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September 30, 2009 Permalink

Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy)

About a week ago, Typhoon Ketsana (known in the Phillippines as "Ondoy") made landfall, and according to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Ketsana dropped 455 mm (17.9 in) of rain on Metro Manila in a span of 24 hours on Saturday - the most in 42 years. A month's worth of rainfall in a single day washed away homes and flooded large areas, stranding thousands on rooftops in the city and elsewhere. Ketsana later crossed over to Vietnam and Cambodia, where it is still active. Over 360 people are known to have been killed, and damage estimates are reaching $100 million. Unfortunately, another tropical storm may be headed toward the southern Philippines on Wednesday but is still 1,000 km (600 mi) off the coast. Here is a selection of photographs from the affected areas over the past week. (36 photos total)

A Filipino boy is carried to safety through floodwaters brought by Tropical Storm Ketsana in the Quezon City suburban of Manila on September 26, 2009. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)
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Triste ver este tipo de imáganes, ver como el clima azota continuamente esa región del planeta, ello sin contar lo del último Tsunami en las Islas Samoa. Desde México, el péame a todos los familiares que hayan perdido a un ser querido.

Posted by El Cuervo September 30, 09 12:51 PM

It seems like every other week you're doing a photo collection of some catastrophic storm. Are they becoming routine? Is climate change to blame?

Posted by pk September 30, 09 12:51 PM

Lot of power from no. 19

Posted by Sam September 30, 09 12:52 PM


Posted by phong September 30, 09 12:55 PM

Nature has been creating a lot of havoc in 2009 and there is no end in sight. After all the floods happened there have been earthquakes and a deadly tsnunami.

Posted by Leslie September 30, 09 12:58 PM

Thank you.

Posted by david September 30, 09 12:59 PM

Posted by Almand Riman September 30, 09 12:59 PM

Tragic pictures of a beautiful people.

Posted by Cork September 30, 09 12:59 PM

Photo 5 sums it all.

Posted by Alan September 30, 09 01:02 PM

#10, #11, #13 help to put things in perspective.

Posted by Treffy September 30, 09 01:02 PM

#10 is so sad, so much destruction and death

Posted by CanadianSk8er September 30, 09 01:03 PM

I'm going to say to say underwater earth quakes have nothing to do with so called climate chnage.

Posted by Jimmy September 30, 09 01:05 PM

6 is sad, innocent kids dont know what to do. Global warming is effecting much before than we all thought

Posted by Aditya September 30, 09 01:07 PM


Posted by Amin September 30, 09 01:07 PM

Nature has been creating a lot of havoc in 2009 and there is no end in sight. After all the floods happened there have been earthquakes and a deadly tsnunami.

Posted by Leslie September 30, 09 01:17 PM

Jimmy # 12, a typhoon is not a tsunami.

Posted by Fact Checker September 30, 09 01:23 PM

Jimmy: climate change can cause significant quantities of water to move around. Water is heavy, and in sufficient quantities it can actually have an effect on the geological scale. So it is possible that earthquakes can be related to climate change, if you're willing to accept an indirect sort of causation.

Posted by Andrew September 30, 09 01:30 PM

i love you
jing jing

Posted by lea September 30, 09 01:57 PM

Andrew(#17): What are you talking about?

Posted by ech September 30, 09 02:01 PM

What utter devastation on an already devastated part of the heat goes out to them! Sad sad sad!

Posted by Judy in Mississippi September 30, 09 02:05 PM

my deepest sympathy and condolences to all the victims of typhoon ondoy/ ketsana!! may we all recover all soon!! God Bless Us!!

Posted by yahjgielen September 30, 09 02:50 PM

How can we help?

Posted by Aida Calata September 30, 09 03:14 PM

diese Bilder - große Kunst - aber so viel Leid - geht das?

Posted by Claus September 30, 09 03:14 PM

My heart goes to all Ondoy victims of devastation in the Philippines...I cried viewing the pictures of this magnitude occurrence, especially when deaths of rich and poor alike is seen. I had five family members who had died one member every year from 2001 to 2005; I'm still mourning of their passing until this minute. I am saddened by all these calamities that is happening within the year condolence to all the loved ones that are left mourning their beloved ones who are with Ondoy.

Posted by Claire Catchapero Limbohan-Baclay September 30, 09 03:27 PM

God bless those poor folks!

Posted by allen USA September 30, 09 03:28 PM

My prayers go out to the people affected by this natural disaster. I feel unworthy of the blessings I have received in light of the struggles pictured here. I long for the day when earthly problems are in the past and pray that many will turn to the Jesus, the one true God, in this tragedy.

Posted by Mark Tyson September 30, 09 03:49 PM

So painful,so witness these kind of tragedy in my country strenghten my faith with Him more than ever.

Posted by cheng September 30, 09 03:57 PM

our house is still surrounded by flood.. i need to ride a boat in going to work... we are still lucky we survived..

Posted by edz from phil September 30, 09 04:02 PM

Dios mío, Dios mío, ¿por qué me has abandonado? (Marcos 15,34)

Posted by Tano September 30, 09 04:04 PM

Fantastic photo essay. Thanks.

God bless these people in their duress.

Posted by Paul B. September 30, 09 04:08 PM

I'm from the Philippines..heaviest rainfall that we have in four decades..we are used to the heavy storms but none like was too much devastating..

we should prepare ourselves for the climate change...

Posted by Elmo September 30, 09 04:28 PM
Posted by marvin September 30, 09 04:58 PM

Lo triste de esto es que nosotros somos los culpables, nosotros estamos contaminando el planeta y matandolo poco a poco y nosotros muriendo con EL.

Posted by nany September 30, 09 05:04 PM

Its sad, this pictures says it all, I hope that the US will ask neighboring countries to help...and make sure that the help goes to the victims not to the goverment..please make the goverment be accountable for the help the US is sending to the victims.

Posted by Anonymous September 30, 09 05:09 PM

Devastating. In these areas that are already so poverty-ridden, nothing worst could have happened. May God bless us all.

Posted by Krystalmae September 30, 09 05:10 PM

How is Pic #5 even possible!! Talk about adding to the misery when automatic switching turns those lines back on!

Posted by Badmofo63 September 30, 09 05:11 PM

Good heavens!! It's very sad....Incredible!!! I'm awfully sorry...

Posted by Tica Szonye September 30, 09 05:22 PM

oh my! lets all pray for the victims of this tragedy!:(

Posted by joybz September 30, 09 05:47 PM

These pictures just speaks for themselves. And while we post for this message, the Philippines ordeal is not over yet. Another typhoon is along the way we pray that something miraculous happens and diverts those winds away from the crippled Island.
Let's find ways to help. After the storm, once those waters receed, its remnants from the garbage that has been washed inland, mosquitoes and flies all around will do a long-term damage.

Posted by Karen Towanna September 30, 09 05:49 PM

pictures tells a lot..

Posted by eldo September 30, 09 06:10 PM

It's not about climate change. It's about a global media that can see and publish events in real time. It seems like there are more because we are hearing and seeing more because we've got the ability to do so.

Posted by Meg September 30, 09 06:15 PM

Wow its impressive how powerful nature is.....I feel bad for the people that lost family members and my payers are with you.... is there a site where i can send a donation and help out???...... would really like 2....

Posted by Diego September 30, 09 06:33 PM

May God Bless these people.

Posted by Marleen Jones September 30, 09 07:08 PM

This catastrophe in the Phils. is so unimaginable! This kind of flood in Metro Manila has never happened in my lifetime. People waited for days on their roof tops for rescue which never came. There were only two rubber boats sent to rescue a whole city. There was widespread devastation and suffering.So many lost their loved oned, homes, and possessions.The reality now is that the people are going hungry.They need clothes, medicines, even porta toilet. Thanks for all the relief efforts, but so much more can still be done. God bless the volunteers and all those who have sent whatever they have for the victims!

Posted by Margie V. September 30, 09 07:33 PM

Nature ALWAYS wins. This is what we, ignorant humans, get for decades of mindlessly abusing our planet. We are so egotistical that we can't accept the fact that we are completely insignificant in the universe, like a single water molecule in an ocean. Nature is only just beginning to rid this planet of the disease which is the human species, its merely a natural process of cause and effect. Its hilarious to hear comments including "God bless them", because people having imaginary friends named "God" is probably the best example of our species' ignorance. Unless drastic, global measures are taken immediately to reduce our population and reform energy production, we will be extinct in a matter of centuries. This what the laws of science tell us, and it's happened many, many times before during the 13 billion year history of the universe.

Posted by Mark Alvar Peck September 30, 09 08:07 PM

God bless you

Posted by Anonymous September 30, 09 08:26 PM

It's like the earth is crying from all the damage humanity has done to it.

Posted by Anonymous September 30, 09 09:30 PM

If you want to help go to:

scroll down

Posted by Laya September 30, 09 09:55 PM

Although the Philippines was greatly devastated, we have proven that the spirit of Bayanihan is still much alive in every Filipino. Pinoys all over the world are doing their share to help the affected families.

Here is a touching story worth sharing:

Posted by Ronald Redito September 30, 09 09:58 PM

i live in the Philippines and this is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country. Rich and poor were affected. Houses completely destroyed and 300 plus people have died. And worst of all there are crocodiles and snakes lurking in the water. So please pray and try to donate, anything will help. :)

Posted by Monique September 30, 09 10:29 PM

Lord, have mercy. Harden my heart, O God, so that I can bear the human miseries I am seeing now.

Posted by myhometowntoo September 30, 09 10:39 PM

Sad thing that this happens in my lifetime, in our lifetime, never have imagined it ... but nonetheless what happened could be an awakening on our part, that despite our efforts for progress, we should never forget to give mother nature it's just and proper caring. What has happened maybe a manifestation of "GLOBAL WARMING" just maybe, and if it is so, we have no one to blame it for than us humans. Do we have to wait for another Ondoy victims for as to realized our part, or should we start now on our own little ways to care mother earth..

as of now all efforts to gather every help we can give has been mobilized, just to share a photography club that i am a member of has organized a "shoot for a cause" just to gather donations, used clothings, canned goods & etc ... that would help... we know that it's not enough, but we're glad we can help.. Our sincerest prayers for those who have died, women, men, children ... may they all rest in peace..... Also "kudos" to all brave filipinos who went out on their way to help on the rescue operations during the storm and even after..... "kudos" to you all !!!

Posted by nandy September 30, 09 10:40 PM


Posted by angel September 30, 09 10:48 PM

The strength of unity, survival to live, and the
aftermath of such catastophic nightmare is
beyond me. Thank God for his help and those
souls that make a differance.

Posted by Julie T. Blanchard September 30, 09 11:01 PM


Posted by GEMMA CASINO September 30, 09 11:17 PM

Bless all of them...

Posted by jane-san September 30, 09 11:17 PM

Typhoon victims in the Philippines in dire need of food/clothing. Here is where you ca help:

American Red Cross: Telephone Number: 18004357669
Philippine Red Cross:

Help in the typhoon relief effort by calling ABS-CBN Foundation USA toll-free 1-800-527-2820


150 Shoreline DR
Redwood City CA 94065
Tel: +1(650) 5086117


Most urgent needs

Food items: Rice, noodles, canned goods, sugar, iodized salt, cooking oil, monggo beans and portable water

Medicines: Paracetamol, antibiotics, analgesic, oral rehydration salts, multivitamins and medications to treat diarrheal diseases

Non-food items: Bath soaps, face towels, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic mats, blankets, mosquito nets, jerry cans, water containers, water purification tablets, plastic sheetings, and Laundry soap

Rehabilitation Programs: Shelter materials for house repair

Posted by todaylaudemeristhinkinabout September 30, 09 11:25 PM

Ech: What Andrew means is as the Earth's atmosphere gets hotter, large amounts of water evaporate and are transported to places like the Phlippines (if you check Google Earth and a lot of other remotely sensed data, you'll see the tropics always has a lot of cloud cover because of the heat and water evaporation and stuff). I don't know about the earthquake part but I'm guessing it has to do with the tectonic plates underground and the possible escape of heat from the Earth's core when the plates move. Andrew, care to clarify what you said in #17?

Badmofo63: Whenever there are tropical storms or typhoons in the Philippines, the power goes out for up to a month, depending on how bad the damage is.

--I'm from the Philippines too, and I almost lost my sister to Kestana. She lives in a one-story house and when she realised that the floods were getting too deep too fast, she tried to find shelter. By the time she had knocked on the fifth house, the water she was in was chest deep. Fortunately, the family in that house hadn't finished hauling their stuff and evacuating to the second floor. They let my sister in. Throughout the storm, all my sister could do was watch as the flood slowly swallowed her home, all the way up to her roof. She took hourly pictures with her cellphone and the only consolation she had was that she hadn't lost her life or the clothes on her back. She said the hardest part about Saturday night was all the desperate voices crying out for help in the dark. They couldn't do anything as the storm was still raging and there was no electricity, and they did not know where the cries were from.

Posted by Denise September 30, 09 11:26 PM

I'm so devastated. :| I'm from the Philippines. And i study in Marikina, but i don't live there. It's flooded all over the place and mud all over the place are drying up, that can make a hard time for those people who are cleaning up. Then, there is a new storm coming up. :| Oh God. :|

Posted by Louise. September 30, 09 11:32 PM

36 pictures says it all. #11,13,19 made me cry.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 12:06 AM

We still need so much help. So many lives have been changed by this... if you want to help, please call the American Red Cross at 1-800-435-7669. Or if you're in the Philippines, here is a Consolidated List On How and Where To Help and What To Bring (Please print this and repost) -

Please stay safe and lend us your positive thoughts....

Posted by Vince October 1, 09 12:16 AM

God Have Mercy?

Where was your God when your people were getting swept down river?

Where was your God when your houses were getting swept down river?

Where was your God when the earth opened up and swallowed your families?

It is a tragic scene, death, destruction but to ask your God to have mercy

it's a bit late for that sort isn't it? Sounds like your God is a bit of a dick.

Better to help yourself, because no matter how much praying you do, only hard work will clean this mess.

Posted by Tragic 'NATURAL' disaster October 1, 09 12:19 AM

Sad..sad...sad, my prayers will always be with my kababayans and families.

I've experience it myself during "typhoon melenyo" on a neck deep water and hopefully the soon to come storm, "pepeng" doesn't hit the way ketsana(ondoy) does. Sigh...

Posted by Drew - KSA October 1, 09 12:25 AM

what are the odds? - john cusack (2012 movie)

is this a preview of what's going to happen in 2012?

typhoon/flashflood - manila / vietnam
earthquake and tsunami - samoa islands / indonesia
this morning singapore hit by an earthquake.

all in just a week?

isn't obvious we're all being tapped from above... we all need to re-connect with HIM again.

Posted by denice torres October 1, 09 12:42 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 12:58 AM

we must all help, near and far.

Posted by graham October 1, 09 12:59 AM

thanks for sharing..

Posted by lyndon October 1, 09 01:00 AM

I'm so sorry.

Posted by Monica October 1, 09 01:09 AM

well actually i am a Filipino, i am not a victim cause i am in the north area of NCR but i am so terrified of what happen to my country and of course to Vietnam.. This Typhoon is really a big disaster. i cant even explain why and what really makes it strong.. but 1 thing i know is that, its 1 of the effects of global warming and reality speaking, the End is near that's why we need to ask God for Help and Guidance.. God will never let us fall if we pray and ask him with all our hearts.

Posted by Christian October 1, 09 01:18 AM

#31 is amazing. What a daunting task.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 01:28 AM

my heart breaks apart for what happened to my fellow countrymen.
though its unbearable but its the nature who take its course.. nobody could blame anybody.. but good thing the spirit of being Filipino stands out. helping each other in anyway they can.
i feel so sorry that i wasn't even in my own country to help them in a way that i can. picture #26.... it really torn me apart.. i thought i am only seeing it in the movies, where people running for food. :( but that one is the reality.
i think what had happened could be the signal for us to start a new beginning and be more keen to keep God's nature as it was......
i hope my lovely countrymen could rise up once again.
thank you for sharing these pictures... though its devastating to look that you are not there to help but it helps us feel the situation there.

my prayers to everybody. not only in my country but to the other countries that has been hit by ketsana.

God bless to all.

Posted by ann m. October 1, 09 01:49 AM

My prayers goes to the people of the Philippines who suffered from Ondoy Ketsana Wrath. Please don't be discouraged to ask God for help and compassion. It's not to late.

Peace and Love To All.

I'll send my donation through Philippine Red Cross.

Posted by Allee October 1, 09 01:57 AM

I feel sad. My friend from the Phillipines was in Singapore at that time. When she went back to Phillipines (manila esp.) she was feeling very sad

Posted by DanielCtw October 1, 09 02:32 AM

Pinoys all over the world are doing their share to help the affected families.

Posted by mani October 1, 09 02:34 AM

Sad thing that this happens in my lifetime, in our lifetime, never have imagined it ... but nonetheless what happened could be an awakening on our part, that despite our efforts for progress, we should never forget to give mother nature it's just and proper caring. What has happened maybe a manifestation of "GLOBAL WARMING" just maybe, and if it is so, we have no one to blame it for than us humans. Do we have to wait for another Ondoy victims for as to realized our part, or should we start now on our own little ways to care mother earth..

as of now all efforts to gather every help we can give has been mobilized, just to share a photography club that i am a member of has organized a "shoot for a cause" just to gather donations, used clothings, canned goods & etc ... that would help... we know that it's not enough, but we're glad we can help.. Our sincerest prayers for those who have died, women, men, children ... may they all rest in peace..... Also "kudos" to all brave filipinos who went out on their way to help on the rescue operations during the storm and even after..... "kudos" to you all !!!


