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February 11, 2009 Permalink

China's Lantern Festival, and an unfortunate ending

Marking the end of the Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival takes place on the 15th day of the year - during the first full moon. People across Mainland China and Taiwan celebrate the festival in many colorful ways, from fiery folk traditions to firework displays and laser shows. Unfortunately, this year's festival ended on a somewhat sour note as an unauthorized fireworks show set an unoccupied skyscraper on fire in downtown Beijing, and one firefighter lost his life fighting the blaze. Collected here are 27 photos of the festival, and a handful from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel fire in Beijing. (27 photos total)

A performer dressed in traditional costume sings during the celebrations for the lantern festival in the city of Tianjin, located 100 km (62 miles) east of Beijing February 9, 2009. The lantern festival marks the last day of the two-week Chinese lunar new year celebrations. (REUTERS/David Gray)
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139 comments so far...

the 24 is .....WOUAAHHH
!!!! good site, continue

Posted by Vainzou February 11, 09 12:07 PM

color, color, color... fire!

Posted by February 11, 09 12:11 PM

Well, at least no one was in the building, that would have been way worse. Looks like it would have been fun to see those fireworks all over the city though!

Posted by Ben February 11, 09 12:11 PM

24. The power of nature for all to see. With the bush fires in Australia and now this.

Posted by Seaz February 11, 09 12:13 PM

#11: Ox horns? Yeah ...

Posted by Ryan Jensen February 11, 09 12:14 PM

It is unfortunate that the building was consumed by flames. Good thing that the steel didn't melt and the whole thing collapsed, though...

Posted by Dave February 11, 09 12:15 PM

I wait daily for such of beautiful pictures! Thank you...

Posted by R Braga February 11, 09 12:16 PM

God!!!!!!! I feel so sorry for the people suffered this fire. At the same time, it high time the government should put regulation on fire display all over the world. In few days we have seen fire in Australia and now China.

Posted by Pranav February 11, 09 12:17 PM

Great, those guys destroied a building just to enjoy some fireworks!

Posted by Steve Buscemi February 11, 09 12:18 PM

the molten iron show looks like fun.. great pictures.

Posted by Sean February 11, 09 12:18 PM

Nice pictures as always - quite sad to see that building burn, seems that the would have to restart all over again?

Posted by Carl Johan February 11, 09 12:19 PM

amazing picture and an unfortunate ending indeed. It is amazing no one was hurt, nothing else burned and that it didn't collapse.

Posted by Dave February 11, 09 12:20 PM

Wow... how did I not hear about the burning building?
Anyhow, great pics Alan!

Posted by Dave Mosher February 11, 09 12:26 PM

Biggest lantern in the world, Thats why in Brazil this kind of balloonsare prohibited

Posted by Benner February 11, 09 12:27 PM

Stunning as always.

Posted by Gervase February 11, 09 12:30 PM

dude that festival looks like so much fun

Posted by Alex Kabusk February 11, 09 12:32 PM

Nice pics, thanks!

Posted by Guille February 11, 09 12:33 PM

thuis stuff iz soooooooooooooooooooo awesome it is the best footage anyone could get

Posted by jo_dawg February 11, 09 12:33 PM

WOW! thanks so very much! I get to see the world because of and you! Thanks a million!

Posted by Judy Dement February 11, 09 12:36 PM


Posted by Blake J. Nolan February 11, 09 12:37 PM

The last photograph is so sad.

Posted by AK February 11, 09 12:39 PM


Posted by DA February 11, 09 12:42 PM

wow wow wow

Posted by Chauncey February 11, 09 12:42 PM


Posted by bob February 11, 09 12:43 PM

As usual kudos to the Globe and the people responsible for this website.

Great photos - can you imagine the phone call to the Mandarins Insurance Company, What do you mean it burnt down!!!!

Posted by Prenty February 11, 09 12:47 PM

My first thought on seeing the burning building is "how are they going to salvage that thing?"

Posted by Gafoto February 11, 09 12:49 PM

#6 is amazing. I love the way the little girl's hat looks among the lanterns.
#13 is another favorite.

Posted by Patashoqua February 11, 09 12:49 PM

I was surprised there were no comments so far on this spectacular post! Great pictures of a great tradition! Keep it up! Reminds me of our own celebrations of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, here in India. Thank you for bringing us this visual feast day after day on this blog.

