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December 12, 2008 Permalink

The Hajj and Eid al-Adha

Yesterday marked the end of the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha, or "Feast of Sacrifice" - which also marks the end of the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. One of the pillars of Islamic faith, the Hajj must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by any Muslim who has the ability to do so. This year, nearly 3 million Muslims made the Hajj, without major incident, and are now returning to their homes across the world. Muslims who stayed closer to home celebrated Eid al-Adha, commemorating the the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son to God. Traditional practices include ritual prayers, the sacrifice of animals (usually sheep), distribution of the meat amongst family, friends and the poor, and visiting with relatives. (41 photos total)

Muslim pilgrims perform the "Tawaf" ritual around the Kaaba at Mecca's Grand Mosque before leaving the holy Saudi city at the end of the annual Hajj pilgrimage on December 10, 2008. The official Saudi News Agency (SPA) reported that the most recent statistics put the total number of pilgrims this year at more than 2.4 million, almost 1.73 million from abroad and 679,000 from within the kingdom, mostly foreign residents. (KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)
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Impressive pictures.

Posted by Matthias Bal December 12, 08 01:05 PM

The caption for picture #20 makes it unclear who is blockading whom. If the former is solely "Israel", then the existence of a non-Israel border crossing seems to render moot the "blockade".

Posted by Frank Ch. Eigler December 12, 08 01:09 PM

just amazing as always :)

Posted by laurene December 12, 08 01:13 PM

wow....LARGE crowd

Posted by John December 12, 08 01:13 PM

May the lord of all the animate and inanimate things have mercy on the countless number of slaughtered animals.

Posted by arif December 12, 08 01:21 PM

May the lord of all the animate and inanimate things bless my cheeseburger.

Awesome pictures once again. Well chosen, really show the face of a worldwide religion.

Posted by ed December 12, 08 01:42 PM

What beautiful people. What a beautiful faith.

Posted by Kimberly December 12, 08 01:45 PM

so much trouble, effort, symbolism and sacrifice for a god that might not exist...

on a lighter note: do they wash, sterilize and replace those shaving blades after each shave? or is it a "bring-your-own-blade" shave?

Posted by res December 12, 08 01:49 PM

SubhanAllah. Muslims of the world Unite!
And I didn't guess some of those were in America.

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 08 01:52 PM

#22 is excellent! that's a lot of people on one train.

Posted by Darin S. December 12, 08 02:00 PM

Nice photos, great job!
I like 1º and 3º photo.

Posted by Dani December 12, 08 02:05 PM

May the God of this universe and Father of Jesus Christ have mercy upon all humanity - who repress the knowledge of Him and establish themselves as gods in His stead!

Posted by Tim December 12, 08 02:06 PM

It's pictures like #4 and #36 that let you know that there's a HUGE amount of planning and control that goes on with the Hajj each year now. Probably commercialism, too -- wonder how much bottles of water sell for there?

Posted by mdmadph December 12, 08 02:12 PM

excellent as always, koko

Posted by jfbrehm December 12, 08 02:16 PM

#33 caused me to look up al-nadsir. from a reuters article i found:

'Members of the small sect called An-Nadzir colour their hair, live a basic life of farming and fishing, condemn militancy of any kind, and believe in salvation without discrimination and living in peace with others.'

Posted by mr. bojangles December 12, 08 02:22 PM

I'm against any kind of faith, but i love these pictures. Especially where LOTS of people pray together.

Posted by minime December 12, 08 02:24 PM

I'm not Muslim, but as a person of faith, the devotion and humility displayed in these photos is incredibly moving and only makes me wish that different religions could see more of what they have in common rather than what drives them apart. Some recent atrocities have been committed, apparently by people of the Muslim faith, but looking at these pictures I only wish that the popular perception of Islam was more in line with is apparent here. It is only really up to the Muslim community to firmly and overtly condemn the fanatics and fundamentalists who bring their entire community a bad name.
Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for this incredible website.

Posted by CJ in NY December 12, 08 02:36 PM


Posted by brittney December 12, 08 02:39 PM

#27 made me instantly dizzy! Must be leftover feelings from playing on one of those when I was a kid here in the States. ;) Excellent collection of photos, as always, Mr. Taylor.

Posted by robina December 12, 08 02:47 PM

I love the tremendous diversity of comments this blog brings.

(especially 'Goat!' - made me smile.)

Posted by Andrew Wade December 12, 08 02:53 PM

mdmadph (Comment #13): The pilgrims drink water from the well of Zam Zam while doing the Hajj. ZamZam water is never sold, but is distributed free of charge by the Saudi authorities (bottled, water fountains etc).

Posted by Abra in Dubai December 12, 08 03:02 PM

think what could be accomplished if all that energy were directed toward a useful purpose instead of making ridiculous prostrations before a non-existent god. why not get up off your knees and improve the living conditions in your countries?

Posted by steve beschakis December 12, 08 03:25 PM

#8: Wow. And here I thought Bonaroo was crowded.

Posted by Pete December 12, 08 03:54 PM

Steve, I'm not a religious man, but I hope someone is praying for you.

Posted by ray December 12, 08 04:00 PM

all water is for free!!!
zem zem specially

Posted by enis December 12, 08 04:06 PM

Hey, Ray...nice flair for self-contradiction...brilliant.

Posted by steve beschakis December 12, 08 04:26 PM

Great pictures of a a great occasion.

Posted by Ghassan December 12, 08 04:36 PM

Millions of people praying to a meteor in a special house. Imagine the lost productivity. What help could they have rendered their coreligionists in Somalia with that manpower and idle time? At least nobody died this year.

Posted by MikeN December 12, 08 04:37 PM

#20 - "...Hamas, which Israel regards as a terrorist group" is a quote that might imply that Hamas, a group that bombed countless civilian buses full of men, women and children, is somehow a peace-loving liberal political party. It is not, and is regarded as a terrorist group not only by Israel, but also the US, the EU, countless others and even the Palestinian Government of the West Bank itself. Maybe the The Big Picture knows something all of them don't.

In The Big Picture spirit, I guess from now on we can write "Al-Qaeda, which the US regards as a terrorist group", or "The 9/11 incident, which some regard as a terror attack". Politically Correct, right?

Posted by Dudi King December 12, 08 04:38 PM

Hey buddy, instead of hating on other religions. why not advise countries who are NOT on their hands and knees decrease their foreclosure rate caused by defaulted loans with ridiculous INTEREST RATES.

FYI: Interest is forbidden in the Muslim religion. (THEY KEEP THEIR HOME)

Posted by Hatim December 12, 08 04:40 PM

Faith and the Fear of the Unknown holds most humans together in various denominations.
What is common though is this inherent desire to share and help that gets seen through the various religious festivals we have.
Maybe we have not really come a long way as it pertains to know the UNKNOWN.

Posted by whoindatgarden December 12, 08 04:40 PM

Excellently put together. Absolutely brilliant! (To Comment No. 13: Water is free during Hajj.)

Posted by tamim December 12, 08 04:40 PM

@steve (#26), do you hold other religions in equal distain? One could drop the same complaint against the mass 'holiday ritual' that's taking place in western countries this month and next. To borrow the language you used, "just think what could be accomplished if all the money and energy that will be spent on gifts, parties and gluttonous feasts could be directed toward something useful". Why don't you get up off your soapbox and do something to improve the living conditions for the poorest in YOUR country? (a group that's likely growing by the day) Anyway, last word is yours, sir. I'm sure you've got something sardonic to say. (go ahead and look it up in the dictionary, I'll be here when you get back.)

Posted by ray December 12, 08 05:03 PM

wow steve, that's rude. i think you're giving atheists quite a crummy name at this point.

Posted by gnightly December 12, 08 05:06 PM

Great photos, and as another photographer, I especially appreciate the shots that require the photographer to get exceptional or diffcult access. Alan you have found many shots of Eid that I have not seen before, so kudos to you.

Posted by Mike Hettwer December 12, 08 05:15 PM

This is amazing we just studied this in our AP Human Geography class and these pictures make it so much more sense of the scale of how many people go in just one year. Just Amazing :)

Posted by David B. December 12, 08 05:16 PM

These are quality pictures. I am very impressed by such amazing and pure devotion. One of my favorite pictures is the one with the man reading the Qu'ran. Allah's message always brings peace to any believer's heart.

Posted by A. Ar December 12, 08 05:18 PM

Superb display of Faith . ..... Haj is where all piligrims from different countries come together and gather at Mecca to pray... really moving pictures..Thanks a Ton. :-)

Posted by Hai Mohammed December 12, 08 05:28 PM

What a nice religion, what a nice picture

Posted by Mo Shahin December 12, 08 05:33 PM

awesome pictures...i love the Goat comment...and the pictures are definitely a religious person or not

Posted by sedi December 12, 08 05:34 PM

awesome pictures as always, so impressive.

Posted by renzo December 12, 08 05:37 PM

what an interesting psychological phenomenon. it is amazing that such immense crowds are slaved by a sci-fi book. but it is beautiful to watch. amazing photos. amen

Posted by anton December 12, 08 05:40 PM

I sometimes forget there are more primitive religions than Christianity. Sadly, the nice pictures don't make up for the fact the desert guy Muhammad made the whole religion up. Perhaps one day those people will realize Allah and Jesus are fictional characters and would make better use of their time and effort on something that benefits all humanity.

Posted by Norman E. M. December 12, 08 05:41 PM

It is a bad manner for someone to speaks negatively on other people religious belief. Islam respects other people belief & never push anyone into Islam & it is the same that I trust in any other religion, right?

Why don't we just cherish the differences that we have, live in harmony and perhaps, make friends? And I guess that it does seems that we can always make new friends through beautiful photos captured.

Great pictures!

Posted by shafiq December 12, 08 06:21 PM

Steve, I think he meant praying for your safety. You don't want to find yourself in the same situation as that dutch cartoonist...

Posted by jclark December 12, 08 06:31 PM

Hallelujah ! There is No God but God and Moses, Jesus and Mohamad were His prophets. Jesus is a Muslim prophet just like Mohamad.

Posted by John Garang December 12, 08 06:41 PM

I think #3 is my favourite.

Sad to note that the most spiteful and sour comments here are by those condemning religion in general, or Islam in particular. It is beyond ironic for you to be so condescending to people participating in rituals that give them a keen sense of our shared humanity. The vandalism in #30 is the result of similar irrationality, mistrust and hate.

Posted by Paul Kishimoto December 12, 08 06:47 PM

@steve (#26), do you hold other religions in equal distain? One could drop the same complaint against the mass 'holiday ritual' that's taking place in western countries this month and next. To borrow the language you used, "just think what could be accomplished if all the money and energy that will be spent on gifts, parties and gluttonous feasts could be directed toward something useful". Why don't you get up off your soapbox and do something to improve the living conditions for the poorest in YOUR country? (a group that's likely growing by the day) Anyway, last word is yours, sir. I'm sure you've got something sardonic to say. (go ahead and look it up in the dictionary, I'll be here when you get back.)

Posted by ray December 12, 08 06:53 PM


Posted by lercarto December 12, 08 07:07 PM

Wow, these images are indeed breath taking.

And to all of you here cracking jokes or insults at islam, i personally dont mind you taking out the anger inside you. You need to vent because you cant do anything else to stop the spread of religion. You feel powerless. Thus you are cowards.

As my atheist friend summed it up well, Atheism is a religion too. You just dont believe in a god. So to insult 'religion' makes you looks stupid. You are no different than those who try to convert you; just two sides of the same coin. Morons. Your aim is to get me to believe the lack of a god while monotheisists aim to convince me there is one. See a difference? I dont.

Posted by Human Being December 12, 08 07:26 PM

wow nice pictures...

But you made me ashamed to be french... I don't hope theses kind of things happens elsewhere, but I would be disturbing if it was the only place where it does...

I'm not religious, even if I had a catholic education, but the stupid and hateful comments on peaceful religious people makes me sad, those people are not better than overzealous religious sadly presents in every religions.

Remember being peaceful with you, no matter how, is the first step to peaceful with others.

Posted by gabriel December 12, 08 07:53 PM

I'm not sure which I like best the photos (which are always wonderful) or the comments. A whole lot of misguided people follow this site.
Funny, Genesis 22 describes God's test of Abraham. Does this mean they worship the same God that we Christians worship?

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 08 07:55 PM

Great !
Great !
Great !

Posted by áçÏ ÇäÍÇÒåê December 12, 08 07:58 PM

Religion is always so frightening ! Millions of people taking pride of blindly following a random ideology ... If only it could be for the better !

Posted by Yogi December 12, 08 08:34 PM

Yes, the God muslims worship is the same God christians and jews worship.There is only One God. He sent messengers at different times to teach what humans were forgetting. Muslims call God Allah and muslims believe the last prophet is Muhammed (peace be on him)and muslims donot believe Jesus(peace be upon him) to be the son of God but to be a prophet and is revered by all muslims.So there has to be similarity in all the stories. If you read the Quran (the holy book which muslims follow) you will find the story of Noah. David,Jonah (Peace be on them) the quran is more than 1400 years old in the original form.

Posted by Taqwa December 12, 08 09:24 PM

@52: Yes, Muslims worship the same God of Christianity and Judaism.

They also believe in the all the prophets, and believe Jesus was a prophet, not the son of God.

Allah means God in Arabic.

more info @

Posted by MB December 12, 08 09:43 PM

I agree with Shafiq (#44 above). We need to be a little more respectful of one another. Atheists and zealots aren't scoring points here.

Posted by Stephen B December 12, 08 11:35 PM

What makes Islam great is the diversity. Different countries, ethnicities, cultures under one religion. That’s what I call a real global religion.

Posted by Musi December 13, 08 12:22 AM

Politics and religious ramblings aside, what an awesome collection of humanity. Well done to The Big Picture.

Posted by Hung December 13, 08 01:21 AM

Is it just me or is anyone else affected by the fact that the majority of prayers were being undertaken solely by men? I find it both disturbing and frightening - it seems archaic to me. What I have always hated about most prominent organized religions, such as Catholicism, the systematic control of the role of females seems to be thriving here. Always distasteful.

Posted by Rhona December 13, 08 01:31 AM

Thanks for putting this up and these are always so awesome to look at. beautiful pictures.

Posted by Kinza December 13, 08 01:38 AM

The God of Christianity is NOT the same as the god of Islam. Christianity believes that the one and only God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; three distinct persons in one Godhead. Islam denies that Jesus is God, thus denying God Himself. They are NOT the same at all. They both can't be God, there is only one God.

Posted by DS December 13, 08 01:49 AM

No pics from Pakistan, why? Muslim world is incomplete with out Pakistan.

Pics from Pakistan on the occasion of festivities should and must be included. Or consider these pics as incomplete representation of Eid ul Azha of the muslim world.

Posted by Kazem Yaldram December 13, 08 02:51 AM


Women are not allowed to get pictured in Saudi Arabia so you wont see any of those pictures.

Posted by Mohamed December 13, 08 02:59 AM

The old dude with the white beard in pic 32 is mad cool. You rock old guy from Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Real Imagination December 13, 08 03:00 AM

Mass insanity.

Posted by Dim67 December 13, 08 03:04 AM

#62, let's not split hairs here. Islam and Christianity are both children of the same belief system, so they are professing faith to the same godhead. Don't get all defensive just because other people have a different way of expressing their faith.

Posted by andy December 13, 08 03:12 AM

@Human Being: While this is certainly not the place to start a flamewar about religion (if there ever is a place for this), I feel that I need to point out that you misunderstand atheism. Atheism isn't faith in the non-existence of a god. It's the absence of faith in a god. Most atheists don't believe (and I mean that word in a religious sense) that there is no god. Instead, they simply don't assume that there is a god. In other words, an atheist thinks "given the evidence, the probability that god exists is very small, and I will thus lead my live assuming that there is no god" (that is, if they think about god at all). This is not the same as saying "I have absolute faith that god doesn't exist," which is the line of thinking of a religious person. Thus, atheism isn't a religion. It's the absence of religion (as the very name "atheism" implies).

In reality, most people are "atheistic" towards most religions, assuming that these religions are not true. People who call themselves atheists simply assume that one additional religion isn't true - so atheists actually have a lot in common with religious people: all of the religions they don't believe in, except for one. For example, Christians think that Scientologists and Buddhists and everyone else gets it wrong. Would a Christian say that not believing in Scientology is a religion? Do Christians believe in two religions, Christianity and Anti-Scientology?

As for the pictures themselves, they are truly breathtaking. It's fascinating to see the different kinds of muslims; typically, the only muslims we see in the media are arabs, and perhaps people from ex-Yugoslawia. Islam seems to be a much "broader" religion than we generally assume.

Posted by LKM December 13, 08 03:28 AM

Very Impressive pictures ....

Posted by Muhammad Muzzamil Ahmed December 13, 08 04:08 AM

i do not believe it is possible to throw rocks at rocks and it mean anything more than whats in your head.

Posted by ilovesteve December 13, 08 04:12 AM

Après avoir inventé Dieu, avec ses différentes déclinaisons, il est toujours étonnant de voir l'homme élaborer des rituels, supposément pour lui rendre hommage. Pour cela, il ne manque pas d'imagination, empruntant parfois à d'autres religions, j'allais dire des simagrées, que du point de vue rationnel, on ne peut que trouver questionnable. Les religions: le plus grand ferment de discrimination sous couvert d'amour et de partage.

Posted by Jack December 13, 08 04:20 AM

Rhona: Men and women circle the Kaaba together, though they will separate in mosques like those in these photos. Be careful not to believe everything you hear about the role of women in Islam.

Beautiful photos. Together they are a global snapshot of Muslims all over the world in their many different socioeconomic and political conditions.A moving display of diversity and equality.

Posted by California December 13, 08 04:20 AM

I wished to see a photo of Iran between 41 photos!
We celebrate Eid al-Adha (Eide Ghorban - عید قربان) too.
thanks for photos. wish you all luck ;)

Posted by Gh December 13, 08 04:32 AM

Strictly speaking, atheism is not a religion - it has no godhead. To an atheist, belief in a cloud-dwelling magician or similar is simply not a possibility. And proselytizing is not equivalent to 'lack of respect for other religions' - nobody in the comments I have read here is exhorting anyone to apostasy.

It is undeniable that the energy spent in one activity could as well be spent in another; it is a matter of debate which of the two activities is 'better'. It is, accordingly, a matter of debate which of two parties in a conflict could be considered a terrorist organisation. Big Picture, correctly, notes that.

Posted by Oliver December 13, 08 04:45 AM

PS - Harpers Index, July 2006:

Rank of atheists among minorities whom Americans are least willing to allow their children to marry: 1

Rank of Muslims and African Americans, respectively: 2, 3

Posted by Oliver December 13, 08 04:47 AM

amazing pics! wonderful job.many thanks!

Posted by hafiz December 13, 08 04:52 AM

To complete the ritual, a pilgrim must throw 21 pebbles at each of three 25-meter (82-foot) pillars.

Wow, now THAT makes sense...but I guess one's gotta believe in something...

Posted by Shazam December 13, 08 06:25 AM

Masha;Allah just amazing..

Posted by Muslimhah December 13, 08 07:17 AM

(1) Shows equality of mankind (2) Reminds day of judgment

Posted by M. Ali December 13, 08 07:28 AM

Rhonda - men and women pray in separate spots, to prevent men from looking at the woman's, well, bottom end.

Its probably impossible to find an area where the men and women are together for the photos.

But I hear in Mecca during hajj men and women mix freely during prayers and don't separate. Thats how it should be. Separation of genders was not how the Prophet (PBUH) practiced his prayers. He prayed with his wives and all his followers.

Posted by Jenny December 13, 08 07:33 AM

Some day I'll get married, and do Hajj with my wife :)

Great photos, but they're missing the obligatory aerial shot of the Hajj crowds around the Kaaba in Mecca... the one showing all 3 million people in and around the entire Haram. I used to have it as a wallpaper...

"The Messenger believeth in what hath been revealed to him from his Lord, as do the men of faith. Each one (of them) believeth in Allah, His angels, His books, and His apostles. "We make no distinction (they say) between one and another of His apostles." And they say: "We hear, and we obey: (We seek) Thy forgiveness, our Lord, and to Thee is the end of all journeys."
- The Holy Qur'an 2:285 -

"Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve."
- The Holy Qur'an 2:62 -

Posted by TareX December 13, 08 07:50 AM

whoa the comments (no surprise) are getting too political... dont wanna add fuel to the debates.
but nice job with the pics starting in the mother city.. then doing snapshot of muslims around the world. i love it!

Posted by freshouttatime December 13, 08 09:07 AM

you're right, DS. you believe in your god, other people believe in other gods, there are a thousand different religions and it doesn't matter which you choose. see how anthropology works?
these are really amazing photos, there is a lot of beauty, devotion and true belief. it's an aesthetic marvel.
i've always been interested in how people can believe one religion is more correct than another. i was not raised in a religious household and i can't see how it's meaningful to pick a specific ancient book to follow and conclude that people who follow other books are wrong. the vast majority of people are the religion they are as a result of the religion of their parents.
yes, you feel yours to be right, but what does that say about any truth value? anyway, great photos.

Posted by Hunter December 13, 08 09:08 AM

DS, to be fair, the God you describe is of the Nicene Creed so it only encompasses Christian religions that accept that particular ecumenical statement of faith. There are other religions that call themselves Christian that reject the Nicene Creed.

Posted by BB December 13, 08 09:17 AM

this is not religion, this is mere archaic mental conditioning.

Posted by Mdks December 13, 08 09:29 AM

@MikeN (#28) : There are some *huge* work form the Saudi in Meccah to avoid deaths of pilgrimers. Since a few years, the whole kabbah place as been re-build, and is still going under heavy public works to canalize the people while allowing an easy access to medics/paramedics/police . The 'new' pilars as seen in photo #6 is designed so that someone jumping past the safeguard would slide under the pillar and land safely at the bottom of the pit, and could avoid the stone throwed by the penitents.

Posted by Zeugma_Eu December 13, 08 09:39 AM

pic #10 = first thing that comes to mind is child abuse.
nice pictures, especially # 22

Posted by andrew December 13, 08 10:06 AM

# 52 yes you are right in that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, of course there is only one God, I guess we only worship or understand or believe Him in different ways. We believe in Jesus that he was a Prophet of God, infact this is very clearly written in our holy book, The Quran, that as Muslims we have to respect all religions and all prophets of God. But some things are different, like we don't call Jesus the Son of God.

I dont what exact test of Abraham you are quoting from the Bible, but we follow the test where Abraham had to sacrifice his son Ismael/Ishmael.

# 62 you are actually saying that God is Trinity, Trinity is God; then you call Jesus God, but I alwasy thought Christians called Jesus the Son of God. I am a little confused, not meaning to be disrespectful to Christianity. Can you please allay my confusions?

# 68 I dont know about other religions, but in Islam, we are taught through our Holy Book, that Christians and Jews are both religions of God, because God sent His prophets to them, and they believed in God and His Faith through the Prophets sent to them. Islam does not trampel over other religions.

# 81 Excellent quotes from the Holy Quran. Perhaps they might clear some misconceptions about Islam :)

# 83 might you consider a book which does not call all other religions wrong? :>

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 10:12 AM

Advice to "Jennie" poster # 80: Women are placed behind the men in salat (prayer) because traditionally it is felt that women are a "distraction" to their concentration. It has nothing to do with a particular part of the body.

(What is traditionally done is not necessarily a true practice of Islam At its inception in the 7th century, men and women prayed together and worked together-they were not separated. )

That being said, when one is in salat and in prostration, one has his or her head to the ground and therefore it should be virtually impossible to see anything or anyone else.

Posted by Rachida Djebel December 13, 08 11:00 AM

True Religion.

Posted by Obaid December 13, 08 11:26 AM

Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster (peace be upon him)!

Posted by Hunter December 13, 08 11:31 AM

#88, 52 & 62:
The Old Testament and New Testaments do include the story of Abraham but in those the son is Isaac, not Ishmael who is attempted to be sacrificed by Abraham. The purpose of this being included is to show that man cannot make atonement with Yahweh, this is echoed as Moses attempted to give up his life for Israel on Horeb in Exodus. Yahweh did not allow an imperfect man to sacrifice himself to bridge the gap between a Holy God, and fallen man. The only sacrifice he allowed was that of his son, Jesus, who born supernaturally through Mary, was perfect, was the incarnation of God among the people, and who, as God's son gave up his standing as God's son and heir for a time, to actually embody sin and be killed as the sacrifice which completed that requirement of God, allowing people to come to God (through Jesus-our priest representative).

It is a mystery how Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father (Yahweh), can all be God and at the same time be distinct parts, but that is the claim inferred from studying the Bible. It is a supernatural mystery, and I simply think that we struggle to be in tune with the Spirit of God and God's mind if we cannot allow God to be God.

On one point, it is unfortunate to the human mind that the Christian and Muslim faiths differ, but in the Bible Jesus does not allow that he is only a prophet. He is our priest, lamb, sacrifice and God. He makes the exclusive claim that he is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father, but through him. That is Christianity. It's difficult to handle but it elevates his claims so that he is an authority, not just a religious teacher or a religious prophet (a prophet simply speaks or enacts the words God gives him). If, IF a person is a Christian, they have to abandon other covenants with other religions, sometimes even their families, who would treat them with shame and disrespect, because they have found the truth, but that is what Yahweh and son Jesus Christ require.
(I know this prob raises more q's than it answers, but it's an attempt).

Posted by Silke December 13, 08 11:37 AM

Mr. Norman,
Ignorance is not always blis! Prophet Mohammah (S), did not invent the Islam religion as you think but was a messanger from God. If you believe in facts, then you can inquire how NASA is using the Quran to discover more about outer space!!. How can a "desert guy" as you described him write this information in the Quran?

Posted by Sam December 13, 08 11:39 AM

for people who wonder about the price of the whole trip, it is 1800 includes everything from start to end

Posted by Amine December 13, 08 11:52 AM

Truly stunning pictures

Posted by Anonymous December 13, 08 12:01 PM

Beautiful Pictures. For once it is nice to see pictures of us (muslims) showing faith, diversity, unity and peace. Usually all you see on the media is crazy people blowing up in the name of Islam.

Thank you!

Posted by Ishq December 13, 08 12:03 PM

Pertaining a little to Comment 13 about commercial opportunities:

It`s amazing how the commercialism isn`t really there. The government there makes sure that people have lodging and food at incredibly cheap rates. It`s a very pious atmosphere in those places so taking advantage of people for reasons of profit isn`t encouraged at all. Also the level of organization for that amount of people around the time of this pilgrimage and year round is extraordinary. There are many measures taken to provide comfort to the travelers -- like the sprays of cooling mists that is seen in one of the photographs. It`s a nice feeling to realize that not everything is about capital gain.
The pictures are truly beautiful! It`s wonderful seeing so many different backgrounds! I always love the pictures from this site! Thank you for sharing!

Posted by ASH December 13, 08 12:06 PM

Hey Sam (#93), I know why.

Because you're a raving lunatic.

Posted by holycrapouterspace December 13, 08 12:15 PM

What I see as an atheïst (I believe in one less god than believers) is people being conditioned to slash throats, submit themselves and throw stones, all in a mass hysteria. So sad. And if anyone says something like I will pray for you, I hope Zeus smites you!

Posted by Le Comte de Saint Germain December 13, 08 12:19 PM

Equality,beauty and unity displayed by muslim during Haji and Idd is breth taking other Religion have the best example and the will not come to them untill they say Lailahaillah not has the right to be worshipped but Allah.

Posted by Anonymous December 13, 08 12:21 PM

I don't get it....

Posted by RC December 13, 08 12:30 PM

#60 Rhona, the muslim law is that all men allow to have 4 wives and some part
of the middeleast town supports the idea of first cousins marrying first cousins.
it is distastsful, but other then that the Quran is as teachable as the bible.
Look at the Catholic man, they think it is better to serve God by not having a wife.
Some of the Christian men they think they go by the book, but they just used that
for their own good. I myself have not committed to any church since 1987 I think.
It is a sin to people goes to church every sunday, and committed to some church.

Posted by stephanie December 13, 08 12:31 PM

regarding Number 21, the photo refers to an iman holding a 'mass' for the celebration...the term "Mass' is a Catholic term, the word should be simply 'service', otherwise. I'm not trying to be insulting, I honestly don't know.

When did muslims adopt Catholic terms...don't only Catholics have 'Mass'?

Posted by dina little December 13, 08 12:35 PM

Here I can see so many people hating Islam...for some reason it actually makes me feel good about myself. At least I am not as ignorant as many people here and when I am old waiting for my final day to come I would actually have friends sitting beside me. Friends who don't hate and don't have phds in general knowledge or internet prophets who believe they actually know the answer of everything.
@Post 99- You are not an atheist (I thought atheists respect people even though they think people are delusional) if I were you I would call myself an idiot, very simple.

Posted by RobinHood December 13, 08 12:37 PM

#20! Beautiful!

Posted by tx December 13, 08 12:38 PM

These pictures are amazing, Masha Allah!

Posted by Anonymous December 13, 08 12:56 PM

It is heartening to know that millions are in quest of Gods blessing. If only they were vegetarians, it would show true compassions to all Gods beings.

Posted by Free Soul December 13, 08 01:01 PM

Wow, 2 million people worshiping a black box. Amazing. I wonder what it contains, perhaps a map to all the world's oil reserves. Or a stash of clandestine scotch whisky.

Posted by whigger December 13, 08 01:09 PM

Silke (post 92): your explanation is the Christian gloss on a Jewish story. Jews do not interpret the binding of Isaac as a prelude to Jesus' martyrdom, because we don't believe Jesus is the "son of God" or part of a triple godhead.

Although Christendom adopted the moral code of Moses, Muslim monotheism is closer to the original Jewish belief than Christian doctrine - especially regarding the trinity and the divinity of Jesus, which are seen as pagan notions taken from Roman mythology. Note that none of the millions shown here are worshiping Muhammed - just as Jews do not worship Moses or David.

Posted by Ben-David December 13, 08 01:14 PM

I don't believe in a God, but I DO believe it's important to humanize others, in particular those who I may not necessarily be in agreement with. This was a GREAT photo-series, and it really did make me feel connected. Wonderful :)

Posted by Pat December 13, 08 01:15 PM

#108, Whigger - They do not worship the "black box." Ha ha ha... get your facts straight. It's funny how some people interpret by themselves from their own ignorance and go from there to draw conclusions and judge. Each and every part of the whole pilgrimage process has a reason and a meaning and is based on religious history and facts. Poor you.

Posted by Anti-Ignorance December 13, 08 01:51 PM

#108, Whigger - Oh, and by the way, your comment is as ignorant as those who say "Wow, Christians worhsip a tree to celebrate Christmas." (Sigh) Ignorance really needs to be eliminated these days.

Posted by Anti-Ignorance December 13, 08 01:53 PM

DS #62
So what you are saying is There are 3 gods but those three gods are actually one god that that one god made the two other gods but the three is not three but one where as one equals three?" But as one "They are NOT the same at all. They both can't be God, there is only one God."

So just to get this correct... soonegodisnotreallyonegodbutthreegods andthosethreegodsarethefathertheson andtheholygoastbut theholyghostisisatthesametimegodwhilejesusisgodand thefatherwhoisthTHEgodisactuallystillgodwhile

So to explain that mathematically would look like this... 1+1+1 =1 ?

Now that my head hurts...

Wonderful pics.
Islam is truly the religion of truth.
All praise to Allah the Mighty the Wise.

Posted by Fiftyone December 13, 08 01:54 PM

To answer comment 80, Mr. A Pakistani I will try to answer the best I can.
The holy trinity consists of three parts:
1. God the father who created heaven and earth
2. Jesus the son who came to earth in the flesh and died to forgive all of their sins who believe in him. When he died he ascended to heaven. He is the physical embodiment of God.
3. The holy ghost/spirit which is the part of God that dwells within every man who believes in God and Jesus.
I tried to answer your question the best I know how.
I consider myself to be a Christian, but I try not to judge other religions because of what Jesus taught, "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "He who is without sin cast the first stone"
I was was very impresed at the outward display of faith and peace.
Fortunatly for me I was taught at school that the Islamic religion is a peaceful religion. Those who prostitute it for their own political agendas do not speak for the entire religion as a whole. The prior statement can be applied to many religions including my own. Sadly Islam has been in the spot light due to terrorist attacks.
I hope that during December which is holy for both Islam and Christians we can put aside our differences and work toward a more peaceful future for all of our sakes.
God Bless us all,

Posted by Amanda U.S.A. December 13, 08 02:09 PM

What was new to me in this, was finding out there is a day, "Eid al-Adha, commemorating the the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son to God." I'd always thought a god who wanted the sacrifice of someone's son just to show devotion, was bad enough. Now it turns out they have a day that worships someone's willingness to do this: that is, worship of willingness to kill one's own, for the sake of power-adoration. I wish it was a day devoted to god's willingness to give up human sacrifice instead.
I'm sorry, but I can't see anything good in this; it is one of the worst elements that often appears in monotheism.

Posted by Michael M. December 13, 08 02:22 PM

Amazing pictures I must say of this display of he wonders of Islaam and the unity of the religion. I had the opportunity to perform Hajj myself this year for the first time and it was .....BREATHTAKING, AMAZING, EXCEPTIONAL... and much more. I really appreciate the comments of the non-muslims. May Allah guide everyone to the truth.

Posted by Sofia December 13, 08 02:30 PM

Beautiful Collection.
Regardless of whether you are religious or not, and whether you find any benefit in religion, the least you can do is appreciate the collection of pictures he has put together.
Great Collection!

Posted by Dabopps December 13, 08 02:38 PM

Happy Eid and Happy Christmas everyone!!

Posted by ksk December 13, 08 02:44 PM

# 109 - Thankyou for pointing you that Muslims do not worship the prophet, we worship only God. Our Prophet, infact all God's Prophets are to be revered and respected, but not worshipped.

#114 - Amanda, thanks for taking the time out to write this. However, if I may, can I put forth two further statements that confuse me:

1. Jesus, the Prophet who sacrificed himself to absolve all his followers of their sins? So is it a pillar of Christian faith that someone else can sacrifice himself to absolve people of their sins? I find that...well...confusing. Because it is perfectly natural for a just God to tell everyone that you are responsible for your own actions, for your own good deeds, and for your own sins.

2. Jesus is the physical embodiment of God, ok. But he is also the Son of God. Confused again.

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 02:52 PM

Çok güzel olmuþ.hepsi birbirinden güzel. Allah razý olsun

Posted by ahmet yazýr December 13, 08 02:54 PM

I don't know, throwing rocks at a pillar to symbolize saying FU to the devil is no wackier (actually far less wacky) than believing that a priest turns wafers and wine into the flesh and blood of Jesus.

Stop giving us atheists a bad name. If you'd like people to respect your non-belief, leave them to their beliefs. I'm sure religious education/indoctrination led you to your atheism, so surely you see how your obnoxious anti-religion rants could push a religious person further to the side of belief.

Beautiful pictures. It's good to see a positive portrayal of the followers of one of the world's largest religions. They get such a bum rap for being no crazier than the christians.

Posted by peoples is peoples December 13, 08 03:15 PM

Congrats, outstanding pics. Love the struggle to bring up such diverse pictures. Hope to see more in the future...........Thank You.

Posted by Los Angeles, Cali December 13, 08 03:38 PM

Steve said: "think what could be accomplished if all that energy were directed toward a useful purpose instead of making ridiculous prostrations before a non-existent god. why not get up off your knees and improve the living conditions in your countries? "

Think what could be accomplished if all that energy were directed toward a useful purpose instead of posting petty, belittling, ego-masturbatory opinions to an internet message board. Why not turn off the computer, get out of your mother's basement, do something of value and learn what capital letters are for?"

Posted by Matt December 13, 08 03:52 PM

I have great admiration for Islam. But I oppose 2 tenants.
1 There are no prophets after Mohammed ( PBUH). So , basically humanity goes on hold because of no more prophets. Hello,?? how are people to learn if they are not terrified. We're not going to be here forever
2. Mecca is for Muslims only. So God creates Earth for everybody except this one spot for this one special group of people. Sounds so much like every other religion. As the song goes, This land is your land , this land is my land

Posted by Kaiservunderbar December 13, 08 03:56 PM

Response to comment 119
Oh A Pakistani I wish I could answer all your questions perfectly, but I will give it a try. I am sure there are some good Christian websites that would do a better job than me. Perhaps some other Christians reading these posts who could help.
I personally believe that we are all responsible for our own actions, behaviors, etc.
From my own understanding is that before Christ you had to make a sacrifice to God when you asked for forgivness of your sins. Or you had to go to a priest, rabbi, etc.. Christ was sent to earth as the Son of God to become the sacrifice for all men and women. He was the sacrifice so we may all have direct contact to God and salvation through him.
In Christianity the only way to God/heaven/salvatgion is through Jesus Christ .By believing that he died to save us from our sins we are saved.
Yes, a man can commit a sin, but by praying in the name of Jesus he can be absolved of sin. He is the conduit so to speak.
I can understand that it is confusing that the idea that Jesus is the Son of God and the embodiment of God. That is why I think that a more qualified person than I could explain it better.
I appreciate your curiousity and kind way of asking.You give me hope that perhaps a friendship throuhgh intelligent dialougue can be formed between religions.
God Bless you and your family,

Posted by Amanda U.S.A. December 13, 08 04:01 PM

@ LKM:

My interpretation of atheism is different than yours. Atheism, to me, _is_ the faith that there is no God. What you described is Agnosticism, which is what I believe in.

Incredibly stunning pictures, nonetheless. Thank you for the brilliant photo journalism.

Posted by matt December 13, 08 04:03 PM

Very beautiful pictures, I really comment the photographer and at the same time thank him for this beautiful presentation

Posted by Yousef Ghosheh December 13, 08 04:25 PM


Thank you Alan Taylor for these awesome 20 minutes of amazement I had!

Posted by Manar December 13, 08 04:41 PM

Proud to be Muslim....does this annoy you so much ??

