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August 3, 2009 Permalink

Fires around the Mediterranean

Over the past few weeks, high temperatures and strong winds have fueled a number of devastating fires in countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Spain, France, Italy and Greece have had hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and farmland devastated, dozens of homes destroyed and at least seven people killed, including six Spanish firefighters. Many of the fires have been contained, but much work remains, aided by the recent arrival of somewhat cooler temperatures. (35 photos total)

A helicopter tries to extinguish a wildfire next to a house near Nuoro, in the centre of Sardinia, Italy on July 23, 2009. (MASSIMO LOCCI/AFP/Getty Images)
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So sad......

Posted by David Sangboi August 3, 09 12:59 PM

Sad, but amazing photos as usual!

Posted by Brunno August 3, 09 01:02 PM

So saddening...great post as always though!

Posted by mario August 3, 09 01:06 PM

New trees and grasses will be growing in just a few weeks. No worries.

Posted by pk August 3, 09 01:08 PM

Brilliant picture to end with - the bird shows that life goes on. If you'd have started with that strinking picture you have in #2 with so much on fire, you'd have the whole cycle within =)

Posted by Dave August 3, 09 01:13 PM

Awesome pics as always, grtz from Belgium!

Posted by Lanceloot August 3, 09 01:15 PM

Worst of all is that most of these are deliberately caused by arsonists (unbelievable, but true).

Posted by Spanish August 3, 09 01:17 PM

This is really sad. Wonderful picture though!

Posted by Jose August 3, 09 01:19 PM

Beautiful pictures with a sad scene. Thanks to all the firefighters and related personal (pilots etc) for all their brave work.

Posted by Maxime Perron Caissy August 3, 09 01:24 PM

Always the same "Summer problem" in these Mediterranean countries... Unforttunately, we are just used to it!

Posted by Pedro August 3, 09 01:24 PM

breathtaking pictures as always. hope the fires calm soon. Love that you ended with #35. I find it hopeful in a way :)

Posted by Stefan August 3, 09 01:28 PM

Beautiful and sad

Posted by Toma August 3, 09 01:29 PM

The saddest thing about the fires is that many of them are intentional.

At least in Spain, no one can make buildings in burnt places for 30 years, but seems that it's not enough for some people.

Posted by climens August 3, 09 01:32 PM

... repeated use of "fireman" in the cutlines... do they not have women fighting fires in Europe? Would they called "firewoman?"

Just wondering.

Posted by alan August 3, 09 01:32 PM

Wow... amazing photos of a not so amazing event.
# 29 is an amazing shot.

Posted by Erik August 3, 09 01:32 PM

I am thankful for firefighters.

Posted by Andy August 3, 09 01:35 PM

I can't imagine seeing one of these blazing fires in person. Amazing pictures. #2 is spectacular and frightening at the same time.

Posted by Ethan W. August 3, 09 01:37 PM

#29 is awesome!

Posted by Andi August 3, 09 01:38 PM

#15. WOOOOW....

Posted by Melanie August 3, 09 01:38 PM

Amazing how news of such significant events are slow to reach America.

Nature sure knows how to ramp up the energy. Difficult to fathom the level of courage required by women and men on the front line, attempting to contain this seemingly unstoppable force.

Posted by Joseph August 3, 09 01:40 PM

wow mother nature is a force to be reckon with!!

Posted by Kelvin August 3, 09 01:41 PM

We are heading to 2012!!

Posted by Nagaraj Hubli August 3, 09 01:46 PM

Not that it makes the drama less bad, but La Palma is nowhere near the Mediterranean.

Posted by Mike Reys August 3, 09 01:49 PM

Amazing how news of such significant events are slow to reach America.

Nature sure knows how to ramp up the energy. Difficult to fathom the level of courage required by women and men on the front line, attempting to contain this seemingly unstoppable force.

Posted by Joseph August 3, 09 01:50 PM

Extra Ordinary !

Posted by Mocona August 3, 09 01:52 PM

I feel sorry for these people,God bless them.

rafa shea.

Posted by rafa shea August 3, 09 01:53 PM

As always, really nice!

Posted by dip August 3, 09 01:53 PM

#18...the dog is the only one smart enough to realize it's time to leave

Posted by bobw August 3, 09 01:54 PM

Amazing photos, The best I have seen in a long time.

Posted by Mike August 3, 09 02:00 PM

Stunning. The power of nature is an amazing thing. So is the power or this group of photos.

Posted by Steve August 3, 09 02:05 PM

Wow. Powerful collection. 13 is my favorite

Posted by Windphile August 3, 09 02:15 PM

See, we don't need to be battling each other. The war against Mother Nature is enough.

Posted by Kit Plummer August 3, 09 02:32 PM

Except for the loss of life and homes, the fires aren't sad at all... They are an engine of Mediterranean ecosystems!

Its the same in California.

Posted by Realist August 3, 09 02:38 PM

Number 18 made me chuckle. The dog looked like that's the last place he wanted to be. Better sense than his owners!

Number 29 was beautiful with the stars in the background

Posted by Freakin Loon August 3, 09 02:44 PM

La Palma Island is not in the Mediterranean. Canary Island (La Palma is an Island of the Canary Island) are near of African Continent in the Atlantic Ocean. You can see it in Google Heart.

Posted by Carmen Martín August 3, 09 03:07 PM

Again some amazing pictures. You are amazing man! Love all your pictures on this site. Can wtach them again and again.

Posted by Martin August 3, 09 03:26 PM

I thought # 15 with a caption of "color photo" was a typo at first. Amazing!

Posted by Tony August 3, 09 04:15 PM

A few of you made your point saying that La Palma is in the Atlantic, but it is also true that the Canary Islands belong to Spain, a Mediterranean country. A lot of these fires have their roots in the social, political, and economic circumstances of the Southern European countries, which makes the story even sadder.

Posted by alfanje August 3, 09 04:26 PM

Really many thanks to fire brigades all over the world: they are always ready to react to estinguish fire and rescue people! They are silent and precios heroes... THANKS!

Posted by Laura (in Milan) August 3, 09 04:30 PM

La palma is in mediterranean... is an island of the Bealeares Island, Spain have 2 grops of island.

I`m spanish.

Posted by VG6 August 3, 09 04:31 PM

Gee - and here we Massachusetts people were getting all "fired up" recently about our own politics, sports, racism, etc... We all need to say a prayer of thanks and also pray for those affected by those raging fires - so frightful.

