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April 28, 2010 Permalink

Shanghai's Expo nearly ready

Organizers of Shanghai's World Expo have been holding trial runs this week, before the official opening this Saturday, May 1st. About 70 percent of the nearly 200 participants participated in the trials, and visitors were already encountering long lines. Officials now estimate the 6-month event, themed "Better City, Better Life", will attract up to 100 million visitors, 95 percent of them Chinese. Shanghai has spent 400 billion yuan (58.6 billion US dollars) preparing for the Expo, according to state media - more than was spent on the Beijing Olympics. Collected here are photographs of last-minute preparations in Shanghai as they prepare to welcome the world this weekend. (37 photos total)

Visitors gather in front of a huge animated baby mannequin displayed in the Spanish pavilion at the site of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai on April 25, 2010. Expo organizers gave members of the public a preview of the largest-ever World's Fair as they tested facilities and public transportation before the official start on May 1. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
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291 comments so far...

Stunning. I hope to get there next month and this collection is a wonderful preview.

Posted by Richard April 28, 10 01:26 PM


Posted by realiz3 April 28, 10 01:28 PM

Wow !!

Posted by AniD April 28, 10 01:29 PM

Great photos, although the giant baby is rather creepy.

Posted by Big Fat Engineer April 28, 10 01:33 PM


Posted by chinese April 28, 10 01:39 PM

These are FANTASTIC! Brings out the beauty of the Expo as it is!

Posted by AsmaAa April 28, 10 01:41 PM

Stunning photos, as tidy as there is no chaotic crowd pouring into the buildings, its literately "people mountain people sea".

A correction, No. 32, it is actually a jade coat from Han dynasty, its made of pure jade pieces and golden threads for covering dead corpse. Indeed a master piece.

Posted by Boray April 28, 10 01:44 PM

love #29.

Posted by Alex April 28, 10 01:45 PM

Wonderful photos.

But #32 isn't a Terracotta Warrior; it's a figure in a jade burial suit.

Posted by Francesca T April 28, 10 01:47 PM

Great photos!

Posted by Vampola April 28, 10 01:52 PM

Great collection of photographs - as usual, thank you very much!

But the baby: whoaaa... "uncanny valley" effect at it's best!

Posted by MichaelN April 28, 10 01:53 PM

Wow, fantastic pix, so proud to be a Shanghainese, will fly back to Shanghai next month for my wedding celebration and Expo!

Posted by YY April 28, 10 01:53 PM

picture 31: Only need some big speakers, some big beats, and that place would be wicked for a party!!

Posted by raveon April 28, 10 01:55 PM

Stunning...I kept looking back at the UK Pavilion..Kind of feels like u r getting sucked into a vortex!! Amazing stuff.

Posted by HashName April 28, 10 01:57 PM

#35, North Korea and Iran pavilion together... someone in China is being funny!

Posted by DUDE April 28, 10 01:57 PM

Well I'll be seeing the first one in my nightmares tonight.

Posted by ee April 28, 10 02:01 PM

i am all for art .. but this is f*cking waste of money ..
hey .. how about feeding those needy kids in africa .. or setting up some kinda water treatment plants in india ??
i am more than convinced that this money could have found a lot better use .. for a real cause ..

Posted by dude April 28, 10 02:03 PM

Russian pavilion very beautiful ornament, incredable form and design interior.

Posted by Is April 28, 10 02:06 PM

Thanks for sharing these pictures with all of us.
i am working an paying lots of taxes to pay for the past Winter Olympics, all these events are nice but costly to the taxpayers.

Posted by Forrest April 28, 10 02:29 PM

USA pavilion looks boring compare to many others. Too sad...

Posted by Alex Sem April 28, 10 02:31 PM

Excellent! Was the Union Jack impression deliberate on the UK pavillion?You can kind of make it out in no. 4

Posted by Anonymous April 28, 10 02:42 PM

This really goes to show that we are in the "space age" especially picture 19. And I didn't know that corporations could have pavilions? Seems a little peculiar to me. The U.K. pavilion is my favorite.

Posted by observer 11:11 April 28, 10 02:59 PM

How come the USA Pavillion is the only one that sucks?

Posted by Guillo April 28, 10 02:59 PM

@17 hey dude, why are you wasting time perusing the galleries on here and posting comments when you could be feeding kids in Africa?

I am more than convinced that your time could have found a lot better use .. for a real cause ..

Posted by the dude abides April 28, 10 03:22 PM

these photos are amaz-azing !

Posted by MELISSA April 28, 10 03:23 PM

Absolutely stunning! I have to find the time to attend.

Posted by From Brooklyn With Love April 28, 10 03:56 PM

#1 is an illustration of the Uncanny Valley, right?

Posted by Guido April 28, 10 04:04 PM


Posted by lara smadi April 28, 10 04:07 PM

Great pictures !!!

Posted by crobard April 28, 10 04:27 PM

Yes. Art, beauty, design, ideas, seeing the future - all that is expensive! We live in the world of contrasts . . and sometimes it's hard to say what our priorities are . . . there are still money left for other purposes, I think - so we can enjoy beautiful sites :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures.

Posted by Mira April 28, 10 04:38 PM

What a wonderful and crazy world we live in, so much money, so many beautiful designs, so double ..
I enjoyed the photo's, they are simply beautiful

Posted by Gavi April 28, 10 04:40 PM

Love #29

Posted by Anonymous April 28, 10 04:41 PM

China the new global leader

bye bye USA

Posted by jonathan April 28, 10 04:56 PM

At least the spanish pavillion doesn't have bulls and toreros. Yipee!

Posted by lluis April 28, 10 04:57 PM

@24: THANK YOU. Someone needs to explain to @17 what a false dichotomy is.

Beautiful photos, wish I were going!

Posted by Jo April 28, 10 04:59 PM

Great pictures, brought back the memories of the World Expo 2000 in Hannover/Germany for me. I would love to go to Shanghai!

