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February 18, 2009 Permalink

Scenes from Pakistan

The government of Pakistan announced on Monday that it would accept Islamic Sharia Law to be implemented in its Swat Valley region, as part of a truce with local Taliban leaders. Militants had been demanding Sharia law, attacking opponents, burning scores of girls' schools and banning many forms of entertainment. Gun battles between Pakistani security forces and militants have killed hundreds, while up to a third of the valley's 1.5 million people have fled. A nuclear power with a growing economy, Pakistan's government is still struggling for control of the country, coping with internal clashes and terrorism, that can bleed over and involve neighbors and allies, including militant attacks in India, and excursions into Afghanistan - inviting U.S. military operations that follow the attackers back into Pakistan. Collected here are 40 recent photos from Pakistan, with a special acknowledgement to the artistry of AP Photographer Emilio Morenatti. (40 photos total)

Imran Zargul, 71, from the Pakistani tribal region of Bajur waits for donated food during a distribution at the Jalozai refugee camp near Peshawar, Pakistan, Friday, Feb. 13, 2009. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
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#17 and #18 ... amazing
keep up the good work!

Posted by JP February 18, 09 12:07 PM

beauty, innocence, death and disgrace so close to each other. terrific pictures.

the child's facial expression on #23 is so intense

Posted by frank February 18, 09 12:20 PM

#2 and #40 are my favorites. Great set!

Posted by foofoomagoo February 18, 09 12:29 PM

love your blog!

Posted by Anonymous February 18, 09 12:31 PM

#4 is hilarious.

Posted by JL February 18, 09 12:40 PM

Wow, that last photo is stunning!

Posted by Dan February 18, 09 12:41 PM


Posted by Tiago Costa February 18, 09 12:42 PM

Beautiful way to explain whats happening in Pakistan. I really feel sad for the couples who are in police protection. I wish they would be safe !

Posted by tanveer February 18, 09 12:43 PM

The Endarkenment gains strength. How can they justify denying education and opportunity to half of their population? Sad.

Posted by Chet February 18, 09 12:44 PM

Beautiful photography. Compelling view into another world.

Posted by andrew February 18, 09 12:55 PM

Love the Burberry scarf in #30!

Posted by JR February 18, 09 01:06 PM

what are those two things in the air in the picture with the cricket game?

Posted by Adam February 18, 09 01:12 PM

#4 is fabulous. SHEEPIES!

Posted by Liz February 18, 09 01:15 PM

I have never been so happy to live in a Western Democracy. Thank you French Enlightenment. Thank you Thomas Jefferson. Thank you rational thought. Thank you Gloria Steinham. Thank you Hugh Hefner.
These pictures are what happens when the wall between religion and government falls.

Posted by thankful February 18, 09 01:27 PM

Photo #28, just proves again how backward the world is in some places. To kill people because they fell in love? The sad part you will hear stories like this almost every week. It makes you want to be on another planet and be not part of the human race.

Posted by Bill February 18, 09 01:29 PM

These photos give faces and atmosphre to Dexter Filkins' The Forever War. Particularly the part that's based on Afganistan dealing a similar situation that Pakistan.

Still #8 is my favorite. Keep on posting!

Posted by Mika Marttila February 18, 09 01:35 PM

Beautiful pictures!

Posted by Ryan February 18, 09 01:44 PM


Posted by MarketGarden February 18, 09 01:49 PM

Amazing series, some of these are pure gold. There is something about #6, it's just fantastic.

Posted by Frederik February 18, 09 01:51 PM

Please, God comeover and takeover this world. As soon as possible.

Posted by BT February 18, 09 02:04 PM

Hey, here's an idea, guy in photo #37: Don't flagellate yourself with knives!

Posted by SP February 18, 09 02:20 PM

if they got rid of their superstitions known as religion, that area of the world would be far better off.

Posted by ron February 18, 09 02:46 PM

Adam, those things in #3 flying in the air are called bails. One bail will rest on two wickets, thus there are two bails shared between three wickets. The bails are very sensitive to any motion coming from the wicket. So if a bail fails off, you know the wicket was touched by the ball. Further if a batsmen accidentally touches his bat against the wicket and the bail comes off he is out.

In this case the ball hit the wickets really hard and the bails went flying.

Posted by omer February 18, 09 02:53 PM

ron, every area of the world would be better off if they got rid of their superstitions known as religion.

Posted by Rick February 18, 09 03:30 PM

Great pictures - I appreciate your work! Small type in the description of the first picture. I belive "waits to for" should be "waits for"?

Posted by Brad February 18, 09 03:52 PM

you have an awesome work!, really!

Posted by Omar February 18, 09 04:24 PM

#40 the best pic!

regards, Carlo.

Posted by Anonymous February 18, 09 04:26 PM

Awesome photos. There is always a great work shown here!


Posted by tArKi February 18, 09 04:36 PM

This is one of the saddest sets I've seen here. Although it can be said of anywhere, Pakistan is home to very lovely women. Rapturously beautiful eyes on #2.

Posted by Chris February 18, 09 04:46 PM

#2 was hot :P

Posted by Me February 18, 09 05:23 PM

Being a Pakistani it's great to hear nice responses from people all over the world. I feel sad for the couple in picture #28 too, it seems that all these photographs were all taken in NWFP, except one which was taken in Lahore, Punjab. People all over Pakistan hate these tribal clashes and useless honor killings, it is just that the people in rural areas are uneducated.

Pakistan is a frinkin' nice place to live in, but these tensions and problems in NWFP province is the reason why some foreigners tend to stay away from visiting Pakistan.

And yes Chris, there are beautiful people with beautiful eyes all over Pakistan. :)

Posted by Nakodari February 18, 09 05:31 PM

Thank you.

Posted by Krzysztof February 18, 09 05:40 PM

#23 is absolutely great! Love the bike :)

Posted by Lauren February 18, 09 06:16 PM

Me quito el sombrero con las fotos de nuestro paisano Emilio.
Fantastic photos of our compatriot Morenatti great photographer!!

Posted by Dani February 18, 09 06:22 PM

Amazing photography. Just amazing.
Its a pity that the heaven that northern Pakistan is (including Swat valley) has become too dangerous for its own local residents, let alone tourists from the rest of Pakistan or even abroad.
I'm a Pakistani and I agree with post # 22.

Posted by Karachian February 18, 09 06:43 PM

I have never visited Pakistan, but recently I Have been using some of my free time to look at some pictures of the peoples' of Pakistan and their nation. From the pictures the conclusion I draw is that the nation is exceptionally beautiful. Like every other nation, everyone has situations and problems, but this can be resolved quickly if people just listen to one another and work together. We all need to replace bad practises for good ones. For example, I am from Palestine and the Holy Land is a beautiful place, but the Palestinian people are always chopping and taring trees to make room for land. This is not a good thing.

Posted by Amin SZ February 18, 09 07:57 PM

Very moving pictures. 7 and 11 are my favorites. It is a sad situation

Posted by kelsey February 18, 09 08:16 PM

As for the Married Couple, i would like to point out that this is a sad tribal cultural issue, where ignorant people are more concerned with the Metaphorical Status known "Honour".

This has nothing to do with Religion, and in fact, it contradicts their Religion, where the parents should conciliate and do what's best for the couple, instead of doing what's best for their "Honour".

Just thought i'd point that out.


Posted by Mab February 18, 09 08:17 PM

I vote for #1. Artistically it is a contrast of brown and white and the deep wrinkles and expression give it depth. Beautiful pic and yet .....

Posted by troyerboy February 18, 09 08:22 PM

My first question, too, was "what the schplük are those two rouleaux à pâtisserie miniatures flying in the middle of a cricket game ?". So thanks to comment #23, I'll be smarter when I die.
I agree with comment #24, too. And I love photo #11, they look like my son. These pictures may help us understand a part of the reality. But just a part. Pictures are not the best way to meet people. Pictures are not people.

And don't forget we also have our talibans at home.

Posted by Martin February 18, 09 08:36 PM


Posted by RA February 18, 09 11:00 PM

#38 reminds me award winning photo...good work.

Posted by Mahesh February 18, 09 11:12 PM

Very beautiful pictures! Thank you!

Posted by Brandon Evershed February 18, 09 11:41 PM

#11 - the innocence and faith of children are cross-cultural. Awesome, awesome pictures.

Posted by Gaurav February 19, 09 12:03 AM

Excellent portrayal of Pakistan's cultural dimensions

Posted by Noor February 19, 09 12:21 AM

Great, heart-breaking pictures. Thanks for helping us see what's happening.

Posted by Cassandra February 19, 09 01:25 AM

Pictures are voice of time ! no one can pause it !
They speak for the voiceless.

Posted by sarun February 19, 09 01:27 AM

#39 intrigues me.
Do Pakistani Christians pray with their hands held out palm upwards like that ?
I always assumed that was a Muslim thing. Perhaps its an Arab thing ?

Posted by pj February 19, 09 02:23 AM

Absolutely WONDERFUL work! I look at every photo posted here no matter if the subject interests me or not. #23 is phenomenal ! Give all your photographers raises! they deserve it!

Posted by Thomas February 19, 09 02:45 AM

#36 flagellation with knives leads to #37 seeking treatment for flagellation with knives.
Nice juxtaposition.

Posted by Haraffi February 19, 09 02:53 AM

Cheyla, thanks for these remarkable photos. And -- I think -- for the horrifying news. Is this what the Afghan women are in for if the US troops and Karzai negotiate with the Taliban?
Hey Amber, I'd love to hear any comments you have to make about the situation.

Posted by Ginny NiCarthy February 19, 09 03:01 AM

you only make comment about the scenes and people
you european and american people you made this people this poor
you people!!! he is not your son playing in the street naked
you people!!! she is not your doughter under those clothes
Im really about to cry because our people grow up like those kids but luckily in better life standarts without bombs in daily life.
And one day one guy stands alone to say "You know killing peolpe better than everyone" and everyone shuts up.Those wounded people admires him.Why?Think about it

Posted by Ahmet February 19, 09 03:30 AM

#11 is my favourite. The kids are just too cute.

I feel very sorry for the couple. They look so beautiful together. Their eyes show that they want to live their life together. I hope their wishes are fulfilled.

Posted by RPK February 19, 09 04:03 AM

speechless on #38

Posted by lufiahs February 19, 09 04:16 AM

these pictures make me want to weep! what a wonderful country we have and what amazing people but where are we headed? what can we do to defend our way of life?

Posted by Aban Haq February 19, 09 04:33 AM

We all know what's happening around us but have become so immune to it that its sad.

Posted by Anonymous February 19, 09 05:02 AM

Other planet? "Bigfinepictures" Thank you !

Posted by michael February 19, 09 05:14 AM

As a Pakistani living abroad, I feel saddened by what the clerics have done to my country. Because of them, my children may never know the beauty of its landscape, the generosity of its people and the sense of community we once shared. Take away the fanaticism and you have a land that God created with special care. Pakistan Paindabad (May Pakistan live forever),

Posted by Rabia February 19, 09 05:30 AM

Beautiful pictures.

It must be noted though, that the North West Frontier Province (quite the 'enfant terrible' in the media and otherwise these days) was a relatively calm region of the country until the US Invasion of Afghanistan. There is now a concerted effort of radicalising the rural populace and undermining the Governments writ in the region through the 'Taliban' movement. These mercenaries are paid (around 16,000 Pak Rs (200 USD) per month) to disrupt the normal lives of the people and spread terror under the pretext of Sharia and establishing an Islamic State. Dozens of conspiracy theories can be found circulating on the intent and motivations of their backers but one thing is clear - they want to destabilize the Pakistani state, making it easy for the West to come in and dismantle Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

Posted by Khyberian February 19, 09 06:14 AM

Simplesmente lindo!!!

