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March 5, 2010 Permalink

NYC and Las Vegas from above, at night

Photographer Jason Hawkes, a frequent contributor to the Big Picture blog, returns today, sharing with us some of his latest images of American cities seen from above at night - New York City and Las Vegas, both cities that undergo significant transformations after the sun goes down. From Hawkes: "The images of New York were shot on Nikons latest camera, the D3S, using three gyro stabilizing mounts and flown using twin star helicopters. (Eurocopter AS355). We flew from heights of just over 500 ft up to 2,500-ft with no doors on, it was very very cold. The images of Las Vegas were shot for a separate project, using a range of helicopters from a Robinson 44 to Eurocopter AS355". Be sure to see Hawkes' earlier entries here (1, 2, 3), and check out his newly-released book "London at Night". A book of his New York at night photos is due for publication in the Autumn. Captions provided by the photographer. (20 photos total)

One Worldwide Plaza, Eighth Avenue. (© Jason Hawkes)
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Posted by kai March 5, 10 10:51 AM

Lindas fotos!!!

Posted by Padilha March 5, 10 11:01 AM


Posted by MG March 5, 10 11:01 AM

amazing shots

Posted by soelu March 5, 10 11:04 AM

Awesome Pictures

Posted by Muralidheran S March 5, 10 11:05 AM

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Posted by Cesar D March 5, 10 11:05 AM

Great shots.

Posted by hansc March 5, 10 11:08 AM

I'm sorry, but from above, and most likely from other vantage points, Las Vegas has got NOTHING on Manhattan.

Posted by JJ March 5, 10 11:10 AM

Really nice. Always admire these shooters. Would love to see the biggest city of all, TOKYO, shot like this!

Posted by Stephen Nesbitt March 5, 10 11:14 AM

Fascinating!!! Bravo!!

Posted by ashwin March 5, 10 11:14 AM

wow,so beautiful!

Posted by chuangfeng xie March 5, 10 11:19 AM

Stunning, but don't forget about Seattle!

Posted by Mike Criss March 5, 10 11:23 AM

Awesome pics... I think the caption on #7 should say looking South down Madison Ave.

Posted by Marc March 5, 10 11:23 AM

Vegas looks vulgar compared to Manhattan.

Posted by Ms. Pants March 5, 10 11:27 AM

awesome... but also sad... i mean the way they are wasting energy everyday only for fun..

Posted by salome March 5, 10 11:27 AM

Beautiful pictures... would love to see more like these taken in different cities.

Posted by Erik March 5, 10 11:27 AM

Feels like SimCity 4

Posted by Rafael March 5, 10 11:27 AM

Seeing Vegas compared to a real city is like looking at a 50-year-old woman who still dresses and acts like a college student. So much pretense. Blech.

Posted by Mojo P March 5, 10 11:41 AM

the London set looked better

Posted by james March 5, 10 11:44 AM

#9 is the best.

@Ms. Pants: Exactly! NYC looks so much serious.

Posted by Tamas March 5, 10 11:47 AM

好美的照片阿!! ^ ^ 照得很漂亮

Posted by Alger March 5, 10 12:14 PM

can anyone tells me how we can take these kind of images without D3S and copter ..or with sd1100 is..

Posted by mak March 5, 10 12:18 PM

Light pollution at its er...finest. No wonder children shrug when asked about the beauty of the night sky. Very sad state of affairs.

Wasted electricity (lights shining into the sky) may make for beautiful photos, but the reality of its cost to our quality of life is significant.

Posted by Joseph March 5, 10 12:34 PM

Impressive. Too bad the pics are not available in a larger resolution. They would make great wallpapers

Posted by Sergiu March 5, 10 12:34 PM

These are some incredible pictures. Shame they aren't in higher resolution.

Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 12:35 PM

@ Mike Criss

Stunning photos of the city I live in!

Posted by Kevin March 5, 10 12:39 PM

awesome photos!!!

Posted by robie March 5, 10 12:53 PM

My only pity when i look at pictures like this is never in my lifetime i will be able to visit these places to see for myself, nor take my family.

Breathtaking pictures nevertheless! Thank you for sharing, even though for a while it gives me a feeling that i belong to those better parts of the world.

Posted by Deb March 5, 10 12:59 PM

Welcome to China's Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen Hongkong and Macao...

Posted by 沈明 March 5, 10 01:03 PM

This guy is one of the best!

Posted by Eugene March 5, 10 01:05 PM

to 22...Everything is possible!

Posted by 沈明 March 5, 10 01:05 PM

really awesome stuff!

Posted by ToKo March 5, 10 01:08 PM

Light pollution at its best, kudos to the humans living there for their energy efficiency.

Posted by bob March 5, 10 01:18 PM

There could be an entire post devoted to beautiful pictures (such as this post) and there's always someone who leave a negative, critical, or political comment. That's pretty pathetic. Can't some people just be positive once in a while and enjoy some great photos to look at?

(Great photos, by the way)

Posted by Alex March 5, 10 01:35 PM

@ 8:

i so agree with you. manhattan (and probably not only from above) just shines and radiates and has so much soul, even on photos, while las vegas just pretends to do so.

beautiful pictures nonetheless.

Posted by marlen March 5, 10 01:36 PM

great pics...
i hope i'll see these locations some day.
Greets from Berlin/GER

Posted by André March 5, 10 01:36 PM

I just love the NY pics

Posted by saskia March 5, 10 01:38 PM

Should have put the Vegas pictures first. After seeing New York in all its real world splendor it makes Vegas look even more gimmicky than it is. The desert will swallow that city and thousands of years from now archaeologists will discover it and say 'wtf were they thinking?'

Posted by inanities March 5, 10 01:40 PM

the future is nao

Posted by gdammit March 5, 10 01:40 PM

Stunning, as usual.

Posted by Håkan Dahlström March 5, 10 01:43 PM

Oh Its A American city? Well I guess its ok for me to be rude and negative. Look at those lights? Ignorant Americans and their stupid lights. I am superior to them in every way. I mean look how small the city is.. Are they ants?

Posted by Typicalforeigner March 5, 10 01:48 PM

Vegas is insane!