Posted by Ravi February 11, 09 12:52 PM

again... amazing pictures... they transport such great atmosphere, being scary or impressive

Posted by Konfiskation February 11, 09 12:53 PM

Thankfully the building was unoccupied, though it is still sad that that fireman lost his life.

Posted by Joseph February 11, 09 12:54 PM

I saw a doccummentary about those buildings some time ago. It is a shame that the hotel burnt down.

Posted by Andd February 11, 09 12:57 PM

Nice piCS!

Posted by siggi February 11, 09 01:01 PM

That's a big 'oops'.

Posted by wes February 11, 09 01:01 PM

Beautiful 'till #21, Sad for the rest.

Posted by Soheil February 11, 09 01:03 PM

Wow that fire was huge, but the building doesn't look badly damaged in the aftermath photos.

Posted by Pete Deschel February 11, 09 01:04 PM

#27 n1

Posted by discoarschface February 11, 09 01:11 PM

Impressive fireworks...

Posted by Jörn Zaefferer February 11, 09 01:13 PM

#1 and 6 are simply outstanding.

Posted by Jeremy Nathan February 11, 09 01:15 PM

wow, how horrible of a loss during what should be a happy holiday

Posted by patrick February 11, 09 01:15 PM

Awesome as alwas!

Posted by Jerry February 11, 09 01:16 PM

So much for the good luck!

Posted by Squirrely February 11, 09 01:46 PM

"It is unfortunate that the building was consumed by flames. Good thing that the steel didn't melt and the whole thing collapsed, though..."
"amazing picture and an unfortunate ending indeed. It is amazing no one was hurt, nothing else burned and that it didn't collapse."
"Wow that fire was huge, but the building doesn't look badly damaged in the aftermath photos."
i think this is one more indication that WTC was a controlled demolition. google WTC7. there was little fire on some floors and it came down... no way this was caused by fire.

Posted by hans wurst February 11, 09 01:50 PM

If somebody still thinks that a fire could bring down a skyscraper then look first at pictures 22,23,24 and then 27.

Awesome pictures anyway!

Posted by Fm February 11, 09 01:56 PM

I read that authorities in China banned almost all information about the building in fire. Hopefully the won't block the access to this amazing pictures.

PS: #14 and #15 are the best!

Posted by JM February 11, 09 02:01 PM

Striking contrast in picture #8.

#24 is breathtaking.

Oh, and WTC Kooks, it's a good thing that the Madarin Hotel didn't have burning JET FUEL in it...

Posted by Robert Weber February 11, 09 02:10 PM

Amazing pictures, as usual.

Hans - Let me guess, you don't think we ever went to the moon either, huh?

Posted by Viking February 11, 09 02:28 PM

24 looks like nebula pic from Hubble

Posted by billy February 11, 09 02:32 PM

Suggesting this event proves or disproves anything about the WTC events is fundamentally poor reasoning. Even superficially, the CCTV building was substantially shorter than any of the WTC buildings, had a proportionally larger base, and a different style of construction. Also, the building is being considered destroyed, because fire damage to the metal structure has left the building irrecoverable.

Posted by Inconclusive February 11, 09 02:39 PM

I bet the building was totaled because it wasn't completely sealed and didn't yet have a working fire suppression system. Had it been occupied, it probably wouldn't have caught fire, and if it did, the fire probably could have been put out quickly, with no loss of life.

Posted by idahogie February 11, 09 02:57 PM

great pictures, good work, colors, pls, continue with good job! Thank you so much!

Posted by Uiles Matos February 11, 09 03:35 PM

Lovely photos, but Xi'an is in Shaanxi Province, not neighboring Shanxi Province. That city wall in the first picture is wide enough for ten chariots.

Posted by Juliana McDonnell February 11, 09 04:19 PM

A rather large "oops" on the hotel building. I find it odd that in China, the English name of the building is above the Chinese name...
and America is too paralyzed by political correctness to make English the official language.
This is one of millions of examples that English is the international language of business; why is the US so fearful of actually having it as our official language?

Posted by Anglophile February 11, 09 04:48 PM

#24 is Amazing Photo. It looks like somthing that was rendered by ILM for some big budget movie! WOW!

Posted by Rich February 11, 09 05:09 PM

Do caralho!