Posted by Jens April 28, 10 05:06 PM

Realmente impresionante......
Muy bello todo.

Posted by APG April 28, 10 05:19 PM


Posted by Cyanyde April 28, 10 05:20 PM

I love the design and creativity of these pavillions. I would love to have the opportunity to design one during my career.

Posted by Andy B April 28, 10 05:23 PM

Visit Spain's pavilion

Posted by Eduardo April 28, 10 05:25 PM

OMG! I would love to be able to attend this! Does anyone know if they are going to broadcast the opening ceremonies anywhere?! I would love to see what these folks have up their sleeve to compete with the Olympic opening ceremonies. And I agree with some other comments; it is a shame that the USA pavilion is so... well, boring.

Posted by El Chuey April 28, 10 05:31 PM

Are you a MIND READER? I was going to contact you this week to beg you to be sure and cover the upcoming Shanghai Expo! Fantastic architecture. I look forward to more pictures from there. (Thanks for the great pictures!)

Posted by mileslarboy April 28, 10 05:32 PM

wow... such amazing pictures. I would love to attend this at some point in time. HOW COME THE USA PAVILLION LOOKS SO STUPID?!?

Posted by MALTMAN April 28, 10 05:37 PM

What! no Indian Pavillion to look at!?!

Posted by Mohan April 28, 10 05:43 PM

oh wow the North Korean pavilion looks so sad.

Posted by Anonymous April 28, 10 05:46 PM

man, this is so amazing.

Posted by suman April 28, 10 06:04 PM

The USA building looks like an airport terminal. We never seem to do international architecture right

Posted by Jeff April 28, 10 06:19 PM

USA pavilion looks like a typical corporation... go figure!

Posted by Miguel April 28, 10 06:33 PM

woehh!!! I have never seen any liken it!!!

Posted by melody ritter April 28, 10 07:12 PM

Looking forward to seeing it in a month

Posted by Steve April 28, 10 07:17 PM

Please keep the photos coming for those cannot go see in person. Looking forward for more pictures inside the buildings once they are open.

Posted by wait n see April 28, 10 07:25 PM

I love everything!!!!

Posted by Rudy April 28, 10 08:43 PM

Wonderful! Can not wait for my next month trip to Shanghai!

Posted by Ashley April 28, 10 09:01 PM

God Bless My Great China!

Posted by Capa Sue April 28, 10 09:21 PM

So lovely pics!
#29 is the best :)

Posted by Alance April 28, 10 09:45 PM

very good!!!!

Posted by gogo April 28, 10 10:11 PM

amazing pics! I'll go there in September, hah

Posted by Ryan April 28, 10 10:15 PM

the 23th pic,that is who made that strange idea?

Posted by sean April 28, 10 10:43 PM

What a great picture. I love your good art works. Keep up your good job.

Posted by CK April 28, 10 10:51 PM

@51, this is for you, World Expo online:

Posted by ez April 28, 10 10:57 PM

Amazing shots! Unbelievable what creative mind can come up with. Like them all.

Posted by Don April 28, 10 10:57 PM

Heading over next month and can't wait! Also can't wait to see what they've done to the rest of the city. I know there is a new waterfront park near the Bund, for example - it was under construction when I was there last year...

Posted by Nerd Diva April 28, 10 10:58 PM

I m proud of being a Shanghai guy! Cheering , Shanghai!!!!
Shanghai welcome all of customers from the all sites of the world, We love you to come!!!!!!

Posted by 陈维 April 28, 10 11:15 PM

On the one hand, very impressive, if mystifyingly excessive.

On the other hand, RUN AWAY FROM THE GIANT BABY!

Posted by GuanoLad April 28, 10 11:17 PM

No.19 photo - is that a 5, 6 or 7 tiered / layered highway intersection?!
Hard to believe it is really that high.
I like to see a side view of that if it is really real.

Posted by O()O April 28, 10 11:42 PM

Stupid Expo. Please spend the money on the poor who really need it. Do not burn it for useless showcase projects.

Posted by Hans She April 28, 10 11:48 PM

Great pictures!

Posted by Denis Beaumont April 28, 10 11:54 PM

welcome to Shanghai!!阿拉上海人

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 10 12:16 AM

I think that no23 might give bank robbers ideas. Definitely a very weird way of doing it and they will boil to death if it gets hot out there.
The baby reminds me of the baby zombie in Brain Dead :D
no 19 is a very interesting shot with an M.C Escheresque feel of never ending intersections all piled on top of each other.
Meybe the expo will be interesting, but throwing money at something is one thing, content is the key, something that only the UK and possibly the South Korea pavilion appear to have pulled off... I think that we are becoming more and more like spoilt children, needing bigger bangs and more expensive toys every day. That this is the most expensive fair ever, even more so that this one: is pretty grotesque.

Posted by Patrick April 29, 10 12:34 AM


But as a SHANGHAI citizen, I still do not get understand what the real meaning is for the Expo by costing that huge taxation.

Posted by gentlewind April 29, 10 12:45 AM

Welcome to China~

Posted by Cnstar.pu April 29, 10 12:57 AM

While at the US Pavilion, you can order fast food and shop at Walmart. How original. See for why it turned out so bad.

I like the Russian Pavilion: "City on Vodka." Actually, quite German Expressionist/Surrealist. Very cool.

Thanks for the wonderful photographs.

Posted by Marmot April 29, 10 12:57 AM

The designer of the USA pavilion is the only one that seems to have realized that the Expo is only going to be around for six months. What's the point of spending a huge amount of money and resources on something so temporary? Boring, yes, but sensible too. When everyone else is trying so hard to stand out from the crowd, perhaps understatement makes the loudest sound.

Posted by Convair April 29, 10 01:11 AM


Posted by z April 29, 10 01:20 AM

I love #19.

Posted by Bob April 29, 10 01:44 AM

Totally inspirational - so much beautiful ambitious and visionary architecture

Posted by Nikki G April 29, 10 01:53 AM


Posted by LakiBaztard April 29, 10 01:55 AM

#29 +100!

