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In flight

Just over 100 years since the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight, flying machines are now commonplace, used for transport, freight, warfare, rescue and pleasure just for starters. Aerospace technology is still the realm of both big business and entrepreneurs - Moscow recently hosted an airshow in which contracts totaling $10 billion were signed, and Virgin Galactic is still working toward a private spaceliner business. Collected here are recent photographs of various flying machines in action or on display around the world. (40 photos total)

Eurocopter EC120 Colibri helicopters from the Spanish Air Force's aerobatic team Patrulla Aspa perform during an aerial exhibition over San Lorenzo beach in Gijon, northern Spain July 26, 2009. (REUTERS/Eloy Alonso)
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Two rights make a plane!

Posted by jeff August 24, 09 12:28 PM

La foto 40 es hermosa....

Posted by malebano August 24, 09 12:28 PM

Good collection

Posted by Muthiko August 24, 09 12:31 PM

Wow... a primeira foto é a mais legal!


Posted by Thiago August 24, 09 12:40 PM


Posted by Milezok August 24, 09 12:44 PM


Posted by Jeroen August 24, 09 12:45 PM

Fenomenais as fotografias.
A de nº 27 ficou incrível... Great job!!!

Posted by Gabriel Wagner Hugenthobler August 24, 09 12:48 PM

#9 takes the prize. Humans search, bureaucracy hides.

Posted by James August 24, 09 12:52 PM

37 is so full of action! I love it

Posted by tim August 24, 09 12:53 PM

Where is the plan in # 30?

Posted by Rogerio Maia August 24, 09 12:55 PM

that hot air balloon photo is tits

Posted by Sir Hung August 24, 09 12:55 PM

#21 & #26 Looks like it's sensor cleaning time.

Posted by Jack August 24, 09 12:58 PM

Great as always, lovely!

Posted by Ernesto Tantao August 24, 09 01:03 PM


Dustoff, God bles the guys and girls flying the birds with the red cross.

Posted by Scott August 24, 09 01:04 PM

Superbe !

Posted by SI Zoubir from Paris August 24, 09 01:07 PM

Nice set of pics, i especially like #40.

Posted by Maxime August 24, 09 01:17 PM

# 24 : is it possible to take that picture ?? or is it a post processing ?

Posted by Bimal Pati August 24, 09 01:17 PM

40 looks soothing

Posted by medaholic August 24, 09 01:24 PM

Even if it doesn't says so, It is worthwhile mentioning that the hot air baloon isn't heavier than air as all the other flying machines.

Posted by Guille August 24, 09 01:31 PM

I can't help it but whenever I see a helicopter without any blur in the rotos, I think its engine has stopped. Because of this several of the helicopter shots look very unnatural.

Posted by PPusa August 24, 09 01:38 PM

Wow #31...nice

Posted by Jordan August 24, 09 01:47 PM

Watching history as it is made fantastic!

Posted by Stephen Ashby August 24, 09 01:59 PM

#20- god bless, god speed and I hope all of our guys were okay.

Posted by Tucker August 24, 09 02:03 PM

@17: The photo description on 24 says he's part of the ground crew, at an air force base. Therefore the plane is on the ground and such a shot is quite possible :P

Posted by Tacoma August 24, 09 02:20 PM

I'm certain there are no aircraft visible in photo 31.

Posted by Alex August 24, 09 02:25 PM

Re #16 - Lovely shot, especially with the stunning architectural backdrop. FYI, Michael Goulian of Boston won that race - his first career win since joining the competition 4 years ago!

Posted by Tina August 24, 09 02:36 PM


Posted by Ankur August 24, 09 02:36 PM

Check out this helicopter rescue last week.

Washington County, UT. A hiker went missing for two days after falling from a trail in the Red Mountains. Terry Mercer, the pilot, landed his 40-foot helicopter on this 25-foot pinnacle 12 times in order to ferry ropes crews back and forth.

Posted by Michael Gonda August 24, 09 02:42 PM

at this time, when the nanotechnology,robots and spacecrafts are taking their place in our world, i still surprised when i see these machines. i love it

Posted by german torres August 24, 09 02:43 PM

I don't see any aircraft in #31.

Posted by Matt August 24, 09 02:43 PM

even thougt the air baloon isnt heavier than air, that pic alone is grater than all the other together. its my wallpaper now. =D

i love't!

Posted by Pablito August 24, 09 02:55 PM

@24, Actually a typo, My comments was for #23 ; realized now:( . is that possible for #23 with such details for moon surface?

Posted by Bimal Pati August 24, 09 02:57 PM

Hardly any photos of American fighters. Thanks.

Posted by Uncle Sam August 24, 09 03:02 PM

cute girls in the foreground

Posted by mike August 24, 09 03:03 PM

I'll make my first-ever negative comment about this fantastic blog: only 9 of the 40 pictures are anything besides military planes, air shows, and firefighting operations. Surely a topic as broad as human flight could have covered more territory.

Posted by Kevin Miller August 24, 09 03:28 PM

#20. God bless America.

Posted by Cork August 24, 09 03:29 PM

#9 - this is the one! How amazing is the children´s capacity to imagine!

Posted by Luciano Stabel August 24, 09 03:49 PM

#9 -- How can the local government think Farmer Wu's helicopter might be unsafe? You can see clearly that he's got a first-aid kit (blue box in upper rear...)

Posted by Ranger 9 August 24, 09 04:17 PM

I wonder how the test flight would have gone for the kid in picture number 9. Would have been interesting thing to watch.

Posted by Anonymous August 24, 09 04:42 PM

Wonderful pictures, but it would be nice if the Boston Globe realized that Massachusetts resident Mike Goulian won the Budapest Red Bull air race last week! Post a pic of him hoisting the trophy!

Posted by Airshow fan August 24, 09 04:46 PM

To comment 37 - I think that might be the fuel tank, not the first aid kit.

