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October 28, 2009 Permalink

Conflict in Pakistan

After recent Pakistani military operations in Pakistan's own Swat Valley to push out Taliban insurgents who had taken control of the region, its operations are now more focused on the Taliban strongholds in the South Waziristan region. Pakistani troops and Taliban militants have been locked in intense clashes recently in the tribal area which has killed more than 150 people. Relief workers say that more than 120,000 people have been displaced by the fighting. Insurgent responses to the increased military pressure have included numerous bombings and suicide attacks, killing and injuring scores across Pakistan in recent weeks. Just today a car bomb in a busy marketplace in Peshawar killed more than 93 people, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an official visit - announcing the latest in a series of U.S. aid packages to Pakistan. (36 photos total)

A man stands near the scene of an explosion in Peshawar, Pakistan on Wednesday Oct. 28, 2009. A car bomb has torn through a busy marketplace in northwestern Pakistan, collapsing several buildings, setting fires and killing at least 93 people including 60 women and children, mere hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in the country on an official visit. (AP Photo/Mohammad Iqbal)
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Nice set, as always. Photo #9 shows some nice beard colors!

Posted by Maxime October 28, 09 01:01 PM


Posted by Andiantenne October 28, 09 01:07 PM

It's really sad what is going on there. The violence is out of control.

Posted by ozshimys October 28, 09 01:15 PM

I wish Pakistan becomes a progressive, peaceful and 'neighbour friendly'.
And the leadership takes them to new level of "good" thinking.

Posted by NEIL October 28, 09 01:18 PM

Very powerful photos that need to be seen.

I will admit that I was hoping for photos of the Ares I-X test launch though.

Posted by KJW October 28, 09 02:02 PM

Just compare the faces in 12 and in 20...

You can see the cruelty and the ugliness that is the Taliban.

Please God, may the anti-Taliban, anti-militant, anti-Al Queda guys in number 12 win this ghastly battle.

Posted by Jon October 28, 09 02:05 PM

Hope the Pakistani people find a new leader among themselves, before the situation gets completely out of hand. The period of chaos in Pakistan is too important for the world to be missed, and it looks like the chicken has come home to roost. It's time when the military and intelligence distances itself from the extremists- atleast for their own survival.

Posted by Alok Abhijit October 28, 09 02:25 PM

Man, this is sad to see. Maybe Bush wasn't wrong to try and change things over in the Middle East...

Posted by Grady October 28, 09 02:36 PM

my prayers for Pakitans..

didn't they understand that they are hurting people from their same country..

Posted by elmo October 28, 09 02:44 PM

Who on earth is supplying the weapons ?
This is simply inhuman.
I am an atheist but I hope that one day (somehow) these people will receive punishment for their crimes.

Posted by Stephen Walker October 28, 09 03:01 PM

Yes thats very sad but its not the truth after all. I feel for the citizen of the country and I am an Indian. I have never visited Pakistan but people from India who have say that Pakistanis are one of the nicest people and totally opposite to what the media or country politicians portray. I wish everyone in the world will rise above the voilence and start leaving like human being.

Posted by Deepak Sharma October 28, 09 03:07 PM

A monster they raised against India is biting them back. Very sad.

Posted by Shishir October 28, 09 03:10 PM

The wave of terrorism is most probably coming from Afghanistan. No wonder, India has 5 embassies out there...

Posted by Bilal Aslam October 28, 09 03:18 PM


get your facts straight,

12 are the good guys, they are the Laskhar against the Taliban in 22

This is part of the problem, it's not easy to tell which person belongs to which agenda, there are no colors, no uniforms

//Pakistani student in Sweden

Posted by Shahzada Hatim October 28, 09 03:18 PM

even after enduring all of this, people of pakistan are being asked to do more ? ironic!

and what does US do ? as soon as Pakistan starts an operation to eliminate the militants, they vacate the border posts, so that the militants could slip into afghanistan and come back some other day ? and keep asking pakistan to do more ?

more than $40 billion dollars lost in economy, more than 8,000 citizens killed, more than 6,000 soldiers lost, what else the world needs from us ?

Posted by Umer October 28, 09 03:23 PM

This terrorists have shown that it has nothing to do with nationality or religion.
They are merely killing innocent people to make a point to the politicians. Go after the politicians if you want, but spare the innocent!

Posted by J K October 28, 09 03:24 PM

Gee... :-(

Posted by Felipe October 28, 09 03:34 PM

Pictures are very beautifuls, but what a dramatic situation for all this people!!

Posted by abbass October 28, 09 03:48 PM

Intense photos. #8 got me the most out of all of them

Posted by Dan October 28, 09 03:56 PM

always this war photos!!!!

let´s change, come one!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 28, 09 04:00 PM

I don't get it...

The taliban claim to be fighting for their country... and then they kill pakistani people in car bomb suicides???

How does that... that's just stupid... I don't see the point in that...

Who is their "brilliant" strategist... why doesn't he go commit suicide as well?

Posted by Edin October 28, 09 04:03 PM

There are 9 intelligence agencies from different countries now operating in Pakistan! Among them India's RAW & Isreali Mossad are the most dangerous or to put it correctly are playing a dangerous game.

Many of the bombings are actually handiwork of these criminal agencies and part of a larger game plan to destabilize the country so that its Nuclear Weapons could be dismantled. The Indians are training Afghan Factions of Taliban that are against the Pakistani Taliban in training centres in Afghanistan while Mossad is supplying them with sophisticated communication equipments and arms which even the Pakistani Army does not posses!

Its time the Pakistani Public revolted & kicked the US in the butt. Nothing short of a revolution will change the situation in Pakistan.

Posted by resab October 28, 09 04:03 PM

The PEACE is the best of all
Good Stuff

Posted by Daniol October 28, 09 04:14 PM

@ #22 - Would suggest making whatever peace you think you deserve with whatever religious figure you pray might grant it...

Posted by Delphian October 28, 09 04:19 PM

# 8 is very good, agreed.

Posted by Amsterdam October 28, 09 04:27 PM

pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism. it's army, government and hence it's people are complicit in providing resources to terrorists in its proxy war against india. now that resources for these terrorists are being choked, the terrorists are choking back - and how!
pakistan's end is near. inshallah.

