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November 5, 2008 Permalink

The next President of the United States

In a vote of historic proportions yesterday, Senator Barack Obama became President-Elect of the United States of America with a 52% majority in the popular vote, and more than 349 electoral votes. Over two years of campaigning was resolved with a record voter turnout, as the Republican candidate John McCain conceded graciously at 11:20 pm eastern last night. With such a high level of interest and attention, there have been millions of words written and photographs taken of the candidates over the past year. Here is a collection of some of the best photos of President-Elect Barack Obama over the past several months. (35 photos total)

Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama speaks at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, October 19, 2008. (REUTERS/Jim Young)
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Posted by adam bennett November 5, 08 11:28 AM


Posted by V November 5, 08 11:33 AM

Yes we certainly did. A great day for America

Posted by Kevin W November 5, 08 11:33 AM

Congrats media! Your candidate won!

Excuse me while I go hide my wallet..

Posted by Zippy_Slug November 5, 08 11:35 AM

I wonder if you had a set of photos ready if the other guy won

Posted by Brian November 5, 08 11:35 AM

Once more, American moves forward. #28 puts me at ease.

Posted by Ben November 5, 08 11:37 AM

Amazing. The magnitude of this election is well-reflected in these photos and makes me more excited for his leadership.

Thanks as always Big Picture.

Posted by Andrew November 5, 08 11:37 AM

An excellent moment, congratulations to all Americans.

Posted by Nehemoth November 5, 08 11:38 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 11:41 AM

We have a great undertaking ahead of us now. But he's the right man for the job.

Posted by Brian November 5, 08 11:41 AM

#10 is a clear travelling violation.

Posted by Jeff Akston November 5, 08 11:43 AM

Utterly Fantastic and Amazing shots!

Posted by The Baltimore Babe November 5, 08 11:43 AM

brought tears to my eyes again! these are great!

Posted by ramii November 5, 08 11:44 AM

Representative of a new generation of hope for our country. Stunning images as usual.

Posted by sphericalcow November 5, 08 11:45 AM

Congratulations american people from Catalonia, Europe!
You did it, and we are so proud of you!

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 11:46 AM

What other guy?

Posted by Jim November 5, 08 11:46 AM

Let the campaign promise backpedaling begin.

Posted by Jeff November 5, 08 11:51 AM

Guess it's time to start polishing up on "Oh Canada" eh?

Posted by disappointed November 5, 08 11:53 AM

Beautiful shots, very very profesional photography!
We're are right behind you Mr. President!

Posted by Roberto Miranda November 5, 08 11:56 AM


Posted by Emon November 5, 08 11:58 AM

awesome. to paraphrase will smith... he makes this look good. #3. #9. #20.
and great link to callie shell too.

Posted by james fox November 5, 08 11:59 AM

more people from CATALONIA!


Posted by catalan November 5, 08 12:00 PM

#3 is that a razor?!?!?!

Posted by zeke McGeehon November 5, 08 12:01 PM

Amazing pics...
Amazing day..
Amazing man...

Posted by souley November 5, 08 12:01 PM

Why does the last picture remind me of Che Guevara's Fist.....

Posted by John B November 5, 08 12:02 PM

Hey Zippy!

You guys are so bitter.

Posted by bo November 5, 08 12:02 PM

I can't wait to start receiving everyone else's hard earned money by doing nothing. Spread the wealth!!! I love it!

Posted by I love free handouts! November 5, 08 12:05 PM

congratulations, americans!

Posted by Rodrigo Ferrari November 5, 08 12:05 PM

A great day for not only United-Statians, but for the world.
Let's be prepared for real change.

PS.: Media was also on the other side. People elected the one they thought it would act best at the moment we are facing - that's called wisdom, not media brainwash.

Posted by Obama_is_Brazillian November 5, 08 12:06 PM

Photo #18 is stunning. It's almost a beacon of light in a storm.

Posted by Matt November 5, 08 12:07 PM

Fantastic pictures of an inspirational man. Historic.

Posted by John Howarth, UK November 5, 08 12:07 PM

Well done America for having chosen this amazing man!

Posted by Marie-Claude Quieffin-Witcombe November 5, 08 12:12 PM

This collections tells the story so well! May the next four years be as hopeful as the last 24 hours! Thanks for the work Alan.


Posted by Andy C. November 5, 08 12:15 PM


Defending our Democracy, saving the Constitution.

America, after all, there is still hope for you...

@ Zippy..(#4):

This IS a free feel free to emigrate - i guess America is way better off without you and narrow-minded, political die hard, permanently stuck in the past people like you..

We don't need those fake, phony patriots.

Posted by ReadyForTheFuture November 5, 08 12:19 PM

Finally some good news in this crazy world!

Posted by Dominique November 5, 08 12:22 PM

@#5, good question!

I love this pictures. I really have enjoyed all the campaign-related pictures from this go around, and if you do have a series for John McCain, bring em on!

Posted by Kevin Sherman November 5, 08 12:24 PM

It's amazing to me how people actually believe what FOX News tells them...

"I can't wait to start receiving everyone elses hard earned money by doing nothing. Spread the wealth!"... blows me away.

Posted by blankhead November 5, 08 12:28 PM

absolutely awe-inspiring. even if you don't like his politics, his ability to speak to a crowd and get their attention is amazing. i'm proud to have been involved

Posted by steve November 5, 08 12:42 PM

Great man, Great pictures ! Congrats from Munich.

Posted by Joe the Plumber November 5, 08 12:42 PM

Obama is just a man, wait a few weeks we'll hate him the same as Bush.

Posted by Barack Obama Wins November 5, 08 12:43 PM

I have to say, amazing photography. However we should all get used to our wallets getting lighter because our taxes are fixing to skyrocket. It is a historic day for our country, a monumentally important day for our country, but the next four years have hard times written all over them

Posted by Ben November 5, 08 12:44 PM

The numbers of cynical sour losers in comment blocks like these never fail to amaze me. So much useless hatred and numbing pessimism. How totally unamerican. One would think people actually followed the respectful and respectable example that John McCain gave with his concession speech, and the dignity, posture and optimism in the future that he displayed there.

Posted by guest November 5, 08 12:44 PM

Great pics, A great man and a great moment in American history. To those of you who are still not onboard, realize you are now in the official minority and in a democracy the minority does not rule and neither do their neo-conservative morals.

Posted by Houston4Obama November 5, 08 12:45 PM

Amazing pics, especially #11.

I really hope the Obama presidency goes well, but I don't think it can ever live up to expectations. And Zippy's fears may not be unfounded, although hiding his wallet probably won't help. There is no way that Obama's tax plan could ever pay for all of his other policies, but that money does have to come from somewhere.

Posted by Joe November 5, 08 12:47 PM

a great day for america!

Posted by drguliz November 5, 08 12:48 PM

To all racists, bitter losers, imperialists, mouth-breathers, scaredy cats, etc...
Canada is a beautiful country; I will miss you terribly and hope they actually let you in. P.S.: Don't let the door hit you on the way out

Posted by anonymous November 5, 08 12:49 PM

Those photos are amazing! I don't go to understand what it means to the Americans that Obama has done it, but if I had voted he would of got my vote.

Posted by Simon November 5, 08 12:51 PM

history was made he will take us far

Posted by bj woods November 5, 08 12:51 PM

Amazing photos as always to illustrate this awesome turn of events!!!
Being a dem from an unfortunately red state I have heard all the 'he'll take my guns and money, he's a Christian hating Muslim, he's unpatriotic, his name rhymes with Osama' biggoted and uninformed nonsense that I can take. I am so glad that the campaign is over and excited about the next 4 years, when at the very least we'll have a leader who can pronounce multi-syllable words!!!

Posted by celebrating in KS November 5, 08 12:51 PM

Yes We Can!
Yes We Did!
Yes We Will!

Posted by Barbara November 5, 08 12:54 PM

I hope it is for the best but I can't help feeling something is not right.

Posted by scaredinamerica November 5, 08 12:54 PM


Congrats media! Your candidate won!

Excuse me while I go hide my wallet..
Posted by Zippy_Slug November 5, 08 11:35 AM
Ha, four comments and the whiners enter the scene..

Hey zippy, if you actually believe (seriously) that the "The Media" (whovever/whatever that is... and does it include Fox?) favored Obama in a way which can correctly and absolutely be called "biased", you should check your grip on reality. The Republican campaign did not just poorly, honestly, it was abysmal.
McCain had a good chance in the beginning, but the nomination of Palin was a catastrophically bad move that finally ruined all efforts. And for the future - If you think a smear campaign can work - THINK again.


Hey, i know a place that's ideal for hiding your wallet: North Korea. As long as you don't question the regime over there your wallet and its contents are perfectly safe.
And I'm confident that they'll bid a warm welcome to a traitor coming from America.

Posted by a_true_patriot November 5, 08 12:55 PM

More, please.

Posted by Kawika Holbrook November 5, 08 12:56 PM

i was there last night a the celebration michigan ave was overloaded withe people no cars!!!

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 12:57 PM

REJOICE! Today is a new day for America!
Brilliant photography. President-Elect Obama is a truly historic figure.

Posted by LD Texas November 5, 08 12:58 PM

Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

Posted by Richard November 5, 08 01:05 PM

U.S. just re-invented themselves again. And you were on the verge of a failure.

Posted by old school federalist November 5, 08 01:06 PM

Hey #42 - getting 52% of the popular vote is hardly a mandate, especially given the wounded Republican brand. One out of two Americans did not want this man for president. Get used to the grousing.

Posted by hoping against socialism November 5, 08 01:09 PM


Posted by elatedinCambridge November 5, 08 01:09 PM

The numbers of cynical sour losers in comment blocks like these never fail to amaze me. So much useless hatred and numbing pessimism. How totally unamerican. One would think people actually followed the respectful and respectable example that John McCain gave with his concession speech, and the dignity, posture and optimism in the future that he displayed there.

Thank you for describing exactly how I feel; far too happy to have any negative opinions. I am filled with hope.

Posted by That_Guy November 5, 08 01:09 PM

Unfortunately, the majority of voters were young and inexperienced.
I did a small random poll of college aged employees and was amazed at the answers.
1) Q: How long has Obama been a Senator?
A: I don't know, twenty years? (one out of 25 got it right.
2) Q:What State is he Senator of?
A: Don't know, don't care.
3) Q: What has he accomplished as Senaotr?
A: Not sur
4) Q: What qaulifications does he have to run the US.
A: McCain is too old.
Amazing isn't it?
Also, as I read through some blogs and whatnot, there is a video blog I saw where people submit personal video clips and such.... One showed a woman in N Carolina that did not vote in the Preliminaries and was not allowed to vote in the Election... There was a Lawyer there put there by the Obama Campain that allowed her to fill out an affidavit and she was then allowed to vote... this is not right!
If you do not follow the rules of the Elelction, you should not be allowed to vote.... SIMPLE!

Posted by Gary November 5, 08 01:13 PM

Running for President and being President are two different things. Let's see if he can handle the pressure of the job. I voted McCain but since it didn't happen, I hope Obama can do it.

Posted by Gary November 5, 08 01:13 PM

I wonder if you prepared something this nice for McCain in case he would have one.

Posted by Pete November 5, 08 01:15 PM

More of a great photos of Obama:
Also, I wonder how there is no picture of Obama in Berlin

Posted by Al November 5, 08 01:22 PM

Pic #6: Ceiling President is watching you equivocate

Pic #20: "You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good."

Posted by Ceruleanst November 5, 08 01:25 PM

Great Pictures, Congratulations from Kyiv, Ukraine

Posted by Dmytro November 5, 08 01:25 PM

To anonymous
Regarding the racists, etc.. We don't want them in Canada. Send them where they belong... to hell. We are a proud nation, and do not need that in our country. Although I am Canadian, I am happy for President-elect Mr. Obama, we share your time for change message, you are not only carrying the hopes and dreams of your fellow Americans, but also the hopes and dreams of people around the globe, desiring a better world. We wish you all the best and success.

Posted by Canadian November 5, 08 01:26 PM

Why are you guys hating on the "haters"? They are really just expressing they discontent, and in a realistic and un-hyperbolic fashion. They aren't the ones spouting stupid rumors about Obama, they're questioning how Obama is going to be able to live up to all of his promises.

And, of course, today comes out several reports on, "How IS Obama going to live up to his promises?" I mean, we have no money. Not only do we have no money, but the budget is making us lose MORE money. Of course, this would be the same with McCain or Obama. Neither is for real change in how we run this country.

In my opinion, the only way to go from here is to stop promising so much to the American people and the rest of the world, and start scaling back our government. Go back to making every individual's happiness their own responsibility, not the government's.

On a specific note, it has been shown that socializing medicine makes things worse for a large majority. People start going to doctors and specialists for minor problems, the tax burden rises, and people end up waiting a long time for care they need, waiting behind people who are getting care they want. Of course, it makes things better for people who couldn't previously afford medical insurance, but people can't be refused medical care to begin with (in emergencies--if you need a new heart, they aren't obligated to get you one over somebody who can afford the cost).

Personal responsibility. It's the only way, as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 01:28 PM

63.I wonder if you prepared something this nice for McCain in case he would have one.


Posted by Flagg November 5, 08 01:31 PM


Posted by CHANGEISTHEBIGPICTURE November 5, 08 01:31 PM

Yesterday, when I cast my vote in Texas, I was asked if I wanted a paper or eletronic ballot. I wondered which one had less chance of being tampered with. (Anyone read Kennedy"s article in Rolling Stone?) I knew Obama probably wouldn't carry Texas, but I feared for the ballots in the states he would carry. His overwhelming victory shows that this country is behind him in numbers too great to hide. I agree, REJOICE!

Posted by JPV Texas November 5, 08 01:31 PM

Don't worry all you non-Obama supporters, he won't be able to do too much damage in four years, then we can get this country back on track once the people remember what it was like to have Democrats in the White House again!
Remember those Clinton years? Yikes!

Posted by LJ November 5, 08 01:32 PM

Now shut up and DO IT!

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 01:32 PM

America be careful what you ask for because now you've got it. Do you honestly think he going to make any significant differance? The only change is - he was elected, thats not enough.

Posted by Vivian November 5, 08 01:35 PM

I´m glad, that Obama made it. He is the symbol of change and i am proud to have seen his speech in Berlin. Let´s hope that he doesn´t disappoint..

Chan from TheJunction

Posted by Chan TheJunction November 5, 08 01:35 PM

I didn't vote for the guy, but these pictures are amazing and they clearly illustrate the excitement his campaign generated. Now that he is President-Elect, he will have his chance to show that yes, in fact, he can. For the sake of the United States and the world, I pray he is all he seems. Unbelievable pics!

Posted by Proud American November 5, 08 01:35 PM

As a white male over 50 I was an undecided voter until October, 2008 when I saw George Bush cower in the White House in the face of an economic meltdown. My mind was made up. Obama is the right man for this time in history.

I am proud to have voted for him!

Posted by JMwesley November 5, 08 01:41 PM

As a white male over 50 I was an undecided voter until October, 2008 when I saw George Bush cower in the White House in the face of an economic meltdown. My mind was made up. Obama is the right man for this time in history.

I am proud to have voted for him!

Posted by JMwesley November 5, 08 01:41 PM

I would have voted Ron Paul!

Posted by lita November 5, 08 01:42 PM


Posted by Jeannie Watson November 5, 08 01:43 PM

It's true that he looks like he's posing for a coin most of the time. :)

Posted by Nick November 5, 08 01:45 PM

Wow. What a fantastic photo essay! Well done.

Posted by olivier Blanchard November 5, 08 01:47 PM

Whodathunk it would really happen.


BTW, Duhon is Knick this season, not a Bull

Posted by hurls November 5, 08 01:51 PM

Nice post, Danny!

I'm frankly not surprised to see that the country had so many who calmly and patiently objected to the way we were going during the Bush years, but now it's backwards and racist to express any concerns over the way Obama will govern. For years the left was accused of being unpatriotic for merely questioning the government, and now those accusations are already being thrown back at the right. (I'm looking at you, "ReadyForTheFuture.") I don't see any real change having happened. It's just a different team winning. But I'd love to be proved wrong -- only by Obama's actions, not words.

Posted by Left, right...where's the middle? November 5, 08 01:54 PM


Posted by christine November 5, 08 01:57 PM

Beautiful shots. The only negative was that dress Michele wore to the celebration speech last night. Maybe it was a stab at Palin's profligate spending but man, it really was an ugly dress. I know it doesn't matter. Otherwise a great night

Posted by Pete November 5, 08 02:01 PM

LJ: "Remember those Clinton years?"
Can we remember them? Yes we can. They were the good times between the two Bushes. We remembered them well on our way to the polls yesterday.

Posted by America November 5, 08 02:01 PM

#70-I'm with you. It is a great time to be an American.

Posted by Havstmoon November 5, 08 02:03 PM

Great pictures. this was my first time seeing these pictures. I must say it make's me proud to be an American.

Posted by KC November 5, 08 02:04 PM

congratulations comrades

Posted by superpissed November 5, 08 02:09 PM

simply amazing!

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 02:14 PM

What a wonderful series of pictures! All of Europe is celebrating with you!
Alter a long night of waiting ,
from Germany,
Caja Thimm

Posted by Caja Thimm November 5, 08 02:16 PM

This is great history and I couldn't be more proud of our new president!!! We are going to see great things from him. Congratulaions!!

Posted by Chloe November 5, 08 02:17 PM

@LJ: you mean economic prosperity for all? Constitutional rights respected? No unjustified wars being waged? Natural disasters being handled competently? Yeah, we remember, that's why we elected Barack Obama!

Posted by brian November 5, 08 02:20 PM

I am proud to be an American today. I have great expectations, as does much of the world, of this dynamic and capable leader.

Posted by Rich Dansereau November 5, 08 02:21 PM

Catalonia is spain guys!!
Congratulations USA!!

Posted by spanish November 5, 08 02:21 PM

love the fist bump with the little kid

Posted by Eric November 5, 08 02:23 PM

I awoke this morning to a new America and new hope.

Posted by Sheba November 5, 08 02:24 PM

It should have been Hillary. He was in the right place at the right time and speaks utter rubbish.

Posted by Lilly November 5, 08 02:29 PM

Wonderful collection of great images.

It is a historic moment.

And for the right wing guy wanting to move to Canada, sure com'on up,
We've already legalized gay marriage, Stopped the death penalty, pay heavier taxes to support universal free health care and have way stricter gun laws.

John McCain is a great guy too, Bush wasn't.

I am confused, doesn't the Republican party stand against things like Nationalizing banks, expanding government, giving the government broad new powers, borrowing all the money for 2 wars, and increasing spending way beyond the abilities of the tax payers to pay?

I would say it is a testament to the quality of John McCain to have kept the race as close as he did.

Posted by Photo Guy November 5, 08 02:29 PM

Great pictures, as usual.

As for all the bitter McCain supporters here, I don't blame them. I was more bitter 4 years ago when those people reelected Bush. I predicted how this country is heading straight down the crapper.

The difference is, 4 years later, I now know I was right. 4 years from now, the bitter McCain supporters will know if they were right.

Posted by RawheaD November 5, 08 02:32 PM

Here's an honest question, Obama supporters:

What does Obama plan to do now, and how is he going to manage to do it? Especially consider that, as a country, we have no money and continue to dig ourselves further into debt by stretching our promises further and further.

This is not meant to be snarky. I really want to know how he is going to accomplish all of the things that candidates have been promising for years and not delivering.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 02:33 PM

I'm still keeping my guns.

Posted by Gary November 5, 08 02:35 PM

Excellent photos, Well done USA from Ireland.

Posted by damo November 5, 08 02:36 PM



Posted by DI$CO November 5, 08 02:37 PM

Photo Guy,

"It is a historic moment."

Didn't you pay attention at all last night? Everybody was saying it... It's AN historic moment. Sheesh! :-P

"I am confused, doesn't the Republican party stand against things like Nationalizing banks, expanding government, giving the government broad new powers, borrowing all the money for 2 wars, and increasing spending way beyond the abilities of the tax payers to pay?"

You must be confusing the Republican party with conservatives. They have a new name for them, which is the "neo-conservatives". It means "not conservative at all". lol.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 02:38 PM

Why do all these people who dislike Obama seem to think that Canada is the great Republican refuge to the north? Have they even taken a look at our politics in general? LOL.

Posted by namegirl November 5, 08 02:40 PM

gary give it a rest, the better man won.

Posted by micah November 5, 08 02:45 PM

He's pointing out some dirty lens dust in #31.

Anyone else spot that photog comedy right away?

Posted by q-n November 5, 08 02:48 PM

If I have policy disagreements with Obama, does that make me a racist?

Posted by Just Askin' November 5, 08 02:50 PM

I love you Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by kiko mamolou November 5, 08 02:50 PM

Great pictures ... I'm so proud of my country, again. If we'd elected another backward thinking, me me me Republican, I'd have seriously made my plans for Canada.

The real America has spoken. If you don't like the result, go ahead and move on out. And if you're a true racist, have the balls to publickly and proudly admit it - and THEN move out of my country.

Posted by mtnbknhigh11 November 5, 08 02:51 PM

All you people who believe Obama's message "hope, change, redistribution of wealth, social reform"........boy, did you get hood-winked. Go ahead and celebrate now.....we'll see what "Mr. Change" can / can't do. I'm not holding my breath.

...and another's no wonder Obama can't salute the flag....his mentor was a communist! How American is that?! Enjoy the change.

Posted by Change? November 5, 08 02:54 PM


When I think of the goodness of mankind and all that we must do to make this a better world, my soul cries out to all. The question I asked, can we all get along? This was an historic event and yet we have a division. For the one that wanted to see that vision change, they got on board. This election was not about a party it was about human-beings trying to survive and their needs being met. It was about who could hear their voices in such chaotic times, It was about allowing their children to learn about history for some of the disenfranchise groups of people. It was about learning about the society ills that told some, you are not worthy to be praised. Ronny King, a Black man who suffered a massive beating from some police officers some years ago, said, “Why can’t we all just get along” Looking at this big win for Obamba certainly says we just cannot do just that as American people. Yet, as we look around the world on this great historic event, from some other countries they showed their love for Obamba. They too got on board because they had a vision. And yet, we as Americans cannot grip that meaning. For the ones who didn’t get on board continued to see what is for them within their own inner circle that contribute to their ideology. We all know that a house divided cannot stand. It cannot stand because it comes with its foundation to hold up the structure. That is an analogy of what we must do to keep our foundation study. Obamba can not wave a magic portion and get us free of all of this mess incur before his time. That is why this house cannot be divided.

Its must be a process of tearing down before building up. We must help to dig through the rumble and find the right solution that will give us a solid foundation to hold on to. Where there is hope, it is prosperity, where there is prosperity everyone will prosper only when the house is not divided.

Posted by BRENDA SERY November 5, 08 02:54 PM

Obama, You stood the test and you ran the race with pride. I think God for you and I know your running for the big job is well deserved.

Posted by BRENDA SERY November 5, 08 03:04 PM

I am mad Obama is president. Now my parents will have to pay higher taxes. Whoo. GO JOHN MCCAIN! I

Posted by Obama hater Bergeron luva November 5, 08 03:05 PM

Congratulations America on the appointment of (hopefully great) president!

Democracy Rocks!

Posted by c14kaa November 5, 08 03:07 PM

I remember when President Kennedy was elected. I never thought that there would be a feeling like that again in this country, but I was wrong. These pictures capture the excitement and the hope.

Posted by Paul K. Berg November 5, 08 03:20 PM


I'm not sure what your point is. Your spelling and grammar is terrible, and the only point I hear is that "a house divided cannot stand". Can you be more specific? Are you saying we all have to agree before we can make progress as a nation? That is not true on broad levels, so at what level to you see this as true?

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 03:20 PM

Sad to watch him get grayer-haired over the summer...Needs to spend more on haircuts.

Posted by D Traver Adolphus November 5, 08 03:21 PM

@Brenda Sery: My house cannot STAN either. :)

This photography is awe-inspiring. Makes me want to grab my camera and find ways to engage my friends and family to create portraits like these. I am looking forward to the prospect of a president that I am not embarrassed by. I hope (get it?) that Barack lives up to his campaign's claims.

Posted by John T. Hoffoss November 5, 08 03:22 PM

To anyone interested in being realistic in regards to the policies about to be implemented - sorry in advance!

Posted by greatnate November 5, 08 03:23 PM


Posted by Rick Freitas November 5, 08 03:24 PM

Puerto Rico for Obama

Posted by Davsot November 5, 08 03:32 PM

At 61,

You don't have to vote in the primaries to be able to vote in the general election. if you're going to criticize the election process, get some general knowledge of civics first.

Posted by Courtney November 5, 08 03:33 PM

#13 is a great portrait. Love the reflective surface.

#16 is great evidence that Obama is human and has a life outside of politics. He and his wife appear to be the most affectionate couple on the campaign trail and elsewhere. It's comforting to see that side of Obama and his family.

#33-35 makes me feel proud to be an American. I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

Thank you for all the great work Mr. Taylor!

Posted by Micah Abbott November 5, 08 03:33 PM

So beautiful!


Posted by Matthew November 5, 08 03:33 PM

Yes! Yes! Yes!! The pics are a beautiful representation of the spirit we are feeling. The blind dummies on here can't get us down -- Obama is our president. We WANT him as our president. Thank God that the evil moron Bush will be gone soon! Welcome President Barack Obama! We support you!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Phil November 5, 08 03:33 PM

Great pictures as always.

I wonder how these comments will look in 4 years!

Posted by George D. November 5, 08 03:34 PM

#61-- you sampled a handful of college-aged employees-- this says nothing about the *majority* of voters... you clearly are *not* a statistician and probably *are* an idiot. Take an elementary course on experimental design and randomized statistics.

Sure there's plenty to be done after the election-- but why is it wrong to be hopeful in the midst of euphoria? It certainly isn't wrong to be skeptical, either-- I believe Obama has great ideas, but I'm certainly not about to believe they're all going to get through Congress without a hitch! Grow up, the future's not waiting around.

Posted by TheDayWeWon November 5, 08 03:39 PM

The new generation of took America back from the hands of the old generation. The USA are back.

Posted by Jeff Wachovia November 5, 08 03:40 PM

If you are not moved by seeing both Colin Powell and Wesley Clark get choked up then I do not know how you can call yourself an American?
52% in this day and age is a mandate, however, the other 48% need to make good on their battlecry "Country First"

Posted by A.J. Yanakakis November 5, 08 03:41 PM

Also-- these photos are a glorious spread of a glorious man in action.

Idealistic or not, I'm admittedly still caught in the euphoria.

We won, America.

Posted by TheDayWeWon November 5, 08 03:43 PM

Thank you Americans! Thank you for all of us around the world.

Posted by Balkan November 5, 08 03:47 PM

Merci.....!! Et bravo d'avoir osé......
You dared it.....Bravo...and thank you !!

Posted by Roland from France November 5, 08 03:47 PM

This is a glorious day, more importantly a realization of a dream come true. Obama 2008. For hundreds of years the broken promise of 40 acres and a mule has haunted my people. November 4th, 2008 we got 50 states and the White House, imagine that........The time is right here... right now ....lets go forward never forgetting from whence we came. One love to all

Posted by Kanei November 5, 08 03:50 PM

Obama 349
McCain 173

Nothing else to say, so Stop Whining!

Posted by TFB November 5, 08 03:50 PM

A once in a lifetime experience.......Congratulations!!!!

Posted by AUGUSTINA November 5, 08 03:52 PM

After eight long years, it finally feels like America again. Thank you, America!

Posted by BB November 5, 08 03:53 PM

Congratulations America !!

This is the kind of values and democracy lessons you can show to the rest of the world and be assured than the rest of the world will be willing to follow this kind of leadership. !!

Posted by European November 5, 08 03:56 PM

Europe is proud of you, congratulation, you did it!

Posted by kiki November 5, 08 03:58 PM

McCain was in a P.O.W. camp longer than Obama has been in the Senate...We shall see if inexperience pays off.

Posted by Mikey2bags November 5, 08 04:00 PM

I love this guy he is amazing everyone is critizing if you can deal with Bush for eight years full of wars and high gas prices then give Barack a Chance. And has anyone found Bin Laden yet speaking of Bush????? No but we found Sadim Hussien Correct???? Did he blow up the twin towers? No. But Where is Bin Laden???? Cashing checks with Bush who family has ties with Bin Family. Sick World. Ignorant and all

Posted by Dymond November 5, 08 04:02 PM


"Sure there's plenty to be done after the election-- but why is it wrong to be hopeful in the midst of euphoria?"

It's not wrong, just naive.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 04:10 PM

We are now.
We are indeed.
We are finally,
A More Perfect Union.

Posted by happyinboston November 5, 08 04:11 PM


"I love this guy he is amazing everyone is critizing if you can deal with Bush for eight years full of wars and high gas prices then give Barack a Chance."

Oh, I will. But you have to understand, there are more choices than Barack and McCain, Democrat and Republican, Donkey and Elephant. I'm critical of both of them (and all other parties, too). Trust me, it's possible to not like Barack AND Bush. Open your mind. Include third parties in your thoughts.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 04:18 PM

(In Yoda's voice) Change, we need. Yes, Mmmmm.

Posted by Yoda November 5, 08 04:22 PM

Our Prayers have been answered! I feel a new hope! Congrats!

Posted by William Thomas November 5, 08 04:25 PM

Given the mess left to us by the departing administration, we'll need all hands on deck for the next for years, but I am proud to throw my lot in with President Elect Obama!! I invite all who wonder what he'll be able to do to remember the immortal words of John F. Kennedy : "[a]sk not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country"! This is not a time to be Democrat or Republican; it is a time to be an American and all pull our weight. Let's put a lid on the trash-talking; call on the "better angels of our nature", to quote another great man from Illinois; and give this man a chance. God Bless you Mr. President Elect and keep you and your beautiful family safe from harm.

Posted by Ann R. November 5, 08 04:25 PM

Martin Luther King dream came true. Best wishes. Lots of love St.lucian love

Posted by Jana & Kisla November 5, 08 04:31 PM

Absolutely amazing!

Posted by Isaac Viel November 5, 08 04:31 PM

Very Beautiful photos!
Let's all do what we can to bring ALL of our dreams come true!
Let's work together because this election is about us!
Thank you so much young voters! It's a bright new dawn!!!

Posted by the lone protester November 5, 08 04:32 PM

We should be very grateful that God has given us such
gifted person to help us get through the next 4 years in the USA.
All our prayers, positive thoughts go to Obama, he will surely need them.
We have been blessed with this man..

Posted by Cyndy Swazo November 5, 08 04:33 PM

Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, last night... we made history.

Posted by Guy Chapman November 5, 08 04:33 PM

The pacing of these photographs are brilliant. Great juxtapositions.

Posted by Terence Patrick November 5, 08 04:36 PM

#58 Seeing how no President has won over 50% of the popular vote since Regan, and Obama won 10 formerly Republican states, and you have to consider the gains Democrats made in both the House and the Senate. I think that you have no choice but to concede that PRESIDENT OBAMA indeed has a mandate.

Posted by Eric November 5, 08 04:37 PM

Congratulations all american people!
It was a beautiful party.

I saw some guys using t-shirts with Obama figure today in Rio's streets. Obama is great.

God bless you.

Posted by Henrique / from Brazil November 5, 08 04:43 PM

Ya know, I used to doubt people online who said that there are people out there who think of Obama as some sort of Messiah. Seeing all of the empty praise for Obama's "hope" and "change" on this page makes me not so sure. Maybe you guys should check out the book "The Cult of the Presidency".

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 04:45 PM

To all those that voted against President-Elect Obama,

Please give him a chance before you tear him down. Lets see what kind of a Cabinet he appoints, will he keep Petraus at Cent-Com? Who will be Chairman of Joint Chiefs and who will run Treasury and Fed? If he appoints people you have legitmate grievances with, debate your points. If he proposes policies you disagree with, debate your points. If you points are strong and legitamte, then you will not have a problem replacing him in 4 years. But please don't tear him down simply because he is a Democrat, or an African American. You lost, your ideas lost, your candidate lost. Give the winning candidate the chance to prove himself to you. That is all he asks.

Posted by shep November 5, 08 04:46 PM

I'm happy for you all. America deserves this man!
Greetz from Amsterdam, Holland

Posted by Martyn November 5, 08 04:48 PM

Hey Denny, and anyone else who questions health care reform...

Have you ever lived outside this country? Have you directly experienced medical care in other countries? Can you make an educated comparison? Or are you just repeated things you've heard but know nothing about?

Well, I've lived in Japan, England, Germany, and the USA. I've been a part of all of their health care systems. And while each system has issues, and nothing is perfect, we in America are lagging behind. Do some research. Look at life expectancy, cancer raets, infant mortality rates. Seriously.

Posted by Chris November 5, 08 04:48 PM

My faith is restored in Americans!

After the debacle of letting Dubya "win" in 2000, when he clearly didn't, after refusing to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol, after blindly going to war with Iraq (Saddam Hussein NEVER had anything to do with 911 or Al-Quaeda). After hearing about Creationist Retarded Education in US schools, after reading "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown, after serving with American Forces in Kosovo and Croatia, after the UK losing 18 servicemen to US "Friendly Fire" in 1991 and a Royal Air Force Tornado fighter plane was shot down by American "airfield defence" troops in Kuwait 2003.
...You've done something very, very good for the world - We all rejoice with you!

Posted by djspang November 5, 08 04:57 PM

I think the better man won. I never thought i would live to see this day in my lifetime. It is a blessing that this man who is so humble and ready to serve the American people is where he is today. May God bless the Obama family. For all those with negative comments the country has spoken..... suck it up and deal with it!

Posted by Kee November 5, 08 05:01 PM


"Have you ever lived outside this country?"


"Have you directly experienced medical care in other countries?"


"Can you make an educated comparison?"

Define "educated"? It has been shown as economically infeasable to give health care to everybody. And there are plenty of realistic accounts and economic examples of what happens in such a system.

"Or are you just repeated things you've heard but know nothing about?"

Why do people always assume this?

Honestly... lets pause for a second here.

The reason why people choose different options is because they have different values. Assuming everybody gets the same, accurate information, everybody will STILL choose different options because they value something else more. They have different priorities.

So, assuming I have accurate economic examples, you really can't accuse me of making a bad call on something. It's a value judgement.

Oh, and I'm not at ALL against health care reform. I'm just against socializing medicine so that everybody is on the same level, and everybody bears the burden.

What is it that you propose, then? What is it that you like and dislike about Obama's plan? I'll assume you have your own priorities that are different than mine, and not assume that you are some idiot spouting off what somebody told you. I'd appreciate the same courtesy.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 05:01 PM

I'm a libertarian atheist. I did not vote for Obama or McCain.

But damned, just the images, the idea that this man is our President...

Brings me tears of joy and hope for humankind!

Posted by Patrick Henry November 5, 08 05:01 PM

Congratulations America! A landslide victory for the voice of reason. 93% of the World thinks you've chosen wisely - and 6+ billion people can't be wrong. And RESCETP1 for McCain, too, for his highly dignified concession speech. Another remarkable American. Peace from NL, Europe.

Posted by Steven November 5, 08 05:02 PM

Beautiful Pictures!

And to all the negative comments being left in this blog about President Obama...
I just get my joy knowing that!! Oh how we shall sing and dance for the CHANGE!!


Posted by Laura November 5, 08 05:03 PM

America is now really a GREAT country. By choosing a afro-american as your pressident, you all the americans have prooved for whole world that you have something great in your 'undrawer'. You are best! Thank you America. God bless you and your country. The real american dream is now possible for all of you. I am so glad for you and your best choice. Long live America!

Excellant photos. Obama is a Living God, so hansome and charismatic he is!

