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September 16, 2009 Permalink

A collection of kisses

A kiss - a simple act that can convey a diverse array of meanings. A kiss can be intimate and private, or meant for public display, it can convey love and affection, or simply provide comfort. Its use as a greeting is under fire in our current climate of H1N1 fear, as the French government has begun encouraging citizens to forgo "la bise", their traditional cheek-to-cheek kiss, for health reasons. Gathered here are 33 recent photos of kisses expressing greetings and farewells, congratulations and joy, respect and, above all, love. (33 photos total)

Team Columbia rider Mark Cavendish of Britain receives kisses on the podium after winning the second stage of the Tour of Ireland cycling race in Killarney August 22, 2009. (REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth)
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140 comments so far...

what??? no tongue

Posted by Carigis September 16, 09 12:05 PM

FIRST! #2 is love and brought tears to my eyes

Posted by Jess September 16, 09 12:09 PM

beautiful and heartbreaking moments...

Posted by q September 16, 09 12:10 PM

Wow! Great collection covering such a range of emotions.

Thanks--great as always.

Posted by teacher September 16, 09 12:11 PM

great photos as usual

Posted by goofydg1 September 16, 09 12:14 PM

I am very glad you included number seventeen. Thank you.

Posted by Jordan September 16, 09 12:19 PM

Photos of hope, love, smiles. Not Just Kisses.
In a time of cynicism, a glimpse of optimism.

Thank you.

Posted by John September 16, 09 12:21 PM

What a great idea for a photo collection! Love it

Posted by Steve September 16, 09 12:22 PM

One famous KISS missing ;)

Posted by VdV September 16, 09 12:22 PM

Where is the male version of #17? :-)

Posted by Filip September 16, 09 12:25 PM

priceless pics,,,,simply amazing..:)

Posted by Manpreet September 16, 09 12:27 PM

Great inspirational images. The last one is the funniest!

Posted by tj_lifephoto September 16, 09 12:36 PM

I wish I was the dolphin :)

Posted by dom September 16, 09 12:39 PM

I hope the terrorist around the world get their message.

Posted by Sam Daniel September 16, 09 12:42 PM

Saved the best one until last hey?!

Posted by Jon T September 16, 09 12:52 PM

Heaven forbid two men kiss romantically. Sadly, still to shocking for most, I suppose.

Posted by Brody September 16, 09 12:53 PM

Go RUBINHOO BARICHELLO! There´s no brazilian pilot like you

Posted by Marcelo Lombi September 16, 09 12:54 PM

Beautiful photographs of a wonderful and eternal expression of love.

Posted by Ritish September 16, 09 01:23 PM

Can you feel the love?

Posted by eddie September 16, 09 01:24 PM

papelbons wife looks like a bunch of fun to be around...

Posted by Carigis September 16, 09 01:32 PM

Great pictures, thank you so very much!

But you forgot

Posted by Douglas September 16, 09 01:35 PM

even the dolphin likes a kiss from a pretty girl!

Posted by rob solomon September 16, 09 01:37 PM

i think its pretty nice

Posted by gandhy_370 September 16, 09 01:44 PM

More kisses, but from New York:

Posted by Tony September 16, 09 01:45 PM

23 was very moving.. no father should go through that.. May he find peace

Posted by Aamer September 16, 09 02:07 PM

Wonderful expressions of love affection and respect

Posted by Javaid Anwar September 16, 09 02:08 PM

I'm french and it's very difficult not to do "la bise" when i see my friends or when i arrive at work every morning. I'm the only girl so my "Guys" love this habit!!!!
Cool shot, very positive!

Posted by Claire September 16, 09 02:15 PM

I felt real emotion in # 23. It brings tears to my eyes.

Posted by khan September 16, 09 02:26 PM

The guy in #1 is a hottie... but where is two men kissing?

Posted by Khristopher September 16, 09 02:39 PM

Brazilian Kisses for all ;]

Posted by Brazuuuca September 16, 09 02:42 PM

Number #17 is just gross.

Posted by Vlad September 16, 09 03:02 PM

not even a single gay male kiss?
now that's disgusting.

very disappointed.

Posted by bince September 16, 09 03:46 PM

Love is in the air!