Posted by Anonymous August 24, 09 04:50 PM

i think the pic 16 must be pic of year 2009

Posted by Omar EV August 24, 09 05:26 PM

Impresionante colección de fotografías. ¡Enhorabuena!

Posted by Chuse (España) August 24, 09 05:26 PM

#32, the shot of the moon was taken in the day time (you can tell because it's gibbous), and the visible surface of the moon was in day time, so it may be possible without post-processing.

Posted by Nobody August 24, 09 05:47 PM

es una autentica maravilla

Posted by isaac alonso sanchez August 24, 09 05:47 PM

One of the best yet.

Thinking about the soldiers in #20. Any chance to get a follow-up?

Posted by Meredith August 24, 09 06:21 PM

Great Collection

Posted by vibhor goyal August 24, 09 06:23 PM

Photo's I wish I've taken...

Posted by Vic Fong August 24, 09 06:51 PM

I think the pic 9 look like cartoon.

Posted by Jin August 24, 09 06:58 PM


Posted by SRIKANTH August 24, 09 07:01 PM

Wow! What else can you say.

Posted by Anonymous August 24, 09 07:09 PM

Ugh: #12 "flys"

Posted by Sleestak August 24, 09 07:17 PM

#32 - It looks like a 1500mm lens (on a 35mm film frame) and was probably taken just at sunset or even a few minutes after. I've taken similar pictures using my telescope as a lens for my 35mm camera. (#44 - not sure why you reference the gibbous phase as proof that it was daytime...?)

Posted by TJ August 24, 09 07:27 PM

Wow. Thanks Alan. You know how much I love pics of planes. I am amazed how some of these shots were taken. Great cameras and talented photographers.

Posted by Daniel Thomas August 24, 09 08:06 PM

seems to be a common hobby of chinese farmers...:

Posted by isaak August 24, 09 08:36 PM

#31 Awesome! Nea Makri that's where I grew up!

Posted by MaxB August 24, 09 08:41 PM

shouldn't it be two wrights make a plane

Posted by August 24, 09 08:56 PM

#1 So cool,incredible!How do they make it!

Posted by Richard August 24, 09 10:01 PM


Posted by Luiz August 24, 09 10:33 PM

#16 is an awesome shot.

Posted by Alex August 24, 09 10:47 PM

Wow ......Nice Snaps.....

Posted by Sarath August 24, 09 10:57 PM

Wonderful picture! amazing!

Posted by Kevin Xu August 24, 09 11:01 PM

Great collection. #33 gets my vote for weirdest flying machine. Made me think of UFO abductions.

Posted by Sonny Amou August 24, 09 11:31 PM

Fotos maravilhosas! Gostei demais...Sou louco por aviões.

Posted by zamzibar boell August 24, 09 11:35 PM

#9 is the winner.

Posted by Frank August 24, 09 11:39 PM

So sad for #9!

Have you ever seen a govment treat its people's dream and right like that?

F...k u!!!

Posted by Jane C. August 25, 09 12:12 AM

#11: It is called FYROM and not Macedonia. Macedonia is a northern Greek region which incorporates most of the territories of ancient Macedon, the kingdom ruled by the Argeads whose most celebrated members were Alexander the Great and his father Philip II.

FYROM on the other side, is a country in the central Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. It was admitted to the United Nations in 1993, under the provisional reference of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, sometimes abbreviated as FYROM.

Get your history straight Boston....

Posted by ElladaraPanwApoOla August 25, 09 02:57 AM

wonderful pic! so amazing goodnes

Posted by mani August 25, 09 03:33 AM

Oh, Gijon! I love this place in Asturias, Spain :)

Posted by Georgie August 25, 09 04:18 AM

Love the baloon in end

Posted by Brahmin August 25, 09 04:21 AM

#9 is nice. Imagine the news-headline ~100 years ago:
Wright brothers attempt manned flight, but government decides "too risky".

Posted by Soren August 25, 09 04:31 AM

Don't know how photo 31 "doesn't have any aircraft visible". Seaplanes and helicopters are most certianly aircraft. I have a photo taken just two months ago from almost the same spot - while visiting family in Greece, I stayed in Nea Makri and photographed one of those seaplanes scooping up water from the exact same spot.

The photo is not a fake, contains two aircraft, and does belong in this post. (I hate to be one of those people who comments on other peoples' "corrections" in website comments, but that one was just too much).

Posted by Jennifer August 25, 09 04:37 AM

No. 9 BTW, he only graduated from Junior High School.

Posted by Hans August 25, 09 06:21 AM

very nice pictures...WOW

Posted by REBECCA MOSES August 25, 09 06:26 AM


Posted by Alex August 25, 09 08:06 AM

Awesome Pics

Posted by Asutosh Pandya August 25, 09 08:16 AM

#72: I think maybe you're missing those guys' point...

Posted by MikeP August 25, 09 08:42 AM

Isn't the MIG 35 just taking off on picture #13 ?

If it was a low fly pass (and it would be a very low one, frightenly so), the landing gear would not be half-way down, would it ?

Posted by Thomas August 25, 09 09:18 AM

Concerning Russian pilots. If can fly on stuff which do not repair for years can fly on ALL and in ANY CONDITIONS!

Posted by Zhukovsky N.E August 25, 09 09:30 AM

Jennifer (#72) - the comment "doesn't have any aircraft visible" was tongue in cheek. I believe he was referencing the "distraction" that the two women on the beach were causing, not allowing his gaze to move beyond them and see anything else in the picture...

Posted by Ross August 25, 09 09:34 AM

#20: Can't believe one can pack that much drama into a single picture...

Posted by justme August 25, 09 10:43 AM

#10 is just so fantastic !

Posted by Lewis August 25, 09 10:46 AM

beautiful !!!

thanks a lot

Posted by dante August 25, 09 10:58 AM

Parabens ao Boston, pelas otimas galerias que tem colocado as disposição.
E um trabalho excepcional!

Posted by Renato Conde August 25, 09 11:46 AM

Awesome pics!!!!

Posted by rll32162 August 25, 09 11:55 AM

¡Muy buenas fotografias!

