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February 17, 2010 Permalink

Welcoming the Year of the Tiger

Last Sunday, February 14th was the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is also the beginning of the Chinese Spring Festival, with celebrations and observations by ethnic Chinese and others around the world, welcoming in the Year of the Tiger. Conservationists are hoping to capitalize on the Year of the Tiger by calling attention to the plight of the endangered big cats. The number of wild tigers is thought to have dropped from 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century to fewer than 3,000 today. In September, the World Bank and Russia will hold a summit on tiger conservation in Vladivostok, encouraging countries that are host to wild tigers to reach agreements to further protect and expand their habitat. (37 photos total)

A visitor looks at a crystal tiger which was made up of 955 steel wires and 12,888 small crystal balls at a department store in Shanghai February 4, 2010. The artwork, which is the size of an actual tiger, was designed as a gift for the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger, which began on February 14, 2010, Xinhua News Agency reported. (REUTERS/Nir Elias)
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beautifull shots !

Posted by Anthony February 17, 10 12:48 PM

Everyone a happy Year of the Tiger!

Posted by fēng February 17, 10 12:56 PM

Maybe the Chinese will stop eating them?

Posted by Mike February 17, 10 12:58 PM

great post. much love to china

Posted by luca February 17, 10 01:04 PM

Great photos, as always.
Saludos a la comunidad china de Argentina.

Posted by Martín February 17, 10 01:07 PM

beautiful photographies. Congratulations.

Posted by Simon February 17, 10 01:09 PM

damn i hope some of them poor tigers get revenche for beeing locked

Posted by ilikeanimals February 17, 10 01:19 PM

Beautiful shots. Dancing is good, having fun is good, painting is good, but any superstition is bad.

Posted by michel_R February 17, 10 01:26 PM

Guinness World Record for number of people painting tigers in multiple locations -- Seriously?

If there is a record for the largest number people writing internet comments while eating sunflower seeds on a Wednesday in multiple locations, then count me in.

Posted by chris February 17, 10 01:29 PM

You may feel sorry for them, ilikeanimals (comment #7), but really, captivity is the only way to protect them in many of their native countries. The hunting problem is ridiculously high, and I really feel that only humans can keep them safe from other humans at this point.

Posted by Lesley G February 17, 10 01:29 PM

re #3 Mike...not only stop eating them but stop using their body parts for "folk medicine". Not just tigers but Rhinos as well are on the brink because of that.
Maybe some awareness can come from this (as #27 seems to imply) before they're gone.

Posted by alm February 17, 10 01:31 PM

Great Pics as always. Would like to visit China once for sure to see such colorful celebration :)

Posted by Amit February 17, 10 01:32 PM

Chinese people don't eat tigers Mike!

Posted by Ron February 17, 10 01:38 PM

#36 is spectacular....

Posted by Andrew February 17, 10 01:43 PM

#27 - Personally, I would not want to be the one pulling on a tiger's tail :)

Posted by Tank Laville February 17, 10 01:51 PM

Very nice shots, except for #21, which irritates me. Tigers are not supposed to be house cats.

Posted by 无忌 February 17, 10 02:07 PM


Posted by CÉLIO MARTINS February 17, 10 02:14 PM

#27. I was there!

Posted by Melanie February 17, 10 02:27 PM

#27 ,Tiger controlled by Monk .. Monk Controlled by Technology

Posted by ask_suraj February 17, 10 02:29 PM

Wonderful pictures. Thank you.

Posted by Feri February 17, 10 02:32 PM

@#9 Chris - That makes two of us then. David sunflower seeds I hope.

Posted by SEC February 17, 10 02:35 PM

Thanks for the photos.

#20: Feb. 13th was not the Lantern Festival this year.

The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day (the full moon) of the first lunar month. So this year's Lantern Festival will fall on February 28th.

Posted by Choudoufu February 17, 10 03:28 PM

Great photos - some from Yahoo, Reuters and msnbc... but that's ok. The Year of the Tiger - THis Year of the Tiger - THe Year of The Golden Tiger - is SUpposed to represent Great prosperity - so prosperity to ALL!

