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June 26, 2009 Permalink

Recent scenes from the ISS

Earlier this week, NASA released an amazing photograph of an eruption of Sarychev Peak Volcano, taken by astronauts aboard the orbiting International Space Station (ISS). Seeing that great photo prompted me to dig into the archives and see what other imagery I could find from recent NASA archives. Collected here are a handful of photographs of Sarychev Peak Volcano, and more, taken by astronauts aboard the ISS over the past few months. (35 photos total)

High above Russia's Kuril Islands, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) look down on erupting Sarychev Peak Volcano (plume in center, left) on Matua Island and its brownish ash mixing with cloud cover downwind on June 12, 2009. Part of the ISS, a Soyuz module, is visible in the foreground. (NASA/JSC) [Google map]
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882 comments so far...

Magnificent as always.
Beautiful sights.

Posted by JH June 26, 09 12:46 PM


Posted by Charles June 26, 09 12:51 PM

Beautiful collection. # 18 kills me, those crops look so perfectly circular. And can anyone else see the giant squid in # 24?

Posted by Damian June 26, 09 12:51 PM


Posted by Tim June 26, 09 12:53 PM

no: 18 .. thats real for sure? im gonna search it on google maps..

Posted by sha June 26, 09 12:59 PM

The Earth looks so peaceful. Brilliant photography!

Posted by Amy June 26, 09 01:00 PM

all of a sudden I want to be an astronat again.

Posted by Mark Wusinich June 26, 09 01:01 PM

wish I had the money to be a space tourist to see it to see it ! Awesome to see the earth from that perspective.

Posted by Alex June 26, 09 01:03 PM

The aurora is so fascinating. I had the opportunity during the solar maximum to see a little bit of it even though I live in a lower latitude (Ohio) ... thanks again for such great photos.

Posted by Thomas June 26, 09 01:06 PM


Posted by Tucker June 26, 09 01:09 PM


#18 Fields? Desert? Rotating irrigators = circular fields!

Posted by David June 26, 09 01:10 PM

The circular fields in #18 are due to the irrigation equipment. It's a big pipe on an a-frame with wheels that rotates around a central point.

Posted by Scott June 26, 09 01:13 PM

Really beautiful, another great work from you guys

Posted by Alberto June 26, 09 01:17 PM

That's some serious zooming. Compare #1 and #3

Posted by inshard June 26, 09 01:19 PM

Wow, what a beautiful collection!

#12: I wonder why a plane was flying in that pattern?

#35: stunning!

Posted by choudoufu June 26, 09 01:20 PM


Posted by Theo June 26, 09 01:20 PM

If you look very closely at #8 you can actually see Gov. Sanford....

Posted by MAguy26 June 26, 09 01:23 PM

i dont get it, these guys go way up in space just to look back at earth? either find something better to do or come back and quit spying on us you creeps!!!!

Posted by sameasjames June 26, 09 01:23 PM

Those pictures are taken by a normal camera... just imagine what a surveillance satellite can do...

Posted by Anonymous June 26, 09 01:30 PM

#30, really strange..12 is really usual stunning images.

Posted by Mahesh June 26, 09 01:38 PM

Wow... wonderfull!

Posted by piorun June 26, 09 01:52 PM

Amazing that humans can build a tool that captures images like these 24 hour a day for years, but still kill each other over politics, relgion, and ideology.

Posted by Ben June 26, 09 01:56 PM

amazed by the fractal geometry examples

Posted by mt June 26, 09 02:10 PM

The crop fields are circular because of their irrigation system. A long arm radiates from the center of each one and sweeps around to irrigate. Only what the water contacts will thrive.

Posted by Karyn June 26, 09 02:11 PM


Posted by Jan June 26, 09 02:17 PM

Wow........... looks like looking out of the blues. #3 is just great.

Posted by AA June 26, 09 02:18 PM

in 15 I can see my building (one of the largest in the world) where we build the best airplanes on this planet....

and 18 looked like gauges at first.

amazing stuff as usual.


Posted by kevin z June 26, 09 02:20 PM
Posted by bob June 26, 09 02:24 PM

Amazing pictures... The volcano pictures are impressive. Fuji is breathtaking.

Posted by Mau June 26, 09 02:26 PM

#18 WOW

Posted by Sebastien Duquette June 26, 09 02:27 PM


Posted by FLOYD June 26, 09 02:28 PM

This disproves the claim that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space.

Our world is a beautiful place.

Posted by James June 26, 09 02:31 PM

Chicago looks so clinical from that perspective. Great pictures.

Posted by Ralph Jones June 26, 09 02:39 PM

amazing photos!!

Posted by Republika Srpska June 26, 09 02:45 PM

God does not make mistakes!!

Posted by fabricio Carballo June 26, 09 02:46 PM

I'm from Chile.
This pics are amazing! i love the one whit Mount Fuji # 32
and the one whit the giant squid its also cool becoz its reflexing the sky isn't?

Posted by Pablito June 26, 09 02:54 PM

27th and 32nd are amazing. I just love these galleries. Thanks for them.

Posted by bush June 26, 09 03:02 PM

Big Picture, Once again you prove that this is the BEST site on the internet, or anywhere! THANKS once again for a BREATHTAKING expose! Billy Mac

Posted by Billy Mac June 26, 09 03:12 PM

excellent zoom ,excellent contrast ,excellent shots

Posted by christos June 26, 09 03:19 PM

What causes circular contrails?

Posted by Connie June 26, 09 03:20 PM

fantastic just going to twitter the pics

Posted by rat June 26, 09 03:38 PM

Extremely amazing , suggest post such pics from ISS at least once a month !

Posted by Yuecc Guomin June 26, 09 03:38 PM

#24 is scary looking!

Such beautiful photos!

Posted by Francine June 26, 09 03:40 PM

Some of these are so surreal, especially 18 and 21.

@Connie: Planes, circling to land.

Posted by Ruth June 26, 09 03:42 PM

I will space tour when it becomes available, and safe. And, of course, when I become rich

Posted by Anonymous June 26, 09 03:50 PM


Posted by Rusty June 26, 09 04:10 PM

#30 Obviously its a flying saucer that crashed in the lake.

Posted by Ray Barker June 26, 09 04:13 PM

Technically Soyuz is not part of ISS. It's a separate spaceship, though it's docked to the ISS for most of its lifetime.

Great pictures. Thanks a lot :)

Posted by Mchl June 26, 09 04:13 PM


Posted by Luciano Stabel June 26, 09 04:18 PM

Regarding the contrails, if you look at an Instrument Approach Plate you would see similar shapes, called holding patterns

Posted by Michael Kruger June 26, 09 04:31 PM

It's beautiful~~

Posted by ÐÁ¸ñ June 26, 09 04:31 PM

Gorgeous, the pictures of the circular fields in Egypt look like practice compass circles that a grade-schooler would make.

Posted by Francesco Tisch June 26, 09 04:32 PM

beautiful. nature at its best.....

Posted by shyam June 26, 09 04:38 PM

Mt. Fuji is so gorgeous...

Posted by Diane June 26, 09 04:53 PM

#28 - Nice Mandelbrot tentacle ! Really beautiful pics !

Posted by Matt June 26, 09 05:11 PM

the picture of the moon was so beautiful
it made me cry!!!!!!thank you

Posted by tinysnow June 26, 09 05:26 PM

well, all this would be cool a few years ago, but now when google earth is out... nothing of this is all that cool anymore!

Posted by Bob vde June 26, 09 05:42 PM

We have a winner!
And the award goes to... "Ben" - for comment #22.

Congratulations Ben! Keep up the good work.

And thanks Alan, for this and all the others.

Posted by Stevec June 26, 09 05:46 PM

Fantastic pictures. Of course I would not have expected anything less. I worked on the ISS when I was at Space Systems/Loral.

Posted by Lloyd Gerboth June 26, 09 05:47 PM

Such beauty we have! Great set.

Posted by Ernesto Tantao June 26, 09 06:00 PM

Notice what's missing in all photos from space...fences, boarders, boundries, walls, man-made structures that define hate, insecurity, mistrust, etc..
Up there all is one.

Posted by Nipit June 26, 09 06:03 PM
Posted by Anonymous June 26, 09 06:09 PM

You should get your webmaster to properly set the character encoding being used. The caption for #10 ends up being "Lake Poop" followed by garbage. You server and/or web content don't specify the page encoding, and it is (rather lamely) encoded as Windows Latin 1 (instead of UTF-8).

Posted by Rick June 26, 09 06:10 PM

Wow... You Humans live in a beautiful place :)

Posted by Nico June 26, 09 06:52 PM


Posted by sboubyb June 26, 09 07:07 PM

Unbelieveable pictures.......AMAZING! So so beautiful :) x

Posted by Saffron June 26, 09 07:48 PM

Michael(comment #50)----although this is true, I live in this area (east of Lake Nipigon) and there isn't an airport within 100 miles! I can't explain why a jet would be flying in circles in this area.

Posted by Dennis June 26, 09 08:18 PM


Posted by Anonymous June 26, 09 08:43 PM

I can see my house in #15. Incredible!

Posted by Jessie June 26, 09 09:04 PM

#20 is so wrong. Seriously, an ocean more green than blue with who knows how much oil?

everything else is simply amazing.

Posted by Kelene June 26, 09 09:47 PM

I love the Google Maps links! The little touch that makes TBP the best!

Posted by Khaz June 26, 09 09:49 PM

Circular contrails are also caused by USAF and CAF jets doing Combat Air Patrol practice above and below the US-Canada border. You often see it from the ground in Northern New England. More so since 9/11.

Posted by Richard Bland June 26, 09 09:50 PM

#30 is a large unhappy polar bear.

Posted by ~~Silk June 26, 09 09:53 PM

yes, fantastic, amazing....unsettling
circular contrails?

Posted by jem June 26, 09 10:30 PM

Thank you for these amazing perspectives on our world. Thank you so much.

Posted by CarisseB June 26, 09 10:40 PM

i come from china and i want to see chinese pic

Posted by Dora June 26, 09 10:53 PM

subhanallah. God, You created an amazing world.. Thank you guys for sharing this great picture!

Posted by hanim June 26, 09 11:19 PM

#18 and #27 looks like the inner workings of a clock.
#23 is spectacular.

Posted by medaholic June 26, 09 11:29 PM

Dramatic! Amazing! Wonderful!

Posted by Cuauhtemoc Infante June 26, 09 11:33 PM

WoW circles!!! To be said... puts us pieces of bacteria into persective!! Would love to climb Fiji!

Posted by Jonno June 26, 09 11:58 PM

just amazing

Posted by RAnjodh deol June 27, 09 12:44 AM

Awesome Photography!

Posted by Emilio B June 27, 09 01:00 AM

amazzzing !!! - wowww !!! - beautifuuuuuulll !!!
american comments, as usual,

bien sur que c'est beau ; à voir, pas à lire

Posted by uatio June 27, 09 01:36 AM

Hey, I want to float in space and see sunrises and sunsets too, etc.

Posted by Julie June 27, 09 01:56 AM

This just shows us how little we understand ARE planet that has been are home for ?0,000 years !

Posted by j June 27, 09 01:58 AM

many thanks indeed, wonderful.

Posted by Gabriele June 27, 09 02:47 AM

Awsum pics

Posted by Akhil Jain June 27, 09 02:50 AM

Can anyone spot Gov. Mark Sanford in slide #9?

Posted by Dillon June 27, 09 02:57 AM

Hey, my city! 31 Chicago sound off!, im pretty sure im shown in that picture, im not sure if im excited or creeped out. but i still love that picture

Posted by Harry Williams June 27, 09 03:27 AM

THANK YOU so much!!!

Posted by eFPi June 27, 09 03:33 AM


Posted by Richard June 27, 09 03:47 AM

1 word, perfect

Posted by phuoc June 27, 09 03:59 AM

Man I got such a high out of this one. thanks BP!

Posted by me June 27, 09 03:59 AM

An insight to what man "dosen't" see. Brilliant

Posted by kenny Gray June 27, 09 04:10 AM

Wonderful pics, especially of the erupting volcano

Posted by Fellris June 27, 09 04:14 AM


Posted by Sriram June 27, 09 04:51 AM

Great pictures, amazingly sharp.

I just miss some pictures of Anartica, specially what happens at Wilkins IceShelf

May be The Big Picture can ask them to make some photographs over there, the next tiome they are passing.

Posted by Erik van Erne, Milieunet Foundation June 27, 09 05:18 AM

#18 This irrigation method doesn't work for long. There is not enough water in the ground. That should be the reason why the fields to the right are all brown and not used.

Posted by Mugros June 27, 09 05:29 AM

God IS bigger than the boogey man.

Posted by Anonymous June 27, 09 06:00 AM

Well what a wonderfull world we live in ! it makes you stop and think exellent images!!

Posted by Jim Dale uk June 27, 09 07:17 AM

what is an evaporation pond for?? Awesome pics, I love Mt. Fuji

Posted by rob June 27, 09 08:07 AM

There´s an awsome movie on youtube called "HOME" that is quiet explanatory about many of these pictures. Highly recommended.

Posted by Beamstream June 27, 09 08:17 AM

Somebody needs to clean his camera's sensor!!! (check out for instance: 16,18 & 31). Fascinating photo's though!

Posted by RHG June 27, 09 08:19 AM

comment 35, if God exists, he made a big mistake in creating mankind the way it is. Sure there must have been room for a lot of improvement! ;-)

superb post of course

Posted by ben June 27, 09 09:12 AM

even when religion gets spelled wrong, by the winner her #22.. which I have to admit he is right.. and we can see in a glimpse how fast we are heading towards an issue of what we to with our home after destroying it.

But certainly and Huge WOW to those picture is a given..

Great pics,, great experience you took me to.

Posted by Eru June 27, 09 09:33 AM

Beautiful Earth
Sad we don take better care of it

Posted by Henning June 27, 09 10:38 AM

Great pictures as always
Center Point Fire

Posted by Sam Manning June 27, 09 10:42 AM

hey it was jst gr8..

Posted by guest June 27, 09 11:39 AM

The circular contrails were likely caused by an airplane that was waiting in a holding pattern for clearance to land at an airport.

Posted by Slipstream June 27, 09 12:05 PM

"... la nature est pleine de merveilles
mais l'homme est le chef-d'oeuvre de la nature. "
Sophocle : "Antigone" le Choeur
Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris ces photos inoubliables

Posted by Moinet Christiane June 27, 09 12:27 PM

Its still amazing...

Posted by Anonymous June 27, 09 12:29 PM

Such a artistic creation of God...Which was shown us by NASA..Thanks

Posted by anjelina June 27, 09 12:57 PM

Incredible as always.

P.S. Whaaaaat? Where's the giant squid?
"3. Beautiful collection. # 18 kills me, those crops look so perfectly circular. And can anyone else see the giant squid in # 24?"

Posted by love4art June 27, 09 01:02 PM

"It never gets old huh?
It kinda make you wanna..break into song?
I love the mountains
I love the clear blue skies
I love big bridges
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world
And all its sights and sounds
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
I love the ocean
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast
I love egyptian kings
I love the whole world
and all its craziness
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
Boom De Yada
I love tornadoes
I love Arachnids
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world

Its such a brilliant place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by Klerk June 27, 09 01:03 PM

great pictures.

Posted by that guy June 27, 09 01:07 PM

I live on #22 ! They're spying me =)

Posted by Charles June 27, 09 01:13 PM

amazing thank you !

Posted by ole June 27, 09 01:51 PM

Wow! Wow! Wow!!! It is so beautiful

Posted by Rumeysa June 27, 09 02:51 PM

Truly mesmerising ...

Posted by San June 27, 09 02:55 PM

Its all amazing photos of our earth! thanks to Stumbleupon.

Posted by john rutherford June 27, 09 02:56 PM

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race.
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for
You and for me.

And the dream we would conceived in
Will reveal a joyful face
And the world we once believed in
Will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep strangling life
Wound this earth, crucify it's soul
Though it's plain to see, this world is heavenly
Be God's glow.

We could fly so high
Let our spirits never die
In my heart I feel
You are all my brothers
Create a world with no fear
Together we'll cry happy tears
See the nations turn
Their swords into plowshares
We could really get there
If you cared enough for the living

"Heal The World" by MJ
Make a little space to make a better place.

Posted by Sebastian June 27, 09 03:09 PM

I just can't wait to see stuff like this at any time from the space. What an incredible perspective to see our world.

Amazing things like these are able to change the human's way to appreciate his home: its veins, its landscape, its natural cycle, its scarped anatomy, its constant blood; well, there are thousands of reasons to observe the earth as if our body were like her.


Posted by Yariv_N June 27, 09 03:13 PM

Impactantes imágenes.

Posted by María Luz June 27, 09 06:05 PM


Posted by ghostrunner June 27, 09 07:39 PM

#30 looks like someone flew a jet in a circle and the heat from the engines melted the ice

Posted by Eric June 27, 09 08:08 PM

Number 25 looks like a Klimpt painting.

Posted by Leah P. June 27, 09 09:18 PM

I would love to be an astronaut just to view this.

Posted by Venkatesh June 27, 09 09:20 PM

Spectacular photographs!
I was just wondering what the picture # 18 is evaporating??
Is it salt production or some kind of waste treatment plant??

We really live in a very beautiful planet..........It's too bad the people living on it haven't evolve into one who deserved to live on it. Perhaps in time, people can get along and take better care of planet earth rather than exploit it.

Posted by Jon June 27, 09 09:40 PM


Posted by Fred Seaver June 27, 09 10:12 PM

We see you, Iran!

Posted by Matt June 27, 09 10:14 PM


Posted by JULIE MASSIE June 27, 09 10:14 PM

so awesome!

Posted by kmerrow June 27, 09 10:26 PM

Looks so peaceful from space. Great Pictures. Feels good that we have the good guys looking down on us at all times. If we would just remember who made this planet and who put them up there.

Posted by Felix June 27, 09 11:12 PM

the wonders of mankind eh... very cool

Posted by Anonymous June 27, 09 11:57 PM

These pictures are amazing. Love our beatiful palnet

Posted by Tim June 28, 09 12:35 AM

Wow. Magnificent!

Posted by Nikita Hengbok June 28, 09 12:48 AM

Hey hey, I can baaarely make out the building i work at in #15!

Posted by theguth June 28, 09 12:48 AM

nice work

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 09 01:21 AM

Nice photos..........................

Posted by Kmrubel June 28, 09 01:52 AM

Utterly breath-taking. Thank you for assembling photos I shall be studying for a long time to come. I do not mind the "errors" pointed out above. These photos need to be seen by every child now growing up in our troubled world. They might just be the impetus to push them across the great divide between violence and non-violence as they mature.

Posted by oneseeker June 28, 09 01:56 AM

Very cool - Thank you

Posted by Tommi June 28, 09 04:51 AM

Sobhan Allah.

Posted by Essam June 28, 09 06:32 AM

2-5, 18 and 32 - im speachless.

Posted by Simon June 28, 09 06:43 AM

Minunat........... i love this site (hello from Romania)

Posted by VIM June 28, 09 06:46 AM

they are all just stunning photographs!!

Posted by Shruti June 28, 09 07:34 AM

these pics are absolutely breathtaking,ihave yet to see something as encapturing as these.the desire to the beautiful world is even stronger now.thank you sooooooooooo much.the best part is that they all are a part of the same beautiful world that we all belong to.

Posted by deepti June 28, 09 08:36 AM

What a great way to travel!

Posted by Julie June 28, 09 08:59 AM

This beauty should be recognized much more often. Stunning shots!

Posted by pjcrazy June 28, 09 10:03 AM

very good

Posted by Anonymous June 28, 09 10:07 AM

Simply breathtaking! Amazing.

Posted by Bart June 28, 09 10:17 AM


Posted by phoenix June 28, 09 10:32 AM


Posted by Lyr June 28, 09 10:55 AM

Overall, a stunning (inadequate term, at best) collection of once-in-a-lifetime images of our world. I was especially struck by the Lake Baikal "upwelling" circle and broken ice - possibly worthy of further scientific study. I was also amazed by the perfect contrail circle scribed by the still flying jet over the Canadian Rockies; it would be nice to interview that pilot and show him/her that picture. The Moon "squishing" pic was alarming, but beautifuly described later on Whew! That was close.

Posted by Maren in Oregon June 28, 09 10:57 AM

I could look at these all day long. Quite a sight!

Posted by Thomas Bratcher June 28, 09 11:43 AM

Very nice, but a lot of time needs to load.

Posted by Jannat June 28, 09 12:06 PM

Excelent images and patterns of the globe!
This unique images, show how big is our universe, and how small we are.
It is a good moment to think about all the possible impacts of global warming,
and how we can rethink our concepts about mother nature.

Posted by Thiago June 28, 09 01:26 PM

#8: looks like a pic snapped while looking at a white capped wave about to crash on your head at the beach (wave=land, sky=water). i really thought it was until i scrolled through and saw they were all sat photos.

Posted by there June 28, 09 04:01 PM


Posted by Basa June 28, 09 04:05 PM

Thanks for the photos.
I am posting from Tehran, quite cool to see two of my favourite islands of my home country, Iran. Queshm and BandarAbbas are pretty nice places to visit. And to Kelene who said, "#20 is so wrong. Seriously, an ocean more green than blue with who knows how much oil?" I have to say if you're posting from America, then it's fine because fot us, many Americans have a reputation of being extremely ignorant and rather quick to speak before they think properly. Also, I don't see why you have a problem with Iran being rich with oil? Thanks again for the pictures, guys!

Posted by Sepideh June 28, 09 04:12 PM


Posted by JAGAFTOM POLAND June 28, 09 04:56 PM

Earth. Such amazing place to live, isn't it?

Posted by Cess007 June 28, 09 05:06 PM

These pictures are super good - Please keep them coming

Posted by Terry Koerner June 28, 09 05:22 PM


Posted by Grace... June 28, 09 05:26 PM

Its a comforting sight

Posted by d.williams June 28, 09 05:44 PM

Amazing photos, they have great zoom lenses up there. Space has always fascinated me, and having visited Kennedy Space Center and seen some of the modules headed up to the ISS, plus a launch close up (well 18 miles), I'm hooked on anything to do with the ISS.

Posted by Tony June 28, 09 06:16 PM

@comment #60
"Till all are one."

Posted by Optimus Prime June 28, 09 06:29 PM


Posted by natureer June 28, 09 08:58 PM

Picture 29 looks just like the island off "Lost".