Posted by Manuel September 16, 09 04:11 PM

Vlad, #17 may be gross to you, but note that a kiss is a kiss. One should never be afraid to kiss someone they love, regardless of their age, race, gender, religion, etc.

Posted by James September 16, 09 04:15 PM

Great idea and collection but 5 animals and not a male version of #17 is realy strange. Is it so choking ?

And a french kiss ?

Posted by ethanol September 16, 09 04:28 PM

very very nice:)i think are a lot of same moments but no evrybody is doing a photo when it's happend,good luck at kisses.kiss all
*sry 4 my bad english

Posted by adina September 16, 09 04:33 PM

Papelbon is married to Bristol Palin!

Posted by Taterman September 16, 09 04:38 PM

I agree with questions about male gay kiss. Also, what about famous Madonna & Britney kiss?

Posted by Luke September 16, 09 04:52 PM

This is such an amazing collection. Full of emotions, regardless of country, religion or cultural likes and dislikes.

Posted by Veron September 16, 09 05:49 PM

Loved it, but I've got to agree with #16 and #32.

Posted by mileslarboy September 16, 09 05:55 PM

One of the best collections posted here!
Now, a gay male kiss? Who would want to see that???

#32 is cute:)

Posted by Apoelistas September 16, 09 06:08 PM

I miss Juria, my wife, terribly and passionately! :( I can only kiss her on my computer's webcam for the past six months. I also miss my children and do the same thing.

The 'Collection of Kisses' series reminds me of the final scene from Guiseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso, where Salvatore, the lead character, now a filmaker, views the spliced film of kisses as a final remembrance from Alfredo, his passing old theater projectionist friend. Those reading in should see the film!

Posted by Abraham Jr September 16, 09 06:12 PM

#17 is so disgusting... Plus I disagree with that law..

Posted by Anonymous September 16, 09 06:36 PM

ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubens barrichelo do bazil!!!

Posted by galvão bueno September 16, 09 06:52 PM

Amazing. A site that celebrates beauty and life and art can still be home for the hateful and the homophobic.

Posted by September 16, 09 07:46 PM

I loved them all. So what!!! No male gay kiss. Geez.. people lighten up. There IS a gay kiss in the collection. Gay is gay, so they covered that minority. If they had two men, then everyone would be complaining that there was no female gay kiss.

I love the dolphin one. I have a picture of myself, just like that one. :-) One of the best days in my life, since I had always wanted to swim with the dolphins. They are such majestic creations. And that picture brought back that memory. :-)

Thx for the great collection.

Posted by Vicky aka VickStix September 16, 09 08:38 PM

Why are people always complaining. Buy your own camera equipment, shoot a series of quality pictures on a topic of your choice and then publish it lal under your own name. Amen.
I love these series of pictures and it is difficult enough to get a few good shots on a topic, to get 32 of them. Thank you is what I say.

Posted by Nellie September 16, 09 08:49 PM

7 and 23
so shocking

Posted by simón September 16, 09 09:03 PM

Absolutely love photo #11- Jonathan Papelbon with daughter Parker. Nothing can melt my heart faster than seeing a new father holding his young daughter with such adoration and protection.

Posted by AnneP in Grafton, Massachusetts September 16, 09 09:28 PM

thought i'd see at least ONE picture of Paul Stanley in this mix...

Posted by daltonic1 September 16, 09 09:30 PM

Good collection of pictures and great moments as well.

Keep it up..

Posted by Asif Iqbal September 16, 09 11:17 PM

i would have liked to see more gay kisses. c'mon people - we exist and we kiss.

Posted by lmak September 16, 09 11:25 PM

Why on earth would totally desecrate a wonderful picture display with picture #17? Please, please, understand that my opinion is worthless and to be honest I DO NOT HATE gay people. Either Jesus exists or He does not, if He does not then there is nothing wrong with gay people marrying each other but if Jesus does exist we had better do as He says. Jude Verse 7 says: “just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.”

Posted by Pastor Keith September 16, 09 11:54 PM

Enjoyed the pics ;) People should stop complaining about what's on this display and what's not. I think it's great!

Posted by Christine September 17, 09 01:43 AM

#23..... sigh.....picture does entail more than a thousand words

Posted by Daid September 17, 09 04:11 AM

Pic 33 best... Thanks GloboBosoTon...