Posted by Daryl Gulle October 1, 09 02:50 AM


Posted by Czarina October 1, 09 03:14 AM

I long for the days before global climate change when every day was perfect and the sun always shined. Nobody ever died or suffered from the weather. Oh how my trip to Walmart once a month is causing death and destruction across the globe.

Posted by sean October 1, 09 03:20 AM

I feel sorry for for our country. But a lot of the rescue problems should be blamed to our president, Gloria Macapalgal-Arroyo. She usurped, a few months ago, P800 million worth of calamity funds to fund her own expensive foreign trips and dinners at posh restaurants abroad. I hope she gives it back to our poor countrymen. See this link:

Posted by ut0t October 1, 09 03:25 AM

Really an unexpected tragic ever happened in our country, just keep on praying and repent for all our sins . God is everywhere behold the handmade of the Lord

Posted by Dainty Rosites October 1, 09 03:31 AM

To Mark Alvar Peck,
I respect your opinion and I must agree with you when you said that we, human beings, contributed to the tragedy because of our "decades of mindlessly abusing our planet". But more than your science prowess and your defiled view of the human race, my countrymen needed help. What we need right now is basic care, not a lecture on laws of science. You can help by going to the G8 Summit or UN and tell them all the things you've learned from science.. and how we have caused all the "diseases"...maybe they'd listen. And please... stop hating. God bless you.

Posted by Rollie Aldana October 1, 09 03:47 AM

I just hope that everyone of us learned something from what happened. Maybe this is just the beginning of the worst things that can happen if we continue destroying our nature. I hope this tragedy would transform each and every one of us into someone responsible in everything we do. Even though some of us don't have much, or power to do major changes around the globe, let's start the change within ourselves. By simply placing your trash in a proper place will do something big, i guess. Cause this garbage clogs our drainage that cause flood which leads to many huge problems.

Another thing, if, we people, think that we're getting smarter and smarter everyday because of the innovations in our technology and other things that we learned each passing day, think again. For me, everything that we learned nowadays erase something very important that we learned from the past, since the day we were born. Basic information that we should never ever forget no matter where we are now and what we are now. Remember when we're in preschool? we were taught something about nature and how to take good care of it. I believe as we grow old and amazed by the innovations and other changes around us, little by little we're starting to forget those basic things because we were blinded by our selfish ambitions, dreams and whatever we call it. So i just hope and pray that everybody takes sometime to think and look back of the things we forget. God bless Us all!

Posted by Odin October 1, 09 04:04 AM

Im so SAD.......

Posted by Yamara German October 1, 09 04:14 AM


Posted by Luis October 1, 09 04:21 AM

I felt so sad and tears would well up my eyes while looking at those pictures. These pictures really tells an unfortunate story... and I hated those insensitive people trying to laugh at the plight of those poor people. I hope and pray that everything will be okay.

Posted by KHepburn October 1, 09 04:25 AM

To all those who offer prayings or their God's blessings, I know you mean well, but is this the same God who is supposed to be all-powerful and could assumingly have prevented or caused this catastrophy, as well as the Sumatra quakes? Maybe these victims are better off without blessings or prayer. As shown in this thread, real help can be provided by sending some money or simply getting out of your car.

Posted by Diederick October 1, 09 04:25 AM

Pray hard.

Posted by Roi October 1, 09 04:33 AM

Most can say that Global Warming is to blame for these catastrophes. But if you take a close look at the situation in the Philippines, there is a lot more to blame than just our climate. Photo #31 is actually a canal that is now covered with trash. Like many of the canals and rivers in Manila, filled with trash and debris from makeshift houses that were built along the riverbanks. The owners of these houses come from different provinces seeking wealth in Manila but never realized their dreams. They use steel sheets, discarded wood, and whatever they can find and build houses where they are not meant to be built. The Philippine government has done little to prevent these people from "squatting" on properties that they don't even own. As for the real title owners, it has also become a burden to displace these "squatters" because they have to find a place for them to move to. (in other words, these squatters cannot be forced out without finding another place of residence for them).

Metro Manila is the capital of the Philippines and has a population of 12 million. About 70% of that number is living below the poverty line. In a 100 square meter, you will be able to find 10 families living in one roof. They keep multiplying like cockroaches but do not pay taxes nor do they own the land they piss on. But they ARE the majority and the government loves to play with their emotions when it comes to election time.

Now the world can see how our government boasts of change come every election but has done nothing to improve the social, economic, and financial situation in our country. The money and resources they stole from their own country is now being returned to both the guilty and innocent citizens of the Philippines in the form of GARBAGE.

Personally, I do not want to ask for help from anyone... not because I was fortunate enough to live in higher ground... but also because I know this catastrophe was natures way of telling the Filipinos to wake up and look what is around them. We have been living around garbage and filth in the form of shanty houses and makeshift cars that pollute as much as an oil factory. We know that our politicians are stealing our taxes right under our noses. We KNOW we are headed towards disaster as we continue to tolerate the people who run our government. Look at us now. What a sad place to be. Thank God the people are still united. Maybe someday the government will unite with the people as well.

Posted by Benny October 1, 09 04:49 AM

I hope the supports from the kind hearted people around the globe will go to the right recipient. The two giant TV Stations (ABS-CBN & GMA) is far better to collect your donations. Find ways to access to them.

Posted by Mayette October 1, 09 04:52 AM

Very Painfull

Posted by santhosh S October 1, 09 06:03 AM

It was really devastating seeing those pictures. I'm from the Philippines too and I experienced walking a mile just to get home. I almost got drowned because the flood was too deep and there's no electricity. It was really scary. But still, I'm thankful that I'm still alive and my family is safe.

Posted by ayabrea October 1, 09 06:07 AM

You can't fight Mother Nature and win. Let's not make her our enemy. It's time that we treat her with respect.

Posted by dmcsph October 1, 09 06:49 AM

I just pray that the "human"crocodiles will not prey on those already devastated.This has been manifested during the earthquake in Baguio City (1990's), so many have enriched themselves out of the misery of the victims.There should be a trustworthy governing body to monitor the relief operations. We cry looking at these devastation.... however as the saying goes there is light at the end of the tunnel. Posted by JTC. October 01,09 9:10 pm

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 07:11 AM

These are fantastic photos. Thank you for sharing them with the world, I'm praying for these people this morning.

Posted by Susie October 1, 09 07:19 AM

let us all pray.

Posted by dee October 1, 09 07:32 AM

An EYE OPENER to all of us.

Posted by Jamaldi October 1, 09 07:45 AM

Thank you for shedding some light on this tragedy so that all may see just how devastating this event was to the Phlippines and surrounding countries. Even more, you see thru the photographs that despite experiencing such a disaster, the Filipino people continue to be resilient and their spirits remain strong.

Posted by Rizzamay October 1, 09 08:14 AM

Benny (Posting #85) has it exactly correct.
I'm an American and I was in Manila in 1989. It was very bad for the local people then...EVEN after the 'People Power' revolution...and I can see now from the photos and the comments by Benny....that it hasn't gotten any better for the people of the Philippines.
In fact it seems to have gotten worse,...if that's possible.

I say.....ENOUGH of ALL the 'leaders' of the Philippines and them living in luxury while the masses live in squalor. It's an immoral, and unconscionable situation and an international disgrace !
The leaders and would be leaders in the Philippines ALWAYS promise a better life for ALL pilipinos but the only ones who always do have a better life......are the politicians !!!

Posted by Michael October 1, 09 08:38 AM

oh, my...

Posted by paulo tedesco October 1, 09 08:43 AM

You people and your global warming.
Get over global warming/climate change already.
Take a look at history. The earth is a constantly changing entity.
It has changed in the past and will continue to change.
Nothing humans have done or can to that causes or prevents it.

It just amazes me to see how blind people really are.....

Posted by TheEducationalGeek October 1, 09 09:17 AM

OMG. The pictures are so heartbreaking. :(

Posted by Lissie October 1, 09 09:26 AM

Why is this happening to innocent people who are already suffering so much from poverty? Where is god?

Posted by Confused October 1, 09 09:42 AM

the photos above are really devastating, it shows how disaster wreaked havoc in our country. but i wish it has shown the other side of it - the way we have helped everyone and the way people have tried to contribute in any way they can. some people even risked and lost their life in an effort to help their countrymen. it shows how resilient we Filipinos are. after a while, we would get over this and the world would see the familiar smiles in our faces. this is why, despite the all the bad things happening here, and despite all the faults we can find with our leaders and with each other, i do not lose hope. hands down, i'm proud to have hailed from this country and to live here.

Posted by matt October 1, 09 09:47 AM

poor people=(

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 10:00 AM

It is heart-breaking to see these pictures, see this people with blank faces, having no idea where to begin with what is left from what little they had.

Posted by a October 1, 09 10:02 AM

What's with all the God this God that comments? Is this some kind of religious board or something?

Get real people, international help and generosity matters more than *your* god here.

Posted by TeenAu October 1, 09 10:03 AM

Só Através da oração teremos salvação. Orar misericordia e pedindo clemência a Deus. Ter compaixão e ser solidário é a melhor maneira de construirmos um novo amanhã, sem ganância, respeitando a natureza eo outro. Que Deus tenha piedade de todos e os Conforte nessa hora de trevas.

Posted by Nádia Marísia Ferreira October 1, 09 10:04 AM

How can you help?
Go to:
for a wealth of links for how to help from abroad.
Please donate what you can, nothing is too small!!!

Posted by Elizabeth October 1, 09 10:10 AM

the photos above are really devastating, it shows how disaster wreaked havoc in our country. but i wish it has shown the other side of it - the way we have helped everyone and the way people have tried to contribute in any way they can. some people even risked and lost their life in an effort to help their countrymen. it shows how resilient we Filipinos are. after a while, we would get over this and the world would see the familiar smiles in our faces. this is why, despite the all the bad things happening here, and despite all the faults we can find with our leaders and with each other, i do not lose hope. hands down, i'm proud to have hailed from this country and to live here.

Posted by matt October 1, 09 10:14 AM

Unfortunately always the poor who suffer. God bless and help these people.

Posted by juanali October 1, 09 10:41 AM

Who will rebuild first, the people of the Philippines or the people of New Orleans. My guess the Filipinos.

Posted by Frank T. October 1, 09 10:41 AM

To #45: Most of my fellow filipinos already lost so much. please do not take away what is left to us -- our faith, our hope. your opinion may be based on something so scientific but now is not the time to be intellectually right or wrong. so please, spare us from that. not now... not now ..

Posted by jeanette October 1, 09 10:43 AM

please do pray for the victims of these disasters, victims of Typhoon Ketsama, victims of the earthquakes, victims of the tsunami.

God have mercy on your children. spare us from more tradegies.

Posted by chinaeyes711 October 1, 09 10:59 AM


Posted by KEVIN October 1, 09 11:04 AM

Photo 13 Kills me. Many have lost their houses but this poor man lost his family.

I am a Filipino-Canadian and I am currently here in Kitchener Ontario.
We are all guilty of whats happening to our environment.
Want to extend your help Call American Red Cross
Telephone Number: 18004357669

Posted by Nash October 1, 09 11:40 AM

It's nice to see that some people try to enjoy it as much as possible, I'm, of course, talking about the fisherman, the workers transporting the car and the man and woman paddling on a car wheel.

Posted by CarefreeAtheist October 1, 09 11:57 AM

let us just not be moved with tears....let us be moved with our actions to help these people in need.

Posted by gwen October 1, 09 12:09 PM

Man must have done something so bad to anger mother nature. Let's start changing our ways.

Posted by raffy castaneda October 1, 09 12:17 PM

Another sad picture chronicling this sad event:

Posted by Rico October 1, 09 12:20 PM

Typhoon Ondoy was really worst T_T.... It hurts seeing those people suffered with such calamity. :(

Posted by McCoolot October 1, 09 12:22 PM

There is a god, and this is only the begining of sorrows! better get your hart rite, the ones who say where is god, and god dosn't matter,WAKE UP!!

Posted by J.B. October 1, 09 12:25 PM

The rising of sea level in La Mesa Dam has provoked the authorities to release volumes of water that resulted in flooding of Metro Manila the other day.If dams can't withstand the pressures of rising sea level, there's no other recourse tha...n to release it. But if they do so, they should have given us warning hours before. If only we could have invested a measly P33,000.00 on this per baranggay and replicated this, it could have saved a lot more lives and properties. That's approximately one louis vuitton speedy of a congressman's wife per baranggay.

Posted by Taxpayer October 1, 09 12:29 PM

No matter what you say, we wil stick to our God.

Posted by Mary October 1, 09 12:36 PM

I really really hope that CNN, BBC and the media in general, would also focus on showing how the people here really help one another.

It's heartbreaking, but the inspiring side of the story should also be shown.

May God bless us all and please, save us from further threats of calamities :( !

Posted by Wellwisher October 1, 09 12:47 PM

The drooling dirtbags who are using the misery and suffering of these people to promote their brain-dead "global warming/cooling/change" religion should STFU.

Posted by ironman October 1, 09 12:55 PM

I have read a lot of the posts here and Benny (#85) seems to be the only one thinking straight. Maybe the storm WAS caused by global warming or maybe it WAS sent by God. No one really knows. But the truth is..the tragedy could have been so much less if Manila wasn't filled with Squatters and Garbage. We allowed our own people to live that way for so long and now we're surprised when the storm tries to clean them down. The funny thing is.. nothing will probably change from this. When the flood dries up and everything gets cleaned. Filipinos would only start going back to their usual way of life. Make no mistake, Filipinos are great with helping each other in times like these...but most of us never learn.

The Government is now pretty useless at this point. The president is only waiting for her term to end and everybody else is gearing up for elections next year. See, in no time everything will be back to normal in the Philippines and our country will still be spiralling downward. Decent Filipinos should stop listening to showbiz and start doing something for change. I hope that the spirit we show in this time of tragedy will also extend beyond it.

Posted by D October 1, 09 12:55 PM

Its amazing to me to me that in times of trouble people want to blame god,
but when you are sick or in need please ask for help.
If we spend our lives blaming God, what have we to gain..Think about this what about all the people that did get saved, the person that helped someone eles in need, may a helping hand or a place to rest. I am so sorry in my heart that people dont understand that we all have a journey and when its our time to go..We flood, or fire, or earthquake can change that.
Free will is what we are given but God's protection is always there..
we say why me? well why someone eles...
I pray for the ignorance in people that dont have the blessing of feeling loved..Maybe someday in your heart you will find love
I'm a so sorry for all that has happened..I pray for help for the people that have to rebuild there lives.

Posted by Michele October 1, 09 01:11 PM

My heart aches for all the victims of typhoon Ketsana. How tragic! To all those who beleive in your so called "Mother Nature", let me assure you, your "Mother Nature" is nothing but a myth!! Never has been and never will be anything. Nature does not have a gender. Nature has a creator....that being GOD. So do yourself a favour and kiss your "Mother Nature" goodbye. GOD created/creates earthquakes, typhoons, flooding and all types of disasters. Reason: ...we/you are nothing, He is THE ALMIGHTY. Maybe he causes these disasters because of all deceit, unbeleif and selfishness in the world. Ever thought of that? Money seems to be our god and humans always strive to get as much as they can. And when they get enough, they try to get more...never even thinking of helping those out in need. I'm sorry for the tradgedies these disasters cause, but at the same time, they make us all think, don't they???

Climate change? It hasn't just begun. Climate change has been happening since DAY ONE some 4,500 - 5,500 years ago when earth was created by THE ALMIGHTY. Yes, we have seen a lot of distruction over the last few years. (See post 41 Thank you Meg) If you take some time and do some reading in the BIBLE, it will explaine why some of this is happening,,,and no, we're not out of the woods yet!!! These disasters will only continue and they will also get worse.

May God be with you ALL and espcially the victims in Phillippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, and the Samoa Islands.

Posted by Jercan October 1, 09 01:12 PM

Typhoon Ondoy is really devastating. I'm living in Marikina and it gave me a trauma and with another storm coming, what will be left of the country?My home was washed away by the flood chest deep that even my son was so scared to see! I pray that we could live our normal lives once again. I know that every storm there is always light to guide us thru our endeavours

Posted by Andre' October 1, 09 01:16 PM

this is not only the fault of climate change it is the fault of a corrupt filipino government who have invested nothing in the poor filipinos, and have forced them to builld houses in flood areas, made of sub standard material. My heart goes out to the poor filipinos, who have been let down by there government

Posted by lizzie October 1, 09 01:29 PM

I am very sad for the disaster that has come over you all. May The Lord bring you better days in the near future. Your pain and sorrows are also on my prayer. God Bless you all!!!!!!

Posted by Jose Marrero October 1, 09 01:31 PM

I am a resident of Cainta and that was the first time our place got flooded. And the flood is 6 ft deep. Flood that brought trauma to lots of people. I still have lots of questions though. As far as I understood it, three dams where simultaneously opened that's why there was sudden rush of water. PAGASA claimed that it was a rain they never expected. Isn't there a rain guage in the area? The moment something abnormal happens, why didn't they give advise or were they too busy to notice the abnormality? Thesame goes to opening of dams. They have to wait over night before they could let the water out so that the dam wont break? Why the heck didn't they let it out gradually when it has passed the normal range of water it can hold?

