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After almost 300 years under Danish rule, the island of Greenland has just taken a big step toward sovereignty. Greenland passed a referendum last year requesting more powers from Copenhagen, and it was granted, taking effect on June 21st, 2009. Denmark still retains control of finances, foreign affairs, and defense, but will phase out an annual subsidy, and give over control of most of the islands natural resources. Additionally, Greenlandic is now the sole official language, and Greenlanders are now treated as a separate people under international law. Although the island is massive - with an area of over 2 million square kilometers (825,000 sq mi), its population is small, with just over 57,000 residents, 88% of Inuit descent and and 12% of European descent. Collected here are some recent photographs from all around Greenland. (34 photos total)

Scientists Jason Box of Ohio State University's Byrd Polar Research Center and polar expedition expert Eric Philips, both members of the Greenpeace Arctic Impacts tour, assisted by experts in ice logistics, set up one of a series of time-lapse cameras surveying the 16km wide Petermann Glacier, in northwest Greenland on July 29, 2009. The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise has arrived in the area, to carry out several weeks scientific research into the impacts of climate change, and to bear witness to the glacier's disintegration. (NICK COBBING/AFP/Getty Images)
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Posted by Milezok August 7, 09 12:30 PM

#5...Smiles transcend distance, climate, culture. Such beauty in simplicity. I love the photos of the houses.

Posted by John L August 7, 09 12:38 PM

Fabulous, as usual!

Posted by Oriol August 7, 09 12:44 PM

Lovely place of which I know so little. Great to hear there becoming more independant

Posted by Ross August 7, 09 12:45 PM

peaceful new country!!

Posted by Mario August 7, 09 12:46 PM

Huh... nice country, but I sure wouldn't want to live there. Edmonton, AB is about as far north as I want to live.

Posted by Curtis August 7, 09 12:56 PM

Great, as usual... I would have thought there would be aurora borealis pictures, but great anyway :)

Posted by Rhalph August 7, 09 12:57 PM

Beautiful place, love to go there sometime.

Posted by Dusan Vlahovic August 7, 09 12:57 PM

Greenland is a lovely place. fabulous. thanks

Posted by rojin August 7, 09 12:58 PM

Awesome #4, #28,#34 !
Greenland should be named as Dreamland :)

Posted by NEIL August 7, 09 01:01 PM

Thank you Big Picture for bringing in so much high quality pictures from all walks of life. I have been a subscriber for past few weeks and have enjoyed every post since.

Its been great to learn so much about different countries, their cultures, which otherwise would have only been possible by visiting those places physically.

Thank you again! This is the true use of internet.

Posted by Debasish Panda August 7, 09 01:03 PM

#16 won my affection. thanks again BP.

Posted by 0blivi0n August 7, 09 01:04 PM

Wow, how beautiful! I would love ti visit one day.

Posted by MarkH August 7, 09 01:12 PM

Ok, now I need to go there, too beautifull!

Posted by Maxime August 7, 09 01:21 PM

Very beautiful, but winter must be hell !

Posted by lluis August 7, 09 01:38 PM

love the colorful homes, thanks for sharing this corner of the world with us!

Posted by kip August 7, 09 01:45 PM

#6 has some fancy clothes goign on

Posted by Ray August 7, 09 01:50 PM

Best of wishes to the Greenlandic people. I hope your transition into a sovereign country will go smooth and bring joy to all of you!

Now we just need Faroe Islands deliberated from the last of the Vikings.

Posted by Mithra August 7, 09 02:01 PM

So beautiful! Love the houses. Is the little girl in #17 wearing Converse rubber boots?!

Posted by K August 7, 09 02:07 PM

Awesome collection! That's where I need to go next July/August and escape the Florida heat.

Posted by Viking August 7, 09 02:14 PM

I completely agree with post #11. As an amateur photographer this site is a fantastic example of the beauty of a frozen moment in time, and as a life-lover I found it more than interesting.

From Argentina I send you my greetings.

Posted by Jorge August 7, 09 02:15 PM

Great pictures... I love all the different, brightly colored houses. I imagine that must make the place a little more cheerful when everything is covered with snow!

Posted by Jill August 7, 09 02:41 PM

wow, beautiful!

Posted by Sam August 7, 09 02:54 PM

amazing; i thought the water would be black / green...interesting that the shallower stretches are a translucent blue. NICE.

Posted by Geoff G August 7, 09 03:10 PM

If Greenland's Ilulissat glacier, which has become a symbol of climate change, lost 94 square kilometres (60 square miles) of surface area between 2001 and 2005 due to global warming. How come nothing is mentioned about The Helheim glacier that retreated 7 kilometers between 2003 and 2005, but has since advanced 4 kilometers. Oh wait, reporting all the facts is not nearly as dramatic as just reporting gloom and doom!

