are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its not on my doorstep and I think I'm on the right side.

I wear cheap cotton products made by companies who say they don't use child labor but who probably subcontract to companies who do.

I am vain and there is way too much to say on this subject.

When I go for a walk in the woods it never really strikes me as strange that the forest is planted in straight lines and that it is made up entirely of the same species of tree.

I bought a new couch last year because I was bored with the old one.

I own a car.

I drive it to the shops which are only five minutes walk from my house. I do this even on really nice days. After all I didn't buy a car so I could walk.

There are only 7,000 wild tigers left in the world. 100 years ago there were 100,000. The white tiger is completely extinct in the wild and two other species have been wiped out in the past 20 years. There are nearly 4 billion humans living in Asia and no room for Tigers?? I have nothing against people who live in Asia but thats a lot of dead irreplaceable tigers. This problem is global this just happens to be an example I saw at Zoo the other day. Tigers are cute and can also be trained to perform for my entertainment.

I don't understand GDP but it makes me feel wealthy.

I resent poverty and feel pity for poorer people.

I also resent rich people because they have no interest in me and I'll never be their equal.

I often measure success on the size of my house and TV. I never measure success on the calm and righteous moments which infrequently grace my existence. I don't think this makes me a failure because I'm successful.

I need to stop believing that I'm entitled and I need to start realizing that I'm actually not.

I need to stop watching TV and start talking to the people I spend my life ignoring.

I need to stop believing that life is lived after I die and realize that right now I am the one thats alive and this is my time to love and be loved and to shine and admire the world for what it is. I want the world to see my face and my smile.

I need to realize that just because I want to have children doesn't mean that I should just go and do it. These decisions should be based on logic not emotions. We all need to make sacrifices. Condoms are not an option they are a necessity. Any organization that says otherwise is working from a manual written in a time where the world only had millions of people not billions and dying of Aids wasn't in the rule book.

When I was a child I was told you often become what you hate. There is a danger that's pretty much the way I have turned out.

When I travel and see the world. I cry for it. I have strangled it.
If we can live there, we are there. We have destroyed every inch of accessible land that is available. We have mutilated it. We have been seriously cutting it up and slicing into it for hundreds of years.

You can go to the most remote place your imagination can bring you and there will be litter or plastic bags. I guarantee you. I have been there and I have seen it. Plastic bags are everywhere. The seas around uninhabited islands, so remote that it takes days to travel to the next piece of land, will have plastic rubbish on its shores. Its harrowing.

I flew so many thousands of miles this year that I am too ashamed to sit down and work it out.

I hate the way in movies the only reason the alien can be convinced not to kill all the humans is because we can love. Its pathetic.

My fat and bloated figure has helped destroy the one thing that I should be vain about. Our World. Maybe its time we stopped thinking we are even a little bit important. That our personal issues matter.

We each get a small tranche of time to be brave on this world. We all have this so called thing called freedom. We all pretend we know how to use it. We are hypnotized by the colors on the TV. We spend and spend. I don't know where it all comes from. If everyone takes as much as I do then I really just don't know where it all comes from.

We do have a chance for some dignity. Lets not just leave behind a sea full of oil and drums of nuclear waste, a landscape covered in pointless plastic bags and concrete. Lets not just have felled forests and have glass cases full of stuffed extinct creatures in exchange for sweets and beer and mobile phones.

We are not right. We have never been right in any of our decisions.

Our species will die out too. Some believe through prophecy, some through science. The question is, can we leave earth in good enough shape to keep our host alive after we are gone.

Its not all about what I believe and its not about you believe. Its about the earth. We are only guests. Try not to make a mess.

Posted by WA Butler May 16, 10 06:05 PM

Drill, baby, drill = Spill, baby, spill

Posted by Jeff May 16, 10 06:21 PM

Oil continues to be a black plague on our environment.

With so many alternatives from mother nature why do we continue down this devastating path?Money always money.

Gov'ts only care about the impact when it impacts the bottom line, there's no genuine care for the long term damage being done unless it's no longer financial viable to continue.

Posted by Seraphimia May 16, 10 06:34 PM

I cannot believe the boozos and incompetent in the Gulf. Blow out preventers that did not work (leaked hydraulic oil and batteries dead).
Containment devices worked, but ultra safe drilling they advertised
was a lie or just not true. Hell, give everybody a raise for incompetence
and let volunteers clean up the birds with soap. Drink more vodka before
you go to work, too.
Will anybody stop flying in helicopters like the President to just show
symbolically that we can stop waste (flying, cars, motorcycles) so we
will not need so much oil. No, just raise prices, and hire mickey mouse
and donald duck at minimum wage. Actually, mickey mouse and
donald would probably do a better job than the boozos at the oil
companies so it might even be better. Maybe we could get them to
maintain the President's helicopter and it would crash and our leaders
would get the message about going interenational and overall stupidity.

Let's face it, human activity in the gulf is a disaster. It cannot
be done economically, safely, or cleanly for the environment. I
support mass transit, telecommuting, and even more trained

Posted by Richard R. McIver May 16, 10 06:37 PM

Whelp, I'm not buying from BP anymore. Also, for those of you who are boycotting BP, you may be interested to know that more drilling is going on; Shell is drilling off shore in Alaska. Not that I'm a consumer of them, but they aren't even get another penny from me.

Posted by Anonymous May 16, 10 06:47 PM


LORD help us....please have mercy on us father

God has nothing to do with environmental destruction by humans. This is not something to pray about. We can only fix this by changing the way of living. No oil = no disasters like this one!

Posted by Max May 16, 10 07:12 PM

Instead of getting into blame, all energies and efforts need to be on making sure nothing like this ever happens again

Posted by MDevore May 16, 10 07:18 PM

And the US Media has the bloddy nerve to call the Oil Sands dirty!!!

Posted by Ron McCutcheon May 16, 10 07:53 PM

Did'nt oil companies have record profits a few years back..They should pay dearly for this pitiful disaster. No tax dollars. They should also be fined big if their safety precautions were out of order. Their CEO says the spill is relatively small compared to the size of the gulf. What an ignorant pinhead. He is not qualified to make that statement.

Posted by The Truth. May 16, 10 07:59 PM

I have only have one question:
Does anyone one else thinks its odd that they are only focused on funneling the oil leak? (seems like the priority for BP at the moment is how to harvest all the oil they are losing BEFORE they close off the supply)

Well, hell - as long as I am here - the harsh truth is that the citizens of most industrialized nations could not survive with out oil
I mean could you imagine what would happen to 90% of the population if they had to grow food, make clothes, shelter etc...LOL

Posted by D May 16, 10 08:25 PM

I disagree with all the negative outlook. The world is not over, and there is A TON of hope for humanity. It's simply about our decisions as consumers!! Period. Markets are consumer driven. My husband & I traded in our guzzler Ford truck (loved it) for a Prius (LOVE IT). And we walk & ride our bikes. We educated ourselves on which products use petrolreum-based ingredients, and we just don't buy them. That's how we've been shopping for over 10 years now--and more & more alternatives are becoming available! Just do your homework and learn how to live more responsibly in our eco-challenged world-- It's required to be a decent citizen. A little education & action goes a long way. We can make our lives so much easier, cleaner, and better. No more excuses, people! What kind of planet do YOU want to live on?

Posted by Kimberley Corliss Gunby May 16, 10 08:31 PM

I would like to know that if BP wasn't prepared for a worst case scenereo type accident like this to occur--why were they allowed to drill off shore in the first place?! It looked like the oil was coming out of a pipe which should have been taken care of swiftly and not allowed to reach such catastrophic proportions--Taking care of a broken pipe should have been a situation that they were prepared for---No More Offshore Drilling---This cannot be allowed to happen again !!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 16, 10 08:59 PM

I hope BP gets fined so much that they go out of business. Dirty oil from Alberta Obama says lol get a clue and not accept your own oil if its as dirty as this you goof.

Posted by Anonymous May 16, 10 09:10 PM

where desame situation before here in philippines past year ago. wher in guimaras sea .oh im sad that

Posted by joemon May 16, 10 09:13 PM


Posted by CAPT L STINSON May 16, 10 09:31 PM

We are helping to create hell on earth, you or I won't be saved on this earth or the existence beyond If we don' t stand up and end fossil fuel and fission burning, we have intelligence, lets use it. We are molesting our childrens future.

Posted by bert May 16, 10 09:54 PM

This is the Catalyst for Obama to Nationalise the oil companies. He's helped sign in a 10billion limit on liabilities but with cleanup looking to cost more like 1 trillion, he can then say BP is now owned by the USA corporation to cover debts on cleanup. Time will tell, terrible situation though....

Posted by Gary Beaver May 16, 10 10:18 PM

>... The other animals of our planet may not be creating our problems but >they aren't really solving enough for us either. In example... I do not know >of one other species that can plan and build a house to my liking.

Hey, knucklehead! Ever heard of "The Web of Life"? Animals are not the ones with the BIG brains and they are not supposed to be solving our problems but, without them, we'd have no problems because we wouldn't exist. This spill is a catastrophic blow to the fisheries of the Gulf and Atlantic. The Gulf is the fisheries nursery for the entire Atlantic ocean. The massive plankton kill that this spill will casue will reverberate thru the food chain for decades.

Do we use oil and do we love its convenience? Yes, but we don't have to live this way. There are alternative energy technologies that are entirely clean. Solar and wind and hydroelectric power come to mind. Could we switch to them? YES! Why have we not yet done so? Because there is too much BIG organized corporate money poised to continue using oil as a major fuel. They will not allow the economies of the world to convert until they have squeezed the last dollar they can out of oil. But we can all DO something: Convert to solar at home. Put the panels wherever you have to in order to harvest the sunshine for home use. If solar won't work for you because of lack of sun, well, it's usually pretty windy when there is no sunshine. We may have to go to small home windmills AND solar panels so that we can make enough power to seriously augment our current energy requirements that are presently being satisfied with oil, but we can do it. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS AND GO SOLAR/WIND AT HOME.

Is nuclear power a viable alternative? No! It just delays the pollution issues: stashes the fallout in deserts where we hope we never have to deal with it again, but all those deserts are highly active geologically: they are filled with cinder cones from small volcanic events and they are near a very seizmic area (in the US). If you think this is a catastrophe in the Gulf, imagine a few hundred pounds of buried nuclear waste being jettisoned into the atmosphere by a geological event that was not planned for just as this disaster was not considered a real potential.

No, we can't trust corporations to plan and execute their industries with enlightened self interest. It's time to attack this cancer in the only way we can. Go solar. Go wind. If you've a creek in your yard and enough vertical drop in your land to create a small dam and make a pond that could drive a small generator, USE IT! Let's all get moving and save up our money to put those solar panels and windmills up. I know it's what *I* am saving up for. The solar goes in by this time next year. I'll buy an electric car and charge it up at home. Write the president at and urge him to divert money from oil exploration to solar technologies development. Urge him to give huge tax credits to those who put solar and/or wind power generation systems into their houses.

There's a small technical problem with electric cars: how to refuel on long trips. Well, if batteries were standardized and all cars used the same power cells (batteries) fuel up station could simply allow you to trade in your dead power cell for one that is charged up. To make this work all of the power cells for all electric cars would have to be standardized. THERE IS NO REASON THIS COULD NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED. WRITE THE PRESIDENT AND TELL HIM TO MANDATE CAR COMPANIES DESIGN AND BUILD CARS THAT *ALL* USE THE SAME POWER CELL CONFIGURATIONS.



Posted by Callaghan Grant May 16, 10 11:07 PM

WOW! These pic's are so eye opening. We are only here for a short time on this earth. We should have something in place to take care of accidents like this one. We have sent men to the moon. Lord please look down on this mess and help us. I will pray for all of ocean life and all the family's this effects.

Posted by Foxy May 17, 10 12:12 AM

This is unbelievable. Beyond Petroleum my ass. BP was started in 1909 and their business is still centered around petroleum. People wonder what happened to planets like mars... Prob was a living being like people that raped that planet so now all that is left are a few rocks. Yes I use electricity and drive a car but it doesn't mean im proud of it and it is mainly because my country requires a car in order to live even a standard lifestyle. When I was in Holland I biked everywhere and it felt good. If we want to make a difference and keep our planet habitable we need to all do it together. Turn off the lights when not in use, ride your bike if you can to destinations, who cares what your lawn looks like let it grow if your going to kill our planet cutting it, use some scissors if you care that much. Hey Beyond Petroleum, why dont you stand by your name and actually come up with an alternative energy source with your billions of dollars. This company is run by a punch of selfish lazy asses who just care about how many houses, boats, and planes the can afford.

Posted by concerned May 17, 10 12:21 AM

The system is broken....the "human system". If we persist in the worship of money, body image, drugs and artificiality, we will destroy ourselves and the Garden of Eden ~ EARTH.

Posted by Olie May 17, 10 12:25 AM

As we speak, those high profile people are sitting round a table and calculating the profit loss they have. No concern about the environment.

Posted by Julie van Niekerk May 17, 10 01:17 AM

come on people ~~~~~~~just quit blaming!!!! It does not solve anything!

Posted by Shegirl May 17, 10 02:22 AM

What a big disaster! Come on people ...stop from being greedy.Don't we realize that we make our own doomsday? Hopefully that God will help us to solve the problem.Amin!siswondho

Posted by siswondho May 17, 10 03:00 AM

Humans have rap-ed Earth. Its continuing over and over again. They're rap-ing the environment

Posted by Amjad Khan May 17, 10 03:46 AM

Hi if anyone is reading this my friends who work with effective microorganisms which eat oil are working hard to get their product in the offices of the leaders in the states most effective but the lawyers are being the bodyguards to the companies who provide the detergents on the spill. Additionally, there are tests that show prarie grass will soak up a great deal of the oil and easy to skim, once again a simple solution but thwarted by the way we clean these things up.

Who do you know that we can talk to at a high enough level that can make something happen?
Call me 707-849-5234

Posted by Lindsay Hassett May 17, 10 05:23 AM

Do you know that politicians are APPROVING new DRILLING in ANTARCTICA (Yes, RIGHT NOW).

Shell has petitioned to drill in the arctic, and they have gotten preliminary approval. THeir equipment alone will kill the whales that are used by local tribesman to support their families and support the ecosystem.

Shell has no response to the current spill nor have they disclosed (or been asked by politicians) for their preventative response procedures and materials, or their cleanup response plan, procedures, supplies, and equipment.


We haven't even begun to clean up this mess. It's beyond words.

Do we want another??

Posted by HTK May 17, 10 06:01 AM

The Sun Sentinal just reported that the oiil is being pulled into the Gulf Loop. It's going to be on its way to the Florida Keys soon.. This is a nightmare.. :(,0,7727606.story

They want to drill in the arctic - STARTING JULY 1. STOP THEM. It takes a minute. Share this information. Boycott Shell. Boycott BP (Citgo anyone)

Further, volunteers and works in Exxon Valdez got sick and though many got settlements, they died from the toxins from the crude, the dispersants, etc.

Posted by HTK May 17, 10 06:18 AM

My comment is an ordinary one. With all the technology we have, how could this happen?
Our planet is slowly being destroyed by natural and man made disasters.
Someday it will be difficult to enjoy living.

Posted by Al Budah May 17, 10 07:04 AM

if one wants to destroy the planet, u can always destroy all oiltanks at the same time!

Posted by nub May 17, 10 07:30 AM

We should all be disgusted with ourselves. All throughout history we have taken to better serve own own interest and pockets; wasting our natural resources and killing animals without using them to their full capacities. We have bred this into our society as an accepted way of life. We are wasteful! All of us! We are arrogant, decietful people who think the best solution is to blame others. WE ARE THE PROBLEM! We are BP, and the government, we are all of what we have created and let exist in this world. Blame NO ONE BUT YOURSELF! You voted, you did/didn't take action! I voted! I did/didn't take action! It makes no difference! We have created this mess and we deserve to lay in the bed we have made. So while you are crying in your blog about the "sadness" 'and the "disgusting Mr. Oil Man" please do so while looking in a mirror and asking yourself who you think made all of this possible. Go ahead and feel bad about it as well. Feel ashamed! I sure do! I am embarrassed for our country and our people! We blame and sue left and right and in between for EVERYTHING and not ONE TIME do we ask ourselves if maybe its not a matter of FAULT but a matter of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! SO let me be the first to say that I am sorry this has happened! It is my "fault" and I am ashamed of my actions and embarassed both for myself and for the country that I represent! I should have taken more responsibility and been more aware and cautious of the world that has been shared with me. I have no excuse. What do you think your excuse will be?

Posted by NatalieC May 17, 10 08:02 AM

Unbelievably tragic. I sent alpaca fleece from my farm to the coast to aid in making booms.

Posted by Jacquie Wagner May 17, 10 09:22 AM

isn't most of this hysterical bleating misdirected? who owned the rig? not bp. who drilled the well? not bp.

it's as if you were renting a vacation home, had a problem with the water heater, had a hvac person come out to fix it (the best in the biz, by the way) and he screwed up and blew up the house....and everyone blamed you.

bp is an easy target. especially b/c they are out front in the efforts to try and clean up this disaster...

...and will it really take 15+ years for the gulf to recover? I'm not saying it won't, I'm not a scientist...but I'm guessing neither are the people who are throwing around the 15 year time frame...I'd really like to know. Will fish stocks be forever damaged? I can't imagine that. Beaches where there will be oil washing up in 2025? Really? Again, maybe, I don't know, but I'd really like to hear from someone smarter than myself...

Posted by akiniti May 17, 10 09:41 AM

The wellhead shutoff device should have been, specified by federal law, an indestructible, redundant failsafe device dependable as a flight data recorder. Why it was acceptable to install a used, modified unit with a compromised or dead battery defies comprehension.

This shutoff device was the last safety valve to prevent unheard off ecological and economic devastation in the Gulf Coast area. Every wellhead shutoff in operation should be inspected and replaced if there is a hint that it might not function as designed.

It appears that this well field, sitting under hundreds of billions of tons of ocean, is enormous and may leak for a very long time. I doubt BP can afford to remediate this disaster even if it is completely liquidated.

The lesson for the future is that failsafe devices must be failsafe. Those responsible for compromised devices should be dealt with in a manner commensurate with the large extinction of life and millions of ruined lives that they are responsible for. (There is no punishment that severe.)

Posted by Foveator May 17, 10 10:58 AM

Can't you just plug the hole with Oil Tycoons.............I think the world should try..............its got to be better than what the tycoons are doing or about the same. BP should be shut down .........completely.....let the other oil companies think on that as they take chances with others lives and lively-hoods and theworld that we are passing on..

Posted by Ed S. May 17, 10 11:02 AM

Don't blame only BP for this. Everyone who drives a car fueled by petroelum is complicit. In your name oil is drilled. In your name oil tar sands are being mined in Canada, and these are the consequences of your lifestyle choices.

Posted by Letsrecyclemore May 17, 10 11:12 AM


As we set snugly in our heated and/or cooled home drinking our hot coffee watching the clock and getting ready to jump in our cars and go to work we condemn BP of the audacity of inflicting us with the fallout subsequent to the recent industrial accident in the Gulf Of Mexico, we should think about why BP was out there in the first place.

It is common knowledge that the United States is the largest consumer of petroleum products on the planet. The houses we live in, the cars we drive and the products we use daily (like the computer you are using to read this message), consume petrochemicals in some form or another. Even organically grown vegetables are driven to the market in gas/diesel powered vehicles or tended with implements produced through the same.

Being so, we are as much to blame for this unfortunate situation as the oil companies themselves. Where there is a demand for a product - there will always be a supplier - whatever the risk. When we start pointing fingers we must, at least occasionally, point those same fingers at ourselves.

While BP strives to clean up this mess, we should consider how we can help to minimize the risk of another disaster happening in the future because, sooner or later, another will happen - It is impossible to consider otherwise.

What can we do? The only reasonable course we can take is to develop an alternative energy source. Given our addiction to our current lifestyle, a worldwide human population boom which increases the demand for energy in some form, and the improbability of being able to close this 'Pandora's Box' by returning civilization to a pre-industrial age - this is our only prerogative.

Call To Action:

We, as people, have the ability to determine the fate of the world and the course of human civilization. We can make a difference. How you may ask? By pressuring our government to spend the necessary resources to make it so. Instilling safeguards on our current energy source is only one way but this is only a stopgap measure. When dealing with complicated processes such as those involved in drilling and producing oil - accidents will happen - it is inconceivable to think otherwise no matter what safeguards are in place. The only true alternative is to develop an alternative source of energy. It can be done - all that is lacking is the will to make it happen.

Almost half a century ago we did the impossible. We sent men to the moon. We did this at the cost of trillions of dollars and uncountable man hours simply because we wanted to do so. Admittedly, our government was motivated in making this happen for political and military reasons but in order to make it happen, they needed the public's approval.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. The public wants an alternative energy source and we want it now - not some time in the distant future - what ever the cost - WE WANT IT NOW. We are not ready to wait until our environment is decimated through the use of fossil fuels and the world is no longer inhabitable by lifeforms of any kind.

Yes, we as individuals can make a difference. We can stand up as one voice and demand that our government do what it takes to develop an environmentally safe alternative energy source by demanding that our politicians make this happen - make it a prerequisite to securing your vote.

How can I do this you may ask? Simply copy this email and send it to your Senators and Congressmen while you are checking your email and drinking your tea or coffee in the morning. Make up a distribution list containing your local politicians and with three clicks on your keyboard you can let them know how you feel - everyday. Send this email to your friends and have them do the same. Let your voice and concern be heard. Your grandchildren and your great-great-great-great grandchildren will be forever in your debt.

Don't let the recent tragic loss of human life and environmental tragedy be for not. Make it the fulcrum on which we, as a people, force the development of a safe, renewable energy source. Make 'WE WANT IT NOW' a household word and a political agenda.

Posted by RICHARD LEE HOOK May 17, 10 11:39 AM


Posted by JAMES May 17, 10 11:53 AM

You know I look at the pictures, and lord jesus this is one fine mess. If this was indeed caused by human error, then stand tall and correct it. People seem to forget that if we are going to dig for oil, that yes there is risk involved. Stop pointing fingers and work together to clean it up. Things happen when we stir around in places like this.

Posted by Cathy Duplantis May 17, 10 11:53 AM

The people who say "don't play the blame game" are often the most to blame.

Posted by heybob May 17, 10 12:05 PM

drilling will not bring gas prices down. period.

Posted by steve May 17, 10 12:29 PM

Man has destroyed the home of the sea creatures and the birds who depend on their life as the sea provides their home and food too, not just for 100 miles but for thousands of square miles.