Posted by Dave June 28, 09 09:55 PM

i love it it is so awesome!!!!!!!

Posted by erin June 28, 09 10:22 PM

someday maybe all of us get a chance to experience what an astronauts does.

Posted by an engineer June 28, 09 10:39 PM

wht a wonderful world... Thank You God of creating such a wonderful place for us...

Posted by tzuen June 28, 09 11:19 PM

Thank you so very much for keeping up with the Big Picture. This is the best feature on Another set of breathtaking images!

Posted by ajr1021 June 28, 09 11:40 PM

The world is just AWESOME !!!

Posted by Kevin June 29, 09 01:24 AM

is it Mars? Cool...

Posted by michael June 29, 09 01:29 AM

Thank you Allah, for creating us on such a beautiful planet. And shame on us for destroying it.

Posted by ElroN June 29, 09 01:40 AM

A remarkable site! These pictures are outstanding!

Posted by AussieOz June 29, 09 02:05 AM

great, simply great and astounding!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 29, 09 02:43 AM

If I wasn't told that 18 was actually a picture of earth I would never have guessed.

Posted by Jake June 29, 09 03:11 AM

i can't believe.... amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bert June 29, 09 03:12 AM

What is that green place in photo # 16 ?

Posted by newsreader June 29, 09 03:45 AM


Posted by dupa June 29, 09 03:58 AM

very nice spaces and very magic pictures but a wee bit scary volcanoes, I am happy that I could see this pictures.

Posted by Paulina Kaim June 29, 09 04:37 AM

Dramatic photoes! What I want to say is, compared to the great nature, human being is so tiny!!!!

Posted by Charlie June 29, 09 04:37 AM

Amazing fotos! Awsome!

and Big Hello to all citizens of planet Earth, from Poland ;-D

Posted by Maciek June 29, 09 04:46 AM

jaki piekny jest nasz swiat

Posted by jasia z polski June 29, 09 05:15 AM

Hey, what about stars??? I don't see any...

Posted by chylu June 29, 09 05:38 AM

supeeeeeeeeeeeer fotki! M :)

Posted by M :) June 29, 09 05:44 AM

:) magnifique

Posted by Foad June 29, 09 06:11 AM

this is just fantastic!!

Posted by Pratish June 29, 09 07:02 AM

Any thoughts on what the circle formation in the ice was? Looks like something big fell in and tried to get out!


Posted by Si June 29, 09 07:04 AM

The beauty of earth from an altitude. Most of the visuals are as if you would see them as you fly by in an airplane except for the volcano pic(awesome one!). Great Pics!

Posted by Ravi Yelluripati June 29, 09 07:10 AM

just WoW !!!

Posted by Hiena June 29, 09 07:22 AM

The moon is just beautiful and is possible to see how slim our atmosphere is..
Kinda of worries me on how fragil it seems..

Beautiful pictures! I want to be there someday!

Posted by Oscar June 29, 09 07:47 AM

Beautiful images ...

Posted by Anonymous June 29, 09 08:12 AM

It is so beautiful!

Posted by veso54 June 29, 09 08:30 AM

"Notice what's missing in all photos from space...fences, boarders, boundries, walls, man-made structures that define hate, insecurity, mistrust, etc..
Up there all is one. "
Best comment I ever read, just cannot say more.

18. look like perfectly made Geomancy signs with intent, 21. looks like blueprint of some cosmic wicked spacecraft:)

but where are photos of crop circles on fields?:P That would be AWESOME view:P

Posted by Kate June 29, 09 08:31 AM

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea;
Creation's revealing YOUR majesty.....
You are amazing GOD!
lyrics from Indescribable by Chris Tomlin

Posted by Brad June 29, 09 08:40 AM

great thanks

Posted by alvin battey June 29, 09 08:40 AM

hm... thank you ))

Posted by mmf forced bi sex June 29, 09 08:48 AM

Makes our world look almost as alien as the others in our solar system. Makes you realize how Earth is part of the solar family.

Posted by Gerb June 29, 09 10:33 AM

Answer to rob:

The evaporation ponds are for the following reasons:

Nitrates and many other minerals are mined in this region. A few extraction pits and ore dumps are visible at upper left. Iodine is one of the products from mining; it is first extracted by heap leaching. Waste liquids from the iodine plants are dried in the tan and brightly colored evaporation ponds to crystallize nitrate salts for collection. The recovered nitrates are mainly used for fertilizer for higher-value crops. They are also used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, explosives, glass, and ceramics, as well as in water treatment and metallurgical processes.

Posted by Melissa June 29, 09 11:26 AM

#18 looks like charts ! so aweseome...

Posted by vinz June 29, 09 11:54 AM

There are times when the only comment is


Posted by DONNA SMITH PARKER June 29, 09 12:51 PM

#2 looks like a face with white hair trailing behind. Oh No!! You took my photograph!!

Posted by Ray in Ohio June 29, 09 03:30 PM


Posted by Anonymous June 29, 09 03:56 PM

That's me in #15. I'm the one mowing the lawn and waving.

Posted by Hitherefromdownhere June 29, 09 06:21 PM

I love it. Reminds me of the song. How Great Thou Art!

O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the works Thy hands have made.
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

When through the woods and forest glades I wander
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;
When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur
And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

Posted by jc2it June 29, 09 08:00 PM

thank you for another bunch of glorious space pictures

Posted by nafis June 29, 09 09:04 PM

That was just way too cool. Way too cool. Our planet at it's finest.

Posted by B Lineham June 29, 09 10:00 PM

any changes coming ?

Posted by Sexy Lingerie Sites June 29, 09 11:16 PM

The photos from space of Sarychev Volcano as it erupted are especially fascinating. Most of us humans, moving around on the thin skin of land and water that form the Earth's surface, miss out on a lot!

Posted by Evelyn Pratt June 30, 09 01:24 AM

Mazza aa gaya (lovely pictures)

Posted by b-OBBY June 30, 09 02:21 AM

Wonderfull images!,

Thanks to All & also Feedly

Posted by arun June 30, 09 03:51 AM

18&35... I just love them!

Posted by josé pablo June 30, 09 04:15 AM

in #19, that's not a boat, THAT'S A SHARK!!!

Posted by Captain Brody June 30, 09 07:07 AM

also, can people stop crediting God with this please? never since A-level geography have I seen more obvious signs of geology and the human effect on our planet, the probability of one sentient being creating all this is...oh sod it believe what you want but I'm coming back as longshore drift to make some beaches all on my own with a beardy paedo telling em what to do.

Posted by Olly June 30, 09 07:10 AM

Fuji-san is simply awesome. I just have fond memories of Mt. Fuji and this view is just another spectacular perspective. The best things in life are really free.

Posted by Omi June 30, 09 07:11 AM

Stunning - absolutely stunning!

Posted by Brian June 30, 09 11:07 AM

These pictures are taken by mankind, but are not from anything mankind has created. They are from our Creator. Man could never produce these wonders.
Thank Lord Jesus!!

Posted by De Byerly June 30, 09 12:27 PM

How wonderful it is to view such pictures like those. I feel so small and useless.
What a pleasure to be an astronaut and live all those emotions.
I envy them. Great job!

Posted by Jean Carlos Pereira June 30, 09 03:24 PM


Posted by Dem June 30, 09 05:15 PM

Thank you for this amazing pictures !

Posted by Marta June 30, 09 05:49 PM

Re "An ocean more green than blue" (a comment about photo 20):

Come to Australia. Travel the coast road from near-equator (start north of Cairns) to the Southern Ocean (turn right at the bottom of Victoria).

Look at all the many colours of the ocean.

It's not a single perfect blue. The ocean colour shifts and changes depending on all sorts of things - the type of sand/rock/coral beneath it, the depth of the water, the content of that water (it's not just salt and H2O, it's also lots of dissolved minerals, many varieties of plankton, etc), and the angle of the sun.

The swirly pattern in photo 20 implies to me that the ocean is shallow enough there that we're seeing the effect of the currents on the ocean floor: ergo, the ocean colour in 20 is probably strongly affected by the ocean floor. Possibly sand rich in copper oxides, which would also mean the ocean was holding copper oxides as well. If not copper oxide, maybe a plankton or submarine plant. Or anything else green.

Posted by Jenn June 30, 09 07:55 PM

The Big, BIG Brother

Posted by Jorge Ignacio June 30, 09 08:34 PM

a supernatural being does not exist and had nothing to do with this. there's no greater reminder of what amazing natural phenomena we have on our planet than this this feature. for the dozens of you constantly commenting on god's gifts, please keep it to yourself.

Posted by thenaturalworld June 30, 09 09:35 PM

I see fractals everywhere.......

Math + Nature = Cool

Posted by syzygy June 30, 09 11:59 PM

Magnificent views. And to "thenaturalworld" and others - last I knew freedom of speech means that both sides could be expressed. By respecting your right to deny, we preserve our right to acknowledge that this amazing creation requires an uncreated One to exist.

Posted by sharpshooter July 1, 09 09:43 AM

A wonderful way to start a day, viewing these pictures.

Posted by Anonymous July 1, 09 11:07 AM

Whenever I see satellite photos of the earth's crust and features, I am awed at how certain it is that the planet is a living creature; notice the similarities between how the earth communicates with each part of itself, to how the human body communicates and intereacts between it's parts... blood flow to the heart and cell division, etc. You will see the patterns duplicating. The earth's macrocosm duplicates the body's microcosm!

Posted by Darla Desautel July 1, 09 12:04 PM

I am brasilian, so, I'll write in portuguise -
A terra é a "perola"do Sistema Solar.
E é um "farol" na Via Lactea!!!

Posted by eliana napoli July 1, 09 12:13 PM

What a mighty God we serve! By the Word of his power he spoke it all into existence! All creation bespeaks his glory.

Posted by Bob July 1, 09 02:11 PM

Simply marvelous technology and views that should make us aware of how insignificent are our personal and national differences and problems.

Posted by Joe Estrada July 1, 09 02:29 PM

Absolutely incredible pictures.. changes our learning of geography...


Posted by Donna July 1, 09 02:57 PM

What a Beautiful World!!! Breathless...Thanks for sharing with us!

Posted by Fernanda Pratas July 1, 09 03:32 PM


Posted by TAMMIE IN FLORIDA July 1, 09 04:42 PM

Thanks to the Lord for such beautiful creation..........

Posted by Anonymous July 1, 09 04:53 PM

Hey Tacoma, Seattle and Vashon!!!! My hometown area!

Posted by Tara Martin July 1, 09 04:57 PM

Wow, beautiful beautiful spectacular pics. What a dream!!!!! Thanks!

Posted by Anna July 1, 09 04:58 PM

In my 90 years l've gone from silent pictures to pictures from space! How marvelous is that? .

Posted by A.Sue Smith July 1, 09 06:46 PM

HOW GEAT!!!!!!!!.

Posted by BOB LOWRY July 1, 09 06:53 PM

i can see my house

Posted by sexxay beast July 1, 09 08:33 PM

The greatest benefits to humanity that spaceflight provides, are the simple images from the lofty vantage point. Sights that most of us will never see with our own eyes, that give us a sense that, yes, we are all in this together.
Thanks for posting these wonderful images!

Posted by Clint Fisher July 1, 09 09:54 PM

Simply amazing...

Posted by Rakesh Parsana July 1, 09 10:44 PM

loved it all.

Posted by deb July 2, 09 12:18 AM

The surreal circular fields in egypt, just looks like a electronic circuit diagram. Wow!!
Great work bud, Thanks from India!!

Posted by Brahmin July 2, 09 03:45 AM

indeed, it's a wonderful world!

Posted by ben July 2, 09 05:56 AM

fantastic and,,, beautifull thanks for all this,

Posted by frank du long July 2, 09 08:56 AM

I am Brasiliam.Adorei as imagens.São espetaculares.Parabéns pelas postagens das fotos.

Posted by Edinaldo July 2, 09 01:23 PM

Grandiose, toujours plus mystèrieuse, , notre magnifique Mère Gaïa,
si généreuse comme je l'aime !!!

Aimons-la de tout notre être - aimons-nous les uns les autres quoi qu'il se passe

nous sommes tous Ses enfants!!!

Posted by Nicole July 2, 09 04:48 PM

Hermosas imagenes
solo falto la vista de la represa de Itaipu - Cataratas ;)
Ojala coloquen mas

Posted by Adolfo July 2, 09 06:25 PM

What a pleasure to view these wonderful sights of our universe. More!!!!

Posted by Kay Berghuis Mount Dora , Florida July 2, 09 08:57 PM


Posted by JAY THOMPSON July 2, 09 09:19 PM

i've never felt so small

Posted by donald July 2, 09 09:43 PM

isn't the planet nice when you shrink all the humans down to bacteria size.

Posted by loudfusion July 2, 09 09:43 PM

I am Portuguese, leaving at Aveiro.
Wonderful pictures, amazing view from above.
best regards

Posted by João Menício July 3, 09 02:49 AM


Posted by El Renegau' July 3, 09 07:20 AM

Makes me feel wonderfully small, a infintestimal speck on this marvelous creation by God.

Posted by TeacherFruit July 3, 09 10:01 AM

tudo é lindo, maravilhoso, imagens surpreendentes, ao olhar senti algo sensacional.

Posted by Daniele July 3, 09 06:26 PM

About asking those who believe in God to butt out: There is room for all of our beliefs. Some ignore God, some love Him. He loves all, even those who hate the mention of Him. Almost 74 now. At 18, I first studied about evolution & came to the conclusion that they believe that way because they do not want to be responsible to God. Their top "scientest" last year said as much in a public interview. "I choose not to believe in God, because I do not want to be responsible to Him. Most of my colleagues agree with me." This is close, but not an exact quote. The comments as well as the photos are in themselves revealing and wonderful. Jim

Posted by James Schlup July 3, 09 07:41 PM

absolutly made by our creator words cant explain his beauty in art

Posted by dawn July 3, 09 09:01 PM

It is so beautiful!

Posted by paobo July 3, 09 10:57 PM

I am from China
These are many very good picture! I love them

It is so beautiful!

Oh,our world is so beautiful !

Posted by df July 3, 09 11:08 PM

Awesone,stunning,a marvel.these pictures are amazing & should teeach us all how fragile our planet is & spectacular also.thank you so much for these wonderful pictures.we are truely blessed.

Posted by heather dampier July 3, 09 11:58 PM

Damn .. pictures are very beautiful

Posted by David July 4, 09 10:04 AM

All I Can Say Is Incredible Awsome Killer Pics!!!!!!!

Posted by Russ Minor July 4, 09 10:21 AM

I just saw the beach where my grandson is vacationing. What awesome photos.

Posted by Bill July 4, 09 05:47 PM

'The heavens tell out the glory of God, the vault of heaven reveals God's handiwork.
One day speaks to another, night with night shares its knowledge, and this without speech or language or sound of any voice.' - Psalm 19 (NRSV)

With or without believing in a deity (there is no proof of existence), these pictures are marvellous!

Posted by P J Evans July 4, 09 07:58 PM

Thank you god for all your wonderful work, now when are you coming back to fix all the flaws. That fjord looks a bit crap.
Oh hold on, as any one seen him lately?
Give us a break.
Big Picture please don't allow comments, Every time theres some great space photo's I spend more time laughing at them than I do admiring the photography.
Got to go, Father Christmas is coming round for tea.
P.S. And please fix the rest of the planets, and why put them so far away, whats that all about?

Posted by Dave Taylor July 4, 09 09:17 PM

wow! awesome...

(and nevermind this god fellow , i'd like to see more of Slartibartfast's fjords).

Posted by D Adams July 5, 09 03:21 PM

Allah is the greatest see his wonders in nature yet we can not totally comprehend the magnificient creation

Posted by Zubair July 5, 09 03:32 PM

Thanks be to our Father in Heaven for giving us shuch a wonderful world to live in.

Posted by Squibby July 5, 09 05:10 PM

What a amazing collection of photos. Plus the fact that they are available for the general public to view them, thank you to all the people who have made this possible.

Posted by Howie July 6, 09 07:21 AM

bellisimas fotos expectaculares para referencia de estudio ecologico en el mundo

ojala nos enviaran mas sobre el impacto ambiental, como se enuentra el deterioro ´planetario

Posted by JOSE RODRIGUEZ July 6, 09 12:40 PM

Thanks be to the one true god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all his Nnoodly goodness. Anyone with a brain can see the evidence of his Noodly appendages in the images like 24, 28 and 33. RAmen!

Posted by Pasta will set you free July 6, 09 02:00 PM

@259 James Schlup, you're full of it. Who is this "top scientist" that you quoted? Very telling that you failed to even give a name so that no-one can check up on your claims. No real scientist would say something so stupid. We don't believe in god for the same reason you don't believe in unicorns. Lack of evidence.

Posted by The Inquisitor July 6, 09 02:05 PM


Posted by Elaine July 6, 09 05:58 PM

simply superb

Posted by Saichand July 7, 09 07:15 AM

more photos please, so amazing, HOW CAN THIS BE AN ACCIDENT!!
Thanks a lot.

Posted by Billen Habte July 7, 09 09:40 AM

guaaauuuuuuuu!!! nices pics they are so amazing !

Posted by aLaN July 7, 09 01:31 PM

To siê nadaje do telewizli! Ferdek Kiepski.

Posted by Ferdynand Kiepski July 7, 09 03:27 PM

The aurora is beautiful but it indicates a fals attitude. When flying never follow that visual indication.

Posted by Johann Wiebe July 7, 09 09:37 PM

Love number 18, 20, 24 and 30.
The photos are amazing

Posted by Amir July 8, 09 03:00 AM

buenisimas fotos , indescriptibles .

Posted by oscar novillo July 8, 09 06:19 AM

Heaven must be beyond discription for it's visual beauty!!!

Posted by Bill Dronen July 8, 09 10:19 AM

Just thank you for allowing us to see the earth from the outside.

Posted by Martha July 8, 09 01:20 PM

Exquisite phtography. Shows how we are nothing and yet we can accomplish so much wondrous things.

Posted by Zochitl July 8, 09 03:19 PM

desde panama,les digo que la fotos son magnificas.

Posted by DANIEL July 9, 09 12:06 PM

Extremamente Lindo, Magnífico.

Posted by Alexandre & Rose July 9, 09 05:11 PM


Posted by maria A July 10, 09 01:32 AM

#31 is beginning image of the incredibly good short movie "Powers of ten"...

Posted by Archibald Rosario July 10, 09 03:12 AM

OH MY GOD !! Stop to worry about the comments. The pictures are so beautiful.
Just appreciate nature and stop worrying who made it. Does it really matter!
These pictures are so very awesome.

Posted by Paris July 11, 09 12:12 AM


Posted by Piemaker July 11, 09 02:39 PM

It was really amazing pictures!!
Without the astronaut, we couldn't see this.

Posted by Ray July 11, 09 03:36 PM


Posted by VAGOS July 11, 09 06:19 PM

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.......most of us will never see this otherwise.

Posted by anniew July 12, 09 12:29 AM

Amazing pictures

Posted by chinni July 12, 09 11:43 AM

Salient, phenomenal, bellisima- Technology brings all of this to us to share that space is full of wonder--wonderful!

Posted by joy July 12, 09 06:52 PM

these pictures are the most amazing pictures i have ever seen

Posted by Anonymous July 12, 09 07:23 PM

Now that's she's otherwise unengaged, we know where to send Sarah Palin -- because you can certainly see Russia from there!

Posted by Richard July 13, 09 05:31 AM

We've seen these kinds of pictures hundreds of times since 50 years.
I'm waiting now for the Big Space Odyssey, manned flights to Mars and beyond, that will offer awesome pictures!

Posted by lionel July 13, 09 05:57 AM

hello nice pitures. I want to look at them everyday.
Thank you!

Posted by Elie, Alexandra, Kevin, Per, -Gulavpaviljongen kindergarden July 14, 09 06:56 AM


Posted by Anonymous July 14, 09 09:26 AM

Dude!!! This is Flippin' Sweet!!! I have a complete and solid faith that my God created this universe!! He is INDESCRIBABLE!!!!!! Every decision that is ever made has a foundation of faith beneath it!!! It takes just as much faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in Creation! The only drawback is who is right and who is wrong?!?! I am proud to say I am part of the Unashamed! I do not have to worry if I am wrong or right b/c my destiny is secure under the blood! Peace out!

Posted by Chiquita Bonita July 14, 09 04:59 PM

Really awesome pictures!!!!
Que maravilhoso!!!

Posted by fab July 14, 09 10:56 PM

From the height these photos were taken, all looks so peaceful, unfortunately when we come back down to earth; it’s not the way it looks like up there. We all really forget how lucky we are to live on this earth with all of its natural beauty. Down here we destroy what we have in senseless acts of war and destruction of the environment we live in.

Posted by JS July 16, 09 07:40 AM

Great photos of our wonderful planet. I have to agree with one comment that said it makes them think of the song 'How Great Thou Art'.

Posted by Leandra July 16, 09 10:20 AM

Wonderful photos thanks for shareing

Posted by Peter July 16, 09 06:03 PM

Fabulous Photographs. Thanks to all of you who go up into space and share the
these beauties with the rest of us.

Posted by David Brand July 17, 09 12:38 AM

And listen for the Day when the Caller will call out from a place quite near.
The Day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in Truth: That will be the Day of Resurrection. . . .
We know best what they say; And thou are not one to overawe them by force.
So admonish with the Qur'an such as fear My Warning!

surah 50:41-45 Qaf

Posted by MAC July 17, 09 09:09 AM

@259 James Schlup: you say there's room for all our beliefs, then immediately follow it up with an insulting generalization about atheists? Tsk, tsk.
I for one was simply raised without religion, and in my 44 years, have never felt the need for it. I can admire these pictures without falling prey to the false dichotomy that "if humans are incapable of creating the wonders of the universe, it MUST therefore have been the work of a god". Talk about mental laziness.
I don't know who this "top scientest" [sic] is that you're referring to, but I bet it isn't Einstein or Feynman. Try reading what they wrote on the subject of religion, and you may get a bit more nuanced view of how some top scientists view religion.

Posted by Thomas July 17, 09 09:39 AM

As others have said it *AWESOME**. I do believe in God and his greatness, and I also believe in we the people of this earth.

Posted by Marlene Rupnow July 17, 09 08:23 PM

God is great, don't you agree?

Posted by Phyllis Struck July 18, 09 12:09 PM

Brilliant shots of our wonderful Planet lets not destroy it.

