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January 21, 2009 Permalink

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Yesterday was a historic day. On January 20th, 2009, Barack H. Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America - the first African-American ever to hold the office of U.S. Commander-in-Chief. The event was witnessed by well over one million attendees in chilly Washington D.C., and by many millions more through coverage on television and the Internet. Collected here are photographs of the event, the participants, and some of the witnesses around the world. (48 photos total)

The Capitol is illuminated in the early morning hours before the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America January 20, 2009 in Washington, DC. (David McNew/Getty Images)
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Fantastic photos once again. It's an exciting time for America right now, if not the world.

Posted by Jason January 21, 09 12:36 PM

Great photos. I especially like the ones in Washington D.C. I was considering going, but once I heard it was "bring-your-own-toilet-paper" I knew it was probably going to be too busy to be worth it. Let's hope that the Obama administration is able to succeed in improving the lives of Americans and people around the world. Good luck Obama!

Posted by Dan January 21, 09 12:40 PM

No pressure

Posted by Donnie January 21, 09 12:41 PM

Lincoln Memorial?

Posted by JDC January 21, 09 12:42 PM

Incredible collection of photos. Big Picture FTW.

Posted by Cameron Moll January 21, 09 12:42 PM


Posted by Zac January 21, 09 12:43 PM

Absolutely stunning. Congratulations.

Posted by AJ O'Flaherty January 21, 09 12:43 PM


Posted by Johan van der Holt January 21, 09 12:44 PM

This is an amazing collection of photos documenting a truly historic day.

Posted by RickO January 21, 09 12:45 PM

As I watched this yesterday, I couldn't help but think "Man, i can't wait till 'The Big Picture' gets some photos up.

It was a pretty amazing day, and it's so easy to get consumed at how great it feels to be a part of this democracy.

Posted by Andres January 21, 09 12:47 PM

What would be in the envelope left by W.? (last photo)

Posted by l3utterfish January 21, 09 12:47 PM

wow. its amazing. the last picture makes me curios.

Posted by mike. January 21, 09 12:48 PM

He's our hope, too.
Federico (from Italy)

Posted by Federico January 21, 09 12:49 PM

Wonder what that folder in the last picture contains... Great pictures by the way!

Posted by Korpil January 21, 09 12:50 PM

#42 somehow seems the most striking.

Posted by M. January 21, 09 12:50 PM

These are amzing photos - thank-you and all others for capturing this moment in our history. Welcome #44!

Posted by Jennifer Rembisz January 21, 09 12:50 PM

I didn't even watch the swearing in ceremony of our own national leader but I made sure I watched this one :).
Excellent pictures as usual. You guys are putting Nat Geo to shame :)

Posted by Mos January 21, 09 12:51 PM

..when we can say: a page of History

Posted by January 21, 09 12:52 PM

These are great photos, especially love #20.
So pleased to see Obama take over, a great day.......... he gives hope to the entire world !

Posted by Aisling January 21, 09 12:53 PM

This is just an amazing series.... I wonder what theworld is going to look like in a couple of years ...

Posted by Tim January 21, 09 12:53 PM

amazing, just like post-9/11 the world's eyes are on us in a supportive light, lets hope we down fowl it up again.

Posted by Kevin January 21, 09 12:53 PM

25-28 Must be the most favorite of majority of World Population !

Posted by Ben Jacob January 21, 09 12:53 PM

the world is watching us more then ever now, i really hope we dont letthem down again.

Posted by 66577 January 21, 09 12:53 PM

Was waiting for an assassination attempt the whole time.

Posted by David January 21, 09 12:53 PM

Picture 3 is a really great part of this compilation! Great use of satellite imagery in addition to the traditional photography in order to capture the magnitude of the number of people who were present at the national mall.

Posted by Eric Hill January 21, 09 12:54 PM

awesome photos. Thanks for this.

Posted by Jeffrey Jose January 21, 09 12:54 PM

#46... Oh the look :)

Posted by Stefan January 21, 09 12:55 PM


Posted by Mike Mella January 21, 09 12:56 PM

That folder is funny. I wonder what's in it. I can almost see a list of instructions haha.

Great photos! I really enjoyed looking at them all.

Posted by Khristopher January 21, 09 12:57 PM

#5 is so impressive... You need to be a giant mentally to keep cool under such a pressure. And he's a giant !

Posted by Olivier (France) January 21, 09 12:58 PM

Number 3 is amazing, I've never seen anything depict our species in such a way. If they all walked away invigorated and enthused, then the first steps are taken.

Posted by ChuckZed January 21, 09 12:58 PM

Wow! It's the dawn of a new era! My heartfelt thanks to all the Americans who voted this man into power. He raises the bar for all our elected officials. The pictures are amazing, thank you!

Posted by Yanik January 21, 09 12:59 PM

Wow! America is special again!

Posted by Jason C January 21, 09 01:00 PM

What a fantastic perspective these photos give us of our place in the world. They brings tears to my eyes. Welcome back.

Posted by Claudia Chang January 21, 09 01:01 PM

"It's an exciting time for America right now, if not the world." [2]

Posted by Oliver - Brasil January 21, 09 01:02 PM


Posted by boby the frenchy January 21, 09 01:03 PM

Impressive crowds. #39 is cool.

Posted by Elisabeth January 21, 09 01:03 PM

Well done! I was looking forward to seeing what you put together for Inauguration Day, and you did not disappoint!

Posted by Chris January 21, 09 01:03 PM

Are THEY leave him to do the right things? Or he will have the luck of president kennendy? He looks smart and strong. I hope for the best. Allo from Greece.

Posted by peter January 21, 09 01:03 PM

photo 27 already was in January 19's post

Posted by didou January 21, 09 01:04 PM

The collection of photos is down right perfect. Certainly, this is why it's so great to be human.

Posted by Kloche January 21, 09 01:05 PM

Great photos, especially the satellite ones, also the letter-photo is great!

Posted by Markku January 21, 09 01:06 PM

Incredible pictures, as always, but especially 2 and 5.

@21: What's on that wristband?

Posted by frenetix January 21, 09 01:07 PM

Trying hard not to weep here at work. You've topped yourself this time, Big Picture.

Posted by brittney January 21, 09 01:08 PM

Wow. Such great photos and ones I haven't seen before. Great job - I especially loved the Guantanamo photo.

Posted by Ryan January 21, 09 01:08 PM

This is the best photo blog there is. Wonderful set of photos!

Posted by Daniel January 21, 09 01:09 PM

Definitely #23. That says it all.

Posted by DP January 21, 09 01:12 PM

I like #48... can't exactly explain why, but I like it.

Posted by Nathan January 21, 09 01:12 PM

These photos highlight the impact that the American President has on the entire world, not just the USA. It's an awesome responsibility and opportunity. Good luck, President Obama!

Posted by Joel Collins January 21, 09 01:14 PM

Photo 25, I immediately noticed the connection between each couple, Michelle at the same level with Obama and holding his hand, while Laura hangs on Bush's arm without upright posture. The body language is telling of one's role as first lady, and the role-to-come of the other...

Posted by Michael D. Barton January 21, 09 01:16 PM

Great job! Thanks for all your hard work in making this such a wonderful site.

Posted by Anne S January 21, 09 01:18 PM

wow. those were beautiful. I love every photo.

Posted by adam jackson January 21, 09 01:18 PM

Yeah, we did it. Now let's get to work...

Posted by Watty January 21, 09 01:19 PM

What does the note below the folder on the side of the Resolute desk say? I see can make out one word: "QUEEN." Anyone know where this is posted online?

Posted by Noah January 21, 09 01:21 PM

Wow, what a great set of pictures. The amount of people in DC was insane.

Posted by Eric January 21, 09 01:22 PM

As a European, as a man, as a citizen of the world, today I feel proud of you American people. For restoring the dream.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 01:24 PM

An inspiring speech and a great day of hope to everyone of us around the world.
Mr President

Posted by cruz January 21, 09 01:27 PM

Beautiful Pictures! The last one is great, and the people look like ants in the fourth picture.

Posted by Hans Trautlein January 21, 09 01:31 PM

photos of this quality don't often make it to the web. thanks so much for these, really well done. Obama!

Posted by YellowShark January 21, 09 01:32 PM

God bless America.

Posted by David Moreno January 21, 09 01:33 PM

re: my coment #19
meant to say that pic #23 was my fav !
This pic truly says it all

Posted by Aisling January 21, 09 01:33 PM

Fantastiques photos !! Impressionnante compilation !! Bravo.

Posted by Gérard Beullac January 21, 09 01:35 PM

It still makes me weep

Posted by Bear January 21, 09 01:41 PM

As always Great picutures of a historic moment in US history!
Great Job Allen

Posted by Grumpytech January 21, 09 01:46 PM

54 - it says

" H.M.S. RESOLUTE forming part of the expedition sent in search of SIR JOHN FRANKLIN IN 1852, was abandoned in latitude 74 degrees 41 minutes N longitude 101 degrees 22 minutes W on 15th May 1854. She was discovered and extricated in September 1855 in latitude 67 degrees N by Captain Buddington of the United States Whaler GEORGE HENRY.

The ship was purchased, fitted out and sent to England as a gift to HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA by the PRESIDENT AND PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES as a token of goodwill & friendship. This table was made from her timbers when she was broken up, and is presented by the QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES as a memorial of the courtesy and loving kindness which dictated the offer of the gift of the RESOLUTE."

Posted by Bruce Zimmerman January 21, 09 01:46 PM

Awesome, as usual.

#12 Looks like it's from Election Day, not the inauguration.

Posted by Glenn January 21, 09 01:48 PM

#33 was so amazingly good. Well done all around. Let's get started, people!!

Posted by Liz January 21, 09 01:50 PM

Merci pour votre fantastique collection de photos grand format!

Posted by Serge Beauchemin January 21, 09 01:50 PM

# 43 -

It is rememberance band for Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, who was killed in 2006 by a roadside bomb.

Posted by Bruce Zimmerman January 21, 09 01:54 PM

made me cry. thanks!

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 01:56 PM

re: comment #2
Dan, I think it's up to Americans and people around the world to improve their own lives. The best thing Obama could do would be to undo the past mistakes of the federal government (not just from the last eight years, either) and then get out of the way.

Posted by Michael January 21, 09 01:56 PM

Wow... gave me more and more goose bumps as I was scrolling down the page. Amazing collection of photos you have shown here. Thank you! :)

Posted by Dipen January 21, 09 01:58 PM

Amazing. From Russia with love.

Posted by bbgon January 21, 09 01:58 PM

# 40 -

Photo 27 is a photo of the new President and Vice-President (on the steps) - along with their wives & others - saying goodbye to the Bush famly as they leave for the airport and then on to Texas.

Posted by Bruce Zimmerman January 21, 09 01:58 PM

this is awesome. fantastic photography all around.

Posted by joe January 21, 09 01:59 PM

Great pictures of a truly historical event!
I wonder, is there a MacBook Air inside that envelope in picture #48....? :)

Posted by Gaute January 21, 09 02:01 PM

thank you, again

Posted by lImbus January 21, 09 02:01 PM


Posted by duncan January 21, 09 02:03 PM

Really impressive collection. Very inspiring to me. It's so refreshing, exciting, and stirring to see the people of this country love it again.

Posted by Andrew January 21, 09 02:04 PM

Congratulations, America, for getting rid of a certain way to destroy everything and for finally embracing the future. Now it's our turn, here in Europe, and elsewhere. We do have a few Bushes in power; in Italy, in Poland, in Czech Republic, in several other countries...

Too bad there aren't that many Obamas lying around. We sure could use some.

Posted by Jorge January 21, 09 02:07 PM

Brought tears to my eyes. i was there yesterday. 12 hours in the bitter cold.

Posted by Cathy B January 21, 09 02:07 PM

If you had edited out 4 pictures, you could have ended on #44.

Just sayin'.

Posted by David January 21, 09 02:08 PM

Mr. President is so in love with his wife #46
he's gonna be a great leader for the world. Obama brings back the hope, like President Uribe did for Colombia.
JuanMa (from Colombia)

Posted by JuanMa Osorio January 21, 09 02:08 PM

I agree #33 it's incredible touching.

Posted by Cess007 January 21, 09 02:09 PM

Ïïö, îí åùå íå ñäåëàë íè÷åãî, à åãî óæå êàê òîâàðèùà Ñòàëèíà ÷åñòâóþò. Áóäüòå âíèìàòåëüíû òîâàðèùè ïèíäîñû òàê è äî òîòàëèòàðèçüìà íåäàëåêî. :)))))))))))))))))

Posted by Dmitry January 21, 09 02:11 PM

Standing Ovation!

Posted by Diego January 21, 09 02:12 PM

as for what's in the folder:
When they forced Khruschev out, he sat down and wrote two letters to his successor. He said - "When you get yourself into a situation you can't get out of, open the first letter, and you'll be safe. When you get yourself into another situation you can't get out of, open the second letter". Soon enough, he gets into a tight situation, and he opens the first letter. It says - "Blame it all on me". So he blames it all on the old guy, and it worked like a charm. When he got himself into a second situation, he opened the second letter. It said - "Sit down, and write two letters".

Posted by traffic January 21, 09 02:13 PM

America has always been a place of miracles, opportunity, and freedom. Sometimes we just need to see it happen in unimaginable ways to really understand how much each and every person makes these moments in history possible. I am humbled and inspired, "GOD BLESS AMERICA".

Posted by Gregory Edwards January 21, 09 02:14 PM

Gorgeous. A great record of a great day.

Posted by simon smith January 21, 09 02:16 PM


Posted by Joke January 21, 09 02:18 PM

its amazing pic there is a good job

Posted by sunny pawar January 21, 09 02:19 PM

Thank you so much for this. It is beautiful in every way.

Posted by rebecca walker January 21, 09 02:21 PM

Àìåðèêà - ìåäèà ñòðàíà. Ïèàðÿòñÿ à çàòåì ïå÷àòàþò äîëëàðû, çàòåì íà íàïå÷àòàííûå äîëëàðû ïèàðÿòñÿ åùå. Ñòðàíà ïåðñîíàæåé èç ñåðèàëîâ.
From Russia whis love

Posted by Èâàí Ñàìîëîâ January 21, 09 02:23 PM

great work, koko, once again

Posted by jfbrehm January 21, 09 02:26 PM


Posted by Fake Shemp January 21, 09 02:30 PM

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Posted by Fayza January 21, 09 02:30 PM

Great photos!

Igor, Moscow, Russia.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 02:31 PM


Posted by Conor January 21, 09 02:32 PM

Braaaaain!!! BRAAAAIN!!!!

Posted by Fake Shemp January 21, 09 02:33 PM

wow couldn't help it. few tears came again. the good ones. amazing captures. happy new president America!

Posted by michael January 21, 09 02:34 PM

Barack Obama's love for his wife is one each photos of them. It's so lovely, and so honest.

Posted by Elise January 21, 09 02:37 PM

I have a computer program that identifies how many heads there are in the crowd. It's really simple to determine if there were, say 1.56 million people.

It's a shame that there are those who claim ignorance that it's 'impossible to know' how many people there were. That said, I don't feel comfortable sharing the info.

Posted by Rank File January 21, 09 02:37 PM

What amazing photos, these are! Looking though them made me relive the feelings from yesterday as I watched the inauguration: hope, happiness and just plain overwhelmed. I loved the pictures of people across the world that also got to witness this moment. This is not just a milestone in the history of the United States, this is a historical moment in the history of mankind, and these pictures document just that! Once again, great photos!

Posted by Brunna Rae Visalli January 21, 09 02:48 PM

#48 is a perfect ending, well done! I've been waiting for the Big Picture review since the inauguration yesterday...

Posted by Ben January 21, 09 02:48 PM

Who cares, robots will take over the world.

Posted by John Conor January 21, 09 02:53 PM

Re Comment #54: has the entire inscription on the Resolute Desk, as well as the story behind it. Not quite like National Treasure 2, but close enough.

Posted by Wikihound January 21, 09 02:54 PM

Fantastic photos! 23 was particularly touching.

"Wow! America is special again! Posted by Jason C January 21, 09 01:00 PM"
I'm sure Canada, Mexico and the rest of the Americas would dispute your sentiment.

Posted by Geoff January 21, 09 02:55 PM

Obama = Gorbachev. He will destroy the USA. Americans look like zombies.

Posted by Blur January 21, 09 02:55 PM

Remembered me Ukrainian orange revolution in 2004 - the same crowd and joy. In 2008 Ukraine is near dead. God help America.

Posted by Valiko, Kiev January 21, 09 02:56 PM

Preved medvedi!!!
Ya Russkiy i mne pohren

Posted by DimoSOS January 21, 09 02:57 PM

I suspect that envelope in #48 contains Mr. Bush's reading material over the past eight years.

Posted by Ben Rosengart January 21, 09 02:58 PM

Õàé æèâý ãàðíûé õëîïåö Áàðàê Îáàìà - íàäåæäà õëåáîðîáîâ Íèæíåãî Ìèññèñèïüÿ è íåôòÿííèêîâ Òåõàñùèíû! Íîâîå ìûøëåíèå â ìàññû! Âûâîä âîéñê îòîâñþäó, äèàëîã òðóäÿùèõñÿ è íàöèîíàëüíàÿ ñàìîáûòíîñòü, ðàçîðóæåíèå è ïðèõâàòèçàöèÿ, Hurrrah! Comrade Gorby is always ready to give some help on democratization, by the way Shevarnadze is also stil alive, being eager to help how to sell the Home Land.

Posted by Ëàáîðàíò January 21, 09 02:59 PM



Posted by korvin_korvin January 21, 09 03:00 PM

Perestroika, ballalaika, crysis, default... INCOMING, MEET!!!
From Russia whis love. ;)))

Posted by Black Gorbachev January 21, 09 03:01 PM


Posted by smusmumbrick January 21, 09 03:02 PM

#11,12 It's the Bush's mail forwarding address and the last electricity bill for the White House ;-)

Amazing pictures though.. I managed to miss it all but these more than make for it!

Posted by peterg22 January 21, 09 03:03 PM

Thank you for fantasic photos!

Posted by alex January 21, 09 03:04 PM

#12 What are those guys smoking?

Posted by fitzcharming January 21, 09 03:04 PM

I love the juxtaposition between #9 and then #10. Some these images are sensational!

Posted by Shelley Noble January 21, 09 03:04 PM

God bless you, comrad Stalin!!! Sorry,.. Obama!!!

Posted by Jan January 21, 09 03:05 PM

Great pictures, I'm continually impressed by the photos shared with us by

Posted by Phillip Solakov January 21, 09 03:06 PM

Obama look like Stalin....

Posted by Aksis January 21, 09 03:07 PM

Congratulations, America!
We should be on one side!!!

Igor, simple russian.

Posted by Igor January 21, 09 03:07 PM

Wonderful photos as always :D

Posted by LandmineSalesman January 21, 09 03:12 PM

The one thing, that makes me curious about all similar events, is what initiates all those emotions? Did Obama yet has done something except winning the elections? What are the results of his being the head of the country? Did he by now has any achievements as a president of USA which should make all those people so happy? All these photos look just like a religious ecstasy of the sectarians.

Posted by No Identity January 21, 09 03:12 PM

John Fitzgerald Kennedy also smiled

Posted by iskanderko January 21, 09 03:14 PM

wonderful pictures. Congratulations!!!
From today the world will change. Good luck Mr President Obama.

Posted by pietro January 21, 09 03:16 PM

A wonderful record of what will, hopefully, be a new, better era not just for America but for the world.

@11 Departing presidents traditionally leave a letter for the new incumbent. Presumably it tells them where the aliens are being held, who killed Kennedy, etc.

Posted by Miles January 21, 09 03:19 PM

God Bless America!

Posted by Shirley Hill January 21, 09 03:23 PM

Some of those are going down as the 'says it all' pictures of this moment, for me.

Posted by Rabbit January 21, 09 03:25 PM

#47 is awesome! I bet those folks were with us in Washington, DC on August 28, 1963. Those of us in my generation who were there yesterday shed tears of joy when Obama took the oath of office on the steps of a building that, in our younger years, was for whites only.

Black and white together, black and white togeter, we have overcome today!

Posted by Rev. Kathryn J. Riss January 21, 09 03:28 PM

I have been waiting for this update. You have captured this moment so well. Amazing moment in our history. Lets keep this feeling alive, Pick Ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Change has come.

Posted by Chris January 21, 09 03:29 PM

I Love a Handsome Black Man who has integrity!

Posted by Judith Dixon January 21, 09 03:31 PM

Why everybody is so exited?
He has not done anything yet!
What's wrong with you people?

Posted by Nemo January 21, 09 03:38 PM

Like 1 may in USSR...

On next innaguration should be parade of military technics :-)))))))

Posted by Leha January 21, 09 03:38 PM

I was there and it was a really special day. I'll remember that my entire life. These pictures are great

Posted by Matt January 21, 09 03:39 PM

Ca c'est vraiment fantastique. Congratulations President OBAMA!!! Je choisis d'ecrire ton nom en lettre d'or. Pour la premiere fois dans l'Histoire du monde, "Un noir elu president des Etats-Unis". Martin Lutherking devrait etre vivant ce jour-la.

Posted by Ijchade January 21, 09 03:58 PM

Let it begin...... :)

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 04:03 PM

Clearly he HAS done something. He's energized a nation and inspired the world. Hes given many hope. If he does little else, that would be enough. I imagine he'll do more.

Posted by jr January 21, 09 04:17 PM

Poor guy in #47 looks exactly like Robert Mugabe. I feel sorry for him. (The guy obviously, not Mugabe)

Posted by richie January 21, 09 04:27 PM

To all of those cynical neo cons out there, NOT doing anything would be an improvement to the last 8 years of doing everything wrong!

An Australian opinion

Posted by Nav January 21, 09 04:27 PM

There's no way Barack Hussein Obama can live up to these expectations. On earth there are no wonders.

Posted by George January 21, 09 04:46 PM

These pictures are not only amazing but have made me emotionally happy. What unity!!!!!

Posted by Fina January 21, 09 04:47 PM

Amazing as always. One last moment of tears over the power of it all. Now, onward to the real work of our rebuilding...

Posted by Shea January 21, 09 04:50 PM

[this is good]

Posted by timrocks January 21, 09 04:51 PM

Actually, in less than half a day, Obama has done a lot. Top of the list is taking steps to cure the scourge that is Guantanamo.

Posted by addicted January 21, 09 04:54 PM

Just wonderful!......thank you.

Posted by Susan Turner January 21, 09 04:55 PM

Excellent photos! I hope that coming time will be same. I wish the new president of good luck, courage and prudence...

Posted by Maxim Petrov, RF, Moscow January 21, 09 04:56 PM

Great job, Boston Globe and all the respective photographers! Thank you for this!

Posted by bill January 21, 09 04:56 PM

Uh oh, that looks like Scott McClellan at the helm of Bush's chopper in #26.

Posted by Andrew January 21, 09 04:59 PM

To 134:
I was there. What he has acomplished so far is to inspire us to believe that we can be the America that our founders had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. That is why me, a 70 year old man, endured the bitter cold and unbelievable crowds to participate in the monumental event. Our optimism and and belief contibuted to our behavior at the event. Everyone was patient, polite and exuberant. An amazing day! Look out, we are mobilized. ....... Thanks for the great pictures I will treasure them!

Posted by Emerson January 21, 09 04:59 PM

I've visited (and tweeted about) this site many times. Today, you have outdone yourself. These photos capture a proud (and humbling) collective American moment, and also show us glimpses of the rest of the world sharing in it. I just want to run out onto the street and hug the first person I see. Thanks so much.

Posted by Kristin Wolff January 21, 09 05:00 PM

Your pictures are gorgeous. I watched the whole thing but these pictures really made it extra great. Thanks!!!!!!!!

Posted by VickyAnn Paulson January 21, 09 05:17 PM

that dress michellle got on is fly i can rock that dress allday

Posted by ashley davis January 21, 09 05:20 PM

for those who are wondering what obama has done, read some history and then look at picture #23 again.

Posted by ron January 21, 09 05:22 PM

You americans have always something to teach us. Thank you. Amazing and touching pics BP! made me weeping here in Italy.

Posted by Francesco January 21, 09 05:32 PM

Thanks for the pictures. I love them.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 05:33 PM

frenetix, @21 the wrist band is a KIA (Killed In Action) bracelet. It is a common way for service members and family members to memorialize their fallen brothers and sisters, particularly for OIF and OEF. President Obama wears a bracelet given to him by the mother of Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, who was killed in 2006 by a roadside bomb.

Posted by Dan January 21, 09 05:35 PM

wow . congratulation barack Obama

Iranian People

Posted by Ali January 21, 09 05:39 PM

WOW...............very's not possible for me to not weep looking at these fotos. the aerial ones are superb, but all are very wonderful, poignant moments to remember!! thank u from vancouver, b.c., canada !!!

Posted by lorraine January 21, 09 05:46 PM

President Obama was so scared . I see fear/horror in his eyes. Anyway ,I hope and wish the best to him .God bless him and all of us!Peace!!!

Posted by Verdian January 21, 09 05:47 PM

I loved the pictures! They were AMAZING!

Posted by anesha January 21, 09 05:50 PM

What a Good Shots!

Posted by Kaveh January 21, 09 05:52 PM

I wonder how long the scene in picture #42 will last...

Amazing pictures, though I'm not a big fan of Pres. Obama. But, hey, America elected him, he deserves to be president for all of his hard work.

I wonder how long his youthful appearance will last. Most presidents age rather quickly in office.

Posted by sadglad January 21, 09 05:57 PM

What a magical blend of photographic talent and timing. Beautiful images, indeed.

Posted by Luis A. De Jesus January 21, 09 06:13 PM

Congratulations from France !

B. Obama will be a great president.

Posted by Dany January 21, 09 06:16 PM

Saddly many neo cons blame that all this obamania and happyness world wide is idolatry.
Since they love everything biblical I'd just like to remind them a very biblical teaching:
"When the righteous thrive the people rejoice..." Proverb 29:2

Love from Paris, France (you know the homeland of freedom fries)

Posted by We the french hated Bush before it was cool January 21, 09 06:22 PM

what an amazing collection of photos. Wow.

Posted by Web-Betty January 21, 09 06:26 PM

Interesting that Michelle wears no wedding ring.

Perhaps another "item" the liberal media will ignore, first ... Obama wasn't born in the US, second ... he and Michelle aren't really married ...

Posted by Bob S January 21, 09 06:27 PM

As a Navy veteran, pictures #22 and #19 were especially moving for me. These are wonderful, historic photos. The spectacle of the US celebrating our renewed joy in who we are as a people has been captured here so eloquently and elegantly. If President Obama accomplishes nothing else in the next 8 years, he has already done more for our national morale than anyone in the last 50 years. Now that it has been proven that the American Dream is for EVERYONE of us, we can go forward and get about the business of fixing our country.

Posted by cbrownvegas January 21, 09 06:29 PM

Great pictures as always!
# 36 : didn't know he was left handed!
love #48
to #118 : see

Anyway, this is HUGE, very positive and raises a lot of hope. You've made the best choice given the options!

a french guy

Posted by Jerome Noel January 21, 09 06:33 PM


Posted by TONY STEPHEN January 21, 09 06:34 PM

23 nuff said

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 06:37 PM

Amazing to see the pictures from around the world. It's a great story that you captured and the pictures are beautiful! Thank you for putting it together.

Posted by Dena January 21, 09 06:47 PM


Ì.Ñ. Ãîðáà÷åâ: "Ïåðåñòðîéêîé òåïåðü äîëæíà çàíÿòüñÿ Àìåðèêà"
07.11.2008 Gorbachev calls on Obama to carry out ''perestroika'' in the U.S.
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the Obama administration in the United States needs far-reaching 'perestroika' reforms to overcome the financial crisis and restore balance in the world.
The term perestroika, meaning restructuring, was used by Gorbachev in the late 1980s to describe a series of reforms that abolished state planning in the Soviet Union.
In an interview with Italy's La Stampa published on Friday, Gorbachev said President-elect Barack Obama needs to fundamentally change the misguided course followed by President George W. Bush over the past eight years.
Gorbachev said that after transforming his country in the late 1980s, he had told the Americans that it was their turn to act, but that Washington, celebrating its Cold War victory, was not interested in "a new model of a society, where politics, economics and morals went hand in hand."
He said the Republicans have failed to realize that the Soviet Union no longer exists, that Europe has changed, and that new powers like China, Brazil and Mexico have emerged as important players on the world stage.
He told the paper that the world is waiting for Obama to act, and that the White House needs to restore trust in cooperation with the United States among the Russians.

Posted by Snton January 21, 09 06:51 PM

Fabulous pictures! However, photo number 3 is mislabeled. The picture displays people gathering between the Capitol and the WASINGTON Memorial, not the Lincoln Memorial, which is further beyond the Washington Memorial.

Posted by Maddy January 21, 09 06:57 PM

Hope springs eternal! Congratulation President Obama and Vice President Biden!

(Thank you,, for putting together all these wonderful photos)

Posted by J. Caff January 21, 09 06:59 PM

Todos debemos pensar en optar por la esperanza y no por el miedo, buscar la libertad y aportar al cambio.

Atte: ChiquiRostro

Posted by Infosol January 21, 09 07:01 PM

congratulation for USA from Ukraine :)


Posted by Andriy January 21, 09 07:05 PM

i love picture number 46.
they have nice look.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 07:11 PM

Just fantastic. Your photos are amazing.
Chapeau bas! (from France)

Posted by Olivier January 21, 09 07:11 PM

I'm interested onthe invocation led by Pastor Rick Warren. hope you can include it in your coverage of the inauguration. Thanks.

Posted by r.ramillano January 21, 09 07:13 PM

Wow! Impressive photos.

Posted by Mishma January 21, 09 07:14 PM

GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Even the bitter idiots who just don't GET IT!

Posted by Michael January 21, 09 07:17 PM

Bob S:
I'm the most happily-married woman I know, and I don't wear a wedding band. It is nothing more than a symbol. What's real is obvious on the faces of those who actually know love. So trite of you.

Posted by proud to be an american January 21, 09 07:18 PM

For first time voters, yesterday was the best day of our lives!! these pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Posted by Susannah Import January 21, 09 07:18 PM

I didn't sleep nearly all night for watching the live - televised of Obama Inauguration ceremony on Phoenix Satellite TV . The scence was spectacular , President Obama's manner is charming and handsome , his speeches was inspiring and meaningful . Hereby congratulations Obama to be 44th president of the United States and may he lead the America to a prosperous and bright future !

Posted by Yue Guomin January 21, 09 07:20 PM

We liberated Chinese envy you unliberated American.

Posted by lmanpig January 21, 09 07:24 PM

thank you for the pictures...

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 07:26 PM

All this pictures are so pompous! They already start to cry, and that`s just the beginning of upcoming river of tears, unfortunately. Best regards from RF

Posted by tresspasser January 21, 09 07:27 PM

About Time

Posted by patrick Kenny January 21, 09 07:28 PM

of course I'm proud of Mr. Obama but even more proud of my country .

Posted by charles January 21, 09 07:29 PM

Hey Bob,

Since when is Hawaii not part of the US?

Posted by Yankee_Hotel_Foxtrot January 21, 09 07:33 PM

Yes,Great president......already spent $176,000,000 tax payers dollars on a party.He must of taken tips from the CEO's of the bailout corporations.....Hope and change yet a cabinet full of Clinton appointees.....But I do love the photos of his birth village.... ;-)

Posted by S P Hudson January 21, 09 07:33 PM

175th commet...perhaps it doesn't even matter...
but it got me thinking, maybe, just maybe, there are few good men/women on this planet. pictures broought tears to my eyes. great idea to capture it in this way. congrats!

Posted by underexposed January 21, 09 07:35 PM

Pathetic that so many people go to watch the inauguration of yet another corrupt, lying president. Its amazing how people will blindly support someone just because of their status, party affiliation, or even his unpromising call for change. Hah..

Posted by j January 21, 09 07:35 PM

It amazes me that even after the inauguration, even after hearing his inspiring words and seeing these beautiful photographs, that naysayers continue to spread rumors, post outright lies, and dismiss Obama with blatant hatred. Some people can never be happy.

Posted by Gobo January 21, 09 07:36 PM

Fantastic record of the event.... Can you imagine getting boo'ed out of office like #43 did?....

God bless our new leader

Posted by tom January 21, 09 07:37 PM

One Love, One Love, lets get together and be alright.
It's good to see America is growing and becoming more consciencious.
May the force be strong with us. hehe.

Posted by Rick January 21, 09 07:38 PM

makes me weep, the greatest day in American history

Posted by Kyle January 21, 09 07:40 PM

i love the picture of bushes helicopter flying away and everyone's waving lol its my new wallpaper

Posted by JoAnna January 21, 09 07:40 PM

this is the best friggin place on the web for great photo essays on current events. thank you so much, Big Picture!

Posted by Jake January 21, 09 07:45 PM


Posted by Liz January 21, 09 07:46 PM

Thank God!

Posted by naseem January 21, 09 07:46 PM


Posted by Larry D. Merritt January 21, 09 07:51 PM

"May God Bless You" and Congratulations

Posted by Anthony Porter January 21, 09 07:54 PM

The joy that I feel as an American after each moment, day, picture, conversation, and smile knowing that Barack Obama is our nations president just brings tears of joy to my eyes!! Such great photographs to share with the world!! Thank you and God bless!!

Posted by L. Nicole January 21, 09 07:57 PM

You can't help but have hope that President Obama will be as great of a president as he is a speaker. He speaks only in uplifting terms and intelligence and what his presidency has done and will continue to do is to unite the people of this world and encourage the youth of today. I feel hopefull that many good things are yet to come, if you believe it will happen and that is what he has done. I still mistrust our government but already he has made moves towards quelling those feelings, my hat is off to him. God Bless you President Obama.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 07:58 PM

Now the US Presidency means something, again! Thanks for the photos!

Posted by Stan January 21, 09 07:59 PM


Posted by CECELIA January 21, 09 08:03 PM

Great photos - informative too! Thanks to photo #47, I know where Robert Mugabe went on his vacation!

Posted by Brendan January 21, 09 08:06 PM


Posted by TERESA KELLY January 21, 09 08:07 PM

Did anyone notice that in the picture of George W Bush on the the plane there is a deck of cards in the cup holder? I have that same deck of cards and it is the pack where each terrorists face is on a card! HAHAHA. I am so happy we have our first African American in office!! IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!

Posted by The gay man January 21, 09 08:07 PM

These are magnificent photographs that capture the intense emotional transformation of America that took place when President Barack Obama made us all patriotic again.

Posted by Leslie Joyce Silberman January 21, 09 08:09 PM

Barack Obama sucks

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 08:10 PM

Not EVERYONE is brainwashed into thinking this is something good, something wonderful. It's a very dark day for the United States of America. The late previous presidents and our founding fathers have turned over in their graves.
I heard a black man say in a restaurant this morning as he was complaining bout this horror, how "all good things come to an end"

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 08:12 PM

Great photos!! very touching!!

Change ! Be proud of yourself Americans!!

BYP- Malaysia

Posted by BYP January 21, 09 08:17 PM

que groso el negro!

thank you for the big picture (y)

Posted by Laureano Endeiza January 21, 09 08:20 PM

Americans switched The Light on through Obama.Lovers of darkness are still determined to put it off but this time the light switch is beyond their evil reach.Shine on USA.Show the world how to be great.

Posted by walter redd January 21, 09 08:22 PM

1. To all that printed such negative things, from Ukraine, China , Berlin and all of the other places, I feel so sorry that you are such bitter people. I hope that Christ would touch the hearts of you all. The angry that still fill the hearts of people is beyond anything that I could ever imagine. I ask this question to each of you that are so negative, "if these things were said of you how would you feel?" The next time you decide to write something negative; stop and think would I like to see this in print about me. I truly feel sorry for all of you! Maybe one day you will put aside childish things and let us all come together for the better. Without LOVE there is no hope! Have a great day. I know that I am. Congrats to President Obama and First Lady Michelle. We are very proud to have you as our LEADERS!!!!

Posted by MJ January 21, 09 08:27 PM


They are smoking fruit-flavored tobacco. It's harmless (as much as any tobacco is harmless) and very common in cafes throughout the Arab world.

Posted by A well-traveled American January 21, 09 08:30 PM

It's terrible to see all these nay sayers on here.. We have been blessed with a President who is for all of us.. It is time for change and for African Americans to know they too can accomplish GREAT things in life... Also these two are people who truly love each other and not afraid to show it to America. This is the example that America needs to see and know.. They are the sort of family role model America needs to know as it relates to marriage, raising children and so forth.

Posted by Ladylove January 21, 09 08:32 PM

Never saw ANYTHING...except maybe Dr.King's "I Have a Dream" speech that was quite so UNIFYING. Black and white...together as brothers...the way it should be. Thank God...America is growing up. The World will benefit as a result.

Posted by daMonstah January 21, 09 08:32 PM

great one!!hail to pres. Obama!!

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 08:34 PM

How sweet it is to see that GOD! has BLESSED US! with a wonderful president and a ON-POINT-FIRST LADY!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM!!!!

Posted by MS. DIVA January 21, 09 08:35 PM

Wonderful pictures!!!! Congratulations American citizens!

Posted by Kamilya January 21, 09 08:37 PM

How sad that some people are still trying to make our new President look bad. The rest of us are enjoying the hope he has brought to us that America can become what our Pledge of Allegiance has promised all along. Over the years I have almost choked on the words "Liberty and Justice for All", because I knew they weren't really true. Before you accuse me of being unAmerican, my people, black white and brown, have been here since before America was a country, and my ancestors and relatives have always fought when America needed them. My son is in Basic Training now. I love my country, but that doesn't mean that I've been unaware that we have many times fallen short of our ideals. Perhaps now at long last, America can finally live up to those ideals as much as humanly possible.

Now perhaps they can finally become true. If you have a problem with that, I feel sorry for you.

Posted by Laurie January 21, 09 08:44 PM

Greetings form Portugal, Mr. Obama. We admire you!! Let's see what you can do.. All the best!

Posted by Anymatron January 21, 09 08:46 PM

The moment really touches my heart!!!!!!!and the photos really awsome~~!!!!!!!

Posted by ivorine January 21, 09 08:47 PM

What has Obama done? Why are people so happy? Whoever takes over after Bush is change America needs to restore its dignity in the World. Bush has lied , put America down the toilet internationally, financially and morally, all in the name of the war against terror. Obama offers hope in place of fear. That is really something to celebrate. Lets all help to make his term a success for America and for our planet.

Posted by Nick January 21, 09 08:47 PM

Awesome photos. Thank you!!!

Can't help but be amazed by some of the backward dumb-ass right-wing comments posted here. I guess they would rather we celebrated all of their successes during the last eight years ... oh, that's right -- they didn't have any successes ...

Posted by Garp January 21, 09 08:49 PM

A very impressive set of photo's. They express without words what one heard all day yesterday as the news people and talk show hosts attempted to capture the emotion and dream that is the measure this our new President will be expected to achieve. His challenge is great. Probably greater than that faced by any man who stood and took that same oath. Not because we are in an economic crisis. Not because we have so many wars to address. Not because of anything more than the fact that he drove us to set the bar so high. I hope he has the courage and strength to climb up and more importantly not fall off. I pray that we will serve and do our job to assure his dream and our success

Posted by Philip Andreae January 21, 09 08:50 PM

love the photographs, keep up the good work Barack.,obama,obama.YES WE DID.

Posted by Dalano January 21, 09 08:51 PM

Excellent photo montage!

And to 169, hurry back to the sanitarium...your medications are waiting for you.

Posted by James White January 21, 09 08:51 PM

I requested pictures from Google but I never expected this much footage!!!! As an african american woman I'm so pleased and blessed to have the opportunity to witness this historical momment - without a doubt my daughter who is attending college is building a path for herself and will continue to move forward without any self-doubts - I only wish my mother was still alive to see this - when Dr. King was killed, as a small child I remember watching her cry endlessly into the night - I do believe that right now she is watching from God's house and is very pleased - God Bless

Posted by Gail Giles January 21, 09 08:52 PM

On September 21, 1963, I shook President Kennedy's hand at a groundbreaking ceremony for a nuclear electricity production plant in Hanford, Washington. I was thirteen years old and completely awed. Two months later in November of that year he was dead. Hope, for me, died that day. Yesterday, for the first time in decades, hope returned. Your wonderful photos, if they do nothing else, represent grandly that sentiment for me. To those who post messages of hate and derision here, your time has passed, your day is done, we now need to join together to repair the resultant damage . Whine if you must, but stand aside so the rest of America can get to work.

Posted by Jeff Curtis January 21, 09 08:54 PM

I am so glad that an african american is president finally. I took a day off to watch Mr. Obama took an oath.

Posted by Nyaboke January 21, 09 08:55 PM

It isn't so much Obama as done all that much that has us so excited. (Though picking really good people to help him is a really good start.) What we're excited about is a small town in Texas got back its idiot.

Posted by Eric January 21, 09 08:56 PM

All that, and for what? To mark a moment in our great American history when we so stupidly elect the village idiot, and then spend over $100 million dollars to party about it. At a time when our country needs a real man we get a pansy.

Posted by I hate Obama January 21, 09 08:58 PM

congratulations Mr Barack Obama you are one in a million Jamaica Loves you

Posted by Christine January 21, 09 09:00 PM

Congratulations America for your new president. Lets pray that President Obama will help initiate "change" for the better of all mankind. President Obama - GOD BLESS and all the best

Posted by Malaysian January 21, 09 09:02 PM

Idiocracy anyone? Nothing like seeing the masses love a hypocrite.

Posted by America Failed January 21, 09 09:04 PM

We must give this President a chance, where we are right now, our country is in need for someone to give us hope, and with just that hope we must give our President a chance (time). Change has started, and change will continue, make the change positive, so this change will make the road tried, tested, fixed or replaced but make the change and take the chance. This is right, this is what we have, and this is not just our choice; GOD the Father of my Lord Christ Jesus allowed our choice to become our President Obama (change). We are the people he works for us and with us and we as the people must come together now and work with him and each other. Look at all the History, great leaders, great countries, greatness came about because? Race is not an issue, people make the issues GOD chooses the individual, red, yellow, black, white, male or female check your history…..

Posted by MJ January 21, 09 09:08 PM


Posted by TERESA KELLY January 21, 09 09:09 PM

Dear God we thank you for this wonderful experience today. I pray that you will continue to bless our new President and his family. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Gods love January 21, 09 09:11 PM

do you know what hope is?
some of us have it, and also in regards to what president obama will be for americans and the rest of the world.
when you don't have hope, then you remain as you are.
but you're just a fish, right?

Posted by leilani January 21, 09 09:13 PM

America, July 4, 1776 - November 4, 2008
Hey everyone, he's half white. If he's truly African American doesn't that mean he's a citizen of Africa who came to America? They are welcome to have him back, those of us who have any intelligence to speak of do not want him here. I'm all for having a black president, I would just like one with morals, values, courage, experience, integrity, and a spine would be nice. I guess sometimes you have to go through a Carter to get a Reagan.

Posted by Not an Obama supporter January 21, 09 09:20 PM

Best pictures, for a best word!

Posted by César A. Rodríguez January 21, 09 09:21 PM

Live in the moment, enjoy this time, wish him well and be positive.
Beautiful pictutes of beautiful people !

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 09:22 PM

Beautiful photos and a proud day for all Americans for so many reasons! I cried as I watched him take the Oath of Office and become our 44th President. However, I do have a hard time thinking about the millions upon millions upon millions of dollars that were spent on 10 inaugural balls when millions of Americans are worried about feeding their children and paying their bills. Mrs. Obama's dress cost $3500, I read, and that amount of money could help a lot of people. Maybe President Obama should follow in the footsteps of Washington and Kennedy and consider donating his salary, or some portion, to the American people.....just a thought.

Posted by Jennifer January 21, 09 09:22 PM


Posted by VOTED OBAMA SINCE BEGINNING January 21, 09 09:25 PM

Thanks for the given great ,memorial pictures.
(Sriyantha B.-Sri Lanka)

Posted by Sriyantha Bothejue January 21, 09 09:26 PM

A veritable pictorial treasure trove of the single most important moment in the history of our none with each snapshot telling it's own story.

Since everyone will have their own perspective, mine is the new face of the president's protector, the ever present, ubiquitous, ever vigilant face of the Secret Service & whomever that gentleman is [photo # 40], from here on, we'll see his familiar eagle-like tare as often as we see our president, when in public.

An outstanding pictorial.

Posted by Mel Cragwell, II January 21, 09 09:28 PM

This is new breed leader. He is smart, direct, witty and intelligent. May he obeys God's guidance, conviction and wisdom as he leads USA. The whole world is looking at him in all angles, and every decision he makes will become part of the world history in the future. He motivated everyone with so much hopes for a better future....brighter days and success. May God use President Obama to advance Gods Kingdom and Divine Will in the midst of socially defined politics in our time.

Posted by Myree January 21, 09 09:28 PM

WOW! The best!

Posted by taosmesa January 21, 09 09:31 PM

Thanks for sharing the photos. This is HISTORY, something we all will never forget in our life time. All I could say is LOOK AT GOD.

Posted by K. Chandler January 21, 09 09:32 PM

Ah, the audacity of hope. For America, a beacon of light after the darkness. For Iraq, an end to destruction. For Afganistan, run, Obama bin Ladin. For Paris & other European countries, we really our your friends. For Africa, especially Kenya, may this election bring peace and stability to all of Africa. For the rest of the world, we have elected a president with all the right stuff. Be patient and be involved with the change.

Posted by Rosetta Hiranaga January 21, 09 09:35 PM

Great photos, there has been a wonderful energy in this country with this transition. I hope that it can be maintained and used to make this country everything we all hope it can be. Though I was pretty upset at the amount of religious elements in the ceremony. What happened to the separation of church and state. Especially with a global world and so many people from all over it watching us. What place does a specific religion have in a government event?

Posted by Rupert January 21, 09 09:37 PM

It feels so good to have a president who speaks in complete sentences.

My only question is, did all these people show up to listen to Obama, or did they just want to make sure for themselves that George really did leave the building?

Posted by Matt January 21, 09 09:38 PM

It means something that so many people are excited about Obama's appointment. I cry everytime I see the crowds and crowds of people. So many people putting all their hope into one person. He is just the President, he can't possibly fix all the past disappointment those crowds of people feel. At least not alone. We are the people.

Posted by Hawaii Girl January 21, 09 09:40 PM


Posted by Carlye January 21, 09 09:40 PM

bravo M . OBAMA

Posted by JOE January 21, 09 09:41 PM

to all naysayers -- when was the last time that the inauguration of a president was so eagerly attended and was so keenly observed around the globe? heck, it looked like the temp was 21F (-6C) in Times Square and there was still a mob of people out.

Posted by chudez January 21, 09 09:42 PM

These are BEYOOOOOTIFUL! Thanks for all your efforts to put these pictures together. And if anyone's wondering, photo #37 says "Good Morning (Mr. President) in phonetic Korean. Awesome. The world wished America well.

Posted by Julia January 21, 09 09:43 PM

#11 - That would be the instruction manual for running the country. Apparently W never read it but he thought he'd pass it on to the new guy.

Posted by In Favor of Literate Presidents January 21, 09 09:45 PM

It is so sad that you get all those negative comments from people like Nemo what has he done?? Give him, me and the USA a break the man has not even been in office a full 24 hours and already you are trying to do what the white folks in USA has done for so long keep a black brother down. But guess what God says and the people of USA says NO MORE!! The buck stops here and it stopped yesterday when our 44th Aftrican American President was sworn into office. Why can't we just enjoy the moment and pray that God will give him the wisdom, courage and strength to serve this country the best that he can???? God Bless American WW

Posted by Melanie January 21, 09 09:45 PM

Dear #193: we the people paid for that party (including my tiny little check) If you don't understand what just happened, then hang on 'cause things are going to change!

Posted by Mark January 21, 09 09:46 PM

Picture 30: All those kids are white. That's Bush's legacy.

Posted by Bill Kidder January 21, 09 09:47 PM

What matters to me is that he keeps all of his promises. He has a long and rough road ahead of him. I also feel that what the Rev. Lowery said yesterday was not right about the white people getting it right. I thought it to be very racist. If a white person said that about a black person all hell would break loose. It wasn't called for. The prayer was beautiful and moving until he said that.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 09:48 PM


I am with you all the way President Obama for the long recovery of our Nation.

Posted by Deena January 21, 09 09:50 PM


I am with you all the way President Obama for the long recovery of our Nation.

Posted by Deena January 21, 09 09:50 PM

Like I have said I am very happy that we now have Barak Obama as our President. But I do have one problem with all of this. Everyone is calling him an African American of that which he is, but I think people seem to forget that is is half White. All the African American people are so happy that he is our president and I could understand that. But no one is acknowledging that is half white. It doesn't really matter to me if he was the color of the rainbow.

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 09:51 PM

The pictures are wonderful.
What is pitiful is the blind hatred that pours forth from the frustrated minority, who just cannot accept that this really happened. Well, wallow in your frustration and hatred! History will remember those who rejoiced today. I am not an Obama worshiper at all. But I see that he is a good man, and I believe that he will try his best. May God help him to help America and the world in these difficult times.
And I pity you small minded, full of hatred naysayers.

Posted by Nabradi January 21, 09 09:55 PM

All I can say is WOW!

Posted by Rebecca Whiting January 21, 09 10:00 PM

Thank You for posting this pictures during inaguration of new President of the United States of America.....

Posted by Allen of Philippines January 21, 09 10:03 PM

Let us be hopeful at all times!!!!

Posted by Sister Therese Martinez January 21, 09 10:05 PM

La planète vous attendait Monsieur Obama

Posted by un parmi tant d'autres January 21, 09 10:07 PM

If you can not get excited over this time in America, then you need to move to Dallas with George W. He needs some help counting all the money he has made in the last 8 years by screwing it out of us. Wake up people, this is the greatest thing that has happened in America in a long time. Can any of you Bush people tell me ow many people were at his inauguration? I don;t think they stretched from the capitol all over Washington. Former Pres. Bush has ruined this country, I just hope and pray Obama can win it back for all of us.

Posted by brad alexander January 21, 09 10:07 PM

Hope...felt the world over!

Posted by Terri Kirschen January 21, 09 10:09 PM

God is smiling once again

Posted by Dorman Atwood January 21, 09 10:11 PM

The photos are very nice. Thanks for such a wonderful job. May God Bless You and God Bless America.

Posted by Ola January 21, 09 10:12 PM

For the first time since 9/11, I now genuinely fear for my country. Seeing Bush wave goodbye and lift off in Marine One has left a gaping uncertainty for the future of not only our country, but also my little girl. Will she ever see the Great United States of America in all it's magnificence? You moderates and liberal wingnuts got what you wanted, now sit back and enjoy while you watch your beloved president Obama trash the Constitution, unborn human life, and freedoms we have held dear for so long.

Posted by Nate January 21, 09 10:22 PM

Those who don't see the glory of the day must not remember that it wasn't ago that people were found beaten and murdered simply because they tried to register black people to vote. This happened within Obama's lifetime.

I don't think Obama is flawless (he's steady and smart, that's for sure, but of course he's flawed. And yes, of course he'll disappoint along the way). However, Obama is different from recent leaders simply for this: he believes in The People. He won't lead us out of our trouble; we will. That's the beauty of America, right there.

Thanks for these beautiful photos.

Posted by Alison January 21, 09 10:22 PM

Bravo, Boston Globe, this images are wonderful.

Posted by JPW - Australia January 21, 09 10:34 PM

Thank you for allowing to be #251 to express my comments regarding the 44th President of the United States of American. I feel he will be the BEST President ever for the JOB, a man of integrity, honestly, loyalty, the strength and ability to bring this country from the west coast to the east coast bring us back a Nation that can support the sick and the poor the homeless elect the man,who can people trust so help me can protect and serve this country not 4 years but 8 years until his term is complete. In god we will trust the 44th President of the United States of American, former USDA (Food Inspector) and Debt Collector. Joseph Ray Miller

Posted by Joseph Ray Miller January 21, 09 10:34 PM

how come all the negative comments has same ending "ANONYMOUS"

why don't you tell me who you are and where do you live???

If you pay attention "IGNORANT AMERICAN's"

French, Greek, Italian, Afgan, Iranian, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Nigerian, African, Brasilian, Mexican, Spanish, Malasian, Cambodian, Chinese, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SO HAPPY FOR THE USA.




Posted by real turkish man with big balls January 21, 09 10:36 PM

incredible documentation. thanks, photographers!

Posted by January 21, 09 10:38 PM

Great joy worldwide as America makes a major move toward betterness.

A note to all the wingnut hate-filled flat-earth knuckle-dragging commenters: glad you're around to enjoy the next 8 years, and keep us all aware of the dark storms of ignorance yet to be washed away by the sunshine of love, intelligence, integrity, and energy. Barack's going to be one of our country's greatest Presidents, and the thought that every bit of excellence he brings to the job strikes terror at the heart of your spiritual cancers is just a bonus.

Posted by Stanley Krute January 21, 09 10:38 PM

This is a good day ... The Lord God says put not your trust in man but in God. This is our call to stand behind our President and pray for guidiance . Take back our America ! God BlessYou President and your lovely family .

Posted by Maria January 21, 09 10:40 PM

# 193 & 195. I wonder if you complained or were so cynical when President Bush was inaugurated? (And I voted for Pres. Bush). Or is it just because this is one of or the biggest? The Inauguration is always a big deal, and part of this country. President Obama didn't invite more people or throw a bigger party than others. The citizens wanted to come.... because the believe in hope..... or they believe we need a change and this is the start.... or they wanted to witness history. One woman from Texas has been to every inauguration since 1953.

Posted by Jay January 21, 09 10:40 PM

These are not just pictures but they are historic pictures. I passed the link to everyone I know to see and reflect. Thank you so much for making us to see them and relive the moment.

Posted by Suleiman Orotta January 21, 09 10:41 PM

Three cheers for including the picture of 1968 Olympics, Gold Medalist Tommie Smith hugging Bronze Medalist John Carlos (& wives). How nice to be reminded of their courageous stand of defiance way back in Mexico City. Though I'm a whitie I was proud of them then and was glad to get a glimpse of them today.