Posted by anil October 28, 09 04:39 PM

Surely this is what happens when a state turns a blind eye to radicalism, either through apathy, corruption, fear or a combination of all three. The Taliban have been allowed to call the shots in Pakistan for too long, and now the Pakistani authorities have a much greater problem in rooting them out. Time and again the Pakistani government, police and military have proven themselves grossly incompetent; not two weeks ago the Taliban walked into a military base and took hostages! And this is a country with nuclear capability. They might as well just hand the launch codes to the Taliban and be done with it.

Posted by Craig Eastman October 28, 09 04:40 PM

This is a really bad situation. I am encouraged to see photo 13. I hope the youth and students realize their potential to impact the nation. If only to stop the violent murdering and find another way.

God be with Pakistan.

Posted by Andrew October 28, 09 04:47 PM

Who on earth is supplying the weapons ?
This is simply inhuman.
I am an atheist but I hope that one day (somehow) these people will receive punishment for their crimes.

million dollar question. Answer is harsh and simple too. First it was CIA in russian time. then in afghan civil war, it was al-qaeda. Today its indian. When they recover the stashes of weapons, it is found to be produced in india and russia. Now I can imagine the russian weapons there but how indian weapons getting to them is beyond my comprehension.

The terrorist in province of Balochistan openly admit for taking aid from Indian government. The arrests that were made after the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan. The rockets fired on buses are used by Indian army. The CID agency warned the government on January 22, 2009 with appx number of RAW agents and possible attack locations.

The evidence is out in open. Every time terrorist are arrested, they have some weapon used by indian army. Do the math.

Posted by Sobank October 28, 09 05:03 PM

Pakistanis should Hang Musharraf on supporting Bush's War on Terror.

Most stupid men ever lived in this world, but oh they were clever atleast they are living a better life.

Posted by Naveed October 28, 09 05:07 PM

how about this , we leave every one alone and be happy. For Indian agencies supporting Taliban against Pakistani, i don't believe it.

RAW is useless and ineffective, I am sure even if they try their level best they cant burst a cracker in Pakistan

but why do terrorist kill innocent people, cant they simply attack army and police. whats the point of car bombs.

One thing is sure jihadi groups kill more muslims then they kill anyone else. they are efficiently killing their own people.

Posted by sweetcarbine October 28, 09 05:29 PM

while we get to see these high resolution photos in the comfort of our homes

Posted by aRay October 28, 09 05:37 PM

Its the result of our own policies in the past,ministry of education is always at the bottom line in the budget,its very easy to lure illitrate and jobless people by any int. agency.
This movment of talibaan requires a lot of money, who and who are funding it?

Posted by Jamil Rishad October 28, 09 05:46 PM

I am ashamed to be a human when I see what we still do to each other even in this day and age.

Posted by paul l. October 28, 09 06:01 PM

Why do so many peopel say "God save them" "God be with them" or somethign similar...

Which bloody god?

Posted by anon October 28, 09 06:44 PM

im disgusted at the level that human beings, not just in Pakistan but all around the world have reached. The world truly does need to come to an end or something really to be done about this...the poor just brings tears to my eyes. No one gets anywhere by killing innocents.

Posted by Amina Choudhry October 28, 09 06:47 PM

I'm glad to see the Pakistanis standing up to the Taliban. In terms of civil advancement, Pakistan is light years ahead of Afghanistan, but the Afghan people are born to fight. They defeated the Russians wearing sandles and no body armor -not even helmets. Now it's time for Pakistan and Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban and Al Queda forever.

Posted by Nate October 28, 09 06:53 PM

Matbe we need to send Obama there to see what real life and death is about maybe he would be a real commander in chief instead a community organizer whatever the hell that is,, Our kids are dying there to try to make those poor folks life better, Obama should get off his high horse

Posted by George October 28, 09 07:29 PM

Pakistan will soon implode within itself thanks to radical faith .....right Sobank.

Posted by PDF October 28, 09 07:42 PM

Very touching in a way that these conflicts make absolutely no sense. Brilliant pictures of unrational horror. As said by Bertrand Russell: "War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

Posted by Timothy H. October 28, 09 08:02 PM

violence has only increased since the war started back in 2001.

yeah, lets keep throwing money and troops at the problem.
maybe it'll go away.

Posted by Ctothe October 28, 09 09:52 PM

This incident has RAW and Mossad written all over it. If anyone here or reader has military know how, he will agree. 150kg of what exploded to cause this damage and fire? It's no other than RDX which is also confirmed by investigation teams. Now RDX is not made at homes or with any home made material. It is not an IED. So where did this RDX which is made under controlled environment and in this quantity got in the hands of these militants? The answer lies in the unexploded RDX being recovered inside Pakistan with RDX boxes saying "Made in India" and material that without a doubt be tracked back to India.
These militants have frequency hopping radios. Can someone find them for me in any market even be it arms market in the world (You wont find it because the FHR work on classified frequencies and once compromised, they are useless, so no chance it'll be in a shelf in some illegal arms market). So who gave them this advanced communication equipment? Has some one thought, they are resisting a professional Army of Pakistan. Where are the getting the ammo from to fight such prolonged war?
The hidden hands has to be the one who's objectives are fulfilled with each incident that happens. In all honesty, the virdict is beyond doubt. It is INdia whos activities in Afghanistan are the main cause of such incidents in Pakistan. I hope that with prayers, Pakistan government find balls to hit targets in Afghanistan. Pakistan has the logistics, capability and need to distroy Indian counsulates run by Israeli and Indian intelligence agnecies. The day Pakistan does a BOLD and Preemtive strike on these targets in Afghanistan, such incidents as in Peshawar will end.

Posted by EagleHannan October 28, 09 09:58 PM

It's easy to call another a "terrorist", or as the americans called the social minded people..."communists" or "pinkos".........we are all humans, we all wish to be happy....and social..... it is not a bad thing..... If these folks with the guns and the power knew better , they would not act like this..... Power controls the drug barons in the cia and dea's just their job.... let's pray for some wisdom. I was lucky to visit this area when peace prevailed....was treated like a prince....wish I knew how to stop this madness......the answers are in Tel Aviv and Washington.