Posted by Harminder Magon July 19, 09 12:41 PM

ehh... amazing )

Posted by my free incest porn July 19, 09 07:15 PM

Valuable collection.


Posted by Anonymous July 20, 09 05:29 AM

Pretty funny all the folks complaining about those giving credit to God saying there is no proof. The fact that they are viewing these images through their own eye (a technological marvel in itself) is plenty of proof that there is a master designer but they ignore the plain evidence before them. Imagine if NASA found a Volkswagen on Mars, they'd wonder who put it there because they'd know it couldn't happen just by chance, but with the earth, filled with the most complex organisms anywhere in the known universe, they say all this complexity happened by accident, life from non-life, complexity from chaos. Amazing the folly of the so-called educated.

Posted by Todd Quam July 20, 09 04:34 PM

\o/.. Great. Very, very great. I love pictures.

Posted by Anselmo Coyote July 21, 09 04:01 PM

In the picture of the jungle area over South America, there is a tree with a broken
limb on it. There's a bird on that limb. The bird has fleas, and one of the fleas
has a small wart on the big toe of the first foot on the left side. Look for that wart.
I've always been interested in volcanoes and earthquakes. When I retired, I
moved to Bloomington and promptly enrolled in a course "Earthquakes and
Volcanoes" at Indiana University. A tough course, but fascinating. The photos
of rivers and erosions and ice and mountains and shorelines are great. Thanx! !

Posted by Patrick J. O'Page July 22, 09 12:10 PM

I find it truly amazing looking at photos like these; both the technology that makes them possible and the beauty of the good earth from low orbit.

Posted by Russell Brindley July 22, 09 04:57 PM

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to see these marvels of nature and technology. It leaves me wondering about what possibilites lie in the future.

Posted by anna July 23, 09 12:05 PM

Simply Amazing

Posted by Soheil July 24, 09 06:36 AM

I Like !

Posted by Anonymous July 24, 09 09:21 PM

Loudfusion nailed it. See his/her comment below.

"254.isn't the planet nice when you shrink all the humans down to bacteria size.
:) Posted by loudfusion July 2, 09 09:43 PM"

Posted by Fred July 24, 09 10:09 PM

What is amazing is that after viewing these pictures, one could still remain an agnostic or non believer in a Supreme Being. Bob 7-24-09

Posted by Robert Uhrey July 25, 09 12:09 PM

thenaturalworld you're a moron and you're ignorance shows....A god believing scientist once said...Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence....Reason and Science can explain the existence of matter but it can not explain why there is matter, Reason and Science can explain that there is a Universe but it can not explain why there is a Universe, Reason and Science can explain that there is Life but it can not explain why there is Life. Science is a critical aspect of human existence but it can not address the spiritual nature of man, in this respect science is a dead end in which the atheist refuses to reason.

Posted by Stephen Curry July 26, 09 04:15 AM

Amazing "pretty blue planet "

Posted by Bobby July 26, 09 05:02 AM

Why not just accept these photographs for what they are, and not bring in any gods or other supernatural items. It seems that no matter what the subject, the religious factions have to bring in god and creation, etc. RIDICULOUS!

Posted by Ted Cherry July 26, 09 05:24 AM

#225..... you are in for big surprise!!

Posted by MLB July 26, 09 05:58 AM

I came here to see the pictures. I skipped the sermons as soon as I saw how many there were. Nice pictures, bad sermons.

Posted by Jack Flash, PHX, AZ July 26, 09 06:18 AM

Makes me want to fly!

Posted by Susann July 26, 09 06:34 AM

Want a top scientist who believes in God? Hmmm. Here's one:

What makes him a top scientist? Oh, he only deciphered the human genome...that's all.

Posted by Clarrs July 26, 09 06:39 AM


Posted by Michael July 26, 09 06:42 AM

What wonderful pictures. How can one deny the existance of a higher being when observing sights such as this?

Posted by E. J. Cook July 26, 09 07:32 AM

@310 Thomas--You're pretty good at insulting generalizations, too. Apparently, those of faith suffer from "mental laziness." Since you were "raised without religion", perhaps that explains your attitude. What's wrong with, "No, thanks. It's not for me." Instead, you resort to put-downs. Do you insult waiters who recommend the "special of the day" when the entre doesn't appeal to you? Or do you simply say, "Thanks" and just order your preference? Can't you muster the common courtesy to do the same when others suggest spiritual explanations for things? If you don't think much of their suggestion, ignore it. They didn't invite your opinion of theirs--they just offered one of their own. I don't happen to think your worldview is very complete, but I'm not going to posit "mental laziness" on your part.

Posted by Jack July 26, 09 07:46 AM

Wonderful photographs! What it makes me believe in is the power of human invention and science. May we devote our talents to creation and learning rather than war and destruction, and may we of every faith and no faith work together toward that goal.

Posted by Pat Washburn July 26, 09 08:17 AM

Wonderful collection; makes ISS worth the bucks. Love to see some of the images that didn't quite make the cut....

Posted by chesscanoe July 26, 09 08:18 AM

TO: thenaturalworld
Romans 14:11 says ...
"As surely as I live," says the Lord,
"every knee will bow before me;
every tongue will confess to God."

Whether or not you believe it, it's gonna happen.
And "every" includes you.

Posted by Ted Louis July 26, 09 08:26 AM

"In the beginning, God..." !!!!

Posted by John P July 26, 09 08:33 AM

Simply imazing! Without photos like these many of us would never know the beauty in our own countries. Thank you so much for sharing them with the world.

Posted by Will Smith July 26, 09 08:39 AM

Great pics. excellent display of modern technology, and what we have discovered so far. "Rather live my life and find out there is no God , than live my life and find out there is a God"

Posted by bob c July 26, 09 08:49 AM

It is impressive, the quality of the pictures

Posted by Anonymous July 26, 09 08:50 AM

Great pictures! But I feel a little bit like Palin - I can see Russia from my house...

Posted by Liam July 26, 09 08:57 AM

How could anyone EVER deny God as the creator of everything after seeing these photographs??

Posted by Kathi Shepherd July 26, 09 08:59 AM

truly awesome pictures; I am taken back by the sheer magnitude and beauty, helps me to realize just how great our God is, just to think that the Holy Trinity spoke and all this came to be!!! truly awesome!!!

Posted by Allen July 26, 09 09:02 AM


Thanks so much for sharing

Posted by Shirley Gaudio July 26, 09 09:06 AM

These pictures are simply THE MOST AMAZING I hav ever seen. To those on the ISS, keep up the great work. I am glad that you have time in your work to take such wonderful pictures.

Posted by Dave July 26, 09 09:07 AM

These photos definitely indicate the existence and location of "Heaven" and "Hell". The evidence of "Eternity" begins after you take your last breath. Appreciate what we have while we have it.

Posted by Bob Lestha July 26, 09 09:19 AM


Posted by EdHavard July 26, 09 09:21 AM

These are turly amazing and great pics. I agree with one comment the circular patterns in the desert did make me pause and look at the interesting pattern. Just think there are still some ninnys who think that the space program is a hoax. And don't forget about the Flat Earth Society people.

Posted by Roger Nelson (Sci) July 26, 09 09:26 AM

If you don't get excited viewing these images, you must have your head in the sand. Absolutely, fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mary July 26, 09 09:49 AM

It's amazing how close to earth the space station can move (would it be proper to use 'fly' here?), yet be just beyond earth's gravitational pull!

"Hello!" from the USA to all my relatives in Scotland and Ulster! :~)

Soli Deo Gloria!

Posted by Doug Stewart July 26, 09 09:59 AM

This earth we live on is beautiful, great pictures! Photography is a hobby of mine!!

Posted by Earl L. Jernigan July 26, 09 10:00 AM


Posted by Bill Mac , Sarasota,Fl. July 26, 09 10:05 AM

I am awe struck. The photos are inspiring,serene and amazing all at the same time. Thank you for sharing them with the world. I look forward to more in the future.

Posted by James E. Mann Jr. July 26, 09 10:26 AM

I feel sorry for you non-believers! It is God who created the world and I do not know how I would make it without Him in my life. I loved all the amazing pictures!

Posted by Mary Timm July 26, 09 10:38 AM

Blew me away!

-Bobby, Durham, Maine, USA

Posted by Bobby Barnhart July 26, 09 10:43 AM

Behold what God hath made!!!!!!! If there is live in outerspace, they must be jealous of our beautiful/amazing planet. PEOPLE, WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF OUR WORLD.!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God and thank you residents of the International Space Station. This world rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susie July 26, 09 10:44 AM

To the Astronauts. You have sharp eyes and good photo abilities. I wonder what camera and lenes you guys used? Photos are of super quality. WELL DONE !!

Posted by bjk, Detroit USA July 26, 09 10:48 AM

We thought seeing Russia from a porch in Alaska was astounding!

Posted by Lee Tischer July 26, 09 10:49 AM

Very interesting pictures. You just don't think about these things out there in other parts of the world and space. They really are amazing shots.

Posted by Gary Ovitt from upstate NY July 26, 09 10:51 AM

Beautiful scenes of this planet. Of course in any discussion there has to be the acrimonious put downs of anyone believing in God. Well #334 Jack said it all with his comments. Well stated, Jack!

Posted by Reacher July 26, 09 10:56 AM

Ditto on the "Sermons"
We live on an amazing planet, let us enjoy seeing it's beauty and the
ingenuity it took to make it happen, by man.

Posted by Harvey Westley July 26, 09 11:04 AM

Wonderful! What a great World we live in.

Posted by Fred July 26, 09 11:09 AM

Great photos!

Christians, please leave us alone. Thanks.

Posted by Jay J July 26, 09 11:13 AM

Our intelect is simply to small to even begin to comprehend the concept of infinity. What is outside the universe? Who made it all. What was there before the begining of the"Big Bang" Where did it all materialze from. Even if you do not believe in a Godlike entity, who started it all? And, is it not possible that the "originator" allowed evolution to shape the experiment? IS the originator so needy that he must have everyone fear her and bend their knees?

Posted by Ben Bergwerf July 26, 09 11:15 AM

when you engage in debate with a fool others cannot figure which is which.

Posted by jim July 26, 09 11:27 AM

Breath-taking photos, many of which were amazingly different than what I thought they would be like (the places I know). Earth is so much more beautiful than any other planet! Thanks for shairing with us.

Posted by Layton Baker July 26, 09 11:38 AM

So Beautiful. It's overwhelming and Jay J, Christians aren't picking on you, just stating the facts! God is great!

Posted by Bonnie Daugherty July 26, 09 11:41 AM


Posted by DIRAN VARZHABEDIAN July 26, 09 11:49 AM

We are one world and must unite as a peoples to protect her! Our lives depend on it! She has given us so much and will continue to do so if we can drop our prejudices, forgive one another, stop warring and live in love and compassion.

Posted by Anita Matthay July 26, 09 12:24 PM

370. I feel proud that during my working days that I involved with 3 major programs with NASA at JSC. These pictures are outstanding.

Posted by Joe Borches July 26, 09 12:31 PM

Hello. It's nice to see you all gathered here, but it feels me with dismay that you are once again arguing. I thought I might try to dispell some of the rumors being spread. I did not create "the heavens" or the Earth. Somehow that bit was lost in translation. (I also didn't create Hebrew, so don't hold that one against me.) The truth of the matter is the only thing I actually created was the microwave. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a natural gas line installed in heaven?


God / Allah / G*d / Spaghetti

Posted by God July 26, 09 12:46 PM

What a beautiful world and universe our Creator made. Seeing it should tell all of us to take good care of it. WOW photographs.

Posted by Judith Rudderham July 26, 09 12:52 PM

These pictures from the ISS are super-fantastic,its a way of us being able to see what we never thought would ever be possible..

Posted by John Tomecek July 26, 09 01:13 PM

The photos are WONDERFUL and increase our amazement at our beautiful earth. But what is so hilarious are the people who react so viscerally to ANY MENTION of God! They are the ones who are so small minded that they cannot comprehend anything outside of their small world view. And they will attack anyone who sees the hand of God in the beauty of the universe. Oh well, you are the losers because your world is so small and circumscribed by your prejudices. You can choose what you believe. Allow others the same right! I choose to see God and choose to see the wonder in these pictures! The world is beautiful!!

Posted by LRB July 26, 09 01:15 PM

If god is so great, why couldn't she make anything round or straight just once ?

Posted by Robert from Pasco July 26, 09 01:23 PM

GOD IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by FRANK July 26, 09 02:27 PM

The God of all creation knew what He was doing when He said "Let there be light", and it was so.
Fred of Rogersville, TN

Posted by Fred July 26, 09 02:37 PM

"In the beginning GOD created the
heavens and the Earth"..... Nothing could be more beautiful.

Posted by Margaret Brain July 26, 09 02:40 PM


Thank you so very much for sharing these awesome photos.

Posted by Alan Loncar July 26, 09 02:41 PM

Guess what? The "community organizer" wants to shut off the space program and use the money top buy more votes.

Posted by Trey Three July 26, 09 02:55 PM

I think that those pictures where the prettiest i have ever seen and it makes me mare intrested in studing science. :)

Posted by Kayla July 26, 09 03:19 PM

Thought you might enjoy seeing these sights.

Posted by Len Rosenke July 26, 09 03:42 PM

Its kind of funny that we sit here and comment on these pictures. Where is the rest of the world doing? Don't you think that We all need to stop and Look whats going on? I'm afraid that the people who need to see the beauty that bestows us is going by them. We all need to Stop and Look.
Thank you for the pictures!...I stopped, and I Looked, maybe We can pass this on.

Posted by Mouse July 26, 09 03:52 PM


Posted by Emananon July 26, 09 04:19 PM

truly amazing. thank you

Posted by Anonymous July 26, 09 04:48 PM

.......And to think I was going to pass up the opening of this, today.....A giant thank you to all involved in bringing this great work to us.

Posted by Lu July 26, 09 05:03 PM

...and what of the order of light itself that we can take a picture from so far away and it is visible. Is this a function of random chaos, or intricate design? IF design, then we are compelled to consider a designer. What keeps most from accepting HIM for who HE says HE is, is that many believe nothing can be better than what they can themselves conceive. I for one enjoy the sermons, as well as the pictures for they all point to HIM. Science is not in conflict with God, done well it expresses HIM.

Posted by ED July 26, 09 05:08 PM

Absolutely beautiful and astounding. How can anyone deny there is a God after seeing these pictures. Thank you for the technology and skill to take such amazing pictures. Truly amazing!

Posted by Lee July 26, 09 05:18 PM


Posted by ed July 26, 09 05:32 PM

Fantastic shots ! I dare anyone to say there is no God.The earth is a beautiful place.

Posted by Raymond Snyder July 26, 09 05:44 PM


Posted by NINER49er July 26, 09 06:12 PM

"In the beginning God created the heavens and earth." (from Genesis 1:1)
He created a marvelous universe.
Thanks to those brave souls in the ISS who are providing such photos and other invaluable information.

Posted by Jim Fowke July 26, 09 06:34 PM

I am nearly speechless. Wow.

Posted by N Bowden July 26, 09 06:51 PM

Thanks for these images, which is reminding us that we are small and invisible from a mans perspective, but with a purpose driven life with Our Sovereign Lord Jesus, there are still more to see and more blessings to receive.

Posted by Cornell E Power July 26, 09 07:01 PM

wonderful pics, but i have always wondered, without this space travel, how did MGM studios get the picture of earth so amazingly accurate so many years ago before space travel. Every since i was a kid, and that was a long time ago..

Posted by woody88 July 26, 09 07:26 PM

Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Posted by Frank Stowers July 26, 09 07:33 PM

Still so much we can learn of our Earth!! Love the photos!! I love you all my Earthlings!!!
God Bless!

Posted by Alice E D July 26, 09 07:51 PM

I believe in creation, always have and always will. How do the evolutionists explain this?

Wonderful photos!

Posted by John July 26, 09 08:51 PM

Awesome and more awesome. Thanks to our space travelers, they are
really the ones that brought this beauty to all of us. Believers and non
believers alike.

Posted by hotpatch July 26, 09 08:57 PM

These photos were absolutely awesome and so very beautiful that it can leave no doubt in your mind that a wonderful and loving God created all this for us to enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking these pictures and sharing them with us!

Posted by Carolyn Stallings July 26, 09 08:59 PM

How beautiful is our blue ball. We have a very deep responsibility to protect this place as it is our only home.

We have evolved enough to be aware of not only ourselves; but, the precious world we inhabit.

Posted by Shhaz July 26, 09 09:20 PM

Awesome photos.
Our politicians should see and read this.They will have to answer
to someone some day.

Posted by sam July 26, 09 09:37 PM

We are a doomed species, for so many of you to see such incredible pictures and run to a "creator being" for responsibility. If that responsibility is God's alone, then our responsibility is non-existent and we will treat it as such. In the end, this means we are doomed, as a species, since we will never as a whole feel responsible. for the planet we inhabit. This species will forever be childish and without reason, if your thinking prevails.

What is the point of free will and self determination if you just think there's a God behind everything that happens?

Posted by Raphus cucullatus July 26, 09 09:51 PM

A wonderful collection thanks to the continuing magic of science. What would our ancesters thought of these pictures, unbelievable!

Posted by Posted by Graeagle Bob July 26, '09 6:45 pm July 26, 09 09:51 PM

Thank you so very much for sending us these pictures,
I shall look at them over and over again. They are so
beautiful. I believe in God I don't know if he took them
but someone did and they did a great job. Thank you
so so much.


Posted by Joan July 26, 09 09:58 PM

Hermosas fotografias. Casi increible ver todo desde quien sabe que alturas.

Posted by JUAN JOSE July 26, 09 10:27 PM


Posted by BOB ROUSE July 26, 09 10:50 PM

All the adjectives above - just repeat. Staggering photos. Thank you.

Posted by David July 26, 09 11:14 PM

Well said, #375!! These ARE wonderful, awe inspiring pictures which raise our spirits. But those who always claim to be the most tolerant are the ones who attack others for their beliefs. Isn't it amazing that the ones who pat themselves on the back for being tolerant are the least tolerant! So RELAX intolerant people and let everyone enjoy these pictures for what they are....BEAUTIFUL!

Posted by I Believe July 27, 09 12:24 AM

As an engineer who helped design the ISS, I'm delighted to see those really great pictures. Almost as good as being there!

Posted by John Kraus July 27, 09 12:52 AM

The captions on the pictures are very useful. The pics are wonderful, but as we all know, pretty soon they will be common place and we will be looking for more, bigger, brighter, with sound, etc. Keep these pictures coming.

Posted by Lee Rahn from Rolette, ND July 27, 09 01:19 AM

Raphus, You hit it on the head with responsibility and free will. HE is responsible to create, and has done it right well. All the laws we use and count on to be consistant are by HIS design. Yes we do have free will. We can become and do what ever we choose, and that is possible within our individual limitations. Our earth in a limited perspective is doomed if we act short-sightedly and without respect to HIS laws of shall I say the life cycle of a planet. But if we act responsibly, it is to be responsible to HIM for the planet HE gave us. But in the long term, there are more important issues.

Posted by ED July 27, 09 01:49 AM

Considering the incredible investment we have in our space program I am glad NASA is willing to share these beautiful photos with all of us. It will take another two or three generations to determine if lives lost and our billions have been well spent, but I have high hopes.

Posted by Curious Bob July 27, 09 03:57 AM

Thank you for the excellent pictures from above.!!!Wonderfull!!

Posted by Tatjana Wagner July 27, 09 07:23 AM

It makes you wonder what else they can photograph.

Posted by Amy July 27, 09 07:59 AM

For those of you why can't believe that religion work hand in hand together with science, google Emanuel Swedenborg's writings. By studying science it confirms there is an omniscient power.

Posted by Jane Monahan July 27, 09 09:22 AM


Posted by pauline hill July 27, 09 09:31 AM


Posted by ANITA M.T.C. July 27, 09 09:32 AM

These are really amazing pictures that most of us never have the chance to see!

Posted by Anonymous July 27, 09 09:34 AM

What a Mighty God I serve!! Beautiful photos!

Posted by Malcolm July 27, 09 09:50 AM

These pictures demonstrate beautifully the complexity that can arise from the simple interactions between photons and electrons described by quantum electrodynamics.

Posted by robin cross July 27, 09 09:50 AM

Photo # 30: Could the circular be evidence of a near-surface heat source in the deep lake? There may be many around the earth. Another expanation for "global warming"?

Posted by Geogym July 27, 09 10:15 AM

What an amazing planet we live on!

Posted by Florence Richards July 27, 09 10:42 AM


Posted by PHYLLIS DICARLO July 27, 09 10:45 AM

Mother Earth you ARE the fairest of them all. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Marcia Knebel July 27, 09 11:00 AM

RE: the Russian volcano spewing out CO2 and other pollutants. How many cars would have to be removed to equalize the the damage being done to the atmosphere? Makes "Cap and Trade" look stupid. But no Obama disciple will admit it. By the way, the Supreme Entity must be a mathematician considering everything happening in space can be predicted.

Posted by legavin July 27, 09 11:30 AM

Mmm pretty pictures.

That's all they are, pretty pictures. Inspiring? Perhaps but still pretty pictures.

Posted by Pretty PIctures Expert #A1 July 27, 09 11:30 AM

These photos are absolutely beautiful, awe inspiring. For those of us who have Faith in a Supreme being they give comfort.

To those of you who would ridicule our Faiths, please allow this thought:

If you are right ane we are wrong, then death is merely problem for you...BUT...if we are right and you are wrong...ouch. Hey, I'm just sayin'.

Science isn't denying God...It is proving Him.

Posted by LTC Cliff Deane, USA, AR, (ret) July 27, 09 11:35 AM

Amazing, beautiful photographs....never mind the flaws that the nit-pickers seem to find! Some of the comments remind me of the Bette Midler song...."From a Distance".....there is harmony.....and no one is a at war. What a wonderful thought, and a great way to start the day/week with these wonderful images. BTW, irrigation circles can be found in most of the southwestern US as well. Take a short flight from DFW to El Paso and you will see many of them.

Posted by Linda July 27, 09 11:38 AM

These images make me hope there are other inhabited planets, if for no other reason than to brag on the beauty of ours. Thank you NASA for these and the thousands of other photos you have provided.

Posted by Jim Jessup July 27, 09 11:56 AM

The volcano pictures show that no matter what propaganda the tree huggers put out , a volcano will undo anything we could possibly doto improve the climate . Always has always will . Our efforts are so puny when viewed next to God's .

