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July 8, 2009 Permalink

Ethnic clashes in Urumqi, China

On Sunday, July 5th in Urumqi, the capital of China's western Xinjiang region, thousands of minority ethnic Uighur residents marched, demanding a government investigation into an earlier incident - a brawl between Han Chinese and Uighurs in a toy factory in Shaoguan that ended with at least two Uighur deaths. Sometime during the July 5th protest the situation became very violent, Uighurs clashing with police and attacking local Han Chinese. Urumqi citizens woke the next morning to learn that over 1,000 people had been injured and 156 killed in their city. Government forces worked to quell the violence and to separate the newly-formed Han vigilante groups and the Uighurs still in the streets. Communications were shut off, streets closed, curfews imposed, hundreds arrested, and thousands of troops poured into Urumqi, which remains tense - several clashes reported even today. [ Update: Today, 7/10/09, Chinese officials released the ethnic breakdown of those killed in the riots for the first time - 137 of victims were ethnic Han, 46 were Uighurs and one was Hui. AP Story ] (36 photos total)

Liu Huiling, a Han Chinese patient, who was injured during ethnic clashes recuperates at People's Hospital in Urumqi, western China's Xinjiang province, Wednesday, July 8, 2009. Ethnic clashes have paralyzed Urumqi over the past several days, with minority Uighur and Han Chinese mobs roaming the streets and attacking each other. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)
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Amazing pictures, as usual !

Keep up the outstanding work

Posted by Pierre July 8, 09 01:24 PM

Thanks for the photos. How utterly sad. I am grateful for what I have here, and I hope peace is reached in Urumqi.

Posted by Mo July 8, 09 01:27 PM

Very sad.
I find it interesting that the only times (I believe twice) you use the word "Muslim" is when you are referring to the oppressed party. If it happens to be a picture of a Muslim as the oppressor you use "ethnic Uighur".

Posted by dov July 8, 09 01:30 PM

The 156 people died were mostly Han Chinese civilians killed on the Sunday riot. Why did some many people take for granted that they were protestors who were killed by the police? Didn't the meida have the responsibility to dispel the myth? Media outlest are just cowards.

Posted by American media disppoints again July 8, 09 01:32 PM

we will kill them all!

Posted by Anonymous July 8, 09 01:35 PM

welcome to the club!..very sad

Posted by sb July 8, 09 01:35 PM

I'm surprised the man in #19 let a photographer that close. It seems your face plastered on an internationally viewed blog while you are holding a spiked bar with an expression of disgust on your face is not exactly good PR for yourself or the ideals you are representing.

Ethnic/reigious hate really takes a far simpler mind to manifest. Anyone with proper critical thinking skills will realize the futility and harm that such riots cause. Especially the most violent of rioters bringing bad public opinion upon their own cause.

Posted by Mattan July 8, 09 01:36 PM

This site never ceases to AMAZE me, putting me right in the middle of whatever youre covering. I feel like I'm there, and I'm Glad I'm not! Thanks BIG PICTURE!
Billy Mac

Posted by Billy Mac July 8, 09 01:38 PM

everything has a shelf life...and then it, now's your turn...look at what's happening around us...where has this hatred come from??? China, Honduras, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,'s time

Posted by Yogesh July 8, 09 01:40 PM

In 1949, when the communists first took power, more than 90 percent of Xinjiang's population was Uighur and about 5 percent was Han, from China's largest ethnic group. However, government-sponsored migration has dramatically changed the demographics of the region. Today, 47 percent of Xinjiang is Uighur and 41 percent is Han.

Posted by Sun July 8, 09 01:40 PM

You know what, this might be a great news for you, massager of liberty and human right. But unfortunately the perspectives are so limited via the pictures in this article which only displays one part of story. Han Chinese have more than 100 lives killed by Uigur mobs who started the riot before Han families have to walk on the street with arms¡ªthe government is restraining but the Uigur mobs are not! Shame on you! Tell the truth!

Posted by M as in Ming July 8, 09 01:43 PM

The next Tibet …

Posted by Dédé July 8, 09 01:44 PM

Good luck for China, from Hungary (where dictatorship is over since 1986, thank goodness)

Posted by Zs86 July 8, 09 01:49 PM

The only people more dishonest than the government officials who make these statements are the Chinese nationalists who accuse American media of being biased for reporting this story accurately. Here is the truth, from the neutral site Radio Free Asia:

These riots started because thousands of Han Chinese barricaded a dormitory and began beating people indiscriminately. The police did not arrive for FOUR HOURS. Anyone who tries to make this about Islam or anti-Chinese bias is lying to themselves and others.

Posted by Shii July 8, 09 01:50 PM

Sun, can I say that Muslim is somehow doing the samething to EU?

Posted by M as in Ming July 8, 09 01:54 PM

#14: I don't understand the caption. "Armed Chinese soldiers in riot gear march across a main street leading to the end of the city occupied by ethnic Uighurs in Urumqi"

What is meant by "the end of the city occupied by ethnic Uighurs"? Did Uighurs from Urumqi take and occupy some place? Or does this refer to "the section of the city inhabited by ethnic Uighurs...?"

Posted by Choudoufu July 8, 09 01:57 PM

awareness is often necessarily the first step to change or progress. you provide a true public service; thank you so much, once again, for the photos.

Posted by julie July 8, 09 02:02 PM

Awesome shots! I am also very surprised to see #30, #31, and #32! The old Uighur woman protester seems very safe and she looks like a "hero". She and the other womon protesters are protected and given enough human right to protest at street even though their husbands, sons, brothers just killed handreds of Han Chinese! Police protected them very well, and no any Han Chinese "mob"s attacked them.

Posted by Anonymous July 8, 09 02:19 PM

pardon, since 1989...

Posted by Zs86 July 8, 09 02:19 PM

Photo 19 gives me chills. I hope this ends quickly and as peacefully as possible.

Posted by Melanie July 8, 09 02:22 PM

Where have I been? How terrible!!! :(

Posted by Sarah July 8, 09 02:26 PM

Terrifying. # 19 is like a Chan Wook-Park movie.

Posted by Melanie and David July 8, 09 02:43 PM

So painful to see. So far we have to go. All this for religion? Insane.

Posted by kp July 8, 09 02:45 PM

can't we all live in peace?

facebook, google (intermittently) and dozens of other social websites are being shut down.

i was in xinjiang 2 years ago, and i could already feel the growing tension

Posted by medaholic July 8, 09 03:07 PM

I spent 6 months in Xinjiang working on a photo essay about Uighur discontent in Xinjiang. These problems have been building for devades.

Posted by David Degner July 8, 09 03:21 PM

#12 Gorgeous

Posted by RJ July 8, 09 03:25 PM

"the neutral site Radio Free Asia"

Shii, Radio Free Asia is funded by the United States Congress. It's not "neutral", though it is probably not as biased as the media controlled by the criminal Chinese "Communist" Party.

Posted by Fortunato July 8, 09 03:26 PM

This sh*t needs to stop. What is wrong with China? It's got it's priorities all messed up.

Posted by Khristopher July 8, 09 03:31 PM

These pictures are seems like that Han people always attack Muslins, but it's not the truth in most of time. Dead people in this case are mostly Hans. It's an organized riot started by muslins, they on one hand go into the street to show peaceful walking, but on another hand they kill Hans just in residential areas, men, women, even kids are killed like animals. I have some pictures of it which I can't even take a look.
Han people are really peaceful, we hate violent and most of us don't care about religion. But in this case, the Han people in Urumqi just can't take any more friends, wives and children to be killed. They have to stand out.
I have a very close frind in college, his family are all in Urumqi, I hope they are alright.

Posted by Chenvoo July 8, 09 03:32 PM

This started as result of the Han mob killing of Uyghur workers in a toy factory in Guangdong Province in China. Government and police did'nt arrive th scene after four or five hours of Han mob killing, civil guards stood by watching Uyghur worker beaten to death.
Uyghur protesters peacefully started the demonstration to demand a probe into the Han mob killing in Guangdong since no one held responsible and no satisfactory solution was given. in addition, ethnic tension exist ever since Chinese communists took control of Xinjing in 1949, and Han population grew from 3% - 5% in 1949 to 47% as of now with Communists favoring Han Chinese.

Posted by UyghurLivedwithHan28Years July 8, 09 03:33 PM

Boston's Big Picture series is photo journalism at its best.

Posted by Mohamed Ashraf July 8, 09 03:47 PM

just give them freedom and peace.
in s.korea about 30 years ago, government shot to thousands of innocent people just becasue of extension of thier dictatorship.

Posted by ipsul July 8, 09 03:47 PM

Every time the Han Chinese show agression to a different ethnic or religious party in China, there are images of one-way violence. But then Han Chinese are always blogging and commenting that "xx" number of Han Chinese were killed first! "We were just protecting ourselves!" I am willing to see both sides of the story, but with no evidence, the Han Chinese are showing themselves to the world as aggressive, bigoted, and hateful. All the weak protests to show otherwise are falling on deaf ears. Try to solve the problem! The first step in healing is admittance. It is the only way to improve the world's view of your people. Peace.

Posted by Sheri July 8, 09 04:09 PM

no comments anymore while my effort was wasted and given no due attention even though I try to be objective. despise you guys ;)

Posted by UyghurLivedwithHan28Years July 8, 09 04:17 PM

Ugh...this crazy world we live in. People will always find something to fight about.

Posted by Anonymous July 8, 09 04:23 PM

The list of atrocities that one human being inflicts on another human being never ceases to amaze me.

Posted by Amy July 8, 09 04:56 PM

A treble THANK YOU to the Big Picture ...

Posted by dude July 8, 09 05:11 PM

Number 7 is really hard, it's sad that people die in events like theses. Violence is no good.

Posted by Maxime July 8, 09 05:13 PM

When people are crammed into a pressure cooker situation where normal democratic freedoms, self determination, and human rights are not permitted, it is only a question of time before the situation becomes unbearable and the lid blows off and a bloody mess results. This is no way for people to be treated by their 'government'. China must release its vice grip on ALL of its peoples and start according them dignity, respect, and human rights. Otherwise China ends up with egg all over its face. Shame.

Posted by Northern Girl July 8, 09 05:23 PM

"All this for religion," kp? Count how many tens of millions of people have been killed in the last 100 years by "enlightened," religion-free governments (Nazi Germany, Communist China, Cambodia, Soviet Union, etc.). And most of these deaths are just from genocide of their own citizens! Far more than killed by religious violence or war. Far more.

Posted by Fred July 8, 09 05:40 PM

My neighbour died in the street on 07/05, she was a han Chinese, what's wrong she had done? almost the sametime, friends send warning message by MSN, "bloody street, don't go out." everything happened too fast!
They killed so many han chinese, much more than 156. that's not chaos not violence but real massacre!!!
you people may not believe, there's nothing to prove, it happend too fast no journalist there. but i exprenced all these...

as i know till today, there're still people die by Uighurer, the govenment disappointed us already. I really don't care how you people think about han Chinese, think about it, why should we die? why can't we defend ourselves? why we must keep quiet and gentle after saw our people been killed when the authority did nothing for us? Otherwise, the next one could probably be your sister, child, parent, yourself!!!

Posted by ellen July 8, 09 05:55 PM

Picture 19 (guy with spiked steel bar) shocks me much more than 5 or 7. Seeing dead people became "normal" but self-made weapons together with a camera...
I'm really shocked.
Thank you for Big Picture - even these ones are so evil.

Posted by Doesntmetter July 8, 09 06:11 PM

Chenvoo, how much are you paid to post that nonsense? Are you paid by the post of by word count?

Posted by Jonno July 8, 09 06:23 PM

There are several photos I can not see.

Posted by DaomingChen July 8, 09 06:32 PM

And still Michael Jackson's funeral gets top billing in the news.