Posted by holub April 29, 10 02:03 AM


Posted by ic April 29, 10 02:06 AM


Posted by Anonymous April 29, 10 02:18 AM


Posted by zl1com April 29, 10 02:27 AM

USA Pavilion looks like an old Chrysler dealership they plucked out of Cleveland and plopped down in Shanghai. We should have been able to come up with something better than that.

Posted by Carbon April 29, 10 02:29 AM


Posted by love SH April 29, 10 02:32 AM


Posted by love SH April 29, 10 02:32 AM

simply amazing!!!

Posted by Gautam Arora April 29, 10 02:40 AM

Wow! Beautiful pics! The last symbol of comment 67 is the design of the danish paviljon! It means harmony! Even the architect becomes a lid again! As seen on, bjarke ingels

Posted by maarten April 29, 10 02:40 AM

Being a Chinese, I don't like the idea of spending so much money on an one-off event where most of the buildings are going to be disposed of soon after. I have to admit these pix are surprisingly beautiful tho.

Posted by ryan April 29, 10 02:44 AM

nice 1

Posted by samir kumar sahoo April 29, 10 02:53 AM


Chinese are just brilliant

Posted by dblchin April 29, 10 03:06 AM

China is becoming the next Super Power Country.

A very stunning photo collections ...

Posted by Wely E.R. April 29, 10 03:08 AM

Awesome!!! hope there will not be a crowd of people when i get there.

Posted by Rachel April 29, 10 03:21 AM

Awesome!!! hope there will not be a crowd of people when i get there.

Posted by Rachel April 29, 10 03:21 AM

What were the Spaniards thinking when they displayed that giant ugly baby? it gives me the creeps...

By the way, I'd really like to see the interior desing of the DPR Korea pavilion. USA's pavilion looks like a corporation HQ to me.

Posted by Lido April 29, 10 03:25 AM

Welcome to Shanghai. 1 TF from KDS

Posted by TFs April 29, 10 03:29 AM

perfect ,Welcome to China!Welcome to shanghai!

Posted by xiaomin April 29, 10 03:33 AM

stunning... and lots more not yet displayed... be there or wait to see here...

Posted by Qowus April 29, 10 04:11 AM

Pic28 is funny!!

Posted by leo April 29, 10 04:15 AM

Wow .. I loved the #29 snap ;)

Posted by veena April 29, 10 04:43 AM

@Big Fat Engineer
I can't agree with you more!~
the giant baby is intimidating

Posted by 呵呵 April 29, 10 04:47 AM

amazing collection :)

Posted by xxorcist April 29, 10 04:47 AM

wonderful pictures!

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 10 04:58 AM

I wish I could go to Shang Hai right now and rock out the South Korea building!! Yippe!


Posted by Rudy April 29, 10 05:06 AM

In China,people hate the Expo.which is a big goverment show,wasting money,nothing to do with most people.
except for someone who were hired by the stupid goverment to leave those stupid comments above.

Posted by as a Chinese April 29, 10 05:20 AM

The Polish pavilion is very nice!

Posted by Wuda April 29, 10 05:33 AM

Très belle les images

Posted by fabwis974 April 29, 10 05:43 AM

I want to go!

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 10 05:50 AM

absolutely gorgeous

Posted by angie April 29, 10 05:57 AM

The UK pavillon is just awesome, but the giant baby - very uncanny valley!

Posted by phalacrognathus April 29, 10 05:58 AM


Posted by daisuke April 29, 10 06:04 AM

Are we ,already livind in the XXV th century? After looking at all these images and event I would think so. Man´s phantasies and aspirations have no end!
Congratulation to all the people involved.
Thanks for distributing the information.
Love and admiration,
Alicia Ríos

Posted by Alicia Ríos April 29, 10 06:17 AM

I'm not disappointed to live in Shanghai when I see this amazing set of pictures.

Keep up the good work !

Posted by The French living in Shanghai April 29, 10 06:26 AM

Makes me wanna go back to Shanghi.

Posted by Warren F. Kelley April 29, 10 06:31 AM

@21 - Yes the Union Flag image on the UK pavillion is intentional. Rather neat I think!

Posted by E April 29, 10 06:53 AM

Great photos. But an awful waste of money went into that project. In 5 years it will be as dead as an olympic village.

Posted by Scott Childers April 29, 10 08:26 AM

hi nice photos

Posted by sri April 29, 10 08:29 AM

hi nice photos

Posted by sri April 29, 10 08:30 AM

picture #35
Axis Of Evil Boulevard?

Posted by Jonas April 29, 10 08:30 AM


Posted by allan April 29, 10 08:39 AM

So beautiful, like it :)

Posted by Technologix April 29, 10 09:19 AM

Like the #28:)-the great village scientist Mr.Wu!
No need more money and spectacle, i like the chinese common people!
thanks boston big picture, take the real earth to the everyone.
Wonderful World and Shanghai EXPO

Posted by vanzron April 29, 10 10:03 AM

58.6 billion US dollars? are you kidding?
It takes about $50 per capita in China enough to feed them all for a whole month.

Posted by S.M. April 29, 10 10:14 AM

To Scott Childers:

Great photos. But an awful waste of money went into that project. In 5 years it will be as dead as an olympic village.
Posted by Scott Childers April 29, 10 08:26 AM

Do you have any idea how many tourists go to the olympic village everyday and what is the price of the housing close to the vilage?

Dont talk about something you dont know

Posted by A traveller April 29, 10 10:21 AM

All structures are great, except for maybe usa, which is a bit underwhelming, I don't blame them though, I know they had problems getting money, since it's all privately funded there. Oh yeah, and south korea is pretty weak, I don't know what is their excuse.

Posted by Jan April 29, 10 10:22 AM


Posted by Anonymous April 29, 10 10:28 AM

@ 114 re: pic #35 - "And over here we have our red-headed step-children that nobody trusts....."