Posted by Steve August 7, 09 03:18 PM

The land of ice and snow
Where the midnight sun blows
Hundred thousand lakes glow
In the land of ice and snow

Posted by lenny the bruce August 7, 09 03:40 PM

is their any tourism around their

Posted by dwidoderally August 7, 09 04:08 PM

interesting to note the lack of driveways and any cars in photo #31.

more of a bicycle, boat, xc skiing and snowmobile way of life?

Posted by aaron August 7, 09 04:09 PM

I love the "stacked" houses.

Posted by Dick August 7, 09 04:13 PM

The whole planet was beautiful once!!!!!

Posted by john from Ramsgate August 7, 09 04:27 PM

Beautiful! #4, 26, 30, 34 are amazing.

Posted by JC Dill August 7, 09 04:43 PM

#34 took my breathe away as well as all of the other ones, just amazing to see just amazing to see.

Posted by Anonymous August 7, 09 04:44 PM

Stunning photos, as always...

The beautiful sweaters in 6, 7, and 8; Is that fabric, or hand-knit, or machine-knit, or something entirely different??

Posted by Debbie August 7, 09 04:55 PM

the colorful houses remind me of the neighborhood in Edward Scissorhand..haha

Posted by jipo August 7, 09 04:57 PM

Awesome photos! Such an extreme environment, yet so full of life and so beautiful. Living there would be like living inside the Discovery/National Geographic channel. Great work for presenting these.

Posted by Anonymous Coward August 7, 09 04:59 PM

13# It is a blessing to have a view like this from the window...

Posted by Luciano Stabel August 7, 09 05:19 PM

Awesome pictures as usual. When I see this kind of pictures I want to go there so bad, it's a shame that traveling is so expensive... And then there is my sweet sixteen on MTV where those spoiled **** get everything they want... Instead of spending thousands of dollars on clothes, I'd go to Greenland :)

Posted by Bob from the Netherlands August 7, 09 05:21 PM

Amazing great photo eye!!!! increidble landscapes

Posted by Maurice August 7, 09 05:24 PM

I tried to answer via web searches to no avail...does anyone know what kind of roofing material is in common usage in Greenland villages? Most homes seem to have some sort of seamless membrane system. Anyone know what it is?

Posted by casamurphy August 7, 09 05:41 PM

What an amazing place. I hope it will be like this forever. Great photos.

Posted by Contradictorio August 7, 09 05:43 PM


Posted by nana August 7, 09 06:18 PM

The landscapes are just amazing!
Something similar about Iceland would be very welcome!

Posted by Omar August 7, 09 06:32 PM

I'm stunned... I'd move there if it wasn't so cold ;)
Keep them coming, I love TBP!

Posted by Doeke August 7, 09 06:55 PM

The Inuit (Eskimo) way of life that was "lost" on Greenland is beautifully captured in Jean Malaurie's classic book, THE LAST KINGS OF THULE: With the Polar Eskimos as They Face Their Destiny

Posted by Rick Gamble August 7, 09 06:57 PM

Incredible, I love the colourful houses. Added to my list of travels.

Posted by Sophie August 7, 09 06:59 PM

"interesting to note the lack of driveways and any cars in photo #31.
more of a bicycle, boat, xc skiing and snowmobile way of life?"

Cars are of little use in Greenland, since there are no roads between towns and villages; you go by boat or helicopter if you need to travel from one town to another.
Nuuk (pop. 15,000) has paved roads and quite a number of privately owned cars as well as a lot of taxis (highest density of taxis in the world compared to the population) and busses for public transportation. Oh, two of the intersections in Nuuk have actual traffic lights. :)

Posted by JC August 7, 09 07:11 PM

Simply stunning pics.

Posted by Dr.Prahallad Panda August 7, 09 07:35 PM

Such beauty! love the contrast between the white/blue of the water and ice and the houses.

Posted by Ernesto Tantao August 7, 09 09:09 PM

#6, #7...What a cool Queen! She obviously respects the local customs and garb, as evidenced by the dress of the choir in #8. So different from Canada's Queen, who tends to impose British customs on us.

Posted by Martin Levenson August 7, 09 10:02 PM

I like the pictures, but you should keep the "this glacier did this due to global warming" comments out of it. They are unfounded. If you want to present your pictures, which are very nice, just present them.

Leave the global warming/climate change debate for a different forum.

Why must you ruin a beautiful thing and bring in a political debate? The Globe can't ever get things quite right, can they?