(Sorry for my poor english).

Posted by Champs d'Ormes from Paris. November 5, 08 05:03 PM

Great photos!

Posted by Vicky November 5, 08 05:07 PM

In fact, Chris, I think the problem with this country's health system is just like what happened when the hurricanes hit. Insurance is seen is an imperative and a right. People all over have insurance for their cars, their motorcycles, their homes, and now they can get it for their pets and whatever they want. No big deal--if they can afford it. Whether the insurance companies don't charge enough to cover their costs on their own or the government mandates it, it should be seen as a private matter. Insurance companies should be guarded just like banks should be (except they haven't), such that insurance companies can't promise what they can't deliver, just like banks.

So when the hurricanes hit, and the insurance companies couldn't cover the disaster, who picks up the tab? The US government. Hooray for us! And why should we the people pay for people lived along a coast that is frequently hit by hurricanes when they get damaged? Sounds like a personal problem to me, and I don't want to pay for it.

Essentially, being able to afford insurance, just like many many other things, is not a right, it's a privilege. And it should be kept that way.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 05:08 PM

If Obama can get us back to where this country was 8 years ago, I'll shake his hand and say 'a job well done'. Anything more will be icing on the cake...

Posted by Natman November 5, 08 05:14 PM

Shep (#159), well stated! It is time this country came together and work our way out of the mess we find ourselves in. I am very hopeful that we can close the partisan gap and actually do some good across this country. But we have to get past the doom and gloom prophecies, and the smears that divide us. I think we can safely say that President-elect Obama is not a terrorist, or the anti-christ, or whatever other tactics came out of the smear campaign. But he is the leader of our country, and if the McCain supporters really intent on putting "Country First" then that means doing everything we all can to help move this country forward.
And the comment about it being naive to believe in hope, that is the most depressing comment I've seen hear. Why would you ever criticize someone for having hope? Would you ever tell your child it was dumb to hope or dream for something, no matter the size?

Posted by proud and ready to work for change November 5, 08 05:21 PM

hermosas fotos

Posted by verónica November 5, 08 05:28 PM

Congratulations Americans, we really hope Obama means a real change not only for the States but also for the rest of the world.

Posted by Sergio from Madrid November 5, 08 05:29 PM


"93% of the World thinks you've chosen wisely - and 6+ billion people can't be wrong."

Argumentum ad populum would like a word with you.

Champs d'Ormes from Paris,

"Obama is a Living God..."

Ay ay ay! I'm glad I didn't make any material bets about people thinking Obama is a god.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 05:29 PM

Congratulations Americans, we really hope Obama means a real change not only for the States but also for the rest of the world.

Posted by Sergio from Madrid November 5, 08 05:30 PM

A great day in history to see the first African American to be appointed President. He's intelligent, articulate, educated, charismatic , and yes seems to have a genuine caring for all people. Just as important though, to see the thousands of voters turn out was so amazing and energizing, especially for our youth. They are our future! Congrats for an outstanding campaign..Yes he will!
Karen Smith, Saint Louis-Missouri

Posted by Karen Smith November 5, 08 05:30 PM

Awesome photo essay.

McCain folks.. stop being so shrill, snarky, sulky, and lame. Or move to Alaska and live in Palin's utopia. Either way, STFU and get out of the way.

Posted by Frank L, Boston, MA November 5, 08 05:31 PM

o melhor
só podia ser assim
abraço berna_dd

Posted by berna_dd November 5, 08 05:36 PM

proud and ready to work for change,

"And the comment about it being naive to believe in hope, that is the most depressing comment I've seen hear."

I'd appreciate not being misread and misquoted, this is what I said:


"Sure there's plenty to be done after the election-- but why is it wrong to be hopeful in the midst of euphoria?"

It's not wrong, just naive."

It IS naive to be hopeful in the midst of euphoria, because that's typically when you should be most vigilant. One story comes to mind of a girl that was raped at a party and her friend thought he remembered her asking for help but he was too drunk to remember. When he heard that she was in fact raped that night, he vowed never to drink again. I don't agree with his conclusion, but I can understand his resolve and why he decided to make that vow.

So, when you are feeling really good, you should to be more vigilant because you are naturally letting your guard down. You don't have to, but it certainly is a more efficient survival technique.

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 05:38 PM

Congratulations America!

Posted by Dylan November 5, 08 05:39 PM

Frank L, Boston, MA,

"McCain folks.. stop being so shrill, snarky, sulky, and lame. Or move to Alaska and live in Palin's utopia. Either way, STFU and get out of the way."

I'm not a "McCain folk" so you're probably not talking to me, but would you want to address my thoughtful posts and questions above?

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 05:40 PM

A great day for a great country.

Such an opportunity to take a step in a new direction, for ALL of us. Not just the top five percent.

Get with it, citizens. Believe!

President Obama!

Posted by Aaron, Portland, Ore. November 5, 08 05:44 PM

Beautiful photo's (next best thing to being there) Praise God from whom all Blessing Flow !!! History was made on 4th November 2008; and I thank God
for being here.

Posted by Leslie, Riverside,CA November 5, 08 05:49 PM

I know this isn't relevant to his job as president, but what a beautiful family they are! It's been a very long time since we had such a beautiful family representing this country, probably not since Kennedy.

Posted by Karen November 5, 08 05:50 PM

I just glad to be round ..and proud to be black.

Posted by Ladi November 5, 08 05:52 PM

Photo 30 Appears to be a composite, I'm surprised it made it in.

Posted by S.B. November 5, 08 05:52 PM

A great day for American and the rest of the world but I wish American will learn to lose their idea of sharing wealth with the poorest as a great evil. The greed espoused by the right has nothing in common with the values of liberty, freedom and democracy. As for socialism, it is not the same as being a child rapist. Jesus Christ was the great socialist the world has ever seen. Republicans I hope that one day you will learn to become better people and stop believing in the right of very rich and amoral white men to oppress and exploit others and call that christianity and patriotism.

Posted by Juliet Howden November 5, 08 05:54 PM

Are you the same guy that takes the other pictures too?

I hate Obama but I love your pictures!

Posted by Brian November 5, 08 05:57 PM

Awesome Photos!

Posted by mike November 5, 08 06:09 PM

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I have never felt more inspired or more alive or more hopeful about America. I'm so tired of feeling ashamed and this election just ushered in my key to finally feeling proud. Go America and go Americans!

Posted by cp12 November 5, 08 06:12 PM

Okay, to all the pissed off, bitter and otherwise assinine comments I have had the privilege to read today (after all free speech is your inalienable right) I have a few very simple questions:
Is your objection to Barack Obama based on your disagreement with his leadership abilities? Because all know what a stellar job "W" has done (yes its sarcasm)
The idea of anyone not caucasian in the White House? Ye Gods~ no other race has the level of astuteness or intelligence because you are "the chosen" ?? I welcome the comments rude, crude and personalized though they may be (I have the utmost faith some of you will not disappoint)
What ?? because at the end of the day ~ here is the one part everyone keeps missing~ He won, the people of all ethnicities got out and voted.

Posted by paula November 5, 08 06:15 PM

November 5, 2008- like Christmas morning x 1,000,000!!!

Posted by ObamaMama November 5, 08 06:15 PM

Danny should have ran with McCain, he's got a lot to say!

Posted by Paul November 5, 08 06:20 PM

A sad day in America.

Posted by Don Juan November 5, 08 06:20 PM

Picture number 12 seems to reflect the conflicting emotions and the momentous weight of this historic day. The uncertainty of change (lady on the left), the joy (lady on the right) and the hope for a better future (girl in the centre). A beautiful picture.

Posted by David Eckersall November 5, 08 06:22 PM

Sekrit Service

What's President Obama's Sekrit Service nick going to be?

What was Dubya's, for that matter - 'The Goat', 'Knucklehead' .. ?

Posted by Alex November 5, 08 06:27 PM

As a Canadian, this was more existing than the last few times we've elected empty headed conservatives to dive our own country deeper into the hole, just like the US is emerging from the same hole. Whats sad is the amount of pathetic turds asking for free welfare, mortgages paid and all that crap Rove told you to say if Obama won. He has a huge job ahead of him and it seems a country half full of losers ready to burn the country to the ground to prove a point; that liberal thinking is wrong.

Well ladies I hope you FAIL, fail big, world leaders will want to work with him, will want to see him succeed and you will just come off as traitors to your own country and today I feel more of an American than you will ever deserve to be. Yelling from the top of your trailer home with a shotgun in your hand is not the American dream, today the world hopes for your country to resurrect itself from the sewer you have dragged it into.

And btw, this feature from is BRILIANT and the person who came up with it should be well compensated

Posted by Mark Wret November 5, 08 06:27 PM

I am glad to see that the US has recovered a bit of common sense.

I see some major issues, the fact is that it will be quite difficult to pull forward some of those promisses, at least during his first legislation (that is if there are any). Not as much as for the raw economic issues, but for the corporate and economic interests. I feel quite sure that between the high elite of the US there are many guys that don't even whant to think about many of the things he talks about. Though it can sound like picked out of a movie, I just hope not to see an other JFK if he realy tries to pull forward his promisses in a serius way, hope not.

Posted by Mikel November 5, 08 06:30 PM

It is wonderful to be on the right side of history on this momentous day.

Posted by Content in a Cottage November 5, 08 06:31 PM

Obama has already made a tremendous positive impact on our nations attitude. He is clearly capable of accomplishing goals he sets out, after all, he is the first African American president elected and he did so by running a first class campaign.

I'm not so naive to think everything will be sunny meadows now but am absolutely thrilled to tears to have a Obama as our president and excited for a change in America's bogus reputation.

Posted by Samuel November 5, 08 06:34 PM

Excellent photo essay!

This is a pivotal moment in our nation's history and goes beyond the presidency bid. What many seem to forget is that Obama is half African American and half Caucasian. He truly represents a majority of the American people, and his win on Nov. 4 is a source of pride for not only African Americans but for Caucasians as well as we can finally demonstrate that we have all risen up, shed our differences, and united as a single people (possibly for the first time in our history!).


Ps. I love #20. What a bad ass!

Posted by Eric November 5, 08 06:43 PM

When the Republicans were in power, I couldn't stomach listening to O'Reilly, Rush, Hannity, and the rest of them. Now that the gov't is back on track and in good hands, it's fun and funny to listen to the Republican talking heads bloviate!

Posted by Mark November 5, 08 06:44 PM

Wow, okay, now that I see Michelle's dress up close, it is quite beautiful (not a fan of the overly casual-looking cardigan elegant shrug might've been better). Her designer should have known that it was a bad choice for a dress to be seen on television and from a distance, though, because from a distance you can't see the subtle gradient that the red--black just looks like a big red blotch, which is why I thought it was ugly.

Posted by Tina November 5, 08 06:46 PM

•You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
•You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
•You cannot help little men by tearing down big men.
•You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
•You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
•You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.
•You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
•You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
•You cannot build character and courage by destroying men's initiative and independence.
•And you cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can and should do for themselves.
William J. H. Boetcker (1873 – 1962)

Posted by Left-of-Right November 5, 08 06:48 PM

All I want to say is "Yes we can!"

Posted by Yaheya Quazi November 5, 08 06:48 PM

I am so deeply proud of my country. As I watched the results last night with dear friends, I am not ashamed to say that tears ran down my cheeks. These photographs are most certainly "keepers." Thank you very much for posting them.

YES WE . . . DID.

Posted by Paul Olson November 5, 08 06:49 PM

I don't get it. What does everybody see in Obama besides empty "change" slogans and speeches? I'm not complaining that he won, because I thought McCain was a poor candidate and ran a terrible campaign. I also thought Bush spent recklessly during his tenure and let government grow out of control. But who thinks they really know Obama? Can anyone name one legislative accomplishment of his? What plan does he have that is going to take our country out of insolvency? This is "dumb as we want to be" politics. I'm hoping for the best, but expect business as usual in Washington DC.

Posted by Bill November 5, 08 06:52 PM

Congratulations Obama to be the next President of the United States of America , surely he is capable of the post and duty . The world is watching him and the U.S , may he lead the nation for a bright and prosperous future .

Posted by cmoonflyer November 5, 08 06:56 PM

To people who don't like obama. You have no other option than to give him a chance as your president. stop crying and get used to it..

Posted by chrisb November 5, 08 07:04 PM

congrats guys ,hope it goes well this time!

Posted by Sakaria Shimaneni November 5, 08 07:11 PM

Parabens pelas fotos!
Parabens pela democracia, pela inovação e pelo presidente eleito.
Esperamos uma nova era um novo tempo.
As fotos nos remetem a filmes de ficção, espero que sejam reais como nossas
esperanças de um mundo melhor.

Posted by Claudio de Magalhães November 5, 08 07:13 PM

I am an Indian presently on a visit to US on business and I must say I am extremely fortunate to be here in these great times. I have seen some fantastic politics, healthy debates, mind blowing commentary, and outstanding audiences.

Even though I am far removed from the realities of your politics I am truly proud for what you Americans have demonstrated in this election - you have truly shown what a great nation you are and the lofty dreams that any one of us can realise.

God Bless.

Posted by Krishna Kumar, Atlanta November 5, 08 07:15 PM

Ville Chamonix family for Obama.

Posted by Camilli Chamone November 5, 08 07:17 PM



Posted by BALLIN November 5, 08 07:18 PM

great photos!

Posted by Donna November 5, 08 07:18 PM

You' re the best choice ! keep going to realize promisses not only for USA but to the entire world !

Posted by Luiz Roberto L .Machado November 5, 08 07:30 PM

These photos make me remember that when I was young back in the 60's I absolutely believed that someday a rock star would be president. After looking at these great photos don't you agree that he's now the world's biggest rock star? I didn't vote for Obama because I strongly feel government should do much less and he of course wants it to do more and more, but in my mind there was never any question that Obama would win. And I'm glad he has because he will lift everybody's spirits in a way the McCain could not have. Even if we end up with a swing further to the left than people expect, more American spirit will make up for it. I mean this very sincerely, he's our president, he's got the stage.... rock on.

Posted by John Whipple November 5, 08 07:31 PM

What an awesome collection of pics. Pretty incredible!

As for the comments, I'm just in awe of how much bitterness there is in people.
Get over yourselves, people, the majority has spoken.
Maybe if you weren't so miserable and full of venom your lives would be happier.
Your own happiness does NOT depend on who's president, but of course some of you will never figure that out. If not for being perpetually miserable, you wouldn't know what else to be.

Posted by FD November 5, 08 07:31 PM

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

We have tonight shown the "better angels of our nature".

On Nov. 4 went to bed in one country and awoke on Nov. 5 in another.

I have never been prouder of my state (Ohio) or my country than I am today.

Posted by DrMV November 5, 08 07:31 PM

The person who was the #113 comment is a hater.
Why not put yourself out of your own misery?
The majority of the country has spoken buddy!
Better get used to it.
Yes WE DID!!!!

Posted by Douglas Stoddard November 5, 08 07:34 PM

Im speachless,Very glad to see that we now have a president who see the thangs that we see, and feel the Pain that we feel,Who sees the struggle that lies ahead of all of Us,that we must Defeat,,And we Will, God has our blessings!!!!!!!!

Posted by November 5, 08 07:35 PM

I envy America now than ever!

Posted by Sakaria Shimaneni (Namibia) November 5, 08 07:36 PM

many people who can afford it are getting they're taxes raised. Why on earth should they get they're taxes lowered when they're the ones who can actually afford taxes. For one thing, i am getting my taxes cut and im glad. GOOOOO OBAMA!! Also, responding to comment... 113, "hoodwinked to change" what????? "mr. Change" we do need change in this country because.. well, do you like Bush? no? well i thought so because hardly anyone can like him after he and cheynee have messed up our country and our relationships with the world. But McCain is Bush all over again, and we cannot have that any longer.

Posted by Darly Cobrinik November 5, 08 07:41 PM

also, "obama cant salute the flag because hes not an american?" where do you get your info. Of course he is an american, he was born here in america like any other american. anyway, these pictures were beutifull, and i am truly glad that such an intelligant and loving man will rule our country

Posted by Darly Cobrinik November 5, 08 07:46 PM

These are absolutely incredible. Fantastic pictures.

Posted by Justin P November 5, 08 07:50 PM

Yes We Can!

Posted by JoltMello November 5, 08 07:53 PM

This is absolutely my favorite blog. I knew it wouldn't disappoint today. I look at this blog through tears in my eyes, overwhelmed with excitement and hope for the first time in 8 years. Thank you so much.

Posted by Jaye November 5, 08 07:54 PM


"Danny should have ran with McCain, he's got a lot to say!"

What's your point? Plus, I wouldn't have ran with him anyway. Yech... I don't think I need to explain. :-D

Posted by Danny November 5, 08 07:57 PM

Beautiful images!

Congratulations from an Aussie.

Hope lives for the U.S.A. that we admire.

Engage! 8)

Posted by scootergrrl November 5, 08 07:57 PM

OUTSTANDING photographs. I'm very proud of my country right now....

Posted by MShades November 5, 08 08:06 PM

Those were the longest eight years ever!!!

Happy "Ranching" GWB!!!!!!!

And Good "Hunting" to Dick Cheney!!!!!

Congrats to Obama and the USA!

Posted by john November 5, 08 08:19 PM

damn! wana know how we africans really feel over here?

Posted by Sakaria Shimaneni (Namibia) November 5, 08 08:23 PM

Americans talk to brother from another mother here in africa!

Posted by Sakaria Shimaneni (Namibia) November 5, 08 08:26 PM

Seeing the young people outside the White House, cheering peacefully, almost moved me to tears. They came out, voted, and took the country back. It's their country now. I couldn't be prouder to be an American.

As another poster so wonderfully said, for the 48% "Country First" crowd, it's time to get with the program. Don't be bitter.

Posted by AP November 5, 08 08:27 PM

What lies beyond hope?

First off, I was honestly impressed with John McCain’s concession speech last night. If the man who gave that speech had been the man running for President, this election would have been a lot closer. The only point I have to contend with is his praise of Palin’, which is a perfunctory nicety, but shouldn’t she get back to Alaska to keep an eye on Russia now?

Obama’s speech will be heard around the world. But more importantly, it will be felt. The entire Nordeast bar I was in sat silent as he spoke. It will become a staple among high school speech students for decades to come for sure. But the physical impact those words had was immediate. I liked his nod our country’s great history even as he stood making it. But it was his recognition of the challenges ahead that I took to heart. Despite his oratory skills, this wasn’t a fantasy world he laid out, we need to get to work. All of us. Remove the demographics and pigeon-holes that we’ve been shoved in for the past two years. All of us.

For those of us, who aren’t in Congress or have massive amounts of wealth, what can we do? How do we turn those words into action? To be blunt, listening to Obama last night made me want to be a better person. There are traits in our new President I want to emulate, that I want to teach to my nephews: intelligence, inclusiveness, reasoning, unflappability, positivity, in allowing your roots to let you become one of the branches. It can come out in little ways. Use your turn signal. Look a stranger in the eye and smile. Don’t see a businessman, a black person, a wheelchair, a bum, see an American. You share that in common. Realize that everything isn’t a contest. Learn about someplace where you don’t live. Give up your seat to an older person. These sound simplistic and silly compared to the issues we face, but try them, they’re free. They won’t add to the national debt. They’re totally non-partisan. And when you multiply them by millions, it suddenly becomes an everyday reality. We begin to see what is good about this country.

And it generates hope. Hope that draws possibility within reach. Hope that will be turned into action and solutions. We’re America. We’re better than what we’ve shown each other and the world the last eight years. We’ve grown fat, lazy, apathetic, and whiny. No longer can we be number one by default. We have to earn it. Just like many generations in the past have.

Don’t let the echo of those words fade. Let them reverberate in your own lives years from now. Carry an ember of that fire you felt to warm your heart when things grow cold.

Yes, we can. But will we? That’s up to all of us. And I, for one, am ready to get to work.

Posted by Scott J November 5, 08 08:28 PM

I don't believe in God. But if there really exists a God let him bless America today!

Thank you/Obrigado!
Henrique, Porto - Portugal

Posted by Henrique Alves November 5, 08 08:28 PM

Beutiful picz! how does it feel to be an american 2day ha?......

Posted by Sakaria Shimaneni (Namibia) November 5, 08 08:29 PM

This is really a historical moment for human history and civilizatiion. All the world is watching with special attention what is going on in The USA. And probably in some special place Mr. Luther King is concentrated in this news........

Posted by Adherbal Regis November 5, 08 08:34 PM

The best set of pictures this blog has seen ... and I'm not just saying that 'cause I voted for him.

Posted by Glenn Twiggs November 5, 08 08:52 PM

What a fantastic night Nov. 4th was. I'm still tearing up over it.

After the win here in Seattle, people poured into the streets in celebration. A street party lasted until 3 in the morning. Thousands of people hugging, screaming in joy, men and women crying, strangers giving each other high fives. Police just stood there and smiled. It was absolutely incredible. I have never felt so strongly for my country than I did last night.

Simply amazing.

Posted by Damien November 5, 08 08:53 PM

Dear US neighbours,

The world is a better place today than it was a few days ago because of you. Thank you for choosing this man as your president. You've sent a clear message to the rest of the world: Americans believe in democracy and change.
All my respect to you.
Dan from Canada

Posted by Dan November 5, 08 09:00 PM

"Essentially, being able to afford insurance, just like many many other things, is not a right, it's a privilege. And it should be kept that way."

I stopped reading comments after I read that. My jaw just dropped and my heart breaks to think there are people out there that think like this. I can only assume you've never given birth to a very sick baby with special needs, and then blown through your older child's college savings to pay for "your share" of the insurance costs. When my mentally retarted son grows up to be a man, his health and life have as much value as any privlieged CEO's. And if you think that's "not fair", then I pray you never have a sick child, or a loved one who gets cancer. You're just so awful to think that; the right to a healthy life should not be a "privilege".

Posted by Anne November 5, 08 09:06 PM

this is the first time in a while that virtually everyone i know had some vested interest in what was going on... heck even people abroad!

college kids out in boston were having a good time too.

roadtrip to dc come inauguration day!

Posted by freshouttatime November 5, 08 09:07 PM

Honestly, I hate the P.O.W. arguments. What kind of political experience is that? None. Yes, maybe it shows your tough and stubborn and refuse to quit, but it does not mean you know how to run a country. McCain is a great man, but he just is not the man to run our country, especially right now His policies will continue this country down the dreadful path that Bush has led us down.

Yes, Obama may not have a lot of experience, but the fact that he was able to motivate and inspire so many people is a truly unique quality (one that McCain clearly does not have despite his storied past). Look at the numbers. The election was NOT close. Its not like McCain was cheated. He lost because Americans want change and McCain was not offereing that. Obama is a man that immediately demands your respect and attention. Not just from Americans, but the entire world. People of all nationalities sat and watched this election and are now rejoicing because they know the America they have grown to hate has new life. Its not realistic to think drastic change will come quickly. If you do, then you clearly do not understand how the government works. Maybe not in January, maybe not even in 2009, but down the road Obama will make great strides to take America in a new direction. Millions of Americans are motivated to turn things around because of the results of this election and that would never had happened with a McCain presidency. The most important thing now is for Obama to reach across the aisle, something he has been known to do, so I have no doubts it will happen. The past eight years have left our country a mess. People from both parties will agree with that. Obama is the only person in this election that stood out as having the promise and potential to change that. America has made its decision.

Lastly, anyone out there making idiotic comments like "Obama is gonna make me pay more taxes" is just plain selfish. If that's the first thing on your list of concerns then you clearly do not care about our country.

Posted by ddot November 5, 08 09:10 PM

I would like to say how happy I am for President Barack Obama and also for our great country,its so nice to see the breakthrough of racism to be gone it our country and to see a man as special asPresident Obama to take the office as our leader,we have proven to the world that the United States of America has spoken and we want CHANGE.May God bless President Obama and his family and give him the strength to restore our country and set the standard fo world peace.Best of luck from Richie The~Ax From Portland ,Maine........WE DID IT AND SHOWED THR NATION,

Posted by Richie November 5, 08 09:14 PM

Mexican Women know he's a BALLER!! lol x_x

Posted by Punjabi Boi November 5, 08 09:18 PM

America is America, republican president or democratic president. Some people act like it's only your America when your people are in charge. Beautiful pics.

Posted by Austin November 5, 08 09:18 PM

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Obama and the democratic party now have near total control of the senate ((off by 4 seats)) and total control of the house and now the Presidency. I state this now with hope that somehow things will get better.
1. Fix the economy
2. Finish the war.
3. Fix social security.
Good luck, and if you fail. I will be there to laugh, and laugh hard.

Posted by Shawn November 5, 08 09:24 PM

I'm Australian and watched yesterday's (our time) proceedings and resulting acceptance speech in awe. Congratulations America, you got it right this time, what an inspiring leader.

Posted by Emma November 5, 08 09:26 PM

this is the change that America have been reading for and now we all Black and white people we make it happen.

Posted by James Louis-Jean November 5, 08 09:27 PM

The Pied Piper has finally arrived.!

Free everything for everybody!

Free at Last . Free at last.

Uhuh . . .

Posted by Fidel November 5, 08 09:28 PM


I just HOPE I have some CHANGE left when this is all said and done

Posted by Ed November 5, 08 09:31 PM

Did you check out the shades? And the dramatic shots in the rain? Damn, we have the coolest President in the world.

Posted by maximike November 5, 08 09:33 PM

Why couldn't it have been Colin Powell? A much better black leader! THis guy will be the death of freedom to America as we know it.

Posted by John November 5, 08 09:36 PM

I voted for McCain. The majority voted for Obama. Let us ALL unite and get behind this man and make our suffering country great once again. I pray for his success and his safety. I hope in four years that we can say that he was the best president in history.

Posted by Tim from Calhoun, GA November 5, 08 09:38 PM
I made the illustration above this morning and wrote this last night:

What wonderful news for us and for the world!


And not just another president, but one who can become a GREAT President.

One who will change the American people, and also inspire the world.

One who can actually give an intelligent and eloquent public speech, full of hope for this great country of ours and for a better world.

One who can unite a nation of different people, of different races, religions, ideals and economic levels.

Hope has just entered the American vocabulary again tonight, with no trace of cynicism.

I am so proud to be an American tonight. I am so proud of my new President.

I am proud to be American in this historic time of change and hope.

Love, Peace, and Hope, to you!

Posted by Richard Cardona November 5, 08 09:43 PM

Now that the battle between the Republicrats and Democans is over, do yourself a favor - go back and look at Ron Paul's platform. Don't just go by memory from the smear stories you heard before the primaries. You want change? You *will not get it* with the new President-elect, nor would you have gotten it from the also-ran. Both parties are two sides of the same coin. More government, more spending, more "welfare to the world"... Yes, Senator Paul said he would bring the troops home --- from *every* foreign country, not just Iraq and Afghanistan. No, Doctor Paul did *not* say he would outlaw abortion, he would make it a State's issue. Read his platform, then summon the courage to take back our nation from the fatally flawed two-party system, and vote for *real change* in 2012.

Posted by Harmless Fuzzy Bunny November 5, 08 09:45 PM

I'm glad to be here....and white.

Posted by txnth November 5, 08 09:49 PM

scott j, couldn't have said it any better myself.

i cried for a half-hour off and on when things went down last night. i sit here staring at these photos and the true final weight of them doesn't register with me yet. the words "barack obama, president-elect" are still like oil and water in my brain.

i doubted this could actually happen, you know. they lingered on through the primaries (especially when obama lost here in pennsylvania) and even up through the conventions, even when all the polls pointed to a decisive democratic victory and the moods of the respective campaigns told the story more clearly than hemingway could have. hope, it seems, is a fickle mistress; and doubt one that refuses to climb from beneath the covers for weeks. and just you think twice about asking either to cook you breakfast.

i am twenty-three years old. i came of age with the thunderous crash of tumbling buildings still ringing in my ears. the frustration of seeing the divisive close-mindedness i saw around me growing up echoed on television and on the radio cannot be described in anything short of the tears that i shed last night - the tears that i will always shed when i think about where i was at eleven p.m. on november 4th, 2008, when barack obama addressed the nation as a president-in-waiting and shattered the disparaging negativity of my youth.

by the way everyone else was crying, they could feel it, too.

everything is different, folks. no more excuses - let's get to work.

Posted by dave p November 5, 08 09:50 PM

Beautiful photos of our President-Elect!
"Yes We Can" is an awesome motto to sum it up! :)

Posted by Trie November 5, 08 09:52 PM

I listened and watched his acceptance speech. That's the face and expression of a man who truly believes in this country and knows he has a great task ahead of him.

Posted by Rand Williams November 5, 08 09:55 PM

Excellent photos, and I am extremely happy we have an awesome new president.

Posted by Xydexx November 5, 08 09:56 PM

Congratulation for you, Obama!!!

and these are notes for Americans (taken from Romans 13)

Submission to the Authorities:
(1)Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. (2)Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. (3)For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. (4)For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. (5)Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. (6)This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. (7)Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

Posted by Mia Tobing November 5, 08 09:56 PM

Re: comment #186 - "...and proud to be black." You're PROUD to be black? Why - is it something that you worked for, and finally achieved? It's like the people who say they're "proud" to be an American. Unless an immigrant decides to become an American citizen, and does it, it's not something to be "proud" of. I feel extremely, EXTREMELY, lucky to be an American. But I was born here, to American parents, so it's not as though it was something that I accomplished and so feel I have a right to be proud of. On the other hand - I'm very, very proud of what my fellow Americans and I did yesterday, in electing Mr. Obama to be our next president. I also love and appreciate all the wonderful comments here from people of different countries. And, by the way, these are some of the most fantastic pictures I’ve ever seen!

Posted by Kathy November 5, 08 09:57 PM

To the citizens of America, Thank you. As an Australian, I am elated and relieved at your choice of President. Your country over the last eight years has lost the respect and trust of many and I hope that with this change, comes renewed respect, hope and peace for not only America, but the world.

Posted by veronim November 5, 08 09:59 PM

Obama-rama diorama

But serious, I am so so happy that my candidate won. To be honest, I still like John McCain even after all trhat due to some of his moderate stances, particularly Nuclear. Seriously, us Democrats still have to applaud McCain for trying his darndest.
/moderate democrat
// also black

Posted by Nnameke of Nigeria & US November 5, 08 10:00 PM

To both side of the anger I say this: As an American I saw a very close race (I'm speaking of the popular vote). I don't understand when it became a bad thing to be successful in this or political. I always pray the day after the election, that the right choices are made for our country, and the world by the President of the United States of America. I voted for McCain/Palin. My side lost, but that doesn't mean that Obama is going to forget about us. You heard what he said "To all of you Americans who didn't vote for me...I hear you." I am not a sore loser, because I don't think anyone lost. I've seen alot of sore winners who, sometimes, quite literally spit in my face for having a McCain/Palin sign in my front yard. But that's okay. I think Obama will do an outstanding job. I think McCain would have done an outstanding job. However, I finally feel like Obama is going to make the decision to actually represent our country's values as a whole rather than picking sides of some bi-partisan issues and doing whatever they want. I hope the cahnge is the right kind of change and I hope that I still have a country to have hope in.l May we all unite for the betterment of America now and stop our bickering.

Posted by Joshua November 5, 08 10:03 PM

For everyone clamoring for socialized medicine, consider these facts:
In 2007 in the US, there were 113,250 family doctors. If we include interns, OB/GYN, pediatricians, psychiatrists and surgeons, the number is 281,790. There are approximately 305,586,828 people residing in the US today. Some simple math: 305,586,828 divided by 281,790 equals 1,083 people in the doctor's waiting room *before you*. And you think it's hard to get an appointment when your doctor has 300 patients?

Posted by Harmless Fuzzy Bunny November 5, 08 10:04 PM

Hmmmm...maybe Obama should return all the campain monies that he got from Franny may, Mac and any other companies that were given bailout money from the taxpayers. And send any Fannies like Rep. Frank to jail...if he really wants change, charge the dirty crooks that claim to represent us?

Posted by Scott November 5, 08 10:06 PM

I am proud to be an American again! I am a former New Yorker who is glad that Florida is a blue state. Our new President Obama is smart, inspiring, competent and cool. He and his family are gorgeous. I am determined to be a better citizen and help get this nation back on the right track -- working to improve our environment and educational system - by volunteering in my community. Let us all make a decision to work together, promote peace and celebrate our diversity!

Posted by julia h November 5, 08 10:07 PM

It is a democratic nation and the PEOPLE have spoken. Congrats to Obama, the President Elect.

He has much work ahead of him....let's see how he fares. There now maybe hope still for the beautiful world in which we all share. and HOPE is a truly beautiful thing.

Posted by ben November 5, 08 10:09 PM

God had spoken, this was already predistined when he was born, it is time for a change. Obama 08

Posted by Sharon November 5, 08 10:10 PM

I never been more prouder to be an american! unfortunetly I could not vote because I moved drastically out of state and they wouldnt let me vote due to paper and passed dates, but I was a supporter and very upset I coudlnt get to vote that tuesday, but so happy that he won I hope he follows through with his promises I know that it will be a very very long and hard road ahead of him I just hope he sticks with it and does his best. God bless him and his beauitful family.
And to those around the world thank you for your kind words and I apologize for all the crap the last administration did to this country and the world. God bless

Posted by Stephie, MA November 5, 08 10:17 PM

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mr. Obama as Mr. President other than he has only has about 4 years experience with national politics.
Hopefully he will learn quickly.

Posted by Mark November 5, 08 10:17 PM

what is wrong with me, i'm asian and do not feel Obama guy is all that!!!
i myself wouldn't vote for my own race. what happen here is loyalty vs greed.
If you follow Obama's career then you know greed won! McCain's loyalty to country, and party did not serve him well, the old man got smoked by a wide margin,
the war heroes" didn't even come close in points. I wonder if theres any reflection in Mccain life, maybe he shouldn't have gungho in Hanoi, loyalty is a vain concept for this selfish country. the fight not worth fighting, only to fight the bitterness in the end. sorta like "No Country for Old Men"

Posted by mrflabbergasted November 5, 08 10:23 PM


Posted by Venkat koneru November 5, 08 10:26 PM

You did well dear Americans... The world thanks you for this...

Posted by Louise November 5, 08 10:27 PM

It's hard not to be moved by these images. Congratulation to President-elect Barack Obama!

Posted by Gian Lazaro November 5, 08 10:29 PM

Great Pics ! Great Leader !

He will make the changes to America :)

Posted by Denie November 5, 08 10:34 PM

I can not express the amount of pride that I felt when they announced that we had elected Barack Obama as our new president. This overwhelming joy came from the depths of my soul and filled my entire being. I knew on the day of November 5th, that we as Americans had spoken and more importantly we had been heard. Congratulations Mr. President, may you reign with wisdom and grace, with integrity and tolerance and be a shining example of how we as people can and will co-exist with our differences yet similarities, our strengths yet our weaknesses, our victories as well as our defeats. I am happy to be me; an American!!!!!!!

Posted by Debra Lawrence November 5, 08 10:35 PM

Blah Blah Savior blah blah.
Call me in 4 years when you bitching about him too!

Posted by Greg Barr November 5, 08 10:38 PM

As I listen to the man, and watch his speech over and over, great Americans come to mind. People like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Martin Luther King. People who transformed the ideology and the future of our country for the better. I see this in Barak Obama, and honestly, if you can not understand what he is talking about, and can not see the substance in this man, then the problem in you. He is a visionary, he transcends politics, he gives hope to everyone in this country, and he is the embodiment of what America stands for. It doesn't matter what the color of your skin is, but the content of your character. He is the embodiment of Dr. Kings vision, and why I am so proud to be an American today.