Posted by Javier Del Rio (México) August 25, 09 12:19 PM

@ comment 72 (Jennifer):

Clearly you completely missed the joke. As the joke goes, there are two women sitting on a beach in bikinis. Therefore, no man is looking at the planes behind them. Therefore, as far as men are concerned, there are no planes in that photo.

Thanks for trying though!

Posted by Da Planes Boss August 25, 09 12:46 PM

For Jennifer, post #32.
Don't take it literal. The person was distracted.

Posted by james davis August 25, 09 12:57 PM

11th photo Mi-24(the flying crocodile) helps to sri lanka to defeate terrorisam

Posted by lanka August 25, 09 01:25 PM

About photo #11:

The true meaning of Macedonian Army is this:

Photo #11 shows a scopian (or better vardaskian) Mi-24 bought probably with US or EU money.

Posted by Efl August 25, 09 02:50 PM

How are the helicopters not hitting each other in the first picture??

Also, #31 is a nice view :p

Posted by ryan August 25, 09 02:54 PM

Let's give a geography and history lesson to Boston, shall we? Macedonia is the land of Alexander the Great and his father, Philip the 2nd. It is the birthplace of the, arguably, greatest general this earth has ever seen. And the area, the geographic location that is called Macedonia since ancient time, was, is and will be ALWAYS in Greece.
FYROM on the other hand, is a newly founded nation that until recently (approx. 15 years ago) belonged to Yugoslavia.
The fact that FYROM would like to call themselves "Macedonia" and claim Greek history for their own, doesn't mean that they actually are Macedonia nor does it mean that Alexander or Philip were Yugoslavians. Calling FYROM Macedonia is like calling Osama Bin Laden president of the United States of America! It is that offensive, it shows lack of proper education and to be honest it also reveals a massive amount of ignorance.
I would strongly recommend you do a research first about the real, one and only Macedonia (again, Macedonia is in Greece. Always was, always will be) and then have an opinion. Oh and by the way, avoid having your history lessons from Holywood. They tend to distort history so much that ancient Greek heroes start turning in their graves (i.e. Troy, Alexander, 300, etc)

Posted by A true Macedonian.Proud to be Greek August 25, 09 03:09 PM

I do love a good airshow.

Posted by s August 25, 09 03:48 PM

If one picture is worth a thousand words then I guess there is 40,000.00 words here. Great photos of people who never get paid enough for what they do in normal life by photographers who never get paid enough for capturing those moments which are priceless!

Posted by Steve August 25, 09 03:51 PM

Brilliant set of photos - some very poignant
well done all

Posted by Brian Wall August 25, 09 03:54 PM

Caraca maluco, sinistro

Posted by Alexandre Fernandes August 25, 09 03:59 PM

memang cantik la...

Posted by isa August 25, 09 10:37 PM

I love helicopters. Thank you.

Posted by Matt August 25, 09 10:44 PM

No hang gliders? Hummmph!

Posted by FutzAndTinker August 25, 09 11:57 PM


Posted by rodolfo Angeles August 25, 09 11:59 PM

Nice pictures, I really like Picture #15 and feel picture # 32 could have been droped. :)
I really think they all rock!

Posted by Margaret/ Motts August 26, 09 12:47 AM

We all see one of these photographic scenes every now and then. We seldom see this many scenes in such a short time period. I love aircraft and am sorry I missed my chance to learn to fly for $5.00 an hour for the aircraft, instructor and the fuel back when I was a teenager.What a neat collection of aircraft photographs, particularly the one with allegedly no aircraft in the view.

Well the others were pretty good also.

Posted by Russ Hughes August 26, 09 01:12 AM

Wonderful collection. TY for sharing these.

Posted by Audri August 26, 09 01:50 AM

Macedonia is the land of Alexander the Great and his father, Philip the 2nd. It is the birthplace of the, arguably, greatest general this earth has ever seen. And the area, the geographic location that is called Macedonia since ancient time, was, is and will be ALWAYS in Greece.
FYROM on the other hand, is a newly founded nation that until recently (approx. 15 years ago) belonged to Yugoslavia.
The fact that FYROM would like to call themselves "Macedonia" and claim Greek history for their own, doesn't mean that they actually are Macedonia nor does it mean that Alexander or Philip were Yugoslavians.
I would strongly recommend you do a research first about the real, one and only Macedonia (again, Macedonia is in Greece. Always was, always will be) and then have an opinion.

Posted by yioula August 26, 09 02:03 AM

Awesome, as usual!
Photo 40 is incredible.

Posted by Guido August 26, 09 02:14 AM


Posted by NICK August 26, 09 03:04 AM

must personal visit one of this moscow airshow someday

Posted by david young August 26, 09 05:14 AM

#9 The takeoff was aborted because of a collapsed nose gear.

Posted by Mark August 26, 09 07:32 AM

God bless France!

Posted by BrendanWalsh12 August 26, 09 08:43 AM

I'd like to say a "Thank you" to for highlighting something this cool and interesting. Wish we could see more of it.

Posted by Ray August 26, 09 09:10 AM

the french would have number 33

Posted by Anonymous August 26, 09 11:01 AM

I like to read these blogs for the wackity sidebar arguments people get into(it's usually about how inept God is)...this time it's Macedonia.
Also, as somebody who didn't really get a vacation this summer I admit to getting distracted by the Greek(and Spanish?) beach babes, too. You certainly could have cropped them out if you really wanted to.
Fun pictures. the Hungarian parliment is stunning!

Posted by alm August 26, 09 11:10 AM

#20 is intense and I wish those guys well. There is an arm sticking straight up behind a boot near the bottom of the frame that doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Hoping this is an illusion or a Photoshop goof.

Posted by Steve August 26, 09 12:02 PM

these are great pics! I've always had an interest in aviation, as my dad was a Navy pilot.

Posted by Aaron August 26, 09 12:21 PM

#1 is an incredible shot. Stunning!