Posted by YouAreAllMySons August 8, 09 12:12 AM

this is awsome!

Posted by iloveislands August 8, 09 12:24 AM

Great pictures! Do you have any taken during the winter months?

Posted by Terrago August 8, 09 01:18 AM

What scenic beauty!!! Quite takes ur breath away

Posted by Smita August 8, 09 02:19 AM

I have fallen in love, with Greenland
amazing pictures!!

Posted by Pranay August 8, 09 02:35 AM

@ Martin Levenson: When has Queen Elizabeth II ever imposed a custom on you? We're completely independent and sovereign! We may have some customs and traditions left over from being a part of the Empire but they're figurative in nature only.

Fantastic images as always Alan. And I agree with the statement made above: Edmonton AB is as far north as I want to live too!

Posted by Jacob August 8, 09 02:40 AM

splendid !

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 09 02:42 AM

#33 made my heart skip a beat! I want to go ballooning over Greenland now. Absolutely beautiful.

@52: So you want pictures of bleak darkness?

Posted by Reed Braden August 8, 09 02:51 AM

Great pic! leave the global warming.
best winter month.

Posted by mani August 8, 09 03:04 AM


Posted by Somesh August 8, 09 03:14 AM

these pictures made me thirsty

Posted by hilton lohan August 8, 09 03:31 AM

Wanna visit this country now!

Posted by dip August 8, 09 03:32 AM


Posted by ehsan soleimani August 8, 09 03:49 AM

thank you,
I was looking and reading the captions for about an hour. I am from Australia, and these images are so different to me

Posted by freshair August 8, 09 04:39 AM

Greenland is beatiful by day, but at night it's spectacular!!! One great place to watch the aurora borealis (

Posted by X.Aznar August 8, 09 05:44 AM

Awesome pics!

Posted by Sotomajor August 8, 09 07:47 AM

didn't it also say: "ACCORDING TO a US study published last year" ... It is YOU who brings in the political debate, not the Boston Globe.

Posted by Jan T. August 8, 09 08:06 AM

#30 : sublime !

Posted by Astariell August 8, 09 08:16 AM

I loved the pictures. Well done. This is an area of the world we know so little about, perhaps they are ahappy, peaceful people.

Posted by Jim Towhey August 8, 09 08:42 AM

#50 Too many people associate global warming with a man made event. The glacier is receding due to global warming, which is true. What is in question (regardless of what the eco-terrorists say) is whether it is a man-made phenomenon or part of the earth/sun natural cycle.
Humans have only been measuring and recording temperatures for a hundred years or so. What was the accuracy of the instruments used back then? Those readings are completely unreliable compared to todays standards.
Science tells us 200 years is a blip of a blip of a blip in the history of the earth (regardless of what the churchs say). To accurately analyze weather patterns we need to look at thousands of years of data. In other words, we need to look at the Big Picture :)

Posted by discombooberate August 8, 09 10:16 AM

Absolutely beautiful. The homes look small but rugged.

Posted by Rick Hurd August 8, 09 10:36 AM

thanks for theses awesomes pictures !

Posted by nicolas August 8, 09 10:40 AM


Posted by Ben Chen August 8, 09 10:45 AM

Exactly right #50! Even if "global warming" wasn't the huge scam that it is, I'd bet Greenlanders wouldn't mind being a little warmer - it still looks plenty cold up there.

Posted by brrrrrrrrr! August 8, 09 11:25 AM

Ce sont de très belles images ...
Quelle lumière sur la numéro 4 !

Posted by vincent August 8, 09 11:40 AM

by lookig beautyful views and organised peaple i pray all mighty that if u want to born me again in to this wold,please born me like this place but not like pakistan muslim hell.

Posted by anawr August 8, 09 12:11 PM

I live in Oregon and am so use to seeing trees. Are there any trees there?

Posted by Norma August 8, 09 12:31 PM

Unfortunately, #50, you are the one that is being unreasonable. There is no debate at all that the planet is warming. The evidence is everywhere. The debate has been over whether the warming is caused by human activity, or is part of a natural cycle. Which brings us to...

Poster #72. Since you are convinced that it is all a giant scam, perhaps you could post some conclusive evidence that the vast majority of researchers from across the scientific spectrum (who don't work for the fossil fuel industry), have somehow all agreed to march in lockstep on a giant conspiracy from which they won't profit at all, and which has no obvious reason for existing. Conjecture and hearsay aren't enough to justify playing Russian roulette with the planet's fate.