Posted by Michael Harris November 5, 08 10:41 PM

cool pics

Posted by carolyn November 5, 08 10:42 PM

This victory will undoubtedly help to bridge racial barriers globally.
I believe that we will see a lot more mixed marriages. Great moment
for America and spin off lessons to be learnt by the 'world'. Not an easy
task. He will need the prayers and support of all.

Posted by Valda Staple November 5, 08 10:43 PM

Disappointed..... We called Canada. They said you're not invited eh.
And... you can't come here to Australia. Border Security are checking necks for acute redness...

Posted by Crocdundee November 5, 08 10:44 PM

Barack Obama on Nov. 4, 2008, at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. opening remarks:

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen; by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the very first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different; that their voice could be that difference.

It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled – Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.

It's the answer that led those who have been told for so long by so many to be cynical, and fearful, and doubtful of what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day.

The rest can be read here.

Posted by Glenn November 5, 08 10:45 PM

I haven't been this proud of the United States since Nov. 21, 1963. I am very, very proud of my country and extremely proud of our next president. I am just so happy and so hopeful.
Oh, yeah--fantastic photos. Outstanding work!

Posted by BertW November 5, 08 10:47 PM

At one point last night 64% of the obama vote was by whites. Though i was not one of those, i am impressed with people who voted for the man and not by virtue of his color. I really wish people stop bashing republicans and whites. did we or did we not as a nation move past that!!! PEOPLE... you have witnessed history. Now we will see what he will do.

Posted by Deb November 5, 08 10:50 PM

it's amazing how poor the grammar is in so many of these comments. I can't even bring myself to read the rest. The photos are beautiful though. And for all you who have little faith, remember the president doesn't run this country alone, he surrounds himself with intelligent advisers(committee/cabinet), you don't just vote for one person, you vote on morals, ethics, economics, policies of all types... where does the ignorance stop?

Posted by erik November 5, 08 10:54 PM

Its all said and done. I really just think a lot of people who are not happy about the outcome, are upset, because they don't want to admit to them being wrong. Give this man a chance before you bash him...This is the first time, I have ever voted, and Im 28. The first time I have ever been interested in politics. The first time I actually watch these people speak, without turning the television. This will also be the first time, that when they break through televsion programs, for the President Obama to speak, that I will listen. Its not because hes black, and so am I. At first I could have cared less, but the vibe that this man and his family gives is unexplainable....If you feel nothing you have a hateful soul that you carry, and may God bless you. As for John McCain, I can honestly say, I thought he was very sincere, and I wish him the best...................

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 10:59 PM

If we are pleased with someone's actions in Australia we say "good onya mate".

To the people of America I say "good onya mate."

Well bloody done.

Posted by Doug November 5, 08 10:59 PM

This is a wonderful, historical moment! The world needs someone like Obama who doesn't try to divide people-- he is someone who goes beyond color of skin, beyond hatred, beyond geography, beyond all these stupid little lines-- he's someone who can bridge communities. Yes, it's a change, and one of the changes is that it's in everyone's interest to be constructive for the future, because as it's been proven already, being destructive isn't going to help. For the past 8 years I've been afraid to say I'm American in other countries, but now... I'm proud. Go Obama!

Posted by Jen November 5, 08 11:01 PM

Awesome body of work!

Thanks for sharing these for those of us who don't have access to U.S. media reports (I'm from Asia).

Posted by David Deluria November 5, 08 11:02 PM

The full weight of this has yet to hit me. I am sitting hear rocking my baby girl to sleep thinking you can really be what every you work to be in this country. Our soon to be president didn't have things handed to him in his life and he had to do three times better than his competition to get this job. Now it is up to us all to become inspired by his life and make this world better, not just the USA the whole world. I am going to do it by spending 30 more minutes a day preparing my lessons as to better inspire my students. What are you going to do we have no excuse, not that we did before, but now there is evidence, not just ideas. The president can't really do a lot on his or hopefully one day her own. "Let's Roll" America!

Posted by Mr. E (Art teach) November 5, 08 11:12 PM

Great job! A great day for America and all of us!

Posted by Winston November 5, 08 11:14 PM

No, I'm not disappointed because he's black, stupid. I'm just sure that he, like all the others, cannot fulfill the mountain of campaign promises he made. "Get America off foreign oil in 10 years". Get real.

No, I wasn't a big fan of McCain, and I drive around with a bumper sticker of "Republican Against Bush."

Posted by Dave Swaney November 5, 08 11:14 PM

I love number 18. So ominous! It gives me chills.

All of you crazies who are saying terrible things about the American people or talking about LAUGHING at all the failures you expect from the next administration should be ashamed. I am a true independent. I voted for McCain and I disagree with many (almost all) of Obama's policies. However, I have high hopes for Obama. I'm not the only one who gets to choose the President (and neither are you). The people of the United States chose this great man and I have more faith in the decisions of the American people than any other group on earth. This is a victory for all of us. Finally, we are all living in a nation where people young and old of every race go out and place their votes. Is this not what we have been hoping for in every election? People to fulfill their civic duties. This man truly deserves to be President after the incredible numbers of people who went out to vote. Not to mention the horrible white supremicists have finally been overcome. We are no longer above electing a black man to a high office, the highest one in the world in fact. We are the greatest country in the world and higher taxes, universal health care, and so on are not going to change that. I just wish all of you angry people would keep in mind that

Today and everyday I am proud to be an American.

Posted by Miss Independent November 5, 08 11:26 PM

Scott J - I am proud to be your neighbor as fellow American.

To the bitter, angry folks posting on this blog - I don't hate you, because you are my family, friends, and co-workers too.

Let's work together as best we can, and make it better for everybody! Please? The world is watching!

Posted by Brook S. November 5, 08 11:28 PM

To the 48% - better put your country first and fall in line. You had your chance, and the past 8 years shows what you've done with it. Greed, excess, war, bigotry. It is time for a change, and if you gotta cough up an extra 2 or 3 thousand a YEAR if you're making over 250k, excuse me if I can't find tears to shed for you.

We need a healthcare safety net for all Americans. We are extremely wealthy as a nation, and there is no reason an accidental sickness should remove one of our fellow citizens from the productive ranks of society due to lack of insurance. This will benefit all of us, how anyone can fail to see that is truly saddening.

Posted by Taco Del Gato November 5, 08 11:28 PM

beautiful pictures

Posted by vijay November 5, 08 11:31 PM

As an Indian, and a World Citizen I am proud of you America. You have showcased the best in democracy, meritocracy and inclusiveness. India has a long way to go what with petty politicians playing dirty polical games to appease their respective vote banks. But Obama's victory allows even us Indians to dream a bit in these cynical times.

Posted by Vijay November 5, 08 11:37 PM

We the people for the people, great photo's, All ours prayers, and blessing go's to God and him along on this great day in America , a very historical moment for us and our new President Mr. Obama, well done, well done.

Posted by Mustafa Terrell November 5, 08 11:38 PM

it's mind boggling. dont get me wrong - i'm for obama.
yet, the biggest supporters of obama vote for the ban of gay marriages, which is a strong component of human rights. it's full of hypocrisy and irony.

Posted by wac November 5, 08 11:46 PM

As a McCain supporter, I can only hope that President Obama can govern as eloquently as he orates.

However, if that should not come to pass, I hope all of you with your "We Did It" buttons and stickers will still be displaying them when the question is asked: Who allowed this mess?

Posted by Ziyad Frazulka November 5, 08 11:46 PM

I am not Obama supporter neither McCain. I hope Obama can be a good role model to his fellow black americans.

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 11:59 PM

I hope he doesn't turn this country into what his brothers did to the many neighborhoods they inherited and turned into a garbage heap ghetto. I have never been so disgusted with this country as I am now. The American flag will never be flown at my house. I will fly the flag of my fathers fathers father. The Confederate Flag. With Pride.

Posted by Bubba Ribbone November 6, 08 12:06 AM

Re: #208

What Obama has is the one true trait that leaders have - the ability to inspire.

We have not had a a leader with that quality since Reagan, and Kennedy before him. This is a onece in a generation leader. Agree with his views or not, he will move this county forward. Why? Because he inspires people to get involved. Even if you don;t agree with his views - get involved. Do something. Give back to the community of whi you are a part of. This is the gift the man has.

Posted by Luke November 6, 08 12:06 AM

Is it just me or does picture #14 have an eerie resemblance / reminder of a middle east dictator?

Posted by john November 6, 08 12:06 AM


Posted by FReska November 6, 08 12:11 AM

I hope those promises Barry gave in his speeches are not empty words but it will come to reality. May he serve for the interest of the people and not on the vested interest of few elites. I'm hoping for a real change not only in the US but for the rest of the world. Freedom, Equality and Democracy reign!

Thanks and God bless America

Posted by John Kenneth November 6, 08 12:21 AM

Bill, I'm sorry you don't get it. Maybe it is because you have never struggled in your life and come out the other side. Perhaps you have never met anyone who simply by their demeanor, education, and vision inspired you to change your life. Or maybe you have never had an experience where you thought hope was all but lost and suddenly it appeared before your eyes. It could very well be that you have never had the opportunity to be part of something this big before. I believe, more than anything what we see is change that we can all particpate in. This is not about what he is going to do,for us but about what we are going to help him do for our country.. This is our c country. Yes WE can.

Posted by Patty November 6, 08 12:23 AM

The days of the "with us or against us" Presidency ended the day we selected the new president, Obama. The divisiveness cultivated by the Bush Administration served his power but not the country.

Every American will make their own mind about our new President, but they should remember that they are no longer being coerced to support him. And Americans tend to be fair people, I think they will choose to give Obama the support he needs to be successful.

Posted by Neil Sagan November 6, 08 12:23 AM

It's funny how the right already are positioning to shift all the blame for "this mess" on Obama before he's even sworn in. It's kind of typical. And it's confirmation that we all made the right choice in electing barack Obama our next president.

They can have their negativity. I'll take the power of positivity and Americans working TOGETHER over that crap any day. I'm glad they'll be out of power.

I'm optimistic about our future. now. Bye Bye Bush. Hello Barack Obama.

Yippee YAY YAY..

It's time to forgive and forget. I'll find the forgetting part easiest to start off with.

Posted by Damian Mann November 6, 08 12:28 AM

wonderful images as always. congratulations Barack - congratulations United States of America. We thank you.

Posted by foraggio November 6, 08 12:30 AM

I voted for Bush twice. Two of the worst mistakes of my life. I hope that everyone can feel the elation I feel today. I feel I redeemed myself this Tuesday. God bless President-elect Obama and our nation's future. USA! USA!

Posted by Milo Berrios (Greensburg, PA) November 6, 08 12:52 AM

. I voted for him .

Posted by nader Nemati November 6, 08 12:54 AM

It's amazing how #61 is trying to jab at the intelligence of some people and displays his/her own ignorance about voting in the primaries/and presidential races. Also it's funny how people ask what make Obama qualified to be president when truthfully the only person who has any experience as president is an incumbent starting a second term. Why must these folk hate on Obama when the format used is the one that has been used forever in this great democracy we have. And when the tax breaks start rolling out for those who qualify for them, will they turn them down if they don't support Obama? No! They'll probably say something like "he's the president for all people." I agree with that but all people can't get behind him and support him as president. Bottom line is there is still a large part of white america that cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that come January 20, 2009 they will all be under the leadership of a black man. I believe it was Ghandi who said no change has ever happened without controversy (something like that) and that's true. The majority of the great people of america went out and voted for a great man and the best person for the job. Florida even got it right this time. God bless america, and the next president of america.

Posted by King November 6, 08 12:55 AM

I'm very proud of this country and what a huge victory for Barack. I voted for the man and I knew even back during the Convention that "this is the Man who could potentially be the best President in the history of the USA!" He's very humble and very inspiring to both the younger folks and older folks. But like Barack said Tuesday night that it's going to take hard work, dedication, faithfullness and time to get us back on track. We all should pull together as ONE nation, and not separated like we have in the past. I'm aspiring to become a teacher. Either in public or private school, hopefully in Art teaching. Obama has given me more courage than anyone to see my own dreams come alive. So Peace be with us All!!!

Posted by Paul November 6, 08 01:03 AM

It is with great anticipation, based on the majority of these comments, that the education policies will be a top priority.
"To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to insure bad government."
Mark Twain
Republicans had their shot and they have been fired. Democrats are at the plate...
The hope of a new era...intoxicating.
The reality? I wish Mr. Obama was an independent.

Posted by DRH November 6, 08 01:05 AM

Spoken like a true racist. You don't have to like it but you better learn to live with it because America has spoken. A new day is dawning and I look forward to see how far we have come and will go as a nation.

Posted by Irv November 6, 08 01:06 AM

People are carried away in the hubris and novelty of the racial breakthrough. But wait until the honeymoon is over. We will wake up next to our new ultra-liberal, overly-idealistic, socialist president and his cronies, as unprepared and ill-equipped to handle today's challenges as Bush.

It's a bittersweet day.

Posted by realist November 6, 08 01:11 AM


Posted by Blue November 6, 08 01:13 AM

These are beautiful pictures, this is the hope the USA needs at this hard times. America has a second change to become respected again in the world for the right reasons as it was a long time ago.
Congratulations for the right choice from Malaysia

Posted by Thom November 6, 08 01:15 AM

Four years ago, when Americans re-elected Bush as President, I sincerely questioned their sanities!! But understood that their "other" choice would also be disaster.
Yesterday, whether you all were a McCain or Obama supporters, you cannot ignore one simple reality. One that shock the whole "world" LITERALLY!!
Americans were able to see beyond skin colour and elect an African American President. Americans clearly sent Bush a strong VERY strong Message.
The most memorable, the most beautiful part of it all that will forever live within my heart was watching, whites hugging blacks, old hugging young...complete strangers coming together... screaming and crying tears of joy, of such profound happiness, with such a sense of pride.... WOW......WOW....WOW.................I never thought I would LIVE to see the day!
To all you americans thank you so very much! Peace starts within the country itself before you try to preach about it to other countries...... Last night thats what the United States of America Stood for....and damn as a Canadian Im finally able to say .... IM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL and So proud to have you as my neighbors.

Obama...Congratulations...I have no doubts youwill go down in history as one of the best Presidents. McCain, though I truly opposed your selection of Sarah Palin as VP..(quite a nasty piece of work she is).... you being such an honourable American with your vow to serve the country you love.... should unite with Obama and help him lead Americans and the country to its best.

One person alone does not change the country or make it better. The two of you working together would make the Great USA....great again!!

Damn, Im just soooooooooo damn proud!!! Americans FINALLY got it right LOL.

God Bless America....

Posted by Ana November 6, 08 01:24 AM

Wow, there are a lot of bitter and obsessed people here. The tone here is akin to a kindergarten playground.

Since this is a photoblog I'll restrict my comments to the images, which are great as usually. I have to say though, Callie Shell's images are amazing and will surely now go down in history as a record of the early days of Obama's story.

Posted by Mark November 6, 08 01:27 AM

The comments from some McCain supporters are sad. Do I hear sore losers. Remember it 's the Republican Party who brought down the whole country. Who stained U.S. foreign policies, allowed torture, run away spending, cut taxes at time of war (no President has ever done that) and told to go shopping; lobbyist creating their own bills; foresaked the Constitution; abuse of power; broken all ethic laws and so on. Some Republicans have the gall to say good luck messing up the country. No one can take the Republicans place of defilement, greed and lust for money; special interest groups and CEO friends, who cut pay; allowed cheap labor; jobs shipped over seas. Shall I go on. Who made the country a disdain of all nations. No one can duplicate all the historical blunders and mishaps, corruption and blatent run away partisionship. They need to redo their brand. They have become like country clubs with exclusive membership only. Thank God a new day has dawned because after 8 years of hell and living in the valley of the shadow of death we can see light at the end of the tunnel. OBAMA!

Posted by Hope4All November 6, 08 01:39 AM

I was happy to hear the unsuprising news on Obama being crowned as president of United State.
Some where in the bottom of every individual hearts present in the entire world wanted Obama to become "The One" .
He truly deserves not only to be the leader of US but to the entire world.
I salute completely to this wonderful human being and wish him the best experiences and may god bless him and US and the world with Showers of millions of richness,love,strength and peace.
On this great day i have taken an oath to be part in reviving US economy and world economy thereby.
An India by birth but World Citizen by nature.
I am sure days will be close by for me to work in US and there by serve US the nation under this legend.
YES World Economy CAN

Posted by November 6, 08 01:41 AM

I'm not sorry your 8 years of the criminal administration you vote for is coming to and end. How sad you must be that Bush and Cheney won't be raping the American people while their buddies in the corporate world line their pockets and set up financial portfolios that will last into their grandchildren’s lifetimes. Do you lay awake at night and giggle as you think about the parents that are weeping for the sons and daughters they lost in the war your administration lied about and is still profiting from?

Posted by sara November 6, 08 01:52 AM

I have been a republican my entire life but after Bush this last 4 years my 56 year old butt decided never again. I have never seen a party so bent on destroying poor people while enriching the rich. As a disabled Vietnam vet I'm tired of being told no on health care because of cut backs but watch Iraq with millions of dollars in the bank get our money to improve their lives. I hope & pray he will not turn out like politicians in the past making lots of promises and failing to keep them. I pray even more with the nut jobs we have in this country the secret service knows they have a tough job ahead of them.

Posted by rid0617 November 6, 08 01:53 AM

God...I have never felt more proud of this country then in the last two days.

I only wished his grandmother were alive to witness this greatness

Posted by Karim November 6, 08 01:58 AM

Good one...

Posted by Madhan November 6, 08 02:01 AM

I voted to Senator Barack Obama..

Posted by Krish November 6, 08 02:02 AM

Well I'm very proud to be a black
american. I am very proud of our president elect. It is a very historical event . Now is the time to really pray for him and his family. That he is guided to do what is best for our county. People there is no time to fight and fuss. Our president has a job to do and we need to be supportive in what ever he is trying to do for our country. There has been so much division amongst us. Lets pull together and get our country back on it's feet.

Posted by Martha SanPablo,Ca. November 6, 08 02:10 AM

waw....wonderful images as always. congratulations President Obama- congratulations United States of America. We thank you and we hope you make new and good name in the world political. God Bless You my Brother.

Posted by Francis Mark November 6, 08 02:19 AM

To everyone who had the vision and courage to vote for Obama, "thank you". I don't think I - or much of the rest of the world - could stomach another few years of Bush-era policies that McCain clearly intended to continue. Obama appears to be a very intelligent, sincere, and thoughtful President-elect, and I think he represents the change that the US needs. There's hope for our southern neighbours, after all... congratulations & thank you from Canada!

Posted by Dave (Canada) November 6, 08 02:25 AM

yes we can

Posted by Andy November 6, 08 02:26 AM

I love these photos. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Aries November 6, 08 02:29 AM

Dear Neighbours of this global village!

For the last eight years we felt so distant and misunderstood.
That time has come to an end now.

One world - one race!


Greetings and hugs from Vienna, Austria, Europe

P.S.: When you come to visit our little country you don't have to pretend being Canadian anymore! ;-)

Posted by Esther November 6, 08 02:30 AM

I just came across this terrific photo-mosaic that features over 700 front-pages from newspapers around the world celebrating Obama's victory:

Truly amazing!

Posted by Roger D November 6, 08 02:43 AM

I voted for the first time in my life. I turned 50 on Election Day. Never have I been so moved to have my voice heard. Barack Obama is brilliant, kind, charming and motivating....and so many more great qualities. He may not be able to fix everything in 4 years but he will be a breath of fresh air. Positive energy will bring this country back together if we all unite and give a damn. He's the perfect one to lead us.

Posted by Jeni Michelson November 6, 08 02:53 AM

"Oh, and one more thing: screw the youth vote."
"225 years is a pretty good run for a republic, historically speaking."
"Four years of a nation led by criminals... "
"anyone who dares to speak out [will be] drafted, skullchip-implanted, and sent down to Guantanamo"

Reactions to 2004 elections.

Isn't is nice not to have to retype everything. Dems already wrote this.

Posted by DN November 6, 08 02:56 AM

I did not vote for Barack based on the words of Martin Luther King, he said," JUDGE A MAN BY THE CONTENT OF HIS CHARACTER NOT BY THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN". We judge character based ones actions not their words. I am willing to give him a chance. When the rubber meets the road, we will see if all the effusive hype and gratuitous praise will still stand. I really hope he can make a difference for all of our sakes. But I will not hold my breath.

Posted by skeptic November 6, 08 03:06 AM

L'Europe espère beaucoup de cette élection remarquable ! La France respecte trop les USA pour ne pas avoir été troublée par l'unilatéralisme de Bush ! Le monde ne se construira pas "les uns contre les autre" mais "les uns avec les autres" ! La culture Européenne, Française, reste très ouverte, mais souhaite davantage partager qu'être submergée par les Etats-Unis.
Nous sommes heureux pour vous, nous sommes heureux pour le monde.
Bonne chance et courage, Monsieur OBAMA.

Posted by Bertrand de Breuvand November 6, 08 03:11 AM

When all us said and done, neither candidate would be able to produce all promised during the campain. We have a genuine need for change. Our country could not stand another 4/8 years of the same. I voted for Obama, but with realistic expectations. President (elect) Obama has a tough row to hoe (as they say). It won't be peaches and cream and he will make some mistakes. Reguardless of who you wanted to win or whom you voted for, we have a new president and united we should support him.....................................OBAMA*08*O'YEAH!
YES WE CAN*************************YES WE DID!!!!!

Posted by southerngirl777 November 6, 08 03:13 AM

Wow 21st century and yet we still act like its 1960, I live in tx please dont insult my inteligence I have a degree two of them actually , America has spoken and we chose who we thought would do the best job and reunite america with the rest of the world instead of alienating it from the rest of the world like G.dubya did, I lived here when he screwed Tx so don't even play like it was a good thing when he was in office. No doubt this is a historical moment in black history ,but this ain't no color thing be proud regardlessof your ethnic background, now you know you can do anything its all about what you put into it

Posted by B.Session November 6, 08 03:15 AM

Hey Guys!

Greetings from Austria! Let me be honest.... I didnt't have the best opinion about the US in the last few years. But(!) this election impressed me and also made me a bit emotional. This is a huge step forward for America and the world. Congratulations!

Posted by Kenneth November 6, 08 03:48 AM

Greece for Obama.. !!!!
We hope (and are almost sure) that he won't have the same stupid ideas about our issues like the previous president..We are in the other half of the planet but America influenses us a lot.We "envy" you for the inspirating president..It's been a loooong time since we had a man like him standing up for our country (Greece is maybe having the most corrupted goverment in Europe)..Every time I see these pictures I get emotional and proud of this man..Not because he is younger or has different colour than the previous presidents...
But because of that clear look in his eyes that makes you feel safe..
Congratulations Barack Obama!

Posted by Angela,Greece November 6, 08 03:52 AM

I watched President (Elect) Obama's winning speech yesterday here in the UK. I have only once before witnessed a speech that sent shivers of joy, disbelief, hope and amazement through me.

That was when Nelson Mandela overthrew the oppression of Apartheid and became South Africa's first native President.

Obama is TRULY a great man. America - Seize The Day! I'm proud of you all. Truly proud!

Posted by Johannes Spangenberg-Bakker November 6, 08 03:53 AM

Congratulations with your victory Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. I wish you good luck with everything that comes on your path and of course the people in America.

Posted by J. Treebusch (The Netherlands) November 6, 08 03:55 AM

skazhi, s kakoj storini tebja ebet? posmotri vpered, nedoumok.

Posted by Sigpff November 6, 08 04:06 AM

Never in my life have I experienced such a euphoric election, right from Obama and Hillary ...for Obama and Hillary it was the toughest.. then to me the victroy over Hillary was the turning point for Obama...once this was over I knew it was going to be a walk through for Obama.. He was the right choice for the Democrat..and he did get it..Then he was the great choice for the President and the White house..and He is....The turn out for the voting was much more than my expectation..Fantastic America..Only shows how frustrated all were for a Change..Oh! my what a theme it was from the camp of Obama ..The Change...
and whoelse can be a better person for the Whitehouse..its you Obama....
his body language+communication+confidence+attitude+youth are all his strength..and he has made it..Positve vibrations to you OBAMA..u are the 44th and gonna be the 45th also ..u have the power for this powerful seat of the world..rule it..enjoy it it....Good Wishes for a strong body...

Posted by VARGHESE November 6, 08 04:06 AM

Nice photos...

...perfectly orchestrated via PR Guru/Campaign Strategist David Axelrod & Company. Photo #20 was utilized on Ebony Magazine's Cover (you can purchase the cover in a frame, or on a T-shirt!). And though it is a new day in America with the election of Senator Obama, the first (undeniably) African American President, I hope that President-elect Obama will work to demonstrate that he is more than just an eloquent speaker. The losing candidates within the primary and general elections have worked for their constituents longer than Obama. Remember, Obama was the 99th ranked Senator in Congress; now all the members must "kiss his ring". If President-elect Obama selects a good cabinet, it will keep him from looking as if he's receiving "on the job training" anyway ;). Well, at the very least, Obama will be a MUCH better president than GW Bush, and the world is happy with America once again. Congratulations to all who helped Obama (campaign staff, the public who truly supported and financed his election after reneging his agreement with Senator McCain about not taking the money, the media*** who made Obama the new 'Teflon Don' with minimizing negative coverage on him while minimizing the "non essential" candidates in the primaries and demonizing the remaining nominees, Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton who campaigned very hard [after most folks wrote them off] to help Obama win BOTH Ohio and Florida, and President Bush, who abused his presidential power so greatly that no Republican candidate- particulary McCain since he beat him twice in the nomination- could win). ***With the exception of Boston Globe-- your publishing house did a creditable job in presenting all the candidates news; the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately, most of America didn't read it ;)!

Posted by KeepDChange November 6, 08 04:07 AM

im not american but his supporter

Posted by yuya ethiopia November 6, 08 04:08 AM

ß íàäåþñü ÷òî â ñòîëü ñëîæíîå ýêîíîìè÷åñêîå âðåìÿ, îí íàéäåò ñèëû â ñåáå è íàëàäèò íîðìàëüíûå îòíîøåíèÿ Àìåðèêè ñ äðóãèìè ãîñóäàðñòâàìè. Ñëèøêîì ìíîãî íà íåãî ñìîòðÿò è íàäåþòñÿ. Äà åùå è àôðî-àìåðèêàíåö, îøèáîê åìó íå ïðîñòÿò.

Posted by Ïàâåë November 6, 08 04:14 AM

congratulations America, sometimes the right choices are in fact not the hard ones, as a South African who believes in positive change ... I can only say that as great a moment this is ... it is only the first step ... lets hope America will never let the light out again ... and it's is good to see the flame of hope in a better world rekindled

Posted by Sipho November 6, 08 04:15 AM

and then the stock market collapses. again.

Posted by nate November 6, 08 04:17 AM

This is a popularity contest based on personallities in a true Hollywood fashion. They are treated like movie stars and models, and I doubt that what they say is actually what they stand for. Some are a 'lil bit country and some are a 'lil bit Rock 'n Roll!

Posted by Man-with-hair-on-face (Runnig Bear Naidoo) November 6, 08 04:17 AM


Posted by MCAINPeopleLEAVEUSA November 6, 08 04:21 AM

Finally having brains in the white house. Its like a breath of fresh air :D

Posted by Jamie November 6, 08 04:23 AM

BRAVO United States !
At Least it's the end of Bush's years
OBAMA represents for us ( French people and European people) the link with others ( the countriesother all over the world)
WE TRUST in you, Barack !

Posted by corinne November 6, 08 04:25 AM

Congrats from Belgium. Hope for change has returned !

Posted by _tdg November 6, 08 04:29 AM

congratulations Barack - congratulations United States of America.....
Brilliant pictures , simple awsome ... too good photos !!

Posted by MANUSANJU November 6, 08 04:33 AM

monsieur le PRÉSIDENT,je viens de prendre connaissance de tout votre parcours;vous devez etre décoré! je vous admire........ je vous souhaite un franc succes et dqueDIEU vous bénisse ainsi que votre belle famille .Bravo!!!!!!!

Posted by nicol a November 6, 08 04:35 AM

I began reading a good majority of the comments left on this page, starting with number two-hundred and twenty. What I have noticed is that many seem to think Obama is going to change things that have gotten worse over the past several years. What I don't understand is how with a congress that did not see much change, how these people think anything will appreciably change in the near future. The President has little power to change laws that have caused the problems in America. Secondly, I notice that many of you, some of which have been putting down others comments, need some lessons in grammar and writing. Please, if you are going to make a post which many are going to read, try not to look like a buffoon.

I hope America hasn't done something it regrets.

Posted by Tyler Smith November 6, 08 04:37 AM

He wears a lot of "blue!" I suppose it's a friendly colour.. Great photos!

Posted by Yong Hwee, Foo November 6, 08 04:52 AM

Something I had written for myself after the Texas and Ohio primaries. Now America has grown up and is having her graduation celebration.

The aura of Barack Obama

“It’s not about race or gender”. “It is not about experience or issues”. This was some time ago. At this point in time, after the Texas and Ohio primaries, and after what can be considered a Presidential speech by Barack Obama about troubled America, media has quoted, analyzed, given much opinion, and judged where these two Democratic candidates have arrived. Certain results are apparent. These concern strategy and motivation. These two words themselves define how each campaign has been run.

On the one side, the feeling is that every possible difference in voter base, such as apparent animosity between Hispanics and African Americans is to be exploited. The strategy is of calculation and manipulation, the motivation is the desired outcome no matter what. On the other it is that all groups no matter what their differences are, should be united. The strategy is forward-looking motivation.

The choice by Clinton not to value ‘lesser’ States shows a disregard for Americans wherever they will not produce hoped-for delegate counts. That Obama fights for each State may be attributed to his supposed ‘underdog’ standing, but it also shows a desire (and need) to involve All America.

Our democratic process allows a vote cast by someone who has given much thought based upon his perception of a candidate, to be canceled by the vote of someone else who may not like the color (of his tie). Here is an unspoken reality: the fact is that all men may be created equal, but personal history, environment, education, natural ability, and a multitude of factors that shape character have produced a rainbow of individual cultural/class levels, and therefore responses to events, to the substance and style of a candidate. These levels transcend all ethnic groups, are hopefully dynamic, and movement from one level to a next higher is mostly generational.

On this cultural curve we find those who have judged and accepted ideals that have gone beyond issues, however important they are, to embrace the positive credo of Barack Obama. Polls have shown that these people tend to be the more affluent and educated voters. This group will applaud the recent speech on Race as being a truly wonderful and courageous event. Obama has tried to appeal to integrity and basic human values.

At an opposite end of voter awareness will be those that may not yet be able to judge valid parameters, and are easily influenced and persuaded by persistent targeted negative media coverage (involving Jeremiah Wright Jr.). The Clinton campaign (think the 3am telephone TV bit) is addressing and expecting a response from a negative mindset. This is democracy of the lowest common denominator.

Here is a strange paradox. Those who would benefit the most by the ideals of Barack Obama are the least able to perceive the answer to their need.

If there is a question about experience, another question should be asked. How could Obama, who little more than a year ago was almost unknown to many Americans, be able to create a campaign structure that is so effective and self-sufficient? No man or woman can be all things to all situations. But he can take the lead and promote the environment that nurtures the most studious response possible. This should be seen as an indication of how he would affront the many issues facing him as President. His campaign is not run on influence and favoritism. It is run on passion. People want to be led by someone who believes in himself and his ideals.

One word may describe the aura of Barack Obama. It is elegance. Elegance in the sense of clean and clear guiding standards. People respond to this. It is an internal human realization in the same way that one responds to something obviously beautiful that people create, whether it is music or art, or the resonance of compelling thought.

For the first time since John Kennedy “Think not what your Country can do for you…” has there come upon the American political scene a man with the ability to convey such personal conviction of what is ‘right’. Barack Obama creates excitement. His purity and eloquence are a beacon that attracts the young and the hopeful, that will attract the competent experience of like-minded political co-workers to his side, and that will shine to a hopeful world proclaiming that America has regained her former ideological place.

A parting phrase in many of Obama’s speeches has been “God bless you”. A God of a place of worship, surely, but also a God of self-determination. This God is evident in what people create and what they transmit to others. This God is evident in what people hold important and try to preserve. This God is not some being outside of us to be worshiped, but resides within ourselves. God bless us all...

The name ‘Barack’ translates to ‘blessed’ in several languages. Let us Hope that America will allow herself to be blessed.

…”Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.”… (Caroline Kennedy)

Posted by Arthur Stein, Varese Italy November 6, 08 04:57 AM

These are better times for ALL of us. We are filled with HOPE and the speculation that life will be be better for the masses.... That's US...

Posted by Ananda Rouliier November 6, 08 04:58 AM

Very Awesome Pictures!

Posted by Gilly November 6, 08 05:00 AM

I am proud that he made it .. and time for a real change has come ..we together as a single community under world roof will strive towards betterment of human socitey leaving behaind color and creed .

Posted by Sujeesh November 6, 08 05:03 AM

I'm British and very excited by the American choice of Presidency, trends in Britain (be they economic, social or political) often follow the American trend; and in this mess we call the 21st century this choice has given people around the world something we lacked.


Thanks, and long live the commander in chief.

Posted by Aaron November 6, 08 05:08 AM

Nice picture maybe this will be the time to change between the black american and the white one.. GOD is really so Good.....CONGRATULATIONS>>>>>>>

Posted by MAry grace C. Mallari November 6, 08 05:10 AM

wonderful photos!

its high time for this change!

Posted by claudia November 6, 08 05:36 AM

Obama has been compared to Keneedy and he is comparable everyone loves him and he is not even President yet. He has a very human side, he is willing to come down off the hill and get his hands wet with mister and misses everybody. I do hope he does not change and keeps that side we already love.

Beautiful pictures by the way.

Posted by Tamara D. Dunn November 6, 08 05:36 AM

I am a Singaporean living in Switzerland. I am totally elated by the Americans choice of Obama as next President of USA. Your country will certainly rise up again as a united and strong nation under the leadership of President Obama and Co.

On this day, I feel the joy for America and may God bless President Obama and all the people pursuing the American Dream. You can do it. And well.

Posted by Poh Khuan Schuetz-Ang November 6, 08 05:43 AM

Hi Obama! You are looking so smart... All the very best for the journey ....

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 05:48 AM

This man will change the history.
Best thing that the american people did in the last 8 years.

Posted by Eduardo Picanco November 6, 08 05:50 AM

The best birthday I could ever have, to see the world change on a day I will never forget, the world coming together guided by a man of light who is changing the fabric of reality forever! We are all one! Obama you are love, thank you!

Posted by Lise, Melbourne, Australia November 6, 08 06:00 AM

President Elect Obama represents a new chapter in the evolution of our country. May The Lord guide his steps most gracious and wisely.

Posted by W.T. Sanders November 6, 08 06:05 AM

What incredible pictures!!!
I got goose bumps just by looking at these pic’s!!
OBAMA ROCKS!!! Well done!!

H.O.P.E. all they way from the Netherlands

Brenda Silooy

Posted by Brenda November 6, 08 06:11 AM

I like him

Posted by Vitalij November 6, 08 06:12 AM

Wow, picture #28 is specially good, nice collection of photos...

Posted by Felipe November 6, 08 06:22 AM

great achiever

Posted by manikanta November 6, 08 06:23 AM

You gave the world a great lesson today.
I just hope we could learn about it.
Congratulations to all of you, it's the proof we can do something together.

Posted by Thomas, France. November 6, 08 06:25 AM

A Great Man, A Noble Pleople
In Peace and Unity, Let America Flourish and help the World change for Better

Posted by aa November 6, 08 06:26 AM

C.k .Chamy from Tamil Nadu ( india )

President Obama told " Change We need " , Yes ofcourse we all need change.

