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April 3, 2009 Permalink

Protests at the G20 summit

Thousands of protesters gathered in London, England on April 1st and 2nd to demonstrate against an array of issues, largely anti-capitalist or pro-environmental in nature. A large underlying theme was anger with the effects of the economic downturn and a call for accountability and responsibility. While the majority of protesters were peaceful, a number of them took to smashing windows and throwing debris at police lines. London police responded with baton charges and arrests. Similar protests are now taking place in Strasbourg, France, which hosts a NATO summit today. (36 photos total)

Police patrol barriers around demonstrators near the ExCel Centre in central London, on April 2, 2009. World leaders gathered are looking to raise an extra 1 trillion dollars (745 billion euros) for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, a Brazilian official said Thursday. (SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)
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Puuuh, intense pictures....

Posted by Martin Gommel April 3, 09 12:13 PM

Amazing as always!

Posted by Mark April 3, 09 12:16 PM

Oh my God!!! Serious scenes...

Posted by RB April 3, 09 12:17 PM

First one to comment.
Very interesting.

Posted by Chino Lau April 3, 09 12:20 PM

Regarding image #1 - the ExCel Centre is nowhere near central London, it's several miles out in east London.

Otherwise, an excellent set of images, as always.

Posted by Max April 3, 09 12:20 PM

#28 That protester has some smooth moves!

Posted by Rob April 3, 09 12:21 PM

way to go, bros!..

Posted by m@w April 3, 09 12:21 PM

Pathetic, watching people protest the very freedom that allows them to protest. If they're "anti-capitalism" then they must be big government statists. I would love to see them try this protest in communist China or the former USSR. Capitalism is about freedom, the freedom to buy, sell and trade. Sure there are abusers of this system but not nearly to the extent that there are abusers of the socialist system.

Posted by RJ April 3, 09 12:22 PM

Socialists and communists tapping into the anger and stupidity of hooligans...
Manipulation at its best, those folks have no idea what they're protesting for or against, they've been instigated and tricked and abused. "Capitalism doesn't work" said some of the banners... puh-leez!

Posted by Ser April 3, 09 12:23 PM

#11 - Dude! You're getting a Dell!

Posted by Knute April 3, 09 12:23 PM

I think I know the girl sitting down in number 14. :)

Posted by Dan April 3, 09 12:25 PM

@ 31 - OUCH!!!

Posted by sug knight April 3, 09 12:26 PM

Big P. , lots of greetings from France.


Posted by Nico April 3, 09 12:27 PM

Why are radical leftists unable to get their point across without smashing windows and causing mayhem? I think they get a kick out of the act of protesting -- the issues are just incidental.

Posted by Colin April 3, 09 12:29 PM

powerful photos... amazing selection, as always

Posted by Jeremy April 3, 09 12:29 PM

N°16 is quite surreal

Posted by David April 3, 09 12:30 PM

So sad the violence to people wanting peace... Amazing pictures. Thank you so much.
Aguante el Diego.

Posted by Lucas Movidas April 3, 09 12:37 PM

Great photos! I am a proponent of protests and demonstrations and I think that the G20 is something worthy of demonstrating. But, who are these kids? Half of them are wearing Nike, Puma, and, as shown in #11, Atlanta Braves gear. Give me some people living off the land with some locally made clothes and then I will listen to you as opponents of capitalism and the global economy. It is a worthy event to protest, just don't look like whiny hypocrites that participate in the system that you are protesting.

Posted by Brian (Atlanta) April 3, 09 12:37 PM

I am intrigued by the faces and expressions of both sides. It appears to me that the faces of the police show fear, trepidation and concern while the protestors' faces show aggression and determination. Seems like the direct opposite of what you would expect...

Posted by Grimace April 3, 09 12:38 PM

There is something wrong with the amounts.
748 million Euros should be 1 billion dollars, not 1 trillion

Posted by Mugros April 3, 09 12:41 PM

After they finish its show, does the handful of violent protesters solicit tips from the swarming horde of photographers who depend on them for a living ?

Posted by Jean-Marc Liotier April 3, 09 12:44 PM

Number 10 and 11 communicated so much more than the events in London. It shows one or to doing something and many recording it. I don't know how to put it on words but I think that it shows the state of the press nowdays.

Posted by Juan April 3, 09 12:44 PM

So sad that protesters who claim to want peace always end up smashing windows and throwing metal barricades at police. Certainly does detract from the cause.

Posted by Jeff April 3, 09 12:48 PM

You know...this is some what of a paradox - those people are protesting against capitalism, yet the very clothes, food, jobs, and even place of residence is a result of it. They very lifestyle they depend on revolves around capitalism. Is it perfect? No - but there is always room to improve.

Posted by Anonymous April 3, 09 12:49 PM

Sad pics !!

Posted by Muralidheran April 3, 09 12:50 PM

The majority of these protesters are just wannabes. They missed the great protests of are time and are overly attracted to the "mystique of protesting". Most have no depth of understanding of the issues and are really nothing more than caricatures. Sad really.


Posted by George Heist April 3, 09 12:50 PM

I'd like to see more photos of dogs biting these morons, but I'd feel bad for the dogs. One can only imagine the diseases they are sure to be infected with.

Posted by Scott April 3, 09 12:54 PM

Just imagine if they were actually in charge.........?

No, let's not.

Posted by jwh April 3, 09 12:58 PM

#36 is cool

Posted by Jon April 3, 09 12:59 PM

Anyone notice there are more photographers than protestors in a lot of these shots? I wonder who got the word out...

Posted by TonyG LB-CA April 3, 09 12:59 PM

#11 is surreal. A mob of photographers surround a single protester, dressed in brand new protest clothing. He made news editors around the globe happy, no doubt about that.

Posted by Rafael Matsunaga April 3, 09 12:59 PM

Humans will never be able to uniformly agree to everything all of the time. We will eventually destroy our environment or ourselves or both. Our best efforts to "save" our planet will only delay the inevitable. This is sad but true.

Posted by Ken K. April 3, 09 01:01 PM

1 trillion dollars US equals 748 BILLION euros, not millions (1st picture-legend).

Posted by olrandir April 3, 09 01:02 PM

These are pretty much the same pictures as were taken in Iceland during the "Búsáhaldabyltingin" (Kitchenware-revolution) in January. Angry protestors letting there anger out against the riot police. People often don´t realise that they (the riot police) are just doing there job and the demonstrators should be concentrating on stating there point rather than infiltrating the police.

Pictures of the "Kitchenware-Revolution" in Iceland can be seen here:ótmæli/

Posted by Gunnar Jónsson April 3, 09 01:05 PM

This is not sport or something done for pleasure or fun. This is the expression of the masses will. Many good things you have in Europe came from the blood of the people in the streets.

Posted by bruno April 3, 09 01:05 PM

Rarotongan - I agree... But I think we will have some real reasons to protest, or at least fear for all of our lives soon. I also can't help but feel like the photographers there really took away from the experience. Imagine if 2/3 of those camera holding people had rocks and strong feelings about these times instead of L glass... We would have just as many pictures floating around sites like these and twice as successful of a protest.

Posted by keicharones April 3, 09 01:06 PM

I'm working as a policeofficer in a european contry, and I think the pictures show a sad kind of protest. It's more smashing and looting than protesting. I always wonder if these people after a protest think, what did it change? They are not winning peoples hearts and minds with this.

Posted by Some guy April 3, 09 01:07 PM
Posted by Asclepius April 3, 09 01:08 PM

I think #34 should be "click to see". I click and see every image anyway, but some might not want to see him lying there with that device in his mouth. To my eye, it appears to be after an attempted (failed?) attempt to give him CPR.

Posted by Michael Nardozzi April 3, 09 01:12 PM

Great, moving photos. Although, i must say the best form of protest is non-involvement. Channeling one's energy into negative acts (i.e. violence) only empowers that which you fight against. Take action with your thoughts, your money, your feet.

Posted by Jeremy April 3, 09 01:15 PM

Excellent set.

It does seem like most of these protesters are caught up in the fantasy of being a rebel. As a number of people have already pointed out, its amazing how many of the anti-capitalistic protesters are wearing designer jeans. Its also crazy how the "front lines" of the protest are about 70% photographers...

Posted by Andrew April 3, 09 01:16 PM

Couple of points. As to the number of photographers vs protesters, keep in mind that if protesters didnt photograph and spread evidence of police brutality the information might never get out. In other words, the photographers often ARE the protesters. Kudos to The Big Picture for even running these images.

Second, why do protesters insist on showing up unprepared? Why are the cops the only ones with batons, shields, and helmets?

Posted by Michael Nardozzi April 3, 09 01:16 PM

#12: I like that there are dozens of beefy professional cameras, and right in the foreground, someone with a cameraphone. And #15, it can't be easy to drink a beer with that mask on.

Posted by Jared April 3, 09 01:18 PM

Couldn't agree more, Commenter #18. We have some pretty big hypocrites here.

Posted by Anthony April 3, 09 01:20 PM

Great photos of complete idiots.

Posted by JMC April 3, 09 01:23 PM

Capt. John Parker, Lexington Minuteman
At: Historic Lexington's "Battle Green"

Anniversary of: "The shot heard round the world" -- April 19, 1775
When: Sunday, April 19, 2009
Noon - 3pm Rain or Shine

Where: Massachusetts Ave. @ Bedford St.
Lexington, Massachusetts

Opening: Fife and Drums -- Lexington Minute Men

Speakers: Dr. Edwin Vieira -- Author / Attorney
Constitutional - Colonial Legal History Scholar

Walter Reddy - Founder,
Committees of Safety
Garrett Lear - The Patriot Pastor
and More ....

Posted by Clymer April 3, 09 01:24 PM

The photographers are there to do a job, just as the police are. Why the negative focus on them? And if you object so much to press coverage of these events, why are you looking at The Big Picture?

Posted by Kirsten April 3, 09 01:24 PM

Shocking. The photos capture what I've not seen in print. The protestors accomplish nothing, as always. The problem is beyond society's ability to solve as has been proven by millenniums of failure. These "advanced" governments and economies are doomed to the failure that haunts all previous advanced civilizations. Not one of the G20 has solved there own societal problems on a micro scale (crime, poverty, disease, etc.) yet the leaders and people backing them feel that a combined effort of these micro-failures will result in a macro-success? Delusional.

Posted by Josh April 3, 09 01:25 PM

Number 14.
Please girls, learn how to hold a camera properly...

Posted by Turco April 3, 09 01:26 PM

I'd love to know what the young man in #33 is saying. Although the British police don't make policy, it's still nice to see dialog going on. Conversation is good - always.

Posted by Sam April 3, 09 01:28 PM

36 is beautiful

Posted by rafa April 3, 09 01:29 PM

29 is clearly staged. Note how three police officers face the camera alone, while behind them - facing the other way - an much greater number stand in a line to hold the crowd back. If there were protestors behind or around the cameraman, there would have been more police in the foreground of the shot.

Posted by Simon April 3, 09 01:29 PM

shots that make you sit down and overthink a couple o' things...

Posted by flawijn April 3, 09 01:33 PM

that protester there on image #11 is 100% a straw man!
he´s not real ,dressed so unbelievable weird and sketchy
like people who have no clue put an in there eye "prototype" protester
out of a toybox and let him throw the monitor into the bankwindow
to have nice footage and some rioting to blame.
they did a bad bad work here!
he reminds me of one of the droogs from clockwork orange..
and his cap...
sry for my english..

Posted by dorian April 3, 09 01:40 PM

spoiled kids protesting the captialism for the money of their reach parents, go to China to see how communism is "better"

Posted by Alan April 3, 09 01:40 PM

36 the best one

Posted by althedude April 3, 09 01:50 PM

What, exactly, are they protesting? And what do they wish to accomplish? I don't understand the point.

Posted by An observer in NY April 3, 09 01:51 PM

Yes, I recognize the irony that the very system I oppose affords me the luxury of biting the hand that feeds. But that's exactly why priviledged f*cks like me should feel obliged to whine and kick and scream until everyone has everything they need.

Posted by PROPAGANDHI April 3, 09 02:05 PM

Smart photogs in bike helmets. Not their first time at one of these shows....

Posted by Kate April 3, 09 02:07 PM

War is bad and violence is never the answer... unless it gets us what we want.

Posted by Ryan April 3, 09 02:07 PM

I think the most interesting feature of these protests are the photographers themselves. In #11 and #12 - there was ONE protester and 19 cameras and half a dozen protesters and 14 cameras in the pictures respectively. Does this say something about the nature of photojournalism, protesting, the state of the economy (with photojournalists out of work), or all of the above? It just all seems so staged and every picture has sooooooo many cameras (D)SLRs no less- that I can't help but feel like this is a bit too much showmanship.

Posted by Jesse April 3, 09 02:09 PM

you have have a great story

Posted by tonmoy April 3, 09 02:11 PM

#25 says it all...

Peaceful protests always seem to be the most violent. It is our duty to fight unjust laws, but not like this. Without the capitalist tool known as the internet, they would have never been able to book their transportation, research the car they bought in order to get to London, organized accommodations when they weren't tearing the city apart, and without the internet they would have never had heard of such a meeting occurring. Just imagine if the internet were limited like it is in communist countries, Would these people have been as organized?

Posted by Nick April 3, 09 02:14 PM

That's smart. Demand accountability and responsibility for others by escaping and ignoring it yourself.

Posted by Drive By Troll April 3, 09 02:15 PM

Ugh, the look on that guy's face in #33 reminds me of being that age. The smug arrogance of thinking you absolutely know everything. Most people grow out of it, some never do.

Posted by Mark April 3, 09 02:16 PM

You will not see protests like that in the United States, as its citizenry is defined and consumed by material goods.

Posted by mjohn April 3, 09 02:17 PM

Best photo blog on the net so far.

I don't know if it's me, if I'm getting older (I'm 22) but when I see paper mache' wraiths, activists who wear masks, or general rioting than protesting by what appears to be a bunch of adults living past their "hipster" shelf-life, I don't feel much sympathy for them at all.

Seriously, you think your Halloween masks, trendy designer clothes and activist "art installation" is going to make a difference? It's not, truly it isn't.

What's going to make a difference is helping your communities and fellow man through direct action like working with kids, volunteering at impoverished schools and homeless shelters. Build a solid, respectable movement rather this mess going on here. You gotta face reality and grow, quit being so naive and truly understand what the world is going through rather than reading incredibly biased literature from both the left and the right.

Posted by Brandon April 3, 09 02:18 PM

Those protesters look like they need mental help. Look at them...give them a mirror.

Posted by Vlad April 3, 09 02:23 PM


Posted by Johnny Johansson Jacobson April 3, 09 02:26 PM

Posters #8 (RJ) and #9 (Ser): I see much confusion in your posts. Specifically, you seem to not understand the difference between democracy, communism, socialism, and capitalism.

Posted by esm April 3, 09 02:28 PM

Wow, fantastic pictures of the London 2009 freelance photographers summit. Just a shame that so many peaceful protesters had to spoil it for us.

Posted by dan April 3, 09 02:29 PM

@Simon I assure you, that's not staged. The protest was essentially peaceful but flashpoints like this did happen.

Posted by Leon Neal April 3, 09 02:29 PM

Heh, some of photographers are well prepared and come there in helmets ;)

Posted by Gaspar April 3, 09 02:30 PM

"Perception"....Whats yours?

Nice Photography though.

Posted by Singh April 3, 09 02:30 PM

number #28 is ninja!

Posted by Martin April 3, 09 02:37 PM

these people have nothing better to do? smoke a draw and play some video games, let the work do its own crazy thing.

Posted by MikeF April 3, 09 02:38 PM

Poster # 9 is an idiot, best way to put it.

Posted by James Callohan April 3, 09 02:42 PM

hats off to the photographers! very expressive pictures!

i find it rather ironic that the anti-establishment protesters are wearing brand clothing. It's too bad somebody had to die that day... for some stupid reason.

Posted by Bloke April 3, 09 02:49 PM

When the top fails us in our pyramid structured society, the base has to make it's voice heard. Sadly, this is the only way. What's the point? The point is to remind to everyone that we re humans and the law was manufactured to make our relationships work better and not to control our being. Marginalize all you want, but there is no hypocrisy in the protestors eyes. Most of those who don t get the point of these actions are just afraid to face reality. THe system works for them as long as someone else gets fAked..... well... i say fAk the kings and fAk the corporate oligarhy. fAk adam smith and fAk you all with your isolating principles: power, hierarchy, competition, ignorance, dependance, fear...... (puking sound..)

greetings from greece

Posted by Aristeidis_the_just April 3, 09 02:58 PM

I'm jealous of the police officer in # 24.