Posted by Jimmy Olson February 17, 10 03:30 PM

ok, Year of tiger photos are Great! this is the year of the Olden TIger and represents great prosperity - so good luck to ALL

Posted by Jimmy February 17, 10 03:33 PM

Tigers belong in the Wild. So sad to see such graceful animals doing tricks in #21.

Posted by Justin February 17, 10 03:35 PM

Guys like Mike-
never been to China but hates Chinese people anyway. He probably thinks egg rolls & orange chicken are really things that chinese people eat too...

Posted by callem February 17, 10 03:41 PM

nice pics

Posted by chernlai February 17, 10 04:05 PM

Mike you are right !!!

Posted by michael February 17, 10 04:16 PM

Captivity is one thing, but being chained on a short lead is cruel for any animal, let alone one such as a tiger. Why not have them in large habitat area similar to the better zoos and big cat sanctuaries? Habitat that has rocks, logs and trees for climbing, terrain variations with short and tall grasses and shrubs, pools for swimming, caves etc. Habitat that engages the animal and is more like its natural place than being chained to the dirt to sit in one spot.

Posted by Danielle February 17, 10 04:20 PM

@10 Lesley -- Very good point about captivity being an unfortunate but realistic solution to keeping wild animals safe from hunting. However, we need to start seeing proper conservation/captivity practices, and not things like that depicted in #21.

#25 [bun pagoda] reminds me of a giant mountain of boobies. :)

Posted by spyra February 17, 10 04:37 PM

#33 Correction: Not a tiger, but a COUGAR

Posted by Jerry February 17, 10 04:45 PM

what's the difference between eating tigers and eating cows?

Posted by clyk February 17, 10 05:21 PM

#3 & #18 say it all about Eastern Asian society.

Posted by Joseph February 17, 10 06:18 PM

so, 2022 will be Year of the extinct Tiger. No more tiger penis soup for you then.

Posted by Don Jones February 17, 10 06:45 PM

if "some country" can pay the money back, instead of reduce the loan value by forcing the Chinese RMB to increase the value, then these tigers will probably have more chance to have a good habitat place. Can't really expect government to put a lot money to treat animals as well as some countries do, while their people still live a "not that modern" life than the people from "those countries".

Posted by Rona February 17, 10 06:47 PM

#4 - LOL :-)

Posted by bluegene February 17, 10 07:01 PM

A Chinese man has been jailed for 12 years for killing and eating a rare Indochinese tiger.

Posted by Andral February 17, 10 07:08 PM

Wonderful pictures. Thank you.

Posted by Robi February 17, 10 07:53 PM

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2010 ! A rarely-pleasant time for getting together with relatives and good friends ....... and amazing pics .. much appreciated .

Posted by Yue Guomin February 17, 10 07:57 PM

I am glad to see so many photos from different places of the world.

Posted by Ben Gu (Beijing) February 17, 10 08:18 PM

@ clyk 32: the difference is that cows aren't on its way to extinction ;)

#4: it seems that this kid is not having fun...haha

Posted by Rodrigo February 17, 10 08:18 PM

Muito Lindo, será que sou o único Brasileiro aqui ???

Posted by Renee C. Marques February 17, 10 08:54 PM

Wish you all the best in Tiger Year!

BTW, we Chinese do not eat tiger. Some of you may heard it from very old Chinese classical story such as Suihu.

Posted by laolongkou February 17, 10 08:57 PM

Love 36. Outstanding capture

Posted by MickeyCM February 17, 10 09:10 PM

Oh, I was anticipating your takes on the Year of the Tiger! Wonderful splashes of red throughout and then the stunning, candid shot # 36. Bravo.

Posted by Elisabeth Rowley Mitchell February 17, 10 09:29 PM

Ooooo...oooo good angle and good moment....Happy Gong Xi Pat Coi......

Posted by ucok_jak February 17, 10 09:31 PM

wow... love the pictures... amazing..

Posted by Toetde February 17, 10 10:31 PM

Preconception comes from unwisdom.Many people don't knew China at all.Please don't take the Chinese people as primitives.

