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January 7, 2009 Permalink

Scenes from the Gaza Strip

It has now been 12 days since Israel began its bombardment of the Gaza Strip. On January 3rd, the Israeli Defense Force ground troops began entering Gaza, soon cutting the territory in half. Israel's stated goals are to end rocket attacks originating from Gaza - which had increased sharply following the end of a cease-fire agreement in December. As Israeli troops began entering Gaza, foreign reporters and photographers were denied entry to the territory by Israel, halting any reports originating from Gaza except those coming from Palestinians. As of today, since the beginning of this campaign, there have reportedly been over 650 deaths in Gaza, and 10 Israelis killed, including 7 soldiers. Israel suspended operations for a few hours today, to allow humanitarian aid to reach the people of Gaza. Officials from France, Egypt and Turkey are working with Israel and the Palestinians to draw up a cease-fire plan, but many details still remain unresolved. See previous Big Picture entry on Israel and Gaza from a week ago. (34 photos total)

An explosion is seen as missiles fired from an Israeli aircraft fall towards a target in the northern Gaza Strip, as seen from the Israeli side of the border, Thursday, Jan. 1, 2009. (AP Photo/Gil Nechushtan)
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1260 comments so far...

Such a pointless conflict. Great pictures though

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 01:41 PM

Very powerful images. I am so fortunate to live in Canada!

Posted by Janet Young January 7, 09 01:45 PM

Pic 11... War of Worlds??

Posted by TheKLF January 7, 09 01:49 PM

Wow, the timing on #13 is absolutely spectacular. Amazing photography from these brave photojournalists.

Posted by Ian Duke January 7, 09 01:50 PM

The caption for photo #1 is incorrect, methinks -- those look like JDAM-style bombs, not missiles.

Posted by Doug Stewart January 7, 09 01:50 PM

each side is responsible in stopping the cycle of violence

Posted by thomas January 7, 09 01:52 PM

Glad to see my tax dollars go towards the Israelis killing a bunch of poor, scared civilians.

Posted by Harrison January 7, 09 01:52 PM

Some of these pictures are so strangely beautiful, yet all of them are heartbreakingly sad.

Posted by guayec January 7, 09 01:54 PM

breaking my heart
may Peace prevail on Earth
send to war's victims a little love from VietNam

Posted by Fonk January 7, 09 01:55 PM

Why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? When does it stop?

Posted by temur January 7, 09 01:57 PM

Humans like to make wars from nothing...

Posted by danbst January 7, 09 01:58 PM

Those Israeli weapons look very familiar where did they get them from??

Posted by B January 7, 09 02:01 PM

Man is a bad animal....

Posted by just another culprit January 7, 09 02:07 PM

This whole situation is just sad.

Posted by Kyle January 7, 09 02:20 PM

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Posted by Curtis in Indiana January 7, 09 02:21 PM

Their not going after civilians they are going after the Hamas terrorist organization, which has been firing at Israel for years killing their civilians. However the coward Hamas terrorist hide in places like schools and hospitals and put their own people in danger. To sum it up simply if the Hamas would lay down their weapon's there would be peace, if Israel laid down theirs, there would be no Israel.

Posted by Jake January 7, 09 02:24 PM

It's very great to see my forced taxes being used to kill innocent civilians.

Posted by Eric von Waltsoff January 7, 09 02:25 PM

Hamas has fired over 6000 missiles into Israel since 2005. Hamas also chooses to hid among the children and innocent people of Palestine. They are the ones truly responsible for the loss of life of their own people. War is terrible but how much should Israel be expected to take?
If Canada suddenly started lobbing missiles into the US I really doubt that there are many Americans that would suggest we just sit around and do nothing but talk about conflict resolution.

Posted by Mitzi January 7, 09 02:26 PM

Compare photo 1 with photo 7. Talk about asymmetrical firepower. Kind of sums up the 7 to 650 death ratio.

Posted by Nick January 7, 09 02:26 PM

Thank you very much to photojournalists, thank you the bigpicture!
SHOW it! SHOW! /it is a pity though that so many can not see anything even with their eyes wide open/

Posted by augis January 7, 09 02:28 PM

Evil from both sides in what happens. Innocents from both sides pay for it.

Such a pain.

Posted by Meren January 7, 09 02:34 PM

This same conflict has been going for thousands of years. Which generation will be mature enough to live with their neighbors, and say "no more"?

Posted by T Squared January 7, 09 02:36 PM

Israel sure is brave to drop bombs all over Gaza from their F-16s!

Posted by Against Apartheid January 7, 09 02:37 PM

Very moving pictures. I just can't help but wonder. Where have all of the pictures been from the 6000+ attacks that have been launched by Hamas to intentionally kill Israeli civilians and children? This isn't a direct attack on whoever runs this website. It's just that there has been nothing more than mere blips of news coverage (if any) of the cause of this conflict. What does that say about our society when one group of people is given a pass to attack another group of people?

Here's the really sad part. This will continue until one of two things happens. Israel gives up it's statehood and all of the Jews leave the area or Hamas is *completely* eliminated.

Posted by Mike January 7, 09 02:43 PM

Please post the number of Israeli citizens injured/killed by Hamas rocket attacks vs. number of Palestinian citizens injured/killed by Israeli invasion/security check points for the past 4 years.

A much more economical and logical decision would have been to surround the Gaza strip with Patriot anti-missile batteries to take care of any primitive rockets Hamas may send out.

Posted by bob January 7, 09 02:51 PM

check the wiki entry on Hamas ( ); i thought the last entry was very interesting given the battle that is currently going on.

"On 21 April 2008, former U.S. President and 2002 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jimmy Carter met with Hamas Leader Khaled Meshal and reached an agreement that Hamas will respect the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas seized by Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967, provided this be ratified by the Palestinian people in a referendum. Carter had made several other requests, but these were turned down. Hamas later announced publicly an offer for a 10 year hudna or truce with Israel, should they decide to return to their 1967 borders and allow the return of all Palestinian refugees. Several nations originally rejected the plan, but Israel has yet to respond.[75][76]"

Posted by double_G January 7, 09 02:53 PM

Pic #12 shows that this "medical" material was used to hide munitions: such a big hole is the sign of secondary explosion(s). It's not the first time:

Posted by APG January 7, 09 02:54 PM

The Israeli apparently have a severe media problem : we only see the mighty war machine, the pyrotechnics and the unlucky hapless civilians - Hamas propaganda material served on a platter. The United States did a much better media control job at Fallujah and I wonder why the Israel don't manage the same. Maybe some communication links have been left unsuppressed. There is an interesting comparison to do. Of course, not responding to the Hamas provocations would have been even cleverer - but hey, maybe the Israeli command really believe that they will achieve decisive results in spite of my incompetent incredulity.

Posted by Jean-Marc Liotier January 7, 09 02:59 PM

Obviously there is nothing else going on in the world worth documenting. Two "Big Pictures" nearly in a row - where were these journalists for the past 8 years, while southern Israelis had rockets and mortars shot at them? How about the suicide bombers in crowded malls and buses?

Posted by Eli January 7, 09 03:02 PM

Easy to blame the Palistinians because they're the poor ones, and Palistinians don't have much of a presence here in the US, do they. Anyone who has been paying attention to the situation, however, will see that it is Israel who has been misbehaving. Conveniently, people here in the US who criticize Isreal get labeled antisemitic, thus making any kind of rational discussion of the situation impossible.

Posted by TacitPen January 7, 09 03:03 PM

The figures speak for themselves. In the three years after the withdrawal from Gaza, 11 Israelis were killed by rocket fire. On the other hand, in 2005-7 alone, the IDF killed 1,290 Palestinians in Gaza, including 222 children.
And this number is BEFORE this invasion.
Source-- Avi Shlaim -- Oxford Professor and former Israeli Military member

Posted by Bob Johnson January 7, 09 03:04 PM

Palestine needs some help from something like RAMBO or TERMINATOR! This is not FAIR!

Posted by jason January 7, 09 03:09 PM

The cause of this conflit in particular, relates to the illegal occupation of land.

Both parties need to withdraw their arms, stop the violence, and Isreal needs to return land that isn't theirs.

Posted by John January 7, 09 03:11 PM

Some powerful pictures but I can't help feeling like they are missing the point of what's happening on the ground. I understand there are restrictions on reporters getting into Gaza itself but there are a lot of images coming out of the area that tell a more visceral story. The few included here only scratch the surface.

As for the conflict itself, anyone who thinks one side is right and the other side is wrong is a fool, there's plenty of blame to spread around. I just feel sorry for the vast majority of people living in Israel and Palestine who just want peace and are willing to compromise for it.

Posted by Mark January 7, 09 03:19 PM

Not fair at all. Israelis are punishing the Palestinian civilians when they really should punish Hamas-- unless that's just their excuse.

Palestinians have no right to land, freedom, food, medication, or life.

This is truly, truly sad.

Posted by USAPatriot January 7, 09 03:29 PM

Palestinian sympathizers absolutly do not grasp the error of their ways. To claim Israel is in the wrong because they have superior fire power is doing nothing more than giving hamas a pass. The comment about Canada lobbing rockets at the US was spot on. But to add to the comparison, if someone was sitting there shooting you over and over with a BB gun, would you sit and do nothing or would you destroy their BB gun?

Posted by BackSeatDriver January 7, 09 03:29 PM

Very sad pictures. Thank you, these pictures portray the reality much better than then previous set on the same subject.

Posted by vg January 7, 09 03:31 PM

Hamas has been firing rockets at Israel for the past 3 years almost every day, killing Israeli's. Granted the casualty number is catastrophically less but just because they were unsuccessful in their attacks doesn't make it OK. If someone shot a bullet at you from 500 yards away every day would that be OK. Although the odds are good they will miss you but does it make you comfortable having someone trying to kill you everyday. The civilian casualties are tragic, but unfortunately the Hamas terrorists have no moral fiber and hide among the innocent.

Posted by Jake January 7, 09 03:33 PM

Great images. Painful conflict, thanks.

Posted by Gareth January 7, 09 03:36 PM

Yes, #31. That's what needs to be said.

AND that the cease-fire conditions with Hamas were instantly broken by Israel: they included a lift in the blockade on the Gaza Strip, whch never happened, quite the contrary. Even so, the shelling was quite reduced, even if it also never quite ceased.

I have no sympathy whatsoever towards Hamas. But they are far from being the monsters the israelis that support this carnage are.

Posted by Jorge January 7, 09 03:41 PM

12 Days.. At least 683 Palestinians killed and more than 3,085 injured.. 10 Israelis killed, including 7 soldiers... Strike at Gaza U.N. school 'kills 40' .. US blocks UN Security Council action on Gaza... and so on...

Am I the only one person who feels this to be a little unfair? I really do not understand people who are defending Israel here, Yes they were attacking Israel for a long time but I think that the total death toll of 6000+ missiles is under 10, and in the meantime Israelis have killed much more. And really it's not about who killed more, it's about who is planting seeds of hate and who has all the USA power behind itself.
I was always skeptic about the stories of jews behind major media companies and such things, but just follow sites like CNN and Reuters these days... Death of Bush's family cat is more important to them than the death of 150 children in Gaza.

I'm not defending Hamas, they should be eliminated, but do Israelis really expect to take their lands and lives and nobody tells nothing? what I'm seeing is a perfect genocide.

Posted by Josepe January 7, 09 03:44 PM

#36 BackSeatDriver

I'd destroy the B gun, not kill the guy shooting the BB gun and his children. Do you see the difference?

Posted by RawheaD January 7, 09 03:46 PM

Ohhhh, is #11 the Flying Spaghetti Monster? It's proof!

Posted by Jeff Akston January 7, 09 03:50 PM

@APG (reply 27): An MK84 bomb will make a crater 50ft (15.2m) wide and 36ft (11m) deep. Looks about the right size to me.

Posted by AnotherExpert January 7, 09 03:51 PM

Palestinian death toll: 660
Israeli death toll: 4

Posted by Londoner January 7, 09 03:55 PM

It is good to see that at least Israel dont roll over for the islamic terrorist, war is hell, but what the hell does Israel not have a right to defend themself ?

So just becaurse the Israeliens are better soldiers and the arabs terroist constantly hides among civilian, then Israel just should turn the other cheek while rockets rain over Israels civilions.

HamaSS started this little dance, now they got a dancepartner.
Or in other words HamaSS is just harvesting what their plantet !


Posted by Whodares-Wins January 7, 09 03:57 PM

got to love the HOLY land.

religion is such a farce.

Posted by ron January 7, 09 04:04 PM

shame on you Usa and Israel.
shame on you

Posted by focsa January 7, 09 04:07 PM

"It's very great to see my forced taxes being used to kill innocent civilians."

The reality is, kill or be killed. Hamas kills and then hides in civilian areas.

Posted by Jeff January 7, 09 04:12 PM

Seems these comments, and the polarized views as to the root cause(s) of this problem and whose to blame, are a perfect example of why this problem persists.

Both sides make convincing arguments they are in the right, both sides share in the blame, people continue to die.

Posted by Bryan January 7, 09 04:13 PM

#9 is breath taking...

Posted by underdog January 7, 09 04:17 PM

The point is that a "Democratic" nations (Isreael) is behaving with the same strategies (but with immense power more) than the terrorists: I mean killing killing killing, against the populations, civilians, no matter who.
I am in Italy: it is like the mafia killing a judge, and the Army responding putting bombs on all the territory of Sicily...

Posted by Nino January 7, 09 04:19 PM

these r both relguos gruop wh y dont they just get along thats what their god would want

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 04:20 PM

Who'd want to grow up in this environment?

Posted by The Baltimore Babe January 7, 09 04:23 PM

Comparing the number of people killed completely misses the point. It would have made sense if Israel was on a revenge mission, but this mission has nothing to do with revenge. The one single goal is rooting out Hamas militants which fire rockets at Israel. Those militants are essentially holding the civilian population hostage by hiding among them and shooting rockets from within densely populated areas. This is the same Hamas that those poor civilians elected few years back to run Gaza. If I were a civilian in Gaza, I'd be crazy mad, but not at Israel, but at Hamas which instead of acting for the benefit of their constituents, insists on briging troubles like this on their heads.

Posted by Alex January 7, 09 04:23 PM

This whole thing is a huge mistake. I realize there must be something done about the rocket attacks on Israel but this is in no way a solution and if in fact a HUGE step backward. Hamas and the Palestinians aren't stupid, and Israel is still waging war like its 1990. Modern wars are fought with media coverage, not being two battling factions. Why do you think pictures like the one of the Palestinian blown up mobile medical trucks are released with ENGLISH writing on them? Hamas knows the only way to win is to win the world to their side and they control all their news coverage. People compare Hamas to a bully yet they are more like an insect, an annoyance to the giant that is Israel but nothing more. Their rockets are like home made firecrackers. And in attacking them in this way Israel is going far above and beyond any reasonable form of retaliation. The Palestinian people will not forgive them for this, they have ERTHed up dearly.

Posted by bob January 7, 09 04:30 PM

The "Canada example" utterly misses the point. Daniel Levy is spot-on: "We also frequently hear the claim – what would America do if it came under rocket fire from Canada or Mexico? Again, there can be no justification for rockets targeting Israel's south, and of course America would respond if it were under fire from Canada or Mexico. But let's at least complete the analogy and here is that bigger picture. Gaza constitutes under 6 percent of the '67 territory in which a Palestinian state is supposed to be created (Gaza, West Bank, Palestinian East Jerusalem), about 94 percent remains under occupation so under our scenario 94 percent of Canada or Mexico would have remained under a 40 plus year American occupation with settlements and roadblocks, and with the "liberated" 6 percent still under siege. Now I like the Mexicans and Canadians as much as the next person but is it totally inconceivable that under such circumstances some of them would have formed hardline armed groups that would even become very popular and use that 6 percent of territory to launch attacks against America? I will leave it to your imagination." (

Posted by ludditerobot January 7, 09 04:33 PM

I am not sure if the "Israel has a right to defend itself" or the "these people have been fighting forever" statements are more annoying.
Defend themselves from who? the people whos land they have stolen (and continue to steal)?
No one else in the world would be able to deny press access to a location, at times deny UN/RedCross access and yet still claim the position of righteousness. Pictures of dents in an Israeli pavement cannot be juxtaposed to pictures of murdered children!

Posted by mh January 7, 09 04:40 PM

just say; The Best Pics from the Worst War .The pictures tells us everything, what the photographers want to show us and also what we should show to ourselves...!

Posted by hamid January 7, 09 04:40 PM

"Glad to see my tax dollars go towards the Israelis killing a bunch of poor, scared civilians."

Yeah right... You seemed to have left out the part about the Islamic Scholars firing rockets against Israeli civilians for six months.

The only thing a these people understand is steel on target.

Go Israel! Kill Them All!

Posted by Robert Harris January 7, 09 04:46 PM

I think #22 shows the problem that Israel has in this conflict - how do you target that rocket-launching site without damaging the surrounding area?

Also #16 - what are those leaflets for?

Posted by Ian H. January 7, 09 04:50 PM

Everytime Israelis kill a terrorist they kill 10 civilians. Everytime a civilian dies 50 new terrorists -family and friends - are raised because of the useless death of their loved ones.

I don't care who is right and who is wrong, but anyone who thinks that Israel's right to defend itself is going anywhere is absolutely deceived.
If you kill Hamas by killing civilians, you'll have to end up killing the whole palestinian people.

Posted by Carlos January 7, 09 04:51 PM

What kind of role models is Hamas . Just stop teacing kids hate, and recognize your neighbors, and have respect for other religions. You cannot value life, as you suicide bomb and teach children such hatred at a young age.
Overall we Jewish people have a history of helping and being charitable. We have the knowledge and caring, but not TOWARDS THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR. And where are the Arab brothers. There are 33 Arab nations who could help the Palestenians, but they do not. WHY? They cannot stand terrorism, SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND OTHER NONSENSE.

Posted by sima skarica January 7, 09 04:55 PM

uhh and all these pictures show is genocide of palistinians by the israelis. And america keeps vetoing all efforts of the UN to stop this second holocaust. Have you seen images of what the land occupation looks like of Palestinian to Israeli land from 1946 to 2000? Israel has commited nothing less than GENOCIDE of the palistinians and USA media spins it like israelis protecting themselves, shame on you Obama for siding with the terrorists you claim to hate.

Israelis = Fascists, nothing less.

Posted by leo k January 7, 09 04:58 PM


Posted by IRANIAN BOYS January 7, 09 04:59 PM

This is why we can't have nice things.

Posted by Conor January 7, 09 05:05 PM

Israelis are killer

Posted by Saudi January 7, 09 05:08 PM

I dont take sides in this conflict, rather I wish they would live peacefully together. But why is Hamas allowed to attack Israel and nothing is done about it? They are the instigators here and if nothing is done then Israel must take action to defend themselves! Therefore I support Israel in this conflict and agree with them. Sadly there are many civilian deaths attached to this. But at least the Israeli are showing the willingness to work something out with the 3 hour humanitarian corridor and agreeing to the cease fire, under some conditions.
Also, why are civilian deaths in other war zones accepted and not these in Gaza? They should never be accepted and i wish that all conflicts would get as much attention as this one.

Posted by Nathalie January 7, 09 05:19 PM


Quoting John Stewart, how would you feel "if you were forced to live in someone's hallway and had to go through checkpoints everytime you have to take a s**t"? (or something like that)

Also, I don't see much difference in hiding between civilians and bombing those civilians to take out someone who is hidden between them. Both are equally disgusting actions.

Posted by Gustavo January 7, 09 05:19 PM

To "completely eliminate" the Palestinians\Hamas\Islamic peoples sounds an awful lot like the Israelis are flirting with mass killing. Sure it's not as systematic as all out genocide, but am I the only one to find this sadly ironic?

Posted by Jesse January 7, 09 05:23 PM

Don't Compare "deads",Only Compare The Motivation to make more
Hamas want 100% of the israelis dead
Israel Want Peace !
Just because Israel is smarter and people got shelters while hamas bombing from schools and hospitals - Doesn't mean this is not "Proportional"
If someone want you dead - there is no "UnProportional"
Hamas is Iran is El-Quaida is Hizzbola - Even Egypt got that till now....

Posted by Nick Nolte January 7, 09 05:23 PM

You people keep forgetting the basic fact

Israel is an occupation force, Hamas is a resistance force, for god sake read some history, and remember that this people are fighting to get the land back, and also what is left of their dignity.

Posted by Islam ali January 7, 09 05:24 PM

For a short but more complete background on Gaza, an historical perspective from an Israeli professor of International Relations at Oxford University who gives his explanation for the war

Posted by Sheila January 7, 09 05:28 PM

I cannot understand all those who moan about the force of Israel and the "unfair" death toll. There are no suggestions on what to do! Should Israeli children sit under missiles because Israel is "too strong"? They SHOULD NOT ANSWER? Should they perhaps fire uncontrolled missiles back? Or wait until 600 Israelis die – and THEN retaliate by killing the corresponding amount of Palestinians? What does it matter how many died? If there are 3 trillion militants – why should they be allowed to kill 3 trillion people before the country can kill them? Israel entered because of the missiles, or crackers, like one said here… Crackers that leave dust of half of the house… Read – Soviet made GRAD. If there would be 4 militants in the entire Gaza, 4 militants would be killed. There are more? More should be killed. Period.
The facts are that the civilian toll is WAY lower than that of the Turkish, American, French, British, Russian, Indian, Sudanese and other recent offensives. Israel is the only country that proves that guerrilla force can be successfully suppressed in densely populated areas. Yes it is slower. Yes there are some innocent casualties because the brave freedom fighters are hiding in kindergartens and behind their families. Still – the toll of civilians is way lower than any other operation that was performed in the history of the world. The latest offensive on Ramallah in the West Bank is studied extensively in military schools as one of the most brilliant offensives on a hostile city. Israel is breaking grounds in introducing precision unseen before. So stop whining. The Arab and African countries simply eliminate thousands in few days, by that effectively suppressing the militants. Nobody in the west gives a …

Posted by Merkava January 7, 09 05:32 PM

Shame on you USA and Israel, shame on you.

Posted by Luca January 7, 09 05:41 PM

We all know that Israeli weapons come from the United States, but where do the rocket fired by Hamas come from. They are not all made in Gaza.

Posted by Rick January 7, 09 05:45 PM

Screw Israel, why the f*ck are they attacking innocent people?

Posted by Me January 7, 09 05:46 PM

Can someone please send these pictures to the United Nations, it's about time those suckers stop Israel ?

Posted by bob January 7, 09 05:56 PM


*Three* Arab nations have accepted Israel's right-to-exist. The are 22 members of the Arab League and 58 Muslim-majority nations (this does not include India).

Israel's land mass is 1/6 of one percent of the combined landmass of Arab League nations.

Like most Arab and Muslim nations, HAMAS utterly rejects Israel's right-to-exist in ANY borders. Read the visciously anti-semetic HAMAS charter! (

Israel ended its occupation of Gaza in 2005, Israel has received 6000+ rocket attacks. Each of these has targetted civilian areas with the sole purpose of terrorizing a civilian population. HAMAS - according the aims of its charter - seeks nothing less than the total elimination of Israel.

As a poster mentioned earlier: if the HAMAS would lay down their weapons there would be *peace*. If the Israelis lay down theirs, there will be no Israel.

Posted by Leon Bogon January 7, 09 06:00 PM

Anyone who wants to know why Palestinian civilians suffer should look at picture #22. Hamas fires its rockets directed at Israel FROM DENSELY POPULATED AREAS! What the hell is Israel supposed to do?

Also, mind the casualty comparisons--of the 650 Palestinians killed, the majority are Hamas members. Only a fraction (albeit, even one civilian casualty is a catastrophe) are civilians. Israel targets Hamas; Hamas targets Israeli citizens (and by conducting its business among innocent Palestinians, Hamas also hurts the Palestinian people).

Posted by oren January 7, 09 06:03 PM

#7. is that the crater which the Hamas rocket leaves on the road asphalt? it looks like the residue left by a firecracker during Chinese New Year. Is that what the lions of Judea and Galilee are terrified of? Firecrackers and stones thrown by undernourished youths? Go forth courageous soldiers of Gilani brigade and exterminate these gnats!

Posted by ted greystone January 7, 09 06:12 PM

It’s really sad to see how much people miss the point...
All these people get killed and yet we don’t know why, Palestine is under the "Israel" occupation for decades, things got out of control when “Israel” made Gaza with population of 1.5 million a city-size prison for many months, people were living on humanitarian aids that even Israel stopped it passing to Gaza.. New born babies died in hospitals for no simple medicines available, no food, no electricity... Then we come and say that Hamas started it??

Until the day comes when the occupation ends and Palestine gets its full independence don’t expect Palestinians to stop doing whatever they can do to get back their stolen freedome..

and as long as we (the USA) keep blindly supporting "Israel" then things will never get fixed and we will end up labeling everybody in the world as "Terrorists" (well, except Israel, I guess)

Posted by JS January 7, 09 06:13 PM

Great images. The whole conflict is f*cked, but this conflict is Israel's fault. If they would have been more diplomatic with the sanctions and allowed for medical supplies and food to be brought in Hamas would not have started firing its missiles again. Not to mention the force Israel is using this time around is f*cked as well.

But its a pretty clear message to the rest of the world, Israel is pissed and their not taking shit from anyone anymore.

Great job people 100 years ago you were all one people, now your all enemies.

Posted by NM-Viking January 7, 09 06:13 PM

Well done Israel! We support you. Years of getting attacked by these terrorist, it's good to see that you are standing up for yourself. The people elected Hamas by a LANDSLIDE, and support there terror. DO NOT STOP until Hamas is wiped out. In the past Ceasefire only meant Israel stopping defending itself. Hamas continues to attack. Israel, we need to put an end to these terrorist once and for all. The comments posted here... How quickly we forget 9/11 & Mumbai. Terrorist can not be tolerated !!

Posted by weSUPPORTyouIsrael January 7, 09 06:14 PM

What as useless waste of life and energy on both sides. It is a shame that neither side can see beyond their own nose, to understand one another, and make peace. This cycle will continue, probably long after I am gone, and my children are old. Very useless and very sad.

Posted by Dano January 7, 09 06:16 PM

Après la glace, le feu !!!!!!
Dans les 2 cas, cela fait vraiment froid dans le dos.......

Posted by Fabien January 7, 09 06:27 PM

I can't beleive. Stooopppp!!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 06:30 PM

To #53 - Islam is not a peaceful religion. I suggest you read their "holy book" (to quote "fight and slay the pagans (or infidels or unbelievers) wherever you find them?" (9:5).) and find that out for yourself - or some other material such as "Islam Revealed" by Dr Anis A. Shorrosh. While Hamas continue to attack Israel, they are fulfilling what they are told to do.

While Israel attack, they are going against both Judaism and Christianity's teachings.

Posted by Anonymous7 January 7, 09 06:32 PM

Looks like they're using illegal white phosphorous bombs in a few of those pics.

Posted by James KING January 7, 09 06:39 PM

After WW2 the US gave / loaned huge sums of money, via the Marshall Plan, to European countries on condition that they worked together and shared resources. Today's EU is testimony to that foresight. A war between France and Germany now (after 200 years of bitter conflict) would be unthinkable. I can't help wondering how much better the US might have spent its money, if a similar plan had been created for the Middle East instead of giving military aid to one side?

Posted by Nick (New Zealand) January 7, 09 06:42 PM

Perhaps Israel should consider other options to delegitimize Hamas. By attacks and sanctions , Israel is only creating more angry Islamic Radicals.

Posted by Anonymous8 January 7, 09 06:57 PM

Shame on Israel and the US!

Posted by Dave January 7, 09 06:59 PM

Hey B,

I had the same thought as you. Where on earth did Israel get all those weapons? And people wonder why Arab countries have such rancor towards Americans. It certainly doesn't help when we are directly aiding Israel in the strife. Bravo to our politicians and those who feel there are no upshots to these choices.

Posted by Josh January 7, 09 07:01 PM

I'm sure Hamas is firing rockets at Israel just for the kick of it... When you push someone to survive, thats what happens.

The analogy of Canadians firing rockets at the US is just stupid. If the American people would do just 1/10 to Canadians of what Isrealis do to the Palestinians, I would be the first one to defend myself.

Anyway, there is nothing religious about this conflict. Its all territorial...


Posted by Sad Canadian January 7, 09 07:04 PM

Consider photo number 31. Photojournalists, the people who are responsible for all of these images, can only photograph the ISRAELI military, leading to an obvious imbalance in this collection of pictures.
Why is this the case? Shouldn't journalists be able to provide a fair and balanced picture of the situation?
Well, Israel surely allows the press come and do its job. Does Gaza? Other Palestinian nations? No!
Thus, Israeli soldiers appear to the public as aggressors. Although the media may be portraying Israel as the offensive, it is imperative to recall the YEARS southern Israeli people have spent living in fear. Israel's Operation Cast Lead is a JUSTIFIED DEFENSIVE, even if the media are limited in their abilities to report it as such.

Posted by Rb January 7, 09 07:07 PM

Stop the Holocaust! Stop the Zionists! Stop the Apartheid! State of Israel!

Posted by Jay January 7, 09 07:10 PM

post 19 "Compare photo 1 with photo 7. Talk about asymmetrical firepower. Kind of sums up the 7 to 650 death ratio." ITA and had the same thought.

another post Also #16 - what are those leaflets for? Well, from reading news sites they were dropping information regarding hamas using them and listed some un type relief
areas in some of which Israel bombed later w/the people seeking shelter and safety inside it. Madness.

For my own wth I must ask what is with our CNN and FOX showing these short "ads" with the voice from the *starving children send money ads* asking/telling us (U.S)
that "Israel needs our support more now than ever" and stand with Isreal. How about you stop killing innocents en mass while targeting your "terrorists"(seriously, with all that weaponry you have of ours can you not be a bit more strategic and less of a bully?), stop taking more of their land (where are they supposed to go?) stop blocking aid from getting through by land/water/air, listen to the rest of the world crying foul at this and reevaluate it. Maybe then we (the younger -not bs'd by you- generation of the U.S) will

Posted by Debi January 7, 09 07:11 PM


Kudos to Israel for all the precise and comprehensive attacks. You act as though they have won a football match and should be lauded as champions. Meanwhile you fail to mention he copious amounts of innocent Palestinians who have lost their lives and are treated like vermin. Then again why fret when Israel has shown this to be "one of the most brilliant offensives on a hostile city." It is always good to play it as though Israel has no culpability in this conflict and are once again merely victims. What a shame.

Posted by Josh January 7, 09 07:12 PM

trust me the middle east has money... but the kings and queens keep it for their selves...

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 07:14 PM

Hopefully we can all leave this religion stuff behind us and pursue more Western activities like "buying things." That way we can fight to protect REAL things and not just imaginary things.

Posted by Alex January 7, 09 07:15 PM

To put this in perspective, given that Hamas is the legitimate government of Palestine:

Imagine Belgium started lobbing 100 rockets a day into France. What would you expect the French to do?

This is the exact same situation. Moreover, Hamas stores weapons in schools, mosques, hospitals and residential buildings, and then conduct operations out of these same facilities. This clearly contravenes international law,

Posted by Justin January 7, 09 07:17 PM

Go Israel!!!!

Burn those filthy godless heathen scum that call them selves "hamas" to the ground.

God will champion his chosen people and all that stand to do them harm will perish.

Posted by effhamas January 7, 09 07:18 PM

you can't blame religion to be the cause for wars.
It's human greed for money and all other things behind it like power etc.

Posted by Hamza January 7, 09 07:19 PM

The Gaza Strip has been turned into a "concentration camp" by two weeks of Israeli bombardments, a senior Vatican official said in an interview published Wednesday.

Cardinal Renato Martino, the Vatican’s justice and peace minister, was quoted by the online Italian daily Il Sussidiario. "Let’s look at the conditions in Gaza: these increasingly resemble a big concentration camp," said Cardinal Martino.
Bravo! Israel you have finally gone too far.The world is finally waking up to your genocide of the Palestinians.This isn`t a pointless conflict! This is about people fighting for their land and for their lives.Long live Palestine!

Posted by Nina January 7, 09 07:19 PM

F*cking... SH*T... STOP!!!

No... really. STOP. KILLING. EACHOTHER. For f*cks sake..

Posted by Joe January 7, 09 07:24 PM

Good grief..... some of you people are rediculously uneducated. Does no one understand that this war has been going on for not years, but THOUSANDS of years.

No one seems to get it. Israel and Palestine (Islamic Persia) are LONG time enemies... thousands of years. Go read some history books before you people start complaining about "poor innocent civilians". The hatred goes back to B.C. not A.D. Unfortunately, old grudges and land disputes die hard. Pun intened.

Posted by Jonny January 7, 09 07:25 PM

After reading all 87 comments here, all I want to say to people who are saying this is wrong and unfair. Have you ever thought that-and i agree that many innocents are dying-but why they are supporting militants? Why Gaza is controlled by a terrorist organization? Why are they allowing militants to hide in schools? Why? A person who said that 6000 missiles from terrorists have killed only 10 people. But, 6000 missiles??? Have you ever thought about that? If someone keeps throwing garbage in your house for years and years and don't want to listen to you saying my religion tells me to throw garbage in your house, what will you do? Try to negotiate with them? I don't support wars and killing people.But,there has to be an end to everything. Till what time you will keep ignoring it? when 6010th bomb falls on a school and 100s will die? Ask your self and then think again.

Posted by Akshay January 7, 09 07:26 PM

Image # 29 and #11 are not shell explosions, it looks like a chemical weapons used by Israel that the US used in Fallujah "White Phosphorus" . Already reports of depleted uranium is showing up Gaza from the bombs dropped on the head of women, men, and children by the cowards who hide behind Tanks and Planes... Tell me who is the real cowards, a person with nothing but a shirt and stones standing up to the army of technological advancement artillery. The real cowards are the IOF, IDF, and IAF and USA for backing such an inhumane occupation.
Its not about Hamas, its not about missiles, its about want to live free of occupation and blockades.. Give me liberty or Give me DEATH!!!!

Posted by End the Occupation January 7, 09 07:32 PM

It´s incredible when i saw the photos i couldn´t belive it . STOP NOW!!!!!!

Posted by Ramiro January 7, 09 07:32 PM

Children of the Warsaw Ghetto!

Posted by Ghost of TK January 7, 09 07:33 PM

I from Russia, i support Israel.

For a Muslim to kill the European honor, then why do you want to live on the West?

The world will be when the Palestinians are to love their wives and children more than hating Israel

Posted by Eduard January 7, 09 07:33 PM

Evolution teaches that there are three types of intelligence

1. Human intelligence
2. Animal intelligence
3. Military intelligence

No. 3 applies to the Israely "Defense" Forces and to the Hamas Terrorist militia.
Morons had invaded earth and care little for innocent civilians. Stop the carnage!

Posted by Tony January 7, 09 07:37 PM

The moment we are angry enough to pick up a gun and kill another person both parties must stop and say "We are both wrong."

Posted by David January 7, 09 07:37 PM

America needs to stop wasting our tax dollars on israel?

Why america , why cant UK foot the bill who put jews in palestenian land.

Posted by Kevin Cohem January 7, 09 07:39 PM

all of them.

Posted by asd January 7, 09 07:41 PM

Both Israeli's and Palestinian's are psychotic religious zealots. What is happening is cyclical and will not end because both are nasty.

Posted by KO January 7, 09 07:45 PM

"The reality is, kill or be killed. Hamas kills and then hides in civilian areas. "

lol where else are they going to hide? I suppose they should run out toward the tanks and artillery guns blazing so their opponent a have better shot.

I suggest both sides agree Israel won and go home. Let the media cover something more interesting.

Posted by empraptor January 7, 09 07:45 PM

Israel is a terrorist state. Period.

Posted by Firas January 7, 09 07:52 PM

The F^%#&D up thing is that the u.s. is helping Israel exterminate the Gazan People. This has been a holy war going on and on and on for thousands of years that the us just wants to stick they're little hands in to help out Israel. We have so many contracts with israel its not funny. Did you know that all the illegal wire tapping that goes on in the united states passed buy bush, The israelies run those companies and all of our caller ID info they run just to name a few big ones wake up people the israelies just want the Gazan land to build on plus there huge natural gas fields out off the shores of Gaza that they want to control. Im sorry to say but they are just going to exterminate the gazan poeple. What a joke

Posted by Liberty Man January 7, 09 07:55 PM

The Arabs would have received such help in the 40's and 50's had they wanted it more than they wanted to push the Jews into the sea. This will not end until Arab mothers love their children more than they hate the Jews.

Posted by Chuck January 7, 09 07:57 PM


Take your own advice. It inst' black and white like you believe.

Posted by Sergey January 7, 09 07:57 PM

Excuse my ignorance but why Palestine is not a country and why they are not allowed to have thier own army?
Isreal fighters are army defending the country yet Hammas is a terrorist group?
Isn't it the Palestinians that are under occupation?

Best solution to this problem:
Since we (US) support Isreal with billions of dollars every year, why don't we just move them all to US. We have plenty of land and they control our politics as well as media anyway.
Oh, but it is our Biblical responsibility to make sure all the Jews of the world move to Isreal so Christ can come and kill them all- In that case why wait, why don't we start deporting all the Jews from US to Isreal?
Sounds like Isreal is running out of space to store US donated weapons, first they did this to Lebonan and now to Pelastine.
Keep in mind the truce is broken by Isreal this time...

Posted by Andy Frank January 7, 09 07:57 PM

If someone came into your county ......took over your land...
what would you do

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 07:58 PM

So many comments here who have no idea of the history and ideology of the region. Hamas brought them on themselves. The Hamas little yappy dogs finally p*ssed off the israeli doberman. And alot of these Palestinian children are indoctrinated to be the future mothers & fighters for Hamas. War is hell, but wake up to the real world. If Hamas lived in Mexico and shot rockets in Houston or had suicide bombers blowing up bus stops & cafe's in Dallas the US would have stomped Mexico at first sight.

Posted by Real Deal January 7, 09 07:59 PM


Posted by goofydg1 January 7, 09 08:00 PM

#33- It's not the fault of Israel for taking land given to it. It's the fault of England and France for divvying up what used to be "Palestine" after WWI into what it is today.

The whole thing is childish, regardless. Religious land should be considered sovereign land not owned by anyone at all if it's going to be as big an issue as it is. Religion, really, has no place in modern politics. I see this case as self defense on Israel's part, regardless of what figures you throw around.

Posted by Ian January 7, 09 08:03 PM

Much of what is being discussed here is sadly myopic. Do some research. Find out how Jews started to migrate to the land now known as Israel (legally). Find out how that caused conflict. Find out how WW2 changed this dynamic. Find out how rapidly a country was 'created' by the UN. Find out how this was unfair to the Palestinians. Then find out how this new country's neighbors decided that Israel shouldn't exist. In summary, learn history. Calling Israel an 'occupationary force' is risky. Calling Palestinians and Hamas 'terrorists' is also misguided. Both sides are doing what they think is right. This is a complex issue that only true wisdom and patience (from many players) will solve.

Posted by Historian January 7, 09 08:04 PM

This is a total madness...

Just that, madness

Posted by Diego January 7, 09 08:06 PM

Even though most cultures preach peace, love, and understanding, most people really only believe that violence can solve violence. So when someone fires rockets at you, you have to fire rockets back. Jesus said to "turn the other cheek". But how many Christian or Muslim nations actually do? You shouldn't espouse a religion unless you're actually willing to follow it.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 08:07 PM

Will Israel ever be content? It seems their plan is to continue their bullying until they've stolen every last meter of land from the Palestenians. What then? Who is next?

I am stunned the world allows Israel to continue this reign of terror. If Iran had done this there would be forces from all over the globe arriving to put a stop to it. But for some reason if Israel does it, nobody cares.

Why the double standard?

Posted by Larry January 7, 09 08:11 PM


You think the size of the crater in #12 "proves" a medical vehicle was carrying ordnance? You an expert, are you? That kind of armchair chickenhawk guesswork that really steams me. _You_ don't know what was dropped on that intersection, and if that medical vehicle had been carrying explosives, and made a 15' crater with a secondary explosion, it sure as heck wouldn't still be sitting in one piece on the EDGE of the hole with just its top missing. Idiot.

Posted by Chris January 7, 09 08:12 PM

they never show the illegal israeli settlements. little fortress cities like zits all over the palestinian landscape. or how they close off roads for hours so people in these illegal settlements can travel safely. or how the israels kill many, many, many innocent men, women and children.

israels fear a couple of rockets. it's nothing compared to what the israelis do to the palestinians. israel doesn't want peace. if they gave in to peace they'd have to give up palestinian land. if they continue the conflict, they can take more and more land. their objective isn't peace. it never was. but they control the media. they have the most powerful lobbying group in washington. you never hear the reality.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 08:15 PM

@ Against Apartheid

The Israelis are just as brave as the Palestinians firing rockets over the border.

Posted by Devlin January 7, 09 08:16 PM

Israel have been very, very patient with the Palestians and it was about time they put them in their place. You think it would be right if Mexico or Canada shot rockets into the U.S. every day and the U.S. just kept up with it and have compasion for them for fear not to kill their women and children? Well where were those men and women when Hamas was launching the rockets into Israel why didn't they protest if they really wanted to live in peace? This is insane. Israel as agreed many times to give them part of their land back even the control of Gaza and yet the Palestians are not happy they want all Israel or nothing.

Posted by JH January 7, 09 08:24 PM

Sadly everyone on every side of every conflict is convinced they have the best reasons to continue to participate. I just wish people would/could stop hiding their weaponry and soldiers among the innocents and in typically off limits locations for the express purpose of making them targets to point at as atrocities committed by the other side. How naive a perspective mine must be?

Posted by joe January 7, 09 08:32 PM
Posted by ozRick January 7, 09 08:34 PM

It makes you wonder if Israel truly wants peace.

How can they overreact like this and kill all these civilians every time an idiot shoots a rocket across. They're just driving more kids into Hamas' arms. Any moron can see that this is not furthering the cause of security for Israel - its making it worse.

Keep this status quo going for a few more generations, and one day that idiot with a rocket is going to be an idiot with a nuke. No amount of intelligence or policing is going to prevent them getting a nuke one day.

Posted by GameOver January 7, 09 08:37 PM

Funny that everyone keeps putting blame and saying how horrific this is (and it really is horrible, but what about what we did in Japan in WWII, how about what Japan did at Pearl Harbor? I think we need to not judge so much on issues we are well informed on and if you do, be reasonable and understand all sides of the conflict.

Posted by Matt January 7, 09 08:42 PM

The whole eye for an eye thing makes me sick. Sick, sick, sick!
It really doesn't matter who started it. The bloodshed needs to stop.

Posted by Kalia January 7, 09 08:43 PM

Hamas uses Palestinians as hostages to conduct a propaganda campaign against Israel. If Isreal doesn't fight, because of civilian casualties, then Hamas can send rockets with impunity. If Israel attacks then civilians are killed and Hamas wins a political victory with people who think in simplistic terms.

Israel is wrong for allowing it to get to this. George Bush is guilty for allowing Hamas to win the election. They should have never let that election take place in those circumstances. Hamas is wrong. Period. They are terrorists. They're all wrong.

It's time for someone to intervene who can shame them all into stopping the violence and accept that killing people is not justified for any reason - especially for revenge. But that isn't the way humanity thinks.

Posted by Eric January 7, 09 08:45 PM

It is selfish that those who wants to die fight for a nonexsitential God.

But dont kill children!!!!

Israel man including Jew, is not only genius but also thick.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 08:47 PM

No, Nooooooo, STOP, STOP please THE WAR, STOP, GOD BLESS YOU...

Posted by Elvis Duluc January 7, 09 08:49 PM

Pretty rockets and brave Israelis. I want to see the Palestinians from their point of view not the Israels who are massacring these people. Take pictures of the victims and tell their story.

Posted by S. Immak January 7, 09 08:51 PM

To add to an earlier comment...

Every time Israel kills 1 militant (and I use that term as Israel does, which is very very VERY loosely), it kills 10 or more civilians.

In the process, Israel also CREATES 20 more future militants. The same kids who threw rocks during the second intifada went on to become suicide bombers and Hamas members after seeing their parents body parts strewn across the streets.

The same can be expected of children from the current conflict. Not to mention, Hamas feeds off of martyrdom.

Peace by violence is not the answer. I pray for the day Israel finally recognizes this.

Posted by Sumiyia January 7, 09 08:52 PM

I am pro-Israel, but their current policies are odious and unsustainable. They have lost my confidence, and I hear many people around me (US East Coast) express similar opinions. Hamas of course is mendacious and repugnant: their spokesman recently denied that they use rocket attacks against civilian targets, launched from their own civilian areas. The peace seeking Jews and Palestinians must exist, but are clearly overwhelmed by the crazies.
In other words, both sides are demonstrably unable to resolve the conflict. The US should step in and apply pressure, economic and political, to resolve the conflict. For starters, there has to be a robust international peace force.

Posted by AdultSupervisionNeeded January 7, 09 08:54 PM

Shame the new president of USA is not able to change the situation in Israel/Palestine. Either he agrees with bush on this or does not have the will to interfere. I am not good in politics but this makes me sad, I am certainly on the side of Palestine.

Posted by Edgar January 7, 09 09:04 PM

The horror of this... war is terrible.

Posted by David P. January 7, 09 09:04 PM

Imagine Belgium started lobbing 100 rockets a day into France. What would you expect the French to do?


Posted by Eric January 7, 09 09:06 PM

what no one has really touched on is that governments have motives for their actions, which unfortunatly , usually, involves greed, power and manipulation of the masses.These days we are so busy in this thing called life no one sees the real badness around them and how it effects their own freedom!! the rest are too poor to help or care anymore! we do need to open our eyes!

Posted by mizzlizz January 7, 09 09:07 PM

Go and win the war my friends.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 09:07 PM

Oh, c'mon, cut the crap about Israel "stealing" land. It's war. It happens. I want to see every one of you who is whining about that stand in support of Georgia when Russia walked right in there and "stole" land. No one cared. They should have, but no one cared. I bet you didn't. Bet you forgot about it already. That land belonged to the Jews for about 4,000 years or so. Learn some history.

If you're going to whine about Israel "stealing" land then you need to go through history and advocate for undoing the results of every single war ever fought which resulted in a chunk of land being governed by a different country.

Posted by Andy Ringsmuth January 7, 09 09:08 PM

Image #19 is very touching. A grown man broken to tears like that. Its a reminder as to how human 'these people' really are.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 09:14 PM

WW3 within the next 10 years im callin it

Posted by ridonkulous January 7, 09 09:18 PM

I wish Israel all the best... People want to condemn them from the safety of their western bubble, try living in a country surrounded by people wanting to kill you and see how you react.
Don't condemn Israel for bringing the vengeance down upon poor little Gaza, maybe they shouldn't have kicked that bee hive if they weren't prepared to get stung...

Posted by JRose January 7, 09 09:22 PM


(if you want it)

Posted by John Lennon & Yoko Ono January 7, 09 09:22 PM

Fact: There was already a cease-fire in place when Hamas decided to launch missles into Israel. If Hamas had not started lobbing missles into Israel, then none of this would have happened. Hamas does not honor a cease-fire. Calling for a cease fire is a waste of effort.
Fact: Hamas does NOT have the materials and technology to build thousands of rockets. Materials to build those rockets have been furnished by other Arab countries. Those countries who have supplied Hamas with weapons are just as culpable in this war as Israel or Hamas.
Fact: Hamas intentionally hides among women and children, in mosques and hospitals. How then, should anyone attempt to fight an enemy that uses civilians for cover?
Fact: Israel GAVE Gaza to the Palestinians only a few years ago. In fact, Israel had to force their own citizens off Gaza before turning over ownership to the Palestinians. What more could Israel have done to demonstrate a good-faith gesture of peace? And in return, the Palestinians elected a terrorist organization to represent them. They turned to hate and terror instead of peacefully coexisting with their Israeli neighbors.
There are two sides to every story, and it seems that only the media strongly favors the Palestinian side. I can't understand why people allow this to be.

Posted by David MSP January 7, 09 09:23 PM

billions of dollars are going to Israel to kill theses people who dont have anything food because of srael, no water because of Israel, no homes, no nothing....
this is where our taxes go! and Americans wonder why so many Arab nations hate Americans... because without the support of the US Israel would not have the weapons they do.

Posted by farah January 7, 09 09:24 PM

Why have they been fighting for so long? One man with a wife and a mistress. The mistress had a son. Then the wife had a son and demanded the mistress and her son be cast out. Her wishes were granted and these two nations have been fighting every since. The history is in the Bible. It's the same as ants and termites. They are cousins, yet when they cross paths they kill each other. Hamass are cowards that use civilians as human shields. They only understand force. Isreal is to be commended for showing their strength and not light heartedly responding to the missle attacks. Peace will ultimately come only through victory. To achieve victory someone must face defeat.

Posted by Shelby Wood January 7, 09 09:26 PM

Only once everyone stops thinking about numbers and the ratio of those killed, dates of occupation, land once owned and religious differences will there finally be fruit-full discussion. To those dead and those about to die none of that matters at all. To the families who lose a son, father, brother, sister, daughter or mother, none of that matters at all. You must ignore everything other than the ultimate goal of peace. In grief, there is only one country, and that is the country populated by the survivors.

Posted by word January 7, 09 09:28 PM

When my kids start to fight i just take their toys off em, has anyone thought of that?

Posted by Bill January 7, 09 09:28 PM

This is just ensures that suicide bombings in Israel and heinous crimes like 9/11 will be repeated. For people who lose their families in such attacks, what do they have to care for anymore? They would do anything to seek revenge.

Posted by Raza January 7, 09 09:32 PM

quit with the lame "1,000's of years old fight." Nobody thinks about that when they fire a rocket. It's more uneducated to cite that than anything. No, you are witnessing how every country on the planet first started out. Founding Sin. Look it up. Human beings are violent by nature. Israel last claimed that stretch of land when invading other countries was just starting to go out of style. Before then, when a people got its ass kicked, they didn't say, "This is wrong", or "this isn't fair", they said "Dammit we got our ass kicked. Guess we're Israeli now. Let's try to maintain our heritage, revolt if possible, but realize that there might be consequences." But we're moving away from that as a planet, be grateful for that, although there's much worse violence in Darfur. Israel's stance has been clear for a long time though, you kill 1 of ours, we kill 100 of yours. There's no "fair" in that equation, but there is no "fair" in a lot of life. That's the deal. Hamas knew what would happen when they fired rockets into Israel. Hold them to the same standard you hold the scrawny kid for picking a fight with the big crazy bully. I mean, what the hell do you think would happen if Tijuana fired rockets into San Diego claiming the U.S. stole california in 1850? Are you kidding me? Again, you're only outraged because it happened in your lifetime and you're seeing the pictures. But every country in the world started off like this, with violent domination over another. Nobody ever had any "right" to any land at birth, nor the pursuit of happiness nor a house nor water. they had to fight for it, the same way people virtually fight for good jobs, lovers, and everything. do i approve of israel? no, of course not, but do i get them? yes. no the holocaust doesn't justify any of this. nothing does. but that's a philosophical concept. this is real. this is how countries are born. israel is where it is, like several nations carved their places out of the roman empire and mexico freed itself from spain and hawaii didn't free itself from the U.S. This is what that looked like, in HD. this is what your grandparents look like. At some point, one of your ancestors, if not hundreds of them, had to kill people for survival. palestine walk away, you lost. let's move on.

Posted by Rocco January 7, 09 09:37 PM

I think there shouldn't be an Israel, a Jew state. You cant make a county and think that the people who lived there will say OK. If you are stronger you can make them silent(or kill them), but that's all(like the Europeans did with the Indians,) . I think there should be only one secular county there, where could live Palestinians and Jews. But I know that religion and this kind of things is huge a factor there... so I think that, there wont be peace ever... they will kill each other for centuries.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 09:39 PM

SHAME on everyone who condemns Israel or the USA. Israel is acting solely in self defense and the USA is keeping their words of protection over Israel. Hamas started all this by pushing Israel's buttons, they are getting what they deserve. And to the comment # 47, religion is a what???? a FARCE???
You've got to be kidding me. This war marks the beginning of the most important phase of your life, but you have no idea -- obviously. Guess we know where you're headed.

Posted by Taryn January 7, 09 09:41 PM

This is what you get by helping the Jews in the first place.

Posted by Chip January 7, 09 09:41 PM

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind - Mahatma Gandhi

Posted by Amar January 7, 09 09:54 PM

Of all the places I've ever been, the one country I refuse to go back to is Israel. I've never seen a more militant, militarized, and racist place. Though I know for a fact that there are many kind, intelligent, and good Israelis, their military complex overwhelms them. It's a country that's, quite simply, always itching for a fight. It's a bully, a barroom drunk. And this conflict shows just how low it's sunk. I can't believe that anyone with a soul can support this atrocity.

Posted by Paul January 7, 09 10:09 PM

its funny how people keep forgetting that israel was formed by a bunch of terrorists that targeted UK troops in Palestine,look it up one no i don't hate jews at all i just don't like zionism or like white power rednecks

Posted by davidk January 7, 09 10:22 PM

I believe that Israel is doing the right thing, they do what they have to do and we shouldn't police them. If i recall correctly, our policing got us into Iraq. lets mind our own business.

Posted by Phillip Shepard January 7, 09 10:28 PM

It is true that Hamas is firing rockets at Israel on a regular basis. Nobody is asking why! Are these people in love with rockets, maybe they have nothing else to do, maybe mentally ill, etc,,,. What would we do if the Canadian came and occupied the US and put all the americans into, Mississippi and Arkansas. Would they throw rock or fire baby rockets? Just think of the situation. Now imagine this situation lasting for over 50 years.
Is the behavior we're seing from the Palesitnian side "unreasonble" or should they simply swallow their pride and forget about their occupied land.

Posted by Peter January 7, 09 10:30 PM

Israel has chosen to live with the sword.

Posted by tim January 7, 09 10:33 PM

Where is this going to lead us. To the end of one chapter or a beginning of a new one.
Someone said "I want Peace",
remove the want and you will have it.

Posted by Durgesh January 7, 09 10:33 PM

You would think that with all the training and high tech weapons
Israel gets from the US, they would be able to conduct better
military strikes. Seriously Why not some send a special forces group
to kill just the people responsible, instead of hitting the hospitals, ambulances,
and kids?

Posted by Juan Antonio January 7, 09 10:39 PM

Knock on Islam all you want, but do not forget the crusades. The wests "modern" religion is no better.

Posted by C January 7, 09 10:45 PM

Go Israel! Hamas consistently and constantly violated every cease fire and every effort at peace with their incessant acts of terrorism against random Israeli citizens, Jewish, Arab and Christian.

There is no occupation. Israel hasn't occupied the Palestinian territories, Gaza and the West Bank, for 3 years. Instead of seeking peace, building businesses and making a life, Hamas and the Palestinians of Gaza have sought to kill Israelis and destroy the nation of Israel. Is Israel shelling, bombing or attacking the West Bank? No. Because they aren't rocketing Israel. This conflict is solely the falutof Hamas

Posted by M. Lee January 7, 09 10:46 PM

I love it when Mullahs and enlightened Islamic clerics hide behind their innocent civilians. The people should band together and kick out Hamas. Otherwise the innocent civilians will just be setup like straw men... ready to knock over.

This entire situation is the fault of Hamas.

If the Palestinians laid down their arms they'd have a state within months; if the Israelis did, they'd have a genocide within weeks.

Posted by Amanda January 7, 09 10:50 PM

If pictures can speak,,This is an example of being super power, first take there land, shove them up in a place called Gaza and cut there normal necessities like medicine, food and when they get frustrated and sends rockets to there own lands to push the land grabbers....just go and kill them...That way people will think they (Palestinians) are Israel!! great job ops job.
Obama ... u said I would do the anything to save my daughters from the rocket.
at least you would do some thing to save...if they are in Isreal.. but sad they wouldn't have been alive by now if you imagine them in GAZA...

Posted by bindas January 7, 09 11:01 PM

Explain why Israel and its armed forces should not fire back just because their enemies are hiding near civilians. In case you don't comprehend, this is a war. You simply *can't* allow the enemy to gain any kind of absolute defense. The minute Israel does that, Hamas realizes that using civilian shields works at getting Israel to fight with its hands tied, and it just encourages Hamas to do it more. I mean, what is Israel supposed to do? Turn the other cheek?

Posted by QZ January 7, 09 11:11 PM

Poor poor Palestinians and Gaza. They have done nothing wrong and those bad, terrible Israelis are the only one's to blame. Wake up editor and all you sheep. Israel is defending itself. Man you guys are dopes! Go ahead....spew your kool-aid garbage and live in your ignorant narrow minded worlds.

Posted by Yuko Loopis January 7, 09 11:14 PM

Not one person in this thread has asked why Egypt is not helping the people of Gaza. Egypt has it's border closed as well.

Why aren't the surrounding Arab countries helping these people? Why is it up to Israel alone to help them? Especially when they're firing rockets into Israel and are hell bent on eliminating Israel as a country.

Posted by Richard January 7, 09 11:18 PM

You forgot major point that Israel went out of Gaza strip 4 years ago. so I do not understand what occupation they are talking about? Hamas is in love with making war instead of looking after his own people!!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 11:20 PM

defending country is not a terrorist act and I believe that the holy book quran didn't promote terrorism. read and study more before u make assumption. Its really sad to see innocent people to die like they are nothing. stop the war, use the brain and settle all matters diplomatically. but wtf journalist and photographers denied entrance by israelis soldiers. hmm, theres something fishy here...

Posted by Den January 7, 09 11:22 PM

stupid religion, nothing but problems.

Posted by joe January 7, 09 11:25 PM

for all those people who condemns Israel do not worry in 10 years those radical Islamic militants will become your problem.

Posted by the prophet January 7, 09 11:28 PM

Larry: (130) because there isn't a huge deposit of oil underneath the sand.

Posted by denheels January 7, 09 11:32 PM

The Terrorist State of Israel are using Illegal Phosphorous Bombs.

Posted by Mahbashi January 7, 09 11:45 PM

Maybe Barak O will tell them to," Kling to Their guns".

Posted by BDOG January 7, 09 11:50 PM

Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit says Egypt warned Hamas this would be the case unless it stops Qassam attacks

Posted by karlb January 7, 09 11:50 PM

Islam is the problem, this was Jewish and Christian land first.

Posted by Wetfun January 7, 09 11:51 PM

Great job Israel. It's about time that you guys took revenge on the Holocaust by doing the same thing to the Gazans and then expect the whole world to watch and cheer your bravado by saying that you are just defending your territory. We just have to watch you crying your weapons out for the death of 10 of your people and then murdering 700 Gazans in return. It's awesome that you are finally realizing that the land you took from the Palestinians actually belongs to the people of Israel and it needs to ethnically cleansed to become the ultimate State of Israel.

Posted by anonimous January 7, 09 11:52 PM

Two adult men, John and Mike, hate each other.

John comes to Mike's house and he breaks in with a high assault weapon in hand, John starts shooting and hits Mike's three year old girl, but John does not stop there, he wants to find Mike and kill him. John goes and breaks into the baby's bedroom, and shoots the crib (John thinks that maybe Mike could be hiding inside the crib) but horribly the baby was there, and now is dead. He goes into the teenager's room and shoots everywhere, maybe Mike is hiding in the closet, maybe under the bed, but again, Mike is not hiding there, but the teenager was, and now is dead.

At this point, if I tell you that Mike had been throwing rocks and eggs at John's house for the past five years, do you still justify John's actions? What if I tell you that one of those rocks hit John's Mom, and she had to be hospitalized? Does that still makes it justifiable? What if I tell you that John's Uncle, Sam, gave him the weapon? Is it only John's fault or is the Uncle guilty, too?

Do you think that it is right for John to not care about who lives in the house, as long as Mike is in there, it is o.k. for everyone else in the way to get hurt, or worse, die?

Under U.S.A. law, John, his Uncle and Mike have committed a crime, the three deserve a trial and different sentences, I am sure John and his Uncle would be facing manslaughter and murder in the first degree.

Do you still think that John is right?

and if for some obscure reason, you would like to find and replace names in the story, and didn't figured out the key, Mike is Hammas, John is Israel, and his Uncle, Sam...

Posted by Solovino January 8, 09 12:00 AM

In the week that Israel has been slicing through Gaza, Islamist suicide bombers have killed almost 100 Iraqis — first, a group of tribal sheikhs in Yusufiya, who were working on reconciliation between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and, second, mostly women and children gathered at a Shiite shrine. These unprovoked mass murders have not stirred a single protest in Europe or the Middle East. (Thomas L. Friedman)

Posted by John January 8, 09 12:04 AM

to 88:

I suggest you read the holy quran. You've misquote 9:5 but did you take the time to read 9:6 the verse right after you quoted? If you would have read 9:4 right before the one youve misquoted, youd understand the context. The verse was meant for treaty breakers. Not all of humankind at anytime. Treaty breakers at war time.

YUSUFALI: If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge.

see in the next verse, not only we are to give pagans asylum, we are to escort them to a secure place so they dont get willie peted or shelled.

Dr Anis A. Shorrosh? the guy who got busted for trying to burn some apartments down? Why no look up Ahmad Deedat? Better yet, look for the debate between the two? :) its a classic.

I hope that helped a little to educate you. I suggest if you want to quote the quran. At least read it first :) the entire thing.

I pray this conflict would end peacefully for both sides. Nobody should die this way, wether you are a muslim or jew or anybody.

Posted by Jouhari Ali January 8, 09 12:17 AM

It's sad to see these photos... who would have thought sixty years ago that displacing Palestinians from their land and creating a state because "OH IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE THAT THIS IS JEWISH PROPERTY" would cause so much trouble...

Posted by A Moore January 8, 09 12:26 AM

it is sad to see a systematic genocide on the palestinians, i dont know how much longer the state palestine will last before it is totally wiped out from the face of earth. and i wont be suprise if the whole western world and US keep a blind eye on it if it's happen. but i will pray to god that palestine nation being wiped out will not happen. let's hope and pray that peace prevail. after all we are only human, don't be inhuman to human being.

