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December 3, 2008 Permalink

Venice under water

The recent "acqua alta" (high water) in Venice, Italy reached a depth of 1.56 meters (5 ft, 1 in.) on Monday - the deepest flood in 22 years, and the fourth highest flood level in recent history, claimed Venice's Tide Center. The water began to subside on Tuesday, while residents and tourists made their way through the city, hip-waders or not - one man even took the opportunity to ride his wakeboard through Piazza San Marco (until police stepped in). Although this flood was severe enough for the mayor to ask tourists to temporarily stay home, Venetian floods are fairly routine, several occurring every year, and residents usually take it all in stride. (25 photos total)

Tourists take photos of each other in the flooded Piazza San Marco in Venice December 1, 2008. Large parts of Venice were flooded on Monday as heavy rains and strong winds lashed the lagoon city, with sea levels at their highest level in 22 years. Ferry and water taxi services in the city were suspended and Venice's mayor urged people to stay indoors. Tourists and residents struggled to get across the city over raised walkways. The Centro Maree, which forecasts water levels, said sea levels in the Adriatic rose 1.56 meters (5.1 ft) - a level not seen since 1986. (REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri)
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The way these photos show people going about their lives (particularly, the pastry shop and the wine toast) is remarkable.

Posted by nanio December 3, 08 11:51 AM

#24 is wicked! I want to do that.

Posted by Alan December 3, 08 11:51 AM

Cool pictures.
Long live Europe

Posted by European December 3, 08 11:52 AM

Wonder how much the damage is.

Posted by The Baltimore Babe December 3, 08 11:52 AM

wow, that is a very bad flood.

Posted by yusuf December 3, 08 11:52 AM

it's pretty interesting how no one really looks too distressed about it all! Almost like "eh, oh well! lets have a drink!"

Posted by adam December 3, 08 11:52 AM

Wow! It's probably not too crazy for the residents, but I'm still impressed how it seems like they're just taking it in stride. I'd be curious to know what kind of preventive measures they take for that sort of thing. What kinds of technologies were developed in result of living in an area like that.

As always, awesome pictures!

Posted by Kristi December 3, 08 11:52 AM

Amazing! Thank you!

Posted by Ian December 3, 08 11:55 AM

Incredible photos. What a mess.

Posted by Darin S. December 3, 08 11:57 AM

Great shots. It's amazing how they just carry on. Almost every picture showed people trooping through the water. If that happened in North America, the city would be paralyzed.

Posted by Wraezor December 3, 08 11:58 AM

I think this is terrifying.

Posted by Michael Caputo December 3, 08 12:00 PM

I am amazed that people are walking around, waist deep in the water, dressed as if it were any other day. Brrrr!!! Isn't that cold??

Posted by elaine December 3, 08 12:05 PM

That looks scary to me. How can people tell from a "shallow" sidewalk from a deep canal?.

I ditto is remarkable how people seem to be distressed about the situation.

Posted by Isaac Jr December 3, 08 12:06 PM

Amazing pictures (as always) of an amazing place.

Hopefully it won't have sustained any permanent damage - the natives have had long experience of dealing with floods.

But what's with that clown on the wakeboard? It looks to me that he could be causing further potential damage to the city and certainly causing annoyance to its residents. Does he think that Venice is his own personal playground?

Posted by Gary December 3, 08 12:06 PM

If that happened in the US, it would instantly be declared a Federal Disaster Area, FEMA would be involved (eventually), and people would be asking for millions in donations to "rebuild". Which is all well and's just funny that the Venicians don't seem to care if their carpet is destroyed or not! I wish the US was that laid back...

Thanks Alan for the great pics and the culture!

Posted by Wish I was there December 3, 08 12:14 PM

Looks like this photographer needed to bring something to wipe off his lenses.

Posted by tyler December 3, 08 12:18 PM

Great photos Thank you for sharing

Posted by Janetlily December 3, 08 12:27 PM

I wonder what was pulling those Red Bull wake-boarders?!

Posted by Jon T December 3, 08 12:27 PM

I found the answer:
"Tuesday: just a few minutes after 11 a.m., the high-water mark had reached 1.35 metres, equivalent to a good half metre of water covering St. Mark's Square. Duncan Zuur's team pulled a compact, 20 horsepower motor winch from its hiding place and placed it under the square's arches. One team member, clad in rubber boots, pulled the winchs cable about 120 metres across the square and pressed one end firmly into the hand of Duncan Zuur, who had taken the opportunity to get into his wakeboarding gear. Four elegant turns later, the event was over prompting by a standing ovation from an astounding crowd of tourists. And the police didn't even notice."

Just brilliant. Well done guys!

Posted by Jon T December 3, 08 12:34 PM

This will be the future (later this century) in many coastal cities if the global warming predictions come to pass. Melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets is accelerating.

Posted by Paul Wilson December 3, 08 12:43 PM

The next photo shows the Venetians realizing it is sewage they are taking for granted.

Posted by bob December 3, 08 12:43 PM

Esta gente está loca. Caminan por la calle como si nada, sin importarles el agua hasta la cintura. ¿No es peligroso andar así? ¿Y si caen en un pozo o algo por el estilo?

Las fotos son fantásticas.

Posted by Gus December 3, 08 12:48 PM

What I find interesting is that these photos don't show much garbage floating in the flood waters. In any city I've ever lived in, the flooded sidewalks would be teeming with floating soda bottles, newspapers and the like.

Posted by Harlo December 3, 08 12:54 PM

"Acqua alta" is a phenomenon that occurs every ten years or so in Venice. It's due in part to the very nature of the city, built right on water on piles (pilotis) and sandbanks (the human ecological impact has its part too). It explains why residents and authorities know how to react.
The New Orleans disaster on the other hand was a first for the people involved, and it can be attributed to years of neglect of public infrastructures by authorities and voters' concern. The visual difference of the consequences is striking, as far as analogies can be made, but the hidden difference is even more appaling, since in Venice there were not billion of dollars of taxpayer's money given to "emergency" contractors (linked to peolple holding high governement positions) for virtually no relief. The venicians have a public organization to handle this kind of situation, and it seems to work.

That said, each acqua alta brings real damage, and as you can easily realise by reading books and article about the Most Serene Republic, Venice is extremely fragile, and it will or will not still be there in all its splendor one century from now.

Posted by manur December 3, 08 12:56 PM

The citizens of Venice have experienced floods like this for years and years and are aware of the danger...they really do just take it all in stride. When the city's not flooded, it's interesting to see the areas and levels of buildings that have already had to been vacated due to flooding.

What a unique place Venice is, that's for sure! I guess it truly is the laid back attitude of the people and accepting nature of the town and it's officials that give it it's charm. I don't see how they haven't found some sort of preventive measure or technology to help the issue, but then again that's Italy for you!

Posted by hey i've been there! December 3, 08 01:04 PM

I'm from Venice and it's quite funny to see how people commenting from US often think about us as taking all of this with no distress or very lightly. :)
That's not really true, actually a lot of people struggle to keep their belongings safe and there were shops owner literally crying on the streets.
Of course it's true that life is sometimes taken more easy and we also know that living in Venice has it's up and it's down sides, so we try to take in account all of this.
This 1st December anyway was quite extraordinary for everyone (some sewage broke off and also phone line were cut-off in some areas) and some people lost huge amounts of money.
In reply to "Kristi": we're studying some advanced technology ( but there's a lot of controversy about them.

Posted by Lorenzo December 3, 08 01:06 PM

Venetians put up with high tides several times a year. Those raised walkways are stacked and stored along major routes and quickly set up when needed. The only difference between this one and the one they had a month ago is the height, this one being about a foot higher than typical.

Issac: The change in color of the water (deeper = darker), and markers such as posts or bollards helps one tell the difference between a flooded walkway and a canal. If you live there awhile, you get to know where a walkway (fundamenta, NOT a "quay") ends and the canals begin.

A barrier system is being constructed on the edges of the lagoon. It is highly controversial. Some people don't want the interference with nature. Others don't want the floods.

As for caring whether the carpet is destroyed, there are almost no living quarters at street level. Apartments and homes are on the 2nd and higher floors. Likewise, business at ground level have terrazzo (stone) floors, no carpets, no wood. Venice has been sinking for several centuries. People have learned to cope. For example, see the boards that block doorways, as in picture # 21. Those boards are always ready to be put to work, just as are the raised walkways.

Posted by Bob Easton December 3, 08 01:08 PM

How the heck is Duncan Zuur riding that wakeboard in those pics??? You need a pretty fast boat to get you up out of the water and to keep you going. Especially #24. It looks like theres a rope hanging down, but still, how was that being pulled?

Posted by Trev D December 3, 08 01:15 PM

@27 - that is really good to know about the carpet, or lack thereof. My thoughts on this came from the pic with the shoe store owners. (#14) Maybe it was just for the picture, but they sure are wearing big smiles! Thanks.

Posted by Wish I was there December 3, 08 01:29 PM

#28 read above 9 entries.

Posted by JustPassingThru December 3, 08 01:34 PM

impact of "Global Warming" though..pretty much clearly evident,its no more talking the talk..its walking the walk...images are cool..but we cant except this kinda condition on a permanent basis..or can we ??

Posted by dupree December 3, 08 01:36 PM

#14 and #17 are hilarious. The people are smiling even though there's water everywhere. Talk about having a positive outlook!

Posted by ryan December 3, 08 01:39 PM

aka don't build a city that close to water

Posted by sam December 3, 08 01:47 PM

What is happening with the multi-million dollar project to protect the city from this type of event? An extensive story was broadcast about it, on Discovery I think. At the time it seemed they were pretty far along.

Posted by jerry December 3, 08 02:01 PM

Are those refrigerator cases in #25? How do these people avoid electrocution?

Posted by Dean December 3, 08 03:08 PM

The photos of Duncan Zuur from the Netherlands show an incentive guy having fun on wakeboard during all this misery. I think Duncan could wakeboard in New Orleans after the storm hit. Does he think people think this flood is to have fun? Does he care what others think as he surfs by them? I wonder if he cares if the noise from his wakeboard bothers other?


Posted by Bill December 3, 08 03:08 PM

I miss Europe. I think I would even wade through that.

Posted by Sara December 3, 08 03:26 PM

Walking in water in areas with electrical things going?? I see some mishaps in the near future....

Posted by B December 3, 08 04:06 PM

@31. The high tides in Venice have nothing to do with global warming. Most often they are due to large rainfalls in Europe washing down the river valleys and raising the level of the Adriatic. Couple those normally occurring high waters with an entire city built in a lagoon ... that is gradually sinking on its pilings, and the result is these floods. Yes, we can expect them on a continual basis. They've been happening for centuries (only recorded since the 1880s). and will likely continue as long as there is rain.

@34. The barrier project is moving along, but slowly, as does any huge project. The barriers are expected to be ready in another 5 years or so.

Posted by Bob Easton December 3, 08 04:33 PM

Bill, what kind of a noise does a wakeboard make?? ON the other hand, I agree that it doesn't show much respect for other people.

Posted by Synapse December 3, 08 05:10 PM

Base global sea level has been rising by ~1 inch (25mm) every 12 years since 1900. However, the rate is now increasing.

Posted by Paul December 3, 08 05:11 PM


The Dutch are quite familiar with floodings and know all too well how floodings turn daily life upsidedown completely.

Comparing the floodings in New Orleans with the floodings in Venice is just wrong. They're, besides the water, nothing alike.

Posted by Erwin (live from Rotterdam) December 3, 08 05:12 PM

If this sort of thing happens every ten years or so, then I don't think the culpret is the Global Warming Boogiemonster. I think it's just the natural reoccurance of an extremely high tide.

Also, if this sort of thing happens every ten years or so, then of course the people take it in stride. Every winter we get 2 to 3 weeks of -40 degree weather and a dump of snow and people still get up and go to work. Cars still go on the roads. Life happens. When this sort of thing is normal, then you just carry on as normal as you can.

Posted by Curtis December 3, 08 05:14 PM

Venice is going to become the next atlantis if this keeps up lol

Posted by Eric Taylor December 3, 08 05:43 PM

@39 thanks for the info

Posted by dupree December 3, 08 05:49 PM

Wow, how do the buildings survive such drenchings on a constant basis. You would imagine everything would damp, moldy and smelly too. I would definately have to have a pair of those boots.

Posted by Glors December 3, 08 05:50 PM

Just got back from Italy. Was in Venice from 11/27 to 11/30. Didn't see any flooding when I was there. Just very cold, windy, and wet from rain and sleet.

Posted by Uri December 3, 08 05:53 PM

Venice is one of the most adventure-filled and beautiful cities I have ever visited. I can't have too much of it. I have heard that the people of Venice sometimes resent so many visitors to their narrow little lanes in the city-maze, but I THANK them for sharing it with one whose imagination couldn't get around it without having seen it. I'm so grateful to my nephew Keith for sending this to me. I LOVE your city and your love for life, venice! Grazie!

Posted by Marianne Sheehan December 3, 08 06:34 PM

The high water is NOT so much rivers, but the Scirocco wind that pushes the water up the Adriatic, infact on Dec. 1 the high tide was to be at 9 am and kept getting later and higher as the wind kept the tide up. Most of the people walking without boots are tourists, Venitians take it in stride but are very hurt by the loss. Just check out the papers here in the last day or so of people asking for money for the damage, millions and millions of Euros. I definitely did not know it was going to be that bad until 10 am when they started announcing that the tide was to be 160 at noon. Waking up in the morning with the sirens at 6.40, I thought it was going to be an average Acqua Alta.

Posted by Jonathan December 3, 08 06:37 PM

Kristi, you can see the Technology that has come out of these floods in the pics.
They invented taller Gumboots!

Posted by Ben December 3, 08 06:38 PM
Posted by FeCsa December 3, 08 06:55 PM

re: #14 Here's my theory on the women's smiling faces...Even in the face of disaster, a perfect shoe can still brighten a woman's day, lol!

Posted by Becca December 3, 08 07:00 PM

They all have waders on! Now I want some.

Posted by Sarah December 3, 08 08:27 PM

Preciosa ciudad, preciosas fotos. Muy buenas.
Un saludo Venecia, volveré, esta vez con toda la familia.

Posted by Carlos December 3, 08 08:48 PM

It is amazing to see how they don't look inconvenienced at all!

Posted by Sharna December 3, 08 09:22 PM

How come the people don't get electrocuted?

Posted by jasper von feffersnausage December 3, 08 09:45 PM

I was in Venice for the first time in the summer of 2007. It was such a delicate and beautiful city-so unique. It makes me sad to see the sea taking it away. Such a loss for the whole world, as well as the Venetians.

Posted by Anonymous December 3, 08 10:11 PM

They are just taking lots of red bull.

Posted by Anonymous December 3, 08 10:21 PM

i like the man by pic2!



Posted by kazaf December 3, 08 10:36 PM

Everybody does look like they are taking the situation in their stride. However, we were in Venice several weeks ago and the streets are typically extremely crowded!
I imagine most of the residents are staying home and the tourists in the hotels, only the adventurous are out and about.

Posted by Linda L December 3, 08 10:41 PM

@39: Yes, it's true that there has always been flooding and "aqua alta" in Venice, but the increasing frequency and severity of the flooding is definitely related to global climate change. There are other factors as well, and it would be simplistic to blame it only on that, but it's wrong to say global warming has "nothing to do" with high water in Venice. If global sea levels rise, this obviously affects all low-lying coastal places.
As for the questions about electrocution; I bet they turned the power to the pastry cases off (or they may just be cases, not coolers). The lights are still on in many of these shops because they have a rule there that ground-floor electrical wiring must be high up (at least six feet off the floor, I think).

Posted by Mike C December 4, 08 01:35 AM

Before all, sorry for my bad english, i'm from spain ( spain is in europa, not in south america ) i see more confusion in the comments of some people, first, like some people was wrote, is not funny for the people of venice, second, venice city have two big problems at the same time now: the level of water is up, and the city is down into the ground, this two problems not are easy solution, and the technology is not sufficient for a definitive solution.

Posted by Anxo December 4, 08 02:11 AM

Great fun (not for the Venetians) photos... People seem to be taking everything in stride ( #17, #25)... :)

Posted by Louise December 4, 08 02:42 AM

Life is still going on. C'est la vie. I wonder the Venetians get used to it when we look at their preventive clothing and living attitudes. May God be with us if it happens in Hong Kong.