All in all a very nice picture spread

Posted by peter m January 21, 09 10:41 PM

Very awesome!

Posted by Jen @ Eco-Office Gals January 21, 09 10:45 PM

I feel hope now, with trying to reestablish myself with my business. I know that god will give him the extra courage, knowlege and strength that he needs to pull this country back to its feet. I loved all the photos, they were so bright and inviting. Thank you

Posted by Diane Ford January 21, 09 10:46 PM

These were beautiful pictures.

Posted by Pamela Yancey January 21, 09 10:47 PM

These pictures make me cry! The world is renewed and a new age is dawning.

God bless America and our new President and First Lady.

Posted by Brenda Mobley January 21, 09 10:49 PM

people need to get their facts str8. 45 Mill of that money for the inauguration came from private companies NOT the government.

Posted by Steez January 21, 09 10:53 PM

It is our belief in God that has brought us this far and a prayer was answered in the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President. I totally agree with the President, that it will take all of us Americans to make a change in the United States and how the world view us and how we view ourselves.

Posted by 9A Ross January 21, 09 10:57 PM

I am happy for a new president. I am white. I dont care of his color. But i am so tired of the black making such a big deal out of it. I am 41 and blacks were in my class, I had black teachers, the black kids read from the same books. But thier scores didnt have to be as high as the whites. Hopefully this will change. The NAACP should not be aloud. Thier should be no Miss Black America. There should be no all black schools. We are equal remember. So close all these racist places. Then we can begin...............

Posted by sharon January 21, 09 10:57 PM

#3 is AWESOME!

Love the site


Posted by Dez Reavey January 21, 09 10:58 PM

To me, the pictures seemed to have caught the spirit of hope that has spread over the nation and the world...the desire for a new beginning. If we all work together, this could be the matrix from which comes good and thoughtful change. Will the USA continue to be feared and loathed, an outlaw state? Never! A new day is upon us.

Posted by Frank Lee Hopeful January 21, 09 10:58 PM

how can iget a copy of his speech ?

Posted by oce jones January 21, 09 11:02 PM

Oh WoW this is so unbelievable!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

Posted by CC January 21, 09 11:04 PM

Incredible collection of photographs, as expected from you.

Posted by James NomadRip January 21, 09 11:05 PM

i was touched by those photos. God bless America! Yes, Martin Luther King's dream came true. All for the best.

Posted by Dr. Nenita Tandingan January 21, 09 11:09 PM

Congrats The Obama family. Your speech was excellent together we can make a difference. I plan to fully support you and your family and do my part in my community to make a difference.

Posted by mthomas January 21, 09 11:10 PM

This man is pro-abortion, for gay rights, and is the most liberal politician I have ever seen. God can't bless an administration that so blatantly goes against His laws. He had nothing to do with this election. May God have mercy on all our souls - especially those of us who had enough morals and values to vote against Mr. Obama. Mrs. Obama once stated that for the first time in her adult life she was finally proud of her country. Well, for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed. America has proven that the character of a man means nothing. Making history meant more. Shame!

Posted by K January 21, 09 11:12 PM

make'sme proud to be a black&white mixed american now i really know my children have a real chance to be what ever they dream

Posted by eric January 21, 09 11:16 PM

I am really happy that he got it. I will admit, I was for Hillary, but when she bowed out and through support to Obama, I follwed! He seems great to me. Intelligent and unique. I don't understand why people don't like him. Is it because of his race? Get with the century. The minorities are fading away.

Posted by Cayce January 21, 09 11:17 PM

193... Your link goes to a fake document. Read the bottom where it says any alterations invalidate the document and then they redacted the Certificate Number so that image has been altered and thus invalidated. Now see if you can find a valid Certificate Of Live Birth... the kind that actually has the signatures of the mother, father, doctor, etc... not the kind of "Certificate" that can be printed on any computer.

Posted by Lenny Vasbinder January 21, 09 11:25 PM

Remarkable photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Posted by The Viking January 21, 09 11:25 PM

Wonderful set of photos, but... Having been there Tuesday, I'm quite certain the time mentioned (11:30am) for the satellite shot (#3) is not correct. I was in the ticket Silver standing section, which started behind the reflecting pool, and continued after the 3rd street break to 4th street (the closest part of the Mall to the Capitol.) It's hard to have much of a perspective in the midst of the crowd, but when I entered the section at around 8:40am, I could clearly see that the area between the reflecting pool and 3rd street was packed. Our section quickly filled up to become a solid block as well, and it certainly didn't look like there where any patches down the mall. Perhaps this is a shot from after the inaugural speech, when many folks left to try (in vain) to make it to the parade? I'd love to hear any thoughts on the matter anyone might have.

Posted by Jeff Kirsch January 21, 09 11:26 PM

My Goodness!!!

I'd like to say, Thank God we're still here..... I only hope that we can say that in 4years. I pray that we turn our eyes upwards and not to "just" a man. Obama is our New President and I am willing to give him a chance to "PROVE" he is President Worthy. His new job will give him some time to write his own speaches and not have to check with over 300 advisors to make sure he's getting things straight.
God Bless America - God Bless the "Americans"

Yesterday was a Sad day,. "just because he's the first Black President, we make this big deal..... I thought this wasn't about race or color, I thought we all had moved past that....I guess it will always be about race, I truely and honestly believe WE as a nation will pay until the day we die. I mean really, Welfare isn't FREE you guys, We all pay!! If you can work, and 80 % of those who don't ,CAN work and won't! Give us a Break, let us save the money we work so hard for. Don't rely on the government b/c that $$$, or check you get every month may stop one day..

I really do look forward in seeing how this present day America "changes" with Obama as President. I may not agree 100% with him or his ideals, BUT he is my president and I will give hm a chance to be the messenger of change.

Posted by Shelly January 21, 09 11:27 PM

Obama's inaugral speech was very inspiring. Now where's the one for the people who didn't vote for him ?

Posted by Matt January 21, 09 11:27 PM

If you dislike or hate President Obama, it means that you wish you were him and you envy his position...and his intelligence! All photos were WONDERFUL.

Posted by Rob January 21, 09 11:28 PM

This is MY America! You have truly captured the tapestry of hope weaved throughout this country. Let's keep it alive!

Posted by Maxine Appleby January 21, 09 11:28 PM

Martin Luther King Jr had a "Dream" and started "History". Barack Obama wanted "Change" and made "History". These pictures should be in everyone's home. It just goes to show the world that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!'

Posted by L'Tanya Smith January 21, 09 11:30 PM

I did not vote for President Obama. However, yesterday, I could not have been more proud of being an American. I do not care what color one categorizes him to be; call him the color of the rainbow for that is what he demonstrated by the Inauguration speech he gave quite eloquently. All of America should be proud, if only for the unity demonstrated by the crowds on the Washington Mall, even if you voted for John McCain. President Obama had the class and grace to commend Senator McCain for his service to our country, just prior to his swearing into office. President Obama is a class act. Hooray for America.

Posted by Julie January 21, 09 11:35 PM

NICE pictures ! GOODLUCK barack!:)

Posted by gian b. January 21, 09 11:38 PM

i wondered how they would get around him being sworn in with his hand on the bible,,,, guess we just got our answer! if word order matters , the hand on the bible matters ! he needs to be sworn in a third time , maybe they can get it right , third times charm ~?? i stayed home to watch , just to see him put his hand on the bible, and i must say, i was very much relieved to see him take the oath with his hand on the bible, and i thought maybe i was wrong to be worried since his election that he wouldn't do that . my first fear realized , i pray and hope my second fear never comes to pass, for it would be the worst fate this nation has yet to endure and may be the downfall of this great nation as we know it. iprprthistrhis pthis

Posted by soothsayer January 21, 09 11:47 PM

@176-I was there, the crowd did go all the way back to the Lincoln Memorial, though the photo only showed to the Washington Monument. There were still Jumbotrons from the Sunday concert, and people watched/listened on those as well as the ones between the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

@all the HATERS: American haters, I refuse to hate back on you. Firstly, because the Bible says "judge not lest ye be judged," and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ espoused turning the other cheek. Secondly, because your haterade helped get Obama elected. I know that for myself, every time I saw someone hating on him (for whatever reason) it only made me MORE determined to help him win. So go on and keep hating. Because haters make the world go 'round. Haters are here to remind those of us who are actually working to make the world a better place what we're doing. so thanks, for not letting us get distracted from our goals.

To non-American haters: Please mind your own business. I know that in the past, the US government has not followed this advice, but PRESIDENT OBAMA is already planning for the a gradual drawdwon in American forces in Iraq, and is planning to sign into effect the closing of Guantanamo Bay, JUST AS HE PROMISED. Further, yes, maybe PRESIDENT OBAMA does have similarities to some bad leaders in other countries. But that's because most leaders (bad or good) have certain things in common. He is a great speaker, and was able to motivate and mobilize millions. Clearly, this is a necessary quality in a good leader, but bad people can also possess these qualities. Heck, Hitler was a great orator, inspired millions, and got elected to office, after which, he proceded to become one of the most horrible goverment leaders in written history. He also successfully navigaterd Germany out of a horrible economic depression. That he did this while trying to exterminate a people and take over the world is beyond reprehensible.

People, President Obama is just a man. We supporters realize that, no matter how much you mock us with "Savior" digs, or say we're "worshipping" him. I'll remind you how much support frm. President Bush had. Those who supported him did so fully, and now Obama's supporters are doing the same. Please don't deny us the pleasure of of celebrating our victory. The United States' victory. The WORLD'S victory. Please don't mock or belittle the suffering and experiences that many Americans went through by demeaning or deliberately misconstruing what Barack Obama's election TRULY means to a large portion of the American people. My grandmother grew up in rural Georgia in the 30's and 40's. Her father was run out of town by the Klan. She went to segregated schools all the way through college, and watched her children get beat up ALL OVER THE WORLD, on Army bases placed on foreign soil to "liberate" those other countries, and "bring democracy and equality to their people" by the children of white American Army officers because my father and his sisters went to school with them and lived in the same neighborhoods. My grandfather was often not allowed to join his fellow officers in clubs and bars because he was black. My grandmother watched the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, and of Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr. I am SURE that she never expected to see a Black/African American/Biracial person get elected to the Nation's highest office.

Don't hate on us for having HOPE. Don't hate on Barack because he had faith that the American people would act in our own best interests. Like a schoolgirl said when her teacher asked what PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration meant to her: "Dr. King walked so Obama could run. President Obama ran so I can fly."

P.S. If President Obama does *nothing* more than give great speeches for the next four years, we'll still be better off than we were for the last eight. Luckily, I don't believe this is the case, because all you haters are MISUNDERESTIMATING President Obama.

Posted by a PROUD American January 21, 09 11:49 PM

Great photos of jubilation and festivities.

Around the world, every television was set on this global event and people are patiently waiting for the spectacular moment of the man that will lead the most powerful country of the planet. The prayers were so fitting for the difficult time we are facing now.

Faces of people, teary eyes and chanting of his name were really great an indication that there was full support of him from the US populace and the whole world.

We are hoping that he will really work to change the trend and face of global politics. And may God grant him the wisdom of Solomon and true discernment on how he could better advance welfare of the destitutes sectors in our society.

Congratulations Mr. Barrack Obama . . God bless you and your family!

Posted by AMADO L. BAUTISTA January 21, 09 11:50 PM

he is left handed

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 11:50 PM

President Obama,

Wish you all the best from bottom of my heart. We love you sooooooooo
much. When I see you on TV, Newspaper, I become so emotional, Country really picked the right leader for the broken country. We have full confidence in you and your team to fix the problem, and we are with you.

You have a beautiful wife (First Lady) and beautiful beautiful daughters. Good Luck.

Posted by Nita V January 21, 09 11:51 PM

I am still amazed by the amount of hate as I read between the lines of some of these comments. I think it has to more than just hate of the color of some ones skin.... There is a "game"(for the lack of a better word) called: Star Power. This game shows how people will do or say anything to get or stay in power. It shows how the evil comes out of the people you least expect to see it come out of....... It explains why there are still people who hate change......(google it and see see why some are afraid....)

Posted by Connie Morrison January 21, 09 11:52 PM

inspiring pictures! congratulations Mr.Obama

Posted by renganathan January 21, 09 11:54 PM

Todo el mundo esta a la expectativa de que tenga un gran desempeño en su mandato, pero necesitara de la ayuda de Dios y el mundo entero, Felicidades!!! siempre espero las imagenes de este sitio, son vedaderamente increibles.
Que dios bendiga a America y a los Americanos

Posted by Fernando January 21, 09 11:56 PM


Posted by LESLIE WORTHY January 21, 09 11:56 PM

om lots of people vote for him wow im so happy he is our president

Posted by amy January 21, 09 11:59 PM

Mr. Abama - realy afro-american pindos! Thank, God!

Posted by bannikov January 22, 09 12:02 AM

Finally hope for peace ...

Posted by Duke Duyck January 22, 09 12:07 AM

Thank you for beautiful pictures, and hope that all the best things will come to America with the wise leadership of President Obama to lead the whole country to surpass all of the difficulties that we are facing nowadays such as depression, global warming, climate change, wars and so on.

May God bless him, America and the whole world.

Posted by Vivian Nguyen January 22, 09 12:07 AM

Thanks god for this miracle .Yes we can .God Bless America we will survive again because we was almost died.I 'm so happy to have you as my President Mr barack Obama.Nice pice picture.

Posted by sergina January 22, 09 12:12 AM

Thanks god for this miracle .Yes we can .God Bless America we will survive again because we was almost died.I 'm so happy to have you as my President Mr barack Obama.Nice pice picture.

Posted by sergina January 22, 09 12:12 AM

Former President George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush

Posted by Hollis January 22, 09 12:12 AM

The photographs are excellent, similarly with the Change coming in, I wish the President of United States of America Mr. Barack Obama the best ahead. Let the President cleanse the system & restore diginity, morale & uplift people of United States of America in all spheres of their lifes

Posted by Prakash Venkatakrishna January 22, 09 12:14 AM

I first saw Obama 4yrs.ago after an interview & I said to my friend,"that s.o.b. is gonna be the next president" I am not political, in the least!, I live a different life & will continue to do so, but I will say this to all you nay sayers,if you cannot see the relief, the belief, throughout the world, that this man will instigate peace,that he is a man for all men, then there is something within you that is that is truly lacking, to those of you that love & believe in him,he is your instrument as you are his. be like a wave.

Posted by nishqua January 22, 09 12:18 AM

Truly an excellent capturing of the days events. Truly a memorable occasion. Never in history have the masses united for their president. He gives us hope for the future. As for those haters who wanted to see the country continue in a downward spiral, you all need your heads examined. Good riddens to the idiot we had, and welcome to Mr. Obama. We will all be praying that your plans to change America will come true in the years to come.

Posted by Dominic January 22, 09 12:19 AM

In God we trust - is the message on $ bills, I would state "In Obama we trust", God Bless America - Congratulations Mr. President.

I truly trust & believe Obama - President of USA will bring the required change in all sectors

Posted by Aruna Nagarajan January 22, 09 12:19 AM

I cried like a little baby because I never thought it would happen in my years of living I thought it was going to happen when my children's children children generation. I want to know how do the poor people help. What can we do the low income people us who live in the projects how can we help.

Posted by ppjctlouisianahood January 22, 09 12:22 AM

Congratulations OBAMA! Firebaugh Middle School loves you! We are excited to see the great changes you have in store for us.

Posted by Maria Miranda January 22, 09 12:23 AM

8 years ago when Bush was elected I just knew the US had taken a bad turn. Call it intuition or a hunch (maybe it was just the fact that we already had a Bush president and his father no less). Sure enough, these past 8 years has convinced me to trust my gut feelings. This time around, we have a man who is pushing positive change, who has brought renewed hope to many people throughout the world, is aware of the flaws of our institutionalized systems and seeks to correct them, has extended his hand out to those who doubt him, and has shown that he can improve the image of America to the eyes of the world. Can this be real?

Time will tell...

Posted by doordonotthereisnotry January 22, 09 12:25 AM

Unbelievable! Absolutely Fabulous! Thanks for sending this out! It is going to be a great 8 years... Yeah! May God Bless our Country and the First Family!

Posted by Heather Keane January 22, 09 12:34 AM

Beautiful photos. I trust the man, and can see he has a great heart. I expect nothing but improvement throughout the states and the world.

Posted by Ryan January 22, 09 12:36 AM

#42 ... is probably my favorite... the picture removal of the VILLAGE IDIOT...
FYI ... The inauguration balls were most likely financed by the army of LOBBYISTS (currently at least 15,000 strong)... So for Obama to overcome them would be an amazing feat!

Posted by Pierre January 22, 09 12:40 AM

It amazes me how people are so set in their ways. How do you call another person a village idiot when this is your Mr. President? Of course, I am sure that you are quick to say, "Well, he is not my President." Get over it. Not a single person has a right to judge this man. If you didn't like the fact that he could become President, then you should of started a campaign yourself or help to get another party in office. Instead of casting names, you should be proud that your country just might be headed towards a change or in the right direction. Over a million people came to see Mr. President take his oath and there was not one single arrest. Does that not say anything? Well, it should. Give the President a chance to do his job. It will not happen over night and anyone who thinks it will, those are the ones you should be calling an idiot because this is a process that is going to take time. May God bless our President and the people of America.

Posted by Nrjcochran January 22, 09 12:41 AM

After reading a few posts unhappy with the election results and the current president, I have to caution them against calling Obama an idiot. Far more than half this country and an overwhelming majority of the rest of the world will find irony in anyone who voted for Bush twice calling Obama an idiot. We all owe Dan Quayle an apology, as time has shown him to be only the second biggest moron in modern American politics.

Posted by Sean January 22, 09 12:42 AM

Heartiest Congratulations Mr. Barak Obama for this wonderful achievement. Since you made the history by getting into the white house, I hope you will make history by your Sensible reign as well. All the best.

Posted by Sreekumar H January 22, 09 12:45 AM

Ultimate shots taken, emotions are flowing thru these.

Posted by Sanjeev Mishra January 22, 09 12:46 AM


Posted by UCHENNA January 22, 09 12:46 AM

the envelope contains a warning about the white house pretzels

Posted by sean January 22, 09 12:46 AM

Beautiful photos worth keeping not only a lifetime but for the future generation. I am deeply touched by the moving spirit of humanity... and the realization that it is possible to bind people of all races and creed into one heart, one soul.
I just find it so hard to print the pictures on my computer. I hope someone can send me a clearer copy of the oath-taking, the First Couple dancing during the inaugural ball and the view of the Capitol.

Posted by Isabelina January 22, 09 12:53 AM

Very nice photo.
In god we trust.

Posted by KHASHAYARD DANESH PAZHOOH January 22, 09 12:56 AM

Great photo's on a great day!
God Bless PRESIDENT Obama

Posted by Ben January 22, 09 01:01 AM

Beautiful photos. 100 KB look like 10 MB. They als have great meaning to me.

Posted by Joseph Conley January 22, 09 01:03 AM

Brilliant. Thank you.

Posted by Tracey Williams January 22, 09 01:13 AM


Posted by nicola c January 22, 09 01:17 AM

#278, that was very well said. To answer your question, there were 400,000 attending Dubya's second innauguration, while 1,400,000 attended President Obama's yesterday. I didn't get a number of the attendees from the first time Dubya was (ahem!) "elected."

Posted by RHDP January 22, 09 01:24 AM

Here's to a new direction in American history, one that returns us to honor, respect, and truth--and moves us forward into the new millenium. These photos brought goosebumps, chills, greater than any personal happiness, hope stronger than any misguided fear. Thank you.

Posted by proud to be an american January 22, 09 01:31 AM

i love the aweswome...i am sure you are going to win some awards with this display...very nice indeed!

Posted by xoe January 22, 09 01:36 AM

So, now America loves BO

Posted by BO January 22, 09 01:49 AM

What a amazing pictures. Thanks for posted those images.

Posted by alaguraja January 22, 09 02:18 AM

How boring it would be with a handful supporters if the Maverick John was the one to be inaugurated and not that one.
Ashley B.

Posted by Bob Ashley January 22, 09 02:27 AM

Bible says, there are there important things, 'Faith, Hope and Love'.
I think President Barack Obama has awaken in each of our hearts to these essences.
Faith that moves mountain, Hope that sees over the rainbow, Love that embraces and leads us all there.

Congratulation to you, the new President and Vice President of The United States of America. God bless you all and your cabinet members.

Posted by pauline January 22, 09 02:27 AM

346 and 347 reread the comment it said the picture REMOVAL of the village idiot...the picture being removed was BUSH!!! Oh yes and I love love loved the pictures they were absolutly amazing. I'm hopeful for the next 4 to God willing 8 years. Hate has gotten us nowhere, lets begin to be kinder to one another. Acknowledge people as walk past them, smile at someone when yours eyes meet rather than quickly looking away we are all human beings lets treat each other the way we want to be treated. Lets make Pres Obama proud!

Posted by Charchar January 22, 09 02:36 AM

Great pictures as usuall. Fantastic.

Did you see all roofs on the pictures. I guess they should be filled with solar-panels. Just like the Vatican did before.

Posted by Erik van Erne, Milieunet Foundation January 22, 09 02:41 AM

#23 say a lot.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 02:41 AM

For all you haters out there!---------For godsakes, Give the man a chance, he's only human. Have some faith! He seems sincere, and I beleive he's got a good heart, and truly is for the people, not one race, all races. I really beleive he will give it his all! Best Wishes to our new President Mr. barrack obahma and his Family*** CMP ARIZONA

Posted by colleen paxton January 22, 09 02:51 AM

The US election was held at the same time as our own here in New Zealand. But I was far more interested in what went on in the US, and the effect this would have on the world. Now that President Obama is in power, it's time for him to set to work and achieve everything he has promised.

The new President Obama has inspired a nation, and the world, to have hope, to look forward and be a positive force for change. That hope can clearly be seen in these photos. In the face of each and every person.

Posted by @rachel_a January 22, 09 02:53 AM

Ololo, so don't tell us tales about Stalin!

Posted by Nikita January 22, 09 02:59 AM

All the best to Obama! Let everyone's good hopes will come true.

From Russia.

Posted by A. January 22, 09 03:25 AM

Just Great !!

Posted by Radha January 22, 09 03:27 AM

He hasn't done anything yet. But when he do something with your economics and your dollar, you'll be sorry!
Hello, mr. Obama! Good bye, Dollar!

P.S. All those photos remind me "South Park" cartoons.

Posted by Russia Online January 22, 09 03:31 AM

The Greatest Human Being!

Thank God Obama has worn the US Presidency, and, regardless of what he does or doesn’t do thereafter:

He has passed the toughest test any human being has ever passed;

He has passed through the eye of the needle;

He is the greatest monument to democracy throughout the world;

He is the 9th wonder of the world;

He represents the greatest individual achievement in the history of human kind;

He is the greatest role model to the youth of the world;

He is the greatest role model to the people of colour throughout the world;

He is the greatest role model to minorities in any country in the world;

He has given the greatest sense of self-belief and hope to the disadvantaged people throughout the world;

He is not simply be the Man of the Year, the Decade, or the Century;

But is the human being of the Millennia before and after him;

He is simply be the greatest human being of all time;

He deserves and warrants the greatest recognition and honour any human being has ever merited.


By virtue of his father having been a Kenyan:

He has put Kenya on the global map like no human being has done or will do;

He will be the greatest contribution to Kenya's economic growth in future;

He will be the greatest tourist attraction to Kenya;

Kenya, are we ready to handle the tourist influx?

To Kogelo, the birthplace of his father?

To Kisumu?

To Nairobi?

To Mombasa?

To our game parks? And,

To all tourist destinations in the country?

Kenya, let us be ready to handle and coupe with this reality!!

Adrian Mukhebi is an Ashoka Fellow and Businessman in Nairobi, Kenya.

Posted by Dr. Adrian Mukhebi January 22, 09 03:33 AM

go Obama!!
i have faith in u!!

Posted by Georgia Thomas January 22, 09 03:43 AM

There could have been a three-legged unicorn taking the oath of office and the day still would have been a celebration, just to watch George W. Bush get out of Washington for good.

Enough about Bush - I hope I never hear that name again. As for Obama, don't be so quick to worship him yet. Let the man sit behind the desk and go to work. Know in advance that he can't do all that he's said he wants to do - nobody could. Know in advance that some of his decisions will catch you off-guard. Know in advance that he will disappoint you from time to time. Let the man be human, and expect it.

I'm happy to see something like I saw on Inauguration Day in America, even if I think people have gone way overboard in their deification of Obama. Enough fluff - now it's time to put all that energy to work, as Obama has called for. We saw what eight years of blind flag-waving does to a country. Let's see what eight years of individual effort can do for the collective good.

Posted by Steven Hass January 22, 09 03:50 AM

That was so much better than CNN.
Thank you!

Posted by Mil Joshi (Bangalore, India) January 22, 09 03:52 AM

I wish I was so exited as you are now. But I think the only job Obama will do is to say goodbye to USD and to say hello to some new currency, which will be the "best" joke USA ever did to the whole world. After that his job will be over. Unfortunately Bush wasn't elected fairly and with Obama I saw the same thing. Both of them were placed into the White House to do their jobs. Bush to rock the world, Obama to finish the history of USD.
I wish I was wrong, but I'm affraid hard times are coming.

Posted by Sergey (Russia) January 22, 09 03:54 AM

It is the victory of the morals.

Posted by shiva January 22, 09 03:59 AM


Posted by GLADYS January 22, 09 03:59 AM

thank you for these pics.....obama is great and i m a great fan of obama.........
now the change has come to the world........

mandy D
student B.TECH (ECE)

Posted by mandy D January 22, 09 04:10 AM

Wake up Boys and girls, he's just ANOTHER politician doing what they do best, herding the SHEEP. Get ready for more Govt. than you can handle. Big bros. is not watching anymore, He's freakin taking over. Remember your words so you can eat them later. Praise you give today will give way to ridicule tomorrow.. just as it has several times before. Govt. never CHANGES, it only gets better at hiding the truth.
Money is all that matters and we are all expendable, if you buy into the hype (which most of you have) then you blind yourselves from the truth. THINK about it, did a knight in shining armor suddenly appear to fix all the wrong? Hell no! It's just another illusion brought to you by the Greatest show on Earth...THE WORLD BANK & THE U.S OF A.

Posted by reality January 22, 09 04:18 AM

Very strong livefoto!!!

Posted by michael January 22, 09 04:24 AM

#26: Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out, brother.

Posted by Chrstopher K in Burbank January 22, 09 04:27 AM

Why do you people praise this man? What does he truly have to offer? He is unjust and easy to give in. He calls him self a christian, yet he says there are many ways to heaven. how foolish the only way to heaven is threw the one and only true King of all Jesus Christ whom I trust with all that is in me. I would never trust Obama he is weak.

Posted by Anthony January 22, 09 04:28 AM

The Swearing in of Mr.Barak Obama comes as a welcome change. However despite all the rehtoric surrounding his coming to the office. I would like to remind that we need to approach his policies with Caution. Mr.Barak Obama is just a part of the System that is already defined as What we know as "American Hawkish Policies" while dealing with all countries of the World. While he may be a black and he might try to be different than the Runof themill presidents of the past. It is to be seen how he handles the Ticklish issues of the world "Specially Middle East" and related to that the Palestine issues and the Problem of "Terrorism". What policies he unfurls to heal the wounds of Afghanistan and how is he planning to get Amercial troops back from Iraq.

Posted by Rama Subramanian January 22, 09 04:29 AM

Congratulation and Bravo Mr. Obama...We are all wanting to see the best.So let it all be good .We shall all together pray that you may make all decisions for the the betterment of the people and the country..

Posted by Elaine Fernandes January 22, 09 04:29 AM

If you want it, this can stay for ever. If go to sleep, there would be nothing of this left when you wake up. Watchout America, This was your hard work. Don't relent on it. It is up to you to keep it up.

Democracy, like justice and equality, is like anything else, such as weight management: leave it unattended and it will creep right back on you.

You can't forget that it took a lot of you to get him elected.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 04:29 AM

Seriously #253?! " the single most important moment in the history of our world"? A little over the top don't you think?

Posted by Kelli Wiggins January 22, 09 04:36 AM

All those who don't support Obama (all the racists idiots) why don't you just shut up because nobody wants to hear it, seriously. This is our time America....bravo President Obama!!! HE represents the TRUE American!!!

Posted by Lina January 22, 09 04:40 AM

I was shocked today to discover that one of my friends was actually afraid of President Obama and his assumption of the office of President of the United States. As someone who has spent the last 8 years sweating that someone like W had his finger on the nu-cu-lar trigger (he never did learn how to pronounce nuclear did he?) I found the idea preposterous, yet, his fear was real and palpable.

My friend had bought into and believed, each and every one of the mindless lies told by the mindless and jabbering Obama haters: Obama is a muslim (lie), Obama is a terrorist (lie), Obama will do whatever (Rice, Pellozi, Wright, the Three Stooges, Paris Hilton) tells him to do (lie). One after another my friend recited fear after fear that he had been living with since the election that had turned him from the happy person that I had grown up knowing into a frankly scared and frightened, ball of emotions.

What the heck? I could not believe what I was hearing. That someone in this day and age could actually believe everything that my friend had bought into.

But he had heard the lies repeated day after day, week after week, month after month until they had taken on such a weight that the joyous feeling felt by so many yesterday was lost to him entirely.

I let him get it all out. I started to ask him questions. I asked him about the real source of his fears. And what he really feared, as it turned out, was that we as Americans, now that Obama was in office, might somehow be called upon to pay for our decades of mistreatment of the African Americans among us as Obama would be forced to follow someone else's tune rather than be a powerful enough force to maintain his own momentum of power as President.

Yet my friend had never mistreated anyone of color. I had seen just the opposite of him. Still, he feared the unknown, he feared change out of his control, and Obama represented that unknown to him and it made him angry and upset. He also was under the delusion that President George W. Bush had done a fine job in office overall but for a few major blunders at the beginning of his first term. Let's let that rest.

What is significant is that I am sure that my friend, who trusted me with his fears, is not alone. We must not just insult those who attack Obama as unreasoning or stupid, but look to their motives. When those motives are based in fear, it is in all our best interests to allay those fears, because the worst atrocities are always a result of hate based in fear.

Yet of all people, we need fear President Obama the least of any leading American political official. He has the clearest mandate. He has the most overwhelming personal support, he has the greatest personal communication skill and intelligence of any American Political figure in decades. What is obvious to millions though was missed by my friend because of his fears.

He feared that Obama might follow the siren song of some radical crazy and divide the nation. Yet our new president is the most likely to unify, the least likely to divide, and the most likely to lead to reconciliation of any individual, black, white, brown or yellow or any combination thereof in decades. But my friend represents people who we should not forget, people who we must now begin to remember as the real work of the new administration begins.

What we all need to remember is the unity we felt yesterday. We will need to spread that feeling of unity to those who still feel disenfranchised. In doing so, we will be embracing the change we seek and need.

Thank you Boston Globe for the perspective your photos provided. We will also need some humor, because, the long term changes that have started are worthy, are wonderful, but are new, and to some are frightening as changes always are.

Let us remember that there are always those who fear change and reach out our hands to comfort those who are not used to being comforted, to be ready to include those who have never had to look for inclusion before, so that fear will not become the enemy of the change we so sorely need.

Let us also look to the future with humor. For it is humor which saves us from our inhumanity and confirms the joy that is the essence of the best goodness in our hearts.

Peter, Editor, The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire, Jokes, Commentary and Videos
A Safe for home and work blog.

Posted by Peter, Editor, The Peter Files Blog of Comedy January 22, 09 04:42 AM

I'm a Kenyan and wish to Congratulate Obama and all Americans for inspiring many around the world and especially for overcoming the racial issue, the few disenting voices not withstanding. Obama is the most credible man for the job at this time... BUT I beg to differ with # 339 Dominic. God is God, all knowing, always present, all strong and above human politics/weaknesses etc and can never be equated to any man/woman no matter the circumstances...leave the 'IN GOD WE TRUST' that way and God will bless you, your leaders and entire country.Your earlier veterans dedicated your country to God, why be emotional and change it??
Bravo!!! we all wish you well.

Posted by Steve January 22, 09 04:44 AM

Fantastic. Congratulations USA on getting it right this time. The effects of this are going to be felt around the planet.

Myree @ 254:
> May he obeys God's guidance, ...

May he not. May he not be guided by Bronze Age superstition. May he be guided by reason, evidence and science.

Posted by David Cognito January 22, 09 04:47 AM

I congratulate all Americans on a worthy choice. I hope, it will be the continuer of politics of Mikhail Gorbachyov.

Posted by Genrietta Kalmarovna Mudakova January 22, 09 04:49 AM

So much pathos! Everybody loves the Hypnotoad!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 04:51 AM

Thank you for sharing the photograph with the power only of this. It was

Posted by kelo@JPN January 22, 09 04:57 AM


Posted by Daniel January 22, 09 05:00 AM

There Should not be the Boundaries of Countries & Religion, There Must be only one religion i.e Humanism. I hope there will be some change we observe in all feilds.

Posted by Abhijit Patil January 22, 09 05:14 AM

It's a lot you are waiting for just a man... poor sheeps!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 05:21 AM

wish u all the best and success....with great honored and regardssssss
Obama .. go for it and show the world what you can do ...!!!
good support him we r optimistic with him

Posted by Ghamdan Mofarreh January 22, 09 05:28 AM

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images. Everyone on earth would be moved by this. God Bless America! xx

Posted by Rebecca Toomer January 22, 09 05:28 AM

As much as I'm not a fan of Bush, I couldn't help feel a little sorry for him.

Posted by Cyndi January 22, 09 05:33 AM

These are very, very beautiful pics. My best wishes to 44-th President from Kazakhstan.

Posted by Gabiden January 22, 09 05:39 AM

great work

Posted by JOhnny January 22, 09 05:46 AM

Congratulations to the American people, they only deserved the best!

Posted by Cristina A. Nabong January 22, 09 05:47 AM

Beautiful pictures! We share the same hope from this side of the Atlantic! From Stuttgart, Germany, the home of the real Pretzels (Brezel)

Posted by Oliver W. January 22, 09 05:50 AM

While it was indeed an important event and a new, fresh paged turned in the history book of the United States, it's by no means the most important event in the world. I don't hate America at all, but even though this presidential switch greatly influences much of the world, it wasn't that big of a deal to many people. Still, congrats to Americans for their wise choice. I for one find Obama to be a most charismatic and interesting person.

Posted by Jacob Nørgaard January 22, 09 05:53 AM

Thank you for this historical colection and congratulations to american people.

Posted by Peter January 22, 09 05:57 AM

Beautiful pictures. Very moving.
(btw, the caption for image #32 should read 2009 not 2008)

Posted by Dalton January 22, 09 06:00 AM

An astounding photo collection. Thank you for publishing these online.

Posted by Neville Hobson January 22, 09 06:03 AM

This is a great victory for American politics and for the whole world. The election of Pres. Barack Obama transcends a success crossing boudary on cultural and racial issues. We expect changes of the world leadership through Barack Obama.

The whole world regardless of religious beliefs and denominations, should pray always for this President, to guard him, give him the wisdom he needs to sustain the Presidency inspite of the myriad of challenges the world is facing.

May God used him mightily

Posted by victorino c. degula January 22, 09 06:03 AM

great pictures!

Posted by buraccio January 22, 09 06:24 AM

I thought I had no tears left. I was wrong. Your wonderful pictures had me in floods again - for all the right reasons. Thank you.

Posted by Venus January 22, 09 06:30 AM

Great photo album....i love it. This past few days have felt like a dream...I am overwhelmed. I am inspired to do more with my life. I am inspired to help others and get into the community. This man is a real person, not just a politician. As a black woman, I am proud of all Americans for seeing the person and not his color. I really want BLACK people to peel the skin of racism and be more trusting and accepting. There are years of mistreatment from others but if we want to move forward we have to reset our thinking and treat people how we want to be treated and truly love all people as GOD wants us to. Much love to all...

Posted by Nichelle Felix...FL January 22, 09 06:41 AM

This is a turning point for African's, if only we can come to gether and Identified our selves as Black (African) and stop the fighting and killing Amoung us then we shall over come. Let All African Countries Be Africa and Let All Blacks be Africans. Lets stop the segragation and War.

Posted by Christian Jimmy January 22, 09 06:46 AM

really good pictures,,,
every one have to see,

Posted by manoj January 22, 09 06:57 AM

really good pictures,,,
every one have to see,

Posted by manoj January 22, 09 06:58 AM

God Bless president Obama
Unated States of America

Posted by Demna Dumbadze January 22, 09 07:04 AM



Posted by IMEE January 22, 09 07:05 AM

It is interesting to me that President Obama's flub while taking the oath has been blamed on the chief justice. I do hope that our new president will do well by us, but I wish the media would quit lying and just report the news.

Posted by Sheryl Wolfkamp January 22, 09 07:07 AM

Congratulations Mr. President Barak Obama,,,,God Bless You and your family...


Posted by IMEE January 22, 09 07:13 AM


Posted by CCR January 22, 09 07:18 AM

I love the USA...althought I know not all is golden there ! I have friends in Virgina !
To make it short:
I have hope in Obama.....that he will do it better, inside the USA & for the image of that land, than Bush have done it ! I dont say all was wrong what Bush have done ! But in general all in all it was more negative than the opposite !
Please Obama......and Your men & women in the back, who have sth to say:
Do sth where America can be proud of ! Greetings from Germany !

Posted by tiger67 January 22, 09 07:23 AM

Congratulations Mr President. On behalf of my grand daughter and myself, I want to say that we love you and your family very much. My grand daughter has been calling your name before she could talk, she is now 3 years old and where ever she sees your picture she shouts" OBAMA", IT doesn't matter where. May God bless you and keep you safe always.

Posted by wilma January 22, 09 07:42 AM

he is so like my friend kid!

Posted by breaker January 22, 09 07:44 AM


Posted by Jacqueline Ross,---- Quebec, Canada January 22, 09 07:44 AM

I was one in the crowd at the mall when he was sworn in. It was one of the coldest days I can remember, I stood for over six hours, I could not leave my spot because I knew I would never get it back. And I would have not missed it for anything in the world. It is an event that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Posted by Hank Ramsey January 22, 09 07:45 AM

Beautiful pictures of an extraordinary event. Congratulations and best wishes to you, President Obama and your wonderful family.

Posted by Cindy Yoken January 22, 09 07:49 AM

I am so proud of Mr. Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the USA, God is awesome! I pray for blessings, peace and protection over the Obama family... Shalom... Miami, FL

Posted by Linda Jackson-Young January 22, 09 07:54 AM


Posted by ANGELISE January 22, 09 07:56 AM

Mr. President , Barack H. Obama, not just the multi-nationalities human , but a highly beyond super - human-being who has in his caring, and sharing given us, restoration of a newfound life of unity , caring for this United Statesof America, and internationally concerned of the world at large from your heart, unselfishly more-so than a grand number of others. As a two tour Vietnam Combat Veteran (1962-1964), A patrioic and " YES I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER ". I say " THANK-YOU " for restoring my faith in humanity, and unity. ( I since have placed back the United States Flag)...

Posted by Calvin Wilson Sr. January 22, 09 07:57 AM

This is the dawn of a new era in american and world politics.
President Obama is the right man to lead the United States and the world at this juncture in an uncertain and troubled time. His humanity shines through and generates good will in the citizens of the world. No, he can't solve all the world's problems, but he has the goodwill of the citizens of the world. That is a healthy starting point. Good Luck Mr President and may you have the wisdom and humility to lead .

Posted by Dele, London. UK January 22, 09 08:15 AM

So much responsibility has been placed on your shoulders. Please know Mr. President that we stand beside you during this unsettling time. You have filled us with hope and collectively we thank you for your decision to lead us. Thank you Mr. President.

Posted by troll08 January 22, 09 08:15 AM

nice pic we hope God will direct him,for he chooses leaders and lead them.we are just human and we are bound to mistakes so any mistake should be accepted with joy and look for a solution.we hope with this racism will be abolish and the world will be as one nation BRAVO PRESIDENT Obama and we hope God will give you wisdom as you serve the people of USA and the world

Posted by KAKA NGEME January 22, 09 08:16 AM

Congratulatoins Mr.President ..................

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 08:19 AM

A truly wonderful and beautiful sight to beholds ones eyes, to hear the loving and committed word uttered from this great man, he is truly a blessed individual. May god bless him, and care for him through his historic and fabulous adventures he is about to travel. He is just a man foremost, but a caring one whom will do his best to do right by his people, his country and the world. This is an amzing time for man kind. The world should and must give him their support so that the changes will be a wonderous thing for all! Barack Obama a true life historian.
One love, one nation!!

Posted by Deborah Ryvers January 22, 09 08:32 AM

I guess he was most fit for the job, considering the other contestants in the running for president. I hope he lives up to his words, 'cause words are still only words and nothing else. He has to live up to a lot of expectations and promises, but above all, he's now responsible for one of the greatest messes in the whole of the world, called "United States of America". I wish you thebest of luck, sir Barack Hussein Obama.

Posted by Wesley January 22, 09 08:39 AM

Stop hoping for miracles people, Obama inherited a big pile of crap after W. left the building. The United States are losing their role as leader of the world, I think that the only way to restore it is to start a new war. General Motors is going down, Ford is going down, Chrysler is going down etc... The Chinese are just waiting for it to happen so they can take over those companies. Sadfully Americans can't stand losing something, and I think there's a great probability that you'll take back what you've lost by force. Don't get me wrong, I've been to the US for holidays twice and I'm not against you or anything, but I do think that the country is going to show it's true colors over the next few years (and it's not going to be pretty).

Posted by Bas January 22, 09 08:42 AM

Congratulations to the American people by chosing Mr Obama as their 44 president, and let's pray that he is able to restore what's demolished by nr.43

Posted by Joseph Berkwood January 22, 09 08:43 AM

I'm glad you are President Obama & already working the country's problems.I really enjoyed your Inauguration address telling us to dust off so we will move on & quoting George Washington.I know you are the right man for the job. Your my county's President & I'm very proud you are. I will support you & my country,this is a great day.I pray to GOD -JESUS CHRIST to protect you & your family.I wish you great success I believe you will be one of our greatist Presidents.Good luck & God bless.Sincerely John E. Zotti

Posted by John E. Zotti January 22, 09 08:44 AM

We thank God Almighty for electing you as the President of United State of America, not only US but the World. We do belive that greater things will happen time happy tenor Mr President.

From Nigerian

Posted by Sam Martin January 22, 09 08:46 AM

Thanks so much for sharing,the pictures are great . Lets all wish President Obama the very best and I know he will do his very best to get this country on the right track.

Posted by Lola Watkins January 22, 09 08:47 AM



Posted by Stefan January 22, 09 08:51 AM

God blessAmericaMay the Lord continue to bless OUR NEW PRESIDENT OBAMA!! We must pray for him daily. Pray that everyone works with him and not against him to get us out of this mess that Bush has us in.

Posted by Lynn W. Grayson January 22, 09 08:53 AM



Posted by T43L BY January 22, 09 08:54 AM

As I watched this inauguration, where throughout along with my friends I had been cheering and tearing up, I suddenly realized that I felt as if I had been "baptised" , oui oui, "born again". I then verbalized to them, "I feel like I am a born again American!" Many concurred that they too felt this way.

Posted by Joanne Henriot January 22, 09 08:55 AM

this is the day the lord has made lets be glad and rejoice in it.......

Posted by Audrey Dixon-Hayes January 22, 09 08:56 AM


Posted by NIDIA K January 22, 09 08:56 AM

Mr. President,
I pray that God will continue to use you in a mighty way, and that no hurt, harm, or danger shall come to you nor your family.
The pictures are amazing!!!!

Posted by D. J. Booker / Powhatan, Virginia January 22, 09 08:58 AM

Great photos !

Posted by Gitima January 22, 09 08:59 AM

oeff you people expect a lot from him... I hope he can live up to your expectations. don't blame obama if the world doesn't change as much as you all hope for. He is just human you know. Sure he can change things for the better, but you raise him to far up, that eventually will only lead to disappointment. Something that can cripple the american spirit even more then it already is.

Posted by tom January 22, 09 09:01 AM

God bless America, oh wait God doesnt exist :D

Posted by schwarzenegger January 22, 09 09:11 AM

I get scared when reading that people opposing the idolization of Obama are rendered racists. Realism will hit hard for all those adoring Obama as if he were the new Messiah. He's a man, just a man. With weaknesses like any other man. For one, he's addicted to nicotine.

Posted by Uncle Idi January 22, 09 09:12 AM

He's got the whole world in his hands.....
Beautifull people................

Posted by Maria January 22, 09 09:13 AM

The swearing in of Obama clearly demonstrates that America remains the greatest democratic nation in the whole world, thus a great lecon to the entire world. Dreams shall always come true. Let's dream dreams...

Posted by Umenyi Christopher January 22, 09 09:15 AM

awesome pics dude

Posted by dj January 22, 09 09:16 AM


Posted by Paul Carr January 22, 09 09:16 AM

Is soo emotional to see you there!!! i hope these would be great years for America! and with Obama hope we will overcome this crisis period! Is an historical moment i would have been there to support!

Posted by federica elmo January 22, 09 09:22 AM

Barack and Michelle Obama:
Congratulations for you and us.
May God bless and protect you and your family.
Greetings from the Netherlands.
We also love you very much.

Posted by Maria January 22, 09 09:23 AM

As an ardent yet cautious observer of this untried new hope amidst us, it would heighten the credibility of this new movement if participants would start this love and peace fest with Bush. After all how can you say all these wonderful things all the while damning someone under your breath...don't you see the hypocrisy in that? Until people stop ragging on Bush, nobody has really changed at all. And that will truly be sad.

Posted by pschwrtz January 22, 09 09:23 AM

I thank you Lord for the gift you have given us "The United States of America".
President, Mr. Obama. I am praying for you and the first lady, that you will have peace, understanding, and wisdom. Understanding and guidance from the Lord.
May God forever bless and keep you.

Posted by Ann Fauntroy January 22, 09 09:30 AM

sad sad day for america. the loonies have taken over the assylum

Posted by paul January 22, 09 09:31 AM

I was moved to tears early and was sobbing with pride and joy by the end. As an artist, these images make the historic day a reality.

Posted by Carolyn Epperly January 22, 09 09:32 AM

@ Jacqueline Ross

Maybe your so called God could do something about your CAPSLOCK.

I hope Presobama has the balls to be a sane and healthy president.

Posted by Kolonel Klootoog January 22, 09 09:32 AM

Why is God in the comments? If you are realistic, Obama did it himself. Politics without religion, a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind. Or does God, Allah, etc. wants us to kill eachother because believers believe that they have to let you and me believe?

Posted by Alex,___The Netherlands January 22, 09 09:35 AM

Do you really think that some magic wand will be waved and all will be better...
Substantially lower taxes and put the $ in the peoples pockets NOT the Governments that's what will right this economy....

Posted by Every man January 22, 09 09:37 AM

Great gallery, thank you :)
I love the hearthy smiles on President & First Lady's faces. May they be blessed to help people turn their best hopes into real!

Posted by Galina January 22, 09 09:39 AM

President & First Lady Obama! The sould of that is breathe taking. I reference our Savoir Jesus Christ first and foremost and I acknowledge you both for this great step of faith in leading our United States of America. I pray that the Lord will continue to be you'll guide (President Obama) in making the best decisions for the benefit of the County and its people. Change has come by way of this historical moment and will be cherished for the rest of my life. P.S. Mr. President and First Lady, I never seen 2 individuals such as you both with a genuine sense of love that you share. You'll image in the public eye shows me that people can still be in love after many years of marriage with all sorts of ups and down. God Bless Your Union even more so now during this time of presidency.

Posted by Elder Anthony Whitehead, St. Louis, Missouri

Posted by Anthony Whitehead January 22, 09 09:39 AM

May the Lord bless, guide and protect you and your family as you move AMERICA forward into a new era. Thank you for your leadership, your sense of unity, for being a role model to all minorities especially African-Americans, your abily to serve and above all your love for your family and for the entire human race.
I THANK GOD FOR YOU, my President.

Posted by Lilly January 22, 09 09:43 AM

To: proud to be an american

"I'm the most happily-married woman I know, and I don't wear a wedding band. It is nothing more than a symbol. What's real is obvious on the faces of those who actually know love. So trite of you."

You are correct, it is a symbol and an important one ... Obama has sold us on hope and many have commented that his election and Presidency is a "symbol" of change and hope. I guess we won't worry about those symbols either.


Posted by Bob S January 22, 09 09:43 AM

Let us hope that this not an end to literacy. I by no means am trying to be racial, I do however have a fondess for language and the lazy Ebonics frustrate me. By the way I was born and raised in Detroit and can fit in just fine. Ah, hell, our President is well-spoken so screw the rest of you, right?

Posted by Kyle Krueger January 22, 09 09:44 AM

Tom will probably be intensely interested in this.
Mike sent it to me primarily to test out the new laptop. It takes a while for this old brain to adjust to modern technology but I am slowly getting there It's like going from the horse and buggy to the automobile.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 09:45 AM

There are no words to express what has transpired.
All the Superlatives have been echoed.
It is simply "Glorious" May God bless President Obama and his Family. May he accomplish his hopes and dreams.
God bless the American people. This shows they are moving forward.
As a Black West Indian Canadian, this is truly the manifestation of a dream that I never thought I would live to see. "Wow!, it is for real"

Posted by Ida Rickards January 22, 09 09:47 AM

cheryl, take a look at this!

Posted by billy January 22, 09 09:51 AM

trés bien

Posted by eranio January 22, 09 09:51 AM

I myself am very elated and delighted to have a God sent man in the White House.
He may not know it, but he is covered with the blood of the lamb.When God the Almighty is with you,the devil can't do you harm.Thanks be to the Almighty!!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 09:53 AM

THANK GOD! I am so proud to be an American again. We live in Mexico, where there are many thousands of retired American, living here because we could no longer afford our own country. I am relieved and happy and look forward to changes in healthcare, among other things. This man will inspire us all to become better people.

Posted by Gail Rooney January 22, 09 09:58 AM

Boston Globe,

This link was twittered everywhere and same with the photos of the year review BG ran last year. Awesome showcase of images that no one else seems to have put together, even my own LA Times.

And I sent this link out to my photography students (Beverly Hills Adult School) and I got so many "Wow" replies from them.

Posted by keith January 22, 09 09:58 AM

After reading a few of your comments, I realize that people are still ignorant. 8 years of garbage and you have the nerves to question what President Obama is going to do. Are you kidding me?? If he sits in his office and do absolutely nothing for the next 4 years, he would have done more for this country than the previous President. Get over it, Barrack Obama IS the PRESIDENT…

Posted by Amy McLemore January 22, 09 09:59 AM



Posted by THE REAL VOICE OF THE WORLD January 22, 09 10:01 AM


Posted by Ella Tsurkanu-Jacoby January 22, 09 10:02 AM

I believe in the president. He is on the right path to straighten this economy. He is direct and to the point. He is the man that is up for the task.

Posted by Michael Anderson January 22, 09 10:03 AM

These were fabulous photos, moments to be remembered forever. When President Obama actually became President of the United States at 12 noon, there was an amazing energy felt that all will be well. My daughter called me to ask if I felt an energy, a good energy, during this time, and I said yes, I felt that energy too. A very good strong energy. Actually, I believe we all felt it. I feel safe, and I am so proud to have Barack Obama as President. He is bringing new life into not only this nation but into this world. May God Bless him. I also want to comment on the closeness he shares with his wife and children, the strong bond between them. May God Bless them also. Good luck Mr. President!

Posted by Suzanne from Chicago and Greensboro, NC January 22, 09 10:03 AM

These pics are great... My message to the past. I appreciate Bush due to the fact that as a president, he had to deal with some situations that had never been seen before. He didn't panic and he made a decision based on the information that he had and that his advisors came up with. After the fact, many of the choices weren't the best but hopefully the presidents after this will be better equiped to deal with similiar situations if they ever arise again. I believe the biggest fault of Bush wasn't in fact that he didn't deal with the situations correctly(many presidents have made equal or larger mistakes) the problem was Bush wasn't charismatic enough and didn't possess the communication skills to deal with the public effectively. I pray for the supporters of Bush and the Bush family and hope that you all support the new administration.

To the new president. I am a young African American man that originally didn't support you. Your view points don't align with mine and I am a little concerned about your voting pattern. However, the more I witness your unique ability to gather the masses, your charismatic demanor and your brilliant speaking abilities, I believe that you will bring a freshness to the United States that is drastically needed at this time. Your presence has already been noticed with your record breaking support in Washington D.C. on Jan 20th and on top of that, not one arrest out of the 4 million people that assended on downtown D.C. Today, I am proud to say that you are my president, not because of your skin tone but because I feel that you ran for the presidential office for the right reasons. I appreciate you and wish you the very best.

Posted by Ricardo January 22, 09 10:03 AM

Obama£¬ a good man, a good president

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 10:04 AM

I'm sorry to say that I do not feel like many others, I fear life in the great country willl never be the same. Obama does not care about the security and safety of the country. He will take our laws apart to where we cannot stop a terrorist attack and we will be hit again and again.

I was astonished to hear the filthy rap muisc that some his guests were singing. I thought he was going to bring people together.

Soon it my be "(Black MF's Only) allowed on the bus!

Please bring George back!

Posted by Dave C January 22, 09 10:06 AM

Russia Online post 373:

May GOD bless you, and know that GOD will continue to bless President Obama and The United States of America.
By the way, your dollar is already gone and you can thank "W" for that.

Posted by Supporter Of Obama January 22, 09 10:07 AM

The American people certainly have been given the president they deserved. Did no one listen to a word he said? The working class is in trouble. Individual liberties are in jeopardy.

Of course, anyone who disagrees with Obama is branded a racist. Is that what we've become? A country with a president so powerful that no man can even dare to criticize him?

