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February 5, 2010 Permalink

Colorful India

January 26th, 2010 marked the 60th anniversary of India's adoption of the Constitution of India, and the 80th anniversary of its original 1930 Declaration of Independence from British rule. The annual holiday is celebrated as Republic Day, with a grand parade held in the capital, New Delhi, and many other celebrations across the diverse nation. Collected here are a number of photographs from the Republic Day celebrations and many more colorful glimpses of daily life from all around India. (40 photos total)

Indian soldiers march during the Indian Republic Day parade in New Delhi on January 26, 2010. Blanket fog obscured the start of India's 60th Republic Day celebrations, with the annual military parade in New Delhi held under heightened security due to fears of militant attacks. (PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images)
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788 comments so far...

simply amazin' ! so coloreful and so real !

my next trip for sure will be india !

thanks for share !

Posted by Adrian, Moldova February 5, 10 12:32 PM


Posted by rick February 5, 10 12:36 PM

Amazing !

Posted by FredChaf February 5, 10 12:38 PM

Very good as always!
India is a colorful country but also a country of great contrasts.

Posted by Leonardo, the Netherlands February 5, 10 12:41 PM

incredible india...

Posted by amit February 5, 10 12:41 PM

These really give a sense of how vibrant a country India is.
Thanks again, Big Picture!

Posted by deltadawn February 5, 10 12:44 PM

#5! awesome symmetry

Posted by inanities February 5, 10 12:45 PM

#32 made me smile. (:

Posted by Gabriela February 5, 10 12:47 PM

Amazing Colors ..I am fascinated by the vibrant cultures and different religions that can stay as one for so long...

This is is fantastic work....

Posted by Sean February 5, 10 12:51 PM

wow! what amazing pictures of a truly dreamlike place!

Posted by Icklebabe_com February 5, 10 12:53 PM

Great shots!

Posted by Neoslv February 5, 10 01:00 PM

sheer awesomeness.
I feel so proud living in this great country of ours.

Posted by satish February 5, 10 01:00 PM

Nice collection depicting of Indian culture and people !!

Posted by Sainath K M February 5, 10 01:04 PM

#22 Rocks! It looks like a Norman Rockwell.

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 01:06 PM

Some good things never change, like the color of India. Very Nice pictures. Feel Proud :)

Posted by Anooj February 5, 10 01:09 PM

the range of India can only be captured in pictures. and who better to do the job than Big Picture. great job once again!

Posted by dhanunjay February 5, 10 01:09 PM

Hey look #38 is a combination replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower.

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 01:11 PM

I was sure the Eiffel tower was in Paris !

Posted by Bill February 5, 10 01:17 PM

I love my country more than I love myself.Thankyou God for giving me birth in Incredible India.

Posted by ruchir February 5, 10 01:17 PM

#31 is fascinating. I am curious about the religious view/implication of this activity. this is one reason I find tremendous value in this part of the website - it causes me to see and research things that are outside of my normal sphere. thanks!

Posted by Thomas February 5, 10 01:19 PM

i feel india has much more biodiversity than that.

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 01:32 PM

Increíbles imágenes Alan, como siempre, muchas gracias por compartirlas con nosotros!!!
Desde Argentina, un gran fan te saluda.

Simply amazing pictures Alan, thank you very very much for sharing!!!
From Argentina, a huge fan, congratulate you.

Posted by Jorge February 5, 10 01:39 PM

AWESOME is the Word for these Pictures and for this country....

Posted by American February 5, 10 01:52 PM

#36 WOW what peace

Posted by Ammar February 5, 10 01:53 PM

Wonderfull. Just reminded me my home town. Love Nytimes

Posted by shekar February 5, 10 01:58 PM

great pics! "Sare janha se accha hindosta hamara"

Posted by Patel February 5, 10 02:13 PM

It's terrible that a country with so many mouths to feed has a problem with GM crops. Those people should be trying to help india's problem's with polluted rivers. The child mortality rate is soaring due to waterborne disease, and many people are developing health problems, and yet greenpeace decides to waste money and resources protesting GM crops for a bunch of silly reasons that don't hold up well to reality . For shame.

Posted by deep February 5, 10 02:15 PM

"Fog" sure its fog. Definitely not smog or pollution.

Posted by Terry February 5, 10 02:17 PM

Awesome! I am amazed with the photography!! Glorious India!!! Love every bit of it

Posted by Rashi Gupta February 5, 10 02:25 PM

Love this collection of photos...especially, as it does not use Bollywood as an example of Modern India!! As a modern Inida, it makes me cringe when the only things people seem to know about modern India are call centers and Bollywood!

Posted by Shrikanth February 5, 10 02:25 PM


Woah there!

Posted by MRK February 5, 10 02:27 PM

Great Pics.. Diversity in Unity exemplifies India.. Each state has its own language, culture and traditions.
Love my India...

Posted by Sunny Joseph February 5, 10 02:28 PM

Deep, the issue of GM crops would be severe than, if not at par with polluted rivers, child mortality rates, or any other problem you think about.

GM crops will steal the livelihood of the traditional farmers, making sterile crops, which will not just "self-destruct" after harvest, but also cross-pollinate any other non-GM crops nearby. The end is, farmers will have to buy seeds each and every time they want to harvest, instead of storing seeds from the previous crop for the next.

Posted by manoj February 5, 10 02:31 PM

#32 made me smile as well! :) so cute.. a child is a child whether in monk's garb or not.
Lovely pictures overall, and does portray the diversity, color, rituals.

Posted by chins February 5, 10 02:32 PM

is the guy in #3 crashing his motorcycle through fluorescent light bulbs?

Posted by m February 5, 10 02:33 PM

Should double check caption on #22 -- India now has child labor laws where people are fined/jailed for employing child labor. Ok, not in 100% compliance yet, but I doubt very much that the contractor on a government project would employ such little children. I think they were just playing on the site where the parents were 'children working' is a misleading caption...

Posted by chins February 5, 10 02:36 PM

I am so proud of my country!

Posted by ProudIndian February 5, 10 02:38 PM

see these nice pictures

Posted by snaro February 5, 10 02:40 PM

#40 - Simply beautiful

Posted by JJ February 5, 10 02:42 PM


Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 02:48 PM

Thanks so much for the views of India. Last year I was in India for Republic Day so this was a good reminder of my trip, reminds me why I love India and why I am looking forward to my return next year.

Posted by BRPuffin February 5, 10 03:00 PM

Jai Hind!

Posted by Karthik February 5, 10 03:02 PM

#27 is hilarious

Posted by N February 5, 10 03:21 PM

#22 is disturbing.

Posted by Le Cagot February 5, 10 03:22 PM

Le Cagot: please read my comment to that picture (comment # 36) thanks.

Posted by chins February 5, 10 03:48 PM

I find #26 the most moving. Great pictures.

Posted by n.h. February 5, 10 04:02 PM

#22, which featured the child laborers, was very upsetting. India must curtail its child laborers, and encourage more vigorously that kids go to school. Look at China - their literacy rates have leaped ahead of India's.

Finally, India is a great and beautiful country, and the people there are so welcoming to foreigners.

Make it a point to visit India soon!

Posted by BostonHarry February 5, 10 04:03 PM

Amazing pictures; These pictures represent India and it's rich culture as is; normally the western media portait India's image as poor country with lot of slums, dirt roads and broken auto ricksha's by ignoring it's true richness.

Kudos to the photographer for shooting such nice pictures.Feel proud to be an Indian.

Posted by Sudakar February 5, 10 04:04 PM

I just returned from visiting Akshaya Patra Foundation's kitchens in India - our organization feeds lunches to over 1.1 Million children in Government schools in Indian daily! Picture 22 depicts those little hands working at a construction site to receive money for bread & milk & Akshaya Patra is working very hard just to stop this and get these kids to school, feed them a well nourished meal and keep them in school. Check us out at

Posted by Suma February 5, 10 04:10 PM

"Ye Mera India, I lv my India"

Posted by Jolly February 5, 10 04:21 PM

INDIA always remains best in all aspects except sh*t politicians and corrrupt Govt officers......for the rest of all INDIA is the best of all

Posted by skumar.Australia February 5, 10 04:26 PM

#19. Awesome

Posted by sriram February 5, 10 04:26 PM

Thomas, the picture #31 depicts Jallikattu(in Tamil language) which is a cultural activity not a religious one. It is an opportunity for the young males to show off their valor. You can find more information here:

Thanks for the amazing pictures, The Big Picture

Posted by Anonymous February 5, 10 04:27 PM

WooHoo! The women in #35 are HOT HOT HOT

Posted by Shadow February 5, 10 04:44 PM

#19 is awesome.....Just feels great looking at my colorful country...thats India..

Posted by Ankit February 5, 10 04:45 PM

too good....

Posted by Prachi February 5, 10 04:47 PM

#13 - JA Buddha! This guy looks WICKED! Nice shot!

Posted by Brooks Hargreaves February 5, 10 04:53 PM

Some of these are so incredible. I want to see India with my own eyes, but this is pretty enjoyable until that day.

I love India!

Posted by Merch February 5, 10 04:55 PM

Wow. I look at #22 photo and feel sorry for these kids. So young to be working on a construction site just to survive. And in all likelihood, manual labor will be the type of work they will be doing for the rest of their lives as their parents are most likely uneducated also.

But none of these children (and so many others) asked to be born. Why did their parents bring them into the world if they could not afford to care for them, give them a proper childhood?

India is in dire need of birth control.

Posted by Jojo February 5, 10 05:00 PM

Which camera is used here ?? D5000 ?

Posted by Kris February 5, 10 05:11 PM

to #57
Did you ask to be born?

Posted by tantan February 5, 10 05:15 PM

Sare jahan se achcha Hindosta hamara. These images are not just the images of beautiful objects but each of these says a beautiful story "Unity in Diversity".

Posted by Vibhava February 5, 10 05:19 PM

beautiful pictures, beautiful colors

Posted by Tim February 5, 10 05:29 PM

They colours in #40 are phenomenal. Just amazing.

Mark- UK

Posted by Mark February 5, 10 05:36 PM

Amazing collection!

Posted by rafael February 5, 10 06:03 PM

Absolutely gorgeous. I love #40. What a beautiful place.

Also, I think our Independence Day needs more painted dancers and illuminated buildings. :)

Posted by Diamondgirl February 5, 10 06:13 PM

hi, thought you might like these ~


Posted by marjorie Nichols February 5, 10 07:13 PM

Awesome pictures... Great collection.. luved them

Posted by vamci February 5, 10 07:32 PM

to 58

what a simple and profund question

Posted by ram February 5, 10 08:04 PM

India sure is a great country, I've spent a lot of time there. But how come there are no pictures of the untouchables getting beaten with sticks. India my friends is a humans rights hell hole.

Posted by jw February 5, 10 08:21 PM

Just one point of detail. On 26 January 1950, India became a Republic, it was a Dominion (like Canada) before that with King George VI as the Head of State. The mistake many people make that 26 January is " India's adoption of the Constitution of India" - while that is TRUE the higher truth is the formal and total independence of India as a REPUBLIC.


Posted by SIddhartha Sen February 5, 10 08:23 PM

brilliant pictures...amazing as usual...loved #4..a great capture..miss my country...LOVE YOU INDIA!!!!!

Posted by Chaitanya February 5, 10 08:24 PM

#4 is very good!

Posted by Shashikiran Srinivasa February 5, 10 08:33 PM

Definitivamente, los colores de la vida. Maravillosa imagenes.

Posted by Pascual Robles February 5, 10 08:43 PM

For those who are looking into negative aspect of these photographs -

There is no place in this earth where every thing is in order, even in country like US, girl are selling their virginity to get extra money or rich buying drugs...


Posted by Pawan February 5, 10 09:05 PM

Pictures are as colourful as the country. They show the various aspects of
diversity within India.Every state is a country within a bigger country

Posted by Kanai De February 5, 10 09:10 PM

Being in India, were not aware of many things depicted in the pictures.
Congrats & thanks to all concerned who made this possible.
Keep it up.

Posted by Prasad February 5, 10 09:55 PM

It is my nation. And I am proud to be an Indian.

Posted by Manjunatha M February 5, 10 10:02 PM

Jojo (#57), It's ironic to see such a comment from someone in the US where teen pregnancy and divorce rate are the highest in the world. And how that helps in giving the best for the kids, I don't know. Atleast you should give it up to these parents who work their butts off at construction sites to help their kids get a better life. And I definitely don't think those kids were working at the construction site - laws are very strict these days. The parents probably wanted to keep their kids in sight when at work and left them playing nearby.

Posted by luvindia February 5, 10 10:04 PM

magnificent !!!
Pictures are as diverse and colorful as the country is !!!
Jai Hind !

Posted by sandeep February 5, 10 10:06 PM

No words to express ,Great feeling. Wonderful pictures.

Posted by Rama. February 5, 10 10:10 PM

Wow, Truly Amazing photographs!

Posted by Nick February 5, 10 10:15 PM

Felt so proud seeing such great images of such a great country. Awe struck by the photographic talent involved in these pics. Congrats

Posted by sangeeth sivan February 5, 10 10:20 PM

What an incredibly rich and moving set of photos, thanks for posting these.

Posted by Dave February 5, 10 10:53 PM

#26 touched my heart...

Posted by abuk February 5, 10 11:33 PM

Fly India, You shall overcome and go past in couple of decade the totalitarian non democratic regimes like China, why was Eiffel Tower shown in such a nice collection concerning India

Posted by jks February 5, 10 11:47 PM

Simply surreal
#22 is unbelievable

Posted by Bharat February 5, 10 11:54 PM

Thank you for the wonderful Pictures :).... I really appreciate your work.

Posted by Ishan Shah February 5, 10 11:58 PM

Beautiful, colorful images of a country that I visited in 2008. Stark contrasts and vivid impressions recall my journey to Madurai, Tamilnadu India. Light of
Hope Mission is a Lighthouse reaching the poor and uneducated, offering hope to many in unreached villages.

Posted by David February 6, 10 12:11 AM

These are the awesome photographs and dil must say proud to be an indian when we saw this photos.

Posted by Hemant February 6, 10 12:18 AM

This photographs represents true India.. I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN... none of this can be seen anywhere else in the world.

Posted by Komal February 6, 10 12:25 AM

Absolutely fabulous snaps. They give Indian panorama a surreal aura & enhance its innate colour diversity. Magnificent captures.

Posted by Kiran N Khankhoje February 6, 10 12:41 AM

Yeah I just want to reiterate that India got independence on Aug 15, 1947 rather than on 1930 as stated above. And India celebrated its 63 anniversary last august. Please get your facts straight guys.

Awesome pictures though.

Posted by Vivek Raghunathan February 6, 10 12:59 AM

on pic #36: should be corrected to Banganga Tank (it's about 100 ft by 150 ft, and known as this throughout Mumbai). I live just above it, great mood on festival days!