No WAR No CRY .... Yes LOVE ........If he proves all his words defenetly the whole world never forget this man ever ............ I am an Indian and never ever had this much intrest in US election and inspired too but this time this man did something.

I can say only one Americans are really lucky fellows. Lets us not talk about white / Balck / Brown / Yellow say


Posted by C.K.Chamy November 6, 08 06:30 AM

Awesome photography on a charismatic leader.

Wish we had one like him over here in Holland !!

Posted by Jos Schuurman November 6, 08 06:42 AM

A change is what America needs at this point of the time. The whole world would also be influenced by this change. God knows best!!!

Posted by FaceReality November 6, 08 06:46 AM

He may give dignity back to America.

Posted by Georg Otto November 6, 08 06:52 AM

AMAZING PICTURES !!! This is MAGIC. Is truly awesome and thrilling to see BARACK OBAMA transformed hope into reality.
it is just like when a catholic, JFK won for the first time truly separating religion from matters of the state. It also shows that Americans have slammed the door shut on race and are focussing on the contend of character as martin luther king wanted and dreamt.
such things can happen only in USA as they have great laws passed over the 2 two centuries to deal with political problems and take americans to greater heights.

Europe doesnt even have fixed election dates as USA. how are they going to help change the world. may be barack obama can tell the europeans to fix their election dates as a beginning to change their corrupt politics.

Posted by krishna thanappan November 6, 08 07:21 AM


Posted by Alanagh Recreant November 6, 08 07:23 AM

I did not vote for Obama or his values but as a true American it is my civic duty to stand behind him and our country's decision. I am concerned about how he will represent us to the world. I am concerned if he is a man of his word and of honor. I am concerned that he is a liberal in conservative clothing. Only time wil tell.I am not in the least concerned with his color. I think it says something for America as a whole to have voted him into office. I am american indian and european. I could complain about how the white man killed off my people and put them into slavery too. Fortunetely we do not live in the past. "Obama, make us proud and proove the doubters wrong."

Posted by Robert November 6, 08 07:26 AM

Black people will have chance, to come up in life after his leadership comes to true

Posted by Prakash K November 6, 08 07:26 AM


Posted by ELNEIL November 6, 08 07:29 AM

As a McCain Supporter I'm happy to stand by our next new President. America first, politics second.

Posted by Keith G November 6, 08 07:35 AM


Posted by Mir Khan November 6, 08 07:40 AM

to #309:

no, it's just you.

Posted by Cloudy a November 6, 08 07:43 AM

Let this Democratic win pave the way for a fullstop to the racial discrimination.
A historic moment....
Obama will present a new solution to the American economial situation.

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 07:44 AM

HOT, sincere, loyal, cool, honest, loving, caring, faithful, inspiring, hopeful, not just smart but more importantly simply COOL...are the words that define him, and are definitely evident in this moment and resignate all across America and the entire world.

I know that this was orchestrated by God long before. Look at his biography and "composition" and you will see that everyone across the world has a piece of this guy. An AFRICAN AMERICAN man with a CAUCASIAN/WHITE mother whose dad was AFRICAN and has a moslem name HUSSEIN. His last name OBAMA is the same as a village in ASIA...born in HAWAII, raised partly in INDONESIA, moved on the mainland and his family was at one time on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, he took out student loans and grants and attended college and is now considered an ELITE...... God I could go on and on......

Also, this was definitely the right timing, because the WORLD..not just the USA..needs a well rounded person to be in charge in order to UNITE everyone regardless of our backgrounds to restore the core values that WE ALL share and uphold as a HUMANS in the world, that is, justice, respect, dignity, hope, among others.

This personally is an affirmation of faith that God's Will prevails even in moments when our hopes are frail.

Posted by ANK November 6, 08 07:45 AM

Nothing will change. Mark these words.

Posted by Oswald Cobblepot November 6, 08 07:48 AM

I moved to this country as a child, and became a US citizen in '93. I've never been so proud to say I became an American as I can today.

Posted by Alex November 6, 08 07:49 AM

He is the great president of this century! I am confident that he brings a change - a revolution to this country, to the economy and to the people of USA!!

Posted by jiltin November 6, 08 07:50 AM

ok good

Posted by debashis rout November 6, 08 07:51 AM

Wonderful photographs of the right man for the United States of America! President elect Obama's resounding victory is a testament of how democracy works in the US!

Posted by Hitobito November 6, 08 07:52 AM

The best favour you can do to yourself is to follow Obama's inspiration and be part of the american dream instead of waiting on the sideline waiting for the outcome of his presidency's performance. Be part of the game for the good of all americans.
NB I am not american but I am interested by what the americans do as it always affects me, no matter what corner of the world I am hiding in.

Posted by Sindi November 6, 08 07:54 AM

Que buenas fotos! felicitaciones por la presidencia

Posted by Luis Bruce November 6, 08 07:56 AM

A great day for the USA and the world. Having grown up in the US and dealing with the injustices that have been heaped on African descendant people, I can only say that America has finally done me proud. I pray that the nation can unite around our new President-elect, and around the ideals for which he stands. The time has arrived for us to shed the race and class divisions which have plagued the US and the world for far too long.

Posted by Percival November 6, 08 07:58 AM

i v never been so inspired..i mean this guy is so cool..i suppose that explains why so many young guys came out to vote..reminds me of the day we elected nelson mandela as our president....well done America..the world is celebrating with you for a change....

Posted by africa papo-south africa November 6, 08 08:19 AM

The sentiment here from those of us outside of the USA appears to follow a common theme.

Our disdain and distrust of the US has changed to optimism for the future.
It has been a painful 8 years watching a respected nation wallow in borderline fascist self destruction. I actually decided that if I had the opportunity to visit every country in the world, I would have avoided the US.

Now that has changed.

Thankyou to those that made this happen. If the future is even half as bright as what we all hope, it will be a finer future for all.

Posted by fred November 6, 08 08:28 AM

The problem is that many people used this as their first time to vote. Like anonymous up above, 28yrs old and just now voting. That shows apathy for your country. You sir, and people like you, are the problem. All you do is bitch every election rather than vote. Then, when you do vote, you do so in an uneducated way. I'll bet most of you Obama voter's don't know anything about him. I know you don't. If you did, you surely would not have voted for him. my website (not Safe for work), has the info you didn't get on CNN.

Posted by Device Error November 6, 08 08:31 AM

Come Help A Negro Get Elected

Posted by Some white guy November 6, 08 08:32 AM

Great pictures, Obama gives me hope, hope that in Germany people will use their democratic possibilities to go further.

Posted by Michael C.G. November 6, 08 08:39 AM

I am proud to be an American again! I feel the spirit of positive change upon the world!

Posted by Jules November 6, 08 08:39 AM

Now start packing Bush...Oh and take your oil friends and private war profiteer friends and Cheney and the lot with you. No oil independence, no healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions, rich get richer, poor get poorer, no regulations for wall street, one stock market crash where people have lost 25-50% of their retirement, no stem cell research, insult our allies, two endless occupations, absolute failure at handling Katrina, spying on Americans, the patriot act... I literally can go on all day and night. I'm proud to be an American. I forgot what that feels like. I never thought I would need to say this, but, please God keep this man safe.

Posted by MetalMachine November 6, 08 08:39 AM

I just cannot possibly understand why even the most racist individual cannot understand that our country is in turmoil and is in dire need of a drastic change of the Bush administration. We have a chance to stop hating each other because of the color of our skin and focus on making this country the Greatest Country once again. Put aside your hatred, we bleed the same. It is time to judge a man by whats in his heart and not whats in his pocket or the color of his skin. Give him a chance he is a man that represents the world. Half black -Half white - African Heritage- Indonesian/ Hawiian childhood and a White persons upbringing.

Posted by Kimberly November 6, 08 08:43 AM

I am for sure he is the man who is going to change everything. He is going to be spoken by the world as the BEST in the HISTORY of MAN KIND.

Posted by David November 6, 08 08:47 AM

The best thing the Americans have done in a LONG time. Well done....have a great 4 years.
The Other Side of the Planet

Posted by Rhg November 6, 08 08:49 AM

I look at so many of these photos and can't help but think: JIGSAW PUZZLE anyone?

Posted by Rob Whitaker November 6, 08 08:56 AM

America has gone to hell in a handbasket with bows, lace and all the rick rack it could find. I AM ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY!!!!
America welcome to what you asked for. He may becoming the president of my country (if they find he qualifies) but he will never be my president.

Posted by Bree Lynn November 6, 08 08:56 AM

the photos were great. iam seriously praying for Obama and i'm sure he will always remember his backgound in anything he plans to do. he has made history, so be it. from Yemi Aderemi, Nigeria.

Posted by Yemi Aderemi November 6, 08 08:57 AM

An amazing collection of photos of a true, old fashioned statesman. President Elect Obama is a return of intelligence, ideology and hope, over the cynicism and celebration of stupidity that generally characterises US politics. As a Briton, who sees my own political landscape tainted with the same dumbing down and disconnection from ordinary people as yours has been for at least the past 8 years, I say well done and thank you, America. You've given hope back to the rest of the world. I truly hope that you, and Obama, take this opportunity and capitalise on it.

Posted by Tom Adams November 6, 08 09:07 AM

really astonishing pictures.
can't wait share those...


Posted by pe November 6, 08 09:09 AM

We of the World not in USA salute the return of American Honesty, VIA DEMOCRACY,to the Administration.
We expect leadership, and, difficulties which can be overcome with equitable and compassionate firm government. We expect we shall be dissappointed, after all Obama "walks not on water"! We do not expect perfection only an end to the preferences given to the failed plutocrats, and their pursuing to insist they pay their fail share of taxation into the common weal. They ran fast enough to socialist values to bail out thEir piggy bank failure. YES YOU CAN FIX IT OBAMA. WE ARE CONFIDENT YOU SHALL DO YOUR BEST FOR USA AND THE WORLD.

Posted by Michael Cusack November 6, 08 09:11 AM

My problem with this election is that most African American voters voted in an uneducated way. Most of them just voted for the first time. Most of them don't even know what he stands for. They just voted for him because he was black. That is just wrong and what is wrong with America today. It was basing everything on race. In my eyes Obama is just as much white as he is black. Obama didn't get to where he was today with the help of any African Americans. His dad was black, and his mom was white. Where was his father when Obama was growing up? Obama was raised by his white mother and his white grandparents. In my eyes, this is not a big win for African Americans because there were none who played a part in his life to get him where he is today. This is NOT what people should be focusing on. Shame on everyone who voted for him just because of race!!

Posted by KMG November 6, 08 09:27 AM

I have goosebumps looking at these pictures!!! OBAMA, OBAMA OBAMA!!

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 09:27 AM

Is it me, or does #11 make Obama look like he is in the Matrix about to fight Agent Smith?

Gobama! I have always loved my country. But now I can be proud of it, too.

Posted by ICRed November 6, 08 09:29 AM


Posted by N.P November 6, 08 09:30 AM

I am looking forward to seeing President Obama get busy in running the country. The Democrats have lots of power now ..... so they finally get the chance to fix that which was broken. I have 2 fears .....(1) National Security (2) Unborn Children
I'm not going to wave any "Stop Abortion Signs" here , but looking back at Obama's record on Life issues for the unborn... it is sad.
BUT I will pray for Him and his Team ............. God Bless American and God Bless Pres. Obama

Posted by Rich November 6, 08 09:33 AM




Posted by AJ November 6, 08 09:37 AM

Hope he will do best, he has done it for his hard work. Congrats Obama !

Posted by Gopal November 6, 08 09:41 AM

Thank God, Thank God,! We have finally gotten it right. The Bush administration has robbed this country long enough. President Obama, May God continue to richly bless and keep you and our great nation.
I am so proud or us as a nation! I just wish my father who was not able to vote until 1967 because of the color of his skin. I just wish he could have been here to withess this great moment.
Please, please , let us ALL pull together to work as ONE for the good of us ALL

Posted by bernice November 6, 08 09:41 AM
432. it any wonder that your name is Bubba? Your bigotry will be your ultimate demise.

Posted by MAR November 6, 08 09:43 AM

Wow! Awesome photos - are any for sale?

Posted by littlel November 6, 08 09:45 AM

For the first time in my life I voted based on party and not on the candidate. John McCain is an admirable and accomplished man who has served this country admirably. However, conservative economics and foreign policy are just disastrous.
On the other hand, I view Obama as an opportunist and as someone who would sell his own mother down the road if it would result in political gain. But fortunately, this kind of lackluster candidate belonged on the Democratic side of the ballot.
Inclusive? Hell no. This is the most divisive campaign that I can remember. And trust me...when this 'grassroots' campaign strategy becomes the norm, watch how many of the young people drop off the map. Obama made politics cool and gave people a reason to become involved. But the trend will last only so long before a new one emerges.

Posted by Mike November 6, 08 09:47 AM

Oh what a blessing it is to be an active participant in the rewriting of U.S./ World history! Oh, what a great feeling just to take part in one of the greatest days in U.S. political history! Barack Obama becoming the first African-American President is one of the most significant events in the political history of America. I am thrilled to have witnessed an event of this magnitude in my lifetime. The hopes & dreams of countless others before us has finally been realized. After more than 200 years of Bush-like doctrines, broken campaign promises,failed policies and shallow/self-serving belief systems...a change was definitely long overdue! It's great to see that people are finally fed up with status-quo BS enough to exercise their voting rights in record numbers enough to effect this much needed change. Congratulations to our President-elect,to his family and to everyone brave enough and fed up enough to support & embrace the possibility of CHANGE.

Posted by Michael C. Luellen November 6, 08 09:47 AM

As a day of congratulator remarks and endless celebration comes to a conclusion; I wonder to what amount are we going to hold ourselves responsible.

The impact the newly elected president-elect will have is undeniably, one of great social change. However, the changes that he brings to minorities around the world is one of overcommence. He forces those around the world to become more then just what is expected of them. To break through racial walls and become what they have dreamed of themselves.

What is needed to be understood is that he is only the catalyst towards a progressive way of thinking and what is asked from us, as a people, is that we take part in creating an environment that holds itself to higher moral values. The time of the "race card" is finally over and coexistence among all is finally relized.

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." - Abraham Lincoln

Posted by Boro (ottawa, ontario, canada) November 6, 08 09:50 AM

Number 62:
Unfortunately, the majority of voters were young and inexperienced.
I did a small random poll of college aged employees and was amazed at the answers.
1) Q: How long has Obama been a Senator?
A: I don't know, twenty years? (one out of 25 got it right.
2) Q:What State is he Senator of?
A: Don't know, don't care.
3) Q: What has he accomplished as Senaotr?
A: Not sur
4) Q: What qaulifications does he have to run the US.
A: McCain is too old.
Amazing isn't it?
Also, as I read through some blogs and whatnot, there is a video blog I saw where people submit personal video clips and such.... One showed a woman in N Carolina that did not vote in the Preliminaries and was not allowed to vote in the Election... There was a Lawyer there put there by the Obama Campain that allowed her to fill out an affidavit and she was then allowed to vote... this is not right!
If you do not follow the rules of the Elelction, you should not be allowed to vote.... SIMPLE!

Go out an poll the elderly, or any other group for that matter. You will get the same answers, I guarantee you. You will never avoid people who are voting based on reasons that are not the same as yours. Experience is one reason to vote for a person, but there are others. At this point in time the last thing you should be doing is placing anger on others, especially young people who are generally passionate and optimistic about where the world is headed. I am 22 and am in college, and all that I have seen around me is passion and excitement, certaintly NOT apathy or ignorance. And, by the way, speaking of ignorance, maybe you should look into policy about voting. EVERYONE has the right to a provisional ballot, registered or not. Period.

I am proud that America has made this choice. I am glad to be inheriting a world that is more positive and caring than I once thought.

I only hope that people can put the anger that I have seen aside to tackle the overwhelming problems that our nation faces. And to those who are up to the task, more power to you.

Posted by andrea November 6, 08 09:56 AM

The Pictures love
They negtive comments.... You can keep

Posted by Dee November 6, 08 10:02 AM

In the course of human events, sometimes it takes a great soldier to make a huge sacrifice, even if it is from his heart instead of his head, even if it is from his failures rather than his successes; truthfully, it is what is in the heart of a person that drives their decisions and, in this case, the desire from the heart was to serve the nation more than the desire to become President. Thank you, Senator McCain, for having the heart of a great soldier. You have once again made a huge sacrifice for the good of the nation and this time from the heart more than from any other word or action. Anyone with the experience of Senator McCain does not make those types of strategic mistakes unless the heart overrules everything else. God bless America!

Posted by Gena Berlett November 6, 08 10:08 AM




Posted by JOSÉ RAMOS DOS SANTOS November 6, 08 10:09 AM

It is sad that there are so many comments from those who call themselves democratic. Democracy is supposed to be for the people. But it seems the meaning of republican and democratic has evolved from the true meanings. Republican was defined in 1854 as against central govenment, anti-slavery and a tough, intervenionist foreign policy. Anymore it is a stumblingblock rather than stepping stones. It divides those who misunderstand the purpose behind it all-Freedom from government suppression. And seperation from church and state is to keep not only the government from suppressing the people with religious rule but also to keep the government from interfering with schools that do teach religion.
I don't believe that going to a one world government and one currency is going to solve anything. I do believe, religiously, that it is going to usher in something unexpected. I don't believe Obama is going to be a bad president. World unity is very inviting and from a humanistic standpoint I would follow it 100%, but my faith, whether anyone choose to believe it or not, in which as an American, I have the freedom to believe, but it's my faith in what I believe about eschatological prophecy
that scares me for not just Americans but for everyone who without question would follow it. People can label me as they please, but the truth of that matter is, they can not judge my soul for concern for people outside of my beliefs. Of course I will be demonized and a label will be put on me as Intolerant, bigotist, but that would be falsely accusing their neighbor.
I wish Barak Obama hope, peace and prosperity and will be praying for him everyday that God will protect him from those who would seek to destroy him and to guide him in the direction God would have us to go to fulfill His purpose.
And yes, I am a republican, but more importantly, AMERICAN.

Posted by jck_brann November 6, 08 10:09 AM

Belas fotos
beatiful photos,
felicidades ao povo americano !!!!!
Brazil vote Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pat November 6, 08 10:20 AM

I just became an American Citizen earlier this year and I feel very greatful to be part of history in this election. I am proud to be an American and proud of our new leader, President-Elect Barack Obama.

Posted by FC November 6, 08 10:20 AM

You did it! Barack Obama You did it! You made history is so many ways!
Now the world will recognize the greatness that a black man has to offer!
My prayers of strength, endurance and safety are with you as you lead us away from all the mess the last eight years has brought us. You have a MIGHTY job ahead of you, but the greatness that God blessed you with lets me know without a shadow of a doubt that you are the Right Man For The Job! God Bless you and your wonderful family. (PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN)

Posted by Marchelle November 6, 08 10:20 AM

As a Brit watching the results come in on our TV (it was on all our major networks too :) ) all I can say is I cried too with his supporters (I'm a bloke, I've never even cried on our own election nights).

I remember the fear and the horror that filled my fellow students that dark morning in November 2000 and the sense of disbelief in November 2004. It was like watching a close friend tear themselves apart through fear and paranoia.

But wow, When America fights back she does it in style. I'm sure Obama will make mistakes, all great leaders do, even the Churchill's and FDR's of the world. He has given the world and I think America the most precise gift of all. HOPE. We can actually hope that world will be better place now. Where there is hope there is faith, where there is faith there is the will and where there is the will we can find a way.

Posted by Phil November 6, 08 10:21 AM

This is what Mr. Obama's win means to me.
I came to this country from the Philippines on my first birthday 40 years ago, so even if I wanted to I could not run for president of the United States. But now I have a 6-year-old daughter. This opens a door just a little wider for my daughter, and other females like her, if some day she decides to run for the highest office in the land.
I've seen the best and the worst that this land has to offer, and this presidential election ranks as one of the best. Remember: "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal." God speed Barack Obama! My family and friends support you.

Posted by rayzmail November 6, 08 10:26 AM

On June 16, 1858, more than 1,000 Republican delegates met in the Springfield, Illinois, statehouse for the Republican State Convention. At 5 p.m. they chose Abraham Lincoln as their candidate for the U.S. Senate, running against Democrat Stephen A. Douglas. At 8 p.m. Lincoln delivered an address to his Republican colleagues including in his introduction: "A house divided against itself cannot stand," paraphrasing a statement by Jesus in the New Testament.

If we don't stand together as the UNITED States of America we are doomed to repeat history.

Posted by Patty November 6, 08 10:30 AM

It’s been an incredible run! Yet there is more to do. Let’s take care of our President!!

Go to work, go to school, do what ever you do and be the best that you can be, and then do more.

Yes we can!!!!

I love it, incredible!!!!

Posted by Carla Ross, Chicago, IL November 6, 08 10:30 AM

Are you filled with Hope or Hate? FEAR or LOVE ... ?

"The Doors to Heaven & Hell are Adjacent and Identical"
-- Nikos Kazanzakis

Posted by Matthew November 6, 08 10:31 AM

The recurring image of the rolled-up sleeves is very symbolic. His message to America is "Time to get to work," and even his shirt agrees!

Posted by Columbine November 6, 08 10:33 AM

I feel that as a minority/middle class, we now have a second chance in life. Lifted up our hearts, our self esteem and our spirits

Posted by Aracelis November 6, 08 10:38 AM

O mundo volta a ter esperança de dias melhores e com mais PAZ intenacional, com a conquista, à Casa Branca, 04/11/ 08, do jovem veterano pacifista obama, que juntos a outros lideres e cocidadãos pacíficos do Planeta estarão UNIDOS pela pacificação na Terra, em todos sentidos políticos e sociais. Menos guerra, mais diálogo. Eu,José Ramos, 47, e minhas duas sobrinhas Gislene, 12 anos, e Gisele,3 anos e meio,, ESTAMOS COMEMORANDO esta conquista... Viva a Paz"

Posted by JOSÉ RAMOS DOS SANTOS November 6, 08 10:39 AM

What he will change? I’m sure that in the US the president seems to have all the power, but actually he’s not so powerful. The internal and external politic has a patch and all the decisions will follow it, regardless the president’s party.

What I want to say is that behind the scene are people that have a lot of power of decision and those people are not changed when a new president is coming.

Posted by Daniel Toma November 6, 08 10:47 AM

i totally support barack obama all the way and i am looking forward for change and you better believe that we are going to get it...GOOD JOB OBAMA

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 10:50 AM

"If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us???????????

Posted by Srobin44 November 6, 08 10:51 AM

My entire university has cheered and celebrated when it heard the news... and heck were Canadians! I am so proud of the United States right now! Bush was a true, sorry joke for all of humanity... but now I actually envie your leader!

Posted by Karine November 6, 08 10:55 AM

I am a biracial person, 1/2 black . 1/2 white, I am proud of both parents and I dont pick what color I am..It picked me. I am neither more black than white, nor more white then black. Obama said that he was a biracial child growing up in the 60s and 70s and he knows about the hardship of discrimination. So do I , So why does the media and Obama pick what color he is? I take it he is more for his fathers heritage than his mothers. His father sounds like a good role model. Im proud of my color, and thats both black and white not one or the other.

Posted by denise November 6, 08 10:57 AM

What a feeling!the world just bear withness to history being made ,and i am glad i was part of it.People should not lay back and continue to complaim.It is now clear that if you work hard in America ,you will make it despite your colour ,race or origin.
Wake up people.

Posted by Colin Chitanga November 6, 08 10:58 AM

A few words to the frustrated/unhappy/biggots... Why don't the move to Alaska instead? I'm sure you'll be quite happy there. We don't need any right-wingers or racists and bluntly put, you're not welcome here.

To the others: congratulations on electing someone that will try to fix the immense damage done, try to heal your country and bring the people together instead of working on ways to divide them further. The world opens its arms in welcoming your country back. Mister Obama has such charisma and intelligence, he seems to be willing to get things done. I wish him, and you, good the very best!

Posted by canada_no_home_for_frustrated November 6, 08 11:01 AM

The world is truly thrilled about this decision the US has made. The people have spoken and have had enough of the Bush Administration and appear to have lost trust in the republicans.
Your country is looked at with much scrutiny and hate from all the terrible things Bush has done and said, and now the world is looking at America with different eyes, you should be thanking Obama for this, and expect great things for your future!

Posted by Proud Canadian November 6, 08 11:01 AM

This has been the most phenomenal campaigns because Obama is incredible. What a beautiful time in American history!!!

Posted by Rebelranger November 6, 08 11:10 AM


Your tears, they sustain me.

Posted by Jarad November 6, 08 11:12 AM

I'm from Germany and I congratulate to America and the American people to this amazing election!!! God bless you for your courage, your enthusiasm and your choice. God bless President Obama and give him all the wisdom and power he will need to battle the problems and get a great president for America and a great politician for the world.

All the best to all of you. May the change come. We're proud of you! :-)

Posted by jaybee November 6, 08 11:13 AM

What an amazing man Barack Obama is, and what a sobering job he has ahead of him. I am bewildered by the conservatives and their short-sightedness still, after these past 8 devastating years. I have no doubt that if it were possible for George W to have run again against Obama, they would have all voted for him again. How truly sad. When would enough be enough? And when can we stop talking about the color of his skin and just realize what a smart, devoted, capable man he is? I am so thrilled to have this man as our next President. People need to take off their blinders and give him a chance.

Posted by Janice November 6, 08 11:14 AM

Just wait and see.

Posted by Shecky November 6, 08 11:17 AM

Do you think Obama could start his own party?

Posted by Frankie November 6, 08 11:19 AM

Whether Barack accomplish all that he set out to do or not, his achievement as to becoming the first Black President of the United States of America shows that America has changed and is heading into another direction.

Posted by Marvin Tillman November 6, 08 11:20 AM

Wonderful pics. Pic #12 sums it ALL ............ H O P E

Posted by New2mac @ flickr November 6, 08 11:20 AM

toutes ces photos sont très belles et j'ai l'espoir que Obama sera un très grand président.
Dieu bénisse l'amérique et toutes les nations du monde.

Posted by serge November 6, 08 11:28 AM

YOU made it! Obama! You are the real American dream!! You changed the history of America. You even melted the hearts of people who are not Americans. We all support you!

Posted by Joyce from Hong Kong November 6, 08 11:31 AM

I am an African-American. I was taken back by Barack's victory speech. He is evidently already backing off his commitment to change America -saying it may not happen for 4 years. If he does not deliver, and my economic status does not improve, I will regard him as an Uncle Tom as will all the bros in the hood.

Posted by Darnell November 6, 08 11:31 AM

Very Nice Very Nice !!!!

Posted by darcy November 6, 08 11:31 AM

I still can't believe that this has happened. Congratulations America, welcome back. The era of extreme right lunacy that prevailed for bush's 8 years is over, stay vigilant, they are still brainwashed.

Posted by Black Jack Shellac November 6, 08 11:33 AM



Posted by Justinkrietemeyer November 6, 08 11:36 AM

I am so happy for him! I think he will be a great President! I think it's really cool that history has been made and I saw it!!

Posted by Allison Skelly November 6, 08 11:36 AM


Posted by JPCH November 6, 08 11:40 AM

im still crying

this is so beautiful

i love how there is proof that the american dream exists for everyone now!

Posted by Dionne Cochrane November 6, 08 11:40 AM

What a sad sentiment. An Obama presidency brings the renewal of hope to this country. In his acceptance speech he spoke about hope and sacrifice and a dedication to something larger than ourselves. The president might not make the laws in this country but he sets the tone and determines the conversation. We're finally seeing the end of eight years of an executive branch characterized by cynical opportunism, fear mongering, jingoism and blatant partisanship. Let's hope that Obama is true to his words and restores that sense of promise and real democracy that both the US and the world have been craving.

Posted by ProudAmerican November 6, 08 11:43 AM

Nice pictures and good shooting.

Posted by Iykeman November 6, 08 11:50 AM

This guy is going to destroy our economy. Stock market is down 500 points since he was elected. Can you say "lack of confidence"?

Posted by Jerome November 6, 08 11:50 AM

Fantastic pictures.................
one countrys dream comes true.. ...............
all the best Obama.

Posted by Vineetha November 6, 08 11:50 AM

People are missing the whole issue here. It should not be about whether Barack Obama's skin is black or white or whether his religion is Muslim or Hindu, but what Barack Obama can bring to the table. I cannot judge the man from his past or what may be in his future, but we as Americans (real Americans) as we claim the bill and fight for what we believe in. And then we sit and wonder and Ponder why this country is messed up with turmoil and why the "terrorists" take advantage of us bickering amongst overselves when we should be bring joy and peace to one another. When they (the terrorists) see us bickering about skin color and who and what should be preseident then we wonder why they sit back and laugh at us making complete fools of ourselves. It is a good feeling to have the first black African American to be the new Commander in Chief, but we need to watch ourselves with how we conduct ourselves around our children and families at all times if we want to be the americans that Barak Obama wants called time to change. There is a change and that change has come. I am not saying that Barack Obama is the messiah or he can change the world overnight. Rome was not made overnight and Barack Obama was not born in one day. But one thing did happen Barack Obama changed history as we now know it.

I hope that some day we can get over the whole racism thing and try to live as Dr. Martin Luther King stated in his speech Let us as one nation hold hands together and go to schools and churches with one another and stop teaching our children that is ok to hate another for skin color but teach our children to love us just as God place each and every one of us to be his hands and his feet and have love for our fellow brothers and sister until his return when he comes to carry us back with him.

Posted by Johanna Bailey November 6, 08 11:50 AM

In response to Tyler Smith, message 365, dated November 6, 08 04:37 AM

You are right that we have had a Congress that did not see much change, but we were saddled with a president who would accept only one way -- his way. Now we have a real leader whom we hope and believe will use his intelligence, insight, and persuasive powers to help Congress, not impede it.

The President does have tremendous power to influence changes in laws. He or she can propose legislation, put pressure on members of the House and Senate, and can muster the will of the American people to demand action from their representatives in Washington. And, if all else fails, the presdient still has the power of the veto.

You say that you hope America hasn't done something it regrets. That admonition comes too late. We have already done that. It's called "Bush." Now we hope to undo all the damage that decision allowed

Posted by Jim Burgardt November 6, 08 11:51 AM

No tengo ganas, ni tiempo, nene, de andar con sonzeras. Arriba...! (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Posted by JAB November 6, 08 11:53 AM

I like photo 21. A great example of how diverse racially Obama's supporters are.

Posted by Reg Shepton November 6, 08 11:53 AM

"People are carried away in the hubris and novelty of the racial breakthrough. But wait until the honeymoon is over. We will wake up next to our new ultra-liberal, overly-idealistic, socialist president and his cronies, as unprepared and ill-equipped to handle today's challenges as Bush.

It's a bittersweet day."

"Realist" You are unbelievable! You considered Bush equipped? Obviously you believe that a man who doesn't even have a command of the English language, should have a command over the most powerful nation in the world. Let us not forget that Bush hadn't even left the country until his presidency! Also, I believe if you look up "cronies" in the dictionary you'll probably find pictures of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove just to name two!

And finally, idealism is a good thing. Being idealistic is what makes America great-- it's what makes the American dream!

Posted by Jennifer November 6, 08 11:56 AM

God is faithful, there's more yet to come, The almighty has answered our prayers, This is the time for a change in America we have all waited to happen, I know others are negative and sad but God's proved himself.

I praise God for our answered prayers ,

Posted by Gladys Kunobwa November 6, 08 11:57 AM

"Facing the rising sun, of our new day begun. Let us march on, till victory is won."

Posted by God Bless America November 6, 08 11:57 AM

To comment number 395. Thank you so much. We need to come together in a spirit of cooperation now, more than ever. My hope is that your sentiment will begin to spread through the 56 million Americans who voted for John McCain. It is together that we can move forward. If we remain divided, vengeful, and hateful, we will fail.

Posted by toadman November 6, 08 11:58 AM

I'm so proud of him - I'm proud to be an American today! I'm proud to have been apart of this historic moment. What a beautiful time to be alive..... in America! To the person that says "He wears alot of blue", I think it seems like he wears a lot of blue because he may not have a lot of different suits. It looks like maybe he has a small wardrobe of blue suits and ties. He seems like he doesn't do a lot of wasteful spending....which is great! Or maybe it's just his favorite color!

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 12:00 PM

We dont have to hope for the best to come, no more.. because the best has arrived. Obama we believe in you, congratulations!!!!!

Posted by Meii November 6, 08 12:00 PM

Barack, you really are the light of the world. Change is good for a change. We hope gangsterism has gone for good. Lead the world dynamically and bring Africa out of the woods. Congratulations!

Posted by Caleb Adefemi Aderibigbe November 6, 08 12:01 PM

Amazing photos. They are just inspiring. For the first time, I look to the future with hope.

Posted by Fuzzy Izmit November 6, 08 12:01 PM

@ Keith #395>

Thank you for your positive attitude. That is the meanor that this great country needs to bounce back and regain the respect of the world! Well said my friend.

Posted by slater November 6, 08 12:02 PM

Absolutely amazing photography. I could not be happier. What a wonderful time to be an American! Congratulations, President Obama!

Posted by Thrilled November 6, 08 12:05 PM

i wish we will also have one like obama in nigeria.

Posted by iyke November 6, 08 12:06 PM

This was destined to be. My prayers are with President Obama and his family and my country. May God be with us all.

Posted by rudy anderson November 6, 08 12:07 PM

Obama made History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Priya November 6, 08 12:07 PM

at #424 If you look at the numbers not all African-Americans voted for Obama and not all African-Americans voted for Obama simply because he is Black. I am an African-American female and was a Hilary supporter becuase I believed it was time for change as well for the women in our country to step up and have a place in the whitehouse (this clearly wasn't represented by the selection of Palin on the GOP ticket). I find it a discrase and disrespectful that you assume that African-Americans are not intelligent enough to choose a candidate based on his qualifications and only vote based on one's skin color. If anything Obama is
representative of the many struggles that not only African-Americans (especially males) have gone through, but most Americans in general. To say that Whites are the only ones responsible for making him the man he is, is shameful. Had Hilary been in the place of Obama and clearly would have captured the Black vote, would your opinion be the same. Americans of all races didn't elect John McCain for a reason. Regardless of whether or not an African-American held the Democratic nomination, this was the time for Democrats to regain their place in the Washington. Obama is an incredible human being and people around the world are excited for him to be the new face of America.

Posted by Proud to be an American November 6, 08 12:08 PM

#307 and #309 brought me back to the reality that this country will always be vulnerable to "Homegrown Terrorists", because that's what they are or can become. The hate is just as deep as Bin Laden's, they just happen to live here. People like that who are able to spread the hate and brainwash others don't deserve to be alive, let alone live in our country. They ruin our country.

The RACISTS like # 307 and # 309, and some John guy I overheard say the other day that he HATES (not disagrees with) Barack Obama are perfect examples of why we have to pray that our country moves in the right direction quickly.

I trust that Obama will do a phenomenal in his term prompting reelection. Hopefully that will show people with even 1% of whatever it is that #307 and #309 feel, just how ignorant they are.

Posted by Proud Human Being November 6, 08 12:08 PM

Fantastic pictures! and I am glad they say so much, because I am getting tired of reading how a "black" man in the Whitehouse is going to fix all the "black" problems. I voted for Obama because he seems very sincere, he is not stupid, but wise enough to look for help when he needs it, because I thought his ideas and vision were better than Mr McCains. I hope that President Elect Obama sees himself first as an American, then as a Man, a father, a husband, a leader, and a respresentative / defender of this country, and very lastly as black. I hope we don't turn this beautiful victory into some sort of ugly retaliation for the sins of the past.