Posted by jabbar January 8, 09 12:29 AM

#95. You are wrong about why the photographic coverage is lopsided. Israel has blocked the international media from entering Gaza and reporting on this invasion. The Palestinian journalists are doing an amazing job of documenting the assault -- especially considering the duress they are working under, but their 'record' will undoubtedly be labeled as propaganda by Israel -- which gives Israel more of an ability to go unchecked. For more info about media suppression in Gaza, please read these links:

The photographic coverage is lopsided because the press simply can't get past the border checkpoints -- and the images that ARE coming out are much uglier than American editors are willing to run. IF you want to know what is going on behind the smoke screen, go here:

Posted by mg January 8, 09 12:58 AM

This occupation is an embarrassment to Jews across the globe.
What is Israel's end-game anyway? What is thier final goal?
If it is to curb terrorist activity, they have indeed failed before they even started, as the 100:1 kill ratio, and 1000:1 injury ratio of civilians will likely create more enemies and rage among the Gaza civilians towards Israel, only to bolster the ranks of Hamas.
Israel can clearly have Gaza eating out of it's hands if it invested HALF the money it spent on weapons into feeding and providing a productive life for Palestinians. You can see that model has had good success with the Arab-Israelis of '48 who are in fact Israeli citizens with all the benefits thereof. The main reason why this is not in practice however is because Israel isa Zionist, and one of the main tenants of a Zionist state is that Israel is exclusive to the Jews, and to have a prosperous Arab (Christians or Muslims) would dilute that.
Unfortunately, one must come to the conclusion that this mission's goal is more genocide and shrinking the Gaza borders further, as terrorism cannot be defeated with bullets, especially in this city where a trapped 1.5 million refugees live lawlessly and are oppressed. As Sun-Zhu notes, a cornered enemy is a dangerous and desperate enemy.

Posted by Abraham January 8, 09 01:04 AM

These pictures look disturbing, but consider this:
- One side has agreed to the two-state solution. The other side is formally committed to the destruction of the opponent.
- One side is doing everything it can to avoid killing civilians, not only for moral reasons, but also because every time it happens, it's a political disaster for them. It simply not in Israel's interests to have Palestinian civilians die. The other side is purposely targeting civilians. (The only reason civilian casualties on the Israel side are so low is because Hamas doesn't have more powerful weapons. But if we all give them enough time, things will get much worse. In only 6 months of the truce, they doubled the range of their rockets.) They also use their own civilians as a human shield.

Posted by IE January 8, 09 01:11 AM


Posted by SHAWN January 8, 09 01:23 AM

are you all crazy??
Im from Israel and you dont know what's going on here!
we are a terrorist country? the world does not remmember that we didnt do anything for 8 year while the hamas sent 60-120 rockets on us everyday??
if wont do anything Israel can no longer exist, they will bomb us all!
i know that the news take pictures only the poor Gaza people (ans they are sad people that have nothing to do with the war! hamas and the citizens are two diffrenet things!!) but they dont show you our lives, the terror, the fear the feeling that nobody have no kind og security! so this time we do something, and the whole F*CKING world behind the TV and cuddle on the comftorble bed have something to say about it... how convenient...

Posted by Israeli January 8, 09 01:23 AM

The Palestinian militants are hiding and launching ordinance amongst their women and children forcing these counter strikes on to civilians. This needs to stop. I feel for the innocent people who are losing loved ones and hope someone much smarter than I can deliver a resolution that will restore peace.

Posted by Mark January 8, 09 01:23 AM

back to comment no. 95 posted by Rb, the pictures posted seem imbalanced .
I believe that just a few or none photographers dare to take photo in the Palestine area... the area look-like military weapon testing target. Even the ambulance near the UN building becomes the target...

Posted by khairulk January 8, 09 01:23 AM

@Rb, come on. You must really not know what's going on. You realize it's Israel who're restricting foreign journalist access to Gaza? If it weren't for Israel, we would have many more pictures of Palestinian militants.
Of course, you'll just keep up with your unconditional support for Israel. Because you were conditioned to be a lamb.

Comment #102 by effhamas is f*cking disgusting.

We have to be thankful for the brave photojournalists who bring these photos to us, though.

Posted by Shawn January 8, 09 01:40 AM

#2 and #9

what focal length is being used here??

Posted by Zeus January 8, 09 02:26 AM

Go Israel!

Posted by Anon January 8, 09 02:30 AM

Self defence my ass.
Killing cover 700 people in defence to less than 10 dead on your side does not constitute as self defence!

Posted by Fatima January 8, 09 02:36 AM

The Israelis will have to no one to answer to except their God.

Posted by Spud Jones January 8, 09 02:39 AM

The Gaza Strip has been turned into a "concentration camp" by two weeks of Israeli bombardments, a senior Vatican official said in an interview published Wednesday.

Cardinal Renato Martino, the Vatican’s justice and peace minister, was quoted by the online Italian daily Il Sussidiario. "Let’s look at the conditions in Gaza: these increasingly resemble a big concentration camp," said Cardinal Martino.
Bravo! Israel you have finally gone too far.The world is finally waking up to your genocide of the Palestinians.This isn`t a pointless conflict! This is about people fighting for their land and for their lives.Long live Palestine!

Posted by Nina January 8, 09 03:10 AM

“If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” — David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister)
Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in The Jewish Paradox, p121.

Posted by RedSoy January 8, 09 03:12 AM

Notice how the rocket fired by the Palestinians didnt even break through the pavement when it hit the street, then notice how israel is straight demolishing everything, with the sheer power of their American made weapons, and also take into consideration we get these pictures when israel does not even allow journalists anywhere near whats REALLY going on, and you can get a glimpse as to how ONE SIDED this really is, and how ONE SIDED this has always been.

Posted by walid January 8, 09 03:18 AM

It's very simple to end this insane way.

Just stop.

That's it. Just stop. As simple as that.

These people don't even know what they are fighting for. Either that or they are just medically insane.

Posted by Teoh Yi Chie January 8, 09 03:22 AM

As a non-American, looking at the US with a healthy fear of its Christian religiosity, I've always wondered why public opinion in the US seems so consistently pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian, considering that a sizeable minority of Palestinians are your fellow Christians. Why applaud the killing of your co-religionists?

Posted by Tim McFadden January 8, 09 03:22 AM

Israel has the upper hand now.. but it is surrounded by a people that are growing angrier and angrier as their brethren are being slaughtered. Israel has to stop this barbarity and its people must regain the humanity it lost through the second world war. If they steal the remaining Humanity of the Arabs with their BS Islamist excuses then what will happen when the other side gains the other hand??? God Save us All

Posted by PissedOffGuy January 8, 09 03:23 AM

"Our invisible man in the sky gave us the right to live here; we are his chosen people. He likes us, but he hates you." "You're wrong. This is our land and you can't make us leave. Our invisible man in the sky tells us that we must do everything in our power to klll you." War will continue as long as people continue to believe the in the myth of an Abrahamic god.

Posted by Bill Rogers January 8, 09 03:24 AM

The israeli blockade is unjust and immoral. The palestinian popular support for the extermination of israel is immoral. This never ending war between these two accursed parties is the equivalent of hell on earth. The middle east, with its poverty, lack of human rights and freedom, corrupt governments, obscenely rich dynasties, religious fanatics, orthodoxies, sworn enemies, irreconcilable differences, glut of oil and lack of water, is truly HELL on earth.

Posted by Hugh January 8, 09 03:48 AM

War is essential. It saves lives. Without it, my relatives would not be. I would not be here. Even as my relatives were rescued from the Holocaust, the bombs were like welcome footsteps, answers to prayer.

Please, people, educate yourselves. Without war, there is no salvation for those enslaved. No deliverance. No rescue. No hope. We are at the mercy of the Idi Amins, the Pol Pots, the Mugabes of the world. And Israel, Hamas. War is this world's final hope. Pray for the death of Hamas. Pray for mini-Hitler to die. Pray for war.

Posted by WJ January 8, 09 03:53 AM

Israelis are conducting a gross human rights violation on a massive scale.
The Palestinians are no better with their rocket attacks on civilian targets.

US needs to stop the BILLIONS of dollars worth of weaponry it gives EVERY YEAR to Israel. There can be no peace when so much weaponry is being fed into that area. On both sides.
The objective of this offensive for Israelis is to stop the rockets coming in from Egypt. What about the Israeli rearmament shipments?
In my opinion both of these need to be addressed.
And about nuclear weapons. Israel already has nuclear weapons. There needs to be nuclear disarmament on all sides. Not just in the middle east but globally.

Posted by Rami Lehti January 8, 09 04:01 AM

Wow, this is some superb photography that clearly and vividly puts the horrors of war into perspective. While the Internet brings news to us instantaneously, it seems as if everybody from CNN to Al Jazeera to the JPost is stuck on using postage-stamp sized images to illustrate their stories. Having a "big picture" is a refreshing and rare treat-- please never ever change!

Posted by Impressed January 8, 09 04:13 AM


Posted by SATPAL GAUTAM January 8, 09 04:22 AM

Rb, Easy Answer to why there pictures of the Israeli armed forces and not the Palestinian ones. Palestinian groups like to kidnap foreign reporters like BBC’s reporter, Alan Johnston. Both sides are to blame, both sides are being backed by stupid people with weapons, violence won't solve anything, eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind. You’ve heard it all before.
Also for reference, picture 5 looks more like mist than smoke. Smoke usually rises, mist sinks.

Posted by Stephen January 8, 09 04:47 AM

It's funny. Where was all this public outcry for the palestinian civilians when they were being butchered by Hamas in its brutal coupe of Gaza? Plenty of dead palestinian children then too. Hundreds of civilians died. Where was this outrage? I guess, everyone thinks its fine when Hamas kills palestinians, but heaven forbid Israel try to protect its citizens after over 8,000 rockets and mortars land in its civilian population centers. Weird, huh?

Posted by Skeptical of so-called "Peace activists" January 8, 09 04:48 AM

@189 Wetfun: "Islam is the problem, this was Jewish and Christian land first."

The exact real problem is thoughts like this one and narrow minded people like you with your prehistoric brain. Religions are the cancers of this planet

Posted by Simon January 8, 09 04:49 AM

Well I don't care about who started the fight, I don't care who is right or who is wrong. I also don't care who is going to win. As long if someone wins the war today, then tomorrow, the weapons will be put down again and so is the bloodshed.

Posted by ferry January 8, 09 04:57 AM

Peace is a state of mind, how can Israel bomb itself into peace?

Posted by Bostonian January 8, 09 04:58 AM

3 rockets were fired this morning from Lebanon to Israeli cities near the northern border. each of this rockets in an unguided weapon aimed at killing children, women and farmers and they were fired by a group of palestinians allies of Hizbullah and Sirya. This incident is an evidence of tipycal palestinian provocation that is due to take innocents life within Israel.
Where are all the Civil rights referres to condemn this evil aggresion? where are all the europian journalists who eagerly broadcast scenes from Gaza but easily forget what caused these scenes?

Posted by J McMall January 8, 09 05:05 AM

There are way too many of the Israeli IDF stock photos here, as they have greatly limited photojournalist access to Gaza. With 700 dead and 3000 wounded, you should show a more realistic and fair view of the devastation to the Palestinian women and children at school. Hamas is a severely wrong but the Israelis are butchering people while the world stands by.

Posted by An Unhappy American January 8, 09 05:31 AM

Jeez, Israel VOLUNTARILY pulls all its soldiers , citizens out of Gaza , locks the door and says "its yours" . and this is what happens?

Hamas shoots rockets against Israeli civilians , kidnaps Israeli soldiers and then takes cover behind its own citizens, by hiding weapons and soldiers in hospitals , schools , houses , then everybody complains that Israel is responsible for "massacres"

how can you take these people seriously?

Posted by yok January 8, 09 05:32 AM

If that is justifiable, then so is 9/11 IMO.

Posted by Rod January 8, 09 05:37 AM



Posted by SIMON January 8, 09 06:23 AM

Esses são os que se consideram "O povo escolhido por Deus" ????
Hipocresia .... os lideres judeus estão agindo como lideres nazistas ....


Qual a justificativa ?
Tenho nojo ... e novamente os EUA viram as costas ... COVARDES ...

Posted by Gilson January 8, 09 06:33 AM

I don't think anyone can disagree with my opinion.
Although i do not support neither Hamas nor Fateh, i do believe that firing rockets i completely justifiable, after all islam orders people to defend themselves from enemies who attack your family or home. But what i believe Israel want's to do is ethnic cleansing. Providing aid is just a gesture showing palestenians that "we care about you", when they actually don't. Palestenians know this and i know they know this, it's in the Qura'an. Hopefully someone will put an end to the American administration that supports such attacks then someone will end Israel and Judaism. I swear this day will come and mark my words, I just want this day to come a bit sooner. Israel can come to an end but only when the Arab leaders who cower and lower their heads when America passes by, become true men and put an end to Israel instead of helping them indirectly and just providing aid.

P.S. the someone is Allah.

Posted by True Muslim. January 8, 09 06:33 AM

@Jason - 'To put this in perspective, given that Hamas is the legitimate government of Palestine.....' You couldn't have put it any better my friend.- People seem to overlook that Hamas has won elections and the people have put them in a position to bring this on themselves.
Hamas need to be removed, Israel will do it and nobody will stop them.
And yes innocent people shouldn't be dying, unfortunately that is a product of war.

Posted by Michael January 8, 09 06:40 AM

Israeli are doing too bad ...they don't want peace in the world..

Posted by arslion January 8, 09 06:43 AM

One of the mightiest armies in the middle east manages to crush a poor, downtrodden, hopeless band of Palestinians firing rockets that can't even create a crater when they hit a road.

How very brave, Israel, how very brave. It's like watching a grown man beat up a four year old boy. Israelis must be proud today.

No wonder Iran wants the bomb - Israel is just asking to get a bloody nose.

Posted by disgusted January 8, 09 06:46 AM

israel is the aggressor, no matter how many toy rockets hamas has fired. they've killed like 10 people in the past 3 years and those were probably idiots with uzis in caravans, seeing how close to the palestine border they could get .

israel's reaction is *slightly* out of proportion. someone call hezbollah, please.

Posted by dude January 8, 09 06:46 AM

This is like putting people to box and sending grenade in it.

Israel may win this war but they have lost their respect other nations eyes. Bunch of savages...

Posted by jp January 8, 09 06:49 AM

Almost all the Pic are impressive. This is also the future if the Islamic militant stay in power. Hamas bings only suffering to the region.

Posted by David r January 8, 09 06:53 AM

This conflict has been around for thousands of years. Arabs lost the land to Israelis some time ago and Arabs can not accept that. They try to get it back in their primitive ways. Arabs please listen; you can not win a war with stones and sticks in this century, you have no chance against Israelis. Israelis have great firepower which you have no chance against. If you wanna win this war or any other war against Israel or any other nation, first try to civilize and educate your people and stop fighting among yourself. Build a respectable and educated nation, build a strong army and build some integrity for God's sake, then you may start thinking about fighting the Israelis. Arab nations (Egypt -ok maybe not Arab but the same for me-, Jordan, Iraq etc) fought wars with Israelis in the last 60 years and they all lost terribly. Why can't they get some lessons form history?
Because they are uneducated bunch of people. And they follow whoever is in charge nomatter what they are doing. Start using your brains! The people who are in charge don't care about your life or your child's life, the only thing they care is their political career (if you can talk about it in this part of the world) or whatever they expect to win (land, money who knows?) They see people as disposible items in a game they play. They have no respect for human life, if they did, they wouldn't start a war with Israel where their children, women is dying. I'm not saying Israelis are right to kill children or civil people but Arabs should have known better what Israelis are capable of. When in a war Israelis aim to win nomatter what it costs.

Posted by Alp January 8, 09 07:01 AM

To anybody who says that "this has been going on for thousands of years," as a few of you have...YOU ARE WRONG.
Arabs have lived in Palestine for more than a thousand years before Israel was created. According to the British census in 1922, there were about as many Christians living in Palestine as there were Jews...and then the rest was about 80% Muslim. Most of the Christians were ethnic Arabs also. So a 90% Arab nation. Palestine. (99% Semitic--Hebrews and Arabs are BOTH Semites) Then EUROPEANS began moving to Palestine **with the intent to take it over.** They were called Zionists. Long story short, they took over a nation (with big help from a UN mandate.


Posted by 20/20 January 8, 09 07:02 AM

#11, #29 - these are not BOMBS nor shells, these are Israeli smoke curtains to cover against Hamas militants' eyes some Israel's military operations by smoke clouds.
DO your research before posting description. thank you

Posted by vincent January 8, 09 07:06 AM

When Yasser Arrafat, chief of the Fatah was stil alive, Israel was always saying that Fatah was a terrorist group and that it is impossible to negociate with them. (despite the fact that Fatah was a moderate organisation compare to the Hamas), at this time, Israel favoured Hamas against Fatah. And finally they succeed ...Now, Hamas is leading the palestinians and Israel says Hamas is a terrorist organisation and it is impossible to deal with them ... Hum, hum ... By killing with massive weapons innocents palestinians civilians, Israel is defecating on the memory of the Shoah. Few palestinians rockets will never threats the existence of Israel, but the very powerful army of Israel is seriously threatning palestinians life.

Posted by Kassad January 8, 09 07:07 AM

#11 & #29 are not usual shell but white phosphorus. shame on us and israel

Posted by titus January 8, 09 07:12 AM

Akshay: "If someone keeps throwing garbage in your house for years and years and don't want to listen to you saying my religion tells me to throw garbage in your house, what will you do? Try to negotiate with them?"

I'd probably cover his neighborhood with a 10-foot thick layer of garbage, so I am sure he will stop. His neighbors and family is just collateral damage of course.

Posted by ABC January 8, 09 07:16 AM

@189 Wetfun

"Islam is the problem, this was Jewish and Christian land first. "

So I guess you would condone Native Americans (American Indians) killing Americans as well? After all, most of the current USA was their 'land' first.

Posted by Elwen January 8, 09 07:16 AM

This is not a war about religion. It is a war about land, religious land but land nonetheless. And the roots of this war go way back before the missiles Hamas fired. They should be traced in the origins of the Israeli state (and the manner in which the State of Israel was created) and the ensuing policy of building an "iron wall" of security around Israeli settlements and of expanding Israeli land. This is not an justification for Hamas or Hezbollah action. But it is an explanation. History may repeat itself but conflicts do have a starting point. And the starting point for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is 1948.
Do some history reading.

Posted by anonymous January 8, 09 07:26 AM

I don't get you people. It's a war like there have been always wars around the world. Innocent people die, that's the other side of it. But it has always been like this and that will never change. However, you should ask yourself the question if you think it's normal that Palestine extremists HIDE themselves in places that are crowded, full of kids? It's exactly what they expected to happen. They hide behind their children, hoping that Israel will bomb the place so they can tell the world "look what they did!" while in fact they're causing it.

As someone posted above, if Belgium started sending rockets to France, Holland, Germany, etc. do you think those countries whould just sit there and do nothing?! How naïve can you be?!

Posted by Tom January 8, 09 07:28 AM

If this isn't the definition of state terrorism, what is?

Posted by Hombrey January 8, 09 07:31 AM


If he really want to rebuild America as a world leader, he must stop this war!
I really wanna ask him why he hold his tongue.

Posted by Jin January 8, 09 07:31 AM

@ 20/20 comment number 237:
"Arabs have lived in Palestine for more than a thousand years before Israel was created. "

-Jews have also lived there well for more than two thousands years since now and before Jesus was born (of course, you certainly know when he was born). Of course, you should know it if you try to impose on us your very vast historical knowledge backed by some statistical data.

@Kassad number 239:
"Few palestinians rockets will never threats the existence of Israel,"

-actually about 20 rockets daily during 8 years

thank you guys for very insightful comments

Posted by vincent January 8, 09 07:37 AM

Go Israel!

You totally deserve the country you have and should feel no regrets about slaughtering innocent people.

Infact to make things easier why don't you build these large "shower rooms" and herd all the Palestinians into them. Then trick them by pumping in gas instead of water.

Posted by R January 8, 09 07:45 AM

239, typical Arab liar i'd say? Israel always prefered Fatah over Hamas
Clinton said that as he was preparing to leave the White House, Arafat thanked him for his work and called him a great man.
--"I am not a great man. I am a failure, and you have made me one,'" Clinton said
He said then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was ready to make major concessions for peace in 2000 but Arafat was not able to "make the final jump from revolutionary to statesman ... he just couldn't bring himself to say yes".
Clinton said the the Palestinian leader's refusal to accept formulas for peace was an error of "historic proportions".

Posted by Arab propaganda is in control. January 8, 09 07:53 AM

I disapprove suicide bombers killing civilians, but I also support Palestinians. They have right to resist Israel forces with arms. They have right to estabilsh economicaly sustainable Palestinian state . It's wrong to label every Palestinian military action as islamic terrorism. Check wikipedia, Palestinians aren't 100% muslims.
In fact, I consider Israelis as more religous fundamentalists than Palestinians.
It's they who came to Palestine to make a state that is inspired only by religion. So, you have people who don't have anywhre to go who fight people who left their century old homes to make state as predicted by holy books.

Posted by Goran January 8, 09 07:58 AM

PLEASE. Don't forget that israel kept their wepons down for a long time whule HAMAS fired every day over 10 missiles to civil areas in southern israel.
now when the so-called-"cease fire" is over its party time for ISRAEL.
no army in the world can match the IDF.
hamas should stop the fire first , then give back GILAD SHALIT, and sign a peace aggreement, or....... just stop being......

Posted by DAVID January 8, 09 08:01 AM

Israel is terorist. SAD is suport. SAD+Israel= bigest terorist. If You dont belave my. Look above.

Posted by Amcan Dedicam January 8, 09 08:07 AM

Of all the arms technology that the US (and the UK and France) have sold and given to Israel you'd think they could have given modern bombsights and targetting equipment.
If the Israelis had carried out a surgical attack like that on Iraq we wouldn't be seeing and hearing of these atrocities. Instead they are blowing up medical personnel and families. Sure Hamas are in the wrong, but this Israeli attack is the best recruitment advertisement Hamas, the PLO, Al Fatah and Al Qaeda cuold have dreamed of. Another 9/11? Bank on it.

Posted by Davo January 8, 09 08:15 AM

Did I count wrong? One. Just one photo of the "fierce hamas rocket attacks"? Wake up America, our support for Israel must end. I'm not saying the Palestinians are blameless, I'm saying if we call them terrorists, we better include the Israelis in that group. I thought this country would never stand behind terrorist regimes? I recognize that most Americans don't really care about whats going on over there. Hell, they probably can't even find Gaza on a map but we need to start caring before our problems come home to roost. Again.

Call/write your congress-person and put an end to America's support of Israel.

Posted by Lucas January 8, 09 08:18 AM

See that pathetic little home-made rocket that couldn't even make a hole in the road? That's what Israel's excuse is. A pathetic weapon from a desperate, disempowered people. And Israel knocks down half their city.

What a disgraceful country of heartless, bloodthirsty monsters.

And you Americans, remember this: everyone knows where Israel gets its weapons. Everyone knows Israel can only get away with this because Uncle Sam has their back. How many desperate suicide bombers, with nothing left to lose, has this little adventure created? How many US Soldiers will die in Iraq as indirect revenge for Israel's sick little escapade here?

Life's cheap if you were unlucky enough to be born in the "wrong" country, that's for sure.

Posted by hk January 8, 09 08:27 AM

@ #95: Try reading the words and not just looking at the pictures. The reason the photojournalists are only on the Israeli side is because Israel won't let them go into Gaza....
They wouldn't want their 'precision bombing' campaign to take out a journalist now would they?

Posted by RB January 8, 09 08:33 AM

The land Israel "occupies" now was given to them in 1946. never before has that land belonged to the israelites. I see some "learn your history" comments here above. Those are the people who need to learn history.

Posted by Fridrik, Iceland January 8, 09 08:35 AM

truly stunning photography!!

& it saddens me to think we are all animals, horrible animals..

Posted by giveaphuk January 8, 09 08:37 AM

I can see why israel fights, I cannot see why they deny humanitarian aid for civilians. They do not let journalists in, they bomb schools ank kill childrend, the situation they build up is similar to the jewish gettos in nazi germany, shame on you mister Barak!

Posted by zig January 8, 09 08:48 AM

Good job Israel... but don't harm innocents.

Posted by getmaxmode January 8, 09 08:54 AM

I am thankful that picture #30 was put here. It shows that the suffering is on both sides. If this war was unprovoked by Hamas, then #30 would not be there. As it is, Hamas is getting what it deserves. Go Israel and go USA for supporting Israel. The day we stop supporting Israel is the day God turns his back on us.

Posted by Israel-US allied forever January 8, 09 09:04 AM

I have to say, I find it rather amusing to read all sorts of comments here, all of them stating that their words hold the absolute truth; be it US American, Israeli, Muslim, etc.. It is actually funny to see how many US Americans here support Israel even though they are not even told by many US American news channels about the number of deaths in Gaza.

Anybody who reads the news regularly will know that there are over 60 UN resolutions stating that Israel should tear down the wall on the border of Gaza, that the border crossings should be opened and the occupation of the strip ended. It is quite right to say that Israel has learned from the Nazis and how they managed the Warsaw Ghetto; they're using very similar tactics in Gaza right now and have so for the past years.

On the other hand it is obvious that there have been rockets fired from Gaza into Israel, killing maximum 20 people in the last eight years (@vincent, 246). Of course it is unbearable to live with something like this but I do not believe that this justifies Israel's current actions, especially bombing on UN schools knowing that these schools did not shelter any terrorists.

As a German I find it to be the biggest disgrace for Israel to resort to the kind of violence that many Jewish people had to endure in WW2. One would think that especially Israel would be an advocate for peace and diplomacy and not resort to shooting first aid staff, children and other civilians; basically committing war crimes according to the Geneva Convention (which Israel signed). One just has to listen to Mr. Tutu saying that the Gaza Strip has been converted into a giant Concentration Camp.

Once again, I think that Israel has done something very, very stupid in creating this deadlock where Hamas says that it won't stop with the rocket attacks until Israel opens all boarders and stops the attacks and Israel says it won't do this until Hamas stops the rockets. It's hard to put the blame on one party but I believe that, while both sides have done things wrong, the recent actions from Israel are over the top and will not bring the desired result. Only despair and hate in a new generation. I think if asked what the most important thing for Israel and Hamas is, none of them would answer that it is their children.

Posted by Richard January 8, 09 09:25 AM

Israel should bomb them back into the Stone Age.

Oh wait - they are living in the Stone Age.

Never mind.

Posted by Rob January 8, 09 09:29 AM

It really makes me sick, that some of you people can watch these pictures and condone this behaviour. Who gives a sh*t about your eye-for-an-eye bullshit? Children are dying !

Posted by Mads Kjeldgaard January 8, 09 09:52 AM


Just wait & watch.

Posted by Ronak R. January 8, 09 10:03 AM

To posting #148. History shows the french usually do!!!

Posted by Bob Green January 8, 09 10:20 AM

It's too bad your reporting is not so balanced as to portray the destruction and mayhem that the terrorist Hamas rockets inflict on innocent Israeli citizens. This palestinian 'culture' is tribal, warlord driven, and stone age. The only logic this type of non-civilization understands is 'an eye for an eye'. The Israelis are fighting for their very existence, no more nor less than the palestinians are. At the outset, in 1948 - when the State of Israel was first established - the palestinian people were offered several options: 1) to becomean integral part of the new State of Israel, 2) to have their own separate state established, or 3) to become part of the newly created state of Jordan. They rejected all three in the hopes that they would ultimately prevail in destroying the State of Israel and be able to pick up the status quo before the UN resolution which established the State of Israel and a viable political entity.

So there.

Posted by Hasifleur Wagibigit January 8, 09 10:22 AM

@vincent #246

... and Jesus was made fun by his people, people of Israel, all the way until he was murdered by his people, people of Israel.

And as we all know, history repeats itself. Remember Herod The Great, Matthew 2:16-18, He dictated a massive infanticide, Massacre of the Innocents. Here is to Israel leaders... keep on killing the innocent... just like you've always done.

To all people that think innocent civilans are just casualties of war, then every war, terrorist or not can justify all those lost innocent lives. You're then justifying anything from the Cruzades, to WWI, WWII, 9/11 and now this.

To me, NO WAR Justifies Death. Let's see those leaders be the ones actually putting their fists to each other, not their people.

Whoever said that U.S., Israel, or any other nation that goes into war, are a 'civilized' society, they're sadly mistaken.

Definition of CIVIL: courteous and polite

Posted by Solovino January 8, 09 10:30 AM

God Bless all of Israel in all they do

Posted by tom January 8, 09 10:46 AM

Reaction on #156: "Fact: There was already a cease-fire in place when Hamas decided to launch missles into Israel. If Hamas had not started lobbing missles into Israel, then none of this would have happened. Hamas does not honor a cease-fire. Calling for a cease fire is a waste of effort."

On 5 november, the cease-fire was first violated by Israël, by performing a raid into Gaza, killing six Palestinians. Only after that, Palestinians started firing back. . How strange that everyone seems to have forgotten about it, holding on to the myth that the Palestinians always break cease-fires. And one more thing, for me blocking a territory from food, medicines and aid for months, so that the people there suffer a lack of everything, to me is real terror. You can wait for people to get mad and stupid and start shooting then, which of course is exactly what you want, when elections are coming up. :-S

By the way, comparing picture 7 and picture 12 from this photo series to me says it all.

Posted by Wortels January 8, 09 10:50 AM

US vs Iraq, Afghanistan
US lost 3 000 civilians
Iraq lost 1 000 000 civilians

Israel vs Gaza
Israel lost less then 27 civilians by missle attacks
Gaza so far hundreds of civilians.

These 3,000 americans and 27 israelis is tragedy. The others are statistics I guess...

Posted by Radek January 8, 09 11:13 AM

malakes me ton polemo sas pia...gamidia!!!na sas mpoun ta pistolia sta kolotripidia sas..tosa paidakia skotonete kai tosos kosmos...makari na pathete oloi sas karkino sta matia mipos kai stravothite kai doume emeis aspri mera...

Posted by stavros January 8, 09 11:14 AM

I think the term "Rockets" describing that firework toy Hamas uses is clearly exaggerated. Israel is as always overreacting to dwindle some of its stock piles of weapons before they expire. If Israel wants to live in peace all they need to do abide by the UN resolution that asks Israel to give those people their land back.

The cease fire predating this war between Hamas and Israel included terms to open border crossings to allow the Palestinians the basic necessities of life, and Israel broke those terms and was starving the Palestinians and that's why Hamas responded by firing those toys.

Posted by Al January 8, 09 11:16 AM

The people denouncing Israel here seem to forget an important fact -- the militants from Gaza are essentially the same people who blew up the Twin Towers and the London tube. The Western world is at war with Islamic extremism, not only in Israel, but everywhere. Each and every person needs to think really hard which side they're on. Are you with Al Quaeda, Ahmadinejad and their proteges here Hamas and Hezbollah, or are you with the free democratic world, which they're trying to destroy? Israel is at the forefront of this war, and takes the blunt of it. You should be thankful you're only hearing from those guys every couple of years. Israel has to deal with them each and every day.

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 09 11:17 AM

Go Israel. Maybe people will think before continually and indiscriminately lobbing rockets into Israel after this.

Posted by Marshall January 8, 09 11:23 AM

"Imagine Belgium started lobbing 100 rockets a day into France. What would you expect the French to do?"

Ask yourself why Belgium doesn't lob 100 (or any) rockets a day into France. Because France doesn't occupy Belgium.

Posted by palestinelibre January 8, 09 11:24 AM

This war is a war of the G'D OF AVRAHAM, ISAAC AND JAACOV against the deity of ismael, TORAH against koran, LIGHT against dark, LOVE against hate. The whole land Israel belongs to the Jews, the People of G'd. Israel won the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967 en 1973. Or better: with help of the Almighty, the G'D of Israel...

For all antisemits and criticasters of Israel: you better watch out, you better change your mind and words. As it is said in the Torah: if you are with Israel, G'd is with you and will bless you. If you are NOT with Israel, well, I rather don't want to finish the sentence...

I daily, from hour to hour, intensily hope and pray daily this war will end soon and all Israeli soldiers will come home save. There are still non-jews who comfort, love and support and Israel and the Jewish people...

With love, Christian

Posted by Christian January 8, 09 11:36 AM

20 rockets daily will never match israelian tanks and heavy armoury, that's very simple to figure out.

and someone trying to blame islam there, i can see that. no one blame the christians when the russian kills the chechen. how shallow can you be?

Posted by ray January 8, 09 11:42 AM

Israel broke the truce on Nov 5th. I have heard that Gaza has gas off shore so maybe that is the reason for the attack. As for the West Bank, they are under the thumb of Israel with a 60% unemployment. What do you expect them to do?

Posted by cruzadaUSA January 8, 09 11:45 AM

@Tim re: 210. I'm American and I also fear our nation's Christian ideals. For this reason, Sarah Palin scared the living hell out of me. But I don't think that public opinion is necessarily slanted towards Israel over Palestine. Your average American doesn't really understand the difference. I think most probably see them as being half a world away, and their views are based on ancient biblical history, if that. Our government, on the other hand, has the prejudice, for good or bad, towards Israel.

Posted by Justin January 8, 09 11:47 AM

What if there is more behind this war? Why would they start a war they cannot win?
Maybe there are traitors or covert ops that provoked this disaster. Think about it.

Posted by Rick Williams January 8, 09 11:48 AM

"Imagine Belgium started lobbing 100 rockets a day into France. What would you expect the French to do?


-I would expect the French to blow up the Schools, Hospitals and Churches, any place where these Belgium Cockroaches live.

Posted by Hairy January 8, 09 11:49 AM

to 152: of course 'these people' as you call them are human! you think they don't suffer? you think that because they are men they cannot cry?

to Farah 157: without the support of the US, Israel is done, wiped out the map!

what we need to do is prevent and find a solution for this and it is not by blaming each other. I am neither a Jew or Muslim, but after all we are all equal and if you don't think so, perhaps you need more education. Ignorance is not accepted.

Posted by vk January 8, 09 11:57 AM

It is truly shameful that the Jewish people are taking out their Holocaust frustaion and anger on the Palestinians. You would think they would have learned about humanity.

Posted by willie b January 8, 09 11:58 AM

to 152: of course 'these people' as you call them are human! you think they don't suffer? you think that because they are men they cannot cry?

to Farah 157: without the support of the US, Israel is done, wiped out the map!

what we need to do is prevent and find a solution for this and it is not by blaming each other. I am neither a Jew or Muslim, but after all we are all equal and if you don't think so, perhaps you need more education. Ignorance is not accepted.

Posted by vk January 8, 09 12:01 PM

You are very brave to keep the comments open on a thread like this. Some really amazing pictures.

#7 and #12 give an interesting contrast in the effectiveness of both sides' munitions.

I hope somewhere the war profiteers in the military-industrial "defense" sector are safe, happy, and raking in the dough. They are the only one's who's lives will be improved by this war.

Posted by John Irvine January 8, 09 12:11 PM

Israel has become the same as Germany from 41-45

Posted by Free Palestine January 8, 09 12:12 PM

We never seem to learn from all our repetitive history. This has to be one of the most belligerent, inhuman blitzkriegs since WW II and the zionist propaganda makes Goebbels look like an amateur!

We better start thinking instead of spending our way out of our collective mess people, or the next replays of history will be worthy of all those insane, Armageddon, hair shirt, chosen few "prophecies" spread by all the fanatic, fatalistic religious lunatics which have perverted the human psyche for the last 3,000 years!

There are NO gods or devils! It's time to accept the responsibility for the consequences of our thoughts and actions and deal with the real world social-economic and environmental issues we ALL face in THIS century!

Posted by theatis January 8, 09 12:14 PM

why no one said nothing when the arab were attaking israel for so long, but the minute israel defance her people the whole world wakes up, where were you before it got so bad? where were you when israel was attacked for so many years by the arab?

Posted by merci p. January 8, 09 12:21 PM

Some guy wrote about Belgium and France !!
How dumb are you ????
What if France had been bombing Belgium for the past 8 YEARS !!!!!!
At one point or another, Belgium is going to say " enough is enough" .
Wise up , you IDIOT !!! Stop reading LEFTIST PROPEGANDA .

Posted by Ron J. January 8, 09 12:22 PM

So that's were taxpayer's money goes :)

Posted by Masood January 8, 09 12:29 PM

wow.....these Israeli's are really inhumane. so they steal the land and mass murder the people...even killing entire families?
No. this isnt right.
I dont understand how Israel ,of all countries who suffered during ww2 could do this. it doesnt add up?
i can no longer support a country like Israel that has shown absolute disregard for human life on such a large scale.
I am appalled and will be expressing my feelings to my representative in DC.
Thank you

Posted by Ahmad January 8, 09 12:29 PM

When Hamas decided to wage war against Israel, why are they crying when Israel struck back? Hamas used their children and women as victims to "prove" Israel is the bad guy. They did not choose to consider the consequences of their aggressive action, only that they prove what we all know. They still want war with Israel any way they can conduct it.. Now........they've got it and it ain't pretty.

Posted by jwWallace January 8, 09 12:37 PM

:) For all who say "what would US do if say cuba was firing those rockets into US"... well.. it depends ... If US was making lives hell, killing cuban children/siblings/parents, strip all citizens of any dignity and freedom and made them live like slaves... THEN wouldn't it be all right for the cuba to lob those rockets into US...

I guess its all about perspective. Jews have forgotten lessons of the holocaust and instead of emerging as a humble race they themselves become the opressors. You know why... cuz they have the Gun.

Posted by Singh January 8, 09 12:41 PM

When the public finally learns the real truth of Israel's on-going crimes against humanity and how the western media has been captured, cowed and manipulated by Israeli apologists there will be a MASSIVE UGLY BACKLASH. The pendulum has swung too far one way, it will swing just as far the other way.

Posted by BobS January 8, 09 12:42 PM

People who are mixing up Israeli bombings, Hamas' attacks and the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians, do you truly believe this waste of human life is justifiable? That the death of children is a valid response to criminal attacks by radicals fighting for power? Do you have blood running in your veins? Are you able to feel any compassion for human suffering? Can't you see the cruelty of what you're arguing? FIGHTING HAMAS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KILLING CIVILIANS! That someone arrests, judges and punishes Hamas' militants, but let innocents live.

Posted by Martim S Silveira January 8, 09 12:44 PM

191- that's funny, you are equating war, with U.S. law. Equate this with the human being animal, "There is no law". Stop thinking Star Trek mentally, that is fantasy. Humans are coded to consume in any way possible, don't put anyone or group, in high morals. humans will be in war forever, there will only be pauses between them.

Posted by mltma January 8, 09 12:46 PM

Shame on the Israeli terrorists.

Posted by Anon January 8, 09 12:53 PM

israel bastards

Posted by hitler January 8, 09 01:07 PM

who put gaza under seige for no reason? who break the ceasefire first? who boycott the hamas government after winning election democratically? who allowed jews from europe to come to palestine in the first place?

Posted by palestinian brother January 8, 09 01:07 PM

There would be no civilian deaths if Hamas had a backbone and had military bases instead of hiding amongst the civilians. Personally, I don't think Isreal is doing enough bombing. Islamist extremists are just like the Kamikazes of WWII. The message we sent to them with a nuclear attack was "If you continue what you are doing, ever last one of you will die." After going through that, Japan has become one of the world's most successful countries.

Posted by David January 8, 09 01:23 PM

The State of Israel are using depleted uranium ammunitions or DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) who cause cancer for the survivors of the attacks. The civilians will be killed anyways...

Posted by Etienne January 8, 09 01:35 PM

Oh please some of these comments are making me feel sick. Truly sick. Israel claims they are attacking Gaza for 'Self defense' ... they are killing innocent civillians... innocent men, women and children! They claimed to have known that Hamas fighters were in the UN school in which Palestinian refugees were located ... if the israeli bastards knew that Hamas fighters were in there then how could they not know that innocent civillians were in there??

I find it funny how the tables have turned and that the once victims of a mass genocide (the holocaust) have become the tormentors and monsters.

My heart goes out to all of those Palestinians and may God be with them aswell. I hope the evil and corrupt state of Israel suffers the way in which it deserves

Posted by Ayesha January 8, 09 01:40 PM

Re: #243

Thank you Tom for your comment............ you're exactly correct!!!

mike m.

I don't get you people. It's a war like there have been always wars around the world. Innocent people die, that's the other side of it. But it has always been like this and that will never change. However, you should ask yourself the question if you think it's normal that Palestine extremists HIDE themselves in places that are crowded, full of kids? It's exactly what they expected to happen. They hide behind their children, hoping that Israel will bomb the place so they can tell the world "look what they did!" while in fact they're causing it.

As someone posted above, if Belgium started sending rockets to France, Holland, Germany, etc. do you think those countries whould just sit there and do nothing?! How naïve can you be?!

Posted by M.Muller January 8, 09 01:44 PM

Welcome to the future ...brought to you by ....Religion Inc....we're bringing back the Crusades! Here at Religion Inc we feel that the second coming will never happen unless we make it happen by destroying the world to prove our religion is the only true religion...join us! Its what God/Allah wants..

Posted by steve January 8, 09 01:50 PM

"157.billions of dollars are going to Israel to kill theses people who dont have anything food because of srael, no water because of Israel, no homes, no nothing....
this is where our taxes go! and Americans wonder why so many Arab nations hate Americans... because without the support of the US Israel would not have the weapons they do.

Posted by farah January 7, 09 09:24 PM"

This is rediculous... Israel didnt deny these people food, water, or homes. I am guessing you believe that Israel denied Hamas and palistine water, this but gave them the rockets that Hamas has been fireing at them. Hamas and palistine need to learn - hit someone bigger than you long enough they are eventually going to hit back. Israel should kill everyone of them that is willing to fight, they gave them the chance at peace, and it is annoying that so many people act like israel is wrong. As for why Arab nations hate Americans, who cares? if they can't live in peace fine, dont do business with us, limit trade whatever, but when they kill and decapitate our people. They are wrong, not us!

Posted by Stefan January 8, 09 01:51 PM




Posted by DIMITRIS January 8, 09 01:58 PM

Most of the comments I've read here prove that most of the world gets suckered by the liberal media. The media does NOT portray the truth, just an agenda. The Palestinians are being destroyed by Hamas, not Israel.
I read the rhetoric of the United Nations. What a joke! The UN should be dissolved. Sanctions are a joke and never upheld. Look at Iraq as ONE example. The UN was in bed with Saddam for years and finally the USA squashed it. The blind continue to speak of "lies" that the USA used to invade yet top General's have testified that Saddam moved WMD into Syria.

Posted by Ivan January 8, 09 01:58 PM

If only religion didn't exist... It only contributes to hinder the potential of mankind.

Posted by Pat January 8, 09 02:03 PM

People say that one side or other is justified in their actions. However this war cannot go on for ever. It doesn't take alot to start a fight the problem is ending it. Israel may well feel they have the right to take control of Gaza from hamas to ensure the safety of their people who live near the border. Likewise, Hamas may feel they are justified in shooting rockets into Irsael to try and keep back the ever looming presence of the israeli government and military machine. When approached with pure logic both of these seem justifiable.

However, there are greater things at stake here than merely territory. This is a conflict of beliefs a conflict of races. Neither seems to want to give way so what is to be done?
Israel try to demonise Hamas for 'hiding among crowds of Palestinian people' yet think about it. Perhaps those people are hiding with hamas? Imagine if you will, whatever country neighbours yours, be it france, Or Britain or the USA wherever. If they suddenly invaded your lands with all their military might where woiuld you go? Would you stay in your house waiting to be shelled to death? NO. If you knew somewhere where there were people who were well armed and claimed to be able to protect you that is exactly where you would hole up to try and ride out the storm. is it not?

Israel then say that they have entered Gaza to eliminate hamas leaders and break the organisation... however if you look at any country where the dominant force have used military means to eliminate a paramilitary threat sucess has been unachievable. Look for example at northern ireland at the height of the troubles. When the british army began attmepts to break the IRA through internement, random searches and arrests all carried out by teh British army and police, IRA membership soared with hundreds of young men signing up. Howevr when the British government began dialogue with the IRA and the other militant groups peace was eventually established. (question is why aren't tthe same actions being taken in Gasa?) well one argument is that unlike Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine are a long way away. It's much easier to dismiss something when it's not on your doorstep.
Coming back to the point on the idea of israel trying to wipe out hamas, It is not hard to argue that the same is happening in Gaza. For every young man killed for firing a rocket or shooting a bullet there is another waiting to take up arms because he's seen his family killed or friends blown up. that is not to say that ever man in Gaza is a terrorist, rather they are at the end of their tethers and fighting is the only resort.

How will this situation end. International power and pressure needs to be broght to bear on both parties to end the conflict. more than just words. it's easy for a politician to say in a statement 'this is bad stop fighting' it's a different thing for that same politician to take positive action to stop the two warring nations. Otherwise this will continue and innocent Palestinians and Irsaelis will continue to be murdered at the hands of political radicals on both sides of the 'peace wall'.

Posted by nj January 8, 09 02:11 PM

Dear people with brain, please think. If someone scratch u on the head, u should only scratch him on the head back, to be fair. But if u put together impatience, selfishness, and anger, the person could die. Is that what u call it fair? Only God knows whose fault it is. Maybe today, it's the Palestinians. Don't u think tomorrow or years later USA won't be treated the same as them? Do u think they love the other races and other religions so much they would never kill u people? They are who they're supposed to be.Sometimes, the one nearest to you could be your worst enemy. Just wait. The time will come. The truth will be revealed. Everyone in this world will be asked for their responsibility towards each other and the environment. Human are not made to attack each other, we should advice and help each other.Use ur mind.

Posted by earth January 8, 09 02:11 PM

About time a real nation showed the rest of the world how to deal with terrorists.
The only nation in the world who have the guts to actually get stuck in and take the fight to the terrorists back yard.

No one complains that Hamas have been attacking Israel with rockets, but when the Government defends it's people, everyone in a fluffy jumper who hugs trees comes out with the usual rhetoric.
Go Israel

Posted by NI Veteran January 8, 09 02:34 PM

Paul is Stupid,
The reason it is so militant is because they are always being attacked. The weapons are being smuggles in from tunnels connected to GAZA. Israel stood around for 8 years just fighting domestically. Now they stand up for themselves and try to stop the terrorist organizations from the inside. Its what needs to be done, they are fighting a war on terrorism, just like the US is. Its a shame that civilians keep getting in the middle of this, but Israelis Civilians have been attacked so many times before the war, and Hamas fires their missiles form schools and other civilian populated areas. THey put their people at risks.

Posted by Adam January 8, 09 02:35 PM
Posted by Joe Stern January 8, 09 02:35 PM

Instead of spending a crazy amount of money into this bloody war

Israel should build itself a simple but effective anti rocket shield.
Those rockets are homemade , it shouldn't be hard to bring them down one by one

All you will get with this war are more rockets , not now but within 2 years or so.

Posted by Martijn January 8, 09 02:40 PM

To poster 191.....if your analogy were correct it would be awful...but unfortunately you don't really make an accurate analogy. Let's look at it this way shall we?

You have two neighboring houses on the block...both houses are a bit run down, but owned by...let's call him Joe. House #1 is being rented by the "P" family. Joe decides he is going to sell House #1 to the "I" family and so the "P" family must move out. However, Joe says that they can buy House #2 if they like and it's right next door. The "P" family moves into House #2, but doesn't do anything to improve the house. For many years the "I" family remodels, and builds, and turns the run down house into a very desirable piece of property. The P’s never even called and turned on their own account for water and power, but fortunately the I’s next door provide it for them. Also, the I’s employed the P’s for many years until the P’s started shooting their guns at the I’s house. Fortunately, their aim was not very good, but they still tried to shoot the I’s. At this point the I’s decided that they would no longer provide work for the P’s since they were shooting indiscriminately at them. This angered the P’s so they continued to shoot at the I’s for not giving them a job. Still, their aim was bad, but now the I’s threatened to shut off the water and power if they don’t stop shooting. How could the I’s stop providing water and power the P’s asked?? This angered them even more so they continued to shoot at the I’s. Now the I’s said that if the P’s don’t stop shooting at their house and family, they would return fire…and the I’s had much more accurate guns. The P’s kept shooting though and finally the I’s said, that is it…now we are going to return fire and we have much better guns, so you had better leave your house. Even after this warning, the P’s kept shooting at the I’s house and family, so finally the I’s returned fire, and the P’s house was badly damaged and because the father of the P’s did not listen to the warning and leave, his children were caught in the crossfire and died.

I’m sure you can figure out which party is which letter in this scenario.

Posted by Dan January 8, 09 02:42 PM

Honestly I am not shocked at how stupid some of the posts are on here. Israel has been defiant of UN resolutions. Every settlement in what was Palestine is an illegal settlement. The media in the US is pro Israel, as is our government. Because the Jewish lobby is strong that is a fact. The government here would send weapons and money to Syria if the Syrians had enough money flowing through politician's wallets. USA is guilty of genocide. Israel is guilty of genocide. The sad part is that in one breath Jews throw the holocaust in your face and in the other they say "kill em all" to the Palestinians. And finally I have to mention that Jews in Isreal do not want this war, it is the orthodox jews that want it. Yet they do not send their sons to war because it is against their religion. They send the sons of those who do not have the same beliefs. I wish Palestinians would give up because there is no hope for them to win. But I know that if that was my home that was taken from me, if that was my sister who was shot. At that point I would lob whatever I had over the border, I would sacrifice myself with the hope of hitting some soldier who does not see the blood they shed, the guy who looks at his watch while standing by shells of destruction. It is wrong, but I know that is how I would feel. I wish there was an answer. A peaceful resolution. But this fight will outlast all of us.

Posted by Francesco January 8, 09 03:38 PM

I'm very saddened to see a strong "us vs. them" mentality in many of these comments. It's always a matter of Israelis vs. Arabs, or Jews vs. Muslims (when it is in fact, not a religious confrontation but a political one - Jews and Muslims have coexisted in Palestine for thousands of years, and Jews preferred Muslim rule to Christian rule throughout most of history because they were usually better treated by Muslim rulers). Palestinian populations also include Jews and Christians among Muslims.

As this political conflict and land rights issue is being solved with the most savage brutality that humanity can display, perhaps on both sides, I wonder why no one asks: what is the potential cost, opportunity cost, of all these wasted human lives? How many potential Einstein's and Faraday's, Israeli or Palestinian, have we killed? What opportunities for progress have we surrendered because we are acting no better than senseless beasts? If ever humanity had another reason to fall from the Garden of Eden, I think it's now. It's quite obvious, such savage butchery and disregard for human life, for the creations of God (or Yahweh or Allah.. all different names of the same entity in the same Abrahamic religious tradition), means we do not deserve civilized life on Earth. We must wake up. We must see what we our doing to ourselves, and the whole world is complicit. From those that manufacture weapons in the name of "profit" (a good substitute name for "assisted slaughter"), to those of us who stand idly by cheering one side to win, to all those who fail to stand for peace. When are we ever going to realize that we are a single human species, all with the same divine essence within us? When are we going to solve disputes in a manner that is respectful to our identities as Children of God? When will rocket-toting Palestinians and missile-launching Israelis realize that there are more mature, respectful, honourable, and less-damaging ways to settle a conflict? When are we going to truly appreciate the value of peace, and when are we finally going to grow up?

Posted by Ashfan January 8, 09 03:48 PM

Let me draw you a picture:

Now take this scene and multiply it 40 – 90 times (that’s the average number of rockets hitting our cities dayli). Take that number and multiply it 1.5 millions time (the number of Israeli’s living under the rockets for 8 years) and now try to calculate the desperation and the motive to go out for such operation.

Israeli soldier is standing in front of the civilian population defending it. The hammas fighter hides behind the civilians causing more victims. They’re using the humanity of the Israeli army for their terror attacks. They are shooting rockets out of schools, hospitals crowded with people. They think that our humanity is a weakness. They are a deadly cancer to the Palestinian society.

What our army is doing is almost an impossible mission – getting down the terrorists while doing every possible effort to avoid civilian casualties.
The only time the IDF is opening fire on civilian building is when there is a real threat to their lives. The hammas fighters booby trapped every second house with mines, explosives. Their only goal is to kill Israelis. You can’t talk to these people, trust me we’ve tried. I’m afraid that power is the only language that they understand.

Any other army would’ve caused 100 times more casualties.

Please don’t be judgmental. I invite you to come to Israel, stay in one of the cities in the range of their rockets and try to figure out a solution, because it seems that it’s a practically impossible .

I write you as an Israeli. I’ve been to Israel army and I know how the reality around this mess. I don’t think that you have the correct picture.

It’s very easy to criticize but very difficult to build something. Don’t go with the main stream that don’t even know where Israel is. Be different, be creative. We need every single voice on our side because we are fighting for our survival.

Please take a moment and think about all this.



Posted by Tim January 8, 09 03:49 PM

Both sides are to blame. Palestinians will not stop trying to get their land back. Israel is fighting for the only country they have!

Anyone who says only one side it to blame is clearly biased.
But I do believe Hamas needs to get out! Only causing more trouble.

Posted by Jessica January 8, 09 03:55 PM

common to Farah:
the hard situation in the Gaza strip is not for Israel to blame, but the Hamas. they do not take care for their citizens, they do not improve the quality of life there.
Israel left Gaza few years ago, but even though Israeli money enter Gaza to support and help the Palestinian people to build them selves. the Hamas is using your money (American) and Israel support to improve its terror infrastructure.
By the way: the economic and health situation in Gaza was much better when Israel controlled it ( but that is a long History that I hope would never returns)

Please learn the FACTS befor writing any common.

Posted by Michal January 8, 09 04:05 PM

Israel is a modern liberal democracy trying to live a normal life in a neighborhood of extremist Islamic dictatorships that are trying to destroy it ever since it was created 60 years ago. Israel has a strong army because otherwise the Arabs would gladly massacre the 7 million Jews living in it. Jews have nowhere else to go. Arabs have 22 countries, but they just MUST fight forever to take over the tiny piece of land that is the Jewish homeland.

Israel is fighting the fight of the free world against radical militant Islam. If Israel loses to Islam, Europe will be the next target. Support Israel. Reject militant Islam extremism.

Posted by omri January 8, 09 04:12 PM

Would you please stop calling hamas terrorists "militants"? They are terrorists, without any doubt, and by any definition. You couldn't find any other group more fitting the name.

Posted by ubfb66fygre5 January 8, 09 04:17 PM

Israel has chosen to live with the sword.
Posted by tim January 7, 09 10:33 P

Israel has been forced to DEFEND her existence since her founding by the UN, and until her right exist is accepted by hamas, hezbollah, syria and iran she will be forced to act.

And while I may object to some things, I will defend to my last breath the right for Israel to exist, her borders and her people not to be threatened.

Posted by rufushound January 8, 09 04:21 PM

Please look at photo # 31. The caption states that "Israeli and foreign photographer's are taking picture's of Israeli troop's in Gaza". This is interesting CNN is reporting that "no" media is allowed in Gaza.

Posted by Jesus Inclan January 8, 09 04:21 PM

Palestine deserves this.

The four horsemen are almost here

Posted by theendisnigh January 8, 09 04:22 PM

Comment to Paul (that visited Israel)

you are right when you say: "their military complex overwhelms them". if you leaved in a country that always need to defend itself you would too be overwhelm. if your grandfather, uncle and friends would die from terror and war, you would be overwhelmed by military. if you need to go to the army when reaching 18, cause there is no other option for you to live safely in your home. you would be the same.

BTY: sorry for your experience in Israel, you are welcome to visit again, and I hope you would have a better expirianc.

Posted by Michal January 8, 09 04:23 PM

Farah, #157, stated:
"billions of dollars are going to Israel to kill theses people who dont have anything food because of srael, no water because of Israel, no homes, no nothing...."

And yet Gaza is awash in a seemingly bottomless supply of long-range rockets. Doesn't that strike you as the least bit strange?

Posted by CitizenFace January 8, 09 04:25 PM

It's 2009. And Israeli is still paying them back for 1967. You reap what you sow.

If people in Gaza want to elect what the west calls "terrorist", then they can be treated like "terrorists". No sane rational government would attack another country, unless of course their stated goal is to wipe out that country from the face of the Earth. These people are at war. And that is exactly what the Palestinian people want. They elected it with a majority! What have Palestinians done that deserves peace? Now they have their war and they don't like it because they are dying. Guess what, people die in wars. Launch a rocket.... expect a bomb.

Posted by Bob January 8, 09 04:31 PM

Prayers for people of Gaza to survive this genocide!
Jesus please help the innocent Palestinians!

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 09 04:33 PM

"A young Ethiopian immigrant stands in a bomb shelter" WTF???!!!!
shes jowes

Posted by ido January 8, 09 04:35 PM

"Israel may win this war but they have lost their respect other nations eyes. Bunch of savages..." Why are they the Bunch of Savages when Hummus has been sending rockets into Israel for the past... oh i don't know... year, at the least. is it wrong to defend a country from attacks or should Israel just the the Rockets fall? You tell me

Posted by Li January 8, 09 04:38 PM

The rage and sorrow that I feel reading comments here that justify the wholesale degradation and slaughter of a people based on the actions of a few is nothing compared to that which I feel when friends, family, and fellow congregants justify these abhorrent acts.

The Torah teaches that we must preserve life even at the expense of violating any other Mitvah. The fact that Israelis can continue to murder Palestinians and then call themselves Jews is an affront to G-d himself.

Posted by David January 8, 09 04:39 PM

I am sick and tired with the same empty rhetoric.
Please, stick with facts and facts only not allegations when argumenting, this is a serious issue that does not need discrepancies or misinformation.
First of all the 6 months Ceasefire was broken by israel on NOv. 4th when getting into and assasinating presumable Hamas fighters.
Hamas fightershave launched home made rockets resulting with VERY VERY few casualties. One argument is not acceptable is saying Hamas are hiding behind civilians those a re pure allegations Media Israelis think that repeating those would make it a fact !!!! Palestinians are occupied not occupants ....

Posted by Jean-Pierre, France January 8, 09 04:44 PM

they need to find another way to win these wars, that doesnt require young men and children to die, maybe they could try a game of chess !

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 09 04:48 PM

If the U.S. only had the nerve to fight a war like Israel fights a war--TO WIN !!
If you throw rocks at my house, I will return fire with whatever means I have. Don't tease the pit bull that is chained in the yard either. I support Israel in everything they do. Be on the winning team--read the Book. The U.S. should have 3 aircraft carriers sitting over there right now and troop transports with tanks unloading on the beaches. We should have been in Georgia defending our allies. They have helped us when other cowardly countries would not. We better find a Patton to turn loose on the enemy before it is too late.

Posted by Sir Lancelot January 8, 09 04:48 PM

It is time for Israel, to end the 6+ year, heavy rocket, mortar and missile threat, from the Hamas terrorist regime, that only targets Israeli civilians.

Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Posted by Ralph Koslin January 8, 09 04:48 PM

they need to find another way to win these wars, that doesnt require young men and children to die, maybe they could try a game of chess !

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 09 04:49 PM

So it seems that some of you think that it is OK for over 3000 missiles to be launched at Israel just in the last year, from Gaza but when the Israelis attempt to defend their country and citizens they are being damned for it. It is very simple don't shoot missiles into Israel then they will not have to kick butt in Gaza. The Palestinians in Hamas are to blame for this they are nothing but terrorists and should be killed like the vermin that they are along with ALL terrorists.

Posted by Rick January 8, 09 04:50 PM

you say billion of dollars is going to Israel to kill these people. Israel has never started a battle without being provoked. this why the name of her army is ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES. billions of dollars go to the terrorist leaders of the Palestinians, instead of building the gaza strip to be a paradise in the desert, instead of building shelters for the palestinians, instead of bulilding a self sufficient electricity station - they take ALL OF THAT MONEY and place it in their swiss bank accounts- as did Arafat and as all their leaders do. they dont care about their people who elected them.

Posted by Ela January 8, 09 04:51 PM

If it's about being displaced from their homeland, why are the Palestinians not fighting over Jordan as well? That was also part of the region Palestine.

Israel chose to live by the sword? They are an extremely miltant country? They have been fighting for their lives since the very day the country was founded and they are surrounded by countries whose governments, at the very least, are openly hostile towards them.

I hope every Palestinian supporterr has taken the time to read the Hamas Covenant, their founding charter, so you can understand what this fight for freedom is all about.

Posted by narcan January 8, 09 05:08 PM

@164: Dont say Hammas started this. You have no idea. Nobody knows. But yes, they use there little rockets. Just like you, if you lived there. The Palestina's don't have food, water, energie or what so ever. Just because Irael made Palestina one big jail. And we have do something against Hamas. But not against the people of Palistina.
We also have to do something about Israel. What they are doing now is just horrible... They dont care about the human rights (Geneva Rights) or the rules of war (The Hague Laws of war). Just like theire big brother btw. So the Europeans (EU) have to get together and act against Israel. And try to get both sides around the table.
Btw. you have to see BBC's HARDtalk with Ron Prosor, Israel's ambassador to the UK, on Youtube.

Posted by Ramon January 8, 09 05:24 PM

There are images of Israeli attacks.........and then images of Palestinian deaths (or results thereof) with the exception of a couple of Palestinian rocket launches. Why are there no pictures showing the Israeli deaths resulting from the rocket launches?

Once's the slanted media attempting to sway the public into believing it's all Israel's fault. Do they not have the right to defend against terrorist rocket attacks?

P.S. Israel was not 'created' in was several thousand years before that. That was simply their re-emergence as a formal entity.

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 09 05:30 PM

It's my understanding that the use of White phosphorous constitutes a war crime. Especially when used against civilians, as shown in images 11 and 29.

Posted by Ian Harmer January 8, 09 05:35 PM

Artillery is so beautiful, if only people didn't have to die so needlessly...

Posted by Sgt13Echo January 8, 09 05:37 PM

In response to 269, what is your evidence to support the notion that the Palestinians are "tribal, warlord driven, and stone age. The only logic this type of non-civilization understands is 'an eye for an eye'. Have you ever met a Palestinian or spent time in the occupied territories? Have you ever considered their current actions are reflective of a treatment, someone like you or me couldn't even begin to imagine.?

Posted by Tim January 8, 09 05:39 PM

A classic argument of war criminals to justify murder of civilians: "terrorists are hiding behind civilians, so it's THEIR fault that civilians get killed". Have heard this same argument ad nausea in previous aggressions (remember wars of destruction against Iraq?). Same convenient argument is used to justify the targeting of schools full of children, hospitals, houses of worship. Those are war crimes and they stay that way no matter what justification is being used. And Israel is a terrorist state that perpetrated so many war crimes.