Posted by Tom February 6, 10 01:12 AM

What amazing photography! India is beautiful and you have brought it out in these wonderful pictures.

Posted by Ranu February 6, 10 02:02 AM

amazing camera work!!!

Posted by Sandeep February 6, 10 02:05 AM

This is a great collection of photographs from the very colorful country of India !!

Posted by Hermitbiker February 6, 10 02:06 AM

A visual treat..Each picture says a story..Having said that, these pictures haven't even covered 1/4th of the country. Waiting for more

Posted by Awestruck February 6, 10 02:26 AM


Posted by yanchao February 6, 10 02:29 AM

Re: #22 -Imagine you are employing people, a family comes looking for work, they are poor and hungry.
Do you say "no because its illegal for me to employ minors" or do you give them work so they can eat?
Keep in mind that any law in India can be broken if you know the right people or have enough money - look at their politicians - many of them are common criminals but will never see a courtroom.
Beautiful country, some lovely people, but so much injustice :(

Posted by note February 6, 10 02:49 AM

Great Collection !!!

Posted by Karishma February 6, 10 02:58 AM

Viva India!

Jason from China

Posted by Jason February 6, 10 04:01 AM

superb shots. really india is very very rich in all meaning.but i doubt all Indians know the value of that.

Posted by sarin February 6, 10 04:10 AM

Nalini Shrivastav and Mita Chatterjee from UP contingent , were looking very smart.I loved their Marching with their breasts up and buttocks tight.

Posted by piyali sircar February 6, 10 04:38 AM

India !!!!!!!!!!!! I love this diverse, vibrant country.

Posted by Irfan Khan February 6, 10 04:50 AM

i love India . nd da Indians who's havin problem wid the corruption nd politicians the message 4 dem is .. y dnt you join politics nd change india , bt i know u wont becuzz u dnt want to clean it ... ur thinking is jus "let it go" .. cum on man if u r havin problem then join politics , become an i.p.s officer nd remove corruption , people like dem just go abroad nd settle down there .. they just show others that india is gr8 bt inside dem theres nthin like dat .. i love india nd m searching 4 a journalist so that i can talk to politicians directly .. i want to change my country .. in da pictures the simplicity is shown nd thats india simple yet beautiful proud to be an indian .. m sorry 4 my grammatical mistakes


my email id is
u can contact me dere anytime ..

Posted by Himanshu Jangra February 6, 10 05:13 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 6, 10 05:35 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 6, 10 05:48 AM

@luvindia (#79) - Children not working? Strong child labor laws in India? Surely you jest? [ROFLOL!]

Did you not read the caption at the bottom of #22 photo?

"Indian children work nearby to their parents at a construction project in front of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on January 30, 2010 in New Delhi, India. The children accompany their parents to the work site, where if they are prepared to work, they will receive money for bread and milk and be provided with dinner by the contractor."

It CLEARLY states that the children are working at the construction site.

My statement about not being asked to be born applies to any country,not only India. However, the subject was India here.

If Indians don't stop breeding like rabbits, they are sure to help the projection below come true! Imagine, in just 15 years form now, India having more people than China BUT crowded into a land mass 1/3 the size of China? If you think India has problems now.... Whew.

December 16, 2009
In 2025, India to Pass China in Population, U.S. Estimates

Posted by Jojo February 6, 10 05:52 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 6, 10 06:04 AM


Posted by Niharika February 6, 10 06:33 AM

Amazing pics.. Hats-off to the photographer and to my nation, India... These pics depict perfect example of UNITY in DIVERSITY... Jai Hind !!

Posted by Anmol Verma February 6, 10 06:44 AM

These kids might not be working, they look too young. But in a few years, they do graduate to doing some kind of or other work. The employers here are still at fault for not providing for a safe shelter where their employees, mostly migrants, can leave their children.

Posted by Malati Kallapur, Mumbai February 6, 10 06:58 AM

It is amazing how pictures can make anything look beautiful !! Btw I am from India.

Posted by raj February 6, 10 07:15 AM

Incredible India !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jayant Kaushik February 6, 10 07:46 AM


Posted by M.R. DUA February 6, 10 07:52 AM


Posted by Henry Gim February 6, 10 07:56 AM

Beauty brought out in skilled hands

Posted by Vall February 6, 10 08:04 AM

Great pictures!
#22 check one kid is two different color sandals.
#30 not sure about that temple. people in the saree look Maharashtrian
#32 is great picture! bodh gaya area is great.

Can we have at least one picture of any metro city during office hours or shanti town or during riots? Just to keep this blog balance. I am not hiding from the truth. People who do plan to visit at least they can see get the reference.

Posted by indian February 6, 10 08:09 AM

Super impressive job. Thanks!!

Posted by Manek Mehta February 6, 10 08:12 AM

If the parents are working nearby, it might be that bringing the children to work with them can be seen as a perk we don't have in the States. At least they don't need to pay for child care. The caption says that *if* the children are willing and able to work, they are paid. An immigrant sweatshop worker here said, "What, it's better they stay home and watch TV?"

On a brighter note, #32 is completely adorable!!!

Posted by sgt_majorette February 6, 10 08:28 AM

after seeing the 26th made me can a person leave their parents....really disgusting...

Posted by anil February 6, 10 08:33 AM

Awsome ! Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

Posted by fanta78 February 6, 10 08:39 AM

Beautiful as usual!

Posted by Daniel Campos Putterman February 6, 10 08:55 AM

More interesting that these pictures are peoples' comments on it. Nice to read :)

Posted by Muk February 6, 10 09:09 AM

Amazing how a still photograph can capture so much . My own country looks beautiful to me as your photos point out that what I consider routine are extraordinary

Posted by Vallabh Rao February 6, 10 09:21 AM

Gostei muito da perspectiva! parabéns pelo belíssimo resultado!

Posted by Livia (Brasil) February 6, 10 09:50 AM

impresionante! shukriya for the photos :)

Posted by paul February 6, 10 10:00 AM

As an Indian, I've never seen the richness of the nation so beautifully! Awesome collection.

Posted by Sudeep February 6, 10 10:05 AM

Jojo (#109) - My point is *if* that caption was true, that might have been an anamoly. You can't judge or make your case based on a deviation. I have lived in India for over 20 years where I've seen sights like this (including at our own house construction site) where the little kids play with the construction material all day and definitely don't work. Do you seriously think those tiny tots are capable of doing any productive work with those construction material. They hardly can stand on their own. Use some judgement!

And regarding the population control issue that you digressed to, yes, that's an issue. No one is denying that. But, India has addressed that issue face on and it's now only the 90th nation in the population growth rate (US is 137). And India is only the 32nd nation in the most densly populated, way below many european countries and several US territories/states.

Posted by luvindia February 6, 10 10:43 AM

great photography. Hats off 2 u.

Posted by pavel February 6, 10 10:48 AM

Incredible India man...!

Posted by Sivakumar February 6, 10 11:23 AM

I am saddened to see that children are enticed to work at construction sites....stop child labor.

Posted by Tina Savla February 6, 10 11:28 AM

32 is cute. but I think he is funny too.

Posted by Patrick February 6, 10 11:30 AM

The pics were amazing and so were the reactions to them, unfortunately if you have not lived in India, you will fail to understand that the children in #22 are proably happier than the average middle class kids here in North Amercia and its just part of life. There are others things I agree which could be worse but please dont feel sorry for them becuase at least the parents are close and have an eye on them and maybe they are asked to help but at least they are not begging on the streets or a burden on society which a number of healthy and capable people here in NA are and I bet the parents make $1 for a 12 hour work day and proabley work 7 days a week and yeah we have a population problem but thats another topic to discuss......dont want to sound arrogant but you got to have lived in India to understand India

Posted by Jerry February 6, 10 11:36 AM

Proud to be an Indian!

40 is the best!

Posted by Avinash February 6, 10 12:36 PM

really proud to be an indian,people usually (ireland) ask me how do you people cope: with diffrent religion, food, caste,etc.....
these pictures are really wonderful.

Posted by Saini Abraham February 6, 10 01:03 PM

The pictures fill you with the passionate feeling of patriotism.Each picture has a unique message...excellent photography ! Clarity of colors,contrast...
A treat to the eyes and to the mind.

Posted by Abha Srivastava February 6, 10 01:38 PM

I love India and I miss being there so much. Most of the pictures are fantastic. GO India, but I hate how the people are taking in so many aspects of Western culture which is detrimental to the country as a whole.

Posted by anitha February 6, 10 01:48 PM

Amazing pictures... Just love the way every pic brings out the 'incredible india' ...

Posted by Kannan February 6, 10 02:06 PM

A great collection of pictures of a great country

Posted by Puri February 6, 10 02:22 PM

I love my India ... Jai Ho

Posted by Santosh February 6, 10 02:30 PM

Really Beautiful and Colorful.. thank you for sharing. :)

Posted by Aditya February 6, 10 02:41 PM

Seen what kind of reactions these snaps brought in...... True, India is diverse and has something in balance which no other country could even perceive to have....but the state of the matter lies in how will it shape itself going forward and much of it depends on the youth of this country and how they would break the shackles of the political barriers.....My opinion is it is spiraling southwards. This i feel is the result of too much competition among today's youth and no time to even perceive the ethical means of achieving something. Shortcuts in anything and everything...

Posted by Nirmal February 6, 10 03:40 PM

Saare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamara!

I am so proud of my motherland, its beautiful, its diverse, its GREAT.

Love you always my India :-)

Jai Hind. Proud to be an Indian!

Posted by sunita February 6, 10 04:42 PM

Beautiful shots, some inspiring, and some thought provoking.

Posted by AJ February 6, 10 06:11 PM

loved 4 19 30

Posted by natraj February 6, 10 06:51 PM

#40 is an exquisitely intimate image. Beautifully done.

Posted by Joan February 6, 10 07:04 PM

Awesome pcitures. Such colors, so much diversity can only be seen in India. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Swapnali February 6, 10 07:15 PM

Amazing ! Thank you for such amazing pictures

Posted by Krishna February 6, 10 08:33 PM

Wonderful and I am proud of the colours !! I wish those kids playing in the school ground than in the rubbles of work place.

Posted by a.r.bhat February 6, 10 08:50 PM

Even all these dont capture an iota of what India is.

#26 was painful but an absolutely beautiful capture. I hope that image makes a few people contribute towards old people's care in their lifetime.

Thanks for the great shots.

Posted by Anon February 6, 10 09:18 PM

i miss home...

Posted by KJ February 6, 10 09:45 PM

To #109: The American public doesn't realize why India doesn't have a stronger family planning program, say like China's. The uncomfortable fact is that India's Hindu majority is fearful of being outnumbered by the high Muslim birth-rate and due to unchecked immigration from neighboring Bangladesh. The Muslim population increased from around 10% in 1950 to about 14% now, but is a higher proportion among the youth. A shift in India's demographic balance could bring a repeat of the bloodshed of 1947.

Posted by BeanCounter February 6, 10 10:19 PM

As an Indian, I've never seen the richness of the nation so beautifully! Awesome collection.

Posted by Sudeep February 6, 10 11:28 PM

Colourful!. I am happy to have come across this page.

Posted by Shilpi Boylla February 7, 10 12:20 AM

#23 is awesome, as the dude in 13. Ain't it Naga Sadhus?

If you wanna see the culture and real colors, avoid the crowded metros - coastal India has such lovely colors and contrasts, it is just overwhelming. Takes about a day to get used to the crowds, and about a week to start loving them. Backpackers have the most fun (esp. if you learn to enjoy a bidi or two - the rolled up cigarillo that is smoked by the lower middle class or poor). I'm gonna head off again this year just to get some more of the temples down south. Man, are the amazing or what!?!

Cheers India, you rock!

Posted by Rosco February 7, 10 12:51 AM

Nice pictures. Good colors! And for the negative people out there check out your own country first and then give opinion on others.

Posted by Sam February 7, 10 02:08 AM

All snaps are amazing especially 2nd and 4th snaps....Love n miss u a lot INDIA

Posted by bindya balakrishnan February 7, 10 02:14 AM

Ye mera Bharath Hai!!!


Loka samasha sughino bhavanthu..!!!

Posted by Subash Varrier February 7, 10 02:20 AM

Jai Ho India ! Really colourful India through lens.

Posted by Sitaraman Ramasamy February 7, 10 03:31 AM

Incredible India....... Fabulous Photography

Posted by satish February 7, 10 03:44 AM

amazing photography !!!!!

Posted by pradeep February 7, 10 04:24 AM

Why do supposedly good people defend the bad things in their country? I don't know if I can all India "their country". They were born here and they left it the moment they could. And they will whine about the state of things the moment they are back. Even first time visitors from other countries are more tolerant about crappy stuff in India.

I live in India. Child labor is very much here. Even in the restaurants of the "most developed" Indiranagar suburbs of Bangalore, kids are maltreated. I am no expert, but I am not even sure child labor is bad. I know great successful Indians who were forced to work during their childhood. I worked my ass off for my Dad while doing school alongside. Real hard physical work, which has given me a rough palm now. I know it's different from what these kids are going through, but in certain cases, there is no single good honest answer.

But I can not defend the shitty things that goes on here by saying "oh yeah? what about America? You have Rush Limbaugh!!! You had Jerry Springer and Falwell!!!" or something irrelevant like that. Are we competing to be just slightly better than the other guy?? Why can't we just be? The whole planet is thriving on greed! Man exploits man everywhere! Certain people are more sophisticated that they make words around it so they feel good about the whole situation.

Posted by N February 7, 10 04:58 AM

Awesome photographs... simple breath taking.

Posted by Utkarsh Verma February 7, 10 04:58 AM

Fantastic images.. they make me fall even more in love with India.
I'm curious to know the specs behind #18..

Posted by Tanya N February 7, 10 05:14 AM

Why there is not much from Maharashtra? And Agra? Good but the whole India is not properly represented. Hope to see more.

Posted by les February 7, 10 06:22 AM

I love India

Posted by leecooper February 7, 10 07:58 AM

Incredible INDIA ! Incredible PHOTOGRAPHY !

Posted by Sanjeev Trivedi February 7, 10 08:07 AM


Posted by T DILIP RAO February 7, 10 08:28 AM

Incredible India!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats y it is said if there is heaven on Earth ....ITS INDIA.
I love my Country and proud to be an Indian.


Posted by Dolly February 7, 10 08:36 AM

Simply amazing! Its incredible to see such perspective of things that seem so meaningless in everyday life.

Posted by Rehan Siddiqui February 7, 10 08:48 AM


Posted by Steve Taylor February 7, 10 09:43 AM

pic. 23, Obama?

Posted by michael February 7, 10 10:07 AM

Amazing photographs... Captured India in its true spirit... Some of the snaps are astounding... of what our country has to offer!