Posted by Andrew January 22, 09 10:08 AM

Obama is a rookie into the White house like Lewis Hamilton
in the formula 1. We hope that Barack Obama be great President of
Unite States, have good image not be president of stupid war, but
be president with peace.

Posted by JER0EN R0LAND January 22, 09 10:11 AM

#390 - Lina - Because I disagree with BHO's politics and didn't vote for him, that makes me a racist? Where do you get off calling people with different political ideologies "racist." Oh, I remember, that's the typical liberal way. Get a freaking clue.

How about all the African-Americans who voted FOR Obama based SOLELY because he is black? Now, THAT is racist. Nuff said.

Posted by whocares January 22, 09 10:14 AM

Our president wrote two books of his own, which have been subsequently published. Our president featured a POET at his Inauguration. This is NOT the end the literacy...this is the BEGINNING!

Posted by Kd January 22, 09 10:15 AM

Only God knows the answer to all of this. We are all amaze at what he has done for us and for Obama. America remains the greatest nation in the world with the greatest democracy. Much is still to be done i hope, and with God all things are possible.

Posted by Ignatius Arrey January 22, 09 10:15 AM

I pray that Obama does the right thing but I do believe that we are over doing it (someone said he is the greatest man alive!?!?!?) as if he is a saviour, especially Christians (mostly black Christians), we should know better than to look to a man to make a way - that is idolatry in my view as God is our source. Another thing is as a Christian there is no color (think about it). I understand that Obama is the first black President but let us not look to him to save the world. B4 many say I am racist, I am black and love my people but my faith has caused me to look beyond color and look a little deeper.

Another thing is if you state you are a christian, there is no way you should be for the murder of unborn babies or allowing babies to die if the abortion is not successful. Only 7% of abortions are due to rape, incest or risk to the mosther. There about 1,400,000 children aborted in the US yearly mostly because of inconvenience and letting a child just starve or bleed to death! there are just no words!

Our faith whatever it is (though I do believe in one way through Christ) should be a rule of what we think /who we are and not pleasing man.

I am not a hater and I am praying for him to do the right things but I am concerned that many people have just overlooked these things.

May God Bless America with righteous laws!

Posted by Paul N January 22, 09 10:17 AM

Way to go, Obama.!
Yes we did!
I hope for change, for peace, for working together.
You have my support and prayers and wishes for a better America!

Posted by Alice Lee January 22, 09 10:19 AM

if the reality of the future becomes as beautiful and great as todays hope, than ,mr obama yes you will have succeed.good luck

Posted by human January 22, 09 10:20 AM

Any commetns that have hatred in your hearts is because you want to be like him deep down inside. I promise you that none of you that hate hateful comments about the president will ever have the whole world cheering for them. You know in your hearts that Obama is not going to change the world in an instant. America especially. America was based on white people abusing the system. Obama is white and black. He represents America more than most of us. For those that oppose Obama do not know the goverment processes anyway. Ignorant and abusive is what America is built on. Why dont most of you just go ahead and say that you do not want Obama president cause you are mad that he is "black". Please remember that white people started the whole if you have a percentage..just a percentage of black in you that you are "black". Historically that was because they made sure that they had more slaves that way or discrimination. America or (white people) are the ones that came up with the whole classification system. That is why he is call the first "African American" president. If America (white people) weren't so evil..he would be called the first "bi-racial" or whatever president. So in the bible it isays that "once that stole and took from the Kings will rule again". We were Kings and Queens and you stole and took and raped and robbed and manipulated and whipped and judged and still judge but baby this is a new era and your forefathers must deal with it. God is all in this. AMEN..AMEN AMEN

Posted by Defend my President January 22, 09 10:20 AM

Let's not forget that Obama's electoral victory was pretty much the same as Bush's second term. Those who speak of mandate have no more to back them than the Republicans who spoke of it 4 years ago.

Posted by Stan Black January 22, 09 10:24 AM

Congratulations to the Obama family! May we all stand by your side and God's will be done. You are a true leader. To much is given, much is expected. True growth involves making mistakes, learning, and taking action. God Bless!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tasha N. January 22, 09 10:29 AM

What great pictures to chronical one of the singular events in American History. I was certainly proud to be and American on Tuesday. Only now do I understand the battle of the Civil Rights movement back in the 60s and what it means to all of those fought the battle. I will remember for the rest of my life where I was when I watched Barak Obama be sworn in as the 44th president and make his inaugural address. Now that hes in office he's made a very interesting statement outlining how he will govern "of, by and for the People". When is the last time anyone heard a President utter those words.. There has not been a presidential candidate that has created this level of excitement in me since Bobby Kennedy. America lost the chance to have a great president when Bobby was murdered. America has gained a second chance for greatness by electing Barak Obama. #335 Hollis I must agree with youre sentiments....Former President George W. Bush

Posted by Rubbah January 22, 09 10:32 AM

Barack Obama speaks of hope, of change, and of work. He is not just for the little guy or the average guy, but EVERY GUY! He will bring a change to politics. He has help the people of the USA hope again.

He is beautiful and intellegent as is his wife. I pray everyday for their protection.

Obama has challenged us to be better people and a better country.


Posted by WESTSIDE AMY January 22, 09 10:34 AM

I guess I have to admit I'm a little confused. I have read all the comments above and almost everything said on here is ridiculous. A man is put into office and because he is (half) Black, you think he's going to change the world? I know we don't the Best education system in the world but you all cannot really be that stupid. Also, Some please tell me how this works. There is suppose to be seperation of church and state, but when you (half) black president mixes them it's okay. We're all suppose to be one people BUT you refer to Pres. Obama as the first black or african-american pres. If we were really one, then he would just be to you what he is to me, the 44th President. While I'm at it what's with this term anyway "African-American." As far as I'm concerned, your either African or your American. Put you need to decide which one you are. I personally think putting another title before american is wrong. Anyway, and how dare anyone say anything about Bush, I'm betting not a single on of you could run this country so don't complain about a problem until you know just what to do to fix it. I also think it's funny that every keeps talkin about the "nuclear" thing but no seems to be mention Obama's "redo" of the Oath.. Screw this, I'm done writing, half you people arn't even qualified to have an opion in politics and shouldn't be allowed to

Posted by just some guy that depends your country January 22, 09 10:35 AM

These pictures are GREAT!!! I was there and it was a beautiful feeling .
It made me proud to be an american!!!!! Looking at these beautiful pictures made me cry of JOY.
We love you OBAMA!!!!!

Posted by mellissa evans January 22, 09 10:35 AM

This is God working

Posted by Carol January 22, 09 10:35 AM

REally, #391 - we DONT know what the man is going to do. We know what he SAYS he will do (and I sure as heck hope he does all those things!!)
But the reality is that many a president hopeful has made significant promises that never materialized. Many a hopeful indicated that they were going to do X and then, suddenly - there Y happened.
I think palpable fear and blind faith is equally bad.
I am glad that the shrub is gone - and I am hopeful that this president will be all he says he wants to be - but the reality is that we just dont KNOW yet!

Posted by Ruthann Daniel January 22, 09 10:38 AM

wery good

Posted by f.koleyni January 22, 09 10:39 AM

I really do hope Obama's administration can (and will, and willing to) do something world-worth, as America did with Clinton and as we forgot about during Bush's presidency.

Posted by Johnko January 22, 09 10:39 AM

Thank you for these wonderful photos. They are as moving as the inauguration itself and show the far reaching power of TOGETHERNESS and LOVE. I only wish my late husband Jon Lucien had lived to witness this event.
Joy and Love,
Delesa Lucien

Posted by Delesa Lucien January 22, 09 10:41 AM

Bravo America! America, you were always a great nation leading the world. You once again proved that you are still leading the world in this new century.

America's image all over the world was not good during Bush's time. OBAMA has really lifted up again. American people showed that they have went beyond race by mere fact of electing this great man.
One last point! I can tell every American, I am an Ethiopian, the OBama Inaugration alone has changed America's image in the world. You feel this from out side America. Hence Americans have to be proud of their country, proud of OBAMA!
Best wishes for OBAMA and his lovely family.
Ayyu, Ethiopia.

Posted by Dbulcha January 22, 09 10:42 AM

President Obama, keep religion out of your administration. It's a convenient crutch at times (re: Bush), but has no place in government. You're not on a mission from God, or Buddha, or Allah, or Dalai Llama, or the Pope. You've been elected by real people to do a real job, here in the real world - so keep it real, man.

I get a good laugh out of both Obama extremes here - the Obama worshippers who praise him, and the disgruntled Bush fans who fear him. Good grief, you people are so easy to manipulate. Both sides get a grip, and join the sane people here in the middle. Yes, this is a fresh start, but it's starting under an eight-year pile of sludge, so those rose-colored glasses need to disappear, and quickly.

I think the hysteria on Tuesday was as much about a sense of cleansing the White House and seeing Bush leave forever. Notice that he flew away, rather than going by car, because any car of his had no chance of getting out of Washington unscathed. Now that's something I would've loved to see in high def, Bush being pelted all the way out of town.

Posted by Middleman January 22, 09 10:44 AM

It is excellant.These remambrances will lost for the life time.

Posted by C.Narasimharao January 22, 09 10:44 AM

I did not endorse or vote for President Obama, yet the United States has transitioned peacefully to our 44th President and we all have a duty as Americans to support him, as our President. The same responsibility we have held in the past and will hold in the future. The President’s ability to guide, direct and govern is based in part on our understanding of this and the willingness to accept the holder of the office as our leader. It is what truly sets our nation apart from others.

It is time to stop blaming past leaders and doubting present ones and focus on what we can each do to improve the situation we are in.

Posted by Natick Republican January 22, 09 10:47 AM

Really 390 if I don't support a policy that Obama proposes because I think it's unconstitutional or just plain immoral, that makes me a racist? Interesting. I could have sworn that differences of opinion were still allowed in America, did I miss something? I support President Obama in all his endeavors, but I have the RIGHT to voice my disapproval or disagreement with any of his plans without being called a racist.

480 - I think you missed the message. I could have sworn Obama was proposing change an unity. Telling someone to take a back seat because of skin color screams of prejudice and bigotry to me, no matter what color that person's skin. You might want to consider that in the future.

420 They both flubbed. Obama jumped in early on the first line and Roberts reversed the order of some words in the second.

I do hope that the amibuity of some of his inaugural statements are made more clear. I hope that he truly means that he will stop funding failing government programs. I hope that he will push science and education back to the forefront. I truly hope he will get rid of the Patriot Act. I hope that the members of Congress will not stand in his way strictly for partisan reasons and actually put the good of the Nation ahead of getting re-elected (fat chance). I fear that he will act on his tax hikes and it will kill the economy. I hope that we will move back toward the ideals of personal responsibility and self-determination that the founders wanted for the nation. We shall see.

Posted by Reasonable January 22, 09 10:47 AM

Amazing! I am going to forward this to my College Writing II classes, at Franklin Pierce University, to have my students view the slide show and reflect on one pic or the entire slide show, in their writing journals, this weekend.

Posted by Prof. Ronald Drogy January 22, 09 10:48 AM

You American people must be very glad with this President. I admire him very much and I hope that the future will be bright for you all.

Posted by Frank van Putten from The Netherlands January 22, 09 10:50 AM

Congratulations, America!
I wish just even a bit of the democracy for my country as you have it americans!

Posted by Angie, Russia January 22, 09 10:51 AM

Still Speechless.....

Posted by Blackman January 22, 09 10:56 AM

I couldn't agree more with Andrew's statement! My son was afraid to tell at school that his family did not vote for Obama. The craziness that surrounds him is terrifying to me and painfully reminds me of my school years in Communist Russia -- portraits of the leader in every school, children writing essays about the president, cancelled classes to watch their speeches. We may not be quite there yet but are definitly moving in that direction. My child's school posted a $100 reward for the best essay "What Obama means to me" What can he mean? He hasn't done anything yet. While I realize the significance of the fact that he is the first African American president, presidency is not and should not be about the race. He is the 44th president of the US and he shoul be treated and recognized the same way as every president before him. I don't remember missing classes when Bush or Clinton were inagurated, have never seen their pictures in school cafeteria and certainly never had to write paper about them That' s what I love and admire about this country and I hate to see my children growing up in a different environment. The fanatism that surrounds Obama is at the very least dangerous and should not be promoted. Let's see what he does and judge him for that and not for the color of his skin.

Posted by Talia January 22, 09 10:56 AM

I wish President Obama alt he best, safe keeping, and the support of the American people. I am from Canada and watched the inaugeration the entire day. It was beautiful. One bloger said that it was not the Chief jusitice who messed up the oath that it was the President. I beg to differ, if you review the tape you will see that it was the indeed the Chief justice that messed up. The world msut UNDERSTAND and REALIZE that President Obama inherited a world of messed left by the out going President and it will take time, effort, muscle and co-operation from all levels of government all around the world to succeed. Being responsible for an entire nation is nothing to laugh about; but expecting things to be righted on the second day of power is highly dellusional and unrealistic. We must first give him some time to review the ouotgoing administrations work, set forth a plan, implement said plan, and get everyone from all level of governement to agree with him. I am sure none of you could handle such a momentous task the way he has. I think God chose him for the mere fact that his demeanour will help this country in this time of need. His calm, sensibility approach is what is needed. One very important thing that i can agree on with President Obama is that we must be held accountable for our actions..starting with government, we must help our neighbor and take on those that would chose to keep us down. In order for the country to succeed we all must contribute..not jsut Americans but all of us who sat around the television on January 20th, 2009 and watched this true AFRICAN AMERICAN become the 44th President of the united states!!!!! SO for all you Nay sayers, how do you plan on contributing to econmic crisis facing your country instead of spewing your negative rhetoric???? As for Rush Limbaugh you need to get a life and why the hell didn't you run for President if you thought you could do better for the country!!!! You make me sick with your crap you are spewing so early in this man's leadership!!! Mother always said if you have nothing nice to say about a person then SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE!!!! (actually it was don't say anything at all!)

Posted by movetta Pennicooke January 22, 09 10:58 AM

I'm a white woman living in a very red state and it's been tough to speak out as a fan of President Obama. I look forward to the next four years to see if our government can become the leaders that we have always wanted them to be. I believe with President Obama at the forefront, for the first time in the last two decades we really have a chance to do that.

To the naysayers. Of course we won't all believe that any choice in the President is the right one, if we all agreed on everything there wouldn't be any war now would there. However, he IS our President and even those that voted for Mr. McCain should now give him the respect and right to prove himself.

As for me, I just couldn't be more excited about the man as my President. I'm 46 years old and for the first time in a long time I believe we're going to be on the right path.

Posted by Julia January 22, 09 10:59 AM


Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 10:59 AM

This is the greatest country on the face of the earth. I thank God for being born here. I thank all the men and women of our fighting forces who have sacrificed so much for me. Comments #380 and #461, Ditto! Right on!

Posted by Mike Kisinger January 22, 09 10:59 AM

We are so glad she finally has a president who can give people some hope, a president with a heart for the people and the world.wij wish you and your family much strength in the years to come. Have faith in your self, perhaps we see each other some day.
Cynthia Cairo

Posted by Cynthia Cairo January 22, 09 10:59 AM

Great Photos! Thank you.


Posted by Chad January 22, 09 11:00 AM

Remember to always pray and lift our President and his family in prayer. This is a blessing that only God could have ordained. I am and the entire population, blessed to be alive to witness. No miracle under God will stay dormant.
I know our children, mother and fatherless, will have a better chance at LIVING under GOD, now that we have a President who actually, earnestly believes in the Word of God...
Standing in the cold for hours was worth the weight in gold to be apart of history.. Thank you all who voted and those that didn't. We got the leader we/the world deserved...
Now we/the world will have to work with him... he is only A man, therefore we must pray, listen and help one another, no longer is it a "I" world, it is a We Can world.

Posted by Shelijah January 22, 09 11:02 AM

I have high hopes for America. I feel like a renewal is about to happen for us. It may continue to get worse before it gets better for a time...I understand that. But, still, in my heart of hearts, I am so glad we have President Obama at the helm. These are exciting times we live in.

Posted by Frank Rendo January 22, 09 11:02 AM

Remember to always pray and lift our President and his family in prayer. This is a blessing that only God could have ordained. I am and the entire population, blessed to be alive to witness. No miracle under God will stay dormant.
I know our children, mother and fatherless, will have a better chance at LIVING under GOD, now that we have a President who actually, earnestly believes in the Word of God...
Standing in the cold for hours was worth the weight in gold to be apart of history.. Thank you all who voted and those that didn't. We got the leader we/the world deserved...
Now we/the world will have to work with him... he is only A man, therefore we must pray, listen and help one another, no longer is it a "I" world, it is a We Can world.

Posted by Shelijah January 22, 09 11:03 AM

I'm so happy with our new President!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:05 AM

In regards to #402. "As much as I'm not a fan of Bush, I couldn't help feel a little sorry for him."

I couldn't agree with you more.

Posted by Kim January 22, 09 11:09 AM


Obama is one man, America is one country, Earth is one planet. I pray to the One God that this is the time where the people of the World be one minded - of peace and good will

Posted by Sister Sheryl January 22, 09 11:10 AM

Thank you for your brilliant images. I write from my country Saint Lucia, Eastern Caribbean. They are very memorable of a very indelible occasion which gives the world hope that the seemingly impossible can be achieved!. Thank God!

Posted by A.V. James January 22, 09 11:10 AM

#378 is a moron. Enough said.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:10 AM

513 you should also have them go through all the posts and correct the grammar...

Posted by Shocked by illiteracy January 22, 09 11:10 AM

Voting is a fictional cause to represent freedom that doesn't exist. What happens, is all preplanned, carefully and meticulously.

Posted by IKNOW January 22, 09 11:12 AM

Good Photos of large and small, I hope he does well. He has to better than Bush. He has much greater intelligence at least. Some people are going a little overboard and I am not sure he can do as much as expected. He has a lot of work cut out for him as Bush has done a lot of harm.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:13 AM

Mr President Obama is an extremely intelligent man... I rather have a well-informed nitwit on the powerseat (read: Bush), then a man who believes that his ideas are so good, that nothing else can be correct. He carefully selects people around him who will follow him in whatever he says. People with that sort of control will only do damage to a country. He is not the new messiah, if anything, he's the next stalin.

Posted by Mr Dutchy January 22, 09 11:15 AM

My heart is overjoyed by what God has done for us as Americans. Jesus groomed him to be the President of the United States, to have a heart for people, their marriages, famiies, well-beings, and self-respect. God Bless You President Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TaHesha Jones January 22, 09 11:15 AM

Unity, harmony, peace, joy, glory cloud over America, once more. Thank you Lord..
Genorosity, as reflected by passing the pic on. All of us can pray or do something.
Ernestine H. Gray
Temple Hills, MD 20748

Posted by Ernestine H. Gray January 22, 09 11:16 AM

I was there and the photos captured the joy, the elation we all felt. Great job! ( but too many photos of pathetic George W. -- even one being too many) Thank you.

Posted by Peter Kingsley January 22, 09 11:16 AM

We are one big family now, with hope and love for us and the whole world. Lets all get along DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCES, Please. NO MORE FIGHTING!! White women from USA

Posted by tammy small January 22, 09 11:18 AM

Great Presedent !He brings hope not only to America, He brings hope and peace to the world

Posted by MG January 22, 09 11:18 AM

Anyone that does not accept the election, innauguration as history, well -- come out of denial. I am very proud and happy for the Obama Family. Congratulations! "Yes we can!", "Yes we have" and "Yes we did!"

Posted by K Suggs January 22, 09 11:22 AM

THANK GOD! I am so proud to be a Black American. We live in VA, where there are many American, living here because it a great place to live. I am relieved and happy and look forward to changes in healthcare, among other things. This man will inspire us all to become better people.

Posted by Lee Wright January 22, 09 11:22 AM

Even though I am a republican... I really WANT to like Obama because he is going to be my president to, whether I like it or not, however this "love fest" for him and the way the media is having an orgasm about his election is absolutely discusting! You would think this was the second coming of christ the way people are acting!

Posted by stratmaster January 22, 09 11:24 AM

I am from Tuscaloosa, AL...and I am an American...Yes, indeed God is Good. We as Americans must put our differences aside and start building a better America, for we are all equal. Let's let God work through President Obama and let's support him to the fullest for we don't know what too expect but through God all things are possible.. It is indeed a blessing to have witness the day that everyone of all man kind have longed for and especially for our ancestors whom were there in spirit..I was there for my grandfather whom would have loved to have been there, he marched ever march there was, so my children and I was there not only for this generation but for him...I just want to say we love you Mr. President and I pray for you and your family and may God be with u....

Posted by Jerrena Scarbrough January 22, 09 11:24 AM

Great pictures!!!
At last....... A Luo for president!!!

Posted by Jos van Adrichem January 22, 09 11:24 AM

I’m 1 of 305,000,000 people in the US.

The Inauguration,.... it's just a moment in time.

Much like many we've had in the past that have shaped the direction and future of our country.

But this moment has also captured the focus of many around the world.

The occasion will be garnered by some as a "movement". African Americans will take ownership in this moment, as they should. As they deserve to do. As an Irish American we took ownership of JFK and so on and so on. We should celebrate this pride, not only of our nation, but of its citizens and their individuality. We forget that it’s these individualities that make us different than most every other nation in the world.

President Obama sparked the equivalent of the “Perfect Storm” for our countries desire for change. With that comes great responsibility of action. We as a nation now expect change, though most are unaware of what that change will do to us individually. We can not expect a different government if we ourselves are not willing to BE and LIVE a different path than the one that created this government. And we did create it, we did allow it and we are responsible for its pro’s and its con’s.

When the dust settles, when the momentum slows, pick up your shovels and start digging you own path out of this emotional, financial and global recession we’re in. Barack Obama will only be the light in which we can see the change. It will fall to all of America to take action on he’s leadership.

I’m 1 of 305,000,000 people in the US.

Posted by Brian January 22, 09 11:28 AM


Posted by WONUOLA OGUNYE January 22, 09 11:28 AM

We are all Americans. BRAVO USA. God bless America, God bless Obama and his family, God bless humanity. What an inspirational. Am a Ugandan (East Africa) but i just run out of words......USA

Posted by George W. Ntambaazi January 22, 09 11:30 AM

You Go Mr. President My "BO" and the 1st Lady My Sista "MO" !!!! I love the chemistry that I was able to see from my television screen on January 20, 2009, I am still crying with joy 48 hours later. We've come a long way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE CHANGE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Karen C. January 22, 09 11:30 AM

Wow! I am tearing! God has appointed him now we have to step up the plate as a TEAM and WIN for real! this is a motivating and inspiring moment in this country. it inspires one to like Barack said, dust yourself off re-evaluate and get up and work, work for real!! It makes you feel like you can do anything, the spirit of it makes me think of the Scripture "I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me!"

I love it! I am praying for you Barck and FAM! And Cabinet!

Posted by Nadia Egypt January 22, 09 11:31 AM



Posted by MARCELINA FUENTES January 22, 09 11:31 AM

It's so sad to see how some individuals can bring a person down. It's ok though because if we stick with the reality of things, change will come. This is just the beginning. It is not going to happen over night. Just remember that. Stop jumping to conclusions about our new president and creating such a negative outlook on everything. Take is into consideration that if we refuse to change there will be no change.

Posted by Change is coming January 22, 09 11:35 AM

GOD victory has been displayed for all the world to see. He has let the world know that he created all MEN equal. And that only HE is superior over us all! Let the world rejoice and be glad for GOD has done a good thing, Today is a great day and today like no other am I glad and very proud to be an American Child of GOD!

Posted by Betty Trammell Thomas January 22, 09 11:38 AM

Dear American people,

Congratulations on voting in a president that will help your country along in the next 4 years, but will also restore relations with Europe and its other allies.

In a poll, the Dutch "voted" nearly unanimously for Mr. Obama; this shows that we too greatly admire this person and wish him all the best!

Posted by Kasper from The Netherlands, Europe January 22, 09 11:39 AM

Must watch! Amazing pictures!

Posted by Veekay January 22, 09 11:41 AM

We are finally "back on the road again". This is great for the whole world!!!
It has been so long since I felt this way!! I will be patient and I expect it to be far more difficult than we know but that is ok. The captain of our ship is in full command and we will be fine.

Posted by susannah Scherzer January 22, 09 11:41 AM

I was there on Jan. 20, 2009 and we did what our President spoke of in his speech. Wwe showed our true colors, Black/white/brown/yellow. We came together in freezing weather to support a common cause, unity and love for our country and our President. 3 million people who didn't fight, trample or hurt each other. We showed that we can do anything if we demonstrate our love for America. It was an awesome experience and we helped each other, cried together and laughed together under extraordinary conditions, we showed we are "extraordinary Americans. Liz W

Posted by Liz Wilson January 22, 09 11:42 AM

May GOD be In front of you.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:42 AM

509 - You are wrong If Obama is a Christian he is on a mission from God - You see you can never take God out of what you do if you claim to be a Christian or you would be denying your God.
Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for "there is no authority except that which God has established". The authorities that exist have been established by God. Verse 4 -"For he is God's servant to do you good"

1 Corinthians 10:31
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

So you see if President Obama believes in the bible he must know that he is on a mission from God.

Posted by Paul N January 22, 09 11:43 AM

Simply Awesome!

Posted by Susan Woolner January 22, 09 11:50 AM

God is looking down at America,spreading his loving arms around us and embracing us with His annointing love,grace,protection and mercy. Thank you Obama for accepting God's path bestowed upon you. LOL

Posted by Veronica Oatis January 22, 09 11:54 AM

I am so Happy for you PRESIDENT and Mrs. Barack Obama , the difference you and your family will make will be awesome Carlton and I love you . My mother Mrs. Be who is 104 years old loves you too.My Prayers is that God will keep you in his perfect will .

Posted by Mel Kendricks January 22, 200911:45 am

Posted by Mel Kendricks January 22, 09 11:54 AM

i am never more proud to be an American now..
i am so glad that i am born into this era of change ...

i have a feeling Presidnant Obama will be one of our most
popular president..


Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:56 AM

# 48 "... and in it is a MacBook Air!!!"

Hell yeah! ;-D

Posted by oskar January 22, 09 11:57 AM

What a joyful week this has been! I could hardly have imagined this day would come a year ago when I made my first donation to the Obama campaign after his victory in Iowa. Perhaps the world can become a kinder place, who knows?

Ann Sacks

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:58 AM

I'll admit it...I cried too. So beautiful is the change of power in such a wonderful country.

Posted by Catlin Humes January 22, 09 11:58 AM


Posted by King Jaguar January 22, 09 11:59 AM

What a blessing, and I thank God so much!!
Now we must get back to business and pray more now than we've ever before for God's help and direction in leading the President.

Posted by Barbara McDavid January 22, 09 12:00 PM

Remember President Obama is
1st - God's man
2nd A -man
3rd - President
Let us keep that in order. And make sure the G A P is bonded together with these three components. In God we trust. And in the hands of our new President, we trust he will prevail all.

Posted by Columbia January 22, 09 12:02 PM

I Hope The Best For Them
Kell Bell

Posted by Kellie January 22, 09 12:02 PM

Congratulations America! Go Obama, Go America.

Posted by Octav from Romania- Europe January 22, 09 12:03 PM

You are awesome; just beautiful. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!

Posted by Elke Chambers January 22, 09 12:06 PM

Great Photos,
lets try and get along be it for Obama or against Obama. No need for nasty quotes and ugly remarks. Do unto others and as you would have them do unto you.

Posted by ldenreid January 22, 09 12:07 PM

I never knew or noticed that he was left handed. :) For some reason, it made me smile. And for those whining about her wedding band, did you ever stop to think that maybe it was being cleaned or engraved? meh.

Posted by Sarah January 22, 09 12:11 PM

My sincerest congratulations to the United States of America. To its citizens, naturalized citizeMy sincerest congratulations to the United States of America. To its citizens, naturalized citizens, immigrants, the task ahead is huge. This significant and most memorable occasion would be forever remembered, for its impact on the world. Today, I urge everyone who understands the vision and is willing to go forward with the mission to change, to, not only bask in the moment, but to constructively think of ways we can positively contribute to change.

I am proud to be a Naturalized American Citizen. The pride I experience has my mind searching for a contribution, or contributions that I can make. The task is deep as it is wide. Nonetheless, its enormity must not prevent our relentless perseverance.

It is said that one must accompany a constructive criticism with a constructive solution. The task ahead is not only that of the President, but, it is mine, yours, and ours. The resistance to change is always present. For varying reasons, some may accept and others may reject. However, to realize change, there must be purpose. It is through purpose, sense will present itself, and thereby bringing about meaning that will impact change.

Having purpose, sense, and the newly arrived meaning, will allow us to begin the journey to realize change. To be successful however, we have to begin with self. We must, become the best critique of ourselves. After which, we can begin to transfer the results for the impact. that will affect the change sought.

In the assessment of self, I realize that there are many ways to arrive at significant change. Among which is to address change from where I am currently. I will use my position as a teacher to empower all my students. I will enhance them intellectually, through quality instruction. Encourage good morals, and esteem the ethical values that are sound.

I have the opportunity to instruct students on the Sr. High School level. Although, their minds are somewhat set, I believe that they can be still impacted positively.
I will take the challenge to myself, to raise the level of instruction, which will require them to dig deeper. In their search for content they will improve, not only their intellect, but their desire to make more of themselves.

I have begun my impact. I am stern with my young men, and the need for them to wear their pants as men should, above their waist. I have also refused to accept the language of the casual in the classroom. Good grammar. Additionally, there should be no profanity in my ear. I will not step back until this is done. Most young men say that, that's the way they talk, and I kindly inform them, that in the professional workplace they would not last too long, because of the usage of improper language. It is my desire to empower these young men and young women with proper tools for life.

Posted by May Lockhart January 22, 09 12:12 PM

I am awestruck! My children care about the political movement. I care about politics once more. this is because i believe that i have a voice, where i never thought i did... thank you for this new voice... i will sing with laugh with and use to orchestrate upward mobility among my people...

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 12:13 PM

I am awestruck! My children care about the political movement. I care about politics once more. this is because i believe that i have a voice, where i never thought i did... thank you for this new voice... i will sing with laugh with and use to orchestrate upward mobility among my people...

Posted by desiree January 22, 09 12:14 PM

PRESIDENT OBAMA is too cool to deal with FOOLS.
A FOOL always want what is NOT,
When it's COLD he want it HOT,
When it's HOT he want it COLD,
A FOOL wants what NOT.

Posted by Rev. James Punch January 22, 09 12:14 PM

Although I'm a Bush supporter and a diehard Republican, I can still appreciate the beauty and majesty of our peaceful transition of power . I wish President Obama Godspeed, and hope that he can live up to the expectations being heaped on him by the media and citizens alike. All of you who assume that President Bush backers aren't willing to support the new Administration greatly underestimate the patriotism of your fellow Americans. God Bless the United States of America!

Posted by Mrs Barney January 22, 09 12:14 PM

Obama is a man, who has been chosen for a job. You can hate or you can love it, but I strongly suggest to keep the praise untill AFTER he has been working for a while.

And for the record; God has nothing to do with the workings of government. Humans do, so keep an eye on it.

Posted by Dutchy January 22, 09 12:16 PM

About 517
I think there is a true in the words... You should always separate idol from president...thin edge... Even though I'm happy for America, for their free choice.

Posted by Angie, Russia January 22, 09 12:17 PM

I was at the ceremony on Teusday, and it was a truly inspiring event. I am glad to be a resident of the area and that I was able to get to the event with minimal obstruction. I pray for both the Obama and Biden families, that they will covered and safe from all hurt, harm and danger.
I am a supporter of the Obama/Biden team, complete with the t-shirts, harts and all other memoribilia. I cried tears of joy and acceptance on Tuesday and I feel a newly renewed faith in America. I am, and have always been proud to be an American.
With that being stated, I think that we all need to remember that Barak Obama is a man, as is Joe Biden and our former president George W. Bush. While we have high hopes for the new administration, as we should, we must be careful not to allow our hopes to cloud or common sense. Change will come, inevitably, but it will not come tomorrow. We must realize that changeswill not be immediate where we, the working class, will feel direct impacts- maybe even years.
If we all stay in prayer and trust the president we elected to do what we elected him to do, the changes we are all thirsty for will come to pass. We must remember that we did not elect him to please each one of us individually, but rather to make the best decisions for The United States of America as a whole. In that, we will NOT be pleased with all of his decisions and we must allow OUR president room for growth and yes, even mistakes.
At this point, it is what it will be, and if we are Americans, whether we voted for or supported the current president in his campaign or not, we have a responsibility as American citizens to support him during his tenure as president.
Our country is in a very scary time, in our military and defense, financially and in the way we are viewed throughout the world.
The election is over, the inauguration is over and Former President Bush (both of them) are in Texas. Whatever our personal feelings are, we need to get over them, if necessary and work to support our current President, Barak Hussein Obama and this country in rebuilding what has been torn down.

Posted by Cherry January 22, 09 12:17 PM

Glory be to God!!!

Posted by Joy Beasley January 22, 09 12:18 PM


Posted by Steve January 22, 09 12:19 PM

George W. Bush II was also ordained by God.

We cannot be patriotic and then call President Bush names - lets show respect to him. We may not agree with his decisions but he was still the President who the people of this country elected.

Its not right that he was booed at all especially if we are saying we are going to a better era, how does that show that? This only shows that President Obama better get it right or he too wil be booed our of office.

We do not have to agree with President Bush to be respectful.

Posted by Paul N January 22, 09 12:19 PM

These pictures are awesome. HIStory was made, where people of all nations, creeds, races, religions, gender, national origin, sex, age and sexual orientation were out there witnessing a new beginning. The experience was so enlightening for me to bare witness to unity and peace among everyone as we watched President Obama being sworn in and walking down Pennsylvania Ave. This will be a day I will never forget and I pray that the Lord our God of this great Nation, covers him and his family. And that we the people will make a difference in the world ourselves and not wait on a man to do it for us. God Bless America and the World!

Posted by Jeenea C. January 22, 09 12:20 PM

I hoppe to be a new start and I wish that all the people to help Obama for realise her dream for America and the other countries.

Posted by Sanda-Maria January 22, 09 12:21 PM

Let's not get it twisted. Obama is just a man and a lot of Americans of African descent do understand that. We are not blindy just following and placing all of our hopes into him. What Obama has emphasized time and time again is that we are the change that we seek and he alone cannot make this country great we all have to do our part. He is going to make mistakes again he is human. Accept the fact that he is all of our's president and we can help him be successful if we do our part.

Secondly, for those that use Christianity as means of supporting pro life... understand that God has given us free will to make a choice to follow him or not. It is no other person's right to determine that for another person who can soundly make that decision for themselves.

Posted by Dreadlockednmd January 22, 09 12:21 PM

During this time of change we need to stay prayful. We need to know that the power in government has gone through a change. It's a positive change, it's a change that God has his hand in and we need to acknowledge that God will manifest his power, and I believe God will do that through President Barack Obama. I wish the President Strength and God's guidance for each and every discusion he will make. Remember we are never alone if we believe.

Posted by Anita Fischer January 22, 09 12:24 PM

God has truly blessed America. Dr. King's dream has finally come to fruition! I am so grateful that I was able to live long enough to see this historic event. This is a true testiment that if we work hard enough for something we want, anything is possible. Now I ask God to grant us the wisdom, courage and patience to help our new President as he implements his plan for change in America. I belive this new leader will help us regain our economic prosperity and worldwide respect.

Posted by Marilyn L. Moore January 22, 09 12:24 PM

Iam tongue tied at this point, my excitement is really too much for me to control. Its not only about him being the first african american to seat in that big of a chair, but also to him being a fighter to restore america/americans. God bless him and all his worth this is the biggest blessing iam most grateful of receiving.

Posted by Adrienne Hedgpeth January 22, 09 12:25 PM

I like the last picture especially. the simple "44" definitely makes for an improvement to all the media reporters constantly labelling obama, "the first BLACK president" (their emphasis on the black)

Posted by Ali January 22, 09 12:25 PM

Thank you for being the Hope that the world needs today! The picture are so moving and beautiful.

When we have a candidate for Prime Minister like you in our country (India), I promise make every effort to vote and support.

Posted by Susmitha Subbaraju January 22, 09 12:27 PM

The americans is a beautifull people !

Posted by María Eugenia Lodis January 22, 09 12:27 PM

How much did all of that junk coast the public with your tax dollars what a waste and pople have lost jobs homes oh well not one in washington is a truth teller all of them lie to the public and we are stupid to fall for it .a working stiff justing trying to get by

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 12:28 PM

I can see hope in the world. Almost all are united.
I hope the new light of hope guide our world& keep us together.

Posted by Mahnaz January 22, 09 12:29 PM

To those who say President Obama has not done anything, I would say, "yes, he has." He has won election as President of the United States of America -- who would have given him much of a chance of doing that when this long campaign began? He has engaged a host of supporters, many of them for the first time, in political discourse. He has treated former President Bush with respect and dignity while distancing himself from Bush's actions. He has demonstrated his willingness not only to preach bipartisanship but also to practice it in his openness to his former opponent, Senator John McCain.
I say, God Bless America and God Bless our new President, Barak Hussein Obama. I rejoice in the election of President Obama, the former community organizer. I have high but I believe realistic expectations that we have elected one who has the skills to bring us together, heal our divisions, and set America back on the right track with the rest of the world.

Posted by Jan W January 22, 09 12:29 PM

THANK YOU for those wonderful pictures!

I did not vote for Obama, but I am impressed with how quickly he has assumed the role of leader of our country. He has instilled excitement in many hearts that were deadened by social and economic problems we face.

To those who voted for him--please don't hold him up as some magic man who will instantly turn things around. Change takes time.

To those who didn't vote for him--please give him a chance. What he did on Tuesday no other president has been able to do--get the nation to forget its troubles for the day and celebrate.

Maybe now the Republicans and Democrats can work together and stop all their petty fighting. They're working for US, you know?

Posted by FishLadyFromIL January 22, 09 12:29 PM

Wish you all the best for the 44th US PRESIDENT the BARACK OBAMA...... i Wish he bring back the state in Top again.

Posted by Justin Jacob January 22, 09 12:30 PM

I am a white woman and I have the deepest respect and admiration for President Obama. If you look at the Obama family, you see closeness and love - such a great example for the rest of the world. President Bush lied to our country and he deserves all the disrespect he is getting now. When people start feeling sorry for him, they should remember all the soldiers who have died in his war for oil. He is a rich man who was born with a silver spoon. He didn't have a clue about average Americans. I come from a family of veterans. My father got a purple heart in WWII, my brothers both fought in Vietnam. They all voted for President Obama - which makes me proud.

Posted by Wisconsin JoAnn January 22, 09 12:31 PM

Wish you all the best for the 44th US PRESIDENT the BARACK OBAMA...... i Wish he bring back the state in Top again.

Posted by Justin Jacob January 22, 09 12:32 PM

Why I voted for Obama?
I am a Denver native, study at BU .
My grandparents and parents
are lifelong Republicans. 08 was my
first time vote and I voted for Obama.
Here is why:
My generation have first hand knowledge
of low wage jobs because over 90% of
us have summer and/or year round
jobs as early as we can both in high shool
and college . This is not because we
are diligent or have nothing to do but because
our so called “middle class” parents unable to give us decent amount allowance on regularly basis. As such we have to work from mid teen years, in supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, gas station.etc
you name it, everywhere, day and night.
(study show that at least 40% US service and retail sectors jobs were staffed by cheap student labors since 80’s.) And many of us witness our “Middle class” parents fighting periodically due to money. WE know intimately that under our parents so called Middle Class image is daily struggle on the never ending worry for mortgage, car loan, credit card payments etc. We know how hard it is to earn enough to fund a weekend gateaway or a music instructment or an used car from our students jobs even though we don’t pay room and board.
All the so called middle class I met in in my life are Fake, they are under class pretend to be middle class due to social and/or peer pressure!!
As such we, milions college students can
resonate and support Obama’s Message:
Spread the Wealth. Because we are Honest, we
don’t want to pretend rich in front our friends, neighbors etc. Because we don’t want to use credit cards to fund our basic needs and at the same time claim ourself middle class, we are not!. The Massive low income work place
is the breeding ground for young, loyal Democrats for next 8 or more elections.
We, the Democrats will Lock In the Executive Branch (White House) for at
least 30 years for sure.
President Obama: we, more than 130 Millions
working poor Caucasian Adults can’t endure the unendurable indefinitely. Please spread the wealth, Thank you!

Posted by bu studennt with massive student loan. January 22, 09 12:32 PM

God still is and always will be in charge!! Let us pray that our new President knows God and depends on Him to lead and guide him in the decisions he make for the USA and how he administers the office of President of the United States. It is not about us or the President but always about God and His Son Jesus Christ!! "it is better to put your trust in God than in man (any man)"!!

Posted by Sylvia January 22, 09 12:33 PM

May God Bless and Protect our First Family, The Obomas!
May God Bless This Country to allow each of us to reduce all evil thoughts and acts and learn to work together to make this country a better place for us all! As long as people remain bitter, cold and thoughtless all efforts are lost. EVERYONE - Pray, Seek Wisdom, Love and Understanding for the next person, your neighbors, your country and our New President! The unity starts now!!!

Posted by DeTeasa Brown January 22, 09 12:33 PM


Posted by Tin in Aurora, Colorado January 22, 09 12:34 PM

Christianity is not a moral compass and morality is not exclusive to Christians. We are a globally affective country. We need to remember that we where not founded on christian beliefs but by Christians that believed, fought and died for freedom and equality in spite of religious beliefs.

".... I beg you will be persuaded, that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish effectual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny, and every species of religious persecution."
-- George Washington 1789

I would agree that we are a people overwhelmingly Christian by self-affirmation. But please don't let that drive you endeavors in the American position as to our global responsibilities. Christianity is about the inclusion of humanity. Spouting doctrine and scripture only excludes those of differing beliefs.

Posted by Brian January 22, 09 12:38 PM

Great day.. I hope all these bailouts dont bankrupt our way of life.. People need to listen to our president and take personal responsibility... That means dont go nuts and go into big time debt.. This morgage crisis is result of our greed.. we should of taken advantage of the opportunity but we went for the big bite... who give money this cheap....

Posted by hinal January 22, 09 12:38 PM

Can we think past the man and think into the past? This is the first time in the Occidental history that a black/colored person has become leader of a powerful nation. And that too peacefully.

What a momentous event of our history! I wish the new President well.

Posted by Jamex January 22, 09 12:38 PM

Thank God for sending us an intelligent leader. I know he will get us out of all this mess.My family will benefit from all his wisdom.

Posted by mildred January 22, 09 12:39 PM

Congratulations - President Obama - As an American-Puerto Rican - I'm proud to be apart of History along with my family - Not about color - It's about change!!

Posted by Olga Berdiel January 22, 09 12:40 PM

This will be lost in the flood, but the caption on #3 is wrong. It's the Washington Monument, not the Lincoln Monument.

Posted by idahogie January 22, 09 12:40 PM

No. 600 - JoAnn in Wisconsin: GET A LIFE! Do you think former Pres Bush is the ONLY politician to have lied? Puleez! And does your car run on water? If not, you were part of the "war for oil" just as much. The public should have demanded something be done about our oil dependance back in the 1970s. It wasn't Bush's doing.

I didn't like some of the things Bush did either, but the guy did what he thought was best for the country. Are you that much of an idiot to believe he didn't?

President Kennedy was a rich man whose father bought him the presidency and he is one who didn't have a clue about the common man, but he still did his best for us.

George Bush made mistakes. We all do, don't we? Those of you who have never made a mistake, please sign in...

Posted by Repulsed by Jo Ann January 22, 09 12:43 PM
Posted by Vince January 22, 09 12:43 PM

Blessing to OBAMA from Chile!
and the rest of world...

Posted by Angela January 22, 09 12:44 PM

May God be with you on this tremendous journey!!!!

Posted by Pamela Toxey January 22, 09 12:44 PM

President Obama is a God sent. He is one of the most intelligent and impressive persons that I have witnessed in my life time. He stands up tall to Dr. King and J. F. Kennnedy. My God watch over him and bless him and his family. God bless America!

Posted by Martha Smith January 22, 09 12:46 PM

To truly honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's idea of people relating based on integrity and not skin color, I propose the establishment of national policy to stop referring to people based on the color of their skin. Rather, black people be referred to as African Americans and white people as European Americans; and then Asian Americans; Native Americans; Latino or Hispanic Americans; Jewish Americans, etc.

Posted by Kilolo Ajanaku January 22, 09 12:48 PM

As far as Im concerned everyones "qualifyed" to have opinions about politics, seeing as it dictates our lives. This was an amazing moment in history, why be bitter about it?

Posted by Arthur January 22, 09 12:50 PM

The whole world regardless of religious beliefs and denominations, should pray always for this President, to guard him, give him the wisdom he needs to sustain the Presidency inspite of the myriad of challenges the world is facing.

May God used him mightily

this is the day the lord has made lets be glad and rejoice in it.......

I get scared when reading that people opposing the idolization of Obama are rendered racists. Realism will hit hard for all those adoring Obama as if he were the new Messiah. He's a man, just a man. With weaknesses like any other man. For one, he's addicted to nicotine.

As an ardent yet cautious observer of this untried new hope amidst us, it would heighten the credibility of this new movement if participants would start this love and peace fest with Bush. After all how can you say all these wonderful things all the while damning someone under your breath...don't you see the hypocrisy in that? Until people stop ragging on Bush, nobody has really changed at all. And that will truly be sad.
I myself am very elated and delighted to have a God sent man in the White House.
He may not know it, but he is covered with the blood of the lamb.When God the Almighty is with you,the devil can't do you harm.Thanks be to the Almighty!!

Below is a statement that will cause a Civil War all over again. This one particular black person has learned nothing from past oppression and is nothing like Barrack Obama.....



The above comment is one of a foolish individual that has nothing in common with our new President. At least President Obama has intelligence, wisdom, loves USA, and has the Lord with him. Lets avoid a Civil War, shall we. Remember, his mom is white too. There is no such title as African - American, it is American ! I never call Black Americans african american. I never will. ; )

I'm sorry to say that I do not feel like many others, I fear life in the great country willl never be the same. Obama does not care about the security and safety of the country. He will take our laws apart to where we cannot stop a terrorist attack and we will be hit again and again.

I was astonished to hear the filthy rap muisc that some his guests were singing. I thought he was going to bring people together.

Soon it my be "(Black MF's Only) allowed on the bus!

Please bring George back!

The American people certainly have been given the president they deserved. Did no one listen to a word he said? The working class is in trouble. Individual liberties are in jeopardy.

Of course, anyone who disagrees with Obama is branded a racist. Is that what we've become? A country with a president so powerful that no man can even dare to criticize him?

Now here is my take on this historic moment in American history. First, it is American. Second, it is about things larger than a name of a man. Thirdly, it took government to get us into this mess and it will take government to get us out. We have to work harder and get off the welfare and get a job. Any job! If we didn't have the American Government basically making laws that made the banks lend money and mortgages to people that knew could not afford them, we would have about half the mess we are in now. This mess started long before Bush came into power and we all know this. We have to wake up and our new President is going to do that. I just have that feeling. He needs us too and one man cannot and will not make changes stay. You can change something but can you keep it that way. America needs to learn a huge lesson from this past we have now. I come from humble beginnings as a boy from Ohio, raised on farmland, college educated, military trained to the max, lives in Kansas, and soon to move to Boston fro a technical career. If I can see things so real and clear, I hope former President Bush finds peace and keeps peace knowing that there is one true American that will never scold him for holding an office that I could not hold. I just could not bear the burden correctly, unless God put me there. PResident Obama, you are Hope and Grace all in one package. I will not hold you so high that I will become dissapointed if you and congress can't fix all our faults. I leave that to God, Jahova, Yahweh, the Holy Creater of our universe. Only He can fix all things that are sin and He has. He sent Jesus Christ. Allign yourself with Christ and God's Will and all things are made easy. You have to surrender control of self before God will work with you. This is also true with our beautiful country that my awesome family has fought for and died for. ANd to think that I am only 38 and not some old person to have this knowlege.
If you are not a true follower of Christ day in and day out, now is the time to begin. Come as you are. Our country is in great need. Just remember 911 becuase it can get much worse. Just know that power as we know it is nothing in comparrison to the endless power and glory of God who spoke the universe into existance. The Alpha and Omega. Go America !! Go Obama !! --a Republican and a Patriot

Posted by Tim6119 January 22, 09 12:51 PM

God bless the 44th President of the United States -President Barack Obama and his family. I would like our President to always put God in everything that he does. May he have a successful term of office.

Posted by Zita Francis January 22, 09 12:51 PM

Dave C, don't be such an idiot. I can't believe you're scared of a little rap music. Grow a pair and quit your whining. Bush drove this country off a cliff. Obama will do nothing but pick up the pieces and put them back together. You are incredibly naive if you really believe that he is not concerned with our nation's security. Merely by taking a seat in the Oval Office, Obama has restored our credibility around the world.

Posted by mkb January 22, 09 12:51 PM

God bless the 44th President of the United States -President Barack Obama and his family. I would like our President to always put God in everything that he does. May he have a successful term of office.

Posted by Zita Francis January 22, 09 12:51 PM

Fellow Americans and people of the World;

I'm so very hopeful :)

Posted by Easterbunny Slim [from Albany, NY] January 22, 09 12:53 PM

I pray for you and your family. I pray for protection, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. That you do not sit in the seat of evil and that you are in the world and not of it. I voted for you not because of race altough that part is sweet, but because I liked the issues you brought to the table. You are an itelligent man and your wife shares the same intelligence. I pray that you are lead by the Holy Spirit Mr. President :-) I thank God for you. We have an enormous road ahead of us and I don't expect you to travel it all alone. I could go on and on but I'll stop here. God Speed.

Posted by Yolanda Nivens-Speller January 22, 09 12:53 PM

Posted by just some guy that depends your country,
You took the words right out of my mouth Great way to put it into perspective. Obama never talks about his Mother and his white side but it is his white side that took care of him not his father. He should be no more that the 44th president of the United States. The whole inauguration was about "African-American." not becoming the 44th president. Not to say we the tax payers put out I believe 150 million for this thing in Washington!
I wish Obama all the best I did not vote for him but watch the tide change if he can not pull this off I give him six months before the honeymoon is over?

Posted by mryan January 22, 09 12:53 PM

Congrats Obama,

To all the nay sayers. We see your views. And you know what it really doesn't matter any more. He is now the President. So lets just all get along and make this world a better place.

I wish Bush well. We can not blame everything on him.

God forgave us and we should forgive others.

Posted by Angie January 22, 09 12:54 PM

Congratulations President Obama!!! You have made all African-Americans very proud. As many have already said, "I never thought I would live to see the day when an African-American would become President of the United States of America". You have demonstrated that the United States has changed and for the better.

Best Wishes!!!
Yes We Can!!

Posted by Aris Martone, Ph.D. January 22, 09 12:56 PM

Beautiful pictures, beautiful day and new hope for the world after Col. Terror left his office of Doom.

Posted by Sandy January 22, 09 12:56 PM

We are all connected through this Miracle. So much love we have for each other it is so profound to live through this Amazing experience.
And now the Primary? Working together for the good of all.

Posted by Sima Levy January 22, 09 12:59 PM

I'm so happy that we got a better president and hope for a new change!!!

Posted by Rachael S January 22, 09 12:59 PM

Throughout recorded time, the masses have put their trust in one man to unify, lead and build nations, tribes, villages and cities. People like having someone to believe in, to make things better, to build a future for their children. Some leaders fail, some rise above expectations. Barack is only one man, supported by the people that are in place. He will fail at some things, just as Bush has, and some things Barack will exceed our expectations. One man stands before us willing to take on "the good, the bad and the ugly." Would you? Our attitude about our leader is always on display to those around the world. Let's keep it constructive and positive!

Posted by Angie January 22, 09 01:00 PM

why you all think that a black president will make the difference? USA will be continuous a empire. the Amercian consumption patterns will be the same. So, depite the color skin of the new president. what's the difference?

Posted by hello !!! January 22, 09 01:00 PM

To the Obama Family, I declare happiness, success, good health,peace and prosperity .Obama, if you have faith as small a mustard seed.... Nothing will be impossible for you.
Always put GOD first.

Posted by PHS January 22, 09 01:01 PM

511, that was a great comment and I completely agree. I am an Obama supporter, however, what you stated was a great message. Even as a supporter, I will not always agree with all of his policies. But, I think it is important as Americans to support our President in order for us to move forward. We can play the blame game forever. As Americans, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and do our part to make our country a better place to live. It was enlightening to see so many different types of people come together peacefully to witness history being made. It's obvious that Obama has nothing but good intentions. Let's stop the negativity and doubt of our new President, and be hopeful and support him the best we can.

Posted by Leigh N. January 22, 09 01:03 PM

May God help Pres. Obama with what will soon be his biggest enemies,
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Good luck! (Give 'em Hell!)

Posted by Frank January 22, 09 01:04 PM

To #518. You don't understand why it's a big deal that someone other than a caucasian is now our President? Really? I think in general we don't want race to be an issue, and this is one big step in that direction. And it's great that you don't want it to be an issue, but it is, along with gender and sexual preference to name a few. I would imagine that it would also have been a pretty big deal if Hillary Clinton would have been voted as the 1st woman. Would you still have had the same question - why is it a big deal? It's a big deal because our history has been written by white males, and now that has changed! FINALLY!! For the record, I am a white female.

Posted by Stacey Barton January 22, 09 01:05 PM

This is a once in a life time experience for many. We may never see this again until 40 more years. I am so touched I am a part of this great nation. May God protect and safe keep the President and his family.

Posted by Teresa Hursey January 22, 09 01:06 PM


Posted by j January 22, 09 01:08 PM

Everyone should read post #517. Talia has written the most insightful post, and her post rings more true than any other I have read.
To quote an Obama supporter: "Any comments that have hatred in your hearts is because you want to be like him deep down inside. I promise you that none of you that hate hateful comments about the President will ever have the whole world cheering for them. " This could also be applied to Former President Bush. And if you can't remember a time when the world cheered for Bush, history is doomed to repeat!
Think about it before you throw an insult my way...