Posted by Omar January 8, 09 05:39 PM

I don't understand how anyone could possibly believe that Hamas didn't provoke this war intentionally. Even though it isn't perfect, Israel has made plenty of moves towards disengagement and autonomy for Palestine. These people are creeps, they deliberately provoked this war to further radicalize their population and undermine groups like Fatah that are actually open to dialogue.

How can you possibly back a militant group like Hamas that uses ambulances as troop carriers and sets up rocket teams in heavy residential areas. I've seen video posted by a Palestinian in the past month that shows Hamas using ambulances as troop transports and we have first hand reports to the press from Palestinians in Gaza who have witnessed Hamas use of human shields. You can't tell me that this isn't happening. What kind of scum uses an ambulance as a troop transport and further puts more of their own civilians at risk?

I'm sorry, but I'm with Israel on this one. Hamas has never stated any willingness to negotiate with Israel. You can't possibly blame Israel for having to take a hard line with a group with the stated goal of the destruction of Israel. There is no middle ground here. If the Palestinian people had elected the more moderate Fatah party to power instead they wouldn't be in this mess. They are getting exactly what they bargained for. I feel sorry for their kids but I don't feel sorry for the adults who know better and support Hamas.

Posted by J5 January 8, 09 05:40 PM

The war in Israel is going on long enough. Just don't stop now. Finish the job and make peace in the region. Terrorist are cowards they always hide behind children and women and kill other civilians for their cause. It is hard to take sides in war where both sides have historical right, but in this i am with Israel. Hitting civilians with rockets, killing tourists in night clubs, or bombing buses, using UN and humanitarian money and goods for Hamas, brainwashing their own children and wives and using them as shields or suicide bombers????? It has to stop. No matter the sacrifice. Thank you for listening..

Posted by JudaIskariot January 8, 09 05:40 PM

250 = Absolute crazy, shame on you 250.

Posted by Esteban January 8, 09 05:53 PM

Im a Turk and they blamed us to make genocide to armenians... ok listen this...
Israelis are killing innocent ppl almost %70 of the deaths are kids..what it means????

It means they are killing Palestinians almost 20,30 years of future!!!!!
This is a genocide .......

I am mad to Ottoman Empire cuz they are the ones who saved these jews grandgrandfathers which by the way hitler was supposed to clean....If ottoman let this jews whatever to die now there wont be any jews and problem and wars and more and more....

Posted by Isaac January 8, 09 05:58 PM

I am an American truly ashamed of what my country has done to help bring on these atrocities and I do believe that my country is, through our support of Israel (both in this conflict and throughout the years) is, in part, responsible for what is happening now. I have written my congressman to let them know of my feelings and wish there was more that I could do to help the Palestinian people. I hope they know that all of America does not agree with the stand that our government has taken. I hope this killing of innocents ends soon!

Posted by Cathy January 8, 09 06:19 PM

Look into the history. There can be no world without a war. Its a part of humanity, that humans should fight each other.

I wanted to see the smile on the face of such brutal leaders. I always wanted to know how the devil smiles!

Posted by dharjath January 8, 09 06:37 PM

This is all bullsh*t, always has been. It doesn't make any more sense than animal cruelty. It's useless and uncalled for...

Posted by NOS January 8, 09 06:40 PM

If every ordinary resident of Gaza could kill just one Hamas terrorist given the chance, this war would end in a week with a real chance for peace.

Posted by TW January 8, 09 06:45 PM

The funniest part is one side can throw bombs, the other side can only throw side can drive tanks, one side can only ride donkeys, one side can see the enemies from space, the other side can only see when the enemy when the enemy is 2 meters away...

So brave Israelis so brave...

Posted by Isaac January 8, 09 06:46 PM

Please look an pic #22 and understand why Israel has no choice but to fight and shoot within civilian areas: The Hamas operate and fire their rockets from within Gaza city.

The Hamas not only fight from within civilians, they also have no problem of using UN schools and UN clinics as weapon storages. Their use of civilians and civilian buildings is a part of their tactics. This is the same Hamas who fought their own Palestinian government less than two years ago, and threw their opponents from high-rise buildings. They murdered hundreds of Palestinians. If they had any shred of humanity in them, they would agree to a cease fire now. They don't - they don't care for peace. These are fanatic religious zealots, who would have the world burn to ashes before they give a second thought to peace.

This is what Israel is fighting. Not the Palestinian People.

Posted by YoavA January 8, 09 06:47 PM


I am saddened about your justification of killing innocent in the crossfire.

You're telling me that it is o.k. for A civilized country to turn to weapons and kill innocent? Because it is o.k. to defend yourself.
If you turn to the other side of the coin, It is o.k. for Terrorists groups that are being prosecuted to defend themselves no matter what the bloodshed. This is absurd.

To all the people that indicate that humans are animals, and war will never cease, it is sad to know humans like you exist.

I believe that the world is what you make of it, and I want to make it civilized, without violence and better for everyone.

Good luck to all of us, in the end, violence ends with violence.... the world goes around and what's up, next time is down... karma pays you a visit ten times fold, don't be surprised if this conflict ensues something of a larger scale where we all will suffer.

I hope smart and civilized people end this soon, I feel sad for all of the innocent, may they find peace as I suffer thinking about each mother, father, son and daughter, no matter what religion or nationality.

Posted by Solovino January 8, 09 06:57 PM

israel does not want to kill all the palestinians. they do not want to kill women, children, or anybody who is not trying to cause them harm. however, hamas is using these innocent civilians as shields in order to launch rockets and try to kill all israelis. hamas does not want to stop until all jews are dead, and israel is forced to retaliate by trying to kill the terrorists. its easy for us to look at what has happened and say that israel did the wrong thing by hitting a school where there were civilians, but the truth is that they are only launching rockets at places they believe hamas to be hiding. if the hamas terrorists were not such cowards, palestinian civilians would not have to die.

Posted by anon January 8, 09 07:02 PM

Your dam right we supply Israel with the weapons they need to destroy Terrorists!!! The Americans will NEVER bow down to any non peaceful regime!
These guys fire rockets into Israel, THEY ARE NOW GETTING THEIR ASSES KICKED BADLY!!!
We Love Peace and Liberty. But you try to take that from us we are going to make you pay for it!!! The people of Israel are Gods chosen people!!!!


Posted by Fred Flinstone January 8, 09 07:12 PM

GO Israel GO!
The day we stop supporting Israel is the day God turns his back on us.

Posted by Eldad January 8, 09 07:17 PM

Now I remember why i hate religion and am a devout atheist...

Posted by Religion is crap. January 8, 09 07:23 PM

The restraint Israel has shown during this entire conflict is amazing. Funny how one side almost exclusively targets civilians and yet the majority of the negative comments on here are towards Israel. Cute.

Posted by Josh January 8, 09 07:28 PM

Sh*t happens when you elect a terrorist regime as your government even after the Israelis made concessions to dismantle their settlements in Gaza back in 2005...

Posted by Tyler January 8, 09 07:31 PM

You people need to wake up and realize that in war there will always be civilian casualties. The people living in Gaza elected Hamas into power. Hamas launched rockets into Israel targeting CIVILIANS. Israel took steps necessary to end the rocket attacks. Will there be civilian casualties? In what war hasn't there been? War is hell, I can tell you that from personal experience. There is no such thing as "surgical strikes". There's nothing surgical about 500lbs of high explosive. Hamas, like their friends in Iraq and Afghanistan, choose to fight from among the civilian population. What better propaganda victory than getting Israel to kill people outside a UN School?
I can also pretty much guarentee that the soldiers on the ground didn't even know that was a school. When someone is trying to kill you or your comrades you simply react, to do otherwise usually gets people killed. But since the majority of you have probably never been in harms way I don't expect you to understand that. Gee wiz, I wonder why Israel keeps the borders secured? Maybe because having religious fanatics running around blowing up civilians is bad. Any of you who are criticizing Israel for keeping the borders secured have never seen what a suicide/car bomb scene looks like after detonation. Hamas targets civilians, Israel targets Hamas and spends millions of dollars to NOT kill civilians. Precision guided munitions are expensive, artillery rounds aren't. You people are all very naive.

Posted by Max January 8, 09 07:35 PM

500 israeli volunteers to give up their lives so that israel will be able to defend itself - with an additional 500 dead we will be able to explain that the conflict is proportional

WE OFFER : 72 virgins - posters commemorating the martyrs - millions of admirers - pensions for the survivors paid for by petro dollars

Posted by eugene January 8, 09 07:50 PM

Most of you cry babies complaining about how bad this all is, and that Israel should be ashamed of them selves as well as the US for helping them need a reality check. Israel has held back for long enough, millions may not have been killed over the years by hamas morter and rocket attacks but enough is enough. Unlike Israel most of the world does not have to worry about being surounded by countries and cultures that hate you and attack you with the promiss to wipe you off the map. They are doing what is right, and if we in the US were being attacked regularly like they are you all would be screaming for our military to make it stop. This country was founded on our military strength we fought for it at the begining and it will always be that way. Its sad that anyone has to die but if these countries that harbor these organizations do not wan't to or are afraid to take care of them then it leaves no other option. Israel is just protecting its home like you, man or woman would do if someone was tring to harm you or your children. Put yourself in their shoes.

P.S. They have and will have our backs "GO ISRAEL!!!! This TRUE American backs you"

Posted by James Iams January 8, 09 08:01 PM

Picture 12 is very interesting. It shows what is purportedly a ~50-foot wide crater. Yet this massive explosion was not powerful enough to knock the leaves from the trees at the perimeter of the crater, or blow out the thin metal shell of the "Mobile Medical Clinic" within the crater's perimeter.

Propaganda is generally most effective when it is more realistic than this.

Posted by David Xavier January 8, 09 08:16 PM

I have been browsing through the reactions, as I've been watching and reading the news the past few days. And I'm throughly devastated by the pain that's done in name of 'god'. Undependable of which side, that's totally wrong.

In a conflict which obviosly no side can win;
Isreal will never defeat the terrorist palistines, kill one civilian, create 5 new enemys. Hamas will never win with arms. As long as we as the world support Isreal with Arms.

I am a German, and always feel that i've to be more carefull selecting words. But in the end, we're human. A Israeli or Palestinian or US or German or African life is equal.

When do we start to understand this?
And Israel,which you give... you get back.

Give quality life to the Palestinians, as you wanted for decades aswell.

Posted by Marc Bramer January 8, 09 08:16 PM

Hamas wants all Jewish people dead. Is that what you want? They also want Americans dead. They don't want peace. The want them dead. So what should Jews do. Shoot themselves in the head. Jews did not start this. And if they quit now Hamas will still keep trying to kill them. I hope Israel does not stop till Hamas is defeated. If they stop now they only give Hamas time to acquire deadlier weapons. It is not the Israelis fault that Hamas brought a knife to a gun fight. If someone was sending rockets into your state would you not fight back. And would yhou not use every weapon available?

Posted by Myke January 8, 09 08:24 PM

Adam #317:
I may be stupid, but I hold a PhD from a major university, I speak and read a half dozen languages, I have an IQ over 150, and have traveled extensively throughout the region. I also had no strong opinion on the whole Israel/Palestine conflict until I worked in Israel, saw its bombing of Lebanon under "Operation Accountability," and was appalled by the bloodthirstiness of so many around me. The lack of accountability then, and now, heavily favors the Israeli and American military industrial complexes. They care little for anyone--even the Israelis that they pretend to be defending--and only want to pick more ever more and ever bloodier fights. I don't know whether or not you're stupid, but if you cannot see this you're either soulless or blind.

Michal #325:
You say "if you need to go to the army when reaching 18, cause there is no other option for you to live safely in your home," but the funny thing about it is that many of the most hardline Israelis are exempt from serving. More than anything else, I think that exposes the fallacy of your "need" to join the army. It's mandated by your country, but it certainly isn't necessary (except to feed the beast that your military has become).

Posted by Paul C. Zimmerman January 8, 09 08:41 PM

We were attacked in 911. It was said that the nexus of Islamic evil was Saddam. We attacked Iraq and search for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan Where we kill Al Quida and a number of innocent civilians that are either in the way of by "mistake".
Our justification to attack Iraq was given before the United Nations by Colin Powell when he said we have proof that Saddam HAS weapons of mass destruction. In the process of attacking Iraq the number of civilians killed was said only possibly be estimated and was justified because we did not intend to have them killed. So now Isreal is not "intendingl" targeting civilians. But Hamas rockets did not target anything specific-they only tried to hit IIsreallites. So the army of isreal is wrong if their weapons happen to kill some civilians? What logic are you folks using anyway?

Posted by Doug January 8, 09 08:50 PM

A little justice for Palestinians over the past 60 years - my entire life time - and the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air would not be happening yet again. I pity the Palestinians and the Israelis. And we in the us are not doing Israel any favors by enabling them to place a siege on Gaza, create a humanitarian crisis, and use our f-16s to bomb an unprotected population of 1.4 million in 140 square miles. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. it is disgusting and a war crime. God help us he won't be able to forgive us until we stop. Give the Palestinians some justice, make amends to them, compensate them for stealing their land out from under them. And live with them in peace - stop driving them into the sea.

Posted by Steve January 8, 09 08:53 PM

My feets itch ... from reading about bad peoples ... they should all kiss many times on ass of donkey ... and use pork bombs instead of exploders ... pork bombs more humane ... muslim may take offence ... but no kill muslim ... just have hamburgers and many funs ... we norwegian peoples do not like fights ... make loves instead of wars ... o.k.

Posted by norwegianfarmboy January 8, 09 08:54 PM

Any Country has the right to protect itself.

Go Israel!

Posted by me January 8, 09 09:19 PM

I'm with Steve in post #308. THIS is what happens when religion becomes more important than being a human kill other human beings, perpetuate another generation of hate and vengeance in the name of something that you can't even see. This has nothing to do with faith in anything. Faith is about hope and THIS is hopless. Yaweh, Allah, God...the three of YOU have been hijacked. These zealots on all sides are nothing more than a person blind from birth describing what the sun looks like to a child who can clearly see the sun. Go f*#k up someone else's world. All of you are a disgrace and a self-perpetuating doom!

Posted by Franco January 8, 09 09:22 PM

To the Boston Globe:

Your site here is absolutely fantastic, and the pictures are poignant and breathtaking. I wish, however, that you would reconsider allowing comment posting to mar your site with base ugliness and insipid, banal back and forth arguments and diatribes. I can't understand why so many web sites seem to think value is added to content by allowing any random viewer to tack on tawdry commentary. Imagine if museums handed out post-it pads and encouraged anyone to walk in off the streets and stick their own comments onto the art...

Posted by Peter January 8, 09 09:34 PM

Irrespective of whatever side of the political fence you sit - these are very powerful images and make you think:

Posted by Dave Diggle January 8, 09 09:39 PM

speriamo che questo attacco finisca presto.

Posted by enrico mancini January 8, 09 09:42 PM

# 372 Paul C. Zimmerman

As much as I applaud you accolades, they are frankly irrelevant. The Israelis in general are not a military, blood-thirsty people as you described, and the Palestinian people are not all terrorists. The use of such gross generalizations is a hole into which many people fall while discussing this topic. The majot problem is that the Israeli govenment has a much stronger obligation to protect than most, because they have a mandatory military draft. As all people are expected to serve in the military, the government cannot leave them unprotected when they are suffering rocket fire. But frankly, they are completely sick and tired of hearing about katushot falling in their country! Yes, the people more than back the current military strategy because, in case your high IQ failed to notice, talks have failed recently. When the organization with whom you are attempting to talk refuses to admit your existance or legitamacy, talks hit a small snag.
I also was in Israel during the conflict with Lebanon (or Hezbollah) in 2006. However, unlike you, I actually noticed that the Israelis were not skipping around holding daisies and being completely thrilled throughout the whole affair. It is absolutely terrifying; half of the war being waged on Israel is psychological. You cannot get on a bus there without fearing that it will blow up, there are security guards at malls, fairs, parking garages, and you can barely walk half a meter without seeing the ruins of a place that was blown up. So I don' know what fancy, major college graduate-styled side of Israel you were on, but it's not the normal one.
Most hardline Israelis are NOT exempt from serving, actually. Religious Israelis who, by the way, oppose the existance of the State of Israel because they believe that the state should have been formed with the coming of the messiah, are exempt for mandatory service, but most choose to serve anyway. Political affiliation is not considered in exemption.
The military and the government is meant to serve the people. Ever heard of the social contract? Once the government fails to protect and represent the people, it has proven itself to be ineffective. The Israelis are trying to protect its southern territories. And Hamas (let's seperate them from the Palestinian people) would have you notice the death tolls rather than remember the weapons that they were hiding when they died. They have essentially instituted a draft in which all Palestinian people are theirs to kill, and they cry to the public when they die. As horrible as the killing of women and children is, and as much as the Israelis actually, believe it or not, do not enjoy it, it is not much better putting them in the situation where they die. The "seige" was instituted when it became clear that the leadership was taking advantage of any priveleges that they were given to sneak in weapons to use against Israel. They have lost the trust (if they ever had any) of the Israeli government and people.

#374 Steve
Compensate them for stealing their land out from under them? Unless I remember incorrectly, many left believing that their arab neighbors would beat us and give them their land back. Some Arabs currently living in Israel actually live very comfortably; but of course, those pictures would never make the news because they mess with your worldview. And did you take the "stop driving them into the sea" line straight from Ahmadinejad? Isn't that what he says he will do to the Israelis?

As for people who claim that the Israelis are cowardly, maybe we are. But the usage of weapons is not cowardly, and frankly the fact that we have stronger weapons is not a sign of character. The fact that we use what we have to try to HELP our people, not destroy them, shows that at least we have some brains. Governments need to look back at destruction and not search for blaim, but see what they did to inspire the bloodshead and destruction; frankly, they can change nothing else. And Hamas leaders have a lot to look back to. The Israelis need to send the message that people cannot harrass their people without paying, severely. They tried with Lebannon, but failed there. Hopefully the international community will realize that you cannot mess with us.

Posted by Saydea January 8, 09 10:15 PM

I would be ashamed to call myself an Israeli citizen. Shame on you and your country.

Posted by John Joggler January 8, 09 10:30 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 8, 09 10:56 PM

oh my god ....Israel Make a New massacre

Posted by hamdy January 8, 09 11:16 PM

Es triste muy triste que ninguna de las partes piense en la seguridad de esos ni#os , es tan triste que no les importe para nada la vida de esos ni#os y de gente inocente, no pueden seguir asi tanto Israel como Palestina deben pensar en la vida que les estan arrebatando a esos ni#os que no merecen el sufrimiento ni el dolor.

Posted by Anita January 8, 09 11:50 PM

289, 301, 302, 303 and the rest of the uneducated bunch of asses which have provided this audience with the most ridiculous comments I have ever had the chance to read.

Yes, I agree that killing civilians is a very ugly and unnecessary part of any conflict. I would not wish this painful process on any one country or group of people. However, we are not talking about a country here but an actual militant group which has been allowed to represent an otherwise beautiful and peaceful culture. Hiding among the innocent is unfortunate tactic that the cowards known as "Hamas" and every other jerk off terrorist group use to protect their own safety. Put the innocent at harm; hide behind school children, public places of worship and between families who have no place to run. Continue to take pot shots at troops and run into a school. Sure you care about your own people alright. Come out and face the army you provoked. You have a beef with Israel and consider yourself a militant soldier then come on out and play. Last time I checked the BBC, CNN or other international news reports, it was not Israel that launched rocket after rocket at civilian homes day after endless day, provoking a reason to react in defense of its own citizens. It was not Israel that strapped on bombs and walked to the nearest public place to really target unsuspecting civilians. You guys are so full of yourselves. Keep on preaching to each other and maybe you will actually start to understand that you have developed the most bipolar stance on religious and political views. The terrorist groups have learned to manipulate laws in every country to their advantage, taken full advantage of the civilized worlds political correctness, abused the tolerance of others and exploited their policies as a true weakness.

I have lived all over the world and have never understood how having groups of masked men (that's right the mark of a true coward) calling for suicide bombings, killing of the innocents, ramming planes into building, tossing rockets at civilians and focusing on all out destruction can be tolerated by anyone.

I pray for the safety of everyone and hope for peace in the region. They only way the peace process can ever be sustained will be to get rid of the trouble makers. Palestinians and others (Muslims) need to stand up and tell those who want war or Jihad to find an empty open area in the desert to start their battle. I Think you will find that they will sit there for a very long time as no one (yes even Israel) will come join you for a fight. No one is interested.... you dont matter. Chances are they will wait for a very long time and probably start fighting among themselves.

There is no reason for any religion, state, country, father, mother, brother, family or friend to want to fight unless provoked to do so. Again, go sit out in an open space and see if anyone will join you. Or you can do everyone a favor and practice suicide bombing tactics on each other in the open desert until there are no terrorists left.

Soon even the children trained to hate, fight, kill and one day die will see that your views make no sense and your words are lies. I just hope the "great aweaking" happens very soon for all the world's sake.

Posted by The Wake Up Call January 8, 09 11:51 PM

Wake up world....Greed, Power and lack of understanding are going to kill us all in the end. For those of you on this post discriminating against each other and calling each other horrible names, you are only adding to this problem and your words are only causing more and more anger.

Posted by H January 9, 09 12:36 AM

wow a lot of you are stupid, Israel has been hit by missiles for over a year now they are defending themselves Israel is not invading to get land, they are doing it for protection. if you stopped listening to bullshit media, and actually get the facts, you would learn this shit has been going on for years! Israel is so constrained that they arn't aloud to arrest Arab law breakers in their own country!
an official report from Palestinian medical officer sais that under 25% of casualties are civilians! if you all got off your asses and stopped watching the f*cking useless, biased, fact-less news you may actually learn what was going on here!

Posted by shane January 9, 09 12:42 AM

What would you do if a terrorist were shooting at your child while protecting himself with his child? It is unfortunate that Hamas has chosen this path, but Israel can only be lauded for avoiding the killing of more civillians. With their firepower, they could have killed thousands by now and been sure of getting those responsible. However, they AVOID killing civillians while Hamas AIMS to kill civillians.
Put yourself in Israel's position and ask yourself what YOU would do.

Posted by Mo January 9, 09 01:17 AM

Yes, this shit has been going on since Israel was established with the aid of UN on (mostly) Arab territory in 1948 when British occupation of the Palestine ended. After founding, the new "nation" attacked surrounding Arab countries to conquer more lebensraum for its people and that situation is still going on.

Maybe those Arabs have some reason to be angry.

Posted by Raimo Helminen January 9, 09 02:17 AM

Man is still killing man.....that is a sad enough statement.

Posted by Gil January 9, 09 02:18 AM

Israel must be disarmed and let the Palestinians lobbed bombs to civilian targets on a daily basis.

Posted by ghetto January 9, 09 02:26 AM

You all are not correct!
When US attacked Coreea,Vietnam ,Afganistan Iraq,etc,when England invaded Faulkland,when Soviet Union invaded Afganistan ,you did not comment,but when Israel defends, the legal right, of its citizens,when 6 weeks day by day landed rokets in Sderot,when they were asked to stop the bombing, where were you all the critics?
You see only the palestinian side,you know why?Because you are with the sentiment that jewwish blood is cheapper than other.
Go Israel,finish your job with the terrorists!

Posted by James Williamson January 9, 09 02:29 AM

I can't give sympathy to people who incite violence fully aware they will get it, and assured that they won't be lacking stupid people in the world who don't care about the big picture sympathizing with them.

I am still waiting for these condemning people to offer their practical and alternative solutions in dealing with people who are sending you rockets indiscriminately with clear intent of killing civilians.

Posted by ghetto1234 January 9, 09 02:54 AM

If I sucker punched a big bully in school and get beaten up in retaliation I can expect a lot of stupid people here to sympathize with me just by showing my blood and broken bones.

Posted by Bigbadwolf January 9, 09 02:57 AM

I am from Bulgaria and give moral support for palestinian people. Increasingly more people in Bulgaria know the truth

Posted by Boris Ivanov January 9, 09 03:23 AM

To 297 : Better put the facts in their order of appearence. The Hamas rockets on Israeli cities and towns started 7 years ago before this rightful assault in Gaza started. Palestiniens civiliens are unfortunatly hurt because Hamas use them and thier homes and thier public institutions for his terrorist attacks. Famalies and children are used as human shields. Schools (including the UNRA one), Masques, hospitals are used for storing arms and for firing on Israel. So please turn your criticism to the Hamas.

Posted by Menahem January 9, 09 04:10 AM

if they said they know where the hamas n leaders are hiding, why dont they search n capture.. but they bombed it..
"I think they are hiding in there, lets try bomb it.. hahaha.." hoping they'll hit some hamas, with some intention, lets also kill future hamas army or leader, the youth n kids..
most people will kamikaze if they defending their family, house, country, religion..
will israels troop bomb himself in place that they believe where hamas hiding..? MOST OF YOU WILL SAY NO, BELIEVE IT !!
israel believe that all palestinian are kamikaze, the truth why they killed families, mothers n childerns...

Posted by flesh like u January 9, 09 04:12 AM

Why does this all have to be about sides and who did what. The conflict is much older than anyone here and much to complex to be simplified into which side is at fault... why can't we focus on the bigger picture. People - HUMAN BEINGS - are dying on both sides. Surely there has to be another way. We are the most sophisticated mammals on the planet, why is it that we resort to "bang with rock" mentality? It breaks my heart...

Posted by M.R. Merriman-Johnson January 9, 09 04:24 AM

Palestinians are no better than the israelis. And viceversa. After all they are related.

Posted by Sjoerd January 9, 09 04:42 AM

Israel broke the ceasefire agreement by entering Gaza and killing Palestinians, something BBC/CNN/ABC don't show you.

They did show the Palestinian retaliation and claimed that they were the aggressors, typical western hypocrisy!

Shame on Israeli Zionists and the people who support their government.

They will face God and He will punish them accordingly!

Feel for the innocent people in this, no regard for human life by Israel and it's western supporters

Posted by M.Hussain January 9, 09 04:54 AM

This is where religion in its extremes is bringing people to.

The 21st century would be better of without it.

Posted by Viktor January 9, 09 05:05 AM

I hate ppl who lives in Europe, U.S, or whatever and think they know how bad the situation in here was for 8 years!!! for 8 years the hamas are bombing city's in the south of Israel for 8 years childrens in Israel don't know what are regular live means! they live from one alarm to the other, they wake up in the middle of the night to get into shelters. for 8 years we haven't done anything! we tried the diplomatic way and enough with the bullshit. please show me the country that someone will throw missiles on her and she wont respond for 8 years! israel has the full right to defend her self! israel has the full right to make the life of ppl in the south of israel normal, just like the ppl living in london, nyc, paris...

Posted by ROY January 9, 09 05:14 AM

Israel surely has every right to defend its territory and people, but the way it goes about it is unnaceptable for and unbecoming of a cilivised liberal democratic country it wants to be seen as.
There is no excuse for Hamas as it is a terrorist organisation that only cares about its utopian genocidal objectives and has absolutely no regrets about Palestinian deaths caused by their inconsiderate actions against Israel.
Still, the Israeli state ought not to fight Hamas with means that leave mostly Palestinian women and children dead or maimed. This borders very closely on planned annihilation of a nation!

Posted by Kamil January 9, 09 05:23 AM

i think israelis are big losers!i think they should lose because the world doesnt need a israel they need palestine itself so i think they should leave palestinians and go back home.

Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 05:23 AM

Israel clearly made a big mistake in leaving Gaza to its Arab occupants. In wanting to give the Arabs there a chance to prove their willingness to live in peace, Israel destroyed the homes of 8,000 Jewish civilians and pulled out its army, allowing the "peaceful" Arabs there to elect Hamas by a 2/3 majority to represent them in their murderous attacks on Israeli Jewish civilians.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this three year experiment is that the Arabs of the Land of Israel can indeed be taken at their word. Their decades of hatred and "jihad" against the Jewish people (and the Western non-Islamic world in general) are their goal.

The only response is to defeat this nazi-like ideology, recapture Gaza, and reestablish the Jewish communities there. A terrible mistake was made. It's time to correct it.

Posted by mark January 9, 09 05:29 AM

This is not a solution to a crisis, this is a war. And when did a war solve a problem? Tell me.

Posted by Michael January 9, 09 05:59 AM

By over compensating, Israel has again made itself the bad actor.

Hamas is wrong for firing missiles but how many Israelis have they killed? 14, 12?

How many civilians has Israel killed in Gaza so far? 400?

Who can call this justice?

Posted by toosinbeymen January 9, 09 06:43 AM

To poster 320 :
Strange version of the story. Not very clear. Let me try to correct it.
The P's live in a building. They have 80% of the appartments. 10% of their cousins, the C's, live their too. And 10% of another family, the I's got the rest. Every one is owner, there is no renting.

After some time, the P's and the I's start to quarel, and the mayor of the town, tired by their quarrels, decides that they will move in the building, switch appartments, and that the I's will have the bottom half of the building, while the P's will have the top half. The I's still represent 10% of the inhabitants, but they now have half of the appartments, while the P's are now over numerous in the other half.

Over the time, the P's, tired of this situation, leave to move in surrounding buildings. The I's then start to settle in the now free appartments, calls in the whole town for members of the I's family to come and settle in the 40% of the appartments they got and are a bit unoccupied.

Today's situation is the following. The P's live at the top floor, the lift is cut, the stairs are cut, the water is cut, the electricity is cut, the phone is cut, children cannot go at school or at hospital anymore. Some of the P's, that we will call the H's; the most agressive and stupid of the P's (who represent something like 2% of the P's family), throw stones on the I's when they see them far under, on the pavement. The I's use explosives to retaliate, blowing the P's appartments, killing 50 P's at a time to get one H's.

H's are bastards. P's are poor guys who asked for nothing, and were tricked by the H's. Do P's deserve to be murdered or should the I's instead could invest slowly and with caution the P's appartment one by one to catch the H's and sent them to justice court ?

Posted by RedSoy January 9, 09 06:43 AM

beautiful yet horrifying pictures. I'm gonna be sick...

Posted by Hipira January 9, 09 06:51 AM

USA is defending and protecting themselves all over the world....
At least they don't have problems letting doctors and medicines pass through the borders...

P.S. And probably all of us are watching stupid you think that your country would tell you that you are a killer???
Be sensible my friend... People are killed over there...Kids...
And by saying all those things mean that you are uncapable of stopping them in a different way...and you kill them all in order to kill some terrorists as well...
Wake up!!!! Those people are probably gone by now...

Have a nice day everybody...Hoping that the war will stop...

Posted by Panos January 9, 09 07:01 AM

Why does this all have to be about sides and who did what. The conflict is much older than anyone here and much to complex to be simplified into which side is at fault... why can't we focus on the bigger picture. People - HUMAN BEINGS - are dying on both sides. Surely there has to be another way. We are the most sophisticated mammals on the planet, why is it that we resort to "bang with rock" mentality? It breaks my heart...

Posted by M.R. Merriman-Johnson January 9, 09 07:10 AM

Do you really think your goverment dropped the abomb on Japan because of that? Learn some history. It had nothing to do with the japanese.

Posted by attila January 9, 09 07:12 AM

Where are the times that soldiers were fighting soldiers instead of fighting unarmed civilians? This (like any) war will not solve any problem. The old story is of course that both sites are guilty and non of them wins. There is no logical point, just emotion. And don't forget that media are part of these wars (just read all the comments if you have nothing better to do).

Posted by Lunarts January 9, 09 07:23 AM

dear shane,

please go back 50 years in history. you will be amased. maybe israel should have been created in the US. Maybe a state they got...

Posted by attila January 9, 09 07:31 AM

#381, did you just discover the internet?

Posted by guayec January 9, 09 07:33 AM

#311: The UN was in bed with Iraq for years and the US squashed it? Who was in bed with Iraq for years? Who put SADDAM in power? I love your selective history.

Yes, Hamas is 'bad'. Yes, they should be punished. But how do you justify this kind of massive civilian death toll when Israel has suffered... what? Two deaths? I don't know how to deal with this situation, but I know this isn't it. Anyone who agrees with Israels actions here are cruel, heartless and evil.

Posted by Chris V January 9, 09 07:45 AM

"why no one said nothing when the arab were attaking israel for so long, but the minute israel defance her people the whole world wakes up, where were you before it got so bad? where were you when israel was attacked for so many years by the arab?"

Not arabs, Palestinian. And why? Cause the Israelis have been pushing the Palestinians into concentration camps and denying them an own state for decades now..

"What if France had been bombing Belgium for the past 8 YEARS !!!!!!
At one point or another, Belgium is going to say " enough is enough" .
Wise up , you IDIOT !!! Stop reading LEFTIST PROPEGANDA ."

lol I think it's you who missed the point lad. I don't think it's comparable to my country and france, as france does acknowledge my country's existance, and it does not constantly nibble off territory.. Consider it more like the Irish independence struggle of last century, I think that would make a much fairer analogy...

Posted by Wouter January 9, 09 08:00 AM


Posted by cp January 9, 09 08:04 AM

you arab are so stupid, so are the jews,
when are both your people going to wake up and realize religious war is bullsh*t!!
we are in 2009 and everywhere else in the world people of all religions get along
except the middle east
and i blame the arabs mostly, the jews are capable of living in peace, just aslong as you stop attacking them

Posted by an american January 9, 09 08:18 AM

> and i blame the arabs mostly, the jews are capable of living in
> peace, just aslong as you stop attacking them

Yeah, and live as a slave in a closed Gaza all life. Great, you should move there maybe?

Posted by prawiczek25 January 9, 09 08:44 AM

We consider anyone a threat to their established political system a terrorist. Doesn't the word seems to be applied too liberally? We are all terrorists to someone, if those are the requirements.

Freedom starts with an act of defiance.

And because no one is ever absolutely free the wars will continue. Even if we swallow our own beliefs in attempt to regain some self dignity to even have the breath to comment these disasters. Who are we to make an opinion? Because we read these articles, look at these pictures, and watch broadcasts. Our mind of this doesn't matter. Not on the scale that will help these oppressed people. Not unless we do more than type.

Posted by priest January 9, 09 08:48 AM

The Israeli politicians and the army, who are responsible for this mess are not protecting their people. If they wanted real peace, they would have given the Palestinians real options for a peaceful settlement. When you lay siege on a land, subject the people to check points, and cut off their chances of getting education, or provide for their families then you have essentially imprisoned them. I do not agree with the tactics hamas have used, but they were cries of a people who could not find a way out of the hell they were living in otherwise. And do not get me started on Camp David, or Oslo. Nobody ever intended to give the Palestinians an honorable option, an option they could have accepted. Those of you who say you support peace and freedom, and democracy and equality, please try and educate yourself a bit more on middle eastern politics, but not through the media outlets, because there you'll only get spin.

Posted by fstk January 9, 09 08:48 AM


The four horsemen will not come until there is peace in Israel. When there is a complete an utter peace between Israel and the nations of the world, look up, for the end has come.

Posted by theendisnotnighyet January 9, 09 08:51 AM

I think this war simply ridiculous as every war is. I do not understand why children are coldly murdered by Israel and the world close eyes to that!

Posted by Alex January 9, 09 08:58 AM

So the war carries on via these comments......

Posted by Andrew January 9, 09 09:02 AM

Why are so many people trying to call out Mr. Obama for this? He isn't even the president yet, and does not speak for the president. He has no power over the course of this country. He has already stated that this will be a top priority when he comes into office, which is still TWO WEEKS AWAY.

As far as what Israel is doing, it's definitely the wrong thing. Those rockets that were fired into their country were pretty insignificant, however, you can't disregard the fact that those things would still kill a person, very easily. Second, during the cease fire, Israel sent in a team to Gaza and killed several Palastinian militants. That is why they started retaliating with rocket attacks. Then Israel retaliated back with hardcore military bombing and invasion. Neither of them were right with the choices they made.

Posted by Jamal January 9, 09 09:17 AM

I beleive it is toltaly irrelivent who was in Israel first or who the land belonged to 100 or 1000 years ago. If that's what really mattered then all of North America should be returned to the Native Americans.

I would like to know what would happen to mexico if they started firing rockets into the United States. Would anyone think it was wrong for the US to retaliate with brute force?

Posted by rob January 9, 09 09:35 AM
431. Israel has been attacked with rockets (not missiles) for a few years, and how many people were killed? hmmmm, let's see, how about less than 20. And during those years, how many Palestinians did Israel murder, hmmm, how about over 200! 106 between Feb. 27 and March 3, 2008 alone. (Over fifty-four civilians and 25 under 18 years of age.) Who stopped whose food, medicine, water, and electricity? Whose blockading whom? Who shoved over the inhabitants of that area to establish their own state within the past 51 years? Who built the confining wall, breaking up people's homes and livelihood? Defending yourself isn't bombing hospitals and schools. It isn't bombing residential areas. Saying Hamas militants are there is just an excuse. Defense is one thing, killing over 775 people within 2 weeks while depriving them of the basic necessities of life - that is mass murder coupled with a humanitarian catastrophe.

Posted by Truth Will Prevail January 9, 09 09:48 AM

Our Torah does not teach us to HATE others because they are a different. It teaches us to protect ourselves. The holiest book of Islam (61% of which is about non-Muslims) draws the sharpest of distinctions between Muslims and non-believers, lavishing praise on the former while condemning the latter. Far from teaching universal love, the Qur'an incessantly preaches the INFERIORITY of non-Muslims, even comparing them to vile animals and gloating over Allah's hatred of them and his dark plans for their eternal torture. Naturally, the harsh treatment of non-believers by Muslims is encouraged as well.The Qur’an makes it clear that Islam is not about universal brotherhood, but about the brotherhood of believers:

The Believers are but a single Brotherhood (49:10)

Not all men are equal under Islam. Slaves and the handicapped are not equal to healthy free men, for example (16:75-76). The Qur’an introduces the “Law of Equality,” which establishes different levels of human value when considering certain matters, such as restitution for murder (2:178).

With regard to Islam, the Qur’an tells Muslims that they are a favored race, while those of other religions are “perverted transgressors”:

Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors. (3:110)

As we shall see later, Allah condemns non-Muslims to Hell based merely on their unbelief, while believers are rewarded with the finest earthly comforts in the hereafter, including never-ending food, wine and sex (56:12-40). In fact, much of the Qur’an is devoted to distinguishing Muslims from non-Muslims and impugning the latter.The first sura of the Qur'an is an example of this. It is a short prayer that is repeated by devout Muslims each day and ends with these words:

Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. (1:6-7)

Muhammad was once asked if these words pertained to Jews and Christians. His response was, "Whom else?" (Bukhari 56:662).

Since Allah makes such a strong distinction between Muslims and those outside the faith, it is only natural that Muslims should incorporate disparate standards of treatment into their daily lives. The Qur’an tells Muslims to be compassionate with one another but ruthless to the infidel:

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves… (48:29)

Allah intends for Muslims to triumph over believers:

And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way to triumph over believers [Pickthall – “any way of success”] (4:141)

The only acceptable position of non-Muslims to Muslims is subjugation under Islamic rule:

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (9:29 Jizya is the money that non-Muslims must pay to their Muslim overlords in a pure Islamic state.)

A common criticism of many Muslims is that they often behave arrogantly toward others. NOW YOU KNOW WHY

Posted by A Good JEW January 9, 09 10:02 AM

Sorry for my ignorance, before Israel was formed 60 years ago, who's land was it?
Was it not the British who gave it over to the Jews to form a homeland of there own?

If they felt so complelled, why did they not give up some of their own land, perhaps the Isel of man or something like that? I really don't understand why Isreal would want to have a homeland next to so many terrorists??

Posted by Carlos January 9, 09 10:07 AM

if u think israel is doesnt care about killing citizents,let me tell you about that:
the palstiniens know that we dont want to harm civileans, so when they see a plane they get on the roof and shpout,protest,yell...
so this what the army does:

hallo,we are going to bomb your house, get the hell out of there!

Posted by israeli January 9, 09 10:10 AM

What a powerful collection of photographs.
I don't beleive in religion, so i find it hard to understand, why each side is so passionate about fighting. I know religion is not the only reason they are fighting. The reasons are almost endless. But its so hard to watch these people fighting, when a lot of the time they are killing innocent people, who don't want anything to do with war.
imagine if you where the little girl, or her parent in picture 30, and everyday you had to see scenes like those in pictures 26 and 32. It breaks my heart. But what can i do?


Posted by wheeze87 January 9, 09 10:16 AM

*423. Thanks for making other americans look like ignorant half-baked monkeys to the world.....jerk.

Posted by KHN January 9, 09 10:24 AM

Peter (381) has it right.

Posted by Frank January 9, 09 10:37 AM

324 Jessica
Are you serious?Palestinians won`t stop trying to get their land back so they are to blame?That has to be the most ignorant comment I have read so far. Israel OCCUPIES what`s left of Palestine that`s what`s causing the conflict.Palestinians have the right to return to their land, all refugees do!
# The Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 13 affirms: "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his country."

Posted by Nina January 9, 09 10:47 AM

How bout next time Gaza gets to vote they elect a party who wants peace instead of Hamas who has regretfully made things much worse!

Posted by atlanta January 9, 09 10:47 AM

@412 and @320 and everyone

RedSoy, I think your story depicts better what is happening than Dan's story.
What I was trying to say with post #191 was in the intention that there is no justification for harming innocent people.

Whoever believed that the 21st Century was so futuristic, they were very wrong. If this idiotic politicians, that support wars and say that anyone hurt is a casualty of war, keep existing and making wars happen, probably the 21st Century will end up being the end of humanity as we know it.

Let's go not far in history, the recent seven years of the Iraq war, 2,974 people in the U.S. perished in 9/11, then the government decided to go to war with false information, and in return since the Iraq war began 4,223 U.S. soldiers died and more than 30,000 officially wounded. The number of U.S. 'official' Iraqi civilian deaths is 98,560. Is the justification of a ratio of 2:100 o.k.? In the war, there were more U.S. lives lost than in the attack and in reality, there are still terrorists in the region, nobody has caught Osama, but the Oil Executives along with plenty of politicians (even in the White House) are richer because of this. Congratulations to them, they know how to make an 'honest' dollar.... even if is full of blood.

To all residents of the U.S., this war will affect the economy in more ways people think. Go to the gas pump, it is already going up. And all the stress and instability that will happen in the Mideast region may be another call by the U.S. Politicians to send U.S. soldiers to try to fight, help and control the region, resulting in more bloodshed and economic recessions.

If all politicians were honest and care for there people, they would be trying to solve this politician to politician, no wars. I think all politicians can talk and reason, if they can't what kind of society picked them up?

Politicians and people are using religion as an excuse, in truth wars are always about greed, power, and control, wars are never about people, but about using and exploiting people.

Again, seeing people die because of a tsunami, earthquake or flood is very tragic, but we can't control Nature. However, we can control wars and not firing weapons.
My sorrow to all the innocent lives, and best wishes for a smart, peaceful and quick solution.

Posted by Solovino January 9, 09 11:02 AM

I understand that the Israelis want to stop the missiles, but violence only begets violence. I don't understand why, with all the billions of dollars spent on weapons, someone hasn't developed a missile defense system that can take care of small missiles like the ones shot from Gaza.

Posted by Kevin January 9, 09 11:05 AM

SO FAR: 765 Palestinians murdered by Israel in Gaza (more than 230 children & 100 women) & 3125 injured.

So Hamas foolishly and stupidly fires meaningless low-tech rockets with minimal target control capabilities, and kills 5 israelis, after 3 months of an Israeli imposed SIEGE preventing food, water electricity and medicine from reaching the Palestenians crammed up and pushed away from their homes to live in GAZA.

Despite having cuise-controlled missles, they managed to hit UN School killing 40 civilians taking shelter in it, with UN employees in the school ASSURING 100% THERE WERE NO MILITANTS INSIDE.

Israel responds by firing high-tech missiles with ZERO discrimination killing -so far- more 765 Palestinians including more than 230 children and 100 women, with thousands of amputees and injured.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I can't believe the US coverage of this massacre. Everyone is talking about the stupid misses that killed 5 Israelis, nobody is talking about the months of Israeli imposed SIEGE, nobody is talking about the 230 murdered Palestinian children or the total 765 civilian deaths of the Palestinians.

This is called "state-terror", and it's FAR worse than a terror organization.

That said, as an Arab and a Muslim, I stand with the Egyptian President's decision to only allow the wounded to Egypt, and not everyone else. We don't need no bloody stupid non-islamic HAMAS in our country.

Posted by TareX January 9, 09 11:12 AM

The solution is that the terrorist group of Hamas surrender! thats all!

Posted by PepeGrillo January 9, 09 11:20 AM

# 347. "Once's the slanted media attempting to sway the public into believing it's all Israel's fault. "

No, it is not.
Please re-read the introductory comment by the editor. This is basically a follow-up to Big Picture's entry on Israel and Gaza from a week ago.
This entry is called "Scenes from the Gaza Strip", and you won't see many rockets fired by Hamas members that hit the Gaza Strip.

Posted by Norbert January 9, 09 11:31 AM

*The State of Israel was created not to create homeland for Jewish people but to establish a nation that could be used as source of conflict for the region; which could be used to to further the plans by Zionists for world dominion, the middle east being a part of that dominion.
*Zionists come from different backgrounds whether Anglo-saxon, Jewish, Asian, etc.
*They form alliances and plans amongst themselves as to suit their current and long term purposes.
* The creation of the state of Israel may have originally been legal but it was not lawful. Since many people do not understand the difference they have been fooled into thinking the whole process was legitimate. The Palestinians where ejected and the Jewish who emigrated were deceived(except the few who knew their part they played in establishing a state).

Posted by Tony January 9, 09 11:32 AM

Stop War please.... !!!! Stop ... !!

Posted by Nicolas Vera January 9, 09 11:34 AM

@ 434. Carlos
"before Israel was formed 60 years ago, who's land was it?Was it not the British who gave it over to the Jews to form a homeland of there own?"

so well spotted!!!... and what's even worst, ever since they were given the land they have caused nothing but trouble in the area. How can a nation that went through the holocaust chose to behave in the same manner, i will never understand.

Posted by jo January 9, 09 11:37 AM

Can u please listen to yourself???
u must be a redeneck soldier from the "allmighty" american army ,,,
what an assh*le you are!
they might be terrorist because it is the only way they have to defend themselves,,
but your country apart from being terrorist tooand the biggest weapon supplier in the world ,, they are a bunch of liars!! do you really thing that the "allmighty" US goverment is going to catch Osama? why dont you ask ur actual president about the bussines they run with the Bin Laden family,, damn,, can u please listern to urself??

Posted by juan January 9, 09 11:44 AM

That's a great mistake for the human kind, Violence just brings more violence, stop the attacks in gaza..!!!! The worst Massacre of jewish people...!!
Esta es una de las decepciones mas grandes del Siglo XXI, no entiendo como las personas creen poner fin en todos los conflictos usando la violencia, HUMANOS... CUANDO APRENDEREMOS......!!!!!!!

Posted by Dave January 9, 09 11:57 AM

if you want peace, prepare u'r self for a war.........

Posted by alex,israel January 9, 09 11:58 AM


Posted by dimitrios greece January 9, 09 12:09 PM

Totalmente horripilante lo que está pasando en Gaza, esperemos y Obama tome cartas en el asunto.

Posted by Carlos Jaimes January 9, 09 12:12 PM

Todos envolvidos nesta barbárie tem que pensar em abrir negociações, não podemos mais ver cenas como estas e ficar impassíveis, afinal crianças e civis que não têm culpa deste ódio estão morrendo. ISRAILENSES E PALESTINOS negociem e parem com esta carnificina. "PAZ"

Posted by Marcelo Ribas January 9, 09 12:16 PM

Killing unarmed people in the name of war on terror, you call it bravery, HUH, everybody knows that Israel is the unwanted baby of US and they are impotent, cowards and chicket Sh*T that is why they can't go in and fight facing Palestinians. That day is not far when Muslims will rule the world and then you won't see any region/community of non-nuslims being attacked in the name of any war..... May God help the poors and punish the Israelies, AMEN

Posted by Faisal January 9, 09 12:21 PM

WHICH part of the word OCCUPATION do you NOT understand?
i'll break it down for you O-CCU-PATION what is wrong with you people
can't your clock go to 1948 or before that date when "Israel" was proclaimed a Jewish state without the consent of Palestinians.
And above all please do NOT call ISRAEL a Jewish state it's a ZIONIST state it's a TERRORIST state. people like ihud barak or ehud olmert or Sharon should be improsoned!!!

May Allah almighty get rid of the Zionists!

Posted by Adnane January 9, 09 12:26 PM

Fighting Hamas Is like fighting the Nazis in the lasts days of WW2, Both of them start the war, both of them new the don't have any chance to win but continue to say demagogic rhetoric and swear to fight till the end even though their civil population will be the main suffering

Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 12:47 PM

Here's the deal folks hamas is the problem, they use innocent civilians as shields and send rockets into towns that just want to live in peace. I think that if you want to get an idea of what it is really like over here then come live in one of these border towns for a month and tell these people that live here that they deserve this. If someone was sending home made rockets into your childs playground would you feel the same as you do now? Come on lets face the truth if any body was facing just one day like a citizen in sedrot, or ashkelon, or ashdod wakes up to, you would crap your pants. So i suggest you grow up use LOGIC and start getting facts by sources other than the biased liberal media!
P.S next election don't vote for hamas

Posted by Bill, an American in Israel January 9, 09 12:53 PM

Here the real terrorist are eeuu and israel, or in which other way we can explain that always there are terrorists around the world.

There were terrorist on Irak, kosovo, afganishtan, serbia, palestina, cuba, vietnam panama always will find a way to get war with a poor country with poor people.

How much crap we can read everyday.

Posted by guille January 9, 09 12:59 PM

Again, the United Nations shows that it has no real influence on the matter of world security. It again took forever to issue an official statement ... a statement that anyway has no bearing to the real situation on the ground. I used to dream of working for the UN until I was severely disillusioned by the UN's inability to do anything about Israel's bombing of Lebanon last time ... and now it's happening all over again. Sad.

Posted by Alvin January 9, 09 01:08 PM

Bulgaria? BULGARIA? (#399) No one cares what you think. When Temudgin kicked your @ss, did your people "give moral support" to the Mongols? When Stalin kicked your @ss, did you "give moral support" to the Russians? You must have, since you have a Russian name! You filthy traitor! Israel is not going to lay back like some abused woman. They are doing what they must do to be free!

Posted by Toma January 9, 09 01:09 PM

How about they all grow up and behave like adults!

Posted by Greg January 9, 09 01:32 PM

Still bombing innocent people and you still asking you why some people hate americans......
The arab terrorist are the same kind of people of Montana fundamentalist...but the arabs have brown skin!!!
Please, stop your imperialism, stop the support to the corrupt goverments, do something good for the world....
If you wanna see what your goverment do, just read about Salvador Allende who wins a legal election in Chile in the 60`s and USA kill him....the people choose and the empire strikes.......and a lot of examples ....

Posted by Jumaro January 9, 09 02:08 PM

God? America? Religion? Liberty? Freedom? Terrorism?
Excuses and more excuses.
War is bussiness. Religion is minds domination.

Posted by Marcel January 9, 09 02:21 PM

Picture #11 - Why are the shells exploding so far above the ground, and what are the fiery particles raining down?

Posted by Robert January 9, 09 02:54 PM

That's f*cking sick, man. It's like if some kid chucked a rock at me, and I shot him in the face with a twelve gauge . They're firing ROCKETS in a civilian zone. Hamas may hide there, and it's cowardly, but to just fire large rockets into the densely populated area, hoping you may kill one or two of those hamas assh*les is disgusting. Palestinians should be advised to turn in terrorists, which I hope they were. This military act is so low, I have lost all respect for Israel as a whole.

Posted by Mike January 9, 09 03:02 PM

Reading these comments I can see why you people are the most hated people in the world! People with intelligence and humanity can recognize these war crimes for what they are. Gaza is a large scale 'Polish Ghetto' with israel a reincarnated Gestapo Nazi force. I have lost all respect for a people that can go througha holocast and then turn around and inflict the same barbarity on another people!

Posted by Gary Mills January 9, 09 03:06 PM

What one-sided coverage. Almost all the photos are taken from the Israeli side.

Shame on you Big Picture, try combing Al-Jazeera for some images.

Posted by Me January 9, 09 03:08 PM

Well i 've read many posts on this blog as also on the previous blog of Boston website (a really good site by the way)...
I 'm just looking for one thing...i am looking for a single israel guy to say that the war (if someone can call this massacre war) must stop...
Well i expected to find some israels do this, as they are the chosen of God as is written in the Bible...and God is a God of LOVE!!!!??
Well i haven't found one yet...
I'll keep looking...

Posted by justaman January 9, 09 03:13 PM

Shooting artillery shells into a huge town doesnt have anything to do with fighting terrorists.

There is nothing to be proud about. Not for Israel and not for America. Its a shame and Israel as well as america should be punished for this. (i know this wont hapen but still..)

They fight againts terrorist but forget to see that they are the terrorists that kill 10 times more people!!!!

At least there is a chance of the world to become a better place, now that the americans have a president with a working brain.

Posted by proxylicious January 9, 09 03:24 PM

It is time these bullies were brought to heal.Since the start of this so called country these people have caused nothing but trouble for the world.This is a country that was founded on terrorism,much like the USA ( where now do the indigenous people of North America live,corralled like animals in there own land) And who is it that supports this genocide, the same type of nation the USA.

Posted by Chris January 9, 09 03:48 PM

I think Israeli have never had the legal right to form their state on the Palestinian territory and this kind of terrorist attacks should have been predictable ever since Israel was born.Palestinians are now a desperate population who wants their land back.

Posted by elena January 9, 09 03:57 PM

I'm appalled at some of these comments, especially by the supposed " True Americans" I'm an American. I was born here. I support Palestine in this war. That doesn't mean I support terrorism. That doesn't mean I'm a bad American. A true American thinks for himself. If you look at the history of the region and the way in which Israel was founded, you'll see that they have no right at all to play the victim here. Those Palestinians were pushed from their land by the U.N. to make room for a people they don't like, who left 2,000 or so years ago. It's no wonder they hate Israel and distrust the U.N. So stop calling people like me Un-American, or pro-terrorism, or anti-Jew. It makes you sound like an idiot.

Posted by Randal Bogart January 9, 09 04:03 PM

Pictures of wars are hearbreaking... And that is why Israel has been trying to make peace with its neighbors since the country was born.
It is too bad that not all the people of the middle east want this peace.
Missiles, suicide bombers and education for hatered has been the Hamas's and other Palestinian terrorrist groups contribution for peace.
It is too bad that what they want is to continue to see those pictures of wars...

Posted by Laura January 9, 09 04:24 PM

While S**t happens when you elect a terrorist party by 62% of the popular vote, the same may be said of the Republican Party by Iraq. Terrorism is in the eye of the victor. Gaza has been controlled by Israel since 1973. While the occupation ended one year ago, the airspace is not free, the harbors are not free, entry and exit is controlled by Israel, property rights are non-existant, most occupants of Gaza live in ghettos after displacement from the acquired territories of the Israeli state, its poverty and illiteracy and poor health would embarass any nation, it has no commercial prospec ts, it can not feed its own popoulation, and billions of US Aid reside in Switzerland for the account of Yasir Arafat. They only thing they have is democracy, Which Israel does not like the results of. The numbers speak for themselves, 650 Palestinians dead 10 Israelis dead. Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto of the new century.

Posted by richard January 9, 09 04:31 PM

You people need to wake up and now! Do you really think Israel is doing this to protect themselves only?????? Israel has sophisticated weapons, army, military, etc. Palestine on the other hand has people throwing rocks and other simple things. The playing field is NOT equal. America supports Israel-right or wrong, and in this case wrong! The problem with us general american public is we believe to easily what the american media wants us to believe. Why do you think Afghanistan is so bitter towards the U.S? do you think its because they are against our freedoms? its because America turned its back on them after the war with Russia. Wake up and get informed people!!!

Posted by Kathy January 9, 09 04:31 PM

Yeah, there's USA weaponry and sponsorship in action again, yay! now lets not forget who armed Iraq and also armed + trained osama bin laden!

Posted by Breno(BR) January 9, 09 04:34 PM

This is a massacre of the Palestinian people and Israel, and the US, should be very ashamed of their brutal and evil actions.

Posted by Susan January 9, 09 04:34 PM

I have an idea: Let´s move Israel to the middle of Texas! Its desert enough, Its away from those "terrorists" and have oil!

Next question, please

Posted by Lenny January 9, 09 04:36 PM

So many angry people on both sides who feel its acceptable to kill innocent woman children in the name of war
Those who feel this stealth attack is the answer have any compassion imagine being a terrified young child under attack from the sky explosions non stop innocent people dying around you.
How can you be so blind to think all folk living in gaza are supporters of terrorists
Just try and picture that for a moment, and therefore imagine it was you on the receiving end of the firepower bombs raining down and no escape across any border to safety
please have some compassion
It is a crime against humanity and you know it!
As a father it sickens me! please show some compassion

Posted by Daniel Rampling January 9, 09 04:40 PM

This is a massacre, an abuse. Free Palestina!!! Go out sionists!!!
I don´t like islamists in Europe, but Palestina is for palestinians.

Posted by Spanish January 9, 09 04:50 PM


Posted by RELIGION IS HELL January 9, 09 04:50 PM

hand made rockets vs. billion dollar war machines, yet Israel is the victim? Ignorance is bliss.

Posted by Tim January 9, 09 04:54 PM

452, Dimitri, Define Palistine. Do you mean "The Middle East"? There is a country in The Middle East with more than 70% of the population called Palistines. The country is called Jordan. Jordan and Israel has found out that they can live in peace and harmony. They might not love each other but they are not fighting anymore. If Hamas wants to be reconized as a legitimate goverment they have to start acting like responsible people, stop killing innocents, recognize their neighbours - not only Israel but also their own - non Hamas - muslim neighbours.

Posted by Jens January 9, 09 04:56 PM

Para que derramar tanta sangre inocente pudiendo derramar solo la de esos dos que se tienen odio, ojala y los gobernates de Israel y de Palestina se mataran uno al otro y así parar ese infierno.
To shed so much innocent blood spilled may only two of those who have hate, and I hope the leaders of Israel and Palestine are killed each other and stop this hell.

Posted by Luis January 9, 09 05:06 PM

How can Israel be doing this? simple answer they think they are the "Chosen People" everyone else is there to serve and glorify them. You can see that clearly from some of their comments on this page. They don't see the Palestinians as equal human beings they are sub-human to them. Some comment asks where was the west when Israel was being attacked by the Arabs (note the Arabs, not only Palestinians), well they were busy sending you those tanks, rockets, and machine guns free of charge so you can mass-murder people. You think you won your wars because god is on your side, no you have won these wars because you have more weapons free of charge and you lost basic feelings of compassion and mercy.

Posted by Al January 9, 09 05:18 PM

"What would you do if a terrorist were shooting at your child while protecting himself with his child? It is unfortunate that Hamas has chosen this path, but Israel can only be lauded for avoiding the killing of more civillians. With their firepower, they could have killed thousands by now and been sure of getting those responsible. However, they AVOID killing civillians while Hamas AIMS to kill civillians.
Put yourself in Israel's position and ask yourself what YOU would do."
thats really strange as we see Israel just killing a lot of civilians (avoiding?), and Palestine so far just killed military (aiming?).
Otherwise we should assume there are blinds who´s fighting this war...

Posted by Lucas January 9, 09 05:20 PM

here are some facts from israel. and tou are welcome to check for yourself:
1. on Aogust 2005 Israel had left the Gaza strip, forcing all israeli inhabbitants of this area to leave their houses. and although Qassam rockets have been shot from the palestinian city of Gaza into Israel cities since 2000 with no real response from the IDF. the aim of this leaving was peace. the hope was that the palestinian authority would build an honorable democratic state there.
2. instead of an hounorable denocratic palestinia state - an extreme Islamic terrorist organization had taken over the Gaza strip. spreding terror over its own poeople , launcing over 400 missiles at israeli cities and sendong dozens of suisidal bobers.
3/ the IDF deed nothing ubtil now. who can blame it?

Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 05:22 PM

You mess with the bull you get the horns. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea for Hamas to launch those rockets after all.
Shame on who? Shame on the people using grade schools and churches as cover.

Posted by Ian January 9, 09 05:23 PM

IF these Israeli soldiers say that they know where the Hamas leaders are as well thier operating places why dont the just go and capture???? Do you think that hamas members were operating in civilian homes or say the UN run school bombed recently?. Till now is any hamas member found in any of these civilian hit homes? Or are the Israelis playing- ''lets just guess and fire if any hamas members killed our luck!!''

Posted by Hafsa January 9, 09 05:23 PM

"So now Israel is not "intending" targeting civilians. But Hamas rockets did not target anything specific-they only tried to hit IIsreallites"

Targeting a UN school because there might be a couple of militants inside it very very wrong and sick. Unforgivable and a war crime. They have also targeted refugee camps, police stations and other ELECTED government building. Maybe Hamas could hit the military targets that have been oppressing their people if they had some nice shiny American military hardware.

Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 05:23 PM

In every respectable human law in every country even the most corrupt ones, the punishment for a crime has to be equal or somewhere close to the criminal act. Not in Israel it is not.

Bomb, schools, hospitals, ambulances, UN envoys (not a first for Israel), and homes nothing is off limits. Killing the old, babies, women, and children.

Posted by Al January 9, 09 05:29 PM

¿Hasta cuando ?Llegara un dia en el que los pueblos Arabes se unan y quieran venganza y seguro que ahi saldra en defensa EEUU,cuando lo que tendrían que hacer es bien sencillo,o acatan las resoluciones de la ONU,o se les corta el grifo,sobre todo en lo referente a defensa,quizas lo que sucede es que los judios tienen demasiada fuerza en ese pais.De todas formas yo creo que hasta que Israel no abandone todos los territorios ocupados/robados este conflicto no creo que tenga solucion y lo siento por los mas deviles,los niños/as que nunca tendrán una infancia feliz por culpa de un pueblo que se cree con la verdad absoluta

Posted by Carlos January 9, 09 05:37 PM

Pura estupidez, USA es el pais que se beneficia con la guerra vendiendo armamento, sin importar que con este matan niños o inocentes, solo le interesa vender, por eso nadie en el mundo los quiere, ademas que contaminan la sociedad con su estupidez sin sentido, en verdad ojala el nuevo presidente cambie la política armamentista y trate de hacer algo bueno por el mundo.