Posted by bg October 28, 09 10:49 PM

Pakistani Army and politicians have wasted all aid from USA et al., just ot spread terror in the region, encourage religious fanatics to run around making the life of ordinary Pakistanis miserable. They did enough harm to East Pakistan that it had to separate. But instead of admitting these deeds, people blame others for their ills. Pakistan has ignored the world opinion and had been exporter of terrorist. Now it is coming back and haunting them. It is doubtful they will learn any thing from their mistakes. Poor Pakistanis are suffering their fate. US also is wasting tax dollars on these ungrateful scoundrals.

Posted by MutterKhan October 28, 09 11:35 PM

As you sow so shall you reap.Islamic terrorist camps operate with impunity inside pakistan for attack on the people of the indian republic .Now these monsters are biting the very hand which was feeding them.I find it ridiculous that some ignorant pakistani people here are blaming indian or israeli intelligence for the mess they themselves created.

This pakistani army drama against taliban always starts up as and when there is a huge monetary aid being expected from the US .The mess called taliban in afghanistan was created by pakistan which deprvied the people of afghanistan basic human rights and turned once a beautiful country into a graveyard.They were liberated by the US in 2001 which the pakistanis still resent .Well they cant show their resent against the US since US feeds them who else will they blame?

Posted by Sriram October 29, 09 12:07 AM

@42 Wake up and see the real enemies. If at all India was supplying the arms, do you think they would be stupid enough to put "Made in India" on them? If it was "hidden Indian Strategy"?

Posted by mr October 29, 09 12:12 AM

India never invaded any country in her last 10000 years of history.

Posted by indian October 29, 09 12:51 AM

So Pakis will get some more billions from the usual quarters (read US) and move on with what they are so good at. It is difficult to see who are Pakis and who are terrorists - unless few thousands more die due to violence within Pakistan, no clear and polarization will ever occur in that country to oppose the violence.

Posted by Gagan Gajabaharia October 29, 09 01:03 AM

If Mossad and RAW are responsible for all the killing in Pakistan then how come any terror suspect (or proven) be it in Spain, UK Germany Canada or US have a Pakistani connection of training, indoctrination.
There is something wrong here?

Posted by Anonymous October 29, 09 01:13 AM

#18 gots a chipped toof!

Posted by TOOF October 29, 09 01:21 AM

We want peace. Islam taught us the lesson of Peace. Please let us spend our lives in peace.

Posted by Abid Shah October 29, 09 01:51 AM

I am just wondering why Taliban will come to Pakistan. Who push them do that?
Wish the peace to this country.

Posted by TeaTee October 29, 09 02:04 AM

Wish peace will get back to my neighbors as soon as possible ! All the best for the army who are against these most dangerous group in the world. Bringing back Pakistan's economy means development to India as well. Long live both countries.

Posted by Vijay Alwar October 29, 09 02:49 AM

Pakistanis (even the educated ones) are perennially in a state of denial and manage to find someone to blame. For God's sake, at least now, accept that you have a problem and that you have created it. That's the first step towards solving it. The Lashkar in #12 seem more aware if the situation than these conspiracy theorists who blame India and Israel.

Posted by RD October 29, 09 03:06 AM

@sobank & resab

Jeez! you can be so ridiculous?
India & Russia?
Do You think Indians would be so stupid that the Arms they supply to the talibans....(Yes the very Taliban "nurtured" by Pakistan)...and leave a MADE IN INDIA tag?
If they could do it..taliban would just vaporise India from the world map!
Its simple pakistan has screwed up....and I dont understand why do you think we would envy pakistanis?

Posted by Anonymous October 29, 09 03:52 AM

Before being Pakistani or Indian or any damn thing try to be a human .... and if you still have something left in you then be what the f*ck ever you want ...

Posted by Bijish October 29, 09 04:13 AM


Posted by max October 29, 09 04:15 AM

Photo no. 3 is why any person believing in a god, any god, or simply in the humanity of man should never support in any way the kind of people who would do something like this. No one who would knowingly kill innocent people, never mind children, can claim to speak for any ideology but murder pure and simple.

Posted by Mark October 29, 09 04:29 AM

[comment removed]

Posted by Anonymous October 29, 09 04:47 AM

@EagleHannan Why would india label the weapons it is supplying to militants as 'Made in India' ?
Think over it.
And IF they are labelled so,its definitely not India who is supplying the arms.
Maybe some other nation which can benifit from India-Pakistan conflict.

It CAN be China, China can take this step to defame India and create conflict between India and Pakistan.

Posted by Samir Sirohi October 29, 09 04:49 AM

Well said @46. It is understandable that the avg Pakistani has been brainwashed against the Indian state by their authorities. Even so, they should sit back and think about what is plausible and what is not. India has enough problems of its own to need a more violence-ridden neighbour

Posted by lokesh October 29, 09 05:24 AM

@ EagleHannan - I think this is not the time to blame RAW (India) or Mossad (Israel), I think it's more to do with a fight against ignorance & poverty. Pakistan is on the brink of being a collapsed state. If Pakistan's nuclear arsenal were to get into the hands of Talibans, it would not be in the Interest of Govt of India's interest as there would be a very good chance of them wanting to use it against India....I think what is needed most is to invest in human capital in Pakistan, educate them, teach the tribals livelihood .

Posted by Zo Patriot October 29, 09 06:41 AM

First you "give birth" to the monster! Then you let the monster loose against your neighbors! And when your "friends" complain about the noise that the monster makes, you try to chain it up! In retaliation, the monster attacks its caretakers! When that happens the caretakers complain that the monster is being fed by the neighbors (who were being attacked by the monster in the first place). And to prove it, they say they found crumbs of bread that were not made in the caretaker's oven!

...Since there were so many fairy tales in these comments, i thought i'll give you one more to read.
"Do the math" indeed! India is suffering from state-sponsored (read pakistan fostered, trained, and encouraged) terror for the past 6 decades. Also bring into the equation the fact that pakistan is an country with a unstable past, a tendency to radical religion and has in the past openly encouraged jihadis who were then called "freedom fighters". Shall we dig up the archives?
And despite allegations, RAW really can't burst a diwali cracker, cause it can't even protect its own citizen. So if you want to find the solution to this ugliness, pick up a mirror!