Simply beautiful!!!

Posted by Leonardo Zancheta Vieira February 19, 09 06:17 AM

#39. God bless them. Christ reigns.

Posted by Larry Huffman February 19, 09 06:59 AM

beautifu! the fotos reflect a lot about pros an' cons of Pakistan.

Posted by Asim Akram February 19, 09 07:01 AM

Spare the children from this madness :(

Posted by Basu February 19, 09 07:09 AM

It is a sad reflection on the very nation (Pak) and its policies. To trouble India, they created one Frankenstein monster called Lashker-e-Thayyaba on the eastern part of their own land... And to trouble Russia in Afghanistan (to score some brownie points from their US bosses... yes, till now US was ruling Pak) they created another Frankenstein monster called Taliban in the western part of their land.
Now, one monster is threatening to take over them... and soon the eastern monster too will join hands with them and turn the entire country into a graveyard (see # 21 & 22)
Because of its lopsided policies, Pak now has to kill majority of its own people to protect peace for a few. Else, this land (which is already earned the status of epicenter of world terrorism and world HQ of Terrorism) will be a real and immediate threat to the world peace... In which case either UNO or NATO or other countries may erase it from the world map..... Amen

Posted by Amen February 19, 09 07:47 AM

A reply to comment 64 .. is it also not sad that Indian spy agencies ferment violence in the tribal areas of Pakistan ?
Regarding the pics .. they are stunning and compelling .. thank you so much for having the courage to visit these areas and bring these images to the rest of the world.

Posted by Mo February 19, 09 08:22 AM

@ comment 14: Then why does every US president have to be sworn in with his hand on a bible? And why does the US currency say: `In God we trust'? And I remember Bush Sr. stating that atheists should not be considered citizens? Sounds like a nice 'n unhealthy mix of religion and politics.. :s

Posted by God bless america? February 19, 09 08:31 AM

Beautiful pictures. And extremely sad, for once I wish if I could only cry. One should realize that these are all people, no matter how you label them ignorant, poor, miserable, fanatics... these are all living people. And I would strongly disagree with those who take refuge in blaming religion only, these are the effects of how imperial powers have screwed with third world countries for their capitalistic gains. And yes, they have used the opium pretty well.

Bringing peace to your home at the expense of others doesn't make you any less barbaric.

Posted by Jareer February 19, 09 09:04 AM

Amen I think you are profoundly ill-informed...Pakistan did not create the Taliban, it was a joint US-Saudi effort who provided funds and arms to the ISI to train these people who were at that time hailed as "freedom fighters" and "terrorists" by the soviets...after Pakistan helped the US win the cold war and the soviet union collapsed, the US in typical fashion had no interest in the region and left, leaving hundreds of thousands of afghan refugees as well as stateless "taliban" for pakistan to look after. Ironically, today the U.S. is fighting the very people who helped then rid of the world of evil communism.

Posted by john February 19, 09 09:55 AM





Posted by SATYAJEET February 19, 09 11:07 AM

In reply to Post #69, satyajeet, do you feel the same way about the evil caste system in hindu dominated india, the savage treatment of muslims in india, as well as the infiltration of hindu terrorists in the indian armed forces? Perhaps your notion of progression is the bollywood films you watch day and night, when the reality is that there is more poverty in india than anywhere else in the world albeit africa, so maybe tell your government to "MAKE YOUR PEOPLE HAPPY RATHER THAN MAKING WORRIES FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD"

Posted by john February 19, 09 11:23 AM

i lovee these pics......keep takin them!!!!!

Posted by brielle mayotte February 19, 09 11:30 AM

Satyajeet, If you compare where Pakistan and India stood in 1947 at the time of independence Pakistan has made ten times more progress in every field compare to India. In 1947 Pakistan had no infrastructure, no industries nothing.
Your letter shows typical Indian mentally "Do not leave any oppurtunity to portray Pakistan in bad Picture". There is a saying People living in glass houses should not throw stones om others.

Posted by M.Shahid Kamal February 19, 09 11:48 AM

#11 is an amazing pic of laughter, innocence and the joys of childhood. Will not be long before these little girls are ensconced in black burkhas with just their eyes showing! so sad... just look at the innocence and the beauty in their eyes!

Posted by chins February 19, 09 12:01 PM


Posted by SATYAJEET February 19, 09 12:14 PM

Great pictures. Each and every picture opens a window to a vista. Keep up the good work.

Posted by JRT February 19, 09 12:23 PM

in response to #74: Satyajeet: please turn your caps lock off!!!! have you noticed the other comments in this section? they read much better... because they are typed in small case, except where necessary. No need to shout out your points. thanks.... [a fellow desi who agrees with a lot of what you said in #74... except your style is jarring]...

Posted by chins February 19, 09 12:35 PM




Posted by SATYAJEET February 19, 09 12:38 PM

a happy pic for the moment, sad if you think of them in 10 years, married to a 60 year old man, having 6 kids, living in poverty and not having a chance to laugh again...

Posted by negar February 19, 09 12:50 PM

#13 dynamic pic, love it!

Posted by Hemaka February 19, 09 01:04 PM

Muito bom...

Posted by Norberto February 19, 09 01:08 PM

I read Three Cups of Tea last month, and it's sad to think that it might be some of the schools that Greg Mortenson helped build that are now being destroyed by the Taliban.

I feel that if there were a God in this world, it would be easier for one man to do good and change the world, than it is for one man to do evil and change the world.

Sadly, it is proved over and over that it is so much easier to destroy.

Posted by Matt February 19, 09 01:13 PM

I like the pictures in that link but unfortunately they have focused a little more on the extremism, killing, violence, dead bodies etc.
Not saying that they intentionally did it. They have good amount of 'normal' pictures but one violent picture is much stronger then 3 normal pictures and this collection has quite a few violent pictures.

The situation in Pakistan is NOT as bad as we may think sitting outside of Pakistan. Sitting and reading about it in the U.S, we think pakistan is blowing apart. It may be, but not to the extent we beleive the papers, news etc.
I was there in December and I can vouch for it.

Posted by AJ February 19, 09 01:20 PM

why would ( on 36 and 37 ) someone do that to himself ? is it to pay for sins or something else pleas tell me

Posted by Gehaktbal February 19, 09 01:50 PM

The world has made its opinion on Pakistan…maybe by reading outlandish reports like yours. India does not have more muslims than Pakistan, Pakistan is the 2nd most populous muslim country after Indonesia… A report prepared by a seven-member committee headed by Justice Rajinder Sachar has conceded that India’s Muslim minority faces appalling socioeconomic deprivation and is the victim of official neglect and frequent police harassment and violence. The indian test team has one muslim, zaheer khan. So will we be seeing low caste hindus running in the next election, alongside extremists like Bal Thackery?

Posted by john February 19, 09 01:52 PM

Beautiful pictures, but it shows how much Pakistan is a country that seems to be on the verge of larger civil strife. Hopefully the strife will not engulf the entire country possibly allowing the radical militants in control of the nuclear weapons. Bush had the chance to overtake the Taliban and Bin Laden in Afghanistan before they slipped into Peshawar, Pakistan, but instead wanted to pull the troops out to Iraq. Now the tribes are even more closely aligned with Bin Laden and his radical agendas.

Posted by Steven in Rochester February 19, 09 01:53 PM


Posted by IRFAN February 19, 09 02:47 PM

* Peace through Superior Firepower *

Posted by Tim6119 February 19, 09 03:31 PM

hey john,
1. the problem with Pakistan is people like you. rather than thinking about making Pakistan better, they are after making india bad. India knows its problems and is working towards them. Pakistan is sending terrorists and trying to be innocent about it. Take the recent example of 26 november 2008 and terror attacks in mumbai. ALL THE TERRORISTS WERE FROM PAKISTAN AND EVEN PAKISTAN HAS ACCEPTED IT NOW.

2.can you tell me why Australia, England have canceled their cricket tours to Pakistan and agrred to play somewhere ouside?

3. Indian cricket team has Zaheer khan, irfan pathan, yusuf pathan & munaf patel


Posted by SATYAJEET February 19, 09 04:05 PM

You people don't get it...this isn't just art or a good picture...Its people PEOPLe?

It's beautiful, yes but its people

in a way your seeing yourselfs in the picture: if you lived in that place at that time, show some compassion for yourselves, don't let the art get in the way of the real thing that matters

Posted by pagols February 19, 09 04:18 PM

Fantastic - Stunning photos of some beautiful, innocent children and people-well done. It is a shame about the typical Taliban oppression of a beautiful country which has harmed Afghanistan for so long creating sheer misery for the civilians. They are intent on stomping on fun and education and human rights. So from sheer joy at seeing such fabulous and poignant photography to sheer anger in a split second at the fact that the Taliban think they can enforce their barbaric beliefs on other people.

Posted by Lola February 19, 09 04:30 PM

Actually Satyajeet, the problem is people like you who live in your glass houses and have simplistic thoughts such as "we're good, and they're bad" . Pakistan has no admitted that all terrorists were from Pakistan, they said parts of the attack were planned in Pakistan. But what people like you laregely ignore, is the terrorists motive albeit the wrong way to solve things, was due to the atrocities committed by indian armed forces in occupied kashmir. Why don't you solve that problem, and then things like the mumbai attacks will not occur in the future. Also, tell me has india done anything about the Samjhuta express bombing, where 69 pakistanis were killed and its has been proven that Lt. Colonel Srikant Purohit of the Indian Army and a Hindu fascist group did it?

Posted by john February 19, 09 05:08 PM

It is nice to see that Pakistan has come into the American celebration of "Saint Valentine's Day"!!

Posted by Debbie Meruani February 19, 09 05:38 PM

Look what religious dogmas have done to the world.
The world will be a much better place to live without religion and its fanatics.
Great work by the photographers.
Thank you

Posted by Shailendra Vaidya February 19, 09 05:44 PM

Mr.Satyajeet, I agree with you in this much that the division of united India Was a mistake but would you like to answer me this if Muslim league or Mr. Jinnah demanded division Why did Congress accepted it????Do yo know that Nehru was the man most interested in creating Pakistan. And if the Indian leadership accepted division of India on religious basis then how and why they occupied Kashmir. They say that Mahraja Kasmiir agreed with Indian annexation which is Unfounded and even if he did why the will of people is ignored. Why did India occupy Hyderabad where Nizam choosed to remain independent . Why they occupied Junagadh where the Nawab of Junagadh decleared to join Pakistran. Inia never accepted the reality of Pakistan from day one If india had given the right of Kashmiri people to choose thier own destination thier would have been no terrorism and even after partition India and Pakisran could have lived like good neighbours.

Posted by M.Shahid Kamal February 19, 09 06:05 PM

Wow. Excellent. It shows the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the banal, the bold.

We see Pakistanis of all classes, religious persuasions, regions, and in all sorts of contexts.

There are images of death, life, love, zealotry, childhood, and old age. The rich and poor in the urban centers, average people in work or play.

Pakistan is a troubled country. But it is large. It is 160 million people.

I thank you for one of the best attempts at capturing its diversity, unvarnished. There are many 'Pakistans', in fact, and you have shown us many of them.