Posted by rafa January 9, 09 05:38 PM

Palestinians elected Hamas, they deserve what they get. Palestinians have to learn responsibility for their actions. Elect a violent murdering terrorist organization as your government, and you are asking for war.

Posted by X January 9, 09 05:42 PM

Israel, way to kick ass. I wish that we Americans had your balls. Where can I send money to support your effort to kill the terrorist?

Posted by Bill F. January 9, 09 05:47 PM

The IDF is already backpedaling on their claims about that school they bombed yesterday that killed 40 people - as usual they said Hamas was using the school as a "shield" but this time the U.N. is calling B.S.

"[U.N. Relief and Works Agency spokesman Chris Gunness] said based on UNRWA's investigation, the agency is "99.9 percent certain" **THERE WERE NO PALESTINIAN MILITANTS IN OR ON THE GROUNDS** of the school that was sheltering civilians when it was shelled by Israeli forces.

"If there's any doubt, can anyone come forward (and) give us the evidence?" Gunness demanded. "The Israeli army is circulating ancient pictures, which allegedly show militants using our compound. It's an old set of pictures to show a new case. It doesn't work." (emphasis added)
As for the U.N. aid worker that got killed, I can't wait to hear the IDF's explanation for that one.

I guess Israel has the right to defend itself from the U.N, it is a terrorist organization after

Posted by Al January 9, 09 05:47 PM

Regardless of your political opinion, from a photography point of view, those are some incredible photos.

Posted by Bill January 9, 09 05:53 PM

A picture that sums the so called war

United Nations halts relief work in Gaza
The U.N. and Red Cross criticized Israel for imperiling relief workers and restricting the delivery of aid throughout the Gaza Strip.
--The Christian Science Monitor

Posted by NA January 9, 09 06:01 PM

@James Williamson who said "England invaded the Falklands.

Check your history before you post, Britain did not invade the Falklands(it's a British territory),Argentina invaded the Falklands and Britain liberated it's citizens and territory.

I have no arguement with Isreal and the fight with HAMAS, but when you round up 100 civilians and place them in a so called safe house only to bomb it the next day killing 30 of them then this makes the Isrealy army just as barbaric as HAMAS.

Posted by Bernie January 9, 09 06:01 PM

Of course women and children are being killed by Israeli weapons. Hamas is using them as shields. The difference with the two groups is easy-Israel builds shelters for it's civilians from Hamas weapons. Hamas uses it's civilians to protect it's weapons from Israel.

I'm honestly suprised at the Israeli's restraint. It may be the only way to bring peace, instead of guided munitions and pinpoint strikes trying to take out targets with as few killed as carpet bomb the entire place until it's flat. It's what the Allies did to Germany and Japan after all.

Posted by sick of it all January 9, 09 06:05 PM

Ojalá llegue la paz algún dia.....
La guerra es solo destrucción y muerte, nada más que éso.
Lamentablemente, los paises desarrolados hacen poco o nada para acabar con el genocidio humano.
Intereses ? Sin dudas !!!
Realmente una verguenza para la Humanidad.

Posted by Carlos Alberto Argento January 9, 09 06:10 PM

Typical Israeli behaviour, just like when little palestinian boys hurl stones, the Israeli troops kill them with rubber bullets to the head. I'm Catholic and have spent 4 days in each place.

Posted by Mike January 9, 09 06:18 PM

For those who say Israel is defending itself. How is attacking a UN van that was delivering supplies to gaza since Israel have cut off their electricity, stopping food getting in, and leaving them with dirty water. how is that defence? there were given permission to enter gaza, gave Isreal their exact route and were still shot.
Medical vans have been attacked, not really sure how thats justified if their trying not to harm civilians. To top it all Israel refused to let medical people to a house that was bombed, then after 12 hours when there were finally allowed there. they had to walk and carry injured people out for over a mile becauser Isreal wouldn't allow an ambulance there. that sounds like defence.

Posted by Sophie January 9, 09 06:40 PM

Coming from Texas, we have an old saying: "if you fly with crows you get shot at."
The Palestinians have elected the crows, and are now reaping the whirlwind. I
hate to see innocent people hurt, but who here is innocent? Who has allowed rockets to be fired from their streets for months on end? Who votes for terrorists? Who prompts their own children to blow themselves up? Who agrees to proposal after proposal and then promptly disregards it? Who expects the other side to meet all the agreed to terms while they undermine their own obligations? I am afraid that the Palestinians, the troublemakers of the Islamic world, are the culprits.

Posted by Cotton January 9, 09 07:09 PM

WAR! Good God y'all what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again!

Posted by Mcluhansghost January 9, 09 07:25 PM

As a Palestinian I feel so sorry about many comments here. I'm amazed to see how dumb and blind can some people be. How much of this do you need to realize what's going on here? You call it action/reaction? Men, with your internet you have all the mean to read news from the whole world, so tell me, who builds walls around our houses? who takes our lands to build their homes? who keeps us locked in the most densitively habited area of the world? It's the great democratic country of Israël. The very same self-called Democracy that took the right to not respect any resolution of the UNO.
You call us terrorists? I just hope you won't be right... because home destructions, humiliations and murdering is driving people to despair. And this is how they fall into terrorism! Only HOPE and FUTURE can break this vicious circle!
Locking the Gaza strip, waiting for Palestinian to suffocate there was the whole strategy of Israel. Now they can just eradicate anything that breathes there.
Finally, as a Palestinian, I do not support rocket attacks againt Israel. Because they don't fit our purpose, because they bring the grey skyes full of thunder. Trust me, I'm not the only one to think so.
We just need HOPE, RESPECT, FUTURE and FREEDOM. Is your life worth more than ours?

Posted by M January 9, 09 07:30 PM


Posted by EL LOQUITO DE ROSARIO January 9, 09 07:30 PM

Izrael zapomnia³ II wonje swiatow±. Hanba !!!! Wolna Palestyna
People from Izrael - Do you remember the II WAR. Free Palestyna

Posted by Witold January 9, 09 07:35 PM

this is bad. its sad. it needs to end soon.

Posted by oscar January 9, 09 07:51 PM

This is all wrong, Isreal should just back off! they have killed so many people,..
bombs and murder is NOT the answer. War achieves nothing, as we have seen in the war against Iraq, it does nothing but taking away innocent lives.
And i agree with sophie (comment 503) how is shooting a un school defense, or a solution. It's the problem.. i think this is why there is a lot of hate towards isrealis.

i think Isreal should back off. and take a diffrent approach or maybe choose targets that don't involve killing civilians!

Posted by Jenn January 9, 09 08:24 PM

This is all wrong, Isreal should just back off! they have killed so many people,..
bombs and murder is NOT the answer. War achieves nothing, as we have seen in the war against Iraq, it does nothing but taking away innocent lives.
And i agree with sophie (comment 503) how is shooting a un school defense, or a solution. It's the problem.. i think this is why there is a lot of hate towards isrealis.

i think Isreal should back off. and take a diffrent approach or maybe choose targets that don't involve killing civilians!

Posted by Jenn January 9, 09 08:24 PM

"I have no arguement with Isreal and the fight with HAMAS, but when you round up 100 civilians and place them in a so called safe house only to bomb it the next day killing 30 of them then this makes the Isrealy army just as barbaric as HAMAS. "
^ Are you kidding!? GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. If hammas wasn't using these shelters to bomb from no Israeli would EVER bomb that shelter.
You people make me sick, trying to act as if its pleasurable for an 18 year old soldier to shoot a kid and watch him die. But what other choice does a soldier have - should he watch a Hammas 'soldier' shoot at him WHILE HOLDING A CHILD for protection? Should he die himself and not protect his own people just to not kill this child. Instead of trashing these soldiers that have NO OTHER CHOICE you should go right back to your Palestinian support groups and decide to help these children and get Hammas out of power. The children, the women, the Palestinians have to stand up for themselves and get Hamas out of power if theyb want the terrorism to stop. NOBODY is enjoying the war, NOBODY is happy that its happening, and NOBODY wants it to happen. On the other hand you CAN NOT put the blame on Israel. Count 15 seconds, run to your house from school in 15 seconds can you? YOU CANT and Israelis have been doing it daily for 8 years! None of you have any idea what you're talking about if you can HONESTLY blame the Israeli's. These 18 year old soldiers are not happy to be doing waht theyre doing but what country wouldn't stand up for their people. And I know your answers there are other ways - FIND ME ANOTHER WAY we've tried for 8 years (PLUS MANY MORE BEFORE). How can one commenter even say "how many have the missiles killed 14, 12" that is SUCH disrespect to the few dead it disgusts me. IT DOESNT MATTER IF ITS PALESTINIAN or ISRAELI those people are dead and do not deserve your disrepsect. NOT TO MENTION, yes theyve only killed a numer, butt does that mean Israel should live in fear just cause "oh well, they havent killed that many" ARE YOU SERIOUS? If it was your house, your family, would you just want your government to say, too bad, if we protected you we'd have to kill more than just the two members of your family that died, and thats just unfair? You commenters have NO IDEA what goes on in Israel and no body can judge this country for finally deciding to stand up for itself. Flyers, Fair Warnings, Radio messages are given before any school, mosque, or apartment building is bombed, so that the innocents are not killed. IT IS NOT ISRAELS FAULT that Hammas uses schools and mosques to bomb from and to shelter weaponary. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT. I am not even talking about opinions. It is sad what the Palestinians have to go through and I am sorry that this is the way Israel has to deal with the attacks they are receiving, but they were given a chance to build a government. THey chose a TERRORIST organization, and they shoulkd learn to stand up and find just humans to run their government if they really want peace.

Posted by Sharon January 9, 09 08:37 PM


Posted by Victor Santiago Prado January 9, 09 08:49 PM

I can't understand how people are saying that Israel is the victim in all of this. Ignorance must be bliss.

On more photographic note, these are all visually stunning.

Posted by Emma January 9, 09 08:58 PM

Today we have 50 wars in the world because muslims cannot get along with their neighbors.

Posted by Robert January 9, 09 08:59 PM

I feel I need to state that I live in Israel for the last 20 years and the fact might affect my judgment... now with this out of the way let me try to explain the situation as I see it:
I'm a 32 years old computer software specialist and my main hobby is photography (see - I've joined this site to try to show people around the world the other side of the coin - the conflict.

Who this land belongs to:
About 2000 years ago Jews were expelled from their homeland (see while
the earliest mention of the Palestinians I could find is related to seventh century, i.e. 1300 years ago.
Since then the area was governed by different rulers, like Ottoman, Egypt and Britain - there was never an independent state of Palestine. See
In 1947 the United Nations decided to terminate the British Mandate of Palestine and create 2 states there - one for Arabs and one for Jews.
Jews lived in the area long before the Arabs, but till 1947 moment the land belonged to neither.

Creation of the State of Israel:
In 1948 when Israel was created it was attacked by Syria, Egypt and Jordan simultaneously - and the trritories (now Palestine) were taken under control by Egypt and Jordan, but the Palestinians weren't treated very gently then.
The territories were re-captured by Israel in 1967 during the 6 days war. See (since then the territories were occupied by Israel until 2005 when they became autonomous)
Until the mid-1990s, up to 150,000 people - about a fifth of the Palestinian labor force - entered Israel each day and earned more than they would otherwise.

Creation of the separation wall:
This was how we lived here, but after a wave of suicide bombings (I'm quoting wikipedia here), the idea of separation from the Palestinians became popular in Israel. See
The terrorist attacks prompted the creation of the separation wall and while there's a debate on whether the wall is legal
(see, the fact remains that it has all but stopped the suicide bombings.

Most Israelis and Palestinians are interested in trade - Palestinians need to feed their families, Israelis want cheap goods and labor.
Mind you, they're "cheap" by Israeli standards - the prices and wages are much higher than in Palestine.
Unfortunately - for security reasons (to prevent suicide bombers) - the crossings get closed and this prevents people and goods from going from/to Palestine. See
I understand that what Palestinians endure in the last years is pure hell - but you can't hold the attacked side accountable, after all they chose Hamas to rule the place.

Recent developments:
The "new" tactics employed by the Hamas is using rockets and grenade launchers to attack towns/villages adjacent to the border - unlike suicide bombers they can't reach the central parts of Israel, thus all the attacks are concentrated on the same area.
Now try to imagine living for 8 years in a place that gets bombed on a daily basis.
Just think about not being able to go anywhere for 8 years as you need to stay in 30 seconds (yes, seconds) from a bomb shelter...
These days people move to live in the shelters as the rocket warning siren somes too late - please try to think about this for a second, living in a bomb shelter because someone hates you and tries to kill you while you did nothing wrong to him.
The attack on Gaza was inevitable. After waiting for months it became clear that rocket attacks will continue forever and slowly reach farther and farther cities unless Hamas is stopped.
It was clear that retaliation is due - I'm surprised it's taken that long.
I bet you're already sick of analogies as the following - but surely you wouldn't feed a stray dog after it's bitten you, right? More probably you'd have it put down so it doesn't hurt you or someone else ever again.
In this case the dog was allowed to keep biting for years because a military operation - as surgical as Israel is trying to do it - always results in civilian deaths (especially when Hamas is using fellow Palestinians as live shields).

What's to come:
Unfortunately - this is only a beginning.
The body count (on both sides) will rise immensely if/when the IDF decides to go into Gaza city to get Hamas leaders that cowardly hide inside the Gaza's hospital (and that's one places Israel is not going to bomb from air).
There doesn't seem to be any solution to the conflict while an extremist group leads Palestine.

Posted by Jean Spector January 9, 09 09:18 PM

It would have been fair to show pictures of the mangled bodies, and fires andr explosions from the rockets fired INTO Israel the past 22 months. Where are those pictures? Where are the pictures of the dead in Israel after a homicide bomber blows up a wedding party, or a cafe?

Hamas doesn't want peace with Israel - they want Israel to cease to exist.

Posted by K Mullin January 9, 09 09:42 PM

LATEST: Israel 'shelled civilian shelter'... YOU DON'T GET THIS NEWS IN THE US.

Israel's offensive in Gaza has been under way for nearly two weeks

Israeli forces shelled a house in the Gaza Strip which they had moved around 110 Palestinians into 24 hours earlier, the UN quotes witnesses as saying.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) called it "one of the gravest incidents" since the beginning of the offensive.

The shelling at Zeitoun, a south-east suburb of Gaza City, on 5 January killed some 30 people, the report said.

Posted by TareX January 9, 09 09:46 PM

Very bad situation in GAZA, Isreal is really a big dumb

Posted by Haider Raza January 9, 09 09:48 PM

The pictures are horribly compelling reasons proving war has no winner. This a conflict that is more complex than we in North America can understand or judge. Neither side is good here. Both sides are exploiting their interests. The Israelis are pushing to crush terrorists and the Palestinians are working hard to be freedom fighters. Both sides are wrong. Both sides could have taken steps to protect the civilians and they are both choosing to take a negligent path. Hamas fighters launch weapons from civilian areas and Israel bombs them. Neither side showing due care.
As far as I can see they both deserve to lose the land to better people.

Posted by David January 9, 09 10:10 PM

I don't believe this is the teaching in either of the religions. This is a demonstration of Human's greed and selfishness. Not from all, but from both sides of the minority Parties, who have the power to decide if they wanted this.

Posted by Vincent January 9, 09 10:13 PM

Ya es tiempo de que esto pare, cuanta gente tiene que morir, y porque? ya no mas , creo que se necesitan lineas de paz, esto significa genmte vestida de blanco frente a los frentes de cada lado, no creo que se atrevan a disparar con montones de gente frente a sus armas, no lo creen? o eso es demasiado ingenuo? mu gustaria pensar que aun hay gente con corazones en vez de armas en el cuerpo, YA BASTA!!!!!!

Posted by Margoth Gonzalez Tinoco January 9, 09 11:26 PM

Can't wait till we go broke in the USA so we can stop funding the terror nation of Israel.
Wonder how they will fare with rocks and homemade rockets?
Maybe peace will ensue?
And if this post upsets you, just look at the pictures again. Who has the firepower and who is shedding the blood!

Posted by Andrew Mortenson January 9, 09 11:59 PM

Albert Einstein - "So long as there are men, there will be wars." Ironically, he was Jewish.

I would like to elude to a comment on here. The ratio of dead Israeli/ Palestinians I think is irrelevant.

"Kill one man you are a murderer. Kill thousands you are a hero."

I don't support the argument that Israel has a superior military and trying to keep it's people wrong. I fully support Israel's stand on this issue. As a citizen of a country, I would like to think my country "had my back". Rather then waiting for the next, very crude, homemade rocket with wanton malicious intent to come crashing through my roof.

Posted by Phil, Canada. January 10, 09 12:47 AM

Hey 524! Homemade Rockets? Wow, the more you justified to bomb civilian shelters because they allegedly produce these terror weapons inside their homes. It's not the question about who has the DEADLIER firepower but who are PROVOKING and very much aware they will get the response they actually expecting. If you sucker punched a physically bigger man, don't run to your mama crying when he beat you up complaining you're weak and helpless.
And where are those nations that supply those terror rockets to Palestinians? I will be glad if they must be involved too and suffer first hand the consequence of their folly which the Israelis and Palestinians are suffering now.

Posted by Jim Hudson January 10, 09 12:48 AM

At 499. You fail to look deeper at the picture you linked. A boy throwing a rock at a tank. Come to think of it, what degree of brainwashing it had taken for an innocent child to do that and what he will turn to be when he grew up.

Let me do the thinking for you, the boy will grew up as a "freedom fighter" sending rockets to civilians inside Israel and as a FATHER who will BRAINWASH his children to hate Israelis.

Posted by Jim Hudson January 10, 09 01:02 AM

Reply to 527 You feel to see the bigger deeper picture, the tank should not be there in the first place for more than 50 years on this child's land. It should not destroy his school, where he will learn to cherish life, learn math, and grow up to be a decent human being.

Posted by Al January 10, 09 02:02 AM

To 519,
1) Check carefully the details and every info you get from the Palestinian side. They also said that they have killed many Israeli soldiers, shot down airplains,.
2) Israel was forced by hamas into a war. Unfortunatly in war like this, where Hamas uses civilian and thier property for his military activities they are hurt. What do you expact that a rocket launcher targetted at Israel will not be bombed if it is located in a masque or a school ?

Posted by Meni January 10, 09 02:48 AM

What would you do if a foreign country started shelling you? Hamas has refused to lay down its arms no matter what concessions are made. The whole issue is that they refuse to come to the place where they state that Israel has a right to exist. They would rather die than do that. So everyone there suffers. Let them die, that's what they want to do.

Posted by Roland Dooley January 10, 09 03:05 AM

those cold-blooded onlookers like using the word "brainwash" for those grow up in great material deficiency and no-where-to-hide-from -the-bombs places. Had you and your family been driven from your homeland without mercy, your parents, brothers, sisters and fellows bombed to pieces right by your side, you are no where to ask for food, clean water and medicine, you need no one to brainwash you into a terrorist. Won't you wonder why the israeli gov. provide every facility except a permit for the foreign reporters to enter the Gaza strip? They even fired at the UN workers transporting relief meterials to those in distress. The US and Israel are cursed. You two shall be tried and punished for all your brutality and massacre in Gaza and Iraq. Go to hell.

Posted by passerby January 10, 09 03:11 AM

Lets reverse the roles. Give Hamas Israel's military capability, missiles etc. Would they hesitate for a blink of an eye destroying the whole of Israel indiscriminately? Choosing sides in this conflict is not about right or wrong. Its about us and them. Religious fanaticism and fundamentalism is at the hearth of this conflict. There will never be peace until all the fanatics are weeded out and all people recognize the right of others to exist. I can't see that happening in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. EVER.

Posted by Morné January 10, 09 03:13 AM

How come people just talk about the rockets that the Palestinians have been launching into Israel the last few years.. What about all the previous bus bombings that killed scores of innocent people in the past when the boarders were more open..
Believe me the Israelis have lost hundreds of their people.. This is not a new conflict.. I think it is absurd that people only bring up the current issues.

Even the news services only talk about Israel's overpowering... What would all your countries do in this situation.. What if Mexico or Canada luanched rockets into the USA

Posted by Dana Gonzales January 10, 09 04:07 AM

>Our Torah does not teach us to HATE others because they are a different. It
>teaches us to protect ourselves.

Protection is just a marketing word. Israel is the main aggressor in the region. It won't move back to the borders defined in Resolution 242 and it won't stop terrorising the palestine people. There's no way Hamas is a threat to Israel. There's no execuse for killing palestine civilians. Israel needs a different policy towards Palestine.

And regarding Mexico firing rockets at the US. What would the situation be when the US takes half of the mexican territory and encircles the rest of the population with a big wall controlling all exists and entries? Or what would it be if Mexico takes the whole west and middle west and builds a big wall on the mississippi bank controlling all the east coast ports. HOW would the US feel about that?

And from the palestine side, instead of rocket attacks and suicide bombs there needs to be demonstrations and civil protests. Fight for your civil rights! It's possible, just don't do it by force.

If the US military would have acted so bad in Iraq there would be MASSIVE outcry. Israel needs to be measured by the same standards. In terms of aiming Israel is the lousiest force in the world and I don't buy the argument that all the time terrorists are hiding in hospitals, schools, police satations, etc. There are NOT 1.5 million terrorists living in GAZA!

Posted by don January 10, 09 04:52 AM

Hostage Situation in Gaza
Israel left the Gaza strip in 2005. That means that for the past three years the Palestinian leaders could make the effort to improve the infrastructures in Gaza; build better Hospitals; to train more doctors; get more equipment and so forth. Did they do all that? NO! They used the financial and humanitarian aid to build more Qassam rockets.
Israel doesn't want to hurt civilians, it happens only because the Hamas uses the civilians as human shield. Hamas holds the Palestinian population in hostage. They don't care about their women and children. All they care about is genocide of the Jews people.
If your homes were constantly bombed for the past 8 years, wouldn't you want it to stop?!

Posted by Israeli pacifist January 10, 09 05:02 AM

David against Goliath, but this time Israel is Goliath and Gaza is the little and poor guy... militia soldiers against a State Army supplied by US... This is not a regular war guys... this is a pre-electoral event. It is one death for one vote? Israel government party is winning then.

Posted by Pedro January 10, 09 05:26 AM


Posted by j January 10, 09 08:11 AM

FITNA it and learn
hamas is to blame
the fire at israel for 8 years...can you think about shooting at miami from mexico for 8 years by terror organization?
what whould we do?
we whould ERASE mexico the next day....
check this out....

Posted by brian January 10, 09 09:06 AM

I think everyone has the right to vote for who they want and is they voted hamas thats what they wanted. all you canadianized and americanized people dont know what the hell your talking about , you follow what CNN says and think thats the actual truth, you read your AMERICAN text books and think thats truth? how about you really go educate your damn self and than come and talk. u have no idea what arab ppl have been through and you will never understand. The ppl of Palestine have gone through enough. You want to sit here and cry over the 5 soldires that dies in Isreal, LOOK at how many innocent ppl were takin in palestine. F*CK ISREAL and its whole state.

Posted by Anonymous January 10, 09 10:45 AM

The photos are indeed very sad. Seeing the situation on the ground shows how much the people suffer. They don't show the dire situation on a more global level. They don't show how Hamas is driving people to despair and how, much like prior totalitarian regimes, eliminate any independent thought. Supporting the Palestinian people does not mean supporting Hamas.
Very sad.

Posted by reader January 10, 09 11:21 AM

Blessed are the Peace Makers...
watching this pics is terrible

Posted by Charles January 10, 09 11:44 AM

The one who plants seeds of wind, may wake up one day facing a storm.
After 8 years of suffering it's about time Israel reacts.
The Hamas could invest its money in industry; agriculture; education and so forth... Instead they chose to put their money on death. They brought this disaster on themselves. I'm very sorry for the non-terrorist Palestinians, but Israel got no other choice.

Posted by A proud Israeli January 10, 09 11:50 AM

War is Hell. Israel did not want this war. After two weeks of incessant Missle attacks, and eight years of daily rockets over the border Israel finally said enough. I know that what anybody will say in relation to Israel being justified about this war no moslem will justify because the Religion of Islam can never accept the existence of israel in the middle east. For this rason the only way for Israel to make sure that there will not be war from Gaza and that the residents will live there in peace and prosperity is to recapture it and make it part of Israel giving the residents there Israeli citizenship. Who ever does not want could go to any where else in the world.

Posted by Yaakov Hillel January 10, 09 12:07 PM

War is an awful thing, Innocent people die in vain. all true
2. The reaction of Israel was over dramatic, the death toll for both sides is not even, also true, young children shouldn’t die no matter what.

BUT you must remember that Hamas is a TERROR organization that is sponsored by IRAN. His aim is to destroy Israel and along the way to KILL AS MUCH JEWS AS THEY CAN. That’s facts. Just think about all that money that Hamas spent the last three years in buying rockets guns and explosives that could be spent for building schools, roads, parks... Gaza could be such a lovely city if all that money just went to the right people…
The consequences for this conflict are terrible... The only way I see to achieve peace between Israeli and Palestinian is to replace Hamas with a non-terror party that really wants to negotiate with Israel. Until then the death toll is going to grow for both sides.

Posted by Sharon January 10, 09 12:10 PM

This is a new Holocaust?

Posted by Hugo Carvalho January 10, 09 12:26 PM

This is a war which was forced by Israel, its a war which israel wanted to prevent.
but after 8 years of inocent civillians are suffering and particuallry after 3 years of ving Gaza a terororganizion took controll and now after getting a bigg attack playing the inocent
belive me we know those teror organization, in 9/11 america' mombay they were educating by sword and after finishing with israel they will come to eurpoe, america and etc'.
dont give them authorization.

Posted by carolin January 10, 09 12:31 PM

Hamas picks a fight it knows full well it can't win. The sole purpose of initiating the conflict is to sacrifice the lives of their own people to elicit worldwide sympathy for their cause. They place no value on human life. They place no value on peace.

Based on so many of the comments here, it is apparent that their strategy works. It is a sad commentary that so many are so completely gullible and so easily duped. You reward Hamas by giving them exactly what they want, sympathy. Hamas doesn't care about the human cost.

There is a simple litmus test. If Hamas where to put down its weapons, there would be peace. If Israel were to put down its weapons, there would be even greater bloodshed. As usual, it's the Palestinian leadership that willingly and enthusiastically puts it's own people at risk. It's nothing short of barbaric.

Posted by J Gray January 10, 09 12:43 PM

Oh My God!!! Where is OBAMA??? What is he doing about this??

Posted by Inmigrant January 10, 09 01:15 PM

This is horrible!

Sick and psychopats israelis!
What the f*ck they think they're doing?
Killing so many innocent people because hand-made rockets?

Children, men and woman...babies and their moms killed...Holy God, what an horror!!
Somebody, please do something! This is an emergency!

Posted by Jack Castro January 10, 09 02:28 PM

The UN must send military personnel to Gaza and enforce the truce. The UN cannot wait for the US or other countries who are just looking the other way, to act. Time is of the essence, tomorrow may be too late, everything that can be done to stop the bloodshed must be done to stop the killing of innocent lives especially those of children, women and elders.

Posted by Carrion Matta January 10, 09 02:35 PM


What a shame!

Posted by T. R. Freitas January 10, 09 02:44 PM

If faith saved someone, so many people wouldn´t die in the birthplace of many religions.

Posted by André January 10, 09 02:49 PM

Ok, 80 percent of all the pictures here are all images of Israel offensive, while Hamas fired a few petty homemade rocket that doesn't do any real damages like what Israel is mindlessly doing. How many innocent people have Israel killed compared to Hamas? Israel has gone way too far and other Middle East countries will not standby and watch much longer. Obama's silence on the issue only escalate things in Gaza. Israel is using U.S weaponry and equipments fighting Gaza, isn't that a U.S responsibility? Obama is another extremist target. What does the U.S get out of Israel? A helping hand in the war on Terror? So many questions that need to be answered. I smell a World War II scenario. Horrible economy with escalating World War. The question is whose are on which side?

Posted by Lenny January 10, 09 02:57 PM

It is what it is and has always been for those who cry peace and breath blood.

Posted by James Cranmer January 10, 09 03:04 PM

And to think all they have to do is stop sending Missiles into Isreal, who knew.

Posted by Rappini January 10, 09 03:25 PM

no hay justificacion para tanta maldad no hay escuza para matar a tantos inocentes, se van arevolcar cuando esten enel infierno pagando por todas esas muertes, el cargo de conciensia no los va a dejar vivir , y pagaran hasta la eternidad por sus errrores

Posted by azucena January 10, 09 03:28 PM


Posted by Ray January 10, 09 03:28 PM

It's a shame that innocent women and children are victimized in this conflict.Israel should consider other ways of resolving this issue but just like in the rest of the world there are extremist (islamic)groups active,terrorising,bombing and killing innocent people,hiding behind common people and if there is no reaction they will not stop untill they destroyed ,killed and wiped out every culture that does not submit to them.

Posted by veryconcernedcitizen January 10, 09 03:44 PM

Están aniquilando a un pueblo y los informativos españoles abren con las heladas de la ola de frío... ¿Qué nos está pasando? Insensibles a casi todo..... Que alguien reaccione!! Palestina Libre y Sahara Libre!!

Posted by Raquel January 10, 09 03:49 PM

Support Israel

Posted by mik January 10, 09 03:50 PM

When a child sees his parents and siblings being killed in front of him. What will happen to him when he grows up????
Yes CHANGE WE CAN, But No Justice no change
Shame on all responsible for this attack on Palestine.

Posted by Suhaib January 10, 09 04:00 PM

è realmetente horrivel nós aqui do Brasil estamos muito triste com o que esta acontecendo com nossos irmãos Israelenses e também Palestinos, estamos orando para que a paz enfim venha reinar nesta terra, que um dia já foi santa!

Posted by Gerlandy January 10, 09 04:03 PM

hamas is guilty!!
we in israel dont want to see killing ,they want ,they use the children as human shild.
let me ask you all......who eat candies after 9/11 answer: in gaza in jenin in nablus and more palastin cities
this is the diffrent.

Posted by bob January 10, 09 04:12 PM

Cual es la proporcion justa que hay que respetar para que Israel cuente con unas opiniones favorables? Que el Ejercito israeli no utilice su superioridad tecnica y se limite a emplear las mismas armas que Hamas, es decir, la guerra de los imprecisos misiles Grad, las piedras, la estrategia de los atentados suicidas a discrecion, las bombas humanas y la seleccion deliberada de las poblaciones civiles como objetivos? O, mejor aun, convendria que Israel espere pacientemente a que Hamas, gracias a Iran y Siria, "equilibre" su potencia de fuego?

A no ser que se trate de equilibrar no solo los medios militares, sino los fines que se persiguen. Ya que Hamas -en contra de la Autoridad Palestina- se obstina en no reconocer el derecho de existir del Estado judio y sueña con la aniquilacion de sus ciudadanos, querriamos que Israel imite ese radicalismo y proceda a una gigantesca limpieza etnica? De verdad queremos que Israel refleje "de forma proporcional" los deseos exterminadores de Hamas?

Posted by damesol January 10, 09 04:13 PM

stop occupation and leave the Palestinians alone

Posted by richard January 10, 09 04:16 PM

agree or not
Hamas was ellected by the palestinians, we must respect that.
Hamas has the duty to protect themself from israeli agression and occupation.
so really, if there was no occupation we won't be having this conversation today.

Posted by richard January 10, 09 04:39 PM

If one will visit hospitals in Israel, he will find many Palestinians from Gaza there. For the last several years scores of people from Gaza, including many children, got the best Western medical care in Israeli hospitals. Up until now, Israel is providing most of the electricity in Gaza. We could have avoided the military operation, simply by shutting off the electricity for several days. When we tried this measure – all the "human rights" activists shouted that Israel is punishing a civilian population. So it came to an absurd – for the first time in history – a country provides electricity to its enemies during a war ! Moreover – Israel supplies oil to Gaza all that time. Several months ago, the oil supply terminal was attacked by terrorists killing two Israelis. Two Israelis, and their families, had to pay the dearest price, just because they delivered oil to Gaza ? Where were the "human rights" activists ?

During the history many bad things were said about Jews. Only one thing was never said – not even by the Nazis – that Jews are stupid. Well, one lesson that we did learn from history – that we must defend ourselves, since no "human rights" activist will do this for us – and this is what is done now. As for proportionality ? – Well – two (large) buildings were knocked down in Manhattan, and the US and fellow countries knocked down the regimes in two countries – Iraq and Afghanistan – killing scores of non-involved civilians in a justified self-defense action. Argentina took over few deserted British Islands in the Atlantic Ocean – and the mighty British Navy sailed thousands of miles to take over them again, killing scores of Argentineans on the way. Chechnyanian terrorist attacks caused Russia to level Chechnya. German and Japanese cities were leveled and burnt their inhabitants to ashes during WWII killing millions of "non-involved" civilians. All of these acts are justified, because they are aimed against aggressors or terrorists. ONLY ISRAEL IS NOT ENTITLED FOR SELF DEFENCE. So – is there humanitarian blockade ? As mentioned above boarder crossings were closed only AFTER direct attacks, and only AFTER Israel was attacked by Qassam missiles. What Israel should have done ? More then SEVEN YEARS of continued targeting of CIVILIAN POPULATIONS by a direct fire. Imagine seven years of rockets, mortar shells and snipers directly, nearly on a daily base, on Bern, Milano, Istanbul, Alexandria, Dallas, Nice, Malmo, Narvik, Munchen, Turku, Minsk, Irbid, Liverpool – did anyone of the governments of these countries would have set down quietly ? Did any of these people coming under such attacks would have not stood up for the safety of his fellow citizens ? Why only Israel is not allowed to protect itself ? Where was the Arab world during the last seven years ? Where was the Turkish PM ? Where was the UN ? Where were all the "human rights" activists ? Only Palestinians have human rights ? Israeli kids blood is not red ? Are Israeli babies qualified to serve as live targets ?

Posted by Ben January 10, 09 04:47 PM

For 8 years our cities are targted by Hamas missiles, children pee in their beds, children mutilated in their body and mind. We should have done this a long time ago. Hamas smogles missiles(from Iran) through undergorunfd tunnels with the border with Egypt.
Israel demand are:
1. Stop the rockets launched at our cities.
2. Stop the weapon and missiles smugling from underground tunnels.

That is all, without this the Palestinians and their elected government Hamas will continue to bomb our cities and kill our people. Who can live like that?! Who would agree to that?!
Israel is a democratic western country, but most of the Israeli people and the western people fail to realize that the muslims are not thinking the same way we do. They want Islamic rule all over the world, look it up on youtube.

and the one who said that Hamas is killing only soldiers, this is totally wrong, several civilians were killed and injured, the rocketes are aimed at our cities, but the civilans in most cases manage to run into shelters before the missile hits.
About Israel killing only civilians, again totaly wrong, Hamas does not publish the numbers but since we are targeting the Hamas most of the casualties are Hamas, you offcourse see what Hamas wants you to see. Based on the pictures published by the Arab media no Hamas terrorist was ever hit....well open your eyes and think.

One final word, i think it is wrong to jeoperdise Israeli soldiers, I prefer to flatten the Area with bombs, sadly my government and most Israelis does not think like me.

Posted by Zohar January 10, 09 04:58 PM

Nice work for the IDF troops...

for all of you that think that israel is hitting kids in the palestinian side - be awere that Hamas Terror forces are kipping those kids as a living shild against the bombs of the IDF...

the conflict in israel is not so black&white as some of you would think....

Posted by Naf January 10, 09 05:18 PM

Reply to 517
I think we are all educated enough to know that Wikipedia articles are edited by any one (if you check the history on these articles you'll see they were edited before you quoted them....hmmm) and the first article you link to doesn't even exist titled "Jewish Diaspora" but an article with the title "Palestinian Diaspora" does in fact exist.

Thank you for the propaganda information Mr. Computer guy or should i say Mr. Mossad Speaker Person. Here is a link that is actually credible from Haaretz a major Israeli Newspaper that verifies comment 497 about Israel bombing UN:

Posted by John January 10, 09 05:18 PM

It seems to me that 85 percent of the comments here are pro palestinian and anti israel. You people that are siding with the palestinians and are cursing israel for what they are doing are infact sad, ignoranrt, and sorry to put it so bluntly- stupid. I myslef was down in these israeli towns down by the border. Not ONE of you people that left a comment can imagine the scenario of sitting in your living room and having a rocket fall right through the roof of your house! Living your life in terror evrey day? What do you think america would do if mexico was dumping rockets into texas or any other state? it takes a minute amount of brains to realize that you must take action. I'll agree with the fact that israel is stupid in a way- it took 8 years for them to finally make a operation in gaza! America would have attacked in a scenario like this the next day.As of you ignorant, non-educated people, who accuse the israeli government of "oppressing" the palestinian people or the fact that we are occuping the territories in the west bank- check it: let's go back to the year 2000. Ehud barak (now the defence minister) and arafat (now dead) are in washington trying to work out a peace treaty. Ehud barak offers arafat 96 percent of all the "occupied territories" in the west bank! He put it all on the table! So don't anybody come and accuse israel. We offered you guys the entire pie, not just a sliver from the cake. And you know what arafats answear was? No, no, no. We want it all, not only the west bank but we want all the jews out, we don't want a jewish state in the middle east! I love it, the arab nations have 22 countries, as for the jews to have 1 half sliver of a country? No. Why? Why are people so against the state of israel? A people that lost 6 million in the holocust as the world sat by and did just about nothing! We should have the right to have our own country and live in peace and tranquility! God bless the land of israel.

Posted by naftali January 10, 09 05:49 PM

Hamas and Iran are responsible for this war. Free Gaza from Hamas! Hamas is cancer. And cure from cancer is painful.

Posted by Constantine January 10, 09 05:54 PM

I don't think we are going to settle who is to more blame for this war in these comments here. I am pretty ignorant about a lot of the regional history but the recurring theme seems to be people making bad decisions and people not liking each other, so that by now we are in a "I wouldn't start from here" situation.

To me the pictures are heartbreaking and say that nobody should have to go through this.

Posted by Chris January 10, 09 06:00 PM

Israel warned Hamas to stop fire Qassam rockets to Israel, elswere there will be deadly response. Look, Israel don't fight with West Bank because there is more peaceful government.

Posted by Constantine January 10, 09 06:09 PM

poor bastards, jews and palestines still fighting for theirs belieaves... i hope someday all the world realizes that religions must end for our own sake... stupid things like gods and races has to be forgotten

Posted by Christian Acosta January 10, 09 06:16 PM

To 528. What school? School teaching children that 72 virgins await them in heaven if they blow themselves up to kill as many Jews as possible? What will you do if you're in their position sending you rockets on a daily basis since the wall nullified their suicide bombers?

Posted by Tim Oakley January 10, 09 06:29 PM

Tristes imagens daqueles que sofrem com a guerra.
Enquanto os líderes estão muito longe desta realidade...

Posted by Hugo Lisboa - Brasil January 10, 09 06:42 PM

People, who defense the innocent Palestinian. Where have you been all the last eight years, when Hamas launched the rockets on Israeli civilians? Kids that are in third grade in Sderot were born under rockets attacks and whole their life is under rockets attacks. Every day they have to hide themselves, when they hear the siren. At the current time hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians have to hide in shelters. What proportional reaction do you expect? Would you like that Israel launchs the rockets to the places with the high density of the Palestinian people as Hamas does? Is it OK with you? 75% of killed people from the Palestinian side are terrorists. Its too bad that 25% are still civilians. But the responsibility for their deaths is on the Hamas terrorists that use them as the alive screen, which is against the Geneva convention.

Posted by Serge January 10, 09 06:44 PM

To 553. Stop playing the facade game. So you are implying that those rockets fired are harmless and homemade? Those are not fireworks, they're deadly though not accurate and they are produced by people who are living outside the conflict region.

Posted by Tim Oakley January 10, 09 06:46 PM

As an Israeli I object this war BUT:
Please make sure you understand why there are so many casualties on the palestenian side (for now 885 people, around 650 of them - hamas soldiers)

In one of the images you can see the rockets being fired towards israel from a populated area with many buildings.

Now you say that Israel has a right to fight terrorists, but terrorists are fighting very close to with women and children. how can Israel both fight terrorists and avoid hurting innocent people?

These people chose the Hamas to be their government. all that Hamas did was to buy weapon and shoot it at israeli hospitals, schools, kindergardens and other civil areas.

Is any other country willing to have their citizens bombarded on a daily basis?
French did a huge massacre in Algeria for much less (Colonialism). England and the US did it in Dresden on WW2. the germans... enough said.
Did they throw leaflets or called the homes before bombing? yeah right...
Israel does that. it has no wish to hurt civilians, but when Hamas knows that there are 200 innocent people in a building and still fires rockets from the roof - you can understand who is to blame.

All that israel wants is a quiet place to live in. together with the palestenians. a proof is the fact that Israel withdrew from Gaza in order to let the Palestenians there form a new country without israeli military and civil presence.

All they formed was a big terror organization.

And again - I am against that war because it has far too many casualties, but I also protest against the fact that for the last 8 years civilians - kids, schools, hospitals are being bombarded on a daily basis.

How would you act if you were in that situation?

Posted by Omri January 10, 09 06:49 PM

They are firing their (poor) rockets because of the illegal occupation!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Marcelo January 10, 09 06:51 PM

this is not about responding with artillery to people chucking rocks. It's about responding to people who are shooting rockets into Israeli populations centers and have been doing so for years. A couple of months ago, they started really picking up the pace. Perhaps Israel should respond by shooting back rocket for rocket? Every time the Palestinians randomly shoot a rocket into an Israeli population center, the Israelis should do the same? Then all you people complaining about Israel would no doubt lambast Israel and continue as you do now, to ignore the incessant and constant Palestinian attacks. Would you want your country to not respond if someone was shooting rockets at u day after day

Posted by Jim Smith January 10, 09 06:52 PM

to 547. Exactly. Some people are so dragged by their emotions unable to see the real picture and look beyond the facade.

Posted by Tim Oakley January 10, 09 06:53 PM

Hamas has reached its purposes: raising populist reactions and driving western countries to supply them for money and more "aids". Hamas was repeatedly warned to stop launching rockets, Hamas is the only one which is liable of what is happening to the civilians, Hamas is the first aggressor, even though largely inferior than Israeli forces. They thought to hit Israeli sure that Israelians would be blocked by public and international opinions. They mistaken, they're liable.

Posted by Claudio January 10, 09 07:34 PM

Land for peace doesn’t work
by Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma

It is one of the central doctrines of the Leftists’ church: “land for peace.”

That was supposed to put an end to the conflict in the Middle East. These days we encounter the definite end of that dream. The Israeli army last Sunday returned to Netzarim. Three years ago, Netzarim and other so-called ‘settlements’ were abandoned as a part of the framework of disengagement. This withdrawal should have then led to peace. But 5,000 arguments for a different reality rained down in the form of Kassam rockets on the residents of the Negev.

“Land for Peace” is a medicine based on the wrong diagnosis. The war against Israel is not a territorial conflict and thus can not be solved with territorial concessions. Giving away an area does not help. Hamas cum suis are not fighting for pieces of land but for the total final victory of Islam, to which the rapid destruction of Israel is only a transitional stage. The conflict is jihad, the violent duty of every Muslim. Israel is located on the fault line of the dar-al-Islam and dar-al-Harb. To Islam, all of Israel is occupied territory and Tel Aviv is as much a “settlement” as was Netzarim. The Hamas charter doesn’t know the word ‘polder model’.


The withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 was a huge encouragement to aggressive Islam. What the West convulsively tried to view as a step towards peace is translated by true Muslims as a sign of weakness. The 5,000 rockets from Gaza were therefore the logical consequence of an ideology that seeks to destroy the West. Samuel Huntington, who ironically enough died in the week before the first bombing of Hamas, already wrote it: “Islam has bloody borders”. You can move those bloody borders of Islam, but with that you only shift the jihad. What does it show? “Settlements” are no barrier to peace, but a barrier against terror.

Muslims view the conflict as an Islam-related conflict. It is not without reason that during pro-Hamas demonstrations over the whole world “Allahu akhbar” is prominently chanted. Saturday this was illustrated when Muslim colonizers demonstrated in Amsterdam, together with the extreme Left. The SP (Harry van Bommel), the Olive Trees Campaign/ICCO (from Doekle Terpstra), and the inevitable Gretta Duisenberg showed how much the Left in the Netherlands has merged with Islam and hatred of Israel.

My colleague Van Bommel showed without the slightest embarrassment his true extreme face by publicly and loudly calling for another intifada against Israel. The Left demonstrates with flags of Hamas and Hezbollah, along with portraits of Khomeini and the Hezbollah leader Nasrallah.

The fight against Israel is a fight against Europe and the Netherlands

Seventy years after Auschwitz, in the streets of Amsterdam, partly at the expense of the taxpayer, sounds the cry “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.” This is what Doekle the Dhimmi [Doekle Terpstra, Christian Democrat] apparently means with his “benoemen en bouwen” [“naming and building”]. Would he view the Jew Haters of Saturday as moderate Muslims?

- - - - - - - - -

Therefore, never give away any more land to the Arabs. But what then? To begin with, there is already a Palestinian state, and that is Jordan. This land covers nearly eighty percent of the historic Palestine. Most residents of Jordan are Palestinians, for instance queen Rania. Those who are looking for a territorial solution have thus found it. An eventual second Palestinian state is no improvement, but rather an encouragement for more jihad and thus more bloodshed. Judea and Samaria, the heart of Israel, must therefore remain in the hands of Israel whatever the cost, with Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish state.


The war against Israel is permanent because it is jihad. However, the conflict can be made manageable and the Netherlands can play a role in this. To begin with, deterrence should again be the cornerstone of the Israeli security policy. That used to be so until Israel in 1992 surrendered to the Oslo wishing dream. The Netherlands must help to press forward the notion that Israel is fighting for the West and therefore must not give in to the Arabs. Not an inch. If Israel falls, Europe is next. Israel is our first defensive frontline. The fight against Israel is a fight against Europe and the Netherlands.

The billions that the EU and the UN in past years dumped down the endless drain in Gaza must be reversed. The Palestinians have done nothing positive with the money, apart from making it serve the madly popular Hamas terror. It would be good to invest that money in masterful Israeli science and high-tech. The tiny state of Israel has grown to become a global center where the brightest minds in the world are creating inventions on a daily basis that have been a blessing for all mankind. Such a change will provide a boost to the Israeli economy. This success shows the whole world that Israel is not of transitory nature, but a persistent source of progress.

Would it not be great if the money that now goes to the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas, might be used by, for example, the Weizman Institute in Rechovot to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis? International aid money, not for death and destruction but for a future to our sick and elderly. A more beautiful beginning of the new year is cannot be imagined.

And to the Israeli army: kol hakawod, all success! You fight for us too.

Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma are respectively fraction leader and member of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Parliament of The Netherlands

Posted by israel_il January 10, 09 07:35 PM

you can think what you want.
is not one of you does not live in Sderot, which has been shelled for 8 years.
neither one of you jumps of the night, and no runs in the refuge
you all know that came from work will see the living and healthy
their children, their families
leaving a job you do not think that will never come back
you can always return to his clean and cozy apartment, but not because of it left.
Your children can safely walk and play, unlike the children living in southern Israel
at least one of you went to one of the cities of Israel under fire over the last 2 years.
would like you to live under postoyanymi attacks, and hide from missiles????
you would like to bury their children who come under this bombardment????
want at a time when your husband / wife comes to know that his work is no longer
and he never fails to return to that work.
I am sure that you all want to live quietly, and be confident in the future.
so why do you all think that people living in Israel, like when they
flying missiles, why should they live in constant fear, that the missile did not hit a school
or in a kindergarten in which their children.
if you brocyat stone or break your car, you call the police ïî÷åìóòî
to help you, but you do not suffer pochemub years as 5 - 8. in fact it is just your neighborhood boy zabavlyaetsya ???????????

Posted by vik January 10, 09 07:47 PM

Dios ven please

Posted by Ricardo Cantu January 10, 09 08:00 PM

If you fight and defend your country against the invasor and you are a franchman you're called a partisan, but if you do the same and you're a Palestinian you're called a terrorist, I just don't understand why this diference.
I tell you something, if you invade my contry I'd do the same I'd die fighting, if this is a terrorism to defend your contry and people, so I'm one of them.

Posted by Cruz January 10, 09 08:14 PM

If America had these balls, we would be out of Iraq and afghanistan right now

Posted by JImmy John January 10, 09 08:26 PM

Wow. How incredibly graphic.

Amazing photos.

Posted by F S January 10, 09 08:41 PM

Excelent pictures

Posted by Juan January 10, 09 09:24 PM

The UN is a terrorist organization; do they really want to give all Palestinians aids?

on another note:
Every incident between Israel and their poor, innocent neighbors resulting with non-Israeli casualties has exaggerated casualty counts. This has been used to get pity/sympathy from the world. In the war with Hezbollah it was reported that Israel knocked down a building with 40. The report weeks later was that the building was shot at, then 8 hours later it fell - Hezbollah didn't let anyone exit to get the extra tally count.

It’s only fair to assume this may be the case again (but perhaps not).

The Muslim ethnicity/religion is growing faster than any other in the world. Blind faith/belief in the news/propaganda from the Muslim world disregarding facts is a growing power, and as we can see is taking an effect as tens/thousands of people are gathering in rallies across the world.

Lastly, this war is not based on religion from both sides. Israel's offensive is not religion driven; it is a government/military reaction which would be taken by any government who takes the responsibility of protecting their civilians.

Conclusion: activists, protesters, the world which is against this war - it's often said that Israel is doing the wrong thing, but not giving any real other solutions. Perhaps this miserable situation, which no one wants to be a part of, is the only solution to stop attacks.

PS. Please spell better.

Posted by Yasha January 10, 09 09:45 PM


Posted by Roberto Gallegos C. January 10, 09 10:08 PM

"By [the token of] Time (through the ages), Verily, man is in loss, Except those who have faith and do righteous deeds and exhort one another to Truth and exhort one another to patience and constancy." (Surah Al-Asr)

War can never bring peace. It only encourages hatred in the hearts of those who lay victim to it. Sure, civilians are being killed on both sides of the border but if you were trapped in box the way the citizens of Gaza are, with the fear of going to sleep at night and not waking to see the light of day again...with the fear of letting your children go outside to play in the streets and wondering if they will come back for supper, how can we say that the war is a fair one? At any given time an Israeli citizen is able to move his family to safety, away from the dangers imposed upon his family by you believe a Gaza citizen has that option? Women and children are dying as we speak...I mean for God's sake the people in the middle ages knew that killing women and children was barbaric...please tell me if the amount of innocent life lost on the Gaza side is as near equivalent to the loss of life on the Israeli side? IF you cannot understand the inhumane war that is being fought in front of our eyes then clearly you must clearly not be a believer in God (Allah ). The only way to resolve a conflict such as this one is to first gain a clear understanding of one another's faith? I bet you didn't know that the 3 major religions sent down to us by God are Christianity, Judaism and Islam...We all share the same God, and if we cannot learn to live with one another.. I only wonder whose side God is truly on.

Posted by Anonymous January 10, 09 10:17 PM

Stop killing each other!
It is horrible to know that every second somewhere in the world a man is killing another human being.
Are we the barbarians?

Here is a story of a Palestinian whose father was killed during this invasion.
He is a human being, but he lives in subhuman conditions due to the hatred and violence of the blood-thirsty barbarians on both sides of a conflict.

Posted by Irene G.G. January 10, 09 11:12 PM

I'm Mexican, and I don't favor nor Israelies nor Palestinians. Whose land is it?
Israelies say it is theirs, Palestinians say the same.
I've heard the Israely people developed that land (like Americans did in America)
I've heard Palestinians offer cheap labor (like mexicans do)
Seems to me like Israely people are really smart(like Americans are), and palestinian people are..................... more atracted to religion(like mexicans are).

Palestinian people should Unite and learn from their neighbors(mexicans should do the same and learn from Americans), so that their own goverment does not take advantage of them(lboth mexicans and palestinians)
But again the religion blinds them. At least mexicans are smart enough, not to launch rockets against Americans, because they know Americans are smarter and MIGHTIER!!!
Do not belive what religion says, you are far better if you belive in true LOVE.
Love your country and build beautifull cities, belive in religion and your prayers will not build a single wall nor a brick to build your house.
Love your children , teach them what you know and they will grow wise.
Teach your children how to pray and they will grow thinking the Earth is flat.
Love your family, love your neighbors, Feel the suffering of the father when he lost his son, Feel the suffering of the mother, when her son is sick and she can not heal him, or you can pray and be indiferent.
Belive in religion and pray, or....
Belive in Love and fight for the ones you love.
Pray, and let the bad guys(Hamas,mexican goverment) decide your future


Posted by Eliazar January 11, 09 12:52 AM

it's incredible how can exist people who try to give arguments for killing innocent people.
i give thanks to god for living in a poor peacefull country where there are no evil people in the goverment, looking for obtaining material benefits by wars & killing people.

Posted by awelol January 11, 09 02:01 AM

where there are muslims, peace will not be there. take examples of any country pakistan, malasia,india,irak afganistan et........much more

Posted by prakash January 11, 09 02:18 AM

Picture #7 shows the so called Hamas rockets, maybe an ant would get some damage from that. The road is not even cracked by it, i mean snow here in Canada can make more damage to roads than that toy. The Israelis who move around Gaza are at fault for trying to make settlements on occupied lands. I hate to see them die because of their greedy government trying to capture more and more land. Also, the Israelis have surrounded Gaza cut off all the basic necessities of any human being for years and years. Leave the occupied lands and live on your territories and you will be safe. During and before the Israeli attach on Lebanon in 2006 i recall reading about an Arab proposal that calls on Israel to just withdraw to it's own UN defined territory in exchange for having normal relations with ALL surrounding countries and the Israelis refused it and now this.

This shows the Palestinian loss of land over the years:

Posted by Joshua January 11, 09 03:02 AM

Israel should be erased from the map of this world. That would stop the conflict immediately. They have no right discriminate anybody but have been doing this since the beginning of this artificial "country". I have nothing against Jews, but Israel should never be created. It was wrong and illegal.

Posted by jaad75 January 11, 09 03:07 AM

Golda Meir (was Israeli's Prime Minister in 1969) once said - "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."

Posted by sigal Dishon January 11, 09 03:55 AM

"Typical Israeli behaviour"?? Typical Hammas behaviour!! since when a child is throwing stones!? don't you get it!? they educate to hate and to fight since day 1! they want to destroy Israel and jews! they wanted Isarel to disengage from Gaza (Goosh Katif) and still they shoot rockets at Israel,even more than before the disengagement .

"For those who say Israel is defending itself. How is attacking a UN van.... how is that defence?" I'll tell you how: they are smuggling weapons and supplies for rockets too! how else do you think they have so much ammo, if not from the "innocent" supply vans ? who do you think help them build thoes rockets if not the "innocent" citizens of Gaza?? who is supporting them? giving them shelter and cover so they can keep on going? no one is innocent...
just like you pay taxes and the money goes to the army in your country, the citizens of Gaza are helping Hammas to go on with their terror on Israel.

Posted by kenan January 11, 09 04:50 AM

Reply to comment 568: It seems you just believe what your government tells you to believe. Egypt and Iran do not have any relations in any shape or form (political or otherwise) they are not even adjacent so how can Iran smuggle weapons into Egypt and then to Gaza through Egypt. Second of all if drugs can be smuggled into the mighty USA from Mexico a little bit of weapons can be smuggled through Egypt into Gaza and is to be expected but it doesn't mean the Egyptians allow it and it is not through Iran either. The two countries are on two different continents, and their political leaders are not friendly to one another. Iran doesn't like the fact Egypt made peace with Israel and Egypt does not like the fact Iran named a major street in Tehran after the killer of its President. I don't think there is any border in the world that doesn't have illegal activities/goods crossing through it.

Another comment talks about how in WWII USA nuked Japan and killed so and so, and how USA invaded Afghanistan and Iraq because of two sky scrapers, are you trying to say that these actions justify Israel's killing of the Palestinians? and that each new war should have more causalities than the one before it? what kind of logic is that? when will it stop? when everyone of us is long gone? I hope we all can think of one another as a generation of human beings sharing this place at this exact moment of time. Even if the previous generation made the mistakes they made, we should learn from them and not repeat them again. I think never before at any given point of time so many humans were educated and sent to universities and graduate. Look at how many college graduates graduate each year globally. We are educated people and we have established moral and human common rights. Another history lesson for Israel is that no conflict has ever been solved through force it is just like physics laws every action has a reaction. You can keep the status queue for so long but then the laws of physics kick in.

Posted by Ali January 11, 09 04:52 AM

Israel is the true enemy. how can u kill innocent babies. omg. try 2 justify it any way u want... their is no justification. I have never seen or heard of anything so absurd in my life. I am a mother, a lionness. my god i would kill if someone pointed a gun at my child. these children what the hell did they do? they r innocent. what war on terrorism? lets not fool each other. we all know who the terrorist is. Gaza has been isolated no exit no entry. they cant even defend themselves. This is Holy Land... Only in the devils (Israel) hand

Posted by rita assaf January 11, 09 04:56 AM

Abbas warning Israel that there'll be a "waterfall of blood" if they don't sign on to a ceasefire falls on empty ears. Hamas and Hesbollah want to eliminate Israel, have it as the backbone of their organization - here's their chance... But now they're suddenly afraid to be martyrs...?

Main point is that if "whoever" cannot police their neighborhood - lets people fire rockets and mortars from the apartment next door, and then complain they got bombed - they deserve it. "Police yourselves, or someone will police you for you."

Posted by Mark January 11, 09 05:15 AM

Son siempre los más desprotegidos los que pierden todo en estas guerras.
Los niños, los jóvenes, los ancianos.

Las fotos son impresionantes.

Posted by wilheminaqueen January 11, 09 05:25 AM

We all want to live peacefuly and have a good relationship with our neighbors.
If the palestinians want to build a country and live a peacefuly life near Israel, thay should stop there misile, and think about how to built and not how to destroy
(It will take time, I still belive that one day will make together the middle east a better place for all of us).

lets stop the hate and live the past behind us.
we all want to raise our children in a better place.

Posted by amit January 11, 09 06:50 AM

Israel withdrawn 2005 from Gaza ?
since Jan 2006 , Hamas wins the elections, a full siege from the sea, the land, and from air as well, three years of full siege of 1.5 millions of people,even a Siami cat will turn to be a tiger in this siege

8 years of Hamas rockets towards Israel?
in 8 years 20 "Israeli's" were killed , the Zionist state killed about 900 in 2 weeks (till the moment)


Posted by Amir January 11, 09 07:16 AM

I am American and also Israeli, and I say: Eliazar #596), let me COMPLETELY agree with you.

Posted by Alex January 11, 09 07:17 AM

580 (palestinians) vs 13 (Israelis)
Wow....I am just curious how islaelis talk about "defense."
Do you have rights to pretend like victims of holocaust now?
In Korean website, one internet user asked seriously,
"Please let me teach how people, believing they are selected by god,
can do massacre like this....."
I do not want to see any more in the newspaper women crying and missing
of their families who had killed by Nazi.

I was stunned they were really happy about ATTACK in the Gaza city
after visiting the Jerusalem Post homepage...

Posted by Roh January 11, 09 07:57 AM

the birthplace of many religions but the deadplace of too much people
imagine a scene : i was living in a little house allowed by a ig imperiator state one day that state order someone to take place instead of me and order me shuting my mouth the reasons of this changement are not important palestine is'nt the jews or muslilms area we must respect this country by respecting all people elementary rights like food clear water and school and work too
choose a little cutty dog like chiwawa and put it in a dark little jail for many months without good food and water just the dark then try to put your hand into the jail and note !! have we done a brainwhashing to the dog ordering him to bite everyone? NONO

Posted by aminem13 January 11, 09 08:32 AM

Religion is probably invented by demons to destroy the human race.

Posted by John Planetarian January 11, 09 08:36 AM

It not pleasant to look at a surgery when the doctor is cutting into a person with a lot of blood all over.
Israeli army is doing a surgery in Gaza to cut out the tumor named Hamas.
If you don't understand what you are looking at then DON'T LOOK AT IT because it will make you judge WRONG!

Posted by Ariel January 11, 09 08:52 AM


Posted by sorte de ser brasileiro January 11, 09 09:13 AM

You israelis talk about Hamas as if they are shooting rockets for no reason. Israel has been trying to starve out the Palestinians for years. Israel has been trying to make this happen so they can claim "defense" as they try to kill everyone in Gaza. This is why they shoot relief workers, so all wounded will die also, women and children included. I have been there and the statement that Hamas is using human shields is a big lie! That's just the excuse Israel uses so they can kill women and children. What happened to "never again"? Or does that only apply to Jews? Israel deserves what ever it gets.

Posted by Jim January 11, 09 09:24 AM

"588.If you fight and defend your country against the invasor and you are a franchman you're called a partisan, but if you do the same and you're a Palestinian you're called a terrorist, I just don't understand why this diference."

Three years ago Israel withdrawn from Gaza to the UN borders and no one solder or Israeli civilian presented there. After the withdrawal Palestinian people elected Hamas and the rocket attacks only became stronger. Gaza never was blocked by Israel, it has a border with Egypt controlled by Egyptian forces. The border was used for bringing the rockets and other arming for attacks against civilians. What partisan war you are talking about? The only aim of Hamas and people that support it is to destroy Israel. And they declare this aim very straightforward.