Posted by Pam March 5, 10 02:15 PM

Lovely, we all need a light topic so now and then. The pictures are awesomeand very much appreciated.

Posted by Leslie March 5, 10 02:25 PM

there is nothing to compare seeing 'anything' from above looking down.Whether it be from a mountain or from the air. You see it, you feel it, and the realization of being a part of the planet hits you right where it counts. (start counting because there are many).

Posted by seashoremountainlady March 5, 10 02:44 PM

AMAZING!!.. as usually!!..
I love urbanism photos!!!...

I have some suggestion!.. Dubai??..

Posted by Ivan Jose March 5, 10 02:48 PM

a w e s o m e !

Posted by Felipe March 5, 10 03:08 PM

I love NYC.

What a beautiful city.

Posted by Mikey "Insane" Monkeypants March 5, 10 03:09 PM

Vegas is unique, there is no other city like it in the world. It is a city that is a fantasy. Where else could you visit New York, Paris, Egypt, Venice, Rome, Mandalay and many other places in a 2 mile stretch of land.

I am sorry but the NYC pictures could have been taken in any large city in the world but there is no mistaking Las Vegas.

Hey Joseph, lighten up (pun intended).

Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 03:12 PM

The photos are good, but both cities are just plain horrible concrete jungles. I agree with typicalforeigner's assessment of the lights. What a waste of energy! I recall a time when LA had a blackout at night - the police were inundated with calls from worried citizens who wanted to know what was wrong with the sky. Imagine living in a place where night lighting blots out the stars. Imagine living with people who don't know the beauty of a night sky with no night sky pollution! No thanks!

Posted by Ann March 5, 10 03:15 PM

Great pics. Would like a wide angle shot of the entire Manhattan skyline and also a wide angle of the Vegas skyline with the mountains behind it.

Posted by realist March 5, 10 03:22 PM

It's impossible to take a bad photo of NYC

Posted by Kevin March 5, 10 03:26 PM

absolutely great shots... by the way, I love this picture blog... greetings from germany

Posted by Toby March 5, 10 03:27 PM

Ann, there are many places where you can see more stars that you can count. Get in your car and drive to Mt. Katahdin in Maine and look up. There is something for everyone in this world you just have to look for it.

Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 03:27 PM

We should just abolish lighting of any kind and live in darkness from 5pm-5am.

Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 03:28 PM

just unbelievable...awesome photpgraphy

Posted by suryatej potula March 5, 10 03:33 PM

To those who think we are "waisting" energy: It is not a waist if the beauty of the lights brings joy and entertainment to millions.

Posted by Josh March 5, 10 03:35 PM

Very nice pics!
Is there any way to find out the EXIF data (or data about the camera / lens / ISO / aperture etc. ) for each of the pics (maybe even for later versions)?



Posted by /cd March 5, 10 03:56 PM

that's amazing!!!

Posted by March 5, 10 03:56 PM

What is WRONG with you people!? Stop complaining and enjoy the fricken pictures, my God. And for those of you being negative towards Las Vegas compared to Manhattan...why compare? Just enjoy both. Been to both places and each are fun for their own reasons. People like this just remind me why I usually choose dogs over humans. Yuck.

Posted by Me March 5, 10 04:09 PM

i love it

Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 04:10 PM

Catching up an nice pictures of New York even at Las Vegas has never

been easier ...awesome photos .

Posted by gilles March 5, 10 04:17 PM

Wow! Nice Pics!

Posted by Ash March 5, 10 04:20 PM

#9 looks like the inside of my computer.

Posted by Tim March 5, 10 04:24 PM


Posted by Govert Verberg March 5, 10 04:42 PM


Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 05:00 PM

Joseph, Ann: Millions of people live and work in NYC; that kind of density wastes far less energy than people who live in sprawling suburbs and exurbs and require gas-guzzling cars to get anywhere. (Las Vegas, of course, is another story; I wouldn't try to defend that place.)

Some people love the bright lights and excitement of the city. You clearly don't. Not sure why you think your preference matters to anyone else, or why you think you're somehow superior.

Posted by bigyaz March 5, 10 05:01 PM


Posted by Валлаз March 5, 10 05:23 PM

That's amazing!!!

Posted by thepinquin March 5, 10 05:26 PM

NYC? We want Boston from above!

Posted by Frank Mélotte March 5, 10 05:30 PM

Just Great!!

Posted by Cristina March 5, 10 06:20 PM

beautiful. thank you.

Posted by monique vandesoaker March 5, 10 06:30 PM

The juxtaposition of the two cities is brilliant. Well done.

Posted by Robb Hamilton March 5, 10 06:36 PM

it's very beautiful photos...

Posted by wildan March 5, 10 07:36 PM

Absolutely beautiful!!

Posted by Ron March 5, 10 07:52 PM

I got goosebumps just thinking about the unforgettable moments I've had in this tiny piece of the Earth we call the Vegas Strip.

Posted by ADR March 5, 10 08:57 PM

classic photography...!!

Posted by soum March 5, 10 09:07 PM

Muy buenas las fotografias. Esta pagina la tengo como favorita.

Posted by Fabian March 5, 10 09:41 PM

Great shots of NYC. There are much better shots to be had in Vegas. The Excalibur, New York New York, and the Stratosphere are the worst casinos in the city.

Posted by Dave March 5, 10 10:02 PM

@ picture #7

It says:

"- Central Park, Central Park Reservoir and Metropolitan Museum of Art..."

And Adding my comment:

"And the "OIL" at the coast...S H A M E..."

But which country is not guilty about to threat our environment?

Nice pictures any way,

Cheers from Brasil...

Posted by Luiz March 5, 10 10:16 PM

superb.. brilliant..

Posted by priya March 5, 10 10:49 PM

Stunning, beautiful with such gorgous color and clarity.

Posted by Anonymous March 5, 10 11:20 PM


Posted by Mian MUhammad March 5, 10 11:50 PM

I'm sure all you people taking ish on Vegas are the same losers that are always like "man I want to go to Vegas so bad" or "cool, you're from Vegas, do you live in a hotel?" People who talk ish on my town are clearly people who have never been. Vegas is AMAZING

Posted by VeGaS GiRl 4eVeR March 5, 10 11:55 PM

Aweful, so full of life. By the way: NYC is not the world. Complaining about light pollution here is like going into a disco and complaining about noise.

