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October 1, 2009 Permalink

China celebrates 60 years

China formally kicked off its mass celebrations of 60 years of communist rule with a 60-gun salute that rung out across Beijing's historic Tiananmen Square earlier today. Hundreds of thousands of participants marched past Tiananmen Square in costume or uniform, with floats and dancers mingling with soldiers and military hardware. Collected here are photographs of the once-in-a-decade National Day parade in Beijing, and of others commemorating the anniversary elsewhere. (39 photos total)

In this photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, the phalanx of the national flag receives inspection in a parade in Beijing of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the founding of China on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009. (AP Photo/Xinhua, Huang Jingwen)

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1664 comments so far...

incredible what people can do. amazing pics as always

Posted by isaac wood October 1, 09 12:37 PM

Great pics!

Posted by Justin October 1, 09 12:50 PM

#36 impressive! It´s amazing how organized they are!

Posted by Luciano Stabel October 1, 09 12:51 PM

really.. amazing pics

Posted by gatty October 1, 09 12:51 PM

Genial... por fin el segundo en comentar...
Es increible la perfección que poenen los chinos en todos sus shows... , si bien es cierto es algo relacionado con el poder armamentista, rescato el colorido y lo maravilloso de las imagenes, una vez más Boston, increible...
Kco desde Chile

Posted by Marcos October 1, 09 12:52 PM

That just sounds funny. 60th anniversary of a country that's been there since before the dinosaurs.

Posted by Hello Kitty October 1, 09 12:55 PM

Those commies no how to throw a good parade, I'll give them that.

Posted by Adam October 1, 09 12:56 PM

This is an absolutely stunning collection of photographs!

Posted by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML October 1, 09 12:57 PM

wonderful! makes me realize China really has come a long way to reach where it is today.

Posted by Gary October 1, 09 01:00 PM

Amazing display of economic and military might. Makes me wonder why the U.S. is going it alone in its current role of global police force... political differences aside, the U.S. need to be much more engaged in working to align common interests with China.

Posted by Marishka Askim October 1, 09 01:01 PM

If there are something that China has, are people! Incredible sincro and pictures!

Posted by Ben Olivares October 1, 09 01:04 PM

A Celebration of Communism, and the world thinks this is OK... Amazing

Posted by Dan October 1, 09 01:06 PM

VERY VERY good pics.

Posted by Bunty October 1, 09 01:07 PM

Long live China£¬I love my country $@^@$

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 01:12 PM

world's real super power. congrat

Posted by Lanka De silva October 1, 09 01:19 PM


Posted by 啦啦啦 October 1, 09 01:20 PM

I have no doubts that the 21st century will be the Chinese century, just as the 20th was the US century and the 19th was dominated by Britian. You had better get used to it.

Posted by Quatguy October 1, 09 01:21 PM

First the Olympics, now this! Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution! Also congratulations on a fine set of photographs!

Posted by Johan van Rooyen October 1, 09 01:22 PM

Incredible !
25 years ago it was so different:

Posted by jmbaud October 1, 09 01:26 PM

Pic#17. How dare they used Potala Palace in their parade!!! With many pictures showing Chinese military, the picture signifies the tragedy of Tibet, which China has been oppressing.

Posted by Scott October 1, 09 01:27 PM

waiting for those picture for long time.....

Posted by mao October 1, 09 01:27 PM

@12 Same thought here.

Theres so much wrong in this country and everybody knows it. Then ther're doing a ideal world celebration and everybody is like Amazing! Wonderful! etc

Posted by John October 1, 09 01:28 PM

absolutely incredible images, colours and precision in these stills. Reminded me of the Soviet era May Day parades. Only more colourful. And likely on a bigger scale.

Posted by Mike W October 1, 09 01:32 PM

Thanks for the photos. Stunning, as usual.

One comment on the introductory paragraph: The 60th isn't just another "once per decade" celebration. Even for individuals, the 60th birthday is a big deal in China, as 60 years is considered to be one "lifetime" (5 cycles of the 12-year Chinese zodiac). Traditionally, Chinese people don't make a big deal out of birthdays until a person reaches their 60th, and then the celebration is as big as they can afford. So for the Republic to reach its 60th birthday has special significance.

Posted by Choudoufu October 1, 09 01:34 PM

I can see why the Chinese have multiplied to 1.4 Billion people. If all the women in China look like those goose stepping parade chicks it's got to be impossiable for the guys can't keep their hands off em.

Posted by Lou Conova October 1, 09 01:36 PM

Fantastic collection. Best I've seen in the last few weeks here. The colors are amazing.

Posted by Leandro October 1, 09 01:38 PM

They make quite an effort.
@comment#12: Let me guess, you are an American, right? There is something in this world called diversity. You should google it.

Posted by Higgns October 1, 09 01:40 PM

It's nice to see that China is slowly getting its act together. And while the nation's leaders still cling stubbornly to the notion that they're running a Communist country, China's increasing forays into the wonders of capitalism belie something different. It'll be interesting to see where things stand in another 60 years...

Posted by Jim Pettit October 1, 09 01:42 PM

fascinating! wonderful photos.

Posted by tim October 1, 09 01:44 PM

Thanks for publishing these amazing pics in high resolution!

Posted by Bart Lapers October 1, 09 01:48 PM

Thats what our world needs... more militarism

Posted by Eduard October 1, 09 01:52 PM

It's unbelievable to me that the Chinese in the US celebrate this thing. I was raised in a communist country and for sure there's nothing to celebrate about being oppressed. Ridiculous.

Posted by dom October 1, 09 01:54 PM

It's amazing to me that some one still keeps old ideology mind-set when he observes what is happening in China in the 21st century. It's celebration of 60th anniversary of P.R of China, not Commies party. Chinese commies will be over 80 years old by now.

Posted by Yang October 1, 09 01:56 PM

It is amazing how everyone looks like they are the same height.
I also wonder what is up with the 8-bit digital look of camouflage? I first saw this with US uniforms...

Posted by Gary October 1, 09 01:56 PM


Their celebration really is amazing. The United States have never put together a parade this impressive in its existence, and you both know it.

That said, it's not like a parade of military strength is suddenly indoctrinating everyone abroad into a dictatorial stupor. People are plenty capable of putting their problems with China's policy aside for long enough to note that it's an impressive act of coordination and the photos are interesting, nothing more and nothing less.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 01:57 PM

My friends, brothers, sisters, i am sorry to tell you, that the west lost the game. This is a new period, new world is rising. Goodbye USA
hello China, the new empire.

Posted by zagooto October 1, 09 02:01 PM

I'd love to see the positive and prosperous side of human society-like this celebration. I am glad at the government and people of China are doing the right things . Politics aside, the achievement is obvious and the strides can make all proud - us included.

In contrast, the most democratic country however struggles to be on the right track amid so many messes to clean up. At the end of day, facts tell the truth. Make sure that all will do the right thing first - like what they have done.

Posted by Dave Coz October 1, 09 02:03 PM

Congrats on posting "congrats" for your own country. Tell your international PR director that they'll have to be a little more clever. Pic #20 is the telling story here: While the government spends all the money whipping everyone into walking and sitting in a perfect line (not that it's a fruitless skill), the workers who produce the country's GDP don't even have enough to buy furniture to watch your self-indulgent parade.

BTW... I can say "Screw USA". Can you say "Screw China"? ;.) Didn't think so.

Posted by Non-Chinese-Guy October 1, 09 02:03 PM

WTH is up with pic #38??? Has the US sold out that much???

Posted by tantaratum October 1, 09 02:07 PM


Congratulation to China,

From an Indian.

Posted by Harshal October 1, 09 02:08 PM

#25 my absolute favourite, the slightly different expressions while shouting - made me laugh out loud

Posted by Steven October 1, 09 02:10 PM

@34 - Give me a Canyon of Heroes parade for astronauts any day. America is willing to celebrate the individual.

Both 17 and 38 make me sad.

Posted by Webguy October 1, 09 02:13 PM

Americans are too poor and too stoned to put on a party like that...I love the pics...Thanks

Posted by richie October 1, 09 02:14 PM

It looks like everybody's "In" the parade -nobody left to be the spectators

Posted by MCHammer October 1, 09 02:14 PM

amazing? is this what you are looking for?

Posted by Guillermo October 1, 09 02:15 PM

Warning: never view images of China whilst on LCD. Those repetitive forms just blew my mind.

Posted by Elliot October 1, 09 02:16 PM

everything is so orderly that a lot of the pics look like those 3d optical illusion things.

Posted by Sam October 1, 09 02:17 PM

These are the folks holding major amounts of the US Gov. credit bill... gotta admit, made me swallow hard. How will China steward its growing global power and potential? What an intriguing country. Would love to visit one day.

Posted by Randy Gonzales October 1, 09 02:17 PM

For anybody who actually knew communism first hand, this is disgraceful to watch. And the naivety of the westerners praising this is even more disgraceful.

Posted by Dragos October 1, 09 02:18 PM

@39... I agreee with you.

Posted by Meagan October 1, 09 02:20 PM

Absolutely amazing photography! The synching of the soldiers walks is well in time, but in a scary way.

Posted by Edward Lui October 1, 09 02:21 PM

They all look the same at pic #16 !


Posted by Fred October 1, 09 02:24 PM

Wow. Stunning photos. China has had some pretty amazing achievements, especially in just the past 20 years or so.

@17: Very interesting observation.

I don't think this is a celebration of communism, per se, but more of a celebration of human achievements. China is becoming more liberal (embracing capitalism, expanding trade), and the US has become more socialist (gov't bailing out companies as needed). Neither extreme works well in the long run, so maybe a well-balanced government somewhere between capitalism and socialism is the best solution.

Posted by spyra October 1, 09 02:26 PM

Thanks very much for the pictures!

Posted by CAZ October 1, 09 02:27 PM

I like that Empire State building was in red and yellow. That might happen sooner than we think in real life.

Posted by Justin October 1, 09 02:29 PM

Funny, I seem to recall that the USSR had similarly impressive parades.

Posted by ja October 1, 09 02:32 PM

strong country, sticking to its culture...

one word..unparalleled DISICPLINE

Posted by elmo October 1, 09 02:35 PM

The train is not a chinese train. It's a (illegal) copy from Siemens, Germany.

Posted by Guido October 1, 09 02:43 PM

Very nice photos & some very funny comments.

Posted by Steve October 1, 09 02:45 PM

Look at the transport system in the city which wants to host the Olympics! Chicago's El. This makes China look like they're living in the 23rd Century. I find it amazing that I live in a country which still thinks a train built over 50 years ago can support a modern day Olympics. Laughable.

Posted by pk October 1, 09 02:49 PM

#23 is now my desktop. Thanks.

Posted by George October 1, 09 02:53 PM


No, the pictures send of message of "Amazing! Wonderful!" not as a poor excuse for China's pitfalls, but IN SPITE of them. The Chinese people actually know a helluva lot more about fighting and standing up against their government on a daily basis than you do, and yet they still manage to hold their own, enjoy themselves, and celebrate their headway as a sound culture

You need to drop the microscope and just listen to find out who they really are. If anything, you should be encouraged by the values conveyed that are stronger than any preemptive strike.

Posted by greg October 1, 09 02:55 PM

great picture and great parade!
i am happy for my country and all the chinese people.

Posted by xj October 1, 09 02:59 PM

WHOA! That's A LOT of people. I know they have over 1 billion people but jeez. We'd never see crowds like that in America.

The troops are flawless in these pictures too... kind of scary.

Posted by Ray October 1, 09 03:00 PM

of course amazing, stunning, wonderful etc.

but on the other hand: a system where the individual doesn't count, and everybody is just a part of something else. in the pictures as well as in socienty... thats scary

Posted by Pete October 1, 09 03:00 PM

They should add this image to the list as well.

From a Chinese.

Posted by Michael C. October 1, 09 03:03 PM

@ comment 27, if you're so in favor of diversity, let the American be different than you.

Look at how much China's changed since they adopted a free market...

Posted by John Doe October 1, 09 03:04 PM

Let's not forget that this page is here to celebrate the photos, not necessarily the ideology of communism. And these photos are absolutely stunning. Bravo!

Posted by Kevin October 1, 09 03:10 PM

Those photos are fabulous! The colors and precision are so incredible! Beautiful!

Posted by Tomara October 1, 09 03:14 PM

Reply To Mao Tse-Tung

Legendary snow leopard
once roamed Chingkang Mountain,
strode mightily
over the Great Snowy Mountain...
His Long March cradled
sharpen claws;
he entered old age,
swam the Yangtze River
like a playful boy.
Thunderstorms come; a wilderness of snowflakes
fall across cities, countryside,
and nation-states;
An array of pale stars and stripes like a banner
of pale bones and blood
attempts to suffocate the world,
But heroes come again
amid a red sea of stars.

Luis Lazaro Tijerina
October 1st, 2009
Burlington, Vermont

Posted by Luis Lazaro Tijerina October 1, 09 03:14 PM

#4 - What exactly is the name of that "formation"?

Posted by Chris October 1, 09 03:28 PM

Amazing Pictures!~Good color, good view. I just realized that China is such a big country! So many people!

Posted by Pitsbug October 1, 09 03:28 PM

Great pictures! Great people! Wish you good luck forever, beloved China!

Posted by Waynewyt October 1, 09 03:29 PM

good job an picture
I m spanish but I watch this web every day

sorry for my english

Posted by guillermo October 1, 09 03:32 PM

I love the second picture since I'm from Hebei province and that's HEBEI BANGZI OPERA!!!

Pictures rock! Thanks The Boston Globe! I love the US of A too!

Posted by Qiang October 1, 09 03:36 PM

Was that the german transrapid train on picture #28?

Posted by Chris October 1, 09 03:37 PM

Wow, but I would take a farmboy from Nebraska or Indiana anyday to fight my fight. Let's hope they stay 'friends?'...

Posted by sam October 1, 09 03:37 PM

нам всем пиздец

Posted by Вова October 1, 09 03:38 PM


Posted by Greg October 1, 09 03:44 PM

@36 "that the west lost the game." - what game? Are you impressed by the military display? Well, did you see any aircraft carriers in these parades? no? That's because _they don't have any_. Even France has aircraft carriers. No, I don't think we need to worry about any Chinese empires anytime soon.

re pic #4: I'm not sure this counts as "formation". No offense to the PLA Air Force.

PLA-style marching is a lot wider than US - the arms swing a lot more, etc. Interesting look. Great pics!

Posted by ech October 1, 09 03:46 PM

They put uniformity in uniform. The marching naval soldiers in white @15 and the rest of the pictures are really amazing and scary. I haven't seen American troops march like that in that kind of numbers with such precise alignment ever. The only thing close to that was boot camp.

America better get it's act together! It might take a president to move us into Socialism but it looks like China could take us into Communism. They are watching our every move in Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking at our failures and strengths and building, building, building... and we keep paying them interest.

Posted by Tom October 1, 09 03:47 PM

Very militaristic display, yet very colorful. Its a shame that events like this have to be so much about military.

Funny that a country as old as China would celebrate their "60th" birthday. Seems like it should be 2660 or something.

Posted by KB October 1, 09 03:48 PM

Well for all these that say that is a celebration of communism or something like that it will be nice to ask you if you know what communism is?

I mean communism if you look in wikipedia is
"is a family of economic and political ideas and social movements related to the establishment of an egalitarian, classless and stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general, as well as the name given to such a society"

For example if China is a stateless place then yes we can talk if its communist society or not.(I think that most of you will agree that China is on the opposite side).
If not then you should wonder how you can judge something that you dont know what it says. Read what it says and then judge it


Posted by xamogelo October 1, 09 03:57 PM

i love you china

Posted by lea October 1, 09 03:57 PM

The photos are great, but the regime is horribly repressive, capturing or killing anyone who disagrees with them. There's nothing to celebrate about that.

Posted by Florian Van Dorpe October 1, 09 04:21 PM

reminds me of that saying: If somebody tells you you're "1 in a million" ..that means there are about 2000 of you in China!.

Amazing how all those soldiers in formation look SO alike!!

Posted by uber October 1, 09 04:38 PM

Some of the pictures almost look like screenshots from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Posted by David Orme October 1, 09 04:43 PM

Fortunately, the so called communist China did not kill so many people in other countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan.


Fortetunatly, the so called communist China did not kill so many people in the world, like

A Celebration of Communism, and the world thinks this is OK... Amazing

Posted by Dan October 1, 09 01:06 PM

Posted by SV October 1, 09 04:45 PM

One word: Amazing!

Posted by mk2 October 1, 09 04:45 PM

Oh god, the comments are hilarious.
I especially like how China is bad for being militaristic, and yet it's not the one to maintain armed presence throughout the world.

Posted by danvolodar October 1, 09 04:46 PM

Hello Chinese censors! ...

Posted by Dust October 1, 09 04:49 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 04:51 PM

Wonderful photos of people turning to robots, and there are some people from the West who find this stunning..

What a waste of money and time to promote someone who killed 70 millions of his own people !

Posted by TZ October 1, 09 04:56 PM

Happy B-Day China!

Great Job!

Posted by Oliver October 1, 09 05:01 PM

dan un miedo...

Posted by charo October 1, 09 05:02 PM

Boston, exelente

Gracias por permitirnos disfrutar de las impresionantes imagenes del aniversario de la republica de China.

Saludos desde sur de chile

Posted by José October 1, 09 05:05 PM

I for one, welcome our new overlords, the goose stepping fembots in miniskirts and go-go boots

Posted by score! October 1, 09 05:08 PM

@34, the 8-bit pattern confuses computers, digital zoom cameras/binoculars/telescopes, etc., better! 21st century camouflage.

Posted by Joey October 1, 09 05:18 PM

cooooool pics!

Posted by david October 1, 09 05:30 PM

Geniales fotos!
Gran historia la de paises decididos como china, las gringos les molesta el comunismo, pero asi como a ello les es dañino el comunismo para el resto del mundo sus atrocidades tambien nos son dañinas.
Si fuera un desfile de invasion gringa muchos lo celebraran, pero como es uno de celebracion de la resistencia contra el individualismo occidental no les gusta.
Grande China!

Posted by Luis Cala October 1, 09 05:30 PM

umm why is empire state building lighted red and yellow? since when do usa support communism?

Posted by Rezwan October 1, 09 05:32 PM

Wonderful pictures. Just amazing.

Posted by Mike October 1, 09 05:35 PM


China really deserve the success!!!

Wish China can play one role in the world for the peaceful of our world!

China has never send any army to abroad to invade any country!!

Go ahead China!!

Posted by Peace October 1, 09 05:42 PM

great pictures. thanks

Posted by nicole October 1, 09 05:45 PM

@79. China celebrate the 60th Birthday just for New China, since 1949, they got their Independence.
Of course China is over 4000 years old.:)

Posted by anna October 1, 09 05:46 PM

This is a parade, people. No one has "lost" or "won" anything. Its all just a show, granted a big one. If the Chinese want to blow capital on this while their country and world economy suffers, wonderful. Probably would have been better spent feeding their hungry. This is not a statement about a nations place in the world, even though this is what it is "meant" to be.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 05:51 PM

Hu Jintao.

Emperor Palpatine just called, he wants his clone army back.

Posted by David Orme October 1, 09 05:52 PM

When the communist party step down, China peope will celebrate 20 times bigger than this. This means nothing. it's just the outside look, in side .. China is empty.

Posted by GangTJ October 1, 09 06:03 PM


Posted by tutututu October 1, 09 06:05 PM

doesn't most of their population still live in third world conditions? not really progress is it? "never mind those peasants, look over here at this shiny parade!" "ooooooooo ahhhhhh"

Posted by Harper Scott October 1, 09 06:09 PM

Impressive attention to detail and synchronization, but I'm a bit bothered by the overtones of a great glorious military nation. It looks a bit the old Soviet military parades or like the current North Korean parades.

Posted by Tom from Canada October 1, 09 06:09 PM

Hi Guys, when you are looking at these pics, amazed and surprised, maybe a little bit different from the images of this country you had in mind before, would you think you've been brain washed by western media for many years :-)

Posted by SY October 1, 09 06:18 PM

They should also add the image of the "tank man" to the list as well.

For some reasons, my link to that images didn't get aprove. Search for tank man in google.

From a chinese.

Posted by Michael C. October 1, 09 06:19 PM

All I could think through the majority of these pictures was.


This must take alot of training and dedication to pull this kind of parade off.

THat being said, no.5, far left, third head down, doesn't have his amr extended as far forward as the rest of them. Very sloppy.

Posted by David Christie October 1, 09 06:20 PM

I can't decide between playing C&C Generals or watching Battlestar Galactica... nah I'm just kidding. Congrats China, you are heading in the right direction in many fields. I for one just hope you wont end up as such big consumerists as us in the west.

Posted by Mike October 1, 09 06:22 PM

excelentes fotografías. ya era hora que pusieran una entrada con fotografías alegres y no de destrucción. pff! tengo corazón de pollo. ok no!

Posted by alfonso October 1, 09 06:23 PM

Great parade and great photos. Actually the evening gala and fireworks are even more stunning. Wish more photos are coming...

Posted by Siegfried October 1, 09 06:24 PM

#8 The infamous 27th Fighting Meter Maid Squadron.

And no, I'm not gonna say anything about #34...

Posted by Schmierwurst October 1, 09 06:24 PM

very good,congratulations on the 60th anniversary, thanks for the collections of photographs,very nice, I love my country,bye.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 06:27 PM

Nice. There's no better thing in this world than Chinese military might, which protects 1.4 billion people and upholds world peace.

Posted by Bill October 1, 09 06:30 PM

I love my country

Posted by Ho Chen,Oswaldo October 1, 09 06:30 PM

all of american friends who post their comments, you should ask yourself a question:"have you ever been to China." how do you know what happened during these 60 years???? China has been stronger and stronger and this is fact; please do not be jealous! you are not world police and you should care about how can you save your economy! BTW, this is a birthday of P.R.C, not a party! thx!

Posted by zz October 1, 09 06:33 PM

I am so proud of you,my motherland,my sweet home, China
and same to these pretty guys, thank you for your hard work in past few months. You are amazing,China is amazing!

Posted by 酱油er October 1, 09 06:46 PM

Great picture ! !
Congratulations on the 60th anniversary.

Posted by Frank October 1, 09 06:49 PM

I love my motherland China.

-- Renz From Washington DC with love.


Posted by renz October 1, 09 06:50 PM

It is funny how many people here apply double standards when it comes to China.

I've seen French Bastille Day military parade, Indian, British... not to mention the American ones. People whistle, chant and get excited. Why when it comes to the Chinese PLA, it's scary and wasteful?

Well, I am glad that #38 mentioned the peasants who can't afford proper furniture. Well, to my understanding, even these people, who are viewed as being repressed, disadvantaged and treated unfairly, love the country and celebrate its achievements.

As a Chinese living in the States, I celebrated China's 60 anniversary with a bunch of other Chinese people in a bar in New York. I might be funny for you why someone escaped from a "repressive" country would celebrate the birthday of a communist regime. The answer is that maybe it is not that repressive. Maybe it is to some extent lovable. Chinese society, maybe somehow repressive in your Westerners eyes, has never been so open. Women go to work, participate in politics. We are educated to respect other ethics, and we are a big family.

I am not a huge fan of the CCP myself, but I have to say it has been doing a decent job. I approve it. I never thought of overthrowing it. Believe me, if one day Chinese people decide to overthrow the government, then don't underestimate the power of 1.3 billion people. Read some Chinese history, you will know how many empires ended in peasants' hands.

Anyways, I am never more proud to be a Chinese. I hope the country will grow stronger and contribute more to the world economy and progress - as what it had been doing in the last thousands of years.

Posted by MDH October 1, 09 06:55 PM

whether China is right or wrong, shouldn't be judged by outsiders,
shouldn't be judged from what the mass media have commented,
shouldn't be judged by people who don't know the history and culture of China.
go ask someone from Tibet, ask someone from China, see if they really hate it.

Posted by icarus October 1, 09 07:09 PM

You always want to show your muscle when you have the chance, if you were bullied by others before. Read the history of last 200 years, you will find out why the Chinese love a parade of military strength

Posted by anonymous October 1, 09 07:26 PM

One word - scary.
Two words - beautiful & scary.

Posted by Itay October 1, 09 07:31 PM

I loved the pictures, they are beautiful.
and... the weird comments.....
I think I enjoyed the photography more.
Absolutely loved how the moment of the fireworks in Hong Kong were captured. They are stunning!!
I missed Hong Kong. =)

Posted by Melanie October 1, 09 07:32 PM

Wow! Look what you bought with all your copyright violations of Western intellectual property.

Well done China.

Posted by grfk dzgn October 1, 09 07:55 PM

Its looks old fashioned and too rigid. Get with the times China! or all this old commie stuff will collapse from the inside.

Posted by JG October 1, 09 08:12 PM

Sure, you can have a party in China...

any Party, as long as it's the Communist Party

Posted by HT October 1, 09 08:13 PM

I am so proud of my country! Yes, China isn't perfect, well nothing in the world is perfect, isn't it? But, hey no matter what was on your mind, China has been doing well, and even better than most of other countries if not all. If you knew the history of China, you would be deeply impressed by the achievement that China government has done in the past 30 years. After all, feeding 21% of the world population isn't that easy ... imaging if there are 1.4B people in the current US, what would happen?

BTW, why 60th is special? coz it's something magic, do some homework you will understand :) and that will let you know some very basic Chinese culture.

Posted by zher October 1, 09 08:19 PM
135.'s really how China spectacular!!!

Posted by Tumasouw October 1, 09 08:19 PM

I am so proud of my country! Yes, China isn't perfect, well nothing in the world is perfect, isn't it? But, hey no matter what was on your mind, China has been doing well, and even better than most of other countries if not all. If you knew the history of China, you would be deeply impressed by the achievement that China government has done in the past 30 years. After all, feeding 21% of the world population isn't that easy ... imaging if there are 1.4B people in the current US, what would happen?

BTW, why 60th is special? coz it's something magic, do some homework you will understand :) and that will let you know some very basic Chinese culture.

Posted by zher October 1, 09 08:20 PM

These photos are wonderful and the parade quality is wonderful, but do you wonder why the streets are so quiet? People were told that for security reasons they had to stay home and watch it on tv. If they had a window facing the parade they had to pull down the shade. This is "face" in the worst sense--things look good, but in reality it is rather pathetic. That is not to say that I think this is some sort of "competition" with the west. The world has big big problems, and we are all going to have to work together if this species is going to survive.

Posted by Vaquero October 1, 09 08:22 PM

Love my homeland. No matter what *ism she is in. That is how chinese different from others. Homeland is homeland. We will work to make it better everyday. We chinese do not give up like others (#32).

Posted by A US chinese October 1, 09 08:37 PM

lol wow, that's why no one messes with china. Their military makes me wanna drop down and bow down to communism.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 08:42 PM

You've got to hand it China, they're really great at ripping-off top notch Western military hardware and manufacturing low quality wannabe knock-off versions en masse for their own military. Rely on the West to innovate in the area of defense technology, then steal and reverse engineer it....or just buy it from Bill Clinton!

Posted by Slick October 1, 09 08:45 PM

wow. I never seen this millatry parade before. And there is so many peoples. How can they be invited? There's so many people!

Posted by John October 1, 09 08:47 PM

Selamat Untuk HUT Kemerdekaan RRT, Negara kuat Rakyat Sejahtera

Posted by Harianto October 1, 09 08:47 PM

I´m sorry to say this but here and everywhere i read a lot of hypocrites comments. Well, here the People´s Republica of China has an extensive military parade, it is wrong. If the americans do it, there´s no problem. The chinese are showing off their armamentistic equipmente, planes, guns, that´s so wrooong... But they´re not invading any country, they´re not in a war killing people. If the americans have nuclear energy, that´s allright, but if the iranians or Venezuela ever thinks about it, it´s WW·. Come on. As far as I know they´re just celebrating their 60 years of foundation, let them be. I think there should be more freedom, but, that´s in the view of my western eyes. I´m not chinese and i don´t know they way of thinking. We should not judge that much.

Posted by steven October 1, 09 08:51 PM

They are forced to participate in this "parade". What a bunch of propaganda.

Posted by bob October 1, 09 08:51 PM


Posted by drow October 1, 09 08:57 PM

Beautiful pics! Thank you!

Posted by uconner October 1, 09 09:01 PM

Please allow me to catch my breath....

Posted by Rodrigo Blanco October 1, 09 09:04 PM


"China has never send any army to abroad to invade any country!"


Posted by ctcpdx October 1, 09 09:22 PM

China history as a single unified country goes back 2700 years ago. Of these, 60 are under a communist regime, and of that about 25 under a fairly free economic system. So anybody who see these pictures as representative of China's Communism is very naive. The country, the people, the culture, the land, the history, and the values are far beyond a mere political ideology.

Posted by The Real Deal October 1, 09 09:24 PM

I am proud for our great country.

Posted by rene October 1, 09 09:24 PM

The US has the ability to put on an event like this, but there is no need to do so in the USA. The US military is still the most advanced in the world. China may have more troops, but they can't afford to feed all of them. This is a show for the countrymen and the rest of the world to show the military might and the people's pride. China took some major bows in the past 200 years. The country considers 200 years the "recent past". In the US 200 years is our infancy. It's not that Americans are too stupid or stoned (@43), it's a cultural difference of not needing a parade to display greatness. The US has many flaws, but so does China. Both nations still posess much greatness. As do all the different cultures of the planet.

Beutiful photos and very powerful representation of a great Nation.

Posted by Nate October 1, 09 09:25 PM

How could a country used millions of dollars to do such a ostentatious parade rather than relieve the dismal condition in rural area? There are millions of people who do NOT have clothes to wear and food to feed on. This really made me feel disappointed.

Posted by Jasmine October 1, 09 09:28 PM

Great Army!
So Disciplined£¡
Proud of being a Chinese£¡
Happy Birthday£¬New China£¡

Posted by Simon October 1, 09 09:32 PM

For those who repeatedly condemn "communism" either through ideological conflict or "personal" experience, re-evaluate your perception of China* and Chinese* communism. I don't think anyone here who's claimed a experience with a "communist government" has even been to China nor has he even smelled its government. Sure it's lacking in many respects, but the PRC doesn't gun down theists and commandeer on whim. The PRC has come a long way and the parade is a celebration of its progress.

Realize that China is grossly different than your conception of a communist state or any other current communist nation.

It's not Cuba.

Posted by Ed Wu October 1, 09 09:36 PM

The guy who pointed out that China is not communist is spot on. Communism is an ideology China doesn't even come close to. China is far more capitalist. To be communist you HAVE to be a democracy, you have to have no real governing authority, and there would be no poverty. Seeing as how China is an authoritarian police state rampant with poverty, we can safely assume that it is not communist.

Communism is like Christianity: It's never been tried because its ideals are too difficult to live up to. All the governments of the past which have been called Communist have branded themselves that after their Great Leaders read maybe a page or two of the Communist Manifesto. China is the only country in the civilized world, besides the US, who doesn't have socialized health care. How communist is that?

Posted by Moji October 1, 09 09:39 PM

Well, after seeing so many silly comments here, I guess I have to say something...

Firstly, lets talk about picture #20. Ok, don't u americans think there is no poor people in the States? Well, so who the F are those beggars in NY, are they just fake? When u americans spent so much money in killing ppl in Iraq but they spent money to help those ppl? In what logic u can blame the poor people in China as China still clamied itself as a developing country. #20 just want to show even those people who have lower life standard in China they still love their own country. Nothing more.

I also think u americans logics are so funny: bcos China is a community country so China is evil... U westeners always think the way: who believe something different from u and u will believe they are not justice and should be punished. Just like the cruisaders killing the muslin people long ago just bcos they don't believe your "God". Please, read some Chinese history before critize China. You will know how many times u westerners invade China especially during Qing Dynasty. Look the robbery u westerners have done in China. Go to the British Musem and France', u will see how many treasures collected in those musems are your GGGG-father robered from CHina. If China do not have strong military, then we can't protect ourselves from your babarism just like what u did in Iraq. That is why people in China are so happy to see China has a powerful military.

BTW, I guess many of u americans know the riot in Tibet last year but few of you know the riot in Xijiang province this year. Our government use military force to seize the ruffians in Tibet and western medias said this is jolt-squeeze. A similar event took place in Xinjiang province. A riot in Xinjiang ,people killing incoent people in streets but the government this time is afrid of using military force again because u western media will blame if the government do so. Therefore hundreds of killers were escaped from judge and the victims' families are angry and another riot is took place to revenge those who firstly startd the riot... But why this time u western media say nothing about this accident, why do u medias say our government is so merceful to those killers this time? Huh?

I guess I don't need to say no more...

Posted by ha October 1, 09 09:44 PM

Dijo luis calas "Si fuera un desfile de invasion gringa muchos lo celebraran, pero como es uno de celebracion de la resistencia contra el individualismo occidental no les gusta"

Bueno, pendejo, entréganos tus riñones, hígado y córneas, no seas un mezquino individualista occidental, y si no lo haces por las buenas te los quitamos por las malas, te raptamos y matamos para sacártelos, como hacen los chinos con los disidentes y gente de falun gong.

Posted by xbxcvxcv October 1, 09 09:47 PM

Happy birthday, China! I love you.

Posted by Cash October 1, 09 09:57 PM

Wow, to all of you people spouting crap about being afraid. Look at any, ANY other nations military traditions and parades.

First of, China's equiptment is Old. It's not technologically close to EU or NA.

Second, they have no Aircraft Carriers. No real sphere of influence is possible WITHOUT one in the modern world (in a military sense).

Third, most Chinese people don't hate or want to destroy the West/America. In fact, NONE do, not even the government. Actually, most Chinese people don't give 2 sh!ts about the good 'ol USA, so shut the nonsense already.

This isn't scary. Chinese military parades to celebrate 60 years of The Peoples Republic of China, not communism. They don't invade nations, displace hundreds of thousands, aid oppression, and police the world.

You know what's scary? You twats think this is "frightening" and China has the world in it's grasp.

DO YOU HAVE ANY FREAKING IDEA HOW MUCH THE UNITED STATES HAS DONE IN TERMS OF WAR, DESTRUCTION, DEATH AND DISPLACEMENT IN THE LAST 9 YEARS ALONE? JUST THE LAST NINE.. Look up the Civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq. Look at what the Israeli's are doing with our tributes to them, Palestine come to mind?

China is a saint in world affairs compared to us. Internally they have a conflicting history, but it is not our business or obligation to interfere with the internal workings of other nations. Ever.

Posted by Andreja Trbojevic October 1, 09 09:58 PM

great strides in parades. none in human rights and freedoms for citizens.

Posted by Jeff October 1, 09 10:01 PM

To the people who knew "first-hand communism", China wasn't following the "first-hand" anyway. Don't just assume and judge. Duh! Guess you don't care at all.

And to the people thinking its a "celebration of communism". It's really more of a "celebration of nationalism" underneath, which was and is why China survived and thrived from numerous wars for the past thousands of years.

As for the "US Screwer", offending one's home country isn't something Chinese typically do. not simply because the government doesn't like it. It's like calling your dad an asshole in front of your friends and showing off how "free" you are in your house That's quite amazing.

Posted by Terry October 1, 09 10:04 PM

Gotta love the fembots!

Posted by will October 1, 09 10:07 PM

To #101: USA had no choice but to let China bail them out by investing in the Empire State Building. Sad day for the BULLY of the world indeed...

To #110: Sucks to be you...based on your narrow minded logic that would make you a less than "3rd world population" dude!

Posted by Peter Henderson October 1, 09 10:07 PM

This is a great and amazing prade, but this is only one side from this country , from # 20 seems we can see other side ?

Posted by CJ from Toronto October 1, 09 10:18 PM


Posted by ERIC LU October 1, 09 10:27 PM

@ #101 the usa supports communism everytime one of its citizen shops at walmart. pretty much everything sold there is made in china

Posted by Gona Rhea October 1, 09 10:28 PM

symbol of unity , they did an excellent job.

I think this will scare the alien UFO away!

It is amazing how they can organize such event, I was amazed by the Olympic ceremony, now this!
When are we going to have something like this for US?

Posted by Jeff Stein October 1, 09 10:32 PM

People, clear up your minds and what you see is only..bravo!
"Borders? I have never seen one, but have heard they exist in the minds of some people" -Thor Heyerdahl

Posted by zhongguoren October 1, 09 10:36 PM

I love China!

and to all you haters:
don't act like you understand China.
especially the americans:
have a good look at your own country first.

Posted by cmaevcm October 1, 09 10:42 PM

i am Chinese!

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 10:43 PM

diversity..........I believe that a long wooden ship

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 10:45 PM

mean nothing to chinese people.....

Posted by neo October 1, 09 10:50 PM

I first visited China in 1991, have spent many months there since 2004, visited 12 provinces so far.

The Chinese people are more vast, and more intimate, and more poignant, than most is the west realize.

Remember when TV was wholesome? Still is in China. Remember when you could walk the streets, any streets, at night? Still can in China. Remember when there was ubridled optimism about the future? Plenty of that in China.

I am more pro west than 99.9% of Americans, but I do not bash China. China can have a very positive place in world history.

Posted by cuff October 1, 09 10:51 PM

fabulous. but that's just a show. life goes on.

Posted by Eugene@Eugene October 1, 09 10:53 PM

For these people who try to associate this great celebration in human history with communism, you all forget that there is something called Culture. Han Chinese are among the smartest, strongest, most hard-working and enduring nations in human history. That's why over 5000 thousands years of hardership, we only grow stronger!

Posted by A Chinese in US for over 20 years October 1, 09 10:54 PM

@77 Maybe 50 years ago ... there are few farm boys left in Nebraska or Indiana.

Beautiful photos.

Posted by john October 1, 09 10:56 PM

Hopefully, one day no country will make weapons parade... But looking at the history book... that day is not near.

Posted by Manuel October 1, 09 10:57 PM


Posted by people October 1, 09 10:58 PM

I'm Chinese. We are so happy today!

Posted by ttmover October 1, 09 11:06 PM

just nice shots, thank you

Posted by lx October 1, 09 11:07 PM

Celebrating communism is disgusting.

Posted by Khristopher October 1, 09 11:07 PM

Best soviet traditions. Deja-vu.

Posted by Offspring October 1, 09 11:09 PM

Awesome work. Pride for my country.

Love China.

Posted by z.zhao October 1, 09 11:20 PM

60 years of what.

Posted by Inspector Fu October 1, 09 11:23 PM

A very impressive display all built on the world's need to purchase cheap crap produced in China. If we all stopped buying goods made in China, perhaps partnering with a society that could produce our cheap crap, which possesses the same ideology of world's peaceful progression, we could put china back 20 years in less than 10 years.

Posted by J October 1, 09 11:23 PM

Yes a great achievement for china who have stuck to there guns and have evolved into not only a fine example of what the communist ideology can become without the greed and corruption of the west with it's greedy bankers and corporate scum who have gone out into the world to rob cheat and steal the wealth of poorer countries then when they finally get kicked out of these hapless counties leaving them with no wealth left to build the infrastructures that they need to be truly modern world economies. While we in the west stand by ringing our hands at the sad state that we see these people and places have become, thank you democracy for rapping them blind and starving their children. While we in the west sit in front of our mind numbing TV's as we see yet another aid agent asking us to give more to help save yet another sad soul. Yes we give from our collective guilt to stave of the the truth of these injustices perpetrated by by the powerful upon the weak in the name of our made up GOD. While we in the west scoff and condemn China who have not rapped and staved the world to feed it's greed when all they have done is rise to the challenge of feeding the largest single population in the world , yes, at times with a tough but fear hand. There is much more to say but time is pressing on and i must go.
So on this note let me say congratulations to you China on a tough job well done ........ ps great photos

Posted by jonathan rodgers October 1, 09 11:36 PM

@137: if my government persuades me to stay at home watching TV rather than go on streets as a disruption I will oblige. you may hold different views but even in the States you are pulled off streets immediately if you cause inconveniences - see how police treat those protesters during the G20 Summit: beat, taser, and throw in jail.

Posted by merchatbaz October 1, 09 11:40 PM

Hope the weapons never point to thier own people, like 1989.

Posted by kokoni October 1, 09 11:41 PM

believe spring brother,get all live

Posted by df October 1, 09 11:48 PM

As a Chinese, I love my motherland. Happy birthday, China!! Actually, most people in China live in the similar ways as you guys. Most of us are proud of what our country has achieved, and most important, China is still moving ahead. We are expecting a brighter future. If you guys were not well educated to know enough of China history, if you guys had never visited China or talked to at least 10 common Chinese people, but draw some stupid brain-washed conclusions, please shut up.

Posted by chinese October 1, 09 11:50 PM

Nice parade, wondeful pictures!

Some of the wierd comments above told me that many westerns do not have a complete and full understanding of China. Trust me, this might be one of the deadly weaknesses of the western society.

Posted by Anno October 1, 09 11:51 PM


Posted by AK47 October 1, 09 11:51 PM

reply to #93
I am wondering why you think it is waste of money. it's more and more like a big party than before.most people are volunteers and enjoying themselves and will view it as one of the memorable experiences in one of in their lives.

The money for the military parade are from defense budget,it's also kind of training when our soldiers prepare for the parade which can arise people's pride and strenthen the solidarity of the nation.

Posted by Zhu October 1, 09 11:53 PM

#137 Well, as you think Chinese people are pathetic, I just feel sorry for you. Obviously you believe what you read and heard from many western media before. Have you ever thought the possiblity you were brain washed? I have just one suggestion for you: get an air ticket, visit China, see how Chinese people live with your eyes, and see if they are so pathectic as you imagined.

Posted by Hao He October 1, 09 11:58 PM

There is a sense of power that is jaw dropping and a bit provocative, bold displays are always a bit strange.

Posted by Mike Rusczyk October 1, 09 11:59 PM

I am a royal fan of Big Brother Hu (the president). I am very proud of you, my beloved China!

Posted by Rocky October 2, 09 12:01 AM

I can't believe what I see in #38...
Why don't we celebrate the Cuban revolution? Isn't it the same thing after all? How can you all be so blind?

Posted by Dominik October 2, 09 12:05 AM


Posted by qingpeng October 2, 09 12:14 AM

To all those sour grapes. I just want to let you know the Chinese are getting richer and stronger each day. :)

Posted by gc October 2, 09 12:21 AM

I just want to say that whenever we accuse others and point our fingers at them, there're actually more fingers pointing back in the same direction. Any kind of stereotype more or less derives from media propanganda, no matter where you grew up. If what you see is different from what you have been hearing all along, think twice before judging. Reality never lie.

Look at the picturs of those kids, no one can force them to smile and enjoy their youth. Why don't we start to learn about reality, it's never too late to begin.

As long as a country contributes its effort to a better world, be it environmentally or peace-wise, then I guess that government of that country is worth my salute.

Mr.President, please bring our sons back from Iraq and sign that Kyoto Protocol.

Posted by .J.l October 2, 09 12:24 AM

This pictures r very beautiful
So coooooool £¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:35 AM

Those lady soldiers are hot!

Posted by parade October 2, 09 12:41 AM

I love my country..freedom and democracy no oppression,Every Chinese people are proud..

Posted by lau October 2, 09 12:44 AM

Happy birthday to our dear motherland!

Our love for you knows no bounds, through thick and thin, rich and poor, sunny and stormy, past and forever!!

And we love you too, haters and cynics!

Posted by JPM October 2, 09 12:47 AM

very nice pics. pretty ladies in uniform. you girls can take me as
pow any time. :D

Posted by w October 2, 09 12:47 AM

#144: You are wrong.
Ask if anyone wants to perform in the parade, eveyone in China will put their hands up, dispite the hardwork and training they have to face. Parents cry with joy when their children are chosen to take part. This is for the glory and for their country. If in America, they will ask how much they are getting paid first, and is it enough for their hardwork and time. Parents will think their kids are dumb if they volenteer without pay. It is for the benefit and their own pocket. You tell me which country will go far.

Posted by CPTL October 2, 09 12:48 AM

Congratulation! For my matherland

Posted by H-Barmming October 2, 09 12:49 AM

For those who thinks "a scary society where the individual doesn't count and everybody is so alike", you need to take your time to REALLY KNOW people in that match, talk to them, learn their lives and stories, you'll find that they have lots of feelings not so different from yours.
I'm not in a position to judge whether taking all those strength to put together a show like this is the best way to celebrate. Just keep in mind that there are hundreds of cultures in the world, and people are diverse. Your being used to a certain mode of thinking does not justify an attitude of repelling all the others that think and act differently. Show them some respect. Americans are cool enough to do so.

Posted by sidms214 October 2, 09 12:50 AM

我愛中國 我深深為我的祖國而自豪

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:50 AM

Happy birthday, China!!
Great photos!

Posted by simmon October 2, 09 12:51 AM

China is the world's NO.1 in the past 3000 years and it's will be forever

Posted by wenew October 2, 09 12:51 AM

Hey, I advise you Western guys to watch the movie The foundation of The Republic and I'm sure you can notice there are so many famous stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li who are willing to perform in that movie for free. Then you would understand why so many people will attend that gorgeous celebration of 60th annversary and why the soliders are willing to do something like what you say "rigid" and why still unwealthy peasants are willing to celebrate that day.

Posted by Robin October 2, 09 12:54 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:57 AM

Thank you for these amazing pictures.
China still has many problems that need to be faced, but it is stronger and stronger each day.

Posted by ZLi October 2, 09 12:57 AM

Congratulation to the 60th birthday of the People's Republic of China!!
Very nice photos! Thank you Boston Globe!

As a Chinese in the United States, I could understand some slight differences between China and western countries. Western countries put more favorite to individualism and China does not. However, as a developing country with 1.3 billion population, China needs more collaborative and disciplined citizens to make the history.

Long live my homeland and my people!!

Posted by Huang October 2, 09 12:58 AM

I love my Country :-)

Posted by cyx October 2, 09 12:58 AM

believe in spring god
never die

Posted by wo October 2, 09 12:58 AM

Better than North Korean's

Posted by oldrev October 2, 09 01:00 AM

First reflect on their own, and then reflect on someone else.

Posted by Figer October 2, 09 01:02 AM

the pictures are pretty cool...
and to 198: u know what? money talks...pls kindly keep that in mind...:D

Posted by Rita October 2, 09 01:02 AM

China must be the center of the world in the future. It is the optimal honor for every Chinese soldier to join the parade.
USA is falling and will be nothing one day.
Support communism with Chinese characteristics forever

Posted by GOD October 2, 09 01:06 AM

Congratulation P.R China for marking 60s aniversary of new China. As an African who have been in China rescently I am happy for what China has achieved in its 30 year of opening to the world. You Chinese keep on bulding your country, keep on working hard keep peace and stability and be confident in your way and keep Chinese Model and socialist free market alive. Put the concern of your people in the center as you do it now. never be bother by the western song against your country since the whole world is witness of right way you follow to realize development.
Never use your power and might against weak nation the way western countries do in Iraq nad afganistan, Be the voice of oppressed nation bring balance and stability in the world. keep on win win policy in international trade and contracts and never be on the side of oppressors for that will create many anemies against you. Long Live P.R. China.Whether the cat is black or white is a problem so long it catches the mice. Never Rush into Quick and western way s of democracy. Remember the wise Chinese say that cross the river by throwing one stone at a go.
Posted by Antto Qamara Francis Tanzanian
Alumni Tsinghua University

Posted by Posted by Antto Qamara Francis Tanzanian October 2, 09 01:06 AM

GReat photos. I feel proud as an Chinese,
Happy 60th Anniversary, China, my motherland.

Posted by Janice October 2, 09 01:07 AM

This is Beijing, this is China !!!!

Posted by Michael October 2, 09 01:10 AM

I love my motherland ,happy birthday to you --- China!

Posted by Maggie October 2, 09 01:23 AM

#25 are the team from Ultraman when I was a kid.

amazing pictures.

Posted by jonathan October 2, 09 01:26 AM

O X!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 01:32 AM

None of western country should feel any scary. All the PLA weapons are far away from being threats to western world. However, Chinese people should be worried, because those weapons are stronger enough to kill us if we want to fight against the corrupted CCP government.

Posted by HG October 2, 09 01:34 AM

nice pictures.

Posted by ddd October 2, 09 01:35 AM

@152:"There are millions of people who do NOT have clothes to wear and food to feed on. "
Oh really? Who told you? You've been to China? You've seen this with your own eyes?

Posted by nuno October 2, 09 01:37 AM

As a Chinese who is not a fan of CCP, I am proud of 60th birthday of the country, even though the military parade may reminds you guy about USSR or whatever, you have to realize that the biggest audience of this show is people within this country, and the fact is they love this style of celebration, even those people who live in poor state do, they love to see their country become stronger, wealthier, cause they know that when the country get better, their lives get better which has been proved by reality. Just imagine that if your country used to be backward, poor and rapped by foreign invader under the name of GOD, isn't the success of self struggling from weak to comparatively wealth worthy of such a celebration?

Posted by shu xin October 2, 09 01:42 AM


Posted by SHIYU October 2, 09 01:42 AM

As a Chinese, I love my motherland. Happy birthday, China

Posted by Zhang Yuqing October 2, 09 01:43 AM

Well, this is a huge party. Why not just enjoy it?

Posted by X. Zhu October 2, 09 01:58 AM

love you, China~~~~

Posted by sherry October 2, 09 01:59 AM

I love China! Long live the People's Republic of China!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 02:04 AM

Long Live PRC
Long live chinese people
Long live chairman Mao

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 02:08 AM

Happy Birthday China!

Posted by bowen October 2, 09 02:08 AM

The majority people in China would like to get on well with you——eventually it all depends on you guys——western friends.

Posted by fsk October 2, 09 02:09 AM

some of you think it is a waste of money
some of you think it is a show
some of you think it is party for communism
some of you think ^&*$(^&%@*&#

you are correct, but to 1.4billion people in China, we need THIS!

Posted by melody October 2, 09 02:13 AM

I am soooooooooooooooooo proud im a Chinese myself............

Posted by Grace October 2, 09 02:15 AM

I thought China's real culture was at least 5,000 years old. Whats this stuff all about!

Posted by Jas October 2, 09 02:21 AM

China is a country full of amazement,It deserves to recognize.
I love you,China ,you are the best country I ever have seen.

Posted by mily October 2, 09 02:25 AM

china... u r the best...

so proud of u~

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 02:29 AM

Ad maiorem dei gloriam.

Posted by David October 2, 09 02:35 AM

to Post # 85,
"The photos are great, but the regime is horribly repressive, capturing or killing anyone who disagrees with them. There's nothing to celebrate about that."

It seems that you have a very negative impression about China. I was wondering where, how and from whom you got your information about China. I bet you've never been there. It is not so intelligent to talk something you dont't have any knowledge. Go there and have a real look, and then tell us about the country. I am sure you are from a country like G8-1. You can be pround of your democracy, liberty and blah, blah... but have to face the fact. The fact is that China is not like what you think or what you are taught to think.

Posted by ND October 2, 09 02:39 AM

The world is multifarious... We respect US, and we need respect this oriental country as well...

Posted by James October 2, 09 02:40 AM

126.It is funny how many people here apply double standards when it comes to China.

I've seen French Bastille Day military parade, Indian, British... not to mention the American ones. People whistle, chant and get excited. Why when it comes to the Chinese PLA, it's scary and wasteful?

Well, I am glad that #38 mentioned the peasants who can't afford proper furniture. Well, to my understanding, even these people, who are viewed as being repressed, disadvantaged and treated unfairly, love the country and celebrate its achievements.

As a Chinese living in the States, I celebrated China's 60 anniversary with a bunch of other Chinese people in a bar in New York. I might be funny for you why someone escaped from a "repressive" country would celebrate the birthday of a communist regime. The answer is that maybe it is not that repressive. Maybe it is to some extent lovable. Chinese society, maybe somehow repressive in your Westerners eyes, has never been so open. Women go to work, participate in politics. We are educated to respect other ethics, and we are a big family.

I am not a huge fan of the CCP myself, but I have to say it has been doing a decent job. I approve it. I never thought of overthrowing it. Believe me, if one day Chinese people decide to overthrow the government, then don't underestimate the power of 1.3 billion people. Read some Chinese history, you will know how many empires ended in peasants' hands.

Anyways, I am never more proud to be a Chinese. I hope the country will grow stronger and contribute more to the world economy and progress - as what it had been doing in the last thousands of years.

Posted by MDH October 1, 09 06:55 PM

Posted by achinese site the 126#s' October 2, 09 02:41 AM

Great Country,
nothing more to say

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 02:41 AM

All the negative comments posted by jealous Americans here sound...well, jealous, spiteful, and vulnerable. And it makes me all the more happy. Ha!

Posted by wendy October 2, 09 02:44 AM

China lifted 3 hundred million (21%) of its own people out of poverty in less than a generation. ( Life span in some areas (such as Xinjiang) rose 40 years in six decades ( Considering the cards they were dealt, I think the Chinese deserve to be proud of themselves.

Posted by Mindy October 2, 09 02:44 AM

this is Beijing the city i lived..
this is China the country i was born ..

politics is the words which i hate..
China is the country which i deeply loved..

take a moment and think .. don;t u love ur country?
dont u love the people in ur country ..
country just like family
everyone love there family right?

lets just give the best wishes to China ...

-3- I love U

Posted by The Waterboy October 2, 09 02:45 AM

spectacular !!!

Posted by William October 2, 09 02:47 AM

Nice picture. Congrats.
Unarguably, China is doing in last 60 years, especially in the past three decades. I do have doubts over the ruling party before 1980. However, the last 30 years were like a re-birth of China. No country of that scale has ever achieved such dramatic change in such a short time.
I don’t care who runs the country, as long as the people’s life is better year on year, that’s good enough.

Posted by Sarah October 2, 09 02:48 AM

It has been 20 years since 1989 and there are still lots of gripes from the west

Human rights... so lofty. I am in U.S. now and you know what, I just don't see people here are having a better life than China. Do they have rights? They can curse their government, then so what? They are still in poverty.

America and all west need to learn to fix their problems first before they can criticize other countries. But hell, they are losing power, so it's understandable to and funny to read the news on their media. Sounds like a ditched woman.

Posted by GSPJ October 2, 09 02:51 AM

long mountain

Posted by teng lang October 2, 09 02:52 AM

'To all those sour grapes. I just want to let you know the Chinese are getting richer and stronger each day. :)'

Maybe so. But all that money can't buy freedom.

Celebrating the Chinese people's achievements is a worthy activity. Celebrating the communist party is a travesty. Seeing Mao - who is up there with Hitler and Stalin in my view - presented as a hero is deeply wrong.

Posted by David B October 2, 09 02:52 AM

wow that is awesome! the sheer power that this country displays is awesome! its scary almost!

Posted by phil October 2, 09 02:52 AM

@103: What about Tibet?

Posted by Sam October 2, 09 02:53 AM

Happy Birthday!

#126 Thanks : )

Posted by Vanja October 2, 09 02:59 AM

As a developing country,we still cannot self-satisfaction,most of Chinese people understand this fact,coz there are lots of domestic problems need to be solved.But,we also glad to see the maginificent celebration for encouraging confidence and uniting the whole nation.The past six decades full of passions,sufferings and reborn's hope.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 03:00 AM

Wish China a bright prospect! Happy birthday to China and good future to Chinese.