Posted by Been around August 3, 09 04:33 PM

Amazing collection again, thanks for all your posts!!!

No.24 Looks like a dragon emerging from the plane.

Posted by Al August 3, 09 04:53 PM

@4: Trees don't grow back in "a few weeks". Try "a few years" instead :(

Posted by Natalu August 3, 09 05:56 PM

Loved #35. Apart from the bare beauty, also how it signifies the quick recovery nature can make from most disasters

Posted by raven August 3, 09 06:09 PM

The worst thing is that this summer almost 8 person have lost his life cos other dumbass made those fire appear,Im from spain and thats what I can tell bout this.
Amazing photos as usual good one.

Posted by Andy August 3, 09 06:36 PM

La Palma is in the Atlantic Ocean. Is an island of the Canary Island. Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Mallorca, that is an island of the Balearic Island. A lor of people confuse this two islands.

Posted by Spanish August 3, 09 06:36 PM

Impresionante como el fuego toma vida... y puede arrazar con todo a su paso...
una vez increibles fotos

Posted by kco August 3, 09 06:50 PM

#41 So you have a 0 in geography! xD
The fire is on is the island of La Palma one of the Canary Islands on the Atlantic.
You're confusing it with "Palma de Mallorca" which is a city (the capital of Mallorca, along with Eivissa, Menorca and Formentera: the Balearic Islands).

Posted by Francesc Genové August 3, 09 06:56 PM

Earth Water and Fire
Firefighters Around The World, The Silent Hero´s

Posted by Peter Bullert August 3, 09 07:06 PM

I hope the camera of #9 is waterproof... Awesome picture!

Posted by Bob August 3, 09 07:43 PM

In the number 29 you can see the Andromeda galaxy in the sky, on the top center of the image..

Posted by slump August 3, 09 08:17 PM

Good to see Canadian-designed and built aircraft in service around the world.

Posted by David Mackintosh August 3, 09 08:51 PM

#35 is awesome! I guess its a perfect statement about devastation and the resilience of life! Sometimes wildfires are natures way of revitalizing the environment. What is devastating is the presence of people and the lost of life and property when wildfires happens. Still, it's an awesome spectacle to watch!

Posted by Jon August 3, 09 09:48 PM

Brush fires are common and natural in that region. We have to remember that those fires have taken place for thousands of years and only in the last couple hundreds of years have humans interfered with those natural occurences

Posted by Castor August 3, 09 10:41 PM

Fire is a natural part of the life and renewal cycle of nature. They have co-existed and evolved with grasses and trees as long as they've been on earth.
Just like in Yellowstone, the plants and animals come back stronger and healthier after a wildfire. The trend nowadays is to allow such fires to cleanse the landscape of accumulated dead materials that will inevitibly become a fuel source. It's not if but when a wildfire will occur in a forest or grassland.

It's a primative and ignorant attitude to regard such fires as a tragedy or to even consider the stance of a "war against nature". Nature has been doing this since nature came into is a way the natural world maintains it's health. We ignore the environment's cycles and nature at our own peril...

Posted by Tom Brown August 3, 09 11:28 PM

One of the most breathtaking collection of wildfire photos I ever seen in my life, although the real thing was even more impressive, as people flew from their houses while other run into the fire ttrying to save their properties and animals ... that was very, very sad. In Spain we didn't suffer such severe forest fire wave since 1994. Thanks.

Posted by David Caballero August 3, 09 11:42 PM

Fire is a completely natural ecological process. These ecosystems would suffer more if there were no fire. Picture #18 shows an ecosystem that is clearly fire dependent. You can almost see the footprint of the last fire. Humans need to learn to live with fire instead of fighting it. In Australia, they have learned to tolerate fire and make their communities fire resilient. Dense young forests that follow clearcutting are very hazardous because they have dense resinous interlocking foliage close to the ground. Old growth forests on the other hand are most fire tolerant, because they have think bark, high branch far from the ground where the flames tend to be, and they are spatially heterogenous so fire creates a mosaic instead of a homogenous black zone.

Posted by Dougo August 4, 09 01:15 AM

Impressive photos. It is sad to know that these fires have been induced.

Posted by Silvia August 4, 09 02:18 AM

Ecosystems evolved in areas with "Mediterranean Climates" all share fire-adapted vegetation assemblages. Some plant species are "Fire-Gap-Followers". That is, there seeds can remain dormant in the soil for decades. Mature vegetation actually inhibits germination of these early-succession species. Naturally-cyclic fires eliminate the old overstory, and release dormant seeds. These express and produce plants (and more seeds). As the woody canopy closes back up, the new deposits in the soil seed bank await the next lightening strike. Build houses in this clock mechanism, and it is a problem.

Posted by As it was, as it is August 4, 09 02:25 AM

woo good pictures fire!

Posted by mani August 4, 09 03:59 AM

Some pictures are very good but a little geography: La Palma is one of the Canary Islands which are on the Atlantic Ocean, not to be confused with Palma (de Mallorca) which is in the Mediterranean.

Posted by SMN August 4, 09 04:27 AM

Amazing and stunning photos. Thank you.

Posted by Neil Cooper August 4, 09 04:38 AM

Amazing shots as always. I live in Victoria, Australia, where there were devastating bushfires earlier this year. So awful to see it happening in Europe as well.

As an aside, #13 looks like the cover of Mike Oldfield's album Five Miles Out.

Posted by Alan August 4, 09 05:20 AM

La Palma not belong to Islas Baleares, it's belong to Islas Canarias. La Palma not is Palma de Mallorca.

I'm spanish too.

Posted by madrileño August 4, 09 05:28 AM

Not that it makes the drama less bad, but La Palma is nowhere near the Mediterranean.

Posted by Mike Reys August 3, 09 01:49 PM


Be careful talking about something that you dont know Mike. La palma is in the Atlantic Ocean, in Canary Island, This place its like a sanctuary for different species.

Posted by FERTAS August 4, 09 06:00 AM

41 So you have a 0 in geography! xD
The fire is on is the island of La Palma one of the Canary Islands on the Atlantic.
You're confusing it with "Palma de Mallorca" which is a city (the capital of Mallorca, along with Eivissa, Menorca and Formentera: the Balearic Islands).

GOOODDD someone with some culture.

Posted by FERTAS August 4, 09 06:05 AM

Wild fires are so common in our country (India) that there is nothing burn each year except some grass bushes and dry wood.