REALLY ??...oh !!...what a pity...

have you ever thought of being a muslim ??...i mean: those people in the pictures INCLUDE scientists, politicians, doctors, professors, engineers...can those be STUPID PEOPLE ??...i mean: they must have a reason to do this at least !!

if you respect those who really worshiped stones...why not even JUST RESPECT those who are called Muslim ....and instead of saying that islam is worshiping stone : why not read and learn about Islam FROM THE SOURCES OF MUSLIMS?

anyway, when you decide to be a muslim you will find more than 1000000000 human celebrating you :)

Posted by Mohamed Sharaf-El-Deen December 13, 08 04:49 PM

# 124

To your Point 1: According to Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) was the last Prophet and all Muslims are supposed to preach the faith of Islam to the world, they are supposed to be Islam's and God's messengers. In effect, I guess this makes all Muslims responsible for spreading the word of God. So, humanity does not go on hold.

To your Point 2: Err..where did you get this idea from that Mecca is for Muslims only?! :S It is a special place for Muslims, just like Juresalem is a special place for Christians and Jews (by the way its also a special place for Muslims, thats part of the whole fuss in the Middle East), but that in no way means that no one except Muslims are allowed in Mecca!

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 04:50 PM

To those of you who think that being an atheist makes you a better human being: your hate and disdain is not much different than the hate and disdain that drives religions to violence against one another.

The only difference is who has historically had the power to oppress and harm those who are different.

Disdain and hate can exist in the followers of any mode of thought, just like understanding and compassion can. As an atheist, I have more in common with Muslims who practice the latter than atheists who practice the former.

Posted by Kutsuwamushi December 13, 08 04:50 PM

There should have been some pics about the Eid Celebrations in Pakistan also.

Very nice pics from around the globe, but I was deeply disappointed to not see Pakistan there. But whoever captured all this, he/she has a very beautiful eye, I must say.

Posted by Hamza December 13, 08 04:50 PM

I'm Rahmat from Yogya, Indonesia.
Madura Island is the 3rd most populated after Java & Bali. Because the bridge which connect from Surabaya to this Island is not finished yet, so people must accross it with Boat (we call it "Kapal Roro", Kapal = Boat).

About An Nadzir people, they celebrate Eid Adha same with the others Moslem this year. Their community lived in Gowa, South of Celebes Island.

And in my city, before begin the pray, the rain fall down :(

Posted by Rahmat Miftahul Habib December 13, 08 05:36 PM

Roughly 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world today. But it's usually the 0.001% that make headlines and give the rest a bad name. It's nice to see real Muslims make mainstream media.

Posted by matt December 13, 08 05:53 PM


ok, here's how it is in Islam: We can absolve ourselves from sins by praying to God, and asking for forgiveness, but our Prophet is not a necessary pathway to God. It is written in the Quran that God says to man "I am closer to you than your own jugular vein." Every Muslim can pray to God directly.

And please correct me, but its the same even now in Christianity isnt it? I mean you still have to go to church and a priest and take part in Confession to absolve yourself of your sins, right? In Islam, we sometimes ask people who pray in the mosque (thats our holy place of praying, likes the Christians have churches and Jews have synagogues, althought a Muslim can also pray anywhere he wants, as long as the place is clean etc.) to pray for us, for our difficult times etc., but we dont have to ask a priest/rabbi (I dont know whats the really correct term for that person in Islam sorry) to absolve us of your sins. We can do it directly, between us and God. And we dont pray in the name of your Prophet, well some sects of Muslims maintain that we HAVE to pray taking the name of the Prophet Muhammad etc., but I personally believe we can have our own audience with God directly.

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 05:58 PM

For those who are insulting and cracking Islam, may Allah give you 'hidayah' / guidance to Islam. Anyway, great pictures and reviews. Keep it up.

Posted by Hasran December 13, 08 06:02 PM

I absolutely loved looking at these amazing pictures. As an Iranian-American Muslim it made me smile to see so many fellow Muslims all around the world. Thank you for putting together a diverse and unique series of pictures.

I also pray for peace for all people who live on this one beautiful earth we call home.


atefeh from Michigan

Posted by atefeh naeemi December 13, 08 06:12 PM

Beautiful images!.

Posted by Mostafa Gabr December 13, 08 06:36 PM

Reminds me of Dead Tour...The kids they dance and shake their bones. BTW...Where were all the ladies? 3 mil man march?

Posted by jkstraw December 13, 08 06:39 PM

Hats off to Boston Globe for making such a beautiful presentation about Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha. Once again, The Big Picture did not disappoint!

People really need to leave all their negative perceptions behind when they view these pictures, or any other picture series on The Big Picture. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, or otherwise.

The "Big Picture" here is that humanity can work together no matter what region of the world they are from.

Eid Mubarak to all!

Posted by A Muslim December 13, 08 06:40 PM

Masha'Allah.....amazing pictures!

Posted by Anonymous December 13, 08 06:49 PM


Posted by Huddi December 13, 08 07:41 PM

Europeans and their descendants are always so racist, and think they are superior. And yet when the Muslims first "discovered" Europeans, they found a race so barbaric, backwards and primitive that they (the Muslims) were taken aback. Yet they didn't try to enslave them. And Europeans today surround themselves in "education" and "culture" that found its impetus from lands to the EAST and SOUTH.

Posted by Sophie December 13, 08 07:56 PM

Personally, I don't have a problem with Islam. As for what side of this little debate I'm on, I'm an agnostic (look it up, but the definition doesn't quite do it justice). But honestly, what's with all the hate? Whoopdeedoo, so some people do stuff you think is wacky. Most of the world finds americans' preoccupation with delicious bacon odd,; that never stopped us from making BLTs, and the rest of the world feels free to raise an eyebrow. So far, no one's fought over another country's eating habits (though there was that war over a soccer game). I think the problem comes from people assuming that because they believe in something, that means everyone else has to. People have a fundamental right to control their own thoughts, and any force used to curtail that is wrong, regardless of whether or no the ideas a person has are wrong.

Believe in what you wish to believe in, the true worth comes from the improvement of your mind and spirit. If you find that the best way for you to do that is to be a muslim, a christian, or an atheist, then that is the path you should take. Don't let the differences between you and another stop you from getting along.

Maybe I'm just proselytizing, and maybe all of you disagree with me, but that's okay with me. So long as you can respect my choice, I will respect yours. Then maybe we can talk about something more interesting, like bacon.

Posted by nick December 13, 08 07:58 PM

As I started to watch theose awesome photos, I was afraid that sooner or later there will be something negative (I guess I've become used to that). After reading the posts, I realized that most people are respectful and that is great, especially after what Muslims are going through these days. Islam is indeed a great religion...look at the number of people converting to Islam in the US and elsewhere ---even after 9/11. They all can't be wrong! We the peace loving Muslims have to speak out against those very very small numbers who plan destruction of innocent people. Please don't paint all Muslims with the same brush. I guess it's a wake up call to all Muslims to get out there and do good community work and lead by example. It's good to pray and make the Hajj, but devotion to Allah (God) starts with kindness to humanity. Ameen!

Posted by Angel in Ontario December 13, 08 07:58 PM

This is awesome. I'm not aware of any annual gathering where 3 million people from all over the world gather like this. The old, the young, the rich, the poor, men, women, everybody is equal. They even wear the same clothes. What a great show for equality and humbleness.

Posted by Bob December 13, 08 08:02 PM

Thank you to everyone involved with getting these beautiful pictures to the website. The photographer, the website maintainers, the person who uploaded them etc etc God Bless Everyone

Posted by Qasim December 13, 08 08:05 PM

It is really refreshing to see pictures like this that portray Islam in its true light - a religion of peace, diversity, and equality. I also am happy to see how my brothers/sisters in Islam have responded to the ignorant comments posted by others. I find it so unfortunate that some will stoop so low and insult a religious celebration that they know nothing about. Please, educate yourselves before commenting...

Posted by Fatima December 13, 08 08:07 PM

Just in case if someone thinks Muslims spend all their energy on "worshipping stones" as some of the people above wrote, I would like to point out that every Muslim is taught that, "A person may be forgiven if he does not perform the duties entrusted by God upon him (praying, worship etc.), but he will not be forgiven by God if he usurps the rights of other people." I think that is a very neat summary of God telling people to be nice to other people!

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 08:29 PM

nice work you did usama really good pictures and the discription you wrote . you made realy easy for non muslims to learn what is Islam is about.

Posted by abdulaziz December 13, 08 08:58 PM

ok, warning, this comment is like a story book lol, but it's a reply to all of the comments that I deemed necessary to comment on. Hopefully it will be allowed:

Beautiful pictures! I wish I could have gone. InshaAllaah one day.

Comment # 13, actually you'd be surprised. I went for Hajj Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006 and they were very hospitable. We were given huge bottles of Zam Zam water and a bag of dates and bread when we first entered Makkah. People regard helping pilgrims as a very virtuous deed, so many are eager to do what they can to reap the rewards.
(Zam Zam water is basically 'special' water, Ishmael was crying in the desert and Hagar had nothing to feed him with, so she kept running between the two mountains of Safa & Marwa trying to see if there was any sustenance in sight. Then Angel Gabriel hit the ground with the tip of his wing and water gushed forth. Hagar, being afraid that the water would disappear, yelled "Stop, Stop" (Zam, Zam). Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that had Hagar not yelled Zam Zam, it would have kept going and become a spring instead of a well. The water still exists today as a never-ending supply and there is no price or limit on it, pilgrims are free to take as much as they desire).
However, there ARE store owners who may cheat you out on other products thinking you're naive since you're new to the country. It's best to find those little booths 'hidden' deeper into the 'market', you get great prices usually in those areas.

Comment #22, nothing is as good as worshipping God. If given a choice between prayers and everything else, I'd choose prayers. Afterall, why should we not humble ourselves in front of God?

Comment #28, actually, we pray in the direction of the Ka'aba, part of which is what you assume is a meteor. However, it's not a meteor, it's a piece from Heaven that has been blackened by the sins of mankind. We do not pray TO those objects, just in their direction because God commanded us all to pray in that direction. We pray to GOD while facing the Ka'aba.

Comment #29, I actually got so happy that a western media outlet is calling Israel a terrorist group and had to read the caption again cos I was so sure I had read wrong. Sure enough, I had. =( Anyways, isn't that a product of your democracy that you're not willing to accept? They had elections, the people voted for Hamas, people in the west are not happy because their democracy didn't turn out the results they wanted.

Comment #43, neither Allaah nor His Messenger, Jesus, are fictional. You will come to find that out on the Day of Judgment.

Comment #60, 1.) Many women prefer not to be photographed as we do not want to be seen by the entire world (sake of modesty) 2.) Hajj is obligatory upon every man AND woman. Trust me, there are countless women there, you just can't see them in the pics. I've been there (and female myself) and there's tonsss of women

Comment ##62, if by God you mean the Father, then we believe in the same God. However, if you include the rest of the trinity, then you're right, we worship different Gods, cos we worship God, the Father (Allaah) and Him alone.

Comment #70, we actually don't throw pepples at the stone because we believe we're hitting Satan (as the caption says). This is a mistaken notion. We stone these Jamaraat as an act of remembering Allaah, following the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), as an act of worship. If a person does an act of worship and does not know its benefits, but he does it only as an act of worship for Allaah, this will be more indicative of his humility and submission to Allaah. Each time we throw the pebble, we say 'Allaahu Akbar' - God is the Greatest.
Comment #80, actually we should NOT be praying next to each other. Yes, Muhammad PBUH prayed with his wives in that he led them in prayer and they prayed behind him.
Comment #87, how the heck is that child abuse? lol. I child being taught to worship the Creator is child abuse? So a child being taught in school is child abuse? I, for one, am glad my parents taught me about Islaam when I was young.
Comment #99, really? I must've missed the picture of slashing throats. Where is that?
Comment #102, yes, men can have up to 4 wives if they can treat them justly and equally. And yes, first cousins can marry each other. Nothing wrong with that. God allowed it and the daughter of the Prophet PBUH married the cousin of the Prophet
Comment #108, again, we're not worshipping the Ka'aba, rather we're just facing it while praying to God. It unifies the Muslims to all pray in that direction.
Comment #115, lol, new perspective. However, in actuality it IS a beautiful thing that Abraham (PBUH) was willing to give the most beloved thing to him (his son, Ishmael) because God commanded him to. Our whole purpose of living is to worship God and that was an ultimate test because most of us love our kids more than most other things. Also, God loves us much more than mothers love their children. Imagine!!!
Comment #124, 1.) That is why the Qur'aan and the sunnah will be preserved until the Day of Judgment, because God will not send down any other prophets. 2.) Non-Muslims are free to come into any Muslim country, however the one area they cannot go is Makkah as that is a commandment of God's. Makkah is a pure and holy city and Muslims believe only the pure can go in it. That is the ONLY piece of land they're not allowed on.

Posted by Aysha December 13, 08 09:00 PM

It is my opnion that these people are brainwashed zombies. It makes a sad commentary on how gullible the masses are. I would hate to see what would hap;pen to anyone who would question the validity of their cult.

Posted by Fred Jones December 13, 08 09:30 PM

Beautiful pictures,
they say 1000 words :)

Posted by Anisa December 13, 08 09:48 PM

LOL Fred. So, what would you call all of those people out shopping for Christmas gifts right now? Hmm - I guess another cult. And wouldn't you be surprised at how many people make up this gullible Christian American mass that wake up at 4am Black Friday to start their holiday cult shopping. And spend thousand of dollars on gifts and decorations in order to share their cult-like beliefs with others.
But, no matter what, they will still be better than the likes of you - the IGNORANT that are zombies of mass media, lies, and brain rape.
Get a life.

Posted by EducateUrself December 13, 08 09:48 PM

Beautiful pictures! is there any reson why Pakistan was not included, i dont see any picutre from there.

Posted by Saba December 13, 08 10:09 PM

And to add to that, Aysha, a husband must seek permission from his first wife before he can marry any other.

And I didnt know non-Muslims were not permitted into Makah. Sorry for writing wrong info, people.

# 152 - Well you must be shocked out of your wits to see none of the Muslims here on this blog have threatened you or hurled obscenities at anyone for asking questions about their religion. But still you will not accept that Mulims are normal peace-loving people, because you simply dont WANT to believe that.

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 10:10 PM

to: #88
Jesus being called the Son of God is NOT saying that Jesus was procreated by God the Father. Jesus in the Bible is called the Son of God AND the Son of Man which denotes His nature, He is God and Man, He is unique. Jesus God became man (took on human flesh). He has two natures.
In the Bible when Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, His Jewish contemporaries understood that He was making a claim to be God. Please check - John 19:7; 5:18.
In the Bible the Father is called God : 1 Peter 1:2
Jesus is called God: John 1:1, 20:28; Romans 9:5; Philippians 2:6; Titus 2:13; Hebrews 1:8; 1 John 5:20
The Holy Spirit is called God: Acts 5:3-4
Yet there is only One true God: John 5:44; 17:3
When you read the Bible it is only logical to conclude that there is One true God and that God exists as three PERSONS not three gods. The Father is not the Son or the Spirit, Jesus is not the Father or the Spirit, and the Spirit is not the Father or the Son.
It may not be easy to understand but many things aren't. I can't explain how God can make the world out of nothing, or how God can answer prayers by thousands of people at the same time, etc. - Isaiah 55:8-9; 2 Peter 3:16 - If the Bible says that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, yet there is only One God, the I have to believe it.
-from #62 DS

Posted by DS December 13, 08 10:10 PM

I have read everything and would like a clear answer from muslims. Do you condemn the actions of the taliban and al quaida and all of the muslim terrorists in the world as wrong? Yes or no. Do you find it logical to follow the law of the countries that you live in even if it clashes with sharia, yes or no? If so we can live in peace.

Posted by Justin December 13, 08 10:25 PM

First of all: Thank you, Boston Globe.

For those who couldn't spot any women praying, please pay better attention to at least pictures 1, 3, 5, 6, 23 and 34. I am sure there are others, but I could only remember these at once ;-).

For those ranting and raving against Muslims and Islam, can you please take a couple of deep breaths and just enjoy these beautiful pictures of millions praying peacefully and in harmony. Muslims can't seem to win in your eyes, even when they are minding their own business and praying quietly.

Posted by Imran December 13, 08 10:26 PM

(comment #44) "It is a bad manner for someone to speaks negatively on other people religious belief. Islam respects other people belief & never push anyone into Islam"
so why haven't the great rulers of islam done precisely that? oh ya i forgot, they were (and will always be) critical of other religions...look at the history and see how much blood was shed trying to convert people into islam...muslims seem to think that their ancestors all willingly converted, without force...islam wouldn't be as large as it is today without the sword

Posted by SS December 13, 08 10:51 PM

It does matter to God which (god or God) you believe in. Thats why God said in the Bible in Exodus 20:3-5 not to have any other gods, not to worship or serve them.

Jesus asked his disciples in Matthew 16:13-20 who people said He was and when Peter answered correctly, Jesus said that it was the Father who revealed the truth to him. It matters if you know the "right" Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible.
In 1 John 2:22-23; 5:11-13 it says that if you don't have the right (true) Jesus you don't have the Father.
Jesus is the Only source of eternal life (John 14:6).

In order to go to heaven you have to be holy, perfect, and blameless, but none of us are, we are all sinners, that's why God the Father (because he loves us -John 3:16) sent Jesus to earth to be the substitutionary sacrifice for our sins. He suffered and died in our place so that when we put our trust and faith in Him, repenting of our sins and asking Jesus to save us and forgive us he will truly save us. So when we die we can go to Heaven, not because we are "religious" or a "good person" or have done many things for God, we go to Heaven only cause of what Jesus did and of our trust and faith in Him.
-#62 DS

Posted by DS December 13, 08 10:53 PM

Justin, Yes, we as Muslims condemn the actions of all people, of any religion, who kill innocent people. And Yes we have no problem living by the law of any country as long as it gives us religious freedom, i.e. freedom to practice our religion. We can live in peace.

Posted by A Pakistani December 13, 08 10:59 PM

atheists, well some or most, cant hold back from poking their noses into the issues of the believer. The problem is this: after becoming an atheist, their mind makes them feel superior to the believers because they, in their head, feel that they have achieved great milestones by discovering that there is no god to be worshipped in the first place. This sense of superiority, achieved after extensive intellectual engagement with science, allows them to not resist from the temptations arising from within their heads, the temptations to belittle the "God" of others as some "spaghetti monster" in the clouds. Well, guess what, to be more accurate, Allah is NOT believed by Muslims to be in the clouds. Traditionally, Allah has been defined as beyond the ever-expanding universe, separated from the matter. The probability of a God outside the universe is actually, if not high, at least 50%. If atheists choose to believe in the 50% probability of no god then they should give the believers an equal credit of worshipping a God who has a 50% probability to exist.

Posted by a_blooming_scientist_and_slave_of_Allah_on_intellectual_war_against_Atheists December 13, 08 11:01 PM

Peace and more Peace. Love / Justice to and for all. Salam.

Posted by Malik December 13, 08 11:34 PM

Amazing~ NICE pictures~... Very beautiful pictures~...

I wish there are more pics of Eid ul-Adha in Indonesia~... :)

Posted by Youfan December 13, 08 11:37 PM

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Posted by yunus ismail December 13, 08 11:38 PM

Fred Jones, comment 152: "I would hate to see what would hap;pen to anyone who would question the validity of their cult."

Actually, Muslims welcome people of other faiths asking questions about Islam, because asking questions (even questioning the faith itself) is the first step towards forming an understanding and ridding oneself of prejudices.

Posted by Fourth Quark December 13, 08 11:48 PM

# 152 I totally agree
# 154 is getting intransigent an achievement for a god worshipper ?
do you believe no one spends money for the "Feast of Sacrifice" ? it's a great business too, no ?

Posted by Mdks December 14, 08 12:05 AM


And again, I confront the issue of Jesus being a sacrifice for the sins of whole humanity?! I just cannot get through this my head, logically. What is very plain and simple to me is a God who tells everyone you will be reponsible for your own actions, you will be judged for your own good deeds and your own sins on the Day of Judgement.

Secondly, what you wrote implies that you can go to Heaven just be believing in Jesus, and whatever sins you did in the world dont matter? Thats what I understood from the second part of your post: "So when we die we can go to Heaven, not because we are "religious" or a "good person" or have done many things for God, we go to Heaven only cause of what Jesus did and of our trust and faith in Him." Now, I just cannot understand that how can the actions of Jesus take YOU or ME or any other human for that matter to Heaven! We are responsible for our own actions, are we not? Please clarify, thanks.

Posted by A Pakistani December 14, 08 12:53 AM

There is only one God, and Muhammad is is messenger. It is easy to wish bad tidings against sinners, vandals and disbelievers in His name, but it is an even greater deed to beg Him to have mercy upon their souls, for He will be the only true judge on the Last Day. Oh Allah, in your name we pray, that you have mercy on all of Mankind.

Posted by Mir Shajee December 14, 08 01:05 AM

Beautiful Collection

Posted by Prem December 14, 08 01:25 AM

Thank you, i was waiting for this :-)

Posted by Ali December 14, 08 01:32 AM

First and foremost I would like to say that the pictures are spectacular, even if you are one not to believe in God. I would like to say I am quite disappointed at the number of people debating Gods existence and worse, those individuals making comments that are uncalled for.

I personally do not believe in Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism. I am a Muslim and a proud one at that. I can tell you one thing I do believe in is respect for other peoples faith. So in essence, when I view pictures of people of other faiths performing prayer rituals, I do not take time out of my day to sit and ridicule their faith.

Let us have respect for everyones faith, at least that's what my parents raised me to practice.

Chapter 109 of the Holy Quran: The Disbelievers, Atheists
1. Say : O ye that reject Faith!
2. I worship not that which ye worship,
3. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
4. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,
5. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
6. To you be your Way, and to me mine.

Posted by RSA December 14, 08 01:40 AM

@163: Yeah and there is a 167% chance that a flying spaghetti monster exists. Oh by the way, I have no source or reason whatsoever to support my nonsense.

@162: You as A Pakistani cannot talk for all the muslims around the world and..

@158: That's a stupid question. It depends clearly on people and their interpretation of what they read.

Also, as an atheist here is how I would describe it: we think that according to the facts we have, no religion explains how the world was created and works correctly. Therefore we came to the conclusion that there must be no god (even though we cannot prove it, as well as believer cannot prove his/her/its existence) and therefore live with that assumption in mind.
Agnostics on the other hand say they don't have enough facts to make a decision and state that "they don't know". They think there is approximately a 50/50 chance that there exist a god.

Also the respect/religious freedom issue is completely separated and you can have a respectful muslim, christian, atheist, etc. as well as one that tries to make you believe whatever he thinks.

Posted by iKs December 14, 08 02:11 AM

I request that you add more pictures from other parts of the world if you can. Thank you again.

Posted by Ali December 14, 08 02:38 AM

Reply To Comment # 158 by Justin :

Yes, We Condemn the actions of PEOPLE causing terror in the world.
But we still are waiting for PROOFS (that were promised by US) that it was taliban or Al-Qaida who caused the terror you are talking about. In fact there are so many proofs and witnesses (people from America itself) available which deny this and hold US government responsible for this.
Is it not US government who is real terrorist in the world?
See Iraq, Afghanistan, veitnam ...... (a very Long list )

DONT just shut your eyes to facts.....

For your second question : We find it logical to follow law of God first and then law of people(man made law).

Posted by MAO December 14, 08 02:44 AM

Hajj is physically walking in the footsteps of the Abrahamic prophets. each ritual is a ritual that was done by one of the Prophets since Abraham.
The throwing of the stones,three times,(at Jamaraat) signifies the three times Abraham was tempted by the Shaitan to disobey Allah Subhanawataala when he was taking his son to be sacrificed as per Allah Subhanawataala's command.
Three time Abraham Alaysalaam stopped and threw pebbles at Shaitan to shoo him away.
and thus three million muslims remember Abraham Alaysalaam's obedience to Allah and his three actions to shoo away Satan or Shaitan and follow in his footsteps.

Posted by asqfish December 14, 08 02:52 AM

Even though atheism is not considered a religion, there is still just as much faith needed to not believe in God than to believe in one. It seems quite improbable for humans to even exist. There are many factors that are needed to not only maintain life, but for humans to even evolve (presence of the moon, photosynthesis of plants, mutations, extinctions, etc.). Islam does not contradict any scientific fact, including evolution. There is no divine intervention that can be proven wrong...For example, the Bible claims that The Great Flood was global, but it's pretty safe to say that it's nearly impossible for Noah to obtain the marsupial mammals from Australia, the eutherians from North America, and many other species that are distinct to their environment, then put it back exactly as it was...there is just too much evidence to disprove that kind of claim. The Quran on the other hand suggests that the flood was local. There is actually evidence to supports many occurances of local floods throughout time.
The beauty of Islam is that one doesn't have to have a "spiritual intervention" to have faith. If you're a scientist, you can look at the probablity of our existence, and see that there had to be an unfathomable amount of events to occur within the history of the universe for us to even be present. The Quran is also the highest level of vocabulary in the Arabic language, so if you're into literature, imagine someone illiterate writing a Shakesperean play...
ALl in all, you have to have an open mind to read the Quran, not an ignorant mind, but an open one. This means that if there are any contradictions, then question it, but if there are rules or parables, think if there are any logical reasons upon why these rules were put forth, and if it still makes no sense, then ask an expert, and if it still makes no sense, then it should be disregarded.

Posted by Trizzle December 14, 08 03:33 AM

(response to comment #160) Muslims are not required to forcefully convert anyone, they're to only logically and mercifully share what they know about Islam with others. It is God who chooses to open ones heart to accept Islam. Islam was not spread by the sword or wars, Muslims only fight to protect themselves, their families, their country, their religion, and their possessions. Yes there were wars in the past and Muslims were part of them but they were a response to harassment of Muslims and or forbidding them from practicing their faith or preach about it (which is akin to denying freedom of speech nowadays). Allah in the Quran teaches Muslims not to argue with others about faith except with reason, and out of advice. The Quran instructs us to respond to futile arguments by saying you are allowed to have your faith and i am too allowed to have mine, it is God's responsibility and duty to judge his creation and we are not to do it in his stead.

Posted by Ali December 14, 08 03:49 AM

I feel highly proud to see Islam portrayed in pictures. No doubt Islam is a monotheistic faith that preaches equality and unity, peace and love, mutual respect and tolerance. As for those who see nothing good in Islam, let us continue to pray for them. May God guide all of us.

Posted by Suraj Ajadi December 14, 08 04:29 AM

I love the pics. May God have mercy upon the suffering peoples of the world. We can all agree to work toward alleviating people's hardships rather than debate endlessly, right?

Posted by yes_another_believer! December 14, 08 04:58 AM

Actually, there are two different words to describe what you talk about:
- agnosticism (literally "absence of knowledge")
- atheism (literally "absence of god")
What you describe is agnosticism. Atheism really is the belief that there is no god. It is a belief that some people have. Hence the two different words.

Posted by s427 December 14, 08 05:26 AM

Islam = Peace

Amazing pictures :)

allaho akbar, la ilaha illa allah

Posted by Noor December 14, 08 05:40 AM

@163: "At least 50%"? I sure would like to see how you arrived at that figure.
Is there also a 50% probability that I have fairies living at the bottom of my garden?

Posted by Bemused December 14, 08 06:09 AM

#163 Saying that whether something exists or not is a 50/50% chance is ridiculous. It is not a case of either a god exists or not, it is a question of proof and logic. As there is no proof whatsoever chances are not in the favor of the believers. What you say about allah sounds like creationism which is also very flawed logic. If the universe needed something more complicated to come into existence then who created the creator.

Ever thought about why there are so many different gods with different manners? Because we made it all up... the smarter people have always used it to suppress the dumber ones. A real god would not allow abominations in his or her name and wouldn't fail on bringing about a clear message that he or she has to change every couple of centuries thru messengers. A real god wouldn't tell people to waist their time praying to him as obviously that doesn't do any good. A real god wouldn't tell his or her followers to slaughter innocent animals but ask respect for all life. I can go on like this for a long time but most believers will already be enraged at this point as they choose not to think about it.

Anyway, I don't mind if people believe in nonsense, but if you start a discussion by saying how "beautiful" religion is you should be prepared to listen to an answer as well.

I believe this: A world were politics and religion aren't mixed would be a much better place. As for people who only need religion privately and don't bother me with it, I won't bother trying to make you see the truth either then. But don't ask me to respect you because of a delusion. I will respect you as a person if you are worth it.

Peace :)

Posted by Le Comte de Saint Germain December 14, 08 06:13 AM

Wonderful pics....great capture.

Posted by Anonymous December 14, 08 07:17 AM

ALHAMDOLILLALAH... MASHALLAH... SUBHANALAH... may Almighty grant me and my children the honour of experiencing this fulfilling journey to MECCA and Medina for the HAJJ inshallah. And I wish this for all those like me who have not been on Pilgrimage.bAmeen

Posted by Shehnaz December 14, 08 07:18 AM

I find myself conflicted when I see these photographs - on the one hand I am always concerned when I see any large group of people so deep in "faith". On the other hand I see so many of these same people exercising peace and prayer - and how can anyone find fault in that? The secret is peace and prayer. Unfortunately there are far too many Muslims who ruin it for vast majority. Tough time to be a Muslim whose faith is based in family and peace. Tough times.

Posted by Rob Jacob December 14, 08 07:57 AM

Very beautiful scenes, I like it. I've Recently seen the movie "The Message".
I recommend everybody to watch the movie, Not to know more about Muslims but about Islam, these two aren't the same, be careful!

Posted by Ali December 14, 08 08:10 AM

Another comment said that Christianity and Islam worship the same Godhead. This is not true. Muhammad combined the 360 gods which resided in the black cube into one God called Allah. Allah come from the Sumerian Al - Ilah, - a moon god, which is why there are crescent moons atop mosques and why the moon is so important in Islam.
The God of Abraham and the prophets is not Allah, it is Yahweh.
What was it Jesus said about false prophets which come in sheeps clothing, but are really ravening wolves? (the religion of peace Vs Islamist terror)

Posted by Michael Ryles December 14, 08 08:32 AM

May the Benevolent God send his blessings and peace on all of his creation and help us understand each other and live and allow others to live peaceful lives irrespective of which part of the world they live in or how they look.
There are people who have shown their Ignorance in their comments and many who have shown their wisdom.The world is now on a slippery slope to self destruction if fanatic's in every religion are given more exposure and covered in the media compared to the regular people.Islam has taught moderation in approach to life,we all need to pray for Peace everywhere.

Posted by Hyderabadi December 14, 08 09:23 AM

# 152: Le Comte
Its kind of funny how you mention that you wouldn't bother those who need their religion privately. You wrote, "I believe this: A world were politics and religion aren't mixed would be a much better place. As for people who only need religion privately and don't bother me with it, I won't bother trying to make you see the truth either then."

Frankly, these pictures were NOT taken with the intention that you MUST see them and I don't think anyone asked YOU to take a look at them. So, unless you are a hypocrite, you shouldn't be "bothering" to make us see your so-called "truth". Or should I call it nonsense, like how you referred to our beliefs?

And please don't end your statement with "Peace" - because that isn't something you're trying to spread. Using words that refer to a religion as a "delusion" or someone's beliefs as "ridiculous" and "nonsense" is hate, pure and simple. Why don't you keep your ridiculous, nonsensical delusions to yourself?

Peace :)

Posted by EducateUrself December 14, 08 09:27 AM

All the face are same as the terrorist
Terrorist religion has different faces.

Posted by King December 14, 08 09:44 AM

Religion of peach and unity throughout the world. No matter who you are, where you are, what you are, you are bond by a link, that we all have one root (we are childerns of Adams & Eves), and "ALLAH" created them, so why not pray to one and only one "ALLAH", who created all of us.

Posted by Ahmed December 14, 08 10:07 AM


Posted by MalcolmX December 14, 08 10:35 AM

#192 First of all I am not the one who started this, I am replying to nonsensical statements made by "believers". Second of all its not me but the religions who preach hate by saying that true believers are better than others, that men are worth more than women, who condone slavery. The more religious people there are the less hope there is for humanity.

Posted by Le Comte de Saint Germain December 14, 08 10:41 AM

# 16 is stunning. looks like a still from a wong kar wai movie.

Posted by luca December 14, 08 10:42 AM

@192: I don't see how stating that we believe religion is based on nothing but belief and delusion is hate speech.

I've lived a year in Iran, lived among muslims, and I still think that religion is nonsense that humans invented. Actually I believe it even more since I spent time with christian and muslim friends.

We can agree on not but the fact that I think religion is nonsense (from what I saw) is a right I have and should have.


@179: Actually read a history book and or the Koran and you'll see that converting other people was and still is a duty for the muslim. People in the world got converted through wars (whether to christianity or to islam).

@190: The differents gods we have come from other gods and rituals from other times, including the christian and jewish god, but as far as I know the muslim god is very much like the christian one and is supposed to be the same one (according to the Koran).

Posted by iKs December 14, 08 10:51 AM


Posted by AJ December 14, 08 11:00 AM

religion is the enemy of humankind because it's the enemy of reason. Islam is the worse of them, closely followed by Evangelicals (not for the contents but for the sheer numbers of followers).

Posted by Leloup December 14, 08 11:14 AM

Mashallah. Thank you for the pictures. Salam Alaykum to all.

Posted by Faraz Hussain December 14, 08 11:39 AM

Peace to All. I am a proud muslim. #190 commented that Muslims worship moon god. I see that as height of ignorance. It’s not his fault; it’s the fault of Muslims who did not yet reach to provide the right information.

"Al-ILA" is a word from Aramaic. It means GOD. Its literally means "ONE GOD". It has nothing to do with moon. Jesus used the same word describing GOD. Probably some Christian priest need to check the original bible scripts if really exists now.

I can even challenge to prove that did Jesus claim himself as GOD's son during his lifetime. I am sure you will not find a single evidence and nor anyone come with that evidence. If so, is it not blame that we are putting on jesus that he is son of god.

Also, check according to Christian books, did (assumed) Jesus had any clothes on while he was crossed. To your surprise, you will find it as naked. Let me tell you, God will not and never allow his messengers to die in that shameful manner. Even some body claims Jesus was crossed; surely he is neither the son of god nor the real prophet Jesus (peace be upon him).

Posted by Born Indian December 14, 08 12:12 PM

#139"Reminds me of Dead Tour...The kids they dance and shake their bones. BTW...Where were all the ladies? 3 mil man march?"
Posted by jkstraw
Ok, I dont know if you have eyesight problems, or if you dont know what females look like, but there are pictures of women. Once you figure out how to open your eyes, look at these pictures:

Posted by Mandy December 14, 08 12:27 PM

You are soooooooooooooooooo nieve,appreciate the beauty of it all.There is nothing further to add.

Posted by MAC786 December 14, 08 12:34 PM


Posted by mac786 December 14, 08 12:41 PM

listen up. :) The Mecca as you so say, is a 'special' spot for muslims only. Fine. come to the Mecca. No one is stopping you. But i have one question. What do we Muslims do at the Mecca? We pray, we pray and also perform the religious rituals of our religion. So. if you come to the Mecca, will you pray, will you pray the way Muslims pray? Will you perform Hajj liek all other Muslims? Or are you just there to sight-see? And the same can be said about all other religions. We are not welcomed into churches,synagouges etc. Or maybe that is what we think when in reality, we are all welcome everywhere, we just choose not to go.

Posted by I Am Switzerland December 14, 08 12:44 PM

Thank you for getting all these beautiful pictures! It touches our heart to see all Muslims around the world so dedicated to their faith. If you just open up your heart and mind, truth always speaks for itself. Islam is the religion of all time and all mankind. Thanks for including a picture from Iranians' Eid prayer in Tehran University. Brought back many sweet memories! Peace to you all.

Posted by Mersedeh Fotovat December 14, 08 01:00 PM

Thank you for putting the pictures!!
for #190 The word "ALLAH" is made-up of the following two syllables.
"AL" and "ILAH". AL means THE; ILAH means GOD.
The two together simply means "THE GOD" (without partner[s]).
When the above two syllables, which are the two units of pronunciations forming
the word Allah, are combined and joined together the letter "I" is unpronounced.
The Arabic word for "Moon" is "QAMAR", as used in the heading (title)
for Chapter 54 of the Qur'an. It is not to be found in this word "Allah" under study.

Recently, some Christian scholars have made great efforts to publish the sketches of the Statues of the Moon God from the period of the "Pagan Arabs" who had lived before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). None is denying that. The
Pagan Arabs had a "moon-god". But, they also had hundreds of other gods so why the "moon god". Their widely circulated and propagated argument is that the followers of Prophet Muhammad have Crescent Moon on their Mosques.

The most important question is since when and by whom? More than six centuries after the passing away of the Prophet of Islam, the Crescent Moon became the symbol of the Ottoman Empire (founded in 1288). Look at the read flag of the modern day Turkey with the white Crescent, the historical seat of the Ottoman Empire. If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was truly preaching the worship of a "moon god" to his companions, he would have certainly placed the images of the "Crescent Moon" (or rather of the "Full Moon" to signify the greater glory), on the Mosques that he and his immediate followers had built in Madina and Mekkah.
The sketches of "moon gods" do not shake the beliefs of Muslims in their Allah.

Muslims and Jews go by the Lunar Calendar. Christians go by the Solar. Does that translate Jews too have a moon god like Muslims and Christians have a sun god?

Posted by mh December 14, 08 01:21 PM

We don't worship a black box , we worship one God, the only one, the unique, he is not a son of anything and he don't have son, he is the unique, the powerful and the merceful. He is Allah the lord of the existance.

Posted by Abd Allah December 14, 08 01:54 PM

To: A Pakistani - comment #169

You have said it very well, and I appreciate your questions.

We are responsible for our actions, here on earth, when we steal or lie or cheat, murder etc., we, by our government (hopefully) will be held accountable.
We, even more importantly, are responsible to God for our actions.

OUR main problem is that we are sinners, we can't go for very long without sinning against God. We sin in word, thought, or deed.
God is Holy and will not accept sin or anything impure in His presence.

If it were left up to us to be "good" enough to be judged on our own merits we would all be lost, doomed to be judged by a Holy God, who sees our "good" deeds as filthy rags -Bible- Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:23, 6:23. And all of us would go to hell because NONE of us is good enough. We can't "pay" for our own sins, all the sins that we have done in our lifetime and all that we are going to do.