Posted by Vic Eason July 27, 09 12:11 PM

Awesome pictures! Why is it people have to get nasty about other people's comments on how it makes them feel? I see the awesomeness of God in His creation. If you don't see that then why put down those who do? I notice people who do not believe in God are so insecure in their non belief that they have to criticize and put down Christians, etc. to make themselves feel bigger. Well God did create everything (even the "big bang"). Man cannot make something like this out of nothing. God also created free will so make your choice and let others do the same. Anyway, why not let people just enjoy it with nasty comments?

Posted by Sherry July 27, 09 12:18 PM

So said Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the XII Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita,

“I am the original generating cause of all causes, everything emanates from Me comprehending this the spiritually intelligent endowed with devotional sentiments become devoted unto me.

I alone am the creator, maintainer and destroyer of all creation.

Whatever is the root cause of all entities, I am that also; there is nothing which is
moving or stationary in all of creation, that exists without me.

Certainly wherever and whatever is majestic, beautiful or magnificent, you must certainly know that all these manifestations arise from but a fraction of My glory”.

Thanks to NASA, we are able to realise to some extent, the creation of the Lord!

Posted by Dr Y N I Anand July 27, 09 12:39 PM

Amazing photos. So beautiful.
Thanks for a nice start to my day.
Pity about all the arguing and people who feel the need to use every opportunity to further their cause. I guess it's the nature of the web but it would be nice if, for once, humans could sit back and enjoy the beauty of the earth (or anything) without an agenda or without pushing their personal beliefs (or non-beliefs) on others. Or without criticizing each other's views.
It takes away from the awe that the rest of us are feeling which could bring us closer together instead of widening the divide.
What would you prefer? Peace?
If so, choose peace.
If you choose drama or conflict instead, I guess you don't want peace after all.
These beautiful shots make me realize what a tiny speck on this planet, in this solar system and this universe I really am.
It infuses a sense of responsibility in me to choose peace and do what I can to preserve it on this big blue ball I inhabit.
So to everyone on this message board and beyond, may peace be with you.

Posted by yvette brown July 27, 09 12:55 PM

Re: 334,310,259 discussion: I believe that what we who do not believe in organized religion object to is not so much the idea of a higher power beyond our comprehension, but the coercion and judgment of those who feel the need to be on the winning team. Else they would accept ALL religious beliefs as valid as their own. Why is it impossible to conceive that God created the earth with its beautiful system of evolution that requires us to be aware and care for all the life forms which support us?

Posted by dini July 27, 09 01:11 PM

How sad that pictures of such great beauty arouse in so many the need to fight rather than be inspired.

Posted by Dave July 27, 09 01:12 PM

Just as each picture is individual & unique, so is each person. What an awesome, beautiful world we live on!

Posted by dianej July 27, 09 02:10 PM

These are fabulous pictures! Absolutely breath-taking. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by July 27, 09 02:15 PM

This world is full of wonders, we need to protect it. How did they ever find such clear weather for these pictures?

Posted by Leslie Sipe July 27, 09 02:20 PM

Amazing photographs in a perspective that you would never get from viewing on the ground. They truly left me speechless. That is why I am typing......

Posted by Pete Kirschling July 27, 09 03:18 PM

Wonderful pictures. Excellent photography!

Posted by WLH July 27, 09 03:20 PM

Wonderful pictures. Excellent photography!

Posted by WLH July 27, 09 03:21 PM

For those men and women who worked on all the programs that made these photos possible, my heartfelt gratitude.
Entry #435 Yvette Brown proves her to be a wise woman, and one I wish I knew, and called my friend.
Almighty God, Holy Trinity, Allah, G*d, Lord Krishna, Gaia, and all the others including my own Gods...nah.
All the men and women of science since the beginning of time....yep.

Posted by witchwayzup July 27, 09 03:57 PM

I am so pleased that I was able to see this beautiful photography in my lifetime.
I regret that my Parents and Grandparents were not as fortunate!
Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Posted by Vic Falvo July 27, 09 04:29 PM

Absolutely beautiful! Only by the hand of God! Everyone with the space programs have provided us with such great photographs. Their work is exceptional, and we do appreciate everything they all do with such dedication!

Posted by Barbara Stanford July 27, 09 04:45 PM

We are very fortunate to see what man has accomplished. The wonders of the universe are unmatchable by human hands; whereas, the beauty of the universe is able to be seen thanks to man's technological advances

Posted by Frank DiBiase July 27, 09 04:53 PM

Amazing. Some of it looks like abstract art. How beautiful it must be from
GOD's viewpoint looking down and all around. How small we all are- and how magnificent is GOD. Beautiful photography- Thank you.

Posted by pmst105 July 27, 09 04:54 PM

Thanks to all who shared in these beautiful works of art. I am so in awe of what God has given us. I think God gave us Scientists to compliment his work

Posted by Fith July 27, 09 04:56 PM

How exciting to see God's handiwork from so far away!!! The pics just reinforce my belief in God and bring songs to my mind and within my heart......"How Great Thou Art" and "Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King". Thank you NASA and God Bless America and the whole world!

Posted by Gail, Bakersfield,CA,USA July 27, 09 04:58 PM

What a show of what you can see from space

Posted by Allen J Gittens July 27, 09 05:23 PM

Absolutely beautiful pictures of things you don't begin to realize are out there.

Posted by Thelma Winks July 27, 09 05:30 PM

Those were the most beautiful photos I have ever seen, My mom would have loved to seen them ,she loved anything that had to do with space, I can remember going to the space center in Olando about 3-4 times. I would of loved to been there with you when you took them, You got to be proud when somebody makes a comment and think I did them (How AWSOME is THAT!!!)

Posted by Joanne July 27, 09 05:34 PM

Awesome pictures! We should take good care of our beautiful planet.
It's wierd how some of the far away river and water pictures resemble the inside of the human body --like the bloodstream/capillaries.
They should use the ISS for seeing what shady things are going on in other countries. Maybe they can even find Osama bin Laden!

Posted by teresa July 27, 09 06:10 PM

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Keep them coming.

Posted by Norm July 27, 09 06:18 PM

These photos are simply awesome,enjoyed everyone of them and am placing them in my favorites. Thank you Harry for forwarding them to me.

Posted by Len Dumond July 27, 09 06:20 PM

How can one view magnificent photo's and not believe that there is a God.

Posted by Pat July 27, 09 06:27 PM

These are absolutely we are In our 80's it is amazing at the sights we have seen and the progress we've made in our lifetime. Thank you God!

Posted by Tom & Elise Hillman July 27, 09 06:32 PM

Very expensive pictures!

Posted by Cyrus Cyrus July 27, 09 06:49 PM

Wow, God is good !

Posted by John July 27, 09 07:45 PM

We are so lucky to be able to see picutres like this with the power of the internet. These pictures are just breath taking! Thanks for sharing. Marilyn

Posted by Marilyn Perna July 27, 09 07:46 PM

Beautiful!! Why does god have to be part of these comments? Can't you look at the pictures and leave IT out of the discussion? Like the song said, " I don't have to fight, to prove I'm right, I don't need to be forgiven." Nice pics, though.

Posted by don July 27, 09 07:52 PM

What we see here is surely beautiful. But is in noway as beautiful as Heaven must be. God say's so in His word. God only has given us a minature glimpse of what He has in store for all His children in the hereafter. Praise be to God Jesus Christ our Savior.

Posted by Kermit Collins July 27, 09 08:13 PM

Not god -- God. The Creator of what you see in those photos . . . and the Creator of the eyes with which you're able to view them.

Posted by Teresa Rice July 27, 09 08:20 PM

Beautiful pics

Posted by Megan July 27, 09 08:25 PM

The pictures are amazing, and have everything to do with chance. We are very lucky to be alive. This world, and the entire universe is so random.

Posted by Kevin July 27, 09 08:33 PM

God says that only a fool will say "There is no God". It is sad that there are so many fools living on this wonderful thing we call "EARTH'

Posted by Ron Lewandowski July 27, 09 08:34 PM

nature made this, the big bang started this, as far a science has understood so far, long long before the marketing of religion showed up to control the masses. So stop fighting amongst yourselves and repair the damage that runaway religious wars have created, and look at the beauty right under your nose. Atheists rule

Posted by gordon July 27, 09 08:41 PM

No#462 Because God created them and we need to give him all the praise and glory for each one.

Posted by Anonymous July 27, 09 08:44 PM

Marvelous . . . awesome . . . brilliant . . . BRILLIANT!!!

Posted by Don Frick July 27, 09 08:47 PM

#375, and #410, The supposed "faithful" in God should not accuse the "Non believers" of God, or Agnostic for being intolerant of your views. You say that "they cannot comprehend anything outside their small world view" but in contrary, they believe in something much larger than the small world around us. Let us not forget that it was the religious and their myopic view of the world (and also the fact that they though the Earth was the center of the universe) that condemned the idea of heliocentrism as "false and contrary to Scripture". We can thank Galileo "the Father of modern science" for defending Copernicus' theory, and, sacrificing his own freedom by being sentenced to house arrest for the last 8 years of his life.

Posted by Kevin July 27, 09 09:44 PM

this just goes to show you every penny spent to support NASA is worth it AND this is just the tip of the iceberg....the medical & scientific achievements even overshadow the raw beauty of good photography!!!!
Just think what you Yanks could achieve if both NASA and NOAA were properly funded!!!!

Posted by Liz the Wiz / Canuckian eh! July 27, 09 10:07 PM

This is amazing technology capturing just one of the many ways God looks at the world! What a wonderful time we live in to see this.
Thank you for sharing these awe inspiring moments!

Posted by Christina Osborn July 27, 09 10:08 PM

God, The Creator of what you see in those photos . . . and the Creator of the eyes with which you're able to view them. God is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Patrick Governale

Posted by Patrick Governale July 27, 09 10:31 PM

A truly wonderful experience viewing these lucky are we to have access to these pictures..,please keep them coming

Posted by judy martin July 27, 09 10:42 PM

Wow... what beautiful ans awesome images. What is sad to me is that I am to distracted by the proselytizing "God is good" and "god has nothing to do with it" comments. I am so fricking tired of every little thing turning into a belief war between atheists and christians in this country. We are so wrapped up in our own little ideologies, it seems many people forget that there are literally thousands of beliefs systems, each of which work well for the millions of people who ascribe to each of them, and no one really has the right to go around assuming all people must accept, or even appreciate, his or her world view. Give people some space and respect!

Posted by Jared July 27, 09 11:42 PM

Is nature or creater amazing life is a wonderful gift of the creater but so many do not want to understand this here you can see that the haevens are full of amazing sites the potograph are tremendes

Posted by hielke July 27, 09 11:48 PM

I believe in God and His wonderful creations. Have you ever stopped to think just how He came up with the Praying Mantis? Or the Rhino and his big nose horn? Or better still......John Doe and Mary Poppins.
I think He's wonderful.........
jim, baton rouge, la

Posted by Big Jim July 28, 09 12:09 AM

I hope that the Creator of all that beauty forgives us humans for our abuse of it, and how small minded we can be. Also hope She has a sense of humor, or we are toast. WitnessTrey 3 's comment, not only small minded and petty, but dead wrong!

Posted by Tonyc1939 July 28, 09 12:14 AM

#471.....thanks for reminding us that while God may be great, it is the scientists/agnostics who are usually the ones with the far-sighted vision, willing to think outside of the religious box and advance the scientific theories. For many centuries scientific advancement has been hindered because of religious narrow-mindedness, and still is today in many scientific arenas for being contrary to Scripture. Let photos such as these be published on the internet and everyone suddenly is willing to proclaim what wonders God has wrought! Now I happen to think that He has give us some pretty good stuff.....Maybe we should thank Him for the scientists who are smart enough and the astronauts who are brave enough to bring His amazing show to us!

Posted by Linda July 28, 09 12:40 AM


Posted by BALAKRISHNA July 28, 09 12:59 AM

These Pictures are so nice and show us how God is Great in his creation, and thanks to NASA to share with us such marvelous views I felt as I am in the space watching the earth.

Posted by Linda Yousif July 28, 09 02:19 AM

Why does everything have to become a religious event, can't you just enjoy the Earth without religion ? After all, religion is what all the wars are about - the root of all evil !

Posted by Willy Freddy July 28, 09 02:40 AM

The writer (LRB) of comment #375 is the one "doing the attacking", judging & name calling. What a vain attempt to try and make him/herself feel as though they are better than everyone else. Hint: the world doesn't need religious zealots like that, neither does religion.

Posted by pete whipple July 28, 09 03:14 AM


Posted by EVELYN HENDRICKSON July 28, 09 03:23 AM

Truly amazing. That only proves THERE IS A GOD and only HE could create something as beautiful as this. Thank you!

Posted by Barb Staub July 28, 09 08:21 AM

What a life!

Posted by Eleanor Foley July 28, 09 09:06 AM

Truly amazing. That only proves THERE IS NO GOD and only NATURE could create something as beautiful as this. Thank you!

Posted by Holly Me July 28, 09 09:40 AM

God is.......from eternity to eternity!

Posted by Norman W. Schumm July 28, 09 09:46 AM

Thank you my friends in Space.

Posted by Clark C. McClelland, former STS ScO July 28, 09 10:03 AM

very cool

Posted by don kiser July 28, 09 10:07 AM

In the 75 years of my lifetime many great and wonderous things gave occured, been discovered, invented, etc...I am so glad that I have lived to enjoy all of this, however "these" pictures and all the time and work completed to be able to enjoy such wonders takes my breath away. Thank You

Posted by Eloise Gilmore July 28, 09 10:30 AM

it is exciting and stimulating to our senses.i appreciate very much the photgrapher

Posted by dr ups chauhan July 28, 09 11:13 AM

Anyone who has any knowledge of the history or religion can appreciate the delightful irony in how many of the commentators on this site are now finding evidence for God in the very realities that once had people burned alive as heretics. Ignorance remains, and probably always shall, bliss.

Posted by SCISSORPAWS July 28, 09 11:54 AM

what else or more can anyone say about these pictures , only wish I were there taking them !! Ernie Di Nardo July 28 , 09 12:06 P.M.

Posted by Ernest Di Nardo July 28, 09 12:08 PM

We appreciate these pictures SO Much, they are incredible, fantastic, and I thank the people who sent them to us: Dennis Thebeau and Kim Komando (to Dennis). Thanks a million to such precious friends.

Posted by Michael Kubanek July 28, 09 12:35 PM

You see what you choose to see, based your own biases. If your mind is open you see God. If your mind is closed you see only with your 6 senses.

Posted by Desi July 28, 09 12:59 PM

I reaiiy enjoyed the pictures I think God was very busy when He created all this juet for our pleasure .Thanks.

Posted by Lester A .Woods July 28, 09 02:56 PM

To be there seeing such sights from space must be most awesome. Fantanstic
pictures. posted by Richard J. Kulacki

Posted by Richard J. Kulacki July 28, 09 03:21 PM

Reference the email re volcano pollution and automobile pollution. Cap & Trade does not apply. Very little CO2 is given off by volcanoes. They do give off a lot of pure carbon particles (soot} which if anything does tend to cool the earth by blocking rays of the sun..

Posted by WPK July 28, 09 03:38 PM

Why does everything have to be an argument about god and evolution or politics. Can't we just enjoy the mystery and majesty of the pictures without putting someone else down for what they believe or don't believe in. Just let it Be!

Posted by Nick July 28, 09 03:39 PM

Beautiful and aweinspiring. Who could not believe that only God could create such wonder?

Posted by Marilyn July 28, 09 03:50 PM

These pictures of God's work are truly awe inspiring. The technology that produced the pictures are possible because we as a people financed all the programs. I think we as a people are to be commended!

Posted by Anonymous July 28, 09 04:12 PM

These are beautiful and educational. It is amazing the creativity of our Lord and Savior to create all of this (and more) for our pleasure and enjoyment. Thank you to those involved in putting this presentation together for the rest of us to ponder.

Posted by Tamara Ham July 28, 09 04:49 PM

These pictures are proof that god doesnt exist! Awesome photos!

Posted by Roger Penn July 28, 09 05:14 PM

Obrigado a NASA e a toudos os cientistas que trabalham neste fantastico projecto mas em particular a toudos os austronatas que enviaram para a Terra e para os que estao fora do projecto poderem ver estas maravilhas do Espaco.
De certeza que vou partilhar estas fantasticas fotos aos meus netos e netas e numa modesta maneira tentar explicar o fantastico trabalho e dedicacao de toudos envolvidos neste projecto.
Obrigado A.Santos

Posted by Amadeu Santos July 28, 09 06:54 PM

Great pictures please find peace on earth for all man kind to enjoy. Life is to short and theese pictures prove it.

Posted by Mike and Becca rembered July 28, 09 07:02 PM

Its amazing to see God's Handiwork. I loved all pictures......

Posted by Carol Thacker July 28, 09 07:06 PM

If God had wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings. God didn't do it. We did. They say that the image of the earth from space is the most relevant image ever. We and the other bios on this planet are all we have. It is up to us to save us. Your heaven is where you make it. Mine is here.....

Posted by Kari July 28, 09 07:11 PM

Simply awesome!! To some of the naysayers below who can say there is no God while viewing these incredible photos, let me say this. Belief in a benevolent, creator God does not preclude free will and responsibility. God created earth and the rest of the solar system and directs all of us to care for it and all that exists on it. While God indeed knows the end of the story, how we get there is up to us! Amen!!!!

Posted by Emma in Phoenix July 28, 09 07:15 PM

God made us stewards of the all the earth and it's resources.
We lost that relationship when we turned our back on God.
We did that, and continue to do so, of our own "free will".

So, Rapphus and the rest, we ARE responsible and we WILL be held accountable.
Read the Bible (even if it is just a book to you) and study American history (but use books published pre-1900 revisionist). You will see the Truth if you seek it truly.

Posted by M July 28, 09 08:02 PM

Amazing photos Eddy, thak you for sending them. Julia

Posted by Anonymous July 28, 09 08:24 PM

fantastic!!! what a wonderful world...

Posted by Andrei Baciu July 28, 09 08:41 PM

My Grandfather came to the west in a covered wagon and lived to be 96; he always
talked about the changes he had seen in his lifetime. I wish he were alive today
to view these pictures; unbelieveable and awsome. Thanks for allowing us
to view them; they will definitely be in my favorites to view. THANKS
BEN 7/28/09

Posted by BEN July 28, 09 10:02 PM

WOW NEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Roger A. Buttemeier July 28, 09 10:10 PM

Beautiful! I love our planet!!! Also, I want to see the NAZCA DESERT in Peru!! specifically the geoglyphs!

Posted by darkmattermom July 28, 09 10:44 PM

Beautiul pictures, some interesting comments. It takes a lot more faith to believe that all of this happened without a Creator, than it does to believe in one. His creation screams out His existence. Mathematician, artist, scientist, creator. lover of mankind - all these and more. I can hardly wait to have Him show me how he did it all (and there's a lot more to see in the whole universe). On a more important point, LTC Cliff Deane, USA, AR, (ret) (Comment 429) is exactly right. His logic is undeniable. Listen to him.

Posted by Dr. Robert L. Cummings (Capt. USAF) July 29, 09 12:30 AM

These pictures probes of the existence of God, if you do not believe in Him after seen them, blindness is the ignorance of humans. God is always here and everywhere.

Posted by M. C. Ruiz July 29, 09 12:34 AM


How Great is our Creator!

God bless you who made us to see the beautiful world that we live in.

Posted by Don Lee July 29, 09 01:21 AM


Posted by Louise Burke July 29, 09 01:43 AM

Excellent photos.
Don't bring God into it! Just look and think about the planet.
Don't try to use it as an excuse to dismiss environmental issues.
You wouldn't like it if someone put all their rubbish in your back yard so don't use this as an excuse to continue pumping pollutants in to everybody elses atmosphere.... global warming or no global warming!

Posted by CJ July 29, 09 07:41 AM

Do you believe in good? Isn't life a good thing? Isn't this earth a good thing? Isn't flight, photography and the abilty of thought and creation a good thing? Once a person realizes that 'God' is 'good' simply with a capital G, the concept is clear. There is evil in the world because we think it, focus on it and therefore promote it. Likewise there could be more good in the world if we focus more thought on it and therefore promote it. I am a believer in good, and it doesn't matter what name I give to it. Good exists.....bad too. When we take photos like these and publish them for the world to see. It's all good. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by J. Gosun July 29, 09 09:47 AM

Kim Komando does a wonderful job of keeping us up to date on technology and the latest in the beauty all around us. Thanks to all who had a part in bringing us all these fantastic pictures.

Posted by James L. Hall July 29, 09 10:51 AM


Posted by MARY KINSEY July 29, 09 11:07 AM

I wonder how many people are out there looking this way.

Posted by Russell Gremore July 29, 09 12:29 PM

This reaffirms my faith that, despite mankind's worst efforts to destroy it, Mother Earth still has awesome beauty that will be hard to erase.

Posted by frank iverson July 29, 09 01:07 PM

Beautiful, peaceful, serene pictures.

Posted by K DUTTON July 29, 09 01:37 PM

Awesome pics!!!!

Posted by Larry Lengel July 29, 09 02:01 PM

These wonderful photos are appreciated and the people responsible for them should be commended, Thank you who ever you may be, good job, send more to people who appreciate them for what they are... Very beautiful photos Thank you

Posted by Phil Ansuini July 29, 09 02:05 PM

All the above 529 comments just prove that the god believers are the hateful ones, not the agnostics and atheists.

Give it a rest all you fundamentalists!

An atheist

Posted by Phil July 29, 09 02:27 PM


Posted by Mary July 29, 09 03:53 PM

How lucky we are to get to see this. Traveling around is wonderful but
to see it from the sky is even more beautiful.

Posted by R J Johnson July 29, 09 05:17 PM

When my life becones too chaotic, i go outside and look up at the night sky and all my worries and self indulgent fears go away becauseI realize I am only a very small part of God's beautiful creations. Thanks for these lovely things.

Posted by Agnes Jay July 29, 09 05:47 PM

Hopefully the good will and co-operation among the nations that made this and other scientific advancements on the ISS possible will continue. not all that long ago these type of technologies were used to further the divide between countries. Now we have the chance to explore outer space and the world together. Let's keep that going people. P.S.: Freedom of speach is a right, not a privledge.

Posted by Thomas Snyder July 29, 09 06:47 PM

Realizing what relatively minute specks we are on this awesome speck in this awesome universe, brings to mind a passage from Isaiah... "what is man that You are mindful of him..." Then, to realize that The Creator of it all actually entered into His own creation on this speck in His universe as one of us specks... to reveal Himself to the beings He created in His own Image... It is humbling to know that we can actually receive such love... "For God so loved the world that He gave... and gave... and gave..." Check it out!