Posted by Ranjit Arvind October 29, 09 06:44 AM

I guess i shouldn't have read the comments before posting this. But now that my frustration (@63) is out of the system, let me add that I woke up today with the pictures of the Peshawar attack in the front page of the newsdaily. And these were very sad and disturbing pictures, much like the pictures in this thread. Despite misgivings, and suspicion about India, we as a country felt the pain. Cause we have been in such a situation much too often. Hence the reason why so many of the comments above are in commiseration.
My comments (@63) could be wrong, and just like many other countries, our "intelligence" departments may be at work creating panic in pakistan, in retaliation against what we have been up against for more than half a century. And just like in pakistan, Indians never get to know the truth because of brain-wash from the media. But these are less likely to happen because we have a fairly free press (redundant phrase) and any hanky-panky on these lines would have been splashed on the front pages long back. Instead of focusing hate-ridden energy outward at every one of your neighbor, why not focus constructive energy inward and look for ways to put down the menace. Remember that the taliban leader has been quoted as saying that as soon as they take over islamabad, their first task would be to destroy India. And India "sponsors" them? How? Why?

"jamaa karate ho kyo.n raqiibo.n ko
ik tamaashaa huaa gilaa na huaa"
- Mirza Galib.

Posted by Ranjit Arvind October 29, 09 07:23 AM

It is easy to destroy and blame others... Pak focus on security and development. I am not in favour of any theroy which causes blood shed of innocents... Shun 'Jehad'... Practice the peace and love Islam teaches...

Posted by Neeza October 29, 09 07:24 AM

@ Grady, much of the violence you're looking at is a result of Bush trying to 'change things' in the Middle East. I don't doubt your sincerity in wanting to help, but if all foreign troops were out of the Middle East overnight, there would be less, not more violence. Peace and democracy cannot be imposed by force.

Posted by Justin October 29, 09 07:48 AM

World should come forward and help IDPs. Army is doing great.
Pakistan Zindabad.

Posted by ali October 29, 09 07:52 AM

It is sad indeed. These terrorists days are numbered. The whole population of the country is determined and totally against them.

The blood of the innnocent victims shall not be wasted.

The people of Pakistan are determined to rid the world of each and every single one of these terrorists.

The people always win.

Posted by A Pakistani citizen October 29, 09 08:02 AM

These photos put many things into perspective. Thanks so much.

Posted by Stephanie October 29, 09 09:43 AM

These are heartbreaking. But Pakistan has stood idly by while these radicals have dug themselves in. Now they're finally starting to realize that there can be no peace with these types.

Posted by Adam October 29, 09 10:29 AM

Fact check:
1. Whether flood or terrorist attack or meteor or earthquake strike in Pak, "BLAME INDIA" - You will never go wrong in making public believe it. As stupid it is, you can't wake up someone who pretend to sleep.
2. INDIA and PAK suffer terrorism very badly. The country who nurture it will suffer most eliminating it. Educate yourself which country has chronicle problem in doing so in the name of Jihad or religious.
3. Why Taliban is in PAK. If Northwest province is part of PAK, why they cut it loose every time after army leave the area without any check post. Oh I got it. Because they have INDIA to take care -- is there any more stupidity left in brainwashing people.
4. The aim of Taliban is enforcing Islamic law and terror for their own interest. Who are the country recognize Taliban when they are in power in Afganistan. Guess what.. Only one country in the world - Pak. Why the hell they are against them now. Oh.. $$$ from US. If you guys have courage stand in one place, you may have some peace.

I hope this violence open up the mind and eye of people in PAK and help them focusing more on economic problem than always finding someone to blame for something they have no control or lot of control (origin) in it.

God bless Pak.

Wake up or sleep and found yourself going down. I hope people of Pak start being more aware of terrorism that destroy their country and not support it for any form or against any country or people of particular region. You create it in 80's and nurture it in 90's and fight it in 20's.

Posted by Crish October 29, 09 10:42 AM

With science humans will fly to the moon, Religion will just fly you into a building.

Posted by Maxx October 29, 09 10:43 AM

CNN did a piece yesterday on the public opinion of America in Pakistan, friend or foe. Not to get into any political slant or commentary on CNN or any other news network, but clearly, there are people (and probably always will be) who resent foriegn influence and control. Aside any political or religious stance, it is simply devastating to see the imagery depicted of what one human is capable of doing to another human.

Here's to reaching for a better day and more peaceful time... across the globe.

Posted by BMcD October 29, 09 11:42 AM

Interesting but unsurprising to see all the usual responses in here. An Indian and Israeli conspiracy?! That type of paranoid thinking is what caused Pakistan to support the Taliban in the first place.

Posted by Brandon October 29, 09 12:08 PM

#3 is so sad... these poor, innocent children. I just can't imagine living in fear everyday for the safety of your children. So sad.

Posted by A Sad Mom October 29, 09 12:30 PM


Ever heard of the hereafter? Don't be so naive. If there were no religion (read hereafter), why shouldn't each one of us become a Hitler? For all the sufferings he caused, out of his mental illness, no punishment on the face of earth can be justified. It's all being written, God has a track record for each one of us; so, appreciate the blessings, condemn this killing, find the ONLY true religion (& please ignore galaxy for a couple of years).

We are not animals, but why? & who decides? Please think.

And for your current stance, make sure you are 1000% sure before you die that you'll not face the only God on the day of judgement. Be open to common sense, please.


Posted by Steve bolhman October 29, 09 12:32 PM

What the future for the poor little girl (8) ? Talibans ? I feel so sad for her.

Posted by emilie October 29, 09 12:44 PM

why on 17 a man is beaten and everybody smile ?

Posted by ddrf October 29, 09 01:11 PM

This is not good At all. A big injury to Humanities...

We all Have To keep in Our mind Michael Jackson's Statement


Posted by RD October 29, 09 01:53 PM

What a fantastic set of pictures that tell the human side of the tragedy so vividly. is providing a great service to which we must all be so grateful.
Thank you.

Posted by George Perin October 29, 09 02:54 PM

25 26 32 33

Posted by kamran October 29, 09 03:39 PM

Who is being naive here? The whole idea of the "hereafter" is precisely what is motivating these terrorists to blow themselves up (so they can enjoy the 72 "virgins" in paradise).

>> If there were no religion (read hereafter), why shouldn't each one of us become a Hitler?
How about if I ask you, "Why should everyone become a Hitler?" You don't need religion to be good... Just be good for goodness' sake.
Just the fact that you think you are good because of some loving, heavenly dictator who'll fry you in hellfire if you weren't, tells me how depraved you are as a human being. Or maye your religion made you so. These terrorists are just as certain about their Allah being the only true god, as you are about your god (may be a little more.. they're willing to murder themselves and others in their belief).