Posted by Otto April 3, 09 03:00 PM

The world would be a better place... without students thinking they know it all.

Posted by JustAMan April 3, 09 03:08 PM

I'm glad to live in the US where we don't feel it necessary to engage in these sorts of violent protests. Rather we use the efforts of our minds, our dollars, and our voting rights to effect change.

Posted by James April 3, 09 03:08 PM

#8 says it all about capitalism - "the freedom to buy" stuff, buy news, buy ideology...

Irony at its best....

Posted by NoBody April 3, 09 03:14 PM

@James, yes the US are so peaceful..... *rolls eyes*

Posted by cheesy April 3, 09 03:17 PM


Some of the blood was in fact 'dye'

Posted by john April 3, 09 03:29 PM

You write "anti-capitalist" many times.

Maybe they just happen to be really pissed off that banks are getting loads of free money.

Giving out free money is not capitalism by the way!

Posted by JoshLowry - April 3, 09 03:29 PM

I'm Tibetan, born in exile, so I really know how tragic communism can be. At the same time I don't understand Western people (some of these comments) who still say capitalism is good. Capitalism is collapsing. And #70 is right: I have the feeling some people here do not understand the (big) differences between "capitalism" and "democracy".

Posted by Tenzin April 3, 09 03:36 PM

Como siempre usando la fuerza, para reprimir las ideas de el pueblo que ya estamos aburridos de tanta reunion de presidentes para adoptar politicas falsas y de poco beneficio para las grandes mayorias.
Que viva monseñor Romero.
El Salvador

Posted by Aristides Recinos. April 3, 09 03:37 PM

Why don't protesters get shields and helmets like the cops? It would probably hurt less to get hit, no? It would look amazing too. All those people in random helmets. It would be a bit like the warriors.

Posted by drew broih April 3, 09 03:43 PM

It's amazing how many commentators here are under the cold war proaganda, that the protestors want to exchange the hamster's wheel of mindless, cruel capitalism for the hamster's wheel of static authoritan mid-20th-century "communism". Neither of both gives more freedom, neither of both gives a more humane society. The point is that both systems failed.

Non-violent street protest is a viable route of change. Sadly politicians unlearned to listen and more sadly the defenders of the system have armoured up as seen by the storm troopers of the british police. Does anyone experiences those policemen as friend and helper?

Posted by Tim April 3, 09 03:45 PM

I saw on the news they were holding board with "Capitalism isn't working" on it!!! At some point for me it was very funny, I was born in USSR.
When it was USSR. World is fuked up somehow today. I wish it was easier, but we do make it very hard, in every possible way.

Posted by Animacat April 3, 09 03:57 PM

I bet most of these people don't even know why they're protesting. I bet they are there for the sake of being there.

Posted by Benjamin Button April 3, 09 03:59 PM

We will probably see the emergence of a stronger police state in the U.S. if propaganda methods, like using Bernanke on CBS, continue to fail. We already saw mass arrests made during the RNC and DNC. And we’ve seen wave after wave of protests moving west out of Eastern Europe.

Search for...
Our Engineered Meltdown: End of the Beginning

Posted by April 3, 09 04:01 PM

When I see upper-middle class kids supporting a cause with violence, it makes me oppose it.

Wish I could get a nice big baton and join the Metropolitan Police for a day. Working guys like us will beat down the angry rich kids. We'll call it "class warfare".

Posted by sam April 3, 09 04:05 PM

After looking at the photo's. And reading all the comments. #87 and #70 have said the most true words in this topic.

Posted by Rui April 3, 09 04:05 PM

Capatalism works, it just works too well. It's too easy for individuals to amass many lifetimes worth of money. The simple answer is to cap growth, once your total worth reaches...say, 5 million, you can't expand your buisness anymore, leave some buisness room for the next person. The way capatalism is going there are going to be 3 or 4 buisnesses who own everything......

Amazing pix by the way. TY.

Posted by human being April 3, 09 04:09 PM

Damnit people get a job. Stimulate the economy. Ahh to be young and dumb.

Posted by Dave April 3, 09 04:19 PM

Some of the comments here make me cringe. Perhaps if people had seen how the police treat protesters in the UK then they might not be so quick to criticize the 'lefty protesters'. They simply inflamed the situation with their ridiculous tactics.
It's time the UK had a shakeup of the police-after all, it's the public who fund them.
They are accountable only to themselves and a law unto themselves. This needs to change, especially for those of us who value justice and the real rule of law.

Posted by stoptherot April 3, 09 04:25 PM

wow - just wow.

Posted by austin April 3, 09 04:35 PM

Seems like there are more journalists/people with cameras than protesters :-/

Posted by dte April 3, 09 04:36 PM

is the girl in #21 okay? that's a fair amount of blood...

Posted by Alex V April 3, 09 04:40 PM

Fabulous pictures!

It's great to see people rising up against the New World Order.

Protest or become slaves!

Posted by Jimbo April 3, 09 04:44 PM

As a U.S. citizen it makes me feel sad to see that citizens of the U.K. seem to have more b-lls in regard to political protests than we do here in the States. I wish them luck. However, I am not anti-capitalism. In fact, I love our free-market economy. But as many before me have suggested, it is far from a perfect system. And there can be no doubt that a wealthy few do take advantage of their position in regard to the masses of (much) less well-to-do. For intelligent people to come on here and post words to the effect that the free market system is responsible for every liberty we enjoy is laughable. Our system is good, but the disparity between the few rich and many poor is not.

Posted by Stephen April 3, 09 04:57 PM

#1 clearly shows the flag of The Ogaden and Ogadeni protesters. Amazing moment for the struggle there.

Posted by genieyclo April 3, 09 05:04 PM

oh, come on! it's not about UK - the same happens everywhere in the world where is some kind of a leaders' summit, guy got killed in italy, remember? get real - most of those "protesters" are there for sheer fun of "protesting", many are there simply to take part in the fights, they don't know what they are protesting about, they don't know what they really want from the ones they are protesting against, they don't have any alternative for the world to offer themselves, they just go by some bullshit slogans like "capitalism doesn't work", "end the femine", "stop the poverty" and so on - it's pathetic and ridicilous

Posted by Alan April 3, 09 05:10 PM

Beautiful photos. Stupid people.

Posted by Carmen April 3, 09 05:12 PM

It looks like a group of uncivilized apes thumping chests at a another group of even wimpier uncivilized apes wearing protective clothing and carrying weapons, both trying show each other who's boss of the territory. You'd think we'd have advanced further than this instead of regressing back to the planet of the apes.

Posted by Doctor Zaeus April 3, 09 05:18 PM

G20 is a bunch of bureaucrats deciding how best to intervene in the market in order to solve the problems they (unadmittedly) created by intervening in the market; they are the ultimate anti-capitalists themselves. These protestors are protesting the effects government controlled capitalism otherwise known as FASCISM, with the belief that their problems are caused by the free market.

Posted by mark April 3, 09 05:18 PM

When and where have police been any different than these cops? They're just as macing, tasering, beating and shooting in Canada or anywhere else. They will always 'inflame' situations, they're cops its what they do. A 'protest' is one thing -a RIOT is quite another ..shut up and take your lumps or stay out of the way.

Posted by curmudgeon April 3, 09 05:24 PM

i think they protest against capitalism not democracy,don't confuse these two togheter they are very different(in echonomic theory perfect capitalism would be financial anarchy ) also china is a capitalist country (despite claiming to be communist,they never provided their people with the means of communist theory)
ps:28 is going on my desktop,epic win

Posted by jim April 3, 09 05:29 PM

I love the pictures of rioters getting beaten by the police. Perhaps those "protesters" should take a play from Gandhi or Dr. King when it comes to non-violent protesting so they don't look like the fools that they are.

Posted by person April 3, 09 05:33 PM

Simon-#29 is not staged, I was just to the right of the photographer and took quite a beating as I helped a man up from the floor and beneath the police. The mass in the background had been held there, and would continue to be held there all night, for 4 hours without water or toilet facilities.
The reason why there are no police to the sides of those officers was because they were pushing forward at the time, driving us back for an unknown reason. They would continue their baton charges until they drove us out of the city. All this violence started because the police, quite suddenly, decided that they had had enough of us peacefully protesting.
In protests like this, something you won't realise until your there, is the police are usually the cause of the violence as that is all they can use to move peaceful protesters, they could not arrest us since we were doing nothing illegal but at the same time wanted us gone. The solution was to beat us back . In that situation you will react, whoever you are, and then the photos and police can point to the 'violent protesters' and that they used just force.
If you think I'm wrong I welcome you to have your friends box you in a street for 8 hours then begin to beat you with batons and shields, a few dog bites will further the realism and we'll see how you all feel about that kind of treatment.

Posted by humberg April 3, 09 05:44 PM

you can see agent mulder in 32 assisting the injured officer

Posted by x-files April 3, 09 05:45 PM

Oh you people just write bad against the protesters, what the? You serious? No really? You serious? You live boring lives and are slaves to the government. People who have exploited others have gotten rich, people who have sold people have gotten rich, people who have cheated and got rich on blood of others are not being said anything at, because of people like you.

If these people don't riot then we will continue getting screwed over by the government all the time. Which is happening all the time. People are getting milions daily, people like Obama and other leaders are exploiting the system, living the life and all that. Oh you people. Trying to act as if you are perfect people? Huh? Is that it? Sure, I don't support them attacking innocent people but wow... Get out.

And don't say ivolence does not solve things, it solves.. a lot of things too.

Posted by What April 3, 09 05:47 PM

More press photographers than protesters. And more police than the both combined.
Why wasn't #32 wearing a helmet? What kind of riot police is he?!

Posted by Schmierwurst April 3, 09 05:52 PM

Are you love captalism?

Posted by Rafael Siza April 3, 09 05:54 PM

Amazing set of pictures, well done to the photographers.

Posted by Vahid April 3, 09 05:55 PM

Heh, when other countries do the same things, doesn't media howl of "oppression" and other freedom-loving bs?

Posted by danvolodar April 3, 09 06:04 PM

#24 is Bruces Lee!

Posted by fjinnw April 3, 09 06:05 PM

10,000 people protested the other 63,990,000 carried on with work, school, life yet those 10,000 claim to know better than the rest sounds like communism to me.

Posted by Alan April 3, 09 06:06 PM

Morte aos cartolas!!

Posted by Anderson Guedes - Brasil April 3, 09 06:30 PM

And the caption for picture 11 reads...

"Tensions quickly eased when it was realised that 80% of the protesters were actually photographers and 19% were onlookers, the rest were police*."

*The man you see in the picture is a disgruntled Dell customer returning his monitor, unfortunately to the wrong address.

Posted by Sylvan April 3, 09 06:31 PM

I think its ironic that so many people are stating that 'capitalism doesn't work' yet everyone is viewing pictures taken most likely by a Digital Camera on a Commercial Website via the Internet - all of these technologies were developed through capitalism. Certainly greed drives some challenges but how can you say that it doesn't work?

Posted by Robert Log April 3, 09 06:34 PM

the problem isn't capitalism. the problem is what people are capitalizing on and the idiots who buy in and then realize after its far too late how stupid they were.. but they never really let it click in their head how stupid they still are.

you see, no one controls the weather and if you blame the government for it being hot outside and why polar bears are finally dying, i've got news for you.. you're incredibly gullible and someone is capitalizing on your fear of the end of the world.

also, for a bunch of young people hating on capitalism, there sure were a bunch of fancy SLR digital cameras that i wish i could afford.

Posted by NRJ 2k April 3, 09 06:39 PM

AS usual . Awesome

Posted by RaDe April 3, 09 06:44 PM

Number 96, you could not be more incorrect. There is something called dis-economies of scale that keeps 3 or 4 firms from doing everything. Aside from that, 5 million dollars wouldn't be enough to run most bakeries.

As for those criticizing numbers posts 8 and 9, capitalism is NOT force or coercion. It is the freedom to do what you will, you cannot have controlled economies and technological advancement, empirical evidence is quite clear on this, you say you want all these social programs but have you asked yourself by WHOM are they to be provided?

Posted by Ryan April 3, 09 06:54 PM

According to reports, some of the bloodied protesters had actually used fake blood. Of course, this is not true om every case, but the London protests were certainly nothing like what happened in Minneapolis or Seattle.

Posted by Kmuzu April 3, 09 06:54 PM

I like 33 the most. Manipulated pigs know their tools of deception but still they stanf for everything WRONG;. I wish I was there

Posted by Ken April 3, 09 06:58 PM

power to the people

Posted by tanja April 3, 09 06:58 PM

The people who sit here and type about idiocy have given up and accepted the way our societies have evolved in recent years. There is nothing wrong with a protest--it's one of the oldest and most effective ways of communicating a message of dissent. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't at least try to understand why the protests occur in the first place.

Posted by Mike April 3, 09 07:04 PM

Seems like there were more media photographers than protesters in these pictures. Almost feels like a staged photo op.

Posted by Jason April 3, 09 07:06 PM

So many people here say 'capitalism has failed'. What is capitalism besides freedom? When a bushman trades a goat for a quantity of grain this is capitalism. So the idea that capitalism has somehow failed is a misunderstanding of what capitalism is. If capitalism is complete freedom then regulation, taxes and tariffs are a constraint on that freedom. What has failed in our present situation is various financial institutions through the ubiquitous quality of greed and corruption that is innate in all things that humans do. The problem is that the people who were elected by our democratic process that were supposed to enforce the law were themselves greedy and corrupt people. The only thing that can be learned from this situation is that people are still greedy and corruptible, and the voters would do well to watch for the greedy and corrupt when they vote people into, and out of, positions of power. What we should not do is allow the same greedy and corrupt people to prescribe the antidote. Why do we sit back and watch while our government, the same corrupt and greedy people who were supposed to enforce the law, fleece we the people for generations worth of money and labor? When you realize that government is the problem, then it is logical to conclude that less government is the solution (rightisim), not more government (leftisim). All government can do is take away from the individual, what capitalism does is allow the individual to look after himself. As Benjamin Franklin famously said: “The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”

Posted by TonyG LB-CA April 3, 09 07:10 PM

Did that lady in #28 really pull a judo move on that officer?

Posted by Mike I April 3, 09 07:26 PM

Some truly outstanding images here, I was there that day and saw a lot of the scenes shown, not protesting by the way. To stoptherot, I was behind a line of police and saw some of the antagonism and abuse they recieved and in my opinion, they deserve praise not criticism for maintaining discipline.

Posted by Tony April 3, 09 07:32 PM

To poster #97 (and any others with similar thoughs), has it crossed your mind that many of these people have probably tried to get jobs and can't because of the current economic situation?

As much as I abhor violence, there is one thing that all of this certainly does prove. It proves the resentment at what's happened. People have every right to be angry. The economic crisis is largely due to banks screwing up. As a result, people trying to begin their careers are suffering through no fault of their own. While fat cats take £650,000 pensions. There's a difference between capitalism and greed -- the former works, the latter is unsustainable.

Posted by Sad but possibly justified April 3, 09 07:36 PM

#28. FALCON ------ PUNCH!!!

Posted by SicariusDracus April 3, 09 07:44 PM

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!! world consciousness is awakening!!!! The Utopia is coming reality!!!!!! I'm soooooooooo excited!!!! I'm proud of you guys!!! I wish I was there with you!!!!! You are amazing!!!!

Posted by Hajar April 3, 09 07:46 PM

Great images...

It's such a shame that most 'protesters' now are people who have now feeling for the 'cause' they are apparently protesting about - the majority are simply young people looking to cause a ruckus and smash up the place.

Take a look at these images and compare them to the protests by the coal-miners in the 1980s, or the march on London to protest the invasion of Iraq in 2002 - those were true protests, with people who had a passion for the cause. You'll see a difference between those protests and the one above.