Posted by anonymous April 29, 10 10:37 AM

As a Chinese, I don't like this huge waste of money. The government spent a total of 400 billions(!) yuan in Shanghai just for this show. And once it is over, almost all the venues/pavilions will be demolished! It is just like burning money. The government has spent and wasted too much money in Shanghai is the past 20 years.

Posted by Jay April 29, 10 10:49 AM

The USA pavillion looks like the building in California they use in movies and TV shows as a high school. I think it was on the movie Orange County and the show O.C. So I'm guessing the structure is in that county. LOL

It was also the backdrop for the 2004 Kia Amanti's brochure.

I bet it was commissioned by the same firm.

Posted by Andy B April 29, 10 11:12 AM

yea dude

Posted by alan April 29, 10 12:29 PM

#1 is the creepiest thing I've ever seen!

Posted by Pat April 29, 10 12:30 PM

Good To see all at one place ...

Posted by uma mahesh varma April 29, 10 12:48 PM

Is #19 taken from an alien planet or in 2100 ?

Posted by Jolin April 29, 10 12:53 PM

Someone needs to explain to @35 what an opportunity cost is.

Posted by ech April 29, 10 01:01 PM

amazing pics! it makes me wanna go there!! I would love to see Latvian Pavilion. something about flying people and aerodium

Posted by nataly April 29, 10 01:09 PM

I don't think this is a waste of money. The Expo has traditionally showcased innovations in architecture, technology and ideologies. If you look at the bill and compare it to feeding the world, then of course it looks like a "waste" if you choose to ignore all of the associated impacts of the event. These events massively improve transportation throughout world fair cities, regenerate problematic city districts, generate innovations in all aspects of design which have commercial, social and intellectual benefits, allow the reuse/auctioning of all the materials and infrastructure, and the plain and basic idea of having a global celebration of technology that is aligned with a positive world vision for that year. We are always working towards fixing problems like hunger, but it helps to work on other great things at the same time.

Posted by Richard April 29, 10 01:40 PM


Posted by christinaxxx April 29, 10 02:02 PM

the so-called $58.6 billion budget may be misleading, since about 75% of that money (over 300 billion RMB, or $44.1 billion) goes to the city Metro system which grows from zero to current 420 km+ of tracks in operation in just 15 years, and is still growing to achieve the 2020 goal of 877 km of tracks. And the money invested in high speed railway construction should not be counted in the EXPO budget as well. There is a metro/subway and high speed railway construction boom in many large cities in China, and many projects were planned way ahead of the EXPO. With that being clarified, direct investment in EXPO should be close to the official budget 30 billion RMB, or $4.4 billion.

Posted by fragel April 29, 10 02:12 PM

The USA building is terrible because of the corruption in the U.S. government. See here:

Posted by Dave R April 29, 10 02:17 PM

Agree to Comment #134. Well put.
In current world situation, this type of activity probably is up in China's priority list, and I personally believe China is moving in the right direction, trying to be one of the world leaders. gco

Posted by gco April 29, 10 02:43 PM

Wowww amazing.... I want to visit Shanghai

Posted by Miguel Garduno April 29, 10 03:39 PM

US air terminal is so funny lol...

Posted by Kingsin April 29, 10 03:49 PM

wow...oh man

Posted by peng April 29, 10 03:51 PM

@136, even $58.6 billion is small potato when comparing with China government's 2400 billion foreign exchange reserves. There are also lots of much larger projects are in progress in China, such as high speed rail, expressway network, national power grid etc. With all these projects, their foreign exchange reserves are still increasing everyday.

Posted by ez April 29, 10 03:56 PM

I can't believe how few comments there are about the GIANT ANIMATED BABY!!! That's the creepiest thing I've seen in months!

Posted by kevjohn April 29, 10 04:24 PM

Magnifique ! j'espere bien retourner pour la cinquiéme fois à Shanghai
visiter l'exposition et séjourner encore une fois dans ce pays à l'histoire si riche, aux si beaux sites, aux monuments éblouissants et me retrouver au milieu de ce peuple chinois acceuillant, souriant et si actif.

Posted by P Fang April 29, 10 04:37 PM

I love the phone #29. So lovely girl and her pose! And the picture captures everything - every smiling faces and eyes focusing on that lovely child. Very nice picture!

Posted by roonghu April 29, 10 05:04 PM

@87 ryan and @126 Jay: Do you guys know that the country pavilions are paid for by their respective countries rather than China? Do you know the so called 400 billion yuan (don't know where that figure is from) consist mostly of infrastructure building that will be used for a long time to come, rather than just for this show? You think you're informed? You're not.

Posted by know April 29, 10 05:22 PM

Wow, would love to attend. Keep the photos coming. Would love to see the Opening Ceremony, if it's anything like the Olympics!!!!

Posted by R. Pang April 29, 10 06:01 PM

must take a look. a country is burning its money to get attention.

Posted by sk April 29, 10 06:19 PM

Yes, Go figure! the US pavilion was boring, designed by a Canadian, and sponsored totally by corporate sponsors! Out sourcing and corporations, The 21st century brought to you by the Good ol' USA in it's truest form.

Posted by Paul Efron April 29, 10 07:21 PM

The US pavilion looks great...along with all the others! I'm very excited.

Posted by Eric April 29, 10 08:53 PM

GAHHH SOO EXCITED ! ITALIAN pavilion so crazy! translucent concrete! and UK looks pretty trippy too! SOO excited !

Posted by Amy April 29, 10 10:08 PM

Great work! Please give us more!!

Posted by yip144 April 29, 10 10:25 PM

I was frightened by the pic #1.....