That's precisely why God, because of His love for us, sent Jesus to earth, so that He could pay the penalty for our sins. It is Jesus who stands in our place. Jesus is Holy and Perfect, thats why when we are "saved" by Him, God forgives us of ALL our sins (past, present, and future sins). It is only because of Jesus that we have the opportunity to be saved from all our sins. But we must repent of our sins and put our faith and trust in Him asking Him to save us from our sins.

This does not mean that I can just go ahead and sin because I am saved. The Bible tells me to live for God, to be an example, to be a good witness, and ultimately to glorify God.(1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

When a person gets "saved" (born again) he is no longer at enmity with God, he starts a personal relationship with Him, becomes a child in His family, so we can cry out to Him as a loving Father, and He will answer us according to His perfect will.

God knows that I am a sinner, so when I sin, God wants me to confess my sins to Him (1 John 1:9) not to be "saved" again, we can only be truly saved once (born again), but I restore my relationship to my Heavenly Father. If I harbor sin in my heart without confessing to God He promises to discipline me (Hebrews 12:3-11) if I am a true believer. God is the one who holds me accountable.

I hope that answers your question, but if not, please write back, I enjoy the interaction.


Posted by DS December 14, 08 01:59 PM

Fact: At Hajj each pilgrim and also muslims all over world have to make sacrifice e.g an animal such as sheep must be slaughtered and its meat must be distributed amongst poor. Hajj definitely means at least 2.4 million sacrifices. The meat is sent all over the world where poor and needy are in need of food.

Posted by Anonymous December 14, 08 02:58 PM

these are beautiful pictures, thank you so much. i was very happy to see that you touched many different aspects of eid, im originaly from dhaka bangladesh and currently live in houston texas and it was nice to see both.

Posted by ayesha December 14, 08 03:52 PM

Beautiful. I'm Christian, but I really respect the Muslims. Especially when it comes to following God's law, they are doing a great job.


Posted by Patricia December 14, 08 04:22 PM

I loved your pictures. They really warmed my heart, made me feel that yes, humanity can work together to achieve what we strive for and to form a time of peace between us all... EID MUBARAK TO EVERYONE!!

Posted by Fatima December 14, 08 04:51 PM

For Mr Michael M:

Dear Mr M:

You would have to be in an intense state of love to understand that Prophet Abraham (pbuh) was neither blood thirsty nor mad but a man in love. I suggest you find someone or something which brings you to that state. And mark my words, you will understand :).

Posted by Umer Murtaza December 14, 08 05:03 PM

To: #210, DS, Kudos, you are doing a great job of explaining Christian beliefs. I wish I could be as thorough and clear as you. God Bless!

Posted by Brad December 14, 08 05:08 PM

Mashallah! Great work man, those who understand its value will appreciate it, and those who does not understand how valueable Islam is, I would encourage them to study about it, before posting negative comments.

Posted by Sharif December 14, 08 06:00 PM

If the Christian God and the Muslim God are the same, why do the Bible and the Quran instruct to kill or enslave those of the other faith ?
If they are not the same, which one created the other and why ?

If God is Truth, how come the God you believe in solely depends upon the family you were born in ?

I'm puzzled.

Posted by Yogi December 14, 08 06:07 PM


Posted by Rafet December 14, 08 06:15 PM

islam is great always and for the whole human beeng

Posted by Anonymous December 14, 08 06:52 PM

Please read into Islam and then comment negatively. When I talk about Islamic rules concerning women, even the western women say, Oh I like those rules,

Posted by Akbar December 14, 08 07:07 PM

absolutely amazing

Posted by Nabeela December 14, 08 07:07 PM

Great Pictures! Alhamdulillah, may God bless the person responsible for providing us wtih these lovely images. I am very proud to be a Muslim. I am also proud to be a Canadian becasue we are known as a peace loving nation with respect for all cultures and religions. Peace to the world!

Posted by Rose December 14, 08 08:31 PM

I LOVED THIS WEBSITE.... I THINK IT WAS awsome to bring all the picture around the Hajj trip.

Posted by Zehra Wasty December 14, 08 09:08 PM


Posted by Muslim December 14, 08 09:33 PM

(response to comment #179) Why are all Muslims naive of the fact that they didn't cause any violence when converting others forcefully? Put it this way, what if the ka'ba was destroyed to pieces, then made into a church or temple? Sounds horrific right? Well, take that 'horrific' act and multiply it by several thousand...that's what the 'peaceful' muslims did in the past 1000 years in South Asia. stop being naive and get your facts straight!! Peaceful religion with terrorism dating back a thousand years...HA!!!

Posted by SS December 14, 08 10:28 PM

OK, when will the Boston Globe have Festivise pictures? Lets be fair now.

Posted by Ken December 14, 08 10:41 PM

From a photographic perspective, fantastic pictures. From a religious perspective, absolutely inspiring!

There will always be the naysayers, people. Always. There are many many Christian fundamentalists who commit crimes and hurt people "in the name of God." There are many many Jews and Hindus and the like who commit acts of hate "in the name of God". And of course, there are yahoo Muslims who do the same. People are to blame, religion is not. Islam is a beautiful religion from a to z.

Yes - would've liked to see pics from Pakistan.

Posted by naveed December 14, 08 11:38 PM

yea this is marvellous! muslims celebrations must be considered.

Posted by Ambreen December 15, 08 12:22 AM

I find it interesting that Muslims believe Abraham was going to sacrafice Ishmael. Jews and Christians believe the sacrifice was to be Isaac, but we all know the story of Hagar and Ishmael in Beer-sheba. Muslims believe Ishmael is the legitimate error to Abraham's blessing because he was Abraham's first born son to Hagar, Sarah's servant. Jews and Christians believe Isaac was heir to Abraham's blessing because Isaac was his firstborn son to Abraham's wife, Sarah. When the angel of the Lord spoke to Hagar, He told her "I will make of him a great nation." (Genesis 21:18) And God was with the boy, and he became tall and strong, and he became a bowman, living in the waste land. (Genesis 21:20) In Genesis 17, we see God giving a promise to Abraham that his agreement will be with Isaac. Muslims have the "Feast of Sacrifice", Jews have the "Feast of Passover", Christians celebrate Christmas. In a way these differences, while causing contention, unite us in the common belief that Abraham was called to make a sacrifice and willing to do this. If we are to reach common ground among these religions, it will be in Abraham.

Posted by Mark December 15, 08 12:51 AM


Posted by JASON December 15, 08 12:59 AM

The best example of International Brotherhood, is in the pilgrimage of Islam - that is, during Haj. Millions of people from various parts of the world – they come to Mecca to perform Haj. People from various parts of the world – from America, from Canada, from U.K, from Singapore, from Malaysia, from India, from Pakistan, from Indonesia – from various parts of the world they come. And the men they are dressed up in two pieces of unsewn cloth – that is preferably white. You cannot identify that the person standing next to you – whether he is a King or a pauper – It is the best example of International Brotherhood. It is the biggest annual gathering of the world. Two and a half million people gather every year – and the person standing next to you – You cannot make out whether he is a King or a pauper. Irrespective whether you are rich or poor, black or white – from whichever part of the world you are coming, you are dressed in the same attire. And our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said in the speech of his farewell pilgrimage as he said that... ‘There is only one God, and no Arab is superior to a Non-Arab; nor is a Non-Arab superior to an Arab; a White is not superior to a Black, nor a Black is over the White. The only criteria for superiority is taqwa... it is righteousness, it is piety, it is God consciousness. Irrespective whichever race you belong to, whichever colour you have – that does not make you superior – In the sight of Allah, all are equal. Only if you are more pious, more God-conscious, more righteous, can you be superior to the other human being.

And when the Haj is performed, every person – he recites... ‘Lab baik Allah humma lab baik …They keep on repeating... Even when he comes back from Haj – that always remains in his mind … which means ... ‘Here I am O my Lord; here I am… Here I am – You have no partners – here I am... All praises are due to You – all bounties are yours. To You belongs the whole dominion, the whole Universe, and You have no partners.’

It is engrained in his mind, that "Lab baik Allah humma lab baik " ‘Here I am O my Lord, here I am.’ And the corner stone of the Islamic faith is, the belief in one and only sole Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe – He alone deserves worship. And it is because of belief in one God, that there can be Universal Brotherhood.

The Glorious Qur’an says in Surah Al Imran, Ch. No. 3, V. No. 64
‘Say: Oh people of the Book, that come to common terms as between us and you.’ Which is the first term? ‘that we worship none, but Allah. That we associate no partners with Him, that we erect not among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah. If then they turn back . Say ye: ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims, bowing our will to Allah (swt).’

Excellent images!!!

Posted by Javed.A.Shah December 15, 08 01:54 AM

Jazak Allah

Posted by Zia Jafri December 15, 08 02:25 AM

I would agree with you on this part that....yes "we cant go a very long way without sinning " ..........
but (islamic version) would be...that we ask for forgivness and repent
"God knows that I am a sinner, so when I sin, God wants me to confess my sins to Him (1 John 1:9)" -Surely GOD knows when we will commit a sin ...(obviously nothing is hidden from him-we agree right?)...and when we do commit sin....we confess(i.e. we admit we did it)....and henceforth ask for forgiveness..........(agree?)
Surely GOD is the MOST MERCIFUL.....and when we genuinly ask for forgivness and mend our ways.......HE does FORGIVE........(islamic version)..all GOD wants is that we turn to HIM to thank HIM/forgive us .and if GOD wills and sees the sincerity in our confession ..HE will change us to a bertter person. (agree?)

(Please no offence on this....)
Suppose a child is stealing....and his mother gets to know..... but would the mother out of her love(surely we know the intensity of our mother's love) for her child spank her neighbour's child for the wrong 'her' child did? or concieve another child(obviously new borns are sinless) 'just' so that her first born be free of sins and her her other child gets to pay for all that wrong the other one does.
As you said "God, because of His love for us, sent Jesus to earth, so that He could pay the penalty for our sins. It is Jesus who stands in our place" ....but why doesn't GOD love jesus that he has to pay for others sins? Why would others sins become a black spot on his pure character?

// Why can't we just genuinly ask for forgivness..mend our ways(by GOD's will ofcourse-if HE is impressed by our sincerity) just close the chapter? //

Posted by amk December 15, 08 02:47 AM

It is not necessary that a pious muslim couple will have a a child who will be as sincere as them in worshipping Allah(the Most High).
It is not necessary that a religious hindu couple will have a child who will follow his parents ways.
or a Christian couple ...who gets a shock that their son no longer wants to go to church with them.
Just because we our born in respective families we get the 'STAMP' of our parent's faith.
Its your own(by GOD's will) efforts that makes you a person of a certain faith.
There are so many people ...who reject GOD (what an arrogance from a human's side).... but is this the same belief(rejecting GOD) carried out by their parents too? Obviously 'no'....or what if....An athetist parents get to know...that their son/daughter has bcum such a religious person(of certain faith) .......
There is nothing confusin about decide wether you 'blindly' follow whatever is being carried out through generations.....or ohk read your scripture first and then get to know about other faiths too......then choose....THIS is the very reason why humans have been given the ability to question and reason!

Try reading about the people who 'converted' to other faith. The stories of their conversion might soothe ur confusion.

Posted by amk December 15, 08 03:26 AM

Photo #27--- the beauty of children. Very nice photos.

Posted by Cordellia December 15, 08 03:57 AM

Maschallah, wunderschön. Allahu akbar. Es werden immer mehr Muslime Weltweit.

Posted by Ansar Service Nürnberg December 15, 08 04:45 AM

There is so much sadness in these pictures:
- The poverty surrounding the Grand Mosque,
- The dire straights in the midst of religious duty in India,
- The intense conformity / lack of good foresight & administration or safety with tents in the middle of highways,
- "Holy" men climbing on a hill of dirt.....
- Incredible crowds aboard 1 train in Bangledesh

One questions the sincerity of the organizers & promoters of the Mecca event. Such an important event should entail some diligence. Buyers beware.

Posted by Christian guy in Romania December 15, 08 05:18 AM

allahu akbar....

Posted by adi December 15, 08 05:20 AM

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I hope you are all well and have enjoyed Eid-al-Adha by the grace of Allah.
This website has presented excellent picture of Muslim Umma-the Global Muslim Community offering Eid prayer around world. I offer my deepest du'aa and congratulation to the blogger for their hard work and dedication. May Allah bless them!
I come to the points, Muslims should take advantage of the computer technology and form an Islamic Cyber Community platform to advocate our good practice e.g. ibadat-Deen and mualumat-dunya in the positive activities therefore non-Muslim knows what is Islam and Muslims! As result of myth and misunderstanding Islamophobia, in the non-Muslim community, after 9/11 we Muslims Umma abused, attacked and demonized in the western world. 'United we stand divided we falls'.
Kind regard and DU'aa to you all.
Hajji Mahmud Amirat,
Preston, England. UK

Posted by Hajji Mahmud Amirat December 15, 08 05:54 AM

Stunning, Mindblowing, magnificient,amazing,splendid,impressive, glorious,breathtaking...............SUBHANALLH
La ILaha IL Allah Muhammadur Rasoolullah (sallalhoAlhay wasallam ma hua Ahlu)

Posted by waqar December 15, 08 06:34 AM

Ya Allah! Relieve my brothers & sisters of the pain they have in life - in Palestine/Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I feel so sad to see the pic of a lady cooking in a conjested kitchen room in a refugee camp. The word 'REFUGEE' itself says a lot! And I hate to see this attached to any of my brother in Islam, in any corner of the world.

May Allah (swt) have mercy on us, and give us happiness in both the worlds. May Allah (swt) guide us on the right path - Aameen.

And yeah, Eid Mubarak to all!!!

Thanks Boston Globe :)

Posted by Ali December 15, 08 07:16 AM

The pictures are great, but they fill me with fear. I have no issues with islamic faith or personal spirituality, but these massive and dogmatic rituals are always frightening, whatever the religion (or political belief, since this is no different from Mao-worshipping chinese masses).

Makes me think of an army of carnivore ants.

Posted by guayec December 15, 08 07:31 AM

I object to Islam being a peaceful religion. Here is why:

Surah 8:12,17. I will smite terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah.

Surah 8:60 Strike terror into the enemies of Allah and your enemies

Surah 9:29 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day...nor acknowledge the religion of truth, even if they are people of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.\

These are from the Quran itself. The following comes from the Hadith or Mohammed's writings:

9:50 no muslim should be killed for killing a kafir (infidel)

Peaceful religion? I think not.

Posted by One who knows the truth December 15, 08 07:36 AM

la tinsa allah, allah hu ahad !!!

Posted by Kaled December 15, 08 08:48 AM

Ad comment #130, #206: As a matter of fact, Mecca is for Muslims only; non-Muslims are prohibited to enter under Saudi law. As you drive along the highway towards Mecca, you will encounter signs admonishing non-Muslims to take the exit (to a by-pass road). Check Wikipedia.

Posted by Fab December 15, 08 08:54 AM

the pictures speak million words. However reading most of the comments above, i find it amusing on how
one wasting time in trying to find
each others flaws instead of just have some respect in what other people's believe in.
I am being a muslim myself and i admit i am not a perfect human because i too, have
sinned and make mistakes in my life. But one thing i always truly believe in are,
respect what others faith are, trying to be as best person as you could be to yourself,
ur neighbours, ur different religion/races/skin colors sisters and brothers and live as one in peace and harmony.
the more hate we trying to spread and throwing around negatives comments, the
less understanding we will achieve together. no matter what religion one are, no matter what you believes in,
at the end of the day, we are bledding the same colour of blood. And when we die, we are going to turn into ashes
no matter if we buried or burned. So i say enjoy the life that you have than wasting every seconds of it hating
each other. Life is too beautiful and too short, so love one another and may peace be here in everyone's self.

Peace :)

Posted by cOa989 December 15, 08 08:58 AM


Posted by JUGNOPERDASI CA December 15, 08 09:26 AM

There is no such thing as a peaceful religion

These photos are astounding. Like woodstock times ten thousand.

Posted by bob December 15, 08 09:36 AM


thank you very much for such beautiful pictures! I thank my brother Mr. Abudullah T. Antepli Iman at Duke University for sending the link to your blog. I can see the wonderful thing that God is doing in the lives of Muslims around the world. It is such a blessing to see Brothers and Sisters gathered in Peace worshiping GOd (WOW).
thank you and remain blessed!!

Posted by Yoknyam Love Dabale December 15, 08 10:08 AM

Splendid madness!

Posted by Vali December 15, 08 10:11 AM

Assalamualaikum to All muslims,

Islam is for all the people....all the time. Islam is the One and Only. Islam is beautiful......Allahu Akbar.....Subhanallah....

Posted by mb.....Malaysia December 15, 08 10:13 AM

may allah bless you in this world & in the here after, aameen.

Posted by mohammed iqbal December 15, 08 10:23 AM

Mah Sah Allah beautiful pictures. May Allah bless muslim Uma

Posted by Ali December 15, 08 10:45 AM

awesome pics, the best i have seen

Posted by faraz December 15, 08 10:51 AM


Posted by UMEEZEE December 15, 08 11:03 AM

For the people who are quite rude about Islam, why is it that you seek out information about our religion, why do you go out of your way to be such a pain to people over the net where they cant see your face? Is it because you know that if anyone is to be blames for the bad press on Islam is the media, Or is it cos your just scared and very curious, most of the critising always happens over the web. Very Big on hiding, not so when its a debate face to face. Why do you have to write such horrible things. Let the muslims & others who want to view these beuatiful pictures do so without having to be so upset reading these comments. Get a Life!

Posted by Deen December 15, 08 11:04 AM

Oh thank you so much for your pictures gathered here. I know so little about the cultural practices surrounding the Muslim faith and welcome the opportunity to catch a glimpse here and there of their lives, and what they love or revere. Some sounds too would be lovely and transforming, but that's not your format here.

I am so grateful that there are peoples around the world who live lives that differ from our own and find meaning in other ways than we do. As we push the extremes of our culture and undermine the very world that sustains us with our science and technology, we would do well to look to other ways of living in the world that haven't been extinguished as resources for finding new ways of looking at life that might save us from our blindness and excess. Your photos help us to see a part of the whole world.

Posted by Bruce December 15, 08 11:09 AM

What a great religion that gather all of these people of different colors and races in a peacefull amazing way to worship their Lord the Only and the One

Posted by yasir December 15, 08 12:12 PM

Great Pictures, JAK

Posted by Aamir Askari December 15, 08 12:17 PM

Allahou akbar
Aid moubarek for all Moslems all over the World

Posted by Rachid El Beqqal December 15, 08 12:51 PM

Hey Educate urself..........good answer!! :) That is how you should tell'em!! :)

Posted by RickyRacardo December 15, 08 12:52 PM

To: A Pakistani - comment #169
Assalamu Alaikum,

I have ready many of your posts, and would like to help answer your questions and curiosity. I do not intend to attack the answers anyone else has given you, for it is impossible for anyone to fully comprehend God's will and divine revelation, and this of course includes myself. I believe I have a rare perspective on both Christianity and Islam, as I am a lifelong Christian who is currently spending several hours a day studying the Qur'an to prepare for my eventual conversion to Islam.

To begin, there is no one way to answer anyone's questions about Christianity, because there are many different churches with many different beliefs. Within those churches, there are many more beliefs. You see, one of the oldest tenents of Christianity -- one embraced by both ancient and modern Christian theologists, from St. Augustine to the current pope -- it that doubt is our greatest strength. As Islam also teaches, God made man weak. Certainty is not automatic, but earned through hours upon hours of reflection on God and our own spirituality. Especially for Christians, there may be times that we question the basic tenents of our own religion. We are not perfect. Instead of a weakness, though, this is instead an opportunity to reflect on God, to examine why we doubt, to study God and the beautiful world he has created for all of us to share, and hopefully come to a more full realization of how God intends us to live our lives. Because Christianity has embraced such reflection, on a deeply individual basis, you will find that no one Christian thinks about his or her religion in exactly the same way as any other Christian. There are many different interpretations out there, some taking the form of an entire organization of churches, some an individual church, and some residing only in one person's heart.

So, for instance, your questions about Christ, confession, the nature of sin and salvation, the role of the priest or minister -- there is no one answer. Many churhces believe Christ to be the literal son of God, many believe Christ to be the metaphorical son of God (e.g., divinely inspired and created by God the same way God created Adam, just as Islam views Christ), and some of the oldest Christian churches even believe Christ to have been nothing more than a regular man who was born in a regular family but who received divine revelation. Catholics believe that a priest must serve as an intermediary between man and God, whether it be in prayer or in confession; most Protestant groups believe that we each have a personal connection to God, and the priest/minister serves as more of a spiritual advisor. Some Christians believe you automatically go to heaven, some others believe only a very few will go to heaven, some believe that only Christians will go to heaven but nobody else, some believe that you have to be a good person in your actions and in your heart (but not necessarily a saintly person, as God made man weak), etc.

Your more recent questions, about whether Christ was sacrificed to absolve man of all his sins, is a difficult one. I have never formed a concrete belief on this, and neither have the priests, ministers, bishops, and cannons I have been fortunate enough to befriend in my lifetime. Instead of answering this, I have instead just seen Christ's death as the ultimate sign of God's love for all of us, and as an act that was meant to inspire a better world and better people (sometimes it takes a heroic act, even if it means nothing in itself, to induce others to become "heroes" themselves).

I appreciate your desire to gain a better understanding of Christianity, just as I hope more Christians endeavor to learn more of Islam. As the Qur'an teaches (albeit in a different, more specific and historical, context), God's children pray to him in different ways (different directions), but we should not take this as a source of discontent between us -- we should "compete with one another in doing good works."

Posted by New Yorker December 15, 08 12:52 PM

Wonderful pics....great capture.

Posted by Anonymous December 15, 08 01:05 PM

MashAllah , SubhanAllah

Posted by Danish Mehmood Khan December 15, 08 01:08 PM

Whether u believe in God or not - it makes no difference to God Himslef - He is the sole creator and the owner of the entire universe which is beyond our comprehension - Non believers or Believers , they all are not very far away from their death and soon enough they will see it clearly that what all the Prophets of God ( pbut ) said about ONE GOD is the real truth. Only after death the Believers will have no regret and they have nothing to loose but the Non believers , you cant even imagine the dissappointments and sufferings they have to go through - !

Posted by hesham syed December 15, 08 01:30 PM

Islam is religion of PEACE - Our Propher Muhammad SWA, teaches us 2 B patience & perseverance. Whoever transgress the Muslim - there's subsequent to such acts.
These picture display here r intended 2 enjoy not 2 disgrace it. Thank u 4 those who works hard 2 compile it 2gether. May Allah SWT returns all ur good deeds & rewards u hereafter. Amen.

Posted by Rosita December 15, 08 01:54 PM

@ #267

I draw attention to post #244

Posted by One who knows the truth December 15, 08 02:19 PM

wow mashallah thiese pictures are fantastic how can such peaceful people be terrorists??

Posted by juwairiah December 15, 08 02:24 PM

What do these people have against trees? 30 photos, not one tree. What gives?

Posted by pk December 15, 08 02:24 PM

Amazingly Beautiful pictures. Insha Allah I will be there soon

Posted by Rehan December 15, 08 03:23 PM

Elhamdulillah . Great pictures. Thank you very much


Posted by fihi December 15, 08 03:24 PM

to post 268 and 244, Whenever I see a quote from a single verse it's quite apparent that it's out of context...
The Quran was written in historical context. surah 8 was revealed to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) during the Battle of Badr, where muslims were being killed because of their religious beliefs. They were highly outnumbered, only about 300 muslims.
People literally take out single senteneces in the middle of a bigger picture. It's pretty tempting to take anything out of context that you are scared of being true, and try to make it look bad, just so you can feel a sense of comfort.
As long as other people believe your ignorance, then you can go home happy...hmm kinda sounds like a religion in itself.

Posted by Trizzle December 15, 08 03:39 PM

the pictures are beautiful, and made me smile....

...but some of the ugly comments below did not.

atheist, buddhist, muslim, christian, jewish or hindu - just respect each other.

Posted by ZC December 15, 08 03:44 PM

# 244 need to learn more about Islam,its not like you draw some haddiths or quranic verses n posting them and getting an age trying to highlight himself anyway this is his style of saying that his/her religion tell how to just point out things rather than going in detail of every single note just as he must be doing for his musical notes
being a Muslim i can only pray for u ,though i am also a sinful person but God is great i have faith on him that he'll advise you and me too.
warm regards,
first tryng to be a good human being than a muslim
pray for paksitan

Posted by from pakistan December 15, 08 03:48 PM

Dear Brothers & Sisters Assalamu Alaikum:
May Allah (SWT) bless muslims every where provide them with Love & Understanding for one & other Ameen
Shuban Allah
Farhat & Mehboob

Posted by Farhat Jahan & Mehboob Mustafa Siddiqui December 15, 08 04:58 PM

Incha Allah j irai

Posted by Anonymous December 15, 08 05:18 PM

Like any mass ideology, religion is a mental virus that spreads from parents to children. It demands to be believed without questionning, without thinking, against all evidence, just because your parents believed before you. It transforms mankind in a gigantic blind and mindless herd.

Posted by Yogi December 15, 08 05:24 PM

Jaza kalla khair,
May Almighty keep us all in his eternal blessings, and guide us in the right direction. The Muslims all over the world need to perform salat e Hajat and beg for his mercy, as most of us are in need of true guidance. We need all the muslims to be more God fearing and law abiding people.
Warm regards,

Posted by Fawzi Lutfi December 15, 08 05:40 PM

#234 -AMK

The quote that you quoted me from (-Bible- 1 John 1:9) is in it's context addressed to someone who is a true believer in Christ. Which when a saved/born again person confesses his sin to God, God will forgive him of his sin and cleanse him from all unrighteousness. Which restores the relationship that was created at salvation.

The person who is NOT saved/born again is SPIRITUALLY dead in his trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2:1). We are born into this world SPIRITUALLY dead. And even if you have tried to confess your sins that you are aware of, there are so many more that you have not confessed, forgot about, or were unaware or too young, that you were sinning, you don't have to teach a 2 year old to be selfish or to not share toys. The Bible names many different sins that we are guilty of, and it says in James 2:10 that if you try to keep the whole law and yet stumble in ONE point you are guilty of the WHOLE law. It takes just ONE sin to send you to an eternity in Hell. That's why we NEED Jesus. (Galatians 2:21)

(Romans 6:23) The wages (payment) for our sins is death (eternal death in Hell) but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Everyone who desires to have their sins forgiven (past, present, and future) must come to God the Father through the Son (Jesus Christ) He is the ONLY way (John 14:6) to Heaven. Jesus Himself said (in John 3:3) "Truly, Truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God."

For anyone to go to heaven, they have to come to God asking Jesus to save them from their sins, trusting that what Jesus did on the cross was for them, and repent of their sins. This is a once in a lifetime event, if you TRULY ask God to forgive you of your sins and TRULY believe in the Jesus of the Bible you will be saved when you ask Him to save you.
Jesus said in John 5:24 "Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgement, but has passed out of death into life.

Jesus willingly became man, so that He could be the propitiation for our sins, He atoned all our sins on the cross, it didn't put any "black mark on His pure character" but instead it shows how much God the Son loves us, to come to earth, to suffer at the hands of your own creation, and to die, to save wicked sinners gives Him glory, not a black spot.
You must be saved/born again to have your sin account wiped clean otherwise you are still in your sins.


Posted by DS December 15, 08 07:04 PM

Subhanallah and Mashallah. Absolutely beautiful photographs!

Thank you to the Boston Globe for publishing and sharing them. It's so wonderful to see Muslims united on Eid-ul-Adha and for Hajj, despite the tension and wars going on worldwide. I pray for our Muslim ummah to put aside differences, remain tolerant, and teach others about our beautiful religion rather than creating more dissension. May Allah guide us in the right direction and bestow His countless blessings upon all of humanity.

I urge everyone to learn more about Islam and Muslims who do abide by their religion in order to eliminate any misconceptions because through negative media portrayal and the acts of a few Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world.

- Peace

Posted by Sweetgirl December 15, 08 07:06 PM

SUBHANALLAH, my heart misses the blessed land.

Posted by me December 15, 08 07:56 PM

@#244: Let people get the context- so please provide the full sentences, and the verses before and after the ones you quote :). Go to and you can find the whole quran indexed with multiple translations and commentary.

Folks who want to know more about the claims in #244:

Read #273 first, then read the translation i am pasting here... a much larger context. The full chapter (and the full qur'an) can be read at the link above.

[Yusufali 8:1] They ask thee concerning (things taken as) spoils of war. Say: "(such) spoils are at the disposal of Allah and the Messenger: So fear Allah, and keep straight the relations between yourselves: Obey Allah and His Messenger, if ye do believe."
[Yusufali 8:2] For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord;
[Yusufali 8:3] Who establish regular prayers and spend (freely) out of the gifts We have given them for sustenance:
[Yusufali 8:4] Such in truth are the believers: they have grades of dignity with their Lord, and forgiveness, and generous sustenance:
[Yusufali 8:5] Just as thy Lord ordered thee out of thy house in truth, even though a party among the Believers disliked it,
[Yusufali 8:6] Disputing with thee concerning the truth after it was made manifest, as if they were being driven to death and they (actually) saw it.
[Yusufali 8:7] Behold! Allah promised you one of the two (enemy) parties, that it should be yours: Ye wished that the one unarmed should be yours, but Allah willed to justify the Truth according to His words and to cut off the roots of the Unbelievers;-
[Yusufali 8:8] That He might justify Truth and prove Falsehood false, distasteful though it be to those in guilt.
[Yusufali 8:9] Remember ye implored the assistance of your Lord, and He answered you: "I will assist you with a thousand of the angels, ranks on ranks."
[Yusufali 8:10] Allah made it but a message of hope, and an assurance to your hearts: (in any case) there is no help except from Allah: and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.
[Yusufali 8:11] Remember He covered you with a sort of drowsiness, to give you calm as from Himself, and he caused rain to descend on you from heaven, to clean you therewith, to remove from you the stain of Satan, to strengthen your hearts, and to plant your feet firmly therewith.
[Yusufali 8:12] Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them."
[Yusufali 8:13] This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger: If any contend against Allah and His Messenger, Allah is strict in punishment.
[Yusufali 8:14] Thus (will it be said): "Taste ye then of the (punishment): for those who resist Allah, is the penalty of the Fire."
[Yusufali 8:15] O ye who believe! when ye meet the Unbelievers in hostile array, never turn your backs to them.
[Yusufali 8:16] If any do turn his back to them on such a day - unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own)- he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is Hell,- an evil refuge (indeed)!
[Yusufali 8:17] It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when thou threwest (a handful of dust), it was not thy act, but Allah's: in order that He might test the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself: for Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things).
[Yusufali 8:18] That, and also because Allah is He Who makes feeble the plans and stratagem of the Unbelievers.
[Yusufali 8:19] (O Unbelievers!) if ye prayed for victory and judgment, now hath the judgment come to you: if ye desist (from wrong), it will be best for you: if ye return (to the attack), so shall We. Not the least good will your forces be to you even if they were multiplied: for verily Allah is with those who believe!
[Yusufali 8:20] O ye who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger, and turn not away from him when ye hear (him speak).
[Yusufali 8:21] Nor be like those who say, "We hear," but listen not:
[Yusufali 8:22] For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are the deaf and the dumb,- those who understand not.
[Yusufali 8:23] If Allah had found in them any good. He would indeed have made them listen: (As it is), if He had made them listen, they would but have turned back and declined (Faith).
[Yusufali 8:24] O ye who believe! give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calleth you to that which will give you life; and know that Allah cometh in between a man and his heart, and that it is He to Whom ye shall (all) be gathered.
[Yusufali 8:25] And fear tumult or oppression, which affecteth not in particular (only) those of you who do wrong: and know that Allah is strict in punishment.
[Yusufali 8:26] Call to mind when ye were a small (band), despised through the land, and afraid that men might despoil and kidnap you; But He provided a safe asylum for you, strengthened you with His aid, and gave you Good things for sustenance: that ye might be grateful.
[Yusufali 8:27] O ye that believe! betray not the trust of Allah and the Messenger, nor misappropriate knowingly things entrusted to you.
[Yusufali 8:28] And know ye that your possessions and your progeny are but a trial; and that it is Allah with Whom lies your highest reward.
[Yusufali 8:29] O ye who believe! if ye fear Allah, He will grant you a criterion (to judge between right and wrong), remove from you (all) evil (that may afflict) you, and forgive you: for Allah is the Lord of grace unbounded.
[Yusufali 8:30] Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.

Posted by Moe December 15, 08 09:36 PM

Alhamdulillah hirrabbil alamin, SUBHANALLAH

Posted by Anonymous December 15, 08 09:48 PM

like anything, a few can ruin for the masses...sad but true...a few Muslims warp and misuse passages and verses from the Qur'an and the naive and ignorant brand over a billion people based on the actions of a VERY SMALL MINORITY.

Posted by Salmaan December 15, 08 11:05 PM

This is very good feeling to celebrete the festivel Eid ul-ajha..
this festivel is represent of secrefies..

Posted by Khan December 16, 08 12:14 AM

Why no pictures from Pakistan?

Posted by Anonymous December 16, 08 12:15 AM

To #244 and others who may be interested in a serious interaction. Many of the old scriptures have text that is contextual, and one can find words in the Torah and Bible that may be similar in nature as in #244.

Just before Quran's conclusion, chapter 109 (out of 114) titled "AL-KAFIROON" is dedicated to the issue of The Disbelievers & Atheists, and the text is below. Now, what more Word do you want for peaceful co-existence?

Say : O ye that reject Faith!
I worship not that which ye worship,
Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,
Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
To you be your Way, and to me mine.

Posted by Imran December 16, 08 01:28 AM

In his native language Jesus used to call God "ILAHEE"...

Posted by Anonymous December 16, 08 01:41 AM

Reply to comment 137
A Pakastani I hope you are checking back to this blog our conversation was really inspiring to me.
You are partly correct in stating that some sects of Christianity believe you have to go to confession like Catholicism.
Howver the majority feel like that Jesus' sacrifice disolved the need for a priest to abolve us or hear our confessions.
Sometimes we pray as a group in church or state prayers from the bible. Most Christians pray where ever they are at any time in formal and informal matters.
I hope this gives you some clarification
Take care

Posted by Amanda December 16, 08 02:28 AM

just alah

Posted by Anonymous December 16, 08 03:07 AM

........can u 'rele' blame a very young child(who's unaware of right and wrong) for a 'sin' ...?? i presume evn 'humans' can forgive no question of GOD(the MOST merciful) 'not' forgiving him........
i agree ...there might be so many 'sins' for which we may not have 'confessed'.... and that's why (in the islamic version) we ask for forgivness for 'all our past sins' ...only GOD knows ofcourse that we might have hurt some accidently.....and GOD IS THE MOST MERCIFUL........that's why during the month of Ramadan we(muslims) show 'even more' sincerity in asking for forgivness for all our past sins.
Even you accept that GOD loves us and hence...THE MOST MERCIFUL.....then why a middleman to ask for forgivness..??.......its somewhat underestimating GOD's mercy........that HE will only forgive if someone else(as u say jesus-peace be upon him) takes it from others........and not from us... Why not? when as u say HE loves us....why won't HE forgive us directly......??
I understand that ure saying HE loves us hence sent jesus...but im asking about why not DIRECTLY......if thru jesus HE is forgiving us.....why not DIRECTLY...?? after all HE is the ONE who created us..!

(please read this CAREFULLY)

Jesus(peace be upon him) was a prophet.....he came to guide people.....tell them to worship ONE GOD.....surely we can use the term 'save'here.... he came to 'save' people........... // 'save' people from the sins they were commiting and teach them the right path// ........but here this word 'save' -became something as though he (jesus-peace be upon him) was 'himself' taking all the sins ...!! This second part we(muslims) 'dont' agree to. First part..yes...beacuse that's what all the prophets were sent for- to guide(save) the people ...and teach them what GOD hav ordered them!

ohk...just a question...have u read the 'quran' (dont worry im not asking u to convert).....from what u are saying understanding evrything.....but the 'interpretation' ure giving totaly going out of way....otherwise i see a lot of resemblence.
If not then please do.
And kindly dont take the request as a 'hidden tactics' - for GOD is looking....
You can start with Chapter- Maryam(Mary)
and if u feel something might go wrong - why not make a prayer before starting- that u stay on the right path.
Christians are more closer to Muslims ...than to people of any other faith. I pray to GOD that you be guided......

Before you 'again' reply..... start by first accepting the request(nothing wrong huh? ........Jesus is mentioned ,his mother -Mary is mentioned.....why not see what 'exactly' is being said about them in the quran...after all they are 'dearer' to you too).


Posted by amk December 16, 08 03:58 AM

I'm a muslim and i'am proud of it.

Posted by aziz December 16, 08 04:00 AM


Posted by Anonymous December 16, 08 04:42 AM

subhanallah Jazakalah Allah sub ko toufiq day apna gher dekhnay kii

Posted by nabeel December 16, 08 05:49 AM

its really make me cry,thanks god that i am a muslim,i am pround to be a muslim,i am looking forward to be amoung the people next year inshallah

Posted by sally December 16, 08 06:25 AM

very good job

Posted by riyas December 16, 08 06:28 AM

Thanks so much because of special photos.Allah help you and the photographers.
realy thank you!

Posted by Hossein December 16, 08 06:49 AM

Allah Almighty says: "And (remember) when We showed Ibrahim the site of the (Sacred) House (the Kaaba at Makkah), saying: Ascribe not anything (in worship) with Me, and sanctify My House for those who circumambulate it, and those who stand up (for prayer), and those who bow (submit themselves with humility and obedience to Allah), and make prostration (in prayer). And proclaim to mankind the Hajj (pilgrimage). They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they will come from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway (to perform Hajj)." (Al-Hajj, 22:26-27).

Posted by Nizar December 16, 08 07:39 AM

Lo! the first Sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Becca (Mecca), a blessed place, a guidance to the peoples; (96) Wherein are plain memorials (of Allah's guidance); the place where Abraham stood up to pray; and whosoever entereth it is safe. And pilgrimage to the House is a duty unto Allah for mankind, for him who can find a way thither. As for him who disbelieveth, (let him know that) lo! Allah is Independent of (all) creatures.
Holy Quran: Chapter 3 Aa'l Imran (Family of Imran (AS), Verse:96

Posted by Nizar December 16, 08 07:46 AM

some picture missing.