Posted by Chiese October 2, 09 03:05 AM

im just dissapointed on the money wasted on such an event. They spent 9 months and god knows how much money on this event. Just think what that amount of money and manpower could have done. I like the fact that the picture of the poor family is followed by one of the space float. More money wasted on space exploration which should have been spent on helping the poor of the country,

Posted by andy in china October 2, 09 03:05 AM

Pretty pictures. Sun Tzu would knowingly smile and nod. Lots of pomp and circumstance, hiding unimaginable oppression of their own people. As for China being the upholder of world peace, ask people in Tibet, and those trying to escape from North Korea who are sent back to prison and death.

There are always two sides to countries. There's much to admire about the people of China. But its government is not worthy of such praise until it can tell the truth about Tiananmen Square, the 75 million Chairman Mao murdered, and a whole list of other abuses of their people they hide behind Orwellian newspeak.

Posted by Eric October 2, 09 03:15 AM

... although many chinese are not satisfied with the goverment
but in such a day, we are united as one
wish everyone in this world be happier in future

Posted by Shenzhen, China October 2, 09 03:16 AM

We love China!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 03:17 AM

Too simple, sometimes navie

Posted by passerby October 2, 09 03:27 AM

1. The cost of parade is much much lower than attacking Iraq or Afghanistan.
2. Chinese may not love the communist party, but they love the country and the people!
3. Don't criticise China, if you never visit Shanghai, Beijing or any other cities in China. I'm 120% sure that it will change your original opinion once you visit.
4. The pics are soooooooooooooooo great!

Posted by Eddie October 2, 09 03:33 AM

The picture of Chairman Dao really spoiled everything in this awesome display of China's might. Here was this guy who murdered millions, and yet the communist machinery refuses to accept that this man has done great harm to its own people. Deng I respect, but Mao, he can rot in hell!

Posted by barry October 2, 09 03:38 AM

As a Chinese, I'm very proud of what we have seen. Amazing and beautiful! Nice photoes! We only hope that peace will be found soon!

Posted by RidgeWalker October 2, 09 03:39 AM

All that I can say is Wow, thanks for sharing the photos, I guess it would have taken lots of training and discipline to achieve that.

Posted by Miy zone October 2, 09 03:40 AM

this is the biggest party I have ever seen!

Posted by van October 2, 09 03:43 AM

144, we are not forced to participate in this "parade,..we are so proud to be involved in this activity!!! not everyone got the chance.... not everyone can do the job!!!! not every country can do the job!! we are so proud to be a Chinese!!!!

Posted by JJing October 2, 09 03:45 AM

fantastic my sweet country~~!!

Posted by ELSA MENG October 2, 09 03:46 AM

From middle Europe.. Hungary...

I go out to the street, and scream that: I hate my government!
Do you know whats happening? Nothing, i can do that, because i live in a democracy.
Repeat that in China... You probably die out there for this....

Happy birthday for what? How many innocent people died just this year in your country? Ah... you can't even imagine what kind of feeling to being free!!!

Posted by Gábor October 2, 09 03:47 AM

See See !!The Splendour of Chinese Respression!!!

Posted by melissa October 2, 09 03:48 AM

China is the new world leader regardless of who is fond of this idea and who's not.

Have a nice day

Posted by Me October 2, 09 03:54 AM

is't earth future? Thanks BosotonG...

Posted by michael October 2, 09 03:58 AM

@ Moji at comment 155
First of all we agree that China isn't communist. But i dont agree that communism or an attempt for communism have never been made. Soviet Union was a try but it didnt work out. So there were some try. What i mean is that according to marx they tried to have socialism where the state will become gradually smaller and socialism would be an intermediate stage to communism. But i doubt if that was even socialism.

Second Communism isnt like Christianity.
Although to some people through history that was their god.
What i mean
Communism is the opposite of capitalism. In capitalism some people own the factories etc. In communism all the people own them and decide how to use them, in what direction etc. Christianity on the other hand doesn't say anything about this. Christianity doesn't say things like that. Although there are some points that are similar or if i want to be more accurate closer.

Third and finally Christianity doesn't claim to be rational while on the other hand communism claim that is a rational try to get to a better society whether someone believe its possible or disagree with it.

Posted by xamogelo October 2, 09 03:59 AM

Stunning pics! Great country,great people! And gorgeous parade!

Posted by sun October 2, 09 04:00 AM

I love china,
I am Chinese.

Posted by ashley October 2, 09 04:02 AM

Awesome work. Pride for my country.

Love China.

Posted by Cheap Jordan Shoes on October 2, 09 04:03 AM

Congrat's China! Great pictures and interesting discussion.

China has achieved a great many things in the past decades and given how it was treated by western powers and Japan not even 70 years ago I perfectly understand its need for a large and robust military.

However, the people defending China should also see:
* That in this 60 years the military protected a government killing millions of its own people in some of the worst attrocities known to humankind.
* That 20 years ago this military killed peaceful protesters *at this same spot*!
* That this military attacked Tibet and occupies it to this day
* That it was this military that fought UN (mostly US -yep, american soldiers directly fought chinese troops) troops to prop up a criminal dictatorship that is - because of this intervention - still killing its own citizens (North Korea)
* That this military is threatening the peaceful Republic of China (Taiwan) that is posing no threat to the PRC

Posted by Valentin October 2, 09 04:08 AM

Although China is a communist country, now these days the people of china live in the capitalist lives on daily basis.

Those who speaks ill of China almost all of them have never set a foot on China so they don't deserved to judge others ppl's country.

If you have seem the parade completely you will see that the military parade last only 20% of the total show! I was in fact hoping to see more military advances and fell some kind of short. The other 80% is pure dancing and singing and more dancing. And later night the dancing and singing will continue for another couples of hours.... so it's more like a GIANT party. And yes the Chinese people loves good parties :-D

If you pay attention closely, it's very different from the last decades celebrations because China want to send the message that they are a PEACEFUL country they DONT invade others countries with false pretenses like Weapon of Mass Destruction or Counter Terrorism.

BTW some people are scare of the military display, I ask you, China only do this kind of display every 10 (TEN) yes, FREAKING T-E-N years, and let's face it, their technology, although impressive, is far behind US, Russia, UK and France.

And you have to think the numero uno Country is doing this kind of display close doors, almost every day, NO DANCING or singing AND in other countries or international seas. So yeah! I'm more afraid of those guys.

Happy Anniversary People of China!

Posted by watching on mars October 2, 09 04:09 AM

I love the Lego tanks!

Posted by loopy October 2, 09 04:11 AM

Most of china still in 3rd world conditions? clearly some people here have been brainwashed by western media. The buildings in which they live might not be new and fancy, but its been there for over a hundred years, they dont need new buildings or the trouble to build it. they mostly well fed, and are more than satisfied with the conditions. dont think it's a thrid world country just because they dont go out every day to have a burger at mcdonalds

Posted by Bringerof_D October 2, 09 04:12 AM

reply #188
Actually, hope the weapons never point to people

Posted by Ross October 2, 09 04:12 AM

China has been referred as "sick man of East Asia" in the late 19th and early 20th centurues when it was riven by internal divisions and forced by Western and Japanese powers into a series of Unequal Treaties, culminating in the Japanese invasions of China in the 2nd World War.

This parade is to show off to the world that China is another super power to be reckoned with. They have every rights to celebrate in such a grand manner.

I am an overseas Chinese, citizen of other Asian country. I am also proud of the Chinese race now.

Posted by Dennis Khoo October 2, 09 04:13 AM

Dear Chinese who posted here,
On behalf of all Americans who post here with their vague notions of cultural insight, I must apologise if we have offended you. Our origins date back a mere 500 years when the British decided to expand into America. So compared to China, we are still a relatively young, ignorant culture. We have traded in slaves, made war with ourselves, freed our slaves and gave them equal rights, opened the flood gates for immigrants from Europe, made war with other countries under false pretences, and now, although we are free to speak, no matter how shallow our thoughts, we have struggled with our national identity and have still to grasp this concept of higher culture because mostly we are concerned with Hollywood and fast food for our education and nutrition, respectively, so this is why many of us openly criticise China - and anyone else for that matter; because it's our right, it's how our movies educate us, and our food makes us impulsive. So please don't be offended, because as you can see - and as as most of you already know - we are not perfect either. In fact, as a more 'enlightened American', I wish I was Chinese. I am proud of you China.

Posted by Randel October 2, 09 04:19 AM

As a Chinese, I love my motherland. Happy birthday£¡

Posted by Discount Jodan Shoes On October 2, 09 04:20 AM

Free TIBET is the smartest comment to make on this occasion.

Posted by Lulu October 2, 09 04:21 AM

great country£¬great people£¬great pics£¡we are happy still while dispointted to the CCTV

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 04:24 AM

lol, China trolls, gg guys, I dont think one person has posted a pro America post and yet these Chinese internet bots are spamming about how brainwashed everyone else is.

NEWS FLASH! America isn't the government that censors the internet for every citizen. Now don't get me wrong, we're SUPER corrupt too. Yea, we have a huge military and flaunt it, yeah, we elected Bush not once but twice and are now reaping the economic strife for that decision. We've invaded plenty of nations and we're a bully. No arguments here, America needs to get itself together.

That said, don't pretend that China throwing a huge military parade is somehow now noble. Perhaps you've never "invaded another country" but tell me, how is Tibet feeling these days, with their entire culture and religion subverted by the Chinese, how do you think they feel about having their religion hijacked and used to promote Chinese propaganda.

You're absolutely right, WE ALL NEED TO HOLD UP A MIRROR AND LOOK AT OUR GOVERNMENT. No matter where you are, it really isn't pretty, parades are propaganda, period.

Posted by American with a Brain October 2, 09 04:25 AM

Gr8 !!! Am having no words to express the joy & delight I am feeling to view the photographs.

Congratulation to all the nationals of China.

Posted by D.Nageshwar October 2, 09 04:30 AM

Incredible pictures thanks!

Posted by Dezorian October 2, 09 04:32 AM

in regards to :
" 103. Congratulation!!

China really deserve the success!!!
Wish China can play one role in the world for the peaceful of our world!
China has never send any army to abroad to invade any country!!

Go ahead China!!
Posted by Peace "...
What about Tibet and Nepal? ask them about the naked truth about china...the Comunist countless atrocities...The people of China know nothing about true freedom, all they ever knew is dictatorship, as Emperor or Comunism Party. At least the emperor thinked about the people...I only wish the best for the chinese people.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 04:34 AM

I hate CCP
I am a chinese

Posted by chinese October 2, 09 04:35 AM

Happy Birthday China!

This truly was amazing to experience. even if we were not allowed to go to the parade due to security issues.
Streets were shutdown inside the 2nd ring of Beijing. If you wanted to go somewhere, the only places you could go were the suburbs.
Being in China, before and after Oct. 1st, is truly amazing.

I am not terrified of the Chinese army because of their weapons and whatnot, but because their marching is PERFECT. Even in the streets on a normal day, the marching police are perfect.

You can say all you want about how much this disgraces you, you are entitled to your own opinion.

To be part of the parade at all is a huge honor. To be part of the parade on a 10 year anniversary is even more of an honor.
By the way, the green square in #36 is powered by hundreds of people with lights.
Yes, they change those colors themselves. See a video of it, it is amazing.

Oh and in #3 the yellow square with Chinese writing in the middle is also powered people with flowers on their hats. It changes color, Chinese characters and designs. again, amazing.

Posted by MadeinChinaExportedtoAmerica October 2, 09 04:39 AM

I love china!
great china!

Posted by Max October 2, 09 04:40 AM

Many will say this is not an anniversary, but a beginning. This century marks the end of western hegemony, and the rise of China. China is the only country in the world to successfully reduce population growth with a one child policy. I hope China will show the same level of commitment to green house gas emmissions and the environment. I think it's government that, though less democratic, is ultimately capable of doing a better job than the quasi-democratic populatrity / advertising bidding war that leads America et al. It's nice to see poeple believing in something other than themselves.

Posted by Lester October 2, 09 04:43 AM

Long live China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant stop loving China.

No country in the world have such a mighty power to control 1.4billion people peacefully,not even United States.For those who shout human right,Chinese are more happy than Americans.Am an American,i'm happier in China.Forget what the media tell us.

Posted by G.I October 2, 09 04:48 AM

It's not cool, It's damn cool!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 04:54 AM

I LOVE China although it has some shortcomings.

Posted by elise October 2, 09 04:55 AM

China army is the murderer.They killed many students in 6.4.1989 ,and suppressed Tibet .

Go hell PLA!

Posted by October 2, 09 04:56 AM

Come on, guys. Stay away from drug and alcohol, and those newspaper and TV shows. Keep your mind clear, open your eyes, face the reality, and think... using your own brain, not CNN's, BBC's, ABC's, or whatever...

I understand it is difficult for you, it is inconvenient for you, because of brains washed by drugs, alcohol, and media... but I know you can do it... because the president repeated: "YES, WE CAN!!" :-):-);-)

by the way, can you read Chinese? I can, and I can read English... LOL...

Posted by hypocrites, how are you? October 2, 09 05:02 AM

我们是中国人,我们为自己是一个中国人而骄傲和自豪!!!没有人比我们更了解自己的祖国了 中国人民的团结、热情与大度是无与伦比的
(I can not translate the article completely by myself ,please I can not translate the article completely by myself ,please excuse£©

Posted by Chinese October 2, 09 05:08 AM


Posted by mickeywaley October 2, 09 05:12 AM

To 199: you missed the word "government"...:)

Posted by G.T. October 2, 09 05:13 AM

Congratulations are due some amazing 60 years of COMUNISM!
You can all look forward to many more years of terror, famine, censorship, political police, no freedom, no hope ...
Nice show. I'm sure the North Coreeans are dieing with envy and they'll try to match. If there is life after death for as*holes, Stalin and Ceausescu were certainly cursing all the Chinese Comunist Party Leaders last for their artistic genius. For all that didn't know, these leaders get/take credit for everything - that can be presented as - good and blame capitalist-imperialists for anything that can't be painted pretty.
I've been to my share of parades as a kid. It sucks.
"Citizens, think!"

Posted by Veta Bioenergeta October 2, 09 05:17 AM

Beautifully pictures, good luck to all Chinese people. I hope your country returns to position it deserve.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 05:23 AM

Congrats China , wish U best of luck , long live China and wish U best of luck we know how the rule will be rulled once we see the Chinese domination all over the world and we know how beautiful the world may be we know it will be peace all over the world wish you all best of luck and wish you happy happy time and best of luck for many many decades to come
Long live China

Posted by Sameer October 2, 09 05:26 AM


Posted by Prakash, Nepal October 2, 09 05:28 AM

Really proud of being a Chinese!!! Even I am always acidic to some "bad" things existing is China now. As an academia, do wish the whole world share our happiness with the progress of life quality for everyone, I agree totally to #200 that "As long as a country contributes its effort to a better world, be it environmentally or peace-wise, then I guess that government of that country is worth my salute."
I love you, my country and my land!!

Posted by airbird October 2, 09 05:29 AM

No comments about the beautiful Chinese female soldiers... huhh :)

Posted by ADG October 2, 09 05:31 AM

waste Chinese's life

Posted by ZhangYu October 2, 09 05:33 AM

Brilliant - the lines are amazing. Some of the formations just look like mirrors have been used. Extraordinary stuff.

Posted by foraggio October 2, 09 05:52 AM

In the tattoo picture, Taiwan is represented as well. I wonder when China will once again invade another nation like it did with Tibet.

I feel disgusted. I can't understand how anyone could celebrate such corrupted pile of dictatorship and oppression.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 05:53 AM

nice country!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 06:02 AM

This is total propoganda. There has been a massive crackdown in the last few months before this parade. Students were forced to practice marching for the parade rather than look for jobs or do summer internships. Dissidents have been jail or harrassed or moved out of Beijing. The internet in China has been completely santised of any dissenting voices, twitter, facebook blocked, even. Do not be fooled by this. Check this twitter feed made by a group of experiences Westerners who live in BJ to get a better prospective.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 06:04 AM

Love my city!
Love my China!

Posted by Rebecca October 2, 09 06:05 AM

completely loyal to the party ,loyal to the nation and the people. However the news in China is always put the COMmunism PARTY in the first place. So in my opinion this is more to celebrate the party rather than the nation

Posted by ss October 2, 09 06:06 AM

I'm a little narrow minded, so i love my country more than the entire human race, and i won't regret doing anything for it.
Happy birthday china~

Posted by Zoey October 2, 09 06:12 AM

China is an amazing place. I love the chinese people, but this military display scares me. If China is so strong and rich, why arn't they helping to stop terrorism outside of their own country? I don't buy comments about China's military being old; everything in those photos looked brand spanking new to me.

They are certainly getting rich off their hard work, everything is "made in china", but their currency is artifically low, if they floated their currency then perhaps it would slow down their booming economy and spread the wealth to other nations that can also make stuff, like south america and India. I read some place that in terms of real buying power China's economy is really 8 times larger than the U.S. economy. That's also scary when you think about it.

But I'm happy China is "friendly" with the United States, I think China will ultimately prove to be one of our best allies. The Europeans are too fickle to be good allies. So all those that are afraid of China, I think you should be more afraid of countries that have unstable economies and crazy leaders.

China's leaders have managed the country well, except for their torture of Christians - just google "torture of Chistians in China". I think China's success is more to do with the people than the ruling Communist party. Chinese people worldwide have a reputation for being industrious, hard working, and good solid family people, which are all good ingredients for long term success. Perhaps America could learn from this and get back to the basics of good old fashioned hard work and strong family values and enjoy similar success that China is having right now.

Posted by Chris October 2, 09 06:15 AM

wunderbar wunderbar wunderbar

Posted by prima October 2, 09 06:18 AM

Americans blinded by their goverment and media could never understand what China has done in the past 60 years, especially for those people who's never been China.

Also, Chinese should carry on the "open up policy" in the future to let the world know China better

NO doubt, China now is a developing coutry

However, China will be a highly developed country just as U.S in the future.

Posted by Robben October 2, 09 06:24 AM

Two words:

Tank Man.

Posted by Chinese censorship > * October 2, 09 06:31 AM

river crab showing its claw

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 06:34 AM


If you're one of those who feels China should be doing more to look after its poor - please take a look at the CIA World Fact Book, accessible from your favorite search engine. Look up China, open the Economy tab, and then scroll down to "Population below poverty line". Note the figure. Then look up the same figure for United States of America.

Then, if you're American, consider what you should be doing about it.

Posted by Alan October 2, 09 06:34 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 06:37 AM

i agreed with 108

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 06:44 AM

really really good pics ...
amazing ...

Posted by subcorpus October 2, 09 06:49 AM

Tiempo al tiempo. Esperemos que al gran durmiente no les toquen las narices ninguna potencia, porque podría con ello empezar una tercera guerra mundial mas dura y cruel que las anteriores...

Posted by javico October 2, 09 06:51 AM

“Triumph of the Will”, Chinese version. In Nazi Germany, there were also lots of people who were proud of that kind of propaganda show.

How many innocent Chinese have been murdered by Mao's party in this 60 years?

Posted by markus October 2, 09 07:11 AM

I love China! For those who are so negtive about it, keep it to yourself. Facts speak for itself

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 07:13 AM

to 108floor, are you getting fever? are you chinese? I guess you are not. you guys always look china from outside with prejudice and pretent to kown us chinese peopel's feeling very much. every time I see your comments, I feel incredible about your arrogance. as a chinese,I can tell you evrey smile on peoole's face is real. we love the country and the government,although it's indeed that there are some jobs the goverment didn't do well ,which are also the issues that you guys like to exaggerate .
what i want to say is: next time before you make comments on china,please be objective and take a better understanding about china .

Posted by chuwen October 2, 09 07:21 AM

It cost lot of money, but..well, all Chinese think it worth

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 07:24 AM

We Chinese love this style to celebrate our achievements in the past 60 years! 60th-year has a special meaning in Chinese traditional culture~
Long Live China! I am always loving you, my motherland!!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 07:28 AM

"and that will be changed"~ICIN>book of changes

after 12 years china will be different in geographical-political also national frame

p.s. i do not say: smaller or bigger, just - DIFFERENT

Posted by MUMG October 2, 09 07:28 AM

Overseas chinese from Indonesia, love it. Living in Taiwan, love it too. But always have special place for China deep in my heart.

Posted by CCL October 2, 09 07:32 AM

worderful photos!!!! China, i can´t say anything!!!

Posted by zekoso October 2, 09 07:32 AM

Greats pics! where are all the people I see mostly robots ?

Posted by rob October 2, 09 07:35 AM

looks like they had more fun than we here :(

wow love to see this ballet

Posted by dfgh October 2, 09 07:35 AM

The formation of man's attitude at its best.

Posted by Jerry Nicolas October 2, 09 07:37 AM

China, what a wonderful growth you've had in the past 60 years.

But, I think the Chinese people need to stop thanking their government, and start thanking themselves. It is because of your hard work that your country is where it is today, not your government's.

Please, instead of thanking the government that represses dissenters, and takes over a peaceful enclave (Tibet). Thank yourselves. You did it! Not repressive dictators!

Posted by Anonymouse October 2, 09 07:45 AM

the greatest people, the greatest nation! China, more specific, the people's republic of China, I love you.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 07:46 AM

the subtle irony of it all is that without the support of China global capitalism and the USA would collapse. happy birthday PRC :)

Posted by lipordu October 2, 09 07:47 AM

@287 ....good to hear something like that from an American... but check your history, the English did not arrive in what today is the East Coast of the USA 500 years ago. ..and they were not the only Europeans to set foot in either.


Posted by Indio October 2, 09 07:49 AM

To 315 - Go study Chinese history before you post your comment. LOL

Posted by Chinese October 2, 09 07:57 AM

i love China!

Posted by jeshi October 2, 09 07:58 AM

Great pics.
This is not only a show of power, but also a show to improve the communication between the world. learn the new China, learn the reforming China. Cheer! !

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 08:01 AM

Great photos. Their political system is changing albeit slowly. Considering how the western nations abused them in the past,their insular activity is no surprise. What makes their country great is the work and academic effort of their people not their armed forces.This ethic is obvious in Chinese who come to live here in the US. No welfare for them! The family is all and helps each to success.We should all behave this way. Good students and workers are the result of self discipline and goal achievement. In this the Chinese here and there really lead everyone.

Posted by aristotle by the sea October 2, 09 08:06 AM

Long live The Great Teacher and Leader Chairman Mao!

Posted by luguo October 2, 09 08:20 AM

so better than CCAV

Posted by fff October 2, 09 08:21 AM

As an ordinary man in BEIJING,I think,too much things is more important than this type of serious waste.China today is more unfair than any time from 1949. Nobody satisfied,except those have vested interest.In fact,China is still a feudalism country--no too much difference from 100 years ago.

Posted by Ordinaryman October 2, 09 08:23 AM

Pure and simple - mass propaganda.

Posted by Davide October 2, 09 08:25 AM

As an ordinary man in BEIJING,I think,too much things is more important than this type of serious waste.China today is more unfair than any time from 1949. Nobody satisfied,except those have vested interest.In fact,China is still a feudalism country--no too much difference from 100 years ago.

Posted by peopleinchina October 2, 09 08:25 AM

325.river crab showing its claw
----------- Well, a big crab , and cute

331.“Triumph of the Will?#65292; Chinese version. In Nazi Germany, there were also lots of people who were proud of that kind of propaganda show.

How many innocent Chinese have been murdered by Mao's party in this 60 years?

------------- who cares?? did you care how many indians killed by americans? History is history.

Posted by jan.c October 2, 09 08:26 AM

Simply confirms that very little has actually changed over the years.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 08:32 AM

@ 252 not true. germany changed much more in the first 30 years after WW 2 and this is not because of the politic change. there is a reason why germanys change was embedded as a "economic wonder" in history books.

but yes china developed unbelievable fast, especially regarding the global competition which is an economic pressure even for all industrialised countries.

Posted by Spitty October 2, 09 08:33 AM

"The Song of China"

China, China above all,
Above all in the world,
When, for protection of the party, it always
takes a brotherly stand together.
From the Great Firewall to the prisons of conscience,
From the media controls to the Tiananmen square massacre,
China, China above everything,
Above everything in the world.

Posted by markus October 2, 09 08:37 AM

Great picture!

To these negative guys, if you like making China ugly, you may keep on doing that and enjoy yourself, but prejudice will not change the world.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 08:46 AM

@Vaquero: it is for "face" - absolutely, but I agree with Chuwen - the patriotism behind it is real. As MadeinChinaExportedtoAmerica pointed out, that perfect marching is more telling than the display of guns & tanks.

@27, Higgins - hilarious, because China is more than 90% Han & largely inexperienced in dealing with other cultures - ask any black person in China how s/he is received

@Lester - also hilarious, because that very one child policy horrifies many in the West. It is not without cause though, and it is loosening in some areas

@zz, Chinese (190), Hao He, sidms214, ND, JSPJ, eddie, Bringerof_D, Randel, hypocrites,howareyou, Chinese (304), Robben: yes, I've been there. Many times. I can't stand squatting in rancid latrines, the babies without diapers, the I.V.'s I've taken for food poisoning... yet I am amazed by the sweet, friendly, curious, searching, intelligent, patient Chinese people who realize this road is tough but leading in the right direction. So I keep going back. I salute the "opening" and tremendous economic growth China has achieved in the last 25 years and I hope it continues.

Posted by waiguoren October 2, 09 08:52 AM

Nice pixs but it's just China. Who's proud of China?

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 08:53 AM

China is not bad
Come here and you can see the developing these years
We may have some disagreement but Chinese people welcome you from everywhere
I understand some criticis but we also have our concerning. After all ,China is a huge population country as well as land.

Posted by t511r October 2, 09 08:59 AM

"Free TIBET is the smartest comment to make on this occasion."

NO, it is not! You are an idiot. If it were not for China, Tibet would still have slaves and ruled by caste order. China is the freedom for Tibet. I would love for the ignorant americans that say "free Tibet" to be even able to find Tibet on a map much less know what they are talking about.

The US is a corrupt country of idiots, just look at Geogre Bush, right-wing republicans, and idiots that sit around being fat watching Faux News.

A monk I talked with was speaking about communism and democracy and said only a fool says one is better than another. A corrupt democracy can be horrible (and we have plenty of examples of this) and a benevolent communist government can be great for the people. So anyone that says communism is bad is just a fool that labels things without thinking.

I love all the Chinese people I have meet and wish China a very happy 60th birthday!!!!!!

Posted by Gregg October 2, 09 08:59 AM

Over the last years, western people often think that Chinese people are blinded by Chinese government. However, I just want to tell you that we are not as stupid as you think. On the contrary, nothing can prevent us thinking and judging by our own minds. Maybe, the ones who are blinded by medias and some governments are you western man. If you want learn China, come and set your foot on this land.
Though I am not a CCP member, I am still proud to be a Chinese.

Posted by Chonp-from SBANZU October 2, 09 09:03 AM

I love you forever! Our mam China

Posted by pawpaw October 2, 09 09:07 AM

It's look likes Germany in 1933-1945...

Posted by Ulrick October 2, 09 09:16 AM

Wonderful~I Love China! I'm proud of her!

Posted by Mindy October 2, 09 09:19 AM

China's only god is power and wealth. Nothing wrong with that every nation would love to have that much of an impact on the world but what good is to gain the whole world and lose your soul? I have relatives in China and they work hard and gain a lot but have no peace. These people need Jesus.

Posted by Living in Christ October 2, 09 09:22 AM

@325 ^_^ grass mud horse

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:23 AM

How many innocent Chinese have been murdered by Mao's party in this 60 years?
Since 1840 to 1949, 70 million Chinese died for the independence of China, who is not innocent? Why innocent people were killed? Mao's party stoped the killing not Wang's or Li's or Sam's.

Posted by Ken October 2, 09 09:28 AM

Great country! Great people!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:29 AM


Posted by CHINESE FRO CANADA October 2, 09 09:31 AM

Well.. congrats. But please leave the world alone!

I hope those proud Chinese on this message could return to china and along with all those thousands of soldiers make it a democratic country, so that rest of the world can breath easy!

Posted by Sree October 2, 09 09:40 AM

Impresionantes fotos..
creo que China ha cambiado mucho estos años y lo importante es que todavía está en progreso..
también me gusta los juegos olímpicos el año pasado..

Posted by V October 2, 09 09:44 AM

Long Life My Motherland

Posted by Josette October 2, 09 09:45 AM

This scares the hell out of me...what's with the bright colored tanks? At least we'll be able to see them when they come.

Posted by JT October 2, 09 09:45 AM

we are creating the future...

Posted by Teng Yun Jia Wu October 2, 09 09:45 AM

for Gábor

I don't know if you've actually been to China. It is true that media like newspaper or TV would be carefully when touching sensitive political topics. But the reality is that if you REALLY scream "I hate my government!" in the street, nothing horrible you imagined will happen. Just like in USA, people will think you're a little crazy. That's it. Believe me.

Posted by Zhou October 2, 09 09:50 AM

I am very very proud to be a Chinese.for thousand years,China had been the center of the the past 169 years,China had been invaded by the western countries once by once,now,China is getting stronger and stonger,China will be back to the center of the world in the future years .

Posted by jakon October 2, 09 09:50 AM

NO, it is not! You are an idiot. If it were not for China, Tibet would still have slaves and ruled by caste order. China is the freedom for Tibet. I would love for the ignorant americans that say "free Tibet" to be even able to find Tibet on a map much less know what they are talking about.

The US is a corrupt country of idiots, just look at Geogre Bush, right-wing republicans, and idiots that sit around being fat watching Faux News.

A monk I talked with was speaking about communism and democracy and said only a fool says one is better than another. A corrupt democracy can be horrible (and we have plenty of examples of this) and a benevolent communist government can be great for the people. So anyone that says communism is bad is just a fool that labels things without thinking.

I love all the Chinese people I have meet and wish China a very happy 60th birthday!!!!!!

Posted by Gregg October 2, 09 08:59 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:51 AM

long live China
long live the Chinese Communist Party
long live the Chinese people!

Posted by dumand October 2, 09 09:52 AM

to 273: You can do the same thing in China either. No matter what you shout-- 'I hate the governement' or 'I hate the communist party' . Just feel free to shout out. But I am afraid you will only be regarded as a person with mental disease by some passbys. Chinese people usually don't express themselves in such a stupid and superficial way. Chinese culture requires modest and conservative manners and self-examinations. How could you understand that? If you prefer pirate's culture and shrew's behavior and like to shout madly whenever you feel uncomfortable, you'd better keep away from China with your silly propaganda of so-called DEMOCRACY.

Posted by Manara October 2, 09 09:54 AM

I am a Spanish
hatred of totalitarian capitalism
Which brings us economic crisis

USA is a dictatorship in the world

I hope China will save us with his new idea

as totalitarian capitalism has ended and communism in the world

Posted by Javiel October 2, 09 09:55 AM

SB zang-du jiang-du gun yuan dian.dao chu diu ren xian yan.

Posted by newbility October 2, 09 09:58 AM

I'm proud of my home country.During the 60 years she had experienced a lot and today she succeed.All the Chinese people are very happy,we are the country that all the world focus on now.
Very excited to see these pictures here.
Thank you.
And I'd like to make friends with you.
Chinese are friendly, I love you~

Posted by Vera Z October 2, 09 10:02 AM


Posted by qiaoqiao October 2, 09 10:06 AM

If you never lived in China or you haven't been in China, please don't criticize China. In the past 6 decades, China has been transformed from a backward peasant society into the greatest manufacturing economy society. We did our best to make life become better and better, though inequality exists too. However perfection is impossible to achieve in any country in the world. What we expect is understanding, encouragement and love from friends in all the world. What we do is never stop making efforts!

Posted by a Chinese designer October 2, 09 10:16 AM

Do they have democracy?

Posted by Amit October 2, 09 10:19 AM

As a Chinese, i have very perplexed feeling... you guys only see the best side of China which the government wants you to see because with no question China needs your investment and they also need to let the Chinese feel that we have a great country because the foreigner thinks that we are great! We love out country and we love our people, so even our life is not good but at least our country is great. It is some kind of Spiritual opium. The government use it to blind their people. Only 1% people in China can get benefit from the economics development. However, unfortunately, 99% people are living in worse situation in China. Who care of them???

Posted by konami October 2, 09 10:20 AM

our chinese people love our country very much.some people doubt the democarcy in china .i must say we have right to commit free and do what we like to do based on honest and kindhearted. if you never been to chinese,please not critize china so lopsided. it's so hard to manage a large county with 1.3million people !! if our country treat us badly ,how could we love our country so deeply?? i'm just a 18 years girl ,when my friends saw the ceremony,they all so deeply moved with tears~~!

Posted by amy October 2, 09 10:20 AM

Freedom is subjective... no one is ever truly free :) Besides China is doing a great job at creating a new kind of communism, a cross-breed between some of the old ideas and the western capitalism. The only thing I don't like about it is their beef with Tibet and their trampling of people's lives when it comes to nation-wide decisions for projects like the Three Gorges dam.

Posted by Ayoxin October 2, 09 10:23 AM

Great pictures, thx BG, specially for Indians.

Posted by Sham October 2, 09 10:26 AM

.fantastic picturess, I love it. Go for China

Posted by Fwater October 2, 09 10:33 AM

8, 16 and 23 are my favorites.

Gregg, it is obvious that YOU are just a fool that labels things without thinking

Who on Earth do you think YOU are? You may think the USA is an ignorant country, but don't judge every citizen by one leader, or one commenter. Not everyone voted for BUSH and many of us wanted to defect to Canada when he was elected, myself included! We have some of the best colleges on the planet, amazing science and technology and many freedoms that you probably could never dream of. If our country is so bad, why all the immigrants? Remember my friend, the USA is about BEING FREE. That's why so many countries hate us. Because we have what they never will. FREEDOM. And I can say all this and express how I feel about our leaders without FEAR of a visit from the secret police, can you?

Posted by MP October 2, 09 10:36 AM

CCP has do its best to bulid the Country.Great China,Great Chinese.I was a PLA 4 years ago,most of us have too much complaint,i just think we should give more inclusive to our Countey and our leaders,though there are many many problems.

Posted by PLA October 2, 09 10:38 AM

Those dissdents about China: I think its fair if you got different opinions about Communist Party, but not China. What do you care about it anyway? There are so many Chinese people who are so proud of thier country. Have you seen anything like this in your own country? Since you care so much about freedom and humanrights, If you did not see this in your country, what you should do is form a party or start a revolution. Are you doing it and did it help? Also if you did see a lot of happy guys in your country, you should know the feeling and just leave these happy chaps alone. Dont pretend to be the global police. They dont need any of these.
China is getting strong despite you like it or not. Accept it and dont judge anything unless you are 100% sure that you know what is going on.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 10:39 AM

What an awful way to show that you're proud of your country. I mean, most of the parades, etc. seem to involve weaponry and/or soldiers. The photos and the celebrations and parades are beautiful, but they're also damn violent and threatening. But then again, I guess most countries around the world do the same thing.

Posted by Johan Bakken October 2, 09 10:42 AM

I want to tell you that every Chinese can go out to the street, and scream that: I hate my government! No mater you are in Shanghai or Beijing. The passby only think you are crazy..... because 99.9% of us love my country.

And you can also post you scream on Internet too......

You really need to go to China. Most of things changed in recent 20 years! Your thought should be changed too....

It is a changing world! Did you agree?

Posted by Jim October 2, 09 10:44 AM

To # 273 Posted by Gábor :

Man, you had to go out to the street and scream that you hate your government! -- Your government had to go to China to beg for money to support your financial system so all your morons wont go starving!

God help those no brain damaged east Europeans!


From middle Europe.. Hungary...

I go out to the street, and scream that: I hate my government!
Do you know whats happening? Nothing, i can do that, because i live in a democracy.
Repeat that in China... You probably die out there for this....

Happy birthday for what? How many innocent people died just this year in your country? Ah... you can't even imagine what kind of feeling to being free!!!

Posted by Gábor October 2, 09 03:47 AM

Posted by Mrbigccc October 2, 09 10:44 AM

This world really mad,The descendants of bandits demonstrate their justice and compassion to the descendants of the victims,Ridiculous.
At last, I want to say: "Long live the Chinese nation."

Posted by Song October 2, 09 10:51 AM

Happy birthday, China!
I am a chinese born in mid 80s. As I can remember, our life are much better than 20 years ago. Although there are surely many problems, I still believe our future is bright.
I have been travelled around China, the history and landscape are so fascinating, that I just want to shout out to the world: you should all visit China yourself to see it!

Posted by goldfish October 2, 09 10:53 AM

No matter you like it or not, CHINA IS RISING! 99% of the 1.3 billion Chinese love their country. Some bastards and thugs do have freedom to curse China with your low-end intelligence here. If you are a really man with guts, try do it on streets anywhere in China. I am sure you would hope you'd be better in hell then. Don't push the Chinese too hard, or you and your offsprings will pay for your words here soon.

Posted by wedontcareu_sowhat October 2, 09 10:53 AM

I dont know about the part about wishing I was Chinese, but I agree with most of this.

Dear Chinese who posted here,
On behalf of all Americans who post here with their vague notions of cultural insight, I must apologise if we have offended you. Our origins date back a mere 500 years when the British decided to expand into America. So compared to China, we are still a relatively young, ignorant culture. We have traded in slaves, made war with ourselves, freed our slaves and gave them equal rights, opened the flood gates for immigrants from Europe, made war with other countries under false pretences, and now, although we are free to speak, no matter how shallow our thoughts, we have struggled with our national identity and have still to grasp this concept of higher culture because mostly we are concerned with Hollywood and fast food for our education and nutrition, respectively, so this is why many of us openly criticise China - and anyone else for that matter; because it's our right, it's how our movies educate us, and our food makes us impulsive. So please don't be offended, because as you can see - and as as most of you already know - we are not perfect either. In fact, as a more 'enlightened American', I wish I was Chinese. I am proud of you China.

Posted by Peace October 2, 09 10:58 AM

Ever thought about dating a Chinese girlfriend ??? hehehehehe ;-)

Posted by Anthony Maw October 2, 09 11:00 AM

Just 1.3 billion Chinese love this country is enough! Who cares the westerner's thoughts. 5000 years history vs. 1000 years history. Some westerners need to be in the libraries to learn the truth.

Posted by nobodycareu October 2, 09 11:03 AM

I Love China!! An amazing land with the most industrious people in the world!!Chinese think they free Tibet, just like Amiracan think they free Iraq and Afghan. No surprise. "Strong animals prey upon weaker ones" is the rule of the nature, isn't it?
So please go to the damn hell, hypocritical people!!

Posted by leon October 2, 09 11:04 AM

China is our big family. Yes, nothing is perfect so is China. But it is the country all the Chinese should love, respect, and show our blessings, and it is a day deserving such a splendid celebration!

Love China! Love our great China~~~

Posted by Amy Song October 2, 09 11:04 AM

"Free TIBET is the smartest comment to make on this occasion."

I bet the person who said this has never set his foot on Tibet.
I have been to Tibet, live with the local people for a while, China government treats Tibet people very nice, their life has changed so much, color tv, cars, mobile phone........
Well, for many people who have been brain washed by media, you should come to Tibet to ask local people whether they want a free Tibet. I asure you, most of them has no interest.

Posted by goldfish October 2, 09 11:06 AM

#I go out to the street, and scream that: I hate my government!#
actually £¬even you scream that on street,nothing will happen to you....
die for that...that's just your imagination.......

Posted by huaner1944 October 2, 09 11:06 AM

Why all this pictures regards me german NPD?

Posted by There is no real freedon October 2, 09 11:07 AM

Very good photos, I am not interested in politcs.I like take pictures,especally landscape,I have travelled to many places in china and plan to go to USA.If you like to take pictures,maybe we can be friends,and if you have some pics about the five big lakes in Michigan,pls send to me,thanks! my e-mail is

Posted by chenfangji October 2, 09 11:11 AM

Love my city!
Love my China!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 11:13 AM

A typical Chinese way of celebrating...
Being abroad for some years, this is somewhat nostalgic. As the only surviving ancient culture, the new China is slowly but surely on her way to prosperity again.
Although I can not comment on how the communist party regime rules the most populated country, my prayer goes to the ones who are suffering from injustice in China.
Love China, love the people and wish for peace in China and everywhere in the world. (*^-^*)

Posted by Rachel October 2, 09 11:13 AM

Nice photos

Posted by zheng October 2, 09 11:16 AM

I am chinese! I love my country

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 11:17 AM

Long live CHINA!!!!
I love my country!
I will do my best to make her more stronger and richer, thriving and prosperous!
Our people will be more happy !
I love CHINA,!!!
My home forever ,no matter where am I£¡

Posted by WKYD°®Öйú October 2, 09 11:20 AM

TO the Hungary friend of 273
We nerver scream the words on the street , we also never seen who died with big mouth.
We celebrate because we know how many chinese died because of hungery or war at 60 years ago.
I have been to West Europe, You may never step on China.I don't like one part rule,but no one can take CCP's replace in this time.

Posted by wulala October 2, 09 11:21 AM

A typical Chinese way of celebrating...
Being abroad for some years, this is somewhat nostalgic. As the only surviving ancient culture, the new China is slowly but surely on her way to prosperity again.
Although I can not comment on how the communist party regime rules the most populated country, my prayer goes to the ones who are suffering from injustice in China.
Love China, love the people and wish for peace in China and everywhere in the world. (*^-^*)

Posted by coco October 2, 09 11:21 AM

to 273: You can do the same thing in China either. No matter what you shout-- 'I hate the governement' or 'I hate the communist party' . Just feel free to shout out. But I am afraid you will only be regarded as a person with mental disease by some passbys. Chinese people usually don't express themselves in such a stupid and superficial way. Chinese culture requires modest and conservative manners and self-examinations. How could you understand that? If you prefer pirate's culture and shrew's behavior and like to shout madly whenever you feel uncomfortable, you'd better keep away from China with your silly propaganda of so-called DEMOCRACY.

Posted by Manara October 2, 09 11:26 AM

Well, your conments are way too negative. I am just wondering how many of you really understand this country and why are they doing this. Do you have any idea how hard Chinese's life was and how things are changing now? You guys are just like frogs in the well and boldly judge the sky all by your limited intelligence. Don't judge untill you fully understand it! I have no idea why are you so much pushy on this country while sitting on chairs made in it and typing on the keyboard made in it also.

Posted by Wiseman October 2, 09 11:32 AM

ni hao china

Posted by jay October 2, 09 11:33 AM

a big show,a extravagant show

Posted by Kane October 2, 09 11:35 AM

The Future Army

Posted by Bilal October 2, 09 11:38 AM

when i saw those people who criticise china, i realize that china becomes more and more stronger and even passed some industrial countries having made someone uncomfortable. know what? when i saw comments from those people, i feel happy because i smell the fear from them. don't be panic, china will pass the states soon and because the only super power in the world. fortunately, we chinese love peace... we won't invade iraq and afghanistan for oil or sth..otherwise, ...

btw: i don't give a shit to your understanding...i don't care
if you want to know the real china not what your governement told you, visit china and talk to any chinese people, let them tell you the truth...

Posted by loveChina4ever October 2, 09 11:39 AM


Posted by Slavva October 2, 09 11:39 AM

15th, 16th, 17th Century belongs to Portugal, Spain, France
19th Century belongs to Great Britain
20th Century belongs to USA
21th Century belongs to China

Posted by Sean October 2, 09 11:39 AM

I love CHINA ! Our home forever !!!
I am proud of my country,prond of our great people!
No matter where am I , I will do my best to make my country stronger and richer , thriving and prosperous, our people will be more happy!
I love you ,CHINAI‚hlove you ,all the chinese people!
Long live CHINA ! Long live Chinese people!

Posted by WYDloveCHINA October 2, 09 11:41 AM

After this celebration, life goes on and a new era of human being is coming!

Posted by fruit October 2, 09 11:54 AM

ah!!!!!!!!It is awesome!!!dude!!!

p.s. I hate racist!!

Posted by cnnsucks October 2, 09 11:56 AM

Feels and looks very artificial.

Posted by firebolt October 2, 09 11:57 AM

guys we celebrate national day in this way (with military parade etc) every ten years. so next time you see this, it's gonna be year 2019. Every "generation" of chinese leader gets only one chance during his stint ( about 10 years and he retires). Deng Xiao Ping did that in 1984, Jiang Zemin did that in 1999, now Hu Jintao did this in 2009. Xi Jinping, the next "core of the Communist Party", will do this in 2019, on 70th anniversary.

BTW, I think this 10 year term system works much better than the 4 year term system in the states ( not to mention the messy election process where tons of broken promises are made just to get the votes, but none gets done), but that's just me...

Posted by workingovertime October 2, 09 11:58 AM

There's a subtle difference between the people of the US and China.
In the US, we think of our country and government as one. We love our country, we love our democratic style of government. In china, most people view the government and their country as separate. The chinese people love their country and have great pride in their country. They love their country, not their government. The National day celebration is a show by the party.

Posted by b damon October 2, 09 11:58 AM

ahahaha~I couldn't help laughing after reading some of the comments above.
I'm Chinese.Though we are not the strongest,richest country in the world,the chinese people are most proud of their nation, including me .We still have a long way to go and we believe we can make our country stronger.

If you want to see a true China. The best way is coming here and see with your own eyes. Those who are interested in China are always welcomed by Chinese people.

Posted by elleryakira October 2, 09 11:58 AM

mamamia, great pics

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 11:59 AM

Thanks for the specacular photos. The quality is like real life show. I'm the opposite of a CCP fan but agree the CCP controlled government has a reason to celebrate PRC's 60th birthday.

Ordinary Americans talk of China in exactly the same way the media does (Can I assume this is brain wash?), and the media is (almost) always lashing China, quite often to ridiculous and ironic degrees. For example, TV and radio news frequently mention China invading Tibet, completely forgetting the fact that China had controlled Tibet before Europeans killed Indians to establish countries in America (North and South). I bet China would be willing to give up Tibet as long as Europeans can exit America. As someone having lived in China and US for 20+ years each, I've found an average Chinese view America and Americans much closer to the facts than an average American to China and Chinese. For the past 10+ years I've been reading NYT and among all the articles about China you can count the number without negavie tones with a single hand. The CCP government is corrupt and it's still very bad but viewed vertically it's getting better.

Perhaps for historical and cultural reasons, the Chinese people are calm and peaceful in nature. Although there is no official religion in China, most people hold some doctrines of Buddhism. Maybe this is part of it since Buddhism is peaceful in nature. When you visit China you'd find the Chinese people are very friendly, forgiving and open. An American and a Chinese are strikingly more similar than you might think. America and China can make good friends without much historical burden.

Posted by Donald from Philadelphia October 2, 09 11:59 AM

I love you forever! Our mam China

Posted by motuo October 2, 09 11:59 AM

Confucius said:"If those nearby are pleased,those far away will come."Just visit before you comment.China is a stronge,peaceful,harmony,modern ancient country.the people are happy friendly,joyful and hospitality. you can't force them to smile .you can't brainwash millions of people. the old western news reports from the Korea war time,you just forget it.they were just promoted hatred toward Chinese .they reported killing 20,30,40,60 millions of people.

Posted by Canadian October 2, 09 12:02 PM

mr Anonymous
i am a student from chongqing china
i konw my english is not very well and you know everything
but i think you do not know what is true love
are you feel pain(my mother land became strong )
are you in acute pain(our people will not be poor)
i think money can buy your heart.
falungong is your mother who named dog

Posted by hean October 2, 09 12:07 PM

WonderfulILove ChinaI

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:11 PM

great country! great people! 10 times friendlier than American.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:12 PM

to 321,In chinese grammar,these sentences means the people is top-drawer

Posted by alex pan October 2, 09 12:16 PM

I'm so proud of being a Chinese!

Wish for peace and happiness and prosperity in China and everywhere in the world!

Posted by helen October 2, 09 12:18 PM

to 112.

Don't be so ridiculous. Have you ever actually gone 20 miles outside Beijing or Shanghai or Shenzhen?

Don't be so blind.

I am not against this parade. It looked perfect in it formations and execution. Sure, be 'proud' and all that stuff but don't be a frog at the bottom of a well.

Posted by Zheng October 2, 09 12:20 PM

Long live china. happy national day .

Posted by arshy, from pakistan October 2, 09 12:20 PM

Nice shot

Posted by Dennis October 2, 09 12:23 PM

I love you!China!

Posted by yuyl007 October 2, 09 12:23 PM

China is a great country!!

Posted by L October 2, 09 12:25 PM

Good photoes, lovely people, great country, corrupt goverment and autarchic party!

Posted by SinkingChina October 2, 09 12:27 PM

happy birthday, china, go your own way, let others chat. There haven't any nation in the world that can give 100% positive feedback without any negative sould. Remember, bad world only push the nation go stronger.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:30 PM

comments are read by you
China is been reading by chinese

Posted by October 1 October 2, 09 12:30 PM

Great China, I love you forever

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:34 PM

It does not work to insult China by pretending an ordinary Chinese. The trick is cheap.... I do not buy. Good grow up exercising by counterattacking any mischievous attacks on issues like Xinjiang, Xizang, Taiwan and South China Sea.

Posted by Alex October 2, 09 12:35 PM

to 273 hungarian:

You cannot even find your country on a world map, thats why you can be free! Hahaha!

Posted by Miaomiao Shifu October 2, 09 12:36 PM

The Chinese cetainly made North Korean's mass display look bad!

Posted by ASH October 2, 09 12:36 PM

1644 we lost our country, so many Chinese died from foreign invasions since than. Now we can tell them, we have enough weapons to protect our land, our women and children.

Posted by pear October 2, 09 12:37 PM

yay! china's 60 years old!!! woot!

Posted by Yunhe October 2, 09 12:41 PM

I love China.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:43 PM

I love you, CHINA!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

Posted by Proud of my country October 2, 09 12:43 PM

long live great Chinese people!!!

Posted by lycher October 2, 09 12:51 PM

only emperor Hu's new clothes. This goverment is so lacking of security, it needs 1.4M security troops to secure Beijing just for such a show. this gov lost control in Xingjiang -- it is still a forbidden topic in China by now.

What a idiot. this is a big show? need 1.4M to secure? this is a power? give me a break.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:51 PM

only emperor Hu's new clothes. This goverment is so lacking of security, it needs 1.4M security troops to secure Beijing just for such a show. this gov lost control in Xingjiang -- it is still a forbidden topic in China by now.

What a idiot. this is a big show? need 1.4M to secure? this is a power? give me a break.

Posted by funnyviewer October 2, 09 12:52 PM

All these chinese commenting have just made it more and more clear to me. China is like a big child with too much power. Naive and greedy people who love money and power over everything. Lord of flies in global scale, people who do not understand the value of independence and freedom and happily take it away from others without remorse.

I doubt that anyone in Tibet would dare to express their wish for freedom of chinese imperialistic oppression, as it would only mean beating, prison or even death sentence.

Money doesn't have any value. Freedom has.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:56 PM

I find it saddening that so many Americans feel the need to show their poor educations here in the comments. Yes, these are beautiful photographs, the parade is lovely and creates a sense of awe - and yes, for those raised in a Republic, as we Americans are (those who say 'Democracy' very often have no idea what the word actually means) a display like this can be intimidating. Communism is counter to our ideals, and many of us dislike it, however there is no denying that it is an effective form of government.

It just isn't for us. I could not survive under Communism, personally.

But all Americans should be *grateful* to China, no matter how they feel about Communism. China has been kind enough to hold almost 25% of our public debt...without the support of China (and Japan, as well as many other nations who shoulder our weight,) our economy would be on a steady road to collapse.

So all Americans should be grateful to China...they allow us to live beyond our means, they make our gluttonous way of life possible. So instead of insulting China for uneducated reasons, we should turn that critical lens on ourselves, because the only thing we have to fear from China is that they would withdraw their support of us.

Posted by Soror October 2, 09 01:00 PM

I don't see how the U.S. can be critical of China, when we have beome more like them. Our human rights abuses are increasing as indicated not only by our on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but at home as well. Look at the police in Pittsburg where sound guns were used on demonstrators, or at the crackdown on demonstrators at the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 2008. Our industry likes the idea of being able to re-locate overseas in areas such as China where they can get cheap labor and maximize profit. Plus they don't have to worry about environmental laws. Off-shore, they don't have to pay therir fair share of taxes

Posted by Roland October 2, 09 01:02 PM

only Emperor Hu's non-exist new-clothes. Normal people are forbidden to get close 3 kms to the square. the public transportation are forbidden in Beijin for days. is this a celebration? just to shot a TV show to fool those wish to be fooled.

this gov is so lacking of security feeling in its heart, it fears every thing. Even flying kite is forbidden in Beijin from Sep 15. Such a boasted power, it feels so powerless in its heart, but continues to fool those wish to be fooled.

wakeup, u r in Matrix.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 01:06 PM

better than 1999,more peaceful

Posted by chineseboy October 2, 09 01:08 PM

El desfile de la plaza de Beiging, me da verguenza y vómito por los chinos.
NO han aprendido de nuestros errores, y están cometiendo todos los errores posibles.
El presidente en su carro con 4 micrófonos, (probablemente ametralladoras y lanzallamas tambien,) en un pedestal movil es patetico.
China es ,creo, mucho mejor que eso.
Solo espero que el país despierte, se divida en 5 ó 6 paises mas ecologicos, eliminen a todos estos gamberros que salen en las fotos y formen parte de un mundo diferente.

Posted by josefo chien October 2, 09 01:08 PM

To N° 410

Color TV for Tibet whoa great !!!! What about freedom it's not better ? If people are so happy with china in Tibet why don't organised a free election to check if it's true ?? And to show to the world ?

I am sure that Chinese people are very great and nice but you are living in a dictatorship and maybe u just enjoy it because u are one of them or maybe you have been also brain washed (like us) by your TV propaganda ?

Posted by Michael October 2, 09 01:09 PM

we are old and we are young,we are humble to face the reality that we respect all our friends including the US.We live in one earth,right?:)

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 01:11 PM

Hey 403, and the guy who wrote the apology that 403 commented on what makes you an enlightened American? Is it because you think yourself intelligent. Well, newsflash you might be smart but it seems that you know nothing about the goings on of the world. My father is in the US military and my mom is a member of NATO. So maybe you should backtrack on the whole "enlightened American" thing, because quite frankly you don't know shit. Did you know that out of the many countries in NATO China cannot count itself among them? I wonder why? So it's not just America who thinks that China is bad it's just about everybody. Oh, and you Chinese guys that think you have a say; did u know that your country just bargained with America for Stealth missile bombers? I wonder why the government that you so trust wants such an impressive weapon? I'm also curious as to why such an amazing country of bold intellectuals would not be able to create there own bombers. hmmm... got any thoughts? I like the guys who said that they could say adverse things about their country without fear. No shit. They aren't going to do anything to someone that no one will listen to. I also love the threatening note that I read saying that if an American would say anything about China that he and his descendants would pay for it. Well, guess what buddy back at you. There is something to ponder from an American who actually knows what's going on. You Chinese who feel so passionately for your country if your beloved communist government which you have absolutely no control over goes to war with someone that we are friendly with prepare for a reckoning, because when it's over one of us may not be there afterward... Sorry, but I hope it's us.