Posted by David Yu December 4, 08 02:59 AM

anyone that thinks the wakeboarder is causing damage or noise is a fucxing IDIOT! why cant you just be happy that at least SOMEONE is taking advantage of the situation. he is probly being pulled by a winch(yes they have those designed for wakeskating/boarding). so noise from a powerful boat isnt a big deal, and you REALLY think that the tiny 2inch wake he puts off is going to HURT SOMETHING?? the damage is done people, the currents from the rising and falling water and wind will do the damage. GET A GRIP PEOPLE!

Posted by common sence December 4, 08 03:02 AM

This city is going to smell worse than usual.

Posted by Anonymous December 4, 08 03:22 AM

The sea is not taking iy away it happens every 10 or 15 years, it's "normal". Long live Europe!!!

Posted by Popolino December 4, 08 03:23 AM

So where do the Cheeto-eating computer nerds surf the net in Venice, exactly?
Maybe they're attic dwellers over there...

Posted by John Simpson December 4, 08 03:53 AM

An entire city is flooded and people chose to moan about a wakeboarder.... none of whom are from Venice. "Image the damage and noise polution one of those can make"..... ehem, take a trip to wiki and educate yourself a little before posting next time.

Whenever there is severe floods/ snowstorms etc you always get people in canoes, jet skis, snowboard and skis using them in places they are not normally able to. It lightens the atmosphere and gives people who are in a pretty grim situation something to take their mind of their problems. IMHO.

Posted by Andy December 4, 08 04:33 AM
Posted by Sivanand Jothy December 4, 08 04:36 AM

Bangkok will become like this one days.
I have to praise Venetians' spirits. Long Live Venice but let the flood dry soon

Posted by Anchalee.K December 4, 08 04:51 AM

I live near Venice. The "acqua alta" phonemenon happens several times by year. The venetians knows it very well and are prepared. This time it has been over the average.

A big mobile dams system (known as MOSE) is under construction since 2005 e it will solve the problem in the 2013.

See here to understand how it works.

Posted by Federico D. December 4, 08 05:15 AM

welcome climate change!

Posted by Michael December 4, 08 06:05 AM

Quintessential Venetian charm and subtlety..... kind of mitigates the severity of the catastrophe. Long live the spirit.
Hats Off.

Posted by Harsh Vijay Singh December 4, 08 06:07 AM

Global warming!!!!

Posted by Lauranala December 4, 08 06:17 AM

The guy on the wakeboard looks like a modern day Christopher Columbus leaving the shores of Venice in a hurry. Stunning place and fantastic people with such style, I love Venice - please someone save it for our kids and their kids. xx

Posted by bettyboop December 4, 08 06:21 AM

@ people wondering about the risk of electrocution

There's little to worry about in this sense because of the sheer amount of water around to dissipate the energy. Have you ever been in a pool where the light at the deep end has a short? As you get closer to the light you can feel the electricity in the water, but does nothing other than feel weird. You only get a good jolt when you actually touch the light itself or get within a few inches or so of the source. In a smaller setting like a bathtub, there isn't nearly as much water around to take your place as the conductor, hence the danger.

Posted by Sir Struggle December 4, 08 06:39 AM

la cagaton las fotoos!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by miki December 4, 08 06:42 AM

We were there on December 1st and it wasn't bad at all. At least, next to Santa Lucia Station. We could have lunch at the end and go back through the roads without water.

Posted by Anita December 4, 08 06:45 AM

chap on the wakeboard has the right idea - whoop!

Posted by cant keep a good itye down December 4, 08 06:55 AM

These are interesting pics..... but we get to see such things every rains in Mumbai, India. It happens not only because of natural reasons, which surely is the reason for the flooding in Venice, but clogged drains.
You might get disgusted after reading this, but I'm writing out of frustration at the inability or plain indifference of our government to do anything right. I love my country, no doubt, but it's the politicians that get on my nerves. It's the famed patience of the Mumbai-kars that is slowly running out due to the recent incidents that have taken place here.


Posted by Leroy Fernandes December 4, 08 07:18 AM

Lovely pictures! yet the incident may not be lovely enough. I enjoyed the guy that was riding his wakeboard:)

Posted by Tony December 4, 08 07:46 AM

beautiful photographs

Posted by December 4, 08 08:14 AM

j'adore leur façon de prendre ça, ils sourient, c'est magnifique!

Posted by ynès December 4, 08 08:15 AM

what's pulling the wakeboarder?

Posted by Derek December 4, 08 08:35 AM

hay que joderse

Posted by Anonymous December 4, 08 08:43 AM

Just to say, your pictures are fantastic.
I'd love to be toasting glasses with these guys!

Posted by Renaud December 4, 08 08:45 AM


Posted by HELLA December 4, 08 08:50 AM

Un vero peccato che una città così bella sia destinata a soccombere alle acque se i governanti non prenderanno provvedimenti per salvarla. Speriamo bene..!

Posted by geo68 December 4, 08 09:19 AM


Posted by December 4, 08 09:22 AM

I'm from Italy, and although I am from the south I would like to address some of the issued raised by others in their posts. Cold: it can't be so cold when this happens, as one of the basic conditions for this to happen is when Sirocco wind blows hard, thus causing the Adriatic sea to enter into the Venetian lagoon and the tide to rise more than it usually does every day; Sirocco is notoriously a warm wind blowing from the north of Africa. Life going on as usual: that is because this IS usual for Venetians, even if not to such an extent. If you live on the landmark and work downtown Venice, like 90% of Venetians, the first thing you do on a rainy morning when Sirocco wind is expected is dialling a toll free number that tells you how many feet the tide is expected to rise above the usual level, so that you can make calculations on what part of the city centre will be underwater and by how many feet, and equip yourself accordingly. Remedies: this is a natural phenomenon, so there are two different attitudes to face it: one is "let's build a mechanic system to block the canals linking the Venetian lagoon to the sea when this occurs" and the other is "no way, as this would affect the biological equilibrium inside the lagoon and cause it to die". It is a very controversial issue :-)
Well, Venice is just a very special place: I just adore that city!

Posted by Luca Schillaci December 4, 08 09:25 AM

Rising sea levels thanks to global warming will be more and more common unless we start drastically changing our lives.

Posted by jj December 4, 08 09:30 AM

Italy I love you!!! And I very regret that you disappear from the face of earth.

Posted by Alex December 4, 08 09:41 AM

por que esta asi venecia??? lluvias?

Posted by JOSHUA December 4, 08 10:24 AM

Incredible photo gallery! What strikes me is the joy on these peoples faces, the people at the food counter with waders on, the men drinking wine, the woman waiting for a boat on her cellphone. Then I think of the thousands of idiots in New Orleans during Katrina using it as an excuse to steal and loot the businesses in the very community they live in. The people not being prepared who stayed by owning waders in a high probability flood area. I also find it hard to believe that the people of Venice will be looking for government /tax payer funded assistance for the rest of their life because of this "tragedy".

Posted by WiseGuyfromBostonMA December 4, 08 10:40 AM


Posted by Romankin December 4, 08 10:41 AM

I feel that people here are reacting to this the wrong way. Venice was built on water and flooding is a regular thing in Venice, it has always been a problem because the city is and has always been sinking. The problem is that in the past people just broke down the building and built new ones on top of the old. Now with the historic preservation of everything being undertaken that isn't happening anymore. Trying to save all of the old buildings is what is causing the problem to get worse year after year.

Posted by Sam December 4, 08 10:45 AM

Aren't the canals horribly polluted, as famously evidenced by the Katherine Hepburn incident? Sure that was a long time ago, but unless they've cleaned it up since then then these people are essentially walking around in low-grade sewage.

That said, the guys in #17 are awesome!

Posted by kevjohn December 4, 08 11:03 AM

People are talking how "if this happened in America..." Do they not remember that it already did happen in 2005 to Louisiana and Mississippi during Hurricane Katriana and again to Louisiana and Texas during Hurricane Rita? But, of course, the flood waters in many parts of Louisiana were higher than 5 feet.

Posted by Maggie December 4, 08 11:49 AM

there is no difference between mumbai 26th july water flooded in city and venice

Posted by harshad shah December 4, 08 11:51 AM

i wonder how people enjoy even the flood. all pics r cool !!! photographers touch - thanks for sharing

Posted by ravi December 4, 08 11:58 AM

When life gives you water, glide on it!!!

Posted by Alba/Boston December 4, 08 12:02 PM

Tides are finicky things. There's more to it than just "high" and "low". It all depends on whether the sun and the moon are aligned in just the right spot and where that alignment intersects with the surface of the earth. This happens all the time in venice and in other parts around the world. Sometimes tides are just super powerful. Climate change has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Also, those saying that a North American city would be paralyzed by this have no idea what they are talking about. Regularly occurring tides are NOTHING compared to a powerful Hurricane.

Posted by Adam December 4, 08 12:54 PM


Posted by 7noOoNY December 4, 08 01:26 PM

the girl in the black pants in the first picture is HOT. Does anyone have her number?

Posted by will mcstunnah December 4, 08 02:12 PM

ALL in ALL - Pictures are fantastic!!!!

I feel sorry for people who will have to rebuild or clean after that mess.

Posted by Roxana Braga December 4, 08 02:34 PM

As a physics instructor and engineer I have studied much published data concerning our climate temperatures. I have also reviewed and analyzed many studies that have attempted to correlate climate change with human activity. At the end of the day: a) I can not confirm with any scientific and statistical certainty that the observed changes in the climate throughout the world are trending in one direction or the other and b) if they were, I can not affirm any significant cause other than natural cycles - which are not well understood within the scientific community. To me, statements correlating a flood in Venice with global warming reflect a society that worships a "cause" over critical thought.


Posted by D. Scott December 4, 08 02:46 PM


Posted by CECILIA December 4, 08 02:54 PM

I'm so sad.

Posted by terezinha December 4, 08 02:55 PM

These pictures are so amazing and so wonderful 'cause we can see that peaople enjoy the moment as they could live it as drama, but they are smiling, happy and enjoying every moment! These are smart people and this is a smart photograph! Thank You Very Much!

Posted by Hajar HABI December 4, 08 03:33 PM

What a great example of people who don't stop living there life just because it gets a little tough. Great photo's!

Posted by Dean December 4, 08 03:39 PM

It seem that extreme engineering haven't work for so far.
Looks like Guetano Quintavalle has a job to finish.

Posted by Dannek December 4, 08 03:47 PM

And people still believe and argue the fact that global warming is not real... come on!

Posted by Carrie December 4, 08 03:54 PM

All the global warming - the ice is melting comments are hilarious.

Doesn't anyone actually look at reality? 2008 has seen more ice formation at the poles than in decades. Prodigious amounts of ice.

Oh well, people believe what they want despite facts. C'est la vie.

Posted by John Adams December 4, 08 04:38 PM

Hey John Adams--They're reporting that the ice at the North Pole is actually breaking apart for the first time. Shipping channels are opening up. How can you not be aware of this? Where do you get your information?

Posted by Susan December 4, 08 05:17 PM

(Venice, Italy) The "sirens" for aqua alta, or high water, first went off this morning at around 7:30AM (I think). It's hard to tell because we have a new siren. It is three melodic, rising, harmonic tones, and sounds a little like Close Encounters of the Third Kind -- as if we should welcome the flooding waters with open arms. The old siren was frightening and insistent, like an air-raid siren warning of great danger to come. The Venetians did not dance to the music. As their years of hard labor were silently, slowly destroyed, the Venetians were furious.

Posted by Cat Bauer December 4, 08 05:36 PM

Venice is so beautiful. While it is undoubtedly a humorous sight to those not from Venice to see people going about their business or sitting at a table during a flood, it's understandable. I just hope that a solution to the problem can be found because it would be a shame for the world to one day lose a city like Venice.

Posted by Kaitlin December 4, 08 05:48 PM

Mamma mia that water is so disgustingly dirty. Those people walking in
+ the flooded shops it are going to be smelling for weeks.

Posted by Craig December 4, 08 07:18 PM

Hmm .. the press appears to have been sucked in by a Red Bull promotion. That guy is wearing too many logos to be just a fan. They've hired him to board though the city while the world's press are taking these "Acqua alta" photos

Posted by Rick December 4, 08 08:34 PM

How can u really think god is changing the earth. Mankind is just a spec on this world. There's no way we could cause global warming. Assume what you want, it's all god's work.

Posted by Pithy SImms December 4, 08 08:38 PM

How can u really think humans' industry is changing the earth. Mankind is just a spec on this world. There's no way we could cause global warming. Assume what you want, it's all god's work.

Posted by Pithy SImms December 4, 08 08:39 PM

This flooding in Venice is not due to "Global Warming", as some of these comments are saying. Venice floods like this on a regular basis. This is the highest flood in 30 years, true - but you know what that means? It flooded this much 30 years ago, as well! Further, Venice floods like this because it is sinking! In a hundred years, the Venice we know of will be entirely underwater, most likely... just like much of old Venice is already underwater. They just keep building up and up and up on top of the old city... as they've done for a long time.

And, none of that has to do with "Global Warming"... well, except for the global warming that started several thousand years ago when the glaciers began retreating. But, that has nothing to do with us humans.

Posted by Jacob December 4, 08 08:50 PM

Es una pena. Y pensar que algunos años mas estará asi todo el tiempo.
Y es tan linda y romantica.
Que pena no tener mucho dinero y poder verda en vivo y en directo.
Una verdadera pena.

Posted by alejandra December 4, 08 10:08 PM

to everyone saying global warming,. this happens all the time in Venice, are you all that freaking stupid? Geeze... it also says it all throught the posts and comments, ever ten years at least, and during high tides. What is with the herd of sheep, you are told global warming and then when ever anything happens... you start calling the sky is falling...

Posted by Elisa December 4, 08 10:16 PM

One of, if not, the world's greatest examples of why they should have listened to engineers. Building at low elevation on unstable ground (e.g. New Orleans), has always been advised against and too often the advice not taken. Pushing against physics is always a losing battle. Keep throwing money at it; that'll help...

Posted by Chris Seymour December 4, 08 11:30 PM

We have a home in Italy and spend six months there; we love Venice but live in Umbria high on a hill. My wife and daughter have been there for the floods. In Umbria we have a latitude the same as Crater Lake, Oregon with the same type of snow, rain, sleet, and hail the size of golf balls. The "oldies" in our local villages and hamlets are well aware of the 'OLD' weather and swear nothing has change in 80 years ( the oldest resident is 92 so give her a 12 year old break). This warming crap is serious but humans are not the cause; maybe abeiting it but tell me why is the Martian polar ice cap receding? Are the SUV's on Mars belching?belchingmuch CO'

Posted by jimjim spinalbello December 5, 08 01:06 AM

Nature rules. We can propose but God disposes. Look back what went wrong somehow and somewhere?

Posted by RB Salleh December 5, 08 02:26 AM

Sam #97 "The problem is that in the past people just broke down the building and built new ones on top of the old. " Nonsense. So St Mark's is a layer cake? What an ignorant American attitude, that "preserving all these old buildings" is the problem. Guess we should just tear the whole place down and put up some nice shiny skyscrapers. How can people be such thugs?
Anyway, it's not true that Venice has always been sinking to the extent it is now. Sinking got much worse with the growth of modern industry in the region , which sucked out groundwater, altering the soil characteristics. But sinking or not, the ongoing rise in sea levels is the biggest factor.

Posted by John B December 5, 08 04:18 AM

A question to the people from Venice. As a tourist I planned to visit Venice just before the Christmas. accordingly all the booking already done. Can anybody advice me what I shoud do? What is the prediction of the local authority? Is the airport functioning?
Jayanta Sanyal
Antwerp, Belgium

Posted by Jayanta Sanyal December 5, 08 04:45 AM

For your information we, in The Netherlands, for USA people better known as Holland, are living an average of 20 feet below sea-level. In my memory the Dutch offered their services of "Watermanagement" many, many years ago to the Italians in order to assist in protecting this treasure. Because it's not an Italian solution, offer was rejected. The solution they are building now was rejected by the experts for a similar problem in Rotterdam. See "Maeslantkering" under wikipedia. I think therefore it's funny that a Dutch boy has his pleasure on his wakeboard.
Sorry for the people in Venice and of course in New-Orleans. The are stuck to their Nationalistic thinking gouvernments.

Posted by Jan Willem from Rotterdam-Holland December 5, 08 04:47 AM


Posted by Vik December 5, 08 05:20 AM

I would stay in my hotel. My luck, I would step right off A dock. The people of Venice
are not taking this in stride, they know the water will go down and life will go on until the next time.