Posted by Wendy Shaw November 6, 08 12:09 PM

I have never heard so much empty, substanceless emotion. Much like Obama's speeches. I also have HOPE. I HOPE that he doesn't drive our economy over a cliff.

Obama promised to bring America together. So what was his first act? He asked Rahm Emanuel to be the White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel is an ascerbic, insulting attack dog. He comes out of the Chicago school of dirty politics. So Obama managed to break his first promise in less than 24 hours after being elected. That is probably a record.

And Obama set another record on the first day after his election. The stock market lost nearly 500 points. That is the most that the market has ever gone down on the day after a presidential election. Obviously he is inspiring confidence. In the middle of the second day after his election, the market is already down another 300 points. Over a trillion dollars of wealth has been lost since his victory speech.

It is poetic justice that Obama will have to deal with the economic failure that his strong support of the sub-prime loan industry as well as his support for the corrupt management of Fannie May and Freddy Mac, have brought on. The law firm that Obama once worked for actually sued mortgage companies that failed to give subprime loans. Now he will reap the rewards of those actions.

Posted by Tilo Reber November 6, 08 12:11 PM

They say attitude reflects leadership. I believe the Leadership he will bring in his administration will change the attitude of the masses and the world will once again see the United States of America for the great nation it is. I feel blessed for having lived this historic event and look foward to the change I believe is coming. God Bless our President! And God Bless our great nation.

Posted by Jimmie Waddill November 6, 08 12:12 PM

CONGRATULATIONS I just want to say i'm so happy Barack Obama was elected President HISTORY has been mad.

Posted by Cierra Faust November 6, 08 12:13 PM

Obama is a world changing figure whose vision, leadership and management style are a culmination of the world's greatest leaders. Obama evokes emotions in people that we not seen since JFK. As he leads our great Nation, Obama will also have a healing impact on so many other nations of the world. God Bless Obama and his family I pray that the Secret Service continue to protect and defend him!

Posted by JP. in Indiana November 6, 08 12:14 PM

uhh, nice photos.

Posted by kevjohn November 6, 08 12:17 PM

Let us not forget in the wake of this historic occasion that we now have a president who, at least in the second half of his campaign for the White House, has supported not ending but rather reallocating our current war resources to those of another existing war and suggested in the debates that he would not be opposed to invading yet another country (Pakistan). He voted for the Patriot Act and voted for FISA protection for AT&T et al. Let's all hold our new president accountable for ensuring civil liberties and an end to American imperialism, and let's not be deterred from that goal by this watershed moment, beautiful as it may be.

Posted by Jonathan November 6, 08 12:21 PM

Wow. Creepy.

Posted by MSR November 6, 08 12:22 PM

We voted for Obama, yes, and now Mr. President, get to work and do everything you promised! Do not make us feel regret!

Posted by canine November 6, 08 12:22 PM

Excellent pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! Number 32 seems a casual family moment.

Posted by Diego November 6, 08 12:24 PM

Great images and story line. McCain probably has some too. It was a great campaign and in our household we are excited about a new perspective and hope and pray things turn around. The basketball image. Duhon must be his teammate!

Posted by Chicago November 6, 08 12:24 PM

I am so happy to read the positive comments from other countries, especially Canada and France (to which I swore I would have fled had the Republicans maintained the White House). Thank you for your support and congratulations!

Posted by Constance Deacon November 6, 08 12:26 PM

I was 13 when I read in the newspaper about Rosa Parks' protest. I was 18 when I arrived at Ft. Gordon Georgia as a young soldier. In the town of Agusta I visited a new library. The date-stone was 1960. There were colored and white rest rooms and drinking fountains throughout this new building, just as there were at the railroad and bus stations. After the army I joined civil rights protests and joined the Congress of Racial Equality. I've also voted in every election.

We as a people have come a long way in the past 50 years and I'm glad I lived long enough to see Barack Obama be elected the leader of our country.

Posted by Frank Malley November 6, 08 12:30 PM

Really??? Some are saying today's bad stock market is because of Obama. Really??? Hey, look to the current administration for the blame on that one. Obama isn't even the president yet. "W" stands for Worst President Ever.

By the way, great photos. What a beautiful family.

Posted by Ray November 6, 08 12:35 PM

I'm afraid this going to be Jimmy Carter all over again.

Young people do not remember Iran holding our embassy staff hostage for over 2 years. Only when Reagan was elected did they release them.


Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 12:36 PM

Finally, eight very long years have ended.
Hail the new chief!

Posted by pat Taylor November 6, 08 12:37 PM


Posted by smatthews November 6, 08 12:39 PM

I am happy and encouraged that the greater portion of this country united in a single cause; restoration of our belief in this great nation, and it's general good will toward righting wrongs, and stepping forward bodly toward a future with hope. America has and continues to be a land of opportunity for EVERYONE! Amen, and may he truly be the great hope and deliverer this country needs. Candidates all talk the talk. Let's pray he walks the walk. I have confidences he will. Congratulations, Mr. Obama-Mr. President.

Posted by Diane MArgosian November 6, 08 12:39 PM

Hello Americans!

Congrats on the election results. I hope your country takes a much needed upturn. Oh, and to all you "I'm so angry I'm gonna move to Canada" folks, we don't want you. At all. Go to Mexico or something, we don't need bigots here. We've reached our quota or something.

Posted by Pif November 6, 08 12:40 PM

Yay America! We finally elected a President who is willing to go PAST the restraints of the Constitution! We've elected a President that the leaders of terrorist nations agree with! We've elected a President with a history of trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment! We've elected a President who's campaign manager has, on record, threatened media outlets with losing their lisences for running ads they didn't like. We've elected a President with a record of being anti-first amendment! Go America!

Oh, and your pictures are beautiful. Really.

Posted by Chris November 6, 08 12:42 PM

These pictures are breath takingly beautiful!!! They really capture the magnitude of the change that has happened in America. The crowds are so vast and so diverse. This is the America of the future only it's here today. We will be more united as the human race and not let our differences put a wedge between us. These pictures symbolize the beauty of our differences and celebrates our commonalities.
I am so proud to be and American!!!!!!

Posted by Natasha in South Carolina November 6, 08 12:43 PM

I am so happy for our new voice. We middle classmen have been slient for so long. I thank the most high GOD who made it possible for change. He saw his children being treated wrong. He made this world in 6 days and say this is good. Now he has bless us with a voice through President Barack Obama. I pray that this man who won the worlds heart keep his word to the American people. Please help me pray for the safety of Obama and his family. Yes we did it!!!

Posted by Tammie Rouse November 6, 08 12:46 PM

Messenger # 365- get a life, there is nothing you can do about the situation. He was the best candidate for the position and he prevailed over the other lesser- qualified individuals. He, President- Elect, Barack Obama, cannot, I repeat, cannot, do any worse than the president that was just in office for the past 2, deal w/ it or find you another country to represent.

Congrats Barack and I KNOW you will do well! It was time for change and change has come! God bless! ;)

Posted by Denishia November 6, 08 12:47 PM

to #471 Darnell...Obama is not a magician nor does he does not hold any superhero powers. if you had listened correctly to his speech, he said we may not be able to see change within the first year, or even in the first term-he's not backing off from any committment. do you really think he's going to be able to correct 8 years of mistakes in four years or less? he's promised to do the best he can while in office, and I'm going to hold him to that. if you need your economic status to improve, you need to make that change for yourself for now because all of us are trying to get by, not just you. Let the man do his thing, and put that Uncle Tom bullsh*t to rest.

Posted by O Happy Day November 6, 08 12:48 PM

For the first time in my life I was able to vote. I have been an active duty member of the United States Air Force for two years, but this is my first time being able to vote. And with so much going on in the country, a country I was born and raised in, I can finally say I am HAPPY to serve my country. Because I am not serving it nor are my brothers and sisters serving for a silly mans reasons. Yes he is/was my commander and cheif, but that does not mean I have respected his policy or his leadership over the past years. Even the most racist of people need to realize that now is not the time for hatred. Now is the time as when 9/11 occured, to join together and oatch together or broken country. For if we do not do it who will? I respect John McCain he is a man who has served his country and should be respected for that. But he is from a time and an era that cannot continue. We connot base our leadership simply because of who this mans family is. and that he was a war hero. When it comes down to who has done things to help our contry for the better he is simply NOT qualified. So like i said people. I just hope that even with the doubts that you may have, that you will give this man a chance to prove himself, and to give him the opportunity to help this country and the world. We are the worlds most powerful nation and we are on our knees right now in shame. Lets give him the chance to bring us up with our heads heald high like we used to stand, and then once qwe help purselves we will be able to lend a hand to those who want our help! Obama stands for Change something he belives can do, and so should we/. No matter how you feel about the man himself, you should give him the chance to help better this country. We once judge a president by what he did as a man and not what he did for our country, and he was one of the best presidents this country has seen in a long time. Lets not do that again!

Posted by Taylor C November 6, 08 12:49 PM

And to #419, regardless of how you may feel, he IS YOUR PRESIDENT, just like all the other citizens of the continental may not like it, but you will DEAL w/ it b/c he isn't going ANYWHERE, sweetie! Now, you have a great day and think on that!

Posted by Denishia November 6, 08 12:51 PM

"America has gone to hell in a handbasket with bows, lace and all the rick rack it could find. I AM ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY!!!! "

-Bree Lynn Post 419

Well, Bree, welcome to my world for the past eight years!! The only thing you should be ashamed of is yourself.

Posted by Allen G November 6, 08 12:51 PM

OK America we like you again. Now don't screw it up this time.

Posted by mojocat November 6, 08 12:52 PM

I am so full of HOPE for America because of a man named Obama. He exzudes confidence, caring, hope for change in this crazy world. I really don't ever feeling so touched and PROUD of being an American as I am at this time in history. I feel President Elec Obama is for ALL people, regardless of race, religion, backgroud. I am proud to say he is going to be my President . I don't think I have ever said or thought that in my 57 years. Thank you for being the man you are and please never change! Stay true to yourself for me and our country. Thank you!!

Posted by Beverly Gage November 6, 08 12:52 PM

Congratulations Mr. President. I got very emotional watching the news on November 4th, and I am emotional now looking at these pictures ,that a good friend of mine, shared with me. I cried that night,. I saw the same faces I saw 35cyears ago , when we chose my president at those times in Chile,, Salvador Allende, the country whereI was ,and where I grew up.The same happiness, the same hope.
Thanks Mr.Barack Obama. I wish you my best. I hope they will let you do your time.
I salute you.

Posted by carmen Molina-vergara November 6, 08 12:55 PM

This is why I became a citizen to vote for Obama:

Katrina - Emergency Management Failure and wastages
Economy - Plunge in the dollar due to massive fiscal debt from large tax cuts with no reduction in government spending.
Economy – Lack of controls allowing outrageous profits for questionable decisions.
Credit Crunch - Allowing lending to go uncontrolled
Oil Prices - Allowing speculation to go uncontrolled
Drilling - Failure to remove limitations
Iraq - Why did we do it?
Afghanistan - Allowing things to relax too much in the late stages
North Korea - Allowing them to build reactors to make bombs
Environment - Who gives a crap attitude.
Human Rights - Torture! Guantanamo!
Energy - Too little too late for Alternative Energy
Energy Investment - we should be building nuclear power plants
Stem Cell Research Funding - This should have got public funding
Health Care - Out of control prices from drug companies. Different treatment prices for different people
Education - More available to the rich. No limits on tuition increases. Why should a college student graduate with $50,000 debt?

Posted by Nick Hull November 6, 08 12:56 PM

#411, doesn't really matter what you think now does it? Because the 44th president of the United States is an African American. Does it make you uncomfortable? Would you like to leave the country? Well welcome to how I and millions of others have felt for the LAST EIGHT YEARS. And by the way, go ahead and get out of our country. It should be obvious by now that we don't need your backwoods narrow minded thinking any longer. Just so you know, I am a second generation English and German American, my skin is so pale it blinds people,and I finally am proud to be an American.

Posted by Finally proud November 6, 08 12:57 PM

For comment #424. You are so ignorant. Look at what you just stated that Obama is just as much white as he is black....well if we "black people" voted for him, we voted for the black and white. What does that say about you?

Posted by CMG November 6, 08 01:00 PM

I am so Proud.

Posted by Parris November 6, 08 01:01 PM

At this point and time in my life, I am very proud to be an American!! May God Bless our great nation's president, Mr. Barack Obama and his family, keep them safe and may our nation see unity in all things, for all color and ethnic origins as a people united under "Yes, we can!!"

I cannot tell you how deeply I feel about this great change!!

Posted by Deborah Koller November 6, 08 01:01 PM

Posted by Obama hater Bergeron luva:
Obviously your parents can afford it. It seems to me they need something else to spend all their money in. You already seem "spolied rotten" enough!

Posted by I Voted for Hilary... November 6, 08 01:05 PM

Great collection of photographs. Now, let's see if he lives up to the hype. Walking on water is a pretty tough trick to pull off.

Posted by Mike November 6, 08 01:07 PM

"This guy is going to destroy our economy. Stock market is down 500 points since he was elected. Can you say "lack of confidence"?"

...the market was sinking before the election, you think overnight the man who hasn't even yet become president is responsible for the drop? Maybe you think the same policies of all for corporations, extreme de-regulation, cowboy capitalism for the extremely wealthy is what we still need? Wake up man...

Posted by J V November 6, 08 01:07 PM

The stock market has shown the lack of wisdom of the 52% that elected Barack Hussain Obama . The pilgrams try socialism in thier first year in the new world out of 111 people 88 died , the next year they all got 1 acre of land to do as they pleased and thats how we got Thanksgiving. They thrived under a free market system !!! The last president that raised taxes during a recesion was Hoover in 1932 and he basically kicked off the great depression. Oil will be at 140 to160 dollars a barrel if congress repeals off-shore drilling at the same time Obama is going to cripple the coal industry sending electric rates through the roof . Hold on we will see 10% umemployment within the first year!!!

Posted by unenchanted american November 6, 08 01:10 PM

The photo of a huge Obama rally in St. Louis on October 18 says it all. Mr. Obama: you have a great number of people on your side and we share your views on where this country needs to go. America (and even more so, the world) wanted and recieved a president elect 180 degrees different from the current horrid and unqualified president. January 20 can’t come quick enough to see his exit. We all need to keep up hope and assist where we can to help undo the many destructive policies Buch and his cronies implimented since he seize the Whitehouse in 2001.

Posted by tbone November 6, 08 01:12 PM

barack is the man. i believe he's a good, honest man. but i hope he's not a puppet of big business and the illuminati. also i hope his first order of business is to put the bush adminstration on trial for breaking the laws (i.e. torture, secret prisons with no habeas corpus, wiretapping american phonelines without warrants), war crimes and crimes against humanity (9/11 was an inside job to create an enemy in order to wage the war on terror- a profit making scheme for cheney and friends).

Posted by cbius November 6, 08 01:15 PM

@ 471 (and all the people who believe that if immediate change doesn't happen Obama will have gone back on his word) -- how sad. It's called realism, something this country hasn't had in a very long time. Maybe part of the problem is that people are willing to throw their hat in the ring and turn their back on things when the don't get their way. This country didn't get where it is today (good or bad) overnight and the problems it is currently facing will take a long time and a lot of effort to repair. Oh, yeah, and tell the "bros in the hood" that they might want to consider change too -- it can't always come from the top.

Posted by ALD November 6, 08 01:17 PM

not more to add

Posted by nema November 6, 08 01:18 PM

It was through God grace that we all cab see this day. To God be the glory, may God bless him, his family, his duty to A,merican and Bless the United State of American.

Posted by Larry Staley November 6, 08 01:30 PM

#539, What planet are you living on? It aint earth, baby, because you've brought up some stuff that wasn't even proposed by Barack Obama. Oh, you must be a Bush relative. Say "hi" to the family and tell them not to let the immense global recession hit them on the ass on the way out.

Oh, and nice pictures!

McCain is a great senator. Good luck to him there.

Posted by The Moderate November 6, 08 01:35 PM

We are one people and there is no better way to show our unity then to have elected a man with such a diverse backround. I am your average white middle class woman. I am aware of the true meaning of our country and it is The Melting Pot. It is not a Nascar racetrack.

Posted by Brooke Hosey November 6, 08 01:38 PM

"The only thing to fear is fear itself." We shall never be afraid again. Thank you President Barack Obama for not being afraid! The people are behind you.

Posted by Vivene Hill November 6, 08 01:41 PM

It is no longer news that with the election of Barack Obama as the next President of American, the American people have sent a clear and unambiguous message across to the rest of the world-the great Values of Democracy are within the reach of any country that craves for freedom. There are daunting challenges, uphill job to be done, both on the national scene and in the entire world. The tasks ahead are enormous, the climbs will the challenging, but I have no doubts that Mr. Obama possesses the right credentials to ride the American people through the storm. There are panics everywhere, with a lot of people having lost faith and hope. Americans are in need of capable leader that would breathe confidence back into the system. This is what I find amazing in their choice in this election. The President-Elect, Barack Obama’s got the charisma, he’s persuasive, he’s intelligent and he is focused. Americans couldn’t have made a better choice at this time in history. I congratulate the American people. You did it. Truly, Change has come to the World.

Posted by Lover of Freedom November 6, 08 01:43 PM

To all of you outside of the United States:African Americans have held major govenrmental posts in the United States;they have been mayors of major cities;they have been senators;they have been secretary of state;now we have an African American president. This is not a major shift in race relations. We have been making strides for years.

Does the fact that we do not have had a woman president yet mean we are inferior in the way we treat women?

Posted by Mort Greenstein November 6, 08 01:49 PM

those are some hot photos

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 01:49 PM

As long as there are pieces of ignorant white trash in the world they will be against Barak Obama. He gives us HOPE for CHANGE, nothing more or less, and I am willing to give him that opportunity other than 4 more years of the same policies that have made our country the laughing stock of the world. The man hasn't even been sworn in yet, people, put your racist feeling aside and let him try to clean up the mess YOUR President has made!

Posted by trevor November 6, 08 01:52 PM


Posted by Tony November 6, 08 01:52 PM

No. 437: You comment that the majority of voters were "young and inexperienced" and that somehow the election was won on the backs of ignorant or uninformed voters. First of all, so what? The last time I checked, any 18 y.o. citizen could vote. Perhaps we should wind back the clock 150 years and let only white male property owners vote? Second, look at an electoral map to see where large blocks of McCain's support comes from: Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina. Then look and see where the lowest rates are for adult literacy and college graduates. (As a South Carolina native, I know first-hand.) Starting to see a pattern here?

Posted by PQD November 6, 08 01:56 PM

Congratulations to President Obama!!

He has for sure made a history and made everyone Proud.



Posted by Chaya Murthy November 6, 08 01:56 PM

I am thrilled and proud to be an American again. This energy should have should galvanize everyone, from individuals like me to the grass roots community groups to more bigger organizations to chip in to help us--we who call ourselves "Americans"--to do our part to restore our country to greatness. He was being realistic when he said he may not be able to change things in just 1 term. I can accept that. If everyone gets involved, however, we can achieve great things.

Posted by Proud American Ex-pat November 6, 08 02:01 PM


Posted by Carvie Erwin November 6, 08 02:06 PM

First of all , Congratulations to Obama and his family. The pics were fantastic.
Secondly, I wish that people would stop being so racist, and realize that this moment was the plan of God. We are all, for the purpose of God. If God did not intend for Obama to be our Elect President at this present time he would not be.
For those who keep bringing up race, you obviously dont understand numbers or the people of America. Blacks are the Minority of this country, so with that said, Obama would not be our Elect President if whites, hispanics, asians, and other nationalities had not voted. God Bless Obama and his family. God Bless America.

Posted by Quazimu November 6, 08 02:06 PM

Oh my stars, I was raised in a 100% white town, attended a 100% white public school, had racist parents, and was surrounded by the white superiorism attitude from birth to high school graduation. Guess what? I never understood the point and refuse to acknowlege any differences in any group of people based on their exterior.

If we, as a people, fail to progress then we shall fail as a people.

When I hear folks like 410, 411, and 419 (there are more, of course) carry on in such a manner I am embarrassed for them and wonder how in the heck they can still harbor these attitudes in the 21st century. Seriously, what are you afraid of? Are you that insecure? Is your whiteness really that threatened? Really?

For all of you who refuse to accept and/or support your new are acting like spoiled children. Do you need a time-out? Seriously, grow up. Try to think past your own selfish, petty opinions and see the big picture. It's a beautiful sight.

"We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union"... I would remind each of you that Americans of ALL colors fight side by side, placing their own lives in harm's way, to protect our country and defend our freedom.

We are all God's children.

Posted by color blind November 6, 08 02:09 PM

A good friend of mine, Ronald Lucas suggested that the greatest legacy of George Bush might be that he inadvertently helped to elect the "first African American President of the United States of America"..

Posted by Edward E. Hale, Sr. November 6, 08 02:09 PM

For the first time I can say that I am proud of my country. Living as a white American with all the hate going back and forth has been hard to swallow, and I'm proud to have lived to see this moment in history. Obama is THE MAN for the job that needs to be done here, and the American people have proven that the majority of us have broken the chains that were created in the past and have come together and voted to bring about the change we've needed for so long! Bye Bye Bush! You are a criminal, a war monger, a liar, and I hope this beautiful moment in history... this change we need (Obama) can start to repair the damage you have done to America!

Posted by Phillis November 6, 08 02:10 PM

After eight years of a terrible government, finally America got it right. Congratulations.

Posted by Luciano November 6, 08 02:13 PM

This fills my heart with Joy; I took notice of Obama after the 2004 speech; and I was always attentive of his moves in the Senate.
This type of leader, smart, persistent organized and competent is what we need.
Americans, it is time to rise again as one nation; let's get to work for a better life; for our children and grandchildren.
He will make mistakes as we all do; but if we just believe that we can overcome our fears and problems; we will sustain a prosperity that it will be hard to achieve at first; but that is coming for all of us.
It is a new era when we are all one race and one creed AMERICANS!!!

Posted by Eternal Blast November 6, 08 02:14 PM

"459.A few words to the frustrated/unhappy/biggots... Why don't the move to Alaska instead? I'm sure you'll be quite happy there. We don't need any right-wingers or racists and bluntly put, you're not welcome here."

Posted by canada_no_home_for_frustrated November 6, 08 11:01 AM

We dont want them here either ~ Alaska is notorius for supporting their local people not matter how insane the choice may seem but at least a third of us voted for Barack Obama (myself included) so dont send those closed minded neanderthals our way!

Posted by Alaskan For Obama November 6, 08 02:15 PM

Although I was not for Obama in this election I think his victory shows that this country has moved out of it's dark shadows of slavery and segregation and for that I am proud. Hopefully the results of this election will show people that although racial issues and hatred exist in this country they are a product of the ignorant minority not the reasonable majority. I hope that Obama can do the things that his supporters believe he can and restore our standing as that shining beacon on a hill for the rest of the world. God bless the U.S.A..

Posted by Gabe November 6, 08 02:17 PM

well american i am lumbee indian and i vote obama i think sometime people are said thing that are not right but the person that said something about mexico well my family indian and mexico andwe were here fist you need to check you self i am very proud of my family and i am very proud of my tribe

Posted by lumbee indian November 6, 08 02:21 PM

What a Great Victory! One for all people in the United States and around the world. People in other countries can see how wonderful this is, so why are there still some in the United States of America who cannot see the good in this victory?

Change is here! A time for all people to unite. Thank GOD and Thanks America for saying yes to Obama.
I am glad he had the strength and courage to go to the mountain top.

Posted by Andrea M. November 6, 08 02:21 PM

Eneryone wanted the change, well it's coming (just don't think it is quite what everyone expected). I have already heard from several small business owners with this new tax that will affect their profits is rolling down to there employee's and tenants, Yeah we may get a tax break but do you honestly think that when these larger coroporation that will endure these tax increases aren't going to roll that down to the consumer and their employee's (you and I). You will see them matching less on your 401k, more of your insurance premium coming out of your check every month and mechandise going up. I hope like hell Obama proves me wrong but all I see right now is a well spoke individual that has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

Posted by Billy November 6, 08 02:24 PM

The pictures are great1 I look forward to an Obama presidency but don't forget that a large number of voters that voted against Obama did so on certain issues and does not make them un-American.

Issues like the right to life for unborn children. We have the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Bet my post does not make it past the moderator. If it does I'm shocked.

Posted by Ben Silverman November 6, 08 02:25 PM

The job inherited by the President Elect Obama is daunting. He is an awesome leader who has the ability to bring millions of diverse people together in harmony. Darnell stated that Barack was already "backing" down on his promises to the people of this great country. Darnell, believe you me, President Elect Obama is going to work tirelessly for this country and for you. He will achieve his goals but he wants you to understand it will not happen overnight because as you know, our country is in utter chaos -- from the gas crisis to the economic crisis. He is asking you to be patient and not give up. George W. Bush took a government with a surplus and turned it into this mess we have now. It is up to Barack and his government to turn this around. Give him some time -- it will happen.

Posted by Ms. Thomas November 6, 08 02:27 PM

Well done I WISH our country South Africa (Cape Town).could do the same and have somone like him in charge, what a differece it would make!

Posted by L.James November 6, 08 02:29 PM

Czarno to widze ^^

Posted by c.#ek November 6, 08 02:29 PM

I am so overwhelmeld with the love and pride flowing through America right now. I am an black women and wanted to share pride and love with all my fellow Americans of every race and ethnic background. Yes we can! all join at the table of botherhood. And for our friends abroad we vow to do our best to change or expose those biggots who treaten the NEW AMERICA.

Peace and Blessing to America and our friends of the world.
BTW, Great pics!

Posted by PROUD AMERICAN November 6, 08 02:29 PM

I just want to say that, Yes I am happy for our President Elect as we all should be. The past 8 yrs has put our nation into such economic turmoil and a constant state of fear of the unknown that it's any wonder that the drug companies have been cranking out all these different antidepressants. President Elect Obama and his soon to be pick White House Staff will no doubt have their hands full in the coming years. BUT please do not expect him to preform miracles, to right all of our country's wrongs over night. It can not be done that way, it's going to take time. I guess all I'm saying is give Obama the time he needs to at least make a dent in the mess that he is walking into.

Posted by pandamxgirl November 6, 08 02:31 PM

wow. is the best. the BEST.

Posted by me November 6, 08 02:31 PM

Excellent collection of photos. I think he reflects the hopes of all Americans (and the World) to lead them out of the current financial crisis and put America back on the right path again. This kind of emotional outpouring for an American President has only happened once before in modern times, and that was John F. Kennedy.

Posted by Phil Reambeault November 6, 08 02:33 PM

Amazing. YES WE DID!

Posted by The Aitch November 6, 08 02:34 PM

Congratulations, to our new presedent mr Obama may God guide you, protect you and watches over you and your family , you will continue to be in my prays. all my family came out to support you. God bless.

Posted by Doreen Pearce November 6, 08 02:43 PM

The American people lend their support to President-Elect Obama. We won't forget the struggles of the last 8 years and we know it's going to take an enormous amount of work on everyone's part to get our country on its feet again. The election of Obama gives us hope for a better tomorrow and a prosperous future. Just to know that soon we won't be burdened with the weight of the fear of the Bush years makes so many of us want to strive and achieve what yesterday seemed impossible. We're counting on you, President Obama. We know you can do it and we're ready to pitch in.

Posted by Lucy November 6, 08 02:43 PM

Talk about organizing a community!

It is absolutely incredible that one person can bring together millions and millions of people into one great community with a common vision. Never before have I had such pride in my country and my fellow Americans. What a celebration for and of us all!

Let's just keep the momentum up. The change has only just begun and it will take all of us working together to make it happen!

Obama 2012!

Posted by Vanessa November 6, 08 02:44 PM


Posted by Momsie November 6, 08 02:45 PM

Congrats! It is amazing to have a real person in the White House. What a huge change for America. I am so proud to be American at this moment. We need change and hope, it is obvious that you have uplifted the dreams of what being American is all about. Thank you! Thank you for caring.

Posted by Eva Melles November 6, 08 02:46 PM

We did it....... We can't stand for another 4 years of the last 8 years. America made the best choice. All you MCain supports....Obama is you president too. YES WE CAN

Posted by Tracy S. of D'ville GA November 6, 08 02:48 PM

U Rock Obama , we need more leaders like you in every nation, May GOD Bless U and your family abundantly!!
U r the first leader ever im impressed with, the way you expressed things in victory speech is truly amazing.
May be its GOD's will for you to become a prez of USA.

Posted by Vidya Gona November 6, 08 02:49 PM

The religious right touts themselves as this conservative, holier than thou, bible thumping, Jesus loving group.

What would Jesus do? Reject a person because of his differences? Hate a person because he looks different than him?

If you can't lose with dignity, move past the hurt and jump in and try to help out, then Jesus can't help you. Maybe you're just the kind of person who isn't happy unless you're bitching about something. Believe me, I know the type.

Beautiful Photography.

Posted by 100% American-Never Leave November 6, 08 02:50 PM

I am so proud of our country to finally take a stand and REALLY do the right thing and vote for the right reasons! I pray for this man as he carries a heavy load and it will take time, hard work and patience from the citizens, but I truly believe that Obama will prove to be even greater than he already is now 100 years from now.

I am so so proud and Yes Yes WE DID!!!

Posted by Athena Bernal November 6, 08 02:51 PM

It's sad to see so many people make this out to be about skin color. This is why we have problems with diversity. We should all be able to see a man, not just a color and stand behind him now that he is OUR president. #549 states it well.
I also see many people saying they are finally happy to be an American now. Well I'm happy to say I've always been a proud American, things can't always be the greatest of times there is always going to be pitfalls to work through. As a true proud American I don't pick the times I want to be called American, I will be till I die.

Posted by chris November 6, 08 02:56 PM


Posted by stephM November 6, 08 02:56 PM

This is the moment not only Afrcan American was waitng for but all races of the United States and the whole World. It is a great day for everyone. As a Somali citizen, I am happy and grateful to congratulate the elected president of the United states of America, His Excellence, President Brack Obama.
What I am expecting to see from his adminstration is to unify the entire world peacefuly in general, and in particulary to end Washington's See and Wait policy on Somalia. We as Somalis looking forward to see Mr. Brack Obama to stand our shoulder and to help us to overcome the difficulties of the Civil War we faced for the last 18 years. We want to stand our feet once again as a Nation. The Transitional Federal Government in Somalia want your assistance.

Posted by Abdi November 6, 08 02:57 PM

"Lord, we ain't what we want to be; we ain't what we ought to be; we ain't what we're going to be, but, thank God, we ain't what we were."

We have reclaimed our country from those who would loot it to become rich and from those who would destroy it to impose their own ideology.

Posted by Susan Fiore November 6, 08 02:57 PM

To commentor is quite obvious that you have allowed your being bi-racial confuse you or your parents brought you up in a way that has confused you about your identity. While it may not be right to you, people will perceive you to be "black" based on how you look to them and that is the way you be treated by them as a result of their perception. Barack Obama is a BLACK MAN because that is what he is perceived as being by "any" onlooker. Your ethnicity is determined by the father's blood. His father is from Kenya!. Therefore, he is black and the good thing is he "knows" that's what he is and will be perceived as being, & embraces it:)

Posted by A. Miller November 6, 08 02:58 PM

I find it incredible to read some of the comments that have been posted. The man hasn't been president-elect for 48 hours yet and the criticism and angst has already begun to ramp up. Regardless of whoever was elected into office, it would have been a daunting task for any man or woman to tackle. At least these individuals had the intestinal fortitude to run for office. A lot of people are just sitting on their fourth point of contact and waiting to be told what to do. This is a time for people to get involved more than ever. That's the type of inspiration and task that our new president-elect has challenged us with. It's reminiscint of what of what past great presidents have asked from us in previous times in history. Government is supposed to be fearful of the people that they govern. For the last few years, the people have been fearful of the government that has failed to adequately govern us and get things done. This is a true call to arms for those of us that call ourselves "True Americans". This is not a time for bickering and division. This is a time for us to come together and unite and rekindle the spirit of what the forefathers of our great nation set forth over 200 years ago. It is a time of progression and inclusion. It is a time for us to stand together. If times do not get better, it's not because of the president that was elected, it is a failure of those who chose not to support the ideas and the decisions that were made. It is a failure of we the people to not come together and stand as one.

Somebody mentioned that the stock market has been falling because Obama was elected. The stock market is failing because of the policies that have been in place for the last 8-10 years. The stock market is failing due to the bad news and reports that are on the horizon (unemployment numbers and quarterly earnings). To say that the stock market is in a dismal statee due to one person is ludacrious and baseless. The stock market has been up and down for the last two months.

I hope that this man will be the transformational figure that I feel that he is. The type of individual that can inspire and lead with a clear mind and some intellect. I hope that one day we all look back on these days and laugh at the things some folk were weary of. I believe all these things to be true and will come to pass and that our standing in the world will once again be one of greatness, opportunity and success.

Posted by Mr. Colvin November 6, 08 02:59 PM

Well... you clowns got your wish. Democrats in the Congress. Democrats in the Senate. Democrats in the White House.

Who ya gonna blame NOW?

BWAHAAA!! I can't wait for the implosion!

(By the way, from an artistic point of view... nice photos. Too bad about the subject matter though.)

Posted by Roger November 6, 08 03:02 PM

Congratulations to all the people who worked so hard to make the Obama Presidency a reality. And to all the skeptics, where have you been the past 8 years.
If you think Obama's going to take the economy over a cliff, wake up. It's already over the cliff. If you voted for George Bush for the last 2 terms and cannot admit that you were wrong. You're the problem.
Most of us want to see a better America, a better world for all God's children. If we work together we can turn this ship around straight away.

Posted by Penguins On A Rock November 6, 08 03:06 PM

You did!
I like most no 32. Do be a father and an president, thats the real & hard job, i think!
Greetings from Germany

Posted by Thomas S. November 6, 08 03:07 PM

Also to #457, the "Center for the Study of Biracial Children acknowledges that an individual with any acknowledged or publicly known African ancestry is considered "Black". So, hopefully this definition helps to clarify why the media has coined him as being the 1st Black President for you - because he simply is "black". It doesn't mean you're ashamed of your white side just because you've embraced your black side. It's just facing "reality" on how the world will see you, which is really how you should see yourself to prevent an identity crisis as a bi-racial child.

Posted by AM November 6, 08 03:07 PM

This post is in response to that of #424, KMG:
You said: "My problem with this election is that most African American voters voted in an uneducated way. Most of them just voted for the first time."
There is no way that you can know this! It is a wild assumption based on racist bias.
Consider all of the white Americans who voted against Kerry in 2004 because of the utterly false "Swift Boat Campaign". Consider how many bought into the recent email campaigns that claimed that Barack was a closet Muslim, or the one that said he refuses to salute the flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance, all totally false. There is some level of ignorance in all of us if we don't carefully seek out the facts. Clearly you have not done so.

Posted by Peter B November 6, 08 03:11 PM

"Plus c'est cha,
plus cha la, meme chose."

the more that things change,
the more they stay the same!

Posted by Guy Pace November 6, 08 03:11 PM

I've sat by for 8 years and watched my elected government do irrevocable harm to our nation and our international reputation. I cowed when Bush said we must fight in Iraq against the UN's judgement. I stood by while he sent our best and brightest to a brutal and unnecessary death. I felt angry, but defeated that Bin Laden wasn't [hasn't been] found. I pretended not to believe that our actions abroad were putting us into even more danger than before 2001. I didn't pay attention while the EPA, FDA and banking oversight committees were gutted. I figured it was a myth that the VP was pulling the strings, the administration was appointing their buddies, funneling money through contractors in Iraq, reaping a profit while our houses went into foreclosure.