Posted by When two tigers fight, one is certain to be maimed, and one to die. October 2, 09 01:11 PM

IF US is all about FREEDOM, then LEAVE everyone else alone! Mind your own business! Stop talking about others while this country is deep debit, and teenagers are on drugs and pregnant, schools' budgets are cut, unemployment is going up. Take care of the country you love so much first then help others to get better.

Posted by Crystal October 2, 09 01:11 PM

To # 38.
If you like to say "Screw USA", feel free to do so, but we Chinese really love our country, noone can force us to say "Screw CHINA" expecially on her birthday!

By the way, we won't end up in prison when we complain back in China, the goverment has become much more liberal than 30 years ago.

I'm a Chinese, we come a long way to be here, we're really proud of the improvement. This is not to say we're the best, lots to improve in future years, but, we have HOPE, we have confidence in the way we're going now, it's the right direction. Democracy is important, but I don't like fact that decisions are put on hold since there's division of opinions and noboby can agree with anyone, thus nothing gets done.

Posted by FromChina October 2, 09 01:12 PM

I wish America was more like China with respect to religion.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 01:13 PM

Chinese love their Country, they pride of it and work hard for it; They love peace.
A great country! A great nation!

Posted by wind October 2, 09 01:19 PM

they sure love symmetry and order.

Posted by Nay October 2, 09 01:22 PM

To 390£ºFirst,I want to say,I am honored to be a Chinese.
Now, I am here to share my comments though my English is not very good.
What is democracy?Can you give all the people in the world a exact definition of the word?
Why does so many people have different thoughts to one China?Doesn`t it a same country?The answer is No.
If you have ever been to China and communicate with Chinese, you will find that China is not a country that you hear or know from media. These media always have an unfair voice to broadcast news about China.As a Chinese , I know more than you. So when I heard the wrong comments of China, I don`t know what to do. Crying? Or Laughing? I don`t know . Maybe you think China haven`t got enough democracy.But China is growing up. She is only 60-year-old. She is younger than US or GBR. She still has a long road to step on.


Please have a fair eyesight on Chinese. Thanks.

Posted by Mynameis CHINA! October 2, 09 01:22 PM

Im Chinese and Im living in China, 26 years old. I feel that my life has been progressing these years. So I think the CCP has been doing well on managing the contry. And thats why I support it. Maybe democracy is good, but its not so important as ecomomy, when I have to pay for my apartment & car every month.

If someone feels this kind of parade like the NPD, I say, yes, you are right. Because its origin is from the Roman Empire. European coutries learned this parade from Roman Empire. And China & USA learned from Europ.

Posted by realyaozi October 2, 09 01:27 PM

We gave your government the money to save you from starving. Now you're full and have got your strength back and start criticizing us? Boy, we're Jesus.

If you have nothing better to do, go improve your economy. Don't talk human rights before talkin' bout basic living needs, let alone obviously you understand neither.

Happy Birthday.

Posted by Redgal October 2, 09 01:40 PM

Sone observations:

Every nation is flawed.

No country should be identified with its leaders, for they are indivdiuals only.

Every nation that has enjoyed material and political advantage has exploited it in some way, at some time, that many (most?) would consider unethical, barbarous, arrogant, all of the above.

People around the world love their children, hope for peace, want enough food on their table, and good medical care when they are ill. Very few people (and these are rogues in every nation) spend a great deal of time eager to conquer or brtualize others.

Nations go through phases, much like individuals. To feel that recent events identify a culture is like presuming that your 50 year old colleague is defined--solely--by his/her actions of the preceding day. Nonsense.

I am an American and very proud of it. We are a people with many fine qualities; we have many flaws, also. You can take the word "American" out of my statement, add in the national identity of your choice, and the sentence still reads true for probably almost every person on this planet.

If we retaliate angrily and in equal measure to the loud ignorant rantings of boors and bullies, we risk becoming like them. There are many Confucian sayings that play upon the metaphor of big noises concealing small substance, of loud shouting indicating the presence of a little mind. I agree with them. I think we would do well to remember them, here, for the loudest on both sides seem to have this in common: a very narrow and uncharitable view of the world and humankind.

And one final word about all the preceding comments and the pictures which occasioned them. Whether or not you "like" China (whatever "that" means), whether or not you approve of its actions, is really immaterial. These are pictures of a celebration. Yes, there are many weapons--but as an earlier post acknowledged, that's a staple of national parades. But most importantly, the parade celebrates a nation and a people. For many Chinese, the Communist Party may be a proud political affirmantion; for many others, it is likely to be a bitter pill. But there is a component of the celebration which transcends the immediate poliitics: it is also the celebration of a nation and a culture in its own identify, achievements, and pride. We who see it are not required to approve or disapprove. If we find it positive, then like a good and enthusiastic guest invited to someone else's birthday party, we should wish them well and many happy returns. And if we find no joy in it, then we should simply not attend: a good guest would leave quiety without insulting the host.

I am not exhorting either pro or con reactions, therefore: I merely suggest that it is always wise to remember one's manners.

I wish you all well.

Posted by A Fulbright Fellow and political centrist October 2, 09 01:53 PM

To #472
Your logic is hilarious! China is evil because china is not a nato member??? Just some basics for the "enlightened" you: there are over 200 countries in the world, and only 28 nato members. I guess all the other ~180 countries are bad in your retarded mind? Typical self-righteousness...

Posted by leo October 2, 09 01:53 PM

As a chinese student in U.S, i have to say, i love my homeland

Posted by philly dv October 2, 09 01:53 PM

For Chinese arguing with people here, pls stop wasting your time.
There're people love to be ruled by wall street, it's their own business, why should we care ?

Posted by goldmanSucks October 2, 09 01:55 PM

Typical ugly totalitarian-style parade, no different from Nazi or Soviet ones. Only narrow-minded morons can be fascinated with this shit. Down with communist killers.

Posted by Pishta66 October 2, 09 01:59 PM

Is all this gunpow(d)er for internal or external use, or both?

Posted by Roland Contreras October 2, 09 02:06 PM

I love the pictures so much. They performed perfectly neat and in order. Look at their faces and expressions. They love their country.

I wish no wars any more in this ancient and cultural land. Enjoy the peace and happiness now and ever! This is vision of all people around the world.

For anyone who comment on politics or democracy of China. If you do not know deeply about China, pleaes do not criticise that easy. Just like person,you can never judge a person from own practices without any familarity. w

Posted by Wen October 2, 09 02:11 PM

Just remember the tanks and murder in Tianamen Square!

Posted by Billy October 2, 09 02:13 PM

Pictures are unreal.

Unfortunately, the Chinese government has such a long history of propaganda that it is hard to really know what goes on in China and what is an illusion.

I asked a chinese exchange student last week what he thought about the Dali Llama-- his reply, " I want to shoot her" (chinese often mix up pronouns).

Posted by Fritzay October 2, 09 02:17 PM

474. Posted by FromChina October 2, 09 01:12 PM: Thank you! I watched the opening ceremonies and also the opening ceremonies of the Shanghais - Tibet Railroad - they, like all that the Chinese do is truly Awesome!

Your self-respect, self-confidence, integrity follow in the Universal footsteps of the Unique Universal Jewish man that came to be known by the Anglo name of _____!

Your Nation withstood the occupations of over a century of US British occupation and still BLOSSOMING with your Unique, as His, Philosophy that: It is meaningful employment that undoes the ravages of unnecessary poverty & as such has brought new industries throughout the "Third World" (?) Nation's - training the Indigenous peoples of those Nations to run the new industries & purchase them; ASSURING China of FUTURE markets of TRUE INTERDEPENDENT economies = TRUE Capitalism!
Unfortunately the "Anointed" GWB entered with the FREE market concept of ABUSE that has also tied todays China into a 'corporate knot' as they have done to the rest of the globe!

The adolescent BRATS of the Corporate U.S. have so so much to learn from you BUT their WMD's boast that they 'can do what they want' as they INVADED Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc!

Now, 472. The 20th century U.S. of multi-national corporate cartels in the America's consistently & categorically INVADED nation after nation CONQUERING with their Anti-Jesus Lord's of Christ imposing FREE to ABUSE market economies where ever their WMD's would take them; as with the battleship COLE as their "protection"!

I am a PROUD American born in the former USA and am a SHAMED citizen of the U.S. of __International Petro-Chemical Corporate Cartels__ in the America's! Those from Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, etc. are ALL American's except WE in the U.S. - Barac Obama, thank you for once again opening that GREEN door to Huemanity!

Posted by Philip Gurrieri October 2, 09 02:18 PM

Wow, is this thread targeted by wumao? Full of one-liners, how many cents have you guys earned?

I love China, Chinese culture, but the 60th anniversary is really just the birthday of the CCP, not China. IMO it's an arrogant display and a waste of money that could've been spent on something else.

Posted by yee October 2, 09 02:26 PM

to #489
Maybe,but our feeling is real.I am a college student and took in the masses parade.And I can't catch your point.Maybe You want to say Da Lai La Ma?!You will understand us after you knowing more about Chechnya or Ethnic separatist group ETA or any other Terrorist organizations like these.

Posted by cyl October 2, 09 02:37 PM

wow, great!!! einfach schön!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by peter October 2, 09 02:37 PM


Posted by nonamerequired October 2, 09 02:43 PM

ÎÒ°®ÎÒµÄÖйú¡£I love my China.

Those who criticize, please only open you mouth before you have seen by using you own eyes!

China is friendly, and great in her people's eyes, no matter she is a communist or not!

Freedom is that you should give others their freedom to believe their own belief, their own right to choose way of life,their own ideas of what happiness is.

A lot of Chinese people, including me, love China, and highly evaluate our own country. This is our independent feeling and thought. Why not respect their feeling, belief and choice?

Nobody is wrong, including the communistism, the capitalism,as long as you believe you are happy.

Best respect is from your respect to others.

Posted by Young October 2, 09 02:43 PM

Dear US government
Please free Alaska,free Texas, free California.
Because Alaska was a part of Russia and Texas and California were both parts of Mexico.
Please free them and never conquer them again.

Posted by god October 2, 09 02:48 PM

Westerners: People's Republic of China (PRC) is bad, because China is communist, because the communists oppress and murder their own people--the Chinese.

Chinese: we love China, we celebrate the founding of PRC, we support our government.

So why the Westerners are still mad at communist China, if the "victims" of communist China are happy?

Westerners: The Chinese people are brainwashed by the Communists.

Chinese: The Westerners are brainwashed by Western media.

Where does the truth lie??

Posted by whoKnows October 2, 09 02:57 PM

In just sixty years China has progressed at an unprecedented rate. Although portions of the population are still suffering from poverty, the infrastructure of the country has improved and its just a matter of time before the standard of living for the vast majority of ordinary Chinese will be reaping the benefits of progress and equality.

Managing a country with over a billion people is no easy task since there are 56 different minorities and millions of people that want to embark on their own journey without government interference.

The socialist economic experiment of China is a challenge to the political ideology of traditional capitalist economic theory. The fusion of socialism and capitalism appears to be working in China and the rippling effect of progress and production will have a definite impact throughout the world.

Posted by Nanson Hwa October 2, 09 03:01 PM

Great pictures... didn't realize so many Chinese citizens read the Boston Globe. I understand the 'celebration', but what's up with all the support from the US? It was a bloody takeover by a oppressive party who killed those in their way. It is a shame people forget history...

Posted by David B October 2, 09 03:08 PM

Me cago en este monton de malditos que se comentodo ser viviente del planeta.

Porque no se comen entre si, o minimo su propia mierda.!!!

Posted by manuel October 2, 09 03:11 PM

Alto TOC tienen estos chinos

Posted by Feda October 2, 09 03:12 PM

I just watched a TV program in a Europe country, surprisingly many people are criticising the big celebration on the 60 years celebration. They said Chinese people are being torched by Chinese government. The human rights are being not respected in China. People on the screen are shouting, screaming and domonstrating for the Chinese people whom they think are in a hot water. They work so hard for the Chinese people. I laughed at them and felt sorry for them because their efforts are just meaningless to me as an average Chinese. They thought we were in a horror becuase of the heavily controlled traffice or .... May I tell you as a Chinese what I feel about it? What chinese people think for themselves instead of being thought by the others?

Posted by JD October 2, 09 03:13 PM

re: 496 - we bought alaska from the russians. texas separated from mexico by force of arms, and then came into the union. it led to a series of events that ended with our taking a good half of mexico, again by force of arms. i think the duke of chin would have appreciated this. after all, he used arms to unite china.

Posted by mike driscoll October 2, 09 03:21 PM

Is it just me, or are there more people *in* the parade than there are watching it?

Pretty impressive organisation, though. I don't think anywhere else would be bothered enough to put so much effort into it.

Posted by Hmm October 2, 09 03:22 PM

I love my country and I am pround of being a Chinese.

Those who said " FREE TIBET", you should come and see the real China and the real Tibet. Don't been brain washed by the western media!

Posted by Miafeng October 2, 09 03:38 PM

I dont understand what the fuss is about...just a few disgruntled "tibetans" and their misguided sympathizers who can't even point out where Lhasa is on the map...who cares!

China is on her way back to greatness...I salute China and her people for their hard work. If those ney-sayers say the celebration is bs...then let's not celebrate July 4th because the US had such a horrid past with slavery, genocide of whole native tribes all across the continent etc etc etc....

Hypocracy and racism go hand in hand, people! and you cannot hide your racist attitude toward China and the Chinese people by hiding behind the so-called "human rights" agenda!!!!!

Tibet will ALWAY be a PART OF CHINA!!!!!!!! Go China!

Posted by Mike October 2, 09 03:51 PM

to 497, Chinese people are narrow minded in some cases, but the same comment goes to some of the Westerners. Right, maybe we are both to some extent brainwahsed. Maybe we are nothing but the prisoners of ideas dominating our own society, so it is quite important to think comparatively. But I would still say that Chinese are a better judge of what China is today than most of Westerners. Because firstly they live in that country, and secondly, most Chinese university students today read English, and know how to use information from diverse sources to crossvalidate what is happening in their own country, while you probably know how may Westerners read Chinese.

Posted by mujun October 2, 09 03:59 PM

Wait, where are the SU-27s? China purchased a few from Russia, and I'd think they want to show them off at least!

Posted by Aero fighter October 2, 09 04:04 PM

happy birthday to my motherland

Posted by RBL October 2, 09 04:05 PM

I really like how every solder is the same height.

For an individualist, the degree of collective uniformity is disturbing.

Posted by JC October 2, 09 04:06 PM

If you love China so much, please feel free to return there and STAY there! If it's so great, why did you leave in the first place???

Posted by anonymous October 2, 09 04:15 PM

Why on earth is NY celebrating or promoting communism. Why I ask.

Posted by steven October 2, 09 04:31 PM

Great photos!!! I was born and raised in Beijing. I've been to lots of places but BJ is still my favorite-past, present, and forever. It is my inside.

And China...I know that she has a variety of problems and that the government has been widely criticized. But I love her so much...from my deep deep heart. As a country China has gone through millions of tough times. And it seems that there are more to come in the future. She sure deserves a huge celebration!!

Happy Anniversary China!
All the best wishes to my motherland!!

Posted by Nan October 2, 09 04:40 PM

Communist China. Blood of 10's of millions to start the revolution and travesties since. Murder of the unborn.

This is a nation of slaves.

May God end their pain and bring down the communist party.

But we first have to do that in the United States and impeach Obama for absolute ineptness.

Posted by None October 2, 09 04:46 PM

Vous êtes un grand pays et un peuple avec une civilisation ancienne. Vous avez obtenu la liberté grace à la lutte contre imperialisme et ses serviteurs intérieurs. Mais, maintenant que vous êtes libre et fort vous avez un devoir vis à vis des autres peuples luttant pour leur liberté et application de droit de l'homme. Il faut les soutenir. Malheureusement depuis quelques temps les interrêts matériaux prime sur le soutien des peuples luttant contre la dictature. La Chine actuellement soutien certains états dictatures et corrompus qui rejetent tout droit de l'homme et exercent la représsion contre son peuple, et cela pour des intérrêts matériaux.

Posted by Vincent Sourman October 2, 09 04:47 PM

Great country!

Posted by neil October 2, 09 04:49 PM

All ways of narrow minded nationalism are plain stupid, including the american!!

It was a beautiful celebration, too bad americans are too busy watching american idol and worrying about Dave Letterman extorsion to see it.

Did american TV even broadcasted the event? I saw the whole thing on TV in my country, the best country! my only love! hahaha... a small country of Central America that knows about democracy and freedom without having to invade other countries.

Posted by Chong Wang October 2, 09 05:02 PM

Reminds me of purposeful military displays by past regimes of Nazi Germany, Soviet Republic, etc.

Posted by Peter October 2, 09 05:04 PM

wow - those girls marching in uniform looked totally hot!
p.s. don't pretend you didn't notice.
p p.s. looking at those great photos made me wonder if I was looking at the next Roman Empire and what the world will be like in 2049 when they are 100.

Posted by ed October 2, 09 05:06 PM

Because we want to learn different technologies from other countries and help China become more powerful.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 05:08 PM

Thank you China,

Because of you, I understand and appreciate more the way of life in America.
Without you, China, I will not fully understand what is it mean "Democracy".
Without you, China, I will not understand the word "Hell" means for those suppress people who are living in Tibet.
Without you, China, I will not having a black color to contrast with white, and do not realize how white is white.
Without you China, I will not fully understand bribery is a sin of those who in power.
and without you China, I can't appreciate what it mean "Freedom"

Thank you China. Have a great Birthday for those who proud of to live in China.

For me, thank you for having me America.

Posted by Chris Lee October 2, 09 05:20 PM

happy birthday!!!!!!! :D

Posted by david October 2, 09 05:20 PM

I am so disappointed to see that this celebration had turned into a huge argument between Chinese and Americans.
Seriously, the only reason is because we have different political parties. We are all just trying to make our own countries better by our political party. No one is right or wrong, all the criticizing are biased.
We have to admit, though, that communism is not as bad as the media exaggerated. No one can force the people to smile, or to love their country. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A POWERFUL COUNTRY--CHINA!

Posted by Chinese born Canadian lives in U.S. October 2, 09 05:25 PM

Communism and uniformity has its good sides, you can feel a great sense of belong and teamwork.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 05:28 PM

Great country!

Posted by neil October 2, 09 05:39 PM

It looks like much better than 6.4.1989.

Posted by Bananaapple October 2, 09 05:47 PM

When you grow bigger and stronger you will get the haters criticizing your every move regardless. The rest of the world had a love/hate relationship with the US for decades. Now China gets to experience the same thing.

That sad, I find it odd for Americans to mock China's insecurity. If anything, the average American and most people from Western nations take the word Schadenfreude to a new level when it comes to discussing China. When China was poor and miserable during Mao's era the Western world barely cared. As the average Chinese lives' improved in the last two decades suddenly the Western media insists that Chinese must be miserable. Do you see Chinese people insisting that Americans must be feel miserable because a full third of its population don't even have basic healthcare?

Posted by saywhat October 2, 09 05:54 PM

Amazing pictures! Best wishes to China! Never mind the sick-minded haters!

Posted by Micha October 2, 09 06:11 PM

Fantastic pictures.

Hope to come back to China soon, had a great time there on holiday a few years back (Beijing, Tianjin, Simatai, Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Yangtze cruise).

Lovely people, everyone was very friendly.

Posted by Gav October 2, 09 06:23 PM

To #501, amé tu comentario! (He said, in Spanish, "This Chinese guys have a huge case of TOC")

Anyway, I know little to nothing about China, but these pictures are unnaturally perfect. Eerie, in fact. I'm sure that there's more than meets the eye behind this.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 06:30 PM

Really, really great!,
I have been to Tianjin some years ago as the president of Incheon bar association to keep in touch with Tianjin bar association.
I just confirmed that China had made great progrsses through the past some years. Especially, China also made the Olympic Games too like Korea of 1988.
I specially hope that China has to take a lead to solve the north korea's nuke problem as the one of 6 party members. Long live China!!!

Posted by leekimoon October 2, 09 06:36 PM

those chicks in #15 are hot!

Posted by adam from US October 2, 09 06:41 PM

I love to visit China for its natural beauty and great history. However, I do not agree with the posts above that say that the Chinese people are friendly. The Chinese people I met in many tourists areas were very rude, ungentlemanly, uncouth, and greedy for money. They are pushy and loud too. Hence, I have a very bad impression of them.

However, I love the food and culture in China.....

Posted by MT October 2, 09 06:42 PM

I lived in Beijing on Ocober 1st 1984 and saw the 35th Anniversary Celebration.
The 69th Celebration is magnitude of times more dramatic. I wish I could have been there on October 1st 2009.

Posted by Bob Davis October 2, 09 06:43 PM

i am an ordinary chinese, maybe i don't have humen right, i don't have freedom, i am brainwashed, i am rulered by chinese government as those developed westerners said, that i am living in such hot water ................but i just feel happy with my life, my mother land, my people. i eat what i like, i do want i want, i talk what i feel, i gain what i am deserved................i wish this life just please be going on like this. humen right, freedom, demoncrazy ect...such things from western sometimes really bother me too much, could please some western fighters give me a break? that so called humen right, freedom, damoncrazy i really don't need, because i already have, ok???

Posted by Tan October 2, 09 06:53 PM

Absolutely incredible photographs - breathtaking.

(I am making no comment about the event - just the superb photographs)

Posted by Seren Wade October 2, 09 06:53 PM

Question for damon. How do you know Chinese people don't like their government? Are you Chinese? Can you speak and read Chinese? Do you know billions of Chinese? I'm Chinese and I can tell you that majority of Chinese people love their country and government. There is no government is perfect in this world including US government. Please stop bias towards Chinese government. They do their best to put the country becomes one of the wealthy country in this world and people stop from starving. They are one of the best governments in my opinion.

"There's a subtle difference between the people of the US and China.
In the US, we think of our country and government as one. We love our country, we love our democratic style of government. In china, most people view the government and their country as separate. The chinese people love their country and have great pride in their country. They love their country, not their government. The National day celebration is a show by the party.
Posted by b damon October 2, 09 11:58 AM "

Posted by jane October 2, 09 07:08 PM

awesome! Stronger China begins to show off

Posted by Frank October 2, 09 07:11 PM

These pictures do represent the development of China in the past 3 decades. I can see many negative comments here are from sick-minded haters who have never been to China. They just cannot accept other's progress and these people are usually losers in their life =)

Anyway, Best Wishes to China!

Posted by Benjamin October 2, 09 07:30 PM

Best wishes to my motherland, China!

Posted by Xiang October 2, 09 07:42 PM

I am an Indian living in Hong Kong. Whatever the west does to bad-mouth China, the global disasters caused by the west are unparallelled in the history of humanity. They have lost the right to talk about power hunger, money-mindedness a long time ago.
This is now just jealosy thats speaking. Their media can blabber whatever they want but the truth is nothing can stop China!
The more unemployed you see gushing into HK looking for jobs,more yo get convinced about the weatern jealosy!

Posted by annonymous October 2, 09 07:45 PM

thanks for the author that can supply so many beautiful pictures£¬although I have watched the TV£¬but this pictures is so wonderful£¬thanks£¡

Posted by zhangzhengbing October 2, 09 08:08 PM

I found the comments very interesting. As a Chinese, I personally appreciate different voices before they become insulting. I consider it a special form of democracy process when there is only one party in China. But from the US or European perspective, I feel quite sad for them. Well, the media could keep fooling their people by reporting fake news or at ... Read Moreleast one-side stories about China. Nothing is easier than deceive yourselves. I kind of understand what they are afraid of. But if they get to know more about the true spirit of chinese ppl and chinese culture, they will realize what they fear will never happen...

60th anniversary is not merely to show the power of Chinese communist party. It is to acknowledge the outcomes of Chinese people's hard working. They deserve compliments rather than insults. They are modest and humble but not stupid. Miracle would have never happened without the tough character of Chinese people.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 08:37 PM

wow at all these comments and arguments.. i'm just an ordinary chinese high schooler living in Canada and these are what i personally think. you can call me retarded or whatever you want, but, it's just my "freedom of speech". I've been living outside of China for 10 years now, and i can tell you, i still love my homeland more than anywhere else. Canada and the States are both great countries, but compared to China, they're very different. 1 thing that pisses me off is when random people bad mouth China and the Chinese when they know nothing about us. I wonder what's going to happen to Canada if they have to feed China's population.... and just think about it! the "new China" has only been around for 60 years... just think about it before you speak! China has come a long way, yes there are rude Chinese everywhere.. that goes for canadians and americans too... yes there are human right problems.. but at least every chinese can now fill their stomachs and not have to starve like 50 years ago! we're still working on it.. we need time~! we're not in NATO, so what?? is NATO supposed to mean :group of PERFECT" countries"?? it's alright to say what u want, youve been brought up that way, but there's always a limit to how much you should say! we love our country, we know there are flaws, but dont mind other's business so much, it gets annoying complaining about the same thing over and over again when your country has loads of alws to be corrected!

Posted by shinji October 2, 09 08:51 PM

big china is big!

Posted by radicalbison October 2, 09 09:02 PM

I don't think anywhere else would be bothered enough to put so much effort into it.we don't need americans to teach us what to feel

Posted by nvhaizi October 2, 09 09:04 PM

It's an impossible mission for the US. troops£¬for they are lack of necessary discipline

Posted by Stephen October 2, 09 09:12 PM

to 467, come on fool, how do you know you r not in a Matrix when you crying about chinese people are in your imaginary Matrix. While I agree it's good way of fooling yourself. I am sorry if you feel affensive.

Posted by enjoy growing October 2, 09 09:14 PM

Uh, 541, Hong Kong and China are completely different things--you know that, right?

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:14 PM

Amazing. I am my family are watching this parade through the night. I am really glad to see this country, after more than 100 years of invasion, humiliation, and chaos, we finally growing stronger and stronger. There are ppl asking why not go to fight with terrorist. Who are the terrorists? The parade shows that we are strong now, and we can be peacefully working with others, not tray to step into other ppl's house.

Posted by in toronto October 2, 09 09:18 PM

No matter you admit or not, you are not able to live without China now. Please try to remove all "made in China" products in your house, and never buy chinese import product any more.

Posted by William October 2, 09 09:18 PM


Posted by ANITA (CUBAN/AMERICA) October 2, 09 09:18 PM

it seems that Chinese "wu mao party" has been infiltrated in this site and leave many sick comments here!
I believe many Chinese people especially the young generation,they know more about the political tricks. And from Internet ,they know more about what the truth is,and what CCP wants to hide. They won't be BRAIN WASHED by the Chinese Communist Party anymore.
So,Wu Mao Party,GO TO HELL!

Posted by Poena Gabriel October 2, 09 09:25 PM

Long live china. happy national day .

Posted by QIU October 2, 09 09:25 PM

It is a celebration without real Chinese people. It is expensive cheap performance for the solely purpose of showing to the world. China is definitely doing better job comparing with Soviet Union and North Korea. I feel ashamed for them.

Posted by Miaoyu October 2, 09 09:31 PM

I love you ,China!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:35 PM

I greeting from Cambodia which is kingdom of wonder.

My first comment, China is a great republic of People's Republic of china.

I wish China had more adventurous of all.

Posted by Jaccia October 2, 09 09:43 PM

Great pics, and shut up! haters!! This world getting worse since the moment your mother had just given birth to you and will be even worser before you passing away . To the world you contribute nothing but lie and complaint. You are SUPER LOSER STAR!!

Posted by nosci October 2, 09 09:48 PM

That is wonderful world!

Posted by Simon October 2, 09 09:55 PM

Go ahead£¡ China£¡

Posted by Aaeron October 2, 09 09:55 PM

Es tan bonito todo esa cordinacion los felicito!!!!!!!!!!!.

Posted by elizabeth October 2, 09 10:01 PM

Wonderful photos! Great country!
Anyway, nothing is perfect. I believe in China!

Posted by Ryan October 2, 09 10:01 PM

well, I have to say hot topic it is, whatever you agree or not, China will keep going as the past, Chinese will keep going as usual.

I love my homeland, even I don't like the party

Posted by cean October 2, 09 10:05 PM

Yay, 60 years of killing innocent people and cultural revolution, and a parade is all I got?


Posted by outraged October 2, 09 10:07 PM

Wow. I'm Canadian but I feel I should apologize to all the Chinese people in here for the disgusting comments by the Americans.
Please understand that Americans are even more brainwashed than citizens of other countries, they just refuse to believe it.
That is a beautiful parade and I think it is wonderful to see the hope, fun, and progress your country makes everyday. You are far beyond our Western countries in so many ways. Don't let these supposed "Democrats" tell you any different. They are simply uneducated with propaganda.
Communism can succeed as long as it is done without a violent fist towards its own people.

Posted by Shon October 2, 09 10:27 PM

China is one of the best, we have no intention to tell what the world should do, but other countries, such as USA, please don't tell what the China should do.

Posted by LJY October 2, 09 10:32 PM

we have diffrent culture and opnions, that's ok. but how much do u know about tibet and xingjiang? sure 90% is from ur so called Mass Media Freedom forget it. it's full of lies and cheat, if u want to know the truth, u need to know it from your eyes

Posted by admin October 2, 09 10:35 PM

Capitalism£¿Socialism£¿Two Extremes£¿
Neither extreme will help China grow up rapidly.
The development from Socialism to Communism needs some techniques used in Capitalism. That's why the high IQ Party and Chinese people adopt both techniques appropriate for the growth of China from two **lism : )
We call that " socialism with Chinese characteristics ".
This special combination guarantees China the economic power to confront world financial crisis at present.
With over than one billion people, the country needs to have a strong and continuing economy.This will help improve the health-care system, education and so on in China. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, material needs shoud be met first. That's why we call China a developing country since it has such a large population whose needs cannot be all satisified at the same time. Yes, this country needs time!
Communism means all the needs of people, both physical and mental will be satisified. And that time, freedom? More freedom than you think. But China is still developing and she is at the very first step of coming to Communism(Still in Socialism with Chinese Characterisitcs)
As for Dalilama and other people who oppose current policy of China, they don't benefit from current China, so they just speak ill of China, human rights or something like that. The only purpose of these ridiculous action is to prevent China from focusing on developing ecomomy.

Posted by Simon October 2, 09 10:36 PM

As a Chinese, I just wonder how many of you have ever been to Tibet or Xinjiang? And how do you know what happened there? Don't tell me that you learned everything from your media, it sucks. One thing I believe is true is that media is always lying--either in China or in USA.

Posted by Friedrich October 2, 09 10:38 PM

@564, 60 years of killing innocent people and cultural revolution? You can say "5000 years of killing innocent people and cultural revolution", why not? what Chinese and its goverment really killed is your wild ambition and smart people like you who want to keep China in a state of collapse.

Posted by nosci October 2, 09 10:51 PM

I love you,CHINA

TO someone:
Believe not all that you see nor half what you hear.

Posted by jaehn October 2, 09 10:52 PM

China is a great country! To all the haters, stfu because it's the most powerful country in the world. Stop bashing "communism" and worry more about the debt America owes China. Without China, America would be even worse than it is now. Plus, China is becomming more and more non-communist as the years go by. I absolutely loved the celebration. They used twice the amount of fireworks than in the Olympics! I stayed up until after midnight trying to finish watching the live thing. :D
btw, these are some great pics! Woo

Posted by Proud Chinese-American October 2, 09 11:05 PM

The new world leader!

Posted by Hero October 2, 09 11:18 PM

as a chinese , i have to say tibet is always chinese territory. It is no reason tibet should be independent.
also, to be honest, chinese goverment has been more and more corrupt. i have to say , in china , no officials are cleanhanded.every little town build up luxurious office building, buy luxurious cars, every officials are rich,even many of them are multimillionaire.they get benefits from selling land and take bribes from real estate company. it result that the housing is so expensive, more than 350,000 USD for a flat in big city,people work for their whole life to pay bank loans,their parents pay all the money to support their children to buy a flat.your salary in this big city is only from 500-1000 USD,so when you take 70 years to clear all the debts, govermont confisticate your house, because you only has the 70 years to own the have to buy again.
In china , we do not care democracy, it is too far away.we only want a better social welfare , a low cost for housing, that is enough. these are prior than democracy. the urgent thing is to solve corruption and degeneration, not democracy. this is that american not realized.

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 11:21 PM

It's funny. I am living in China and know what is Wu Mao ( fifty fen, 0.50 yuan) Party - guys who were employed by some overseas organizations to distribute fake negative posts, comments and informations of China online in forums, blogs and somewhere. The system runs as a company using merit pay and mostly they can make Wu Mao (fifty fen) for one post. So they were called Wu Mao Party. Maybe you have interest to know who are the organizations, I was heard the list contents CIA, FBI, some NGOs and Foundations supported by gov and capital of West such as JP,US,UK, DE and more also TW.

Posted by wumao October 2, 09 11:26 PM

China is becoming stonger and more democratic.
It is developing faster.
Chinese people need time to do better......

Posted by davegao October 2, 09 11:50 PM

What is called the clear brain? I am a new era Chinese young person , there exists a few problem in our human rights indeed , our phenomenon unfair to society discontents also indeed. Which country does not have but, self human rights situation , which country is consummate? Do not have absolute human rights , do not have absolute Eutopia. The times is developing , China is developing, all on become become better and better. Have no the existence washing the brain , only have education in national conditions and patriotic education. Is the education in patriotism to wash the brain could it be said that? I appreciate USA and west democracy , admire west affluent life also very much, our own democracy also becomes better and better but , our country is more and more better-off , there is an old saying in China: "A mother never looks ugly to her son ", any people of country all is such.
I love my country, I also appreciate the world in any successful country and prosperity of the country.
Why are there so many of China's "slander" and "curse"? Extreme ideology, and extreme acts of hatred should be worth reflecting on!

Posted by voyager October 2, 09 11:55 PM

seriously though, every country has only reached their current status through many events, be them good or bad,and China is no exception. though China has killed innocent people and done many bad things to get to what it is now, you could say that nearly every country has gone through stages, no country is "Clean", the US has gone through many dark areas of history as well, such as the civil war, and the many many years of slavery previous, as well as the KKK, etc. No one is perfect, and if something doesn't work, it will eventually change, so if it is that China's "Communism" (or what they call communism anyways) is unstable and that everyone under it's rule hates it, then it will eventually topple, just like slavery, etc.

Posted by trying not to criticize anyone October 3, 09 12:00 AM

some Americans believe in the killing innocent people and cultural revolution have be done in China just by your tv or news. If you haven't been to China,don't say any words plz.cuz you can never image how wonderful our life are.

Posted by libra October 3, 09 12:10 AM

Those who are criticizing China about some stupid issues like human rights or Tibet problem, just SHUT UP! Go to China to find the truth yourself, ok?! It is a common sense that never judge a person before you really know him or her. Don't be fooled by the media.

Posted by C October 3, 09 12:12 AM

I love china

Posted by max October 3, 09 12:13 AM

china's great

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 12:30 AM

Congratulations PRC!
I hope you will strive towards democracy in the next 10 years and make ALL the people in the country happy instead of a portion at the moment.
Anyway, well done and my best wishes.

Posted by Kim H Chang October 3, 09 12:33 AM

American with 200 years history would never know what is inside a Chinese with 5000 years history.

Posted by Eric October 3, 09 12:34 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 12:43 AM

I love china!

Posted by korn October 3, 09 12:45 AM

@552, I missed the part where communism had anything to do with the Taliban, you wanna help me out here? Or are you just talking with your head up your ass?
@565, you're partly right, but please don't generalize americans. We're not all stupid d*cks. As for your last statement, I wholeheartedly agree.

Posted by Kelley October 3, 09 12:45 AM

I'm a chinese student,I love my matherland.I don't know why so many Americans regard my lovely China sa an evil.

If we are oppressed by our goverment,why everyone of us is happy?

If you can see the poverty in China,why can't you see the slums the American?every country has many problems,China is not perfect,as well as the USA.

you guys alaways say that Chinese are nallow mind,in my mind,what we do is different with America people.

Both Chinese and Americans love their motherland,and work hard for them.

i feel geart glory to be born in China.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 12:47 AM

stop jealous china!!!
it's chinese.
we are chinese

we are not UK USA or EURo.

we have own culture if u don't know that

pls shut up ur mouth.

if u like u stay

if u don't like

just leave here.

there's no point let u make f*cking crazy comment.

there's great history in china

u wear T-shirt
it may say made in china

u see chinese hard working Struggling ofs lots of self image!

look at u guys like Eu. U.S.A UK. lot's people drunk every f*cking single day

govement feedding those of uesless

why they don't go work???

they may say they are diffrent.


Posted by chickenball October 3, 09 12:50 AM

happy birthday! China is my home now.

Posted by WT October 3, 09 12:52 AM

Breath taking pictures. China has changed a lot for the better. China will keep developing rapidly. Nothing is perfect. There are alot to improve. But still as the national day, this is a moment to celebrate.

Posted by sroamer October 3, 09 12:56 AM

I am a Chinese, and I am so pround for my motherland, for 60 years, efforts from generation to generation have been paid off, though, we know we still have a longway ahead.

All Chinese are open to comments, no matter it is praise, criticise,bias, prejudice or even bullshit. We should never label someone to be narrow-minded, brainwashed purely based on a thread posted in here.
No one is an island, neither China nor US, as well as any other country from the rest of the world. Everyday we try to be hard-working to improve our own flawness,alongside we appreciate the benefits brought by other nations. Please be tolerant, self-reflective and respect to others.

I love my country, always.

Posted by Daniel October 3, 09 01:00 AM

I hope Americans can spare some time to have a knowledge of China .What on your papers are not totally ture.
Of course my country have a lot of issues to be improved,but we are united to overcome every barrier to build a better life for people and the world!

Posted by Chinese college student October 3, 09 01:01 AM

I am proud of being a Chinese!

I love you, my mother~~~~~~~~~



Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:07 AM

I love my country. Long live China

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:19 AM

GIVE us two hundred year.

Posted by amen October 3, 09 01:31 AM

496.Dear US government
Please free Alaska,free Texas, free California.
Because Alaska was a part of Russia and Texas and California were both parts of Mexico.
Please free them and never conquer them again.

Posted by god October 2, 09 02:48 PM

I support you! Let them go¡£
And FR. government, please free Polyn¨¦sie française, and BR. government, please free Cayman Islands.

Posted by XULEI October 3, 09 01:32 AM

I come from China's Nanjing!

China's current situation a series of historical reasons. Five thousand years of history and culture, from the Sun Yat-sen's 1911 Revolution in China during this period of time after the great change that has already been very easy,

Posted by XIXITIANXIA October 3, 09 01:39 AM

i love you china

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:41 AM

Oh my god, I so need to judge US too even when I have never been there, because everyone knows that:

1. ALL AMERICAN ARE above 100kg and can die of heart attack anytime.

2. every american sleep with 2 others a day and has abortion every other month

3. those american child not aborted are raised in single parented family, listen to black music, and go murder others in Ira* (can be iraq or iran)

i just know all these. never mind i havent been to US or anything..

and yes, every single article about america..
whether it is about american food/drinks/paris hilton HAVE TO MENTION IRAQ war from now on, and also IRAN war and other operatives CIA is involved in.. like:

Macdonalds just recorded a 10% increment of their sales. America has invaded iraq in 200X and has murdered X00,000 since.

Posted by lalalak October 3, 09 01:47 AM

1,300,000,000 people were BRAIN WASHED? great job! We were brain washed by those evil countries invaded us when we were peacefull and gave up arm, from 1840's Opium War, until 1945. All Chinese approve China must has advanced army and weaponry to insure them in safety, this is public opinion.

Posted by Lei October 3, 09 01:49 AM

We undertand there are unperfect matters exsiting in China, but we still love our motherland.
The parade and celebration brought my whole familty together sitting all day before the TV station, yelling and shouting and signing. It was just a big day for every single citizen in China.
Though we have complaints to the Gov from times, but so do Americans, and nothing can less my love to China.
For those who has never been to China or Tibet, I will strongly recommend you to come and to witness

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:50 AM

We undertand there are unperfect matters exsiting in China, but we still love our motherland.
The parade and celebration brought my whole familty together sitting all day before the TV station, yelling and shouting and signing. It was just a big day for every single citizen in China.
Though we have complaints to the Gov from times, but so do Americans, and nothing can less my love to China.
For those who has never been to China or Tibet, I will strongly recommend you to come and to witness

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:50 AM

I can't judge western countries are good or not, but I want to say, this pictures are truth. Do you want videos? now I'm in China and I live a fantastic life. I don't want anyone to insult my homeland without understanding deeply.
Please don't comment the problems about DaLai and, most citizens don't know about it, include you, I think.

Posted by Chinese October 3, 09 01:55 AM

love china ,my motherland.
a Chinese from Beijing~~

Posted by nmgcici October 3, 09 01:59 AM

Great pictures! I love China!

Posted by Janet October 3, 09 02:00 AM

I late u ,China, it's hell there
I love u, China, it's heaven there
Down with the CCP
Long live the Chinese people !!!

Posted by kevin October 3, 09 02:05 AM

I am a Chinese, should I feel sick about China? I am lost.

Posted by lost October 3, 09 02:08 AM

@580 ... What people saw in media is ...

1. Dictatorship and Communist party in China
2. Their bloody support to the evil governments like North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, etc
3. Malemine contaminated milk ....

There is nothing wrong with Western Media? They are just enjoying media freedom which has been never happened in a country like China.

What I want to say is .. open up your eye. Don't be fooled by ur government owned media like CCTV.

Posted by pri October 3, 09 02:34 AM

Great China ! I love you !!
I am proud of you !

Posted by Mr zhao October 3, 09 02:42 AM

If you can not afford a trip to China to see with your own eye, please, find some Chinese, talk to them, listen to them, They are everywhere in your country. It is a better way to get the true images about "evil communist China". Please bother to do that rather than pick some headlines written by a Journalist that has never been to China and are struggling to keep his job.

Posted by Try Stones October 3, 09 03:15 AM

Very great pictures!

Posted by Heang October 3, 09 03:20 AM

It's absolutely beautiful.

Posted by Emily October 3, 09 03:40 AM

We love China.

Posted by zhang October 3, 09 03:52 AM

I just looked at these pictures and i think that CHINA is becoming 2nd most porefull country in the world.
Also i would like to welcome every Chinese on the World
Many greetings from SERBIA

Posted by Milan October 3, 09 03:55 AM

re 555
some of you think that it's only a celebration of CCP, but you won't know it's a real celebration of all the chinese people. Many of us watch TV with tears in our eyes. You won't know how pride we are. Everybody smile from the bottom of their heart. We pride for the achievement we got during this 60years.

Posted by Woo October 3, 09 03:56 AM

# 15 is my favorite. Jesus, seems all good looking Chinese guys are there. No wonder in US I can only find mid-to-low level looking Chinese guys if they are not ugly.

Posted by aChinese October 3, 09 03:57 AM

nice pic

Posted by kenny October 3, 09 04:04 AM

I love China!
Those who are criticizing China on some very stupid topic please go to China firstly, communicate with Chinese and then have your idea!

Posted by Peter October 3, 09 04:18 AM

Thank you China,
¡¡¡¡Because of you, I understand and appreciate more the way of life in America.
¡¡¡¡Without you, China, I will not fully understand what is it mean "Democracy".
¡¡¡¡Without you, China, I will not understand the word "Hell" means for those suppress people who are living in Tibet.
¡¡¡¡Without you, China, I will not having a black color to contrast with white, and do not realize how white is white.
¡¡¡¡Without you China, I will not fully understand bribery is a sin of those who in power.
¡¡¡¡and without you China, I can¡¯t appreciate what it mean "Freedom"
¡¡¡¡Thank you China. Have a great Birthday for those who proud of to live in China.
¡¡¡¡For me, thank you for having me America.
I bet you never been to China ever !
shame on you ,shame
you just listen to the media
as a 100% chinese people ,i do not allow you say something like these
not true~
I love my country and i trust our leaders
without them our china can't be so powerful today
and our chinese today was not weak or poor any more
For me ,thank you for having me China
as you love your USA ,we love our China

Posted by Tiffany Zhu October 3, 09 04:18 AM

I love China

Find fault with is not your fault, but it is too strong, it will let people feel like an idiot. .

A group of pigs£¬You eat a lot of

Posted by °¢½¿ October 3, 09 04:22 AM

Sixty years ago, with the establishment of People's Republic of China, Chinese people started a totally new life.

During the past 60 years. China became richer and stronger. Yes, we used to be treated as a weak nationality but after 60 years it is not the case any longer.

Nowdays, we live a much happier life than before and this should be owed to the distribution of hundreds and thousands of pioneers who devoted themselves to the independence and improvements of China. In the 60th National Day, we must momerize these heros.

For us, the best way to momerize is to study hard and master more knowledge to construct our mother country which is deeply loved by all of us.

The past 60 years belongs to the heros, the constructors of China and of course, several great leaders such as Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou, and Dengxiaoping. And we are confident that we can go along their road in the future.

I love China

I love beijing

I m proud of being Chinese

welcome to beijing

Posted by shiyan October 3, 09 04:27 AM

Nice! Something is changed.

Posted by bot5 October 3, 09 04:28 AM

The rise of a Super giant over the Great Eastern Horizon- in the Dragon Land Called China. If the world is watching, let it feel this accession to power hood. If you take some pragmatic approach would say China is right there in her place.. And deserve to hold on and rise from a pier of once poverty ridden half-fed trans communism.. then if u have only to blame the Communism.

Well, it’s not at all communism in China, rather socialist capitalism and communalist militarism that is dominative. Lest the world third largest economy with $3.5 trillion with a Forex Reserve of $1.9 trillion, the highest reserve so far followed by Japan experience how the success of hard labor means to them.

To the Westerners, they have fought feudalism, fascism, communism and now fighting terrorism, let not forget that it's their fight against the Communists(indeed justified) which gave rise to Terrorism and terrorists..and we all are paying for that and fighting the global menace of terrorism as well. Well, for China it's after all Socialist Communism or 'endangered Communism', what we may recall. Well, after all, it’s much better than the Fascists and racists and terrorists as well.

China's adoption of communism and its gradual transformation into a socialist state sponsored capitalism has paid off her 1.3 billion men and women, who dream a new country, a new morning of hope and economic prosperity hard earned, technology well adapted, resources well applied and manpower well utilized. China has given this world a novel new faith, 'One World-ness' amidst wide-ranging controversialist from Tibet Issues and Human Rights abuse.

Now, it’s the westerner's time to decide, hitherto to readily embrace this leadership and stop sputtering or disgrace this statesmanship. I think they are puzzled as well as paradoxed!!!

Who will tell them? Perhaps INDIA, another Super Giant rising up the ladder fast and when each and every Indians will taste the same fruit of labor, every Indian dreams will be fulfilled and success modeled and well sought after very soon!

Posted by Sidharta Chatterjee October 3, 09 04:32 AM

I love China! As a Chinese, I am proud of my homeland!
We are not the"sick man in east asia" and we stand up by our own feet.
That is enough.
We are open to the World and we don't afraid of criticisim. Welcome to China to see how well we live now.
I believe you could change your mind after you seeing the real China, if you are willing to open your mind and heart..
We keep moving because we Chinese love my country and I am sure everything will go better and better in future.
China, I love you!

Posted by LSZ October 3, 09 04:38 AM

How could a country used millions of dollars to do such a ostentatious parade rather than relieve the dismal condition in rural area? There are millions of people who do NOT have clothes to wear and food to feed on. This really made me feel disappointed.

hey young man

do you know billion s of RMBs are recieved by the farmers and poor people?
we were a poor country , we have lots of poor people
but the governments are trying to help them and their situation can't be change in one single day ~!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 04:39 AM

#15 without any doubt!
great pictures
Is it just me, or maybe infact all the chinese people are the same height?
little bit scarry, is if they were manfactured in a factory

Posted by nirl October 3, 09 05:28 AM

As a junior student in China,i want to say I love China
most of you who aren't familiar with China can't understand the love,also you cann't understand our wonderful country!

Posted by weeping cherry October 3, 09 05:38 AM

Congratulations - Boston has always been fantastic at capturing great photos! What an amazing extravaganza it must have been.

Greg at

Posted by Greg October 3, 09 05:44 AM

China is a great country!!!!

Posted by loveChina October 3, 09 05:46 AM

China is becoming stonger and more democratic.
It is developing faster.
Chinese people need time to do better......

Posted by swifter October 3, 09 05:52 AM

Most people, included American ones, complain about the Chinese Government and their methods: nor human rights neither democracy, yes so it is, but ....... what your own countries do about it?: nothing.

China is the largest slave factory on earth, and ALL your rich and democratic countries, hire the services of such antidemocratic Government.

Regarding the pictures, from a technical point of view, I think they are beautiful but ....... they make me feel scary.

Posted by kaeru October 3, 09 05:59 AM

Wonderful pictures! The Chinese really LOVE order

Posted by codeaddict October 3, 09 06:12 AM

I love my country and I am pround of being a Chinese.

Those who said " FREE TIBET", you should come and see the real China and the real Tibet. Don't been brain washed by the western media!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 06:14 AM

Long live China.
Sigh, it's sad to see that there are so many people who are inculcated by the western media and accept the information they receive uncritically.
Instead of going China and experience how friendly the people there are, they stick their ass on their chair and read those biased, manipulated informations used to propagandise and magnify China's imperfections.
No nation is perfect. Look at you USA, how many millions of lives have you killed in the Middle East? What weapon of Mass Destruction Iraq have- nonsense!
Throughout its 5000 years of history, China never attacked or colonized other nations (except for the period of time the Mongolians ruled), unlike European forces which invaded other countries and caused great harm to humanity. Remember the crusade? Remember how many innocent people died because of it?
and oh, do you think that dropping atomic bombs in Japan to end WW2 is necessary? To kill hundred thousands of civilians and "show force"?
Just look at the mirror yourself.
Anyway, awesome pictures as always! I'm so fascinated by them.

Posted by Young Lee October 3, 09 06:39 AM

Interesting how the US respond with lighting up their own buildings with red and yellow to acknowledge the celebration? Or is it just kissing arse?!
Land of the free, home of the brave? Or is it land of confusion, home of the opertunist?

Posted by Stocky October 3, 09 06:41 AM

I'm proud to be Chinese !!!!!

Posted by Cheryl October 3, 09 06:41 AM

@ 581
Who doesn't except those who are not brought up on the great land, inspirited by the fellow-feelings among the people, nor have ever thought of experiencing a true China veiled by the notorious western media distortion?
who doesn't love this country except those who always divide the world into black and white, good and evil while deeming themselves as the transcendent existence above all our brain-washed?

Posted by may God bless India October 3, 09 06:44 AM

It's so bad to watching some guy speed up and get ahead of you. I know how are you feeling now, cuz we got the same feeling 100 years ago. I'm not stupid, so I know what's going on in my homeland and i'm happy about that.

Posted by nobody October 3, 09 06:48 AM

Fantastic pictures! Regardless of politics. Maybe the Americans are getting a little self righteous in an attempt to hamper an awe struck reaction to the photos? China is not starkly evil guys but if you care, direct the politics to areas where it could count.

Posted by Kevin McDonagh October 3, 09 07:28 AM

I love china

Posted by zjlxne October 3, 09 07:40 AM

Nice pictures! Great China!

Posted by Lili October 3, 09 07:59 AM

As a Chinese, I really feel sad about what happened in 1989, but that kind of thing will never happen again, China is different from 20 years before, it is becoming more and more democratic and liberal. I have to remind your westerners that media always lies, both yours and ours.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 08:05 AM

I don't really get it if China is superior why the Chinese are wasting their time with for example learning English and acting as a Western country in many aspect, the Chinese internet, media, culture, all influenced by the standards of the States like hell. China might be powerful economically but culturally? Never. The rest of the world will always watch their culture as like "Um, interesting, I would like to visit your country, but adapting any of your ideas, reading your books, newspapers, watching your movies or tv programs? no thanks." Not because of ignorance, simply the vision of the way of Chinese living is not so attractive as for example the US's vision (not that if that would better or true.) or the European. I don't think China would ever become such a determining power in all means as the US were in the 20 th century - simply not possible with such a culture, that seems utterly undesirable with all its wannabe western acting.

Posted by skepticist_m October 3, 09 08:07 AM

Just come to China,and you will see the real things.
Chinese People are free,happy,good-life, please do not say anything,just come and see

Posted by michael-Liu October 3, 09 08:12 AM

Seeing so many interesting comments here, I would like to say that there are still lots of misunderstanding of China by westerners, partly because of the distorted report by so-called "free media" like CNN and BCC, and partly due to different culture and ways of thinking. But I am surprised to see so many ignorant and naive people who simply post irresponsibly but know nuts about China and the world, ...

Probably it will take another 20 years to bridge the gap, and hopefully by then they will understand China better.

Posted by Junbo October 3, 09 08:19 AM

512: Why is NYC celebrating communism you ask?
For capitalistic reasons: trade and business with China! lol!

Posted by Johan October 3, 09 08:24 AM

All those pictures are really true.I saw the whole parade that was amazing.If people who come from anywhere are in China now,they can feel the happy atmosphere everywhere .The red flag ,the celebrations and the smile faces show that Chinese love China. Chinese are very proud of China.Of course , me too.No matter what happen to China , i love Chia from the bottom heart.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 08:29 AM

1st - Congratulations to all Chinese.

2nd - This ain't a fight between countries, not a holier than thou game. People from other countries should mind their own business if they can't be appreciative at least stop abusing.

3rd - I am an Indian, and our relationship with China was never good after the 1962 war. I admit that China's military growth is threatening for India specially with what happened in 1962.

4th - Even after this I would still congratulate you on what you call an achievement.

Posted by Bijish October 3, 09 08:36 AM

Long live the dictatorship of the people!

Posted by Ken October 3, 09 08:56 AM

The people argue China a lot because they have no idea about it.
Welcome to China, we will show our beauty and kind to you all.
Peace and love, we are family in one earth, China is a member of them.
So are you, please smile to China, to youself.

Posted by Yi October 3, 09 08:56 AM

Some westerners think Chinese people are mind-washed by the communist government, whilst they are the ones mind-washed by the western propaganda. No doubt about their inability to think with their own minds. A bunch of fools...

Whoever that criticizes China on the matter of 'Human Rights' has definitely never been to China, or he/she hasn't been LIVING at all. Inequality exists everywhere, for example the current Reversed Apartheid in South Africa (the euphemistic term being: Affirmative Action), etc,. I can enlist many more current examples of inequality/racism, I don't see you 'human-right defenders' defending for those who actually NEED help? Why be ignorant and bombard China because of some of your prejudices that are triggered by propaganda?

And those of you who are speaking as if you are the superheroes - newsflash: Just because your country produces superheros in films, it doesn't mean YOU are the superhero.