It´s marvelous what science gives us, including the means to capture the beauty of technology.

Posted by Sven August 26, 09 12:25 PM

That's what I call high quality pics. Keep it up.

Posted by Markus Hansen August 26, 09 01:16 PM

Nice pictures. What depresses me is that in this collection, only the pictures of U.S. aeronautics (bar the WhiteKnight2 and the Flying Fortress) show actual practical use and serious depiction of responsible use. Most (90%) pictures taken of other countries' air industry is of gaudy demonstrations or entertainment. Opens my eyes at how much the rest of the world, their militaries, little involve their capabilities or utilities to support the better good. In my mind, any debate on this are from hypocrites that won't see the decadence and apathy of other nations ( and even of the U.S. at times). Go on and use your high tech gadgets for fun fellas, while the real work gets done. by us.

Posted by Agway August 26, 09 02:24 PM

Anyone else notice that the chick on the left in #18 is topless?
Sorry, I had to mention it.. lol

Posted by Anon August 26, 09 03:51 PM

that's very kind of you to please us with these art pics

Posted by khosro August 26, 09 04:25 PM

comment 118 - your the man, i missed that, but i thing your right.

and even after Jennifers comment, i still cant see those dang planes in #31

Posted by carter August 26, 09 04:33 PM

You mean there's an aircraft in #31 ?? :)

Awesome pics, as usual.

Posted by Mike InAtlanta August 26, 09 05:12 PM

For all greeks!!! You said Macedonia is greek, tell me why then before 1913 year eagean part wasn't part of greece, "your" bigger part of ancient Macedonia is ocupated in 1913y, you separeted our country with serbia and bulgaria, that part never was yours and never would be. Read much more history who isn't writen by historians payd by your goverment or simply read history wroten before 1945. Greetings for all Macedonian suporters all over the world

Posted by robert August 26, 09 06:57 PM

#31 - no planes, only curves

Posted by rewinn August 26, 09 07:54 PM

pic 38. I flew in that B-17G (Painted Lady) in 2000 from Teterboro, NJ down to Statue of Liberty and Twin Towers, up the Hudson to West Point and back to Teterboro for only $400. I recommend highly. Price is now $425 and they do every year.

Posted by Steve Basch August 26, 09 08:55 PM

#31 is a display of bernoulli's *other* principle...

Posted by Mateo August 26, 09 10:35 PM

To be pedantic
#9 is either a Chinese "Weird News" type article or some sort of propaganda. Ain't no way a Helicopter will fly on that motor - even if the airframe was carbon composite. The FAA will have grounded it on maintenance grounds as already pointed out ...

Posted by Alan August 26, 09 11:22 PM

117. wrote
" Go on and use your high tech gadgets for fun fellas, while the real work gets done. by us."
You're a troll ?
The real work of siphoning your governments money into private pockets while letting a lot of your citizens live in cardboard boxes ?
That's the way a lot of people see it.

Posted by Alan August 26, 09 11:27 PM

#125 planes don't fly because bernoulli's principle...

Posted by JmN August 26, 09 11:51 PM


Posted by xiangboo August 27, 09 01:18 AM

Amazing, nice collection :)

Posted by Tim P August 27, 09 02:45 AM

Where are the famous British Red Arrows!!!???

Posted by Rachel August 27, 09 04:24 AM

Kei mooie foto's hoor!

Posted by Luigi August 27, 09 05:31 AM

I miss my chopper

Posted by Jorgen Svensson August 27, 09 05:36 AM

These are absolutely amazing photos

Posted by Igor Klajo August 27, 09 05:38 AM


Posted by Jordi August 27, 09 05:48 AM

Amazing photos Boston yet once more

@ #122

The Slavic language was introduced about a millennium after the death of Alexander the Great. How can you claim him to be your national hero? He was Greek because his father was Greek and ... and his ancestors competed in the Olympic Games where participation was limited to Greek people only!

Macedonia and Macedonian Greeks have been located for at least 2,500 years just where the modern Greek province of Macedonia is. Exactly this same relationship is true for Attica and Athenian Greeks, Argos and Argive Greeks, Corinth and Corinthian Greeks,

Aristotle, the Great Greek Philosopher, became the tutor of Alexander the Great. They used Greek in their classroom which can still be seen near Naoussa in Macedonia.

Lay off the historical nonsense and cater only for stability and prosperity in the region of Balkan ... enough said already

Posted by matvista August 27, 09 07:02 AM

yeah yeah very nice pics....

Posted by labi Kosova.... August 27, 09 07:04 AM

very nice pics....basolutely amazing...

One other thing there is no Macedonian country, the name of the country is for now FYROM. They use to call themselves Mecadonian in order to obtain an id ....since the population of their country is half Boulgarians half Albanians and half get rid of they problem with the neighbours....
Please all of you read some history it make us all more responsible

Posted by Theofilos August 27, 09 12:20 PM

The last is breathtakingly beautiful, looks like a dream, heaven on earth. Big picture is the best!

