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February 12, 2010 Permalink

Dance around the world, part II

We humans are natural dancers - bodies in rhythmic motion completely alone, or in groups large and small, or in front of an audience. Dancers can communicate ideas, preserve cultural identities, strengthen social bonds, or just have a lot of fun. Collected here is another recent group of photographs of us, human beings around the world, professional and amateur, in motion for all of the reasons above and more. [Previously: Dance around the world, part I] (35 photos total)

A dancer of the Momix Dance Theatre Company performs a scene of "Bothanica" at the Olympic Theatre in Rome February 3, 2010. (REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi)
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64 comments so far...

Make #27, not war!

Posted by Fredrik February 12, 10 12:51 PM

Nice Photo! Another Fantastic image!
30 is fantastic!!!!!! I also love to dance!!!

Posted by Jeryl February 12, 10 01:00 PM

is 14 porn? Yeaaaa, I think so

Posted by mike February 12, 10 01:40 PM


Posted by Al February 12, 10 01:48 PM

@mike. It is art.

Posted by Tjeerd February 12, 10 01:51 PM

The warning on #6 is ridiculous.
But nice photos!

Posted by Jakob February 12, 10 01:57 PM

#1 is just awesome!

Posted by Andres February 12, 10 02:00 PM

#17: Stop. Hammer time.

Posted by kevjohn February 12, 10 02:00 PM

I praise these galleries, but you could as well put effort to picture the caribbean dances such as merengue and salsa, which are full of energy and rythm. Peace.

Posted by Cirilo Radhames February 12, 10 02:06 PM

Amazing photos as always, and a great continuation of Dance Around the World series. In future continuations of the series, I'd love to see a couple bellydancers in there, as well as some folk dancers and hip hop dancers.

Bravo, especially on ones that form such beautiful lines, i.e., 1, 14, others.

Posted by Lane Ellen February 12, 10 02:20 PM

@jakob wrt #6 - Some people are very offended by ornithischians! In all seriousness, lots of people probably read this blog at work, and depending on where you work, maybe you really can't have that on your screen. So the NSFW warning is definitely appreciated, despite the relatively non-provocative picture.

Posted by ech February 12, 10 02:55 PM

magical... Thanks GloBoston...

Posted by michael February 12, 10 03:19 PM

Comment #8 by "kevjohn" CRACKED ME UP!!!

Posted by mileslarboy February 12, 10 03:42 PM

@ Mike...ART...have you ever SEEN IT???

Posted by Neal February 12, 10 04:55 PM

@ech: Well, I live in Germany, nobody here would be offended by such an aesthetic display of the human body. Maybe because you do private stuff at work, but not because of this picture.
I see the problem in other societies, it's just my point of view ;-)

Posted by Jakob February 12, 10 05:22 PM

Dance Around The World was very nice, but now I'm off to listen to Trance Around The World, it's like pictures for your ears;)

Posted by apoelistas February 12, 10 05:23 PM

Love these pics, Alan. #1 is my favorite with the color and stance. Just beautiful!

Posted by RV February 12, 10 05:41 PM
18. not both? the eye of the beholder I could make a case for #4 as well. Not exactly porn, but....easy on male eyes? ...beautiful pictures anyway.

Posted by alm February 12, 10 05:47 PM

Apparently Mike has never seen a nude breast (or pornography for that matter) before.

Posted by Rick February 12, 10 06:48 PM

Define porn, dudes!

Here at my place it's the mainly the depiction of sexual acts/objects. C'mon, we're naked under our clothes! ;)

Posted by Fritriac February 12, 10 09:48 PM

Some of us would rather not see bare skin, like in #6. Not because we're uncultured or don't appreciate art, we'd just rather not for reasons of our own. I, for one, appreciate that we're given the option. I can still take utter delight in the rest of these pictures - I just wish I could see them in motion.

Posted by Abby February 13, 10 01:52 AM

Wonderful Collection of world dancing life! Thanks a lot for covering Nepal: 7, 23, 24. We want more photo of Nepali panorama.

Posted by Arun Kandel February 13, 10 07:40 AM

really fantastic photos,like a professional collection in a gallery!!but,i find more interesting the reasons above,at the first text!

Posted by Siaminou Elpida February 13, 10 09:18 AM


Posted by KathSA February 13, 10 09:59 AM

Wonderful moments and movements captured! I love them all.

Posted by Monica February 13, 10 10:43 AM

#25 if absolutely beautiful - such grace

Posted by Anonymous February 13, 10 11:21 AM

No porn here, only wonderful moments of art captured with camera!

Posted by geichi February 13, 10 03:12 PM

#7 is the most funny... I was ewpecting some horror picture... and the dead in this pic is a Dino! :D

After reflexion, I'm not sure that you have same point of view in U.S.A.
But the european I am consider the pic+view warning as very funny.

Posted by SIM February 13, 10 03:16 PM

That 's awesome!

Posted by vesper February 13, 10 04:20 PM

#7 Perhaps Nepal's Army can send advisors to the US Army when "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is revoked by Obama?