Posted by Jamal Abdul Raziq February 19, 09 07:09 PM

Religion is the worst could ever happend to our civilisation Be aware WESTERN and keep your values and fight against islamization

Posted by Naruq tihs February 19, 09 07:29 PM

The two things in the air are called ' bails of the wicket'.

Posted by Habib Ali Syed February 19, 09 08:09 PM

there are still a lot of aspects that they don't show.. the happy villagers who choose to live in their beautiful villages, the happy children who play around come rain or sun.. yes there is trouble in our paradise but there's still a lot of hope there.. and a whole lot of love.

Posted by nida February 19, 09 08:24 PM

Pakistan ...a DISGRACE to human kind

Posted by roger February 19, 09 10:11 PM

great peace of art you are fortunate enough to get access to all these places. as an ordinary journalist or Pakistani citizen cannot get in the police station with camera.

Posted by Diep February 19, 09 11:29 PM

Brilliant. Here are a set of truly wonderful pictures and underneath yet again, we start fighting about whether India is better or Pakistan is better.

Satyajit and john, just stop. Does it really matter which country tortures it's minorities more? Does it really matter comparing which country has achieved how much?

The people of India and Pakistan are so much alike ; we share so many things. It is the government which tries to alienate us - the radical Muslims in Pakistan which cry anti-India and the radical Hindus in India which cry "anti-Pakistan". Please let's stop getting affected by them and stop blaming each other.

From and Indian in search of peace

Posted by Angi February 20, 09 12:35 AM

These are incredible pictures. They depict different aspects of life in Pakistan very well. Pakistan is a beautiful country with many wonderful people. I know because I lived there for many years. We should be wary of stereotyping a country and its people. For example, though elopements are not common, neither are they rare. They are frowned upon and relationships break down; but, often reconciliation often happens after a period of time. And yes, extremists exist, and a percentage of people within various sectors of the country have encouraged their activities. However, as one can see from the simple statistics of Swat, the majority of the people suffer deplorably at the hands of the extremists. The extremists and their supporters are emboldened by a simplistic view of life with the aspiration to create an "Islamic" utopia. Their attempt is bound to fail, as history has repeatedly shown, while creating misery in its wake.

Posted by Pat February 20, 09 12:37 AM

I am very glad that Pakistan got independence from India. If today the states of Pakistan were part of India, it would be ungovernable and unmanageable with all the Islamic radicals running around. If Pakistan were to ever manage its vast aid resources from the west, particularly the US, it would be like Taiwan or South Korea today. Rather, its rulers are kleptocrats who have stolen the wealth and looted the treasury. Its macroeconomic situation today is in dire straits and this time the west does not have the money to bail it out. Perhaps it will anyway.

In 1947, Pakistan was in better economic shape than India, and in the last 60+ years it has succeeded to drag itself further and further down in all spheres. Politically, economically and socially.

Posted by MW February 20, 09 01:04 AM

Terrific collection..keep up the good work

Posted by military2727 February 20, 09 01:18 AM

Absolutely Right Roger... Pakistan is a sh*t hole... make life miserable of their own people along with other neighbors like afghanistan and India

Posted by fatal1ty February 20, 09 01:42 AM

really nice work....keep going!!!!!!!!

Posted by mukul February 20, 09 02:34 AM

#11 is is simply awesome!

Posted by Sohail February 20, 09 03:10 AM

Most people here are wrong when they refer to Pakistan instead of saying NWFP province. Majority of pics have been taken in NWFP province, not whole Pakistan. There is not a single picture of people from cities like Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Lahore, etc. Pakistan as a whole is a lot different then these pics. Just letting everyone know. :)

Posted by Nakodari February 20, 09 03:17 AM

Mr. Sattyajeet, can u tell me some thing about the Gujrat riots, wt i have heared that, those were state sponsered in which more than 2000 muslims were killed and Chief minster of Gujrat was the person who ordered police to help Hindu extrimists , is it true or just Pakistani terrorists were companions of Gujrat Chief Minister, or may be Gujrat Chief Minister is a Pakistani agent.
any ways i have visted Pakistan twice and India more than twice wt i have found is social setup and public attitude of pakistan and pakistani people is way better than India even i didnt see any respect for their fellow humans in india. But wt u have said is all ur love with no reality. (ur right i do agree with ur comments b/c its easest way blame others which's widely accepted without working)

Posted by SAS February 20, 09 03:38 AM

Done with spoiling Afghanistan, now Taliban is spoiling Pakistan... Beware Pakistan, u ll become another Afghan if u join hands with Taliban

Posted by JP February 20, 09 03:44 AM

My country my love. I pray God save you from all the internal and external enemies.
match the pics #11,#23,#30 and# 40 it reminds me of a kahawat in Pakistan "Bachay sanjhay hunday nay" In such a worse situation they have their own world full of love and innocence

Posted by Fizza Rizvi February 20, 09 04:24 AM

Its USA... a DISGRACE to human kind. They think of them selves as the only one on the right path and think that they can be GODS :P.

Posted by Usa Native February 20, 09 04:46 AM

Interesting comment by 'roger'. Sick comments warrant no response. Only advice to him is to find a psychiatrist and get some medication for his mental illness.

Stunning pictures, nonetheless. Some show hope while others show otherwise. Personal favourite is Pic # 13.

Posted by Afnan Ahmed February 20, 09 05:08 AM

Such great pics,
Window of what happens around the world,

Posted by Emilie February 20, 09 05:09 AM

#38 broke my heart.....

if only I could feed him, clothe him, educate him, and give him love.....

this is no terrorist... but if we neglect him and treat his country the way it has been treated, he may one day turn out to be one.....

Posted by HT February 20, 09 05:29 AM

1, 11, 16, 26, 30, 33 and 38...These pictures say so much and are so beautiful.

Posted by Elizabeth Taylor February 20, 09 07:03 AM

number 38 broke my heart too.

i have seen a lot such kids in India and always thought, no one goes without clothes in Pakistan. I guess I was wrong.

Posted by Tina February 20, 09 07:26 AM

wow! amazing photography.........
love the facial expressions & the focus.

Posted by Saad February 20, 09 07:27 AM

Breath taking pictures - captures so much of the beauty, the joy and tragedy of my country!

Posted by Mirwaiz February 20, 09 08:03 AM

Wonderful collection! Amazing photos! Inspiring!

Posted by Nauman Malik February 20, 09 08:22 AM

Pra ver de como os homens estão matando a si próprios, enquanto vemos na matéria anterior a nasa gastando milhões de dólares com experiências que não se sabe onde vão levar, do outro lado do planeta pessoas vivem numa vida desumana, ficando a mercê de políticos, e mercenários que não medem as conseqüências, para seu beneficio próprio.

Posted by marcospazinato February 20, 09 08:40 AM

Wow... the difference between #11 and #38. What will these children become. Do they even have any options.

Posted by Julia February 20, 09 09:28 AM

Number 11 is great. There is hope for a peaceful world, with no differences.

Posted by William February 20, 09 09:37 AM

awesome stuff.

Posted by stuart mckenna February 20, 09 10:12 AM

Our family met a man from Afghanistan in a refugee camp last year.His family is still in a refugee camp in Pakistan (he escaped there from his father beating him and attempting to kill him for converting to Christianity). I couldn't help but stare at those pictures of children in the refugee camp and wonder if they were his. Real people. Real fears and desires. And yes, I want you to know that I understand the pictures you collected are from a certain area of Pakistan in response to the decision made about Sharia law in the Swat Valley. I don't know why people get so confused or make such silly comments.

Just wanted you to know that some people "get" it.

Posted by michele February 20, 09 10:19 AM

Haha - #30 is wearing a Burberry Scarf.

Posted by Joshua February 20, 09 10:39 AM

Picture #11-awesome!!

Posted by Sujee February 20, 09 10:39 AM

All wonderful Pictures as usual

#15 - she is beautiful - who is she?

Posted by mathieu John February 20, 09 10:45 AM

The only thing of import to you is the Burberry Scarf? unlike you someone must have donated it to Salvation Army......

Posted by Yousaf Hyat February 20, 09 11:36 AM

I am from India and these pictures gives me a whole new perspective of Pakistan.
Really nice photos.
We Indians are usually brainwashed that pakistan is a full of terrorists and pakistanis are brainwashed that Indians create trouble for pakistanis.
I hope that the enemity between the 2 counties will finally end.
I feel sorry for the couple at picture 28. I just hate people who make life hell for others who dare to be different.
I fell the practice at pic 36 should be abolished. I am not a muslim , but muslim leaders claiming music , films are aginst their culture is laughable.

Posted by some Indian guy February 20, 09 11:45 AM


A model from the city of Lahore. Fashion is overrated in Pakistan... I mean there is fashion in every city these days and get very high publicity.

Posted by Nakodari February 20, 09 11:46 AM

Haha - Easier there Yousaf. Don't go getting your turban in a knot!

Posted by Joshua February 20, 09 12:07 PM

Most of the pictures depict a negative impression, which is not the case. There are many people among 160 million who do laugh, dance and enjoy their lives... where are they?

Posted by Waseem Sindhu February 20, 09 12:40 PM

#15 - beauty

Posted by Higgins February 20, 09 12:44 PM

The little kids in #11 make my heart melt. There's nothing more disarming than the smile of a child.

Posted by Mosez February 20, 09 12:45 PM

oh realy nice , amazing , this is reality , those who live outside the country , the are representative of pakistan , they should show real image of pakistan

Posted by kanwal sindhi February 20, 09 02:03 PM

The photographs have their place and have an element of exoticness, which appeals to a western observer however all you see doom, destruction and Taliban. There is much more to that country then what your lens has captured. The problem is that people at large will form opinoins based on a keyhole view of a very complex vibrant part of the planet.

Posted by Ali Shahid February 20, 09 02:57 PM

Listen to me everyone, I have come to reliaze something what a ordinary person wants from his/her life, it's simple die peacefully live peacefully. Ask any one do they want to fight answer will be no if thier existence isn't being threatened. I have traveled around world and People Pakistan and People In USA are 90% same they will react same in similar situtaions.
I humbly request from all United State Citizens Please stop Interfering with other people bussinesses. Americans took freedom from england because they were interfering with their business but when they got freedom they mess with everyone.
America has noticably supported dictatorship in many countries, such as philiphines, vetnam, somalia, cuba, pakistan and other small nations has been a victim of ruthless power. As world's most successful democracy you would think it will support democracy else where but doesn't. People in america just don't care what their country does unless money isn't taken from their pockets. However Media also has one portion of blame to share. It's not like people are ruthless they just don't reliaze truth. My last message will be that people around the world share same dream and needs

Posted by Umer February 20, 09 03:37 PM

God warns against debt, charging interest, insurance, seeking after riches, honor and glory. The women are to be keepers at home; the whole family and community structure falls apart when the women go to work outside the home; that is how important God made their position. Many of these people are striving to avoid our errors; we should recognize the deterioration of our culture and understand why they fight against us. A holy war should be fought with holy words, not guns and bombs.

When we want things God's ways, it will be easy to bring peace according to "It is written in your holy books". The primary message of the Qur'an is to worship God and follow the whole Bible. Jesus said to live by EVERY word of God. That is agreement. We are going the wrong way,
The goal is not employment; that has created the world problems including war. The goal is a garden paradise lifestyle; choose trees, plants and animals that give fresh food around us. That is true security and peace. When we want that, we will see that we caused many of the problems in the world today. Only those who fight for God's ways will ultimately win.

Posted by Marie Devine February 20, 09 03:39 PM

For Indian Critics,
Watch BBC News today where they are showing the slums of Mumbai as prelude to the film Slum Dog and see what India is still today in spite of producing a bunch of richest people in the world.