Posted by Andrew July 8, 09 06:33 PM

Great photos. Anyway as a Han Chinese people here, I hope those innocent man woman and children murdered in this riot in peace. Always eye for eye and blood for blood? I don't know. I believe all people are created equal. All murders, regardless of the color and race, must be judged for what they've done.
Very sad indeed.

Posted by DaomingChen July 8, 09 06:38 PM

#14 @Shii July 8, 09 01:50 PM,
You're expecting me to take seriously a link to Radio Free Asia? A former mouth piece of the CIA and still currently sponsored by the US congress?
Do you honestly think we're that stupid? There this think called Wikipedia. For the most part it allows people to seperate the wheat from the chaff. RFA is definitely the latter.
Not wanting to rain on your little parade or anything but i think few people will take your source seriously either here or anywhere in Asia.

That aside. Beautiful pictures despite the sadness it brings.

Posted by Simon July 8, 09 06:46 PM

100+ innocent Han people are killed by Uighur people. This is at least part of the truth of the whole thing. The photographer completely ignored it. Whenever there is a dead body, that is a Han Chinese killed by Uighur mobs, but the photographer only says : that's a dead body. There were also same, or even worse attacking happened to Han Chinese before the Han Chinese went to riot. You wasn't there to get the photo doesn't means it didn't happen. Truth is the thing that really happend, not the thing that is taken (within someone's capability).
But on the other hand, I have to say, I understand Han Chinese people's feeling, but going riot is not the right way to solve the problem. Both Han and Uighur people need time to swallow the tragedy that is caused by both sides. They are not rational, reasonable now, because the tragedy is so shocking. Give them the time, help them to communicate, cure the people who were hurt in this tragedy. And before they regain their sense, well-prepared to heal each other, let's keep silence for a while, pray for those innocent people who died in this clash.

Posted by Nocturn July 8, 09 07:20 PM

Man is totally evil creatures!
Religion is evil! Research how throughout history, religion is at the root of all conflict. Can you imagine how far we could have gotten without killing each other based on what/who's God is the right God.

I don't think this is what God intended when He gave us free will or is it??
Man have been killing each other for thousand and thousand of years and I don't think there's ever going to be a day when all the hatred and killings will end.

As much as I dislike communist China, there's a certain logic to their fanatical control of their county. Controlling over a billion people takes a lot of work and I dread the day when there are no controls and 1.3 billion Chinese flood the rest of the world.

Posted by John July 8, 09 07:30 PM

Chenvoo, how much are you paid to post that nonsense? Are you paid by the post of by word count?
Posted by Jonno July 8, 09 06:23 PM
What did you know about China and Xinjinag, have you been there before? Do you have close friends from there and do you know a little bit history of that?? Shut up if you don't, because I do. And about money you talked about?? We Chinese has a saying: Little people thinks little. (ÒÔСÈËÖ®ÐĶȾý×ÓÖ®¸¹)
I've been in Europe and US, and from where to where people just like to judge Chinese govenment and policy all the time, instead of thinking about what's real going on here. I don't deny that there are a lot of things are not right in China, I don't proud of it. But in this case, it's different from what happend 20 years ago in Tiananmen square, everyone is victim, on one is a winner.

Posted by chenvoo July 8, 09 07:56 PM

i love how all of this was going on yet michael jackson (pedophile drug addict musician) died and the reporting of his death was more important.

Posted by johnson July 8, 09 08:34 PM

Fred, by the following you have made a wonderful point:

"All this for religion," kp? Count how many tens of millions of people have been killed in the last 100 years by "enlightened," religion-free governments (Nazi Germany, Communist China, Cambodia, Soviet Union, etc.). And most of these deaths are just from genocide of their own citizens! Far more than killed by religious violence or war. Far more.

so, since religion hasn't killed enough people, religion should continue on and kill more and more to match things like communism.

fred, i am afriad you should see a doctor to heal some problem in your brain

Posted by Fred July 8, 09 05:40 PM

Posted by kenn July 8, 09 09:21 PM

I am a Yao chinese(another ethnic minority in China), our goverment covers truth sometimes, but this time, they want you to know the truth of this riot started by some Uighur people.
most Han chinese and Uighur chinese stay friendly and peacefully together in the same city, there are always some rioter want to break the peace, I don't know what profit could they get from this riot, what I only saw is more than 150 dead innocents,almost all of them are Han chinese.
Chaos is not good, I want the main stream media to report the truth, don't treat this as an entertainment.

Posted by a Yao Chinese July 8, 09 09:45 PM

No, this was not started by one incident. It started long ago by people deciding they would rather hate than have peace for their own children.

And it won't stop until people decide to stop it. The government can't stop hate. They can only stop singular actions.

Stop the hate. Stop bigotry. Stop blaming someone else and take responsibility for the crimes that have happened already, and responsibility for stopping future violence.

Posted by Eric July 8, 09 09:47 PM


WE are with you..we help you. only freedom.

iranian people want freedom for all country

Posted by bahram July 8, 09 09:50 PM

Why the caption don't say Han Chinese when they show the dead body of a Han Chinese? All the bodies in the pictures are of Han Chinese killed by Uigurs.
The photographers fail to mention that most of the cited 156 deaths happened on July 5, when Uigurs took to the streets and started beating anyone looking Asian. Women and children alike. Check your facts before you caption the photographs.

Even the journalist Malcolm Moore had to admit he was wrong of automatic assumption.

"When I wrote the post, I had limited information and I jumped to the conclusion that the 156 victims of Sunday’s violence were Uighur.
In fact, it appears that the majority of the victims were Han Chinese, brutally killed by gangs of Uighurs roaming through the back streets of Urumqi. There are some horrific pictures circulating of rows of bloodied bodies and cyclists lying in puddles of blood with their heads bashed in.
I apologise for running ahead of the facts, but the idea that Chinese troops had been unable to prevent the Uighurs from murdering Han Chinese honestly never occurred to me."

Everyone living in China should be able to tell you that Uigurs are allowed to carry knives at all times, and apparently not afraid to use them.
It shocks me how they always aim for the head.

Posted by Foreigner in China July 8, 09 10:03 PM

Great pictures as always, but cleverly aligned to blame the Chinese government!

I have to admit I like to read both sides of story from time to time, and a little bit biased Chinese bashing is good to balance the state controlled media.

But it is way off this time! Of the 156 ppl killed, most (I mean most!) of them are innocent han citizens. It's not Uighurs VS Hans. It's armed riots vs innocent people. It's obvious who's right and who's wrong.
(by the way, the police are here to restore order, not to beat up Uighurs/Hans. Why is it so difficult to understand? It must be the prejudice in your head.)

Posted by yip July 8, 09 10:04 PM

what do youthink if your brother,your sister,yourfriend.your father were killed ?

Posted by robinhan July 8, 09 10:09 PM

I am so angry to see some people are trying to turn dark to white.


How could you lie like this! You said that the riot is result of the Han mob killing of Uyghur workers in a toy factory. Why don't you tell the whole story? The truth is that those Uyghur workers raped several Han female workers and beat other Han workers.
You are so shameless to claim that Uyghur protesters peacefully started the demonstration. Those Uyghur mobs planed the riot. They started a demonstration in the afternoon. But when the police came, they quickly spreaded into streets and started attacking and killing any Han people they saw. That's why most pictures in which have dead bodies were taken at night. The 156 died are mostly innocent Han people. So many people died in the riot because no one ever expected this!

You also claim that Han population grew from 3% - 5% in 1949 to 47% as of now with Communists favoring Han Chinese. The truth is that Han people and other ethic groups have been living together in Xinjiang for more that 1,000 years and there never existed a country. It has been more than 300 yrs since Qing Dynasty Chinese government claimed Xinjiang as part of China. About 50 years ago, Han people started building cities in Xinjiang, including Urumqi and more Han people came to Xinjiang. Xinjiang has been a part of CHINA for hundreds of years!

People may wondering why there is so much hatred between Han and Urghur people. Part of the reason is that Chinese government started a ridiculous policy favoring minority people including Urghur people about 25 yrs ago. The policy asks authority to avoid arresting or killing minority people even when they commit crimes like murder. That is why Urghur workers dare to rape Han girls because they knew the police couldn't do much about it. And that is why Han workers started attacking in the toy factory: because local police couldn't protect them!

As a Han Chinese, I am so sorry to see the riot happen and people get killed. I'm also sorry that Chinese government should be responsible for the hatred because of the riduculous policy.

However, truth is truth. You shouldn't lie about the cause of the riot and crime committed by Urghur people!

Posted by Yan July 8, 09 10:27 PM

Uighur people are from different origins, that's why Uighur people looks different from each other. So it's mostly a definition from culture and religion. And also, Kazak people, Hui people, and many other ethnic groups lived in Xinjiang long long ago.

Posted by hungelian July 8, 09 10:29 PM

In that toy factory in Shaoguan, uighur men raped Han women, SEVERAL TIMES before that fight.
Because the current Communist party's policy connive minorities, there's no such thing like LAW to them. So even they were taken to police, they will be released soon.
The last time they rape a Han woman, Han people finally get angry and fight with them.

Posted by HAN July 8, 09 10:40 PM

I am always viewing big pictures in China but no comment here, but now let me say something. I have to admitte Uighur is discriminated by Hans in a lot of area but "peacefully". However Hans like to be kind to every minority in public party and media, but in everyday life just be blink and ignoring minority. But Hans never to be so inhumanity to certain minority. In Guang'dong province office already settle the bustup rightly but just been used by careerist as a excuse to worse the situation.
I think Communist Party should stop so called "sweet policy" to minority gradually, and just learn What USA and Singapore do to minority. I don't like Communist Party always play as a father to his people, which is unhelpful now. let Han people themselves share the idea with minority and learn more about the situation of them, which is better than just give money like candy to poor minority to calm them.
And here in the photos dead body are mostly Hans killed by Uighur, but no description. Can you believe peaceful march turn to be attack innocent Han people but not the polices who said to suppress them by arm?! That's pity. i don't like lies from both side. Lies from minority's careerist is not better than that from CCP. I don't want to blaim "Big Picture" as i know you have done a lot to be objective. Comparing to CCTV, you are so great.

Posted by kyrin pan July 8, 09 10:44 PM

Yan of comment 58 - There were no Han female workers raped by Uighurs at the factory. Perhaps you did not get the news in your country but it was revealed to be a lie made up by a Han employee recently fired from his job at the factory. The man was arrested for causing the trouble - a fact which is undisputed by the Chinese Government. Perhaps you need to look further to find which "thruth is thruth".
In any case, the killing of Han's during the riots by Uighurs is not excusable either. Each side has faults which need to be addressed.

Posted by MP July 8, 09 11:33 PM

I'm not quite fully educated on the subject, but this seems to me like the same problem as in Palestine/Israel and much of Africa. A larger power decides to force a minority to become a majority in an area where there isn't room (resources) for both. There were many more Palestinians in the region in the first half of the 20th century before the area was known as Israel... and the artificial or forced migration of Europeans into the area created a tension and a fight over land. Isn't this what has happened in Xinjiang? Why would anyone be interested in this remote region anyway? Perhaps because of its strategic location?

Posted by so sad July 8, 09 11:36 PM

Dont see Muslims protesting in Europe against the Chinese for their brothers and sisters like they did for Gaza. Obviously they have another agenda

Posted by Faryad July 8, 09 11:38 PM

This massacre is turning 1.2 billion Han Chinese to HATE Muslims.

Well done, mobs.

Posted by while July 8, 09 11:43 PM

No peace Last forever.
We should learn from it.

Posted by Sylar July 8, 09 11:52 PM

Most of 156dead people is Han Chinese£¡They are innocent£¡
US media should tell the truth.