Posted by Slipstream August 8, 09 12:57 PM

#76. Slipstream there is plenty of evidence going against glodbal warming also here are some random things that most people arnt aware of for no one is allowed to speak out against somthing this big: Carbon emisions have virtually no cause on global warming and are infact one of the SMALLEST of the green house gasses, less than 1% and the number of human caused carbon emissions is even smaller. the largest greenhouse gas filling are atmosphere is water vapor and 99% of that comes from the oceans seas and lakes of our world. and while it may be true that the world is going through a warming stage, it is also true that around 30 years ago everyone was worrying about the ICE AGE to come...

Posted by Saxo August 8, 09 01:57 PM

#76 there certainly is debate. Maybe you should stop drinking the kool-aid and pay attention to reality. Beautiful pictures san the political comments.

Posted by John August 8, 09 01:59 PM

Amazing pictures! Thank you

Posted by Andy August 8, 09 02:02 PM

#76: very well put. It's ironic--but also kinda sad--that those convinced that anthropogenic global warming is a farce constantly refer to those who have been convinced through the abundant scientific data that it is indeed real as 'sheep' and 'Kool-Aid drinkers', when they themselves have gotten their far-less-than scientific opinions off of the same right wing talk shows and oil industry websites as all the other Deniers. We can only hope that, at least this once, truth triumphs over narrow-minded and selfish special interests, and that folks realize that the greater good of taking care of the earth far outweighs the 'convenience' of maintaining the petroleum-based status quo.

But I digress: beautiful photos indeed.

Posted by Jim Pettit August 8, 09 02:51 PM

Truly Awesome, this is a place where you just want to visit....over and over.

Posted by Josephine Hannah Smith August 8, 09 05:44 PM

Recientes a la vida compleja de la Democracia,pero con un gran aliado para soportar sus riesgos,tienen la fuerza y belleza de lo natural.

Posted by ISABEL DE LAS CASAS August 8, 09 09:42 PM

I loved scandinavia and am so sorry I missed Greenland....will put this at the top
of my list to go. Beautiful country.

Posted by Barbara Peterson August 8, 09 10:32 PM

Wonderful pictures

Posted by jabs August 9, 09 01:26 AM

How wonderful is Greenland, the most beautiful place of the world.

Posted by Anton Bakker August 9, 09 04:07 AM

I've been to Kulusuk. It's a great place to visit.

Posted by Anonymous August 9, 09 07:32 AM

Gorgeous! I had no idea that it wasn't an independent country.

Posted by JLSigman August 9, 09 08:40 AM

What the hell? I thought Greenland was green!

Posted by Johnny B August 9, 09 09:09 AM

what a charming place,i'd love to visit

Posted by jim August 9, 09 10:14 AM

28 is beautiful... as always, thanks for sharing.

Posted by Dpat August 9, 09 10:35 AM

breath taking!

Posted by anonymous August 9, 09 12:30 PM

The humidity is very low less than 5% so 35 F feels like 65 F. I spent over 6 months at Thule with winter temperatures of - 40 F and winds that sometimes reached 100 mph somewhat chilly but with appropriate artic clothing manageable.
Before I check out, I would like to find out why the Artic hares were at least 25 to 30 lbs. about twice the size of the foxes. The musk Oxen were enormous while living in area almost bare of plants.
I highly recommend a trip of 3 to 4 months to explore Greenland, specially Ultima Thule and Station Nord (The Northern most inhabited location).

Posted by TonyM August 9, 09 02:08 PM

Being a Dane, I am thrilled Greenland is now on the verge to become a separate country. It has cost the Danish government and the Danes a lot to keep this far away place afloat. I certanly hope the Faeroe Islands will be next.
The pictures are gorgeous though.

Posted by Pingo August 9, 09 04:27 PM

This is a beautiful country indeed, but they have many problems and it will be a long time until they can become fully independent, the population is 50.000 people, the country is very poor, they have a lot off social problems like, heavy drinking, Cannabis smoking, very high if not the highest suicide rate in the world and a big problem with child abuse as well.
But they are my Neighbors and i care for them, i wish them all the best and they are on the last steps on becoming independent country, the last steps are the hardest.

Posted by saevar August 9, 09 04:56 PM

Congratulations on your coming into self -government. I hope the United States learns from Denmark that people have an inalienable right to independence. Puerto Rico should be enjoying its path towards its independence, as Greenland will surely enjoy in the near future.
May God keep your people and country in health and prosperity.

Posted by Hamlet Castrodad August 9, 09 09:37 PM

Great Pictures

Posted by Harshal August 9, 09 10:42 PM

great pictures

Posted by radha August 10, 09 12:17 AM

Great and sooo suprise pitctures..