Posted by Pradnya Shirodkar February 7, 10 10:08 AM

i got very elated to see this pictures...thx alot

Posted by durgarao February 7, 10 10:20 AM

colors, colors, colors..Its my India.
I can't believe I'm so lucky to be an Indian.
thousands of scholars can spend their whole life doing nothing but describe its diversity..
Max Muller always dreamed of becoming an Indian but, obviously lucky people get this chance.
only key to world peace lies here..come and take it..

Posted by Rahul Kashyap February 7, 10 10:55 AM

#32 s2!!

Posted by Anderson G. February 7, 10 11:53 AM

magnificant pictures! really show the lives in india

Posted by YT February 7, 10 12:11 PM

its impossible to capture the whole of india in just few shots. india has a rich diversity in culture, language,history. it makes each person unique.

i wouldn't say child labour is good. in child labour, children have to work for longer time and for lesser pay than the adults. they are not given adequate health benefits or education. you working for your father cannot be considered as child labour. he educated you. he provided livelihood for you. it is more like helping out ur dad. it is the child labourers that turn into beggars of the ensure prosperity and security in india child labour has to be eliminated.

population growth is not due competition between muslims and hindus to gain dominance. it is bcoz many ppl in the rural part of india are not educated about managing a family. another point is that hindu population in india is 80% and muslim population is at most15%. i don't know how muslim population can overcome hindu populaion. also, there is nothing like muslim birth rate is more. birth rate does not depend upon religion. muslim population increases coz some hindus (mainly dalits, the lowest caste ) cannot withstand the oppression and convert to islam or christianity.

by the way, i hope there is more diversity in your pics. wanted to see the beaches. hope you post more pics of my motherland - my INDIA.

Posted by i love my INDIA February 7, 10 12:58 PM

India looks so lush!!!

Posted by Adam Reid February 7, 10 02:02 PM

extremly good

Posted by simman February 7, 10 02:06 PM

What a pleasure it was stumbling to this remarkable photo collection. You are a master of your craft. I loved #32 the little boy making a face. I made it my background. Peace be with you.....boxjelly

Posted by Boxjelly February 7, 10 02:49 PM

loads of colours contained in the loads of emotions portrayed by the loads of people, all Indians... lovely pics!

Posted by Sahil Katyal February 7, 10 03:13 PM

geweldig foto's Great pictures,

Posted by Thijs February 7, 10 03:19 PM

Yes, India is a magnificent country. Alas my time there was so short, and so long ago. I am bathed in the experience again in the incongruous beauty of these photos, but even more so when I share in the joy and warmth of my many Indian friends here in the US. My dreams of returning there will start up again after viewing the work of this (these?) talented photographers(s).

Posted by Beatriz Mallory February 7, 10 03:30 PM

I love the dumbass who asked why the eiffel tower is in the pics. Read the caption moron.

Posted by Who cares February 7, 10 04:14 PM

PHOTO: 22,

Posted by adrin February 7, 10 04:23 PM

very very amazing photos

Posted by bnb February 7, 10 05:09 PM

gotta love India... what a place! I'm just about ready for my 4th go at it. Himachal Pradesh is awesome

Posted by pete couldwell February 7, 10 06:36 PM

No. 23 looks awfully like Fareed Zakaria

Posted by Ravi Fernandez February 7, 10 06:56 PM

A great collection of very good efforts. A brilliant thought & composing pictures across the country of all the latest events. Thanks for providing this feast of eyes.

Posted by RD Goel February 7, 10 07:37 PM

Loved all the shots!!!! Miss my India sooo much.

Posted by Vineet February 7, 10 09:11 PM

Excellent photography of our motherland-hats off .

Posted by Jayanthi February 7, 10 10:12 PM

Proud to be an "INDIAN" :)

Posted by Satishkumar February 7, 10 11:32 PM

Amazing Work !!

Posted by Salma February 7, 10 11:35 PM

Thank you for these amazing photos.

Posted by Ambrocio February 8, 10 12:24 AM

breath taking photos of mother india.. every day is little life.. come to India to experiance the life with in you.. its richness in culture and history can never be measured.. can only be treasured.. we the indians have been pioneers for many many things in the world.. we may have child labour, we may have many many people below poverty line.. so what?! if not today one day in future India would be THE MASTER of all.. :) and the heaven on Earth.. (even now it is..)
I was expecting the republic day celebrations here... Hats Off to BIG Picture..

Posted by i1n1 February 8, 10 12:26 AM

Lovely.... & thanks a lot for showing the unseen.....

Posted by soumyadeep February 8, 10 12:48 AM

I am in aw, of your eye. Great job. I don't even know you, and am proud of you :)

Posted by Virginia Orsborn February 8, 10 01:03 AM


Posted by namal February 8, 10 01:09 AM

Incredible India , Amazing clicks
Thanks to Alan and the rest of the contributors

Posted by Sujay February 8, 10 01:33 AM

Nice work! i love it

Posted by Rakesh February 8, 10 01:43 AM

is really awesome !!

Posted by Anshul February 8, 10 01:54 AM

Amazing Pictures ! India sure is freakkin beautiful.

Posted by Clinton Jeff February 8, 10 03:05 AM

Amazing Pictures ! India sure is freakkin beautiful.

Posted by Clinton Jeff February 8, 10 03:05 AM

India meri jaaan!
Colour Ful India. the variety and streaks of simple but colourful success and aspiration built on dreams and a never give up struggle!

Posted by Idikula Mathew (Tokyo) February 8, 10 03:24 AM

awesome work.. hail India ;)

Posted by Anand February 8, 10 03:26 AM

Simply very Beautiful.....

Posted by Manish February 8, 10 03:28 AM

18, RK Singh is extraordinary, could be professionalism, could be serendipity, but stands out.Could have been more pictures for a more complete feel of India, still the best work so far.

Posted by Doesitmatter February 8, 10 03:40 AM

Simply Awesome!

Posted by Avinaba February 8, 10 04:13 AM

Amazing Photography and some really breath taking shots..

Posted by Sehgal February 8, 10 04:18 AM

These pictures are really nice ! beautiful INDIA is captured by beautiful hands.
That's Our INDIA ! Color full INDIA.

Posted by kailash February 8, 10 05:18 AM

A true visual treat...
Great photography..
Kudos to all involved in this effort

Posted by Prasanna Laguduva February 8, 10 06:52 AM

It's a grate Mind Blasting Picture incridable india
i am proud of my country JAI HO JAI HO JAIiiiiiiiiiiiiiii HO .........

Posted by kaushal February 8, 10 07:00 AM

Excellent photos! Pics 21 & 22 disturbed me though. Kids shouldn't be anywhere near construction sites just out of health & safety. The contractors should had a school/creche for them.

Posted by Gurpaal February 8, 10 07:31 AM

nice resolution pics but not effective pics

Posted by Anonymous February 8, 10 07:48 AM


Posted by najib February 8, 10 08:15 AM

Impressive! I am so happy that I took the time to view. The ropes of marigolds were incredible...I just wanted to be there. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by Penny Barlett February 8, 10 08:29 AM

wow nice pictures incredible india really really fabulous .

Posted by kalyan February 8, 10 08:46 AM

Damn good!

Posted by Chandu February 8, 10 08:54 AM

great....awesome india..

Posted by stephanie February 8, 10 09:04 AM

Wonderfull shots!

Posted by Pablo Augusto February 8, 10 09:11 AM

a good collection of photos

Posted by murari February 8, 10 09:34 AM

great pictures friend

Posted by NISHAM ABDULMANAF February 8, 10 09:37 AM

To all those with living, working(karma), spirit-ual...... homes in india,....lots to celebrate, lots to persevere with, lots to take ahead with us, lots to shed, lots to do & lots to remember......lots to create&lots to never ever forget.......
THANKS The Big Picture for the collection*

Posted by anonymous February 8, 10 10:43 AM

thanks for d amazing pictures of incredible india......jai ho!

Posted by bina February 8, 10 10:44 AM

True colors of India

Posted by Suresh February 8, 10 10:55 AM

Beautiful pics!
Some lines for fellow Indians who have forgotten about unity in diversity

"...But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate..." [ Where is the Love, Black eyed peas]

Posted by ish February 8, 10 10:58 AM

. Nice. . Mera Desh Mahan


Posted by suresh February 8, 10 11:02 AM

kudos to your great collection and proud to be an INDIAN

Posted by chaitanya swarup February 8, 10 11:24 AM

One of the best photo collections that I've ever seen about India! Thanks!

Posted by Markus February 8, 10 11:47 AM

great pictures.....

Posted by Tushar Yadav February 8, 10 11:56 AM

mind blowing photos,,

Love U India always

Posted by Vijay Dhayal February 8, 10 12:09 PM

wow great pictures....a salute to all the photographers

Posted by PADMANABH(photographer) February 8, 10 12:22 PM

True India captured in a graceful way.

Posted by Sanchita Bhattacharya February 8, 10 12:30 PM

Amazing Photographs . . . . Incredible India !!!

Posted by Aniruddh Shrivastava February 8, 10 12:38 PM

Amazing capture of incredible India

Posted by Upasana Jan February 8, 10 12:46 PM

Thats our dad pic in Picture no.36
DAD You made so many Indians Proud.
We are Proud of u Dad, and proud to be an Indian..

Gaurang & Devhuti

Posted by Gaurang & Devhuti Bhatt February 8, 10 12:47 PM

Wonderfull Pics..Amazing....... I'm proud to be an Indian.......... Jai Ho!!!!!!!!

Posted by Vishwa Pavana February 8, 10 12:53 PM

I Love my dear Mother India

Posted by Yad February 8, 10 12:56 PM

Awesome pics!! usually the photos of India focus just on the rampant poverty and historical buildings.But finally u get to see such a true and real view of the country .Something that paints the true picture and not what an eye of a Westerner desires.Wonderful work by the editor and the photographers ofcourse !

Posted by Vikramaditya February 8, 10 01:52 PM

Thank you for showcasing the colorful world of my home land!! :)

Posted by Dipen Shah February 8, 10 01:52 PM

Yeh mera India.. I love my India

Posted by Suraj February 8, 10 02:12 PM

Very nice pictures and it is really colourful too...
Very good collection of pictures.
East or west ............My India is best and I proud to be an Indian

Posted by Ram February 8, 10 02:33 PM

So much variety and diversity in our country that there is something in it for each one of us to enjoy.India could be so much more only if each one of us took a determined step forward.

Posted by Das February 8, 10 03:05 PM

@130 (Luvindia) You commented: "And India is only the 32nd nation in the most densly populated, way below many european countries and several US territories/states."

Not exactly true - you can find the list on Wikipedia, and while there are a few European city-states above India (Monaco, Vatican City, Gibraltar and Malta), most of them are Caribbean countries with 1 US territory (Puerto Rico) and no US states.

Posted by otto February 8, 10 03:59 PM

i really need every ones help in this, can we all get together and do something for the old people, lets all pitch in and build one big ashram for the old people so they can have good food and bed to sleep, please my request to all the bhartiya living in north america, if we all get together we can make a difference. i have 2 wishes i want god to fulfill, 1. big ashram for the old doesn't matter what faith they believe in. 2.clean the Ganga ( (ma) river it took so much sacrifice of so many people, we have no value of what a wonderful gift lord Shiva has given us. who ever is interested they can contact me,

Posted by madhu February 8, 10 07:10 PM

Awesome, reminded me something beautiful I am missing today.

Posted by Anonymous February 8, 10 07:47 PM

I love India like I love myself. Pictures are beautiful. Thank you and Thank you India for being a beautiful country from the beginning of time til now.

Posted by Tenzin February 8, 10 08:01 PM

Thanks for sharing - awesome photo set.

Posted by Singh February 8, 10 08:08 PM

Awesome simply awesome.........

Posted by Sujay February 8, 10 10:04 PM

The pictures I have just finished watching are amazing and the colours are so beautiful They alone show you that India has so much to offer.It is quite obvious you learn so much from photographs and understand their culture so much better. The people appear to be so happy,smiling a lot.Sadly many of us will not get to see this India. I appreciate I have had this chance to view the photographs.Thanks to my Grandaughter Hayley, Love you so much,

Posted by Chal & Lois Wilton February 8, 10 11:05 PM

chak de india

Posted by gajodhar bhaiya February 8, 10 11:32 PM

Every citizen of a country beleives and loves his/her home country. There is no other better country than the home country. Every country has its dark corners, dark people. I think every country suffered from these. May be india more because it is ancient. trillions of people lived and died here. So definitely it will be Very complicated, beautiful as well as ugly in some aspects. Its a fact of life. If any one loves his/her country , then lets not say their country is the best. Even if it is, it can not be best in all aspects. Also Best is not always suitable to one, like the best bulldozer is not suitable for driving on boston roads!!! hope you understand and do not irritate others by your comments. Just praise mother bharat!!! Thanks

Posted by sudarshan dutta February 8, 10 11:33 PM

Beautiful pictures.

Posted by Yogesh February 8, 10 11:43 PM

The best !!!! Good compilation and nice pics....

Posted by harish chandak February 8, 10 11:50 PM

wah ustad wah... liked all the pics

Posted by Deepak Dhyani February 9, 10 12:02 AM

India is the land of diversity with beauty and spirutuality. One should go deep to penetrate it.

Posted by Kumar Sankar February 9, 10 12:04 AM

Beautiful Photography...I am proud to be an INDIAN..
Just one msg to mass...SAVE YAMUNA

Posted by Amiya Trisha Shukla February 9, 10 12:10 AM

Miss my India! Beautiful pictures.

Posted by Sushma Malkani February 9, 10 12:17 AM

#34 - 200 million given oral polio drops children in a day...there is the phenomenon of vaccine induced polio especially with the live-virus oral polio.... Report here -

Posted by The Watcher February 9, 10 12:21 AM

# 248 - madhu - give ur email - we can take it further.. tiny drops make an ocean.. lets give bak mother india somthng in turn..

Posted by i1n1 February 9, 10 12:26 AM

Just Amazing.. True India...

Posted by Prashant February 9, 10 12:47 AM


Posted by CHANDER BHALLA February 9, 10 01:21 AM

Awesome Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!
Express the truth of the life....

Posted by Bamini February 9, 10 02:16 AM

INCREDIBLE INDIA! The Only Place in the World where IT EXISTS AS IT IS! Thank you for sharing! Your photography is EXCELLENT

Posted by Jacqueline Sara February 9, 10 02:27 AM

Its marvelous.

Posted by Meena February 9, 10 02:29 AM

Hele mooie foto's. India van alle kanten te zien.

Posted by J Hermans February 9, 10 03:48 AM

these are truly awesome...

Posted by Anonymous February 9, 10 03:50 AM

awsome dude.......i thank you on behalf of all dear indians..........