Posted by horuskol April 3, 09 07:53 PM

why is everyone assuming all the people on here, if they're against capitalism, they therefore must be communists? that's ridiculous. these people for the most part are anarchists (btw anarchism isn't a lack of rules, it's a lack of a ruling body, it's giving people the freedom to decide how to live their own lives) and that's a system that opposes communism.
it's also ridiculous that everyone on here seems claims to understand the motives of the people involved. you don't know them, so you can't say that they're just there to look cool or caught up in a fantasy. there's genuine anger as to what's happening in the world and a feeling of powerlessness. that ordinary methods aren't effective and that's when we see scenes like this.
if all you can do is critisize other people's actions, my advice is to show us all how it's done, step out your front door and do what YOU feel is necessary to change the world for the better. because let's face it, it's easy to talk about stuff and criticize other people. less so to actually do something proactive yourself.

Posted by James April 3, 09 07:56 PM

London likes a good demo. Great images.

Posted by ryan April 3, 09 08:06 PM

Not that I completely agree with the protestors but it is a good to let people in power know that they are being watched. It functions like somewhat of a check.

Many of the ideals of these protestors have slowly become mainstream. 10 years ago who would ever have thought that the green movement would have made it this far. These things begin in the streets.

Posted by Johnny April 3, 09 08:21 PM

Unlike most protests, this one was actually pretty creative with the horses of the apocalypse and the burning worker. Royal Bank of Scotland had it coming!

Posted by Alex Bogatiryov April 3, 09 08:21 PM

The protesters aren't "dressed" up in designer clothing; it's just that the majority of we Americans are poorly dressed slobs with no sense of style.

You can appreciate decadent personal belongings and still be rightfully upset with a capitalistic system. Having nice things does not equate to being a bourgeois pig.

Posted by cody April 3, 09 08:55 PM

God these photos are so good. Desperate times call for such measures, whether these protesters went about it in the right way or not. Someone's got to get angry.

Thanks again BP.

Posted by Nia April 3, 09 09:00 PM

@139, james,
you are right!
thanks for that post. very well put!

Posted by karl April 3, 09 09:12 PM

I'm all about standing up for what you believe, but I don't support violence of ANY type. They get media attention, but nothing else is really accomplished by this whole masquerade. Whatever. World keeps on spinning.

Posted by Eric Nelson April 3, 09 09:30 PM

Yea...I see no protesters here.

Posted by anon April 3, 09 09:33 PM

You know what? These photos don't tell the whole story. They can easily be interpreted any way you like. I've been to a lot of these types of demos and you know what's a fact? Most protesters are peaceful and exercise their democratic right to protest a system that they believe in but challenge some of its inbalances like big banks etc. getting billions in bailouts while people are losing homes, jobs and more. However, this type of action always brings out those who go further than necessary 'cause they are angry, confused even wrong...who cares, at least they are off their f*ckin' asses trying to make a difference and not sitting on their comfy bar stools waiting for sports scores on the flat screen. There's a f*cking life for ya! As for these photos...nice captions by the media... NOT! Can you say influence?

Posted by Terry April 3, 09 09:34 PM

The fascist comments on this page make me lose faith in humanity. 90% of the people commenting on this should pick one thing to try and change about this world before saying another thing about people who are actually putting their skin on the line for something they believe in.

Posted by Greg April 3, 09 09:35 PM

#33 FTW


Posted by sdf April 3, 09 09:54 PM

The protesters might as well be carrying signs that read "enslave me." As Tony said in comment 132, capitalism is freedom. If you oppose the ability to trade freely with anyone you wish, you're asking to have your freedom taken away from you. That's not anarchy, that's totalitarianism. Any other conclusion can only be reached by twisting definitions into some sort of Orwellian newspeak. I really feel most of these people don't have a clue what they're protesting for... and the rest of them are masochists. If *you* want to be enslaved, that's fine. But the minute you speak on behalf of your fellow man and demand to have *him* enslaved too, you've gone too far. For "anarchists," these protesters sure seem like their centralized authority structures. Everything about this is ludicrous.

Posted by Parker April 3, 09 09:57 PM

#8 Boy have you got your "politics" screwed up. How exactly does my ability to buy a pair of jeans relate to free speech/expression/assembly?

That said, these photos just go to show...socialism is the best of all worlds!

Posted by Adrienne Cobb April 3, 09 10:20 PM

Looks like an excuse for a big costume party.

Posted by Nate April 3, 09 10:48 PM

punks just using this as an excuse to stir up sh*t.. idiots.

Posted by Anonymous April 3, 09 11:21 PM

Love photos from Andrew Winning (REUTERS). Can you imagine the exact spot he had to be and the exact moment to shoot to get such great angles? Just awesome.

Posted by analycer April 4, 09 12:07 AM

caraca mano entao tem que descer porrada nesses policiais de merda.........literalmente de merda e mando mais eles tem filhos que estao ali troxas

Posted by darty brasil April 4, 09 12:51 AM

IT IS STAGED. Google "The Capitalist Conspiracy" and watch it. It explains how the anarchists are unknowing pawns of the very people they think they are fighting against.
Amazing documentary from the 1970's

Posted by Bill Hicks April 4, 09 01:18 AM


Posted by KaZold April 4, 09 01:42 AM

Stupid protestors, but good photos.

Posted by MB April 4, 09 01:44 AM

The police caused most of the violence. While only a few agents provacateurs caused some damage, the majority of protests were peaceful. This is an example of police brutality against the working class.

Posted by Babu April 4, 09 01:59 AM

I like my capitalism wild and free

Posted by GaryB April 4, 09 02:11 AM

To mjohn in #66 who says you will not see protests like this in the United States because we are consumed by material goods: you are so misinformed.

We like our material goods, I'll give you that, but we also love a good protest. I live in Chicago, I'm an attorney and a clean cut, mainstream person and I have taken part in dozens of protests in my city (animal protection, pro-choice, anti-Iraq invasion, anti-discrimination, anything anti-George Bush). Most are well-organized and anywhere from 10 to 40 people. The trouble is, they rarely receive media coverage. If you add police clad in riot gear and someone throwing an object through a window, you'll get media coverage. Hold a peaceful protest and you don't. If it wasn't for the blood and things being thrown through windows no one would be looking at these pictures and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Also, there's a difference between an organized protest, an angry mob and an all-out riot. A good protest gets its message across. You hold signs summarizing the issue in a few words, pass out literature describing the cause in more detail and have someone knowledgeable on hand to talk to any press who show. I applaud the G-20 protesters, but I am not sure they effectively communicated their message (or did the media exclude it?).

Posted by alpine April 4, 09 02:37 AM

Marvelous pictures!

Posted by boulevardie April 4, 09 02:43 AM

THIS IS DISGUSTING . HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT NOT ONE OF THESE PICTURES SAID THE POLICE "HIT" SOMEONE . thats what they did ! with a club! but noo thats too harsh of a word "hit" so they say confront..................

Posted by adam April 4, 09 02:59 AM

They just look like soccer hooligans.

This is anecdotal, but, protesters seem to fall in line with the status quo within a few years--whatever the protest. Hippies become CEOs. Commies open up Starbucks franchises. Of course, gay rights activists don't become straight, but they probably stop putting as many rainbows on their Touaregs. I think with age, people realize the things they fought for when they were younger were as much about trends and what was in vogue, as about the cause itself. Causes become boring or too time consuming.

Posted by Ally April 4, 09 03:01 AM

Stop focusing on what you do not want, and start placing your attention to that which you do want. There is no sense in pushing against.

Posted by Sean April 4, 09 03:06 AM

It's ironic that an anti-capitalist would wear Puma shoes (#8) and that one would wear Fila sweaters (#31).

Posted by Vasily April 4, 09 03:35 AM

wow.. England looks very un-civilized.
i'll definitely never go there.

Posted by SydneyOne April 4, 09 04:12 AM

Capitalism has been exponentially expanding corruptly since at least the 50's , more and more for those on top less and less for those who create and produce. The government has whole heartily sold out their own people into debt to people who produce nothing create nothing. Thinking their was no end to the burden that the average person could bare. They build these systems to enslave humanity and isolate the wealth of the world while wrapping themselves in a legal maze they themselves don't understand, but why should they? The whole purpose is to add so much complexity to something that is so simple, in order to hide their thievery.

On a side note protesting only works on issues the government is willing to concede on.

Posted by BeyondGoodAndEvil April 4, 09 04:13 AM

It seems like the main thing getting the media attention is the violence and the fools on either side who just seem to want to break heads. Most people there know that peaceful protest is the only way to affect any change through protest.

Posted by Janne April 4, 09 04:22 AM

Provocators...and pozers

Posted by Moldovan April 4, 09 04:32 AM

The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.
~Thomas Jefferson

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 09 04:56 AM

It is interesting to experience that very many commenters here seem to enjoy
seeing people beating up. Especially if the victims are youngor wear clothes they don't like, ideally both.

That deep and angry disrespect for other peoples ideas or thinking screams "USA" to me like nothing else ...

... the country where bribing your senator is the last legal protest form :)

Posted by Smoothie Juzy April 4, 09 05:15 AM

That last picture is just so cliched. Every single set of images from a protest has a shot like this. That's from getty?

Posted by Rooney April 4, 09 05:19 AM

#7: I like turtles

Posted by Meme April 4, 09 05:31 AM

Reminds me of the WTO riots in Seattle

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 09 05:37 AM

Thousands of legitimate protesters took to the streets of London this week, then why are there very few pictures of them?All I see are photographers and a handful of anarchist rioters, who in all honesty arent doing a very good job of rioting. Most bars on a Saturday night see worse violence. Where are the REAL protesters?

Why focus on a minority of idiots when real there are real issues at hand. This is the worst Big Picture I have seen.

Posted by Ryan April 4, 09 05:43 AM

The two lads at the front of #17 look like typical spoiled rich kids from well-to-do families in Surrey, in town for a bit of laugh and a protest. Their public school life is so massively oppressive, this is the only outlet they have.

Well done lads, no doubt you got your political message across. Now go home to daddy.

Posted by John April 4, 09 05:49 AM

What you reap is what you sew. Some of you old f*ckers need to open your eyes to truth and see what is really going on in our world today. If you get your news from the tube you are not informed. It's f*cking time to wake up people.

Posted by Truthseeker April 4, 09 05:59 AM

You do realise that in every peaceful protest demonstration, there are people sneaking in to "hit some police", don't you? I live in France, land of the barricades (ha ha), and that's exactly what always screws up organised, peaceful demonstrations: the guys who are out for a good fight.
About the masks: they're not just for fun. Demonstration are filmed and photographed. When you're wearing a mask, you can't be recognised and your participation won't get you into trouble later.

Posted by Pat in France April 4, 09 06:03 AM

100 reporters watching 4 punks "protesting".

Posted by dk April 4, 09 06:07 AM

I don't know what to make of these comments. Some of your all here arguing over this like this is the first time anyone anyplace has protested these issues. While others seem to have a bent fascination with authenticity of the crowd, violence, and if it is more or less than other places before it.

Focus People, this was a protest about what? It doesn't matter where or whom staged it, it is the message sent. Do you think that message is captured in these images? I do, each image in this set says something vital to the whole story if you look.

Posted by Spoken Frankly April 4, 09 06:10 AM


Posted by hayduk April 4, 09 06:36 AM

Comments are amazing.

How can you defend a system which f*** you, everyday, everywhere. People who protests in London are here to defends YOURS rights.
In France, we have a word for this: "Désobéissance civile", I don't know if the trduction exists, but capitalism corrupts everything and the only way we have is the désobeissance civile.

Posted by Jb April 4, 09 07:07 AM

$63, the internet was not a capitalistic tool. It was an invention that was first sparked through the military. Just becuase it came about during the trial of capitalism, it doesn't mean it's a result of the system.

Also, just because our current luxuries are here due to capitalism, doesnt mean that there are bigger, more important reasons, as to why capitalism should be brought down.

Posted by V April 4, 09 07:08 AM

can anyone tell me how the hell the governements can get 1trilion dollars for free and then give it to the BANKS??? the same people who give you money for something you can't afford and ask even more money in return..

And this when we are talking about third world poverty and giving other country's a chance too grow... as soon as our society seems to chuckle under they're own problems they become the same egoistic bastards they always were!

tell me when was the last time something good has happend for the sake of mankind? because I can't realy recall anything...
learn to take care of yourself and your family not depending on a unreliable society!

Posted by twain April 4, 09 07:17 AM

I bet that all of these commenters who are criticizing the protesters are the same people who would have criticized the protests against the Iraq War, the Vietnam war, Apartheid, Jim Crow laws etc.

Posted by K. Otik April 4, 09 07:49 AM

I see few questions about photos 11 and 12. I agree with comment #61, what the hell is happening there? Can someone provide some really convincing arguments that these photos are not staged?

In fact, don't bother, it's too obvious. Just goes to show how critical we all should be towards what media are showing us every day.

Posted by wwwald April 4, 09 08:03 AM

I can't understand you europeans...
An angry persons with good clotches and jewelry chains on the necks protest against the property or money (they like to spend).
WTF is happened in this world?
Sold you home, make some african kids happy. You don't need property anyway.
And you don't need to break windows to make someone happy.
Again, all things in the hands of these "protestors". They should wandering nude in tropical forest because there is no banks, property and money.

I wish you never be in Communism Utopia building process...

Posted by moscow_cat April 4, 09 08:04 AM

wielki powrót Nazizmu

Posted by mir67 April 4, 09 08:21 AM

Such a waste of manpower, money, time, energy........... A few protesters, misguided as they may be, thinking that any of these actions are going to get the attention of any of those in power; mixed with a bunch of hooligans just there to wreak havoc. It just appears to me to be such a huge exercise in stupidity. I feel sorry for the police. I'm sure there are a few of them who enjoy bashing some heads, but the majority of them probably could think of a bunch of better ways to spend an afternoon. There's got to be a better way to bring about change than having a public tantrum.

Posted by BionicBill April 4, 09 09:12 AM

WTF do these d-bags want? Equality for all? If so, we need MASSIVE trade and the associated transportation and climate degradation that accompanies that, which in turn will piss em' all off even more? If they want to be part of their kumbaya solution, commit suicide and save the resources. If not, get a job changing the world and have someone with capital back you. Otherwise, you serve no purpose!

Posted by John Galt09 April 4, 09 09:24 AM

"I love the pictures of rioters getting beaten by the police"

Then you're a god damned idiot.

Posted by AP April 4, 09 09:31 AM

#14 - can anyone find the corresponding picture taken by the woman from low down?

Posted by Red Hot Tuna April 4, 09 09:45 AM

I can only admire the courage of these photographers who risk getting seriously injured to bring us these amazing images.
I also managed to capture some of the action - - although, after a bottle flew over my head and smashed into a window in front of me, I decided to back down a bit!
I have to say, the atmosphere seemed to become more intense after police decided to barricade everyone in, even those who had inadvertently ended up stuck in the area.

Posted by Tanya N April 4, 09 10:07 AM

To poster #132. Regulation is the only way to keep the greedy from infringing on the rights of others in their quest for riches. Capitalism has failed because the greedy have taken advantage of the lack of accountability. Regulation provides that accountability. If one does things right, they can still benefit by capitalism. Regulation doesn't take away anything but the freedom to take advantage of others in one's climb to the top.

Posted by NatureLover April 4, 09 10:21 AM

STUPID YOUTHS!!! Nothing better to do but waste the tax payers money by a pointless protest. So much wasted resource on this!! The better method would be to run for public leader and start to change things. Here in the USA we have idiots like those who think they can change a goverment by acting violently and staging protests. The goverment here doesnt care they will do what they want until its election time.

What a waste and what a bunch of morons

Posted by Business owner April 4, 09 10:25 AM

Take a good hard look at these protesters. Most are young, badly dressed, politically ignorant, lost souls. They appear to have no hope for their future. Let us pray they do not reproduce and clone more intellectual macrocephalics.

Posted by jerryd April 4, 09 10:26 AM

You know what, i know that young people's behavior during protest was wrong but do you all good people, with manners sitting and doing nothing understand what does it mean "New World Order"? It means that it will be easy to put you down and shout up your yama becouse you already do nothing to overcome to them, you do nothing at all in your pure blood english and british ignoring bad things way of live, Globalization means that only people with money rule the world, not you and me or demokracy, we will live next to them like a slaves of the system with CCTV around of us and when they control poor people they control everythying. Monegoing to rule the world

Posted by Tomasz Modecki April 4, 09 10:38 AM

@ 165. If you dont rebel in your mid twenties u have no heart. if dont have a seat in a management position in your mid forties u have no brain.

Posted by tyler April 4, 09 10:48 AM

incredible set!