Posted by steve August 10, 09 12:30 AM

Awesome ................. images

Posted by b-OBBY August 10, 09 01:11 AM

As someone living in the tropical end of the world..i'm always facinated by Greenland, despite the differences in weather, the issues of resources, energy and sovereignty are almost similar. Thank you for the wonderful pictures revealing the myths of the cold land faraway.

Posted by tahlee August 10, 09 01:29 AM

rapture... isn't it?

Posted by michael August 10, 09 02:01 AM

#34 beautiful last photo

Posted by XM August 10, 09 02:20 AM

Great pictures as always.

Though for the first time I felt that the proper context (location) was not set for the pictures. In cases of pictures of big cities, the reader is aware of the context but for isolated areas such as this it would be great if you could show the google map for the area as the first (or second) photo and possible with geotags for the photos. I know it will take more work but its an idea.

Posted by Atif (India) August 10, 09 04:47 AM

Great Pictures

Posted by chiru August 10, 09 04:57 AM

Wow the View makes ourself to reach there..

Posted by Kris August 10, 09 05:04 AM

Tasiilaq is amazing! Best hotel room view ever:

Posted by Julian August 10, 09 05:26 AM

i love this pictures :-)

Posted by /sms ;-) August 10, 09 06:50 AM

Tényleg szép, de lakna ott a faszom...

Posted by Zsirparaszt August 10, 09 07:05 AM

Excellent pictures of the summertime and daylight environment of Greenland. Much of the year it is in gloom and darkness, the brilliant and long days pictured here must be treasured for the light and life they bring to this northerly land.

And cultists please note, a millennium ago Greenland was a much warmer place that supported agriculture not possible in recent centuries.

Posted by Dan August 10, 09 09:37 AM

espectaculares fotografias, en el fin del mundo... que sobrecogedores paisajes... las imagenes me sirvieron como vía de escape y obtener algo de paz... en esta oficina en pleno centro de santiago de Chile
saludos... felicitaciones... gran portal..

Posted by Marcos August 10, 09 10:24 AM

wonderfull picture.

People who liked those picture will sure love the picture from my uncle trip to Antarctica.

Here they are:

Posted by Anthony August 10, 09 10:32 AM

Whole world looks beautiful as long as vegitation, Animals, Birds, Fishes, Insects ,Germs, Virus and even the innocent Human beings are there; the moment the killing cults like Islam and Christianity arrive, they will make a hell of any natural heaven.

Posted by Rahu Ketu August 10, 09 11:21 AM

Anyone who has been to Greenland knows the "early morning sun" and the "evening sun" last all day as Greenland enters and exits the summer period of 24-hour sunlight.

Posted by Chuck August 10, 09 11:42 AM

These pictures are amazing. I would love to go there sometime.

Posted by sanjay rawat August 10, 09 12:00 PM

I lived in Greenland for 3 months in 2006, as an artist-in-residence at Upernavik Museum (photos 21, 27 & 31) so it's great for me to see this amazing and little-known country through such great photographic imagery. Thanks!

Posted by Clare August 10, 09 01:18 PM

I can only say that Greenland is as beautiful as these wonderful pictures suggest. My wife and I and two friends kayaked for 8 days in the west-central fjords near the town in photo 2, thanks to a trip arranged by Worldwide Paddling Adventures. We stood looking at the millions of ice fragments spilling out from Jakobshaven glacier at midnight on July 3, 2008, exactly one year earlier than photos 23 and 30. Accomodations in the small towns are very comfortable, in the Scandanavian style, and the local people are friendly. Camping and paddling in this stunningly harsh and beautiful place is something we will never forget.

Posted by Kevin K August 10, 09 02:16 PM

Awesome pics of nature and macankind living simple.....just awesome

South Africa

Posted by blaine August 10, 09 02:36 PM

Hamlet Castrodad said: "I hope the United States learns from Denmark that people have an inalienable right to independence. Puerto Rico should be enjoying its path towards its independence"

You need to research your topic more fully. The people of Puerto Rico have been voting repeatedly AGAINST independence for forty years. If they don't want it then who are you, I, or anyone else to urge that they should have it?

Simply put, people don't have an inalienable right to independence. They have an inalienable right to SELF-DETERMINATION and the people of Puerto Rico have repeatedly made their feelings on that point clear.

Posted by Matt August 11, 09 01:36 AM

it is heaven on earth

Posted by ashok ghai August 11, 09 02:51 AM

how are you
im from pakistan
and im student i want wist the beautiful GREENLAND
how i can reach? please infome me i will b thankfull to you
and im waiting ur reply thanks

Posted by tanveer ahmed abbasi August 11, 09 06:01 AM

It's one of finest feast of rarest and beautiful trip i had ever had by my 'Laptop' Airways !
Thanks for choosing me as one of the luckiest travelers !