Posted by Susan Z February 17, 10 10:31 PM

#7 & #27..Wow!

Posted by Ravi February 17, 10 11:24 PM

Hi China, Happy and prosperous Lunar New Year of the Tiger...

Posted by RT February 17, 10 11:29 PM

Great photos. Coming from a country (India) where the Tiger is the national animal, it is good to see the Chinese celebrate the Year of the Tiger. The Tiger is a powerful as well as a graceful being, and I wish people would stop poaching them for their skins, teeth, claws worldwide. It is not right to blame the Chinese people for contributing to the death of tigers - there are many unscrupulous human beings all over the world who crave Tiger skin rugs which is the primary cause for poaching. All of us need to work together to save this beautiful creature from extinction.


Posted by P R Subramanian February 17, 10 11:48 PM

I'm sure Chinese don't eat any part of tigers.
Anyway, great pictures! I love all of them!!

Posted by James Jeon February 18, 10 12:05 AM

I believe #19 is Yongkang Road, in the Old French Concession, Shanghai. Fireworks and firecrackers are especially popular on the 5th day after Chinese New Year ("in the attempt to get Guan Yu's attention, thus ensuring his favor and good fortune for the new year" -Wikipedia), from 11pm at night on the 4th day to well after midnight. Don't plan to sleep on that night!´

Posted by Julien February 18, 10 12:34 AM

No. 27...

is a is not a monastry and not a real temple...I am thai i know this place. it is for tourist only...thai people dont go there and only have 3 monk...they are mafia not real monk just like tourist money not really care for tiger

Posted by Kannika February 18, 10 01:15 AM

si on aime les chinoiseries ou les tigres c'est joli

Posted by Alizé February 18, 10 01:27 AM

Awesome photos.. #21 is adorable.. :-)

Posted by Ritish February 18, 10 01:31 AM

Amazing shots. My favorite is the one with lots of tigers posing. Adorable :)

Posted by Christian Logan February 18, 10 01:36 AM

@ 40 Rodrigo
Because cows are 'mass produced' for humans to eat them and tigers aren't! so maybe some 'tiger farms'! or maybe just stop eating animals altogether!!!

Posted by clyk February 18, 10 02:37 AM

A typing mistake:
the #37 picture, the last line:"on February 14, 2010 - bith Valentine's Day and the first day of the Chinese New Year. "
It should be "both" not "bith"

Posted by keith1st February 18, 10 02:43 AM

Celebrate it all you want people, theres a smell of hypocrisy in the air. The Chinese people are still one of the largest contributers to hunting it straight in to extinction.

Posted by La Promenade February 18, 10 03:05 AM


Posted by R4 February 18, 10 04:07 AM

# 18 i wish there was a store like that in my neighbourhood.

Here it's all behind glass, en costs millions :)

Posted by Maarten February 18, 10 04:44 AM

great shots...i'll pick #12 #13.. :) haapy Lunar New Year

Posted by Jonathan February 18, 10 05:38 AM

There are only 1411 tigers in India.The poached tigers are mostly all smuggled to china as bones,skins ,and parts.In this year of the tiger we should all do our bit to see that this magnificent animal does not disappear.

Posted by Ramesh Poddar February 18, 10 05:38 AM

As for Chinese not eating tigers: Wasn't there news recently about last Indo-chinese tiger being killed and eaten in China?

Anyway, from what I gather the Chinese "traditional medicine" is one of the factors driving tiger poaching, which in turn is major factor pushing the tigers toward extinction.

Posted by Borek February 18, 10 06:20 AM

SO FUNNY!!! :P :) :)) 5 stars! :-) LOL

Posted by sexy bitch February 18, 10 07:16 AM

#21, Animal Cruelty?

Posted by dharm February 18, 10 07:50 AM

#21 is so sad ...

Posted by edi February 18, 10 08:25 AM

And they wonder why their population is decreasing. Look at how they treat them.

Posted by Captain Connor February 18, 10 08:28 AM

AWESOME photography! HEART them all!!!