Moving to the next issue is that this flooding happened around 10 am in Cainta, and in 30 minutes the first floor of our place got submerged. Good thing we were able to bring some of the things upstairs. Minutes later, my neighbors were on to our doors seeking refuge from the flood. 4 families took their refuge with us. That same day our food supply ran out because that was the day my partner and I were supposed to replinesh the stocks. Needless to say with 18 people in the house, the food won't suffice. I tried to contact the NAtional Disaster Coordianting Council (NDCC) to no avail. Tried contacting CAinta MDCC but was futile too. I still had little faith in the government back then, and I was hoping they could send a rescue team to pull out at least the children in the area as the flood continues to rise. I was also hoping they could send food and water but the whole sat night passed to sunday and sunday has ended. Thanks to the forces of nature, no help came our way. No food were given, no rescue came our way. Really we were on the verge of running out of food supply add the fact that drinking water depleted really fast. The sad fact is no government official from the Municipality of Cainta came into our subdivision. It's Villarica subdivison by the way thats the name of the place. What really pissed me off was that aid for food was given at 2 am of Monday. Imagine the hassle? People are atleast trying to sleep to have strength for another day's battle and you will be awaken with relief. It could have really been a relief sadly though there wasnt enough food. Those neighbors who stayed with us have children so they really went after those barangay officials who gave out releif goods. You know wht's interesting? What was given is a styro of rice, that would be around half cup of rice and SARSARAP as viand. (if you are familiar with Jimmy Santos, SARSARAP is being endorsed by him and this is a sauce that you put on rice so it will have flavor. Great! Where the hell did those funds for emergency disaster go? FYI did you know that each Philippine congressman receives P70 million each year. We have more than 200 legislators in this country. Where the hell are they? I mean those funds? Its more than enough to send relief or rescue people who are hungry and cold. Gee you can't help but pity those people who have been treated by the government as beggars. By monday, the water level has subsided and I was able to pull my three kids to safety.As soon as I was able to walk through the flood my partner and I brought them first to an aunt who lives in a 5 storey building. What made my eye lashes batt was on that monday morning a rescue boat was in front of the guard house of the subdivision. Gee they arrived at last but they were really late because there was no way you could use that freaking rescue boat on a water thats already knee deep. We needed them when the water was neck deep... oh you know who followed after them? Some people wearing camera taking pictures of these People clad in Philippine Army uniforms with the rubber rescue boat on their side. Go sail that freaking boat on an almost dried place! This is how pathetic the philippine government can get. Up until now, Villarica Subdivision is with out water and electricity.

I know this is a natural calamity, but the reason why there is a government and why budget has been allocated each year is to make sure that when something like this happens the government can help. Most of the help that people received came from private institutions, not from the government. A really sad fact, I am looking at my payslip right now and it saya that P3200 have been taken out from my salary for withholding taxes which will go to government funds but during the time I needed their help, they WERE NOT able to help me out. We just need a freaking rescue boat or at least water that time. It's for those children in our house I am concerned with, not with adults. Those children shouldn't have experience that fear and hunger. I can only do so much, I am not rich to provide them with what they need. That's why I was hoping back then that help could come, but there wasn't any. Is there a way I could take back the taxes they took from me? I am working my ass off but these taxes never work for the way they should work. I'll send in pictures next time. Our electricity isn't up yet and my digicam ran out of battery, but I'll send you some pictures so you can see how scary it was back then.

Posted by thelionessprincess October 1, 09 01:46 PM

So sad.

Posted by MelissaH October 1, 09 01:52 PM

a person is responsible for the people around them.We should strive hard Filipinos to follow those successful morally humans and avoid comparing ourselves for those who fails.never take pride to those choose feel blessed because of other's misery.we should ask help to those we believe who has the power to do so & not be play with our emotions. if we are trap in bad situations, then we should choose the lesser evil. We can what matter is what we left behind with our fellow humans when we die.we believe in God, amidst all the crisis since birth who could not afford not to lean on him.certain things in this world we cant just explain until our life is a chance means convincing ourselves to be better .looking beyond our own needs and consider other rights.every situation is a cause and effect rhythm.

We should all learn to be humble, accept our weakness,pray for forgiveness & for divine providence esp on crisis like this.

Posted by michelle October 1, 09 02:17 PM

Mi Señor, dale a estas familias mucha fortaleza para que puedan rehacer su vida. Mis plegarias a ellos.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 02:23 PM

Mi Señor, dale a estas familias mucha fortaleza para que puedan rehacer su vida. Mis plegarias a ellos.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 02:26 PM

this pictures does pinches your heart. Please be aware of bogus online donations. This is the real thing and I'm going to my bank tomorrow.
ACCOUNT NO. 5630020111
For confirmation of donation please fax to: 63-2-411-0858
or email( copy of transmitted slip with complete donor's info

Posted by precy October 1, 09 03:34 PM

Please help my country. Join us below.
I am part of a group of schools all over the world that has united to do everything we can to help them.

Posted by Jennifer Kelly October 1, 09 03:50 PM

Thank you for writing blog and taking those photos. This post is now getting a lot of attention and I noticed that there is link to how to donate. I have have compiled the most comprehensive list of easy online donation methods around the world in the two link below. YOU CAN MAKE A GREATER DIFFERENCE if you could link people to action to donate. Your pictures a truly worth a thousand words. Every small donation counts. Thank you.
On me: I am a student at Harvard and I am part of a group of schools all over the world that has united to do everything we can to help the Philippines.

Posted by Jennifer Kelly October 1, 09 03:54 PM

Est-ce que les changements climatiques ont un rapport avec ce sinistre?

Posted by Hélène Deschênes/ Québec October 1, 09 04:03 PM

My deepest sympathy goes out to all the people who lost their love ones, belongings and homes. May god help you in this time of crisis. I hope all other countries help these people out. God bless you!!! the world is praying for you...

Posted by cindy popil October 1, 09 04:06 PM

I was really crying when i saw these pictures. I thanked God my family was safe and I feel so sad for my countrymen who were affected. I never expected this for my country.
We should be thankful that filipinos all over the world is helping. We can never mocked God with these. Let us continue to be strong and have faith that God have reasons why He allowed things like this to happen.
To my strong and pray really hard. God bless you all.

Posted by Mary Ann Fallarcuna October 1, 09 04:45 PM

So much suffering!
These people didn't have much to begin with. Now they have even less.
We never realize what we have until we see a slice of life elsewhere.

Posted by Dolores October 1, 09 05:05 PM

People have suffered deeply in Manila... yet it is our courage and strength that binds us... Time heals all wounds... all we need is patience, my fellow Filipinos. As I write this I hear fire truck sirens in the wee hours of the morning... I can't sleep, knowing that Ondoy/Ketsana is not the last, but the beginning. Within 24 hours, we will be struck by Pepeng/Parma, a super typhoon that experts claim will be much worse. I can only hope that we will be more prepared and better equipped as the warning came earlier and fiercer than that of Ondoy. Brace yourselves, my fellow citizens.

I also want to thank all the people who have contributed. Relief efforts have been amazing. Such a shame though that our sudden brilliant unity has been brought on only now at a time of great tragedy and crisis.

Posted by Janice DJ October 1, 09 05:26 PM

I want to go there to help rebuild in person. Anyone know how I can help organize this?

Posted by Eddie October 1, 09 06:18 PM

Things happen for a reason!!
and i agree with the post # 85 & # 125...but no matter what...talking is not a substitute for doing..let's do something to move on again...we welp what we can help ...find the source of your choice to where you can share and donate your relief...goods...whatever!!

Posted by concerned countryman October 1, 09 06:37 PM

I want to copy, save and print some of the pictures on this page but it won't allow me. Is there a way to copy these pictures for my own compilation?

Posted by Lovelyn October 1, 09 06:50 PM

i live in dasmarinas village manila i wasn't affected one bit long live the rich

Posted by rbgrgsr October 1, 09 06:53 PM

I was sitting here thinking of how my life is full of problems... Southern California; when I logged into the site and viewed so many people in a mode of survival, and facing such a long road of recovery; it made me stop a think of how we as a people are resilient (also must be strong). Although I still feel bad about the way my life has turned out so far, I must take out the time to respect others and find ways to help others therefore I post this in hope that my following request is answered. – ‘May God bestow his loving mercy to all the people of the nature travesty’.

Posted by Quincy October 1, 09 06:56 PM

Have Faith in the Lord....Just what in the book of James said:Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. And let perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
But if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and he will be given it. But he should ask in faith, not doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed about by the wind.

Posted by FERDINAND MARIANO October 1, 09 08:12 PM

I was looking at this bunch of pictures and it made me teary again. I mean we can't even say that let's just be merry and life must go on in this crisis. Especially if you're one of those in these pictures who are mourning and have lost your loved ones. I just feel bad coz some people could afford to laugh and make fun of these pictures and think they are amusing looking at the situation. Maybe, if you didnt suffer and didn't lose your family, it could be funny, but losing your children or special people won't ever make you smile looking at these pictures.
Some people blame God for this but this is not his fault. It is us, coz we don't care so much about our environment. We need to act now! And I hope the government should make sure the money and all the support would go to help the victims.


don't care so much about our enviornmen

Posted by Belle October 1, 09 08:13 PM

life has a tons blessing and full of trials,, but our LORD give us a courage and strength to conquer all this things.....

his name and power will guide us.. JUST TRUST HIM......................


Posted by Epiboy of GMA Cavite October 1, 09 08:19 PM

To No. 146,
To copy and save any of these pictures, just make sure the cursor is on any part of a picture you want to copy and save, and then right-click ur mouse and u can pick from the menu what u want to do.

Posted by Ray October 1, 09 08:21 PM

I cant help but sad...

Posted by gemma October 1, 09 10:06 PM

De tanto ser atacada a natueza revida da maneira que pode.

Posted by Roland Francisco Bublitz October 1, 09 10:26 PM

I'm so sad to see this.
At my village in Siem Reap, Cambodia is also flooded in side house more 50cm and same on the road.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 10:43 PM

to #127

I like your post... Truly an Eye Opener..

deceit, selfishness , greediness etc. comes something in common and that is SIN. This is not a religous matter but Im telling this to those who doesnt know GOD.

Posted by Gabriel Estrella October 1, 09 10:52 PM

First, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to those who extended their help through donations and prayers. You deepest prayers would such a big big help for us, Filipinos to rebuild despite of this tragedy. I believe our Almighty God has plans for each of us in this world and and maybe this is His way of reuniting everybody, not only Kapwa Filipino but also all of us on Earth to love one another. Because of this tragedy, lahat nang Pilipino at buong bansa nagkaisa at nagbigay tulong sa amin. Maraming Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

Posted by Geraldine Lopez October 1, 09 10:53 PM

Yes it does makes anyone who look at it teary-eyed or cried. What more for those who was affected. I went there in Marikina City in the Philippines and helped people by volunteering. It was a very sad scene. When you check the videos of relief distribution in youtube it would even make you want to cry more and mourn. The provident village was a total disaster, the place looks like a ghost town and the smell of decaying bodies are very evident. These situations makes us sad, despite all we (survivors and observers) should still be thankful because we are safe. Let us find this time not to mourn but instead pray and help one another

Dok galaxy, Sampaloc, manila, Philippines

Posted by Dok Galaxy October 1, 09 10:55 PM

Hair raising & heart breaking.... :(

Posted by Jane October 1, 09 11:02 PM

We are the stewardess of our nature yet the fact is we are destroyer of our MOTHER EARTH.

Posted by germaine October 1, 09 11:28 PM

Continued from comment #87...

To the Filipinos reading this and asking for help and sympathy: WAKE UP! Don't you feel ashamed that you have to ask for foreign help and assistance from foreign entities? We pay our taxes to the Philippine Government and not the United States or UNICEF. We should not be asking for help from other people because, in the first place, our government should be able to help us. It's not like we were hit by a tsunami or an earthquake. This was a natural disaster that could have been less of a disaster if proper city planning was acted on.

I am steaming with anger right now because all the blogs I see are asking for help or donations. STFU!!! You give these people money, food, clothing, and they will go right back where they came from! They will just rebuild their shanty houses and move right back in. They might even start rebuilding at your own backyard! The government is rich enough as it is. Our President is willing to spend taxpayers' money on 1 Million Dollar meals!! Other local officials are even using this disaster as a means to promote their campaign for the 2010 elections. Sick and tasteless scum. Instead of sending relief goods and donations... why don't we just send these people out of Manila? They are a burden to society and right now the burden is more evident. I am sorry to those who have lost loved ones or their entire houses. But I am not sorry to those who don't own the land they live in and do not pay their taxes. You do not belong here. I am not inhumane, I am a realist.

We have seen time and time again that our government has FAILED CONSISTENTLY to provide adequate assistance with any calamity that strikes our land. Don't you feel angry knowing your taxes are not going into public improvements that will benefit thousands of citizens including yourselves? Our streets are filled with trash. Our roads have are mismanaged by corrupt officials that allow buses to run free as if they were motorcycles. The poor are allowed to live in illegal and cramped spaces. If only the rest of the world could see how bad our cities have become.

I want to share an article with you that references studies made over a century ago. I hope the moderator allows me to post this because it makes PERFECT SENSE and really shows how our country has been mismanaged. Imagine, this study was made a century ago. Another study funded by the World Band was made in the 70's and yet NO ONE BOTHERED TO LISTEN!!!

I was ready to hit the boxing ring and beat up the bag after I read this. I don't know if our people thrives on sympathy or just doesn't care enough.

By the way, I also have friends that live in Quezon City and Marikina who are rich and well off but we're still affected by the typhoon. It was because the drainage system in their area started clogging up. Now ask yourself, where did all this garbage come from?

I blame the government for their complacency and corruption. I blame the squatters for being resilient and united in destroying our city. And I thank Mother Nature for showing them the right way.

Posted by Benny October 1, 09 11:38 PM

It was such a unexpected experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 09 11:48 PM

Nakakadurog ng puso .. pero may kasalanan po tayo dito bilang taga pag alaga ng kapaligiran. Picture No. 31 says it all..

Posted by chona October 1, 09 11:55 PM

it is sad to hear the words of the 62nd commentator in this blog.
how could you ask where is God? why blame God (if you even belive in God)? God gave us nothing but good things. it is us, the people, who should be blamed for this...humans who show no respect to nature, no respect to other people... our selfishness, our greed... we defile the laws of God and of is us.

i am not lawyering for God, for he needs no lawyer and he need not explain why things like these happen... common sense will point you to the culprit... it is us, the people... we should apologize to God and really ask for mercy. and as we do that, let us help the victims of calamities caused by us, people.

Posted by bong aquino October 2, 09 12:04 AM

yun p0ng mga donation sana lang po mapunta sa nangangailangan ng tulong.marami na po ang nagdududa na bakit hangagng ngayon eh marami pa rin hindi nabibigyan ng tulong.yang mga taga abs-cbn palagi nlang sinasabi na milyon milyon ang mga donasyong pera at mga gamit at5 pagkain eh bakit marami pa rin hindi naaabot at nakikinabang lalong lalo na yung nawalan ng tirahan at namatayan pa.maawa na kyo sa mga tao nangangailangan wag nyo nman kurakutin yan dhil kung sa man mangyari yan yun din ang mararamdaman nyo.milyon milyon....? nsaan na yung milyon - milyon bakit ang haba pa rin ng pila sa araw-araw? kung binigay nyo sa tao na nangangailangan yan siguro wala ng nagdurusa sa mga panahong ito! mga taga abs-cbn ibigay nyo sa tao yang milyong milyon na palagi nyo sinasabi sa balita nyo......wag nyo kurakutin! dahil marami pang gustong tumulong sana galing dito sa america pero diskumpyado na sa inyo, dahil sa bulsa nyo lang mapupunta!

Posted by EDEL October 2, 09 12:12 AM

My heart is broken... I am relieved that my mother and sister and few of the relatives were not affected as much and that they are safe but some of my aunties and cousins in the Marikina area have been badly hit. This is really devastating to see... Hope Filipinos could still get back on their feet after this and that the government will extend more help to those who were affected.

Posted by Lesly of Australia October 2, 09 12:28 AM

do not go againts nature do not try to punish nature by destroing it for our personal selfishness and satishfaction still tha nature storng enouge to punished us.Targidy but this is what returned.
Dayawansa Sri lanka

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:44 AM

lucky are those who did not experience such a tremendous calamity.. let us take part in helping our people...

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 01:38 AM

i am victim...
now i have no home,
no place, no food..
i have nothing, but life goes on...

Thanks everyone for helping and reaching out.
We need you guys.

Posted by klien October 2, 09 01:52 AM

Benny (#161), a typhoon is a natural disaster as well. If it was brought on by global warming, then that is a collective effort of the world.

While it would be nice if the Philippine government could pay for its own burdens, that is not the situation the Philippines is in. You can't just blame the government, or the squatters for destroying the city. Squatters' situations are a perpetuation of generations of lack of resources.

The government is at fault for many things, I agree. But if you want to put blame on people, blame the rich for underpaying their workers so little that they can't make enough to get out of the slums. Blame the rich for ignoring the poor and focusing on westernizing their lifestyles. Blame the educated that leave the Philippines to use their skills in other countries. But don't fully blame squatters that can't seem to get a break to get them out of the situation they're in. Do you think that most of them like the way they are living? And of course your rich friends would still be affected by the typhoon..they live where the typhoon hit!

Maybe the US didn't ask other countries for financial assistance when Hurricane Katrina hit, but as a Filipino-American, born and raised, I can tell you that we aren't that well off; we're at a financial crisis, many people don't have access to medical care, many of us don't trust our government, and people continue to be discriminated against for race and for money differences. So, I don't think we're that different from the Philippines.

Your colonized way of thinking disgusts me (you can partly blame the US for that), and frankly, I think you're part of the cohort to blame for the current situation of the Philippines. These pictures are how I know what the situation in the Philippines is, and I'm grateful to who took them and posted them. You seem to be well-educated, and I hope that maybe you can put your talents to use rather than simply blaming everyone except yourself or anyone on your level.

Posted by Kathleen October 2, 09 01:58 AM

Time to unite and help our fellow Filipinos...send your donations please...