Posted by Phil Landrum July 29, 09 07:33 PM

One picture is worth a thousand words. Combined, they leave me speachless.MAGNIFICANT

Posted by ELEANOR SORENSEN July 29, 09 07:44 PM

What a sight to see, especially since I worked at the Cape in the late 1950's with Conviar Astronatics when they brought the Atlas booster into the hanger.. I am thrilled to see these absolutely beautiful pictures of God's creations. I am also proud to have been a part of the outer space program.

Posted by Jeannie Webb July 29, 09 08:44 PM

How can anyone believe that 'just happened'!!!??? To God be the glory for all He has given us to enjoy. When I see pics like these I can only think of "How Great Thou Art".

Posted by Mary Thomson July 29, 09 08:55 PM

oh wow that is really cool ...i love how it looks so pretty ..........really cool how technology today is so advanced

Posted by kayla July 29, 09 09:21 PM

I am just an amatuer photographer, but can't help but be AMAZED by the beauty found in locations I will NEVER see in my lifetime (especially from this Vantage Point) Thanks so much for allowing us to see what is "out there, from Up above"

Posted by Leeza Lanson July 29, 09 09:28 PM

Who can see these and not believe in God.

Posted by Dorna July 29, 09 09:50 PM

Strictly magnificent photographs. Evedence of God performed artistry at its fullest...

Posted by BUD July 29, 09 11:06 PM

Incredible photo's !!!! Imagine what these photos would look like if they were taken 5000 years ago ! We humans have sure destroyed the planet earth. I think we should have stayed in the trees !

Posted by Rick Nordal July 29, 09 11:07 PM

Washington looks amazing!

Posted by Anonymous July 29, 09 11:20 PM


Posted by S.Suriya Narayanan July 29, 09 11:54 PM

Thank God (Yes God) O'Bama was not President when we started this program or he would have surely cut it to pay for his socialistic crap and we would not have had the chance to view these or discuss creation vs evolution. Thank God for the founders, constitution and declaration of independence.

God Bless all those that have fought and died to preserve the right to have this discussion.
In God we Trust.... (Read your money you atheists and non-believers)

Posted by Jeff July 29, 09 11:55 PM

This is the most amazing scenery I have been able to see in my lifetime. Thank you.

Posted by Lori Adams July 30, 09 12:22 AM

This comments board is proof that conversations about God's existence or not turns people into ninnies.

Posted by Peter July 30, 09 12:49 AM

@541 :: The answer is: someone who can see beauty as beauty without complicating it by adding a human-like face.

Posted by Peter July 30, 09 12:51 AM

What a beautiful display of photos, I hope more are coming.
DnV.Simar- Reno Nv.

Posted by Dean Simar July 30, 09 01:41 AM

It's awesome, fantastic and beyond words! God created all things big and small.
All those beautiful creations out there did not just create themselves, GOD put them there.

Posted by AL LAGUIO July 30, 09 02:00 AM

This proves that Cthulhu exists! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh C'thulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Posted by Jack Cultist July 30, 09 03:14 AM

Thanks for these. Nice to see there are some positive externalities out of the American military-industrial-complex!

Posted by Wishful July 30, 09 08:46 AM

Beautiful pictures of our Mother Earth. Gaia is gorgeous.

Posted by JanetMermaid July 30, 09 09:30 AM

WOW! Truly awsome pictures. How great is our God!!

Posted by Wanda July 30, 09 09:50 AM


Posted by ALDO July 30, 09 10:02 AM

thank you for these i loved looking at them. the world is a beauty all on her own

Posted by annamaria butts July 30, 09 10:15 AM

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sending them.

Posted by LeeSloan July 30, 09 10:24 AM

Isn't it enough to see that the garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too??

Posted by David July 30, 09 11:02 AM

Great pix. It would be helpful to have a North/South referance mark on the photos.

Posted by Jerry July 30, 09 11:23 AM

Wonderful photos! But, I sure wouldn't want to go swimming in Bolivia's Lake Poop!!!

Posted by Sherry S. July 30, 09 12:10 PM

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.

It's unfortunate, however, to see a theist/atheist argument rear it's ugly head again. Alas, I have no choice but to throw my hat in: in every form of rational thinking, you cannot use a subject to describe itself, even if it's cyclic in nature (i.e. "what is a pen?" - a pen is something you write with - "what is writing?" - something you do with a pen). So, to justify the existence of God because you think God said so is ... well ... sorry to say it ... moronic.

Posted by Nathan July 30, 09 12:20 PM

Why is it when most religious people make a comment they have to belittle and judge people who don't share the same views as them? Is this a way for them to reinforce "their" beliefs by condemning others to "their" hell? I have my own beliefs which are "my" beliefs that compel me to be kind to my fellow humans and the animals in which we share this wonderful world. Too bad certain groups of people make life difficult for others to enjoy what we have.

Posted by Garrett M July 30, 09 12:26 PM

The pictures are beautiful! Thanks Satan for making all this cool stuff

Posted by Anonymous July 30, 09 01:41 PM

Nice pictures, nice planet. Great work Big Bang.
Can't wait to see how you're other inhabited planets you've created are shaping up.
Big Bang FTW!!!!

E pur si muove!

Posted by Metcalfe July 30, 09 01:50 PM

The god comments are a complete wind up they have to be because god freaks wouldn't be on a website like this where there are things like science and fact and reality.

It's just people trying to get you excited.

Posted by Eoin July 30, 09 01:55 PM

what's with all the religious fanatics commenting on Boston's photo series? Save it for church and your brainwashed children.

Posted by no nonsense Bill July 30, 09 01:59 PM

there is no god! the world and everything just is , the sooner people realise that the sooner we'll all stop trying to kill each other and the planet and then maybe humanity will make some progress!

Posted by chris tierney July 30, 09 02:01 PM

Why when we have the joy of seeing our planet from another glorious perspective, do we have to bring arguments about God or no God into this?
Why can't we just stand and admire in awe our wonderful home?

Posted by Shirley July 30, 09 03:06 PM

Religion why do people always bring that up in these things. As soon as you people realize they are just stories in a book like any other book. On that Note; I agree with post 568 humanity will finally make progress.

Posted by A friendly July 30, 09 03:07 PM

Everyone has a right to there opinion right or wrong when it comes to God. I believe in God and he gave human beings the ability to make space craft, cameras,etc to bring us magnificent photos such as these. Non believers are wrong, but they have been given that right and a brain to make wrong decisions or right ones. The fact is these pictures are marvelous and we can all marvel at God's work.

Posted by Richard Evitts July 30, 09 03:41 PM

K, after reading the comments i'm confused on how these pictures are proof God doesn't exist....? I am also a little disappointed that everyone has to see pictures like these to be in awe of gods creation. We ourselves were created in his image, not the earth, you should be amazed at his creativity and love more when you look in the mirror then when you see these pictures. They are very beautiful, thank you god for making me even more beautiful than them.

Posted by Rebekah Davis, 30, tx July 30, 09 04:16 PM

Thank God We have a chioce to believe.

Posted by Dale July 30, 09 04:18 PM

Very beautiful pictures. God is real. There is no one like Him.

Posted by Mike July 30, 09 04:48 PM

GOD schmod! I don't care what you believe in but all I can say is WASTED MONEY! I bet if you think real hard you can find hundreds of ways we could use the money for the betterment of the human race. After we take care of all of our people in the world who need help, America first of course, then we can spend money on programs which have no immediate benefit. There are thousands of people in this great land that need immediate help, jobs for the unemployed, medicine for the aged, health care for the uninsured, etc. In the past 15 years we have spent billions on our space program and what do we have for WOW.

Posted by Capt. James Fulbright, USMC July 30, 09 04:51 PM

God does not see the earth this way. Have you ever noticed that things which spend long amounts of time in darkness are blind (i.e. cave animals)? In the eternity before the world was created, God would have lost his eyesight.
For you less intelligent people out there I am not serious. There is no God. I really don't care what you think about God. You're wrong. To say I'm being discriminatory is crazy. It is like someone maintaining that silicon chips are just made up, and gremlins are inside all electronics. A person who says that shouldn't be left alone and ignored in the name of tolerance. You should convince them of the truth.

Posted by Bessie Fee July 30, 09 04:52 PM

Beautiful, made with God's own hand. I'm so glad I lived to see it. Thank you, Lord!

Posted by Marian July 30, 09 04:57 PM

I've got to remember to stop reading comments on websites. I really enjoyed this page until I got to the comments.

Posted by mark July 30, 09 05:25 PM

Funny thing is..

Did god allow you to see these images?


God is irrelevant to those pictures. They are amazing whether you believe in made up stories or not

Posted by stu July 30, 09 05:33 PM

Great photos of quite a few MAN MADE landscapes. As for the rest it doesn't matter whether it's a god or nature, you don't see the one thing that spoils the planet - mankind.

Posted by Jimbob July 30, 09 06:02 PM

Interesting how individuals have to argue & such on the net too

Posted by Anonymous July 30, 09 06:08 PM

These pictures are mind-boggling and wonderful. I do thank God that he gave all mankind free will and intelligence - otherwise we wouldn't have the scientists who have found the way to bring all these wonders to us today!!!!

Posted by Ann C. July 30, 09 06:28 PM

there is so much wrong with post # 546 i wont even start

beautiful photos by the way

Posted by anonymous July 30, 09 06:54 PM

amazing! really puts things into perspective for me! Thanks for posting!

Posted by Kate July 30, 09 07:18 PM

To those of you who said that god and religion caused so many deaths and wars. If you actually knew what you were talking about you would understand that it has always been man perversion of everything given to him that has caused these things. Man never learns from his mistakes, man never learns from history, Man can't see past his own nose. There is a reason Jesus called us sheep, sheep are probably the dumbest qanimal on the planet, like sheep we need somebody to lead us, take care of us, and provide for us. And I'm not refering to Nobama, Im refering to God. If we all actually read the word (Bible) and adhered to it, there would be no wars, fighting, back stabbing , stealing, murder, lying, corrupt poloticians etc etc. But alas man is too stupid to understand the wisdom of God, Unless he is born again and the Holy Spirit shows what the word says and means. As long as man continues to reject God and his direction for us(Bible) man will continue to destroy hisself and all thign around him, and blame it on God. For man is prideful being that will not accept blame for what he does, but somehow always manages to lay the blame elsewhere. Thus this beatiful earth and all on it traveling through space and time on the way to a destination with Hell at warp speed. God Bless you all!
PS: Great pictures of the home the Lord created for us.

Posted by SLS July 30, 09 07:36 PM

I didnt read all the comments but I must say I feel very sad for the persons whom cant believe our God created all this beauty and splendor or that he is blind its many of us that our blind and turn our backs on what we should be doing to help and get rid of evil and provertty. Thanks to our brave men and women for these pictures and mostly Thank You God for it all. Blessings to you all Peace be with you.

Posted by E.R. Sanders July 30, 09 08:34 PM

I see God's face in the 35th picture. How can someone not believe in the creator. May God be with you.

Posted by Jim Johnston July 30, 09 08:56 PM

i have to agree with comment 501. it's a shame these beautiful photos have to serv as a backdrop for people to argue religion and politics. i only hope we can have more of the photos.

Posted by irv goeke July 30, 09 08:57 PM

wow you guys (the people that post comments) are amazing!!! do you have to argue everywhere you go?!!!! ...."he is right!!"..."he is wrong!!"... give it a break and enjoy the pictures!!

the pictures (which is the subject here!!!) are amazing!!! luv them : )

Posted by get over it!! July 30, 09 09:05 PM

I like God, He makes me feel good and that’s all I have to say about that. NOW to #575 Captain notbright USMC, think of all the science that has been discovered and jobs created because of the space program. If we all thought like you, people would have never crossed the ocean to discover America. Stay home and suck your thumb. Nice pictures too.

Posted by JC retired NAVY July 30, 09 10:31 PM

Wow! That was great pictures.
Thanks for posting.

Posted by Andy Moquin July 30, 09 11:35 PM

It's so pics!

Posted by OlhoNaTV July 30, 09 11:59 PM

These pictures are Amazing! Now I know God's power! He deserves all the praise for his wonderful accomplishments. Thanks to those responsiple for these photos.

Posted by Susan Jones July 31, 09 01:32 AM

I do like this pictures the view is amazin. its great to have them to enjoy the view from our home. keep the good work.

Posted by kasovan July 31, 09 02:08 AM

For Capt. James Fulbright, USMC. You seem to glaze over the fact that your country spends more on military things (and its almost continual wars) than the rest of the world combined repeat the rest of the world combined. The (illegal) war in Iraq costs you what, a billion-and-a-half a week? And spending money on America first of course as you say. You're supposed the richest country in the world yet you rank #20 in the worlds most generous countries, hardly a thing to be proud of. Tsk tsk on you.

Posted by Michael July 31, 09 04:29 AM

I would like you to see North Korea at night to see their electrical grid.. Punyang is all thet is lit up. Strange for a country with nukes and a delivery system. Can't hit anything yet but watch out.

Great pics of an awsome home. 3rd rock??

Take care it's the only place you have till we terraform

Posted by Larry Snyder July 31, 09 07:43 AM

Thank God for the pictures. Hey you 575, your sick, and 590 you got it right

Posted by Retired US Army M/sgt July 31, 09 09:58 AM

Oh holy crap, give it a rest people, I guess we can tell what kind of e-mail lists and networks these pictures are being circulated on. These are proof of nothing other than we have cameras in orbit. See whatever you want, science, god, the flying spaghetti monster, but just keep it to yourself. Who the F*** cares what you think and why do you care what anyone else thinks? Just shut up and enjoy the pictures!

Posted by Marshal Rogers July 31, 09 10:23 AM

When I viewed these photos I felt the awesome power of God. This is my opinion and my feeling so don't be offended.

Posted by Trish Overton July 31, 09 10:30 AM

What a powerful group of amazing photos. It was a treat to enjoy them.

Posted by Ray Lawson July 31, 09 10:54 AM

it's to bad people of this planet want to distroy it with nukes and garbage, what a wonderful planet we live on , clarence p

Posted by clarence potter sr July 31, 09 11:37 AM

those were cool pics

Posted by myrandaharbinson July 31, 09 12:11 PM

Great pictures- God is real and we should all thank & bless hime everyday of our lives. Cuz if it wasn't for god we wouldn't be alive today!!

Posted by Yvette Brusuelas July 31, 09 02:22 PM

Simply sublime. Thank you so much for posting them.

I can enjoy them without immediately assuming that it was created by some supernatural mumb-jumbo. And in time to come, in keeping with the declining christianity figures worldwide, more and more people will come to appreciate them as simply beautiful pictures - without giving credit to Aladura, Amish, Anglicanism, Asatru, Bah'ai Faith, Baptist, Bön, Buddhism, Cao Dai, Catholicism, Chinese Religion, Chopra Center, Christianity, Christian Science, Confucianism, Conservative Judaism, Divine Science, Eckankar, Epicureanism, Episcopalianism, Falun Gong, Germanic, Heathenism, Greco-Roman Religion, Hare Krishna (ISKCON), Hasidic Judaism, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Kemetic Reconstructionism, Lutheranism, Mahayana Buddhism, Mayan Religion, Mithraism, Mormonism (LDS), Neopaganism, New Thought, Nichiren Buddhism, Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Presbyterianism, Protestantism, Pure Land Buddhism, Rastafari, Religious Science, Scientology, Seventh-day Adventist, Shaivism, Shinto, Sikhism, Stoicism, Taoism, Tendai Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Unification Church, Unitarian Universalism, Unity Church, Vaishnavism, Wicca, Zen, and Zoroastrianism.

Posted by Alan July 31, 09 03:06 PM

Fascinating pictures, many of them beautiful. Too bad none was taken during he tsunami in East Asia a few years ago, when god summarily drowned about two
hundred and seventy five thousand people, including about thirty-five thousand
perfectly innocent children.

Posted by Philip Peppis July 31, 09 03:17 PM

How does this prove that God doesn't exist???
These photos don't really prove anything.
They are pretty amazing (:

Posted by Victoria July 31, 09 03:23 PM

Truly awesome images I have no doubt that my license plate can be clearly read from afar. I enjoyed this very much.!!

Posted by Jan D. Bartrom July 31, 09 04:28 PM

When did this become a religious forum? Enjoy the awesome fotos for what they are.

Posted by Dirk July 31, 09 08:02 PM

This is too hard. I can't find Waldo anywhere.

Posted by PAN July 31, 09 08:19 PM

The photos are fabulous . . . as the world truly is! To all those desperately trying to prove the existence of "God" . . . who created "God"? Rhetorical comment.

Posted by Victoria July 31, 09 09:47 PM

This goes to show that we are small. Compaired to what GOD has CREATED, and we have only seen a very small fraction of what was really created. WOW thanks for posting them.

Posted by Jack E. Davis III IN THE FAITH August 1, 09 01:14 AM


Posted by DOC FRESHWATER August 1, 09 01:35 AM

great , enjoyed and cherished all pictures with more to come in future...!

Posted by Sandeep August 1, 09 02:19 AM

Why can't these fools simply enjoy these beautiful pictures without having to denigrate others, just because they mentioned God?
If you don't believe, don't attack those who do. You're just showing the rest of the planet's peoples how much of a fool you are.
Not denigrating anyone, just stating fact. Like the fact that all these pictures show us the beauty of our glorious world. All the nasty comments I read were NOT sent by those that mentioned God. Those were about the beauty that they saw, and ascribed it to God. Others, saw beauty but it suddenly became ugly and bad just because they saw the word, GOD, and had to attack, JUST GROW UP!

Posted by Jose August 1, 09 04:02 AM

awesome photos..

Posted by floyd garver August 1, 09 06:49 AM

Way up in space - awesome pictures - but....where is heaven? Most of us look up when talking with GOD - but where is it? A state of the unconcious mind?

Posted by Wanda August 1, 09 08:44 AM

...And I say to myself "What a wonderful world"....

-Louis Armstrong

God is truly amazing! What an imagination!

Posted by Donna O August 1, 09 09:51 AM

It's all about simply gaining some PERSPECTIVE, folks!!

Posted by Cheryl Moberyl August 1, 09 10:21 AM

Awesome! Thanks for posting these!

Posted by Joey August 1, 09 11:08 AM

How truly remarkable and awesome are these views of our planet. I find it preferable, myself, to enjoy that which is beautiful and am grateful for such a wonderful world to live. I’m also grateful that I can “tune-out” those who would choose to use this opportunity to express all the negative bullsh*t in their hearts.

Posted by Chief Ski August 1, 09 11:10 AM

This is for all the "Atheist" "doubting Thomas's" and despisers of GOD. I will pray for you and no matter how you hate that thought I will do it any way.
To anyone who can look at these pictures and even imagine for one instant that this all came about through the "big bang theory" and the human race "evolved" from a monkey I also feel very sorry for you.
One day you will stand before your creator and your knees will bow, he will look on you and send you away from him forever and you will no longer have to despise your very existance, who ever published these Pictures? Thank you for sharing them they were truly amazing

Posted by Barbara August 1, 09 11:12 AM

The viewing of these pictures leaves one in awe of the many splendors of our world. Beyond our neighborhood and the rush of traffic where tensions grow and consume our lives these images effectively release that sense of confinement. So many of us never venture much beyond where we were born. Outstanding!

Posted by Sandy August 1, 09 11:23 AM

These pics are so beautiful. It makes you feel so small in the universe. I am ready to see what is out there beyond our little blue planet. Life is amazing!!!!

Posted by Johnny Mengarelli August 1, 09 02:16 PM

As I was viewing these magnificent photos, I could only imagine in a very small way what must have been the feelings of the astronauts traveling through space and witnessing its wonder. As one atheist astronaut put it when he looked out,he quietly thanked god for allowing him to see this magnificent world.

Posted by Mary Goedert August 1, 09 02:37 PM

These photos are proof again and again that paradise exists and it exists right here on the good mother earth. Why-O-why do we continue to look elsewhere when we have it beneath or feet. We should stop spending any money on space exploration until we reach peace on earth. We can put humans on the moon and accomplish deep space probes but we can't stop killing women and children. Beautiful? Yes this magnificent earth is beautiful, however we want to find some forbidden planet and try to make an earth out of it.....Insanity.

Posted by Ned W. Jones August 1, 09 02:53 PM

Perhaps the most relevant quote is: "Be still, and know that I am God." Or, simply, be still. So much beauty, so much wonder, such a feeling of personal insignificance when confronted with the scope and majesty of the universe--be still, drop to your knees in awe, enjoy, appreciate, and let others do the same, in their own way, whatever that may be. Be still.

Posted by Marian Cook August 1, 09 03:23 PM

These awesome pictures are firsts of a kind for me to see so much of this wonderful earth of ours with no political boundaries drawn, no rules of living in the various habitats except by Man himself, and unfettered, magnificnet views from nearly any vantage point but so breath-taking from ours and Russia's jointly-owned International Space Station, one of the very few things we never ever argue about with them. Hard to believe such magnificence as this can be populated with such selfish, unthinking, cruel, folks who never hesitate to take the opportunity to go at the throat of their fellow man. Why, for God's sake, why?

Posted by Achmed Mohammed August 1, 09 06:16 PM

What does it matter if there is a god or isn't a god. The earth is beautiful anyway it goes. Relax, enjoy, flow....... it is enough to have been...!

Posted by Annette August 1, 09 06:24 PM

Awesome Inspiring mind boggling to think we live in this great big beautiful world.
The message from these pictures will be different for each one who views them.
To me the message is one of beauty and I am thrilled to be living in this day and age on Mother Earth with all of you..

Posted by Anonymous August 1, 09 07:40 PM

Totally awesome pictures! The wonders of God's Creation shown through the filter of science - Don't blame God for the tragedies of this world - point your finger to yourself - without Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Faith, and God's Grace, we ourselves destroy God's Creation - humanity and the world around us.
There's nothing wrong with people who see these wonderful pictures and choose to thank God for His Creation, they are merely expressing their gratitude.
For those who choose not to believe in God, check with me after you die.

Posted by Annette Loeffen August 1, 09 08:17 PM

Thank You for eyes to see...