Posted by Yvette in Fort Worth, TX January 22, 09 01:09 PM

President Obama and his Family are assets to the U.S. May God watch over them and keep them safe.

Posted by Jacqueline Heister January 22, 09 01:09 PM

I hope Obama Fails.... At being Like George W. Bush :-)

Posted by Robert January 22, 09 01:09 PM

Congratulations to President Obama. He is intelligent, thoughtful, mindful of others who just happens to be African-American, which makes us proud that we have overcome enough to vote the best person in office at the right time. He just happens to be a black man. May God keep you and your family. We are awestruck and so many people just don't understand it. Thank you for running at this time in our lives.

Posted by C. Ann Green January 22, 09 01:11 PM


Posted by HELEN J. MOSS January 22, 09 01:11 PM

My fav pic is Bush flying away in the helicopter never to return as Chief. Joyous.

Posted by Verge January 22, 09 01:12 PM

I believe that only God can put a leader or King upon a throne not man. So you believe in God let God rule not us. No one man can do anything without God or help from others. As for the racist issue, I did vote for President Obama but not as black women but as a woman who is intelligent and researches facts on all the candidates. Another fact - African-Americans are not the majority in this country, we only make up a small group of American. We didn't only vote for President Obama but millions of other races, sexes, nationalities, and beliefs. Let's take this opportunity to stop looking at color, religion and roll-up all our sleeves and work together to rebuild our Nation. People are hurting and now is the time to stand together. I was not a fan of President Bush but I respected him as the President of US because we don't know any of those men full story. We honest don't want to step into the shoe of having to make life and death decisions. We don't want to read the daily intelligence report or have access to knowledge that would keep you up all night afraid of you own shadow. These men who we as a major of members of the Nation elect to this office face things we will never fully know or want to know for a small salary and to critized by the same people who originally elected them. They go into the White House with smile and dreams of make a change and leave battered by the position we as citizen take for granted. So please pray for all our Presidents, those past and present and future. We have not walk a mile in their shoes how can we judge them. But again, look at America, only here could you speak out against a President and not be stoned, kidnapped in the middle of the night or beaten. God bless us all and all the men and future men and women who will hold the Office of President of the United States. He is not God and very much human as we all are.

Posted by M. E. Harris January 22, 09 01:12 PM

OK, I voted for Obama, He has the ability to lead our counrty out of the mess we are in. However, now is the time that we stop drinking the Kool aid and hold our leaders accountable. Also, lets try and leave God out of this. Obama is now the president, not the next coming of Christ. Obamas election was a result of the will of the people...not the will of God.

Posted by Rico January 22, 09 01:13 PM

To all you synics.
It's not Obama per se that is so remarkabel. It is the uplifting feeling he has given us. This country needed hope, it needed people to come back together. He represents that. He's not a savior you fools - he is a communicator.
I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen the power of positivity so prevalent in my life. Even on the bus to work people have been nicer and talking about being nicer to each other. We need some positive in the wake of all the negative and Obama helped us find that. Without it these next few years pulling the country back together after the mess Bush left it in would be far worse.
We all know it'll get worse before it gets better but having an open, honest and communicative president makes it a lot easier to swallow.

Posted by JJ January 22, 09 01:15 PM

To the person who wrote comment #501.......1st of definitely seemd to be confused because what you wrote has so many spelling and grammar errors that you have confused the people reading your comment because it makes no sense. 2nd of all....Obama did NOT "redo" the Oath....the supreme court justice who administered the oath messed up the wording of the oath and Obama paused to give him an opportunity to correct his mishap. 3rd of are ignorant for stating he will change the world because he is black....he did not become the President because he is black!!! Get it right!!! Furthermore, I'm through commenting and talking to you because I have work to do! Get ya facts and your comments straight before you make ignorant remarks. And PLEASE check your spelling and grammar. Thanx!

Posted by Obama Supporters January 22, 09 01:17 PM

Hey this is something we've wanted for a long long time. A change has really come. He will prove to the world we can do things better, if we all come together. And especially pray to God for peaceful days to come. Thank you God, from your special daughter Sedella Yvette Edgerton-Starks (BKA) Dee Dee. I love U Barack and family. May God be with you all at all times.

Posted by Sedella (Dee Dee) January 22, 09 01:19 PM

Together we can....I had hope but seriously doubt it.

It will be 6 weeks before the far left of the Dem party start looing for him to give them what they want and need to get re-elected and we are back at a standstill while the US and global economy falters.

My prediction: the honeymoon is over by Feb 1st, in-fighting starts on 2/15.

Brace yourslef people - it is going to be a bumpy 12-18 months.

Posted by yourmom January 22, 09 01:21 PM

thank you for all of these pictures , and thank you President Obama for your kind heart to help this world heal . May we all live a full compassionate life together as one.
Love to all
sharon Ely

Posted by Sharon ely January 22, 09 01:22 PM

Too many people seem to think God had a hand in this election, and it is apparent from the sad downward spiral of spirit in this country that God has had no place in the governance of the United States. Take God out of governance. Take revenge out of governance. Take the religious right out of governance. Take punishment of the innocent out of governance. We can do without the billions spent on wars, whether they be against drugs, or spurious dictators, or religious foes. Obama, govern in the best of our proud tradition. Govern in hope, govern in peace, govern in the manner in which we elected you, with hope and with freedom in your heart.

Posted by John N. Roberts January 22, 09 01:23 PM

I am a 47 year old, white male, and I couldn't be more excited. I hope all Americans take a moment to read Obama's Inaugural Address and reflect. It is a call for all of us to be citizens committed to a more perfect union. And to the naysayers who think Obama is indicative of our nation in decline, I must remind them...their ability to discern what is best for our nation is reflected in their votes for George W. Bush the past two presidential elections. I think that clearly illustrates that they don't have any clarvoyance or authority to foretell Obama's future. The naysayers, like Rush Limbaugh, were wrong these past eight years. It is time for them to step back and let the progressives and optimists make their own success or failures the next four years, and at that point, we can all reassess the situation. But, to argue that they know now of Obama's fate is absurd. You blew it! Sit down and shut up!

Posted by Frank in Modesto January 22, 09 01:25 PM

I,a black woman, am one of many that is extremly proud to be an American. GOD has smiled on us, I will do my part to make a change, all for the "good of the cause".

Posted by Jane N. Brown January 22, 09 01:26 PM

If you are a good citizen, then you will wish him and his family well. Period. The "Obama Kool-Aid" and "cult-like worship" comments are NOT well taken. America needs to smarten up! It drank the kool aid when it re-elected Dub and Dick and their thievery and war crimes for another 4 years; when it succumbed to fear of terrorism and allowed its government to commit unspeakable acts; when it bought into the media's complete slant of the truth; when it allowed the Bush Administration's complete desecration of the American Constitution. In addition to the personal qualities I admire in our new President (his intelligence, eloquence... his ability to correctly pronounce the word "nuclear", the fact that he's damn good looking!), I mostly am celebrating the fact that the era of Bush is finally over and I can get a good night's sleep.

Posted by Judi E January 22, 09 01:27 PM

IThank God for President Obama...Thank God!

Posted by Phyllis Butcher January 22, 09 01:29 PM

I really just wanted to look at some pics of the inauguration and WHAT images they are. I wish I could have been there.
And as much as I feel that I just not interfere in some of the arguing here, the nature of person that I am, I just can't help it. Despite what Obama says or not, aren't you ashamed to act the way you do. As people. As long as there are the ones like you out there and you know who you are, this will never be a peaceful world.
I did not support Obama in the beginning. I thought that Hilary was the better choice. I grew up in communist East Germany and have been a legal resident of
the US for almost 10 years now. The reason why I live here is not because of the greateness of this country bu because my huband is American. I was exluded in Obama's speech when he addressed his fellow American citizens, despite the fact that I am part of what America is about and I pay my taxes year in and out and volunteer where I can.
I am the white mother to two bi-racial girls with a "Black" American father. I feel left out and forgotten when people talk about Obama as the first African American, after all, he is part white. I feel hurt by that since I am the main caretaker of our children. Furthermore, I/ we have received more racist comments aimed at me then vice-versa. However, I didn't make the laws way back when and I understand that what is happening now is part of America's history.
America will never overcome racism as long as we have to check mark our race/ nationality on every (MF) form we fill out. I really feel the need to just say
"human" on these things.
Obama is not anywhere close to being compared to a communist leader (& I know what I'm talking about). I work with people that supported McCain or others but because above all we are friends, it doesn't matter. Becasue we choose not to be childish but act mature and understand that we all have differences that in no way keep us from enjoying each others company and having fun. Some of these comments really make me sick and now that I can finally proudly say that I live in America, I am still ashamed to be a human at times. This is so ridiculous.
If the world choses to celebrate "Hope" why can't the others that chose not to just be silent. As a human being, no matter what race, religion, social status, etc, we all should just be happy to see a decent human being leading us. I am so grateful that America (without my help, since I am not allowed to vote as a resident, only allowed to pay taxed, despite " No taxation without representation") chose the right path, called Barak Hussein Obama.
Please stop the drama about his middle name, his race, his oath, his viewpoints, his religions, etc. If I made it thru 8 painful years of Bush, I can only say Halleluja now.
And to the ones that are asking for Bush's return, well, you just might wanna consider moving to Texas. And I'm gonna leave it at that as much as I could comment on my dislike of the man, but I know better.


Posted by Claudia Black January 22, 09 01:30 PM

Hey 624 - I believe that all Inaugurations cost a lot of money. It wouldn't have been much less for McCain. There probably was extra cost due to the popularity of the event which had a bigger turnout than what would have presumably happened for McCain. Much of that burden is paid by private donations and the committee is not accepting corporate donations which is a change from past Inaugurals. This is just the cost of having a peaceful transfer of power. It's even expensive when the power isn't being transferred like in 4 years from now when President Obama wins re-election!

Posted by happywithmyvote January 22, 09 01:34 PM


Posted by Jojo January 22, 09 01:36 PM

#517 is terrified. Of what? No one is being forced to display his images or write essays. The fact that you voted in the presidential election is an awesome reminder that this is not Communist Russia. Our Commander in Chief delivered a powerful message. A message inclusive of us all.
Fear and negativity will prove counterproductive. Your son need not be afraid, nor should you. This is the United States of America. Home of the Free and The Brave!

Posted by Donna of Silver Spring, MD January 22, 09 01:36 PM

I was on the mall in the crowds of all types of people
for oneof the few times in my life feeling like a brother to everyone!!
The Universe is smiling and mankind should be proud!

Posted by Reginald Pearman January 22, 09 01:38 PM


Posted by MARK January 22, 09 01:38 PM

Let's stop playing the race card. Yes, Barack Obama is the first African-American President, which is tremendous. But, us as Americans and the media are playing this race thing more than anyone. I don't think I've even heard Obama play the race issue. To the person who stated that Obama doesn't talk about his "white-side" of the family. That is totally false. In many speeches, Obama has credited his grandparents and has even shed tears talking about his grandmother. So, please, let's not go there. Obama made history being the first black or bi-racial president. Hillary would've made history being the first woman president, which would have been just as great. But, let's now look at Obama, the man who had the courage to take on the toughest job ever because he wants to make this country better for us. In my opinion, he is the only president that I feel that can relate to most Americans. Those of us who are not rich and don't come from wealthy families. Those of us that know what it's like to struggle. Those of us that had to take out student loans to get through school. Even those of us that come from single-parent families or were raised by grandparents. Obama has been there before. Whether some of us like it or not, he is our president. We can do without the doubt and negativity.

Posted by LN January 22, 09 01:38 PM

Photo 46 - Michelle Obama doesn't wear a wedding ring.

Posted by Annabelle78 January 22, 09 01:39 PM

I feel so much joy in my heart ! congradulations president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Posted by JOYCE January 22, 09 01:40 PM

Dear Obama and fam,
I wish you luck. I hope that everything goes as you planed. Also I hope that through all the stress you have, you do ok. I wish Sasha and Melia good luck. I hope that you have fun being our president.
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by MICA BAILEY January 22, 09 01:40 PM

Im so glad we finally have a black President. We all are, You, Mr.Obama sir have gave so many african americans hope, I mean so many You got my big cousin a house. I love you keep doing what your doing your a good job. : ) Love you cant wait to finally meet you....If i ever do. and if you ever get this whitch i doubt but if you dont just know people of the United States Love You and we hope you stick to your sayings, Unlike some Presidents. Do us Hon. And we will never do you wrong.

Posted by shanae January 22, 09 01:40 PM

@ #647 you spelled thanks wrong, lol J/K
I agree with your statement, tho i didn't read # 501

Posted by B January 22, 09 01:41 PM

We all have 2 b patient, understanding, and help each other. His hands are full, he has centuries of pain to try 2 heal, and he is a man and a human... If we come together as people, love, respect, and grow as people we can help him and help ourselves as well. Our father works in mysterious ways, but he needs us to open our hearts, minds, and face the truths of life... I am thankful many of us is doing some of the work already. Now we all need to come together as people. Peace from the heart Lisa

Posted by lisa January 22, 09 01:42 PM

Congrats, President Obama, first he is one filled with his on values and morals and he will not be devalued from them by no one and that is what ALL people need right here and now in this world. He understands that we All are United and are one. When I first heard him speak years ago, I knew he could be President and now Thank God that he is. He is will bring everyone back to the golden rule "Treat me like you want to be Treated." For All you Doubters Read his Books. "Greed is not the Answer!!!" Yes, Our Ancestors and forefathers work before us, was not in vain. Let him enjoy him victory, he's earned them ,he is very intelligent, impressive. Media Don't worry them liike u did the Clinton's.

Posted by P Brown January 22, 09 01:42 PM

god keep him and his family safe,,,,,,,he is a good man

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 01:43 PM

Talia (#517) and Andres (#488)
Posting portraits of our leaders in classrooms is not a sign of a communist takeover. They are posted in EVERY school in California. Surely Americans want future citizens to recognize their president and understand that we are a nation of, by, and for the people. I am a fifth-grade teacher, and for thirty years I have incorporated the electoral process in my curriculum. Yes, this involves essays, reflection, and even suspending regular history lessons to watch the history being made in front of young eyes. By my count, I have now done this for six Republican presidents and four Democrats. This is how citizenship begins. Take a deep breath. Aren't you tired of being afraid?

Posted by Kimberly Hamilton January 22, 09 01:43 PM

Phenomenal – I don’t think I’ve ever cried so many tears of joy.

Posted by Phyllis Caisey January 22, 09 01:44 PM

THank you all for believing that a good leader may come in all races. Im so happy that together as a nation, we were able to overcome the barrier of race and have Obama as president, I pray that this is the beginning not the first and the last that America open its doors to accept all people for whom they are, the content of there character not by skin tone. Thank you all and nevertheless God's plan for it is always in the making and we are the puppets to play it out. Allow Him to contro Our destiny!!

Posted by Chaka Tripp January 22, 09 01:44 PM

I pray God's eternal blessings over this wonderful family. Remember America, the charge is not his but all of ours! WE must be the change we want to see. He can't do it all! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Posted by Stacy Harmon January 22, 09 01:45 PM

Absolutely wonderful pictures. Thank you and HIP-HIP- HOORAY for the OBAMA'S

Posted by Kathleen January 22, 09 01:48 PM

My heart is about to burst! I Thank God that I could see this day. I can finally let the emotion take me, my mind would not let me get excited because I could not beilive it until it actually came true. Now I can exhale and melt in the beauty of it all. Thank God, Thank God! this means so much to America as a people

Posted by T Taylor January 22, 09 01:49 PM

you know what?...This is monumental - No matter what your opinion might be!!!!

Posted by wapa January 22, 09 01:51 PM

Faith, Preservation, Death, Sacrifices, Blood, Sweat, Tears, Brotherly Love and the Determination to unite all people through the will of God and through Barack Obama we can finally see a new beginning! God has truly belssed America and the World! May the Grace, Protection and will of God shield Barack from all hurt, harm and danger as the will of God unfolds!

Posted by Andre' D. Richardson January 22, 09 01:52 PM

Once again, I am overcome with tears of joy. What an astonishing and brilliant moment for America and the world. Already, in just two short days in office, our esteemed President has set a righteous tone and lifted us higher than we've been in years, perhaps even decades. When he won the election in November I surprisingly was overcome by tears, finally realizing the importance of this man, this time, this incredibly great moment. I know in my heart and I feel it to the depths of my soul that this man was destined to lead our country to its highest ideals and inspire every nation. May peace reign among all people and may God bless America and the Obama family.

Posted by High Hopes January 22, 09 01:53 PM

Obama and Michelle I wish you all the best. I know that this Country is in good hands. May God bless you always and forever. God is a good God and I know that he is watching over you.

God Bless!

Posted by Vanessa January 22, 09 01:54 PM

What a wonderful story. It captures the feelings of the event perfectly. Thank you!

Posted by Teddi Fishman January 22, 09 01:55 PM

Honorable President Obama and First Lady Michelle,
It is with much pride that I stand to support you and the initiatives that you will develop to better lives for everyone, everywhere.
As you embark on this journey, keep God in front of you, because he has your back!
Respectfully yours,
Tanya Deshields-Yates (Maryland)

Posted by Tanya Deshields-Yates January 22, 09 01:57 PM

What does the Inauguration Mean to me?

I, along with many others, had never been so excited or so involved in a campaign, a significant movement for change, as I was In the OBAMA campaign. Below gives you some insight as to why I dedicated time and money to making sure that, at the end of the day, I could say I did all that I could do to get Barack Obama elected.
Although I never knew the negativity associated with The Jim Crow laws, my parents did, and it meant so much to me to canvass from Norfolk to Denver to show myself and them that America has changed and Americans have changed. It was such a good feeling to see Black, White, Brown, etc., walking door to door in neighborhoods, unfamiliar to all that volunteered, passionately describing why Barack was the stronger candidate. It was the first time, in my life, that I was ever that passionate about something to explain and express to total strangers, why I felt the way I felt, and eventually brought others to my side of thinking. Further, it was ultimately, fulfilling to call my parents, election night and say that I was happier for them, that in their 66 and 68 years on this earth, they lived to see our first African American president through the abolition of Jim Crow Laws, their participation in the March on Washington, their mental survival of (assassinated) leaders that were in their corner, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., and their tenacity and fortitude in knowing that change was coming, and to be blessed enough to have lived to see change happen. This inauguration means the “destruction” of a lot of mental barriers, that I feel a lot of older generation people had, that change, like this, would not occur in their lifetime, and to see it happen, makes all their past efforts truly meaningful/ worth it. I originally wrote this letter to get tickets for my parents, but my father is doing missionary work in Brazil the week before and during the inauguration.

Once a year, he travels to a third world area and gives free eye treatment to individuals in impoverished areas, as well as, teaches some of the doctors, in that area, more modern techniques. That being said, I am excited about the prospect of attending these events on their behalf as well as mine. I am proud of the fact that I canvassed and called, through the Georgetown Law Student Center, here in Washington, DC. I am not so unique, millions of people from all walks of life made this happen, but I was one who did less talking about change and participated (actively) in change coming about. Please consider me as one of your invitees.
Many Thanks,
Montina J. Anderson

Posted by Monrtina J. Anderson January 22, 09 01:57 PM

God Bless our President and his beautiful family and keep them safe, and can we please also remember the he is a much white as he is black! He's given us hope in a time when many of us have felt hopeless...

Posted by marie January 22, 09 01:58 PM

i think that for 8 years america will be great because Barack Obama will have alot of changes. I bet that Dr.Martin Luther King JR. is happy because we have a new President Barack Obama.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 01:59 PM

Just i can say that, Impressive Shots due to Impressive day.
Most of Iranian LOVE President Barak H. Obam.

On behalf of all iranian tell to President Obama that CONGRATULATION.

Posted by Farid January 22, 09 01:59 PM

I think everyone know that Obama is a mere man. We just are in dire need of something/someone fresh who care truly cares for everyone, rich and poor! And Obama has a sincerity with him that is hard to fake. I just hope everyone gives him time to make his moves to help this country. We did not get in this state of brokeness overnight. It took years. So please, don't expect it to be cleared up quickly. As a matter of fact, I believe things will get a little worse before it gets better. Buy my fellow Americans, we CAN get throught this and we may have to rely on one another. but, when times get tough, the tough(americans) get tougher. I was there this weekend and am so glad to have met and fellowshipped with so many wonderful people from places all over the globe. Despite the cold, it was truly a lifechanging event.

Posted by Sharon January 22, 09 02:02 PM

Stop thanking god, god didn't elect Barack Obama, America did. Give yourselves some credit and start living your life based on YOUR morals of fairness, justice, freedom and equality.

The nonsensical bible has nothing to do with it.

Posted by Oart January 22, 09 02:03 PM

Congrulations President Obama, you are the powerful and may God bless and be with you and your family and I will continue working for change.

Posted by Posted by Essie M. januarry 22, 09 02:03 pm January 22, 09 02:04 PM

Thank You Jesus!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 02:05 PM

President Barak Obama! I AM PRAYING for not only for you but, your FAMILY as well! I make it a point to do so EVERYDAY!! You and Michelle I believe are a GOD SEND to this nation and this country! I pray that you both are guided daily by God and that you will continue to be the people you are now! God Fearing! God Seeking and GENUINELY CONCERNED for your fellow man! President Barak, your mother and grandmother would be SO PROUD!! They and all the people that touched your life have done a REMARKABLE job!! Stay close to the people! Keep your eyes and ears open but, most of all, stay humble! God will direct your path if you seek HIM in all that you do!!

Posted by Jeannette Young January 22, 09 02:07 PM

In spite of all the comments written, Obama is still president and will be for the next four years unless God decides differently! It's about time we all do our part in making this nation what it ought to be. Many black males are not graduating from high school let alone aspiring to be the president, therefore, Obama should be viewed in an uplifting manner because he did something different than the norm. Yes, we have tokens in high places, but, this is the ultimate, and his eloquence, intelligence and perserverance is what got him in office. Not the color of his skin! I wish the first family the best and I pray this example will be the norm for all males to follow, yes some day perhaps an asian or a mexican will run this country with the same eloquence and intelligence. I am a black female and we were all born equally according to God.

Posted by Vanessa, Atlanta January 22, 09 02:08 PM

Let's hope these beautiful photos don't document the beginning of a new socialism in America.

Posted by slavvy January 22, 09 02:09 PM

I don't worry about tomorrow,
I just live from day to day,
I don't worry about my future,
for He said it would be (the last first, the first last)
He eyes are on a sparrow,
So I know, He watches over Obama and me
For God be the Glory!!
For Blessing You and Me

Posted by Dr. Vanessa Chappell-Lee January 22, 09 02:09 PM

This was a great day.....a new beginning to a time era that so needed to be done with....we still have a lot of work a head of us....but I am so proud to be an American and feel that we can accomplish anything......look at us world......we will lead in a way that God has intended.....

Posted by Nikki Kolasinski January 22, 09 02:10 PM

Congrats Obama, Wish you all the Best

Posted by Suryanarayana N January 22, 09 02:11 PM

I pray that President Obama makes Prayer a priority in this country. For the bible states that, "The prayers of the righteous availeth much". It will take PRAYER to change things and straighten this out this economy, foreign policy etc.

We all need to listen. GOD is trying to tell us something. He puts up and he brings down.

Posted by KEVIN January 22, 09 02:11 PM

President Obama,
May God richly bless, keep you and your family safe and out of harms way during the rough road that lies ahead. May He give you the needed strength, guidance and good health to get you through the very difficult decisions that MUST be made and the trying times facing America today. I am extremely proud of your accomplishments as a man of all people, the best man for this difficult job and last, but not least a man of color.
As you stated in one of your speeches, you may not get it all done in one year or even one term, but it is going to take all of us to make America better. And because of you, I promise to do my part.

Peace, love and blessings are prayed for you and yours daily

Posted by LaTonya S. January 22, 09 02:12 PM

Beautiful pictures of an incredible day. I have not consumed any of the Obama Kool-Aid. I am not a rabid left wing nut job. I am not a flaming liberal moron. I am an American whose love for his country supercedes his disdain for the liberal left and their dispicable behavior as well as the liberalidiots in Hollywood. I only hope that this country will support this president with the same fervor it used to destroy the prior president. Like it or not, we are all in this together.

Posted by Scott January 22, 09 02:13 PM

I wish him all the strenghth for solving the worlds problems, and with OUR help worldwide, we can make a change!
Don't ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.
Greetings from The Netherlands - Europe

Posted by Pablo January 22, 09 02:17 PM

Beautiful pictures of an incredible day. I have not consumed any of the Obama Kool-Aid. I am not a rabid left wing nut job. I am not a flaming liberal moron. I am an American whose love for his country supercedes his disdain for the liberal left and their dispicable behavior as well as the liberalidiots in Hollywood. I only hope that this country will support this president with the same fervor it used to destroy the prior president. Like it or not, we are all in this together.

Posted by Scott January 22, 09 02:19 PM

Huh? Are you people crazy? It's really nice and everything, but isn't a bit ovreexpectations what you all write about? Let's wait and see what it will be like!

Posted by Tom Liubinas January 22, 09 02:21 PM

This is a joyous moment I'm still on cloud nine about the whole thing. Now it's time for everyone to get together and get our state back to the way it was.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 02:21 PM

Mr B.Obama: Your crystal and clear message was long, long, waited by all honest and hard workers around world. May Good be with all of us. NLI - São Paulo, Brazil

Posted by Norberto L. Isnenghi January 22, 09 02:23 PM

WOW!!!! My heart still flutters when I see PRESIDENT OBAMA being sworn in. I love it!! Just love it. Praise God!!

Posted by Tony Miller January 22, 09 02:23 PM

We have come along way and I know that our latter years will be better than our former years.

Posted by Rev. Ricardo R. Manuel January 22, 09 02:28 PM

Wonderful pictures. I thank God for the opporunity to attend the inauguration. In the bitter cold, at least 1.5 million of us braved the winter elements to witness first hand the swearing in of the oath of President of these great United States by Barack H. Obama. It was life changing. To comment on #651, God is in control of this country. He never turned His back on us. We turned our backs on Him by not following His commandements, precepts and statutes set for us and by not displaying love and helping mankind as we should have. We now have the opportunity to change our environment, finances, education and life styles. Each one of us can make a postive day at a time. starting in our hometowns and then regionally, finally globally.

Posted by Marlene from Georgia January 22, 09 02:28 PM

CONGRADULATION PRESIDENT OBAMA. May God keep you safe, and remember regardless of what you do in that WHITE! House you CANNOT! do any worst than the JERK! you just replaced. Here is a little history on me "DEREK" I lived in Ft. Lauderdale Florida back in the 1970's to the early 1980's and I was told many times by my so called friends and foes........ "It will be a cold day in HELL! before a Nig@#* becomes president in the United States" Well it's now 2009 I'm still alive Representing Brooklyn New York...... May I suggest you BUNDLE! the F crackers, because it's getting cold down there.

Posted by Derek January 22, 09 02:28 PM

First, Obama is a breath of fresh air. Republican or democrat that's hard to argue with. To be completely honest I can't find a reason why anyone would like Bush for what he's done to this country and it's credibility in the world.

Someone was talking about "we all make mistakes". Yes, I hurt someone's feelings, I've lied in the past, and I overeat on occasion. That isn't on the same scale as the largest deficit in our country's history, hundreds of thousands of civilians dead from a preemptive invasion, and an economy on the verge of collapse(oops, guess we did need those regulations after all).

To side with a man that has screwed so many people is pure ignorance of the situation he's gotten us into.

That aside, Obama isn't the next Jesus or magic Genii. He's human, but he seems to take the time to understand the facts rather than make judgment calls based on personal bias. He's intellegent and that's something that DOES NOT come with experience. Experience gives you knowledge, sets you in your ways, makes you rigid. Intellegence is nimble, spontaneous, and objective.

My hope is that his fresh look on our problems will at least get us in the right direction.

Posted by Phew I don't have to move to canada January 22, 09 02:30 PM

I'm thankful that we've elected an African American... The blacks in this county are long overdue to be fully vested in the American Dream which includes seeing the seat of power in their hands. It is nice to know that we are a country that can self correct. I'm fearful that we have too many expectations for our new president. He faces a congress and senate that will demand and secure their earmarks no matter the effect. He facing an economic crisis that has a good part of its creation from government parograms that will be nearly impossbile to combat. He faces a war with a enemy who sees this as a 100 year war and will not relent.

I'm hoping for his success and the success of the country. But don't delude yourself there are forces and constraints on him that none of us can even imagine. As a people we need to be supportive and be part of the process by way of holding our congressmen and senators accountable. President Bush like all presidents wasn't as bad as many say nor as good as the others contend... But the anger towards him became counter productive and continues to be so. If we are going to unite then that has to be put behind us and we have to let history not David Letterman judge his presidency. The support President Obama had going in is a little over 1/2 the country.. Imagine if the other 1/2 took the same position towards President Obama that the other 1/2 took towards President Bush... We must learn to understand the term "Loyal Opposition"...

Here is hoping for a successul Obama presidency.

Posted by Bill Prentice January 22, 09 02:30 PM

What a HOPE and JOY that millions and millions of people feel all over the world!
It´s enough if he makes a good job- we don´t except any miracles.
A good job is enough.
God save Barack Obama and his family.

Posted by AurA in Stockholm, SWEDEN January 22, 09 02:31 PM

Thanks to so many of you for sharing and expecially to #391 for taking the time to find out what the fears are. I will remember that when I'm dealing with someone who is afraid. I am so proud to be an American right now even with the naysayers. This is American this is what we do. :-)

Posted by RVDLGRRL January 22, 09 02:31 PM

President Obama,

How sweet it is to be called the President of the United States of America!
This is truly a DEFINING MOMENT in our HISTORY!!!!
We just need to pray for your safety, wisdom and guidance through these difficulty times. His judgement and character will speak for his chocie in his administration.

Posted by Shenda Allen January 22, 09 02:35 PM

We, as a nation, are more divided now than ever before. I pray that God will, in his infinate mercy, forgive us all. We have basically turned ourselves over to terrorists.
Thanks to the people who voted for Obama for handing us over to terrorists.
It just goes to show that the shallow minded Democrats are so easily brain washed. God have mercy on us all!!!!!!!!! We have become an evil nation.
Abortion is murder. Gay marriages are wrong. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. We WILL ALL answer to God on judgement day!
Think about your choices and decisions. God help you make the right ones.

Posted by Kim Bailey-Brown January 22, 09 02:35 PM

Dear President O'Bama,
I continue to pray for you and your family EVERY night. I also pray that we, the American people will be patient with you and not expect miracles of you. God bless you and congratulations! I thank you for accepting this huge challenge. Put your faith in the good Lord and He will see you through.

Posted by Joie Bourassa January 22, 09 02:36 PM

Words cannot express the joy of all the people around the world who believe that it is a NEW DAY. We all need to work as a team to achieve. Bless you and your family. Yes it is a new day for us all. Let's just bless Obama and his family and give him the strength to make good changes.

Posted by Kathy January 22, 09 02:36 PM

President Obama,

How sweet it is to be called the President of the United States of America!
This is truly a DEFINING MOMENT in our HISTORY!!!!
We just need to pray for your safety, wisdom and guidance through these difficulty times. His judgement and character will speak for his chocie in his administration.

Posted by Shenda Allen January 22, 09 02:36 PM

Yes we can, we have and we will

Posted by Greg L. January 22, 09 02:37 PM


Posted by PATRICIA G. REED January 22, 09 02:38 PM

Gorgeous photos on an historical occasion. Now let's all settle down and see what transpires. And as I've read here over and over -- we ALL need to do our part to help get the country back on its feet. We cannot sit around and wait for OUR bailout, because it's not going to come. We simply don't have the funds to rescue everyone. We are like a company in can continue operations for awhile, but sooner or later - you have to trim the fat, the programs, etc...
I love my country and hope that we can boost our respect for the constitution, the flag, and lastly -- never forget all the folks who have died for our continued freedom.

Posted by Maggie - Wyoming January 22, 09 02:38 PM

Gorgeous photos on an historical occasion. Now let's all settle down and see what transpires. And as I've read here over and over -- we ALL need to do our part to help get the country back on its feet. We cannot sit around and wait for OUR bailout, because it's not going to come. We simply don't have the funds to rescue everyone. We are like a company in can continue operations for awhile, but sooner or later - you have to trim the fat, the programs, etc...
I love my country and hope that we can boost our respect for the constitution, the flag, and lastly -- never forget all the folks who have died for our continued freedom.

Posted by Maggie - Wyoming January 22, 09 02:38 PM

I am a 62 year old white male who grew up in the Old South. One of my earliest childhood memories is getting on a bus for the first time in my life (the family car wasn't running) and seeing about a dozen black people sitting in the very back of the bus, with just my mother and myself in front. I've always remembered thinking to myself then, "why are all those people sitting in the back?" Most of those people are probably gone now. Pity.

Posted by Mudfish January 22, 09 02:40 PM

Long live the King and Queen... Camelot is back again.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 02:41 PM

Shame on those who poke fun at our leaders for their own personal gain. In order for the world to respect the leaders “We The People” elect as our representatives, we must respect and honor them first. I don’t want to see popular people, in influential positions, such as comedians with an audience (i.e. J. Leno or the like) (no offence J., I love you man), compromise the dignity of this new president for the sake of a laugh. The world has been waiting for this moment for a long time and this new president needs the help of his people to fully grow into the position and to deliver him to the rest of the world as their honored voice. America has been given another chance to earn the respect and loved of the rest of the world.
Don’t blow it people.
Help him, help you!!

Posted by Rob Tarasio January 22, 09 02:42 PM

You are so very wrong !!

OK, I voted for Obama, He has the ability to lead our counrty out of the mess we are in. However, now is the time that we stop drinking the Kool aid and hold our leaders accountable. Also, lets try and leave God out of this. Obama is now the president, not the next coming of Christ. Obamas election was a result of the will of the people...not the will of God.

God's Will is going to be done with or without you or us. The Universe is between His fingers and your feeble attempt to discard or place Him in a box is very unintelligent. All wisdon comes from God. -a Republican and a Partiot

Posted by Tim6119 January 22, 09 02:43 PM

Mr. President I pray that GOD strengethen, protect and keep you and your
family always

I KNOW you were called by GOD to be our PRESIDENT



Posted by L. Coley January 22, 09 02:45 PM

his gonna mess up like bush did

Posted by reza January 22, 09 02:46 PM

I feel so blessed to have witness this history of America. Finally, my ancestors prayers have been answered. Mr. Obama did not have to be Africian American, we just wanted someone who was honest, fair, with good morals, someone who understood and respected the struggles of others, someone smart, humbled, and if he didn't know the answer, wasn't ashamed to ask someone else. He is everything I have always wanted in a President. God, please bless us and bless America, and the entire world.

Posted by Serena Bell James January 22, 09 02:47 PM

The US show non of the grace that should come with enlightenment.

Most of the above commenters; what a bunch of morons!.

Republicans: selfish xenophobes (look that up, redneck). Democrats: thank God we have a correct alternative we can idolize

The enthusiasm of the rest of the world proofs that that arrogant, selfish and insulting bunch of neo- conservatives is no loss to this worlds' stage. The mindless exploit and entanglement of of law, war and economy has taken the US' image and allies' trust to a minimum. Greed above solidarity,

the US show non of the grace that should come with enlightenment...

Posted by Boven Jan January 22, 09 02:48 PM


Posted by WILLIE WANNO January 22, 09 02:48 PM

"I only hope that this country will support this president with the same fervor it used to destroy the prior president. Like it or not, we are all in this together."

Well said Scott, post #699. I agree.

Posted by Bruce January 22, 09 02:48 PM

It's been a long time coming... But change has finally come

Posted by Angela (Kennesaw) January 22, 09 02:48 PM

I am so overjoyed to see this in my lifetime!!!!! We now have to roll up our sleeves and do what is ours to do; take responsibility for leadership, modeling and mentorship. Let us be models for those who will come after us, that this day will not be in vain and that they may have a passion for change!!!!. Let us show the world what love and respect looks like for all mankind to see!!!!! Let us also teach what you reap is what you sow. Congratulations President Barack H. Obama and to our First Lady and first daughters!!!!! May God continue to bless your marriage and may peace abide in you home!!!!!

Posted by Valeie Draughn January 22, 09 02:48 PM

WOW!!! It is still shocking to see how ignorant some people can be with their comments. Yes Obama is a man and we have already put so much faith in him. Yet some of you people are waiting for him to fail. He has been in office for 2 days and people have so much to say about what he is doing ALREADY. #517 you are right. Things should not be on the color of a persons skin but on the job itself. Yet you fail to realize,black people have no choice but to support this man. Its not because of his skin color. Its because he speaks our language. Bill Clinton also spoke our language. Other than rappers and actors how many other successful BLACK MEN & WOMEN do you see. DONT WORRY I WILL WAIT!!!! There are few and fewer who are known and recognized. Some people can never be satisfied. If Obama was a white man and they asked your son to write about him, would you be offended? The truth is NO, but more than likely you will say yes. Its ok. Let me explain, Obama achevied alot by becoming the first African American to be nominated by the Democratic Party. Thats why he deserves to be written about in school. Its not about his skin color but about accomplishments. You didnt write about the presidents because they did nothing that was worth writing about. My President will have my support. How about some of you stop judging him and his skin color, and do your part in making this country better?

Posted by Toya-"The happiest voter in the world." January 22, 09 02:50 PM

Dear World:

As a Black African American man, I am so proud of this country's leap forward. We are now in the 21st century and we must begin to behave as such. Let's band war, poverty and all the isms that keep us divided. We are the human race and we can do really big things. Cure all Diseases, Feed the World, Eliminate Greed, Save the Planet, Travel the Galaxy and Education the World. This is my mission in life. The Son of the late Dudley (Pot) Allen 1/17/17 - 3/13/95 Tutwiler, Ms


Posted by Charles E. Campbell January 22, 09 02:51 PM

No one destroyed the past president. He was in over his head and unfortunately listened to selfish people who cared not about Americans, only about themselves. I liked Bush as a person and thought he was quite funny and I actually felt sorry for him. However, with that being said, he did not do a good job taking care of this country nor did he do much to uplift us in the eyes of the rest of the world and that is what he swore to do. He let the Americans down in more ways than one. But hey, that is the past and it is time to move forward. It's funny though how "some" people call it socialism when the rest of those who are not rich wants a leg up and a couple of bucks in their pockets too. A system works best when everyone has a little something in the pot and not just the rich. Look at what that has got us.

As for God, if you don't believe in him, that is fine but let's not mock those who do. I am grateful to "GOD" that someone who has the underclass in mind is in office. Congrats Barack! Finally, a president who isn't a "C" student.

Posted by Kelly January 22, 09 02:51 PM

President Obama and family. I was drawn to tears as I looked and saw you. Keep on looking up from whence all your help comes. I know God is watching over you and Michelle, Malia and Sasha. I am with you all the way.

Posted by Lucretia B. January 22, 09 02:56 PM

I can't help wondering why you Americans get so excited about a new President. Very little will change, he is just another puppet in the grand scheme of things. He will be told what to say and how to say it by his advisors, just as every other president throughout my lifetime. I also can't help wondering why so many people are getting so excited that he is Black - what difference does it make? Some of the comments on here border on being racist to white people. Do you honestly think he will change the world just because he is black - get a grip. I don't care what colour your president is, black, white, yellow, green etc. The USA will continue to believe that it is the greatest country in the world - one that supports terrorism and non-democracy when it suits them best. I am a Brit and believe that our country is just as bad. One man will not change the world. Israel will continue to take land from Palastine unlawfully simply because the West is too scared to take action because they have the same Nuclear weapons as us. We will let Zimbabwe crumble without action as there are no valuable minerals to gain by getting involved. It's one law for us and another for them. Neither the USA or Britain has the divine right to dictate what other countries and cultures can do. We are just another country in this world and not the earths guardians. This, like all other elections that I have lived through is just another circus and is not really that important.

Posted by Paulus the Woodgnome January 22, 09 02:59 PM

Congratulations, America!
I here...

Posted by Avgustsen January 22, 09 03:00 PM

congrats president obama may god watch over you

Posted by joie bourassa January 22, 09 03:01 PM

This was clearly an unforgettable period in my life, and even though we have our 1st black president officially, it still seems unbelievable. I hope for the best and as I will, I enourage supporters across America to continue to pray for him and his family. Congrats to our 44th and first African American President Barac Obama!!!

Posted by M Cooper January 22, 09 03:01 PM

I thank God for my Christian parents because they taught me and my siblings not to hate in spite of the colored warm water fountains, going to the window to buy food at restaurants and purchasing gasoline at stations that did not allow "Coloreds" to use the restrooms, I could go on and on. However, the message is clear. We have come a long way. Thank God for White Americans who get it. I look forward to the day when it will not be necessary to declare your race on documents which in many cases are used to discriminate. Let's continue to embrace our cultures and appreciate rather than discriminate. Proud American.

Posted by Aaron H. Flower Mound, Tx January 22, 09 03:01 PM

PRAISE GOD.............PRAISE GOD..........


Posted by Bobbie J. Davidson January 22, 09 03:01 PM

I was there on the mall during the swearing in...
and I am here to tell you - it was warm and it was intimate!
Can you feel a brand new day!

Posted by Calvin Orlando Smith January 22, 09 03:02 PM

I am glad to see a moment like this in my life time. It goes to show if you put your mind to it ANYTHING is possible. Emotional and great!!

Posted by Damion Butcher January 22, 09 03:02 PM

U.S. President Barack Obama & Family, The Obama Administration, all Citizens of America & the World:

Psalm 91: 1-16 (KJV)

Peace & Love - and May God Bless You.....all!

Posted by Katrina Harper January 22, 09 03:03 PM

You and your family are in my prayers....every day....and a candle lit....every Sunday at Mass...maz

Posted by Mary Anne Zamarripa January 22, 09 03:03 PM

Thank you again for the marvelous pictures. These are big indeed. I saw Obama years ago on the Oprah show. I was impressed by his attitude, his intelligence and his knowledge. I made a joke on a forum I used to visit that this was the next president of the US. And yes, he made it.

Picture #23 did it. Got my eyes wet too. That picture says it all. I have no words. Only a deep feeling of connection. I want to have dinner with that lady.

The world has become a village and we will manage our differences. We will. To the benefit of ourselves and -much more freaking important- our children. Hang in there. Say what's in your heart but don't become too angry with others. Even if you don't understand a thing and/or you feel taunted upon. We're here all together with the same basic needs. We are not that different. I'll try to be more polite and less hasty. Please do the same. Life is too precious to be angry. It's too precious to put at stake in any ideological gamble.

We are advancing to a point that any disease can be cured, any basic need can be comforted, the sky is not the limit anymore. Stick in there. Please. Make the world a better place without demanding things too much from others. How hard it might be. Try to be polite and try to have patience.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 03:04 PM

Awesome pictures. Good luck to Obama and a sincere thank you to W and Laura Bush.

Posted by Mark January 22, 09 03:04 PM

i love you obama your gonna be the best in the world woooo obama

Posted by tinish January 22, 09 03:07 PM

This is wonderful!
The one thing that I will quote always, outside of everything else that our New President stated was...
Today is the day to rebuild America! Rebuild our lives!

God Bless America

Posted by Aisha BS January 22, 09 03:09 PM

What a great day for America. For those that don't like the references to God, how can a Christian or whatever faith you are in not acknowledge their God. If you don't believe in God that's another story. God does have a big part and we have to continue to pray for the president and this country. May God bless America, home of the free and land of the brave.

Posted by Rodney January 22, 09 03:11 PM

I pray that God keeps you safe, sound and of your right mind to do the job that HE has prepared you for. This is an awesome time to be an American. I am proud of my country and look forward to all nationalities working together for one common goal saving our country and revitilizing the good in each other. I pray that our children understand that they can be and doing anything if they are focused, dedicated and true to self. Mr. President I hope that you stay true to your beliefs and not get influenced by those around you to do and say things that are out of character for you. I applaud your wife and children! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!

Posted by Robin January 22, 09 03:12 PM

What a great day for America. For those that don't like the references to God, how can a Christian or whatever faith you are in not acknowledge their God. If you don't believe in God that's another story. God does have a big part and we have to continue to pray for the president and this country. May God bless America, home of the free and land of the brave.

Posted by Rodney January 22, 09 03:12 PM

Dear Mr. President

Like me, you are man of colour--a black man.
Like me, you are a man of intellect and character.

Your character, given your background is what differentiates you from the pack of a very exclusive club of Presidents of the United States of America.

May continued sound judgment be the hallmark of your presidency.

Posted by Dr. Netto Kefentse January 22, 09 03:12 PM

I join you and your family in giving God the Glory and Honor for HE alone is worthy!!!!!! I am over over joy with this historic time in US and the entire world. I want to you and your family to know that you are in my prayers and that God will continue to protect and show you divine favor in all tht you do especially in leading this country to a new and better place in the world. But most especially taht fact that the expectation bar has been raced because you are the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT of the United Styates of America. that God will grant to Divine Wisdom and Understanding to lead in the way that He God wants you to. And get ready because we will be there for the next eight (8) years....Mr. President and Family, please remember to always keep God first and cover yourselves daily with word of God (BIBLE) and the blood of JESUS.....And we will rolled up our sleeves as well to help work together as a TEAM to make this country and the world a better place. You, The OBAMAS are all that and a hot bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies....Lol! GOD BLESS you, THE OBAMAS always!

Posted by Abba January 22, 09 03:14 PM

I agree, comment #511 is the best post. We should all heed the advice:

I did not endorse or vote for President Obama, yet the United States has transitioned peacefully to our 44th President and we all have a duty as Americans to support him, as our President. The same responsibility we have held in the past and will hold in the future. The President’s ability to guide, direct and govern is based in part on our understanding of this and the willingness to accept the holder of the office as our leader. It is what truly sets our nation apart from others.

It is time to stop blaming past leaders and doubting present ones and focus on what we can each do to improve the situation we are in.

Posted by Natick Republican January 22, 09 10:47 AM

Posted by M.C. Minor January 22, 09 03:14 PM

Only in the U.S.A. of America. After this day we are all included and equal, making us the strongest and solid country in the world. I am sure Abe Lincoln came out of his grave, to give us a smile from heaven. Now I just love more and more my country of adoption, the U.S.A.

Posted by Pedro from California January 22, 09 03:16 PM

I BELIEVE that GOD gives us everything we need to do what we want to do in LIFE (hopefully for the good of ourselves and other people), OBAMA AND MICHELLE used what they have inside of them to better themselves and to help other people. I voted for OBAMA because he is educated, ethical and he stands for service and helping others not just himself. We need more people like OBAMA in Congress to make this world a better place. For every person on this page whom stated that they hope OBAMA is going to be a good President. We all have to believe that this world will be better because FAITH comes BEFORE the EVIDENCE. Once the FAITH has been projected into the Universe then we will see the EVIDENCE. OBAMA believed he would be the President and he became the President with Hard work, Persistence and the help of OTHERS. That is what is he asking all of us to do Work with him and Make the US and the World a BETTER Place to live. There is no need to be angry that is wasted energy. We all need to focus on being OPTIMISTIC about this WORLD and the things going on in it, in addition; be active in how to make ourselves better and the World BETTER.

Posted by Jadakiss January 22, 09 03:16 PM

What an excellent collection of pictures covering the entire day of celebration. What great history has been marked for the books. This time in our lives is just overwhelming and should serve as a wonderful example to our youth just what they can do if they put their minds to it. It is at this time that I feel so very special because I am one of the many millions who lived to see this day come. Even my mother, who just turned 100 years old on January 13, 2009, never imaged such a day as this. It is such a wonderful thing to know that people from all walks of life and from every nation are enjoying this blessing for these United States. We must pray continuously for our 1st family and the world as a whole that God will keep us all in perfect peace.

Posted by Doris H. Mack January 22, 09 03:16 PM

I am only 18 years old and have not ever got to vote until this year! i am thrilled Obama is our president. he has worked hard to get to where he is at today. And i think it was for the best that he is President.

Posted by Cassie Pellegrini January 22, 09 03:17 PM

caption on pic 5 reads 'president-elect', though he had already officially been president for almost 20 minutes before that pic was taken (as of the stroke of noon).

not being picky, just correct. :)
LOVELY collection of photos. seeing people around the world react to the event is stirring, all over again. I'm particularly fond of the children at the peace rally holding up Obama's picture. So many hoping for so much. Let's all work to make it HAPPEN!

Posted by Z.W. January 22, 09 03:22 PM

Few times in my life have I experienced a politician who stood for the point of view and held the preferences, priorities and ideals that trigger my full support.
At 59 1/2, it is about time! President Barack Obama will make the sort of changes in our government that need to occur, that will better our country, that will show the world America stands for much more than corporate union, more than an arms dealer, more than unconscious consumers, more than observers but rather participants in a better World. May Peace be on our minds and may we think of our global community as partners, not enemies. A good thing happened and I celebrate in its potential. Such great photo documentations.

Posted by Kim Brown January 22, 09 03:22 PM

Thanks for such great coverage from all over the World as President Obama took the oath. I am proud to, not only be an African American & seeing prayer and dreams come to fruition, but I'm glad to live in these United States of America and having a President who is for ALL PEOPLE. All Praises to The Lord who is an awesome God.

Posted by Donna Porter January 22, 09 03:23 PM

WOW, I am so speechless. I do believe and have faith that our new President Barack Obama will make a different across the board. May God protect the Obama family. Together we can make a change. LET FREEDOM RING LET IT RING. I KNOW WE CAN DO IT, I KNOW. GOD BLESS

Posted by Clarissa January 22, 09 03:23 PM

I am overcome with emotion as I view these photos. The joy, thrill and relief I felt on Inauguration Day are still with me. Our new president has brought enormous change and optimism to this country. It's time we get back on track and President Obama is the man to do it. Good luck, Mr. President. Your country is with you.

Posted by Julie January 22, 09 03:25 PM

Wow those pics were amzing. Im glade someone did this cause it's just a real important part of our lives.

Posted by Lee Pomelow January 22, 09 03:26 PM

I'm a 51 year old African American woman who bearly knew about racism because my mother shielded me during my youth. I understand racism from another perspective from the 60's until now, and I realize that nothing in life comes easy, but through hard work and dedication. But to God be the glory, honor and praise that the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King was rebirth through Barak H. Obama. Somethings or somebody always have to die so that something can live. My prayers are with the Obama family and may God grant him wisdom to lead this country with understanding and knowledge...

Posted by Lorraine Hudson January 22, 09 03:26 PM

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures! Truly Awesome! May God Bless President Obama and May God Bless America

Posted by MaryJacinta January 22, 09 03:26 PM

WOOP WOOP! That's the sound of Bush leaving town!

Posted by Chuck January 22, 09 03:27 PM

So, My name is D.Williams-Bey, I am a 55 Y.O. Afro-American , Negro, Colored, Black woman, wow!!!! You Name it!!!!! Who grew up in Washington, D.C. and who now resides in the state of Maryland. I have voted more than 36 years and really didn't care what happen. But, this vote I think was the most important of all. It included all ages from 18-106 and all races, religions and backgrounds. The most important issue is that a black man named Barack Hussein Obama came through like Martin Luther King, Jr. visioned. What a new day !!!! GOD BLESS YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!!!

Posted by Diane Williams-Bey January 22, 09 03:27 PM

Wedding ring folks - Michelle wears one.

She wore the ring during the inagual day but took it off during their attendance to all the evening festivities. She wore instead a large decorative ring which would have rubbed against her wedding ring on the adjacent finger.

All is well. ;-)

Posted by Bruce Zimmerman January 22, 09 03:27 PM

i just want to wish the new president good health and strength in dealing with the situation at hand.i do hope that he has the right ppl around him to help him make the right decision at the right time.i think it is time that we stop looking at who was bad and who is good and deal with the more realistic issues at hand.i think that we all need to come together and solve the problem that america is facing.once again good luck to mr.obama and the vice president.

Posted by trevor January 22, 09 03:28 PM

Bless God for allowing this transition GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN IN NORTH AMERICA WITH LOTS OF PEACE AND JOY, SUCH AS PHOTOS SHOW AS VENEZUELAN Also I am very happy because they are AIRES VERY POSITIVE CHANGES FOR UDS, I share your HAPPINESS. I ask the Lord PTE OBAMA TO MUCH OF WISDOM FOR THE FATE OF DIRIGUIR this great nation to know that Christ loves you TO YOU, too, to read the Scriptures and God bless TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND KEEP LES. AMEN

Posted by MARITZA January 22, 09 03:28 PM

OBAMA O9 AND 4 EVA PRESIDENT!!!!Obama i love you with all my heart and i will always love you.I am a hispanic person from Raleigh.You was always my vote.If you would please change the world because many people are dieing because they do not have a house,food and clothes.YOU are the only person who can change the world!Please take good care of your wife and your beautiful daughters and last but not least take good are of you!!!!!!!AND again i will always love you and you will always be my vote!!!THNKS ALOT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jessica January 22, 09 03:28 PM

Obama can't do it all for you. You have to change. A good place to begin is to get an education. Pay attention in school so we don't have to pay for college to finally get you to read , spell, use logic, communicate, and listen with discrimination. These "tools" help you organize the muddled thought processes many of you are showing. Take an Adult School English class or read a grammar book. Do you think Obama would be president if he had not learned to think and then enunciate ? Bush was like many of you, and the opposite of Obama, which was the basis of his utter failure as a president.

Posted by ali January 22, 09 03:28 PM

Now we have heard the second great speech of the 21st century, President Obama's Inaugural address (in my opinion, the first great speech of this century was then candidate Obama's speech on race).