Posted by armeen August 27, 09 03:18 PM

Answer to Letter From Macedonia: Owning Alexander
Prof. Stephen Miller, the pre-eminent archaeologist at the University of California, Berkeley, sent a letter to the magazine ARCHAEOLOGY commenting on a inflammatory article written by Bulgarian journalist Matthew Brunwasser entiltled Letter From Macedonia: Owning Alexander, which had been published in the previous issue, January-February, of the respected magazine. Prof. Miller, using solid references, debunks the claims of the Skopians about Macedonia and states that what the land of
todays Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was in ancient times Paionia.
Therefore, its citizens have as much right to call it Macedonia and themselves Macedonians, as, for example, the Egyptians.
The entire letter by Prof. Miller and relevant illustrations are in the attachment.
Prof. Miller’s Letter:
January 22, 2009
Editor, Archaeology Magazine
36-36 33rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11106
Dear Sir,
I opened the January/February issue of Archaeology today and eagerly turned to "A Letter from Macedonia" only to discover that it was actually a...letter from ancient Paionia - the land north of Mt.
Barmous and Mt. Orbelos. Livy's account of the creation of the Roman province of Macedonia (45.29.7 and 12) makes clear that the Paionians lived north of those mountains (which form today the geographically natural northern limits of Greece) and south of the Dardanians who were in today's Kosovo. Strabo (7. frag 4) is even more succinct in saying that Paionia was north of Macedonia and the only connection from one to the other was (and is today) through the narrow gorge of the Axios (or
Vardar) River. In other words, the land which is described by Matthew Brunwasser in his "Owning Alexander" was Paionia in antiquity.
While it is true that those people were subdued by Philip II,
father of Alexander, in 359 B.C. (Diodorus Siculus 16.4.2), they
were never Macedonians and never lived in Macedonia. Indeed,
Demosthenes (Olynthian 1.23) tells us that they were "enslaved"
by the Macedonian Philip and clearly, therefore, not Macedonians. Isokrates (5.23) makes the same point. Likewise, for example, the Egyptians who were subdued by Alexander may have been ruled by Macedonians, including the famous Cleopatra, but they were never Macedonians themselves, and Egypt was never called Macedonia (and so far as I can tell does not seek that name today).).
Certainly, as Thucydides (2.99) tells us, the Macedonians
had taken over "a narrow strip of Paionia extending along the Axios river from the interior to Pella and the sea". One might therefore understand if the people in the modern republic centered at Skopje called
themselves Paionians and claimed as theirs the land described by Thucydides.
But why, instead, would the modern people of ancient Paionia try to call themselves Macedonians and their land Macedonia? Mr. Brunwasser (p. 55) touches on the Greek claims "that it implies ambitions over Greek territory" and he notes that "the northern province of Greece is also called
Macedonia." Leaving aside the fact that the area of that northern province of modern Greece has been called Macedonia for more than 2,500 years (see, inter alios, Herodotus 5.17; 7.128, et alibi), more recent history shows that the Greek concerns are legitimate. For example, a map produced in Skopje in 1992 (Figure 1) shows clearly the claim that Macedonia extends from there to Mt. Olympus in the south; that is, combining the ancient regions of Paionia and Macedonia into a single entity. The same claim is explicit on a pseudo-bank note of the Republic of Macedonia which shows, as one of its monuments, the White Tower of Thessalonike, in Greece (Figure 2). There are many more examples of calendars, Christmas cards, bumper-stickers, etc., that all make the same claim.
Shown above is a map printed in 1992 in Skopje (Fig. 1) claiming that Macedonia extends down to Mount Olympus in the south, and includes the lands of Paionia and Macedonia.
Further, Mr. Brunwasser has reported with approval (International Herald Tribune 10/1/08) the work of the "Macedonian Institute for Strategic Research 16:9", the name of which refers "to Acts 16:9, a verse in the New Testament in which a Macedonian man appears to the Apostle Paul begging him: 'Come over into Macedonia, and help us.'" But where did Paul go in Macedonia? Neapolis (Kavala), Philippi, Amphipolis, Apollonia, Thessaloniki, and Veroia (Acts 16:11-17:10) all of which are in the
historic Macedonia, none in Paionia. What claim is being made by an Institute based in Skopje that names itself for a trip through what was Macedonia in antiquity and what is the northern province of Greece today?
I wonder what we would conclude if a certain large island off the southeast coast of the United States started to call itself Florida, and emblazoned its currency with images of Disney World and distributed maps showing the Greater Florida.
Certainly there was no doubt of the underlying point of "Macedonia" in
the mind of U.S. Secretary of State Edward Stettinius on December 26,
1944, when he wrote:
The Department [of State] has noted with considerable apprehension
increasing propaganda rumors and semi-official statements in favor of an
autonomous Macedonia, emanating principally from Bulgaria, but also
from Yugoslav Partisan and other sources, with the implication that Greek
territory would be included in the projected state. This government
considers talk of Macedonian "nation", Macedonian "Fatherland", or
Macedonian "national consciousness" to be unjustified demagoguery
representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece." [Source: U.S. State Department, Foreign Relations vol viii, Washington,
D.C., Circular Airgram (868.014/26Dec1944)].
Mr. Brunwasser (a resident of Bulgaria), however, goes on to state, with apparent distain, that Greece claims "Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great) . . . as Greek."
This attitude mystifies me. What is there to "claim"? Alexander's great-great-great grandfather, Alexander I, was certified as Greek at Olympia and, in the words of the father of history "I happen to know that [the forefathers of Alexander] are Greek" (Herodotus 5.22). Alexander's father, Philip, won several equestrian victories at Olympia and Delphi (Plutarch, Alexander 4.9; Moralia 105A), the two most Hellenic of all the sanctuaries in ancient Greece where non-Greeks were not allowed to compete. If
Philip was Greek, wasn't his son also Greek? Inscribed with Greek letters, 2,300 years ago, these coins are testimony about the Greekness of the
Macedonians, whose leader Alexander I, participated in the Battle Plataia, Phillip planned to exact revenge from the Persians, and his son Alexander III succeeded in destroying the Persian Empire in the
name of Hellas.
When Euripides - who died and was buried in Macedonia (Thucydides apud Pal. Anth. 7.45; Pausanias 1.2.2; Diodorus Siculus 13.103) - wrote his play Archelaos in honor of the great-uncle of Alexander, did he write it in Slavic? When he wrote the Bacchai while at the court of Archelaos did he not write it in Greek even as it has survived to us? Or should we imagine that Euripides was a "Macedonian" who wrote in Slavic (at a date when that language is not attested) which was translated
into Greek?
What was the language of instruction when Aristotle taught Alexander? What language was carried by Alexander with him on his expedition to the East? Why do we have ancient inscriptions in Greek in settlements established by Alexander as far away as Afghanistan, and none in Slavic? Why did Greek become the lingua franca in Alexander's empire if he was actually a "Macedonian"? Why was the New Testament written in Greek rather than Slavic?
On page 57 of the so-called "Letter from Macedonia" there is a photograph of the author standing "before a bronze statue of Alexander the Great in the city of Prilep." The statue is patently modern, but the question is whether the real historic Alexander could have read the Slavic inscription beneath his feet. Given the known historic posterity of Slavic to Greek, the answer is obvious.
While Mr. Brunwasser's reporting of the archaeological work in Paionia is welcome, his adoption and promotion of the modern political stance of its people about the use of the name Macedonia is not only unwelcome, it is a disservice to the readers of Archaeology who are, I imagine, interested in
historic fact. But then, the decision to propagate this historical nonsense by Archaeology - a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America - is a disservice to its own reputation.
Let it be said once more: the region of ancient Paionia was a part of the Macedonian empire. So were Ephesos and Tyre and Palestine and Memphis and Babylon and Taxila and dozens more. They may thus
have become "Macedonian" temporarily, but none was ever "Macedonia".
Allow me to end this exegesis by making a suggestion to resolve the question of the modern use of the name "Macedonia." Greece should annex Paionia - that is what Philip II did in 359 B.C. And that
would appear to be acceptable to the modern residents of that area since they claim to be Greek by appropriating the name Macedonia and its most famous man. Then the modern people of this new Greek province could work on learning to speak and read and write Greek, hopefully even as well as Alexander did.
Stephen G. Miller
Professor Emeritus, University of California,
P.S. For a more extensive discussion regarding the evidence about Paionia, see I. L. Merker, “The Ancient
Kingdom of Paionia,” Balkan Studies 6 (1965) 35-54