Posted by Lillian Nesbit December 5, 08 05:48 AM

Good report! And good, well-wishing,friendly faces! It's very important, trust me! I WISH YOU LUCK FROM RUSSIA, VENICE!

Posted by Alexey December 5, 08 06:00 AM

The American must not think they're experts in water because they had one disaster in New Orleans. Italy and The Netherlands are experts. Almost every year the water goes a bit higher around december... They know what to do.

Nice pics of Duncan Zuur _0_

Greetz from holland

Posted by Holland_wakeboard December 5, 08 07:02 AM

pfff.... The "Global warming" responses are unbelievable narrowminded. I hate the excuses americans make to be scared of everything. The only thing you people have to be scared of is the unstable economy your country has. Flooding is very nasty when you have to live in a tent..

And the comment about listening to engineers.. You do realise that Venezia is founded 400AD?? In that period the Europe landmass (also near venice) was a little different as well as the climate. And no, the change in climate (small ice age in the midages!) has nothing to do with "al gore's" Global warming.

Posted by It's like, it's like, it's like....... December 5, 08 07:19 AM

I think its awesome what Duncan Zuur does, he dont botter people, so why not.

Posted by Re-play December 5, 08 07:30 AM

Amazing to me how so many people simply put on their boots and continue with their agendas, business as usual.

Posted by Lee Jagers December 5, 08 07:54 AM

Jesus Bill its not like 1000's of people are dead and bodies are laying in the street rotting.

Posted by Not Bill December 5, 08 08:37 AM

It's always nice to see a fellow from the Netherlands making us proud hehe, Holland_wakeboard has a point by the way, although he takes it to much to the extreme. I believe the Dutch are quite involved in the makings of the waterworks at New Orleans since the disaster. Some kind of copy of the Delta works in holland I suppose, which has been made since the major flood in the Netherlands (and other parts of Europe) in 1953. They actually think of a new project to protect the Netherlands from flooding again, as water levels have been rising, but it would then also be a prestige project to promote the Netherlands and it's experts in waterworks. hmm, perhaps I am even more nationalistic than I thought, although I tend to think of me as European citizen more and more as well. Good luck with reparing the city of Venice!

Posted by Dutchman December 5, 08 08:42 AM

121.How can u really think humans' industry is changing the earth. Mankind is just a spec on this world. There's no way we could cause global warming. Assume what you want, it's all god's work.

Posted by Pithy SImms December 4, 08 08:39 PM
You are a fucking idiot!!!!!!

Posted by Johnny December 5, 08 09:35 AM

what's the water temperature there? it's winter and most are wearing winter clothes but they don't seem to freeze a lot even with the water up to the hips.

Posted by horace December 5, 08 09:52 AM

When NATURE STRIKES humans do not have a clue on how to respond be it be Mumbai,Venice or US.
It is best to respect NATURE and the laws set by it.

Posted by Balasubramanian December 5, 08 09:52 AM

dont they get hypothermic?

Posted by leo December 5, 08 09:57 AM

To all the twits pooh-poohing global warming: Look at some aerial photos of Glacier National Park in Wyoming from, say, 30 years ago, and some from yesterday. The governor of Wyoming did a flyover with George Stephanopolous a few years back and nearly ALL of the glaciers that had been there for MILLIONS of years were gone. Go tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about. God's work? Which god--the one who's so omnipotent he can't seem to record "his" own "word" without the help of human hands and papyrus? Couldn't carve it into a mountainside or float huge burning letters in the sky, huh? Real scary dude...

Posted by Auntie Hosebag December 5, 08 10:06 AM

Russian please!

Posted by Íå ïîíÿòíî! December 5, 08 10:36 AM

Alot of people wonder why no one got electrocuted. I'll answer that quandary. The cabling and wiring systems there are highly insulated, as well as highly grounded due to the very nature of Venice. But add to the fact that, beside popular belief, electricity doesn't travel through water as is thought. In fact, water(h2o) does not conduct electricity. It is impurities that do so. The cleaner the water, the less it will travel. Add that into the amount of water, and the minute dispersion becomes negligible. Add also that the rubber on your shoes are also excellent resistors. The people are safe.

Posted by meiliken December 5, 08 11:00 AM

Oh you Dutch, always so arrogant. You built a few polders and now you think you're the smartest people on Earth. It's funny that every Dutch person has to start a sentence with "Well we in the Netherlands (that's Holland to you idiots), know soooo much more because... " It's like the whole country is suffering from small country syndrome. Hey Dutchies, get over yourselves!

Posted by I Love the Dutch December 5, 08 11:17 AM

me sorprendi mjucho al ver estas imágenes, wow!!!

Posted by vanesa December 5, 08 11:18 AM

HAHA, they are so cool with it.

Posted by Crystal December 5, 08 11:29 AM

must be soo stinky

Posted by lele December 5, 08 12:10 PM

It seems that venetians didn´t realize the serious situation they are to face.

Posted by ANA TERESA December 5, 08 12:12 PM


Posted by Gala385 December 5, 08 12:27 PM


Posted by ANTONIO December 5, 08 12:59 PM

LOL @ wakeboarder, dude's playin it off legit~

Posted by resterino December 5, 08 02:09 PM

MMMMmmm can't wait for the delicious smell of receding sea water that has soaked into furniture and carpeting. Delicious.

How can this not be a sanitary nightmare for food shops and restaurants?

How come there aren't circuits blowing all over the place? I guess all the wiring is waterproofed because they anticipate things like this?

Posted by plargo December 5, 08 02:41 PM

i m from italy :3
near venice too!
jeez. that's a lot of water, but i prefeer to stay in verona xD

Posted by Dario December 5, 08 03:01 PM

Venice and its amazing people!

Posted by Sharon December 5, 08 03:03 PM


Posted by blacksnoopy December 5, 08 03:28 PM

If this was in New Orleans, people would be blaming the gov't and demanding a bailout. I like the Italian way of handling a crisis better -- have a glass of wine and get on with life!

Posted by Dean December 5, 08 03:30 PM

I have to laugh at these "Global Warming" idiots! No, it's rising waters which happens on a regular basis there. We had our first sowfall of over 8 inches just a few hours north of New York City back in October. Is that global warming too? If you think man can disrupt nature that much, you must have a pretty high regard for yourself.

Posted by John Irvin December 5, 08 03:38 PM

Desde españa es una pena ver esto asi lo sentimos mucho

Posted by Anonymous December 5, 08 03:41 PM

I am Italian American, born in Viecenza, not far from Venice. I was in Venice in July,
what a difference! The photos are beautiful, the city is awesome, the people are amazing and resilient! Thank you for capturing the all of those aspects and posting them. "Viva Venezia, Viva Italia! INCREDIBILE!

Posted by Mary December 5, 08 03:44 PM

i bet the man with the wader store made a fortune :)

Posted by soulbot. December 5, 08 04:20 PM

why the venetians dont rent boats to the tourist ?
they dont consider the rentability of the business ?
i desire good like for the new jobs for prevent this trouble

Posted by dani December 5, 08 04:29 PM

i m from a small town that's one and a half hour away from venice,i ve seen this city maybe 200 times and these pictures freak me out , i m wondering when they ll finish to build that f*cking dam cos the city is sinking

Posted by gio December 5, 08 04:37 PM

Even that whole situation is a little bit dangerous, that everything is beautiful, strange, dangerous but still beautiful.

Posted by Pogo December 5, 08 04:49 PM

This isn't a Red Bull promotion - Duncan Zuur is a professional rider and is sponsored by Red Bull, that's all. Great story, great photos. Thank you Luca Schillaci (#91) for the great explanation of why this happens - people, not everything that happens is Global Warming!

Posted by Walter December 5, 08 04:55 PM

Venice in December is nothing like the Venice we visited in the summer of 1997!
We - Cheryl Evans, Karan Pitts, Travis Rodgers and his wife Jean took a train to Venice for the day and Cheryl did some watercolor painting while her brother drank wine and listened to the music. Jean and Karan did some shopping. We bought some Venitian artistc masks and some other wonderful things. We also took a tour of St. Marco's square and had dinner there. It was a grand time.

Posted by Karan Pitts, Cheryl Evans December 5, 08 05:05 PM

I love how they all have high waders....this is obviously not something new for the Venicians.

Posted by aparker December 5, 08 05:24 PM

Global warming, give me a break!!!!!!

Posted by Mark December 5, 08 06:21 PM

el mundo esta muy mal y es provocado x nosotros debemos hacer algo URGENTE!!

Posted by mike flames December 5, 08 07:07 PM

Venice is a beautiful place, but I want to say it may be nicer during a flood. When I was there it was ridiculously crowded. Even though you'd have to walk through water, at least you wouldn't crammed like sardines.

Its a shame that global warming could possibly make something like this permanent. We could lose so much beauty and art.

Posted by Anthony December 5, 08 07:20 PM

que pena que Venecia se encuentre así, a pesar de ser tan bella y ese espectáculo sea tan romantico, pero cuidence los venecianos,y le envio mis bendiciones para que Díos les cuide. Los Ama Victoria Fernández desde Venezuela

Posted by Victoria December 5, 08 07:55 PM

You bunch of unmitigated idiots, it is not global warming. It is sun and moon actions coupled with the fact that the city of Venice has been sinking into the mud for can look it up. The earth is actually cooling again, contrary to media reporting. Anything to raise Chicken Little like reactions among those who flunked science.

Posted by Mumbai Mike December 5, 08 08:23 PM

esta cabronsisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by vergar December 5, 08 08:55 PM

WOW!!!! I think It's great the spirit that the Venetian people have!! I live in Italy and I can tell you that they are registered as beeing among the sunniest citizen from the country!! Isn't that strange? Anyway, congratulation! I supose is not easy to live with...

Posted by Lucia Barzu December 5, 08 08:57 PM

Does anyone else find it odd that a flood in Venice is news?

Posted by Kate December 5, 08 09:00 PM

Global warming is such a hoax. So the ice caps melted a little. Now they're freezing up again. We have only been recording accurate temperatures for a little over a century. Ice core samples from deep in the earth show eons old vegetation. Take a glass of ice water. When the ice all melts it DOESN'T overflow all over the counter, floor or flood your house! When existing water sources evaporate and the clouds get saturated enough IT RAINS! It's a cycle. The earth is floating in space with only X amount of natural resources on it. Where would higher water levels come from? I haven't heard of any astronauts reporting any rain coming down to earth from some other planet - or the Milky Way.

Posted by Barbara December 5, 08 10:51 PM


Posted by Sophi Hammond December 5, 08 10:58 PM

How often does this actually happen? I have a trip booked in mid January to there and I'm starting to get worried now.

Posted by Dave Best December 5, 08 11:11 PM

Oh my gosh! I was there until yeterday!!!! The pictures are so accurate in that everyone was so nonplussed about the whole thing. It was all very casual!

Posted by Lauren December 5, 08 11:19 PM

I want to go wakeboarding in Venice now

Posted by David Banos December 5, 08 11:39 PM

What an ordeal. On the lighter side, I now realize the importance of a wakeboard.

Posted by Payperbiz December 6, 08 01:02 AM

Most of the comments in this thread about Climate Change, both for and against, are flawed in some way. First, the Earth's average temperature is a delicate balance of incoming solar radiation and outgoing infrared radiation to space. The total amount of energy leaving the system is ultimately equal to the amount entering the system. Climate Change isn't so much about the amount of energy in the system, but the amount of time the energy spends in the system before being re-radiated to space. Most of the gases in the atmosphere are terrible at keeping energy here on Earth. Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc. Most of the gases that keep us comfortably warm, such as CO2, methane, and water vapor, among others, make up less than 1% of the atmosphere, and yet, without them the surface of the earth could be as many as 50F(28C) colder! Human carbon based industry produces billions of tons of greenhouse gases each year, and at the same time, we cut down the forests that can soak it up. Therefore, yes we CAN affect the earth's system. Even in the short amount of time that records have been kept CO2 level have increased between 30% and 50%. If we change the chemistry of the atmosphere, we will change the overall energy budget for the earth, and the earth will warm.

Second, the sorts of changes that occur happen on such long timescales that you don't notice them very easily in your day to day life. You're not going to wake up and say, "Wow! Surely global warming is responsible for this day!" Climate change tweaks and influences weather patterns very gradually, and in ways that most people except those that are studying it will even notice at first. This is why scientists have such a hard time getting people motivated to do things about it. "It doesn't affect me now, so who cares?"

Last, we really haven't even begun to see the effects of sea level changes yet. In terms of sea level, it's irrelevant if the North Polar Ice Sheet melts. It's basically a giant ice cube floating in water, if it melts, it won't change sea levels much (there are other reasons to worry about it, but this isn't one of them.) The problem? What about Greenland and Antarctica? Those ice sheets sit on land, so if they melt, they WILL cause an increase in sea level. Put an ice cube in a funnel above a cup and let it melt and tell me the water level in the cup didn't increase. I dare you. During the last ice age, when the glaciers were at their peak, global sea levels were as much as 400 feet (120m) lower than they are today. Various shallow water areas around the world confirm that thousands of years ago, the water was low enough for there to be trees and early traces of civilization where today there are forests of coral and kelp. Thankfully, there's not enough ice left in the world to raise waters by that much again. However, if Greenland melts, there is enough water contained in the ice to raise levels by 23ft (7.2m), which is particularly bad news for coastal cities like Venice. Another fortunate thing is that due to persistent weather patterns and elevation, the Antarctic Ice Sheet is much less likely to melt anytime soon, except right at the edges. This is good news, because Antarctica contains 10 times as much ice as Greenland, and would cause an additional rise in sea levels of 230ft (70m).

So extremely long post made short (sorry, I'm a passionate weatherman), the current flood has nothing to do with global warming. It's nothing more than a naturally reoccurring flood that is like a gentle version of storm surge. It comes in gentle, goes out gentle, people know what to expect and continue about their lives as they always have in those situations. The problem comes 50-100 years in the future, when aqua alta comes in 1.6m on top of 3-7m of sea level rise (depending on how fast it goes). There are a lot of cities that are going to need to move further inland.... I think it is a very sad thought; the mere prospect that a lovely city like Venice will someday disappear because people were to busy denying there was a problem until it was too late.

Posted by Zach December 6, 08 01:36 AM

The Venecian's have the answer to the flooding for years. They know what to do and how to do it. The United States is NOT sending the check. You must pay for it on your own. Continue to wait and it will only get worse. The check from Uncle Sam is not in the mail.

Posted by Stan December 6, 08 02:18 AM

Great pictures .......great people the Venetians .....

Posted by Diana December 6, 08 02:54 AM

Where we live in America isn't nearly so exquisite and historical as this beautiful gem of a city, but my family lives on a major river that floods every so often due to ice jams or prolonged rain. There is a control system of locks and dams, but they can only do so much when Mother Nature comes on a bit harshly. In the 27 years that I have lived in this house, we have had water about 2-3 feet deep 3 times (of course there were other times before that). It was filthy, freezing and disgusting to clean up. Our children were traumatized and it took months, the first time during a particularly severe winter, to get back into the house. But we cleaned, replaced, and moved into a nearly new home. Now we have a "system" and monitor the reports on the internet.Everyone told us we should move and were were crazy to live so close to a river. But the beauty of living here year-round far exceeds the few inconvenient watch the frozen mass break in the spring and to see the wildlife on a misty morning when the sun burns off the fog...The Venetians have it right- stay, love and go on with the life. What a city!

Posted by Karen December 6, 08 03:06 AM

wonderful photographs

Posted by sean December 6, 08 03:45 AM

Spent a few days in Venice this September. It is amazing how things can change , great pictures hopefully things will get back to normal .

Posted by Rob December 6, 08 06:04 AM

Venecia tan bella, que pena que se encuentre así.

Posted by Josep December 6, 08 10:43 AM

Venice is the first victim on global warming, who's next???

Thanks US, China and Europe!!!!

Posted by Ricardo Echeverry December 6, 08 11:10 AM

it seems as if regardless of the high flood water, people were out and about. still, these photos are a very powerful sight.

i dont really understand how it's being compared to katrina though, because the sheer devastation of land and homes and lives from katrina is staggering...

Posted by Kristina December 6, 08 11:31 AM

This is to the idiot from boston..(aka wiseguy),
You should really be sure your brain is engaged, BEFORE you type. New Orleans had an unprecedented flood. Not some routine flood that happens on a regular basis. Waders, as you suggest, would have caused people to drown you jackass. You should really do some research BEFORE you open your mouth and reveal your stupidity. New Orleans didn't get 5 feet of got 20-30 feet in a lot of places. Kindly keep your stupid, uninformed yankee opinion to yourself until you either become educated, or see the city that is STILL recovering. People like you are part of the problem, not part of the soultion.. try changing sides.