Posted by michael September 17, 09 04:29 AM

#30 gross. That old blood must be pretty fetid by now.

Posted by deubci September 17, 09 05:45 AM

In my family, sons kiss their fathers. In sports men often kiss when they make the goal. Men in some countries kiss in greeting. The sad thing about not including men kissing here is that it indicates an almost pathological aversion to men showing any sort of affection to one another whatsoever. That's not only sad, it's sick.

Posted by mmennonno September 17, 09 06:32 AM

Two things:

1) Excellent collection, as usual.

2) Thank God for Vermont.!

Posted by Jim Pettit September 17, 09 07:24 AM

the last one is so cute :-x

Posted by veronika September 17, 09 08:11 AM

All pictures tell a whole story. I love them all. My personal favourite is 32.

Posted by Gustav September 17, 09 08:29 AM

Melat Yante, Miss Ethiopia 2009 you kiss by....

Posted by danial September 17, 09 08:29 AM

wuuu, I like this

Posted by alswl September 17, 09 08:33 AM

#7 is stunning

I am sad by all the hate over picture #17 - showing a picture of two people who are in love kissing is not horrible. People need to quit with all their bigotry and grow up

Posted by Tom September 17, 09 08:34 AM

Number 6 - so wonderful and touching!

Posted by maja September 17, 09 08:54 AM

Beautiful pics! Very nice! =)

Posted by Camila September 17, 09 09:25 AM

#53: Your post desecrates these comments with your intolerance. I think Jesus would have taken all of the people into his heart, not just the ones you like. If anything, Jesus stood up for those that had no representation. Perhaps you should too.

Posted by NorwoodGuy September 17, 09 10:57 AM

French Kiss ?

Posted by Alizé September 17, 09 11:25 AM

#17 is wonderful to see. Cheers to you for including it!
Thank you so much, it made my day.

Posted by kim September 17, 09 12:25 PM

Seriously cracking up that more people are offended by two women kissing (#17) than one women kissing 100 men (#25)

America, f*ck yeah!

Posted by Living-God Mel September 17, 09 12:41 PM

@Pastor Keith

Jesus never said anything about marriage, sorry.

The book of Jude that you quote was not written by him -- as I recall, Jesus never wrote anything down.

For all we know he was totally fine with two ladies (or Brad Pitt's) locking lips.

Posted by mdmadph September 17, 09 02:17 PM

Very nice kiss from Brazil for u!

Posted by Angélika September 17, 09 02:31 PM

#23 is most touching .... God forbid its reapeats..

Posted by Dillu September 17, 09 03:15 PM

Holy Crap #17... Does everything in life have to have religious overtones and implications? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Posted by elkram September 17, 09 04:22 PM

Religion has no place in the law-books. Period. What one religion or group thinks is wrong is just fine by another. The last time I checked, America isn't a theocracy, but it seems to be turning into a theocrazy. This is why we have a separation of church and state!

You people who are full of hate toward gay people falling in love and wanting to recognize it like every other citizen need to keep their bigotry to yourselves.

Posted by Anonymous September 17, 09 04:57 PM

Excelentes fotos, gracias por compartir momentos marcados con tanta emoción!!,, saludos

Posted by Ricky Heredia September 17, 09 06:13 PM

#23 - What to say about it .. A pain I am feeling since I seen it ..

You had done an AWESOME work ..

Posted by Abhishek September 17, 09 11:41 PM

Excellent photos! #2 is my favorite, however, I'm struck not by the kiss but by the woman standing there waiting.

Posted by Chris September 17, 09 11:49 PM

#23 is heartbreaking.

Posted by Josi September 18, 09 01:33 AM

Glad to see love around!... Thank you for wonderful moments.

Posted by Gaurav September 18, 09 02:49 AM

I'd kiss the guy in #22 and I'm a straight male.

Posted by John September 18, 09 05:49 AM

Thanks for the beautiful kind photos! :)
I am from Russia, and my personal favorite photo is # 10!