Posted by Christian March 6, 10 12:43 AM

you rule your the best you make me forget about the rest increiable photos good photography that is unforgettable keep up the good work

Posted by dianna March 6, 10 01:33 AM

Vegas is not "New York, Paris, Egypt, Venice, Rome" in a two mile stretch. Not even close. I you think that, you obviously haven't been to those places.

Vegas is a bumper sticker.

New York, Paris, Egypt, Venice, Rome: they actually mean something.

Posted by macacanadian March 6, 10 02:15 AM


Posted by 飘 March 6, 10 02:25 AM


Posted by LINK March 6, 10 02:32 AM

energiezuinig??? nou nee...maar wel ontzettend mooi!!!

Posted by Gerard March 6, 10 02:37 AM


Posted by 雨林 March 6, 10 03:16 AM


Posted by RAVI GANGAL March 6, 10 03:30 AM


Posted by chinaczz March 6, 10 03:33 AM


Posted by Himself March 6, 10 04:13 AM

Einfach wunderbar

Posted by Lucky.Lausi March 6, 10 04:32 AM

i love it

Posted by Naval Kishor Sharma March 6, 10 05:39 AM

Brilliant and bright

Posted by Bijish March 6, 10 06:19 AM

Stunning!! Both cities look really beautiful.

Posted by Ritish March 6, 10 07:16 AM

Beautiful pictures ... portraying some of the heights of human stupidity and greed.

Posted by Brett March 6, 10 07:34 AM

the fake american cities, wasting energy, killing our planet...

Posted by Jaime March 6, 10 07:42 AM

Muy buenas fotos.

Posted by Anonymous March 6, 10 08:30 AM

what a waste of hydro. turn off the lights

Posted by Rick March 6, 10 08:50 AM


Posted by Anonymous March 6, 10 09:33 AM

Big picture of a small world...

Posted by Casiopeea March 6, 10 10:05 AM

Incredible pictures!!!

Posted by Dy March 6, 10 10:18 AM

Enormous !!!!!

Posted by newbieworld March 6, 10 10:23 AM

Is it Kabul?

Posted by michael March 6, 10 10:30 AM

FYI great pictures of NYC. Which is the closest to viewing your area.

Posted by GEORGE BOOLE March 6, 10 11:13 AM

These pictures are amazing! What kind a camera / lens were you using Jason?

Posted by Sparty1216 March 6, 10 12:09 PM

incredible pics. this is my favorite site. Those of you that say bad things and derogatory remarks, well shut up. An insightful thought about what you see shouldnt be negative, its tough to see that you understand beauty beyond the physicality, aesthetic appearance. I cant wait to see NYC, I could feel the electrcity of being at the Met or ???, But ive been to Vegas, it is one of a kind!

Posted by jasond March 6, 10 12:12 PM

Great job! Fabulous technical and artistic compositions. Also provides some perspective on scale of human achievements and aspirations collectively. I hope you take some international pictures. Would love to see Dubai, Japan, and China where they are doing some spectacular architecture. Good use of time and resources.

Posted by Meryl Wieder March 6, 10 12:14 PM

C'est dingue ce qu'on peut faire avec de l'électricité...

Posted by Mirondas March 6, 10 01:23 PM

Vegas is so fake, even more than Dubai while NYC still looks great but we all miss WTC twin towers, don't we?

Posted by Alberto B March 6, 10 02:23 PM

Seriously, the pictures are fine, but what is wrong with you idiots? Why do you have to put down vegas?

Vegas is one of a kind and yeah, chintzy, but who cares? Get off your high horse. Enjoy life, ya hippocrates.

Posted by bob villa March 6, 10 02:52 PM

really nice pics - I'm always astonished to see how people can take so beautiful pictures. At the same time and as many people mentionned, it gives a brief overview of the enormous quantity of enegy we're wasting for nothing. I'm wondergin whether we're going to regret it one day or not

Posted by Thomas March 6, 10 03:54 PM

آآآه يا الذكريات
والله إنها تبكي

Posted by خلودي قو قلبك March 6, 10 04:40 PM

good job the pics are great i love to go in vegas and nyc, hey people just enjoy have fun...

Posted by John basa March 6, 10 05:37 PM

This makes me incredibly sad. The humans that live in these places can no longer see very many stars, or smell fresh air, or even really sleep in the dark. It's like war, a war on ourselves that many of us don't even realize we are waging. Destroying the future of the human species one upward facing lightbulb at a time.

Posted by Nick March 6, 10 09:31 PM

Looks like some people would rather live in the dark ages and not have the benefits of modern civilization like electricity. In that case, why are these people even wasting their time and energy using their computer when it in itself wastes electricity. For those people that want to view the stars, maybe you should get off your lazy butt and drive out to the countryside. The city is obviously not for you.

Posted by Steve March 6, 10 10:13 PM

great looking city line but how thats does compare to natural view of the stars
OH wait you cant see them cause they are overpowered by human evolution

Posted by Anonymous March 6, 10 11:57 PM

why to put nyc and las vegas together ?

they each deserve a sperate set of pictures and there is really not much connection

Posted by tim tom March 7, 10 02:00 AM


Posted by yong kang March 7, 10 07:45 AM

Beautiful N Y ; but don't give me such stupid things like Venice and all these crazy buildings in Las Vegas .

Posted by Horacio Barros ( from Chile ) March 7, 10 08:05 AM

C,est millifique bravo de gaspésie

Posted by Anonymous March 7, 10 08:43 AM

Stunning !!

Posted by Bill Glover March 7, 10 09:03 AM


Posted by Jasey Jay March 7, 10 09:50 AM


Posted by Louie March 7, 10 10:06 AM

Fantastic it...!!!

Posted by Wildan March 7, 10 10:28 AM

very good

Posted by khem March 7, 10 10:56 AM

breathtaking pictures... Thank you for sharing

Posted by Anil Dalia March 7, 10 11:00 AM

Un grand bravo de France pour ces magnifiques photos !