Pradeep Dixit

Posted by Pradeep Dixit August 11, 09 08:21 AM

Beautiful...great job.. I just love the blog

Posted by Nomad August 11, 09 08:47 AM

what about global warming?
dont show us the beauty...sing a song to save the planet

Posted by amit rai August 11, 09 09:12 AM

Great Photos, The world is stiil beautiful..just needed to be preserved.

Posted by Arun Kandel,Nepal August 11, 09 02:06 PM

What are the cargo containers for in pic#13?

Posted by recycle August 11, 09 02:43 PM

#126, if Greenland is anything like rural Alaska then the answer to the question "What are the cargo containers for?" is probably "Anything and everything manufactured." The isolated rural arctic is at least seasonally rich in natural resources such a fish, berries, caribou, and minerals ...but there is little to no industrial manufacturing or processing of resources into finished goods. So anything like medical equipment, machine parts, consumer items, and processed food is mainly imported in containers.

Greenland is high on my list of places to visit because I am a glowhound -a mineral collector (rockhound) with a special interest in fluorescent minerals which glow under UV. After Franklin, New Jersey, the ultraviolet reactive minerals of Greenland may be the most spectacular in the world. Check out the photo gallery of specimens at the Coolworldminerals page on Greenland by MinerShop, URL:

Posted by Steven Jacquier August 11, 09 09:15 PM

wow what a place to be looks like god has himself hand picked the best articles to decorate it , really salute the creator

Posted by Ajay Ahuja August 12, 09 06:32 AM

soo beautiful. however the name suggests that it must have been a lot greener when Leif Erikson discovered it.

Posted by jivko August 12, 09 06:39 AM

orj...torrak! absolutely great :) nuann!!!

Posted by salome August 12, 09 12:13 PM

#113, actually nearly 80% of the population is already Christian, and they aren't killing anyone yet. Maybe you should consider your own bias.

Posted by Mike Klausmeier August 13, 09 12:12 AM

It's a shame folks can't look at a bunch of pictures and enjoy them for what they are, without interjecting a lot of nonsensical babbling and whining about religion, politics, "global warming" or whatever. If you don't like what the story says, cry to the editor in an email. No one whats to read your little rants.

Beautiful images, btw.

Posted by RaulJones August 13, 09 10:41 AM

*thinks* So where's the done dummy who says "Shopped!"

These are wonderful. Many thanks. I live in a desert...

Posted by Drifter August 13, 09 12:41 PM

Beautiful photography of a wonderful spot on our earth. Thank You.

Posted by Scott P. August 13, 09 05:29 PM

Fantástico, um dia quem sabe ainda irei conhecer este lugar abençoado por DEUS e bonito por natureza!!


Posted by CelsoCascavel August 13, 09 06:57 PM

Que Espectaculo de Lugar, Maravillosas tomas del paisaje de Groelandia, como decia un amigo en su comentario anterior, lo relajante de las fotos te llevan a un nivel de paz espiritual unico. Bella isla envidio a sus moradores, mucha salud y crecimiento poblacional para ellos.

gracias portal por presentar tan Maravillosa isla de nuestor Planeta.

Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela.

Posted by Wuilliam Castillo August 14, 09 01:06 PM

Greenland beauty fight. Gigantic struggle for existence
Thanks to the magic images
Budapest, Hungary

Posted by Vilmos Nyúl August 14, 09 06:16 PM

What an amazing place! I've always wondered why Greenland was considered part of Europe when the population is clearly native North Americans. Maybe i'ts because Europeans drew the map. ;-)

Posted by Vaughn of Washington August 14, 09 08:21 PM

Great photography - stunning iceberg shots.

Posted by Jim in Canada August 15, 09 07:03 AM

There is no debate that Global Warming is occuring to those of us in the Earth Sciences. We have been stating for the last 100 years or so that the earth is in an interglacial warming trend and has been for the last 10,000 years. There have been 3 major periods of Continental Glaciation(Tahoe, Tenaya, Tioga) over the last 200,000 years. That means for those who don't know that the Earth gets cold and continental glaciers form (imagine a mile thick slab of ice over New York), and then the world heats up and the ice melts. The Great Lakes region is still rebounding from the last ice age at the rate of 1 inch per year folks! It is normal! and not man caused..