Posted by EricRP October 2, 09 02:06 AM

Ondoy typhoon test Filipinos integrity in facing disaster.The typhoon cause us no less than misery and sufferings....(we are felt sorry for all our fellowmen in manila)... it thought us how strong we are in times of difficulties.
We as a human beings we are entitled to suffer for us to know and realize the true essence of life existence....we are correspondents to each seems that no man is an island.We should encourage empathy,strengthen generosity and the most important of all is the sharing of unselfish love.Here in Panabo city,Davao we are offering our prayers to all the Ondoy victims that may God help you,give you more strength,replenished your thirst of comforts.We pray because we are all brothers and sisters.One land and breath the same air.Let us not blame each other but serve one another!....may God bless us all!...

Posted by M@rquey October 2, 09 02:23 AM

That freaking B**** ARROYO! That dumb ex-president ESTRADA. They, their families and all the politicians around them squandered all the money of the country. How I wish this next typhoon would WASH THEM ALL OUT!!! Please GOD, spare those who are suffering and punish those who need to be punished. Please let them experience the same suffering, loss, hardship and pain that these people are experiencing for they deserve them more than anyone else.
And to No. 147 --- don't worry, you too will rot in hell...

Posted by RA October 2, 09 02:35 AM

You Go Benny (#87)! Unfortunately, it would take several decades to break that cycle of corruption in the Philippines. The FILIPINO people must be willing to make a DRASTIC change - they need to redefine their priorities and set goals. Start by NOT electing uneducated, unqualified movie actors and actresses to run your country.

Posted by AgnosticGirl October 2, 09 02:55 AM

My wife and I are with those who lost their loved ones, their homes, and their possessions. We pray for both the survivors and the dead.

Posted by Romulo Balbin (in Ukraine) October 2, 09 03:18 AM

My wife and I are with those who lost their loved ones, their homes, and their possessions. We pray for both the survivors and the dead.

Posted by Romulo Balbin (in Ukraine) October 2, 09 03:41 AM

How sad that this has happened , Just get out there and help where ever needed . God be with everyone

Posted by Don & Jenny October 2, 09 03:57 AM

My heart is aching,..nothing to say except im so sorry!

Posted by tess October 2, 09 04:18 AM

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let us continue to pray for each other. Renew ourselves if in case we have done wrong. God speaks through His creation and lets many of us who are far from HIM, repent and return to Him and live with Him. With HIM there is a long lasting love and eternal life.

Posted by tette October 2, 09 04:21 AM

Prayers for the victims is great , but we need action., because faith w/o work is useless. So, move, do something, send money, medicine ,clothes ,shoes,food or any good thing you can help the poor and all the victims and thank God that you are the helper and not the one who need help.....God bless you all..

Posted by Dali Lustre October 2, 09 04:32 AM

Filipinos abroad should count our blessings for not suffering what our fellow filipinos back home are experiencing due to the calamity brought by the last storm, Ondoy. This is the time for each one of us here abroad to unite in terms of helping our people back home. Let's focus our attention now in sending relief by contacting legitimate agencies, like the Red Cross or call the Phil. Consulate in our areas. Let's pray and ask for God's mercy to help the victims of this terrible disaster in the Phil. I firmly believe that we, filipinos will do the right thing.

Posted by Francisco Silvino October 2, 09 04:33 AM

It is really heartbreaking. But I would like to correct the words "Act of God". It is not the act of God. For if you will read Jeremiah 29:1, For God said, "For I know my plans for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plan to give you hope and a future." This is just the effect of people's irresponsibility, neglect of duties, selfishness and greed. It is about time to act. Stop illegal logging, stop throwing of garbage anywhere, stop illegal building of houses near bridges. Let us ask God for forgiveness and help us to rebuild His good creation, in His grace. He has no choice but to forgive us if we sincerely ask of it.

Posted by shawie bal October 2, 09 04:34 AM

May God give us a rainbow for every storm,
A smile for every tear,
A blessing on every trial,
And an answer to every prayer.

Ato ra ning malampasan tanang mga pagsuway..... Mag ampo lang gyud ta permi......

Posted by Primitivo Magtolis Jr. October 2, 09 05:15 AM

It is really sad what had happen to the Phillipines.
Typhoon Onday almost wipe out Central Luzon.
My heart is melting looking those pictures all filipinos you are all in my prayers espcially those familys who lost their love ones

Posted by V.FREMONT,CA. October 2, 09 05:33 AM

Please help us pray for the safety of our fellowmen. Another Disaster, Typhoon Parma (local name: Typhoon Pepeng) is expected to pass Philippines. I've read this "ORATIO IMPERATA" in Inquirer Libre News Paper this morning, October 2, 2009, and I would like to share it to everybody.

"Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to You in gratitude for the wonders of creation of which we are part, for Your providence in sustaining us in our needs, and for Your wisdom that guides the course of the universe.
We acknowledge our sins against You and the rest of creation.
We have not been good stewards of Nature.
We have confused Your command to subdue the earth.
The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, and now we reap the harvest of our abuse and indifference.
Global warming is upon us. Typhoons, floods, volcanic eruption, and other natural calamities occur in increasing number and intensity.
We turn to You, our loving Father, and beg forgiveness for our sins.
We ask that we, our beloved ones and our hard-earned possessions be spared from the threat of calamities, natural and man-made.
We beseech You to inspire us all to grow into responsible stewards of Your creation, and generous neighbors to those in need.

Posted by ecinue October 2, 09 05:50 AM

whew ... wana cry seeing those people ... looy jd au tan awon woi :(

Posted by arrianneross October 2, 09 06:22 AM

It's a very tough time for all of us. I am very blessed to not have had any immediate family member who passed away. Electricity and clean water supply has not yet been restored in our area. May I also just correct that pictures #4, #5, #14, and #18 are areas in Pasig City. It's the Ortigas Ave. Ext. which is the main road from the Ortigas Business Center going towards the cities & provinces in Rizal (Cainta, Angono, Antipolo, Taytay). Much of Manila's workforce live in the area thus businesses - the BPO & call center industries for one - are very much affected. We are still very worried because these jobs might also be taken away if we are not able to deliver results due to lack of workforce. We are fervently praying that our government would plan & rebuild the cities well. Filipino engineers and architects are very talented but the government is not heeding their advise. All they're interested in is putting a huge percentage of the budget in their pockets so that they can enjoy trips to abroad and live in mansions, buy their designer clothes and attend extravagant social gatherings!!!

Posted by MariaHC October 2, 09 07:28 AM

My deepest sympathy to all my Kababayans who lost their loved ones and their homes....i'm confident that with our resilience and unity on extraordinary times will bring us back to normalcy.
I can only be useful to my family in Makati for so long as I can send them enough money to sustain their daily needs. Since I was laid off last Dec, decided to come home so that I can help our people in a more constructive way.
Hoped to be able to connect with all my patriotic and concerned friends in Metro Mla and organize ourselves to a Watchdog group and help the next govt find the competent people to man the diff that laws and policies can be truly implemented.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! We got to take out all these morons in the govt and elect a new breed of decent, Christian and hardworking filipinos who would put their country and people first in their agenda.

Posted by Mchael Lopez October 2, 09 07:59 AM

I am also filipino where living abroad.Iam very sad and fell sorry to those unfortunately victim. Well, I am agreed to what the comment of #87 and #161. Myself too,I'm not inhumane but I am a realist.The fact, that everybody must be concerned, conscious and give respect to the nature and enviroment.I hope this latest catastrophe happened to our country, will make guilty and nightmare to our Currupt Government Politician and to wake up them realizing that they engage to our country for a service, and not to refill their pocket.Again, I believe more concerness, conciousness and respect , will change our Mother Country Philippines.

Posted by Nbm44 October 2, 09 08:41 AM


Posted by CASINO,GEMMA October 2, 09 08:48 AM

Our Living God is in control...after this, you can see the Filipinos with smiles in their faces...KAYA NATIN ITO...yan ang Pinoy...laging handang bumangon....THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:07 AM

For comment#161, quote: "Instead of sending relief goods and donations... why don't we just send these people out of Manila? They are a burden to society and right now the burden is more evident. I am sorry to those who have lost loved ones or their entire houses. But I am not sorry to those who don't own the land they live in and do not pay their taxes. You do not belong here. I am not inhumane, I am a realist"

The people sending their donations and their help did that in their own will. no one obliged them and neither these people are obliging you to give help or a donation.

how can anyone have a land of their own when they're stuck in poverty? i myself couldn't immediately afford a land and a house even if i want to. so how much more these people that don't have a job? and how can they pay their own taxes when they don't even have a payday to look forward to? can you provide them a job so that they can work?

everybody agrees that there are a lot of factors that contribute to what had happened here in Manila and that includes the government and our own people. but unless you have something good to say. unless you know how to do wonders in the world, unless you have the solution to all our problems, how to fix the holes in our ozone layer, to reforest the trees, to bring back extinct animals, to clean a dead stream, to give a direct solution to poverty, to perfect and clean the government; and if you are not in any way taking something out from your pocket to give to these people, then i say you just shut the hell up... you are not a realist... reality is you can't do anything about the current situation but whine...

Posted by arrwehn October 2, 09 09:44 AM

We need to be strong inorder to survive. Never give up. Prayers are most important for us to live. Kaya natin to PINOY!!

Posted by nex October 2, 09 09:44 AM

I was here in Marikina when this happened. September 26, Saturday, it was scary. It seemed NOAH's ARK was necessary..
My brother who lives in Provident village stayed on the roof overnight with his wife and 3 little children, no food and water, it was dark. They texted us at around 2:30pm that they were already on the 2nd flr of their hse bec of the heavy downpour of the rain which started at 7am. Then few hours later they texted us again, they were on the roof already as the rain did not stop pouring and the water reached the 2nd floor already. No telephone lines, bad signal of cellphones, no electricity... HELPLESSNESS... SURRENDER TO GOD'S MERCY. There's nothing to do but pray. We started praying the rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet. I asked all the prayers of the Carmelite nuns too.
My sister(Mainel) also and her husband were stranded on the road. Although they were on a safe ground, they worried because their children were left in the house. It was already dark and still raining but not so strong that they put themselves into danger as they tried to walk back home in the strong current of water. They did not succeed. They spend the night in the hospital where a relative was confined. Thanks be to God nothing bad happened to them.
Thanks be to God at 8pm the heavy rains stopped; if not, many, including my brother and his family, might not survive. Nakakatakot talaga (It was really scary).
At 11.30pm my sister(Mavi) and I went out to see if we can get my brother and family but the water was still too high so we went back home. We were able to contact my sister-in-law and she said they were still on the roof waiting for rescue although the children were inside the house sleeping as the water on the 2nd floor had gone down already.
We started praying the rosary at 230 until 630pm but i was not able to sleep as i kept monitoring updates in the radio and continued praying. I was just inside the car listening to news because there's no electricity. The following day, Sunday, my sister Mavi and i went out to get my brother's family in Provident. Before reaching Provident village, we met them on the road very dirty with mud. My little 6 yrold nephew was barefooted and telling about his slippers thAT was stuck in the mud. NAKAKAtuwa kasi yung mga pamangkin ko were so excited to tell what happened to them. There's no trace of fear in them. My 5 yrold niece said that she was not afraid. I asked them what they did while on the roof, they said: naglaro, kumain, natulog (we played, eat and sleep) hehehe. Normal na normal ang buhay ng mga bata. It's really good to be childlike because of its confidence, no problem. If we just see problems through the eyes of a child, life would be so simple even in the midst of CRISIS and even in the matters of life and death. But when i saw them on the road, they reminded me of those people going to the gas chamber, like the STORY of Schindler's List. You see people young and old walking on the chaotic road. It's really different when you see the actual situation. I was trembling. There were people who can still think of doing bad things to others in times like this because looters started to enter the houses. There were heroes too. This is another story of faith, hope and love and above all, GOD'S MERCY.
Then i asked again the children: why did the rain stop? They said: because we prayed the rosary. They knew that the rain cannot be stopped by anything or by somebody but only by the power of prayer to the Creator of heaven and earth through the intercession of Mama Mary. Im thankful that they understood this, so when they grow up, they will remember that prayer will be their hope and strength in times of crisis.
Please try to see you tube's "ondoy's trail of fury". You will see my sister inlaw with my 6 yrold nepnew walking in the thick mud.
It is still flooded in some areas and there's another typhoon coming this week. Please continue to pray for its diversion.
My brother and family are all here in Palmera Marikina with us. My sisterMainel and her husband are at home now in Valenzuela. They were able to get back home only on Tuesday afternoon. Salamat sa Diyos we are all safe. Salamat sa prayers. My prayers too,always.
Your sister, Therese

Posted by therese October 2, 09 09:54 AM

If a living god is in control, he's a pretty nasty piece of work, and if prayers worked, this kind of thing wouldn't happen. My condolences to those affected.

Posted by santa October 2, 09 10:17 AM

For the past 47 years of my life, this is the worst flood ever and a nightmare! My heart sinked. I was also stranded in Manila and was really shock of what had happen from the East of Manila. I pray that we will be able to overcome all of these as soonest. The Government should take the most part in helping the victims. Thank you for the pictures. To all my fellow Filipinos, just hold on to the LORD... he has his own purpose. God Bless us all!

Posted by Nancy Nazario-Javier October 2, 09 10:25 AM

Praying. God bless. How you care for each other is amazing. I wish all those who say this is some kind of judgment from God because of sin, weakness etc. by Filipinos could experience their home being destroyed. Maybe they wouldn't be quite so self-righteous then.

Posted by Anthony October 2, 09 10:48 AM

I say you did a great in compiling pictures of Typhoon Ondoy's wrath.The resolution is so fantastic and so real that every details is captured remarkably.It's good to stream and i enjoy looking every pictures even the pictures are unacceptable because every pictures are sadness to those people affected by this Typhoon Ondoy.I will bookmark your page as a token of your good work.I advice to maintain the size of your resolution in every pictures and if other pictures were your shots,well i say you have a bright future for it.Thank you for sharing your pictures.Godbless with no Typhoon and no floods.

CONTACT NO. 09287798921

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 11:14 AM

if i had anything on my account id donate all i have..

Posted by luise October 2, 09 11:29 AM

To the moron who wrote #127 and the idiots who ayed to him/her.
Earth was created millions of years much before the story book Bible was written. Only if you had studied science and thought rationally instead of leaving everything to Bible and god...
Spare us of your nutty thoughts, you idiots..

Posted by Arthur Andersen October 2, 09 11:33 AM

Sometime's God create's Calamity to make him known this is the proof that he can get all things you have in your life be Thankful to him that your still alive and you can start again from scratch i know its difficult for you to start all over again in small things but there is nothing,nothing,nothing impossible to our big GOD who mad all things...We pray for you GodBless

Posted by CalamityFund October 2, 09 11:45 AM

pwede ba tagalog d2? uhmm... ang ma sasabi ko lang huh? saludo ako na ako ay pilipino! even so many problems comes in this country marunong parin tayo mag tulungan mag bayanihan.. alam namn natin na marami ng sakuna ang dumaan sa ating bayan.. maraming trahedya ng nalampasan, this life is to short.. sa mga na na bigtima ng baha.. sana wag kayong ma walan ng pag-asa . . di namn mag bibigay ang dyos ng problema na di natin ma lulutasan pakita natin sa buong mundo kong bakit tayo tinawag na pinoy. keep safe and be safe...

Posted by BZ johnk October 2, 09 12:00 PM

To all those people who seem to think comments involving God are worthless...
I am in no way religious but having lived in the Philippines for 4 years has helped me understand that religion forms an integral part of the Filipino culture. It is a shoulder for these people and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of bringing them down with stupid comments insulting others' religion, be constructive in this time of need and send words of encouragement or even better, words of encouragement and food or money donations.

To the people of the Philippines - I am proud to see how everyone reacted and is helping each other. I have never seen people who are so devoted to working together to rebuild apart from the Filipinos. My thoughts are with you.

Posted by Dom October 2, 09 12:37 PM



Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:50 PM

Many are suffering from the devastating calamities not only in the Philippines but also in Samoa, Vietnam, and Sumatra. All of us who are outside the Philippines, let us not cease praying and let us couple our prayers with concrete acts of solidarity for our affected brothers and sisters. Let us contribute something.... share even from the little we have. Many bank accounts are being made available for donations. Those who are in Rome, we can channel our donations throug the Sentro Piipino or the Embassy of the Philippines to the Holy See or we may send them directly to our friends who are badly in need. Mga kababayan magtulungan tayong lahat!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 12:53 PM

God did not do this, people did!! we need to end our use of carbon emiting fuels.

Posted by Ray Refundo October 2, 09 01:09 PM

Let us unite with our suffering brothers and sisters by giving something that is really a "sacrifice" for us. We can think of many things: giving-up snacks and donating the money, sharing a part of our savings, giving not just the excess of what we have..... anything that will deprive us of something to be of help. Let us double our prayers.

Posted by VIOLA BUSTAMANTE October 2, 09 01:18 PM

Can you beleive that the government has no funds left to support the victims whereinfact most of them haven't been feed yet? Gosh! they are already fighting and killing each other for food! and worse, some countires like korea, donated almost 40 million to us butit is really impossible that t"all of those funds" were already used. We must do our part. PGMA is very lousy! She don't really care for the victims she only wants her posotion and wants to be glued to her comoft zone! She should be the one who was flooded by ondoy. She should experience this suffering worse than our citizens are experiencing. Even other corrupt government officials, MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO! WALA KAYONG CONSIENXA!....