Posted by nathalie March 7, 10 11:26 AM

que presiosura de imagenes en verdad son bellas

Posted by mezquiticdemisrecuerdos March 7, 10 12:41 PM

What a blot on the landscape! Totally ugly. I dread to think how much polution comes from such gaudily lit country.

Posted by Marty Willis March 7, 10 01:33 PM

Gorgeous, I wish they were in 2650 x 1440 ...

Posted by Fred from Fitz-James, France March 7, 10 01:57 PM

I Love it. I love NYC. I love America.

An Spaniard

Posted by Paco Pil March 7, 10 02:22 PM

Great photos for two great cities on Earth.
NYC vibrant day and night but Las Vegas oushines anything I've ever seen.

Posted by Hajari March 7, 10 02:32 PM

i love vegas

Posted by kleber March 7, 10 03:02 PM

I hope Big Pictures can show the construction progress in Dubai :3

Posted by Rizky March 7, 10 03:48 PM

Truly Incredible.. treat to watch... greetings from India...
On the other hand America should stop being activist of global warming and energy crisis or first should check these ostentatious and frivolous lightening of her cities..

Posted by ritesh shanker March 7, 10 05:08 PM

Both places are fun and amazing...but Vegas lacks the pretentiousness of most New Yorkers. Probably people having too much fun to play status games!

Posted by Adrienne March 7, 10 05:34 PM

Yes, good targets...

Posted by michael March 7, 10 06:51 PM

Wonderful pictures, as always.

And mercifully, relatively few people leaving divisive comments. It's become so haute to bash America for everything from the legitimate to the frivolous. But that's alright, we can take it.

Freedom of speech comes with being human. But ask yourself: what good is served by complaining at every opportunity?

On a less sincere note: Really, light pollution? You had to dig deep to come up with that particular complaint, didn't you?

PS - @typicalforeigner - I think your sarcasm was lost on some people. Theoretically, I agree with your satire; that being said, I think we'd all benefit from more tact.

Posted by American Expat March 7, 10 07:28 PM

Beautiful of course, but is it really reasonnable to waste so much energy... ?

Posted by Tom March 7, 10 11:14 PM

Excellent Pics---very impressive. Thanks for sharing, dear.
I don't think that the negative comments by some people would lessen their beauty and charm----in fact it does enhance it. By being abusive and discourteous people only show their primitive instincts. Some people never grow----so do some societies----they remain lost in the dark ages when the humanity is transiting from 'Information Age" to "Cosmic Age"----far beyond the 'Globalisation'-----when space travelers would be 'Galaxy Hoppers' like the "continent Hoppers" generations of today.
Those who are jealous and not growing with times would be left behind. Cheers America----show the way-----move on -----reach the sky----let bystanders crib and cry. I am an Indian-----and I have my different views on various issue but I respect America for its variety and freedom. Humility is NOT a weakness but inner strength. Carry on Jasson Hawkes---my salute to you for such excellence.

Posted by Rajinder kushwaha March 7, 10 11:18 PM

magical and irresponsible or vice versa

Posted by Jean-Jacques Gonod March 8, 10 02:31 AM


Fantastic that you can put together gear, skills and goose bumps to create this. How about a picture of you in the copter with the gyro gear, as the last picture in the set.

The pictures of NYC are fantastic pictures of the whole place that I can relate to. The pictures of Vegas are like an aerial portfolio to go try and sell to the individual casinos. Where are the interesting views of Vegas, showing the contrasts or juxta positions or oddities ?

Posted by Keith Weng March 8, 10 02:53 AM

the Pics areeeee soooo nicee. I love NYC the gratest city i´ve ever seen!!!

Posted by Alev March 8, 10 05:57 AM

Amazing! Can be any of these pictures be downloaded at full-size? (or enough full-size for my wallpaper) ;-)

Posted by Isra March 8, 10 08:16 AM

I can't wait to move to NYC. You have my heart. Three months...

Posted by James D March 8, 10 09:35 AM

Isn't picture # 2 reversed?

I tried to find that position over the East end of the Williamsburg Bridge in Google Earth, and it sure looks like a mirror image.....

Posted by Anonymous March 8, 10 09:50 AM

Beaucoup trop de gaspillage d'énergie...

Posted by thami March 8, 10 11:11 AM

#149...I was confused by the Williamsburg Bridge image too (I didn't think there was so much real estate between the Lower East Side and Midtown), but this view is from the southeast (over Brooklyn) looking north/northwest.

The one thing that struck me about the Las Vegas shots (#'s 15 & 19) is how few people are visible on the sidewalks. I've walked the Strip on numerous visits but it was always teeming with people. The economy must really be killing LV.

Posted by rpasley March 8, 10 11:19 AM

rpasley -

Ah, that's it. Thanks. I don't know why I was assuming that the skyscrapers were down at the south end of Manhattan....

Posted by MarkDavies (aka #149) March 8, 10 11:44 AM

Great shots of Manhattan, I love living here.

For those saying such places are wastes of energy and pollution, I would say check your numbers.

Cities are not only more energy-efficient per person and per square mile, they also output far more useful stuff per person and per square mile than the countryside or 'burbs. All these people brought together creates a creative and dynamic environment you cannot find anywhere else.

Once we develop efficient vertical farms in the city (look them up), we won't even need to import food from wasteful land destroying farms anymore!

Posted by Mattan Ingram March 8, 10 12:36 PM

Nice pics...
There is nothing like vegas in the world....
But NYC is nice....

Posted by Denis Page March 8, 10 12:54 PM

Ontzettend mooi! Viva Las Vegas!

Posted by Reinder March 8, 10 05:42 PM

#56 Quote: "....To those who think we are "waisting" energy: It is not a waist...."

No, definitely NOT a "waist".
However, depending upon your point of view, possibly a "waste".

Posted by Trevor March 8, 10 11:55 PM

really amazing and breath-taking!

Posted by Frank March 9, 10 12:43 AM

NYC is the most energy efficient real estate in the Western Hemisphere. Leaving lights on at night doesn't begin to add up to the monumental waste of energy incurred from people driving to work alone, even if its just a few miles a day ...