It is just impossible to imagine. When will the greed end, when will the human being wake up and realize that we are killing ourselves?

Posted by Robin May 17, 10 12:30 PM

Obviously it's important to know who's at fault in all this, but, let's play the blame game later.

If we can get men into space, smash atoms at nearly the speed of light and send trains under the English Channel, we're probably well able to put all of our brains together and work on solutions to this.

It should matter if it's not in your neighbourhood, because it will affect us all in one way or another.

This is some awful stuff happening on our planet. It's the only one we've got.

To the BP execs, and all big corp execs like that... After you've died, all the fortunes you've amassed are pointless. You are greedy and disgusting and it's sad to see the results of cut corners. Thousands will be out of work, or feel the effects. Countless animals, generations of biodiversity, will be lost. The entire ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, ruined, by your carelessness. For what? Bigger paycheques? Less work?

Posted by Shawn P May 17, 10 12:43 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 17, 10 12:45 PM

Humankind is intelligent enough to solve this. Or Nature will do it for us. The pocket of oil will eventually run dry and we'll take credit for stopping the flow.

Posted by Michele May 17, 10 01:31 PM

Michele, look at any Exxon Valdez documentary..18 years, people's livelihoods, marriages and beautiful setting for children and animals later, and still you can dig for oil a handful down..and this is way bigger..than mankind or even nature can take credit for wipin' up. My heart breaks today for the innocent creatures, living and unborn, who counted on us to be guardians of this planet..whom we humans have sadly let down..

Posted by Kathy Lawson May 17, 10 01:53 PM


I think your idea of the top hat (dome) was and still nay be a good one. However, lacking a head (so to speak) ice crystals formed and it didn't work. What may work is an upside down dome within the primary dome that can be tilted out when at the wellhead. WALLA, NO ICE CYSTALS!
An idea from an old mostly bald headed man. GOODLUCK!

Posted by May 17, 10 02:42 PM






gowe on 606

Posted by a b May 17, 10 02:45 PM

i am so sad

Posted by karen youngblood May 17, 10 02:49 PM

Hmmmm...Just wondering what would happen if everyone on this site, collectively were to ask for "Divine Intervention" From The Almighty God on this crisis that the entire planet is facing?

It wouldn't cost anything, its free for the asking. Wanna try it? It could turn this whole situation around and make something good come from it.

I"m not a religious fanatic, but I do know that God still answers prayer and if we all were to ask him for Divine Intervention, he'll respond. You won't read about it in the newspapers, you won't see it on the TV or on the net, but you'll know in your heart that we were answered.

5PM today....join collectively in asking him. Try it!

Posted by BV May 17, 10 02:53 PM

BP is TOTALLY to BLAME for this.
They should have made sure their equipment was working to prevent this disaster from occuring in the first place. But no they were totally incompetent and the shut off did not work.

Posted by Jim May 17, 10 02:59 PM


Posted by Carl Sullivan May 17, 10 03:11 PM

BP is trying to clean it up , lets help them and blame later

Posted by george May 17, 10 03:19 PM

There was an article on the Huffington Post about the email a Goldman Sachs executive sent to his girlfriend the day before the rig went down. He wrote " We have sold short on the Gulf Of Mexico. If one rig goes down, we will be rolling in dough. Suck the birdies and fishies." Obama sent SWAT teams to all the other rigs in the area after the disaster. What does that make you think?

Posted by Mossy May 17, 10 03:22 PM

I did not read all the comments, but most that I did read were about grief and loss..the pictures told a story of a massacre, one that will affect our Earth for many decades to come. My heart goes out to Mother Nature and her wild life population that feeds from her oceans and streams to sustain themselves.
The Gas companies are now invading the North East , the Marcellus Shale is a massive area spreading from Lake Ontario heading south to Tennessee. Cabot and Chesapeake Gas Drilling companies have dug up the lands of northern Pennsylvania , poisoned farmers wells, destroyed the habitat of many animals that live in the beautiful mountains of Penn and New York State. We have been told by those who have already been struck with terrible endocrine diseases, disrespect for the land by depositing dangerous chemicals from " outflows " , gobbling up precious water from watersheds to fill the ill designed fracturing pipes to horizontally drill for natural gas. The folks from Texas, Wyoming and Colorado have been to our state telling us of with evidence of arrogant decisions willfully made by the Gas Companies , they have lied to you, they lied to us in our states, and the cost to " fix " the problems is a small amount compared to the " greed " money to be gained.
Greed has driven so many sick and dangerous Men and Women to trample over our landscapes, to take take take in any manner they see fit. The forests, the oceans, the rivers, the deserts, there are no sacred places to those who see a profit over the lives and dignity of others.
Our country has lost a lot of its human decency toward others. I am sick at heart over the disaster in the Golf of Mexico and of the head honchos who have known all along what their companies were doing.
I beg congress to reconsider the Safe Water Act and the letting of big Oil and Gas to have any right to what is under the Earth's Surfaces for any reason.We all need to be accountable for our decisions and actions. As it appears, this situation has much to do with the lack of accountability by greed driven Gas and Oil Companies.

Posted by Linda Johnson May 17, 10 03:34 PM

The thing that is the most discouraging about the whole disaster is that it was most likely preventable and was due to greed and the almighty dollar. Eleven men died and the damage can not even be estimated as to what will be lost and for how long. It will be like Christmas for the lawyers with an untold abundance of billing hours and the politicians will do nothing in the end. The people that were responsible will receive no punishment and ultimately, we the tax payer will foot the bill as usual. I feel so sorry for the next generations as they will be losing the most in the long run......

Posted by Captain Phil May 17, 10 03:59 PM

What about usnig the devices recommended by Kevin Kostner?

Posted by William Memmott May 17, 10 04:01 PM

You greedy, selfish, spoiled humans, give us a break! We too have the right
to live, unfortunately we have to share our beautiful planet with you, and because we can't complain, go on strike or force our way as you humans do,you forget that we are much more necessary to this planet than you would ever be! But you in your madness and greediness are destroying our common home.
I'm writing this in the name of all my fellow animals that are suffering and even in danger of extinction.
Excuse my errors I'm just a fish. Glu,glu glu...

Posted by nelly cobbold May 17, 10 04:29 PM

BP's new slogan: "Bringing Oil to American Shores" :-)

Posted by Edgar Blue May 17, 10 04:32 PM

This too shall pass!

Posted by JDM May 17, 10 05:00 PM

Crude oil is a naturally occuring substance. I'm sure this kind of thing has happened before we as a race had the understanding to notice. Yes, it's a mess. Yes, it didn't have to be this bad. Yes we did cause this our selves, and should go to any lengths required to fix it, but, yes, the planet will recover, just as I'm sure it has before.

Humanity is strong and resiliant. Some people will be out of jobs in this area forever. We must all do as our forefathers have done before us when relying on water from the wells. When the well runs dry, it's time to move to the water.

Basically what I'm trying to say is, the planet will recover, and after an adjustment period the people will too. Stay strong.

Posted by Meyaht May 17, 10 05:04 PM

Its a great article.. but.. the comments that people are leaving.. its unbelieveable...

You can't control everything.. no point in pointing blame.. just need solutions... learn lessons from it.. move forward..

But most importantly .. and I feel so strongly .. that people are forgetting about the loss of the 11 men and their families.. and those who were hurt...

Although we may get our waters and coast clean someday.. there is no way for them to replace the family member they lost.. :( and for those that survived.. the lifetime of grief they will endure..

Posted by Lisa G May 17, 10 05:05 PM


Posted by ROSE FABRE May 17, 10 05:44 PM

What a disaster. So sad.

Posted by Pedro May 17, 10 05:44 PM

Not to worry folks, Mother Earth will clean herself up- with or without us. At the rate of human reproduction, human destruction, and human waste, I truly hope I do not live to see it. For those who were never taught in school it is called "The Balance of Nature" and believe you me people, Nature will win this oil spill battle against the human greed and stupidity that has caused enviornmental problems. Only humans take more than they need and great natural destructions are in the forecast. We have started a horrible chain of events that will be our own destruction

Posted by Charli May 17, 10 06:09 PM

OMG! The dirty water, the birds, the fish, all the animals!! This is a total disaster, and it should have been thought of on the oil companies behalf. I am positive that they are probably sitting in a fancy building, sitting behind an expensive desk, calling people to help clean it up.
Now, if EVERYONE (yes, I am talking about the god damn oil company) pitched in, we might have fixed this by now.

Posted by Can You See My Face Right Now? D=< May 17, 10 06:50 PM

I know that there is evidence of pressure to speed up the drilling process by BP. However, I also know that Transocean was apparently guilty of careless mistakes which directly affected this outcome. My question is this: Why is BP, which did not own or operate this rig, the only company taking flak for this, and also the only company taking responsibility for this, and also the only company out there busting their buns trying to deal with the situation?

Posted by TVA May 17, 10 07:27 PM

its just so sad and too bad that humans are so dumb......

Posted by t.j. May 17, 10 07:29 PM

It would seem that the Oil Industry has forgotten the big Pemex blowout in 1979 -- that underwater Gulf of Mexico well blew in 1979 and spewed oil for NINE MONTHS. One debate argued whether it was flowing 7,500 versus 40,000 barrels per day -- a lot, in either case...

They tried a "hat", nicknamed "El Sombrero", that was not unlike to an upside-down funnel; it did not prove to be particularly effective, and it was abandoned after a boom hinge broke . There was speculation at the time that it may have worked, had it been "six times larger"...

At any rate, we are now looking at a blow-out that may prove to be similar in magnitude -- Were the "Top Hats" designed with consideration of the El Sombrero lessons learned? ...will the BP blow-out flow unbridled for 9 more months?

Posted by JT Greeno May 17, 10 07:30 PM

Those who say that this is "normal", and that we can't control it, move forward, we should think on those who lost their beloved ones, bla bla bla... And what do you think of the thousands of animals that are being affected and killed with this? the landscapes that are turning black oil and the natural reserves that are being destroyed because of this accident. Oh yeah we should learn and move forward. IF THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN BEFORE!! But it did happen and will happen again, and again, if the human race don't stop treating nature as it was dirt and dust as its always does. We don't own the world.
BP and the other companies involved should pay the full price of this disaster.

Posted by James May 17, 10 07:39 PM

things like this happen all the time?! why.. because we let giant oil companies push us around and be ignorant,collecting all our money and lining their pockets without the common sense to take PRECAUTIONARY measures? your right this isnt the FIRST oil spill but why cant it be the last?
its NOONES fault but their (BP's) own. if you wanna drill for oil then be prepared to pay when you F*CK IT ALL UP. im sick of this bs.

oh and i just saw an amazing video.. some farmer put hay , just regular hay grass over top of some oil on top of water and it soaked the oil up like nothin.. there ya go BP.. go die

Posted by jacob May 17, 10 07:42 PM

Oh I know.. we will use a toxic agent to disperse
the oil so its less visible to cameras on surface, that kills sea life. What a great idea. Then we will be less accountable?

Posted by v2 May 17, 10 07:45 PM

Does anyone remember the Ixtoc oil spill in the gulf of mexico in 1979? it released 10,000-30,000 barrels of oil a day for 10 months in the gulf of mexico. We are still here!

Posted by gulfcoastcat May 17, 10 08:11 PM

You think BP has the only oil pipe line in the gulf;

Posted by bobby-v May 17, 10 08:12 PM

We'll continue to use oil until it's almost all out, and then when no more money is to be made from oil, they will "miraculously" "discover" a new, profitable energy source to replace it. Don't worry folks, the gov't "has your back."

God is not the answer, science is the answer... too bad so many closed minded people fear god too much for us to put science at the forefront. I am not a believer in a god, but even if you are, wouldn't you think god gave us our immense intelligence for a reason? You can't take and take and take, resources are limited. We, as humans have the capacity to develop new methods of energy. Unlimited sources.

Hopefully ignorance and hatred of science will wash out in the coming few generations. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Posted by Jack May 17, 10 08:28 PM

I hope that whoever the knucklehead(s) are that are responsible for this rot in hell*...not something that I normally wish on anyone.

* = or suffer from an incurable yeast infection until the day they die

Posted by LJMansell May 17, 10 08:45 PM

"How's that "Drill, Baby, Drill" workin' out for ya?"

Posted by Anonymous May 17, 10 08:56 PM

OK. So idiots, heres the deal. In chiana they would have NEVER let a rig like this to drill because the have a general turn off switch that can stop the leaking ASAP. they don't wait two weaks after the fact to finally figure something out. And by looking at these pictures I want to cry. These poor animals did nothing wrong, it is human greed that will cause hundreds of seafowl, and marine life to parish. And if your not a die hard tree lover then let me put it into prospective for you. $$$$. Like our economy isn't struggling enought, now oil prices and seafood prices will rise, PITA will be on our butts for off shore drilling and we will pay out the nose for this. This stuff gets me so fired up!!!

Posted by Joan Hartung May 17, 10 09:29 PM

1. BP is not allowing inspection of information from acoustic maping of the urndersea oil deposits in the water sub surface est to be 70% of the spill. BP is not releasing Hyperspectral surface pictures of the spill area for analysis with University marine science collected by the US Gov.

2. BP is not conducting survelance and allowing the other assets in the combined command to talk to the press about what they are finding.

3. BP has more libility under the surface than they do on the top and a conflict of interest in management of the oil spill mitigation and gets it authority from a cozy agreement with US Dept of Interior.

Posted by BPoilworker May 17, 10 09:30 PM

While my heart goes out to all the families affected by this tragedy, the people who are insulting fossil fuels are all fools. Without oil, you all wouldn't have a fancy computer to write your anti-fossil fuel comments. Oil is responsible for the development of the modern world. It allowed for heating homes with without deforestation, electricity, modern medicine, and fast transportation. While other energy alternatives exist, they are still nowhere near as efficient or as cheap as oil. As we continue to make new discoveries in renewable energy and as the supply of oil diminishes, the price of oil will go up and the price of renewable energy will go down. This is how markets work... This change is not yet possible with current technology. Yes we can build solar farms and wind mills, but it is still much cheaper and efficient to build an oil burning power station. It is foolish to focus our resources on these technologies until they are financially sound. If we let the market work itself, the oil companies will logically begin to shift their efforts to renewables as their supply of oil dwindles. If we immediately cut off our addiction to oil, prices, across the board, will dramatically increase and the poor will suffer most. We need to let the market rationalize this shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. It can not be done any other way and if the government intervenes with the market, there could be terrible consequences. Accidents happen, BP should be liable for ALL damages THEIR accident has caused, but this should not and cannot end our use of our most valuable natural resource.. OIL. Oil makes our society work, oil saves lives, oil allowed technology to help us better understand ourselves, each other and our planet; and for that, I'm thankful for all the hard work energy companies have done to better this world. To them I say, "Drill baby Drill!"

Posted by John Galt May 17, 10 09:37 PM

Has someone pointed out that the oil from wells on US territories is sold on the open market so the idea that more wells offshore will make us "energy independent" is a farce.?

Posted by Philsy May 17, 10 09:40 PM

1. BP is not allowing inspection of information from acoustic maping of the urndersea oil deposits in the water sub surface est to be 70% of the spill. BP is not releasing Hyperspectral surface pictures of the spill area for analysis with University marine science collected by the US Gov.

2. BP is not conducting survelance and allowing the other assets in the combined command to talk to the press about what they are finding.

3. BP has more libility under the surface than they do on the top and a conflict of interest in management of the oil spill mitigation and gets it authority from a cozy agreement with US Dept of Interior.

Posted by BPoilworker May 17, 10 10:13 PM

Everyone bit$%ing about this, S^&t happens. I bet you still want gas for your vehicles though. I am on a rig in the gulf right now, yes drilling for oil for YOUR vehicles. Quit complaining. You people know NOTHING about the operations that go on , on an oil rig. Yes there is safeguards in place for this kind of accident, but youknow, when you are drilling in a mile deep of water all of those may not work. You cannot tame mother naure.

Posted by Oilfield Trash May 17, 10 10:15 PM

The really scary thing is what the pictures DON'T show: the unimaginable devastation in the depths of the ocean. As dark and deep as human greed.

Posted by J. Hershey May 17, 10 10:33 PM

This is one of the most tragic events in U.S. history. More and more these are the reasons we need to find ways to get away from being so dependent on oil as our fuel source. I think this world is going to pay for its greed and selfishness when it comes to big companies wanting to sidetrack safety to make a profit. B.P. needs to go back to the drawing board and fire every executive that knew about the phantom safety checks on every oil rig that they own and run. This is a sad time in this world of bad economics.

Posted by J.T. Haire May 17, 10 10:43 PM

how about a giant shamooo to clean this mess up

Posted by Anonymous May 17, 10 10:50 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 17, 10 11:16 PM

act of terror, just like 9-11 - but only bigger.

Posted by orange crush May 17, 10 11:51 PM

First of all, to anonymous....these rigs are not even remotely new.
Anyway, some farmers discovered something amazing that I don't understand why no one is using this! Hay attracks the oil! Watch this video. Hopefully someone with some power will see this!

Posted by Sarah Ecken May 17, 10 11:53 PM

Why not drill a companion well for the purpose of going several thousand feet below the bottom of the Gulf and rather than intersecting the bore hole and cementing it off; just get close to it and set off a large explosion big enough to cause a bridging effect to take place in the formation(s) and seal the vertical bore hole off once and for all? It only takes a small horizontal displacement in the rocks to accomplish this. Think about it; a 12' vertical hole, if that is the size of the bore hole only has to be shoved (so to speak) several feet to disrupt the flow coming up the hole. I will let the engineers decide on how much and what kind of explosives to use.

This should have been started the first day the well got away from them. The formations are easy to penetrate and the well drilled to 10 or 15,000' feet would have been finished by now.

Posted by Bill Waggoner May 18, 10 12:01 AM

To all the people tooting they're horns about alternative energy:
I am probably the only, or one of a very small number of people here who had LIVED in a 100% alternative energy house. For 3 years I lived in a house with no connection to the power grid. I am also an electronics engineer at the company I work for and have done exstensive research on all sorts of technolgies for generating power. I say this so that it is evident I am not pulling this stuff out of my ***.
I KNOW as surely as I know that the sky is blue that there are only a couple technologies that can generate sufficient baseline power to keep up with even a fraction of this countries power requirements at a cost even 50% of people can afford to pay. These technologies are:
(in order of how effective they are at powering modern society). This is FACT... Anyone that thinks otherwise is misinformed or (more likely) just refusing to face reality in hope that wishing will change the facts (despite this having NEVER worked... LOL).

I very much like the idea of electric cars but unless you build a large furnace or a nuclear reactor in your back yard you will have NO CHANCE of charging an electric car with any sort of home generated power. Even a under powered vehicle driven a short distance uses MUCH MUCH more power than you could hope to generate at home. A weak car would require at least 80 horsepower for short periods and an average of 15. If you lived just 15 minutes from work and drove ONLY to work and back you would need 11.19 kilowatt hours each work day if the vehicle was 100% efficient. Considering charging losses, losses in the motor and losses in the power electronics you would need at least 15KWh. A moderately sized to large solar power system will generate about 800W continious in full sun (the one in the house I lived in generated just half this amount and still cost over $5,000 new). This means that on a day that was sunny ALL DAY you could not generate even close to enough power to drive your car let alone power your house as well.
I won't go into the details of wind or small scale hydropower but the numbers are similarily dismal (slightly less so with hydro but you will still need a LOT of water flow to make it work not to mention an exspensive, high maintenence and potentially dangerous damm/generating apparatus).

The gulf disaster is a terrible thing but the mistakes that lead up to it were made by HUMANS... We all make mistakes so unless YOU are perfect you should refrain from going on a witch hunt. Yes the cost of this mistake is high but the benefits FAR FAR outweigh the costs. Incidentally you are reading this on a device which would not be possible without petrolium products so unless you're prepared to chuck it in the trash and never get another I suggest you lay off on bashing oil.

Posted by Duncan St. Ives May 18, 10 12:02 AM

What kind of vehicle do you drive/own? S..t happens, get over it. A bunch of whinney babies cannot solve anything instead just confuse issues. We are all to blame, not the oil companies not the governments, us, me and you. We have lived our comfortable lives in our comfortable little houses drive our fancy little cars and drink and eat all we want without thinking about what the cost can be. We should have taken notice back in the 70's when gas lines were long. We should have begun to change then but no, we were all happy and content waiting for some one to come along and make the necessary adjustments so we can go on in our comfortable little world.
Now that a mess like this happens it's so easy for you to sit there in your comfortable little place and throw blame around like some cheap whore. Stop complaining, quit sniveling and lets work together/ vote together decide together on how we can make it right.
Sure it's a nasty job but we will get over it in the long run. God gave us a brain so start using it and stop using your mouth. It is disgusting to see so many whinning and bemoaning the misfortune that has befallen the country. But you know it's lackadasical attitudes that have gotten us into this and if we can't begin to work together we will only become more mired down and will continue in mass chaos.
I read it all and there is about two comments that I have read that make sense, the rest of you twerps are like caterpillars on the rim of a flower pot, going round and round and round with your nose stuck up the one in front of you with your eyes closed and think that you are really getting somewhere.
Wake, each and every one of you are the help.

Posted by Dennis M. May 18, 10 12:09 AM

I do believe this is severly hurint our planet, but how else are we going to get by? If you think about it, there are sooo many little things made out there that everyone can't live without. How are those little things going to be produced if we all have to turn to electric cars? Electric cars= More expensive= losing so many small but valuable companys in America that can't afford all these new free energy vehicles

Posted by Travis May 18, 10 12:24 AM

Accidents happen,This one is not as bad as published,But what is bad is the apathy of this adminastration,Oboma would rather place blame than help fix this mess, If we drill in shallower waters ,inspections would be easier along with repair, How about spending more time with this and not with Arizonas enforcement of law, Greed has nothing to do with this,Would you want to skip maintenance on your own car and roll the dice?

Posted by Don Hillberg May 18, 10 12:27 AM

I like the oil its softens the skin! :) I SAY DRILL MORE!!!!!!! but BP is not a safety conscious company. I implore you to review their record!!! Don't hold our oil economy hostage over the unsafe acts of one overseas company.