Posted by pbcc1 December 6, 08 11:40 AM

Fantàstica fotografia. Venice tan bella, que pena que es trobi així.

Posted by josep December 6, 08 11:47 AM

Why all of people laugh?? :s loll

Posted by david December 6, 08 12:52 PM

What is there to say, its under water.............So
get more gondolas....................

Posted by edith Adler December 6, 08 02:06 PM

Thank you, Zach, for taking the time to explain calmly and clearly both the global warming and the short-term weather situations.

Posted by Elizabeth December 6, 08 03:17 PM

Amazing photos

Posted by KANCHIROLI December 6, 08 03:20 PM

Poster 128.
So the rising sea levels are the problem? Really? The day you can raise the level of any body of water that makes up the worlds salt water seas and oceans even 2 inches without raising them all, I'll go along with you. What you suggest is like trying to fill a bathtub at one end, but not the other. The situation in Venice has to do with wind and tides, not sea levels.

Posted by Nick December 6, 08 04:16 PM

Those were great photos i feel bad for the people there

Posted by Crossover December 6, 08 07:33 PM

Note to self----get back to lovely Venice soon, before it is gone. I just love that beautiful city.

Posted by Janice Nelson December 6, 08 08:01 PM

Will somebody post follow-up photos? The water is gone from the streets by now.

Posted by Alessandro December 6, 08 09:02 PM

If the sea level was 400 feet lower than now eons ago, and civilization built there, next to the ocean as man always had, then when the last ice age ended, these cities dissapeared.
Perhaps one day the canals of Venice will disappear from lack of water caused by an Ice age.
It is true we do need to be better stewards of our planet and wake up to what we are doing to ourselves. We need something on the order of the Manhatten project or WPA to get this done through education of civilation and new technology.

Posted by Stewart E. Skiff December 6, 08 09:23 PM

Venice is soo exquisite this breaks my heart..I cried the first time I saw it. I went two years ago in early October for the Biennale the crowds were not gone in fact it was horrible horrible crowds the city is ruined from crowds. the worst offense is the allowing of cruise ships. cruise ships are evil evil. 6000 people stomp on St Marks Square while the boats unleash them everyday it is disgusting why the Italian government allows this and why they are not using all the money to fix the problem makes me sick, sick!!!! Its like taking the most beautiful woman and starving and beating and pissing on her. Why do the Venetians allow this???? The photos by the way are fantastic revealing and still Venice is so very beautiful This all just breaks my heart because it can be fixed the Italians are such great engineers and construction workers what happened here!?????

Posted by lisa fiel December 7, 08 01:56 AM

oo me godddddddddddddddd

Posted by tatja December 7, 08 04:52 AM

en français c'est mieux pour moi
in french is beder for my

Posted by Anonymous December 7, 08 07:00 AM

dan zijn jullie net op tijd er weer JAN en TRUUS

Posted by johannes December 7, 08 08:59 AM


Glacier Park is in Northwestern Montana. That's a long way from Wyoming. Your argument would have more weight if your facts were right.

Posted by Brian Steckler December 7, 08 01:12 PM

I´m not surprised if the italian goverment had rejected a Watermanagement project proposed by the people of Netherland. Its the same silly attitude that we can find here in Argentina. There are so many things in common between this two countries, because many italians came to live here many years ago.
Its really a pity because Venice is a beautiful and unique city and something must be done to preserve it. And besides many italian people make a living with the thousands of tourists that visit Venice every year. Stubborness, fake pride and stupidity, these attitudes are damaging Venice. Come on italians be clever !!!!ansome

Posted by adriana olcese December 7, 08 01:23 PM

I went with my friends Melanie,Karol and Karina last November and we had to buy rain boots to be able to walk because it was barely flooded up to the knees, but even so we went to all the places that need to know, walked through a lot of streets, we went to many restaurants to taste Italian pasta and wine! buy souvenirs, we tried to have fun in Venize as more as we could, the best of all was that we did the tour through the canals by Gondola it's beautiful! The people in Venize is very nice, i am sure these people in the photos were surprise in the moment they arrived just like us but even so, and despite the rain I love to see them enjoying Venize like we did!

Posted by Lucy December 7, 08 03:08 PM

Strange they continue to function with out looting or FEMA
This is how people should act no feelings of entitlement or demands for government help .
None of this it's the President's fault

Posted by Richard Keane December 7, 08 03:45 PM

This whole world is coming down like crazy. Mother earth is mad as hell.

Posted by Elaheh December 7, 08 04:13 PM

@ picture# 17:

Now THAT'S the spirit! In spite of adversity, celebrate life!

Posted by Frank December 7, 08 05:57 PM

I went there last year and I cant believe that it is flooded now. There isnt anymore pigeons anymore there.

Posted by Chloe December 7, 08 09:23 PM

Like it or not.......the earth is warming. The evidence from cores taken from the Greenland ice cap is undeniable. One of the very interesting points, which will not affect any of us, but is worth mentioning is the long-term situation. Sixteen thousand years is a long time for humans, but a snap of the fingers in geological time. The point is that the last sixteen thousand years, when agriculture was delveloped, showed very little variation in temperature. Previous to then, changes were fast, and extreme. We may be heading that way again, Lord help us!

Posted by Mac December 7, 08 10:12 PM

The flood is a regular thing to happen in Venice, about the same like in New Brunswick, and other places in the world, the tides come and go. Sometimes there is more water than other times. I don't believe it has much to do with global warming. I have a feeling, that if something repeats only once in 30 years or so, people have to blame it on something or someone. It is easier, than actually doing something about it.

Posted by YXH December 7, 08 10:26 PM


Posted by JOSEPH STOCKIN G December 7, 08 11:55 PM

Dire que c'est là que ma femme veut aller

Posted by SCHIFFORA December 8, 08 02:41 AM


Posted by tresi December 8, 08 04:30 AM

I arrived in Venice on the 5th of December, and there weren't any flood waters left. Nothing smelled dingy either -- at least not more than you'd expect in such old buildings. : ) I didn't even know the city had flooded until I returned home last night. Everything was business as usual -- the Venetians are old pros at this, apparently.

Posted by k December 8, 08 04:46 AM

Where are the children? Is this the first photo colection in a popuated area ( not space or Antartica) that has no pictures of kids?

Posted by mark December 8, 08 09:49 AM

Over 6.5 Billion of us releasing carbon dioxide into the air by burning fossil fuels can indeed cause global warming - and we don't have time to remain in denial. We need to alter the way we use resources now.

Posted by Dianne December 8, 08 10:03 AM

It shure looks different than it did in1959

Posted by David Meyer December 8, 08 11:23 AM

Venice will be the very first of many cities to drown because of the polar ice caps melting... You've been warned.

Posted by the magician of the OZ December 8, 08 11:33 AM

Venezia is Venezia and the citizens take this in stride. Not the first time this happens. Un bicchiere di vino fa tutto scordar! (A glass of wine and life goes on)

Posted by Domenico Stagliano' December 8, 08 12:04 PM

Thank you for the photos!
Why are all peoples happy?

Posted by Dora Carli December 8, 08 01:35 PM

I've been there with my daugter in this July.

Posted by Dmitry A. Gevus (Kiev, Ukraine) December 8, 08 02:19 PM

Thank God the flood did not last in this magnificent city. I loved visiting there several years ago. I'll always remember its beauty.

Posted by Mary Kennedy December 8, 08 02:23 PM

The Ice caps are melting. Get out while you can.

Posted by Steven St. John December 8, 08 02:59 PM

WHO would want to visit such a cesspool ? Who in his right mind would build
a city in that place ? PHEW !

Posted by Peter Hood December 8, 08 04:01 PM

Es una belleza trágica.- El tema de las inudaciones ha estado presente en todas partes del mundo.- Muy buenas las fotos.- Me pregunto en que quedará esta bella ciudad italiana y su gente-

Posted by teresa December 8, 08 05:45 PM

Nada dura para sé que hace toda esa gente dentro de esa agua contamina, aguas servidas de materia fecales y que sé yo cuanta porquería más, pero como es agua con glamour no pasa fuera en América del Sur, Africa o tercer mundo como le llaman, la realidad sería otra...¡ dirían pobresitos como pueden vivir así ! el asunto es que Venecia ya no da para más, es una ciudad de una época donde las cosas eran diferentes, los turistas solamente la visitan por esos edificio viejos llenos de humedad y prontos a entiendo que le ven de fantá pregunta es ¿ por qué tanta publicidad ? de esa miserí los Venecianos aguantan más esa ciudad...

Posted by Jorge December 8, 08 06:13 PM


Posted by ANNE MARIE WALKER December 8, 08 10:01 PM

Global warming may not be causing this problem, but how can you be sure? One of you said people were not the cause. This may be so, but does that mean we should not take it seriously and not try to reverse the drift? I'm always amazed at how worked-up non-believers in global warming get.

Posted by Grant December 8, 08 10:18 PM

que loco ,no se lo que haria en una situacion asy ,pero por lo que se ve todos en la imagenes estan como resignados y lo toman con humor,ahora yo quisiera saber si todavia estan bajo agua que feo no podria yo no saldria de mi casa en un caso asy...

Posted by dahiana December 8, 08 10:55 PM

Venice, Italy will now become the lost city of Atlantis if the global warming does not stop!!!

Posted by Gabriel Moreno December 8, 08 11:57 PM

Sea levels have been fluctuating since the earth began, ice ages and warming up and down, so dont be too quick to believe all the global warming bull crap. yes we people need to stop polluting the earth, I will give you that, but come on, the ice caps have always changed, they do not stay the same. One good volcano explosion and we will be so cold we wont be able to grow food for two or three years. People need to check for themselves not just beleive the media bull

Posted by Buddy December 9, 08 01:03 AM

too carefree!

Posted by Anonymous December 9, 08 02:07 AM


Posted by (¡¨Žß§ÕŽß) December 9, 08 05:28 AM

Guys just look at Global Dimming documentary...u will stfu then...

Posted by Dudu December 9, 08 08:55 AM

Gue di Venice selama dua hari, 18 dan 19 November 2008. Waktu itu normal, gak banjir. Semoga aja tidak terjadi banjir lagi.

Posted by A. Lukman December 9, 08 10:06 AM

This flood makes the one Trinidad & Tobago experienced recently look like a joke... Its good to see how the persons in Italy taking it all in good strides...

Posted by Melissa December 9, 08 10:14 AM


Posted by MARIA JOSE MENENDEZ December 9, 08 11:22 AM

Great pictures! The effects of global warming are probably much less, in this case, than those of the fact that the city was built on relatively soft sedimentary deposits incapable of supporting the weight of the buildings. The Italian government has spent LARGE amounts of money trying to at least slow the process.

Posted by W L Anderson December 9, 08 11:50 AM

We are from new York, visited Venice three times in summer-autumn time, never saw such a flood, this is unigue city, beautiful in any weather. It is sad that one day it may be destroyed by even bigger flood, the whole world has to unite the effors to save Venice, this real gem of Earth.

Posted by Marina December 9, 08 12:21 PM

venecia es preciosa , lastima ke las salidas del mar la esten hundiendo y destruyendo cada vez mas, ,,seguro ke tiene ke haber sido toda una experiencia haber estado con el agua hasta las rodillas ,,y ke frio , ,,,,claro ke me encantaria estar alli nuevamente ,,paseando en gondola , y mirando su linda arkitectura...

Posted by elizabeth cortes caro December 9, 08 01:39 PM

Looks somewhat like Katrina. Why haven't they blamed Bush?

Posted by GEORGE ARSLANIAN December 9, 08 01:42 PM

this is crazy!!!!

Posted by hmacred December 9, 08 02:08 PM

John Irvin is really an idiot...
Not you (John) or me alone, but all the stupidity of human race.

Posted by Dennis December 9, 08 02:13 PM

I hope a solution will be found for this problem!

Posted by Van den Bogerd-Roels Lily December 9, 08 07:13 PM

Acho que é o primeiro em português brasileiro ... as fotos são ótimas, porém acredito que o cheiro deva estar horrível ... que bom que tudo foi encarado com bom humor. Bjs a todos!

Posted by Notoly Mello Jr. December 9, 08 07:41 PM

Stan #185, has anyone asked for money? Your post reads like the Italians are demanding cash from the US, but I havent read anything to suggest that, and very much doubt that it would happen. What is your problem? And Mark, #221, the water is deep enough that I would go there if I had to for work etc, but I would make sure my kids were at home, or well away from where the water would be up to their waists. I too think that Venice is a lovely city. I have been there a couple of times, and want to go back, but might avoid it when there is storm surge.

Posted by Fiona December 9, 08 07:56 PM

The Best People ... I was when all dry

Posted by Mike December 9, 08 08:21 PM

Amo a Italia, mi pais favorito, gente preciosa en general, no es la primera vez que esto pasa y se que se recuperaran, todos debemos de aprender de como los Venezianos enfrentan esta cituacion, que Dios los bendiga, mi corazon esta con Venezia, Saludos desde Miami

Posted by Rafael December 9, 08 08:45 PM

Just like New Orleans, except there was no Looting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and were trying to set an example for the rest of the world!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jose Hollywood December 9, 08 11:13 PM

i am going to have wet dreams !!!

Posted by Ram December 10, 08 02:56 AM

Pour moi aussi ce serait mieux s'il y avait une version en français.
C'est malheureusement catastrophique, mais quand même c'est beau!!
Bon courage à tous, Guy

Posted by PRUNIERES Guy December 10, 08 05:32 AM

Since when is Verona near Venice?

Posted by Travis December 10, 08 06:09 AM

un dia antes de que el agua subiera yo estaba ahi, es tan linda venecia es hermosa.
me imagino que con este tremendo espectaculo es dificil disfrutarla pero es increible lo que el agua hace en esa hermosa ciudad.

a cuidarce del agua

Posted by tamara soto de chile pero viviendo en belgica December 10, 08 07:41 AM

Quoting Barbara:
>> Global warming is such a hoax....

Please, get an education in the sciences before lowering the IQ of the general readers with your idiotic and non-coherent ramblings.

Posted by Dr. James Hansen December 10, 08 08:38 AM

I live in venice, and i'm proud to say I was there! the guys in the first photo are not tourists, they live in venice too, i know them very well. I was amazed to find them here...

Posted by Zoro December 10, 08 09:34 AM

I think it's the fault of the scientist who are meddling in our climate. They are trying implementing dangerous programs to reverse earth's natural warming cycle and are causing natural disasters like this and Katrina. Then they will blame us for global warming and this resulting disaster, and in turn ask for, and definitely get, more grant money from the sheep of this world to continue making our earth worse... which again leads to more blame, more damage and more money in their pockets. It's a nasty cycle folks... don't buy into this whole global warming thing.

Posted by TerriAtTheClintonFoundation December 10, 08 10:04 AM

#17 is definitely where it's at! Climate change or not. Cin-cin! Here's to Venice being around for my children and their children's children to enjoy as I have done a few times in the past!

Posted by Al Boosh December 10, 08 10:55 AM

Interessante é notar o rosto de felicidade das pessoas, achando tudo muito natural...

Posted by Anonymous December 10, 08 10:58 AM

this is not normal for venice to be like this. i think it has alot to do with global warmming!

Posted by stephen December 10, 08 11:13 AM

I worry about all the poor stray cats that were always in the streets. Where are they?

Posted by Louise from Canada December 10, 08 11:19 AM

To Barbara - it is the ice that is sitting on land mass that is the problem. Put a block of ice on a plate and let it melt, and then see what happens.

Posted by Claire December 10, 08 12:55 PM

Esta inundación me recuerda la famosa que hubo en Florencia años atrás. En Florencia se perdieron muchos tesoros de arte, lo que no parece suceder en Venecia. Estuvimos en Venecia dos veces con mi esposa Raquel, pero nunca durante una inundación. Siempre es una hermosa ciudad!.
Buenos Aires/ José Luis

Posted by José Luis Pollola December 10, 08 01:10 PM

E ninguém faz nada?! É giro simplesmente! Continuemos a poluir, veremos a dobrar! Acordem para a realidade! Agem no dia-a-dia! Sejam civilizados! O mundo é de todos! Não sejam egoístas! Partilhem o que há de bom e reciclem o mau!! Repito RECICLEM RECICLEM, do verbo RECICLAR (caso ainda não tenham percebido, ou melhor, entendido!)