Posted by Polidefkis August 27, 09 04:07 PM

SuperFotos!I could lookatPhotoslike these for hours! :-DDDD

Posted by Andreas Herzog August 27, 09 05:07 PM

The home built Chinese Helicopter with a 150cc engine and a wooden stick for a tail rotor, was built from an IRON scaffold, I don't think the Government had anything to do with 'grounding it. the Law of Gravity grounded it.

Posted by Blogengeezer August 27, 09 05:19 PM

What is the top level domain extension for FYROM? Which country is
the godfather of FYROM? Which country is being represented by Nimitz?
Is FYROM the real problem? US seeks for a powerful army base in the Balkans. US is a powerful country, it sells various products like Nike, Apple,
Starbucks, GE, CISCO, Berkeley etc... I am a Greek that uses all these products. Am I part of the solution or part of the problem? Think deeper... and get prepared for the "Enemy of the North".

Posted by Lef16 August 28, 09 03:18 AM

MACEDONIA IS GREEK AND IN GREECE !!! what you refer to in pic 11 is Skopje !!! Not MACEDONIA !!! Get your facts, and history right.

Someone above tried to be a smart ass...When before 1913 "Macedonia" was Greek? How about the Byzantine Empire? Heard of that? If not what school did you go to? Let me prob American. Oh no there is no such thing cause all native Americans (Red Indians) got murdered and only very few left today.....

Posted by Vasilis August 28, 09 04:53 AM

Also thanks for the pics =)
shame you don't have any from the Red Arrows....

Posted by Vasilis August 28, 09 04:54 AM

117 - you are a poor poor person... keep on believing fairy tales.

funny how the girls are relaxing while those fire fighters are hard at work... very representative of us humans :)

Posted by juancs August 28, 09 08:57 AM

Take a look at the Swiss Patrol Exhibition over Montreux Switzerland on August 1 >>

Posted by Anonymous August 28, 09 09:12 AM

#34 is very beautiful

Posted by Anonymous August 28, 09 10:16 AM


Posted by Anne August 28, 09 11:43 AM

Was well worth taking a moment to look through these although I'm convinced there's a little photo-shop on some of these like the drone over the beach in pic# 33.

Posted by RobH August 28, 09 12:58 PM

I thought the whole point of these pictures was to display aircraft and the work of the photographers. Why did it degenerate into an argument about the history of Greece and surrounding regions? As a pilot and photographer myself, I would like to thank all of the pilots and photographers who had a part in making these pictures available for all to see.

Posted by CubbyBear August 28, 09 02:06 PM

#20 -- That is my friend Jake Pickett from Minden. My home town. His best friend died in this explosion.

Posted by Anonymous August 28, 09 07:01 PM

Awesome, awesome and current! We never see anything come through the mail that's not yesteryear!

Posted by Fred August 29, 09 04:25 AM

No, it is not photo-chopped, it is perspective. The image is fore-shortened because of use of a zoom lens. The drone is smaller than it looks and closer than it looks. The people on the beach are actually looking at the drone. If a regular lens was used, then the beach would look a lot further away and the people very much smaller.

Posted by pbjafa August 29, 09 07:57 AM

These pictures are really pornographic ones for a retired ATC-officer. The most amazing aviationpcyures I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. Thanks a tousand times

Posted by Fredrik August 29, 09 04:40 PM


Posted by ChitoB August 30, 09 03:43 AM


Posted by TL August 30, 09 07:29 AM

Hands Down #31 is the best photo :-)

Posted by MacX August 30, 09 05:20 PM

about the skopians who named themself macedonian
i think it could be the same as if u.s.a. one day will separate and
some state, for examble california, will like to be named america!!
the name macedonia is larger piece of land than the country FYROM
and when the entire macedonia was owned by one nation, that was the greek, with king phillip and his sun alexander the great (both greek names
and not slavian) .

Posted by ilias August 31, 09 03:27 AM

Just about every piece of modern equipment we use in our daily lives had its origin in aviation. In a mere 100 years we have come to this level of mechanics of flight because man was created to fly, and not to drive on one-dimensional roads. In flight you USE the forces in nature that had been created in nature. By driving you fight AGAINST those forces all the way.

Posted by Andries Marais August 31, 09 09:12 AM

Good Stuff! We human's NEVER could stay on earth for any length of time.During the Cold War, I worked on the largest operational bomber in the world.....The Convair San Diego. I took a 355mm slide of one of the huge things landing in San Diego, on George Washingtons birthday. The resulting poster has been shipped all over the world.