Posted by ramesh February 9, 10 03:51 AM


Posted by movaxdx February 9, 10 04:10 AM

Simply GR8!

But we still have to work on the ground of Poverty, Environment, Child Labour as clearly depicted by these pictures. Than only these pictures will be called as COLOURFULL INDIA!

Posted by L S February 9, 10 04:26 AM

amazing shots!!!!

Posted by Jack February 9, 10 04:29 AM

Makes me fall in love all over again with this Incredible Paradise !
Love the Pictures ..thank you and a big Hug ,mini

Posted by Natasha Sehgal February 9, 10 04:39 AM

awesome pics !!!!

Posted by Bhavik V February 9, 10 04:48 AM

"If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!" Proud to be Indian. Jai Hind

Posted by Priyanka February 9, 10 04:50 AM

Amazing daily-life captured here wat we miss in hush n rush of life.

Awesome work …. MaZZa aa gaya !!!

Posted by babinder singh February 9, 10 04:59 AM

Incredible India.....itz my country....MERA BHARAT comparision to any....

Posted by manisha k February 9, 10 05:09 AM

Makes me fall in love all over again with this Incredible Paradise !
Love the Pictures ..thank You and Big Hug to you .

Posted by Natasha Sehgal February 9, 10 05:14 AM

this is what called colors of life and you will get that only in india

Posted by chandana February 9, 10 06:50 AM

Great Photography....photographers delight!

Posted by Aman February 9, 10 07:06 AM

Incredible India

Posted by Harish February 9, 10 08:19 AM

Excellent photos

Posted by P.N. Krishnan February 9, 10 08:42 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 9, 10 09:14 AM

Awesome pictures,Pray and hope for a peaceful Nation.

Posted by chandra Natarajan February 9, 10 10:20 AM

I am thankful to Mr. Samish Makhija, who sent me these photographs.Great artistic work.These pictures are simply beautiful. See these pictures and your tour of India is complete. Great job.

Posted by .Grover February 9, 10 10:41 AM

Amazing Pictures ....

Posted by Chandra February 9, 10 10:55 AM

It is believable - it is INDIA!!

Posted by J R Patel February 9, 10 12:16 PM


Posted by Ganesh February 9, 10 12:39 PM


Posted by M. A. Collins February 9, 10 12:42 PM

awesome compilation of pics..and getting it in the original form of what India is actually.... Gr888 work...

Posted by Swati Chauhan February 9, 10 01:45 PM

Excellent photography, reveals India!

Posted by Anonymous February 9, 10 02:47 PM

Simply Amazing!! I love my India!

Posted by monica sharma February 9, 10 03:44 PM

I'm totally awestruck. The beauty lies in the fact that everyone, viz. laborer, soldier, driver has been captured in their true natural poses. Felt goosebumps while I was going through the page. VANDE MATRAM! I really miss my country!

Posted by Ashutosh Grewal February 9, 10 04:21 PM

I am thrilled to see these pictures of my beloved country INDIA. It is an eternally beautiful land with beautiful people. I am sorry I don't agree with the brother who commented on 198 that one day India would be a master country. It does suit the great samathuva culture of India to be master of any country. We would always help the less-privileged countries to live with all happiness as free people in this free world.
I am thankful to the photographers and the for uploading these beautiful pictures.

Posted by v.rahmath February 9, 10 06:56 PM

Amazing India indeed !!
Thankks for the snaps.. Last one being exceptional

Posted by Rakesh Sivan February 9, 10 09:04 PM

Incredible pictures of the planet earth focussed on the various walks of life in the Indian Continent........great pictures

Posted by Balwant Singh Gendeh February 9, 10 09:49 PM

tooooooooooooooooo goood, post me like these photos

Posted by sri February 9, 10 10:05 PM

Outstanding images - India in all its glory! Thank you for sharing these with everybody.

Posted by Sunil Nehru February 9, 10 10:07 PM

Magnificent...!! This is what India is all about...Colors..!
This is India at its best...!! I am a proud INDIAN...!!!

Posted by Abhijeet February 9, 10 10:49 PM

Felt very painful to look at Pic No. 22 - Child labour in our Capital - shame on us. Now whenever I think of Commonwealth Games I remember those tender hands which are forced to work.

Posted by CG Krishnamurthi February 9, 10 11:01 PM

Photo #22: The smiling child with the cap in the background is a haunting sight. Despite the hardship, he has the energy to smile. A beautiful land with beautiful people. Thank you!

Posted by Joe February 9, 10 11:08 PM

no words to reveal how dese made me feel....
awesome clicks!!!

Posted by Ashwini February 9, 10 11:13 PM

Excellent photos.

Posted by Niranjan February 9, 10 11:53 PM

my country my life!!

Posted by Anonymous February 9, 10 11:54 PM

awesome pictures..............made me fall in love in the amazing beauty we have in India..........

Posted by Pranil Kerkar February 10, 10 12:06 AM

Very very nice photos.

Posted by sorif February 10, 10 12:37 AM

really india meri jaan...........

Posted by nagma February 10, 10 01:32 AM

Absolutely Fantastic...dhanyavaad

Posted by samra February 10, 10 01:58 AM


Posted by SUJA February 10, 10 02:23 AM

Excellent photos.

Posted by Tan Chin Huat February 10, 10 02:31 AM

i love my india........

Posted by ankush puri February 10, 10 02:35 AM

The photos are really breath-taking and wonderful.
Really India is a country which is very fertilized in all fields whether it agricultural world, or indistiral world or Information technology world. It has reached its zenith point in achieving to it fullest.

But only one thing Indians has to achieve a bit more is education. Once all our Indian brothers/sisters are educated then we can have a big turning point in this world.

People say to change and world and country but very less people thinks of changing themselves.

Posted by Waseem Ahmed Vellore February 10, 10 02:54 AM


Posted by subhani February 10, 10 03:12 AM

I Proud to Be an Indian

Posted by Kalpesh Prajapati February 10, 10 03:49 AM

awesome pictures,..truly depicting our incredible India

Posted by yamini asoor February 10, 10 03:53 AM

Awesome photography...

Posted by Sumit February 10, 10 04:42 AM

lovely..... this is simple awesome

Posted by Dhanashree February 10, 10 05:02 AM

Fallen short of word to praise the unity in diversity of India....Simply awesome.

Posted by Bijoy Raj Guha February 10, 10 05:09 AM


Posted by Sarang February 10, 10 05:19 AM

We R proud of India

Posted by Anonymous February 10, 10 05:35 AM


Posted by Vikas February 10, 10 05:55 AM

Love u india
Amazing photography

Posted by Prasanna Gunasekaran February 10, 10 06:19 AM

wonderful photoghraph and photoghrapher

Posted by kunju moideen Rtd AE, February 10, 10 06:27 AM

Awesome Photographs; one must go through to feel the tradition & diversity of the Nation with the pledge to abolish the evil acts existing yet!!

Posted by saurabh, IITK February 10, 10 07:42 AM

Fabulous presentation ! Thanks for sharing ! Ajit

Posted by Ajit Narain February 10, 10 08:01 AM

so colourful...really incredible india

Posted by anuranjan February 10, 10 08:06 AM

awesome pictures,..truly depicting our incredible India

Posted by yamini asoor February 10, 10 08:18 AM

Incredible India !

Posted by Anonymous February 10, 10 10:37 AM

I am stunned, this is the big pic!

Posted by Anonymous February 10, 10 11:06 AM

WoW....Just WoW!!

Posted by Mohit Agrawal February 10, 10 11:20 AM

Wonderful and so natural . The clarity is amazing.

Posted by Bhuvaneswari February 10, 10 11:49 AM

Brilliant pictures man.... They are simply gorgeous.. Nice job

Posted by Anish Bakshi February 10, 10 12:01 PM

Wonderful Work !

Posted by Abhinav February 10, 10 12:14 PM

Looking at these pics I'm feeling nostalgic sitting here in USA. I love my INDIA!!!

Posted by Surbhi Deswal February 10, 10 12:22 PM

I love you Mother India, You are indeed a feast for the eyes and a balm for tired souls!!!! I am so proud to have my roots in your sacred soil! Jai Hind!!

Posted by Padmini Raghavan February 10, 10 01:29 PM

india is so colorful that you can never stop clicking,amazing collection of photos

Posted by varghese george February 10, 10 01:58 PM

Amazing India

Posted by sameer February 10, 10 02:39 PM

Excellent combination of pictures! Jai ho!

Posted by Suresh Babu February 10, 10 03:16 PM

Great compilation! For a change we do not have slums and poverty as the focal point.

Posted by Jatin Sharma February 10, 10 04:05 PM

Absolutely Amazing.

Posted by Arsh February 10, 10 04:37 PM

Beautiful photos! Very well captured!

Posted by Ehtesham Mohammed February 10, 10 05:03 PM

32 made my day!

Posted by Anonymous February 10, 10 05:15 PM

belissimas fotos!

Posted by Terezinha February 10, 10 06:09 PM

good msgs

Posted by holyfamilyvolunteers February 10, 10 08:38 PM

Thank for showing good photos of indial cultur. There are no words to say for me after seeing this awesome, and wonderful photos. Keep doing.......

Posted by Ravish kumar February 10, 10 10:02 PM

excellent pictures. very good

Posted by Arjun Pakrashi February 10, 10 10:12 PM

Gyonyoru kepek!!! Great images! Awsome seens! With your photos you can give a real impression of reality! You should come to Hungary and capture our country from your point of view, so hungarians would start to look at their country from a different angle! Keep up the spirit, wish you all the best and strenght to your work!

Posted by Arnold February 10, 10 10:42 PM

Absolutely Amazing Pics

Posted by rahul February 10, 10 11:34 PM

Fantastic pics - unforgettable and rivetting! India is the best!

Posted by Suryanshu February 10, 10 11:57 PM

Beautifull & incredible India

Posted by Joy George February 11, 10 12:02 AM

g888 pics boss

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 10 12:36 AM

I just wished Awesome had some some more synonyms.
East Or West India Is best....

Posted by Aman February 11, 10 12:50 AM

awesome dude...

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 10 12:50 AM

awesome pictures. I like it.

Posted by vishal rathod February 11, 10 01:45 AM

Wonderful pictures .. .Truely describes india.

Posted by Manju Karthik February 11, 10 03:21 AM

thank you for leting me see a beautiful part of our planet.....i may never be so honored to see it for real,so your photography has enlarged my world...grate job

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 10 03:32 AM

Amazing Pics.... Which speaks about spiritual India ...

Posted by Chandra Shekhar Reddy Potula February 11, 10 04:05 AM

Mera Bharat Mahaan!

Posted by Geetha Narayanan February 11, 10 04:21 AM

Fantastic photographs!! Proud to be an Indian.

Posted by Pratap S February 11, 10 05:19 AM

Sarre Jahan se Acha Hindusatan hamara , Hum bulbule hain iske Ye gulistan hamara

Posted by Yogi February 11, 10 05:44 AM



Posted by JUSTIN JONES February 11, 10 06:09 AM

Photo #11: I wonder whether he is cleaning the bus. I think the driver is a ritual blessing his bus before his next trip. In Nepal this is common practise, though drivers focus on the tires there

Posted by Laurens Koster February 11, 10 06:15 AM

India - Country with big heart

Posted by Rakesh Suyal February 11, 10 06:17 AM


Posted by Suman Banerjee February 11, 10 07:06 AM

amazing! we need to see pictures like these to remind us what an amazing and colourful and beautiful country India is!!

Posted by Bhooma February 11, 10 07:30 AM

Mindblowing!.. India we Love it!! :)

Posted by Abhiram February 11, 10 07:41 AM

So beautiful ........... you made me shed a tear!!!!!!!!!

I am working away from the last 3 years ........ and these snaps just burst out the love for my country ... in that tear .....

I love the fact that we are not perfect ... this is just the way we are ....

Posted by Bijish February 11, 10 07:52 AM

what a wonderful country ....

Posted by hanafi February 11, 10 08:48 AM

Wonderful !!.. hats off to you ..

Posted by Pradnya February 11, 10 09:05 AM

thanks for the wonderfull capture moment

Posted by nizamzailan February 11, 10 09:13 AM

yeh mera India ,i love my India. MERA BHARATH MAHAN.

Posted by prasad February 11, 10 09:48 AM

Difficult to pick the best from this lot. What a fab collection dude

Posted by Naresh February 11, 10 10:15 AM

Incredible India indeed..

Posted by Madan Sosale February 11, 10 10:44 AM

omfg... awesome ;)

describing india in colors!!

Posted by patriot February 11, 10 10:45 AM

I want to be born again in this great country again and again and again

Posted by Janos February 11, 10 10:48 AM

I loved all the pictures.Trust Me I swear I have never seen such great pictures like these before in my life !! Awesome, Extraordinary, Wonderful...........

Posted by Shailesh February 11, 10 10:53 AM


thank you for sharing

Posted by jeeti February 11, 10 11:13 AM

The pictures are amazing because they show the reality albeit a bit too colorful. The reality of child labor, poverty, infrastructure failure in preparation for the commonwealth, tears in one's eyes as one prays and old people begging in our country.

I am proud to be an Indian, but its important we don't forget the issues facing the nation due to our patriotism.

Posted by MD February 11, 10 11:16 AM

ultimate work reflecctss true INDIA

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 10 11:18 AM

Lovely work!!
made me feel proud to be an Indian

Posted by Praphul February 11, 10 11:36 AM

amazing pics!! awesome compilation..
and some of the clicks seem to be extremely lucky or too patient ones. example, pic 4. the water in the pic is totally still in such a large setup. i tried a similar pic once and everytime some kid or the other would dip in his finger and create ripples.. :)

Posted by monish bakshi February 11, 10 12:02 PM

i feel very hurt when i see #26, i was in India in December 2009. yes i agree with all you people our country is great i love my matra bhoomi just like everyone else but when i see corruption to the max and no body cares for the country. IT HURTS!, i was in Haridwar and i saw very old mother selling flower basket at her age she should be resting, why are these politicians so blind and deaf that they cant see,i hope they are burned in hell they are the real reason our India it not doing well because they want to fill their pockets, they will be born as donkeys for sure.PLEASE FEEL FOR THE UNFORTUNATE AND DO SOME THING SO EVERY ONE CAN BE PROUD OF YOUR SERVICE. VANDE MATRAM, JAI HIND JAI MA!

Posted by M.M. February 11, 10 01:51 PM

My gr8 INDIA.....
Our gr8 INDIA....
proud 2 b an indian....

Posted by Poonam February 11, 10 02:28 PM

nodoubt and there is no doubt that our country is great.only one thing i donot understand why we should display our modern ammunations during republicday.we do experience a lot of problems from outsiders why than?otherwise india-my and our country is great.i wish all indians be proud of their country.