Posted by Han April 29, 10 10:43 PM

Wonderful pictures! #29 is so darn cute!
I agree, the USA pavilion looks like an airport terminal. Hope it looks better on the inside.
At least we Know that the Chinese have a sense of humor: North Korea and Iran Pavilion! Maybe they want to be close so they can steal Chinese nuclear secrets?
I agree that it's a lot of money, but if it will make 100 million people happy, why not.
A lot of people still don't get it that this century will most likely be dominated by China and the rest of Asia.
I think it's time for me to get some Asians friends.
Ni hao, Kon-nichiwa, An-nyong Ha-se-yo, Xin chào, Sa-wat-dee, Chao ong, Apa khabar, kumusta!

Posted by Jon T. April 29, 10 11:57 PM

I think I would have left the creepy looking baby out of the gallery (and out of the expo too), but #29 more than made up for it!

Posted by Stormchild April 30, 10 01:16 AM

I would rather say It is a show.Show how you can use your autarchic power to kiss foreigners' ass. I hate you! pay more attantion to the poor! take good care of your people!!!

Posted by lis April 30, 10 01:49 AM

Great work! Please give us more!!

Posted by Dhan Lamsal April 30, 10 02:03 AM

wow, shanghai is the future...

Posted by Miyzone April 30, 10 03:24 AM

No worries about spiders...

Posted by Anonymous April 30, 10 04:14 AM

expo is composed of oreign design, non-shanghainese worker, shanghai land and shanghainese suffering(someone says, city make life better, but in fact expo 2010 make shanghainese life worse).
So I don't understand why some shanghainese is pround of it.
But I still will try to enjoy it, since it has been done.

Posted by phoenixinsky April 30, 10 04:38 AM


Posted by IVAN April 30, 10 05:26 AM

Come on! It is only from the camera. You need go there check how much we bear it!

Posted by Anonymous April 30, 10 05:41 AM

As an oversea Chinese I feel very proud of our country,

Posted by scooi April 30, 10 06:10 AM

Thanks for sharing us the magnificent pictures which obviously captured the most wonderful angle of Shanghai & EXPO!
Love Shanghai! Love China!

Posted by Aimee April 30, 10 07:56 AM

Breathtakingly beautiful, imaginative, creative. Wish I was there. Phylis G.

Posted by Phylis Goldberg April 30, 10 09:22 AM

respect the hard work of all these chinese workers!

Posted by xx April 30, 10 09:44 AM

So impressive photos!
The UK pavilion is amazing idea!
Welcome to China !

Posted by Sean April 30, 10 10:36 AM

IS NUMBER 17 MADE OF STICKY NOTES OR METAL!? Because that would be awesome ;)

Posted by Sara Beth April 30, 10 10:39 AM

some of them r nice some r stupid

Posted by sister15900 April 30, 10 11:20 AM

I can not wait to see around at the site.

Posted by Jim April 30, 10 11:37 AM

Nice but totally useless... Should have invested that money in something usefull to the humanity.

Posted by Etienne April 30, 10 11:41 AM

#33, they had that in the '36 Worlds Fair. Still can't get it going.

Posted by Kenoscope April 30, 10 12:09 PM

Why don't they just keep them there, I think it's a great way for countries to work together. they should do that all over the world. :D

Posted by Shannon April 30, 10 12:39 PM

welcome to china ~~

Posted by speeds April 30, 10 01:04 PM

#15 the little mermaid looks as if she's in prison. :-(

Posted by grobworthy April 30, 10 01:20 PM

There are so many great pictures with illuminated buildings and stuff, but I'm missing the German pavillon with it's gigantic & interactive LED sphere. You should check it out:

Greetings from Germany!

Posted by Guy Jones April 30, 10 01:47 PM

Briiniskiigi! Latvija sarauj! Paarsteidz tacu pasauli!

Posted by es April 30, 10 02:38 PM

LOVE photo #29!!!

Posted by Kay April 30, 10 02:48 PM


Posted by SUNNY April 30, 10 02:54 PM

@#122 A Traveller....which Olympic village are you referring to? Beijing? If you are then it hasnt been 5 years yet, so sit back and wait a bit.

@126...Thank you for the insight......especially from someone who is there and not half a world a way.

Posted by Scott Childers April 30, 10 03:01 PM

@180, I assume that you can read... someone already pointed out that most of 400 b yuan were spent on infrastructures such as metro systems. You really think that Chinese government will dismantle all subway systems in Shanghai once the Expo is over? Please don't let hate to blur your vision.

Posted by Ashley April 30, 10 03:44 PM

Amazing what a country can accomplish If its citizens have no rights.

:- \

Posted by Lee April 30, 10 04:17 PM

Love the fireworks, love the baby
Love my country, love the air
Love Mao & Deng, and love Obama more
Love Shanghai, and the mermaid
Wish I will be reborn and become the robot number in picture 28
Booking my flight now
Expo here I come
This is the greatest idea
Since the Pyramids were done
Look at me, Obama & Sarkozy
Hope you enjoyed my emergency rhymes
I just love how internet is free
Dear readers of The Boston Globe

Posted by Not Chinese Government April 30, 10 04:45 PM

It's great that everyone's finally learning about this year's world's fair. I run into many people that didn't know they still happen.

We need to have one in the United States once again. The last time we held one was 1984. Since then, 8 countries have held 10 world's fairs (1985 Japan, 1986 Canada, 1988 Australia, 1992 Spain, 1992 Italy, 1993 South Korea, 1998 Portugal, 2000 Germany, 2005 Japan, and 2008 Spain).

Posted by Urso Chappell April 30, 10 06:19 PM


Posted by Anonymous April 30, 10 07:50 PM

Americans need to ask themselves why their government can spend trillion dollars to commit crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan but could not spare a few millions to showcas America at the Shanghai Expo.

Posted by SopheapAng April 30, 10 07:59 PM
Posted by Dan April 30, 10 09:06 PM


Posted by Cindy Liu April 30, 10 11:02 PM

Do the posters that are paid by the Chinese government to spam the internet with their comments think we can't spot their propaganda a mile away? What might work inside China, doesn't work out here.

Posted by Glissando April 30, 10 11:55 PM

simply superb..