Posted by WHATABURGER May 18, 10 12:32 AM

People - People - People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is everyone blind to what has happened & what is going on??????????? I can tell you this - BP knew this would probably happen but didn't take corrective action to prevent it because of one reason & only one reason, and the US Gov didn't force them to either for the same exact!!!!!!!!!!!! I've worked for large utility companies at nuclear power facilities as a NUC, I served in the US Navy as a NUC on subs, I've also worked at DOD & DOE sites. I've dealt with the NRC, EPA, OSHA & other federal agencies and have seen or been exposed to the absolute worst of what this country of ours has done. and guess what - we're probably one of the most conscientious countries in the world & look how badly we've done. You better believe that we will never know what the gov doesn't want us to know - period! Anyone who doesn't realize that is just being naive or ignorant of the truth. point being - we will never know how bad this spill really is (hopefully it really isn't much worse than what they are telling us). You really want to help - take Mr. Callaghan Grants advice (posting 840) & take matters into our own hands by hitting the oil companies where it will hurt the most.........their pockets. That will force the politicians who are supposed to be working for us & who we pay (wow there's a thought) to work for us instead of the oil & utility companies and finally make positve changes. That may or may not work - but it's a heck of a lot more proactive than just trying to make your point thru some eloquent posting........imho

Posted by MP May 18, 10 12:37 AM

The Alberta Oil Sands does not look so dirty anymore.

Posted by Dude May 18, 10 12:48 AM

Well ladyz and gentlemen , all i can say, is that if you drive a car or in this case a suv, you are guilty.
i used to live in California and people are trying to "drive small cars and hybrids because of gas prices". which in this case is good and it makes sense to the planet. Well where im going , is that in "Texas and other states" american people(including the illegals) , drive "big ASS trucks" a , just because they have cheap gas. well i think that they should adopt california's model, when it comes to emission, that would "force people to drive smaller and waste no gasoline". longe term solution.
move into a hybrid system , or solar. in this

Posted by i care about the planet i drive a little car. do you? May 18, 10 12:48 AM

okay comment person 918. i live in texas and um, i dont know where you've been but gas is expensive everywhere. its all about money and who does or does not have it. nothing to do with gas prices being cheap. if people care about the enviornment they do what they can to preserve it. however, do you reccomend me riding my bike or taking the bus every day to my university that is a 45 minute drive on a good day? it is what is it. and as awful as these pictures and this whole story is...i simply do not have the means to purchase a battery powered vehicle that will need a 5,000 dollar replacement in 4 to 5 years. i do agree with you though when it comes to finding a lonh term solution

Posted by Anonymous May 18, 10 01:06 AM

Regardless of who's to blame or why it happened, we better do something about it or you can count on it happening again. And I'm not just talking about the here locally near the US - remember TMI in 79, that pretty much killed the US Nuclear Power Industry (we thought that was bad and then boom - CHernobyl hit less than 10 years later)....get the point.

As long as we're dependent on oil (and make no mistake - regardless of what anyone thinks, we will be for some time) accidents like this can & will happen again.

We have the technological means to significantly reduce our dependency on petroleum, the cost is what is prohibiting us from doing it (like what Mr St Ives pointed out). That and plain will.............if humans want to do something badly enough they always seem to find a way. If everyone's existance was at stake & our lives were in immediate danger, I betcha we'd figure out way to do it!

Also my hat's off to the thousands of people who are trying to help & make a difference. I haven't read many comments about their efforts, which truely are making a difference to many animals, birds & sealife in the Gulf - thank you all.

Posted by John P. May 18, 10 01:29 AM

I love life. I love my fellow men, I love my family, and I love my life. However, I would happily trade all human life in this planet, including me, my family, loved ones, all of us, for the complex, wonderful and miraculous biological network that is Earth. I think this is the only way: we have proven incapable of coexistence, I hope we all die, and soon, so the Earth can endure.
It's the most common thing on Earth, so what's so special about human life? Compared to the life of animals and plants, we are nothing. Compared to the immensity of the ocean, the height of mountains, the forests, the mere permanence of things even when they're not alive. So easily corruptible by the most stupid things via advertisements that it makes it impossible for me to have any hope.
No hope at all.

Posted by virgilio larralde May 18, 10 02:12 AM

Please you all come and join. I am from the MS Coast. Our Governor Haley Barbour says our coast is fine ! Our local news have a minimum coverage and telling people our water here is still fine! I talk to People and they ask why I am upset ? WE NEED HELP here and now ! I know we can not stop the Leak. But I know together we can STOP them to kill our Environment !

Posted by Tammy Walker May 18, 10 02:16 AM

I am deeply saddened! poor wildlife, they only have us and we are there worst enemy! i am sorry that i need oil in my life.....

Posted by upinya May 18, 10 02:54 AM

Ohh god =(

Peoples, lets_save_the_world!

Posted by Anonymous May 18, 10 03:31 AM

What is the pressure of the leaking oil ?__________what is the pressure if capped?______________ What is the tempurature of the oil?_______Temperature of the water ?_______-Exact depth of the leak?________what is the pipe made of?_______

Posted by Frank Acri May 18, 10 03:33 AM

cool pix

Posted by Anonymous May 18, 10 03:35 AM


Posted by Micki Bria May 18, 10 06:15 AM

It is my Wish that not a single taxpayers dollar goes to help BP clean up their mess.
I am sickend by the situation.
The photos displayed above bring a horrendous story into a visible reality good work showing the truth.

Posted by Geoffrey Warner May 18, 10 06:34 AM

You look at Mr. Daniel Dingel in the Philippines driving a car powered with water and you wonder why people are still drilling for oil. Answer: some very rich people want to make big money forcing us to use this obsolete source of energy. If the general population wouldn’t be so ignorant and indifferent we could have a chance of changing this situation, but unfortunately the general population seem to prefer being exploited and lied to. Reminds us of the Israelites that didn’t want to reach the promised land but wanted to go back to slavery in Egypt; (Numbers 11:20; 20:5)

Posted by Luís Silva May 18, 10 08:15 AM

To all the people tooting they're horns about alternative energy:
I am probably the only, or one of a very small number of people here who had LIVED in a 100% alternative energy house. For 3 years I lived in a house with no connection to the power grid. I am also an electronics engineer at the company I work for and have done exstensive research on all sorts of technolgies for generating power. I say this so that it is evident I am not pulling this stuff out of my ***.
I KNOW as surely as I know that the sky is blue that there are only a couple technologies that can generate sufficient baseline power to keep up with even a fraction of this countries power requirements at a cost even 50% of people can afford to pay. These technologies are:
(in order of how effective they are at powering modern society). This is FACT... Anyone that thinks otherwise is misinformed or (more likely) just refusing to face reality in hope that wishing will change the facts (despite this having NEVER worked... LOL).

I very much like the idea of electric cars but unless you build a large furnace or a nuclear reactor in your back yard you will have NO CHANCE of charging an electric car with any sort of home generated power. Even a under powered vehicle driven a short distance uses MUCH MUCH more power than you could hope to generate at home. A weak car would require at least 80 horsepower for short periods and an average of 15. If you lived just 15 minutes from work and drove ONLY to work and back you would need 11.19 kilowatt hours each work day if the vehicle was 100% efficient. Considering charging losses, losses in the motor and losses in the power electronics you would need at least 15KWh. A moderately sized to large solar power system will generate about 800W continious in full sun (the one in the house I lived in generated just half this amount and still cost over $5,000 new). This means that on a day that was sunny ALL DAY you could not generate even close to enough power to drive your car let alone power your house as well.
I won't go into the details of wind or small scale hydropower but the numbers are similarily dismal (slightly less so with hydro but you will still need a LOT of water flow to make it work not to mention an exspensive, high maintenence and potentially dangerous damm/generating apparatus).

The gulf disaster is a terrible thing but the mistakes that lead up to it were made by HUMANS... We all make mistakes so unless YOU are perfect you should refrain from going on a witch hunt. Yes the cost of this mistake is high but the benefits FAR FAR outweigh the costs. Incidentally you are reading this on a device which would not be possible without petrolium products so unless you're prepared to chuck it in the trash and never get another I suggest you lay off on bashing oil.

Posted by DeVnte May 18, 10 09:00 AM


Thank you for speaking common sense. I think we would all love a utopia where energy could be created with no side affects. I would love to get off the grid and use solar but only because I would like to be completely self sufficent. HOWEVER, the reality is, unless we are prepared to live as we did 150 years ago, this will not be possible. The benefits far outway the risks...just look at hospitals. You would have to remove 90% of the equipment used in those facilities that have greatly improved life and health.

Posted by mw May 18, 10 10:10 AM

Come on folks - you are all typing this from your computers (which require electricity). You live in the modern world and the modern world runs on energies that when produced ruin the natural order of things. Unless you want to live like 'little house on the prairie' we are all to blame! Let's clean up this mess! There are safe ways to get oil out of the earth. Ignoring the safe methods that we already understand is the root of the problem here! Alternative energy solutions need to be explored but anyone who thinks they are saving the earth by driving a fancy electric car is only fooling themselves. Wait until the nuclear power plant that produces the energy for your little car battery has a meltdown.

Posted by Laura May 18, 10 10:13 AM

It is sad to see how uneducated most of Americans are as to how the petroleum products and fuel for our energy needs are developed and made available. Sure it’s a terrible event but what are the other options right now for energy???? The economy is driven by Energy and the US is the primary consumer. Everyone has their opinions such as these 2 I have read… some want to go to alternative power sources and some want to shutdown/limit offshore drilling…no problem!! that just means we will grow even more dependent on other the countries that are producing oil…most of which are not what we would call allies to the US.
And to comment 912:
“Why not drill a companion well for the purpose of going several thousand feet… ”
If you really think you can do something like that, a 12-in hole to 10-15,000ft down to set off explosives!!!?? Buddy get after it. You would totally defy all know laws of physics including a new understanding of pressure, gravity, and a radical industry change that has been drilling for over 100 years with a lot of great minds going in and out the industry during its time. Oh and also doing this in 5000ft of water with pressure that is equivalent to you being a hamburger and having a Dump Truck roll over you.
In closing, just wake up America and look at yourself as well as the oil companies. I can’t wait to see everyone’s comments once the price of gas hits $10/gal when we become completely dependent on foreign oil, which would bring us a lot closer to prices in many other places in the world.

Posted by Chase May 18, 10 10:16 AM

So many JOBS being lost every day because of this disaster. Who will be responsable for our bills not being paid and mortgages not being paid. BP has caused many more problems than they can imagine. How can these top of the ladder people sleep at night. Our country is going through a depression and BP put the icing on top! It's not there families struggling, but they sure added to the struggling in our daily lives. Will they follow the rules and regulations now that they have caused the BIGGEST man made disaster in human history? I Doubt It!!!!!
We can only pray that GOD will help clean this mess up, and that he will give us the grace & strength to forgive those who have HURT us all so DEEPLY. Because we all must know that we can't make it into HEAVEN with ugly in our heart. Keep all of our families who are being hit by this terrible event and those who will be hit along the coast line in our PRAYERS. Where there is Prayer there is Hope.
May GOD Bless Us All. From the deep south of Alabama, D.

Posted by D May 18, 10 10:52 AM

well one thing is that this is really is the most terrriable thing tha t I have ever seen, what in the world is going on.Please can we do something or not.

Posted by Rhonda Brown May 18, 10 11:24 AM

Did you know whales have feet? They're going to need their feet now to run from the oil.

P.S all the people saying that humans are stupid and are to blame, you're a human to...duh.

Posted by Kimberly Maury May 18, 10 11:39 AM


Posted by Connor May 18, 10 11:51 AM


Posted by Connor May 18, 10 11:58 AM

BP is as heart sick as any one over the potential environmental damages that have already occurred and may worsten. BP is in the business to furnish energy to the U.S. and the world for what is in demand. Not just oil.. They have heavily invested in future energy uses such as natural gas, solar and wind. If any one would inquire to a person that is involved in the oil producing business, no matter which company they work for, they would tell you that BP leads them all in the practice of safety. Accidents happen, and will continue to happen. To blame all the problems on one oil producer is unfair. BP wants a resolution to prevent a future occurance such as this as much as any one.

Posted by Doug May 18, 10 11:58 AM

This never would have happened if I was President!

Posted by Joe Biden May 18, 10 12:00 PM

Who is to blame? Everyone. It is easy to say that we should not drill for oil and gas anywhere, because of the potential for accidents. So do we go nuclear? Not an option when it takes up to 20 years just to get one reactor permitted, approved and built. How about methanol? It takes more than one gallon of energy equivalent to produce one gallon of methanol. It also takes large volumes of fertilizer to grow the corn to make the stuff. Corn that could feed the hungry goes in the gas tank. And, oh by the way, the fertilizer run-off into the Mississippi River then goes into the Gulf Of Mexico where it depletes the oxygen in the water and creates a large "dead zone" that continues to get larger each year. Maybe we should request BP to keep the spill in that area since we already killed all the sea life there. How about solar? How much money do you have, because that ain't cheap. How about wind power. Many people want this---but not in their back yard. Put it Texas or Oklahoma because no one cares about these areas, especially the decision makers in Washington D.C. So what is the answer. No piece of equipment or activity is perfect and without risk of failure. Does anyone really think BP doesn't care? They may not be all that altruistic, but no company desires to spend $$$$$ to clean up after an accident. So for everyone that can do nothing but complain, what is your solution? Are you ready to to give up your cars, air conditioning, big homes etc and go back to what it was like 100 years ago. We do need proper inspection and regulation, but who is to provide that? The brain trust in Washington. Now that is as troubling a thought as the current disaster in the Gulf. Stop drilling just doesn't make sense any more than not flying because a commercial airliner crashed or not using trains because a train crashed or not driving because there are thousands of accidents and deaths each year. It is easy to blame and complain, but not so easy to solve problems.

Posted by Tom Schmidt May 18, 10 12:04 PM

it is time we invest in massive public transportation system that reduces our dependence on oil. No more spending on broadening highways that carry single passenger vehicles almost 99.9% opf the time. If you care about the environment - you should put up with some inconvenience of public transportation. The oil lobby has caused our government to wage illegal wars of occupation overseas while neglecting our own infrastructure and social services. Say no to corporatism that controls both republicans and democrats.

Posted by katydude May 18, 10 12:19 PM

Nice pictures

Posted by Anonymous May 18, 10 01:35 PM

God forgive us....God help us

Posted by T.Hicks May 18, 10 01:43 PM

I just hope they stop the oil before it starts to get to more places. This is such a terrible disaster and hopefully BP will learn form this.

Posted by Zach May 18, 10 01:57 PM

Our world will awaken only when we suffer enough to be forced into awakening . We choose how much we suffer. The more anger we generate the less awake we are. All we can do is love, and diminish our egos. Once the majority of this world has done so then we can experience true Peace and occurrences such as this one will be unheard of.. We are all created as peacemakers but we choose our egos instead. CHOOSE PEACE whether you are helping to clean up this mess or "fighting" for the politicians to listen.. Only do these things with love or it means nothing.

Posted by Gray May 18, 10 02:16 PM

i hate that people are lashing out at one another on this site. humans are to blame period....just because you drive a hybrid doesn't mean you are exempt....we all have out share of need for the use of oil.....not everyone can afford a new hybrid, it doesn't mean we wanted this to happen, cars were around before most of us were born as i seem to understand. stop pointing fingers of blame, unless you would like to put a down payment on a new prius for the rest of us!

Posted by Marissa May 18, 10 02:26 PM

If you think oil companies are the root of evil then don't buy gas, don't fly on planes, don’t go on cruises, don't heat your homes with oil, don't drive to work, don't buy groceries that were trucked to the store, don't use FedEx, UPS or the Post Office for package delivery, don't wear clothes with synthetic fibers, don’t wear clothes with natural fibers (because they were grown and shipped with machines that rely on oil), shut down your damn computer and go back to horses and buggies and log houses (but don't use a chain saw to cut down the wood). And while you are wallowing in your self-righteous, self-serving, indignation the rest of us will have to demand more from ourselves, our companies and our government to make sure that we as a country can get the oil we need, that it is produced in the safest most ecologically sound manner possible, and that we have planned and prepared for disasters so that we can stop the damage and recover as quickly as possible. Two choices wallow or rise up.

Posted by David H. May 18, 10 04:11 PM

This is n act of terrorism as clear as any outside one except it has been done by American money seekers in thename of greed. A little more inspection wouldhave avoid this and saved 11 lives. These are evilmen who seek oil in the name of human needs when it is actually because it makes them rich. What a tragedy for the earth and its people.

Posted by dina May 18, 10 04:45 PM

There are so many comments, and so many of them duplicating what has been said, that I could not spend the time to read them all. Sufficient information has come out to date to affirm what we all thought we knew when this tragedy began: human error was involved and, for the majority of us, it does not matter who screwed up; BP, as the leaseholder and by the terms of the contract for that lease, is responsible for all monetary loss to all. There may be legal recourse for BP to recover at least some of their costs from a third party (or 2 third parties) but that is yet to be determined
and is of no present concern to those affected. From what I have heard to date, the ecological damage is minimal and it is still a major unknown as to the final result. I am one of those who feel that finger pointing is not productive. There will be a lot of time to figure out what went wrong and for technology to prevent a recurrence. In the interim, all of the major players involved need to do what is prudent to protect the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The doom-sayers are speculating that the oil could get caught-up in a current that could expand the disaster to the Atlantic coast. I have to think that will not happen. What I did not see in the numerous postings that I read is that petroleum is an absolute necessity in so many products other than gasoline (medicines, plastics, etc. etc.) that directly impact our lives (not only in the U.S.). Fix the problem now, fix the blame later.

and, is really of no concern to those affected.

Posted by Jeffrey Reilly May 18, 10 05:25 PM

I was glad to finally read some sensible comments regarding the economics of of our energy situation rather than the weepy "Mother Earth" and "greed" tirades.Everytime I fill my car I am thankful that someone is pulling oil out of the ground to give me freedom to travel in a swift and safe vehicle. Oil drilling in Alaska would have very little environmental impact,lower cost, and less hazzard for the furry creatures.

Posted by Jack May 18, 10 05:51 PM

How many people will be getting sick and die young from clean up efforts just like 911? God put the oil under the ground for a reason we all should work hard to show the wisdom to leave it there.

Posted by Rob T May 18, 10 05:56 PM

With all of the money that you greedy fat cats have made, do you think you could have made a disaster plan that revolves around the age old adage "What IF". Here it is dummies. Went to become a engineer for what? MONEY. You fat cats could give a damn about this planet, you are only concerned with lining your pockets. As far as the idiots who say we are all to blame, Go to HELL! That's a bunch of hooey! I remember the Exon Valdez. What did we learn? We know what oil does to a fragile environment, but where were the genuises in this scenario. It's all about the money and cutting corners to make it. Spare me the crap about shared responsibility! I expected you greedy idiots to have a plan to avoid such a catastrophe. KNUCKLEHEADS! Better get to cleaning up your mess and don't ask for any sympathy from me. My sympathy rest with the creatures of our planet who had no say so in what a bunch of greedy fat cats were doing. OK you can get back to scratching your heads. Will someone please find an alternative to using fossil fuels. I want all of these people responsible standing in the unemployment line. NOW!

Posted by Robert Fishback May 18, 10 05:56 PM


Posted by NOISE May 18, 10 06:04 PM


Posted by BRISCO May 18, 10 06:14 PM

Its not the end of the world. We have learned a lesson and will do better..Maybe we should have been drilling in alaska on dry land where this would not have been a problem..

Posted by jboy May 18, 10 06:29 PM

Photos saisissantes!
Courage aux Louisianais, lâchez pas!!!
Katharina and BP: an explosive cocktail for the coast and the people!

Posted by Hélène Deschênes/ Québec May 18, 10 06:38 PM

Where's Captain Planet when you need him.

Posted by Pat May 18, 10 07:19 PM

Has anyone else remembered the fact we wouldn't need so much energy if the worlds population wasn't growing so fast? I see the points on both sides, for the environment and the oil industry. There is so much demand on all the resources, (energy, water, food etc) because everyone thinks it is their right to have as many children as they want. No I don't think we should have a law about it, but what is wrong with one or two kids, to replace you and your spouse? There are so many people both well of and poor who keep 'accidentally' ending up with 3, 4 ,5 or more kids.

We also have got ourselves into the mess of urban sprawl requiring us to use so much fuel to get to jobs and other places we need to go.

Posted by tikigirl May 18, 10 07:25 PM

Ask Dick Cheney (in court and under oath) how BP got the permission to drill in an area where their safety measures were merely a wink and a nod.

His "secret energy policy" is still secret and has never been scrutinized.

Posted by Rowland May 18, 10 07:46 PM

I cannot add anger, only the deep pain and sadness I feel for the lives of thousands of animals that will die as a result of the carelessness and greed of people. It reminds of Chernobyl...a man made disaster that will cause pain and suffering for decades.

Posted by C Tun May 18, 10 08:56 PM

How can we help??

Posted by H May 18, 10 09:30 PM

I am in awwwwwwwww (unbelievable) at these photos!! These are those photos that the press is NOT putting in the papers, but should be in the paper. This is awful and the WORLD deserves to see them. Please pass them on to everyone you know!!

Posted by Louise Houston May 18, 10 09:31 PM



Posted by JAVIER May 18, 10 09:40 PM


Posted by Mark Voinche May 18, 10 10:03 PM

Thank you,, for bringing this to the forefront as a picture says a thousand words...

Frame #30 shows a doomed foul attacking its adversary. Since1975, we've had all that time and did NOTHING. Does anyone realize that the first oil well was drilled in the 19th century? The USA still hangs electric
wires on poles? The majority of our bridges and highways were built in the 20th century. It's now the 21st century. Time to catch up folks...

Posted by JR & His Guitar May 18, 10 10:09 PM

It's only a matter of time before mother nature teaches us a lesson.... But are we willing to listen, learn and change? The world has become too smart for its own good...truth is we are destroying ourselves and it's kind of like watching one of those end of world movies.....and its becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mankind has abused and disrespected every gift given by God- whomever, whatever God you pray to or believe in. We have abused the world we live in and should be ashamed!

Posted by Anonymous May 18, 10 10:14 PM


Posted by Mark Voinche May 18, 10 10:15 PM

I can't believe that three humans are working to save a bird. Their rationale is that we are responsible for this earth and that these animals are at risk because of human action. What about the hundreds of human beings that are dying everyday because of, not an oil spill, but our political/military pursuit of our own oil interests. These people need to take their heads out of their asses and start prioritizing.

Posted by Dennis May 18, 10 10:46 PM

Mankind is the cancer of the earth.

Posted by cris May 18, 10 10:47 PM

They should have had things already tested for things like this.