Posted by shoukathali December 16, 08 07:50 AM

thanks you very much for these photos !!!!!

Posted by nass December 16, 08 08:23 AM


Posted by ABDULWAHID BASALAMA December 16, 08 08:33 AM

Alhamdulillah it is amazing

Posted by Mohamed Musthafa pk, India,Kerala, Tirur, vettom December 16, 08 09:04 AM


Posted by RAIFA December 16, 08 09:17 AM

Salams everyone,
A message to the muslims: ignore the provoking comments from others please.
To everyone: Awsome pics, thanks for sharing with the world.

Posted by Everyone is born a Muslim December 16, 08 09:37 AM

To # 288 : The whole point is being able to live without worshipping. Worshipping just extracts your brain out of your head and enslaves you.

Posted by Yogi December 16, 08 09:51 AM

Subhanallah !! Looking at each photo brings happiness into my heart. May Allah SWT except each and everyones prayers and answer all desires that were brought at ths beautiful time and place. Bless us all to work harder to prepare for the afterlife, and always remember what we are doing each second of our days to prepare for such a promised life. Peace and Blessings Always to all Muslims !!

Posted by Dawn Marie Guzzetta December 16, 08 09:54 AM

Beautiful, amazing, proud to be a Muslim. God bless all of us.

Posted by Mary December 16, 08 10:08 AM

Mashaa ALLAH!

Posted by Amine December 16, 08 10:35 AM


Posted by ABU SUPIAN BIN ABU HASSAN- SINGAPORE December 16, 08 11:21 AM

mashallah what reality in these pictures. i could not stop smiling. may allah bless and forgive us all. and may we be in next years pictures ameen.

Posted by rehana valli December 16, 08 11:22 AM

The very same individual, born in Europe will become a Christian, and born in Arabia will become a Muslim.
How can you believe in a Truth, if it all depends where you were born ?

Posted by Yogi December 16, 08 12:01 PM

flourishing my eye its realy lovely & i wish once i want to do hajj - request to all pray for us to fulfill my wish

Posted by naveen December 16, 08 12:12 PM

As salaamu alaikum
Thank you for the Eid pictures They are absolutely AMAZING!! This gives us a chance to see other muslims from different countries. Allah bless you for them.

Posted by Sabria Rahim December 16, 08 12:35 PM

Jazak Allah for this good deed. Great work man

Posted by imran shafi December 16, 08 01:48 PM

This brings tears to my eyes. Jazak Allah khayr for the touching photos
Subhan Allah, Al hamdulillah, Allahu akbar

Posted by Rana, Egypt December 16, 08 01:51 PM


Posted by ABDOU ELMOUNI3IM December 16, 08 02:03 PM

Feels great to be a muslim.

We are all united by the same faith and concept of worship of 1 God with out any idols or sons or daughters.

Posted by mudsir December 16, 08 02:05 PM

reply to #230
I totally belive in what you say. As Muslims, Jews, and Christians we all belive in Abraham and definately he is our common ground. In Islam we call him "The father of the prophets" as our prophet Muhammed decends from Ismail and the other prophets decend from Isaac. In Islam we belive in all prophets as messengers from God. It is against our religion to discriminate against any of them. So i guess we have more common ground than the majority thinks.
I wish you have a great holiday.

Posted by Maha December 16, 08 03:04 PM

fantastic im impressed
islam all round the globe amazing

Posted by Aadil December 16, 08 03:18 PM


Obviously you know that I am a Christian. Now the word "Christian" means different things to different people, Catholics, Mormons, and Jehovah Witnesses claim to be Christian. According to the Bible the ONLY Christians are those who are BORN AGAIN or SAVED. I get the feeling that you don't quite understand what I have been trying to say, I probably didn't communicate it very well.

The Bible says that for ANYONE to have ANY of their sins forgiven you have only ONE way to be forgiven. That way is ONLY through Jesus Christ. There is NO other way. It sounds exclusive, but thats because it is, Jesus is the One who said it (John 14:6). There is no forgiveness without Jesus Christ. Any other way to try to get your sins forgiven will lead you to an eternity without God.

If ANYONE wants to go to Heaven, you have to receive Jesus Christ as your PERSONAL savior, repenting of your sins, and trusting in Jesus alone as the One who died in your place on the cross, and asking him to come into your life to SAVE you.

I hope that this doesn't offend you, and I hope that you will look to the Bible to give you the knowledge that will lead you to salvation (2 Timothy 3:15). If you start with the book of John it (with God's help) it can solve many questions.


Posted by DS December 16, 08 03:41 PM

look's like we r stilll together.hope we will be.

Posted by ABDUL December 16, 08 04:32 PM

Subhanallah, these pictures are absolutely superb, almost real and a good mix. Fascinating. Allhamdullilah, Allahu Akbar

Posted by Farooq December 16, 08 05:43 PM

I wonder if you believe this for any other reason than your parents told you so.
Do you hope to convince somebody who believes equally strongly that other story that was told by his/her parents ?
Why don't you, the other way around, try to believe what those other parents told ?

Posted by Yogi December 16, 08 05:56 PM

May Allah (s.w.t.) open the hearts of those who have misunderstood this gracious religion.

Allah (s.w.t.) has blessed Muslims with a peaceful way of life - and though many pick and choose from Islam, as is done in all religions, the majority of Muslims have sought peace and comfort in its teachings, and try ultimately to follow it thoroughly.

I pray to my Lord, to open the eyes of those who have misinterpreted and twisted the meanings of verses that have been quoted above, and to show them what this religion is truly about.

I believe those who fear, do not know. And it would be great if they sincerely asked questions and tried to understand, as we try to understand your way of life, instead of pouring words of hatred in such forums.

Iltimaase Dua
A lover of the Ahlul-Bayt.

Posted by Rumina December 16, 08 06:17 PM


Posted by MANZAR RAZA December 16, 08 08:10 PM

*dodges the religeous comments*

Image #30 struck me the hardest. Desecrating graves is shameful, no matter which diety you do or do not believe in.

Posted by Dave December 16, 08 08:18 PM

InshAllahu ta'ala All those brothers and sisters who have not had the chance to go on such a journey (speaking on behalf of myself, first and foremost) will be able to do so before their time in this dunya comes to an end, and their meeting with the Creator begins.

Posted by Bint Mohammed December 16, 08 08:51 PM

mashallah very nice pictures . I am very very............. thankful to Allah Subhanataala that i am muslim May Allah unite all muslims and show me and all muslims sirate mustakhim (right Path). Ameen Please Allah the most gracious and most high mercifull give guidence to whole humanity. ameen

Posted by SABA December 16, 08 09:20 PM

Jazakallahu khoiran kathira..truly amazing.. keep my heart pounding the adrenaline rush eagerly awaiting for my time to come to perform the hajj

Posted by Wari December 16, 08 10:30 PM


Actually, I grew up in a "religious" home. But being "religious" DOESN'T give you eternal life. I became a TRUE, born again, Bible believing Christian at the age of 29. I was the one who went to my parents to tell them how they can get saved, and at first they totally rejected me, then God worked in their hearts to study the Bible and learn about salvation. And I would encourage you to do the same.

Please read the Bible and my previous posts marked "Posted by DS"

Posted by DS December 16, 08 11:42 PM


Posted by MUZAMMIL AHAMED December 17, 08 12:21 AM

In the name of God
Only God makes a human submit entirely to him. I struggle... God willing I submit.
True success is in the hereafter, may God reward those who strive to do away with ignorance.
So be patient and God willing we will be judged accordingly to what we hold in our breasts, Amen!
Islam is the fastest growing relion in the world...hmm... and the largest although the many secs of Christianity are combined as one when fear enters their(Censis?) hearts.
Be Brave, be patient, follow your heart, be upright, be just, and I pray we are rewarded, Amen. I pray that God guides the Believers and Nonbilievers, Amen.

Posted by Slave December 17, 08 12:23 AM

yes I agree with one of the comment that religion is a parental and heridetry virus and it is not easy to convert or revert BUT only those find the true path who are seeking one , ponder about it and only when one is blessed by God and get cured of the sickness of rejection and can come out of pear pressure .

Posted by Hesham Syed December 17, 08 12:32 AM

Thank you Boston Globe for these wonderful photos showing people from different race, ethnicitym and nationality. Many faces show genuine happiness and others show great pain, particularly those of the Palestinians.

The comment given by #263 is a good one. I am Muslim and I also read other religious texts and literature. For non-Muslims, I recommend the following:
Road to Makkae by Mohammed Asad
The Message of Quran by Mohammed Asad

To Muslims who want to get a comprehensive view of Christianty, I recommend "The Soul of Christianity" by Houston Smith, A methodist minister and is considered an authority on world religions. Though I found some mistaken understanding about Islam in his writings, he is a sincere Christian in the true spriti of that word.

To those who accuse Islam and Muslims, please try to read the above books I recommended with an open mind, keep your hatred aside for a few weeks and try to build bridges.

Posted by Aslam December 17, 08 12:38 AM

Wow! These pics are amazing! It never ceases to amaze me how millions of people from practically every different race/country/nationality can come together so peacefully and pray. And the fact that all are dressed alike speaks volumes of the equality achieved!!!
LOVE the pics! Thanks!!!

Posted by TXNgal December 17, 08 02:28 AM

Çok güzel resimler.
Vesile olanlardan Allah razý olsun.

Posted by Hüseyin December 17, 08 02:33 AM

# 332
I've learned as much about eternal life by reading the Bible that I've learned about cyclops by reading the Odyssey : yes, it was quite interesting to get to know ancient times legends and beliefs.
Please remember that in a religious context the word "true" only has the meaning "according to my book, which is one book among so many others past, present and future", and so can hardly be written in upper case.

Posted by Yogi December 17, 08 02:55 AM


Posted by ZAMIN December 17, 08 03:37 AM

Very Very Very Beautiful photos

Posted by Shaza Tleimat December 17, 08 03:58 AM

If a religion of peace then why:
-do Muslims kill one another because one is Sunni the other Shiite?
-are Palestinians not given homes by other Islamic countries so they do not have to be refugees? instead children are given bombs and guns to fight and no books to read...
-are people brain washed to commit suicide and kill others while the ones that send them stay back and watch the children of others kill themselves?
-do people quote the Koran saying such things as "Surah 8:12,17. I will smite terror into the hearts of the unbelievers..."
you take one step back and look at Islam...its killing itself

Posted by Xmuslim December 17, 08 04:00 AM

It is very good , i had never seen such a good pic , may god get all the pilgrims wishes true .


Sunith Sinha

Posted by Sunith Sinha December 17, 08 04:36 AM

No religion is based on truth

Posted by oe December 17, 08 04:42 AM

The religion is the alienation of the human beeing.
Why people just can't accept that nobody knows why we are here and that it's just the fact of the random.
Who can pretend that he is speaking in the name of a God ? Nobody should have tis right.

Posted by Gaël December 17, 08 04:57 AM

Shoen guten tag brothers, danke fuer die bilder. sie haben meine glaube verstaerkt.
Herzlich glueckwunsch zum Al3id alkebir und alles gute

Posted by Mohamed Harrak December 17, 08 05:08 AM

Jazak Allah Khayran

Thanks, It is a hugr effort


Posted by wael December 17, 08 06:16 AM

Hmm i'm not sure about this Hajj, it needs something, maybe capitalism and make it more of and event, why spend hours queing to walk past the Kaaba when you can spend hours queing for the rollercoaster/log flume that hurtles past at 110mph plunging you through tunnels at ten G's?

why not kick off those hot sandals by one of the many franchises, maybe grab an ice cold coffee at starbucks?
Why stop at one religion - why not get christians involved, get them spending there hard erned on mcdonalds at the food quarter?

And after a long days pilgrimage, cool off on one of our many, many log flumes.

Posted by someone December 17, 08 06:23 AM


Posted by abbasi s a December 17, 08 07:08 AM

Thanks for allah

the hajj is very easy now

Thanks for allah every min. :D .

Posted by Mohammed December 17, 08 07:38 AM


grüße von Berlin

Posted by Yasmin December 17, 08 08:13 AM

this is beautifil

Posted by Anonymous December 17, 08 08:53 AM

You can see the unity of muslims all over the world through these photos. What a heartwarming sight these pictures are. A muslim in one corner of the planet has the same belief as a muslim in the opposite corner. This is the majesty and power of Islam. Subhanallah and well done for whoever put it all together. (Revives my own special memories!).


Posted by Athar Siddiqui December 17, 08 09:09 AM

See what mankind can accomplish when it moves beyond the mental straitjacket of religion:

Throwing stones at a pillar representing Satan: what a waste of human resources. The medicine, technology etc etc that have enriched our lives in the last few hundred years were a result of moving away from the dark abyss of religion. Think.

Posted by S Dalsgaard December 17, 08 10:42 AM

I want to answer brother Xmuslims question. You should not judge islam by how sunni and shia behave. Islam is a religion of peace but if the muslims dont follow this religion of peace in the right way it is not the fault of islam. You have forgotten the fights that even took place between catholics and protastant. That does not mean christanity is bad.In the bible there are lots of things also. I feel one should never take things out of context. Read the whole thing not one line. LOVED THE PICTURES MAASHAALLAH

Posted by Nadia December 17, 08 11:40 AM

Dear #322
I think the article below should help you understand where Muslims are coming from:
Jesus Through a Muslim Lens
By Michael Wolfe

I think you’re missing the point of Hajj. Hajj Exemplifies Equality Before God:
Also, Islam has no problem with science and technological advancement. Moreover, we Muslims are encouraged to think and not just take things on Faith alone. What is even more interesting is that, the Holy Quran contains some recently discovered scientific facts mentioned in this amazing book, which was revealed fourteen centuries ago.
Hope this help,

Posted by HHY December 17, 08 12:12 PM

Thank you for the wonderful pictures

Posted by Steven Warren December 17, 08 12:51 PM

hamdolillah 3ala ni3mati al islam

Posted by foo December 17, 08 12:57 PM

wow its just amazing how many cultures come together and blend together its really amazing
i must really congratulate the photographers they really have the right timing in capturing.Really awesome!!!!!

Posted by aasim December 17, 08 01:21 PM

May Allah give me strength to perform hajj and to my parents as well


Posted by Sohail December 17, 08 01:59 PM

Okay I have a few comments:

1. The photos - beautiful! It's always surprising to me how ignorant many of us in the United States (myself included) can be to the beliefs of others around the world. I've heard of the pilgrammage to Mecca being an important facet of Islam, but I've never heard of the festival of Eid al-Adha. I realized how little I knew about this through these photos - clearly it's an important festival practiced by people around the world! I guess it never ceases to amaze me how insulated many Americans are to what's going on outside our own culture...

2. I'm sure many of you are appalled at the character of many of these comments, but I'm more struck by the amount of communication happening here! Many people here are truly trying to understand more about one another's religious beliefs, and that's a good thing! We need to talk more about this stuff, so that we can see that along with the differences, we all have quite a lot of common ground here.

3. One thing that strikes me is that so far I've noticed that most of the negative and violent comments here are coming from people who are not Muslim. Clearly, many non-Muslim people have associated Islam with terrorism, and they are still very angry. But if you could pause and take a deep breath for a second, you might notice that many of the comments made by Muslim people here are expressing an incredible amount of tolerance for non-Muslim beliefs. And that's despite the amazing amount of violence and hatred that has been directed toward them by people of other faiths both here on this forum and in the world. I'm impressed by people who can continue to show tolerance and respect for others despite being continually attacked. Some of the angry folks on this forum could take note of this...

Posted by Destiny December 17, 08 02:12 PM

mashAllah. the pictures are fantastic.
regarding comment made by Destiny. i think it is fantastic that you can see the beauty of Islam. islam teaches tolerance with all other human beings no matter of ethnicity beliefs etc. one specific example is when the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) was walking in the streets on Makkah after the conquest. A companion announced 'this is the time for revenge'- he felt this way due to the tomrment the muslims used to receive at the hands of the non believers. however. the Prophet responded, "No this is the time for forgiveness." even after all the times he got stoned and pelted with pebbles and was made to walk on thorns and other cruel torments.
Destiny i urge you to read the quraan and see for yourself what i am talking about. im sre youll be amazed. one place anybodywanting to read the quraan is

Posted by muslim brother December 17, 08 04:18 PM

@Destiny : You're right on your #3. However I don't remember having seen vast muslim demonstrations to proclaim that Ben Laden had nothing to do with them. I don't remember having heard that all imams despised, rejected and loathed Al Quaeda because it betrays the name of Islam. That would help.

Posted by Yogi December 17, 08 04:45 PM

JazakAllah Khairun.Keep up your good work.

Posted by nasar December 17, 08 05:00 PM


I am so happy that I became a Muslim. I can see all the logics... everything makes sense in religion.. Islam brings everything together and makes perfect sense of everything! I love Islam so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi

Posted by Muslim December 17, 08 05:32 PM

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. May the peace and blessings of Allah be with you and all your loved ones.

Posted by BR December 17, 08 06:29 PM


with all due respect there is something missing..................

no pictures from Pakistan.


Posted by Ibrahim Bajwa December 17, 08 06:49 PM

Allhamadullilah,Subhanallah.The pictures from around the world serve to inform the rest of the world that ISLAM is a global religeon of PEACE.,and MUSLIMS are bound together as ONE UMMAH.These pictures are heartwarming.
It is a sad fact that people are commiting atrocities and un-Islamic acts in the very name of ISLAM.If only they could learn what it means to be a good muslim.
The desecration of graves regardless of their faith is barbaric acttion,reflects up on the gutter mentality of these offenders.

Posted by mohammed muzaffaruddin December 17, 08 07:16 PM

Salaam, these photos are absolutely amazing, subhanallah...the best shots I have ever seen, praise allah (subhanah watalah)...

Posted by Sulaiman December 17, 08 07:40 PM

Praise Jesus! Glad I'm a Christian!

Posted by MJ December 17, 08 08:33 PM

Dear muslims ,,,,Be patient and do your deeds according to the Sunnah of Rasoul ALLAH (salla ALLAHu aliyh wassallam).Do not divide among yourselves.

Posted by AbdulRahim AbdulHag December 17, 08 08:54 PM

You know, there *are* Muslims in countries other than Pakistan. Imagine that. Instead of saying, "Wow, Muslims in Bulgaria and Krgyzstan, imagine that the BG highlighted these small or relatively unknown Muslim peoples" we hear the same line that we hear over and over in the American masjid "Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan." Well, that's what we hear when it's not "Palestine, Palestine, Palestine." Get over it.

Just part of the ethnocentrism and racism that eventually drives a lot of American converts away from Islam... sigh.

Posted by Former Muslim December 17, 08 09:32 PM

Masha Allah heart warming collection of wonderful photgraphy from all over the world. I wish this gigantic community of MUSLIMS contribute one Dollar each to rebuild a New Mosque on the RUINS OF FEROZE SHAH KOTLA MOSQUE OF INDIA . To bring back the original grandeur of it's early days. The only Photograph made me cry with shame.

Posted by AHMAD SAEED December 17, 08 10:50 PM

One God, imagine that... and no chosen people rubbish... wow!!!

Posted by Supernova December 17, 08 11:34 PM

# 244 you need to know more before you say something!

Posted by Anonymous December 17, 08 11:48 PM

who ever posted your comments of someone on December 17 at 6.23 am is absolutely has no islam on his or her, you have no knowledge what the hajj and its true feelings about allah is, the picture are great, it make me a prode muslim,
may allah bless each and everyone one who made it there,

Posted by Awada December 18, 08 01:07 AM

a great collection of peaceful pictures. I have tears in my eyes, just looking at this photos, reminds me of how it would have been nice if the whole human in this world gave peace a way of life.

I wish that one day, I will be there praying in front of the Kaaba and I wish my son and daughter wife and their decedents are given the opportunity as well. May Allah bless us all.

Posted by renxo December 18, 08 01:26 AM

s prazdnikom vseh!

Posted by Anonymous December 18, 08 02:46 AM

salams, brothers, as we stand united & deciplined in all our rituals like hajj, Idd, Namaz & Rmadhan we must learn to be united, deciplined, organised and peace loving, inshaallah the Ummat will be leading in times to come. I m moved by the greatness, vastness, simplicity of our religion & feel blessed to be a muslim. May Allah accept us all to be true & complete human beings.

Posted by Ilyas Dada December 18, 08 02:47 AM

Subhan Allah,,
Its a great pleasure indeed to view the muslims around the globe celebrating this event... The pictures are truly awesome...

In Peace We Believe!!

Posted by Waqar December 18, 08 03:08 AM


Posted by H.HALIMEH December 18, 08 03:09 AM

Fascinating pictures!!I miss Mecca deeply in my heart.I believe that Hajj is the miracle of ALLAH.

Posted by b.dundar December 18, 08 03:10 AM

please send me muck and madina picter yours bother liaqat khan of pakistan peshawar.

Posted by liaqat December 18, 08 03:42 AM

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos from around the globe ! How amazing ! everyone on earth is humbled to the ground by the same ONE Creator and sustainer ! Truly we all are slaves and sinners and ONE in seeking mercy of the ONE whom we can't see but HE can see and hear directly the prayer of a black ant on a black rock in the darkness of night. Glory be to the only Lord ;Lord of the heavens and the earth,sustainer of the worlds, Lord of Abraham,Moses,Jesus , Muhammad and of the Day of Judgment . Amen!

Posted by mriad December 18, 08 03:57 AM

Its really amazing.. M proud to be Muslim

Posted by Mohammed Moulana Imran December 18, 08 04:00 AM

God bless you and your country for doing this great job,

Posted by mohammed arif siddiqi December 18, 08 04:07 AM


Posted by SHAHELA N. JUNAIDI December 18, 08 05:06 AM


Posted by YAKUB KASIM December 18, 08 05:20 AM


Posted by Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam December 18, 08 05:34 AM

Masha Allah, im proud to be a Muslim,,, heart touching fotos, Insha Allah one day i will see this in realties,,,, Insha Allah..

Posted by Abdul Janif December 18, 08 05:53 AM

SUBHANALLAH, MASHALLAH... a very great moment & marvellous..May ALLAH have mercy and his peace on all us...
jazakallah khair

Posted by Meharban December 18, 08 06:54 AM

May Allah Subhana Wa Ta Alaa unify us all Muslims in Jannah in the Shade of Mercy of our Allah and May Allah make us drink by the blessed Hands of our Blessed and Truely Inspired Messenger of Allah from the Fountain of Kawthar.
May Allah accept our little deeds and grant us Salavation and Freedom from the Punishment of our Graves and Resserect us from among those who will be at Peace and who will receive the Gladtidings of Paradise at the Time of Death and at the Time of Resserection.
May Allah teach us the Prayers which Pleases Him.
May Allah make us the Bearers of Truth.
May Allah make us to stand for the Mission and Message of Our Prophets Aleyhi Salam.
May Allah make us to Strive against Evil and Struggle for all what is Good .
May Allah make us to establish our Goverments based on Justice and Truthfulness.
May Allah make us fulfill our Reason of Creation
May Allah make us acheive our Objectives of Life according to the Teachings of Word of Allah Holy Quran and the Teachings ,Actions,Sayings and Deeds of our Prophetic Sunnah.
May Allah make us among those who Love Allah and who are Loved by Allah.
May Allah put the Love of Our Prophets in Our Hearts and May Allah fill the Heart of our Prophets with Love for all of us.
May Allah make us to follow in the Footsteps of our Prophet Sallallahu Aleyhi Wassalam in word, in deed and in truth.
May Allah make us to Invoke Allah for His Mercy and for All what is Good in the Sight of Allah for this World and for our Hereafter.
May Allah make us among those Fortunate Ones who will Enter the Jannatul Firdous where our Prophet SAW will be for Eternity.
May Allah open all the Doors of Mercy and the Doors of Paradise for all of us.
May Allah make Righteous Good deeds Easy for us to perform
May Allah close the Doors of all sorts of Evil Deeds for us and make it most Difficult for us to access them and to do them.
May Allah protect us from the deception of this world, whispers of our own self and from the Temptations of the Cursed Satan the enemy of our Father Adam and his children.
May Allah save us , our families and our Muslim Brothern and guide those who happened to be born in the homes of Jews ,Christians, Idolators and Atheists to Islam and open their Hearts and make them be able to Grasp the True and Simple Message of Islam and make them to accept the Invitation of thier God to Heaven by accepting Islam and shunning all sorts of Polytheism.
May Allah expose the diviant thoughts of those who are misleading people from the Path of Monotheism and hijacking people to the path of distractions .
May Allah make us to call people to Path of Allah , the Only True One Most Exalted Most Invincible Lord of Honour without who there is no one worthy to be invoked and worshipped.
May Allah correct our Faith and Beleif before we leave this world
May Allah Welcome Us when We Meet Him on the Day of Meeting with Greeting of Peace and Honour.
Aameen!!! Aameen!!! Aameen!!! Our Lord Let our Confidence in Your Love and In your Forgiveness never leave our hearts.
Wassalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmat Ullah Wa Barakaatuh

Posted by Muneer Ahmad December 18, 08 07:21 AM

Great pictures, too bad for the situation in #30 though.

Posted by The Dude December 18, 08 07:26 AM

Brainwashing to the utmost. No thought, just robotic repetition. Fertile ground for any extreme behavior. May God protect us from religion.

Posted by Yogi December 18, 08 07:52 AM

DJ and Yogi,
To you be your way to me be mind. DJ if you cant except the fact that we will be judged by HE who will judge all on that great day when none can hide and HE will decide who is on the right path and who has strayed from HIM. Then lets pray to THE CREATOR of the heavens and earth to make it clear in either of our lives if either one one us is on the wrong path whether we except it or not. If you reply I will except that as a confirmation .
I am Muslim
Islam is my way

Posted by zah December 18, 08 07:59 AM

JAZAK ALLAH. May Allah, swt bless bless us with faith provide us an opportunity to perform Haj, Amen.

Posted by salimur rehman December 18, 08 08:32 AM

Proud to be belonging to such a strong communicty - Kakakhel

Posted by Fahd Kakakhel December 18, 08 08:46 AM

I am proud to be a muslim.

Posted by Hasnain December 18, 08 08:52 AM

This is realy great pleasure for me
I proud myself we are Muslims..
thanks a lot to all of you who give us a memoriable pictures...

Posted by Gowher Bhat December 18, 08 09:06 AM

To honor the One God is noble and virtuous. To know the One God and abide in His truth is to know humility through grace and mercy. To be joined with others in fellowship in these things is joyful by those who celebrate the liberty of God through His salvation. But to rejoice and be proud at the work of our own hands is to celebrate a truth we've created and dishonors God by exchanging His work with with our own. God is spirit as is the devil. Holy symbolisms are important for those seeking to escape the corruption of this life. May God grant us wisdom to see that nothing exceeds the need of our hearts to be renewed in truth and grow in the knowlege of mercy and grace.

Posted by Niaz December 18, 08 09:27 AM


Posted by YasminZeynep December 18, 08 10:53 AM

@Destiny :
Well having skimmed through the comments it seems that Muslims do not really "express an incredible amount of tolerance for non-Muslim beliefs": most of the time they don't engage in any comment or conversation, they just praise Islam and don't seem to notice that anything else might exist in the world.
It might be that they want to reaffirm their beliefs because, as you say, they have been regularly attacked. But it might be the other way around, it might be that this total autism and voluntary isolation are the root of the reactions they provoke in other people.

Posted by Yogi December 18, 08 10:56 AM

esselamu alaykum maaþhallah... þukranleke. ceyyid... mükemmel

Posted by BENNUR TEMELOÐLU December 18, 08 11:06 AM

as a former muslim, bowing down to this stone in the middle of the desert amounts to nothing more than idol worship:

"You shall make for yourselves no idols and erect no carved images or pillars, and you shall not place figured stones in your land, to worship them; for I am the LORD you God" (Leviticus 26:1)

"You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or worship them" (Exodus 20)

Furthermore, Abraham (a Jew) and Ismael (half Jew-half Egyptian) did not travel into the Arabian desert to erect a so-called "House of God." This is a fallacy. If Abraham, indeed, was told to travel there with his son, it certainly would've been mentioned in the Old Testament. When he allegedly built this so-called "House of God," Islam wasn't even around and wouldn't have been for two thousand years!!!

Posted by christ_saves December 18, 08 11:40 AM

ALLAH ho akbar

Posted by Muhammad Azam December 18, 08 12:16 PM

good photographs.
i like it....
thanks a lot....

Posted by tamim jamshed December 18, 08 12:31 PM

In reference to Post #322 by DS...I am glad that you refer back to Bible at least...and make an effort to better your self according to your belief...but the segment that you quoted 'There is no forgiveness without Jesus Christ. Any other way to try to get your sins forgiven will lead you to an eternity without God' that was at the time of Jesus...there was no Muhammad PBUH at that time...So obviously Jesus was the right way to go...but then came Muhammad PBUH and he brought the message of God with him as well...If you spend sometime and read the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and will see the similarities. They are all the religions sent by the same God.

Posted by Sam December 18, 08 12:31 PM

very touching..At the end I could not keep my tears, SubhanAllah AlhamduLillah Allah u Akber walillahil Hamd..

Posted by Iqbal December 18, 08 12:51 PM

wajahku basah oleh airmata
they just touch my heart so deep...

Posted by wahidah December 18, 08 12:55 PM

Dear Brothers & Sisters
Salam o Elikum
Very delight to see all of these pictures, all pictures are put together in a beautiful pattern

Posted by Mohsin Kashani December 18, 08 01:16 PM

müslüman aleminin her günü arafatta vakfe gibi hakkýn üstün geldiði günü beklemeli,kabenin etrarýnda toplandýðý gibi hakkýn bayraðý altýn da ;dil farkýný,ülke farkýný,renk farkýný,ýrk farkýný....... bütün farklarý geride býrakýp HAKKIN BAYRAÐI ALTINDA TOPLANDIÐI GÜNÜ CENABI HAK'TAN diliyor, cümlenizxi en kalbi duygularla selamlýyorum....


To Yogi
As a Muslim and I speak only for myself ....After a while you stop concerning yourself with unnecessary comments made by people who know little or care to know about Islam (or the topic at hand ). Because there is NO point, I obviously have my views and they have theirs. MANY people argue for the sake of arguing, and don’t know the etiquettes of “arguing", which leads to the use of profanity and more. This seems to be the trend now, and so whoever is the loudest and rudest wins the argument (or gets the most attention) even if what he or she says makes completely no sense

and this seems to be the trend now
to argue with them ?

Posted by Fathiya December 18, 08 01:29 PM

Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pictures with us! It feels great to be muslim! Alhamdulillah

Posted by shahsine December 18, 08 01:37 PM

Thanks Boston Globe for these beautiful pictures.
MASHALLAH.....wonderful scenes from one of the most important days of a Muslim's life. Every picture captivated me and connected me with the brothers and sisters in different countries, even though i'm just looking at them....ALHAMDOLILLAH for ISLAM and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood it promotes.
One thing that struck me was the graves of muslim soldiers in france....WOW, that was news to me and look how they treat muslims now...shame on them and any unjust person/country out there.

Posted by Ahmed Syed December 18, 08 02:27 PM


subhan'Allah. Awesome to see everyone in different places all celebrating the same idea and concept even though we are different and diverse in culture.

Beautiful. May Allah swt make us stronger and united. Ameen

Posted by Mona Zaman December 18, 08 03:07 PM


Posted by Qamar December 18, 08 03:27 PM

asalam o alaikum eid mubarak and very nice pics allah muslims ko hamaisha akatha rakhey aur hm sab ko hadayat dey.main xmuslim bahi ko wohi jawab doon gi jo nadia sister ne diya k kisi bi deen ko samajney k liye us k burey logon ko na dekho uss deen ko study karo plz read the quran and translation i hope u can understand

Posted by zindaghi December 18, 08 03:31 PM

There is no God but "Allah" and Mohammed p.b.u.h. is his messager.
i've performed Hajj this year and trust me when i say this, there is no place like Kaaba(haram) the grand mosque...mina, arafat and guys should go and see it for your self...may Allah give all muslims this oppertunity Amen...
Thank god i am muslime, born muslim and die muslim. my faith is not situated on trembling pillers...didn't mean to offend the others...patience and sacrifice our religion teaches us...if you go Makkah you would see, why millions of peoples get together and shows the unity of muslims and pay respect at Allah's house...may Allah makes us stronger and untied...Ameen...
there pics are to show the unity of muslims and we are one nation with one believe although we have our cultrual differences...hope we understand eachother and live peacefully Ameen.

Posted by asif December 18, 08 03:43 PM

God is Great/ Allah-u-akbar.

Posted by zohal December 18, 08 04:00 PM

May Allah Have Peace On You Guys...

Posted by Anonymous December 18, 08 04:02 PM

Thanks Boston for the picture . Jesus is not a for forgiver , and indeed he was only the guider of the jewish people at that time .He is only one of the messangers because :
1. Marry gave birth to jesus as my mom did to me
2. He passed through the life span of being in his mother stomach
3.Eat and drink i as i do
4. He sleep as i do
5. He passed the message of " follow muhammud after me the last messanger ALLAHA " But the enemies of allah sealed the message . SO HOW HE CAN BE A GOD OR FORGIVER ..MY MESSAGE FIRST YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHO IS JESUS ? YOU BELIVE IN HIM IN WRONG WAY..SO TO UNDERSTAND THIS DO NOT GO TO THE BIBLE BUT THE HOLY KORAN..

Posted by Anonymous December 18, 08 04:11 PM

YOU see how the people of ONE GOD ( ALLAAHA) gather together to worship him without discrimination . ALLAHA IS THE CREATOR OF JESUS ( THE SON OF MARRY).

Posted by Anonymous December 18, 08 04:25 PM

Tek kelime ile muhteþem baþka söze gerek yok.

Posted by zehra December 18, 08 04:52 PM

great pictures taken through truly artistic eyes.

For the rest I have no idea.
I'm fascinated though.

that's all

Posted by roidis December 18, 08 05:18 PM

MASHAALLAH, these pictures are amazing. May ALLAH give us all a chance to perform Hajj. INSHAALLAH. and Hopefully InSHAllah we can unite ourselves. Ameen

Posted by Shah December 18, 08 05:30 PM


Posted by MEHMET December 18, 08 05:34 PM

I want to say thankyou for those great pictures , god plus your sole

Posted by yousef abdulaziz December 18, 08 05:35 PM


Posted by Muhammad Moazzam December 18, 08 05:56 PM

MashAllah very nice.

Posted by Anonymous December 18, 08 06:13 PM

To Fathiya
Thank you for your message. You certainly have a point, but I'm afraid the "etiquette of arguing" you're invoking is built in a way that would prevent any profound discussion.
In my view, "truth" can only be attained through discussion and confrontation of ideas and theories. An idea that does not withstand contradiction cannot be called "truth". Ideas not confirmed by checkable facts cannot be called "truth".

So if your "etiquette of arguing" puts tags with the mention "sacred - do not question" on a number of things, you're just barring the way of mankind to the truth.

Posted by Yogi December 18, 08 06:17 PM

Subhanallah, these pictures are truly amazing. Very said, however, how the graves of fallen Muslim soldiers in France were desecrated. Also sad is how fellow Muslim brothers on this forum are even paying any mind to the heinous anti-Muslim comments posted above, as if any Kafir who is capable of such things will come on this forum to be convinced otherwise. It is okay, for Allah has told us in the Qur'an that he has put a veil over their eyes. Focus our efforts where they will make a difference, in this matter admiring the beautiful photographs, instead of going and chasing a red herring. May Allah keep our Iman intact and unyielding,and let us appreciate these beautiful pictures.

Posted by Abdullah Yusuf December 18, 08 06:22 PM

Subhanallah, these pictures are truly amazing. Very said, however, how the graves of fallen Muslim soldiers in France were desecrated. Also sad is how fellow Muslim brothers on this forum are even paying any mind to the heinous anti-Muslim comments posted above, as if any Kafir who is capable of such things will come on this forum to be convinced otherwise. It is okay, for Allah has told us in the Qur'an that he has put a veil over their eyes. Focus our efforts where they will make a difference, in this matter admiring the beautiful photographs, instead of going and chasing a red herring. May Allah keep our Iman intact and unyielding,and let us appreciate these beautiful pictures, for they are a testament in raising His great name, Allahuakbar.

Posted by Abdullah Yusuf December 18, 08 06:23 PM

Great Pictures. May everyone find lifelong happiness.

Posted by Zulfikar December 18, 08 07:16 PM

Mashaallah ...Islam is really geat. The pictures shows how wonderful Islam is. I am sure all Muslims will smile with pride seeing the photos of all our brothers and sisters unite everywhere in this world celebrating Eid. But not to forgot the unfortunate muslims which are still struggling to live in an harmonic life where Islam are only being seen as an enemy to the whole world. Lets just pray and believe in ourselves we all know that we are on the right path.


Posted by AdleyHakeem (Brunei Darussalam) December 18, 08 07:25 PM

Subhan'Allah! jazak'Allah khair Boston Globe for posting pictures from this amazing journey and sharing them with us!
Firstly - its no big deal that there are no pics from Pakistan.. im a pakistani but just the fact that time was taken out to emphasize Hajj was amazing enough for me.
Secondly - to people who were formerly muslims, you have your reasons for not believing in Allah, and we clearly have ours to believe in Him, to believe in what his messenger taught us and to follow His guidance and the guidance given to us in the form of the Quran and the Sunnah.
As far as comment # 404, I just wanted to clear something up. You are a former muslim, which is by far your own choice but the comment that you made about "bowing down to a stone in the middle of a desert" needs to be tackled! Im sorry but unfortunately I dont know what circumstances you decided to convert from Islam. However, your lack of knowledge and the fact that you do nothing about it is a lot more shameful. The Kaaba was built by Hazrat Abaraham and his son Ismael as a place for worship. People were to go INSIDE and worship God in the Kaaba. But, then idols were placed inside the Kaaba and people started worshipping those instead. Up until Muhammad (PBUH) decided to embrace Islam and upon Allah's command Muhammad (PBUH) and his cousin Ali(A.S) ended up destroying all the idols themselves. The Holy Kaaba was not even the direction Muslims prayed in until a revelation from Allah was sent to change directions from Mosque-AlAqsa (Jerusalem) to the Kaaba (Makkah).