Posted by rajaitwal May 1, 10 07:10 AM

many thanx to
do hope to keep on adding latest great beautiful pictures explored during the show and around the city!

Posted by lysheim May 1, 10 08:38 AM

Upstairs you fool, and then pretty Expo building, to the end must be all removed ~! ! Waste of money ~! ! ! To know that there are a lot of people could not get Chinese food ~! ! Such extravagance and waste, it is sad! ~! ! !

Posted by dhdrh May 1, 10 08:49 AM

Cool! Anything done with a positive attitude to create something interesting and beautiful is a good thing in my book. But, just how is the smog over there? And where's Canada? They may want to make our pavillion a giant air filter.

Posted by Elaine Morrison May 1, 10 10:10 AM

Makes you want to go to China???

Posted by Anonymous May 1, 10 10:16 AM


Let us play together in Shanghai !

Why not join in this big party??

Forget about government for a while.Just enjoy,my friends,come on!Enjoy !

Posted by Fei May 1, 10 10:36 AM

Fantastic what a picture show,
sad sad in places,but it shows the world how bad it can get.
we are so so lucky in the uk, alright we have bad weather at times we very rarly get any really bad things like that, i feel so sorry for the people and their families who have lost loved ones.
through the wind and rain,
you,ll never walk alone.

Posted by derek May 1, 10 11:01 AM

living in Xian,I doubt that I am a Chinese.

Posted by Anonymous May 1, 10 11:17 AM

Funny, there are so many sour grapes here.
Congratulations for for holding World Expo of Sour Grapes!

Posted by s May 1, 10 11:57 AM

I think the photo of the police force says it all...China combines the worst aspects of Communism with the worst aspects of Capitalism.

Posted by ramlamb May 1, 10 03:14 PM

USA Pavilion - an absolute failure of the IDIOTS working at US Government totally detached from ingenuity of its own overtaxed Citizens. Such a great opportunity wasted!

Posted by Yoda May 1, 10 09:00 PM

just one word , AWESOME

Posted by brett May 1, 10 11:54 PM

In China,many people think that the stupid Expo benefits no body except the corrupted officers .It wasted so much money ,even 1/20 of it's cost is enough for helping the victims of the earthquake or the drought.

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 10 01:25 AM

what a beautiful it is

Posted by Arie May 2, 10 02:22 AM

what an irony that expo glory and earthquake disaster occur at the same time/

Posted by route66 May 2, 10 02:42 AM

Zeer verkeerd geplaatste Vorm van kapitalisme.
In het land DAT EEN zoveel Armoede kent, Zou JE EEN integere manier van
Uitgave verwachten.
Denk eerst ............... Aan JE Eigen Volk, voordat de rest van JE de Wereld
                   Wil pleasen

Posted by Arjan S. Filmer May 2, 10 04:22 AM

its really nice.good work.

Posted by kalpesh patel May 2, 10 07:37 AM

We Love Shanghai!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shanghaier May 2, 10 08:54 AM

Corruption is everywhere its not exclusive of some country.
In my country theres a lot of corruption
But China shows that they can do amazing things
This expo is part of the great things this country can do
I will like to participate doing anything

Posted by Andres May 2, 10 09:58 AM

amazing! I really want to go..

Posted by Tiffany May 2, 10 08:54 PM

very nice

Posted by Hosam Selim May 2, 10 10:22 PM

I just returned from Shanghai and wish I could have visited the Expo. I understand that it will be limited to only 70,000 per day!

Shanghai has done a wonderful job with landscaping and lights. I was very impressed.

Posted by Donna May 2, 10 10:53 PM

Shanghai is a city unlike anything I've ever seen.
I think the Expo makes us think that the world has stopped there in the hundreds of pavillions.
The pictures in this site show that no surprises arise.
I thank my friend Claudio Marino made me seen these magnificent photos.
Congratulations to the big picture from

Posted by Carmem Amorim by Confea May 2, 10 11:11 PM

I see shanghai which i am living for some years from your photos, thanks.
As a shanghai resident, I would like to give some help to westerners who need a shanghai local help as I get it when I was in west.

Posted by author wanglili May 3, 10 03:33 AM


Posted by hap May 3, 10 04:43 AM

Too much to handle at once .. :)

Posted by prateek May 3, 10 08:22 AM

The pictures are beautiful. #29 is too cute!

Posted by Danessa L. Atkins May 3, 10 08:42 AM

Great !

I like China and ShangHai

Posted by what May 3, 10 10:08 AM

hermoso,bello bonito....espero algun dia poder visitar esos lugares son increibles

Posted by liz May 3, 10 11:57 AM

@181 Ashley.......No I dont think they will dismantle the metro systems. But as you cited "most" of the money being spent doesnt represent "all" of the money being spent. All I am saying is the money would be better used elsewhere. The spend doesnt stop there. They get to support and maintain all of that construction. They get to support and maintain all of the infrastructure (like adding 8000 police officers). It doesnt stop when the paint dries.

And you can tap the brake a bit on the "hate" speech. Nowhere do I imparting anything of the sort. All I said is in the end it is a huge waste of resources given the myriad of other problems.

Posted by SC May 3, 10 12:50 PM

it is the different into the world, greats from Colombia

Posted by terayo May 3, 10 05:40 PM

China y Shanghai se lucen nuevamente ante el mundo, marcan la diferencia por la presentacion y magestuoso de la feria mundial.

Posted by hernando alonso May 3, 10 05:57 PM

What everyone doesn't know yet is that there is a time machine inside the USA Pavilion and they used it to travel back to the 90's to hire Peter Pran to do the design. Well done USA!