Chinese people have their own national pride, so why don't you go and 'save' your own country? It probably needs more criticisms than China currently deserves.

Posted by KG October 3, 09 09:03 AM

Bravo! Cina

Posted by Luigi October 3, 09 09:09 AM

Interestingly, so many people who have never been to China and know nothing but a name about the country commented how evil the Chinese government is and how sad the Chinese people are, is it ironic that we normal Chinese don't think so? Those Westerners, look at your own country, is it so innocent that there is no blood at all on your hands? Brithsh, French, American, German, Italian...look up your history book to see what happened to China in 1900! And read the news to see what happens in Iraq and in Afghanistan! That's your so called "human right", I guess it only works on people who listen to your government.

Posted by Michllie October 3, 09 09:19 AM

It is grreat ! It is my honor to be Chinese.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 09:22 AM

I live in China and my family are all very happy living here, I dont know how you think about my country, but we love it!!!

Posted by Rachel October 3, 09 09:30 AM

I love my China. This is what we want. Don't compare China with Nazi and Soviet. China is China. We have our own characteristics. We have our mind. In China, we all think the Capitalism has both good and bad sides. But why the westerners like to think that the Commism is totally bad. Who's the real narrow-minded?

Posted by Shelley October 3, 09 09:42 AM

Have you haters been to China before? Do you haters have any friends from China? Do you know the history and culture of China? If not, stop these fool comments!
I'm a Chinese. I know some english and read New York Times everyday. I also read news from Taiwan, because I want to understand my motherland in different point of view,no matter critical or surppotive. What about you haters? When you write down these fool words, please think about where you get the bad information about China.
Prejudice is farther away from truth than ignorance.

Posted by change October 3, 09 09:52 AM

Downstairs of the people, you know what? I am from the countryside to cities, I never felt my country, how ill-treated me, people around me also, you have your tradition, you have your life, I never envy you, but you have problems thinking , we can think from your point of view of your problem, but never like you from us, the real life of ordinary people find our true situation, it will only listen to one-sided discourse, I can understand it for you is superior to the pride of their own lives, finding fault we always want to do? I can only say you stupid, I am now, although still just students, but those of us younger generation of Chinese will use our efforts to let you know what these idiots are the real China! ! Do not know please shut up!

Posted by Wenjuan Ge October 3, 09 10:13 AM

Believe or not, China is facing jealousness from other countries, cos you are not brave enough to face the truth that asian countries can also afford to do whatever your countries can.

Those who attach China for its human rights, democracy are just too stupid, as your countries were starting from slaves or societies without any rights at all ! It's pretty much like you are standing on the top of the cliff but laughing at those who are trying to make their way to the top as well.

Posted by bewise October 3, 09 10:18 AM

Congratulations to the Chinese Government on your 60th anniversary celebration. Congratulations to the Chinese people for your beautiful spirit. You've put on a gorgeous celebration and you should be proud. (BTW, the olympics were STUNNING! Nothing will ever compare.)

Who really are we, as Americans, to judge what is going on in China. We slaughtered the original inhabitants of this "great" country and forced them onto tiny, desolate reservations. At least China was civilized enough not to have done this.

In the 1850's, the Chinese were minding their own business but were militarily forced by the West to open their doors to trade and were stomped on, occupied and humiliated for generations. They were their own peaceful, sovereign nation but were forced to do as they were told because other countries wanted what they had and since their military and government was not strong enough to protect her.

Now they have finally come into their own and are, if not now the biggest superpower, soon to be. Is the government perfect without corruption? No, but neither is the American government. Did their path to power take the best route forward? No, but they've achieved what they sought after all these years. Is their media 100% unbiased and 100% truthful? No, and neither is ours. If you think that is false, then why is the truth for 50% of Americans COMPLETELY different from the other 50%? Is China saving our asses by loaning us billions of dollars to keep our economy afloat? You betcha!

No government is perfect. No person is perfect. Who are you to judge?

Posted by Sue October 3, 09 10:20 AM

do u want to see the real China?
just have a travel to Peking or Shanghai,
Damn US democracy

Posted by lee October 3, 09 10:22 AM

Best wishes China, maybe your wisdom could enlighten the corrupt societies of the west, in particular the Uk

Posted by Martin October 3, 09 10:26 AM

most american are cheated by meadia like CNN

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 10:26 AM

i am a iranian. we like iran very very lot. but i think the china people like them country mure than iranian people.......................i love china?????????????????????

Posted by sadegh October 3, 09 10:28 AM

Congratulation on your 60th years as a republic. I see great thing happening in your future and see you in July 2010. I think many people should go and experience what China is all about before making statement. May God's grace overwhelm China.

Posted by Jdprophet October 3, 09 10:36 AM

For those narrow-minded haters, mostly Americans, GROW UP!
If my knowledge of the U.S. history stopped at 50 years ago or earlier, I would be laughed at. The funny thing is: 20 years has passed and you are still talking about Tiananmen Incident and keep turning a blind eye to the huge achievements Chinese have obtained; and while the hard-liners in China are worried that China has gone too far from communism, you are still talking about brainwash, and propaganda. Culture Revolution, June 4th, then what? I am just so sick of hearing these day after day. Just because Chinese had a nightmare before they should live in it for ever? Give me a break! For those who have never been to China and watch nothing but CNNs, buy a ticket and go take a look at the real China, you will see a more capitalism than any capitalism. Even Pelosi has already visited China and learned something in surprise, what's so hard in your brains to change? Don't be paranoid.

For those afraid of China as a threat to the U.S. security and even world peace, TAKE IT EASY!
Has the Han Chinese ever invaded any foreign countries? FEW. It's just a show. Even some Chinese think of it as an ostentatious show. Maybe it's too political, militaristic, unnecessary and even ridiculous or weird in your eyes, but no matter what it's a happy party most of Chinese would like to see. It's none of others' business. If you like, you can have one of your own in your house. Who cares! When your neighbor has a party in his own backyard, you don't say anything, do you? Especially when you still have a bunch of rooms to clean up in your own house. And you better get used to this new neighbor because there would be more events coming up.

I am not quite a fan of CCP, which, as well as China, has still a lot of problems to tackle. However, as long as the economy is growing at rapid rate and China is not threatened or invaded by any foreign forces like before, I am OK with this party, at least for now.

A weak China that you think you still can bully, blackmail, kidnap, rape, and murder has already gone and will never come back again. WAKE UP!

Posted by Bamboo Age October 3, 09 10:36 AM

Congratulation on your 60th years as a republic. I see great thing happening in your future and see you in July 2010. I think many people should go and experience what China is all about before making statement. May God's grace overwhelm China.

Posted by Jdprophet October 3, 09 10:37 AM

i luv my mother, her name is CHINA
I'm soooooooooo proud of you !!


Posted by chinese October 3, 09 10:43 AM


Posted by Xopxe October 3, 09 10:51 AM

a globe village,peaceful and consolidation!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 11:11 AM

I am a Chinese, I love my motherland.Bless my homeland better and better

Posted by Peng Jun October 3, 09 11:12 AM

China will rule the world!!!!!

Posted by richard October 3, 09 11:15 AM

every time i mention china£¬i am very happy.i am very happy tobe a chinese.i do not know why some foreigners critidize chia, they do nor hnow chia ,i hope they can come to chia. to feel how beautiful chia is ,haow happy we are ! chia welcomes you !

Posted by jason October 3, 09 11:19 AM

I love China. Welcome to China! Please see the truth by yourself. Some western countries always observe China through tainted glasses, and they are unwilling to see the country's rapid development

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 11:27 AM

A Poem Published by the Washington Post:

When we were the Sick Man of Asia, We were called The Yellow Peril. When we are billed to be the next Superpower, we are called The Threat. When we closed our doors, you smuggled drugs to open markets.
When we embrace Free Trade, You blame us for taking away your jobs. When we were falling apart, You marched in your troops and wanted your fair share.
When we tried to put the broken pieces back together again, Free Tibet you screamed, It Was an Invasion!
When tried Communism, you hated us for being Communist.
When we embrace Capitalism, you hate us for being Capitalist.
When we have a billion people, you said we were destroying the planet. When we tried limiting our numbers, you said we abused human rights. When we were poor, you thought we were dogs.
When we loan you cash, you blame us for your national debts.
When we build our industries, you call us Polluters.
When we sell you goods, you blame us for global warming.
When we buy oil, you call it exploitation and genocide.
When you go to war for oil, you call it liberation.
When we were lost in chaos and rampage, you demanded rules of law. When we uphold law and order against violence, you call it violating human rights.
When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech.
When we are silent no more, you say we are brainwashed-xenophobics. Why do you hate us so much, we asked. No, you answered, we don't hate you. We don't hate you either, But, do you understand us? Of course we do, you said, We have AFP, CNN and BBC's... What do you really want from us? Think hard first, then answer... Because you only get so many chances. Enough is Enough, Enough Hypocrisy for This One World. We want One World, One Dream, and Peace on Earth. This Big Blue Earth is Big Enough for all of Us.

Posted by cake43 October 3, 09 11:29 AM

I love China!
China is a nice country. People living there are kind.

Posted by wuqing October 3, 09 11:34 AM

I am an American. I was born here as were my parents and their parents and theirs. But at some point, my ancestors came here. I celebrate improvements and I honor China and the Chinese people for their efforts and their diligence. I honor those same attributes in Americans or Europeans or Canadians or Mexicans. Above all else I honor compassion and kindness, for we are all children of Earth. And we must all learn to accept and include everyone in our thinking and planning. The earth is in danger. The great "Mother" is dying and it is time for us to stop bickering. Change what is wrong. I make this personal commitment: I will fight greed in myself, my nation and my world. I will celebrate accomplishments on every level and in all places. I will share. I will humbly accept my past, make amends where I can and work to build a more humane future. So for today, congratulations China. You have accomplished great things. Where you lift up the value of your people, you lift me. And where we do not lift the value of one another, we will all recommit to do better.

Posted by James Sims October 3, 09 11:39 AM

The world will surely see a new great country,who named China,standing proudly at the east, not far from now. I am a chinese,a yong man who have the confidence to help my mother country to show its wisdom,its long long history,its culture,its people,and its power!

Posted by crane October 3, 09 11:41 AM


Posted by JUMP October 3, 09 11:45 AM

20-year is not too long ago, but nobody seems to remember anymore. The same exact army and armour rolled over the streets and square on night 20 years ago and thousands of people, most of them in their teens, perished. Why all the killings, one might ask. The answer was in plan view on Oct 1, 2009 - to maintain the CCP regime. Did you see how isolated and out of touch they are? The 200,000 so called "spectators" are all hand-picked. Ordinary people were confined to their homes. It is a CCP celebration, not for China. It will go down into history as one of those many shameful and fateful days in modern Chinese history for sure.

Posted by Wan Sui October 3, 09 11:56 AM

wow fabulous~!!!!!
i wish i was there to be involved in such an exciting event ^-^

Posted by loveChina October 3, 09 11:57 AM

we are the world

Posted by anonymous October 3, 09 12:09 PM

If we chinese can change the world,yeah,let us make it better!
No killing,No poor,No idiot media... ^_^

Posted by keewin83 October 3, 09 12:27 PM


"China has never send any army to abroad to invade any country!"


Thats ture, BTW, what about your contury?

Posted by ameng_020829 October 3, 09 12:37 PM

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, we just came to enjoy the pictures here, and some reasonable comments as well. If you like China, welcome! If not, would you please come to China or ,to be exact,Tibet before you can shut up?

Posted by viola084 October 3, 09 12:54 PM

China --The Sleeping Tiger will one day emerge to be the strongest in the world!

Posted by Ching Yu October 3, 09 01:05 PM

I love china!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:06 PM

583.Congratulations PRC!
I hope you will strive towards democracy in the next 10 years and make ALL the people in the country happy instead of a portion at the moment.
Anyway, well done and my best wishes.
-Posted by Kim H Chang October 3, 09 12:33 AM

AHA thank you for your kindly wishes, but here is one thing would like to clear that we Chines people now are happy most of time, not just a portion at the moment. As for democracy, we don't envy your demorcacy. The vote for your president for us is just a big show. and thinking about Iraq people, who bring the suffering to them? Your vote for it?

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:08 PM

583.Congratulations PRC!
I hope you will strive towards democracy in the next 10 years and make ALL the people in the country happy instead of a portion at the moment.
Anyway, well done and my best wishes.
-Posted by Kim H Chang October 3, 09 12:33 AM

AHA thank you for your kindly wishes, but here is one thing would like to clear that we Chines people now are happy most of time, not just a portion at the moment. As for democracy, we don't envy your demorcacy. The vote for your president for us is just a big show. and thinking about Iraq people, who bring the suffering to them? Your vote for it?

Posted by David Chan October 3, 09 01:11 PM

China,I love u!

Posted by lino October 3, 09 01:31 PM

I love CHINA,I will never betray my motherland.I love u,mama,please go on and be stronger and stronger.

Posted by congratulations October 3, 09 01:32 PM

I love China!
Happy birthday!

Posted by MR-LEE-FromCANADA October 3, 09 01:32 PM

I am from Africa and I have faith in China's prosperous future. I love their food and their culture and people. Happy birthday. From the South African

Posted by Christopher October 3, 09 01:43 PM

Less Drugs, less alcohol, less Fxxxing around... your tiny brains are washing away by CNN...

CNN has to be a lier. It's its job to eduate your guys that democracy is heaven, communisum is hell...

But you can choose whether you believe it or not. Cannot you? Or, sorry, I forgot, you canNOT, as your tiny brains are washed away...

Did you vote for Bush?

Posted by CNN October 3, 09 01:51 PM

Oh,my deer god, It's unbelievable!!!

Posted by david cook October 3, 09 01:54 PM

china is great
i love china

Posted by shaojian October 3, 09 01:57 PM

To those posting stupid comments:

I don't need you to learn much about our culture / country. It cound be vast to you.

But I expect you to know about your own country / history. What is wrong about a country finally having decent power to defend herself?

Who were the invaders, conquerors and colonizers in the past last few centuries?

Who still create/fuel endless wars in the past 10~20 years?

Please realize that you are applying double standard. It's not the first time you do it, and you will keep doing this. But don't be a hypocrite.

Finally, kudos to all who defends our beloved country on the web. We all know it's mostly a futile effort, but we just couldn't hold it in! Thank you!

Glad to see our beloved country prosperous. I don't mind it's CCP or KMT. We are ZhongGuoRen!

Posted by yip October 3, 09 01:58 PM

The pride in Chinese progress is understandable. Its not too often that one sees such a stunning turnaround in the fortunes of a nation. Equally, the sense of unease that this new found prosperity and patriotic jingoism has brought about is valid too- one needn't look farther than Japan to realise where their spectacular pre WW II showing took them and the consequences it has had on Asia and the world.
China's change is a reality, no doubt. What needs to be now looked at is: What happens to the ethnic minorities- the Tibetans, the Uighurs and the others who have been internally colonised? and Taiwan? And states like Malaysia that have a large and discriminated Chinese ethnic community? What prospects does it behold for other Asian nations, especially Japan and India? And with its bankrolling rogue regimes and failed states, for global security and peace?.
Not unless China is able to go that extra mile to assure the world of its peaceful intentions will it be looked at with hope by the rest of Asia. Japan once was a beacon for an Asian resurgence, but that proved to be a chimera. The focus of the celebrations are intended to show the world China's military might. I can only hope it will not move down the rest of that trajectory of militarism.

Posted by Ashwin J G October 3, 09 01:59 PM

I love China!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 01:59 PM

beatiful pictures
amazing,good job

Posted by October 3, 09 02:13 PM

Just try to learn chinese before judge us.
we've learned english well.
see the gap?

Posted by jayla October 3, 09 02:31 PM

I believe China's strong power will speak for herself. It is no longer the time that any country can invade our land. As a chinese, I am so pround that I was born in such a amazing place with deep cultural backgound and miracles happening everyday.
If you're not familiar with China or Chinese people, please come to this old country to feel our people's passion and happiness because not only the media in your country is the most objective. Seeing is believing.

Posted by cc October 3, 09 02:34 PM

These pictures (and comments) lay out a remarkable overall view of the loyal and loving Chinese people. However, as an American, I find the extreme organization overwhelming. Everyone is marching in lines, building in squares, and watching in uniforms. Everything is so meticulous and neat! These pictures makes me look around my untidy American house and feel ashamed.

Posted by Leah Shapiro October 3, 09 02:42 PM


Posted by Gustavo Mcbo October 3, 09 02:47 PM

welcome to CHINA!

I'm proud of my MOTHERLAND!

I'm proud of a CHINESE!


--------------------------an ordinary CHINESE

Posted by JK October 3, 09 03:15 PM

God made mankind;
And all the rest are made in China! Happy birthday!

Posted by etnanerz October 3, 09 03:19 PM


Posted by JK October 3, 09 03:32 PM

I'm proud of China!!

Posted by TT October 3, 09 04:36 PM

Go China Go!

Posted by Sean October 3, 09 04:41 PM

I make money in china, but I live away from china.hahaha....

Posted by simon October 3, 09 04:57 PM

just make poor people have chance to see a great scene.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 05:01 PM

As a chinese who has never been to China (Birth place - India, now live in Canada), I am every bit a chinese and very proud to be one. Every country in this world has had, or will have some kind of good or bad which their government will face. For China, there is no difference. But to see the recent change of IMPROVEMENTS by the Chinese overnment to build herself through every hardship to where they are TODAY, (with populations of over a billion people was NEVER an easy task) are to be CONGRATULATED. Keep up the good work, and I am planning to visit our Proud China soon.
PS: For those who just critics: are either naive, stupid or simply - jealous of what China has achieved.

Posted by Jeff October 3, 09 05:10 PM

20 years ago the Communist Chinese killed thousands of teenagers in Tianmen


2 years ago capitalism USA killed tens of thousands of teenagers in the world

Posted by javiel October 3, 09 05:39 PM

What a wonderful world we live in. More wonderful it could be if we had World Peace. If only we could have compassion and realize the beauty of being different instead of being distructive.

And the strongest is LOVE!

Posted by Alba L. Laverde October 3, 09 05:49 PM

China is doing the right thing. It is responsible for its own people and people over the world.

Look at the USA in the past ~10 years, what has it done and what was it doing? Making missiles, killing thousands of people around the world for a made-up excuse. It sucked Japan 15 years ago. It is sucking its own people right now.

I believe China will be the Center and the leader for world prosperity very soon, in place of the westerns.

Posted by Jack the Jack October 3, 09 05:50 PM

China is great! I love China!

Posted by Hartford October 3, 09 05:55 PM

We Love the Celestial Empire !!

Posted by Ming October 3, 09 05:57 PM

I love you, China and all my fellow Chinese. but the government - you need to do much more to win my heart. to all the opinion-headed westerners, maybe it's time to become open-minded and be objective? China has changed so much that I sometimes wouldn't recognize it. Think you have more clues than I do? Like it or not, China is getting stronger. Any bashing would not do you any good. So relax. Cheers to world peace.

Posted by aChinese October 3, 09 06:27 PM

Its weird how everyone in the formations is the exact same height, and the exact same build. Its almost scary to see a monoculture like this. Where's the diversity?

Posted by Todd October 3, 09 06:29 PM

to #396:
immigrants come to the states not for your so-called FREEDOM, they come for the prosperity and your high living standard. i guess that is human nature to go for a better and comfortable life. lots of immigrants also go to the UAE and other oil rich monarchies, you can tell me about that.

and lots of the immigrants coming to the states are not treated well and don't enjoy your FREEDOM at all, think about those poor maxicans... they don't leave because they earn more here to support their families, plain and simple.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 06:43 PM

I'm french, and I'm scared by this pictures. Order and Army.

Posted by Bilouba October 3, 09 06:45 PM


Posted by OneYouCanTrust October 3, 09 07:18 PM

There's no perfect system to govern but Democracy is by far better of all the evils.
If CPP is so confident of it's people, they should open the door for the KMT to return and give the great people a 2nd choice.

Bravo to my motherland anywho.

Posted by nick October 3, 09 07:29 PM

China is raising, regardless you like or not. We are living on save earth, there is no way to avoid it. What China could be is not a question in fact. UK lost her leadership to US mostly 70 year ago, now it is turning to US.

Posted by michael October 3, 09 07:38 PM

Well, here's a long-winded one...

I'm 62, have traveled every continent except Antarctica, although I was close once, in Ushuaia, Chile. I'm French, Canadian. I sing in Chinese, have a Chinese wife, been there and most every other Asian country...Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and on and on. I was struck by the nature of the responses, some intelligent, most ignorant (and I mean that in the true sense of the term, "lacking in knowledge or training") and some quite combative. Although several people did make astute points.

The invitation to go to China before offering an opinion is most appropriate. One will find China to be exciting and a load of fun! That is, if you are open minded enough to step a little out of your own cultural rules.

On one hand, there is pushing and shoving which westerners find offensive. There is spitting out of food onto dinner plates in restaurants, which we find disgusting. There are poor people with dirty bare feet and blackened teeth which we define as, well, you make up a word for this.

On the other hand, you will find factories that one could eat off the floors. Cordiality of offering tea and food with every new introduction. In the cities, fashion rules! Well-dressed and well groomed beautiful people are all around. Truly innovative architecture, not the 2,000 year-old stuff, but modern buildings that rival anything anywhere in the world.

I have found the Chinese to be curious, fast learners with a verified average IQ 5 points higher than the average caucasian. Although my experience is that they tend to argue and disagree amongst themselves, they are also quick to forgive and forget. This also is only from my personal observation, and founded on generalities; Chinese people are not prone to violence! Yes, there are those in every culture, including Chinese that are, but for the most part, I don't think we, as Westerners need to worry about China pressing that RED "WAR" BUTTON any time soon, if ever. Although wars with India, Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia, have been fought, it remains a fact that China has never invaded another country.

The real threat (if you can call it that) from China is merely economic. They make things for less, therefore they sell more and there's really not much the rest of the world can do about it. It is a unique mix of capitalism and communism that is working extremely well for them.

Also, as a foreign visitor, your are safer in China than in any western country. There are severe punishments for harming a foreigner, even going so far as the death penalty.

Yes, the photos are impressive! And, looking at the juxtaposition of all the marchers, it may look militant to a Westerner, but I would say that most (not all) Chinese will perceive this well-organized procession as beautiful and amazing to watch. Something to be VERY proud of.

Posted by Ivanhoe October 3, 09 07:44 PM

Great Pictures. And I'm glad so many people love China so much, maybe they will stop illegally immigrating into the US. If your country is so wonderful, why to people pay snakeheads 36,000 USD to come to the US??? Would any American pay that kind of money to sneak in to China???

Posted by Guo Pei Pei October 3, 09 08:15 PM

As a Chinese studying abroad, I am so excited to see my motherland celebrating her 60th anniversary. I miss China, I miss Beijing. I promise I will return China one day and hopefully make my own contribution to China.

Posted by ying October 3, 09 08:17 PM

those who said here that China never invaded, occupied and slaughtered other people or countries are simply brain-washed, or mis-informed, or unwilling to admit their own deeds.

I'm not going to go back in time for 5000 years as my fellow Chinese would often do. Let's go over a few in the last 60 years -

- Tibet
- Eastern Turkestan
- Inner Mongolia
- South Korea alone with North Korea
- India
- Vietnam

In addition to the above, China has been meddling with affairs of the neighbouring coutries like Indonesia, Cambodia, and Burma, etc. So don't feel like you are the victims all these years to the US and Western nations. You are doing the same exact thing to the others. You have a saying that if you don't like what others are doing to you, then don't do the same to ther others.

Posted by Wan Wan Sui October 3, 09 08:20 PM


Their shoes are special. Each solider has the shoes with different heel inside (but it looks same from outside), so everybody looks in same height.

Posted by ricky October 3, 09 08:36 PM

I love china!!!

Posted by alex October 3, 09 08:39 PM

We lived in a city 80% Chinese. The neighbor's teenagers, not allowed to eat fast food, stuffed their fast food trash in the hedges of our neighborhood, threw their remains in the street, dumped their sodas in the street and put their bong pipes in the hedge as well. A young Chinese lady was secretly engaged to a Caucasian man; when her father found out, he beat her beyond recognition for dating a "white devil" of course it was not reported. After he found out that man was rich, it was okay for her to marry him. However, the parents of the young man were not allowed in the house of the parents because they were "white devils". Excuse me, come to the US, trash our neighborhood and call us white devils? Take your black market money and buy houses? Our daughter made a friend of a Chinese girl; the only reason? So that we could take her to school, so the parents didn't have to. We said "this is reciprocal, you are suppose to help". They did not. They would send the girl to wait at the front door and ring the bell time after time, this is after telling them we would not take her to school anymore. I finally said to the parents "you are rude, take and do not give, never come to my house again". The mother's response? "Oh, so sorry, we do not understand American ways". They have been here for 10 years. Please do not brag about the Chinese, I am sorry but as people they use, abuse and talk trash about America but yet are living the American dream. If China is such a wonderful place, why do so many Chinese come to the US?

Posted by Sandy October 3, 09 09:00 PM

On 1900, Tian An Meng Square witnessed its first modern military parade -not conducted by the Chinese army, but the eight western allies including United States, Japan, British and France. The army from that eight countries marched through the imperial palace and left a permanent in the hearts of Chinese people. Now you should understand how Chinese feel when they see this time it is the troop from their own country marching pass the Tain An Meng gate.

Posted by Ashley October 3, 09 09:02 PM

I'm a Chinese and I'm very happy. Why? You westeners can check the history books. Since 1840, you never stop invading China. For exmple, UK sold opium to China by gun. French burned down the royal garden of China. US forced China to trasfer tariff right. Japan took Taiwan away.These were what you've done to China and still what you are doing to developing countries now. I'm happy because you can not do these to China again at least.
Sometime, I feel confused about what you said. Human right? Are all the thing you did I mentioned above for human right? In turth, under the flag of "human right", millions of people were killed by westerners. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

Posted by 123 October 3, 09 09:14 PM

@237: "Long live chairman Mao"

lol he's allready dead...

Posted by Bringerof_D October 3, 09 09:18 PM

I left China when I was 24, then I live in US for 4 years and Canada for 9 years. I found a lot of westerners are brain-washed by so called "free media", like CNN or BBC or even local institutes. I am currently doing business between China, US and Canada, and go to these three countries many times a year. I see by my own eyes and hear by my own ears, so I have some kind of view based on my true experience, right? OK, for those talk a lot but never been to China, my advice to you is to pay a visit. See China by your own eyes and hear China by your own ears, then you can make your own conclusions.

China, I love you, I am so proud and feel so lucky to be one of your sons.

Posted by LoveChinaForever October 3, 09 09:21 PM

China is simply the BEST country on planet Earth, no doubt about that.

Posted by GG October 3, 09 09:24 PM

The 60th anniversary of founding of a country.
Compilation of history from which China is smeared with blood.
Nation that moves backward peacefully of Asia.
China that became Fear in Asia.

Posted by Asian socialist conference October 3, 09 09:29 PM

I'm a Chinese who spent quite a lot of my life in the States.

For those people who think China is a Soviet like communism regime whose top priority is to bury capitalism and enslave the world, please do me a favor by not making me laugh. How much do you know about China that make you think China is another Soviet? And you think you live in a free country where you can have your OWN opinion? Please, I'm laughing again...

For people picking on Ti¡¯Anmen square, I was there witness the whole thing and been thinking afterwards for 20 years. My conclusion is, the communist government was pushed to a corner where they either gave up ruling and let these ¡°democracies¡± taking over power, or, crash down the movement. I really think, especially after what had happened to China during the past 20 years, they made the right decision. Indeed the CCP had blood on their hands. But the very one to be condemned is on the other side of the iron curtain, who wanted China to collapse and Chinese people to kill each other so they can claim another victory over communism, and the fate of the Chinese people? Heard about IRAQ lately?

For those Free Tibet lovers, I still can¡¯t get it how on the earth you were made to think that Tibet is some kind of paradise destroyed by the evil communists? Truth is, before 1950, over 90% of Tibetans were surfs who were treated like animals and had an average life span of 30 years. Today they are treated equally if not better. Let along the fact that Tibet was part of China since 1000 years ago. So what is it for you to free for? Your own mind I would suggest.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 3, 09 09:50 PM

I am so proud to see a strong China! Every Chinese remembers the history how she was invaded and forced to cede land and wealth by the pirate countries over 100 years before 1949. Are these current westerners criticizing Chinese government really for the good of Chinese people???

Posted by chinese October 3, 09 09:58 PM

I have a great deal of respect for China. I am confused by Chinese talking about how peaceful China is, then see them building their military so quickly, I can only think they have an agenda. How many years China has been stealing our various technologies, and either selling it as their own or applying it to their military.

The Support of North Korea, a proxy, similar to the dozen or so the Soviets have had. Always supporting the provocateur, never leading the way to peace.

Prior to WW2 the US sent volunteers to China to help fight the Japanese, while Chairman Mao worked against us. Immediately after WW2 China helped the Koreans spread communism. Had China not entered the war, so many Koreans would have lived.

I keep hearing about the traditions of China,I am not impressed and I am not at ease at the idea of China rattling its sabers. It seems the Chinese are following the same path as the formerly Japanese Empire.

All my fears aside, I have never met a Chinese man that I did not like. I am aware of their rough past, not unlike any other peoples history.

I do pray to god that China is on its own path, like the US, and not following a path used by Soviets and the Japanese.

Posted by Sean October 3, 09 10:14 PM

don't say everything if you don't know China

Posted by kk October 3, 09 10:22 PM


Posted by BANBAN October 3, 09 10:25 PM

Good to see the Chinese still have the people fooled. Their government puts ninety-nine percent of the people under abject poverty or Communist control, while the other 1 percent live as elites in the cities and practice Capitalism and make money under the guise of being patriotic.

Posted by ChinaIsAnOligarchy October 3, 09 10:26 PM

644: you americans are really opptimistic , actually too opptimistic sometimes ,i can tell you why american culture is so popular: because it's too simple for everyone in this world to understand,but chinese culture? i really doubt your IQ `````````````

Posted by zhai peiru October 3, 09 10:27 PM

Long live China!
Long live Mao Zedong Thought!!
Long Live Chinese People!
Long Live People's Liberation Army!
Long Live Chinese Communist Party!!

China will keep doing what is Best for China's interest! No matter what other clown says!

Posted by Shelley Chang October 3, 09 10:55 PM

Thank you for collecting these images. I enjoyed viewing them and their rather stunning nature. What incredible weather too.

However, whenever I see these parades, I always have some mixed emotions about the militaristic depiction of patriotic feelings. China has made some great economic strides, which have changed the living conditions of nearly its entire population. Additionally, the government's support of the Chinese traditions, clearly breaking from its old policies, has led to greater freedom.

China has always prided itself in that its most significant resource is its people. Thus, it will make sense for them to exhibit their great population in such a parade, instead of its military prowess. I would have liked to see more of the 10th and 12th pictures and less of the 13th and 14th pictures.

Posted by The People's October 3, 09 10:56 PM

Felicidades! Son un exelente ejemplo en asia! Su gente, Su cultura, Sus valores, Sun esfuerzo por superacion... yo soy 3ra. generacion decendiente de chinos y me siento orgulloso de mis raices en panamá...Sigan adelate, Son jovenes aun!

Posted by José October 3, 09 11:01 PM

wow, the chinese always throw amazing celebrations! Would love to visit China sometime

Posted by ryan October 3, 09 11:25 PM

It is interesting to see different comments here.
Our China is attracting your attention now, whether you like her or not.
To know more, just look and see more.

Posted by a Chinese person October 3, 09 11:38 PM

chinese peopke are celerbrating their CCP led country birthday, with no money for medical care, no money to be educated, no money to buy houses, even no money to reconstruct the earthquake cities.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 12:07 AM

Love curse those who are fear of heart. Long-horned animals are not carnivores. The most quiet group of people who are most powerful. Dynamic fiery sweep, not moving like a mountain.

Posted by zhang October 4, 09 12:16 AM

Best wishes China,i proud of my homeland.

Posted by kaili October 4, 09 12:21 AM

Regarding why some Chinese sneak into US trying to make more money, this is because they are still poor. One of the major reasons that China as a country cannot give them enough wealth is China has been robbed by western for ~200 years.
Whoever ask this question can be shameless, but one thing for sure is China has enough weapons to stop these criminals now.
When western cannot rob from other countries, it turns the gun to its own people, just look at the food price, you salary and your retirement.

Posted by 1234 October 4, 09 12:22 AM

Happy birthday to China! Congratulations to Chinese People and their achievements under CCP leadership! Well done China!
While some pepole in developed world criticised China on human
rights records, they just turned blind eyes on their own records on human rights. In my opinion, they are much worser than Chinese. For instance, Australia's dark history for treating Aboriginal people, the States' genociding the millions native Indian people and wars in Koreas, Vietnam, Iraq and Afaganstan and millinions innoncent people be killed.

I believe China will achieve more in the coming years. May God bless China!

Posted by AnAustralian - Jack Lee October 4, 09 12:27 AM

China has troop for parade because China does not have a single military personal stationed in other country's territories. America cannot hold such a parade because it has to send its military to 737 overseas military bases around the world (read Chalmers Johnson's Blowback).

Posted by Ben October 4, 09 12:32 AM

I have the oppottunity to see the change aafter 35 years. In spent 25 and 60 National day in Beijing. China now is a very strong country, has developed a lot, best wishes for China and Chinese people!!

Posted by TMV October 4, 09 12:33 AM

I am a chinese girl ,I know my country is not strong enough .But I still like her very much !

Posted by zhang October 4, 09 12:49 AM

Those who doubt about the achievement of China should come to China for a visit first, and BTW, the trip is not expensive, so why don't you give a try?

Posted by American October 4, 09 12:58 AM

Time changes fast

Posted by Chrch October 4, 09 12:59 AM

He's allready dead,but long live Mao Zedong Thought!

Posted by sasa.guet October 4, 09 01:03 AM

Long live Maoism!

Posted by sasa.guet October 4, 09 01:11 AM

wow....simply just fantastic!!! Long live the People's Republic Of China,
CHINA is the best country on doubt about it.....
CHINA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chinese are rich
Chinese are friendly
Chinese are smart
Chinese are peaceful people

CHINA is ready for any evil countries. like USA CANADA AND JAPAN~!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:13 AM

God with CHINA!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:19 AM

To: 741 About China Vs US and Korean war etc.

"Prior to WW2 the US sent volunteers to China to help fight the Japanese, while Chairman Mao worked against us. Immediately after WW2 China helped the Koreans spread communism. Had China not entered the war, so many Koreans would have lived."

Indeed the US sent their boys and money to China to help fight the Japanese. During that war, China sent her last son to the combat. 20 million died. We fought together and won together as allies. We shall never forget that. As for the Korean war, I'd really suggest you to read more material about China's involvment. To my knowledge, It was the Soviet who was expanding Communism into Korean. China never wanted a war with US especially when the country itself was not stablized. In fact China entered the war when US marines already set foot on the Chinese border. What should you do in Mao's shoes? Also do not forget that during the civil war between the ruling KMT and the Communist party during 1946 to 1949, US was supporting KMT with guns and bombs. Should that war ended earlier, a lot of Chinese could have lived longer. To be fair, would you also make the US responsible for their deaths? I do feel sorry for Korean people but the finger shouldn't be only pointed on China.

"I do pray to god that China is on its own path, like the US, and not following a path used by Soviets and the Japanese."
As one who spent half of his life in US and half in China. I assure that China will not be on the path you worried. We could be friends, or even allies.

Please, enjoy the party and share our pleasure.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 4, 09 01:30 AM

My fellow Chinese,don't be angry about the the envious White man, they didn't get good education about objective~ What you have to do is make our country more powerful ~ Let those half-brain White man live in their illusion~ Just tell them, you are not welcome in China~

Posted by Johnson October 4, 09 01:37 AM

This great country will rebecome No.1 in the world soon !!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:38 AM

China sucks, free Tibet!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:41 AM

I love your country! Chinese people!
You are all my friends!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:53 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:55 AM

Ben said, "China has troop for parade because China does not have a single military personal stationed in other country's territories." But Ben seems to have conveniently forgotten about Tibet. I think Ben needs to educate himself.

Posted by Matt October 4, 09 02:48 AM

beautiful •Y—º

Posted by LOVE CHINA October 4, 09 02:51 AM

great, unbelievably beautiful. I love my motherland

Posted by ilovemycountry October 4, 09 03:16 AM

im just a Chinese student
i dont think we've done anything that hurt you all
we are all living in the same world
why must we fight with each other again and again
10.1 is our National Day
China has been turning into a big and conscientious country
im proud of my country
and nothing could stop the step of China
we are the best

Posted by wang jiaxin October 4, 09 03:19 AM

All I'm gonna say is, at least in America we have the option of choosing our sources of media. I see Chinese on here bitching about CNN, which isn't the best source of news by any means, but it blows xinhua out of the water. and the fact that from China I can't access youtube/facebook should say something about your precious c*****ism.

Posted by sidewalkspew October 4, 09 03:19 AM

welcome foreign friends to china. cos foreigners are treated as high-class human in china. the government suppresses native chinese, but he does not dare to abuse foreigners, he knows foreigners are protected by their government, and he needs foreigner to help him reenforce his regime by telling good things when they come back to their countries.
chinese government gives extrem favourble terms to foreign company to absorb investment, even by suppressing local labour, wasting local resources and polluting local environments. chinese people believe in foreign brands much more than chinese native ones, cos they believe foreign brands will not cheat them as native brands always do. quite easy to make money. that's why so many chinese register company in abroad and sell back in china. the government do this cos they will be accused of not absorbing enough foreign investment, but not by the disruption of the living of the local people.
chinese people are good to foreigners too, cos they believe foreigners are high-class human, not like oedinary chinese, as humble slaves.

this is the most disgusting country i v ever heard of.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 03:36 AM

great !! but do not forget there are sitll severe corrucptions in this Land!

Posted by mm9520 October 4, 09 03:43 AM

Sincere congratulations to China and its people. I admire your industriousness , discipline and enlightment. But at the same time time, let me remind you not to be hegemonistic. Value peace. Do not acquire bad karma!

Posted by S. Perinpaselvam October 4, 09 03:47 AM

Hey Bamboo Age, you think Americans only think about Tienanmen 20 years ago? How about China's role in the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur? That is not 20 years ago. You want to boast about achievements? How about the fact that those genocides would not have happened if China did not sell those countries hundreds of thousands of Chinese-made machetes (swords) for really cheap prices. They could not afford expensive weapons like machine guns or rifles, but they could afford machetes and China knew what they were being used for and still sold it to them anyway. All for what reason? MONEY...the MOST important thing to Chinese society. I am not saying other countries are different when it comes to greed, but when you make a profit off the killing of babies, women, children, and innocent men - that is immoral and wrong. Don't worry, I know my U.S. history and facts too. I know that the U.S. sells Israel helicopters and weapons that they use to kill Palestinians, including women and children and innocent victims.
My point: don't get on your soap box and proclaim that China is some righteous country where just because the economy is growing at a rapid rate, the Chinese government doesn't do really evil things to people any more. Don't worry, since China didn't and doesn't care about human rights, the environment, workplace safety, and food and drug safety, that rapid speed will, in the end, actually slow your country down so fast because of all the illness. These are not mean words. This is a fact. A country has two ways to rise to affluence: the slow way where they do things right and have great results in the end, or the fast way where people get rich quick and have fun but then things crumble and the house of cards has fallen because they did not use strategic precautions on the way up.

And by the way, I might dislike the actions of the Chinese government, keshi wo xihuan Zhongguoren.

Posted by What Blue Sky? October 4, 09 03:49 AM

I am a Chinese, living in China. I have to say that China still has a long way to set a good example in the world although she's richer than before. If you want to see a real China, just go to a rail station in any big city in China.

Posted by anonymous October 4, 09 04:07 AM

Rise of great powers! China£¡
I think perhaps I like Chinese.

Posted by Bush.W October 4, 09 04:15 AM

It is really uncessary to have so many quarrels. Let us settle down the issue here.

If you love to see this, great! Let us go celebrate the event.

If you hate to see this and don't want to do anything to help, please leave us alone. It is not your business.

If you hate to see this and want to help the "repressed Chinese", don't waste your time on cursing here. Go, go to China now! Then donate $1 to every Chinese you meet. This is truely a solid support to the "repressed Chinese".

Posted by Let us settle it down October 4, 09 04:17 AM

It is a quite big event,but you should konw it is a political action.Every country will do this to make its people feel well,feel pround.
a long way is waiting China to cross!

Posted by jack October 4, 09 04:35 AM

As a Chinese,I love my country and my people, but i would not like to give the same love to the government. They should recognize there are so many social problems currently and they should face them bravely instead of covering them. What is important is to give people more freedom on speaking.

Posted by Chinese October 4, 09 04:50 AM




Posted by Alan October 4, 09 05:09 AM

Why are all comparing US against China. These are pictures of China, and of the chinese regime we should talk. A regime that brings together the most totalitarian form of communism with the wildest and most unjust aspects of capitalism. Let's indeed join the celebration of 60 years of this.
I am sorry for the chinese people, and I hope one day they will look back to these stupid parades the same way we in Europe look back at Nazi rallies - with shame.

Posted by Daniel October 4, 09 05:15 AM

Hi, Guys. I am a Chinese from PRC. After reading comments here, i have something to say to some of the western people.

Firstly, i want to show you some truth.

1, This celeberation is really not for Communism, but for the Country named China, for the Nation named Zhong Hua Ming Zu (ÖлªÃñ×å) and for the Chinese people all over the world. The word communism is seldom used in current China. The society in China is neither pure socialism nor capitalism, but a mixture of both.

BTW: Communism is a good thing, but insulted by Soviet Union!

2, The Chinese people are really not so sad as you said, free enough to have a happy life, 90% satisfied with the goverment, we love the Country more than you can imagine.

3, The Chinese goverment is not the one as 20 years ago, it's more democratic and liberate. We all Chinese people love our leader Hu Jing Tao and Wen Jia Bao.

4, For Tibet, Uigur, internal Mongolia and other ethnic minorities in China.
When some western people says free......, i can't hold myself to laugh loudly. Uigur belongs to China for more than 2000 years (In Han Dynasity), Tibet and Mongolia (Internal Mongolia now) belong to China for more than 1200 years (In Tang Dynasity). Can you guys imagine Where is UK, France, Germany and Spain 1200 years ago? And where is the USA?

Furthur more, i have some suggests for some western people.
1, Medias are liers always
Every media has its own stand point in politics, BBC and CNN are liers too. If you want to know what's China and what's happenning in China, please remove your color glassess first, that blind your eyes. The ideas of China in some of your mind are 10~20 years older than the truth.

2, Culture is different
When you disagree something, please communicat before setting your conclusion. Some people don't understand why we celeberate the 60th anniversary, that's because 60 is a special number in Chinese culture, even more important for a birthday, it means a cycle of the world and you will start a new cycle in your life!

I admit, today, the western world is better than China, just like China was once better than western world. 500 years ago, the Chinese goverment thought they are the most powerful, civilized and advanced mankind in the world, but eventully fall down since 1840.
The world is changing, but the history is repeadly. I dare to say the Chinese people, company and goverment are more open than western's. We accept ideas from all over the world, not only ours, but western's, Japan's, Africa's and so on. Are you too closed?

If you have time, please take a look at the Chinese history, the great culture who lasts continously for 5000 years is not as naive as you! You will find how many disasters the country have overcome, you will understand why the great people love the land so much!

If you misunderstand China, please communicat, welcome to China, you can get the truth!
If you hate China, please keep as you are, nobody care!

Posted by Allan Wu October 4, 09 05:26 AM

Every time saw the false statements I would be angry very much!
Some people jungle china just by whether it is favorable! In fact, china and chinese people are peaceable enough than many people in other countries.Many people have never been to china ,but they always find fault with china's.Iwant to ask£ºAYE YOU STUPID£¿

Posted by misake October 4, 09 05:51 AM

Just wonder how many clicks this web page has attracted

BTW, I enjoy the war of words very much, it's much better than a real war

Posted by Beijing on-looker October 4, 09 06:02 AM

Somebody will feel uncomfortable to see China raise. They blind their eye and close their ear and only to believe what they prefer to see and hear.

But it's so sutpit to reckon that a politics games can cover the real. We live in e-communication world.

Friends in anywhere.

Great China !

Posted by Neal October 4, 09 07:13 AM

We had to go to small china to gather our daughter, discovered a wonderful country, these photos reflect the grabdeza it is this country our heart this one with them and we will return to visit him

Posted by miguel udias alciturri October 4, 09 07:24 AM

No doubt, China is a great country and has made tremendous progress in the past few decades. No doubt, it may surpass the USA at some point as the world's economical and political superpower. But that doesn't mean one cannot be critical of its current leadership. In many countries in the world citizens are free to speak up and to criticise their leaders. Why should that same freedom not be allowed in China? History has learnt us that unconditional and uncritical patriotism (as shown by some commenters here) will not bring us any good. China could have been much further now if it wouldn't have followed Mao in his disastrous 'Cultural Revolution'. Therefore, be critical of your leaders and think for yourself! That's why I'm not impressed with the North-Korea style mass celebrations shown in these pictures. If anything, they show a desire to eradicate individuality and to impress by sheer number and force. But that's not what economic progress and civilisation is about...

Posted by justanotherguestannoyedbytheimmensestupidityofsomecommenters October 4, 09 07:33 AM

Very amazing after 60 years of independence, but the culture since more than 10 thousands of year

Posted by xuewen October 4, 09 07:57 AM

I love my motherland, patriotism does not mean approval ruling party

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 08:07 AM

Fantastic pix. The Chinese really made it to be superpower.

Posted by robertoe October 4, 09 08:47 AM

Wish Indonesia could catch up with China ASAP.. hehehhe

congratz to China for 60th anniversary.

Posted by Michael J. Edward October 4, 09 08:58 AM

Shot #15 is just phenomenal photography - excellent depth while blowing out the whites into a homogeneous mass. really impressive!

Posted by septemous October 4, 09 09:06 AM

I love my motherland!
It doesn't concern anybody(American¡¢ Britisher ¡¢French¡¢Japanese¡¢¡­¡­)£¬I just love my motherland.

Posted by JSDQL October 4, 09 09:25 AM

look good but still wayyyyy be-hind the USA.

Posted by san antonio October 4, 09 09:34 AM

China will keep doing what is Best for China's interest! No matter what other clown says!


Posted by alee October 4, 09 09:48 AM

To # 65... the individual does NOT count in the USA either, not much difference there!!! I have experienced it myself 1st had... Way to go China, best wishes to keep it up. China is number 1, and they are not as bully as the US was when they were thinking they were #1. Excellent parade, pictures...

Posted by China#1 October 4, 09 09:59 AM

Your pictures are, as usual, just amazing. Thank you!

Posted by -Twist- October 4, 09 09:59 AM

Matt, i think you absolutely need to educate yourself. Tibet is just a province of China, not a country. i think you really should learn more about china history. BTW, Dalai Lama is a lier. if you want to know more about Tibet, you should come to Tibet.

Posted by Mark October 4, 09 11:23 AM

It's scary!

Posted by Csilla October 4, 09 11:25 AM

IVANHOE (Comment #726) Ushuaia is in TIERRA DEL FUEGO, ARGENTINA.

Very good job.

Posted by Martín October 4, 09 11:53 AM

TO 799, we were not trying to compare with any country in the world, but just wanna tell the contries got hostility to us, we are not the one easy to be bullied, please step back and stop think about encroaching our land and sea.
As we always say, we will not attack unless we are attacked.

We are friendly and we have always shown to you in Olympic Game of 2008.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 12:17 PM

Well,i just want to say that i'm proud of China.

welcome to China ,and i think you will love this country.

Posted by arkira October 4, 09 12:19 PM

TO 799 & 804, we were not trying to compare with any country in the world, but just wanna tell the contries got hostility to us, we are not the one easy to be bullied, please step back and stop think about encroaching our land and sea.
As we always say, we will not attack unless we are attacked.
Why you just keep afraiding us? you won't afraid someone if they are your friends or even just strangers on the road, unless you think you did something bad to them.

We are friendly and we have already shown to you in Olympic Game of 2008. Please stop aspersing us.

Posted by FENG October 4, 09 12:26 PM

i am a student from jiangsu china (i read those to improve my english),it is just a birthday for all the chinese mother,do not think too more,and in addition ,i find that the chinese in the sea love china more than we in mainland£¨Ã¿·ê¼Ñ½Ú±¶Ë¼Ç×£©£¬i am pround of you (Á˲»Æ𣬸úÄãÃǵİ®¹úÐÄÏà±È£¬ÎÒºÃûÐÄû·Î£©£¬the word blowe i can not thanslate into engliah .ÒÔºÍΪ¹ó £¬ºÍ¶ø²»Í¬ÊÇÈå¼ÒµÄ¾«Ë裬µ«ÎҸе½ÏÖÔÚ¹úÈËÓÐÏÁ°¯µÄÃû×åÖ÷Ò壬Õâ²»ÊÇÒ»¸ö´ó¹úÓ¦Óеķ緶£¬Ï£Íûº£ÍâµÄ»ªÈËÄÜ×öÎÄ»¯½»Á÷µÄÇÅÁº£¬(ÎÒ¿´ºÃÄãŶ£¬o-o)

Posted by ÄãµÄÉúÈÕ October 4, 09 12:29 PM

Thomas Baker

I have visited China twice. The only complaint I really have is the air pollution. The Chinese people have always been very nice to me no matter where I traveled. I find the Chinese people to be very hard working and quite happy for the most part. There is always pushing and crowding but this is just their culture and if you try to speak one on one you are always greeted with a smile even though they do not understand your language.

And you sure hell are not going to have to deal with the ACLU in China, So you will not find gangs hanging around the street selling drugs. Their government does not want the kind of so-called freedom that we have here in the USA. Just look at the inter-cities of any of our big cities which are decaying before our very eyes because of this freedom of expression we have. China will be a great country one day while America is on the decline because of the abuse of freedom we have allowed to destroy a once great country.

Posted by Thomas Baker October 4, 09 12:48 PM

I agree with Csilla ! IT IS SCARY !

Posted by Carmen October 4, 09 12:59 PM

I love the people of China, not the form of government, which in your history is always transitory anyway so there is hope.

Hopefully, in the new China Century all nations will sing together "the East and West South and North is Green!" -- let's invent a new song about a better world for all.

Cherish the long history and colorfulness in your culture!
Peace and harmony for all.

Posted by Elisabeth October 4, 09 01:15 PM

oh god~~ no matter what we say, you foreigners just make one conclusion: we are washed brain by our government...... em,~ it's really funny. go ahead with your prejudice.~

Posted by chuwen October 4, 09 01:23 PM

My Grandparents and Parents migrated from China and though I was born in another country, I still have a root in China, I love Middle Kingdom.

Posted by S.T.Teh October 4, 09 01:36 PM

Thank you for China's attention, we will continue reforming and perfecting their own

Posted by c October 4, 09 01:46 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:48 PM

I love China!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 01:52 PM

Happy Birthday, China!

Posted by Jane October 4, 09 02:03 PM

Anyway,whatever you all here talk about in your comments,so many
commentsssssssssss and clicksssssssssssss have proved something..............

Posted by paradesign October 4, 09 02:04 PM

To the people on a Moon

to notice or not to notice...
that is the question

do you have faith?

is this the truth?
what is an image actually?

about what is it that we really fight?
is it really necessary? is it useful, what you are doing?

what brings your stay here on earth?

is it building something beautiful? also for other people AND creatures?
or is it only you you are thinking about?

think about it..
feel it

Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder

thank you for sharing these pictures..beautiful colours!

Posted by fourtoe October 4, 09 02:18 PM

China is going very well in her unique way and wiil be No.1 in the world in decades. That's why some western people are so anxious and nervous.

Posted by I'm from Beijing October 4, 09 02:21 PM

When I look at these pictures I can't help but feel a little unsettled.

I'll concede that I don't know much about Chinese culture, but ranks of soldiers goose-stepping through the city and attack helicopters flooding the sky do not equate peace and prosperity no matter what flag they fly.

Posted by Scott October 4, 09 04:13 PM

Whether you are American or Chinese (or whereever you happen to come from), I sincerely hope those of us with at least half a notion of intelligence or civility can see beyond the ignorance, hypocracy, and blind hatred found in some of these posts. PLEASE, my fellow human beings, for the sake of sanity, let us not be blinded by hatred and cheap emotions.

To the Chinese people who happen across this great website, welcome! And congrats on your recent National Day! I'm a typical "proud" American who loves his country as you love yours. Yes, we have many differences between our two countries, this is true. But as ordinary people we also have much in common. I know this because I have lived in China for about 5 years. China is a wonderful country, home to some of the best people I have ever met in my life. I admire your culture and rich history. I have enjoyed learning your beautiful language. I hope both our nations can continue to grow and prosper, and hopefully come to a greater, more meaninful understanding of each other. I hope your nation continues to develop peacefully, stand on its feet and take its rightful place in the world community. Your nation's display of arms does not frighten me, nor should it frighten anyone. Every soveriegn nation holds the right to self defense. Especially a strong, peace loving nation like China.

Lastly, to all those blinded by hatred and fear, be they on both sides of the Pacific... open your minds. Think outside the box. Turn off your televisions. Read books. Challenge your preconcieved notions and assumptions. Talk to real people. Be respectful. Be honest. The results can be amaizing, and even life changing. To my fellow Americans, visit China if have the chance. Learn Chinese. China is not perfect, but you will not regret it. To our Chinese friends, welcome to America if you have the chance. America is a beautiful country, with plenty of good people who appreciate family, friendship, progress, and peace. America is not perfect, but you will not regret it.


Posted by yankeeinchina October 4, 09 04:46 PM

I love these images wow

Posted by Corve DaCosta October 4, 09 05:14 PM

I am a Chinese scholar. I love my country. I think these pictures are beautiful, but I don't like to makeup these beautiful pictures.
We should have a strong army to protect ourself, but a army show like this make me sick. I am sure this show definitely costs numerous money. I think we should put more money to help our civilians get better educated; provide more support to those people who work hard but still live in poverty. Personally, I love the current president Hu and the premier Wen, although I do not alway agree with what they do. "Building a harmony society" is a beautiful slogan proposed by President Hu. I love it. However, our fellow civilians should realize that there is still a long way to run to this destiny.
To those who hate Chinese and felt scared just according to the army show, I want to say, Chinese people are the same as American, European, Arabian, latinos, et al, although we have different cultures. We are all human, not the righteous "God". There are numerous conflicts among our mind. We love peace, but we have to make weapon. We respect equal right, but nobody rejects a privileges, and we judge or be judged by race, religion, color of their skin, et al. We love freedom, but freedom is not free to us.... All these clearly show our human being are far from perfect. To solve these problems, people all over the world should work together. Hatred does not work.
Let's finish this with a Confucian doctrine. "Restricting the desires, recovering the values".

Posted by Gong October 4, 09 05:27 PM

To 729. It's actually you who are brain-washed and mis-informed.