Posted by Gary Richmond January 22, 09 03:29 PM

Bless God for allowing this transition GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN IN NORTH AMERICA WITH LOTS OF PEACE AND JOY, SUCH AS PHOTOS SHOW AS VENEZUELAN Also I am very happy because they are AIRES VERY POSITIVE CHANGES FOR UDS, I share your HAPPINESS. I ask the Lord PTE OBAMA TO MUCH OF WISDOM FOR THE FATE OF DIRIGUIR this great nation to know that Christ loves you TO YOU, too, to read the Scriptures and God bless TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND KEEP LES. AMEN

Posted by MARITZA January 22, 09 03:29 PM

Dios bendiga a nuestro Presidente Obama. Our hispanic community welcomes a leader that listens and understands our values and needs. We all part of this great nation. May this be the time for our society to recognize what many illegal workers do and their contribution to our country's economy.

Posted by Elizabeth January 22, 09 03:29 PM

You started your blog with some ver valid points, people should not praise Obama and damn Bush under their breath. But, on the other hand, Bush did do some very underhanded things while in office and to some extent took his roll of President and Commander in Chief too far, he felt he could do anything he wanted because of these titles. To me, President Bush was right where he was supposed to be, otherwise he would have never been voted President either time. It was time for us Americans to be knocked off of our highhorse, because we were getting too lax in what we had and was not the least bit thankful. Yes, I am an American and I am saying that about Americans. The truth hurts! So I hope that now we see tha we must get ourselves together as a nation and bring this nation back to how it was with a renewed sense of responsibility. I say God Bless President Obama and I h hope that he does alll that he promised to do in his campaign.

Posted by Kenyotta January 22, 09 03:30 PM

I am so completely hopeful that Pres. Obama can turn this country around! I just recvd. this email from a friend who wrote in: My favorite words: EX pres. Bush!
What a disaster.....the WORST pres. in my memory.
I worked on the Obama campaign here in Titusville, FL, (and I am 74 yrs. old...) & it was the lst ever I've done anythng like this, but that is how strongly I felt that we needed Sen. Obama (then!) to become Pres.

Posted by Muriel A. Carlucci January 22, 09 03:32 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 03:32 PM

When people say Obama is a terrorist or Obama is secretly a Muslim, just say, And did you also know Michelle Obama had a secret affair with President Bush? They'll say you're crazy and you can say: Exactly!

Posted by Pete January 22, 09 03:32 PM

I knew that this would be the event of my lifetime. My only regret is that I had to enjoy it vicariously by watching this unfold on Television. Nevertheless, I felt a close bond with all of those people standing in the cold and with all of those people dancing at the Inaugeral balls. But most of all, I felt bonded to and inspired by the high ideals of our brave new President, Barack Obama.

What a blessing to have experienced it !
Susan 1/22/09

Posted by Susan Chermak January 22, 09 03:32 PM

I am so completely hopeful that Pres. Obama can turn this country around! I just recvd. this email from a friend who wrote in: My favorite words: EX pres. Bush!
What a disaster.....the WORST pres. in my memory.
I worked on the Obama campaign here in Titusville, FL, (and I am 74 yrs. old...) & it was the lst ever I've done anythng like this, but that is how strongly I felt that we needed Sen. Obama (then!) to become Pres.

Posted by Muriel A. Carlucci January 22, 09 03:32 PM

One Nation under God, Liberty and Justice for ALL!!

Posted by Vanessa Johnson January 22, 09 03:32 PM

I would just like to give some Thanks.
Thanks to all of you who sent praise and encouragement from around the world - you will be a part of our working together. Thanks to all of you who expressed criticism, name slinging, hate and racism; you are just one proof that freedom rings. Thanks to all of you who expressed your religious views and those of you who stated you felt religion should be omitted; your are another proof of freedoms and our idealism of freedom of religious choice or omission. All of you have been a tremendous expression of the idealism some so strongly desire but all have failed to live up to. Thanks to the Boston Globe for proving the photograph shouts.

For all of you who expect him, Obama to do the job - realize this; it is our job. He leads, we foloow. If we want change, we must change. If he fails, it is because we have failed. We, in the United State and around the world,have a great opportunity if America has chosen right and have a leader who can lead us right. But it is "Us", all of us in the world who have got to do the work.

Posted by one treasure January 22, 09 03:32 PM

Beautiful moment, pictures, and new start. Cross my heart that our new president will lead American to the top again.

Posted by Yz January 22, 09 03:33 PM


Posted by Melvin Edwards Jr January 22, 09 03:34 PM

First off, "God Bless America". Secondly I voted for Obama but a leader is only as good as the people he leads and vice versa. I do believe that during the next 4 years we will see some type of change and a definite attempt at change but it will take more than the 4 years to really see the effect. Lastly, if you read comment #501 you can really see what would make this feeling of oneness and hopefulness with President Obama's election to office dissipate and maybe a touch of education on the writers part might help he or she out the next time they felt the need to express constructive criticism and I am giving he or she props for considering it constructive. But everyone is entitled to an opinion whether educated or not.
Many blessings to #501 and to the rest of us. We have a lot of work to do.

Posted by Peace January 22, 09 03:34 PM

A man should be judged solely on his actions, rather than the color of his skin. Isn’t that what we as Americans have been fighting for since the time of President Abraham Lincoln? Aren’t we supposed to also support our president no matter what color or faith he is? The important thing now is to stop focusing on President Obama as an African American and to focus rather on the man as our American president. Now is the time to put aside our political differences, whether we voted Republican or Democrat and work along side not an African American president but our 44th president of these United States. It is now time to set aside our individual agendas and to help this man work towards the goals he has set for our country to make it a better American for all men, women and children. I think that when the dust settles and this monumental occasion has had some time to soak in, only then can we as a nation begin to heal and work towards bringing not only our country but the world as a whole to a better place. As for president Bush, I wish he and his family nothing but the best. For president Obama I pray that God will be at his side as he and his family begin this journey.

Posted by Linda January 22, 09 03:35 PM

These pictures are beautiful. I tell my son everyday you can do anything you put your mind to. No matter what anyone tells you keep your head up and keep pressing forward. Praise God!

Posted by Mishawn Scott January 22, 09 03:36 PM

Type your comment here...


Posted by JOSHUA PARADERO January 22, 09 03:38 PM

As an American IM very proud and blessed to be healthy, alive and to witness history of our 44th president. As I have watch President Obama speak I have had a feeling of passion, honesty and sincerity.. I know this change was coming and prayers have been answered. We are all ready for a change! So lets send out the good energy and prayers to support our leader and President of our beautiful free country The United Sates Of America. Lets love one another and support those who need help more. Because in giving the Universe will repay greatly to our efforts, and while u may pray that u are not in a place where others may be. Homeless, hungry, sick and needy.. But rather be thankful and giving only then ur life will live more abundantly and happy from today, tomorrow and till the day we take our last breath.. God Bless America and the world around US.

Love Peace & Happiness

Posted by Scott J January 22, 09 03:38 PM

605...I agree. #511 was the best post I've read on here. I didn't vote for Obama for my own personal reasons (and, btw, I didn't vote for President Bush either) but just as I supported our 43rd president I will support our 44th. What we all need to try and understand is how government works - it is not just one man running the country. With knowledge and understanding you'll come to realize we cannot blame all the nation's problems on the President - our Government failed us.

Posted by "I know I'll get bashed for my post" January 22, 09 03:38 PM

Mr. President Obama and Madam First Lady Congratulations to you as you lead an America refreshed and newly inspired to rise to our full human national and spiritual potential. For me Your Presidency like your campaign represents real politic a pure stagecraft, where each choreographed move each strategic step is preceeded by careful thought each decision litmus tested for its integrity and support of the core aim of service to people. The result is political music that reassure sooths and inspires confidence in people the world over . Thank you. God Bless You

Posted by Michael January 22, 09 03:40 PM

Congratulations, President Barack Obama, you did what no one ever thought would ever happen in our lifetime. This has taught me to never under estimate the power of GOD. I believe in my heart, that you are a GOD sent from the Heaven up above. I believe that you were sent here to restore this world and bring our people together as one, mission accomplished! I will continue to pray for you and your family and may GOD continue to keep a Haylo over your head and wings on your back. Maybe one day I will get the pleasure of personally meeting YOU, our 1st LADY and yours BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. Until then, may God continue to bless, guide and keep you and yours, for You are the TRUTH!!

Posted by L. Vera W. January 22, 09 03:42 PM

I see the President and his beautiful First Lady truly admiring each other, and the First Lady deeply respecting her husband. Joe Biden and his radiant wife do justice to the President and his beautiful First Lady. I just hope the Bidens serve faithfully and truthfully 8 years together with the President and his beautiful First Lady. I truly like the walking together picture when Barack and Michelle are truly triumphant in their marriage and in their lives. George W. and Laura were frequently affirmed regarding their very true marriage, and I believe there is another couple (very high-level) who will inspire us. God bless America.

Posted by Dana Martin January 22, 09 03:42 PM

President-elect, now President Obama put my train station on the map. It was the single most important event of my life to come out and greet both families as they traveled on the southbound Amtrak Penn Line. He was right in my backyard, I had to go and see him. After the train slowly moved past us, I kept saying thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus. As the train pulled out of the station, I cried all the way to my car and home. He is a man for all people and that is the one single most important expression he has exuded since running for President. In honor of President Obama, I have taken steps to become more prevalent in my community on a volunteer level. I love my country and I want to serve it rightfully. We are all very blessed. In all they ways, acknowledge the Lord and he shall direct they paths. God bless you President Obama.

Posted by S. Favors January 22, 09 03:42 PM

i think that it will be even harder for the next for y ears and that i hope and pray that he knows what is best for this country and himself and his family beacause we "americans" is realying on him to do the right thing for us. and that it will not be done now we would have tok wait for it for what he wants to do.

Posted by areal carrothers January 22, 09 03:43 PM

pic # 10 is the most inspiring, but pic # 36 is going to generate huge sales tomorrow morning for the company that made the watch.

Posted by Steric January 22, 09 03:43 PM

Mrs. Obama DOES wear her wedding band REGULARLY if you look at the picturesof them dancing you can see the outlineof it on her finger.

Posted by Zenobia January 22, 09 03:44 PM

For the post of 517...

Unfortunately, his color is huge in all this. Yes, I feel that he should be treated like all the other presidents before him but because of the type of society that we live in makes this a big issue. Despite of what the constitution and the doctrine that this country was founded on states, people are discriminated against and racism still exists. Its not glorified like it was back in the early part of the 20th century but it is still here. Meaning that there were people that still voted against him just because he was black and there was even an assassination plot on his life simply because he was black. These are the things that has stopped any minority of any race for even getting close to the presidency. Since the birth of this country, only Caucasian protestant males have ran the country and as far as the minorities were concerned, it was always going to be that. To grow up and to be told that you can be whatever you want to be in the US...except president. President Obama's represents change on many different levels. For the first time in history, the American Dream became a reality to all people no matter ethnic and religious background.

Posted by Leland January 22, 09 03:44 PM

While watching the events unfold on Tuesday, I asked my fifth grade students to write 3 things that they were impressed by during the Inauguration. I have read many thoughtful responses.
Here is what Leah wrote:
1. I was impressed how Obama's speech was so convincing.
2. I was impressed that some people were crying.
3. Lastly, I was impressed by how many people were there.
She also went on to say, "Obama wants to be a role model for other countries. That probably means he wants everyone to treat each other kindly".
What a message to the students of the Unite States of America to hear and understand! My students will never forget that day and neither will I! Thank you for your message of "Responsibility". We ALL need to hear it & remember it!

Posted by Margit Lamey January 22, 09 03:45 PM

May God be with All of US!!!!!!!!!!These are trying times, but we shall prevail and persevere!!!

Posted by Regginal Perry January 22, 09 03:45 PM

Although I did not vote for President Obama, I wish him all good things. Wisdom would be the first good thing. The wisdom not to listen to the demands of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They will prove to be his worst enemies and are only interested in their own agenda. Pelosi's desire to tax retirement income is enough to make all of us seniors cringe. She should be impeached and Obama would do himself a big favor by removing both of them from any position that could influence the voting of the Senate and Congress. I know the new President's heart and mind are in the right place except maybe when it comes to the FOCA. That is also something he needs to take a long hard look at before he votes yes. No child should be able to have an abortion without the knowledge and consent of their parents. I truly believe that he if stays a middle course, the country and us real middle class folks should be okay.

Posted by M. Ruocco January 22, 09 03:45 PM

If you don't believe in GOD, stop knocking those that do! We don't call you out of your name because you don't believe. But let's see who you call on late in the midnight hour when there is no one around to help you through your crisis. And you will have one....mark my words. To the Obama's, put GOD first and he shall direct your path. Stay humble, and keep your ears and your heart open to the cries of the people. GOD bless!

Posted by Andrea January 22, 09 03:45 PM

President Obama you campaign for CHANGE. A CHANGE has come for all americans and we all shall stand tall and support President Obama his 4 years in office. Mr. President God Bless you and your family. Welcome to Washington, DC. This is what CHANGE means to me and my family.
C is for Courage to with stand anything
H is for Heros that paved the path
A is for Attitude to want more from life
N is for Never giving up on Hope
G is for always keeping GOD first
E is for Embracing the moment

Posted by Ms. Ringgold Clayton January 22, 09 03:46 PM

I am so proud to see the "Dream come to pass", Praise God for the great things he has done, doing, and going to do. It has been worth the struggle and sacrifice.
I pray now that we will ALL strive to do better, be better, in all we do because the best is yet to come. God said it, I believe it and that settles it. From this day forward not forgetting the past but pressing on to the mark. God Bless us all and God Bless the United States of America.

Posted by Cathy Warren January 22, 09 03:47 PM

These images are heart warming and reassuring that President Obama's presidency has already signaled hope to Americans and world citizens as well. The ancestors are comforted and smiling upon us. I thank God that I am alive and able to witness this levelling of the playing field in the United States of America. The lives of those sacrificed during the Middle Passage, slavery, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights Movement whether Black, White, Yellow, Red or Brown were not given in vain. America will always be a work in progress and we have proven to ourselves and to the entire universe that we never give up. God has truly blessed us.

Posted by BRENDA M. RYALS-BURNETT January 22, 09 03:49 PM

It's wonderful to feel proud of our new and extraordinary President, Barack Obama, and a feeling of new hope for our Country is being shared by the majority of Americans and the world.

Posted by Elena Lobito January 22, 09 03:49 PM

Dear Mr President, I would like to welcome you to our city, Washington, DC. I hope you and your wife, the girls and your entire family have 8 years of peace, joy and serenty. It is such a pleasure to feel the love you share with your family.
Now that you know what a "Half-Smoke" is I suggest one(everything on it) every six months (smile). They are tasty but should only be eaten once in awhile.

Posted by Phyliss Stewart-Thompson January 22, 09 03:49 PM

I was in Washington, DC to witness the Inaugration of President Obama. This was something that God let me witness and live to see, I can not begain to tell anyone how I felt out in the cold having chills but chills of JOY. Now if we all get behind President Obama and do our part everything will be all right.

Posted by A. Fay Jones January 22, 09 03:50 PM

I think that it is sad that so many can only say " I am so glad we finally have a BLACK president " That is such a sad statement! I voted for Obama because of his morals and the things he believed the things he stood for not his color!!!! I am a proud mother of 3 white children and 3 black children and not once did I say I am so glad he is black! I told my children I voted for him becasue he had the right beliefs and wanted the best things for this country. Obama is a great man and I am proud to know he is our president! That we have a man that is for ALL people and I can see the world who is still focused on color we still have alot of changing to due!!

Obama my prayers and faith is with you!

Posted by Mom of Many January 22, 09 03:52 PM

The Content of the Heart…
Now that the crowds have receded, the stadiums are now empty, the ball gowns are hung back in the closet and the tuxes are replaced with jeans and rolled up sleeves, I sit back in a state of reflection. I still have not really digested the fact that our nation’s president is a black man! It feels like a dream or a movie but it is neither, it is actually a reality! It has been a long tortuous journey dating back over 200 years but the day is now here, the time has now come. Our ancestor’s struggle to freedom and equal rights is now a cause fulfilled. They endured the slave passage, ropes, whips, lynching, water hoses , dogs, clubs, and verbal abuse so that generations to come would be able to really proclaim that they are free and equal in not only God’s eyes but in America’s eyes. The Constitution that this country was built on can really resound in the freedom for which it stands because on January 20, 2009 the final barrier was broken! President Obama’s presidency affirms that the Constitution is more than just a governmental document but a representation of the fulfillment of equal rights for all people as the fore fathers intended.

I’ve had some beautiful moments in my life but what I had the privilege of witnessing yesterday has changed not only my future but the future of our country and world! The impact that the inauguration and this presidency will have on our young African American minds are limitless. Hope is now a reality. The possibilities are now tangible. Faith is now a visible blessing. Black children no longer only have celebrities or athletes to look up to, but now they can add the most coveted role in America to that list …PRESIDENT! This achievement moves blacks into a visible role that will dispel many myths, beliefs and assumptions about the black race. Thorough President Obama, society will see the intellect, dedications, perseverance, and the spirit of the black race. America will see that Black-America has more than artistic and athletic talents, to offer society we too are filled with aspirations and dreams that range beyond the stage, theater, court and or field.

I feel so blessed to be alive to witness such an accomplishment. I feel even more blessed to share it with my parents, grand-parents and child. After talking to my father regarding his participation in the Civil Rights moment and his experiences of discrimination, I truly feel that our country is heading in a direction where people can truly be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Our God is a God of variety. He created many animals, many types of trees, many types of flowers and organisms. Why would he not create a world of people with the same variety? These differences were not created to be used as weapons of oppression but to reflect His majestic power and design. What happened yesterday affirms that God is still in control. He still appoints kings. Ultimately, His will presides over all because God does not look at the outward appearance but the content of the heart!

Thank you President and 1st Lady are a true inspiration!

Posted by Mesha January 22, 09 03:54 PM

CONGRATULATIONS President and Mrs. Obama, Melia and sasha
I was glued to the T.V. and spent the whole day watching the Inauguration and the
reports on T.V. My husband and I are so happy for you. Everyone that is elected in the government does this because they want to serve their country to the best of their ability.
I am a Canadian and proud of it. I hope that our two countries will work together to make our countries a better place.
God bless your family, Mr. President. Our prayers are with you and our P.M.
A Ann Griffin

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 03:54 PM

We are all so blessed to be able to witness and be apart of this historic moment. Thank God that we are Americans! Thank God for Barack Hussein Obama. May the Lord continue to bless him and his family; may He keep and protect them - no weapon formed against them shall prosper; may the Lord make our President strong where he lacks strength, may He bless him with wisdom, courage, and the strength of millions of men and women, and may America remain united, mighty, progressive, and prosperous in the Holy name of Jesus. Amen.

Posted by Kamaiya C. Bourne January 22, 09 03:54 PM

I am all for Obama, and very excited as well as hopeful to see what this change brings. These photos are awesome, but I am left puzzled by the picture of the two of them dancing at the ball. Michelle is wearing a ring on her middle finger instead of her ring finger to signify their marriage. I know marriage is much more than a ring or a piece of paper, but why didn't she have some sort of band or ring on that finger?????

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 03:54 PM

#462 People who act and feel like YOU is what makes America sad!

Posted by AGSearcy January 22, 09 03:55 PM

Ever since Bush and his cronies stole the 2000 election (Florida) and the 2004 election (Ohio) I have been patiently waiting for a bona fide election to give me hope. The election has happened, we have a highly qualified and responsible person to act as President, and Americans once again have reason to hope for the future, despite the woefully desperate national and international situation left behind by Bush and his cronies. These pictures are unforgettable. The Obamas are wonderful role models for us all. Here's to 8 years of good government.

Posted by Richard P. Howard January 22, 09 03:55 PM

President Obama, I have the utmost love for you and your family. You are our hope. God has send you to give us hope again and change this country for the better. Your energy, faith, love and hope for the future of America is your greatest asset. You have given us all hope and the drive to work harder and make our lives and the live of all American better. Keep up your energy, faith and love for this country and you will make us all proud. I am happy to witness this day and be part of this history. May God bless and protect you, your family and the United States of America. Peace

Posted by Fatou January 22, 09 03:55 PM

Thank you, God, for this great president. Thank you for those FANTASTIC last 8 years as well!

Posted by Brett Brenneman January 22, 09 03:56 PM

I pray for a full investagation of the previous administration. Amen Amen Amen

Posted by Ian January 22, 09 03:56 PM

What makes me feel so good? Because I feel my country has taken a great leap forward. What is the man? Black? Black/White? From Africa, Hawaii; is he Irish with O'bama? I go rainbow. I'm rainbow. The United States is a rainbow of people. There in lies one of its strongest strengths.

Thanks #151.

Posted by 2 treasure January 22, 09 03:58 PM



Posted by MARILYN DENSIE DAY January 22, 09 04:00 PM

I am thrilled that Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States. I am praying for him and his family as well as the Biden family that God will continue to bless and protect them. I also pray that God will give them and all of our elected officials the wisdom needed to lead this great country of our.

I hope someday I will be able to meet both President Obama and Vice President Biden!

Posted by Dale Gilchrist January 22, 09 04:01 PM


Posted by Bernice Harris January 22, 09 04:01 PM

My heart is so full of joy, hope, peace and love. What a renewed day of hope! I wish President Barack Obama nothing but the best. I never thought I would see this day...But I am so glad that I did....I wish my dad whom past away October 26, 2008 could have seen this day! He would have made 86 on Novemebr 18th. God Bless President Obama and his family!

Posted by Darlene January 22, 09 04:02 PM

God bless, you Obama and your family!
I'm a brazilien black woman, and like all I wish tha you be happy and do a great government to USA, but too otheres countries, specially Africa, South America and Middle Orient.
Put always God in your decison and certanly you'll be happy!

Lucimary Passos

Posted by Lucimary Passos January 22, 09 04:03 PM

Mr. President,
Everything about you says change and it is long overdue. I wish you and your family a safe and prosperous journey through these next four years and look forward to having you and your family for four more after that. Good luck and many blessings.

Posted by Juanita Barbour January 22, 09 04:04 PM

Let's hope that this guy has substance as well as style. We have learned the hard way in MA what it means to elect an empty suit with the mantra of "yes we can" .
I did not vote for him, but Obama is your President and is mine, so my prayers are with him.

Posted by Matthew January 22, 09 04:06 PM

When I awoke on the day of Barack Obama's Inauguration I was filled with: joy,pride,excitement,anticipation,and tears. Quickly I realized that I had received a gift; the gift of seeing a brillant, capable, intelligent man who deeply cared about America-and just happened to be African American-was to become the President of the United States of America. I reflected on my religious beliefs and truly knew, "This is a day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it".
I joined millions of others in the rejoicing.

Posted by Alice J. Large January 22, 09 04:06 PM

Well said #511. I did not vote for any of the Bushes, and I did not leave the country while they were in office. I am a born-again Christian, and I read in the bible that we are to pray for our leaders. Even if you did not vote for Obama and you have a negative perception of his moral character (pro-abortion, pro-gay, etc.); your job (especially if you are a Christian) is to pray for God to direct his decisions. He's the President of the United States of America, and we need to respect his authority. The bible also says we are to respect authority and all authority has been set up by God. Those who have such a big problem with it should try living in another country and see if you get the same freedoms as you would in this country.

CONGRATULATIONS to President and Mrs. Barak Obama. The bible says that "if you decree a thing it shall be established". I decree this day:
1. All of President Obama's decisions will be lead my God for he will seek God before making any decisions.
2. President Obama and his family will be safe from all harm, danger, sickness, disease and all attacks of the enemy
3. President Obama and his family will life a long life and the Lord shall satisfy them.
4. No weapon formed against him will prosper and he will condemn all tongues that speak against him.

Posted by Veronica January 22, 09 04:08 PM

Grandioso ! Veramente un bel servizio fotografico !
i enjoid it a lot .

Posted by Claudio rossi in Viterbo - Italy January 22, 09 04:09 PM

Tears of joy, what a blessed event to remember always. Although we have our differences in many things, some of us do really want to live and do the right thing. I am very happy and will continue to pray for our 44th President Barak Obama and our new and wonderful 1st Lady Michelle Obama, as well as for our Country The United States of America. I pray that our new President will seek God, Yehovah for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding on how to lead this Country.
God Bless Preisdent Obama, his family, staff, and friends.

Posted by Freda January 22, 09 04:09 PM

GoooO Obama.
You are the dream!
From Italy,

Posted by Oriano January 22, 09 04:09 PM


Posted by FABIOLA ALBA January 22, 09 04:10 PM

Put the collective voice of the people first, not god... The voice of god that so many hear is distorted if not by themselves, but their pastors; if not their pastors then by their church. Many acts of cruelty have been done under the name of gods... We as humans have the ability to choose what is right and what is wrong and every person is therefore accountable for his actions: accountable to those they influence and those they hurt. I wish President Obama the very best of luck for the fate of humanity most certainly rests in his hands and even as an Australian I have no doubt he will be the most memorable president to date. I never thought I'd live to see a great president.

Posted by James Somers January 22, 09 04:11 PM


Posted by FABIOLA ALBA January 22, 09 04:11 PM

Just viewing this gives me goose bumps, it's beautiful, we all in Bermuda watch as well.

We love you Mr. President (Barack Obama)

Posted by Patricia Hayward January 22, 09 04:12 PM

Mr President My God never make a mistake..Keep God first in everything. May God can protect your family not matter where you are...I pray for your safety

Posted by Christine Hawkins January 22, 09 04:12 PM


Posted by FABIOLA ALBA January 22, 09 04:12 PM

Glory be to God! And God has truly blessed America!

Posted by Stephanie Richardson January 22, 09 04:12 PM

From Bermuda, we followed him every step and we have been truly rewarded , for this day, January 20th 2009, is for the world. An example for the entire world!!!
We are so very proud, humbled and happy, as we remember, those now gone, and all the sacrifices made. AMERICANS YOU DID IT! YOU MADE HISTORY!
Long may he, his family, administration and country be blessed!!!
The first act he signed says it all, 'A proclamation declaring a National Day of renewal and reconciliation and calling on Americans to serve one another'.
All Praise is due to God

Posted by Elizabeth Zaheerah Shakir January 22, 09 04:13 PM

As I watched the inauguration of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United state of America, I thought - What a celebration of hope, of change, of new beginnings!!!  What I noticed the most, was the unity of the people who had come from all over the states and from all over the world to be a part of this special event.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I felt as proud  as anyone of them must have felt and I am a Bermudian.  To the first Family, I wish you continued happiness, blessings and love. God Bless America!!  God Bless the World!!

Posted by Velda M. January 22, 09 04:14 PM

Congratulations President and First Lady Obama,
You have given hope back to the American people you have shown us that change is possible. I pray that God keeps you and your famly and that he guides your every decision, as you assume this awesome responsibility but remeber that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.

God Bless You.

Posted by Althea Oliver January 22, 09 04:14 PM

How has no one commented the most ignorant of all statements:

714.We, as a nation, are more divided now than ever before. I pray that God will, in his infinate mercy, forgive us all. We have basically turned ourselves over to terrorists.
Thanks to the people who voted for Obama for handing us over to terrorists.
It just goes to show that the shallow minded Democrats are so easily brain washed. God have mercy on us all!!!!!!!!! We have become an evil nation.
Abortion is murder. Gay marriages are wrong. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. We WILL ALL answer to God on judgement day!
Think about your choices and decisions. God help you make the right ones.

Posted by Kim Bailey-Brown January 22, 09 02:35 PM

Kim, and others who think like this twisted mind, are what's wrong with this country and this world. People need to get their heads out of their butts and go read a book, go look at the world, stop judging others because you don't know any better and live by the Bible word for word. Your statement was not only ignorant but completely disgusting. And the fact that you call Democrats shallow-minded for being open and for being accepting and saying all these hateful words, YOU are the one that is shallow-minded.

"GOD" did not pick this President, AMERICA DID. People were sick and tired of conservative, right-wing, fundamentalist, Jesus freaks from the mid-west so we voted for a CHANGE and CHANGE we shall get!

Posted by Tors January 22, 09 04:14 PM

Isn't Democracy a wonderful thing? God bless America!

Posted by Regina Conway - Pennsylvania January 22, 09 04:15 PM

I am thrilled at the turn that this country has taken in just a few short days. There is hope once again, and I look forward to what may be accomplished - although he can't do it all by himself...he will need each one of us to be a part of this journey.
It has taken me more than 8 years to come up with something positive to say about Former President Bush, but I must comment on the class that he showed during the transition. If he had conducted himself like that over the course of his time in office, the people of this country and the world would have had a much more positive view of him.

Posted by Kelly January 22, 09 04:16 PM

Beautiful photos!!
The President needs us. We are the Hope, we are the Change, we want to see. May We all, find the wisdom and the heart to help our President to rebuild our country.
No matter who you are, where you live or where you come from. We are the people of the United States of America.
Let's all help our President. ¡ADELANTE SEÑOR PRESIDENTE!

Posted by Lucia T. Varona January 22, 09 04:16 PM

I thank God that I have been able to see in my life time a black man become President of this great country of ours. I am sixty-six years of age and I came through the times when segregation was eveywhere in this country, and to now see this great day in history has been a blessing for this country. May God continue to bless and protect you and your family.

Posted by Joseph Lundy January 22, 09 04:17 PM

Jan 20th was a day for all people that is breathing and day for all of us to unite in days ahead and remember God has sent antoined one to world and we have to
put out trust and faith 1St to the lord than our President -- just a good feeling knowing we can be one-- so look out the world will-- it going to all work out because we all want it to.

Posted by sue godwin January 22, 09 04:20 PM

President Obama I pray that God's hands will remain on you and your family and that he continues to guide your footsteps. We are all behind you, encouraging you, praying for you.

You will stop all the madness, hold those accountable for the mess and madness, and they will all fear you as the Lord's messenger. Blessings for you, your family, and your cabinet. Amen

Posted by Gail E. Davis January 22, 09 04:20 PM

Please Obama, GIVE US FREEDOM!

Posted by patricebergeronlover January 22, 09 04:22 PM

Great shots

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 04:22 PM

All over the world, every nation, creed, age, gender is finally united~ realizing that WE ARE THE WORLD. Diversity is beautiful and binding....not devisive. Differences are to be appreciated. Now we may work as one body to ensure a future for the generations to come.

Posted by Kimberly- California January 22, 09 04:24 PM

It tells well when men prove their worth in a game of Chance.This Chance today ,we term merit.His personality shows how much intelligence,diligence,Compasion and how much Charisma he has in him as the 44th Commander in Chief..

I tell you all,these images are pace setters and it should wake us all from slumber and know this is a time when the President needs us very more.
"IL Faut le Soutenir "

At this time ,let us try to encourage him,but Michelle note you have a greater task now to love and stand by your husband even more than ever..These way you shall all realise a change for America

Posted by Prince J A Mukete , Sweden January 22, 09 04:24 PM

He will be another Carter when this is done and fromt he rubble wil rise the next great conservative in the mold of Reagan.

Mock Bush all you want be he kept us safe by taking the fight to the terroists.

Posted by 1/20/13 January 22, 09 04:24 PM

God has blessed our world. Yes, he is the “World’s President”.
Harmony shall ring in our hearts, always. I am thankful for this time, this event and the mirror that we are staring at, asking how can I be a better person. Oh, God is so good! Peace on earth.

Posted by Sa'Mecha W Echols January 22, 09 04:26 PM

President Obama you are truly beautiful inside and out, and we have faith that you will bring change to our country... You have a beautiful strong black woman in your corner and two beautiful daughters. God Bless you and your family !!!! YOU CAN DO IT, we believe in you! we now have faith that change will come...... GO OBAMA!! YEY!!

Posted by Rochelle Harris January 22, 09 04:27 PM

President Obama my church along with myself will be praying for you everyday. My prayer is that you allow the Holy Spirit to give you direction as you move about within your days. The bible states "THAT THE FOOTSTEPS OF A GOOD (RIGHTEOUS) MAN OR ORDERED BY THE LORD." I pray that you acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your path. Seek him as you go forth making decisions that will cause the people of the United States to become better. God bless and may his peace be with you and the first family of the United States. This time has been designated since the beginning of the world. It is your assignment and you will rule well with the help of God. God Bless and keep you President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Mailia and Sasha Obama.

Posted by Anthony Faust January 22, 09 04:27 PM

This is the day that the Lord has made.......we will rejoice and be glad in it!
Behold old things are passed away, and all things are created new in Jesus Christ. I am proud to be an American!

Posted by Angela January 22, 09 04:29 PM

To, The President Of The USA, Pres. Barack Obama !!!!
There aren't any words to say to you that haven't been said.
I'm so Proud & Blessed to be among the living to witness,
this historal time. What a beautiful Family you have & just,
to see you All show so much class & love makes my heart,
so happy. Congradulations to you & Our First Lady & First Girls.
May God Keep you ALL in his sight, & i'll be Praying for ALL.
Madeline Seel & Children.

Posted by Madeline Seel January 22, 09 04:30 PM

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still crying. I been crying since the night President Obama won. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tammye D. Johnson Sullivan January 22, 09 04:31 PM

Finally, I believe we have an American with the intelligence to discern, the courage to accomplish and the conviction to win. I think I need to find my flag.

Posted by Bill Mattson January 22, 09 04:32 PM

Well, I've read quite a few comments of the more than 760! I was a teenager in the 60's and saw a lot of riots, burning of neighborhoods, etc. But I also witnessed the sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations encouraged by Martin Luther King. Before that, I listened to the stories my father told about his experiences as a black man in America (born in Geogia,1916) He fought in WWII and had to sit behind German prisoners to see Lena Horne during a USO show. He was afraid to travel back South because there were so many lynchings (no other reason than because you were black). He taught his children some of the unwritten history of this great country. We never learned a lot of the contributions to this country of African Americans in the classroom because much of it was not included. We grew up not really seeing ourselves as viable citizens. Not until the mid-60s could we even see ourselves as consumers of products in commercials or as members of a functional family on the TV. No matter how educated we were, well-spoken we were or how well we maintained our yards (smile) we were never considered equal to our Caucasion counterparts. Unfortunely, many still feel the same way. To some, we will always be 2nd class citizens. I say this because, as an African American woman, to see the color barrier broken down, to see an African American voted into office by the majority of Americans, not just a particular group of people, makes all the pain and injustice seem a little less painful. I was on Obama's bandwagon after he made the speech at the Dem convention. He is not only charismatic and well spoken - that is not what makes a great president - he also has a quality of sincerity and empathy. He seems to mean what he says. Some look at him as some sort of messiah. That, he is not. What he is though, is someone who breathed hope into a country that seemed to have lost hope. He never said he was a Black president, but that he was a president of all the people of the United States. He has endeared himself to other peoples of this world because he said he would at least talk about our differences and try to work things out. We are not the center of this Universe. We are a young country, 300+ million on earth populated by 7 billion. I also believe, because I am a Christian, that it is God who sets up Kings and Kingdoms. I believe the people voted for Obama for such a time as this. History will tell us whether or not he lived up to our expectations. Some expect him to fail. Others, like me expect him to succeed - with all of our help. We are going to a tough time right now. But in the words of a great and prolific writer, " We glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation makes us patient, patience gives us experience, and experience gives us hope; and hope does not disappoint". For those of you who believe that this country was not founded on Christian principles, read your history a little deeper. How many signers were the documents that laid the foundation of this nation. Isn't it funny that when someone wants to dispel the Christian foundation of this country they only look at Jefferson and Washington, the two people who were agnostics. What about the beliefs of the other men whose signatures were there. The majority were believers and lived there lives accordingly. If you are an atheist, thank God that you live in a country were we have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. I can believe what I believe and you can believe what you believe and we don't have to go to war with each other because of the differences. I can even write a blog or tell my neigbor about my beliefs without fear of being jailed or worse. God bless Barack Obama and God bless America!!!

Posted by K Davis January 22, 09 04:33 PM

dear barack obama and fellow citizens of the world. i lack words to express this landmark. i wish him a strong heart and heavenly wisdom. i wish he would realise that in times like this decisions from the oval office are not just arrived at by human discretion and wisdom but with the guidance of God. lets face it..the globe has never been as complicated as it is much as i know.its only God that can guarantee ultimate victory. my advice...never ever take things at their face value. there is more to every situation than meets the eye. conventional wisdom could someimes lead to wrong choices. and in the middle east, look before u leap.

Posted by mark-onyegbu victor January 22, 09 04:35 PM

We are blessed to have a PRESIDENT who believes in UNITY and has a firm belief in GOD. This is our country and we should all try and make it a better place.
God bless all of His creations.

the world could be a better place

Posted by S.M. Willingham(Ga.) January 22, 09 04:35 PM

I am very excited when this happened i was in school watching it my friends and i were in tears

Posted by Raveena January 22, 09 04:37 PM

My prayers were answered. Thank you dear God for Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha. America needs an extreme makeover and Barack is the one to do it! We all need to come together and do our part to make America shine from sea to shining sea!! God Bless You, Mr. President. I am so happy!!

Posted by Lydia January 22, 09 04:37 PM

May God bless your many endeavors. May God bless your every decision. As a black person, I want to say I am proud, as an American, I want to encourage fairness to all. Just because we are black does not mean, we as black should be the only persons to benefit from Barack Obama Presidency. Please be fair to everyone. God did not create only blacks, only whites, only asian, and surely not only one race. Love each other as God has loved us. Treat people how you would like to be treated and not necessarily how you have been treated or mistreated. If you can not love your neighbor,how can you expect God to honor love to YOU! We love you Barack & Michelle Obama and family. My family prays for you everyday.

Posted by Katrina Gamble-Mobile January 22, 09 04:39 PM

During my lifetime I have never seen a United States Presidential inaugural capture so much attention from around the world. What a day for the history books!

Posted by leroy williams January 22, 09 04:40 PM


Posted by Aric Worthy January 22, 09 04:40 PM

I was so so happy to be alive to witness this day because this Is the day that the Lord has made let us all rejoice and be glad in it we must all come togeather and pray for this Man that God has send to bring us all togeather we all have to work and show God how we thank him and we all need his help to keep this Great man safe and on the right road to lead us as a people free to love and worship, and do what we can to bring our nation to where it should stay so let us all get on one accord and make this dream a reality It not about the clothes we wear or what great words we say it's about coming togeather as one let your light so shine in love

Posted by C.A. Gray Champagne January 22, 09 04:40 PM

Yes, #714 God is having mercy on us all, each day we rise we are granted a new day of mercy; abortion is murder, homesexuality is wrong, however God is the only judge, not I and certainly not You. Your comment was both judgemental and hypocritical. You want to talk about God and how he feels, let's just talk about the your true cause for your complaint: the fact that Obama is indeed a black man, and I'm sure his name has a lot to do with it. I hear the hidden innuendos in your comment. Let's not sugar-coat by involving God's name. We all have our individual beliefs and you, like everyone else, sin daily. Just because he may condone abortion and homosexuality, doesn't mean he can't effectively run this country or loves God any less. My goodness, he can't do any worse of a job than Bush did! With that being said, did you consult God on your decision to write that IGNORANT comment? I suppose not! I guess that was a way of making someone think that you actually know who God is. Let's do some serious soul-searching within ourselves before we judge someone else! Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. John 8:7

Posted by Nicole January 22, 09 04:42 PM


Posted by DONNA GILLS- RICHMOND ,VA January 22, 09 04:42 PM

As a World War II veteran, I thought I would never see the inauguration of a black U.S. President. I am proud of our Country for voting into office such an outstanding young man. I hope we will become a more tolerant nation and the word discrimination will disappear. I look forward to President Obama being a centerist and the extreme liberals and the extreme conservatives become past ill memories.

Posted by Earle Weichman January 22, 09 04:42 PM

Hi Mr.President, I send you this message to let you know that I'am over joyed to see what our Father can do fourty years later. This was already pre-ordained by the master way before you was preceived in your mother's womb. God's word say that he knows the plans he has for you and it has come to revelation. I pray God's blessings over you and your family and know with great assurance that he will take care of you all. Mr. President you were God sent and walk in it fulfill God's purpose, plan , and his will that he has for your life. I know and have heard that you are a man of intergrity and you are fearfully and wonderfully made to make a difference in lives of God's people. God forth in be about your Father's business. God Bless you and family . May God's peace be unto you all in Jesus name. Amen

Posted by Mrs. Anita Parrish January 22, 09 04:43 PM

We have a Mandela of our modern age and with the opportunity of great powers to do good. I HAVE NO WORDS to describe it all but I feel it.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 04:43 PM

My prayer is that this country gets back to the roots of the forefathers with "One Nation Under God". That Mr. President Obama gets the wisdom of King Solomon and has the heart of King David in the bible to lead him so that he can this this country back to greatness with ALL PEOPLE no matter their color, creed or religion. For we are ALL of the Human Race. God bless you and your family Mr. President. I pray for you, your family and this country every morning God opens my eyes and I give thanks.

Posted by Mark A Malloy January 22, 09 04:44 PM

CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA......i am so proud to call you my president, but whatever you do make sure you keep GOD first. you are a role model for me i never thought in a million years that we would have a black president this shows me that anything is possible for those who love the Lord. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thy own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS. Commit thy ways to God and HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART. Whatever you do don't give up and keep on trusting God, he is always watching out and over for you.

MRS. OBAMA may God bless you, and you have set a marvelous example for us young black teenage girls. Keep up the good work. The girls looked absolutely beautiful. Make sure you stand behind him trust me there are going to be alot of hard times, but keep on trusting God. Never give up and always remember that God is there for his people, he loved us so much that he sent his only son that who so ever believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life. So keep on living in God's word, and when things get harsh do not give up. God's word is a lamp unto thy feet and a light unto thy path. Trust me he loves you!!!! (;

Sasha and Malia, good luck at the white house, and make sure you stay humble. Pride goeth before destruction and a haudy spirit before a fall. May God richly bless you and i hope you enjoy your new dog as he comes into the white house with you. I hope that you will enjoy your new journey in your live, and you are very lucky to have a president as your father. But anyway we love yall and stay strong. Oh yeah and from what i can tell yall are some really sweet children, don't ever chang okay. BYE

Posted by Macie Turner January 22, 09 04:44 PM

This event is the first in history according to all; we are happy that it happened in our times. We, beleivers, must engage ourselves to pray for this president and join our faith together in order that we can see things happen for the good of our NATION and that of the World. God has a plan for AMERICA and HE stil wants to bless the world thru it.
May the Almighty God be watching constantly on the United States of America, this new president, his family and his administration.
Mr. President Obama, we will keep you in our prayers

Posted by REV. EXENOR P. FEVRIER January 22, 09 04:47 PM

Awesome Day with Awesome Pictures! We are Blessed to have a wonderful new beginning with President Obama.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 04:47 PM

I am extremely happy to see Obama in office. I know this makes a lot of people happy. I don't care about the color of his skin I care about how he can help us with this big mess. What everyone needs to realize is that this man is making history as we know it and he has a LOT on his plate. Bush messed us up bad and I know it did not start with him but he sure had his hands on the shovel putting us in this whole. Now we all rely on this man to help us get out of this. First we must remember he is not a miracle worker and does not know magic; this is going to take a long time to repair and as long as he has us headed in the right direction then we will be in good shape. Don't set him up for failure before he has a chance to show us what he is made of. Give him some time to get some of this crap fixed or at least on the right path. The United States is not made up of just a President but made up of us too and we need to help anyway we can.

I say Congrats Mr. Obama I know you have a lot of work to do!

Posted by Billiejean January 22, 09 04:48 PM

To God Be the Glory for the Wonderful Things He Has Done! Let us continue to pray for our President Barack Obama and his Administration. Now the work begins!

Posted by John W. Lewis III & Rosemary Thompson-Lewis January 22, 09 04:48 PM

To God be the glory for the things he has done.My prayers are with you President Obama and First Family .May he keep a hedge of protection all around you all .May God's will be done.Thank God for you all making history on this side of heaven

Posted by DeYonta Russell January 22, 09 04:49 PM

History has shown that we have come through many tough times in our growth and development as a nation. From the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to WWII and the Civil Rights Movement, we have matured along the way realizing that indeed ‘changes are permanent.’ Despite the social and economic ills we have endured time and again, with small steps forward and the all-too-often large leaps backward, we continually move in a direction that seems to work towards positive outcomes. To that end, the 2008 presidential election and Tuesday’s inauguration was bound to happen. Despite what one thinks about Barack Obama’s capabilities or his stated policies, the fact that he was elected, I believe, is a testament to the change that out country needs to get us back on course in the larger scheme of things for the sake of our future.

We’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go. The days of blatant discrimination and segregation have given way to discreet institutional racism. I’ve met many who have personally experienced it and I’ve come to determine that there are a few universal truths that I trust most people should be able to agree upon. First, racism today it is clearly still alive and well and practiced in all levels of society. Second, it is wrong for some in society to suffer at the expense of others. No matter one’s ideas about individualism or socialism, inequality as it is today in our country is the result of greed in high places and policies meant to maintain the status quo, and despite all that is good about capitalism, of the minute few who benefit from it, too many are oppressed by our government’s historical approach to it which is rooted in social privilege and racial discrimination. And third, our elected officials must be held accountable to represent the expressed will of the people and make every effort to hear the concerns voiced by any one individual or group through the political processes that exists – that is, the common man must acquire and exercise as much influence at grassroots levels which I believe best represents public opinion as the elites have been used to doing in the area of policy making exclusively for too long.

Even if President Obama makes every mistake in the book, it was inevitable that the day would come when a Black man would enter the White House. It is most symbolic that the inauguration followed the day after the national holiday of MLK’s birthday.

I stand behind you Mr. President – good luck!

Posted by Tony2112 January 22, 09 04:49 PM

Mr. President and First Lady!

I am so thankful for your Presidency. I am so proud. Words cannot express how thankful and how proud I am at this time. May God bless your family, protect you, and lead and guide you. We just Thank God for you. I know you can't do it alone. We have to do our part. Thank you for stepping up. You and Michelle were so beautiful on the dance floor. You are such a beautiful First Couple. God Bless!

Posted by Lena Andrews January 22, 09 04:52 PM

Your photo essay on the Obama Inauguration was magnificent. Some of the photos, particularly the one of John Carlos and Tommie Smith were very moving. Your essay gives one the sense that what is going on here is bigger than any of the individual players. All Americans should hope and pray for the success of this new administration. This may be our last chance to straighten things out, both here and abroad. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Rick Lhota January 22, 09 04:52 PM

This is a very big historic moment in this country and I am so glad you are doing this.... God Bless America and what it stands for... liberty, freedom and opportunity for all.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 04:53 PM

Indeed! a proud day for America. Let's heed Mr. Obama's plea to rise up to the occassion and get this nation moving again. With the Grace of God and Mr. Obama's leadership we shall overcome, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. May God help us.

Posted by Jose Romero January 22, 09 04:53 PM

May God continually to smile and protect you and your family.
To President Obama, remember what appears to be impossible to man
is just right for God.

God's peace be with you and the United States of America.

Posted by Doris K. Harris January 22, 09 04:55 PM

1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

Psalm 1:1-3 KJV

God Bless President Barack Obama and this nation.

Posted by R. Thompson, II January 22, 09 04:56 PM

Never before in the history of the world has the election and Inauguration of a President of one nation provoked such great enthusiasm, hope and positive energy ALL OVER THE WORLD.
From Africa to Europe to Asia to Australia to South America and New Zealand....people everywhere are filled with joy and hope for this change that has come to America and the world!!!
Can we all please get on our knees and feet and pray for Brother Barrack Hussien Obama??? He needs all our prayers to turn America around and indeed make a deep impact on the whole world. He needs God's unflinching guidance and direction to make the next 4 years(maybe 8) the best times for America and the world.
Lets not forget that he is still a mere mortal man like all of us. Capable of making mistakes and falling short of expectations. Thats why he needs our unswerving and uncompromised prayer support. He cannot do anything in his own power and strength. He needs the help of the Holy Spirit every single day of his service as the 44th President of United States of America. Please lets all get on our knees DAILY to pray for this man who God can use to change the world by the decisons he makes. He is a vessel for good in the hands of Almighty God

I am 1000% behind Mr Obama. I pledge to pray for him DAILY. I commit to support Him in my thoughts and wish him well.

May God help him and his cabinet to make decisions that would bring positive change to the world, end wars, poverty, racism and all social ills that has kept us under for so long.
I am not expecting a mere mortal man to perform such magic in such a little time without supernatural help and assistance. That is why WE MUST PRAY HARD FOR HIM!!!

God Bless you Mr and Mrs B. H. Obama!!! God Bless America!!! God Bless the whole world!!! Barrack, You will definitely succeed as we lift you up before Almighty God DAILY.

Posted by Chucks Obinna Ugoihe January 22, 09 04:56 PM

For all those Atheist out there, if you don't want to give GOD credit for his doing then thats fine. However, respect the right to FREEDOM of expression and religious belief. Don't badger those of us that DO believe everything is GODS will and want to praise and thank him for saving us. It would've been tragic to continue 4 more years under Republican leadership.

GOD Bless America and Peace to the World!!

Posted by Believer in Miami January 22, 09 04:56 PM

What a lovely array of beauty diplayed in these photos. These photos reflect the canvas of life's uniqueness. I am thrilled and also humbled by the gathering of so many people who shared this special moment in history together. Although I was unable to attend, I was there is spirit. This moment in time depicts the newness of the day's promise and brings us closer to the purpose of our calling. Our diversity is not without challenge, but our strengths support our cause. Let us continue to walk in the liberty of unity!!!!!!

Posted by Anita Johnson January 22, 09 04:57 PM

Congratualations to our newly elected President , Barack H. Obama, First Lady Michelle/ and Family:
Change has finally come!! What will you do to keep HOPE alive, and what will you do to help President Obama and his staff to get America going again in the right direction? Change starts with each of us, so stop the hate, and learn celebrate the diversity of all America. To God be the Glory for the Great things He has done.
Do your part, to strengthen our America, and God will do HIS part in building a
better and stronger America for all of us.
Move forward, get busy, and get American back on track!!

Posted by Anonymous - Maryland January 22, 09 04:58 PM

GOD bless you and your family Mr. President. You have made my generation proud.

Posted by Barbara Davis January 22, 09 04:59 PM

I am so grateful and blessed to have seen this day. I hope that people do not put such expectations upon Mr. Obama everything did'nt happen in one day. It is definitely going to take sometime before all issues are resolved. As Americans we must not criticize him if he does not get to everything as quick as he would like too!!!! JUST REMEMBER "HE SAID A CHANGE IS GOING TO COME".

Posted by Leona Robinson, Bklyn, NY January 22, 09 04:59 PM

Dear Mr obama, I am truly happy that u are now the number one man in the world. My mon was going to be elated to celebrate this day. how ever god called her home on 11 november 2008. she returned to new york from Trinidad to work a t the polls just to b part of this historical moment. i will urely let her know how you are doing. god bless her soul and may he bless u.

Posted by hell January 22, 09 05:00 PM

wow is wasnt sure about obama becoming president but now i am so speech less that i am soo happy for him. Congratulations

Posted by Heidi Miller Sidney Montana January 22, 09 05:01 PM

Every picture defines greatness in our history. Being apart of history is something that no one can take away from you , and now it is something that our kids can learn and appreciate from the years to come. I feel so humble to have live throught this moment, great moment all over the United States and in other countries.

Posted by Christopher Pearson January 22, 09 05:01 PM

Great letters for t he most part. But, No God!! Come consider can a human
make a creature like this president.?
Now I think Mr. Obama's demeaner is excellent but he was raised in a time
when paper handkerchiefs were used by most. The old cloth handerkerchiefs
do not lieave bits of lint on garments and look better for one to use when one's nose itches or needs attention. So someone please send him two dozen white
linen or cotton hemmed handkerchiefs. That will complete the personal sanitation. Best wishes for success to lead us back to trust and integrity.
Compile a list for volunteer work and ask for help.

Posted by Barbara Spencer Carter January 22, 09 05:02 PM

I'm still crying just watching our President Barack Obama and our First Lady Michelle Obama and I feel so proud of them! They are such a BEAUTIFUL family and I sent them all my blessings. Just seeing how much LOVE our President Barack Obama and our First Lady exude it brings tears of JOY to my heart and they INSPIRE a lot of people to be better. I LOVE THEM!

Posted by Wanderer January 22, 09 05:03 PM

Congratulations to President Obama and the first family, I just want to say that I didn't vote for him because he's an African-American, but because he spoke of the changes I needed to hear. He being an African-American is a plus, Hillary would have done just fine for me as well. We need change in the USA, we need to stop relying on other country's for most of our resources. I agree with President Obama that we need to start taking responsibility for our nation and each other, we need to get more involved with bills that are being passed in our communities and for our children, school, homes, taxes, entertainment and other things. We don't say anything most of the time until after we see it on the News, that something had changed or will change. We need to go to PTA's and community forums that effect us. The President can't make a decision by himself, congress, the senate, help make those decisions, but, we the people also, have a say in the bills that get passed. This is not a black or white thing, this is an American thing. One person wrote that GOD has nothing to do with government and that's an idiot, without GOD nothing is possible. MAY GOD BLESS THE PRESIDENT AND THE FIRST FAMILY AND MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Posted by ANN DAVIS January 22, 09 05:04 PM


Posted by MARIE MORGAN January 22, 09 05:05 PM

I am Jamaican I am very proud of the new light that has bestowed onthis land .Lets pray together to see this dream come alive

Posted by Rosemarie January 22, 09 05:05 PM


Posted by JW January 22, 09 05:05 PM

these pictures show--as a world we can and will come together as one.
thank you obama!

Posted by jamie elizabeth January 22, 09 05:06 PM

I think Mr.President should take time to read these wonderful comments and blog and know his expectations more.

Posted by Ravi January 22, 09 05:07 PM

The photos capture the diversity of this world event. Each of us has a role in our destiny. Let's stop the blaming and begin anew. Right now alot needs fixing and the world has eyes on us. Our once prestigious nation has lost some of its respect from the world, but before the world can respect us we need to respect ourselves and make better choices. With hope for a better future . . .