Posted by OneChinese July 8, 09 11:55 PM

what a poor uighur people is

Posted by ryeok July 8, 09 11:56 PM

china should stop the occupation . for how long can they oppress people .. the uighur people will fight , as they have done for hundreds of years this is modern day ethnic cleansing .. not with fire arms but with posters,ads by degrading their culture and slowly melting them by mixing blood ....

Posted by yohoo July 9, 09 12:00 AM

Now im a chinese, but i feel shame to be a Han Chinese.

Posted by heiker3630 July 9, 09 12:05 AM

as much as i have liked your photoes, i learned that they don't reflect an unbiased view. i like to point out that the dead are mostly Han, the "mod of Han Chinese" walked on the street happened after. If the innocent people killed were your wife, your kids, your parents, looking at this set of photoes, what would you feel? what would you do?

you don't necessarily learning the truth through real photoes, even 36 big picture photoes.

Posted by Li July 9, 09 12:19 AM

Pictures are ways of telling stories: think about those innocent people who were murdered in the deep alleys when the murderers pretend to be victims themselves and throw themselves at the knees of international media, chanting fake stories.

There is no limit to human degradation: particularly for those who murder others for their own selfish needs.

Posted by Li July 9, 09 12:24 AM

shii, you made me laugh.

"FreeAsia" is neutral? Do you really think other people are that stupid? If your intention is not to fool us(that means, you yourself truly believe freeasia is a neutral media agency), judging from your IQ, I don't think you are worth to argue with.

Posted by dororo July 9, 09 12:31 AM

picture19&20: from the dress and figure of this crown. It's absolutely not han chinese crowd. I'd suggest you to know the real of the photo before publish with wrong words.

Posted by feichen July 9, 09 12:33 AM

"the neutral site Radio Free Asia"
radio free asia is not neutral at all.......

wanna see something neutral? go to malcolm moore's blog:

Posted by kkkk July 9, 09 12:34 AM

All the victims was han chinese...
Uighur terrorist attack the innocent citizens
The chinese cental govenment gives many preferential policy to the uighurs to help them developing but them still planned the riot
The terror attack on 5th July was another 9.11

Posted by Albert July 9, 09 01:00 AM

Really sad. Innocent people loose their lives in clashes like this.

Posted by Rahul S July 9, 09 01:09 AM

Please remember, all the dead victims was HAN chinese
Terrorist attacked innocent citizens with purpose.
Although china central govement put so much preferential polices on the Uighurs, they still planned the riot.
The terror attack on 5th July was another 9.11

Posted by Albert July 9, 09 01:11 AM

they are great pictures, but they are not the full picture.

the dead people were mostly Han Chinese killed by Muslim mobs on july 5 .

it was only when the police poured in, the photographers were able to be in the center of the chaos to take photos of dead bodies and angry Han Chinese revenging with arms. People see these photos may think the Han Chinese result in the dead bodies. but in fact, they are the result of the dead bodies.

Posted by viewer July 9, 09 01:13 AM

I've always thought that Big Picture does a good job, but in this case, the pictures are - unintentionally or not - quite misleading.

Most of the 156 victims are as good as verified - by independent news sources - to be Han Chinese. Overrepresentation of Han mobs in these photos ignores the fact that the Uighur side is at least as responsible - if not more - for inciting the violence in the first place.

It may just be where the photographic evidence lay, since the Han rioters formed after the Uighur rioters, and Big Picture does give some sort of sequence in the introduction to the pictures, citing that Uighur rioters formed first and the protests turned violent before Han citizens then mobilized. Unfortunately for those who go directly to the pictures - most people I gather if the comments are any indication - may get the wrong, biased idea. With such a sensitive topic, it may be wise to try to post more representative pictures or commentaries.

Posted by passerby July 9, 09 01:22 AM

@yan...What you have said is true...I have lots of Chinese Friends and I stayed in China for long time to know that. Partly the government is here to blame for the ridiculous way they treat the minority people even if they commit serious crimes in that part of China. To those who do not know and who just plainly see the pictures as is then you probably do not know much about China or if you have gone there you do not stay long enough or you do not have any Chinese friends and you do not understand the Chinese way at all.

Posted by lao wai in China July 9, 09 01:27 AM

Plz take a look of these photos!!
That's the truth..
The truth of blood and the death of many innocent cizitzens.

Posted by Norman O'Neill July 9, 09 01:34 AM

Please do not try to make photo referring the famous 1989 one on which one man was confronting the whole army on the Chang'an street. It's not the same. Even people at Xinjiang do not know what exactly happened. You don't know what happened there.

Posted by nemothecat July 9, 09 01:43 AM

Oh..My God... Jesus please come back because most of us are not human beings any more but monsters!!! How can a normal moral human being whom I believe is the image of God can just have the heart of freely taking the life of the other human being... I believe deep in their heart, they are regretting what they have done and this is individual regrets being driven by mob gangs....Remember you peple of the world that every individual has the right to live his/her natural life ...That was the purpose of the God's creation and those who interfere with natural life given by God should prepare big time answers for their actions because in the world we are just travellers and our destination is to almighty God.....Politicians, religious leaders and all well wishers have the obligation morally to heal the world....VICTMS R.I.P

Posted by FREDRICK RAYMOND July 9, 09 01:46 AM

One month ago, I am so graceful to see the great pictures of 20 years' anniversary of Tiananmen Square, but this time, I am so angry to see the biased report here.

The pictures just implied that Han 'mobs" beat Uighur from begining to the end. What a lie! It's shameful for you not to point out most of casualties (nearly one thousand !!!) are Han Chinese!

Posted by Allon July 9, 09 02:04 AM

uigurs people are innocent,t hey are oppressed,all han chinse are cruel,where is all world people? all uigur people are slaughered by han chinse in urumqi, where are human rights, there are no human rights for uigur people, because they are muslim, beceause they are ownerless,they are turkish,where is humanity,mobs han chinse people barbarically,unworty,killed uigur turkish people in the street in urumqi.

Posted by hasan July 9, 09 02:05 AM

Maybe you guys have never lived in China, so you did not really know what happened there. Urumqi is a special city. It close to Afghanistan and Pakistan. there are many different ethnics live there. Some ethnic Uighurs was trained by al Qaeda. There purpose is to establish a country named Islamic Republic. So al Qaeda trained some of them and let them make terrorism action in China like 911 in America. They kill about 156 Han Chinese and injured more than 1000 Han Chinese. Chinese government did nothing because they worry about they would be censure by the other countries. Therefore, the angry Han citizen have to protect their children and their home by themself. Before their children were killed

Posted by jennifer July 9, 09 02:12 AM

What the hell is wrong with us

Posted by mallix July 9, 09 02:36 AM

I love my nation China, and I believe our government have the ability to deal with it well. Everybody who has obturpemcausams on China will be blamed.

Posted by Jennifer July 9, 09 02:47 AM

China is killing civilians with an army, they will pay it, u cannot kill people and expect not to receive a response. They began a war, this is the beggining of something really ugly at this part of the world, and they only gulityness is from China. Their brutallity wont have a happy ending. U cannot threat civilians with that attitude and wait to solve the problem.

"Its crazy expecting different ressults from the same techniques"

Posted by Modesto Galvan July 9, 09 03:08 AM

comment 40, Fred, get your history lessons right. Nazis and motto "Gott Mit Uns"? Sounds familiar? 6 millions Jews died...Not a religious issue? Waow, I wonder how many deaths you need to consider....
Communism under Staline and others could be seen as a religion as well. Just love and don't question a living god or parrty...

Posted by ben wilhelmi July 9, 09 03:13 AM

Here comes again! A distorted report toward non-western country from a western news media. If I did not do my study from both sides about the Xinjiang incidence, from this report I will logically assume the whole event as the Han Chinese mob attacked the Uighur people and Uighurs, including a Uighur woman are defending the neightborhood. Sadly, the fact is more than 100 Han Chinese were killed during the first day of riot caused by a mob of Uighurs. On the next day, a mod of Han Chinese tried to revenge. The government police was in the middle to disperse the mob of both sides. Tell world the truth, please.

Posted by Jeff July 9, 09 03:54 AM

What's wrong with the world ? Muslim needs respect & job.

I am in Delhi. Muslims plan to build a mosque in a area where there is no mosque and the whole neighborhood came against of it . Why ?? we just need basic right to live and earn.

Posted by Tanvir July 9, 09 04:17 AM

calm down , we are together ,family

Posted by cheer July 9, 09 04:35 AM

I would remind each of you that, up to the dawn of 6 July, the second day after the civil riot, most victims (totally 156) were Han people. Among more than 1,000 wounded, most were Han. Although several pictures posted here are Uyghurs's protesting, you should have noticed that except the only scene from TV, all Uyghurs were safe, not wounded at all. But all wounded/death in these pictures were Han race. It well disclosed that how radiculous that some overaseas Uyghurs claimed that several hundreds Uyghurs were killed. Uyghurs=liers

Posted by Isaac July 9, 09 04:49 AM

Just tell you a few fact in China:
(1) If a Han Chinese kills a person, he will be sentence to death. If a Uighur people kills a Han Chinese, he will be in jail for one week. Why is that? Because the government is afraid of them.
(2) One child policy applies to Han Chinese only. Uighur families can have as many kids as they want.
(3) Uighur students can add 20 points for College admission. For example, if he gets 425 points in Chinese SAT, his actual points will be 445. Why is that? Because they are Uighurs. The government encouges them to get high education at the cost of social fairness.
(4) Double 60% policy. In Xijiang, at least 60% officials must be Uighur. The state-run companies have to hire as least 60% Uighur workers. Why is that? The government wants to protect these guys with less completeness in the market.
(5) Such stories happen many times in China. If you ask prices and negotiate in a Uighur store, but then you decide not to buy in this store, be careful. You will be hit if you are lucky. You will be killed if you are not lucky. Will they be penalized for their behavior? Most likely not. Why is that? The government is afraid of them. Insane.
In summary, the Han Chinese, instead of Uighur, have been discriminated since 1949. The Han Chinese emphasize hard working and fairness. Han Chinese are always friendly to Uighur except that they feel they are threatened.

Most of the dead are Han Chinese on 07/05. Who killed them? And why?

Posted by Jerry July 9, 09 05:05 AM

Israel and Palestinian, China and Tibet, now Han and Uighur( and many more I know!). In all cases the media chooses an aggressor and a victim and who's in the right. The rage rises because the media is faulted. So long as people continue to justify their violent acts, violence, pain, and death will ensue. That's just the reality of it.

This situation, like others similar to it, needs people from both ends of the conflict to start speaking to each other with their voice and not their spiked clubs. Who will be brave enough to do that?

Posted by Nia C July 9, 09 05:07 AM

why not show the pictures that Uighurs killed Han and other ethnics!
there were over 200 Han killed, but photographers ignored them.
this is absolute prejudice.
image that if Muslim killed american, what would your meida say?
You never know what is really going on, because people who live in a country with pathetic some 200-year history don't understand this historical issue.
You think you can push china? and your journalists noble men?
come on! your media is the last chance!

Posted by hyl July 9, 09 05:08 AM

I am just sitting on the border and wondering, why again Muslims ?Anywhere there is a conflict or killings, be it killing their own people. You will always find muslims involved i.e. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Somalia Bali, Kenya bombings, Chechnya and now China.

Inshallah may god give peace to all, and fill their heart with love instead of hatred !!

#7 looks like a human meteorite hit, this shows, how much hatred some humans carry in our heart.

Posted by Brahmin July 9, 09 05:28 AM

I'm so sad for people died/hurt in the riot, Han and Uygur.
ALL are CHINESE PEOPLE, don't they!!
I believe this tragedy will end. Family members fight sometimes and learn how to get along better.