Posted by norilander October 4, 09 05:30 PM

Have a sight on ur own history:
WHO invaded China during the last 200 years, left only poverty?
-USA, and you are still doing the same thing to other third-world countries.
WHO exucted the aboriginal Indian genocide, treat the colored like animals, just'cause they are not Pure White?
-You Self-proclaimed-HumanRightsParadise¡ª¡ªUSA

Every country, every regime has dirty hands, ever and EVER! Therefore do not sound like only u'r angels, nobody never make mistakes, why can't you guys learn to act tolerant?All China needs is TIME, think about what your STATES was doing in its childhood.

Posted by exs October 4, 09 05:49 PM

Nice photos!
Glad to see you all 'OOOd and Ahhhd' by this display
characturistic of the Soviet May Day parades.

"Communism only works when Capitalism supports
it. The US created this monster and soon it will
consume it's host that it no longer needs."

Gen. Washinton forsaw this in a vision
and was also warned of by Gen.Macathur.

They eat anything that moves and will soon eat
you as well.
Enjoy the love affair with your fate!! LOL

Posted by Guy October 4, 09 06:28 PM

I just want tell the western, I'm a chinese Tibetan students in Europe. as one person whose family just get rid of the control of monks, I don't know why your media just support the Dalailama, why don't you let talk the millions of serfs?

I live in France for 5 years, I've compared what's the difference between media chinese and occitental. unfortunately, I found a lot of truth by comparaisons. what a western media!

I can understand mandarin, and several dialects, and I've found that, in translation, the western media always change the words of interviewed speakers to prove what the jounalist want to speak. I really want to ask your media, it's what you want to speak or what the people want to speak? the problem is that your media do that everyday, furthermore, you have some many media, but all the media speak in one voice about Tibet. if we look the lies as stupidity, I understand why chinese gouvernement interdit the media of western. I think, comparatively, the chinese media are well better than yours.

I've found that western people are very enthusiastic, not only for God, democracy, also for geoplitics....maybe there will be something else. but no matter what, all are in one mode, that is a mode of religion. sometimes, we can sense the corpse of Crusade. from the era of Crusade, the western people mostly justfied for whatever they have done, even very bad to other countries, and they can excuse themselves fairly easily.

I just want to tell you, if you want to support the monk come back to the tibetan gouvernement, first support the pape come back to gouvernement in Europe and USA.

as a Tibetan, I can see the western people still live in society maintened by force of religious style. not at all so-called democracy. the habitude inherited from the christian let them continue to believe their media, before the critic from the heretics, especially form chinese, the western people cannet help justifying for their media, in this way, lie become one national sport in your countries, no wander that you can be so confortable before the lies of your media. It's a stupid! that will let your contries contine play the role of theif to mainten your standard of living.

Ok, I think I've said all for you. so if you want to continue your culture of chritian, continue! but don't stop Tibetan look for their new life. now, we are some atheists, just believe the truth and the reality, don't influence us!

Posted by Ben October 4, 09 06:29 PM

Impressive, although such a belic display doesn't constitute a beautiful spectacle.

Posted by Pt October 4, 09 07:08 PM

if you listen to the local chinese radio, you will hear people asking for help occasionally, most of them are peasants. they say they are heavily ill, some times cancer. most of the times are child, cos the radio will select the most moving story. they need an operation to save their lives, but they connot collect enough money, even if they sell their house. all they need is just like thousands of dollors, to save lives. and the radio is asking for donations from the public.such things happened several times in my city. it is ok for ordinary people to donate once or twice, but if it happens too often, people got to ask, why i have to donate always? where does the money go?
let along the olimpic game and the 60th ceromony, the government spend 300 b RMY in maintaining cars for official, and another 400 b RMB for banquets. this is the country that beloved by those patriotics.

money go?

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 07:16 PM

To the post above me by yankeeinchina. Thank you for your fairness. As a Chinese I really appreciate your effort in understanding my country. Just could like for you to know that there are plenty of Chinese who feel the same way as me and together let's form great friendships between all countries.

Posted by chineseinchina October 4, 09 07:42 PM

Where are the people? All I see is robots..

Posted by frank October 4, 09 08:05 PM

Scott of 822 : For your info, China has come a long long way. If you take a good look at history, China and her people were humiliated by the western powers in the 18 and 19 century, Have you tried watching those old documentary films?? ... whereby you could see westerners in China playing a game of polo NOT on horses but riding a rikshaw pulled by those Chinese kulis???? Have you seen those signs "NO CHINESE AND DOGS ALLOWED" in parks of western occupied Shanghai??? China has realised that for a country to be strong and its people stand tall, she must have a powerful armed force.

Dont worry about China conquering the world because China will not walk that path colonising other countries. If China has those ambition, Admiral Zheng He could have done it 600 years ago when he set sail for Africa via South East Asia. His armada of 300 ships and 20,000 men were more than enought to take over those lands he sailed through.

I have a niece who is atending school in Australia. She told me that her Australian teacher once told the class to be aware that China will one day dominate the world with trade. I am sure that I will live long enough to see it happen.

As an overseas Chinese, I lived in South East Asia before migranting permanently to Australia. I can tell you in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, we dominate the economy but we are always vulnerable due to discrimination from the local population. We are always used as a bogeyman when things go wrong in those countries. As an overseas chinese, I want to see a strong China taming those countries that discriminate their ethnic Chinese population. That day will come!!!

Last but not least, Napolean once said this about China being a sleeping dragon and not to wake her up. If she is awakened, the world will tremble.

Posted by David Wong October 4, 09 08:09 PM

china become a super power? by using that weapon? that 's a joke. it's just a parade, a beautiful parade not represents a powerful country. if that matters, then north korea is the most powerful country. BTW, a country of dictatorship becomes super power of the world, is the most terrible thing.

actually, westerns don't have to worry about this parade. it is just a show, not to westerners, cos all westerners know what china is. it is more like a show to chinese people, that how lucky they are to be roled by the CCP. and what's moreinteresting, there ARE so many people who believe it!

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 08:52 PM

822.When I look at these pictures I can't help but feel a little unsettled.

I'll concede that I don't know much about Chinese culture, but ranks of soldiers goose-stepping through the city and attack helicopters flooding the sky do not equate peace and prosperity no matter what flag they fly.

Some Western countries, the armed fighters in other countries flying the sky, you feel taken for granted, and even kill people of other countries. China's National Day military parade to celebrate let you uncomfortable-----------------

Posted by chinese October 4, 09 09:04 PM

I think that it is great that you are showing your pride in your nation...but as a Canadian who's country has the same population roughly as the people that attended this's pretty overwhelming and alarming...and a little bit much if you ask me! We don't have things like this in our country. I am not going to disagree with anyone on the fact that a lot of the time Westerners have 'the wrong idea' about your country and culture. Mainly how the 'Communist' party is hardly that at all...other than the relentless government 'Big Brother is watching' part...But, I found the opposite in China, too - you guys think you know everything about us...but you don't!

Since i've spent time in China, it isn't like I am making comments on the basis of not having any proper knowledge. I was saddened when I was there by the blatant censorship and overall mild propoganda/fear tactics/brain washing that I witnessed. You can argue all you want that it isn't true, but you've been raised to see it as normal. People never fully spoke their minds when I was there, there was always this veil over what everyone REALLY felt about important issues like government. There was shouldn't be afraid of your government, but I don't blame you. Your actions are monitored, great lengths are gone to to block out massive portions of the internet...I don't know how you can celebrate these things.

Posted by Canada October 4, 09 09:09 PM

Dear Readers and Espcially Chinese People,

I do also proud of what is your country showed. But at the same time, I would like to invite everybody please to think about the longterm happiness for All People around the world, espcially you,,, Are you happy to see the people who are doing growth of economic, but without thinking about the other effect? like human being happiness ( freedom) or others beings like nature are damaged by those ... and in the future we will got effect to our health and our life.

Please reconsider,,, How to make a sustainable happiness for all, not only today , but for next and next generation.

You are readers, Can make change through starting from yourself to form good things for all beings, not only a group of people, But For ALL BEINGS.

Posted by CAMBODIAN October 4, 09 10:03 PM

I am a Chinese Shenyang, a photographer, photo shoot's nice.
I love my country, but only one political party in power so that we rarely have the opportunity to go abroad, I want to go to the United States work, I want to see more of the Earth, the greater world.
Americans give me, my mailbox

Posted by daqian October 4, 09 10:07 PM

Excellent!!!!!!! From these pictures, I see the NEXT SUPER POWER.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 10:08 PM

I hope you all remember that Chinese built the back bone of America, building the cross continental rail road, treated practically as slave. They were left out of the picture when the railroad from the East and West met as if they didn't exist. In the mid 1800's it is legal to kill a Chinese and Chinese was not officially allow to immigrate until after WWII. In Hollywood the fastest way for a Chinese male actor (or any Asian) career to be ruin is to be shown making love to a white actress (ie. Tony Leung in "The Lovers"), yet the females are typically portray as slut's hookers and evil. I am pretty sure Chinese would not be learning about human rights from US.

Posted by John October 4, 09 10:23 PM

Post 829, Thanks fro speaking out the truth. I am a Chinese in the US. I have been to the US for 15 years, and got my Ph.D, here. I was a minority back in China. I have to say that China treated us very well. I can understand why western media always lie or want to lie, but I don't understand why so many western people buy the lie. Oh, well, I guess most of them are not so smart any way. How can they elected Bush twice?!!!

Sure, China has some problems, but it is not like what you guys are fed by CNN.

Posted by KL October 4, 09 10:40 PM

chinese is very good

Posted by david October 4, 09 11:14 PM

To 823, i was moved by your words. The earth will be a peaceful planet if most of your USA fellows and especially the goverment officers also think so.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 11:21 PM


Posted by XJWUXI October 4, 09 11:44 PM

I'm a chinese,and I love my country~I LOVE CHINA!

if you don't know CHINA.Don't say any words.

Posted by alex October 4, 09 11:51 PM

China£¬you are great!

Posted by general_wang October 5, 09 12:08 AM

Comment #805: Ooops, you are right! Thanks for the correction. Ushuaia is in TIERRA DEL FUEGO, ARGENTINA, not Chile. Our South American trip was wonderful. However, I wanted to speak with the locals and kept saying to myself, "Gosh, I know how to say that in Chinese". I surprised myself a bit that I know much more Chinese than I thought! Or, perhaps, much less Spanish. It's a very interesting world! In any case, I am looking forward to my next trip to China to get some first-hand comments about this event!

Posted by Ivanhoe October 5, 09 12:19 AM

Congratulation to all the chinese brothers and sisters in China. Indeed you have come of age. No more can you be called the sick man of the East. It hurts me tremendously to hear that. No more do you need your brothers in South East Asia to repatriate money to help you.
May you grow from strength to strength.

Posted by Tang Kok Kong October 5, 09 12:37 AM

It's awsome that China celebrates their 60th anniversary.
This celebration is colourful, beautiful and amazing.
China now really rock.
Keep up the good work and congratulation to all the people of china for their country birthday.
Happy Birthday

Posted by Francis Ong October 5, 09 01:39 AM

Picture 17.. The model shows potala Palace..this belongs to the TIBET 'n heritage not the Chinese.. Chinese have occupied Lhasa.. and robbed the ppl of Tibet..
pls read

also read

Damn..these.. Chinese, Free TIBET.. let them own their land..

Free TIBET..Free TIBET..Free TIBET..Free TIBET..Free TIBET..

Posted by Mat October 5, 09 01:43 AM

Long long live China £¡

Posted by Bai mu October 5, 09 02:14 AM

To 751,

Yes, you are right! China has no money for medical care, education, housing and reconstruction of the earthquake cities. Since the annual income of a Chinese is less than one-tenth of a American.
China had been destroyed for over 150 years since the Opium War ba ba ... until the Cultural Revolution.China just develop the economic for 30 years from nothing. 30 years later, China will have enough money to do so even to build a much more powerful millitary !

Hong Kong , China

Posted by Poon October 5, 09 02:15 AM

Happy Birthday, China!

Posted by Shawn October 5, 09 02:16 AM

275.From middle Europe.. Hungary...

I go out to the street, and scream that: I hate my government!
Do you know whats happening? Nothing, i can do that, because i live in a democracy.
Repeat that in China... You probably die out there for this....

Happy birthday for what? How many innocent people died just this year in your country? Ah... you can't even imagine what kind of feeling to being free!!!

OH, yes, I am a Chinese, very repressive here!

¹úÈË°¡, ÈÃËûÃÇ×öÌ쳯´ºÃΰÉ, Ç峯²»¾ÍÕâÑùÍöµÄÂð? ºÎ±Ø½é»³ËûÃÇ˵ʲô?
×£´ó¼Ò½ÚÈÕ¿ìÀÖ! ×£´ó¼ÒÈÕ×ÓÔ½¹ýÔ½ºÃ!

Posted by Daniel October 5, 09 02:19 AM

Everything and everyone is not perfect, we have to aggree!
I love my country, but i do know there are lots of thing we should do and lots of things we should improve.

Posted by suosi October 5, 09 02:22 AM

i love my country!!

Posted by leo October 5, 09 02:25 AM

Great photos! When they passed rapidly across my TV screen I was very sorry I could not stop them to admire the stills, but now I can. Yes, a huge expenditure, but probably not much per citizen of China; I hope an equivalent amount of money is spent giving land justice for all, safety in all coalmines, release of all factory slaves, etc

Posted by Sue Camden October 5, 09 02:26 AM

To: #837 The friend from Canada:

"We don't have things like this in our country."
I trust you don't, because you needen't. If my knowledge serves me correct, you have real troops holding real guns killing real people in Afgan. right now. I'm sure you are a very intellegent person who just convienently forgot something when you are facing the evil communism.

I've been in and out of China and US and the rest of the world since my 20's. I think I do know both sides. Your observation about China is correct but your decision may not. Americans (Canadians as well) treat this thing called the "Government" as some kind of devil and does not trust it at all. So any kind of violation of person freedom from this devil is treated as if the end of the world. If you always start from this kind of view you certainly will draw conclusion like what you did in your post. But my friend, is it really true that there is no another way than yours, that is, the Chinese has no other way to deal with the current situation than a revolution and make their system exactly as yours? Think about it before you call others brain washed.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 5, 09 02:37 AM

It's like the clones army... So, yes, it is really scarry.
My mind simply cannot comprehend the way out of the follwing dilema:
1) comunism is a plague. I know that from my own experience!
2) there are too many (chinese) people in one country ( even it's a really big one) for democracy to work (apparently). And there is no better system for humans to live in but democracy (greek style, obviously).

So China will be the super-force of the (near) future only if it will be able to solve this problem. Otherwhise, will be just another tyranny...

Posted by Kesarion Broek October 5, 09 02:56 AM

if china was no 2 no other country dare to say there are no 1
china - u r great - now n in future

Posted by tan October 5, 09 02:57 AM

I love China ,
Happy Birthday.
Mou xie gou ri de xi fang mei ti !!!!
Scer qiang shi wei guan bing bi shi!!!

Posted by SCER October 5, 09 03:05 AM

Great pictures

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 03:07 AM

This looks as bad as the Nazi parades. With its continual meddling on India's borders, China sure has an expansionist agenda.

The world (especially India) would ignore China at their own peril.

I'm giving my own name here, not your 'chinese', 'combidian' non sense. I'm an Indian of course.

Posted by Atul Bhogle October 5, 09 03:11 AM

the admin do not allow me to say anything here about 1999.5.8

I love China.

And it is a responsibility for our 80s 90s.

The Flag has been handed to us.

Posted by 80s October 5, 09 03:28 AM


Posted by Huing October 5, 09 03:41 AM

Thank you to your effort in publishing this, Boston's Big Picture page!

However, your selected photos here do not do the justice to the scale of the display, the diversity of the content in the parade, and the party event. See more event photos here:

Posted by BLue Laser October 5, 09 04:11 AM

For #787 who said
"For Tibet, Uigur, internal Mongolia and other ethnic minorities in China.
When some western people says free......, i can't hold myself to laugh loudly. Uigur belongs to China for more than 2000 years (In Han Dynasity), Tibet and Mongolia (Internal Mongolia now) belong to China for more than 1200 years (In Tang Dynasity). "

Similarly, regions like Kashmir and Sikkim and Arunachal have been part of India for thousands of years. In fact the name Kashmir itself has Hindu origins. I can understand if Pakistan and India are in dispute over Kashmir post the nation split but China??? How come they have occupied a third of what never was theirs and are now poking their nose in all the border states?

Therefore, I stick to my other comment - China has expansionist agenda. The Indian government is just too spineless to respond to either Pakistan or China but the day would surely come when China's hunger for land triggers another war.

Posted by Atul Bhogle October 5, 09 04:18 AM

Anyone or any country is great or not should only be judged by how much he contributes to the world, not by how powerful he is. Chinese government says they want peace, but they ignore the fact that peace should be based on justice and freedom of speech and religion. The peace they mean is that nobody would say a word against them even if they did a lot of wrong to the people. Actually, they will always be in fear not peace when all they do is to monitor and suppress their people. Peace and property is not given by the government, it's given by the people and by God. In order to have true peace, you have to fear God first. I want Chinese people understand that no body can look down upon you when you look up to God, not your own power or your government. May God bless America, God bless China, and God bless you!

Posted by One of the Chinese Americans October 5, 09 04:20 AM

No comment, Damn Good

Posted by Choong October 5, 09 04:31 AM

someone posted "CHINA is ready for any evil countries. like USA CANADA AND JAPAN~!"

I'm a Chinese Canadian, and i scoff and apologize for some ignorant minds or brainwashed, or whatever you call them.

Clearly, those that have never left the country and never will, will never truly understand the essence of "toad in a well"

Canada is known for being a Peace Keeping country, not a Peace Making country like their neighbour.
Whether you see other Countries as Evil or not, is not for you to say, "To each their own", humans tend towards chaos anyways. gov't regulated or not.

Posted by Anon. October 5, 09 05:10 AM

Love the ones who love us, Love the ones who hate us and we become invincible
Happy Birthday China. I love you forever!

Posted by totolobaby October 5, 09 06:04 AM

My motherland, I love you forever !

Posted by Yanfei Wang October 5, 09 06:21 AM

Congratulations for a great parade and celebrations.

Posted by Y.K. Leong October 5, 09 06:35 AM

Congratulations Chinese People!

I feel inspired by, and admire your achievements. It confirms my belief in our unlimited potential as loving, peaceful and prosperous human beings.

All the best for the next 100 years and beyond...!

I shall make an effort to visit and do a tour of China, in this lifetime. I'd love to experience your culture and appreciate the many wonders of your amazing country...

Posted by Gromick Thulani Ndlovu October 5, 09 06:41 AM

I love china!

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 06:47 AM

These are great pictures and the image that china wants to project to the rest of the world is nice but..
The fact is that most people in china do not have money to buy what their country produces nor can they buy things that we rest of the world take for granted.
This summer we made a trip to china but not the rich part. Mostly small towns and believe me that people starve. They work many hours with means that are extinct in the rest of the world and they sell their days work for nothing.
Hard working people with a goverment that promotes mass production and world achievements but the average man/woman in china lives in conditions that resemble 3rd world countries.
And before you deny it think that china is not only the 3-4 large cities but the rest of this huge country as well.

So this greatness in the photos means a couple of things in my oppinion.
1st a chance to celebrate and have fun
2nd make chinese proud
3rd promote china
4th make chinese forget the bad of this military goverment (imagine a family living in poverty and watching this on tv)

These are all my oppinion and so that you know i dont consider my country any better. Well exept the fact that the average man is above poverty state.

Posted by PlainTruth October 5, 09 06:58 AM

Great discipline on these joiners who did have faith in their country leaders.

May God bless this country: be humble while you are heading for a leading country.


Posted by helen October 5, 09 07:12 AM

Having seen the archived newsreel footage of the late unlamented Austrian corporal reviewing his thousands of enthusiatic troops in the late 30's; and Uncle Joe in the 50's, each separately parading a significant amout of rolling hardware, this does bring a slight feeling of unease, or am I being over sensitive?

If the Chinese are tryng to make a point they have succeeded with me: I wish to state publicly I have no plans to invade China.

Posted by Foxprowl October 5, 09 07:23 AM

Very nice! Maybe instead spending that lot of money in celebrations and luxury stuff, they could use it to help all the people without enough money to survive in their own country.

Posted by Ivan October 5, 09 08:32 AM

It is great to see those pictures as I tried hard to review the event which made me tears when I watched it. I have lived in UK and the US for 8 years and not a chinese citizen any longer, I love my current country and also love China. I had my best time in China and witnessed how the country became rich and prosperous from poverty.

All my western friends thought I was brainwashed by chinese government, yes, I did, as they do too by their governments, as any child in American school is educated to love his/her country and people, I of course recieved the same education. If you said that's brainwashed, yes, it is, I am happy to being told to love my country and people, as I do love her who tried hard to give me enough food and education, the most important, I grew up happily and healthily. I am very appreciated it.

Now my western friends have begun to notice what a real china is which is far beyond their imagination and education (brainwashed by their media) by me showing them the facts and their own reasearch. Simply, they began to believe communist or socialism can gather the money to improve the social basic facilities like transport, and education of poor people, while western countries fortune goes to minority (rich people), while all the tax payers have to pay for the economy crisis for those minority bad work and greedity; They believe how Dalailam lie and how good he is to attract western media; They believe how their media make storys and make their people to believe the storys; They believe how chinese people feel happy from their hearts not from the goverment pressure; They learn how their countries blame Chinese human right record while their soldiors are killing innocent people in other countris and their young soldiors died in other countris without their human rights. Well my friends are brainwashed by the truth. If you open your eyes, you can always see the truth. Please be aware of your media because they don't always give you truth but what they want you to. For example, a female coorespondant of BBC who can speak chinese used to interview a chinese bilingually at the same time, she translated her question in English to the audions as How do you feel being cheated by Chinese government? then to the interviewee that, how do you feel about chinese goverment? I was speechless. But it happens always when deal with chinese. I used to write comments to ask those tricky skillful lies but my comment was never showed on those journalist's blogs. Where is western's freedom or speaking freely? Where is western people's human rights to know the truth from their media?

I have the experience to say that, UK and the US goverments are nice, because the goverments are mostly fair to their people. Chinese government is kind too. You can simply tell how they treated their people in earthquake or other tragedy events and how people workd hard to help each other.

We live on the same earth,where is the only place for human being in solar system while it is being ruining by poltion, climate changing. There are a lot of desarsts happen here and there everyday, why don't our human beings care each other and work together to be against the bad condition of our envirnment rather than fight and curse each other? You have to know, not only western people can curse chinese, chinese people can do the same as return. But does it make sense? It is too easy for eveybody to say, you like it when you see the nice thing rather than be jealous and hate. Why can't we?

Besides, if you still hate china, you can go there to have a look by yourself, or if you want to free tibet, go to tibet and talk to real tibetants expecially those seniors who used to be the slaves of Dalailama, you will know what is truth. They have the right to say if they want to be free or not, not you. In another word, why do they want to be slaves again? Are you happy to be a slave facing the risk of death every minute without any haman rights?

God bless you and our earth!

Posted by amey October 5, 09 08:33 AM

I hear that commoners were not allowed to watch this ! Whats the point in showing your might if general people have no freedom to watch it!

Posted by ram October 5, 09 08:44 AM

I love China.

Posted by 真真不懂英文。 October 5, 09 08:44 AM

Very Good Photo !!! and Good Shooting!!!

Posted by Jason Tan October 5, 09 09:05 AM

there is an interesting and typical phenomenon in those comments and news from the world on the other side¡­¡­

'Chine is balabalabalabala....... but '
'economic development is balabalabalabala ........ but'
'yeh they seemed happy balabalabalabalabala ........... but'
'balabalabalabala achievement balabalabala ........... but'

many 'but's......

it seems that it is ashamed to admit something for some people
or they just cannot accept that China is changing--better?
or they just feel challenged so that they chose to ignore

well, maybe most of you don't like the history, ignoring some significant and paticular years, for instance, 1840~1842, 1856~1860, 1898, 1900, 1901? But the Chinese remember it after generations. Saying this, doesn't mean that Chinese want to fight back. We just don't wanna to try the bitter again, especially the bitter derived from other countries, other nationalities.

since the first time we met the world, we take bitterness.
maybe it's a long time ago for the western. well please remember not for China. we have a long history, thousands of years. 1840 is still yesterday for us.

I have read Roots. It represents a history more than one race.

if you can't deal with it, then go on.
I don't care, and we don't care, any more, since we disclose the fake vail of a beautiful western world with your help, by ignoring, accusing, and forgetting.

Posted by oushen October 5, 09 09:05 AM

I am proud of a Chinese,maybe the big USA people should study the history of aggression upon China.

Posted by I.E October 5, 09 09:11 AM

happy birthday motherland¡­¡­you are my proudywide .i love you forever

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 09:12 AM

Just a good show.

Posted by dav October 5, 09 09:23 AM

Felicidades China.

Posted by Gustavo October 5, 09 09:30 AM

very nice...............................................................................

Posted by lee jun hong October 5, 09 09:32 AM

Ok. All who think China is less than what she thinks she is.... you go ahead and feed 1.2billion people daily for 6, not 60 years, while maintaining law and order in a nation well known for resourceful individual thinking and the strongest survival instincts. Respect the communists for what they have achieved without huge fiscal debts and taxation.

Posted by China commands respect October 5, 09 09:41 AM

And The Attack Of The Clones Has Begun. Long Life To The Great Dictator. The World Is Ours.

Posted by Lighi October 5, 09 09:49 AM

Communist economy run by a state controlled single-party that brutally massacred millions of people and still imprisons dissidents, Christians and other religious communities, ethnic minorities, and government opponents.

And yet you STILL find people like many on this site who think China is not communist. Unbelievable. Why, because there are some state-controlled capitalist markets in Shanghai? That's laughable beyond pale. Look at how the local communities and provinces are run. State ownership of all property. That's not capitalism idiots.

Posted by Todd October 5, 09 10:00 AM

I love my dear motherland--the great China!
i am so proud to be a Chinese~~
dear fellow westerners,there's something in our hearts that u can nerver understand. if u want to know what is really going on in China, u will have to be here, to sence it urself, no media is trust worth, discover it with ur own eyes, maybe one day u can answer all those whys on ur own. welcome to China~

Posted by Ray--Chinese October 5, 09 10:09 AM

Hey, western friends, why not go to China? See the bad and good things in the real China.
Do NOT always waste time on your keyboard, mouse and TV.

Posted by Jian October 5, 09 10:24 AM

I have mixed feelings watching the truly splendid anniversary celebration pictures. Originating and living in peaceful Switzerland I would have wished that the Chinese celebrate their anniversary with less military pomp. But as we read that the celebrations are a piece of chinese political frenzy and that the local people had to stay home behind closed curtains, there is hope that by the time of the 100th anniversary a new, free generation of people will emerge who have the guts to show the world less tanks and weaponry. We all need a peaceful China!

Posted by Hans October 5, 09 10:36 AM

There is big different parade between China and so-called democracy, western country.

China's parade like above pics as you can see.

The "arrogant, hypocritical, countenance, snobbish" brother's parades are full of: drugs users, alcoholic, gays and lesbians, naked strippers, punks....

We live in a democratic country, we have human rights. We love our kind of parade. LMAO!!!

Posted by budha October 5, 09 10:43 AM

Isn't #31 taken from the same place as the famous Tank Man picture? I wonder :)

Brilliant stuff!

Posted by dominic October 5, 09 10:59 AM

Sick Man of East, Not Any More. Hope everyone on the earth live in a prosperous country.

Posted by JohnMoore October 5, 09 11:01 AM

Amazing China

Posted by mali October 5, 09 11:23 AM

Amazing. Congratulation China.
Such a developement in 60 years!
Lets continue to make life better and peacefull
for all in our common relative small world.
- The Earth

Posted by Jens HK from Denmark October 5, 09 11:24 AM

Great show.....amazing! I especially like chinese female soldiers....they look great! :-))
It seems, China will show the world its true power in the future....this empire is rising, while american and european is going into darkness.....

And I really "like" the Americans, who try to judge "bad" chinese people....Perhaps they should remember, what did western countries to China in the did "white people" behave to chinese and other people under their control in the past......And perhaps...they should visit countries, where "brave american soldiers" once entered......There is not only black and white colour on the world.....the world is colourfull. The same it is with the "Truth"..

I hope, China will enjoy their celebrations....:-)
Greetings from the Czech Republic

Posted by Taiwi October 5, 09 11:52 AM

These are really nice pictures. China does a wonderful job. The bloggers are going to continue their blogging. It's a free country, we should let everyone have their own opinion. I liked it. I don’t care if anyone else is looking for a reason to over analyze someone else’s good work. Look for the positive, try to avoid the negative! :)

Way to go, China!

Posted by Newby October 5, 09 11:53 AM

Three comments:
1- These yong soldiers are just like fake, robots. No individuals, all the same. Scary!
2- Looks like Soviet Union in the seventies. Why all communist regime need so much to show there military forces?
3- Reading chinese comments above, I realize how nationalistic they are, and how much they still need to proove to foreigners how great and powerful country they are.

Posted by Baudry October 5, 09 11:55 AM

Where are the spectators?

I see an enormous parade for "invited guests" and I see regular people crowded in a mall and around a fuzzy TV and watching river side fireworks.

Every parade I've ever witnessed be it in France, Brazil, Japan or the USA has had spectators lining the parade route. Even one's that where politically/culturally sensitive. Exited, active, rowdy spectators. In other words, the People. Where are the people in China, not just party members?

The parade itself looks wonderfully colorful. It's amazing how many participants there are and how coordinated they are. There is much talent and effort on display and they should be proud of that. But there is no doubt in my mind that most people in it where awarded with the honor to be in it and to march in front of those "invited guests." While many things have changed in China, I bet that has not. And to be honest, good for them! Everyone needs an award, something to strive for and to make you special but I just can't help but wonder, where are the spectators?

I'm reminded of my time in China and going to a local dance club, the locals danced in single file lines facing the dj, in lock step. Don't get me wrong, the club was colorful and everyone was so friendly and well mannered; but it was an interesting snapshot of the mindset.

Many posters are right, if you can afford it, go to China, visit it and get off the tourist path if you can. But remember it's a massive country with an enormous amount of people so judging the whole based on one spot is like judging Russia based on seeing only Moscow or the USA based on visiting Miami.

Posted by Maria October 5, 09 11:55 AM

I just wanna say ,that's great ,and, I am a chinese,but I don't want to see it at all.To me,it seems meaningless.That not represents my country£¬but Communist Party of China.It appears splendid,as our olympic opening ceremony,looks good and costs much,but I do not like it.

Posted by shb224 October 5, 09 12:04 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 12:11 PM

Amazing China

Posted by shine October 5, 09 12:13 PM

Happy Birthday, China!

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 12:18 PM

I had the privilege of spending two weeks in Beijing a few years ago. The people were lovely, the culture rich and old, the country was beautiful. I do not like communism, but we cannot condemn a people based on the current government. 60 years in the history of China is a very short time. They are much larger than their government. The pictures I see are breath taking. The people have discipline and a stronger work ethic than most any other nation we can think of. They are proud. Much of what I have read in these posts are written from fear based out of a general lack of knowledge... isn't that what all fear, misunderstanding, malcontent and uncertainty comes from?

Posted by Dianne October 5, 09 12:32 PM

I'm a chinese lived in France.

After hearing all those "scary, frighten¡­." words, I have some questions : Are your guys feel scary of french's display of arms which takes place every 14 July in their national day? What are you feel when you watched the tv series like "csi" or "24 hours"? Maybe some kind of proud of your country or your new techs? Have you ever thought about how many military basement do you have all over the world?

Our country are not willing to scare any others. It's just an occasion for us to celebrate our achievement. Like 808 said , we only wanna tell "please step back and stop think about encroaching our land and sea".

Posted by cao October 5, 09 12:32 PM

To me all these parade stuff has a clear second meaning besides the republics celebration per-se, that is:
Show the world that we are also capable of doing harm and invade other countries. That's where the power of intimidation of the western countries lies. Apparently this has been learned by the Chinese very well. To cause a little intimidation is apparently a little present that countries like China give themselves during national celebrations.
It doesn't really look very different from the Russian celebrations (also shown here some months ago), or the American or the European ones......

Posted by bonni October 5, 09 12:43 PM

This is a nice collection of photos that reflecting the magnificence of China's 60- year anniversary celebration.

I, as a Chinese, am pround of China's achievements in our 60 years independence.

Happy birthday, China!

Posted by Yang October 5, 09 01:38 PM

To 911: who wants to "encroach your land and sea"? This kind of nationalism and military demonstration seems so obsolete and old fashion (1939, you know who..and of course Soviet Union, they looooved.. these military parades, with thousands of puppets marching like robots). My feeling is that China will become a great country when there will be democracy, and when people will be able to demonstrate to get some social security, and all that usual stuff we got during the years. Military demonstrations means nothing.

Posted by baudry October 5, 09 02:18 PM

Usually people get scared when they see something new and they do not know exactly what's going on. On the other hand, they also feel comfortable and safe if they do not truly know it well sometimes even it's extremely dangerous. Here some tips from the fact and the history:
a) Chinese government always prefers to use their forces against their own people than other countries. So if you are not a Chinese who is living in China mainland, you are okay;
b) Most corrupted Chinese officials will likely think USA or Canada a good choice to enjoy their retire life after they get busted; and most (if not 100%) the Chinese officials are already corrupted. How could they destroy their paradise for vacation and retirement.
c) Chinese government never really hates capitalism and capitalists; they just pretend they hate them to make a show to their people. The 'great chairman Mao' welcomed president Nixon in 70's after a big war between the two countries. Hate has been always a tool to manipulate people's feelings and move their minds to the benefit of dictators.

Posted by free0604 October 5, 09 02:20 PM

remarkable . Eye opener for other developing countries and challenge to developed countries to keep pace with rising China.

Posted by Prakash Kumar October 5, 09 02:21 PM

No matter what people said or felled...China is suck... they want to conquer all western countries.
1. China uses military force to rob the sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly Islands of Viet Nam.
2. China is notorious worldwide as the number one polluting nation in mining exploitation, besides other related “problems” (for example, the Australian government cancelled a resource mining project in South Australia with China in March this year because of national security reasons).
3. The Chinese have closed bauxite mines in their own country and shifted their production to Vietnam. This will cause long-term environmental pollution in Vietnam, affecting people and many generations to come. Similar approach has been done in Africa with the assistance of corrupt regimes in that continent. Their conduct is being closely monitored and harshly criticized by world opinion.
China should stop its greedy, inhuman acts.

Posted by Discontent October 5, 09 02:39 PM

Why there are so many sour grapes?

I am really amazed that there are so many people acted as if they were the God and were able to judge everything by their own limited acknowledge. It is very obvious most of them, if not all of them, don't even know what they are talking about. Why don't people think about whether they did the same or even worse before they make judgment/criticize.

U.S.A is a great country. But that doesn't guarantee all the other country cant be as great. Or U.S.A can criticize the other country whatever they like.

Open your eyes. U.S.A was great only because it was so open to the world. Now we see the opposite. What this country would end up to be? Remember China, which was the No.1 in the world for centuries closed its door 200 years ago, and then fall into 200 years of devastating low era? Now it seems the world will flip-flop again.

Finally, Happy Birthday, China.

Posted by bostonchinese October 5, 09 02:40 PM

From the early courts of Chin, Shi Huang, The first Emepror, to Chairman Mao and beyond---- China the Beautiful.

Posted by Karl Chung October 5, 09 02:41 PM

Our great county is feeding this type of military strength trade. One sided trade. Wonder if the Chinese have anything with "Made in the USA" on the bottom of the item? I am amazed at the regimented --orderlyness that the Chinese have always had. It is called Communism.

Some buddy of mine asked me if this country could do the same. LOL! They would have every politician, from the Prez to every congressman and woman wanting to get their grimy fingers into the festivities. UGH!

Then too, every Tom,Dick and Harriet would,want to get paid.

Wonder if the government of ours is trying to woo the Chinese to be our friends so we can upstage the Russians?

See Afghanistan.

Then too, pay attention ya' all. But hey, we never learn from out past.

Posted by Old Goat October 5, 09 02:54 PM

What about free-elections, free-vote, free speech, free-enterprise. free-search for free-truth by free-citizen in a free-world.

1949-2009: Note Hu jintao, jiang zemin, Not a single person from 1949 who had anything to do with 1949 revolution stands at Tiannamen.

Hu Jintao thinks he is Mao Junior. Mao the retard.
Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao are pinhead-engineers. pinhead-engineers have No-right to be either rulers or leaders. No way to legitimate leaders unless their is an election.

1. party

2. state

3. Army

Party cannot be state

State cannot be party.

There must be serperation of party-state. party-state cannot be same.

Army belongs to State.

State belongs to the people.

State belongs to the people who pay taxes.

china, chinese should be ashame of themselves that in 21st. century. China lives under dictatorship. Free-china in a free-century.
Nations of cows, sheep, chicken under rule of ccp: chicken party of china.

Do u Not "loose face" china worry about "loose face" live like sheeps under ccp: chicken party of china. party of red chicken.

The true-china is 1911 of the Free Republic of china founded in 1911 by Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

1911-2011: century of free china.

World awaits a free china.

Free citizen, free-vote, free-speech,
free search for free-truth in a free-china in a free-world in the free 21st. century.

Posted by comrade deng xiaoping October 5, 09 03:14 PM

Incredible discipline the Chinese people have. I don't think that scope of perfection could be pulled off over here. I admire their pride in themselves and their country's accomplishments. We all have a long way to go before we can live in harmony with the earth and each other. But, I hope the new generations here and abroad will adapt to and adopt these ideals and integrate the skills and talents of the world to solve all her problems peacefully.

Posted by Mary October 5, 09 03:17 PM

What are you afraid of? Every country has its own way to celebrate their nation day. It would be too boring if there is only one kind of celebration. Our world is colorful, not just black and white. Cheers!!

Posted by tax-free October 5, 09 03:42 PM


Posted by nomad October 5, 09 04:46 PM

Only handpicked communist party members and young children who know no better are allowed to participate. No cheering crowds lining the route. The route was only a couple of blocks. Only a select few were allowed to view the parade in the grandstands. Citizens were kept away via six-providences of security perimeters. The government actually booked all the hotel rooms overlooking the route to prevent anyone from actually seeing the parade up close. Nearby residents had been ordered not to even look out their windows or invite guests in town.

The whole thing is for viewing via television only to the masses. Your typical communist staged spectacle parading large weapon systems and thousands of soliders marching between them.
What a farce.

Posted by Brett Vernon October 5, 09 05:20 PM

To people living in the "Free world", this is how your media brain washes you.

1. Your media tells you this is the celebration of communist rule. What they dont tell you is, Chinese communism died 30 years ago. The Chinese wasted no time in the past 30 years to achive prosperity through capitalism.

2. They keep reminding you how this parade resembles old Soviet military parade. What they don't tell you is, ever since 1956, China broke up with the Soviet and took a different path. Military has not been the main focus of Chinese leaders. Evidence? 20% of the parade is military and 80% is about culture and industrialization. The Chinese leaders clearly know a good country is one that keeps good care of its people but not a strong army. Sorry your media don't tell you these.

3. The funniest is, as I read on CNN, BBC and you name it. One thing they all put a lot of words, besides the magnificence of the parade is that "most ordinary Chinese are kept out of the parade". So you "know" again that this is a bad government which keeps its own people out of the celebration so it must be a celebration of the dictators but not the people, ordinary people are oppressed! WOW, how subject your media is and how clever you are to find out another ¡°truth¡±. Here¡¯s another version of the story what your media doesn¡¯t tell you or conveniently forgot to mention: Ordinary Chinese, I mean 1.3 billion of them are so enthusiastic to attend. Today as I write this, Tian¡¯anmen square sees 2 million zealous visitors per day. If any clever person thinks it is easy to organize a parade with such magnificence and perfection while still let every citizen to ¡°join¡±, be my guest. The truth is, if you ask anyone Chinese, within China or aboard, 99% of them will tell you this is necessary. BTW, when the leader of the free world, US president Obama sworn into office, any of you free world guys were there to share the joy? As I remembered, he was speaking behind a bullet-proof glass.

So your media is free and fair, and you have an independent thinking. So it is true that China is controlled by bad communism and you should work hard for your government to overthrow it, pay more tax, and complain less, send more of your sons and daughters to defend freedom. Good, but can I chose to stay in the ¡°not so free world¡± a littler longer, please?

Posted by Wiz-Be October 5, 09 05:24 PM

I am Malaysian...i have roots in China. I am Muslim. I love you China. You are the Greatest!!! May China be Merdeka & Peaceful Forever. USA is the REAL terrorists of the oppresses, conquers and full of evil deeds. YES indeed history tells us all these....

Posted by Wan M. Lee October 5, 09 05:53 PM

Who told you Chinese communism died 30 years ago? even in Hu Jingtao's speech, he was still saying "ONLY COMMUNISM CAN SAVE CHINA"!
As a former Chinese media reporter, I don't see any point you can criticize western media. In China, government censorship controls every newspaper, website, TV and radio stations. Do you know how many Chinese websites were shut down during this national holiday? and how "Great Wall" firewall blocks every international website that could contain information that Chinese government does not like? "Brainwash" is a word better reserved for a country where there is no freedom of speech.

Posted by plum October 5, 09 06:13 PM

Reminds me of silkworms destructing entire mulberry trees in Spring. They consume anything green and palatable. After a few weeks they start work on spinning large yellow webs, to then transform into a pupae. Thereafter the flitting moth again – thousand of them laying millions of fertilized eggs , resulting in an ever increasing number of new generation silks worms. The people of Chine - millions, large groups, conformed planning and action. Millions of fertilized eggs become the huge money power of the next world order. Looks like a marvelous pantomime, but it spells nothing good for Western Capitalism. The devil is in the vast numbers, making up the collective effort.

Posted by FoxwithSox October 5, 09 06:20 PM

To 926.. i hope you realize what free means at some point.

The right to choose based on your FREE WILL.

You are talking about CNN, BBC ect. Well every thinking person has the chance to watch and why not reject the media you mentioned and others...
You can be free when you have the chance to do so.

Now plz consider what are you free to choose in china.
your goverment? your media? your search engines? Your way of life?

A Tv channel may not be fair nor free but there are 100 of them and then there is the internet where you can find thousants more and in these you may find the free ideas that you are looking for.

When a goverment "protects" you and itself by blocking google and several other foreign news sites and frequently forcing domestic sites to remove controversial material what is there more to say?

And please dont confuse "free world" with USA... Americans are as free as the rest of the world if not less.

Posted by p k October 5, 09 06:23 PM

Beautiful! Great nation with a great history!

Posted by Bulgaria October 5, 09 07:07 PM

I don't know what is the so-called people's right to western people?
They use their own western standard to judge other different cultural country. I think it is very very unfair and stupid. The U.S. have a lot of advanced weapons, and no one say they don't love peace. However, to China, now, we have the advanced weapons too, why do they say us to threraten other countries? I think in fact they have no people's right !!!

Please stop to judge China--stupid western people!!! You know nothing!!!

Posted by Jie October 5, 09 07:14 PM

I'm a Chinese American, living in US since 1989.
The Western media has never stopped amazing me how skillful it is when come to the "Red China". In my early years in the US, I was really afraid to read anything about China in the news, because it'd be bad news... Now, it gets more interesting. Western media is able to twist anything from China from positive into negative, no matter what. It's amazing too that the Western audience is so eagerly fed up by their media without much knowledge about modern China now Chinese history. This parade was a great show. But from your media, you won't sense the genuine enthusiasm of the ordinary Chinese people in this grand event. Chinese people come a long way. They suffered so much from the past. They work hard and are gaining back their confidence. They know things are still challenging. They sacrificed somewhat for a larger benefit of the whole people. But they also know it takes time to improve the life for 1.3 billion people. They don't take your democracy as granted because they don't trust you, nor your democracy. It's called "socialism in Chinese style". You may call it dictatorship as you like. But it works fine and improves itself over time. More importantly, it benefits the people as a whole. What's wrong with that? Chinese people are very adaptive, so are their systems. Remember, the Chinese civilization has a history of thousands of years. The success of your democracy has only last 200 year so far. It takes a long time to prove it out. Imagine, if not the Chinese communists succeed 60 years ago, the great China might have been disintegrated into numerous pieces. The Chinese people might still suffer under Western powers such as what the Iraqi people are going thru. Hey, that's probably what many western powers like to see because it won't pose any threat to anyone. Those days are long gone. With the Chinese communist and the support from Chinese people, China will only get stronger. Go China!

Posted by xu October 5, 09 08:34 PM

china needs free-vote free elections.

Not a single leader alive today has anything to do with 1949

Dead Mao corpse cannot give powers to leader.

Having a dead corpse on the capitol is no way to rule a nation.

Only free-elections in free-vote can leaders have legit right to be leaders.

Posted by presdident jiang zemin October 5, 09 08:35 PM

Communist saved china in 1949, capitalism saved China in1979, China saved the communist in 1989, China saved the capitalism in 2009.

Posted by Joey October 5, 09 08:36 PM

Si es impresionante, cada ves los chinos se estan haciendo mas poderosos y son muchos millones de habitantes ademas tienen una tecnologia avanzada y son muy rectos en hacer sus cosas en cualquier momento se pueden convertir en la primera potecia mundial.
Eduardo Díaz L

Posted by eduardo díaz leturia October 5, 09 08:37 PM

What an impressive show of communist China. I hope that enough young Chinese have the courage to push their government to open up politically. You never know one of these days, the leader of the country will eventually give way to the pressure and allow other political parties to operate in China. China needs to start educate and train its people to participate in a democracy. If you don't ask for it, you don't get it.

-- a Chinese decendent who was raised in Taiwan and immigrated to U.S.A.

Posted by FU SH CHNG October 5, 09 09:00 PM

#38 Disgraceful.

Posted by Scott October 5, 09 09:31 PM

Tibet belongs to China, PRC china forever, those people benefits from PRC since 1949, shut up your mounth for those evils who said Tibet free. Tibet belongs to PRC forever, Tibet is rich and people are educted since it was liberated. Dala cuts slave's bodies ended forever.

Posted by Tibet resident October 5, 09 09:39 PM

Impresionante desfile cívico-militar,la demostración de orden ,disciplina y coordinación es admirable,pero lo más interesante es la logistica que soporta todo el depliegue.Un saludo al pueblo Chino.

Posted by Juan E.Cabonel Novella October 5, 09 10:04 PM

What a show. thoroughly enjoy the parade.

Posted by c.c.chung October 5, 09 10:10 PM

Yeah, peace loving American! What have you done in Indonesia? Newmont, environment destroyer; Freeport, robber of Papua? Not to mention many US oil companies that have virtually Java Sea occupied.

Does not your Bible in the book of Matthew saya
* "Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you,
* for God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others.
* Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?
* How dare you say to your brother, 'Please, let me take that speck out of your eye,' when you have a log in your own eye?
* You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.
Today English Version Bible


BTW, I'm not Chinese, I studied in US Oregon for 5 years.

Posted by Janoko October 5, 09 10:24 PM

To 882.I hear that commoners were not allowed to watch this ! Whats the point in showing your might if general people have no freedom to watch it!

As a common Chinese, i would say it's not suggested to watch this celeberation in TianAnMen Square by the goverment. Because there are several reasons:
1, There are too many people there, about 200 thousand, limits the number for order is understandable from my opinion.
2, Watching this celeberation on TV at home with my friend and family member is also a happy time, i like it more!
3, During the national celeberation, Da Lai LaMa and Rabiye may do something in Bei Jing, like 2008.03.14 and 2009.07.05

Anyway, if you really want to go there, nobody stop you, the limitation is that you should keep distance from making the celeberation disorderred. Please think using your Hign IQ brain, if everybody like me wants to say hello to or take picture with Chairmen Hu Jing Tao. There will be no celeberation, but a disaster.


Posted by Allan Wu October 5, 09 10:44 PM

El 60 aniversario de la revolución China, es un hito en la historia actual de la humanidad, donde se demuestra que bajo una forma de socialismo con características propias de la cultura china, se puede lograr en solo 60 años, tantos progresos y organización para el país con más población en el mundo, y no hace tanto aún era una país feudal.

Felicitaciones a sus dirigentes y al pueblo Chino, que con muchos pesares son ahora un ejemplo y una esperanza para el mundo.

Posted by Manuel del Carpio Heros October 5, 09 10:44 PM

Nice picture.thank you for upload

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 10:55 PM

I am afraid of China. I do not wanna be at war with them.
I am afraid, it is the inevitable ending.

Posted by sparks October 5, 09 11:04 PM

935.Communist saved china in 1949, capitalism saved China in1979, China saved the communist in 1989, China saved the capitalism in 2009.

Posted by Joey October 5, 09 08:36 PM

The best post here, you wise man know everthing about China!
The free USA people, please be so kind to start a vote for the president of the solar system, i will vote Joey!

Posted by Allan Wu October 5, 09 11:13 PM

To 930: Thanks for replying..

Yes you do have 100 channels to choose from freely. But let us be realistic, for example, on this very topic, unless you dig really, really hard, every major media on your "choosing list" has the same tone as I described in my previous post. So as an average viewer, one is almost limited to draw the conclusion as I mentioned. Think about it, you can find everything you are looking for, but what if you are not looking for a different answer? What if your ¡°WILL¡± is not free? Then, how free can you be? Let's not forget about one thing: the media runs for one thing and one thing only: profit, not your freedom. Think about the profit weapon makers can make by selling weapons to countries scared by another Soviet or Nazi-like dictatorship country, or even better., to a country in civil war with 1.3 billion people.

No offense, but what you and a lot of others said on this thread made me think that in your mind, the Chinese people are all blind and know nothing beyond what the government want them to know just like the NK. Therefore you are entitled to educate them and it seems the only best solution is to overthrow the government which may or may not result in prosperity but what the hell as long as they are free who cares if they are all going to hell. As you may find out, a lot of Chinese on this thread who spent quite a lot of time abroad (AKA the free world) do not have the same view as yours, why? If you care to look for a different answer, you will know that the Chinese know what is on their priority list and how they will achieve their goal.

As to the censorship, what you don¡¯t know is that the Chinese way doesn¡¯t work like the Soviet¡¯s where KGB controls everybody¡¯s life (that¡¯s probably why they fail). It is more like a game, the government set up firewalls, and people find ways to circumvent, the government deletes, people post it to a different forum or email to each other if they support it. As long as you do not try to broadcast certain sensitive issues you are fine (No, you do not get arrested for watching CNN). I think it is a step better than before. But again, this is not the top priority. We live with it, and may change it later. What we would like to tell you is, do not think China like that and force us to change or become enemy. If you really want to help through criticizing, digger further, know real people and listen to real stories but not these ¡°partial truth¡± on TV.

Do not get me wrong, I have no intention to support the violation of person freedom by any government. And I¡¯m sure most of Chinese would share the same view on this. As one who has been educated on both sides, I can tell you that we are no different people. We are equally smart, equally hard-working and equally proud of our heritage. Our differences lay on the fact that we came from different paths. China has been in deep humiliation for 169 years after its door was forcibly opened. The sense of insecurity as a nation makes individual freedom seem not as important as what you may think. As I said we are not different actually. Think about the USA PATRIOT Act, is it not a violation of personal privacy and freedom? Measures as such are taken when USA is facing security problems as bad as 911. Think again about China, we were in much worse situation during the past 169 years. I hope this explains a little.

Time will speak, that China will prove her suitable for the once again leading position in the world.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 5, 09 11:41 PM

I am from Shanghai, China.
My country is a great one. Western people may not understand but we did develop faster than your people could imagine.
It's true we still have many problems to be solved, but I think the government has already done a great job in those years.
Learn more of China, and you will love this country like most of our Chinese do.

Posted by Perry October 5, 09 11:43 PM

hi all western friends, i am chinese in china. i just want to tell you that chinese people are forbidden to complain any negetive words to this costing and non-sense parade, as well as the olympic game 2008, no matter in any kinds of media, tv, newspapers, even internet. and they are using our money to do this!

Posted by chinese in china October 6, 09 12:02 AM

Allan Wu, man of puny mind. The Chinese Communist Party monopolizes the world's biggest military force, the world's biggest propaganda establishment, the world's biggest inculcation machine, the world's biggest policy force, the world's biggest political machine, and it has to depend on you, man of puny little mind, to defend its policy? It's policy of denying the Chinese people their basic rights of a stroll on their own territory?
Oh, right, your puny little mind worries about too many people crowding into too small a space, then how about a tiny little dose of fairness: first come, first serve?
I know, all these are beyond your comprehension, you man of puny little mind, a mind that has been hopelessly muddled up by your master's brutal and pervasive inculcation. Poor you, man of puny little muddled mind.

Posted by tora October 6, 09 12:51 AM

Feeding 1.3 billion people, free education and free medical service... How many countries can provide to their people in this world?

How impressive! We all love our mother-land China! We can see the huge change in the past years! We feel proud! Of course, no one is perfect, we all know that it is only the beginning...

Great China moves on!!!

Posted by xueling zou October 6, 09 01:16 AM

China will realy be great when it will become a real democracy, when it will NOT be tolerated to pay workers 100$ a month for 55 hours work a week, without social security or retirement fees. When there will be free press and internet, free elections, LESS corruption and MORE social justice. There is a LONG road to achieve these goals!

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 09 03:10 AM

Communisum doesn't work - even though the parades and old military display might. Might comes mostly from the American dollar - democracy. Uniforms and stance is impresssive however but one can see the old artiiliary and makeshift discipline hipped for the "recognition" to the communisit party at hand.

A stronger communism was practiced both in Russia and other countries alike - which, all have failed and turned mostly to democracy for prosperity, growth, and more importantly, becoming free and having the opportunity to becoming whatever they want to be with hard work and sacrafice.

Nonetheless, happy birthday to those of the communist party. The people and food are great - and, the women are absolutely beautiful. May both our countries continue to illustrate and show our might and not harm one another over ego, pride or quest for power.

As a proud Marine we build our might so we do not have to go into battle.

Posted by Edward F. Kraus, Ph.D. October 6, 09 03:17 AM

Can anyone tell me about Tibet, who ever really state in Tibet for a period of time, but not by CNN, because I want to see the whole picture, as far as I know, the Tibet people was in a deep mud, this was the reason take over the control after so many years of governed by the lama.In the meantime they can still worshiping their own religious, just don't touch the politics because politic and religious some what cannot mix, they can go whatever they want, they can do whatever they what, just somebody else want to gain the power again.

Posted by keith October 6, 09 03:32 AM

Reminds me of the old communist parades we had down here in Romania in the 80s... makes me sick just to think about it. Only difference is their propaganda is actually working while ours wasn't.

And the model of the Potala Palace ? ... talking about nerve ...

Peace China, and may your eyes open someday soon.

Posted by Sorin October 6, 09 03:44 AM

Amazing pics. Congratulations China!

Posted by Simon Shaw October 6, 09 04:46 AM

To people living in the "Free world", this is how your media brain washes you.