I truly wanted to believe that competent people were taking care of us, and this was all beyond my power. I now admit that it was not fear or paranoia, but just plain apathy. I'm not proud of my inaction, but I will learn from my mistakes.

Obama can't possibly fix this all. Republicans, critics, the right wing news machine, and most likely other Democrats are going to try as hard as they can to maintain the status quo and drag him down. But, if this is a government for the people and by the people, WE THE PEOPLE need to get to work.

Obama has inspired me to become more politically and socially active, to volunteer, to get educated and pay attention to what's going on in government, to speak up, to write my congress person, and work as hard as a I can to repair this country. We have a big job ahead of ourselves.

Seriously, if anyone has thoughts on what else the average Jane can do that will honestly affect policy and make a difference, I'm all ears.

Posted by Heather November 6, 08 03:12 PM

Hi Oliver,

I watched by CNN the OBAMA speech in Chigago (in english and in french). Like SARKOZY who is also a lawyer, he can convince because he says exactly what he thinks. You are perfectly right. He is also a great orator.

Friendly speaking, I could not imagine some months ago that USA was ready to choose a colored man as President. Because in a lot of southern states like Texas, Louisiana,... the Republicans can never loose. And since two years, I receive the frequent mail messages from John KERRY requiring donation for the cause !

But I had forgotten the american story and the long way of blacks for obtaining more freedom, also Martin Luther King message which photography was nailed to the wall of my sleeping room in the year 1968. It is a great hope for all countries which are facing the same problem of minorities: blacks, arabics, ... A lot of black people emigrated to Europe these last years and more particularly to France.

USA has given to the whole world not only a proudness but also a lesson of democracy.

I did not recognize in Bush the spirit of America because he did not have a great goal for the country.

OBAMA for sure will mitigate with Iran, Pakistan, Afganistan (many french troops are now fighting in that country beside american GIs). A war can not extend for a long time without creating a strong opposition. In the sixties, De Gaule requested to american troops to leave the country because there was no main reason to maintain an foreign army in an independent state. France had developped the nuclear task force for opposing a strong resistance to an eventual conflict with russians. USA President (Eisenhover?) has never accepted De Gaulle choice.
It has not been the case in Germany. Till the recent destruction of the eastern wall, american troops have occupied Germany, with a strong logistic for the soldiers: cash and carry shops, ....

The 15th of november, I hope that G20 will developp good ideas for smoothing the financial crisis detrimentals.

The disapployment has strongly increased in France and Europe these last 2 months. I lost as many citizens some money with a few shares. By chance, I had finished to reimburse the loan of my appartment some years ago. The interest rate was nevertheless fix and the duration of the loan limited to a 10 years period (as many french people, I hate to take a risk on a too long period).

This evening, the french TV was installed at White House. This special event has been perfectly covered. Everybody is glad of the result because the "french potatoes" have been boycoted a too long time and for completely unjustified reasons. Never forget that Americans were considered in the sixties as salvators for their help during first and second world wars. Also, when I was 10 years old, I never missed a John Wayne western like my mother never missed Ginger Roger and Fred Astaire movies. In 1957, I had learnt from my teacher that skyscrapers were only existing in New York. In America, all is possible, not in old unmoral Europe !

In my opinion, it has been a great miracle to federate these numerous states which compose to-day America and another greater challenge to maintain a strong unity by the time with so many reasons of division: racial segregation, ... In central Europe, they fail dramatically and even provoked a genocide between muslims and christians. Europe faces great difficulties to speak with a single voice (so many different languages). We have to recognize to USA a specific ability to federate, to challenge and to succeed.

For sure that americans are courageous and that America is a great nation, born from nothing, from some poor emigrates which hoped in a better future. It is too late for me to request now a green card, but in another life...

Best Wishes


Posted by THIEBAUT November 6, 08 03:12 PM

I WISH WE WERE ALL BLIND and could only hear his WORDS.

"it's time for a CHANGE"

Posted by JAMAICANS for Obama November 6, 08 03:12 PM

If your economic status doesn't change you have no one to blame but your self. What President Obama was actually saying is that the problems of this nation may take longer than a year or even a single term(4yrs.) to correct. If you and the bro's can't comprehend that maybe you've not been paying attention to the ills of the US over the past 8 years. Does President Obama have to come to your home and had you a few dollars personally for you to think your economic status has changed. You could learn a lession for him, you are responsible for your own well being. True there are serious problems with our economy, but it is possible to survive, it just takes more than some of you are willing to put forth. It is much easier to blame someone else for your downfalls. No one can change the sorry state our country in a year. That is not realistic, it took more than a year or two to get us in the mess we're in. So for you and the other hommies that can't wait to bash our new President. Go out and make your own history and your own way. Don't think you will suddenly wake up rich because we have a black president ( that won't happen biscuit). Instead try a little harder to manage what you have and plan for not being rich overnight or ever. Don't depend on Obama or anyone else for your survival. Obama is after all just a man and not a God. His powers are limited even as president. Please don't start downing the man before he gets a chance to prove himself. He can only do so much and the rest is up to us to better ourselves and our situations. I truly believe Obama will do his best to make this country great again for all men (black & white). Be patient and supportive ......................................... Rome was not built in night and the US won't be rebuilt over night !!!!

Posted by Tina November 6, 08 03:14 PM

To: Constance Deacon post #521

You can still go. Nobody's stopping you. You're a true liberal ... don't get your way - RUN! Someone who truly is an American would never feel that way.
I can remember when that dope, Alec Baldwin, said the same thing 4 years ago. But as a true liberal, did not honor his threat, the jerk is still here making his money here, in the country he threatened to leave.
You all should go. We'll be better off without you!

Posted by AJ November 6, 08 03:16 PM

Of course Obama won this marathon length election. It's hard to beat a Kenyan in a marathon.

Posted by American November 6, 08 03:18 PM

It's a glorious morning to awake and find that the last night wasn't a dream. Yeah,! Obama actually won the mandate and would soon be residing @ 1600 Penn ave. On a serious note, the jobs just began America has to expect things to get pretty rough before the phoenix rises again from the ashes. All that America needs to understand is they should take succor in the realization they are in the best hands, if the way he orchestrated his campaign is anything to go by.

Posted by Jide Olubunmi November 6, 08 03:18 PM

People keep stating he's African American, etc. - yes, he had an African father that he saw briefly when he was 10. His mother and grandparents were white. He is full-blooded AMERICAN, born and raised in this country. People, please drop the African - he is an AMERICAN, just like the rest of us. We would be one nation if everyone could forget about skin color and become one. BTW - I'm white, I voted for Pres-Elect Obama and I have hope for the future that this country can turn around. But it will take EVERY AMERICAN WORKING TOGETHER to do it!!!!!!! Don't pin all of your hopes on Pres-Elect Obama.

Posted by Elizabeth November 6, 08 03:19 PM

#558: Great comments. Thank you! Amen!

Posted by Peter B November 6, 08 03:24 PM

"one year or one term"...? ROFL! This "messiah" has 180 days, tops to produce something for all the entitlement hands sticking out.

Mid term elections are coming. Demos know it too. Next 4 years are going to be a laugh to watch.

Posted by Bob November 6, 08 03:27 PM

Thanks Obama for raising the standards on running one of the best Elections in my time. The bar has been lifted to higher expectations. It is my prayer that in time you will fill your promise to the American people. My prayers go with you and your family to the White House.

Posted by Marcia Simpson November 6, 08 03:27 PM

I wish him strength and courage. He can become a great leader, and leads us out of the current crisis. Whether we voted for him, or not, the fact remains that we need him as much as he needs our support...Let's stop the criticism,roll up our sleeves and work for a better tomorrow 2gether!

Posted by Mariam Nouvel November 6, 08 03:29 PM

Finally everyone who's not a white male feels like we matter now. We feel empowered.

You white males are not going to oppress and destroy us or this country any longer!

Hooray for Obama!! My prayers are with him and his family!

Posted by Shelly Jones November 6, 08 03:34 PM

We're gonna blame you.

Posted by high wall November 6, 08 03:34 PM

The mountain is oh so steep, but our man is strong and resolute
And we must all get behind him and push like Sisyphus and Hercules
He shall lead the way, but we must tow the line
Yes we can
We're Americans

Posted by Jarion Monroe November 6, 08 03:43 PM


I agree with your post. However, there are still many people in this country who still live with that division. It is something that will not and I don't think can never be erased. It is true, we are all Americans (those of us that were born here). I don't like the titles that are attached to our citizenship in this country. I digress though, I too would love for people to be able to forget about skin color when we refer to and identify each other. I believe that this can the beginning of hope, if we so choose to accept the challenge or this can become the beginning of the end, which a small segment of this country actually want. But it is our choice and as you stated, should not be pinned on the hopes of any one person.

Posted by Mr. Colvin November 6, 08 03:43 PM

It finally happened......but the question is will we really see change, not from just him but from people all throughout the United States. There is so much hate in the world because of someone's skin color, their beliefs, and even what someone has. If a black man can finally make it to the white house, then there are a lot of other things that we as black, white, spanish, or whatever else can do to get ahead in this world today. There is so much that I want in life and I that want for my girls to have. With Obama completing his life long dream, I now feel like I will/can be able to get everything that I want and needed accomplished. YOU GO BOY!!!!!!!! (smile)

Posted by Rasheda B. November 6, 08 03:45 PM

Thank you America. What a class act! Barack is a refreshing change to the powers of old. I always knew I would see the day of an African American president. I have always had confidence in the intelligent people of America. Not that those who didn't vote for Obama are ignorant, but if they didn't vote for him simply because he is Africa American that is ignorant! Without question. He can't save the world by himself, but he is willing to try. That's worth it to me. America is worth it to me. The world is worth it to me. Obama is all inclusive, intelligent, honest and willing to work toward a common purpose and that is restoring Americas as a leading force in the world, stabalizing the economy, progressive energy sources, promoting self
actualization, a better healthcare system for everyone, a fair tax code for everyone, respect for all people and equal competitive education system for everyone, and America will always
be a place where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can come true.
God bless America and every where else! Obama/Biden 2012

Posted by Queen Waddell Severn, Maryland November 6, 08 03:46 PM

I am proud top be an AMERICAN and am looking forward to having OBAMA serving our great country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , for the next four years.

Posted by William L. Kenyon November 6, 08 03:51 PM

The photo of Barack and Michelle is really touching.

Posted by Kirsten November 6, 08 03:54 PM

#3 - "Can you hear me now?"

Posted by Smartypants November 6, 08 03:54 PM

I was born and raised in Kentucky. I know what most people ouside of Kentucky think of us. We are not all racists. We wear shoes. We aren't all uneducated. We don't all live in one room shacks. I've spoken to several people who didn't vote for Obama and not one of them voted against him because of the color of his skin. In the United States we are free to have our own opinions. That's one of the things that's so wonderful about living here. Just because someone has a different opion doesn't make them a racist, an idiot, or a backwoods redneck. It doesn't mean that they should move out of the country either. If you disagree with them then tell us why. Calling them names makes you look uninformed and hateful. That's not what our country needs now. I don't think you would ever hear Obama saying things like that about his fellow Americans.

That being said........GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 03:55 PM

To the most high God. He has shown the power of prayer. We have a man that is worthy of the name PRESIDENT. We must continue to pray because the road has just gotten hard for him to accomplish all his campaign promises, to be under a microscope by all the people, not just black people and we have to let our shoulders down to give him a place to stand. This is not over, it's just the beginning and we must all stand tall together. We are not going to have 100 years to get the nation right, they are only going to give us an allotment of time. So pray and stay prayed up because we are going to need it now more than ever.

Posted by Darlene Sippio November 6, 08 03:57 PM

Lets not forget to thank all of the white people who taught your children such good values. Without them and their vote this would not be possible. God is Good!
You reap what you sow.

Posted by Darryl November 6, 08 03:58 PM

God has not only blessed America, but he has blessed the whole WORLD.

Posted by Derrick Todd November 6, 08 03:59 PM

This was great the task has just begun.President elect Obama still need our help and prayer to get this great country back in shape. God bless him.

Posted by posted by Ann November 6, 08 04:03 PM

The rest of the world might stop laughing at the U.S.A now....for a while.

Posted by Sean November 6, 08 04:04 PM

YAY America! Congrats on electing such a wonderful man to lead your country!
Finally after 8 very long years of having to watch Bush open his mouth and see nothing but air come out this will be a wonderful change!
For the first time in my life I had tears in my eyes after watching President Obama's speech! Now it is time for a change!

Posted by Jenny November 6, 08 04:05 PM

I am a white male. I risked offending customers of my business as I campaigned for Obama, contributed to his campaign, and posted campign material on my company's vehicle.
I am very proud and know that this very intelligent man whom I had the pleasure of meeting will be a great President.
Your comments are un -called for.

Posted by A.J. Yanakakis November 6, 08 04:07 PM

We have waited for a long time for this moment in history, please America let's give this president the chance to prove all that can be done when we as a nation come together for the common cause, Let's give him the opportunity to correct the wrongs that need to be corrected, he is inheriting a nation whose problems can not be corrected in moment but with the help of our people and his cabinet and the continued parayers he will succeed. Please America keep our new president in prayer and believe that he can do what was promised

Posted by Angie November 6, 08 04:09 PM

Regardless of the negative spirited people and all the negative comments,
Mr. Obama still remains "THE PRESIDENT ELECT!" Thank God he was
judged by the contents of his charater and not his color. Thank God for all those who gave all that they had been blessed with, that this day would come to pass.
I feel that we as a people we have finally reveived our "forty acres and a mule"
God Bless America, it appears that we all have come in the "unity of the faith"
Ephesians 4: 13-15

Posted by Dr. Eugene O. Bryant November 6, 08 04:10 PM

The haters are going to hate, no matter what, enflamed by hate media misinformation. The country has been so dumbed-down that the haters don't know where else to turn for information untinged by the negative. We've got a long haul ahead of us, but there's hope on the horizon no matter how ignorant and hateful some of these commenters are. Unable to feel hope or the realization that they've voted against their own self-interests, I wouldn't want to be them.

Yea, America -- we voted overwhelmingly for someone with the intelligence, common sense, diplomacy, eloquence, elegance and vision it will take to meet the challenges in cleaning up the mess made by the worst administration in the history of our country.

Posted by Rose T. November 6, 08 04:12 PM

I am so please. But cautious. America, remember, Barak Obama is a backlash against 8 years of Bush. Backlashes, they go both ways. Make sure not to alienate the right too much or the next conservative revolution will be even worse than the last.

Posted by Todd November 6, 08 04:13 PM

When I woke up on Wednesday, I thought of the quote on the Lexington town seal: "What a glorious morning for America"

Posted by Mike November 6, 08 04:13 PM

The W. who was in power for the last 8 years.
If you aren't part of the solution...

Posted by photoguy November 6, 08 04:14 PM

Hai, i b r american.

To all the nay-sayers (Excluding the ones who respectfully disagree, they are entitled to their opinions -> key word "respectfully"):
Deal with it. Either leave the country or deal with it. Simple as that. I hardly doubt any of YOU dumbasses could do a better job.

#307, please get a shotgun, shove it up your ass, and fire.
#309, It's just you. Lay off the pot.
Regardless of what people say, the fact of the matter is, he's president. As I said before, either learn to accept it, or gtfo. The last thing this country needs at this time is idiots that spend more time bitching and whining as opposed to being constructive and useful.

The stock market has been in the crapper how long, and just NOW people are pointing it out? Wow.

Posted by Majora November 6, 08 04:16 PM

My not voting for Senator Obama was a matter of party affiliation and nothing else. I am proud of his victory speech and know a lot of benefit can come from the Obama presidency. I only hope that he is the man we want to believe in and not the guy who marinated in Rev. Wright hateful sermons. President Elect Obama, please govern from the middle and honor your words from this wonderful speech.

Posted by ry November 6, 08 04:17 PM

I don't care who is the president of this country. Yeshua is still incontrol, and he's comming back!!!. So for the real Christains out there getting ready?!! look up your redemsion draw near.... I'm excited!!!!!!

Posted by jpw November 6, 08 04:18 PM

Ha! When I read that one comment that said "all you, "I am so angry - I-am-going-to-Canada-crowd" we don't want you - get out" I got worried...if Barack had LOST, i would have been one of those on-my-way-to-Canada folks!

Posted by robuck November 6, 08 04:21 PM

It is wonderful to see all the positive comments from the majority. Indeed America is a proud country to belong to. I always thought that the U.S. was a great country and a land where anything is possible. GO BARACK

Posted by proud american November 6, 08 04:28 PM


Posted by Amy November 6, 08 04:36 PM

I was really surprised by some of the comments made! There are good, God fearing people of all races. The African American has been making strides for many years now. I know what it is like to be discriminated against and I am white, and wasn't born into a poor family. I was labeled and misdiagnosed by so-called "experts" and even betrayed by my own family members. Because I am white, and because of my label; I have been hated and mistreated by blacks who can be just as close minded and racist as some white people. God looks at your heart. Not your color. Forget your past,and forgive those who've wronged you!!

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 04:37 PM

After looking at a picture in the newspaper of Medger Evers in 1966 Mississippi ,crawling across the hiway with a bullet in his back.He was there to help black people register to vote, After looking at Mr. Obama's acceptance speech in Chicago 2008 I feel vindicated for that bullet that entered that man's body , I cried for that man and I also cried on the 4th of November That was a beatuiful night.

Posted by Richard Cargo November 6, 08 04:42 PM

I felt so proud to be able to share my voting experience with my 2 and 4 year old. To be collectively a part of history, unity and change.

Posted by Kimberlee, Taylor and Trevor Hyman, Raleigh, NC November 6, 08 04:43 PM

These are some great shots - regardless of what you think of Obama.

@unenchanted american
Your ignorance is mind-numbing. The early settlers aboard the Mayflower died because THEY FROZE!!! Oh and from scurvy too. Funny but crossing the Atlantic in the 1600's wasn't the same as cruising to Jamaica on Carnival. Socialism had nothing to do with anything you twit. For everyone's benefit, please go back and review your 3rd grade history lessons.

Posted by Jeff November 6, 08 04:44 PM

En la foto 11, parece q fuera un Superheroe, de Comics

Ttodo el mundo quiere un cambio, vamos a esperar a ver q pasa, lo que queremos es que se acabe la guerra, y que estados unidos deje de meterce en conflictos q poco les interesa.

Y q la Economia del mundo, comience a salir de la crisis

Posted by Flaubert November 6, 08 04:45 PM

Thanks America!!!! God bless you and the rest of the world,nothing is impossible as shown by you!!

Posted by Antony November 6, 08 04:46 PM

Hate to break it to ALL OBAMA fans, No matter who ran against the republican party, they were going to win.

Posted by Shawty November 6, 08 04:49 PM

Amazing!! It may look different to see a black man leading our country but to's refreshing, Obama is bigger than the color of his skin...he's a great individual and I'm ecstatic that he will be running our country. Next...a woman president (but not Sarah Palin)!!

I've never been more proud to be an American.

Posted by David Gonzales November 6, 08 04:50 PM


Posted by BLACKQUEENS November 6, 08 04:52 PM



Posted by Shirley Bullock November 6, 08 04:56 PM

these are the most incredible pictures i have ever seen. thanks for collecting and sharing them. wow!

change is here! obama got next!

Posted by shena November 6, 08 04:57 PM

Wow! Bigotry and hatred persists... President-elect Obama has a tough job ahead of him. It's always tough cleaning up another's mess. For all who voted Republican, please realize you have maintained the White House 20 of the last 28 years(71% of the time). The deficit was reduced and a surplus was created the 8 years when a Democrat was in the office. For 6 of the last 8 years we had a Republican controlled Congress (75% of the time). We also had a Republican President ...hmm.. what happened to the surplus, the deficit... Who would you choose? Have you not figured out, the plan is wrong. The proof lies in the numbers. Or, is that the plan.............

Congratulations to President-elect Obama!

Posted by Oldman-ATL November 6, 08 04:58 PM

Congratulations to all the people who worked so hard to make the Obama Presidency a reality. And to all the skeptics, where have you been the past 8 years.
If you think Obama's going to take the economy over a cliff, wake up. It's already over the cliff. If you voted for George Bush for the last 2 terms and cannot admit that you were wrong. You're the problem.
Most of us want to see a better America, a better world for all God's children. If we work together we can turn this ship around straight away.

Posted by Penguins On A Rock November 6, 08 05:00 PM

this is what i have to say today, & the night of the election, i am a 28 year old business owner, & thrilled that my vote amongst many counted! for all the doubters out there this is no fluke, the people spoke, & spoke clearly & loudly! this country needs change, unity, and someone we can all unite behind. i personally believe that we are looking at the next abraham lincoln! yes i said it, i believe this man has the tools to bring this country to a time of prosperity, &comradery amongst our fellow man, that we can all look back on years from now, and say that was a man that made history in so many ways.

Posted by joshua November 6, 08 05:01 PM

I am so happy that this has happened to our nation.

Posted by Ilean elliott November 6, 08 05:01 PM

@ 592, who are you speaking of when you say clowns?

Posted by Candace November 6, 08 05:02 PM

How can Obama destroy our economy when we do not have one. Here is why I am happy Obama won.

I voted for Obama. I was so taken by the rejection of racism by our country when Obama won the election.

I must tell you though I went through some tough times growing up in Newark and Plainfield New Jersey, especially the riots in the 60's.

I was in a gang in Plainfield with my girl friend in Newark. Imagine how unracist we as kids really were. She was black and I was white. My gang consisted of 3 blacks 2 puerto ricans and 3 cubans and I believe a chinese guy who never spoke English but could "Bruce Lee" I mean anybody.

We used to kid about me being the only white guy so I was the minority. When Plainfield blew up we literally had no idea why?

I took the gang to Newark to rescue my girl friend and we were stopped as this car got shot up in front of us and ran into the telephone pole. It was on the cover of the "New York Daily News" We were the car behind it.

ABC, NBC, CBS, WNEW, WOR, WABC All the oulets, radio were there the whites were on one side of the street with clubs the blacks on the other with clubs. We all looked at each other going what the F is going on here.

We got to Newark with bullet holes in the door, lower door thank god got my girl sapphire and rode to Plainfield through the back country Plainfield was burning to the ground in 6 hours we stayed at a place who helped us kids out we called Aunt Jehmimah. She just loved us. we got there and a spray of bullets exploded through her curtained picture window. We leaped to the ground. Aunt J we called she came running out screaming and we got chairs against the doors and got the mattresses and tucked her in I asked if she had a gun.

We used , in those days, knives not guns. She had a shot gun she said but she would not have us shootin people I said Aunt J the gun is for you now where the hell is it , We are going out to protect the house.

So Aunt J and Sapphire stood Vigil behind those mattresses and we went out and fought every race color and creed. I have knife wounds all over my body, all my buddies were severely bleeding, fires were burning everywhere and we honestly did not know why. Gun shots kept up for days.

When day light came we boarded up the picture window with peep holes so we could look out. Aunt J and Sapphire tended our wounds I had a knife in the back which my ribs stopped from killing me, Jackson had a his wrist practically severed. Everything else was minor I guess. Aunt J sewed me up with kitchen thread. We were afraid to leave. I could go on but you get the point.
So years go buy some ten years ago I met Tuck a black man he lives in the mountains of Colorado in a small town like myself. We just hit it off for years and one day Tuck said to me..Yo my man meet my son. So I asked him where he was from and he told me plainfield. I said not Jersey he said thats what it is. I said Jesus Tuck I was in the riots he looked at me he said he was a cop in Plainfield. We Just looked at each other and hugged and cried we could not let go. His son did not know what was going on.

Tuck was the one who shot the car in front of us that tried to kill him.

When Obama got elected I felt the exact same emotion. This white boy is crying too.

May this nonsense finally be pushed aside. I do not want to ever hear the subject again.

Let us be one, at last.

Posted by masterdel November 6, 08 05:04 PM

great compilation of photographs...good work Alan!! Good presentation today as well. It's too bad the technology at UMass wasn't up to standard on such an important day!

Posted by Adam Straughn November 6, 08 05:05 PM

I cannot believe are all tarred with the same never have anything good to say....always negative. As a Canadian I have followed Barack since I first saw him give the keynote address in 2004. I knew then he was destined for better things. He is a wonderful, sensitive man. John McCain, also a wonderful man who served his country well and I am sure it was disappointing for him. Having said that after 8 years of George W. surely even Republicans need a change. Give the man a chance....he is taking on the worst job in the world and needs your support. Surely the fact the world has rallied like they have says it all. I wish we had him North of the border. Good luck Barack.

Posted by Mags November 6, 08 05:06 PM

Reply to Nick, #531
Why I did not vote for Obama (I voted for Barr)

Katrina - Massive flood of money into New Orleans has been utterly wasted by corrupt Democratic government
Economy – Planned tax increases on corporations and capital formation will cause the economy to tank.
Economy – Planned 1.3 Trillion in new spending when we already owe over $10 Trillion, and that's not counting the $52 Trillion unfunded Social Security liability..
Credit Crunch - Was in favor of bailing out the banks to the tune of $700 B, without insisting on pre-conditions
Oil Prices - Won't allow additional refineries, shale oil or anything except a nebulous plan to inflate our tires
Drilling - Won't allow new drilling, when 2/3 of our oil comes from overseas, costing American jobs and hurting our balance of payments
Iraq - Opposed the surge, is willing to throw away the lives 4,000 soldiers who fought to win, not cut & run.
Afghanistan - Allowing things to relax too much in the late stages
North Korea - Will talk to them... period. Will gut missile defence just when it's starting to work.
Environment - Will kow-tow radical environmentalists, kiling coal, kiliing nuclear and leaving us with higher electric bills.
Human Rights - Has shown a penchant for using the law to silence critics, wants to impose Fairness Doctrine to eliminate and channels of discent.
Energy - Punitive taxes on the coal industry and pie in the sky plans for alternative energy will add costs but do nothing to solve the crisis.
Energy Investment - will nix new nuclear power plants
Stem Cell Research Funding - Will divert money from adult stem cell research to fetal cell research which has shown little promise.
Health Care - Will add 45 million people to the insurance pool, with no plan to increase supply. Defacto rationing, ala Britain and Canada are coming. Will penalize drug companies, bye bye new drugs and vaccines.
Education - Why should I pay for someone else's kid? Will throw more money at the existing public school system as a sop to the teachers' union but block fundamental reform.

Add to that immigration, the national debt, a two faced stance on gun rights, a desire to subvert the constitution through judicial appointments, and I'm plain scared.

Very nice pictures though.

Posted by John Treffeisen November 6, 08 05:06 PM

Great photos and especially touching.

As for all the comments from the negative view. The Man has not even taken office yet. He is the President Elect, meaning he is not in charge, yet. Yall need to go away for a week or two and calm down.

And for all the crap about racism and those who did not vote for Obama being racist, yall need to calm down too. Yes some did not vote for Obama because he is black, maybe 1% of them did so. Most did not vote for Obama because they did not like him, were a die hard republican or just did not understand the issues.

People this is America, we are allowed to disagree and still all be Americans. Do I hate the republican hate machine media, you betcha! I think they are scum, ignorant, fear mongering scum, but they still have a right as an American to be stupid.

Posted by IndependentsforObama08 November 6, 08 05:07 PM

This president elect, Barack Obama was born for "Destiny". Given the margin of victory and the make-up of the electorate, this man was born to be president. In previous presidential elections candidates dropped out of the races because of some type of indescretions. In my heart and mind I always thought that if he were to be elected it would take "Supreme Intervention". How else can one explain it. I will never refer to him as the first black president. Instead, I would like to think of him as the first president that happen to be Black.

Posted by Sam November 6, 08 05:10 PM

Good luck and GOD speed,'em what america is made of...

Posted by Bernard November 6, 08 05:12 PM

Congratulations to the american people.

Posted by Pigiconi November 6, 08 05:12 PM


Posted by Leah Cooper November 6, 08 05:26 PM

As I read all the comments it strikes me that we all want a better America, we all want to do well and succeed. Whoever you voted for, know this. You did your best and voted. The rest of the world is thrilled beyond measure at this election. This country cannot be the beacon of freedom for this world if we don't shine a little light on ourselves.
We finally turned the flashlight on. We're coming out of the darkness, be it slowly, but we are coming out. I am proud of all you people young and old who are fighting for your beliefs. That's what has made this country great. It's time for the people to reclaim a government : of the people, by the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE.

Posted by penguinsonarock November 6, 08 05:32 PM

Congratulations to President Obama. Maybe now we'll stop seeing the Statue of Liberty being destroyed or put underwater in every other disaster film, and now standing tall as the beacon it was meant to be.
On another note, why did it take so long for the real McCain to reappear. His concession speech showed the side of him that was truly missed these past few months.
Hopefully Obama can include him in his administration because how McCain's campaign was run is way off the mark on his true character.

Posted by Robin November 6, 08 05:32 PM

As long as we remember that GOD was in charge of this election there's no telling where God will take us. This is a time of abundance. Lets remember to continue to glorify our God.Read judges chapter 4, it tell us what will happen. To GOD be the glory for the things he has done.

Posted by carol colman November 6, 08 05:37 PM

Amazing! :)

Posted by Wyd November 6, 08 05:38 PM

The world will be a better place!

Posted by dutchguy November 6, 08 05:47 PM

Obama promised to run only on public money..then broke his promise.

His website did not check addresses on credit cards while Hilary and McCain's did.


Posted by Joshua Mergenstern November 6, 08 05:49 PM

I am very proud to be an american and always hold that pride. I cast my vote for president elect Obama and I did so not by judging on the basis of his color but by the content of his character. I only hope that going going fourth this nation of all colors, creeds, and backgrounds will finally be able to unite. Racism has no place in america. The only reason we fear anyone is that we dont know them and its time for americans to be americans and support each other regardless of color, etc. Barriers need to be broken down by us in our daily lives, consider being the only white in a roomful of blacks it takes one to out reach and befriend you to make you feel comfortable, now reverse the situation and consider being the only black, indian, chinese, etc. Than consider it only takes one person to make that difference because thats all it takes to truly unite our country.We must put aside our differences and embrace each others strengths to compliment each others weaknesses and move forward to restore america and its place in the world. I will be that one will you. God bless america and all her people.

Posted by Will F. November 6, 08 05:55 PM

I would like to say that i appreciate all that voted for MR. Obama. It took all of us, black white red yellow and green to get this great man in office. For those of you that still see color, please close your eyes and open your ears. God is Good. I am a proud African American female a mother of 2 and guess what I'M READY FOR THE CHANGE. I pray every night for WISDOM, God has appointed and directed a wonderful MAN. Please stop the racist comments because guess what the fact still remains that MR. BARAK OBAMA IS STILL THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We need to pull together because its going to take a nation to bring us back to where we need to be. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Posted by BRITANY November 6, 08 05:57 PM


Posted by AMAZE` GRACE November 6, 08 05:58 PM

Congratulations to the american people, YOU DID IT !

Greetings from France !

Posted by Luc November 6, 08 06:08 PM

I thank "GOD" for he truly hand picked you to run this country!

Don't just speak about it, Be about it!


Posted by Pam Koonce November 6, 08 06:09 PM

thanks for the nice pics. some of the sore losers posting here are really lost! it seems there are many who feel disenfranchised, but forget we're all in it together! buck up little soldiers, or do u need some balls to go with that sour puss? after the train-wreck that has been bush/cheney, it behooves us all to be grateful their tyranny is near an end. to those that would laugh off this time in America as some joke, the jokes been on you and we have all been made the punching lines. it's high time to take back our country from the infidels - the AIGs, the Haliburtons, the Opium lords - put it back in the hands of the caring potheads who will turn a new leaf and perhaps steer us clear of further disaster

Posted by JustAnotherFreeman November 6, 08 06:11 PM

The "'power of prayer" is awesome! The election of Barack Obama proves it.

Posted by EleanorI. Middleton-Coombs November 6, 08 06:13 PM

To posters #595 and #590. I agree with Denise #457. I'm British and white. I was married to an African American in the early 70's. I was surprised to see our baby considered black on all his medical records. It was like I didn’t count.

It's an American thing and I have never liked it because it reminds me of how during slavery a person only had to have a tiny drop of black blood to be considered chattel. White people could not be bought and sold there for had no market value if they started to look too white.

My bi-racial son is now 35 and married to a white woman. They have a daughter who is the same color as her mother and me and has blonde hair. According to some of the posters here my son is black because his father was black; therefore his daughter is also black because her father is black. I think it gets a little silly. Obama is bi-racial and that is a fact. I for one see his mother in him as well as his father. He’s awesome

Posted by Bunnie November 6, 08 06:16 PM

I'm very thankful to see history in the making. I give my upmost respect and thanks to all the people who endured slavery, beatings, marches, bombs, and hatred for us to live in the country we call home. We as Americans should be proud for what all these people from long ago did for us and for those that are still fighting for our freedom. God Bless you President elect Barack Obama!! Yes we can and yes we did! To all the people writing the negative comments about a fellow American and a human being. "Let our haters be our motivators."

Posted by Trini4life November 6, 08 06:18 PM

I bleieve that the higher power will guide him and protect and give him the strengh and wisdom he needs to become the best president we have ever had regardless of religious background his or ours . I believe HE brought hope and unity back regardless of who you voted for i think he did that to all of us weither you realize it or not ,and i believe only great things are gonna come fellow Americans . I believe he is breaking boundaries and barriers and i dont think it stops here . If we cant believe in the person running our country and dont have faith that he will bring us out of economic diseater then who can you count on and believe in to guide this country . Give the man time and patience and faith and he will take us to the next level and get us back to better . LETS BELIEVE . !!! This is it guys , this is what we been waiting for and we have it.. Buckle up and get ready for this new beginning . CHANGE IS COMING , FOLLOWED BY YOUR HOPE AND PATIENE

Posted by Krystal November 6, 08 06:24 PM

John Treffeisen, have no fear, finally we have a President for all of the people as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said.....for Black man or White, Jew or Gentiles all the peoples of America!
It has been a long time coming but that change has come, oh yes it has.....

Posted by Frank November 6, 08 06:25 PM

I think aloud.....God you are an awesome God. Please bless our President Barack Obama

Posted by Eleanor middleton-Coombs November 6, 08 06:26 PM




Posted by SAM Frasier November 6, 08 06:34 PM

It is absolutely amazing the amount of ignorance many people in this country show. The anger that is shown because a black man, a bi-racial man, a very well spoke, highly educated, talented MAN won the presidential race. Comments from #424, 307, 309 just to name a few are reasons why this country needs a change. If everyone in the country were blind Barack would had still one this race, he is the president elect not because of the color of his skin, but because of the man he is. The accomplishments he made in his life, the fact that most of the country felt he was the better candidate. If you were paying any attention during the primary, during the election you would have noticed Barack gave thanks to MANY African Americans that helped him along his path to say that NO African American helped this man become the man he is today is simply an ignorant comment. He mentioned his conversations with Gen Collin Powell, how he spoke to him looking for guidance last I remember Gen Powell is a blackman. The many other ignorant, uneducated, unsupported comments I have read about President Elect Obama are simply the comments made by ignorant, uneducated individuals. Please understand that if Barack Obama was an Asian, Hispanic, White, or whatever race and did just as he has done in the primary and the election he would still be our President-Elect. He was not voted into office soley based on his skin color. Also please understand that the vast amount of people that support Barack Obama are not only Black or White, but Asian, Mexican, Hispanic, Latino, German, Indian, ALL races support this man!! On election day the sea of people celebrating his victory were a sea of people from NUMEROUS races. Ignorance will always be a part of life I just hope that racism will some day become a non-issue. Open your eyes MANY children today who are the leaders of the tomorrow are just like our President Elect BI-RACIAL!