Posted by Serge January 11, 09 09:55 AM

in 2002 for the first time rockets were fired from gaza as terror acts in 2005 israel made a mistake and withdrawn from gaza to support the peace efforts people like me knew that the arabs would understand it not as a peace move but as a weakness and it will "fuel" their efforts and than they kept firing kassam rockets on israel instead of building palestinian nation and making their life better and why is that it's simple they want an arab nation from somalia to irak without countris called hallifa and who's not jew will pay a tax in the good case in the bad will be murderd after hamas started firing more than 50 rockets a day and killed a civilian israel couldn't not to react and had to react
do you know israel gives 3 hour a day a humanitarian window in which the fighting stops and civilians can go and get food and water no other country has ever done such a thing if israel was so bad than all the palestinians would have die from hunger in a few days but israel doesn't do so
moreover hammas uses women and children not only man as suicide bombers

Posted by micahel January 11, 09 10:07 AM

it's so unfortunate that people look at pictures, read captions of news and make their minds on issues they have absolutely no information and knowledge. this is also true of newspaper people. how many people know the real history of the land of israel read what historians described in the 18, 19th centuries. read what happened 1943-1948 ?
the Palestinian story is the most widely used lie and continues to be used against Israel. there are no Palestinian people, the land of israel was barren and desolate up till mid 19th century, and the majority of the population at that time were jews. Once jews arrived and financial activity increased arabs from around immigrated and then friction started thanks to incompetent British colonial rule. the Arab inhabitants were never forced out - they ran expecting a victory of the Arab armies. even till almost 10 years ago the economic situation of the palestinians in the west bank was much better than the one in Jordan Egypt and Lebanon. going to the hamas - they are a terrorist group first and foremost in their own community murdering people women and children - why do you not report on the rockets that misfired and fell into Gaza killing families and children, why do you not report on the murders they committed while taking over control two years ago in Gaza throwing Fatach personnel from roofs ? why do yo not report on the murder of women who are thought to dishonor the family name ? why do you not report that instead of getting medicine, food supply through the tunnels they only smuggled arms and ammunition. why do yo not show thw pictures of hamas "fighters" using childern as humane shields. ? subjective reporting and newspaper work is vital in order to give a balanced and intelligent picture. what you are doing is hypocritical, one sided and creates more suffering and death.

Posted by icyi January 11, 09 10:11 AM

you are an idiot, if more israelies would die this would be better ?
if less palestinians would die than this would also be OK ?
this is not a score game how many die from each side, this is an issue of can we live on two sides of a boarder at peace with each other.
AND until the palestinians stop trying to push israel out this will not happen !!!

Posted by icyi January 11, 09 10:39 AM

While hiding underneath Gaza's Shiba Hospital, Hamas leaders do not care how much destruction there is above their heads; it only brings them closer to recognition on the world stage. After cynically playing on Israel's agony over IDF Corporal Gilead Shalit whom they barter with in one prisoner release after another the hospital above their heads fills up with the wounded and dying; many of whom voted Hamas in hopes for a less corrupt leadership and a little more normalcy. They deserved better.

Posted by Ross Barkley January 11, 09 10:42 AM

כָּל עוֹד בַּלֵּבָב פְּנִימָה
נֶפֶשׁ יְהוּדִי הוֹמִיָּה,
וּלְפַאֲתֵי מִזְרָח, קָדִימָה,
עַיִן לְצִיּוֹן צוֹפִיָּה,

עוֹד לֹא אָבְדָה תִּקְוָתֵנוּ,
הַתִּקְוָה בַּת שְׁנוֹת אַלְפַּיִם,
לִהְיוֹת עַם חָפְשִׁי בְּאַרְצֵנוּ,
אֶרֶץ צִיּוֹן וִירוּשָׁלַיִם.

Proud to be a citizen of a country who would go through the gates of Hell - for the safety of its citizens. Like the Canadian guy above me said - my country, having my back.

Thank you Israel. Thank you for being there for me when hordes of irresponsible uncivilized terror organizations, who took brutal hold of an innocent population, try to kill me and my family. Thank you.

Posted by Nadav January 11, 09 11:02 AM

Very well, Israel do all hard work for all mankind , killing all terrorist in the hell named GAZA.

u arabs must to tell to HAMAS thanks for this mess here.

ISRAEL our small but strong country !!! We will Win this WAR.

Posted by Alexey January 11, 09 11:10 AM

When civilian population support a terrorist organization (Palestinians democratically chose Hamas), they are accountable. When your country is attacked, your civilians terrorized, in my opinion, you can and must do whatever you want to stop these attacks. All who oppose the Israeli attack must imagine themselves being attacked and terrorized on a daily basis for 7-8 years.. I'm sure anyone would have acted the same, if not worse.

Posted by Aviv January 11, 09 11:11 AM

People say Israel has more deadly weapons to fight with.
That's true.
Another truth is:
Hamas are bombing Israeli settlements for the last 8 YEARS. How would you feel if a bomb will fall around you house? Would you say: "Well, it's just homemade!"?
Hamas had been bombing Israeli settlements 40KM around the Gaza strip. If you live in New-York and a bomb will fall in New-Jersey what would you say???
The US government has started a war in Iraq A FEW YEARS AGO. I bet that a part of it was to protect the free world from terrorism. WHY is it so hard to conceive that Israel would protect itself from terrorism?
Hamas is targeting Civilians. Israel targets Hamas activists.
Israel informs Sicilians to movie out before bombing a site.
Hamas are living among civilians, how can the Israeli army fight this.
Hamas are taking the supplies that are supposed to go to the civilians and deprives them from food and water. NOW who is the bigger monster?
Hamas ladders pick children of the street in order to walk safely around town. NOW who is the monster?

I live in Israel and i am so
Proud of our government and our soldiers.

Posted by Maya Kainan January 11, 09 11:13 AM

Es terrible lo que esta sucediendo en la Franja de Gaza, lo mas triste es que Israel no hace caso a ninguna recomendacion de Naciones Unidas, mientras tanto siguen aumentando las vi­ctimas inocentes de este genocidio.
Hasta cuando el mundo seguira impasivo ante esta situacion?

Posted by Soledad Gonzalez January 11, 09 11:16 AM

dios creo que se olvido de estas personas

Posted by rolo January 11, 09 11:25 AM

Soledad Gonzales (#625):
1) This is not genocide. Unlike Hamas, who would kill every single Israeli -- men, women, children & elders, to the last person -- Israel only targets terrorists and militants. The high civilian casualty rate is due to Hamas using its civilian & children population as a human shield.

Do you really think that Israel, with its superior hi-tech weapons, wouldn't have been able to exterminate the entire 1,000,000+ Gazan population had it wanted a genocide?

Posted by Novartza January 11, 09 11:52 AM

(...continued to Soledad Gonzales, #625):
2) Israel and the world are doing their best to end this war and negotiate a permanent ceasefire, as per the United Nations' decisions. However, this is complicated: nobody wants to return to Point Zero, with the Hamas smuggling rockets & explosives across the borders & tunnels. Without a solid mechanism to watch over the borders and prevent Hamas from rearming, in a few months we'll be back to where we started at.

Posted by Novartza January 11, 09 11:57 AM

The pictures can make us to think about power and life.
In the future we will say how we had spent a lot of power to make a stupid kind of freedom and not to save life. Jew and Palestinian's citizens need us because if there are not freedom for one it's won't be for nobody. So, they will tell to each other: we were brothers!

Posted by Evandro, from Brazil. January 11, 09 12:12 PM

Not sure if anybody brought this up in the previous > 600 comments, but here's some background on picture 26:

Get the "big picture"!

Posted by A German for Israel January 11, 09 12:43 PM

I, for one, am happy to see Israel finally giving the Hamas what it needs, a total butt kicking. Israel needs to keep going until Hamas is broken completely and the worlds crying liberals can go to hell!

Posted by B.R. Whitfield January 11, 09 12:46 PM

Once again it's all about politics, power and struggles for more money on both f*ckin sides. And what's the result?? Terrorised civilians in Israel, MASS MURDERED civilians in Gaza, and us sitting comfortably behind our computers, talking about what is good/wrong from this whole big messy situation, while waiting for diner time....

The only way peace can be reached in that region is through 2 options:

1. One nation gets totally annihilated (seems to be the Palestinians so far), and then u get the conqueror's peace.

2. Second option is to give hope to Palestinians: give'em the possibilities to get jobs, car/house loans, plans for holidays, i'm talkin about a normal life here, and believe me they will think twice before going and blowing themselves or launching pitty rockets. What do you expect from 1.5 million persons living in an open sky prison?? You talk about empathy, then ask yourself what would you do if you were in their situation at first place?? Woudn't you try to break free by any mean? .. And don't say that it's the Palestinians job to work 100% for peace and build their state, that will be sooo hypocrite as long as Israel is keeping them IN PURPOSE poor, Dependant, encircled and blocked in many small dispersed territories: take any map and you won't find a f*ckin continuity on the so called palestian state. It's just a bunch of open sky ghettos surrounded by walls and machineguns. Both sides should make efforts and stop been hypocrites, and give to their population true hopes for a "normal" life, and I will ensure you that you will get peace there...

Posted by Othman January 11, 09 02:06 PM

Rally in Support of Israel!
Rally in Support of Israel!
Rally in Support of Israel!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Copley Square (at the side of the Boston Public Library)
Boston, MA
Contact Info: 6174578650

Posted by Ingvar January 11, 09 02:21 PM

Los yanquis (gringos) habéis sido engañados de nuevo, como la invasión de Irak por vosotros mismos (os dijeron q Sadam era amigo de Ben Ladden y q Irak tenía armas de destrucción masiva y ambas cosas fueron demostradamente mentira). Habláis como si la masacre israelí fuera una "respuesta" a los cohetes prácticamente inócuos que lanza Hamas a Israel, pero no habláis q Palestina lleva 60 años viviendo oprimida por Israel día a día. Israel es el país que más resoluciones de la ONU incumple. Que Gaza estaba sitiada y bloquedada desde hace años. Que no entraban alimentos, medicina, gas, luz....Esto se llama Memoria Selectiva

Posted by Ale January 11, 09 03:23 PM

We can say a lot about who 's wrong and who's right. But we MUST NOT FORGET who is the victim and who is the criminal all these decades!! Everybody should find out (even from brave Israeli people ) what have happened all these years!

Posted by Kapouas Ioannis January 11, 09 03:38 PM

"Hamas fighters" as described above should be changed to "hamas terrorists", or maybe even "hamas chickens".
Just look at photo #22 to see from where these bustards are firing their missiles to the heart of Israeli cities.

Hamas should be revoked forever.

Posted by Israel Views January 11, 09 03:57 PM

Good for the Israelis. We had enough of Hamas. They are professional killers. America must stand by our friends and destroy our enemies. There are three main enemies to all the free people of the world" IRAN/ISLAM/PAKISTAN. They should all be erased from the face of the earth. May God bless the Israelis for doing what America should have done a long time ago. Stop showing the same photos of dead babies, women and children! It is getting boring. Show us the photos of dead Hamas militants and we will all rejoice!!!

Posted by Ahmet Tahtakilic January 11, 09 04:46 PM

"Live in peace" ..." Why don't the Palestinians build hospitals, schools instead of rockets" ... etc.
So the Palestinians should quietly accept the usurption and occupation of their homeland ... that's the idea, right?
People will fight for their homes, as we saw in the Americas with the Indians. Of course, the Indian way of life was exterminated by the invaders. But they fought for their lands.
Just like the Indians fought for their homeland, just like the Kashmiris are fighting for their homeland and freedom, so too are the Palestinians fighting to get their homeland back from an occupier.

Posted by jay saxena January 11, 09 04:49 PM

So it begun. The waiting’s over.
Let’s make some sense of senseless times:
Stop rocket rain. And moreover,
Hamas must pay for heinous crimes.

The world is boiling, lefties - screaming
‘Those evil Jews we want to kill’,
Ah, angry Arabs must be dreaming
No doubt, of а large Islam-o-ville?

The Gaza gangs of vicious dummies
Don’t want a nation of their own.
It dies. With prayer, next to ‘mummies’
When Kassam sites are being blown

The Jews will victims be no longer -
Not to Hamas or Hezbollah.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
The G-d of Israel isn’t Allah!


January 7, 2009

Posted by James January 11, 09 05:20 PM

I wonder how things would have been if all the neighbors around Israel 60 tears ago had accepted them instead of trying to destroy them. The "Palestinians" are mere pawns used by others to harass Israel.

Posted by S Pockspen January 11, 09 05:21 PM


Just stunning, and terrible in the same way

Posted by Johannes F. Raebel January 11, 09 05:34 PM

The Israeli's are guilty of robbery day light robbery, we must not excuse them, they deserve no sympathy, no compassion, they are guilty of their own crimes, they are heartless and murderers.They are fighting a loosing battle, they may have possession of PALESTINE but it will never be theirs and history will always prove that. I never thought I would support Hamas but now I pray for their strength, and that they never let the Israeli people live in peace unless ofcourse they all leave. LONG LIVE HAMAS

Posted by Abi January 11, 09 05:45 PM

"Nice work for the IDF troops...

for all of you that think that israel is hitting kids in the palestinian side - be awere that Hamas Terror forces are kipping those kids as a living shild against the bombs of the IDF..."

Yes, so who is worse, those using innocents as shields, or Israel, who know that they are using them, but decide to fire such powerful, indiscriminate bombs on them anyway? Hamas is a terrorist organization, but Israel is a terrorist NATION!

Posted by a January 11, 09 07:04 PM

580 dead (Palestinians) vs. 13 dead (Israelis); self-defense?
The numbers speak.
Compare the weapons of the two sides; one does a lot more killing.
The numbers speak.
Both sides target civilians, clearly.
The numbers speak.
Both sides have terrorists; all who terrorize are terrorists.
The numbers speak.
All war is Evil and Stupid.
The numbers speak.
What do they say?

Posted by Kayb January 11, 09 07:05 PM

Enquanto os Israelenses nadam em suas piscinas cristalinas e azuis, o povo Palestino não tem água para beber, suas casas e terras foram tomadas brutalmente, sua gente foi escravizada, confinada em guetos (Gaza), e a cada investida das forças de Israel, um verdadeiro massacre de civis (inclusive crianças), a justificativa daquilo que não se justifica nem que debrucemos sobre livros de história, de civilidade, de democracia , de capitalismo.......talvez de um sentimento de "revanche" ocorrido na segunda guerra e na qual os Palestinos nada tem de culpa, não encontro outra justificativa, é o ódio gratuìto!

Posted by Ruy Lombardi Mendes January 11, 09 07:16 PM

Não sei se todo mundo sabe como isso tudo começou. Vamos relembrar um pouco. O povo judeu não tinha pátria, foi persseguido e massacrado por Hitler na 2º Guerra. Após a Guerra a ONU decidiu alocar todos os judeus, vocês sabem onde? Foi assentado mais de 20 mil familias na palestina, muitos paletinos tiveram que sair de suas casas para abrigar os judeus. Na minha opinião isso é o mesmo que alguém colocar uma pessoa desconhecida em sua casa sem lhe consultar ou pedir permissão e pior te espulsando de casa. Os grupos terrorista lutam por seus lares tomados, mas os meios usados são os mais extremos. Não sou a favor do terrorismo, mas também sou contra Irsael por usar toda sua força contra o hamas sem se preocupar com que não tem nada haver e não quer entrar no conflito. Se niguém com mais força tomar conta da situação como fizeram após a 2ºguerra veremos mais fotógrafos se deliciando com imagens como essas.

Posted by Lindomar January 11, 09 07:25 PM

Everybody knows that 75 per cent of the people of Gaza are refugees. Everybody knows that Israel disengaged from Gaza militarily, but occupies it economically and politically and also it besieges Gaza militarily.

Israel is not a normal country, it is an occupying country, a colonial country and the people of Gaza are under siege.

The ceasefire was meant to lift the Israeli blockade on Gaza, but it didn't. It was meant to facilitate the release of Palestinian prisoners, many of whom were members of the elected Hamas Government, but it didn't.

ohh and your own government has admitted that hitting the UN schools and killing children and innocent civilians was a mistake..what a smart move huh..

Posted by Iman January 11, 09 08:28 PM

see #547 excellent point...if hamas laid down their weapons there would be no war...if Israel laid down their weapons there would be increased bloodshed. The goal of hamas is to EXTERMINATE the Jews. The goal of israel is peace. These are not opinions they are FACTS.

Posted by not one of the sympathy sheep January 11, 09 08:58 PM

Parece até que o mundo não evoluiu, se é que evoluiu. Tudo o que fizemos, aprendemos e desenvolvemos parece ser inútil para o desenvolvimento da humanidade. Em nome de quê essa guerra? Em nome de quem tanto sangue derramado?
Nada disso agrada a ninguém.

Posted by Geovaneto Vilar January 11, 09 08:59 PM

the writer of 641 says-" and that they never let the Israeli people live in peace unless ofcourse they all leave". this is exactly the thinking of a terrorist!

Posted by not one of the sympathy sheep January 11, 09 09:02 PM

To residents of the free workd, I ask one simple question: If a neighboring nation fired 1, or 100, or 3000 missiles at your nation and its citizens, would you not rise up and send you full military force to protect your citizens? To Arabs and Muslims, I ask you two simple questions: 1) when will you value the lives of your children as much as their deaths; and 2) if the Palestinian story is so moving and their strife so great, why have you never accepted them into your nations as full citizens as Israel has accepted Jews from every country. Peace can only be realized, once the hypocrisy veil is dropped and people acknowledge Israel's right to self defense. Peter

Posted by PeterW January 11, 09 09:35 PM

Al ver estas imágenes, de verdad que te preguntas si realmente existe DIOS , ya que permite sufrir y morir y además dejar inválida y con terribles secuelas sicológicas a tantas personas, los niños, Dios no puedes permitir esto si realmente existes.

Posted by Victor Manuel January 11, 09 09:41 PM

I am reading comments of support for this war and then I am thinking about WWII. People who suffered enourmosly are now doing the same thnig to others. Didn't you learn anything or maybe Hitler was right. You tell me. Yes this war could be prevented if you signed the peace with Palestinian but no you prefered status quo at least you leaders who are covered with blood money. Not to worry the God is one and we will all pay our debts. I would not be suprised to see soon some sort of carnage in Izrael. Not to forget recent story when Izraely army sent palestinian civilians into single house which at later stage bombed from tanks saying its a mistake.

Posted by Razer January 11, 09 09:46 PM

636 i really can`t believe what i have just read.
if i had hope on the human race y `ve already lost it.
how can you enjoy what is happening in gaza?
how can you defend the genocide of a well provided "country" that is killing a poor one, just like that.
i think we, or you, didn`t learn anything of the the experience of hitler and the nazis.

sorry for my... spelling or ortography, but, (luckily) i am not a yanqui, and my english is a little limitated. so is yor head

Posted by juan perez January 11, 09 10:17 PM

Shame on israel. Stop this barbarism

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 09 10:33 PM

Hamas’s fault? What nonsense!
I support Hamas 100 percent! Ya you heard right!

How can I not support hamas?
They are fighting back!
So get your facts straight!
Hamas is fighting a state that has oppressed their people, that has imprisoned and tortured their youth! That has bulldozed their homes, that has demolished their schools and hospitals! that has bulldozed their homes, that has demolished their schools and hospitals!

They are fighting Israeli soldiers that do no hesitate in shooting women and children! An army that doesn’t hesitate in using depleted uranium against the Palestinians so that if they don’t kill them now the cancer will! They are fighting back!

Posted by S A January 11, 09 10:34 PM

after reading so many arguments, there are a lot points where jews are right, they are defending their land against a group who does not want them to exist next to them, a land that as per history, in the jews point of view, belongs to them, but where is the palestinian point of view?? they see people coming from all europe, soviet union etc... with a religion that entitles them as the chosen people & as the only owners of that land, something which palestinians must accept because they are not jews.....????? b4, this land was ruled by different empires, but the inhabitants were people living in that land for centuries, nonjews, after they converted to judaism, then some of them converted to christianity & then some of them converted to islam. in 1880 jews started an immigration to their home land & native people must accept somebody else as the original owners of houses, their land, etc.... palestinans do see them as thiefs who theft tem what belonged to them & jews do say we won all this land in a war & it belongs to us, what to do now, continue with this war or should we apply the UN resolutions so that we do not give an excuse to extrremists either the muslim extremists who do not aaccept israel or the jews extremist who believe they are the chosen people, the only solution which i see is justice in all the sences, not forgetting palestinias right as native of the land & jews right to live in israel, not lobbyed justice with the world superpowers, but a human justice to both thesides.

Posted by miguel January 11, 09 10:37 PM

wooooooooow gaza!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 09 10:46 PM

How easy it is to snap off the history of the Palestinians, to delete the narrative of their tragedy, to avoid a grotesque irony about Gaza which – in any other conflict – journalists would be writing about in their first reports: that the original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza.

That is why Gaza exists: because the Palestinians who lived in Ashkelon and the fields around it – Askalaan in Arabic – were dispossessed from their lands in 1948 when Israel was created and ended up on the beaches of Gaza. They – or their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren – are among the one and a half million Palestinian refugees crammed into the cesspool of Gaza, 80 per cent of whose families once lived in what is now Israel. This, historically, is the real story: most of the people of Gaza don't come from Gaza.

But watching the news shows, you'd think that history began yesterday, that a bunch of bearded anti-Semitic Islamist lunatics suddenly popped up in the slums of Gaza – a rubbish dump of destitute people of no origin – and began firing missiles into peace-loving, democratic Israel, only to meet with the righteous vengeance of the Israeli air force. The fact that the five sisters killed in Jabalya camp had grandparents who came from the very land whose more recent owners have now bombed them to death simply does not appear in the story.

Posted by TareX January 11, 09 10:57 PM

Israel is justified in their actions. With daily rockets fired from Gaza, we know these terrorist acts are well financed by neighboring Arab sympathizers. They're produced by religious bigots who are insulated from the violence and fear and think they' re doing Palestinians favors. Hamas asked for it. Firing deadly rockets from civilian neighborhood means you just don't care for the innocent civilians involved.

And for those holier than thous' rather than condemning the Israel actions, why don't you just suggest alternative solutions. Lets see if that will possibly work out or maybe prove that so many people here are wishful thinkers.

Posted by Johnny Tango January 11, 09 11:06 PM

This is exactly why Iran is going to nuke Israel.

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 09 11:07 PM

From 483. "hand made rockets vs. billion dollar war machines, yet Israel is the victim? Ignorance is bliss. "

How about Israel and Hamas swapping their arsenals. I'm sure Israel will be gone if that happened with Hamas pulverizing Israel to oblivion. It's not who has the deadlier weapon but who has the mindset to use deadly weapon indiscriminately. A rock is just a rock to normal children but a rock is a weapon to brainwashed children. History has proven that we must not give power to these group of people who "just can't get along with his neighbor". Granting Iran to have nukes will not balance the power in the region but rather imperil all of us.

Posted by Tim Bay January 11, 09 11:34 PM

Hasta cuando tanta insensibilidad??; hay seres humanos en esas regiones, porque destruir tantas vidas???, quien responderá por los hermanos muertos, por las familias destruidas, por los niños huerfanos, o peor aún por aquellos que mueren y no conocerán tanta maravilla que este mundo tiene... quien????...

Posted by Mauricio Guzmán January 11, 09 11:56 PM

If you people all really believed in God, you would love one another, not kill each other. So there must be NO GOD. For no God that I know would condone your behavior. Hypocrites’ all of you are just hypocrites. Kill your brothers for no real reason, only because of your greed for your brother’s land. You should all burn in the fires of your own hell…..

Posted by Don January 12, 09 01:06 AM

Write in English please!

Posted by asdf January 12, 09 01:07 AM


Posted by MICHAEL MARTINÉS January 12, 09 01:56 AM

Eliminate the person or a thing which disturbs peace and freedom of innocent civilian.
Eliminate the person or a thing which speaks violence on religion and land.


Posted by LOKESH C GOWDA January 12, 09 01:58 AM

hamas launches home made rocket..
israel launches missiles, helicopters, fighter jet worth billion dollars....and the real terrorist is hamas???????? use common sense one could teach u that..

Posted by israel_the_real_terrorist January 12, 09 02:14 AM

#564 ¿De verdad piensas que Israel no quiere la aniquilación del pueblo palestino en su totalidad? ¿Qué es entonces lo que está haciendo? ¿Un toque de atención? Israel está ejerciendo un genocidio en toda regla, y ya han dicho sus autoridades que su objetivo es la ocupación de toda palestina.

Posted by Rafa January 12, 09 03:06 AM

Israel is illegal. Blame it on 1948.

Posted by i hate zionist January 12, 09 03:50 AM

Me parece increíble que un pueblo que ha sufrido tanto en el pasado siglo, (hace 70 años, que no es tanto) como es el pueblo Judío, emplee en su “estrategia militar” el aniquilamiento sistemático de otro pueblo, en este caso el Palestino.
Se pueden escudar que las bombas Israelíes son “Inteligentes” y las Palestinas no lo son… considero que ninguna bomba es inteligente, y mucho menos cuando mata inocentes como niños, mujeres, ancianos, sobre todo cuando la potencia de fuego Israelí es infinitamente superior que el daño que pueden hacer los “Cohetes” Palestinos, además, dirigir las bombas contra edificios supuestamente seguros como las escuelas de la ONU donde se refugia todo tipo de gente me parece simplemente intolerable.
La cosa se torna más peliaguda cuando en la televisión salen entrevistas a algunos ciudadanos de Israel y sus declaraciones son tan desgarradoras como lo que paso a exponer, y prometo que no me lo estoy inventando. …- lo que tendría que pasar es hacer desaparecer esas ciudades, borrarlas del mapa.-…
¿ciertamente el holocausto no les dá que pensar?, ¿no se dan cuenta de que las victimas del pasado se convierten en jueces y verdugos sanguinarios del presente? ¿hacia donde miran el resto de países? ¿ofensiva o asesinato masivo?
Reconozco que el terrorismo debería desaparecer y dejar paso al diálogo, pero eso no son maneras, es como si el país vasco fuese víctima de una ofensiva militar de 10 días solo porque se sabe que hay terroristas viviendo allí, muriendo toda clase de gente por que las bombas no distinguen entre buenos y malos, ¿lo considerarías una verdadera calamidad? Pues reflexiona….

No trato de hacer polémica política, simplemente poner un ejemplo ilustrativo para exponer mi punto de vista.

Saludos a todo el mundo, sin exclusión alguna.

Posted by Iban January 12, 09 04:10 AM

If Hamas is terrorism, so they are criminals. And criminals have no country. So my israeli friends, please explain me why only one Palestinian civil has to die because of this. Explain me why the blood of an Israeli is more important than the blood of a Palestinian. Explain me why the world should agree with this mass casualties that your Government is carring on to defend its citizens. If somebody is threatening someone of my family to death, shooting from a building on the street, I don't go to there and blow up the building with all the people living there, because of my right to defence my family, don't I? So expalin me why?


woworld (thanks to USA of course)

Posted by valentina January 12, 09 04:21 AM

Please people lets be objective here, help stop this, 900 people dead, I am talking to Israelis, Jews and all the people who have the power to stop this...this will create more hatred, be the bigger person here...

Posted by Asif Limbada January 12, 09 05:00 AM

To everyone complaining about the imbalance of power between the two sides:

As you know, Germans started WW2 and lost it. So, if WW2 was still being fought (with the Germans losing), would you still say "oh look at those poor Germans, we should help them fight against their enemies, because they do not have good weapons"?

The same is here, Hamas started this, and they will lose it. Badly. They should have thought about Israels tanks, airplanes and bombs BEFORE they started launching their toy rockets. What, did they expect that Israel would take those rockets patiently and do nothing? Hamas uses schools, mosques and hospitals to stash their weapons and launch them and then cries when Israel bombs those buildings into oblivion. They cry that an ambulance was destroyed by Israel, yet ambulances (with UN markings) are used to transport "medics" with AK-47s ( ).

Oh, and my advice to Palestinian civilians: if you see a Hamas terrorist launch a rocket, run away from that place as fast as you can, because that place will get bombed.

P.S. No, I do not live in Israel.

Posted by Pentium100 January 12, 09 06:02 AM

me cago en todos los judio......esto es paz ???? matar a los niños ????a los ancianos, mujeres,..........? the big terrorist is israel.........porque ? por tu cuando enciende la TV solo ves a niños y mujeres muertos......a demas israel usa armas k no estan permetidas.....y otra cosa.......k Hamas no tiene nada frontera sta cerrada y pelea mejor k los judios........los judios solo usan misile y sabes bajar a la tierra porque........stan como cagado=judios
judios=cagados y terroristas..........

Posted by wapo_vs_judio January 12, 09 06:23 AM

Well as i can see from all the posters, there is no israel man (or woman) that does not support war...All of the israeli comments talk with harsh words about the moslims and arabs in general, some of them also agree with the killing of children..It seems that people in Israel have a short-term memory, as they remember only the facts after 2000...They all claim that they are the victims of homemade rockets...
Well i have to mention convention 242 (thanks to Don #534 who gave the number of this convention). YOUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE WITHDRAWN GAZA STRIP SINCE 1967 ACCORDING TO UNITED NATIONS...ISN'T THAT TRUE?

Posted by justaman January 12, 09 06:40 AM

Ben, you make a good point regarding proportionality, however what I personally find particularly vulgar is the fact that Israel has essentially caged the palestinians in no more than a ghetto, or if you will, a concentration camp and is currently slaughtering civilians on a mass scale in the view to eliminate a number of "terrorists". (I prefer the term freedom fighters in relation to this particular struggle for various justified reasons). does this scenario not remind you of any events in History? Perhaps you will keep historic events in Poland in mind whilst you argue in favour of the internment, effective detainment and genocide which is currently being carried out upon hundreds of innocent Palestinians.

Further, you imply that the Palestinians should be grateful for the supply of electricity and oil from Israel. They are, in the same way a caged dog is grateful for the scraps from his masters plate. Israel dictates how much of these resources Palestine "deserves" at any given time and systematically reduces or cuts this supply in order to give themselves a totally unethical advantage over Palestine. They have monopolised the supply chain.

How dare you argue in favour of the murdering of children? It seems the jews have a short memory.

Posted by gerry January 12, 09 07:00 AM

Hey #653 they have signed peace treaties but the palestinians just break them why has the world allowed hamas and hezbollah to continue treating Israel as a testing ground for poorly made weapons? The shame of this lies not with Israel in defending their citizens but with the whole "civilized world" and the U.N.(useful for nothing) for not taking action against these thugs, as does the death of all the innocents on both sides of the border. No other country would allow a group of thugs to treat their citizens in such a manner.I invite anyone to move to any one of the border towns in Israel, go ahead try to live a normal life. amen # 640 and 651. Also as i recall palestinians celebrate when terroist kill people dancing in the streets burning bodies using heads for soccer balls lets talk barbaric ........ I havent seen one Israeli dancing in the streets, remember 911 they were so happy!

Posted by Bill an american in Israel January 12, 09 07:12 AM

Some are saying that intelligence is what makes a human beeing not an animal.
Not sure that's true.

Poor world.

Posted by Sfromagede Pete January 12, 09 07:12 AM

We must expel Arabs and take their places."
David Ben Gurion, future Prime Minister of Israel, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985
"We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves."
Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.
we are not terrorist the terrorist are those who wash ure brains with the stupidities...with fashion ..and all these fakes entertainement that blind you

to see the truth

and we are not tre
"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."
Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum"

Posted by a proud muslim arab January 12, 09 07:22 AM

Hey # 473 you may be appalled, But you dont know the facts the jews were dispersed 2000 years ago thats the reason they call it the Jewish Diaspora...they just didnt move to "greener pastures thats the reason you have jews from all over the world ...... coming back HOME

Posted by Bill an american in Israel January 12, 09 07:25 AM

Stop War Now AND now

Posted by MD.MURSHEDUL ALAM AACHU January 12, 09 07:26 AM


Posted by Brasil January 12, 09 07:38 AM

lets stop this war ,, isreal you killing innocent people ,,
arab world is sleeping ,,do somthing ,

Posted by ash January 12, 09 07:45 AM

To all the people taking sides with palastinians..
as an israeli civilian i too do not think that the killing of innocents is right no matter if they are palastinians or israelies... but know this:
Israel has suffered from hamas rockets for 8 years before this operation has begun.. and it has begun because of a simple reason. You too no matter where you live, if u were bomb for 8 years constantly you would stop being passive and act for your peoples safety.
I dont have anything against the palastinian people only to their goverment and the hamas's rule over them.
Hamas is a terrorist group, nothing more.
Their only purpose in life is to to kill and destroy.
How can anyone stand by their side when these murderers use their own people and human shields... Children who are learning from young age to hate israel and to support the death of all israeli civilians..
i understand why the world wants us to stop the operation, so that no more civilians will be killed in gaza, but my country has suffered from these bombings for too long and the only pupose of this operation is to eliminate the terrorists, the hamas, not the civilians.
The death of innocents is obvious when hamas fires and operates within civilian houses ,streets and UN buildings (like the school).
people dont know things from israeli point of view they all stand by the sides who lost more innocent lives...
I am sorry for the loss of innocent lives and my country is definatly trying to avoid the death of innocents but we will not stand and do nothing as hamas shoots rockets at our innocent civilians for no reason at all but MURDER.
This operation is very important and i hope the world would see that.. The world can understand the situation if they look into thing a little more than looking at the tv an see how many lives where lost each day. If you look into things you could understand the israeli point of view and then lets see what you will feel.

Posted by silver January 12, 09 08:44 AM

Imagine terrorists sitting in "long beach" and start firing rockets to "Qeens". Than they will stat bombing "kings"' and "New York". Not for one day, not for one month and even not for one year but for 8 years !! What will your marine navy and Special Forces do?? Well, why imagine? You have been attacked for one day on 9/11 and look what you did (and still doing) in the cities of Iraq.
I know it is not the same, for owner children it is the reality, and please let me remind you that few years ago we painfully left all our settlements in gaza, hoping that it will bring for all true peace. Unfortunately they invested all their aid money whey got to by rockets instead of building cities that will replace their crowded refuge camps.

Posted by sagi, bombed area , israel January 12, 09 09:09 AM



Posted by LA VERDAD January 12, 09 09:11 AM

eurpe countrys should learn moral from these.
the hamas is not militant organezesion.
they are Satan delivery person of the extremist, fanatic eslam.
don't feel sory for those whom don't have mercy on there one's.
thinke for a moment: why did israel transfert gaza Jew population out of gaza.what did palastinien pepole ask for? what did they got? and what israelies got giving them those demands?
don't bend down to eslmic population in your cuntry.
if you do so you will find yourself in israeli situation faster then you can imagine!!! be warned

Posted by yaron January 12, 09 09:15 AM

Amazing photos, thanks for publishing them.

Religion has an awful lot to answer for.

Posted by Tim January 12, 09 09:28 AM

Jewish dont belong there! Make some memory and find out how they settled there. For god's sake this imperialism is quite remarkable to be the bloody fourth reich. Let's see what whitechocolate has to say about this when he finally reaches the power.

Posted by Noteimporta January 12, 09 09:42 AM

Israel Doing a big favor to the world
by intimidating the Terror
we should all say NO to Terror

the European wont understand it
because the don't know what is to live in Terror
Israel want to have peace
but the other side want terror
the believe that who ever who will not obey the Kuran
should die including European ! American and of course Jewish
so it is only a matter of time ...
Open you eyes

Posted by John .r January 12, 09 09:54 AM

I am a citizen of Ireland and I live in a peaceful land. Let Israel live in peace too! I support Israel in ridding the land of cowardly Hamas terrorist. When Hamas is gone there will be peace. Sometimes you must fight for peace and this one of those times.

Posted by sean January 12, 09 10:17 AM

triste demais

Posted by Vinicius Curvelano Batista January 12, 09 10:18 AM

You people are so right, you have no idea how much.
The bombing of innocent people
The killing of children
The shells
The disturbance of life style
then, this is why Israel is acting in Gaza, to stop all of those things from happaning
and guarantee the safety of its people,
do not look what the people from Gaza shows you, because it's not ture they are faking pictures and letting you asume it is true, don't fall for it

Posted by Josh January 12, 09 10:25 AM

we stay quiet for 8 years.
now we go to defend our civilians.
enough with the terrorist that use children as ashield.
the hamas kills is hown people.
now is the time to end this terror problem.
go idf all the country is after you.

Posted by a proud israely milumnik January 12, 09 10:47 AM

Que horrivel, guerra absurda burra, onde só quem sofre são os civis.
até onde vai a ignorancia e arrogancia do ser humano ?
Governantes malditos

Posted by andros January 12, 09 10:53 AM

I really try to understand the whole world but I simpely can't!!!
I don't underatand why we should learn to live with daily rockets fired from Gaza. Why the fact that we have been living that way for 8 years is o.k?!
Israel people have been killed for 8 years!!!!!
Why those pictures have never shown?!
Why we should walk with terrible fear feeling every second?
They dont want peace,they simley want TO ELIMINATE us!

Posted by an israeli people January 12, 09 10:58 AM

Roberto Gallegos
Did you ever say stop sending those rocket directly into civilians? or is your position anti Israeli and only humanitarian towards a terrorist entity.

If a moskito keeps coming back and bothers you, do you keep letting him do so? or would you just smite him with your hand and be rid of him?

Posted by George Atallah January 12, 09 11:01 AM


230 children and 92 aged people. Of course, Palestinians do not tell Al Jazeera that children are all people below 18 and aged people are all people above 50. Of course, Al Jazeera forgets that a huge mass of the Hamas fighters consists of children between 16 and 18, while a lot of the eliminated leaders of Hamas are above 50. Of course it is easy to bang on about poor children if one does not see them launching rockets and shooting from buildings.
Finally, it is very easy to forget that Hamas was shooting at Israel without any answer for more than a week, had more than one warning and still decided to continue. The poor inhabitants of Gaza are the ones who elected Hamas and all people deserve their leaders.

Posted by Merkava January 12, 09 11:41 AM

Clara./she thinks if Israel just moved out off Palestine and did not put up the long wall trough the land etc.and that people can go to ther places and work normally then there would be Peace.But Israel all the time made it more difficult for the people to live normally.So Israel go out and leave Palestine to the Palestinians.This is now already going on from 1946 I believe.It is disgusting and inhumane what has happen all the time and surley now .I have no words for it.
Did would never have happened if They did not go and made the Israelie State.

Posted by C.H .Borkowski-Fluitsma January 12, 09 11:56 AM

god bless ghazza !!!! Stop War Nowwwww

Posted by amani January 12, 09 11:58 AM

If you don't have any idea about terrorism in your life, these pictures give you a very good idea about the real terrorism of ISRAEL towards Palestinians.

I think Hitler Was Having all the right to get red of such nonhuman creatures.

Posted by saudi January 12, 09 12:05 PM

Hijos de la perdicion, piensen en los niños no sean ???????
busquen concertar y la PAZ

Posted by josue January 12, 09 12:13 PM

Judios asesinos, que se salgan de las tierras ocupadas y se vayan a su pais. Con que derecho invaden tierras que no son suyas y quieren expander su pais.


Posted by Ernesto Campos Brambila January 12, 09 12:38 PM

Ohhh, peace makers, you will make the world real beautiful, and peaceful; I am amazed how can you all say let just this happen? How can you say kill innocents or even those who are the real lovers of their country (same as u r)? How can you see people dyeing? How can you say open your eyes, and that Israel is doing a fewer to the world?????? People in Gaza are trying to have their basic rights, and why can't they have it? Why is Israel trying to make them poor and poorer? Why is the country not letting their neighbors to develop? By misinterpreting Islam, why is the country killing humanity? Being one of the most powerful countries, Israel should not misuse its power! It will not bring them a bright future. They shouldn’t just think about today. They should understand the fact that killing one, generates an other ten to resists and take revenge, “which is common”, among u, if u lose your family member, won't u look for a revenge? PLZ PLZ PLZ the world can see things and they also understand what’s going on... stamping Hamas as a terrorist group because they want to have the basic rights and an independent country for their citizen won't work, because it’s the only source of hope for the people of Palestine, who are treated like animals since decades. Until unless Israel won’t contribute to the development of Palestine, try and adjust to some of the demands, put their selves to the shoes of the other party, and bring all the parties to the table and listen to them in a collaborative manner they won't be able to live a safe life... The current process only empowers Hamas, today they have lost a few hundreds, but tomorrow thousands will join them, because the innocents who have lost innocent members of their family will look for revenge.... An other fact is that reality can't be changed, how Isreal would change it? instead they should work it out.... by collaboration, and by a consistent peaceful process,,,, the world always won’t remain in fewer of one party.... better to use this time fruitfully.... not by just killing humanity because of upcoming elections.

Posted by Azami January 12, 09 12:43 PM

What has become of photographs #, 30, 26, 25, 23, 17, and 11? I am most interested in #23 "A medic crouches over the body of an Israeli man after he was killed in a rocket attack launched from the Gaza Strip and hit the southern Israeli town of Netivot on December 27, 2008 following Israeli bombardment on the Palestinian costal strip. The rocket attack killed one man and wounded four others, according to the Magen David Adom, Israel's equivalent of the Red Cross. (HAIM HORENSTEIN/AFP/Getty Images
Hamas and the Palestinians of Gaza do not have rockets that can travel over 15 kilometers or so, thus they can not reach Netivot.

Posted by Steven Welch January 12, 09 12:50 PM

The Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip represent severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Conventions, both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war

Even the most naive American voter cannot be expected to see the morally, legally and politically questionable death sentence given to Saddam Hussein a milestone in the Bush Administration's illegal war in Iraq. As the milestones pile up, so do the bodies.

Those violations include:
• Collective punishment: The entire 1.5 million people who live in the crowded Gaza Strip are being punished for the actions of a few militants.

• Targeting civilians: The airstrikes were aimed at civilian areas in one of the most crowded stretches of land in the world, certainly the most densely populated area of the Middle East.

• Disproportionate military response: The airstrikes have not only destroyed every police and security office of Gaza's elected government, but have killed and injured hundreds of civilians; at least one strike reportedly hit groups of students attempting to find transportation home from the university.

Earlier Israeli actions, specifically the complete sealing off of entry and exit to and from the Gaza Strip, have led to severe shortages of medicine and fuel (as well as food), resulting in the inability of ambulances to respond to the injured, the inability of hospitals to adequately provide medicine or necessary equipment for the injured, and the inability of Gaza's besieged doctors and other medical workers to sufficiently treat the victims.

Certainly the rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel are unlawful. But that illegality does not give rise to any Israeli right, neither as the Occupying Power nor as a sovereign state, to violate international humanitarian law and commit war crimes or crimes against humanity in its response. I note that Israel's escalating military assaults have not made Israeli civilians safer; to the contrary, the one Israeli killed today after the upsurge of Israeli violence is the first in over a year.

Israel has also ignored recent Hamas diplomatic initiatives to re-establish the truce or ceasefire since its expiration on 26 December.

The Israeli airstrikes today, and the catastrophic human toll that they caused, challenge those countries that have been and remain complicit, either directly or indirectly, in Israel's violations of international law. That complicity includes those countries knowingly providing the military equipment including warplanes and missiles used in these illegal attacks, as well as those countries who have supported and participated in the siege of Gaza that itself has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.

I remind all Member States of the United Nations that the UN continues to be bound to an independent obligation to protect any civilian population facing massive violations of international humanitarian law--regardless of what country may be responsible for those violations. I call on all Member States, as well as officials and every relevant organ of the United Nations system, to move on an emergency basis not only to condemn Israel's serious violations, but to develop new approaches to providing real protection for the Palestinian people.

Posted by chad - united kingdom January 12, 09 12:50 PM

Este conflicto nunca se resolverá mientras ambas partes no entiendan una cosa muy simple: No se puede vivir en paz si cada cual pone como pretexto la violencia ejercida por el contrario para justificar la propia violencia.

Los cohetes de Hamas pueden parecer de juguete. Bien, otras veces no han sido cohetes, sino hombres-bomba que se inmolan a sí mismos en un centro comercial. Llevan así toda la vida, y son así desde que nacen. Se educan en el odio.

Las bombas israelíes sobre población civil.... bueno, viendo las imágenes a todos se nos vienen a la cabeza palabras como genocidio, asesinato, crimen de guerra.... y no es para menos. Israel no puede justificar la matanza de civiles, mujeres y niños, alegando que éstos son utilizados como escudos humanos. Eso va más allá de lo tolerable porque en el tiempo en el que vivimos no se puede consentir que la población civil inocente (y un niño siempre es inocente) sea rehén de una causa política.

Yo no le veo el final a esto. Y se me hace difícil pensar en una intervención de la comunidad internacional, porque si ésta tiene que intervenir, al final se llegará a una solución impuesta desde fuera que no va a gustar a ninguna de las dos partes en conflicto, con lo que el problema continuará. La única solución es que ellos mismos se pongan de acuerdo, pero cuando el conflicto ya está tan enquistado...

Posted by jaramis January 12, 09 12:53 PM

very weird that when you view the pictures in a sequence, you rarely see the massacre the Zionists are carrying out. It would seem that the Israelis are in fear while the heartless Hamas terrorists are bombarding them with nuclear weapons. What a load of typical American propaganda crap.

Posted by palestinianx January 12, 09 01:09 PM

To all the palastenians lovers.

Look at Israel constitution, where do you see a statement that support the destruction of any country? Now, look at the Hama's charter and you'll see a call for the elimination of the Jewish state.

This is the root cause of the conflict, not rockets.

And for those who compare numbers of casualties. Would you say the same if the numbers were reverse?
As old saying says, It's not hard to ride a tiger, it's difficult to get off it without being eaten. Hamas was riding on Israel's back and harrasing its citizens, now they pay the price.

That area (the middle east) could have been a great place.

Posted by Simcha January 12, 09 01:49 PM

Ok, so, my question is, who's the real terrorist here? Shall we remember those days when Israel wasn't yet an official country? Who was the one bombing?

This Israel's armed action has cost the life of more of 1000 lives (and that's just the official number), most of them citizens and not related to Hamas. And the USA and EU say nothing, because USA doesn't want to lose his best allied in th Middle East and EU... we're just a bunch of cowards...

After all that the Jew people had suffered! David has become Goliat. Is that what Yabeth tell you to do? Or you feel threatened? This is not defensive, it's offensive. And provocative. I just hope that this doesn't end in another Genocide (if it isn't one already). And yes, this time I'm totally supporting the Palestinians. They don't longer fight for Ala. They fight for themselves now, because they have a dignity to recover, they will want revenge for their dead children and wifes. If any powerful country would had listen to them, this war would had end before Arafat died.

Posted by A Basque January 12, 09 01:49 PM

Israel is an apartheid, racist state.
They say they do not target civilians. If that's true (and it isn't) they must be the crappest fighting force on the planet.

Unfortunately they don't care about anyone but Jews. They will cause a genocide to avenge the death of a few jewish soldiers.

What a horrible people God has chosen!

Posted by txc January 12, 09 01:53 PM

i have decided to write after watching 17 days go by without a hope in sight for the people in is a shame a disgrace to be a human being in this time and era....i am a mother of two and the image of the 8 year old boy that has lost his sight has not left my mind
i still dont understand how a country can be based on a religion...a religion written hundreds of years ago that promised a land to a sect of should all the christians from all around the world bundle up and live in the usa...would that ever be allowed??
judiasm is a religion ...jews already had nationalities to begin with...they had homes and lives
but were all called to come and live on the promised land
on top of a demolished palestinian home and life
it is bewildering to see the world act so different to the same acts made by different countries...isreal goes insane over 1 hostage when she has 11,000 hostages....destroys lebanon and kills hundreds for the kidnapping of 3...massacres 900 people and injurs 4000 in gaza for a couple of rockets that have injured a few at their end.
as a very proud palestinian....i truly can say that the world has created a new generation of palestinians and arabs that have no interest in peace....palestine should be solely for the palestinian people that have endured years of injustice and should be ethnically cleansed of isrealis that have for years punished us for the holocaust....just a reminder...hitler did it not us....isreal defines terrorism the world just choses to see it

Posted by tala January 12, 09 02:00 PM

good photos, bed war.

Posted by cska moscow January 12, 09 02:14 PM

É de uma tolice tamanha violência entre pessoas que são na essência todas iguais.
Não poderia haver demonstração mais cabal da estupidez humana ditado por ambos países.
Somo seres humanos e como tais devemos sempre crer que podemos resolver nosso problemas humanos com uma boa dose de tolerância e respeito, afinal todos somos diferentes em cultura e crença, mas não em sentimentos.
Tudo que doí em um doí no outro, e se ambos tiverem boa vontade podem viver e conviver em paz e harmônia, sem querer impor nada.

Posted by José Luiz Barbosa January 12, 09 02:39 PM

peace is the right thing to do ....for both blood no missils....just live your life in hunor....

Posted by Anonymous January 12, 09 03:12 PM


Posted by SOLDADO DE YESHUA HAMASHIA ALELUIA January 12, 09 03:20 PM

A razão nem sempre explica. Mas esta vez nem razão, nem sentimento, nem religião, nem economia explicam, é simplesmente odio, furia, desejo de matar, desejo de morrer. LOUCURA!!!!
Sei que toda guerra é loucura, mas o que surpreende aqui é que os israelenses não chegam à segunda geração pos-segunda guerra, e não apreenderam nada.
Os palestinos são populações levadas pelos poderes, muitas vezes de países que ficam a miles de Km. de distância, tão errantes como os judeus anteriores a 1948.
Até quando. Paz é o que queremos: SHALOM

Posted by carlota January 12, 09 03:25 PM

There are two issues to look at:
1. Who is the one defending and who has been the one provoking and attacking for the last few years – What people fail to understand is that defense and offense has nothing to do with strength and weakness. Israel is not the offensive side just because it has more fire power and stronger army. Israel has the right, just like every other country, to defend its citizens which have suffered from the Hamas rockets for the last 8 years. Has anyone of you people claiming this war is not just suffered from constant threat of rockets for straight 8 years? I’m sure you haven’t. I’m sure you wouldn’t last a single month living in this hell.
2. Disproportion between the Hamas attack and the Israeli defense actions. Well, on this matter I only have to say that – THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIGHT TERROR. Israel is dealing with people which have no interest in solving conflicts. The only solution they see, the only solution that they have ever seen and will probably always see is to destroy Israel. I know it may sound fictional, and that people have a hard time to believe there are still forces in this world who wish to destroy others. Well, “luckily” you just have to search for Iranian leader’s or Hamas leader’s interviews and speeches from the last 10 years to realize that all of this is true. The only way to fight this evil is with great force, any other way will make the other side stronger.

Have you asked yourselves why did the Hamas built hundreds of tunnels for its warriors and smugglers but not a single shelter for its citizens? Do you realize that Israel would have hundreds of deads, if the Israeli government didn’t provide shelters and alert systems? Israel care for their citizens while the Hamas has interest to show every time Israel uses force people die.
Have you asked yourselves why Palestinians under the Fatah control do not suffer from these “Israel’s vicious attacks”?

As an Israeli citizen I do wish peace will come one day. I’m against the killing of innocent people on both sides of the border. The photos of dead children and women are terrible also for my eyes and heart.
But I know that Israel’s fight is just and that there is no other way. We must win terror this time.

Posted by Or January 12, 09 03:50 PM

puedo aguantar personas estupidas pero no puedo soportar personas ignorantes. y muchas personas que hablan contra Israel son o ignoranters o siegas o interesantes que la verdad, es lo menos les inportan. Israel dejo Gaza para siempre y nunca quiso tenerla, tampoco serro los pasos a ella, pero el hamas si gasto cada dolar que ricivio en comprar armas (tambien cohetes) para usarlas contra Israel en vez de construir hospitales y escuelas. Esa es Gaza y la diferencia De Israel.

Posted by ben January 12, 09 03:50 PM

hoooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Posted by Anonymous January 12, 09 03:53 PM

iran is the only country that is responsible for what is going on at gasa strip. all around israel this fanatic groop is gadering in order to make the daily life for israeli people imposible. hamas 'hisbala ' siriya are the sama .they want blood ' israel's blood - they try for many years to kill us but we want let them.. we have connected together after 2000 years and we are going to stay here.
palestinians wake up and call for real peace and i you would find a much better life .

Posted by doron January 12, 09 03:58 PM

i think that israel do agood job with the hamas/ israel has all right to bomb all gaza. they need to know that israel not play, and we win like always.

Posted by roni January 12, 09 04:10 PM

we must stop the horrible Israeli atrocities that are currently happening in Gaza...i believe that israel has no right to defend a country that is not was not given to them by god it was given to them by lord balfour in 1948...stop the ISRAELI TERRORISM ON GAZA NOW!!!!

Posted by Eric January 12, 09 04:14 PM

I am outraged and upset by all the comments that targeting the right to fight and defend yourself. The Israeli Army is calling civilians and bombing the innocent. If they are men and good fighters why don't they go in and try to fight with these armless men and women. They are cowered and attacking people from the air, sea and ground. So far with all the bombing they still can't even advance on land due the heavy fighting with people that are armed with nothing compared to what the Israeli army has. Guess what Israeli has lost this war from military, political and ethical point of view. The faces of dead Children will Hunt the Israeli murderers until they rotten in hell fire.

Posted by Ahmad January 12, 09 04:27 PM

white phosphorous, cluster bombs , depleted uranium. dime weapons are being used by the IDF. All in a densely populated area no bigger than the isle of wight .

The result : slaughter, this is not a war, it is genocide.

Posted by james wright January 12, 09 04:36 PM

"When civilian population support a terrorist organization (Palestinians democratically chose Hamas)" Oh please, they're rebels. The leader is actually condemning the attacks that the faction at Gaza made.

There are bad people on both sides, but the innocent civillians shouldn't get killed so unthoughtfully.
Plus Isreal wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. Read about the first world war armistice.

Posted by Mauro January 12, 09 04:48 PM

everyone here.. i am from israel, dont tell us to stop the war because well not do it..
how are you feel if in 8 years every day the arabs shoot on rakets or want to kill your family how are you feel with that.. we want a peace but not 1 side peace..
please go with us and try to understand us.

sorry about the english!

Posted by ori January 12, 09 04:59 PM

how about Israels so called politics about the borders of Palestine

Posted by Kareem January 12, 09 05:16 PM

No.726 - Do you have any proof that the israeli army use these weopons?
If so, please share, and let everyone know.
If not - shut up.

Israel is not making use of any illegal weapon.
Perhaps if the Hamas wouldn't have been hiding and launching their rockets in temples and populated areas, the Palastinian people had less casualties.
You can find evidence for that on Israel's airforce video shots which are shown to the public (on Youtube).

Posted by Or January 12, 09 05:17 PM

Regardless of sides, I guess both sides want peace in one way or the other..... (I know.... Hamas-bad guys - Isreal - Good guys) -Bombing for peace is like f**king for virginity.....

Posted by Chris January 12, 09 05:22 PM

Unfortunately all too many fail to realize the essential difference occurring in this conflict. Hamas purposely attacks civilians and uses their own people as human shields. One the other hand Israel only targets terrorists and their smuggling tunnels to protect their citizens from attacks. But, regrettably, due to Hamas' use of human shields and policies of firing rockets from schools, hospitals and residential buildings, civilians are killed in the crossfire. Hamas is committing war crimes by intentionally attacking civilians and by using human shields.

Posted by Noah January 12, 09 05:26 PM

Hey # 707 Chad why didn't you call on all members of the U.N. (united nothing) to stop the illegal actions of hamas instead of letting it go on for ..... 8 YEARS!
# 724 it wasn't given it was jews....When Jews started moving back to the Land in the 1880s they purchased land from absentee Arab landlords who lived in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. The price paid for this land was at an exorbitant rate of $1000.00 an acre. The land at the time was either malaria infested swamps or barren deserts. In contrast rich black soil in Iowa was selling for $110.00 an acre that same year, as stated by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture. Lord balfour supported the idea he didnt give it to them. Please get your facts straight!!! and also where were YOU the last 8 years!!! and why aren't you condemning hamas for using kids as human shields???

Posted by Bill an american in Israel January 12, 09 05:31 PM

It all comes down to who's land was it in the first place? Long live Hamas!!!

You can't hide the truth!!!!
Israel........stop this nonsense!!! Just turn the tables for one day....One dang day....

Hi aubree......Look at me being an Activist!!!! I love you...

Posted by patrick Calvin January 12, 09 05:36 PM

Israel is the coward, Hamas is the coward... in truth all their politicians are the cowards! Politicians and leaders from Israel and Hamas are seating at their tables, eating with their kids, while ordering militia to carry out and kill no matter what the cost, no matter if they're civilians, no matter if they're innocent. Not because of defense, not because offense, but the cause is power and greed.

Israel knows that while their Uncle Sam is in the middle of passing power from Bush to Obama, nobody in the White House will do anything. This was the best time to do this massacre. We'll see that two or three days before Obama is sworn in, Israel will stop and say they've been looking for peace all along, while they've murdered the future of Palestine, their children.


I remember 1968, 'That's one step for man, one giant leap for mankind', and unfortunately at the end of 2008, Israel has plunged mankind several leaps behind.

Shame on all the people that think this is right, and may the innocent souls find peace.

Posted by Solovino January 12, 09 05:45 PM

To 725 again you say the israeli soldiers are cowerds! they are inside Gaza waiting for the hamas terrorits to come but they don't show they are hiding like rats under the ground and letting the innocents to face the army they also steal the food from the aiding organisations.

Posted by John January 12, 09 06:45 PM

This is what happens when the unstoppable force (Israel) meets the immovable object (Palestine). Lots of orphans and widows are made, no progress is attained, and everyone becomes less safe. The only winners here are the guys that make the guns.

Posted by Ryan January 12, 09 06:49 PM

The Israeli Army learned this from the German Forces during the II WW. Kill to everybody. Kids, older people, women, all of them, because the only reason is that they are: GOIM. I support the IDF. They are the best in all. And now you can see that the only true is No More! Nobody will say nothing, Just Do It!! Kill the terrorist in there. Everywhere!!

Posted by maximilian January 12, 09 07:02 PM

Everybody in the UN is trying to crack down on Israel. They are smart, they picked the time in between U.S. presidents to take action. What nobody seems to be saying, is that Hamas has fired over THREE THOUSAND rockets into Israel. Do you think that for a second, that here in the U.S., that if Mexico lobbed even FIVE rockets onto our soil, we wouldn't have an all out strike on them. Israel has maintained themselves in a most professional manner all this time, I think. They just want the shelling and rockets to stop... who here can blame them? Palistinians want to launch rockets, then hide among children and civilians. No blame is put on them though when they still die along with innocents around them. Same tactics as the Taliban.. they just don't have as many tree huggers over there thinking talking will make everything better. Do you not think they have asked Hamas to stop launching rockets at their civilians? Ask them to stop, then tell them to stop, then MAKE them stop as they are doing now.

Posted by Tod January 12, 09 07:04 PM

Judios miserables, ¿cómo no quieren que el pueblo Palestino los odie si les quitan sus tierras y agua?. Es increíble que se la pasen lloriqueando el famoso holocausto (que no dudo que haya sido cruel) pero no ven las idioteces que le cometen no solo al pueblo palestino sino a todo aquel en el que se ubican. Aqui en México tratan a sus empleados como si no fueran humanos sino sólo seres que les dan "ganancias".
Ojala el pueblo palestino tuviera armas del mismo calibre que esos asesinos.
Lo siento por los judíos que seguramente no son partícipes de esa idiología pero que dan la impresión de ser los menos.

Posted by Felipe Neri January 12, 09 07:20 PM

> dime weapons are being used by the IDF.

Oh hoho. DIME is invented to LIMIT casualties! Learn at least something before you spread your "righteous anger".

Posted by Den January 12, 09 07:21 PM

Hasta cuando el mundo va a permitir esta matanza, que esperan las" naciones unidas", para enviar cascos azules, blancos o multicolores, pero por favor ponganle fin a la matanza que estan haciendo los judìos, si fuera a la inversa, seguro ya estarìa todo solucionado, judìos les digo: fijate quien te apoya (bush) y te dirè quien eres.

Posted by Miguel January 12, 09 07:32 PM

What would you do if you see your daughter or your son blow up in small parts from a bomb? would you tell "Ok, you kill my family but it is all ok"? I would fight 'till my death against to whom did it.

Posted by Gumis January 12, 09 07:54 PM

Nuke Iran, they're the one supporting the terrorist Hamas. Hamas is a conscience-deadened organization with no value for human life with bigots inside Iran insulated from the destruction they're inciting. Hamas provoke Israel to go after them then use children and women as human shield insulting the intelligence of people around the world by intending to put every blame to Israel. They think people around the world will side with them but they are wrong. The rest of the world didn't side with them nor think they are right. The world just want all of this madness to stop. They didn't condone the Israel right to defend but rather just condemning the large number of civilian casualties with Hamas played a major role by putting innocent lives at risk in the first place.
The UN will not support anything against the majority of members already decided aeons ago. Israel has the right for the land. If terrorism is the arab answer for land dispute then so be it. They are getting ready to take the war to the root of it all. Iran will be nuked down.

Posted by Igor Paladin January 12, 09 08:02 PM

Israel hace lo que le hicieron, tortura, atropella, confina, persigue, mata sin piedad, son gente mala, tanto respeto que les tenía porque soy cristiano, hoy estoy con los debiles, el pueblo de Palestina (se ganaron ya su nombre como país)...............
Israel does what they did to him, tortures, rushes, borders, chases, prosecutes, kills mercilessly, they are a bad people, so much I respect that it had them because I am Christian, today i am with the weak persons, the people of Palestine (his name was gained already as country)..........................

Posted by Jean Eduardo Gonzalez January 12, 09 08:05 PM

I agree, I would expect Israel to retaliate against HAMAS. It's just out of self defense. And then they call the Israeli's the 'bad guys'? The rest of what I was about to say, well, Todd said it.

As for the pictures, really captures the moment.

Posted by Grant January 12, 09 08:08 PM

Hamas has the right to defend the occupied lands by launching rockets to kill the the illegal occupants. It's totally justified since they have no rights to be there in the first place. Iran must be given access to nuclear weapons since the rockets they're producing are ineffective. US must cease supporting Israel. They must have donated Hawaii or any offshore territory. Israel sticks like a sore thumb in predominantly islamic area of middle east. Israel represents the biggest obstacle in establishing Islam around the world and converting those infidels. The time to achieve this goal in already thin. The oil symbolizing the power of Arabian world will be dried up in 20 years. If they can't achieve this now, there's no way they can achieve that 20 years later when the oil financing the terror is gone. Islam in early times grew by waging war, there's no way they can beat US if the oil dried up.

Posted by Pia Guanio January 12, 09 08:29 PM

I sincerely feel for all of those that are innocently caught in the midst of this war. I can truly see where both sides are coming from, but feel, as many do, that there is more that needs to be taken into consideration before going to war with anyone. I really do feel for all of those that are involved, and pray for the most peaceful outcome possible.

Whether we find it comforting, or scary, we are all part of one world, one big country, and we need to feel compassion for each other and understand that our differences are what add strength to us as a whole. I really do think that we're at a crossroads in our history, one where we can choose to defend each of our individual needs and push our own agendas, or one where we can prove that we're benefiting from taking a look at our past, moving forward as one, with motives that benefit us all, not just small groups of individuals or countries.