Posted by Sebastian April 4, 09 10:52 AM

Number 36 is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a long time. Perfect Shoot.

Posted by K.D. April 4, 09 10:59 AM

This is not the civilisation that I want...

Posted by civil bender April 4, 09 11:15 AM

yeah take down the capitalist wearing your Nike sweatshirts and New Era hats... real inspiring guys...

Posted by xbryanx April 4, 09 11:21 AM

Excellent reportage photographique.
Un peu de pub pour Dell ne fait pas de mal en temps de crise !

Posted by hasbeensurfer April 4, 09 11:27 AM

There need to be protests.
In the western world we are living at 3x earth capacity, and the world leadership represent the corporate elite that is causing this excess consumption of resources. We are ripping stuiff out of the ground and burning it, and for what? So the elite get richer and we get to have nice cars and TVs which keep us 'happy'.
At least we are not all just sitting around waiting for the end to come, some of us are trying to change the world before it is too late.

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 09 11:33 AM

Also, the reason everyone gets so angry is that the police keep everyone inside a cordon for over 5 hours and do not let anyone out at all.

When we leave we are photographed, and our names and addresses taken, so we cannot even protest anonymously.

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 09 11:42 AM

Most of these people don't even understand what they're protesting, they're just a bunch of rebels without a cause. The only thing they accomplished is making themselves look like fools and lunatics.

Posted by bgates87 April 4, 09 11:57 AM

We should be more grateful for what we have. Today's bottom 20% in the UK or USA are better off than the top 20% in those countries 100 years ago. Jealousy can get the best of us.

Meeting the basic needs of the poor is one thing, but financiers aren't hurting that cause. Ironically, the whole US mortgage mess became a problem because financiers became too aggressive about creating "affordability products" so that less affluent people could borrow enough to buy a home.

Posted by Ian April 4, 09 12:06 PM

whats sad is that it seems that the protesters who were being peaceful were the ones being barricaded and attacked, and the ones who were being violent werent stopped. i am not refering to these pictures, but to other sources. i do agree that peaceful protest is good, but, if your going to a protest, come ready to have the crap beat out of you. i wish i was there, but i dont live in england. great pictures and good job protesters!

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 09 12:23 PM

Must have been a nice decompress... but all we need to do is stop volunteering for the contracts. We have to accept a certain degree of responsibility for our ignorance. Common Law, Individual Sovereignty, Corporate Personhood, etc. But what am I even talking about, and who am I... here we are... here it is... life. What an exciting game.

Posted by scottarock April 4, 09 12:51 PM

@178> Who cares? The picture shows a lot of emotion, I love it.

Posted by Richi April 4, 09 12:57 PM

#33 - what great juxtaposition. In the midst of all the chaos and the scenes of violent discord, that image of some guy just pleading with another guy is potent stuff.

Maybe one side-effect of the internet revolution is the unhealthy tendency to disconnect movements from the people behind them. Are some ideas poisonous? Absolutely. But we must treat our opponents as men, not monsters or mannequins.

Posted by Not that Tim April 4, 09 01:12 PM

The protestors are not helping…

Posted by Pedro Vaz April 4, 09 01:16 PM

We are all capitalists. It is just a matter of how the capital is obtained. In a free market economy, a central bank would not have a monopoly on money creation. The problem is not at all related to failure in free market capitalism when government enforces a monopoly.

Posted by mcbowler April 4, 09 01:20 PM

picture 19 , what the police man has in his hand looks like a TOTSCHLÄGER a telescopic cast iron bar , what Nazi German officers used to use to beat people to death with. Illigal in Germany.

There is something wrong , and we know whats wrong , but those who are sitting pretty dont wanna budge an inch to rectify the probkem.

Posted by Hue Manbien April 4, 09 02:29 PM

I really love these photos. It seems like the photos were equal in showing both sides of the story , which I admire.
My favorite is the flour throwing.

Posted by Evan Miller April 4, 09 03:01 PM

I was working security in London that day. The protests got violent because the police were overly heavy handed in dealing with them. Seriously, the people were mostly hippies and photographers with a few pathetic social revolutionary types thrown in.

I also sympathise with their cause to an extent. The bankers and rich finance idiots are responsible for causing a recession the likes of which we've never seen and even if after years of hardship and struggle we pull ourselves out of it they'll cause another one 5 years down the line.

Posted by Joe April 4, 09 03:21 PM

I hate of capitalism and it,s male servants!

Posted by Firouz April 4, 09 03:29 PM

People will never be satisfied with what they have, because anything we can have will have its good days and its bad days. The reality of the situation is that no matter the economic system in place, the amoral and greedy will find a way to usurp power over the system.

In a capitalist system, power lies in being able to control market conditions. Without regulation by a government, the system produces monopolies, and the monopolistic entities further their strangle hold on the system by stifling competition by maintaining complete control over the means of production, to the extent that even putting out a similar product is grounds for suit on the grounds of copyright infringement. A deregulated capitalist economy will only work if the idea of copyright is done away with.

As for a socialist or communist system, its almost as though the reverse is true. Absolute power lies not with business, but with the government. The government picks and chooses what industries or businesses prosper. It lines its own pocket first, giving officials luxury cars and mansions, while the leftovers are tossed at the masses.

We live in an age where anyone on the planet can talk to anyone else on the planet, and millions if not billions of people have access to the means of production. What kept ancient civilizations going was a lack of communication and a lack of interaction, so capitalism was viable in that no one knew that someone else was developing the same product they had made and socialist systems worked within small tribal communities, in which people shared family bonds.

Perhaps its time to come up with a new model for dealing with economic affairs. I suppose I now have a dissertation topic to look at for when I pursue my PhD.

Posted by Kal April 4, 09 03:37 PM

nike swater (#12), yeaaaaaah that's sooo anti-capitalism!!!!!

Posted by annie April 4, 09 04:13 PM

Great photo's

But this protest seems like it was full of nothing more then aging hipster rhetoric.

Protests had a place in history, and may still have some relevance now. But the moment you start breaking windows and setting fires your messages is lost.

I'm sure there were a great majority of peaceful protesters but I don't see them doing much in these photos to stop the guy throwing a computer screen. All I see are a bunch of photographers looking to sell newspapers and publishing the most sensational photo of the day.

The only person I feel bad for is that poor police officer in photo 32 and that poor city worker in photo 34.

Everyone is making capitalism and corruption synonymous. Yet communism see's just as much corruption. China suppresses the people with communism --- strikes are banned. Cuban citizens are forbidden from speaking against the government.

The Soviet Union collapsed under it's social planning structures, all the while officials drank expensive wines from the west, and the people were starving.

Many of democratic freedoms you enjoy are possible because of free markets and yes capitalism.

The very fact that these yahoo's were able to go out in the streets is because of capitalism.

The current generations of young people (of which I am part of ) has gotten slopply and irresponsible with their rights. They take them for granted and disrespect the people that bleed for them.

Your socialist Utopias don't exist. They are fabrications of liberal arts educations that confuse young people and make them believe their opinions matter.

Posted by Remek Debski April 4, 09 04:20 PM

Uh, you people say youths are stupid? Protests are pointless?

Look at history. In 89´ students and ordinary people protested against communists in eastern europe - and managed to overthrow their govs and destroy soviet union.

These protesters were much more succesful then whole NATO decades ago.

Posted by euro April 4, 09 04:31 PM

picture 11 is especially revealing.

the man who has thrown the computer monitor is wearing an "A" 's hat, a handkerchief to cover his face and he is clad in black clothing. These are all hallmarks of ANARCHISTS. Need I remind you of the protests in Seattle not so long ago. People very similar to those Black Bloc Anarchists of Seattle are present here, and the similarities are disturbing. Notice how the media appear to cover just this one man at just this one point in time, out of many many possibilities for locations as well as times for the camera people. In my opinion the photo shoot appears to be staged.
Also, it was known before hand that the English government was "honoured to hold the [G20] event", this is from their own literature. Pressumably this means that protesters weren't welcomed. Judging from the tactics employed by the police, including "kettling" --holding people at bay within a confined, sectioned off environment so that they even had to urinate within this space, I believe it is a pretty fair assessment that the government undermined the peaceful protest of the populace.
What I conclude therefore is that the English government utilized agent provocateurs to be able to designate this protest movement as a dangerous riot and therefore contain and break it up. Calling a situation an "emergency" requiring special treatment is a known tactic used by many governments. For instance 911 allowed the American government to issue the "Patrtiot Act" which undermines the Constitution as well as to invade Iraq. Iraq is a hugely unpopular war, for which the only pretext was "Weapons of Mass Destruction", which the Americans now know is a defunct pretext since there weren't any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at this time.
The government has cheated you of your right to a peaceful protest.

Posted by Corley April 4, 09 04:48 PM

A crowd could be assembled to protest low tide. Protesting has become a hobby and a way to meet girls.

Posted by Bob April 4, 09 06:20 PM

To all the commenters who are being stupid about the "wearing a nike sweater" or other branded clothing: What is the "appropriate" uniform for a demonstrator?
Every time I see footage of 3rd world impoverished people they are all wearing western brands too - do you think they have loads of money to spend on it? No, the simple fact is, the cheapest and most homogenous clothing these days IS HEAVILY BRANDED sports gear.
And anyway, what is wrong with the children of rich banker families going and protesting - even if it was the case?

I APPLAUD THE BRAVE who stood in the face of the fat pigs - and I had a good laugh at #28 and #32, you disgusting traitors won't all get away with it unscathed.

Yes there were anarchists openly taking part of the demonstrations. While they are perhaps too extreme in their views, if they manage to rock the boat just enough it would be in the majority's favour.

Great photos, but I didn't notice any that show the police thugs filming and photographing people's faces to input into their Big Brother central database for future discrimination and manipulation. It was widely reported as happening, I'm not making it up.

Posted by FromDownUnder April 4, 09 06:44 PM

Lets go can hit us all you want after all we only paying you with our tax money

Posted by copsaredumb April 4, 09 07:07 PM

Lots of really interesting comments.
I was listening to BBC radio 4 on the Iplayer website today 4th April 2009 and it was ordinary london folk phoning in to say how shocked they were to see the police tactic of kettling the protesters (not to mention heavihandedness and beating by the police)- like freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate peacfully is being herded - being coerced - kicked pushed and shoved.

These are not madcap rich kids with nothing better to do - these are ordinary men women and children getting up making a stand and legally voicing their desent - the tollerane of which is a measure of a nations 'mental' health.

These people on the radio were, in the main, shocked they had never before seen such a shocking strangalation of the right to protest before - check it out for yourself.

I like to think that the truth is people are waking up to the fact that the system that exists is for the bennefit of the elite few only.

In my own experience at peaceful demonstrations with non violent peaceful demonstrators if there has been trouble it has been instigated by police being violent in the first place to protesters by threatening the use of dogs, battoning, shield bashing, kicking , and shoving. 217 says he personally saw police heavy-handedness.

So many assumptions here based upon looks - how do you know 167 that the puma trainers, or the Nike sweatshirt, that someone else mentioned, did not come from a second hand shop of which there are many here in the uk - and those with a frugal ethos to their living frequent ?

Far from these protests being 'the latest vogue' (165) Capitolism makes junk we dont need at the cost of loss of life supporting biosphere robbing tommorrows generations to turn a fast profit for the interests of the few today. There is no people it will not displace - no habitat it will not forever destroy and seemingly no planet that it will not consume and turn into shite To turn a fast profit. Capitolism is a cancer that enslaves and like cancer will kill its own host 'us' unless it is stopped. There is much at stake and reason we should all be concerned.

By the way whilst I remember - right now going in front of the US congress to be slipped through during the spring break - is a bill drafted by Monsanto (and massively in their favour) to outlaw the growing of organic food in the USA - (Bill HR 875) 'The Food Safety Modernisation Act'. From then on even back garden growers will be breaking the law - you will only be allowed to consume the poisson delivered by the mega-profit orientated (i.e money first people and life second) Monsanto and agribusiness. See http://www.campaign forliberty. com/blog. php?view= 12671 Dont get screwed!

196 if running for government changes things for the better - then how come the USA got George Bushe(s) and the UK has Tony Blaire=> Gordon Brown ? the UK and US dont have democracy they have two party totalitarianism where the net result is the rich lord it over the poor - the enslavement of capitolism (169). Direct action is, in my opinion, the right of the people to take back their own power.

Anarchy is, in my understanding, about respect for all of life and is non-violent. It is a highly evolved form of relationship with the environments of people and nature. It has to offer freedom from enslavement.

Posted by mountain_lake April 4, 09 07:23 PM

It is such a waste of resources to have to have so many in law enforcement there just to keep the peace. Quiet demonstrations are one thing, but the level to which some of the protestors went is stupid. I have no compassion for them. Photo #27 sort of made me laugh - these people cry and whine about things, go to the point of violence, and then are upset when they get hurt. Stupid.

Posted by nice photos April 4, 09 07:26 PM

Sometimes I think that if the cameras went away, so would the protesters.

Posted by Danquo April 4, 09 08:14 PM

obviously there's no a appropriate uniform to wear and isn't about the clothes, the way you dresss up doesn't reflects yours believes but if you believe in something you demostrate it on all possible ways and if you are firm on your thoughts you don't going to do anything agains it.
You don't going to protest against something that you are inside up
By daaa way "ANARCHY" don't even exist

Posted by annie April 4, 09 08:46 PM

To protest is one thing.

To destroy and cause havoc on the streets is simply inadmissible and should never be praised. This is just a bunch of stupid, lazy kids trying to show off to their friends in front of the press. Try asking them to explain what is this crisis all about, I am sure they respond "Uh? Crisis? I thought we were celebrating Liverpool's victory!".

Bunch of losers...

Posted by lalaport April 4, 09 09:11 PM

Post #132 Why should people pursue happiness? The earth freely offers up her riches to all to enjoy. Man has created systems to control resources and determine who gets to enjoy what. Capitalism is more of a form of slavery not freedom. Capitalism is not a means to freedom and happiness. Capitalist value money more than people and relationships. Poverty and unhappiness is a result of economic systems in general. If people knew how to love each other there is no need for economic systems. We can harvest the resources of the world for the benefit of all without the motivation of money and personal gain to do so.

Posted by Chris April 4, 09 09:45 PM

To the protesters in London-I just hope you are not even dreaming abut communism,I lived in Romania in communism and it really sucked! all what you want is more freedom and more money,but you will not get any of that changing capitalism on communism,it is just an utopia! All the time the power corrupts,no system is perfect and will not be,but why don't you realize that after 20's you should get some connections in the system and make it work for you instead of you working for the system?be smart and fight inside the system not outside of it! it is really more efficient,especially when you get a good grip on it!

Posted by chicago April 4, 09 10:14 PM

CAPITALISM : An economic system based on predominantly private (individual
or corporate) investment in and ownership of the means of
production, distribution, and exchange of goods and wealth;
contrasted with {socialism} or especially {communism} , in
which the state has the predominant role in the economy

Here we gooo... obviously there's not an appropriate uniform to protest is not for the NIKE, FILA SWATER is not for the PUMA shoes and actually is not even the clothes (the way you dress up or your hair etc etc don't reflect the way you think) but if you believe in something you demostrate it in AAAAAALLLLL the possible ways, well you don't even try to demostrate it because YOU LIVE INSIDE OF YOUR BELIEFS and I don't think that those persons have really clear what anti capitalism is.
I insist the way you dress up doesn't matter but you don't going to have the brave of go and protest against something that you are inside up.
I don't think that they deserve my applaud

Posted by annie April 4, 09 10:20 PM

Waaaaah! We want free stuff! Pay us to be a-holes or you will be sorry! Waaaaaah!

Posted by Hippie Freak April 4, 09 10:45 PM

f*cking fantastic photos!
but excuse me #146 the protesters are the ones peacefully demonstrating then the police come, barricade people in and start riots, smacking and kicking and using their dogs, the pigs are the violent ones.

Posted by lili April 4, 09 11:36 PM

Pic #11 - "abolish money". What, are they high? Money isn't the problem, money is how our entire world works... making the trade of goods and services efficient. If you want more gov't regulation to prevent this financial debacle, then fine - that makes sense.

Chanting stuff like "abolish money" just makes you look like an idiot.

Posted by Brady Bouchard April 4, 09 11:48 PM

They forget that the very thing they protest against makes it possible to protest...