Posted by kriz October 2, 09 01:34 PM

#105 it doesn't have to be a religious site for ppl to speak of the Most High God. He is here as well as there with the survivors. The People on this site themselves believe in God and thus he is part of their thought process and especially n times like this. so if you don't like the fact that ppl call upon the one True God well you'll have to be a hermit and speak to very few, because most ppl in the world believe in God. even if its a skewed view.
perhaps you should read the Words of God and come to know Him before its to late for you and your household. One day all will face the judgement of a righteous Judge. will you be found guilt because you are, or innocent because you are forgiven by accepting Jesus paying your guilty fee on the cross.
Now about this its horrible and Christian need to rally and bring as much support and relief to these ppl as possible. this is what we are called to do

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 01:43 PM

#105 it doesn't have to be a religious site for ppl to speak of the Most High God. He is here as well as there with the survivors. The People on this site themselves believe in God and thus he is part of their thought process and especially n times like this. so if you don't like the fact that ppl call upon the one True God well you'll have to be a hermit and speak to very few, because most ppl in the world believe in God. even if its a skewed view.
perhaps you should read the Words of God and come to know Him before its to late for you and your household. One day all will face the judgement of a righteous Judge. will you be found guilt because you are, or innocent because you are forgiven by accepting Jesus paying your guilty fee on the cross.
Now about this its horrible and Christian need to rally and bring as much support and relief to these ppl as possible. this is what we are called to do

Posted by hayalim kedoshim October 2, 09 01:54 PM

I pray every day that people fine their loved ones and help those who lost theirs. God bless you all at this time of need.

Posted by Edward Butler (Omaha,NE) October 2, 09 02:24 PM

Filipinos are resilient and will pull through. The belief in GOD gives them hope as there are not much to count on. The Philippine government fails them as the establishment is full of corrupt and selfish individuals. So much relief funds are sent but would they actually go to the people who needs them? Undeserving people who hold high posts will line their pockets or feed their own first!!!!

As previously mentioned by some knowledgeable others, we can only hope that people learn and respect this planet of ours. Pls stop destroying it. Understand and respect it and it will do the same. Use as much time reading or empowering yourself about our environment as much as going on your needs and hoping that someone will do the work for you.

For the Philippines Im sorry to say, that you are doomed if you leave everything to your faith but never do anything about your situation. I believe that "God helps those people who help themselves".

Posted by Enlightened One. October 2, 09 04:04 PM

Comment are right on!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 04:12 PM

HAVE FAITH TO GOD and do not worry...

Posted by Jeff October 2, 09 04:20 PM

RE:# 115 "Carefree Atheist", your comment is insensitive.

Posted by Angel October 2, 09 04:38 PM

GOD BLESS US... there's silver lining after all these.
Hang on.... May the Lord bless all that are suffering and others may rest in peace.

Posted by CTW October 2, 09 07:09 PM

If there was a G*d he just let a lot of innocent people die. When are you all going to wake up and realize that there is no g*d. If there was why would he allow so many innocent people die for no reason. This was caused by us and nature. And if this was just a sign of God, what will happen if this was just a sign? These people have a hard life already and now they just lost their homes and lives. I feel very sorry for what happened over there but stop looking towards G*d for explanations and look at reality. I wish the best of luck to the people in the Philippines and I hope that they are all safe if the other typhoon hits there.

Posted by Scotty October 2, 09 07:18 PM

God made the everyone even the people you hate who became murderers, rapists, greedy and selfish. He allows people to f*ck with the world and become heartless. It is God's fault people can become horrible. He seems to have not thought it through when he created free will. Free will has made the world horrible and only sometimes nice. It led to the Earth's broken state. If he doesn't like people the way they live then stop letting them ruin the world by living that way. I hope those people who died are in a better place and those who survive will overcome the hardships. Why does God seem to target the innocents and leave the rich, wealthy, powerful and greedy people safe from these horrible acts of nature? God seems to have been payed off by the greedy. A God like that, I don't want to support.

Posted by SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil October 2, 09 07:45 PM

que DESASTRE!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 09 09:42 PM

hi guys,just to share a quick experience with ketsane... appreciate all the poeple who placed there commecnts on this site.. i was one of the victim of the typhoon locally known as "ondoy" or ketsana.. our house is under the water and you can only see the roof floating,, all our clothes were soaked wet, but thank GOD we were able to save ourselves..we ate noodles and canned goods for 5days bec. the water did not subside yet.. we were seeing hellicopters flying but never pay attention to us,, we were waving our hands just to catch there attention and trying to ask some foods but unfortunately they didn't spare any time... just quite disappointed by the local government bec. there were no rescuers went on our place to give us some basic needs (FOODS).. they just can't imagine how tragic it is being one of those poeple, seeing there house sinking on the water with mud,,, i can't blame them for this but i hope next time if they will help someone they should make it fair... northwood village in sta. lucia pasig was one of the affected areas,, no help received from the local gov't

Posted by stacey October 2, 09 10:15 PM

its sad...

Posted by blair waldorf October 2, 09 10:41 PM

i am a victim and I would like to share some of my experiences and things that should be improved. hope these reach the people in the office.

I went home past 5pm, our place is in countryside subd. I am confident becuase for 3 years of staying there, we don't have flood in the area. I haven't heard the news that the place was submerged. The issue is that the news is broad and not area specific that's why a lot of people don't have any information.

I was standed in Rosario bridge for at least 24 hours, i was there 6pm saturday, together with at least 1500 people. The news van arrived 9pm and that's the time poeple heard that our place was submerged. MIlitary personnel arrived at 10.30pm and life boats, speed boats and vests arrived at 11.

There was no information whatsoever if people may cross the bridge or not, the military and police started doing something (i guess rescuing some people) however people trapped in the bridge were not informed. They has a totla of 3 speedboats, 3 lifeboats and 2 amphibians. They rescued some people however they prioritized people that are relatives of the mayor, or friends of mayor or this congressman or this artist, etc, etc. In the amphibians, 15 military personnel 3 cameraman, 5 photographers and 2 news reportes are there. when they save people only at least 5 or 9 people can be saved becuase they can only carry a certain number. Some people think that the rescue operation is just for press.

People rescued by the military are not LISTED. after they are rescued and are oplaced in higher grounds, they are left by military within giving food or etc. They will have to find their own way to survive. When you ask military personnel if they have rescued this name so and so.. they can't give you a list becuase they do not have the list. One military said they "wala po kaming intelligence eh" (we don't have intelligence) which is really funny. I voluntered to get the names of people they have rescued so that when other people look for those people they can easily locate and at least track people. They became agitated and said "pabayaan ko na sila magtrabaho para marami pa silang ma save" (dont borther us and let us work so that we save more people). Well, i just leave the case to them and for 3 days they haven't made a list of people they have rescued. They do not even have a data of how many families are there or how many people are there. If you are a military, how can you place enough force, enough food and enough allocation of money to support a community if you do not have any data? How can you ease people's feelings if they dont know if their relatives or family are rescued or not? Since we do not know if our families are safe or if they were rescued or not, we need to swim and face the flood just to make sure and check that they're there. I took the challenge myself and swam the flood of 9feet with rushing force of water only to find out that my family was rescued and was trasferred to ortigas.

Its a good thing that they are safe, but if military are to save people they must learn to track people. if they wanted to really help, they must do it not for media exposure... and for media personnel, i hope that you have your own speed boats or whatever, use a helicopter and not in military boats so that a lot of people will be saved. Your space in the boat can save more lives..

To all those who sent donations, thank you.
To other people who have the means to help please help my fellow people..
To those who cannot help, prayers may do.
To people who cannot help and instead wanted to blame others, just shut up... it won't do any good.. (for people who blames the poor, etc. Please understand that they don;t want to be poor as well but they don;t have any means.. they are not the cause of flood they are victims as well, I can say that I am well off in life. My house is a two storey building. I have two cars and my neighbors are rich as well... but still we are victims and we do not blame anyone as this is a calamity.. we are just doing our best to help in any way and we are asking for help from anyone...)
We need help not your opinions if who caused or what caused this...
and lastly, don't feel blessed becuase others suffer, who knows, you might be next...

PS if anyone here knows someone in the government, please aks them to remove garbage caused by the flood in the streets or Rosario, De Castro and Ortigas Extension. If there will be heavy rain again, flood may rise due to uncollected garbage. Thanks again everyone and to my fellow victims, we're back to zero, lets start anew.

Posted by Justin Reese October 2, 09 10:47 PM

May the Lord Bless each and everyone of those that got affected by these floods. For those that have lost their loved ones, I hope they get the strength to move on and persevere through these tough times. I hope the Philippine government will use all the help they get and give it to the people that need it and not end up in their pockets again.
That crazy senator santiago who was complaining about the Americans helping out and making it seem like they were out there for other motives is insane. I do not see her wading through the mud and crap to help the people out. The US Navy and US Marine folks are out there in the thick of things helping people that have been victims of this devastation. I hope the Filipino people keep up their spirits and be thankful for at least being alive. I am praying for all of you.

Posted by Miguel Casador October 2, 09 11:15 PM

the meek shall inherit the earth

Posted by auroraborealis October 3, 09 12:10 AM

no one should blame on what happened last sept 2, 2009... whether climate, nature, human being... the best thing to do is to wake up and THANKS GOD for everything HE has done ... for the another chance He gave us and and life... and believe that " HE HAS PURPOSE for what happend... Accoding to HIM, SEEK, KNOCK, ASK.... and thy will be done...

Posted by kenjay October 3, 09 12:29 AM

In times like this you can see how Filipino people helped one another just to survive. Let just hope and pray that not only for the Philippines but for the whole world to be safe in different calamities.. Just don't forget that GOD is always there for us..He will save us!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 12:49 AM

Thanks for sharing a graphic picture of the devastation "ondoy" brought. This should be enough to awaken the conscience of the heads lurking over the country to do what they are supposed and expected to do at all times - to PROTECT and assist to IMPROVE the lives of EVERY Filipino. Disaster Response is not supposed to be limited to a remedial action. Sufficient preparedness and immediate response at a moment's call is what it's all about.

A never knew of a walk in the park disaster situation. Disaster is always a situation of danger, chaos, destruction and obstructions. For one, Disaster Response calls for a rescue braving and challenging every seemingly impossible situation if only to save lives and limbs. That's what disaster rescuers are trained for.

Information, Prevention, Response and Remedy.

Posted by stilldrops October 3, 09 02:24 AM

God's will cannot be questioned. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. The most we can do is pray for these people.

Posted by Chris October 3, 09 02:38 AM

I live in USA, Southern California and I've been reading and watching this horrible disaster in the PI. I am so sorry for all that has happened to your country. My girlfriend lives in Manila but they are in high ground thank goodness. I just want to say to all filipinos that I will pray for each one of you that have to go thru all this. I can't believe that your government is not helping as they should when you pay for taxes that should go towards disasters like this. I don't have alot of money nor am i very wealthy but, I will pronounce myself to churches in the areas to contribute/donate money for you country. It's the least I can do for you. I will pray as ask God to please have the storms pass your country. Your are wonderful people and I will do what i can to help out. May the Lord be with You.
My name is Marcelo Larco if you like to Facebook me. I will be in Manila early this year.

Posted by Marcelo October 3, 09 03:03 AM

i am so much amazed with all those cash & kind donation for all those victims of typhoon ondoy. they are noble, lots of people were given temporary relief and temporary shelter. celebrities, rich people, big corporations donated millions & gave tons of goodies to those victms...either government side do the same.. they can afford to release huge amounts of money & funds in times of catastrophy. One thing i had in mind..why doing this only during catastrophic times??? these big corporations..once they want to lay-off employees, they can do that in an instant. the result...unemployment..hungry families..they can mandate price increase in any of their commodities. philippine government?? they already made filipino lives miserable in their daily living..high taxes.Regular Filipino workers ate salaries by huge percentage of taxes,taxes, & taxes. Tax deducted is much more higher than take home pay..After their reliefs & temporary shelter, what's next? This government already created ONDOY a long time ago to each and every Filipinos.

Posted by Ihsa de Guzman October 3, 09 03:14 AM

help us here in san mateo, rizal many people are homeless and hungry

Posted by chivas October 3, 09 04:41 AM

May god bless to all victims of the typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy)...
Lets all have a faithful to god that we can survive for the tragedy we face off now in our life.I think that is just a trial in our life given by our god so he just know who are the people's that is still in his side.Now,this is the time to help each other to survive and move on in our life..........

Posted by Princess Melanie Hurt October 3, 09 05:03 AM

for god sick this is my first time i saw this kind of dissaster causing by typhoon

Posted by yhenbOo October 3, 09 05:12 AM

I was once a volunteer too for repacking and distributing goods, but one thing I noticed among our kababayans is that they keep on asking for more even though they already had their share of goods. Nagiging greedy.Para sa isa nating kababayan na nasalanta ni ondoy....he seem very impatient from asking help to the government. and it was understandable he was desperate pero we must bear in mind that distributing is not easy you need to wait and wait kung ang bibigyan lang ay about a dozen or two siguro after an hour of your call lahat kayo mabibiyan na pero hindi eh a thousand may be more, idagdag pa natin na may lugar na di pa ma acces ng truck or any vehicle. May office mate ako na nasa provident village si mrs cecille apolo, I have a feeling na grabe ang pinsala ng kanyang pamilya. I hope mga taga pldt would extend their help to her.Sa ganitong mga situasyon mahirap mo madistinguish which group or organization is really 100% honest or genuine in giving the money or goods donated. The bigger the group or organization the harder to organize and the waiting time is longer, compare to small group of people who would organize to give and extend any help. Lets us not give a bad impression to abs cbn, they are helping our people. MAY BE IF I OR SOME OF YOU CAN GET TOGETHER AND ORGANIZE TO HELP without any interest whatsoever, group of people whose aim is only to help without any plans of running for public office then that is truly amazing.There are certain rules in giving and of course a criteria for people whose donations would be entrusted to.I cannot elaborate here the mechanics of how's and what's. well talagang ganyan. My prayers are for all our kababayans na nasalanta ni ondoy.. God bless you huwag kayo mawalan ng tiwala sa Diyos.

Posted by manny October 3, 09 05:58 AM

Typhoon Ondoy really destroyed our house including our newly renovated room. We were not able to save the refrigerator that Christine and David gave to us few years ago. The washing machine also is not working I have to call the technician to fix it if it can still be fixed. The instant rise of water made us not able to save everything on the first level of the house. Until, now house cleaning is not yet through. The mud that was left by typhoon inside our house was 3 inches thick.

Friday evening my neighbor woke me up and told me that I need to pull the cars up to the higher place because the water was rising. On the next morning the water continued to get high, so I moved again the cars to a much higher place but when the flash flood started the cars were not able to save. I tried to go back to our house but the flood was already eight feet high, so I tried to swim back to our house. I was shocked when I saw all my appliances were soaking in water. I was thinking how I would be able to replace all of these.

On Saturday Evening, because our “fresh meats” (chicken, pork, beef) were already spoiled in flood water and we can not eat them anymore, I tried to swim to reach the kitchen area to get the “can goods” that we stocked in the cabinet. These were the food that we ate for the total length of time of our stay in the second level of our house.

We heard from our neighbor that there were rescue team roaming around to save people but it never reaches our place. If the water will arise once more and will reach the 2nd level of the house our plan was to stay on the roof and wait for the rescue team to see us. But thanks God that it never did. From the window we were observing the movement of the water and it was decreasing. The flow was so slow that the increment of the decrease is very thin. We heard the neighbors shouting out side and they were shouting that a python about four feet long entered our gate looking for shelter. The python was not able to get a comfortable shelter inside our fence so it went outside. That was the time some brave neighbors caught it. We heard that they killed it and cooked and divide it for each of them for their survival food.

Click the link below to see the result of the flood in our place;

Posted by Nehemias Hayuhay October 3, 09 08:11 AM

It broke my heart.............very sad.

Posted by MC-USA October 3, 09 10:18 AM

combined efforts can really make a difference.. some of you think that there is an easier wayout of these and just blame it on someone else (people, mother earth, government, God). most are very keen on helping on whatever means they can. I say deal with the issue at hand, learn from these and startover.

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 09 10:41 AM

If you're like me, a lot of you are afraid to send money because you don't trust it to do what you intend when it gets there. I am an American woman, living in Florida. I am associated with a church in Manila. I have sent them monies for several years now. The pastor ALWAYS sends me a detailed account of where the money goes, to whom and for what. Please PRAY about this. Don't send money just out of compassion. That's how so many people get taken for their good intentions. If you still feel led to send money, do it through AMSCOT. They forward it to LBS Mabuhay. I've used them for years. DO NOT SEND MONEY DIRECTLY. IT WILL NEVER REACH THEM. Here's the information: Pastor Glorioso Caparro. Gospel Church of Manila. Room 304, Ramirez Bldg. 854 Asuncion Street. Binondo, Manila 1006. He'll make sure it gets to those who need it most.

Posted by Linda Stiles-Updike October 3, 09 11:57 AM

corrupt politicians from top to bottom and it's the people that suffered it all.

Posted by anonymous October 3, 09 12:48 PM

hi, i am in germany and i have collected clothes from my peers which i want to send to the victims of ondoy. red cross will only take cash, so does anyone know where i can drop off relief goods here in bavaria, germany???

Posted by lovely rose October 3, 09 01:38 PM

My prayers to all that are affected especially the children that lost their parents and vice versa.. or to everyone that lost their family.. material
things can be replaced but lives cant. TO ALL OF THEM..KEEP THE FAITH..GOD BLESS!! EMMIE MAGTIBAY,
Bayonne, NJ ..

Posted by emilia magtibay October 3, 09 02:57 PM

After watching those pictures, i think about Haiti, new orleans and the many other disaster of the last few years. The so call world leaders need to see the world in a different spectrum because too many people are dying around the world in situation that could have been prevented if some people were willing to help. It would be wise to spread the wealth because there is no better place to enjoy life other than this planet. I feel sick in my stomach to see those people running for their dear life and watching the news they don't even show them on tv. a Lot of people in the world spend most their time to make the poor folks feel miserable. May God Bless them

Posted by Petersen October 3, 09 03:01 PM

God bless Philippines... God bless the entire world.... Please pray the rosary always...