Posted by PRC March 9, 10 02:16 AM


Posted by ccc March 9, 10 03:36 AM


Posted by miss thing March 9, 10 03:44 AM

one ticket pls.

Posted by mervin March 9, 10 03:45 AM

Get me a ticket to these places :)

Posted by Niceguy March 9, 10 04:34 AM

This is great. Let's appreciate other people's creativity, and strive to improve our creativity so as to surpus theirs. Good day.

Posted by My Name March 9, 10 06:24 AM

To Joseph & Ann and the rest of the haters out there.

You are sadly misinformed.

The higher the population density of a city, the lower the per-capita energy consumption. Large buildings aggregate the energy needs of many people or many companies into one location. While a large apartment tower may consumer a lot of energy, it consumers only a small fraction of the energy that is consumed by the same number of people living in free-standing homes. Any single citizen or family living in a rural area consumes exponentially more energy per-houshold than a city dweller does. New York City, on a per-person basis, is by any measure among the most energy efficient places on Earth.

Also, if you have such a seething hatred of cities, why are you coming to a website run by The Boston Globe that features a pictorial of New York City and Las Vegas (other than just being miserable trolls)?

Posted by Chris Grayson March 9, 10 09:45 AM

The Stratosphere rides are so cool...the Big Shot especially

Posted by Adrian March 9, 10 11:54 AM

El que pilla el hombre araña me avisa.

Posted by Cristian March 9, 10 11:55 AM

просто супер друких слов нет......

Posted by me March 9, 10 02:02 PM

These photos bring back memories of both cities. The hustle of Las Vegas and the bustle of New York. The memories of walking down 41st after watching a play seem so vivid but the ones of Las Vegas are forever etched
in my mind, brought out by the photos of Excalibur where we stayed and the Lexor next door. Those memories are powerful much like the photos, the only thing is now I remember them alone.

Posted by Jack March 9, 10 07:50 PM

The great picture like heaven on the earth...

Posted by Moldy sege March 10, 10 01:38 AM

Wonderful. I'd like to be there.

Posted by John March 10, 10 02:22 AM

Man made brilliance.........

Posted by Venu Mohan Madhavan March 10, 10 03:13 AM

Average at best. Really feeble compositions considering the source material.

Posted by Gra Crow March 10, 10 05:24 AM

Extraordinary, amazing, fabulous pictures: You are an GREAT PHOTO ARTIST.
I love it, shown the beauty around us.

Posted by MICA ALLEN March 10, 10 04:00 PM

Pretty to look at but environmentally terrible. Here is Africa at night. Much better Our circadian rhythms are set so that we can sleep in the DARK

Posted by kushka53 March 10, 10 06:34 PM

My wife and I have been to both places and these pictures bring back so maNY GREAT MEMORIES. Thank you. Harry and Ronelle

Posted by Anonymous March 10, 10 09:09 PM

HAUTE IN THE CITY.. excellent CityScapes..

Posted by Kathy Marino HAUTEOC March 11, 10 02:24 AM

Economy of energy? Economy of water?
What a nice world we are giving to our children
Thank you for those beautiful pictures, witness of our madness

Posted by Sophie March 11, 10 05:30 AM

Amazing ! Thanx !

Posted by John March 11, 10 05:43 AM

Just amazing...

Posted by Angelika Lancsak March 11, 10 06:24 AM

Wasteland for the 21st Century

Posted by harmanjot March 11, 10 10:11 AM

I am amazed and saddened by the haters and complainers who want us all to be slammed back into the Dark Ages. Perhaps there should be a "ride" that would take people back to say...the 7th century, when they would be peasants, living to maybe 40 years of age, wracked with disease, freezing in the winter, never in their lives going outside their particular village. Then they could return to this site and tell us if they still feel the same way.

Posted by alittlesense March 11, 10 11:50 AM
Posted by guyinadiner March 11, 10 12:07 PM

WOW! Just WOW!

Posted by Brian G. March 11, 10 12:08 PM

Beautiful pictures. I loved Las Vegas when I was there a few years ago for a wedding. Get the Michael Jordan package! As for NY, I lived there for a couple of years back in the mid-eighties and even though it has changed tremendously, this is the city I remember. I got stuck flying into Newark one night and we had to circle before landing and flew right up the Hudson. It was amazing. On a separate point, what is up with all the criticism of the inspiring lighting. I live a block off the Strip in West Hollywood (the Marmont is at the end of my block) and I can stargaze almost every night from my patio. I see shooting stgrs occasionally.

Posted by RR Ryan March 11, 10 12:47 PM

Vegas is so cheesy looking. I find generally that people who really love Las Vegas haven't really traveled very much. Why would you like over-the-top replicas of famous places when you've seen the real thing?

Posted by Dave March 11, 10 01:11 PM

Grew up in Las Vegas. Hated it. Live in NYC. Love it. But all of these pictures are dazzling. Great work.

Posted by Gilly March 11, 10 01:22 PM

Thought you would enjoy this as much as I did!


Posted by Shirley March 11, 10 02:23 PM

Great pictures. New York is more my kind of place, but Vegas has its uses. Ignore the sad, misanthropic enviro-Luddites and the pathetic anti-American resentistas. I love the comment that says we would be better off with the darkness of Africa's poor and desolate landscapes. Do the people typing these things know what powers the computers they write on?

Posted by AnthonyinVancouver March 11, 10 02:37 PM

I have been to both cities and as far as I am concerned New York has its own identity which inclusdes many rude people who are afraid to relate to
anyone they dont know, The summers are unbelievably hot, There are too many thieves and scam artists. There is a charm about the place I have to admit. Las Vegas on the other hand is a carnaval built to impress those who have not seen the real places. I mean who wants to see a fake eifel tower when you have ridden up the elevator of the real one? Pyramids? not
the same without the smell of camel dung or the feel of sand in your face.
I would encourage all to see the real thing before you spend your money on fakery... Its just me I guess...

Posted by Earl Dean March 11, 10 03:35 PM

What a waste of freedom. Turn of the computers of those hypocrites that criticize the use of power to generate light. The same power is being used for these Luddites to exercise their free speech.