Posted by b-OBBY August 4, 09 08:56 AM

Amazing picture for a sad moment.
Respect for the fireman !!

Posted by qwerty August 4, 09 09:47 AM

#29 has to be an example of HDR photography, where you make a composite of a couple of different exposures, right? How else could the capture the stars along with the brightness of the fire?

Posted by Jared Crookston August 4, 09 11:03 AM

Nice to see some Super Scoopers at work. Magnificent aircraft; based off of seaplane designs, the Super Scooper is the most efficient firefighting aircraft because it has larger capacity than a helicopter, but can reload on its own just by skimming a lake or river with the water intakes open. It takes just twelve seconds to fill it up, without having to land, and then it's able to go right back to the fire.

Posted by Calli Arcale August 4, 09 11:22 AM

#29 is awesome. A tree in the middle with the fire and the stars in the background is a beautiful and sad view at the same time.

Posted by JP August 4, 09 12:58 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 4, 09 01:42 PM

Como siempre, las mejores fotos aquí.

Posted by Adolfo J. August 4, 09 01:53 PM

the last one is perfect for the end, its like a new beginning.

em, # 24 looks like a water dragon .. like representing the firemen department, it has so much energy! jaja


PD: perdonen mi ingles, no es el mejor ;)

Posted by Pablito August 4, 09 02:37 PM

#34, i like the shot!

Posted by jeff August 4, 09 10:30 PM

#34, #76, #4 anyone:
Fires aren't an engine of ecosystems. They are the engine of DESERTIFICATION.
All these forest won't be repleced in a few days, nor in few years. May be 20 or 30 years.
We all lose money fighting fire. Some people lose its home.
Some people lost its own life.
To all of you who say "Good pics"
I bet you won't say it about a photo of a hungry child dying, bones tearing his/her skin. If it's really a good photo you don't see the photo, you see the child.
Fire is a tragedy too, not so bad, but a tragedy.
I like fire, it's mesmerizing, but in a bonfire or a fireplace. Never in forest.

Posted by garincis August 5, 09 02:11 AM

Amazing images.

I saw the fires near El Arenal, Spain start when driving through the area. The next day when driving back, I got some photos of an entire hill burning down, and some helicopters working on extinguishing the fires around Puerta del Pico.

Posted by Kalle August 5, 09 04:51 AM

Our thoughts are with you...take care.

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 09 05:46 AM

American media does not care about the reality the rest of the world is going through. Morons in the media would rather talk about Hollywood stars using twitter than reporting real news. Europe could use a hand but Americans do not have a clue as to what is happening across the Atlantic.

Posted by Bill Stav August 5, 09 06:39 AM

triste pero verdad.
Hermosas fotos,aunque muy duras.
Un abrazo a toda la gente de extincion de incendios

Posted by mrn August 5, 09 07:56 AM

Mediterrenean ecosystems are adapted to deal with fires produced by nature (lightnings, i.e.), wich statiscally may happen, let's say, once every 100 years (just guessing) in a region. But most of these fires have a human origin and occur much often than those generated by nature. As #77 writes, the result is erosion and eventually desertification. Burned areas can be recovered in some decades with reforestation, not just with the work of nature itself.

Posted by JL August 5, 09 07:58 AM

What kind of camera it's used to do this photos?? it's asome!

Posted by Kz August 5, 09 08:04 AM

Es una pena ver con tus propios ojos perder bosques enteros, incluso casas de personas, las cuales se quedan con nada, pierden todos sus recuerdos materiales...

Aplicaria mayores penas para estos Piromanos.. porque no solo mata a miles y miles de hectarias llenas de arboleras.. sino tambien a personas y sus bienes...


Posted by Buktor August 5, 09 09:41 AM

I think 8, 12-15, 17, 29, 34, 35 are the most striking....phenomenal photography!
As a former volunteer ff (and amateur photographer) - fight safe, and go get'em!

Posted by Shalin August 5, 09 10:10 AM

La Palma is an island of the archielago of the Canary Islands, in the ocean atlantic, but also is a city of the island of mallorca, Palma de Mallorca, in the mediterraneo.

Posted by Mingote August 5, 09 10:13 AM

¿Para que tenemos los militares?!!!!.
Creo que el govierno debería enviar todos los militares disponibles desde cualquier punto del país, estas condiciones no son tan duras para ellos ya que es gente muy preparada y en buenas condiciones físicas, y el fuego cuando lo atacan muchas es decir 15, 30, o 50 personas a la vez , pueden hacer mucho más que las mangueras o los aviones y helicópteros, que su ponen un gran gasto energético y un gran peligro añadido.

Posted by Miguel August 5, 09 10:28 AM

Amazing and maricons

Posted by tazans August 5, 09 10:34 AM

iTS A direct consecuence of a very wet year, and a very hot summer, first a lot of low vegetation grows and before it become out of water and be a "fuel" for fires,

Posted by Noclaf August 5, 09 10:39 AM

Soy de Teruel y paso con el coche cerca de donde se ha incendiado, y que pena da ver todo gris...

Posted by Eduardo August 5, 09 10:57 AM

This following comment (Posted by garincis August 5, 09 : I copied it) was the only intelligent comment to the skin-near illustration-views of men's madness :
'Fires aren't an engine of ecosystems. They are the engine of DESERTIFICATION.
All these forest won't be repleced in a few days, nor in few years. May be 20 or 30 years.
We all lose money fighting fire. Some people lose its home.
Some people lost its own life.
To all of you who say "Good pics"
I bet you won't say it about a photo of a hungry child dying, bones tearing his/her skin. If it's really a good photo you don't see the photo, you see the child.
Fire is a tragedy too, not so bad, but a tragedy.
I like fire, it's mesmerizing, but in a bonfire or a fireplace. Never in forest.

To all the other comments as "wonderful pics", "nature needs fire distruction because seeds overlive" etc etc, I want to answer : imagine that you are no voyeur just sitting in front of you screen, having this delight thrill of watching every day more astonishing pictures and - as at school - giving points to the best picture . Do men really have so much lack of fanatsy that they need horror pictures to feel some emotion??? Your superficial struggles about "where lies La Palma" - I don't care where the fire is raging! Fire destroys in a such an awful way and DESERTIFICATION is the issue. Trees growing takes 20 to 30 jears (specially these conifers of European but also Canadian southers aereas... and meanwhile sun-heating dries out the earth, winds blow the earth away . Are you so naive not knowing about our world's actuel problems ? Where are you living???