1. Your media tells you this is the celebration of communist rule. What they dont tell you is, Chinese communism died 30 years ago. The Chinese wasted no time in the past 30 years to achive prosperity through capitalism.

2. They keep reminding you how this parade resembles old Soviet military parade. What they don't tell you is, ever since 1956, China broke up with the Soviet and took a different path. Military has not been the main focus of Chinese leaders. Evidence? 20% of the parade is military and 80% is about culture and industrialization. The Chinese leaders clearly know a good country is one that keeps good care of its people but not a strong army. Sorry your media don't tell you these.

3. The funniest is, as I read on CNN, BBC and you name it. One thing they all put a lot of words, besides the magnificence of the parade is that "most ordinary Chinese are kept out of the parade". So you "know" again that this is a bad government which keeps its own people out of the celebration so it must be a celebration of the dictators but not the people, ordinary people are oppressed! WOW, how subject your media is and how clever you are to find out another ¡°truth¡±. Here¡¯s another version of the story what your media doesn¡¯t tell you or conveniently forgot to mention: Ordinary Chinese, I mean 1.3 billion of them are so enthusiastic to attend. Today as I write this, Tian¡¯anmen square sees 2 million zealous visitors per day. If any clever person thinks it is easy to organize a parade with such magnificence and perfection while still let every citizen to ¡°join¡±, be my guest. The truth is, if you ask anyone Chinese, within China or aboard, 99% of them will tell you this is necessary. BTW, when the leader of the free world, US president Obama sworn into office, any of you free world guys were there to share the joy? As I remembered, he was speaking behind a bullet-proof glass.

So your media is free and fair, and you have an independent thinking. So it is true that China is controlled by bad communism and you should work hard for your government to overthrow it, pay more tax, and complain less, send more of your sons and daughters to defend freedom. Good, but can I chose to stay in the ¡°not so free world¡± a littler longer, please?
This is Awesome, dude, I love you.

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 09 04:51 AM

Excellent Show.

Posted by JK Hota October 6, 09 04:53 AM

wishing china glow up and be good friendly country for peoples in the world.
my nae is 金建国  ( so good my birth day )

Posted by my nae is 金建国  October 6, 09 05:01 AM

Wish our motherland more beautiful and prosperous! China is the diaoyu! Tibet is China! China's fear any imperialist!

Posted by love chaina October 6, 09 07:39 AM

Its really a great show.. I am an indian, and have no enmity towards china.. Infact, there are many indians who had peacefull and cordial relationship with chinese in singapore and malaysia.. Culturally there are no enmity b/w china and india.. But its only on the political front, and only because of communism, china had become the dangerous country to not just india but to others too..

Posted by senthil October 6, 09 07:48 AM

Pictures 20 and 33 are emblematics.

Posted by brainwashed October 6, 09 07:57 AM

it was great. I love my country, just as a child like his/her mother....

Posted by Guoqin; Wang October 6, 09 08:15 AM

Gr8 pictures, surely a mighty show on display !!!

Everyone is good everyone is bad....move on one's words are going to be heard . Seriously waste of time tying and trying to prove a point.

Hopefully they wil not use their might aganist another country and face the bitter consequences that they would regret , the world would regret !!!

Posted by Roopesh October 6, 09 08:31 AM

Looks so much like the nazi parades. People under such strict discipline, are so easy to manipulate by their leaders. One day they could celebrate, the other day they could start world war 3. Very scary.

Posted by billtc3 October 6, 09 08:38 AM

yes, china is progressed a lot. much richer than before. but all the money goes to the bureaucracy. it's just that the bureaucrat has more money to waste, to bribe and corrupt. the bureaucrat is the winner of the so called progress, but what ordinary chinese people get? hard working? exhausted resource? polluted living environment? life time hard working, but still can not afford medical, education, and housing? go to poverty right after you leave your job?
i really don't see on what respect can chinese people be happy and proud of this 'progress'.

a chinese in china

Posted by chinese in china October 6, 09 09:33 AM

Yep it's a nice show but dont forget what its behind....
I was in Shanghai the week before the celebration and they blocked all Internet communications with all blogs (Facebook, Wordpress,....). Why?

Posted by Nico October 6, 09 09:56 AM

No amount of pageantry can erase the memory of the slaughter of hundreds of citizens in Tiananmen Square!
Why did NYC honor them by decorating the Empire State blg? I don't get that...

Posted by George October 6, 09 10:23 AM

Everytime I view photo's of Chinese tanks I wonder if these are the same type that crushed (literally) people peacefully marching for democracy. How quickly the world forgets.

Posted by Mike October 6, 09 10:50 AM

re:882&925 of cause not all! can be allowed to see,you only live in your think.i'm not allowed to see,but i'm shouldn't use your stupid as ×°B

Posted by z.nir October 6, 09 11:33 AM

I have visited China in 2008 for about 8 months. I made many new friends which I will trreasure their friendship and kindness for long time to come. I really enjoy meeting Chinese people as they are, down to earth people. If I have an opportunity in the future, I would like to revisist China again.

Posted by E. Teragouchi October 6, 09 12:00 PM

Very Spectacular

Posted by Leon Thomas October 6, 09 12:06 PM

If you wonder why china is always showing off its military and power? pls, read china's history in last 200 years. chinese were screw up by us, europe, japan, australia ,russia again and again in only 200 years. go and read.

Posted by Nick Yao October 6, 09 12:29 PM

amazing photos!!

Posted by anonymous October 6, 09 12:36 PM

Proud of what ?
Defending democracy or the "work" of fouls in uniform
Always people must lokk at Costa Rica and Suitzertland Countries with no army.

Posted by CHEO October 6, 09 01:01 PM

I love you, China!!!
Hopes you can keep on going~~
God bless China~~~

Posted by Alice October 6, 09 01:05 PM

Yes, China is great. It has become a great nation, an important player of world power. It has risen from its former image as weak, divided and all the bad things one can imagine. However, over the past decades, it has evolved through hardwork, wisdom and patience to become what it is today. China was bullied during the Ching dynasty by the then super powers, namely British, Americans, Germans, French, Dutch, Japanese.......and so on. Today, China can truly say, we are strong now and no one can bully us anymore. Congratulations China, I love you.

Posted by Philip Cox October 6, 09 01:10 PM

I would really love to see China for myself. I respect it for being one of the earliest civilizations on Earth, for it's culture and history. Hope to be there one day :-)

Posted by mariya ivanova October 6, 09 01:55 PM

China, we love you! Happy birthday!

Posted by Guo Lu October 6, 09 02:32 PM

Democracy? Huh, great... let´s remember some hard FACTS in the name of "true democracy", not bollocks:

* USA is helding many nations´ economy, eg. Vietnam, as poor sorry bastards that are way underpaid so that you can buy a jacket or a nike tennis...

* GB, France, Belgium and Holland divided Africa with a RULER. That´s why they cannot stop fighting: they aren´t from the same nation, mostly enemy tribes that were put together so that you could buy diamonds, gold and other minerals that were easier extracted.

* Belgium created a brand new "people", choosing carefully amongst the most white-looking people and teaching them since childhood that they were better than the "cockroaches" that were once their family.

* GB, France and USA divided Iraqi, amongst other countries, the way they wanted to, for petrol and mineral resources. That´s why groups there are ultra-nationalists, because they are sharing the same place as their enemies.

* Brazil made the world´s first biological warfare back in the 19th century, against Paraguay. They threw contamined bodies of malaria and cholera that contamined way beyond 70% of their population. Paraguay´s pyramid is up to today really weird-shaped.

* Australia, Brazil and USA dizimated their native people throwing them to a few places that they could not reach or weren´t worth the trouble.

* USSR threw people here and there, dizimating millions while transporting them to new locations.

And you are saying that CHINA is to be feared? Oh my oh my... how quickly you go play videogame instead of learning history!

Posted by Gus October 6, 09 03:00 PM

Ich bin Chinese aber in Süd-Vietnam geboren und wohne in der Schweiz.

Die Photos sind hübsch, doch in 10 Jahren später sicher noch hübscher !!!

Herzlichste Gratulation zu raschen Fortschritten sowohl in Wirtschaft als auch in Militär vor allem in den letzten 15 Jahren !!!

Ich liebe mein Vaterland CHINA ewig !!!

Posted by Chang Yee Hui (N.Huy Truong) October 6, 09 03:16 PM

AMAZING, only CHINA can hold such BIG celebrates

Posted by alex October 6, 09 03:38 PM

It is truly most frightening to read the comments here and see how the truth is misssed.... This is CHINA..... A SLOW TO WAKE DRAGON....
Frightening to imagine.... Please open your eyes wide..... and don't miss the message in all that beauty.

Posted by SAS October 6, 09 03:59 PM

it's funny how people always bring up China's faults from the past 60 years, but always manage to overlook the faults of Western, "modernised" countries, like the US, who are so proud of their "freedom of speech", yet will have men arrested for wearing anti-war (namely, anti-invasion of Iraq) t-shirts.
And to those people who call our military marchers "clones", take a closer look, they are individuals, they look different. They may have similar features in that they are all CHINESE, if you think they are clones, then you are just looking at them with the typical, close-minded "all Asians/Chinese look the same" stereotype.

You gotta love the propaganda that the US spreads through its movies etc...

Posted by TM918~ HK October 6, 09 05:13 PM

Death to Communism!

We are brainwashed, but you are REALLY brainwashed!
Our lives suck, but yours suck even more!
We are not free, but we are freer than you are!

At least I can wipe my butt with my leader's poster without going to jail... You, comrades, you can't! And maybe this is what freedom is all about!

No go counterfit some western goods and enjoy your Communist Party's leadership!

Posted by A Bulgarian October 6, 09 05:58 PM

Very impressive pics but do they really represent China or just the China that is to be advertised?

Posted by Gabi Romero October 6, 09 06:08 PM

Espectacular la presentacion,increible la uniformidad de tanta gente. Bellisimo el colorido. Fuera de serie la organizacion.Con estas demostraciones lo hacen pensar a uno " EL MUNDO TIENE FUTURO ". Gracias Pueblo Chino, por tan especial demostracion, de que si se puede, hacer las cosas bien. BIEN HECHO.

Posted by EDGAR RICARDO ALVARADO REYES October 6, 09 07:32 PM

I really like that day...
I am a Chinese living in Holland.
And really I really hate those dutch comments about that China is oppressing its people. They are saying that China is dangerous.. Bla bla bla all those bullshit.. Like telling that those monks in Tibet are being slaughtered. Telling that those uigers lost their freedom. And how terrible it is for Falung Gung...

Have those dutch guys who are telling this ever studied history???
I think they haven't...

What I see in the west is only a pathetic boys watching someone to become succesfull and is terrible jelous at it. trying to frame that person of everything... Really childisch...

And democracy in the west... really don't make me laugh... It's only a illusion that you have a good government. They only do things to achieve votes instead of making progress of society... We all know what happened to California... We all know what happened to the war with Iraq and Afganistan... And we all know what happened to the financial institutes... All because the so called policies were populair to the people.. The gouvernement did and didn't act all because of votes...

The Chinese rule nowadays is the same Plato advocates... Just like a family were dad and mom decides for their kids because they know that their kids couldn't decide for their own yet.

Posted by DBC October 6, 09 07:57 PM

It is not only the military power but the strength within these people. The discipline and their desire to make it happened. How many 'all mighty' nations could present and display what you seen? (Despite having sophisticated stuffs of mass destruction).

Posted by Cat Mao October 6, 09 08:00 PM

yes, we are even more brainwashed,
our lives are suck even more,
you are freer than Chinese!
Are you still live in 19th century? I don't think there are any problems if you try to wipe leader's posters in China now.
If you are rich enough, pay a visit to China, rather than stay in your tiny country just image.
But remember China is the oldest civilizations, the world's NO3 largest economy, China now is capable of destory any nations, include your so called"Bulgaria" .. thanks,,

Posted by CHINA FOREVER October 6, 09 08:19 PM

china: sick man of asia

china: century of humiliation

google: history of of china in 19th. 20th. century.

china did not have an Scientific revolution (science) or an Industrial revolution (industry)

80% of the people were peasants.

21st. century: are U free or slaves. slaves or Free.

1. Nazi Germany, now free germany.

2. Soviet Union, now free Russia.

3. Red china: now still a nations of sheeps, slaves to the ccp. chicken party of china. U free or slaves.

Slaves or Free
Free or Slaves in china.

Posted by Chairman Mao Zedong October 6, 09 09:23 PM

Again, to all guys from the "Free world", let me show you why we think some of you are ignorant and arrogant toward China.

Check out reply #986, it is very typical. I quote here: "At least I can wipe my butt with my leader's poster without going to jail...".

Firstly, this guy is still in the novel (And yes we read it). This guy's knowledge is from all what he read about the old Soviet 50 years ago when, you could get into trouble showing sympathy on communism in the US as well (check out Now China? I have no experience with wiping ass with a leader's poster, I personally think that is disgusting. But I'm positive if anyone wants to try, he is definitely not go into jai. If you do not believe me, try going to China and experience yourself. This is ignorant.

Secondly, and I quote: "And maybe this is what freedom is all about". For someone who thinks he's eligible to teach us, who has the longest continuous civilization, about modern democracy, the almost holy word "freedom" in his mind is about bitching someone without getting caught. This, we call it arrogant.

Lastly, ignorance makes freedom less of a faith but more of a toy, just like what we hear from the song ¡°History will teach us nothing¡± by Sting ( ¡°Without the voice of reason every faith is its own curse¡±.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 6, 09 09:29 PM


Posted by BBGorson October 6, 09 09:36 PM

Happy birthday China, I love you forever, Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang were, are and will be part of China forever. Long live PRC.

Posted by Jiang Haowen October 6, 09 11:21 PM

Hey, western friends, why not go to China? See the bad and good things in the real China.
Do NOT always waste time on your keyboard, mouse and TV.

Hey, western friends, why not go to China? See the bad and good things in the real China.
Do NOT always waste time on your keyboard, mouse and TV.

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 09 11:33 PM


Posted by R&L October 6, 09 11:43 PM

"3. Red china: now still a nations of sheeps, slaves to the ccp. chicken party of china. U free or slaves. "

Free for what? Free to be enslaved by you? I don't get it, really. When Chinese people can finally feed themselves and stop fearing starvation, you try to "save" them and give them "freedom". Again, freedom of what? Be enslaved by you or what?

OK, so there is a communist party you think which makes every Chinese slaves. So keep thinking like that, until China becomes richer than your country and see if you want to migrate to China.

The one who thinks others are slave so he can look down on others is slave himself.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 6, 09 11:58 PM

Parade is like a fancy dress. It has to strike you by seeing it. You can not judge the character and behaviour behind someone just from the fancy dress - Chinese saying. You should look back how one grew up and with what mentality to continue to grow. We Chinese should not judge China by what we didn't have or we have now to feed our mouths. We shoud judge at what concept and principle we had in our brains and our leaders brain, and what we have now to bring us to a Great China for all Chinese people, not just to a small group of Chinese poeple including the leaders. Parade, weapons are materials only. Chinese soul will live forever. The way our lleader shout on top of the Tinanmen is more or less the same as the way Chairman Mao shouted 60 years ago, made me feel a little bit itchy.

Posted by Away from lovely motherland October 7, 09 12:24 AM

China has "transitioned" from "communism" (which it never really had) to high tech authoritarianism (which it has too much of), China is an enigma that has the future written all over it. Free the Planet. Start with China. Start with yourself.

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 09 12:40 AM

I'm not going to address any of the pro or anti-Chinese sentiments being expressed here. China isn't perfect, but neither is any other nation.

I just want to wish all China's people a happy birthday, and good fortunes in the coming years. You certainly know how to create a beautiful, memorable celebration, as we all saw when you did such a great job hosting the Olympics. China is in full bloom, and I hope to get the opportunity to visit your country soon.

Peace on Earth

Posted by Jason October 7, 09 01:35 AM

China does a lot of things right, but it also has a lot of problems. If information is not free, how can people be free? If one cannot choose his leaders, how can he be represented? China has made remarkable economic progress, and I am not afraid of its military because I believe it is peaceful, but the Chinese government is not open and is not democratic. No one posting here hates the Chinese people, we want their government to be democratic and for them to have free access to all information.

Posted by Sid October 7, 09 01:47 AM

"when people will be able to demonstrate to get some social security"

You DO realize that social security is a socialist policy adapted into the American Republic?

And you DO realize that communism is more or less an advanced method of socialism?

Instead of getting a paycheck every month for going to work, they get this "Social Security" that you're talking about. The whole country's economy is based on a more literal sense of social security.

Posted by Todd B October 7, 09 02:06 AM

Hi, friends from Bulgaria, Rumania and other once Communism country in eastern Europe.

The communism you have ever experienced is totally not the same one as now in China it called "Socialism with Chinese characteristics". For my experiences, the Communism died in China from 30 years ago, it only exists in the book and speech of the goverment. The Chinese goverment also know we are actual Capitalism.

We are free enough to say or discuss something. Take one example, at the street, you shout "F*ck XXX (the leaders)", nobody will arrest you, but a lot of people will think you are silly.

The communism you have experienced is the Soviet Union style, it's a symbol of chauvinism. SU once used the flag of Communism to cheat small countries and control them afterwards. Just like USA use democracy doing the same dirty things on other small contries.

Please read this page from wiki:
you can find more information about communism.

Posted by Allan Wu October 7, 09 02:27 AM

to 921£º
In you discussed extravagantly so-called ¡°free¡± time, please do not forget that your country wealth's primitive accumulation is closes right up against to other national colonizing and plunders, but China actually closes right up against the people's work diligently! In the world also has compared to you shameless?

Posted by a chinese October 7, 09 02:43 AM

An epic parade!

I especially loved the dignified banter between Hu Jintao("Hi Guys!") and the soldier ("Hi Chief. We're here for the People!"). This is SO Chinese and culturally correct! No other world leader can do that without inviting comments.

China throws parties like these (maybe the biggest yet on tv, certainly not the biggest in their history) always to serve and to please the People. Never to win approval from foreign countries, journalist and bloggers.

The wealthy like to see an Eagle (like the one got thrown a shoe) on the throne, the needy a Santa Clause; the industrious, culturally-rich and law-abiding, the Chinese, a Dragon.

A Dragon needs to wash, preen his wings and shake his horns sometimes. This fills a basic need of his people, and not just in the continent either.

Chance skeptics, critics and such will always be present, but they are never the primary objective. If ever they make up a peripheral objective, it has to be "to put them in their place."

If they feel unease and take pause, well maybe that's their place.

Posted by Marjorie - Not a Chinese citizen October 7, 09 02:51 AM

To 914
Just read some history of China, not too much, the past 200 years is enough, then you will understand why Chinese people are vigilent of foreign encroachment.

Posted by Kevin Wei October 7, 09 03:55 AM


Posted by CHINESE October 7, 09 04:26 AM

nice anniversary..
great pictures..

Posted by fajr October 7, 09 04:47 AM

I would be more impressed with a million march of CIVILIANS representing all colours, lenghts, handicaps and variations of China - rather than tin soldiers.
The true strenght of country shows in the way they are proud (and take care) of those less fortunate.
God bless.

Posted by Tomas in Sweden/Europe October 7, 09 04:47 AM

I love china...
ÎÒ°®Äã Öйú...

Posted by huadee October 7, 09 04:49 AM

Jaw-dropping. Amazing. Great Photos.
Thanks for sharing these with the World.

Posted by letsbook October 7, 09 04:57 AM

I want to go to China; it looks so beautiful! China is not scary. The USA and China are strong trade partners and each helps the other's economy. Thank you, China, for helping my country! Thank you, China, for inventing paper so I can have books to read! Thank you, China, for inventing pottery so I don't have to eat with my fingers!

Without the Chinese we would basically not have modern civilization as we know it. I think I like China ^_^

Posted by White American Lady October 7, 09 06:30 AM

Most people posting here are uninformed or biased against China. I just returned to the US from living in China for six months, and I want to make the following points:
1) Chinese people (even the best educated) don't care about the CCP -- for the people, this was a celebration of the progress China has made over the past 60 years.
2) The national government isn't corrupt; it's really the local officials who are corrupt. This is a problem the government is aware of and struggling to solve -- by gradually implementing an electoral system, believe it or not.
3) Several of my friends (not Party members) participated in the parade -- it was an honor. Several of my other friends left Beijing before National Day -- they were worried about terrorism.

Posted by Joe B October 7, 09 07:29 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 7, 09 07:48 AM


Posted by Z. Z. Peter zhu October 7, 09 07:53 AM

Great Photos - BUT; if this doesn't send the rest of the world a message; you have you head in the sand

Posted by Benjamin Miller October 7, 09 07:57 AM


Posted by JOHN October 7, 09 09:26 AM

Just amazing!

Posted by tiffany October 7, 09 10:14 AM

i come from henan province- center of china.
there is nothing wrong Chinese hold the parade, this anniversary is necessary. it's a symbol of change in the Chinese attitude toward the world.we need to listen to the different voices, but we also need to find the right way to solve the problem we faced.i don't think abuse and just complain will do something good on this. if someone deny himself and his history which survive from foreign encroachment in past 200 years, i can only say he is poor, it is a pity. is there anything worthy for you to learn from her 5,000 years history ? we are explorer in the marching for the goal of better society, I'm proud of my fellow citizens,we can do it better.

Posted by shengxiaoguang October 7, 09 10:21 AM

All their gods appeared to be their political leaders and I didn't see anything that suggested that individualism is allowed anywhere.

Being yourself is simply not tolerated.

I don't think I could live that way.

Regimentation beyond comprehension.
Its made to look pretty but horrible regimentation none the less.

A beautiful form of death.

Posted by carl bevan October 7, 09 10:44 AM

Posted by Discontent October 5, 09 02:39 PM

Discontent should know what USA did to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.

Posted by AChinese October 7, 09 11:01 AM

I am verry proud!

Posted by Dr. Hie Tjiap Min October 7, 09 11:07 AM

the communism is very bad, was the revolution in Romania in December 1989 and executed dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, hope to have the same fate and that of China

Posted by augustus October 7, 09 11:24 AM

958 Gus, you've got your '1st biological warfare' reference in the wrong century. First incident was not 19th Brazil but more likely took place in the middle east, probably early 14th century. Same circumstances though, catapulting plague ridden-bodies...(and let's not forget the influenza blankets that were given to native Americans as gifts - that was a nice touch we keep trying to forget.)
and 989 you suggest, the Dutch would do well to review their own sordid history of the Netherlands, especially early 17th century 'discovery' and religious intolerance
I think it's difficult for Westerner's to apply any context other than their own experiential frame of reference to events, the assumption being that everyone must share this view of the world. In their defense, even those not wired to an iPod or video game have not taken learning beyong what they've been told or led to believe: self-education, despite the wealth of materials available, is generally limited to unchallenged opinions seeking out the like-minded.
China? - how can the average person claim to know anything when there is so much to know. Even though occupying most of a continent, many Americans couldn't find it on a map.
We need to take a moment and remind ourselves from time to time, especially when we're very sure of our 'facts', conquerors write the history books and draw the maps. We're all being misled to some extent, depending which viewpoint - conqueror or conquered - you're being fed.

Posted by gk October 7, 09 11:47 AM

I am no fan of democracy here in America. It is a terrible system. United States was founded as a republic, which protects everyones property and rights, a democracy is mob rule. Somewhere down the line, our great country of USA switched from a republic to a democracy. So, many Americans do not like what is happening here in America.

Also, the mainstream media here in America is propaganda. We have 7 news channels here in Los Angeles at dinner time and all of them have the exact same news, in the exact same order. Freedom? Not in America!

Lastly, if Chinese people love their country so much, why dont all Chinese move back to China please? California can no longer support all of you. Most people know about the Chinese mafia families in California that teach the new Chinese coming to America how to "use the system" here and get everything for free. Welcome to America, now please go home!

Posted by David October 7, 09 12:01 PM

wonderfull, amazing, congratulation chinese people. you are a big country, some day I go to now your country.

Posted by Gustavo Mantilla October 7, 09 12:40 PM

I wish China could celebrate from 1911 when Taiwan reunites in the near future.

Posted by Helen October 7, 09 12:44 PM

Many of the comments struggle with a definition of Communism. China is not communist, but likes to pretend that it is. Is it oppressive? Is it socialist? No. China's economic policy seemes to be more along the lines of Corporatism, where buisnesses are guided by the government but remain privately owned. This is similar to Nazi Germany -- obviously quite effective. This is part of the unspoken deal between the Chinese leadership and the people: Give us control with a little oppression and we will raise your standard of living. Personally, I have no problem with this. I wish we could have these kinds of efficiencies in the US. Here we have the oppression, but not the rising standard of living.

Posted by BCL October 7, 09 01:10 PM

Why must so many get so defensive. Its clear that what works for the United States would not work the same way in China with 1.3 billion people. China's problems and the USA's problems are very different, but they are problems nonetheless. Its pretty clear that most Americans don't understand very much about China in 2009 and most Chinese don't completely understand the west. As an American you can't really understand it without going and living there, and same for the Chinese trying to understand the West. Of course CNN is going to be negative for most things, thats what sells! It doesn't matter if its about the Chinese or American government, they will be negative. You think American media outlets are only negative towards other governments or cultures? You could not be more wrong. Its like you read western media stories looking for something to get angry about. If anything, they are treating you equal to everything else they me. I am an American living in Hong Kong by the way.

Posted by Matthew October 7, 09 01:57 PM

The celebration of the military here is a little bit scary (as it always is, regardless of the country doing it) but the images created are beautiful. I love the pilots in helmets shouting, and the ballerina in military uniforms, the PLA sailors (the men in white which made the cover of the NY Times and the 3 women officers marching in front of their battalion of female soldiers).

Posted by Ari Krepostman October 7, 09 02:22 PM

what happened to you china? you used to be cool.

Posted by bart simpson October 7, 09 02:26 PM

I love china...
ÎÒ°®Äã Öйú.

Posted by kung king October 7, 09 02:26 PM

We should do realize how great good job Chinese government has already done, not criticize all the time.. We should do understand how difficult to manage 1.3 billion people, not arguing free or slaves...We should do know through the 60 years...China plays a very significant role in the world...Congratulations for the 60th anniversary...Do not compare with the United States...One is communism, another is capitalism...Nothing can be compared...

Posted by Cliff C October 7, 09 02:48 PM

I'm a Chinese college student, I feel some westerners have prejudice to China. But most of Chinese people don't have prejudice to westerners, they are friendly. In China, there's an old saying: It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar.
I think many of westerners think communist party is evil. But I want to say communist party of China is not as bad as some people's imaginations. communist party of China is not communist party of the soviet union and the evil Nazi party. I've read some books about Soviet history, comparatively speaking, these two communist parties are totally different. Here, do not say I was brainwashed. Because most young Chinese people are very open, they have their own assessment to communist party objectively. On the contrary, I think some western people don't know the truth. Because some media mislead them, I usually listen BBC and VOA for my study, some of news are not true, and I free so sorry they don't tell truth to westerners. Every government has darkside, why they only amplify Chinese government"s mistakes? Just because their ideologies are different? How ridiculous! We live in a new century, it's not cold war! We are not enemy, we are friends, at least Chinese people think so.
I suggest those people to read some books about Chinese history and socialism with chinese characteristics. After they read, they will know Chinese people are friendly and Chinese communist party is not as same as their favored enemy-communist party of the soviet union. There is another old saying in China: seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others. Come and see what the real China is, and we welcome them, because we want them become our friends. We learn English from primary school to collage, now, I'm learning French, some of my classmates are learning German, we learned Holy Bible from international teachers who are come from USA. Why do we learn those knowledge? Because we want to communicate with western world. Why do few westerners willing to understand us ? Our international teachers told us they think Chinese communist party are evil and Chinese people hold a hatred to all westerners before they came to China. But now, they changed their thoughts, they found they are wrong. The differences of political systems determine the different understanding to freedom. North Korea take the route of the Soviet Union, but China doesn't. Reform and Opening up doesn't equal capitalization, because public ownership is still the mainstay. Communism and Capitalism have their own advantages and disadvantages. We can overcome differences and seek common ground, we can become friends rather than mutual hostility.

Posted by Palace October 7, 09 02:59 PM

after spent 3 hours on these comments, I decided to write some words before going to bed. I just want to express my feeling as a chinese.that is most chinese commented here are right and most non-chinese commented here are partially right.

thousands of years of history in blood,it's impossible for a non-chinese to fully understand what we are doing and what we have achieved and what we want to do.

to me, now i really dont care about what people say. I am feeling good. wish you all too.

Posted by phil sun October 7, 09 03:24 PM

not 'I did it my way...'
but 'we do it our way...'

Posted by Bing October 7, 09 03:39 PM

I left China in 1949 and have lived in the US ever since. I never forget that I am a born-Chinese and now I am more proud than ever about The Olympic and the 10/1 /09 celebration just shows how great Chines people are Anybody negative comments about this spectacular performances is just jealous and petty. I have no respect for those who are born Chinese and made such derogatory remarks about China..

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 09 03:41 PM

Congratulations, China!!!!
What an amazing celebration!
I'm an overseas born Chinese, yet so proud of all the positive things going on lately. Keep it up! Peace to all Chinese in the world!

Posted by Wong October 7, 09 04:12 PM

Canadian here, and I know that there were many people celebrating the 60th aniversy of Communist China here in Canada and I thought it was rather amazing. Course I have no Chinese background in me whatsoever, I'm from a different part of the world but I have immagrint parents too and I understand completely why the Chinese people feel such pride.

I think China is better of as Communist country then it could have ever been otherwise and whilst it would be ignorant to think that everything in China is as it should be, I'm glad that the people still have a chance to celebrate something like this and be truly proud of their country.

Admittedly people will say there is dissent but at the moment I'm not exactly overly proud of any government in the world, let alone the Canadian one so I say good on Communist China for keeping it together for so long.

And the pictures are superbly stunning! It's amazing to see such coordination and grace and artistry.

Posted by ... October 7, 09 04:43 PM

What a lovely parade. The Chinese know spectacle to perfection. It is interesting to note in photo 20 that the stark poverty of the family with a mattress on the ground is telling-yet there is poverty in every country. I respect and admire the Chinese culture. It's time we stop thinking that you have to have the exact trappings, politics, possessions or beliefs of western civilization in order to be a success at life or as a nation. I for one respect this diversity and celebrate the Chinese, while I have a healthy fear and respect of their power and numbers. Typed on my computer with components made in China. Thank you.

Posted by Barbara Allen October 7, 09 05:13 PM

Great pictures! However, I won't want to be in it! I'm sure if any of those people has any choice, they won't want to be there either. They all have to work so hard the make the show perfect beside have to work on your regular job. I'm Chinese, I know that you can't speak your mind there. Communist always put on the best shows. Thanks God that I'm not there. Anyone who love socialist so much should move there. You will find out very soon.

Posted by Ann Spencer October 7, 09 06:37 PM

we can´t do much about changing China´s history, the world should focus on their strenghts for years to come, I believe in China, you gotta love 'em, cause they´re smart, and silent observants to the world needs.. they are learning quality as well as eficiency. I´m not surprise the monster China is evolving...
Chinese people I salute you....

Posted by Ivan October 7, 09 08:10 PM

Las Vegas Show !! Good for the common people in China to see. I am a Chinese, born in China, raised in America and served in the U.S Marines Corps. I have a home in China. I know how the Chinese mind works. This is just a show of military might. White walls tanks painted in blue. Good targets.!! In America we celebrate by having family picnics and display our flags. Still water runs deep. We don't display our military strength by such antics. We are so far ahead in technology and warfare. Our countries will never be at war. We need each other to survive.

Posted by JT October 7, 09 08:12 PM

@1042, how do you know they did want to be there?. Being a Chinese does not entitle you to speak for other Chinese. Everyone is different...

Posted by Ashley October 7, 09 08:50 PM

I recently watched a TV film about the gangs in L.A., USA....
So you have Hollywood with all the glamor and a few miles south you have the glamor of murder for the sake of hatred and racism!
Is this a free world?
It's all propaganda....
I'd feel free-er if I am sure that there's no chance in the world for somebody to shoot me just because of the color of my skin or my shirt, or because I was stupid enough to go in the wrong neighborhood. I bet you don't see this in China.
Every story has its darker side.
The key to peace and less fear is to try to understand, not to hate or fear or condemn!

Posted by George October 7, 09 10:01 PM

We don't display our military strength by such antics.
True, America shows its military strength in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Pentagon really should be named as DOO (Department Of Offense).

Posted by DOO October 7, 09 10:10 PM

many americans worked tirelessly in china in the thirties, spreading information (christian fellowship) advanced medicine, and kindness, many of the older chinese have told their families and in the interior most families think well of americans. good works always are remembered, dictatorships, whatever you call them, communists, facists, kings, etc, are bad for rarely do you find a good leader. The right to a good education and provide for your family and religion are imperitive. As a American with chinese friends, I find them to be great people. The mainliners (chinese) do not have a full picture of world history for they focus on their own. Lovely people and good friends. They are a plus to civilization..

Posted by robert m October 7, 09 10:13 PM

if they dont already, China will own us someday! Scarey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by hilda m. October 7, 09 10:20 PM

congratulation to the china national celebration of 60 years.bravo china !!!!

Posted by lin lin fatt October 7, 09 11:20 PM

I'm a Chinese, born and raised in Malaysia. My parents were immigrants from mainland China. Chinese had to endure a lot of sufferings when China was under the control of the superpowers from the west and Japan. We do not want history to repeat itself. Even in Malaysia, Chinese have to work harder than others in order to survive in this multi-racial country.

Great comments from White American Lady (1013) Canadian (1040) and Barbara Allen (1041). May God bless you and I love you. Peace and joy to the world.and mankind.

Posted by Eric October 8, 09 12:00 AM

congratulation to the china.

Simply outstanding moreover unmatched coordination in Military Parade

Posted by Rahul Nair October 8, 09 12:29 AM


Posted by Carlos Albán Benavides October 8, 09 01:03 AM

When it comes to parades and gymnastics, few people in the world would deny China a seat in front. Congratulation for such a spectacular show. How about an exchange of DNA with the "Kingdom of Zamunda?" We can have a mutual agreement beneficial to both parties. That is, some of your women would marry into our kingdom. If that works out well, we would expect to have an extension of such colorful parades and gymnastic capability in our kingdom within the next 30 years. Does it make sense?

Posted by King of Zamunda October 8, 09 01:08 AM

It is a copycat of Nazi's way of marching. It means that Chinese gov, army, and people are fully equipped and ready to knock anyone/nations to play a roll of emperialism. They have bêen going about to take any land, islands with their power. So be careful with them no matter how clever, swêet, wise they talk!!!

Posted by Chen October 8, 09 02:30 AM

it it not wise to do such huge event under global warming threat! leaders should pay more attention of how we fight the war against the eco-crisis that may destroy the whole beings on earth. live-stock farming has become the #1 global warming factor and we should really think about how we save this planet. easiest way is to become a vegan - for our health, for our soul, as well for animals.

Posted by jesse October 8, 09 02:50 AM

How do the pro Chinese explain the fact that Mao killed 50 - 70 million people, this may be history but why is he still considered a hero in your country?

Posted by John October 8, 09 03:55 AM

awesome, marvellous, fabulous, stupendous.............. :)

Posted by saurabh neekhra October 8, 09 05:01 AM

ccp's wumao have taken over here~

Posted by kill wumao, kill ccp October 8, 09 06:37 AM

The parade shows the commitment the government has to improve china in technology and to make it a better place to live. To come this far in such a short time, China has proven to the world that they have very successful politics & excellent policy execution technique.

It also shows that China has identified an enemy unlike most other countries - poverty. They are united to eliminate it while many other countries identified the opp party, royal family, insurance companies, tax, and even other countries/religion as their enemy.

FOlks, stop wasting time, refocus and make your country better otherwise, in the next century, it will be your own country that needs to solve problems on starvation. Stop having 5 year election policies, what can the government do in 5 years??? Bush needed at least 10 ! Hold the government responsible and should they fail, make them BUY their own bullet. Its the only way to be competitive. Good leaders and Great commitment from them.

I hope China continues to excel and stay united. Great Show!

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 09 06:51 AM

Oh My, it is so beautiful. it is just so bravo that no words can describe it.

No matter what you say, how you hate China. I don't care!! We don't care! we know we are doing right. we are peaceful, and we are nice.

No matter what judge on us. I am feeling good right now! Hope you too.....

Posted by Pengbo October 8, 09 08:07 AM

To me it looks quite scary to see tanks on Tiananmen Square again...

Posted by Daniel October 8, 09 08:32 AM

Such a magnificent feast, only China can do`~
i love you CHINA~~~

Posted by BABY BEAN October 8, 09 08:33 AM

Let China realise the power of democracy , otherwise all this power will ruin one day . Give freedom to people of China

Posted by zen zung , G8 Chiense October 8, 09 09:00 AM

Hay all !

I was in China.
I love the country.
I love the people.
I love all.

Bye Bye
Yko Israel

Posted by yko October 8, 09 09:08 AM

After reading all those comments, one thing is clear, not many people in this so called "free world" understand what is going on in China, even Chinese themselves.

Westerners always like to mentione 20, 30, 50, or 60 years ago what Chinese government did, think China is still doing things like old fashion way. The realty is China changing every month, not measured by year. The whole country is just like a construction site, anywhere you go, you see heavy machinery and cranes, even today as the world financial melt down.

There is another difference, every level of Chinese government position is performance based. Anytime if there is something goes wrong in your responsible area, you are gone. There are array of candidates waiting to replace you. One time you are out. While western style 4-years elected officials, they could promise you everything to get elected, once is elected, he/she could care or less about the performance, as long as it is legal and follow the rules, none can challenge the performance part.In unlikely event, those elected officials will be removed from the post due to performances.

If you understand this part, you will know why the Chinese will do the things so perfectly because they face competition in daily basis. This is why you see changes in month basis.

Posted by By-Stander October 8, 09 09:23 AM

Wow, imagine when new China celebrates 100 years...just ask your kids to start learning chinese the sooner the better :)

Posted by CU2049 October 8, 09 09:33 AM

Extraordinario, como ejemplo de orden y disciplina

Posted by Juan Montorfano October 8, 09 10:44 AM

I am a Chinese living in USA. Whatever you talk here, I just want to say welcome to China, to see by yourself, to enjoy the life there. Then comment here. By the way, learn some history (the real history without any discrimination) before you landing on there.

May you have great travel to China!

Posted by ilu October 8, 09 11:39 AM

C'est magnifique!
Vive la Chine.

Posted by un chinois en Canada October 8, 09 11:41 AM

When Tiananmen massacre occurred, China did not have experience dealing with riots or protests. The only method of control they knew was the military. Since then, China has learned from the west and trained riot police with proper equipment. The Chinese government has since learned to response to a protest or riot with the appropriate procedure. I am a Chinese born professor living in the US. I think anyone who sees the progress and modernization that have happened in China in the past 30 years should be amazed. All the negative comments posted here actually reflect more about the persons who posted them than on China. China is not an aggressive country. At this time, China is not at war with another country, unlike the US. Let the fact speaks for itself.
I wish China well, and I wish the Chinese people well.

Posted by Dr. Wong October 8, 09 11:45 AM

Unbelievable, splendid parade. Thanks for sharing.
China will be No.1 !
Go China!

Posted by roberto October 8, 09 12:23 PM

funtastick very good & very beautyfull

Posted by umesh October 8, 09 12:29 PM

I just returned from a trip to China, which included a stay in Beijing during the celebration. Folks, let me tell you from first-hand experience: This is ALL A SHOW, a glitzy facade to disguise what's still a BRUTAL DICTATORSHIP. Although my hotel was just a few blocks away from the Tianamen square, much to my dismay, all the streets were barricaded by thousands of soldiers. For a beautiful and impressive parade of this magnitude, you would expect thousands of spectators in any free country. Look closer at the pictures... THERE ARE NONE!!! Except for the super-elite who were lucky enough to make it onto the few grandstands on the T. square, there's not a soul cheering or spectating anywhere along the route of the parade. To the brainwashed idiots who equate China with Communist China, congratulations - you officially reached the state of delusion that their ruling dictatorship is trying to attain in its subjects. As someone who lived in a communist dictatorship myself (years ago in the Soviet Union), I know there's no way to convince you otherwise. All I could wish for you is to get your traitorous butts to live there, as plain Chinese citizens, so you could experience on your own undeserving hydes what it means to live in a free society. I am sure you will quickly find it a sobering experience (and I am speaking from my own impressions and conversations with MANY Chinese people through multiple cities on my trip). And knowing the imbecillic formula you typically follow in this type of conversation, let me pre-emptively say this before you even have a chance to respond... I am nothing short of BLOWN AWAY by the great wisdom, history and culture of the great Chinese people. It's the brutal dictators, that limit their freedoms, that I have, and always will have a problem with. God bless China! Just not the Communists that, despite super-glitsy facades and incredible parades, have been brutally repressing that country for the last 60 years.

Posted by China Traveler October 8, 09 02:12 PM

These look like color outtakes from "Triumph Of The Will". How did that work out?

Posted by Charles October 8, 09 02:37 PM

To 1074: The Russian guy.
How many times do we have to tell you: China is not the Soviet Union. All you did was to view China as if it was the old Soviet Union China broke up with 40 years ago. Clear evidence are: You saw streets blocked and instatantly come up with the idea "This is Moscow in 1960". Let me remind you when Obama sworn into office he was speaking behind a bullet-proof glass. Please say something to the opressed American people on this. Most of the participants are volunteers from ordinary people, no party member or selected few. Ask someone from Beijing see if they know someone who was in the parade. We Chinese do move to the "free world" a lot. In fact, a lot of oversea Chinese are speaking here in this thread. Most of us are not like what you think. Do you want to know why? Because China is not the Soviet Union you hate. Our country is actually making its people, both domestic and abord, happy and proud.

So stop living in the old Soviet illuision and accecpt a real China. You may want to come back again, with a bit of open mind.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 8, 09 03:18 PM

really it good to see china celebrating 60 years .really it is great to see such good events on that day.

Posted by Amit Melge October 8, 09 05:09 PM

wow thats cool

Posted by jasmine October 8, 09 05:38 PM

Pictures are fabulous.. I remembered those have to run for your life to cross them..loved it..better than NYC !!

There is so much potential there..hope they can directly productively !!

Posted by Rosemary October 8, 09 07:47 PM

wow , It seems can be only hold in China. It is really magnificent feast....

Posted by Jack October 8, 09 07:57 PM

C for China.
Conguratulation to Historical Independent National Action.

Posted by Peter October 8, 09 09:23 PM
Posted by chink October 8, 09 09:38 PM

I love China, but I hate the ccp. is that kosher with the pro ccp crowd here? ccp and China are not one and the same. And there lies the biggest road block for China to move forward.

Posted by noslen October 9, 09 12:09 AM

China's people are its strength, not the military or the "leadership", the top
leaders must learn how to focus their attention on the new emerging middle class of educated and dedicated families who like all peoples will want a China that is more caring, responsible and willing to listen and change so their children will want to participate in that change. The need for military power and the new aggressive nationalism will only make changes harder for the "leadership". How about a parade of doctors, engineers, farmers and firemen, teachers and others like them, they are the real hero's of China..

Posted by gorio October 9, 09 02:28 AM

After reading a lot of diverse comments, I have to say, that I only aggree with the comment of #1014. You have to experience China for a longer time than only a 2-3 week trip. To really understand what is going on in China and the Chinese people you have to have lived here for some months. I am German with Chinese descent and work in China since September this year, but have spent one year in China in 2007/2008. I prefer working in China than in Germany, as here I have the feeling to be part of the rapid development here in China. Much more work, but much more excitement and opportunities! With a lame working attitude and such high unemployment this is not possible in the country I studied and grew up.
And please, as a German, please do NOT compare Nazi with Communist China or the Soviet Union! Hitler was a dictator but had nothing to do with Communism. The former German Democratic Republic (GDR) were Socialists. If at all you could compare them with the CCP. But all comparisions made are quite inappopriate to China. The problem actually is that all Western civilizations have a vision of democracy and how it should be good for the whole world. Now you have a former GDR where the planned economy did not work, as well as in the communist Soviet Union, which economy and country also failed.
NOW China, still has a communist party and leadership, and it works! The Chinese made an impressive development in the past 20 years especially. And why is that? Because the Chinese have two strenghts which are very efficient: Discipline and flexibility! They work hard to achieve their goals, and learn from others, as the philosophy of Confucius, and are that flexible to adapt to the circumstances which are needed at the moment and all this in a really fast pace!
This is truely fascinating and admirable. The Western world could also use some of the forward looking discipline the Chinese have, instead they complain and complain about everything! German's are masters in complaining, believe me ;-)
And of course China as problems, a lot of them, but they are solving them, especially the Central Government. Those people up there are not all brainwashed, but open-minded. There are tons of laws passed, insuring Western standards, but the problem is the implementation of them, as good relationships ("guanxi"), especially in the local government level still count more than any law passed.
Sure, China is still very dirty and unorganized, people are not planning ahead of time and fear responsibility. But as more and more Chinese go abroad to study, they understand the Western world, Western technology, efficiency, quality standards. In the end, they come back to China, pass on their know-how and even improve this knowledge.
And what does the West do? They just stay in their recession and complain...
Congratulations China and Germany, as we also celebrate 60 years!

Posted by Serena October 9, 09 03:20 AM

Gosh, I hate to sit around and tell the world how bitter I feel seeing the success of China today. I wish I could fly over there and experience for myself!

Posted by Shirley October 9, 09 03:46 AM

Very nice!

Posted by Michelle Liu October 9, 09 04:53 AM

Yes, this is just a show.

I am a Chinese, in Shanghai, I know that ordinary people are not allowed to be closed to Tiananmen Square during the celebration. What a shame.

Posted by Weijie October 9, 09 05:11 AM

I am proud to be Chinese , because my country celebration is being talked and discussed in many international website . You may hate China you may not understand Chinese , but now you are using English to talk about China celebration .Anyone who is insulting China , if your country celebration can make empire stat building mark it then I will read your comments carefully .

Posted by Leon October 9, 09 05:38 AM

if never been to china? please do not leave negative message, if you want to know whether chinese have freedom, please come to leave here for one year!

Posted by god October 9, 09 05:38 AM

To all Chinese people living outside China and appreciating the parade ....

Can you please gimme one reason why you are living outisde China. If China is so good and doing great and is fabulous and blah blah blah ... why dont you all move back to China irrespective if you are a Chinese or born outside China but are Chinese by descent.

Hope then you will ralize why your forefathers ran away from such a great Kingdom and tried to bring you up in a free country and in a democracy.

It is always good to site outside and comment. Go and experience it for yourself. Probably you may not survive to tell tales at all.

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 09 06:23 AM

Great Photography...!
Such a Nice pics... Very much organized...!!!

Posted by RaniThomas October 9, 09 08:57 AM

To all Chinese people - Congratulations.
To all westerners (Specially Americans) - You are sick with Jealous.

Simple challenge to Americans. These Chinese people are communicating with you in English. How many of you can do it back in Chinese?

Posted by Indian October 9, 09 09:25 AM

We live in a beautiful world of many countries of different cultures and ideologies. I wish that I can visit all the countries and make constructive comments on what I like and don't like.
Every nation has beautiful as well as imperfect people.
Inner beauty can overshadow outward imperfections.
Inner beauty is your smiles, your words and kind actions.
Negative comments about other countries & peoples is a reflection of lack of sensitivity.
China is an amazing country, rich in culture and history. The world is fortunate to have such a country of beautifully gracefull and different people. I hope China's unique beauty will remain unchanged forever.

Posted by Tyrone October 9, 09 09:48 AM

Simply amazing! No wonder if China will overtaking the USA in the next two decades!!
....We'd better take up Chinese to cope with the near future...

Posted by Nellie Esnal October 9, 09 10:22 AM

wow, beautiful , amazing, wonderful , organised celebration. Congrats China, , we would love to visit u.

Posted by vanita October 9, 09 12:07 PM

Whoever is making comments here cares for China and the Chinese people. Actually, millions of foreign have contributed to China's modernization. They should be greatly appreciated by the Chinese people.
On the other hand, let's keep it in mind that we are enjoying the democracy and freedom that many Chinese people are thirsty for. As a superpower of the new world, China definitely need to countinue it's OPEN and REFORM policy. Open to all the different opinions and Reform all its dictatorship. That's the way to go. The world wants to see a free China that will do more good to its people as well as the people all around the world.

Congratulations for President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. May God bless America continue to be the leader of democracy in the world.


Posted by Anonymous October 9, 09 12:24 PM

Congratulations China !!! All Chinese over every part of the world do not need to leave the present countries to feel proud of the progress in China, especially to those in USA, you work hard for it not that the AMERICAN are feeding you for free!!!.Most Chinese have more than one homes all over the world, they all work hard for what they reserve.THIS IS FOR DAVID #1026, guess you've got not a single penny to travel, just has to stay put in Poor USA!!! With plenty of Debt!! Chinese are wise to learn short cut from Stupid & Lazy way and learn your system to be more superior!!! American Mafia??? YES!!! I love Chinese & I love China!!! GOD BLESS CHINA

Posted by David Senior October 9, 09 12:37 PM

how much heart bleeding of the chinese and specially the over sea chinese sufferings for the red chinese today ? ......................god bless us all . no more animal kingdoms.

Posted by wuchiu October 9, 09 12:54 PM

What I have to say you wouldn't print. I my self am more scared of China than any other country because they could and would do harm to the American people.

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 09 01:48 PM

Just impressive!

I left China 20 years ago right after the T Square incident. I was visiting T Square this summer the first time in twenty years. I couldn't hide my emotions in front of my America-born kids when visiting, but couldn't come up with a short story to explain the reason either. It is a splendid parade, but let's not forget the blood shed at T Square by those who fought for us, for everyone who is able to see THE CHINA TODAY. I am an American citizen, love being an American but can't stop being proud of China either-for its progress and success in the past years.

Posted by s cheng October 9, 09 03:28 PM

China, China, China...

I think nobody can use just a couple of words to describe China now days. China, at a turning point in Chinese history, or the world history, -- Nuclear weapons, man-carried spaceship and, how can I not mention this- The Olympics!

I don't understand why people afraid Chinese or be more specific, the Chinese government - I think I would be terribly afraid China without a government - 1.3b can live in peace and progress, I mean seriously, that is very impressive isn't it!! I think for a fact, China probably is one of the most peaceful countries in the world right now, and guess what, we are getting better and better.

I know for a fact, China will become one of the most powerful countries in the world. I am not saying or denying we do have problems to face in order to get there e.g. the pollution, the corruption, the further and further gaps between the rich and the poor etc. China has scarified its environment in order to achieve today's economic development. As Chinese we realise that we need to take good care of the environment, reduce energy consumption by adopting more environmentally friendly technology. We need to set up a better education system, develop our own technology, set up a more reliable social system and etc.

China, you has slept for so long, it is about time to restore your ancient glory and show the world who you really are!

We are at crossroads. Defeat us now or never!!!

Posted by QingChong Wang October 9, 09 04:52 PM

Here we have the oppression, but not the rising standard of living.
Posted by BCL October 7, 09 01:10 PM

Haha. In China whistleblowers are kidnapped and sent to torture camps. There is no comparison.

Anyway, China is certainly not communist anymore. Authoritarian, very much so. But you're free to start a factory there and make a shitload of money exporting cheap plastic crap all over the world, and your employees pretty much have to take what you give them. It's almost like the industrial revolution, except if you try to form a union you will be visited by masked government agents late at night who don't have your best interests at heart

Posted by scott October 9, 09 06:04 PM


Posted by Edgar Tuesta Ramos October 9, 09 08:58 PM

@982: Würde Deutschland nur ein Funke solchen Nationalstolzes haben, wie die Chinesen, hätten die Deutschen ihre 60 Jahre vielleicht auch ein wenig beeindruckender gefeiert. Stattdessen lässt man zwei Riesenpuppen zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit am Brandenburger Tor laufen, die Chinesisch aussehen! Diese Puppen sind wohl in China hergestellt, wie alles, und daher haben sie chinesische Augen. Auch hier hat China Einzug gehalten...

Posted by Serena October 9, 09 10:17 PM

At least in China some corrupted bankers and governors got executed when they were caught. Here is US, the bankers who brought the whole country (if not the whole world) into its knee still enjoy fat bonus. Certainly US is a free world for those bankers.

Posted by Ashley October 9, 09 10:24 PM

nice photo

Posted by yu17 October 9, 09 10:44 PM

what an eye opener!

Posted by jake October 9, 09 11:18 PM

Congratulation China.....

Posted by Thailawyer October 9, 09 11:45 PM

Very good ...............

Posted by Looo M choi October 10, 09 12:27 AM

Being a Chinese born & living in Hong Kong for 30 years before moving to
Canada. I've been in & out China so many times and am can say that I understand Chinese a lot more than many of you peoples without bias. Truly there are still problems lays with the chinese Govt especially at the lower level, but you couldn't deny its tremendous advancement in the past 60 years. I'm proud being a Chinese - or Chinese's Canadian. I've been in Canada for more than 15 years working in a big Canadian Company & serve as a Reserve Police Constable in a one of the major city, I know how the Authority/Power works, everywhere is the same......

Posted by Danthemen October 10, 09 12:54 AM

Congratulation for China.
That's a most amazing celebrity what I had seen.
I am so proud of China for trying to stand to be a super power nation.
I wish you, whoever read this comment, to work for global peace.

Posted by Mr. Phyo Theingar from Myanmar October 10, 09 02:02 AM

Communist Countries will always excel in such mass parade because it is the way to announce and to impress the world the greatness of Communism. Look at the North Korea they too are very good at dishing out impressive parades but disgracefully let the citizens go hungry and suffer terrible starvation. China needs more freedom for the people than just impressive parades to be proud of.

Posted by Tim Tio October 10, 09 02:02 AM

Congratulate chaina people.................from people thailand

Posted by Phaisit October 10, 09 02:51 AM

Communism = whats thine is mine. whats mine is mine. communism is evil because it takes away the incentive to work. If my moron neighbor who doesn't work gets the same bread, the same car, the same house as me, why will i strive to work harder.

Posted by Marten October 10, 09 02:55 AM

To #1103 About Chinese secret police:

A lot of webstern people still compare China to Nazi with the Gestapo or the Soviet Union with the KBG. Therefore they can safely condemn the new "evil empire" who uses "evil force" on its own people. I quote the lines here:

"except if you try to form a union you will be visited by masked government agents late at night who don't have your best interests at heart"

I can't say there is no secret force (which operates above law) at all in China (as there also are MI5 and CIA). But a comparision with Gestapo or KGB is untrue and misleading if not simply stupid.

In the past 30 years China has already been doing political reform althought may not be as fast as economical reform in which electoral system, rule of law among others were being dicussed and implemented. As a result, in most cases things are carried out publicly and following laws. For what I know, things like trying to organize an independ union will firstly reach the deaf ear of the governemnt if you try to register. If you really organize something and start operation you will be asked to disolve since you have not registered according to some catch 22 law. If you are really serious and persistant, you will be arrested and tried publicly. Of cause this is far from good nor to say perfect, but China is on a steady path towards rule of law.