Posted by don keller August 1, 09 08:31 PM

pictures are great, but I wonder, were they really up there to take these pictures or were they up there to spy on other countries. Who really knows

Posted by linda August 1, 09 09:10 PM

They are wonderful pictures. The comments about Our God completely spoil it.
Are they insinuating their God is better than other society's god or gods?
Before I saw them, I did think there must be a design to all this, but quite frankly,
now, it all looks very accidental...

Posted by Patricia K August 2, 09 12:45 AM

Capt Fulbright USMC,
While I appreciate your service to the USA, be aware the reason you have the
technology you have today is due to the space program,ie; cell phones, microwave
ovens, satelite tv,etc. stick your nose out of the fox hole and look around.
K.B. Camp, USAF

Posted by K.B Camp August 2, 09 09:18 AM

541.Who can see these and not believe in God.

a moron who hasn't studied science and doesn't undertand the laws of physics.....

Posted by someone who doesn't need a mental crutch August 2, 09 09:35 AM

Some of the volcano pictures make the use of of hair spray containers a little less significant in the pollution of the planet. Wonderful pictures.

Posted by les brown August 2, 09 11:49 AM

I notice there ARE some smart people on here who can't be fooled into believing there's a god. Thank you for having brains of your own.

And, if the "blogger" who controls these messages keep mine off, talk about manipulating and controlling what people are allowed to believe / see.

Posted by LLP August 2, 09 02:37 PM

It's quite fascinating how much detail can be seen from this height in clear weather. Pleasant confirmation of meteorlogical mechanics. Interesting how populations settle near rivers and coastlines. Mt. Fuji certainly is majestic.

Posted by Phyllis Ellen Hughes August 2, 09 03:25 PM

I thank you for these breath taking pics. It's good to see there is some beauty left in this world....Man has taken so much and given nothing in return....When will man wake up.. greed is destroying this planet....

Posted by GRACE August 2, 09 03:43 PM

Have you ever heard the song "Somebody Bigger Than You and I?" These wonderful pictures caused me to think that the universe could not have been created by chance.

Posted by Elaine V. August 2, 09 03:49 PM

If Capt Notbright thinks we spent billions over the last 15 years for just pictures, what does he think we are getting for 1 and 1/2 billion a week on war in the middle east, other than piles and piles of dead bodies? That is really helping to feed, cloth, and care for people ain't it, Capt? Great pictures and I hope we see lots more from The ISS.
JDJ (former Vietnam Vet)

Posted by J D Jackson August 2, 09 05:13 PM

beautiful EARTH but what happens when MAN IS SO CLOSE TO DESTROYING IT!!SOoooooooo SAD!!!!!! MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF!!

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 09 07:41 PM

Awsome. I found my home, Queen Anne Hill in Seatle, along with Lake Washington, Lake Union and the connecting canal to Puget Sound.

Posted by Jim Donovan August 2, 09 09:46 PM

Thank you God for such beauty,I believe. awesome photo's

Posted by carolyn August 2, 09 10:50 PM

Isn't it interesting that the higher we fly, the more infinite the universe reveals itself to be. After viewing these photos, mankinds existance seems more insignificant than ever. In the grand scope of things, these photos haven't answered as many questions as they have provoked more questions. Where do we fit in? At the other end of the spectrum---life as seen through the latest microscopes is equally infinite. So it goes--on and on and on. From our only frame of reference in the midst of all this, we place ouselves at the center of the unverse. Therein lies our problem and blatant arrogance.

Posted by Martha August 2, 09 11:41 PM

polarities,...,.I see beauty and I see the possibility of a short-circuited planet,.,.by the very first original ego thought "I can do it myself and do not need anybody else',.,.,which started this whole now defunct solar system,.,.,have any of you been to any of the other bazillion planets that are orbiting suns out there,.,.,.so you create all your heart felt judgments yet truly know very little,.,.,.who is to say there is not a kajillion other planets with unfathomable beauty and creatures who truly share all and live in bliss,.,.,and other spheres that are worse than ours,.,..why don't you all become first hand intelligences,.,.,.if you believe in God and have had personal experience, fantastic,.,.,and if not, that might be a great place to create a new creation that is better than everything we know,.,..,its all about intention,.,.what is it that you want to feel for the rest of your life,.,.????

Posted by jack london ,.,.star rover August 3, 09 01:15 AM

"From our only frame of reference in the midst of all this, we place ouselves at the center of the unverse. Therein lies our problem and blatant arrogance." I like this comment from above. That IS really where our problem lies. We think we are it!! We are so arrogant by placing ourselves in the center of it all.
"Let him who thinks he stands, take heed..... Lest he falls"
When in fact, it's all about Him....Not about us. Beautiful pictures.
Capt G. Estolas, USAF, Misawa, Japan.

Posted by G.Estolas August 3, 09 02:08 AM

Hey Jeff! (546) You like having IGWT on your $?? Jesus (remember Him?) said "Render unto Cesar that which is Cesar's." WWJThink about that? Why is that phrase on our $? Some kind of lucky charm? Maybe it makes me less sinful when I pay for drugs, hookers, porn and days at the casino.

Posted by WYLTK (Wouldn't You Like to Know) August 3, 09 02:51 AM

Wonderful pictures, enjoyed them very much. Sadly I looked down and saw comments, which in no way take away from the beauty of these pictures, but sadden me that people have to fight over something we all care about and enjoy.

To those who have to mention god in every phrase, you invite your own believe in god is fine, but when you have to flaunt god at every turn, you only open the door for people to attack you. I don't go around shouting "Thank Science for my car! Thank Science for my clothes, thank Science I we have meterology so I didn't get caught in that storm..." If I did that, wouldn't I look foolish, or arrogant about my position, and alienate people who didn't share my beliefs?

To all those who attack people who believe in god, why? If you believe them ignorant, is it not enough that you believe it...why must you degrade yourself and malign others by responding to what you believe is nonsense....? You give no credence to your position when you do such things, you only establish more dissent between yourself and those you attack.

Posted by F.Haywood August 3, 09 10:40 AM

Truly amazing photos. Everytime the space ship goes up it punches a larger hole in the ozone. The earth's atmosphere is being demolished by the space ship

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 09 10:46 AM

These pics reallyshow us how insignifacant we are to the big picture.

Posted by Jeff August 3, 09 03:16 PM

Wow, awesome debate man. God or not over some photos. Good luck there. I see the take-away from this more like What a small and finite planet we have and we might want to start taking better care of it. Even dogs don't poop where they sleep.

Posted by N.Wesley August 3, 09 03:26 PM

Every day, I thank G*d that I'm an atheist.

Posted by T Glover August 3, 09 03:32 PM

hahahahaha LOL @ ALDO

Posted by Max August 3, 09 03:52 PM

WOW...GOD is wonderful .. Thanks for sharing

Posted by J.Somers August 3, 09 06:35 PM

Absolutely awsome. What a miracle of modern technology.

Posted by Richard Schiel August 3, 09 07:01 PM

We marvel at these pictures of ourselves, taken from near space. Marco Polo's Venetians and Columbus' Spanish Court marveled not at themselves seen from a distance but at extraordinary tales and relics of alien worlds. This is why, for me, Hubbell's and Rover's pictures seem so much more provocative of the question: what will our subsequent generations be given to wonder at? Still, for our time, these are fascinating self-portraits of our home planet.

Posted by Carr Ferguson August 3, 09 07:24 PM

Soooooo,, interesting. Loved it.

Posted by T Payne August 3, 09 07:26 PM

I'm so happy and thankful to have lived to see what wondrous things are out there for mankind to see.

Posted by Julia KING August 3, 09 08:59 PM

God is great. Man is stupid!

Posted by J. Reed August 3, 09 09:00 PM

These pictures are without a doubt stunning. No one can argue that.

It makes me sad though that people choose to argue about god's existance rather than focusing on the photos given. These pictures were posted so those who can't travel to space (or the places themselves) can see the wonders. Not to create an arguement over creation. Leave that for another blog. Save this one for the nature its self.

Posted by WoodstockShelby August 3, 09 11:43 PM


Posted by WoW August 3, 09 11:52 PM

Great shots!

Just because something is beautiful does not mean that it had to be created by God. Even if a God did create the universe, our planet has gone through NATURAL stages of evolution to reach the state that it is viewed in the images. Basically, God was made up to explain the things people long ago did not yet have the intelligence nor technology to understand. The first religions were people who worshipped the stars because they had no way of understanding what they were. The same way people invented modern gods to determine where you went after you die and to form a set a rules to keep their societies in line by the fear of a God.


Posted by Garrett A August 4, 09 02:29 AM

Faith is a lake to which many travel to drink but if the objective is to slake thirst,
is there any point to arguing about the path.

Posted by Neil Pepperell August 4, 09 05:09 AM


Posted by lawson August 4, 09 06:16 AM

How can anyone look at those pictures and not believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn (mhhhnbs)?

Posted by Zoe Brain August 4, 09 07:25 AM

How did all these pictures get to be if someone didn't create them-duh!!!! Just try to imagine what heaven is going to look like- Rev.21 Call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved- its that easy!!!!!

Posted by Brenda S August 4, 09 09:23 AM

I think this is facinating and I do see a purpose for the project, HOWEVER, there are hundreds of people starving and homeless in our country and I feel the money would be better spent providing for the unfortunate at the current time. Our economy just can not support these types of projects right now. Sadly, our voices will never be heard. Government has not ear, just agendas.

Posted by Teresa August 4, 09 09:57 AM

totally wonderful photos. I have family members who work at nasa. We got to visit this past weekend. There are only a few missions left for the shuttle. I hope the govt. will quit spending on WAR and spend more on exploring.

Posted by Keith Roggensees USN retired August 4, 09 11:35 AM

Capt. James Fulbright, USMC you are a man of small and limited thought. Many products have come out of the space progrm. Products you take for granted today. These products have increased GDP and employed tens of thousands of people. You need to get a more rounded education of the world capt. I trust you will be getting out of the service soon - thank you for your service. Now go out and get job in this economy that owes much to the benefits of the space program.

Posted by Jay Clifford August 4, 09 12:16 PM

This is the result of good science. Observations of the planet we live on. Get off your religious diatribe and revel in our ability to see more than ever before.

Posted by Mark Loveland Sr. August 4, 09 01:01 PM

wow.... the pics are sweet! too bad the comments are stale! if god made all of this, then who made god? no one can answer me this, and until they can, then i say it all just appeared like apparently "he" did.

Posted by j August 4, 09 02:07 PM

All those $$$ spent - now what do they go for??? Oh yeah, I almost forgot - they pay the wages of the thousands employed directly and indirectly by the projects.

Posted by Roberta Heter August 4, 09 02:53 PM

There will be one spectacular photo that none of us will comment on. The impact of the asteroid that will destroy this planet as we it in these pictures.

Posted by Greg Reilly August 4, 09 03:13 PM

While serving a fire dept as a paramedic for 30 years I have had at least 50 people of all ages die in my presence if not in my arms. I have seen their expressions and have heard their last words each time and some of those words told me of what they had seen and were told during an unconscious period just prior to death. One such person was a mean 62 year old Marine DI who was flatlined for 3.5 minutes. Suddenly he came back to a normal sinus rhythm, heartbeat,and told us that he had been with God. He lived for 8 hours after that and then passed peacefully. His wife said that he had never been at such peace with himself during their marriage. You Go Marine! Ron

Posted by Ron Liebmann August 4, 09 04:22 PM

Great pictures!
It's sad that a posting like this brings out so much hate from the anti God side. Can't they let people express their own opinions and feelings without being ridiculed.

Posted by Luci August 4, 09 04:43 PM

Someone once said, "A picture is worth a thousand words"; and I believe it. Those of us who wonder what other lands look like from above, what earth looks like or what mysteries are answered by pictures from the Hubbell Telescope; what other planets are, and God knows we now have the answers. Sure, the money spent here could save many lives, only if the government would provide the health care, not out of my personal pocket. Would it do any good? I doubt that the naysayers would allow us free medical care (all of us in America). How do you take money and create jobs. Jobs are only created because of a cause, something to build, something to provide, something to grow and something to sell.

Posted by Allen Richards August 4, 09 04:57 PM

What wonderful pictures .. how lucky we are that the technology is available for all of us to see these sights. Some of us will never get the opportunity to experience knowing that these beautiful places exist. Thank you god for allowing us the privilege to see these fabulous photos.

Posted by Pat P. Florida, USA August 4, 09 07:16 PM

I am awed by nature and man’s ability to capture the beauty of it all.
I just loved it all.

Posted by Harry Van Dam August 4, 09 07:57 PM

Well done. Great to know. Thanks a ton.

Posted by Anonymous August 4, 09 11:51 PM

I really appreciate the efforts of man in bringing us these wonderful pictures from great distances as this. I hope we can balance our budget like grown-ups should, and do not spend more than we earn. Then we can afford national health care and the space programs, also. Love, Armand L.

Posted by Armand L. Archambeault August 5, 09 12:14 AM

Thank you #670. Could not have said it as well as you. The space program has been a truely great achievement of mankind. This is where science and technology meets God. Without faith and hope in something greater than ourselves, why would we strive to achieve the impossible?

Posted by April Featherkile August 5, 09 01:31 AM

Just enjoy the beautiful pictures. We really live in amazing times .This has nothing to do with religeon or politics. Believe in your self, that's where the power is. If you don't wash the dishes they will remain dirty. So get off your fanny and do something for someone and then for yourself. You will really get a kick out of it..Leo Levitt or

Posted by Leo Levitt August 5, 09 04:14 AM

Absolutely fantastic scenes which makes one happy to be alive to enjoy them

Posted by Dr Nana August 5, 09 08:57 AM

Great photos. Telephoto lenses are a marvel. So many things can be put right by studying these telling pictures. We must keep up the space work. Our congress needs to do the right thing and spend some money to look forward.

Posted by Kurt Hamel August 5, 09 10:46 AM

I am just enjoying the pictures...
Personally, I believe in god. I don't know why some people think that's bad.
I was just happy to see the view of the world with no political borders.

Posted by Spud August 5, 09 10:49 AM

beatiful pictures and we should be very grateful we are able to veiw them

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 09 10:50 AM

That was amazing! I never new how beautiful space is and the Earth we live on. Thank you so much for sharing.

Posted by Hannah August 5, 09 01:29 PM

Memories of FUJI SAN 1958. Only a S2f could not get this high. Beatiful

Posted by Norman Bild August 5, 09 02:11 PM

Fantastic pictures, almost Mystical, thrilled at my age to be able to view this. Thank you!

Posted by Pat Babeaux August 5, 09 02:21 PM

Pics are awsome.

But I have a question: The point made by some above is that the earth is so great that it could not have come into existence on its own and must have been created by something even greater. That thought proves to some the existence of God. But then who created God? If the earth is so great that it could not have come into existence on its own, then how could something even greater (God) have come to exist on his/her own?

Posted by Jeff August 5, 09 04:49 PM

Fantastic pictures. It is sad that the blog has to contain so many negative comments after viewing such beautiful sights. Maybe the solution is not to have a forum/blog for comments? There are no comments or thanks given to the astronauts who are risking their lives to advance science for our benefit, as well as providing these lovely views.
It is also sad that there are so many spelling and grammatical errors!

Posted by Robin Reid August 5, 09 05:03 PM

Abraham Lincoln once said: "I can understand how a man might look down on the Earth and be an atheist, but I can't conceive how he can look into the heavens and say there is no God." If he had seen these pictures, he would probably have thought they were as good as looking into the heavens.

Ever notice how so many people who are eager to disparage belief in God can't put a sentence together without errors in spelling, usage, and punctuation all over? Same for rock-&-roll fans and other drugheads.

Posted by Wm. L. Adams Jr. August 5, 09 06:20 PM


Posted by carolyn seiler August 5, 09 07:02 PM

just shhhhhh.

Posted by in peace August 5, 09 07:09 PM

From Chile, this photos show us the wonderful world we have. Thanks for that sensation we fill.

Posted by Rafael Acchiardo N August 5, 09 10:33 PM

It is bad that man con't see past his choices he don't understand. and all he knows is greed. we are destroying are selfs.

Posted by Joe Lee Chickasha, Oklahoma. August 6, 09 10:44 AM

Que fotos magnificas, impressionante, que linda e a nossa casa( terra)

Posted by J.Chaveiro August 6, 09 11:57 AM

I have seen these and hundreds of other incredible pictures of the Universe. I see the astronauts, engineers,scientists, hundreds of workers at NASA etc congratulate themselves, hugs, kisses, slaps on the back, champagne parties ad infinitum, but never have I seen or heard one of them thank the good old American taxpayer for providing the dollars that allow them to have all this fun. Every damn penny came from the workers on our planet. Come on you arrogant govt. slaves, say,"thanks" to your real employers.

Posted by Byron Clark August 6, 09 01:44 PM

magnificent pictures. i have always enjoyed nature especially when science helps us appreciate it more like this pic taken from space. without space science we wouldn't have these pics. when I think about it, all these beauty, order, fascinating stuff built on precise principles and it's self sustaining too! i want to believe like some say that it just happened, ala big bang, out of the blue! no one directing or building according to articulated principles. it's just that my mind is too unbelieving to accept it. i've tried building things before, nothing seems to happen by itself, except of course bad things sic! but beuaty, order, stuff like this. someone ifinitelt intelligent and powerful has got to be working tit out I think . well my opinion. could it be that we deny the existence of a creator so we won't be accountable to him?examine the evidence

Posted by olumide omojuyigbe August 6, 09 01:48 PM

Seeing the Earth from so high makes it seem so tiny, so fragile. This is all the more reason to advance the space program, in case something were to happen to our world, we could still be living among the stars.

Posted by Devon August 6, 09 02:10 PM

#697, you should be ashamed of how poor your grammar, spelling and sentence structure is in your message. You need to become educated, not only in the English arena but also in science.
Not greedy, but the space program does a lot of research on developing cures for many illnesses, which could help with the national health care.

Posted by Gio August 6, 09 04:48 PM

One has only to see and comprehend the enormity of the pollution being spewed from the volcano in one of the early pictures tu understand the foolishness of the claims that "global warming" is due to the effects of puny man!

Posted by Charles Wetherbee August 6, 09 09:58 PM

Fantastically gorgeuos!

Posted by Speak2AB August 6, 09 10:08 PM

August 5, 2009

I worked 21 years in the Rocket and Space Business. Manager of 600 Design Enginrers, 550 Trades and Crafts, 14 labor unions, Apollo Saturn V Moon Rocket Program. To put Neil Armstrong on the moon. This was the fore-runner of space exploration by humans. I was very exciting then and now all of that work has paid dividends many times over. Fantastic Photography. Congratulations on such fine photography. Bill

Posted by Dr. William G. Roy August 6, 09 11:25 PM

I can only say thank you for these great photos. Also the many people that had great comments even if the spelling was not right. Many of us are delayed pilgrims of this unbelieveable beautiful free country.

Posted by Helga August 7, 09 01:19 AM

WOW! The earth is so beautiful! Thanks for posting these pictures, otherwise I probably would have never seen those parts of the world. (Not to mention from space!) Thanks again.

Posted by kelly August 7, 09 10:12 AM

These pictures were very awesome. I like Mount Fuji, I wonder if Fuji water actually comes from Japan.

Posted by Ashley August 7, 09 10:17 AM

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs of a small corner of our planet and universe. I am humbled by the beauty and the vastness. It helps put our problems into perspective and realize the insignficance when you can view our "world" from such a distance. Its great to be experiencing life.

Posted by Arriette August 7, 09 11:48 AM

Great pictures. I thought these were sent last week but something happened in the transmission.

Posted by Henry Ross August 7, 09 12:01 PM

Real interresting pictures to see other places that other have not seen.

Posted by Bill Morse August 7, 09 02:38 PM

Let's put all this Science vs Religion to rest once and for all. One need not exclude the other. In defense of Gallileo when he was being investigated for heresy, a Catholic Cardinal said "The Bible tells us how to go to Heaven, not how the heavens go."

Posted by Crusty Bob August 7, 09 03:25 PM

Just a note to our athiests: Man can neither create nor destroy matter . Now, look at all the MATTER around us which makes up the universe. Now, tell me who created all this, and don't give me the petty answer,"The big bang". I believe our universe to be far, far more ancient thqn that. Now, if man can neither create nor destroy matter, then who did?

Posted by George Robertson August 7, 09 05:18 PM

I think these pictures really demonstrate two things beautifully.
First, that the world we live in is full of wonders, be they natural or manmade. Mountains, volcanos and breath-taking coastlines alongside industrious canals and agriculture in the middle of the desert. Tell me THAT'S not impressive.
Second, that human beings can create and maintain a presence outside of our birth-planet. This is important because, as I've seen posted previously, we need to branch out. Pick your reasoning. It could be manifest destiny or a need to spread beyond one planet in case something happens to Earth. It doesn't matter why we move out now, only that we should.
Now let's all agree to increase funding for math and science education! ;)

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science." - Charles Darwin

Posted by Jon Singer August 7, 09 08:00 PM

These are fantastic, awesome, and they put our tiny existence into perspective. Everyone's perception is their own reality, so we should ALL be intelligent enough by now to realize that we will agree with some, and disagree with many other people's perception of reality. Accept that we are all different, that we should respect each other, and most importantly, that NONE of us gets out of here alive. Given those three things, our disagreements about our existence simply do not matter at all. Enjoy every moment, because the next could be our last.

Posted by T. Swisher August 7, 09 08:15 PM

wow amazing

Posted by hahahA August 7, 09 09:56 PM

These pictures are awesome. We live on a fascinating planet. Looking at these pictures truly makes you appreciate how small we are, and how lucky we are to be able to understand the world in which we live.

Oh, and note to all the evangelical religious people: don't bother trying to claim that this proves anything about a supernatural space daddy. If anything, these fantastic pictures show us how the natural world is beautiful enough to make life worth living.
And thanks to everyone (the creators of this site, the astronauts, NASA) who make it possible to have these fantastic pictures for us to see! Have a lovely day.

Posted by Mattt VDB August 8, 09 08:00 AM

These pics are beautiful,,just imagine what heaven must be like. For those that dont believe,,im sorry you might miss it.

Posted by Burnell August 8, 09 09:30 AM

Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed being able to see the views from space. That is something I will never be able to do in real life, so I do appreciate the chance to see through others eyes.

Posted by Carole Woolley August 8, 09 11:00 AM

How wonderful made are we,, Oh God, thank you>>>

Posted by Bill shay August 8, 09 12:09 PM

I stand in awe and wonder.
PS: It would be nice if some of the Ayatollas would see the pics. They might come to the conclusion that we are all very lucky and very small indeed in the shape of things and living together might be preferrable. .