To those "schemers" hiding and holding the string and taking advantages: China will never ever fall apart again!! Nothing is excusable to challenge our territorial integrity and sovereignty.
To those fanning the flame: ¶àÐв»Òå±Ø×ԱС£Give a thief enough rope and he'll hang himself. I guess you just not yet have enough dose.

And in regard of the policy of our government and CCP, yes, some of it is controversial, and some is with iron hand, some turns to be wrong. Yet, please understand it's not an easy job to lead 1.5 billion population with 56 ethic groups rising from hundreds of years of foreign invasion and war!! And rising in a speed like this!! Whoever else could do better???

Thanks for your concerns.
We Chinese people can manage our own country WELL.

Posted by DD from China July 9, 09 05:44 AM

Thanks for the pictures. But attention please. #20. There are couple of Hui Chinese (whit white hats) in the picture, that means, not only Han Chinsese but also Hui Chinese were angry with the violence by Ethnic Uighurs. And most of Hui Chinese are Muslim. Don't forget 156 people were killed in the riot on 5th July, by Uighur mobs.
P.S. the word "Urumqi" is not Uighur, but Mongolian, this might be helpful for you to understand the history of XinJiang.

Posted by Chen Qi July 9, 09 07:02 AM

The bodies in the picuture #5 and #7 are obviously Han or Hui Chinese people, not Uighurs, and it happened on 5th July, at the very beginning of the clashes.

Posted by Chen Qi July 9, 09 07:07 AM

To DD from China

What labels the Uighers as Chinese people? Did they have a saying in who they wanted to be?

This is like labeling Tibetans as Chinese people, Taiwanese people as Chinese people and any region that China lays their hands on as their own.

These people have nothing in common with Chinese people, they don't even look the same and have an entirely different culture. Why must you force them and label them as Chinese?

I'm sure you're going to argue that these regions were once a part of China and you must preserve your territorial integrity. So should you consider Moscow a part of China? Since Ghangis Khan once took over Moscow? NO...This is just how absurd China's mentality is, it just defies all logical sense.

Posted by ptben July 9, 09 07:53 AM

The Chinese are writing lie here, poor Uighurs, there is no any human rites in thier homeland, they are useless in thier won homeland, what a shameless Chinese wrote following (the truse is the opposite of these):
(1) If a Han Chinese kills a person, he will be sentence to death. If a Uighur people kills a Han Chinese, he will be in jail for one week. Why is that? Because the government is afraid of them.
(2) One child policy applies to Han Chinese only. Uighur families can have as many kids as they want.
(3) Uighur students can add 20 points for College admission. For example, if he gets 425 points in Chinese SAT, his actual points will be 445. Why is that? Because they are Uighurs. The government encouges them to get high education at the cost of social fairness.
(4) Double 60% policy. In Xijiang, at least 60% officials must be Uighur. The state-run companies have to hire as least 60% Uighur workers. Why is that? The government wants to protect these guys with less completeness in the market.
(5) Such stories happen many times in China. If you ask prices and negotiate in a Uighur store, but then you decide not to buy in this store, be careful. You will be hit if you are lucky. You will be killed if you are not lucky. Will they be penalized for their behavior? Most likely not. Why is that? The government is afraid of them. Insane.

if the killer is Uighur who will be punished even hard than Han.
Uighur families can have 2 children.
more than 70% of the workers are Hans in Xinjiang, the local Uighurs are homeless in thier homeland, because the country is the Han's and the imperator in Han.

Posted by Anonymous July 9, 09 07:54 AM

So much hatred in their faces, I don't want to blame one side or the other. These are ethnic tensions that have built up for years between the two groups, that now are unleashed.

It saddens me to hear anti-muslim statements here, I am not muslim, but isn't it obvious that this has nothing to do with religion and especially not with fundamentalism? Are you anti-muslims that blind? The Uighurs in those pictures don't dress any differently from the Han, they don't look like religous muslims. Well, some Uighur women wear head pieces but that's normal for muslims.

The people in those mobs are ordinary citizens, fundamentalists looks different. It's actually quite sad, because it means the hatred has spread among the oridnary, non-political, non-religious men and women.

The role of the police is to keep both mobs apart from each other. This is nothing like Tibet, where the police and military may had a different role. Also it's irrelevant which side kills more of the other, it's more relevant to ask why is this possible in a multi-ethnic nation like the PRC? Why the outbreak of racism on all sides after 60 years? What went wrong? Why is the PRC so nationalistic, isn't communism supposed to be internationalistic?

Posted by anonymous July 9, 09 07:55 AM

Despite the outcome of the riot results 150 innocent dead, i still cant help to amuse with #18. Anyway, respect the deads, it should never happen again

Posted by brighton July 9, 09 08:08 AM

As some people complained the media release much less records about Uighurs mobs attacking Han, I think basically all media, including Chinese ones, don't have much photos to show to the public: those Uighur mobs launched the riot in the evening on 7.5, in the next 5 hours they killed about 150, wounded more than 1000, typically beat the head and cut the throat. All thses were done very professionally, rapidly, often in the dark laneways, so recorded scenes are really rare. I suspect those Uighurs have been trained some killing skills, and they are possibly not Urumchi natives.

Posted by terrorist fighting for freedom<--Go Hell! July 9, 09 08:19 AM

July 5 evening, hundreds of Chinese civilians in the streets were under attack by Uighur, see all the photos of those who died: all were hit head,and their throat were cut --- only the terrorists will use this mode. In Hospital, the wounded are all head injuried, and its almost Han Chinese.

Posted by nick July 9, 09 08:39 AM

to comment 75:
picture19&20: definetly Han Chinese, on 20 Han and Hui (with white huts) Chinese.

You can see on some videos or pictures army guys carrying video camcorders.
If it is said that it all started violent on Sunday, let us see those videos and pictures.

Posted by Someone who lived in Urumqi July 9, 09 08:52 AM

ZOMG #19

Posted by Lee Young July 9, 09 09:25 AM

Ben (#91) the historian,
I think Fred's point is that way more people have been killed by governments opposed to religion or religious freedom (like the Communist examples) than by people with religious motivation (Crusades, Jihad, etc.). And at a time when people pride themselves on their modern superiority to those "superstitious religious old days." The problem isn't religion, it's willingness to kill people we disagree with. "If only we didn't have religions" wouldn't have prevented most of the 20th century genocides. Our other differences breed enough hate. We don't need to scapegoat religion.

Posted by Jenna K. July 9, 09 10:02 AM

Chinese People, we are sad to see so many Han found death in this massacre.
We hope peace will come soon and see your country unite once again.
China is a big country but has to be stable to be a great country.

China, we are with you !

From Tokyo, Japan

Posted by Yamada July 9, 09 10:03 AM

So Uighurs are hunting Chinese down? What kind of BEAST is this Uighurs? Uighurs are minority people, and like many of their counterparts all around the world, they evidently lack the military training and equipment to cause havoc. If otherwise, please enlighten us by telling what advanced weaponry they are using, who are the suppliers, and where they get the military training. I don't believe there are sound answers to these questions. This is no war. What we are witnessing is military sponsored violance, fuelled by stupid ethnic hatred. Same all around the world.

Posted by Mrt July 9, 09 10:05 AM

Most of the victims in this event are Han Chinese. The Uighurs are murders and terrorists. They can never get along well with other people no matter where.

Posted by yourcarino July 9, 09 10:06 AM

The Uighurs are not Chinese and have no wish to be Chinese. Can you blame them for being resentful of being an 'occupied territory'? China is less interested in 'national harmony' than they are in the oil and coal in Xinjiang.

Posted by Keith July 9, 09 10:29 AM

The number of Chinese government agents and sympathizers posting anti-Uighur statements on here is ridiculous. The photo of the Han man chasing down an independent photojournalist to try to keep him from sharing truth with the world pretty well sums up the problem.

Posted by TruthMatters July 9, 09 10:31 AM

We should blame this tragedy partly to some Uighurs extremists, partly to the wrong policies carried out since 1949 . These policies, along with the dictatorship harm not only the Uighur, but also all the Chinese people. They are the main reason why Uighurs become more discontented about their situation and some of them have to resort to violence to claim their human rights which they deserve. Sadly, people are always victims.

However, there is still some optimism we have, for there is no real hatred between Han and Uighur people, or any other ethnic minorities living in this land. From historical point of view, the relationship between Han and Uighur can be traced more than 2000 years ago, although there have been conflicts or even WARs now and then, the relationship between people become tighter, especially in Han and Tang Dynasty.

I believe Han and Uighur people will come to reconciliation again, in a future democratic China. Now we only need some time and a little bit of wisdom.

Posted by mightystar July 9, 09 10:42 AM

I'm no fan of China's oppressive government and believe all marginalized minorities should have a chance at self-determination and self governance, yet even I have to admit that the western bias has been pretty bad. It looks as if the Uighurs simply attacked and killed a lot of innocent Han people, for no good reason. Sure, they're oppressed by the Chinese government and their culture is being obliterated in a wave of Hanification, but as the Iranians made clear, nonviolence does more to garner sympathy for ones cause than killing innocent people. Then the Han population of the city began seeking vengeance, and although the police seem to have done a good job of keeping both sides from violence, I wonder if the Han who retaliate will be punished (executed?) to the extent of the Uighurs who started it? This entire incident was self-defeating for the Uighur cause, and will undoubtedly reflect poorly upon the Chinese who will make martyrs of the Uighurs they execute and raise condemnation by what promise to be oppressive measures to ensure stability.

One thing is certain-- a state that must regularly deploy its armed forces to suppress the discontent simmering within its own population (Chinese students, Tibetans, and now Uighurs) is NOT a state with the prospects of a future superpower. With the Olympics last year, the 'Chinese superpower' trend got pretty big (just like the 'Japanese superpower' trend did in the 80s-- these riots highlight that China is too divided and internally conflicted to survive in the long term without serious political reform.

Posted by Jupiter July 9, 09 11:09 AM

#7 is a very old man. Obviously, he is an innocent and very very poor. very sad, pray for the deads.

Posted by very sad July 9, 09 11:25 AM

1. I am 88#, Jennifer, not the same person with#90. I disagree with her point of Chinese government.
2. Being a Chinese, I think 97# to tell you the truth. If you don not believe that, you can live there to observe by yourself instead of only reading news or photos by local newspaper.
3. I am sure that 105# is a liar. If you guys really want to know the truth in this area, I suggest you can come there if you have the chance. Then you can understand 97# is honest.

Posted by Jennifer July 9, 09 12:20 PM

I couldn't agree more Melanie poster#20, and to poster #49, religion is not evil, it is the people that make up lies after another lies that created evil. They want to
look smart and they enjoy writting up bunch of bullshut stuff about people.
They might get away with today, but I am not sure if they can get away with it all their life.

Posted by 2009, at 40s July 9, 09 01:04 PM

There's no protest for religion, only protests you see are for freedom.

Chinese ppl taking out lands, easy to understand and hard for Chinese to face it.

Posted by Man July 9, 09 01:24 PM

Isaac@96 "I would remind each of you that, up to the dawn of 6 July, the second day after the civil riot, most victims (totally 156) were Han people. Among more than 1,000 wounded, most were Han. Although several pictures posted here are Uyghurs's protesting,"

What a bunch of lies! Just by examining the pictures you can see who the offenders are. The uyghurs are creating barricades to protect themself while the han chinese cowards are filling up the streets with their cowardly mobs. Since 1949 the han cowards have been abusing the indigenous population of East Turkmenistan

Posted by Ari July 9, 09 01:25 PM

I can't wait for China to take over as the next major Super-Power....