As a side issue regarding to labor condition in China. The Chinese has already realized it and started improving. I know two examples, First, in year 2007 there was a new labor law passed which was much in favor to the exmployees. Second, China is working on its own medicare system after 20 years of study and experienment.

So stop imaging China in a McCarthyism's mind as it will no good for us to understand each other.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 10, 09 02:59 AM

I'm a student of international college at Beijing, CAU. I took part in the parade. I found a comment said "I'm sure if any of those people has any choice, they won't want to be there either. " How did you know that? you thought that way only because you didn't be one of us!

Everyone else can't imagine how proud of us when we sang our national anthem with other two hundred thousantds of people on the Tian'anmen Square on our national day! some of us even burst into tears! It would be a precious experience in my lite!

I was born in 1989, we are a new general of chinese. We are open, friendly and minded. we have our own view of the world without any brainwash! We learn your language since we were children, and study your theories in college. All of those help us know you more. But we never forget our motherland, we did all these to make sure China will be greater and greater in the future! We want to be friends of westerners. we said "welcome to China" thousands of times during the 29th Olympic games. We welcome all those who want to come and see the real china!

I love China!

Posted by Megan Li October 10, 09 04:08 AM

Reply to #1113:

It is really sad to see comments like this pops up again and again after so many testimonies by real people, Chinese or Non-Chinese living in China or aborad showing a completely different China.

"Communist Countries will always .... Look at the North Korea ... but .. let the citizens go hungry .... China needs more freedom for the people than just impressive parades to be proud of. "

If your mind is so "free", why are you judging China based on what you have been fed about the old Soviet Union or current North Korean? What if China is much different and your media just distorted the truth? What if most if this is not just a show to announce the success for communism but for China and all Chinese people? What if the Chinese are not let go hungry but very well fed?

Facing so many "what if"s, can you still tell yourself you are in a "free world"? I really doubted.

If your pocket is as free as what you think your mind is, grab a discounted ticket to China while there still is, see for yourself.

Communism may still be the evil to you, but China is not, my dear.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 10, 09 04:28 AM

I'm Chinese. Many westeners just dont understand Chinese people.
1. Most of the people showing in the parade, including the soliders and common citizens, are very proud of being there, but not as what 1042 said"However, I won't want to be in it! I'm sure if any of those people has any choice, they won't want to be there either. They all have to work so hard the make the show perfect beside have to work on your regular job. "
You just express your own feeling, your own selfish feeling...
2.Most Chinese people are friendly to foreigners, really friendly, even more than to the local people. Come here and you will feel truly, if you know someone who came back from china, ask them, you'll see whether what i say true or not...

We celebrate not for the military show, but want to show how great we have done these years, want people in the country know they are living safely, want people in the world have the same great feeling.

I'm not brainwashed, if you do want to know what "brainwashed", find a Falun Gong and talk with them for minutes, they will show completely...

Wish people all over the world living happily and friendly

Posted by Jason October 10, 09 05:02 AM

Congratulation China£¡

Posted by china October 10, 09 05:29 AM

I'm glad to see the progress of China.But I wish chinese people would recognize we Taiwan is a real nation. And let us to join the world. Although We are two different nation,we still can have the peace and share with each other.

Posted by Tsai Chieh-Min October 10, 09 09:18 AM

To 1017.Great Photos - BUT; if this doesn't send the rest of the world a message; you have you head in the sand

Posted by Benjamin Miller October 7, 09 07:57 AM

-----you are too dull to get a message

Posted by Yang October 10, 09 09:39 AM

It seems lot of readers here just don't get why China wants this parade, think China just wants to show off by having this magnificent event for THE SHOW.
This is deadly wrong, China is celebrating the achievement for last 60 years. Go to BBC website, there are detailed numbers for achievement:

Here just listed some facts for the changes made in last 60 years:
Top 10 world bank, China has three, with ICBC bank of China being the No 1
Total car made in China and sales in 2009 first time surpass USA, being the No.1 in the world
National GDP has increased 77 times
GDP per captia increased 199 times
Average workers salary increase 133 times
Nation's tax revenue increased 1000 times
Life expectancy increased from 39 to 73 years old
Urbanization from 10% to 45%
Housing space increased 15 times per person urban area
Annual holiday from 3 days to 12 days with five day per week working hours
Nationalized healthcare system for all the citizens
No 1 railroad system and high speed train (350KM/hour) connected 90% of areas
Second to US highway system across the country
The numbers just going on. With all those achievements, why don't the Chinese people should celibate their achievement? I would believe anyone in the world will do so if his home country made such big advance.

Without proper law enforcement, regulations, freedom, human rights protection, you just cannot get out so much at such short time


Posted by By-Stander October 10, 09 10:05 AM

I recently spent nearly a month touring China and I have to say that it was a wonderful country. I found the people very friendly and I felt safer than in many places in the west. People could openly expressed their criticism of the government and were as free to be individuals as in any other country. China is capitalist in everything but name.

We passed an arched doorway in a mountainside and I asked our guide what it was. She said it was the entrance to a nuclear shelter because during the cold war they were afraid that America was going to bomb them.

I don't think the west needs to fear the Chinese from a military point of view, more likely we should be worried about their enterprise and diligence giving them the economic edge.

Posted by Steve October 10, 09 10:39 AM

Well done China!

Posted by Chan from Malaysia October 10, 09 10:42 AM

I'm a chinese.I love china. My english just so-so.Live in china is good .welcome to china.

Posted by wangyan Ò»ÍÁɽʯ October 10, 09 10:52 AM

augustus, you are an idiot!
Congratulations, China!

Posted by Anonymous October 10, 09 10:52 AM

It seems lot of readers here just don't get why China wants this parade, think China just wants to show off by having this magnificent event for THE SHOW.
This is deadly wrong, China is celebrating her achievement for last 60 years. Go to BBC website, there are detailed numbers for achievement.

Here just listed facts for changes made in last 60 years:
Top 10 world banks, China has three, with ICBC bank of China being the No 1
Total car made and sales in China in 2009 first time surpass USA, being the No.1 in the world
National GDP has increased 77 times
GDP per captia increased 199 times
Average workers salary increase 133 times
Nation's tax revenue increased 1000 times
Life expectancy increased from 39 to 73 years old
Urbanization from 10% to 45%
Housing space increased 15 times per person in urban area
Annual holiday from 3 days with 6 working day per week to 12 days 5 working day per week
Nationalized healthcare system for all the citizens
Social security benefit covers almost everyone including old farmers
World No.1 railroad system and high speed train (350KM/hour) connected 90% of areas
Second to US highway system across the country
The numbers just going on. With all those achievements, why don't the Chinese people should celibate their achievement? I would believe anyone in the world will do so if his home country made such big advance.


Posted by By-Stander October 10, 09 11:37 AM

powerful picture.
I love China.
God bless China.

Posted by hanson October 10, 09 11:53 AM

Bravo la Chine.
C'est tout simplement gradiose

Posted by Jean Paul Couturier October 10, 09 01:55 PM


Posted by sara October 10, 09 03:36 PM

Faire preuve d'une force militaire discipliné comme des robots n'est pas une bonne façon de démontrer une fierté au monde.

Il aurait été plus juste de nous faire connaître la grande culture chinoise qui depuis des siècles a façonnée la vie de tout un peuple. En fait les célébrations du soixantième anniversaire, ne sont pas des célébrations du peuple chinois, ce sont les célébrations d'un régime politique, alors que le peuple chinois existe depuis des millénaires.

Le régime qui domine ce pays depuis soixante ans, n'a pas été que bénéfique comme dirait certains, mais il a été plus souvent qu'autrement, un instrument de propagande pour mieux dominer son peuple. Que ce soit par les assassinats, tortures, emprisonnements lorsque certains voulaient exprimer des opinions différentes du régime au pouvoir. La Chine est toujours sous une dictature sanguinaire.

Certains croient c'est ce qu'il faut pour une nation de plus de 1.3 milliard de population. C'est faux! L'exemple d'une grande démocratie avec autant de monde, c'est l'Inde avec plus d'un milliard de population.

La Chine n'est pas seulement un peuple une nation, c'est une civilisation.

Longue vie au peuple chinois et la liberté dans un avenir rapproché.

Posted by Marcel Vaive October 10, 09 04:31 PM

Buenas noches ...
Referente al cumpleaños si asi lo quieren los chinos Felicidades, pero el resto del mundo no esta de acuerdo y no comparte que en china se esten muriendo niños de hambre , de niñas abandonadas en las cantarillas y que el presidente de una imagen de una potencia de una manera austera y que la otra parte de su pais se este muriendo de Hambre....

Posted by Jordania October 10, 09 07:13 PM

Who are brainwashed? Chinese or some people in a few major west nations,especially in U.S.? I see that Chinese are talking and writing in English, not their native language, with undeniable facts, patience and common sense. On the other hand, those people who cannot convincingly debate and discuss issues with Chinese are talking truly like brainwashed people. You think your media is so truthful and unbiased when reporting on non-west nations? You think mainstream west media provides you with different viewpoints when reportingon China or other non-west nations? Always the same negative tone with the same old labels. I wish you understand you have been thoroughly brainwashed from the time you started to watch TV or started your elementary school education.

Posted by Admire Chinese people October 10, 09 07:42 PM

My dear friends of the world. As of china.. They are good people in different way of life. Every humen are under one GOD. We all should learn to love one another . Not because of the bible saying. IT IS BECAUSE in our heart of understanding of LOVE.
If you truly understand the Spiritual LIFE and learn to understand what your spirit in heart ... Soon you shall understand in whole. Soon that every humen learn to understand the truth Spiritual LIFE that the world shall have forever in peace with NO MORE WARSSSSSSSS.
Does not matter what they beleive as long as LOVE are alway there forever and ever.
Very soon all people shall know the truth that the government can not hide anymore.
Bless your heart...

every living form on EARTH,

Posted by Anonymous October 10, 09 07:48 PM

Amazed at how many people are so misinformed about China. How can a regimed that started with "Mao killing 50 to 60 million people" not be evil? Reprehensible!!! Before we throw stones at China, maybe we should look at our own history: the Civil war, WWI & WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Aftganistan where we tried to force our ideologies onto "other people". I think a few million people were killed in these wars. China had many horrendous problems in the past, has problems now in the present, and will have problems in the future, but they are working on it and have made tremendous progress. My hats off to them and pray that they will continue to try to improve their lot and contribute to the betterment of the World.

Posted by Leon October 10, 09 07:54 PM

it's much better than that of the cctv's,maybe the best one

Posted by Anonymous October 10, 09 08:59 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 10, 09 09:12 PM

Everyone saw my taxt had gone

Posted by tcqtjjtds October 10, 09 09:37 PM

I am a Chinese Canadian. I left HongKong in the early 70s. Ever since then I always feel proud to tell my friends and collegues that one day China will be well reocognized by the world. Finally after sixty years of hardship the dragon wakes up and is showing the whole wide world it's real identity. Bravo China, please keep on working hard.

Posted by Josie October 10, 09 10:36 PM

China has demonstrated as one success country in combining between ideology like a big house of bird but with un-limited growing for their people in economic side. A success centralize ideology and politic in Beijing and a proper decentralize economic and autonomy strategy in some region/area, such as : Shanghai, Quangzhou, Suzhou, Hainan, etc have brought China as one of Tiger in the world. Others development countries could learn and benchmark this strategy for their country.

Posted by some one as the third generation of over sea chinese person October 10, 09 11:40 PM

I spend almost a week on a bus in the US with a tour that was consisted mostly by people who came from China. We were in LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco and Yosemite park.

As an Israeli it was a cultural event - both me and the people on the bus never met in our lives people from "the other side of the world".

Here are some observations:
1) The Chinese people can wake up early. Our schedule was really tight and I barely saw anyone being late to our bus every morning. How early? it seems that the people in China are OK waking up on a daily basis at 6am, 5:30 and even 5:00 in the morning. The only time I heard the Chinese complain is when we arrived at 22:30 to our hotel and we were supposed to wake up at 4:30 in the morning.

Try to have a tour of Europeans or Israelis and to ask them to wake up at that time - most chances they will say WTF.

2) Young chinese speak fluent english. and i mean american english - with expressions like "dude"

3) Young Chinese are extremely technology oriented - like people "in the west". the younger population on the bus were playing games on portable platforms i never saw with ... others?

I have a lot of stories, but I just can summrize it with the conclusion - people are people.

U, B,


Posted by U_B October 11, 09 12:00 AM

I love you, China !

Posted by Henry October 11, 09 12:16 AM

The great China,we support you! It doesn't matter where we are. It doesn't matter who we are.

Posted by Coco October 11, 09 02:06 AM

our homegrown commies decry the ongoing relief operations of the US military. these shortsighted bunch has not learned from history yet. china and US, for the last 40 years, have endeavored to forge strong economic and political relations, and both countries succeded. our local commies want the US to scram in the middle of deprivations caused by natural calamities.

Posted by sonny pulgar October 11, 09 04:54 AM

China has made spectacular achievements during the past 60 years, that is undeniable.
There are faults within every country and within every government and which is also an undeniable fact. What is presented to us are the achievements of a country who is taking on the world at tremendous speed and strength.
China has already gone a long way from her past self and for that I am thankful.
Perhaps in the future more changes will be made to further improve China as a country but right now I can say without doubt I am proud to be Chinese.

Posted by Anonymous October 11, 09 05:11 AM

Acctually almost every chinese who has a TV watched the parade and felt proud. As for the streets around the T Square were blocked, without a invitation people were not able to be near the square, common citizens totally understand this. there were security problem and traffic problem, just don't forget bombs are everywhere all around the world.

Posted by BJ citizen October 11, 09 06:13 AM

My parents left China when there was nothing to eat. Like every one else, all they wanted was a better life. I was one of many chinese born overseas. Though I am not chinese by birth, I feel chinese. I have visited China 6 times. I am VERY PROUD to be a chinese and VERY PROUD for what China has achieved over the last 60 years.
There are lessons in China's achievements for the West. There is no need to point fingers and emphasize China's imperfections. After all, which country is perfect? Do you like America invading other countries and parading their military might by killing? NOOOO! Let us congratulate China on their celebration. Let us hope they will continue to reform and give us new reasons to celebrate in another 10 years' time.

Posted by John October 11, 09 08:05 AM

I'm Jamaican/Chinese, i.e. born & bred in Ja. my parents migrated from China in the 1920's or thereabouts.

I think I've the best of both worlds as I've never felt more proud in my life than last year when Beijing staged the Olympics, (the best ever in my opinion) & our Ja. athletes captured the hearts of the Chinese people with their exhilarating performances much like they did in Berlin recently.

The parade was simply awesome, wish it could be say, every 5 yrs instead of 10 .

As they say in Ja...."nuff respect to China & Jamaica."

Robert Lee

Posted by Robert Lee October 11, 09 10:31 AM

As a jew born in SHANGHAI in 1948 and my family was saved there I SALUT to China ACHIEVEMENTS !!! also.......


Posted by Dr. Lichtenstein Dan October 11, 09 10:57 AM

"How do the pro Chinese explain the fact that Mao killed 50 - 70 million people, this may be history but why is he still considered a hero in your country?" Posted by John October 8, 09 03:55 AM
You might have said "the fact that Mao killed 50 - 70 billion people, blahblah.....". We Chinese people care little about western media bullshxt.

Posted by kinder October 11, 09 11:06 AM

so much diffrent comments from all over the world. i know there is still long way to let the people know what china really is. the only thing we care is if our life is getting better? love china is one thing ,love CCP is another. if one day the CCP can not bring our peace, can not change our life, there will be another party to insteed of it to lead us grow.
we have our choice and would you please pay more attention to the humen right of your countries(for someone like to lie to the pulic) instead of us. it is not fare to set your certain standard to china

Posted by eric October 11, 09 11:13 AM

Viva el glorioso pueblo chino y su partido comunista.quienes fueron capaces de transformar y llevar a ese enorme pais a ser la primera potencia mundial.
Honor a los que luchan.
Hasta la victoria siempre.

Posted by JUAN MINGHETTI October 11, 09 11:24 AM

it is very cool

Posted by max coleman October 11, 09 11:46 AM

#739 is the best answer closest to the truth about Tibet and Tianmen suqare.

Tibet was one part of China long long long ago. If you read the histroy you'll know it. Taiwan also.

As for Tianmen square event, my two brothers were witnesses too, as college students then. Now their opinion about it are the same as #739.
Behind the scenes, there were some power pulling the string. They want China collapes, they don't care Chinese people.

Posted by truthseeker October 11, 09 11:52 AM

@1134, well, it is probably not fair to ask all ppl reading this post thread to write in Chinese, this is an English forum after all. However, what bother me is that most western reporters stationing in China can not speak/write in Chinese. Could can they provide fair, in depth reports while they could not even communicate properly with the locals?

Posted by Ashley October 11, 09 12:12 PM

i like china!

Posted by s October 11, 09 12:20 PM

Simply amezing.

Posted by Parmanand Sampat October 11, 09 01:21 PM

@1134, well, it is probably not fair to ask all ppl reading this post thread to write in Chinese, this is an English forum after all. However, what bother me is that most western reporters stationing in China can not speak/write in Chinese. Could can they provide fair, in depth reports while they could not even communicate properly with the locals?

Posted by Ashley October 11, 09 02:29 PM

I am a Chinese born in Hong Kong and have been living in Toronto, Canada for 31 years. I remembered China was poor when I was young. I admired the Western world and chose to study and live in North America. Canada is a great country. I enjoy the freedom and the multicultural setting here. However, in 31 years, I did not see a lot of changes in the country except Vancouver and Toronto for these 2 cities have a lot of Chinese contribution in it. Whoever goes to China more than once, they can tell you the changes were amazing. I encourage people should go to China for their own experience and to be fair for themselves. The western freedom without discipline bothers me a lot. The American's Freedom of Economy brought crisis to the world.

When we are pointing fingers to the Chinese Government, we have to credit them for leading the country to a next level. They are running a country with 1.31 billion people who live in harmony. We have to appreciate how they could do it. Think about if your family have 13 kids to be feed...Instead of blaming for some dead people's wrong doing, please let us learn from the new government’s determination to reform the country. I have to admit that there are lot of issues to be addressed. Please give her time for change and evolve. I am looking forward for her 80th Birthday.

Posted by E Ho October 11, 09 04:02 PM

First Class National Day Display ever & many more to come.....

Posted by James Tan October 11, 09 09:02 PM

My impressions of China (from this website only; I never visited the country):
Organized? Yes / Disciplined? Yes / Colorful? Yes / Clean? Yes / Traditional? Yes / Governmentally controlled? Yes / Uniform? Yes /
Beautiful people? Yes / Strong law and order? Yes / Improved conditions for people? Probably / Respect for individuality? Maybe / Freedom of expression? Maybe not / Freedom from propaganda? Probably not / Acceptance of individual differences? Likely not / Would I like to visit China? Oh, yes, indeed! / Would I like to live there? NO!! Lea in California

Posted by Lea F. Frey October 11, 09 10:30 PM

I was in China once for a holiday. Would not go back there again. I found that people were arrogant and rude.

Posted by AL October 11, 09 10:42 PM

A country (China) has made such great progress in such a short period of time must have done something right.
In the history of every country, there were dark times. China might have had its share.America had slaved the blacks and allow them to be killed like animals.But America has made progress and abolished slavery. China had gone through Mao's culture revolution, just like America had gone through slavery and civil war. Let's be fair. Do not be double standard or narrow mined or even evil spirited. I am sure that if China continues on its current path it will contribute a great deal to the progress of the modern world and mankind.
America is a great nation,China too. Let us celebrate China's progress together. And may God bless America an China and the whole world.

Posted by Betty October 11, 09 11:10 PM

I can't stop thinking the poor children in the village or the people in the countryside don't have enough to eat and don't have the fresh running water. Should use the money for these people instead wasting on these kind of show:(

Posted by John Smith October 11, 09 11:44 PM


Posted by SAMUEL October 12, 09 12:44 AM

Please accept my red salute to a comrade country. China is clearly exhibiting a very progressive mode of production resulting in progressive productive forces and an overall progress.
Please ensure that Yuan over turns Dollar.
Climate catastrophes due to globe’s warming as the biggest threat should be addressed immediately with eco friendly technical solutions like solar power etc.

Posted by Arvind Sharma October 12, 09 12:45 AM

If you are Chinese you should be very proud to be one,The critics of China only cannot bear the thought of China developing at a fast pace.Those that say that the communist is oppressive then asnwer this "what is democracy" Democracy is good for certain countries. If critics understand the Chinese mind which is famliy first, comfort and good health and happiness who needs democracy.The west has democracy,so what do we have, a poor medical system where only the rich jcan enjoy. There is so much corruption in the corporal world. The west have murderers and thanks to human rights the death sentence is abolished and some of these murders are released into society on;ly to muder again. So some of you critics were in China for a few weeks and you you claim to know China.

Posted by P Hing October 12, 09 02:53 AM

i love China!

Posted by lyy October 12, 09 04:00 AM

Oui c'est une belle parade, avec plein de petits soldats bien rangés et des gros missiles,

Bref, tout plein de bonnes choses pour se réjouir de l'avenir

Posted by Etienne October 12, 09 07:39 AM

I am an Overseas Chinese, my grandfather left China in the 1920's with many others who could no longer survive in their homeland, to find a living in land across the deep oceans, which they knew nothing before their departures, and for many of them, it was in fact a non-return-trip, with quite a number of them 'being buried in the fish's stomachs'.

Despite its size and the huge population, the then China was so old, so poor, so weak and so corrupted that it was easily torn apart by the then greedy Westerners, and even at one time almost completely destroyed by the Japanese--the longtime 'student' of ancient China that turned to be the most horrific devil of all times, particularlty to all Chinese!

Today most Westerners hardly understand how much hardship and disgrace that our forefathers have encountered, that's why Chinese today are striving very hard to regain self-confidence.

We are pleased to witness the great progress that China has achieved over the past 60 years, particularly the past 30 years! Of course, we also know that China is still facing many problems, please allow her another 30 years and I am very sure China will bring more surprises to the world!

Afterall, as a Chinese who knows the core values of our great culture, I can assure you that we are very diligent but friendlly and peace-loving people and will contribute greatly to the world peace!

Posted by Lau, the Overseas Chinese October 12, 09 09:28 AM

Dear Mr. E Ho of Canada. As a native of China, I have never set my foot on the foreign land, still I am using your language, english to participate in this forum. Thanks for your encouragement, maybe your grand children will be able to attend 100th birthday of China. we in China will work hard to facilitate the mutual understanding between peoples of different culture.

I sincerely invite people in the west to my country to have a look. Maybe the first step is to learn some Chinese!

Posted by Xiao Ma October 12, 09 09:30 AM

Bravo to China, as an oversea chinese, I am very proud of this moment.

Posted by H.Tan October 12, 09 09:32 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 12, 09 09:45 AM

Chinese are generally easygoing, peace-loving people. However, please do not provoke or try to enslave them or eventually you will taste the 'bitter fruits' by doing so.

Posted by Lau, the overseas Chinese October 12, 09 11:00 AM

Fantastic.The pictures are so out of the world.

Posted by Rita Varma October 12, 09 11:23 AM

I'm speachless. I have recently re-read Huxley's Brave New World incl. Brave New World Revisited. If only AH saw this gathering or its photos to comment in a Brave New World Now...

Bravo aux Francais pour voir et dire ce qui y est de cette Chine.



Posted by shane October 12, 09 12:07 PM

Yes, great. However, remember those extremely poor villagers. Teach moral education like the tradition Confucious' teaching, so that less fake food is made; fight corruption. Then you'll be really great!

Posted by Jackie October 12, 09 01:16 PM

China is the bounty of planet Earth I love China and I admire the Chinese

Posted by Khalid October 12, 09 04:16 PM




Posted by PRAMODBHAI M.PATEL & FAMILY. October 12, 09 06:09 PM

Tudo na China é quantitativamente elevado. Na altura começa a sê-lo também, qualitativamente.

Embora, o que não há é democracia. Se a houver, a gente poderia votar e os povos que estão submetidos ao macro-estado chinês converter-se-iam em novas democracias.

Não há, pelo tanto, nenhum motivo de orgulho para um autêntico cidadão nestas macro-demonstrações nacionalistas. Elas são necessárias, sobretudo, para manter a unidade artificial do estado. A custa da liberdade dos povos e das pessoas e com a conivência do Conselho de Segurança da ONU (de quem é parte China com direito de veto...).

Posted by Jo October 12, 09 09:25 PM


Posted by Brian October 12, 09 10:21 PM

Tax, all pics= very much tax

Posted by Aramis October 12, 09 11:48 PM

Look at #1165 and here I quote: ".I can't stop thinking the poor children ..... Should use the money for these people instead wasting on these kind of show:("

This kind of opinion sounds very morally correct and make it a convienet weapon in criticizing any form of costly organized work, from the celebration of a nation to a luxary wedding.

It is kind hard to argue against such opinion because when people are considering themselves at a higher moral grand they tend not to be rational.

So despite the fact that China has lifted 150 million people out of poverty in the past 30 years, when China holds a celebration which cost (as I heard) 120 million USD, it is wrong. So what about the 30 thousand temporary jobs created for the celebration? What about the marketing return for China's weapon industry through this publicity? What about the enormous confidence instilled to every Chinese?

I have nothing against these people who really think themselves being thoughtful for the poor. But from a political point of view they are being naive if not stupid. And this is actually a problem with a lot of countries after WWI who copied the western "democrocy" system where less educated people have no idea about what's going on but was given a vote. Check what happened in Afica and Asia. For example, in year 2000 Taiwan elected a corrupted president and later in year 2008 elected a very handsome but stupid one.

See, we learn your language, know your history, study your system, trying to live a life like you and be friend to you, while you lable us in the image from some cartoons in the 60's. And you are saying we are the ones to be educated?

Posted by Wiz-Be October 13, 09 12:08 AM

To all those making such a ruckus about what the Westerners supposedly did to "shame" the Chinese, and many going gaga over the tremendous "development" that China has achieved in the past 60 years ... keep things in perspective.

Till the 1940s China was very poor and and fighting among various political factions was keeping the country more so, and made them open to external interference. Since the Communists came to power in 1949, they managed to obliterate all real political dissent and unite the Chinese people. However to do so they had to obliterate a number of differences which sprung from variations of culture and religion. In most senses the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s destroyed a massive amount of Old Chinese culture, and made China a predominantly Han Chinese controlled entity. This is was a typical problem of most communist ruled countries. Depending on how long this so-called unifying but basically God-less ideology persists, it corrupts the moral fabric of a nation. Sooner rather than later the corrupting nature of materialism is going to override all other good intentions, as humans are basically ruled by greed, and especially so in the absence of a philosophical train of thought. It is already showing in China, rampant corruption in how they do business, and money has become the prime-mover of society, as well as determinant of success.

People forget that today's China is a very different place than that of the 1940s. People there today are willing to work hard, but the end which they want to achieve is a totally hedonistic and somewhat immoral one. Soon the end is going to corrupt the means of achieving it. And the religious fabric being absent the society will be in a lot of trouble.

The Chinese Central government is doing a lot so-called "good" all over the world, especially in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and poorer countries of South-East Asia. However, their intentions are less than honourable, for those in the receiving end. China needs to fuel its huge economy and feed its hungry billions. As their craving for a western-like life style goes up, China will become another USA, wasteful, totally hedonistic and essentially a demonic power, willing to do anything to keep its ostentatious way of life. Probably China will be a worse one because it has 4 times the population. Already China is trying to strong-arm weak developing countries, and making sure that they have a presence in those countries so that their resources may feed China in the coming decades, whether those resource be fertile lands, fresh-water or natural resources. Today China is saying it is "helping others develop", tomorrow it will be to feed the craving of the billions of Chinese while keeping the others hungry.
It won't be any different from what the USA does today, arm-twisting the Middle East's politics to get cheap oil. China will do the same, just wait.

With short-sighted policies, China has screwed its own environment, they know their rivers are going to die, their soil is going to blow away, that is why it is helping others screw their forests and farmlands, so that they may feed the Chinese, when time comes to ask for the pound of flesh ...

The Chinese people have been corrupted by their own leaders, and by their own intentions of proving it to the Westerners, they will repeat the same rapacity that the West had shown.

As an Indian, I would rather have the Hindu rate of growth, keeping an eye on what we have for ourselves, than go plundering to other countries to feed my appetite on steroids.

Remember the Hindu seers have called frugality a virtue, I rest my case.

Posted by Nir Chatterjee October 13, 09 12:58 AM

I am very impress

Posted by ladawon permtongkum October 13, 09 01:04 AM

Just Superb... Words cannot describe this!!! All the very best to all China brothers.

Posted by Shobin Alex, Chennai October 13, 09 01:34 AM

Yeah! 60 years of bloodshed, murder and genocide. Untold millions are dead! WooHoooooooo!!!!!
I can't believe they had the nerve to display the Potola palace on a float! I guess every militarized regime needs to parade symbols of the people they have subjugated.

Posted by Mike October 13, 09 02:25 AM

"As a jew born in SHANGHAI in 1948 and my family was saved there I SALUT to China ACHIEVEMENTS !!!
Posted by Dr. Lichtenstein Dan October 11, 09 10:57 AM"
Dear Dan,
Let's wish such catastrophe would never happen again. But I'm sure, in the future, China will still be haven for people running away from wars, because we are peaceful nation with mighty military with backup, and we are always willing to offer a hand in times of need. Welcome to China!

Posted by Xiao M October 13, 09 05:09 AM

.Wow, Beautiful , Amazing, Wonderful , Organised Celebration.

Congrats China, , We would love to visit u.

Posted by Thejaswini Guruprasad October 13, 09 05:28 AM

Our great China, I am proud of you. I wish you will stand in the east of World for one million or even more.

Posted by parade person October 13, 09 05:55 AM

China will be the greatest country in the world.Go china!

Posted by man October 13, 09 06:23 AM

I wonder how this will look if China has turned 100... OMG!

Posted by Box the Brownie October 13, 09 08:47 AM

China is weathy and healthy. Why nukes?

Posted by mr.nobody October 13, 09 10:07 AM

For sure China has made great economic strides from a desperately low base, brought about by outmoded imperial power structures, and a hundred years of brutality, war, corruption and vested self interests.

Even thirty years ago, the nation was at breaking point, and much of what we see today is a direct result of Deng Xiaoping's realism and modernising influence from the late seventies onwards.

Mao Zedong's mismanagement and cult of personality resulted in the needless deaths of tens of millions and I truly see no reason to celebrate this. I'm amazed that so many Chinese also will not look back and see this period for what it was.

The country is economicaly unrecognizable even from my first visit twenty years ago. But there are still 700 million peasants who are for the most part without a voice or recourse to a functioning legal system.

Greedy bosses routinely escape sanction for dumping shoddy and unsafe products on the populous. Power structures echo directly the imperial power structures of hundreds of years ago. Private armies of thugs operate on behalf of local officials with impunity. The sons of top officials are the imperial princes of days gone by. Is that progress?

And then there's massive environmental degradation, a huge imbalance of the sexes, lack of water...I could go on.

So people are richer, at least many of them are, but there are big clouds on the horizon if these issues are not dealt with. It'll take more than a (curiously anachronistic) militaristic parade to paper over the cracks if they are not.

Posted by Daniel Xiao October 13, 09 10:57 AM

so good...

Posted by Anonymous October 13, 09 11:02 AM

NAPOLEON Has ever said:
" When China move, It will move the World"

Posted by Hermanov October 13, 09 11:54 AM

I am overseas Chinese and I have had traveled to China during the sixties,
seventies and presently. I have seen the development of China from closed
nation to this present stage. I am proud to be a Chinese and my late father
always remind that I may dress in western attire but deep in my heart I am a Chinese.

Posted by teo thian hin michael October 13, 09 12:42 PM

Congratulations on the 60th birthday.

As many others have observed, China has gone through a lot of changes over the last 60 years, from its humble beginning, grappled with decades of idolization of Mao and the Cultural Revolution, the widespread of corruption and power struggles within the communist party. In the last 10 years, China has become one of the top guns and leaders in the world, wielding its forceful but subtle power in any forum one can name.

With this impressive display of the country's economic wealth and military power, China has in the eyes of many now come forward and assumed the role of a world leader, which will subject itself to microscropic scrutiny that it has ever been, with many expectations that it will have to meet, issues such as the rule of law, the human rights, the environment protection, the imbalance between the rich and the poor, a democratic election, etc. It is a start, and hopefully, it will take on the challenge to address the issues one step at a time.

Posted by K Yiu October 13, 09 02:14 PM

@1185 India friend, you think China should give aid to other third world country for free? This is such a naive thinking. Of course, China will like to get something back for its aid, especially the country is now hungry for raw materials. At least China is not doing what almost all other so-called free countries did, such as destabilizing other country and/or setup puppet governments.

Chinese "no interference" policy is actually well received in many countries. Please check this BBC reporting about China links to Africa countries.

Posted by Ashley October 13, 09 02:41 PM

Like it or not, you will see China booming in economy, and getting bigger voice in international affairs. But it is good for world peace and super-power balance.
The Chinese has a reason to be rpoud of their country and to celebrate their own national day.
In the world today, some may be dismayed by this fact, some may even get nervous about it. But nothing will change the course.

Posted by jeffrey October 13, 09 03:49 PM

Having visited T'man square without any parades, visited the forbidden city and met numerous Chinese people I am in awe at the sheer spectacle, the colossal amount of people, and knowing the pride the Chinese have for their history and achievements

I have nothing but respect and admiration for a nation that's only now being recognised as a world leader.

Posted by Oblomov October 13, 09 04:02 PM

Responding to Message #1185....

"As an Indian, I would rather have the Hindu rate of growth, keeping an eye on what we have for ourselves, than go plundering to other countries to feed my appetite on steroids."
Remember the Hindu seers have called frugality a virtue, I rest my case.

Posted by Nir Chatterjee October 13, 09 12:58 AM gotta be kidding me, right? India? Where have you been? You guys are also going crazy...look at your population explosion (matching China's population soon)...illiteracy...treatment of women...environmental disasters (same disregard to the environment for a buck or two)...malnutritions & starvations (national geography just reported the amount of children died at an early age)? Come on, where have you been? Either you've been in a cave or have a hercule case of denial.

Why can't you people just enjoy the show that countries put on to celebrate their National Holidays? Don't like it, then don't watch. Now that's a choice you have -- freedom, right? How do you guys like it if people start commenting on your past on your birthday? Digging up your dirty laundry from your past?

To quote: Let those who is without sin cast the first stone (something to that degree as I am not Christian)

Tell me which countries do not have a dark past? Each country goes through a trouble some past before they get better just as we have our teenage years before we become adults.

To those who complain, think about this: Can you do any better? If not, shut the f....k up. I can bet my life that some of those that have so much to say about China can't even lead ants to a picnic let alone trying to save a country of 1 billion from destruction due to western & internal corruption, pillage, selling its citizen as guinea pigs (slave labour) for the railroads in North America. Some of you people just sit there & criticize...and can't even manage your own guys are pathetics....

Posted by Pissed Off October 13, 09 07:30 PM

If there is will there is way

Posted by IMRAN October 13, 09 08:36 PM

A nation will truly when she could eliminate poverty, illiteracy and corruption. China is far far away from that ideal. The resources and money spent in these window dressing parades could have been used for more constructive purposes.

Posted by debbie October 13, 09 09:18 PM

To 1185:
I'm wordless,really. I have to agree with you that China will go down as you kindly predicted. Rivers will die, culture destoyed. And for sure, India, will be the super power.

I do wish that India has more wise men as you.


Posted by Wiz-Be October 13, 09 09:39 PM

To 1188 and here I quote:
"Yeah! 60 years of bloodshed, murder and genocide. Untold millions are dead! WooHoooooooo!!!!! I can't believe they had the nerve to display the Potola palace on a float! I guess every militarized regime needs to parade symbols of the people they have subjugated."

"Bloodshed, genocide"? Are you so sure? Besides some vague "Facts" your media has fed you?

So this is how people in the so called "Free world" are fooled and still be proud of their freedom.

And please do not use the word "subjugated" on people you need respect from in the future.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 13, 09 09:49 PM

If there is will there is way

Posted by Anonymous October 13, 09 10:08 PM

I am so-o very proud for China. After so many decades of apparent silence and now I see you as the world's No. 1. I am a Chinese in Malaysia. I salute you. Rise all the way, China. All my love and respect.

God bless,
Tommy Chin

Posted by Tommy Chin Kean Neap October 14, 09 12:40 AM

great great great...

Posted by blannk October 14, 09 12:53 AM

I would like all country semiler to this esue

Posted by Dera hs October 14, 09 12:55 AM

Congratulation China£¡i love you china

Posted by donglin October 14, 09 02:21 AM

for a country that suffered in the hand of foreign invasion and struggled to unite the nation, and propel the nation to this success level, people must not just focus on negative things. there is no such thing as perfect system.
i travel to china many times and witness the progress of society. for those westeners who critisize china, please apologise what your forefathers had done to china and the rest of ex-colonies, before you qualify to talk and comment. if you fail to remember, let me remind you about vietnam war 's agent orange and massive bombing , opium to hong kong, colonisation of india, slavery and etc.

Posted by kpk October 14, 09 07:30 AM

Taiwan is Taiwan, China is China.......DO NOT be confused!
I love Taiwan, and am proude of being a Taiwanese.

Posted by Johnson Pai, Vancouver, Canada October 14, 09 08:04 AM

Responding to Message #1185....

"As an Indian, I would rather have the Hindu rate of growth, keeping an eye on what we have for ourselves, than go plundering to other countries to feed my appetite on steroids."
Remember the Hindu seers have called frugality a virtue, I rest my case.

We wouldn't want to comment much about religion but if we must do so, at least one thing I must point out: religious conflicts or worst still religious hatred can persist for thousand of years and seems to be endless. Just look at what is happening in northern Sri Lanka, within your own country and between your country and Paskistan. It's very lucky that majority of Chinese especially the Han Chinese will never get themselve into this kind of trouble waters! Millions thanks to our great ancestors who had laid the foundation of our unique culture and beliefs which frees us from these kinds of endless hatred!
Mr 1185, don't worry, the traditional Chinese peace-loving and enviromental friendly beliefs are reviving!!

Posted by Lau, the overseas Chinese October 14, 09 08:50 AM

To 1185 and 1205. You will find yourself extremely disappointed because all the bad wished you guys have upon China will not work out. Simple, you are on the wrong side of history.Just go ahead cry and feel sorry for yourselves when China moves forward.
Stop trash talking on America and China. You certainly have problems with countries that are strong. America has been a super power and China is a rising power. Get used to it.
You are not God so stop making predictions. And you obviously failed to support those predictions. So shame on you on crying all the sore grapes all over your comments. Evil wishes will bring yourself down. Oh, I forgot that you are already so low there is no further downward places anymore, but wait, there is hell.

Posted by beth October 14, 09 10:09 AM

Congratulations!! Keep Going!!! China.

Posted by Tony October 14, 09 10:44 AM

1121you are wrong .Taiwan belongs to china .
and taiwan is our great island neighbors of fujian .
as a chinese you mustn't say that taiwan is a country
great PRC great taiwan belongs to china

Posted by cao October 14, 09 10:45 AM

I am in awe at the spectacle of China's 60th celebration event! The precision, balance of color, the expression on the faces of the people
was impressive.
To those who criticize China I would say this; there is no perfect nation
or country in existence today. In order to constitute a perfect nation or country six things must exist:
1) Respect for human life, 2) Peace and harmony, 3) Justice and equality, 4) Education, 5) Family, 6) Social Responsibility.
Until these exist we best keep our thoughts and comments to ourselves.

Until all these conditions exist

Posted by Rich Bankston October 14, 09 11:43 AM

God Blessed China! Even the Female Military personnels are the most beautiful Women Soldiers in the world! Which country can compete in this?

Posted by Proud to be Chinese October 14, 09 12:14 PM

Dear 1214, you are the one who is confused and silly. Taiwan is part of China and open your eyes to the fact that the official language in Taiwan is Chinese. You cook Chinese food, you share Chinese culture, you have Chinese names and you sing Chinese songs.
So do not abandon your ancestors.

Posted by beth October 14, 09 01:15 PM

it is very fine military parade i was very much appreciate with parade and chinese 60 years celebration ceremony and i am thankful for sending this email to me

Posted by abbas sajjadhusein penwala October 14, 09 02:39 PM

i see some fine looking Chinese women...

Posted by GC October 14, 09 02:46 PM

Can you say "And Wal Mart will Conquer the World"

Posted by Alex Ingram October 14, 09 04:08 PM

Great celeberation,amazing photography.salute china for good work done.

Posted by Aruna Kalra October 14, 09 05:28 PM

What an amazing site. I have never seen anything so spectacular.

Nora Kay, Scotland

Posted by Nora Kay October 14, 09 06:37 PM


Posted by Amit October 15, 09 01:22 AM

Congratulations, it's amazing..... China.

Posted by Aryani Goenawan October 15, 09 02:58 AM

Buona fortuna, Cina!
Benvenuta nuova grande potenza!

Posted by Troupéias October 15, 09 03:27 AM

Amazing! I was stunned looking at the pictures... Still wondering what kind of training those people had and how long they had it...


Posted by Carolina Fajar October 15, 09 03:32 AM

Impressive,.... and kind of scary

Human preservation and progress is what we all need.
Hopefully, that's the direction it all goes in.

Posted by JOHN October 15, 09 03:55 AM

I love my country

Posted by nanking October 15, 09 05:09 AM

Ignorance abound …

Virtually everything of significance in China is/was built/designed/managed by Western companies with Chinese providing little more the physical labor. This includes the symbol of “new” China, the Olympic Stadium, and the Chinese high-speed rail system.

The only thing interesting/unique about the rise of “new” Chinese is that it is the first time in history a nation is being built by others nations: the West. Certainly much of financial system only exit on as a by-product of the success of the West.

Another interesting aspect is the rise of the “new” China is that the Chinese have not discovered/created/invented any product/technology/process/idea new that contributed to their rise. The “new” China is simply copying/stealing/buying their way to modernity.

China is a communist authoritarian racist state. The “new” China has direct censorship/control of all information sources newspapers/TV/movies/books/school books/internet/T-shirts/bumper stickers/ …

All the foreign born Chinese who are so proud of the homeland … surely would be singing a different song if America/Canada/England/Australia/ … treated them like the “new” China treats its ethnic minorities.

By even the weakest of Western standards, the “new” China is a complete failure in term of human rights.

To say that China grew X% in this and Y% in that is really meaningless, since the “new” China has been completely dependent on West for all it growths. Without the West the “new” would still be the old China. In fact most of China is still old China. China has been a such a huge failure for so long, that any improvement can be spoken about in terms of a multi-100% here and a 1000% increase there.

Any critics from the following groups of this post holds authority:
- Those who have spent all the lives living in China – you cannot possible now the communist parties fantasy because you live in a highly censored society.
- Those who have never lived in China – you cannot possible understand level is censored that exists in China.
- Those who visit China for a short period – you were just a tourist
- Those who have not and/or cannot communicate with a large of Chinese people – you cannot possibly now the impact of lifetime of censorship can have the human mind.
- Those who have not made a reasonable effort to learn the history/culture/language/current situation – you cannot possible think you understand anything.

Posted by ChinaWatch October 15, 09 05:39 AM

All those fawning over the “new” China should …

Go to “new” China and simply say to random Chinese that the Tibetans and Uyghurs deserve full human rights and note response, which will give you a peek into the heart and soul of the typical Chinese. Better yet, go to Chinese most elite Universities and make the same statement to Chinese smartest and brightest, and most enlightened, and the note the response. You will see that for all of the “new” China’s material gains, it has not morally moved a centimeter since Confucius’s writings 2,500 years ago, much less the last 60 years.

It is remarkable how much ink is spilt in the West about the terrible behavior of the West 100 or even 1000 years ago. Why does the western media not criticize China for not living up the standards today that the western media insists the West should have lived up to a thousand years ago?

Posted by ChinaWatch October 15, 09 05:59 AM

This is Pretty Awesome Celebration............

Posted by Manju October 15, 09 06:04 AM

In the 1930s, didn’t the NEW Germany:

- Make remarkable advances both financially and technological in the 1930s.
- Greatly improve the living standard of the people.
- Produce colorful and patriotic and well-choreographed rallies/parades to display their pride in their rise.
- Hold a successful Olympics to demonstrate that they were part of the civilized world.
- Institute high levels of censorship including outlawing pornography.
- - Make sophisticated use the latest media to promote their propaganda.
- Call upon the skills of Germanys most gifted movie directory to help in the presentation of the propaganda.
- Label troublemakers demanding human rights as enemies of the state.
- (Re)claimed land that they insisted historical belonged to them without the rest of the world reacting.
- Produce schoolbooks teaching the children that a greater Germany, i.e. more land, would be achieved in the future and that Danzig must be reconnected to Germany.
- Harbor desires to ethnical cleanse new obtained lands of undesirable elements.

How many people can understand that all this applies to the “new” China? But surely there are countless excuses why will not be a threat to future would peace, with many being the same ones used for the “new” Germany. But that’s right, Germany had guy in charge with a funny mustache ranting about is plans for the future and China does not. So that is the difference, there is only need to fear leader with funny mustache. So until President Hu grows a funny mustache, the world is safe. Anyway, President Hu does not openly make any aggressive statement about China’s future intentions so there must be known, or else he would tell the world.

Posted by ChinaWatch October 15, 09 06:35 AM

For the naïve post who make statement like “The Chinese are just proud of their achievement and just want to demonstrate those achievements to the world”.

Does it concern you that those achievements are military in nature?

Why did they not display their scientific, technological, or medical advancements? Could that be because their have been none?

Why not demonstrate in advancement in human rights and increased freedoms and liberties? Could that be because their have been none?

Actually for the Olympics and Nation Day parade, believe it or not, human rights, freedoms, and liberties were restricted even more.

FYI, China has new laws that make it legal for people Xinjiang use the Internet discuss their own human rights.


Posted by ChinaWatch October 15, 09 06:56 AM

So many ridicules and silly posts it just impossible to respond to them all.

For those who admire the beauty of the Chinese women "soldier" note:

Those woman are not soldiers, they are “volunteer members of the Chinese militia”. In other words, women who responded to the parade organizers request for “white skinned” tall Chinese women to wear a uniform on parade day. Note even the Chinese media tried to pass them off a soldiers.

Note the light skill color of the women. Do you really think that most Chinese women have that skill color?

One of the first things you learn after you learn the Chinese language and live in China is just how obsessed the Chinese are with skill color. Chinese openly, without the slight hesitation make negative comments about how ugly dark skinned people and babies are.

Even more, those woman are considered to be true Han and there for considered more desirable (admittedly those pictured are not the finest specimens).

Another thing one learns is that the Chinese are racist, and that those how consider themselves to be true Han are superior to other Chinese. It not uncommon to hear somebody who considers themselves pure Han to rant about non-Han China having taking Han families names and soiling the gene pool of the Han people, the founder of the Han Dynasty.

Woman on Chinese TV, especially the commercials, have impossibly white skin.

By Western standards, the Chinese are extremely racist and obsessed with “white” skin color. This runs very deep through their history and culture.

The Western media seems to completely ignore racism and its implication to a society, well, at least when the society is non-Western, otherwise …


Posted by ChinaWatch October 15, 09 07:28 AM

This is fantastic show put up by Chinese people,congratulations to one all, the world should look forward to similar show from other countries,Simply excellant

Posted by T.n gurumurthy October 15, 09 07:41 AM

No doubt. China has made a lot of achievements since 1949 but it still has a long way to go when it comes to demorcracy and the rule of law.

Posted by DelegateMath October 15, 09 08:56 AM

To China Watch:

Obsession with a certain skin color is not equal to racism. There are many African Americans as well as European Americans in the United States who consider darker skin to be healthier. Would you call these people racists?

Posted by DelegateMath October 15, 09 09:19 AM

To: ChinaWatch:

By reading your comments and your writing style, it is clear that you are not native English speaking. You are oversea Chinese, a loser in both sides: in China and Western countries. Your comments truly reflected your failures for your lifetime advocacy trying to overthrow Chinese government and defame China including Chinese people.

You are not alone, when I traveled outside of China, I met someone like you. There is a small group of people like you who hold double standard towards China. We called two "IF" idiots. This is what you guys do: YOU will against it or discredit it IF it is Chinese government involved, YOU will against it or discredit it IF it is China related.

People may wonder why do you need to do that? Because it is your job, you are paid by doing that. Shame on you!

Posted by China Reader October 15, 09 12:03 PM

60th China National day military parade is telling her people that PLA is strong enough to pretect them......they are confidence to protect them from British,Japanese,even USA invasion.

Posted by John October 15, 09 04:04 PM


Posted by DAVID October 15, 09 07:50 PM


Posted by IVAN October 16, 09 02:10 AM

The celebration was superb, I am proud to be a chinese even though born abroad.
Salute to china, imagine, running a country of 1.31 Billion peoples of different ethnics, religions could 1 government, if not strict enough could run a country like this and yet it was systematically run.
Best wishes to CHINA and may God bless YOU.

Posted by James Liew October 16, 09 02:24 AM

It's amazing how different opinions can be :) A lot of guys are just proud being chinese (understandable) and don't bother that in fact they celebrate not China aniversary, but the aniversary of one of the most brutal commie ruling the world has ever seen. China is much older that, isn't it? I can understand that today your life is much better than before, however this "before" was not natural, it was artificially created by your beloved commies with Mao leading it all. If fact what you are now is not because of commies, but despite of them... I am just wondering, if neglecting innocent victims is a chinese trait, or is it just few comments on the Net?

And yes, I hate parades, I hate them from the soviet times when this "joy and hapiness" was compulsory. Btw., I know that commie arrangements still are compulsory in China, hope they like it :D

Posted by cipsas October 16, 09 06:55 AM

To see the Chinese people celebrate their 60 years of oppression is difficult to comprehend, but has to be accepted by those of us who watch the spectacle from afar.
However, to see the Empire State Building being bathed in a red glow, so as to also become part of that celebration, is an eye opening experience for those of us who had had a first hand experience with a communist tyranny.

Posted by Francisco Fuentes October 16, 09 08:07 AM

Excellent N Good

Posted by loh October 16, 09 08:30 AM

@1247, You can hate parades, but please do not hate other people who like parade to show their pride and happiness. Don't tell me it was because of Chinese communist party that British and other "free world" allies invaded China and treated Chinese as animals. I can feel your sadness as you are witnessing a former second (or third) class country now firmly stand against your "free world".

Posted by Ashley October 16, 09 09:59 AM


Posted by ANTONIO ROSALES October 16, 09 10:09 AM

Firstly, China is not under any rule of communist tyranny. Empire State suits more the USA than China. When you people like Francisco Fuentes watch, it is necessary to watch with open eyes that can catch up with our rapid changing China. If you people are too far away and cannot see China because we are changing/progressing so quickly, it is better for you to start saving money and come to see us real rather than listening to media who are still repeating history of the Cold War. We 1.3 billion Chinese are no fools. We do not need to pretend loving our country and enjoying the celebration. China has been opened for 30 years. We have progress and development that other countries need at least one century to do.

Posted by jane tse October 16, 09 10:22 AM

I'm an American. China grows stronger as we grow weaker. Can you imagine the common American masses today mustering the resolve to beat China in a war? Compare the WWII generation to this one -- most of us today would be demanding to go about our usual bored, decadent, self-indulgent day-to-day lives, protected from any personal awareness that there WAS a war...just as we do with respect to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other than my glimpsing news headlines in line for Starbucks, WHAT wars?

Posted by Jimmy Kalash October 16, 09 11:21 AM


Posted by JP October 16, 09 02:14 PM

es muy fuerte!!!!!

Posted by Velia October 16, 09 02:31 PM

Esto es lo que muestran para que se conozca en todo el mundo lo POTENCIA que son. Pero ¿y los pobres del campo y de las mismas ciudades que "trabajan" con un regimen esclavista para tener "mano de obra" muuuy barata? ¿Como viven?. Y la falta de Libertad, en todos los sentidos,¿que?. Basta ver que siguen enseñando la foto de Mao como su idolo nacional. Me dan miedo , parecen automatas, gente sin personalidad propia. ¿Peligro amarillo?.Mercedes. Argentina

Posted by Mercedes Codina October 16, 09 04:31 PM

maravilloso!!! que organización para tanta cantidad de gente!!! es necesario una mentalidad organizada y de avanzada. Felicitaciones China!!!

Posted by roberto October 16, 09 05:21 PM

To those critics who have not been to CHINA and commented about the backwardness of her based on biased TV reports and pictures, I strongly urge you to go there and see for yourself.
30 years ago, I would agree to any comments of similar nature - now the present speaks for itself.
Ponder over this. Its Central Government's policies are able to control 1.3 billion people and every house hold have enough to eat without having to resort to begging in the streets. This is management. Long live CHINA.

Posted by Zippy October 16, 09 05:32 PM


"I can understand that today your life is much better than before, however this "before" was not natural, it was artificially created by your beloved commies with Mao leading it all. "

Please learn some history of China about opium war with Britain in 1840, the war with "Eight-Nation Alliance" in 1901. Please do a google search, you will find out how much wealth taken away from China by those world powers. Also please learn some history about the invasion of Japan before and during WW2. Then you will know why and how China changed herself from one of the richest countries to one of the poorest countries in less than a century.

I am always amazed by those westerners, who can forget their ancestors' criminal records so easily and quickly.

Posted by COO October 16, 09 05:43 PM

To # 1248: The Communist Party of CHINA is NOT a TYRANT but an effective governmental system that makes every citizen on equal status. A system that has to be abided by one and all for the betterment of the country. The tyrants are those who "claimed" to be from the free world who controlled others with their $$ and weapons and media, whose lens zoomed into others. I am wondering what the world will see if their lens zoomed back to their own back yards and the world can see its filth and dirts with lots of beggars and homeless whom their gov't kept a blind eye. What a crying shame.

Posted by Zippy October 16, 09 06:03 PM

Most people who wrote negative comments about this parade were only repeating labels that they hear from mainstream west media and these people are the ones who have been thoroughly brainwashed by their media for a long long time. Mainstream west media are still living in the cold war period and they refuse to wake up from their delusional world. All they know is to use labels to demonize China: "communism, socialism, freedom violation, etc." This is an evil, easy and lazy way to describe China/Chinese and to make themselves to feel good, perhaps these people don't really want to know a real China and real Chinese people, because a real China might hurt their ego. Deep in their hearts, they must be asking: "How can a non-white nation be doing so well? Do we suppose to be smarter than Chinese?

Posted by Learn to write Chinese to talk about China October 16, 09 07:19 PM

Fantastic 60th Anniversary. I love it.

Posted by Lim Thow Ngee October 16, 09 08:11 PM

All do respect for Today China.
This is the next modern Roman Empire.