Posted by Helena December 10, 08 01:27 PM

I am admiring venetian people optimizm, and their resilience.
The flood like this happened before, and they (venetian) will overcome this one.
It happens in many places in the world.
Of course, we all have to help them to save this historic place.

Posted by viktor krasnokutsky December 10, 08 01:51 PM

que pena que venecia halla pasado por esta situacion.

Posted by Anonymous December 10, 08 04:52 PM


Posted by MARIA DE JESUS VARGAS PULIDO December 10, 08 07:04 PM

I secretly wish I was in Venice right now with all this flooding- what an experience. I feel for them though- their city is slowly sad is that?

Posted by Stacy December 10, 08 07:34 PM

holly moly we plan to visit in July 2009

Posted by charlotte December 10, 08 11:51 PM

Increibles fotos!!Nosotros en Israel necesitariamos un poco de ese agua ya que nos falta por la falta de lluvia y los problemas que eso ocasiona.

Posted by Clary December 11, 08 02:06 AM

Super tare ! Ma uit la venetieni si imi par asa de linistiti, de impacati cu situatia ...!
Bravo lor!

Posted by Sorin Calo December 11, 08 03:07 AM

It is awful and very sad! I there was in August - was very much hot. And on the Piazza San Marco as always there were many pigeons... Interestingly, flooding of this year became the most record for Venice?

Posted by Lyudmila from Ulyanovsk (Russia December 11, 08 06:16 AM

I think the pictures are great.I feel sorry for the people.

I do not believe in Global Warming

Posted by Carmen Richards December 11, 08 09:53 AM

What kind of idiot writes a thesis about climate change on some photos of Venice??? Come on wake boarding!!!

Posted by michael Redfearn December 11, 08 09:53 AM

Why is this not in the news? I am wondering if this is an ongoing proble. Has the water receided any?

Posted by Beth Barrett December 11, 08 11:43 AM

I went to Venice for my 30th birthday on 5 December till the 8 December. My boyfriend had booked the trip as a suprise and had to tell me where we were going when the floods came on the 10 o'clock news in England on the 1 December. Panic set in. The next day we emailed the embassy and the hotel he'd booked and was told all was fine and that this happens all the time and that the Lido, where the hotel was, was not affected at all. We went off to Venice and had a fantastic time. No evidence at all of the floods, just posters that have been around for years explaining what to do when the floods happen. It does happen all the time, just this time slightly deeper.

Posted by Anonymous December 11, 08 01:45 PM

Like my Dad used to say: Sanima Bich

Posted by Giancarlo Scorciapalle December 11, 08 04:28 PM

im with the guy who wrote the comment at #230. Im certainly not encouraged to visit venice.

Posted by stacie shaw (Jamaica) December 11, 08 06:17 PM

Venezia is always pretty, with so much color and cultura the water is not even visible

Posted by alkisroubas December 11, 08 07:54 PM

Digamos que se trata de uma tragédia porém, lamentavelmente, prevista

Posted by Anonymous December 11, 08 07:57 PM

mamma mamma ho sete

Posted by john lima December 11, 08 07:58 PM

too many idiots here talking about golbal warming when venice has NOTHING to do with it!!
Wake up
here read alittle. the italian people created half the city below sea level on a lagoon on top of a series on floating logs they stuck into the mud, then they did this..
Six hundred years ago, Venetians protected themselves from land-based attacks by diverting all the major rivers flowing into the lagoon and thus preventing sediment from filling the area around the city. This created an ever-deeper lagoon environment.
venice has been floding for over 600 years people get over it. I t has takent hte italian government over 30 years to get a fix started and it should be completed in 2011, look up the MOSE project. duh what a bunch of ignorant alarmists.

Posted by steveh December 11, 08 08:40 PM

Venice is a beautiful city, but it has been slowly sinking for years and years now. Why is it that every time something slightly unusual happens it's blamed on global warming? Good Grief people, get real.

Posted by Cold in Montana December 11, 08 09:05 PM

This may have been answered already, but I dont feel like reading all 200+ comments, but the water temp is around 16 degrees celsius, while not tropical is not freezing so the people walking around in the water and not freezing that is probably why.

Posted by sjbrock December 11, 08 10:16 PM

Venice wasw built on a swamp. The success of its development has caused signifcant settlement--ergo land sinks and sea level remains the same. The conclusion is obvious--build sea walls like the Dutch have done for the last century to develop arrible land (sink or swim)

Posted by Bob December 11, 08 11:08 PM

My first visit to Venice March 1972 , sinking was the subject then and now . I can see that Italian government is taking there sweet time to save the city but if you ever been in Italy and you realize the way the Italians work!
I love Venice
Dolce Vita

Posted by garolli December 12, 08 04:20 AM

Ohh my god I haven't seen venice;please don't make it...

Posted by Selim December 12, 08 05:58 AM

the italian government DOES NOTHING for us!!!!!!!! We are only an economic power for Italy and nothing more! They don't care about venetians people (not only people who live in Venice but all the former Republic of Venice: Padua, Verona and so on...). We pay a lot of taxes to finance south italy and we receive nothing for us! We are venetians, not italians, we want our independence back! For this reason Italy does the less possible for us. But It's a shame about us because many people don't realize this!
A venetian guy from Padua

Posted by Alessio December 12, 08 07:27 AM

People, this has NOTHING to do with global warming and it will not cause Venice to disappear as some fear!

The flooding is called "Acqua Alta" (or High Waters") and can happen SEVERAL TIMES a year. This has been going on for HUNDREDs of years.

For instance, in 1782, Venice finished building a 20 foot high wall to help reduce the amount of flooding - it's called the "Murazzi" (simply "Wall") and was designed in 1716 to replace an existing flood wall called the "Palade" (which was made of wood and rubble, making it inefficient). That's well over 300 years the Venetians had to deal with flooding, hence their laid back attitude in the pictures.

Floods happen usually during a full moon and when there's a scirocco (winds blowing up the narrow channel of the Adriatic Sea towards Venice). This makes the tidal waves coming into Venice a bit higher than average. Sometimes a bit higher than other times, as the pictures above show. 1825, 1966 and this one are some of the higher floodwaters recorded.

Posted by Mikey December 12, 08 09:05 AM

Who just walks in water and act like its nothing.

Posted by e December 12, 08 11:44 AM

Veneza é esplendorosa,mesmo under water!........

Posted by Maria Auristella December 12, 08 12:30 PM

Really it is a bad flood occured in venince.I feel so sorry to the people who are effected with floods.
And at the same time i was amazing to here that floods occured1.56 ft and deepest flood occured in venince

Posted by haritha December 12, 08 12:38 PM

O homem faz, a natureza se vinga.

Posted by Kagaro Nopal December 12, 08 03:23 PM

Uma maravilha de reportagem fotográfica. Com muita arte e esmero. Saudações.

Posted by tossan December 12, 08 06:21 PM

Uma maravilha de reportagem fotográfica. Com muita arte e esmero. Saudações.

Posted by tossan December 12, 08 06:22 PM

To Dr. Hansen:
If you believe all the poor science that attributes global warming to humans then I question exactly what type "Doctor" you are. Over 650 scientists like myself have signed a statement disagreeing with the latest scientific conclusions of the UN IPCC and that uneducated poser, Al Gore.

Venice has experienced alta agua for centuries, just as the sun is the main cause of global warming, which by the way seems to be subsiding, depending on when and where you set your baseline.

Posted by W. Jones, Ph.D. (Oceanography) December 12, 08 09:02 PM

I was just there May 2008. Maybe it will clean up the area of all the pigeon poop. Its a beautiful city and I'm sure it will be back to it's old self soon.

Posted by Kris December 12, 08 10:39 PM

This is the end of the world, when Earth will be covered by water
I don't know what will be happened with people in such misery,
Hope people will gather and thinking about make the healthy world without any pollution which caused these force majors.

Posted by F.Yousefi December 13, 08 02:30 AM

For #211..Concur with the civiliazation response....How is it the President's fault? Are you talking about President Bush? If so, are your parents aware how stupid you are?

Posted by Phil J December 13, 08 08:26 AM

We were in Venice at the very same day on trip from Gate1travel. Definitely we couldn't see all these places shown. Pictures are great. Thank you.

Posted by viktor December 13, 08 11:57 AM


Posted by ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA December 13, 08 12:01 PM

yes so good
how to join wake trip and love trip
my next travel

Posted by geo December 13, 08 01:07 PM

such a shame .buy lieveing in a city surround by water .im surprised they dont get flooded all the time .my family visted there .wasnt very clean going thought it by boat or walking though it .was in the 70. & stink of oder you couldnt stand .was also surprised that the building are still there .birds flock around you pecking away .thinking you had food .shops were very clean .but closed or sleeping time .no one told us about that .was very disapointed couldnt get in the shops .sat down & drank a $2.00 coke .bottle was so small .took one gulp it was gone .also rode a speed boat fill up .that you couldnt move .had to stand up for a hour ride

Posted by betty joe roberts December 13, 08 07:57 PM

this is what venice will look like in a few decades....... the sad thing about it is that it is unavoiddable, it will eventually sink :(
its a shame, its such a cool city

Posted by Mike December 13, 08 08:54 PM

What a shameIn a few years, think I'll open up a Venice Scuba Diving company.

Posted by Tom December 13, 08 09:01 PM

I gave been thee twice... Wonder what happend in LIDO Beach/
What happend to all the topless beautiful women? and what about
the Casino?
Dr. Hiro Chhatpar
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Posted by Hiro Chhatpar December 13, 08 10:38 PM

In response to the person wondering where the children are in all the pictures. I was there in 2004 - our guide explained the children go to school in a building - their playground is on the top of that building. We never saw any children but could hear the laughter and voices from above. Wonderful solution to the schooling on the island.

How I admire the people of Venice who have learned to live with floods - greet tourist with smiles - function without expecting someone else to 'FIX' it. I would go back in a second given the opportunity

Posted by Janelle December 14, 08 09:31 AM

if we could all live that way the world would be as it supposed to be ( or should i say life would be as it is supposed to be }

Posted by kris elliot December 14, 08 12:27 PM

Venice has been sinking for nearly five thousand years due to a natural process called subsidence. Archaeologists digging in Venice have found layer upon layer of old foundations. During the Renaissance, everyone decided to stop rebuilding and "preserve" everything, so as the land continues to subside, flooding will occur more often. It's now been more than 400 years since anyone built up any part of Venice. It's just like Portuguese Bend in California, slipping down into the ocean. Global warming has absolutely ZERO to do with this problem.

Posted by Paul December 14, 08 01:46 PM

-Kizinca "Batsin bu dunya" derdik ya ...Batiyor iste...
-Duncan Zuur, riding a wakeboard while the city sinks, is an exemple
of how careless we are about Global Warming.
-Bonne exemple pour la fin du monde !!!

Posted by Ersin - GSL 91 December 14, 08 05:46 PM

Aún inundada, Venecia es maravillosa. Los venecianos están preparados para esto: no es la primera vez. Por eso lo toman con humor. Mas graves son las inundaciones en América Latina, donde la gente pierde todo lo que tiene, y nadie lo publicita

Posted by Grace, Argentina December 14, 08 06:56 PM

okay, so for all those who are uninformed, the floods in Venice are not the cause of global warming. The moon, in its path around the earth is elliptical, and some times it comes closer to earth than normal. This recent full moon was one of them. And what happens to the tides and waters when the moon is around? It pulls them, especially if its closer than normal. The floods in Venice have nothing to do with global warming, and everything to do with the moon's gravitational pull on the ocean.

Posted by Lauren Unger December 14, 08 07:02 PM

Buddy--dont display ignorance --yes its true there have been fluctuations climactically many times - but an advance & then meltdown of the icecaps radically delayed & altered early human history! Now it is we who are 'bringing it on' (to re-cycle a Bushism!) added to a cyclical change & hastening our possible end, or at best massive forced migrations! Global Warming scientists warned long ago of hot & cold & storm extremes & thats exactly what we have! Now the lower cost of carbon fuels encourages few to curtail its uses! Tragedy is round the corner as the icecaps melt too fast! Use your energy positively & drop complacency.

Posted by neilo1 December 14, 08 07:28 PM

That city is so beautiful. Its been a dream to go there. Made me realise that I need to make it happen before the city disappears. How very sad.

Posted by D December 15, 08 01:22 AM


Posted by Anonymous December 15, 08 03:07 AM

I live in Rome and this city has also been flooding since Thursday. A woman died trapped in her car park. There is a storm up and down Italy. It happens sometimes and this city isn't built to withstand the water either.

Posted by Jo December 15, 08 08:03 AM

we r really sorry for this kind of sicituation, god blees u all of italian people, u'll pray for all of u contunue.
we hope allah help u from all this bad situayion.
best of luck.

Posted by mohammad rashidul haque. December 15, 08 08:26 AM

He estado 4 veces en Venecia y desde la primera vez dije que no volvía más, esa esa agua tiene mal olor, es bella pero en fotos. Las otras 3 veces volví para llevar a mis novias (una diferente cada vez), pero esas fotos me sirven de lección¡¡¡ Ahora llevaré mis novias a Paris.

Posted by Iguanodonte, Maracaibo, Venezuela. December 15, 08 09:23 AM

me parece increible que las personas se tomen esto tan relax xuando las consecuencias del calentamiento global son tan catastroficas....hay que tomar conciencia....

Posted by Lucia December 15, 08 10:44 AM

Golly, I have never read such sad, discuraged comments in all my life and I am 67 years old! Wake up people the Pulitzer that went to Al Gore was a hoax and a scham, a total discrace to Pulitzer and hollywood money at its best.

Posted by M Bryan December 15, 08 11:26 AM

Great pics, but many comments with wrong info;
-The sinking of Venice has nothing to do with this, Venice actually sinks little to nothing, it is a myth.
-The rain has nothing to do with this, it is the tide of the sea combined with a strong wind that blows the water in the lagoon. It only lasts for a few hours at the most.
-Global warming has very little to do with this too. These extreme tides have happened throughout Venice's over 1000 year long history.
-San Marco is the lowest point in Venice and floods a few times a week all year long.
-The biggest thread for venice is not the hight of the water but the vibrations and water movement caused by motorised boats in their fragile canals.

Posted by Alvise December 15, 08 11:41 AM

Anyone with a little knowledge of Venice would know that flooding is a regular occurence there. That is why they have those small table-like benches stacked all over the main squares ready to be used for people to walk on in bad weather. It has nothing to do with global warming, although that may help aggrevate the situation a little.

Posted by Vigen December 15, 08 02:07 PM

To the men in #17 -- This Texan is with you in spirit, my friends! I'll hoist one with you anytime!

Posted by -Tony December 15, 08 02:16 PM

É lamentável que um dos tesouros da humanidade esteja dessa maneira.
Apesar de estar debaixo d'água, Veneza não perde o seu encanto. Ela é maravilhosa!!!
Com tanta tecnologia , alguma haverá de surgir, para que isso não mais ocorra. É o que espero e rogo a Deus!!!...
Registro aqui a minha solidariedade.
Fraternal abraço a todos os venezianos.

Posted by Solange Quadros dos Santos December 15, 08 03:50 PM

#247 - They should blame Bush, he has screwed up everything else in the world, why would this be an exception?

Posted by TB December 15, 08 06:24 PM

Never mind, venice is beautiful, is beautiful and is beautiful...still under water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by lucia pinho December 15, 08 06:28 PM

the wakeboarding is cool and all, but it can't be good for the foundations of the buildings. count on red bull to use this to promote themselves.

Posted by matt December 15, 08 07:33 PM

#301 and #325, were the most relevent! If you missed them, re-scan and pick them up. We're now in a world economic crisis, and worsening it by wasting money and effort on CO2 emissions and 'dibious' "global warming"!
Blame the world wide Hollywood media's world of excess and un-reality.

Posted by Leroy E. Krauss, BS EE 1950 Age 86 December 15, 08 08:37 PM

SO, every where in the world are floating.
Event there is LIFE...
but anyway is really great foto.

Posted by yuli ekawati December 15, 08 10:29 PM


Posted by SILVIO MENDES December 15, 08 11:38 PM

Venetians are great,they are aware of the location,level and geological condition of the ground of Venice therefore they enjoy their life's. Global warming has very little effect on this for the time being. I hope the ongoing project which is due for 2011 will be successful to save the Venice for next generations.