So, please if you don't really have the information then saying nothing at all might be a better route to take in the future!

Posted by SFA December 18, 08 07:50 PM

beutiful pictures
ive learned alot


Posted by haris December 18, 08 08:22 PM

Waoo Mashallah, I'm really lucky I'm muslim. I'm the happiest man on earth I'm Muslim. Best blessing I ever have is being Muslim. All blessings just goooooo and keep my islam. What a great religion, what a great community, what a great brotherhood I have more than 1.25 billions of brother and sisters that my mother never gave birth to them.
I love you all my brothers and sisters in Islam and wish you all the best in this life and hereafter. I pray for all of you inshllah.

لا إله إلا الله محمدا رسول الله

Posted by Egytpian proude MUSLIM December 18, 08 08:32 PM

wonderul pics.. nice to see muslims practicing the same way all over the globe, finally we have united!! (at least for a day)..sigh..imagine what POSITIVE changes muslims could make if they united like this everyday..peacefully!

Posted by sadaf December 18, 08 09:06 PM

Beautiful photos Masha'Allah,
May Allah Subhanawatala grant all of us to perform Hajj and gain great blessings from this auspicious moment. Ameen Sum Ameen.
It proud to be a Muslim and die as a muslim, Allah kare hum sab ka khatma-bil-iman perho. Ameen.

Syed Jaseemuddin .
From Karachi,Pakistan.

Posted by Syed Jaseemuddin December 18, 08 09:08 PM

Masha allah! Oh! our God! Please give peace to everybody in this world!
Please give happiness to everybody in this world!
Please give wisdom to everybody in this world!

Please give food to everybody in this world!

Please stop prejudice and discrimination against anybody by anybody!

Posted by Raiz December 18, 08 09:28 PM

#407 -Sam

The Bible is clear that there is only one God. Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, Jews, Mormons and Christians teach that same fact. The problem is when you start to define God. When you start to define the One true God you come up with very different gods. One God wouldn't come up with the different gods that these religions come up with, either one definition of God is right and the rest are wrong, or they are all wrong. They all CAN'T be right.

God will not contradict Himself, if He did then we couldn't trust Him and He wouldn't be true, you wouldn't know what to believe.
The Bible is clear Who that God is, but when you compare it to the other religions that I mentioned you come up with very different gods (small g). There is only One true God every other so-called god is not a god at all.

Also if you will read the Bible and see what it says about Jesus you will see Who He is and what He has done for you. When you read about Him you will see that there is "salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved"(Acts 4:12) and "Of Him (Jesus) all the prophets bear witness that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins." (Acts 10:43). With Jesus there is no need for any other prophet or savior. It is finished in Jesus Christ alone. He is the One and Only hope, there is no other.


Posted by DS December 18, 08 10:00 PM

photos are really good.
i have accepted islam and want to be here. due to some kind of force i'm not able to come out of it and boldly accept in front of all.
Insha Allah i'll be abel to declare it boldly.
InshaAllah i would like to visit mecca once in my lifetime.

Posted by xyz December 18, 08 10:04 PM

Superb pictures...
Masha Allah!
Jazakallah Khair.

Posted by Jamal Mohamed December 18, 08 10:36 PM

442 (xyz) Ameen to your duas :-)

Posted by abc123 December 18, 08 11:15 PM

Muslims don't worship Jesus. The worship the one true God just like Abraham and Moses worshipped with out partners or intermediaries .
God does not contradict himself, but Christians contradict God's commands by raising Jesus to godhead and the whole trinity stuff

The Messiah, son of Mary, was no other than a messenger, messengers (the like of whom) had passed away before him. And his mother was a saintly woman. And they both used to eat (earthly) food. See how We make the revelations clear for them, and see how they are turned away![ Qur'an 5:75]

Posted by Mohamed December 18, 08 11:16 PM


Posted by HUSSEIN KHALFAN December 18, 08 11:20 PM

This shows that Islam is the GREAT religion.
If we follow its teachings we muslims will overcome Jews and chritians one day. INSHALLAH..


Posted by khan December 18, 08 11:48 PM

Its an irony that Islam (which has a leteral meaning 'which isists peace') is portrayed as a violent religion!! Open your eyes fellow people open your senses....
Do followers of Islam kill millions of poeple? Do followers of Islam develop mountains of 5th gen N weapons? Do followers of Islam invade countries? Do followers of Islam manipulate every system for matrial gain? sad to look at te facts.
Islam is peace
Request all of you to learn more about this way of life before you make comments!

Posted by Brother December 19, 08 12:06 AM

Pictures are amazing, really.

No offence to believers - which I respect, but these pictures do not prove any greatness to Allah, God or Zeus - or to any other god for that matter.

They show that this phenomenon of religion's still going strong.
They show an extraordinary gathering of people of a common belief.
They also show a world coming from another century, which is neither good or bad and not necessarily optimistic or pesimistic. It depends on ones ideology...

Posted by roidis December 19, 08 12:28 AM

160 million people don't celebrate Eid in Pakistan, eh? Delibrate or mistake?

Posted by Ihtesham December 19, 08 12:47 AM

oh my allah, pictures r amazing i am proud to be a muslim may allah become us more united & a momen .so many muslims from differnt race all over the world r doing the same thing (prayers)on the eid day suban allah

Posted by saira December 19, 08 01:39 AM

We are all inter-connected. Stay close to God in your daily life, & God will stay close to us. As the branch cannt bear fruit of itself, unless it lives in the vine, neither can we, unless we live our daily lives close to God. God wants us to love one another as he has loved us. There is no greater commandment , because when we love/care for one another we automatically are taking care of all the other commandments (God's). He doesn't car about the skin that we walk in, he only cares about our hearts. Who do we serve?

Posted by Desroches December 19, 08 01:47 AM

very nice

Posted by Bader Khan December 19, 08 01:51 AM

Thanks, Its a excellent attempt. plz improve more.

Posted by Attaur Rahman Chohan December 19, 08 02:50 AM

The pictures are great, i have read the postings here with great interest.
I would like to point out that the Prophet Muhammed(pubh) never claimed greatness he propagated the greatness of god. He never attributed the words of the Quran to be his words but the word of god. The quran is a guidebook to mankind for achieving true greatness and happiness. Often materialistic persuits result in a sacrifice of integrity, morals, happiness, relationships, we achieve much yet achieve nothing, we think nothing of spending a few hundred dollars at an amusement park for a few hours of thrills yet our fellow humans starve at the other end of town - is this success? Haj is a commeration of the life lesson of the Prophet Muhammed(pubh) - a reminder to all people that true success comes from acknowledgement of our fellow humans - Haj is a reminder that when we are stripped of all the junk we lug around all day and endure hardship with our fellow humans we unite our hearts with theirs. Capatilism and the persuit of wealth and power leaves us to distance ourselves from other people, looking upon them as objects rather than people. People who embark on Haj, acknowledge this message of the Prophet Muhammed(pubh).

Posted by Ayoob Amojee December 19, 08 03:13 AM

Allah Akbar!!!

Posted by Muxlim December 19, 08 03:24 AM

It's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Masha Allah,c'est magnifique,ça nous montre bien les différentes ehthnies,je n'imaginais qu'il y en avait autant

Posted by Anonymous December 19, 08 03:32 AM

Wounderfull pictures, blend of so many nations at one place with dignity & peace, It is marvelous!

Posted by Wiseman December 19, 08 03:38 AM

We dont need to explain or prove anything to anyone, not to the likes of Jogi or for that matter any tom dick and guys got probs with our religion..take a different road and live in peace...we had enough of proving and explaining...and about the condition of Muslims all around the world...this is revolution in the making...

Posted by Irfan December 19, 08 03:55 AM

Proud to be Muslim
La Illah Illa ALLAH
Muhammad rasulI ALLAH

Posted by Muslim December 19, 08 06:25 AM

thanks alto Boston,
astonishing pictures,my favourate is NUMBER ONE

Posted by Muslim December 19, 08 06:27 AM

The Photos Are Really Cute When The Littke Kids Come In The Picture Beacause They Look So Cute And The Rest Of The Stuff Is So Nice Allah Huakbar WOW!
May Allah Bless All The Other People Who Are In Need And Don't Have Anything To Eat. Inshallah Everything Will Be Fine. And Inshallah I Will Visit Makkah When I Am A Bit Older.

MaShAlLaH tHe PiCtUrEs ArE sO nIcE.

Posted by Humaira Alibhai December 19, 08 06:56 AM

SUBHAN ALLAH,helps to know about the rituals of different muslims across the world,excellent effort!

Posted by Samiha December 19, 08 07:05 AM

ALLAH razý olsun.

Posted by kadir December 19, 08 07:16 AM

Merci pour ce simages symboliques, que LE GRAND DIEU garde la nation arabe islamique et glorie l'ISLAM à jamais comme il promis in chae ALLAH.

Posted by mohamed saadouni December 19, 08 09:13 AM

masha allah i really love these pictures......and i want to request to all my my muslim brothers and sisters on this forum that don't give an eat to yogi's comments as he is a non muslim & don't know any thing about islam.....
allah hu akbar...

Posted by Nazim December 19, 08 10:00 AM

subhanallah,these pictures are amazing, o bet in christmas this doesn't happen and also the christains/jews/hindus ect going to pilgrimage it wouldn't be that nice nor would there be soo much

Posted by eastlondon muslimah December 19, 08 10:02 AM

Inshallah may Allah one day take me to this holy city. The photos are truly breathtaking. May Allah accept everyones Hajj. May Allah open our eyes to recognise what is right and protect us from all evils. And may Allah unite all the muslims from around the world... Ameen...

Posted by Mohammed Bilal Shah December 19, 08 10:38 AM

facinating pictures, I think the comments are a personal choice and people's own views, perceptions but we can not stop preaching Islam.

Posted by annoymous December 19, 08 10:52 AM

subhanallah, what an impactfull pictures !!.

Posted by arafat December 19, 08 10:54 AM

MashaAllah, wonderful Picture O' Allah give us strength, happiness , good Muslim etiquette Ameen.

Posted by Khalida Niaz December 19, 08 11:15 AM

The pictures were truly amazing...was touched by the act of faith...
god bless.

Posted by Yashoda December 19, 08 11:25 AM

subhanalla,i really like these pics...they touched my hearts.I am really proud to be a muslim.Through this forum i would like to request all my brothers n sisters to pray for the victims of mumbai attack....may their soul rest in peace.......People who spread violence in the name of Islam,they are not true muslims.Islam doesn't preach violence.Doing JIHAD doesnt mean killing innocent people.Islam always teach love & unity.Please read Darood shareef for all the victims.

Posted by Nazim Ansari December 19, 08 11:44 AM

Assalam Waley Kum to all my brothers n sisters
The pictures were truly heartthrobbing and i am really proud of being a muslim.It shows that no matter what culture u follow,but islam bounds all muslim together.
May allah fullfill all our wishes......Aameen.

Posted by Amir Javed Khan December 19, 08 11:49 AM


Posted by RAZ December 19, 08 12:17 PM

Allahu Akbar.............

Amazing Views..........
Proud to be a muslim........

Posted by Habeeburahman December 19, 08 01:10 PM

The pictures are truly amazing and a reflection of the peace, unity, and faith that are an innate part of Islam. I'm really glad to see some of interfaith discussions that are going on. We need more discussions like these to grow and expand our relationship as human beings created by the One True God, who created us and who gives us life and sustenance, and expects us to follow His shown path.

Posted by ZK December 19, 08 01:37 PM

the guy in 32 is like "dude i like ur beard" :D..great pics

Posted by Anonymous December 19, 08 02:06 PM

mashallah all these picturres r realy great they show our muslims unity. i realy want to go there..inshallah.

Posted by mrs.rizwan December 19, 08 02:13 PM

Islam is beautiful. I am so glad to be a muslim. May ALLAH continue to guide us aright and us against all the forces of the enemies of the deen!

I feel so proud!


Posted by Said December 19, 08 02:45 PM

beautiful pictures i am very happy to have seen them.

Posted by alaifia taher December 19, 08 03:49 PM

Wonderful Photographs - Thank You

Posted by Paul McFarland December 19, 08 03:49 PM

Asalamalikum, peace be upon you.

These pictures are amazing, but do not do justice to the real experience. I was one of the lucky ones to go to hajj this year, and from what I can say, the feeling is just unexplainable, it's truly magical and surreal. May Allah guide us all, may He accept everyone's dua's, and may He accept everyone's hajj, and may He enter all of us into Jannah without account. Thanks for the pictures!

Posted by hujjaj number one million December 19, 08 03:55 PM

subhanallah wa mashallah

Posted by Anonymous December 19, 08 04:26 PM

I never go to the Kabaa but Inshallah I will go to Hajj next year.
So this pictures are very beautiful.

Posted by Anonymous December 19, 08 05:21 PM

Without a doubt these are amazing photos. There could have been thousands more which could be more beautiful. Lot of countries cities villages with lot of amazing events have been missed by our photographers but not by Allah who must have opened the gates of heaven for those faithfuls as well. Look at that train ride at Dhaka, look at Ghaza goat being brought through the tunnel, look at the tiny littl hands of two kids in Kenya #10 or Rafah refugee camp #15 and many more but none from Pakistan the second largest country with Muslim population. Anyway thanks to photographers and compilers.

Posted by Ejaz Ali December 19, 08 06:14 PM

Alahumaa salli ala saiyidina mohamed wa alihi wa sallim

Posted by Gdih December 19, 08 06:20 PM

Alhamdulilahi Rabbil 'Alamin, Assalamu wa Alaikum, Assalatul wa Rasulilah, these pics should be a reflection to our lives that their are muslims all over the world who either were raised muslim or shahada muslim. We need to make efforts to pay our debts, go to hajj, and then attempt to travel the earth to know one another. May Allah (swt) help us, forgive us, guide us, and shower His (swt) mercy upon all those who believe in Him (swt) as our Rasul (saw) has taught us. Allah will aid those who strive to seek His (swt) pleasure, Allah (swt) will grant your every wish if you rely upon Him (swt), trust in Him (swt), and fear Him (swt)!

Posted by Abdul Hasib Lopez December 19, 08 06:31 PM

May Allah be please with all of us.My sisters and brother make dua for all of us and insha Alllah those that are weak may we get strong.

Posted by Anisa muhammad December 19, 08 07:53 PM

Thank You for such beautiful pictures!

Posted by Danish Khan December 19, 08 08:04 PM

Al Hamdu Lilah It reminded me of my HAJ in 2005 very good pictures.

Posted by jamal December 19, 08 08:43 PM

If you are a non-Muslim, and you hate Islam and Muslims oh so much, please focus your attention and time on matters more pressing to you.. I don't know maybe hosting a hooters party or shopping to commemorate the birth of your God Jesus, or I don't know maybe on the Dawkin website where you can peacefully in unison iterate organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter... what britney spears will be wearing or the bragnelina children or other important things like maybe hitting oil rich countries for billions of dollars to defame them with, while sustaining your miserable economy for a good three month..

Posted by Manon December 19, 08 09:28 PM

Allahu Akbar.....Allahu Akbar.....Allahu Akbar
Alhamdullillah..... subhanallah..... laillahailllah....
Peace..unity...and faith....

Posted by LH December 19, 08 10:08 PM

Wow, mashaAllah. Amzing shots. Thanks so much for sharing!

Posted by Fathima December 19, 08 10:45 PM

As Salamu Alaikum
Thanx To boston. Many Pictures I never seen before.

Posted by Akhlas December 20, 08 02:10 AM

The Glorious Quran guides us to the truth about Jesus Christ. Jesus was no more than a servant of Allah for the children of Israel (43:59) He was a sign to them(23:50). He was the son of Mary(3:45)and not the son of Allah(9:30).He is in the company and ranks of the righteous Prophets(3:46; 6:85). He was(no more than) Allah's Messenger(4:171). Under Allah's will, he performed miracles(3:49). Christ's creation was like that of Adam. Allah created Adam from dust, then said to him be:"Be" and he was(3:59)Christ did not teach false worship(5:116-117). He taught his disciples the worship of Allah as a Way that is stright(3:51). Inblasphemy indeed

Posted by binnasir December 20, 08 02:12 AM


Posted by ALI CHAJJU December 20, 08 03:42 AM

Really it is amazing and happy brothers around the world who celebrate Eid. Thanks for the effort Jazakall

Posted by Abu Firas-Khobar December 20, 08 03:49 AM

MASHALLAH great pictures! well captured and it teaches us alot as also tells us about the unity in muslims that is lost somehow but i am sure that after viewing these pictures muslims will definitely find out what they are lacking and what they need to grow more among themselves....May ALLAH bless all of us! (Ameen)

Posted by hira December 20, 08 04:34 AM

Allahu Akbar!!!
Afsu kattil veedu

Posted by Afsal December 20, 08 05:13 AM

Slms. JZKALLAH for bringing these pictures! I have just returned from Haj and it was simply awesome! As though Allah Ta'ala lifted a veil and brought solidification in my belief in His Oneness and Greatness. To those that disbelieve, these are mere pictures. It is in the experience that the Truth is revealed, without any argument or debate!....To those that are hoping for a debate....The Quraan gives a beautiful reply...."Say! Oh people who disbelieve! I do not worship that which you worship. And you are not worshipers of that which I worship. And I do not worship that you which you worship, and You do not worship what I worship. For you is your religion and for me is mine!"

Posted by Muhammed (South Africa) December 20, 08 05:21 AM

May Allah accept Haj performance of each & every muslim, from the beginning to end of the world. May Allah fulfill the desires of all muslims to perform Haj.
Duas for beneficial circulation, UAE

Posted by SADIQ December 20, 08 05:56 AM

Ýslamýn birleþtiriciliði iþte. tüm dünya insanlarý tek bir Allah için birlikteler. Hamdu senalar olsun....

Posted by Fatih December 20, 08 06:09 AM


Posted by Tabassum December 20, 08 06:40 AM

The central black cube and the stone contained therein only marks geographically the specific central spot towards which Muslims bow and nothing more. Muslims do not worship stones or idols. Idolatry is completely antithetical and abhorrent to Muslims and Islam. Muslims have no statues or idols as one finds in churches and Hindu temples. For those here who call themselves "former" Muslims or have some utterly ignorant and racist quip, Muslims are not disparaging your religion why do you disparage theirs? If you are insecure in your religion then why vent your frustrations at Muslims and Islam? That is your problem do not lash out at Muslims for your own confusions. For the racists, do remember there are white European Muslims from every European country as well as browns, blacks from Africa and Asia and yellow coloured Muslims as from China. In the eyes of God all men are equal. Skin colour has absolutely no significance in Islam. Only deeds matter. When we die we will all be buried in the same earth. Angels will not descend from heavens just to pick up the Whites only and leave the rest to rot in earthly soil. All in all if the racists and rabid fascists here after all the years pain and bloodshed, torture, murder & genocide of Muslims and the lies of the US government and its allies still have not learnt a thing then you are condemned to repeat and continue to express your pitiful and pathetic ignorance with similar if not even greater acts of injustice, cruelty, murder and mayhem. But just remember each soul will be accountable for their actions before God and God is neither Republican, Democrat or Independent. God is just and justice will be done. If you believe that all your vile and inhuman actions will somehow be glossed over by God because you are “Christian” or “Jewish” then it is profoundly obvious that you do not believe in or fear God and perhaps you think that the devil is more worthy of your adulation as certainly the evil one will certainly enjoy your racism, ignorance, savagery and hypocrisy.

Posted by Bak Tanus December 20, 08 07:50 AM

Masha Allah...

Posted by Najeeb Sathar December 20, 08 07:52 AM

Great, thanks!

Posted by John December 20, 08 07:56 AM

Great photos showing the diversity of cultures among one religion. I am sure there are similar differences in traditions in different countries for all religious celebrations. We should all live at peace accepting, or at least tolerating, ech other's faiths. At the end of the day, our detination is one! All religions preach peace, humility, kindness, tolerance and other tenets of basic humanity.

Posted by Arif, Canada December 20, 08 07:58 AM

Amazing pictures...Jazakallah khair!

Posted by Farkhanda Ali December 20, 08 10:17 AM

How could you miss Pakistan, something very strange. Anyhow great work mashaAllah, the place belongs to us (Muslims) and we belong to the place.

Posted by albadari December 20, 08 10:44 AM

I never have a hajj before, it looks extremely overwhelming and kinda scary

Posted by Rizky December 20, 08 10:55 AM


Posted by ARSHAD & GHAZALA December 20, 08 11:29 AM

Not being a Muslim, but an agnostic I found these pictures to be astonishing, and I have traveled to many countries in my life.

Posted by J. C. Williams December 20, 08 12:17 PM

Greetings of Peace:

In the heavens and earth, and all in between
Your Greatness, Your Omnipotence
Can be easily seen

In ignorance we are asked if we worship another
And we smile, because we know
Beside You, there is no other

In a universe of darkness, You gave to it light
In a womb where there was nothing
You have to life

The Alpha, The Omega: The Beginning, The End
Without You, time - even time
Could not begin

O ALLAH, You are known by so many names
But whatever You are called
You're still One and the same

By whatever the name, You created us all
ALLAH simply means
You encompass them all.

The aforementioned poem titled, ALLAH is One! - is what immediately came to mind after I scanned those beautiful photos, and reflected briefly on my own hajj made in the year 1407 AH (1987 CE). The poem was written around the same time and published in a book titled, "The Teacher."

I also found myself intrigued by some of the comments made, including the unfortunate attack made by the "former Muslim." While I really doubt that he or she truly is ("a former Muslim"), it doesn't really matter. For me, such bigoted attacks amount to nothing more than water off the back of a duck. They are of no consequence.

What is important is that PEOPLE OF FAITH everywhere strive to the best of their ability to make this world a better place. Those of us who call ourselves "Muslim" - as the recipients of the Final Revelation to all humanity - have a special role to play in this global process; but ALL people of faith (based upon our shared sense of accountability to God) are responsible to one degree or another.

The hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), properly understood, is a divinely-given symbol containing a message (for ALL humanity) that transcends the symbol itself. There is only ONE GOD and One Humanity - and we are all connected to each other (everywhere on the planet) via our individual and collective connection to the ONE GOD, who created us all. We are also reminded that true peace and progress, in this life and the next, comes through genuine submission to the ONE GOD.

In this regard, I am reminded of a prophecy that was made by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), when the Muslim Ummah was just beginning to come into its ascendency. The Prophet foretold:

"A time is soon coming to mankind when their learned people will be the worse people under heaven's skies. Corruption will come from them, and return back to them, as smoke returns to the hole; and this will be a time when knowledge departs." One of the companions asked: "O Messenger of ALLAH, how can knowledge depart, when we recite the Qur'an and teach it to our children, and they will teach it to their children up until the Day of Resurrection?" The Prophet reportedly looked at this companion and then responded: "O Zaid, I'm astonished at you. I thought you were one of the most learned men in all Medina. Do not the Jews and Christians teach their children the Torah and the Injil (Gospel), and yet they know nothing of what it contains."

The noble Messenger of God (pbuh) was speaking of a time when the letter and/or spirit of divinely given knowledge (revelation) would be so corrupted and fossilized in the lives of the people, that it would appear as if the Revelation had been lost among all three Abrahamic faith traditions.

We all have our work to do, before it is too late. May God help us to recognize and embrace the struggle ahead.

(I conclude with another poem from the same work, titled "The Prophetic Brotherhood.")

O Prophets, O Messengers - from Adam to Mohammed
What a magnificent brotherhood are you
You all came from One God, with One Mission in mind
You all came with the very same Truth

Though distinctions are made, by those of little understanding
Who say, 'We believe in some' - yet they disbelieve in others
How foolish they are, so blind and so narrow
Not to see, one supported the other


Posted by Mauri' Saalakhan - USA December 20, 08 12:44 PM

To Posts #435 and #505,

The circumstances were that I prayed to God to show me The Truth. Christianity was not what I was expecting, but through his grace and mercy, he led me to Christ and his salvation. Only faith in Christ (and remember, Yeshua did not claim to be 'just another prophet of God') and the holy spirit instilled in you by God will allow a true spiritual transformation and revolution. when you go to Hajj (my parents and practically all my family have gone to Hajj), you nevertheless are bowing down in front of the kaa'ba. You touch it; you kiss it. Yes, you may feel you're praying to God, but heed God's words in Leviticus and Exodus (see post #404). Again, if Abraham (a Jew) and Ishmael (a half-Jew/half-Egyptian) truly ventured into the Arabian desert to build the so-called "House of God," such a grand and momentous event would certainly have been mentioned in the Old Testament or the ancient rabbinical/judaic texts. But it isn't mentioned ANYWHERE. This may sound harsh, but I KNOW Islam as I grew up in a religious Muslim environment but now, I so utterly reject Islam and its message, that I tend to come off sounding offensive. For this, I apologize and beg for forgiveness. That is not my intention. My intention is to bring the TRUTH to muslims everywhere. Abraham DID NOT build the kaa'ba.

I am not disparaging Islam, but rather, making an attempt (however weak) to show Muslims the truth.The majority of you who only know Islam and nothing else. Those of you who follow what you parents, family and ancestors follow. If you truly want the TRUTH, pray to God to show you the truth and HE will touch your lives and transform you like you've never been touched before. when you go into saajda, after your prayers, just ask GOD to show you the TRUTH. The transoformation that wil take place is nothing short of miraculous. Please, don't be so unwilling or closed to the idea.

Also, I don't mean to politicize this issue or cut it along racial lines. Christ's message is UNIVERSAL. I myself am not white but Indian. Salvation through Christ is for everyone. It is the TRUE message of love.

Posted by christ_saves December 20, 08 01:37 PM

MASHALLAH...there could'nt be any better pictures then these pictures and there could'nt be any better relegion then ISLAM. Its the most purest and clean relegion and Quran the miracle of Allah is the best gift for all the mankind. May Allah bless us all...Ameen.

Posted by Muhammad Asif Shamsi December 20, 08 01:49 PM

Subhanallah what a great blessings of Allah SWT that all muslims irrespectives of there culture differences will offer prayers and follow the commandments of Alllah SWT...................

Fabulous pics................

May Allah give us hidayat and opportunity to offer Hajj ASAP. Ameen........

Posted by Shujath December 20, 08 02:10 PM

MASHA ALLAH............NICE to SEE MUSLIM WORLD............

ALLAH MAY Bring ALL OUR Brothers & Sisters under Single AMEER...........

Let's through out all regional/linguistic Diffrences............

WE ARE Single UMMAH.................

Posted by Abdul Manaf December 20, 08 02:40 PM

subhanallah wa mashallah.
Wounderfull pictures.thank you.

Posted by mustafa December 20, 08 03:13 PM

Great photography!

1,25 billion Muslims in need to TRUE SALVATION which only comes through Jesus, the Christ! I will continue to pray for the Spirit of God to move on these masses and touch everyone individually to open their eyes that Jesus was raised from the dead and is the only NAME by which man can be saved.

Posted by George Bakalov December 20, 08 03:18 PM

Religion is a mental virus that spreads from parents to children. It demands to believe without questionning, without thinking, against all evidence, just because your parents believed before you. It transforms mankind in a gigantic blind and mindless herd.

"Truth" has to be coherent with reality and with facts. "Truth" has got to be the same for everybody, otherwise it is just another dream, just another tale. Hence truth cannot be in the Quran no more than in the Bible or the Odyssey.

"Believe, don't ask" : religion keeps people from thinking. Religion just bars the way of mankind to the truth.

Posted by Yogi December 20, 08 03:42 PM

Allahu´Akbar... Masha Allah what a wonderfull religion, what a blessing to be Muslim. Ya Rab bless us and give us strength to be the best muslims. Yaa Rab give happiness, peace, food, love and iman to all my brothers and sisters.


Posted by Muslim December 20, 08 07:58 PM

MasyaAllah wa SubhanaAllah!!....Truly captivated 'n thrilled beyond words to express my heartfelt feelings after viewing those amazing captions of yours. Just reminded me of those yesteryears where I took the opportunity to peform the Grand Hajj 'n subsequent umrahs......My fervent 'n sincere hope is that the Ummah
shall be bestowed by Allah SWT with utmost wisdom, maturity, sincerity, happiness 'n last but not least with sheer PEACE 'n LOVE on this aging Earth!......
Allahuakbbar.!!...Jazaakumullah e-khair....Amin!...Am indeed Proud to be a Muslimah.....!!

Posted by Hayati Ali December 20, 08 10:57 PM

Masahallah very nice snap shots.

Posted by Syeda Khan December 20, 08 11:34 PM

May Allah Bless all of us, And May Allah bring his own peace rule all over the world.

Posted by ANWAR SADATH December 21, 08 12:37 AM

super pictures no words to praise it

Posted by umair December 21, 08 12:59 AM

I just performed my Hajj in 2008.. and these pictures r particularly special because somewhere there amongst those millions of peope.. i might b standing! Bautiful! Thank You

Posted by Yasmin December 21, 08 03:07 AM

salam, wonderul ! Thank you very much

Posted by goulamaly December 21, 08 03:31 AM

AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!! AllahuAkbar!!! YA ALLAH please grant us the wisdom, determination and stamina to translate our Iman - complete surrender to the Will of Allah to ensure success of the Muslim Ummah in this world and the hereafter. Amin!

Posted by Dato' (Dr.) Haji Mustapha Ma December 21, 08 04:41 AM

These pictures are amazing alhamdulillah, the person who post this picture may Allah bless you and may you continune to do this good work .
Sister Zalina

Posted by Zalina Baksh December 21, 08 05:41 AM

It is refreshing to see Muslims all over the world celebrating Eid ul Adha. These pictures show unity and dedication of the people to offer sacrices to Allah.

Posted by Zahoor Mann December 21, 08 05:42 AM

Much appreciated. Shukran Jazeelan.

Posted by Ikbal Kolia December 21, 08 05:49 AM

thank you ... MashaAllah think if all muslim country do war together wid nonmuslim country ....whats gonna happen???....

Posted by hina December 21, 08 06:16 AM


Posted by SHIHAB December 21, 08 06:27 AM

Thank God I'm a muslim. May Allah reward you for those lovely pictures.

Posted by Shakir December 21, 08 08:39 AM

MashAllah the pictures are beautiful. I'm proud to be muslim. The most beautiful Religion.
Allah o Akbar !

Posted by Nadia December 21, 08 09:27 AM

Assalm aliakum....

Masha allah..... all pics are heart touchin.......

Proud to be a Muslim

Posted by fahima ut December 21, 08 09:53 AM

inshallah one day i will go there too :)

Posted by Anonymous December 21, 08 09:58 AM

this brought tears to my eyes. SubhanAllah

Posted by Hannah December 21, 08 10:46 AM

I think it is intersting that Eid was celebrated on December 8th and 9th. The 8th is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in her mother's womb. (she was conceived without sin because she was to be the mother of Jesus Christ, true God and true man). The 9th is her first appearence to St. Juan Diego in Mexico where God printed the miraculous image of his mother on St. Juan Diego's tilma which is still to this day incorruptible and Science can't understand how the painting was put on the tilma which should of decayed twenty years after it's making.

Our Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima Portual in 1917. Fatima was Mohammed's daughter. The Blessed Mother (the New Eve) has said that the Muslim people will be converted to Catholicism. This is going to happen soon with the realization of the secrets she has entrusted to visionaries all over the world in the last century. She is appearing on every continent and is saying that the world is on the edge of a precipice and that if we do not return to God our world will suffer all kinds of tribulations. This is happening now and will culminate in a world wide chastisement of fire.

God is sending his mother as the prophet Elijah announcing the great and terrible day of the Lord. May we all be one when this day comes as Our Blessed Mother has prophesied.

Posted by Maureen Van Dusen December 21, 08 01:38 PM

I wish I can perform Hajj ASAP and may Allah give opportunity to every muslim to perform Hajj.
Allah is great.
Jazak ul khair

Posted by Shazia December 21, 08 01:59 PM

Muslims strength may GOD give us unity coz the unity is strength.

Posted by Zubair Muhammad December 21, 08 05:43 PM

those pictures were very pretty and ture! I loved them

Posted by Someone December 21, 08 07:33 PM


Posted by AnamLOl December 21, 08 07:43 PM

Allahu-Akbar Allahu-Akbar Allahu-Akbar Allahu-Akbar Allahu-Akbar Allahu-Akbar.

I want to make dua for any one who but this pictures together.. Jazaka allahu Khayran and Alla Yah-fidhak

Posted by Osman Sh Dalmar December 21, 08 09:05 PM

Wonderful to see people coming together for worship. May the human race become the human family...all religions acknowledging and appreciating the other's as a comon goal. One God/One People

Posted by Judi Miles December 21, 08 10:33 PM

Very nice pictures

Posted by Anonymous December 21, 08 10:56 PM

good work.

Posted by Anonymous December 21, 08 11:39 PM

Excellent pictures, proud to be muslim and in the Umma of Rasool a Kreem SAAS may allah help us understand Quran which require daily reading and hardwork by which we will be able to influence other people.

Posted by Anonymous December 21, 08 11:58 PM

These are amazing pictures that showcase the beauty of Eid Al-Adha. My favorite is #11 but I'm biased since I'm a native Houstonian ;).

Posted by Shabana December 22, 08 12:00 AM

Emotional and touching photos....

Posted by David Hohol December 22, 08 01:44 AM

Masha allaha, I am happy to see Muslim from different nations bowing there head in sajadha and to see them in the spirit of Eid.

Posted by Nairooz NIlafdeen December 22, 08 01:55 AM

Alhumdulillah...great effort..May Allah give you reward for this..

Posted by Maheen Khan December 22, 08 02:35 AM

Excellent, this shows the ummat e Muhammadia is how large and spreaded all over the world. One faith one belief one ritual one time can not be found in such disciplined way anywhere else.

Posted by Parwez Akhter December 22, 08 05:12 AM

Muslim and proud...makes my eyes water, may allah protect and bless all that is precious in this life. Ameen

Posted by AK December 22, 08 05:42 AM

These are very nice pictures...thanks

Posted by mohammad reza emtenani December 22, 08 05:42 AM

This pic are really homesickness and inspire all the muslims when it see like this and are a unique all over world.

Jazakllah Khyr

Posted by saleh valiya parambil December 22, 08 06:20 AM

Masha-Allah, what a beautiful deen we have which is ISLAM! Just by looking at these pictures puts tears into my eyes. My heart yearns for going for Hajj (one Day Isha-Allah).

Posted by Haroon - South Africa December 22, 08 06:46 AM

I am so happy that I was born muslim and a believer. I am thankful to ALLAH for making me to follow the religion of Islam. ALHAMDHULILLAH.

Posted by fazleen December 22, 08 08:26 AM

Excellent pictures ! These pictures really reflects Eid ul Adha.

jazakam ullah khayr

Posted by Farrukh Malik December 22, 08 09:01 AM

Rituals are not bad per se, but it should not blind you whether you are a Christian or Muslim. Once you are blind adherent, then everthing is blinded. I appreciate the naive faith of most of the pilgrims - they go through many hardships to fulfill these rituals. The time spent is not productive materially - but may be spiritually if they get some peace of mind. Anyway, for Saudi, the tourist income is a good money. Also Muslims better realize that there are thugs in the religion and just performing the rituals or talking some prayers in Arabic won't make a better human being. Christians are rather equally advised that believing in a man who was born to a poor farmgirl in middle-east alone wont make you better humans and that could be equally superstitious :-)

Posted by zen December 22, 08 09:15 AM

i'm proud to be a muslim . happy to see most of the pictures and at the same time my eyes teared for the muslims celebrating eidul adha in afghanistan, palestine, iraq , and . pakistan. wish Allah send me for hajj too.

Posted by asma December 22, 08 09:55 AM

May Allah(SWA) blesssings be restored to all those who believe and have difficulty and hardship now. Allah(SWA) is ever so merciful and forgiving. Was very moved by these wonder picture and maybe someday day soon Allah(SWA) will bless me to share that blessing that of which my brothers and sisters haved recieved there.

Posted by Tahirah December 22, 08 10:11 AM

Good Work. Keep it up.A rare sight for muslims who have never been to mecah.

Posted by maimoona December 22, 08 11:14 AM

Subhanallah, these great pictures described how united Muslims are around the world. I sincerely hope the love and peace that is so strongly taught by our religion is not abused by individuals who believe that killing is acceptable.....

Posted by The Woodworths December 22, 08 11:43 AM

alhamdulillah. mashallah what beautifull pics of our brothers and sisters in islam.

Posted by abu sumayyah bin mohammed ramzan December 22, 08 11:46 AM

I love allah, I love muhammad the prohphet and love u all. Proud to be a muslim and very happy to see these beautiful pictures, my eyes teared seeing all
muslims praying together celebrating eidul adha...Allah hu akbar, allah hu akhbar walilla hilham.

Posted by Effa December 22, 08 12:02 PM

Sub'han Allah, a beautiful collection of Eid photos. I really enjoyed and would like to show / forward to many friends. Allah will certainly Bless the peaople who have taken pains to do this great work, Amin. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Zafarulla Khan December 22, 08 12:53 PM

Alhumdulil- lah Trully Amazing photographs!

Posted by Shahanaz December 22, 08 01:13 PM

United are we the Muslims when we are Unified, Alhumdullilah :)

To the Non Muslims out there :

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him. [Al-Qur’an 112:1-4]

O People of the Book! come to “common term”s as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah." If then they turn back, say ye: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah's Will.) (Al-Quran: 3: 64).

Posted by Ihtesham Sadiq December 22, 08 02:54 PM

Subhan Allah,the photos are very good.A small advice to all Muslims is to save themselves from doing SHIRK & BIDAH. And this can happen only by getting themselves & their children educated by the Quraan & Sunnah which is a real education.

Posted by Mohammed Imtiaz December 22, 08 03:49 PM

Beautiful pictures convoluted by so many political arguements, so to the muslims who are busy "desecrating" other religions or non-religions, this one's for you :)

Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings. In the end will they return to their Lord, and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did. [Al-Qur’an 6:108]

Posted by Ihtesham Sadiq December 22, 08 03:55 PM

i have nothing to say after these best picture . i can say the best place of the world on earth.