Posted by Razvan Bajora October 16, 09 09:55 PM

Excelente demostración y felicidades por su 60 aniversario a todo el pueblo de China.
Excelentes fotos.
Un día tendré la oportunidad de visitarte.

Posted by Raúl E. Loarca V. October 16, 09 11:40 PM

un pueblo hace mucho que no se mide por la cantidad de armas que tiene su éjercito, sino por la educación, por la sanidad, por las oportunidades que tienen sus descendientes de mejorar su calidad de vida, admiro al pueblo chino en cuánto a su voluntad inquebrantable de trabajo, pero me da mucho asco la hipocresía de su clase gobernante, alargando un regimen obsoleto en beneficio de una pequeñisima minoría, que sigue obligando a muchísimos chinos a buscarse la vida por diversas partes del mundo, son una potencia increible pero la foto del ciudadano sujetando la antena para ver el desfile lo dice todo, espero que tengan pronto democracia auténtica. Beto, Argeñol.

Posted by Anonymous October 17, 09 06:03 AM

These pictures is much better than the damn CCTV supplied on TV. Thank godness the US journalists have recorded these wonderful pics.

Posted by Loyaltyee October 17, 09 06:35 AM

China is still a sleeping Bear but cleaning up its cave - but when they get in trouble with water - oil and food - there power will rock the world

Posted by r walls October 17, 09 10:25 AM

J'ai visité la Chine en Janv. 1991,un peu après le carnage de la Place T 'men, c'était un pays en construction, que de réalisations depuis : la présentation des jeux Olympiques et l'extraordinaire parade soulignant leur 60 ième Anniversaire,en fait foi...Félicitations à un grand peuple.
.J'appel aux Leaders Chinois, le monde vous regarde et est émerveillé.
Maintenant pourquoi poursuivre cette tyrannie envers les Tibetains? Avec votre ouverture d'esprit vers les autres et vos constants messages de
paix ,vous pouvez humainement donner plus de liberté à ce peuple.
Comme dises nos compatriotes de lanque Anglaise " if there is will the is way.
C'est un appel vers la tolérance et la compréhention..!.
Je suis peut-être naïf...mais on ne sait jamais???

Posted by François Fortin, Montréal October 17, 09 11:21 AM

To #1198 Michael

"I may dress in western attire but deep in my heart I am a Chinese. "

I am so moved by your words, the words are from a very famous song named "My Chinese Heart" written in the difficult ages of China.

Posted by Allan Wu October 17, 09 12:21 PM

Que belleza, hay que admirar lo que fue su pasado y sobre todo su presente, que tiene muchas fallas, creanme no es facil gobernar a millones de chinos, es una realidad, pero estas fotos demuestran el grado de participacion de sus fuerzas armadas y personal y material al servico de su pueblo.
Es un pais lleno de folklor espectacular,aquel que ha tenido la oportunidad de conocerlo, es un privilegio, hay que ver para creer.
Mexico esta por cumplir 200 años de independencia, haber que nos tiene preparados el ejecutivo

Posted by Jose Rodriguez Mexicano October 17, 09 01:51 PM

amazing moments and shots..
Congratulations to the mean's behind the cameras..

Posted by Eduardo October 17, 09 02:41 PM

It was a grand and fabulous event. Congratulations leaders and the Chinese people for their development and prosperity! On the great parade we better understand the concept of coordination, discipline, intelligence, strength and creative. Congratulations to all and long life for beautiful CHINA!
All the best from Bucharest, ROMANIA, Lorian

Posted by Lorian Vintila October 17, 09 03:30 PM

Imàgenes impresionantes!
China, para cuando la democracia?

Posted by FromArgentina October 17, 09 04:35 PM

Awesome displays. Congratulations to the Chinese people and the entire country of China.

Posted by imad Naffa October 17, 09 06:05 PM

Greater China! Whole world Salute you.

Whatsoever happens in the world happened in China, mother.

Conscience, industrious, tenacity, awareness, co-operation, , Peaceful,love one another and harmony as priority to the World.

Good bad sweet and sour are brighter made, hope that our China will progress as the World is better made.

over Five thousand years China is full of cultural and socio economic renaissance and changes for the better, not forgetting the major world 8 countries alliance invaded and looted properties from China (hundred years) and Japanese invasion and killed millions plus Chinese Cultural Revolution that killed more. But let us not forget history.

We next learn how to save our Planet! World together.

Human beings should be proud of China (PRC and Taiwan intact).

Make peace (love, faith, share) as we are one world (China is Great part of it).

Heavenly blessings to our World (no more war) !

Posted by Su Ru Shun, Kam King October 17, 09 08:12 PM

Congratulations! Fantastic 60th Anniversary.

Awesome displays

Posted by RAMU October 17, 09 10:27 PM

You need to take a look at these pictures.

Posted by Rick Pellish October 18, 09 02:53 AM

I went to China in 1980 and visited Beijing, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong and was surprised to see all those people working so hard and for little money.
Now I'm astonished to see this parade on the Tianmen Square, where
once I walked and passed to enter the Forbidden City.
La Chine est continuellement pour moi un exemple de progrès.

What an extraordinary people and country. We have so much to learn from them, their discipline and hard work.

Posted by Jean-Yves Laurin October 18, 09 11:23 AM


Posted by immigrant nat October 18, 09 02:10 PM

It was a wonderful show. But it was only a show; a carefully choreogrphed celebration. As a culture, it's what lies beneath that is important. Personal freedom? Respect for others? Rule of law? Equlity?
Etc.. These are the enduring bottom line by which any great nation will be judged.

Posted by John October 18, 09 02:17 PM

just absolutely beautiful and well organized..

Posted by Anonymous October 18, 09 06:29 PM


Posted by DUQUETTECAMILLE October 18, 09 06:41 PM

Ho Ho Ho~~
Never Fall Apart

Posted by Anonymous October 18, 09 07:15 PM

It's magificient !! But let us not be complacent. Let's mark this is just the beginning of another sixty years modernization. We must not forget the past mistakes and national disgrace as China was at the mercy of foreign powers.

Posted by Robert Tsang October 18, 09 07:19 PM

Felicitaciones por la demostración de Fuerza y Poder, entiendo que tambien debe haber costo humano, sacrificio humano, y que no todo es facil, pero al menos lo hicieron, y todo es muy esplendoroso, muy fastuoso, pero muy bueno, muy marcial, muy firmes, bueno de alguna manera debe salir adelante la Nación, y los Chinos, salieron adelante, algunos pueblos, ciudades, naciones, deben tomar ejemplos, ademas no se puede conformar a todos, reitero Felicitaciones desde aca, desde Argentina.-

Posted by Eduardo October 18, 09 08:51 PM

hello,peoples all over the word,China is great!

Posted by Anonymous October 18, 09 09:27 PM

Why do the outsider,westerner care abt China's problem?
Let's them use their China Yuen to celebrate,their citizen
suffer the poorness.Make the world war comes again,only
they learn the past of history again.Why shall we think
this giant country can celebrate their 65th or 100 aniversary,
bcos we all died?Our children have own idea if its country
can't give anything in their livings,change the nationality is the
answer.We shall not think too far or worry about the world,
they are a lot of brilliant peoples in world,no worry,bloggers!
Work hard to get good livings is only the correct way.World never
died bcos we have good peoples to protect this mother land.Sleep well,baby.
Any one who breaks the country,world or human laws will died first.


Posted by KAN FONG LING,Chinese Malaysian October 18, 09 09:36 PM

It is a great event in 2009. Chinese, 1/5 of world population wake up the
whole globe from economy tsunami crisis. the whole world is unable to grow without chinese who has 5000-year critical experience in this planet.
we must strugle for a fare deal in every respect, e.g. trading, scientific etc.
even nucler science or more precious technologies, no matter he is a
white man, black man that is like north korean or Iranian etc. provided he
is good for human being.

Posted by choosiewkok October 18, 09 10:34 PM

Regardless of past, political afiliation or flagrant human right violations the fact is china is the new super power. And it feeds on the greed of bussines man from the west that seek to pay less and less to their workers, reducing quality and serching to maximize profits at any cost, even their morals. The result is a rich comunist giant maintenied by the emprobrished capitalist counterpart.
The parade was awesome an it is indeed a show of force that demands respect.
I believe the best point made so far is: What are the plans of this giant? Scary to think the world will be dominated by a culture with such disregard for the person and such appreciation for the acomplishment regardless of the human suffering.

Posted by JP en Colombia October 19, 09 12:30 AM

counting the smiling faces .... ...... well still looking for ... aha!!! got one ..

Posted by chan October 19, 09 03:49 AM

Congratulations on China's 60th Anniversary.
These photographs show what can be done with millions of people.
The perfect alignment of all the persons marching & the vehicles in motion, is the greatest the world can witness for sheer precision.
It is unbelievable beauty & the colours are superb.
China, this must make you proud. !!!

Posted by Dennis Wells October 19, 09 04:34 AM

Well, Chinese Army is larges army all over the world. If someone will fight with this army and would kill one million chinese soldiers every day China will fight several years.

Posted by ABS October 19, 09 04:43 AM

Outstanding the display of force and the huge ocean of people allover.

Posted by Liz Kellin October 19, 09 04:58 AM

Wow! Wow!! and Wow!!!

Really Awesome display of deciplne by the participants and look at all those beautiful Women in Uniforms. They are pretty and tough and march vey well too... KUDOS!!!

I'm proud to be Chinese too... Cheers!!! Cheer!!! Cheers!!!

Posted by Rodney Lee October 19, 09 05:58 AM

i think this website is great!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 19, 09 11:15 AM

China the big excellence!!

Posted by Claudio Di Renzo October 19, 09 01:39 PM

I would rate North Korean military parade as the World's best.

Posted by Anomymous October 19, 09 02:04 PM

Esta es la instancia final del dominio del hombre por el estado. La panorámica de la cena o almuerzo, ¡¡¡es patética!!!. ¡¡¡No se olviden de Tiananmen!!!

Posted by PABLO BOLOGNA October 19, 09 02:10 PM

Congratulations China! That's a great celebration. It looks awesome!
I love Chinese people.

Posted by Amory October 19, 09 02:28 PM

Congratulations China

You make the world PROUD !!!!

Posted by Paulette Laporte October 19, 09 02:43 PM

Por esta China progresista y ordenada... Que superó la triste y oscura etapa del comunismo, y hoy es una potencia muncial.
Ojalá sea el ejemplo para los países sudamericanos. Especialmente para mi querida ARGENTINA, cuyos gobernantes viven resucitando rencores y odios, ejerciendo venganza contra los que no piensan como ellos. Estamos por cumplir 200 años de independencia, y seguimos condenados al fracaso por los corruptos e incapaces que gobiernan, los que en lugar de convocar empresarios para generar trabajo, los combaten y generan mas pobres...!!!

Posted by Carlos October 19, 09 05:45 PM

Impressive! Makes me remember the Sino/Japanese war during which the Chinese said: Forty dead Chinese, and one dead Japanese; pretty soon no more Chinese.

From an American perspective these are truly interesting times!

Posted by Joe Tetro October 19, 09 06:29 PM

98 % of all China's turtles are extinct, including 53% of all there native trees, 47% of all mammals, and lets not forget every river in China so polluted not even a fish can survive, ya and all for the mighty dollar. You judge a country on how well they treat there wildlife, ya and I showed you just how them commies care.

Posted by James Wardle October 19, 09 06:30 PM

To #1303.
"...and lets not forget every river in China so polluted not even a fish can survive, ..."


Posted by Ken Wu October 19, 09 10:06 PM

To #1304 as well.

This is how one can be brain washed by media. Come to China, see how Chinese people and government are treating people and the environment. You will see problems and progress, but definitely you will realize how much you are fooled by your media.

At least people living in China knows their media only report the good news and they seek alternative voice. But your media, on certain topic such as China, all sound the same and you never realize it.

Yes, your "freedom of press" has bee a big lie.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 19, 09 11:00 PM

I fought against the chinese in Korea and did not think too much of their army at the time. I have since been to China a few times and have seen the change. Very impressive indeed. I would hate to fight them again as I'm sure they are now very well trained and would be a formidable foe.
Besides all that they have a lot to show the world. I think its a great country.

Posted by Bill c. Canada October 20, 09 12:02 AM

Who says propaganda ain't art. China rocks!

Posted by K. Hausauer October 20, 09 01:47 AM

My respect to all chinese people, to the hard work they are doing,
to their skil and discipline and also to their leaders.
Congratulations from Romania !

Posted by Laur Ionescu October 20, 09 04:58 AM


Posted by ccc October 20, 09 05:19 AM


这就是你们的不对了。轮子们真要想让全国人民认可你们,最好的办法就是好好练轮子功。不仅锻炼身体,也延年益寿。轮子功真要像你们李大师说得那好,就要好好练功,别去掺乎什么政治。 在美国拿了NED那些钱,你们已经成了过街老鼠,一个字“惨”! 

Posted by 北美过路人 October 20, 09 08:20 AM


Posted by NITONGO October 20, 09 11:19 AM

All the official pomp & ceremony of the 1930's era Third Reich!!!!!

Posted by RW Say October 20, 09 11:41 AM

what happens if you are in the row of the parade and you want to take a sh*t so bad? can you leave your spot without any worries ? I doubt it.

I think this perfect discipline is driven by fear. they look like robots, more than a human beens... not there cause they wanted to... at least no all of them. they are forced to participate and obey the orders in the parade.

I'm from east european country and when I was a kid I remember similar parades and dictates of communist party. Guys, who are so proud - you will be proud if you set your selfs free.

Posted by Somebody Somewhere October 20, 09 01:20 PM

great this show , but how is the real picture in that enormous land

Posted by daniel merlo October 20, 09 04:03 PM

History repeats!

1936: Nazi Gemany hosted the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.
1945: Nazi Gemany collapsed nine years later.

1980: USSR hosted the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.
1989: USSR collapsed nine years later.

2008: PRC hosted the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
2017: PRC collapses nine years later?

Posted by Olympic Games Fan October 20, 09 06:14 PM

#1315, ya, dream on. I have heard the prediction of collapse of China from those so called Sino-experts so many times. Well, China is getting stronger daily....

Posted by Ashley October 20, 09 09:56 PM

Its amazing...I love watching their parade ...beautiful women in uniform..very neat ..

Posted by From Temecula.California, CA. U.S.A, October 20, 09 10:30 PM

La mayoria de los comentarios de los Argentinos hablan de libertad , pobreza , esclavitud y derechos humanos prohijados por la democracia. me Pregunto y les pregunto, POR CASA COMO ANDAMOS'

Posted by jorjucho October 20, 09 10:51 PM

To: #1315:
Just trying to entertaining yourself? Make a joke out of this? How old you are? The truth is: USSR was collapsed in 1991, not in 1989.

There are so many comments here reminded people like you: China is not Nazi, China is not USSR, YOU, brainwashed idiot, just don't get it.

Posted by mover2world October 20, 09 11:09 PM

#1315, haha, in 1990, when I was in college, some US experts predicted that China would collapse in 3 years. You remember? Of course not, because you were kindergarten then.

Posted by Old student October 20, 09 11:14 PM

To #1313 and all guys from ex eastern european countries:

No one, I say no one, in the parade is forced to be there. Most of them are volunteers who also participated in the 2008 Olympics. Actually it is considered a great honor and some people quit their jobs and came back from abroad to be there. If you do not believe, ask any Chinese who has friends in Beijing.

China is NOT the old eastern european where everything is controlled by Moscow and as a country you never had a choice from beginning to end. Communism is just an idealogy term, doesn't necessary mean much. I'm sorry your country has suffered under that name, but the same path may not apply to China. Open your eyes, you will know why. Besides, China is much much more free than you imagine, dude.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 21, 09 12:02 AM

I wonder why one of the TV Networks in the USA did not cover this celebration "Live."
It would have been a decent follow up to the Olympic Specticals. I don't agree with everything that goes on inside China...yet, somehow, these people just keep on keeping on - no matter what. An amazing culture.
National Geographic has been covering China since I can remember (I'm 74)...The world buys almost everything made in China...! They hold Billions in Loans to foreign governments...including the USA. We must remain a close friendship and still strive for civil rights.

Posted by George Emmert October 21, 09 12:10 AM

dear all,

have anyone of u just came back from Tibet? i have. do u all know how develop is lhasa? the railway?the highway? the education level?the priority given to the local for government dept?pension funds?health insurance that some hans in the big city cannot afford it?the housing and most important thing is the standard of living. i will always say this. BRAVO to CHINA. keep up the good work. i may not be a pure chinese born in china but i always tell the local, be proud of the development and fairness that have been shown to it people. I salute all the past presiden and PM of the past and present for a good job well done. BRAVO

Posted by tan October 21, 09 12:26 AM

As an old Queens Honour Guard Member, I am very please to see the precision the Military and the fighting Women of China present in this ceremoney. I will never see China but can appreciate the dedication it takes to march with such pride...The colors are very eyecatching and show the thousands that participated..In Canada we cannot present anything that could overwhelm this...

Posted by Norman s Jarvis October 21, 09 12:48 AM

Its a great achivement by a great Nation-- 60 Years.
Many of the consumer products including the Toys my Kid play with is having the Label "Made in China". Happy tyo see my neigbouring Nation growing. But I am just wondering on, will china be the friendly neighbour for my country, India. Hope it is and it will be.....

Posted by A Neighbour October 21, 09 12:48 AM

I am speechless. Absolutely fantastic.

Posted by John October 21, 09 02:23 AM

200 yrs before, our ancesters thought that we are superior people and a superior nation. All the others in the world are just barbarians. The we fell.

200 yrs later now, YOU, the western ppl, thinks that you are superior and we are barbarians. That's fine. That's ok, just think that we are inferior. But the history will let you know if you are really superior........

Posted by Empiranian October 21, 09 04:16 AM

Please accept my sincere congratulations
I am very proud, as a Swede, to have cooperated with China for more than 20 years!
I wish China and the Chinese people - Good Luck!
Magnificant performances NOW - as those during the Olympic Games 2008!

Posted by Magnus Simon October 21, 09 04:21 AM

it is very very very very very nice

Posted by SAMVED M. SANGLE October 21, 09 06:20 AM

I am an oversea Chinese and is very happy for China. I shed tears to think my ancestor had to leave their beloved land to suffer in a foreign land away from their loved ones because of the sad state of affairs then. People in the West should not condemn nor be jealous of what China has achieved now, it has not been an easy road, let China celebrate as they wish, it is perfectly ok to spend some money to celebrate for and on behalf of billions of people.

Everybody in China makes full use of themselves and do not depend on government hand-outs, human rights can remain in your country for the moment, please do not impose your standards on others. I, in my present country has not been treated fairly and in a way is 'oppressed' but I don't hear you coming to my country to speak on my behalf simply because my present country is not that glorious and you are not interested because it will not make you feel important or famous.

Every home knows what is best for themselves, every misbehaved child needs to be disciplined, every home have their own rules, do give space for improvements as I believe the Chinese Government is amongst the better organized and will self-adjust without interference from self-righteous neighbours. Just because Denise the Menace runs next door to complain doesn't mean he is unjustly treated at home, Mum and Dad really can't have double standards and bend to everybody's whims and fancies.

Be proud of what the human race is capable of - organized, disciplined, talented, yes, human race in general and the Chinese (for the matter) in particular.

Well done, China!!

As an oversea Chinese, I am very proud of our roots and culture and earnestly hope ethics and integrity among the people in China will not erode for financial gains.

Posted by Ng F W October 21, 09 08:18 AM

One wishes the Monty Python crew had been hidden in one of those perfectly aligned squares, and suddenly done their 'helter skelter' dispersal tactic !

Posted by Rozmarija Grauds October 21, 09 08:50 AM

This fancy demonstration pales in comparison to the blatant ignorance going on in the country. As long as it is okay to skin puppies alive for the "fur trade", then a society is basically primitive and no amount of colourful flowers and pageantry will hide this defect. Until human rights and animal rights are respected, all that I have to say is "China sucks"!

Posted by Free Thinker October 21, 09 08:54 AM

If China collapsed, will others follows? Of course, the West will be too eager to ensure that it happens. It almost did in 1990 but fortunately the capable leaders of CCP put them down before China collapsed.

Maybe a 'comment' from a reader should ensure his 'own country' will not collapse either.

Posted by DAVID LIM October 21, 09 09:29 AM

Outstanding display of discipline,beauty and organization....As long as chinese people remain growing in just unbeliavable all they can achieve!!! Congrats!

Posted by Julyuss Lozzano October 21, 09 11:30 AM

To #1332:
I'm sorry but you are just among the many well brain-washed people by your media about China.

"Impossible, I'm living in the free world, we have the freedom of press, how can we be brain-washed?" Well, this is easy, China is a big and remote country and since an average viewer like you only pays 30 seconds on interntional news so just select these things which are related to the things that make the view feel superior and more civilized such as other country's violation of human rights, abuse of enviroment/culture/animal.

China is a huge country, as big s the entire Europe. A country this big has been left behind the world for at least 100 years. China needs to develop 10 times faster than others so it can catch on. Mistaks, problems, errors do occur and some are unforgiveable. If you only read media who mostly cover this part of China, you surely will draw a China in every possible dirty way. But, this is not the whole truth, more importantly, it is not the future.

But your medi make you believe that the problems you see on TV and newspaper about China are inevitable and will only get worse. If, I'm saying, if this is not the truth, will you say you are brain-washed?

And one more thing as you might also find out on here is that a lot of people, Chinese or non-Chinese living within China or abroad (hence the "free world") share different views with yours, why?

Also as I read from different articles written about China by forgeiners and many has this sencentence somewhere in :"I had a very bad impression about China untilI I actually went there ...". Guess who is living in then?

Cheer up friend, the fact that you are made to hate us is not your fault.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 21, 09 12:13 PM


Posted by zainudheen October 21, 09 03:09 PM

I would say it in short. All I see is impressive, but reminds of America (or Russia).
The (apparently) only impressive think such country can do is show hwo big is the army, to make everybody around fear and respect.
Do not expect any human rights or similar "bulshit" while China has such an example for prosperity.
China, traditionally has more great things than guns, but it;s just not the right time to show it.

I likes the Taikonauts, thou

Posted by Vytenis Cubrinskas October 21, 09 04:09 PM

"la foto del ciudadano sujetando la antena para ver el desfile lo dice todo, espero que tengan pronto democracia auténtica"

My thoughts exactly.

Posted by Bernard October 21, 09 05:21 PM

son todos giles

Posted by Anonymous October 21, 09 05:51 PM

algo magestuoso y muy respetable.Se imaginan si la China le declarara la guerra a cualquier otro país de la tierra? se imaginan que pasaría si la China se quedara sin alimentos o sin agua dulce? Es el país más poderoso del mundo de eso no cabe duda.Felicitaciones.

Posted by sylvia uruguay October 21, 09 09:02 PM

I am a foreigner who has made China his home.
I married a Chinese wife and I work and live in China
because it is the best place to be for me.
China is the giant that is waking up....
and the whole world will shake! The Chinese leadership
is wise, the Chinese people are hard working that is why
the country is progressive.
Anybody who talks against the Chinese, against the
government, against the whole Chinese system
is nothing but an IDIOT!

Posted by Luo Mu Li October 21, 09 10:04 PM

The celebration was excelent. We have to learn much, like person, poeple, organization, goverment, etc....It is beatiful.

Posted by Oswaldo A. Borráez G. Bogotá, Colombia October 21, 09 11:35 PM

Very self discipline, its is a big concern .....

Posted by Viorica October 22, 09 12:33 AM

Wonderful display, we hope to have you as an example of hard work, discipline, determination and perseverance. May we learn from your great example as a leader in our asean region.

Posted by luis sabarre October 22, 09 07:54 AM

A China,ainda vai causar muitos problemas para a humanidade.

Posted by João Bosco de Oliveira October 22, 09 08:13 AM

The test of a country is not in how big a parade it can put together but in how well its people live. In this regard China has a long way to go before it approaches parity with "the West".

But China deserves kudos for the steps it has made and is making in improving the lot of its people -particularly in the past couple of decades.

Nonetheless I am concerned at the militarism it seems to worship. No western nation would THINK of featuring a rollpast of hundreds of tanks or a flypast of hundreds of attack helicopters. These are not "defensive" machines -and one must question the motives of a nation that pays so heavily to produce such war-stocks.

I don't think those sacrifices were sustained simply to stage impressive parades.

Call me crazy...

Jock Williams Yogi 13

Posted by Jock Williams October 22, 09 08:53 AM


Posted by Tony Kerr October 22, 09 03:32 PM

Parabens ao povo Chines pelos 60 anos. Que Deus conceda a PAZ para todos. A festa do povo Chinês foi LINDA.
Parabens pelo seu aniversário, espero ver muito mais com a PAZ.

Posted by F.Sobral October 22, 09 05:34 PM

I am proud of CHINA, and will always do. Congratulations to all the Chinese people not only in the mainland but to those who are around the world!
Rafaela Villacorte-Chen

Posted by Rafaela Apples Villacorte Chen October 22, 09 06:31 PM

Que grandioso que espectacular parecen maquinas automatizadas sin ningun parecido a qualquier ser humano que vive en libertad y con respeto a sus derechos humanos,me inmagino cuantas hora-hombres gastados para este evento mas aun sacando a 0.10centavos la hora,QUE ABUZO,para que esto pueda ser apreciado por todo el mundo pero no se dan cuenta que las nuevas generaciones ya no nos dejamos enganar en forma erronea,paramuestra un boton cuantos millones de personas todavia tienen que poner un televisor al piso y luego tratar de ponersu pobre antena y no tener un banco donde sentarse,que de sus alimentos?que desus derechos humanos ? QUE ABUZO.

Posted by edwing October 22, 09 06:49 PM

Congratulations on 60 years of progress and growth. It has been my pleasure to visit China and travel throughout the country. Contrary to western propaganda China is a beautiful country with the hardest working most honest people I have ever met- and I have traveled throughout the world. If one doubts that this is going to be the century of the Chinese then they need to visit China for themselves. There is a vibrancy that can be felt and a pride which is well earned. They are not perfect, as no country is, but I hope they are better stewards of the world than we have been.

Posted by L. Jobe October 22, 09 08:04 PM

I am a 65 year old USA man. I served in Da Nang, RVN. regular Air Force etc. I purchased a home in Anshan City (north-east China) in 2006 and live with my Chinese wife, and her Mom and 10 year old son lives with us also. I studied about Russia and China in the 1960's as part of my military training. That was then. People can change their behavior with effort, and sometimes countries can also. 1979 was monumental in China's history...after Chairman Mao died. The leadership at the top in Beijing is working desperately to remove the corruption and graft in the provincial and city governments. The Chinese people are far more devoted to their family and their "mother country" than we are now. We in the USA are advanced technologically. In terms of governance, the Chinese one party system is doing a far better job of serving the people recently than our broken system of Harry Reid and Glen Beck and Nancy Palosi and Shawn Hanady. This is my first hand perspective from living in China for almost 4 years (I return to my USA every year for vacations and visiting my good friends).

Posted by Joe Dwyer October 22, 09 09:29 PM

I don't understand all the comments, but I certainly enjoyed the photos!
I have family living in Taiwan and they wouldn't live any place else. I just pray that some day the entire world can live in peace and harmony, but it won't happen in my lifetime, as I am already 71 years old. God bless us all!

Posted by Anonymous October 22, 09 11:49 PM

great china.....

Posted by Anonymous October 23, 09 04:53 AM

mind blowing !!

Posted by Geeta Tripathi October 23, 09 05:15 AM

The Chinese Century is well under way!

Posted by Keyser Soze October 23, 09 07:05 AM

muy bien por el pueblo chino un espectaculo impresionante digno de ese pais
cuando china despierte..................

Posted by matica October 23, 09 07:22 AM

Just think about how China had experienced during 60 years...and how China get treated by western countries. I live in Shanghai and i do feel the hospitality from all Chinese pple. they are kind, warm-hearted, hard working. China is not perfect, but it is getting better and better.

Posted by Bobochacha October 23, 09 10:22 AM

China is getting better? Yet they still hide the student massacre at Tiananmen square from the people. 99% of China doesnt even know the massacre ever existed.

Posted by Truth About China October 23, 09 12:53 PM

Congratulation ! My country. I love you forever!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 23, 09 12:53 PM


Posted by ANONYMOUS VIVAR October 23, 09 01:32 PM

GREAT CHINA .... THEY HAVE DONE REALLY WELL IN PAST FEW YEARS.... i wish there is peace ...harmony ... and no discrimination future like in other great countries

Posted by AWAIS JAVED October 23, 09 02:40 PM

Hello China - You have the most progessive counry in he world. Keep up the good work. You are doing an excellent job for the remainder of the world.
The pictures and the magnitude of the parade is most impressive. It is hard to believe you have such an enormous group of people. I have worked with several Chinese pepple in Canada and abroad and I must say it has been a real pleasure to know them and have the opportunity of working with them. Good luck to all, and cheers and all the best. Martin Montague, Ottawa Canada.

Posted by Marrtin J Montague October 23, 09 04:10 PM

To see is to believe, lets give them the credit. We are happy to see the new China after 60 years.

Posted by F. T. Tong October 23, 09 11:24 PM

The genii is out of the bottle and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This display of wealth and might is a reminder of the Ussr's annual parades of its weaponry only it is done with better taste and opulence....Hopefully this beautiful event is not just another step in China's march towards hegemony of Asia and more.

the US and the EU may well have sown the seeds of China's economic explosion and nascent dominance..

Posted by Gene October 24, 09 12:07 AM


With Thanks & Regards
Vikas Singla
Jai Hind

Posted by VIKAS SINGLA October 24, 09 01:03 AM

To #1359 and all others who are still fascinated with "TIANMEN SQUARE MASSCARE" whenever China pops up on your screen.

I'm really curious: What are you wishing for? Wishing a better China? Oviously I don't smell that. What I smell is that you are still dreaming there should be a uprising by the Chinese to overthrow the evil commie government.

I hate to disappoint you, but since truth hurts, so let us deal with it: Most Chinese, I say 99% of them, know what happened 20 years ago and many people in their 30,40's were in it (me included). Then why don't we stand up and have a revolution? Well, simple, because we realized we had enough revolution which solved nothing but made us left behind the world even further. And you and others from the west tried everything to push us to have another revolution. Can you not say you wish to see China having a revolution and go into chaos again?

We are not blind or ignorant. We will have the people responsible for the death of these students facing justice. By saying "the people", I for one, do not mean the Chinese government but people like you from the west, who used your properganda machine to push the naive students to the gunpoint and made the Chinese government facing two choices: either give up power and let China go into endless civil war again, or shed blood of our own brother and sisters (the fallen soldiers are also our brothers) to give the nation a chance to catch up with the world. So, I will say that , not only 99% Chinese knew what happened 20 years ago, 99% of them know who should be punished - YOU.

I'm sorry, unlike what you may think. Today when think of Tian'men Movement, after witnessing the development happened in China during the last 20 years, every Chinese will ask himeself: what if we took the advice by these forginers (again) and overthrow the CCP, will we achieve what we have achieved today? The answer is absolutely not. So, you people who can't stop dreaming of China's collapse, stop. Try to open your eyes and your mind, we are the same peopole as you who want a better and peaceful life. If you are so facinated with whatever means of "justice" to you, go tell the Americans to have a revolution and put all these bankers into prison or something.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 24, 09 02:58 AM

i can't belive this is china, amazing, the world should follow....

Posted by PRAFFUL SOMANI October 24, 09 03:45 AM

Ces démonstrations évoquent pour moi qui suis né en Belgique en 1930, les parades de l'armée allemande et l'invasion subséquente en 1940.
Bien sûr, sur le plan de l'organisation, ces défilés impeccables quant à l'ordre parfait dans lequel ils se déroulent, méritent une appréciation favorable, mais il faut toujours se méfier de l'eau qui dort.

Posted by Quoirin October 24, 09 04:42 AM

China's achievements are proof of hard work, discipline and fortitude which all people in the world should emulate. Congratulations. Zhong Guo Wan Sui !!!

Posted by Huang Liu Bo, Davao City, Philippines October 24, 09 05:20 AM

I celebrated my 60th Brithday on moon festival day with China National Day on October in Shanghai when the Chinese people, friends & relatives gave us warm & fond memory of this glorious event. Even the foreigners are deeply impressed & proud of China when they saw the spectacular parade.
Thus, my praying for China & the Chinese, wishing peace & progressive for the country & people.
May GOD's love & blessings be upon CHINA & the whole world alway.

Posted by Leong Chong Kwong October 24, 09 08:31 AM

Yes it was magnificent and necessary to boast the national pride and the patriotism but I would not applauded it as there are still so many, so many empty stomach that need to be filled not only in far away districts or in the jungles or in the mountainous terrains but around the 'slums' around all major towns.... billions can be spent on building impressive bridges and tunnels yet can't even spend a million to improve drainage system of villages...the filthy and unhygienic environment where these villagers are staying make a mockery of modern socialist china. Just like an old proverb : "must keep face even on empty stomach"
You need a proof, please visit Xiamen and its surrounding villages, eg.下洋村 where its beach had been reclaimed...

Posted by kimyeok October 24, 09 08:55 AM

I just wonder why we do not have female soliders that look that look those in picture #8 & #16. I hope that the China has a great day of celebrating it is a great day for them. I also hope that the relations with the USA will improve and that they ( China ) can see to aid us the ( USA ) and the rest of the world on the war on terrorism and drugs.

Posted by William E. Call, Jr October 24, 09 10:59 AM

Hello everyone I am a Chinese,
When you see the Chinese characters will know that I am a Chinese, I have poor English I was through google translation you can still see the contents of the translation I

When you see the Chinese characters will know that I am a Chinese, I have poor English I was through google translation you can still see the contents of the translation I
I accidentally saw this site, have also seen your message here, the good side of it was that China was that China's bad everyone's view is not the same as China is opening up now if you want to really understand China is still welcome you to China to travel to see the real Chinese style what kind of I would not have to explain too much with you
Chinese people are industrious and good Government has the responsibility that we are still developing, there are many problems to face, but we are confident that our own country like the United States because the United States is very well developed, we would like you to learn we have to remember that the Japanese can learn about our history we remember the sufferings of being bullied by the pain that you feel insecure but now we have our country's economic development, good standard of living of the people that we are very happy we hope that a portion of money to carry out national defense to protect our people like the recent We ship by Somali pirates, like we need to protect so you still Do not worry, we just do not want to hurt others to protect themselves the meaning of the National Day military parade to celebrate our 60th birthday is to give people confidence in the economic crisis
I am grateful for the benefits of the above said that the Chinese people thank you to objectively look at China regards Say No good people still ask you to understand that we are still developing a lot of difficulties in the development of your country have to face that same is true

Posted by ÉϹÙÍõ¸Õ October 24, 09 12:49 PM

It's beautiful, no doubt. The parades, the women in uniform, all that glamour (why not, only the French do have it??) is really beautiful.
The point is, all this show just makes me think about the unseen miseries, the mouth-less true freedom fighters that ended their lives God knows how, just because they didn't think the way the government wanted them to think (remember Tiananmen!!!).
It's a great country, no doubt about it. Much better to be friends than foes, but ... what lies behind??
Anyway, congratulations to all performers, a great mise-en-scene, very well mounted so that fools (tha world is too full of them) can swallow the pill very well. A great country anyway, in spite of the regime.

Posted by Hugo Köncke (Uruguay) October 24, 09 02:00 PM

great national day

Posted by sss October 24, 09 02:04 PM

great national day

Posted by sss October 24, 09 02:08 PM


Posted by Ivan October 24, 09 04:03 PM

Très, très beau !

Merveilleux tableaux!

Posted by Ghislaine October 24, 09 04:13 PM

TRÈS BON!J'ai particulièrement admirer la précision du mouvement des troupes lors de la parade , ainsi que l'alignement irréprochable du matériel militaire roulant

Posted by wagui kassabgui October 24, 09 08:53 PM

I am very proud of my Chinese heritage and culture. The Chinese people had suffered silently for many years and being bullied by many foreign nations. They plundered and stole many precious Chinese artefacts which can been seen and being shamelessly displayed and exhibited in their respective museums.
The West and Japan had colonized many parts of China and stole many precious historical artefacts and priceless collections. They have created many miserable, violent, horrible and tragic acts that are contrary to their "human rights" preachings. They preached and never practise what they preached.
They spoke of human rights and many righteous ideas in their countries., What about the Afro-Americans being bullied and outcast in the American society then, and the Nazi killings and torturing of the Jews and the persecutions of many minority groups in varies countries. Why wasn't those atrocious acts made known and publicized?
China is very noble and want to pursue and promote a peaceful world order. As a nation that had prospered, they were among the first the major supporter of the American financial crisis financing the billions of dollars into their financial debacle.
There were many adverse and critical remarks that were posted in the internet, I beleive these people are still living in the "Middle or Stone Ages". I would like to take this opportunity to enlighten these "IDIOTS' that the Chinese were among the most civilised society even during the said period when your ancestors were running around half-naked or naked. Take for example; when the Chinese were using chopsticks to eat your ancestors do not know how to cook a proper meal. Today you can ask anyone what is the best cuisine, and I can proudly tell you that the majority would say it is "CHINESE".
The Chinese invented many things that made the contemporary lives of people more progressive for example the cmpass, gun powder, paper, spagetti; just t o name a few.
Talk about aninmal abuses and love of the animals, there are many animals that are killed and hung as trophies in many of the Western homes and prominent places. The Japnese are killing whales under the pretext of scientific studies. The fox hunters do it under the name of sports. The hunters do it for the fun of killing. These people are hypocrites. The Chinese government is clamping down on many of these animal abuses and practices. They had bred the panda and many other species of animals that would otherwise be extinct. These people have to wake up and remind themselves that China is such a huge nation and not like the "wells" that they a "frogging in". It takes great effort to see the present day progess and advances they have made in the whole nation.
I am proud to see the massive progress that China has made and the many improvements they have made in the lives of the Chinese people. The critics are myopic in their observations and biased in their comments. They have to be in China to see and experience the bustling progress that they Chinese government is making all over China. They have many first in the constructions of highways, bridges, airports, buidings, transportation, high speed trains, factories, sports stadiums, swimming complexes, new townships, cosmospolitan cities and many others that would put the West to shame in many areas. Why don't these critics wake up and accept China's progress and credit the good intentions of the Chinese government in the promotion of peace and goodwill. These critics are either envious or jealous of the improvement and standard of living the Chinese people..

Posted by G S Heok October 25, 09 01:08 AM


With Thanks & Regards
Vikas Singla
Jai Hind

Posted by VIKAS SINGLA October 24, 09 01:03 AM

you hopelessly stupid devil of South Asia!!!

Posted by Lau, the overseas Chinese October 25, 09 03:55 AM

Fantastic!! Well done China.Its a great country, if only the west can let it develop.One small request,Accept Budhism in your very fine dicipline to give it a human touch,but than i m sure the Boffins on top know what they r doing.Long live the great hard working people of China.

Posted by Suman patel October 25, 09 06:42 AM

The parade is really great in China's 60th anniversary celebration , easily the best I have ever seen. It's showing the world their might, power and wealth --- and above all its pretty and well shaped woman soldiers in mini-skirts. But I think the parade will be made more interesting if China could show us the back side of the country, including the corruption, misused of power in its ranks and files, the poor children and farmers in the inland and life of its labours. Obviously China still has a lot to learn and improve.

Posted by Bill Knight October 25, 09 10:55 AM

To #1375:

I read from an article that before the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the old eastern eurpoe countries there were rumors that the communist leaders had billions of US$ in their swiss bank accounts. After the collapse most of these leaders were either dead or living in poverty. These billion dollar accounts? Not heard since.

It is a very good job done by your media to demonize whoever is not in your league. And now it's China's turn. Cut in short, things are way different to what you were told and implied. Of course you are not so easily convinced because your countries and allies are much stronger. But we are patient enough to wait untill you will listen, then you will kow, your "freedom of speech" has been a big lie.

If you really care about the Chinese people and want to make a difference, go to China and talk to real people. As you can see on this board, many forgeiners living in China have different opinions than yours. If all you care is that China has a "regime" you do not like, well, it's your problem, not ours cause we do not have a "regime", we have a country with problems we will deal with with ourselves.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 25, 09 11:03 AM

Emphasising military might is very often aimed at giving pride to the people by showing them "how strong their country is". It also is an opportunity to quite down some who would question how income taxes are used...But there is a huge gap between shows and actual behaviour during a "real war"...

Posted by Jackh October 25, 09 11:03 AM

All the pomp and ceremony does not include all the social injustices and all the government control of each life-including one child per family and abortion for any more children! No thanks!!

Posted by mary Bjork October 25, 09 07:23 PM

Viva China, y viva Argentina, que está saliendo adelante, combatiendo los exesos del capitalismo desmedido.

Posted by Claudio October 25, 09 08:27 PM

I don't know how they organize this spectacular display and control hundred of thousand participants.anyway, they did it.

Posted by John.Canada. October 25, 09 11:25 PM

From Canadian perspective: You like it or not, China is the new 'Super Power' in the world. Imagine if China stops lending the money to US. Don't you guys realise how much US$ that US government borrowed from China? Many factories and businesses in US have moved to China for the last 15 years because of cheap labour, low tax, etc and they don't realize that sooner/ later it hurt the economy (already did). A lot of people in US lost the jobs and moreover, the US banking systems, sorry to say, is not helping the economy either....rather than criticizing China, wake up guys, start building your country before it's too late!

Posted by Alexander, CAN October 26, 09 12:03 AM

Hallucinant et très impressionnant. Quand on dit que la Chine sait FAIRE, elle sait nous fasciner. J'aurais vraiment aimé être sur place lors de cette journée nationale. Je suis déjà allé à Hong Kong et par ces photos, je me suis de noveau transporté mentalement. J'ai vraiment hâte de visiter ce magnifique pays en mai prochain. BRAVO!

Posted by Conrad Roy October 26, 09 12:09 AM

I am of Chinese descent. However I live in a country where my rights as a full fledged tax-paying citizen is severely compromised as a result of the state's policy in favoring the 'indigenous' people of the land. Why doesn't the Western media choose to come to my country to investigate and report those injustices? Surely they are of the same magnitude as the so called 'abuses of human rights' purportedly committed by the Chinese government? Anti-China propaganda is rife in the Western Media and understandably...because a strong China is a threat to the Western World's influence and dominance. Europe more or less deforested enormous tracts of woodland during the Industrial revolution. The Seine River is only today able to sustain migrating Salmon along its banks in Paris (prior to that it was too polluted). America continues to be the largest consumer of power and vehemently refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol. The Western Civilization had slashed, burned and plundered their way to progress long before long before the seeds of industrial progress had ever been sowed in China. I think its important to look at China's growth objectively...surely there are growing pains as would be expected in any growth process...what the world can do is to cut it some slack and not criticize every move that China makes. However human nature will prevail and I do not believe the negative reporting will diminish any time soon. Only time will tell.

Posted by Bull run October 26, 09 12:50 AM

Very impressive. If China can do very orderly, and unique system of parade, why can't other countries do the same. People are very well disciplined, the reason why China is becoming prosperous. Congratulations to the people of China. You're all great and magnificent.

Posted by melanie October 26, 09 02:25 AM


Posted by SHOAIB October 26, 09 03:16 AM


Posted by DINESH October 26, 09 04:12 AM

Let me add my 2 cents.
First of all, ever since I visited China for the first time, I've been in love with it. It's definitely a great country, a great civilization, and the people are extremely friendly and peaceful. For a one-party system, the Chinese politics has made a wondrous progress from the backward oppressive socialism to a modern, capitalist, and more free system of government.

However, this parade, beautiful and grand as it surely is, gives me the creeps.
Even more so, the countless comments above boiling with exalted praise... This is dangerous, you know. We in CE Europe have been through it so many times, we stand in awe how people elsewhere are clueless. I mean, guys why can't you understand that the real progress and value of a country or a society has nothing to do with a gigantic parade or a display of the military might.
I do have great respect for the advancements and hard work that has buit today's China, but please don't get all drunk with blind love for that country - any country, in fact. There are black and blood-red pages of the Chinese history, and you have to face it - without accusing the West, which you always do by default. The West blame aside, you still have lots of home-brewed injustice to come to terms with. Denial, shift of responsiblity to external forces, and fanatic support to your governmant no matter what, is a straight path to the past that you have just escaped from.

Think about it.

Greetz to all Chinese. You are a wise people. If you strive to remain so, you should never be afraid to ask difficult questions, and to question your Gov's decisions. You know, just in case.

Posted by - zaijian - October 26, 09 05:39 AM


Posted by Gabriel Manolescu October 26, 09 12:34 PM

i feel china restricts people's rights,as humans,we need a voice,we need freedom of thought,speech and action,democracy is the good form of government,of the people,by the people,for the people,it is good to learn that china is leading in terms of economy,sports and other fields,but people still need their rights,the recent milkpowder scandal upset me somuch,the government should do something to preserve the lives of its citizens,i was even more shocked to learn that the government had kept it hidden at the time of Olympics,somany lives could have been saved,first comes people's lives,only after that power and fame.

Posted by together for democracy October 26, 09 02:02 PM


Posted by NATALYA October 26, 09 03:52 PM

I love my Motherland!!!

Posted by Annie Lee October 26, 09 04:13 PM

estoy de acuerdo con el sr. que dijo que son todos unos giles

pobre de EEUU, no le queda mucho tiempo....

Posted by Ghinthmint October 26, 09 04:57 PM

But where are the photos of the 70 million graves attributed to Communist rule in China?

Posted by Lee Dunning October 26, 09 05:16 PM


Posted by ALEJANDRO October 26, 09 10:53 PM

Hi Sonya,
I thought you might find this interesting.
Love Agnes T.

Posted by Sonya Cummings October 27, 09 12:15 AM





Posted by MHS October 27, 09 12:54 AM

1341! We`ll see!

Posted by PATRIOT October 27, 09 01:00 AM

To: 1402
"But where are the photos of the 70 million graves attributed to Communist rule in China?"

Can I ask where are a photos of thousands of millions of graves attribute to western colonial invasions across the world? Oh, let's not forget all the deaths attribute to capitalist rule? Do you like to take credit for all these?

It's so interesting to see you guys are brain washed to believe that there exists a thing called "communist rule" in China, like it is some kind of real person who never die and should be taken responsible for every bad things. And at the same time you guys can be forgiven after a new government is elected?

China like any other country has had good and bad history, Everyone, not a single person who has a name called "communist rule" should be responsible for what happened. So our future is not to have another revolution and let you enjoy a show with China's civil war. Our future is just like you, to have people educated, working hard, electct good politicians to govern the country. See you in 30 years and keep dreaming about the non-exist communist regime your properganda machine has injected in your brain.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 27, 09 02:17 AM

Great China ❤

Posted by Jill L October 27, 09 02:28 AM

I find it frightening. How long before those hordes of people want more space and natural resources, and decide that North America has them? Wake up! This is a much repeated pattern! They have already taken most of our jobs. When was the last time you bought something manufactured in the North American market? I purchased a new FORD truck to keep my $$$ in America. It has HANKOOK tires...made in CHINA! For gosh sakes where are our tires? Why is it not equiped with made in America tires? Why are WalMart stores filled with good made in China? I fear for our future generations!

Posted by Lucwolf October 27, 09 03:12 AM

Démonstration de force où l'individualisme n'a pas sa place.

Quand même magnifique!

Posted by Pierre October 27, 09 05:22 AM

It is one of the most amazing thing that i had the chance to see.. i wish i was there to see it myself..
Great photo.

Posted by Emanuel G. October 27, 09 05:51 AM

Discipline of any form is what is needed in this country. You see China is not multi-colored and multi-race country so imposing discipline is not as challenging as here in the USA. Chinese can follow country, honor, and love of country, here in the USA we follow the dollar in any form we have too. These pictures are so made in china.

Posted by Vincent R October 27, 09 10:42 AM

Amazing! Those Chinese military women are really beautiful!

Posted by Mike D October 27, 09 02:50 PM

Actually that's kinda stupid. Armed forces anywere in the world parade with that kind of precision. It's something they take pride for...

Posted by Barros October 27, 09 02:59 PM

This is absolutely incredible !
Congratulations China's CCP.

Vikas, India

Posted by Vikas October 27, 09 06:25 PM

The new leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has made an astonishing blend of the best of capitalism with the best of socialism. I'm sure that a multi-party "democracy" in China similar to the ones we know in the traditional capitalist regimes would bring great poverty to the most populated country in the world and would surely be suffering the global recession that the rest of the countries are experiencing due to the reckless management (corruption) of the powerful CEO of the giant capitalist companies. The celebration of the 60 anniversary is an example of planning, organization and discipline which exemplifies how the government should be administered. This is the reason why China is the fastest growing economy in the 21st century.

Posted by Vladimir Espinosa October 27, 09 07:06 PM

To #1414: "Armed forces anywere in the world parade with that kind of precision. "

I'm sure you won't agree on being called "stupid", but if you ask any real soldier who has ever done similar things, you will know how difficult it is especially with a group of 352.

Posted by Wiz-Be October 27, 09 10:25 PM

In next 5 years, their products will be the most durable and in expensive.
they can make everything, they so ready for global market. isn't scary?

Posted by janoisla October 27, 09 11:18 PM

What I find intimidating about China; We have the Guns, but they have the numbers.

Posted by Aaron Walton October 27, 09 11:41 PM

As an old geezer from abroad living in China, I'd like to share my views of the celebration and the comments made. Yes, the celebration like the Olympics, was spectacular exhibiting fantastic discipline. In a country of 1.3 billion people what China has achieved in the past 60 years would not have been possible without this discipline! There was a price to be paid and, as some comments indicated, some paid with their blood. Mistakes were made, of course, but progress also is being achieved. There's a need to put things in perspective. The new Age with its great tool of communicating, the Internet, will help temper the discipline to, hopefully, the benefit of all China and its diverse population.

The West has had its day in the sunlight. It's time for China and India to show the way. To understand why China has come such a long way in such a short time, one needs to study ancient Chinese history where the key to a better life was education. This concept has endured for thousands of years; this concept along with its Confucian ethics will
see China take its people and the World into the New Age.

Posted by Larry October 28, 09 12:14 AM

That's the way the world looks at things. The *surface*. China is so powerful that it can achieve 8% GDP growth so easily this year admist the world's worst financial tsunami. The central government could easily have thrown 4 trillion dollars into Sichuan province last year for the Earth quake rebuild. And another 4 trillium into other developments, with another 4 trillions to spare if needed. I regret giving my donation to the Sichuan province last year for the Earth Quake victims. My donation probably ends up as another shark fin soup dinner gatherings for the Sichuan government officials. I will not send anymore charitable money into that country anymore.

Posted by P Wong October 28, 09 01:35 AM

I think the comment made by #1416 is a valid one. There is no magic behind the China's success. The system makes the difference. Unfortunately, people in Western countries who understand this don't want to admit this because it will against the main stream media and violate government propaganda regulations; People in Western countries who don't understand this, will try to diminish the China's success by picking out the violations in "human right", "democracy", "freedom of speech" and corruption in Chinese systems and etc, only to make them feel good because we are still living in a "free world". Taking democratic election as an example, does the election really selected a good leader, does the process really fair? I doubt it. When you have over 60% total population going to vote, you get 50.01% of votes, you won the election. What really meaning is that you have 30% of population made decision for other 70%, in the name of democracy. Is that stupid? No, this is smart selection process. This is how we western people control the world up to now, will continue to next century, many of us in US believes this.This is also reflected in this blog.

Some people in this blog called for waking up, guys. The problem is: you can do nothing about the system. Even you got wake up, you cannot change anything. The better way to do is just relax, watch, and also do some finger pointing. This is basically what we can do in the Western countries.

Posted by Allen A. October 28, 09 07:29 AM

Found many interesting comments here. Many western people disbelieve what happened in China, while most of oversea Chinese proud of this event even they live in free wold. This makes lots of western people don't understand.You are living in free world, but still love China so much. What is going here.

Posted by west2east October 28, 09 10:17 AM

@1421, don't get what you tried to convey, Do you think that Chinese government thrown large sum money into earthquake relief effort is a bad thing? Yes, corruption does existing (in some cases at large scale) in China, that does not disqualify China to receive donation from cared people from the world though.

Posted by Ashley October 28, 09 10:54 AM

Chine !

Que prépares-tu ? Ta montée ou ta décente ?

Que prépares-tu ?

Posted by Renald Harrison October 28, 09 11:36 AM


Posted by BHARAT A. ZAVERI October 28, 09 11:36 AM

parecem até bonequinhos lego....

Posted by s.couto October 28, 09 12:27 PM

Anyway you slice it, those were GREAT pictures!

Posted by Steve October 28, 09 02:04 PM

60 years of communism might be a great accomplishment for someone, but not me, let them have the freedom that most of the rest of the world has, they can really celebrate then. Beautiful precision etc. etc., but still not a free people or a free nation,,

Posted by Ray October 28, 09 08:47 PM

apa hampa dok kutuk negara orang. jaga la negara sendiri. depa nak tunggang terbalik ka, tu negara depa. yang mana elok hampa ambik, mana yang tak elok tu hampa jangan ikut. apa laaaa bangang sangat. yang orang cina kata negara china baguih, yg mai dari india kata nak kerat-kerat, yg mat salih plak dok risau barang china banyak kat negara depa. last-last jadila bangau oh bangau.....

cuba pikiaq-pikiaq sket..

Posted by pak belalang October 28, 09 10:32 PM

from these comments by envious americans, it is a sign of desperation. they badmouth other countries. they are very arrogant that's why the world are against them. china will be the country that will defeat you. not militarily but economically. maybe in your lifetime, you will see the final downfall of this country if you dont change your attitude towards other people of the world. you always think being the best not forget, that's what Hitler's message to the world.....and look what happened to Germany.

Posted by reysapnu October 29, 09 12:05 AM


Posted by BHARAT October 29, 09 01:26 AM

just loved the grandeur ;especially since I had just been to China two weeks before this great event.
Keep up the good work, but please keep in mind Human rights as well

Posted by Ghazala October 29, 09 05:14 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 29, 09 07:01 AM


Posted by Pilar Castro-Villalba October 29, 09 08:12 AM

China You Great , Long live China

Posted by Peter October 29, 09 09:30 AM

El sistema Chino ha demostrado en estos 60 años que responde a los mas grandes desfios de la humanidad, reducir la pobreza elevando el nivel de vida, garantizar trabajos mediante la inversión pública y privada en el marco de su soberanía e independencia política y social, ajustandose a las realidades del mercado cambiante.
Llamese como se llame, el sistema chino ha marcado, en medio de sus propias dificultades y limitaciones, mucha direrencia en el mundo contemporaneo en bien de la humanidad.
Ya desearan muchos paises alcanzar una porción de empuje, orden y disiplina de ese gigante asiático.
Que viva el Pueblo China!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Matthew Brack Downs October 29, 09 12:28 PM

You give Democracy to China and it's prosperity is over. About human rights... I am sorry but China is a country that respects human rights a lot (A LOT) more than the US or the UK when these two countries had today's China's economic development level. It's all relative. Let me remind some of you th