Posted by Maryanne January 22, 09 05:07 PM

I am a middle age Africam American who at this moment is filled with PRIDE, for out country and for the tremendous change our President will bring. Growing up in Selma, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement I've seen a lot of sadness and unjust, but today my heart is filled with everything except these things, for all of the movements of the Civil Right Era, for all of the lives that were lost for unjust reasons, for my forefathers, for my children and their children I am filled with joy and a sence of accomplishment that maybe, just maybe our time has come and maybe we have over come tremendous obstacles. Thank you for all of the wonderful things you will bring to this country. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY..

Posted by Cathy ( Atl, Ga.) January 22, 09 05:07 PM

God has spoken to human race that we are human being before our divisive attributes. Obama's election and innauguration is a good testimony that the end time is near and the whole world should come together and His will be fulfilled. May Allah continues to be merciful to all peace loving people of the world and bless those that sacrifice their today for the next generation.

Posted by Kenny Majinnasola January 22, 09 05:10 PM

A change is gonna come.....and it have.
Thank god almighty it'S here at last :)

Posted by AQUARIUS January 22, 09 05:11 PM

Awesome Pictures.

Posted by Leofox January 22, 09 05:11 PM

Tears of joy, of hope. He makes me want to be a better ciitizen. I was always one to be involved and giving back, but he has inspired me to continue on this path. He is realistic and he lets us know this is not just his country it is our country and we all have to put our hand to the plough. Thank God for ushering in CHANGE and hope in our hearts. I will continue to pray that God gives him wisdom and that he covers him and his family. You inspire me Mr President. My 2 yr old knows your name already. YES WE CAN.

Posted by Shamma January 22, 09 05:15 PM

What a great day! Thank you lord.God bless our new president and his entire family,and God bless America.Please God,give our president the wisdom and knowledge to lead our nation the way that you would have him to.

Posted by Martha Wilkinson January 22, 09 05:16 PM

Thank You Boston Globe for always providing beautiful photography! Inaguration day was already so inspiring but these photos are a great keepsake to remind us we have much work to do as a nation!

Posted by Amy January 22, 09 05:16 PM


Posted by NERGÝS YAZGAN January 22, 09 05:17 PM

One judges a tree by its fruits. Although he is not purely white and delivers an excellent speech, one should judge him by his results not his by his promises. He is a politician remember? Don't get fooled by racial idolatry and wishful thinking born out of economic insecurity.

Posted by Johan Sterk January 22, 09 05:17 PM

Where's the photo of little Sasha giving her dad the thumbs-up?

Posted by Jeff Wolach January 22, 09 05:18 PM

America and the World are crying for joy . Our saviour is here at last. May the healing begin.

Posted by James McQuaide January 22, 09 05:19 PM

King Peter - you have to be the biggest BLOW HARD on the planet! Do you raise people from the dead as well?

Posted by METXAZ January 22, 09 05:20 PM

May God, who created all and said it is good, be pleased to grant mercy and His grace to our president Obama, 1st Lady Michelle,their children and the USA. After reading the many comments from both ends of the hate-love continuum, I am more concerned than ever about the state of our people.
God is in control !! It is He who has brought us this far! We can and we will by his grace, endure.
Thanks to the compiler of the photos. I feel blessed to have lived to be in this time. Pray and trust God USA. Let love and peace abide.

Posted by Juan Turner January 22, 09 05:20 PM

I pledge to not go to Canada, EU,or anywhere in the world an badmouth our president.Call him a criminal, accuse him of being evil and greedy. I wont blame a hurricane on him ect.ect.ect.Because im an American. Unlike the socalled patriotic Bush Haters in the Demacratic party who now want us to all come together to push their social agenda.What a bunch of dolts! I also will never forgive the hyper partison Dems who put politics ahead of country to gain controll, or the media that helps them.I pledge to never say hes not my president if it becomes popular to say so. Best luck to you Pres. Obama. The rest of you can go to hell!

Posted by Jason Revo January 22, 09 05:22 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 05:22 PM


Posted by JILL D. JOHNSON January 22, 09 05:23 PM

To those who choose to speak unkind words, know that there are people like me in the world that will pray for you -- whether you believe in God or not. We are all in this together, like it or not. And folks, don't forget...President Barack Obama is Mr. Bush's president now, too. We should all be mindful that the POSITION he holds in our government deserves respect. Although I didn't vote for former President Bush, I was of the firm belief that he deserved the same level of respect given to those who served before him -- good, bad, or indifferent. Yes, they are all human beings. Yes, they will all make mistakes. Yes, we should forgive them when they do. This applies to any/all past, current and future Presidents to come. So, to those who need to have their coloring books and crayons out at this time, put them away and turn to your children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors and TRY to teach love and peace instead of hate and anger. Try, just this once, to create a mindset of positivity and moving forward to better days. That way of thinking is old and this is a new day -- and if you're lucky enough to be alive right this moment -- pick yourself up (from the negativity pool you are in), dust yourself off, and be thankful that ours is a society in which we get to CHOOSE who we want to be our leader. If he were green, I'd still have voted for him because of his platform. However, the good news is...he happens to be black. No, Barack is not the Messiah, but we owe it to him, to ourselves, to our country, and to the rest of the world to give him a chance and to be supportive. When/if he stumbles (which he might), he has the shoulders of millions of supporters to lean on and the love of even more that have the faith of a mustard seed that goodness will prevail. Stand strong, America! This is our victory! Share the good news with a stranger, make eye contact and say hello to people you meet along your way, but above all else, let no one spread the hate anymore in your presence. Instead, offer kindness and love and watch the devil turn tail and run! Amen! Hallelujah! Make today -- and everyday -- a great day!

Posted by JMW January 22, 09 05:23 PM

Thanks for sharing. It was a breath of fresh air looking at these pictures of such a loving family----our Preisdent Obama, his wife, and children. I pray for President Obama's safety and success in guiding this United States of America..

Posted by D. S. McDowell January 22, 09 05:23 PM



Posted by Shyla E. Hill January 22, 09 05:25 PM

I am so proud of these photos! For once, it's a black man (Mr. President) and his family and they are not being handcuffed and hauled away in a Police car. Change has come to America...(slowly, but surely)

Posted by Kimberly Oliver January 22, 09 05:26 PM

Ok, nothing going on here. Everyone back to work. the economy is tanking and the Democrats are partying. Get ready for a giant hangover.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 05:27 PM

The Lord is using President Obama to Spread Unity and Love All Over the World. It is good for all mankind to see the power of the Lord, because he leads us all first. I Jesus Name we all Pray.

Posted by TONY ANDRE WALKER January 22, 09 05:28 PM

First of all I would like to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with Black people claiming Barack as their own. You have to remember that we (Black people) have endured some of the most vicious and cruel atrocities that any people have experienced in the world. If seem quite fitting that we would feel so much emotion at the onset of a Black man being President

Secondly, if we look at history White America has always denied Mulatto people any rights to their White heritage, claiming if they possessed even 1 drop of Black blood they were considered Black, so it's interesting now how White America want to scream that Barack is half White.

Transcending the first two paragraphs let me say the most wonderful thing about Barack Obama is that he is bringing this country together in a way that we have never seen before. He is not just about improving the condition of Black people, but is genuinely concerned about all of America. I have no doubt he will be a fair and just leader. He decisions with be for the good of America and not focused on special interest groups.

Posted by Terry January 22, 09 05:28 PM

We love you!
Barack & Michelle * Joe & Jill
All blessings

Posted by David & Anja January 22, 09 05:28 PM

As a black women, I have personally never subscribed to the title of African American but I truly think that the people who don't "understand" or respect the use of it are those who were not adbucted from their homeland and forced to work and reside in a country that was built on the sweat of their brows. President Obama is viewed as a saviour to the black community because prior to him there was not ONE president we could point to and tell our children that his achievements are possible.
Until you have awakened to find yourself in a foreign land, unable to speak the language, beaten and worked to the brink of exhaustion, separated from your loved ones and all that you have ever known then you have no right to judge what we choose to call ourselves. Prior to this momentous occasion, our black children have had no visible evidence that they could TRULY be anything that they want to be in life, and for that alone President Obama IS truly a saviour to black people everywhere. Looking at your surroundings be it through the eyes of a slave or the eyes of young black man in America and seeing no one who looks like you succeeding, prospering or in a position of authority and respect can be quite daunting to ones psyche. Barack Obama's perfomance in the office of president remains to be seen but as Americans of any and all races we have an obligation to support him because his success is pivotal to the future of ALL Americans, his presence gives us hope for the future and raises the bar for our children's goals and achievements.

Posted by yaslen2 January 22, 09 05:29 PM

Great photo's happy family. Thank you Obama we need change in this world and I'm so glad that we have an African American Presidents my children our black mixed with white and told that they cant be played with because they Black hopefully now the world will see we are all equal if not then forget them. My children will kniw they loved and we got stupid people out there god bless and may god look over us all! RIP travon Johnson killed ay war 7/23/07

Posted by Newton Family January 22, 09 05:30 PM

He is truly God sent. In his face, I can see that he is not afraid. I think he has already seen his fate and he is at peace with what ever his fate is. I feel bless that God has allowed me to witness this historical moment for I thought this would not happen in my lifetime. I had lost the hope. Now I can say "Yes we can"

He reminds me of Dr Martin Luther King.

My prayers are with him and his family.

Posted by S. THomas January 22, 09 05:31 PM

Thank you for bringing the heartfelt emotion of this wondrous inauguration through these fabulous photographs! They made my laugh, cry, and shout out for joy - it's a GREAT TIME TO BE AN AMERICAN! Yes we can!!

Posted by M Peggy Quattro January 22, 09 05:32 PM

I'm blessed to see the day when we as a people can join together because of one color. The color of "RED," that represents "LOVE." Never in my life as an Arfican American woman have I ever seen so many tears of joy. For the first time I did not notice the color of skin I saw their hearts. God showed me how beautiful a person can be beyond their race. How one tear can make you feel what that person is feeling at that moment. To see millions of tears all at once for a victory instead of tradgedy is knowing there is a God in heaven and he showed himself that day. Amen........

Posted by Wincie January 22, 09 05:32 PM

my name is annie morris and my grandaughters are so elated to be able to say that we were here when president obama was elected my oldest grandaughter was able to go to washington with her school by winning and essay that she wrote on the president and we are so proud to live in chicago may GOD bless the president and his family yes we can

Posted by annie morris January 22, 09 05:32 PM

Thank you Mr. President for you bravery
For standing in the face of doubt and slander, with a smile, refusing to submit
For trusting in love and the ability of the people, all people, all colors
For being for the people
But for God first and your family first
Thank you Mr. President for knowing that we could
For convincing us that we could
For lighting the torch that leads us back to ourselves
For reminding us of our collective strength and our individual responsibility

Posted by Michael Maxwell January 22, 09 05:32 PM

The time is Now for one and all, to share and come togeather:
To love our Brothers and Sisters, as we flock like birds of a feather;
Let's all be accounted for, and lend a helping hand:
For this is a task that's to great, for just any one man;
Yet the world has not changed ,we're still very much the same:
unless we help each other, not only in Barack Obama 's name;
But also in the name of our Heavenly Father, who have always loved us from above
For today we've made a change ,,towards Peace ,Harmony,equality and love

Posted by Conrad (In the name of Love) January 22, 09 05:34 PM

I am 70 and happy to see these pictures. I am white brought up in the South and I have never seen so many beautiful people. AMERICAN PEOPLE. Thank the Good Lord I was here and saw it even if it was from home.

Posted by Rita Magadieu January 22, 09 05:34 PM

Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, We're free at last!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 05:34 PM


Posted by LINDA PITT January 22, 09 05:35 PM

I don't like him. And I don't think anything good will come out of his presidency...

Posted by Jimbo January 22, 09 05:36 PM

This is just wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes to see this history in my lifetime. Which I should have known that it was possible to happen because I grew up with a father that became the first black this and that of a small town in rural GA. So he had shown me it was possible and would happen. Then it brings tears to my eyes because my father who when he first shook hands with our President Obama, he said they were kindred spirits and he was going to be our next president. My father meet him right after he had announced his run for the office. My father past in Oct. 6, 2007 and didn't get to see it come true, but he was so excited that day that he meet him that he started campaigning for him that moment just with me and he took that excitement everywhere he went until he left this earth. These pictures have brought tears to my eyes again, but they are tears of joy. I plan on doing my part with volunteering and making my community I live in now and the one I grew up in Middle GA a better place. I will also remember my dad's famous saying in our Town of Barnesville, GA, "Go out, make a difference, and be some body’s hero" - The Honorable Mayor Dewaine T.Bell

Posted by Christal L. Bell January 22, 09 05:36 PM

What a great day for our nation and the world. After all the years of hurt, struggles and endurance, this great nation of ours have finally allowed many of us to realize a dream. This event is a wonderful gift from God. It is a day that will be remembered for all time. I believe the world will see us as we are; a mixture of the colors and backgrounds who have sacafice to make this nation one of which we can all be very proud to finally call the UNITED States of America.

Posted by Donald Davis January 22, 09 05:37 PM

Profound sense of Pride in all of America and the world.

Posted by TW January 22, 09 05:37 PM


Posted by LINDA PITT January 22, 09 05:39 PM

President Obama
God bless you

Posted by Donald A. Morgan January 22, 09 05:40 PM

For our President Obama and the first family, I pray God keep his hands on you and guide you to do for this country what must be done. I believe you are protected and know that you and your family are loved.

Posted by Felecia(Lithia Springs, Ga) Jan 22,2009 January 22, 09 05:41 PM

beautiful! I am so happy to have Obama as president of USA.

Posted by Fiorella January 22, 09 05:41 PM

god bless america the time has finally come equality is on the horizon the dream is here. i am so glad that there is a inteligent , optomistic president in the white house that with gods help will reshape our economy and the government

Posted by saundra January 22, 09 05:42 PM

My heart is overflowing will pride and joy. I only wish my 95 year old aunt could have lived to see it every tear that i shedded included her and every other person who wasnt here to experience this great historic event, to be an american is so cool and our new president and family is in my prayers. GOD BLESS!

Posted by CYNTHIA January 22, 09 05:42 PM

God Bless you President Obama, the First Lady and your beautiful daughters. May he wrap his arms around you and your family. Thank you helping us realize that each of us has a part to play in remaking America! WE won't disappoint you!

Three Generations of our family came to the National Mall to witness this Historic event - it is a dream in progress.

Posted by Melissa, John, Jordan and Julian Hinkson January 22, 09 05:44 PM

Finally, we have the most qualified candidate - a candidate who was fairly selected because of the content of his character and not the color of his skin. This candidate, our 44th President of the United States of America, was chosen, by the people and for the people. Praise the Lord for Barack Hussein Obama. A change has come! Tears of Joy have been shed by many.

Posted by Erlinda O. Cooper of Washington, DC January 22, 09 05:46 PM


Posted by Macie Turner, Macon Georgia January 22, 09 05:47 PM

At long last a leader that can say "yes we can" and truly mean it from his heart, President Obama's kind and honest eyes say it all. What an incredible day in history, I feel totally blessed that I was able to witness this monumental day in history. God bless America, President Obama, The First Lady and their children.

Posted by Anne (Toronto, Canada) January 22, 09 05:48 PM

Be careful what you wish for. Hope is not policy, Hope is not change. People bought into their own reflection and now will have to deal with that.

Posted by Don Pringle January 22, 09 05:48 PM

At long last a leader that can say "yes we can" and truly mean it from his heart, President Obama's kind and honest eyes say it all. What an incredible day in history, I feel totally blessed that I was able to witness this monumental day in history. God bless America, President Obama, The First Lady and their children.

Posted by Anne (Toronto, Canada) January 22, 09 05:49 PM


Posted by JOHN-FIELD NOEL January 22, 09 05:50 PM

I'm still in awe with our new president Barack H. Obama. The Obama/Biden team is phenomenal! Let's support the Obama/Biden team because we need them as gracious leaders and they need us to make them enhance our country. In order for significant change to occur, we need to change our mind, body and souls for the better. They have my support during these tough times... do you?

Posted by L. Banks January 22, 09 05:51 PM

What a beautiful day it was. I took 2 days off from work just to be a part of the history which you President Obama has made. May God continue to Bless you and your family.
I still tear up with joy in my heart. Never thought I would ever see this day.
We love you and we will continue to pray you all.

Posted by Juanita Knight January 22, 09 05:52 PM

THE BAHAMAS love President OBAMA!

Posted by Christine Chin January 22, 09 05:52 PM

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all the years I have lived, this is one of the moments I will never forget, history has truly been made, we have followed your story for two years, and are very pleased with the outcome. I thank you, my family thanks you and the world THANKS YOU and your family for the sacrifice you have made, the long nights and as your beautiful FIRST LADY said, the many nights that you could not enjoy dinner together, GOD BLESS you and your family, your lovely daughters Malia abd Sasha, GOD BLESS AMERICA, we will continue to pray for your success in your NEW POSITION!!!

Posted by Casey in Maryland January 22, 09 05:55 PM

Hopen Obama will bring peace to the world.!! God bless you USA and the rest of the world!!

Chris from Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Europe.

Posted by Chris den Reaguurdert January 22, 09 05:56 PM

And God created the World in six(6) days, and the seventh(7) day He rested.........
And I say unto you "This is a gooooood thing you have done. Bless you and
your family as you begin your journey......

Posted by Anniatha Frazier-McMillan January 22, 09 05:58 PM

Congrads President Obama and to your wife, First Lady Michelle and children also. You did it! Now we will all do it and make this One Nation Under God again.

Posted by Vickie Vogt January 22, 09 05:58 PM

It's so good to see people on the streets, here in London, wearing US t-shirts with PROUD! As brazilian and american, I rejoice immensely with all the us citizens and with all the world. YES, YOU DID! CONGRATULATIONS USA!

Posted by Paulo Fernandes January 22, 09 06:00 PM

For the first time in eight years I am not ashamed of my country. We have finally turned a corner and are on a new road, one that will hopefully lead us to Peace, Prosperity, Justice and Freedom. It makes me so happy to see the Rightists crawl back under the slimy rock they crawled out from under in 2000. Actually, in 1980. I hope they never return. For those who made snide comments about our new President, feel free to do so. But you and your hate are now irrelevant, so nobody is listening, and you and yours will not play on peoples' fears any longer. God Bless America, God Bless Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Posted by Don Balya January 22, 09 06:00 PM

I am still in "awe," my heart is over whelmed, and my eyes still tear up every time I think about our 44th President Barak Obama, our First Lady Michelle, and their children. "WE HAVE OVER COME" and now is time for a change. A change that says, "Yes we can and Yes we will," lets stop blaming everybody else for the way we are and start doing something as a nation to make a change. A change that can come if we just trust God, beleive in our hearts, and stand on His word. Much love for the first family and this world that we live in.........Yes we can and Yes we will !!!!

Posted by Gwendolyn Johnson January 22, 09 06:03 PM

Congratulations! We are very happy to have very capable president. May be we can now restore world's fatih back in USA! God bless you!

Posted by Shoba Lathia January 22, 09 06:03 PM

God bless you all who made this to happen

Posted by Yohannes January 22, 09 06:04 PM


Posted by Naomi Campbell January 22, 09 06:07 PM


Posted by lauradale w January 22, 09 06:08 PM

I'm truly dismayed by all the God BS in here.
There is no god.
Obama is a man - a great one.
Obama was elected by man.
No god had anything to do with any of it.

That being said, the photos are fantastic, very uplifting and inspirational.

Posted by Jack Frost January 22, 09 06:10 PM

This is more than words can explain. The Lord had something in store for all of us, and there is still more to come. Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius.

Posted by Karlene Maitland January 22, 09 06:11 PM

Mr. President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. The world is blessed to have you represent the United States with such compassion, enthusiasm and dignity. I pray that the visions you seek come to fruitation. May you continue to lead with the same intensity and integrity shown throughout the campaign. I pray God continues to bless you and your family abundantly, as you are so richly deserving.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 06:12 PM


Posted by GEWALLS January 22, 09 06:12 PM


Posted by MAGGIE WRIGHT January 22, 09 06:13 PM

Thank all that is holy to have this man in office... PEACE!!!!! GO OBAMA!!!

Posted by Gwen January 22, 09 06:14 PM

President Obama, wife, daughters and Cabinet my prayers are with you
Your friends in Bermuda

Posted by Estlyn Harvey January 22, 09 06:14 PM

The "honeymoon" will soon end......and when it does......we will eventually see (either in this life or in the next) that there is only One who will "save" humanity...and his name is not Obama.

I feel badly for the folks who put all their hopes and dreams in government. Pretty sad. As if politics and govt. can somehow fill the deepest parts of our souls.

People are in for a rude awakening when their "messiah" implements his new and hopeful ways...and yet, we'll all still be unfulfilled in some ambiguous way.

Perhaps only then, will we get real and search for something greater than ourselves.

Leaders come and go...some good...some not so great. But they're just human. And it's just politics. It's not the core of our existence. It scares me just how many people are drowning in this emotionalism and euphoria.

Posted by Susie Quill January 22, 09 06:20 PM

We are pleased to know there is a real man in the White House. after our last election was stolen I began to lose faith in our country. but President Obama has restored my faith and even given me hope as a black man, now for real the sky is the limit, there is nothing that we can't accomplish if we work hard enough. he motivates me in many ways. the way he treats his wife, the way he loves his family, and the way he presents and handles himself is profesional in every aspect. our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family, for your sucess and safty. we are proud of you and everything you represent!!! do us proud !!!

Posted by Darnell Webb & family January 22, 09 06:21 PM

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten so that whomsoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.... May God bless America and keep us all safe, and may Mr. President Obama represent us all as a nation united and not divided!!!!!!!!! For God be the glory and let not our hearts be troubled believe in God and believe also in me......

Posted by Shiretta Harrington-Franklin January 22, 09 06:22 PM

So, the "change" I was talking about all the time is over. Thanks everyone, and please go home and wait until 2012. :-)

Posted by Barack January 22, 09 06:22 PM

As I continue with my family to lead in faith-based community organizing in San Diego, CA, I now feel the strongest sense ever that our efforts will make a difference at all levels of government to support our families most in need! I thank you for the HOPE, FAMILY MORALS and VALUES, and OPPORTUNITIES that you bring to our nation and I look forward to continued efforts with your team in DC! God Bless You! God will not fail us and you have been chosen to lead us and change our lives, maybe not in one year, maybe not in one term,.... but step by step in the right directions. God will carry you when you cannot see the transition in progress!

Posted by Christy Figueroa, San Diego, California January 22, 09 06:24 PM

Top God be the glory for the things he has done,,,,,,,,,,Just God along deserves the glory for what our eyes have witnessed. Let's work hard America to keep the dream alive.

Posted by Evangeline Bullock January 22, 09 06:25 PM

thanks for excellent collection of historical moments.there is a reson we beleive in god. in Barrack Obama the whole world is seeing a ray of hope.let us pray that he becomes the rising sun for the world. god bless the world.
anil yadav

Posted by anil yadav January 22, 09 06:26 PM

I am still so overwhelmed with this day. I'm so glad that my four year old was able to see HISTORY in the making.....GO OBAMA!!!!

Posted by R. James January 22, 09 06:26 PM

I am a Canadian. I feel a renewed sense of hope in knowing finally that the USA citizens got it right! They elected an intelligent, charismatic, proactive, social minded, consciencious, respectful man, to lead them during what is the toughest economic times since the great Depression. It is not that he is a black man, it is that he is the right man! The right choice, The fact that he is the first black President makes this a historic moment.
I will cherish this day, as one step in my hope that we will breakdown the barriers of bigotry.

Posted by White Canadian Female January 22, 09 06:26 PM

God bless Obama, god bless America, god bless the peace of the world!
We look forward to something changing better and better.
We love Obama!

Posted by Jesse Lee January 22, 09 06:27 PM

Congrats! As a native Chicagoan I am so proud to have shared with the multitudes this most joyous and historical event. I wish him luck in all his endeavors as he will need our support along the way to make things right.
God's blessings to our President and the First Family. With hard work and determination and unity among us all, we shall overcome and prosper.

Posted by Melonie B January 22, 09 06:27 PM

This slide show really raises an emotional response for me. I am 55, white, and was just coming of age and becoming aware during the later daysof the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King was assasinated when I was a freshman in high school. I say to all those Americans of African descent who lived through those times, and the many hard years before them, I am glad you have lived to see this happen. And to those who died in the battle for equality, this Inauguration goes down in history as your eternal memorial. You did NOT die in vain - you HAVE overcome.

Posted by Carol January 22, 09 06:28 PM

I am so full when I view these pictures. January 20, 2008 stood for so much more than making HISTORY. It stood for the change that is needed to make us a better country and better people. Mr. President is an honorable man and I feel that God placed him in the womb of a white woman by a black man to unite races that we learn that color of ones skin does not mean anything. It is the man himself. Shackles are falling off the mind of all people. People want change, we want something to believe in, we need that something we need each other! I finally know the meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood I felt a relation to everybody for the first time in my life those who are like me and those that are different. DIVERSITY is what America is all about! I am proud to be American!

Posted by ATPeb January 22, 09 06:30 PM

I was going to make a comment to #501 who believes they are an "Authority" on what is American. You start off talking about how our school system is not the best. Well, that's evident by your lack of correct spelling, grammar, and English--American English. But, I decided not to attack you back. That would be just reducing myself to your pathetic level of ignorance.Anyway, I want to congratulate President Obama and wish him and his family many blessings and safety. And he better keep God in it. America needs God!! Every Day.

Posted by Elated From Chicagoland January 22, 09 06:31 PM

The day that PRESIDENT OBAMA took the oath of office was a wounder day to all black people,and I know in my heart that this man this man right here was sent by what ever you can say about him was already said,so get over it love him or hate him but he is in there now but behind close doors you know we needed a change so deal with it.And give him a chance...

Posted by scottie January 22, 09 06:31 PM

Thank you Boston Globe for the FABULOUS photos. Even though I watched it from beginning to the end, you captured it all....
God Bless this country of ours and our 44th President Obama and his family. They have brought America into the fore front again...The last eight years have been the most dismal that I can ever remember.

Posted by Carole Vargas January 22, 09 06:32 PM

Congratulations! Please, make that difference.

Posted by Carlos Bispo January 22, 09 06:33 PM

At last -- hope!

Posted by S Ford January 22, 09 06:33 PM

This comment is for the People of the USA. As a 52 year old Black Man in this all have restored my faith in humankind. It's not just the fact that Barack H. Obama is the first African American, but it is how the you looked past the color of his skin and saw his soul, his mind, his heart. You saw the man.
Clayton Powell

Posted by Clayton Powell January 22, 09 06:33 PM

Amazing Pictures - I showed my 6th grade students and they were amazed @ the beauty and the hope...

Posted by Rajesh Singaravelu January 22, 09 06:37 PM

Such powerful images! I voted for Barack Obama, but regardless of whom you voted for or your political beliefs, it is undeniable that this was a truly historic day for the United States and tells the world that change, good change, is coming. I admire Obama's tone, not dwelling in what may have happened in the past 8 years, but recognizing that there is work to do and things to fix while moving forward.

May God bless our new President and Vice President and their families! May God bless the United States of America!

Posted by Craig January 22, 09 06:38 PM

You have a Mess to clean up but, with GOD'S Help we will be with you and will do whatever it takes to help you get through this mess

Posted by BENNIE January 22, 09 06:38 PM

Just go!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 06:38 PM

The Presidential Inauguration was watched by my first grade students and I. What
an awesome, and Historic Event to behold!!!! It brought joyful tears to my eyes.

Posted by Loretta Joseph January 22, 09 06:40 PM

I've been wishing and working for this day since first seeing Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention! He has assembled a great team and we wish the all well going forward. We look forward to America again earning the respect of the other nations and peoples in our world! As a descendent of soldiers from Pennsylvania who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg during the civil war we feel that fight ans sacrifice has been well justified!

Posted by Janne S Platt January 22, 09 06:41 PM

To GOD BE THE GLORY!! It truly is a new day. We all must step up our game. We are ALL in this together. Through much prayer we can ALL move forward to a brighter future. Much love to the First Family!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by V.B. Moore January 22, 09 06:42 PM

What a specatular event it seems people all over the world watched.I believe the stars have lined up for this man and his family. Is he perfect no but he has the ability to bring people together and folks actually listen. In picture # 20 a young African America with a hoodie on and a flag in his hand standing and listening to President Barack Obama. I love it !

Posted by Vivian January 22, 09 06:42 PM

This is so inspiring and I'm so proud.

Posted by Brenda Moses January 22, 09 06:43 PM

heaven help us all as the third installment of the clinton regime begins

Posted by Colby's Wife January 22, 09 06:43 PM

Do your best; let God do the rest!

Posted by Brandy Thomas January 22, 09 06:46 PM

It's a new day in all of our lives. We have a new President whom we all need to respect and hope that his judgement will keep us as a strong Nation!
God Bless !!

Posted by Bob Westmoreland January 22, 09 06:46 PM

As President Obama has well stated, change shall take place from the grassroots , up, and one must take responsibility individually, locally, national and global as each is able. For every email forward, call that was made, door that was knocked, getting out the vote, challenging the doubters, the haters, and inspiring even the most stubborn to change their heart, we thank each brave soul as we understand change did not come easy for all. Our country is the stronger for respecting the history of struggle that the above pictures respresent. Amongst my favorite is Gold Medalist Tommie Smith and Bronze Juan Carlos, who I believe took the brunt 40 years ago, following the bravery of Martin Luther King Jr, the changes that both Kennedy's died for, and Viola Liuzzo and the countless whose names we never got to know, so that we today could exercize our freedom of the vote. Countless walked the precincts in the name of Fannie Lou Hamer, Sojourner Truth, Congresswoman BarbaraLee, and ... Good morning Mr. Prsident

Posted by Dorinda Moreno January 22, 09 06:46 PM

Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures.

Posted by Benjamin Ryner January 22, 09 06:48 PM

Absolutely stunning and very moving pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

Posted by Patricia Boglin January 22, 09 06:52 PM

How can we obtain copies of these pictures?
Thanks so much... what a spectacular day it was!

Posted by Katrina January 22, 09 06:52 PM

President Obama is not a superman or a magician but, the fact that he has all our blessings and with God on his side he will accomplish his goals AMEN!

Posted by Austin Enoma (Holland) January 22, 09 06:52 PM

The glass ceiling that existed has forever been shattered.....thank God!

Posted by Jesse O. January 22, 09 06:52 PM

I am a recent breast cancer survivor and I am blessed to have an opportunity to hear the call to service. I am ready, I am willing and I can because President Obama and First Lady Michelle has given me the courage.

My continued prayer is peace for all mankind and God Bless the United States of America.

Posted by Janel Stephenson January 22, 09 06:52 PM

The Republic is safe, again.

Posted by Michael January 22, 09 06:53 PM

I feel so motivated to contribute to my country and support our new President.
What an awesome speech, words spoken from his heart, you can feel when a
person means what they say, I believe him! Let's all be a part of the miracle.

Posted by H. Morgan January 22, 09 06:53 PM

Wow... wow WOW!!!!! What beautiful images that capture the essence of this experience and this event. How it touched the whole world is what truly moves me. We have a multi cultural President and family... TRUE King & Queen in the house and I am SOOO PROUD! Give thanks!!!!!

Posted by Laura January 22, 09 06:54 PM

Our nation experienced "valley moments" over the past eight years, in order to appreciate the new mountain top with God has placed us. With the swearing-in of President Barack H. Obama, we as a nation have reached a new mountain top.

Congratulations! May God bless you Mr. President, your family and the United States of America.

Posted by Dr. L. Pettis-Patton January 22, 09 06:54 PM

Whenever we think about President Obama and the First Lady, we should whisper a little prayer for their successful leadership of a nation that desires to be a beacon to the world. We have been a blessed nation and we are continuing to be blessed in spite of our difficult times. When Americans come together, we are America, the beautiful. Stand together, America. Yes, we can!

Posted by karen January 22, 09 06:56 PM

To all the nay sayers who have posted comments...Let's look at what we had and now look at what we got...numbers don't lie, the world is celebrating this event not just African Americans. I am a member of the military that has traveled all over the world and what we had could not garner the love and admiration that Obama has garnered. America an the world should embrace Obama and finally do our part to make this a much better place. l wish Obama well and good luck in this daunting endeavor...It will not be easy.

Posted by Jay January 22, 09 06:58 PM

CONGRATS OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brenna January 22, 09 06:59 PM



Posted by BONNIE January 22, 09 07:00 PM

IN DC...

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 07:01 PM

I thank GOD for the MIRACLES he performs DAILY!

Posted by Miyoshi Carstaffin January 22, 09 07:02 PM

Jetzt besuche ich euch auch wieder...........obwohl ich die Hosen am Flughafen runter lassen muss und Ihr mir in alle Körperöffnungen schauen wollt.

Posted by shiraz January 22, 09 07:04 PM

It seems that the sign for better times is already revealed. Remember ? When President Bush was elected two aircrafts knocked the world trade center irrecoverably destroying the entire building and killing every living thing in it and finally imploding to ashes. The destruction came by way of impossible to control FIRE. The world economy including that of the USA since 2001 went astray threatening to a point of no return. And the people of nations including here in the US we are left with debt up to the brim of our neck.
To the contrary, at the time of President Obama , the aircraft that lost engine power due to birds was forced to land on water ,Cooler that the fire of 2001, No passenger lost life. and the aircraft did not sink. Both incidents happened to be in the same New York City. some how, the latter incident seems divine indicator, that through this presidency gracious LORD is willing to bail us out from the economical disaster and financial troubles we currently face, and most of all, from all the unwanted cancers for social life the has presently plagued us due to piles of lies that caused its creation.

Lets remember in our prayers this president and his administration for wisdom and guidance.

Posted by Andargeh Belachew January 22, 09 07:06 PM

can i have a word wit obama

Posted by stacy January 22, 09 07:08 PM

God Bless America! This is great.....I'm all for a change!!!!

Posted by Elaine Lazar January 22, 09 07:10 PM

I have heard many sad stories and read many history books, about the division of many great nations here on earth. After all God did not say "He would create black and white, He said "let us create Man" and in his own image He did so.
I cannot find words to express how proud I am to see the reception of this God anointed man and his family reaching the heights of great men throughout the years, being received with honor and maximum respect from the four corners of the world. This is one occasion I will cherish for the rest of my life. The Lord moves in mysterious way, His wonders to perform. United we stand, divided we fall. President Obama! May the good Lord put an edge around you and your family and give you the knowledge and strength to carry out the task He has chosen you to do. On behalf of my family and myself, we will keep you in prayer. God bless.

Babs A Ricketts and Family

Posted by Babs A Ricketts January 22, 09 07:11 PM

The world welcomes Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

Remarkable photos!

Posted by Vicky January 22, 09 07:15 PM

Thank you to all our ancestors who made this possible. The spirit of slaves brought to this country in chains. A BIG Thank you to the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who stood at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 and said "In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds." But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we have come to cash this check — a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children."
Your dream lives in me and my family every day of my life. Thank you Obama for remembering Dr. King's words in every speech that you give.

Posted by erica hall January 22, 09 07:16 PM

God is good to all
Dios es bueno con todos
Mi corazon esta lleno de alegria
Mis ojos lloran de emocion
Y mi alma esta en paz

David Romano-Ochoa

Posted by David Romano January 22, 09 07:17 PM

I feel so hopeful now in where we go from here. God please bless our country and our new leaders and us, the people.

Posted by B. Rogers-Atlanta, GA, USA January 22, 09 07:17 PM

It is awesome to have someone who is trying to work with all people to bring about a positive change. As we go forward with our new president we should try to do our part as he stated when things get tough; "pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start over again" we can make it.

Posted by Jean Collins January 22, 09 07:17 PM

January 22, 2009

Dear The Obama family, the first 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama, the first black lady, Michelle Obama, and the first black cutest children, Malia and Sasha Obama:

You've already inspired all of us. Look at all different countries with people's expressions and emotions from pictures and pay their respect to all of you.

Yes, We, the PEOPLE, can help with your Administration staff and you with a powerful support for a long four-year as the best community that you look for.

Stay strong...stay positives...STAY WITH US!!!

Posted by RSM January 22, 09 07:20 PM



Posted by Pauline J. Morgan January 22, 09 07:24 PM

I finally feel proud to be an American. Change is upon us, and I feel honored to witness to this.
God Bless The Obama Family, and God Bless The World!

Posted by Kelley Davis January 22, 09 07:29 PM

I am filled with a feeling of hope and pride for America , finally a leader who will bring people together instead of dividing us, and driving us apart, we are all the same, brothers and sisters,though we may have different beliefs we have the same blood running through our veins, we all have our hopes and dreams and feel the same kinds of pain. I pray everyday for our new president, that he will be protected from those who are too small minded and will feel threatened by him and try to oppose him , and for the wisdom and strength he will need to have to undertake the huge task he has before him. God bless President Obama, his family and all America!!!

Posted by karen rzonca January 22, 09 07:31 PM

Thank God for Obama. He is refreshing and the answer to our prayers. Our nation has been richly blessed. There is truly a loving God, though some may not have faith. Even they who do not believe will one day know the truth.

Posted by cbruceking January 22, 09 07:31 PM

As a second-generation Asian/American and the child of Asian immigrants, I understand what this means to communities of color and those who were/are marginalized. It is uncertain to actually know what will happen in the upcoming years and term, but regardless, 1/20/09 has changed the lives of millions globally.

Posted by ps (berkeley, california) January 22, 09 07:31 PM

I hope to see Mr.Obama do something about the Gaza situation for a lasting peace.
I also want to see him help Haiti, this country is too close to the US to let it distroy like this.

Posted by Oswald Ulysse January 22, 09 07:32 PM

Now we have the gift,.

Now we will succeed so help us GOD

Posted by John Delgado January 22, 09 07:33 PM

Great photos! Thank you for including shots from around the US and the world over. I teared up all over again. I believe with this moment we have awoken a hope in America that's been dormant for untold generations, and with that hope a will to serve.

Posted by Debbie January 22, 09 07:36 PM

Wow amazing photos. Itś time to change the world step by step, this is the first. From Mexico.

Posted by zorbax January 22, 09 07:36 PM

this blog never seizes to amaze me

Posted by anon January 22, 09 07:36 PM

Thanks Jack Frost, a fictional God had nothing to do with Obama being elected, we the people voted him in, and Obama even acknowledged we known believers; that alone puts him in a good standing; that and the gay bishop. It almost makes up for putting that Rick Warren on center stage. For the first time I can be proud of this country. We still have a ways to go, next a female Native American President as #45

Posted by Kendal Little Wolf January 22, 09 07:37 PM


Posted by ARMIN ANVARIPOUR January 22, 09 07:38 PM

Pic 22, it had to what like 10 am in Montana at the time of the swearing in and the bar is packed and everyone has a draft beer, I LOVE IT.
Pic 26, I didn't know NESN broadcaster Don Orsillo was also a Marine pilot...

Posted by boomshackalack January 22, 09 07:41 PM


Posted by GethinJones January 22, 09 07:42 PM

Now that Barack Obama has made us proud of him and our country, let us do our share to make America proud of us:

Speak well so that others understand you.
Dress well and be proud of your appearance..
Have respect for yourself and others.
Read a lot, like really a lot and pull yourself away from the TV.
Study a lot and get as good an education as possible.
Be compassionate and empathetic towards your fellow citizens.
Be proud of our country here and abroad.
Put on a good face for America internationally.

Now, let's get behind Obama and help him take America
to greater heights with respect for all.

Posted by Ron January 22, 09 07:42 PM

I miss GW already. Reality will set in for all of these nasty liberals when Obama does not follow through with all his unrealistic promises. I fear for our security and our free society.

Posted by patty January 22, 09 07:46 PM

To all yall racist ass white folks. Don't let the color of someone's skin dictate their ability to fix our economy. It's sad that we are the only country that put each other down soley on race. Some white people and people in general are so ignorant to the fact that a black person can do something better than them that yall miss the big picture..............Success!

Posted by Erica January 22, 09 07:47 PM

These were very beautiful photos....KICK ASS!

Posted by Anon January 22, 09 07:52 PM

I was there and it was awesome! We must now work together to make our country the shining star we know it can be.

Posted by Andrea January 22, 09 07:52 PM

I have read through most the these comments. #947 (Jimbo) is the most insulting. It's people like you that will never see good if it is thrown into your face. I pray for people like you every day, that you will see the good in someone, even if he was not your choice. (Did you even vote?) I hope you look back on January 20, 2009 as the day that God has made and is all good.

Posted by dolores Thompson January 22, 09 07:55 PM

Heaven did help us! We prayed and our prayers were answered. Thank you God for blessing us with our new President.

Posted by Karen January 22, 09 07:56 PM

The best caption of the bunch were the words "former President"!

Posted by michael c sheldon January 22, 09 07:56 PM

I am overwelmed never in my life time did I think my family and I would witness history in the making. My prayers go to our country Mama Michele and our new President Obama.

Posted by V.Gardner January 22, 09 07:58 PM


Posted by ALICE WALKER January 22, 09 07:58 PM

President Barack Obama you the man that can and I will always be a fan knowing that you will lead us to the promise land.

Posted by John L. Clemons, Jr. January 22, 09 08:00 PM

Congrats to all, Obama "Mr. President" I kno you are only 1 man, but you are 1 man with allot of power. Do us right, make me/us proud. I am proud of you keep up the good work.


Posted by Jerome W. Earls January 22, 09 08:01 PM

Colby's wife- Senator Clinton was never even a candidate for election and this is not another "Clinton regime."

The name Clinton is not synonymous with the word democrat.

Posted by Fluteybird January 22, 09 08:05 PM

How unfortunate that the majority of Americans now base their opinions on feelings and emotions rather than reality in truth and logic. We are in big trouble as we have now allowed the far left with their socialist agenda to have the ultimate power in our country. I fear that by the time the masses realize their grave error it will be too late and the damage will be irreversable. I pray that I am wrong and that Barack Obama is an advocate for morality and democracy but then if that does prove to be the case he would also be a liar.


A Discouraged American

Posted by Jake Reyenga January 22, 09 08:05 PM

God = Love. Love=God. Love is back in America! The rest of the world is on it's heels.

A man of substance. a woman of great worth.

I love you President Obama. I love you First Lady Mrs. Obama.

I have been praying and will continue to pray, for the family; the world.

Posted by Marlene F. Thomas-Osbourne January 22, 09 08:05 PM

BEAUTIFUL pictures.
I'm not going to comment on those people who attacked obama above.
I'm just going to say these pictures are beautiful.

Posted by I love these pictures January 22, 09 08:07 PM

Im so happy that I feel fear. So many of us, not just here at home, but in countries around the world, are relying on this man for change. We all have to remember to do our part to make it happen-he is the symbol, the catalyst, for change, but for true change to happen, the effort must come from every one of us.

Posted by Anon. January 22, 09 08:07 PM

I am so proud that Barak Obama is our 44th President. I won't say I never thought i would see this day, because I knew, eventually, our prejudices would subside and we would come together as a people well enough to allow a black man to not be judged by the color of skin, but by what lies benieth - his mortal soul. Barak has faced a tough campaign and prevailed - without turning to dirty antics to do so, he promises to be open with the American people to guide us through a challenging time, and is already showing good intentions and that alone should make us proud to call him our president. Him being a black man - is icing on the cake, because now WE (black peope) can tell our children that yes they can be anything - because now, he has paved the way. So, for those of you who wished for a different outcome - let your losses go and embrace this man. Bless him and his family and pray for him to bring us out of this holy mess! For those of you who still want to HATE - remember God don't like UGLY.

Posted by D Fry January 22, 09 08:07 PM

Thru God, all things are possible. May He forever keep you and family safe.

Posted by DONIE January 22, 09 08:08 PM

It is my hope and prayer that Mr. Obama will bring righteousness and justice back into America. I do not worship him. He is just a man. I just pray that he will do his job, and do his job well. Unfortunately, his party has a history of breaking away from the old. I pray that he sticks with what is right, and what our forefathers set down for this country. I pray that my kids when they are old enough will be able to own a gun if they so choose. I pray that the murder of thousands of new innocent lives will be made illegal. I pray that education will be brought back into the public schools instead of taken away. Most importantly, I pray that Mr. Obama will bring God back into the government.

Posted by justaman January 22, 09 08:09 PM

The pictures were quite good.Unfortunately,I only saw 15 of the pictures.Maybe you can email it over to me again.Thank you.

Posted by Gerry January 22, 09 08:11 PM

Incredible pictures, I pray the nation knows that he is only one man, and although he is "THE MAN", he can't do it alone. We need to work with him and do our part as a people.

Posted by Michelle January 22, 09 08:12 PM

The euphoria over the inauguration of President Obama exsist not because he is our first black(bi-racial) president, but also because there is a feeling that something bad ended and something better is emerging. President Obama has promised change and transparency, so, despite great problems, we can once again believe we are living in a demoracy.
God bless President Barack Obama, his family and his cabinet members. Let us all say, Amen.

Posted by Gran January 22, 09 08:13 PM

All For One.............One For All.........

Posted by Manatuge Nirmal January 22, 09 08:14 PM

I love u Obama you are agreat president. I want to go visit you you dont know how much you mean to me and tell your wife she looks pretty and tell your daughters that they are so cute.

Posted by melissa soteloo January 22, 09 08:16 PM

I'm white, I'm Canadian, and I'm blown away by this wonderful event and proud moment in American history. Listening to President Obama's speech on January 20, 2009, gave me shivers and I know that this will be a memory that I will hold on to for many years. Congratulations to the American people for choosing a man who will represent your country so well. I pray that President Obama will not lose those core values that he has brought forward to the world as he makes his way through these difficult times. I pray for him, his family, and you, the American people.
From your friend and neighbour....

Posted by M.L. January 22, 09 08:16 PM

It's facsinating that in a single moment millions of people from around the globe tuned in to see this inauguration.
In the past 8 years a great country went into war and de-stabalized world peace, millions of it's people lost thier jobs, the country went into debt and became chines-owned, and all thanks to George Bush. Obama is a breath of fresh air!

Posted by Dardreamer January 22, 09 08:17 PM

May God bless President Obama and let him lead our nation for the next eight years. I strongly believe that he is a great leader who will bring glory and respect to the United States. I may not see this in my life time, but I can see his face sculpted on Mount Rushmore. May God bless and keep you and your family safe from harm President Obama.

Posted by Louis A. Conforti, Jr. January 22, 09 08:17 PM

What an awesome and memorable pictures! Thank you for sharing it to us. I will always remember January 20th, 2009 and will engraved it in my heart. God bless our country and our new President and his beautiful family.

Posted by Leonor January 22, 09 08:18 PM


Posted by MARG G January 22, 09 08:21 PM

Now that Barack Obama has made us proud of him and our country, let us do our share to make America proud of us:

Speak well so that others understand you.
Dress well and be proud of your appearance..
Have respect for yourself and others.
Read a lot, like really a lot and pull yourself away from the TV.
Study a lot and get as good an education as possible.
Be compassionate and empathetic towards your fellow citizens.
Be proud of our country here and abroad.
Put on a good face for America internationally.

Now, let's get behind Obama and help him take America
to greater heights with respect for all.

Posted by Ron January 22, 09 08:22 PM

While I did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama, he is now MY President. I am an American citizen enjoying freedoms kept sacred by 43 Presidents thus far and believe this President to do the same. I pray - sincerely pray - for President Obama. I pray for his honor, for his integrity and for his safety. I pray for his family and their endurance and joy in this wonderous and historical journey. While I may not agree with all of his ideas and decisions, I sincerely believe he has my best interest at heart and the best interest of this country. Lord protect him. Lord guide him. Lord be with MY President and his wonderful and loving family every step of the way!

Posted by Montana Colorado Mom January 22, 09 08:23 PM

OUR PRESIDENT! Barack Obama -- the peoples' president.
He is REAL. He is the man, who is the husband, who is the father,
that the children and people of this country have needed for a long time.
I have never been more proud for what the people of this country have had the courage to do... believe in a man who is like the rest of us. He is the people's president. God bless the President Obama, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha.
God bless our country, as the rest of the world looks for better days ahead, as well.

Posted by Elvira Uresti-Regan January 22, 09 08:24 PM

With prayers, guidance and partnership, President Obama will accomplish much. Tuesday was a great day for our country and one that was much needed. The spirits of the American people have taken several hits over the last couple years and we need a leader we can be proud of and believe in.

With power comes great responsibility and President Obama appears to recognize that. That alone differentiates him from others who have sat in the Oval Office.

That Boston Globe deserves credit for publishing these photos. Let's remember this amazing day and the feelings of hope that came with it!

Posted by John in Boston January 22, 09 08:24 PM

I watched every bit of it and was very impressed with all the deep emotion exhibited by the people. I wish him every success and hope that he has the backing to improve this great country, Love Mom

Posted by Alice Hopf January 22, 09 08:25 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! To all of us. We did what we said we would do, "YES WE CAN".
I am a 52 year old woman and I am impressed with what we have witnessed as well as what we have done. I thank God for allowing me to live to see this historic event.

May God bless the Obama family!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU MR. PRESIDENT

Posted by Robin Edwards January 22, 09 08:26 PM

I am so happy to have you as the 44th President of the United States of America. You worked hard and all your supporters worked along with you. You have a long road ahead of you...but with God's mercy and grace you won't have anything to worry about. You have a beautiful wife and children and I know that you have something that the rest didn't have - you had to work for anything that you received - no one gave it to you on a silver platter...I know without a shadow of a doubt that you're going to be fine and your family will also....The cruel people who say bad things - need prayer too...Remember we are the forgiving race....

Posted by J. Cousins January 22, 09 08:26 PM

I am Canadian. I am so proud of our American neighbours. You have shown the world your true colours. You have caused the world to listen. Your America has come of age, has become one people. YOU did it. God bless you all and your new FIRST FAMILY.

Posted by Leona Arnold January 22, 09 08:27 PM

Im stii in awe, I just cant belive what has just happen but that is the power of god.

Posted by Zelda Baker January 22, 09 08:29 PM

How wonderful. I know this country will go forward with this great leader. To God be the Glory!

Posted by Shirl Clegg January 22, 09 08:31 PM

Finally.. a grown up's in charge.

Posted by jane Taylor January 22, 09 08:31 PM

As a black women, I have personally never subscribed to the title of African American but I truly think that the people who don't "understand" or respect the use of it are those who were not adbucted from their homeland and forced to work and reside in a country that was built on the sweat of their brows. President Obama is viewed as a saviour to the black community because prior to him there was not ONE president we could point to and tell our children that his achievements are possible.
Until you have awakened to find yourself in a foreign land, unable to speak the language, beaten and worked to the brink of exhaustion, separated from your loved ones and all that you have ever known then you have no right to judge what we choose to call ourselves. Prior to this momentous occasion, our black children have had no visible evidence that they could TRULY be anything that they want to be in life, and for that alone President Obama IS truly a saviour to black people everywhere. Looking at your surroundings be it through the eyes of a slave or the eyes of young black man in America and seeing no one who looks like you succeeding, prospering or in a position of authority and respect can be quite daunting to ones psyche. Barack Obama's perfomance in the office of president remains to be seen but as Americans of any and all races we have an obligation to support him because his success is pivotal to the future of ALL Americans, his presence gives us hope for the future and raises the bar for our children's goals and achievements.

Posted by yaslen2 January 22, 09 08:32 PM

These pictures are awesome. The total inaugration was something to cherish and remember for the rest of our life. I am collecting any and everything I can from the election to the inaugration, therefore I will never delete these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Shirley January 22, 09 08:32 PM

President Barack you made us all proud
You're a strong black leader whose got the vote of the crowd
I'm living in Bermuda but we're all still affected
By your choices, decisions and your Oath of Office
We wish you all the best dear President
May God lend you his hand
to make the best decisions
for us here in this land, God Bless you now because we now know YES WE CAN!!

Posted by Erica Williams January 22, 09 08:32 PM

Thank GOD for President Obama and his lovely family. We are praying for him and hope that the nation is doing the same. Now let us get on the ball and shape up. Get back to school, turn off the TV and open a book. Study to show thy self approved. Stop the hate begin to love each other. The world is looking as us.!!!

Posted by Mrs. Toni Tisdale January 22, 09 08:33 PM

Thank you so much for sharing these awe inspiring photos. The "Dream" that a Black person can be judged by the content of his character, is beginning to unfold. The proverbial glass ceiling has been broken through. As a Black citizen of America, if I had a son or a grandson, now I could truly tell him that he could be anything he wanted to be...even President of the United States.

Posted by Theresa Atwood January 22, 09 08:33 PM

I just want to start off by saying. I voted for obama ,and the reason why is because I saw a change in him that not every presedential candidate posse. By me saying that I mean, one of the most vital and important characteristics about being Presedent is its up to you to instill trust in us as our nation's citizen .
Good Luck Obama and family and I respect you will be the change we need ..

Posted by Shadae January 22, 09 08:34 PM



Posted by QUEEN GRAVES January 22, 09 08:35 PM

Wow. Great photos, thank you so much.

Posted by Lisa H. January 22, 09 08:37 PM

M. David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Dear Sir:

While congratulating you about your inspiring "THE AUDACITY TO WIN" 's story, allow me to submit to you an extract from a book concerning a scientific taboo - the energy of "BLACK HOLE" and THE DARK MATTER" in the Universe - in the Space and "abroad" - a Book that I intend to publish in the next future.

May "BILL A RI AND THERE WAS LIGTH" be in your hands a resounding victory for the energy of the "BLACK HOLE" and the "DARK MATTER", triumphantly steering the human ship toward the 21th century.

With a great pleasure I shall try find a change house meeting near me - as a Haitian born and Canadian citizen - as well as my family in Laval, close to Montreal (Quebec) Canada where we are living.


Posted by Lucien BONNET January 22, 09 08:38 PM

My church and I will continue to pray for President Obama and is family. I pray for God to guide him in all his decisions. I LOVE YOU IN JESUS NAME

Pamela King
Brooklyn NY

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 08:38 PM

God is wonderful and works in miracle ways. Amazing that President Obama a descendant from an African tribe brought to America as slaves and today that Africa descendant of slaves is the "President of the United States". Could this man be the 21th century Moses?
Our prayers go out to President Obama, The first Lady and those two lovely children may god continue to look over them and keep them safe.