>> We are not animals, but why? & who decides? Please think.
For the gazillionth time.. we ARE animals. You could say we are "more" evolved than most of the animals, but that doesn't change the fact that we are one of them.

>>And for your current stance, make sure you are 1000% sure before you die that you'll not face the only God on the day of judgement. Be open to common sense, please.
Do make sure you're good in your god's eyes. But, like you said, also use your common sense in practising just what is necessary to be good. For starters, condemning the others who do not believe in your god to hellfire is not one of them.

If you ask me, my only moral principle is "live and let live". I think that pretty much sums everything. We have but one life to live.. let's live it well.

Posted by Suraj October 29, 09 05:14 PM

Indians having a hearty laugh at Pakistan's expense, as can be seen from the comments here. There is nothing more left to say about India's hand in these attacks inside Pakistan that hasn't been said by Pakistanis in this forum already. So let's cut down to it.

A message to the Indians: America is losing the war, and it is losing it fast. Afghanistan is becoming its bleeding wound that will drain its military as well as financial strength. They are stuck there. The oil and gas they wanted to get out of Central Asia through Afghanistan and Pakistan is proving to be very expensive for them. They can't even get out of there now. The countries surrounding Afghanistan like China and Russia wont let them. Not to mention, India itself because it can see now what will happen to it once USA leaves the neighborhood. But alas, they'll have to leave and go back to see whether they can prevent their own country from an imminent civil war. :)

It is useless to expect any kind of understanding from the West because they get everything fed to them through their media conglomerates. They still can't differentiate between Al Qaeda and Taliban, let alone between Afghan Taliban and Pakistani Taliban and what different agendas they have. It's too much for them to understand. They just want to bomb the region, lay their pipelines, and get out of there. And most of them would still believe that they are actually HELPING those nations they are bombing, and spreading their very unwanted, unwelcome, and cursed western democracy and capitalism.

Even though they can't understand all that, what they WILL understand is when the resulting economic crisis comes and bites them in the behind. Three years maximum and they'll be fighting amongst themselves for food, mark these words. All economists worth their grain all predicting it. Their dollar is falling, their deficit is phenomenal, and their debt is in trillions, job unemployment is double digits and shows no signs of improving - all this, and they are net importers. Now they've even started taking dictations from China on how to run their economy. Because they want to borrow more money from China for survival, and now it comes with strings attached. :)

So that's your big daddy you have been riding on since they came to the region in 2001. At that time, India didn't miss a beat and started sprouting its agency offices which it calls 'consulates' near Pak-Afghan border. It took this opportunity to settle scores with Pakistan but didn't realize that USA can't stay there forever. It will leave soon. And Taliban will take back Afghanistan. And lo and behold, you'll see these blasts and attacks in Pakistan disappear. But then it is going to be only you, Pakistan, and your little 'consulates' in Afghanistan. :)

Posted by MJA October 29, 09 05:14 PM

Thankyou for your amazing photos its easy to take for granted the life we live in Australia.
As any parent hopes, it is for your children to grow up safe and happy. No one should have to live with that kind of fear and uncertainty, the pictures of the children just break my heart...
Too many lives lost. Too many families shattered.

Posted by di October 29, 09 05:27 PM

@MJA, you surely must be living in your paradise if you think that you will be able to frighten us Indians with your comments. America can do what they want to, who cares anyway! it makes not an iota of a difference to us. We have our own strategy to deal with the barbarians. Their demise was scripted a 1000 years ago when they laid waste to much of North India with their savage and barbarous crusade.

Posted by Harish October 29, 09 07:42 PM

Indian, Pakistani, Palestenian, Isaeli , Arab, Jew, American .... may be you all see the world with those identities ...thats how you identify what cause to take-up ...what to oppose .... but after seeing the pics above ..all I can relate to is HUMANITY - HUMANITY is the only looser in all this ....
You name the city Bombay - and drop a bomb ...hundreds die ..... You named another city Peshawar ...and dropped another one .. another 100 dies .... histroy divided israel and palestien ... and several thousand die .... in all the deaths ... you know who looses most .... that mother whoes 2 yr old had no clue that the world which she gifted her kid was not really a world where she should him got him/her into on the first place ...... that mother's tear dosen't come with a national identity tagged with it .... ASK your mother ...and she will tell you .. that the only response to these pics can be a silent prayer !

So in all earnest ...please stop this India/Pakistan/America/Afgan/Arab/Jew mud-slinging ! It really dosen't fit the ocassion. If you can - spare a paryer and that way you can contribute to the moment the most. Our rants on which country will finally devaste whom and which messiah will finally be you dorway to heaven/hell will do no good to the memory of the dead !

Posted by Abhishek Mondal October 29, 09 09:24 PM

India Pakistan Bhai Bhai!!

Lets join forces to destroy the evil!!

Posted by MAHAKALA October 29, 09 09:40 PM

Any solution to Stop this terrorism

only one
Divide Pakistan into two or three........:D

Posted by Nine October 29, 09 11:59 PM

#3 is such a sad pic,it makes me almost cry,i really don't understand why these people commit such horrendous crimes,how can they kill the little children,the joys of the world,without whom there is no future.someone has to act immediately and stop this utter nonsense,how true,man is bringing about nothing but destruction to this beautiful planet.
@ 82
the thought of the hereafter should be the one that should prevent these people from killing somany innocent people.Our Prophet once said to his companions"Have you seen the destitute,in my eyes,the destitute will be this man.he would have prayed,fasted and done other acts of worship.but he would have hurt this man,taken wealth from another and shed the blood of another."and you don't know about the pleasures of paradise,so better not talk about it.
i once came across a dead insect and began to think,surely it is not the same when we die,there is something in us,that Divine Breath of God,which makes us rise above animals,unfortunately many people donot use the gift they have been given and turn out to be the lowest of the low,even is scientific terms,can the animals read or write,so we are the people with the so called intelligence.
God is the same for all people,He is One God and He is your God and He is mine,live and let live is our principle too.God says in the Quran"There is no creature in the heavens or the earth but forms communities like you".whenever a Muslim plants a tree that provided food for birds,insects or man,it is counted as a charity on his and let live.