Posted by Paulo February 11, 09 05:15 PM

Thanks to whomever shared these pictures. Beijing is much changed since I was there 8 years ago. I had heard about the fire but could not comprehend the seriousness until seeing these photos. Fantastic photography... Thom

Posted by Thom J. McEvoy February 11, 09 05:17 PM

Superb photographs ... such a shame that the new moon was under the clouds where I live ...

By the way, Chinese building techniques are increadibly more resistant than US's ones, as demonstrated by the WTC7 collapse ...
"Buy sturdy, buy chinese", Or is there another story ?

Posted by John D. Rockefeller February 11, 09 05:19 PM

Kind of like an Ox in a China shop!!!

Posted by shylove February 11, 09 05:33 PM

amazing pictures, iron is awsome...
sidenote-thats what it looks like when a skyscraper burns and doesn't have explosives in the basement. hmmmmmmm

Posted by guyson February 11, 09 05:36 PM

Why are pictures from Taiwan included? Thought this article was just about China's lantern festival?

Posted by Aihaite Fuh King Prapuhghandah February 11, 09 05:49 PM

As for the WTC nonsense: If you look at picture 26, you can see considerable damage to the steel structure, which could lead to potential collapse. Now, add a large metal object crashing into it, plus several thousands gallons of additional fuel, and you might have recreated the event. Remember, that you don't have to take down the whole building, just the supporting structure for one floor. One floor collapsing, with the weight of all the above floors, and you have a cascade failure.

What surprised me was how long it took for the WTC's to collapse.

Still, it's tragic losing the building for an otherwise beautiful event.

Posted by David February 11, 09 05:52 PM

you guys keep saying "thank god no one got hurt." Hello...a firefighter died.

Posted by red February 11, 09 06:03 PM

love #6

Posted by commandant February 11, 09 06:16 PM

Photo #12 cannot possibly be on the grounds of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. It's likely Sun Yat-sen memorial Hall, which is much closer to Taipei 101.

Posted by Greg S February 11, 09 06:41 PM

Funny how no matter what the subject matter is, somehow people always manage to turn it into a political debate.

Give it a rest for 5 minutes and enjoy the fireworks (so to speak).

Outstanding photos as always.

Posted by Tim February 11, 09 07:01 PM

Chinese lightning?

Posted by Patrick Hox February 11, 09 07:22 PM

The top of #24 reminds me of the advent calendar galaxy's post. But this time, it's happening on earth.

Posted by Y. February 11, 09 07:36 PM

Taiwan and China may share the same holiday, but don't mean that celebration photos in Taiwan should be included in the title of **China's** Lantern Festival.

Posted by Ernesto February 11, 09 07:49 PM

you must be a pyromaniac. lots of fire in this blog ;)

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 09 07:49 PM

Great pictures of an amazing celebration. My heartfelt condolences to the family of Zhang Jianyong. Firefighters around the world brave dangers every day for the rest of us and I, for one, am thankful to them all.

Posted by Rob Mahan February 11, 09 09:18 PM

great job!you showed us the pictures of big fire that never displayed on Chinese official site.

Posted by Lenny February 11, 09 09:27 PM

As always, great photos from a fabulous site.
My apologies to everyone, but I must go off topic here and quickly deal with the 9-11 nonsense mentioned here. WTC7 and the Towers were NOT controlled demolition. For some accurate background to answer this and other questions, I would suggest looking at and screwloosechange.blogspot. Both are excellent resources for this garbage. Again, sorry for the off topic post.
This is an awesome site.

Posted by paul w February 11, 09 10:08 PM

Although Taiwan and China celebrate the same holiday..BUT !
Since the title is "China's Lantern Festival, and an unfortunate ending", including photos where in Taiwan are irrelevant.

Posted by Jamie February 11, 09 10:20 PM

This year, the Festvial is not so pageten as before,the economic crisis thing.
but,if you were here in any city or villiage in China,you will feel the real festival.The nights were lit up.
Besides,I support #64.

Posted by Magic February 11, 09 10:20 PM

Taiwan and China share more than just the same holiday, also the name **China** as in Republic of China.

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 09 10:27 PM

Amazing All the money in the world and not any pennys for a sprinkler system....Which would have put the fire out ....... And did M.C. Eacher design the building in front of the burned one ? It is a bit strange looking .

Posted by Rod Mac Donald February 11, 09 10:40 PM

Hi Alan are you have pictures in Changnyeong, South Korean fire festival ?