Posted by Nom De Plume March 11, 10 03:40 PM

Absolutely beautiful pictures

Posted by Marie-Hélène March 11, 10 03:45 PM

...not your average brownie....

Posted by Anonymous March 11, 10 04:13 PM


Posted by Michelle March 11, 10 04:37 PM

Both are wonderful and beautiful cities but give me the Big Apple.

Posted by GG- Ret PO NYPD March 11, 10 05:26 PM

Beautiful pictures!

And to those who decry the waste of energy, remember, like the starvation in the world, it is all politically motivated. We could have more electricty, cleanly, if we just emulated France and had way more nuclear power. Clean, efficient, nuclear power. Ubnless the Federal government reverses itself on yucca Mountain, it ain't gonna happen.

But NYC & Vegas are gorgeous displays of light, hope, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Posted by Norman March 11, 10 08:01 PM

beautiful picture, I hope I'll be there later

Posted by romy sunardjo March 12, 10 01:27 AM

The cities are awesome to look at. Pictures of the city always make me wonder how long does it take for the city to be this grandeur and majestic with skyscrapers and street life at night. However, at the same time, I also wonder how long will it take for the city of this magnitude to eventually disappear...

Posted by David Pham March 12, 10 02:01 AM

Beautiful and exciting to see NY and Las Vegas from the above....This is something beyond imagination to enjoy the wonderful beauty of the well known places of the USA. Great pictures!

Posted by Ram March 12, 10 03:23 AM

How sad! ... The jungle of light and concrete ... How greedy we are! ... We humans ... Can not even guess how many tress are cut to make this

Posted by Deb March 12, 10 03:47 AM

ciulpkit pimpalus , zjbs cia yra viskas nx !

Posted by Lauras March 12, 10 07:36 AM

To Nick...

you said "This makes me incredibly sad. The humans that live in these places can no longer see very many stars, or smell fresh air, or even really sleep in the dark. It's like war, a war on ourselves that many of us don't even realize we are waging. Destroying the future of the human species one upward facing lightbulb at a time.

I live in the NW edge of Las Vegas and just 20 minutes North of me is Mt Charleston & Lee canyon and up there we have snowboarding/ski resort with lots of fresh air (dare i say more than almost anywhere else in the country ( 7,000 to 11,000 feet elevation) we also have VERY low light pollution out there - I am a photographer and have driven all over this country shooting professional Motocross events ( insert your complaint about gas guzzling dirtbikes here ) and Vegas is truly a one of a kind place...we have Yosemite, Zion, Bryce, The Grand Canyon, Moab, Canyonlands, Arches all surrounding us - Valley of Fire etc... its NOTHING BUT BEAUTY in every direction, can you say that about where you live? A short 20 minute drive allows me to see some of the brightest concenration of stars ive ever seen in my life... not even in the UP of Michigan were they this bright. so I suggest you save the sorrow for the human species and give it to yourself for not being more educated or worldly. good luck.

Posted by Tony March 12, 10 09:27 AM

god,drink in those pictures,more real than life..b&w is dead,colour is king

Posted by Anonymous March 12, 10 10:22 AM

Manhattan: Magnificent--and it's even better if you walk it. ;o)

Veganistan: Man, am I'm glad I don't live there any longer. *What* a dump.

Far above the bored, scuffling, T-Shirt & cellulite wearing masses flown in from trailer parks across the nation, ten-story video signs project images of dancing chorus lines, rhinestone-studded; of strippers with plain faces, their makeup having been ladled on with a bricklayer’s trowel to distract onlookers from that fact; and of seemingly never ending traveling shots of cafeteria cuisine.

These electronic billboards, run by computer servers filling concrete catacombs beneath the hotel casinos, also occasionally announce the LIVE! ON STAGE! appearance of what look like knuckle dragging brutes bumbled in from the Pleistocene via a time warp.

At gutter level, meticulously unkempt somebodies lumber in and out of the darkened mouths of caves, which are the doorways of momentarily trendy nightclubs. Nearby, an imitation volcano erupts. Light from the fake lava plays on tattoos, once popular among pier corner whores but which now adorn the delicate ankles of long limbed women with million dollar smiles spread across dime store faces.

Level with the gutter runs an asphalt Boulevard over which rides the latest in high technology, metallurgical skill and, after market, pimped up shrines to the owners’ vanity and insecurity. A crystal angel sparkles as it swings from the rear view mirror of one modern convertible, just stopped at a red light. Chrome framed mud flaps shine behind the rear wheels of a pickup truck as it passes, its retreating back window plastered with the white decal of a Christian icon surrounded by a delicate wreath of roses.

Traveling north, the Boulevard becomes a Main Street as it turns into yesterday's downtown. More neon cascades down the sides of dirty walls, red and yellow light splashing the windows of the Greyhound bus station across the street.

Turning east, a crumbling side street shortly passes first a Bronx modern city hall, smug and prim in its paternalism; then, the rotting remains of retail ventures; paint peeled apartment flophouses; and, finally, a fence festooned with hubcaps.

Farther on, cracker box houses—their windows and doors wrought iron barred—traipse down a slovenly slope, the value of the lots on which they slouch officiously inflated by the local property appraiser. A florescent glow haunts the sidewalk outside a corner Laundromat, in whose ghostly glimmer stand the emaciated and the bovine. Expensive headers gracing the butt-end of automotive wrecks shriek by.

The street soon propagates a rat’s maze of walled up drives, lanes and circles. Within those cement bulwarks erected to a fastidious paranoia and a paucity of police presence, lie neighborhoods of tract housing: 2000 square feet of uniform, building-code-commanded, Spanish styled homes sitting on 2100 square feet of desert dirt, goose stepping off into the darkness.

Welcome to fatuous Las Vegas!

Posted by Steven March 12, 10 07:08 PM

Having just moved back to Australia after living in NYC for 9 years these photos have brought a tear to my eye. Wonderful city - I miss it!