Posted by Michelle October 3, 09 04:03 PM

Hi from london -everytime i watch this video it bring tears to my eyes. very sad :(( tapos myron na namna ulit bagyo/ huhuhuhu

Posted by JOnitz October 3, 09 04:18 PM

my heart broken when i saw those picture back home the only i can do is pray to the lord god almighty. my mom side live in cainta and taytay rizal. and never heard nothing yet. so zandro and eric if you read this please give me a call i hope all my cousin in taytay and cainta please call me.bong bong elmer jona edeson vivian and i hope antie bennys okey i pray for guys god bless you guys i send some money already thought my sester in makati so please guys give a call .

Posted by george angela prince pausa October 3, 09 05:36 PM

shame on you # 147, it's all you care about; it's how you feel about the whole thing, that's sad, but to even post it here, that's disgusting! hope nothing will even happen to you or your family like this. you just happen to be lucky now there's always karma. also, if you have nothing good to say, better not say any... heartless!

Posted by Geneva from Southern CA October 3, 09 06:42 PM

I'm looking for the ministry or non-profit who has the most % go to the actual need, so we can give - and I encourage you all to do so as well. I believe Samaritan's Purse has little to admin. and LOTS to the need.

So sad! So very sad, but anything we can all give will help some. Now is our chance to give.

Posted by Janet Cull October 3, 09 08:40 PM

To those who lost their love ones,my heart goes out to them. My heart cried when I saw those pictures,specially the children. Filipinos are survivors. We can survive this. One thing I suggest is that I hope that we could think of something on how to prevent flooding ( I'm talking about the goverment to see some solutions on how to prevent another disaster like this into happening again and at the same time from the people themselves to take responsibility about the environment like throwing garbage in the proper disposal area to be collected by garbage collectors with the help of the goverment of course) Allocate money for garbage collectors,goverment ,because this is one of the real problems the Philippines is facing.

Posted by Lily October 3, 09 09:22 PM

to no. 147 - Go Suck an Egg. and to Benny - lighten up!!

I know the flood was very bad - a catastrophe even. But we experience 20 - 25 typhoons every year and about 1,000 people die every year related to typhoons, floods and landslides. Like always, we will overcome and still hope for a better future. It's up to us to be better or worse, to loose hope or not, to accept one's "fate" or try to change it. Our house was flooded too and I was stranded for 9 hours with my family inside my car. But I can say, we were the lucky ones and that gives me consolation. Just help others as much as we can and if it starts to hurt - then help some more.

About God, hmmm.. there is a lot going on here but to say God gave us ONLY good things, well its not entirely true - because God made Cain and Lucifer too - according to the Bible of course.

Posted by octavian/quezon city October 3, 09 09:31 PM

I completely agree with # 161. I feel angry too and I put the blame squarely on the government. My father and forefathers have been paying taxes to the government. My whole life and my husband's too and now my children are all paying taxes. All of us can't do anything about that because our taxes are taken from us at source. The poor do not pay taxes. The rich skirt paying taxes. It's the middle class that is keeping our economy floating. Then you read the corruption, the uselessness, the complete disregard of our leaders from top to bottom about the worsening conditions, the blatant thievery. And who suffers? The people. They are not called leaders for nothing. They should know the magnitude of their elected positions. And still, they fail us. The people are not to blame. If the squatters have been given ample housing BEFORE settling indiscriminately, if population control have been taken seriously, etc. in short, IF ALL OFFICIALS HAVE BEEN DOING THEIR JOBS CONSCIENTIOUSLY, HONESTLY AND WITH FORESIGHT disasters will have less impact on us. Look at Singapore. Sadly, our elected officials have failed us big time. We the people are hardworking, obedient, prayerful and cheerful. There's no problem with us. What we just need is an honest, working, commonsensical government to LEAD us. Any society needs leaders who will GUIDE it's citizenry. Otherwise, there will be pandemonium where the good citizens mix with the bad and no rectification in sight. It's the government that is to blame.

And for #192, please don't tell us to shut up. We have as much right to say what we want as you do. If our opinions do not match with yours, then, we still have a right to air it. Thank you.

Posted by marichu m. ramos October 3, 09 10:25 PM

i have been in manila, and i saw a lot of squatters there, there's a lot homeless people...

Posted by Xian October 3, 09 10:39 PM

I feel the pain and hearthbreak of my kababayan and family in Manila. I too was hard hit with Hurricane katrina back in 2005, I lost everything in my house with 18 feet of water in my house and on top of that an oil spill 3 blocks from my house. Until now still hasn't fully recovered with our lost, and always worry when it's hurricane season here in St Bernard Parish. East of New Orleans Louisiana. You are all in my prayers specially those who lost thier love ones.

Posted by Lita Wallace October 3, 09 10:43 PM

God and Lord!......Are u serious? We need to do something about this Global Warming...its just getting worse.....

Posted by people lover October 3, 09 10:50 PM

Prayers alone will not work without virtues. Even we prayed d Holy Rosary twice a day and go to church every Wednesday and every Sunday and we are not applying d life of Jesus Christ or let us say we dont apply to our lives d virtues of Christ, it is just d same as worthless prayers. As proverb says "Nasa Dios ang awa nasa tao ang gawa". We prayed a lot but if u keep saying profane words, if you like to spread gossips, like to intervene and get involved with others life, if u u like to brag and boast and f like competion with others, if u dont have humility,if ur not charitable, kill, cheat and lied, ur prayers is nonsense.

Posted by Lysel October 3, 09 11:57 PM

My children are from Marikina city along Tierra Vista subd. I can only say we are so blessed because Mahal na Ingkong is guiding us and as He promised that He will be always with us if we pray together specially pray the Rosary at all times, say the fifteen mysteries everyday and we can feel His presence when we pray deeply from our heart. I believe that the Lord is always there when we call His grace and mercy.. I'm so sorry for those people who lost their homes and love ones, now we have to pray more to the Lord so that this tragedy will not happen again. Apo of California

Posted by Apo Leoncia de avila October 4, 09 02:20 AM

It's so EASY to put blame on everyone but ourselves. I see a lot of educated but misguided posts here. The inadequate government response is not 100% of the problem, it is just a symptom of the true problem : Overcrowding in Metro Manila.We have been given an opportunity to reverse the toxic urbanization of Metro Manila. We should rebuild with that in mind.

Posted by ka fredo October 4, 09 04:07 AM

Can it be that the management of LA MESA DAM in QUEZON CITY
IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS GREAT FLOOD IN METRO MANILA for possibly releasing dam water during the height of TYPHOON ONDOY?

LA MESA DAM Management has been silent for sometime now, and blame is cast upon Angat and Ipoh Dam management. The two dams(Angat and Ipoh) are quite far from Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, and Cainta.

I strongly urge residents of affected areas to formally ask the National Bureau of Investigation ( NBI ) to conduct an OPEN PROBE to the possible culpability of the LA MESA DAM Management to this tragedy so that it will not be repeated. If the LA MESA DAM Management is innocent, then they should not fear investigation by the NBI.

Posted by Joan Mercado October 4, 09 05:30 AM

a very unpleasant situation,but above all GOD is in control...kahit wala kami sa Pilipinas nakakalungkot ang nga pangyayari na di inaasahan.let's just consider this as a trial,walang pagsubok n ibinigay sa atin na di natin kaya. i know God loves our country,He just only want all of us to call Him..we are His people,we are His children..nakikiramay po kami sa ating bayan.

Posted by dennis October 4, 09 06:01 AM

we are now facing a great disaster and people are struggling on how to survive the next days...we can't predict what will happen to us,,,but guys God allows things like this to happen for us to look up...we have a great God up there and i really believe He will help us...have Faith in Him and dont loose Hope=)
Instead of complaining or asking questions like "why God?"
Lets Thank God because He gave us a chance to realize that He will never fail in His Promises to Us....
Yeah We can get through all dis things...

Posted by Kalang-ad,Prestone N. October 4, 09 08:22 AM

some people are just mean choice ......with this situation the peolpe need the help they could get, no matter where it will come from.........

Posted by rosalia k October 4, 09 09:11 AM

A Poem:

The Sound of Freedom
(toward the beginning-mid 2002)

As I walked along, I was struck by their faces-
So broken and bleeding, torn apart by endless grief
Yet in their eyes, in the cold pool of their suffering,
I caught a glimmer of hope-
One light ray peering through the shattered reckage-
A single Sunbeam left behind in the last breath of sunset.
And then I heard it...
Soft as snow fall, and yet it seemed to echo in my very soul.
It tumbled off the rooftops which now lay shattered upon the blood wattered ground.
It overflowed from the hearts of the giving,
And was carried by angles to the ears of the children who wondered, "Why?"
And when I repeated the words out loud, I fell to my knees
So overwhellmed with the feeling of shere Peace
Mingled with the most bitter pain.
And in that moment, I was never more proud to be a part of My Home-
Never more United with the Hearts of my Fellow Citizens.
For out of the Souls of my Brothers and Sisters who had spent their last,
The Voice of Freedom was heard in their dying breath.
And the Sound of Freedom is joy,
joy through the sorrow that surrounds us.
It is Strength to Stand up and be wholly UNITED in our greatest hour of weakness.
It is the will to Live, the will to win and not be overcome by fear in darkenss.
We will go on and complete the Course.
We will pass through this next test of courage and emerge Victorious and as ONE.
Never lose hope, never lose the Light of Love, and always seek the HAND of the True One who holds you.

Posted by Joy October 4, 09 10:54 AM

I live in the hills of Marikina and a resident of this city for the past 20 years. Our village was not as much affected by the flood brought about by typhoon ketsana as our neighbors who are in the low lying areas and near the riverbanks. Some residents of our village whose houses are on lower ground experienced the rush of flood waters into their homes, around an inch deep (which they have not experienced for the past decades) but it subsided quickly. It makes me sad to think that a few years from now, we may also experience flooding in the heights of marikina, brought about by global warming, climate change, clogged canals and the multitude of very poor citizens who choose to squat near the banks of the river where their lives are in danger every time a typhoon strikes.
Our former Mayor did a good job transforming Marikina. It became the cleanest city in the metropolis. I admire this man - a true worker.
But after the flood, it hurts me to see what Marikina has become - all that debris.....all that mud..... washed away from the treeless mountains into the river and onto the houses and roads of the city.
Surely, it is being taken care of by our efficient Mayor and maybe in 2 months time, it will be clean and beautiful again.
I hope that the cash donations from generous individuals and private & government institutions, which has reached millions & millions of pesos - when combined, will be used to build houses for the squatters living dangerously near river banks and canals. This action will not only give these poor people dignity but will also be a solution to clearing-up what is clogging the water runways.

Posted by Madeleine Chua October 4, 09 11:17 AM


Posted by FERDOT FAUSTO October 4, 09 01:23 PM

Thank you to the people who exerted efforts in taking and sharing these photos. We, at the Guardian Angels of America Foundation (GAAF), are uniting and working with different charitable organizations here in Los Angeles to bring help to our Kababayans. Our officers are personally traveling to the Philippines to bring help in whatever way we can. We will personally monitor and directly distribute all cash and donated items to the victims. Be compassionate, we may be going through our own hardships too, but let's dig deeper in our pockets. Even a $1 donation will make a difference.

Posted by Loi Herrera October 4, 09 02:34 PM

to mr benny ;
you might correct but don't blame to poor fellowmen for what had happened in the last tragedy brought by 'Ondoy', yes, they were squatters but they were paying individual taxes, too. let's see.,when an individual person got wages of 10,000php per month , can they live in the nice subdivision or can they rent in a nice apartment? i think not, if they have 3 children or more than think of it..
you are lucky because you did not feel of what life the squatters they have..
It is a big lessons to each of us.. and we must preserve our mother earth.

Posted by warrior October 4, 09 05:34 PM

It is very sad and my heart brook when I saw this pictures. I pray hard that
God will rescue and the needs of our Filipino citizens. The whole world will
turn to our Almigthy in heaven and pray, pray, to the Lord..... without end.

Posted October 4, 2009
The lonely girl.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 09 07:31 PM

very sad pictures
i wish i could help

Posted by edgar zhayne epe October 4, 09 09:52 PM

@Loi Herrera
Its so sad that even those who extend their help had to bring their donations personally. Knowing that present government are so corrupt that those who want to send/give their help had to think twice if their donations really proceed to the people that really need them.
Lots of equipment/supplies are being send everytime this thing happens, yet when things happen, you cant find them. The rubber boats, generator, toilets, tents, beds and others. USAID had just brought lots of equipment and i just wonder if those equipment will be visible again if these happens again and i'm sure it will come again and again. And the Filipino will be still caught off-guard. Its a YEARLY disaster and still we cant find ways to minimize it. And to those Congressman/GMA who had a lavish dinner worth 1 MILLION PESOS in New York, hope this time you can feed thousands of Filipinos that really need those foods!

Posted by Lord_Aragorn October 4, 09 10:37 PM

To Benny (comment #162): Clap! Clap! Clap! Now, what have you done to put your wordy pontification into ACTION? Am eagerly waiting for your answer.

Posted by Sam October 4, 09 11:28 PM

These pictures are so depressing. But I PRAISE GOD for he is still in control. Let us not lose HOPE. Let us continue to pray and help one another. This is not the right time to point finger and name names. GOD sees all!

Posted by judith jarlego evaristo October 5, 09 12:54 AM

be thanks to Its so sad that even those who extend their help had to bring their donations personally. Knowing that present government are so corrupt that those who want to send/give their help had to think twice if their donations really proceed to the people that really need them.
Lots of equipment/supplies are being send everytime this thing happens, yet when things happen, you cant find them. The rubber boats, generator, toilets, tents, beds and others. USAID had just brought lots of equipment and i just wonder if those equipment will be visible again if these happens again and i'm sure it will come again and again. And the Filipino will be still caught off-guard. Its a YEARLY disaster and still we cant find ways to minimize it. And to those Congressman/GMA who had a lavish dinner worth 1 MILLION PESOS in New York, hope this time you can feed thousands of Filipinos that really need those foods!

Posted by unknown person October 5, 09 02:01 AM

My prayer to all the people who suffered from this kind of disaster. Lets all pray for them and help for their needs. We should be thankfull to God for we have were not affected and so be generous to share your help of any kind to relieve those that were affected.

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 07:39 AM

please help this poor people...
they don't even know what to do..
their risking their life's to save their kapamilya....
i hope this bagyong ondoy would stop....

i'm thankful having other safe and sorry for others who die to the
bagyong ondoy...
hope our president would help this people...

Posted by christine joy malinao(student of rmmc gensan) October 5, 09 08:04 AM

Very good job ,plz continue that ,I hope you will go far & far away.

Posted by Dinesh kumar Das October 5, 09 08:21 AM

its soooooooo sad

Posted by mikki October 5, 09 08:28 AM


Posted by michaela October 5, 09 09:06 AM

What's with all the religious talk? If there really exists an all powerful god, it loves us and can prevent disaster, why would this happen? A god has nothing to do with this, folks. This is 2009, not 1500. It rained, it flooded, people drowned. Move along.

Posted by ArnoldPJones October 5, 09 10:27 AM

in god we believe and he will help hem and all menkind this poor people

walter from belgium

Posted by walter October 5, 09 10:31 AM

may God allah help all who were touched during this destructive typhoon

Posted by Mustapha October 5, 09 01:22 PM

all I can do is send out a cry to our higher power!(GOD).send to have mercy on us.I am a 9-11&a hurricane katrina prayers&blessings go out 2 those people&animals..may God keep them strong to get to safty..just me still rebuilding my life..luv&concern INEZ!!

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 09 01:36 PM

God or no god, this is not the place to argue it. Such petty differences in the face of great need... shame! If you don't believe in a god, then "man up" and show what humanity can to with whatever part you can spare of your hard-earned wealth or the pittance you have under you mattress. If you believe in a God, then remember that He commanded you not to sit and say the rosary, but to get out and help those who need it. Whichever side of the fence you are on, each one of us bears the burden of making this place either heaven or hell on earth.

Posted by Kim October 5, 09 05:10 PM

My heart and prayers are with all of these precious people. It rains on the just and the unjust, so it's nothing they have done wrong that caused this. Disaster happens to us all sometime. I recently saw a double rainbow in the sky. A very large one just to remind us God will not destroy the whole earth by flood again. That is a promise.

Posted by Carolyn I. October 5, 09 09:48 PM

Filipinos are hardworking and hospitable. Too bad that the country doesn't get a break from corrupt officials who put themselves first before their duty. This is not the time to point fingers. This is the time to help out especially children who are innocent victims.

Posted by MTA October 5, 09 11:14 PM

I'm also Filipino here in Korea
i am so cried allot my heart so badly fell broken
for this kind of calamities & poverty now
i have also allot of family there
but thanks to god they all safe..

but my heart still feel heartache
to see this tragedy i feel what they feel!
& I'm very concentrate praying to god that
he will do anything,mercy to all poor people
that they need help
they don't even know what to do..

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 09 01:12 AM

I am PRAYING to THE LORD to give all the strength to all my FILIPINO people who suffered from the disaster and not to happen again.

Posted by Chandra (from Nepal) October 6, 09 01:49 AM

I am thankful for the wonderful response to the people in need. Last Saturday we saw the heavy rain and we prayed as we knew that those who lived at a lower level would be flooded. Friends of ours walked through floods and others were stranded for a whole day. We are working hard to coordinate efforts to bring relief to many who have lost their homes. I am proud of the many sacrifices that local people and others are making to help. God is answering many of our prayers for help. We have people living in our home that are working to clean their home.