Posted by Sonny Krause Sr. May 18, 10 10:58 PM

Stop pointing fingers-get off your a$$ and come to Louisiana! Find your own damn energy. Do we what we do so EVERYONE can sit back and complain??? Hell NO-we do what we do because we DO NOT SIT ON OUR A$$ WHINE AND COMPLAIN! Come look at an offshore chart-see the number of rigs working and the number of wells, drilled and producing for YOU! Compare that to the number of "accidents" or as you say the "disasters". I assure you your attitude will change. My heart goes out to the families of the 11 LOST--I've read your comments and saw very few showing grief for the families. Stop adding to the problem with your "narrow" thoughts and help assure you are warm next winter!

Posted by Louisiana Born and Raised May 18, 10 11:23 PM

Money can't buy you everything and whats ufolding in the gulf is going to be one of the saddest reminders our generation will see...maybe one of the last if we don't get our s*it together quick.

Posted by Josh May 18, 10 11:39 PM

To all. Stop driving your cars. Stop buying plastic bottles. Stop buying food grown with fertilizers. Stop watching TV. Stop life as we know it and we won't have to drill for oil and accidents like this won't happen. But no one is going to stop their lives so we have to keep drilling. I for one, hope that they do shut the Gulf of Mexico drilling down. I hope that we see $200 a barrel OPEC oil over night and the very ones complaining will be paying $10 a gallon for gas. While they are at it. Louisiana should shut down the LOOP. The LOOP is where about 30% of the imported oil come ashore to be refined. 20% from the Gulf and 30% from the LOOP, that means 50% reduction in oil coming into the U.S. That should make for some goo gas prices. Humans have been exploiting the earth for natural resources for a long time and there is no end in sight. Get over it, get used it.

Posted by Scott Gilly May 19, 10 01:15 AM

John J Audubon Thank You for your beautiful drawings of Louisiana wild life. C. C. Lockwood Thank You for your beautiful photographs of Louisiana wild life and Louisiana's beautiful marshes, swamps and bayous. Your work may be the only way future humans get to experience the beauty that has been lost. NOTE: We have lost a very important eco-system on earth. If you don't believe me, time will tell the truth.

Posted by JAG May 19, 10 02:18 AM

Y'know those little water shut-off valves that most houses have in case you have a leak under your sink, or you want to put in a new faucet? Why can't something like that (obviously, on a grander scale) be installed on the oil pipes at intervals so if something like this happens, the oil flow can be stopped by turning off the shut-off valves?

Posted by Deborah in AZ May 19, 10 03:13 AM

Amazing how events like global air pollution's spectacular sunsets, or the kaleidoscopes of oil-fouled oceans can create such stunning visual experiences. Clearly, nature has provided for the presence of some very beautiful and equally uninhabitable planets in this universe. If there is no one to see it, is it still called art?

red slider

Posted by red slider May 19, 10 03:46 AM

Don't worry.
BP's President described the ongoing event on 2010/05/10 as being "an incident".
Incident. That's the word he used.
Repeated several times.
This is an "incident".

Posted by Arnaud May 19, 10 05:52 AM


The BP and president really don't care, they follow usual procedures. It's a shame.

Posted by Aleksey May 19, 10 07:08 AM

To all the posters out there that think we need to keep drilling ... what would we do if there were no more oil to drill? Well, I guess being the itelligent human beings that we are we'd invent new methodologies. We are greedy lazy people that will never come up with something new until we are forced to and all that oil is gone and are forced to think and come up with a better idea.

I for one hope we run out. Life would go on.

Posted by MJ May 19, 10 07:15 AM

Unfortunately this disaster is America's Chernobyl. Unfortunate that it was caused by a foreign corporation with such a poor environmental and safety record. Proper maintenance of all systems (blow out preventers, etc.) and adhearing to all standard protocol (keep string full of mud until all systems are checked) during testing likely would have avioded this disaster. I hope the US government and the Gulf states have a lein on all BP holdings worldwide. If they are to pay a fraction of the true damage including wildlife damages the total will be in the many $trillions.

Posted by Rich H May 19, 10 08:29 AM

I agree with Joan Hartung, two words - "Human Greed"!

Posted by J. Cavallaro May 19, 10 08:40 AM

wrt Dennis's comment, "What about the hundreds of human beings that are dying everyday because of, not an oil spill, but our political/military pursuit of our own oil interests. These people need to take their heads out of their asses and start prioritizing"
Oh yes, lets worry about the species that is overcrowding and exploiting the earth to the detreiment of the earth and every other species. Do you even have mind, or are you one big ego? You should be forced to live in the oil.

Posted by J. Cav May 19, 10 08:47 AM

that is the best

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 09:15 AM

Oil we may need, but greed is not good. Just like the recent mine accident, where Massey was cited for violations and yet the company fixed NOTHING and the goverment did NOTHING, seems BP and Transocean knew about problems and did NOTHING!!!! Guess they figured they'd deal with the consquences and pay off the victims after they'd made their money and banked it. So how about companies being responsible citizens and employers and fixing known problems rather than writing them off. How about the goverment protecting its citizens on the job and in the community by actual something BEFORE there is an accident. ACTION is what is needed, NOT excuses.

Posted by swdc May 19, 10 09:15 AM

they have magnetised oil these days to stick to your engine,why don't they run a current through it and draw it back into a magnetic tank,and make all oil retreavable in the future.....wishful thinking

Posted by Leighton Dunlop May 19, 10 09:19 AM

I am a resident of Louisiana very close to Venice, LA and it is amazing and disgusting all of the comments that are made here but no one is commenting on the destruction this tragedy is having on the people of this area. I know we are often looked at as the stepchildren and the northern people dont see why anyone should care about us down in Louisiana but we are people just like you. We are losing our seafood industry present and future. People are out of work and dont know what they will do. Fishing is a way of life her though many people dont understand the importance of our fishing industry. Maybe when seafood is hard to come by it may wake some people up. It is truly horrible that something has not been done yet to stop the flow of oil and to clean it up. Things are just taking too long but if we needed to be in Haiti tomorrow they would find a way to do it!!!!

Posted by Bell May 19, 10 09:33 AM

They have murdered our gulf, Oh My God, life as we know it on our beautiful gulfcoast will be no more , the poor wildlife and sealife, our marshes, our seafood, its to much to bear, I've lived in Mississippi all my life, the gulf is why I am here, my children will not be able to enjoy the gulf as I have all my life, pray for everyone along the gulfcoast, because we are going to need it.

Posted by S. Vice May 19, 10 09:33 AM

This is a disater of the largest proporsions.I fish and I know this will effect me for years probaly more time than I have left.That means the rest of my life.I can only hope my grandchildren will someday be able to use my fishing gear!
If we ran out of OIL you can bet the govt.would have to come up with a way to power our country.It is now and always has been about MONEY.It's time we the people take a stand and not let tragic spills like this happen.It's time to take the reins from BP and let our countrys experts work on a solution.BP has had thier chance WE can not wait any longer.

Posted by robbierhodeisland May 19, 10 10:16 AM

Another stellar example of big oil taking operational risk and deeming it acceptable until a catostrophic event happens. I am totally apalled at the actions of BP. The loss of life here and at the Texas city refinery and countless other violations are indicative of a profit only driven organization. BP should clean up its mess, sell its US assets to a responsible organization and get out of the US market.

Posted by JH May 19, 10 10:17 AM

It seems as if there is some life left in the world when i look at your posts, thank you all for the good input. Hemp . alcohol, hydrogen or biomass of some kind or other will create a lot of jobs. This disaster can be a wake up call to action, do something, vote with your wallet. pray

Posted by john May 19, 10 10:27 AM

i wish i could help. the oil spill is so big! from grade five class in petrolia

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 10:30 AM

In deeper water with a massive oil slick why don't we send empty oil tankers. They can ballast in to their ballast tanks. Let settle for 24 hours. Then deballast the dirty water. Most of the oil will remain on top. Stop deballasting leaving the oil. Consolidate oil into cargo tanks. Then repeat procedure. BP has it's own tankers and they can keep their oil. More than one tanker would probably make a major impact on recovering some of the oil that reaches the surface.

Posted by Tim May 19, 10 10:54 AM

this is wrong!!! i knoe who did this it was those stupid V.Ps company yup the V.P company did this. i hope they get suid cuz of them poor animals are dying!!!!

Posted by sabrina May 19, 10 11:25 AM

my bad its the B.Ps fault thanx alot your dumb dumbs!! i hope you people feel ashamed of yourself!!!

Posted by sabrina May 19, 10 11:28 AM

Greed and human error will be the downfall of us all. These pictures are a wonderful collection. It's almost been one month, and the U.S. news media have already put this story on the back burner. It's such a shame, but it was inevitable...

Posted by May 19, 10 11:42 AM

Ok .........where are the skimmer ships already????? I thought that they were going to do everything possible

Posted by Jp May 19, 10 11:49 AM

this sucks

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 12:11 PM

This is to ALL the "Drill Baby Drill" attitudes-----remember man only
uses 10-11% of his brain-----
The inventions that were bought up by oil-$ could have easily made that
change many DECADES ago!!
Please---you live on THIS planet--use reserve oil in order to change
really Green...
Stop your agenda---last chances are always regreted.
20 pieces of silver or gold is not worth ----

IMAGINE--oceans of black oil----then a match!

Posted by Carolyn Cauthen May 19, 10 12:21 PM

" This we know: The earth does not belong to man: man belongs to earth.
All things are connected, like the blood which unites one family.
Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of earth.
Man did not weave the web of life.
He is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web-he does to himself."

Chief Seattle ( 1786-1866)
Suquamish/Duwarmish Leader

Posted by Carolyn Cauthen May 19, 10 12:29 PM

Excellent photos. The solution to these problems is quite simple. When a Rig Manager/owner does not stop to replace a blow out preventer or any other peace of critical safety equipment for that matter, when rubber appears on the mud screen (a handfull was brought into the control room), drilling needs to stop, and when valves stick the equipment needs to be replaced. If the manager and safety supervisor override the operator and things go wrong, put them in jail for a time commencerate with the size of the catastrofy. Poor directives will cease.

Posted by Brian W. Raymond, B Sc, M Sc Engineering May 19, 10 12:30 PM

Is the water falmible

Posted by bob the tomato May 19, 10 12:51 PM

this is a disaster

Posted by victor May 19, 10 12:52 PM

what a disaster for the sea creatures in that ocean.

Posted by ejayyy May 19, 10 01:37 PM

What a mess. No animal should have to swim through this "fealth".

Posted by Marquise Owens May 19, 10 01:39 PM

Thats crazy.Hopefully we can get the massive oil spill taken care of.

Posted by Zayn H May 19, 10 01:40 PM

This is absolutly devestating to the enviornment. I don't know why people waste their time agruing on the internet when they could be out doing somthing about it. My mother and I are planning a trip to go and help the cause, cleaning up birds and other marine animals that have been caught in the oil slick.

Posted by TrikkyNikitaKainda May 19, 10 01:41 PM

omg this is so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by shakyra May 19, 10 01:42 PM

This looks terrible im never getting into the ocean again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Naomi May 19, 10 01:42 PM

the oil is by day.
how sad!

Posted by ejayyy May 19, 10 01:42 PM

This effects animals and there natural habitat

Posted by Marquise Owens May 19, 10 01:45 PM

its soo sad to see wat ONE disaster is doingg.
but at least were fixing the problem,
i FEEL bad for the animals that have to deal with our mistake
tHanK yu0 to0 thE onEs that are HelPing!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 01:45 PM

I think after seeing all these pictures it makes me realize how serious this spill was!!I am such an animal lover and to see what the spill is doing to the they are all covered in oil..and how the dolphins have to swim under all the muck!!!IT makes me wanna cry!!:'(...I wish the whole thing would have never happened..hopefully we can find a way to fix it!!and i think that if anyone could do anything they could to help they should!!Im really greatful and respect the people out there fighting to fix the disaster which was our fault!!!)':

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 01:46 PM

culpa de uribe

Posted by tulacan May 19, 10 01:51 PM

If we are going to continue a Hydrocarbon based life style this is the price we're going to increasingly pay as these resources become harder to extract. Ruined Oceans, gutted Mountain ranges and air and fresh water pollution. Were turning this planet into a hell-hole so a few people can get unbelieveably wealthy and the rest of us can just exist. Is it worth it?

Posted by Dragonfly May 19, 10 01:55 PM

Solutions are made as problems arise, it seems. We know we are dealing with dangerous gases and yet we think these companies will overlook expense and pay for safety. It is a problem caused by our daily existence, material fabrication and journeys to work. Leaning on oil for our energy is now visibly a disaster thanks to these photographs. Only we can save ourselves from this and other problems of this magnitude by having concern for our environment and workers safety as a priority. We know companies will not do this own their own, that is why we have government agencies and news agencies to find our weak links and report them before or as in this case document them for passing the blame and possibly finding new and better resolutions to better protect our lives later.

Please keep in mind all that is at stake, jobs, lives and the animals and wilderness that depend on more responsible behavior by companies drilling for oil and for that sake, working with any product that could create a disaster with such dreadful results.

I hope this huge oil spill does not effect our daily lives and all the fishes live in a healthy environment, though it does not look like it is going to work out so well for us or the fish. I truly feel we should suffer for this, the Catholic in me, and I hope the oil companies are taught a lesson by having to adhere to protocol in their procedures and that they have to pay enough fines and jump though enough hoops that acting in this way does not seem prudent. It is especially sad to think this could have been avoided if BP was not so certain that their slack attitude about safety was sufficient to cover their irresponsible action in closing that well off.

I do hope we recover our losses and the families that have been effected, especially the fishermen whose livelihoods have been decimated, start receiving a check directly from BP, without a huge hassle or waiting on sometime.

Posted by Joey Over Looking Biscayne Bay May 19, 10 02:33 PM

I have to agree with many that have said Dear God forgive us once again and again..again..for our humanly faults..
please help us humans that again have cause distruction to our beautiful mother earth once again...will we ever ever learn from our mistakes ? I do agree with others also that we must all do our part in this world to help, including looking into our daily lives..doing more recycling all begins with our home life and learning how to help make changes which isn't always easy when your are comfortable.
please lets all help in our own way..we can join together and make a difference, including praying for a miracle to help stop this terrible oil leak.

Posted by carollee May 19, 10 02:55 PM

Many of us will not see this problem get better in our lifetimes. It is unfortunate, but the honest to god truth. It is just another sign... We are destroying our own future!!! And yes I mean all of us.. hense the "WE"!!!!

Posted by blame ourselves May 19, 10 03:04 PM

Asesinos !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Juanjo May 19, 10 03:18 PM

This is not good.

Posted by James May 19, 10 03:45 PM

this is bad

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 03:46 PM

thats 2 bad :(

Posted by jr May 19, 10 03:53 PM

every employee of BP, Transocean and Haliburton should be required by law to drink, prepare food with and bath in the water they've polluted. then let's see if they keep making the same mistakes...

they are guilty of greed, complacency and negligence. this is nothing short of Environmental Terrorism and the responsible parties should be treated as such. their actions, or lack thereof, have caused damage far beyond the threat of any radical fundamentalist splinter cell. this is Extremist Capitalism and it's disastrous effects are suffered only by the people who gain nothing from it's exploits.

Posted by Paul May 19, 10 04:22 PM

This is THE MOST egregiuos account of MAN'S INHUMANITY TO MAN!

Posted by Darling504 May 19, 10 04:32 PM

All of this talk and NOT one word about CONSERVATION. I know it is not the entire solution but it would sure would help reduce our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels.

Walk to the store. Ride your bike. Reduce your heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Turn off your lights when not in use. Insulate your house. Sweep don't use a leaf blower. There are more simple things that would help CONSERVE energy. THINK CONSERVATION!

Posted by TonyL May 19, 10 05:12 PM

I really hate that this has happened but it happened, we need to keep drilling for oil and quit paying for our oil to people over seas.

Posted by Toby May 19, 10 05:35 PM

should have found a way to fix this before drilling egan

Posted by Phil May 19, 10 05:48 PM

this isnt good think of all the animals in the ocean dying probably because of the stupid oil explosion

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 06:30 PM

200 years ago someone was thinking of helping the worlds population .if they saw what it would become do you think they would have still tried?

Posted by wheels May 19, 10 06:32 PM

930...we probably won't pay in taxes, but don't worry. we'll pay this summer when we go to the pump.

Posted by nisse May 19, 10 06:34 PM

that is the most awfull thing ever lets just hope that everything turns out alright and that it people will forgive other people

Posted by alley May 19, 10 06:38 PM

google some of the technologies NOT BEING USED to clean this up: oil sponge, mycelx, aerohaz. these are known technologies, clean technologies, and BP and our government are not using them.

and why the moderator here would not let my first attempt through makes me sick too. none of this can happen without the CORPORATE MEDIA running interference and not doing their damn jobs and not asking questions to serve the public interest, but instead sucking up to their corporate owners.

Posted by A. Peasant May 19, 10 06:52 PM

Our Beautiful Gulf of Mexico. How shameful

Posted by Michael Cooley May 19, 10 06:53 PM

My heart is breaking....

Posted by Carolyn D May 19, 10 07:13 PM

High speed rail and mass transit is the only thing that will change the course of the southeastern United States. Its sad that the leaders there cannot figure this out. Our dependance on oil is like an addiction. Sometimes you have to open your mind and imagine joining the rest of the country and world, with rail and mass transit. Does everyone HAVE to have a car to go to the grocery 6 blocks away!

Posted by anne May 19, 10 07:16 PM

We do not deserve forgiveness. And the only ones who deserve help are those we inflict so much pain upon...they are the ones who pay.

Posted by Vayla May 19, 10 07:23 PM

This is terrible I wish more people would work on how to get around without polluting the Earth so we wouldn't have things like this on our hands. Honestly I wish someone would find the answer to this already.

Posted by Victor May 19, 10 07:57 PM

So Sad when you see the birds covered in oil :(

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 08:42 PM

Just another "incident" many more "incidents" will it take before we finally wake up........tongues are lashing, fingers are pointing....government round table discussions leading nowhere all while the oil continues to gush.....slowly torturing and eventually killing everything in its a plague......swallowing our environment and everything in it....and we thought we already were in the midst of an economic disaster......the greed just continues to harbor in the hearts/minds of humans at the helm trying to govern this country. Never should have happened.

Posted by Anne Y May 19, 10 08:50 PM

All i can say is "Really!!??? Glorified Floaties as your best containment stategy?

Posted by Anonymous May 19, 10 09:20 PM

This is just the beginning with world population growing to 10 billion people by 2050 and the UNited States at one billion by 2100 get very used to Solet Green because growth and economics will never and I mean never stop until there is a huge collapse of environment,energy,and food. Look whats going to happen is very simply, a world class Easter Island event. Sustainability is a nobel pipe dream politicians mouth to placate the green folks will never never happen. Remember who owns us and rules the world it is called money, greed, power, and wall street. Economic growth is God population expansion is the fuel of money and no politician,banker, investor, state or federal senator or congressman will ever allow anything in the way of an exponential growth of population. No scientist will ever be given the platform to communicate any danger and even if real science shows destructive environmental or economic data it be rationalized and countered by paid private corporate studies and promoted by press. It is not hopeless but no change will occur until there is global collapse. We are not an intelligent enough species to regulate our own greed and hubris.No culture in history ever has don't worry our kids are the ones who will be left with our mess,pollution,and economic destruction.

Posted by bob tallon May 19, 10 09:42 PM

So now you see before you, once again, the arrogant greed. which now controls our entire civilization.

What does it take for an awakening to occur?

This was totally unnecessary, you know. It is the result of sheer ignorance about WHAT this beautiful planet is and HOW she functions.

Nicola Tesla had a dream. He knew that there was an infinite supply of free-energy right at our fingertips and he PROVED IT. Many others have repeated his experiments many times since then. Suppression of this discovery has a long long history because ENERGY, like WAR and $$$, are the great political manipulators used by our social engineers to maintain their wealth and power..

Tesla's financiers J.P. Morgan and George Westinghouse set the course for this suicidal travesty of travesties. When they saw that Tesla knew how to tap the unlimited energy of the Universal Energy Matrix, their self-love of $$$ and power over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and chlldren won out. Business as usual. And they said, "WE CAN'T HAVE THIS BECAUSE WE CAN'T PUT A METER ON IT!"


So, it is fitting that our dysfunctional civilization should now drown in an ocean of oil--the result of its own choice.

Our energy problems COULD have been solved over SIXTY years ago and this beautiful planet would now be a garden instead of a rotting cess pool of death.

No matter. The planet herself knows how to CORRECT....unbalanced behavior, even when her criminal and irresponsible children have gone violently psychotic.due to their complete disconnection from who and what they are.


Posted by nestingwave May 19, 10 10:02 PM

You can talk about bird lovers and environmentalists, but there are people who's income are going to go capute.

By the way, I am originally from Houston and now live in Oklahoma and if you don't think drilling on land causes problems you are not very well informed. There are blow outs on land and there the crude and crude get into the ground water.

And maybe you don't care that your grandchildren may never see some of the animals we can see today.

Posted by Karen Webb May 19, 10 10:10 PM

To paul. You sir are an imbecile. To even think that much less say its shows just that much. 11 men lost their lives doing a job that not many ppl want to do. Your are gone over half of your life away from your family, on a very dangerous facility. I to work offshore on a platform very close to where the rig was and watched the tragedy unfold. Unless u live in a house made from tree leaves and drink from stream and eat what you grow. Using nothing made from petroleum products, you have no room to talk. I seriously doubt that you live like a cave man. My guess is your sitting in your airconditioned home at your lap top, with atleast 2 vechiles in the drive waySo if it wasnt for people like me and the men that died and all the others that wok in the oilfield

Posted by justin May 19, 10 10:34 PM

all the others that wok in the oilfield you wouldnt enjoy luxeries that you now do. If your worried about the global impact so much why dont you start your car hook a hose to the tailpipe and suck in some of the pollution that your are causing. just some of your own medicine

Posted by justin May 19, 10 10:37 PM

Only man will destroy the earth and a lot sooner than you all think .

Posted by kirk May 20, 10 12:04 AM

Oh man. The ability to sustain the same life we are living now can be done now by building a smart grid and creating wind farms and solar furnances. It would cost the country less than it has spent on the Iraqi war. We would still use oil but the rate would be comparitively low. There would be no need to drill deep water sea wells or drill in Alaska. Yes and you still could get in a car and drive to work and drive a pick up truck and raise an American flag. Whatever. Alternative energy isn't a dream it is here now. Read a little ding dongs. You ain't going find out about it on FOX news. Listen to some alternative stations. Not your local prayer radio.