Posted by El Guapador May 3, 10 07:27 PM

the USA's pavillion has the stale architectural flare of a car dealership or perhaps the headquarters of dunder mifflin paper company. Ironic that the North Korean and Iranian pavillions are next to each other and both members of the so-called axis of evil feature rather uninspired neo-traditional designs (the DPRK pavillion's entrance is a rather subtle ode to traditional Korean architecture, and the Iranian pavillion looks like a gaudy neo-Islamic shopping mall in Southern California). In an event galvanized with the purposes of displaying national pride and power, an attempt to analyze the message conveyed by each country is perhaps overdone in some cases, but might lead to some interesting insights in others: why did China design a massive bracket (the dougong type used to support roofs of traditional Chinese buildings) when everything else about their expo projects modernity and flashy 21st century space-ageness?

Posted by Andrew May 3, 10 08:40 PM


Posted by ARUN DHANDHANIA May 4, 10 12:36 AM

I don't see pictures of the Israel pavillon,
It is a very professional job of all countries,
congratulations and success!

Posted by Eduardo May 4, 10 07:02 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 4, 10 07:27 AM

CHINA is the most beautiful country in the world. They are creative and spontanious. If only they could use that to go green. It would make a huge difference.

Posted by emsw271Alliyah May 4, 10 08:11 AM

W0w ! this is a great picture...

Posted by emsw271miles May 4, 10 08:11 AM

W0w ! this is a great picture...

Posted by emsw271miles May 4, 10 08:11 AM

Wow the pictures are awesome!!!!!! The pictures in this article make me want to go and experience this in real life.!!!!! Most of the pictures are something i never i seen before cool.

Posted by emsw271Mariah May 4, 10 08:12 AM

Love # 15!!
It's just interesting to see such different face expresstions through the holes, innocent and curious eyes and eager to find something mysterious on the other side of the world.

Posted by Varonica May 4, 10 08:43 AM

good pics i cant wait to go there
i hope there were some pics of the Maldivian pavilion

Posted by ahmed Maldives May 4, 10 01:10 PM

Just to cover up the internal social contradictions

Posted by Anonymous May 5, 10 03:18 AM

400 billion yuan for Expo
1 billion yuan for victims of drought

Posted by susuzhu1999 May 5, 10 04:45 AM

Jeez that USA Pavilion is LAME... GREAT JOB WHOMEVER IS IN CHARGE OF THAT CLUSTERF_CK?! Embarrassing and typical, They should've just built a strip-mall-esque building that looks like every other BestBuy/Mattress Firm/Old Navy/Border's Bookstore tilt-wall center... don't forget the overweight Americans stuffing their faces with McDonald's & Burger King burgers, drinking from liter bottles of Coca-Cola & Mountain Dew. Those brands & icons should pretty much cover the sponsorship budget all for a mere 8 million and that could be with a REALLY nice finish-out too!!! Linoleum flooring and furnishings from Pottery Barn.
Wouldn't that be something?!

Posted by Rick Price May 5, 10 11:06 AM

beautifull works, thaks for everybody, im from costa rica central america....imagine!!!! im a artist photographer and love this giant show

Posted by victor vega valverde May 5, 10 12:59 PM

Literalmente espectacular. La recorrí toda y es aquí a Shanghái

Posted by Eusoto May 5, 10 07:21 PM

Realmente es impresionante la Tecnología mostrada en éstas presentaciones. Es de admirar el trabajo arduo y tesonero que pusieron todas las personas que hicieron posibles todas estas obras. Felicitaciones.

Posted by Otto Orellana May 5, 10 08:55 PM

Realmente es impresionante la Tecnología mostrada en éstas presentaciones. Es de admirar el trabajo arduo y tesonero que pusieron todas las personas que hicieron posibles todas estas obras. Felicitaciones.

Posted by Otto Orellana May 5, 10 08:56 PM

Come on- how about the electricity waste. What we all now know is that GRAND,cool things cant be apart of an utter waste of natural resourses. I bet ALL the LIGHTS will stay on 24 HR- What?

Posted by Banjo May 6, 10 02:19 AM

make dreams real......that's what i learnt

Posted by chandresh nagar May 6, 10 11:04 AM

im thoroughly impressed at what humans can do.
i hope i get to see this during my visit to ningbo in the summer!

Posted by nia May 6, 10 03:54 PM

@148: huh? attention? China nowadays needs to spend money to get attention? Which planet you lived in pal?

Posted by ranger May 6, 10 06:12 PM

With this glittering, my brain is being bombarded with faces from Sudan. Is it good to celebrate when someone on this planet is suffering?

Posted by sandeepan May 7, 10 02:50 AM

Amazing that the US can burn so much money bailing out banks, murdering browns, funding terrorists via the CIA to make sure no socialist countries arise in south America, but can't spend a few measly dollars on art to design a decent pavilion. Kudos to the nations that realize the arts and luring business and tourists to their countries in the future is a worthwhile expenditure. Russia's is beautiful, and the UK's is surprisingly imaginative.

Posted by Ben Mathis May 7, 10 06:34 AM

It is amazing what the Chinese can accomplish, they are creative and disciplined, that is the result of a good education. When is the USA going to realize that our school system is completely broken and allow qualified educators to run our schools, and introduce some discipline to the young people. All schoold children from K to end of high school should ware uniform, and a course on respect of oneself and other should be taught.
This has nothing to do with the pictures of the Worlds Fair, but maybe someone that cares enough about the progress in education in the USA will read this.

Posted by Anonymous May 7, 10 11:31 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 8, 10 03:54 AM

Thanx a lot for sharing.

It is just amazing / admirable the art our people / frinds have. This is the avenue /platform to express / share.

Posted by Capt R Kumar May 8, 10 07:12 PM

Enter the Dragon !!!
A******* to Shanghai World Expo 2010
Another awesome opening ceremony after the 2008 Olympic Games.
3 cheers to China.

Posted by Colin Chan May 9, 10 08:55 AM

I'll try this again. I was not that impressed nor did I find it that interesting. Too much technology and not enough about the peoples of the nations.

Posted by Doris E. Flair May 10, 10 10:26 AM

Thank you for sharing these photos!!!!!