Posted by Ed Buchannan January 22, 09 08:38 PM

This was so neat and historical that it's hard to put in words and explain how it felt to watch it on TV or even be in the audience in DC. It was simply awesome! I am so proud of our 44th President and his wife, Michelle. They looked so dignified and elegant together. Their girls were so cute and poised. I wish the Obama's the best always. I am 100% behind our new President and sincerely hope that he can make a change and difference. It think he already has on his first day in office. This economy needs a change and lots more.

Posted by Lorraine W. January 22, 09 08:40 PM

Hate to break this fact to you Darnell but there WAS a real man in the Whitehouse and he kept your ass safe and sound so you could scribble your ramblings.

Posted by Willby75 January 22, 09 08:41 PM

Just Awesome! Thank you God! Thank the angel who sent this to me!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 08:41 PM

It was so beautiful and a long time coming I only wish my husband lived to see it happen.

Posted by Mrs Anna Fagan January 22, 09 08:42 PM

As one who remembers the white's only counters in Woolworth stores, and city buses, and public restrooms, I am thrilled that the American / African people of our world, have finally received their equality. This has brought such joy to my American /White heart. I see no difference in people. I truly don';t. After all Moses married a woman from Ethiopia, who God chose for him. How can we argue with that? Except those who don't believe in God. That's your choice and right. To see a Black Man take the oath of office, was almost more blessing than my heart could take. Bless you Pres, Obama, and your family, and keep you safe. What took 8 years to tear down is not going to take 8 minutes to put back together. Be patient and give this man a chance, just as we would have had to give McCain a chance. We are to back our leader, and hope this time, we will be proud to do so. Please be a good example for us, Sir, and help us to believe in you even if you slip and fall, as God knows it happens to all of us. One day, a Perfect Man will come to lead us to Peace, and there will be many who won't be happy with that, either. We will continue to pray for your Congress to give you a chance, and our people and the people of the world to give you the time to make the changes you want to make. Change does not come quickly, but the first step indeed was your inaugeration.

Posted by Pamm January 22, 09 08:46 PM

The people look like ants yet each one has a story and more importantly a soul. I think it is wonderful that Obama is a 1st BUT the proof is in the pudding........ I admire his beautiful wife and children who will have their lives changed for them willingly. God bless this president in his enormous endeavour, his family at risk and really, God bless America.

Posted by Gwen Paiva January 22, 09 08:48 PM

I'm Chinese. I'm happy to see this day when a leader of a nation is elected freely by its people! The future is decided by the people.

Posted by Peter January 22, 09 08:50 PM

These photos are amazing, and truly capture the spirit of this incredible event in the history of our world. I hope and pray that we all begin to live our lives as one community, one people. Maybe they day will come when the color of our skin will matter to others as little as the color of our eyes.

God Bless our new president, and grant us all the wisdom to follow his lead in caring for our neighbors and the world.

Posted by Susan January 22, 09 08:51 PM


Posted by V.BERRY January 22, 09 08:53 PM

Did post # 986 really write: "after our last election was stolen I began to lose faith in our country." Get over it - Gore LOST in 2000 and conceded like he should have - but all the whining libs made him fight it, thus creating the bad feelings - Bush also won outright in 2004 - time to get over it. The lack of respect you libs showed Bush at the inauguration was atrocious - you should be ashamed of yourself and your so-called party. There is a reason why you should lose faith in your country though - it just inaugurated the least qualified person to the presidency in US history! During WAR-time! Hillary would have been a much better choice!

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 08:54 PM

I feel as though I can be proud to be an American again.

Posted by Steve Wellcome January 22, 09 08:56 PM

Words cannot describe the joy and hope I feel that this man is our new President. He was born for this, that is sure. I get goosebumps every time I think about it. I'm so happy! After eight years in purgatory, I can finally say I am proud to be an American again. I'm proud of our citizens who made this choice, proud of President Obama, and thrilled that this was such a correct choice that the entire world is standing at attention cheering him on.

A friend of mine told me the other day that O-Ba-Ma is a word in an ancient language that means "peace." How magical that is. We shall have peace.

Posted by Karen Redding January 22, 09 08:56 PM

He hasn't done anything here in Illinois except promote abortions, bash Republicans and campaign. I pray for him and will support him except for his extremist pro-choice late term abortion views and his anti-2nd amendment stance.

Posted by Mark January 22, 09 08:56 PM

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, is cheering for Barack Obama. We wish him well with all he does and may God continue to shine a perpetual light on he and his family. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go Barack.

Posted by Judy Kobsar January 22, 09 08:57 PM

There is an overwhelming agreement among Americans that Mr. Obama has our undying support. Given the tremendous support demonstrated by the American public, does it surprise anyone that this candidate only received 53% of the popular vote? I smell something very rotten in the American voting process. I submit the idea that Mr. Obama's opponents thought the popular vote would turn out to be much closer and there was a movement, yet undiscovered, that swung votes toward McCain. The danger here is that there will continue to be more elections throughout our great country and the same machinery that made this one close will cause other outcomes. An investigation is needed!
53% majority

Posted by Eddie Nelson January 22, 09 08:58 PM

I'm grateful for being able to see what was once believed to be unreal, or even far fetched. I could care less about the color of his skin (but I'm grateful for the color of his skin), but the content of his character. He's been in office for 2 days. Give him a chance. 43 others had the chance and nothing was said about their skin color. Also, look at what was left for him to work with? If it is to work, WE all must do our part in assisting with "THE BIG FIX". Thank you President Obama for stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge. Success or failure, I'm behind you 1000%

Posted by GG January 22, 09 08:59 PM

Congratulations to you Mr. President, the First Lady and all the members of your administration. Mr. President, my only advice to you is, each morning before you start your busy day, enter into your secret closet (Matt. 6:6) close the door, pray and seek God face, and read your bible. Also, if you don't have one, get the 365 day devotional that's published by Standard Publishing Company. This will serve as good inspirational reading with scripture for the day. Congratulations again. Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Posted by S. Simmons January 22, 09 09:01 PM

I stood in line 3 hours on November 4, 2008 to vote for President Obama. I stood in line 4 hours on January 20, 2009 to see my President be sworn into office. In 2013, I will vote for my President again and in 2014 I will see him sworn in for a 2nd term. My President will be one of the greatest world leaders that's ever lived! And he shall live a long and prosperous life. God has ordained it to be so...

Posted by Tonia Smith January 22, 09 09:02 PM

this was one of the best days of my life ,i am 69 years old and i never thought that i would see a black man as president of the us. god bless america .hopefully he do a good job some many people are praying for it.

Posted by robert j monroe January 22, 09 09:03 PM

I was there and was totally awed by the moment.
This is one of the moments that truly captured my breath and took it away from me.
The crowd of folk present to celebrate the re-birth of America was unbelievable. God has truly brought President Obama to the Kingdom for such a time as this.....
Pray for him and continue to pray for yourselves.

Peace, Love and Great Health.

Posted by Stan Mims January 22, 09 09:05 PM

i think you are so handsome!!!! your kids and wife is so beautiful!!!! i wish i could had come to the inauguration to see you!!!! i saw it on tv but i know you was cold.... well all ways remeber that GOD is always on your side

Posted by Imani Debro January 22, 09 09:06 PM

It's a wonderful thing, when the world can finally come together like a rainbow in the sky made up of many colors, with an outcome of something magnificent. I feel so honored to have been a part of making this historic day happen. This is a day that I will never forget for the rest on my life!

Posted by TPWALLACE January 22, 09 09:10 PM

This is only the beginning for President Obama,There is no doubt that God has ordained his appointment and God will lead him as he leads our nation.I see our President as not just a man of color, not a Bob Hope, not the HOPE boat, but our Nation's hope! ! ! He is a qualified leader...

Posted by O.J. McCarthy January 22, 09 09:12 PM

Thank you. Very nice tribute. It's been a long eight and painful years and we will all have to work hard to make the next eight years a triumph and not the tragedy we've been witness too?

Posted by Daniel Gallacher January 22, 09 09:12 PM

At last, a clean slate. A man the world is ready to accept. A man who gives at least a glimmer of hope in bridging the huge abyss created by Bush and his administration. May Obama listen to the people and may the people listen to the 44th Presisent of the USA.

Posted by Piers Helsen (Udaipur, Rajasthan, India January 22, 09 09:13 PM

Obama has taught us all something. We must humble ourselves, roll up our sleeves and go to work. As a campaign volunteer we only spoke positive things. So be positive America. Do not let yourself get caught up in something you can not work your way out of. Move forward in your thoughts and actions just as our President has done. Do not turn back now.

Posted by K. G. Franklin January 22, 09 09:13 PM

God bless President Obama and his family,
I believe this was the Lord doing.
We must bring the Nation back to God first.

Posted by Susan Walker of California January 22, 09 09:13 PM


Posted by SARIM NAYU January 22, 09 09:14 PM

The day has finally come. President Obama has instilled hope within me again & that the sky is the limit. Hard work will pay off. Thank you Mr. President for being who you are and keeping it REAL. I wish you all the best in health and safety. I love AMERICA!!!!!! THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT

Posted by Evonda Timbers January 22, 09 09:16 PM

To: President Obama

I just want to say THANK YOU.
May God Bless you and your family.

Posted by D.M.B. January 22, 09 09:17 PM

o how i love this is awesome.may god bless obama and his family

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 09:18 PM


Posted by BLANCA January 22, 09 09:18 PM

Finally, our country is back on track. I have lived overseas (in the Middle East, in fact) during most of G.W.'s administration. After 9/11 we had the empathy of the world. Within two years, that was totally destroyed. Other countries, especially the poor ones, want to look up to us. Now they can again. I feel proud again to be an American. Congratulations, Mr. President, and may God be with you and your wonderful family.

Posted by jukebox January 22, 09 09:21 PM

Since I did not get to watch the inauguration, these pictures were a "gift" to me. The happiness on the faces of everyone gives me hope.

Posted by Ann Davis January 22, 09 09:21 PM

I had to go to be a part of this first time event and I will never forget the unified atmosphere of all the people. This country has come a long ways and I have seen a lot prejudice acts in my 52 years. President Obama and the first family are representing all people very well and I am proud. Regardless of what we have been through as a nation we must go through these tough times now working together.

Posted by Alvin B. Downing Sr. January 22, 09 09:23 PM

God has ordained this time in order that we would witness one of the greatest moments in history. Let us not put the weight of the world on his shoulders but let us assist in building up a world full of peace , hope and brotherly love. Let America begin to heal from past mistakes and move forward to a better tomorrow in which we can all share and serve one another. All of our trust must be in almighty God to lead Barack Obama and this nation to victory. Praise God for what he has done!

Posted by Rev. Sandra Brown January 22, 09 09:23 PM

Have faith that when times get tough and the road seems long, God will pick him up and carry him just as he did throughout the campaign. Obama will do okay and so will we.

Posted by Diann Washington January 22, 09 09:24 PM

Thank God! Thank you Lord for giving us...the world,this Wonderful,Compasionate,Educated,God Fearing,Thinking,Husband,Awesom Example Of What A Father Should Be,Listening and most of all.....Black Man!!!!!!! To lead us and bring us all together! We love you Mr.President,first lady M and daughters! May God keep his arms around you always!

Posted by Ruth-Anne West January 22, 09 09:26 PM

Shout to the Lord all the earth let a sing
Power and majesty praise to the King.......

Be a light of the world Mr. Obama
May God Bless You and Your Family...
Jesus Love You and America...

Posted by Yehuda January 22, 09 09:26 PM

thank you for beautiful and amazing pictures.I live in iran and happy for this inauguration.I want to say iranian people are happy for PRESIDENT OBAMA coming because he will give us peace.I wana to say iranian people are differnt from thire government and I have a favor from you to say our idea to others.God bless Obama, god bless the peace of the world!

Posted by aliakbar January 22, 09 09:27 PM

Shout to the Lord all the earth let a sing
Power and majesty praise to the King.......

Be a light of the world Mr. Obama
May God Bless You and Your Family...
Jesus Love You and America...

Posted by Yehuda January 22, 09 09:28 PM

ALL HAIL, TO THE CHIEF.... Remember where this country started... More importantly how it was built. Much of it on the backs of an enslaved people. .... The day has come for us all to come together as a race...... THE HUMAN RACE. Congratulations to President Barack H. Obama and the woman at his side...... First Lady Michelle Obama.

Posted by Michael D. Mitchell January 22, 09 09:28 PM

So, with hard work, a firm commitment to what America really is, and a dirge for children killed in Birmingham, for men lynched throughout a sordid time in America's past, for dreams deferred and rights denied, for bondage and Jim Crow, through hypocrisy and Plessy v. Fergusson, the angels of our better natures may have finally prevailed and our long, long moral bankruptcy has finally begun to restock the coffers. Blessed be.

Posted by Elizabeth McIlwain January 22, 09 09:29 PM

GOD's BLESSING TO OUR PRESIDENT and our COUNTRY!!!! I pray for peace, love, togetherness and PROSPERITY. We love you President Obama and 1st lady Michele.....Girls you are blessed to have a loving mother and father.....We will keep the prayers going up for God's angels to be with all of you.....CHANGE has come.....We are Free At Last!!! Thank God, Almighty we're free at last.....

Posted by Stephanie Brown January 22, 09 09:34 PM

Sometime this past summer there was a man, a Frenchman, who was quoted as saying, "Please, I want to feel free to love America again." Well sir, feel free!! The America you loved is back!

Posted by A NATO Veteran January 22, 09 09:37 PM

ALL I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a turn out........
God Bless the Obama family and keep him safe from ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
harm and danger.
From: East Orange,New Jersey

Posted by Mrs. Edwards January 22, 09 09:40 PM

To each of you who have shared your love, support, prayers and belief in our new leader, God Bless you for your faith and hope. A new day has dawned and a new America is transforming. The color line is steadily dissolving and unity is taking its place. We have embarked on a journey into a transparent world where we will only see each other as Americans, not segregated piles..

To each of you who have shown disrespect for OUR new leader, kindly pack your bags and move to a country where you can enjoy the treatment that 95% of the current America has receieved for the last 8 years. By stating that you miss YOUR former president already and professing the doom of this Obama-nation, you have admitted to being a member of that 5%-- the most selfish, un-American people in the nation. Thank you for showing your true color, which is as bland as your former president.

You can fight this monumental, world-wide change every day of your selfish, un-American lives, but you will NEVER win. Your words will fade in the shadows of Obama's victory.. of OUR victory. So you can either pack your bags and move to a country that will give you just what you deserve, or.. you can CHANGE! Either move or join the movement...

Blessings, peace and prayers to the First Family and the 1st Black President!

"Somewhere along the way, Black became the new and improved white...but at the end of the day, we'll all be clothed in the color of God."


Posted by Changed January 22, 09 09:41 PM

America is back and loved all over the glob...GOD bless Obama and USA

Posted by MOUS January 22, 09 09:42 PM

I think this is the beginning of many positive changes to come! Now we can finally believe in the word "patience" cause our time waiting will be well spent! History itself can't repeat this!

Posted by Christina Billiard January 22, 09 09:42 PM

I have never put so much of me into any election I have never felt like the pledge was for all people. But today I can place my hand over my heart and say the pledge to American from my heart. We Thank God for the leader He has choosen. We must keep in mind never to worship our 44th President , but praise the Lord and rejoice in the gift He has given this country.

Posted by GFP, Texas January 22, 09 09:44 PM

Wow. Wonderful.

I became part of the sea of humanity headed to the mall quite a bit before sunrise. It was an incredible experience. We were on the mall before the sun came up!

And, while I don't normally get too emotional under such circumstances as an innauguration, I found myself getting teary-eyed while yelling OH--BAH--MA. OH--BAH--MA.

There's reason to be so much more confident than during the last 8 years...

Posted by Tim Scanlon January 22, 09 09:44 PM


Posted by MISS E January 22, 09 09:45 PM

With my then one-year old boy on my back, I watched cheering throngs flood Moscow at the end of Soviet rule. I whispered to him that we would never see this again. Obama proved me wrong. That same boy, now 18 years old, was in the mall watching Obama assume office. I'm so proud to be an American again.

Posted by Stephen Cunha January 22, 09 09:47 PM

Dear Mr. President Obama, you are that blessing in all of our hearts. Thank you for being able to be humble and showing the world that there can be peace among all races. You and the first lady are beautiful along with those adorable girls. Thank you for stepping out on that grain of faith to show all that all is not loss. I feel that you will indeed help the United States and the rest of the world get back on their feet. God bless and remember no matter what God loves you. Remain bless and keep God close. Thanks again and I will be doing whatever I can do to help you make the change that is well desired and needed.

Posted by Linda DeLong Ritter January 22, 09 09:47 PM

It is truly a blessing and a breath of fresh air to have a man who inspires all people to want to do more and become better americans. He can't do it alone so, we as americans must rise to the occasion and always put our best foot foward in all that we do from this point on. May god bless President Obama and his family and keep them safe.

Posted by Queen Sika January 22, 09 09:48 PM

The world watched as history was being made, and I watched along with! The world will never witness another historic moment like this. Things are on the move for the better and may God watch over him and his family and give him the strength and wisdom to change this miserable world for the better.

Posted by Pat Ferguson, Bermuda January 22, 09 09:50 PM


Posted by LATRAVIA FERGUSON January 22, 09 09:51 PM

I am so honored and proud to be living in this day and time in America. I believe that Obama is a strong leader and will guide our country in the right direction. He is a very intelligent man, who is a good father and husband. He inspires and represents all of us. My hope and faith are so strong that we will become a better nation in peace, with a healthier environment and an overall safer place to live. I am a black woman born and raised in the South, and I never thought I'd live to see this happen. I am truly proud to be an American. God bless the Obamas, and God bless America.

Posted by Rosalyn Nix Tate January 22, 09 09:51 PM

What a time of Reconcilliation! God is good and worthy to be praised. Who would have thought that 40 years to the day that Dr. Martin Luther King, was assisinated that a black man, Barak Obama would accepts the nomination for President of the United States of America. I too feel blessed that we have this great opportunity and that God has allowed the color barriers to fall. I'm exicited about what God has done and will do for this country if we continue to be in prayer for our Leader and country. May God Bless you Mr. President , First Lady, our Princesses Malia, Sasha & Grandma -Robinson too!


Posted by Cheryl Robinson-Roberts & Kevin B. Roberts January 22, 09 09:51 PM

I am blessed along with the rest of the world to be alive to witness and live the manifestation of God's will for America. My children and grandchildren are blessed to see the true makings of a black man and their God-given abilities at their greatest height in America. My prayer is that our Spiritual leaders will come together with the leader of our land and work together with one goal, for the people.

Posted by Jo Moore January 22, 09 09:52 PM

January 20, 2009 is a day that will forever change the lives on many American citizens Change is coming!! May God keep his shining light on you and your family!!

Posted by Ranisha Grinston January 22, 09 09:53 PM

I voted for JFK, worked on RFK's campaign, believed in MLK, and saw all of them put down early in their lives, but not before they were able to give us messages of how to love one another. I am hopeful.

Posted by Lila Rose January 22, 09 09:54 PM

Mr.President , I hope we finally have World peace and the people learn to use their words instead of physical violence. With education , great leadership and prayers this miracle could come true. My family and I will say our prayers for you and your family to lead us into a World full of peace and happiness.

Posted by Caroline Cartwright January 22, 09 09:55 PM

First and foremost, I praise GOD for delivering to us a man who is not afraid to put GOD first. The presidents before President Obama "took GOD out" of being the head and had this country almost gone to pieces. There were enough of us saints praying that we be delivered, and GOD heard our cries and sent him. Now we as Americans must bless GOD as HE always blesses us. Praise HIM. Thank HIM. Glorify HIS Holy Name (GOD) and HE will give us all according to HIS riches and glory. Thank you Jesus for President Barack Obama. Bless him and his family and allow him to always depend on YOU and we know that he will never go wrong.

Posted by Vonnie January 22, 09 09:56 PM

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell January 22, 09 09:57 PM

Everything turned out so wonderful. America now has its first African-American President. Thank u Lord first and foremost for bringing my brothers and sisters together on one accord to make this event attainable. I also want to give u the praise and glory. Dear God I would like to send up a prayer for our new president Mr. Obama, America and other surrounding countries as well. Because if there's ever been a time we need u; it's certainly right now. Amen

Posted by Kokista January 22, 09 09:58 PM

FINALLY!!! Change is here for a better America! Congratulations, Mr. President and Vice President on winning this election. The amount of love and support from the people in Washington D.C. was beautiful to see on January 20, 2009. Congratulations again and welcome to Washington.

Posted by Crystal January 22, 09 09:58 PM

Congrautulations to our 44th President of the United States of America, 'Barack H. Obama' and our 'First Lady Michelle'. May 'God' Bless both of you and you lovely Family.

Posted by Kathleen Campbell January 22, 09 10:01 PM

I am a democrat forever and President Obama is my hero!

Posted by Connie January 22, 09 10:01 PM

The Churches of Christ across the world continue to pray for the US and the Obama family! With God, all things are possible! We love you and we KNOW that you WILL do a wonderful job! We denounce those who know not God and satan and his tactics.
We know that President Obama is not God, but one of His vessels to be used of and by Him and we also know that GOD IS because He IS. He is not who He is because you say so, but He is who He is because He is "I AM" and that is all that

Posted by Tangelia Terrell January 22, 09 10:03 PM

The world have not seen nothing yet, prepare yourself. God are doing a "New Thing" Arm yourself with Education and Freedom of Debt as we enter into the next four years.

Posted by Ray Fluellen January 22, 09 10:03 PM

Thanks to all my "neighbors" for that hour just under a holly bush near the Washington Monument...."Yes we can..." be more polite, more gentle, more aware of being an "U.S." --an us, not an "I"...During those cold moments warmed by each other's radiating joy...we witnessed nameless acts of kindness like making sure we weren't blocking each other's views, or helping a mom with a sleeping baby...When Ms Aretha was introduced to sing...someone said, "Sing,
R-E-S-P-E-C-T"....We all did "respect" each other....Let's keep it up...

Posted by Tin January 22, 09 10:05 PM

As I still get the chills when I think about how the Red Sox in 2004 came from being down by 3 games to the damn yankees in the playoffs, coming back and winning the next 4 games, then sweeping the Cards in 4 games to win the World Series, I believe I will get the chills years from now when I think of this inaugeration day.

Posted by Bob Peters January 22, 09 10:06 PM

I am so proud and full of joy. There were no words that could describe what I felt as I watched Mr. Barack Hussein Obama become President Barack Hussein Obama. Not that he is the first Black President of the United States of America, but that he is a Black man that has been groomed and chosen by God to be the President of the United States. I believe that there will be changes, good changes to come for our country. As he says, "The time is now". God Bless you Mr. President and your beautiful family. May God give you the wisdom and courage to perform this duty that He has bestowed upon you. With much love and admiration, God Bless you.

Posted by Danette Hayles, Sacramento, CA January 22, 09 10:06 PM

This is the first time America has voted for a president because of color. Not a good thing at all. Let us all hope Obama is only a one term president.

Posted by Bill C. January 22, 09 10:07 PM


Posted by PAMELA BRAVEHEART WALCOTT January 22, 09 10:10 PM

It is the best thing that could happen to the United States of America at this time. I personally thank God. To me, it is a time of rejoicing and giving thanks to God for this day. God, I really do thank you for this day.

Posted by Mary Stephens January 22, 09 10:12 PM

How can any Man, Women or Child, of any shade of Black, White, Brown or Red, not shed tears of Hope while gazing through these pictures....

Posted by Anonymous..Crying Man January 22, 09 10:12 PM

This is not just an historical event, this is a worldwide movement for change and unification. This is what we need as a global people. And when the euphoria fades just a bit, remember that we really have no idea how bad things really are. President Obama and his cabinet will need the best of their and our abilities to get the world out of this mess.
I am soooo pleased that our world neighbors recognize that we as a people have sent a very clear message back to the world. We will have change! We have been stifled here and now we can breath again and so can you!

Posted by CSmith January 22, 09 10:14 PM

I am still "recovering" from attending the Inauguration and Neighborhood Ball, but it was all so worth the cold, the mob of people and the long wait to witness this historic event. What a happy day for the nation and world. My hats off for putting this collage together and for allowing us to express ourselves about the inauguration of Barack Obama!

Posted by Charles Coble January 22, 09 10:17 PM

Hey Mr President OBAMA I love yo so much
I voted for Change. we can do this as one!!!!!!!!!
Couldnt do it without you
Now we need to re-make lifet Every voice and sing BECAUSE we HAVE OVERCOMEEEEEEEE!

Posted by D Lewis(cabela) January 22, 09 10:18 PM

To God be the Glory, Thank for the new President and his family .LORD kept this President safe. MLK I had a dream is coming to past. Praise Be To God . OH Happy Day.

Posted by Grace B. January 22, 09 10:18 PM

Congratulations. My family is praying for your family. Keep God first in your life and in your decisions. We will continue to pray for you through the ups and downs of the furture. God Bless you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ.

Posted by Alicia Harrington January 22, 09 10:19 PM

Great photos. I am so overwhelmed (still). This week and the past year has been a movement of God for the American people. We MUST come together to work harder and Pray more for our country, family, and our NEW PRESIDENT! May God protect and bless him, his adorable wife, and sweet daughters.
We are and will always be leaders of the free world, so lets join together and set an example that all races, cultures, and beliefs can come together in PEACE, Harmony, Compassion, and Love. may God bless you all and The United States of America.

Posted by Amy January 22, 09 10:19 PM

My 17 year old Grandaughter (African Amer ican) and I (WM50) made our way from Oakland to NYC to make our pilgramage to witness history. With 3 hours sleep over 2 days, we got up at 4:00 AM and made our way to the mall. It was COLD. We were EARLY. Their was no place to SIT. We were TIRED. BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTLY WORTH IT!! People came. From all over the country. People with kids and babes in arms. They stayed, they cried. They were in good spirits and for differenct mixtures of reasons, they HAD TO BE THERE. I was to the left in picture 20. I'm happy we shared the moment together. We're so proud of our country and thrilled with our new President!!

Posted by Tom Anthony, Oakland, CA January 22, 09 10:20 PM

I am so honored to be alive at this time in history. Even the air seems more worth breathing.

Posted by KerriAnn January 22, 09 10:20 PM

I can see his wedding ring in picture 36 - but where is HER wedding ring in picture 46?

Posted by Kathryn January 22, 09 10:21 PM

God has truly blessed "All" Americans. May God continue to bless President Barack Obama and First Lady Obama and their family. God will always put a hedge of protection around us. Never forget that Faith and prayer will bring about change. God is all Powerful!
God Bless America!

Posted by Lois McCoy January 22, 09 10:21 PM

This is truly Dr. Kings dream coming true. While I am glad to see the day that the racial barrier has been somewhat taken away, I know that President Obama was/is the best man for the job. From the initial decisions alone, you are showing that you truly have a plan to get this country back to the world leader we once were. I pray that you and your family remain safe from all ignorance, foreign and domestic, so that you will complete another term.
Thank you for the man that you are and the mega inspiration you are to not only to people of color, but to the world. I am glad that I will one day show and tell my grandchildren that I was there to witness an amazing event.

May God Bless you

Posted by Rick Smith January 22, 09 10:21 PM

I just want you guys to know that I want you to have & to keep, this memorabelia I must say this is the most pruod of our lives

Posted by R Davis January 22, 09 10:23 PM

This is a great time for the USA but remember that Mr. Obama is just a man, like any other, no special powers. Jesus Christ alone is the only true savior so don't get caught up in worshipping a man when Christ is the ultimate deserver of all of our praise. This is a man that hopefully will rely on God's help to get this country where it should be. Godspeed President Bush, you did your job as well as you could, even though there were those in the crowd on Tuesday that chose to disrespect you in the way that they did. God Bless and give you a well deserved rest.

Posted by Mama Mia January 22, 09 10:23 PM

The Best country in The World.
i am so humble to be in this Country of Ours .
Let's all united for once...No Hate, Just american good old fashion Blessing

Posted by Edjoodelky Louis January 22, 09 10:23 PM


Posted by J. A. Smith January 22, 09 10:23 PM

SUPER THANKS! Great Photos ~

Posted by SFCarter January 22, 09 10:24 PM

These photos say so muc h. Thank you for publishing them. I was a bit put off at the television coverage not focusing enough on the enormity of the crowd that was present for this historical event.One thing I don't understand is why is it so many people are referring to this event as making a change in how Black people see themselves. I am not black but I do understand the terrible history of racism going both ways that exists in this country and around the worldsince the beginning of time.Picture the Samaritan's .I believe anyone can make a change in themselves if they picture themselves differently. It's personal. Let's stand behind #44. Hooray!

Posted by Michael LeMay January 22, 09 10:28 PM

I guess, Obama is the first US president to earn such a love and blessings from the entire World. And it is really not that hard to earn such blessing.
God bless America and God bless Obama.

Posted by N Zaman January 22, 09 10:31 PM

While I wish President Obama personally the very best, my prayer is that his actions in office will be in harmony with the principles that made this nation great. Free enterprise and capitalism instead of the failed theories of socialism. nationalized healthcare, legalization of perverted lifestyles and the murder of innocent life. Change is coming, I pray it won't be one that compromises our nations character, morals or viability. Genuinely my wish is that God would be able to bless his actions - knowing what the Bible supports morally however, I don't see how some of his promised changes will bring God's blessing.

Posted by Rob Bolton January 22, 09 10:34 PM

we here now ...beautiful pics congrats we make being the first family look good

Posted by January 22, 09 10:35 PM

GOD bless and keep our PRESIDENT OBAMA and his FAMILY. I will pray for you each and every night for GODS blessing on you and our GREAT COUNTRY that GOD will keep you safe .I THANK GOD I have lived to see this day. There is GREATNESS in the AIR and we ALL will be ONE .....AND ONE NATION UNDER GOD BREAKING ALL THE FEARS THAT WE HAVE LIVED WITH FOR TOO GOD BLESS YOU MR PRESIDENT OBAMA

Posted by Dr. Roze Wolf D D January 22, 09 10:36 PM

I never thought about white or black for president, just whom ever the best man for the job would be. Now that the president is a BLACK MAN all I can say is WOW!! America is beautiful and the world can see we as a Black Race of PeopIe have been for centuries, telling the world WE ARE SOMEBODY. Thank you Mr. President and God Speed. All the mass of people at your inauguration believe in your administration, and the hope we all have for a united people of the world.

Posted by Anne Tarrant January 22, 09 10:37 PM


Posted by MARITZA PIGGOTT January 22, 09 10:37 PM

Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord---The God I serve is Real and by His stripes we'll healed. God Bless America and President Obama

Posted by TAnthony January 22, 09 10:38 PM

I would like to just thank God for blessing us with a youg president, someone
With plenty of energy to handle this country, a family man a husband, and a man
of God, I will keep him and his family in my prayers, I never saw so many people
Supporting one man before, God is great!! I wish that my 13year old daughter
Was here to witness this but she went home early to be with the lord,

Posted by charlene woodland January 22, 09 10:43 PM

Congradulations Mr. President,

Well I did not vorte for Mr. Obama, I do wish him all the best and I pray that god shines his light on him and his family and keeps him and his family safe. Having said that, all you short sighted fools who believe that this President is some how "more blessed" than any otherPresident of the past, need to pull your heads out of the clouds and come back to earth. The beast in Washington, D.C., has just got started. By the beast I mean a House and Senate that has nothing or no one to keep it in check except us, the citizens of this great nation. It is not the President of this nation that makes it great, but US the people. God Bless the U.S.A. and God Bless the 44th President of the United States

Posted by Francis J. Barbeau January 22, 09 10:43 PM

After 8 years, America restored its image in the World again.

Posted by Kelly from Toronto. Canada January 22, 09 10:43 PM

pic. were fab. i wonder how u got so close ones.go barrakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Posted by camryn January 22, 09 10:44 PM

Yes it's real, yes America has truly come a long way, but let us not forget we have a long way to go yet, we must continue to pray and keep God first and do our part, he can only so much, may God bless him to lead this country for the next 8 thats right 8 years. And may God less America.

Posted by Jesse January 22, 09 10:47 PM

we've all had our hearts and minds re-set,
back to the currency of love.......

Posted by mnx January 22, 09 10:48 PM

this is not just about a black man or black people this is about people not willing to except things the way they have been all people should be pround to have lived to see the word of GOD come true he said when two come together and agree.Iwill pray for our president his family and those around him that he will be safe in his coming in and going out.

Posted by jacqueline dickerson Houston.Tx January 22, 09 10:49 PM

Glorious! His truth is marching on! Give honor and thanks to God for this day and this time. We must pray each day for President Barack Obama and his family.
The "Dream" lives and all of heaven is rejoicing.

Posted by June B. January 22, 09 10:50 PM

I hope we, as people of the United States of America, can now move forward. I do not consider myself an European American, I am an AMERICAN!

Posted by cheryle January 22, 09 10:53 PM

During the inauguration of our 44th president my three children 9, 9, and 11 asked, "Mom, why are you crying?" I told them they didn't understand the magnitude of what was happening and explained as I had during this campaign the Hope that Obama has for our country and the importance ALL people hold for him. Because this is what I teach my children I am proud to feel it is the model on which our country will be run. I pray for My President, his family and his staff. I have hope that my children will lead better lives because of the work they will do. May God bless the USA!

Posted by Eastern Ky. Working Mother January 22, 09 10:55 PM

#517, if you feel that way then just like we were being told for so many years about Africa, "why don't you go back to Russia then"! I've been there so let's see how much good old American freedom he would enjoy there.

Posted by Maria January 22, 09 10:56 PM

I don't know when a multitiude of this mankind can say how wonderful this felt!
No matter what affects you this touches everyone is the world!

OH How Good This Feels!

Posted by Karol Simpson January 22, 09 10:59 PM

Post 1119 is a pure idiot, this is the best president this country will every know, and I'm sure the one with the highest IQ, George Bush, must be your dad, i wonder if both your IQ's egual 5

Posted by Mark January 22, 09 11:01 PM


Posted by K. ULYSSE January 22, 09 11:01 PM

Let's bathe in this wonderful joy as we get ready to roll up our sleeves. Leave no room for fear. Hold a picture of Barack and Michelle sitting peacefully, with silver hair and their great grandbabies sleeping in their laps. Let that picture be a silent prayer that makes us smile everyday.

Posted by JoAnna Wyss, Honoka'a, Hawaii January 22, 09 11:03 PM

God Bless you and your family President Obama.
I pray God's riches blessings on you as you enter in to tjhis new era and as you work to cleanup the MESS that this country and lead us in a new direction. I pray that God's grace and mercy abounds over you and that He leads and guides you each and everyday. I thank Him for what He has already done, for what He is doing now and for what He is going to do in the future, for had it not been for Him none of this would have been possible and it surely would not have become the reality, that it is today.

Posted by Joyce McKinny January 22, 09 11:03 PM

While I am overwhelmed with hope and emotion for our new president, Barack Obama, I am even more heartened to see the photos and read the thoughts of Americans and fellow humans around the world that have joined in this common hope. Unity has always been possible, but now it feels real. Thank you and God bless our future together.

Posted by Laura from Missoula January 22, 09 11:07 PM

All I can say, God has done us well! I salute President Barack, First Lady Michelle and First Daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama! "May the Lord bless President Barack H. Obama and his family, and keep them; may the Lord make His face shine on them, and be gracious to them; may the Lord lift up His countenance upon the Obamas and give them peace." Numbers 6:22-27 I also declare in the precious name of Jesus Christ, that "No weapon formed against President Barack H. Obama and his family shall prosper." Isaiah 54:17

I al

Posted by Leuvet A. Stevens January 22, 09 11:08 PM


Posted by JOYCE TODD January 22, 09 11:08 PM

I was there and the moment was electric!!!! It was certainly a sight to behold. Everyone was thrilled. We all sang together, cheered together, and cried together!!! It was a time that I will never ever forget. We must realize that we all must work together to move this nation forward. Let's remember that change will come if we pray,work and sacrifice for the good of all!!! These photos are wonderful and reflect the pride and excitement felt around the world.

Posted by Linda Boseman January 22, 09 11:09 PM

Dear President Obama, Please do not miss this God given opportunity to make peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. It was in my dream, You are the ONE, anointed by GOD, to bring lasting peace to this peoples, May God direct your decisions, Amen

Posted by Charles and Vickie Offor January 22, 09 11:10 PM

There is truly a God. I am so proud that the marching and demonstrations that I participated in during the 60's was not in vain. It's been a long time coming, but a change has truly come.
"A house divided against itself cannot stand". For too long America has been such a house. Now, with President Obama, perhaps we can come together as a country and look forward to world peace.
God bless the Obama family and watch over and protect them from anyone who would desire to do them harm..To God be the glory.

Posted by Patricia Smith Lewis January 22, 09 11:11 PM

I was there as well. Barack’s address, was characteristically moving, and further touching. Once again putting ideas back on the table, vision back on the shelves, and making reason the special of the day. Once again the message was one of community, dignity, empowerment, “better angels”, and transparency. But this speech went further into the territory of healing division, taking the charge out of the illusions of difference, and emphasizing the common threads that run through all people. Unity was in the air. The ever so faint ineffible tensions due to race seemed palpably eased. With this newfound breath of fresh air, health and sunshine, let's make this world shine!

Posted by GREG KLINE January 22, 09 11:14 PM

Oh !Thank you God for revealing the truth to the word!
"Yes We Can, Overcome thanks to God Almighty". It's been to long, ithis gave the wait time this wonderful value called "HOPE".
I have to go now, time to do some more work to keep hope alive. We are simply people of different cultures and blends who can do anything we set our minds to, like being the PRESIDENT of the United States, who maybe of African descent.

Posted by Kaz Mitchell, January 22, 09 11:19 PM

It has ALL been said already, but I just had to chime in as well. To GOD be the Glory for the things HE has done. God has TRULY Blessed America indeed.

Posted by Boomshikha January 22, 09 11:19 PM


Posted by Jeff H. January 22, 09 11:19 PM

I did not vote for President Obama - but I applaude his outstanding conduct and decisions he has made prior to him becoming my President. I pray for his protection and hope that he will deliver on the substance of his rhetoric. I plead to the heavans that he be protected from those that are afraid to believe in the greatness of the American ideals and are intimidated to explore breaking down the barriers that have been errected.


Posted by Kirk Lazaruk January 22, 09 11:21 PM

Thank you so much for the pictures. I will cherish them forever. To the Obama Family , May the Lord thy God Jehovah, bless you and keep you in HIS loving arms. President Obama, I also believe you are ordained by GOD to lead the people to a place we are suppose to be. I applaude you in your methodology to strategize on how to bring not just the people of every race, creed, color, or station in life, but across all lines imaginable that may or can be seen as divisive. My prayers always with you and your beloved family. GRACE AND PEACE.

Posted by Ruth M. Green January 22, 09 11:21 PM

God bless President Obama and his family.

I am so proud to be an American and will pray for the family every day.

Posted by MKS January 22, 09 11:22 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:23 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:24 PM

thank god finnaly a black man with a black family is in the white house this is such history they dont even teach black history in schools anymore i am so proud i got to see this and if it wasent for doctor king this would have never happend.

Posted by lamari January 22, 09 11:26 PM

Someone just said: "This is the first time America has voted for a president because of color. " I did not vote for Obama because of his color. I voted for him because he was obviously the best choice. FYI, I am white and had ancestors who proudly fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States (some call it the Civil War.) I look forward to having such an intelligent and thoughtful man in charge in the White House for a change.

Posted by Dee January 22, 09 11:27 PM

May God continue to keep his arms of protection round about our President. His angels stand guard to shield and protect him from all hurt harm and danger. The word admonishes us to touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Mr. President is God's chosen man for this time and season and no weapon formed against him shall prosper and EVERY tongue that rises up against him in judgment shall be found to be in the wrong. May he live in peace, walk in boldness and with that mighty man of valor he was destined to be before God formed him in his mother's womb. My prayers and support are with him, Michelle, Malia and Sasha. that God keep them from all dangers seen and unseen. To God be the Glory for the things He has done and will lcontinue to do in our President and his family's lives.

Posted by Sheila A January 22, 09 11:29 PM

I am overjoyed - and not just because we have finally elected a black president, but because I believe in this man and his ability to save America and the rest of the world from the dangerous path we were headied in. I believe this man will make decisions based on what is best for the country - not what's best for his friends and cronies. And I am stoked at his offer of peace to the rest of the world. Thats what we need. Bullying, threatening and insultling the other nations, as we have been doing the last 8 years, is a foolish way to ry to attain our goals. It will feel good to be one of the good guys again.

Posted by Noel January 22, 09 11:29 PM

Let's all come together and work TOGETHER for the good.........Change is what we all need. Let's work with our president to make our country the best. There will be difficult times but we will make it through and continue to see plenty of more good days. I pray that President Obama and the entire staff work together and make changes for the better. May God bless the Obama/Biden family and may God bless America. Mr. President, you can call on me anytime!

Posted by Leighton Aldridge, Memphis. TN January 22, 09 11:29 PM

These photos reveal the real poetry at play and the grandeur at work in our democracy, just as President Obama reminds us: It is about what we do together, "We, the People," in alliance with We, the World.

Posted by one uplifted, ordinary citizen January 22, 09 11:31 PM

I love it

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 11:33 PM

We all hope that this is the new Renaissence...BRING IT ON !

Posted by Anna from Acapulco January 22, 09 11:33 PM

he hasn't taught us a thing, he hasn't done at thing, all everyone is concerned with is the color of his skin which is just blame disgusting

Posted by CJPK January 22, 09 11:34 PM

As a African-American Female, 57 years old, and a birthday to come on January 30, I am truly touched by the image I have seen. President Obama, our first lady Mchelle, and the Obama babies, I am you, and you are me. I grew up during the civil right struggles, although I was born in New York, and had no real connection with the harshness of the south, my parents from the south (Virginia), taught me my history, taught me the ways of the world, and my part in it. I was never taught to think less of me because others did, to hold my head high, and believe, my head has never been held higher, and I have never believed stronger. Mr. President and my First Lady, and my First Family, THANK YOU!!

Posted by Bernadine McLean January 22, 09 11:35 PM

May God Bless President George W. Bush always. Thank you President Bush for keeping us safe for 7 years. I am proud of you and I am proud of the courage and strength you showed during your 8 years. You will always be myPresident.
Thank you for your service to our country. You will never be forgotton by me ever.
You are a decent and moral man. God will be the judge. Not the left wing media, not the left wing nuts that never had a mind of their own. THANK YOU W.
May God be with Obama as he leads this country. God bless America.

Posted by Mary January 22, 09 11:36 PM

GOD bless you President Obama.....I did not vote for you just because you are a black man, but I voted because I recognized this was ordained by GOD....HE chose a man that was up for the challege of bringing this country back to it's roots of PEACE and LOVE for all mankind.....May HIS grace and mercy forever be with your and your family and may HE forever protech you from all hurt,harm, and danger.....Much Love......
Beverly D.

Posted by beverly d. January 22, 09 11:39 PM

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! HALLELUJAH! Praise God!

Posted by LaVaeda G. Coulter January 22, 09 11:41 PM


Posted by Equilibrium January 22, 09 11:45 PM


Posted by IRIS H. MCCONNELL January 22, 09 11:45 PM


Posted by MARLENE RAMSEY AND FAMILY January 22, 09 11:49 PM

I think the way how our President, Barrack Obama inspired to instill a sense of responsibility and the urge to be better in millions of us from different walks of life and race is just amazing .I think I speak to a multitude of Ethiopian Americans when I say it has Given us hope and the thirst to dig more within ourselves to excel in all of our endeavours.
I would like to also Thank George W Bush for keeping our country safe all these years.

I will continue to Pray for you and your family Our President. I have been your supporter from day one and will continue to be.

May God Bless the World !


Posted by Tseday Demeke January 22, 09 11:51 PM

May God bless our president and his family help him to lead this country, bring back jobs, homes, moral, integrity, humanity. We are praying also for his cabin members. It's awesome and a blessing to live to have Martin's dream become a reality. So many of us that came up in the segration era is so proud, it was hard holding back the tears at the inauguration , we were just happy to be there.

Posted by Mrs. Evelyn Gosha January 22, 09 11:51 PM

i still tear up every time i see his face, hear his name, or read his words. this has been a long time coming, this person, this leader, this teammate. i am beyond words, i am finally so so patriotic.

Posted by Kara Chadbourne January 22, 09 11:52 PM

THIS IS IT,@it was said ,blacks would redirect the destiny of america ,he has keen personality,i predict we will have a new generation emerging, and the justice system will ge put to the test,PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, THE REAL PEOPLES CHOICE,

Posted by LARRYE January 22, 09 11:53 PM

Thank you Lord for sending one of your angels to us. You will protect President Obama and his family from harm and give him the knowledge and confidence that he will require to bring us back to a safe and normal world. President Obama may you be in His Love and mercy through all your years as our President. I may be only one person in this world but I will do whatever I can to make our world a nicer place to be alive.

Posted by Della Perez January 22, 09 11:54 PM

Congratulations, USA! You've not only chosen a new president of your country, but also in some way a new president of the world. I usually really don't care what president the USA are choosing, because they all look alike in their actions. But I think the USA will change from a monolyte to an open country towards the world. So many people in other countries are happy with the choice, that even this sceptic Dutchman from Amsterdam now thinks 'Yes we can!'.

Posted by Dimitri January 22, 09 11:56 PM

I can't stop crying these tears of joy. Didn't think I would live to see this day when we would elect an African-American man to be our President. That in itself is a triumph for all Americans, but more importantly, THIS MAN, regardless of his heritage but also because of his heritage, is a GREAT MAN! THIS MAN can lead with intelligence. And it has been such a long, dark night of the opposite. I am so proud to be an American again. Blessings on THIS MAN, President Barack Hussein Obama, and on his family, his Cabinet, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and all those the President has chosen to lead this country. There's a song..."My Lord will send a Moses to lead us out..." AND HE HAS!!

Posted by Anne Maron January 23, 09 12:01 AM

I did not vote for Obama but as a citizen I respect his position and I will pray for him and our leaders as well as the leaders of all nations and I pray we reinstate the Lord's prayer in our schools. It was in 1963 that it was removed and this is when so many frightening things occurred...I.I. the assasination of Pres. Kennedy, Viet Nam escalation, drugs etc. God Bless America and our new government. I do like Joe Biden

Posted by Jo Anne Sale January 23, 09 12:03 AM

It's nothing less than a miracle! Not only does this speak volumes for the American democracy but also for the sweetness and beauty of the American people who responded to the call for duty and in the final hour of voting on the future of their fatherland they most triumphantly succeeded in freeing themselves of the narrow confines of race and color; transcending the conventional and the commonplace, they acted as if God was holding their hand to cross the bridge to the era where love, justice and and peace would replace hatred, inequity and conflict.I wish the very best to my President Obama. May God help and guide him on each step, Ameen.

Posted by Nasir Shamsi January 23, 09 12:03 AM

First of all i want to congratulate america with their new president, i hope he can make all he says come true. However im afraid of the people around him and some supporters he has. They say he will remove the color issues and he will be a president for all races, however in many countries i think people miss that message. In my country for instance all obama related news is brought to us by black people. tv shows go thorough extra lengths to get a shot of that crying black women Photo reports from newspapers just shows blacks being happy and crying. I fear this way it will not be a president of all races. The religious aspect bothers me aswell he is presented like he was the new jezus wich is just plain wrong. Having said that i hope it will turn out great. Good luck to you America.

Posted by Rob Sanders January 23, 09 12:04 AM

I am very proud to have you as our president. "Hopes are riding very high. Economy is not at its best and mainly peace of the world is at stake. Most of us in US and outside US, we need a miracle right now." And you are our best man to deliver it. I wish you all the best in keeping the hopes of the entire world Positive.

Posted by prathiba katakol January 23, 09 12:08 AM

For the first time in many years, I was proud to wave my American flag on January 20. No longer was it a symbol of supremacy and power, but a symbol of promise and unity. We are entering new territory, establishing a new world order that all Earth's citizens call out for. May Obama know that the burden on his shoulders is not his alone. May he stay strong and humble and when the forces work against him, true. God bless Obama. God bless us. God bless America and the world.

Posted by Debra-Lynn January 23, 09 12:11 AM

At age sixty one and having lived less than a stellar life, I never DREAMED to have witness such a day and such a time as this. Blessings! Blessings! and more blessings to our president, his family and his staff.
It is time for us to dig in again. This is the wake up we have needed.
I am a black woman. I have seen and witnessed much. My broken heart is now willing to be calm and not look back. This is the America we sang about when I was a school girl. God BLESS the USA!

Posted by Zenobia January 23, 09 12:12 AM

Even as God has promised to give us pastors after His own heart (Jeremiah 3:15),
so too has He given us a president and a leader after His own heart. We can turn this nation around and so shall our prosperity be--in the natural as well as the spiritual. Thanks be to God for the victory to overcome.
Pastor Angelica Niles
Berean Ministries

Posted by Angelica Niles January 23, 09 12:13 AM

This proves the greatness of God. The photos are breathtaking!!!!!
May God continue to bless, protect, lead,guide and direct every aspect of this awesome presidency. May Michele truly blossom, publish and concieve a son!
Thank you for this truly loving couple who exemplify Your love as they raise their lovely daughters and lead the country out of the abyss. Keep angels watching over them, keeping them from all hurt, harm and danger . There is nothing too hard for YOU. Thank you for Presidents fraternal side of the family here,abroad and in heaven.
Thank you for Michele;s magnificient and gracious mother. Her presence in priceless at the White House. She is the FIRST Mother in Law.
You are in my fervent prayers each day .

Posted by Doc January 23, 09 12:14 AM

Congratulation President Obama and First Lady Michelle!
May God Bless you and Continued to watch over you and your family.

Posted by Joyce T. Glymph January 23, 09 12:24 AM

To God be the glory to you Mr. President and your family, may his grace continue to shine on you. You are the chosen one, may God direct your decisions and his angels surround you as you trust in him , he will direct your path and your light will shine brightly.

Posted by Audrey January 23, 09 12:27 AM

Congratulations America; the whole Western World rejoices with you. We all finally have a bright and decent man to lead the most influential nation of our time, to stir the hearts of good people worldwide and embrace what Abraham Lincoln called the better angels of our nature. Thank you for re-discovering your wonderful heritage of enlightenment and humanity that has warmed the hearts of people worldwide since 1776. The inauguration was telecast live at 2.00 am on the west coast of Australia and I wasn't the only person who got up to celebrate your victory with you and then go to work. God bless America! You've done a wonderful thing.

Posted by John Carruthers from Australia January 23, 09 12:29 AM


Posted by GEORGE C. January 23, 09 12:30 AM


Posted by Stella January 23, 09 12:30 AM

I pray God will give President Obama wisdom and humility in his position of leadership. At present, we know only what he has said he will do. We know not what he will be able to do or the effect it will have on our country and the world. I have faith in our democracy and the checks and balances our fore-fathers so brilliantly designed. I pledge to give this president a chance and will refrain from the negativity and malice shown to President Bush from day one of his presidency. I understand the hype and excitement, but let us not forget President Obama is just one man. Let us keep him and his family in our prayers!!!

Posted by Judy Casey January 23, 09 12:38 AM

Great Pictures. Thank-you so much. What a great feeling to be an American. 2 million people and not one arrest. I am so proud of my country and my countrymen. We did good..

Posted by Colleen January 23, 09 12:41 AM

this innaugral was so moving and transformal that it was hard to believe that I lived through the experience. As every minority has said before me "I never thought i'd live to see this day. thank you Jesus

Posted by ward piper January 23, 09 12:43 AM

I am so proud to finally say I am an American. I migrated from the West Indies. When I hear young black men say I can now aspire to be the president of the United States, I know that we have open the doors to endless possibilities. President Obama represents all of us of all race and creed. I pray for him, our First Lady Michelle, their daughters Malia, and Sasha, the administration, America and the world. May we all come together and unite as one. President Obama is the messenger of hope and positive change. Let's help him deliver these messages. Peace, Love, and Endless Happiness

Posted by JJ from Arverne January 23, 09 12:45 AM

I am exceedingly proud of our country for placing this gifted man in the White House. Inauguration Day was one of the happiest days of my life and I am so glad I lived to witness this moment. May everyone come together now and remember that we must trust and support President Obama as he strives to bring this country back to sanity and stability. This is our time to put country first and be willing to sacrifice for the good of all our people.

Posted by Janice Box January 23, 09 12:47 AM

The photos are beautifull. Thanks for the memories. I wish him the best and god bless him and the family. There will be a change .

Posted by sonia biegel January 23, 09 12:48 AM

"1184.This is the first time America has voted for a president because of color. Not a good thing at all. Let us all hope Obama is only a one term president."... Posted by Bill C. January 22, 09 10:07 PM

Thanks Mr. Bill C.
This country is in a mess. It will take time, lots of work, commitment, faith and more than one term. It did not take one term to get us (Americans) in this mess. Obama has his work cut out for him and we true Americans are the champions. We always get up. Many people from other nations are praying for his and our success. Why? American success is contagious; it becomes the world success for many nations. Are you an American? You can always leave the USA and pick a better country. GOD BLESSES AMERICA!


ps: My nationality American. My race, black.

Posted by Larry W. January 23, 09 12:49 AM

Please God watch over my new leader, and help him make decision that will help this country regain its strength and power. I pray that you give President Obama the wisdom he needs to bring greatest back to this great nation.

Posted by Jasmine P and family January 23, 09 12:49 AM

for those saying 'he hasn't done a thing, you only voted for him in b/c he is black,' you are not getting it. People are merely saying two things: it's so great to have a well spoken, intelligent person leading this country AND it IS a marvelous day that our wonderful country has evolved so far as to actually have elected a person of color. i grew up in the 50's (i'm a white female in my fifties) and i remember being so shocked as a kid to see and hear the racist actions and comments happening during the civil rights movement. We have some shameful history to account for, slavery, lynchings, etc. For Mr. Obama to become President is a historic moment. and i am proud to have voted for him; we're hopeful things will get better.