Posted by garincis August 5, 09 02:11 AM

Posted by H Sayer, Belgium August 5, 09 11:24 AM

What the hell happened in #17?

Posted by kephy August 5, 09 11:26 AM

To all the people that is saying that fire is part of an ecological process, perhaps they dont know that the main problem in Spain is that more than 50% of the fires are intentional when wheater is 40 ºC and less than 5% humidity. That is not part of an ecological process. And the problem is that if a fire is provoked in the same place in less than 10 years the seeds are burned and nothing will grow there.
More than 100.000 hectares, 1000000000 m² is not part of any ecological process.
Sorry for my english

Posted by German August 5, 09 12:03 PM


Posted by GLORIA August 5, 09 12:04 PM

In truth, immediately i didn't understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

Posted by Crasty August 5, 09 12:11 PM

Que lástima...
Mientras haya estas leyes de recalificación de los suelos urbanizables habrá incendios

Posted by Capitán pamplinas August 5, 09 01:25 PM

what #92 comment says, natural engine my ass.

Posted by Rez August 5, 09 01:25 PM

i live nearby Segorbe (spain), one area affected by the fire and i am so sad to see these pictures and the most worrying is (like German said) that most of them are intentional, who can do this???

Posted by alicia August 5, 09 01:25 PM

We were trekking in april in La Palma for three weeks, exactly where the fires are today. Fantastic place, canary pines and chains of volcanoes, all gone to ashes due to some criminal minds and ignorant people. The pines are a belt which collects moisture and rain , thus providing water for the island. Well, they can drink the sea in next years.Or build new resorts in the desert.

Posted by michael August 5, 09 01:36 PM

Muy Buenas fotos, triste imagen

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 09 01:48 PM

en homenaje a todas esas personas k an perdido sus vidas para protejer las de los demas ,nuestros bosques ,casas, y demas no hay nada k valga como una vida protejamoslas mas un saludo las fotos son impresionantes.

Posted by nuve August 5, 09 01:49 PM


Posted by paula August 5, 09 02:20 PM

66 La Palma is nowhere near the Mediterranean.
Be careful talking about something that you dont know Mike. La palma is in the Atlantic Ocean...
Posted by FERTAS


nowhere near = quite far

I guess someone will have to teach you grammar.

But sticking to what it's about: this is a great series of pictures!

Posted by Mike Reys August 5, 09 03:30 PM

palma de mallorca, baleares y esta en el mediterraneo

la palma esta en canarias , pegado a africa.

las dos pertenece a españa.....

americanos teneis el google que tiene unos mapas preciosos

Posted by nigrosilver August 5, 09 04:12 PM

Wow 19 and 29 are beautiful!

Posted by claire August 5, 09 05:40 PM

Muy triste.
Se deberian aplicar penas mucho mas duras a los piromanos

Very sad
Should be much more harsh penalties for pyromaniacs

Posted by Sergio August 5, 09 05:40 PM

Increibles fotos, captan perfectamente la realidad de una situaciones horribles, tanto para los que la sufren ya sean victimas o evacuados, como para los que luchan contra el fuego..... Repito bonitas imagenes aunque unas de ellas enzeñen como se quema mi verde isla de La Palma. Otra cosa La Palma esta en el oceano pacifico... en el mediterrano esta Palma de Mallorca, bastante diferentes, un poquito de google earth por favor antes de hablar.gracias y saludos.

Posted by Palmero August 5, 09 05:48 PM

That dog in photo #18 is smart

Posted by devin August 5, 09 06:16 PM

es una enorme pena y dolor el enorme daño que causan los fuegos en la naturaleza. En los tiempos que corren porque no se destinan mas medios a combatirlos?

Posted by nuwanda August 5, 09 07:12 PM

La Palma is in the Atlantic

Oceano pacifico dice el otro, un poquito de google por favor

Posted by Aída August 5, 09 07:22 PM

para el post numero 87, he dedecirte que en los incendios si actuan los militares, UME (unidad militar de emergencia)lo se por conociemiento de causa o si no inspecciona cualquier foto y veras que en mas de una aparecen los de la UME, y decirte que son mas precisos realmente la gente que se dedica a proteger el monte y la montaña todo el año que a los grupos militares ya que estos solo se destina para zona digamos "catastroficas".
Por lo demas seguro que detras de toda imprudencia siempre hay la miseria de los intereses economicos ya sean inmobiliarios , de celulosa etc, me repugna y ojala que esta gente tanto los que lo provocan como los que lo hacen por una negligencia ojala lo paguen pero bien y se pudran.

Posted by daniel August 5, 09 07:31 PM

De acuerdo contigo Palmero, pero la isla de La Palma está en el Océano Atlántico.

Posted by Jon August 5, 09 07:54 PM

Incredible photos, they catch perfectly the reality of one horrible situations, so much for those who suffer it already be victims or evacuated, since(as,like) for those who fight against the fire..... I repeat nice images though some of them teach(show) like my green island of The Palm is burned. Other one sews The this Palm in the pacific ocean ... in the mediterrano this Palma, different enough, a bit littleof google earth please before speaking. Graces and regards.

Posted by yelloo August 5, 09 08:09 PM

Deprimente, solo puedo decir eso. Enhorabuena al fotografo.

Posted by Pazy August 6, 09 02:47 AM

¡Unas fotos espectaculares!
Mi enhorabuena a los bomberos y "bomberas" ,por su excelente labor y la máxima pena para la gente que los provoca.

Posted by Fernando August 6, 09 03:29 AM

La isla de La Palma pertenece a marruecos y esta muy cerca de la de San Morondon

Posted by Cesar Manrique August 6, 09 03:30 AM

Thanks for the fire fighter who helped. Thanks for the blog.

Posted by blog August 6, 09 05:29 AM

For comment #34: I agree that fire is part of some ecosystems as a forestry tool, but not these huge fires that devastate thousands of hectares, destroy everything in its path and -the worst- kill people. I am writing from Spain and I can assure that this situation is a catastrophe; desertification is moving forward too quickly and is threatening to endanger some animal and plant species, as well as economic sustainability of the affected areas.
As said before, "La Palma" is an island belonging to Canary Islands archipelago, in the Atlantic Sea. "Palma de Mallorca" is a city placed in the island Mallorca (Balearic archipelago) in the Mediterranean Sea.
Greetings for all of you :-)

Posted by Khasiopea August 6, 09 06:10 AM

y pensar que hay gente que proboca los incendios.... ojala ardais en el infierno hijos de puta

Posted by xevi (barcelona) Spain August 6, 09 06:49 AM

does anyone know the type of bird in 35 please ?