Posted by jip April 5, 09 04:05 AM

Why are evryone angry at the governments when we should be angry at the fat cats and the CEO's who burned their institutions to the ground and then dare to ask for bonuses. Those are the people we should be protesting against. Problem these days is for every occasion whether right or wrong there is a candle lit a demonstration for it and a lot these days turn violent.
Something happens and boom a candle is lit and they are walking on the steps of some building protesting. Whatever the Government does there is going to ba a percentage of people who will never be happy. Thats just human nature. It's sad really when they can put their energy for something more useful.

Posted by Nano Stewart April 5, 09 04:36 AM

With regard to Ian Tomlinson (in photo number 34) The Guardian ( ) reports that "Police 'assaulted' bystander who died during G20 protests"

Posted by Shirin from Shiraz, Iran April 5, 09 07:31 AM

No21 is beautifully posed, but the fake blood gives it away!! Nos 24 & 19 have the same guy right in the faces of the police.

Funny how these anti capitalist all have expensive cameras, i-pods and Nike clothes!!

Posted by Steve, UK April 5, 09 07:32 AM

242 :

Fake? I was there you tw*t.

Posted by Johan April 5, 09 08:48 AM

Good repro phoo!!!

Posted by Björn April 5, 09 10:03 AM

these "protestors" stand for nothing.
tomorrow they'll all be back in front of their desk jobs taking off their ipod headphones and eating their starbucks muffins.

they're just angry and need to lash out at something for something they probably have no idea about.

Posted by steve April 5, 09 11:11 AM

I read most of the posts...couldn't read them all. Didn't really see the point. Most were repeats anyway. I would like to say that protester or enforcement or not....we are blinded by the things which matter least; our possessions, our styles, our cultural differences. I think the message that many people are trying to get across here is that no matter where you live or how you live or how you react to the things that go on around you on a daily basis....what those world leaders do upstairs in those high rises or wherever they choose to meet...will have a profound impact on all of us. They will impact the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we give ourselves and to our children and last but not least how our future time will be spent. That's what it comes down to people. How do you want to spend your time? Do any of us even have a clue? Many of the protesters there knew one thing for sure....they didn't want to have their future decided by the same man that made a mess of the recent past. That is what I can see for sure. The police were there to do a thankless job to support their families, nothing more. They are in this sinking boat just like the rest of us. If they had a clue as to what they were actually doing and had a way out I'm sure some would take it. I just want people to see that we all have choices to make here and that they have to be the right ones for you, your family, and your matter what those "world leaders" decide for us.

Posted by sinking ship April 5, 09 11:49 AM

I think the police is the law...
when the police tell "go home" is the time of go home
hit police repair the world???
when you vote you can repair the world
voting is your way... no laughing police

Posted by David Galan April 5, 09 03:07 PM

Id liked to have gone but couldn't,I had to go to work,to feed my kids.Capitalist bastard aint I?
Some nice pictures though,I didnt get how smashing windows would help 3rd world poverty but .......

Posted by anon April 5, 09 03:10 PM

Put a normal human into a uniform of any sort, be it police, military or a hooded jacket and watch how delusions of grandeur, meglomania, paranioa and narcisissm appear.
Ever wonder how rebelion and revolution get started?
All the World leaders wish is o retain the status quo. Keep the poor and uneducated exactly that and carry on ripping them off.
Just as a little exercise, take a long hard look at the names of those behind the greed.

Posted by The Baldchemist April 5, 09 03:22 PM

It seems there's been a change of tune recently..

Posted by TW April 5, 09 03:23 PM

it's sad how people thinks that capitalism is freedom.
the only freedom capitalism gives is the freedom that big corporations have to take over the world.
economic groups have more power than any nation's government. and most times these governments are corporation's puppets.
stop eating that yankee shit, neoliberalism is what brought us to where we are now. half ot the world is starving, nice freedom we got here.
don't be fooled. the world ain't leaded by presidents. unless they opose to big corporations. here in argentina our president took a few choices to restrinct the bigger money makers of the country and she got a 100 days protest supported by middle and high class society. capitalism it's all about economy personal interests. freedom is a lie.

(sorry for my limited enlgihs)

Posted by Juan April 5, 09 03:28 PM

To #226. I'm currently living in one of the worlds poorest third world countries. And you know what? All these hot "brands" are ultra cheap fakes which will get usually outworn within a few weeks. The GDP per capita here is about $35 per month. So you moron better just STFU and think about it before you open your mouth again and make yourself a complete idiot.

Posted by Blah April 5, 09 03:35 PM

? nike, puma, whateva.... have nothing to do with capitalism, u can have that s*hit without a slave money system... u dont have to wear a potatobags... and fight against this establishment....
but violence is not the answer....


Posted by sebastian munich April 5, 09 03:40 PM

I can't see many protesters in these pictures. I see young adults causing and inciting violence. I see bloodied and injured protesters, injured policemen (Who incidentally were just doing their job.). I see nothing but images that further instill in me, a lack of faith in my fellow countrymen, my own age group. I feel genuine distress about this. How can anyone allow themselves or other fellow protesters to cause damage to property and other human beings, in the name of whatever supposed cause they are campaigning for. How hypocritical these individuals are, wearing their designer gear and protesting about money matters, and wearing clothes that no doubt contribute to the detriment of the environment during production.

Posted by Harriet April 5, 09 03:48 PM

I wish i was there... ACAB!

Posted by rzbz April 5, 09 04:09 PM

a los que hablan ingles les gusta el picoooo!!!

Posted by inglich April 5, 09 04:34 PM

I see protest here everywhere all over these picture, because There alway those dumb kids who come in and screw it up and it turn in to a riot all the time. So this is a protest.

Posted by sweeeet April 5, 09 04:57 PM

Protesting done right would include the complete disregard for the system. The system can not be brought down from within or by staying within its limits. We must as a people just plain old stop. Stop right now.

Posted by anonymous April 5, 09 05:03 PM

32, police officer on the far left, is that Jason Statham!?!

Posted by Mem April 5, 09 05:07 PM

Well. It's very funny that the protesters protested against capitalism and climat changes. All the actions taken after the Crisis has started are anti capitalistic and against free market. Protesters are on the same side as the politicians.
And the climate changes are one big lie. According to the newest researches the climate is currently getting COLDER. Of course, it depends who pay for the research...

Posted by Tom April 5, 09 05:31 PM

This is not just anti capitalism! so all of you who are moaning about the clothes that are being worn (about the least interesting point you could make) Our politicians are on the take corrupt out of touch and wish to watch our every move and sell the information they gain to companies, we angry, that's all!

Posted by Rally round the flag! April 5, 09 07:32 PM

...I was there and the police brutality was shocking in the extreme.
The use of 'kettling' - compressing crowds for nearly 8 hours, with no access to water, food or toilets is bound to make a situation boil as what happened at Bank. There were women with small babies there, that were refuse access to leave right from the 11.45am. I was there until 2.30pm when a large group broke through police lines. I went to climate camp...which was not really stopping anyone from doing anything....workers and shoppers were quite happy to join in ...until the police seal that area up at about 4pm. I was then held there until 11.30pm. The riot police came battering people several times. Both times, they were met with peaceful resistance. First with hands in the hand, followed by sit down is harder to hit those on the ground as everyone can see and film what it going on. There were very little mainstream journalists there after dark, though I was talking to a friend who works with the Sunday Times just before the first wave of police attacks. After they let people go at 11.30pm, they waited until midnight and then cleared the camp by extreme force. One person was actually in a wheel chair. MOst protesters had to be photograph and give their name and address on leaving the protest which goes onto a national database of activist. Welcome to a police state...coming to a town near you soon...

Posted by sue smith April 5, 09 07:54 PM

These photos are amazing, is there anywhere I could get high definition versions of these?

Posted by James April 5, 09 08:00 PM

I agree with 230. How many of these pictures have a disgusting ratio of photographers to protesters/police? At what point does the media begin to egg on the conflict? And if you take a picture of a crime, be it on the part of the rioters or the cops, to what extent do you implicate your own presence?

Posted by nick April 5, 09 08:08 PM


Posted by MICHAEL J. SCHMITZ April 5, 09 08:42 PM

Notice the picture of the rioter throwing a barricade at the cops? What about that? You can't bait the police and then act outraged when they respond. Most policemen are authorized to use a level of force above that which they are faced with so them hitting someone is perfectly within their rights. Those are peoples mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters etc. so o not treat their well being as a trivial matter. There is a difference between police brutality and them responding to force. Look up the subway shooting in California recently to see police brutality. Each story has 2 sides, we should not forget that.

Posted by Brett April 5, 09 09:21 PM

young punks...that's all this is.

We'll never get reform unless we reform our education system and go back to the way things used to be. Has anyone ever looked at one of the old "blue-back spellers" or hornbooks from the 1800s. Some of the things the kids knew in middle school some people in universities don't even know nowadays. its sad really

Education Reform!

Posted by Anonymous April 5, 09 10:06 PM

To those who say wearing a Nike sweatshirt doesn't make a difference, you're wrong. Look, Nike takes advantage of low income labor in developing countries more than almost any other large American corporation. Weather or not that is a positive for both producer and consumer is debatable, but if you are protesting free market globalization and you wear something with a prominent Nike logo, then you are wearing the uniform of the enemy. You are advertising for the very system that you are against. Get a clue or no one will listen to you. I'm not against the protesting, just use some common sense and know what you are fighting against. You end up looking and acting like a hypocrite.

Posted by Foster April 5, 09 10:13 PM

"Countless people will die protesting against the New World Order"
H.G. Wells, 1940s

"It's not about a petty country, but about the New World Order"
George Bush, 9/11/1991

"We're creating a New World Order"
Several leaders, G20, mere days ago

"Limit humanity to 500 millions ..."
Georgia Guidestones, USA, 1981 , still erect ...

I perfectly understand why people FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD feel that some Eschatological event will take place soon ...
On top of that, modern seers predicted that 2 billions will die ... (curiously in line with St John's Revelation prophecies)

"protest peacefully" will not work ...
"protest violently" will neither ...

Posted by Shen Nong April 5, 09 10:34 PM

Its also ironic that in picture 11 the guy throwing a computer and apparently chanting "abolish money" is wearing the "trendy" hats with the purchase sticker still on the brim, which is a fad based on showing that it is new and purchased for an unreasonable amount of money (for a hat). If this kid wanted to truly abolish money his fashion would go down the drain with his request.

Posted by FIFC April 5, 09 11:55 PM

When I look into the faces of those guys I just see pure hate. And to be honest, certainly not against capitalism. A reader already pointed out wearing nike/puma wear. #25 Protesters in the background are surprised at the violence.

This demo is just as superficial as the whole generation where I belong to. Nothing has left over from the old 60s where protests were carried out more on fact level than emotional

Posted by Oliver Lahrsen April 6, 09 01:03 AM

Those window-smashing and barricade-throwing "protesters" are not all protesters. Most of them are special-op police officers, trained by American and Canadian agent-provocateurs. They should be exposed.

(Great photos... great album... thank you Boston Globe, photographers, and Alan Taylor)

Posted by Joe Morgenstern April 6, 09 01:33 AM

Where are the pictures of the women forced to squat behind makeshift banners for some semblance of privacy to urinate because the police had kettled them in for hours upon end with no access to food, water or toilets? Where are the pictures of the police forcing individuals who had done nothing wrong to give their names, addresses and have their photos taken in order to be released? And for future protests, I would advise photographers to get an aerial view of the "kettle" the police force the crowd into.

I hope there is enormous outrage over the police tactics used at this protest. I am very concerned about the state of civil liberties in England.

In the U.S., "kettling" a crowd in this way is false imprisonment and is illegal. Here, the police can detain someone only if they have probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. If you are not under arrest, you are free to go. That's not to say that police don't break these laws from time to time, but when they do, we sue them (the settlements in Chicago, where I live and am an attorney, are always off-record and usually for large sums of money). Likewise, if we were protesting and had committed no crime, we would not have to offer up any identification simply because the police demanded it. However, photography of lawful protesters has been a growing concern here. Such photographs can be taken legally because if you are in a public space, anyone can take your picture. That is one thing. It is the potential use of high-powered police cameras (called "blue light" cameras in Chicago) that can zoom in on someone's face combined with the use of facial recognition software that has our more enlightened citizens on high alarm.@

Posted by alpine April 6, 09 02:29 AM

All I see is some violent angry people causing damage to other peoples property.

"Activists have called for a full public inquiry into the death of a man during the G20 protests." - this line is the funniest thing I have seen recently.... violent activists want a public inquiry into death and injury.... ddon't make it violent and no one gets hurts you moron bozos!!!

Posted by Ticked Off in NZ April 6, 09 02:46 AM

La cuarta guerra mundial está en marcha, acabaremos con el capitalismo assesino

Posted by Roberto April 6, 09 04:19 AM

That's the world where we living :) Bastards!!!!

But Photos are really awesome!


Posted by Brane April 6, 09 04:26 AM

As always in this kind of demonstrations, there are few people who are - I am sorry to say - just idiots. It does not make the whole protest invalid or unjust. We can not put all idiots away - they also have their right of expression. Sometimes in fact they are not so stupid or hypocritical as you may think - they just want the protest to be compromised.

Posted by Peter A April 6, 09 04:36 AM

Picture #37 is very anguished....... look how the dog is biting that person.
The protester is just a common man & not a some terrorist or thief.

Posted by MK April 6, 09 04:58 AM

Quoiqu'il en soit il s'agit d'un superbe reportage photographique. Je préfère voir un peuple qui crie plutôt qu'un peuple qui sommeille !

Posted by Red Star April 6, 09 07:53 AM

same thingsin greece.and if you tell them to live the cities and return in nature all the protestors wiil say no.
i smoke malrboro or drum.
i was fighting with cops and now i am full of cameras all over my head.
i can even read or write, i live in a village like hell and i am like hell.
i have no belongings,not even my previous mind or soul.
i fought with everybody,simply because when i see protestors wearing nike and coming out of a bank that had previously smashed is ironic.
and the bigger crime is happening on greece that influences everybody in every poor country.

Posted by alexandra April 6, 09 07:57 AM

I notice several of the protesters wearing Nike clothing and high end sports apparal such as the ATL baseball cap. Seems funny that they're purchasing from such companies that fuel the very capitalism that they're supposedly there to protest. I think its important to understand that while a large percentage of the mob actually understood the role/politics of capitalism , the rest of the mob simply showed up to raise a ruckus. Misinformed, uneducated and therefore violent citizens can "steal the show" at an otherwise effective rally against the corporate machine. . Years ago in the southern U.S. , I attended a Ku Klux Klan rally as a protester. The most effective protester I saw was an elderly black man standing under a tree with a noose around his neck , the other end of the rope tied to a branch above - he was wearing a Vietnam veterans cap . The sign he was holding read , " I fought for your right to hate me." THATS effective protest - make the opposition THINK. Throwing compputers through windows isn't saying shit.

Posted by robby hate April 6, 09 08:08 AM

Tem mais fotógrafos no primeiro plano em algumas fotos que pessoas protestando!

O mundo vai passar a ser dos fotografos e não mais da imagem!

Posted by Haroldo Kennedy April 6, 09 08:19 AM

The people who defend capitalism at this late hour are naieve or have lots of money to loose (short sighted, selfish gits)
Capitalism is passed its sell by date! Time for a new system.
We can all see what capitalism is now doing to our world: mass poverty, environmental damage, greed, war, degradation of democracy, 15% own 85% of the wealth, obscene wealth and opulence of a privillaged few whilst the masses starve or are enslaved (totally indefensible)
If you cannot see the damage and immense greed it has caused you must be more objective and stop following the herd.
If I wasn't a mortgage slave myself, I'd be on the front line with the protesters!
You have my support 100%

Posted by Ivor Sweeney April 6, 09 08:30 AM

#36 My Fav

Posted by Vikram April 6, 09 09:21 AM


Posted by Mark April 6, 09 10:07 AM

It should be quite obvious that the political elite have no interest in the well-being of the people.

How can funneling fantastillions of tax money to corporations help anybody? That's fighting fire with fire! Avoid debt by making more debt? The situation is just insane. They are so blatantly milking the populace before the financial a-bomb hits.
Money can't be worth anything anymore, not if billions and billions can't help.
I'm quite surprised that not more were on the streets.