Posted by Stan May 20, 10 12:40 AM

how can we stop these industrial vandals? by trying not to buy so much of their products.CONSERVE!
BP needs to be prosecuted and their greedy execs jailed

Posted by dave julian May 20, 10 01:12 AM

BP, a London-based member of the big three, has given the oil industry and the US three significant, preventable disasters: the line leaks in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the Texas City explosion, and now this. Exxon gave us Valdeez. Oil is a significant part of our lives. Support responsible, domestic energy companies, working too curb the climate effects of carbon emissions of oil processing facilities and develop alternative energy. Do you really believe that the thousands of scientists and engineers working for energy companies go to work everyday thinking of ways to destroy the world they raise their families in?

Posted by Kristie Carey May 20, 10 01:30 AM

I cry out for the sea life and birds that are going to first suffer for this huge greedy mistake that was made. Then comes the people that will be doing the clean up, and those that live in the gulf coast area. This nation should be ashamed of themselves for this. This nation will never learn to do the right thing. Why because they have taken God out of the picture, and have replaced it with nothing more than evil GREED. This oil spill is just one of many careless mistakes that we have seen. I pray to God that the right people come into power to make sure, that corporations will be expected to handle themselves in the utmost safety of our land. God Blessed us with this land could we not show some respect and gratitude.

Posted by angelgoes May 20, 10 01:53 AM

We've been conditioned by the television and stamped on our forhead the number of conformity (666) and told by the beast that the babylonian way of life is 'good and ideal'. Certainly we;ve been deceived for in our persuits of the good and comfortable life, we have turned a blind eye from the true destruction and isolated chaos we cause for the increase of our own benefit, becomming less and less concerned or even aware of our brother's welfare. we seek to build up our own kingdoms and forget the life stream inside. we forget the very nature of our being and stare at the television in a truly hypnotic state, beleiving the life sucking information being displayed to our minds. Now we can not hide the chaos and destruction we cause. For now the call of the Angel of destruction does speak and it speaks clearly. The earth no longer allows the rape of babylon to continue. For in the solution of this massive disaster, will be the answer to the new way and a peaceful world. Thank You. For there is a solution, but first we must join hands and give up our empty motivations and share in genuineness and Life. We must look to the higher ways, the higher light in union and in Love. First must the old ways and the old structures be cleansed from this globe. First must the angry and fearful change their demenor and go into a new way of trust and prayer and sharing. We are all in this together and this is one of our greatest learning moments in human history. It is time to accept the lesson. It is time to open our eyes, hearts and ears and recieve the cleansing words of heaven. For we are given power if we work side each other, the earth and the directing angels, to progress, only this time we truly progress into a higher light and higher reality. Thank You Ra. Thank You Jesus. Thank you. Interdeminsional workers of light. Amen.

Posted by Jennifer Eve May 20, 10 01:54 AM

It is rediculous. when will this stop??? how much of oil is waisted !!!

Posted by Vin May 20, 10 02:18 AM

I am just sickened by this development. I have to admit, I think all of us who consume oil based products have to take some sort of responsibility for the extent to which we are dependent on oil as a part of our existence. It is time we look at ourselves and decide that we need to embrace alternative energy sources and move that agenda along as rapidly as possible. We have so much energy just coming from the sun every day. It just is amazing we haven't been able to harness that potential any better that we have.

So, I keep thinking of a song I recently heard by a band I think is called Ugly Colors or Ugly Fellers or something like that called "Today Felt Like a Funeral". About a real tradgedy

Posted by neal May 20, 10 02:55 AM

Did we not know this would happen? Who gave a care when there was protest about offshore drilling? I understood why there was protest, didn't everyone else? Perhaps there could have been far more safety precautions before "we" allowed drilling to occur, as if we had a say. This is just shear bonehead engineering. Sad fact is too many American's actually don't give a crap anyhow. Maybe we should listen to the voice of reason in the future. This is a crime to all people of this planet. We all make mistakes, but do we flirt with disaster that could jeopardize the fate of our planet and all lifeforms that exist in it. I hope this wakes up the intelligent life loving people of the world to prepare a more green future. I'm not a doom and gloom thinker, i just know when i see doom. This has already doomed the gulf of Mexico folks. Dont let anyone convince you otherwise. The Damage has, and is done. Just as if you dropped acid in a glass of water and drank it. Not the end of the world, just another big ugly scar. Oppsie. Anyhow, Its still a beautiful world in many places where ignorance doesn't exist. I just rather use Hemp Oil !!!!!

Posted by Rizzard May 20, 10 04:09 AM

This is truly a horrible and preventable tragedy on so many levels... human and animal lives lost... the pollution and destruction.. livelihoods effected. These pictures bring tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart... as do some of the posts from both sides of the political spectrum here... wow... just wow.

The sad fact is ATM we have become and still are extremely dependent on oil and it's byproducts (like plastic & rubber) of it to survive no less enjoy life. This incident aside we NEED to break that dependence somehow and very soon because admit it or not fossil fuel is a limited commodity that we're using up with increasing speed. Another thing folks need to think about is that this dependence also makes us dependent on other countries, not always friendly to us, to get our needs met in an a semi economical manner.

We MUST work on getting this oil spill under control quickly because the ocean is basically the life's blood of our planet but this must also be a wake up call that we MUST work that much harder and faster at investing in, discovering and using (existing & upcoming) safer, less toxic and renewable alternatives to oil (and it's byproducts) so our needs can be met without the risk to the delicate eco-system we're messing up. Our politicians MUST put the interests of not only this country ahead of their oil company pocket liners but the world because we are ALL the caregivers of this planet and we NEED Mother Earth to survive so we can... we are ALL connected and interconnected to each other and to her.

I think the quote by Chief Settle that Carolyn posted bares repeating:
" This we know: The earth does not belong to man: man belongs to earth.
All things are connected, like the blood which unites one family.
Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of earth.
Man did not weave the web of life.
He is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web-he does to himself."

Let's STOP with the USELESS attacks and finger pointing and put our hands and brains to good use. Let's start working towards a future where this won't happen again because we've broken our addiction to fossil fuel and it's byproducts and found something that works well and is better and safer.

Posted by Dabbi May 20, 10 06:21 AM

I have been wishing for the last 30 years that I live long enough to see the "roads grow over with grass". This oil leak in the Gulf only reinforces by desire to see the fossel fuel age, in which we live, come to an end and the earth returns to the unpolluted, living, breathing wonderland of the universe it was intended to be. No prayer or human effort even has a chance, but I have faith that our maker will end this craziness before we kill this earth. There is still hope for the children.
"NICE", The most important word for the world to know. If everyone in the world were nice it would be a different world. It is time to stop, "Imagining", and make it a reality. If we don't , HE will.
Rapid Oil Recovery Inisiative

Posted by rory m, nettles May 20, 10 07:05 AM


Posted by MAYA May 20, 10 08:12 AM

Love never fails. God is Love. Saying a prayer for all involved, especially the employees who died and their families.

Posted by Anonymous May 20, 10 10:01 AM

Some one or Somebody is making large amounts of money from this oil spill. I am not even sure that it was an accident. Accident or not they have new technology that can clean up the spill quicker and cleaner. Why isn't it being used? I do believe that this is all about the money.
Forgive us Lord for we know not what we do

Posted by angie May 20, 10 10:05 AM

I hope BP are made to pay the price for what they have done to this beautiful part of the world/Country. I for one will not buy from BP again! i would rather run dry and have to walk to the nearest gas station.

Posted by Ryan Muldowney May 20, 10 11:07 AM

This oil disaster and the economic catastrophe show that Western society needs to seriously examine the direction it is headed in.

Greed, arrogance, finance parasitism and corporate criminality have grown unchecked and are eroding the very foundations of civilization and society. The ruling classes are corrupt, myopic, cynical and either criminally indifferent or active abettors of the plunder.

Meanwhile the masses are ignorant, apathetic and easily mislead. Like spoiled children, they are indifferent to anything that does not interfere with their immediate source of pleasure; they then react in a fit of petulance seeking quick fixes rather than lasting and possibly painful solutions. Of course, even this brief flicker of awareness is extinguished by the next shiny toy that comes along to distract them.

Posted by Philosopher May 20, 10 11:21 AM

The Gulf of Mexico will be like the Dead Sea, this has distroyed the Gulf for decades to come. These pictures are just the surface damage, it's underwater damage that we can't see that is worse than any of us can imagine.

Posted by Tammy Connors May 20, 10 11:24 AM

This is so very sad; please help save the ENVIRONMENT and clean up this oil spill mess as soon as possible; it is not fair to the living animals to invade their space with this oil. Please save them.

Posted by Mary Hill - Massachusetts May 20, 10 11:27 AM

What a disaster - BP has to be held accountable and PAY for the cleanup and PAY the people who live off these waters! Living in Sarasota FL on the gulf coast worries me tremendously that this mess will reach our pristine beaches and ruin our local economy! Notice how Dick Cheney all of a sudden becomes quit after ranting and raving about Obama policies - how about your secret policies DICK with your oil buddies that caused this disaster!

We are paying for 8 years of the worst administration ever! Bad economy, and now spills that could have been avoided! Yet - they are blaming Obama for a slow response? There should have been no response needed if Dick and George ensured their oil buddies had safety mechanisms in place - this just infuriates me!

Posted by KC Goncalo May 20, 10 11:28 AM

The SEC foxes guarded the Wall Street henhouse, and you see how that worked. The Minerals Management Service (MMS) guarded the Gulf of Mexico drilling henhouse, and again, the efforts of the lobbyists are obvious. If all that lobbying money could be spent on simply doing things safely, that would offset a good deal of the money the oil companies are so loathe to spend ... at the cost of not only our Gulf environment, but also 11 oilfield workers who will never come home to their families. As for BP, the company's safety record is atrocious. I live close to Texas City, Texas, where BP's rabid quest for extra profits at any cost has over the years cost and ruined lives in episodes that have not gotten the attention of the Deepwater Horizon spill. Until a truly independent agency intervenes, one with no incentive to cover for criminal behavior, BP's reign of environmental and safety-related irresponsibility will continue to go unchecked. Bottom line: THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. But first, on Wall Street and in the oilfield, we have to get the regulators out of bed with the businesses they allegedly "regulate." (Note: No word as of late regarding this government-sanctioned disaster from Dick "Halliburton" Cheney. What a surprise.)

Posted by lavacakid May 20, 10 11:43 AM

Hang in there, my coastal friends. This is truly a terrible event but Earth will recover from this and so will the motivated and working people of the Gulf coast. Prayers are sent for the families of the victims lost.

Gasoline is not the only reason for drilling, not even close. Without oil, we'll be back to pre-1900. And you think unemployment is bad now? The Industrial Revolution could not have happened without the discovery of oil.
We (as greedy humans)can't stop drilling, but we could and should take more precautions to insure these accidents/disasters/pollution don't happen.

Hey, I'm all for having a "useful" vehicle that runs off water, but that doesn't mean that suddenly the drilling stops.

Posted by txmarshmonkey May 20, 10 12:14 PM

if you can put a pipe inside the broken one,why can't you put a bigger pipe completely over the broken one the same way????

Posted by C.M. May 20, 10 12:23 PM

British Petroleum Sucks, I hope the brand die much more faster than the poor ecosystem and all the animals.

Posted by Marcello May 20, 10 12:47 PM

I'm not too worried about the whole thing... The earth will take care of itself. Give it another 100,000 years and mankind will have wiped itself off of the face of the earth and everything will get back to a more natural normalcy.

Gaia has been there for the better part of 5 billion years and will survive it's brief encouter with man. As a species, there's not much to be said for our redemption anyway...

Posted by MS May 20, 10 01:10 PM

This is a wake-up call for all humanity to realize that human beings make mistakes and some mistakes, such as this, are too serious to be made again and again. This oil spill is an ecological and economic disaster not only to the marine life of the region, but the entire economy of the Southern States affected. Now is the time to get off our oil economy and seek alternative sources of energy i.e. water, solar, hydrogen and natural gas, which we know will work and clean-up our atmosphere in the process. How many more ecological disasters, by human mistake in search of profit, will it take, be it oil (Prince William Sound) or nuclear power (Chernobyl, Three Mile Island) before we say, enough is enough........The stakes are too high ! We must stop all offshore drilling now !

Posted by Richard Carter May 20, 10 01:54 PM

Je suis navrée...
Tellement désolée
Nous sommes tous - humains - tellement aveugles.
Combien de temps encore serons-nous si aveugles ?
N'est-il pas possible de vivre sans pétrole ?

Posted by woman in switzerland May 20, 10 01:57 PM


Posted by JOE N. PIGOTT May 20, 10 02:32 PM

OK a little oil education for all of you people who say we need to drill more to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. That's is nothing but BS they tell everyone to get these rig leases!!! Every drop of oil they get from those rigs is sold on the open market, I repeat the U.S. does not get ANY of that oil unless it just so happens a U.S. fuel producer buys that oil again on the open market. So all these drill baby drill people can go clean up the spill baby spill!!!!!

Posted by B Wilkes May 20, 10 02:52 PM

I believe the higher powers in the universe who have been watching us, are watching real close, and just waiting for the right moment to intervene. Now seems like an excellent opportunity for them to set things straight. Shame to all the greedy ones who have put us in this predicament!

Posted by rick May 20, 10 03:43 PM

hello !
La paix est dans le coeur de chacun de nous, alors a chacun de nous de dire Stop a babilonne qui nous impose cette vie incensée. Sans voiture, sans travail, sans argent la vie est magnifique !
Essayez ! !

Posted by tika May 20, 10 04:21 PM

Will all of you whiners just shut up?!! The oil spill happened. NOW FIX IT! There's nothing you can do about it by blaming people who want offshore drilling. I personally hate hypocrites that claim that the world is coming to an end because people don't care about the environment. I don't believe in global warming. (Yes, I think that it is a belief.) You come to Pennsylvania in February and you can shovel 18 inches of "global warming" off my driveway. I drive an SUV because I have 3 kids and can't fit them all in one of those ridiculous eco-friendly matchbox cars. But I turn off the lights when I leave a room, take 5 minute showers, and do other small things that conserve energy. How dare you say that I don't care about the environment!! Who gave you the right to decide that I need to be punished? You should be thanking the people who are trying to prevent the oil from spreading. Stop complaining. Do something productive instead of blaming others for this. The Industrial Revolution came about because we could use oil. Petroleum based products won't go away, so just move on. Use safer practices when transporting oil and try to prevent this from happening again. That's all you can do at this point.

Posted by Anonymous May 20, 10 04:52 PM

I peed in a horse once.

Posted by DarkSock May 20, 10 05:31 PM

Con la tecnología que tenemos y la ciencia que sabemos no me puedo creer que nadie tenga una solución para frenar esa salida de petroleo, no se puede volar, no habrá nada que lo solidifique....en estos tiempos esto no se lo cree nadie....Como todo en esta vida cuestión de dinero sería pero lo peor de todo es que ahora ni con eso se va arreglar.

Posted by David Núñez L. May 20, 10 06:27 PM

Written by a Dolphin (who wishes to remain anonymous):

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that humans go to ruin the environment. Why don't they take their vigor for ruination and apply it to helping an already broken environment, instead of spending trillions on fixing something preventable? Those lazy pigs. Satiate their greedy palates with rewards for doing nature-responsible acts. I just don't understand their mindset for reaping monetary rewards when there will be nowhere to spend their money in the future. Our home will be destroyed, what good is any money then?

Posted by Mr. McDolphin May 20, 10 06:37 PM

this is bad.
btw the only reason the sky looks beautiful is cos the pollution.

Posted by kat May 20, 10 08:00 PM

For about 70 years the offshore oil industry shared the coast of Louisiana with shrimpers, oystermen, commercial fishermen, sportsmen and tourism. There were very few accidents of significant consequence. Now this and many call for an end to offshore drilling. When a plane crashes we don't call to end aviation. Get real. The government allowed this. The well is in the deepest part of the Gulf. Why did the government allow BP to drill at such depth when sufficient technology to prevent or in the alternative control and plug was not required. Easy answer BP was one of Obama's biggest contributors. But wait--I am sure they were one of Bush's biggest contributors. Who elected these puppets of big oil? We did. I have seen the enemy. It's us. We want our cars, trucks SUV's, plastics and synthetics. It's us.

For Louisiana's sake, I pray it is plugged soon. We need oil, we need a coastline to protect us, we need seafood, we need tourism, but we need a controlled balance. Without this balance, Louisiana will die--the economy gone and a national treasure ravaged.
R. Conger

Posted by R.Conger May 20, 10 08:23 PM

lord forgive us ...........

you gave us this beautiful planet and we have ruined it, i would not blame you if you took it back, please have mercy on most of us.....

Posted by bk May 20, 10 08:39 PM

wow this is so so sad !!!!

Posted by Cristina Partida May 20, 10 08:54 PM

Just like anything else in the US......people have to die and there has to be a catastrophic event to get results. It's all about the money. Nevermind the expensive safety measures...........think about all the $ we can make!! Time after time in various ways the big companies end up spending more in the long run anyhow for taking shortcuts. Just like big insurance will spend 10million to get out of a 1million lawsuit. Too much $, too much power.

Not only is it time to clean up this mess, but a good house cleaning in gov't is in order also.

Posted by rob noble May 20, 10 09:02 PM

Maybe if we didn't export 40% of the oil produced in the U.S.A. we wouldn't need so much OIL. I don't believe the public knows that the U.S exports oil. They keep telling us that if we cut back the demand here prices would go down. If we cut back on use here they just export more. Enough Lies from our Gov. and the Oil companies

Posted by Russ B May 20, 10 09:17 PM

OMG that's sad......... :( i hope they get the oil out. I hope the dolphins won't die....... :'(

Posted by L.S. May 20, 10 09:18 PM

For all of you who say it's someone else's fault...if you drive a car and use plastic or rubber are just as guilty as the folks who were in charge when this happened. WE are guilty of this.

Posted by Sandra May 20, 10 10:45 PM

We can do something to help. Each of us can.

Record your action plans (not just your sadness for the losses here) but the solutions, as well as your conviction about changing current policy. Post your videos on Youtube. Post them on Vimeo. Put them up on Facebook. Tweet about it. Start asking questions. Debrah, Aleksey, Tony L, Apeasant etc. have it right).

There are ways for us to live sustainably, create and maintain good jobs, and reap profits at the same time. Find out more: research, read, watch documentaries. Every bit of information we take in makes us more informed. More capable. More accountable.

We do have the ability to change government and corporate policies, but we have to believe that our voice matters.

Your voice is the voice that changes everything. Speak up. Now.

I know I will.

Thousands of gallons of oil continue to leak out each minute...

Posted by The Stray Muse May 20, 10 11:47 PM

Even though we were behind in1958, President Eisenhauer and Congress Nationalized Aeronautics & Space Activities, which led to success in much of our Solar System and Universe while producing a watershead of new technologies that yielded quantum leaps in daily lives, our standards of living, our culture and our Gross National Product.

Similarly, I believe that President Obama should immediately take steps to elicit Congressional action that will Nationalization the Oil Indrustry throughout the United States. An appropriate risk-based Royalty must be paid to the Federal Government for drilling and production activities on Federal Property, Parks, and in State and National waters offshore.

(I am a Space Pioneer, four years with Boeing and 31 1/2 years with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and an additional 20 years as a NASA Alumni and Docent Activities.)

Posted by Wilson R. Dietz May 21, 10 12:16 AM

boycott BP boycott BP!!! spread the word to all friends family coworkers etc...dont just sit there and shake your head, it is now time to become an activist

Posted by Madmax May 21, 10 12:20 AM

Try not to buy things from people who only think the old ways are the only ways. Try not to do business with them. Find someone who wants to change. Make your own banks, make your own houses, build your own health system, do business among yourselves. You cannot convince people who will not argue reasoanbly, who do not have faith in the facts, who believe in Armageddon. Perhaps only a minority see that we can live better utilizing different forms of energy than we do now, but it is a large minority. Living better is the best argument. If you live better others will follow. When there is no money to be made on risky oil drilling, people won't do it.

Posted by Stan May 21, 10 01:17 AM

I cannot believe everyone saying how bad it is that the oil VP's are greedy, but is everyone ok still with Obama, Goldman Sach's and VP Gore & GE making trillions of dollars on Cap & Trade? How dare all of you writing this dirt. Wake up America, its not only big oil, but Goldman Sach's, Tim Geitner, R. Emanuel, and a whole bunch of others involved getting ready to scam the American people bigger than big oil is doing right now. And all of you sit in judgement and are going to let our Congress vote for a massive Cap & Trade bill that will raise utility rates 2-fold and put the coal industry out of business. Ironic that the coal mine accident happens killing 29 people and then practically 10 days later, a major drilling accident happens. None of which happened in 40 years! The Valdez accident was due to a Capt drunk. Wow, could this be a setup? And what about the 11 lives that were lost. Pray for their souls and the souls of the coal workers. And California, stop buying all the cars you guys buy and stop using all that "oil and gas". Got it!

Posted by Pat Zebley May 21, 10 01:32 AM

We ALL share responsibility in this disasater, because we all use oil: cars, trucks, motorbikes, buses, boats, RV's, etc, and the billions of consumer products made from petro-chemicals. The system as manufactured desire in all of us, yet we're too weak and lazy to think for ourselves and make efforts to drastically change our lifestyles.

In short, they produce and sell the stuff, because we continue to buy it. If there were no demand, there'd be no market.

It's time to take a few steps back and lead much, much simpler lifestyles... it it's not too late.

p e ♥ c e

Posted by B.C Canada May 21, 10 04:03 AM

Alas, if you prick the earth does it not bleed? If you tickle the earth does it not laugh at humanity's ignorance? If you poison the earth does it not die? And if you wrong the earth shall we not revenge?
Let us not forget!

Posted by Howard Wong, AIA May 21, 10 05:22 AM

Nothing learned from Exxon, nor from the pre-emptive Iraq war, and bonusses to bankers... the same mugs raping the earth, blaming the natives and sucking the goodness of the earth while leaving destruction in its wake... check out

For decades the US has profitted from the destruction, wont even cut emissions or provide technology to countries to go clean and green...Kyoto is a bad word...

Posted by Miles Teg May 21, 10 05:49 AM

Well, so much for that so-called 'dirty oil' you Americans accuse Canada
of having!!!!!

Posted by Tessa Holden-Smythe May 21, 10 07:37 AM

I have not heard anything about what type of longterm impact this oil spill will have for earth overall. The ocean works as a filter for our atmosphere. So eventually we will have oil particles in our percipitation.. which will affect our fresh water supply. polluted rain will have some type of affect on the insect population, and up the food chain it will go.. it will also have some type of impact on farming... I think of the song; There's a Hole in the Bucket. I believe, if we don't fix the 'hole' soon it will have enormouse catastrophic rammifications. It makes me sick to think of the ocean creatures, but that Ibelieve is just the beggining.