Posted by helen in colorado January 23, 09 12:50 AM

Dear Mr.President,
I went to the celebration of Barack Obama in Seattle and walked 2+ miles cheering on the the night of the election.I could see a lot of people love you ,and my hole family loves you too and is really exited about the changes and I love you too.Did you know that one of Martin Luther Kings dream is that one day there will be a black president and that day happened 2 days ago. CONGRATULATIONS! And I'm ONLY 9

Posted by DAIAJHA 3RD GRADER January 23, 09 12:51 AM

we are proud and overwhelmed for the New president

Posted by rajeev akar January 23, 09 12:52 AM

This is an incredible pictures. I will cherish them forever. To the Obama Family, May the Lord God, bless you and keep you in his loving arms. President Obama, I also believe you are ordained by GOD to lead the people to the promise land. I anvil you in your ingenuity and strategy on how to bring not just the people of America together but across the glob and all lines imaginable that may or can be seen as divisive. May God almighty protect you and your loving family. PEACE WILL RISE UPON YOU each and every days of your life.

Posted by Saturday Aisuan January 23, 09 12:53 AM

To #1184 who said this is the first time that America has voted for a president based on race. That is not true. They've done it 43 other times. Wake up!

Posted by Jae January 23, 09 12:55 AM

@ Bill C. (1184) - Who said that's why we voted for him? Nobody said "I voted for Barack Obama because he is half-black." Maybe YOU'RE only seeing the color of skin. Please stop being so closed-minded.

He has the energy, the spirit, the hope, the perseverance, the skill, and the change this country needs. I can't wait to see what President Obama will do for this wonderful country!

Posted by Melanie January 23, 09 12:55 AM

Im at a lost for words. I walked for Obama in Ohio to turn the red to blue; meantJay-Z Beyonce, mary j blige, and Diddy, its nothing. He's here, and he ain't goin nowhere!!Yes We Did!!! Makes me proud to be me, makes me proud to be an american, and we we will continue to provide the means for Obama to put on for the next light. If Barak said it, it is what is!

Posted by Dante Davis January 23, 09 12:58 AM

This is not about color, this is not about privilege, this is not about power. This is about disbelief - about a leader who speaks, who acts, who inspires us all to think about the common good. May their children survive what they are entering into - with our thanks.

Posted by Susan Haas January 23, 09 12:58 AM

Thanks to the photographers and those who put this email together. I very much appreciate it and will keep it as long as is possible, May God richly bless you.

Posted by voreid January 23, 09 12:58 AM

I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I am a year older then the President which makes me feel more connected to him. I send out my prayers and well wishes to the President and his Family and look forward to being more involved with giving back to the community more then before because of a new since of unity and hope.

Posted by Cheryl O'Neal-Kannepalli January 23, 09 01:00 AM

I'm a hispanic democrat and did not accept Obama at first, but little by little he warmed up my heart and I voted for him because I thought that was my best choice I'm very proud of him and his family. I pray to God that he'll be able to govern with dignity.
L. H.

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 01:04 AM

the great picture.. for the great moment.. fantastic

Posted by jorfi jecki January 23, 09 01:06 AM

Hey, can Mr. Obama represent us non-christian American's too? I feet like I'm reading the Hope Network or something here. Maybe we can all join hands and sing koombyah or something while we're at it? Geeze, come on! Barack is a smart guy with good motives and great backing in a time that the world needs him. Give him some credit -- he went to good schools and worked hard. To say his election was a "miracle" or "blessing from God", etc does his efforts a great disservice. We don't need a miracle-jesus-baby-whatever president, we need an honest man who can do his job... hopefully that is what we have now. And can we quit with the "God Bless America" garbage? Is there something inherently wrong with the rest of the planet that they don't deserve to have just as good of lives also? What do you think the Christian people watching from other countries think of you ignorant, myopic pigs? Maybe Americans deserve Gods attention more than any one else? Because everyone else sucks right? Come on! You want change? Then CHANGE yourselves already!

Posted by non-christian american sick of the propaganda January 23, 09 01:13 AM

No country in the world is bold enough to corrects the mistakes made in history without any reservation. America is indeed GREAT. Its boldness has made it just. Hereafter there won't be any who feel embarrassed to see its fellow beings being treated as an underclass. And those who used to be treated as a second class citizens would not also curse their loss hereafter for we have all returned to our original human glory. The reason for all this Blessings of God is Barack Obama. Let us all unite in helping him to correct our seasoned bad habits by correcting ourselves for a greater result in renewing our noble vows to remain world good example.

Posted by January 23, 09 01:14 AM


Posted by LOLITA ALLEN January 23, 09 01:14 AM

Bill C is naive or unwilling to recognize that people have been voting for President because of color for years. Of course it didn't happen 100 years ago. Only White men could run and vote then. Obama couldn't have won without plenty of White supporters. Do you think they voted for him because of his skin color? It's insulting for you to ignore his talents and suggest that his supporters are simpletons who voted based on one characteristic . But let's not overlook that many people voted for Bush this year because of color. I saw a picture that said "N.... please, it's called the WHITE house". Fortunately, that ignorant attitude is no longer the majority.

Posted by D. Lee January 23, 09 01:15 AM

Of course I meant McCain but that just shows that he and Bush were the same. The outcome of the election shows that the majority knew that too.

Posted by D. Lee January 23, 09 01:19 AM

I was 13 only when JFK was murdered . To this day when one looks at footage and hear JFK's voice he is still inspirational . This sad event brought tears to my eyes back then.
The Nazi were beaten. The facists were beaten The communists are now defeated after + 45 years of continuous dedicated effort by the forever valiant courageous USA and her allies. China has moved. As I listened to Barrack Obamma prior to his election, His words, ideas, morals and ethics are truly inspiring not only USA but to all of us, free men of good will. in this world . He fills us all with hope like JFK. May God watch over him, guide him with wisdom,fill him
with courage and trust in our Almighty Father
Anthony from Down Under [Australia]

Posted by Anthony P O'Donnell January 23, 09 01:20 AM

Commemorative from Me to You Mr. President
I have been up all night running from room to room as I watch this Historical event, reveal itself. While viewing every channel and every program associated with the proceedings, anticipation of the inevitable continues to progress.
I began to be compelled by a mystical illusion which astonished and consumed my reality as I watched for hours upon end. While abstracted in the glory of my forefather’s descendants I sit in deep prayer periodically as I watched throughout the whole 20+ hrs of viewable history in the making.
The defining moment that will live in many of our hearts until our dying day.
The moment that I believe the world once again stood still and in silence.
The defining moment when the oath of Office was administered to an extraordinary man who altered several of the major social and economic barrier which exist in today’s western world state of affairs.
For this defining moment for this deserving sole THE YOKE was broken.
Gone are the shackles of oppressed moments for this black man because of the color of his skin.
Gone are the shackles of imposed values of age which vows that, "Youth cannot rise to the occasion in Triumph."
Gone are the shackles of ideals that government must be run by man alone.
Faith, Grace, Mercy, and Love will now yield its provisions from the holy trinity which now also resides in the White House on Pennsylvania Ave.
Gone are the shackles that binds this one’s creed for his steps were ordered at birth. Since then many of his works and words have been written and spoken with pure conviction even so, far greater is the contents of his character that was predestined to resolve our feeble united government.
It is 3:15 in the morning, I stand at this very hour in bliss mindful of the courage of this one extraordinary man who now face the Nations at this defining moment in history. I am reminded of the time difference here in Okinawa, Japan as a passing thought or I too would have Popped a Cork and Raised a Glass
to toast the idea of a WHOLE NEW WORLD.
Later, while sitting at my desk viewing up-to-the minute updates Pondering magnificent ideas of our Nations Rebirth an instant message appeared
and it stated simply “We have been Blessed as a Nation” and that was my commemorative moment when I realized.
I have been on this earth for 41 years and I can unequivocally say we as a body of people have reached the fork in the road to finally become “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” with “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.”

Posted by Ianthia (Neeky) W.-P. January 23, 09 01:21 AM

I´m just an immigrant who got his citizenship one year ago, and could vote for the first time for an election of president in the USA. I came under the Bush administration in the year 2000, and feeling disappointed every single year, and suffering how Americans were gaining so many enemies around the world. Suddenly, an angel from heaven appeared, the first time that I heard him-December 2007- I said to my American wife, ¨this is the man!¨. She said ¨no chance against Hillary¨, but that thought stuck in my mind. And look now, America has a brilliant and decent American as its President. I´m really a macho man, but this guy made me cry! God Bless you Mr. President, God Bless America, God Bless the World!

Posted by Fernando Soza January 23, 09 01:22 AM

Phase 1 is complete. Now our real work begins.

We volunteered our efforts and our time and we are taking our country back from the greedy and the selfish.

We are taking back our Constitution and our forests and we have proven once again that we are united as a people.

We are reaching out our hands to the global community and saying we want peace.

Now the real work begins!

Posted by Winston Smith January 23, 09 01:28 AM

To God be the glory to you Mr. President and your family, may his grace continue to shine on you. You are the chosen one, may God direct your decisions and his angels surround you as you trust in him , he will direct your path and your light will shine brightly.

Posted by Balasaheb Baburao Chavan January 23, 09 01:29 AM

Dear Mr. President
I have never been proud to be an American (nor ashamed) but your election is giving me hope that times are changing. I realize you can not perform miracles but it is nice to know that someone of intelligence and reason is now making the decisions. Now I have some pride in my fellow Americans that they have done the right thing. THANK YOU AMERICA for doing the right thing.Good luck!

Posted by Misanthropic Jesus January 23, 09 01:31 AM

Put God first. he told you in His word that you are the Head and not the tail. taht you are more than a conquer. You can do all thing through Chridt which strenghens you. Remember His word for He also said the He would never leave you or forsake you. He will be you ALWAYS until the end of time. This was in God's plan. the time and the date for you to stand for the nation. There a time for everything and this is your SEASON. Stand on the promises of God because without Him you can't do nothing but fail. Hold on to God's unchanging hand and I promise you and your family EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.



Posted by SILVA HANKS OF DALLAS,TX January 23, 09 01:36 AM

It has been a remarkable week to be certain. These images do a wonderful job of freezing time, allowing us to relive something truly historic in this country. We have a long road ahead, but should each do what we can, little by little, day after day. My hope is that my 10 month old son one day looks at these images as the norm, not the exception. Diversity, unity, and patriotism should be qualities that define our nation each day, not just on Inauguration Day. Tuesday was Day 1, hopefully it will be carried forward for many to come.

Posted by B McD January 23, 09 01:37 AM

We have somuch faith in you, making us feel that finally we have someone who can really resolve all the major issues which are present in the world related to humanity, terrorism,killing, hunger, disease, etc.Hope Gaza, Kashmir ,Africa and other countries problems end soon and hope to see more peace and happiness with lots of food, clothing and shelter for everyone on earth. Looking forward to positive changes under your presidency. All the best Mr. Obama, God bless you , your family and your dear ones.

Posted by Usha January 23, 09 01:44 AM

I wish the new president the best of luck as he carries out his duties. I know he is capable and will do the Black race proud as President of the United States of America. God Bless.

Posted by Charles A. Masango, PhD January 23, 09 01:44 AM

Mr. Obama, all peoples in the world really hope you give and make a big change for America and the world. Stop WAR and make peace this world.

Posted by Dew January 23, 09 01:45 AM

Dear Mr. President:

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge God, and He shall direct your path." Do this and you will never fail.

Posted by Pastor, Billy B. Avery January 23, 09 01:45 AM

Wonderful, it is awesome to see the people of the USA come together. Thank you to those who put it together. God Bless our first family. Mr. President & family, I Love You. I am a citizen of this great nation. Thank you Jesus. We are a Nation Under God.

Posted by Jane Verna Garrett January 23, 09 01:48 AM

I love this. it is amazing. God bless the Obamas.

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 01:53 AM

Amazing pictures. Lots of succes mr. Obama.

Posted by Jos van Putten, the Netherlands January 23, 09 01:58 AM


Posted by Aida January 23, 09 02:03 AM

WE Celebrate , We Celebrate, because "This was the day the Lord has made ,Let us Celebrate and be glad in it " !! Loved the pictures .Good luck to Obama.He will make an EXCELLENT president!!

Posted by C A Butler January 23, 09 02:07 AM

I love the pics. I voted for a change. May God bless Mr.President and his family. I feel much more confident in my self, that all dreams can come ture.

Rosita Camela Fagan

Posted by Rosita Came la Fagan January 23, 09 02:12 AM

Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations. I have one request: Please keep your hands out of your pockets when you are walking specially while walking down or climbing stairs, I'm afraid, one of these days, you may trip and hurt yourself.

Sincerely yours,


Posted by Bijan Pourpak January 23, 09 02:14 AM

Dear Mr President,
Your assignment is second to none on this earth and with the support of the people of this world, your mission and purpose will realize a joyful and successful end--maybe not completed on your watch; but certainly deeply planted, nutured and watered during your watch. Obviously, your mission and responsibilities are written in The Book of Law. Stay the course as you may wavier, or bend at time but you will definitely not break. Your Unknown Friend, John Henry

Posted by John Henry January 23, 09 02:15 AM

It has nothing to do with black or white. It's all about goodness. Thank God.

Posted by Lori Follis January 23, 09 02:18 AM

What was GWB is not the vessel of GOD when he was elected.
Congratulations to Barack Obama for becoming President of USA. I wish him all the luck, because he will need it. Remember he is a only man with lots of ability.

Posted by Jay J January 23, 09 02:18 AM

MAGNIFIQUE!!! Merci pour le monde entier, merci pour cet espoir.

Posted by Patricia Bailly January 23, 09 02:19 AM


Posted by Anthony January 23, 09 02:19 AM

I am so Proud of Mr. Obama, and too God be the Glory for the things he has done. I wll lift my President and his family up daily, and support him in his endeavors. My Prayers are that we as a people would speak positive of our President and build him up. Also we too must do all we can to make him equally proud to be our President.

Posted by Connie Brown January 23, 09 02:31 AM

It is a great historic time for US. But I am not so crazy about obama, who is putting our nation into trillion debt.
Yes we might see a easier time in economy. But have you ever imagine how out children and granchildren would ever bare the huge debt?
I am sorry, but It is absolutly wrong.

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 02:31 AM

these pictures really show hope from obama. world is awaiting his decisions. this was wonderful inauguration i have ever seen in my life. welcome mr. obama in the new era of america.

Posted by sunil January 23, 09 02:36 AM

Good bless us the world.Thank You President Obama! May power of god cover you

Posted by June January 23, 09 02:38 AM

I am really without words. The pictures say it all. Beautiful. I am so glad to be alive on this day to witness the wonder that happened in America. I pray that our President and his family will be safe and alway protected. I know there is a change, I feel it.

Posted by Sherri Z January 23, 09 02:42 AM


Posted by don choi January 23, 09 02:42 AM

America has accomplished a radical task by electing a black American, DESPITE the color of his skin, because he was the BEST candidate in 2008. We are proud to celebrate this new era in our country's history because Barack Obama's promises gave us hope in the face of the joblessness and homelessness that exists now across America, His words for positive change have made it possible for people to become optimistic again. You saw it all over the country has he campaigned and thousands came out to see him, hear him and yes, maybe even touch him. We are relieved and happy to see him as our leader and look forward to working with this President, Barack Obama, to make America proud again.

Posted by Charelle Wilson hanley January 23, 09 02:45 AM

Beautiful pictures of an historic day that some people call a hype... ;-)

Luca xx

Posted by Carinda January 23, 09 02:46 AM


Posted by A SCOTT & FAMILY January 23, 09 02:48 AM

This is truly part of the Providencial agenda. To God give the glory.
May the Lord give him the wisdom, humility, and protection to lead.

Posted by H. Dawes January 23, 09 02:50 AM

May God Bless America and May God bless The President Barack Obama and his family. We pray that his year of throne shall be a agreat blessings for us all and the whole nations amen.

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 02:52 AM


Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 02:53 AM

These photos are so beautiful. I wasn't able to travel to DC; however, I did like many other Americans and gathered with friends/loved ones to watch this historical event on TV. I am so so so elated, and I cannot get enough of watching MY PRESIDENT every second I get. I never watched Bush whenever he made speeches and I would turn the TV off whenever I saw his face, but now I'm watching MY PRESIDENT and I'm interested in the politics of this great nation. CONGRATULATIONS HONORABLE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, Mr. President!

Posted by Anisa - Stockton, CA January 23, 09 02:54 AM

I pray that God protect President Obama and his family. I felt during his inauguration that, as a nation, we recognized that we've used our power in a way that was self-serving and that much harm has been done to our fellow man and we were thus repenting, the election of Obama being a representation of that.

For those who say Obama is influenced by terrorist or is not Christian, I say that you're wrong. God commanded us to keep Him first and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We are not to dictate faith to others, but rather share it. The essence of free will is the ability to make choices - something Obama supports. I've never been as proud to be an American as I am today and am thankful that we have someone who appears to be a steady hand at the helm. May he always seek God first, wise counsel second, and stay away from trying to garner favor with men.

Posted by Thankful for Forgiveness January 23, 09 02:55 AM

I became an American Citizen in order to vote for Obama. I am, for the first time ever, proud of being an American Citizen because the American people finally woke up to the goodness and the power inside of them.
It's too bad it took what it took, but we shall never give up our power again!
It's time we lead by example and now we can. Never in my lifetime - i am 58 - has there been a need so great for returning to the basics: respect for the Earth and Life itself in ourselves and in all others. Now we can do it because our leadership will sustain and support our efforts. Its time to transform ourselves. We are the miracle that started with Obama. Time has come to roll up our sleeves.

Posted by Neise Turchin January 23, 09 02:55 AM

Dear Mr President,
First of all I would like to the pictures are oh so beautiful, and I want to thank God for sending you to us. As the 9 year old child stated Dr. King did believe that one day there would be a Black President and I'am so proud to be alive to witness this very great occasion. My payers go out to you and your family. Thank you for being the man that you are. Both your mother and grandmother would be very Proud of your accomplishment, I know I'am.
Love you much Jackie from Seattle

Posted by Jackie January 23, 09 03:00 AM

Dear Mr. President! God bless you, your family and the world! I LOVE YOU!

Posted by Esther Somogyi January 23, 09 03:04 AM

Truly outstanding photographs of a huge historic event. God bless Barack Obama, and God bless America.

Posted by Gilbert Infante January 23, 09 03:05 AM

Dear Mr. President! God bless you, your family and the world! I LOVE YOU!

Posted by Esther Somogyi January 23, 09 03:05 AM

perfect ! ..

Posted by gemeaux france January 23, 09 03:07 AM

hope you can help ..

Posted by toh January 23, 09 03:10 AM

I am a Japanese college student.

Obama was surely good at the campaign speech.
On the contrary, enthusiasts of this new president may make Amerikan people lose a right viewpoint.

Even Bush had high approval rating in old days, and the public opinion of the nation accorded by terrorism War. However, its let the world leave for the direction of the ruin. I seem to watch psychology of the conspiracy.

Posted by otonashi January 23, 09 03:13 AM

For the first time since Robert Kennedy's asassination in June of 1968 I feel good about being an American again...good about where we're going as a a people.While we have a tough mountain to climb I feel we're ready for the task.Together...Let's DO this!!

Posted by Michael Zagaris January 23, 09 03:16 AM


wish yo all the best .

Sadaya India

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 03:20 AM

Dear Mr. President, Because January 20, 2009 was also my 53rd birthday, it will be a day that I will always savor as one of best of the 19,345 days that I have lived thus far. My family is praying for your family.

Posted by ProfPolk, January 23, 09 03:22 AM

I enjoyed #28 in particular because it was not something I've already seen on any of the television networks.

Posted by Tak January 23, 09 03:26 AM

Its great that Obama and his team managed to win this election, but what the **** has god to do with it??? Stop thanking god...

strange people, those Americans...

greetings from Holland

Posted by Jelle Hip January 23, 09 03:28 AM

Joy To The World, The Lord Has Come

Posted by Baba Blue January 23, 09 03:30 AM

To Kathryn in post 1196, why do you care so much about our First Lady,s wedding ring? You sound like CNN when they kept talking about her dress and the way our President held his WIFE when dancing, and even him walking outside the AirForce One Limo. Maybe it was nothing else NICE to say perhaps? I see people like you every day at work. Well, you have another 4, hopefully 8 years to deal with her "wedding ring absence".

Posted by A Girl January 23, 09 03:31 AM

Mr. President you are chosen by God to lead America into the new future and bring peace around the world. You are the hope for this great nation to bring it back on the world stage. United States of America will be respected and lead the world again under your administration and beyond. May God bless you and your family?

Posted by Ab January 23, 09 03:47 AM

I am on the verge of tears, every time I think about what has taken place. These are tears of joy. I love how all the people from all around the world and all nationalities, all races of people are pulling together. I am so thrilled about how well things have turned out so far. Lets not forget how this was achieved, let all of us continue to contribute and to up hold what is right. I pray for us all,God bless us, keep us safe and loving.

Posted by Gloria L. Davis January 23, 09 03:50 AM

These pictures are wonderful.
I live in the Netherlands but even for me it was quiet emotional,
really hope things will change for many people.

Posted by Richard January 23, 09 03:57 AM

Dreams do come true..... Yes, with God all things are possible, so Mr. President know that this THRONE came from God and only God can see you THROUGH, don't forget this. CONGRATULATIONS!

Posted by Imafidon N. Rose January 23, 09 04:04 AM

I think I may have heard the world sigh with relief, that the US has elected a president of such obvious intelligence, integrity and compassion. That he's a man of colour as well may be a huge bonus as that could help reconcile people of different races. His work will be hard and his responsibilities enormous, so let's all help by being more accepting and inclusive.
For example, your outpourings of joy are a welcome change from the recent grief but the constant God references are tiresome. Not everyone shares the view that God has anything to do with this great moment - any more than Allah, or Budha. Understand that all men of all creeds are good if they love one another and accept each other. We hope for the very best for you, America, including that you learn greater tolerance and understanding of the differences of others. All the best from Down Under.

Posted by Philip Carman January 23, 09 04:09 AM

we like it in amsterdam that we have a new african-american president in holland
yes we can!and we will

Posted by mark January 23, 09 04:20 AM

Congratulations Mr. President.
You are the nucleus that brought the hopeful and positive energy of this world up front and personal. This accomplishment touched multitudes of human beings in every corner of this planet. The universal spirit humans share has spoken loudly in the most quiet of hearts. Love will always win over hatred and for the individual who simply wanted to feel like he/she belonged, today you gave them a home. You've connected nations. Now we MUST follow and make sure your work and dreams are completed. Thank you for being a leader.....

Posted by Lavern H. Burns January 23, 09 04:24 AM

I am not an American, I am South African. If I was an American I would most certainly have voted for President Obama. I sincerely hope that he will lead his country and its people on to peace, faith, prosperity and justice which will benefit all the world. Just one point of obvious note - Barack Obama is NOT A BLACK, he is of mixed race. In South Africa we call them coloured people. Absolutely no mention is made of his deceased mother (who was white) or for that matter his maternal grandparents who raised him. Please, it takes two to create a life. I have absolutely no prejudice towards any race. May God bless you all and your new president.

Posted by DEANNE January 23, 09 04:32 AM

God bless barack and his family. The dream come true. Thanks lord.

Posted by REINA MANGA January 23, 09 04:34 AM

God speed to our Nation and our first Family.

Posted by Salister January 23, 09 04:39 AM

Congratualtions!!! All the Best Mr.Predsident, Looking forward for a brighter US Economy, which in turn is going to uplift the economy of the world.
It is definitely a daunting task which needs to be accomplished by selflessness and dedication and above all lot of Hard Work.
Looking for a turnaround which we are sure will be there in your tennure.
Good Luck and God Bless you :)

Posted by Srinivas Vedala January 23, 09 04:45 AM

Now Michelle was looking stunningly beautiful and elegantly sophisticated, as she always does. But was anyone else wondering how she was not freezing her @$$ off in that yellow knee-length dress, stockings and heels? Everyone was wearing ski hats/ear muffs/coats/jackets/scarves/boots, etc..., and you could see people's breath turning into steam. But not once did Michelle shiver or show any sign that she was fazed by the cold...I would hate to think she tortured herself tryin to put on an act the whole time when she could have worn a classy, stylish coat and looked just as nice...

Posted by JJ January 23, 09 05:06 AM

I will pray for our new president and his family, but my main prayers will be for America, and for God's mercy. I believe that God has given us what we deserve and have asked for. We are a country who has removed God from every aspect of life and have promoted and condoned corruption, homosexuality and abortion, which are an abomination to God. Now we have a president who stands for that which God hates, and yet people ( in their color blindness) think that Barak Obama is a man after God's own heart and that God has blessed us and will continue to bless us. Good grief! Can't you see, with all that is happening, that as we turn away from God, that He is removing His hand of blessing from America.

Posted by Mike Carey January 23, 09 05:06 AM

Mr president, help the people of meadle east to liberate theirselves and live without dictators, that is the only way to live together in peace. i hope you will have success for the prosperity in usa and peace abroad, long live liberty and peace, hello to your beautiful dothers and gentil first lady.

Posted by Gorguinpour Hossein January 23, 09 05:12 AM

I am so grateful to be proud of my country again. Like many who have commented here, I voted for Barack Obama because I knew he was the right person to lead us-- it had nothing to do with his race; it had everything to do, as Dr. King would have said, with the content of his character. But I am delighted that his election enabled so many people to take a step beyond racial discrimination. He truly does bring out the best selves of so many of us. We in Hawai`i are very, very proud of him.

Posted by Holly January 23, 09 05:14 AM

These are great pictures captured in time for posterity. They are pictures of hope come true, progress made inspite of what and a great accomplishment for all humanity. Barack appeared to be saying in these pictures; here we are and we should all feel proud of ourselves, here are we for the next gaint step, are you ready?

Posted by Michael C. Ibemesi January 23, 09 05:17 AM

I am not an American, but to me and to a host of others this DAY, November 20th of 2009 was speical not only for Americans but the world over.

Our best wishes to President Obama for the future...for the path is not easy.....

Posted by Nelum Gamage January 23, 09 05:21 AM

A truly beautiful part of this whole campaign and election was that Barak's being black, white or a "mutt" did not matter. For one shining moment America was able throw off the shackles of prejudice that have for so long crippled us, and was able to choose a leader based on his merits alone.

May God give us the grace to recognize the strength of seeing each other as people - not as members of some artificial grouping foreign to ourselves. What a beautiful people we could then become.

Posted by Tom January 23, 09 05:28 AM

God Bless the Obama Family
God Bless Your Family
God Bless each and all of Us

Posted by Marlene Bullock January 23, 09 05:30 AM

President Obama inspires me to be a much better person. I've noticed that I am more patient, considerate, respectful, and kinder individual. President Obama has inspired me to reach new heights. I was already ambitious, but I will soar now.
I went to the South African embassy yesterday, and the marketing director, told me that Mr. Obama is an inspiration to the world, and they are so excited about the new direction of America.
I'm looking forward to my international travels, especially since the world has a new respect for America and its citizens. May God bless and protect the Obama family.

Posted by Juanita Newell January 23, 09 05:52 AM

I attended the Inauguration as well. We traveled by way of charterted bus from South Carolina. It was a long, tiring trip but I would not trade the experience. It was amazing. I am proud and happy to know that America has progressed so far as to elect an African-American { this speaks volumes about America}. In the beginning it piqued my interest because he was black but as the campaign progressed and I listened to the candidates on the issues, it became clear to me that this was the best person for the job.
When he first announced he was running I was afraid to even hope that he could pull it off. It is still amazing that it could happen at this time. I believed it would happen but not in my lifetime. {I am the same age as Barack}.
Just as we have accepted other presidents in the past ,whether we voted for them or not, we need to give this president our support as well.

Posted by Cleach January 23, 09 06:09 AM

Dear Barack Obama,

Congratulations for becoming the 44th President of the United States of America. The whole world was expecting to have someone like you for this post to be able to carry out the required changes and face the challenges of these times.
We all are looking at you with hope and optimism, please do not dissapoint us. Stay honest and strong and as we say in French "Bon courage" (Lots of courage)
Wish you the best for you and your family and thank you again for having allowed us to live such a magic moment the day you were appointed President of the USA.

Best regards,


Posted by Eliana Lamas January 23, 09 06:10 AM

I am not American but i allways feel like this
i now wat this meens for the american People to have this President
I was born in East Germany and i have lived there over 40 Years
and 20 Years ago i was abble to move to Cologne with my Girl
I live now In Great Britain
I as born on 4.of July 1948 and i am German
I wish You all the best Mr.President and Your Family
God Bless

Posted by Zita Wiedmann January 23, 09 06:11 AM

"I Have A Dream" is the popular name given to the public speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., when he spoke of his desire for a future where blacks and whites, among others, would coexist harmoniously as equals. King's delivery of the speech on August 28, 1963.
Today we came to know that the dream is you! .... :-)
Pictures are Awesome. I didn't get the opportunity to see your inaugural function. Thumps Up to the photographer!
We too Love You President
Mercy India.,

Posted by Mercy January 23, 09 06:11 AM

I did not vote for him. I decided that experience was more important, and John McCain has that over President Obama. However, To see President Obama galvanize a nation the way he has, you can't help but believe that perhaps we are onto something great. Even his one-time rival, John McCain seems excited to have Obama as President. I am very excited for him and wish him the best in office. We the people need to do our part now, too. President Obama is a man who believes in the people and will carry us far.

Posted by Jim January 23, 09 06:12 AM

May the Lord our God be with him in all that he is faced with bless the whole Obama family and I love to see what change he will bring to the world and peace..

Posted by Carrie Holbert Fort Worth Texas January 23, 09 06:15 AM

I did believe after President Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America that late Martin Lurther King,s dream is actually come true. The dream was exactly as old as Barack Obama. What a fascinating dream come true. The crowd pulling Barack kept on pulling the crowd right o this inuaguration ground. I pray and hope that this crowd continues to give him the support he deserves at this important moment of his life. I also pray that God should protect and give him and his entire family the glory in Jesus' Name.

Posted by LOH SYLVESTER January 23, 09 06:18 AM

What a great day in the world. How exciting and refreshing to see the comments from persons around the world. How important it is to us to know how much the world has followed this country and its actions (good and bad). My prayer is that we can all live peacefully, lovingly and compassionately. Pres Obama truly set the ex by forgetting those things behind him (i.e., the negative things said about him during the campaign by his now "Team of Rivals") . The country voted for him because they saw intellect, vision, forebearing, compassion, love and knowledge of the situation we are faced with - oh, and he just happens to be black .

Posted by Saundra Glenn January 23, 09 06:23 AM

President Obama I am not a television fan but I was glued for the entire day on Tuesday. Your mannerisms remind me so much of my father who is now deceassed. May God continue to bless you and your entire family. Remember to put God first in every decision that you make. You have already made history ! God Bless You! God Bless America!

Posted by Hawtencia (JOY) January 23, 09 06:23 AM

All the Pictures were good, waste of money on such a big inaguaration, hope we come out from depression soon

Posted by Gulu Paryani January 23, 09 06:27 AM

Praise the Lord. Dr. King's dream has become a reality in our life time. We still have a long ways to go in overall civil rights, but we have also come a long way in achievements. President Obama is an exceptional human being; he is faithful, articulate, charismatic, intelligent and decisive. Not to mention, he is youthful, good looking and he can hit that outside 3 pointer.
I will continue to pray for a hedge of protection around him and his family at all times. I also pray that he successfully performs his duties as President.

Posted by Ronald R. Crockett, Sr. January 23, 09 06:29 AM

I, like many, am extremely happy and pray for you & your family daily. May you have the strength, wisdom and support to lead our country out of our current position of recession verging on depression. You have the world's attention, now perform to the best of your ability as you did during the campaign.

Posted by LaVada Frazier-Blue January 23, 09 06:34 AM

We are ALL in TROUBLE NOW!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 06:34 AM

Now it's time to see what "We the people" are made of. The euphoria is great but how willing will WE be when he has to make choices for the greater good. Will we turn on him or stand firm knowing that "change" requires patience and understanding. Lets pray that Americans truly galvanize around this incredible man and open our minds to someone who is really going to make a positive difference. Our society is like a person who has had nothing but bad relationships when a good one comes along do we have the trust to respond accordingly.

Posted by Mel January 23, 09 06:35 AM

This is great, not only to the Americans but the whole world, we are all celebrating. Great photos and CONGRATULATIONS Mr. President. I pray to God that He watches over you and keeps you safe.

Posted by Grace January 23, 09 06:40 AM

Oh yes; it seems to be UNBELIEVABLE! but all this was predictable by someone who say " I HAVE A DREAM" after many years ago!
so i have to say everything can happen at any time or a period of life, keep workin' and JUST BELIEVE BECAUSE TOMORROW IS STILL TO COME!

marcel O

Posted by marcel ONDOA January 23, 09 06:44 AM

I am thrilled with all the love shown. Mr. Obama is surely worth for all this. He has such a simplicity on his face though has a great personality.
Mr. President, I Love you. I pray to God that HE keeps you n your family safe and give you all the strength to make this world more merrier.
Awesome pictures, they did make me cry! My Husband and I watched in full LIVE the inauguration parade.
Simer from Leeds, UK

Posted by Simer January 23, 09 06:56 AM

This is wonderful, I have not cried all week until seeing these pictures and reading some of the comments, I am glad to see there are few idiots and more grateful and hopeful people like myself commented. Although there are misguided and uneducated people on here, those who say he is not an United States Citizen, He spent all this taxpayer money on the inauguration, he and Michelle are not married, you apparently have time on your hands do your research and then get to the business of doing your part to help President Obama Restore our nation.

Posted by grateful January 23, 09 06:57 AM

Tears in my eyes scrolling through these magnificent pictures. What a great compilation of this historical day! Many thanks.

Posted by Edo January 23, 09 07:04 AM

Congratulations, Mr. President! Fantastic pics! God bless America and the world, for he IS the world's President! Such an historic day and time will never be repeated (there can only be one 'first'). It won't be overnight, we all know, but President Obama has the most difficult ask of undoing the damage done over the past eight years, and he'll need all our help and prayers. Yes, we can DO this to restore America's strength and world-wide respect! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Posted by A. Abernathy in Washington, DC January 23, 09 07:10 AM

Liberdade ao Mundo... Direitos Iguais... e Futuro a Todos!!!

Posted by Henrique F. Lopes January 23, 09 07:11 AM

It has been a joy that bring tears to my eyes every time someone sends me something that remind me of this occasion. I can't get over the pride I feel to be black in this country. I know now that equal is not just a word but it has meaning when it come to us as black people. I will be praying for him and his family everyday he in office. Asking God to guide him in this huge task ahead of him with the burden of the past and the uncertainty of the furture. God is good to all man.

Posted by Orlean Whitehead January 23, 09 07:13 AM

A wind of change has come ! He is The President who undoubtedly will mark the US History.
He is smart by all meanings, and his wife so chic and friendly.
I am sure they will do their best for everyone, and for the world.
Bless them and their families.
And thank you for this very comprehensible American. For foreigners, it is a real pleasure to hear him.

Posted by Yael, French lady January 23, 09 07:17 AM

Firstly, these pictures are fabulous!!!
Secondly, although having a black president is like putting ice cream on your apple pie, a positive compilation of flavors and taste, we need to make sure we remember that Barack Obama considers himself equal to us, to AMERICANS. When he speaks, and everytime he speaks, he makes sure we know that he is representing us, all of us!!!!! Not just blacks, not just whites, not just the wealthy. ALL OF US!!!!!! Enough of the gimme generation and the me, myself and I believers. WE AS A PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DOES NOT SEGREGATE. What gives the right for any of us to?

Posted by Nicque January 23, 09 07:18 AM

This is absolutely amazing and it looks like the down of a new era in the worlds political landscape. the euphoria in thousands of minds made me weep with joy. i pray GOD endow OBAMA with the best of knowledge so the flames HIS journey could remain ablaze till we get up from slumber and realise it wasnt omly a dream . MAY GOD BLESS HIM AND ALL HIS WELL WISHERS

Posted by JUSTUS ASHIYI January 23, 09 07:23 AM

Over and over again, tears just seem to develop in my eyes as I understand what the Lord has done in our lives. I know in my heart that our new 44th President of the United States of America will not let us down......that he will do all within his power to set a new pace for America. I stand proud to be a Black American and I thank God for the struggles He has brought us through.......without the struggles we would not be experiencing this enormous joy. Thank God for Jesus.

Posted by Freddie M Lindsay-Payne January 23, 09 07:23 AM

Let us make his time in office historical ONCE he has implemented policies that SUCEED in truly making change.

At this moment I'm failing to understand the hype, is it because of a president elected that happens to be black?

Why the tears, why the jubilation, why the joy?

Let’s judge the guy on his performance in the job please .... How do we know his policies will work? How do we know he has what it takes to make lasting changes?

Once he has proven himself then let’s celebrate him.

For any doubters I think he was the correct choice, I think he will make a difference, I think it will in decades to come be seen as a truly historical moment BUT too many people seem to be counting their chickens far too soon.

Let’s wait and see (and hope) without unrealistic quick fix expectations!

Posted by Grant (UK) January 23, 09 07:30 AM

What a wonderful day we live in. Both black and white, red and yellow, people everywhere are united in the thought of thankfulness. Thankful because God has raised up President Barak Obama for such a time as this. He has been specially prepared for the world. His success will be judged only from the individual actions of people everywhere. He serves as our focal point and verification that God will bless anyone who applies them self to whatever the toil to accomplish the objective or goal. I choose now to encourage whoever is reading this message. You can accomplish your heart's desire through God and hard work.

Posted by Dr. Ronald W. Stewart, Dayton, Ohio January 23, 09 07:32 AM

I am overwhlmed with joy and hope. I wish only the best for President Obama and his family. God bless him and his family.

Posted by Dawn January 23, 09 07:33 AM

Tears of Joy, Hope, Happiness! All things are possible through God, if you believe!

Posted by Sylvia Armstrong January 23, 09 07:34 AM

wonderful photos, a great collage, a perfect moment in history!
one objection - of all the photos you could have chosen from my country, bosnia, you chose the one showing a poor old couple from one of the most distant mountain villages in the country - very moving, but sooo stereotypical, and so not representative of anything - but surely sustaining stereotypes.
i can only hope that on the next occasion you will find some impressions showing modern and urban sides of this european country. after all, they can be found much more easily, on the streets all around us, without having to climb one of our highest mountains and comb distant villages.
love to all, and bravo america!!!

Posted by Aida January 23, 09 07:37 AM


Posted by Rat January 23, 09 07:37 AM

Wooooow...what a great day of joy for a World famous!
Hope to have you as the best President ever!

Posted by Mike Abiodun January 23, 09 07:49 AM

The pic of Bush leaving is priceless. God Bless our new President and our country. My prayers go out that we do not ever have to experience what we have under the last administration. Unity and love for each other is the key. We must all work together despite our differences and cultures for the cause of good and what is pleasing to God. Loving each other can be the same under any culture.

Posted by Regina January 23, 09 07:50 AM

The time has come that a political figure has expressed attaining an office because,with, for, and about all people. I, for the first time in 50 years as an Amer-
can truly embrace the responsibilty and accounability of being an American.
For once after my foreparents have been DISREGARDED, I am now an AMERICAN! President Obama and family, I pray God's hedge around you all as
prophecy is revealed and completed. It has been a long time coming!!!!

Posted by Willie J. Morris, Jr. January 23, 09 07:50 AM

Picture 40, my favorite. You could really appreciate the white karma both
Mr and Mrs. Obama where born with! Congrats!!!!!

Posted by RB January 23, 09 07:54 AM

El espiriitu colectivo manifestado por el pueblo americano a su nuevo Presiidente, es un buen indiicio de que esta segunda decada del siiglo XXI, sera el de la recuperacion de la Democracia en aquellos paises del Mundo que las han perdiido y el fortalecimiento del espiritu de convivencia y paz para toda la faz de la Tierra. Con la era de Obama, recobramos nuestra fe en nuestros pueblos.

Posted by Rolando Grooscors January 23, 09 07:55 AM

Dear President Obama,
God Bless you and your family as you embark on this historic presidency. I am not expecting miracles from you, but you bring us hope for a return to a true democracy and a better future. My prayers are with you always.

Posted by Kirsten Mygil January 23, 09 07:55 AM

may the lord bless the world and our new president and his familly

Posted by sandra January 23, 09 07:56 AM

How Great Is Our God!

Posted by Marqita Day Caton January 23, 09 08:00 AM

To God I give all the Glory! This is trauly an experience like none other. I am so proud of President Obama and our First Family. We have truly come this far by faith, leaning and depending on our Father, and He will not bring us this far to leave us. To the Obamas, I pray God's richest blessings of protection, guidance, endurance, and knowledge as you all go forth to progression. Keep the faith, hold fast to your dreams, if you but put God first in all that you do, He will surely bring you through. Always be blessed in the Lord. God's blessings to each of you.

Posted by Mabel Taylor January 23, 09 08:02 AM

I feel truly bless to be a part of this historical moment,it is truly a blessing to be able to experience such a phenomenal transition in the history of this nation.It just shows us all as a people,dreams do come through,God bless the president OBAMA and his family and God bless us allas we trust him with all our heart soul and mind.Astrid

Posted by astrid brown January 23, 09 08:05 AM

i am truly blessed to be aive in this time in history. Have the hope that Obama would truly make a difference in the lives of many. However, do not expect too much, he is just a man and not God.

Posted by annette durant January 23, 09 08:05 AM

Congratulations to American people. I'm so happy for them and I think of the "DREAM" of Martin Luther King and now it's not a dream, it's reality. I believe in Obama's words : "Yes we can !". I also pray God to protect him and his family .

Posted by Paula from Nantes January 23, 09 08:05 AM

The photos made me so proud to be an American. Let's judge the man by what he does, not his color. May God be with our new President, his family , and the USA.

Posted by Janet January 23, 09 08:08 AM

I am filled with JOY, PEACE and CONFIDENCE!! Phil: 4-13 "We can do all things through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS US." President Obama and family, stay strong, positive and may GOD continue to bless you.

Posted by Joseph F. Turner January 23, 09 08:10 AM

Congradulations President Obama.i wish you all the best in the in God and he will guide you in the way he wants you to go.instead of god blessing americia. America should bless god .its a long struggle.god dosen't give us nothing we cant handle. all the best.

Posted by Dellamae Swan January 23, 09 08:10 AM

God Bless America Land that I Love and our new President, First Family, and Cabinet members. Together let us lead this country forward to fullfill her promise.

Posted by Gayle January 23, 09 08:11 AM

These pictures represent very well why I am so grateful that I am able to bear witness to this seminal moment in history. I am hopeful that we can now move forward as a people and a community, with intelligence, reason, compassion and understanding towards a better future for the country and the world. I am prepared to work, sacrifice and participate to ensure that the vision of this President comes to fruition, and I urge all who are inspired by this election to commit themselves to do the same. Congratulations Mr. President!

Posted by Joanne January 23, 09 08:12 AM

I was very impressed by the photo of 1968 Olympics, Gold Medalist Tommie Smith hugging Bronze Medalist John Carlos. This was the first time I saw this photo, or thought of the effect this must have on them and those who longed for equality for so long. Such a touching group of photos and an amazing graduation day for America.

Posted by LaVerne Lindsey January 23, 09 08:17 AM

My heart is full, never in my " wildest "dreams " did I pray to see this day. Bless you President Obama and Lady Michelle. God directed your paths to the place to do good to your fellow man.

Posted by Wilma, Indianapolis, Indiana January 23, 09 08:17 AM

I really hope Obama succeed in ruling the USA.

Posted by Fábio Okipney January 23, 09 08:18 AM

Obama! The solution to ALL our problems, WORLDWIDE!

No more federal reserve, no longer is the neo-con agenda the most imporant one!

No more stealing oil and resources from other nations, no more petro-dollar!

Best wishes, show us what you can do, show us the free nation the USA was intended to be!

Posted by bender January 23, 09 08:21 AM

Us, Europeans, are pleased to see that you, overseas people, have chosen an intelligent man to guide you! you are once again ahead! We still look in the mirror and see nothing ;-( .
My best wishes for Mr Obama, to you citezens of the USA, and may the world become a better place!.

Posted by A.G. January 23, 09 08:21 AM

Good Bless the United States of America for receiving such a great man and for welcoming him and his family and our world leader. My you and your family stay united in love, trust and good health. Also may your visions become all of the worlds vision. That we are one race and one people striving for greatness.
Don't for get along your journey to, Live, Love and Laugh.

Best of wishes

Posted by Daphne Largo January 23, 09 08:22 AM

"Oh Happy Day" We Thank God for our Wonderful New President & his Beautiful family. What a Positive Image of what God intended for a "Family" for the entire world to see. May God Forever Protect you. We are Thankful for this Family for Such A Time As This! God Bless & May God Continue to Bless & Protect the USA.

Posted by Linda Paxton January 23, 09 08:22 AM

Congratulations to American people. I'm so happy for them and I think of the "DREAM" of Martin Luther King and now it's not a dream, it's reality. I believe in Obama's words : "Yes we can !". I also pray God to protect him and his family .

Posted by Paula from Nantes January 23, 09 08:22 AM

A truly memorable day, I felt a sense of oneness and unity that I have never felt before. Let us pray this propels us to a new place as a nation. I believe with this spirit we can face the challenges ahead. May God bless President Obama and his administration.

Posted by Marcia Hamilton January 23, 09 08:23 AM

As Aaron held up the arms of Moses as he lead his people, I will hold you and your family up in prayer. What a great task and What a great honor.
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

Posted by Min. E.J. Coleman January 23, 09 08:24 AM

There is an enormous task that lies before President Obama and each U.S. Citizen.We can ascertain that our POWER is in our PURPOSE....a government of the people ,by the people, and for the people is that PURPOSE.

Posted by D.Stallworth January 23, 09 08:26 AM

Obama&Michelle looks wonderful,I thank God for him and his vision for this country,my heart is just filled with joy.I wish that my grandmother was alive to to have witness this beautiful moment in history. May God bless him and his family,

Posted by Angela Bryant January 23, 09 08:26 AM

FANTASTIQUE ! I am French and feel as enthusiastic about Obama's election as the American people. BRAVO so often in history America has shown the way. A new era, a new political AND POETIC era has begun ! (Chamoiseau, French speaking writer).... For the first time in mankind a President has been elected not only on a material programme but WITH A HMAN DIMENSION and therefore it s a worlwide universal dimension.
Long life to OBAMA
Helene, French citizen, Paris

Posted by helene CIOLKOVITCH January 23, 09 08:27 AM

God puts our leaders in office. "The powers that be are ordained o God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God. They that resisteth shall receive to themselves damnation (Romans13)." We are to support God's choice. No matter what, thank God for his choice. Please pray to God that he provides wisdom to President Obama and that God opens his spiritual heart, eyes, and ears. To God be the Glory.

Posted by CCorruthers January 23, 09 08:28 AM

To God be the glory great things he has done. I want to wish President Obama and his family a successful term and another. With God as your Pilot you will make it.

Posted by Candy January 23, 09 08:28 AM

Amaizing! First of all I wish only the best in everything for you and your family. You have been give the task of leading this powerful Country and the road will be long and difficult, but I believe you have chosen a Cabinet that is well ready for the task. May the blessing of God guide your footsteps and steady your hand with the mighty pen, may your ears be open to hear his voice and your mouth to speak his words.

Posted by Carolyn Tillman January 23, 09 08:29 AM

I still can't believe it even as I see it. I felt a wonderful sense of pride during the Democratic convention coverage when I looked at the participants and saw the mixture of ethnicity displayed and had to scan to see any diversity at the Republican convention. I cried, because I felt at that time, all those people represented what America should stand for and I felt hopeful. I was asked in 1995 while visiting Venezuela why America looks at skin color and I couldn't answer. I felt ashamed. I pray to God my children will grow and live in an America where skin color will no longer matter. With all the mixes of races now, one day America will be shades of pale. God Bless you Mr. President. I will pray for you daily.

Posted by Philomena January 23, 09 08:30 AM

A time thats so very well long over due for Afro Americans in so many ways and around the world to make a great deal of a difference and a impact for all people for ( Change and Relief ) for a man who really cares by the name ( President Barack Oboma ) you have finally arrived, you are the man and the very first for all of us in so many ways. ( God Bless You ) and your family and friends in a very big way, we all love you ( Mr. President ) and we feel your heart.

Posted by Peter Williams January 23, 09 08:31 AM

This is truly amazing, congratulations to President Obama, I wish him well. I know you cannot do this by yourself, and I will surely do my part. I know you will make this country proud, and may GOD continue to give you strength for all the tasks ahead.

Posted by Donna Melton January 23, 09 08:32 AM

Mr. President & the new First Family,.
To God Be the glory for the good things he has done. I am so very proud.
My husband and I have to apologize to God for under estimating his power, for nobody but God can put this into action. From Slavery, to Martin King, to some sense of unity of the races, and now to you, President Obama. You are only one man, and not a hundred men, for we are your 100 plus and we will help you carry the torch. May god continue to Bless you and your family.

Posted by Gail Kinzer January 23, 09 08:32 AM

I am proud to be an American first, a black man who thought this day would never come. From the many who sacxrifice their lives,manhood this day will be remembered as a turning point in history. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"..Phillippians 4:13 Your problems are many but problems can be solved if we as a people support your administration. From my family to your family a heartfelt wish uncondtionally that you be blessed and protected

Posted by Robert W. Shelton. Sr. January 23, 09 08:34 AM

Good job started, America! Give this man all the help you can. I hope he can support The Arts also!

Posted by Andrew Dawson (Americo-file) January 23, 09 08:34 AM

Mr. President, stay true to yourself and the decisions that lay ahead of you will be much easy. I feel the goodness within you from the things that you have said. People will follow your lead (I will follow your lead) and support you because of the way you express the way we are already feeling. I am proud to be an American more then ever now and your eletion has made that a popular thing. Please take care of yourself and your family. Much LOVE!!!
P.S. The hope you inspire is a very good thing good times or bad.

Posted by Rich Morrison January 23, 09 08:34 AM

I have worked all of my adult life towards this beginning. My expectations have been met...and a truer work begins...he can do no worse than those who preceded him.

Posted by Melvin E. Burley January 23, 09 08:37 AM

Amazing! The change is now here. Let us all pledge to be of service in someway to help support our great country and our new presisdent, Presisdent Obama.
I pray that God will emcamp his angels around the Obama family.

Posted by Rmw January 23, 09 08:37 AM

Undescribable joy! The moment in history is priceless! May God continue to show favor to you, your family and America! We love you in Charlotte, NC.

Posted by The Hargrove Family January 23, 09 08:37 AM

it was the moste beautifull day of my life i hope that God will be with him forever because he has many challenges

Posted by salma amadore January 23, 09 08:38 AM

President elect Barack Obama has made me very proud to be a black man. Yes, we surely can. God bless the Obama's. There is hope for the future.

Posted by Joseph Obeng January 23, 09 08:38 AM

To Grant in post 1403, we have to celebrate because anything is better than what we just got rid of. We are celebrating not getting another GWB and please note that it will take more than 4 years to correct the mess he inherited. Why does he have to prove himself before we enjoy the moment. There is no quick fix for what the country is going through but maybe, by him being where he is at will give hope to the nation. That is what we need right now, HOPE. And lots of prayers.

Posted by Maria, NY January 23, 09 08:38 AM

Congrats President Obama! I know that with GOD's help, you will be the best that you can be! You will do fine, all of the world is praying for you and wishing you the best! We are so proud of you. Dust them haters off your shoulders... as you did on the campaign trail. They mean NOTHING! And GOD BLESS YOU in your new role, We wish you ALL THE BEST, and we can and will bring this country together in all fairness and righteousness!

Posted by Tiffany January 23, 09 08:39 AM

The 44th President of the U.S.A, has done something that has not happened in a long long time. He has brought HOPE to the people of the U.S.A. When an individual has hope, it inspires that person to dig deeper, work harder, do better. Imagine a nation with all that HOPE.....what it is capable of doing......working together, hand in hand, bringing prosperity back to a country that appeared to be on the brink of disaster. May God Bless President Obama and his family.
President Obama, as a Canadian, I salute you for your fortitude in the coming months and years. You are a shining light of inspiration. I am glad I had the priviledge of being around to see it happen.

Posted by Helen Price January 23, 09 08:40 AM

What a wounderful day with millions of people out but no arrest meaning for once everybody was happy. God bless President Obama and first lady Michelle alongside the first girls Sasha and Malia. I hope we keep this attitude of behaving ourselves through out his rien as president of the united states of America. America is a first order democratic nation others should copy this example.
Posted By Nkemka Eugenie ,Silver spring Maryland.

Posted by Nkemka Eugenie January 23, 09 08:41 AM

What a statement........... Every time I look at these photos I am reminded of unity....
and the importance of having a leader the supports change. My heart and my soul wants to cry, not for sorrow but for the hope that has been renewed in the spirits of people that has faced discouragement for their future. I trust that President Obama, and his staff will be making decisions that will be right for such a time as this......

Posted by Gwendolyn Miller January 23, 09 08:41 AM


Posted by Anna, Jhb - RSA January 23, 09 08:43 AM

God has given us all one of his most magnificient blessings for the world, I know I feel truly blessed to have had the honor to live and witness this sereal and historic event.
I know that through christ all things can be accomplished and this man that I believve was the choosen one from birth to lead this nation at a time when, HOPE had pretty much been lost.
I pledge to do my part through the church and my opportunities through employment to give back to this nation that has given to me time and time again and look forward to the wonderful changes that are about to take place.

Posted by Marcia Dixon January 23, 09 08:44 AM

Dear Mr. President

Thank you for allowing God to give you enough courage, vision, and commitment to dream beyond your circumstances, challenges and obstacles! You had the audacity to hope and press towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. To believe what you could not see, to plow pass the boundaries and parameters that were set to distract and discourage you. We appreciate your love for us and for your country. You represent the best of humanity so well because you have integrity, character, intellig