Posted by Michael August 6, 09 06:55 AM

Muy buenas fotos, como siempre. Un saludo a las familias que han perdido algo en alguno de estos incendios.

Y ahora siento ser tan duro, pero a los piromanos, sean enfermos o lo hagan por interes, deberian encerrarlos por siempre jamas.

Posted by P3lirrojo August 6, 09 10:25 AM

Con dos cojones, animo muchachos y a por ellos.

Posted by 95959 August 6, 09 11:12 AM

We hace this fires every summer in spain.
And the worse is that most of them are due human action (one cigarrete not well extiguished...). This is not due nature.
One forest needs hundreds of years to grow up again...
Soon south of europe will be a dessert.
Think about that.

Posted by Antonio August 6, 09 11:39 AM

Dumping tiny amounts of water on those out of control fires seems like trying to stop a murderer with a cap gun. The whole thing is a persons worst nightmare. But, I thank you for the photos. They will be hard to forget.

Posted by Edwin F. Neu August 6, 09 12:29 PM

Re no. 15: Does anyone know why the needles or leaves burned off the trees, but it appears the branches, even small ones, did not burn?

Posted by pilotjones August 6, 09 12:46 PM

Hi Michael,
(120.does anyone know the type of bird in 35 please ?)

I think the name in spanish it's BUBILLA.

Posted by samuel August 6, 09 02:27 PM

I live on La Palma (Canary Islands) in the Atlantic Ocean where some of the photos in this series were taken.
@71 In fact the 2 planes used on La Palma are not used as super-scoopers because there are no lakes or rivers on La Palma. The planes are loaded with high-speed hoses at the airport. Salt water would kill the ecosystem.
@77,91,99,124,125. The pine trees on La Palma are not dead. The Canarian pine has highly inflamable needles and a resin-soaked trunk but the bark is thick, layered, and fire-resistant. The small area of trees affected by the fire on La Palma will start growing again during the winter and the area will be as green as usual after 2 or 3 winters. The scrubland vegetation will start growing back in the spring.
The water supply on La Palma has not and will not be affected by this fire. Most of the water collection is done in the North and Central parts of the island.
@125. The fire moves past very quickly and burns the undergrowth and dead pine needles on the ground and on the trees. The fire scorches the needles on other trees making them brown, they will drop off and grow again next year.
For a non-sensational report on the La Palma fires see
For (ordinary) photos of the Canarian Pine on La Palma
@124 dumping water works. 11 helicopters and 2 planes put out our fires.
@99 'criminal minds and ignorant people', please do not insult us, your imagination may be running wild but please take control of your toungue.

Posted by Brian August 6, 09 02:33 PM

7. The La Palma fire was not started by an arsonist.

Posted by Brian August 6, 09 03:25 PM

Fotos increibles, la pena son estos malditos incendios que arrasan con todo.

Posted by Raul August 7, 09 02:39 AM

@30 @34 The worst thing of all, is that this fires are, mostly, caused for people.
They're not caused by nature

Posted by Adolfo August 7, 09 03:52 AM

Omg that point about "La Palma" locating it in Illes Balears really shocked myself

Posted by Jorge (Mallorca) August 7, 09 04:32 AM

How in the world was 29 taken, amazing exposure.

Amazing work Alan!!

Posted by Brahmin August 7, 09 06:06 AM

Al comentario numero 41, serás español, pero español inculto, por que decir que la Palma esta en el Mediterráneo y que pertenece a las Baleares, pues me parece que deberías volver a estudiar un poco de geografía española. Las Islas Baleares están compuestas por Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera y estan situadas en el Mediterraneo.

Y las Islas Canarias situadas en el Atlántico están compuestas por Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Gomera, Hierro, Fuerteventura, La Palma, Gran Canaria.

Posted by jose August 7, 09 07:32 AM

Some really incredible photography in there. Well seen, thanks for sharing.

Posted by Boston Photographer - August 7, 09 08:20 AM

dios! JOSE gracias por explicarle a ese proyecto de español un poco de geografía, se me habian puesto los pelos de punta con el comentario

Posted by ruben August 7, 09 11:42 AM

I have to respond to 127, because he quoted me. I wrote (read it, my number is 99), SOME CRIMINAL MINDS AND IGNORANT PEOPLE, NOT ALL PEOPLE. He should have known that the cause of the fires was very likely a fireworks party in Tigalate, so that goes for ignorant people having fireworks party on the outside with temperature over 40 degrees Celsius.We were in la Palma also in 1997, not only in 2009, we saw the burnt pines, it is true that they recover , but not all, many die, especially the young, go for a trek from Montes de Luna to Vulcan Martin now and tell me about the pines, tell me about the next 20- 30 years, tell me about the next fire, and next fire.......

Conquistadores killed all the aborigenes

Posted by michael August 7, 09 12:37 PM

Fires are part of the cycles of nature.
I find it sad that cyclical burns are banned in some regions due to pressures from misguided environmental groups. It's being debated if many of the fires in California, Oregon, and British Columbia would not have flared so powerfully over the last few years. There is also debate if they would have burnt so hot and so close to human settlements if proscribed burns had been allowed to take place to clear dried undergrowth instead of the efforts being tied up by red tape, lack of funding and NIMBY groups.

I wonder if this is also such a situation. I hope not. It is so sad for the loss of life in this situation and that many of these fires where caused by human negligence. I hope those people are punished like the recent fires in BC where there is active punishment of those found responsible and either negligent or criminal.