Posted by Simone Goodwin March 13, 10 12:19 AM

for all of you who left comments about living in a city being against nature, smothering the earth, dimming the stars... having 10 million + living in a city like NYC is the MOST environmental way to live. population concentration cuts down on transportation, heat, land use, and all energy. it's because of cities like NYC that we still have abundant open space on this planet. if all the city dwellers sprawled out and lived like you want, the earth would be in far worse shape. thank you NYC!

Posted by Alex DuFresne March 13, 10 09:28 AM

This is soo amazing!! JUST AMAZING! Love love love them!

Posted by Ayesha March 13, 10 09:34 PM

No words to describe these pictures. Fantastic job Jason. Thanks for sharing with us.

Posted by Shyama Khot March 14, 10 12:41 AM

its so beatifull..ill be there! ^_^

Posted by listri March 14, 10 03:51 AM

What if we had WTC buildings still on the skyline of New York City, the metropolice of the World ! I miss them so much !

Posted by Young-chul Jung March 14, 10 07:39 AM

"Our circadian rhythms are set so that we can sleep in the DARK"

Have you heard about the latest invention? They're called "curtains". You hang them in front of your windows and they block out the light from outside. It's like magic! You should get some if you're having trouble sleeping. It's probably cheaper than moving to Africa, anyway.

And lol at the people boo-hoo-hooing about New York's energy inefficency. Sure, it could be better, but New York by far is the most energy-efficient city in America, and I'd be flabbergasted if it didn't have the lowest carbon emissions per capita (in additon to the millions of people in the city who use public transportation and the high number of multiple-family dwellings, New York gets much of its electricty from the Indian Point nuclear power plant). "Oh noes, those poor trees!" Yeah, because I hear farmers and suburban developers are great for forests.

Posted by Matt March 14, 10 02:27 PM

Really superb pictures

Posted by Jayaraman Ramaswamy March 14, 10 09:51 PM


Posted by adel desouki March 14, 10 11:00 PM

These are great. Makes me wish I could live in the city (sigh)... well done!

Posted by Kait March 15, 10 03:09 AM

Hei, #115, can you explain your comment?
Why is Allah crying when you see this photos?

Posted by Valentin March 15, 10 11:16 AM

amazing photos!!

Posted by lucas molinari March 15, 10 03:16 PM

I just moved to Las Vegas to work at UNLV. I thought it was going to be horrible--I am not a gambler and thought the strip was simply awful. BUT, I have found some of the most amazing natural beauty around Las Vegas. The Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, hikes in the desert... we can see the stars and they are amazing. We have amazing food, some exciting architecture (have you seen the City Center?) and wonderful entertainment (and some REALLY bad stuff too.) But Las Vegas is a city--alive with good and bad. We are working on conservation and enhancing culture--it is coming, but it is slow.

Hmmm sounds like the complexity of a real city. Learn before you criticize world friends.

Posted by Sarah B March 15, 10 05:21 PM

The photos are of jewels created by intelligence, sweat and pride. Look at photos of Hiroshima, a land once flattened by the powers of peace and today an awesome sight of unbelievable beauty, Detroit once a city of strength, power and money is now in devastation, abandoned and distraught. It is great to build, a shame to waste.

Posted by Edward Marx March 15, 10 10:55 PM

Great aerial photos.

Posted by Ed March 15, 10 11:06 PM

I am disappointed that so many people miss the reason that these photos are being shared in order to forward their own agenda. Must they post their spelling errors where so many people can see them? Fantastic photos Jason, keep up the good work so that most of us can appreciate your efforts!

Posted by Jon Kevin McConnel March 17, 10 09:16 AM


NYC is "THE PLACE", no contest..
VEGAS is ultimate monument to human excess!! Title no DUBAI or MACAU will ever even try to contest!!!

Posted by Mr232172 March 17, 10 12:06 PM


Posted by ysysys March 17, 10 01:40 PM

Loved theit!! I am an Indian and I hope the incompotent HATERS in arab world see this ...US is a great country has its flaws like any other country. But when it comes to development and and free democracy...the world needs to LEARN from US. Even after the cowardly acts of 9/11.. US is marching forward with the head held high..KEEP it UP

Posted by raj March 17, 10 02:24 PM

Absolutly magnificent !!! This summer we are going to stay at the new Trump Hotel in SoHo and then it´s time to party whit U2 in the NYC, watch out...

Posted by M@s Scandinavia March 17, 10 03:13 PM

absolutely fantastic view I have ever seen ..
from south korea !!!!!!

Posted by paul March 17, 10 11:41 PM

next goal in be here every summer holiday........and also in winters...........if possible

Posted by shipra verma March 18, 10 12:42 AM


Posted by MARIA BENEDITA N.DA SILVA March 18, 10 07:37 AM


Posted by Eugénia March 18, 10 01:52 PM

Atwoshey maka-makakau hacárasca matrachas porompompero porompóm New York.

A salute 4ever,Amerrican

Posted by Kristoffsk March 18, 10 03:29 PM

What a bunch of anti-natural steel, plastic, and energy spoiling prison.
It is impossible to breath healthy in there.

Long live nature, long live the clean air (you don´t have much of that in the US anymore, unfortunately, but Canada does).

Posted by European citizen March 19, 10 04:05 AM

preciosas fotografias

Posted by juanreyesromero March 19, 10 03:24 PM

I think New York City is the most exciting interesting place in the world; the pictures portray a great spectacle of the new Jerusalem come down from heaven. I saw the night view from the World Trade Center in 1978 and was absolutely impressed by its beauty. Born in the Bronx when it was very beautiful and hopefully will come back to that borough's importance someday, I have lived to see the rise and fall of certain areas, but the city's people are its hope. I have lived in many places, but there are no people who rise like the phoenix like New Yorkers and who do often take time to care. Thanks, no Vegas yet.

Posted by Christine Mikulka March 19, 10 04:10 PM

Très intéressant... on peut voyager depuis l'Europe et avoir des points de vue insolites !

Posted by Josiane COMIN March 21, 10 07:30 AM

Amazing pictures. Shows both the beauty of NYC and the gaudy horror of Las Vegas, a place I'm proud to have never visited

Posted by DDB9000 March 22, 10 01:45 AM

Gorgeous photos!