Several of the comments seem to think that if God is all powerful he would prevent this painful event. Is the only demonstration of power a rescue from all pain? We believe that God demonstrated His love for us on the Cross - forgiving us and reconcilling us to Himself. He continues to demonstrate His love in many ways. We understand that many do not trust Him. As Christians we believe that God will raise everyone from death in the end. Now, He sits with us in the flood, suffering alongside and working through the hands of people who trust him to bring help to those in need.

I am glad to see that the Typhoon Parma seems to be holding off Typhoon Melor.

Posted by David October 6, 09 01:52 AM

Sad to see you all in this condition...I cried when i saw in the news of what happened in Manila. this time of trials, you can see all the Filipinos are reaching out their hands supporting & helping each others. I really touched the ordeals you been suffering in this calamities, and I extend my deep sympathy to those who lost their loved ones & their homes.
I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us. May the Lord himself, who is our source of peace, give you peace to all times and in every way. May God blessed you all.

Posted by Merly Dionisio Edmondson October 6, 09 04:14 AM

just pray.......
please pray,,
minhamida if i can't go in the philippines..
i have many projects..

Posted by lee min ho October 6, 09 06:28 AM

If you are all concerned about these poor people,it's not only the generousity that counts,your prayers,your words of encouragement thanks for all these sacrifices you've made but there's one thing most important let us call for HEALING not only for your own country but the whole world as well,the world that we are living is very very ill.Why don't we start in ourselves,LET US HEAL OUR OWN LIFE,(if only everybody will do this)The whole world will be saved.

Posted by simple mind October 6, 09 10:46 AM

The government should know that our country are getting this kind of typhoon every year, they should learn how to plan ahead to prepare & be ready, so people will not be caught unhanded again.

Pray to GOD to overcome all this trials, HE got the reason for doing it.
Maybe a wake up call for all the politician to do their responsibilities as government.

Posted by Edwin Lardizabal October 6, 09 12:15 PM

the picture really.....I don't know what to say, but right now I'm more focusing on the aid that we will give to the victims...hopefully all of them can be strong and patience....GOD know what He is doing....

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 09 02:18 PM

"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal from heaven and forgive their sins and I will heal their land". 2 Chronicles 7;14

- God is not unrighteous or unjust to forget our prayers.I believe this is God's wake up call for all of us, Filipino citizens.We must take time to pray and plead for God's mercy. Its not too late. God's grace it still at its best

Posted by Zha October 6, 09 02:36 PM

in GENESIS of the Bible, GOD made a covenant with Noah, to never again flood earth and wipe it out. His promise is FOREVER. We will stand strong, and learn from this. A rainbow is His sign of His promise, look for it. He is with us.

Posted by tina October 6, 09 03:05 PM

Comment 125 & 212 are right on....

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 09 04:23 PM

The pictures of my hometown under water (Marietta, GA) were powerful until I saw these. Thanks for bringing out challenges into perspective.

Posted by djl October 6, 09 04:26 PM

god bless us....
it's a part of
our journey
i hope all the
things happens,,,
god always there
for us...,,to take care'''''

Posted by tintin 09 October 6, 09 07:51 PM

Storm is a part of our life...Let us pray all together that God will comport all the Victims and may those lost thier live may rest in peace....God has purpose to every one....God bless Us All

Posted by Emma October 6, 09 11:03 PM

When im watching this my tears cant stop to fall...specially to one pic body that laying on the muds....God may heal and comfort those in greif....God bless Philippines.. from hongkong

Posted by Emma October 6, 09 11:52 PM

to my fellow country men.. wag tayo mawalan ng pag asa ...
manalig lang tayo sa panginoon at tutulongan nya tayo...


Posted by roxy October 7, 09 01:23 AM

how sad the picture is....
but for now all we can do is pray for ourselves and help each other
the lesson that we've learn from this is be kind to our mother nature
to prevent this disaster again....

the filipino people can survive from this tragic and we overcome all of this.....

Posted by blue October 7, 09 03:30 AM

To Kathleen: I obey the law, pay my taxes, and segregate my trash accordingly. I speak my mind and make it a point to give only food to beggars instead of loose change. You can't blame the United States for my "colonized" way of thinking. I think this way because I have a proper education and was raised to have high principles, morals, and ethics. And I wouldn't use the United States as a benchmark for perfection, they have just as many flaws in their system as we do except they take more action and have a higher capacity and influence over it's people.

To Sam: See above text. I can only do so much as a citizen. But I am proud to say that I do my fair share and don't step on people. I have employees working for me and I pay them the right wages. I avoid dealing with corrupt people and this has been a huge disadvantage for my business. It's a good thing there are still some morally upright people in the Philippines, and in this world we live in.

Tragic as it may seem, the mayors of these cities are now being questioned for their decisions on city planning. The system that they work for has turned against them and is looking for answers for decades of mismanagement. If you watch the news, the people living in these unsafe areas are now being relocated to safer places. As hard as it may seem for thousands of families to start over, they shouldn't have been there in the first place. This is a very good start and I hope to see it end the right way as well.

Thank you.

Posted by Benny October 7, 09 03:31 AM

It is man's made..the stupid government, the corrupt officials from the president down to barangay captains and even the people have the fault why we are all suffering from these tragedy. Improper waste management that is why "basura mo babalik sayo" is true. Most of the officials are keeping the funds which is for the projects of flood control. Napaka walanghiya nila kaya nangyari ito sa PIlipinas. The people are not also exempted especially those poors! having lots of children are not ideal. Hirap na nga sa buhay anak pa ng anak that's why the population are enlarging devastatedly!..So please be wise in choosing the next leader of our country. Just a hint, if you choose G. Teodoro the currrent government especially PGMA will be free from all their cases. Choose the leader who will abide no one! with dignity,integrity and political will. Let's pray for our country.

Posted by Angel October 7, 09 04:14 AM

Do Not worry FILIPINOS!!! Let us just do our best and God will do the rest.
Continue donating for this is the right time to show the world that our fellow countrymen including you weather rich or poor has the right to be called a child of God. Do not lose faith

Posted by ZXander15 October 7, 09 05:45 AM

alla.. om my god. kawawa nmn cla. :(.
galing ng nag picture. ayt-dol.
pero nakaka awa nmn .
:(:(:(:(. !

Posted by vien October 7, 09 08:05 AM

I can't believe that this typhoon "ONDOY" can cost this much! To all my fellows FILIPINO I can't help in material things but I'll help pray to all of you....I'm really very sad about what happened to our country...

Posted by Suzette Maculada October 7, 09 08:39 AM



Posted by del flores October 7, 09 08:56 AM

Don't we wish the Philippines was still a colony? Don't we wish that the Clark AFB was still in existence?

May God Bless us all.

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 09 01:06 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with you all my fellow kababayans, my family and friends out there. My hearts goes out to you all. God bless !!!!!!He is watching over us..and knows that our kababayans will be able to pull these through...God bless to you all...

Posted by Carol October 8, 09 02:32 AM

I guess my problem with all the "God will help" and "Trust in our Father" stuff is this: look at picture 10. A small dead child is being carried away by a rescue worker. If i knew any man who had caused that to happen I would revile him and call him a murderer, wouldn't you? Big plan or no big plan, lesser of two evils or not, heart in the right place or wrong place, anyone who caused that little child to die would be a murderer.
I hear all the time that God is all powerful and all knowing and pure good. Well, then, he knew that child was going to die, he "created" the storm and so, in absolute effect, he caused the death to happen. What does that make God?

Posted by Sick of Shallow Piety October 8, 09 09:40 AM

Why would god bless these people? Why would it bless x over y. Are you implying before these people got screwed over god didnt like/"bless" them? You religious people are a joke. Yes this is a terrible event but come on... Do you feel like your doing something good by telling god to bless them?

Posted by shralper October 8, 09 01:34 PM

8 October 2009-Having many times been in Cainta and other Matro Manila areas hit by Ondoy, and know personally folks living in them, my heart was twisted with the pictures. I am in the process of raising funds to add to those my wife and I have already sent, to be forwarded to those I know personally to be in the greatest need. Any who would want to contribute to this, please send all checks to me: Wallace H. Little; 532 Underwood Road, Marshall, Texas; 75672; 903-9340-9608, Mark them "Manila Flood Relief." I have a joint USA bank acocunt with a preacher there whomI'v eknown since 1973. He will handle the distrinution, and report how used.

Posted by Wallace H. Little October 8, 09 01:41 PM

@Sick of Shallow Piety - .."What does that make God?"
An omnipotent character found in numerous influential cultural fictions.

To those dead and suffering, you have my fondest thoughts.

Posted by Holier than None October 8, 09 01:55 PM

I totally agree with Justin Reese(comment #222) speaking of prioritized people, i was watching TV patrol news and saw Sen. Richard Gordon and other gov. officials along with the daughters of Gabby Lopez (owner of ABS-CBN) doing a rescue efforts but not on a poor man's area but you know where...? on a exclusive village called "Executive Homes" with all the foods and drinks individually packed on a nice styrofoam! It really pissed me off because they just passed thru the area of poor people who does'nt have anything to eat and go straight to those rich families who got lots of stocks.

Posted by Cris Gamboa (canada) October 8, 09 11:55 PM

Hi, I am a Filipina. For those who would like to send their donations in cash or kind, please don't direct your donations to Philippine government or it's agency especially DSWD. Please contact local non government organizations especially Christian Church organizations to ensure your donations will reach those victims of Ondoy. Please visit this website of Christ Commission Fellowship who accepts donations in cash or in kind.

Thanks so much,
Marilyn M.

Posted by Marilyn M October 9, 09 12:43 AM

Its only going to get worse unfortunately, global warming is causing a polarization of weather patterns, i.e. places that are dry are going to get even dryer and places that already receive lots of rain are going to receive even more. More floods, more droughts. Its going to be worst around the equator which is where most third world countries are located. More people will die.

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 09 01:28 AM

I was amazed with the philippine people,there beauty,happy loving attitude even though the povertity there is horrific.I was there for 1 month last year and traveled to manila,cagayan de oro,cebu, suragoa city,bohol ect.I never had any trouble but only respect.Philippinos are the most loving people i have ever had the prevelige to meet.With all the lives they sacrafised and the support they gave to the united states in ww2 we owe them greatly! Also vietnam,cambodia,laos we also should be helping them as well for the horrible things we did to these lovely people.I hope the us goverment do what we should and send aid and support to these beautiful countries.

Posted by william October 9, 09 07:59 AM

For those who pray for the Filipino people as a whole,keep praying it keeps the system going.

For those who send aide/ cloths, food and cash be careful where it goes.

For those who blame the government, I believe you have the right to point at the elected officials we have and even before this present leaders we have.
My information can stand corrected.
Belguim has been under sea level for all this decades yet they do not have this kind of extent of flooding for before the rain comes their country gets ready and are prepared to get their water pumps into action.

In the Philippines we have designed a step ladder of DAMS and DIKE HARDLES from Ambuklao dam, Bingga Dam,Caliray dam and Angat dam and studies on flood control.using the flow of nature through gravity in irrigating our fields etc etc etc.
When I was back in the Philippines I use to pass Ambuklao Dam from Baguio to Nueva Vizcaya. We are short of water to fill the basin on both Ambuklao and Bingga accordingly because of DENUDED forest.
How about calculating for sereach of pumps to Ambuklao and release water as needed?
The question is where thus this comment end up with? Thus it end up floating in the air?
I have no other group of people whom to call on. Any body knows?

Posted by Russ Gutierrez October 9, 09 02:30 PM

It is so sad to see these people suffer. Lets pray for those who perished and let's hope that those who survived will get through it and hope they find peace in their lives. And for those who blame God for this misfortune, it is a shame. God does not have anything to do with this. It is the politicians' fault (past and current) that they did not do their jobs which resulted to this catastrophy. I hope they also would find peace in their heart and finally, I also hope that this will serve as a lesson to all the people in power. But in the meantime lets do everything to help those who survived because they need us the most!

Posted by Bert October 9, 09 06:41 PM

OMG! Really impressive, very sad!

Posted by Fabio Santos October 10, 09 01:56 AM

we need to plant more trees.LOVE our nature, nature will love us!
destroy nature, nature will destroy us!PLANT PLANT PLANT!

Posted by git October 10, 09 03:01 AM

the previous typhoon, ondor and now pepeng had really brought damages to lives and properties including crops .. more are coming so expect the worst .. what me need now is be vigilant and be prepared..we reap what we sow..with our continuous disregard to our protection to our environment, this is just the beginning of more , we had to wake up and do something before its too late..God help the Philippines, and the FILIPINOS..

Posted by LDD October 10, 09 05:29 AM

I am a Filipino and I live in Florida. My heart breaks when I see the suffering my people are going through. I have sent my donation in the hope that at least I will be able to touch one filipino family and make their lives a little better.

Posted by K. Fernandez October 10, 09 01:21 PM


Posted by ALLAN RAYOS DEL SOL October 10, 09 02:28 PM

Para sa mga militante na galit sa mga Amerikanong sundalo, nasaan na kayo para tumulong sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo? Ni hindi namin kayo makita sa lansangan para magbigay ng tulong. Magaling lang kayo mag "organize' ng rally. Puro kayo sigaw at walang aksyon. May nakuha ba kayong tulong mula sa Red China? Nanawagan din kami sa mga korap na opisyal ng gobyerno. Ilabas niyo na ang mga nakurakot niyong pera para ibalik sa taong bayan.

Posted by Gat Sikatuna October 10, 09 03:09 PM

Thanks for keeping these pictures available for the world to see. I am a Filipina and I never thought I would see and experience a deluge in my lifetime. Apart from climate change, what we saw in the wake of Ondoy is the combined effect of people's lack of love for nature; lack of awareness and indifference to the environment; negligence of government officials and employees in doing their work; corruption in both government and private sectors; ignorance in handling garbage/ wastes; illegal reclamation along waterways (rivers, esteros, canals, creeks) by urban poor dwellers, police outposts, barangay halls, day care centers; clogged waterways; and lack of disaster-preparedness.IN SHORT, LAWLESSNESS AND NEGLECT.

The big picture is the composite of everybody's neglect and irresponsible acts.We all have a share of the blame for what befell us.

Let our sad story be a warning to others who have not seen and experienced it. Learn from our lesson while there is time.

Posted by Dean Estelita D. Bello October 11, 09 04:00 AM

Good day. Can I use the photos above for a presentation we will be doing in HSBC to show the destruction caused by Typhoon Ketsana? You can contact me at

Grateful if you can give us permission. Thank you!


Posted by Maurice Yap October 11, 09 10:49 AM

heartbreaking..... if i were there i would volunteer gladly in any way i can. we all need to change not only the government which is always blamed for its inadequacies but change should start from within each of us also... what the filipinos have shown helping one another, with filipinos abroad sending out relief goods and local and international fiipino artists holding out concerts whereproceeds would go to the victims are only one of the good traits of filipinos. i am proud to be a filipino and most of all do not forget our GOD.

Posted by Anirac Solecrev October 11, 09 11:46 AM

This is not the time to criticized the government i guess we should focus on helping to those who need and victim of this calamity, i also does'nt like our politicians when ever there is calamity or disaster. if we want to help and have the doubt to our govenment, we can send it to our thrustful relatives backhome and let them distribute to those people who needs the most. It's true that we pray for those people who suffered but we do not act so what's the point of praying. ACT/MOVE

Posted by R. Baider (BaidZ) October 11, 09 12:58 PM

TO #147......


Posted by LELO October 11, 09 02:24 PM

I've been receiving via email heaps of photos damaged by typhoon Katrina. It's so heartbreaking that the smash up is so enoumous that it will take a lot of time to back in normal condition. This is a natural misfortune and it so happened that our country been hardly battered. Pinos in Sydney, Australia are mobilised and donated all kinds from resources to etc. I for one donated two large plastic bags of my clothes and etc address to Rotary Club Quezon City Chapter. PAL is the carrier & will be leaving Sydney any day this week. One of my friends here, his sister is a member of the Rotary Club, QC.

Posted by Norma Regidor-Blancaflor October 11, 09 05:20 PM

pls. pray the people that was affected

Posted by ronalyn October 11, 09 11:44 PM

God bless the soul of the Filipinos

Posted by Anonymous October 12, 09 02:44 AM

the earth is in TROUBLE..!!!..

Posted by PAK NAN@sungai buloh October 12, 09 02:28 PM

Though the fig tree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines;
Though the labor of the olive may fail, and the fields yield no food;
Though the flock may be cut off from the fold,
and there be no herd in the stalls --
I will joy in the God of my salvation.
The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet,
And He will make me walk on my high hills.
Habbakuk 3:17-19
Keep the faith Philippines! God bless Philippines!

Posted by Juan de la Cruz October 12, 09 04:13 PM

Il est temps de s'occuper de notre planète !!!

Posted by Jaja, Canada October 12, 09 06:36 PM

these are some of the most tragic pics, i have ever prayers are with these people, especially the children...

Posted by lorraine cato October 12, 09 09:01 PM

Can someone post pics of typhoon Parma, which hit Northern Philippines a week after Ketsana, came back and lingered for days causing more damages and killing more people. We need to make people aware of that because it's been challenging for us to gather volunteers, vehicles and goods for rescue and relief. Most people are not touched. We need to ignite the people's sense of compassion through whatever means and showing powerful photographs is one of them. Thanks

Posted by Gio Bacareza October 12, 09 11:56 PM



Posted by riain October 13, 09 03:15 AM


Posted by MEL GUTAM October 13, 09 08:55 AM

God loves us and His will will be done! Stop blaming who is to be blamed? Now is the right time that we need to be united and bring out again the original we are...pagtutulungan ng bawat isa... Prayer is the most powerful weapon that we can have in times like this...