Posted by Maria August 7, 09 04:10 PM

Hola el pájaro de la foto número 35 es un "Pinzón" (Fringilla)

Posted by Lucía August 7, 09 05:46 PM

La Palma is one of the 7 islands that make up the Canary Islands. Is south of the Iberian peninsula and west of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

Look for information Canary Islands in Wikipedia to know their geographical position before speaking: D


Posted by BentoKing August 8, 09 12:12 PM

for VG6, La Palma is the Canary Island for grups os island ocean Alantic, ahora en castellano, Por Dios como se te ocurre decir esta burrada. La isla de La Palma es una de la siete islas de Canarias. La isla de Palma si que está en el Mediterraneo. Mira el Google Gear jajajajajaj

Posted by koko August 8, 09 01:36 PM

bueno por aqui estoy leyendo comentarios de gente a la que no le vendria mal un repasito de geografia....
Las ISLAS BALEARES se componen de 5 islas: MAYORCA, MENORCA, IBIZA, FORMENTERA Y CABRERA (la mas pequeña).
Su capital: PALMA DE MAYORCA; no confundir con la isla de La Palma que esta en las islas canarias.
Las Islas Baleares estan en el mediterraneo; Las Islas Canarias en el Oceano Atlantico

Posted by misi August 8, 09 06:32 PM

I will tell you about the pines AGAIN.
Go look in Garafia, in Las Tricias, op near the Roques around La Mata, Llano Negro, any of the areas where there was a fire in 2000 and/or 2004, I drive through the areas regularly and have friends who live there. Those areas have almost totally recovered. No problem.
Almost all the trees recover, very few die. The young pines grow like weeds and will grow again next spring. 20 years? do me a favour 2 years maybe 3.
And the next fire? La Palma isn't made of concrete, fires happen in forests even if humans don't start them, its part of nature. When you live near the forest you begin to understand what happens.
Anyway no official statements have been made about the cause of the fire, at best it is 'there was a festival so maybe fireworks started it'. There were apparently no decorative fireworks, just a few single rockets that go high in the air and make an enormous bang (as is traditional on the islands) so there were no big showers of sparks. It is far too early to blame anyone and it is especially too early to be insulting people.
Maybe I should quote some more from your 99 post??
"They can drink the sea in next years." Please don't be ridiculous, the water supply of the island has not been damaged. If you don't know any facts please don't make this sort of comment.
"Or build new resorts in the desert" What is this all about? What desert? There will be no desert on this area of La Palma. There is no desert anywhere on La Palma. There are some wonderful areas of black lava without trees and shrubs but that is not a desert.

Posted by Brian August 9, 09 02:45 PM

Al post 116 canarias no pertenece a marruecos era un estado soberano e independiente antes de que llegara el conquistador y se dice san borondon
ahul fell ak amidi

Posted by RAMANUHA August 9, 09 05:06 PM

Las fotos son bonitas pero deprimentes...
Con lo bonitos que son los bosques españoles y los de los países del Mediterráneo... Y ahora no hay presupuestos para soportar los incendios porque nos lo estamos gastando todo en tener varios gobiernos en nuestras ciudades, comunidades y estado. Ese gasto no hay país que lo soporte.

The fotos are beautiful but depressing...
The Spanish forests and the other Mediterranean countrys are lovely... And now we don't have budget to cover the forest fire because we use the money to support few goberns in our cities and autonomous regions. This public expenditure is unbearable.

Posted by Noe August 10, 09 04:01 AM

Wonderful shots, as always...Regards from Brazil :)

Posted by Camila August 10, 09 12:33 PM

He sido bombero durante 37 años y ahora estoy jubilado y mi humilde opinión es que el mejor método para la lucha contra los incendios forestales es la prevención, mantener los cortafuegos en condiciones, crear los suficientes carriles forestales para poder acceder con los medios adecuados lo más pronto posible, suficientes medios aéreos, sistemas de vigilancia por satélite, etc..
Los pirómanos van a existir siempre, lo mismo que las tormentas eléctricas y los intereses económicos urbanísticos y ganaderos.
Cuando en un incendio sopla el viento fuerte es muy difícil detenerlo.

Posted by Variston August 10, 09 01:39 PM

Estoy contigo Variston, yo llevo 20 de bombero y he estado en varios forestales de los grandes, grandes y es prácticamente imposible apagarlo. Se apaga cuando se va acabando combustible y cambiando condiciones climaticas (viento, humedad..). Solución la que tu aportas y endurecer medidas contra piromanos y especuladores de suelo o madera. Pero, alguien cree que a los políticos les interesa proteger el monte? Si quiesieran aportar soluciones no els quepa duda de que lo harian.

Posted by Manuel August 10, 09 02:24 PM

I just want to thank all that people who risks their lives waiting for nothing. THANKS TO ALL THE FIREMEN

Posted by Rafa August 10, 09 02:33 PM

O bien no he leido todos los comentarios. No he oido mencionar que, aparte de los piromanos y gente interesada en Urbanizaciones, haya otra causa que para mi es la màs importante:LOS INCENDIOS SE APAGAN EN INVIERNO.No existe una politica integral del medio ambiente para, cuando proximo a terminar la Primavera, quitar toda la seca hojarasca y abrir zanjas de seguridad en el monte.Los pastos secos son igual que si añadieramos gasolina.

Posted by francisco August 10, 09 02:48 PM

for those who talk about fires and natures way, these were ALL started by man. None were needed, and all could have been avoided.

Posted by stephanie August 10, 09 08:14 PM

Thank you a million times for your Boston.Com photo gallery news such as us old folks had when Life, etc., were available by subscription or at the newspaper stands and libraries. As a former photographer/columnist, and layout/paste up worker on our college and local publications; I am so impressed by this type of visual communicationg Alan Taylor is doing in cooperation with the global news agencies. The visual impact on international cultures who may not speak the same language but do understand the pictures is priceless. The ancient Chinese said that a picture speaks a thousand words Hence humankind from the cradle to the grave understand this magnificent work you do. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. The collective consciousness of sympathy worldwide expressed by the people in every status of life shows that Yes God, you do still matter in the compassionate hearts you created. This type of information visually helps remove us from the talking heads of tv media dwelling on the vile corrupt leaders in their news genre. As nabt cinebts were nade abiyt tge geographical nitpickers; those fires are devastating regardless of latitude and longitufe. The good thing is that so many international respondents mentioned the carelessness of being poor or bad stewards of the land are a major reason disasters happen. I will highly recommend your to all fellow e mailers. I don't know how to blog God Bless you. This is much better than listening with my dad on a crystal and headset to hear the Dempsy Tunney fight If my beloved uncles are watching this from a heavenly perch, they will be as happy as I am because the youngest one was an inventor without any beautiful equipment such as is available now. Thank you I am trying to learn how to e mail etc. so hopefully, i can save some of these in my document file so my great great grandkids can see them. You're the Greatest.