Posted by Jerry February 13, 10 05:03 PM

the first one and the last one are just breath taking!

Posted by Viola February 13, 10 05:08 PM

Gorgeous. Where's the Argentine Tango?

Posted by zen February 13, 10 05:32 PM

I like picture # 24
funny to see a "little" monk with crocs :D

Posted by Maarten February 13, 10 06:30 PM

i really do like all the pictures and this blog is 1 of my fav but it is just soo sad because in mexico we know how to dance 2 we have very beautiful traditions and i see no pics from mexico do you not like mexican people ?

Posted by virginia February 13, 10 06:51 PM

Surprised to see no half-naked Brazilian samba babes. Especially this week.

Posted by Carbon February 13, 10 11:17 PM

# 7 = you can't make friends with salad!

Posted by note February 14, 10 03:05 AM


Posted by piao February 14, 10 02:10 PM


Posted by piao February 14, 10 02:11 PM

awesome collection, dancers and dancing, from around the world !!

Posted by Hermitbiker February 14, 10 02:31 PM


Posted by BARBITAS February 15, 10 07:20 AM

14 no. photo jabardast

Posted by jitendra sonkar February 15, 10 07:56 AM

Need more nudity only to piss off the uptight dickwads in the US.

Get over yourselves - the world does not revolve around your stupid morality.

Posted by Vermont Devil February 15, 10 08:27 AM

Nice Pictures......#4 there is thin line between art and sex (porn).

Posted by Sanjay Patil February 16, 10 02:12 AM

that bolivian miner in #17—what's that he's got stuffed in his cheek?

Posted by imo February 16, 10 11:59 AM

Nice kind of "NEWS"
Pleasant to see, good for the mind, peaceful and creative for the soul.
This is a better way of publishing the media, showing the positive and creativity of human beings.

Posted by Grant Jonathan February 17, 10 03:46 AM

#4 is definitely porn !!! but what the fuss about # 6! I don't get it ?

Posted by jenjak February 17, 10 03:50 AM

No dance from India? Kathakalli, Bharat Natyam, Kuchi Pudi, Bhangra?

Posted by Arvind February 17, 10 07:32 AM


Posted by Livia (Brasil) February 17, 10 09:11 AM

I will forever feel VERY LUCKY to be born a CANADIAN and
VERY PROUD!!!!!!!!! as the Poet stated; kind,polite and humble.

Posted by Brenda Wogberg February 17, 10 05:25 PM

Pic #7
One...singular sensation...

Posted by Bob February 17, 10 10:34 PM

Saving the best for last. #35 depicts the wonderful joy of dancing and having a feeling of weightlessness. Fantastic!

Posted by june February 18, 10 03:28 PM

Beautiful pics of art forms not porn...get your mind out of the gutter and don't comment on a subject you obviously know nothing need some culture in your life!

Posted by deb February 19, 10 11:53 AM

Except there's tons of countries out there where this would not be considered acceptable, ie most of Asia and the Caribbean. Screw off Europe and Canada, the world doesn't revolve around YOU either.

Posted by Not American February 21, 10 09:27 AM

What Can picture see that's drawing moeslim.....?

Posted by Ulien nuha February 21, 10 08:40 PM

I love this galery, thanks!!!!

Posted by Melita February 22, 10 12:00 AM

Beautiful pictures... but, am I missing something as far as the porn discussion goes? I am a white male in the United States and don't find any of these photos even the least bit sexual. And if your company/boss/coworkers or whoever would consider this inappropriate for work, you probably shouldn't be surfing the internet at all.

Seriously people, relax. Life's too short to be offended by beautiful photos.

Posted by M. Warren February 23, 10 02:44 AM


Posted by movaxdx February 26, 10 09:12 AM

fantastic photos but missing pics of mesmerising dance forms of india

Posted by bg February 26, 10 12:48 PM

good look picture.....genius.

Posted by jio made February 27, 10 02:46 AM

I love this site

Posted by Tommy Peterson March 3, 10 09:00 AM
61.'s BigPicture has been my favourite for quite a while now. Crisp images, excellent coverage & relentless every single time!
These set of pictures on Dance forms of the world were brilliant, as usual. However, I feel that India, which is home to very many traditional dance forms should have also been included.

Posted by Viva March 4, 10 03:02 PM

WOW These are so unbelievable..... I liked the Olympics ones the best of all.........The ones about the hurricanes looked VERY DANGEROUS........ I wouldn't want to be one of those people living there...

Posted by Caela March 4, 10 04:08 PM
63."s a nice creation

Posted by vaisakh March 8, 10 02:51 AM

Hi #2 belongs to me.
VargaImages Photographer:Sabi Varga
I am a dancer with Boston Ballet and the girl is actually Heather Myers.
She is now dancing in NDT in the Netherlands.
This photo was a part of an exhibit in the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston.
If you go to Boston Ballet's Facebook page you can find info on it ;

Please credit me!

Thank you,

Sabi Varga

Posted by Sabi Varga September 12, 10 07:20 PM
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