The path we choose will tell us much about our immediate future.

Posted by Joe Rosen January 12, 09 08:40 PM

israel criminel people

Posted by Anonymous January 12, 09 09:17 PM

para todos los ignorantes que decidieron opinar sin saber nada
estudien, lean, y aprendan

Isreal no empezo esta guerra
pero si lo va a terminar
de eso esten seguros

Semper Fi

Posted by Devildog January 12, 09 09:17 PM

Nadie puede pasar desapercibido de la crueldad de esta guerra, pero en verdad los reales culpables son los dirigentes de HAMAS, que primero provocan tocandole los huevos al leon y al momento de las justas represalias de Israel se escudan en niños y mujeres. Aun viendo lo que està pasando, siguen lanzando misiles contra la poblaciòn civil de Israel, que obviamente no se puede quedar de brazos cruzados permitiendo que los arabes asesinos que dirigen esa facciòn terrorista, cada dìa tengan màs acceso terrorista a los pueblos y ciudades judias. Pobres los niños y las mujeres victimas inocentes, pero los verdaderos culpables de lo que pasa son los dirigentes de Hamas

Posted by mario diaz January 12, 09 09:35 PM


Posted by AMERICAN January 12, 09 09:43 PM


Posted by KOKO January 12, 09 09:45 PM

Hamas ... starting a gun fight with a knife.

Posted by Mike January 12, 09 09:59 PM

I don't know what scares me more: the pictures or dumb "pacifist" comments. It's good that you want to live in peace, it's very sad you don't understand that it is not always possible. You guys would have surrendered in WWII, no doubt about that.

Posted by Den January 12, 09 10:27 PM


NO GOD WOULD ALLOW THIS. He is either a sadistic son of a whore or he doesn't give a damn.

Posted by ariel wollinger January 12, 09 11:03 PM

i really dont know what to think regarding either side...
i dont know much about the history of the entire conflict, but i know i see alot of civilians being blown up , and no results coming for either side involved. i think a simple and fair solution is stop fighting or risk both your countries being neutralized for the safety of the rest of the world.

Posted by NukeEmAll January 12, 09 11:42 PM

Guys please stop, its not worth your lives. Somebody surrender or something

Posted by jorion January 13, 09 12:13 AM

I dont know to talk about this but .But its make all of them loss

wether israel or Palestinians is correct the war is not the last word

They must stop these

Posted by nishadcb January 13, 09 12:28 AM

STOP.....STOP....STOP. All losers, no winners. Really sad...

Posted by REIS January 13, 09 01:16 AM

proportions ?
a nation which is willing to give 1000 arab prisoners only to get 2 DEAD bodies of her soldiers will also hit 500 people beacuase of one dead person of her.

think about it...


Posted by yuval January 13, 09 01:21 AM

WWII-2,000,000 German civilians killed/ 0 US civilians killed.
Did anyone complain about a disproportionate war or an excessive use of force?
The anti-Israel bias news reporting is not compassion for Palestinians, yet a hatred of Jews, yes, anti-.Semitism.
Palestinians are being killed by Hamas, Jordan is on Palestinian land...where is the compassion for the Palestinians on these issues?

Posted by Brenda January 13, 09 01:27 AM

american and israel is a real terorist,

Posted by pig israel January 13, 09 01:43 AM

thank you james wright, poster #726
i think that more people need to start accepting this as truth!!
the evidence comes from looking at the injuries that are inflicted upon the people of gaza...research all of those american made and supplied munitions, look at photos of what these do to human beings, and then compare them to the true images coming from gaza...
as far as people saying that the images are fake, why won't the israeli government and the idf allow independent observers and journalists in?? the only time i would behave that way is when i have something to hide..perhaps the evidence of a genocide??

Posted by amber January 13, 09 01:49 AM

676 /*It seems that people in Israel have a short-term memory, as they remember only the facts after 2000...

I guess you're the one with only short term memory...
Before 2000 a peace process between Israel & The Arabs (1993).
As a result Hamas had become a deadly force which usually bombed civilians in Buses, restaurants, malls and hotels.
Nevertheless, Israel still wanted peace with the Palestinians and tried it's based to make their life easier during the process, as we believed Rome wasn't built in a day. Before 2000 the PA had an Airport, a successful Casino and hotels which were full of Israelis, Money was flowing from Israel, the US and Europe. Unfortunately the PA people were taking most of this money to themselves making Hamas even more popular in the eyes of the public. The Intifada of 2000 started at what should have been the final phase of the peace process, but Hamas and the PA decided to ruin everything instead of solving the problems, they believed the agreement had.
About your comment about leaving Gaza. Israel actually left Gaza in 2005. The Palestinian did nothing to elevate this situation and instead chose to increase the number of rockets been fired from Gaza and kidnap an Israeli soldier for no obvious reason. Furthermore, Hamas took control over Gaza in 2007 killing hundreds of Fatah supporters and expelled many more.
All these have led to a blockade by Israel and the entire western world.
So what do you have to say? Who's got memory problems? You can check these facts at any objective source.
B.T.W. most Israelis do feel bad for the lives of Palestinians being taken. In every news broadcast the Israeli shows the terrible sides of this war. I wish no civilian would have been killed in this war but the kind of war Hamas chose to conduct leaves no other choice. Israel is trying to protect its own citizens, Hamas is trying to get protection behind their citizens.

Posted by Yaniv January 13, 09 01:55 AM


Posted by Edmond January 13, 09 01:56 AM

Reply to #710: Israel doesn't need to write in a charter that it aims to destroy so and so, it has demonstrated that many times already. Also, in your Knesset walls it says clearly that Israel should be from the Nile to the Euphrates. Your own flag has two blue stripes that symbolises the Nile and the Euphrates.

Reply to #678: You say "I invite anyone to move to any one of the border towns in Israel, go ahead try to live a normal life" how can you invite someone to live on occupied territory. I hope the majority of Israelis commenting here are teens, because they seem to react on hormonal impulses and don't seem to comprehend that their fellow citizens are living in occupied territories.

Watch how America gets its news here:

Posted by A.M. January 13, 09 01:59 AM

War is a terrible thing. That is why it should be avoided. Hopefully Iran and their proxy army Hamas will be decisively defeated in this engagement. Palestinians deserve better than the dead-end policies of Haniyeh and Meshal. Like it or not, the Jewish nation is back in its historic homeland for good.

Posted by Rene January 13, 09 02:11 AM

Reply to 730: You asked for a proof, here it is. Please stop your denial, it is one thing to be patriotic and it is a completely different matter to have a blind faith in your politicians. I think if you are a real patriot you would want Israel to be a law abiding country, so work for that.

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza

Posted by Ali January 13, 09 02:59 AM

Israelies what the hell u people are doing ??? why do u be so cruel to the innocent victims .most of the victims are poor children and their families.This war will also affect the coming generations health like what hppnd in hiroshima and nagasaki.

Arabs are they sitting and dreaming ....... they are of no use .useless creatures .they always keep silent during such situation .
I sraelies plz stop this for gods sake .terrorista and others will escape easily during these but the poor civilians including the children are the one who is suffering .


Posted by REEM January 13, 09 03:17 AM

Easy to criticize Israel from your safe homes wherever it is. If your home was under attack every day in the last 8 years, your comments would have been different.
Israel got out of Gaza 3 years ago? why did they continue to attack? What does the Palestinians really want?
They want to destroy Israel, and my dear friends that's only Iran's first step towards Europe.

Posted by Moni January 13, 09 03:20 AM

Antes de seguir con sus criticas al estado de Israel, a los judios, el otro lado de la moneda.
8 Años Israel esta recibiendo misiles desde gaza... Jardines, supermercados, en que pais vives? tolerarias eso en tu ciudad?
Ocupacion? que ocupacion? israel abandono gaza! cuanstuyeron una ciudad de tuneles para raptar soldados y transferir armas! 3000 misiles de corto alcance tenia hamas antes de la guerra! usaron las casas y esos inocentes para mandar misiles!

Posted by David Kleiman January 13, 09 03:42 AM

Hamas es una organizacion TERORISTA, hay una gran diferencia en defenderte luego de que te atacaron luego de haber agotado todas las otras alternativas!
Israel no quiere eliminar al pueblo palestino. Todo lo que quiere es vivir en paz ser un pais desarrollado y progresar. Quieren ayudar? quieren acabar con la injusticia, informense hacerca de hamas, de lo que es la jihad, de que es lo que estos fanaticos quieren, que son los infieles, que son los campos de veraneo de hamas, cual es la influencia que tiene iran en hamas y hezbollah, pero claro eso es mucho mas dificil que decir, que quieren que israel desaparezca...

Posted by David Kleiman January 13, 09 03:48 AM

Si tenes ideas de como terminar con el conflicto, proponganlas, para eso hay que informarse que es lo que Israel intento hasta la fecha de hoy para que los palestinos tengan su propio estado! vos sabes? o solo sos un producto de los medios? crees que si Israel desaparece vos vas a estar bien y todo va a mejorar? ESTAS EQUIVOCADO, VAN A TOCAR TU PUERTA, porque no sos musulman, porque crees que las mujeres tienen los msmos derechos que los hombres, porque crees en la democracia, porque crees en el progreso y en la libertad de religion y exprecion.

Posted by David Kleiman January 13, 09 03:52 AM

stop it now u r killing childrens stop the war
900 people is killed
300 chuldren us killed

Posted by lolo -israel January 13, 09 03:55 AM


Posted by David Kleiman January 13, 09 03:56 AM

Every one objective ... every one humanitarian...
I don't know if these pictures are not objective in purpose but I
Can tell that in all the Israeli pictures you can see power, bombs and well
Equipped army...
On the other side you see blooded, terrified and helpless civilians.
I don't support the killing of Gaza civilian and don't happy on that!
But where was you all over these 8 years that rockets was send to Israel from
Gaza? What the civilians did to stop it ? What the world did to stop it?
I don't ask you to support Israel but please be not manipulated by
the press , the press depress because they can't get in to Gaza ( for there are
Safety and because they give information to the hamas ).

Posted by Saar .S. January 13, 09 04:27 AM

There seems to be a malicious pivot in the world: Iran - Hammas -Hisbolla - Venezuella - El Kaida
the world must open its eyes!!

Posted by Muhamad January 13, 09 04:34 AM

Israel is the bad one. They shouldn't exists in the first place. They took the Palestinians land by force. The Palestinians only defend what rightfully theirs. They just want their land back. It's the Israeli that drew first blood, not the Palestinians or Hamas. Just move out of there and Hamas will stop killing you all. Go back to anywhere you came from. Say no to Israel state.

Posted by james January 13, 09 04:40 AM

i feel bad for the gaza people but they must fight the hamas themselfs because he deosn't think of their best interest and doesn't thinks of their precious lifes. israel cannot allow a Hamas state which fires constantly and does not see any other way but distroying Israel as a Final solution. the wrong choice the gaza people have made is when they when voted for the Hamas. this regime like the nazi regime in germany killed all the sain people like the people of Abu-Mazen who had to run with his people to the west bank. any regime who tries to take on the whole world and refuses to understand that he lives among other states will be wiped. the Hamas is an islamic fundementalist movement who wants to apply a strict religieous rules in gaza and to force all the arabs there to their way of thinking. it is not a democratic way of thinking which allows people like us to express their thaughts and beliefs so be glad there are contries like the israel who fights against regiems like Iran and the Hamas. if they will have it there ways your life will not be as free as it is now. look at the history of germany and what happend when they tried to concur the world. this is why the islam is the problem because he is not satisfied with having 22 contries around the world and is still seeking to spread his belief to every one else. the jews and the christians are not doing that. so i suggest you all to not believe everything the media shows you and remember always try to be in the middle because then you can see both sides and not only what happens at your side. and try not to think with your heart but with your common sense.

Posted by Amir January 13, 09 04:59 AM

No hay nadie que pueda parar esa guerra absurda?
Si Dios existiera la hubiera parado ¿no?.
Mucho ánimo y mucha suerte.

Posted by Maria Jose Viñas Diaz January 13, 09 05:05 AM

Dear #755.

This is a religious war from both sides. One group (Hamas/Hizbollah) spreading terror (because God to someone to whipe out Isreal?) and Isreal State taking terrorories (because God told someone that the land belongs to Isreal?).

Let's say that you are right and using force is the way to peace..... May I ask: "How is this working for you?"

Posted by Chris January 13, 09 05:06 AM

Picture 22.
The description is incorrect:
militants ??!

HAMAS is right !!!

How there you ? It's a terror organization!

Posted by Avi d January 13, 09 05:13 AM

this is all????

Posted by Aarony January 13, 09 05:15 AM

One day an Hindu came to Mahatma Gandhi and asked him: " I have lost my son in the fighting (between Hindus and Muslims) and can not cope with the pain. What should I do ?"
The answer was: " Care for a Muslim orphan as your own son. Love him and raise him in its own religion."

Posted by F. Shakty January 13, 09 05:15 AM

Why does Hamas hide umunst the the civilian population? Is it so that so many innocents will be killed and they hope for the sympathy of the world. Would it not be more beneficial for them to come out and fight like a real army and face the Israelis rather than hurt the people the say they are trying to protect? Or better yet why don't they all give their heads a really good shake and think about what the hell their doing to each other and learn to get along? Believe it or not this not how the rest of the world works. War does not decide who is right or wrong it only decides who is left. Please could some one answer these questions.

Posted by Bill January 13, 09 05:21 AM

There's many misunderstooding on media due to manipulation of information.
Just by watching TV we cant see many things, and facts are showed as it seems good to media owner.
There's two reasons for everything: the good reason and the true reason.

Posted by Brazilian January 13, 09 05:23 AM

Suppose that you live in Gaza. Will you agree on the Israeli cruelty? Will you
To all people love peace, please stop this.

Posted by Henry January 13, 09 05:38 AM

Think of this for a few moments, if you were to take religion and all religious influences out of the equation what would happen? The quick answer is that there wouldn't be any conflict. Think back on every war……….. Religious or not every single conflict has something to do with what one believes to be what their god's or god would want. The only way to stop conflict is to accept others believes and STOP forcing your believes on others, simple but impossible for those who are willing to die for their religion. It’s just stupid we as a human race are doomed to fight and die for what others have put in our heads.
Pathetic isn’t it.

Posted by josh January 13, 09 05:39 AM

For those who don't know ,,, the fact of what's called Israel ... Israel is not a country who got attacked & has the right to defend it self ... Israel is the attacker who has stolen the life , the land and the enocent ppl right to defend

The June 1967 Arab-Israeli War resulted in a vast expansion of the Zionist colonial project in Palestine, a seizure of territory that much of the world recognizes as an illegal occupation. But it wasn’t the first illegitimate occupation.

That first occupation began with a project calling itself the State of Israel. Its armed wing is known as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). It occupied Western Palestine in 1948 and still does to this day.

The June 1967 war lasted only six days. New lands were conquered that included the rest of Palestine—Gaza and the West Bank—as well as parts of Egypt and Syria. Paramilitary youth under the direction of the IDF quickly built and occupied settlements throughout the newly occupied areas.

The IDF military victory, along with the pro-Zionist media blitz that quickly followed, encouraged the immigration of tens of thousands of settlers a year from other countries. The pop song “Jerusalem of Gold” became a worldwide recruitment anthem in Jewish communities.

Huge sums of money were transferred on a regular basis from the U.S. government to fund occupation infrastructure and ensure the economic stability of the colonial enterprise. And state-of-the-art ground, air and naval weapons systems worth billions of dollars were made available to stabilize the IDF’s expanded occupation mission.

Between 1948 and 1967 the Zionists could occupy Palestine—both rural areas and cities such as Jaffa, Haifa and the western half of Jerusalem—with occasional foot patrols, jeeps without armor and a well developed network of informants run by secret police agencies like Shin Bet and Mossad.

The Palestinians had suffered an historic defeat in 1948 and much of the population was in exile. They were an isolated people. Communications were not what they are today. The financial cost of occupation during this period was low.

Following the June 1967 occupation of parts of Egypt (Sinai Peninsula) and Syria (Golan Plateau), however, the costs quickly rose. Besides paramilitary settlements, the occupation of these areas required mobile armored units, aircraft, radar systems and offshore naval forces. Occasional infantry foot patrols were no longer enough. Large permanent bases for ground and air forces had to be built. U.S. imperialism footed the bill for the initial construction and continues to pay for maintenance.

The Egyptians confronted the occupation of their country by initiating the 1969 War of Attrition and the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. The cost of occupation became too high for the Zionists and by April 1982 they retreated from Egypt. The occupation of Syria continues.

In June 1982, backed by the U.S., the Zionists began an occupation of large parts of Southern Lebanon and parts of Beirut. This occupation met heroic resistance from the day it began. By May 2000 the IDF had retreated from virtually all of Lebanon and another chapter of occupation had ended.

By August 2005 the cost of occupation had grown so high in Gaza that the Zionists were forced to close down their settlements and evacuate over 7,000 settlers. While Gaza remains surrounded and under siege, not one settler remains. This was a hard-fought victory by the Palestinian resistance—and especially by the self-sacrificing youth of Palestine who have inspired militant youth worldwide.

The liberation of Arab land did not end with IDF tanks fleeing Lebanon in 2000 or Zionist settlers being moved from Gaza to other parts of Palestine in August 2005.

The real liberation for all the people of Palestine—whether they speak Arabic or Hebrew—will begin with the end of Zionist occupation in all of Palestine—including Jaffa, Haifa, Jerusalem and the Galilee—as well as in the Golan region of Syria and Shebaa Farms in Lebanon.

The Zionist occupation of Arab land began not in 1967 but in 1948. Any resistance against this occupation is legitimate and deserves the support of the world’s people.

Posted by Palistine January 13, 09 06:59 AM

....and the real terrorist is hamas???????? use common sense one could teach u that..
Posted by israel_the_real_terrorist "
OK! lets use common sense
1. after 8 years of (so claimed - Palestinian government) bombing city's of another country, with out any provocation!
2. taking shelter behind civilians
3. lunching missiels from schools and mosks
I can go on with another 10-20 examles and then try to use common sense
and what I come up with is - where is the Israeli common sense?! why did they wait so long?
Any other country would have declared war over the Hamas long ago!

Posted by Mikis Teodorakis January 13, 09 07:14 AM

we love israel's peopel

Posted by angel January 13, 09 07:40 AM

i wish the israelies best luck =]
ure the only ones whos doing the right thing
take care

Posted by dana January 13, 09 07:44 AM

Nada justifica la muerte de nadie, y menos de inocentes.
La brutalidad con que un estado ``democratico´´ como israel responde a una agresion de un grupo terrorista , asesinando a niños , es como poco un acto de barbarie tal que cualquier razon que hubiesen podido tener hace tiempo que se perdio.
No voy a entrar en quien tiene la culpa de que, ni en quien tiro la primera piedra. Lo considero totalmente irrelevante , los hechos actuales son los que cuentan .
El mundo entero es culpable de estos sufrimientos , al permitir al estado de israel estas acciones .

Posted by Bruno. January 13, 09 08:01 AM

Fico feliz que haja tantos brasileiros opinando na causa, e triste pelo que está acontecendo há tantos anos na região.
Mas o mundo está vendo e condenando a vergonha dessa guerra, onde se luta por poder mas quem sofre e morre são os civis inocentes.
Não há certo e errado, só há uma necessidade: o fim de tudo isso.

Posted by Carolina Dorta January 13, 09 08:19 AM

Two stupid groups of idiots fighting against each other for a lost lost cause and without a real reason.
They only wanna power and money. Using the "flag" of the peace to kill...
Making a brainwash on his people to keep the hate inside their heart...

No one is rigth, no one will be a winner on this war, if no one stop, this war will never end...


Posted by Piá January 13, 09 08:23 AM

Why cannot Palestinians vote for the government of Israel. They are part of the same nation, right?

Posted by Democrazy ftw January 13, 09 08:39 AM


Posted by PAULO Alexandre January 13, 09 09:04 AM


Posted by NIVALDO CRUZ January 13, 09 09:17 AM

To all those who think Israel is at fault you are mistaking, Blame your Hammas leaders who are sending you to fight for them while they are hiding in Damesek in a shelter. This is a two way street, you point your gun at us we will defend ourselves. The fact of the matter is that Hammas is hiding in civilian populated areas and using the citizens as human shields. If you were smart you would stand up against them and choose a leader who will give you peace. But you chose terror, so deal with the consequences.

Posted by Lee January 13, 09 09:59 AM

It is true the Middle East has always had problems. In Order to attain peach, first you have to find out what Hamas wants????... Why are they firing rockets into Israel?.. Someone older and wiser, then me said it was because the Palestine's want their own Country!!!.. And that after the ww2 ended, they were promised this, but never got it.. Can this be true???.. if so WHY ????.. If someone can help me to understand this. I would really appreciate it.. Peace to all

Posted by matina kasimatis January 13, 09 10:10 AM

good luke for israel the World whit U :) kill the teror from the world!!!!

Posted by somone January 13, 09 10:33 AM

the israelis that comment in here must have short term memories...they only remember the facts that happened the last 8 years. Of course if someone consider only these facts, Israel will seem to be the victim.
But why not one israeli explains the facts of 1967??
According to convention 242 (, Israel should have withdrawn from Gaza strip since 1967. 2005-1967=38 years of non-compliance with international laws.
Can someone explain this?

Posted by i dont understand January 13, 09 10:35 AM

The claim that Hamas will never accept the existence of Israel has proved equally misinformed, as Hamas leaders explicitly announce their intention to do just that in the pages of the Los Angeles Times or to any international leader or journalist who will meet with them.

Posted by i dont understand January 13, 09 10:45 AM

The United Nations has flatly denied Israeli claims that Palestinian fighters were using the UNRWA school compound bombed on January 6, in which 40 civilians were killed, to launch attacks, and has challenged Israel to prove otherwise.

Posted by i dont understand January 13, 09 10:46 AM

Israeli commentators and scholars, self-described "loyal" Zionists who served proudly in the army in wars past, are now publicly describing their country, in the words of Oxford University professor Avi Shlaim, as a "rogue" and gangster" state led by "completely unscrupulous leaders".
Neve Gordon, a politics professor at Ben Gurion University, has declared that Israel's actions in Gaza are like "raising animals for slaughter on a farm" and represent a "bizarre new moral element" in warfare.
At least there are some Jews that are not blind. That gives some hope to the rest of the world.

Posted by i dont understand January 13, 09 10:54 AM

no a la guerra matan gente inocente mujeres y niños

Posted by raquel January 13, 09 11:21 AM

Acredito que a única maneira de resolvermos conflitos como estes é a educação para um mundo harmonioso e livre de preconceitos.
Toda guerra é burra!

Posted by Canova, Sérgio January 13, 09 11:31 AM

My name is Mor and I live in Israel. I'm 19 years old and I was burn here.
I read some of the comments here and I had to replay in order to make you understand a little bit how we see the things.
First of all, non of you will be able to understand how it feels to grow up in a teror rutint, until you actually experience that. For over the last 8 years our citizens who live in Sderot have been living in a different way. Most of the time you won't be able to find them at their houses because they probably hidding in a shelter. The city is more dad than a graveyard because everyone are too scards to go outside. In addition the children there are great in running casue the do it all the time, not because they care about sports, just because it's the only way to survive.
We gave Gaza to the Arebs two years ago so the could develop themselves and built their on country, but instead the choose to expand their tunnel where they hide weapon and continue with bombing Sderot all day long.
Do you think we don't want peace? do you think it's easy for us to have this war?
I'm a soldier in the IDF, same like all of my friends, and it's really hard to know that some of them are fighting there right now and might not come back. All I can tell you is that we had enough and we got tired of trying to make peace with terorist. You have to know one more thing. Our purpose is to defeat the Hamas and not the citizen there, bus the Hamas is using his citizen to win this war. Believe me that we do everything we can to prevent that. For those of you who live in USA, remember how you felt in 11.9.2001 and try to imagine how it feels to live like that for years.
I hope that I made some of you think differently about the situation and see the other side also. Live in a teror reality makes it hard to have a normal life, and those of you who havn't experient that won't be able to understand.

Posted by Mor - Israel January 13, 09 12:06 PM

This is the first time I cried while knowing about and seeing the fighting. These photos are touching my heart. I thank you for opening my heart for this. Although I tried to protect myself from it....

Posted by tsedek January 13, 09 12:10 PM

GUERRA, HAMBRE, MISERIA, CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL, CORRUPCION, DELINCUENCIA. No creo que algun dìa vengan extraterrestres a quedarse mas de un rato solamente, como crees.

Posted by roberto January 13, 09 12:26 PM

I think it would be great if we could all just get along but as long as hamas is in charge the pal and isr people will continue to hate and kill each other..

Posted by steve January 13, 09 01:16 PM


Posted by CARLOS January 13, 09 01:30 PM


Posted by javier January 13, 09 01:37 PM

Those photos showes NOTHING no one knows the truth except the ones in it o.k?
you cant judge from those photos!! the israelian army is doing a great job and they should even do more!!

Posted by JAMES January 13, 09 02:05 PM

People you are simply stupid. ignorant, and self righteous idiots.
what the f*ck would you have done if you we 8 years under the attacks of missiles?
i think 90 percent of you wondnt have waited a week to attack.
ISrael waited 8 YEARS and thousands of rockets.
Your simply blind by the photos shown by the palestinian, i wish you live under a real treat and attack like the sderot people had and that your country would do nothing about.
You people show me how ignorant the world is and how easy is to buy you.
you are actually so patethic.
and im not even an israeli or a jew.
You are the reason that terrorism excist and it out rises without someone doing something about it until it is to late.
And remember what Russia did on Georgia and you didnt talk to same.
HIPOCRITS, wish yoy sderot people life.

Posted by sebastian January 13, 09 02:23 PM

Enough is enough..!
Show them your iron fist..!!
Go Israeli..
IDF is the best..
Go get them..

God bless Israel people..!!

Posted by rere January 13, 09 02:45 PM

israel is the biggest terrorest in the world +americ

Posted by nana January 13, 09 02:51 PM

go hamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by greg January 13, 09 02:51 PM


If Israeli solger kills a palestinian civilian by mistake - he faces a military court.
Now, on the other site - the brave palestinian, that killed a CIVILIAN jew - will get a reward!

well, if jews were left without weapons - they would be dead on the same day.


Posted by ANATOLY January 13, 09 03:06 PM

IF I were part of the Hamas I would immidiately:
1) stop buying weapons '
2) build schools and educate my people,
3) i would rebuild the houses which were destroyed when Israel withdraw from Gaza in 2005
4) I would stop manipulating my people, stop telling them that israel is a fact and she can't be destroyed- and i would change the charter
5) I would never , ever dress my kid as a suicide bomber

Posted by linda herzberg January 13, 09 03:18 PM

Im a student in a famous university in southern Israel. my university is "on a brake", a forced one, because rockets are falling all around us.
im not into wars. my hurt is with Palestinians children, wishing for them a real childhood and peace to live. also, to the children of Israel, who lives in fear and get injured for 8 years now, and previous being in dangoure by evil terorists...
i dont agree with every choice of my country's government, but i also think its not natural to live in a world where i cant go to university becuase im being attacked by missels, or that i need to hear alarms every few moments and shake for hours after the fall and that horrible sound.
the fact is that Hamas is throwing missels on civilians, and the IDF is defending his civilians, not because we like it but because otherwise we will not survive. Hamas is using his children and showing horrible pic's, and in Israel we gard on the people's choice for anonimous with their pain.
i wish it will all be over soon. ill get back to class and Palestinian people will have the good life every human deserve.
please see the whole picture, there is no winner in war, but there is a must to destroy the teror. point of thinking.
peace, shalom, salam.

Posted by maya January 13, 09 04:07 PM

i am from Mexico, i thinnk israel and juds all time cryed about hollocaust and they sales all about this.
israel does the same with Palestina, when be the turn of israel to crye again, i hope they no say are a victims.

Posted by Juan Pineda January 13, 09 04:10 PM

Those that talk about the psychological horror of living in Israel under the random shelling of Hamas's rockets (that have claimed the lives of 2 civilians since the recent escalation) need to live without food, water, electricity or medical supplies for just a few days before they talk about suffering, just like the Palestinians did for months under the Israeli Blockade of Ghaza prior to the breaking of the 6 month ceasefire.

Posted by Derek January 13, 09 04:47 PM


Posted by ANTHONY January 13, 09 05:07 PM

All the arab countries do not give a hut about the palestinian, no budy wants or care about them. The only country that helpt them after the war in 1967. with electrecity. runing wather sewer housing was Israel. the Israeli gave them work clothing ..... I konw becous I was one of the Israelis . They voted for hamas to be the lider look were they got them.

Posted by Nancy January 13, 09 05:30 PM

bravo israel,whem you finish with hamas,go after hezbollah, and then iran, it seems that you are the only one that can exterminate terrorism.. bravo again

Posted by mairico January 13, 09 05:47 PM

It is amazing that so few Arabs have are dead.
It is a testimonial to the accuracy of the Israeli bombing.
Any other army using so much fire power would have killed many more of them.
What is the accurate # of civilian casualty of the Iraq war?

Posted by Sean January 13, 09 05:49 PM

All of you that think that it isn't the right of israel to defened herself, don't know a sh*t about that!
The israeli government have tried everything to stop Hamas from shooting at the Israeli people, in peaceful ways! But Hamas didn't stopped!!!
They have been fireing rockets at Israeli people for 8 years!!!! Nobody ask them to stop shooting at Israeli people!!!!!
All of you that think that they know something about this war, imagine to youself that the thing that wake you up in the morning is the alarm!!! And then you hear the explosion!!!
Imagine to youself that your own city is being attacked by rockets!
The Hamas people shoot at the Israeli people and hey don't mined if it is a man, woman or child, all they want is to kill!!!
You don't know how it is like, to live in a fear, a fear that your f*cking home is going to be boomed!!!
And nobody cares that they kidnap an Israeli soldier... And the Israeli government tried everythink to bring him back in peacefull ways!!!
I guess that all of you that say all this foolish things don't live in this fear!!! And untill you live this reallity, you don't have a f*cking right to say anything!!!
Let see all the heroes, come to israel and go to Sderot, let see you all cowards!!!
If you think that Israel wish to fight you are so wrong! They wish to end this foolish war! The Israeli people also sad that Hamas is forcing the Gaza's civillians to stay and get hurt insad of them!
No one of you saw how the Hamas people is walking in their streets, they walking in a babyattached to their body, so if they will be exposed, the baby will be killed instad of them!

So untill you know all the facts, dont say wrong things!
Untill you won't feel the fear, don't say those things!
Don't talk about things that you all spoiled men, will never understand!
You all never felt the terror on your own ass!
You didn't heart the whistle of the missile...that coming straight to your home!
If you all still think that Israel is the bad guys, come to Israel, bring your familly with you, and spend only two weeks in Sderot, after that, think that the Israeli people feels 8 times more than you!
So don't talk with your anger like you live in this mess!

If you wonder who responsible for the existence of the trroristic organization (the Hamas), is he same one that responsible for the 9/11!!!
After killing us' they will started to kill american citizen, and not only jewish people, also a Christian people!!!

If they will attacked you as well you will say, "Ohh no, why we didn't listen to the man that warned us sbout this situation"

So here, I warn you now, after hunting us they will come to you, to your home, to you family, you will never be safed anymore!!!

Posted by A person that know better then all the stupid man who think they undestand something January 13, 09 05:54 PM

Dear Juan Peneda (#823),
i assume you are infant (otherwise you would be a person with negative IQ), so I'll explane you the difference between holocost and Pal-Isr conflict in a very simple way:
Suppose there no police inMexico and you have a neibour that shoots from a gun toward your window every night. So your father one day throws a granate to the house of this crazy neibour to protect you, Juan. Some relatives of this crazy neibour get injured.This is conflict. Holocost - is when such a crazy neibour kills all your family becouse they are red skin indians. Hope you feel the diference.

Posted by ANATOLY January 13, 09 05:56 PM


Posted by EL CHARRO NEGRO January 13, 09 06:35 PM

I totally support Israel.

Israelis have the right to live without being killed one after another by the rockets and missiles sent by Hamas terrorists.

In France, a poll published yesterday shows that there are more people supporting Israel than the Arabs of Gaza, despite the media massive anti-Israeli propaganda.

Posted by Leroidavid January 13, 09 07:04 PM


Posted by CAIO - BRAZIL January 13, 09 07:15 PM

we dont protect our kids and people with BLOOD of other kids and other people....humain rights keep watching other organizations keep watching too everything is clear !!! a kid of 4 years will see the huge difference of that crime
so i think everyone is part of this crime someway somehow
ps: everyone leaves in the end everything dies in the end it dosent matter how hard you hold on...........

Posted by Anonymous January 13, 09 07:23 PM

The ignorance on here in defense of Israel is staggering. Do a little more research on the history of Hamas before you start spouting your idiocy and arrogance. Of course, Palestinian lives don't matter, so their immense casualties over the last sixty years is neither here nor there to you people.

Posted by mister6 January 13, 09 08:01 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 13, 09 08:27 PM

Paz es lo que quiere el mundo, por eso es que existe tanta maldad y terrorismo; tantos niños q crecen sin sus padres muertos en guerras alimentados con tanto odio y rencor, LES PIDO POR FAVOR ABRAN LOS OJOS Y SE TERMINE LA GUERRA

Posted by JUAN CONTRERAS January 13, 09 08:36 PM

Israel damn...!, stop war, one time you are genocide by God

Posted by Lasma January 13, 09 08:39 PM


Posted by PAULICK JOACHIM January 13, 09 10:51 PM

Wher is other photos,
which shows the real losers, the childrens & womens.
I think, the memory of this war will last for hundred of years.
In war every body loser.
With peace you will get less than what you want, but most of them happy.

Posted by naim farhoud January 13, 09 10:57 PM


Posted by MICHEL January 13, 09 11:36 PM

Somos nosotros los que provocamos las cosas y luego le hechamos la culpa a Dios. Unos dicen que si Dios existiera no habría guerras...pero yo les digo: Si los hombres vivieran como Dios dice, entonces no habría guerras. Y quizás no todos pensemos igual, y respeto eso, pero creo que en algo estamos de acuerdo: Las guerras son tristes y este conflicto debe terminar ya.

Posted by Oscar January 14, 09 12:00 AM

It is completely sickening the blatant disrespect Israel is showing for humanity right now. What is the "objective" to kill everyone in Gaza? They want the beachfront property? The ghetto of Gaza ruining property value across fence?
Or wait, could it be the OIL ? This whole situation reeks of F'ed up politics.

Posted by Whatthebleepisthis January 14, 09 12:22 AM

¡Adelante, Israel! Debes arrasar a esa gentuza. No todos en España apoyamos al terrorismo promovido por Irán y Siria, Hezbollah y a Hammás, que es lo que hace la caterva que apedrea tu sede diplomática.

Posted by topfran January 14, 09 12:31 AM

Some people here just dont know the chronicle events prior to this war,
Israelies are the aggressive side? well ,not really.
Israel fully withdrawal from gaza at Sep. 2005 Gaza was under full Palastinian authotity rule, at June 2007 the hamas terorists took over the power in gaza killing thousands of fatah people, except Iran non of the UN members including arab countries recognize the hamas terror rule in Gaza.
From that day till this moment they are smuggling weapons and ammunition from their great supporter IRAN through thousands of tunnals cross the Sinai desert border and lounching grad and kassam rockets at Israeli cities killing and terrorizing Israeli innocent citizens on a daily basis. Now you people claim that hamas is fighting against the occupation?? make no mistakes ! The hamas leaders hiding under ground behind citizens ,shuting at the israeli soldiers from civilian places such as schools, hospitals and mosque, transporting by ambulances and cynicaly using palastinian civilians as human shields, the throuth is that the real culprit are the hamas terrorists. They are evil low life

Posted by Nahshon January 14, 09 01:41 AM

A short comment about the situation,

Too many years people of Israel fight for peace. Too many years the Arab nations all over the world stabilized the conflict between Arabs and Israel.

Gaza strip has the right to live in peace and received the opportunity on 2005 by Israeli withdrawal from there.
Trust is not build by shooting rockets on innocent people and civilians near by Gaza strip – south Israel.
Shooting rockets on the electric power station which supply light to Gaza is one example of the un-normal behavior of the Hamas leadership.

Hamas as the Hezbollah under the Iranian leadership like to destroy Israel existent as a nation in the Middle East.
When they will finish with Israel they will go on with the rest of the world as they believe Allah say so.

You people, all around the glob believe they will not, you are terribly wrong!!

Israel has the right to defend herself, it's happened after eight years of control itself, by the power and in all the power Israel have.
Its hearth to see wounded and killed children's by the stupidly of the Hamas leadership.

We wish for peace and we will fight for peace until we will reach it!!

Posted by udi January 14, 09 02:04 AM

We love Israel

Posted by Lion January 14, 09 03:07 AM

posted by Anonymous"
Well it's strange but i don't see GOD fighting...i see a bunch of well armed soldiers against children throwing stones and despite United Nations conventions and resolutions.
So let God out of this please..

Posted by i dont understand January 14, 09 03:22 AM

It's ironic/scarry how the world remains silent for years while (innocent) Jews are blasted at freely, mainly civilians, yet when any action is (finally) taken by the Israeli government to protect its citizens from cold blooded killers (more like a primitive barbarian culture from hell), the world INSTANTLY flexes, condemns, and portrays Israel as the devil. ABSURD!!! I WISH AMERICA, ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA and ENGLAND (without the Arabs though) closed their societies off to the rest of the world and benefited from the fruits of genius, innovation, compassion, love of freedom, and common sense ALONE...leaving the rest in their caves and ideology of hypocrisy!

Posted by Rotem January 14, 09 03:36 AM

What's wrong with you, Israel-haters?
70 years ago Europe was covered by signs of "Jews Go to Palestine". Now Europe is saying "Jews, get out of Palestine".
Palestine is the historic Land of Israel and the Jews are to stay there and take all necessary measures to defend their people in their Homeland !!!

Posted by Efrem January 14, 09 03:42 AM

We love Israel

Posted by Lion January 14, 09 03:53 AM

you strike and we will defence we beilive that our men to heaven and yours to the hill.

Posted by young muslim January 14, 09 04:12 AM

Think of this for a few moments, if you were to take religion and all religious influences out of the equation what would happen? The quick answer is that there wouldn't be any conflict. Think back on every war……….. Religious or not every single conflict has something to do with what one believes to be what their god's or god would want. The only way to stop conflict is to accept others believes and STOP forcing your believes on others, simple but impossible for those who are willing to die for their religion. It’s just stupid we as a human race are doomed to fight and die for what others have put in our heads.
Pathetic isn’t it.josh

Posted by josh January 14, 09 05:21 AM

I think this collection of amazing photographs shows, that on both sides people are suffering. Now, I understand how the leaders of the parties have political motives, but I'm always surprised that the people are often the most fanatic. Even on this website, where the suffering and loss is so evident, people still feel the need to define 'good' and 'bad.' Apart from all this, I think everyone outside Israel and the Gaza strip knows that this war will neither end nor solve the ongoing problems. That said, I understand that to an outsider things are always easier.

Posted by Maarten January 14, 09 05:30 AM

israel have all rights to attack hamas after 8 years of missiles on sderot

Posted by go israel January 14, 09 05:44 AM

God bless Israel and IDF soldiers!!!

Posted by Boris January 14, 09 05:48 AM

Where is Gilad Shalit?

Posted by GLeb January 14, 09 06:05 AM

to 822th person.....

really? do you think clean the terrorism of the world with a gun.....
please. people dying in there.
if you are really smart or Israil govenment is really smart, you can find way without gun for the cleaning. they are not dirt only human. as you, as me. please dont be a killer againist the humanity.......

Posted by turgay January 14, 09 06:19 AM

war is cruel but hamas always like war and they hide among civilian also israel just gave respons of what hamas want

Posted by harimau tiger January 14, 09 07:34 AM


Posted by TRUE MOSHE January 14, 09 08:10 AM

i m from tunisia
im hana ben azaiez
im muslim's and i can't accept what happen now is gaza
is a new holocost by israielian criminals
they kill evry thing live ther babies ladies old poeple annimals
they destroy all
1000 poeple die for one israiel poeple live!!!
where is the justice? where is human rights??????????????

Posted by hana January 14, 09 08:24 AM

From the very beginning, Hamas, as a relief organization, has been trying to make life in Palestine bearable. It rebuilds houses destroyed by Israeli forces, cares for the poor and needy, sponsors students in their studies and provides assistance for people in need. As such, a civilian and democratic spirit was visible in its foundation. The factors that led Hamas into a political struggle were the inability of the PLO to sustain the Palestinian liberation struggle and the possibility that motivation for the Palestinian cause was fading away.


Posted by yok January 14, 09 08:24 AM

People will always die, till the day Christ returns. Which will be soon.

Posted by Anonymous January 14, 09 09:51 AM

Genesis 12:3 I will bless them that bless thee, I will curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

I would suggest we do as God said. We should stand behind Israel and do so until the rapture of the church

Posted by Scott January 14, 09 10:39 AM




Posted by S. GUZZI January 14, 09 10:51 AM

What the Israelis are doing is inhumane and The Muslims are suffering. All the Muslims have Allah.

Posted by Zayneb January 14, 09 11:12 AM

SOS para que se salve a los niños

Los ataques del Ejército de Israel han matado a más de 300 menores palestinos en 18 días

El doctor Abdel Qader Lubba, que hasta esta crisis trabajaba como jefe de medicina infantil en el bombardeado hospital pediátrico Dorah, dijo a Público que todo el personal del hospital estaba tirado en el suelo de la cocina, atrapado por el intenso bombardeo que había a su alrededor.

El doctor Lubba hablaba desde el área de Netzarim, al sur de la ciudad de Gaza. Estaba acompañando a 17 heridos graves camino de Egipto, cuando las ambulancias fueron detenidas por los soldados. "Hay mujeres y niños. Algunos están muy graves y sólo nos queda una bombona de oxígeno", explicó.

"En la UCI del hospital Dorah hay seis niños, uno de siete meses y otro de un año. Tienen heridas en distintas partes del cuerpo y algunos también han sufrido quemaduras", comentó el doctor.

Imposible hacer cesáreas

Según datos de la ONU, a diario nacen en la franja de Gaza entre 150 y 200 niños. La cesárea se utiliza en entre 25 y 35 partos, pero en la situación actual no se puede practicar "porque todos los quirófanos se usan para cirugía relacionada con el conflicto", afirma la OMS.

El hospital materno Awda, en el norte de la franja, se ha observado "un incremento de los partos prematuros y los abortos que está relacionado con la ansiedad y el pánico" .

Otro hospital materno, Abu Yusif Nayyar, se queja de que los enfermos y heridos de algunos pueblos pequeños que hay en los alrededores se han quedado aislados y no pueden llegar hasta el hospital.

Hasta ahora, el Ejército israelí ha destruido 39 escuelas e instituciones educativas, principalmente en bombardeos aéreos, aunque también de la artillería.

Posted by Fer January 14, 09 11:49 AM

let me tell you something...
to all of you who dosent live in israel ....
who never felt the way i feel when my best friends are in gaza now fighting for our lives ....and didnt sow theire home for 35 days ...and every day could be the last one ...and theire friends getting hurt infront of them...
who never knew how scarry it is to run every 10 minuts and look for a shelter couse Hammas is bombing us ...
and when you all are done with school and planning your vacations before you go to college....
me and my friends are done with school and then we join the army - boys and girls ...
and why is that?...couse you have a place to live in , the Arabs have at list 5 countrys to live in , but we? thats all we`v got !!!
and we wont let anyone to take it from us !!!!!!

Posted by mazi - israeli girl January 14, 09 12:06 PM

Fico triste em ver essas imagens, mas ao mesmo tempo, retratam de maneira fiel exatamente o que está acontecendo! Choca, impressiona... porém, nos faz refletir e querem sempre um mundo melhor!

Posted by Betina January 14, 09 12:09 PM

Go ISRAEL! Do what you have to do to defend our country! There is only one Jewish State there are plenty of muslim states, non of them want the palestinians. Do not forget who supplied gaza with electricity, clean water and fuel. NOT THE ARAB NATIONS it was ISRAEL! so it is time to put our foot down, no more missiles than we will talk peace.

Posted by Lee January 14, 09 01:05 PM

Israel have the right to defense his citizens against this cowards terrorist.
They use children as human shields.


Posted by DAVID January 14, 09 01:19 PM

What is the moral difference between hardcore Zionists, who believe that god gives them the right to drive the Arabs out of Palestine, and hardcore Islamists, who believe god tells them to wipe Israel off the map?

Any god that gives his (her? its?) followers license to kill other human beings is no god that I want to have anything to do with.

Posted by Richard January 14, 09 01:21 PM

it doesnt make any sense ,killing people in such an inhuman,insensate ,barbarian way because palestinians want their land back.

Posted by ÝáÓØíäíå January 14, 09 01:29 PM

If you take a look on any border between musim population and any other religion you will find a war. India - Pakistan, Chechnya -Russia, Darfur etc.
Same story with Israel - Palestinian.
So, who is a problem of the world? Right - the very last religion, which hate all other world.

Posted by Al January 14, 09 01:49 PM

Now I believe that Israel is devil, There is NO justification for such things like those kind of bombs and hitting schools and children. They are using bombs which are specifically designed for large scale killing, how could they claim that those were only for Hamas?
And I think anyone who defends them must be either a part of propaganda project or a complete imbecile.
for god sakes just take a look at this :

Posted by ufi January 14, 09 02:03 PM

the palestinians are shooting to israel more then 8 years' and the israelies are not do nothing' we try to make a peace with them but they don't want that. we are not figthing them and we not killing them/ we are defences on our home. don't let to that picture to deceive you/ if some one want i can send picture that show what they doing us in 8 years. my e-mail is

Posted by zev January 14, 09 02:16 PM

Saying that the Palestinians somehow deserve this war, is like saying the victims of 9/11 in New York deserved what they got because of what was done under and by the democratically elected US government.

Posted by WTK January 14, 09 02:37 PM

War is BAD!! but the hamas is worse! how do you behave if your home and families was under a constant threat of missiles every day for 8 years. this is a `no choice war!`. the hamas don't care about there own people! they use innocent children and families as a human shield and that's a fact! that's the main reason for all those unnecessary deaths.

Posted by Eitan January 14, 09 02:38 PM

The Israel army has killed more people in Gaza in the last few weeks than the Palestinian extremists have killed in Israel in the last 10 years. I can not see the justification in leveling this city of 1.5 million people for under 20,000 supposed militants.
I feel for the innocent on both sides of this conflict. So many children killed. And all these people living in fear. Pointlessly.
The thinking that they will blow the terrorists off the map is so flawed. Terrorists exist in every country and within every race. It is not confined to one religion or ethnic background. When will it end? When we are all dead?

Posted by Eternallyconfused January 14, 09 02:55 PM

Shame for all so called secular countries and for Israel...........U r blocking all supplies and if someone stands for that , u labbled him as terrorist.........curse on all a christian livin in India.....right frm know i accept Islam.........we wll fight against injustice n wll succeed.........

Posted by john January 14, 09 02:59 PM

Hey yok have you ever read the Hamas charter ?? Do so.
Now the Nazis got popular in Germany using the same techniques !
Just like Mein kampf for Nazis, the Hamas has a plan (in their charter they do make a point to requonquer all the waqf and that includes Spain !).

Posted by Anonymous January 14, 09 04:25 PM

To all you defenders of this idiotic war started by Hamas, Israel has every right to exist in a prosperous, democratic homeland they've created out of barren desert sand and rock and every right to defend it against a bunch of murderous fanatics. They have an historical right to the land in which they've lived since Biblical times. Palistinians have been given ample opportunity to create their own state but thanks to their stupid corrupt leaders they have been brainwashed into thinking they deserve to steal prosperity rather than create their own. It is quite obvious that Israel will never be able to negotiate a peaceful coexistance with a bunch of thugs who are foresworn to eliminate Israel totally. The only solution to this mess
is for Israel to exact such terrible devastation on Gaza and the Palistinians living there that they will come to realize for them it will be peaceful coexistancs or NO EXISTANCE! Maybe then they will understand that in order for them to survive they will have to reject Hamas, Hezbollah and radical Islamic states like Syria Saudi Arabia and Iran who are really responsible for all the unrest in the middle
As far as Radical Islam is concerned, I wonder what kind of religion....what kind of God expects you teach babies how to blow themselves up; to kill innocent women and children to use civilians as human shields! The parts of the "holy Quoran" that I've read seemed to be mainly concerned with who you should kill, and why and when you should kill him! Why do they call the middle east the birthplace of civilization when there is so little civility there.

Posted by nunzio January 14, 09 04:27 PM

The arabs started all the wars , and lost all of them. Israel is a country with only 60 years a country that send satellites, have great doctors museums, cientist. whi you can not undestand that arabs dont want peace , they just want to wipe the jewish state for what ir represents : democratic goverments, progress, developnment progress. why the palestinian people dont used the money that they send them in doing progress ? instead they create more terrorist schools, reclut kids to be possible bombers. dis you forget how they were dancing in the street when the 9/ 11 ? whats going on here? Israel eliminate all the terrorist taht are in gaza

Posted by areli January 14, 09 04:33 PM

Why dont the UN establish a safety zone just as they did in Kosovo ? Why dont the US involve in the region just as they r doing in Iraq, Somalia etc etc ? Where r NATOs "peacekeeping" operations ? Why does the whole world watches this disgrace when people dont have an idea about whats happening in so many other places of the world ? Why has money become our God ? Why is the human kind so degenerated ? What shall we teach our children ? ....
Why dont we throw the nukes and give an end to this sick thing called the history of the human race ?

Posted by SICK January 14, 09 05:03 PM

For those how want to no the real story and would like to have an opinion about this war please read the history first and then you can judge.

Posted by khaled January 14, 09 05:05 PM

What would YOUR country do if ONE missle would bomb your country?
and how about THOUSANDS of missles?
and for 8 YEARS?
so killing innocent israelis just for the heck of it is okay, but going out to war inorder to DEFEND and PROTECT your civilians is suddently against human rights?!?!

Posted by someone with a little sense.... January 14, 09 05:09 PM

Vendran dias criticos difíciles de manejar,habrá guerra de nación contra nación,cielo y tierra pasará,más mis palabras no pasarán....Creamos en la palabra de DIOS(JHEOVA)..La Biblia.

Posted by juanjose January 14, 09 05:18 PM

Hammas should be strongly shook, but not defeated, for it has the support of the population in Gaza. i hope lessons from the past israeli wars have been learned, because the history shows clearly that once a dictator is pushed of his seat by a rivaling country, a more vicious hating dictator comes underneath. so, if it's not already too late, it's time to be adults and solve our problems through mutual understanding. even the most untamed terrorist can be taught to be good with the right amount of trust and patience.
i live here, i lived 2 years under the palestinian bombings and my family is at Hammas' rocket range, Hammas and Israel are two children are fighting over who took who's toy. get real.

Posted by Adam January 14, 09 05:38 PM

pues yo solo quiero decirles que no puedo creer hasta donde ha llegado la ingratitutd de la gente no se por que escogiero asi la forma de solucionar las cosas si en verdad quieren lo que hay en ese pais pueden conseguirlo pèro no con violencia ni tatacando a personas que no tienen nada que ver personas indefensas niños que lo unico que quieren es vivir a los soldados les pido que se vean reflejados y que vean si asi les gustaria ver a su familia destruida por bombas verdad que no ?? y por que lo hacen por dinero ?? por que e su deber? no chinguen el gobierno de estados unidos es una porqueria y la verdad como me gustaria que a ellos les pasara igual......

Posted by teresa January 14, 09 06:00 PM

When will they learn?

Posted by dc January 14, 09 06:53 PM

Folks Israel is a great, beautiful country, full of many decent people - it DOESN'T want WAR - the prejudice and Jew-bashing of the Arab/Moslem street has to end - their leaders have to stand up and say enough bloodshed - Israel ahs the right to be a Jewish homeland - we won't tolerate attacks upon her or Jews - when this happens (if ever) peace will occur - the region will turn into an economic powerhouse, education and human rights will improve - Israel is the "canary in the coal mine" for the western world as a bridgehead against intolerance, bigotry, and predjudice - and yes war does great harm - for all

Posted by Marcos Garzon January 14, 09 07:48 PM

Go Hammas...go hammas.!!!!!!!!!!!
beat all israel soldiers!
Stop all killing!!!
the right is soldier vs soldier not soldier vs young people!

Posted by soldier January 14, 09 07:59 PM

to all of you who are in support of this war against civilians in Gaza and thinking they will gain anything ... i will just say have not you learned the lesson from your failure against hizbulla.. do you think what you doing in gaza will bring peace ...then you are as foul as your leaders.. more and more hamas fighter will be born and they will fight the shitt out of you, wait and see.. this time you fought against one hamas time will be five different new hamas..
go hamas go go ...

Posted by thumbs up to hamas January 14, 09 08:36 PM

Israel days are numbered . As long as Zionism has hijacked the Jews and people of greed . You fools are fooling yourselves, Gaza has nothing. No army its under occupation. Israel is acting out of desperation to have control, you can never control Islam as its truth, true Islam is not to fight for Power its to fight for Humanity which Israel has none of, not even letting Humanitarian aid in .. letting it only trickle. Everyone knows the lies of Israel , the lies and denial that will destroy it inshallah

Posted by Mohi Zee January 14, 09 08:40 PM

from the photographer sight maybe it's an awesome photos but from the human rights it's a crime againts human races
see the facts that israhell use chemical bombs (white phosphorus), killing the civilians, bombing the school, etc.

Posted by array January 14, 09 08:46 PM

to Eitan
how do you feel if you are living with no water no electricity not allowed to leave your door steps and you only have to suffer for months and months ..why? simply coz you democratically elected hamas who you had faith in unlike abu mazin and his gang.
go hamas the israeli what u made of..

Posted by bokertoof israel January 14, 09 08:47 PM

I am sick to see so many people being killed, however what really upset me is Hamas who is using civilian population for sending missiles on Israel.
Then they complain, we have no food, we have no medication, no shelters, blah-blah...
I haven't hear them crying out loud about not having enough bombs, explosives, tunnels to hide like rats and food for their Hamas fighters.
I feel so sorry for Arab population, they shouldn't be dying like this, but hey, thank people you have elected.

Posted by Peter from Poland January 14, 09 10:05 PM

Please don't try to justify your inhuman acts by giving us bullsh*t, some craps about you are living in terror and blah blah blah . I wish all of you go through what Palestinians had to go through and see who is in the real terror. do you want to see your children cut in half or heads off of their bodies? what kind of animals are you?

You have taken their country by force and you want nothing out of this war but to clean up arabs off of the gaza strip. damn you Israel damn you Israel. Go TO HELL, WHERE YOU BELONG...

Posted by SADAF January 14, 09 10:08 PM

you don't undersatand one MAIN point. PALESTINE IS FOR THE PALESTINIANS. Israel occupied our land 60 years ago. they were nothing and the U.S and Britain made them something. Untill this day they are giving them FREE weapons. Billions of American Money goes to Israel every year. The American people still don't know this simply because they are living Faaaaar away from the outside world and are not willing to open their eyes. the Palestinians will fight untill they get their rights back, they don't care about something called the U.S. but the Americnas should care because this is their Fu*ng money

Posted by mona January 14, 09 10:31 PM

What right does Israelies have in palestianians land .Palestinians land truly belongs to them only .I dont find any mistake with the palestinians because what palestinians are doing is that they are opposing the israeliess who are trying to take their land from them .What is the wrong in tht . Will anybody of u will surrender your home to any outsiders ??? NO . Nobody will do tht . We will oppose .thts wht palestinians did.
Israelies need to quit from palestinians land they have no right over there.
Until and unless they quit ,this war goes on .....
Feel pity on these Israelies who are trying to ROB somebody else home . Israelies go and live in your own home dont try to rob somebody else's home.if u try to do so then, u will hav to face opposition from hamas and all .TO EVERY ACTION THERE WILL B AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION .They r just responding to israels action . thts all . NOTHING WRONG WITH PALESTINIANS.
WHY the countries are keeping silence at this .WORLD NEED TO RESPOND TO THIS .


Posted by REEMOL January 14, 09 10:51 PM



Posted by HEDDA HENRIQUEZ COMPTE January 14, 09 11:00 PM

How u can compeer the Holocaust to what going on in Gaza?????????
Palestinians seams to be at the same position????? the Jewish people couldn't ask for humanitarian break!!!!! and i don't remember that Mexico was there to help - i guess too much mojito man!
most of probably ignorance that heard "once" about it????? most of u live in a bobble but still have a lot to say. so first sit your ass at your lovely house in your lovely country and mind ur own business!!!!!
read some facts about the Holocaust and then write the nonsense that u wrote!
at the Holocaust people used to be an a getho - a real one! go to the gas chambers and the death trains - got shot from no reason!!! innocent unarmed people!

Posted by Inbal January 14, 09 11:06 PM

Shame for Israel to take the revenge of Holocaust from Palestinians!

You have killed more than 1000 people, more than 60% civilians including a large number of kids and wome,n in response of your 11 deaths from the homemade rockets of Hamas.

Are you expecting that you would kill all the Gazians and in the response they offer you the "Red rose" ? History will never forgive you anyway.


Posted by Hassan January 14, 09 11:42 PM

Fight for it IDF !!!

Posted by ArabNgehe January 14, 09 11:51 PM

If 1000 dogs died in Gaza, Americans would be up in arms with Peta taking the charge. But 1000 Palestinians don't matter, collateral damage.

Where are the People of Consciousness? Life liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.......

Posted by Alex January 15, 09 12:02 AM

I think I will tell my students in my geography class to erase the name ISRAEL from the globe or the World Atlas... and maybe then... years later it will becoming real that Israel vanished from this world. That will be fun.

Posted by Geography Teacher January 15, 09 12:36 AM

Stop all the for peace in Gaza

Posted by wisnu January 15, 09 12:41 AM

go to hell.. Israel!!!

Israel and USA are same

the real International terrorist...!!

Posted by Jimmy Lee January 15, 09 02:23 AM

In sderot in Israel theres 8 yers grads and no body do anythings

Posted by -----------jçñåé January 15, 09 02:49 AM

i wish that all those jewish soldiers who kill innocent women and children burn eternally in hell!!!.and shame on israel for making the palestinians resort to firing rockets at them after years of oppression and then taking retribution which is completely disproportional.typical hypocrite and opressor mentality.isbiruu ya ikhwaanana fi filasteen.allahumma ajjil binasrihim ya azeezu ya qawiyyu ya jabbaar!!!!

Posted by Salmaan Habib January 15, 09 02:54 AM

Go to hell Israel..

Posted by art January 15, 09 03:07 AM

i want to see you live 8 years with rockets above your hads!
if you will live like this,then your opinions will be objective,but now it doesnt really matter what you are saying,cause you dont suffer like us.
people dying here(in israel) not only now,in this justified war,not only from the rockets,the arabs always find ways to strike us and thats that you dont hear from this,this already a different story.
you cant really judge before you know.
so dear world i'm inviting you to live in sderot maybe you will enjoy !
i'm sorry i have to go there is a alarm and i really dont want die today.=]

Posted by yarden January 15, 09 03:27 AM

Israel is the REAL TERRORIST of the world. The world should see in the future that Israel is the liar. The attack of 11 September was actually the creation of Bush the liar and the liar Israel. The finding by the expert in physics is actually true, it was the act of demolition to cheat the world.

You may think you win, God knows you are liars, and you will see in the life after death HELL is your place ever after, unless you surrender to God for His true teachings.

Posted by Trim January 15, 09 03:37 AM

I am an Israeli - I was once left wing. How left wing? In 1978 I was one of the very few Israelis who went to protest against Israeli occupation and the new settlements that were emerging. This was when the very first settlements started in the west bank. I was actively against and I always objected to those settlemnets. Unfortunately, for our people and the palestinians, the right wing in Israel won this struggle big time. Whenever I could I protected arabs and Jews simply bacause they are human being and have rights. But not if they are BAD human beings. And thats my point.

The palestinians had a strong ally - it was the Isreali left wing population. I think it was their most important ally, more than the US that they look to, because it was the most effective ally in terms of influencing goverment actions. THEY LOST THAT ALLY IN 2000. Most of that community just couldnt accept the demands of the palestinians in 2000 and as a result stopped fighting for them. As a result the right wing had complete control on how Israel reacted - and the palestinians lost the 2000 intifada.

By attacking the towns around Gaza, after Israel withdrew, The Hamas succeeded to unify the left and rigt ranks in Israel completely!. The voices against the war are so few today that dont mean a thing. Taking on a unified Israel was an idiotic move. The people who made the decision to do so should be tarred and feathered.

So the siutation is that we (the left wing Jewish population in Israel) dont like the pictures of dead children but we wont protest it:
1. Because we think that Hamas is a bunch of extremely extremely evil people. How can we support them?
2. Because our population is shot at. The reason that not a lot of our population have died is because they are hiding. A few days 2 small girls were within seconds of dying. Had they not run to the air shelter. The point is that the missile was aimed at them. If Hamas could - it would kill a lot more Israeli children and it would do it intentionally - It just cant do it.

At this point if someone asks what is my suggestion to stop Hamas w/o killing civilians, I dont know the answer. And because I dont know the answer, I dont protest and therefore agree.

The reason we pulled out of Gaza was because we thought it was fair. The Hamas interpreted it as weaknes because they dont understand what being fair is.

If the palestinians want to know how win struggles the answer is simple: fight for a just cause in a just manner.

And make peace when the cause is no more just.

Posted by Danny January 15, 09 04:12 AM

How fair are you if you don't post pictures from the Israeli side, or show that the Hamas is training kids to hate and become terrorist. Why won't you show pictuers from the West Negev - people are Hamas hostages and need to be almost all of the time under the ground in bomb shelters. They can't go to work, school or even buy food.
We don't teach to hate. We don't send our wives to suicide bomb innocent people. Our soldiers are 18-21 - they just kids who only want to protect their home. Wouldn't you want to live safe? The Hamas is a terror organization and it seems that the rest of the world is on its side. Think again. The coin has 2 sides

Posted by Merav January 15, 09 04:30 AM

you can see with your eyes, you can hear with your ear....
and you have a heart....

Posted by kawai lunichan January 15, 09 04:39 AM

Thank you Adam (#888)...All the people in here should read your comment..
If people in middle east were thinking your way, everything would be okay!!