Posted by Elena September 18, 09 08:00 AM

Hahahaha, comment 81 is great :D

Posted by Apoelistas September 18, 09 09:46 AM

@ mdmadph
It is funny how we twist things to try and make our point. I never said Jesus wrote anything DOWN did I? I said if Jesus is God we had better listen to him. The bible is inspired by God, Jesus is God, you do the math...The bible doesn’t say not to molest children; it doesn’t say not to sell drugs it doesn’t say a lot of things, are these things okay, or are the precepts in place. By the way the bible has a lot to say about marriage and how we are to live our lives. As for your last comment “For all we know he was totally fine with two ladies (or Brad Pitt's) locking lips.” Actually we do know that Jesus would not be fine with two ladies (or Brad Pitt's) locking lips, because He hates sin and He decides what sin is. This is not a comment on hating anyone I DO NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE.

Posted by Pastor Keith September 18, 09 10:18 AM

What I find interesting is that there are people who would be offended by two gay females kissing, but if they saw two 'hot' actresses/models kissing it would be more than fine.

And @ Pastor Keith:
Your disclaimer that you "DO NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE" doesn't negate your post. Sorry.

Posted by Cori September 18, 09 12:17 PM

#23 is heart breaking. The pain of the father is caught so vividly in the picture.

Posted by aneez September 18, 09 02:33 PM


Posted by german torres September 18, 09 03:12 PM

Well, this is the closest we've been here to F1, so it's good :)

Posted by Haplo September 18, 09 10:07 PM

Does anyone see a much deeper political symbolism in #26?

America, symbolized by the statue of liberty ...

kissing (endorsing?)

communism, symbolized by the deep red and arc of a sickle in the old Soviet flag.

Just a thought.

Posted by noontide September 18, 09 10:24 PM

and what about Gay and Lesbian kisses?

Posted by Kelly September 18, 09 11:37 PM

Just discovered, wonderful pictures. thanks for that: a real pleasure...

Posted by french fan September 19, 09 02:39 AM

great kiss great monent

Posted by criss September 19, 09 03:29 AM

Ugh, people just STOP. Love is Love.
Get over it.
Us queers are not going away.
Learn to accept it.
For all the shit and ignorance you say about us, maybe we should start straight bashing you.

How would you like it if you were judged because you like the opposite sex?
I could walk around saying " EWW Straight people! go to hell you breeders!"
...doesn't sound too nice huh.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But when you use your opinion to disrespect others and mentally/physically abuse them because of it, you lose that right.

Posted by GoSoakYourHead September 19, 09 04:32 AM

Has anyone considered that the reason for no male-on-male kissing may just be that, on this occasion, the editor doesn't have a decent picture to hand? Let's not automatically assume that they "can't confront it".

Posted by Craig Eastman September 19, 09 09:02 AM

All Great Pictures!!!
I just want to know, who or what is holding the flag in pic # 3..

Posted by Danish September 20, 09 09:15 AM

10 Inanimate object kisses (flags, trophies, camara, glass, net, shoe, track and religious icon
6 members of the opposite sex
6 children
5 other species (cat, lion, dog, dolphin and sea lion)
3 dead relatives (coffins included here)
1 sports winner
1 relative (nephew)
1 member of the same sex

This is like a 13 year old girl's idea of what kisses are about.

Posted by Kevin September 20, 09 11:07 AM

"The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss." -source unknown.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Posted by Biscotti Boy September 20, 09 12:11 PM

So true,.... A kiss jus speaks everything, so many countless emotions can be said by just a Kiss... Like many of us, I also got tears, specially for the Father who kissed his dead son and the mother who kissed the casket of her son ....

Amazing Amazing !!

Posted by Ritumbra September 20, 09 12:20 PM

As the t-shirt says, "Feelings are boring, kissing is awesome!" Nice collection

Posted by bdbd September 20, 09 02:14 PM

#23 brought tears to my eyes.

Posted by Madanraj September 20, 09 02:43 PM

After going through all the photos, I came to a sad realisation - we Indians really don't kiss at all do we ?

Posted by pappi_singh September 20, 09 02:55 PM

# 21 # 22 & # 23

# 21 kissing his shoe

# 22 threw his shoes got imprisoned now kissed by uncle

# 23 kissing son who has been killed by air strike. All the agony of a father.

All three are sad pics. All clinging to show their willingness to depart from sadness by those simple kisses

Posted by Yussuf Ayoub September 20, 09 04:31 PM

All these photographs are unique in their own special way...some are very touching...especially some of the funeral ones, the elderly lady kissing her cat after losing all she owned stuck in my throat

Posted by Mick Rogers September 21, 09 12:00 AM

Not surprised no gay guys kissing... Should someone viewing these pics find gay couples kissing offensive, Its usually two guys makin out that people find more offensive so they use a girl couple instead. Could just be they didn't find a good photo either (although, I am dubious that is the case..)