Posted by live and let live October 30, 09 12:21 AM

Maybe the Taliban have a side operation running where they spray paint all their ammo boxes 'Made in India'. You pakistanis are so naive - blindly believing everything that is said by your media. Indians are maybe not the most 'developed' or civil society either, but face it - where would you rather live today? Personally I think everyone would have been better off under the british!

Posted by Geo October 30, 09 03:36 AM

The Terrorits are biting the hands which feed them.

Posted by Mathai October 30, 09 05:13 AM

IT IS A WAKEUP CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead of blaming others we must set ourselves right. God helps those who help themselves. Forign aid can never ever will make us an honourable nation. SHOULD I SAY BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOOSERS!!. SO HELP US GOD!

Posted by Zahoor ahmad October 30, 09 06:37 AM

One can't help but notice, of course, the fact that with very few exceptions--the girl #8, the peaceful protesters in #13, the schoolgirls in #23--these pictures all show men, nothing but men. History has shown once again that anytime a religion-based culture oppresses and devalues females and keeps them out of the processes that define and maintain that culture, Bad Things Happen. Here it's a society based on permanent warfare, thousands of years' worth, and with no end in sight. The easy and ignorant thing to do, of course, is to blame it all on Islam...but there are numerous examples of the same kind of thing happening all over the world and all throughout history with other religions, as well; Christianity certainly has enough blood on its hand in this regard.

The answer is so simple, really: let's all grow up and get rid of our silly superstitions. Reject your unfounded stone-age rites and rituals and beliefs. God--however you define him or her or it, or what name you use--simply doesn't exist, period, so religious folks are worshiping phantoms, chimera. These pictures are further proof of that (as if needed).

Sad, no?

Posted by Jim Pettit October 30, 09 07:10 AM

Dats sad and pathatic to see the condition of pakistan...
but its a problem created by them..... they have to fyt and sort it out...

Posted by Viks(Spread Smile) October 30, 09 07:45 AM

ISI generals fighting against their own country? What do they seek? Religion or total control? mindless barbarians.

Posted by Sree October 30, 09 08:04 AM

i confirm that pakistanis are very nice people. i am an indian and visited pakistan a few years back. where ever i went people were so happy when they came to know that i from india. i really feel bad for people there. infact for any innocent people being killed.

i don't have a solution to terrorism. but something should be done. according to me the easiest way to stop terrorism is to ensure no more recruitment in their group. i am not sure how they convince people to join them. i guess they pick quotes from quran (out of context) & make people believe that allah is asking them to kill people. we should some how educate people about true islam. i remember seeing a documentary on natgeo or discovery where they showed an interview of ex-terrorist. he quit terrorism just by seeing a body being pulled out of bomblast site.

Posted by sarfaraz October 30, 09 08:46 AM

Cost of West's senseless war in East which we in Pakistan have to pay with our blood!

Posted by Usman Malik October 30, 09 09:36 AM

as you sow, so shall you reap!

Posted by am October 30, 09 10:23 AM

terrorism was not created by the people of Pakistan. It was by some extremist elements. The world did not stand still while Nazis massacred millions saying it was a problem only in Germany. The world has to help Pakistan overcome terrorism. Not just by sending in troops without any use, but by creating awareness of things happening around them. Me, being an Indian, feel for the Pakistanis and hope them the best.

Posted by Indian October 30, 09 12:03 PM

I hope atleast now Pakistan realizes that the monster they created to bleed India is not good for humanity. Time to get civilized and stop bloodshed that they inflicted on India for last 30 years. Let facts be known to take corrective actions.

Posted by Vinay October 30, 09 12:21 PM

@ 93,you cannot blame religion on oppression,God is perfect,His religion is perfect,but men are not,so if you see people do injustice and cruelty,don't you think that it is because of religion,on the contrary,it is just the opposite,bloodshed is not what is advocated in any religion,they advise people to do good and live in peace,if all people lived according to God's religion,what a nice place our earth would be,but we are not angels,but men,men(and that includes women) who feel sad and happy,they are pleased and angry,they get scared and relieved.
so you expect people to live a peaceful life,without bloodshed, on this planet,c'mon in the 21st century,we are humans and we all tend to make mistakes, there are somany who make mischief on this earth,our duty is to show them the right way and to make them understand,there has always been fight between good and evil and good ultimately wins.i'm not trying to propagate war,but just you shouldnot think seeing these people that there is no God,but to help God by helping the people.

Posted by help the people and help God October 30, 09 12:37 PM

I belong to Dera Ismail Khan, the place u might have seen in these pictures, our Army has captured many Indian spies from our Dera Ismail Khan, these are not Talibaans these are foreign sponsored terrorists ( I dont like Talibans I am against there policies). Before South Waziristan operation (currently going on) America has vacated many check posts at Afghan border. Actual things and reality is not shown to general public. No one knows what is the game going on behind all this, what are the objectives.
8 years ago, in America there was only one 9/11, in Pakistan we have daily one 9/11.

Posted by Noman Haseeb October 30, 09 02:08 PM

@ resab (comment #22): I agree with you

Posted by pak October 30, 09 03:00 PM

Good Photographs. I feel Pakistan is facing this problem because it had harbored various militant groups and criminal in their country, and now Pakistan is not able to handle them. I suggest Pakistan should act strictly and nab each groups and criminal harboring in the country and send them back to respective country where they belonged. Its high time for Pakistan to take action against these criminals. Pakistan should think about the kids who are the future of Pakistan.

Posted by Pravin Rana October 30, 09 04:17 PM

The Americans think they are the smartest people on earth. The ISI is so devious, I applaud their devlish brains and their double game, they have managed to easily hoodwink the American thinktank for years. To give the 'compliant terrorists' with Indian weapons is a simple task for them. Also, you seem to have a very very poor memory. The terrorists (who had so-called Indian weapons) blasted rockets and bullets onto the SriLankan team bus, and then walked away in the boroughs, started their mobikes and drove away as if you and your friends were going home after a movie. (yes, check out the video from Pak News channels). This was supposed to be a secured complex as this was scheduled route. If this does not imply complicity, you are in fool's paradise and live on. Barring maybe 1 % of the top militants, army officers, ISI intelligence officers and maybe a few politicians nobody in Pak as well as in US has no clue what the hell is happening in Pakistan.