Posted by Gary August 16, 09 03:16 AM

omg.. I have the same Burton jacket as that guy on the far left in picture 5...

oh yeah, and... ice ice baby

Posted by dj August 16, 09 06:33 AM

The landscapes are just amazing!

Posted by philip August 17, 09 06:19 AM

greenland should be asked to be canadian

Posted by dave August 18, 09 09:45 PM

69: I guess, if by "eco terrorist" you mean most mainstream scientists. It must be nice being conservative with all your easy, corporate-apologist conspiracy theories.

Posted by James S. August 20, 09 12:06 AM

Posted by Slipstream August 8, 09 12:57 PM

Conjecture and hearsay aren't enough to justify playing Russian roulette with the planet's fate.
But that's not the point, the planet will survive and if current life was damaged is being damaged in the process, then it will grow again.

It is US we should be worried about. We may not be able to cope with the differences we are inducing to the planet.

Posted by jêmes August 21, 09 10:04 AM

splended, beutiful

Posted by ashok ghai August 22, 09 03:11 AM

hey alan hope youre doing well!

i was wondering if you keep an archive of these pics in high quality. i'd love to take a few and make them wallpapers.

Posted by freshouttatime August 22, 09 11:52 AM

I spent a year up there, 1950-51 in the Air Force flying a rescue B-17 alternating between BW-1 ( Narsarssuaq) and BW-8 (Sondrestromfjord). There is much more shoreline visible today then there was then so things are certainly getting warmer. The glaciers are receding and the melt lakes up on the cap are larger and more prevalent.

Posted by Don Simpson August 22, 09 03:36 PM

Climate indeed experienced changes as big as what we are about to see in the future, but not at such a fast rate. And much more important - especially to people who still use the argument of natural variability - , it can now be comprehensivly explained what part of recent climate change is natural and what part is un-natural/anthropogenic. With that knowledge one can split up climate change into different contributors and realize that the recent climate change is to a large part man-made. When studying climate science you actually do the research and find these results. On what, I may ask then, do climate-sceptics base their statements?

Posted by Flavio Lehner August 24, 09 09:43 AM

Love the pictures. How hopeless it must be to be walking in #33 and realize how much farther you have to go!

As for the global warming arguments. Glaciers are getting smaller. The ice caps are getting smaller. There aren't any glaciers in the whole wide world that are getting bigger. I don't know why people latch on to crazy ideas like Holocaust denial, moon-landing denial, global warming-denial, etc. I blame public schools and parents for not teaching rigorous skeptical theory. After all, these people can type and are clearly not retarded. So what's the problem?

Posted by Tacoma August 24, 09 01:50 PM

Greenland makes my boobies hot.

Posted by Ken August 26, 09 11:17 AM

Great pictures...

I'm in the other extrem, in the south of the american's continent, in Chile.
Cheers to all, is a beautiful site!

Posted by Anonymous August 27, 09 01:10 PM

Great beauty....

One of the best 100 places to visit before I die... :)

Posted by Hardik Upadhyay August 28, 09 04:59 AM

whats a greatest picture i ever seen..thanks i really like all beatifull view.

Posted by Adhi Putra,Firman August 29, 09 05:22 AM

exillent pictures.......

Posted by Anonymous August 29, 09 08:24 AM

I have nothing to say! Just amazing!!!

Posted by Despina Gourgari - GREECE August 29, 09 05:24 PM

Because of "global warming", now there are wildflowers in Greenland (pics #9 and #26) : OMG, isn't it HORRIBLE : flowers instead of ice ?

Posted by lionel September 2, 09 04:48 AM

is pictures beutiful!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by robert September 2, 09 04:58 PM

WoW! I hope to see these landscapes one day for real, but this was a nice fill-in.

Posted by Blake September 5, 09 01:00 AM

Great pictures. Do cruise ships ever go there? And thanks for the decent pixel count - some other people have ruined their pictures by downsizing them.

Posted by Arno Arrak September 5, 09 05:17 PM

Brilliant, these pictures speak volumes for the beauty of greenland...hope,whn i ever visit these places,they would be as breathless as the pictures show them to be!! Thankyou!

Posted by shina September 5, 09 05:30 PM

Just... wow! Nice photo set. Thanks to your photographers :)

Posted by Krist2ps September 6, 09 03:35 AM

94 square kilometers is not 60 square miles :-)

Posted by Pero September 7, 09 08:37 AM

Remote places nice.

Posted by sravan September 7, 09 10:35 PM

sooo........ what did the Danish do all these years? Greenland looks primitive, almost no sign of civilisation... just poor people hardly making a living. and they call this part of Denmark? a civilised European country?