Posted by Milt Kuhl August 31, 09 11:39 AM

If you think #33 looks weird, check out some of the stuff the DIY-Drones people are building! Aircraft without pilots are the new frontier.

Posted by Myself August 31, 09 01:06 PM

Ref Pic15
as a tribute to their recently lost Commander, Igor Tkachenko, who died in an accident 2 days before the event began, the Russian Knights closed the show with a formation fly past late on Sunday evening. As the four aircraft pulled away from the crowd into the distance with a gentle climb, they released a plethoria of flares that stretched for almost a mile long and beautifully lit up the dull evening sky.

Posted by Gary Brindle August 31, 09 06:51 PM

these r sooooo cool!!! mi favorite is number 34. :)

Posted by sara August 31, 09 07:24 PM

This is a correction for comment #124,
The aircraft is the "Yankee Lady" B-17 G
flown by the Yankee Air Museum.

Posted by Mike McCarville August 31, 09 09:59 PM

superbes photos d aviation

Posted by jérome August 31, 09 11:07 PM

Brilliant photography!

Posted by George Mkhasibe September 1, 09 05:50 AM

Fantastic!!!!, very nice pictures, congratulations.

Posted by Frances September 1, 09 05:57 AM

I thought this site was about appreciation of aviation, not for history buffs to educate us about Macedonia and show us how superior they are. I am not interested in Mcedonia or Fyrom and the majority of people here feel the same way. Go elsewhere to spout off while the rest of us enjoy looking at the pics and reading constructive comments about the photographic fare.

Posted by Grant StClair-Armstrong September 1, 09 07:25 AM

What awesome shots! I especially love #23.
Thank you.

Posted by Joanne Wheeler September 1, 09 12:04 PM

foto nya bagus bagus lho, hasil jepretan orang iseng....

Posted by agus laksana September 1, 09 02:29 PM

WoW! What amazing pictures! Number 34 is my favorite.

Posted by TM September 1, 09 03:20 PM

#91, that exhibition (pics #1 and #18) took place just in front of my window. The helicopters were not as close as it seems in the picture, but they were very close indeed...

Its an event performed every year, and I never get tired of it.

Posted by Roargh September 1, 09 05:40 PM

#9 There goes the bravest man in the world messing around with a home built death trap.

Posted by Workingman September 1, 09 07:00 PM

Nice 31 alot!!!

Posted by Hootsy September 2, 09 01:56 PM

just awesome....

Posted by Anonymous September 2, 09 03:19 PM

To give an answer to post #91: it is an optical illusion done by the Telephoto or zoom lens with which the picture was taken. These types of lenses compress distances and make objects seem a lot closer to each other than they really are. The most obvious example in this series is the shot #23 as no airliner flies so close to the moon.

Posted by Jean-Francois Guignard September 2, 09 05:27 PM

Photo # 30 is very special.
Perhaps "Condensation Clouds" could explain what happened on February 22, 1953 when all of a sudden the Cessna 140 CF FCZ that I was flying from Kingston to Newark NJ was in a white out condition. On that morning Betty Draycott and I had left Kingston in CAVU conditions (skirting Lake Ontario) with a North west tailwind. Turning more easterly after Syracuse the rising terrain likely was a factor. No meteorologist I have talked to has provided an explaination.
With basic instruments, compass, airspeed, turn and bank and altimeter (no heading indicator back then) I commenced a rate one turn and counted ...1001, 1002...1003 as a rate one turn should reverse your heading (180 degrees) in 60 seconds /one minute, Also it was somewhat turbulent, so it was with great relief when we flew back into CAVU conditions and could see Oswego NY .
We returned to Kingston, still CAVU...much to the curiousity of those who had earlier bade us farewell.
I think I owe my life to that rate one counting turn.

Posted by Felicity McKendry September 2, 09 06:33 PM

Excellent....never seen such a compilation of reality........Congratulation.

Posted by Bharat N Zaveri September 3, 09 02:19 AM

For us this IS Macedonija, or Makedonija...

Posted by momèe makedonèe September 3, 09 03:17 AM

Stunning and very Professional.

Posted by Robert Tucker September 3, 09 06:26 AM

Big Fan of Big Picture, but this serie was one of the best, for those of us who love planes.
Muchas Gracias. Medu

Posted by Medu September 3, 09 10:01 AM

...hi there,
fantastic pics.

Posted by moratdo September 3, 09 02:31 PM

Wow.... wonderful pictures!
Very good work!

Greetings from Germany

Posted by Benjamin Kelm September 3, 09 02:50 PM

This was really a great bunch of photos and I will look at them over and over.


Fred Jones
Louisa, KY

Posted by Fred Jones September 3, 09 08:34 PM

Interesting that you didn't choose to include more drones. I suspect that another 100 years on, most of our flying machines will have nobody on board at all.

Posted by Zane Selvans September 4, 09 12:15 AM

lisa; thanks for the pics, appreciate them.

Posted by jack b ford September 4, 09 12:35 AM

Amazing pictures. Especially the photos 10,21 and 23 are really good.
Really wonderful collections.

Posted by A.Brindha devi September 4, 09 08:56 AM

The only problem you Greeks have is about the genocide you have done to the Macedonians in the Balkan Wars,and the civil war after the second world war.Why dont you allow the minorities which live in Solun(Thessaloniki),Lerin(Florina),Voden (Edesa) to daclare themselves however they want on your elections.You will be suprised how many Macedonians (not Slavic speaking minorities,not Bulgarians,not Greeks) live there.Thats your fear.Your country didn't allowed the term Macedonia to be mentioned in the northern part of Greece before the 80's.Why?Ask yourselves????Ask what are the origins of the population living in that areas.

Posted by Alexander September 4, 09 09:20 AM

The pic 9 is the winner

Posted by Adver September 4, 09 11:49 AM

For #117 - The fact that other countries still treat military bases as state secrets is a more likely explanation for the preponderence of non-operational pictures from nations other than the US.