Posted by reges February 11, 09 10:43 PM

Thank you CCTV! You burnt the whole building for the people to enjoy the festival. That was the most wonderful show of CCTV ever.

Posted by lackar February 11, 09 11:23 PM

That is a giant McFriggin fire. Quite surprising it went down like that.

Posted by Anonymous February 11, 09 11:30 PM

Man, this is a great, i mean GREAT story!
Incredible images. Congratulations

Posted by Patricio Ruiz Abrín February 12, 09 12:31 AM

Aww... no I wish I lived in a bigger Chinese city...

Posted by someplaceinchina February 12, 09 12:49 AM

thats how fire works. (pun intended)
awesome pictures, as always.

Posted by tingka gol February 12, 09 01:06 AM

"44.I read that authorities in China banned almost all information about the building in fire. Hopefully the won't block the access to this amazing pictures. "

I can see them. I am in china. :)

Posted by Anna Yang February 12, 09 01:08 AM

#18 really has a beautiful explosion of colour - it should be used for testing new monitors...

Posted by visophile February 12, 09 01:41 AM

i couldn't resist... # 11.. devil children with horns...

Posted by love china February 12, 09 02:03 AM

For those commenting about the fire in the building, remember that the building was under construction. It was not yet fireproofed which is probably in large part the reason why it went up like it did.

Posted by Adam February 12, 09 03:48 AM

Great photos!

Posted by Syncron February 12, 09 04:06 AM

It is not Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in photo #12. It's Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Posted by David Chu February 12, 09 04:11 AM

according to the architects, since the buiding is unfinished they hadn't pumped water into the sprinkler system, which would've for sure stopped the blaze.

this is rem koolhaus's own WTC dream come ture- i'm sure he will publish about 5 books about this!

Posted by charlie February 12, 09 08:26 AM

By the way, the photo #27 was taken from the roof of a factory in Chaoyang district, I believe. The factory itself is quite picturesque, like:

After the fire this hotel turned into a sightseeing plcae, sigh.

Posted by Kitagor February 12, 09 08:34 AM

And the way the building after the fire is slouching, and that the metal is fatigued also proves that we never landed on the moon. You see, the flame coming out of the bottom of a rocket would melt everything around it, destroying the launch pad, and the rocket itself... based on this one fire in China, that melted the hotel's steel.

In fact, I think that NASA fake's everything they've ever done!*

(Sarcasm... the whole thing... in case people don't get it)

Posted by Curtis February 12, 09 10:03 AM

very impressive photos. shame someone died.

@ Dave: steel can't melt at the temperatures there even with such a big fire.

Posted by Ernesto February 12, 09 10:31 AM

I find some of the people's comments regarding China and Taiwan utterly ignorant, if not offensive. Of course China's Lantern Festival should include Taiwan. Taiwan was, is and will always be part of China. China has been divided since 1949 because of the stupid cold war fight between communism and capitalism. But just because people fell for ideological differences does not mean they are not one people. That would be like saying Republicans and Democrats cannot both be Americans. Hello, Bushism? Hello Rovism?

Posted by gg February 12, 09 12:16 PM

Does anyone happen to see Gorzirra in the building fire picture? he's on top of course, just amazing that they actually got a picture of that elusive badass!

Posted by Dirty Curty February 12, 09 02:37 PM

I love these types of pictures. Their cutoms and celebrations are so colorful and vibrant. Thank you for sharing. I love this site.

Posted by Dano February 12, 09 02:57 PM

Beautiful stuff.

Posted by February 12, 09 03:38 PM

China always want to be different, new ideas, gotta think "BIG"
This year not only fireworks; plus featuring burning a building - and not just any buidling!!

Posted by nouz February 12, 09 06:17 PM

@56: The building was designed by a Dutch architect named Rem Koolhaas, actually.

Posted by Brett Brenneman February 12, 09 06:41 PM

I am Chinese. I heard a firefighter was killed by poisonous smoke in the CCTV fire. The killer is CCTV! Shame on CCTV!

Posted by »ðÐÇòáòæ February 12, 09 09:58 PM


Posted by Finki February 12, 09 11:05 PM

nice photos!
and the bigest fireworks in the end.

Posted by ase February 13, 09 01:38 AM


Posted by ash February 13, 09 01:40 AM

Amazing pics!!