Posted by raman desai February 11, 10 02:33 PM


Posted by ankita February 11, 10 04:11 PM

wonderfull ! admirable !

Posted by Lizy February 11, 10 05:57 PM


Posted by Shikhar Mehta February 11, 10 06:36 PM


Posted by Anonymous February 11, 10 08:14 PM

The most amazing pics I have seen in a long long long time!

Posted by Raghuvendra Singh February 11, 10 08:26 PM

The spirit of India is captured in a Brilliant manner, Bharath Mahan.
Thanks for the show.

Posted by C.Krishna Prasad February 11, 10 09:35 PM

Yes I agree THESE pictures are beautiful. Unfortunately they are showing just the good side of India. I think the truth shall be told: there is a different India that the Indians do not want to mention. The extreme poverty, the pickpocket thieves, the “ride” with the trains, the inequity among people (the casts, untouchable), the smell on the streets, people shitting and pissing on the side of the street or everywhere, the corruption, the “no rule” traffic, the crooks etc. I have not visited India but I spoke with different people that visited it, few objective Indians, read articles and see “the other pictures”. Not good at all. When I was 14 I read a travel book and when the author, European, passing Bombay, early in the morning, got shock seen families (mother/father/kids) shitting on the side of the road one beside another…I don’t buy “this is the culture” thing. I can go on and on but I think this is enough. Come on guys we are in 21st Century….

Posted by Ovidiu February 11, 10 10:25 PM

Marching Steadily towards Super power and wishing therefore "Best of Luck."

Posted by Chander P. Bakshi February 11, 10 10:39 PM

Extremely wonderful photographs!

Posted by Syed February 11, 10 11:19 PM

Mother India, I worship thee.

Posted by Thiagu February 11, 10 11:28 PM

Really Amazing

Posted by VenkataKrishnan February 11, 10 11:38 PM

superb photos.

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 10 11:43 PM

These photographs tell a very sad story.

A story of a strongly divided and impoverished society that in some academic sense is probably expected of a post-colonial developing country.

The splits reflected in the photograph are along every possible line, the paradox of feeling happy about owning fearful bombers, the huge economic divide which has child labourers as well as Ford factories, an educational confusion where mysticism and myth seem not to be thwarted by scientific education and these pictures also tell the story of an India which has to solve the dual problems of being technologically so very impoverished and global warming.

These pictures also represent a deep identity crisis which India is yet to tackle like its serious problems with economic gap.

On a specific note I see particular reason to feel ashamed that our Government of India is turning a blind eye to the extensive use of child labourers who are being exploited in the construction projects associated to the Commonwealth games.

And paradoxically the Government will in near future boast of a "successfully" hosting of the games!

Posted by Anirbit February 11, 10 11:58 PM


Posted by raja stills February 12, 10 12:12 AM

Real glipms of India. Wonderfull

Posted by vivek February 12, 10 12:14 AM

Very very nice photo's... i love India

Posted by Ravi February 12, 10 12:33 AM

Superb Presentation.....!

Posted by Santhana Krishnan February 12, 10 12:38 AM

Great snapshots depecting mixed cultures of India.
Proud to be an Indian.

Posted by Rajesh February 12, 10 12:53 AM

Amazing Pictures and Compilations. Awesome!
It really shows colourful India in five minutes span.

Posted by Hasmukh Thacker February 12, 10 01:08 AM

Disturbed by Pic # 25,but all along wonderfull pictures because they are from INDIA, THE GREAT.

Posted by Anonymous February 12, 10 01:39 AM

#393 every country in this world has the other s**t side, of which one cant be proud of.. it is not only india.. but the WEST try to portray as though we have only the s**t side..which is not the case.. the WEST use our brain.. even i have spoken to many people who travelled around and say bad about those cities..

Posted by i1n1 February 12, 10 01:48 AM

Jai Hind !!!!
I you mother India!!

Posted by Aniruddha Palriwala February 12, 10 02:11 AM
409. are wonderful....

Posted by sivasankari February 12, 10 02:19 AM

Wow these are amazing photos. The camera man/woman had a good timing sense. They chose just the right exposure interval for every shot. The contrasting colors are indeed beautiful. The silhouettes should have been in bigger image size. esp the lotus temple coz the pixelation spread around the subject is spoiling the beauty of it.If the camera man/woman have some online published photos the links can be included in the description.

Posted by chandramouli February 12, 10 02:19 AM

god pics hain ...............


Posted by jitendra sahu February 12, 10 02:24 AM

Amazing images...
i liked all especially the 19th one -"'A Rajasthani nomad girl" - joy on face of that girl brings joys to our heart ...

Posted by Abhishek February 12, 10 02:24 AM

excellent photos! Thanks for sharing.

I love my country India

Posted by Naresh February 12, 10 02:25 AM

Awsome .............. It couldnt have been any better than this ...... Jai Hind

Posted by Aditya February 12, 10 02:41 AM

One of the best collection, I have seen.

Posted by Kewal Nayar February 12, 10 02:46 AM

its just awesome.. dont have words to describe how beautiful it is
thank you very much for sharing

Posted by Kumar Utsav February 12, 10 03:08 AM

Incredible shots! Thanks a ton Big Picture!

Posted by Devi Pillai February 12, 10 03:09 AM

hats off to INDIA and its glory !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Priyanka February 12, 10 03:39 AM

breathtaking photography.....

Posted by Anonymous February 12, 10 04:01 AM

Beautiful pictures :)
you've done a fabulous job!

Posted by Shivani February 12, 10 04:43 AM

What to say that is not said already.

Awesome work.

Posted by Travel Photography February 12, 10 04:51 AM




Posted by GM February 12, 10 05:27 AM

Awesome pics, India at glance :)

Makes we indians proud to be what we are !

Posted by Sheela February 12, 10 05:38 AM

wonderful photos; the beauty in the picture reflects the photographers beautiful mind :)

Posted by chandan February 12, 10 05:56 AM

Kinda marvelous snaps of true INDIA.
We salute the hard workmanship and the dedication.

Posted by Aditya AVHAD February 12, 10 06:06 AM

Inspite of all the Glory, we have to advance in eleminating poverty and child labour from our country.. We have to provide proper education to all..

Photos depicts that too..

Posted by Vishnu February 12, 10 06:20 AM

there are certainly more colors to india than depicted here..........all these @ some point seem shades of grey!

Posted by Anonymous February 12, 10 06:39 AM

Couldn't agree with Anirbit more. Really-our beautiful nation is indeed BEAUTIFUL. My nation, my life--as someone said above. I don't like to use the word country, preferring instead nation. Country is something geographic. Nation is moral, emotional, spiritual.

But our high growth rates tell a misleading story. The economic gap is too large. We are still an impoverished nation. Our cities are in chaos. Everywhere, there is virtually no government and hence, too many of us have no respect for any law-big or small. Too many of us live below the poverty line or are enormously deprived of the living standards to be expected in the second-fastest growing nation in the world.

Posted by VN Dalmia February 12, 10 07:06 AM

Truly Incredible!. Incredible India and I am proud to be an indian.

Posted by Anonymous February 12, 10 07:52 AM

Really awesome pictures of India...

Posted by Kamal February 12, 10 08:33 AM

epitome of photography..

Posted by Ashish February 12, 10 08:37 AM

This is madness!

Madness? This is India!!!

Posted by Crusader February 12, 10 09:00 AM

I am not able to find a word to explain the greatness of this photography!!! .. Its simply Awsome!!!!

Posted by Akhil February 12, 10 09:38 AM

Lovely pictures! Awesome job done! Congratulations!

Posted by Shailaja February 12, 10 10:13 AM

Mera Bharat Mahaan

Posted by Vimala Subramanian February 12, 10 11:11 AM

Excellant, colorful and beautiful pictures. Dipicts true images of real India with whole lot of diversity.
Be proud to say "Sare Jehan se achchha Hindosta hamara"

Posted by Aniruddh D Kapaley February 12, 10 12:07 PM

These photos superbly capture the many many sides of India. Just when you think you've finally got India figured out, it surprises, shocks, and amazes you. Leaves you in awe. Great work, BP! :)

Posted by Lyla February 12, 10 12:29 PM

Very nice and very colorfull India. But it is really to bad that the government accepts child prostitution... these children are from 6, 7 years old even maybe younger!! Do something about this sick abuse!!!! SHAME ON YOU INDIA!!!

Posted by Ronald Rietbroek February 12, 10 12:31 PM

"colors of india ..."
beautiful pics ..cutting edge of photography ..

Posted by chandan February 12, 10 12:32 PM

All the colors of life are shown here....
which reminds us , that LIFE IS BEUTIFUL..n it is here in india...!!!!

Posted by Mayuri February 12, 10 01:04 PM


Posted by Barun February 12, 10 01:12 PM

Child prostitution or child labor??? do you even know what you are talking about...i tell you some people just dont have a clue and dont know how to enjoy a beautifully strung together group of images.

Posted by Sidhartha Rao February 12, 10 01:12 PM

Stunningly beautiful work,
A good opportunity to practice the meditation
"I am they, they are me, we are one."

Posted by Donnee February 12, 10 02:06 PM

Awesome.....simply amazing stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Abhijit February 12, 10 04:05 PM

Why is work Children in Indian
This goes against the rights of the Child, which is violated?
The rest of the photos are great.

Posted by Eduardo February 12, 10 04:40 PM

@comment 393 - well whn ur born in a country with a billion ppl... a lot o them get the short end of the stick .... india is a country which realises this and moves on... rather than remain stuck deliberating over wat we dont have against wat we reeely do... and tht includes our culture amongst many other things... y dont u visit india once and help an ngo install public toilets..... instead of cribbing sittin at home sipping tea...

Posted by ANxE February 12, 10 04:44 PM

Fab pics. Simply loved them all. Hats off to the photographers! Cheers!

Posted by Rishikesh M. Mandavkar February 12, 10 10:22 PM

For 446 & 407 from 393: from my message the only thing you've got, is the lack of washrooms, what about the other stuff that I mentioned…You are saying this is due to a 1 billion people population. Why you don’t use the energy of this population to build water and electricity networks, sewage system, roads etc.?
To 407: Yeah a lot of you are working in West but lets not forget among 1 billion people it is nothing amazing to have 0.5-1 million skilled people working in west.
You see, I was trying to tell you about the other half of the glass: the empty one. In the end if you want to delude yourself and hide the dirt under the rug: your choice. But this will change nothing. The country I am sure is beautiful and has a lot of good things: it is the system that I am talking. I do not have anything against India or people from India. I have had few buddies and I’ve always got along.
One more thing: how come everybody praised India and the world is full of Indians that left their country? If the system/country is so wonderful why you chose to leave to some other, “ugly place” QED.

Posted by ovidiu February 12, 10 10:53 PM

Marching steadily and affectionately towards "Super power" and therefore "Best of Luck."

Posted by ChanderP.Bakshi February 12, 10 11:36 PM

good ...amazing post good work

Posted by KISHORE POTNURU February 12, 10 11:57 PM


Posted by ANGELICA February 13, 10 12:54 AM

seing these fotos at this moment, ijust want to say

Posted by kpshibin February 13, 10 02:12 AM

awesome pics ...!!! Incredible India and I am proud to be an indian.

Posted by LK February 13, 10 05:50 AM

I think the entire world is beautiful ... it's not about India or Pakistan, East or West. Essentially, as somebody said, beauty lies in the eyes!!

I also agree this world has black, white & grey elements. We all have to own some bit of black (the ugly) & grey (the bad) things and relies the white ones (great things).

Finally, through these pictures, one thing is clear - the photographer has an amazing eye for things, which we otherwise see as "Daily Routines". Would love to meet this person and learn few tricks ;-)

Posted by Vijay Srikonda February 13, 10 07:13 AM

no words to comments

Posted by Sudhanshu Gupta February 13, 10 09:12 AM

proud to be Indian. yes, we still have to much do much more. few are still concerned about the early morning railway line open air defecation.
it can take away the giant strides India has made in the recent past.
we should make sure that the urban wealth moves to rural areas.

Posted by a.n.prakash February 13, 10 10:11 AM

Dese are sum wonderful pitures of True India...awsome work by the photographer....I am proud to be an Indian. :)

Posted by Shivangi February 13, 10 11:55 AM

wow...too land of colors!!!

Posted by Abhijeet February 13, 10 12:58 PM

just i m an indian...................its enuf for me

Posted by manish February 13, 10 01:23 PM

beautiful pictures.......

Posted by swetha February 13, 10 01:37 PM

It's great to look at the high resolution photographs that portray both the positive and negative aspects of life in India.

I read comments from people who seem to be so obsessed with finding only the bad things about India, that they have a long list of "negatives", and not a single "positive" to mention. They never visited India, but still appear to prove their point even by going back to I don't know how many decades, pointing to the alleged observation by some european author of an entire Indian family shitting together on the side of the road.

I would urge upon others to ignore such seemingly biased comments, and live with the truth that you know.

Posted by Anonymous February 13, 10 01:48 PM

Wav....Excellent photos.....

Posted by sathya February 13, 10 02:00 PM

Awesome pictures! i feel a sense of pride of being an Indian when i see these pictures. Jai Hind!
@ all the photograpgers : Guys you just rock!Please continue the good work

Posted by Soumya February 13, 10 03:15 PM

Photos are beautiful,accepting reality is painful

Posted by Murthy K February 13, 10 07:10 PM


Posted by ROHIT KATRELA February 13, 10 11:06 PM

This is India and this is what i love.

Posted by arvind February 14, 10 12:43 AM

Great photos, I love India
and a big thumbs up to Sahas!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Satish February 14, 10 12:49 AM

Mera Bharat Mahan... :)

Posted by Chintan Turakhia February 14, 10 02:07 AM

wow. i love my india

Posted by kamalini javeri February 14, 10 02:44 AM

If only you could include the incredible smells....

Posted by Anonymous February 14, 10 03:38 AM

Saare Jahan se achcha, Hindustan hamara!

Posted by Ahmer Khan February 14, 10 03:46 AM

wow... its wonderful

Posted by sarita February 14, 10 06:07 AM

Jai Hind !!
colorful india !!

Posted by mandar February 14, 10 06:17 AM

Very nice photos of pains taking efforts.Well done

Posted by V.Subramanian February 14, 10 09:42 AM

all awesome pix, India a land of perfection........

Posted by Rishabh February 14, 10 10:31 AM


Posted by ABRACADABRA February 14, 10 11:31 AM

Awsom Photography....... Jai Hind

Posted by Abdul Ershad February 14, 10 11:35 AM


Posted by JCI.SENETOR. V. SENTHIL February 14, 10 12:49 PM

#393 and 448 - Ovidiu your ignorance is contemptible beyond words. How can you judge a country sight unseen? Just going on second hand information - much of it possibly biased? India isn't easy to "understand" but it has to be experienced first hand before you shoot your mouth off in smug condemnation. It is bewildering - a country of amazing diversity and contradictions. There is cruelty and beauty side by side. Poverty and injustice isn't unique to the Indian subcontinent - it is, unfortunately, part of life in many countries. However, in India, you have to look below the surface rather than making snap judgments (pun intended!). Yes, Indians go abroad to work and to study, but make no mistake...they will never forsake or forget their cherished heritage. These photographs are a monumental tribute to India's people, from many differing walks of life. I salute the photographers!