Even tourists taking snapshots have been arrested for simply taking a picture of the "wrong" side of the airport in some countries in Europe.- (where the airport was shared between civilian on one side of the runway, and military on the other).

Posted by Ananymous September 4, 09 01:24 PM

excelente fotos, felicitaciones!

Posted by D@S September 4, 09 04:12 PM

All these pictures and no AF Thunderbirds or Navy Blue Angels? Disappointing.

Posted by Brock September 4, 09 05:14 PM

Prosto receno - predivno ,
predivno , extraaaaa!

Great pictures

Posted by Speedycomp September 4, 09 05:43 PM

109. wrote
God bless France!

Tut tut tut... France bless God !

Posted by K September 4, 09 06:42 PM

Why are the only injured that are shown are Americans?

This really seems disrespectful to me...

Posted by Miwukman September 4, 09 10:54 PM

These photo essays are simply amazing! Thank you for posting them!

Posted by Blake September 5, 09 12:58 AM

You are supposed to be journalists and not political parrots...

Posted by Panos Zamanis September 5, 09 03:46 AM

I have a British journal web site call " Picture of to day ", but no compare to " The Big Picture-Boston ", I love it , very entertaining photos, and the message of each pictures can delivered right to the reader.
Thank You Boston Globe - The Big Picture.

Posted by Ady Lim September 5, 09 07:13 PM

104 - Your Great Great general should have conquered a little bit less, so there would not be confusion about names. How many Alexandrias are there?
Besides - get your facts straight not about the opinions of Greek general population, but about the official name of the country in UN and on the maps "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". And nobody in their right mind would start calling that country in the full name, as nobody calls Lybia in their full name (Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ). You can fume all you want, but the name is the name and that is it. And no reason to react every time, everywhere you see that name. And yes - I am sure that Turkey sucks, Cyprus is Greek forever and all words come from the Greek language that was invented by Gods.

Posted by Pavel September 9, 09 01:20 AM

Great pics!!!! Please keep posting more of them. I enjoyed every one of them, Thanks so much.....

Posted by john thomson September 9, 09 12:15 PM

mekadonya belogs to Ottoman Empire...

Posted by Emu September 10, 09 10:20 PM

Think of the massive wast of the billions and billions of dollars that could have been used to end the the multitude of problems and human suffering
that has instead gone into the manufacture of machines of war.

Posted by bill September 11, 09 09:42 AM

that are very nice photo's i mean....
XD =Þ :{}

Posted by nick September 14, 09 01:49 PM

nice and brilliant photography!

Posted by chinnadurai September 16, 09 04:33 AM

What is Fyrom? never heard...

Posted by L Duarte September 16, 09 10:43 AM

Excellent bench of Photos......... G S Rautela...09899430430 INDIA

Posted by Ganesh S Rautela September 16, 09 05:52 PM

Excellent, marvellous work !!!!

Posted by vidor da silva September 16, 09 06:24 PM

i saw the pic it was amazing.thiyaha india

Posted by thiyaga 05 September 18, 09 08:34 PM

The work you have well done is great.
But, I wish that work could not have been taken to irritate some political issues by some people of neighboring nations.

Posted by Eagle September 26, 09 04:32 AM

To Agway #117
I am so agree with you...
September 12th: While us, the silly-rest-of-the-world were playing with our toys, you fellow americans gave a free ticket on a Boeing 747 to the whole Ben-Laden Family. After many years, many bombs, many corpses, you are still flying around, looking for the suitcases on Middle East.

Posted by Al October 5, 09 12:56 PM

this are nice pics was wondering if u had more american jet pics tho

Posted by nobounds October 10, 09 03:31 AM

was wondering if u had any pics of stealth bomber b1 or the new best aircraft every made the rapture americas /worlds best all in one Fighter/Bomber aircraft they are so cool it has stealth capbiltys and can care a nuke if needed or run simple escort or bombong missions as well plus it has the most advasied radar and eletronics of any plane in the world and it also looks really nice to boot

Posted by Damian October 10, 09 03:37 PM

Hello from Russia)

Posted by Polprav October 11, 09 09:03 PM

@ #23 excellent shot! ...rare!
I will try your amazing shot with my 300mm lens someday!
cheers to you! Arnd Wiegmann

Posted by elbulakenyo November 4, 09 12:48 AM

Excellent Photo's!

and oh, Macedonia to the Macedonian's not some brainwashed Turk who thinks he is an ancient 'greek' and owns civilisation. Bumbling fools - do you know how pathetic you people are? wake up and smell the coffee (turkish coffee)

Posted by Christian November 12, 09 06:45 AM

very very well

Posted by spinelli italo November 23, 09 03:18 AM

@ 216. My Bulgarian neighbor in denial. Your language is the same Bulgarians speak. Are they Macedonians too? Or are you Slavs who invaded Macedonia at 600 AD?

Posted by andreas1701 December 23, 09 04:46 AM

(In response to post #33 by Uncle Sam)

What country would have "American" fighters? One of the countries of the Americas?

Posted by United States of America January 4, 10 07:36 AM

These pics are really gud one n amazing ..
well i like these pics n i need more pics like these.


Posted by Pankaj Sangar February 28, 10 05:17 AM

#140. liked the pics????

Posted by eric March 7, 10 03:53 PM

Marvelous. Aircrafts the first man made wonders of the world!

Posted by Terry April 13, 10 05:00 AM

wow these are amazing planes. mustafa a akhtar facebook me.

Posted by mustafa July 13, 10 05:37 PM

nyc work

Posted by jackson August 12, 10 11:39 AM

Cool picture,,,

Posted by helmy September 26, 10 12:24 AM

Awesome pics.. get to see all different prespective of an individual..

Keep it up guys

Posted by Viraj Suryawanshi February 15, 11 06:36 AM


Posted by FRANCISCO CONVIT February 28, 11 04:13 AM
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