Posted by Rheena October 14, 09 07:10 AM

This would be the most striking typhoon that led all the Filipinos to really unite and help each other. "Saludo ako saatin, mga Pinoy!"

Posted by jamikaela October 14, 09 11:42 AM

# 147 - Aren't you rich people supposed to have good breeding? Long live the rich, you say, let's see how you'll feel after your long life, then you experience a flood of fire.

Posted by Dee October 14, 09 12:10 PM

God bless the soul of the Filipinos

Posted by madai October 14, 09 01:08 PM

its really very disappointing... dis kinda scenario really creates a confusion in me... whether or not dere iz god ???.... anyway fr all filipinos may u all gather all d strength 2 overcome such a breath takin disaster.... wish u all d every best 2 conquer dis natural calamity..

Posted by rajeev October 14, 09 05:17 PM

I own the white standing white car... flood in our village is 2 storey high

Posted by michael dumlao October 15, 09 03:44 AM

The Filipino obsession of God astounds me.

I agree with 'sick of shallow piety', why would you praise an all powerful god who did this to you? Perhaps you may say it's a test of faith? That's a cop-out, why would he prefer X over Y?

What's the point of praying? Why not do something worthwhile that will actually help people. Hope is a good thing, but since when was religion a prerequisite for hope?

Best wishes for the people in Philippines, I know my is helping be actually doing something rather than wasting time and praying.

Posted by Chris October 15, 09 08:30 AM

Some says acts by God. Oh no, this is the acts of greedy people. That's all it sums up. Nobody now respect the nature, it retaliates. The sick people and the sick nature.

Posted by Guiller Di October 15, 09 02:59 PM

Thank you for the pictures and the comments publication. Please give me permission to copy some pictures for my slide show. It is terrible, sad and devasting happening and I like to view it sometimes again. Again thank you

Posted by leonita n. devera October 16, 09 11:21 AM

Hi! In relation to this news article, we would like to inform you that indie musicians from Asia and other countries created a benefit music album called "A Sound Relief: In Aid Of The Victims Of Typhoon Ondoy". You can listen to the whole album here:

We would like to ask everyone to help Ondoy/Ketsana victims in the Philippines by downloading a 25-song music compilation album for $10.00. The proceeds will be donated to the relief fund. There is still so much to do, as millions were displaced from their homes, and a lot of people affected still need help. All the bands and artists donated their songs into the album out of their sincere desire to use their talents to do something to help Filipinos get back to their normal lives, and to inspire other that they can do something, anything, to help those in need. Thank you all so much!

Posted by Erick A. Fabian Sr. October 16, 09 11:26 AM

The responsible people who manage Philippines dams around the province of Rizal are dumb, useless, not to have the foresight that a calamity like this couldhappen. While it is true that the water that's building up from the rains coming from high places, the dam/s should be opened to release water and avoid real strong pressure and thus cause more deadly damaeg, at least the people int he surrounding areas should have been alerted. What alerts were issued? I learned that only a Typhoon signal no. 1 was sent out. Ws this sufficient to alert the people? Alert could have been transmitted through the radio, tv or anyother means of pa .system from municipalities.

Posted by Lourdes de Vera October 16, 09 03:30 PM


Posted by ROMEL CANEOS October 16, 09 10:37 PM


Posted by LUES BALSA October 17, 09 08:59 AM

To # 307.
A colony. .? You stupid bastard. What Clark AFB can do preventing typhoon? o baka sinasabi mo na mas mabilis sana ang rescue.
Mag isip ka kaibigan!. Hindi colony ang solution. Yan pagiisip na yan ang pumapatay sa kaunlaran ng bansa.
What we can do is stop illegal logging. Squatters should be out of the floodways. Relocate in proper places and give them livelihood.
And most of all, lunurin ang lahat ng nakaupo sa gobyerno.

Posted by Anonymous from California October 17, 09 03:10 PM

Thank you very much for showing us some of the pictures, God Bless ALL of you especially those who are suffering, the dead and most epecially those who are helping.
Can somebody please tell me if CARDONA, RIZAL,Philippines is also damaged or NOT? It is after CAINTA and BEFORE Tanay, RIZAL.

I used to teach in San Francisco High School in Cardoa, Rizal that is why I am very interested to know.

Posted by Remy Riborozo, FLORID October 17, 09 04:07 PM


Posted by ABEL B. October 18, 09 05:41 AM

What the Devil met for evil, God can turn it for GOOD, out of this calamity something good will come out. In the year 2005 some of us who are tune with the LORD have received dreams or vision of this rising flush flood, and most of the sons & daughters of God has prayed before hand. For sure prayers were offered long some 2 or 3 years ago.

Posted by Romy Ocampo October 18, 09 08:01 PM

It is high time to help our own people & country. We who got a little luck to be living / working abroad should be thankful for the chance we get everytime. Let´s try to share a little of the graces we have in form of prayers/ medicines. God bless our land and our families, & kababayans

Posted by Minda M. Barth October 19, 09 06:59 AM


Posted by PINAY FROM BOSTON October 19, 09 09:41 AM

Chúng ta hãy cầu nguyện cho những con người đáng thương này....cơn bão đã cướp đi tất cả của cải vật chất của họ , họ thật đáng thương.
They need help....we should do something to help them in their time like this.

Posted by Rosaly Nguyễn October 19, 09 11:29 AM

I hope you get alot better ialso hoppe your wishes come ttrue love frme sebastian.

Posted by sebastian carlstrom October 19, 09 02:27 PM

As i scrolled down these pictures, I couldn't help not to cry. I will pray for those who lost their love ones and pray for the ones who survived.

Posted by N. M. October 19, 09 02:32 PM

These are very sad pictures of my kababayan. We all know that this is god's will and everything happens for a reason. Despite the loss, pain and suffering brought by this tragedy, Filipinos still has smiles on their faces, because they know that god is always going to be there for us no matter what...... That is why I am very proud to say that "I am a Filipino". Always praying for all and all my kapwa Filipinos. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Posted by Victoeia October 19, 09 07:34 PM

hurray!!! to're on target for those people who were the signatories of the unthinkable by shooing the Americans from their Military Bases down from our beloved country, the PHILIPPINES...those people are not heroes in my sight! They're ungrateful of what the American government had done to our backward country then...through their assistance we're now educated and had reached all over the planet because of the knowledge that Uncle Sam had fed us. Foremost the use of latrines, a big help for our health wise. I grew up poor but healthy; both my parents worked hard just we can have three meals a day...I've never thought that I'm here with Uncle Sam didn't have any idea about America before; I'm very appreciative of those countries who are always ready in extending hands for the needy and I'm very grateful for the country AMERICA. the beautiful which I loved so much!!! THANK YOU ALL AMERICANS AND ESPECIALLY TO THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO DID THEIR JOB FOR ALL THE WORLD!!! I'd tried to be as good as a girl can be...and my husband loved me so much...a Filipino also and three years younger than me; we're not rich here just in survival mood...but my only wish for all poor people would be to keep going to survive and not to wait for any government assistance whatsoever...just like my family CATCHAPERO-LIMBOHAN from LEYTE...I've never remember that we asked and received anything from any lowly/highest officials of our motherland on my 28 years of life while in our beloved country. I was a housemaid and only graduated from high school. To all public officials...please have a heart of gold? Will you all SIR/MADAM use all the donated money to build a reinforced building and high enough so that the poor people victims of tropical storm ONDOY, PEPENG and other forms of calamities would have a strong, beautiful and safe to live in. Please no more shanties along canals, river banks and under the bridges...the kagawads and kapitan del barrio would be the ones to oversee that non will build shanties anymore.

Posted by claire limbohan-baclay October 19, 09 07:49 PM

10-ft deep of muddy flood left some marks on our wall insde the house . . . We lost everything from our ground floor . . . our car was even found hanging on the gate of our garage after the flood subsided . . . nothing much that we have saved since the 2nd floor of our house was just made up of wood; can't support that much weight . . . Good thing no one got hurt from any of our family member . . . September 26, 2009 was indeed the day that left us a very sad story . . .

Posted by Jason October 20, 09 05:19 AM

...a very very SAD! well, we have to PRAY to our ALMIGHTY FATHER to overcome all this trials. Maybe a wake-up call for all the people to do their responsibilities to our ALMIGHTY FATHER in HEAVEN. And we need to be closer to GOD. And we know that GOD hears and answers our PRAYERS.

Posted by Anonymous October 21, 09 06:40 PM

i believe that disaster does not come from God for Lord God know not to hurt us but instead continuously love us...This is just a reminder that after all the good and beautiful things he has given us we still have the guts to destroy, knowing that it will all come back to us... I believe Filipinos are strong and they will fight this mistake with all the power and strength!.

Posted by Anonymous October 22, 09 04:30 AM

To post #324: The poor street parliamentarians were busy keeping themselves alive from the poor that they could barely keep their bodies and souls together. The relatively well-off militants were busy helping their poor compatriots to keep their bodies and souls together. Why did you think that it is important to have these militants "show-off" or be visible to you that they were helping the poor?
Siguro, sandamukal kang hambog, dahil importante sa iyo ang magpasiklab o magpalabas sa mga tao habang ikaw ay tumutulong tulad ng mga bulok at trapong pulitiko...aminin!

But wait! Di ka naman ata tumulong, eh. Nanood ka lang ata sa sidelines, no? ...aminin!

Posted by Sam October 22, 09 11:04 AM

To post #363: Our anti-US imperialist senators voted to close the US military bases in the Philippines, supported by both anti-US imperialist Filipinos and anti-US imperialist Americans AND all anti-US imperialist citizens of all countries. If you cannot tell the diference between an anti-US imperialist American from a US-imperialist American, I give up on your naivete. Be smart!

But you know what? The senators did not kick the US-imperialist machinery out of their military bases in Subic and Clark. We prayed...and God listened: Mt. Pinatubo erupted!

Posted by Sam October 22, 09 11:24 AM

lET'S ALL wORSHIP gOd IN eVERYTHIONG THAT hAPPENING TO US IS FOR a REASON .. dONT' loose hope we can awake from this Calamity and I know in God's Way we will raise and alltogether will live a Wonderful and Pieceful life again

Posted by Joy October 22, 09 08:44 PM

DOZENS OF WAKE UP CALLS already been sent TO US IN ASIA, ie..TSUNAMIES, PINATUBO, TREMORS, and many more...but people are just taking it for granted and still keeping their eyes close on the rampant CORRUPT practices starting from the BARANGAY UP TO THE HIGHEST GOVERNMENT OFFICE. Saan kaba naman nakakita nang billion PESOS projects na FLOOD CONTROL BUILDING NA WALA NAMANG HINUKAY NA DAANAN NANG TUBIG... IT ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Marami pang rampant corruptions ang nangyayari na kayo din ang apektado. SANA MAGING RESPONSABLE NAMAN KAYO TO SAVE YOUR KIDS FUTURES.

Posted by Anonymous October 23, 09 01:10 AM

In my city happend the same situation. Itajaí Santa Catarina Brazil.

Posted by Pedrita Junckes October 23, 09 02:51 PM

Superb photography.

My heart is broken.

Posted by Richard Reddy October 24, 09 03:42 PM

seeing the pictures,,i thought we are in need of thje second noah's ark..

Posted by cassandra basijan October 28, 09 12:43 AM

This was the first of many storms of unprecedented severity. This being the eve of All Saints' Day (31 October) I'm still trying to figure out if the storm that still rages now compares to the others, because I have friends in Metro Manila and friendship to me is more precious than life itself. Art Bell, alterted us (histen million listeners)to the fact thatsomething wasn'tquite right when the first raindrops of the first storm fell on Manila. People like us know that morethan just "greenhouse gasses" are to blame. The sun hasbeen doing funnythingsthroughout the whole solar system,and there are such thingsas HARP(high altituderadarproject) that may beinvolved.

Posted by tom bleser October 31, 09 12:02 PM

As long as Filipinos charge all their fates and disasters to the Lord, the corrupt government is happy to continue exploiting innocent and igonorant people, who don't want to accept the reality. Please organize Yourselves now in a party and fight for protecting environment, prevent pollution, collect and recycle the basura. Don't destroy Your country. Soon, there will be no more drinking water, no more tree and natural food and the prices for the poor people be higher for artifical American junk food wrapped in plastic, strewn all over the country side unitil nothing grows any more. What a responibility to Your children. They will blame You later. Stand up and fight fight now

Posted by Karl Fehringer November 2, 09 06:05 PM

@ arnoldpjones (comment #277)
No offense but, god made this disasters as trial, and remember, you can never escape a trial, unless......

let us just hope that we can pass all the trials that god made, and that shows that we deserve to live. ,

Posted by apelonwang November 3, 09 04:32 AM

I'm so thankful that we are safe here in Pasay. I'm so amazed of what had happened to most of our countrymen. I have also experienced about 20 years ago "Typhoons Didang, Yoling", I cannot recall the others. There were high floods also, heavy rains, strong winds, flying objects but have never experience these traumatic incidents brought by "Ondoy".

We always need to pray and thank God for whatever we have, whether it is in a material things, good looks or everything we have in life. We should be satisfied in whatever we have, help the poor people in any matter we could be of help. For the politicians, better think of the future not for themselves only, they must plan and do all the wonderful things for the benefits of everybody, they must think for the future especially for the children. For the environment, the employment (6 months contract for the youth?) what will happen to them, they will keep on applying for a new job until they become 60 years old? A pity for the youth these days, no stable job for them, their future always depends in working abroad.

What we need to do is to keep on praying and praising the Lord. Listen to the Word of God and follow the Ten Commandments.

Posted by Ma. Cristina Liwanag November 5, 09 06:09 AM

totoong maraming likas na yaman ang pilipinas, pero nasaan ang mga ito? nagamit ba ng tama? sino ang nagtamasa? bakit?
totoong marami ang matatalino sa pilipinas, pero nasaan sila? ginamit ba nila ng tama ang kanilang mga galing? bakit?
sa ngayon, ano ang kalagayan ng pilipinas?
kaya ko ba siyang tulungan na magbago? siyempre oo, kahit akoy hamak na manggagawa. kahit akoy isang mangmang ay tutulungan ko siya. sapagkat lagi kong isinasabuhay ang pambansang awit ng pilipinas, hindi lamang ito inaawit, kailangang tuparin ko ang bawat salita na binabanggit nito. ikaw kaya mo ba? siyempre oo, kaya dapat magtulungan tayong mga pilipino. tulad ni ginoong manny pacquiao. katulong natin siya sa pagbabago at progreso ng ating bansa. huwag kayong mag alala may katulong tayo sa itaas. kaya magsimula tayong muli mga kabayan!!!!

Posted by in the name of love!!! November 22, 09 02:33 PM

i hope the people of philippines and vietnam are gonna be ok

Posted by jake faulkner November 26, 09 11:21 PM

I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

Posted by lasix side effects December 22, 09 02:18 AM

Is it true about a mysterious man who begged for water in provident village then no one gave him? Then he shout to all the people " No one give me water, I will give this place more water". And then a days after Flood came. Is it true? I hope it is only a gossip because if it is true then God show his power.

Posted by Gabriel December 27, 09 05:35 AM

mita olin etsimassa, kiitos

Posted by tool January 23, 10 04:31 AM

Sad to see how people always have to bring "God" up in these kind of situations...its a natural disaster. Not a divine intervention. Aaand if "God" does exist, have you people ever considered that "God" doesn't like you?

Posted by Carlos Maenpaa February 15, 10 03:42 PM

In truth, immediately i didn't understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

Posted by generic levitra without prescription March 1, 10 09:58 AM

this does suck but i dont think god can save those who lost so much like their children and homes. i would like to see him bring all they had lost back to them and end the suffering

Posted by doubtingHIM May 14, 10 04:50 PM

Its history but as i try to read and check these pictures it tears my heart. This made me decide to launch a simple but a helpful advocacy of STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS...PLASTIC ALIS through facebook to at least serve as a wake call that is if we don't what this to happen again we need to do something and this can at least help rather than DO NOTHING! It's a real awful experience but we stood still as Filipinos and proved that WE CAN SURVIVE! That's the Filipino spirit. The LOFOA culture of looking out for one another.... it's a culture of bayanihan and tulungan sa pamayanan.... Sad..sad experience last year and we hope that this won't happen again this 2010....and for us not to experience it again we need to start to do our own part now as good abiding citizens. STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS....PLASTIC ALIS!

Posted by MARIA FE cantillo rofule May 23, 10 01:46 AM

i surprise shock that metro manila and rizal under water throu this comment iwant to get contact with my family in angono ilost my communication please call me at tel.777 093344 in mexico God Bless
Angono God Bless Filipinos God Bless Philipines

Posted by Elmer J. De Borja June 3, 10 12:14 AM

just another day in the Philippine

Posted by george June 8, 10 12:05 PM

we people are responsible in taking good care of planet earth.
no one is to blame but ourselves.
let's face it, we knew where we really went wrong...
self-discipline should prevail.

Posted by ghie August 6, 10 11:29 AM

The person who says that this is Gods will is crazy.
The one who believes that is even more than a fool.

Posted by forregner August 15, 10 09:17 AM

i felt so sad for the victims of ondoy.. i felt so blessed that we are in davao.

Posted by Anonymous October 30, 10 02:03 AM

this is so sad

Posted by Anonymous November 4, 10 11:29 AM

The event is sad but this is an opportunity for Filipinoes to showcase their resiliency once again. No matter what happens to us Filipinoes are always ready to take the challenge and flash a smile! :)

Posted by Dave Twardzick December 2, 10 08:12 AM

me as a filipino believe that the filipinos will never lose hope as long as we are still a nation. EMANUEL!

Posted by James,age 10 January 19, 11 09:02 AM
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