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 09 03:11 AM


Posted by rodney sorah August 11, 09 07:16 AM

Only one thing to David Cabellero i just want to remember you that half of Galiza was burnt in 2006, and so please don't tell the worst fires from 1994, depends what you call Spain, of course!!!!
Totalmente de acuerdo con Variston, para los que hablan de porque no se apagan los incendios que se pongan delante de uno de ellos y luego nos cuentan.....y claro la naturaleza es muy bonita, el fuego forma parte de los ecosistemas pero estos fuegos son provocados no olvidarlo....

Posted by Maru August 11, 09 05:47 PM

Las fotos estan super, felicitaciones a todos los que combatieron estos incendios sean militares, bomberos y civiles y los que sigan combatiendo este tipo de incendios que el todopoderoso los proteja siempre.
Y nuevamente felicidades al fotografo.

Posted by M.Guerrero (Cuauhtémoc Chihuahua México) August 12, 09 02:40 AM

Buf, i'm spanish. I live in Ávila. so much fires this years

Posted by borja August 12, 09 07:47 AM

Excellents pictures!

Posted by Branca Stuart August 12, 09 12:48 PM

#15 is incredible. I hope that the fires are being contained and the people in the affected areas are safe. As an Australian I understand the awesome and terrifying power that fire has, we think we rule this place until mother nature releases her fury

Posted by Kelli Rowe August 13, 09 01:37 AM

just another reason to stop polluting the planet, if the developed world would only realise that these fires are caused by global warming and wake up to realise that. I cant believe that people actually have the brain to drive around in the gas guzzling cars which cause these fires because of the lack of fresh air on the planet.

Posted by dave August 13, 09 01:46 PM

al numero 146 estoy con usted señor a veces las autoridades competentes son las culpables de que perdamos nuestros bosques porque no dejan ni recojer la pinocha q sirve para el huerto y ponerle debajo a los animales se acumuluma tanta que en las cunetas tienen hasta un metro de altura y esa pinocha para un incendio es como una bomba de relojeria ellos sabran lo que hacen pero creo que deberian tener los bosques mas limpios y asi evitarian despues lamentaciones una palmera

Posted by palmera August 13, 09 02:52 PM

Fuerte cagada me pegue yo tambien con tanto mares y oceanos... perdon la errata del Pacifico!!!.... casi no me voy mas lejos!!!! jajjajaajaj (107) Disculpen, saludos

Posted by Palmero August 16, 09 06:44 AM

Una cosa... en españa hay militares que estan preparados para incendios, inundaciones, etc... es mas lo dice en algunas fotos, UNIDAD MILITAR DE EMERGENCIAS y hay varias repartidas por el pais, otra cosa... el resto de unidades se movilizarian en caso de extrema urgencia. Que bastante ocupados estan entrenandose para ir a de misiones al extranjero.. a arreglar los disparates que cometieron otros, pero eso... es otro tema. saludos

Posted by palmero August 16, 09 06:55 AM

Una cosa... en españa hay militares que estan preparados para incendios, inundaciones, etc... es mas lo dice en algunas fotos, UNIDAD MILITAR DE EMERGENCIAS y hay varias repartidas por el pais, otra cosa... el resto de unidades se movilizarian en caso de extrema urgencia. Que bastante ocupados estan entrenandose para ir a de misiones al extranjero.. a arreglar los disparates que cometieron otros, pero eso... es otro tema. saludos

Posted by palmero August 16, 09 06:56 AM

Todos los incendios me parecen un auténtico desastre ecológico, económico y social, pero los incendios de La Palma y del Valle del Tietar me causaron mucha pena pues son dos zonas que conozco. Espero que La Palama se pueda ir recuperando bien gracias al "milagroso" pino canario y que en el Valle del Tietar se lleven a cabo las políticas necesarias para su recuperación. Espero que en ambos sitios los turistas no dejen de ir a causa de estos incendios porque en ambos casos hay mucho más que ver. Por último, sin quitar merito a la UME, los verdaderos protagonistas en la extinción de incendios son los "bomberos" forestales

Posted by Eva August 17, 09 08:14 AM

El mes pasado visite Las Islas con una amiga, y nos pasamos 17 días en La Palma, donde vive una amiga común ... que pena! Hace unos días atras visitamos y pasamos varias veces por la ciudad en llamas.
Las fotos estan magnificas,!

Posted by Maria C Alvarez August 17, 09 10:35 PM

Shocking, really nice photography but not nice what is in the pictures, PEOPLE lets wake up and think more what we can do to avoid all this, it might be late but we still can help. Thanks to all firemen for the work they carry and God help them always

Posted by Tony Sultana. Malta August 18, 09 04:22 AM

En todas las fotos me ha parecido contar 1 Bombero, el resto son otras cosas y lo digo con todo mi respeto, pero NO son Bomberos, al final la prensa habla de medios contra incendios, retenes, agentes rurales, etc. pero nos están ocultando el GRAN déficit de Bomberos que seguimos arrastrando.
Para el que propone movilizar los Militares, le propongo que acudan todos los efectivos de limpieza del país a desatascar los juzgados tan colapsados, ¿que te parece, campeón?, ¿te dejarás juzgar por un honrado recogedor de basura?
Cada cual a lo suyo, cabe recordar que las UME (Unidades Militares de Emergencia) nacen por la muerte de 11 personas en Guadalajara, subidos en camiones de Bomberos pero no eran Bomberos, quizá la mala conciencia del momento hizo tomar decisiones que el tiempo juzgará…
A mi entender errónea.

Posted by Diego August 19, 09 07:21 PM

EXACTAMENTE., sólamente unos pocos nos dedicamos profesionalmente a ayudar a combatir los incendios forestales, los demás son becarios del MARM, ingenieros de montes o forestales que acaban de terminar la carrera y empiezan su vida laboral trabajando 3 meses en verano, o trabajadores (chavales) en las brigadas que tambien trabajan sólo en verano y normalemte no suelen tener mucha experiencia, no hay suficientes profesionales en el sector, debe ser porque normalmente solo hay incendios durante tres meses al año,

Posted by saco saquito August 20, 09 06:14 PM

Por favor que alguien que sepa me explique la 17.........................


Posted by juanito August 23, 09 10:18 AM

Very sad to read in 136 "Conquistadores killed all the aborigenes" after seeing this bunch of sad photos. Very sad indeed.