Posted by eliaou January 15, 09 04:58 AM

itz incredible how many people like the war.
any kinda war.
and thiz warz a major example of aniquilation of a gaza territory, ´cause we all know whoz the strongest.
poor kidz, women, elderlies that r not behind a desk making the war.
f*ck all those make the war...
God bless us, the people that suffer.

Posted by wakko January 15, 09 05:08 AM

I don't care about who took whose land, jewis, moslems or historical background of this war. But one thing for sure I hope we can STOP this war immediately!! for the sake of our future children.. because I believe there's NO good in solving problem with war. If you think you're smart enough you will agree with me. I wish Israel & Palestine government can solve this problem with peace with support from the rest of the world (means all of us!) Please don't make it worse with your comment about which side are you in this war. Let's pray that this war will be over soon.

Posted by Lia-Moslem-Indonesia January 15, 09 05:12 AM

you people are so f*cking stupid and hurts me to see you think that Hamas is right. I really want to see you all one day in Sderot, if you'll fucking stay alive after that. Hamas is attacking Israel For 8 YEARS. Do you all think that Israel are the bad guyz? ew are only trying to survive.
Hamas are killing their own families just to stay alive. they're killing innocent people and I f*cking don't talk only about Israel.
they took as Gilad Shalit that 2 years is in Gaza, far from his country, from his family, don't eat, don't sleep, just want to go home back. you don't know a sh*t of all this war. Israel tryed to do peace with Hamas but the countiued to kill us, to scared us, to make our lives like a f*king HELL.
do you'll wait 8 yers?
8 years without breathing from fear, with DATH?
I don't think so, and Hamas is doing enything just to show to the world that israel are the bad people. but no. we only want to live in peace, with Gilad back in his home. we're only trying to protect us.
i\\\\\\\'m a PROUD Israelian and you all can hate me if you want. we are right.

Posted by a proud ISRAELIAN. January 15, 09 05:48 AM

For all of you here that take Hammass's side, I wish you would all have a terror organization like Hammass in your countries, bombing your cities with rockets day and nigh... only then you will feel what the Israelies are feeling and I wanna see what you will do with that.
I wonder if you would seat quietly and let those terrorists slaughter you or will you respond!

It's very easy to criticize Israel, when you don't actually experience what they are experiencing.

Posted by Thomas January 15, 09 06:15 AM



Posted by TARIKI January 15, 09 06:25 AM

the reel terrorist on earth is israel no one else.we dont care they will disappear forever in hell with demons thats theire future

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 09 06:41 AM

all i see here is no way to solve this war. and the war will end if one of them is all dead. just fight for your own life. ignore the war. VERY GREAT PICTURES.

Posted by ignorand January 15, 09 07:04 AM


Posted by Vladi January 15, 09 07:25 AM

If i president of any nuclear country, I shoot all my nuclear weapons on "ISRAEL"

It feels to Israeli that what happen to kill others.

Posted by Pervez January 15, 09 07:26 AM

We love Israel !
Go Israel ! !
you the best ! !
no one know how is live in Shderot or somewhere else in the Negev, with rockets every day.
you shoud do it like 8 years before. when is just started.
please, all you from IDF be carefull and go back home lives. we all with you ! !

Posted by Tal January 15, 09 07:37 AM

For all of you here that take Hammass's side, I wish you would all have a terror organization like Hammass in your countries, bombing your cities with rockets day and nigh... only then you will feel what the Israelies are feeling and I wanna see what you will do with that.
I wonder if you would seat quietly and let those terrorists slaughter you or will you respond!

It's very easy to criticize Israel, when you don't actually experience what they are experiencing.

Posted by Thomas January 15, 09 07:44 AM

Hamas insists on firing missiles into israel, and no one says boo, but when israel stands up for itself, the whole world goes crazy. The arabs are at fault here and will be wiped out unless they stop their violence. All of this crap going around about israel is MADE UP! We don't kill innocent people, hammas does by using civilian's as shields. We don't bomb mosques and schools for no reason, we know explosives are there, and we are right (due to the after explosions). I don't know where all this crap comes from but more intelligent ideas have came out of my ass...

Posted by yolyco January 15, 09 07:52 AM

never think that war, no matter necessary nor how justified is not a crime.

stop this war please, and stop the body count. :(

Posted by aulia suyadi January 15, 09 07:59 AM

Only we are animal trying to survive at the cost of slaughters, the survival of the fittest is alone loudly and of the off balance one the one that will prevail.
Solo somos animales tratando de sobrevivir a costa de matanzas, es solo la ley del mas fuerte y del desquiciado la que prevalecerá.

Posted by pankypankx January 15, 09 08:00 AM

Can any one tell me what was israel 60 years ago????, the answer is NOTHING, did NOT existed and that is exactly what it will be very soon. Phalestine will return to the phalastaneans with or with out the worlds help because GOD is great and will not allow this brutal occupation to last much longer.
Wake up world even jews with morality, those who do not want the holocaust that happened on their race to occur on any other innocent people are against Israel.

Posted by E Halab January 15, 09 08:09 AM

This pictures are the one pour cent frome the reality inj gaza. But they are to much to prove the violance of israel and the israeli army and people. Any umain can't accept this massacre againste children and women. It's so térible. How is the téroriste nwo?

Posted by soufiane January 15, 09 08:10 AM

@882 and i quote you "is for Israel to exact such terrible devastation on Gaza and the Palistinians living there that they will come to realize for them it will be peaceful coexistancs or NO EXISTANCE!" (your capitals)

so, are you advocating a final solution?

and in 'defending herself' by dropping high explosives from a nice safe distance israel has done everything you have condemned hamas for in your post - the only difference is that the Israelis have done it tenfold.

so what is your point?

Posted by john January 15, 09 08:15 AM

The Israelies seem to have a pretty short memory of their own history. Yesterday's victims are today's oppressors. They have transformed Gaza into a ghetto where they barely let any of the basic stuff people need for living get in. Every couple of years, they make a military action and methodicaly destroy airports, electricity generators, hospitals and any structure that would let the palestinians have a normal living and any sort of economic growth. The purpose is clear : maintain the palestinians into poverty, harass them so they end emigrating to some other place so one day Israelies can take over this land, like they do in other places with their colonies.

Israel's attack has killed more than a 1000 palestinians over the last 3 weeks.
Palestinian rockets had killed 9 israelies over the years.

Who is the strong and who is the weak ?

There would be another path to have rockets firing stop : make peace. But most Israel's leaders never wanted peace and they have made just ANY peace process abort over the last 20 years. How could they want peace while in the mean time they never really stopped colonization ?
I don't mean Hamas is any good also and I don't have admiration nor appreciation for fanatic muslims. But Hamas obviously is the incarnation of the resistance of people who no longer have faith in the talks and fairness of Israelies. It is a mean for the Palestinian people to tell the Israelies : "You were able to take away everything we had, you are capable of maintaining us into poverty. But you'll never be able to remain safe as long as you won't respect us and cease your oppression. Even with the most basic stuff we can find we'll make weapons and defend the only thing you can't take from us : our honor". I beleive most people would act the same way if they'd be opressed like the palestinian people are today. Especialy proud people like Israelies and American.

Shame on all those who support the war in Israel and accross the world, without any concern for fairness, goodness, justice and the suffering of the palestinian people. Shame to those in America who support Israel blindly and sell them weapons to make big dollars with the blood of palestinians.

Posted by Kundun January 15, 09 08:17 AM


Posted by THE DIPLOMAT January 15, 09 08:25 AM

Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.
Herbert Hoover


Posted by Samir January 15, 09 08:26 AM

Well done Israel! the world know that you are right side in this war!
The isreali's army MUST to defend thier civilianes, that suffer from the terror of the Hamas for 8 years!!!
Way to go ISRAEL!!!

Posted by menachem January 15, 09 08:35 AM

hammas use child as shields that's so brave

when israel notify some target, what does hammas?, put innocent child inside this location to make the world believe israel is savage.

so stop joking

Posted by r.v.r. January 15, 09 08:55 AM

Do all these people who fight and kill believe in any kind of God? What are their religions doing? How true are the words mentioned in the Bible: "All this I have seen, and there was an applying of my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, [during] the time that man has dominated man to his injury" Ecclesiastes 8:9.
Will a time come when "human beings" will finally live as "real human beings" and not as they are today, "bad photocopies" of the beautiful image they had in the beginning of their creation!!

Posted by Dimitris Tziotis January 15, 09 08:56 AM


Posted by this January 15, 09 08:58 AM

Defend itself is legitimate!!
But what we see is a genocide! The reaction of Israel is completely disproportionate.
Once the Jews, without wanting it, eventually creating a real ghetto in Gaza, recalling the concentration camps of the Nazis! So sad that!
Sadder still is the only justificative to see an attack as brutal, making the oil price go up!
So sad......

Posted by Samir Tauil - Brazilian! January 15, 09 09:19 AM

Commend #920, #922,
you are right ! !
Israel have been wait like 8 YEARS with the rocket.
Israel let the Hammas to stop the rocket in order, but Hammas didnt want.
Israel and the IDF you are doing the right thing.
if you,the regular guy, from somewhere in the world be in ummmm.. sderot for 24 hours your can to DIE ! its a real ROCKET ! !
you just thing about Gaza and the poor ppl from there, but not on Israel. womans, childrens and man DIE in Israel, to !.
be realistic for 10 min', this war should be like 8 years be-fore ! ! ! !
I just cant look on the bad commends, its very make me mad ..
Tnx for reading my post, I very estimate that.
[I wish all the Israel soldier will back to they home healthy .]

Posted by Tal January 15, 09 09:59 AM

how dare people pick sides saying who the aggressors are, both sides are causing bloodshed and both sides are suffering from casualties, this "who started it", and "who's to blame" game is what is causing the problem, this division is already causing harm in those two countries, we don't need to fight about it in our countries to, we should just be concerned with ending the dispute and stopping the bloodshed.

Posted by J. January 15, 09 10:28 AM

los que habláis dando ánimos a israel o hammas no habéis visto bien los ojos asustados de la niña fotografiada por Eliana Aponte (reuters). Poddría ser israelí o palestina, pero ninguna guerra, ningun pedazo de tierra, ningun dios del signo que sea, querría ver tanto miedo en los ojos de un niño.

Posted by isidro castellon January 15, 09 10:59 AM

Once there was a nation of nomadic tribes. Then a foreign nation gave an ethnic group the right to claim their lands.
The settlers assimilated increasingly more terrain and placed it under their government.
For many years the nomadic tribes revolted against the settlers' military and also fought among themselves. Mostly civilian settlers and nomads were killed.
Eventually the settlers' military were successfull at thinning out the nomadic tribes mainly due to better weaponry.
The settlers drove them off into regions with few natural resources and even built walls around these regions to enforce their control.
As of today the situation remains. Due to the poor condition of their assigned lands their quality of life is as bad as a third world country.

More people died in the Native American genocide than the Holocaust.
I see the historic pattern repeating here, albeit on a smaller scale.

Religion is not the real incentive for this conflict.
The true reason for wars has always been land and power. Religion only acts a as psychoactive drug, making people more subceptible to indoctrination. Religion is the opium of the poor.

Why does Hamas mostly shoot their missiles at Sderot and Ashkelon ?
1. Before 1951 Sderot and Ashkelon and were Arabic cities called Nadj and al-Majdal which were ethnically cleansed and renamed by the Israeli.
2. Hamas' military intelligence is less sophisticated compared to Israel's. They probably don't even have access to detailed satellite images.The location of Israel's military installations is kept a secret. Any freely available maps will only show civilian locations.
3. Both cities are within the 10 km range of their Qassam rockets.

River water flows from Israel through Palestine to the Libyan Sea. Israel's industrial pollution causes the few rivers in Palestine to be contaminated with industrial waste.
Any attempt to increase the economic situation of Palestine is severly hampered because of the constipation of trade routes by numerous Israeli checkpoints. Any attempt by foreign investors to build a profitable industry there has failed due to this.
The Israeli West Bank barrier (wall) is built along the Palistinian side of a region that was supposed to be a demilitarised zone. None of the involved parties has the right to claim this territory according to the 1949 Armistice Agreements. Yet by building this wall, Israel has effectively violated this agreement.
Many Palestinans have been cut off from whole villages and natural water resources by this "wall". Some Palestinian villages have been cut in two.

Without a good foreign Non-Israelic intervention the Palestinians will forever stay a poor population and are consequently easily influenced by religious extremists.
Judging on the few efforts of the western world to resolve this conflict during the last decades i don't see this coming to a happy end anytime soon.

Posted by Area57 January 15, 09 11:13 AM

Jhon lennon image for love
and jhon lennon image in ....................

Posted by SENO January 15, 09 12:02 PM

So who are the real Palestinians?
In Roman days Hadrian in his hate for the Jews renamed thier land of Israel Palestine after thier longterm enemy's the Philistines.
So who are are the Arabs who call themselves Palestinies really?

Posted by Sue January 15, 09 12:20 PM

lets suppose that israel wants hamas.
so is it a logic to kill all the people in palestine to get rid of it /?

Posted by hazem January 15, 09 12:41 PM

victory for GAZA ,free for gaza strike hamas,fateh,jehad,..etc ..we most strike ARAB govermenet.. isreal is illusion and killers, go away from our palestine........

Posted by imad January 15, 09 12:43 PM

To 860: A bit of history... Israel did NOT take the country from the Palestinians. In 1948 there were NO Palestinians. There were a few hundred people living under English rule and before that under Turkish Rule in a country that was full of stones and swamps. The Jews came and cleaned it and made if flourish. The Palestinian appeared as a people AFTER 1968. Millions of Jews were kicked out of all the Muslim countries after the creation of the state of Israel after all or most of their belongings were confiscated. Nobody asked for right of return or for compensation. Israel is a country recognized by the UN but whose right to exist has been contested by Muslim countries since its inception.

Posted by Danielle Reitzes January 15, 09 01:44 PM

ISRAEL : que se vaya a la mierda

Posted by matador from tunisia from bardo January 15, 09 01:44 PM

plz learn some history Israel has been in the same place for about 3000 years with the same name! the have all the right to smash hamas, ppl can go to safe places, take a look at the strike places..there are safe areas, why no one goes there?? human shields...if hamas release their weapons there will be peace, if israel release theirs there will be no israel. Thats a fucking true! the radical muslims want to destroy all that's nos muslim, we wont let u do that...remeber, we (the european crussaders) CAN came again to cut some heads...learn some books...know the true... In war many ppl die, hamas know what to do to stop it. Egipt is near, why do u thing that they have closed the country? they don't want hamas in side Egipt. Thats a fact.

Posted by CRUSSADER January 15, 09 01:56 PM

RE: Area57

This is a great demonstration of how ill informed anti-Israelies are.

1. Ashdod is 30km from Gaza.
2. You can see that in google earth, were you can also see where every military base in Israel is. Check out the links below:
3. There was no war or evacuation in 1951. There was a war in 1948. Nothing happened in 1951.

Since you are basing your analysis of the causes of this war on nonsense, without any familiarity with the facts, I feel there is no point in answering any of them. Spend some time reading the bare facts before you comment. Start by visiting the Hamas web site, and read about their ideology. Continue to read about the Palestinian decleration of 1964 - when Gaza was not occupied - and how they declare having no territorial claims to Gaza and the West Bank. You can find it in the PLO UN delegation website. I will not post the link of those, so that you can check for yourself its authentic. Compare this document with Israel's decleration of independance. Check the maps of Israel in google earth. Learn a little.

I tend to suspect there is a reason why so many people have such strong opinions about Israel without any hard facts.

A scientist.

If Hamas needs to find Israeli military bases so it can stop targeting civilians:

a. Tel nof airbase:,34.785118&spn=0.075559,0.11055&t=h&z=13&iwloc=addr

b. Hazor base:,35.033364&sspn=0.10727,0.087292&ie=UTF8&ll=31.75751,34.730358&spn=0.075608,0.11055&t=h&z=13

Posted by MadScientist1967 January 15, 09 02:01 PM

i love israel

Posted by sharon January 15, 09 02:45 PM

I love Israel
All who hate us
Can go to hell
And can sucked

Posted by sharon January 15, 09 02:57 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 15, 09 03:00 PM

unfortunately - Europe will only understand who we are dealing with when the muslims, that are quickly and quietly taking over Europe - will start their terror in Europe. They have taken your jobs, your restaurants, your banks, your schools and even your women. The next will be your lives. London has been bombed - but the English have a short memory. USA understands better - because they too have been bombed. Brits - the IRA are also right????
None of the arab countries are willing to accept the arabs from Gaza - ask yourselves why??? and which European country would be willing to accept the bombing of any city and just sit back and not relatiate????
The Israelis took their land? read your history book! There was never such a place as Palestine! So it's ok for the American indians to bomb New York? They took their land too! And American and European soldiers in Iraq for years is OK? Hamas is using THEIR OWN CHILDREN as shields - hiding behind them to avoid being shot! The schools are mined and full of bombs! the Hamas leaders are hiding in the basemend of the Shifa hospital! (they're so brave!) The arabs of Gaza are begging the Israeli army to continue - they are willing to lose their homes - but finally regain their freedom from the Hamas! Hamas is a terorist organization - WAKE UP!
Unfortunately - there's too much hypocracy here....

Posted by Sharon January 15, 09 03:03 PM

there is no grain of land that worth a little child tear
there is no piece of land that belong to somebody
there is no reason to fight except honor
there is one god to all of us
there is only one big family in this world
there is chance for a change
there is nothing that we cant fix
lets bring the good revolution

Posted by tal zanzuri January 15, 09 04:07 PM

I just love all the ppl that say "we love israel".. :]
We are right !
so go to your buisnnes, you dont know anything about this war.

Posted by Tal January 15, 09 04:14 PM

Casualties are high in this conflict due to the Israeli attitude toward these people,
“We machine gunned the crowd of children because a Hamas soldier hid behind them???”

English politicians started this conflict by selling/trading this stolen land to Zionist leaders,
Israel has no legal or moral right to this land, they’re own politicians were terrorist’s from the beginning! Ever heard of “The Stern Gang” or the bombing of the “King David hotel”

Israel isn’t going after Hamas as much as they are inflicting terror and financial warfare against the Palestinians

Posted by John USA January 15, 09 04:24 PM

The war is stupid!!!!!! Ca't we all just get along?

Posted by Gabriella January 15, 09 05:06 PM

I wish it could stop.

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 09 06:01 PM

ISRAEL : The only reason Jews have a country is because the UN made it for you. So be grateful and stop bombing your neighbours. Your older relatives suffered the holocaust, no need for revenge, everybody knows that was wrong and shouldnt happen again. Stop the unnecessary killings, do your buisnnes, or some day it will come back to yourselves.

Posted by Ano Nimus January 15, 09 06:22 PM

War is a Necessary EVIL UNFORTUNATELY! HAMAS IS HIDING AMONG THE CIVILIANS!!! THEY NEED TO GET OUT OF THE SHADOWS OF WOMEN N CHILDREN N FIGHT LIKE REAL MEN!!! I don't think any country would stand for rockets being shot into terroritory where civilians live! True Men fight with Army's....Hamas just doesn't have that kind of backing or backbone..they would rather use women and children with bombs strapped to them to do their Dirty Work!

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 09 06:46 PM

It makes me sick when I read people believe there was no Palestine. My father was born in Haifa in 1945. He was born in PALESTINE. In 1948 when he was 3 years old his family was forced to leave because the NEWLY CREATED UNITED NATIONS decided to CREATE A COUNTRY CALLED ISRAEL. Now Israel does not even follow United Nations resolutions, and supporters say that the United Nations is irrelevant.

How many of you would accept being kicked out of your home because the United Nations decided to create a country on your land? Would Americans be ok with the United Nations taking a state away from them?

Posted by John January 15, 09 07:38 PM

An absolute outrage! The entire world has called for Israel to stop the bombardment of Gaza. Israel has taken advantage of the United States too many times. They are making idiots out of us hard working US tax payers. How many times will Israel get away with humiliating the Palestinians and Lebanese people?
I'm sick and tired of hearing about poor Israel, just sick and tired. There are over 2 billion Christians, 1.5 billion Muslims, 1.1 billion non-religious, Atheist, Agnostic,
900 million Hindus and only 15 million Jews. How is it that such a minority controls the US??? What is wrong with this picture? The UN, all of Europe & Asia, South America, Africa have all condemned Israel for it's disgusting act. The US just sits idly by and watches until so much has been destroyed. I am so sick and tired of it. There is NO excuse. Israel has caged the Palestinians long enough. Stolen everything the Palestinians had that was of any value. How much more does Israel want? What's next? Concentration camps? I've been to Israel and all over the Middle East, and have witnessed a hell of a lot more than the average American. Every American should be required to visit both Israel and Palestine just to see the difference. Democracy? BULL! An Israeli soldier took my video film from my camera as I had filmed a Palestinian woman being kicked down in front of her 8 or 9 year old son at a checkpoint. I was fortunate to be allowed in the same checkpoint line that Israelis attend. What is it with Israel? I have many Jewish friends who think it isdisgusting as well and want an end to the violence once and for all. There will NEVER be an end as long as Israel keeps stealing land, demolishing homes, shelling neighborhoods in Gaza AND the West Bank, not allowing Palestinians to cross checkpoints, blockades, boycotts, murder, rape, the list is endless. Israel is doing to the Palestinians what they cry over Hitler did to the. Can't they see that?

Posted by Robin M January 15, 09 08:48 PM

For all the whiners here: "It is a freekin war".. what do you expect? chess games, playing ball on beech? People die in war, every premature death is shocking and scary, so all just shut up.
Israel was a kingdom on that area when there wasn't an I of Islam or arabs or whatever.
Hamas provoked the war, radicals on both sides provoked the war, now enjoy it.
Yeah Israel has better weapons so buhuhuhhu, suck it up, and stop whining.
If you don't want the war go to Iran, Lybia or even try to conquer Spain again and tell me how it went. Its time for some peace, so i am with Israel on this one.

Posted by JudaIskariot January 15, 09 09:08 PM


Posted by rombenk January 15, 09 09:18 PM


Posted by mona January 15, 09 09:18 PM

there is no rite or wrong over judge & quilty.....its war in there...... lost...suffers...hungger.... in every corner........what are u looking for.......both of you....

Posted by bame January 15, 09 10:09 PM

israel is the blind killer. to all israel people u shld b greatfull for having ur unrecognise country right now. at least u hv place to live. u shld know that the place u live now is not urs. u stealing. and what the hamas do is to defend their own country.u steal their canton but the world police silence. COME ON ISRAEL u been cheated by the devil. Look back what u done...u the one who establish hamas...u are trigger the sicknness be parasite and hammas is antibody... look the history before make ur comment...please don only be follower...THINK use ur brain..

Posted by israel January 15, 09 10:19 PM

Those who condemn Israel live in a virtual world created by the Muslim network propaganda. Yes, innocent people are killed in this war. But to describe the Israeli army as a bunch of murderers who seek intentionally to kill innocent civilians is vicious and cynical. After 8 years of systematic rocket attack on civilian towns and settlements, when Israel abstained retaliation, Israel said- enough is enough. Israel abstained reaction exactly for the reason to avoid these bad scenes that we see today. Israel knew that the fundamentalist Hamas militants, hide amidst the crowded population, and keeps it giant arsenal of
arms and ammunition, in private houses, mosques, and schools. Every house in Gaza has a gateway to a tunnel. One of thousands that serve for smuggling of missiles and ammunition. Israel knew that an effective effort to eliminate the Hamas ability to threaten Israeli settlements, will cause severe casualties to the Palestinian population. But nothing else helped. Hamas interpreted the Israeli lack of reaction, as weakness and fear. They really believed that they , A bunch of terrorist, are about to conquer the Israeli super power.
I want to ask each and every one of you readers, would you accept a life-stile of on going shelling by rockets, of your houses, schools, kinder gardens and play grounds, for ever? What would be your decision if you had to decide ?
I swear to God- no Israeli leader ever gave an order to deliberately hit civilians. On the contrary-The Israeli army and Air force paid a high prize in human casualties in the effort to avoid hitting civilians.
Hamas had the choice to stop the “massacre” after the first Israeli attack. Simply by seizing the fire of missiles to Israeli. But these “heroes” will fight till the last drop of blood of the last Palestinian citizen. Their false code of honor will not let them to surrender.
So please, take of your blind fold and start looking in the face of truth.

Posted by Haim January 15, 09 10:45 PM

This is unbelievable. I've seen so many comments about how Hamas only killed 9 and Israel killed 1000. Hamas started it. The ONLY reason they haven't killed more Israelis is because they don't have the capability. They want to kill more. They're out for blood. And people keep saying the only reason Israel exists is because they took land. Guess what? Every country was formed by taking land, declaring it yours, and building a civilization on it. The Arabs took over all their land hundreds of years ago. Should they have to give it all back too? And if that's the argument then the Jews had that land thousands of years ago, so it's theirs anyway. And look what Israel has done with it! They've made a thriving country. The Palestinians never managed to do that. They weren't doing anything good with their land. Look what the Palestinian refugees from Jordan did to the country of Lebanon. They destroyed its culture and infrastructure. Israel has every right to defend itself. It's a country. It has people. They have rights. The Palestinians have their land. They could live in peace with Israel. That's what Israel wants! But they won't. They're full of hate and will continue to make war on Israel no matter what. If you took all the weapons away from Israel than every single Jew would be slaughtered mercilessly. If you took the weapons away from Hamas then there would be peace. Palestine shouldn't have elected murderers and cowards to rule them. Hamas has purposefully elevated the death toll by using civilians as human shields. They're are preying upon the sentimentality for life that we have in our western culture to turn the world agtainst Israel. I don't see peace happening in the middle east any time soon. The radical element of Islam won't allow it.

Posted by Jacob January 15, 09 10:55 PM

The Truth about the Israeli Gaza conflict is that not one single person would be dying at the hands of the IDF if Israel was not being targeted by the terrorist group Hamas with missiles. Furthermore, if Hamas was concerned about the lives of their citizens and fellow Palestinians all they need to do is simply stop firing missiles at Israel. In reality and in truth, Hamas is killing their own citizens by their action and can stop the death any time they choose.

It seems logical to ask yourself why Hamas is firing missiles into Israel and what goals they seek to achieve by doing so? They can't truly believe that these tiny primitive missiles are going to cause Israel to leave the land that they've occupied for thousands of years. Or is there motive to instigate a conflict in order to seek world sympathy?

Hamas and all Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups falsely believe that Israel is occupying a land that is rightfully theirs. This belief is drawn from a book that was inspired by another terrorist who claimed he was simply correcting the holy Scriptures. Mohammed believed that the sacred text were corrupted by scribes and others to reflect their own beliefs. He further believed that God called him to inspire a new and more correct religion and spread this religion at the point of a sword.

There are many problems with Islam and the Quran, it would take many volumes of books to explain them all. However, one considerable problem is that to believe what Mohammed said you also have to believe that the Creator of the universe does not have the power to preserve the Scriptures that he gave to Israel. And that the Creator of the universe would call an illiterate who could not read or write to leave a verbal tradition that was not actually written down into the book we call the Quran until long after Mohammed was dead. All the verbal traditions were gathered up and written down into the book by no one knows who?

Another problem with this book is that it teaches conversion to Islam or death. If God all mighty the Creator of the universe was trying to convert this world to his correct way of thinking - he simply would!! And he will, when the time comes. Without the aid or assistance of fanatical terrorist who suffer from inadequacy syndrome.

Back to the original question, does Israel have the right to defend itself against terrorists blindly firing missiles into its nation? When Jesus Christ was before Pontius Pilote to be formally accused, pilot told him he was accused of being the new king of the Jews, which would have been a crime against the state at the time. Jesus told pilot that his kingdom was not yet of this world and that if his kingdom was of the world then his servants would fight so that he would not be delivered up to execution. Furthermore, when Jesus returns to this earth with the armies of heaven in order to convert the world, he will fight those who fight against him, remember Jesus said "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword". (Matt. 10:34)

However, preemptive strikes, attacks and war against innocent nations is an absolute sin against God and man and will be repaid with equal justice, remember what Jesus said about those who live by the sword!

Posted by den January 15, 09 11:45 PM

go to the hell israel. u don't have any right to stolen others rights..

Posted by arabs January 16, 09 01:11 AM

Shalom, Israel is one of the only countries and nations that people life are in their first priority. When we are coming to take a decision, first we are thinking how to avoid any unnececary death. Most of the time the army is not shooting just because people are standing or siting next to the shooter. In many operations the IDF didn't complish it's mission because of that.
We are sorry for every person whu diead. BUT in the other hand we have to protect our life. It's very bad that the Palestinian are manipulating the press for their purposes. and the worst is that they are USING their family and people as abody protectors. open your eyes and see with who we are trying to leave,

Posted by Ben-Hur Zionist January 16, 09 01:45 AM


Posted by INDONESIAN MOSLEM January 16, 09 02:07 AM

@ Den's comment (974) Is it Defend??.. Killing the Children You call this Defend.. i'm sure your heart is blind...

Posted by Adywamovics January 16, 09 03:51 AM

Jews have made all the world apologize for the Holocaust all these years. We have said we are sorry (and we are!) and we expected that they must have learned something from it by now. But when they became the strong ones they decided to repeat it in Gaza. It is not a war against Hamas (if they wanted to eradicate Hamas, they would have done it by now). It is a new Sabra and Sattila. They are aiming at the population of Gaza Strip because they want the area to be theirs. It's that simple. And whoever supports this shame is just an accomplice in a crime against humanity. Israelis are criminals and they must be stopped.

Posted by Alexandra - Greece January 16, 09 05:05 AM

You would not say that if you and your children were under risk of life 8 years 24/7!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 05:17 AM

yes, it's horrific what is happening in the gaza strip at the moment, no one wants to see innocent women and children being's extremely sad that all we hear in the media is how children are being killed and women being murdered, and how Israel is the devil and so on...Israel is simply retaliating, defending itself against terrorism...Israel had lost countless lives, both military and civilian, it's unfortunate that the bodies of jews killed by the hamas misiles were not distributed all over the media...I support Israel in this war 100%...

Posted by israel is beautiful January 16, 09 06:12 AM

hamas MUST surrender unconditionally to Israel.

Posted by Edward January 16, 09 06:20 AM

Israel is hopping with joy on America's back and both are party to this slaughter. These atrocities , these massacres and acts of barbarism which IDF and USA (indirectly by providing the weapons) are commiting will haunt the civilised Israelis and the civilised world for years to come.

Posted by javed khan January 16, 09 06:21 AM

Ins't it funny they way both sides react? Myself, with all my christian teaching and life experience would like to take religion out of this. Why does a religion has to have such strong effects on our behaviors? Why is one religion better than the otter, so that they can pledge war eternally against other people. Who gave this right to own the land to X or Y? Why is Allah more powerful that god an other divinity so that he can declare war on the others?
I can see only lies from those who command the alienated with the "religion" pretext. I truly can't see why history favors one or the other side on the possesion of land.
Another funny thing about Hamas is that, in our "vicious, explorating and blodshed" western culture, our leaders do the example, so why Hamas' leaders don't attach a bomb on theirselves and visit allah for some tea?
War critics defend that israeli are killing innocent people... but dind't you elected those ones who command the attacks 8 years ago? Every single palestinian is responsible for what Hamas is doing.
Even minorities can stop the government, so It's a fact that all of you are in this war. There's no sense in throwing rockets at random an then complain about supplies for your civilians. In case you didn't notice there aren't civilians! All of them took part in the war, so they are an army! If they wan't to be recognized as civilians they should drop behaviors like many ones that appeared in this forum and ask for their Hamas to stop sending rockets and use little bit of talking for instance.

Posted by Jbrazil January 16, 09 06:35 AM

The most important thing for israel is - life !!!!.
israel wants peece & quite.
israel want to live good & healthy life with the arabs/palestinians side by side.
but- the "hamas" does everything to kill israeli people, children & women
they bomb themselves inside israel and they fly muscels inside israel.
israel gave them gaza & helps them inside gaza with medicine, electricity etc.
but they use it to collect wepon and to fight with israel!!!. israel infact all those years helps the enemy!!! and they do everything to kill as much isaelies as they can. - and why ??? - because they are terorists !!!!!!! they train in
iran and they are with "al-kaida"!!!!!!.
they could hve lived nicely in gaza, they could grow flowers there, and come tourist in israel, but no !!! they want war !!!!
now israel did nothing for 8((!!!!) years!!! in those years children were killed!! innosent people walking in the streets, bebies, childrens were hurt badly and put in hospitals just like that !!! out of nowhere !!! children lost legs !!!! and now they are in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives !!!! who can accept this kind of life inside their country ????!!!
people were killed every day just like that !!! what country would allow that ???? ah ???? woulld ingland live in peace while every day there are muscels into london ??? would france be quite if bombing paris ?? of course not.
GILAD SHALIT israeli soldier, boy 20 yeras old, was driving in the border just making sure evrything is ok, not hurting any body and "hamas" bombed him and took him from the israli side into gaza - why ?????? israel never did that !!! israel only protecet herself notr attacks !! remember- the israel army called israel defence army!!!
now israel is doing everything to kill only the terorists and not the childrn (while they are ding everythng to kill indide the isreali children - this is the difference !!!)
and they use their children to shout from behind them .... you cant believe, they are like animals 1!!!! teror must stop
!!! let israel to stop it !!! it takes time !!! israeli soldiers are killed now also but israel is willing to pay the price if at the end teror will stop !!! then the civilians in gaza will have better lif also not under the hamas teror.

ian and

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 07:24 AM

the Israelis have a long and deep agenda. For those who think this is war or retaliation as the Israelis put it, is not the true Picture. If these manipulators wanted they could carpet bombard the whole of Gaza with full support from America and other world bodies. That is not what they want. They want the big fish that swim the Arab seas that surround Israel. What i mean is Israeli wanted Iraq out. They got it through the Bush Puppet Regime. Now Obama will fulfill the Iran issue and wipe it out or put it back some good decade in millitary capability. Then Israeli can be at peace. So they bomb Gaza till humanity's consionce is provoked and in the process hope Iran feels obliged to react which would then bring the grand plan to be fulfilled. Arab blood is nothing to them. May Allah Azawajal grant victory to the palestinian people and grant them Sabrul jameel for their devastating loss of babies, children, women and men. Also may Allah grant the dead the staus of Shaheed and in their lieu total failure to the perpetrators all in the world.( Ameen thuma Ameen)

Posted by yusuf seedat January 16, 09 07:48 AM

Anyone who looks at Gaza horrible images and the bodies of those children in Gaza understands what terrorism is. The world knew who Israelis now. All people around the World are demonstrating to stop those massacres and this flagrant and decades old abuse.
Israel has been acting illegally and ignoring the international law and the Palestinian human rights for many decades. They are confiscating land from the Palestinian to build their massive illegal settlements to entice more Jewish immigrants from abroad and to create an irreversible fact on the ground for more land grab. They have also been treating the Palestinian in the most inhumane way along the process under the world virtual silence, cutting the main Palestinian region- the West Bank-into small enclaves incapable of survival, harming the inhabitant in every possible way physically, psychologically and economically, and causing death and destruction. In the last year they have been applying a siege on the 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza denying them fuel, food and medicine and denying access to foreigner into Gaza .
Many notable people such as the MP Clare Short had to smuggle themselves to Gaza using small fishing boats from Cyprus. Israel abuses the Palestinian in everyway under the excuse of defending themselves from the people they are robbing and oppressing. For how long can the media sell this excuse to the public? When did the law give the right to the thief to kill the inhabitant of the house he robs in order to protect himself?
The majority of Palestinians now live in refugee camps in the region and the neighbouring countries from the initial misdeed that was sanctioned by the main world powers of the first half of the 20th century and now we are watching the remaining part of the Palestinians as they meet the same fate again under the blessing of these same world.
Those killers will get what they deserve sooner or later.
Jane, Manchester, UK

Posted by Jane January 16, 09 07:55 AM

YA ALLAH Al-Qahhar : The Subduer who dominates all things, and prevails upon them to do whatever ... wills.
YA ALLAH Ad-Darr : The Creator of The Harmful who creates things that cause pain and injury.
YA ALLAH Al-Muqtadir : The Creator of All Power who disposes at its will even of the strongest and mightiest of its creatures
YA ALLAH Al-Kabir : The Greatest. Who is supremely Great.
YA ALLAH Al-Matin : The Firm. He who is very Steadfast
YA ALLAH Malik al-Mulk : The Owner of All.
YA ALLAH Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram : The Lord of Majesty and Bounty who possesses both greatness and gracious magnanimity
YA ALLAH Al-Jami : The Gatherer who brings together what it wills, when it wills, where it wills.
YA ALLAH As-Sabur : The Patient One who is characterized by infinite patience.

Posted by OSMANLI TORUNU KANUNÝ January 16, 09 07:58 AM


Posted by ADRIAN January 16, 09 08:09 AM

Enough hate, enough suffering, enough death, enough destruction ! Both parties should make peace now and they should be capable to tolerate durably the actions of those who attempt to break peace (this is especially true for Israel who has failed these days while having greater responsibility since they are the ones who have the most strength, security and health). Without this hard tolerance, peace can never last. Then time will make it's duty and anger should be decreasing slowly. Also both parties should learn to forgive. Peace can not exist without forgiving, no matter how much it costs, no matter how much time it takes.

Posted by Kundun January 16, 09 08:11 AM

La unica manera de cambiar la actual realidad es por medio del dialogo, pero todo parte de lo ser humano, de su corazón, entonses se son los hombres que hacen guerra, los mismos pueden hacer la paz mediante a un cambio general
en lo interior de su vida.
Y la unica manera de tener un corazón que se vuelva para la felicidad de la humanidad es seguir por el camino de la practica del Budismo de Nitiren Daishonin ( Soka Gakkai). Entonando la Ley mistica de lo universo, el NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO.

Posted by Sebas January 16, 09 08:20 AM

Sangue, sangue, morte , morte, Israel quer compensar o holocausto matando os seus de terra vizinha?
Malditos homens que usufruem do poder para humilhar.. mesma coisa os EUA FAZEM.
Vane a pena a submissão de nós menos favorecidos em troca de uma sobrevida? Ou lutamos pela vida, doando-se a morte?

Posted by clodo January 16, 09 08:38 AM

The problem is HATE and extremism. Hamas and the Muslim extremists do not believe Israel, ie the Jews have a right to exist. It is not about land it is about hate. These extemist need to read their Koran and understand that their God is not a God of hate and fear he is a peaceful God. If they can understand this they can live in peace anywhere in the world.
And, if anyone believes that their hate would cease to exist with the destruction of Israel they do not understanding the core of this hate. These people hate anyone who is different then them. So, Christians, Hindi, Buddhist and even Aethiest and Agnostics BEWARE! You are also the Infidel. Education is the answer. We need to teach respect and tolerance for people who do not share our views.
In defense of Israel, how long do you allow the continual rocket attacks before you say enough.. If any of us were in that situation we would demand that our government take action to protect us. This situation is awful, so many innocent people are dying. But Hamas must take responsibility for this. Hamas is not an organized army wearing uniforms so that they can be identified. They have brought the fight to the streets because they hide in schools and hospitals. Maybewe should put the Hamas militans atn the Israeli army on a battlefield and let them fight it out

Ware\ and the

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 09:15 AM

This goes to Den #974:
Your comment is full of lies, false accusations and hypocrisy.
You said: ¡And that the Creator of the universe would call an illiterate who could not read or write to leave a verbal tradition that was not actually written down into the book we call the Quran until long after Mohammed was dead¢ but u forget that Jesus¢ most students were not educated but they were the ones who wrote the new testament after Jesus¢death..
You also said: ¡Another problem with this book is that it teaches conversion to Islam or death.¢ History proves the opposite. Christian nations are those that have caused most of this world¢s wars. Of course Jesus is not responsible for those, but human stupidity and greed…
And you also said: ¡Furthermore, when Jesus returns to this earth with the armies of heaven in order to convert the world, he will fight those who fight against him¢.
I have to remind you who sent Jesus to die in the cross and fought against him…It was the ¡Jews¢ wasn¢t they???
Wake up mate, they are feeding you with bulls..t

Posted by lol January 16, 09 09:22 AM

Some facts for many ignorant people here:
For all those here saying Israel is taking the palestinian's land, I want to remind you that Israel left the Gaza strip 4 years ago, but all we've got since is MISSILES from the Gaza strip into Israel.
Instead of trying to develope the land and economy using foreign aid and build an orderly society and govermnet, all that the Hamas goverment has done since these 4 years is smuggle in weapons and turngaza into a vietnam style fighting ground.
ah yes i forgot, 2 years ago the Hamas carried an atack on an israeli army post inside israel through a tunnel they built from gaza into Israel,
and they kidnapped and Israeli soldior - WOW REAL PEACE LOVERS THESE GUYS ARE.

I think that it doesn't matter if your Christion, Jewish or Muslim, any country would'nt agree to have 8 years of rockets being fired into its cities without retaliating.
Every time we said to ourselves.
You Muslims - I can understand your care for your fellow muslims around the world, but dont you see that the Hamas is not serving the Palestinian interest,
In the west bank were the Palestinian authority rule - there is no problem and their economy is going forward.
I think that any Muslim would not agree that his neighbors send rockets into his cities, even if his neighbors were Muslim.

Posted by Danny January 16, 09 09:53 AM

e defacto de lamentar essa situação. mandem-me mais noticias de genero

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 09:54 AM

Some folks should read their own comments again - perhaps you need some education before you start attacking each other verbally - it's just another form of war - pay attention to what really matters - teaching our children that war is not the answer - instead of reading such garbage as some of you wrote - I do not know which God you believe in - please do not insult religion by dragging it into this war - the God I believe in does not encourage violence, murder, terror, abuse or anything that you would not wish upon yourself. Love each other as you would like to be loved.

Posted by Belinda January 16, 09 09:56 AM

If you lived in Gaza without electricity, food, water, with your whole family blown away because Israel is bombing everyone just to catch a few, then maybe you wouldn't be talking about terrorism. Israel is the greatest terrorist of all in the region. Israel is a shame for humanity.

Posted by Alexandra - Greece January 16, 09 10:01 AM

Hamas must be eradicated, completely destroyed. You know why Palestinians have so many civillians dead? It's because those Hamas fags are using them as a living shield, their parents, their children

Posted by anon January 16, 09 10:06 AM

how you can find this picture wonderful???its said, said
if you are all so proud of Israel and the Israeli solder, than I ask why so many of this young s men's go to India, like Goa and pump themselves with drugs, after living the army, for the good memory,?? a solder is a solder and many young Israeli are not so happy to do this job call war, the war making stupid Commander and people who make money, a lot of money only you stupid little people don't understand the bullsh*t the politicly feed you.
Israel politicly make a lot of sh*t to her own people for 50 years who came from Arab country, is the biggest Rassist country in the world is Israel,and that for they european Juwish never understand the mentality of oriental people and coudnt

handelcouldnt handel with the arab

Posted by sara January 16, 09 11:33 AM

Way to go ISRAEL!

Posted by IL January 16, 09 11:34 AM

First and foremost...FU*K HAMAS!!!
Unfortunately the Palestinian people elected a terrorist organization into power and now they must suffer...I'm sad for them because they are not all terrorists. As an American Jew and an Israeli Patriot, I fully support Israel's right to defend itself from terrorist attacks. Its too bad however that so many people get caught in the cross fire, but until Hamas stops launching rockets into Israel WITHOUT PROVOCATION, there is nothing to discuss and there WILL BE NO PEACE.
Everyone in the U.S. makes a big stink, calling Israel an "aggressor", but if, for example, Hamas decided to launch rockets into New York from the Canadian border, we would probably bomb the crap out of Canada and no one would say a word about the U.S.
Go Israel! Continue to drop bombs and fire mortar shells until the terrorist organizations either cease to exist or until they change their minds about what they are doing. But like I said, its too bad that innocent people die and that lives are destroyed. I wish there was a better way, but to allow Hamas to continue is not an option.

Posted by Nonaya Buiznus January 16, 09 12:04 PM

So much suffering of the innocent everywhere. For what?
We are all human beings on a planet that gets smaller by the day.
We, as humans of this planet owe it to our children to settle our differences through other means than killing each other. These fights have gone on for thousands of years and it is time to stop them all. With the tools of communication we all have, there should be no ignorance to anyone's struggle in this world. There is no excuse for it.
If as peoples of this world do not stand together, we will all be dead. With the guy with the biggest gun left standing in a wasteland..

Posted by eternallyconfused January 16, 09 12:08 PM

You are twisting the truth to fit your opinions. The matter of fact is that Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2006 including several hundred thousands of settlers to allow the Palestinian people full statehood. The Hammas took the opportunity to overpower the legitimate Palestinian leadership and has been shooting rockets on Israel uninterrupted since then. Ironically, the Hammas then changed its unexplained attacks by the Israeli closing of the borders to limit the ongoing weapon smuggling by the Hammas to increase and replenish its weapon stock to shoot at Israeli cities. Today, the Hammas again is looking for Israel to take the blame for the distraction of Palestinian civilian life as a result of the Hammas' actions. Can you not see the irony in that?

Posted by Ran January 16, 09 12:14 PM

We should organize a fight to dead beetwen the leaders that declared war,The leader any kind of war and then the survivor will be the winner. If this really happens I'm sure they look for solutions different to war. The leaders never fight in combat..... cowards..... they only send the people to die.

Posted by Search January 16, 09 01:03 PM

Go to hell barbaric Zionists and their sympathizers.
Go to hell Israel. May your crimes in Gaza, the Grand Auschwitz, haunt and torment your creeds forever.

Where's the outrage? ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX , BBC, Time Magazine, Newsweek , et al. are neo-fascistic tools to control people's mind when it matters. It seems to be working too!

Western countries may be morally bankrupt, but with respect to the political events, the majority of citizens are well managed by their Governments. Should we blame the Western citizens? The answer mainly is no.

Posted by Shabnam January 16, 09 01:26 PM

Muslims can't get along with their neighbors anywhere in the world...

Posted by DanGeorge January 16, 09 01:39 PM

Hamas targets civilians and hides behind civilians. Why are we so surprized by the "colateral damages"?
The people of Gaza danced in the street on 9/11, celebrating the death of 3,000 inocent American civilians! Why should we cry for the poor Gazans today?

Posted by George January 16, 09 02:10 PM

How much does it matter who is right and who is wrong? When children are dying or growing up in a world full of fear and distrust, what difference does it make which people's bombs are falling where? Just stop it! The real terrorists are the leaders 'in charge' who insist, day after day, year after year, that the people WANT this violence. I refuse to believe it. Perhaps I am unforgivably naive, but I believe peace is possible. It has to be.

Posted by Rikka January 16, 09 02:24 PM

Well. I´m from the other side of the word; I´m a mexican that feels bad. i don´t care about who is right or who is wrong. What I do care is about the human race. It is incredible that we have to kill and slaughter to prove the point. We all should be brothers, we all should live in peace and help among us. We should worry about helping the needed and not killing. Instead of spending millions of dollars in weapons. Spend all those millions of dollars feeding the world. Curing deceses like aids or cancer. That is the real battle. That is the real enemy. So I´m sorry but Israel and Palestine... You suck!!!! and god bless all the innocent people who should not be dead. Do you remember WW II. Is that what you all want? Please don´t be foolish and stop all these non sense.

Love to the world and love to all my brothers and sisters in the world.

Posted by Rodrigo Pelaez January 16, 09 02:56 PM

it's so sad to see all those poor palestinians suffer so much aspecialy the father that was crying on his son that was killed in this war.... i can't say if israeli soldiers are allways careful about shooting (to not killl innocent people) - i surely hope so...
aspecialy if the killed people werent encouraging terror in any way...
i was an israeli soldier myslef... and so much wish i could stop this suffer...
althought in every war there are victims, not even one death of innocent person among palestinians justifies it,,,,
but we also shouldn't forget how long israel was suffering from constant bombing from hamas...

Posted by vitaly January 16, 09 05:07 PM

in 2005 israel withdrew from settelments in gaza, we had to tear people from their homes and than destroy those houses and giv e it ti the palastenians. why did israel did that if not for PEACE???? 2 years ago Hissbalah kidnaped israeli soldiers in the north border that why Israel went to war in Lebanon.
You talk about 1000 palastenians dead and only small mumber of israelies, for us every sol have a great value, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PALESTENIANS PRISONERS ISRAEL HAVE TO GIVE BACK FOR ONE ISRAELI SOLDIER???? HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS. so you do the math. I wish that the palestenians will learn to live and love instead of h hate and death.the same way Israelies exepted the fact that they have to live side by side with the palestenians, the palestenians sould u exept it to. Israel is not going any where

Posted by peace January 16, 09 05:54 PM

Israel is just beeing overagressive

Posted by Fouad January 16, 09 06:01 PM

Terrorist State of Israel plays VICTIMS and Palestinian of Muslim and Christian plays AGRESSOR.. justice for all

Posted by din January 16, 09 08:38 PM

The evil government of Israel can claim anything to justify the slaughtering festival of innocent civillian in Gaza, but all the people in the world should know that Israel had illegally occupied the land of Palestine, Syria, Jordan through WAR (or at the first place they manipulated the UN for granting the land of Palestine to them).

Posted by Historian January 16, 09 08:57 PM

Where are the BRAVE Hamas patriots HIDING? Why are they NOT SHOWING UP to DEFEND Palestine? The Israeli Soldiers are giving them what they want, where are them now? MISSING IN ACTION?

Yeah, they're just good launching rockets to civilian targets then RUNNING AWAY, COWERING inside HOSPITALS and CIVILIAN establishments VERY MUCH AFRAID to DEAL WITH THE MESS THEY CREATED.


Posted by Jimmy McVeigh January 16, 09 09:32 PM


"in 8 years 20 "Israeli's" were killed , the Zionist state killed about 900 in 2 weeks (till the moment)"

That's what is wrong about terrorism, it will not gain worldwide support, it's proven ineffective (8 years worth of indiscriminate rocket firing and only 20 casualties), and it's a coward act. Israel soldiers are bombing your land, where are the BRAVE HAMAS now who fired rockets and provoke Israel to do this, hiding under their mother's skirt?


Posted by Jimmy McVeigh January 16, 09 09:45 PM

For those who seek for photos of Israeli casualties, Israel policy is not to give those terrorist-minded those blood thirsty savages satisfaction by seeing the destruction they had caused by blowing themselves up inside malls, weddings, and other public places and gatherings inside Israel or the indiscriminate rockets landing randomly and unfortunately to civilian territory. One thing I can tell you, they're not less shocking as what the pictures here conveyed.

Posted by Jimmy McVeigh January 16, 09 10:19 PM

Why are the dead bodies censored? People should see those more than anything else on this page.

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 11:30 PM

I'm not pro war, but Gaza had it coming.. and if the civilians are smart enough they'd leave if they don't want to be in the possibility of being killed.
The main reason why there are a high number of civilian casualties is because of the locations being used by their own forces. they hide in dense civilian locations just to make the world look and hope they win by showing how careless israel is.
Point is.. Gaza cant win this, they being squashed worse than flies.
They should give it up already and that's the only way the fighting will end. Obviously their military has other plans.. Gaza R.I.P... ignorance and pride

Posted by Dennis January 16, 09 11:35 PM


Posted by SUMI January 17, 09 12:34 AM

stop the war
after the IDF will finish with the hamas and bring Gilad shalit home, then only then to finish the war !

Posted by Dr Achmed yasin January 17, 09 03:35 AM

im from israel. all of us want peace and quite. but if someone dont understand our restraint, he will get and feel our strong arm. ( mahmud hahminijad- you have to know it before you are making mistakes) i wish that 2009 will be the greatest year.
take care and god bless the world,

Posted by shaul; j January 17, 09 03:49 AM

The difference between the two peoples is that the people of Israel does not hate the Palestinians. We feel sorry they have to live (or die) that way. What we want is to be left in peace. Instead of wanting to kill us, try to do something good for your people. Educate them not to hate. Instead of being jealous of us, of all we have accomplished, do the same. Compete with us on the economic base. Stop cultivating death! If all the money they got from the world had been distributed to the Gazan people each one of them would be rich by now. But instead they prefer to buy weapon. Have the desire to live well. But I guess for that you need to be a real democracy, not a demoktature. It is time for you to make your own revolution against your own leaders like any normal nation in the modern world

Posted by Cecilia January 17, 09 04:37 AM

Hamas exists and was born as an idea because Israel politicians incite egotism since decades to the people. Actually all Palestinians are human beings trying to get their autonomy: Israel and people at Gaza.

It is not about people. Politicians are the real evil when they think they can conquer ordinary people to fight each other for the sake of a chair in a government. So, Let's do not obey what politicians are asking to us: I love Arabs and Jewish people as human beings. This is the way to start solving conflict, not repeting what politicians are trying to ask us to repeat. I am in Brazil.

Posted by Sofia January 17, 09 05:10 AM

After viewing the heart breaking Pictures of Palestinian Peoples, infants and Palestinian Land, Irrespective of any religion, sect or nation.
Still Backing Israel's Terrorism is Shameleess and left no words to speak out, Shame on You '" The Israel Supporters. You are not Human Beings that God Created to Love others but the Wild Animals always hungry for Innocent soul's flesh"
SHAME . . .
SHAME . . .
SHAME . . .

Posted by Raza January 17, 09 05:33 AM

If mutual hatred turned to understanding, care and friendship...
If money used for weapons invested in education...
If energy wasted on destruction was used for construction...
The Middle East will be heavens on earth...

So wonderfully simple...

Posted by Muli Grober January 17, 09 05:52 AM

Once again it is proved. Yesterday (16/0109), Livni and Condi signed a deal which will assist Israel the necessary 'Intelligence and Assistance' of other kind to stem the flow of weapons and bomb parts by Hamas into Gaza. One would have thought being bedfellows, that information was already being shared. US has up to date minute by minute satellite intelligence on every move of Iran ,Syria and lebanon and probably every other potential threat that is perceived dangerous to Israel.
this agreement is the legal paper work that will help the perpetrators pass any claim in the toothless UN so that the umptinth resulution is passed.

terrorist and in favour of the good people. funny how every resolution passed in
the UNis

the UNagainst

Posted by yusuf seedat January 17, 09 06:02 AM


Posted by Anonymous January 17, 09 06:09 AM

These pictures basically show only one side of the war. What they do not show is how civilians in Israel have been living in fear for 8 years due to bombs shot at them (on the city of Sderot, for example) and suicide bombers that enter public areas and kill innocents.
This war is truly awful to both sides, but Israel has no choice but to defend itself... No child, no matter what his nationality is, should live in fear, which is why Israel must make sure that its children and citizens are not suffering from terrorism.
None of this would have happened if the Palestinian government would have prevented terrorism instead of promoting it by giving rewards to families of suicide killers...

Posted by Communications Student January 17, 09 08:01 AM

UGLY ISRAELISTS ARE KILLING FOREVER. They even gave Prophet Moses AND Jesus such a hard time peace be upon them both. All they want is destruction! They are heartless and love the bloodshed! Why don't they pick on someone there own size! They pick on the poor destitue palestinians who have nothing to defend themselves with except small rockets. They are so ruthless. Its disgusting, that the rest of the world leaders are ignoring the pleading calls of mercy from the palestinians and the rest of the world. THE ISREALIST WILL SUFFER! They will be taken to account in the afterlife by ALLAH ALMIGHTY and JUSTICE WILL BE DONE. and they will wish that they were never born!!!!

Posted by sahdia January 17, 09 08:03 AM

Israel ?! you the best
all you are just dont know anything abuot this war

Posted by Israeli guy January 17, 09 08:09 AM

I have read the news in the paper, i have watch the news, i have been receiving emails about the war Isreal had brought upon the people of Gaza. Now this is what i see, The Americans is the culprits, look at Isreal a small country that can do whatever they want to do,and nobody can stop them, who is controlling them nobody, Look at America who control their economy the Jews, who finance them the Arabs, its a combination of what the people of GAZA face today. Yes i disagree with Hamas to send rockets onto innocent people, and whether it is Israelies or not, its wrong. Islam don't stand for KILLING Innocent people. Islam stands for justice, treat your enemies like you would like to be treated.

Posted by Mohamed January 17, 09 08:09 AM

A Letter to the World from Jerusalem, 1969
by Eliezer ben Yisrael (Stanley Goldfoot)

I am not a creature from another planet, as you seem to believe.
I am a Jerusalemite - like yourselves, a man of flesh and blood.
I am a citizen of my city, an integral part of my people.
I have a few things to get off my chest. Because I am not a diplomat, I do not have to mince words. I do not have to please you or even persuade you. I owe you nothing.
You did not build this city, you did not live in it, you did not defend it when they came to destroy it.

And we will be damned if we will let you take it away.
There was a Jerusalem before there was a New York.
When Berlin, Moscow, London, and Paris were miasmal forest and swamp, there was a
thriving Jewish community here. It gave something to the world which you nations have rejected ever since you established yourselves - a humane moral code.

Here the prophets walked, their words flashing like forked lightning.

Here a people who wanted nothing more than to be left alone, fought off waves of heathen would-be conquerors, bled and died on the battlements, hurled themselves into the flames of their burning Temple rather than surrender, and when finally overwhelmed by
sheer numbers and led away into captivity, swore that before they forgot Jerusalem, they would see their tongues cleave to their palates, their right arms wither.

For two pain-filled millennia, while we were your unwelcome guests, we prayed daily to return to this city. Three times a day we petitioned the Almighty: "Gather us from the four corners of the world, bring us upright to our land, return in mercy to Jerusalem, Thy city, and swell in it as Thou promised." On every Yom Kippur and Passover, we fervently voiced the hope that next year would find us in Jerusalem.

Your inquisitions, pogroms, expulsions, the ghettos into which you jammed us, your forced baptisms, your quota systems, your genteel anti-Semitism, and the final unspeakable horror, the holocaust (and worse, your terrifying disinterest in it)- all these have not broken us. They may have sapped what little moral strength you still possessed, but they forged us into steel. Do you think that you can break us now after all we have been through? Do you really believe that after Dachau and Auschwitz we are frightened by your threats of blockades and sanctions?

We have been to Hell and back- a Hell of your making. What more could you possibly have in your arsenal that could scare us?

I have watched this city bombarded twice by nations calling themselves civilized.

In 1948, while you looked on apathetically, I saw women and children blown to smithereens, after we agreed to your request to internationalize the city. It was a deadly combination that did the job - British officers, Arab gunners, and American-made cannon.

And then the savage sacking of the Old City-the willful slaughter, the wanton destruction of every synagogue and religious school, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, the sale by a ghoulish government of tombstones for building materials, for poultry runs, army camps, even latrines.

And you never said a word.

You never breathed the slightest protest when the Jordanians shut off the holiest of our places, the Western Wall, in violation of the pledges they had made after the war- a war they waged, incidentally, against the decision of the UN. Not a murmur came from you whenever the legionnaires in their spiked helmets casually opened fire upon our citizens from behind the walls.

Your hearts bled when Berlin came under siege. You rushed your airlift "to save the gallant Berliners". But you did not send one ounce of food when Jews starved in besieged Jerusalem. You thundered against the wall which the East Germans ran through the middle of the German capital- but not one peep out of you about that other wall, the one that tore through the heart of Jerusalem.

And when that same thing happened 20 years later, and the Arabs unleashed a savage, unprovoked bombardment of the Holy City again, did any of you do anything?

The only time you came to life was when the city was at last reunited. Then you wrung your hands and spoke loftily of "justice" and need for the "Christian" quality of turning the other cheek.The truth - and you know it deep inside your gut - you would prefer the city to be destroyed rather than have it governed by Jews.

No matter how diplomatically you phrase it, the age old prejudices seep out of every word.

If our return to the city has tied your theology in knots, perhaps you had better reexamine your catechisms. After what we have been through, we are not passively going to accommodate ourselves to the twisted idea that we are to suffer eternal homelessness until we accept your savior.

For the first time since the year 70, there is now complete religious freedom for all in Jerusalem. For the first time since the Romans put a torch to the Temple, everyone has equal rights (You prefer to have some more equal than others.) We loathe the sword- but it was you who forced us to take it up. We crave peace, but we are not going back to the peace of 1948 as you would like us to.

We are home. It has a lovely sound for a nation you have willed to wander over the face of the globe. We are not leaving. We are redeeming the pledge made by our forefathers: Jerusalem is being rebuilt. "Next year" and the year after, and after, and after, until
the end of time- "in Jerusalem"!

Stanley Goldfoot, 1969
Founder Editor
The Times of Israel


On November 24, 2006, at the age of 92, Stanley Goldfoot passed away. He is remembered for his love for and devotion to Israel and the Jewish people.

Stanley Goldfoot was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of 18, he joined a HaShomer HaTzair kibbutz.

After the rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel his main goal, which he eventually realized, was to establish a Zionist English newspaper, "The Times of Israel."

In the first issue of "The Times of Israel", Stanley Goldfoot wrote his famous controversial "Letter to the World from Jerusalem", which caused quite a stir.

This article is as relevant and critical today as when it was written.

Posted by A_Jerusalemite January 17, 09 08:21 AM

blame on ISRAEL !!!!

Posted by vrso2 January 17, 09 08:34 AM

The best comment I came across was a rather simple one: "THIS WAR WILL ONLY END WHEN PALESTINE PEOPLE LOVE MORE THEIR CHILDS THAN THEY HATES ON ISRAEL." The sweet simplicity of this sentence captures for me so much of the dilemma the region endures.

May I suggest a search-term for readers interested in exploring the relationship between the Quran and conflicting claims to Canaan/Palestine/Israel? Abdul Hadi Palazzi, the leader of the Italian Muslim Assembly makes the case from the Quran itself that Allah gave Canaan to the Jews under Moses and designated Arabia for the offspring of Ishmael. Palazzi has persisted over time pressing this point and needs to be taken seriously by muslims claiming to act for Allah in their pursuit of Israel's destruction. I would enjoy reading a thoughtful rebuttal by someone taking issue with these claims.

Powerful pictures, by the way. Fascinating collage of responses. We are truly a world awash in vitriol, hatred and vengeance. Jesus can't come back soon enough to suit me.

Posted by Leonard Hoy January 17, 09 09:12 AM

Nadie tiene razón verdadera para la guerra. Nadie puede justificarla. Cómo detener la espiral de odio y resentimiento? Pués , no lo se. De lo que si estoy seguro es de que no hay suficiente voluntad en ninguna de las partes y de que existen intereses alimentando esta situación que no es nueva. Que ya lleva muchos años.
Que Dios, como lo quieran ver o aceptar, ilumine sus corazones.