Posted by Anonymous July 9, 09 01:27 PM


Since 1949 the han cowards have been abusing the indigenous population of East Turkmenistan, yeah, thats the real name of the area and not the chinse "New Provience". Official chinese statistics do not lie about the facts that the han cowards are discriminating, the unemployeement rate among uyghurs is very high. And read any post listings where they tell "non-han coward dont even bother replying to this listing". You are even worse than the israeli treatment of palestinians, israel is much higher morally than you, you sick cowards! I do truely hope that this communist crap china breaks down and all the people can be free in china, and split in to smaller countries that are later united like EES in cooperation for prosperity of the masses not of the few cowards and disgusting han cowards.

The big security apparatus of the han cowards is also a very strong tell of how the han cowards are breaking down and stealing other peoples resources. You are nothing than pre-modern japanese shits. I do really hope Japan decides to again deal with china and specifically the han cowards to put them in place once and for all and free the the rest of chinese, turkish and other peoples under the han coward control.

And im going now to write complaints and letters to different markets to stop selling chinese food where there are alternatives. China is not the only asian country.

Posted by Ari July 9, 09 01:35 PM

After living in the United States for 10 years, it occurs to me that western media was part of the reason for many of the conflicts. It is what happens when normal conflicts involved with western media taking sides, causing nationalism to revenge. If the western media don't take the side that "Chinese government is evil," there will be less motivation for extremenists to fume the conflicts, causing less nationalistic confrontation, and probably the conflict won't be upgrade to what it is now.

While discussed with an american policial scientist, I was told journalist can take sides, it doesn't mean they are biast, it just means they are reporting one side of the story. It still discusts me when saying people who don't speak Chinese or even know some Chinese people all agree with what the media says. I believe that's because they are nice people as well, being compassionate makes them feel good. You wonder why extrememists in China are always portraited as "spiritual leader" by western media.

Posted by Chen July 9, 09 01:55 PM

@Fred: Your Statement proves that you have definitely no Knowledge about how these System have worked. The Nazis in Fact have worked very well with both churches together.

It's hard for me to see this pictures and i'm cannot see the truth from Germany, but i can say this: The Problem are the religions. They were maybe a improvement in mankinds development. But today they only the glue to enslave the human minds and to shield them from freeing their minds.

And that's sad. Humankind is such a great, impressive species and we're totaly ruin this place and killing each other, driven by fear and anger.

Posted by acid July 9, 09 02:17 PM

Thanks for the links to YouTube footage on here...but sadly we STILL cannot easily get YouTube here in China. A good portion of the net is jumbled and next-to inaccessible here. SO frustrating. Even all the proxies and sneaks don't work very well for the moment.

Posted by Belle 乐台风 July 9, 09 02:30 PM

There has been much sophistry claiming that the reason minorities in China commit massive collective crimes can be all traced to the oppression of government and discrimination. That is oversimplification. Among over 50 minorities, the most violent riots are always conducted by the two with strong religious indoctrination, while other groups always resolve problems peacefully. From historical point of view, Chinese government, either current Communist party or earlier Manchu Emperors or even earlier ones, generally their policy on Tibet and Uighurs are rather moderate, but of course with some very bad cases. Just think about European's behavior in North America and Australia, and Africa, they solved the native minority problem rather "neatly":

"The immediate objectives are the total destruction and devastation of their settlements. It will be essential to ruin their crops to the ground and prevent their planting more." - George Washington
"This unfortunate race, whome we had been taking so much pains to save and to civilise, have by their unexpected desertion and ferocious barbarities justified extermination and now await our decision on their fate." - Thomas Jefferson

I don't mean be blind to flaws, but as a big nation on Asian Continent, the ethnic dissension is inevitable due to the diversity on the continent. The independence some people dream is definitely impossible: central Asia is always in quasi-stable, every big power wants to play there.

Posted by weakling, just-call-me-gov-employee July 9, 09 02:43 PM

Whole ethnic cultures, nations, and people ridicule and criticize for that action of a selected few. (and vice versa). It's sad.

I'm not taking either sides, it's pretty messed up what both sides are doing to innocent people.

Posted by K.H.N. July 9, 09 03:17 PM

Politics aside - Great job Big Picture in posting these photos. They are all wonderful in capturing the essence of the scene.

(I hope these Chinese can find a way to live in peace.)

Posted by will July 9, 09 03:46 PM

Ethnic divisions will always exist and flare into conflict now and then given the right catalysts. The Chinese government does have a deal similar to Affirmative Action to help minorities, which breeds resentment among Han people. In reality though Affirmative Action, just like it is in the US, isn't nearly enough to offset the existing vast difference in socioeconomic status between any minority group and the Han majority. Without having gone through the same difficult process of self-discovery in racial relations and the associated bloody history as the US has, the Chinese simply do not yet have the capability for a higher level of racial acceptance and therefore equality. Until then this kind of conflict is inevitable.

Posted by Read Comment #130 July 9, 09 04:31 PM

Please read
Migrants Describe Grief From China¡¯s Strife .
Pay attention to the below sentences:
"The government, apparently hoping to tamp down racial violence, has not released a breakdown of the ethnicities of the 156 dead. But Mr. Lu¡¯s father said that of more than 100 photographs of bodies that he looked through at a police station to identify his son, the vast majority were Han Chinese, most with their heads cut or smashed."

heads cut or smashed.
Each victim had a number. His son was 51.

Posted by David July 9, 09 05:51 PM

It comes down to people fundamentally don't like what is different. Uighurs probably aren't treated as fairly as Han Chinese and are not given the same opportunities for employment. They're a minority and probably get screwed over a bit.
There's probably no love lost between either of the two cultures and they ideally should be living completely separately.

Posted by Joe July 9, 09 06:48 PM
Posted by Nia C July 9, 09 07:02 PM

At some point reading the above comments I saw a relation between this and the classic debate between Hamilton and Jefferson: whereas Hamilton believed that all unrest must be never be allowed and suppressed as Washington had done in the Whiskey Rebellion, Jefferson believed that conflict should break out once in a while in order to vent public sentiments. Both tries to preserve stability, but with opposite means. The big question that's provoked by this incident is what effect does it have on China's political, cultural, and ethnic unity -- somewhat related to the above, yes?
US's cold war foreign policies along with expanded power of government have definitely left a deep root on journalism for bias, but probably moreover made reporting on Communist or so related countries sensitive after USSR collapsed. In other words journalists, though trying to be neutral, may still be interpreted as partial to one side. Thus, at least partly, we are ourselves responsible for biased reports. (That is not to say, however, that the severity of bias does not deserve alert and criticism) The most just report is probably a presentation of all numbers relevant, but then it will be quite useless because a normal person with a regular job has no leisure to read up on everything and build a interpretation of his/her own.
With my limited knowledge of Chinese policies toward minority groups, I can see similarities between this incident and the clashes between, at first, peaceful Blacks who led by King advocate integration and the corrupt officials that violently beat them, and later between Black separatists like the Black Panther and Malcom X who indirectly incited several sabotages of neighborhoods and the innocent whites hurt. Expanding the similes a little we can probably see the connection between the Civil Rights movement and the current problem in China. I would go further on my analysis but I'm afraid my limited information will only lead to bias.
Nevertheless, this is a truly tragic episode. If a pair of Romeo and Juliet can fix up the feuding families of Montague and Capulet, I sincerely hope that the 156 dead can ameliorate the conflicts between the Hans and Uighurs.

Posted by GY July 9, 09 08:17 PM

Just a couple of facts here:

1) Policy about ethnic minority commiting crimes:
There is a written policy in China since 1984 called "兩少一寬", roughly translates as: TWO "LITTLE" (catch little, kill little) ONE "LENIENCE"
which says when it comes to ethnic minority commiting crimes(especially small crimes), police should apply this "mercy rule" on them.

2) Ethnic minority are legal to carry knives with them because of their cultural/ethnic needs, including Uighurs. While Hans are not allowed to. So when the riot broke out, they already got weapons with them.

Posted by yip July 9, 09 09:44 PM

The "western" media portraying "Chinese government is evil", perhaps, because "Chinese governemnt is exactly evil..." First to the Tibetan, and now to the Uigher.... what is next in line?

Posted by Easterner July 9, 09 11:06 PM

Agree with 138 comments, Han Chinese can help Uyghurs to develop their economics, but MUST be fair while Uyghurs committing crimes! otherwise, always encourage them move forward to the wrong direction...
Recommend a song, Stacey Kent's song: Want the world need now is LOVE.

Posted by Go Peace July 10, 09 01:45 AM

"There is no smoke without China"

It is obvious that the tyranny of Han chinese makes Uighur people rush into riot.
Ton's of brain-washed rich Han chinese don't know how evil that their goverment is.

They are just dreaming in the cradle of communisy party.

Posted by michael July 10, 09 02:47 AM

TO: #104 ptben

"These people have nothing in common with Chinese people, they don't even look the same and have an entirely different culture. Why must you force them and label them as Chinese?"

Then tell me if Eskimos and Indians are Americans? Tell me if Blacks and Whites should not be in the same country? Tell me how many more countries should Europe be divided into according to your "definition of COUNTRY"?
Ethnic diversity is part of the evidence of history. ÓÐÈÝÄË´ó¡£The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers, it's big because of its capacity. Ethinic diversity of a Country tells about its abundance of history.
If you know that little of ethnology, go learn some.
I'm so sorry for you, Mr/Ms pathetic narrow mind.

Posted by DD from China July 10, 09 03:00 AM

Everybody can have different political opinion and their own religion, but I don't think it is right to massacre civilian. If a religion advocate violence, I think it should be a heathendom.

Posted by jennifer July 10, 09 03:02 AM

The 2nd pic was not taken in Urumqi. It was shot in Shishou City, Hubei Province.

Posted by LLLLLL July 10, 09 03:25 AM

Just an MJ song for the alive and deceased. For those of you who've never once been there and prefer to watch CNN/CBS/Reuters or whatever, pls. DO shut up!

There's a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow.
And if you really try
You'll find there's no need to cry
In this place you'll feel
There's no hurt or sorrow.
There are ways to get there
If you care enough for the living
Make a little space, make a better place.

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for
You and for me.

If you want to know why
There's a love that cannot lie
Love is strong
It only cares for joyful giving.
If we try we shall see
In this bliss we cannot feel
Fear or dread
We stop existing and start living
Then it feels that always
Love's enough for us growing
Make a better world, make a better world.

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race.
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for
You and for me.

And the dream we would conceived in
Will reveal a joyful face
And the world we once believed in
Will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep strangling life
Wound this earth, crucify it's soul
Though it's plain to see, this world is heavenly
Be God's glow.

We could fly so high
Let our spirits never die
In my heart I feel
You are all my brothers
Create a world with no fear
Together we'll cry happy tears
See the nations turn
Their swords into plowshares
We could really get there
If you cared enough for the living
Make a little space to make a better place

Posted by tntraider July 10, 09 03:32 AM

People of East Turkmenistan are beaten when they recite Quran (the holy book of Muslims), prisoned when try to learn Quran. They meet with all kinds of prohibitions even before birth, if the government claims that they are of excess, they are killed in their mothers wombs.

They do not have the right to learn their language and history. It's more than a dream for them to choose a university for education or find a good job. They are questioned for their identites in every part of their lives.

If their guilt is to claim a right, they're paying far too much for what they want. They are tortured and left to death in prisons. The lucky ones who are able to survive the prison, are subject to physical and mental disorder for all their lives.

The Chinese government is forcing mothers to abortion if they are found pregnant "out of plan", meaning having children more than a certain limit, decided by the government under the law of population planning.

The Chinese people, look with hatred and anger when they seen an Uighur. The police forces can anytime stop and interrogate the Uighurs. When an Uighur enters a shop, people look at him like he's an evil robber. Taxis and buses refuse to take Uighurs. The Chinese government labels them as "terrorists who are enemies of the state".

The government can arrest Uighurs by their wish, with no reason. The worse happens to their families, because it's forbidden for anyone to help the families who are left behind according to the laws.