Posted by zenobia February 13, 09 04:41 AM

Good selection. #14 and #15 are great.

Posted by Ed February 13, 09 09:37 AM

@98£ºShame On You

Posted by leewindy February 13, 09 10:58 AM

biggest lantern wwww

Posted by yoshi February 13, 09 02:12 PM

the latest pics look like the movie WAR OF THE MACHINE scenario

Posted by manuel February 13, 09 04:14 PM

@97: just like most of China export products, dessigned by western importing designeres and made in China; Western designer took 99% of the profit margin while the Chinese worker got the remaining 1% profit by draining the natrual resource. When products failed, we blamed the Chinese maker, not the western designer.
The bured building didn't collapse, must be the credit of the western designer, not Chinese maker.

Posted by fire February 13, 09 04:44 PM

Even the most liberal fire codes in most parts of the world would prevent such a disaster. The architect who builds abroad should know better. It is our professional responsibility to design safe buildings. This is why architecture is not art. The beauty of art is that is serves no one but the artist. Architecture has another responsibility, the safety of those who inhabit the space. It is a shame to see progress at the cost of so many lives.

Posted by jraker February 13, 09 07:56 PM

The postal service in gothenburg came up with a bright idea.. to shoot fireworks indoor with the fire alarm turned off..

Posted by Mouse February 13, 09 09:41 PM

bojedisninasaw11/9...your an idiot and a coward if you believe that the towers and 'ol #7 were "melted to the point of collapse"...any one that thinks different, go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror and say " i don't know what i am talking about, I am living in denial in a cowardly fashion"...

Posted by Kain February 13, 09 11:17 PM

I find some of the people's comments regarding China and Taiwan utterly ignorant, if not offensive. Of course China's Lantern Festival should not include Taiwan. Taiwan has never been part of PRC. PRC and ROC were established during the 1940s because of the stupid cold war fight between communism and capitalism. But just because people fell for ethnic similarities does not mean they are the same people. That would be like saying British and American are all British. Hello, Bushism? Hello Rovism?

Posted by Eric February 14, 09 02:28 PM

hmmm... anyone tells me the official name of Taiwan? dont know? google it. Err... What? Republic of China? There must be some reason they call it China too.

and for those who said you didnt see the fired building pics in China, i would say plz learn some Chinese, and then you can read a Chinese web site.

and for those who knew everything, but just wanna post some distorted/manipulated/wrong information to lead misunderstandings between China and Westerns, F off.

Sorry for typing the above.

btw, good pictures.

Posted by guyric February 14, 09 04:43 PM

as for all the WTC Stuff remember this is a building built after the analysis of the WTC fire failures. I'm sure the fire proofing on the steel was more stubstantial and the fire was probobly not as intense (the building was empty and had fewer fuel sources for fire.

Posted by tony February 14, 09 05:31 PM

Loved #14....... Too bad the building burned.... Any news How??? And i am suprised it buned the whole building down... hmmm.... leaves a lot for speculation.....

Posted by febin February 14, 09 11:03 PM

Wow, the maggots that are the 9/11 twoof have infested even this article.

Anyway, what a loss for the Chinese. Just terrible.

Posted by Anonymous February 15, 09 02:10 PM

The province name is Shaanxi. Shanxi is the name of another province.

Posted by Allen Han February 15, 09 05:05 PM

Beautiful composition and colors. Great images!!

Posted by MC February 16, 09 03:23 AM

such beautiful pictures,I love lantern festival but unfortunately i stuck in Toronto couldn't make it back to China

the building caught by fire is sad but fortunately nobody in there, sorry for the dead fireman who's trying to save other people's life

Posted by Kate February 16, 09 01:20 PM

Hi there. I'm a Chinese. Thanks a lot for all of your comments and I'm very happy to read those friendly words.
By the way, what comment#44 said is not true. There is no news can be blocked in China currently and citizens are well-informed and willing to discuss all the issues, excting or disappointing.

Posted by fwoncn February 16, 09 10:55 PM

I'm in China but seeing the picture it reminds to me that I was obviously on the wrong time at the wrong places. =) photograph nr. 14 is so amazing!!! best.