Posted by eduardo September 21, 09 06:13 PM

wonderful photo! thanks !

Posted by chrome September 21, 09 09:22 PM

Thumbs way up for #17!

Posted by Mike September 22, 09 04:15 AM

What do I say about no.17. this is simply not God's creation!

Posted by Hannah September 22, 09 06:45 AM

pic 26 = awesome ... !!! hehe ...

Posted by subcorpus September 22, 09 01:17 PM

its soooooooooooo nice and touching.
got a bounding heartbeat...

Posted by thadiyan September 22, 09 02:51 PM

oh God our Kim Clijsters (pic 18) is in this serie, I'm proud to be a belgian now :)

Posted by Dimitry September 22, 09 05:12 PM

Very nice, thank you :)

Posted by Alex Dedul September 22, 09 09:48 PM

Another great collection ! Thank you.
There are those who do nothing but complain--how sad that they are missing so much in life.

Posted by Joanne Wheeler September 23, 09 10:13 AM

Amazing how the kiss can convey various emotions

Posted by Hilmar September 23, 09 08:20 PM

Merci !!

Posted by a.hariss September 24, 09 06:14 AM

Beautiful photographs of all kind of love

Posted by alaa September 24, 09 11:10 AM

Why is it that whenever there is a photograph of a gay kiss in the news it portrays two women who are unattractive.

This may sound shallow at first, but what is happening here is that the pictures are showing heterosexual kisses between two attractive people and piling them on top of one homosexual kiss between unattractive people. The point is not one of eroticism, but what the psyche is led to believe when these images are viewed. It's almost as if to say "heterosexuality is beautiful, homosexuality is ugly". When the real message for this thread should be "love is beautiful".

Posted by BJCG September 24, 09 01:17 PM

The last picture is funny =D

Posted by Tiago Celestino September 26, 09 07:44 PM

116 u're so right

Posted by ponky September 28, 09 02:40 PM

#116, perhaps if another couple had been the first to be married after the stroke of midnight on the first day that Vermont's marriage equality law went into effect, the photo might have been more to your liking.

Regardless, the photo was news, and as such worthy of inclusion.

What I find shallow, perhaps, are all of the sports personalities kissing their trophies and gear...

Posted by Michael Long September 28, 09 10:16 PM

PIc 23 ....a very emotional and a touching picture that moved me to tears ....may his soul rest in peace ...pray that no father should go through this ....its so real and touching though!!!!

Posted by Javeria September 29, 09 01:18 PM

two men kissing is a very beautiful moment to have left out.

here's one:

Posted by steph October 1, 09 02:47 AM

No gay guys kissing? Perhaps even the lesbian kiss was thrown in just to escape charges of heterosexism. Surely if anyone (any non-homophobic person) wanted to collect different types of kisses then a lesbian kiss and a gay-male kiss would be obvious choices to be included?

Posted by Vlad October 1, 09 10:13 PM

So great , wonderful topic!

Posted by James Le October 2, 09 04:33 AM

oh, gays are super but anyone a little overweight or with glasses is "ugly"? i think you're the one that's shallow.
i LOVE that picture and i think it's very beautiful.
btw: everything said about homosexuality in the bible is in the old testament. that was before jesus, as far as i know. i am not religious but i think you shouldn't use "religion" as a poor excuse for your own immaturity. get over it and think yourself. and yes, if you like to believe in god, it IS god's creation. look at nature, there's homosexuality everywhere. humans are the only species to make such a fuss about it.

Posted by heidrun October 2, 09 05:31 AM

I really hope that people can feel the mixture of emotions to translate the subject and to take it to the real world.

Posted by Andrea October 2, 09 07:37 PM

I *think* the idea here was not to show a wide sampling of the variety of kisses, but rather a wide variety of emotions and reasons for kissing. (as well as beautiful photographs with good stories...) There are kisses of triumph, grief, defeat, sexuality, defiance, joy, angish, curiosity, exhibitionism, prayer, commercialism, earnestness, superficiality, professionalism, relief and of course "love". But of the photos of love, i'd argue, there's a lot of different kinds of love. I think the idea here is to show the BREDTH of REASONS for human kissing -- not to make any statement (political or otherwise)

For that reason, I'd like to say this about #17

This is not, in my eyes, a photo about homosexuality.