For Alan Taylor,
How about scenes from 'Guantanamo' past and present

Posted by farooqi February 20, 09 04:40 PM

This set is well above your very high standard. The subtle editing displays the very extreme edges of a dangerously divergent culture(s) that is trying to be a single country.

Posted by Brian February 20, 09 04:48 PM

Amazing how the brain is hardwired to ignore the 99% of things about humans that are identical in order to obsess about the remaining 1% of difference that separate us...

Posted by Bryce M. February 20, 09 08:08 PM

This is just one of the many examples of border making by white men who had little business doing so. Colonialism is a bitch and the conflicts we have today can be directly linked to the imperialistic resource grabbing that created our "civilization" in the 19th century. There is such a thing as the irreconcilability of ideas and forcing western principles on anyone who doesn't want or need them will solve very little. No one culture holds superiority over another. Each can be learned from. This rant has become longer than it should have.

Posted by white man February 20, 09 08:32 PM

What an eye opener. We have NO idea of what america hasn't had to deal with.

Posted by juanitawilder February 20, 09 08:52 PM

Sad... yet in a strange way, Beautiful.

I'm an Indian(not that it should matter but...) and I just want to say that what has happened has happened. It isn't 1947 and absolutely nothing we do now is going to change all that bloodshed(India AND Pakistan). And I agree... religion IS the culprit. I'm not saying don't believe in yer religion, religion is something that's personal but leave yer religion at home... there's no reason for religion to exist outside our prayer room in our home. what's the point in taking revenge? No amount of revenge or retribution is going to bring back the dead or heal the wounded. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Americans, Israelis, Pakistanis... whatever... bottom line is we're all human beings and that's all that matters. As hard (or even stupid considering what all the victims go through) as this may sound, Forgive and Forget.


Posted by azaadpanchee February 20, 09 09:47 PM

May God bless our country Pakistan, what is going on during last many decades in Pakistan it is just because of wrong foreign policy adopted by General Zia( late Dictator) and his followers.

Posted by Gulu February 20, 09 11:13 PM

The lighting of oil lamps during the festival of Muslim Saint Data Ganj Baksh in Lahore seems to be a very Hindu ritual, it appears Lahorites wish to keep their pre independence traditions of celebrating festivals befitting a secular soiciety.
My heart goes to People of Pakistan who have become victims of international politics starting with cold war which saw Pakistani politicians of all hues towing a line of blind hatred towards India divering valuable resources for a creation of military state neglecting economic growth and development. India though which has not solved all problems related to poverty enjoys a place of pride in the democratic world and is on the way to prosperity for all its people.

Posted by Mumbaiwala February 20, 09 11:20 PM

Amazing pictures! Just amazing! Although I do agree the pictures are showing Pakistan to be a bit more harsh than it is.
I guess the situation in Swat area might have been like that, but there is a lot more to Pakistan these pictures could have shown.
None the less, I liked them. Esp the picture with the couple.

I miss Pakistan now, and pray the situation there gets better. : (

Posted by MBJ February 20, 09 11:33 PM

As a pakistani I am glad to see that my country is of so much interest to the western world. These pictures are beautiful and sad at the same time. However they are not Pakistan in its entirety. This is a difficult time for Pakistan and its people. However we are resilient. This is Pakistan's problem and we as a nation have to fight it. Only if the rest of the world would understand that Taliban's were not created in a day. Nor were they solely created by Pakistan. This problem has been created by 20+ years of war and disruption in this region. And bad global policies to which sadly my beautiful country has finally succumbed to. But we will fight on there is still a lot of fight left in every man woman and child. Pakistanis this is a time for unity and pride. We need to stop our nation from suffering the brunt of bad politics and politicians who have tormented our nation for 6 decades. Rise!

Posted by Amber February 21, 09 12:18 AM

Being well adjusted to a sick society is no indication of good health.

Posted by Martino Cuevas February 21, 09 03:12 AM

@70 Now what makes you think there is poverty in India... PTV I bet.... Terrioists in Indian army... dude this is India not Pak, we don't need to hire terrorist to do our job, You what I mean don't you.... I hope you guys do live under sharia... thats the best you can deserve.....
@72 Now when did PAK progress...hmmm yeah I get it now you do have more terrorist camp and bravo you have the new al-Quaida headquarters in Geneva...errrr Karachi
@103 Pakistan was never better in economic conditions dude..... try reading a little, let me suggest Freedom at midnight(neutral opinion /writer).
@139. God never warns or threatens man, it's humans who do, God doesn't need to threat or scare(It's God... after all), people misuse their opportunity, and write what they please(Their opinion) and force others to obey... question their authority..... no book can tell you what to do..

Posted by Hind February 21, 09 06:27 AM

WOW. Fantastic photography. To be there would be to have that whole world tattooed on your spirit forever. What a soul seaching experience. Once we have experienced the totally different lives to our own we can never forget. Thanks for reminding me.

Posted by Dianne February 21, 09 07:03 AM

Religion is evil and always will be. It removes the common sense of all human beings. GOD, if there is one that actually cares if we exist has never need to start a war, end a war or told anyone anything. Everything that is "god's word" is really just some "MAN" trying to be god.

Freedom to let other be, is the one freedom that most religions will not tolerate.

Examine your religion closely, it will certainly be intolerant to anything but itself.

If only people would focus on "letting people be", most evil in the world would end.

Posted by Glenn Sekse February 21, 09 09:30 AM

Again, I just really wish people understood that you weren't trying to portray all of Pakistan ... merely a certain part of Pakistan that is dealing with certain issues. You pull together great work and this is one of my favorite sites.

Posted by michele February 21, 09 09:55 AM

low-down of a country called pakistan

Posted by blackv7 February 21, 09 10:02 AM

As a Pakistani I can say that the intelligentsia and media of my country are currently suffering from intellectual bankruptcy and a state of self denial. Mumbai carnage was senseless and evidently perpetrated by brainwashed extremists from my country. Likeminded compatriots hope for sanity to prevail and good relations to be fostered with India. On a people-to-people level there is cordiality amongst the overseas residents living and working together in Middle East, Europe, Asia and Pacific. InshAllah peace will be the ultimate victor

Posted by M. Salim February 21, 09 10:35 AM

terrible..... human lives wasted ... is there hope?.. what can we do to make this better?

Posted by shereena February 21, 09 11:29 AM

So dancing, singing, and movies are evil, but smoking hash and killing your own family members is devout? I must be one of those close-minded, unenlightened infidels to not see the wisdom in this.

May those who seek peace in Pakistan for all religions and neighbors overcome this wickedness.

Posted by Tim February 21, 09 11:38 AM

beautiful pictures. and quite a "big picture" indeed, however, i'd like to point out that this is not the "full picture".
focus of the media is always unfortunately on unrest, violence and crime, this dampens the spirit and makes even those of us who live in pakistan feel gloomy and hopeless. and so it's an effort reminding ourselves that though we may not be going through the best of times right now, we have a lot to be proud of.
how about highlighting the "good" for a change, help us feel inspired and help us feel some civic pride and responsibility. focus on say.. someone like abdul sattar edhi?? what does it say for a media or the world if they give more attention to evildoings of persons like laden, who everyone know internationally. but barely anyone outside pakistan even know of the existence of persons like edhi. and he is just one such example.
best regards.

Posted by Mehreen F Khan February 21, 09 11:58 AM

For 83. It is a sort of mourning for a very tragic event that happened early in Islamic history.

Posted by kakaballi February 21, 09 01:28 PM

Most of these pics have been taken from the cities and villages in Pakistan along with the border of Afghanistan. This is not what Pakistan really looks like, as Pakistan doesn't have only cities like Peshawar and Swat. I go to Pakistan almost every year and get to see millions of smiling faces, boys and girls going to school, people going to work, new developments etc in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, Pindi, Hydrabad, Murre, etc etc. Sure there are trouble in few Pakistani cities near Afghanistan, but these pictures are NOT WHAT YOU GUYS ENTIRELY THINK OF PAKISTAN! I would request Boston to go to other cities and try to snap pictures which represent Pakistan more positively than negatively....every country has some sort of problem, so better portray brighter side or mixture of both sides.

Posted by Danish Kai February 21, 09 04:30 PM

Here we wrere supposed to talk about Pakistan's pro and cons good and bad aspects, but where ever an indian will post comment we can not focus anthing else except hatered thats what u r doing Satyajeet.

Posted by Karen February 22, 09 01:12 AM

It would only be fair to clarify to your western audience (and some ignorant over exuberant "friends" across the border) that these images are not representative of Pakistan, instead they are pictures of a small part of Pakistan. This is a bad photo journalism Mr. Taylor, but good photography... all credit to the photographer Mr. Morenatti for taking some fantastic shots, although I would suggest he takes a couple of happy pills so his photographs can focus on slightly more positive things... but then again that wont sell... or attract so many reader comments (including myself). So... well done! Pat yourself on the back for this piece and go take pictures in the most right wing backward parts of Alabama, N. Carolina and of gang violence in LA and tell the world they represent the US.

These piece should not be misunderstood as trying to highlight the suffering of people, instead its an exploitation of their suffering and a gross misrepresentation of Pakistan. Alan Taylor is just another sensationalist who is wasting his time at a real newspaper. He should be working for a supermarket tabloid...

Posted by A Ozair February 22, 09 01:20 AM

Dear Tim/No.158

I found your comment to unfair and reflective of a lot of prejudice.

I'm aware that your comment shouldn't perhaps be taken literally. However, I'd like to clarify a few thing. For starters, dancing, singing and movies are as much a part of the life of a common urban Pakistani as of citizens of most other third world countries. Nightclubs may only be available to the upper class, but the mainstream population has other avenues. Conservative elements may not always indulge, but society on the whole is not fanatic or extreme. We have various forms of music, dance, art, etc. Our film industry is weak and unsuccessful but our television industry is thriving. It may not always be considered the most prestigious vocation to be a singer or a dancer in certain communities, but on the whole, our singers and dancers are revered. We have our share of rockstars and traditional singers. Our weddings are all about music and dance, with atleast a couple of wedding functions dedicated to just those activities. Our folk songs and sufi renditions, and our poetry, in both Urdu and some regional languages are legendary, and are very regularly borrowed and adapted by Bollywood etc.

In contrast, hashish and the killing of family members is NOT an everyday happening, although I'd be lying if I said it does not exist/happen. We are plagued by crime as much as any other overpopulated country, I am sure your country has its share of negative elements that don't necessarily represent your entire society.

"Devout" followers of the "Sufi" adaptation of Islam do often smoke hashish at shrines etc. Although drugs and intoxication are generally frowned upon in Islam, the activity does usually go unchecked. Needless to say it isn't condoned by "devout" Muslims. You may find it interesting to know that most Sufi ideals are very different from mainstream Islam, they sort of represent a more "hippy" culture, focus on peace etc. It is their focus on peace that allows for their existence but in most other aspects they aren't really representative of the mainstream community.

Like i said in my earlier post, none of this represents the "full picture". You would be amazed at the number of varied facets that this country consists of. Culture and practices vary depending on ethnicity (there are tonnes of ethnic communities within Pakistan), social class, communities, families, and so many other aspects. It varies, not just from state to state, or city to city but even street to street, and home to home!

Your comment speaks volumes about your ignorance. This is something you share with misled fanatics who appear to be representing us in the Media. They have a selective vision and prejudice similar to your's which helps perpetrate hate and resentment amongst the world community. There is hardly any difference between people like them and people like you.