Posted by @ Sobank October 30, 09 06:55 PM

To Resab of Post # 22. Hey dude..are you on dope??? :) lol wake up!!

Posted by A Muslim Brother October 30, 09 10:58 PM

I feel sorry for the innocent children and women. Pakistan is just a cursed country!! How did you all forget what it did to then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh? As you sow so you reap bro!

Posted by Brother October 30, 09 11:08 PM

What saddens me are the numerous comments from people who refuse to recognise this as a symptom of the rot and infection festering within their own country, and instead compulsively whisper about some perceived wrong, some imagined 'conspiracy' hatched in chancerries in neighboring Afghanistan. It's time to take this incident as a wake-up call, to get out of this pitiful state of obsessive denial, and come clean about the wrongs done so far.

Posted by George October 31, 09 05:54 AM

The Laskhar are the good guys?! Remember Mumbai? That was them. Good guys my ass…

Posted by derek October 31, 09 07:16 AM

Religion: False Hoax Sham

Islamic Republic: seperation of church & state.

State cannnot be Church

Church cannot be State.

Earth is 4-billion years old.
Cosmos is 14--billion years old.

True - False

Real - Fake

Real - Hoax.

difference... what's the difference.

Posted by jimmy carter October 31, 09 06:01 PM

I am sad to see that. I hope all of the Pasistan friends can be safe and happy.

Friends from China

Posted by Allan Wu November 1, 09 08:11 AM

get inspired by religion,rise up to the skies,learn and teach,take and give.

Posted by Anonymous November 1, 09 09:26 AM

I will cherish life now! I look forward to world peace!

Posted by Anonymous November 1, 09 09:38 AM

When Islam try to destroy other religious by teaching hate will hit them back like a boomerang. Islam teaching should be banned completely in the world to bring peace to the society.

Posted by uma srinivas November 1, 09 10:29 AM

so sad to see your comment,what i cannot believe is that it has been written by an indian,maybe u don't know what Islam is really about.there was a time in our history when our Prophet and his people would be tortured,a man and his parents would be taken out to be crucified,and the masters would kill his parents before him and continue to torture him until he would leave his faith and a slave would be taken out in the hot sun,thrown on the hot sand and a huge rock would be placed on him,only because he loved his Lord,it was at that time that Muslims fled for their faith,even after leaving,their enemies continued to threaten them with wars,so Muslims were given the permission to fight because they had been wronged,c'mon,we have the right to defend our lives.
The word patience is mentioned 114 times in Quran"Defend evil with what is better and there will be between whom there was enmity become as if they were close friends,none will be able to attain it except the patient,none will attain it except those with great fortune".
we only want to practise and spread our religion,and i'm proud to be an indian,where i can practise it,i'm proud of my country,i'm proud of our heritage,india is a great example of how Muslims and Hindus can unite and live peacefully together,let us then stay united and not divide.

Posted by islam 4 peace November 1, 09 11:53 AM

Let's call a spade a spade folks and stop pretending that India or Israel are at work in Pakistan and admit that ISI and the Pakistani military jihadi complex is doing all of this to keep getting $$$$$$$ from the US. Most Pakistanis from Punjab and Sindh are basically Indians in essence and I don't understand their blind hatred towards India when they really are Indians themselves. How come these bombings don't take place in Lahore or Karachi where Punjabis and Sindhis live but only in Peshawar where Pashtuns live? Pakistanis are in denial and are always looking for scapegoats.

Posted by Cyrus Sahil November 1, 09 04:49 PM

Media makes it all. People in Pakistan are brain washed by their media.
They were terming terroists as jihadists when these things happened in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Now when they are victimised they are terming them, Indians.
Anyhow I agree there are three sides for any argument 1. Your side 2. My side and 3. The right side. But keep in mind to argue fairly, " Call a spade, a spade."
The hand of China in these events, especially to escalate tensions between India and Pakistan are inevitable.

Posted by Thomas November 1, 09 09:47 PM

It's very sad, but have to say: Pakistan pays back for whatever ISI and it's government did in Afghanistan. For years people of Afghanistan suffered and still are suffering from the Pakistani type of Islamism and it's politics in this part of the world.
I want to see all these ends very soon, but there is no sign of it.

Posted by Parwani November 1, 09 11:47 PM

What's wrong with Pakistan can be seen in any photograph of any street scene, including the ones in this portfolio: all the people visible are men. And men without women are madmen; it's as simple as that.

When women cease to be excluded from Pakistani society, the madness will cease.

Lest I be misunderstood, allow me to add that my point has nothing to do with Islam; you'll see plenty of women on the street in Indonesia, for example, or Egypt, and those are Muslim countries.

Posted by Palmyrah November 2, 09 06:42 AM

@ Ranjit Arvind well-said dude... hats off to U :-)
@ 115 agree with U (we r Indians first than hindu muslim etc.)

We just got one life to live and some funny people don't realize the true value of it n waste it dirty jobs make money and kill innocent ppl. They don’t bother about religion, cast, creed or other human values they just earning in the name of religion, cast and creed making millions while there followers live in hell like conditions and die for nothing.

Weather it’s Paki, Indian or any other just need to think head n heart let live others peacefully and enjoy your time on earth in happiness with ur family and friends.

Posted by b-OBBY November 2, 09 07:20 AM

US should get lost from this region and mind its own business under its own boundaries and plan the security of its people in its own cities.
And Taliban should get lost from Pakistan and do their Jihad in Afghanistan.
And India should stop blaming Pakistan for any mosquito being killed in its cities.

Then definitely we will have peace in Pakistan.

Posted by Asim November 3, 09 01:03 AM

I am from sichuan(yes,the province where the huge earthquake happened) university of China.we know what life means to us,our families,and our friends.we cherish life.hope those western goverments cherish the life of other countries's people and the life of your soldiers.Of course,those terrorists should be blame and punished.there is no reason to kill ordinary people.they may be your friend's friends,your son's friends...peace is wishes to our world.

Posted by leo November 3, 09 04:37 AM

These are the type of images that Americans need to see in order to instill compassion for these unfortunate victims. If only American media superpowers would allow it.

Posted by Ivan C. November 4, 09 10:46 AM

My deep condolence to people of Pakistan. it's like unstoppable bombings happen there from time to time. I wonder why...while i just can sit down in front of the television watching all of those incidents. Only a prayer to God is what i can send to you.