This is a photo about defiance and a sense of victory. These women are getting married at the stroke of midnight ON PURPOSE -- as a symbol of celebrating the victory of their cause. Note that the wedding was officiated by the HEAD of the Vermont Freedom to Marry Taskforce. This was the kissing equivalent of the first person to take a sledgehammer to the berlin wall. That wasn't a photo about a man hitting a wall with a hammer. It was symbolic, as is this.

So if you take objection to gay marriage and were offended by this photo/law, you must agree that for those women, the event was very significant and marked a major step in a long struggle they have undertaken for a cause they believe in. (whether or not you do)

If, on the other hand, you take objection to the lack of a "gay male" kiss in this collection, I think you're missing the point entirely. Perhaps this was omitted to reduce controversy, but I find it far more likely that these photos were selected for the meaning of their contents, not the actual contents.

I fall into neither camp. This collection is great (although not perfect) -- but it's just not about homosexuality.

Oh, and #116 -- I don't think the women in #17 *are* unattractive. Looking through this collection, they're nor more or less attractive on average than the other people. The only "hetero" kiss between clearly very attractive people is #14, which I see as a picture about the affluence and the limelight -- a quite artificial picture with close to zero appeal.

Posted by Neil October 3, 09 08:43 AM

this is a fabulous collection of images. #23 indeed is heartbreaking and made me feel very emotional. pictures are worth a thousand words, but also a thousand feelings.

Posted by Lil October 6, 09 10:52 AM

@Lil: "pictures are worth a thousand words, but also a thousand feelings"
Well said.

#23 is no doubt the most touching. I would dread being in the father's place. It also shows how intolerant the human race has become. Why are we killing each other?
May there be peace in this world.

Posted by AFather October 7, 09 09:49 PM

Seriously, chill out people. These are "33 recent kisses" -- kisses that have been related to *recent* current event, over the past few months. So your clamoring for "representative" images of gay men kissing, or well-known kisses like Madonna and Britney make absolutely no sense. The one lesbian kiss happens to be in relation to Vermont's legalization of gay marriage. They happen to use a photograph of lesbian kissing for that event. It's a touching image, it represents the event. If it was one of gay men, great, but it's not. Oh well. You either appreciate the artistry or poignancy of the photograph or you don't. Move on.

This is not suppose to be a "diversified" representative collection of the ways and reasons people kiss. There isn't a quota in play here, OK? It's just recent images of people kissing poignantly or meaningfully. That is all. Plenty of beautiful heterosexual, homosexual, inter-species, and all other manners of kissing on the internet elsewhere, mkay?

Posted by SamG October 8, 09 02:25 PM

lol at comment 70

Posted by Anonymous October 11, 09 04:01 PM

Kissing is one of the natural things that people do. It is always so lovely whether it be a kiss from a parent, friend, lover or pet. I say kiss someone every day. See if you can.... i bet you'll make a llot of people smile.

Posted by Rin October 20, 09 05:29 AM

Women and women kissing.
Men and men kissing.

That is evil! Hell on Earth tomorrow!!

(But bombing a country, that is for the peace of the world...).

Sort out your morals, enjoy kissing anyone, and be cool and lovely :)

Posted by Martina and Sandra, from Spain October 26, 09 02:51 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 19, 09 04:20 AM

#25 is suck, shame on Taiwan.

Posted by zzzman February 20, 10 11:37 PM

NUMBER 26 its lush (: reminds me of my boyfriend and me :)

Posted by Megann March 24, 10 11:59 AM

now this is the real kisses
these pics are awesome

Posted by Hapee virk September 18, 10 03:33 PM


Posted by logical X November 6, 10 12:42 PM

#6 is so beautiful and touching. I live in Serbia and I have to see that film!

Posted by Rastko March 9, 11 03:37 PM

I like nummer 26, but mostly because I know the people in the picture and their hair looks awesomes :D

Posted by Anonymouse March 18, 11 07:40 AM

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