Posted by Mehreen February 22, 09 04:23 AM

I would just like to thank the photo journalists. To see how the other half lives is important for me. I already know how the happy, comfortable people live. May God Bless all those who suffer.

Posted by wendy February 22, 09 07:10 AM


Posted by MANUBHAI February 22, 09 10:04 AM

All these pictures reveals 1 thing.......
y r v crying for PALESTINIANS....., Y are we blaming ISRAEL..............
wt a common man is suffering from in PAKISTAN..........
there iz no future of PAKISTAN.........
its so sad whn u c such things happening in PAKISTAN and THEN we blame ISRAEL AND AMERICA..........
Are u aware that the no of people being killed, slaughtered, shot dead, only in FRONTIER province in PAKISTAN including Army Personnel is way ahead thn being killed in PALESTINE......

Posted by haider February 22, 09 11:57 AM

Being a Pakistani, being an exapt in Australia, being a photographer, ah I have no words to put here. I am happy, I am sad, I enjoyed, I suffered.

Posted by Faisal February 22, 09 12:52 PM

The pictures are striking, convincing me that we should bring our troops home and use them for tending to our needs, right here in our own back yards.

Posted by Charles L. Butler February 22, 09 03:08 PM

Hey you know what is really funny and sad at the same time? Both INDIA and PAKISTAN are facing similar problems. Both are being harassed by so-called "muslim" extremists. Instead of blaming each other and playing cheap politics why don't we all work together? I'm an Indian and I was very much angered by the Mumbai Terror Attacks (my hometown is Mumbai and I have a lot of family there). And my initial reaction was one of anger towards Pakistan but then I realized that we are both sharing the same problems. And that problem is...the government of both India AND Pakistan are using the innocent people as shields and blaming each other when there is no solution ot the problem in that way. How about both the countires join hands and work together to eradicate this problem? we all blame muslims for all the problems but lets not forget that both India and Pakistan have a VERY LARGE MUSLIM POPULATION ( don't assume im taking sides here because im a devout hindu myself. and what being a hindu means is being TOLERANT and accepting that other religions are JUST as good as yours). PLEASEEEE IM BEGGINGGGG. Lets holdd hands and do something bout this instead of being childish and blaming each other. Pakistanis are our brothers and sisters. Don't let them down. And the same message goes to Pakistanis...Indians don't hate you. We are all just caught up in dirty government politics. =(

Posted by Rhea February 22, 09 06:46 PM

Response to #77. Mr. Satyjeet. How many of terrorist attacks that took place in India can you link back to Pakistan? (Don't believe your propaganda machinery). Were three of your Prime Ministers shot down with the help of Pakistan? Ajmal Kasab may be a Pakistani, but so are 40 other Pakistanis kidnapped from Nepal to implicate in such attacks planned by RAW. Why dont you bring to fore the enquiry report of the colonel who set Samjhota Express train full of Pakistanis on fire. Instead, the inspector who probed that and found colonel the main culprit was showt down in an alleged 'gun battle' with militants.

Posted by Tanweer February 23, 09 01:10 AM

just shut up and stop comparing india and pakistan as victims of terrorism.I am yet to see any Indian going to pakistan and blowing himself up or killing people in name of being Hindu or jew.
Pakis are reaping what they sowed. They were not islamic enough but they are getting there surely and steadily. Hindus and jews have fought Islamic marauders for thousands of years and survived. Few cowards converted and they are pakistanis. Rest fight on and will continue to do so. There has been no Hindu /Jew suicide bomber and terrorism is not a state policy of India/Israel unlike pakistan.
Pakistanis must be happy as they will finally get rid of the tag of "Just like Indians" as this was 'THE' Nazariya-e-pakistan, though most of the Pakistanis I know in US call themselves indians even for jobs, in restaurants and coffee shops( They want to be seen as intelligent and peace loving). Please continue to be islamic. best of luck

Posted by chandrabhan fnu February 23, 09 01:19 AM

Rhea, i m an indian too, but i think u r overly ignorant of both the nation's past.
Dont u remember wat happened when Vapayeeji had the historic bus trip to lahore?
Time again n again they have betrayed us and tried to screw us in every possible way.
Whether u agree with me or not, it doesnt matter but the fact is we hate them and they hate us.
Soon they will realise that they slowly are getting into the Quicksand they created for us.Look at our nation & look at their's , then thank god that u were not born there.

Posted by Kidoman February 23, 09 03:54 AM

Very upsetting...

Posted by Cati February 23, 09 04:03 AM

This is real Pakistan its clear image is shown and can improve if we send it to people but Islam should not be written negative because this country made for Sharriat Laws which is demolished by the said Jamhurriat and looted the country and peoples of Pakistan...............

Posted by Suleman February 23, 09 06:25 AM

All you should do with these pictures, is observe and let them affect you. What you shouldn't do is read "Pakistan" and start a war in the comments.

Give old feuds a rest.

Posted by Brian February 23, 09 06:49 AM

Exelentes fotografias, especialmente las de Emilio Morenatti

Posted by Jorge cruz February 23, 09 08:17 AM

I think these are the most amazing pictures i have ever seen . i Guess living outside Pakistan makes you observe things differently .
I think its my responsibility to inform people around me about Pakistan so I shared these pictures with my friend in States and all of them loved it .

Very nice .. inform me if have some more of these . thanks

Posted by Hammad Siddiqui February 23, 09 11:43 AM

why are indians posting all kinds of hate filled messages towards Pakistan? This was supposed to be a picture thread about Pakistan. It actually just goes to show how obsessed indians are with Pakistan. Its quite comical really, that you spend so much time hijacking a blog to spread your propoganda. Making a couple of bollywood films is not going to make you a superpower, nor are you going to take back Pakistan, get over it and move on. Jeez.

Posted by mike February 23, 09 12:46 PM

Beautiful pictures. Lovely people. Ugly comments. So much delusion and denial on all sides. Peace!

Posted by jtm February 23, 09 01:33 PM

The first paragraph sets the context of Sharia law coming into force in Swat and instability and violence on the Afghan border. This is what these excellent photos are about. So why keep going on about it not being the whole picture about Pakistan? How could 40 photos show a whole country? It's not the intention.
For all the Islamic apologists here, can you not understand that when those outside of Pakistan read about beheadings, school burnings, the killing of school girls, and the hunting down and murdering of those who marry without patriarchal consent they see these things as barbaric and inhumane and dread the spread of Sharia law and this perversion of religion.

Posted by Rob February 23, 09 04:40 PM

Very unfortunate for Pakistan. Pakistan was doomed from day one of its inception. I feel bad for the people.

Posted by Concerned February 23, 09 11:02 PM

Okay, the first comment i read is about how things aren't that bad in Pakistan. I have a good friend from Pakistan and as he tells me thing sure as H*** aren't good there.

Posted by P_D February 23, 09 11:24 PM

If people looked at these pictures without the context of religion or culture or country, we would all see one of two things - the amazing resiliency of the human spirit or the sadness of human suffering. The picture of the militants lying dead on the ground - despite one's objection to their beliefs they are still someone's child, brother, husband, father. So their death is sad. As is the death they may have brought to others. So, no killing is just or justified. All children deserve a chance to have a good education and a good life. All people have the right to chose how they want to live their lives without anyone else's judgement. And all of us have the responsibility to love one another.

Posted by Armeen Irani February 24, 09 01:04 AM

To 167 / Haider / everyone blaming someone else in this otherwise intersting thread.

Your display of self centred arrogance speaks volumes of a typically uncaring and frankly selfish outlook. In Haider's case (167) - What has Israel got to do with with this discussion or this set of pictures? Let me guess... will you now brand me as anti semitic for pulling you up on this? To everyone else who is pushing hate in thei thread, I bet you are now wondering where I'm from and what I beleive in. Well, tough, I won't dignify you with that answer.

The real answer is why people write this kind of thing. Heider gives a perfect demonstration of nationalistic "poor-me, he did it first" attitude that excuses greed, violence - military action especially - in the name of defence (of faith / boarders / "freedom" - you name it) that creates these circles of violence. The same reasons being quoted from both sides of the "poor me" divide.

We all have it, and we all have to rise above it, no matter how painful.

Look at some of the great leaders that really made a lasting change such as Mandela or Ghandi, do you think they would have suceeded if they had taken up arms? They brought about the end to British Raj, and the collapse of Apartheid. Think about what that means to your own situation (I'm speaking to everyone here, East and West).

Do not let rehetoric control your world view. You have a brain, given by God, if that is your will. Do not discrace it. Use it.

Posted by Matt February 24, 09 04:10 AM

The pictures show the character of a nation of some innocent , some deprived and many lovely people and many ugly faces. . One has to see what has casted the ugliness in this nation. This is the side when you tow the American line. Had Pakistan shunned off the fist full of dollars from the Americans to help them fight against the Soviet incurssions in 1979, the situation would have been very different. Pakistan fought the proxy war for the uS with not a single US marine loosing his life . Millions, fought for America, then they were the MUjahideens. After the Americans abndoned them, they were fundamentalists, and now the terrorists.
As far the Indians are concerned, let them enjoy the good weather for the time being. Once the present situation gets worst in Pakistan , it is bound to spill over in India, with out any doubt.

Posted by A.Mughal February 24, 09 04:23 AM

Always great photos here! I love no. 14. great shot!

Posted by jester February 24, 09 12:30 PM

Nobody has the desire to kill Indians. It is the occupation that has been the bone of contention, since 1947.
Civilians have been under occupation & oppression for a long time.
(As a matter of principle two wrongs to make it right also because it does not change the reality)
Indians army has killed more than 100,000 Muslim civilians in Kashmir, so far. This is the truth, ground reality hard to avoid or ignore or dismiss, because it does denying it does not change the ground reality.

Pakistanis are only interested in doing bad to India.
It is not true.

Posted by cantonian February 24, 09 03:22 PM

I am concerned about the photo of the married couple hiding behind bars to avert getting killed by their relatives.
I hope somebody helps them out, convince their relatives to forgive them and, accept them because they are married & love each other & bless them.

Posted by cantonian February 24, 09 03:33 PM

I know that pakistan is not doing great but however pictures shown here depict only part of pakistan which is about 10-15 percent of Pakistan

Posted by Awais Sultan February 24, 09 11:57 PM

I second Angi's comment on line 101 and many others who share the same sentiment. We might change the direction of things if we can gather some more folks with the same views.

We need to stop feeding the hatred. Some people fail to realize that every small gesture or word counts towards building either love or hartred. Whether it's a comment or a bomb - hatred breeds hatred!

Posted by Stumbler February 25, 09 01:05 AM

look athe carefree boy in pic #38. Who cares!

Posted by anurag khanna February 25, 09 03:54 AM

These are fantastic pictures however I think Pakistan based photographers like Ali Khurshid (chosen as one of Time Magazine's people of the year in 2006) project a really balanced view of what Pakistan really feels like.

Posted by Syed Hasan Shahzad February 25, 09 08:06 AM

These images are so depressing. I don't deny that terrorism in Pakistan has wreaked much havoc, but there is also 'life' and happiness and good things in the country. This photo collection stifles that side by just looking at the negative and bleak. I'm tired of these stark negative portrayals of Pakistan.

Posted by Tamreez Inam February 25, 09 08:33 AM

I think its time for Pakistani people to think what they are doing with their country and they need to find their own solutions rather then going about crying for things that they can get on their own. Its time to wake up...change and move on.