Posted by Lisa November 6, 08 06:43 PM

The pictures are FANTASTIC! Thank You!!! This is a historic time for the United States Of America! It's like we were all in a big black whole waiting for change! And now, OH YES WE CAN!!! It's like our light has been turned back on and a huge ray of HOPE is reaching to light up the skies....Letting the world know...Our lights are back on and we the American people spoke loud and clear,
OH YES WE CAN!!! We want the world to know, We want PEACE! We want to live in harmony with everyone! From here, we'll go day by day and pray that our new president, PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA...will lead us in a new direction towards a better tomorrow!!! A Better Tomorrow For Everyone!!!

Posted by Alice November 6, 08 06:45 PM

Thanks I really appreciate this. I wasn't able to get a news paper but I do like this.

Posted by dionne November 6, 08 06:46 PM

HEATHER! Get involved in your community! VOLUNTEER at any number of places that need your help: Food Banks, Shelters, hospitals, meals on wheels, tutoring,whatever you can do, it NEEDS to be done!
SOON your APATHY will dissolve into sympathy! You will start to feel HOPE for your fellow humans! It will help make you whole!
Monitor your elected REPRESENTATIVES! Go to and sign up for e mail alerts. PAY ATTENTION TO THE VOTING IN CONGRESS!!!! Start a citizen's group that will watch what your government is doing and provide input and inform your fellow constituents! Take ONE HOUR a week to devote to something that will change the world!

Posted by kesa November 6, 08 06:55 PM

Congratulations America. Hopefully Barack Obama's term as President will allow your country to regain the credibility in eyes of the rest of the world that was lost during the George W Bush years. But will Obama initiate a roll back of the extraordinary powers that were shifted to the Presidency during the George W Bush years at the urging of his Vice President and his legal puppet Master? An astute and wise President would not have allowed that to happen, but perhaps a wise and astute President can fix the error of the previous regime's ways. Surely when one position has so much power, a true democracy can not be.

Posted by Peter Taylor November 6, 08 06:56 PM

I read your comment thoroughly, John Treffeisen, so understand that when I tell you this. You are silly.

That is all.

Posted by John Warghblson November 6, 08 07:00 PM

Love these photos. Obama and his family can inspire all people to do better, to work together and harness incredible energy.

Obama inherits a mess in all directions but we are behind you to make this planet work.

Get rid of corruption, wherever it is, whatever country, bank, company, town hall, aid organisation or any other organisation. Get rid of it.

Posted by Renuka November 6, 08 07:02 PM

Congratulations America. Time to let intellect once again dominate your nations agenda. A new dawn is near, and it looks bright!

Posted by Casper November 6, 08 07:11 PM

People may argue that Obama was the wrong candidate--that he may lead us towards socialism, that his tax cuts won't be what we expect . . . people need to wake up and look at the big picture. In the big picture, more people than ever rallied together to vote. In the big picture, a country that only recently moved away from a racist past has a black president. It is a testament to how far we have come as a country and what we can do together as a people. Barack Obama is not a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is the man that restored faith in a country that was losing faith, a man that gave us hope and made us believe that we could make a difference. NOW, it's not up to him, but up to US to do what we know we can in the big picture

Posted by Nina November 6, 08 07:17 PM

I am a Mexican-American female teacher and I am so proud that my fellow Latinos came through and supported the right man for this office.

Posted by TSpencer November 6, 08 07:17 PM

@592 I don't know exactly who the clowns are that you refer to, but I really don't think the DEMOCRATS could do any worse than what we have had for the past eight years. I wish OBAMA God speed with all he endevors.

Posted by Shell November 6, 08 07:24 PM

Government mandates such as Affirmativ Action tell us that the event of Barack Obama's election is an important, but not only, step toward a country which does not harbor racism.

Posted by hartleysson November 6, 08 07:27 PM

This pics are AWESOME!! Thanks so much

Posted by Roschelle November 6, 08 07:46 PM

Congratulations my Nubian Brother! President Barrrrrack Ooooobama! There are two things in life that are important; that's change and constant change. On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America, that was a HISTORICAL CHANGE. God had already made Barack Obama president of the US of A even before he was conceived in his mother's womb. For verification of that statement, turn your attention to the Holy Bible (King James Version) in the Old Testament to the 4th & 5th Chapters of Judges and read its entirety. That's evident enough. May we continue to pray their (Obama's) strength in the Lord. May God Bless them ALL, and God Bless America!
Marilyn Patty, Shaw, Mississippi

Posted by Marilyn L Patty November 6, 08 07:58 PM

am-freakin-mazing! pics

Posted by priti devers and family November 6, 08 08:24 PM


Posted by Gracie N. Barnes November 6, 08 08:24 PM

Barack Obama has chosen to identify with being African American. Yes, he is a BLACK man with a multi-racial heritage. (Most people of color have multi-racial backgrounds regardless of the primary group he has chosen to identify with) Barack has not denied his white heritage, which is clearly shown by his repeated references to his mother and grandparents who are largely responsible for shaping him. However, I GUARANTEE you that had Barack made no mention of his white side, that America would have considered him black off the bat. He most certainly would be considered BLACK (not multi-racial..or white) were he the primary suspect of a criminal investigation. Barack is aware that he looks black and that much of society identifies him as such. And that's just great. So let's all just celebrate this beautiful black man, and his family and their extraordinary achievvment.

Posted by LF November 6, 08 08:28 PM

I love you. Mr. Presidential obama. may god bless you very much. you on my prayer for your families. be peacesfully with Jesus christ and the name of the Lord on hearven.
Felix Borgela

Posted by Felix Borgela November 6, 08 08:28 PM

you are cool

Posted by zaaa November 6, 08 08:47 PM

I wish our new president the blessings of our Creator. He has taken on a task as colossal as any could be. I pray that you follow the words of your campaign, for this is what got you to where you are. The people of this country saw and heard from you a very different agenda; one that would finally include them.
Be a president for the people; all people of every race and creed, and bring back some dignity to the USA by addressing other countries as a diplomat and not by the same uppidy hubris of past "dictators". Peace & Blessings to the Obama family.

Posted by Richard Jackson November 6, 08 08:56 PM

God had nothing to do with it. People participating in our republic did. President-Elect Obama is a disciplined, intellectual who is pragmatic in practice, while striving for ideals. He seems like a good man too, I'm not suggesting some inhuman "perfection" but there are so many good qualities to him, that I feel confident in him as my president and its been a very, very long time snce I've been able to genuinely say, "I proud to be an American." Regardless of the difficulties our nation will face, he has my trust.

Posted by Dean Paolillo November 6, 08 08:57 PM

The market is down 10% since the election - now that's a "change" I didn't need. Ahhh...The O'Bama effect...

Posted by yennet_3 November 6, 08 08:57 PM

The rest of the world - yes, there is a world outside the US - is heaving a collective sigh of relief and feeling more hopeful now that the American people have come to their senses and gone for a change from the dangerous arrogance of the Republican years of your country's goverment.

From Australia - good on yer mate !

Posted by Colin Burt November 6, 08 09:05 PM

#592 Roger didi you growup with a serios problems, your brains are not developed, you know whu is God, asked HIM whu is your president, if you can do dath.
posted by fran, in Ga. Nov. 05, 08, 9pm

Posted by francy lamendola November 6, 08 09:08 PM

It cracks me up all these so called patriots are now hating this country...lolol
its ok we love you guys anyway and have plenty of room for you on this move towards progress...ever heard of that word?
But as you racists/conservatives/republicans always say...Love it or LEAVE IT buddy!


Posted by PEACESHINE3 November 6, 08 09:10 PM


Posted by Calvin J. Bell November 6, 08 09:17 PM

This comment is for Elizabeth. I am an African-American woman and I was born in Boston Massachusetts, but my ancestors were of African descent just the same as President-elect Obama. So he is indeed an African-American: An American of African descent. And firstly white Americans were the originators of the title African American to be sure not to confuse our kind with their kind regardless of color. Even with biracial people, just a drop of African blood made the African American, so now you know why we refer to him as the first African-American President, regardless of how much time he spent with his father. His father's blood runs through his veins. And frankly until I become colorblind, I can see that he is a black man and I will acknowledge that. People kill me when they try to say they don't see color, and we're all the same, believing that that is true is ignorant and doesn't acknowledge differences and also does not give God the praise for making us all unique, and beautiful.

Posted by Anonymous November 6, 08 09:22 PM


Posted by Mary Alexander November 6, 08 09:25 PM

Congatulations President Obama!
Well Done America!
You chose the right guy this time...
All across the world, we're feeling the same joy that your experiencing over there.

Regards from Scotland, Uk.

Posted by Dee McMillan. November 6, 08 09:32 PM



Posted by Carmen Lax -Ray November 6, 08 09:38 PM

Congrats President Elect Obama. Humble yourself before God and He will exalt you. I am a 64 year old african american female and am exceedingly glad of this day in the history of america. I have witnessed this historical time with a renewed hope, and believe now that my grandchildren have an equal chance in this america that we love. I am so elated that I have experienced this moment before I leave this earth. I know my parents would have been so joyous though they did not have this opportunity to witness. To all of you out there who are racists, bigots, hate mongers, etc. GET OVER IT! God is more awesome than you believe. He will vindicate in due season and He has at this moment. Believe that! and you will

Posted by Carol November 6, 08 09:40 PM

God bless you and your family, Mr. Obama. To attempt to correct all the wrongs of the past eight years is quite a mountain to climb - I have faith in you.

Congratulations America. Not for electing a African American man, but for electing a qualified man.

Constance L. - New York City

Posted by Constance F. Larkins November 6, 08 09:42 PM


Posted by COURTNEY November 6, 08 09:42 PM

These pics are just beautiful. President elect Barack Obama the country is Praying for you. This is not an easy job at hand and such a mess to straighten up. It is going to take time and patience. Barack is the man for the job.
One day people will be able to look at the most qualified and intelligent person for the job, but I think all the smart americans did that this time and that is why Barack Obama was elected for PRESIDENT!

Posted by Ms. Freddie November 6, 08 09:48 PM

We all need to really PRAY for him, and the future of our country.

Posted by ann November 6, 08 10:03 PM

Only in America do dreams really come true. Despite all of America's problems, it is still the best country in the World and the possibilities are endless. We are all Americans with various flavors who have made contributions to this country we love. Who would have imagined when Senator Obama spoke passionately and eloquently at the 2004 Democratic Convention that he would become President-Elect of the United States of America in 2008? My father commented after hearing Senator Obama's speech that there was something special about Senator Obama and he was going places. My father died earlier this year and supported Senator Obama in his bid to become President of the United States of America. As a former awarding winning newspaper editor in Atlanta, my father wrote about the Civil Rights Movement and injustices. My father would be elated as we are, to know that Senator Obama won the Presidential election based on his character and intelligence and not his color. This is Obama time and he will be the catalyst to bring about positive change for the country and all Americans. May God Bless, protect and guide President Obama, his family and the United States of America.

Posted by VLB November 6, 08 10:06 PM

It doesn't matter your color or your political party, Barack Obama was the best man to vote in for President of the U. S. It's not a color thing, it's much more than that!
I'm so proud of all his hard work and appreciate that he is up for this huge undertaking!

Posted by SusanHil November 6, 08 10:15 PM

i am one proud american and not because of this man's color but because i believe he really care and want to get us out of this mess we are in right now from the Bush Administration

Posted by Paula Taylor November 6, 08 10:28 PM

All the best!!!

Posted by Murugan November 6, 08 10:51 PM

I am so proud of Barrack. He has shown a great deal of hope for blacks. He has showed that anything is possible if you try really hard and put your mind to it. This moment was very emotional for me. I was so overwhelmed with emotions. I think he have made so many people proud to be an American. America has shown that it is ready for change. God be with him and our country.

Posted by Trenell November 6, 08 10:56 PM

#307 with a name like Bubba, your igorance is understandable, but what i want to know is, with that pea brain of yours, how are u gonna get confederate flag to fly?

Posted by Fulton Weathers November 6, 08 11:02 PM

Truly inspiring victory! A thousand blossoming flowers for the gracious victory.

Posted by Ajay November 6, 08 11:13 PM

Wow, um, is there a reason why people left out our President-Elect's educational and professional credentials? The man is well qualified and got the position.
Case closed.
We wonder why the rest of the world looks at us as selfish, lazy, and arrogant people. Look at us now! While the world celebrates, we're still going back and forth with each other. I don't have time to read all 719 comments, but I doubt any of the anti-Obama comments came from anyone outside the country.
Soooo let's support those stepping up to new offices in 09. One person didn't screw up our economy, & one person's not gonna be able to fix it alone.

Posted by Renee C. November 6, 08 11:16 PM

I've lived a long time and this is a day I thought I'd never see. My family is bi-racial and we've experienced many varieties of racism over the years. We are so proud of Barack Obama and so glad to see that the world is indeed changing for the better in some respects. We shed tears of joy today, as we remember our fallen ones, from Emmett Till to Viola Liuzzo.
I just wonder though, how long will it be before we extend the hand of equality to our gay kinfolk? It's sad that Black Americans vote against gay rights even more than most people. Do the oppressed always imitate their oppressors, as historians claim? Can we break the cycle of inequality, once and for all?
Anyway, it's way cool that Obama is brilliant, even-tempered, and fun. May his hand and head be guided well in everything he does, and may be be kept safe from harm. Maybe he can move us an inch closer towards "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All."

Posted by Jackie G. Wilson November 6, 08 11:22 PM

Congratulations on getting what could probably be the Best President since Abraham Lincoln.

Posted by Sam November 6, 08 11:23 PM

Well it is time for the Black people in America to stand up proud and throw down their crutches made from the White man's bones. What Obama has shown you is what sports and entertainment people have done for years, you can rise to the top if work for it. So Spike Lee, Whoopi Goldberg and their ilk need to undertand that Black people in America do not own the franchise of disenfranchisment. Make America proud by standing on your own two feet and get off the teet of the US government.

Posted by Max Payor November 6, 08 11:37 PM

Please God, protect this man.

Posted by Ritch November 6, 08 11:37 PM

LOVE...LOVE IS ALL WE NEED! The proof is in the Pudding, we do all really love each other and the country we live in God has Blessed this United States of Americans.

Posted by oldanuf4ya November 6, 08 11:57 PM

God has turned the world right side up just as He said He would. I pray that we are a people that support and take advantage of our new image and another chance to walk through doors of opportunity. All blessings to GOD and may GOD bless Obama as he reigns in the earth.

Posted by Marguerite Johnson November 6, 08 11:57 PM

The overt liberalism overwhelms the beauty of the photographs, amazing...

Posted by Nate November 6, 08 11:57 PM

Is it just me or has Obama suddenly gotten much sexier?

Posted by Meena November 7, 08 12:04 AM

I am glad that so many people supported Mr. Obama, we have been through enough these past 8 years, and for so many people that did not want to see him in office shame on you and guess what un-just don't make it in this day and age. GOD had a plan and his plans included Barack. A great man, a father, a husband someone that could and will give black men someone to look up to, not trying to single out the white man or Latinos, or any other race for that matter but just trying to shed some light on my brothers that it’s time for them to make a change because so many doors just opened up something that we thought would never happen and that was a black man with a higher power that will run this country to the best of his ability and to those people that don’t like the fact that change has come need to get out of those old ways and start looking to the future because we are all equal stop living in the past just because your family before you singled blacks out why should you follow the same path (just like the book who moved my cheese) if you give a rat some cheese then he will always expect it to be giving to him, but if you put obstacles in his way that would block him from getting to the cheese then this will give him the ability to hunt on his own. All that I am saying is that change is better than no change and all the thanks go to my family my brothers and sisters, blacks, whites, Latinos everyone all over the world who help made history.

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 12:04 AM

I love these pictures, and I love this election and the hope it is bringing to so many people. I have a friend who believes that there has long been a deep yearning amongst many whites and blacks in this country to be better friends, to benefit from getting to know each other's different experiences and different perspectives, but also the chance to recognize how much every person has in common. Barack is a leader for us all, a man whose own blood is a fusion of race, whose experiences have taken him from modest circumstances to the peaks of America's finest centers of learning, from Hawaii to Boston to Chicago, right in the heart of it all. I love that he knows what he knows--and knows what he doesn't know. God speed!

Posted by Jim Thornton November 7, 08 12:05 AM

Gorgeous pics. thank you!

Posted by June November 7, 08 12:06 AM

A great moment for the whole world. It shows that mankind has risen above or earnestly wants to rise above parochial considerations of race, color and ethnicity! Now we must push religion to the background. Let there be just one religion for man; the religion of humanity!

Posted by V K Rajan November 7, 08 12:12 AM

To the photographer, Great job!

To my fellow Americans, great choice for presidency

To the world, thanks for seeing the good in American & Americans. Let's unite!

Posted by AndiMac November 7, 08 12:16 AM

Wow, in the last hundred posts, I've read mostly nothing but a disgusting, gushing outpouring of irrelevancy with nothing of substantive value to back it up. Wow, I get it. You hated Bush so badly that you became blind to what was in front of you. This hatred for Bush made you feel like you needed to correct a mistake. Unfortunately, you made an even bigger mistake.

The only good thing about Obama winning is that you now must quit blaming Bush for everything that happens. It's not his deal any longer. Your boy is in. Let's see the "change" he's going to bring. The clock is ticking. It's time to man up and take responsibility for what you have done. You have let the wolf loose in the sheep pen. Tick Tock.


Posted by Didnt_Drink_The_KoolAid November 7, 08 12:16 AM

barak Obama,,you ar the best president is United statues.

Posted by uresh chamara November 7, 08 12:21 AM

Hi All.

Hope you are good and happy with the furture of your country. i am asian not american. but i want to share a fact. America Need Change, mainly USA need to repair its impression worldwide which is gone bad in Bush era. Obama! please improve your relations with all countries of this world, you already have support for you. but if you repair the relations with everyone you will Get LOVE from every country and every person in this world.

Posted by Asim Ahmad November 7, 08 12:28 AM

Well after 4 years of Obama I promice you the way you feel now will be completely different then, you will be wishing he wasnt the president and why is he being labeled the first african american president he is not black he is mixed his mother was white and he was raised by whites. so if would have had a white father and a black mother would he still be the first african american president? of course blacks voted for him becauce they think hes black they could care less about anything else he says or does for that matter like he gives a crap about them anyhow this man is worshiped like he is some kinda messiah its crazy

Posted by truth November 7, 08 12:34 AM

Great pictures my God bless Americia....Renee....from Kansas

Posted by Renee November 7, 08 12:46 AM

I'll Just wait and see. I was not thrilled by either candidate. Living in Chicago and seeing what a freakin' mess this city is, run by the democratic machine (Bush no better, mcCain, Eh..) excuse me while I wait and see. Meanwhile..with Chicago unemployment soaring, gas prices amongst the highest in the country, sales tax beyond ridiculous..ask me why I remain like missouri "show me"..

Posted by Kay November 7, 08 12:57 AM

Mr Obama is not only the 1st Black President, he is the 1st COOLEST President. His family is so beautiful, and I can understand why he smiles alot. Long live and GOD bless the Obama family. Goop Jones

Posted by Edmond Jones November 7, 08 01:01 AM

Don't forget your promise about the Senior citizens 50.000. or less no income taxes

Posted by Robert Kocak November 7, 08 01:11 AM

Isn't it ironic that Lincoln was a Republican? I wonder how he would feel today.

Posted by Hans November 7, 08 01:15 AM


Posted by MRS.TtHOMAS (DELORES) McCREA November 7, 08 01:21 AM

Luxurious success may god bless..................
Be the Best President since Abraham Lincoln we may thought like that you will rock...........
As a INDIAN i wish u all the very best for your future achievement.............

JAI HIND.........


Posted by Mohamed Meeran November 7, 08 01:22 AM

I consider Barrack Obamas win as one of the great events that has taken place on our planet. It was not only the people that spoke, more so it is GOD that spoke!
The rest of the world hates America even those who pose as her friends. In the eyes of the world America has a rotten image . And with good reason. And many secretly wish the worse for America. Those who wine and dine with her are among those. She needed a new image.A symbol of fairness, true democracy, strength and honesty void of bias and deception. God has given that to America in the form of an Africa American President Obama. The timing for this is critical. The worlds feeling for America has already started changing, through GODs mercy.

Posted by sandra November 7, 08 01:23 AM

Roger #592
Wake up! Where have you been? The implosion has been happening for the last four years. It has spread to the rest of the world my friend.

When I see experienced guys like T. Bone Pickens, Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, and even redneck Pat Robinson praising Baracks intellect. I am happy he is in, instead of --- graduated at the bottom-of-the-class McCain.
Time for something different - one of them is brains in the White House for a change.

If your car is malfunctioning, do you keep taking it back to the same set of mechanics, year after year that can't fix it? ---Maybe you do.

Posted by Mike November 7, 08 01:35 AM

Congrats OBAMA this is from INDIA

Posted by INDIAN November 7, 08 01:51 AM

Congratulations!!! God Bless you and have bright future for the America.....

Posted by Abhishek November 7, 08 01:57 AM

President Elect BARACK OBAMA, this is an amazing time to be alive!!!
I am a 54 year old African American black woman, who never thought
we as a people in my lifetime would be able to see through all of the
smoke screens to pull together for a common cause and select a great
man, who is more than deserving, who is more than qualified, who has
morals, class and wisdom beyond his time. President elect Barack Obama
this is music to my ear! I am still crying tears of joy, off and on all during the
day. President Barack Obama a great man who just happens to be an
African American. President Obama, sir you have made us all very proud,
very proud. May God Bless you and your family.

Posted by Jeanette H. Aldridge November 7, 08 01:59 AM

truth #742
FYI - the four-year presidential democratic process is - if enough people don’t think you’re doing what they elected you to do, they vote you out.

Next, if you can’t see Barack is an African American man with an African American family – even the eye doctor can’t help you.

Posted by Mike November 7, 08 02:01 AM

Congrats to People of United States of American..

More than Obama I feel you people did g8 job of accepting and proving aparatheid is wrong. For Obama I congratulate for the responsibility as well as Blessing God Placed on his Shoulder. I pray that God help's Obama succed doing "Gods Will" / "WHAT IS RIGHT" through his work Continue what he dreamed and Planned on the day He started compaign. Be brave with g8 knowledge and sensitive enough to take Correct decisions
2 Chronicles 1:10
10 Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?"

Posted by Uday Kumar Lazurus November 7, 08 02:18 AM

Does anyone know what that bracelet he wears on his right hand is about?

Posted by laurie November 7, 08 02:23 AM

Finally, we have an intelligent, thoughtful, organized, inspiring LEADER for our country. Thank goodness America made the right choice. Barack Obama will lead us in the right direction - and now we have to follow! It will not be easy for him or us - he will have extremely difficult decisions to make and we will need to tighten our belts, reach out and help our fellow man, have patience. But I firmly believe this man will LEAD this country back to greatness!!!! I am ready to do what he asks in support of this, are you?

Posted by Tina November 7, 08 02:28 AM

Beautiful, True Democracy, Rights and Liberty at last !

Posted by Seuh November 7, 08 02:32 AM

I Hope Barrack Obama will do special thing about employment, He Should have Considered the Impartial Plan on all other countries who working the US Nation.

Posted by Ram November 7, 08 02:55 AM

Congratulazione al nuovo Presidente degli U.S.A., l'Italia è felice insieme a tutti voi, l'Italia è speranzosa e piena di fiducia nel cambiamento. Non più regole dettate dalla finanza e dalla sfrenata corsa verso i profitti, ...da oggi regole che riportino l'uomo al centro dell'universo, regole dove etica e morale posssano essere il fulcro della leva del cambiamento vesro la rinascita.
Joseph - Prezza (Rome) - Italy

Posted by Joseph November 7, 08 03:25 AM

It was a great pleasure to see the photos that made me believe that the is really going to come and expecting he will take the world to a new path in the coming next 8 years. felt that the americans really made a good choice over this time. I wish all success to barack obama and wish to be a part of the success story going to happen in the coming days

Posted by Kumar November 7, 08 03:25 AM

may God guide you Sir!

Posted by marlon Darvel November 7, 08 03:32 AM

These photos have given me goosebumps all over. Incredibly beautiful.

Posted by Anna November 7, 08 03:46 AM

I welcome barak Obama as a president of US until unless it woudn't effect Outsourcing in India.

Posted by Praveen Kumar November 7, 08 03:50 AM

Congratulations Mr Obama and am proud to be part Kenyan myself. I am from Nakuru. I followed your Campaign trail through out. In fact, on a recent trip to Washington this July with my family we were honoured to visit your offices at the Capitol building. It was a wonderful experience even though we were unable to meet you; as you were on the European tour.
We look forward to the change! God bless you and America

Posted by Pragna November 7, 08 03:53 AM

To all the white people making derrogatory comments about Obama - Sticks and Stones baby! Your candidate lost and our man won fair and square so get over it you poor loosers and always remember this: "YES WE CAN!" THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA. It's your time to shine and shine you will for the next eight - not four, years. God Bless America.

Posted by Val Booker November 7, 08 03:54 AM

It is a sigh of relief! America has come of 'real' age! Barak Obama inherits a completely denuded country, shattered beyond recognition by the dyslexic predecessor, who stole the election twice-first by fraud in Florida and second at Ohio-and it will be an uphil task for the successor to clean the augean stables! He has to tread a thin line and danger of it snapping any time lurks ate very step! His first priority should be to regain the world respect and do all the damage done by his predecessor. Barak needs the blessings of all and he will have plenty of them

Posted by Raju T. Mamileti November 7, 08 04:02 AM

Sencere congratulations to Mr. Obama and his family and also to the whole current generation.
Buzz: He looks like a Bollywood star Nasir-Ud-In Shah... or vice versa...
Really both of them looks a damp energatic guys.

Posted by Amrut November 7, 08 04:03 AM

God bless America for going down the books of history just so many times but I wil never forget this last one. I just cant stop watching that last speech its just so emotional and so real.

Posted by Ogada Ronald November 7, 08 04:18 AM

i am fed up with MERS when it is going to wind up

Posted by Dhiraj kumar November 7, 08 04:35 AM

Greetings from India...........;;)))))

Posted by Vaishnavi November 7, 08 04:38 AM

Democracy will rule the Nation.
History created by Obama..........
Photographer has done great a Job...

Posted by Miral November 7, 08 04:49 AM

"President Elect Barrack Obamma "You are an inspiration to billions of people in the world.
Now every one gets inspiration that with a Goal in life you can achieve it,no matter how small you are ,whether you rich or poor, no matter which race or religion you belong,only thing is follow your goal with honesty,integrity and zeal to achieve it and that it will serve the human race.
Salutes to United States of America and its vibrant Democracy

Posted by S M Neemuchwala November 7, 08 04:52 AM

Wow ! amazing pictures

Posted by karthik November 7, 08 04:59 AM

Amazingly beautiful snaps !! But this is not the right time to comment on any political and humanitarian issues. Lots of life lost .. lots of blood too .. isn't it enough to stop the nonsense .....

Posted by Arup Bhattacharya November 7, 08 05:24 AM

as Sandra said that: In the eyes of the world America has a rotten image . and yea that's purly true, i'm from country located near to Russia called Uzbekistan and i can say that many people here hopes that changes will come with Obama and i believe in that too!

Posted by Pepper November 7, 08 05:25 AM

why do you americans always drag god into everything? elections, war, economy etc.

Posted by t-h-o-r November 7, 08 05:29 AM

I'm not a American I'm a Australian But i have watched this Election from Australia and I really think everyone should just forget what colour the man is!!

It don't matter if he is white black or bloody blue he is still the same man look further than the colour of his skin i like him for what ive seen of him and has nothing to do with what colour he is.

About time people forgot the bad part of history and look forward.

Posted by oi oi oi November 7, 08 05:43 AM

Es war eine historische Wahl fuer Amerika und ist ein hervorragender Sieg fuer B. Obama und ein Hoffnungstraeger fuer die globale Welt. Ich wuensche ihm aus D alles Gute and best time forever.

Posted by Walter Frensel , Ni - Germany November 7, 08 06:23 AM

This is Lydia from Uganda and i must confess that i am much obliged for America for a fantastic and binding decision that they have made as a nation to bring chance in the wonderful and loving country. Bravo to you all and may the almighty God grant you all your desires and thanks so much for being a great example to the whole world. I am looking forward into seeing a one nation surrounded by unconditional love for each other for the pure and greater growth of the country with wise decisions that captures the minds of the people regardless of colour, race, religion. I implore the president to work so hard and always ask for God's wisdom so that he can lead his people well and to zestfully welcome any challenge and put it into God's hand. UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL. God bless you all as you enter the new eve that has been prepared for you all. Pray and love one another and also pray for other nations especially in Africa to have the same spirit that you have shown. All the best and may you all leave to achieve your dreams.

Posted by Ayikoru Lydia November 7, 08 06:31 AM

These photos brought a tear to my eye, absoutely amazing!

Posted by Meera Tank November 7, 08 06:48 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 07:02 AM

obama has killed the race disease in our world today.he is the inspiration and indeed a role model to the whole world.Martin king luther's dream has finaly come true after over 40 years since he echored his words.many congratulations to him.all we need to do now is pray for his protection and good leadership.Thanks to barack for setting a Good surely are God sent.

Posted by catherine November 7, 08 07:12 AM

Congratulations, Mr Obama en congratulations America from a white Dutchman.
@739 Please tell me what on earth you think is in front of us then? I'm probably completely blind, so please tell me!
I don't think Barack Obama will make miracles happen, but I believe at least he will not make things worse than they allready have become. He will have a terribly heavy burden on his shoulders with the V.S. on the verge of Bankruptcy (no, I'm not saying that is Bush's fault) and half the world thinking most Americans are arrogant, ignorant, violent, selfish religious fanatics (That IS Bush's fault).

Posted by dutchman November 7, 08 07:16 AM

Here a posting from Holland.

Verry nice pictures. Obama shown at his best on these photo's.
Not only America needs a change, it looks like to hole world needs it.


Posted by Holland November 7, 08 07:21 AM

I thank God for Barack Obama. It warms my heart to know that a black family will live in the White House!! The world loves Obama. A sea of people were out there cheering for him. What a time in our lives. I will continue to pray for the first family and for this great country. That election sent a message of hope out to the world, and the world responded. Those pictures tell all.

Posted by Paulette Crampton November 7, 08 07:21 AM

I am very proud that our country voted for a man based on his intelligence and ideals, not based on fear and ignorance. For you wild, frothing-at-the-mouth fear mongers - give him a chance. Bush got eight years to prove himself, even if they were stolen, and he will no doubt be forever remembered as the worst president we have ever had. There is a giant stinking mess to clean up - it will take time. Meanwhile, feel free to move if you aren't happy here.

Posted by JB November 7, 08 07:46 AM

barack obama he is great congragulations.

Posted by antony neclose jose November 7, 08 07:52 AM

Best of luck.....

Posted by Namita November 7, 08 07:56 AM

These pictures are beautiful! I love the one of Obama leaving the plane and his children running to him! They are such a wonderful family!
We picked the right man for the job, whether he is black, white, orange, purple or blue, he is the best choice!

Posted by Michele November 7, 08 08:03 AM

I'm a Kenyan and immensely proud of what Obama has achieved, not because his black or has roots in my country, but simply for what & how he has made the world feel. Even if this is all he will ever achieve, which it isn't, the inspiration he has provided has awoken dreams & ideas in even the most dormant minds & hearts. Even the racists now know that their prejudices cannot prevent what is meant to happen & that the color of ones skin, which by the way no one chooses to have, will not define ones destiny!

He has shown that decisions should not be made under fear, but hope! That trials are there to be overcome, that as long as you stick to your guns & fight a good fight, you are bound to be victorious.

It doesn't take a black man to summon a crowd of hundreds of thousands....IT TAKES A GREAT MAN!! God bless him!!

Posted by Collins, Nairobi Kenya November 7, 08 08:07 AM

Just because one does not agree with the policies of Obama does not mean he's a racist. Enough of the cries of "racism" and finger-pointing. It's silly.
I did not vote for Obama, and he is my President, so long as he does not compromise my values, or the values of our great Constitution. Stay out of my home, stay out of my 401k and bank account, stay away from my guns, and I will have no problem with him.
I truly hope this is the dawn of a prosperous period for America. I will continue to do my part to make it so. I love this country. Congrats to Obama, and I pray you remember and honor the Constitution which makes this country great. And if you don't....welll...1,457 days to go.

Posted by Chris November 7, 08 08:09 AM

From Russia With BiG LOVE TO OBAMA!!!
We Believe to U!

Posted by Vladimir November 7, 08 08:15 AM


Posted by PRESHAN NAIDOO November 7, 08 08:25 AM

Félicitation M.le président Obama. Enfin un homme qui a un bon jugement qui met l'humain avant l'argent. Un homme qui veut améliorer le sort des millions de personnes sans distinction de race , de religion ou de sexe. Ceci se reflétera sur la population mondiale, j'en suis certain.
Gardez toujours cette flamme ce jugement et ces valeurs qui vous caractérisent.
Bonne chance pour tout le travail que vous aurez à faire. Entourez vous de personnes qui ont des valeurs nobles.Et surtout , surtout de bons gardes de corps..

Posted by François Farès November 7, 08 08:28 AM

Congrats OBAMA.....
Your era should be a golden one not only to America... But also to all other developing countries....
May god help you

Posted by Janani... From INDIA November 7, 08 08:29 AM

WE need Obama and Obama needs US. He is the best man for the job.

Posted by Muheiddin Ibrahim November 7, 08 08:30 AM

Congratulations President Elect OBAMA! I feel the dream has been reached for and by all people. May God continue to bless you and your family. The Campaign Theme was the correct term to use to give all Americans hope for a better future.

Posted by Stephanie McCoy November 7, 08 08:50 AM

424 it doesn't matter who raised him. u don't know who influenced him throughout his life. his own white family called him out his name. being biracial is tough. ur disliked by ur white family because ur part black. ur disliked by ur black family because they think u wanna be white. barack was dammed from da start. yes, many people voted because hes black, but hell look at it like this, for years and years white america has been slappin black people down the face ,why, u guessed it, just because we r black. so was that fair, hell no. so ur dammed right many voted for him just because he is black!!!

Posted by marrisa November 7, 08 08:51 AM

God is in complete control and everything is done in God's own timing. God Bless America!!!

Posted by VLewis November 7, 08 08:52 AM

To President Elect Obama,

You are definitely anointed. God has blessed us with you and may He continually bless you and your family.

Posted by Jacqueline , Louisiana November 7, 2008 7:57 AM

Posted by Jacqueline Malcolm November 7, 08 08:58 AM

Britain stands by your side again America.

Posted by William Hailes November 7, 08 09:00 AM

All I can say is

Posted by MITCH November 7, 08 09:01 AM

Dear Senator Obama, President Elect Obama and family,

The American People thank you for your selfless service to our country. As an African American woman. I have seen you through a special lens.. that enables me to see---- How you have peeled back the layers of doubt --to emerge as a humble servant --posed to serve an entire Nation with your leadership.

We thank God for you and your family. Your parents, grandparents, my mother and many of those who have --gone on high. Are looking down at you and the effect you are having on this World.

May God continue to bless you, guide you and protect you-- so that the little Beacon of light-- that you are shining-- continues to amplify the World.

Thanks --for inspiring me to run for PCO of my very suburban neighborhood and to work tirelessly on helping to promote you and our Governor of Washington state--who came on board--Early---when it was not popular---! Together here in the other Washington-- You have our dedicated support and committment to be a part of the "Change that we want to see.
Winona Hollins Hauge, MSW, LICSW
Community Leader/ Advocate--Washington State

Posted by Winona Hollins Hauge, MSW, LICSW November 7, 08 09:01 AM

Obama, The BAHAMAS Love you!!!! GOD BLESS you and your family always. Make us proud!!!