Posted by yogibutterfly May 21, 10 08:05 AM

omg this is really sad i almost cried when i seen the bird trying to swim through it!!

Posted by Shelley May 21, 10 08:16 AM

I pray to GOD daily that this mess will be taken care of. There is only 1 God in heaven regardless of what other people think . Where is our government when they are needed? .

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 08:56 AM

Why is it Americans want blood for every accident. For some reason its always a conspiracy of the exec's.. Accidents happen, and then they get cleaned up. We ALL use oil in many ways, and the "environmentalists" are funny when they think driving a hybrid solves the they not eat food, use plastic, air conditioning, spend money..etc.. all uses of oil in the end. To those that want the givernment to do more.. the oil companies have the technology, and only the oil companies. They arent enjoying this any more than anyone else. The facts seem to indicate a driller ignored the destruction of the safety device.. was probably worried about getting fired. Had the managment been notified, they likely would have fixed it. You want to charge seomone, head to the police station and turn yourself in..

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 09:49 AM

wow i just cant believe that this could happen - i am embarrassed being human right now bc im sure this could have been avoided somehow, dealing with such toxic substances you would thing that there would be no negligance -? ... why do we always do something when its too late ... this is tragic and horrific and hopefully we will learn from this and be able to over come this... thank you to all the helpers trying to do what they can however we still need much more ... our marine life doesnt ask for the human world to interfere the way it has and i just hate that they are the ones who will suffer most, with out warning or understanding - most will expire at the cost of us for survival ... my heart aches

Posted by Tara R spring tx May 21, 10 09:58 AM

How can I help? I just finished a semester of college, I have no job, I have ample free time available, and no excuses for not being on the shoreline in the gulf doing something. This is and will be for many many years to come the biggest man-made disaster in history. Not hundreds or thousands but millions upon millions of beautiful sea creatures are losing their lives as we type on our energy using computers. I want to help in such a way I cannot sleep at night. Please post a phone number or something, man made this disaster and man has got to fix it.

Posted by Rob Hardwick May 21, 10 10:05 AM

See what happens?
BP should be required to clean up and then be put out of buisness.
The responsible parties should be incarcerated.
Perhaps after being covered in the oil they have given us "for free".

Posted by Leonardo Valvassori May 21, 10 10:15 AM

This is crazy, think about all the animals,fishes and corals and other very delicate lifeforms that's are affected by this oil spill. Someone or a group of people should be held accountable for this mess.

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 10:18 AM

Just wait! It's only just began, hurricain season is comming. Sure everyday evaporation and precipitation will have a big effect, but what happens when a hurricain comes through the Gulf or along south Florida of maybe even by then clear up to North Carolina and picks it up and delievers it all the way across the country and other countries in the jetstream? This is Hiroshima on a hole new scale in my opinion. I bet we and the wildlife (who happen to be the only totally innocent victims of this) suffer from this for a hundred years or more.

Posted by Rob May 21, 10 10:19 AM

How do you feel about wind farms now

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 10:25 AM

Please, GOD helps them ( animals, nature and human being ....)

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 10:29 AM

This is truly a noted environmental set back, clean up what is possible and go on, the environment has a way of rebuilding itself, and it will. The lives of 11 men were lost forever to their families, no clean-up can replace that loss. Our prayers and heart felt concerns should be out to those families first and foremost then to the birds and fish that will be replaced by nature. Over confidence & complacency by a company operating in the deep waters of the Gulf should not reflect a bad image on the other companies. Following mandated safety regulations prevent blowouts.

Posted by Richard May 21, 10 10:44 AM

l agree with all commnts that relate to punishing those responsible, unfortunately the wealhy never have to own up to thier mistakes.

Posted by Anonymous May 21, 10 10:46 AM

I have been working in the oil industry for over 30 years For the past 15 years, I have been a production manager Separating 1000 barrels of oil from 100,000 barrels of water per day is what I do for a living. I have filled out the forms at the Horizon Call Center. No one with BP will listen. See how the process works.

1. Every piece of equipment needed is commercially available
2. A single skimmer can be built and in the Gulf within 2-3 days
3. 2 days would be required to optimize the pumping equipment for maximum efficiency
4. More skimmers could then be rapidly assembled and deployed
5. The devices are simple to operate. Two people can easily operate 4 skimmers on a single ship
6. Skimmers can operate 24X7 with little or no need to shut them down. I require a barge, booms, and receiving tanks/transportation services .

Posted by Mark Carroll May 21, 10 11:32 AM

How about...

1. BP pay for the clean-up operation

2. BP pay a $10 Billion fine.

3. Every single member of the BP board serves 30 years in prison.

Somehow I doubt we'll ever see another disaster on this scale ever again if the consequences are prison.

Posted by Hit Girl May 21, 10 11:39 AM

live and let live

Posted by dayanand yadav May 21, 10 11:39 AM

God help us!

Posted by leannan May 21, 10 12:10 PM

The gulf will never be the same.. time for alt energy yet? thought so.

Posted by BRIAN FOX May 21, 10 12:18 PM

yes all calamities are sad but it also opens our eyes to things we may not of seen, I see lots of love ,people working together ,praying, connecting with people they never met before and that all good. The world has been created to heal itself in time just like our immune system heals our bodies so does nature find a way to heal itself. The planet has been there long before us and it will be there long after we all gone and it will flourish again to prepare for another cycle. What a great cycle it is , I am so great full to be apart of it. Hallid smith (facilitator)

Posted by hallid smith May 21, 10 12:19 PM

Greed and reality. The offshore drilling ban was in effect a few years back for a reason. And we wonder why others despise us. Are we willing to search for alternatives to oil yet?

Posted by dana May 21, 10 12:23 PM

oil is a naturally occuring substance. natural seepage happens all the time. Like this spill, nature will take care of itself... in time.
Sealife will be around and thriving long after this planet shakes us off like fleas.

Posted by Robert Daniels May 21, 10 12:35 PM

The " Kevin Costner solution" to the worsening oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may actually work.Costner has invested 15 years and about $24 million in a novel way of sifting oil spills that he began working on while making his own maritime film, "Waterworld," released in 1995.

Posted by DB May 21, 10 01:04 PM

Great photos. The size and scope of this disaster on the environment won't be known for a while. BP contributed to the largest oil spill by again ignoring warnings in lieu of cost cutting measures. They did the same in the Horizon rig according to first hand account aired on 60 Minutes. Large oil corporations are willing to pay for disasters and move on because their profits are so enormous. It's time to shut all these offshore rigs down in wake of this monstrous calamity not only to the environment and all the creatures that live in it but also to all the people who have a stake in the area.

Posted by gary geiger May 21, 10 01:11 PM

This is horrible. However isnt it just a bit ironic that during an adminstrations biggest power grab in U.S history this happens? Just before a VOTE to drill in the L sector off the FL coast? In 04 when 4 hurricanes went through the same region where 100s of Platforms stand and nothing happend then? Im sure we all agree the power of nature is greater then anything man can make, so why is it this happened? Is it truely an accident? Or the fact the only resources not FEDERALY owned land are in the Gulf? The fact that everything in your life at some point is transported on a Semi-truck, doesnt seem to have sunk in to you.

Posted by David May 21, 10 01:31 PM

omg this is terribleee. pray to god this gets betteer !!

Posted by Jennifer May 21, 10 01:42 PM

If no one drove a car there would never be a push to chase oil so we are all involved and should do our part for the clean up. it is not just the company it is also the customers and that is everyone. if you don't like the truth then you should reserch the reason we chase oil. it does suck but it is the truth.

Posted by Adam May 21, 10 02:24 PM

When I look at this ungoldly disaster, I want to break down and cry! The beautiful sea creatures covered in oil cannot function coated in this thick
sludge. The number of sea life will be greatly diminished because of this
tradgedy. All in the name of money..the greedy will destroy this earth.

Posted by Beverly Kuykendoll May 21, 10 02:43 PM

I have seen how oil has destroyed my country twice years ago, on the coasts of Brittany, France.
It made me cry.
I hoped it would never happen again...
But it does, on the coasts of your beautiful country. It makes me sick. It makes me very sad.

Posted by Muriel May 21, 10 02:57 PM

Well First of all this is the worst thing i have ever seen. They act like they don't care. Humans are the ones who mess up natural things in the world. But yet could careless about any of it. Thats there mistake. You don't put a pipe at the bottom of the ocean you can't turn off or fix if it leaks. They are killing poor innocent animals.

Posted by Leah Scroggins May 21, 10 03:28 PM

Okay, quick poll of us! How many of you that posted didn't/won't drive today?
It's OUR oil spill. We are BP, there are no oil companies without us and our choices. I bet 99% of us will still choose oil today! We are the oil generations. As for millions of years, animals (including homo sepiens) are choosing where to live and not live based on the environment. At least once a week I meet someone that moved away from smog or out of an ag valley because the water table and their well was too contaminated. There will be a time we won't be able to move away from our choices. By then perhaps nature will relieve us of some of our population burdens through a virus with a devastating undetected incubation period (HIV 2.0) or cataclysmic physical event (meteor/bomb). Once hanging on the wall of the math department was a sign, "Population is the root of all problems." Five people living on earth using oil isn't a problem. Five billion....take any five people though and ask them to participate in an environmental experiment. "Let's lock ourselves in this garage with my truck running." "No!, I'm crazy?" How many people have to be in a group before something we know is wrong, is ok-normal? How many to make a holocaust- normal? Today, like you, I will choose to drive to town (I HAVE to mail a letter) I imagine you'll love driving as much as I will, I know it's a toxic, poisonous act and this choice will have negative consequences on all of our environment. And this behavior, this choice will make me normal. "I am oil." "I am the spill." "We are oil." "We are the spill." We could all begin by apologizing when the subject comes up. "I'm sorry, I really apologize for the spill, I'll try and cut back on my driving- I'm sorry."

Posted by Jack Doppler May 21, 10 03:29 PM

Makes me cry! Very sad pictures and I'm afraid it's only the beginning

Posted by Karen May 21, 10 03:50 PM

80% of he posters here are so grossly miss-informed it is just as sad as the spill itself.

Posted by JacobC. May 21, 10 04:02 PM

It is George Bush's fault.

Posted by Don May 21, 10 04:09 PM

Anybody who is still buying gasoline from BP is an idiot. This company should be using every dime in their coffers to clean up this disaster which will cause negative consequences world wide. They do not care about the people, animals or environment they are destroying. Do not let BP off the hook people, put the pressure on. Communicate to your crooked government officials whom are probably being paid off by Big Oil/BP lobbyists. Tall them to pull out the big stick or they will loose their jobs next election. Do not just let they go and say "ho hum, what can I do, what is done is done". That attitude is not acceptable. PRESSURE!!!

Posted by Tony Jarvis @ May 21, 10 04:19 PM

This is a perfect example of big corporations ruining our environment. We need to boycott BP and any oil company that is drilling offshore. Another accident like this could happen anywhere at anytime. We need to make a statement to these oil companies that we will not allow it to happen again. The effects of this oil spill will affect all living things on the planet for who knows how long. We may never recover from it. We should really just find other safer alternatives for oil, our future depends on it. If it was up to me I would start a revolution against these large corporations who pollute our environment not just in the oceans but also our mountains, rivers, and forests all over the planet.

Posted by Juan May 21, 10 04:21 PM

This culture is lead by people who only see things in one way and it will always be to our detriment. this culture must end. nothing about this event is isolated or surprising. we have to live a land based existence. what your little square can produce. END "production". END GNP. END the DOW. if you can't make something without compromising your landbase then you don't have a product. life is not supposed to be product driven. nothing about our present system is sustainable. period.

Posted by Casey May 21, 10 05:27 PM

Completely unacceptable.

A prime example of why man should not tamper with nature. The more we destroy the environment, the more we destroy ourselves.

Posted by BrittneyGuiou May 21, 10 05:31 PM

Wow, the responses make me weep. Some of you people just need to check out and get off the grid. really.

Posted by Rob Daniels May 21, 10 06:09 PM


Posted by TY MCDERMOTT May 21, 10 06:38 PM

Giant corporations rule the country and politicians...this is their country, not the people's. Money and greed are powerful forces. If we the people continue to fight among ourselves, how can we ever come together to bring about a change?

Posted by anonymous May 21, 10 07:18 PM

When I see the picture of the three shrimp boats motoring around towing floats with the ridiculous assignment of corralling oil, it is to laugh. What a joke. What happens with that which is contained? Musical boats. This is the answer to the question that has been ask? Not unlike the answer given when Katrina came to town. Not a clue of an answer.

Posted by Dean Libey May 21, 10 08:22 PM

this is what happens without enviromental impact report

Posted by robert May 21, 10 10:18 PM

Simply... Greed and ignorance. If the USA and Canada were to slow the highway speed down to a sensible 60 to 65 MPH rather than the 80 to 85 MPH they drive now they would save 10 percent on fuel used. If you don't believe it.. Try it. There would not have to be any more deep sea drilling. Also pay attention to to Mr T. Boone Pickens who advocates switching all large vehicles to the more than abundant Natural gas.

Posted by Stan Larson May 21, 10 11:34 PM

I feel bad for the fishermen that has been effective by this oil spill mess.

Posted by Cindy May 22, 10 12:33 AM

I don't see no reason in people arguing about this situation. Just be glad that we have men that are actually out there helping with this situation. Be thankful, and I pray God will watch over the men helping and our country!

Posted by kellyn May 22, 10 12:35 AM

Condolences to the workers who lost their lives. A challenge for all to come together and lessen the calamity that has befallen all those affected by this disaster. Good leadership and calm decisions must prevail to overcome this challenge.

Posted by Ken Marsh May 22, 10 12:50 AM


Posted by CHRIS May 22, 10 03:51 AM

all we need here now is a hurricane then the whole city of new orleans will be tarr, all we need then is feathers to complete the job !

Posted by george tinney May 22, 10 08:20 AM

In 2010 and BP doesn't have a WORST CASE SCENARIO plan of action?
They made Billions in profit last year and I am looking forward to see them pay every single penny of the clean-up cost for the next 20years, and compensation to all those families who depend on the fishing industry on the affected areas. Shame on them, and shame in our government for waiting on a disaster to happen first before doing anything.

Posted by Anonymous May 22, 10 08:43 AM

We need to stop concentrating on who is to blame and find a way to stop it leaking then give somebody a pat on the back. Get what has been leaking cleaned up before it kills everything in the gulf and the Gulf Coast way of life, pat a whole lot of people on the back (and it will take a lot). Once that has been achieved then let's hang the SOB's that allowed this horrific accident turn into the worst ecological disaster that has had ever been dealt with.

Posted by Steve of Ms Coast May 22, 10 09:20 AM

BP thanks for your support in protecting our coastal communities and keeping the waters blue, clean and safe for all life.
Oh, excuse me....I meant black, toxic and unsafe for all forms of life....on land as well as sea!!!!
The spill is only 5,000 barrels a day or was it 100,000. I think you might want to recheck what press release was delivered to the media.
Way to go with how people are deceived....

Posted by Stef Stephens May 22, 10 10:23 AM

It is nice to be comfortable and have some luxuries but people we can do so with less stuff and more quality.

Anyone who accumulates and consumes out of greed is likely not happy. People who drive in the silly automobiles in the carelessly aggressive ways they do are likely not happy. Anyone who cannot find pleasure in simple, natural things is doomed to a vicious cycle of unhappiness.

People: find happiness not more stuff.

Posted by Signor Bologna May 22, 10 11:01 AM

I am from the gulf coast and feel that the drilling has helped the economy here, not to mention kept all of the whinning hypocrites driving everyday. Open up more on shore drilling where there is proven sufficiant oil supplies and stop having to drill over a mile down underwater where humans can't work hands on to stop any accidents.
The gulf will recover from this. But will the country after Obama and his cronies "Don't let a good crisis got to waste". The administration is using panic and fear for an excuse to regulate, spend and turn is country into a Socialist Dictatorship.
As for the tree hugging, wind farm, solar freaks, and the wipe you butts with one piece of toilet paper nuts, get a life. I am so tired of hearing the BS that comes out of the wackos that are associated with you and your groups.

Posted by Deerslayer May 22, 10 11:11 AM

I disagree with all the "WE" are responsible for this.

I may drive a car and use electricity and buy plastics, but I am not the one who told BP workers to cheat on the pressure tests. I'm not the one who told the BP workers to ignore the broken seal in the BOP unit.. NO SIR.

I use the products, but I expect our government and the people who make these products for us to be the ones to ensure that the right techniques are being used, that the right safety protocols are in place and that they are doing everything BY THE BOOK...... BUT, they aren't.... BP got greedy and cheated and THIS is the end result. So stop trying to say that anyone alive who has driven a car or used a plastic bag are the ones responsible as well, because that is NOT the case, and you know it.

Only two entities are responsible for this : OBAMA/US Govt and BP.

Posted by JDS May 22, 10 11:21 AM

As has been said, Get Real. The economics are simple, Those who rely on the water for their lively hood need help for the foreseeable future. In 10 years the gulf coast and waters will be pristine. The sealife will be fantastic. Remember the survival of the fittest! The oil is bio degradeable. The microbes will devour the polution. Reasearch the fantastic recovery of the Brittany coast and sealife before becoming doomsters!

Posted by Dave D May 22, 10 12:09 PM

For all those people who say things like "if you drive a car or use a plastic bag, you are just as much to blame" - I know I would much rather have clean alternatives, but they do not exist. The reason they do not exisit is because our leaders have been elected with the help of a lot of oil and coal money, and they can't bite the hands that feed them. Big energy and other large industial corporations run this government. All the regulators came from the industry they are supposed to be keeping an eye on. Cheney is the perfect example. Anyone remember that big secret meeting he had with oil execs his second day in office? Where is Mr. Cheney's expert opinion on this oil industry disaster? Seems he only open his mouth to criticize his enemies and make secret deals.

Term limits will be the only way we can get our elected officials to start legislating instead of spending all their time fundraising for their re-election campaigns.

Posted by Washingtonian May 22, 10 12:50 PM

Holly God. I wish this disaster serve all politicians and society in general to be aware of our present and future. Saludos desde Peru. Greetings from Peru, the land of Inca Empire.

Posted by Ramiro Centurion May 22, 10 02:20 PM

Quit arguing with conservatives. You are not going to covince them As far as they are concerned everybody will be ok and just go on drilling and Obama is to blame for anything bad happening. They may be a majority out there. But quit doing business with them when you can. Do business with others who believe like you. Become your own community, be a country within the country, build and find your own energy sources, run your own businesses. Do not isolate yourself, find a way to unite with people like you. Become a voting block. Find yourself a state like the Mormons did. That's what my daddy told me.

Posted by Stan May 22, 10 03:45 PM

when are goint to controll the spill.all the cuntris have to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by christian moreno May 22, 10 04:12 PM

This could be our bottom to fossil fuel addiction. 75% of the US Energy could easily come from solar and wind in combination with battery backup. Geothermal could power this nation 2000x over alone. The oil and other fossil fuel monopolies are protected by the media and the politicians they pay for. We can convert now by phasing in distributed solar and wind from power company customers on a simple financing plan called Feed-In-Tariffs. This is being used successfully in cloudy Germany and Gainesville, FL as well as Ontario CA. Jobs have been created, more than they can be filled. The Chambers of Commerce love the increased business and prosperity. The communities earn some extra money and banks are willing and eager to lend. Let's get real, go hybrid electric vehicles and stop pretending we must rely on unreliable, costly, deadly fuels.

Posted by Anonymous May 22, 10 04:46 PM

save the wold and enviroments.... i love my planet.

Posted by m.noramin May 22, 10 06:07 PM

God forgive us for being such a destructive human race. The damage to the Golf and eventually the Atlantic Sea, Planet Earth is only a small part of all the damage we are causing in our race to be the first.

Posted by R. Chamberlain May 22, 10 07:46 PM

Wah ini mah gila keterlaluan sekali penyebaran minyak yang tumpah parah deh....

Posted by Susio Bambang Yudhoyono May 22, 10 08:53 PM

GREEN GOO: Maybe it's time to genetically engineer a marine bug that eats oil all day long. After the oil's all gone, maybe it'll start munching on the trash gyres. Then all the tubberware boats...

Posted by dolphin May 22, 10 09:31 PM

Business of any sort, oil or otherwise do not elect our politicians. Not one of them can vote no matter how large, or good or bad they are. Only you and I can cast a vote. So get off the non-sense that big oil runs the country.

Oil is biodergadeable and will be gone in a few years. This is terrible at the present time...but certainly not the end of life.

Posted by camperart May 22, 10 10:40 PM

Yet most people will fill up their vehicles right after seeing these photos.

Posted by Cheeco May 22, 10 10:55 PM

the question is can we recover or is this just the beginning? and of what?

Posted by shella May 22, 10 11:03 PM

Maybe the tea party can clean it up.

Posted by stan May 22, 10 11:28 PM

If this oil was washing ashore in Nantucket ot on Cape Cod I'll bet the U.S. government would have taken charge in the first 24 Hrs"Don't fret it's only those fools who can't get out of the way of a hurricane"

Posted by Cajun921 May 22, 10 11:47 PM

I agree BP needs a hugh improvement on safety. We lost man and wife in Texas explosion. Where was the safety? Now this disaster. To late for safety factors on these two incidents. It sure needs to be improved to prevent others in the future. They need to wake up and spend some of that money on safety.

Posted by Stieve Holley May 23, 10 12:25 AM

Americans love their oil, they are swimming in it now

Posted by hempman May 23, 10 02:33 AM

There is much talk of saving the planet in relation to this disaster. What we need to realize is that we are really talking about is saving ourselves; the planet will go on in some changed form.
Most of the human species belong to various religious faiths so there is a feeling that when the end comes and all the ecosystems collapse they will all rise up and be saved. How dangerous is that?

Posted by Bill Hamilton May 23, 10 03:58 AM

If this had happened in China or any Asian country, the west led by the usa will be having a field day condemning and critisicing the way the disaster is being handled.
Reminds me of N. Orleans when the US repond to the crisis is no better than one in Africa.

Posted by Chris May 23, 10 06:19 AM

I am saddened as I look at these images. So much grief has welled up in me as I look at these powerful images for the loss of an ethical America and one that values nature and its inhabitants; birds, fish, humanity. I will pray for a solution to the spill and for the hope that it will wake up the right people with the means to make this spill right for the Gulf coast.