Posted by Khan February 26, 09 05:27 AM

I have seen worse, like young girls pushed in to prostitution and women exploited at work and people sleeping in vomit due to nowhere to go, all this in UK and USA.

Posted by SP February 26, 09 09:09 AM

Pakistan has one unique record of modern times that no other nation can beat

The only country to allow a gangster, murdrer, dope dealer etc to become the leader of a country ... beat that USA!
you may not agree with what Ghaddaree is but one thing is for sure that he has been convicted and served time so he qualifies for the position, god bless the political structure of Pakistan as it is unique

Posted by Tariq February 26, 09 06:34 PM

Fantastic images, very real.............................

Posted by Abid February 26, 09 09:39 PM

There is no human soul on the planet earth who has not suffered pain, We belong to the same piece of flesh and blood, and yet we still don't hesitate to discriminate and degrade others based on such fake parameters as nationality, religion or color.... No one has ever gained anything by living his life so biased..
The photographer was amazing in his talent but biased in his thoughts, as Pakistan is undoubtedly a heaven on earth, Nanga Parbit, K2, Himalaya's are few such examples with a taste of hospitality and zest in the daily life/ And what he has shown is nothing but reflections of filthy brain who is eager to call this beautiful country as a terrerist state despite being the biggest terrorist itself....

Posted by Wanderer February 26, 09 09:55 PM

amazing life! keep it bro.....

Posted by agus February 26, 09 11:28 PM

" I have seen worse, like young girls pushed in to prostitution and women exploited at work and people sleeping in vomit due to nowhere to go, all this in UK and USA."
Posted by SP

This is just about the most stupid and willfully ignorant comment I've ever heard. Do you think there aren't thousands of Pakistani women forced into prostitution or abused and exploited at work? Just go to Lahore or Karachi. As for homelessness, why not try and count the millions of slum dwellers?

Posted by Rob February 27, 09 02:24 PM

hey guys Salam to all of you.
i am from pakistan and from trible area and ya nice photography really make me sad and make to write something.
sorry my english is not that good but i hope u guys understand wht i wana say.
All this going on there due to the list US issue that after Afghanistan they gona attack Pakistan and Iran and some other countries which really open the Eyes of the pakistanies trible people there and they scare the that they gona do the same with them as they kill innoicent Aghani and no i am not agreeed that muslim militants doing all this in pakistan some countries are in involve like (......) u all know which countries i am talking about to unstable My sweet sweet Country. they Just wana cash that unstabiliy in pakistan.we pakistani are not like someother countries to start blaming someone without any solid reasons so this is why i am not mentiong there names..

So the only solution to finish all this IF US leave afghanistan everything will be fine soon inshallah in both countries

Americans please Just leave us alone we are happy there all this happening to us coz of ur country.and all this happen when US attack Afghanistan
and they not able to arrest OSAMA there then they start pointing pakistan with blind eyes that Osama is hiding some where in trible area.OMG u Americans take so many lifes in afghanistan in search of OSAMA with vry good techinology in hand what about them and its shows what that who are the real terroriest and still u not able to arrest him and with Close eyes you saying that OSAMA is there somewhere. As i mention that i am From Trible area I never see any one like this F*cking Guy.u know on the basis of one Bad guy u can't blame someone religion and this is what our religion teachs us.

U know here in trible area what people think this is going to be vry new news to all of you. that OSAMA is American agent or something like that and american just wana Use him in order to control afghanistan and then Pakistan .so this shows that we not gona alllow him there as well....

Americans plz plz plz plz stop all this and ya i wana say something to indians as well that JEO AUR JENAY DHO okay.

@179 i love your comment MIKE this is wht i think about them
PEACE Tc and stay Happy and enjoy your life and
ZINDABAD MY SWEET SWEET PAKISTAN :-* we not gona let u down

Posted by omergul February 27, 09 04:19 PM

i think this is an accurate picture of majority of pakistanis. having traveled in pakistan i can say confidently that 70% of pakistan is shown in this picture.

however, people posting comments here if they are from pakistan represent
less then 5% of pakistan. and you guys all live in your cocoon of protection and privilege in cities with relative prosperity to your majority brethren pakistanis.

only when pakistani educated in pakistan or abroad accept pakistan for what it is and what most pakistanis live like, only then will they be able to understand and be able to confront issues and problems facing pakistanis in pakistan.

for starters, start telling the truth and reduce bribery in pakistan...
starting with the first person who asks or accepts a bribe today.

Posted by george February 27, 09 07:12 PM

"I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return."

God bless Pakistan, and the rest of the world. May we have the strength to destroy the evil groups who for the sake of power and wealth, spread hate and fear amongst mankind.

Posted by MKhan February 28, 09 03:19 PM

horrible.. just think about about the life there! think about the people!

Posted by Donald February 28, 09 08:26 PM

@Donald : "horrible.. just think about about the life there! think about the people"

In your dreams brother, despite all the chaos imparted by the West, they still have more life , courage and zest than the one's living in their furnished rooms with hopeless, guilty hearts and souls...

Posted by Ahmed Zoha March 1, 09 02:20 PM

Picture say - World need mercy

Posted by Mykola March 2, 09 02:42 AM

#11 amazing - can't help but smile along.
#13 common humanity - day laborer waiting for work to feed oneself, one's family. True, regardless if this was taken in Pakistan, France, or USA.

"Those to whom evil is done, Do evil in return."
When generations go by and self determination, freedom is denied.
It gets harder by the minute to look the other way, to turn the other cheek.
Let my people go.

Posted by Kashmiri March 2, 09 01:16 PM

AL-MIGHTY ALLAH bless and protect my beautiful Pakistan and my people in Pakistan. Ameen

Posted by Farrukh March 3, 09 01:28 AM

@ 179

It seems you do not have the real guts to show your name as some one Hamid or Akbar (as a true Muslim) rather u prefer to use an English name to write ur comment. And it seems you have some problems in eyes where in u can see only part of the comments here..

Posted by India my country March 3, 09 04:36 AM

the whole series is an eye opener for pakistanis but along with that i have clearly noticed an element of showing as if every thing in pakistan is a mess.
there are more than 180 million people living in Pakistan. showing only the bad side of a society and not showing the prosperous side if it is a clear biasness. and on top of that.. showing MUSLIMS as backward, opressors, cruel, and enemies to west is and in a small but grave comparison against christianity that they are all peaceful is such shameful act.
i believe religions dont have to anything with allthis.. this is all power game. some times Mullah, some times Military, sometimes Governemts, some times international nations especially usa intruders. india also is playing a big time part in the disastraous impact on pakistani culture and society.

Posted by Rationality March 3, 09 08:01 AM

I totally agree with #211 post...

The photographs shown above might be very high def. good quality pictures. But they fail to show what real Pakistan is. Naked children, women in burqas (veils), people struggling for food and to top it all an 'Afghan Soldier in full battle gear guarding his borders" as if Pakistanis are going to go into Afghanistan for terrorist activities are all the type of photographs which show that even with such a good camera and clear photographs the cameraman and the poster of the pics failed to notice the good in Pakistan. So narrowminded and biased approach.

Posted by Anonymous March 3, 09 12:35 PM

i really pray god that this country gets back it peace. and let it also develop like other country's there are so many other better things other than shooting, killing, bombing, suppressing women s fundamental rights etc etc . god bless you all with peace and prosperity.

Posted by raj March 4, 09 02:15 AM

i really pray god that this country gets back it peace. and let it also develop like other country's there are so many other better things other than shooting, bombing, suppressing women s fundamental rights etc etc .

Posted by raj March 4, 09 02:16 AM

These pictures touched my heart... I wonder if the people walking by the naked boy are so contented as he is??

Posted by Mahek March 4, 09 06:46 AM

touching moments.
excellent photography.

the comments exchange, however, between the pakistanis and indians is pretty disturbing.

my dear country is going through really tough times. we are facing the kind of crises which are threatening the survival of this beautiful country. Enough with the propaganda, India, you've already shattered the hopes of this country. What more do you ask of?

If anything, we want support and prayers. Prayers that the people of Pakistan will one day get united and combat the evil of terrorism together. The victory then, will be ours, only our. The positive effects, however, will reach out to the world. Pray for us!

Posted by mohammed March 4, 09 11:06 AM

Great Pics... I love it. Pakistan & the Pakistani's are the greatest nation all over the World, IF "WE UNITED", for our selves & our Nation.

Posted by SHADOW March 5, 09 09:11 AM

soy chileno y no puedo creer tanta maldad hacia el ser humano.
soy un creyente de dios,pero el ver tamaña maldad al ser humano, no entiendo como puede permitir tanta maldad, descriminacion y muertes de personas que solo desean vivir en su pais no inportando en las condiciones que lo hagan.
Asesinos,mal nacidos,la verdad no encuentro palabras para expresar mi ira
hacia las fotos que estoy viendo.
Solo puedo decir que como llegaron las fotos a mi correo,que lleguen a todos los hogares del mundo para protestar o luchar para que esto no siga pasando.
Y si dios verdaderamente existe,pues que el castigo sea ejenplar........

Posted by victor eduardo halabi olave March 5, 09 03:51 PM

Beautifully taken pictures. I just hope you post another album soon showing the brighter side that ive seen there whenever ive visitied. From the beautiful KaraKoram/Himalayas in the Northern Areas (im a bit of a climber) to the gorgeous canyons in the west in Balochistan, and the lovely green fields in Punjab. This just seems a bit too gloomy for the Pakistan that ive come to know.
Anyway i agree with some of you here.... lets not try to highjack others pages please... Indians got loads of websites where u can go and bitch about stuff.... let this one be.


Posted by Raul Lapazia March 6, 09 04:08 AM

Thank you for the incredible pictures. I think it is so important for Americans and other westerners to see the human face of Pakistan. As an American who has been lucky enough to travel to Pakistan and get a glimpse first-hand of this complex and beautiful country ,I hope these pictures help people realize that we all have more in common than not. Everyone just wants to be safe, have work, raise a family and have a place to call home. Pakistan has many internal and external issues to resolve but I have faith in the intelligence, passion and determination of the Pakistani people to take their nation forward, to become a stable, peaceful nation.M

Posted by Claire March 6, 09 08:39 AM

these pictures deliberately portrays a singularly violent and scary picture of Pakistan.of all religious ocassions the Ashura seems to be particularly chosen to potograph since it would seem senseless and violent to a western audience. there is a lot more to Pakistan than this. watch this youtube video to see a more diverse picture of Pakistan.
this was made by a telecom company as tribute to the peopl of Pakistan which s why EVERYONE seems to be on the phone in the video :) but I still think it makes my point.Pakistan is not just what you see in the above pictures.
Moreover, picture 34 which states how the U.S missile attacks have killed more than 25 Al qaeda militants and seem to insinuate that the funeral is of one such militant is deeply flawed. these missile attacks have also killed hundreds upon hundreds of innocent civilians in Pakistan and the U.S has not stopped despite numerous demands to do so my the Pakistani parliament, and to insinuate that all those who die there are terrorists as the U.S claims(without any proof) is an insult to those hundreds dead. if their innocence is ever even acknowledged it is brushed off as "collateral damage".

Posted by madiha tallat March 6, 09 03:34 PM

die armen kinder....

Posted by Anonymous March 6, 09 11:05 PM

very nice work .go on

Posted by revinfotech March 7, 09 12:51 AM
224. only a very small portion of what most of the Pakistan looks like....