Posted by Huseyin Ahmetoglu December 16, 08 02:22 AM


Posted by Anonymous December 16, 08 07:21 AM

Va-t-on perdre définitivement ce joyau sous l'eau avant que je puisse y aller.

Posted by Manon December 16, 08 09:15 AM

Sharra sent these to me they are wild glad we went when we did!!!

Posted by Steve December 16, 08 10:58 AM

We visited Venice twice in l8 mos. and it is one of the most beautiful , romantic
places in the world. We love it and hope not to see it destroyed by flooding in
our lifetime. Ciao

Posted by Anonymous December 16, 08 09:54 PM

Nostradamus might turn out to be true!!! Venice may go under water in years to come... But the contemporary Christian doesn't believe in Nostradamus! But I wanted to see Venice before it submerged!!! Its so beautiful :) I hope Nostradamus turns out to be wrong!!

Posted by Karishma Roy (India) December 17, 08 12:41 AM

Unimaginable without the actual photographs. Photographers delight but local residents pain and suffering.

Posted by Juthika December 17, 08 01:34 AM


Posted by Jenik December 17, 08 02:54 AM

All interesting comments, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Just wish you could spell..... :(

Posted by Ettienne December 17, 08 04:36 AM

under water life

Posted by ashwin binzade December 17, 08 04:56 AM

What an amazing group of photos all taken of a beautiful city. Thankyou to those who provided them. We were there in August 2008, and fell in love with the place. The people were fabulous and the Islands so quaint. Hopefully they have recovered from this phenomenon as they appear to do each time it happens.
Good luck to you all.

Posted by Jill.......Australia December 17, 08 07:39 AM

Thank you for the pictures!, I'm from Mexico, I never could think that this will happen to Venice, I have always think about visiting, I´ll do it one day; with some of the coments, is it true that the water smells bad?, I have always wonder about the sewage, where does it go, in to the river?.

Posted by Laura Perez December 17, 08 01:16 PM

Yo estuve ahí este año en septiembre y me parece increíble ver Venecia así de inundada. La verdad espero que solucionen el problema porque es una ciudad maravillosa, única.

Posted by Nazarena December 17, 08 04:05 PM

We pray that the floods leave Venice, such a beautiful city. We live in a little city called Walla Walla, Washington about 275 miles from Seattle. Some of our cities have been flooded and we have felt for them too. My husband and I have been to Venice, what history there is there. All of Italy is special to us; It is a world all in its own. We hope and pray that out of this bad happening good will come and prevail. Bless you all and keep you from harm.
Horace and Jeannette Lazzari
Walla Walla, Washington 99362

Posted by Horace and Jeannette Lazzari December 17, 08 08:00 PM

Incrible...y a pesar de todo se rien .Ojalá alcance a conocer esa maravilla de ciudad antes que sea peor la inundación .Gracias por las fotografias a quien las tomó

Posted by Carmen Castrillón González December 17, 08 09:27 PM

Hi my name is Queen. The amazing story of Venice has made me truely inspired me! I am in 5th grade and I am doing a social studies project on Venice. hopefully in Febuary, I would win, and go citiwide and maybe even state or national. I hope my project will inspire lots of people.

Kenner, La 10 mi from New Orleans

Posted by Queeen T December 17, 08 09:30 PM

In responce to comment 347- When the water goes down the sewage goes accross the atlantic to the Rio Grande where it belongs!

Posted by Geortge-Jorge December 17, 08 10:02 PM

Veneza é linda demais para vê-la assim inundada pela água. Duas vezes já estive lá, e Graças a Deus, estava deslumbrante, sem a água tomando conta de tudo. Mas infelizmente, acho que nós, homens, temos culpa também nessa calamidade!
Porto Alegre, Brasil

Posted by Nóris C.M.Granville December 18, 08 07:55 AM

Ben bugun gazete Venedik yilbasi turlarinin 99 avro olduðunu gormustum, niye bu kadar ucuz diyordum.

Sebebi belli oldu.

selam olsun sana Kuresel ISINMA

Posted by Vahap December 18, 08 09:04 AM

There is a holiday offer in daily newspaper in TURKEY today for Venice .

4 days only 99 EURO.

I noticied reason.

Posted by Vahap December 18, 08 09:08 AM

Y donde queda la conciencia de la raza humana que ve esto pero no hacemos nada al respecto. Debieran de tomar medidas drasticas en todo el mundo, con el auspicio de la ONU para castigar a los deforesten los bosques, o a los que estan destryendo la AMAZONIA, crear fuentes de trabajo acordes a cada pais para que la gente no tenga que usar la leña como combustible y los petro-explotadores como el dictador Chavez, dejar los precios bajos para la gente del tercer mundo, y sus enormes ganancias invertirlas en la humanidad y en la disminusion del calentamiento global

Posted by nelson pio rosales December 18, 08 10:52 AM

Venezia es maravilosa, he estado en varias ocasiones, tengo familia ahi y realmente no veo el problema, si, las indundaciones son malas en cualquier parte por que nos afectan a todos en cualquier manera
Tal como lo han comentado en Venezia no es extraño que esto suceda, están preparados, en donde no lo están, es en otros lugares, donde por lo regular una o dos veces al año hay catástrofes, recuerden solamente los huracanes que temporada tras temporada, arrasan miles de kilómetros en México y Centro America y que decir del Oriente, también allá sucede.Visiten Venezia No se arrepentiran , en cualquier época es MAravillosa.

Posted by Luciano Cecchetelli December 18, 08 03:53 PM

glad it wasn't like this in March this year when we were there!

Posted by nancy sturgeon December 18, 08 04:47 PM

Re 344--couldn't agree more!

Posted by Lee December 19, 08 04:15 AM

Is there any hot and single Italian men who need a warm safe place to stay!?

Posted by Julie Mathis December 19, 08 06:14 AM

Hope Venice will never drown as they say it will one day. It will be a shame as Venice is one of the prettiest city in the world.

Posted by Mavroviti Anna-Maria December 19, 08 08:04 AM

A mio parere un vero privileggio dei veneziani.

Posted by Dott. UZ SERDAR December 19, 08 08:39 AM

Jehove prièe so napovedale, da bomo kmalu rabili èolne, da se bomo ohranili nad vodo. Turisti pa kar vstrajajo. Benetke so pa res magnet. Dobro, da koga ne ubije elektrika.

Posted by alenka December 19, 08 10:35 AM

verlos acostumbrados a esa situacion! que barbaro!!

Posted by Anonymous December 19, 08 12:20 PM

my name is shahram from iran this sightsing is very nice but i am confiusd what living this people in this water

Posted by shahram askari December 20, 08 01:24 AM

My name is Nevart, from Iran; I visited Venice last summer for the first time. It was beautiful and amazing. The photos are great but I really fell sorry for Venicians who have to face this situation during the floods. Let's pray for Venice to be saved so that the coming generations could also visit this beautiful city in the world.

Posted by Nevart December 20, 08 10:25 AM

Im Sommer 2008 verbrachten wir einen in Venedig. Wir erlebten eine Lagunenstadt, wie wir sie noch nicht gesehen hatten. Es war beeindruckend schön. Umso mehr ist die Überflutung Anfang Dezember 08 ein Desaster für die Bewohner und ihre Stadt. Wir bedauern es sehr!

Posted by Hannelore aus München December 20, 08 02:40 PM

Veneziani, vi penso. Pero si vede che siete abbastanza preparati.

Posted by Jana ©makalová December 20, 08 04:25 PM

It would be interesting to see the contrast today and to what it will be when we visit at the end of May 2009.

Posted by Joe & Eva Re Perth Western australia December 21, 08 01:02 AM


Posted by HILTON share December 21, 08 12:06 PM

I was in Venice 1972 on carnaval.But no water on piazza San Marco.
I want water go out.

Posted by Anatoly December 21, 08 04:55 PM

Global Warming and cooling happen throughout the Earth's cycle as the axis tilt sways back and forth while revolving around the sun. Mankind as a whole isn't the sole cause of Global Warming. We are only speeding up the process even by a smidgen with today's factors. No matter what you do you can't stop global warming and cooling. In some million years (maybe earlier or later, pending) from now, you will see the remnants of Venice sitting on Dry land. If you don't like the truth, stop complaining and build your own shuttle to take you to another planet. In the lifespan of anything in the Universe, relative to anything on Earth, shrink it all down and Global warming and cooling will be like someone throwing a stone across water. It will advance until it stops, then until that person throws the stone again, it can relate to the time of global cooling.

Posted by Nick M. December 21, 08 07:16 PM

Fantastico,pero muy frio con el agua al cuello;creo que prefiero tierra seca

Posted by Juan Carlos S. December 22, 08 10:48 AM

...quanto maior a festa, maior a ressaca...

Posted by amilto sores nunes December 22, 08 11:19 AM

This is very disturbing to see the most beautiful
city demolition. This is the consequences of
Capital’s aggressiveness. This is the beginning
Of disaster we are facing with in future.

Posted by f moier December 22, 08 12:56 PM

Mamma mia!

Posted by Burda December 22, 08 02:24 PM

i love ITALY!!!!!!!! - Went in June 2008 and not even the floods could stop me from going back.

Posted by Anonymous December 22, 08 04:18 PM

RE 301
Dr. Hanson............Please tell me why I should believe your scientific data and not the other thousands of scientists who disagree with you. They claim that global warming IS caused by people.

Posted by Linda December 22, 08 05:11 PM

Man, that would be the worst!

I get annoyed and whine when the ground is even slightly damp and the hems of my pants get wet. They don't dry for hours!!

Posted by Katie December 22, 08 07:09 PM

I cannot wait to arrive in Venice on 12/27/08. This will be my second trip to the enchanted Venetian Islands. I hope the water has gone back down to normal levels.
The early December flooding is not nearly enough for me to cancel my trip. no place on earth..............................................

Posted by Anonymous December 22, 08 09:46 PM

Mi dispiache, but seeing that wonderful city and the natives and t ourists accepting the flooding makes me realize how great it is to be Italian!.
Being surrounded by water, this is less of a shock than seeing Piazza Cavour in Lake Como flooded a few years back.
Adriatic was turbulent in August when we were there- there's water !

Viva Italia

Posted by Mary Rose December 23, 08 12:16 AM

Fantastic Photographer, whoever she or he is.

Posted by marilyn hoch December 24, 08 05:51 PM

Benzersiz ve olaðan üstü görüntüler.
Ve bu durumdan sonra doða ananýn gücünün de bir göstergesi.
Ayný zamanda, Venedik'in o görkemli tarihi yapýlarý ve dokusu, su baskýnýyle birlikte,
enfes manzaralar oluþturmuþ.
Burada, beni enterese eden þu;
Halkýn sosyal yayantýsýna, sanki her þey olaðan mýþ gibi devam etmesi.
Kýsaca, bir sel baskýný ve etrafýn sularla kaplanmýþ olmasý ancak bu kadar eðlenceli ola bilir....Türkiye'den sevgilerimi gönderiyorum. Ýtalyan selamlýyor... Ýtalyan müziklerini dinlemekten çok keyif alýyorum...!

Posted by Sabri KAYACIK December 25, 08 07:15 AM

It is amazing how people accomodate themselves to different surprises of nature!!!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Posted by Nadia December 25, 08 10:46 AM

I arrive to Venice of 29 December . Will there be high water then?

Posted by Voytech December 25, 08 02:05 PM

you people are NUTTS

Posted by Jimmy December 25, 08 08:06 PM

Oooo çok degýsýk býr durum
Ama ne olursa olsun hayat sartlarýna ýnsanoglu çok guzel uyum saglýyor.

Posted by ahu December 26, 08 01:28 AM

I am going to travel to veniz in next summer if it is possible

Posted by babak talebkhani December 26, 08 02:44 AM

Venice is not on high ground, and so these floods do happen. However, when Venice is not underwater, it is a great place to see unique parts of Europe. And I suggest it to everyone who wants to go to Europe or see something magical.

Posted by Evella December 26, 08 01:33 PM

Venice is centuries past its prime as a trading superpower (its long decline started in 1492 with Columbus). There are not even that many true Venetians living there left. The place is basically a gorgeous carcass. They should use any "rescue" funds to save the rain forest or help immigrants or whatever else practical...

Posted by maxie December 26, 08 08:18 PM

My wife and I were in beautiful Venice in November and I assure you that if I live, I'll return even if I have to don scuba gear. The city and its people are magnificent. We fell in love with Venice.

Posted by Robert Horne December 27, 08 06:56 PM

a tranquilidade das duas mulheres dentro da loja rindo e uma delas com a perna cruzada é constrangedor :P

Posted by getulio guerra December 27, 08 07:30 PM

ohhh..what a pittyyyy....ý saw the venice so many times..ý have been in winter time too..but..that time iss only san marco was in the water..

ý am so upset to see that pictures..comon VENÝCEEE...this is not your the past many years....

Posted by melih December 27, 08 08:37 PM

My 3 daughters and I experienced the flooding of Venice in 1998. But we had a great time anyway. My daughter wrote a wonderful poem called "Quatro a Mer" (four from the sea) to commemorate our experience. Anne, Las Vegas, December 27, 2008.

Posted by Anne Fascenelli December 27, 08 10:21 PM

What courage of the people of Venice to endure these floods and know that one day their beautiful city will sink. Where will they go when this happens?
May God take care of them.

Posted by COLLEEN BERNATH December 28, 08 03:46 AM

This was truly interesting to read. Myself and five others will be visiting Italy in April 2009 and the positive comments I have read has made me more anxious to visit this amazing city - under water or not! Living in Canada, we too experience many environmental disasters - forest fires, hurricanes, flooding, ice storms, etc, BUT we do manage to move foreward. We could argue for eternity as to why these disasters occur and do what mankind is well apt to doing, blame someone or something else. There is no blame - this is simply EVOLUTION!


Posted by Cheryl Roy December 28, 08 12:04 PM

to #304:
If you look at the content, # 211's comment was apparently a typo. He/She said "None of this it's the President's fault". I believe they meant None of this is the Presidents fault. I somewhat agree, but i also like how they are taking lemons and making lemonade. :)

Posted by Brandi Christmas December 29, 08 01:32 AM

Pois é, Kagaro Nopal. Alguém tem de pagar pelos erros de outros, mesmo que os outros sejam nós mesmos - ou os venezianos.

Posted by Marília December 29, 08 06:57 AM

This is what New Orleans should look like! Like Venice, NO is built on a mud flat and it will continue to sink forever. Instead of spending billions to try and repair Katrina's damage, that money should be used to develop NO similar to Venice. Just think of the tourism that would then be putting millions into NO's ecomomy-no vision down there and it is obvious NO will never be abandoned-why not put it on a money making basis instead of a tax sucking cesspool?

Posted by D. Ellis December 29, 08 08:51 AM

I was there two years ago during the summer. The water was low then and there was no water in the square. It was beautiful. This happens every so often in Venice and is caused by a phase of the moon. The entire city is built on wood, it floats. We stayed in Venice in a lovely hotel that had windows that opened onto the water. All food and garbage are brought in and out of the city by boat in the early mornings.

Posted by Tracy December 29, 08 09:03 AM

Wow the people here in theses pictures seem versed in this problem.....Yes they have been thru this before. Problems with flooding have been going on for a very very long time.....God bless all of the people of Venice!

Posted by Faith D>F> December 29, 08 10:55 AM

This is the end of the Roman Empire...Oh wait a second, wrong time... Ah, this is the end of the _____ Empire (feel the blanks, it doesn't matter). George Bush you DOG, this is your fault. All the water, snow, ice, wild fires. The end of the world is because Bush is an idiot and not us being greedy, selfish, looking for our own well being and not the well being of the rest. Who cares, I have my iPhone, my new iPod, iCrap, i, i, i, i.... Never we, us, together. We talk, meet, chat, but not face to face. We do it online. We meet our future wives online. This is a man talking that loves technology, growing up dreamed of all this, but for the good and not in excess use. The end of the world as we knew is over. And it's not the Americans or the Jews or whoever you want to blame, to justify your laziness... But remember, humanity has been through a lot, WE WILL PREVAIL.

Posted by ET December 29, 08 11:19 AM

Yo estuve en Venecia , lugar magico donde los haya, volveria una y mil veces. Es hermosisima.