Posted by delco August 24, 09 02:00 AM

Hay que ver que inculta es la gente... sobre todo los españoles.. un poquito de geografía, por favor! He estado leyendo todos los comentarios.. y algunos me han dejado impresionada! Tienen internet.. antes de decir algo, por favor, infórmense, piensen lo que dicen! hasta los extranjeros, tienen más conocimientos de las Islas Canarias, que algunos españoles! Vamos a ver... España posee dos archipiélagos: uno en el Mar Mediterráneo, que posee 5 islas : Palma de Mayorca( que se confunde mucho con La Palma, que ¡NO ES LO MISMO!), Menorca, Formentera, Ibiza y Cabrera. Otro archipiélago, está en el Océano Atlántico, muy cerca de África, pero que no pertenece a Marruecos, ni nada de lo que he visto que dicen, pertenece a España! Que posee 7 islas: Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, El Hierro, La Gomera, y La Palma, que es la que sufrió el incendio a principos de Agosto. El municipio de Fuencaliente y Mazo, sufrió las devastadoras consecuencis de un incendio, que arrasó con todo lo que quiso, gracias también a las elevadas temperaturas y los fuertes vientos que azotaban la isla. Mucha gente perdió todo lo que tenía,. Como el fuego avanzaba tan rápido, no tuvieron tiempo de coger prácticamente nada de sus casas, solo pudieron cargar consigo mismos para poder escapar del fuego. así fueron evacuadas 4000 personas de sus hogares, que algunas lo perdieron absolutamente todo, sus coches, sus terrenos, animales, y lo más valioso, sus casas y todo lo que tenían dentro.
Muchas felicidades al fotógrafo, las fotos son geniales.
Una Palmera

Posted by Mónica August 24, 09 09:48 AM

Hablando de incultura...
Sobre el post anterior, MALLORCA no se escribe con "LL" en vez de con "Y" ???

Posted by Lilian August 24, 09 09:45 PM

Solo reconocer la excelente labor de estos hermanos bomberos en su trabajo de extinción de este enorme incendio forestal. Y por supuesto, felicitaciones por las impresionantes vistas.....

Posted by Luis P. C. August 25, 09 01:30 AM

Excelentes fotos, lastima de que de una desgracia para el planeta y el ser humano, soy bombero en Costa Rica se y siento lo que es ver quemarse un sitio o una estructura, todos debemos hablar menos y actuar más, mil bendiciones, gracias

Posted by Juancho August 25, 09 04:24 PM

Perdón por el fallo de Mallorca en el comentario 170, fue un despiste, Lilian:)

Posted by Mónica August 25, 09 05:25 PM

#77 The fact that the fire is happening doesn't make the pictures any less than good. They are good pics. The fire in the pics is not good but the pics are. Period.

Posted by mark August 26, 09 01:36 PM

Para 168. No deja e ser un miembro de la UME lesinado tras un acidente. Este chaval es el conductor del camion que bajo rodando hasta caer sobre el otro vehiculo. Aguanta sus dolores mientras espera el rescate

Posted by Pedro August 26, 09 03:49 PM

Este és el legado que vamos a dejar a nuestros hijos?
Mientras no cambie nuestra cultura medioambiental seguiremos siendo unos inconscientes... y las generaciones venideras serán las que lo sufran.

Fotos muy bonitas, si,...pero no és solo eso. Es algo mas serio, y que algún día les pesará a los que no han tenido culpa de nuestra igonarancia.

Posted by Gerifalte September 5, 09 07:50 AM


Se me encoge el corazón viendo algunas. Aunque hay demasiadas de la UME, para lo poco que hacen. Saludos!

Un retenero de Guadalajara

Posted by MaSTeR September 5, 09 11:18 AM

Las imágenes reflejadas son escalofriantes. Excelente página web. ¿Que nos deparará el cambio climático con solo una pequeña subida de las temperaturas del planeta? No me lo puedo imaginar. Apocaliptico

Posted by HUELVA September 10, 09 07:11 AM

La energía que La Madre Tierra tarda años en fijar procedente del Sol, de los nutrientes del Suelo, del Agua bebida y del Aire respirado, es liberado cuando todos esos bosques arden, desatando la brutal fuerza de la Naturaleza en unas pocas horas... ¿Pobre Tierra?.... No, ella se ríe a carcajadas de nuestra torpeza, pues en 200 ó 300 años ya habrá sanado su cicatriz.... Pobres seres humanos, que aquí y ahora jamás volveremos a ver esos parajes tal y como eran...
Un abulense sin un trocito del Tiétar.

Posted by angelitopg September 12, 09 12:38 PM

this is very sad...
i am from greece and all athens burnt at august :(

Posted by thodoris September 25, 09 03:17 AM

Excelentes fotografias y que pena tanta destruccion, la naturaleza es la salvacion del planeta por favor cuidemosla a todos nos ayudara

Posted by carlos Diaz September 25, 09 01:12 PM


Posted by FATIMA SILVERO October 8, 09 09:13 AM

DESOLACION Y TRISTEZA. Eso es lo que siento cuando veo estas imágenes, a pesar de que llevo un montón de años apagando incendios forestales, siempre hay más fuegos que apagar, que se llevan por delante lo que más queremos :el monte, y a veces , a los compañeros, las casas, los negocios , las ilusiones.... MANO DURA CON LOS PIRÓMANOS Y MEDIDAS DE PREVENCIÓN EN INVIERNO. .... Desgraciadamente, nos vemos en el próximo fuego.

Posted by alberto, san felices December 26, 09 04:30 AM

hola muy buenos dias me parece que una de las secuencias fotograficas mas espectacularesque he podido observar felicito a la o las personas que la realizaron. Esto nos da pie pra que otras personas se den cuenta de que el cambio climatico es una realidad las altas temperaturas a nivel mundial son ovias y pensar que hay personas que todavia no lo quieren ceer .ero no importa aqui hay personas como nosotros los bomberos que estamos para proteger este planeta en mi pais estamos luchando para que las personas entiendanque las temporadas que se avecinan a nivel mundial van en aumento y yo espero que no tegamos que lamentar la perdida de ninguno de nuestros efectivos seria muy doloroso que esta gran familia mundial temga que sufrir la ida de algunos de nuestros efectivos se despide de ustedes un servidor teniente coronel nelson silva desde venezuela caracas quisiera tener mas contactos con otros elementos que cumplen con esta funcio los bomberos no tenemos fronteras que dios me los cuide a todos

Posted by nelsonrodolfo silva February 1, 11 09:21 AM
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