Posted by Anonymous March 7, 09 02:54 AM

Cool pics, they confirmed that Pakistan is a place I never ever want to visit.
All that poverty yet money to waste on nukes.
Stay safe, sort out your crazies.

Posted by dave clarke March 7, 09 03:19 AM

Really picture,,are too good..

we can blame pakistan.. for all this .. some people make this place like this.. for their own greedy needs..

blessing from India..

Posted by Asif Khan March 7, 09 05:50 AM

India is slowly going to be Super Power. Many all over the world predict India to be a Genuine Super Power. Even Americam CIA predicts so.

Coming to Pakistan, Its a Failing state, soon will fall, Will Disintegrate.
Pakistan better stop Terrorism for its own Good and make peace with whole world.

Posted by Suresh March 8, 09 02:12 PM

Amazing pics, nice shot from the back door of Pakistan. Nice to know that, beyond all and everything, Pakistan is a country filled with intensity, despair and hope.

Posted by Liza Rosas Bustos March 8, 09 11:21 PM

These Pictures give me sadness About my Country .May ALLAH bless My Country

Posted by Sadaqat Ali March 9, 09 05:00 PM

really images are speaking thousand wprds

Posted by abuzar hamza March 10, 09 02:35 PM

I just don't understand when will Indians come out of this PakistanPhobia????

where ever an Indian goes he/she will go against Pakistan & defame it....wherever a Pakistani goes he doesn't even say anything abt Pakistan...why are Indians like this????

Not all dreams become reality....Today USA is are you because of them....wait for the NWO..then we will see who is super power...slumdogs will become superpower...lolz

Posted by Irtiza March 12, 09 01:48 AM


Posted by zeus star March 12, 09 04:51 AM

Take away religion....and all of these people probably have above average lives.

Posted by Mike March 16, 09 11:34 PM

Even though I am not Pakistani, I must say WHAT IN THE WORLD? I see Pakistan as a potentially beautiful country. The pictures are pretty and fabulously taken, but when will we see the good side of things. The bible says you should give encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ. HOW is this encouraging them? May I point out that this is NOT all of Pakistan! Anyway, this region of Pakistan has suffered too long because of governmental systems' policies that don't work. This is Pakistan's problem. Although we can help them, it's time for them to make their own decisions. After all, it is their govenment. Let them solve it!

Posted by Leena March 19, 09 10:37 AM

This set, while beautiful in its own regard, focuses too much on doom and gloom. It's like taking pictures of ghettos and trailer parks in America and labeling the set as 'Scenes from United States'. There is much more to Pakistan than the troubles caused by Taliban in the lawless north. Still, I very much appreciate the beautiful pictures shown here.

Posted by Majid Zafar March 19, 09 01:02 PM

touching moments.
excellent photography.

the comments exchange, however, between the pakistanis and indians is pretty disturbing.

my dear country is going through really tough times. we are facing the kind of crises which are threatening the survival of this beautiful country. Enough with the propaganda, India, you've already shattered the hopes of this country. What more do you ask of?

If anything, we want support and prayers. Prayers that the people of Pakistan will one day get united and combat the evil of terrorism together. The victory then, will be ours, only our. The positive effects, however, will reach out to the world. Pray for us!

Posted by KaShiF KhaTTaK March 21, 09 12:13 PM

Guys seriously, its really terrible however any country on the planet has its poverty, the United State's Goverment isn't the only one to blame here. Although it does take rather amazingly large attacks on the United States to get them to attempt anything. I'm tired of the world blaming America and I'm tired of America blaming the world. Its rediculous there is so much poverty throughout the world and people blame those who they believe deserve it the most. The United States goverment is wonderful but flawed like gee JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER GOVERMENT ON THE PLANET. I admit that I was born and raised in an American society that was very accepting of other's beliefs. However, blaming the USA solves nothing.

Posted by Sarenel March 21, 09 01:19 PM

I am an Indian. Yesterday I happend to watch about Pakistan Taliban, how Taliban influence in SWAT & FATA. It was Horrible. In the name of GOD they are blind to LIFE.

Posted by Bala March 25, 09 10:32 AM


Posted by Mariam El Walili March 27, 09 03:05 PM

I think the poor condition of Pakistan is due to its own politics. People are innocent, they are not given the best treatment for their propsper future. Hindu-Muslim issues are taking place. War had disturbed the economy. May god save them.

Posted by Manish S March 28, 09 12:04 PM

How are you?plz watch and send other peoples
Regards Rizwan.

Posted by Slaam Uncle March 29, 09 03:39 PM

We love our country, No matter how ever it is painted, Change will come to Pakistan.

Posted by Zohaib Cheema March 29, 09 08:56 PM

i love my country. um not in my country i realize my home importace. love u PAKISTAN

Posted by HASSAN April 2, 09 07:58 AM

Indeed prophecies of koran is coming true, the whole world is divided. The days of the anti-christ are near, he will lure people with fake promise, but ultimately the good will triumph over the evil. Who knows, i might well be OBAMA "the anti-christ".
After all he is eluding mass population across world from all walks of life, with a promise of change and other worldly promise.

Posted by Roger April 3, 09 12:42 AM

Very powerful. Thank you for these images.

Posted by REPuckett April 8, 09 03:08 AM

bad news

Posted by ridda April 10, 09 06:45 PM

no. 150 (Being well adjusted to a sick society is no indication of good health) lacks empathy. I live in Islamabad and I know that I can be a victim of a suicide attack at any point in time and at any place. But I also know that I can not let this fear corrode my optimism and hope in life. I move around fearlessly in my country, I dont want to confine myself to home, I dont want to fled away from Pakistan, and I know that the terrorism has taken decades to take roots in this region and there is no magic wand that would eradicate it in a blink. Perhaps someone would like to comment that I have adjusted well to the bleeding (not sick!) society but the reality is that I want to survive this dark period without losing sanity and hope.

Posted by Aysha Shafiq April 15, 09 10:22 AM

these pics r mind BLOWING.............HATS OFF to the photographers

Posted by M.Usman.Farooq April 15, 09 11:14 AM

Why you guys talking about India Pakistan War Pity Dark Future Sadness Terrorism and "Bechara Pakistan"... i dont understand why cant they see it as an Art as a Hope as an expression .... all those pics dsnt portray all of our society .... ofcourse...
Why cant they appreciate the effort for this cause ..... the photographs are beautiful and expressive and shows the sensitivity of the photographer and his quick eye of capturing the moments.... i feel so sorry for those ppl who connect everything to the future of our Country.....

Posted by ali ebhzad April 15, 09 12:45 PM

First of all AMAZING SHOTS!!!

But you know what it won't hurt anyone in the great "civilized west" to actually bring out the better side of Pakistani life and culture. sure it has been a very bad time for Pakistanis and the world deserves to know the realities of our country but don't you think it has become more about propaganda rather than just plain information? Losing peace in beautiful places like Swat valley (which was awesome when i visited it in 2006) is surely a tragedy but there are other sides to the story. I am a proud Pakistani and I know by experience that there is a lot more to Pakistan than just Extremism!!!

Posted by Zubair Khawar April 15, 09 02:43 PM

gd pic n shows the poor situation of bloody paki

Posted by indian April 17, 09 04:32 AM

its only the negative way ,and is only caused by the outsiders
our people is so innocent .......and about pakistan,let me tell you all one thing that:
PAKISTAN - 5th largest Gold mine, 7th largest Copper mine, 6th Most populous country of world, 7th with Nuclear Bomb, 6th Largest Army, 11th largest Wheat producer, 12th largest Rice; Still 40 percent hardly get food to eat! Still begging from IMF? What's wrong with us? Wake up PAKISTAN - join hands with PAYAAM for a prosperous Pakistan!

Posted by daniyal usman April 19, 09 12:48 PM

I have lived 23 years of my life in Pakistan, but I still don't understand why people infer the wrong things out of the right pictures. Besides, bulk of these images are from border areas with Afghanistan, there are 3 other provinces as well.

Posted by Mir Irbaz Khan April 21, 09 03:31 PM

Salam! I was amazed to see this site and work done by the photographers. Its is really a great job and i was compelled to leave a comment over it...
Keep highlighting the problems as well as good things in our society...

Posted by ASAD April 23, 09 02:40 AM

photo the best, but life the people comment

Posted by angela April 25, 09 06:34 AM

These pictures dosnt represnt the whole Pakistan. I can show some terriable pictures which I have taken in UK in York city, in Wales Cardiff and Manchester. India...dont talk about slumdog would see how developed they are....if you wana see these links..
and much more.....

Posted by Anonymous May 1, 09 12:03 AM

great pictures, some ridiculous comments though... this is Pakistan. Its beautiful and innocent but lets not pretend or deny that its really hurting, bleeding, scared and naked and cruel as well. And no ones to blame more than ourselves.
Heart breaking pictures...

Posted by Nausheen May 6, 09 03:20 PM

One day the pakis say we can take on any threat from India. Next day they lay down arms in front of a couple of dozens jihadis. How convenient. All the AId they get to fight terrorists is used against India. Taliban is just an excuse to get more and more money to keep India harassed.

Posted by MR May 9, 09 07:21 AM

if there is a child born in india and the woman is not so sure who the father is of that child,because she has slept with so many,
indians will blame it on pakistan, saying it must be a pakistani,s child..... easy target pakistan..

Posted by Ash choudhry May 17, 09 02:02 PM

I live in Karachi and have travelled around most of the country. These pictures are beautiful and say so much about Pakistan. True that there may be other countries with similar or worse conditions but that doesn't mean Pakistan is any better. The world is deteriorating and Pakistan is within that world. Even within Pakistan there are people who have unimaginable wealth but the focus should be towards creating equality amongst us humans. Why should poverty exist? Why should we amass wealth and let others die of hunger? If we are to act, we must act as a collective force.. Let there be no borders, no race, no differences...

Posted by Taha Siddiqui May 30, 09 02:51 PM

dese pics are gud enough but i think we should show da positivity ov pakistan to others not the poverty

Posted by Lt. Ali June 17, 09 07:47 AM

These are amazing pictures.

The British Red Cross has launched an urgent appeal to help civilians affected by the fighting in Pakistan.

Please help us to help them by spreading the word about our appeal page.

By placing a link on your website - you'd be helping more people find out about our appeal, and helping us help more people in crisis.

Best regards
Brad Smith

Posted by Brad Smith June 18, 09 10:52 AM

Pakistan is where it is because it has for many years acted as the hired gun for the West. During the cold war it was from Pakistan the "Mujahadeen" armed and financed by the West was launched into Afghanistan to destroy the Soviet Union. For many years it has had India tied down militarily and economically because India had dared to act independently.

Come on Pakis it is about time you started thinking about your own country then of your villas and bank balances in the capitals of the West.

Pakis, you can do something good for a change. Let Israel know in clear terms that if they attack Iran, Pakistan will make available its nuclear weapons for Iran to hit back. This single act shall cut the umbilical cord with which it is connected to with the west and will make the rogue nation, Israel act in a more civilized manner. It will bring stability in the Middle East.

India is not your enemy, Israel is your real enemy.

If Iran is attacked rest assured you Pakis are the next target.