Posted by chusa December 29, 08 04:06 PM

We were in Rome when the flodding was happening, but could see the floods as we made our way back to Milan.
To think we were there on the 23rd of November is so unreal.The weather was the best, at the time we were in Venice. It was such a beautiful day, and we had such fun touring St Mark's ,plus all the other buidings, and shopping. I'm still traumatized over this.
I loved Venice.

Posted by Dorothy Thompson December 30, 08 09:48 AM

Yo conoci Venecia hace 24 años estuve alli y me parecio un lugar de ensueño, era algo que tenia un encanto y una magia que realmente te hacia sentir muy bien, recuerdo en la Piazza San Marcos a un mes de haber partido de Argentina sono en uno de los Cafes de alli tocaron un tango y todo el tour bailo alli me refiero a la foto Nª 20, hoy me da cosa por mas preparado que uno este quita al paisaje toda su magia. Es mi pensamiento .

Posted by Ana Pakman December 30, 08 02:47 PM

Thank you #372 and all of you who don't blame the people of the world causing Venice to be flooded!! I too fell in love with was like walking into a painting at the turn of every corner....I can't wait to go back. It is a remarkable and beautiful city and I did not experience any bad smells from the sea or have any problems with birds pecking my head....if any of you had experienced that, maybe that's Venice's way of telling you to go HOME!

The people of Venice experience flooding regularly and yet continue to live happy lives regardless.

Posted by Karen in Kailua, Hawaii December 30, 08 04:36 PM

Oh my goodness, that's crazy. My mom, sister, sister-in-law and I were there in April of 2007. They told us stories of the floodings. But this is insane. I am so glad we weren't there when this happened.

Posted by Anna December 30, 08 09:18 PM

I cannot believe that someday this will actually happen to beautiful Venice. Tthere must be some person(s) who can resolve this, . each country must invest a large sum of money to make a"something " to hold the water back........ come on guys and girls THINK .....there must be some scientists that can come up with a solution..All nations put your heads together and get going on this,...The whole world will thank you.

Posted by Pia Marchant December 31, 08 04:49 PM

Aaaah Serenissima!......The most serene!!!
Venice is my favorite city in the entire world! I lived there for a month while working on aship (restoring the "Anastasis" for Y.W.A.M.), in 1979. I have been back twice, since. My brother and I had so much fun at Carnevale in 2006, that we are bringing friends back to Carnevale in 2009!!
We are wearing beautiful custom-made 18th century costumes!!!!! To see my dress and some other great photos of masks, go to and in the search box type Venice-carnival costume-Jodie and it will take you to my photos!! Ciao!

Posted by Jodie Howard in Temecula, California December 31, 08 11:40 PM

I've been to Italy several times, but I never had the privilege to know Venice, that I understand is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every effort should be made to save that architectural and art cradle, so future generations can enjoy it.

Posted by Carlos M. Molina January 1, 09 06:05 PM

As we aproche the end of time,the world we see more radical change not only in Venice but in many major cities such as, Rio De Janeiro,London,New york,Boston Amsterdam.
Since the time of JESUS,the world has witnessed a big change.The sea level is rising dramatically for centuries.The earth landiscape is taking another shape;soon all the costal cities will desappear as the waters goes further into the land.
the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, estimated that the compounding effects of the loss of Arctic Sea ice will more than double previous projections by the end of the century. We are seeing troubling signs that the dramatic changes in the region of Antarctic and Greenland, threat the rest of the planet." According to It has been noticed that glaciers have melted more than normal over the past century. It was argued in the past that this was a normal process that takes place over time, but this is now proving wrong. Many glaciers have melted so fast over the past few decades that they have vanished from the face of the earth forever. Many glaciers that remain are today facing the same fate. They are reducing in size year after year because the falling snow is not able to replace the amount of of melting ice" Many scientists concluded the the responsable for this change is the sudden and rapid industrialization which in turn has caused global warming - the prime culprit of fast melting glaciers,if this was the case,than we could say the the flood that brought about the destrution of the ancient world of Noah,was caused by global warming,but we all know that there was not such thing as global warming 5,000 years ago !The point is, most of the scientists that are engaged in fiding the answer about the freake weather that has plagued this world don't ,believe there is a GOD to who every single human being that ever lived in the face of this earth will give account.
The disturbing natural events sweping throughout the world,is not caused by global warming.I totally agree that the industrialization are destryoing the enviroment,no doubt about it !Alot of nuclear waist has been dumped into the sea. Under the sea lakes of industrial waist has been formed thausands of factories, and there is no solution for this global problem.Russian submarine nuclear waist has been dumped into the sea for long time.According to Dr. Wally N'Dow, Secretary General of Habitat of "UNITED NATION" 50 percent of all potable water is wasted or lost in the developing world;Pollution, with some 2 million tons of human excrement and an ever-increasing volume of untreated discharge from industry going into urban water supplies every day.keep in mind that all these lethal polution ends up into the sea.
The problem of venice is not unic; last december 2008, intire cities in Brazil have soffred heavy rain for 50 day,that has been declared no longe a place safaty to to leave;many people have died.The authorities prohibited the people to lived there.Thousands of people have to relocate to other places. xxxx The threat is already a reality in some cities. Mexico City, located on an arid plateau, must bring water in over large distances, as well as lifting it more than 7,000 feet above sea level, for its present population of 20-plus million. It does not have an adequate supply now, and its population is still growing rapidly. Billions of dollars must be spent if Mexico City is to have a sufficient supply, but its Federal Government lacks the money. Mexico City has sunk 10.7 meters (some 35 feet) in the past 70 years because of the withdrawal of water from the groundwater sources, or aquifer. Both Bangkok and Houston face the same problems as Mexico City, though not yet as severe.
At this point, this world has been changed for the worse,and things will not get better,the worse is yet to come.We need to pay attention to what JESUS said,only His intervention will save this planet,from natural disasters,from famine,desease and nuclear destruction.The prophet Isaiah says : 6 For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, [b] Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

7 Of the increase of his government and peace
there will be no end.
He will reign on David's throne
and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
with justice and righteousness
from that time on and forever.
The zeal of the LORD Almighty
will accomplish this( Isaiah 9:6-7)

melting ice.

Josue De Oliveira

Posted by josue De Oliveira January 1, 09 06:49 PM

There`s always sonwhere worse than where you think you are ???? Geoff

Posted by Geoff Coupe January 2, 09 06:04 AM

This makes me sad...hope the damage is repairable.

Posted by Tata January 2, 09 10:14 PM

really cute! :D

Posted by Hamed Shirvani January 3, 09 03:59 AM

Quanto mais agua, mais turistas. Veneza nos mostra quanto e' grande o seu encanto.
Roberto Perazzo
Salvador-Bahia, Brasil

Posted by roberto perazzo January 3, 09 06:29 AM


Posted by Claudete Drummond January 3, 09 01:39 PM


Posted by Claudete Drummond Perazzo - Salvador-Ba. Brasil January 3, 09 01:43 PM

While the water would make for a unique dining experience it appears the Venetians are handling this challenge well. Our visit for nearly a week in September 2008 revealed one of the world's most fabulous and quietest cities. We are also in awe of how fit the residents are...walking everywhere has it benefits. Not sure how aqua-cise will help but we will definately go back to Venice to find out.


Posted by L A Pace January 4, 09 01:54 PM

Imprecionante como o tempo muda tudo.
O homem sempre pensa que é o melhor em tudo...
e vendo uma situação como esta que percebemos que temos sempre
que nos lembrar do mais importane: DEUS.
Não adianta guardar tantas coisas se no final não levamos nada daqui.
A natureza - tantas vezes agredidas - está mostrando que o ser humano
tem que rever URGENTE SEUS VALORES!!!
Lamento por tanta beleza e história que está se perdendo nas águas...

Posted by ElektraVive January 4, 09 04:52 PM

that looks so0oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oooo0oooo0o0o0o000o kool
when i saw the pictures i waz like OMG i cant believe that people would acually walk in the flood. i would put on really tall rain boots.
-from america,staten island new york

Posted by nicole January 6, 09 05:02 PM

Daaa! Vineciu podtopilo maleha)))

Posted by Sandro Leone January 6, 09 07:42 PM

I just returned from a Venice vacation. There was no flooding problems at all at the end of December. St. Mark's Basilica and Doges Palace showed no evidence of high water. The shops we visited and my hotel Kette showed no indications of flood either.
As gorgeous as ever, in Venice, Murano, and Burano.

Posted by Brady January 7, 09 02:37 PM

It is true that the Earth goes through a series of cyclical climatic changes-it goes from cooling to warming and all over again,it is how it works.But trying to deny the effects the human being is causing is just pretending we are not to blame so that our consciences can rest.We are not destroying the Earth,but we are accelerating its natural process,and I wonder what will happen if we can never adapt to the warming and just die out as many of other animal species before us-cause don't you ever forget that,after all,we are just animals.

Posted by Lyd January 7, 09 06:54 PM

Its great. There is no where for the trashy knock off purse vendors to dispaly their crap.

Posted by giancarlo January 8, 09 02:26 AM


Posted by massaro January 8, 09 10:32 PM

Wow!! Gorgeous...
I'm so jealous...
In my country, Greece, with a sprinkle of rain you can't go nowhere!!
....So natty solutions!!!!!!!!!
BRAVISIMO :))))))))))))))

Posted by Georgia January 9, 09 04:02 AM

I am a seasoned and avid world traveler. I have visited Venice more than any other place. It's unique, romantic, historic and magical! I will visit again and again until it sinks or I pass from this earth. I wonder which will come first.

The earth is changing and I am sorry to say not for the better. It is time that we all realize what is killing our precious earth..................OVER-POPULATION! We rape the earth everyday to sustain human life and in fact we are killing ourselves! May Venice survive!

Posted by Gail January 9, 09 10:47 AM

To karishma roy, we(contemporary christians) don't necessarily disagree with Nostradamus. We are mainly concerned with the source of his inspiration. He may be indeed correct about Venice's events but where does that inspiration come from? The bible, as we believe and come to know as God's word, is not so much concerned with simply where a thing happens or how transpires but how it relates to HIS plan and purpose. I don't mean to be cruel in saying this but the flooding of Venice is not as critical as how Venice fits in with world events politically and socially. I pray that Venice does recover from such an abnomality and that their economy doesn't suffer much from this.

Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 03:14 PM

it is so sad ...

Posted by halla January 9, 09 04:12 PM

Venice is ghetto. The pollution, graffiti and over-crowding there are insane. The food is horrible and the people are rude. These pictures do it a lot of justice. Probably because most of the filth is under water. I say ciao Venice! You deserve to go under.

Posted by Dana January 9, 09 07:16 PM

Dana, I will pray for you, as you are evidently blinded and unable to see the magnificence of Venice.
I pity your feelings, for they are illogical and prejudiced, lacking facts. Venice is irreplaceable.

Long live Venice, it's beauty, people, architecture, uniqueness and it's churches.

Posted by Anonymous January 10, 09 02:20 PM

hi my name is nader parsa yekta .from iran .tehran it was very beautiful city venice .

Posted by nader parsa yekta January 11, 09 02:15 AM

I am sorry, but I know that Venice will overcome.
My blessings to all the wonderful Italian people who make it a pleasure to come and visit. Not only for the beauty, the history, but the wonderful food and wine.
Salut . We love you Italy.
PS: Will see you again shortly.


Posted by Tony Oliverio January 11, 09 04:35 PM

.......SPEECHLESS OF THE VIEW.....................
HOPE THE BEST FOR VENICE FROM NOW AND ON...........................

Posted by MARIA G. January 13, 09 02:45 AM

Hola, Yo estuve exactamente hace 3 años en esa bella ciudad, era mi sueño conocerla había un frío insoportable, pero no importaba estando en ese bello lugar regalado por Dios a esas personas que ahí viven; por eso creo que no se inmutan , pues hay que pagar por ese privilegio.
Da nostalgia ver esa plazza de San Marco inundada ahora, y la terraza frente al puente Rialto, pero aún así no pierde su encanto este lugar.
Vivo en El Salvador, Centroamérica.

Posted by Nelson Edgardo Huezo January 14, 09 01:17 PM

It is sooooo sad to see all this.
Was in beautiful Venice in Feb 2008.
I love that place. Remember all of thos pictures but without the water

Posted by Don from Tucson, Arizona January 14, 09 02:05 PM

Fa 30 anys vaig estar ha VENECIA. Es fantastica,inolvidable!!!!!!!

Posted by maria January 14, 09 02:05 PM

El sitio mas lindo que he visto en mi vida . Mientras mas lleno de agua mas lindo es.Estuve dias antes de las inundaciones de dic. pero tambien estuvo inundado .Es mi segundo viaje a Venecia pero pienso volver.

Posted by Joaquin Garcia_Moll January 15, 09 11:05 AM


Posted by marga January 16, 09 06:27 PM

Venice is smelly (you get used to it) as it was purposely built on a swamp. While I have a bias towards Rome ( birthplace), Florence is my second favorite Italian city. There's just something about that city....

Posted by Bernadette January 16, 09 08:32 PM

The pictures about Venice flooding and the venetians making their way in the City are very beautiful, although they are used to the routine of high waters, that we wish they are soon solved in this wonderful town

Posted by Jordi January 17, 09 05:51 AM

All my lives I have been in Venezia. I tell you, water will come and water will go but you will never wet our ghosts.

Posted by Pasquale January 17, 09 10:43 AM

We love Venice and pray for this beautiful and wonderful city. So fascinating.
May God bless the people with such courage to face these obstacles. Please keep Venice safe for the generations.

Posted by Rochelle, Mobile, Al. January 17, 09 11:50 AM

Jorge (rsponse #352) presents a very nasty comment, about the trash going out to the Atlantic and then to Texas. I say, "Mist on you, Pister, You ain't so mucking fuch.
David C

Posted by David C Dorney, Ph.D January 17, 09 01:44 PM

What a pity, that many people do not understand the beauty of Venice under water. Water comes and goes,that's one of the many fascinations of Venice

Posted by lilian January 17, 09 03:09 PM

Can you say mold? Must be a great place for asthmatics.

"Hey man, did you see that, those poor cats are sure messed up
I wonder what they were gettin' into, or were they just lost in the flood?"

--- Bruce ---

Posted by Herb Landsdown January 17, 09 04:08 PM

agreed to cemment 445,I really love acqua alta,I really wanna see the real one since it's one of Venice's most attractive point ~~

Posted by Schawin January 18, 09 03:28 AM

Beautiful, beautiful Venezia!!! We were there in September 2008 and loved every minute of our stay!!! Venetians are to be commended for continuing in this beautiful and wonderful city. My wish is for God's blessings to be on all the wonderful Italian people who make Venice a pleasure to visit; not only for the beauty, the history and the people, but the wonderful food and wine.
We truly enjoyed Venezia and hope to return someday!! God Bless!!

Posted by Mary Lou - Louisiana, USA January 19, 09 06:56 PM

Je n'en reviens pas non plus de voir ces photos car j'y étais en février 2004. A ce moment, on avait eu un tempête de neige incroyable. J'ai quand meme adoré mon voyage à Venise.
Ginette Fortin
St -Félicien

Posted by Anonymous January 23, 09 08:45 PM

How sad.....for such a beautiful city. I vacationed there back in the 50's.

Posted by Betty January 27, 09 12:44 PM

Our last trip to Venice was so wonderful.....the small restaruant ,the dinner and the trip walk around would turn even old crocks like me on!!!! Loved every minute!!

Posted by Dohn Nagy January 27, 09 06:55 PM

Amazing but very sad.

Posted by Anon January 28, 09 07:06 AM

Venus was beautiful twenty years ago I Hope it will be as beautiful in April 2009 when I return to see it.

Posted by Anonymous January 28, 09 09:30 PM


Posted by XARA KOLL. January 29, 09 11:22 AM

Una citta é bellissima ma per i veneziani la vita é difficile, l'estate ci sono tanti turisti, l'inverno acqua!

Posted by Filiz Kutlar January 30, 09 11:41 AM

someone pls tellme why venice was built on water?have been tryin to find the reason online, *@%# evryone tells me how i wanna know why??? to all u citizens of venice enlighten me pls!!!

Posted by chinmay bhat January 31, 09 09:10 AM

its really dangerious if electricity pass water ?

Posted by bora January 31, 09 04:26 PM

i love water baby=]

Posted by Anonymous February 2, 09 09:50 AM

That's so nasty!
How come those cool and pretty cities have to suffer such disasters....

Posted by QUATRO February 3, 09 03:17 PM

All Things Must Pass - so shall Venice. Pity.