The freedom of thought, speech and religion are by no means available for these people. They do not have education, working, religion, free election, proprietorship and immigration rights. They do not have their most basic right of free worship (praying) in schools or at work. The mosques are being closed, all signs of Islamic rituals are being banned.

These are a few examples of ethnical mistreatments, which these people are encountering each day.

Posted by okkesthoughtbuble July 10, 09 03:43 AM

I don't know why all photo is Han Chinese attacking Muslim? These are many case that Muslim attack Han Chinese, why? I think it want to make Han Chinese a bad looking in world's eyes

Posted by Fenglong July 10, 09 04:59 AM

@105., It is true that Uighers commited a serious crime in China and received less penalty or no penalty. These Uighers in Guangdong raped and killed Han girls, and received no charge sparks the Han factory workers revolt against them. The communists covered the news as they don't want to spread the haterals on Uighers or even Muslims. That's is how everything start.

Communists party are really shitty for their ethnic policy, and the reverse racism is everywhere against Han in China. One Child policy is typical example. The uighers exiled leader Rebiya Kadeer have 11 children, all these children were born in China before she ran away to USA.

Posted by xyz July 10, 09 05:04 AM

These pictures are so untrue as what I experienced in Xinjiang, American (Western) mainstream media will never give up any chance to demonize Chinese government. Well, be careful this time, how Uighurs think and treat Han, is same as how Muslim radicals treat Americans, Jihad believers, insane.....

Posted by BRANDON July 10, 09 05:11 AM

I protest the racist Han chinaies because of their massacre .I protest also the chianis government because they didn't take necessary precaution.Uigurs people are innocent, t hey are oppressed,all han chinse are cruel, where is all world people? all uigur people are slaughered by han chinse in urumqi, where are human rights, there are no human rights for uigur people, because they are muslim, beceause they are ownerless, they are turkish, where is humanity, mobs han chinse people barbarically,unworty,killed uigur turkish people in the street in urumqi.

e of their masacres and genoside against

Posted by Metin July 10, 09 05:30 AM


Posted by serhan July 10, 09 05:59 AM

To Ari-san @126
Whichever country u come from, u'r pathetic.
Beware of ur tongue.
You have no right to insult the Chinese before u come to know China.

Posted by tntraider July 10, 09 08:32 AM

bueno estan fuertes esos problema pero se que un dia tomaremos conciencia y tendremos un pais justo donde el imperio no triunfara. dijo el che una vez que es mejor morir de pies que vivir arrodillado.
rafael baez. age 25 rep. dom. 829-333-4310.

Posted by rafael baez July 10, 09 09:17 AM

All is Okay... Really nice answers and comments here by Chinese ppl or Chinalovers.
But please tell me, what the heck is Han Chinese doing in Uighur land? Who placed them to there? When and why??
anyone knows the meaning of the word "assimilation" here ??
Everyone knows there aren't any human rights and respect to human life in China, remember TIBET ??? Huh? yea TIBET !!
I can't hear you...???
Come on people whats ur problem? its not about religion can't u get that?Did not Chinese government also blamed the Buddhist monks as "Terrorists” ??
And my last word is coming to simple minded, low lifes who connected Uighurs with
Al Qoada or someshit on their stupidass comments:
“Try to be a human before to blame human”

Posted by Rumi July 10, 09 09:34 AM

>>146 okkesthoughtbuble
You are a shabby lier, a miserable Quran-parrot:
Even in the center of Urumchi there are several mosques. In some remote areas, conservative muslims built more mosques than schools, their brightest boys study intensively the Quran as the ultimate intellective knowledge, and mosques in Arab nations/Turkey are their uppermost working place. This is the reason they fail to be competitive and can't find better jobs than Han people.

Minorities are not constrained by one child policy, Rebiya Kadeer, self-claimed "the mother of Uigurs", married at the age of 14, gave birth to 11 children. She is a woman with no political talent, she can only frame Chinese with a fake picture as "proof".

Han people don't hate Uigurs, but those extremists can not be excused. When I was in university, there were some Uigur students. The have special dining-room and dorm, they prayed, they lived normally as everyone else. These Uigurs are bright ones, open-minded, surely they will be successful in their profession.

As you have talked about the Islam problem, ok, let's talk bluntly more about Islam.
The current media mood follows a "politically correct" path try to aviod any discussion about possible relation between Islam and violence/poor/extremist. Too many people are coward to face the basic idiosyncrasy of violent Islamic mob groups, in the west it's liberalists, in China the official media thoroughly avoid it.
Why some Islamic groups, when they face the modern word, fell so uneasy, despair, threatened, and then hate others? Because on the one hand they want to enjoy the benefit of modernization, on the other hand they refuse to accept new ideas, espeically those not accord with Koran, simply speaking, they feel insecure in the changing word.

Posted by muh July 10, 09 10:18 AM

when can all these ignorance and prejudice come to an end?? if you don't know the truth,keep your mind open and mouth shut! So many inocent Han people were killed by those Uighur mobs but all these pictures only biased showed Han took revenge and police took to restore the stree and protected both people....

Posted by rita July 10, 09 10:27 AM

To #154£º
Just some facts:
The land's name was recorded in documents dated in ~200 BC.
Thanks to the Silk Road, the culture and civilization prospered.
In this land, Uighur accounts for ~46% of the population
If u look at the word assimilation from its face value, then I'm telling u the Uighur have their very own customs and cultures.
And don't take it for granted that "everyone knows" something, at least u don't. U never get a clear picture if u stick to some snapshots from this Chinese Negative
News Network which is also under strict censorship. All you see are what they want u too see.
If u turn back the clock and look further into the history of US, what they did to the Indians can hardly be forgiven by God. And pls., learn some history of Australia.

Posted by tntraider July 10, 09 10:49 AM

Where is the proof of Uighur rape at this toy factory?

If you have some, please present to the Chinese authorities. They concluded that the Uighurs raping Hans story was fiction.

Posted by rk July 10, 09 12:58 PM

I hope Americans could also have your judgement.
Picture-20, as a general knowledge, An ethnic Uighur usually wears that white hat.
it is obviously not Han people crowd.

Posted by sandy July 10, 09 01:24 PM

Riot death toll rises to 184, Chinese media say

30 minutes ago

URUMQI, China (AP) China's state news agency says the death toll in ethnic rioting in western Xinjiang region has risen from 156 to 184.

Xinhua News Agency reported Friday that the dead included 137 people 111 men and 26 women from the dominant ethnic Han Chinese group. The agency says the other fatalities include 46 Uighurs and one man from the Hui ethnic group. Xinhua says the Uighur victims include 45 men and one woman.

It is the first time China's government has given an ethnic breakdown in the riots.

Posted by Shin July 10, 09 02:14 PM

While looking at these pictures I was struck by the thought: Modern clothes, modern city, caveman behaviour. As if all humanity and civility have been forgotten.
May God have mercy on them and reveal Himself to them, that they may come to know the one true God who said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" Matthew 5:44

Posted by Sola Veritas July 10, 09 02:36 PM

My comment is to the person who said that Urumqi is a Mongolian word. Yes, you are right about that Urumqi is a Mongolian word which means "beautiful grassland", but Urumqi is not a Chinese word. I like to tell you this Uighur and Mongolian languages belong to a same language system which is the Altayic Language System. And Mongolian also addopted anceint Uighur written language. The current Mongolian written language is actually the ancient Uighur written langauge. Uighur stopped to use it after they converted to Islam. Go and do your research about it. I think this tells you that Uighurs and Mongolians have some language relations. Do not forget that what happen to your people when the Janapess envaded your country.

Posted by freedom for every human July 10, 09 03:11 PM

The picture doesn't tell a story of what happen...I never pay much attention to the news and this is the first time seeing the pictures but i can't really draw conclusion base solely on the pictures so you guys need to chill. The photographer did a good job, i don't believe they are trying to portray anyone as the people who started this. The pictures seem to be more random.

Posted by gary Her July 10, 09 03:12 PM

Can't help noticing the desperate defensiveness of the comment-spamming here by Han Chinese drones. It's almost as telling as the picture essay, and makes me wonder if the real story, versus the Xinhua version of reality, is even worse than anything we've heard or seen so far...

Posted by Albert July 10, 09 03:29 PM

to freedom for every human@162

The following description may explain why languages connection.

"The Kyrgyz invasion, while putting an end to Uighur power, did not annihilate the people. Fleeing Uighur groups settled on the Chinese border in what is now Kansu province and in East Turkestan in the Turfan (T¡¯u-lu-p¡¯an) region, which had been an Uighur protectorate since the end of the 8th century. Falling back now on the Turfan oases and setting up their capital city in Kucha (K¡¯u-ch¡¯e), the fugitive Uighurs created a remarkably stable and prosperous kingdom that lasted four centuries (c. 850¨C1250). Because of the dry climate of the region, many buildings, wall paintings, and manuscripts written in a variety of languages have been preserved. They reveal a complex, refined civilization in which Buddhism, Manichaeism, and Christianity existed side by side, practiced by Turks as well as by Tokharians, Sogdians, and other Iranian peoples in the region.

When the time of the Mongol conquests came, the Uighurs lived up to their best cultural traditions. Realizing that resistance would be vain and would lead only to the destruction of his country, Barchuk, the ruler of the Uighurs of Kucha, of his own free will submitted to the Mongols. Uighur officials and scribes were the first ¡°civil servants¡± of the Mongol empire and exerted a beneficial civilizing influence on the conquerors. The Sogdian script used by the Uighurs was adopted by the Mongols, who in turn passed it on to the Manchus. Side by side with the Cyrillic alphabet, it is still in use in Mongolia."

Encyclop0Š3dia Britannica. 2009

Encyclop0Š3dia Britannica. 2009

Posted by allen July 10, 09 04:31 PM

to Albert @ 164

These clash was in China, so you can hear the voices from American Asian who know about the situation and history in that area even better than the reporters. We need an open mind before jump into any conclusion.

How about the stories from the other corners of the world, the fact you've never seen iraqi or north korean guys commented on related stories and fighted for them on some untrue claims doesn't mean they
would agree with you! It simply because they have no access to these reports.

Posted by alion July 10, 09 04:48 PM

I want to remind everyone arguing here that while it's understandable to express your rage, sorrow, etc., please do not let it contaminate the basic principle of supporting your statements with evidences. Some of the enraged commentators here talk more hyperbole than truth, which might mislead uninformed readers. Also, name calling and biased words decrease your credibility. For example, post 146, though I daresay the events in it must have happened to some people in the history of China, has so many words and details of extremity as to suggest the exaggerated nature of it without one's checking up any relevant sources.

Posted by GY July 10, 09 05:04 PM

To the photographer that took these photos.

I recently heard that the punishment will be death for them that took part in these protests. ok im sure the chinese police takes photos from the protesters. But maybe you should start hidding the faces of the protesters since these photos could cost them their life.

Posted by xamogelo July 10, 09 05:32 PM

to alion @ 166,

So, wait, you're claiming "Asian Americans" are each automatic experts on the doings in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and are collectively moved to post here from say, their homes in Iowa or Wisconsin or wherever, to try to set the record straight with all the inside information they have, as American citizens, living seven thousand miles away? And I, as an "Irish American" should feel moved to step up and defend the loyalist mob that kicked a Catholic to death in Londonderry last month, based on all I "know of the situation and history" of the Troubles in Ireland, as an American who has lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? Are you seriously claiming each "Asian American voice" posting above is a direct expatriate of Xinjiang who despite coming to live the United States, still has a fierce need to give a voice to the helpless, innocent Han Chinese they left behind, based on having a direct line to the actual facts from on the ground, that belie the evil, slanted and Sinophobic photojournalism of the West?