Posted by pyaolyangshen May 11, 10 11:26 PM


Posted by MAMTA.TRIVEDI. May 12, 10 06:06 AM

AWESOME! giant baby is a little bit scary but th rest is unbelievable!

Posted by stone May 12, 10 11:48 AM

muito massa

Posted by tharle May 12, 10 05:37 PM

Thanks, Thanks Thanks, I love the pictures. This is one site I would love to go and see.

Posted by Jimmy Daniels May 13, 10 09:47 AM


Posted by chaplina charlie May 13, 10 05:17 PM

I am so proud of my motherland.

Posted by Arilel. Wu May 14, 10 04:17 AM

The brazilian pavillon is simple and very beautiful.

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 10 03:36 PM

WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Elrik May 16, 10 04:57 AM

Awesome. Particularly photo #19 and #23. Great job of taking those beautiful pictures. I do not envy China. l love my country and proud of being an American. That is the reason we can view those beautiful photo afar.

Posted by susanna Tam May 17, 10 04:40 PM

I haven't been there yet, but from the pictures shown the most innovative and impressive piece of architecture has to be the UK Pavilion.

Posted by say May 19, 10 07:11 AM

#30 makes any american city soooo old

Posted by Floyd May 19, 10 09:56 AM

The photos are really nice. It's fantastic.!!!!!!!!

Posted by Banda May 19, 10 10:27 AM

where is the saudi ?

Posted by alia May 19, 10 11:03 PM

@Arjan S. Filmer

Oeh, je moest eens weten op hoeveel verschillende niveau's jouw comment de plank misslaat. Sla eens een boek open. Doe eens wat onderzoek. Wat je daar in verslagen en boeken leest, is zo anders dan wat je hier in de Telegraaf en de Panorama te zien krijgt in je dorpie. Als een wereldstrategie voor een immens land in realiteit echt zo samen te vatten is in 1 zin (als die van jouwe).... echt, onwetendheid ten top hiero.

Posted by M. Verdragt May 20, 10 03:44 AM

Just like the 08/08/8 Olympic....awesome!

Posted by Dennis Lee May 20, 10 10:45 PM

very beautiful。

Posted by very very beautiful shanghai May 20, 10 10:58 PM


Posted by KSREE May 21, 10 03:35 AM

View all have two sides and both of them are right. It is important on how we present it.

Posted by Danny May 23, 10 01:30 PM

very nice

Posted by Anonymous May 23, 10 09:28 PM

Omq!!Cant Believ This Is China!!WOWW!!!Its So Adorable!!I Love Itt!!!I Wish Im Over There Visiting China For The First TIME!!!WOWW!!Congratulations CHINA!!For Having All Of That!! Gergous

Posted by Yoselin Mejia May 27, 10 10:04 AM

I wanna be there! Seems to be amazing!

Posted by Jair Storckmann May 30, 10 08:01 PM

There are some EXPO TIMELAPSE pieces available at

One piece on the Danish Pavilion and another on the UK one.

Check it out!

Posted by Seppe June 2, 10 01:16 PM

Fantabulous!! I'm so excited!! Heading over tomorrow, yay!

Posted by Celine June 2, 10 01:48 PM

Very nice an d fresh compotition , god job ! ! !

Posted by Amanda June 4, 10 12:39 AM

Huge waste of money! Too many people, and it's horrible. I think the Expo organizers should see their deficiencies in the management, and improve it.

Posted by 黄丽娜 June 15, 10 05:27 AM

Answer to #186 : Some are quick to criticize but haven't done their homework. The United States has a Pavillion...United States of America!
America therefore is represented. Take the hate from your heart and maybe you can see more clearly!

Posted by Sharon June 15, 10 07:34 PM

If imagination and industriousness can build buildings like that, why can't people build bridges to each other?

Posted by Sharon June 15, 10 07:36 PM

A big display of EGO! Would love to see a pavillion that was minimalist -
ie with flowers representing the country and different PEOPLES representing different parts of the country - rich, poor, professionals, farm workers, showing the cultural diversity, the HEART of the people - meeting the heart of visitors that come in - instead of a display of money and materialism and who can outdo whom. NOW THAT would stand out in contrast and make the BIGNESS cringe in shame. Guess we are not globally ready for change or LOVE.

Tout ca change, tout c"est la meme chose!

Posted by Sharon Samtur June 15, 10 08:57 PM

I just think this EXPO can't be admired too much.

Posted by Zhang June 20, 10 07:43 AM

Viewing the USA pavilion scared and embarrassed me. How much farther down from the top will we sink on the world scale of creativity and ingenuity? It is such a sad commentary of the state of our country.

Posted by Paula Kamiya July 15, 10 07:25 PM

Hi. I am from Malaysia, planning to visit Shanghai World Expo next Wednesday. Please direct me to the exact location of the Expo. I am also trying to visit some property projects in the area near the Expo site. Please let me know the names of the property projects nearby the Expo. I would also like their contact details.
Thank you for your assistance.

Samantha Ng,
Property Investor.

Posted by Samantha Ng August 4, 10 10:04 AM

love my country, love the city!

Posted by meilisa August 13, 10 09:01 PM

Choice at you hard

Posted by Cialis Online August 20, 10 04:05 PM

Amazing pictures! good view!!!

Posted by Monic Schoots August 24, 10 03:51 PM

Amazing Expo . I am from Sri Lanka.

Posted by Namalee August 27, 10 03:54 AM

Bought 3 days entrance pass, however after 1st day already give up, reasons...too crowded, hot and Long Q

Posted by Stephanie September 14, 10 08:27 AM


Posted by عماد September 29, 10 02:17 PM

Очень суперский сайт и пост. Однозначно сайт в закладки

Posted by Annedia November 19, 10 04:13 PM

i am proud to be a chinese.

Posted by Anonymous January 25, 11 11:26 PM

I think i should read from you in terms of looks of the site my sms web site truly looks ugly.

Posted by hindi sms May 5, 11 10:22 AM
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