Posted by summernight February 17, 09 02:46 AM

Great shoots~

Posted by alex February 17, 09 04:38 AM

Most High Rise construction in China and Taiwan uses Bamboo as the primary material for the external scaffolding supporting the workers as the interior and exterior components are assembled.
I have personally seen these Green Bamboo Scaffolds stretch upwards of 100 stories in Hong Kong and Quangdong. If this structure was truly near completion, this "wooden" exterior surface must have proved an abundant fuel source, allowing the spectacular flames we see on all sides in these remarkable pictures. The loss of life is truely regrettable.
I will not comment on the incredible ignorance of the WTC Hoax Folks.

Posted by dgaff February 19, 09 03:59 PM

I'm very impressed by these pictures....

Posted by Fanfan February 19, 09 04:50 PM

I *love* the 9/11 conspiracy goons - so entertaining!

Hey guys, don't you think that a skyscraper built more than 35 years ago just *might* be a tad less stable than a skyscraper built today, with all the technological advances that have been made in architecture, materials science, etc., in the intervening years? And don't you think that just *perhaps* a wide-body airliner full of jet fuel slamming into that 35-year-old skyscraper at 400+ knots might be just a *little* different than a modern skyscraper burning up over the course of several hours with only the contents of the building for the fire's fuel?

Educate yourselves, seriously!

Posted by Matt February 27, 09 01:41 AM

God and Saint Florian Bless Brother firefighter Zhang Jianyong and his family, No matter where in the world, we are there to protect people, and some of us do not come home.

Posted by jake617 March 1, 09 01:32 PM

i wouldn't put it past the chinese government to release "official" reports claiming no one was in the building.

color me skeptical.

other than that, any type of festival is nice to see - thank you for bringing these glimpses of life and culture into our respective homes and workplaces.

Posted by goodgam3 March 24, 09 08:48 PM

Very nice site!

Posted by John213 March 29, 09 05:51 PM

i am doing a project in school on this festival, qand i need to know relevant information about it, every little thing such as the origin and such, if you know abnout this please contact me at

Posted by Sapphire March 31, 09 10:21 AM

42. "i think this is one more indication that WTC was a controlled demolition."

Such an ignorant statement. I'm not going to get into the hours of writing it would take me to prove to you that it wasn't a controlled demolition, but I will say this.. The 2 main difference between the WTC towers that fell after burning and the building the burned in these pictures:
1) The WTC Towers had a jumbo jet fly into them at several hundred miles an hour. That JUST might have caused some structural damage and weakened the integrity of the buildings support structure.
2) The WTC Towers were built in the late 60's early 70's.. I would hope that nearly 40 years later, we would have developed some better fire resistance and structural integrity standards that hold up to a fire of that magnitude.

Stop trolling your anti-American ignorance through this site.

Posted by chris ayres March 31, 09 10:55 AM

Ha, oops. I didn't notice that post 124 said basically the same thing.

Posted by chris ayres March 31, 09 10:57 AM

I bookmarked this guestbook.,

Posted by name June 18, 09 01:48 PM

Thank you,

Posted by name July 29, 09 06:07 PM

good pictures

Posted by Anonymous September 10, 09 10:27 PM

Posts 124 and 129. Which plane hit WTC 7?

Matt, I do not find your mindless comments to be entertaining. No, quite the contrary, I find your vomits expulsion of rhetorical nonsense to be sickening.

It is truly a pity that stupidity can never know itself. Maybe then it would be silent.

“I'm not going to get into the hours of writing it would take me to prove to you that it wasn't a controlled demolition,”

You Chris I believe to be cerebrally challenged. My guess is you believe L. H. Oswald was solely responsible for the murder of president Kennedy and that the Kansas City incident happened as reported by the mainstream media. Furthermore, I assume you are a card carrying Christian who believes anyone who does not believe as you believe is damned and will spend eternity being scorched by the fires of hell.

Posted by Dennis February 1, 10 06:22 AM


Taiwan does not belong to China.

Next time (for 2010) please correct your topic by using "Chinese" (rather than "China"). Or, please do not include pictures/content of Taiwan under the topic of "China".

Thank you very much.

Posted by wendy na February 27, 10 09:52 AM

Amazing photos.

Posted by LPL July 7, 10 05:01 AM

excellent photos

Posted by Anonymous September 19, 10 11:20 PM

天朝威武!!!! China rock & roll!!

Posted by Anonymous November 10, 10 10:44 AM

best for you,

Posted by name February 5, 11 06:13 AM
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