Posted by Saulat Kamran December 22, 08 04:40 PM

i have nothing to say after these best pictures . i can say the best place of the world on earth. (Makkah and Madina)

Posted by Saulat Kamran December 22, 08 04:45 PM

Subhana Allah. im proud to be muslim

Posted by muna said December 22, 08 04:52 PM

Ameen no more can be said

Posted by syed hussain December 22, 08 06:08 PM

Subhan Allah, wonderful pictures, Jazak Allah to the people who have taken these pictures. Look at picture # 3 truely a miracle of Allah, If you see carefully you will see ALLAH written sideways by the noor itself

Posted by Mohammed December 22, 08 09:39 PM

My heart weeps of joy at the beauty of Islam. May Allah bless the entire world to see the beauty of Islam also. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with me.

Posted by Toshi Muhammad December 22, 08 10:00 PM

Yogi - Although I appreciate your comments on truth and religion, I must say that Islam asks that man question - it is the duty of a muslim to learn from cradle to grave and a moment of reflection is better than the practicing the rituals of prayers.

Read the Quran and question and you'll find the truth.

Posted by uzma sheikh December 22, 08 10:22 PM

A very good collection of very good awe-inspiring pictures of religious peoples performing their dufies and obligations. I hope there are many more such occasions in the future.

Posted by Raduwan December 22, 08 11:14 PM

Great Pictures.
In Islam the messge is Peace and Unity. Peace is self explainatory, however unity was designed by the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) in this way.
United by Shahada,"La illa hai Allah, Mohamedin Roosal Lillah"
Each family prays togather once a day (Every Evening - Unity at Home)
Each Village prays togather once a week (Each Friday- Unity where you live)
Each Country prays togather once a year (On EId - Unity of the country)
All Muslims pray togather once in their Lifetime (at Hajj - Unity on this Planet)
And at every prayertime all the Muslims face the same direction (Focused on onespot)S

Posted by Salim Jaffer Kanji ...Toronto Canada December 22, 08 11:22 PM

These pictures are very beatiful and amazing. I am proud to be a muslim, and I enjoyed to see muslim pictures from different countries with my children. god bless you and keep up the good work :-) !

Posted by Anonymous December 22, 08 11:45 PM

People from the other religions, wake up to see the reality of life! The faith in Allah. The uniformity of followers all over the world! Don't type cast & label muslims.It is the fastest growing religion in the world. Jazak allah khair.

Posted by Afsar December 23, 08 01:15 AM

MashaALLAH these are great pictures

Posted by Safraz December 23, 08 02:21 AM


Posted by RAHEEL (PAKISTAN) December 23, 08 02:46 AM

I'm not a Muslim, but I would just like to say these photographs are absolutely beautiful. It looks like a truly wonderful time.

Posted by anon. December 23, 08 03:13 AM

SUBHANALLAH, ALHAMDULLILLAH, ALLAHUAKBAR! I WAS THERE DURING HAJ 2008/1429. MASYA'ALLAH. My heart weeps of joy at the beauty of Islam. May Allah bless the entire world to see the beauty of Islam also. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us.

Posted by Haj Mat Saad ibn Haj Abu Bakar December 23, 08 04:00 AM

Shukhar Allah Hamdulillah ! Allah encompasses us all and may all souls discover the noor of allah that resides inside of one self and out side every where for there is no place where Allah is not. Rejoyce and love God and all beings in all places. The photos are marvellous! They show the quest and inspiration within human heart to know one self in Allah all merciful and beneficient. It is inspiring to witness the devotion Allah's murids hold in their heart. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Aasalaamaallaikum !

Posted by Shiraz Fazal ( Anand ) December 23, 08 04:12 AM

Subhan Allah....looking to all these pictures i feel proud to be a Muslim and Pray to Allah that every year i get a chance to perform Hajj.

Posted by Mohsin December 23, 08 04:49 AM

This is what Islam says. My heart burst at the beauty of Islam. May Allah bless unity to all Muslim countries like hajj we all get together for one purpose.
Thanks for pictures

Posted by Assad December 23, 08 04:53 AM

These pictures are really a love sign and unity of islamism which is a great message to the world. Alhamudirillah... I m really proud to be a muslim..I read some people opposing islam while they look at this great pic of message y bcz they are jelouse and they cannot tollarate the way islam is growing and showing a reall way to reach to God. expecially chritain. I really pity on my christ brother who are agaist islam and i want them to believe All'ah and his prophet Mohammed if they need to stay in Heavan

Posted by Thahir December 23, 08 05:30 AM

The HAj is an emotional and spritual experience. Once you return home, your heart simply cannot stop yearning to be there again.These imaged re-inforces those feelings. May the Almighty Allah accept all our ibadaat and grant the Hajees a Haj Maqbool and Mabroor, Insgha-Allah

Posted by Ali (South Africa) December 23, 08 05:41 AM

love these pictures......

Posted by fathima December 23, 08 06:05 AM

Shukran-illah, Shukran,Shukran, We should thank and be grateful to Allah that in this new Era we are bless with so many new technology and Modernaization and we Muslims Brothers still condemn Duniya we should not forget Din and Duniya. So Muslim Ummah wake up and condemn Radicalism and Fanatism which is deep in our mind and in many teachings of our Muslim Brothers. We should practice our lslam Din with Aql and we should accept many good learning and knowledge from our non-Muslim Brothers.

Posted by Suibley Jiwa December 23, 08 06:15 AM

These pictures and comments are memorable.It re-establishes the oness of Allah and His deen.

Posted by Abdul Hakeem December 23, 08 06:38 AM

To Christ_Saves in a quick reply to his message:
You're comments are indeed useless and unnecessary.
Religion is itself based on BELIEF, so something doesn't have to be written to be realistic.
Just think about the simple logic of your saviour himself being CRUCIFIED, he for you being the son of G... It is what the straying pen have made you guys believe.
So many SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN inaccuracies exist on the so-called BIBLE.
So I would advise you to read your Book before posing here.
You may wish to read "Is the Bible God's Word" by A.Deedat. Cheers

You have your opinion, we have ours.

Posted by Convert December 23, 08 07:33 AM

Ya ALLAH......You are ''Rahmanur Rahim''.I have no comments to explain my Shukriya...
''La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur RASUL ALLAH''

Posted by Khayers family December 23, 08 08:43 AM

My heart weeps of joy at the beauty of Islam. May Allah bless the entire world to see the beauty of Islam also. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with me.

Posted by Muhammad Idrees December 23, 08 09:04 AM

Masha ALLAH pictures are very beautiful. Shukar ALHAMDULI ALLAH I am MUSLIM. May ALLAH KAREEM SWT bless all the MUSLIM brothers and sisters throughout the World, Aameen.

Posted by Muhammad Yakoob Jokhio December 23, 08 09:16 AM

To Convert: There may be ' scientific inaccuracies' but I don't place my faith in science; I place it in God -- His holy spirit and Christ's transformative power. If you've read the Qu'ran, you'll come across passages that describe a very arab-centric notion of heaven, for example. a heaven where young boys as white as pearls serve those who are permitted to enter.

Sura 52:24. "And there shall wait on them young boys of their own, as
fair as virgin pearls.

Sura 56:17. "And there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls
and pitchers of water and a cup of purest wine."

Sura 76:19. "They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth,
who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders."

Now ask yourself ... are these truly the words of God? In the Bible, heaven isn't really described at all ... just that those who enter will be on the right hand of God.

Also, consider this Qu'ranic verse about heaven/hell:

Sura 19:71-72 There will be no one of you who will not enter it
(Hell). This was an inevitable decree of your Lord. Afterwards he may
save some of the pious, God-fearing Muslims out of the burning fire.

So, after all that lovely language about how rewarding it is to be
good and to die in the way of Allah, we find that, really, all muslims
will enter hell, and only after they are in Hell, are the pious ones
(might be) removed.

On the other hand, anyone who has entered a covenant with God through
the blood of Christ, by believing in Him, their salvation is

Now, let's look at the kaa'ba in a chronological fashion:

1. Abraham ALLEGEDLY builds the so-called House of God
2. He and Ishmael ALLEGEDLY worship God there
3. Many years later, God tells Moses not to erect carved images (which includes cubes), pillars or figured stones in the land and worship them, effectively un-doing what HE just told Abraham and Ishmael to do? Sounds like a flip-flopping politician, not God.


4. Muhammad and Ali start the supposed ritual back up again, going AGAINST God's word
5. Today, hordes of muslims go to the kaa'ba to worship in front of and around it, kissing it, touching it...

God bless

Posted by Christ_Saves December 23, 08 10:54 AM

To Convert
As you rightly say, religion is based on BELIEF, and belief is just another dream until it is confirmed by experience and "scientific" proof.
In this perspective, the Quran is no better than the Bible, and the thousands of different gods popping up in every tribe around the world show enough that all of them, including Christian and Muslim gods, are pure inventions and a form of cultural glue.
You may wish to read "The God Delusion" by R.Dawkins. Cheers

You have your opinion, check it against facts.

Posted by Yogi December 23, 08 11:05 AM

Thanks for sharing... Awesome pictures.

Posted by Shujaat December 23, 08 11:32 AM


Posted by Jabbar Saddique December 23, 08 01:38 PM

great picture


Posted by khan December 23, 08 01:42 PM

It is an awesome feeling of joy and pride to see and feel the unity and brotherhood of Islam.
Great pictures. Jazakallah.

Posted by Ali Jivanji December 23, 08 01:48 PM

MASHALLAH...great pictures...

Posted by Anonymous December 23, 08 02:26 PM

18% of the Muslim Ummah (>180 million) and the only group with the Power of the Atom is in turmoil. A picture or two showing the peaceful side of this group praying en mass would have gone a long way to show the others who want to know about Islam and hit on this website, that we are a body of humanity who seek and pursue Peace and Tranquility. Otherwise, we are like the veritable ostrich burying our head in the sand at the first sign of trouble. A former Paki

Posted by M R Farukhi December 23, 08 02:49 PM

SubhanAllah! Just like another comment, my heart was bursting with the beauty, love and unity of our beautiful religion of Islam. Jazack Allah Khair for sending them to me!

Posted by Fatima (T&T) December 23, 08 03:12 PM

wow these pics are truly beautiful indeed
it just shows how a multitude of people can come together ot worship 1 lord
unity at its best.
alhumdulillah as many as above i would also like to thank you on this great complition of photos alhumdulillah.

however there are people who have taken this as an oppurtunity to ridicule islam. and the quran a well as the existence of ALLAH i just wish to a scientific and logical twist of truth for those against islam...

Let us apply this theory of probability to the Qur’an. And assume that a person has guessed all the information that is mentioned in the Qur’an which was unknown at that time. Let us discuss the probability of all the guesses being simultaneously correct..

At the time when the Qur’an was revealed, people thought the world was flat, there are several other options for the shape of the earth. It could be triangular, it could be quadrangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, octagonal, spherical, etc. Lets assume there are about 30 different options for the shape of the earth. The Qur’an rightly says it is spherical, if it was a guess the chances of the guess being correct is 1/30.

The light of the moon can be its own light or a reflected light. The Qur’an rightly says it is a reflected light. If it is a guess, the chances that it will be correct is 1/2 and the probability that both the guesses i.e the earth is spherical and the light of the moon is reflected light is 1/30 x 1/2 = 1/60.

Further, the Qur’an also mentions every living thing is made of water. Every living thing can be made up of either wood, stone, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, gold, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, oil, water, cement, concrete, etc. The options are say about 10,000. The Qur’an rightly says that everything is made up of water. If it is a guess, the chances that it will be correct is 1/10,000 and the probability of all the three guesses i.e. the earth is spherical, light of moon is reflected light and everything is created from water being correct is 1/30 x 1/2 x 1/10,000 = 1/60,000 which is equal to about .0017%.

The Qur’an speaks about hundreds of things that were not known to men at the time of its revelation. Only in three options the result is .0017%.

thesse are meerly three examples just think how many more are there in the Quran ???

Posted by iyaaz December 23, 08 04:16 PM

We Muslims do not worship the Kaba, it is a symbol of unity and we only follow the footsteps of the Prophet Mohammad. If He touched the stone we do so, but it is not the object of worship- to those less informed. Those calling themself Christians, among you are people well educated- preaches, calling you to polytheism, knowing well where it all started. Check - Council of Nicea 325- you will truly understand Trinity... Otherwise Mary the mother of Jesus is for us Muslims one of 4 best women in Paradise... Jesus is her son. He was a mighty Prophet as was Moses, Noah as well as Mohammed peace of Allah be upon them all.

Posted by Yasmin December 23, 08 04:43 PM

if you are sick, you would go to a doctor, only an idiot would go to someone who reads medical books and gives medical advice.

those misguided souls posting excerpts from the quran misquoted to what end?
go to an islamic priest or other learned scholar of islam and seek guidance,
if it your aim to misguide those weaker than yourselves, then surely there is great punishment in store for you by the all knowing one god

Posted by ayoob December 23, 08 05:18 PM

To iyaaz : Please check your facts. The Greeks knew that moonlight was reflected and that the earth was a sphere several hundred years before Christ, and Eratosthenes computed the earth's circumference in 250 BC. Besides there's a little more than water in every living thing, and how about counting also all the guesses in Quran that turned out to be false ?

Posted by Yogi December 23, 08 06:05 PM

mashaallah it wasa wonderful effort. May it be maqbool by Allah

Posted by sadaf December 23, 08 07:06 PM

Wopnderful, Amazing, Extraordinary Pictuires.

Posted by Mohammad Roem December 23, 08 08:45 PM

Masya ALLAH. Subha Nallah..,,
Maha Agung ALLAH .. Menyemarakkan lslam di BUMI ku, Negara Ku Kaum ku.. keluarga ku.. dan dalam diri ku...

Posted by LayD - KualaLumpur Malaysia December 23, 08 10:21 PM

Masha Allah..

Posted by Feroz December 23, 08 10:32 PM

Mashallah am so pleased to see this eye soothing photographs of our brother's and sister' of islam performing the act of eid al - adha. In deed am proud to be a muslims, may allah bless us with imaan and accept our prayers offered to him every time. Allah -hu-akbar.

Posted by Munawwar khalid kareem December 23, 08 10:36 PM

Alhamdullilah, Summa Alhamdullilah.Those pictures were so beatiful and that is the beauty of ISLAM.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Posted by Roslano Monteirio December 23, 08 10:45 PM

Wopnderful, Amazing, Extraordinary Pictuires.

Posted by awazzan December 23, 08 11:02 PM

Jesus never claimed to be "just another prophet" like Abraham and Noah. He claimed to be the son of God, so Muslims who say "he is just a mighty prophet" are doing a great disservice to God and Yeshua, the Messiah. And recall, even Muslims believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah, but you don't really hear imams preaching about that in their sermons, do you? You can't just be the Messiah and be "just a mighty prophet."

Ayoob -- the Qu'ran states what it states. what need is there to go to as scholar? I urge all Muslims on this post to READ the Qu'ran for yourselves. God didn't reveal the Qu'ran, then say "oh, this revelation is quite esoteric, so if you have any questions, please refer to someone a little more learned." I am attempting to guide, not misguide as too many Muslims are following by blind faith. Read the Qu'ran and you will see. Those suras I quoted are as is.

God bless

Posted by Christ_Saves December 23, 08 11:46 PM

Even though I performed Haj I was awe-stuck and amazed to see such beautiful pics of Muslims around the world gathering in one place praying to perform the Haj
overcoming all the hurdles. MASHA ALLAH ! GOD IS GREAT. How I wish and pray
for PEACE in the whole of Universe and treat all the religion with respect. AMEN!

Posted by NARI JAVEED AHMED December 24, 08 12:44 AM

:-) Good Work to the people who made this, its really informative and emotional in the sense that it gives you a brief idea of how it is, InshaALLAH (God Willing) I will go one day. Amen.
My beloved brother comment number # 620 (Christ_Saves) Muslims love Jesus son of Mary ( Isa son of Maryam) (Peace be Upon Him) Was a very good man he is a prophet of Allah, he is alive right now in heaven with Allah.

Brother your information is a bit misguided, No offense to you brother, you are a follower of Jesus thus you are my brother because Jesus was prophet of Allah. I would encourage you to read the Old Testament and The New testament in much detail and then read the Quran in English Translation by Abdullah Yousaf Ali (Which is a well known translation).

People of the Book = The Jews, The Christians and the Muslims
In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
I quote to You Surah 4 (Al- Nisa) (The Women) In Verse 171 Allah Has Said (Direct Quote) “O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ (Isa) Son of Mary was (no more than) a Messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him: so serve Allah and His Messengers. Say not "Trinity” desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is One God: Glory be to Him: (far exalted is He) above having a son. To him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affair. "

These are words of Allah, if I go beyond this belief then truly I am transgressing, and Allah like not those who transgress.

May God Bless You and Guide you better Amen.

Merry Christmas to you and (Shalom)brother.

Posted by Omer N December 24, 08 12:56 AM

All religions (including Islam and Christianity) preach tolerance and respect for others beliefs. Appreciate that belief in different deities is better than belief in nothing at all. Keep the faith !!

Posted by Ahmed December 24, 08 02:08 AM

Really wonderful, it seems like a very useful report about Islamic world
I am living in makkah, but I did not see something like this ever.
thanks allot

Posted by siraj_allaf December 24, 08 02:23 AM

Sukran for the stunning pics...I am blessed to be a Muslim

Posted by Dilbahaar December 24, 08 03:13 AM

These pics are really very nice.These pics reflects the muslim customs of all over the world.Pics of Hajj are also very captivating & facinating.

Posted by Umer Malik December 24, 08 03:22 AM

I was go to for Hajj this year i am realy very happy and i will apprcehate to saudi government

Posted by Mehmood December 24, 08 05:23 AM


Posted by Ismail December 24, 08 05:27 AM

Chrst_saves: what do you read? Who do you follow? You are right, Imams preached about Isa and and not Yeshua. If the Book that you are reading still have the BOOKS OF BARNABAS in it, then you will know that Muslims are not blind. Why did they took out 13 books from the so call Bible in the seventies? Makes you think, who are the blind ones after all.
Yogi, why are there so many differance CHRISTEN CHURCES? How many times are the mother of Jesus mentioned the the Bible compared to the Qur'aan?

Posted by Neville B. Johnson December 24, 08 06:40 AM

Masha-Allah, May Allah bless the person who has taken such beautifull pictures. Ameen !
Insha-Allah one day I shall surely pay a visit and so shall we all muslim brothers and sisters.

Posted by Altaaf December 24, 08 06:43 AM

Subhanallah!! Amazing pictures, i was one of the lucky ones to do Hajj this year & every single one of those pictures brought back floods of beautiful memories. Left utterly speechless on my first visit of the Holy land, i had never contemplated how beautiful the Kaba would be, such a simple building with such intense beauty the the naked eye has ever seen. A truly mesmerising 30 day experiance that i shall never ever forget. Those absoluty magical voices of the Imams who read the namaz breathed life into my sould, one particular Friday prayer lead by Imam Sheikh as-Sudais was incredible. The voice, precision & his style in which he read had people in tears. It was beauty personified to the highest level. May Allah swt bless us all to visit the Holy land Ameen.

Posted by Abdul Sahmad December 24, 08 06:48 AM

masha allah these pics are most beautiul what a beautiful deen deen we have im thankful that im a muslim

Posted by nazley December 24, 08 06:56 AM

To Ahmed : True, if you read them one way, Islam and Christianity preach tolerance and respect for others beliefs. If you read them another way, they preach intolerance, forced conversion or even murder. It seems unfortunately that this second interpretation is quite widespread among their followers.

To Neville B. Johnson : I guess there are so many different Christian Churches for the same reason there are so many Islam versions (Sunni, Shia, ...) : because religion is just a cultural and political construction serving local interests, that changed over the years and the regions.

Posted by Yogi December 24, 08 07:16 AM

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. I just wanted to add, Masha Allah, Baraka Allahu fiikum for all the awesome and amazing pictures enclosed here. May Allah bless Muslims all over the world, Ameen. Wassalam.

Posted by Badariah Araby December 24, 08 07:54 AM

Assalamoualeykoum all muslim
Machaallah Allah est grand gloire à Lui.

Posted by Mami December 24, 08 08:29 AM

These are very beautiful pics. May Allah grant me and my husband the oppotunity of performing Hajj next year amin.

Posted by Olabisi Ogunyinka December 24, 08 11:41 AM

love HAJJ pic
been to hajj this year

Posted by wdd December 24, 08 11:46 AM

Beautiful. Very nice work.

Posted by yousouf December 24, 08 12:59 PM

It is great and touching that we have oppotunity to view the whole world celebrating Eidh Ul Udha. Mashallah! May Allah reward you for your thoughts. Ameen.

Posted by Fatma Mohamed December 24, 08 01:31 PM

Al hamdu lillah,this year's Hajj operations went without any major incidents/Hitches.Good also to see those pictures which made me very nostalgic,after having performed hajj a couple of times,but still pray to perform next year's in sha Allah.

Posted by Hussein Munirdeen December 24, 08 02:55 PM

cute pictur....

Posted by Aatika Mayet December 24, 08 03:56 PM

Mashaallah ,

Very nice pictures ,, I want to say to all muslims Welcome in Saudi arabia we are happy to serve all muslims anywhere and we put our potentials for hajj and pilgrims every year , Insha allah next year you will see MAKKAH With new Plan


Posted by Yasser AL Ghamdi December 24, 08 05:00 PM

I am amazed and left speechless. Those scenes show what a world of united people are able to do that no traditional or cultural value is able to articulate universally.

Posted by Mo Mangera December 24, 08 05:19 PM


Posted by mehmetyilmaz December 24, 08 06:31 PM

Subhanallah .. beautiful pictures .... may Allah bless all of those that made their Haj this year, insyallah ....

Posted by Salwah LAtiff December 25, 08 12:28 AM

Brother Omer, thank you for your kind wishes. This is my first Christmas as a Christian, so it's a special one. I am spending it with my family, all of whom are Muslim which is causing a bit of a strain, but God has a purpose for me and my purpose is to spread the Good News to as many Muslims as possible.

Again, Jesus did not claim that he was just a prophet. He was crucified for his claims to divinity. Recall that Muslims don't belive Christ was killed. They believe he was saved by God and ascended into heaven. The Qu'ran is simply negating the divine attributes of Christ, attributes which wholly and irretrievably claimed. Christ is both fully human and fully divine and only faith in Christ as the Messiah and as a divine presence here on earth will give you true salvation. Again, the quotes I listed from the Qu'ran are not from my hand. Open the Qu'ran and read it yourself!!! You will see that it's all there. I don't mean to offend, but everything from the young boys as fair as virgin pearls to all Muslims tasting hell -- it's all there for you to read.

Neville, Muslims LOVE to quote the Gospel of Barnabus, but it was recorded in the 1600s!! Even Muslim scholars think it is falsely attributed and not authentic!!

I BEG all Muslims, please, just ask God to show you the WAY; the TRUTH. I'm not asking you believe in Christ as your Lord and Savior, but just ask God for the TRUTH and HE will show you. If you even have the faintest doubt about Islam, just ask GOD to show you the WAY and HE will!

I wish everyone here a BLESSED and JOYOUS holiday.

Posted by Christ_Saves December 25, 08 12:30 AM


Posted by SAYEED ABDUL-MUNTAQIM December 25, 08 02:33 AM

Beautiful pictures. SubhanAllah.
christ_saves, you are in darkness. i feel sad for you. I shall make prayer to the God to shine some light inside the minds of people like you. the darkness won't let you see the truth.

Posted by rommel December 25, 08 03:03 AM

Beautiful pictures. SubhanAllah.
christ_saves, you are in darkness. i feel sad for you. I shall make prayer to the God to shine some light inside the minds of people like you. the darkness won't let you see the truth.

Posted by rommel December 25, 08 03:09 AM

Oh bless the Muslims around the world and may the ALLMIGHTY LORD BLESS US MUSLIMS

Posted by Firdaus December 25, 08 03:23 AM

Thank you

Posted by Muna Hamdi December 25, 08 04:06 AM

The power shown from pictures will bring astonishment what we call it spiritual power.
It is true they have this unavoidable power to everybody.
These are Muslims, these are believers, Alhamdulillah
“see more learn more do more”

Posted by Alimardon December 25, 08 05:26 AM

Peace unto all! Most beautiful! All these people are related to ONE man through truth.
What more can I say.
Love all!

Posted by Muhammad Is-haaq Sulaimaan Rawoot December 25, 08 07:07 AM

Comment on Posted by Christ_Saves December 23, 08 11:46 PM,
You ended your comment by God Bless, which God of yours you mean, You worship quite a few!
Quran is a complete book, you need to understand, it did not come like ten commandments in one go. Each Ayat being brought by the Fireshta Gibrael to Mohammed SWS, directly from ALLAH. It started From the cave of Hera, where Mohammed SWS was in meditation. And ended after quite a few years( some may give you exact date) on the Hajj day, during the sermon by Mohammed SWS.
If you try to quote any ayats from any different part of Quran, it might be misleading to you. So before reciting and understanding the full and correct Arabic version, and also the circumstances for which that ayat was sent, no one should comment.
About Ayats of Quran ALLAH SUBHANETWLA already challenged, to make any of the the Ayet like in Quran.
It is in Quran where all the previous 3 books are confirmed.
Anyway I am not an expart on Quran so may have done some mistakes. ALLAH SUBHANETWALA is ever mercifull and HIS mercy is much much bigger then my sins so I hope HE will forgive me.
Fellow sisters and brothers please correct me also if I have written any thing wrong.

Posted by Selim Kamal December 25, 08 08:50 AM

thank GOD

Posted by osamah elattar M.D December 25, 08 09:11 AM

Allhamdullillah this all pics show unity among muslims.

Posted by Nilo. December 25, 08 11:47 AM

mashallah beautiful pictures.
To the one who quoted the ayats of the servant boys in Paradise, this will be a reward for those who believe and enter Paradise. In the Quran there are descriptions of Paradise so that people may receive Glad Tidings. This will help people do good so that they may get this reward. Hell is described so that people may refrain from sin.
This is what you wrote:
"Sura 19:71-72 There will be no one of you who will not enter it
(Hell). This was an inevitable decree of your Lord. Afterwards he may
save some of the pious, God-fearing Muslims out of the burning fire."

Which is wrong. The verse states: "Not one of you but will pass over it: this is, with thy Lord, a Decree which must be accomplished. But We shall save those wgo guarded against evil, and We shall leave the wrong-doers therein, (humbled) to their knees."

Everyone will pass over Hell but not all of them will enter it. Unlike Christianity, not every muslim will enter paradise just because they say they believe. They may believe in Allah all they want but if they continuously commit sin without asking for sincere forgiveness then they will enter hell until they are purified.

If you are not a scholar in Islam and don't know the reasons why a verse was sent down then don't try to use it against us.

Lastly, those muslims who are calling the non-muslims brother are in denial. They are not your brothers. Also, wishing them a merry christmas is wrong because they are celebrating the birth of "god's son"" which we don't believe in.

Posted by Slave of Allah December 25, 08 12:12 PM


Posted by Hassan December 25, 08 12:16 PM

Rommel -- on the contrary!! I was in the dark and now I have been brought to THE LIGHT! Just to be clear, I believe in one and only GOD, not Allah. Not the God of Muhammad but the GOD of the universe. so please, don't feel sad for me for I am SAVED! I see the TRUTH ... do you know why? Because I asked GOD to show me!!! And GOD in his infinite glory and mercy led me to the Truth. Yeshua (Jesus/Isa) said, "I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE." Rommel, just ask yourself: "Am I willingly refusing to accept the Truth?"; "Am I brushing my doubts under the proverbial rug?"; "Do I defend my faith when deep down I know my faith is on shaky ground?" Islam is, undoubtedly, a part of our 'identity' but one day you'll have to ask, is your allegiance to your 'identity' or is your allegiance to God and his Word?

Salim Kemal -- even though the Qu'ran confirms the Old and New Testaments, that can't possibly be so as Muslims' very notion of Christ is worlds apart than what the OT and NT state, not to mention Christ himself. Christians don't worship Christ as a man who clzaimed to be the Son of God, no. Christ WAS God in human form. In Islam, salvation is attained through works and deeds, but you brother Salim, as a Muslim, will go to HELL as it explicitly states in the Qu'ran (Sura 19:71-72). And Salim, read those ayats yourself then ask every Muslim scholar and holy person you know to try and defend what it says. There are a whole lot more, but the ones I've quoted are as is. Pick up ANY Qu'ran and that's what it will say. Again, the very notion of blending salvation with pre-pubescent boys is an Arab conceit, and certainly not a divine one. I urge all Muslims on this post to read the Qu'ran, for that's is the best way to get you to question the validity and infallibility of God's alleged "Final Revelation." I post these examples once again for all to read ... again, check these suras yourself in the Qu'rans you have in your homes:

Sura 52:24. "And there shall wait on them young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls.

Sura 56:17. "And there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and pitchers of water and a cup of purest wine."

Sura 76:19. "They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders."

God (YHWH) bless you all.

Posted by Christ_Saves December 25, 08 12:42 PM

Young boys as a reward in paradise eh? hmm, no thanks. Paradise is not some eternal tropical resort and adult playground where men can have their fill of wine and make love to as many virgins as they please (BTW: what do the women get, I wonder). It is where the SAVED will be on the right hand of God. My friend, you need to re-visit all that Islam says and subverts -- everything from Abraham building the ka'aba with Ishmael and the sacrifice of Ishmael to the nature of Jesus and his sacrifice.

Why is it that Shias pay more allegiance to Hussein and his family than Muhammad?? That's because of Hussein's sacrifice on the battlefield, but they are merely transposing Christ's sacrifice onto Hussein. Same goes for the 12th Imam -- the Mahdi -- whom they perceive to be a secondary Messiah. They can't (won't) bring themselves to see Christ as the true Messiah so they transpose those attributes to someone else. Shias, I think, are very close ... they just need to re-adjust their focus.

Again, you don't have to be a scholar in Islam to read and know what the Qu'ran says. God didn't tell Gabriel to tell Muhammad that "here is my final revelation ... if there are any questions, go and ask a scholar."

the sura 19:71-72 verse you quoted seems like a convenient re-editing (so many interpretations of the Qu'ran!). EVERY Qu'ran I've read (and people on this post, go and read the one in your home) says that you will go DOWN into it, not pass over it:

another translation from another Qu'ran at my parents' home: "And there is not one of you but shall go down into it; this is of your Lord a decided (unavoidable) decree"

And Muslims LOVE to bring up the topic of how the Old and New Testaments have changed and altered and bastardized. You don't know how much of the Qu'ran has been conveniently re-interpreted. If you want to feel the flow of the holy spirit; if you want to feel the tangible presence of God in your life; if you TRULY want to submit to the will of God, then just beg and ask God to guide you and show you, and as God as my witness, HE will show you the way.

Posted by Christ_Saves December 25, 08 01:07 PM

Heart touching pictures.....
Subhanallah what a deen we have, May Allah(swt) fill our head and heart with the beauties of this deen.

May he guide us to the right path....

Posted by Firdausi Imam December 25, 08 01:14 PM

also, wishing someone a merry christmas is certainly not wrong! to celebrate the birth of our savior is indeed a joyous occasion. so I wish you, Slave of Allah, a very merry christmas!

Posted by Christ_Saves December 25, 08 01:18 PM

the pictures are brilliant but nothing compares to actually being there. i was in saudi for the Hajj lsat year and i dont think anything ever compares to the experience of looking down from the rooftop of the great mosque and seeing all the pilgrims circumambulating the Ka'aba. awesome.

Posted by Halima Sidat December 25, 08 02:03 PM

"My book says this !" says one. "MY book says that !" says the other. "You don't know a thing !" says one. "My Dad will come hit you !" says the other.

Total absurdity. Kindergarten. Look at yourselves, you should me ashamed. Your books gather the tales told by illiterate shepherds wandering in the desert thousands of years ago. Come back down to earth, the world needs you.

Posted by Anonymous December 25, 08 03:05 PM

Anonymous -- I can understand your sentiments wholeheartedly. And yes, discussing the topic of people who roamed the desert hundreds and even thousands of years ago may seem absurd at first blush, but when the hand of God touches you, touches your soul, you can't help but try to spread that exulted feeling to others. Thing is, you have to WANT God to come into your life. You have to WANT God to guide you and bring purpose and meaning into your life. Most people nowadays DON'T want God in their lives, or else they'll just blindly follow what they've been inculcated with from an early age. Anonymous, I pray that God and Yeshua touch your life, and transform you spiritually. You will forever be grateful! Don't lose hope my friend!!

Posted by Christ_Saves December 25, 08 03:39 PM

Masha-Allah, the pics are excellent. how proud am i to be a muslim! May Allah strengthen our iman and taqwa and grant us all spiritual guidance.

Posted by yasmin December 25, 08 04:51 PM

Christ_Saves, unfortunately my hope in mankind vanishes the more I read you. As long as people will mistake their own hallucinations for reality, we'll be in bad shape. Wake up my friend !

Posted by Anonymous December 25, 08 05:54 PM

Truly amazing pictures! Subhanallah!

Posted by Mahdi December 25, 08 06:22 PM

Excellent round-up of Eid pictures from all corners of the earth. A welcome change from the usual negative imagery of Islam and Muslims. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Farooq Khan December 25, 08 10:25 PM

Allah-Huakbor (Allah is the greatest), what crucial moment! Everybody make together in a certain time. They believe in Allah all they want but if they continuously commit sin without asking for sincere forgiveness then they will enter hell until they are purified.

Posted by MD MITO December 26, 08 02:16 AM

Although I am not a Muslim, I appreciate these fine, detailed photographs. I wish Western culture and education provided a broader education in what the various peoples around the Earth believe. I believe that one day very soon, the major obstacle to accurate knowledge and true faith will be judged and disappear, and that obstacle is the Trinity teaching of Christendom. As Jesus said in Matthew chapter 13, starting in verse 24, there will be a judging of mainstream Christianity because it has been tainted and corrupted. Jesus gave it a good start, but Satan has entered in and adopted it. However, there are those of us who are determined to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus. God help us who love Him and all His faithful Prophets and His loyal Children to teach one another and not slander one another. See

Posted by FutureUser December 26, 08 03:21 AM

Their is no place like mecca and madina beautiful. May allah take all muslims year after year. May allah keeps us stadefast on iman ameen.

Posted by AHMEDSADIQ RAVAT December 26, 08 03:50 AM

Thnx for these pic's it's wonderful.
hope you add more ,you are a good photographer.

Posted by suzy December 26, 08 06:22 AM

Masya' Allah! Thank u for sharing this with us!

Posted by ayunik December 26, 08 06:31 AM

Masha-Allah,! Thank u for sharing this with us!
Truly amazing pictures! Subhanallah!

Posted by Kamal Ismail Nagaria December 26, 08 08:44 AM

My fellow Muslim friends
Don't mind this idiot Christ_Saves coz his heart is stone cold and his mind is just a mindset of a fool. His purpose here is merely to distort facts and distract us. We all know and we firmly believe that Allah id the only GOD, and that Christ (Prophet Isa) is just one of the 25 major Phophets of Allah, a normal human being. He is no son of God as God is totally different from humans. God does not die, doesn't marry, doesn't have wives or children, does not eat drink sleep etc etc. Allah is mightiest. Period. Don't bother reading what he wrote as he is on the loosing track. In later in the afterlive, he will get what's coming to him. He's just a Kafir laknatullah. Don't give a shit abt him. Assalamualaikum my muslim friends.

Posted by Dr. Naz December 26, 08 08:47 AM

thanks for all in website

Posted by qwq December 26, 08 08:56 AM


Posted by hi December 26, 08 09:47 AM

In the name of Allah the most Merciful Beneficent

Thanks a lot for sharing these pics with us! Truely the message of Tauheed is the only way of salvation before humanity , which can unite all people of the world irrespective of their color, caste or race, and make all of them a single community. All prostrating before One Only God are one.

may Allah bless all Muslims!

Posted by Asad Raza December 26, 08 09:52 AM

assalamoalaykum my dear brother and sisters it was a lovely pictures from around the globe .tears come out from my eyes hen i saw them together may allah protect muslims,may allah give us a strong unity,may allah protect our women and childrens,may allah give us a guidence,may allah bless us to see once a life time for hajj please make duva for sucsess.when i saw mecca madina pictures i wish ya allah when you will show me ,when i will be able to visit once in my life before my eyes close for ever.o allah make possible for each and every ones who wish to visit your mecca-madina.may allah reward who upload these pictures.

Posted by mohamed iqbal nakhuda December 26, 08 10:22 AM


The only problem is, you're not really here to try to 'save' anybody. You descend even into the most puerile tit-for-tat comments, such as the 'Merry Christmas' remark to Slave of Allah, in an attempt to provoke and anger a group of people who simply want to comment on some beautiful, inspiring pictures.

I'm by no means well-versed in Qur'anic scripture, but at least I can rest safe in the knowledge that it wasn't some re-hashed and re-edited text, the chapters of which were hand-picked by a bunch of political leaders to appease their subjects 1700 years ago. Whatever claims you make about the INTERPRETATION of the Qur’an are largely irrelevant; incorrect interpretations are the flaws on mankind, and as you will undoubtedly agree, Muslims have proven themselves to be very flawed over the years. However, by the grace of the Almighty, we have a book that has come to us pure and unadulterated, which unfortunately is something that you cannot claim to have in this phase of your life, where you’re exploring other religious notions.

I think it’s great that you’re asking questions, and I always admire people who stand up and question their faith, but I’m afraid that you coming on here and preaching as you do in your patronizing and deliberately condescending manner, about a faith which is rooted in paganism and political manipulation, does nothing except reinforce my opinions of Christians as dogmatic and hypocritical individuals.

Let me finish by wishing you a belated Merry Christmas – since it is the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, I have no reason to feel that I’m erring beyond the boundaries of my faith.