Posted by gmd February 14, 10 08:55 PM

JAI Hooooooo !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Surendra February 14, 10 09:20 PM

Suchit, your photography is truly incredible! you bring out fascinating aspects of what are mundane situations. I have seen your photography go from strength to strength over the years.

Posted by Salman Azhar Ansari February 14, 10 09:34 PM

awesome :) definitely going to pic one of them for my next painting..

Posted by suman February 14, 10 10:48 PM

The pictures reflect the social status, cultural heritage, health, sanitation, infrastructe, political and economic status of India in a real way. Eventhough millions of people live in poverty, it is hard to say that the fashion shows are taking place in a big way.

Posted by Guna February 14, 10 11:31 PM

Exelentes fotografias me han llevado de la mano hasta la misma India
felicidades y gracias por darnos la oportunidad de disfrutar de su trabaj.
MVZ Javier Monroy

Guadalajara Mexico

Posted by Javier Monroy February 14, 10 11:38 PM

Excellent collections and excellent photography.
ColorFul India :- "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara To Sur Bane Hamara"
-Nirav Patel

Posted by Nirav Patel February 15, 10 12:19 AM

Too good

Posted by Ranjith February 15, 10 12:37 AM

Most beautiful pictures I have ever seen about Our India.I wish the Photographer all the best and for this job.

Posted by ramesh bahl February 15, 10 12:40 AM

A Land of a Billion Problems???
Nah......A Land pf Billion Hopes!

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

Posted by Amit February 15, 10 01:44 AM

Really.... Fantastic.......!!!!!!!

Posted by Arjun February 15, 10 02:09 AM

India rocks!

Ye mere India, I love my India!

Posted by darshan February 15, 10 07:11 AM

India is unique.....

Posted by shridhar February 15, 10 08:06 AM

Speechless..Just two words "Incredible India"

Posted by Indian February 15, 10 08:19 AM

excellent..great work..

Posted by Swamy February 15, 10 08:36 AM


Posted by MAD DAVE February 15, 10 10:42 AM

Lovely pics ....awsome pictography

Posted by Rahul February 15, 10 10:58 AM

These pictures are wonderful...vibrant colors!

About what Angelica said, it is only mostly Indians in the west that have an identity crisis, which is at the most 2-3 million in a land of 1200 million, go figure.

Sometimes when in the cities in India, I do agree that we are blinding following the west, but we will learn our lessons and come full circle. Till then, lets enjoy...why analyze?

Posted by Rupen Rao February 15, 10 01:44 PM

Amazing photography !!
Excellent Camera work at the right time. Precisely...

Posted by Keshav Kedari February 15, 10 06:11 PM

Desh Mera Hai Rangeen..!! :)
Awesome photography!!
Jai Hind!!

Posted by Soujanya February 15, 10 09:23 PM


Posted by Madhu Kyatham February 15, 10 09:30 PM

Great.... No.4 Relay india has endless clour.

Posted by Sanjay Patil February 16, 10 02:03 AM

Ovidiu dear, you bumped into a community of Indians-loving-mother-India, and you should respect their faith, their adoration. You certainly would be subjective, blinded by pictures not-so-politically-correct concerning your country, whichever that could be.
But other than that and with all due respect to Indians, yoga lovers and travellers addicted to that unique reality that captured not only their heart but also their mind, I think Ovidiu is right: seeing life through pink glasses doesn’t make the black go away.
To 479 [gmd]: One doesn’t need to go to hell to know it’s not good. Why do you accept the likeliness of photography, an art so easy to become selective and biased, and not the realism of a documentary?

Posted by S Lektiv February 16, 10 02:33 AM

There is a song in telugu ....

"naa janma bhoomi entho andamaina deshamu..." [my motherland is such a beautiful place]

truly ... this captures the beauty of India ....a true summary of

"Unity in diversity"...... nice pics , nice work...

PS : I wish Zoom channel had done something as good as this , instead of "Movie stars parade" sur mera tumhara.

Posted by Pa1 February 16, 10 02:44 AM

yaar..............u showed the hidden things.................the actual india...heads off to u!

Posted by sagar February 16, 10 04:28 AM

These photos are about composition and depict life ...enjoy the show!

Posted by sridevi February 16, 10 04:30 AM

Incredible India and I am proud to be an INDIAN.

Posted by RAVI PATEL February 16, 10 05:29 AM

Well taken pictures. Each one tells you a wonderful story.

Posted by Elizabeth Mathew February 16, 10 05:50 AM

i really feel proud that our india has such beutiful culture .............


Posted by DHARMESH SAVLA February 16, 10 06:16 AM

Mr #393;
Its not a usual sight in India to see all the family members sh*tting at the same place. You are talking about an exceptional case.If you haven't travelled to India , I will advise you to do it first. bcoz: On this planet,If you were born in India, you really won't miss anything.but if you were born elsewhere you would really miss India.

Posted by Ganesh February 16, 10 06:17 AM

Beautiful !!!

Posted by Monish Salhotra February 16, 10 07:00 AM

Vibrant Pictures!!
Right shots at right Time!!

Posted by Dr.Jacob Abraham February 16, 10 07:04 AM

@ 438, every country has its own pros and cons , may be ur country is far far more backward in this sense which u triggerred here,
before shaming on India..look into ur country
we got independence before 60 years and see where are we now...dont u think thi is incredible...

Posted by Rohit February 16, 10 07:15 AM

simply beutiful...d vibrance in d pics is amazing...hats off 2 our country and d photographers who clicked these images!!!!

Posted by suyash kamat February 16, 10 07:34 AM

Amaizing and wonderful pics......Good collections

Posted by Andrew Varghese February 16, 10 10:21 AM

Amazing i'll remember these pics for a long time. JAI HO!

Posted by Abul February 16, 10 10:40 AM

awesome.......great work....

Posted by shubhankar kundaikar February 16, 10 11:37 AM

India is always awesome

Posted by kanchan February 16, 10 11:56 AM

amazing shots....awesome work....

Posted by shripal February 16, 10 12:56 PM


Posted by Mitali February 16, 10 01:00 PM

Just beautiful...

Posted by Yugal Aggarwal February 16, 10 01:07 PM

Awesome Photography!!

Posted by Gopal Raju February 16, 10 02:06 PM

First of all great Photos. I would like to learn quite a lot from this work. Really grabbed those colors. The photos look so rich!!
I have seen a lot of ppl say some things abt poverty, child labor and stuff in India. But the truth is that none of them really cares abt the Country or whr it will end up or abt those children in the pictures.
Like any other Country India is also having its own problems. But its not like we can undo these in one day. Poverty, child labor, illiteracy etc are social problems that will take a lot of time to recover from. It is not like we are not doing anything. There are several activists in India who are working to remove these problems. Now I can go on saying that it is not just India which have this problem but I wont because saying that will not remove the fact that these social issues do exist but more importantly we have realized and accepted this and are willing to fight against them.
This does not mean that I and several other Indians like me does not realize our patriotism to our nation. We love our Country!!!. We know that it is not perfect but it is our Country and we will work hard to make it better.!!

Posted by Chalee February 16, 10 10:19 PM

Iam Proud to be an Indian

Posted by Sridivya February 16, 10 10:54 PM

really amazing...i feel proud to be an indian

Posted by Priyanka(Nellore,India) February 16, 10 11:27 PM

great wtrk
kip it up

Posted by prateek February 17, 10 01:37 AM

Never seen such a beautiful collection on images of India .. very great work ..

Mere Desh jaisa Aaalaa Koi Desh nahin ,

Aisi Sau-Sau Rituon wala Koi Desh nahin !!

Posted by Sulabh February 17, 10 06:29 AM

Wonderful photographs.

Posted by Madhukant February 17, 10 09:08 AM

bholo bharat matha ki,Jai

Posted by Rakesh February 17, 10 09:16 AM

The photographs are techincally excellent. A visual feast.
Yet. not many are stirring poems that will pierce the heart.
I have been proud of my country even before seeing this gallery .

Posted by Dattatraya R. Pendse. February 17, 10 09:40 AM

Awesome photography!!!!!!! Mer Bharat Mahaan...

Posted by PHANI ITHARAJ February 17, 10 09:44 AM

the colors of our very own India!
yet some scenes are spectacular and rare!

Posted by Deepak Khurana February 17, 10 10:29 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 17, 10 12:39 PM

Fabulous and beautiful pictures.. I love India.!

Posted by shar February 17, 10 01:32 PM

Beautiful pictures.. I was elated to see all those beautiful pictures and then the reality stuck when I saw those little kids working at a construction site. When kids their age, busy eating happy meals in McDonalds here in US, they are busy doing their work. I am lost in words. such is the irony of the society. Rich have all the comforts in life and poor are left to fend for themselves. They send their kids to make money.
Cambridge, MA

Posted by Sarav Chithambaram February 17, 10 04:07 PM

wow incredible i feel so bad for the little children in India that are working.

Posted by monnni February 17, 10 06:42 PM

I Love India....Mera Bharat Mahaan.
India rocks!!!!!

Posted by Gunjan February 17, 10 10:55 PM


Posted by Anonymous February 18, 10 12:34 AM

Simply awesome
No words to comment! !! !!!

Posted by Pashya February 18, 10 12:43 AM

Fantastic pics! Loved each and every one of them. I think this collection truly captures the essence of contemporary India - seeped in thousands of years of tradition & culture but looking towards the future with hope and energy.

To those who criticized, India is nothing if not full of contradictions. That's what makes it incredibly vibrant and exciting.

We like our curry spicy, yo!

Posted by NRI: (N)ever_too_late_to_(R)eturn_to_(I)ndia February 18, 10 12:49 AM

Really Great pics of India

Posted by Sanil Kumar K February 18, 10 01:03 AM

Picture #13: Marijuana, really?
Picture #17: Religious trance?

Posted by Anonymous February 18, 10 01:20 AM

Truly colorful and incredible india

Posted by Sheetal Chavan February 18, 10 01:29 AM

simply beautiful.....

Posted by Anonymous February 18, 10 01:39 AM

i am stupefied ..... this is the best set of pictures on india i have ever seen :) thanks for contributing

Posted by Kiran February 18, 10 03:05 AM

HIndustan Jindabaad :P

Posted by Vijay February 18, 10 04:21 AM

I guess these pictures are from multiple photgraphers who have captured fantastic routine moments in daily life. Yes India is diverse and we have both ends of the scale living in unity. I am an Indian who travels a lot across the globe and always eager to get back home. Some of the comments from different nationalities seem valid...As someone said you need to travel to India to feel it. Not just rely on movies, guides to form a perspective. These pictures capture the negative aspect if you can call it (children working) and some modern fashion show - Reflects that both these aspects live hand in hand in this vast country.
Why dont you just enjoy the pictures and not get colored with what is shown...
Very soon we will be country to watch with some much of economic progress !!

Posted by Thomas February 18, 10 04:59 AM

Uaw AMAZING!!! I just arrived in Spain after one year in India, and I was totally conmoved to see this beatiful pictures of this beautiful country!! THANK YOU very much

Posted by ALbA February 18, 10 05:58 AM

My urge is PLEASE dont dont dont post the pictures of beggars, children are working, slum and all. B'se ppl from west have already did that and now thats the face of INDIA to outside world. Photographs are AMAIZING no doubt. But please keep this in mind. Anyway whoever whatever says "Indians Loves INDIA" and thats external certificate is required

Posted by Jayashree February 18, 10 06:46 AM

They are out of this world..Wish I could click pics like those...

Posted by Ashish Tyagi February 18, 10 06:48 AM

In photo Sr. No. 39# the man is not sitting on the pile of flowers but he is on wooden stool or something.
flowers r used by hindus in many rituals, they should be treated respectfully.
All the Pics are awesome enjoyed all of them .
And yeah " I

Posted by ZaY February 18, 10 10:24 AM

Amazing photos, I was in Dharamsala when Dalai Lama these days that he was.

Posted by Arturo Kast February 18, 10 11:08 AM

very beautiful and some are sad

Posted by nelly February 18, 10 10:27 PM

Realy a nice collection.....

Posted by sugandha February 19, 10 12:00 AM

An excellent depiction of various facets of my beautiful India.

Posted by shonila chander February 19, 10 12:49 AM

gud work ..

Posted by tutul nesar February 19, 10 01:01 AM


Posted by PRASHANT AWASTHI February 19, 10 01:38 AM

Most beautiful pictures, a perfect reflection of India and its diversity. Who would not want to visit India after seeing these? Thanks for sharing these images They make me feel so good; I see them over and over again.

Posted by John Newton February 19, 10 03:33 AM

Whom to praise : To the PHOTOGRAPHER or INDIA ..

Let me praise both ... Photography is excellent and India is colourful here..

Now to people ... Don't be emotional about india here , Photographer has tried to show good about INDIA in a colour way to motivate us ..And this thing all we know . We means INDIANS.

It would have been an eye opener ...may be for some ..If photographer has shown the BAD THINGS of india. Like ....(Oh thinking what to keep first...) .

Posted by INDIAN February 19, 10 03:59 AM

Good images... but still waiting when global news people's ... will click the industrial development of India...and show the buildings of MNC's in Indian land...the amount of IT / Software support India is providing to the world ...On of biggest Mobile market...& the Enthusiastic Indians who have proved themselves all around the Globe despite of all the adversities they have faced...... i m still waiting...!!!

Posted by TUSHAR SHARMA February 19, 10 05:28 AM

Unity in diversity..

Posted by Jyothsna February 19, 10 06:26 AM

Realy Amazing photos

Posted by sazid hossain February 19, 10 06:29 AM

Great... Heads off to Photographer...

Different culture @ one place – India… These pictures enough to prove this statement.

Posted by Nirmal Babu February 19, 10 07:28 AM

There could be no country with such amazing variety and richness.
Nice photography as well.

Posted by manas modi February 19, 10 10:28 AM

Jaihooooo,india.Really great photos.Iam proud to be an indian.

Posted by a.gangaram February 19, 10 01:21 PM

Good Photography

Posted by GT Kumar February 19, 10 06:47 PM

superb photography and JAI HIND

Posted by andre February 20, 10 12:47 AM

i love my india..... i am proud to be an indian.... photos are awesome

Posted by jayasree (tirupathi) February 20, 10 04:07 AM

Brilliant--Love Our BHARAT.....................