Posted by Den S Surles February 3, 09 11:16 PM

I was in Venice three months ago and it was during high tide, so it was flooded and there were so many people on the boardwalks, but it was still amazing.

Posted by Eric February 4, 09 11:47 PM

when i see this pieture then i was thinking that was so beautiful
but some time that was an horiable

Posted by shailesh more February 5, 09 01:25 AM

Venice is my favorite city in the world. I experienced these floods during my
school years abroad.. I thought it was so amazing how these Venetians adapted
to it all. I hope and pray we can find a way to save this magnificent city from the
perils of our environment. Viva Italia.. Viva Venezia...

Posted by Camilla February 7, 09 10:11 PM

Venizia - ahh Italy, the world is drowning. My former favorite city is now, almost a FORMER city. But what does it all matter if our oceans are rushing in to drown you and our sister oceanfront cities. The ice and snow keep melting, and what are we doing about it? Well who can sift through the massive depressing mess we've created in our children's world. Just do something, DO something, each and everyone of you DO anything to help. We bought a Hybrid, and I do my bit with energy saving appliances and recycling. So if not now, when? Only when it is too late? Really?? China is going through its "industrial revolution", poluting without a care, as many nations (including the U.S.) are. The poor (and greedy ) care not about the water or air, for lack of food and shelter. But who needs food and shelter, if there is NO water and air? So, just DO ...something! ... or enjoy the slushy sidewalks of Venice, New Orleans...Boston? And perhaps your city too.

Posted by Mimi February 9, 09 06:50 PM

We are all doomed - It is sad, yet thrilling to look forward to in a way. It will be an interesting next 3-4 years before 12-21-2012 !

Posted by Jay February 10, 09 02:25 PM

Es increible lo que ha pasado en esta bella ciudad de Venecia ,ciudad del romance y del amor .

Posted by Francisco LLorca Saprissa February 11, 09 06:06 PM

Sorry guys but what happened in Venice in early december has nothing to do with global warming!

Venice is situated in the north Adriatic Sea which is very shallow and felt the influence of tides.
The flood of the early December was caused by two factors together: high tide and strong south-est wind (Scirocco) blowing strong for 5 days.
The Scirocco push the water up to the north Adriatic sea and the High tide period do the rest.

If you look at the wheather chart you can see that the flood came to Venice always when Scirocco is Blowing!
And to tell you the truth in the last 5 years the Scirocco was not being so frequent (I can tell you this because I’m a surfer and a windsurfer of the Adriatic Sea and the Scirocco is my favourite wind).

The problem is that Venice is sinking and the “Mose” project is in a terrible delay:

I hope to make your mind clear about the problem of Venice.


Posted by Adriatic Surfer February 14, 09 05:58 AM

I am very angrey,it is so sad,but Venice is a Great & Beautiful,...ALWAYS.

Posted by Alireza Bayanian February 14, 09 08:11 AM

sooooooo,we have floods,typhoons,earthquakes, hurricanes etc.etc. We are a participant of life....enjoy the moment , learn from it all and be helpful!!!

Posted by b.creek February 15, 09 12:59 PM

What happen to the flood gate proposed in the 70's which suppose to prevent all these flood... the construction started many years ago, shouldn't it be finished by now? The flood is predictable and preventable. Venice is making a lot of money from the tourist, if the city wants to keep the cash coming in, they better speed up the flooding control works. That is the key of the matter.!

Posted by Hon February 15, 09 11:41 PM

we love you in this difficult time . God be with you.

Keep smiling.

Posted by mahin elm February 16, 09 10:04 AM

I think it`s beautifull no matr what ! I wish Icould take sometimes off and travel to venice rightawy .

Posted by Fahood Zoghi February 17, 09 10:25 PM

Amazing pictures, but what's more amazing is how illiterate, narrow-minded and unable to think can people be. I'm talking about those who blame "global warming" on this "high waters". Some are even predicting the "End of the World" (#411)! Yo, people, are you totally stupid?!? Haven't you noticed a link above to "Acqua Alta" site? Here it is: - check it out and you'll see that Venice is prone to such "floods". And they kept records since approx. 6th century...!!! And that this one is even NOT the worst flood (morons couldn't even read the text - worst in 22 YEARS, meaning 22 years ago was same or worse, understand? And at that time the likes of you were screaching "global freezing"!).

Posted by Leo G. February 18, 09 03:02 PM

it was nice

Posted by justin ben February 21, 09 09:57 AM

I did not see to many unhappy faces inspite of all this flooding. Venice must be a wonderful place with many happy people n it.

Posted by Emma Anthonisen February 22, 09 01:08 AM

I did not see to many unhappy faces despite all of all this flooding. It would seem that the folks are pretty much used to this type of weather and it was just another day. and by the way I am from the beautiful island in the West Indies , Barbados of course : )

Posted by MARIA BENN February 23, 09 06:07 PM


Posted by RON MCDONALD March 3, 09 03:51 PM

wow this pics are amazing and the extreme wakeboardong is cool =)

Posted by hackmaskate March 14, 09 07:50 PM

horoshie foto, ochen interesno bylo progulyat'sya vmeste s fotografom

Posted by Anonymous March 18, 09 08:29 AM

My trip to Venice was unforgetable due to its magnificence, Unbelievable that this beauty could ever dissapear,

Posted by Esther B.Rodriguez March 26, 09 12:25 AM

We'll be visiting Venice, Italy in late May, 2009 are there still floods in Venice we are looking forward to visit St. Marks Cathedral, is it okay now? Thank you

Posted by Iraida Mendez March 30, 09 09:48 AM

Dear sirs,

Your photos attracted me very deeply.My permit me to request you to email me more photos in the future.I like to keep my contacts with you. If allow me I would like to send your photos to my friends.
With wishes and prosperou and happiness
Best Regards

Posted by Husseinfarzi April 2, 09 02:18 AM

foto foto nya kren abissss,...
kapan ya bisa kesana....hahahhaha lol

Posted by wdanzz April 7, 09 01:26 AM

Is it believable someday in the future such a wonderlful and beautiful place go under water slowly forever and ever?
Hopefully not...

Posted by Serzhick April 11, 09 07:21 PM


Posted by YOUNG(MS) April 14, 09 03:00 AM

Looks like New Orleans after Hurricane Betsy and Katrina, without the devastation

Posted by Bob Dixon April 23, 09 09:58 AM

you may want to read Billy Meier's prophecies about Italy and how it will sink into the ocean. I'm afraid it may not come back but it will just get worse if his predictions are accurate. Enjoy it while you can but I'd head for higher ground.

Posted by Mark April 26, 09 03:37 AM

Ten wakeboarder mi pripomíná Medvídka od Lucie"

Za 30 stríbrných
z medvídka padá sníh
a ti rímští psi
ho sjíždejí na saních
o vánocích


Posted by Aleš Kantor April 26, 09 01:56 PM

nature at it's best/worst. Was surprised nothing was said or noted that venice still empties all it's raw sewage into the channels. PS don't go swimming.

Posted by jerry May 2, 09 04:34 PM

i love it

Posted by derryn truong May 6, 09 06:15 PM

WOW this is amasing I hope that I will be able to visit Venice before it goes under! It looks sooo beautiful!

Posted by awesome May 27, 09 02:00 PM

I can't believe it is happening.... Venice is the most beautiful place on the Earth in my oppinion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Venice I love you! you can't leave us!.......... :'-(

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 09 03:43 AM

É pessoal, se aqui é no Brasil, esse caso seria uma grande enchente as famílias desabrigadas, mas será que lá é sempre assim.

Posted by José Silva June 20, 09 09:43 AM

venice is beautiful and should never go down the moses project is bad for the enviernment but if it saves venice im all for it!

luv u alex!

Posted by crime buster 2000 June 29, 09 09:59 AM

i love venice i cannot believe this is happening to it, i hope it i dosent sink!

luv u alexis rogero!

Posted by crimebuster2000 June 29, 09 10:07 AM

with respect to post 400 wtf do you ,Tracy get the idea that Venice is built of wood and it floats .unfortunately idiots like you seem to have the money to travel , although the info never sinks in , look at the pictures everything is solid rock, marble and other kinds

Posted by Jose Rodriguez July 14, 09 07:53 PM

Hello! We are thinking about visiting Italy and are trying to figure out what is the best place to visit? Rome? Venice? Florence? Or? We have children who would come with us. Could you offer recommendations?

Chris and Monique
San Diego, CA

Posted by Chris July 16, 09 12:29 PM

I was there on 22 September 2008. It was awesome experience to visit Venice, one of the unique wonder in the world. Locals are used to these kind of high tide, but for the tourists it will be hard time.

Posted by Vinoth Kannan J August 12, 09 01:25 AM

I don't know Venice, but I don't like this situatons, because in my state, when rain a lot, always happen it.
I live in Santa Catarina - Brazil.

Posted by Edlene August 29, 09 12:36 PM

My wife and I visited venice several years ago and water level rose above the wooden walk way by several inches. these pictures are unbe
leiveable. Our hearts go out to the people of venice
It must be very hard to cope with. May god be wih you!
Elaine and Malcolm MacMartin- Burbank,Calif. USA

Posted by mjmacmartin September 2, 09 08:52 PM

Uauuu!! Fascinante !

Posted by Lethicia September 10, 09 11:27 PM

My family were there several years ago in December and it happened to us. It will happen every time they have a spring tide and southerly winds in the adriatic raising water levels in the Venice lagoon. They are no strangers to it thats why there are tressels stacked everywhere to make a raised platform for people to walk on! The locals have waders and wellies! This, however, was a pretty extreme storm and is more than they normally experience.

Posted by Lester Cruse October 16, 09 04:34 PM

bahaha when we were there 5 months befor hand it was nothing like this we saw an image of were we sat :P love it!

Posted by lucas October 20, 09 07:45 PM

i wonder wat will hapen if the opposite of that happened that most of the water will go away maybe you could se the bottom

Posted by Jose November 5, 09 08:00 PM

Hello, Venice will never sink. They are building the Moses flooding gates. That will save venice for many years to come. The lagoon will not be to stagnant because the gates will not be up all the time. After a storm the flood gates will go down and the water will circulate again. Pollution prevention has kept the lagoon clean. The moses will be a savior for venice and the lagoon. I was there 2 years ago and let me tell you it is the most magnificent city on earth!

Posted by gloria ortiz November 19, 09 03:25 PM

Fantàsticas imàgenes de las inundaciones en Venecia durante 2008.
Es impresionante el hecho de ver a la gente caminando en el lìmite, sin distinguir exactamente donde termina el muelle de la Piazza San marco y donde comienza la laguna.

Se sabe algo del fenòmeno Acqua Alta para este 2009/2010???

Saludos desde Argentina

Posted by Patricia November 29, 09 05:26 PM

Loved Venice, Just left there on Sunday...what change in a day. Very sad news.

Posted by Kevin Dietrich December 1, 09 09:46 PM

I have been to Venice twice and it is a wonderful place to visit. People go on with their lives when the city flooded. Amazing but sad. I really appreciate Venice now. I have been through numerous hurricaines living in New Orleans with worse destruction, so I can appreciate and understand when Venice flooded.

Posted by Jane L. December 4, 09 12:51 AM

wow thats cool i wished ilives there

Posted by Anonymous December 10, 09 03:01 PM

i think no matter what it is a very pretty place and i also think that it is neat how this place has ajusted to all that water its something that is diffrent i wannna go!

Posted by Anonymous December 15, 09 01:46 PM

I call that "grace under pressure." Bella Venezia!

Posted by Virginia, an Italian American January 3, 10 03:12 PM

This is why I love VENICE. It's a yearly rendezvous. Venice is still beautiful in the water. The authority should mark an anniversary day when the flood comes and celebrate the occasion. More tourist attraction; 'You have seen Venice, but You haven't been to Venice in the Water?" Have fun... you could hardly find another place like Venice that can still look beautiful in the water.

Posted by January 8, 10 10:25 PM

how is venis going to sink its like a night mare

Posted by susan February 5, 10 01:58 AM

Venice is already sunk, so it is not so bad. I am going there this spring break, and i cant wait to see the beautiful architecture and art. Long live Venice!!!

Posted by NoIWontGiveYouMyName February 18, 10 12:18 PM

Wow - what amazing photos - thanks for sharing.

Posted by Dan February 27, 10 10:09 PM

Good Morning...

Words like the earths temperature increase - or global warming are most often disregarded as too scientific - however, an earthquake shaking an entire country into disaster should not be disregarded as another statistic. We're talking about people, just like you and me.

[b]Please offer financial or volunteer assistance to Chile and Haiti[/b]

Posted by Intaccumn March 17, 10 12:52 PM

diffcult to live such life in water...

Posted by Amit Tatia April 9, 10 01:14 PM

No. But now i will. Thanks for that.

Posted by QWMichael April 18, 10 11:00 PM

i cant belive it i affarid from water

Posted by Anonymous April 21, 10 11:23 PM

I think this is really amazing that Venice is nearly about to be flooded. I am really affaired that Australia is also going to flooded just like Venice

Posted by Abhiroop May 19, 10 07:28 AM

"Aqua Alta" as it's known by the Venetians is a regular occurrence in Venice. There are numerous factors that can play a role in creating the high waters that flood the city of Venice. The main culprit is the tidal flow of the Adriatic as it pushes water into the Lagoon.

When I visited Venice in October 1993, I did experience walking on the cat-walks that were set up in the Piazza San Marco. It only lasted half a day. The Ventians know how to deal with this natural phenomenon and go about their usual day. This is my most favourite, magical place in all the world. I will return in the very near future. It's been much too long a wait!!

Posted by Donna May 27, 10 10:59 AM

It is so, so very sad.
I was hoping it would be useful for my Flooding Homework.
It definitely will be but i was not expecting so much flooding.
Anyway it is such a magical, surprising, romantic, inspiring, beautiful place.
I am much inspired by Italy and if ever visit Venice will be at the top of the list for my places to go.
I Have some questions though.
Has it sunk completely underwater before? Because there are rumours and it would help me vey much with my homework indeed.
Does anyone know any interesting facts about flooding around that area? Thankyou Very Much
p.s I am not surrised out how many secretsd are hidden in this beautiful city.
You Venetiansds certainly how to deal with flooding.
This is nothingto do with Venice But if you could find a little time to write to the govern ent about the complications in Burma. If you un sure what is happening and that country please research and read the very sad story of Aung San Suuu Kyi.

Posted by emohead9898 June 2, 10 04:51 AM

nose si es una maravilla o una trageria pero q dios bendiga esta gente muy sinpatica lo tomon con mucha tranquilidad

Posted by luis June 18, 10 01:44 PM

We were there in October right before this and it is hard to imagine the difference. I am glad we made the earlier trip. It was wonderful.

Posted by Patti & Jim from Orangevale California August 26, 10 07:27 PM

What amazing shots! And what amazes me more is that they handled that with dignity adn without their hands out, asking the entire world for money! Maybe Pakistan should take a page from this book! Flooding is an awful natural disaster, but man has survived numerous floods and came back better than before, but you have to help yourself and not depend on others! Way to go Venice! I'm sure you are back brighter than ever!

Posted by Tim Jay August 28, 10 02:27 PM


Posted by Anonymous September 14, 10 08:50 AM

amazing :)

Posted by ntandqrend September 18, 10 09:52 PM

necesidad de comprobar:)

Posted by Honpyday-online September 28, 10 09:15 PM

My favorite photo is the one with the gentlemen in waders enjoying an outdoor in the flood toast. Did you notice the empty upended bottles in the wine bucket?

Posted by oldtimer October 19, 10 12:02 PM

I am Savio Britto from India. I found Venice city very interesting. I do appreciate the patience of those people living over there. I am just thinking how they must be managing their activities. I pray to Almighty God that very soon the people start walking on the roads of Venice city. Venice will be always remembered in my prayers. God bless Venice.

Posted by Savio Britto October 30, 10 11:13 PM

Venice is the most romantic place on earth! A bit wet, but oh so worth it!

Posted by Maureen November 19, 10 09:11 PM

Read "The Bravo" by JF Cooper
a book about greedy mercantilism
destroying the Venetian Republic.

Posted by Markangelo December 13, 10 11:15 AM

Life carries the boots...

Posted by Nina December 13, 10 09:29 PM

Looks like a dirty swamp, I will get scared of risk and infection...ewww

Posted by JG March 31, 11 09:17 PM

Venice, "The city of The cities", so, it was named by Shakespeare!

Posted by Marilia April 11, 11 09:20 PM
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