Posted by Hasan December 26, 08 11:07 AM

My fellow Human Beings,

Please recognize that all humans are made alike. Please recognize that every tiny tribe and every great civilization in history have developed their own, peculiar, incidental, set of beliefs to make sense out of the world. Please recognize that if a religion is dearest to your heart it is because you've been born into it, and that all Gods and religions are equal and man-made.

So let's stop thinking that words written thousands of years ago by human beings just like us may contain an eternal and universal truth. Truth is built day after day by discoveries, exchange and confrontation of ideas, it is not revealed once and forever.

The only "Holy Being" we have is each other, the only holy thing there is is mankind itself, present and future. We're all embarked together on spaceship Earth, and that's all there is to it.

So let's stop praying empty skies, let's stop throwing old books at each other, let's just take care of each other and do our best to prepare a better world for our children.

Posted by Yogi December 26, 08 02:22 PM

Alhamdilillah beautiful pictures makes me want to go there right now inshallah one day i pray to allah i will have the opportunity to visit

Posted by muslimah 84 December 26, 08 03:43 PM

Alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah, this is really beautiful!!!!

Hafiz Naim Ali Camp

Posted by Anonymous December 26, 08 03:53 PM

Subhanallah lovelly pictures

Posted by Abdulkader December 26, 08 05:24 PM

Mahallah I enjoyed the pictures and seeing muslims around the world praying. May god bless all muslims and show us a path where we do not err and lead a peaceful, graceful life

Posted by sohail ahmed December 26, 08 08:03 PM

such a wonderful pics i wish to be there in my future inshallah by the grace of allah i hope your wish fulfil soon bcoz u think for GOD and its truth who thinks for allah allah thinks for them and specially mostly people never think very deeply as u did it ,it seems to belike that few people are very lucky who thinks not for themselves but they also thinks the creation of god and ur nice pics what i realised that u r expressing ur feelings that u wanted to be very closed to god and your thinking impressed me alot bcoz the religion shows person's personality and u did it with ur nice pics God bless u your dreams willl come true inshallah tc

Posted by saria December 26, 08 08:46 PM

Masha Allah , Subhan Allah there is NO words to discribe how beautiful Religion could be when we accept from our Heart and Soul. I have been reading the comments , Please friends and brothers this is not the place we debate our Religion. See with your eyes the reality , facts and unbelieable photos where every human being would want to visit once in their life time. I have been here twice in my life but never realise, it is the bests place on Earth, May Allah permits each and every one to visit The Heaven on Earth. Ameen !

Posted by $Madani December 27, 08 12:49 AM

Alhamdu Lillah that we were born muslims, and inshallah God will help us be good servants always.

Posted by roula December 27, 08 02:28 AM

Asalaamualaikum to all.....I have come back from Hajj on the 17th December.....These pics bring back so many wonderful memories that i dont think ill ever forget, Hajj is really a life changing experience. Allah shows us that we're all the same in his eyes. Really brings u down to size whether you're a billionaire or a beggar. Money doesnt make u anything in Allahs eyes.

To all the idiots that dont know what they're talking bout.....You guys surely will get the punishment that is coming to you from Allah. Trying to mislead muslims. Something you guys forgot is that muslims have Imaan(faith) and we sincerely believe in Allah and Muhammad (SAW) his final prophet and messenger. Allah has no partners. He alone do we worhip.

Posted by Anonymous December 27, 08 03:21 AM

Pls let all the muslims in the world come and get back the right of our beloved Palastines, May Allah assists them all the times

Posted by Abdurrashid Umar December 27, 08 05:02 AM

786. Just Great to see these Pics. I hope It will be an inspiration to all believers in the One True God ALLAH(SWA). To that guy who thinks that he can speak ill of Allah and His Beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) or any of the Prophets of ALLAH(SWA) I pray that ALLAH(SWA) would give him guidance to the right path so he would be able to distinguish between God and man, and do what Jesus (AS) did and that is worship the One True God ALLAH(SWA). If he starts to understand that God is ONE and has no partners then his mind will become free from the satanic belief which has engrossed his life. I pity those who say they follow Jesus(AS)but are in fact following the false teachings of saul/paul . Thanks.

Posted by S.Khan December 27, 08 06:43 AM

By the grace of the Almighty Allah (SWT), we Muslims have so much more to inspire us than some bland, nebuluous concept of 'holy beings' being in aech of us, etc. We as Muslims have a truth to which we have held dear for falmost fourteen hundred years now, despite regular periods of mass oppression, much of it from people who, like you, are simply not content to see such a beautiful faith like Islam take roots across the world. Unfortunately, you do not seem to have experienced the Hajj, nor do you seem to show any intention of doing so. Firstly, this begs the question as to what you're even doing posting messages here. Secondly, though, it shows how you are yet to have seen the truth for yourself, which is why we as Muslims will always be praying for people like you, so that one day you will be visiting a page like this as a 'Hajji' instead of someone who is so clearly searching for an answer.

Posted by Hasan December 27, 08 10:47 AM

Dear All my Muslim Brothers and sisters,

Beaware of this Christ_saves who is acting as a former muslim and trying to impose his idiotic believes on us. He is from a christen missonary who is just trying to divert our mind from these beautiful pictures and the oneness of Allah SWT. We as a muslim are all one and inshAllah shall remain one and shall continue believing in Allah and His all great messangers. So please let this guy say what he wants and just wait let Allah do him justice and we should abstain our comments. Love to All Muslims.

Posted by Malik December 27, 08 01:04 PM

Amazing pictures, thank you very much. Now, I want to place my coment in regards to different one posted on this website. I am a muslim, and I read translation of HOLLY QO'RAN since I don't know arabic. From my understandig the holly Qo'ran can not be changed, it's protected by Alah ALMIGHTY. IT is the PAST, the PRESENT, and the FUTURE. I also know that ALAH ALLMIHTY SAID, that our religen had been fullfield with his final book and the last profet MOHAMED peace be upon him. So what ever changes happend in the past, have been corrected. No changes any more, there might be a wrong interpretation by somone, but Alah SWT words remain the same. THE QO'RAN IS COLLECTION OF ALAH SWT
WORDS. Not Matew's, or Peter's or someone else. We have also HADIS OF OUR PROFET MOHAMED PBUH. Talking about religion should bring us closer to each other, not make us angry. ALAH SWT SAY" BY MENTIONING ALAH'S NAME THE HEARTS OF TRUE BELIEVERS GET CALM AND PIECEFULL" If any one read any book with his/her intention to find something to use it against someone that's all they can see. We have to look at the whole picture, since the HOLLY QO'RAN was revealed to our profet pbuh acording to a different sitiuation to show all human kind the way of life, because ISLAM IS NOT JUST A RELIGION IT IS YOUR WHOLE LIFE. The meaning of those two words, "ISLAM and MOSLIM" is enough for those gifted with comprehention. It is so sad that people don't understand something that's so obvious, such as the fact that God is only ONE, if there are more eventualy they will be start fighting with each other. For those who believe in Jesus pbuh being a son of GOD, I just have one question. When he was on the cross waiting to be kiled, wasn't he supposed to be calm and peacefull.... for he new in addvance what was his pat, his destini. It would be a true disapointment when the day of jugmant comes, to get this one in whom you believe to wittness against you. (example: When Jesus (pbuh) was asked " Are you the son of God", his answer was " this is what you say" ) He never claimed to be the one. Who ever folowes his teaching will enter paradise, not who believe in him as a son og GOD. Which is the case with every single profet. My dear brothers and sister this is so simple. Instead of arguing who is a true believer, and who is going to go where, let us do our tasks the best we can, let as lead our life by example of our profets, and let ALAH decide whre we will go, that is going to be HIS DECISION ONLY anyway. ALLAH bless you all..

Posted by ALMA December 27, 08 01:19 PM


Posted by SHEHARYAR December 27, 08 01:32 PM

Religion is belief. By the way there has been 124,000 prophets, jessus and
mosses were also prophets, came in different times to do different task. Our
prophet was chosen to deliver the Holly Quaran, which is a complete book
on laws of our Lord. It teaches us that there is only one GOD. How all human
beings should live and behave. Unfortunately different people interpret Holly
Quaran in their own way. Remember that "Quaran" which came upon us some
1700 years ago, reads the same way even to-day in 21st century, but the
interpretation of its meaning in different times are different. Thank you

Posted by Shamsh Premji December 27, 08 05:06 PM

a wonderful job done
keep it up
allah bless you for propogating islam

Posted by husna December 27, 08 07:46 PM

Picture from various parts of the world included except Pakistan even fabricate
picture of two Saudis included world know the terrorist destroyed America
economic were 12 Saudis students ,but innocent Pakistan Muslim picture were not included. What a shame I think there picture were collected from India
Mass Media

Posted by Jaffer Mitha December 28, 08 02:58 AM

alhumdilillah I was amazed to see all these picture.mashallah

Posted by S.A. December 28, 08 04:44 AM

masha alla thabarakalla
thanks god

Posted by shihab.aladi.india.kerala December 28, 08 07:22 AM

ʾaðhadu ʾan lâ ilâha illâ-llâh, wa ʾaðhadu ʾanna muḥammadan rasûlu-llâh

Posted by Anonymous December 28, 08 07:33 AM

Beautiful religion which unify peoply all over the

Posted by Anonymous December 28, 08 05:01 PM

Çok Güzel fotograflar.


Posted by AHMET LATÝF December 28, 08 05:36 PM


Posted by shahul December 28, 08 07:10 PM

Subhanallah Glory be to Allah, the absolute perfect religion. Its mind boggling to see how Islam brings rich and poor together, no other religion is able to do so and what's more mind boggling is one perfect human was able to do all this (Prophet Mohammed ,S.A)
Great Pictures, JazakAllah!!!!!

Posted by Siddiqa December 28, 08 11:27 PM

fantastic dear

Posted by sherawala December 29, 08 02:48 AM

ASKM Brothers/Sisters
Above shown picture is very rare, I am having no words to say how good and useful it is.
Jazakallah Khair...May Allah Reward you...

Posted by Syed M Ishteyaque December 29, 08 03:29 AM

amazing pictures
they are very emotionnal

Posted by Halima December 29, 08 08:12 AM

Masha Allah........

Posted by Anonymous December 29, 08 09:19 AM

Pak Syamsi Ali di New York boleh kami mengenal anda lebih dekat..
Kenalkan , saya Abu keponakan Pak Nur VOA

Posted by abu December 29, 08 10:02 AM

Allahu Akbar!
mash allah sehr schöne bilder

nga Ferizaj

Posted by EMINE December 29, 08 10:38 AM

mashallah brothers. this is absolutely priceless stuff.
Alhamdulillah islamic ummah is bekheer. alluhammumma unsur almuslimeen fee kul makaan. aamiin yaa rab

Posted by ahmed adam December 29, 08 02:21 PM


Posted by Naema December 29, 08 02:27 PM

Masha Alah , I cannof find a word that I can thank to those who gave their time to present these amazing pictires to whole muslim community wherever in the world they are. Allah bless you and put (ajar) and rewards in the last day. Allah bless islam and muslims and thank you so much.
London, Uk

Posted by Abuubakar Mohamed December 29, 08 02:50 PM

alhumdulilah, may allah reward da people of saudi arabia for their wonderful hosting & taking care of da hujjaaj. ameen.

Posted by anwar limbada December 29, 08 03:57 PM

I really impressed........great Initiative Adida.

Posted by M.Sabir H December 30, 08 12:09 AM

subhanallah duva cubul ho labaik

Posted by alinaki momin December 30, 08 02:42 AM

These amazing Photographs remind me of my HAJJ pilgrimmage this yeaer 2008. This is one of the rare collections of photoes I would cherish to store as lon as I can. God bless the photographer.

Posted by Sevatta Marecar December 30, 08 05:24 AM

I can only say that Subhan Allah

Posted by Mohammad Zaved December 30, 08 09:53 AM

pls show how 2 parfarm hajj

Posted by shammi December 30, 08 10:45 AM

Subahanallah, Alhamdulillah, AllahuAkber
Maschallah,Maschallah,Maschallah, sehr wunderschöne Bilder

Posted by MaschreqiLisah December 30, 08 02:01 PM

When I look at these amazing pictures , I am reminded of the beautiful, cherised moments that i spent on HAJJ and UMRAH. May allah bless everyone with the opportunity to visit this pure and religious place, that make us feel like we are close to heaven.

Posted by arif badat December 30, 08 03:29 PM

Dear Shammi

In response to your request, " pls show how to perform Haj", I have prepared a simplified booklet, " Haj & Umrah made Easy" - if you do wish to peruse through it, you are most welcome. Kindly forward me your email address, and Insha Allah, i will email it to you. Salaams

Posted by Moosa Desai December 30, 08 03:34 PM

To chist_saves: We all have our religions, our beliefs. None of us would like to believe that everything we thought was true, everything we have based our lives around may be wrong. Faith is what we all have, what we all try to maintain through all our trials and tribulations. We have no right to then go and turn around to someone and say your religion is wrong because i have decided to take out a handful of quotes and manipulate them to my way of thinking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, don't get me wrong if thats how you feel fair enough. But do you ever look at what you write, do you realise how you contradict yourself. You say Christ was God, but at the same time you believe he died on the cross. How is that for the time 'God' was dead the world didnt end. You believe God controls everything, then with him gone how did the world and the known universe survive even a moment without him? I sometimes get the feeling that more than trying to enlighten the world, you are trying more to convince yourself that you made the right choice in converting to Christianity. You have turned what should have been a beautiful view of Hajj to your personal battle and filled it with your own selfish need to feel like what you are doing is right. . Does your religion not preach you that you shouldn't judge others or make remarks on their religion? Don't forget Christianity is very focal on free will, so you shouldn't care what other people choose to do, but you should focus on yourself, and how you could be a better Christian and a little less on what others are doing. And see if what your doing is right.

Posted by Anon December 30, 08 04:16 PM

Rabbim Güzelliðinize Güzellikler Katsýn....

Posted by Ramazan ÇOBAN December 31, 08 01:50 AM

Masha Allah, Alhumdu Lillah, Subhan Allah, Allahu Akbar. Excellent job! May Allah Subhana wa Tala rewards the person, who has collected all the beautiful pictures and combined together, shows the UNITY of Muslim Ummah. May Allah SWT gives us the strength to make a brotherhood unity among all Muslims in the world.

Posted by Tanveer Hussain December 31, 08 03:26 AM

what an amazing sight and what an experience people must have had, please make dua for me that i too am able to make this life changing journey.

Posted by suleman December 31, 08 03:51 AM


Posted by NUREISHA December 31, 08 04:23 AM


Posted by MUMTAZ December 31, 08 07:09 AM

Masha Allah, these pictures remind us to unite to the source. Excellent pictures!

Posted by perflead December 31, 08 08:23 AM

MashaAllah pictures bring a warmth to my heart and I thank Allah for guiding me to Islaam and insha Allah have the chance to do hajj myself. My life as a Muslim has given me meaning and direction and I truly can say that one small minute as a Muslim doing sajdah has meant more to me than 21 years of life that I lived as a kafir! We must remember though that our beloved Prophet (saw) had patience and tolerence beyond our imagination, we shouldnt engage in idle banter, whoever Allah guides none can misguide and whoever Allah misguides none can guide.
Remember to make duas for our brothers and sisters in Palestine!
Wa Salaam

Posted by nas December 31, 08 10:49 AM

To the person signing as 'christ saves': Let's wait and find out shall we???

Posted by The Truth Shall set YOU free December 31, 08 01:31 PM

Amazing pictures ! If we the followers of Muslim faith could remain united and follow the teachings of Islam, we will not only be able to lead a happier lives but the people from other faiths would have felt sadder for not being a part of our faith. Unfortunately our recent tract record is not too encouraging. Muslims are killing Muslims or killing the innocent non-Muslims (Pakistan, London, Mumbai etc.). Many of the Muslims of some of the so-called Islamic Republics, should be educated properly about the teachings of Islam. They have to understand that their lunatic fanatism has not only become a concern for the Muslim faiths but had cast a very wrong impression of our religion by the non-Muslim population of the world. These countries should be carefull about it and should feel ashamed for bringing the profane picture of our beloved religion to a picture of a 'terrorism promoters' in the eyes of non-Muslimg population. What a pity !!!!

Posted by Lutful Kabir December 31, 08 03:05 PM

Lovely pictures MashAllah really freshens one's faith but I have to add in all these pictures I did miss my Pakistan I wish you could add some next time as we Pakistanis pride ourselves in being the only Muslim nation that changed the map of the world

Posted by Sarwat Kidwai December 31, 08 04:00 PM

may ALLAH SWT bless you and reward you

Posted by anonymus December 31, 08 10:06 PM

jesus never said " i am God " but confirmed that he was sent. It is recorded in the bible that he said, 'I HAVE NOT BEEN SENT BUT TO THE LOST SHEEP OFTHE HOUSE OF ISRAEL" We all know that God is the only one who has the authority to SEND a great person like Jesus to save the lost sheep.Religious history tells us that Prophets were the saviours of LOST SHEEP and the one who despatched them on such a mission was always GOD. So the status quo remained even in the time of Jesus. Anyway the supporters in the time of Jesus cosidered him to be a prophet and nothing more. Mathew 21:46 .

Posted by JOHN January 1, 09 05:19 AM


Posted by ADEWALE AZEEZ January 1, 09 05:41 AM

Allah O Akbar

Posted by suhail January 1, 09 02:28 PM

asl alaikm

remember with Allah

Posted by sharaf January 1, 09 10:49 PM

Elhamdulillah.. It is very nice to see all the Muslims together

Posted by hamit January 2, 09 03:01 AM

Sorry but to me spending your whole life praying, is missing a lot of time that could be spent living..( thats not just for muslims) God is probably too modest to need all those complements and thanks. But a Pilgrimage is a cultural endeavor that I can appreciate. And meeting so many people from your belief background, from all over the world must be great to experience.

Posted by ashton January 2, 09 03:28 AM

Why can't we get united like these pictures for the brothers and sisters of Palestine? who are killed by the Jews like a sitting targets?

Posted by Shahriar January 2, 09 06:41 AM

to christ saves, you have certainly become famous on this blog, I need to ask, what the the intention behind your comments here? you seem to have a lot of questions about islam and seem to have versed yourself on the quran, do you have doubts on your own religion? to truly understand the quran, you must speak the language of the quran, do you speak arabic? any interpretation is open to further interpretation, which can wander far from the original message, therefor the reason to consult with a scholar, especially today, with the internet allowing so many comments!

Posted by Ayoob Amojee January 2, 09 08:12 AM

to christ saves, you mention that christians believe christ to be god in human form, why then was he crusified by the christians of the time? the very people who claim to be the salvation of humanity now, are the very same people who are hell bent on destroying every known islamic monument under the guise of bringing democracy to islamic countries. Christians who are propagating falsehood under the guise of their respective churches, their altered interpretations of the original christian scriptures, selling their insecurities in their own scriptures by attributing falsehood to the religion of islam! islam is the truth and christians know this by the contradictions in their own scriptures and actions! Surely you are aware of the contradictions in the bible with its various versions - where is the authentic bible?

Posted by Ayoob Amojee January 2, 09 08:40 AM

Salam, les photos que je viens de voir sont exceptionelles, d'une rare beauté et inspiratrice de paix. Quel peuple magnifique que celui de l'islam, quelle étendue et quelle prestance! Puisse Allah azawajel bénir cette nation et nous ressuciter tous auprès de notre bien aimé prophète Mohamed SAW. Salam

Posted by Imane January 2, 09 04:53 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 2, 09 05:18 PM

allhamdullah i am a uslim

Posted by amber January 3, 09 02:18 AM


Posted by naima zeria January 3, 09 06:06 AM

As a Christian I have to say I find these pictures very moving and beautiful. They really show the power of Islam in a compelling way. As far as the comments from Christ-Saves, I'd just like to say to all the Muslims here, that not all Christians are so stupid. Christ teaches us to love one another, and I think that must include respecting each others beliefs. You have the Quran, we have the Bible. It''s ridiculous to argue over which is better. These pictures tell a powerful story, and it's nice to see a different view of Islam from what we read in the newspapers these days. God bless you all, Muslim, Christian, Jew or whatever you are. We are all children of one God.

Posted by Jim Doyle January 3, 09 11:25 AM

I'm amazed...
Really beautiful pictures.... :)

Posted by liyananaznim January 3, 09 03:11 PM

My dear brothers and sisters I don't thing Christ-Saves's wordings are worth looking into! As he was just succeeded in advertising in ignorance of the two religious. He doesn't even know what Christianity is all about talk less of Islam. We Muslims all believe in Prophet Isa (Jesus) Alaihis salam as the messenger of Allah and this believe is one of the six building blocks of being a Muslim. Finally the best thing to do for Christ is to pray for Allah's guidance to the right path, which is ISLAM.

Posted by MB Lawal January 4, 09 01:58 PM


Posted by Anonymous January 5, 09 05:32 AM

Posted by Slave of Allah December 25, 08 12:12 PM wrote: Everyone will pass over Hell but not all of them will enter it. Unlike Christianity, not every muslim will enter paradise just because they say they believe. They may believe in Allah all they want but if they continuously commit sin without asking for sincere forgiveness then they will enter hell until they are purified.

Um, in Christianity it is the same. We must ask for forgiveness and can only enter Heaven then. You shouldn't post information about Christianity if you don't understand it.

Posted by Marsha B. Rady January 5, 09 12:16 PM

Beautiful and very touching. Thank you.

Posted by Saba January 5, 09 02:06 PM

photographer ......i don`t know who u are but i pray that GOD Almighty relieve you and your family from all tensions and problems and guide you all to the right and true path . AMEEN

Posted by Anonymous January 5, 09 04:18 PM


Posted by mohammad yasir January 5, 09 07:06 PM

mashallah , may allah give us the chance to do al hajj soon

Posted by Ossama January 5, 09 08:44 PM

Jazakum-Allaho Ahsanal Jiza

Posted by Kamran Shah Khan January 6, 09 12:48 AM

Alhamdulillah. Allah has been merciful in blessing this religion on me.
Do not judge a religion by people but by what it preaches. It takes patience and an open-heart to judge and do the right things in life. Islam means 'Peace' and mankind should ponder on this. How can a religion named as 'Peace' ever teach to harm the innocent?

May Allah give naek-hidayath and guide one and all to the siratal-mustakeem. Ameen

Posted by Anonymous January 6, 09 03:30 AM

Mashallah , may allah give us the chance to do all hajj soon and make our iman more and more powerful

Posted by baig January 6, 09 04:26 AM

maashaallah baraka allah fikum............................

Posted by omar abubakar January 6, 09 05:56 AM

I just loved the Haj pictures, god is indeed great, in all his mysterious ways and I wish that we too all, the occupants of this beautiful place called earth, love each other. I was born in Hindu family in India, India is a melting pot of all the religions of the world, I have worshipped god in all the places of worship, from Haji Ali mosque in Mumbai, Saint Patricks cathedral in Newyork, Jewish Synagogue in Pune(India), Jain temples, Budhist monasteries, Sikh place of worship, Harminder sahib (Amritsar, India), and the Hindu temples . The only thing common in people at all these places is purity of the love filled heart. I wish we all stay like that.

Here is a small story from India

It’s a story of a Indian sage, he was seated on the bank of river ganga when he noticed a scorpion being carried away by the river current. Four times he jumped into the water to save it from drowning but the scorpion stung the sage each time he tried to save it. Observing all this was another man seated not far away from the sage, asked him, “Why do you want to save the scorpion who keeps stinging you? You should have let it drown.” The sage replied, “It is the nature of a scorpion to sting. It is my nature to love and help.” He is following his nature and I am following mine.
May we all follow our true human nature and may peace and love be there in everyones heart.

Amit Chaturvedi

Posted by Amit Chaturvedi January 6, 09 07:01 AM

allah hu akbar(god is great)
he is great for jews muslims christians yogis ,obama shia sunni stop the killing live islam arabs stop being sheep allah gave you oil(stop blameing jews because you are to lazy or greedy to say to the world no oil if you kill in gaza saudi,obama where is your voice?
the lord of the world or divine mind of the universe we call allah you call yaweh,no matter the name the lord of the worlds is the lord of the worlds so quran al-karim
is a light for all religions jews please ,holocost had camps stop recreating it on the palistenians.
karma is real

Posted by bani israel black hebrew January 6, 09 03:11 PM

Simply awe inspiring....
all praise is due to Allah True Lord of all the worlds!

Posted by na'im ali January 6, 09 10:46 PM

Al hamdulliah it is very nice pictures, Thx

Posted by javeed January 6, 09 11:31 PM

SubhanAllah... Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the greatest revolutionary of all time, who stood against all kinds and forms of tyranny, discrimination, lies, and all other traits which are shame for humans. He (peace be upon him) broke idols of false gods, guided mankind to building a strong relationship with The One God, Allah swt and gave untainted and true ever-living and ever-relevant deen (a system - that is documented in holy Quran) to mankind which is cure of all kinds of ills and problems that world is facing. He invited all mankind on one platform and made them all brothers.. Millions and billions of blessing and mercy may shower of this last of the prophets, Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Its really inspiring to see how the prophet once stood all alone on mount of suffa, inviting people to Islam, and how that revolution grew and how its spirit is still thriving with millions and billions of muslims present in all corner of world, praising and worshiping one God, Allah swt, and praying for Allah swt's blessings and mercy on last prophet (peace be upon him)

Posted by Ali Khan January 7, 09 02:48 AM

Masha;Allah just amazing.. but where is pakistan.

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 03:33 PM


Posted by EMINE January 7, 09 09:56 PM


Posted by Khan kangazha January 8, 09 02:02 AM

Iiii...shashin desune. Mochiron watashi mo ikitai desu.

Dakara... ganbatte ne minasan.


Posted by ganbatte08 January 8, 09 03:43 AM

Asalam o ALikum
Jazaka Allaha and MAshallah on these pics they r verygood and i likeit 2 very much
always Allah help all the human beings
Allah blesses us Always

Posted by lubna munawar January 8, 09 05:43 AM

wow, words cant describe how beautiful the hajj pictures are.

Posted by usma ashraf January 8, 09 06:21 AM

Assalamo alaikum to all.
Jazzakallah there is no words to describe all this but same time i personaly feel proud to be muslim.

Posted by January 8, 09 01:01 PM

These pictures are truly beautiful and awe inspiring. Good job to whoever took them and whoever posted them!

Posted by enn. tee January 8, 09 07:15 PM

Ofcourse,seeing these picture i ':ve no words to descrive subhanallah gives strong believe in Allah.

Posted by Dr.Niaz January 9, 09 04:24 AM

jazak allah khair for all the beautiful pic.islam means submission,which can be seen in the numerous pilgrims submitting themselves to the command of ALLAH .

Posted by sam January 9, 09 05:13 AM


Posted by AAFREEN SAYYED January 9, 09 09:32 AM

masha allah, really i got excited 2 saw dose pictures.
Insha allah, may the Almighty of God, Allah helps 2 fulfil my Hajj
really I feel very happy 2 saw dose images.
it was really wonderful

Posted by Noor Jamal January 9, 09 11:49 AM

Where are the Guantanamo pictures at?

Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 12:57 PM

At least the text of the bible were written by the author. Not based on the memory of a hearer and then recorded after the speaker had died.

Posted by Jim January 9, 09 03:36 PM

Text of the Bible written by the author? LOL, that's priceless. I'll spare you the critique of Christianity, only for the sake of the genuine, noble Christians who have posted here and expressed nothing but kindness.

Instead, I would suggest that you don't let your insecurities force you to make invalid points. The whole existential benefit of the Qur'an is that it is essentially divine: sent from the Almighty. Your argument is that He Himself did not actually write it?! It's almost cute to read such a nonsensical claim.

Posted by Hasan January 9, 09 09:19 PM

Qur'an sent from the Almighty ? LOL, that's priceless. The existence of any type of Supreme Being, having had any type of manifestation in the real world ? It is totally cute to read such a nonsensical claim.

Posted by Yogi January 10, 09 06:31 AM

Assalamu alaikum,
Jisakumulla hiar.

Posted by rizvan January 10, 09 09:46 AM

Number 697 i would like to correct that the quran was revealed appx. 1400 yrs not 1700. and yes a lot of wonderful picture mashallah. shows that there is no specific cast or race, only that a muslim is a brother or sister to another by way of faith. we all believe one thing Allah is one, Muhammed SAW is his final. and not to forget that we should love each other and show this by making DUA, the strongest weapon a Muslim has. Know that the more sincere your DUA the more chance of it being accepted. the Nasaar are strayed but closest to Islam by their belief, the poor and arogant Yahood & Shirk (idle worshippers) are our born enemies let them not draw you against each other for their strength is to stir and cuase hatred between your loved ones (i.e ME & YOU oh bother & sister).Be Patient make DUA. Assalamualakum wa Saairil Muslimeen

Posted by Muhammed January 10, 09 01:37 PM

"It is totally cute to read such a nonsensical claim."

Mashallah...nothing fills me with more hope than insecure agnostics who troll message boards like these, venting their frustration at a faith that is greater than anything they themselves have experienced. It's an added bonus that you use my own phrases nin your that is 'cute'!

Posted by Hasan January 10, 09 02:44 PM

its nice to be an Ismaili

Posted by amin January 10, 09 07:16 PM

"a faith that is greater than anything"

Deep inside, all believers know that the skies are empty. They've heard about all those other peculiar faiths and beliefs that exist in the world, and they take them for what they are : delusions, strange tales, fantastic legends, built up by human beings for a number of psychological or political reasons. But deep inside, they feel, they know that their own faith is no different. They know that "God" is no more than an idea in people's heads, and in their own. They see it every day that no trace ever existed of any supreme being.

But still it feels good to follow rituals, to share stories with their fellow brethren, and to feel part of a "chosen people". So on they go, claiming to have a better faith than the other faiths, a better tale than the other tales. That is saddening.

Posted by Yogi January 10, 09 08:47 PM

there is not, never was, and never will be a god. thanks for wasted your life worrying about death....

Posted by truth bringer January 10, 09 08:52 PM

mashaallah nice pics marvelous effort of spreading islam and keep it up.... welldone....

Posted by diya January 11, 09 03:20 PM

mashaallah. Allah hs granted d chance in 2008 and i loved it. Allah humko phir se labbaik pukare inshallah.

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 09 06:51 PM

"That is saddening."

It is more saddening to see people who are faithless, who try to convince themselves of some nebulous concept of divinity being in all things, and various other wishy-washy concepts simply because they are too scared to comprehend and embrace a greater truth. Muslims have in their faith not only a source of inspiration, reinforced by scientific and historical analysis, but also a system of governance and a direction - a 'qibla' - for every problem they may face in their lives. It is unfortunate that there are those in this world who are either resentful of such overwhelming beauty or are simply too immersed in this material world to grasp the concept of faith, but this is simply another sign of a world that is degenerating into ignorance and oblivion.

Posted by Hasan January 11, 09 09:05 PM

when i looked at these wonderful pictures, i really admire the people who had done there hajj with heart. I really wish to be there and experience one of the great activity in Islam. ALLAH (S.W.A) is BRILLIANT! Oh Allah, bless those who worship you completely.

Posted by nimah January 12, 09 05:08 AM

"Muslims have [...] a system of governance and a direction"

This is quite right, and if, as many here have maintained, Islam really teaches respect of human beings and tolerance to other beliefs, this is fine with me.

The problem however is that
1) false assumptions may lead to erroneous decisions: for example the belief in an after-life based on a peculiar set of rules linked to a peculiar religion/tale leads people to believe that they will be judged and rewarded elsewhere than by the human justice and in the real world,
2) apart from universal principles (such as respect of others), believing that a detailed set of rules defined thousands of years ago in a very specific and very limited context (in a historical, political, geographical, scientific and cultural sense), might be valid once and for all is profoundly misleading and deprives mankind of its self-governance.

In that sense, faith just brings the world into blindness and mental imprisonment.

Posted by Yogi January 12, 09 05:21 AM

Great pictures......keep up the good work. You have captured the essence of it all too well.

Posted by Zia January 12, 09 06:49 AM

Mahsh Allah the ever seen mail in the life.

Posted by Rehan Ahmed January 12, 09 08:33 AM

mashallah what a great collection of muslim unity on an auspicious occasion. the fact that these pictures show that in every corner of the world there are muslims subhanallah!! alhamdulillah allahu akbar. congratulations to the photographer and may almighty allah reward you for your wonderful effort.

Posted by rabia January 12, 09 02:28 PM

Masha Allah
These pictures are amazing
I feel so proud to be Muslim.

Posted by Sumeiya January 12, 09 03:12 PM

"[F]aith just brings the world into blindness and mental imprisonment."

We live in an age where science and agnostic ideology combine to wreak a ruthless revenge on the Medieval dominance of religious governance. It is understandable that people across the world will continue to lash out at Islam, as they often would at all faiths, simply because they cannot help but equate it with a particular time that is now confined to the ether of history. However, these are the same people who refuse outright - perhaps through fear, perhaps through inate prejudice - to look at the history of Islam, and the unique ability that the faith had to combine religious austerity with a flourishing commitment to social and scientific progress. This, as I mentioned earlier, is a historical tribute to the resounding perfection of the faith, and in itself serves as a strong enough inspiration for me to maintain an unfliching commitment to my 'Qibla'.

It is, of course, my sincere wish that others will open their eyes and embrace the same truth, which is there for us all to behold.

Posted by Hasan January 12, 09 10:57 PM

Alhamdulliah Wonderfull

Please to see the photos and people praying

May Allah accept their prayers and send His blessing on this earth, so we can
leave in peace

Posted by Pyarally Padhani January 13, 09 06:44 AM

salam to all muslims ...just been there recently the 1429H haj season MashaAllah..u can't describe the moments unless we are there cherishing the experience . SubhanaAllah..for 44 days there nobody ask me whether i am a sunni or shiah, fellow pilgrims only ask from what country i come from..doing the prayers in front of the Kaabah is an unexplainable experience. the same are as doing the other haj wajib and sunat . maasalaam.

Posted by zainal abidin sharif January 13, 09 08:21 AM


Posted by Altal Siddik January 13, 09 02:24 PM

Mashallah. I am proud to be a Muslim.

Posted by Sumeiya January 13, 09 06:28 PM

just say SUBHAN ALLAH & proud to be a MUSLIM.

Posted by faheemvr January 14, 09 01:04 AM

It is really Islam
We shall wait for the Leader soon

Posted by Anonymous January 14, 09 09:50 AM

No words to describe

Posted by Dr.M.Basheer Ahamed January 14, 09 10:25 AM

Subhan Allah

Posted by Fawad January 14, 09 12:47 PM

May allah reward for wonderfil job.

Posted by Ibrahim Patel January 15, 09 04:37 AM

great pictures
and please be unite

Posted by farhan ahmed khan January 15, 09 09:29 AM

mashallah tanke you so much

Posted by Asma Ali Mohammrd January 15, 09 07:25 PM

subhan allah,
jazak allah,

Posted by sohrab January 16, 09 12:22 AM

Masha-allah!!!! Subhana-Allah... Al Humdu-Lillah..........

Who can deny Allah Subha nawh ta-Allah !!!

Posted by Julu January 16, 09 03:53 AM

Amazing pictures indeed.
I am proud to see different cultures praising the same Creator.
These pictures speak louder than some of the comments !
We don't need to defend our religion. These pictures do that for us.
Proud to be a Muslim .

Posted by Mehnaz January 16, 09 02:53 PM

Wow!!! Amazing pictures....oh n amazing comments b4 me. To all my muslim brothers n sisters who's trying to explain to these people who doesnt know or don't even want to know about Islam,i suggest not to waste ur time in typing.. even if we read the whole meaning of Quran to them,the history of Islam or even lay out the miracles that's happening in this world to them...i don't think they will understand,coz Allah have not or not yet send Nur to their hearts,they have not seen and feel the Nur like we all do...maybe they will, insyaAllah! Before that day comes..these are what we,Muslims,have to face,insults,criticisms,tortures, wrong understanding etc etc...and it's all for the End. Salam!

Posted by Syuhada January 16, 09 04:51 PM

maslalah beautifuel pictures tehre

Posted by ima khan January 16, 09 05:15 PM

Allahu Akbar! Indeed the only religion in the sight of Allah (SWT) is Islam. No shaking.

Posted by Abdulateef Femi Usman January 17, 09 10:19 AM

to Jim, Yogi and truth bringer ....... I just can feel pity for you people. wait to taste the hellfire.

and Mr. hasan, it is useless to speak to these followers of Satan, because their minds are sealed. so just let them burn forever.

Posted by Nusrat January 17, 09 02:52 PM

alhumdulilla. i m see above this photos in first time in my life, i realy thanks for soudi nation because there is giving good facility to all hajji's

Posted by Bandanawaz January 18, 09 06:24 AM

MASHALLAH Wonderful pictures may ALLAH give all Muslims strength, Peace and Unity, and give us all courage and wisdom, so we may help those who are less fortunate than ourselves BISMILLAH.

Posted by Fahd January 18, 09 12:53 PM

Masya Allah, allah ya barik fiq
I do really happy being a moslem and proud being a true believer.
hoping our non moslem's brothers and sisters found their truth faith and praise the lord as they do believe after seen this images

Posted by iang January 19, 09 04:22 AM

I really feel very proud to be a Muslim!

Posted by Obaidul Islam January 19, 09 05:36 AM

everybody who goes to hajj or ummrah will become a hajee

Posted by Anonymous January 19, 09 03:49 PM

to yogi,

if faith brings us to blindness and mental imprisonment, what is the way to enlightenment and freedom? if any by your opinion ?

Posted by Ayoob Amojee January 20, 09 05:19 PM

To Ayoob Amojee,

Well, dozens of philosophers have expressed their views on that question!

To me, enlightenment and freedom can only come from seizing reality, not by surrendering to dreams and chimera.
Marvelling at the world wonders, diving into the human experience whatever its hardships, using one's mind for understanding, one's heart for feeling and one's body for doing, trying to do good to your kin, friends and mankind ... that's quite enough to give meaning to one's life and filling it to the fullest!