Posted by Anonymous February 20, 10 06:43 AM

wonderfull photography.

Posted by shweta February 20, 10 12:02 PM

Great Pictures! Great Job! Great Spirit!

Posted by Mahendra Mehta February 20, 10 05:26 PM

beautiful photos keep it up. i cried because i settled in usa but still i am very much happy after watching all photos. may god bless all.

Posted by muralikrishna srinivasachary February 20, 10 08:48 PM

Our beloved Mother India!
Thank you! They made me homesick.

Posted by Rebecca February 20, 10 10:46 PM

Real pictures... India is Natural...!

Posted by Adil February 21, 10 03:43 AM

Superb inits beauty!!

Posted by Dhun Jahina February 21, 10 06:05 AM

wonderful photos. this is india. nobody can beat indian culture. congratulate the hands behind this.

Posted by sujan m kakkanatt February 21, 10 07:37 AM

proud to be an indian

Posted by madan February 21, 10 08:20 AM

awesome indeed!!!!!

Posted by Rohit Agrawal February 21, 10 08:34 AM

awesome photography thanks for sharing

Posted by rupam February 21, 10 10:22 AM

Except for 1-8, 15 and 26, which I liked very much, there's no big deal about other pictures. Pic. no 22 is only picturised just for clicking a photo, it is not at all a photo dipicting reality; And when was the photo in Pic. 38 constructed in Chandigarh? At least I havent seen or heard about this one.
I am an Indian residing in Delhi, India and this is just my view.

Posted by Kusum February 21, 10 11:22 AM

India is best.....and it is proved by your fabulous job...
awesome pictures.....

Posted by Judhajit February 21, 10 11:40 AM

I LOVE MY INDIA....................... I Love Your Incrediable Eye Tooooooooooooooooooo....

Posted by Ramprasad February 21, 10 11:51 PM

amazing India.........!!!

Posted by arvind February 22, 10 01:11 AM

glad to see the pics.............

Posted by james February 22, 10 05:20 AM

Incredible India. Excellent collection of pictures.

Posted by Omprakash February 22, 10 07:56 AM

great very proud to be indian

Posted by dilip patel February 22, 10 07:56 AM

Bahut Mast , wonderful............

Jai Hind....

Posted by santosh February 22, 10 08:23 AM

As imagens são lindas !!!
Retratam realmente as grandes diferenças na India !!!

Posted by herbert February 22, 10 09:54 AM

gr8 job.....

Posted by Shailendra February 22, 10 10:29 AM

awesome india...wonderfully supurb Alan

Posted by Prasad February 22, 10 11:28 AM

jaw dropping photographs .. beautiful ..

Posted by keeny February 22, 10 12:47 PM

Amazing India

Posted by Bharath srikanth Jami February 22, 10 03:21 PM

Great Pictures ever seen!

Posted by Garimela Srinivasu February 22, 10 07:15 PM

Wonderful way to put acroos the different shades of our country !!!! We do have problems, but thats what makes our country great, India great !!!! Long last the words "Mera Bharat Mahaan" :)

Posted by abhishek prabhu February 22, 10 07:27 PM

Simply amazing pictures !!!

Posted by J. M. S. February 22, 10 09:42 PM

Photograph 13 is captioned incorrectly. The correct term is "Naga" sadhu, naga being an old Sanskrit term roughly translated as "aboriginal". Naga sadhus do tend to be naked, but that is not what the name refers to.

Posted by Abhishek Kumar February 22, 10 10:20 PM

Awesome scenes ....Great collections of images

Posted by Raj February 23, 10 12:01 AM

Excellent work guys.......
Keep going :-)

Posted by Sushant Parab February 23, 10 01:03 AM

Great Pics... especially the one with the Rajastani girl reacting to the camera. perfect capture of the moment.

Posted by Ajay Kumar February 23, 10 03:09 AM



Posted by Vikrant Patil February 23, 10 03:40 AM

This is jus fantabolous.. There is no other country like INDIA.. Thanks @archanakavi to send me this link.

Posted by Abhilash R February 23, 10 03:49 AM

Great pictures...
No doubts INDIA is great.....

Posted by Gaurang Damley February 23, 10 03:57 AM

Mera Bharat Mahan

Posted by Ajay Mehta February 23, 10 04:39 AM

Excellent pics with awesome scenes. Showing different sides and shades of India !

Posted by Raj February 23, 10 04:43 AM

A truly magnificent compilation!!!...never thought of it before but after seeing the images I realised "I AM A CITIZEN of INCREDIBLE INDIA"...thanks

Posted by Ramaswamy R February 23, 10 07:59 AM

Awesome Work! Way to go.. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Ajay Sathe February 23, 10 08:58 AM

Perfect Pics....with high resolution.....Proud to be an Indian

Posted by Jai February 23, 10 09:19 AM

awesome............jaya ho

Posted by joel February 23, 10 09:24 AM


It's time for you to see the POSITIVE side of India (and everything). Just because something/someone has negative side, doesn't mean it doesn't have positive side at all. It's like a coin. Has to be two sides. But when you are enjoying POSITIVE/RIGHT side of anything, why should you worry about negative side? Sure, we need to fix that side too...but that should be treated as a different issue. Any way, I enjoyed the pictures greatly. I hope you did too and everyone else, who has gone through this presentation. with our or without leaving any

Posted by Amit February 23, 10 10:34 AM


Posted by RAMPRAKASH February 23, 10 10:35 AM

thts ma mother nation...Am proud to be an ya ma mother

Posted by robin February 23, 10 12:22 PM

Its my country and its absolutely stunning to see the hues and colors of it. though certain pictures makes us uneasy, still we are growing and moving on.

Posted by Raj February 23, 10 12:38 PM

mesmerizing pics.... once again reminded me of my place...

Posted by Ashi February 23, 10 03:59 PM

Truly, Incredible India!

Posted by Joan February 23, 10 08:10 PM

Excellent work of photography - Truly amazing INDIA pictures.

Posted by Lokesh C. Rastogi February 23, 10 08:27 PM

except for the cadet looking thru the cannon barrel, which I thought was no big deal, i really liked the rest of the pics.

Posted by aditya sanyal February 23, 10 10:04 PM

proud to be an indian

Posted by chandu sai February 23, 10 10:50 PM

Bharat Mata ki jai ......... there is no place on this Earth Planet where there is not a problem, Look at the bright side. INDIA is best. well done.
Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures.

Posted by Sushma Burman February 23, 10 11:28 PM

Quality and variety of photos is very good and absorbing and deserves all praise.

Posted by mc rastogi February 23, 10 11:45 PM

Very beautiful!!! nice collection and photography!!!

Posted by Minakshi Korad February 24, 10 12:12 AM

very nice pics :)

Posted by kee February 24, 10 12:14 AM

Amazing pictures!!! Proud to be an INDIAN :)

Posted by Akila February 24, 10 12:57 AM

I loved all of these.... wonderful photos.... seemed like clicked by heart!!!

Posted by Shudhha February 24, 10 01:13 AM


Posted by Rachana February 24, 10 01:33 AM

Undoubtedly, an amazing piece of work by the photographer..capturing the true colors of India..

Posted by Nikhil Jain February 24, 10 01:40 AM

India is the best.
I am proud to be an Indian.
Save Tigers they are our national animals.
Save Tree,Save Electricity.
Saving is equal to producing if we can't creat or produce things at least we can save them by using them wisely.
I love my motherland India

Posted by Nidhi February 24, 10 02:05 AM

many people commented on the picture of kids at construction site.
normally in India kids of that age are not engaged to do the work , kids accompany the parents and play with construction material and impliments.. this is not to justify but to clarify

Posted by Dr P S Reddy February 24, 10 02:10 AM

its amazing

Posted by TULASI February 24, 10 02:22 AM

Amazing pictures !! Such a good collection of Indian Tradition.

Posted by Gaurang Kashela February 24, 10 03:10 AM

i liked the naked sadhu smeared in ashes smoking marijuana, no:13!!!!! my congrats to bikas das

Posted by Ambily Nair February 24, 10 03:16 AM


Posted by Ganesh February 24, 10 03:57 AM

Maam thuje salaam....!!

Posted by rajeesh February 24, 10 04:28 AM

Just not colourful but shows different aspects of Indian Life.. Truely Remarkable ..Keep them Coming .

Posted by Nowitzki February 24, 10 05:36 AM

really amazing pics..:)

Posted by Reshu February 24, 10 11:54 AM

beautiful pics..Really showing Indian sprit n themes
Must be appreciated.

Posted by atul Kaumr Singh February 24, 10 12:18 PM

You have to smell it to truly experience it. These close-shots seen through the eyes of excellent photographers are truly beautiful, but there is a lot more to India that a camera lens cannot capture.

Posted by Josh February 24, 10 01:08 PM

India at its best...See it to experience a delightful sight of India.
Jai Hind.

Posted by Srini February 25, 10 01:00 AM

Absolutely amazing pictures captured by the Photographer/s. True to life. It happens ONLY in India.

Posted by Vijay Teki February 25, 10 02:36 AM

Absolutely amazing..

Posted by Siddhant Agrawal February 25, 10 08:33 AM

Awesome Pics

Posted by Saumya Gupta February 25, 10 09:17 AM

Amazing……………….. Beautiful

Posted by Raju.V February 25, 10 09:48 AM

Truly artistic... a picture in worth a thousand words and 50 are worth ....._________

Posted by Atul February 25, 10 12:04 PM

(yeah I know it seems I'm yelling but I AM!) Because amazing photographs!


Posted by Carole February 25, 10 05:11 PM

Beautiful pictures of colorful India

Posted by Vibhu Rastogi February 25, 10 08:43 PM

India - a high resolution image with crores of colors with little bit noise.

Posted by Siva Venkadesan February 25, 10 09:55 PM

I am proud of my such colorfull and diverse country.Hats off to our so talented photographers for the awesome pics. Jai Hind.

Posted by kiran gupta February 26, 10 02:15 AM

this is truly awesome................India is great and Indians r great forever.......
jai hind.

Posted by Chaitra February 26, 10 06:48 AM

Incredible India... Ahaa !!!

Posted by Pratik February 26, 10 07:48 AM

wow!!!!!!!!!!! india s alwys great............. n 4evr.......... all Indians r alwys greatful 4 d mothrland............. jai hind............

Posted by namratha February 26, 10 10:19 AM

wow...splendid clicks!!!! Depicting the diverse hues of our country - all the photographers have been successful in capturing a facet of India, and when all these are put together, the viewer can feel the SOUL of INDIA -throbbing, pulsing, heaving, celebrating and emoting ...

Posted by Chandana N C February 26, 10 10:39 AM

Awesome......i loved every click keep up the good work and look'n forward to see more of them.

Jai Ho the right word for these set of picx as Ms. Chandana says :)

Posted by Pravitha Balasubramaniyan February 26, 10 04:18 PM

Is it that the pageant and the poor only matter in India !!! ??

Having said that, one must appreciate the awesome photographs.

Indeed, superb.

Posted by suryanarayanan February 26, 10 10:29 PM

Have showed Incredible nation. Kudos for all of u.

Posted by Anil Raj February 26, 10 11:23 PM

Awesome snaps of our great nation.

Posted by Jibin Surendran February 27, 10 01:32 AM

Exotic India!

Posted by Alex February 27, 10 03:38 AM

Simply Amazing!!!

Posted by Niranjan February 27, 10 06:36 AM

Thanks not only to the photographer and INDIA, my sincere thanks to the person who has collated such a magnificient collection!

Posted by D K Arora February 27, 10 09:59 AM

Great photography of a Great Culture !!!

Posted by Bharat Bhatt February 27, 10 11:21 AM

really ......... awesome ..............

Posted by Abdul Hye February 27, 10 02:23 PM

Stunning.. !
I never saw anything else that portrays both sides of India.. This gallery got both the cultural, Industrial as well as natural aspects of the real India.

Usually visual media cover only the under developed or the slums of India which makes other think that the whole India is like this- even the movie/documentaries.. They never clicks the posh/developing/industrial face of India always misses one side of the story.

Posted by Ben Jacob February 28, 10 07:28 AM

How can I add photos to this site? I have some really good photos from my recent visit to India...

This is great photography btw!

Posted by Kareem February 28, 10 08:09 AM

very beautiful fotos.hats off make us very proud and attached to our motherland.

Posted by thiru selvam s February 28, 10 08:55 AM

Truly amazing shots! Great Job!

Posted by Hanna February 28, 10 09:50 AM

INDIA is so eartly
so heavnly2..............!

Posted by Anonymous February 28, 10 10:03 AM

just amazing!!

Posted by shantesh gogi February 28, 10 10:46 AM

me siento muy dolida con lo que esta desgracia en nuestro pais ha dejado pero es aberrante como gente de mala clase DELINCUENTES "saquea" supermercados de Concepcion y tambien de otras ciudades.

Chilenos me dan verguenza,
Chilenos a la compostura y dignidad que creo que ya no les queda

Posted by TITI February 28, 10 10:51 AM

excellent photos

Posted by Rasith February 28, 10 12:33 PM

love my india
proud to be indian
the most colorful country of world
jai hind jai bharat

Posted by Anonymous February 28, 10 02:23 PM

I love india too but capture a glimps of Maldives

Posted by trus February 28, 10 07:37 PM

verygreat phtography made us very happy for seeing it. But still there are many luxurious houses of mysore maharajas, nizam nawabs, etc. and along with poor people's thached houses, where most luxury and most povery both can be seen in Inda. Thank you very much for the excellent photos.

Posted by D.V.S.Prakasha Rao. February 28, 10 10:34 PM

we are proud being Indian

Posted by ashok mohapatra March 1, 10 12:07 AM

Excellent, discovering meaning on each snap, Great India and Indians

Posted by Vineeth N March 1, 10 12:45 AM

Proud to be a Indian !!!

Posted by Virender Kumar March 1, 10 05:38 AM

awesome pics keep it up

Posted by George March 1, 10 06:24 AM

Thank God I born in this beautiful country!!

Posted by Pallavi March 1, 10 06:34 AM

Proud to be a Indian :)

Posted by Hema March 1, 10 09:35 AM

awesome pictures...proud to b a Indian..real face of India....

Posted by achu March 1, 10 12:31 PM

Good Pictures............

Posted by madhan March 1, 10 01:00 PM

If people are discussing about India's child laborers and beggars then I think we should know what those child labors and beggars thinks about themselves. If they are happy with their lives that's fine, money and luxury don't bring happiness but your inner satisfaction. I may feel happy earning $500 per day but I know some people who are happier than me earning less than $1 in India. Sadhus (Hindu holy men) left everything in search of self realization. I feel Indians being religious in nature believe in these things.

Posted by MAX March 1, 10 09:45 PM

Proud to be an indian .... jai hind

Posted by Avinandan Ghosh March 2, 10 01:30 AM

awesome pics.. i feel so elated after seeing these pics.. makes me proud that im in such a culturally diverse nation.. jai ho!!