Chrysler is spelled wrong in one of the captions. Hope this gets fixed before publication!

Posted by Scott March 22, 10 03:13 AM

Au contraire: Americans can't "take it." Criticism. For us or against us. "Scepticism is... the first step toward truth." (Denis Diderot) "There are always contradictions." (Mao Zedong) New York remains my favorite city; am still told my accent shows. Has an irreplaceable style, persona and class. Worked as a kid one summer across the street from the Empire State. Forgot the PAN AM building is no longer that. LA is closer to Vegas, which, by contrast, has none of the above. Haven"t visited in decades. Thankfully. The "strip" has now become the epitome of kitsch, tackyness, and poor taste; A showcase of our worst inclinations: money can get you anything. "WE" will bring it to you. Replications of the Eiffel tower, sphinx, Tower at St. Marks square, etc., don't put you there. Been there. Atmosphere cannot be created.

Posted by F. D. Gray March 22, 10 02:17 PM

I Can Feel BLACK JACK TABLEs WANT ME IN VEGAS . I love your work . awesome pictures thumbs up buddy !

Posted by DJ INXS March 23, 10 05:23 PM

Grandiose photos! Beauty! To well birds - see such beauty, in free flight!!! The HIGH!!!! :)))

Posted by Mikhail Kuzmaniani March 24, 10 01:56 PM

Absolutely beautiful, exciting, exhilirating.

Posted by Charlotte March 24, 10 04:09 PM

In NY collection:
Missing a picture of an Autumn Scene and or
Spring in Central Park showing some of the fantastics
sites around the lake.

Posted by Jay Reyes March 24, 10 04:37 PM

Nothing to say. Marv..

Posted by Subhrajit Chandra. March 27, 10 02:54 PM

Absolutely beautiful! It makes me wish I were there right now.

Posted by April March 27, 10 11:16 PM

I've some shots from NYC and I've one that I'd say #6 is a blueprint from mine; EXCELLENT shots though.

Posted by Anonymous March 28, 10 12:25 PM

Awe-struck by NYC pics!! I wish I could live there someday soon! It has been my dream city... and after watching these pics I am even more inspired :)

Posted by CityGuy March 29, 10 02:35 AM

lovely pictures i have seen in recent times

Posted by lummysho March 29, 10 08:27 AM

OUUUUUUUH it's high!!!

Posted by Cee March 30, 10 09:58 AM

wow ! its great ........... I cat believe on it ...........

Posted by junaid shah April 1, 10 06:16 AM

Ok...!! !!!

Posted by ari doank April 1, 10 09:54 AM

I Love The Picture number 3

Posted by Melissa April 1, 10 10:56 AM

Waw Very very nice pictures !
it's sensational

Posted by Nadine April 1, 10 11:10 AM

It's a beautiful city ! I would like to go there !

Posted by Marjolaine April 1, 10 11:20 AM

that's great

Posted by afnan April 1, 10 07:33 PM

the photos were excellent

Posted by Anonymous April 1, 10 11:23 PM

wwwoooooo it's so beautiful...!!!!!!

Posted by aku noei April 3, 10 11:38 PM

Digite Aqui Seu Comentário ... VAGAS LAS-E LINDO JA INOV LA

Posted by maria borges April 7, 10 05:40 PM


Posted by yun April 9, 10 08:23 AM

Uma maravilha!
Meus Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho

Posted by Elisabete April 13, 10 07:39 PM

LV is a waste. I have lived in NY and currently live in LV. It is a sesspool of human partying and excess. Just polished with neon and glitz. It's awful and I think the entire city should be imploded so we can start over with a more sustainable approach....which may mean leaving the entire valley vacant.

NYC has an intangible energy and pulse. LV has a choreographed one. In a city where the primary purpose is to lose one's mind, money and soul...I guess I shouldn't expect anymore.

The photos are great though.

Posted by BR April 15, 10 11:49 AM

A friend was kind enought to send me pictures of these two cities.....One in which I was born and raised in and stands today as a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity.
Las Vegas on the strip, which does not constituent the city in its entirety is simply an escapism for those people who just want to have fun....
Thats what makes the photography wonderful...It shows the sophiciation of New York City and the Outrageous fun of Las Vegas...Just think of it as an adult disneyworld. People just lighten up....Simply enjoy the photographic majesty of these unique cities..And god bless america

Posted by susan staehs April 18, 10 01:30 PM

Love's the pic of NYC," the city that never sleep".

Posted by Yeddy Hendrawan S May 8, 10 10:03 AM

oh my god i ♥loveeeee♥ NYC and LA oh my God i wish to go there pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me go empire state of mind loveeeeeeeee it love pictures great work muahhhhhhhh

Posted by Neil ahmed June 1, 10 08:35 AM

Beautiful photos. Interesting to see photos of a 'real' city juxtaposed with Las Vegas. Beauty & The Beast.

Posted by Paul Jimerson July 26, 10 02:27 AM

Amazing pictures! Makes me want to move to NYC right now!

Posted by Sehr August 1, 10 04:40 PM

wow ~ absolutely breathtaking photos!!

Posted by Susan August 1, 10 05:56 PM

No offense, but NYC is so much more enchanting.

Posted by TDoc August 2, 10 07:50 AM

Traumhaft schön!

Der Fotograph ist ein Zauberer.

Posted by YK August 3, 10 03:21 PM

i love las vegas so much.. what a nice picture..

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 10 08:49 PM

정말 멋진 야경입니다. 이런 모습을 실제로도 보고 싶네요.
That's awesome~!

I wanna watch that wonderful night view!

Posted by uincity October 26, 10 07:58 PM

fabulous photos, I wish I were in the U.S. right now

Posted by TheJenst January 7, 11 05:39 PM

Very beautiful photos, I'd say fantastic, really enjoyed it.

Posted by Polina April 1, 11 11:02 AM

So beautiful.太壮观了,真想去看一下

Posted by Gazy April 6, 11 09:22 AM

So beautiful.

Posted by Gazy April 6, 11 09:24 AM

it's a excellent pictures

Posted by Simpy Kushwah April 27, 11 03:25 AM
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