Posted by Asad July 9, 09 06:08 AM

Well....I respect everyone's views over here. But would like to say something...Well thats true we Pakistani shouldn't be comparing ourselves with Indians. I am a Pakistani and proud of being a Pakistani. I live in Ireland and I think we are no behind Indians, even its education or ability to achieve something. But the gas thing is, I hate when people draw a negative picture of pakistan and then start comparing with India. I bet you If you go to India and see what it is like there, you would say Pakistan is a far far better country country than India. You call Pakistan being the cause of terrorism or all destructions caused in India. lets be fair now, I know what we have done so much wrong, but look what India does, they blatenly try blame us for everything happens there. Few examples and you will know. Everytime there is a cricket match in india and they lose, what they do in ground, they burn everything, it still happens there. You still will see Hindu Muslims and Hindu christian fights there. Burning Muslims and burning christians alive, it still happens there. Can anyone tell of happening this in pakistan? We might have been killing ourselves, but i think we have never done any wrong to others. Everybody knows whatever shit is happening within the country, who is behind it, we ignore it and blame Innocent people. Well here Indians are right they can blame us, being a poor nation, because we have all the shithead politicians. They made such a lovely country a living hell, God curse them.
I am not a narrow minded persons, but when i see things happening with my eyes, Its hard to stay quiet someone saying pakistan a bad failed nation, while India a prosperous. I still can claim Pakistan despite all this is better than India. I bet you, go there and observe, you will come across rich, but you will come acroos more poor, who die on street with having no food. It happens in Pakistan too, but not this much.

Sorry if i offended anyone, didnt mean it though

Posted by Shahbaz July 17, 09 05:50 AM

Why the hell, pakistan should make it weapons available for irans, we have nothing to do with iran. Just be yourself and save your own problems, do not try to repeat the same mistakes like those of cold war.

Posted by Usman Butt July 17, 09 07:17 AM

What's so wonderful about their dirty life there when their own government could make nice paved roads and make the life there much better, instead of making them live like beast!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shaylin August 6, 09 03:52 PM

what a true picture of pakistan it is. i feel mixed emotions.sometime a wave of fear and danger ran through my spines and on some pictures i amused. it is one of the rare things that can't explain in some specific way.

Posted by Ikram Awan August 19, 09 04:38 AM

these are beautiful. I used to hate pakistaniies before when I was kid but realized later and the photos like these really helps to settle the dust.

Posted by Raj August 23, 09 07:07 PM

why these picture showes only poor and hungry pople, there of lot of beauty pakistan why its not being showed in this album, pakistan ia country of great ppl and country himself have lot off universal treaures
any way these are the only side of photo, just visist other side and see how bealutifull and good pakistan and pakistanis are
Long Live pakistan

and I LOVE My COUNTRY , Always Ready to Sercrifies my Self

Posted by sajid iqbal August 26, 09 08:30 AM

sajid coz you dnt care about poor people in pakistan.. LOVE PAKISTAN....

Posted by Anonymous September 4, 09 01:47 AM

What we see here is the results of attempting to use terrorism as a state policy. The problem with terrorism is that even though it produces good results as far as asymmetric war goes, no rational human will do it - he must be indoctrinated first. And so Pakistan set about indoctrinating its populace starting in the 1980's. Unfortunately, not all of them were content with blowing themselves up in India. Some set their sights on targets closer to home. And here we are today looking at these sad pictures.

The way forward is to give up terrorism as a state policy. Forget the moral aspects of it (nationalists are blind to morality), it's not even practical for Pakistan today. The self-damage it causes only increases the economic disparity between Pakistan and it's target (i.e. compares Indian and Pakistani growth rates), leading to increased disparities in conventional war capabilities. This negates the entire motive for using terrorism in the first place - as it is a way to compensate for conventional disparities.

Posted by Gshi October 7, 09 02:59 PM

Pakistan is in big trouble now because of Islam, a religion of oppression.Now its time to live India in peace and focus in development.You have a huge gap to filled with India.In India is where China was 10 years ago, then Pakistan lag behind 150 years ago behind India.Indians move anywhere in the world as scientist or IT but nobody thrust Paks because of terrorism and fanaticism.If Pakistan don't try to be modernize, it will me isolated.North American countries,Europe are blocking immigration from Pakistan. Maybe developing world country like Brazil.Chile could allow immigration but you guys speaks only English,Urdu and Arabic.Be peaceful,less fanatic and give your children better prospect with education and try your luck in Brazil,Venezuela.

Posted by Robert Lessage October 20, 09 02:27 AM

why u just past bad pictures here?
is there no beauty in Pakistan? why we always show bad view?

Posted by Mrs. Inam November 4, 09 07:50 AM

I am sooo sure these pictures are posted by an Indian. OK, keep going, today its me, but tomorrow...Remember India is not a superpower yet, i know how many people sleep on roadside in Bombay but why should i picture them and put them on internet. Would you really think about the people and not about the political agenda. and finally, these difficult times are going to make this nation stronger and jump back harder.

Posted by A Pakisntan Lover December 22, 09 02:01 PM

First of all Great Pictures n Eye Opener for people to know there are already many problems so why create more problems themselves.

Secondly I don't understand here people saying against India, Indians are peace loving people who are hit by terrorism. Now if these are 2 nations let it be, don't make already dead issues alive like Kashmir or Bangladesh.

All Pakistanis should remember, they have DNA, Genes of Indians only, you can't change your blood or roots, you may deny it :). So Live and let live, If humanity becomes a religion most of problems will ge resolved for sure. May God Bless Us All With Big Heart :).

Posted by Satish December 29, 09 06:05 AM

i love no 14 , 16 and 38 ..
38 must see..

Posted by Adeel February 3, 10 12:14 PM

hahahaha media can do any thing.i am pakistani n i am living for 24 years but da pics i have seen is really exciting pics 4 me.......i never see such thing before in r pretty good i don't think that there is something wrong wid these pic......somewhere something is beautyful......

Posted by Anonymous February 7, 10 01:49 PM

I very shock and sad when i see this 40 photos total,horrible.. just think about about the life there! think about the people! Why this happen and why people not to chants this horrible sadness... just think about about the life there and think about the people. How we make this wold no suffering. All the people still have more life , courage and zest than the one's living in their furnished rooms with hopeless, guilty hearts and souls...and make the beauty in Pakistan. I hope all people read and see this photos, think the sorrow and to pray all Pakistan people.

Posted by Gideon Claudius February 20, 10 05:46 AM

very diplomatic pics. these pics may represent 2,000 people out of 170,000,000 pakistani papulation. However, we ,as nation, also stand firm wd those 2,000 affected people.

Posted by umar February 22, 10 02:51 AM

Why is there only pictures of poverty on this page, where is the pictures of murree, quetta, the K2 mountains with the ski resorts, habib bank, the tallest sky scraper in pakistan, clifton beaches, boat basin, defense villas, theres so much beauty in pakistan, I did not see one picture of Karachi.

Ive been to pubs in Pakistan, clubs, libraries, parks, theres alot of beauty out there, but then those pictures arent as exciting as these. Why only show the slums?

Posted by Sean J March 3, 10 10:55 AM

Beautiful picture
10 out 10

Posted by JIBRAN April 3, 10 11:03 AM

As an American that lived in Pakistan, I can say that during my time there, I saw a lot of beautiful things there, and met a lot of good people. Unfortunately, there was always an underlying fear that the people had. They weren't free to speak and act as many of them truly wanted. They were always afraid that "They'll come" if they say the wrong thing, of if a woman walks through the market without a man to supervise her.
Tragic, really, what Islam has done to what was once such a remarkable region.

Posted by JJ April 17, 10 12:11 AM

i like tha guy w/ tha goats on tha bike! :)

Posted by katie April 27, 10 02:52 PM


Posted by SONY April 29, 10 06:46 AM

Awesome photos, as always.. I can't help but feel like religion is a big part of the problem here.. Why else would they be targeting girls schools?.. I'm sure I'm being very naive here and there is a perfectly good reason.. but right now I'll be putting all my money on religion..

Posted by jay May 20, 10 07:37 PM

God bless pakistan

Posted by faheem June 9, 10 10:34 AM

awesome job sir....

Posted by Anonymous July 2, 10 11:40 AM

i love my pakistan...........

Posted by asma July 23, 10 04:07 AM

Pakistan is economically backward and a lot of thinking is done from the heard and not from the mind. Scientific approach needs to be developed in order to prohibit terrorism in the country.
I think it would be exemplary if we could eliminate terrorism but I don't think we can get there unless the entire root is restructured.
Looking at the pictures as we all see, it is a sorry state and very apologetic. These kids don't even have education and exposure to the world what we can our own. They lack basic rights, education food.
Picture-27 shows the barber shop which used to exist in Europe probably 200 years back. I believe a lot of religious misbelief is being carried by the wrong hands.

Posted by Konvaya Neet July 30, 10 11:29 AM

i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan i love Pakistan

Posted by HAFIZ FAIZAN August 12, 10 01:58 AM

potentially,pakistan is a very rich country,so called taliban are in minority in pakistan ,i think they are only 4 or 5% of the total population of pakistan,so this is impossible that minority will lead the pakistan or they will take over the Government,or they will impose their roule on majority.95% people of pakistani are very brave, intelligent and moderate.God bless pakistan(

Posted by Mudassar Ijaz September 17, 10 01:58 AM

Pakistani people, if You state "our country is good!", then please stop coming to "bad" countries in the west. What is the point ?

Posted by babaka September 23, 10 03:44 AM


Posted by hi November 21, 10 09:58 PM

poverty and bureaucrats is the problem of Pakistan. whoever have the power he use it in this country for example in recently flood most of the big land lord had break the dam to make the water flow not to their lands, they did every thing to save their lands, means no body take care of others.
in the cities of this country. Shiite use to block the road on their occasions, barelvi's (sunni sect) use to block the ways. if some body have emergency to go to hospital he faces a lot of troubles in these kinds of occasions. even muslims book says that, Whoever block the ways of muslims, he is not from us (Muslims). Afghans were also so happy in the government of Talibans, there was peace in Afghanistan at the time of Talibans. These are not Talibans who do blast in the country, these are the agencies of India (RAW), USA (CIA), Israel (MOSAD) and many others, every time news channels tell us that Taliban or Al-Qaeda accept the claim of blast. but they dont show any of the person accepting the claim not by voice not by video, because they don't have the evidence to show people. Pakistan acctually don't needs America or any others funds, but the pakistani politician need the money to make their bank balance.
God (Allah) bless every country, destroy all the bad peoples.

Posted by Faizan December 23, 10 09:00 AM

I always hear that Taleban burn girls schools, hospitals, blablabla
The government steals blablabla
But Ive never seen a violent video of them. Bic?? I see blood and sh*t! but Bics dont tell us the real reasons. The county's problem is the high rate of unemployment and a shortage of natural resources
Dont turn the story, its problems and the cuzs around and change everything to suit ur political, religious, racism or wahtever ur interests are.
Education is the solution. Educated people dont look for jobs, they create jobs and thats exactly what they must do.The government better set up a development plans for those poor people. Btw, USA better stay away, they make things worse by their military forces that could not control groubs with small guns when the have up-to-date weapons. The world is selfish and animals live better than us

Posted by Jon January 19, 11 05:18 PM

Type your comment here... the beautiful pakistan inshallah we love pakistan forever and pakistan will live thousand of year inshallah

Posted by tani ksa January 24, 11 07:35 AM

veryyy orignal and nice pictures
one can feel it just by seeing them once..

Posted by Anonymous February 7, 11 06:04 AM

pakistan n taliban should gve freedom to girls n should not b orthodox

Posted by dragon March 29, 11 04:44 AM

I'm so happy they finally caught Osama bin Laden, what a shame we couldn't catch him alive, we could have had some great photos of him in his undies like with Sadam

Posted by Dive Sipadan May 4, 11 05:40 AM
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