Posted by Gaurav Bose March 2, 10 02:37 AM


Posted by Anonymous March 2, 10 09:33 AM

The good, the bad and the ugly about India through a lens. Pictures are awesome!

Posted by Alka Bhargav March 2, 10 02:28 PM

Dear Rajesh,
I have found you on internet for also see thise pictures.
I was in Varanasi on feb. 25 to see your exhibition "pani".
Also this pictures are great to see.
India is Incredible, i have seen that India Incredible was, on two ways.
Greats, Teun from Holland

Posted by Teun Schoemaker March 2, 10 04:37 PM

Vande Mataram......Excellent pictures and very colourfull and vibrant India.
Proud to be Indian

Posted by JITENDRA VAGHELA March 2, 10 05:06 PM

I guess picture 26 is in Aperture Priority with f/4.5.
That is just an assumption.
Amazing pictures, there are still many colors untouched but this collection is too good.

Posted by eagleabhi March 3, 10 07:01 AM

Absolutely beautiful..

Posted by Priya March 3, 10 01:29 PM

Beautiful India and I am proud to be Indian.

Posted by Aparna March 4, 10 06:38 AM

A true potarit of India - Heart warming, and 'real'

Posted by api March 4, 10 07:08 AM

indiaaa.......india, indiaaaaaaaaaa......india..

Posted by pathik March 4, 10 03:25 PM

India is an amazing country....but it needs a revolution to free children from having to work when they should be enjoying their childhood and going to school.

Posted by Jackie March 4, 10 08:34 PM


Posted by Ranjith C Nair March 5, 10 07:38 AM

awesome work NO WORDS to say any more :P

Posted by abhinav March 5, 10 07:57 AM

That's the mastery over camera but the beauty lies in the ever vibrant and endless diversity of Indian culture. Great job. I liked the Rashtrapati Bhawan pic...

Posted by Aggy March 6, 10 02:24 PM

great pics...

Posted by nikhil March 7, 10 10:20 AM

Beautiful.. I cant say anything else... thats easily wonderful

Posted by tynka March 8, 10 12:26 PM

exllant paaa..............

Posted by shareef shaik March 9, 10 12:36 AM

"I proud to be an indian" Maa thuje salam

Posted by Srinivas poodari March 9, 10 06:43 AM

India at a glance!!
Great snaps..

Posted by Sreenath March 9, 10 07:24 PM

The snap of the Rastrapati Bhavan is great. Great work and great travel.

Posted by Vaishak March 9, 10 11:48 PM

truly wonderful !!

Posted by Richa March 11, 10 01:05 AM

truely colourful
truely wonderful

Posted by kumuda jayasimha March 12, 10 07:05 AM


Posted by Anonymous March 12, 10 11:47 PM

Incredicable India!!!

Posted by Monika Monalisa March 13, 10 05:05 PM

Incredicable India!!!

Posted by Monika Monalisa March 13, 10 08:44 PM

Speechless for such an amazing presentation of India by the masters of this art of photography. These pictures are not be praised only, but we need to learn from the unspoken words of wisdom and learning from them.
Feel the Passion and Patriotism as an Individual of Free, Liberal India and dream and work for a Developed India, as i do.
I Proud to be an Indian.

Posted by Vidha Jaiswal March 16, 10 07:32 AM

Awesome pics ... India Rocks.

Posted by Jay March 18, 10 01:25 AM


Posted by VISHALAKSHI.HANDATTU March 18, 10 07:18 AM

Beautiful, im proud of my home country. Even though the tigers come out, that is all part of india, what makes it so beautiful.

Posted by Dev March 18, 10 09:43 PM
708. inspiring. Makes me feel passion for India.

Posted by anonymous March 18, 10 09:49 PM

wow, Guru puffing Marijuwana, I love India!!!! LMAO!!!!

Posted by Ram K. Hunt March 18, 10 10:11 PM

Really great. I loved everyone of them

Posted by Sean Tiernan March 18, 10 10:27 PM

Mesmerizing photos I travel through India but the photos are so lively that I could experience the feeling of place and sounds. -- Thank you

Posted by Rtn. Bhuvan kumar March 20, 10 09:00 AM

India will b at d top of world in every field soon.........PROUD TO B AN INDIAN

Posted by VISHAL AGNIHOTRI March 21, 10 06:03 AM

Great collections... amazing

Posted by sivaiah March 22, 10 02:26 AM

Beautiful, i have no words to explain

Posted by Rashid Karim March 22, 10 08:08 AM

This is real India. However, this is not complete India. Although these awesome pictures captured the glimpse of India I would not term it as 100% colourful in real meaning.

However, I must appreciate the brilliant lense work. There has been many comments by many foreigners. Some have been in appriciation tone, some with advising note. Some were "Critiques" and some "Critics". We welcome all of them.

However, let me tell you guys, India is India. You will not get so colourful country anywhere else in the world. That is why it is termed as SUB CONTINENT. Many of you need not bother about what is happening here. We have our own terms of growing and I am sure the growth is happening and will happen. We will retain our identity and make world look at us. I am sure, every good thing fetches criticism. We are bound to get th same. However, the world will just keep staring and India will cruise through. The Century belongs us Guys. When people lost jobs and some went begging during this recession in few developed countries, India offerred more jobs than any country in the world. We have been self reliant in the recent past. Thanks to the spirit called India.

Posted by Ananda Padebettu, Mumbai March 22, 10 10:57 AM

Got back the memories of wonderful INDIA

Was very nice to see INDIA after a long time Seems like I had a tour of INDIA
Thanks for sharing beautiful photos

Posted by Kiran March 22, 10 09:09 PM

Beautiful-------I LOVE INDIA

Posted by Suresh Jain USA March 23, 10 11:06 AM

Yes !! India is great !!!! Vande Mataram!!!! we will cruise through....and always stay on the top no matter what. Beautiful all the pictures showed the glimpse of our country and brought tears of joy in our eyes !! I salute our land.

Posted by Bijal & Bankim March 23, 10 04:10 PM

wow amazing pictures!! i just came back from Indian on a 10 day trip, and it was amazing. Just brings back so many wonderful memories. So proud to be indian!!!

Posted by Vipul Patel March 25, 10 12:15 PM

India is amazing but sadly people in india are not that amazing...the citizens needs to learn more about development..but the pics are still great !!! Gud job

Posted by Linda March 26, 10 01:04 AM

Amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg i love my india

Posted by hitesh March 26, 10 06:40 AM


Posted by SARVESH March 30, 10 02:20 PM

oh. my butiful india Amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg i love my india

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 10 07:33 AM

really great work.......i like pic in which a devotee has tear while praying at mosque

Posted by preeti April 4, 10 10:40 AM

Thank you-- great moments frozen in film. Excellent colour photographs.

Posted by Panemangalore April 5, 10 12:10 PM

I don't know what it is about India but it's pure heaven, however isn't child labour getting younger and younger? I am a nurse (UK) and would not mind volunteering on India's Hospital Train, any idea who to approach? I have tried emailing but to no vail.

Posted by Nita Gajjar April 8, 10 03:55 PM

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring collection!

Posted by Paridhi April 9, 10 06:09 AM

truly awsome

Posted by Bijal April 12, 10 07:06 PM

Truely enjoyable pictures Thanks

Posted by C.Abdul hameed, TamilNadu April 12, 10 11:03 PM

awesome,awesome and awesome!

Posted by jagrati April 16, 10 10:17 AM

This is by far one of the best thing sI have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing

Posted by Vaibhav Desai April 19, 10 03:17 PM

hey...........dat r amazin pics...dy r realy beautiful i likd each of dm

Posted by Anonymous April 25, 10 05:54 AM

AWiNG !!

Posted by Piyali May 1, 10 11:50 AM

they are really nice pictures............. i totally love them :)

Posted by chyms May 1, 10 07:10 PM

Breathtaking !!

Posted by Kay May 3, 10 06:11 AM

These are not just pictures.....this is beauty and love of the indian country....JAI HIND

Posted by Raju Kettavan May 7, 10 03:49 AM

After all this comments,I have no words to express such brilliant pictures,This pictures are not clicked by camera but by a beautiful heart.keep it up suchit.

Posted by kalpana May 14, 10 12:39 PM

Very good Collection realy good

Posted by Avadhesh Kumar May 20, 10 03:53 AM

Excelente, gracias !!

Posted by Ma. de los Ángeles Villanueva May 20, 10 08:39 AM

awesome !!
salutes to photographer !

Posted by sethuram May 21, 10 05:58 AM


Posted by PREMJEE May 30, 10 03:40 PM

excellent photography keep it up n hope to see more from you

Posted by rajesh chetri June 2, 10 12:12 PM

Absolutely Incredible

Posted by Anonymous June 16, 10 03:39 PM

Dus mein se Nau Beimaan Phir Bhi MERA BHARAT MAHAAN

Posted by MadMax June 17, 10 06:19 PM

realy it true that our india is great .ilike india very mach

Posted by sanjeevkumar.s.p June 18, 10 02:17 AM
746. inspiring. Makes me feel passion for India and want to do a programe on occation of 15 th aughst 2010 using miondblowing pothos

Posted by a.venkatesh July 3, 10 01:41 PM

amazing and great pics

Posted by gaurav July 6, 10 05:22 AM

Vibrant Colors of India, Truly !ncredible...

Posted by Anand Kanojia July 9, 10 07:18 AM

awesome.. really great colourful pictures

Posted by Anonymous July 14, 10 02:20 AM

totally amazing. thanks to the photographer. indians are cool

Posted by Maldivian July 14, 10 04:23 PM

India is great because of its great culture. Please don't allow this dirty western culture to pollute the great India.

Posted by pramod niranjan July 23, 10 05:35 AM

fantastic very good

Posted by atul July 26, 10 10:15 AM

Great Job........Amazing............Awesome...........superb feeling to see them...........I Love My HINDUSTAN.

Posted by Nitika July 28, 10 01:15 AM

thanks for wonderfull photography

Posted by Hasan Raja August 4, 10 01:51 AM

Incredible India!!! Proud to be a Indian !!!

Posted by Sijin Gopinathan August 10, 10 12:11 AM

excellent...we need more and more.....god bless you...

Posted by arindam August 10, 10 02:20 PM

Thank God I born in this beautiful country!!

Posted by hemant kaushik August 19, 10 12:31 AM

Tuhan memberkati.........

Posted by ASTRID +6181355316235 August 20, 10 03:34 AM

LOVE this pictures. Wants me go to visit India.
Thank you for posting.

Posted by Sharita August 23, 10 12:24 PM

Truly Phantastic (fantastic) Pictures. East or West, India is the Best. It is so diverse and colorful. You can go on writing and admiring about it.

Posted by Ram August 23, 10 12:35 PM

i am really feeling proud after that i born in such a incredible country.

Posted by annnu August 25, 10 08:21 AM

great depiction of indianness

Posted by s.s.ahluwalia September 5, 10 07:32 AM

Simply incredible!!! JUST WOW!!

It really does depict how India is.

Posted by Sidd Rishi Photography October 4, 10 04:39 AM

Simply incredible!!!....but not complited.....india is nation of peace ,..still INDIA WAS KNOWN AS GOLDEN COUNTRY BEFORE BRITISH RULED IN INDIA ..we fighting...with many pakistan issue J&K, I LIKE TO TELL THE WORLD , IN INDIA ,HINDU , MUSLIM , SIKH, CATHOLIC, WE LIVED TOGETHER ,can anyone named any country like this way only india ...its unity in diversity..may we have different culture but one blood , an indian blood, i proud of indian muslim , they all gives there best for our india, & also they are more in numbers then pakistan,...& still india is not islamic pakistan...many indian muslim use to come hindu temple , hindu goes in muslim darga(mosque)...keeping dirty politics away indian growing and I am sure the growth is happening and will happen. We will retain our identity and make world look at us. I am sure, im inviting rest of world do visit our colourful,peacefull,vibrant....INDIA

Posted by DHIRAJ BHOSALE October 8, 10 02:12 AM

Really Nice collection. Thanks a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOt

Posted by Enyan October 17, 10 11:50 AM

its real INDIA image with adversity & diversity hope these pictures would bring somebody to improve india image with its child labour policy &so onnnnn--------nnumber policy

Posted by abhijit October 18, 10 06:29 PM

i am proud to be an INDIAN...

Posted by Manoj Choudhary November 5, 10 09:36 AM

great pictures............wonderful

Posted by Goutam Rudra November 19, 10 02:36 AM

The pictures are awesome, though this does not represent all of India. India does have a more picturesque and enchanting side to it too.

Posted by Priya Badlani December 1, 10 02:05 AM

Shoot......Great job guys !!!

Posted by vivek December 13, 10 07:16 AM

best @nice picture of indian clture but where is GUJARAT

Posted by nitin pandya January 2, 11 06:19 AM

Saare Jahaan se acchha .
India is great and I`m proud to be an Indian..
Very Incredible.

Posted by Bittu. ( Shital N. Patel) January 19, 11 01:25 PM

beautiful indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Posted by sailaja January 23, 11 08:27 PM

all photo is very beautiful & nice collection I like india

Posted by vijay sontakke nagpur January 25, 11 11:06 AM

Proud to be an Indian :)

Posted by Annie January 29, 11 03:09 AM

We are Proud to be a Indian, i Like the all Picture

Posted by Kathir February 28, 11 03:39 PM

I like it very much. Good work......
how beautifull pic's
can u giv me tip for capturing photo like this, please!

Posted by Rajesh Nadar March 2, 11 02:39 AM

thanks for sharing such a beatiful photos.
I am proud to be an Indian.

Posted by thomas March 17, 11 06:25 PM

Its a real heart of India. We are proud to be Indian.

Posted by Prosenjit Singha March 20, 11 09:15 AM

Absolutely stunning pictures!

Posted by Susan March 31, 11 09:36 PM

its wonderful indian life pictures

Posted by karthikeyan M April 14, 11 06:15 AM

You are proud to be an Indian where children instead of being in school are being used to build stadiums?

Posted by ramdass April 19, 11 11:10 AM

Bharat Hindu desh hai issliye sab thik hai joh yeh sab dikhata hai varna Bharat ka afghani stan ban jayega

Posted by ragu salgavkar April 20, 11 04:47 AM


Posted by pranjal baruah April 20, 11 07:31 AM


Posted by Shamanth Patil J April 20, 11 10:57 PM

No word there in my mind to express how good these pics are .. Keep it up n Keep rocking

Posted by karma photographer April 21, 11 03:07 AM

Yeh Mera India!

Posted by meenamenonp April 21, 11 10:16 AM

Eternal India...........great photographs!

Posted by Helmut Schadt April 21, 11 05:35 PM
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