Posted by Chris April 6, 09 10:40 AM

Thousands and thousands of people on the street peacefully trying to say something to the world and all you photograph is a bunch of manipulated idiots (hundreds) trying to ruin and give a bad image for the rest. In the name of all the violence idiots, thank you for only exposing 1% of the protestors and make the whole thing looks bad. You’re doing a great journalism job.

Posted by Anonymous April 6, 09 10:42 AM


Posted by PETE SMALL April 6, 09 12:06 PM

These are professional demonstrators,some funded by foreign embassies that will go unnamed...the majority of the "onlookers" are just their for curiosity..the minority professionals start the incident then leave ..crowd psychology then takes over and people get hurt..the cops are only doing their job....they are highly disciplined and professional..and in a demanding no win position...

Posted by Lorenzo April 6, 09 12:08 PM

dont remove money from the world but change it how it is. i bet 95% of the peopel here dont know how the financial system works... these people dare to be different and try to better the world(most off them i know there be alot of hooligans to). and you americans should keep quiet because most of you wouldn't have the balls to protest againt the government.

Posted by nick April 6, 09 12:29 PM

If you're not angry and protesting, you're a brain dead sheep.

Posted by Karen Novotny April 6, 09 12:51 PM

Incredible. So many people who don't believe in democracy on here. Go and live in China or Russia. That's where you people belong.

At least the press are now starting to release independent media reports that the police caused much of the tension, and independent witnessess have reported the police violently assualted the poor man who died - from behind.

Shame on all you anti-democracy jackboot types who like to see lawful protest attacked. Just wait til it's something YOU care about.

Posted by Emily April 6, 09 01:26 PM

Incredible. So many people who don't believe in democracy on here. Go and live in China or Russia. That's where you people belong.

At least the press are now starting to release independent media reports that the police caused much of the tension, and independent witnessess have reported the police violently assualted the poor man who died - from behind.

Shame on all you anti-democracy jackboot types who like to see lawful protest attacked. Just wait til it's something YOU care about.

Posted by Emily April 6, 09 01:54 PM

Isn't that a bit the point of democracy? Isn't it sort of an ever changing art of government? Shouldn't people dislike democracy and think of its faults? #292, you are quite off.

These pics are quite incredible They are quite well captured at the right moment. I would have absolutely loved to be in the midst of all those events.

Posted by kris April 6, 09 02:50 PM

Shades of things to come in much larger amounts, even in our own country.


Posted by Chris G. April 6, 09 03:04 PM

Yeh i've got all her pics. I'm the doppy looking guy with dread in #14. I can e-mail then to you if you want

Posted by Maul April 6, 09 03:11 PM

I know the police certainly took advantage and probably baited the protestors, but it happens every time and yet we don't rise above it. The police bait, the ignorant respond, and everyone can then be easily branded as stupid and violent. It's sad really. Demonstrations like this won't convince anybody of anything until the pathetic souls with violence in their hearts stop showing up.

Posted by Dave April 6, 09 03:34 PM

33 my fav

Posted by byer April 6, 09 04:02 PM

@jerryd " Take a good hard look at these protesters. Most are young, badly dressed, politically ignorant, lost souls. They appear to have no hope for their future. Let us pray they do not reproduce and clone more intellectual macrocephalics."

JerryD, you are a sad individual yourself, commenting on their appearances in a web forum? And to whom are you praying?
I hope you do not reproduce apatheic twits who comment from the keyboard rather than activate themselves.

Posted by B April 6, 09 04:05 PM

amazing photos.

Posted by james April 6, 09 04:09 PM

Why involve animals in human bulls*hit

Posted by Stickerklub April 6, 09 05:59 PM

There is currently an investigation been launched by the police complaints commision into the death of a man at the hands of the police at this protest.

Posted by Kristian April 6, 09 07:00 PM

Buddy im writting from El Salvador in Central America, Our war ended in 1992 and let me tell you, its not about being a rebel and protesting for no reason. ITS OUR LIFE AND ITS OUR WORLD WE CAN NOT LET THIS PEOPLE WITH MONEY AND POWER DESTROY OUR HOME CALLED WORLD!!! We have to do something to finally find real freedom and live with peace and harmony with all living creatures. If youre narrow mind cant understand this then be blind. But at least here were losing our culture and were losing our power to decide...

Posted by Bob April 6, 09 07:08 PM

The government is IN THE SAME BED as these big banks! The government eased the bank regulations and forced banks to make loans to people who could not pay them back. Now the government gives banks huge amounts of taxpayer money and stands back and blames capitalism for all the mess. The government has been the cause of this mess. In a free market, capitalist society, banks WOULD HAVE FAILED A LONG LONG TIME AGO, allowing honest people to take over these institutions. The elitests (banks AND governments) are gaining power now by leaps and bounds. Don't believe that Obama is your savior! This is not true! Obama is a puppet put down by the elitests to trick people into allowing this NEW WORLD ORDER to come in to play. Meanwhile the honest, average citizen is losing all his rights and freedoms. PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENNING RIGHT NOW. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Posted by sunnysideup64 April 6, 09 11:09 PM

the women in picture 28 is a savage. look at her take that dude down. and then the other officer to the left looks scared for his life.

Posted by magoo April 6, 09 11:12 PM

Dear xbryanx:
It costs more money to make one's own clothes out of scratch than to purchase corporate-created adornments. Go to a thrift store or hospice and find that even those garments are corporately assembled. Purchasing corporately processed goods is an inevitability in the western world, unless you shit hundred dollar bills 10 times a day.
Do us all a favor xbryanx, since you choose not to participate in aiding our wounded world, shut the fuck up.

Posted by Mithra April 7, 09 12:12 AM

If you do not like a capitalisic system why live in one. Get your benefit hand-outs, your trainers,your fashion clothes,your vehicles and more importantly your food from some other non capitalist sucker willing to provide for such parasites

Posted by lampgb April 7, 09 03:38 AM

You know what saddens me most? It's not the thugs smashing windows and it's not the other thugs breaking heads with batons. It's the media. And when I say "the media" I'm sad to say that I'm including this otherwise wonderful blog, because on this particular occasion it's just as bad as all the rest.

How can one in good conscience write, "While the majority of protesters were peaceful, a number of them took to smashing windows and throwing debris at police lines", and then follow that up with photos that almost exclusively depict violent protests? Given the blog title - "Protests at the G20 summit" - this presents a shamefully distorted picture of what actually happened there, implying that the whole protest was simply one violent clash after another.

I find it very depressing that such a quality blog as this one has fallen prey to the ratings-grabbing focus on violence that is the domain of the mainstream, profit-driven media. Whatever happened to real journalism? Whatever happened to the primacy of the search for truth?

Very sad.

Posted by Matt April 7, 09 03:56 AM

I love how protesters try to pretend they're trying to rid the world of evil when they're really just having fun. They know damned well no protest has any effect at all, and never has, but it's worth getting drunk and damaging some property. How it was worth it kids, cause you have a lifetime of high taxes to pay for it.

Posted by Dresden April 7, 09 05:52 AM

It's disgusting and I'm not very happy with these protestors.

My parents paid a lot of money for me to get an excellent education and I've become extremely wealthy through my hard work, yet I’m the one shown inconvenience by these yobs.

Why should I have to remove my Ferrari from the street because some yob would want to damage it?

Posted by Tom April 7, 09 07:13 AM

This is not anticapitalism revolt, that so simple-thinking. This is against greed and all those stupid big-fish-financial-guys who laughs about our lives.

Posted by Álvaro April 7, 09 09:09 AM

It sucks that only a few ones ruin everything and give a bad image for the rest of the protestor. The real problem here is ORGANISATION and ORDER in protest. I suggest that in the next one, people who organize the even pass the word out to all the participants to take out all trouble maker themselves instead of the law enforcement people. Lets those drunk, idiot and "Professionnal" troublemakers know that they are not welcome and they obviously have no clue of what the rest of us are trying to acheive here. Lets think about it, wouldnt it be so much better if those violent idiots were not there? Wouldnt our message be pass to world in a clearer and more positif way? Without all the violence, I beleive there will be more and more supporters on the street because not everyone like chaos and get bitten.

PLEASE, to all of you out there who actually put time and effort to go on the street to participate to a PEACEFULL protest. I think it's your duty, you and all around you, to let those violent people know that they better stay calm or will be taken out.
Dont blame the police, they are just doing what they are suppose too. 90% of them dont even want to be there and maybe some of them even support what we are protesting against but a dude gotta do what he have to do to support a family.

I say for 1 violent protestor, there should be 10 volumteer peacefull protstor let him know that if he want to be part of this, he better go along and shut up. For Christ seek, isnt this how democratie should work?

Posted by no idiot allow April 7, 09 09:53 AM


Posted by AussiePaul April 7, 09 10:28 AM

For Tom Post #309
Me too i find it disgusting and I'm not very happy with wealthy and high society people like you.

My parents did not have much money to spend for my education and even though I worked real hard all my life, my kids will never be as connected and weathy as yours.

So why should I not smash your Ferrari when I see you park it on the street?
Which BTW worth like 3 time my house and which BTW i have to paid my mortgage and interest so people like you can but a Ferrari.

You have all the rights to feel the way you feel and so do I. This is the beauty about democratie. Only problem here is there is only 1% of you and 99% of people like me. You will see my friend, one day we as the people of the world will balance this out.

Posted by Anonymous April 7, 09 10:40 AM

Es la ora de luchar sin descanso, sin compadecerse, sin miedo, sin rencor; solo con los cocimientos k nos mueven desde siempre a los mas desfavorecidos, a los intelectuales, a los normales k siguen la simple naturaleza del hombre y no se dejan engañar por la incultura yankee(lo k promueven los medios d comunicacion). Porke este es el fin d nuestro preciado y maltratado planeta, si dejamos k nos engañen los mismos d siempre porke se hayan cambiado d careta o nos cuenten otra trola mayor, cada vez estaremos mas machacados, destruidos y miserables; mientras ellos tendran mas dinero y poder de destruccion.

Posted by paintkiller April 7, 09 10:43 AM

I write from Genoa*... I've already seen that all. Policemen like robots, against people's freedom to demonstrate...
in Genoa a boy was killed (by a bullet which unfortunately crushing on a stone throwed on air... such a JFK's magic bullet parent, isn'?)
*sorry for my english

Posted by fromgenoa April 7, 09 11:14 AM

photojournalism and candid shots in the best form!

in ancient china, they said a picture was worth a 1000 words. in today's info world, an imagine is worth more than 1 TB.

Posted by a long-time faithful reader April 7, 09 11:37 AM

who begins with the violence?

but belive, mossos, (Catalonia's nacional police) are worse than this...

Posted by videos mossos April 7, 09 11:42 AM

Pointless "demonstration" ... this is what those who turn to drugs and violence are all about. Exhibitionism, taking up pointless causes, and making fools of themselves with their childish antics and garb.

If these people really cared, they would get an education or educate themselves (start with a library) in areas of life that interest them and then get to work to bring about improvements they seek.

Nothing was ever gained by violence or confrontation. A supremely obvious fact lost on far too many ... including those whose minds have been warped by smoking mind-altering substances.

Posted by Bob Webster April 7, 09 11:55 AM

Here's video of the man that died, and was attacked by police:

Fact is, all this is making the police lose their stomach for what they are doing. You can only attack you neighbors for so long (without figuring out how to demonize them in some way) until the resolve dies. This is what has happened in past revolutions. The police switch sides and then the illusion of law backed up by force dissapates.

Posted by Alonzo Riley April 7, 09 02:41 PM

Very interesting, I found that really happen in London only from their photos..
I want to disagree with some commenters.
If you really think that socialism and other anti-capitalism is same as communism, you are really dont know anything about it. I think you are sitting in your comfortable chair now and know about other world from tv news and Hollywood films ..

Posted by Alex Tret April 7, 09 04:21 PM

Excellent, pertinent, enlightening comment at 273, then a total bozo at 274!

Posted by Jane April 7, 09 04:29 PM

Wherever there are police in large numbers, violence is not too far behind. This has got to be stopped. We are no longer a free society with the police state we've detoriated into.

Posted by Willow April 7, 09 04:37 PM

Damn! I lost that demonstration. I live in London, but I was at work, would have been so much fun. And 225 bob is right, I don't care at all about what is the protest about. More fun when there is more people involved!

Posted by Josechu April 7, 09 06:06 PM


Posted by nUMbER April 7, 09 09:14 PM

Oh, shut up while i'm changing the world..


Posted by Barack H. Obama April 7, 09 09:40 PM

policias y protestantes deberian ser uno, policias no son ricos! todos los de abajo somos explotados! policias igual, hagamos la union y el cambio de conciencia. NO A LA REPRESION CON VIOLENCIA. SI A LA LIBRE EXPRESION DE LOS PUEBLOS. Saludos desde Mexico lugar de la matanza de tlatelolco 68´, de las masacres en Chiapas, y en donde las calles son vigiladas por la mano derecha del diablo, el ejercito. Todos estos acontecimientos gracias al mal gobierno. p.s WE ARE ONLY ONE HUMANITY

Posted by JAVIER April 7, 09 09:40 PM

Correction on the picture #34, there's actually a video on the web where you see clearly this guy getting hit by the police while he was walking without showing any resistance....

Posted by Hugo April 7, 09 11:02 PM

no entiendo nada soy uruguayo alguien me explica que sucede gracias mi correo

Posted by arielo olivero April 8, 09 01:41 AM

Note all the bottles and missiles as medics attend Ian Tomlinson @34

Posted by tony maas April 8, 09 03:11 AM

Have you all seen the video where Ian Tomlinson (#34) is punched by a policemen and he falled. Seconds after that he had the heart attack... And he was just passing through...

Any CSI in here?

Posted by PoliceControlNow April 8, 09 04:01 AM

Tough and thankless job for security men

Posted by Hemal Sheth April 8, 09 08:07 AM

The "we are defined by our posessions" argument is SOOO old. Get over it already. Dont want to buy into a materialistic society? THEN DONT! YOU ARE FREE TO DO AS YOU WISH. No one is forcing anyone to buy Starbucks brand muffins, or wear ipods. People buy things because they ENJOY them. The idiots who try to turn their own personal failures on the system that serves them will hopefully never fully succeed.

Seems like some people would rather take everyone down with them instead of having the courage to think through their own problems.

Posted by bob April 8, 09 09:15 AM

@290 Nick
Whos daring to better our world here? The result of this is broken business, broken dreams. These "protesters" are just kids looking for a good time.

Abolish money? Rediculous. What then? Who will want to work? How will people eat? How will people get clothes to wear? If you want to go back to the days of no money then try living on the plains of Mongolia, or in an Inuit village, because thats what a society with no money looks like. Hey lets try this kids, give me everything you own that has a brand name on it. Thats right, your headphones, your scarves, your shoes, hell i guess that would be what, everything you own? So give me that stuff, and Ill sell it and buy you a ticket to mongolia. Then you can live in the moneyless, communistic society you so desperately crave. Ill stay here.

Posted by bob April 8, 09 09:26 AM

As the same with any large scale protest, the ones who end up getting hurt are the ones who enjoy confrontation and probably don't even care for the reason the protests is occurring.

These are the thrill seekers who stand in the front of the crowd jeering the police. They are nothing more than attention seeking children who cause harm to those who are forced to patrol the demos and to those who genuinely care about the protest.

Posted by rbabinec April 8, 09 09:59 AM

some funny things can be said about some of these photos
#9- hit me baby one more time
#11- gangsta jedi
#13- kinda reminds me of the movie "jumper"
#17- Who the hell took my skittles?!!!!
#25 May the force be with you
#26 is there something in my teeth?
#27- i think this guy has constipation
#29- one on the left "look a penny" XD
#34-wax on wax off

Posted by jacob1234 April 8, 09 12:17 PM

#262 - Why would a mother bring a small child to this nonsense? Because she is an idiot. So it doesn't surprise me that she would. I don't understand what these babies ("protesters") think they are going to accomplish. Maybe someone can come up with a good answer, because I haven't heard one yet.