Posted by Albert July 10, 09 07:26 PM

i lived in Urumqi for 9 years. this seems unreal! so hard to imagine that
city in such chaos.
thank you for reporting!

Posted by Karissa July 10, 09 08:38 PM

aha!!! when the slaughter happens in 7/5 , the media could not and missed occasion to take the photos, so when HAN peoples were killed , you media just "blind"

you put lots of pics of "han mobs" in this set of photograph, i should say the photos are true, but you aslo misguided readers , you know, that's not the real situation

Posted by Movhead July 10, 09 10:16 PM

It's absolutely not han chinese crowd. I'd suggest you to know the real of the photo before publish with wrong words.

Posted by kevin July 10, 09 11:33 PM

All that has transpired is a direct result of terrorism, violence always begets violence, so riots are not the answer.

Posted by alex langensiepen July 11, 09 02:18 AM

Many of you are forgetting that the Chinese government INVADED Xin Jiang in 1949 and is an occupying force.

Posted by Alex July 11, 09 03:39 AM

Human right? Talking about human right?

How about muslim terrorist who killing whoever they like?

Are they having license to kill?

Posted by ongwj July 11, 09 06:07 AM

for pic NO 19, it hard to tell if it's a HAN group or other Ethnic groups, for pic No20, it's not a HAN group, from their cloth and white caps, it looks more like a muslim group to me, either Hui or Uighur

Posted by george July 11, 09 07:16 AM

I agree with post 137 by GY. For my two cents, from what can be gathered of the situation, the outcries of the Uighur people being terrorists are simply not true. These people are being labeled without even being given a chance. These people are angry for a reason and we must all sit down and reflect in order to see the bigger picture. In my mind, these people are angry because their standard of living is being attacked by the Chinese government. The violence that has stemmed from their anger is no doubt a sad moment in human history, but we must stop standing and shouting and sit down. Lets think our way out of this by educating ourselves about the situation.

Posted by Ed July 11, 09 11:57 AM

....People fear what they don't understand Why fear Muslims Arn't they human maybe they are aliens who knows?
For comment N°176 how u can say they look like muslim !!!! How muslim look like ?!!! tall,short,black ,yellow ,white ,.................
Then China ! isn't the first time , u ve forget Tibet last summer ?

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
I think the Last Judgment is coming soon ..........
What Next ? Antichrist ......
End of the world
> Just love others like u love yourself

Posted by Vikia July 11, 09 07:54 PM

What if about 2 Billion Muslims Boycott (Made in China) ???
And Muslim Country Stop business With China ? i know this is rediculess
It will be another economic crise ...............

Posted by Vikia July 11, 09 08:09 PM

China killed 250 tibetans and showed statistics of 17 people killed. Not to forget the few thousand tibetans that have disappeared aftermath. I am sure China has created mass murder in urumqi, poor muslims feel like in hell. China is an evillllllllllllll curse to tibet and east turkistan. You animals wearing human clothes shall rot in hell quickly.

Posted by evilcursechina July 11, 09 08:41 PM

To stage 87: Are you stupided or crazy? You are lswindler.

Posted by John July 12, 09 03:57 AM

I've gone to Tibet and first hand witnessed the systematic annihilation of ethnic Tibetan culture and people. The Chinese are VERY good at wiping out any trace of ethnic diversity and quashing free speech when it does not reflect the goals of government.

What the Chinese are doing to the Uighur people is atrocious. The world needs to stand as one and pull out all production from this country and cease exporting into China. Only swift and strong economic retaliation will change this COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT'S outlook!!!!!!

Posted by FREETIBET July 12, 09 04:04 AM

Pic 19, how do you know the man is going to join 'a mob of Han Chinese men' attacking Uighur properties?Could it possibly be the same situation as the woman in Pic 18, it's for protection?
Pic 20, are you sure that is 'A Han Chinese crowd' ? Do you think the Han Chinese wear those HATs?
I could not judge anything from these photos since I found those mistakes based on my SO LITTLE KNOWLEDGE AND COMMONSENSE.
If part of your story is not the truth, nobody is going to believe you at all.

Posted by truth July 12, 09 06:18 AM

is it me, or do many of the comments here appear to be written by Chinese government internet monitors?

Posted by Jay July 12, 09 09:03 AM

Association of Turkish merchants Games announced that 20
companies imported from China for the Games have suspended their Imports
With increasing calls for a boycott of Chinese products.

it's just the beginning

Posted by Vikia July 12, 09 09:14 AM

ben wilhelmi, if you really think you can blame religion for what happened in WW2, then you should go back to preschool.
My grandfathers were christians and fought the germans, my whole family fought side by side with muslims, jews and christians in the liberation of the Netherlands.
Hitlers goal was to establish a 3rd world empire and to acquire "lebensraum" or living space for his race of superior germans.
And to compare communism with religion is a dangerous mistake.
Any form of religion was forbidden under communism.
The main reason for war is usually greed. Just because most parties belong to different religions doesn't make it a religious war.
In the case of China, they have a tendency of occupying countries with many natural resources, filling the country with chinese to obtain an ethnical majority and then claim the population wants to be belong to China.
It's a form of cultural genocide that has worked for them since Mao and will continue to do so if the rest of the world keeps standing aside like the greedy cowards they are.

Posted by Hans July 12, 09 11:33 AM

Every one know that Chinese government always liar. the same thing and results happened in Uighur as Tibetan. Many Han Chinese's mind and soul also destroyed by CCP. some people says Uighur people should grateful to Chinese? so, Han Chinese should grateful to Japanese? Because Japanese liberated them from Man Zhu. it is same logic. Every nation has own wright to self-govern.
Fact is fact. CCR are doing culture genocide and genocide in East Turkestan ( Uighur Land). CCR and Han Chinese power in East Turkestan and Tibet will be end soon hopefully. If you han Chinese want to survive, should respect other people's wright and culture. other wise will be punished by GOD.

Posted by Freedom for Uighur July 12, 09 02:24 PM

in pic20, most of you said they are uyghurs, rediculous, it's obviously hat of cook, are you chinese lost your mind???
And some of you are talking about religion, does it matter with religion? what about tibet in last summer? are they terrorist too? are they muslim, too? you poor brainwashed chinese, just shut the f*ck up, and stip defending your country. China is evil!

Posted by Anonymous July 12, 09 04:47 PM

Evil, 188?

The government or the people?

Posted by Adi G. July 12, 09 06:03 PM

Sympathy for both uighur and han chinese victims of violence. The chinese state is monstrous, but this situation has a lot of badguys and a whole lot of people will needlessly suffer for it. An unfortunate lesson that imperialism has too many consequences for both its perpetrators and victims. However, before we dismiss this as something unique to Asia, let us think of how we treated uighurs, iraqis, afganis, and countless others in our recent imperial adventures.

Posted by Ray July 12, 09 06:51 PM

Leben hoch Muslim Uighur ! Your not alone. We are Indonesian Moeslim People support you to againts China Comunist Tyrany. we pray for you. Allah Swt will help you Uighur. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

Posted by Lukman Hakim July 12, 09 11:29 PM

Han people were, are and will be the dorminating race in Asia. They are taking over VietNam at this moment, soon Laos then Cambodia, Thai Land...etc...They have been done this for thousand of years- that's why their country is so huge-wiping out other races in the process.

Posted by jason July 13, 09 01:55 AM

All what happened is really unfortunate. Life of every human is very precious. No doubt, China will bring situation under control. China has always proved to be our real friend.

We see muslims in trouble in many parts of world. Allah help them. Second reality is that muslims have not showed results where ever they are independent. We muslims are responsible for not setting good examples for world to follow as advised in our Holy Quran. The result is wrong interpretations of Islam. The word meaning PEACE is being wrongly translated and portrayed as terrorism. I fear this is enhancement of the evil chain which we have already seen in many territories giving noting but killing innocent humans. The Al Qaida ghost is already under discussion.

Posted by Baber (Pakistan) July 13, 09 02:46 AM

How minority Muslim Uighurs can kill so many Han Chinese? It is because the Hans thought they can murder the Uighurs easily, not realising the Turkish fighting spirit of the Uighur's predecessor. So Allah helped those who are being victimised but we will never know the real story, how many Uighurs are being taken into custody and will perish in prisons without ever going to trial. This is the story of many Muslim minorities in the world as the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had predicted, " There will come a time when Muslims are many like foam in the ocean.but they are as weak as that foam"..

Posted by emilio July 13, 09 04:53 AM

Somebody above are brain_disable! Like Clown..
Hope China gov. could beat the terrorists strongly and keep the justice!!!!
188 victims(Han and Uighur) were killed by some Muslim Uighurs Mob, More than thousand were injured heavily!!!
Han and Uighur people shall unite closely and fight with terrorists!!!

Posted by Norman July 13, 09 06:49 AM

Hey guys, do you remember that Chinese invaded Xinjiang by force?
What do you think about that? What will you do if your country was invaded by another country?

Posted by agungfirmansyah July 13, 09 07:49 AM

Strange that Islam seems to be in conflict with anyone surrounding it... There are conflicts in Africa -Darfour- in the Middle East -Palestine- in Europe -Greece vs Turkey- in the Caucasus -Chechnya- in India -Pakistan- and now in the Far East... I can't help to wonder if Islam is facing opposition because it is spreading, or if it is just besieged on every front...

Posted by D.S. July 13, 09 07:51 AM

Ethnic clashes in Urumqi, China

Posted by Muzaffar Ali Rana July 13, 09 08:15 AM

Take a real good look @ pic #7. . . .now replace the man w/ a dog - and multiply by 35 thousand. . .this is how many dogs were beaten to death last month in the broad daylite Hanzhong city streets . . .and they ALL wound up lookin' like this poor guy . . . and then were dumped in the local river - polluting the water, of course - all this w/ sanctions of local chinese authorities. . . NO, China no way land of harmonious feelings as premier would have world believe . . .

Posted by andre michel July 13, 09 09:49 AM

Lots of bullsh*t! Some people above, please go back school to learn history, OK? Who told you, china invaded xinjiang? Do you know han dynasty? Do you really know where is xinjiang? is it in turkey or america? And please not be so cold-blooded if you are human being, OK?
It's so funny even such country like turkey appears to blame RPC. You know turkey has been supporting Dongtu terrorist for many years. I love big pic, but I'am so disappointed and sad because I see fascist here now.

Posted by DefendForPeace July 13, 09 01:36 PM

#13 reminds me of a Bruce Lee Movie.

Posted by Johny July 13, 09 04:52 PM

the protests were peaceful until security forces over-reacted and fired indiscriminately on crowds. Do you know how many Uyghur people were killed by Police? All these triggered by Wan Le quan. Wang le quan is the really killer. Why polices only cached and killed Uyghur? Why not Chinese killer? Did police rest any Chinese killers? Wang Le Quan is the REAL KELLER!!!

Posted by Lu Nacy July 13, 09 07:03 PM

you people do not understand what happend in uruomqi. hundreds of Hans were killed,in cluding many childs. Before you critizise Chinese Goverment, please come to urumqi and view by youself. I am a student of English and respect and love western culture.But you western never want our people hanve peaceful lives!

Posted by john July 13, 09 09:15 PM

what are these pictures??
I dont think it's a fair media.. you might just show how Han people were killed by Uighur.. but not on the dont show how Han so desperately gladly killed the Uighur ...
there are more than 1000 uighur were arrested and many more were killed.. is it fair???
anyway, if chinese goverment wants to carry on the peaceful on this earth.. then please open herself up..dont hide what has happened in there.... let the human rites council investigates this case ....many people informed me the situation was on the contrary.. Han feels free to torture and kill Uighur...
please be fair being a media.. dont just stand up for one side.... and if it's related to any kind of religion..i dont think so.. it's related to the greedinessof china to make one china, same as what she treates Taiwan and also Tibet...