Posted by ´Francisco January 17, 09 09:28 AM


Posted by IFTEKHAR AHMED January 17, 09 09:56 AM

Think none of this would be happening if Hamas didn't shell Israel 1st. Israel wants peace and what is wrong with that? Hamas should be eliminated and any other group that causes such devastation due to the radicals attacking 1st. Take away Hamas and Israel will stop defending their territory from them. No shells into Gaza if no shells came from Gaza 1st. Don't blame the defending country that was shot at 1st. This is so simple. You shoot then I will return the favor. I don't blame Israel but cheer them for eliminating the terrorist. JD

Posted by J.D.Calhoun January 17, 09 10:29 AM

u ppl dnt noe wt u r doin 2 gaza ......ALLAH had said that the israelites wont get there homeland until the day of judgement tht is ON THE QIYAMATH DAY .....each of the israelites will b questioned on hw they have terrorized the children and the palestinians .......there is this hadees refferin 2 the sayin that israelites wont get there land until their last day says tht once prophet {s.a} said 2 the israelites 2 fight wd the pharaoh at tht time and win their homeland back they did not and instead said that ......dear prophet u and ur companions go and fight and call us when u have regained our place the prophet patoently said tht ....Allah had cmmande us 2 so bcs he wants us 2 reach heaven in the name of Allah.........I SWEAR BY ALLAH THAT U ISRAELITES WONT GET PEACE AND UR LAND AND WATEVR SHIT U ALL PPL WANNT BY ALL THS .........THS WILL HAPPEN IF ALLAH IS TRUE ..........AND THE PRESIDENT olmert HE SHALL HAVE IT .....!!!!!

Posted by HIND.NOORUDHEEN January 17, 09 11:14 AM

Guerra, pura estupidez de poucos que dizimam muitos. Quantos inocentes mortos indefesos! Quantos valores, sonhos, projetos de vidas, quantos futuros grandes homesn e mulheres dizimados em plena infância! Sem falar no inedecente desrespeito ao mandamento de Nosso Deus Jeová dos Exécitos: "Não matarás"!

Posted by Adão Jesus da Rocha January 17, 09 12:27 PM

a la mierda con el sionismo-fascismo... una mierda el estado en todos los paises... otro mundo es posible!!!!

Posted by gabo January 17, 09 12:36 PM

For those sick people who say that israelis had the right to kick Palestinians out of their own land in 1948 to form their country, would you be happy today to be kicked out of your home so that someone else is going to make his country inside it?

Muslims philosophy was and will always be to invite people to Islam. Muslims never kicked anybody out of their homes. If this is true, then you say that Muslims living in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, KSA, Iraq, Iran, Jordon, Yemen, Malaysia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and the rest of world came out of the Arab Island (KSA now). Ridiculous!!!

Muslims just invite people living in these counties to Islam and because Islam is a logic religion, people quickly realize it is the true religion. It touches their hearts from the first moment they hear about its rules and regulations which if applied will spread peace in the world. That's why they join Islam in huge numbers till the very moment.

People who refuse to join Islam in these countries would stay in their homes and countries, doing their religious activities in peace, having the same rights Muslims have.

Look on the other hand what israelis did when they wanted to live in Palestine. They kicked people out of their homes, murdered them, tortured them and did what if any normal person hears would say they're non-humans. This is also evident from comment 966 of Mr. John and the rest of the war crimes they've committed. This is why they're always fighting all of their neighbors. It is their nature!

Posted by Haitham Gad January 17, 09 03:23 PM

Let,s hope and pray that some day we shall live in peace and let the words of the following song be our guide:
Gonna lat down my sword and shield down by the riveside.....
Gonna study war no more

Posted by ruth benziman January 17, 09 04:01 PM

# 961 you are a fool John get your facts straight before you start spouting off !!! Back in the 1800's the Jews were buying the land that time swampland and desert that was owned by absentee arab land owners for around 1000 dollars an acre when fertile soil in the U.S.A was going for around 110 dollars an acre and what in the hell has the king david hotel bombing got to do with gaza, the arabs are the ones rocketing!........ DUDE!! stop talking until you study up.

P.S. Move to Sderot or Ashdod and then you can talk......8 years buddy

Posted by Bill an american in Israel January 17, 09 04:04 PM

blessings for the people of Israel

Posted by ROBERT ANTHONY ( CHILE ) January 17, 09 04:16 PM

Hamas initiated a war they can't win. They don't even have any official soldiers, just terrorists launching rockets then cowardly running away to hide in civilian areas. I hate these islamic terrorists blowing themselves up in crowded areas, killing innocent civilians then their supporters have the guts to condemn actions Hamas are doing themselves. Hypocrite savages, my country is one of the victims of their jihad AKA as their mindless bigotry. Leading to so many orphaned children, making things much more difficult for them as if poverty is not enough while those oil rich bigots supporting this sh*t praise their Allah when another brainwashed moron blow themselves up and take many innocent lives with them.

These terrorists are rallying for support and sympathy when in reality they view non moslems as inferior infidels worthy to be blown up or murdered.

Posted by John Doe January 17, 09 06:49 PM

As an israeli teen, in the north of israel, that had seen some war time I must say that there is a big diffrense between the sides.
When the hamas fires at israel, the main goal is to harm civilian life. and that [mind you] is terror.
yes, in gaza inocent pepole are dieing, but the first objective of the bomb who killed the inocent pepole is to kill the non-inocent. the terrorinsts.
yes, there is no justification for killing an inocent child. but the fact that the child died was due to the fact that a terrorist was useing it as a shield.
yes, we apear as the evil at it's worst to the world, but do you remember our leaders statments some time ago? he said this needs to stop because israel has alot of power and we DON'T want to use it. I'm sorry if this sounds like bullshit, but we where forsed in to this. and so, yes - in order to defend ourselves somtimes we must use force.

yes, we apear evil to the world, but who is

Posted by alon January 17, 09 07:02 PM

I hope all jews live long and prosper. we must take out all terrorist and leave nothing behind. Today Gaza tomorrow Iran. May God bless Israel and condem all terrorist. America will have to kill what Israel leaves behind. Good luck to Isreal and may God be with them.

Posted by Jeff January 17, 09 09:34 PM

If hamas release their weapons there will be peace, if israel release theirs there will be no israel.

Yes, CRUSSADER, you got the point!

May GOD bless for the people of Israel

Posted by Someone from China January 17, 09 09:35 PM

very god

Posted by Haim January 18, 09 12:19 AM




Posted by Ann January 18, 09 01:59 AM

[comment removed]

Posted by Anonymous January 18, 09 03:52 AM

Israel u r a criminal ALLAH will see u one day INSHAHALLAH

Posted by Anonymous January 18, 09 05:06 AM

967 .
you are a fool and ignorant, you don't know the facts.
Israel is the first line of defence for ALL the west society.
it is there so you can get fatter and eat your MAcdonlad while we fight terror, and then teach you how to do it as well.

I suggest that you go on and learn some history before wiritng such nonsense on the web.

Posted by OP January 18, 09 06:13 AM

Children and women bombed to kill one terrorist hidden... how can you be proud of this ? how can you be proud of your country ? the dream of Israel is dead with palestinians civilians victims. As Hamas, Israel spread the blood of innocents. Years and years of brainwashing of young israelians make them believe they are on the right way but the blood of innocents demonstrate the opposite.

The use of human shield is highly reprehensible for sure, but what about shooting on this shield ? It's a pity but Hamas leaders are clevers than Israeli ones.

Posted by peacefullmind January 18, 09 06:46 AM

who is isra'el..???????

Posted by Anonymous January 18, 09 08:32 AM

ISRAEL YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every one judge us not for right ' did anyone know what is to live full life with anti-semitism just beacuse we are minority all place all time , we deserving for alittle peace of our own ' no one choose which kind of religon he would like to being born, so the IRAELI military doing the best he could do to save as after we absorb alot and belive alot from gaza said they did not live as any athour option's
we want peace but if its as or them we prefer as!!!
love you all ISRAEL!!!

Posted by ISRAELI GIRL January 18, 09 08:53 AM

Children shouldn't have to hide in bomb shelters. Blood shouldn't have to be washed from the streets. :[

Posted by Sue-Anne January 18, 09 08:55 AM

To all of you Israel haters - This is exactly the problem, you keep on whining about the past and feeling bad for the poor palestinians. Yes, they are poor, but it's in their hands to save them selves, not by getting money from Iran and Syria to get weapons, but to create better life for all of them and put this money into welfare. Instead they choose to worship "Shahids" and Hamas leaders. This is what causes the Gazan tragey to continue.

Hamas is just an Iranian and Syrian puppet. They sit on their comfortable chairs in Iran and Syria and enjoy watching others fight their wars.

By the way, Israel has been out of Gaza since 2004, so please don't mumble stuff about Israeli occupation. Palestinian life is purely in their own hands.

Posted by Shlomi January 18, 09 10:49 AM

most people are against and some people are with israel f*ck the isreals and the hamas military look at the inoccent children and people dying they hav done nothing wrong they have not seen the world yet they are getting shot and exploded for nothing what have they done the israels are caword why are they killing innocent helpless people why dont they pick on the strong nations, they are f*kers dont they feel sorry when they see all the bodies of innocent people they dint even kill any military soldiers f*king dogs i hope they burn in hell each and everyone of them who killed someone

Posted by Anonymous January 18, 09 11:45 AM

What goes around comes around, now we all know why the Jews are hated throughout this Western World, the rest of the World is as indifferent to them, as they would be to an insect, which of course is what they are, I wonder what would happen if the Palestinian's also had weapons of mass destruction. Which by the way you silly Americans are paying for.

Posted by Baz January 18, 09 01:15 PM

That's our civilisation.

Posted by ESPEROS January 18, 09 02:15 PM

Peace please.
Zionist cant accept that there are normal people who loves there earth!

Posted by Jamal January 18, 09 02:43 PM

The Hamas wanted this war - They thought that the world will help them but the world is not stupid. What do you expect after firing at Israel for 8 years!!!!
The Hamas defend themselves with a human shield made of women and children. The hamas does not deserve to be called "human being" - Israel had to do it. Israel left Gaza strip 3 years ago and Hamas kept firing at innocent people.
The whole world know deep inside that Iran/ Hamas/ Hizballah wants to rule the world and they want everybody to be muslems- Israel is just an excuse: Look at the sep. 11th, London underground, Barcelona bobms and so on. Israel is the first target but Europe and the USA are the next. Think about it!!!

Posted by Roy - UK January 18, 09 02:47 PM

oh no no. don't try to teach Israel any f*cken morality, hypocrites. just for a little porportion - in May 2007 a conflict broke out between the lebanese army and a small group Fatah Al Islam, in the Nahr Al Bared refugee camp in Lebanon. The group itself is yet another cancerous cell of the global Jihad movement. The Lebanese army did not go into urban war fare. They just barraged and ruin he city down, in a way Israel could only dream of doing.

The official number of Lebanese army casualties is 168 and more than 300 were left dead in the camp. Some were militants others civilians. 6 UNIFIL soldiers and two Red Cross workers were killed as well. The refugee camp was in ruins. 33,000 of the 40,000 inhabitants of the camp had nothing to return to. The Lebanese soldiers didn’t want to take unnecessary risks. The number of combatants they were facing was tiny, certainly less than the 16,000 Hamas terrorists hiding in Gaza’s tunnels. If the Lebanese army had to deal with them there wouldn’t be one house standing in Gaza. All of Gaza, not only Jebalya, would be wiped off the face of the earth.

When Lebanon was dealing with this one of many radical Islam menaces, it was the sweetheart of the majority of both the free and Arab worlds. It used means Israel couldn’t dream of using. Most casualties were innocent. The terrible pictures of death and destruction, all available to those interested, didn’t lead to mass protests on the streets of London or Paris. On the contrary. Lebanon was applauded. Arabs can “take care” of Arabs.

Why can Lebanon use brutal measures to uproot this radical Islam growth? Why can Europe go half way around the world to kill thousands of fighters and civilians in the name of the same anti Jihad cause? Why is Israel not allowed to do the same even though she faces a greater threat? she is allowed!! it's her right to defened herself. 8 years Israel did nothing, but to believe there's someone on the other side wanting to make peace.... but there isn't when Hamas is in charge! Europe when are you going to wake up. if Israel goes down. the WHOLE F*CKEN WORLD IS IN TROUBLE.


Posted by Ibrahim January 18, 09 04:22 PM

You all don't know what you are talking about!
As usual the media shows only the palstines, they never show the Israeli side, the scared children, the dead people. you don't know what it's like to live 8 years under bombing!! every single day!! and I hope no one will ever go through something like that. Israel warned Hamas to stop but they don't care about their own people and they kept bonbing us!!! would you shut up about something like this?! I don't think so. so before you criticize Israel come and live here some time and you will understand that Hamas are animals.
I'm very sorry for the innocent but it's Hamas fault that they are hiding behinde children.
and comment 964 you are so stupid! it have nothing to do with the holucast!! and we have the right to live in Israel..the UN was just a way to recive our historical right.
so think before you open you mouth and say something you don't have a clue
You all live in your fancy Eourope and do not understand a shit about the things that are going on here so stop saying your not intelegant opinions.
Next time you want to comment how poor are the palastines do some backround and you will see how many people in Israel were killed in the Intifada. oh you don't know what it is? sure. you media will never show what the palastines do to Israel. you all hate jews so why should you be intrested?
So in the Intifada were killed more than 150 people in a day when the palastines were going into clubs, coffes and buses with a bomb belt. and i lasted many years a thousnds of people were killed!!! Where were you then?!

Posted by Proud Israeli January 18, 09 04:44 PM

As you all can see in picture number 22, Hamas is sooting rockets to Israel from areas of civilians populated and crowded neighberhoods, that is why many inicent civilians were killed! Israel have to defend her self and avoid this rockets to blast in Israel!
unfotunately Hamas don't care from Palastinians citizens and they are launching rockets and hiding rockets and weapons in citizen's homes and even in u.n schools and offices. that's how a terror organization acts, and the world must understand that!
unlike many of you here made comments, I live in Ashkelon , a city which Hamas loves to bombard with its rockets, so I know this situation and live in this situation for years, we cant just sit and do nothing while our neighbors want to kill us, that's why no one has the right to criticise Israel for this operation!

Posted by Isaac Lewinsky January 18, 09 04:48 PM

Hamas = violence
cowards hide among sheep
slaughtered sheep are the result of violent cowards

Posted by Scott K. January 18, 09 05:26 PM

For all the Jewish haters out there. I would like to see how you would react if your cities and countries will be constantly bombed from morning to the next,
and for your children to live in terror,not for long, not as long as Israel did, For 8 years!!! Only for a few day.I would like to see if you would not hesitate massacre the ones who are out to kill you and your children. what happened in gaza isn't a massacre, but a message to the hamas to stop bombing our cities.this is written by a 17 year old living in south israel. it only self defence we have more restrain than any other country. what happened in gaza was strictly defensive IDF= Israel Defene Forces.

Posted by anonymous January 18, 09 05:40 PM

about photo #5 - that is no smoke, as written below. it is simply the morning mist. i would know, as i live right outside the Gaza strip.
about this war, there is one saying that can sum it up, from the isaeli point of view - "We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours" (Golad Meir)
i hope to see brave, peaceful, thinking leaders on both sides, but unfortunatly it seems as though the era of hope has gone from this region and will only return after enough blood is shed, to will it back and save us from ourselves.

Posted by gil January 18, 09 05:44 PM

Es algo que ni el mas enfermo mental, podrìa soportar, entonces uno como cristiano se pregunta,¿por què Dios permite todo èsto, si su hijo Jesùs predicò su palabra por esas tierras?. ¿por què tanta maldad en la tierra?.
Espero que Dios pueda dar , fuerza a todos los familiares que en esta absurda lid, han dado su vida , bajo la ofrenda del para què o para quièn.
Preferible ver la sonrisa de un niño que el llanto de èste.

Posted by Ernesto Sagredo H. January 18, 09 06:43 PM

All wars are abominable; they only cause destruction and suffering to the civilian population.The communities in the Negev have endured rocket shelling for years resulting in death, lifetime injuries, emotional and psychological wounds. None of these pictures make the worlwide rounds perhaps because they are not considered devastating enough to sell newspapers or be publishe on your website.

Posted by VG January 18, 09 08:18 PM

Dear All,
I have read all your massages & I can't be agree with most of you dear gentlemen & ladies.
I am an inborn muslim & I have a strong beliefs to the God of Universe & the main source of our life comes only from Him. And I do believe that dispite our different belief in the religions we are like a big family if you aware of Adam & Eve so that means we have been born & brought up by one bond & we are human being but not cruel creatures which the God of Universe we call him Allah got a great hope on us & he believes we are most precious & beloved creatures of Him. So, I would love to say for all of you that multiple ways of religions that God sent us by His messangers was about only peace & kindness & generous love towards each other. Both part are not right if they overpower these all prophecy & act unconditionally heartless. Due to the unsensible actions so many common peoples die & I guess it is the way the lost thier common senses totally & so many innocent peoples suffers & dies continuesly for what all these...just to dominate the part of lands ,that's not proper way to be & act like these....People wake up we are not here forever & we are just for sometime in this world & think about real life when you die & will be in front of God & how you're gonna explain all of these cruel actions & try to excuse yourself. Just all I want to advise the peoples all over the world just live peacefully & never fix your thinkings that you are here for ever as you must be aware your are a just guest in this world & your total actions will be asked by God as He's aware of everything & nothing can be hidden from him. God is great & see every single action whatever your & do in your perminent life & try to be sensible.
That's what I want peace,peace & one more Peace
God bless you all & let always make you clear thinkings for everything.

Posted by Zeba January 19, 09 02:14 AM


Posted by GREEK DEMOCRACY January 19, 09 03:09 AM



Posted by KING DAVID January 19, 09 03:27 AM

To Roy UK #1066:
Refresh your memory and read history more than the last 8 years in order to judge the situation.
Israel left Gaza strip 3 years ago but it should have done it 40 years ago, so they are not so innocent as you want them to be.
Regarding 9/11, London underground and Barcelona bombing although were acts of terror and nobody likes them, have one thing in common. These countries have participated in 2 wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) that were not so fair and justified.
Bush and Blair said that they were attacking Iraq to destroy mass destruction weapons which were never found… If your aim is to kill whole nations in order to also kill some terrorists among them, then go ahead, but the rest of Europe won¢t be with you.
Countries that didn¢t participate to these war-crimes don¢t have to be and they never were afraid of Muslims…so speak of yourself…

Posted by FGS January 19, 09 03:49 AM

i have two questions?
(1)-wat Israel doing wid civilian peoples why US closed his eyes.?
(if any muslim country did this den they r terror state and US attach on dat country.)
(2)-why all muslim countries r sleeping?why they r not take action?

Allah plz help us to make unity

Posted by sajid slatch January 19, 09 03:54 AM

sadly, this one is entirely on the Hammas hands. There is something very destructive in the Palestinian leaders psyche. It seems to me that they never miss the opportunity to harm them selves (most of the times - the leaders do very well for themselves, and just harm the citizens).
When Ehud Barak was prime minister of Israel, he offered Yasser Arafat the perfect deal. Pretty much everything the Palestinians could hope for and more. Arafat turned that offer down. Why? because he just could not face an existence that is not as a victim - he could not handle getting all that he wished for. What did he do? go for the second Intifada. Yeah, who needs a long term solution and peace, when you can just sacrifice your own people, so you can become some kind of a symbol.
Later - in an unbelievable step. Ariel Sharon, decided to go against the will and wishes of large parts of the Israeli people, and got Israel out of Gush Katif. A big chunk of land just given to Palestine for nothing in return - oh not nothing, they returned the gift, started launching rockets on Israel. That is the Palestinian defect in a nutshell. Give them something - they take it as a weakness.
I'm an Israeli. I watch how the western world gets crazy involved when talking about our conflict with Palestine. Those same people that are oh so quiet when Russia slaughters thousands in Georgia, does nothing about the silly war that's on going in Iraq, says nothing about on going monstrosities in Africa - but always has an opinion about whatever Israel does.
I always smile to myself - becasue I know Europe is about to wake up to their own Intifadas. It may take a few years - but its coming. When it'll arrive, you'll undersatnd that Israel does nothing but protect itself, and that the Muslim Arabs do nothing but harm themselves.

Posted by Yonatan January 19, 09 04:19 AM

to all of you who think that Israel is killing for no reason-
Come and live in Sderot for a day or two...
see how it fells like to be shot at, for no reason at all...

You should think about the people of the WEstern Negev who live like that for nearly 10 years now...

I have nothing against the palestinians. I have something against Hamas.

Posted by An Israeli Patriot & Zionist January 19, 09 04:41 AM

where are the photos of the Hamas????? too scared to get near them???wonder why......only the Israeli army allowed photographers to document them.
it is so easy to judge when you are not in the situation.
i think the repersentation is not fair.

Posted by Hadar January 19, 09 07:27 AM

I'm quite baffled that no one sees that the Israeli decision of ceasing fire has nothing to do with the situation in Gaza but with the change of governemt in the USA. This war is the last attempt by the neocons in the USA and Israel and the conservative forces to set the middle east on fire.

Posted by Herbert Jackson January 19, 09 08:19 AM

Resulta terrible y abrumador que en escenas tan dramáticas se pueda encontrar cierta belleza estetica. Pero más terrorífico es que aquellos que se dicen el pueblo elegido por dios (al cual le atribuyen toda bondad emanada), y que fueron acosados hasta casi el exterminio durante cientos de años, ahora se dediquen al genocidio como su modus vivendi.
Considero que los israelies tienen tanto derecho a existir como lo tiene el pueblo Árabe a la libre autodeterminación de su destino y que el acoso al que se han visto sometidos ha radicalizado su postura hacia los israelitas.
Finalmente: Resultó acertado el análisis de Osama Bin Laden, ya que al comienzo de este ataque genocida en la franja de Gaza, ya que el dijo que este ataque era aprovechando los últimos días del "presidente" Bush y el apoyo incondicional de su administración y así resultó, ya que precisamente el día de cambio de poderes en Estados Unidos, Israel anuncia el retiro de sus tropas.

Posted by Efrén Figueroa Estrada January 19, 09 10:55 AM

In response to reply #975. The palestinians are controlled in a very small area and living a difficult life under the oppression of Israel since they unlawfully stole their land. They are like cows locked up in a barn, you leave those cows for sometime and you'll see them revolting inside in order to get the attention they need. The palestinians are experiencing the same curse, they want to be heard, this is why they are shooting missles. If you look at those pictures you clearly see that Israel are the main oppressors.

Now yours statements about my Prophet are surely something very new to me and perhaps also to the majority of the Muslims or if not simply those you've spoken to. Do you really believe that? Are you serious? Whoa! Firstly, Muslims own Pelestine and what is now known as Israel. If someone steals your watch, it doesn't become his as it belongs to you, so the thief can't claim it's his ownership. Prophet Mouhammad was far from being a terrorist as you claim, he was always known as being a peaceful and loving man. Mouhammad did not believe that the Quran was corrupted. The Quran came piece by piece after he received revelation of prophethood. Islam was not spread by the point of a sword ie. malaysia/indonesia embraced Islam without a single war. The purpose of the wars during the time of the prophet were to spread this peaceful religion and yes sometimes war is necessary to maintain peace if you didn't know. Islam condemns interests upon lending, adultery, killing, sodomy, incest, cheating, lying, gossip, talebearing, stealing, etc, all of which are very common in our modern society. And the islamic judegment for those who break some of the particular rules are harsh, yes but that is for good and very simple reason, so they don't occur again basically.

You say that there are many problems with Islam and the Quran and that it would take many volumes of books to explain them all... whoa! Now you're sounding more like those who hired Hempher the british spy. I agree Islam does receive a lot of enmity for being so strong and so strong but that was back in the good old days of Omar, Saladin, Khaled Ibn Waleed, and Mouhammad El Fateh. Now we are like a lion in deep sleep and you are this mosquito trying to suck up all his blood so we wont be able to stand when he awakes but you fail to realize that a time surely is to come where we won't be as divided as we are now today and we'll wake up and stomp that little mosquito who's been itching us for quite a while.

You claim that Prophet Mouhammad ordered us to believe that the Creator of the universe does not have the power to preserve the Scriptures that he gave to Israel. This is another thing which is new to me. I'll tell you what my Prophet ordered me to believe, he ordered Muslims to believe that Islam, the Quran, and the sayings of our Prophets they do not contradict each other in any way. Our prophet taught us that God is powerful and he is the only one worthy of our worships. Someone who is incapable of something or does not have the power over something is someone who is weak. And the one who is weak is not perfect, and the one who is not perfect does not deserve to be called God, and the one who does not deserve to be called God does not deserve to be worshiped. So your claim is completely bogus and rejected as this is the among the fundamentals of the religion, that our religion does not contradict itself. You then say something about verbal tradition I couldn't quite understand where you were going with that. The first Quran was compiled by the companions, as the Quran was delievered piece by piece and not all companions memorized the Quran, our Prophet told them where to put the verses, that was revealed to him, in order.

You claim that the Quran teaches conversion to Islam or suffer death. Whoa! Where do you get this stuff? Umm.. umm.. not quite true dude. There's something in Islam called Jizzya, which is what the non-Muslim pays to secure his safety in the land of Muslims. If what you claimed was true, there wouldn't such a thing as jizzya dude.

Umm.. right.. what does that bible quote have to do with Israel? I don't see how they are related.

In general your reply was mainly bogus claims about Islam and our prophet, really low of you. I think in my opinion christians shouldn't utter a word about religion. All they do is hear bits of words here and there, juggle them up together with a mix of their own views and a splash of their personal theories and use it as a offensive verbal attack... weak weak weak. How about you get your facts straight and don't come up with stuff no one has ever heard of or that can't be proven historically and mentally. If there is one religion from the big 3 religions in the world now that makes least sense, the title straight goes to yours man. Afterall we are talking about the religion which believes that Jesus is God right. Did it never occur to your shrimpy little mind that Jesus was a man, like us, weak, feeble, imperfect? How can one worship someone who is weak and on top of that you believe he died. Those are attributes of the creation. How can the creator lower himself to the attributes of the creations? That's not mentally possible. Christianity also claim that God created the whole universe, that there was nothing before him, there was no space, there was no place, there was no humans, no planets, nothing, yet you believe that God changed after that, that descends from the sky, that he is Jesus. @#$F#!! How is that possible? Seriously? Changes is another attribute of the creation that can't be attributed to God.

The bible is also another bogus book and probably the book that has been most ever to be modified in the all of mankind history. It doesn't surprise me to see some really disturbing stuff written in it because afterall it reflects perfectly on how you people behave in this world. I mean, the bible claims that certain prophets (I forgot their names) commited adultery, some commited incest, some stole, some lied, some killed, some defied God the Eternal, etc and then at the end of the book it mentions that the Bible contains the very best manners and way of life that everyone should follow.

Anyways my suggestion, keep your thoughts to yourself and if the urge is too great.. stick it up your dirty ass because you christians are the oldest nazis in this world, and that's a fact.

Posted by Dani Rosewealth January 19, 09 12:00 PM

That's what happens when you attack a super power.
Russia killed thousands and wasn't even attacked by Georgia!!

If you really have a problem with that operation you're either a liar or a HYPOCRITE of the worst kind.

Posted by Adam January 19, 09 01:46 PM

To the clown from #1085:

Israel left Gaza and Hamas murdered hundreds of Fatah 'policemen' sending them to the west bank - spread your fairy tales somewhere else.

Posted by Muhammed January 19, 09 02:05 PM

I'm sorry but this is not a football game how people can say "I support this, I love this..." This is war, innocent people are dying. Doesn't matter what their religions or where are they from. Its been 24 days today and till this time 1312 Palestinians killed by Israel (417 children & 108 women ) can't you see these numbers do you really think 417 children were terrorists and they don't deserve to live. But you war hawks, fascists and zionist you are right they were guilty because they were born in Gaza.

Posted by Dharma January 19, 09 03:06 PM

WOW......... so much hatred here..............and we wonder why the Israelis and Palestinians’ can't get along..........look in the mirror and the answer you will see. No wonder why God/Allah has not come yet ..................... he is embarrassed of he children he has created. If we cannot agree and get along here………… it not hypocritical to say that they should……..there?

Posted by PeaceandLove January 19, 09 03:07 PM

The Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced on Sunday it was setting up an “army of bloggers,” to be made up of Israelis who speak a second language, to represent Israel in “anti-Zionist blogs” in English, French, Spanish and German.

The program’s first volunteer was Sandrine Pitousi, 31, from Kfar Maimon, situated five kilometers from Gaza. “I heard about the project over the radio and decided to join because I’m living in the middle of the conflict,” she said.

Before hanging up the phone prematurely following a Color Red rocket alert, Pitousi, who immigrated to Israel from France in 1993, said she had some experience with public relations from managing a production company.

“During the war, we looked for a way to contribute to the effort,” the ministry’s director general, Erez Halfon, told Haaretz. “We turned to this enormous reservoir of more than a million people with a second mother tongue.” Other languages in which bloggers are sought include Russian and Portuguese.

Halfon said volunteers who send the Absorption Ministry their contact details by e-mail, at, will be registered according to language, and then passed on to the Foreign Ministry’s media department, whose personnel will direct the volunteers to Web sites deemed “problematic.”

Within 30 minutes of announcing the program, which was approved by the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, five volunteers were already in touch, Halfon said.

Posted by beyondconfused January 19, 09 04:14 PM

Bra, skjut ihjäl varandra så att ingen kommer hit.

Posted by Joshua Brazil January 19, 09 05:14 PM

It appears that partisans of the two respective sides seem unable to agree on basic premises. Many years ago I worked for an office of the U.S. Department of Justice whose job it was to litigate issues coming before the Indian Claims Commission as to what compensation might be owed to American Indian tribes which were claiming that certain lands were taken from them. Each side had to prove or disprove, as the case might be, whether Indians had aboriginal control over the lands in question. If the Indians prevailed in court, they got lots of money. So...

1) What is the evidence that "Palestinians" had aboriginal use of what constitutes Israel? The same question should be asked of Israelis and their aboriginal use of the land in question.
2) It appears that the British attempted to resolve this issue by accepting the U.N. charge to establish a land for Jews. Do the parties accept this statement?
3) It appears that after considerable negotiation and various historical events, the Jews were left with but a small percentage of the original British Mandate for Palestine. Do the parties agree with this statement?
4) Hamas' charter states that the organization exists to obliterate Israel. Agreed?
5) Hamas won an election in 2006 and in 2007 there was a civil war between Hamas and Fatah? Agreed?
6) After Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, rocket attacks were directed at Israel from Gaza. Agreed?
7) Israel then imposed the blockade. Agreed?
8) Hamas smuggled weapons and other materiel from Egypt over the years and continued a fairly consistent, if strategically ineffectual, bombardment of Israel. Agreed?
9) Hamas refused to renew the "ceasefire" of 6 months in December. The bombardment of Israel increased thereafter. Agreed?
10) Israel then launched "Cast Lead." Agreed?

This is just the barest outline of the circumstances and I realize there are many people who know far more than I, but my question is: is there any basis at all for mutual agreement as to the history of events which might lead to some limited level of agreement? Simply tossing verbal brickbats back and forth is just about as effective as shooting weapons with respect to its effect on opinion and recommendations for a future course.

Posted by Charles January 19, 09 07:15 PM

To #1085:

Your cows are launching rockets from the barn. Where do you think the rockets coming from if they are isolated and totally locked up in a barn? Please tell your people to stop sending rockets to Hamas rather food and stuff for Palestinians.

And you don't know the meaning of oppression, for years people around the world are working for peace in the region but religious bigots in your rank insist on making a mess. Brainwashed suicide bomber blowing themselves up, hijacking planes to crash at building killing thousands of people, morons who think they're doing humankind a favor and doing a holy thing when in reality they're killing innocent people who don't have anything to do with the conflict for the sake of religion. Your brothers are the one oppressing the whole world. Sowing terror and hatred by trying to spill the conflict through out the world.

My countrymen are suffering for poverty and yet your brainwashed brothers thought it's nothing, blowing up public commuters who can't afford cars, killing pedestrians and sidewalk vendors who are desperately trying to make both ends meet, common people who don't give a sh*t but are struggling to have enough money in the end of the day to feed their impoverished children.

Your savage brothers are the oppressor and don't expect support from the civilized world since your method are evil, heartless, cold, and barbaric.

Posted by John Doe January 19, 09 08:15 PM

i`m a muslim and iranian and i want to say that only hamas and our government are responsible because of their actions.what was wrong with cease fire and why hamas attack to isreal be missiles?
the hamas missiles has no power even as a simple bomb,so why hamas try to continue attack?what`s wrong with ceasefire and peace which hamas doesn`t extend it?
what was the isreal people sin?everbody see ghaza people as victims,but what`s the differences between isreal and gaza people?both of them breathing,eating and living,but when the hamas kill people in isreal,nobody say anything and when isreal attack to ghaza everbody try to oppse with it?infact isreal defend from itself against the hamas and terrorists which our government supply them and if every country and group do that with others,maybe the answer will be worsen.
on the other hand,maybe more than 90% of victims are terrorists who use the kids and women for protect themselves.
so,if hamas "Admirals" are true,why they live in their palace in syria,lebenan and many other places and hand over islamic jahad remotely?
maybe the price of their life is more valuable than simple people in gaza or their blood is blue,but the palestinian should know the facts about their leaders as we know about our leaders but we can`t do anythink.
isrealis should know that the real face of islam is not the face of terrorism and war,although it`shown until now.we are grasped in the jaws of our leader,but we know and suffer,or we don`t know and no difference,in any case we should live and live with wars,starvations and economical problems and see our leader`s beautiful faces in their castles who order to keep resistance against zions and jewish and finally isreal,so our president can turn aside us from his capability in solving economical and political problems and hamas`s leaders can earn more money in europian banks and build new castles by the price of gaza`s people blood.hezbollah in lebenan can buy new missiles while lebenan people are hungry and iran should spend money for therrorists support than spending for education,health and development. finally,lebenan,palestin and iran`s poor prople are real loosers of this game.

Posted by majid January 20, 09 12:28 AM

Am Israel Hai !!!

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 09 02:41 AM

que mal fazem os inocentes e terem nascido num pais que não conhece as leis de Deus o respeito por aqueles que apenas querem viver seu dia a dia se as fortunas que gastam em bombas em todo tipo de material bélico,fosse encaminhado esse dinheiro para dar comer aqueles que morem de fome seria um mundo muito mais justo crianças ,mulheres,velhos em idade .que mal fizeram para serem dizimados crueldade desrespeito pela vida que mais poderia eu dizer !,,,pensem os Senhores das guerras que sentem quando perdem um ente querido.que Deus tenha misericórdia dos Srs assim como de todos nos obrigado por lerem este apelo a paz entre os homens.

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 09 03:07 AM

how some people can 'take sides', i just don't know. whatever your beliefs - violence is violence. it doesn't do anything but cause negative reactions, weather in the form of a bomb or, perhaps worse in the long-run, as the disgust and hatred for one another that we can see in some of the previous comments.

Posted by anon January 20, 09 08:24 AM

I didnt expect something of that sort will continue for such long time without some of the superpowers taking no action.I THINK EVEN GOD IS VERY UPSET WITH THE KILLINGS OF INNOCENT CHILDREN,MOTHERS AND FATHERS.U.S.A SHOULD TAKE ACTION TO MAINTAIN PEACE IN THOSE COUNTRYS.

Posted by JENNIFER January 20, 09 08:40 AM

Thanks Alan for these wonderful pictures.
I only hope the world wakes up sooner rather than later to the human tradgedy, that is , palestine. Its high time the world community , including OIC & UNSC , to act and act decisively to bring peace to this troubled region.
This region has the potential to disrupt world peace & should be dealt with NOW.
I only pray that Pesident Obama extends his healing touch and charisma to the troubled regions & deals with them with a human angle and not a military one.

Posted by nawaz ahmed January 20, 09 09:18 AM

The Israeli retaliation is way out of proportion to the provocation... There are now over 20 000 people who are without their homes in a strip of land only 40km by 10km. It seems to me that Israel has ensured the membership of Hamas for at least one more generation. Will you show the photos of this destruction please?

Posted by Hilary Bergeretti January 20, 09 10:10 AM

We are extremelly proud of our soldiers !! - Kol Hakavod lahem !!
And G·d bless Israel forever, Amèn ...

Posted by Eddy in Costa Rica January 20, 09 10:21 AM

Menuda panda de borregos todos los de "I love Israel". Parece que no recuerdan lo sufrido por la población judia y quieren compensar lo sufrido.

Que bonito aplaudir las fotos de los niños muertos.

Seguid matando y a seguir con vuestras vidas de mierda.

Posted by Mamino January 20, 09 01:52 PM

Please watch carefully the picture number 15, you can see tracer fire from a civilian building with all ligth on..people was there...Inocent people, kids, etc..and Brave Hamas was in combat with IsraeliArmy fired from window´s building, Hamas are coward bastard ..probabbly fire was returned to.

Posted by Claudio January 20, 09 10:30 PM

Mamino, si tan conmovido estas podrias llevar tu puta sabiduría y convences a Hamas de no lanzar misiles a la población civil Judia y ademas de paso que firmen la Paz..ahora si no logras eso...callate la puta boca por que hablar es muy fácil.

Posted by Claudio January 20, 09 10:56 PM

There are a few people in the world who want to thrust their ideals and religion on the rest. This is wrong. Muslim clerics and fanatics are forcing others into war and hatred. This is prevalent across the globe; Middle East, Sudan, Indonesia, Bali, india, Pakistan, now China, Britain, Palestine. When the hatred stops, so will war and the bombings. Israel know that if they do not be aggressor now, they will swarmed and run over.
Its very sad and touching to see innocent lives being lost too.
But he fanatics have to be stopped before it is too late.

Posted by Indian Christian January 21, 09 12:36 AM

The older some people get, the more childish they can become.

The squabbles of Israel and Hamas are pathetic, and both sides need to take responsibility for the blood shed instead of continually putting full blame on the other.

Posted by Matt January 21, 09 03:51 AM

To #1093:

Food are being sent to Palestinians, I mean haven't you heard of them on the news? They received humanitarian aid but they were destroyed by israel forces. Palestine is undergoing a genocide, the Egyptians blocked their Palestine-Egyptian border, people can't escape, they have no places to go, no food, no water, no health support, ambulances are destroyed, etc which explains their attacks on Israel. Israel has a long history of bloodshed since it was first established as a state, why do people keep defending them? Because they “kill” more “humanly” or the modern way of killing people in mass?

Myself just like I don't justify those actions of the Palestinian sectual group as acceptable and I condemn them as it is not what our religion has taught us but believe it or not all the terrorism in this world are majoritilly linked to the british and american system of world control and wiping Islam on the face of the planet.

I don't know the meaning of oppression? Please, at least I have heard of the Bosnian genocide. Hmm does that ring a bell? Or the Gujrat genocide which occured in 2002, kosovo, iraq war, afganistan war, etc. Muslims suffered a humongous amount of casulties but what you are saying is that they are not as bad because they were killed basically in a more modern way which gives them a tad of dignity right? But that isn't called oppression right. And neither is Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the Native american genocide, or the villages wipes out in parts of Latin America. Not at all, it's called Disciplining the world for whatever recreational reason of the united states.

My Palestine, My Palestine, My countrymen, my countrymen are suffering for poverty and yet your brainwashed jewish beople thought it's nothing, bombarding out houses which we worked so hard to build, sniping innocent pedestrians with their kids, and sidewalk vendors who are desperately trying to make both ends meet, common people who's lands hands been taken over and suffered losses but are struggling to have enough money in the end of the day to feed their impoverished children.

If there is one who evil, heartless, cold, and barbaric, it's Israel, we're not the one with a history of bloodshed and who has just killed over 1,100 innocents palestinians. So please don't try to push this around it won't work, not to me nor to the minds of the world. You guys have the same state of mind as those terrorists.

Posted by Kim Terry January 21, 09 03:57 AM

Innalilahi wainailahi rojiun..., image/ photographic shoot very dramatic/ some image i am copy and paste to used for graphic poster for supporting . thank u

Posted by De Maulana January 21, 09 05:18 AM

its all about the money and ANIMAL TALENT who lived in modern jungle..... wake up to be a human community.

Posted by not for sale January 21, 09 05:19 AM

Israel VS Palestinian is because england give the palestinian land to israel, if wanna peace in middle east, solution for that is very very very very simple, give back all palestinian land to palestinian and see how that action can make peace in the middle east.......just simple.......just simple....

Posted by fer January 21, 09 07:50 AM

Hamas will won this war .

Posted by Muahmmad Omar January 21, 09 08:18 AM

israel has stole the land of palestine,with the help of u.s.a. and britain.palistine belong to the palestinians,simple.if usa give israel weapons why not iran.egypt an jordan are american puppets and their leaders must be rmoved by the people.

Posted by ismail January 21, 09 10:28 AM

Satan in the hearts and minds in israel gov.
Their not a human,their all is animal...wild animal
The wild animal to survived their satan sons for the future

Posted by lifeforfreedom January 21, 09 10:30 AM

Just pass photos as Israel defended itself, but not spend as Hamas takes pictures of attacking Israel for eight years and in the same war, the hundreds of missiles that Hamas sent into Israeli territory, if the press was realistic and truthful, we could eliminate or reduce anti-Semitism.

Media comunication who wish to take the position and is the only one showing.

Posted by alice January 21, 09 12:30 PM

to # 1107: So the rockets supply can reach Palestines without fail but not food supply, how many of us can believe that bullcrap. I'm not an Israeli nor defending Israel actions. I came from one of many country who are victims of your terrorist brothers. You can't expect people like us to side with Palestine people with them brainwashing kids to kill EVERY JEWS, with them blowing themselves up in the midst of innocent people using religious bullshit, with them dancing and celebrating in the streets when thousands of innocent civilians were killed when brainwashed morons crashed a plane full of people to a building with more people. What your people are doing is not fighting for freedom, it's terrorism, whoring for attention by killing civilians. Look whose fighting against Israeli soldiers, brainwashed Palestine kids throwing stones, and where are those coward grownups, launching rockets to Israel then running away to hide.

And I don't believe every horse shit you're trying to feed us. If Israel is indeed after to wipe your people, I expect the number to be astronomical with them having the most advanced weapons. Murderous people can perform significant mass murders even with a little or no weapon, look at 911, there are more people killed in that event than days of Israel siege to eliminate Hamas. And if indeed Israel is totally after your people they must have not given you any compassion, so far you can't refute claims here of THE GOOD THINGS your enemy HAVE DONE to your people.

YOUR COUNTRYMEN IS SUFFERING POVERTY OF THEIR OWN DOING. With significant assistance from oil rich country and UN, they must be prosperous now but what can we expect to people whose murderous hatred passed through generations. Of course they will chose guns and strap bombs becasue they don't know any better. You're complaining they are contained by walls as if the wall were just built there for no apparent reason just to starve your people to death. Look when your people fail to send suicide bombers, they launch rockets.

Posted by John Doe January 21, 09 06:21 PM

FOR those that think it's about who is right or wrong...
8 years the Hamas threw rockets on Israel causing death and injuries as seen in the photos, where were you then?
It's a war THEY have started and a war is always an UGLY thing, but sometime necessary as in this case. Israel warned the Hamas and world that this is what will happen but NO ONE did anything to prevent this.
By the way, if it was another country attacked this way not only that they would not waited 8 years but the response would be worse (see USA & Iraq, Russia & Georgia ect...)

Posted by David January 22, 09 01:27 AM

just for you to know, no one protect Israel and said that the army send letters to the people in gaza so they can hide or run to another place // the army told them where or when they are going to one country that behave like that.. think about that..

Posted by somebody January 22, 09 04:55 AM

Well, God can think what he wants about the situation, but at least ONE American has woken up to the despicable 'friends' we have.

With friends who bomb UN shelters, who needs enemies?

Posted by Richard Haley January 22, 09 07:46 AM

i think if i in israeli i will join in israeli army. because this land is the land in bible ISRAEL MUST HAVE THIS LAND AND PALESTINE MUST GO DOWN AND OUT BEFORE YOU DEATH....

Posted by ISRAELI January 22, 09 08:50 AM

et après...?

Posted by Alban January 22, 09 08:57 AM

god will help to PALESTINE and israil will finish soon

Posted by rich January 22, 09 10:20 AM

Israel, All of You'll never satisfy about hellfire or paradise in this world. All of you must satisfy by Him, but He'll be unsatisfied in this world. Only Muslim very hope will be satisfied by Him Not in this world.

Posted by Benjamin Netanyahu January 22, 09 01:31 PM

Israelis who GPS-guided missiles to UN buildings will join the hamas people who blindfully threw rockets towards their embargo-enforcing neighbor ... forever suffering in Hell, provided Yahvew/Allah exists at all.
What worries me in those time of economic crisis is that the bills for Gaza rebuilding will be handed to the US and Europe, not to the hospital and school-blowers israelis ... as if we had to take the responsibility for their own war crimes ...

Posted by Schtroumpf January 22, 09 01:57 PM

So many people think either Israelians ar right or Palestinans are. Nobody is trully evil... There is no black and white everybody is grey! So peace will only come when hatred stops! And hatred will stop only when both parties understands that they must stop this acension of violence and open up.

I believe the deaths (on both sides) are due to the doing of both Isrealians and Palestians.

I am always fascinated at how religious people claim that of their religion and god are generous, mercyfull, peacefull, etc and then how it translates into their own actions and saying. The contrast is so obvious.


Posted by Pascal January 22, 09 02:13 PM

These are hard pictues, children can view those pictures and then to do not sleep at nights. Please understand that our israeli position is to collapse hamas from their control, to take the control and to give Abu Mazen the rains to do everything with Gaza and Hamas must not control Gaza!

Gilad shalit is now our next target - I hope he is alive and even if he go back to israel (to us) we will start a war if you "HAMAS" will make something.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 02:17 PM

Sigan creyendo que en un mandato de Dios orar por la paz en Jerusalem...
Se quejaban de los nazis y ellos son peores.
Que Dios tenga misericordia de ellos

Posted by A. Moreno January 23, 09 11:02 AM

Their is good and bad in everyone except HAMAS they are cowards and evil
they dont care about the people in Gaza.
They fire rockets from schools and hide behind the innocent

Posted by Deborah January 23, 09 11:05 AM


Posted by SI ROBBINS January 23, 09 11:16 AM

Some of you think Palestinian didn't loves their children...enjoying war. But far from it. I believe they are people most craving for is written on their face.
Haven't you see picture Israel soldier torturing.....posing next to a dead man?
Who actually loves the war?!
If they (Israel) claim suffered,afraid being attack by the Palestinian...why they came to Palestine in the first place. I believe they thought about this and ready for the consequences
Prophets once walk in Jerusalem...but who kills them?


Posted by Adam Hamada January 23, 09 04:08 PM

palestine people have done nothing wrong. hamas have. just to make that straight to all the israeli-lovers.

seriously, the rockets from hamas ain't dangerous at all. how many people have they hit? 10? I agree that it's wrong of hamas, and i can see no reason they try to fight back.

Israel is boosted with money from USA, several billons a year. Without usa's money israel is NOTHING. The assault from israel is insane! they just kill innocent people, and blame hamas

Posted by Realiseplease January 23, 09 05:48 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 08:39 PM

Ask not who uses more violence, but who STARTED the violence first. Obviously Israel didn't started this.

Posted by avcom January 24, 09 12:51 AM

Meu deus...é incrivel como a fina teia da vida é desfeita por pedaços de terra...e tamanha é a ignorancia humana ao ver isso e se negar a ajudar.

We can help US!
The world needs change...lets go...the work is harder...but make us stronger.

Posted by L. January 24, 09 09:04 AM

So much hate. Everyone loves crying about the injustices being done to them. Both Jew and Arab alike. Your blood is of the same people. We as a human race have so much potential, yet thousands die due to primitive quarrel. Please, stop the hate, stop the killing. I love you, I love the Jew, I love the Arab, I love you for your religion, for who you are, I love both white and black, both red and yellow. We have so much potential, I see us together as humans living together in harmony. Just stop the hate, so much death, so much death. Please. Please. It breaks my heart.

Posted by P. January 24, 09 01:25 PM

So tired of this craziness. Tired of the Israelis. Tired of the Palestinians. Tired of the USA being involved IN ANY WAY with either side of this conflict. This is the source of 9/11, of the Iraqi war, of the Afghanistan war. Bottom line is that it's none of our business. These people will go back four centuries to drag out wrongs by the other side, and kill each others children for retribution. In the modern era, I fail to understand what justification there was for the establishment of the state of Israel on top of the Palestinians who had been living and working there. I fail to understand why the two-state solution was not accepted.

Posted by Malby January 24, 09 04:59 PM

War it doesn't prove anything! Innocent civilians are dying and for what..just
territory!! Your religion and beliefs are your own but when it involves people being killed, then its something that needs to be stopped. Life is short and the HATING has to end!!!!

Posted by Zaleena January 25, 09 04:35 AM

War it doesn't prove anything! Innocent civilians are dying and for what..just
territory!! Your religion and beliefs are your own but when it involves people being killed, then its something that needs to be stopped. Life is short and the HATING has to end!!!!

Posted by Zaleena January 25, 09 04:53 AM

Israel can not take others land and live by force for ever, if they are wise enough they should know that.

Talking to western people : What would you do if a gang came and took you house over , I think if this gang is strong enough you would call the Police to take your house back by law force .... but what if the Police didn't respond to your call and was helping the gang ?I think you would live all your life trying to get your house back using all ways possible because every one is against the law.
* The Gang I meant is Israel at 1984 when they took Palastine Land and claimed it as their country because God told them that (what a reason)
* The Palastinian are the House Owner
* The Police is the US and The UN who are usually with Isreal all the time.
What a Logic !!!!

Posted by Australian wise man January 25, 09 01:04 PM

The horror, horror, horror...stupid war!

Posted by Antonio Peres January 25, 09 04:17 PM

to Shlomi,
saying that palestinian lives "are purley in their own hands" is a blatant lie. After the withdrawl of Israeli troops Israel continues to assert control over transit through Israel, as well as air space over and sea access to ports in Gaza, approves all immigration to and emigration, as well as entry by foreigners, imports and exports, and collection and reimbursement of value-added tax always via Israel. Their lives are in any hands but their own

Posted by PJo January 25, 09 07:05 PM


Posted by Mahmud January 26, 09 01:09 AM

Hey P Jo, if the Hamas wouldnt use all these to smuggle rockets, guns and explosives it would be open.

Australian wise man, israel never does anything "by the order of god" and that is because israel is a secular country, stop inventing facts. everything we do is based on defencive and not offencive.

and tell me that: what if a gang take control of some territory near your town and start shooting missiles into your city for 8 years, wounding 1000's and killing dozens. is it better? what if you sit in a coffe shop and a man with a bomb comes in and blows himself to little bits while killing 5 members of your family and 20 others? in both cases you call the "police" - UN or US and they do not help.

choosing sides is wrong - both are unfair but atleast israel is a country and not a terror orgnization controling one.

Posted by Maor January 26, 09 02:29 AM

One of the big leaders of Israel said " in the moment that the Arabs and between them the Palestinians will Throw their weapon Peace will be! in the moment that Israel will Throw their weapon this will be the end of Israel!"

Think about it...

Posted by Kobi From The Holy land January 26, 09 05:32 AM

Supporting a war on either side is entirely wrong. Both countries are losing innocent victims, but that is the purpose of war. Not to achieve safety for others, but to cause harm and chaos for those involved. So next time you go to leave a comment condemning one group of individuals and not another group, pick up a hunting rifle, stick it in your mouth, aND PULL THE TRIGGER. Because the world is better without another simple minded ignorant drone. God bless both Israel and all the people in Gaza.

Posted by Zach January 26, 09 08:53 AM

You say Palestinians are terrorists, animals...
You say they started this 8 years ago...
What makes you better than them?
One cause is more justified than the other one?
An eye for an eye...
Don't you people understand that both parts will be blinded?
You say you want to stop the terrorism and live peacefully...
Now, how stupid is that?
Don't you realize that more terrorists will rise from the ashes?
Do you think that, those kids who witnessed the war will grow up with love in their hearts?
And all of you (both sides) speak in the name of your God, in the name of your relegion.
So it is ok to kill as long as your cause is holy?
So the ends justifies the means?
Just think people. Just think...

Posted by AZ January 26, 09 11:57 AM

Shalom Jerusalem!!
May God be with Israel!
May all the enemies of Israel be Cursed!
God Bless Israel!!

Posted by Godlove January 26, 09 06:17 PM

judios de mierda,como hitler no los extermino a todos...aguante palestina carajo!!!!!!

Posted by pablo January 26, 09 08:28 PM

Well said AZ. but sadly the world in which we live has brainwashed and conditioned the typical mindset into the majority of Americans. This mindset is one of arrogance and stupidity blended together. Most Americans get information through television, hardly a reliable source. Then they use the opinions of the media and ultimately the wealthy leaders of the EU and Tri-lateral commission to justify their reasons for slaughtering countless amounts of innocent families. Israel and other countries trying to justify their reasons for imperialism are just the same. And who are the main supporters of Israel??? The united states and the UK. .......Just Think

Posted by Zach attacks January 26, 09 09:36 PM

IT so sad and wrong to compare The palestinians who are the native and the original owners of the land with the Israelis who come from differentt parts of the world to occupy and mascare the palestinians for over 60 years. Give a chance to the risistance to rule and you will enjoy peace. resistance is the right of every human who have dignity and refuses occupation.

Posted by sunshine 4peace January 27, 09 12:24 AM

Não consigo compreender como a estupidez humana é tão grande! Não às guerras!

Posted by Pedro January 27, 09 02:20 AM

I wouldnt have to deal with all this trouble because i didnt stole anybodys country .Greetings from greece ! poor children :(

Posted by George January 27, 09 07:43 AM

pathetic to blame "8 years of rockets" and proclaim "self defense", simply pathetic considering history.
what is 8 years of rockets (rockets with little destructive capacity btw) compared to decades of abuse? torture? illegal detentions? crop destruction? house demolitions? thousands of refugees?
israel left gaza in 2005, so what?? is that a favour? they should have NEVER been there in the first place... and what if they left? to continue the abuse with an inhumane embargo and siege? to keep them uncommunicated?
and then they have the cynicism to say "it's hamas' fault" hahaha!!! you created hamas, and you will certainly create something much worse now...

i have never seen so much SELFISH, HYPOCRITICAL AND WEAK arguments to defend this massacre.

Posted by juan carlos January 27, 09 08:24 AM

Hey, this war is bad........

That is it.

Posted by zach January 27, 09 10:45 AM

answers for AZ.
Q:What makes you better than them?
A:We are willing to talk peace, they wanna kill.
they break the "basic rules of war",
they do not accept the number 1 UN decision on israel being a legitimate state.
One cause is more justified than the other one? yes, selfdefense is justified all over the world.
Q:Don't you people understand that both parts will be blinded?
A:We do. They dont.
just like they dont understand that if you kill the gatekeeper, the gate will stay closed.
Q:You say you want to stop the terrorism and live peacefully...
Now, how stupid is that?
A:Smarter then trying to live with terrorism end seeing citizens being blown to pieces by the busloads.
Q:Don't you realize that more terrorists will rise from the ashes?
A:Do you realize that you tell me to handle matter in the old way,Kill all, including their dogs?
Q:Do you think that, those kids who witnessed the war will grow up with love in their hearts?Do you think the hamas kids know the love you talk about? They only love death, or so they are tought to say.And yes,i do see a man who lost 3 daughters, and he still thinks peace is the only way (by the way, a rumor, a metal ball, like the ones used in grad rockets, was removed from a palestinian who was supposed to have been hit by IDF fire)
Q:And all of you (both sides) speak in the name of your God, in the name of your relegion.
A: yes, The extreeme israeli speak , sometimes act (sorry, we got idiots too), the extreeme islam DOES and do it all over the world.
Q:So it is ok to kill as long as your cause is holy?
A:what holy crap are you on about??
islam keeps talking about holy wars, never heard israel i think. jihad ring a bell?
Q:So the ends justifies the means?
A:if it will result in a peacefull life? yes.
Just think people. Just think... i think i think i think. i think i will kill any bugger that wants me and my kids dead.

Posted by jouke January 27, 09 12:52 PM


Posted by Rizky Anugrah E January 27, 09 02:31 PM

paz peace
سلام Frieden
rauha paix
ειρήνη שלום
vrede pace
мир hoà bình

Posted by aintic & Lysergic January 27, 09 03:18 PM

these people are soo sick, how can they kill innocent people. we shall pray for the people who are affected by this disaster, may GOD help them and everyone

Posted by a concerned person January 27, 09 05:42 PM

By the way I am a Gazian Palestinian and live in north gaza , my house is in the building which was shelling in the photo number 15.
The bombing in 1st photo was about 20 meter from house which is a department in multi store building .
That unhumantarin bombing destroyed my house such as 300 other houses in the area , thank God for his meracle which saved my 7 member family .
I lost my house but still have my family and we are fit our home land .

Posted by Hassan walli January 27, 09 10:31 PM

This war is too bloody,please stop!!

Posted by Ezekiel joshua January 28, 09 05:14 AM

Quote from 1138: "Israel can not take others land and live by force for ever, if they are wise enough they should know that. "

So who are the wise men, those people blowing themselves up and killing innocent people indiscriminately around the world? Or those people who are soliciting for sympathy from the rest of the world when their innocent citizens are killed when in reality they brainwashed these same innocent people to blow themselves up and kill civilian people? Or those people who refuse to distinguish enemy's military from civilian when they kill people then expecting sympathy to their civilian casualties? Or those people outside the region sending more ineffective rockets to launch against their enemies to provoke powerful enemies leading to their own destruction?

People who indiscriminately and intentionally kill civilians will not get any popular support from the rest of the world.

Posted by Anonymous January 28, 09 09:20 PM


Posted by ANTONIO CONSTANTINO January 28, 09 11:12 PM

Assassins de nens, assassins del futur!
Sembradors d'odis i de guerres futures!

Posted by Xavi Padrissa January 29, 09 06:36 AM

Asesinos de niños, asesinos del futuro.
Sembradores de guerras y de odios futuros.

Posted by Xavi Padrissa January 29, 09 06:40 AM

very sad pictures its good tho that u let no what people r doing in this world... but thats relly good that u let people see these pictures

Posted by Anonymous January 29, 09 11:04 AM


Posted by Vic Suntay January 29, 09 07:17 PM

The goal of Israel in Gaza is clearly ethnic cleansing. They removed Isrealis from Gaza so that they could launch the disproportionate use of force we have witnessed. They have been starving the Palestinian people with blockades for some time now. Their goal is to terrorize the entire population of Gaza and make life unbearable for them so that they flee. Read up on Israel's history. This is exaclty what they did early in their history. The Israeli's are the original terrorist of the middle east. Today Israeli's are a bunch of cowardly bullies hiding behind their sophisticated weapons One hour of Israeli attacks is far more inhumane and terrorizing than the entire barrage of Hamas rockets for years. Hamas suicide bombers are also terrorists. However, Israeli soldiers actually point their rifles at chilldren and shoot them. What kind of human can do such a thing? Israeli's are far bigger terrorists than any so called terrorist organization around the world. There will never be peace in Palestine as long as the likes of the Israelis occupy this land.

Posted by Anonymous January 29, 09 10:41 PM

The difference is Israeli children are afraid of the bombs, where Palestinian children are already dead!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 30, 09 04:00 AM

Asesinos de niños, asesinos del futuro.
Sembradores de guerras y de odios futuros.

Posted by Lisandro January 30, 09 09:07 PM

Two fighting infants; one on the left tit and another on the right, of a blind, selfish mother.

And so on, and so on, and so nauseum, ad infenitum.

Posted by Anonymous February 1, 09 02:41 AM

ISRAIL= terorisme
= danger for humanity
= slaughterer of innocent.

Posted by Said Kaouane February 1, 09 03:49 AM

Good excuse they(Israilian) found to kill infants and children !!!, terorism.
it's far from humanity , even animality.
animals have their own rules in war, they don't use phosphore bombs against opposite's kids.

Posted by Ali February 1, 09 06:42 AM

There are a group of people in this world who believe that there must be war to bring peace.I believe that There should be harmony among all living people because our time here is short.Unfortunately my school of thought is caught in the middle .

Posted by paul White February 1, 09 11:01 AM

The civillians are the most victims in a modern war. It's very,very sad.

Posted by Xa February 1, 09 11:24 AM

ya dejen de matar malditos sean todos los que hacen la guerra pero dios les dara su merecido en cuanto llegue el momento.

Posted by anonimo February 1, 09 01:53 PM

there is no god.
there is no allah.
there are no masters.
think for yourself. research your history.
read a f*cking book, educate yourself.
blind faith kills people and makes them weak.
zionism is f*cked up and outdated.
get with the program.
killing innocent civilians doesn't punish anyone but other innocent civilians.

Posted by yourgodisdead February 1, 09 04:10 PM

Use of Phosphorus is inumane and against the Geneva Conventions).
Where is the international outrage? Why do they get away with this? Same goes for their "secret" and illegal nuclear arsenal, developed with our full knowledge while we looked the other way.
Isreal can do no wrong, it seems.
They treat their neighbors like so much human waste, and then wonder why they get "skyrockets" lobbed towards them. Eight Isrealis have been killed by Hmas in the whole history of their use of these little crude "rockets". Look at what Isreal does in return!!
If Isreal wants the respect and support of the world, Isreal should behave accordingly.
"Gods chosen Children?
Obviously they are not.
Are they are God's confused, stiff-necked, myopic, self-centered and arrogant children? Ok, that's a much more accurate description.

They are a people living in the nuclear age that unlike the rest of the western world, are still hopelessly mired in a Bronze-Age creation-myth.
As a likely result, we're all going down with them.
Arrogant Fools.

Posted by Anonymous February 1, 09 06:54 PM

that is to much

Posted by devine February 2, 09 12:31 PM

I think that this tradity is not going to go on. There are so many people who died in PALESTINE not ISREAL! As a palestianian myself should get freedom too.

Posted by Mohammad February 2, 09 06:06 PM

When my elders recalled their Civil Rights struggles, I felt the true blessings