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 09 12:23 PM

Man has escaped the bounds of earth
who can deny our future, it's value, it's worth ?
Whoever your God - your search to see -?
an enduring peace throughout eternity .
We humans are the species of a mighty race,
often stumbling in our tenacious grace .
What a welcome greeting - will meet our eyes ,
deep in the recess of "HIS" skies
The future of all mankind , in glory arise .
and all humanity shall tower .
Destined to become our finest hour !!!!!!

Posted by Rowland V. Gilbert sr. August 8, 09 03:34 PM

The subject here is photos. Period!! Not science! Not God! Not ourselves! Not even our planet or solar system!. Just pictures posted for the sake of enjoyment! Comment on the pictures, leave everything else for the proper forum for those subjects. There are more idiots here than people who enjoy and appreciate beauty for beauty"s sake alone.

Posted by Avram Dougherty August 8, 09 04:01 PM

I'm reading some of the comments and think ...are there that many idiots that think We shouldn't explore more!!! If we didn't explore where we would be now? The space program has given us much in the way of technology that enhances everyone’s life.
My goodness, I believe there is a god ... I made that choice, anyone that has openly rejects will find out some day what there fate is. If there is nothing beyond death fine. Second hand lets just keep printing money for people that don't want to be a part of anything, but a free ride. Everyone needs to wake up …this country I love is full of laziness!!!!

Posted by gene August 8, 09 07:46 PM

Wow to me this is the real beauty of our earth and we should embrace it . It is what
helps us all to exist and the pictures are so breathtaking and beautiful. Thank you
for allowing me the honor and privilege of sharing in such wonderful and amazing
pictures of our world.

Posted by Esther Singh August 8, 09 10:17 PM

The pictures are awesome....Albert Einstein said that one could not look at the universe and not realize that it was created by a master mind. I agree. To all those who doubt the existence of God....I have one question.....WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG???? What if all the promises and warnings in the Holy Bible are all true? Don't be offended by those who believe. I am not offended by those who choose not to believe.

Posted by Grandmother August 8, 09 11:50 PM

these photos and all the ones from hubble really puts it into perspective. as far as space and time we are just a blink of the it were. thank you for the images, words almost don't do it justice.

Posted by stephen j. reynoso August 9, 09 01:35 AM

These are truly amazing photos of our planet; it's sad to think about the amount of damage we have inflicted on it to the point where we don't know how many more centuries earth as we know it can be sustained. The damage done in the last 30 years exceeds that of the whole planet's existence. Let's help preserve it.

I am also shocked at some of the replies I've read, some suggesting that science is in conflict with spirituality with others suggesting that spending money on science is less important than spending on defense or what have you.

For the first group of skeptics, I assure that that had God wanted you to be ignorant, he would have deprived you from your brain. I have really seen comments from brainless peole in here to who I say "Get a life"

For the second group of skeptics, just think about the huge number of inventions from NASA that were actually adopted in civilian sectors, helping create jobs and make our lives better.

Great photos make me wish that someday space travel to the public will be like going to the beach.

Posted by Abdallah August 9, 09 02:28 AM

amazing ... it showes wonders in the world espcially the volcano activety .

Posted by eraiq August 9, 09 09:40 AM


I simply cannot believed an officer in the USMC, especially a Captain would actually make those comments about the space program. His title is at most wishful thinking. Even the stupidest grunt that can only pull a trigger (like me) understands the value of the space program and all of the knowledge that we have reaped from it. Please dismiss "Cpt. Fullbright's" remarks as of a madman. If he is
a Captain in the USMC, I am Captain America, complete with a mighty shield.

p.s. "Captain Fullbright"......choke yourself...with my hands

Posted by Tito August 9, 09 11:30 AM


Posted by John August 9, 09 01:54 PM

Awesome pictures of our beautiful planet. To the non-believers I say, one of us is right. If you are right, I am wasting a lot of energy with my faith. If I am right, you are in for a lot of hurt....................forever

Posted by Brian August 9, 09 03:32 PM

Great pictures.

Great pictures--wonderful that we can see pictures of different parts of the earth taken so many, many, miles up. As time goes on we will see more wonderful pictures taken of the Universe as God has provided man with a brain to discover all these fantastic things.

Find some of the comments to be not quite understandable as I cannot believe people can look at things like they have in their comments & feel so blase. Wake up all of you.unbelievles

Posted by Betty Cox August 9, 09 05:05 PM

Capt. James Fulbright, USMC

Your a moron . If it wasn't for exploration you would be living in a communistic country, and you would be protecting yourself with a musket.. The problem with this country is too many handouts ....everyone needs to get off their ass and stop asking for hand outs and go do some damn work. The goverment didn't take you raise.

Posted by Anonymous August 9, 09 06:32 PM

635 -- Can you tell me where the Big Bang came from?

Science doesn't know what caused the Big Bang (the apparent start of our universe). Perhaps someday science might know, but until then, the belief that the Big Bang was created is in itself an act of faith that no one can refute with scientific facts. Furthermore, the belief that the start of our universe was spontaneously generated is also an act of faith for the very same reason.

So, yes, even atheists have faith.

Posted by Harry Kleats August 9, 09 10:49 PM

WOW !!!! Wonderful pictuers..I enjoyed seeing all the different places from space..Can anyone say they have been there and seen them for themselves,except for the Astronaunts. As for religion..I won't go there I will tell all of you the same as I tell the people I work with.I will NOT discuss religion or politics..WHY! can't everyone think like that. My belifes are JUST THAT "my belifes" meant for me and me alone.I do not push them on anyone else and I do not feel that others should push their belifes on others, or air them in a public forum...Keep them to yourself. The subject here were photos taken from space, not the ramblings of IDIOTS,.

Posted by mother of military family August 10, 09 03:23 AM

ang ganda!!!

Posted by Anonymous August 10, 09 11:41 AM

How about just enjoying some pretty cool photos? Simple thought.

Posted by Chris August 10, 09 11:47 AM

La bahía Oso Marino está al Sur de Puerto Deseado en la provincia de Santa Cruz, de la Patagonia argentina, y es una región llena de hermosos cañadones y acantilados, tanto vista desde el espacio como desde el mismo Atlántico

Posted by oscar fernandez real August 10, 09 12:26 PM

Es ist wunderschön unsere Welt zu sehen und die Technik macht es möglich!---man überlegt immer mehr was wir Menschen uns zerstören.....
eine kleine Anektdote am Rande: ich erinnere mich, dass in der Grundschule 1953 unser Lehrer noch sagte, dass es unmöglich sei zum Mond zu fliegen, da es außerhalb unserer Erde es keine Möglichkeit für ein Flugzeug oder einer Rakete gibt sich abzustoßen, da dort keine Luft ist.....wenn man überlegt, das ist 56 Jahre her....vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder, klaus h aus Duisburg, Germany

Posted by klaus h August 10, 09 12:27 PM

Yes very interesting , but we all had to pay for it now look at all the poverty on earth was it worth it ???????

Posted by Alaister August 10, 09 07:46 PM

they are almost as good as google earth....

Posted by joe brady August 10, 09 08:09 PM

Truly amazing pictures. Any pictures about Cyprus?

Posted by Panicos Hadjisymeou August 11, 09 02:54 AM

No Alaister #741, we all didn't have to pay for it.
It was paid for by US Taxpayers, the rest of the planet got a free ride.

Posted by Smart E. Pants August 11, 09 04:42 AM

A photograpic tribute to the greatest waste of money the world has ever known.

Former Aerospace Engr.

Posted by Ted August 11, 09 01:39 PM

These photos were just amazing ,its no doubt we are blessed with such daring individuals eager to display these reations Many thanks John D Hurley

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 09 02:30 PM

Good job Garret A. #663.

Posted by RW August 11, 09 02:35 PM

Wonderful pictures, very neat.

Posted by Anonymous August 11, 09 04:51 PM

I think it shows how signifacant we are being invited to the "present" place.

Posted by Roy August 11, 09 04:53 PM

Hermosas y sorprendentes fotos.
Lo´que podría mejorar la presentación en colocar una breve explicación en cada una.

Posted by Susy Lastra August 11, 09 08:27 PM

We see the glory of G-d and His power..awesome,,

Posted by kim segar August 12, 09 12:00 AM

We live in a beautiful world as these pictures show. Why does man try to destroy it?

Posted by Norman Rea August 12, 09 05:47 AM

Thank you once again for our money well spent. I have enjoyed reading the comments too. I especially liked: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by Laura Wagner August 12, 09 07:58 AM


Posted by MARK BOEGEMANN August 12, 09 12:17 PM

It is something to see pictures like that. The pictures are fantastic. I am glade I am still around to see pictures like these. My daughter was only 14 yrs old when she went to England and France. Something I will never get to do. Thank God for this wonderful world he put us on, without him we would not be seeing these pictures. I wish all the countries in the world could just get along and stop all the fighting and killing. This is a grand world we live on.

Posted by Don Vickers August 12, 09 02:21 PM

Questions 1.. Why do bible bashers follow NASA?
Question 2 Why do all you God fearing people have to stuff God down our throats? Are you so unsure of your convictions that you have to keep shouting about God to convince yourself he exists?
These photographs are amazing and I am grateful to have lived long enough to see them and others like them.
Question 3 Do any of you bible bashers have any idea of the scale of the Universe?

Posted by david August 12, 09 03:43 PM

Sorry I read the comments.

Glad I viewed the images.

Posted by Ben Weaver August 12, 09 07:29 PM

Keep the US Space Program alive! It's good for all mankind

Posted by Herwig G Schutzler August 12, 09 07:46 PM

I wondered how long it would be before religionists started to proselytise!
As an old amateur astronomer, I've copped this nonsense all my life. Religionists are always eager to credit every human achievement to their God, just as Samuel Morse did, when he transmitted the first message "What hath God wrought?" over his electric telegraph in 1844.

But which God would they have us believe is responsible? Yahweh? Jehovah? Allah? Zarathustra? Baal? Osiris? Zeus? Poseidon? Jupiter? Brahma?Vishnu? Krishna? Buddha? Makemake? The Great Spirit? Gaia? or just plain God? Why is it that they must always regard humans as unworthy, subservient creatures who must spend their lives in deference to some hypothetical deity?

And why is it, with its 0.1 sec resolution, the Hubble telescope hasn't yet spotted Heaven?

Religion and science will always be in conflict, so long as 'believers' claim with absolute certainty, that their religious scriptures are divine revelations from some imaginary God, rather than the work of scientifically illiterate men at the dawn of human history.

As John Dobson (another amateur astronomer) once famously said, "The universe consists of mainly hydrogen and ignorance"!

Posted by Bernie August 12, 09 07:51 PM

759... Don't you realize that it is YOU who have just started to proselytise into Atheism...?

Posted by Fernando August 12, 09 10:23 PM

truly amazing how far we have come in the technology in this life. it is sooo beautiful.

Posted by Mia August 12, 09 11:11 PM

Ah, blogs! Its the 21st centry equivalent of the bathroom stall upon which the ignorant write their prose and philosophy!

For all of you who think the government is wasting our tax dollars on the ISS and the money should be spent on helping the poor, please, please, please take your own advice and SELL all that you have, including your computer and GIVE the money to the poor. If you can't do that, don't suggest that others (or the government) do that either.

Posted by michelle August 13, 09 01:12 AM

I am amazed that people can't just enjoy the beauty in these photos. Why do the religous, atheists and politically "right" have to bring their form of racism into this. It doesn't matter! We should ALL be gratefull we are allowed to live in this universe. Each day you should try to find some beauty in nature and other humans. If you can't then why do you stay?

Posted by Music in the Garden August 13, 09 01:01 PM

I am amazed that people can't just enjoy the beauty in these photos. Why do the religous, atheists and politically "right" have to bring their form of racism into this. It doesn't matter! We should ALL be gratefull we are allowed to live in this universe. Each day you should try to find some beauty in nature and other humans. If you can't then why do you stay?

Posted by Music in the Garden August 13, 09 01:07 PM

We Christians that are always called "political right"(not true) are salt to the earth. We know atheists and non-religious will disagree and that does not discourage us from allowing our light to shine. We are not commanded to change you, but just tell you. If you laugh at God or us it does not hinder our determination to tell the world about the real creator. After the last breath you will find what was true.

Posted by randy August 13, 09 05:08 PM

The pictures improve our quality of life by improving our education factually. Education separates all living animals. "All includes human animals in science". We all should strive to help one another with education from facts. Thoughts of feelings and myths are good for entertainment. Early humanity gets credit for the myths. Also, early humanity gets credit for facts. Those animals that depend upon feelings and myths to obtain the bulk of their education miss out on getting facts by blindly promoting the myths they learn from talkers. I am glad for those who strive to make this World better I feel sorry for those who talk the talk .

Posted by - Bill - August 13, 09 05:57 PM

the universe is amazing and earth is an infinitely small component. The existence of any thing at all( why there is matter) is problematic and our generation will probably never have the answers.Religion is a a matter of faith and is personal. Reveling in nature and trying to understand it is a worthy endeavor. Let us make the most of our lives in case that is all that there is. Enjoyed these photos immensely and some of the comments.

Posted by bob August 14, 09 01:18 PM

Highly recommend a DVD "The Case for a Creator" that will challenge you, answer your questions and clealy demonstrate how science itself points very directly to a creator who wants to be discovered. Where did the extraordinarily complex language in DNA come from? Our universe is ordered precisely down to the multi-trillionth degree to create a world conducive to supporting life. Earth is positioned in precisely the right place in the galaxy to allow us an unrestriced view of the galaxy and beyond. We are learning about our world through science -- our world was designed in such an exact way for that to be possible. Einstein said "science is discoverering the mind of God."

Posted by Terry Grube August 14, 09 01:48 PM

dialogue and different opinions can lead to a better understanding of some things.DNA is a complex chemical where occasionally unusual combinations take place; some are beneficial to the species, some such as trisomy 21 (down's syndrome) are not. Mars probably had life a billion yrs ago , but the planet was smaller than earth and its internal core heat dissipated and the planet cooled and any life froze. Why would an all powerful all wise creator(GOD) create a world where everything eats everything else?This earth is a hostile place. I hope and pray that there is a heaven, especially for so many wonderful people ,now dead

Posted by bob woods August 14, 09 05:37 PM

Wow I just turned 18 and these people are what I look forward to? Nice pictures. Not needed. Cant wait to become just another survivor on earth and die at my short life of I hope atleast 70. The volcano ones, yeah those were enjoyed.

Posted by Jessica George August 14, 09 10:06 PM

Shut up and look at the pictures again....

Posted by Teresa Dias August 15, 09 06:31 PM

that is so amazing like it so much that is cool

Posted by michelle moss August 15, 09 06:38 PM

Fantastic. Good to know these pictures are available for all to view. And kudos to the individual who took the time to search the archives so we might see them.
Truly amazing.

Posted by Ruth Davis August 17, 09 02:18 AM

When I was born there were no TVs, no computers and the radio was our main source of entertainment. Over the years I have been privileged to witness so many miraculous inventions. As a child, in my wildest imaginings, I could never have predicted sitting in my living room, watching the news on my flat screen, plasma TV, talking to my granddaughter from my cell phone while she was vacationing in Puerto Rico and transmitting scenes from her hotel room?

My only fear is that we are so into digital everything that we are forgetting the quiet times that families enjoyed listening to just the radio or sitting as a group on the back porch in the evening , enjoying the sound of crickets, while looking at the stars and never guessing that some day a fortunate few would be looking down at us from the heavens in the wildest ride imaginable..

steade ofa game box.

Posted by Barb August 17, 09 10:38 AM

I live in Del Rio, Texas, the home of Lake Amistad where photo #28 was taken. I fly over Lake Amistad all the time, but to see it from this altitude is amazing. This is a man-made lake where three rivers, the Rio Grande, Pecos, and Devils' join to create this lake between the U.S. and Mexico. The Amistad Dam is a man-made dam used for flood control and irrigation, and is also a Port of Entry for both countries.

Posted by B. West August 17, 09 02:48 PM

All creation is truly as diverse as our individual opinions. It shows the creator is not only higher than us, but is also very tolerant of our own conceit and arrogance.

I sincerely thank all those who contributed to something which neither I nor all I have ever met could have done alone.

Posted by Dan August 17, 09 10:07 PM

These are some amazing shots. Wow

Posted by Kris August 17, 09 10:38 PM

How do I send it to my brother? Can't tell where it stops.

Posted by nan bracker August 18, 09 11:31 AM

I am constantly amazed at how the earth looks from above. Looking down on earth as in these photos, takes away all the things we see here - war, famine, drought, the homeless, etc. Bette Midler's song From a Distance, everything is green, we are friends, and the world looks to be at peace-is true. Reading some of the comments puts life into perspective. We as humans are not in control of the universe. Nature is an awesome reminder that we are part of a greater design in life and that death is not the end of life but the beginning of something wonderful, something to look forward to. May we all find peace in our lives, here on earth, whereever we are on earth!

Posted by Shauna DeMarco August 18, 09 04:20 PM

I am constantly amazed at the brilliance of some and the ignorance or others.

Posted by Gene Brant August 18, 1:42 PM

Posted by Gene Brant August 18, 09 04:43 PM

. Viewing these beautiful photographs makes me truly know that what I often think about is, how completely insignificient we are. There are no humans or animals seen in any of the photos. We are so arrogant and self-important within ourselves, yet seeing our magnificient earth from space and realizing how tiny we really are, should make us humble and know that we are a speck too small to even see from afar. It is a shame that people are so hostile and self rightous as to create dissention and argue in blogs without being ask for our self centered opinions. SHUT THE HELL UP AND ENJOY!!!!

Posted by Sandi August 18, 09 10:57 PM

I'm so amazed to see these pictures! Being young it gives me motivation to be a scientist/astronaut and work for NASA.

Posted by NISHIL August 18, 09 11:20 PM

What wonderful and beautiful pictures, so amazing to see these parts of the Earth from such an altitude. Really enjoyed looking at them, thank-you to the OP for providing these for our pleasure.

It is a shame that the posts degenerate into arguments about US tax-payers, God and Atheism.
For the first group:- A huge amount of the ISS is not of US origin, many of the integral parts, electronic circuits and computer chips were made elsewhere, as was a large amount of the software that governs the ISS. Please have some respect for those whose efforts went into creating this ISS from people all over the world.

For the second group:-
Please, if you do not believe in science and its evaluations, then do the decent and good-mannered thing of leaving those who do believe in it to their own ideals. Even your religeous tracts state that one should have consideration for one`s fellow man, regardless of their beliefs!

For the third group:-
Religion is a way of explaining things that we don`t yet understand, and is, sometimes, used as a psychological crutch for people who are overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe to understand any scientific approach to it. Let them believe what they want to believe, as I said to the above group, have the good manners to tolerate others.

Posted by Al Wilson: Derby: England August 19, 09 06:48 AM

I did not think of God nor science as I enjoyed the pictures from space. It was educational and beautiful. Take it for what it is and not what you think it means in your mind. Everyone has opinion that is. Mankind has had a good time taking the beauty out of things and making it ugly. Just enjoy what it is.

Posted by Ray Bartley August 19, 09 01:38 PM

It is not possible to see too many photos of our planet from space, or photos of space taken from space. These photos do not prove anything of a religous bent but do prove that we humans are, by virtue of having developed advanced intelligence and creativity, capable of achieving amazing things. However, we humans also harbor energetic elements that would undo all that we have accomplished and gladly take us back to the dark ages, all in the name of religion or politics or socio-economic fairness. Education is all important.

Posted by E. F. Carlsbad August 19, 09 01:47 PM

What I find interesting is that these views of our Earth from space have spawned such a wide-ranging series of introspections, criticisms, debates, emotions, and outright diatribes among us. It seems that the more we explore the furthest reaches of our universe, the more aware we feel the urge to express ourselves. Very few other public forums have elicited these degrees of precociousness.

Posted by John R. French August 19, 09 09:24 PM

It's amazing how so many people can look at this beauty and receive so many different messages. Just look at the beauty. Take from it what you wish

Posted by Norman Bainter August 20, 09 06:43 PM

Ok so of couse god is real are you
think about it youll see

Posted by k August 20, 09 06:53 PM

It was by looking into the heavens and realizing that there is no end to space, matter, and creations that I came to find God and learned to know and love Him for all he has done for us. These beautiful photos of the many miracles of God , and which also represent some wonders and miracle of modern technology, tend to confirm my faith that mankind has the potential and destiny, if we live worthy of such an eternal goal, to become like god.

Posted by Homer M. LeBaron August 20, 09 08:37 PM

WoooooW, this is sooooo cool , can you add more and more ?

Posted by me August 23, 09 10:25 AM

Great picture, can you add more and more....

Posted by Ketut Adi August 23, 09 11:30 PM

God's creation is indeed so beautiful, so full of countless wonders to behold, that we are led to contemplate the meaning of it all..... it can be difficult to understand from our limited perspectives and our station here on Earth. So we've managed to "leap" as high as the view from ISS will take us, and have gotten a few brief glimpses from other space endeavors. Judging from the blogs upon viewing these wonderous sights, it has shown us one thing for certain: we truly are "as but a tiny grain of sand"... that's an important discovery though, isn't it?!

God gave us our eyes, ears, hands and feet, our hearts and our little minds (all within those "tiny grains of sand") for a reason. I have to wonder, if we used these assets properly, to grow past our individual selves and past our differences, and reached towards a higher cause as God intended, perhaps then we would truly begin to see the beautiful meaning of it all!

Posted by A grammy's thoughts August 24, 09 12:31 AM

Who could see these pictures and not believe in God.

Posted by Micki August 24, 09 08:51 PM

Sooo BEAUTIFUL...Thank You for sharing.If you can would love to see more.... :)

Posted by Fergie August 24, 09 11:07 PM

#699, be grateful that you have the ability to pay taxes and that you do pay them. Be grateful NASA and all its workers exists. With no taxes and no NASA, you'd be living in some other poor third world country that oppresses its citizens... so please go live there where you won't have to 8!+&# about your tax $$ and internet.

Be grateful to be able to enjoy these fabulous pictures that could only be presented by the great people of NASA.

Posted by Terry Chan August 25, 09 11:48 AM

Still after seeing how precious our life and earth is some of you can still make negative comments. Why are people so narrow minded. You better all realize that this is living proof that there is a Higher Being and take stock of your moral well being! These pictures say it all!

