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March 9, 2009

One last note from the author

Just one last note from the author here in the main pages of The Big Picture (TBP). I've started up a new blog called Big Picture Notes, which will be a repository for everything that I've wanted to publish on TBP in the past, but didn't really fit. (more inside)

Big Picture Notes will be a place for administrivia, things like this note about my travel to Austin for SXSW, or other meta-discussion. It will also be a place for follow-up photo stories (like this first one about the Chaiten Volcano and its aftermath), or shorter-form photo stories. It will also be a place for standalone photos - images that don't come with a lot of context, but are amazing nonetheless (like this first one of an F1 steering wheel).

Also, one more thing that I'm excited about - I've shrunk the column size down a bit, to allow for a right column full of linky goodness. That feature is one thing I've really missed having on TBP proper.

However - the smaller column size means smaller initial images (there are always tradeoffs). The images willl always be clickable to fullsize (990px wide), and I'm open to suggestions on the best way to accomplish this. The initial method is using slimbox2.js, a lightbox script to allow the larger images to be centered and visible without needing a new window.

Please let me know any feedback you might have about the format or the blog (or this blog for that matter), it's always welcome.

EDIT - For clarity, The Big Picture (this blog) is not changing format, period. I have created a new blog - a companion to this site, calle "Big Picture Notes" with many links and fewer images. The images in this new blog are a bit smaller (735px) initially, but will always be clickable to view larger. The method is currently a JS lightbox, degrading gracefully to an image in a new tab/window if JS is disabled.