Posted by Hoashi aichi, jakarta July 13, 09 10:17 PM

Are u born yesterday? Can you think by urself and open ur mouth after know the truth. Never make decision before you know the truth!

what are these pictures??
I dont think it's a fair media.. you might just show how Han people were killed by Uighur.. but not on the dont show how Han so desperately gladly killed the Uighur ...
there are more than 1000 uighur were arrested and many more were killed.. is it fair???
anyway, if chinese goverment wants to carry on the peaceful on this earth.. then please open herself up..dont hide what has happened in there.... let the human rites council investigates this case ....many people informed me the situation was on the contrary.. Han feels free to torture and kill Uighur...
please be fair being a media.. dont just stand up for one side.... and if it's related to any kind of religion..i dont think so.. it's related to the greedinessof china to make one china, same as what she treates Taiwan and also Tibet...

Posted by Lee July 14, 09 03:09 AM

the photos doesn't look biased to me, shows casualties on both side and what han chinese had suffered from a violent attack and fought back days later seeking vengeance. It shows that the country has deep problems and the government is in serious trouble if she doesn't start uniting people with things other than 5000 years of history or bitter times of foreign occupation. Conflicts seems to be spreading out of control, based on ethnicity on social gap.

Throughout history, the Chinese are very realistic and somewhat short-sighted. For a race of its size and deep ancestry, It didn't accomplish much but fighting among themselves for land and control, it doesn't really have the ambition of other empires, sad maybe, but a good thing because it won't really bother others (and you really don't want that to happen, especially china...). So let the Middle Empire sort it out themselves, its been like that for thousands of years, and at this point nothing the outsiders can do will help either. So just stay out of this one.

Posted by cell July 14, 09 03:18 AM

Many people questioning why Michael Jackson is getting more coverage ?
Maybe its because he is a man who stood for PEACE.

Posted by Human July 14, 09 06:47 AM

The writer of 146 is wrong to imply that one child per family is applied to Uygurs nationals, contrary to the truth, minority nationals in China are allowed more, but not for the Han people.
These mobs maasquerading behind the banner of Islam, and contrary to the teaching of the Koran, they went on killing and robbing the innocense with such brutality, will duy be punished by God.

Posted by David Chong July 14, 09 03:05 PM

I don't think these pictures can show all of the truth, I am a Chinese native.These photos were taken after the riot , most of them were about roily chines han people.
i have a friend from Urumqi, her families said that too many uigur people were carzy to kill any han person they saw, at the beginnin of riot , some uigur young men burned a police car! as the signal for the whole riot , they gather a lot of people to attack any han person they saw, even the pregnant woman!!!!! This is the reason why so many chinese han people are roily and angry to attcak uigur people.
i can not understand how can these uigur people do those things, in china goverment give the loose policies to uigur students, so they can enter the colleges even they only got evey low score, in chinese factories if the company emploies the uigur, the local goverment will also give the loose policies to the company, for example tax policy, now more and more chinese people are discussing whether should country give the especially policy to the minority? it is fair? i don't think this is fair.
In china, almost in every cities, there are uigur thieves, we call them "Xinjiang thieves", it's true, people hate these people ,because these uigur thieves always kidnap the uigur children and force them to be the thieves!!! if these children be found the adults will surround and attack the person who was be stolen, it's doggone! in the folk, people always say that uigur thieves are controled by the xinjiang terrorist, because these children 's parent were told by the terrorists that their children were send to do the honour jobs for their race!
so many people are killed through this riot....i do not want people talk about the enmity again and again.

Posted by maq July 14, 09 11:08 PM

What is truth? Xinjiang is chinese territory since Rome Age. Uighurs you can go anywhere you want to go but just cannot establish an independent country with Xinjiang. There has never ever and will not be such a country.

Posted by Kris July 15, 09 06:47 PM

As I understand the land belong to Uighurs so what exactly Chinese Hans are doing in their land?

Posted by Mark from Canada July 16, 09 02:18 AM

Isn't it interesting that, if you are an enemy of a country, you will show thousands of images and video footage all across the internet and media, just to see them destroy each other and anger other countries of this world, making them agree with your views, but, if you are a friend of a country where 10 times more people are getting killed, you will try and do your best to show almost nothing to nobody.

If you are a person who can think clearly about life, you will know what I am talking about.

Posted by Zackeriah July 16, 09 02:18 AM

The Han chinese are the ones killinlg the Uighurs!
The Uighurs are victimized by the government for years and years and this is yet another version of it. Oppression at it's worst.

Posted by Moeoz July 16, 09 12:36 PM

I support the chinese hardline against the Uighur. I wish we could be so staunch against islamic extremism here in Europe.

Posted by Great Dane July 16, 09 02:04 PM

I do not believe this riot is caused by religion reasion, it is not between chinese and islamic, in china, most people don't believe any religions, even in uighur area, only just some people belongs to the islamic, as we all know , chinese goverment is atheistic, lol~~
it's the common knowledge, mate

Posted by Mark July 16, 09 09:58 PM

it's not ture about those pictures.most of these pictures were about the bad figure of chese pla man and injured Uighurs.actually,153 han chese was dead in this riot,only 33 Uighurs was many west medias issue articles said that most of pelop were Uighurs that wounded or died for pla man .and they published a wrong picture about injured han chinese said he was a Uighur.also theg published a wrong picture about other province 's calsh said that pla man put down Uighurs.things like this are so many.if you want to find out the truth,come to xinjiang ,you will find a lot of han chinese lost their homes ,their wife husband or children and their properties.and pla man there is massive not wrong but they are keeping public security not killing Uighurs.

Posted by Anonymous July 21, 09 01:09 AM


Posted by fisher July 21, 09 04:17 AM

I did not go to Urumqi to see the fact. But I believe the primacord will not have any bias when primacord happenned in Guangdong and be report by our Chinese new paper as a regular report on crime. There are not any foresee of the later riot. So I belive this report of the primacord is quite true. If you do not know this primacord and believe those report in western. I think you guys are just treating as a fool by the reporter. I'm very angry with some western reporters. I think they get a wrong job. better find a job as chef so he can make any of the delicious dish arbitrarily.
Please respect the victim!!!! They are not material of your delicious dish which you can handle by your gread talent.
I believe our government will work better and better.

Posted by Jack July 22, 09 10:29 PM

Where were the pictures of most ordinary han people killed on the street / small allies? I was in Urumqi on 6th, Uighur Muslim were well organized, terrorized region with all sort of weapon, whole thing had an strategy to kill innocent han people whoever does not look like Uighur Muslim. It most backward event I have seen in a modern world. They killed kid,older and women. They burn people alive, they throw taxi drive out of the bridge, the even stripe a chinese girl, throw her into the burning car, chop victim's head hang on the tree etc. It most cruel things you could not possibly imagining. You do even kill an animal like that.

Where were the pictures on your website? It is not an ethnic clash, it is an organized terrorism, it is not a demonstration, genocide Han/ Hui looks like people in the region.

Posted by urumqionfire July 24, 09 11:58 PM

This is very Unfortunate. China should give more autonomy to the Xingjiang region to avoid such type of incidents. All the Muslims in this region should express their Integrity to China to get back the confidence of Majority Han Chinese. Just required is the Balanced activity in both sides.

Posted by Hanchinese July 26, 09 06:18 AM

Just like its attack on Tibet, China attacks Urumqi. What's new?

Posted by O July 29, 09 10:09 PM

Hilarious. So few here even know why the riots took place. Chinese mobs killed 2 Uighur men because they were alleged rapists (this turned out to be false). They took things into their own hands because Chinese police are afraid of convicting Uighurs because they know that they are an unstable population.

As such, the Uighurs started protesting (and of course eventually rioting). Chinese police are very cautious nowadays because of the international eye on them so they did not stop the riots. The rioters beat and killed women, seniors, children and men. As long as they were ethnic Chinese. Pretty barbaric in my opinion. The Chinese responded by arming themselves and performing counter-riots, which were largely stopped by the Chinese police with tear gas. Over a thousand Uighur men were arrested afterwards. The Uighur women decided to protest when foreign media got there so they could make their point- despite their husbands largely being criminals. There, end of story.

Posted by David R August 2, 09 12:33 PM

As a han-chinese, I have been lived in Xinjiang for 15 years. A basic fact is that Xingjiang is not an exlusive land for Uyhur Musilin, there are also 11 minorities including musilin-hui, the second large ethic people in China. western people are misleaded by some western media, We are not head-bashed as normal as you are. why muslin-hui also being musilin ethic people are not feel they were descriminted by han-chinese and china goverment. therefore the incident is by no means a religion problem nor a culture problem. on the contary, the chinese government encourage the divesity of the culture. in addtion, chinese have controled xinjiang region for almost 2000 years (Xi-yu is ancient name for Xinjiang in Han dynasty while xinjiang province in qin dynasty also for 300 years).
why dou you think we should leave? it is also ridicoulous if we ask all white people in America and Austria back to Europe as they belong to indian and negro people.

Posted by Steven August 3, 09 11:51 AM

these pictures were awesome!!

Posted by Bonquesha August 18, 09 05:17 PM


Posted by ATIQ MIRZA August 23, 09 10:37 AM

1) I am amazed at how many think the Communist tookover Xinjiang in 1949. If you would please sit down and and read history, you would have known that the name "Xinjiang" came in 1757 by the Qing Dynasty.

2) I strongly disapprove those who saw others as communist internet monitors, and even if that is the case, given that you live in a FREE world, how come it's not free for the communist to speak?

Posted by BoogieMan September 4, 09 08:24 AM

Posted by fisher July 21, 09 04:17 AM
Man I totally agree with you.

For those who are concerned,
"Surpass the boundaries of ethnicity and religion, to look to listen and to think."

Posted by BoogieMan September 4, 09 08:40 AM

the minority ethinicals enjoys more right than Hans, they can join university with lower exam grade , and can born more child, and even slightly be punishment with equal crime guilty in China, the goverment protect them, they still kill our Hans, what peoples! why you guys still describe our "mob of Hans", they killed more Hans than they be killed, I hate the voilence, but we want truth, you guys come to china to see what happened, do not trust you so called "reporters".

Posted by john li September 16, 09 03:32 AM

because some people haven't experienced it, they don't understand what's happening. i think this is a repeat of history, just in a different place and time. some people are lucky to live in peace because progression happened long before this event, others are more unlucky because there has been no movement.

from the comments, we must ask ourselves how the media delivers information to us, how we take it in and how we process the information. only than can we truly form a better perspective and in sight of a situation.

sometimes we have to look deeper and examine the things around it.

Posted by anonn September 29, 09 01:52 AM

Автор, а скажите а куда написать по поводу обмена ссылок (на какое конкретно мыло)?

Posted by Âëàäèìèð Ñåìèí May 25, 10 11:56 AM

У меня что-то сегодня с утра Ваш блог никак не открывался. У всех все нормально было?

Posted by áëaòíoy May 27, 10 02:23 PM

Пока полностью непонятно, что там такое происходит, но точно могу сказать, что это не в лучшую сторону!

Posted by ïapaçèò May 31, 10 10:42 AM

Strange that Islam seems to be in conflict with anyone surrounding it... There are conflicts in Africa -Darfour- in the Middle East -Palestine- in Europe -Greece vs Turkey- in the Caucasus -Chechnya- in India -Pakistan- and now in the Far East... I can't help to wonder if Islam is facing opposition because it is spreading, or if it is just besieged on every front...

Posted by Alken July 12, 10 03:03 PM

pic20 seems they are hui.han dont wear that kind of white hat,and uyghur usually wear colorful hat.but han never wear hat of that style.

Posted by wddx July 18, 10 02:59 AM

#139, it could either be Mongolians or Japanese.

Posted by Ted November 3, 10 11:15 PM
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