Posted by doo doo dad April 8, 09 12:30 PM

Una pena... pero cuantos de los que estan protestando y tirando vallas, promulgando la paz y todo el rollo patatero no llevan unas nike, o adidas o.... lo que sea. Cuantos no han zampao en el Macdonals .... Cuantos no se ponen el traje al dia siguiente para ir a currar.
Señoras y Señores: Somos todos unos HIPOCRITAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Menos quejarse y vayanse todos a Africa a luchar por lo de verdad y a ayudar a la gente, Ah no que se esta mejor en casa quejandose mientras echamos una partidita a la play-station

Posted by Teresa April 8, 09 12:33 PM

This kind of protesting never ever helps ANY cause. It only makes things worse for EVERYONE. These protesters didn't change a damn thing! All they ended up doing was hurting themselves and others, causing a mess and skyrocketing their crime rate!

Who ever was there that day, I'm sorry, I love you all and respect your ideals, but you handled yourselves like crying children. Seek a different means of protest.

Posted by Ross April 8, 09 05:45 PM

Your photo captions are biased. Police "clash" with protesters. When the facts are that the police attacked protesters. The police in the UK have a legal obligation to facilitiate peaceful protest. What happened that day was that the police assaulted peaceful protesters. It's easy to see whose side you are on.

Posted by Murray Abisch - a Londoner April 8, 09 06:19 PM

"The police in the UK have a legal obligation to facilitiate peaceful protest. What happened that day was that the police assaulted peaceful protesters."

Yes, throwing that computer screen through the RBS window was very peaceful, wasn't it? Irrespective of how many people come to peacefully protest at these anti-capitalism demonstrations, there is always a group (often consumers of the goods produced by the very system they supposedly abhor) who come intent on causing mayhem and destruction. Try being a police officer in that situation, out-numbered by a seething crowd, unsure where the next barricade, rock or projectile will come from.

These b*stards protest every year whether the economy is good or bad and they should count themselves as fortunate to live under such a benevolent government. The Chinese or Soviet Russia would have treated them very differently and they would deserve everything they got.

Posted by David Freel April 8, 09 07:12 PM

The persons thinking they will made the world better by clashing with the police or smashing bank windows are f*cking retarded. Go get a job for the economy, plant a tree for the ecology but don't be an idiot for the sake of the planet.

Speaking of the photos, #33 is the best one in my opinion.

Posted by Yuriy Opryshko April 9, 09 12:00 PM

I was there. We had just flown in from the US and were headed toward st pauls cathedral when the fires broke out and police swarmed everywhere. I got my own pics. It really happened. They even closed down a few of the tube stations and blocked off the streets.

Posted by Holly April 9, 09 04:30 PM

Violence is for people who can't think! We all should stop acting stupid! Our leaders got their way by abusing rights. The sistem can be disrupted from the inside. There are no limits to interpreting our own rights. Let's start changhing ourselfs, know your rights, learn how to use them. I don't know how to stop capitalism, but openly opensing it, is not the way! They did it behind our backs, pretending to do good. Why can't we do this? Why can't we use the same methods? We can manipulate them, they are still human (in flaws)! This protesting method got us nowere, pleaseeee stop with the violence, and start thinking!

Posted by Georgia April 9, 09 05:59 PM

to #296 (Maul) - I'd love to have a quick peek at those pictures. Seeing both angles is bound to be fascinating. Any chance you'll be so kind as to forward a link to J@JustinAngel.Net?

Thanks mate,
-- Justin

Posted by Justin Angel April 9, 09 06:50 PM

The British Police have been widely discredited in recent years.

Numerous inquiries have shown them to be violent, racist thugs. They have shot and killed innocent people such as De Menezies and nobody has ever been charged.

Posted by Bobby April 9, 09 07:03 PM

Can some explain why they're are protesting, I'm not to familiar with the G20

Posted by Matt April 9, 09 07:42 PM

It's amazing the amount of diversity found in this protest, as well as responses on this blog. For instance, pictures 4,7, 10, and 15 all show peaceful (and creative) people protesting various causes, while others such as 19-21 and 23-32 show much more violent protests. Pictures 21 and 24 makes me outraged at the police for such a violent crime, while pictures 11 and 25 set me against the protesters for making an otherwise peaceful protest violent. I spotted a couple baby strollers in the mix (picture 15), which shows not everyone wanted a violent protest. This also inspires a sadness in me, that children must inheret this world where we can never decide on anything, nor can we resolve anything peacefully. But then a picture like 33 inspires my faith in humanity again, that in the midst of such a violent protest there are people who can step back and converse calmly to try to prevent suffering and resolve the issue calmly.

On the message board, there are some who call for death to capitalists, and others who want to kill the anarchists. I know I may sound old-fashioned, but I still agree with Dr. King, Mohatma Ghandi, and others in saying that violence is never the solution to anything. It's true, Capitalism has it's flaws. So does Communism, and so does Anarchy. The only way to make this world better is to love others on a one-on-one basis. If I learn how to love Reid Gilbertson and Kris Elwood, and they learn how to love those they hate, then maybe we can work together. All this anger isn't getting us anywhere, only more pain. This they-and-us philosophy is the thing that brings down all of us. Suburbanite families and homeless people live less than half an hour away from eachother. The moment I get off my lazy butt and go help at the nearest food shelter next weekend is the moment something get's accomplished. I think I'm going to devote some time in my schedule now. If I've got a human example who does it regularly, my friend Arielle, then I know I have the ability as well. And we all have to, to make a difference. Go volunteer! Volunteer Week is fast approaching!

Posted by Jharms April 9, 09 10:11 PM

These clowns...some of them don't even know what they demonstrate for, what's at stake...but this kind of people like to be for the "victim", even if he wasn't a demonstrator, and all the more if he had a heart condition, he should have avoided the surroundings knowing there was a violent demonstration going on...everyone knows things go out of hand during those "peaceful" demonstrations, looked what happened in Strasbourg too...

Posted by lionel April 10, 09 05:50 AM

I cant believe that all the protests on those days were as destructive as we are lead to believe here. As a professional photographer myself I am shocked at the number of photographers on the front line, i am sure this only helps to fuel the violence, and lead to a distorted view the event. I understand the urge of photographers to be close to the action, I have been there myself many years ago, but there was never this amount of shooters. It looks more like a photographers demo.
That said, I believe in the freedom (and rights) of photographers. But i also believe giving a full picture of news worthy events, not just the sensational bits. There are many peaceful protesters who are suffering all over this world, I am sure they would be put off attending such an event due to images like this.
Speaking from the UK, we will all now have to pick up the bill for the damage, and policing from this event, thanks guys.

Posted by Gatesy. April 10, 09 05:54 AM

Those photos are amazing! G20 summit looked mental

Posted by Bella April 10, 09 11:20 AM

esto es una mierda se puede demostrar que los policias pegan con raçon por que mira en la foto que por ejemplo tiran una balla kontra los policias ...... eso son barabaridades humanas sigo sin entender por que la gente açe esas cosas en una manifestacion. No podrian hacer una manifestación pacifica .... no tienen que pegar, vacilar, tirar piedras, tirar compteles molotops etc


Posted by PAU April 10, 09 04:45 PM


Posted by KUTTER April 10, 09 05:03 PM

Picture 34

Ian was walking through, a policeman pushed him over, he later died of cardiac arrest.

he was murdered....

Posted by Alex April 10, 09 07:43 PM

@Harriet In any legitimate constitutional democracy, the right to civic disobedience is enshrined. I find it amazing that you can discern the contents of these images and conclude that the majority of the violent action taking place is being done so by the activists. I respectfully suggest you study them again. As to destruction of property: If a person is ideologically opposed to corporate institutions like the banking system that unfairly, unequally and unaccountably profit of other humans to their detriment and disenfranchisement, then they can legitimately disregard the law, for that is what it is to be a revolutionary.

Posted by Armadillo April 10, 09 10:19 PM

Furthermore, the police as an arm of the state mandated in large part to deliver violent reprisals against dissenting and disobeying citizens, are not as innocent as you paint them. And as to your charge of hypocrisy re. clothing specifically: A revolutionary also knows that the food they eat are a result of the unequal and unfair exploited labour. By your logic, to avoid hypocrisy, then, that revolutionary should starve. Maybe part of you would enjoy such a hateful wish, but I insist that the charge itself is illogical. I'm worried that people like you would have disapproved of the Civil Rights movement in America in the same way (which entailed civilian/police violence and property destruction) or the LGBT rights movement today. And for that I'm very, very sorry. For you. Human social progress has always come at the cost of revolution, struggle, protest and uprising. Any one familiar with political history should know this.

Posted by Armadillo April 10, 09 10:27 PM

Thank you!

Posted by ben_ April 11, 09 06:20 AM

The expression on those faces is not hate.
It is anger.
Furious frustrated anger - on behalf of us all.

Posted by Saline April 11, 09 07:19 PM

So what system HAS worked... in all of history... where MOST in society are fullfilled by the freedom to pursue happiness and are not destroyed??? What system???

Posted by Bluejeanbaby April 12, 09 03:59 AM

maybe these images focus a little to much on the scuffles and fighting surrounding the G20, i dont see much emphasis on what certain people who demonstrating over, or any of the peaceful demonstrations.

as for the riots, things arn't looking very positive at the moment (though they rarely ever do ^_^) people who feel marginalised legitmately or otherwise are bound to feel frustrated its a shame it has to boil over into violence, i have sympathies for both sides, ido enjoy watching RBS take a deserved bashing though.

Posted by Anonymous April 12, 09 06:47 AM


While the issues raised by the policing tactics are of vital importance, and rightly should be discussed openly and honestly, what has NOT HAPPENED is the open and honest public discussion of the issues that brought the climate campers to the Carbon Trading Exchange in the first place.

In terms of how Government and Business works, that is 'mission accomplished'.

Silence on the key issues has been maintained.

The violence directed intentionally at the Climate Campers AND the issues they were there to highlight are inextricably linked.

Those issues are both about violence as a tool of 'policy' and as an instrument of 'business'..... the culture we have been born into is founded upon the rationalisation of and the justification of violence against all creatures that refuse to comply or cannot be tamed.

Posted by corelu minous April 13, 09 03:14 PM

Mostly are College aged kids who are very easily influenced by anybody who sounds counter culture. The ones who are older are pretty much hippies who never grew out of their college aged antics or never wanted to grow up, and extremists of other followings. 90% of the excuses and things they protest over they don't even understand. I'd be willing to say that most there don't know even know why, other then just to protest for protests sake.
And to the person posting that the evil police wouldn't allow even mothers of small babies to leave...... All I have to say is. What kind of Mother would bring a small baby to an event like that? Any parent that would, does NOT deserve to have kids. I think the police should of rushed right in and put the baby in protective services.
Oh. . and I forgot to mention the huge influx of the CT and NWO, Illiumnati, etc.. believers that make their way to these events. A bunch of deluded wackos, immature kids. They may be smart and talk a good game to the uneducated ear. But in truth they say nothing new, and the only people who think they are "cool" are the incoming freshman who were beat up by the football players the year before, sooo looking for a group to belong to.

Posted by EWW April 13, 09 03:57 PM

I don't get what they're rioting against. Money? Seriously? What on earth did they think would happen as a result? Nothing. All they wanted to do was pick a fight because their pockets are hurting. Well so are everyone else's.
I feel so sorry for the police officers. The rioters chose to be there, the police had to be - it's their job. All they were doing were defending themselves and trying to gain some control and all they got in return was slander from the press. I'd like to see how any of those reporters would act when some nutter is charging at you with metal railing!!!
The sadest thing is that this ridiculous situation took away all the attention from a peaceful (and SIGNIFICANT) protest against climate change.

Posted by Emma April 14, 09 02:37 PM

@EWW: So on the one hand we have a wildly diverse, energetic and contradictory mish-mash of college freshmen who got beat up by jocks, immature old hippies, mothers with babes, conspiracy theorists and "extremists" versus the majority of the rest of the developed world, who are cynical, apathetic, apolitical, uneducated, totally disenfranchised from politics, history, and social rights, bland, boring... or... Conservative, hateful, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, sexist, anti-gay.
(Half a second goes by)
I'd take the groups you mock over the alternative every day. Sure, half of them are not fully informed as to what is being protested, and certainly not everyone has the same complaint: We call that "democracy" and these pictures are what that form of society looks like and operates when it comes together for a shared cause: It's diverse, misinformed, confused, unorganized, loud and large. It's a shame you mock and scorn it so but I think it's beautiful and essential in an era where surveillance technology has eroded privacy, the media has diluted information delivery to punditry and our politicians play up hate, prejudice and conflict to win votes and any type of warfare, detainment practice and torture is legal because "we say so".

Posted by Armadillo April 14, 09 03:02 PM

excellent views!

Posted by Salvo April 15, 09 03:41 AM

Me gustaría dar las gracias a todos los manifestantes, ya que representan a todos los anticapiatalistas que no podemos ir hasta alli.
Muchas gracias y fuerza para continuar la lucha.

Posted by yo April 15, 09 06:24 AM

this report is mostly lies i was there, the captions are misleading
there was one sign saying abolish money, nobody chanted that, nobody chants storm the banks either
it has just been confirmed by a second coroner that ian tomlinson did not die of a heart attack but of internal bleeding caused by a police beating and several police officers are charged with manslaughter
although some protestors were obviously not completely peaceful, the police are mostly violent thugs as this day showed, if you live in london come bank today to protest against police brutality and for your right to protest

Posted by joe April 18, 09 04:00 AM

It is all very well to verbally attack the police officers but it cannot be denied that some of the so called protestors were there to simply riot and cause as much trouble as possible. The police were that day and indeed everyday tasked to do that which most of us would not and although they do not always get it right this country would be in a far far worse state if they did not have the courage to go out and do the job they do. The same people who are so vocal at attacking the police actions should turn the same critical eye upon the actions of some of these protestors.

Posted by CJ April 18, 09 05:38 AM

Nice to see the amount of people willing to support police brutality and murderers. What a liberal and democratic society we live in. I think the main point of the protesters, if anybody hadn't noticed, is that Capitalism doesn't work. Exploitation is inherent in that unworkable system. We need a new system of mutual aid. The only violence that protesters took was against a building - nobody was hurt or killed so where's the problem there?

Also, people who criticise protesters for being 'college kids and hippies' - maybe you're just too grizzled, old, avaricious and sold your soul to the system so long ago you forgot your humanity. Hope you're happy in your meaningless consumer product orientated lives.

Posted by Bubbleburster April 18, 09 02:17 PM

que fuerte

Posted by roy April 18, 09 05:55 PM

Merci a tout ceux qui luttent pour faire changer les choses...

Posted by Anonymous April 19, 09 11:52 AM

looks like it was a real war going on there. no wonder somebody died.
those protesters look very pleased being fotografed when destroying something.

this has more of a pogrom to me, than a serious demonstration for something useful. those people wanted to lynch other people they think are responsible for the bad things in the world. all thos aggressions towards bankers make me scare...

Posted by sandro April 25, 09 06:21 AM

In photo no 34 you mention Ian Tomlinson died of a heart attack and may or may not have been a protester. I appreciate this article was posted on the 3rd but subsequent video evidence and reporting has shown that he was a local newspaper vendor who was the victim of an unprovoked assault by police and a 2nd postmortem has disproved the heart attack theory.
Will you amend these important details or just repeat the official lies given out by the authorities to cover up their appalling behaviour at the largely peaceful protests?

Posted by Tom Laz Bisely April 25, 09 05:37 PM

I read one response speaking of a 'democracy'. Apparently people aren't aware of the difference between democracy and a Republic. In a democracy it is about a nameless one at the top and everyone else can SERVE or be exterminated.I admire the protestors that stand up for what is right. The global dictatorship is drooling at the mouth to take over. They want the useless nations to have the only military forces globally to address all issues...thats coming up in the next summit.They are Socialists every stinkin one of them! In other words NO GOOD comes from Socialism!

Posted by Selu April 27, 09 07:41 AM

There were in fact a very small number of aggressive protesters, and not surprisingly, this handful of individuals were amplified by the media, diluting the strength and message of feeling of the majority in order to get a 'better' story.
Ian Tomlinson was not a protester and as a previous poster has pointed out, died from internal bleeding as a result of the unprovoked attack. Its heart breaking to read people's contempt for protesters.

Posted by UK OK April 27, 09 11:15 AM

Muy impresionantes las capturas, realnmete un buen trabajo

Posted by Raduan April 29, 09 02:07 PM

Nice photos that make you ask "Who's bad and who's not?"