Posted by ical November 5, 09 10:22 AM

What is happening in Pakistan is Indian & Blackwater sponsored terrorism!

It has the hand of RAW written all over it!

Even the Taliban deny that thy were responsible for the bombing against civilians!

Not saying that the Talibs are angels either... but they will not attack their own power base...

India deserves to be nuked off the face of this planet!

Posted by Clutch November 6, 09 09:16 PM

@109 Derek, Derek, Derek..... (sigh)

As the explanation for photo #12 states, the word "lashkar" refers to a militia. The photo is of one local lashkar, not THE Lashkar (whoever they might be.)

I think you are confusing this particular lashkar with Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is widely regarded to have sponsored the Mumbai attacks. The literal translation of Lashkar-e-Taiba would be "Army of the Good." The take-home point is that there are many lashkars, and it is important to distinguish between them. They have different memberships and different goals.

Posted by Lynn November 11, 09 08:19 AM

US should get lost from this region

Posted by sajid From Doha Qatar November 11, 09 01:27 PM

one thing every body must under stand here is once pakistan encouraged what we call taliban, LET and dozens of small groups, they are terrorists. infiltration across kashmir's border, it is happening every day even when their army presence is enormous along the indian border side where training camps also go on. but now what happens u see when every body puts the finger at pakistan they went to defend it and went on offencive so what happend........we all know that one moral is that if u do something bad to other guys it will happen to you this is true.

Posted by jeffery November 12, 09 06:37 AM

Pak's army under Gen Zia ul Haq is reponsible for putting us in this mess. If he had not supported the war against Russians we could have stayed clear of this. Later Bennazir & ISI further ruined Afghanistan by supporting the Talibans. Afghanis detest us Pakistanis for ruining their country in the 30 yr civil war.
Now the solution is to get all S Asia togther & put in a S Asian army to fight this meance. And if we look at the war fromthe Taliban;s point of view, the eliete has transferred $200/ billion or more from Pak thru corruption . And the more we borrow the hier the corruption.

Posted by navaid husain November 13, 09 12:44 AM

Obama came up with the slogan of "CHANGE"
yes they have just changed the color from white to black skin.
nothing more.

Posted by mudasser November 13, 09 04:33 AM

Noam Chomsky who is censored by the American establishment and media said it very aptly that US / Nato attack on Afghanistan is the worst immoral act in modern history. He also called the American foreign policy straight out of MAFIA.
Pakistan and Afghanistan are just another war theatre to keep the arms industry chugging ahead full steam, so what if a few thousand innocent lives are destroyed in the process. Sadly even a million lives do not matter when it comes to good life for USA.

Posted by Mohsin Zahur November 13, 09 05:29 AM

#123, #127
I agree with the nut shell of the story!

Posted by mn November 13, 09 10:52 AM

#21 is a pakistani Kevin Smith being questioned.

Posted by Viesse November 13, 09 12:15 PM

Be it Pakistani being caught every where with a terror connection. But u know what? Those are not Pakistanis. Those are the ones with the fake Pakistani passports. Thanks to the afghan war.
It was easy for everyone to get a Pakistani passport, but now its not easy and not even Obama can get a fake one.

Posted by Munda Pakistani November 13, 09 03:37 PM

Terrorists are terrorists irrespective of their race or religion. Only one thing is common, they do everything to come to limelight.
We have to see the root cause and erradicate it if someone is sincere to the humanity.
In afghanistan, 176 Billion dolars have been spent by the US to elimiate or control the terrorists. Assuming that 2500000 people have been killed, the price per head comes out to be $70,400 but the result is that double of these bersons have convered into terrorists. Hence we have produced 5000000 terrorists by spending $ 70,400 per head (Rs 5,843,200). A bad and endless solution
We must identify the root cause. To me, the cause all over the world is uneven distribution of wealth and inequality which is a fact. Had this amount expended on the welfare of the region, all these persons would have otherwise become slaves of USA or the donors.
This is my personal belief, other'e may and should have been having different viewpoint but this aspect is worth considering.

Posted by Arshad November 14, 09 01:15 AM

Pakistan is a fighting nation that has won a whole series of wars with India, Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. All is that is needed from the rest of the world is that we continue to support Pakistan so that peace can be maintained.

Simply put more aid to Pakistan

Posted by Dmitri Zimmermann November 20, 09 03:26 PM

@123, which is hosting these pictures, is owned by the Sulzberger family, in addition to the NY Times. I'm not sure of what media superpowers you speak of; i'm an American that is able to see such images.

Posted by Ian Carmany November 20, 09 09:10 PM

Maybe we should send you over there George, so that YOU can see what real life and death is about. Not saying I wish that upon you Sir, merely stating that we shouldn't assume we know more about life and death than the people that are actually there dying. Our kids might be over there fighting to make the lives of the people who live there better, but let's not kid ourselves and think that's why they were sent there.

These images shouldn't incite political partiality, instead make us realize how war, the military industrial complex, economic imperialism, and religious fanaticism is tearing our world apart.

Posted by Anu November 23, 09 03:02 AM

We are at war to save ourselves, our country and indeed the whole world. We are a nation that will never back down in front of such nefarious terrorist agenda. They have dug their own grave by openly targeting our men, women and children... Long live Pakistan!

Posted by Fawwaz Siddiqui December 8, 09 07:13 AM

I donot know why people still consider these terrorists innocent. All the investigations clearly revealed that these attacks were perpetrated by these nortorious gangsters. For God sake donot close your eyes, these terrorist would send you to the stone age. No university no school no market are safe because of these terrorists.These are the enemies of civilization and culture. They only know how to slaughter human beings.

Posted by shahid khan January 31, 10 11:07 AM

I am pakistani, spent a lot of time in these areas never seen these scenes and never thought of this stuff. This all start happening in 2007. Nobody and no one can really imagine what exectly the real people of those areas are passing through, its sad. Who ever is after it should stop now !

Posted by syed sheeraz March 6, 10 02:26 AM

i am from india, and i am feeling pretty ashamed after reading some comments regarding RAW. in our country, the media does not report such accusations.

Posted by Amman March 21, 10 04:19 AM

PSYCHO people at that down with America rally. they were mad because we sent BILLIONS of dollars of AID to their country?
Wow, just, wow.

Posted by Ryan December 19, 10 01:54 PM
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