Posted by Yogi January 21, 09 02:52 PM

Mashallah, Subhallah.. By grace of All Mighty Allah I was a part of the Haj this year and it was an experience that cannot be put in words. May Allah bless all the Muslim brothers and sisters with journey of Hajj. I thank the person who has collated, rather taken such wonderful pictures

Posted by Azamuddin Syed January 22, 09 11:49 PM

Great pictures. I was there performing hajj at that time, but I didn't realize how great it was. For example, the picture of tents in Mina. I never thought that it was that many people. (Yeah, I know the number - millions of people - but didn't recognize how big it was. :- )

Looking at the pictures reminds me of the journey and how great it was. How grateful and proud I am to be a Muslim.

Thank you ...

Posted by Budi Rahardjo January 25, 09 01:20 AM


Posted by Shaikh Ali Akbar January 26, 09 07:15 AM


I'm really lucky to be moslem... :)

Posted by agi January 26, 09 10:14 AM

Il y'a des gestes simples qui rappellent ce qu'est la Beauté
Des attitudes, des formes, des postures...
Une beauté qui ne ressemble pas à l'artifice...
mais qui surgit de la vie, des cultures, de la foi....

Posted by Mohamed from Paris January 26, 09 06:58 PM

Il y'a des gestes simples qui rappellent ce qu'est la Beauté
Des attitudes, des formes, des postures...
Une beauté qui ne ressemble pas à l'artifice...
mais qui surgit de la vie, des cultures, de la foi....

Posted by Mohamed from Paris January 26, 09 07:01 PM

MashAllah.. Am so glad im a born muslim..
We are deeply Blessed :)

Posted by Hiba from Karachi January 28, 09 03:21 AM

Subhan Allah . Allah Subhana Wa Ta-ala may shawer his blessing on you, us & on all muslim brothers &sisters

Posted by Naeem Akhtar January 29, 09 05:16 PM


Posted by FAIZAN January 31, 09 03:20 AM

These picturs are fatastic , mind blowing.Kamal efferts,Mumtaz photography.
May Allah Subhan Hu wa Tala give you a greaty award.

Posted by M-Asif February 2, 09 07:47 PM


Posted by ZAKIRULLA BAIG February 3, 09 12:18 AM

Great pictures !!! .... I hope one day all muslims will practice the ritual of Hajj in their daily life. Our quran says that all humans are equal and should be treated equally no matter what cast ,creed or religion he/she belongs to. Peace is the message of islam ... and that is what we need to practice ... Our politicians needs to forget all boundaries difference (created by men), personal economic greed and unite as one, make use of our muslim council to resolve issues of Palestine.... it should not be left for west to resolve this matter .. but considerable measures must be taken to stop bullying attidtude of Isreali government.

Posted by TK February 5, 09 10:41 AM

Very nice pictures... I was doing Hajj this year and it really was amazing. The feeling of millions of Muslims being together for one reason is really amazing.... I think I lived the best weeks of my life living the one week before, during, and one week after Hajj. Alhamdulillah :)

Posted by Feyza February 5, 09 11:13 AM

Read the Quran without sure will know how merciful god is and what is islam.

The photo's are wonderful, depicting the face of islam around the world.

Posted by Asif February 5, 09 01:08 PM


Posted by FATIMA February 6, 09 11:30 AM

Thanks for sending these wonderful pictures.I came from Hajj this year.
SEEING IS BELIVER. Allah HU Akber. Kaba has dinamatic power.
SubHanAllah..I came back Dec/2008 I dreeming day and night about kaba.

Posted by M>Asif February 7, 09 05:20 PM

Aslaam o alakam wo rehmaat ullah wo barakato hoo,,,,thanks for sending me these heart touching pictures,,thanks so very kindly and ALLAH bless u very richly,,,,mahbob akhtar mian ,,psp,ssp,,,pakistan

Posted by mahboob akhtar mian February 7, 09 10:49 PM

Assalam alaykum.
Do not stop inviting people to Islam even if they refuse at the begining and remember how prophet Muhammed peace be upon him suffer to make this truth to reach all of us today.
I invite all of you to this website
It is for the living people who have hearts and minds and not for dead.

Posted by Ahmed February 7, 09 11:24 PM

A man with a beautiful soul has always something good to say..
but not necessarily those who have beautiful things has beautiful soul..

the beauty of creation is found between a man and his own heart.

Posted by Anonymous February 8, 09 03:32 AM

Thanks for so valuable pictures & comments. We have rejoiced these so much. May Allah accept your good efforts & bless you with all the best. Wassalam.

Posted by Mohammad Irshad Sabir February 8, 09 06:05 AM

It's very2 amazing facts that those pictures tell us..
I hope I can go and perform Hajj someday..Inshaallah

Posted by Dara February 8, 09 06:56 AM

all are very very good thanks to whom pýct them up may allah protect all the muslýms aspeccýally ýn fýlýstýn...laýlaheýllahüllah...

Posted by havva February 8, 09 12:03 PM

insallah will be continued to be in seratalmustkim all of as and our sister and brothers

Posted by Rahma February 9, 09 01:55 AM

to yogi,
your reply is a contradiction to itself, if anything the prophets are a reality, and the greatest philosophers of all time, not because they were knowledgeable but rather because their knowledge was divine knowledge. to cast aside their warnings and teachings cannot be regarded as surrendering to dreams! look around at all the nine to five people - they have surrendered to dreams - fruitless and pointless dreams at that. only a fool would cast aside religion as having no basis in a "real world" - look around we are turning what god made into man made !

Posted by Ayoob Amojee February 9, 09 05:09 PM

Alhumdullilah, Allah u Akbar - Allah is the Greatest. Right now and every second someone around the globe is making salaah and ibadaat. My the Almighty uplift the entire Ummah and give them strength in these very trying times we face and make the Ummah strong and protect every one of us Insha Allah

Posted by MOHAMMED MOOLLA February 10, 09 03:25 PM

only we muslims have to trust on God then on us,we can defeat any one.we have Allah's power with us.get reunite!
believe me!

Posted by ghousia arif February 10, 09 03:29 PM

Masha Allah

Posted by Zainab Hirani February 12, 09 02:45 AM

To Ayoob Amojee,

The prophets themselves are obviously real, but the stories they told are just tales, myths and legends. Look around: nowhere shall you find the slightest trace of any divine presence or will, except inside your own mind. The words "divine" or "god" have no meaning in the real world. Dreams and chimera. Coming back in the real world would allow to resolve real problems, instead of fighting for false problems created by false assumptions.

Posted by Yogi February 12, 09 04:15 AM

Pretty pictures. I wonder whether the law that infidel must not enter mecca is still in place, and that therefore all these photographs must have had to be taken by muslims ... or else.

Posted by Frank Ch. Eigler February 16, 09 01:37 PM

Do not like the fact that only muslims are permitted to be there. Christian churches are opened to all humans.

Posted by baudry February 20, 09 09:51 AM

ElHamdulillah Muslims around the world but the picture with the palatinien in Gazza (refah tunnel). The situation is a massage for us.

Muslims Wake up

Posted by a muslim Elhamdulillah February 21, 09 06:52 AM

SubhanAllah.. AllahuAkbar.
allahuma shalli ala sayyidina Mudammad sholatan tubaalighuna hajja baitikal harrom wa ziaratii habibika sayyidina Muhammad saw wa siihati wa afiyatin wa bulugil marrom warzuqna wa ali wa shbihi ajmain/

Posted by Anonymous February 23, 09 12:05 AM

allahu akbar..
follow the quran'u save

Posted by Anonymous February 26, 09 10:49 AM

After Watching Pictures I just Wanna Say From My heart Is "LA ILAHA ILLALAHO MOHAMMAD UR RASSULALLAH"

Posted by KAZAIMI February 26, 09 04:31 PM


Posted by NAFIS March 4, 09 12:11 AM

this picture into this year thank god I went to all the Muslims are Allah ordain

Posted by emel March 8, 09 06:59 PM

to yogi,

do yourself a favour and look at the miracle, not at

the action and make the distinction - take a look

search belt of rocks or splitting of moon on google.

do this before the americans / jews remove all trace

of this miracle also - like they are doing in iran and

iraq and hope to do in palestine!

why do you have so much objection to islam is it

because you condone these actions against the

muslims? have the muslims been the instigators?

Posted by Ayoob Amojee March 10, 09 06:17 AM

To Ayoob Amojee :

I don't see why you think Americans/ Jews would remove all proof that the moon was once split: that would be such a great scientific discovery! It would open so many new scientific fields to explore! Unfortunately, as all other legends such as the splitting of the Red Sea in the Bible or the instant drying of the Pacific Ocean in some Fijian tales, it doesn't make any sense. And the picture of a local crack in the moon's surface, as there are so many on the moon and on all celestial bodies, doesn't change that.

I do not have any particular objection to Islam, no more no less than to Christianity or any other religion that wants to keep humanity stuck in tales invented hundreds or thousands of years ago by a handful of people for their own needs or objectives.

Posted by Yogi March 10, 09 11:23 AM

to yogi,
You asked for proof , i show you proof, just as the prophets did to the people of the time and they chose to mock them etc just as you do now, what troubles me is the fact that you can waste so much of your precious time trying to convince the people you believe are lost to believe you! Of course it wont make sense to you because you cannot see the miracle - that is where faith comes in which you dont have

Posted by ayoob amojee March 10, 09 03:19 PM

i have always believed in ALLAH and i will do for the rest of my life.... people like jews and other who don't believe in these pics then what i say is you are not human. O ALLAH I AM SOOO PROUD TO BE MUSLIM. I LOVE U ALLAH. let jews do want their want, their wouldn't go to far because their don't have the power which muslim has. so all my brothers, sisters stick with your believe beacuse only we muslim know that ALLAH is there and with us all the time....right....because we can FEEL ALLAH. beauitful pics mashallah.................

Posted by bzari March 10, 09 06:52 PM

To Ayoob Amojee : Trying to have people thinking instead of believing is not a waste of time.

Posted by Yogi March 10, 09 08:12 PM

dang comment on the pics no one cares about your religious views

Posted by johndoe March 12, 09 03:52 PM

All the pictures are remarkable. We are feeling proud ourself watching Khana Kaba so close. God bess you whoever is the representative for these pictures.

Posted by SOLEMAN ANWAR March 12, 09 11:03 PM

it is wonderfull work gazakukullah khairan for it my Allah 'subhanahuwataala 'acsept all this people pryiers and enter all of al gannah without hesab

Posted by ummsherif March 17, 09 07:06 AM


Posted by HUSSEIN SHERIFF March 17, 09 02:24 PM

thanks.. simply beautiful pictures..
bring peace to the heart

Posted by Jerry March 18, 09 03:00 PM

Pretty pictures. I wonder whether the law that infidel must not enter mecca is still in place, and that therefore all these photographs is so beautiful....

Posted by Hassnain March 18, 09 11:14 PM

maashaallah - Labaik Allahumma Labaik .....................Laaa sharika laka labaik - Let us keep our Imaan [faith] as strong - come any obstacles - our hope our faith is House of Allah s.w.t. as we see in these photos
Oh Allah !! Guide those who are astray from religion - a religion that teaches us from cradle to grave - wajibats - sunnahs - ethics - history - you name it.

Let us keep up the good work always with strong faith and patience. - amen

Posted by Noorjehan Chagani - Arusha March 19, 09 02:58 PM

May God pls. give me and my family chance to make Hazri/presence at all these place, to bow down my self.

Posted by Habib ur Rehman March 24, 09 02:10 AM

To Yogi,
U dont seem to believe in any religion but i request u - try to understand ISLAM instead of criticising without knowing anything, it hurts to see a person like u !

Posted by leen March 25, 09 11:43 AM

To leen,
Sorry if I hurt you; I do not criticise Islam itself, I just disapprove of religions, they all work the same whatever the peculiar details of one or the other. Even when they promote great principles it's for wrong reasons, appealing to belief instead of reason and dividing the world between "us" and "them".

Posted by Yogi March 26, 09 08:04 PM

sobhana llah wa la ilaha illa llah wa llaho akbar

Posted by amato llah March 27, 09 08:06 AM

Subhanallah! Im speechless! thank you brother for sharing this with us. May Allah bless you and may Allah grant all muslims peace and the opportunity to perform hajj, Inshallah.
Dr Karisma Fatima Khurrum

Posted by Dr Karisma Fatima Khurrum March 27, 09 04:04 PM

These are magnificent and have to be seen to believe how stunning the photos
are .I honestly hope to one day be able to perform Hajj and visit the Holy city too

Posted by Nashrulla Mawani March 28, 09 02:45 PM

Maashaallah: Wah loved it.

Posted by Anonymous March 29, 09 05:56 PM

oh veri gut islam (may name muzafer macedonian)gut allah muhamet /s.l.a.



Posted by muzafer March 29, 09 06:49 PM

Al hamdu Lillah! Simply superb.

Posted by J. Hassan March 30, 09 10:04 AM

Qur'an:9:5 "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."

Posted by world's biggest cult March 30, 09 11:06 AM

Please stop misquoting the Qur'a, the verses of Surah 9 are the following:
5. Then when the Sacred Months (the Ist, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islâmic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikûn (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give Zakât, then leave their way free. Verily, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.[]

6. And if anyone of the Mushrikûn (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh) seeks your protection then grant him protection, so that he may hear the Word of Allâh (the Qur'ân), and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men who know not.

Posted by Me March 30, 09 07:52 PM


Posted by CATIA March 31, 09 12:47 AM

@Me : I'm a disbeliever in any form of religion including Islam, I do not repent, I do not seek believer's protection. So should I be killed when the Sacred Months are past ?

Posted by Yogi March 31, 09 11:31 AM


I'm in a Muslim ~ Atheist dilemma myself. It'd be really interesting to chat with you. Are you interested?

Posted by Yep. April 14, 09 08:17 AM

I'd be glad to discuss, even though I'm not sure I'll be of much help!

Anyway you can post your thoughts here if you think the discussion is of general interest, or mail to a mail account I've opened specifically for this -> atyogi.mail -at-

Posted by Yogi April 15, 09 05:19 AM

Absolutely amazing pictures. Thank you. May God guide us all to the right path. Ameen!

Posted by shahina April 15, 09 11:51 AM

i am very happy to seen and i get good picture about hajj and i could show my frieds

Posted by showkathali April 24, 09 02:57 AM

i like this i want this pictures and messages

Posted by Divya April 24, 09 08:10 AM

Güzell Rabbim bizlere de nasip et o mübarek topraklara varmayý !!!

Posted by Sercan April 27, 09 09:58 AM

allah akbar ya rabi onsor elmuslimines wa ahdihom ila tawba nasouha

Posted by boucherit houria May 1, 09 08:18 AM

mashallah all the great pictures masalam.

Posted by mohamed hassan sourjah May 11, 09 06:07 AM

brought tears to my eyes .!!!!.. SUBHANALLAH!!

Posted by Anonymous May 14, 09 03:55 PM

great pictures. loved the one with the goat in the backseat !

Posted by number 8 May 15, 09 06:54 AM

allah akbar this is the best

Posted by shabir May 19, 09 02:30 PM


Posted by DADAKHALANDAR May 20, 09 02:53 AM

There is no god but Allah and mohamed is his Prophet

Posted by Raziel May 22, 09 05:15 AM

Labbaitaullahummalabbai.....Alhamdulililah I was born as a muslim and am proud to be our Prophet Mohammad Sallaullahhi Alaihiwasalam follower.May Allah protect all my beloved muslims brothers and sisters all over the world.Insyallah I will be performing Hajj in one ot two years time.

Posted by Satuyah Bte hj. A. Asmat May 24, 09 08:25 PM

Subahan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Laillahailallah, Wallahuakhbar, Lahaulawallakuwatailabillahiylazim, Hasbiallahwanekmaalwakiel, Allahumasaliaalasydinamuhammad....

Posted by Ismail Hj Mahran May 24, 09 09:58 PM

Mashalla so beautiful! We r very lucky to be muslims.

Posted by Inas El-halabi May 25, 09 02:58 AM

Allah hu akhbar.
May Allah blessed you all, my brothers and sisters.
Only those who are given guidence are guided.

Posted by Anonymous May 25, 09 09:49 AM

to yogi: quote: "@Me : I'm a disbeliever in any form of religion including Islam, I do not repent, I do not seek believer's protection. So should I be killed when the Sacred Months are past ?"

certainly not. that verse was revealed for a specific context. perhaps you would like to read about Islam? the translation of the Holy Qur'an is a good place to start, in it are many signs for those who reflect.
Also, you could read the biography of the greatest man this world has seen, the best of creation, the noble Messenger, Muhammad, (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who was sent as a mercy to all of mankind, including YOU.

"Only in the remebrance of Allah can the heart find peace."

May you find that peace.

Posted by A Muslimah May 28, 09 10:25 AM

Allahhuakbar....can't wait to be there again.....

Posted by Pg Hj Matzin May 29, 09 07:12 AM

Masha Allah.... May Allah shower His blessings upon all the ummah of Mohamaed (SAW), inshaAllah... Ameen...

Posted by sirajummuneera June 18, 09 01:22 AM

so whats the moral of this?:)
Muslims pick up your cameras! (and your video cams and your pens and your paintbrushes.) Don't just sit and watch. Be part of it. DO something!

Posted by leyla June 21, 09 06:50 AM

I'm really feel very proud to be a Muslim!And very lucky to be a Muslim.

Posted by THWAHARARJAN June 22, 09 03:16 AM

thank you very much for posting these pictures. My five year old son has been very curious about what happens in Hajj and these photos really helped me to expalin to him.
beautiful shots u have captured.

Posted by nafisah June 24, 09 03:07 PM


Posted by HAFSA June 29, 09 02:30 AM

there are a lot of people who are proud of being a Muslim! could someone tell me why are you proud? what have you done in this world to make you feel proud?
I was born muslim but i really don't believe in god or any religion if you look and study the religions we have on this planet you can obviously see all are the same lie or it's better to say all are the same way for gettin people calm, because they did not have any Law at the time so those men who you call prophet were just like you and me but more intelligent, that's it.
just live your life the way you like and don't hurt anyone else.

Posted by Saeed July 1, 09 03:03 AM

Subahan Allah, Alhamdullilah, Allah Akhbar, Walaillahailallah, Waallahakbar, Ya Allah, you have show the earth how MIGHTY you are, All the Muslim all together there are no space for races, ego, all muslim will pray and face the same Position (KIBLAT)...

That why make the anti Islam JEALOUS to us.......because they don't feel the real life in their heart...

Posted by hjhsan July 14, 09 06:53 AM

i like this

Posted by nazim July 23, 09 06:11 AM

i am proude of musliam

Posted by malik kashif July 25, 09 05:27 AM

very good sprit of my life

Posted by ahmed raza ferozi July 26, 09 12:11 PM


Posted by khawaja August 6, 09 04:10 PM

mashallah that were very beautiful and heart touching pictures but my question is that where is Pakistan in the picture? becuase pakistanis also celebreate Eid-ul-Azha with Enthusiasm

Posted by Adil August 12, 09 03:16 AM


Posted by ZAROOQ August 12, 09 03:22 AM

allahu akbar.

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 09 07:53 AM

Allahu akbar .. nice picture. Proud to be a muslim

Posted by Anonymous August 16, 09 11:46 AM

Allahamdulillah Allahamdulillah there is no God but Allah and mohammad is his massenger I'm really feel very proud to be a muslim. may Allah forgive us all our sins ameen

Posted by Anonymous August 18, 09 10:16 AM

Nice pictures

Posted by Anonymous August 22, 09 03:58 AM

jazak ALLAH

Posted by SAAD August 26, 09 12:52 PM

Very very nice picture

Posted by amir karakadans September 9, 09 03:57 AM

Sobhanna Allah - beautiful pictures - Eid Morborak to u all.

Posted by Stella September 10, 09 06:59 PM

Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al-hamd
Allahu Akbaru Kabira, wa AL-Hamdu Lillahi Kathira
wa Subhan Allah Bukratan wa Aseela

Posted by mohammed September 13, 09 01:14 AM

assalam o alikum i m very lucky that i m muslim and also i m very proud that i m muslim n also i proud that we r the ummat of Mohammad (peace be upon him)

Posted by ABID SHIWANI September 13, 09 07:55 PM

we fast in the holy month of Ramadan to feel the hunger of the poor,pay our charity to the needy,make Hajj to feel unity of all humans,rich and poor,black and white under the One can you look at yourself and think that you are on this earth for no purpose?

Posted by Anonymous September 19, 09 08:39 PM

it is useless to advise ignorant people, when God has sealed their hearts, on their ears and put veil on their eyes to the truth.

Posted by anonymous September 20, 09 01:39 AM

a reason why others are not allowed in Holy Mecca is because when all the pilgrims have come from different parts of the world to praise the One whom they truly love,it is impossible for people who worship others than Him to feel that unity.

Posted by a believer September 20, 09 01:44 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 25, 09 04:50 AM

can you explain #930, please?

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 09 08:40 AM

Massaha Allah
nice collection

Posted by abdul majid September 26, 09 05:31 AM

to #42,well ,for ur kind information,Quran is not just about so happens that the recent discoveries in the field of science happens to conform with it,which further proves its truth.God tells us to explore the mysteries of the universe and find out about the wonders of the working of our body and turn to God by them.He has given us a pair of eyes to see,ears to hear,a heart to thank Him and a tongue to praise Him.Quran is The Glorious Word of God,in which there are stories of the previous Prophets of God,Adam,Noah,David,Jesus(peace be upon them all).It teaches us good characters ,to defend evil with what is better and ffurther,it teaches us how to live.Before critcising it,why don't u first read it atleast?

Posted by think more rationally October 1, 09 10:01 AM

Allahu Akbar

Posted by jameel October 7, 09 07:06 AM

i just happened to think about this,imagine we are all falling down a cliff,God stretches out a rope to us,some cling onto it hoping to get rescued,others prefer to save themselves by climbing,but it is not enough that we just cling ont the rope,we should climb up using the rope.Edison once said that man would go anywhere to escape from thinking,it is very much true nowadays,we are not ready to reflect for atleast a minute about life or where we are heading,being busy all the time.why are the children who have grown up in countryside richer,because they live with nature and learn from it,to give without expecting toomuch,to help others in need,we don't get pleasure from looking at the tall skryscrapper, wathcing a thriller film,we entertain ourselves and we forget a lot, but one glance at the stars and the moon,at the sky and its wonders lifts up your spirits upwards,why,because these are from God and we won't be able to get them back once they are lost.

Posted by ponder for a little while October 7, 09 12:04 PM

wait,it was recently discovered that the electrons revolve around the nucleus in an anticlock fashion,planets revolve in an anticlockwise direction around the sun,Muslims circambulate about the House of God in an anticlockwise direction,now that is not just a coincidence,it was not a rule made by a person 1400 yrs ago when man didnot even know that his body was composed of cells.this Holy Ritual was shown to us by our Great Father,Prophet Abraham(peace be upon him),ever true to his Lord and never hesitant to obey His Command the moment he was ordered.God ordered Him to announce to the people that pilgrimage thereto was a duty man owed to God and that they will come from every distance and on every lean camel to visit His House.Muslims are following the rites of their pious predecessors when they make the Pilgrimage thereto.also,it was recently found that Mecca(and notGreenwich) is infact the centre of the earth.what more proof is needed?

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 09 02:53 PM


Posted by omar October 11, 09 03:57 PM

God is the Greatest.

Posted by Anonymous October 12, 09 02:53 PM

i just happened to read ibn kathir's version of stories of the Prophets(peace be upon them all) and the story of Adam(peace be upon him) just overtook narrates how God shaped Adam,breathed into him His Divine Breath,he opened his eyes to see all the angels prostrate before him(it was a gesture of honour and not worship,which is solely for God),he opened his eyes to see all of them prostrate,except for one who stood away and refused to prostrate to someone he felt was inferior to himself,who was made of fire and Adam was made of clay.Satan,who had enjoyed a noble positon in paradise before his expulsion,swore to God that he would misguide all his progeny,except a few who would stick to the path of their,we come across people,who have been deceived by this revengeful enemy.he is an enemy who pretends to be a friend,we believe him to be a trustworthy companion,he steals us of all what we have and when our end comes,we realise we have been cheated,he doesnot lose because of our wrongdoing,but we would have lost ourselves.God tells us in Quran about how Satan will cut off all ties that were between his friends"Verily,it was God who promised you a promise of truth,I promised you too,but I failed in my promise,I had the power only to invite you to evil and you listened to me,so donot blame me ,blame yourselves,I cannot hear your screams,neither can you hear mine,I reject you having taken me for a friend,indeed the wrongdoers must have a painful torment".let us not be deceived by this great enemy and save ourselves,his rage,his fury at having lost his place in Paradise is ever greater,man's ignorance is only aiding it,our fortune lies in our hands,either to receive an everlasting reward in Paradise or be thrown into the hellfire,therein the wrongdoers would have nothing but remorse and regret.

Posted by don't let yourself be lured October 19, 09 11:18 AM


Azad Khan (Fiji) -

Posted by KHAN AZAD October 20, 09 05:57 AM

God beautifully narrates the story of his beloved slave,Prophet Abraham(upon him be peace) in Quran ,when he tried to bring his people to worship Him Almighty,""They (his people)said: "Build for him a building and throw him into the blazing fire they plotted a plot against him, but We made them the lowest.he said "Verily, I am going to my Lord. He will guide me! My Lord! Grant me from the righteous."so We gave him the glad tidings of a forbearing boy. And, when he was old enough to walk with him, he said: "O my son! I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you,let me know what you think!" He said: "O my father! Do that which you are commanded,God willing,you shall find me of the patient, when they had both submitted themselves , and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead And We called out to him: "O Abraham! You have fulfilled the dream! Verily! thus do We reward the good-doers." Verily, that indeed was a manifest trial. And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice And We left for him (a goodly remembrance) among the later generations. peace be upon Abraham! Thus indeed do We reward the good-doers Verily, he was one of Our believing slaves. And We gave him the glad tidings of Isaac a Prophet from the righteous.We blessed him and Isaac, and of their progeny are that do right, and some that plainly wrong themselves".in the sacrifce we make to God on the day of the Great Pigrimage is remembering Abrahm's readiness to slaughter his beloved son and God's infinite mercy in ordering him to sacrifice a ram instead,verily God loves those who do good and will not leave them all by themselves,He would guide them and He becomes their light by which they see,hear and think,His Light guides them and lifts them from the darkness of a bottomless well to a Rank of Glory.

Posted by reach for the skies October 20, 09 02:21 PM


Asslamalikum wa rahmtullahi barkathu,

Jazakallahkhyir for your precious job AAmeen Suma AAmeen.

Posted by Saliha Anwar Khan October 23, 09 05:49 AM

God narrates the story of Abraham (peace be upon him) in another part of Quran"And when the night overook him, he saw a star,he said "That is my Lord" and when it set,he said"Surely,I don't like the one which sets" ,When he saw the moon rising,he said"That is my Lord" and when it set ,he said "O Lord,if You don't guide me,I shall be truly astray."And when he saw the sun rising up in splendour,he said"That is my Lord,that is the greatest" and when it set,he said"O people,I'm free of what you worship besides my Lord, I've indeed set my face towards the One who fashioned the heavens and the earth and I am not of those who join others with Him"But his people disputed with him,he said"Do you dispute with me about my Lord when he has guided me,and I fear not what you have joined in worship with Him,when you don't fear after you have associated others with Him,so which of us has a better right for protection,it is those who believe and who confuse not their belief with falsehood who have the better right to safety and they are the rightly guided"".Man likes his Lord to be present with him in all his affairs,he likes his Lord to be the One who knows the secrets of his hearts and who sees him always .He doesnot want a Lord who disappears like the moon or the star,but he wants his Lord to be there when he needs Him,to help him when he calls for Him,to answer him when He asks him.when we are in trouble,it is Him we call upon"O Lord if you save us from this,indeed we would be of the grateful"and yet when He saves us,we forget Him and fail to thank Him.Most ungrateful is man.

Posted by Thank your Lord October 23, 09 03:43 PM

Beautiful pictures - I don't really know anything about the Hajj and what I see intrigues me to learn more. Thank you to those responsible for taking and sharing them.

Everyone try to remember everyone that what you believe is right for you, but may not be for all. Lack of tolerance causes a lot of pain and suffering in the world - we don't all have to believe the same thing. Even when we think we're right.

Peace to everyone of all faiths and beliefs.

Posted by Rob October 26, 09 07:19 PM

to Rob
evryone is equal,the black and the white,the poor and the rich,the learned and the unlearned,we all have the same parents,we have the same God,so why do we fight?God says in the Quran"God is the light of the heavens and the earth,the parable of His Light is as a niche and within it a lamp, the lamp is in glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star, lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of east nor west whose light would glow though fire scarcely touched it,Light upon Light,God guides unto His Light whom He wills.God strikes metaphors for man ,He knows everything."May God help you find that light.

Posted by His Light shines forth October 28, 09 10:56 AM

wow i want to o to hajj mashaalah

Posted by adil ali October 29, 09 04:19 AM

masha allah ..........this is the unique virtue of islam that people belonging to different races different cultures are doing the same thing across the world............these are the great pictures taken by keeping all photographic techniques in view as well....any body who sees these photoes will deffinitely be impressed. ...........and once again i will mention that this is the unique and versatile quality of islam that has given these pictures that much greatness................

Posted by Mohammed Younus November 3, 09 01:41 AM

The photographs are realisitc & i need some more photos realeated to islam,I feel proud after watching such kind of photos may allah bless you (Ameen)

Posted by NASIR November 15, 09 12:12 AM

excellent photographs. Wish i cna get these picture so that I can show to our children in school in UK.
Wasalam mansoor

SwindonMasjid @aol. com

Posted by Anonymous November 21, 09 09:17 AM

I want to be there , I want to to breathe the air of mecca

Posted by Anonymous November 22, 09 01:18 PM


Posted by sheriff mayowa oladiti November 23, 09 10:27 AM

Really Really Nice Pics

Posted by M.Sajid November 25, 09 02:11 AM

i wish i was there too.i am very eager to go there more than ever. may that day be very soon if Allah will

Posted by aysha November 26, 09 02:49 AM

Baraka allahou fikom

Posted by Annaby November 26, 09 07:16 AM

A shame such powerful and beautiful pictures bring up so much hatred, patronization and self-righteousness.

Your religion doesn't make you a good person or brigs you closer to god. It's what kind of a person you are that does. God is in your heart, not in a book or a building.

Love to all.

Posted by Oz November 26, 09 11:14 AM

very good

Posted by fazal November 26, 09 01:05 PM

very nice pictures. in Islam first you read than understand than you perform.

Posted by Anonymous November 26, 09 11:24 PM


Posted by Basheer November 27, 09 02:11 AM


Posted by he November 27, 09 03:58 PM

Beautiful. pictures

Really Really Nice Pics

The photographs are realisitc & i need some more photos realeated to islam,I feel proud after watching such kind of photos may allah bless you (Ameen)

Posted by ATAUR RAHEMAN KHAN INDIA November 27, 09 10:11 PM

thank u so much
for sharing such nice pictures wid us,,,,,,,,,,,,,:)

Posted by sidra November 29, 09 05:27 AM

mashalaah..thats so beatiful..much love n respect from sweden

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 09 02:23 AM

The expression of Allah's unity is wonderful - subhanAllah. Great pictures. Jazak Allah Khair.

Posted by Sabiha December 1, 09 08:32 PM


Posted by rustam December 4, 09 12:11 AM

infact it is grate to be a muslim

Posted by mikhail December 5, 09 10:46 AM

I am Islam. I really proud myself that Allah made me Islam.
Very very beautiful photos. Mashallah

Posted by Misbah Ismail December 7, 09 03:10 AM

really great

Posted by maryama December 9, 09 01:32 PM

After see this picture, I really want to go there... very near to My God Alloh...

Posted by arif December 11, 09 05:41 AM

la ilahe illallah, muhammedürresulallah.
Binlerce kez sükür olsun ki müslümanim.
ALLAH hepimize o yerleri görmeyi nasip etsin insallah.

Posted by Anonymous December 11, 09 07:28 AM

TÜRKÝYE'den bütün Müslüman alemine saygýlar sevgiler...

Allah Azze ve Celle

Posted by bilal December 11, 09 03:57 PM


Posted by Anonymous December 28, 09 03:02 AM


Posted by MUHAMMAD JAFAR January 1, 10 05:22 AM

Mashallah Allah Akbar, aThis shows the unity of the muslim world, Alhumduliallah

Posted by shoaib January 13, 10 03:55 AM

i am so happy to see that.
every muslims are brothers.
i am turkich boy who lives in belgium.
we have to be proude that we are musliams.
brothers en sisters assalam o alikum.

Posted by halil January 15, 10 08:05 PM

This is great but we need to understand what Allah wants from us and try to be His servants in letter and spirit.We need to introspect ourselves and ensure that we dont lose sight of our duties and obligations, desist from becoming rhetoric and fanatic instead become steadfast,righteous and unitedly confront the odds faced by ummah at all levels after burrying all ethnic,racial, liguistic,regional,political and above all MASLAKI differences.
May Allah swt guide us all on his chosen path.

Posted by Ashaq Zaidi January 22, 10 02:33 AM

Subhana-Allah.......may Allah protect all the muslims in the world.

Posted by Zenat Tasneem January 23, 10 04:07 AM

From Toronto Canada ...Being a Former Christian...I am So PROUD TO BE MUSLIM......Salamualikum to all my Brother's and Sister's WorldWide!

Posted by V.Dopson February 6, 10 12:04 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 16, 10 06:27 AM

Mashallah! very nice.

Posted by Fatima February 16, 10 08:27 PM

ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 1997 March 15, 10 01:58 AM

mashallah. very nice pictures.. thanks for sharing.

Posted by asif April 17, 10 09:10 AM

im a muslim im proved of my ALLAH


Posted by FATIMA May 16, 10 03:19 PM


Posted by NAVED SHAIKH May 20, 10 09:33 AM




Posted by MOHAMMED UMAR June 12, 10 09:34 AM

MASHALLAH these are the most attractable pics of the MUSLIMS

Posted by Mohammad Rehan June 30, 10 02:08 PM

subhan allah !!!! the most beautyful place in the world!!!allah hum sub ko hajj n umrah ki tofiq ata farmaye ameeeen!!!

Posted by mohd sameer August 21, 10 10:40 PM

masha alaah am proud to be born muslim and mey allah help me and mey allah help all my brothers and sisters in muslims who are straggeling for there faith to only worship one alah subhana hu waa taala, and we wiil die to obay him and worship him,read quraan 98 suratul bayinaah,

Posted by ali September 26, 10 06:00 PM

Allah Akbar

Posted by Fakhar Ali September 27, 10 06:15 PM

MASHAALLAH a huge crowd of musllims on islamic festivals.

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 10 08:14 AM

I'm so haapy to see this
Mash allah Very awesome pictures , thanks for sharing.
i'm proud to be Muslim

the most beautyful place in the world!!!allah hum sub ko hajj n umrah ki tofiq ata farmaye ameeeen!!!

Posted by jabeen October 22, 10 06:53 AM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
صور جد معبرة
تبشر بالخير
شكرا جزيلا لمنجزوها
اللهم انصر الإسلام والمسلمين
عيدكم مبارك سعيد
في أمان الله

Posted by محمد المحسن الكت November 5, 10 03:30 AM

Subhanallah.. Allahuakhbar!! Thankful for this picture.. That was great photo.. Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Posted by tUN November 6, 10 04:47 PM

Very beautifull pictures, thank you for sharing them.
May Allah bless you. Amin.

Posted by chairiah November 9, 10 11:17 AM

Masshallah Subhanallh ....This is Great Photo and very very Beautiful Picture.


Mukhtar Khan''Rahimi''
IT Officer Kabulbank
Jalalabad Bahsood Branch

Posted by Mukhtar Khan Rahimi November 11, 10 11:30 PM

A photos that i never seen like this!

Posted by Ab-Majid November 12, 10 09:50 AM

masha allah..........ONLY ONE GOD " ALLAH "

Posted by SHELBATHAHA November 15, 10 06:44 AM

Masha Allah
These photos really make me happy and i can't wait to pray tomorrow and meet all my family

Posted by Muhammad Shadi al-Rajeh November 15, 10 01:41 PM

jazakoum ALLAH khayr aljaza'e
dhakkartoumouni ;bi ayam 3omri wa ah7laha( fi 7adj 2010)

Posted by itto nasri November 16, 10 01:26 PM

Happy EID to Everyone.

Posted by Anonymous November 16, 10 04:08 PM

allahu akbar such amazing pictures!

Posted by anonymous November 17, 10 05:54 PM

Eye opener pics for every buddy. Excellant work Jazzak Allah

Posted by Dr.SOHAIL ZIA November 17, 10 11:52 PM

Wow! I can't wait to go there someday. The pictures are wounderful! I mean beliving in "ONE GOD" (allah) you don't need to be a brain surgen to do the math. 1 in 5 people in this world is a Muslim. 250,000 people in America convert to islam per year. so subhanallah! i feel really proud!

Posted by Khatera November 18, 10 02:25 PM

The Almighty ALLAH excuze of all haji`s who prayed to Allah for thier previous GUNAH till past and future life in this earth.

Posted by Anonymous November 21, 10 02:09 AM

Very beautifull pictures, thank you for sharing them.
May Allah bless you. Amin.

Posted by Muhammad Tufail December 2, 10 02:36 AM

allahu akbar . see you in jana inshallah , i love you all

Posted by ismail December 30, 10 02:04 PM

Allahu ekbeer. Masallaaah:)

Posted by musliiim January 3, 11 07:51 AM

Mashallah a very nice collection of Muslim celebration. Islam is to pure, it unites the hearts of people. The creator is peace and loves those who live in peace, celebrates in peace. May the almighty help us, unite us as a ummah and support those who are trying to please him.

For those who want to learn more about Islam and really get the reality of the message and connecting the religion to our daily lives should visit I love this website and benefit from the speaker.

Posted by Luvurcreator March 3, 11 06:22 PM

Masallaaah nice to see Ummah here in awesome pictures thank you for sharing them....

Posted by olsem March 24, 11 04:12 AM

hi yeah i'm not a muslim but i'm doing a project on islam and muslims for my religion class those pictures are really good for it. THANKS

Posted by Amy April 26, 11 01:38 PM

I must say I'm not a Muslim but I think all of this is so awesome.

Posted by josef May 11, 11 02:08 AM
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