Posted by Barbara Ann Levy May 23, 10 07:10 AM

Thank you for posting all the pictures. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. I have posted them on my FaceBook page along with the link back to here

Posted by Spider Woman May 23, 10 08:26 AM

Bloody Disaster

Posted by Charles Melnick May 23, 10 10:27 AM

i love all the people that take this and try to make it into something to push their plans for the world to go green. nothing like this has happened in 40 years and because of one time thing we need to stop drilling acording to them. but i bet that these same people can look around their house and it is full of products that have oil in them in some way or another. shut up with the whining. we need to get this cleaned up and figer out how not to let it happen again.

Posted by keith May 23, 10 10:34 AM

It's so so sad,hope this's last time .save wold (that's mean save us life too)

Posted by Kannika May 23, 10 10:44 AM

It's an absolute crime against Nature! BP 's operations should be shut down every where there is a BP sign like at gas stations, etc., they should be boycotted everywhere.
BP should pay EVERY penny for the damages they caused, the Feds should not kick in one cent; it was wreckless and irresponsible.
More than that, the US should install the preventive measures that are used in the middle east that prevent such occurrences.

Posted by Edmund Vidacovich May 23, 10 11:11 AM

This year the Environmental Conference will be held in Mexico, I believe. This will be fun. And a deep learning experience for all of those thinking we did not ruin the face of the earth:

Meanwhile, I learned in Copenhagen that there are plans to launch the "Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights", in the same manner that we have the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights": Seeing the earth as a living, breathing, dynamic being. Please be so kind to take this movement seriously. Since it will be the best way to preserve our climate, while using it to live in.

Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights

That doesn't mean we have to stop using oil, it just means we have to use the earth responsibly. So, if you chop down a 1000 year old tree, you can't get away with planting 3 simple 3-year old oaks in it's place. Or, even worse, use the open ground to plant soya or cows (which we do; we plant cows in the Amazon, saying it is 'responsible use of nature', in the REDD-programme). You are responsible for recreating the biodiversity you destroyed by taking away that tree.

That's what's coming, so better start using it...

Posted by Timotheus van Esch May 23, 10 11:47 AM

Is there not a possibilty to suck up the oil into containers aboard a ship?
It is like when to remove the fat from the broth when cooking a turkey,to use
for the gravy. Is the oil to heavy for this?

Posted by Patricia J. Downs May 23, 10 11:53 AM

"Drill Baby,Drill! " Any of our graft taking, simple minded, unfaithful, gay club funding politicians have any more bright statements to make?

Posted by Dan D'Ocea May 23, 10 12:44 PM

Comment 1128 by Jack Doppler- To heck with that mentality. This is NOT my fault. I have voted for candidates and supported bills that would have imposed tighter regulations on oil companies for my entire adult life. The fact that greedy republicans and corporatists (who are mostly one and the same, but some democrats fall on that side too) have ensured that government regulation has become something hated in this country is also not my fault. Someone other than me made the decision to chase the Almighty Dollar rather than use a more expensive safety measure which could have prevented or at least greatly lessened this disaster. You can share in that person's blame if you choose simply because you drive a vehicle, but I won't join you.

I do what I can to lessen my own environmental impact, and I vote for officials who will demand the same of our corporate citizens as well.

Posted by A Texas May 23, 10 01:59 PM

WHY? A company this size (billions of profit each year).... The knowledge that a SINGLE barrel oil could harm millions of animals...

From day 1 after the rescue of the workers they had the commitment to DO EVERYTHING asap to CLOSE this well. NOT try to fix it.

Since THIS kind of decisions are signed from the top - no matter if they got wrong intel - Forrest Gump would know that EVERY second you can see @BPs PURE DEATH. They knew what could happen.

If this junkshot/top kill method succeeds - which i hope - WHY did they not try this a month ago? - i guess there was a conflict with the "other" interests - so no chance for first option.

And if this tragedy costs BP +10billion $..... that's less than they make profit EACH year.

Give any logistics company just 1 billion dollar, and i assure you no oil would be leaking by now.

In the end it's all about the money :(

Posted by Fips May 23, 10 02:05 PM

Have ne one done anything????
or u guys are just posting!!!!!!!yah...
I started ne one with me?

Posted by noone May 23, 10 03:06 PM

This morning I heard a moron who is also a senator from Louisiana saying on CNN the impact of the oil spill is negligible. But no body asked him how much money he got from BP and other oil companies! WHY ?

Posted by MICHEL ANDRE HEGI May 23, 10 03:47 PM

Oh no habia mirado todo esto, cierto nosotros con estas tontadas estamos destruyendo nuestro mundo hay que hacer algo para mejorarlo

Posted by Pk-Leonardo May 23, 10 04:52 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 23, 10 10:06 PM

good luck with the cleanup. sorry to see such a disaster on your shoreline, i think you need all the unemployed, and anyone else, even maybe chaingangs and anyone with nothing to do , down there and working on protecting the shoreline, sorry i am so far away or i would help too. God Bless and help you all .

Posted by Erna-Marie Hodgess May 23, 10 10:20 PM


Posted by DICK May 23, 10 11:00 PM

If you ask me, we should start thinking in a defferent direction.
this is just one in a milion, maby they will fire a few chairmans
and replace them by someone else promising to keep an eye out.
well maby he does but he cant be everywhere at the same time so there is still a risk.

We all know there are enough alternative ways to generate power, and cars don't have to run on oil based products, but the problem in this world is that its runned by the rich and powerfull people, they wont allow some carfactory to build electric cars only.
these powerfull people are in what we call shadowgoverments, like skull&bones or Majestic 12 or whatever they r called
these are the responisble and keep the world running the way it does today in order to keep the world economy running.

I think the only way to clean up this world is to burn or spill all the oil as fast as possible, after that theyr money will count for nothing and they will have big problem puting their money into some kind of profitable investment.
in fact there isnt onethat can match the oil industry so this will perhaps mean the end of the economy as it is today, the result is that they can loose controll over the world, and that is whay they are trying to protect the system at all costs.

(sry for poor english)

Posted by Noname May 23, 10 11:09 PM

When will the Americans learn the east isnt to blame this time so now and maybe now the rest of the world will open thier eyes to the Americian Dream....Kill the World! how sad now where do you Americans point the finger..., ha ha..,

God is watching you and he will intervine before you screw the rest of the world out of life!

Posted by Bruce Robinson May 23, 10 11:35 PM

Nah. It's not "all our faults" ... there's not a thing inherently wrong with drilling for oil All our energy sources, even the "green" ones, involve a certain amount of risk. Accidents will happen. This one was preventable, no question, and THAT IT WAS NOT PREVENTED is the fault of the corporate/bureaucratic mentality seen in EVERY INDUSTRY OF OUR NATION, from retail to ag to government to the oil industry. It's that broken system which lets the accountants run the show instead of the field personnel ... which overrides the common sense and prudent caution of the men placed in charge over the safety of an oil rig's crew with the let's-not-waste-a-penny, you're-fired-if-you-stop-the-drilling attitude coming from HQ. The toolpusher saw the problems and wanted to halt the operation for maintenance of the blowout preventer, but knew he'd lose his job over it when the company man was pushing them to complete the well. He should have stuck to his guns, of course -- but it's a poisonous corporate culture that makes hte little guy afraid to do his job!!

Posted by Ginger B May 23, 10 11:46 PM

As for what you can do to help ... let the fishermen and other locals out of work handle the cleanup; visiting volunteers from out of state frankly get in our way. At home, though, you can fight that same poisonous corporate atmosphere I talked about in the previous comment with your OWN employer, if you're brave enough. Make our collective voices be heard ... our businesses need to be concerned with quality and integrity, rather than with squeezing every penny out of every operation, at the expense of their own personnel, and sometimes many others.

Posted by Ginger B May 23, 10 11:49 PM

Nah. It's not "all our faults" ... there's not a thing inherently wrong with drilling for oil All our energy sources, even the "green" ones, involve a certain amount of risk. Accidents will happen. This one was preventable, no question, and THAT IT WAS NOT PREVENTED is the fault of the corporate/bureaucratic mentality seen in EVERY INDUSTRY OF OUR NATION, from retail to ag to government to the oil industry. It's that broken system which lets the accountants run the show instead of the field personnel ... which overrides the common sense and prudent caution of the men placed in charge over the safety of an oil rig's crew with the let's-not-waste-a-penny, you're-fired-if-you-stop-the-drilling attitude coming from HQ. The toolpusher saw the problems and wanted to halt the operation for maintenance of the blowout preventer, but knew he'd lose his job over it when the company man was pushing them to complete the well. He should have stuck to his guns, of course -- but it's a poisonous corporate culture that makes hte little guy afraid to do his job!!

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 02:54 AM


Posted by Jean K May 24, 10 03:55 AM

I cried when I saw these photos, those poor birds and many many more birds and animals that are suffering and dying in the awful oiley mess and shorelines being polluted which will take many years to recover.

Posted by Bell Scarrott May 24, 10 05:14 AM

I am a worker in the oil feild of the Gulf of Mexico and part native american. I think it is a sad day the mother earth when something happenes like this. Istead of laying the blame we should pull resoures together first to resolve this problem. There will be time for finger pointing later. This affects my job an personal life as well. People you'll need to stop the negitivity and lend a hand. If not thenstop the child play and let us handle the oil spill.

Posted by Norbert Boudreaux May 24, 10 07:58 AM

Ezek a brutális szennyezések melyeket a Földnek el kellene viselni előrelátahatatlan következményekkel fognak járni az a tengeri élővilág számára!Ami ki fog hatni mind az éghajlatra mind pedig az egész Föld élővilágára!És ez már visszafordíthatatlan károsodáshoz vezet!

Posted by Robert Kondor May 24, 10 08:09 AM

The unsuspecting and vulnerable victims are the sea creatures and sea birds. BP has a lot to answer for. This is one mess that is not going to go away. It is still continuing, and somehow, this disaster is unable to be stopped. May God help all of us. This will have repercussions, environmentally, financially, socially and morally (that is for any BP Executives who still have a conscious) or is that buried along with their oil rig?
This is a global disaster even though it is confined to one area. Let us hope that no other oil rigs suffer the same fate.

Posted by Julie Fogarty May 24, 10 08:14 AM

Stop crying like a bunch of babies and strat helping. Lets all do our part and help where we can. People this a disaster that we cannot imagine. How long will it take for BP to stop the spill or will they ever, it has been more than 5 weeks and still no luck.

Posted by Mike May 24, 10 08:41 AM

This tragedy shows that the model chased by the so called "developed" countries must be re-designed sooner than later. Countries must realize that the selfish development model was useful only to wound our planet, and to destroy our children and grandchildren’s home. We are supplying them a miserable future.
History will condemn us as the most arrogant and selfish generation of the human kind

Posted by Jose A Gallego May 24, 10 09:58 AM

All of the comments about praying to God as the solution makes me laugh. Prayer / religion will not help us. Maybe it will help give you a false sense of security but give me a break. Prayer won't help the sickened poised birds, fish, dolphins, etc. Prayer won't bring back the men that died on the rig. Prayer won't bring back the economy and livelihoods that were destroyed by this spill. BP/Haliburton/Transocean are responsible for this mess and they should pay big time. Pressure on our government to hold them accountable is the only thing that will make a difference. People should be mad and in the streets demanding more. Prayer won't do it.

Posted by Ben May 24, 10 11:37 AM

Eleven workers dead, 17 injured, winning oil for our cars, heating, cooling, indistries, and all you get is thousands of (ordinary?) Americans bitching about their government, BP, all oil companies...I've even read that the government and oil companies caused the Katrina devastation. What is it with you people? The pictures show what looks like a big concerted effort to do wha is necessary. Sure, I'd be devastated to be in the firing line, and my sympathies go out to you. Sure the Gulf's biology will be damaged, although not so critically yet. We had an exactly similar blow-out off northwest Australia, got as much publicity, but it all petered out (no one "hurt" and pretty remote) On average there is a massive blow-out every ten years, last in GoM in 2001, SW GoM 1979, S Barbara 1969. Oil drilling for our sakes is a challenging risky busness. Get real please, we are all in this together, if not oil, we'd have have nuclear. .

Posted by Geoff Lawrence May 24, 10 11:39 AM

It's interesting how optimistic many people seem about the ability of the natural environment and marine creatures to recover. Without any oil spill at all, the main species of fish that humans eat are already declining to the point of population collapse, as the codfish population already has. Cod was once one of the most plentiful fish in the sea. It can take hundreds of years or more for a fish population to recover from such overfishing. And that is how severely we have impacted the sea...prior to this oil spill. Clearly we do not really believe yet that systems can be stressed to the point where there is permanent change. The tragedy is that we seem unable to act to prevent disasters. We wait until the pain is so bad that we can no longer keep looking on the bright side. And the fact that some people suffer and others do not (especially decision-makers) only delays our response further. So, is our species smart enough to plan ahead, or are we so unable to overcome our worst political impulses, that we cannot effective collective responses on the scale of the problems we are creating?

Posted by S. Pfeiffer May 24, 10 11:47 AM

with a long ree bar on the point of a large cone shaped cork, then drive the ree bar into the broken pipe as a guide for the cork, push in till the cone shaped cork gets stuck then pour stuff on top of the cork cone

Posted by Mlatta May 24, 10 01:50 PM

First off, in regards to comment 1094, you ignorance is amazing. Stop typing a nd think once in a while, it will do you wonders. Secondly, as stated by many already, this is OUR fault. Yes BP and Transocean were very, very much wrong in the way they conducted business, but its our completely dominating dependence on oil and fossil fuels that give them the reason to drill there in the first place. To all of you righties who shouted during the 2008 elections "DRILL BABY DRILL", feel a little stupid now? We could be decades ahead of where we are now in energy technology if people would just want it. If 4 dollar a gallon gas didn't do it, maybe this will.

Posted by Phillip Atchison May 24, 10 01:53 PM

If your genuinely interested, CleanHarbors is a company handling a ton of the preventative care and on site support for the oil spill.
45 day min committment, 12-14 hr days, 6-7days a week. per diem pay as well.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 02:20 PM

If your genuinely interested, CleanHarbors is providing a ton of preventative care and on site stabilization for the oil spill.
45 day min comittment
2-14hr days
6-7 days a week.
Per diem pay as well.

Posted by Scotty D May 24, 10 02:25 PM

Just keep buying your suv's and your hummers. Maybe they will make bigger ones soon so you can really suck up the gas. People that care less about the invironment shouldnt be able enjoy the beauty of the earth, pristine lakes, mountains etc. Selfish, non-caring humans, once again. This just makes me sick. And it is far far from being over.

Posted by Connie May 24, 10 03:18 PM

For all of those who oppose alternative ways of energy:this is what you get. The repercussions will be beyond just the ocean.Be prepared.It is a huge shame,but money talks.As long we do not demand for better ways of fuel ,things like this will happen.It might be once in 50 years,but the results will possible outlive many of us and that's a shame.
Boycotting BP is not the answer,because there are other oil companies out there doing the same.This will affect all of us down the road in one way or another.Very sad situation.This will happen again,if don't wake up.

Posted by Bea May 24, 10 03:29 PM

75 million dollars for that mess? We shouldn´t buy anything from BP. That´s our commitment...think!

Posted by Pablo May 24, 10 03:32 PM

This is just another horror of the earth being ruled by people, they make bad caretakers of this planet. Once Christ starts his rule over earth from Heaven, then everything will be corrected. There is nothing that can't be fixed by the Prince of Peace! I'm looking forward to his rule for the thousand years, with his loving hand he will make everything right again.
And never again will the earth be a place of distress, aging or death.
And of course the animals will be safe and not have to fear mankinds bad treatment. This is promised in the Bible, and is certain.

Posted by Karen May 24, 10 04:57 PM

Just because I'm not a liberal doesn't mean that I don't care about my land, air and water. If you don't want "BIG" anything, ride your bike and don't buy so much gas. Start walking and quit your liberal jobs that need you to fly airlines. Quit whinning and do the right thing instead of pointing fingers at anyone. I don't have a problem with "BIG" industry, until the government can't do the job of punishing severely when something like this happens to my beautiful, south Louisiana or anywhere else in the world. Before any deals are made, the question should be, "who is responsible if?" American oversight and I mean real oversight. Not like what happened on Wall street. I mean real oversight.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 05:30 PM

Who owns the platform that BP is leasing and what operation was underway when the accident started? This is deeper that the public has knowledge of and it looks like a cover-up for another corporate entity... I want to find the truth about who is responsible for the accident that resulted in this oil spill disaster!!!

Posted by Charles Henry Atkinson May 24, 10 07:08 PM

Next time you drive by a BP just keep on driving, there realy should be bigger "grass roots" demenstrations going on, pickets and such. keep the posts going people.

Posted by rexbro May 24, 10 07:30 PM

Greed? Our thirst for oil is the problem. This thirst is also what gives power to regimes who hate us. Our demand for oil is what causes people to look for it in more difficult/ risky drilling locations. If we are truly horrified by what we see then we should all, individually, do whatever we can to reduce our addiction to oil. There are lots of alternatives. They usually cost more. Is it worth it to each of us to spend more as individuals to spare ourselves, collectively, the cost of this kind of calamity? What will it take?

Posted by M. G. Dennis May 24, 10 07:30 PM

I am a "righty" but that doesn't mean that I'm not for protecting our natural resources or finding cleaner sources. I'm a pragmatist....the cost of all the green projects proposed would be phenomenal lets face it folks we are broke. Until we are back on our feet so to speak we have to deal with the status quo and learn to live with it until that day comes. Everyone needs a healthy dose of common sense these days. I know people will slam me for this but we will always need petroleum for one purposes or another, its just a fact.

Posted by A. McManus May 24, 10 08:09 PM

The German U-Boats sank hundreds of oil tankers and other ships full of oil during World War Two. Wonder where all the oil went? This too will clear up, but politicians will glean all they can from this mishhap. Who do you suppose will pay the fines leveled against BP? You guessed it. You and I will. Let up on the emotions, and start using common sense.
Things happen in this world. Nobodys fault, but men died in this accident.

Posted by Leo Weston May 24, 10 08:58 PM

Under the photo #19 it states that the fisherman who are temporally out of work have been hired by BP that is only a small truth. Many of these people have not received a day of work.

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 09:58 PM

Problem is that BP is hiding a lot of information about what and why things happened. I have worked in this industry way too long to believe the lies they are spouting. This whole issue is for money (BP) and power (the feds). To start with, we don't need to stop drilling. We need to make sure that these companies do things right. many don't. I we in the industry say anything, we won't have a job (there is no black ball list but this sure is a small gulf). I would love nothing bettr than to see BP cucified but they won't. The government needs them. And remember, they are not a US compnay. they are British (isn't taxes beautiful).

Posted by Anonymous May 24, 10 10:33 PM

Yes, this IS a terrible situation, BUT, we are ALL responsible due to our ADDICTION to oil. When will we learn to treat our home (earth) with the respect IT deserves NOT what we deserve...PEOPLE, wake up, Our entire realty is BP........We have no one to blame but OURSELVES and our addiction to oil!!!!!!!!!!!!. Look within yourselves and realize that we are our own WORST enemies not BP.

Posted by Jay Anthony Massman May 24, 10 10:53 PM

This is truly a disgrace....They can put a man on the moon, but they have no clue how to clean up this mess.....yea, right>>>>who are they kidding. When is this going to stop.?? I feel for the people who will loose so much. Shame on those money mongers, of course, $$$ is soooo much more important than the lives of these people, shame on them. You know, God don't sleep, what goes around, comese around....Watch out, people , your are next.....

Posted by Colette Boyd May 24, 10 11:21 PM

"All in the name of money..the greedy will destroy this earth."
Bla, bla, bla... Terrible things happened before and will happen in the future, you morons! Stop drilling and ride horses, go to Amish and learn how to do it, or walk. Where do you, people, buy gas for your beautiful cars, ha? Stop drilling, oh boy...

Posted by Victor May 24, 10 11:40 PM

What about the Arabian gulf, it is the mini scenario that could happen in the middle east where drums of war are bounding and terrorism is flourishing, I hope the rulers at those territories are well understanding the magnitude of potentials that may occur if a spark of war starts there.

Posted by maged zaki May 24, 10 11:53 PM

So Ms. Palin, how's all that "drill baby drill" stuff workin' out for ya? Hopefully you feel as shameful as you sound.

Posted by Karen May 25, 10 12:12 AM

Support "Say no to BP", join the group in Facebook.
Thank you in advance

Posted by Say No To BP May 25, 10 01:17 AM

Discretionary Disbarment. For the love of god, EPA , just do it.

Posted by Garrett May 25, 10 01:20 AM

There are no greater idiots then oil clean up managers, exect's ects and government expeterts...I have been overseeing the last four huge spills from
Exxon to Sellendang Aku and have yet to see any real comprenhensive intellegence....stupid, stupid, grabing opportunists...shame on you all....Captain Christian Lint inventor of the Linductor oil recovery system and revolutionary BRATS... look it up assholes...

Posted by Christian LInt May 25, 10 01:30 AM

Adam, You said... "If no one drove a car there would never be a push to chase oil so we are all involved and should do our part for the clean up. it is not just the company it is also the customers and that is everyone. if you don't like the truth then you should reserch the reason we chase oil. it does suck but it is the truth."

This is not an accurate assessment of the situation. The reason why we chase oil is because Mankind, which includes me and YOU! are selfish sinful, murdering bastards. Those who have the money are the ones who are in the position to deceive everyone else in order not to lose any of it. They are the ones who tell us that we need Oil.

The truth is that Mankind can invent wind up cars and planes if we put our heads to it but the people with the power wont let us think like that because they have us enslaved with Oil.

But ask yourself this one question and be honest. If you had all the money in the world would you allow it to be taken from you or would you be doing the very same things that those with money are doing to us now; Telling us that we need this Oil if we want to drive our cars and boats? Be Honest.

And while I am at it, Why hasn't anyone who has the Money, if we are all so different, why hasn't anyone done any differently then those in power. The answer is because we humans are the lowest forms of life on the planet. We are Sinful, Lying, Murdering Bastards who deserve full well what we get. If you were the one with all the Oil Money there would be absolutely no difference what so ever. Only the name would change.

Because Once Again, We Humans are the scum of the earth and we deserve to die.

We now have the technology where One state with wind Power can meet the Needs of the whole nation of the United States of America. There is enough Oil reserve in Alaska to meet the whole power needs of the entire planet for many decades to come. And now Russia has found an even larger Oil reserve then that in alaska. So how come we do not use it? How come we do not develope other means of power like Solar or tidal waves or anything not so harmful? Even wind up cars would be a huge improvement.