Posted by a houk August 25, 2009 August 25, 09 05:02 PM

How glorious our precious planet!

Posted by Linda Allen August 25, 09 08:47 PM

These photographs are positively extraordinary!! How wonderful to be able to see these things albeit from space. We have learned so much from the shuttles and the space station and we should appreciate all of these things and appreciate the people who make them possible.

Long live the Earth!!

Posted by Anne Martin August 26, 09 12:41 PM

thank you to all those who worked to make this possible; can a photo of each country be posted just so that people from geographically smaller countries get a chance to see what their motherlands look like from space?

Posted by reggie August 27, 09 03:28 AM

incredible pics, love Nasa and their mission -we should explore space even further and at the same time fight ignorance and poverty--(yes, spelling mistakes by mother-tongue speakers are bad, but can be forgiven-- however, it's more difficult to forgive the desertified hearts of some religious fanatics) There's a lot of money possessed by very few people in the world, possibly profound bible believers, while millions are left to sufffer and starve. Where's god when people die from disease, famine and war? I suspect god is securely left in some "global" bank- If god existed he/she/it would certainly squirm at the total lack of true religiosity among the bible and/or similar book worshippers (British spelling)- Whatever your religion is: how about using our brain instead of citing memorized paragraphs from books that were clearly conceived by narrow-minded, loveless human beings? Take example from the universe, there's plenty of space, for you to believe in your gods and for the others to be free thinkers, thank you Voltaire! and thank you Nasa for showing us how puny, mediocre and ephemeral human kind is. ciao

Posted by oni italy August 27, 09 08:31 AM

How can anyone not believe in God after seeing these pictures? Just to think - He made all of this!!!!!!!

Posted by Candi August 27, 09 09:49 AM

It is appalling to see so many firm opinions stated so ungrammatically.
For starters, please be aware that: "IT'S" = IT IS. "ITS" is a possessive, as in, "The cat was chasing its own tail."

Whatever your beliefs, people will take you more seriously if you use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Posted by Alma Espinosa August 27, 09 05:43 PM

That was a breathtaking experience just viewing these images. So happy to live in this day and time when all of this is possible for us to see.

Whoever put this together, Thank you, it was awesome!

God definately knew what he was doing when He created the Heavens and the Earth..

Posted by Liz Cabrera August 27, 09 08:33 PM

The clasroom is life, the lesson is love, I hope these photos help all to learn the lesson. Jeffery

Posted by Jeffery August 28, 09 06:39 PM

There is an important lesson to be learned from these pictures.

Please take the time to think and ponder what this all means to us as a species who may not be alone out there.

l ponder whats to come thereafter, do you?

Pictures were breathtaking to look at.

What else may we discover?

Posted by Jack Sidewitz August 28, 09 07:15 PM

Amazing pictures. Thank you to all who had a hand in making them available to view.

Posted by Marieny August 28, 09 08:06 PM

Our imaginations do not even come near God's...Wow.

Posted by Jim Lavelle August 29, 09 10:30 AM

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

A robin redbreast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage.

A dove-house fill'd with doves and pigeons
Shudders hell thro' all its regions.
A dog starv'd at his master's gate
Predicts the ruin of the state.

A horse misused upon the road
Calls to heaven for human blood.
Each outcry of the hunted hare
A fibre from the brain does tear.

A skylark wounded in the wing,
A cherubim does cease to sing.
The game-cock clipt and arm'd for fight
Does the rising sun affright.

Every wolf's and lion's howl
Raises from hell a human soul.

The wild deer, wand'ring here and there,
Keeps the human soul from care.
The lamb misus'd breeds public strife,
And yet forgives the butcher's knife.

The bat that flits at close of eve
Has left the brain that won't believe.
The owl that calls upon the night
Speaks the unbeliever's fright.

He who shall hurt the little wren
Shall never be belov'd by men.
He who the ox to wrath has mov'd
Shall never be by woman lov'd.

The wanton boy that kills the fly
Shall feel the spider's enmity.
He who torments the chafer's sprite
Weaves a bower in endless night.

The caterpillar on the leaf
Repeats to thee thy mother's grief.
Kill not the moth nor butterfly,
For the last judgement draweth nigh.

He who shall train the horse to war
Shall never pass the polar bar.
The beggar's dog and widow's cat,
Feed them and thou wilt grow fat.

The gnat that sings his summer's song
Poison gets from slander's tongue.
The poison of the snake and newt
Is the sweat of envy's foot.

The poison of the honey bee
Is the artist's jealousy.

The prince's robes and beggar's rags
Are toadstools on the miser's bags.
A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.

It is right it should be so;
Man was made for joy and woe;
And when this we rightly know,
Thro' the world we safely go.

Joy and woe are woven fine,
A clothing for the soul divine.
Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken twine.

The babe is more than swaddling bands;
Every farmer understands.
Every tear from every eye
Becomes a babe in eternity;

This is caught by females bright,
And return'd to its own delight.
The bleat, the bark, bellow, and roar,
Are waves that beat on heaven's shore.

The babe that weeps the rod beneath
Writes revenge in realms of death.
The beggar's rags, fluttering in air,
Does to rags the heavens tear.

The soldier, arm'd with sword and gun,
Palsied strikes the summer's sun.
The poor man's farthing is worth more
Than all the gold on Afric's shore.

One mite wrung from the lab'rer's hands
Shall buy and sell the miser's lands;
Or, if protected from on high,
Does that whole nation sell and buy.

He who mocks the infant's faith
Shall be mock'd in age and death.
He who shall teach the child to doubt
The rotting grave shall ne'er get out.

He who respects the infant's faith
Triumphs over hell and death.
The child's toys and the old man's reasons
Are the fruits of the two seasons.

The questioner, who sits so sly,
Shall never know how to reply.
He who replies to words of doubt
Doth put the light of knowledge out.

The strongest poison ever known
Came from Caesar's laurel crown.
Nought can deform the human race
Like to the armour's iron brace.

When gold and gems adorn the plow,
To peaceful arts shall envy bow.
A riddle, or the cricket's cry,
Is to doubt a fit reply.

The emmet's inch and eagle's mile
Make lame philosophy to smile.
He who doubts from what he sees
Will ne'er believe, do what you please.

If the sun and moon should doubt,
They'd immediately go out.
To be in a passion you good may do,
But no good if a passion is in you.

The whore and gambler, by the state
Licensed, build that nation's fate.
The harlot's cry from street to street
Shall weave old England's winding-sheet.

The winner's shout, the loser's curse,
Dance before dead England's hearse.

Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born,
Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight.

Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night.

We are led to believe a lie
When we see not thro' the eye,
Which was born in a night to perish in a night,
When the soul slept in beams of light.

God appears, and God is light,
To those poor souls who dwell in night;
But does a human form display
To those who dwell in realms of day.

~ William Blake (1757-1827) - Auguries of Innocence

Posted by Anna Blaisedell Arbiti August 29, 09 10:49 AM


Posted by Nuno Pina August 29, 09 03:13 PM

Wonderful to know that God created it all for our enjoyment.

Posted by Annetta Byrd August 29, 09 08:20 PM

Fantastic...amazing to see these photos..

Posted by Sharon August 31, 09 10:18 AM


g -r - a - m - m - A - r

Now, about that glass house you wanted to buy......

I hear you, but as a former English teacher, all I can say is GOOD LUCK at fixing the lack of language skills. Many people do not care about speaking and writing well. Today's texting frenzy does not bode well 4 us. :-)

Posted by Connie August 31, 09 10:55 AM

When you standback and get a closeup look from far away like these photos give you, it tests your imagine for what is in the rest of the universe. I would vote for more --
Sorry to bring politics into it but # 575 you have DEMOCRAT written all over your post.

Posted by Anomyous -- August 31, 09 11:33 AM

It's okay to believe in the "Big Bang" Theory as long as you bvelieve it takes place or took place in the hand of God!

Posted by Sam August 31, 09 12:46 PM

Thanks for sharing these great photos.
--August 31.2009.

Posted by Ana Mix August 31, 09 01:50 PM

woneful pitures, but sad over all the conflict,it should not be . when you look at the mountains,and the shore lines ,how amazing it is. enjoy,and pass it on to others to enjoy, let the conflict go.Donna

Posted by Donna Magon-Hansen August 31, 09 02:50 PM

Absolutely stunning photos. Beautiful!

Posted by Harry August 31, 09 04:57 PM

Connie, you are absolutely correct! Especially notable is the comment by "Capt. Fulbright" in which he begins with "Your" and could only have meant "You're" which is such an elementary error. Causes me to wonder how he made it to "Captain", hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Posted by Ron August 31, 09 05:12 PM

Indah banget.... beatiful...

Posted by Agung Sigit September 1, 09 04:59 AM


Posted by Richard September 1, 09 02:18 PM

These photos are breathtaking. I live at the foot of Mauna Loa in Hilo, Hawai'i and it was amazing to see the lava flows from such a distance. I am so thankful to NASA for allowing us the opportuntity to view our world in such a state of grace. Now, it is up to us to keep it that way. Malama Pono ia kakou.

Posted by Ki'iheleonamokuhonua West September 1, 09 09:29 PM

Not to be redundant,but, yes, the photos are astonishingly beautiful. Why on earth do others have the need to spew religion and/or politics into this is totally bizarre. Science made these photos possible. Period. If my tax dollars made even a tiny contribution to this, I say "thank you""......

Posted by Sondra Metzger September 2, 09 02:28 AM

Merci beaucoup...Thanks a lot....

Posted by Jean-Marc. September 3, 09 12:51 PM

Spectacular! Yes, I believe there is a God, and feel that the wonders of His world proves he exists...However, I don't constantly need to preach my beliefs, like some of the comments I've read. Relax...enjoy the beauty...don't feel the need to beat people over the head to make them see your point of view.

Posted by Gerry - LaGrange, IL September 3, 09 11:53 PM


Posted by JAY POYNOR September 4, 09 08:41 AM

totally amazing how you sit behind a computer and learn so much. So I can only hope that the young ones understand how lucky they are. The world and beyond is right at the keyboard.

Posted by Jo Schlottmann September 4, 09 08:31 PM

They waste money on science while thousands of people don't have water to drink or food.It's just sick.Humans don't care any more about humans .Curiosity will finaly lead to death.They search for what we don't need.Why worry for overpopulation when you can just take responsibility for your actions.Our planet is dyeing.Instead of worrying about your security you can worry about people that DON'T HAVE WATER TO DRINK.Instead of making a car that kills our own habitat they can try to study how to make a car that does not pollute at all.They can study that.But rich people want to sell their oil right?They think they will leave earth.Believe me,humans will never leave earth until satan will be destroyed.

Posted by Hector September 5, 09 08:45 AM

Amazing pictures! As I looked at them I thought of how God can see not only the outlines we see but every person individually and every detail about every person, even to their thoughts and to knowing the number of the hairs on their head. What an awesome God -- and what an awesome creation!

Posted by A. Blevins September 5, 09 09:25 AM

emm... thanks

Posted by Drunk Submissive September 6, 09 06:57 AM


Posted by RIK September 7, 09 04:25 AM

wonderful! enjoyed every bit,Wish I could have seen Ireland.Maybe next time? Well done.

Posted by joan finglas September 7, 09 05:24 AM

Photographs were beautiful if a little intimidating. The Graffiti of less interest than a toilet wall,

Posted by E Davidson September 7, 09 10:54 AM

It's so beatiful, Amazing, the God's creation.

Posted by Jose Antonio Cordero September 7, 09 11:59 AM

It is truly amazing what the human mind can produce when productive lines of research are followed. Congratulations to the international community who continue to make exploration possible so that we may see what is "out there" and "here below".

Posted by Bill, Kingston, Canada. September 7, 09 03:05 PM

How can anyone with even half a brain attribute these beautiful photos to a ficticious god? Try believing in fairies! Much more likely to exist.
If the western world hadn't the means to pay for these photos, then we'd all probably be in third world countries having our heads chopped off for not believing. The US was founded by people like William Penn whose state was founded with the express intention of allowing residents to worship any or no god. At the time, Europe was under the shackles of Christian theocracy. Fortunately the French Revolution threw most religeous claptrap into the dustbin of history and we've never looked back. Fortunately Europe is post-religion apart from a few of the old and less educated as well as rather a large number of pseudo-believers and extrisic deists.

Posted by Jaycee September 7, 09 03:13 PM


Posted by Ken September 7, 09 08:18 PM

I'm glad I looked at the pictures but sad that I read the comments.

Posted by Bob, the god fearing atheist September 8, 09 04:07 AM


Posted by Art Hunt September 8, 09 09:03 AM

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful planet. I pray that we will enjoy, appreciate, and take care of it more. How small I feel, when I see these very vivid and beautiful scenes. Why do we have to fight?

Posted by Pauline Morrison September 8, 09 10:48 AM

what a wonderful world

Posted by max Selva September 8, 09 11:05 PM

well.. it's like I knew!

Posted by Teenage Japanese Boys September 9, 09 12:13 AM

beautiful pictures

Posted by Aks September 9, 09 04:52 AM

Amazing that grammar critics don't know that "ALL CAPS" means "shouting" .

Posted by Roundabout September 10, 09 11:23 AM

A grand design by OUR MASTER DESIGNER.....breathtaking, stunning, humbling.

Posted by Carl September 10, 09 10:53 PM

PRIVILEGED! to see these wondrous views of our planet.

Posted by Karen Howell September 10, 09 11:47 PM

What in the world does religion have to do with pictures of our planet? Good lord people...get a life!
I've seen things here I never even knew about! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Posted by Mary Shoup September 11, 09 07:23 AM

Our wonders at learning of the universe and mankind are neverending, less we destroy the place that we live and beyond. So far, the sources of life we fight over and kill each other until mankind is gone and other life forms eradicate us while fighting each other. Be it a virus, global overheating, insect surges, or mother nature straightening out what we ruined. Time is a gift for us on earth, and each individual takes away a bit upon bit as ants devour their kill. We must learn to focus on not each others good, but on those things around us that can grow exponentially fast clean us out and end our living time. Getting along with life is to not try to change nature, but live within the confines that she gives us.

HJB for We The People Worldwide

Posted by Anonymous September 12, 09 10:39 PM

I'm not interested in any religion whatsoever and in some weird way there wasn't any God in my thoughts as I saw these marvellous photos...So please...stop this "Thank you God-stuff" and also this "God bless America-bannering". It only ruins the beauty of the images I've seen here. By the way, I don't believe these photographs have anything to do with any nation or nationality. So if there would be a God, the only place he should bless is earth...
And yes, there's only one left to quote.
It's Louis Armstrong: "What a wonderful world..."

Posted by deweldeman September 13, 09 05:39 AM

I was moved to tears. What beauty and grandeur our planet has to offer. Thank you so much. I hated to see them end.

Posted by Candace Southerland September 17, 09 01:04 PM

What's with all the religion comments... science made this possible. Not "God." If "God" wanted you to enjoy these images, why did it take him so long to make it possible for you to view them in such a breathtaking fashion?

Oh, I forgot - of course he was waiting for all of you conceited little Christians to come into this world. How silly of me.

Christianity preaches humility, yet so many of the Christians here are so mind-bogglingly conceited - if "God" exists, he didn't create these things for YOU.

The beauty of these photos is down to science and technology. The events that made them possible were by nature's hand, not a "God's."

Posted by Kirsten September 17, 09 05:49 PM

emm... 10x :)

Posted by Dickie Virgin Guide September 18, 09 05:17 AM

I would like to forward the images to friends and family , BUT , because of all the comments , that most likely will also be forwarded along with the images , I will NOT subject them to the obvious contrast between the beautiful images and the STUPID AND UGLY comments ! Talk about the utter ignorance of the majority ! NO WONDER we had BUSH (43) for 8 years !

Posted by jaime September 20, 09 03:22 PM


Posted by J DAVIS September 25, 09 02:19 AM

I agree with comment number 757.

Posted by Big Sack October 2, 09 12:45 AM

It is fortunate mankind is discovering and learning how to use the tools to understand the universe. I do believe that God gave mankind the reasoning to use these tools to learn how the universe works.

Posted by MinFXBG October 2, 09 09:11 AM

How can I get these beautiful pictures to pass on without all that gibberish written below?

Posted by Bud October 5, 09 02:27 PM

Very nice site!

Posted by Pharmg687 October 10, 09 12:02 AM

Our planet is so beautiful. It is our job to leave it a better place than when we arrived. Open your mind and let beauty and love in, not hate and anger.
Strange how these photos challenged these feelings in us. Those in peace saw the beauty.

Posted by Lynne Elkins October 13, 09 07:21 PM

The more I see of phenomenal pictures like these, the more compelled I am to feel that our borders and the individualism of our polarized thinking really in a nut shell doesn't mean squat.
Everyone grows up with a belief system that reflects their own ideological and sociological values and for fun you toss into the soup of mankind, the vast cultures spread out across this beautiful planet and what you have in the end is exactly what everyone here has cited, their opinion, right or wrong, take it or leave it, it's nothing more than a bloody opinion.
So, in my opinion, I am truly grateful to the United States and their NASA photos which allow us to gaze outside the confines of our little blue marble and expand our knowledge of not only ourselves but our neighboring countries and see that were all in this together on this tiny speck in space. Think about it, If we screw ourselves over by continually fighting, then we truly aren't much better than our knuckle dragging, poop tossing, cave dwelling relatives except we just happen to have cooler toys. Say what you like, but I personally feel we need to get our asses off this rock and see what's out there.

Posted by Walter Lowe October 15, 09 12:35 AM

Omne ignotum pro magnifico.( Tacyt)

Posted by Krystyna Marson October 17, 09 04:39 PM


These pics are awsome. Loved the Roads and circular fields in the desert in Egypt so much that I used it as a Guess what this is blog.

Thankyou for sharing these :D

Posted by Mike October 19, 09 07:47 AM

I think the pictures are great!

Posted by NativeoftheLimb October 23, 09 12:08 PM

Am in love with nature, the pictures from ISS satisfies my curiosity about nature. So more grease to all crew members at NASA.they are educating the world and changing lives through their investigative nature of exploration.

Posted by Joshua Aboki October 30, 09 06:41 AM

With our viewing of these beautiful pictures, we learn more about that
which we don't know. Thanks to those who took the pictures, and the
technology that made them possible.

Posted by Robert C. Schroeder October 30, 09 04:02 PM

How beautiful are these pictures. How sad that so many can't simply wonder at their beauty but must turn to thoughts of taxes and religion and the sorrows of world hunger disease & poverty. All the arguments and discussions we have to offer are meaningless beside the truth that we live on a planet of astonishing beauty, and we are fortunate to be able to see it from afar this way.

Posted by Elizabeth November 3, 09 03:18 PM


Posted by T. L. MILES November 10, 09 05:26 PM

Gods work is truly magnificent and even the most talented artist on this planet called Earth could never copy or replicate what he has created. This is unbelievable and breathe taking. There are no words to discribe the magnitude of what God has given us. Thank You Lord.

Posted by M.J. Bauer November 11, 09 08:05 PM

it is amazing what technology has brought to the world , but what would happen if all computers were to quit all at once or all of the sattelites were to fall out of the sky? the whole world would close down. i was born in 1960 when life was fun kids could play in the street safely. and with all of this great technology why can you drive a car and still talk on a cell phone. cant insurance companies and the government work it out so you cannot talk on your cell phone when the car is in drive ? i wonder whose behind this they say most wrecks happen when people are on cell phones.

Posted by dcm December 10, 09 09:39 PM

Fantastic. Awesome. beautiful.Our planet.thank you for the pictures

Posted by Gerald Gambino December 17, 09 08:24 PM

The pictures are wonderful! Some of the comments should be deleted. If we as Christians should not share our beliefs, then why all the comments against what is written by us. Science is wonderful, and so is God. He has made it possible for all the new technology, and we have it to enjoy. So, just take the comments as opinions and stop the negative remarks. Please!

Posted by Priscilla Rogers January 5, 10 09:45 PM

"Peter, Peter... I can see your house from here."

Posted by Jim Wood January 8, 10 11:16 AM

Truly a marvel to see in how many ways nature recreates and reuses the same or similar patterns. Nikolas Tolka

Posted by Kenny Oyer (pen name above) January 29, 10 04:54 PM

Awesome! World is beutiful! Hope it will be the same in the future..

Posted by Silvija February 10, 10 06:10 AM

can't you see...its all make believe...Make...(yourself)...Believe

Posted by bluetoe February 27, 10 08:15 PM

wonderful what the forces of nature can do by themselves with absolutely NO HELP from non-existent " Gods "... you people who keep bringing your "i'm afraid of the dark" religious mumbo-jumbo into true PROVABLE science need to get your heads out of the sand, your minds out of the dark ages, and your intellect into the 21st century. Grow up.

Posted by jim March 27, 10 11:16 AM

Amazing pictures . Worth more than one viewing . Each time , there is something else worth seeing that I missed the firsr time . I pictured me days in the Navy when I saw the ships entering the Suez Canal .. Having had that experience , was heart warming . So interesting to see the shots of so many countries . Thank SSc for the show .

Posted by Van March 30, 10 07:04 AM

Great Pictures! But a word to those anti-God comments...

Reminds me of the story about a little boy going to bed and saying to his atheist father, "Daddy, does God know we don't believe in Him?"

"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God'."
One day we will all know the truth...

Posted by LTP April 13, 10 02:00 PM

C'est fantastique de voir notre immense planete si belle , mais de haut seulement. plus on descent en altitude plus en voit les details de la betise humaine. ce qui m'inquiet le plus c'est de savoir que l'avenir de cette planete , notre planete est entre les mains de personnes inconscientes qui ne pense qu'a leurs profits et ceux de leurs enfants au detriment de millions et de millions de vie humaines. n'oubliez jamais messieurs que la terre appartient a Dieu et elle sera restituer a Dieu.

Posted by abbad amar April 22, 10 04:38 AM

what a wonderfulWorld. May God save it

Posted by Anonymous June 18, 10 11:47 AM

It's amazing to think what humans are capable of...
It's even more amazing to think we've done it all by ourselves!
It's time man kind took some pride in our achievements.

Posted by thom July 3, 10 06:27 PM

Wonderful pictures! A treat to the eyes!!
Seby George

Posted by Seby George September 6, 10 11:18 AM

I would recommend seeing these images whilst listening to michael jackson's Earth Song... where is the human part of Humanity? Not only do we need to show some love for our planet but starting for ourselves. Peace to all.

Posted by monoco November 1, 10 03:32 AM
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