Posted by ruby February 18, 10 11:20 AM

صورة الاطفال وهم يرسمون

Posted by ansam jamal February 18, 10 11:32 AM

@ 65 Borek: Tiger Bone is an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, very effective for bone-related diseases like arthritis.
China has already banned it for many years and researched some alternatives, but there are still black market trades.

Posted by pangolin February 18, 10 11:52 AM

As an ordinary Chinese, I want to tell you that everyone around me are respect for life.

Posted by chancema February 18, 10 12:57 PM

#21 - amazing shot

Posted by sorryn February 18, 10 02:27 PM

Now, that's what I call eye candy! Beautiful photographs!

Posted by Nancy Adams-Felando February 18, 10 02:37 PM

I like photo #12 and #21. ^^

Posted by Julie LIN February 18, 10 03:01 PM

#30 - you'd think some of that $4million could supply some heat for those artists?!

LOVE the baby in a basket!

Posted by june February 18, 10 03:37 PM

Too bad the Chinese are the leading reason that the tiger is going extinct. They like to use tiger parts in traditional medicine. Time to stop that.

Posted by John February 18, 10 03:48 PM

#12 is cool, #21 is cute :D

Posted by Rizky February 18, 10 03:58 PM

#35 the Apollo Wheel.

Nearly felt it in my gut just looking at it.

Massive scaled up ride appropriate for China.

Posted by St Paul February 18, 10 08:03 PM


Posted by David Zhang February 18, 10 08:22 PM

China is just going to win any the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people doing XXX.

As for extinction... climate change is going to do every species in, and who's going to stop that?

Posted by ChineseDescent February 18, 10 08:35 PM

Nice shots!
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Posted by Carl H February 18, 10 08:36 PM

Comments are as fun as photos, if not more.

Posted by Yang February 18, 10 10:14 PM

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!虎年快乐 祝大家虎虎生威!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by st0ck5 February 18, 10 10:55 PM

In the first hour of a Chinese New Year, nearly all the Chinese cities become a battlefield. If you are a foreign traveler and know nothing about the tradition of the Chinese, you will definitely be surprised. You probably think that you are located in some middle east cites and they are bombarded by the US air force, meanwhile, countless of grenades are exploding all around you and if you go to the hospital, you might see that there are many people who were injured in the "war" are coming...

Posted by frensel February 18, 10 11:32 PM

Would help if the Chinese put their money where their mouths are and stop funding the killing of tigers in Asia for their 'so-called" traditional medicines.

Posted by Vikram February 19, 10 03:19 AM

i love picture's amazing the ferocious tigers can be trained and tamed..wonderful the baby in the basket,too

Posted by agnes villalobos February 19, 10 07:40 AM


Posted by F Self February 19, 10 09:48 AM

re 27, the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, I would advise that people research the place a little before visiting. it is not about rescue, but illegal animal trade and cruelty. many of the local associations and agencies are boycotting it as well.

Posted by Thaigirl February 19, 10 09:52 AM

I was born in the year of the tiger.

Posted by mfirebrand1 February 19, 10 10:47 AM

as ever, beautiful pics! baby in a basket is my favourite :)

to all those comments bemoaning the treatment of tigers, or any other stereotypical bad thing a country does: unless your own country is morally perfect, shut your cakehole.

Posted by Vince February 19, 10 12:20 PM

Nice celebration of the Tiger year ...i'd like the newly wed their attires is so fantastic...

Posted by ambetong February 20, 10 07:37 AM

good snaps ... but hate people toying around with Tigers ..... making them stand on two feet and fold the front feet .... no good

and yeah a happy tiger year to all

Posted by Bijish February 20, 10 07:53 AM

Hope this means that this year would be a respite to the wild cats in Asia's forests. Most the tigers poached in the forests are for the traditional chinese "medicines".

Posted by Ranjit Arvind February 20, 10 08:02 AM

Happy Spring Festival! 春节快乐!

I was lucky enough to enjoy the holiday here in China. I was a great time! The fireworks, celebrations, food & people were all fantastic!