Posted by zs September 11, 09 05:49 AM

Oh earth, oh earth, how wonderful it is to be alive on this beautiful planet.

Posted by Dick George September 11, 09 08:44 AM

Beautyful pictures, love them...
Gyonyoru kepek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Rob September 12, 09 05:53 PM

I love the cool polor beear

Posted by Samantha September 17, 09 06:43 PM

wanna see it quickly.very beautifull!!!

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 09 12:31 PM

i like it there

Posted by john October 15, 09 03:51 PM

Answer to #94: The Danes have taken all the values (material and non-material) away from the Inuit population (including the right to use their original names given at birth. Therefore, I find it quite appropriate that Denmark (my country) realizes that it is payback time. I call for support for Kalaalit Nunaat for many more years. Erik.

Posted by Erik Eriksen - Tasiilaq November 5, 09 01:43 AM

very interesing

Posted by t satish kumar November 10, 09 10:39 AM

very good collection , keep it up.

Posted by pradeep jha November 27, 09 09:11 AM

i have never seen such a place it toally blows my mind

Posted by jon January 27, 10 02:02 PM

Beautiful pictures :)

@75 (anawr) -- I hope your wish comes true.

Posted by geichi February 13, 10 03:29 PM

Nice pictures and are there any trees?

Posted by Kumdi March 9, 10 07:18 PM

v.v.v beautifull never seen before, I Love to see all this live.

Posted by Abdul Khaliq March 25, 10 07:30 AM

i love this website.. for the great pictures

Posted by Varsha March 29, 10 06:08 AM

26 what a fantastic photo

Posted by Char May 13, 10 10:38 AM

oh....1 will go to greenland

Posted by diana May 31, 10 12:11 AM

But Greenland righ????
spring?? folow??

Posted by Anonymous August 4, 10 08:24 AM

your photos are breath-taking

Posted by Beverly Connell August 15, 10 07:03 PM

Brilliant, these pictures speak volumes for the beauty of greenland...

Posted by Rajesh August 18, 10 07:15 AM

It's really beautiful, I hope It won't become a turistic place

Posted by federico d'aria October 3, 10 05:08 AM

Re: Post 113,
96% of Greenlanders are Christian.

Posted by christen rogers November 4, 10 05:19 PM

Beautifull pic's.

Posted by Niels Holger Jensen December 12, 10 04:31 AM

Re: Post 185,
i.e. 96% of Greenlanders are poor, unfortunate, lost souls.

Posted by Interested December 27, 10 09:05 PM

Is this place for real? So beautiful and yet so lonely...

Posted by Eleftheria December 29, 10 02:37 PM

Thanks for the pictures, I enjoyed them.
The houses have a stove pipe out the top. What do they burn in the stoves? There are no trees there.
Where do they get material to build a house?
I didn't see any electric line poles in the pictures. Do they have underground cables? Do they have electricy?
I live near Austin TX, USA

Posted by John McGehee January 29, 11 11:09 PM

I'm really impressed. The pictures are great. Years ago, the US Air Force was going to send me to Thule. The orders were cancelled at the last minute. Too bad, I think I missed a real great assignment.

I've decided that my next great adventure will take me there!

Thanks for the great glimpse, Pete in Arizona

Posted by Peter in Arizona January 30, 11 04:54 PM


Posted by STUTI THAKUR February 28, 11 11:22 PM

It's a beautiful place, don't know if I'll be able to ever go there, but thank you to the photographers for taking me there by sharing photos. It's beautiful I must say again; we all have mishaps in life, no matter where we are, so nobody anywhere has a perfect life, it's what you make it, I truely think any place can be beautiful as long as there is good meaning and good choices made.

Posted by Monica Angohiatok March 10, 11 06:59 PM

wow beutiful place I guess very cold would like to see it some time,

from Bryan
from beutiful Rainbow nation

South Africa

Posted by Bryan April 1, 11 05:54 PM

Green land area so bueaty full to green land area people if are agery.
my is plan world area people life all time stay on area green land.
world people life stay green land and next world area people used to vist-tower enjoy this life.
Totel world people onley is *(7000000000).
Eyes countrol and hendel people life used able so change enter to enjoy life strat.
All of the world used able work life totel cancel to why is this work.
people life used able point(lounch,shose,fabric,food to every time awey able of world at a time world level to above redy used point people life.
people life (200 hunderd years) above to used people life used able point nathing the End.
why is life i am say to Enjoy this life. GOING.

Posted by Majeed Chaudhary April 2, 11 03:43 AM

very nice nature of our an only Earth, save our Earth.
Greetings from sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Posted by Faruk Podrug May 12, 11 07:53 AM
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