This is what I call Photojournalism

Posted by Pier-Y ves April 30, 09 12:43 PM

in response to robby Hate, you're right about wearing what is iconically Capitalist (consumer-capitalist) clothing such as Nike would suggest the validity of their argument is questionable, but Nike aren't solely responsible for spending the money of the taxpayers and savers from their own bank accounts. That was the main reason the protests were held at the BANK rather than the major commercial Captialist areas such as Oxford Street. i don't preach a new system (like certain other posts) and i don't explicitly support big brand corporations. the purpose of this protest (no matter who the main protest groups represented) was to challenge the behavior of profit through reckless spending from banks of our money

Posted by j snake May 3, 09 12:57 PM

...also, it may be worth saying that the recent nature of policing in the uk has been particularly citezen unfriendly. the photogaphs are nice (from an artistic point of view) but the police were definately more brutal than was necessary. As far as UK persons are concerned, the right to protest has been grinded to nothing. Yes, some of the protesters were violent (sadly) but many of the police on duty are specifically rough and are called for these occasions. Some of the police MEDICS were seen beating people with truncheons. it's a clasic case of too much power for the wrong people. (all police forces around the world have tough jobs, but these were simply bullys. check out Nicky Fisher who was hit in the face then beaten with a baton.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 09 01:12 PM

Tanta sangre, violencia, lucha y descontrol supongo que dan la imagen resultante de la opinión de la cumbre del G20 en todo el mundo: una amplio rechazo a esta cumbre. La ciudadanía no comparte las soluciones que éstos toman dentro de sus países, las estrategias económicas para hacerse ellos cada vez más ricos y dejar a los pobres más hundidos en la miseria, balanceándose en la cuerda floja de una deuda eterna sin solución ni acuerdo. No soportamos más fotos aparentes en la que dos señores se dan la mano. No queremos más polícia que frene los gritos de la muchedumbre, que esta vez lleva razón: basta ya de tanto egoísmo, apariencia y ostentación, preocupación económica y empresarial...ningún político es capaz de escucharnos?

Posted by Anonymous May 6, 09 07:26 PM

Well I saw most of the people were younger, They are all probably to lazy to work in the 1st place and wants something for free, Half the crowd was cameras! at least there working, you don't get anything for free you have to work for it ,like Medical insurance. If everyone thought like them they would be complete collapse of countries because no one would want to work. You say it's time for a change, but I never got paid by a poor man, if it wasn't for capitalism I would not be living as well as I am and I not rich by any means.

Posted by Hippie hater USA and proud of it. May 11, 09 06:21 PM

No one is forcing you to live in the free world, if you want change move to the PRC, or NK, I'm sure they'd love to have you. But while you're here, stop complaining. And if you want to make change, run for office, call your representitive, write a book, get on the radio/tv.. bashing up banks and such is not the right way to get your point across.

Posted by Isaac May 12, 09 08:44 AM

Well done the Police under difficult circumstances. The protestors did nothing for their 'cause'! Not a way to bring change or positive comment. Most looked as if they hadn't done a days work in their life, wanting something for nothing! Get a life, work, earn a wage and contribute responsibly to society.

Posted by David May 17, 09 10:25 AM

yo quiero que me expliquen porque estan muy poco del tema y no me gusta opinar asi...solo puedo decir que el comportamiento violento de parte de los protestantes esta mal! pero de parte de los policias tambien! y los policias siempre estan alli para golpear y reprimir! aunque no hagas nada! es asi mis hermanos.. si alguien me puede explicar por favor a mi mail

Posted by Paolo May 23, 09 04:59 PM

I love how so many of you can judge protesters just by looking at them. You have no idea who the individual is, what they do, what they believe nor their reason for being there. Please do everyone a favor and keep your judgmental opinions to yourself. Thanks.

Posted by Anon June 7, 09 01:05 PM

picture 34 47-year-old Ian Tomlinson lies on the sidewalk after collapsing near police during a protest in the City of London on April 1, 2009. Tomlinson later died, of an apparent heart attack. It is unclear whether the man, who worked downtown, was taking part in the protest, or was merely passing through. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) #

Edit was killed while walking home by police

Posted by aiden August 4, 09 10:59 AM

The main problem in this world is that everyone is ready to put the blame on someone else other than himself. No one wants to diminsh his comforts in order to contribute to better this world. Before every one and not just goverments start looking at the global problem and not just his individual problem nothing will ever get fixed. By protesting in that kind you are just making a hooligan of your self. Take a page from Gandhi's book, by peacful protest he braught down the whole of the british empire. If you really want to change this world start at home and see how high is your carbon foot print and try to diminsh it. That would be a step that if taken by everybody would drastically improove the chances for this planet to survive.

Posted by Mark August 11, 09 05:04 AM

May be you'd like to update your caption on the Ian Tomlinson photo.
He was not taking part in the protests.
He didn't die of a heart attack but of internal bleeding.
He was attacked by a policeman from behind whilst walking away with his hands in his pockets.
Some rioter.

Posted by Michael Coates August 13, 09 06:03 AM

People, protests can be peaceful. A sign and a spoken voice can get your point across. I live in Pittsburgh and I am not looking forward to more violence coming here. Buddists protested.Martin Luther King protested.Please be civil. Dont give the officers reason. God Bless

Posted by Karla Gilchrist September 2, 09 02:47 PM

Hating people for what they have is wasting energy. Destroying property is pointless. Protest peacefully, raise your children lovingly and vote wisely.

As a middle aged man, I hope our youth can make a better place than what we seem to be passing down to them.

Posted by Duncan Loomis September 4, 09 12:12 AM

que chingonas fotos.. son las que me motivan para no sentirme solo en la lucha contra esos represores de mierda.. salud y libertad conpaneros.. seguimos en pie.

Posted by Luisi September 12, 09 02:36 PM

As sad as it is to see violence, these truly are beautiful pictures even if they do show the more violent side of the protest.

Posted by Kelli September 19, 09 11:24 AM

I know protestors have rights too, but they need to know when stop and when to draw the line. I am from Pittsburgh, PA (host of the G20 for this year) and protestors and anarachists have already started attacking our city. Attacks on innocent people and police officials of our city are totally un necessary. Violence gets you know where and protestors need to know when to stop. Most of these people are losers with no life that obviously have no jobs if they can travel all across the world with nothing better to do than bitch about issues. I have no sympathy for people are dumb and dont knohow to protest in peace

Posted by Anonymous September 20, 09 10:54 AM

Let us travel to Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit on 24-25 September, to demonstrate and protest the attendance of Meles Zenawi, the prime minister and dictator ruling Ethiopia for nearly two decades, who will be there in the capacity of the representative for Africa.As you all know, Meles Zenawi and the current Ethiopian regime has been responsible for unspeakable atrocities against masses of innocent civilians in many parts of Ethiopia, including genocide. But the international community allows him to operate with impunity because the regime is seen as a staunch ally in the “war on terror”. We strongly believe that he should not be graced and honoured by an appearance in such a high-level meeting in the United States, leave alone as “Africa’s voice”. Africa deserves better!For those near Los Angeles , California area the Ethiopian-American Enterprenuers Association(EAEA) have grunted funds to cover round trip air ticket from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh and back to LAX on 09/26. If interested contact any of the sponsors near you.The sponsors are listed Tessema Dosho Shifferaw, Charlie Zawde, Elias Negash; Agonafer Shiferaw, Elias Wondimu; Leah Niederstadt and Asqual Teferi.For Exact departure time please contact Tel: 213-365-6651 Ext. 100
Fax: 213 365 6670

Posted by Tolo September 23, 09 05:59 PM

I expect that the Pittsburgh Police as well as State Troopers with be mindful of our rights to protest, as much as their right to wear a badge. The man that was murdered by bobbys in London, shows just how law enforcement can equally get out of hand. As I march in protest tomorrow, I will do so in a peaceful manner. However, if law enforcement decides to make me a target, I will fight back, and I will fight back to win. If your going to be in a altercation during any point in your life, fight to win. NAFTA needs to be re-written and those jobs need to be brought back home to America.

Posted by jay the coppersmith September 24, 09 09:06 AM

these protests are pointless. They serve only the egos and immaturity of those involved. Real revolutionaries actually organized to topple states, not just make a ruckus, smash things, etc.. Those things can happen in a revolution, but these people seem to revel in the image of it, it makes them think they are accomplishing something. sad.

Posted by masher September 24, 09 05:16 PM

I once said to a friend " there is a civil uprising coming in this country , and it will be here in the next 10 years " i said this 4 years ago and the unrest of government issues has manifested its ugly head in so many different problems that we are all so divided. Everything thats is goin on is stemmed from pure greed. " We the people" have the power to change as we did before when we fought off mother england to stop imperious control . In my opinion our government needs a serious flush of the (proverbial Washington DC toilette) We need real people with no agendas of greed and power to take hold of this country and rebuild it from the inside .

Posted by T September 24, 09 05:49 PM

Global Warming is a lie. Hippy dropouts feeling important protesting something they know nothing about. Seriously, just ship these morons to Africa and let them be one with the earth. These people fighting for global warming don't realize its just another thing big banks/investment firms are going to trade in the market( pollution credits) and make even more money off of. Good job on supporting more power for big business when thinking your actually making a difference.

Posted by bleh September 24, 09 10:37 PM

Anarchists just go there for violence, rioting and looting. It is a pity the police cannot use real ammo and pop a couple of them wimps for good.
Coward protestors attack the police force only when they outnumber the Force like 10 to 1 or more.
A dangerous game costing a fortune to the tax payer ...for nothing at all but bruises and fines.

Posted by The Ed September 25, 09 10:40 AM

I don't understand people. They all look crazy and ridiculous to me. You don't change things in the world by acting like a bunch of animals. Do these people really think they are getting their point across. Why listen to a bunch of crazed lunatics or even take them serious when they are behaving like that? Why not try to do something clever to catch the attention of the people. You do not represent me when you damage property and run through neighborhoods where citizens live (the Pittsburgh summit) and throw bricks in the chance of damaging peoples personal property. If I was Obama why would I listen to the opinion of someone who clearly is not in the right state of mind.

Posted by TiredOfAnarhists September 25, 09 11:55 AM

you people are all defending a system that causes your own imprisonment and you don't even get it.

protesting is a healthy form of expressing emotions. it is also a right. if you ever find something to be so passionate about, i hope you still have the right to express yourself over it.

Posted by kramden September 25, 09 01:37 PM

I've read through about half the postings on here, and it is so plain to see that everyone has a different view, a different opinion, and different prioritie. There are a few points that have been made though that I totally agree with. First the media is worthless at getting anything other than ratings, cause the truth took a back seat long ago to what sells. Second lay off the police they are doing there job and have families to feed just like everyone else, and I can assure you would rather be doing somthing else then staring down an angry mob. Third it is very sad that a few druged up dropouts can completly steal the focus of what would otherwise be a peacful protest and the people with a real message go unacknowledged. Now for a few points of my own. I'm from the states I watched the same exact sort of tactics used during the World Trade Organization mettings in seattle during the Clintion years here. Tens of thousands of peacful protesters came out to protest so called "free trade" in Seattle. A group of about twenty masked morons came out and broke windows and that was all the media reported on, beacause that was what was exiting. The effect was that 350 million other Americans and millions of others around the world had no true idea what was really going on, so they didn't care. As a result "Free Trade" went through along with a host of other reforms that benifited a few small elites, corporations, and contries like China with massive amounts of cheap labor. In essence my government sold my job to get a free golf trip and a ride on a private jet from a corporate executive. All the while the media reported on some druken morons breaking windows. That brings us to today, I see somthing about on the news sort of like this: G-20, protestst, police, riots, broken things. What are people protesting about I wounder, cause all the media seems to care about is the monkey with the club breaking windows. I figure hey, I'll check on line the internet has always got the real scoop and what do I find. Well, for the most part monkeys beating each other with meteporical clubs, about why mokeys were breaking windows with clubs at a protest. Capitalism - 2 Democracy - 0 Now to all you who think the market corrects itself, and government should stay out and capitalism is great. Look at it this way true modern capitalism is unsastainable and has only been around for around two hundred years if that. The driving force behind capitalism is consumption, so in this period of time the capitalist super power of the world my country the US has consumed more natural resources in the last century then every other human being that has lived on the planet during the entire course of human history ten fold. Capitalism will not correct itslef it is a self prepatuating tumor that once it consumes it's host will die with everything else. It's just not sustainable, and if you want governement to stay out of the capitalism then get them out of my government. Finally to all you neo hippie enviormentalist quit protesting pollution to the point you drive jobs over seas to third world countries that don't give a damn about pollution. Now not only are we starving, and unemployed, but my air is worse because they have no enviornmental regulations what so ever. Forget "not in my backyard" antics and realize your still going to smell it in your neigboors yard, at least I would have dug a hole. Thats my ten cents and have a good day! P.S I'm still trying to figure out what are we all protesting I would really honestly like to know?

peacful prote

Posted by Splix September 26, 09 06:57 AM

great pictures, from colombia

Posted by calros October 14, 09 02:21 PM

The protesters are very fierce!

Posted by David October 26, 09 08:24 PM

Violence has never worked...that's bullsh*t, look at the Spanish Revolution and tell me violence didn't get them anywhere. Violence is best avoided if possible, but I'm sorry to say that with the situation our society is in right now, if we really want to get rid of all this capitalist and government mentality violence will probably be necessary.

We could of course bring the internet down and see what happens...

Posted by Marcel November 1, 09 06:48 PM

I find it amusing that people try to portray the protesters as uneducated, unemployed and lazy. This simply shows how out of touch many of the people who work in the city are. Do you not stop to think that the very act of questioning the system requires the ability to analyse and critique the world you find yourself in. The stupid people are those which do not stop to reflect on their beliefs and preach them as if they were writ. Perhaps next time you stop to denounce protesters in these terms you should look to yourself, and question where it is you derive these assumptions from. Perhaps next time you find yourself dismissing it as random violence you should look at the whole picture, the peaceful as well as the enraged. Next, think to yourself: what could bring about that strength of conviction? Then go away and do your research, it is not the protesters who need to go to a library (many already do so), but those which regurgitate whatever is fed to them by the mainstream media.

Or perhaps it is the case that those who work in the city do not want to acknowledge the legitimacy of the protest since it would lay the responsibility too close to their own door?

Posted by K November 11, 09 04:27 AM

Só em Portugal é fizeram uma revolução de paneleiros, com cravos e musicas. Agora a merda veio ao de cima. Que pantâno.

Posted by jose March 6, 10 01:47 AM

I pitty the thick-headed idiots who feel offended that people are angry they are wealthy because they believe its out of jealousy. The reason these people protest is because you have a ferrari and most children in the world don't have drinking water let alone education, shelter, and healthcare so before you feel so high and mighty as if you deserved your wealth remember that the playing field is never as even as you think.

Posted by Jader May 7, 10 11:48 AM

CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? I have my views and you have yours. You shouldn't judge protestors for doing what they believe is right. Yes there are a few bad apples out there but unfortunately thats human nature. when you get a group that large gathered, theres bound to be some bad seeds. Don't paint everyone with the same brush. We're here to try and make a change. Stop trying to discourage us! You keep doing whatever it is you do. And we'll keep fighting for justice. not because MY pockets are empty but because millions of people in third world countries are fighting just to live. And here we are in the western worl consuming all we can. To all you people saying that protestors are just a bunch of uneducated hippies whining because they have no money, you should shut up until you know what you're talking about. I've seen a lot of comments with people judging and preaching without any basis in fact. Know what you're talking about before you say anything.

Posted by sam June 14, 10 03:03 PM

That is so horrible! The violence is unnecessary!

As a side note... WOW the photography was AMAZING!! I don't know how the reporters do it but they got some GREAT shots in the midst of such danger!

I feel sorry for both the officers who were hurt and the protestors who were hurt, except for the ones that were willfully violent against others.

It must be soooo scary for the cops there trying to keep the crowds back!

Posted by Sara June 28, 10 02:03 AM

In the late 1800's people rioted in Rome because of starvation. Here we start to see the same things. It was only a few short decades before it boiled over to WWI. I think we are starting to see the relevance of sustained rebellion until a similar boiling point is seen. The only difference is years instead of decades. The police are nothing but attack dogs for private institutions. They are supposed to keep the peace protecting government and the peoples resources. Instead we see them protecting the very "thing" that is the provocateur of all the anger. The storm trooper mentality is no worse than Nazi Germany and look were that got us. I fear for our future as I see WWIII looming on the horizon.

Posted by Angergroove June 30, 10 02:48 PM
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