Posted by glockenspiel February 20, 10 08:41 AM

As a Chinese myself, I don't think Chinese people care that much which year it is more than the New Year itself... We don't eat a particular animal because it's the year of that animal. Instead, we adore and love that animal in a more spiritual and abstract (virtual) way, such as making lovely exaggerated dolls and sculptures, and using celebrative expressions with the word of that animal in it -- something similar to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

So I feel surprised to see that some pictures are focused on real tigers doing performances or being captivated, as if they're being treated this way because of this New Year. But this is not true.

Anyway, the Lunar New Year is a very big deal for China and all Chinese people. Happy New Year to all!

Posted by nuageuse February 20, 10 09:50 AM

Amazing pictures they are beautiful.

Posted by Carolyn February 20, 10 10:14 PM

Fantastic pictures! Even though i do not understand the culture it sure is interesting!!! Thanks guys ...

Posted by Vinod February 21, 10 05:51 AM

Unbelievable how strong is the hate toward China fed by some prejudice propagator, such as #3, even in a so pleasant news like a simple New Year commemoration by chinese people.

Posted by Jone February 21, 10 03:33 PM

i love tigers!! hope they'll take care this year for them!!and protect them for once !!

Posted by Moi February 21, 10 03:57 PM

It seems to be thé beggining of a greaaat year !!!!

Posted by X February 21, 10 04:18 PM

Great pictures thanks for letting me view them.

Posted by Anonymous February 21, 10 06:01 PM

Brilliant photos and some good comments. No. 7 is scary, 12 is being baited and, I agree with some of the other posts, 21 is irritating. As one born in the year of the tiger, that type of submission spawns the desire for revenge.

The lanterns are beautiful. So beautiful. And Apollo's looks more terrifying than fireball, but I'd try it at least once.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Carolynne February 21, 10 06:39 PM

新年快乐,every TBP fans

Posted by yeejame.nee February 21, 10 09:23 PM

Death penalty for people abusing animals.

Posted by pk February 22, 10 12:45 PM

I hope the new year is prosperous and lucky FOR TIGERS.

Posted by klb February 22, 10 05:39 PM

I can't believe that some of the commenters here actually liked #21, which basically depicts circus tigers in a "zoo" in China. Tigers are magnificent, ferocious creatures, not exhibits forced to be submissive and entertain people.

Glad to see that most people find that photo disturbing though.

Posted by Matt February 24, 10 07:36 AM

Happy Tiger Chinese Lunar Year 2010.
Eye of the Tiger. Move ahead.

Posted by Angelia2041 February 25, 10 04:26 AM

Those blamed Chinese leaded the extinction of tiger should thought why tigers diminished rapidly in 100 years while it used as medicine for more then one thousand year and banned for 30 years in china!

Posted by YIjia February 25, 10 04:01 PM

China Great!!WOW!

Posted by mohamed February 25, 10 07:41 PM

anyone who has even the SLIGHTEST doubt about what the year of the tiger means to the animals themselves can log on to or and read their exposes of "living" conditions on the very real tiger farms in china.....deplorable. You may also wish to research "tiger bone wine" - and realise that, to the chinese, the only good tiger is a DEAD tiger, due to the expensive pseudo-medicinal wine fermented from the bones of the once formerly great cats.......and do not forget to look @ the pictures of the starving beasts.....(the ones who sit up, by the way, are beaten and coerced into this unnatural behaviour)

Posted by andre-michel petersson February 26, 10 01:39 PM

so coooool realy i like ur pics.. it is too great and curious .. realy i gonna give this link to my another friend..

Posted by harendra kumar February 26, 10 10:43 PM

so coooool realy i like ur pics.. it is too great and curious .. realy i gonna give this link to my another friend..

Posted by harendra kumar February 26, 10 10:44 PM

cool, i was holding my breath to see tiger woods pic too :)

Posted by oscar February 27, 10 06:46 AM

Beautiful photos. I had the privilege of spending Lunar New Year in China 5 years ago, and it was amazing! I can't wait to go back.

Posted by BeverlyB March 1, 10 07:46 PM


Posted by jack March 5, 10 12:42 PM

i love tigers they are so cool

Posted by Jazmyn April 26, 10 01:29 PM


Posted by HTG December 20, 10 12:52 AM
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