We do not need to chase oil but the men with power would have us believe that lie in order to stay in power. To stay in control. That is more of a correct assessment of this situation. We chase Oil because we are told so and we as a species believe what we are told.

Think about it.

Posted by Victor May 25, 10 02:31 AM

It's begging of the end, 2012 maybe it's not some kind of a apocalyptic end seen by Michael Bay, but something much more simple and real & not least dangerous done by us - people, I try not to believe in this kind of comments of my own but when i see this pictures and i think about where are we heading at, it's kind of really sad story (sorry my English maybe not so good but hope you will understand what i was tryin' to say) I would love to help by any means to stop.

Posted by ArtGraf May 25, 10 07:35 AM

I wonder if the anti-fossil fuel posters know that the plastic in their keyboards, the plastic in their monitors, the plastic in their computers and the electricity they are using were all made by fossil fuels? It is not BP's fault. It is yours. It is mine. No company can exist without buyerd for their product.

Posted by Nick May 25, 10 09:32 AM

It's sad to see all that wasted oil floating around out there in the Gulf. There's got to be some way to salvage it and get it to the refineries!

Posted by Sultan May 25, 10 09:54 AM

This is sickening!!! and to think it is still pouring into the gulf... Something is wrong with this picture...

Posted by Monique Bercier May 25, 10 09:56 AM

Fourty years I have lived on my beloved Gulf of Mexico. This just breaks my heart. It isn't just BP that needs to be boycotted. We've seen 2 lesser oil spills that caused tremendous damage to their respective environments and still we've supported the oil industries. What about the Exxon disaster in Alaska that they have yet to finish cleaning up. And the Texaco disaster in South America that they are still denying. Companies that put production and profit above safety and the environment and the people that support them need to go asap. Then we need to find new safer energy sources asap. We, the people, can make a change when "United We Stand"

Posted by Shelia Keith May 25, 10 10:56 AM

money controls us.

Posted by andreanna May 25, 10 11:17 AM

Why don't they just blow the well? Oh yes, that would mean their profits would disappear with the well. What they're attempting to do is save the well and their profits at the expense of the environment. Who are these people? Are they human?

Posted by D. Alija May 25, 10 12:11 PM

I like monkeys

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 10 12:12 PM

I say to all - stop trying to lay blame (we know BP is to blame and will
pay) and start to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Only GOD can help us now!

Posted by Yvonne Aiavolasiti May 25, 10 12:20 PM

People need to stop and pray for the families that are greiving and stop whinning about the spill. If they knew how to stop it, it would be a done deal by now. Most of you that are expresising yourselves are like me and don't knowJack about deep sea drilling. Stop whinning and go out and help!!!

Posted by v.miller May 25, 10 12:47 PM

People praying to God about this... Get real.. we need HUMAN action to fix this mistake!!! Huge mistake!!! We can't sit around and hope God will help with this horrible spill. Serious action needs to be taken!!! Thanks BP

Posted by Randy May 25, 10 12:54 PM

love louisiana love the culture and food hope everything works it self out. The one good thing is this couldn't happen to any stronger of people they will bounce back. Bp just needs to help with the cleanup and prevention of this reaching the beaches and the louisiana and texas marsh lands

Posted by keith May 25, 10 12:54 PM

Those pictures makes me sick in my stomach...

Posted by Faye May 25, 10 01:16 PM

i am from south florida and nothing has made me so angry or sad as this. . our goverment is not doing enough to clean this up or stop the leak. do you really think bp cares they will just make more money from there other oil rigs. this will ruin tourism as in peoples lively hoods. time to get out of irac, afganistan and put our money to use right here in this country.

Posted by carolyn angelone May 25, 10 02:13 PM

Es ist so schrecklich - die armen Tiere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by K. Klein May 25, 10 02:26 PM

I figure any amount of Environmental damage is really not worth it to make a "quick buck", because, in the end WE WILL PAY FOR THE MISTAKES of the idiots who are responsible for making such a mess!!

Posted by Queenie May 25, 10 02:26 PM

everybody commenting on the spill is either using a computer or cell phone made of plastics to do so. i agree that this oil spill is disasterous but we are dependant on petroleum based products like it or not

Posted by bo May 25, 10 02:34 PM


Posted by CHANDRAN May 25, 10 03:12 PM

Off-shore drilling regulations did not begin with the present government in power in any country that has oil wells. At the very beginning, our previous legislators had an obligation to ensure that this was safe for all, and many had their own agenda to ignore the possible tragedies that are happening today. It is time now for all governments in all countries to tighten the screws, and not be influenced by those who lobby them with money. I am wondering if any of them have the fortitude to do that! Sure, oil provides jobs, but at what expense? Their fellow man, bird and animal are now paying the cost!

Posted by Carol May 25, 10 03:16 PM

I'm so glad this oil slick happened, now I too can dump my oil in the Gulf and get around those pesky oil disposal fees.

Thanks BP!

Posted by Matt Kay May 25, 10 04:37 PM

This is a sad commentary on us as humans. The corporations greed and desire for oil, the lack of intelligence and drive to create green solutions, the lack of effort to protect our planet... and the failure of our system. I hope we all wake up and learn that if you really want to see chaos, let our ocean food supply shut down. We need to get off of oil and fossil fuels. In 200 years we're destroying something that took billions of years to form.

Posted by Michael May 25, 10 04:49 PM

Boycott BP! That includes: Arco, Amoco, Safeway Gas, Castrol, am/pm Markets, Wild Bean Cafe.

Posted by Heather May 25, 10 07:18 PM

esto demuestra que los GRINGOS no son tan perfectos como lo bociferan, esto no es mas que un accidente, y todos absolutamente todos los accidentes pueden evitarse, esto no es mas que una negligencia por algo que no se hiso bien,en pocas palabras esto es un ERROR HUMANO, fallaron los procedimientos americanos,pensar que los gringos tenian en embargo el camaron de MEXICO por que las flotillas no cumplian con las normas para la pesca del camaron y dañamos en mexico a las tortugas, los GRINGOS ahora se estan tragando su propias palabras, pero lo malo es que no hay nadie que los sancione ellos hacen y desacen lo que quieran de este mundo, yo tube la oportunidad de trabajarpor 5 años como asistente de perforador" A.D." con gringos en una compañia de perforacion, que se llama DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING siempre me decian que en mexico perforamos todabia igual que en los años 70s, despues de ver estas imaguenes , llego a la conclucion, que el ser sobervio tiene su precio, ellos ponen las reglas de seguridad, y ellos mismos son las que las rompen, no les importa la integridad humana y mucho menos el medio ambiente, por que antes de ver estas fotos hay que recordar que en este ERROR HUMANO hubo muchas personas MUERTAS.

Posted by felipe cornejo lima May 25, 10 08:22 PM

esto demuestra que los GRINGOS no son tan perfectos como lo bociferan, esto no es mas que un accidente, y todos absolutamente todos los accidentes pueden evitarse, esto no es mas que una negligencia por algo que no se hiso bien,en pocas palabras esto es un ERROR HUMANO, fallaron los procedimientos americanos,pensar que los gringos tenian en embargo el camaron de MEXICO por que las flotillas no cumplian con las normas para la pesca del camaron y dañamos en mexico a las tortugas, los GRINGOS ahora se estan tragando su propias palabras, pero lo malo es que no hay nadie que los sancione ellos hacen y desacen lo que quieran de este mundo, yo tube la oportunidad de trabajarpor 5 años como asistente de perforador" A.D." con gringos en una compañia de perforacion, que se llama DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING siempre me decian que en mexico perforamos todabia igual que en los años 70s, despues de ver estas imaguenes , llego a la conclucion, que el ser sobervio tiene su precio, ellos ponen las reglas de seguridad, y ellos mismos son las que las rompen, no les importa la integridad humana y mucho menos el medio ambiente, por que antes de ver estas fotos hay que recordar que en este ERROR HUMANO hubo muchas personas MUERTAS.

Posted by felipe cornejo lima May 25, 10 08:24 PM

Our greed and dependence on oil is sickening....It's all our fault..It was our of our planet ad look what we've done......God please for give us...

Posted by Gail Smith May 25, 10 08:29 PM

Well, I have been looking at all these comments...I really do not know if this comment will make it to the big time or not.. I have been going to the beach with my Mother and Father as long as I remember and can remember when at Panama City on Tomas Drive nothing but sand dunes for miles..I can remember my Father drag racing down Thomas drive in Panama City in the family car with nothing in the way, Beach lots were 100 bucks and nothing but mom and pop motels and very few of them..Nothing but great memories that I shared with my Wife and Kids that I took to the Gulf at least twice a year on vacation for my whole employed years from 1976 to 2003...

Now we have a great big problem that may change the Gulf of Mexico as we know it today...We as the general public did not pick this oil company to be the one to get our gas from, we just wanted the gas to get us from point A to B..I am really at a loss here as to I hope they get this leak stopped and get all this cleaned up so we can go back to normal an enjoy our beaches as I did my whole life as I am 59 years old and the beach, Gulf of Mexico has been so much to all of us for our lives..It is beautiful and we want it back...

Posted by Norman C.Walker Jr. May 25, 10 09:21 PM

Well, I have been looking at all these comments...I really do not know if this comment will make it to the big time or not.. I have been going to the beach with my Mother and Father as long as I remember and can remember when at Panama City on Tomas Drive nothing but sand dunes for miles..I can remember my Father drag racing down Thomas drive in Panama City in the family car with nothing in the way, Beach lots were 100 bucks and nothing but mom and pop motels and very few of them..Nothing but great memories that I shared with my Wife and Kids that I took to the Gulf at least twice a year on vacation for my whole employed years from 1976 to 2003...

Now we have a great big problem that may change the Gulf of Mexico as we know it today...We as the general public did not pick this oil company to be the one to get our gas from, we just wanted the gas to get us from point A to B..I am really at a loss here as to I hope they get this leak stopped and get all this cleaned up so we can go back to normal an enjoy our beaches as I did my whole life as I am 59 years old and the beach, Gulf of Mexico has been so much to all of us for our lives..It is beautiful and we want it back...

Posted by Norman C.Walker Jr. May 25, 10 09:28 PM

Thousands of comments & opinions... but, "giant cork on rebar" (comment 1204) was the only comment of any worth!

Posted by RLK2112 May 25, 10 09:55 PM

This is not the time to be playing the Blame Game but to work together day and night to contain the spill and then proceed to the largest cleanup operation in history. It´s already a huge mess and no one person, party or company will be able to do anything on their own. It´s the time to show how a team game is played. Afterward, history will point out who really was to blame and who was negligent on his responsibilities. Science, organization, strategy and good decisions is of the utmost importance now.

Posted by Eddy Gugliotta May 25, 10 10:03 PM

Thank you for the pictures.
I am concerned about the lack of news on the subject. I hear 30 second blip usually about Obama versus BP finger pointing or failed attempts to control. I'm interested in the effects and how to help, etc. Its surprising how silent the news is about effects.

Posted by Deyna May 25, 10 10:27 PM

If I can recall some 4th grade history class, that taught me that My Country, Our Country was founded by CITIZENS that were tired of a GOVERNMENT that became so out of controll / WITCH WASN'T SO FAR AGO .... they dicided to FIGHT FOR OUR / A new GOVERMENT Called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that wasn't so croupt . SOMEONE SHOULD LEED THE CHARGE TO GET THIS CROUPT GOVERNEMENT OUT AND A NEW ERA OF GOVERNMENT SHOULD COME IN ..... AND THEY WOULD COME FROM SMALL TOWN OFFICIALS

Posted by Patriot May 25, 10 10:43 PM


Posted by rosicleide May 25, 10 11:51 PM


Posted by rosicleide May 25, 10 11:52 PM

"This too shall pass" - But will you, your children, or grandchildren be alive to see it pass? Do you know how long it has taken for the plants and animals to populate the Gulf of Mexico? Maybe your grandchildren would have loved to have fished or swam in these beautiful waters that are no more. : {
Oysters, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, pelicans, egrets, herons, gone, gone, gone, - some of the lifeforms in the GoM are found no where else. The wetlands, islands, and bird sanctuaries are not something that can be replaced next week. Cry for the Gulf, cry for your future.

Posted by C. M. Brouillette May 26, 10 02:42 AM

@1164: What would you expect us NOT to? Be real here.

Posted by Kate May 26, 10 08:02 AM

Another reason for me to hitchhike off this god forsaken planet

Posted by Ford Perfect May 26, 10 08:59 AM

I wonder how many of these people will stop using all the things made of oil like Plastics. Also wonder how many have worked in the Oil business. The ignorance displayed is breathtaking.

Posted by Zainuddin May 26, 10 09:33 AM

Sugerencia: les recomendaría que bombeen todos los residuos que esten esparcidos en la zona, a uno ó varios buque tanques que estén en desuso actualmente, para que les resulte más económico, que se implemente al interior de los mismos, un seleccionador de agua salada combinado con un purificador y se regrese ésta al mar y así recuperar el petróleo para su proceso de refinación. les deseo el mejor de los éxitos y mucha suerte.

Posted by Juan ignacio Lípez Urteaga May 26, 10 10:59 AM

...and, at the very moment, new drilling is being considered off the coast of South Carolina. There's enough wind energy there to power almost 1/3rd the entire state, with clean, non-polluting wind farms, but NO, go for the oil...

The Deepwater Horizon disaster should finally be hammering the point into everyone's head that we need to move AWAY from a fossil fuel based economy, but the only people that seem to get it are labeled as environmental wackos. Why is that? Simple. MONEY.

The entire US economy is based on GREED and LUST FOR POWER at this point, and all the current economic problems we're having can be blamed on those same things.

I'm almost in agreement with Ford Perfect. It's time to hitchhike away from here. The actions of the US over the last 10 years have a taken a once proud and respected nation towards a nosedive into the pits of hell...

Posted by L.G.M. May 26, 10 11:05 AM

Why can't they just make a big jim suit made of the same robats hard iron or steel

Posted by Dom oilley May 26, 10 11:10 AM

The only way to reduce the oil exploration and development in the USA, is to either get the petroleum from other countries (and pay for it at their costs) or quit using petrolem products, all 5000 of them, starting with plastics to gasoline. BP screwed up and in the end, we, the consumers will pay for it all. And all you SUV drivers, how would you like to pay $9.00 a gallon for gasoline? We are oil dependent so face it.

Posted by marie May 26, 10 11:36 AM

Now more than ever we should all recognize the need for clean energy. I'm not saying we don't need oil, but am simply stating that we need to lessen our dependence on it. We are to be stewards of the Earth, caring and protecting it, especially from the people who profit from it's resources. Even if you don't care about animals or the environment, and only care of your own well-being- this will affect you. What about the fish you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breath?? We as a nation need to reduce our dependence on oil ASAP! This is all our problem..... So let's all help clean this mess up, move on, and CHANGE THE WAY WE LIVE!!

Posted by Angela Gephart May 26, 10 12:20 PM

There goes our open Sea - Our Gulf of Mexico!
I just finished attending an Assembly - Invisiable Children - Genocide. How sinful and sick that government allow warlords to abduct children trainning them to kill. And how sinfuf and sick of the oil-lords have been allowed to operate drilling with proper licenses, and incompetent workers, I know I was in Texas last month my sister finance worked there last year - hiring incompetent workers which may very well cause the is disaster -the disaster of our ocean/gulf of mexico, and industries for probably 100 years. Say good bye to New Orleans and all the wonderful place. The rich will relocate and the poor will suffer the consequences of this disaster. Just sick! Can we send people to the moon and space
It time to send another group of professional -Please! send the our ASTRANAUTS to fix this problem! Maybe they can stop the oil spill!
We need a program now, Now! In action! At Universities to study
how to stop oil spills- in matter of days not weeks! I am glad the Polar Bears don't swim in the Gulf of Mexico - Or I would simply die!

Posted by Grace May 26, 10 12:23 PM

I can't believw we are SOOO slow and laid back about cleanup. Who really cares whose fault it is? It is everyone's responsibility

Posted by ann moyer May 26, 10 12:32 PM


Posted by POSTED BY FRANK R.IN MARRERO May 26, 10 12:51 PM

We the People !!
1) Will end up paying for this disaster, and BP will have a large profit in the end. The government needs to stop them from raising oil prices to help recover from their mistake, otherwise all of us will be paying $7.00 a gallon for gas this summer.
2) BP should have to pay to the families of those that lost their lives that horrible day, they had warnings and just ignored them, they admitted this.
3) We can do anything we are a country of great resources but because of money, we as a country fall short of our potential greatestness.

Posted by California Girl May 26, 10 01:15 PM


Posted by Henry May 26, 10 01:27 PM

Just a question: why it is not possible to realize a controlled explosion of the oil shaft? They did controlled burning of oil on water but why it is not possible to burn the shaft?

Posted by Daniela May 26, 10 02:11 PM

My throat tightens as tears surge to the forefront of eyes unwilling to lock onto any distruction of nature. As if bound by an invisible cord, my spirit level plummets and my mood sours as the cold chill of loss scatters all harmony and perfection seeking thoughts. Mankind, deemed the eternal keeper of his planetary garden has fallen short of his duties.
Filled with the killer instinct of a Cain mentality there are those forever willing to silence the voices of reason. It is their eternal greed and lust for power, wealth and possessions which has resulted in repeated global upheavel. The eternal battle of dark versus light, played out in our minds.

Posted by Annemarie May 26, 10 02:13 PM

Lets hope that there is no chance of ocean bed /floor collaps once too many barrels of oil gushed forth eventually creating a vast cavern ready to implode. Considering the combined decades of studies brought together by those learned minds one would have thought that preventetive measures would have been in place prior to such hairbrained sceme. We should make a global ruling, only two children per family. Use northern climes as global freezers only, southern climes for growing food crops only. Smaller living spaces require less heating. Less people require less food and utilities. Keep live in ballance , generate harmony.

Posted by Anne May 26, 10 02:30 PM

so why can,t they make a large hose pincher like used to clamp off auto water hoses,, unless the steel used for the pipes is hardened it would pinch off easily .. If you have seen the ones used at junk yards they snip large I beams beams like butter so a rounded one would just crush the pipe instead of cutting it and the leak could have been stopped a long time ago ..

Posted by bill shields May 26, 10 03:05 PM

#153.. Good.. you actually like the idea of human extinction. What a f'ed up sense of values. And yes you're right. People have been predicting the end of the world for centuries now. I personally have lived through 3 or 4 of them. Please stay in your fantasy world.

#128 and 150.. Actually advocating violence. So next time you're in a BP store (if you're not boycotting them), we can expect you to beat the crap out of some employee there just trying to be employed? Another sense of screwed up values.

Posted by Fed up May 26, 10 03:13 PM

i don't think they should be burning the oil because the fire can effect the animals, they could kill them witch is worse then just burning them.

Posted by mags May 26, 10 03:16 PM

To people telling us we are ALL guilty because we use products made by fossile fuels..(read post nr 1230). I do not feel guilty because this could all have been prevented. But Big Oil puts greed and profit before the environment.. There was sooo much wrong with this rig and yet..they drill. People have been blackmailed, bribed and probably killed by Big Oil just so they can go on with their criminal actions..only and only for $$$$$$.

And what happens if they can NOT stop the oil leak? Just how much oil is out there? If this continues it will be the death of this planet.. and us.

Posted by Cindy from Holland May 26, 10 03:39 PM

@1271 - what planet did you arrive from? Astranauts? what?

Posted by Fed up May 26, 10 03:41 PM

So very sad (understatement of the year). What's up with all the global disasters at once? Time to wake up and do something to restore balance and heal the earth. Time to stop destroying the planet with pollution, global climate change, logging, factory farming, pesticides/GMO crops, vanishing bees, the list is too long to write it all down, or even remember it all.

Why don't people learn from mistakes? Whenever the first oil spill happened was the time to say, "Oops, this was a bad idea, no more off-shore drilling." Same with the first nuclear-power plant disaster, the first cancers discovered to be caused by chemical pesticides/herbicides, the first organic farm contaminated by a near-by GMO farm, the first bee hive to suffer colony collapse disorder. It's time to learn from mistakes and make positive changes or we won't have a planet to make any more mistakes on!

I just hope BP goes bankrupt from this and the CEOs have to collect unemployment. The government has to stop bailing out big corporations that screw up! If giant corporations went bankrupt from these disasters, other companies might learn it's not a good idea to mess up the earth and mess with people's lives for money!

Posted by Donna Lomp May 26, 10 03:42 PM

one Engineer said:"...The only piece of human technology that might address this is a nuclear bomb. I'm not kidding. If they put a nuke down there in the right spot it might seal up the hole. Nothing short of that will work."

The original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they're saying 200,000 gallons a day. That's over a million gallons of crude oil a week!

It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?

Imagine what happens if that oil keeps flowing until it destroys all life in the oceans of this planet. Who knows how big of a reservoir of oil is down there.

Not to mention that the oceans are critical to maintaining the proper oxygen level in the atmosphere for human life.

We're humped. Unless God steps in and fixes this. No human can. You can be sure of that!...

Posted by anonymus May 26, 10 03:53 PM

@128 - so you're advocating violence toward other human beings. Nice.. So the next time you're in a BP (providing you're not boycotting it) we can expect you you beat the crap out of some minimum wage employee there just trying to stay employed. What lunacy.

@141 - I guess the next time YOU have an accident of make a mistake at work, we should hold you to the same standards as you're imposing on BP. BP should be held accountable for all the clean up costs and reimbursement for the lost income for the people it's affected, but to take away things from people who have already earned it? WOW..

@153 - Someone predicted this many times over. Personally I've lived through several end of the world predictions. and .. WOW.. you're actually supporting human extinction. And sorry, if there is another big bang, pretty much everything will be wiped out. But you do have a screwed up set of values. I like living on this planet and maybe can make it better before I leave.

Posted by Fed up May 26, 10 03:57 PM

i think that we should all help the animals and stuff that is being affected by this tragedy. like Mike said, stop crying like a bunch of babies and acually help them save our planet. we all have to live on the same earth, drink the same water, and so on. if you dont want to be drinking oil when your thirsty then get of your lazy butt and help the ocean.

Posted by Emma May 26, 10 04:42 PM

@1285 - just clarifying.. not that it makes it any better. The original estimates were 1000 barrels of oil a day, now its 5000 a day. 5000 barrels of oil is 210000 gal.

Posted by Fed up May 26, 10 04:53 PM

After reading this it has become apparent to me that the biggest tragedy we face as Americans is stupidity. You people use grammar and spelling like children. Jesus.

Posted by SchoolTeacher May 26, 10 04:54 PM