Posted by Keva Ferguson November 7, 08 09:01 AM

To #778
God should revolve around everything. The United States of America was founded on Christian principles.

Posted by AJB November 7, 08 09:03 AM

New hope for the world! Is it too good to be true? Now if he can just stay alive!

My prayers are with President Obama.

Posted by Andrew Sparrow Duluth, MN November 7, 08 09:05 AM

I think the messages here from people from other countries speaks volumes. We haven't just elected a President, we've elected a world leader, someone who will inspire the peoples of the World to Unite in World Peace. May it happen in our lifetime.

Posted by steve bluestein November 7, 08 09:06 AM

Congratulations President Elect Obama............ :-))

I hope you can unite all of the USA, and you may have God's speed.
I where in tears, tears of joy, when I saw the morning news Thursday 5-11-2008 here in Copenhagen Denmark.

I hope you will visit Copenhagen in the late months of 2009.

Posted by Claudia M. Nielsen / Copenhagen Denmark November 7, 08 09:07 AM

I am so proud of you and thank you for your hard work and the example you set for men, families and a Nation.

Posted by Curtis Howard November 7, 08 09:11 AM

They can never again complain of discrimination .

Posted by Raquel November 7, 08 09:12 AM

This is the Lord's doing! Who else? Its great for this country and the entire world.

Posted by Les November 7, 08 09:22 AM

There are so many prejudiced comments here toward white people. The United Statesof America is and always will be a racially divided country.

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 09:25 AM

Young, gifted and black!

Posted by George November 7, 08 09:27 AM

President Elect Obama,
We have come a long way as a people and you and your family will be in our prayers daily. You are a wonderful man and we all know that changes will be made now and forever. It was a pleasure working in the Springfield, Va campaign office for you and we look forward to what God has in store for you. Congrats on a well managed campaign and the best is yet to come!

Posted by DONNA WILSON November 7, 08 09:28 AM

I became an Obama fan

Posted by Sarath November 7, 08 09:29 AM

i've been praying for barrack, every since he announced his bid to run for presidency, and now that he's won i will continue to pray for him and his family, that god will put a hedge of protection around them. I'm so proud and thankful to him. I know he will lead this Country in the right direction it needs to go.May god continue to bless you and your family Barack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by francine peterson November 7, 08 09:29 AM

I am proud that a Black Man could achieve such greatness but what I am truly proud of is a man who was not afraid to put the past administration on blast! I am truly proud of a man who ran an honest straight forward campaign and won! I am truly proud of a man who sees my struggle to make ends meet as a result of others greed and plans to do "the best he can" to make things right! I am truly proud of a man who was honest enough to say he knows what the problems are in this country and they can't be fixed over night but they can be fixed in time! Barak Obama made the promise that he would do the best he can to clean up the mess that has been made and I for one am glad that someone has finally recognized the plight of the people and is willing to make the effort to work for us not steal from us! Barak Obama I am in awe of you and will always be in your corner. it took 8 years for the past administration to screw up this country so badly so I am positive it will take even longer to clean it up.

Posted by Nubianstar November 7, 08 09:31 AM

Wow!! I'm awestruck

Posted by Marilyn November 7, 08 09:32 AM

These photo's are very taxing....

Posted by Robin Hood Economics November 7, 08 09:36 AM

So very proud of him.......I can not even put in words how i feel right now...OMG!!!

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 09:37 AM

This is a very exciting time in America. You can say it was God's doing. You can say it was a black man making the ultimate achievement. You can say whatever you want, but the truth of the matter is, this is a dynamic candidate that opened his mouth to say "this is what I'm doing and how I'm going to do it." For too many years, we have been subjected to voting for the candidate we hate the least. Politicians often leave a bad taste in the mouth after all their broken promises, outright lies and corruption.
But today, we have a man who seems to have the genuine intention to make this country better in any way that he can. His ability to see through the smokescreen and reach out to the true common man is what made him so successful. This country is made up of "regular people". We live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to pay bills because the corporate rich are getting breaks and spend until the company goes broke. We lose jobs and have nothing, they take pensions to cushion their own fall. I'm sick and tired of living in a place where only the rich get richer. I'm so proud to wake up every day and know that a new vision will soon be coming to fruition in the White House. It will be hard work to turn this country around, but I think we have finally found the right man to do it.

Congratulations to Pres-Elect Obama! I'm counting down the days until you officially come to our rescue!

Posted by Christine in Philly November 7, 08 09:38 AM


Posted by tubman November 7, 08 09:39 AM

I am a sahelian,
I deeply appreciate how the american people accept a such evolution and I can understand how the global development has a real sens in them. The Election done proves the high maturity sens in American people, I think and whish this experience is the way followed for worldwide sustainable, human and clean development so the change.

Posted by Dan Baria Soumaïla November 7, 08 09:42 AM

I sadly have to agree with #814 - Obama was not electec by African americans alone. I voted for the better canidate, the one I felt was closer to what I wanted to see, and the one I identifed most with. The color of his skin is immaterrial. If Obama was green with antenna, he'd still be the better canidate. Obama represents all african folk in the same was Bush represents all white folks, and Palin represents all women. See how crazy that metaphor becomes?

Please, please stop with the racial profiling, and celebrate a young brilliant man who has a dream for his country and all the colors contained within.

Posted by Dave November 7, 08 09:44 AM

This is all well and good. Now that the election is over do you think maybe the media can do some serious due diligence and tell us Obama's real background. Since he cannot be de-elected you at least owe that to the electorate.
Thank you.

Posted by jimmarine November 7, 08 09:46 AM

I'm a first time voter,and I feel great that I did. Living in New York all my life as a single parent unemployed at 45 yes I M READY FOR CHANGE.


Posted by Michelle Maynard November 7, 08 09:48 AM


Posted by tubman November 7, 08 09:49 AM

I'm french, and I loved America until the first election of G.W Bush. Many things changed then. Wednesday, I was almost crying, and for the first time of my life, I would like to be American, just to be proud of this moment. Good luck Mr President B. Obama, a hard work is waiting for you.

Posted by S November 7, 08 09:50 AM

To God Be the Glory! Many Prayers and blessing, for our President Obama and Family.

Posted by Diane Colbert November 7, 08 09:50 AM

From the first time I saw this man, his eloquence and charisma spoke to my heart and I pronounced him "the chosen one" that day! He has a presence that can only be that of someone who is set apart and ordained by God himself to lead this country back to what it was originally built on. I pray for him and his family daily and I am excited about the "CHANGE" that he has already begun to unveil in this country, the UNITED (once again) STATES of AMERICA, as well as around the world. And for those who would dare try and bring harm to this man, be careful not to mess with God's children, because that is exactly who Obama is one of God's very own!

Posted by Miss Vee in Florida November 7, 08 09:51 AM

We are truly a blessed country with a wonderful first family becoming part of our everyday world. What great future days are ahead!

Posted by Claremary November 7, 08 10:00 AM

Thank you sharing these beautiful heartfelt photograps of our president and family. May God Bless and protect this great First Family. and our nation.



Posted by Marilyn Lassiter November 7, 08 10:01 AM

wonderful,,wonderful ,,,,,,,one nation lets do it together...respect yourself and others help yourself and others,,,love one another and believe

Posted by donna November 7, 08 10:04 AM

812 unfortunately you are wrong. Discrimination will always be around and its not always african americans that are discriminated against. Any of us can experience it. Whether it is for age, gender, social standing, race, etc. As for the election I think that America is just ready for a change. One that President Obama has spoken of and will bring about in due time. He has the education, intelligence, compassion, vision, and cool head to bring about such. To him and his family I wish the best and may God Bless him as he leads us into what can only be a better place in the future.

Posted by Sgn November 7, 08 10:05 AM

I did not vote for Mr.Obama, but he is to be my president. That means that I will pray daily that he will have wisdom, surround himself with people that will give him sound guidance, and for protection for him and his beautiful family. I will, of course, continue to make my concerns (that kept me from giving him my vote) be heard to the best of my abilities. But that will not keep me from giving the respect that is due the office, weather I agree with his politics or not.

Posted by Becky - Northern Indiana November 7, 08 10:06 AM

It's been a long time coming...but I know a change was going to come! Thank God it is time for a CHANGE! God bless....

Posted by Monalisa Colbert November 7, 08 10:06 AM

I am so proud Mr President Elect Obama, Thank you for the example you sent for all men

Posted by Eric Young November 7, 08 10:06 AM

How can you not just love him?

Posted by Maryellen Sullivan November 7, 08 10:07 AM

To God be the Glory. Thank you to all the families from the first one brought to this country by force to make this day possible.

Posted by Monique A. White November 7, 08 10:08 AM

The race card can no longer be played. Hey Al Sharpton, I think they're hiring at McDonald's...

Posted by rjjrdq November 7, 08 10:08 AM

change has come at last, to the united states of america, every american should be proud, God bless America, God bless president elect Obama and his family......

Posted by Tracey November 7, 08 10:14 AM

Well, Obama we are praying for you, so God will lead you to the right path, so you will lead this contry to the right path.

Posted by Karina Mejia November 7, 08 10:16 AM

I love Barack Obama, I am so proud of this great man. He is truly God Sent. I am A black grand mother born in Alabama, March with Dr. King in Selma Alabama. I am proud to see the day when I can now say to my grandchildren that a black man can be what ever they want to be or a black woman. Every time I had a new birth to the family, I had to explain to them how racism is dividing people, only because of the color of your skin. Thank God for his promise. President Obama will unite us in love and will be guided by a power much greater than you are I. I am proud to be american. God bles america.

Posted by Bettie Thornton Kimbrough, Atlanta, Georiga. November 7, 08 10:22 AM

Chris # 793:

Hmm... I wonder what your so-called "values" are... right-wing conservatism, no doubt. Well, Chris, take a closer look at your so-called "values", and you will understand why we call you racist - you hate-mongering, Bush-loving, smear-spreading LOSER!

Posted by Sandra November 7, 08 10:23 AM

President Elect Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama,

I commit to the call that is on your life and promise to do my part to ensure your vision for this nation is fullfilled as we endeavor to prove a strong legacy for our children, not just for America but for this world.

You tenacity has inspired me and my family to do and expect great things for our lives.

We will do our part to ensure the success of this Nation in our homes, schools, on our jobs and our community.

Yes we Can....and Yes we will be our brother's keeper

Posted by Kelly November 7, 08 10:24 AM

I'm really envious of your country, that is going to have this great guy as the leader. His victory speech in chicago moved me.

Posted by baracc November 7, 08 10:27 AM

HALLELUIA - THank you, thank you!

Posted by Alberta Kinard November 7, 08 10:30 AM

It amazes me to see posts like the one from, "didn't drink the kool-aide" because a Black Man was endorsed (who 52% of America believed would be the right person for the job) not because of the color of his skin, ( that just made it precious) but because of his character. In the end, he has a "HUGE" mess to clean up, one that took 8 years to create, and is still overflowing, we have nominated people over and over, who America felt was the right candidate, and they fell short. One thing is for certain, and two things are for sure. "HE WILL TRY to repair the damage that has been created. He is one man! We as a country have to come together. Being divided won't do it. God Bless you President Obama

Posted by Helping Obama Make A Change- Rachel Jones November 7, 08 10:36 AM

This is a Great Day for All People.
God Bless!

Posted by Nancy McBurrows November 7, 08 10:37 AM

For # 814 who started the racially divided country...I ask you...So that you can explore why the United States is so racially divided....For the few prejudiced comments on this site against white people... Look at the many many and countless actions and statements that have been made and are still being made against minorities. I am not justifying prejudiced comments because wrong is wrong but be part of the solution and not part of the problem...And how many racially comments have You made or how many times have you stood up against injustices that have gone on against minorities. Be part of the solution I say....

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 10:43 AM

All along I believed he was going to win but there remained that small doubt that too many Americans would overlook the steady, brilliant, compassionate man and see only the color of his skin. I cannot express the exhilaration I felt at the moment he surpassed the needed 270 electoral votes. This was a great day for the United States of America.

Posted by Freeda November 7, 08 10:45 AM

For # 814 who started the racially divided country...I ask you...So that you can explore why the United States is so racially divided....For the few prejudiced comments on this site against white people... Look at the many many and countless actions and statements that have been made and are still being made against minorities. I am not justifying prejudiced comments because wrong is wrong but be part of the solution and not part of the problem...And how many racially comments have You made or how many times have you stood up against injustices that have gone on against minorities. Be part of the solution I say....

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 10:46 AM

First and foremost congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama. I feel he is the right person for the job and the land slide election victory of every race that walks the ground of this fine nation that voted for Mr. Obama agrees with me. However I must comment on these truly I mean TRULY IDIOTIC comments that the market is doing worse since Obama won election night. Are you serious!! Did these people making these comments just start paying attention to the market after the election? That’s what it sounds like if they were paying any attention to the markets during the primary and during the election the market has been falling. The markets really feel after the bill for the $700B bailout passed. Seriously open your eyes and stop trying to place blame on the man you didn’t vote for. You obviously did not pay attention to the WORLD coverage, the WORLD newspapers or the comments placed here by other people living in various parts of the world showing their support and their happiness that Obama has been elected. The market was in crises before Obama was elected everyone should know this. On 9/29/08 the DOW dropped 700 points! I do not believe Obama was elected president at that point if memory serves….I could be wrong thought.. All I'm saying is if your going to place blame on President Elect Obama for the market falling then at least have something supporting what your saying, the markets have been falling and until something is done to fix the problem they will continue to fall. The comments made regarding the election winner and the market falling is simply foolish…if you feel I am incorrect in my comments please refer to the links below. With that said congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama you have a very large and heavy load to carry, the hopes of many with you and many people against you with the entire world is watching. You are BLESSED man, you will be just fine.

Posted by Lisa November 7, 08 10:46 AM

#307 I feel real sorry for people who think like you do.. That's why this country is a mess and if you don't want to fly the American flag - how about leaving America altogether, while the rest of us try and make it a better place to live. and by the way take a look at the statistics White commit as many crimes as Blacks and Spanish it just doesn't get published as often.You don't see black people killing there parents, cutting them up and burying them in their basements, or eating them, driving around with their heads on the dash board. Try not to judge an entire race on what a hand full do wrong - that seems to work for me or I would find that I hate all races.

Posted by MeMe November 7, 08 10:48 AM

It is truly amazing to have experienced in my lifetime the coming of a true man of GOD and his people. When you see him and you see the hundreds of thousands of people that have gathered to just get a glimpse and to hear him speak it makes you wonder if he is just a man or a true messenger of GOD brought here to save his people. All people of all colors and of all religion and all cultures. He is a true President of the People by the People and for the People. He is a child of GOD in whom He is well pleased. Thank you Heavenly Father for this Angel that you have sent us. GOD HAS TRULY BLESSED US ALL!

Posted by Michael Bundy November 7, 08 10:48 AM

Although some people will still this as not as important to us.. and as not as a very big deal.... we will be still threatened in all walks of life as being a minority.. But to be recognized for more then just being an athelete is outstanding.. The country has come so far..I feel so good for my mother her mother her sisters ..etc etc ..for what they went thru early in life to prove that they belong..the hard work, the tears , the sweat... the pain and heartache... congrats goes out to all people who had the courage to take a step..

Posted by JAMES H WALLACE I November 7, 08 10:51 AM

Los Angeles Victory is our,not only black americans but every one of us.Now I can say that I believe in the constitution of the United States of America.Now I will pay my taxes and be part of the America dream.Thank you President Obama and may God be with you.

Posted by R. Duck November 7, 08 10:52 AM

Oh My God!!! What a wonderful feeling waking up with Barack Obama as my president, no! our president this morning. I am in awe at how good God is. He (Barack Obama) never could of have made it without God on his side. This morning as I was on my way to work and listening to Steve Harvey morning show they played Marvin Sapp song " He never would have made it without him" and tears started to stream down my face with a feeling of hope. It made me realize that there is NOTHING that GOD can not do! God is good all the time!! He showed up and he showed out. Praise his magnificent name. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. We'll, people there is a God- Tuesday night said it all. Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America and not just the president the 1st Black president. Like, Mr.President said Tuesday night "We are singular,but our destinations are shared". Mmmmm....I just love him. To our president elect CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Posted by Mirlene Jean-Paul November 7, 08 10:58 AM

Words cannot express what I felt on 4 Nov 08 when it was announced that Obama had won, and would be America's next President! It has been a very long time since the country has come together like this and it reflected what President-Elect Obama stated in his speech - that we are the "United" States of America. We all saw this, with people of every color, culture and background - coming together for change and unity. I am so proud and elated. It feels good. It just feels good.

Posted by Ms. "Tee" Smiley November 7, 08 11:03 AM

This moment , this world, this man is ordainded by God. Thank you Lord!

Posted by Pat Lee November 7, 08 11:04 AM

Senator or shall I say President Obama, May GOD continue Bless you and your family. I am a black woman of 66 years and I know what GOD has done thru you. Stay strong and continue to put GOD first in your life and and as Paul said in the book of Romans all thing work together for those who love the LORD. My name is Maxine Williams-Bell. Please keep me in your prayers as I will you and your family. You see Sir, I have 7 grandsons and you are truly an encouragement to them all. GOD BLESS AND KEEP you is my PRAYER

Posted by Maxine Williams-Bell November 7, 08 11:08 AM


Posted by ELLA , MISSISSIPPI November 7, 08 11:08 AM

To no. 307: with a last name like Ribbone, you don't have anyone in your grandparents' (or any) generation that flew the Stars and Bars. Wake up, Bubba-boy. Barack embodies the generosity and mutigeneity (you can look that one up) that accommodated your paisanos and all the other hyphenated Americans we should celebrate.

Posted by Sydney November 7, 08 11:10 AM

What's with all the haters!!! You voted for a man who could barely read and write and kept him in the White House for 8 YEARS!!! Now you have a President who is not only well-educated and intelligent, he can pronounce multi-syllable words. At least he didn't graduate near the bottom of his class. Go, President-elect Obama, you rock!!!

Posted by Sandra November 7, 08 11:14 AM

First, I commend the photographers and creator of this collection. These pictures are amazing, moving and portray a solid and strong leader of one of the greatest countries in the world.

I pray for him and his family as they enter into this great undertaking together. Their lives will be completely changed, their privacies invaded and they will lose the privilege to enjoy many of the simple pieces of everyday life, pieces that the rest of us take for granted. (I've seen videos where the poor man cannot even enjoy a waffle with his wife!) Yes, I imagine he understood this when he signed up, but that doesn't change the reality of it. Realize what HE (and the many others before him) is sacrificing to become the next President. Realize the pressure and scrutiny he will be under, every waking minute of his days. And realize he does it because he wants to help make America a better place for YOU.

My hope is that we will come together to help support him as proud AMERICANS. Note the word AMERICAN. ( –noun 4. a citizen of the United States of America. ) There is no reference to religion, race, sexual preference, favorite type of fast food or any other unimportant characteristics. We need to start learning to respect each other as humans and individuals and not impose our own beliefs. COEXIST. Learn to fight together and protect each other against all the hidden and faceless evils that we cannot control so easily. Evils such as cancer and terrorism. They certainly don't care about the above mentioned characteristics.......they have one 'goal' and look at how strong of a foe they continue to be. Now imagine how powerful WE could be, unified and working towards the goal of supporting and protecting our country and everyone who loves it.

Be respectful of your neighbor, your environment, help someone with their struggles instead of labeling them. Pick up a piece of trash, hold the door for someone and smile for no reason. These are all small beginnings.

Our new President has an enormous amount of responsibility to take on, alot of damage to help repair and an even greater number of expectations to live up to and overcome. Our country did not get this way because of one person, nor can it be fixed by a single person. He will be unfairly judged and criticized (as is anyone in that position) - I pray for him the strength and wisdom to overcome.

I typically don't post to these sorts of forums, but have been so saddened and frustrated by a lot of the focus of this Presidential campaign and the fights I have observed between strangers. Unnecessary.

God Bless America. Congratulations to our New President. Support him and keep him and his family safe.

"You must be the Change you wish to see in the World." - Gandhi

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 11:16 AM

The feeling of hope is finally here. The same feeling you get a Christmas when hope and love in in abundance. I pray to God that we keep this HOPE alive. God Bless you, my new PRESIDENT.

Posted by Pat Matthews November 7, 08 11:18 AM

I don't understand why after all these years people can't just move on and stop making everything about race. We are all one race, a race of human beings. It's time we realize that we all should be working towards the same goal, getting our country back on track. I voted for Obama not because he is an African American, but because he is an intelligent, inspiring, optimistic, genuine and competent man. His skin color is irrelevant. All that matters is that he has a vision of improving our country and our relationship with other countries. For him or any future president to accomplish this, we as Americans have to first come together and support our leaders and do our part to improve the quality of life here and abroad. We are One Race...the Human Race. Congratulations President Elect Obama! May God Bless You, Your Family, Our Country and the World.

Posted by American Mom in VA November 7, 08 11:18 AM

United States

Posted by john.c.meyers November 7, 08 11:18 AM

I am very proud to be an American right now. This has given me the inspiration that I need in the middle of my hard times. I belive that America is going to see a change. America need Obama and now as the dream has come alive let's fire it up for 2009.

Posted by Lacosha November 7, 08 11:18 AM

Obama is a human and the expectations should be level with him. Let's celebrate and, at the same time, realize the days ahead willbe both good and disappointing.

Posted by Abdir-rahman Takhal November 7, 08 11:19 AM

At a time when this country actually has hope, a few embittered souls can't help but complain, whine, and argue. Can't you see what this kind of behavior does to us as a country? I'm annoyed by the constant barrage of complaints about "Democrat coworkers" and "Republican co-workers" -- why is it so difficult to support your candidate without villainizing the opponent? Are you all allergic to being graceful losers?

Obama's successful campaign means that people have finally began to see that ability, intelligence, morality, and plain ol' common sense are not predicated by race. It doesn't signal the end of racism. It means that America is maturing. It means that we now need to begin looking at our peers on the street as human, not as black, white, brown. It means that we need to move away from a society that believes it needs "Affirmative Action" to make sure that women and minorities are given some semblance of equal treatment... which means that we need to internally realize that ability isn't based on these least important of things. It means that we all should be so inspired to look at each other as people who share a common goal of living the American dream, for we are all citizens who (hopefully) love our country and don't want to see her suffer at the hands of our hatred and intolerance of minor things. His candidacy has given people a lot of pride in the growth of our people, but it has highlighted that there is so much work to be done.

Don't be mistaken -- some of these comments ARE racist. Some of our people -- Democrat AND Republican -- have been showing their collective asses on the Internet. AND some of these statements are saddening, to say the least. But when 65 million US citizens, invested in the growth of their communities, can spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours standing in line to do their part in electing this Black man, it gives me hope that my children and my neighbor's children can grow together, play together, and live together without having to acknowledge some long-outdated prejudice. Really, that's the start of change for me.

As a daughter of a Marine, wife of a Sailor, and a Black woman, I find it sad that we can't all see the similarities in one another regardless of race or culture. I find it disturbing that we can't all appreciate and enjoy one another's company without feeling that there's "something" that needs to be understood. That we can't all cohabitate without fear. Long before Obama's candidacy, I was shouting from rooftops, Yes! We can! For me, seeing millions go vote for that man made me feel as if America was shouting with me, and that brought tears to my eyes. THAT made me cry... far more than holding my daughter and watching those last four west-coast states light up; much more than watching history being made. Maybe the power in what just happened hasn't hit me yet.

In conclusion, I pray that you all just take a little time to stop with the incendiary remarks. Stop with the incessant need to disparage one another. Acknowledge now that we have new ideals being developed for our country and now with new leadership, we can hope to see better days. Stop treating your political parties like rivaling high school football teams. Grow up, already. The rest of us are waiting on you. :)

An Annoyed Conservative

Posted by Nicole November 7, 08 11:20 AM

Fantastic composition and moments in these photos, beautifully captured. What a truly special time to be alive, especially in this country. To all you bigots, you ignorant, small-minded, racist, extremist, fundamentalist, people: Good prevails. Love prevails. HOPE prevails. You lost and now YOU are the minority. We came together and the country has spoken. Our civil liberties are safe. Our reproductive rights are safe. Any poison you would have injected into this country's government has been diffused by the anecdote of the beliefs Obama supporters hold. We did it! So thank you to everyone who worked hard to get President-elect Obama in office. I have never been prouder to be an American in my life.

Posted by Natalie November 7, 08 11:23 AM

i african american families and their children take example and to sacrifice to give their children constructive and loving family life. not to see this win as as an opportunity to act a fool and not rise to the top God bless and protect the president
and his wife and family from harm.

Posted by anita mc farlane November 7, 08 11:24 AM

"Only in America do dreams really come true. Despite all of America's problems, it is still the best country in the World and the possibilities are endless."
Ideology at its purest...

Zizek argued that, since the citizens of usa know so little about it's own country, they should be not allowed to vote. Since the rest of the world knows best usa, all the world should vote in the usa elections.

By the way: YOU'RE NOT AMERICA. YOU'RE ONLY A PART OF IT. There are at least other 20 countries in the continent, you know... ingorance...

Posted by sniDer November 7, 08 11:25 AM

The Good LORD wil guide and guard you. He will give you wisdom. You are a child of GOD, You can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens you.
President elect, In all your ways acknowledge the LORD, HE will direct your paths.
Stay Blessed

Posted by Fafa November 7, 08 11:28 AM

I think that President Elect Obama will do an outstanding job! People of all colors who elected him, will come together and unite as a bond of an adhesive support system that will not cause a nation to become unglued!!! I rever his integrity and his willingness to bring all people together, regardless of gender,color and or race. He is a maverick, a rock and most of all, a man who knows what direction to take this country, and we must follow that direction or we may become lost!

Posted by Linda M. Vaughn November 7, 08 11:29 AM


Posted by MISS LEWIS November 7, 08 11:30 AM

I hope he heeds the advice from his team of economic advisors instead of acting upon his campaign promises of spreading the wealth.

When you reward production, you get more production. When you reward non-producers, you get more non-producers.

Take a look at our Gross National Product figures (GDP) for the stats on production in our country.

Let's be sure we're rewarding the proper segment of our society.

Posted by TK November 7, 08 11:31 AM

I think you might like these.

Posted by Carlton November 7, 08 11:31 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 11:33 AM

We've come this far by faith!!! I am so proud of our President and I am so proud that American voted for the right person! We put aside race, color and fears and took a gaint leap of faith. Things won't change over night but as long as we have faith and a realistic view point, things will get better. I am proud that our beautiful little boys and girls have a great role model and can say, I can be whatever I want and believe it!

Thank you for taking a chance President Obama! Thank you for always believing that you can and will change America!

Posted by Monica November 7, 08 11:37 AM

Congratulations to all of my fellow American people. May we rise up together AS ONE. My heart is so happy to write this email. Barack has shown us all, that we are all capable to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and live our dreams. Let's all rise to the occasion and help ourselves and others.

Posted by kim taylor November 7, 08 11:42 AM


Posted by nunyabeeswax November 7, 08 11:42 AM

I never thought I was going to see this moment come in my entire life. I am a Hispanic who recently became a U.S. citizen and proudly voted for Obama. I DO have hope on him and I thing the statement here is that Race is just a myth, a social construct to divide people; scientifically there are not different races, is just one single race: HUMAN RACE. America has been so wrong in the past and is time for a change, let's put RACISM in the history of humankind and let's move forward. Viva Obama!!!

Posted by Enrique November 7, 08 11:44 AM


Posted by DAN November 7, 08 11:46 AM

I don't care what color this man is, I'm just overjoyed he's in the White House because he's intelligent. I am so sick of dumb I could vomit. Additionally; I get that this is a momentous event, but those who focus on his race (primarily those of color) are diminishing the true value of this person. His election to the presidency isn’t about overcoming the struggles of an entire race, it is about a man, working, sacrificing and believing in his ability to lead a nation. He represents self pride, hard work, empathy, intelligence, love and determination. To the black community – this is not about you, it is about him. To the ignorant racists, this isn’t about your fear - it is about the object of your fear rising high above you. To those who credit God for this man's success - this isn’t about your personal spiritual beliefs, it is about one man’s journey to live his dream.

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama, the credit goes to you.

Posted by anais November 7, 08 11:47 AM

To #814, please find it in your heart to rise above racism. I have experienced racism, too, and it hurt. However, a few persons sheer ignorance does not give me an excuse to disrespect others with different color skin. We all can "turn our cheek" to racism. Live your life by example. There is beauty we can see in the diversity of different cutlures! Obama has demonstarted to all American citizens that we must not let the color of our skin divide us. I am proud to be an Amercian and wish President elect Obama and his family every success!

Posted by Katie November 7, 08 11:47 AM

Congatulations - You are a gift from God, always keep HIM first. We are so proud of you. We pray that the Lord will continue to Bless and keep you and your beautiful family.

Posted by Jean Cebrun November 7, 08 11:48 AM

These pictures made my day! Unfortunately, I work in an office full of surly Republicans and there have been quite a bit of layoffs, so the office environment is not that great!

Beautiful photos and hope to see in a coffee table book one day!

Posted by Nola Andrews November 7, 08 11:48 AM

If it wasn't for this being on a colored desicion I would have voted for Obama but we all know why he was picked and it wasn't his beliefs.....

Posted by Samantha November 7, 08 11:49 AM

Im European. But when this campaing was going on I felt more like an American. I was verynervous about Obama's victory.
He won! It was like 5 pm here when he announced his victory. Americans shown their big spirit, the belife, strenght and unity.
But, you may saw that actually whole world was celebrating. Everyone. I newer saw anything like this.
God blees us all.

Posted by Radule Djurovic November 7, 08 11:49 AM

God has indeed smiled on this great nation at a time of need more than ever. When people all over the world seem to have reached the lowest depths of hope, in a nation crippled with debt, disease, doubt and disaster. The God of heaven once a again has revealed his hand and blessed us with a leader who can take the lead in rebuilding the dream that had become so clouded to a point where it was almost no longer in view. Let's not put the entire burden on our new leader but embrace him with the support and cooperation that it will take to make this change happen. We all must do our part and make the God of heaven proud so that He will keep on blessing us. God bless not just America but the entire world.

Posted by LB November 7, 08 11:49 AM

We wish all the best and luck for this new american president. People from all over the world feel so much happiness with his victory. Its a victory for american people and for the world. We all together will be able to stop the destruction of the world.
God Bless You!

congratulations from Brazil!

Posted by Wilma November 7, 08 11:50 AM

I feel as though a ball and chain has been lifted from my body. I am now looking foward to Jan 20 and the next 4 years. Proud to be an american again

Posted by Vilasini November 7, 08 11:51 AM

1- WHAT? You're on crack.
2- Unfortunately, you are right.

Posted by #814 is a Racist November 7, 08 11:51 AM

To #814 Anonymous - I don't believe that this country will always be divided. This day in history is a milestone, and in time with each generation, this country will become one. There will always be a few racist people, but as we see what happened in this election, it is not the majority. JFK said "In 40 years, a negro can become president". Here we are 40 years later, and oh! how he was right. Congratulation President Elect - Barack Obama and God Bless You!

Posted by Monica November 7, 08 11:52 AM

Son fotografías geniales del nuevo mandatario. Dios bendiga su gestión, esperemos que el mundo mejore un poco... It's a nice picture...

Posted by Nazareth Ernesto Marroquín November 7, 08 11:53 AM

Nice Photos.
America is going to change.

Posted by Rajkumar November 7, 08 11:55 AM

these are ajust beautiful. obama is a FINE man. everyone please pray for this man daily. he needs to be lifted from all of the negative thoughts and ideas that are going out. there is no unjust deed that God can not bring out a victory. so lets agree to pray for him and his family each and every day.

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 12:01 PM








Posted by Goldie Honeycutt Charleston WV November 7, 08 12:01 PM

Dear President Elect Obama & Family

I am one proud black woman today because of your honest, humility, and dedication. You have made us proud and I pray that God will bless you and your family.

Posted by Carnell Holland November 7, 08 12:04 PM

My HOPE is finally alive. Obama is not God ........ but through God's DIVINE INTERVENTION......we have HOPE for this dry land. God works through people and HE know exactly what America needed to be renewed. Obama is for all Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Denise November 7, 08 12:05 PM


Posted by mikaila raymond November 7, 08 12:05 PM

Millions and millions of whites voted for Obama, and are ecstatic that he won so decisively. Part of that happiness is owed to his skin color, and what his election as a black man says about our country.

As proved by the hateful ignorance on display in some (but not nearly all) of the comments here, there will always be racists in America, as there are everywhere. Obama's election will not change that. Now, however, the bigots are the minority.

America set an example on Tuesday. We are again a world leader.

Posted by John/NYC November 7, 08 12:08 PM

Congrats, President Obama, you did it!
We had regained something beyond a new leader of the free world on Election night; our lives were reclaimed, our hope restored, and racial ties dissolved.
It was a beautiful sight seeing the shear emotion felt all over the country as well as the world when Senator Obama announced to the nation that he, after 21 intense months of campaigning, won our hearts and ultimately our trust, the key elements in making his transition to President possible. When NBC panned the satellite image from New York to Grant Park in Chicago, it became apparent to me and my mom how special this day was and the historical significance of that very
moment--that very instant the final tallies were counted and the electoral votes passed to a choice candidate. All the struggles, all the triumphs of everyone involved in this election were no longer in vain, and it had proven once and for all that America is a land of promise.

Under the Bush Administration, we were controlled by an endless stream of fear, which had conditioned a horrible prejudice within our country. Paranoia became a staple to our existance, fueled by the animosity of the unknown, and the distant memory of September 11 ringing clear in our minds. At first, it appeared that we had come together after this awful tragedy, but after a few weeks, the United States had shut itself off from the rest of the world, shunning other cultures who did not agree with our self-righteousness, and demonizing the Middle East for each action they had performed in the past. Our innocence had been taken away on that day, as well as our trust.
Over 8 years, we grew accustomed to the harrowing sight of the World Trade Center crashing down defenselessly, as it was played on the airwaves constantly. Eventually, the Administration used this image to its advantage and used it to expand their own selfish agendas, asking vehemently, "Do you want this to happen again? Do you want Osama bin Laden to destroy this country?" (Images of Napoleon the pig from Animal Farm are suddenly flashing through my mind as I was typing the latter quote.) Vulnerable and shaken, everyone agreed and immersed themselves in this fear. Within the time period of 8 years(which isn't too long if you think about it), that prejudice and the control finally began to take its toll on our country. The stock market had crashed, several businesses were lost forever, gas prices had soared to an ungodly high, inflation was at its highest in years, and the country, while fighting two wars and picking fights with other countries, fell into a $10 trillion dollar debt that, as the Bush Administration had theorized in their so-called Bail-Out Plan, would be saved by our hard-earned tax dollars. Instead of getting better, the economy has gotten far worse. Ironically, the Bail-Out Plan did more harm than good, causing everyone to become upset.
There are many who felt that John McCain was the answer to our problems and favored his military background, past experience, and overall voracious will to "get things done" with protecting our country. However, when I first laid eyes upon him, I immeditely seen President Bush staring back--it was scary, to say the least. After I had heard that he entered the presidential race, I thought to myself: Oh no, I am not allowing another monster like that to rule our country.
Fast forward to Election Day and you're seeing me crying tears of joy in the living room of my house as the banner on the TV screen read, "Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States." The impact of this outcome was very overwhelming. What are the odds of being a first time voter whose vote contributed to a major turn in American history, much less world history? How often in someone's lifetime does that happen? When the realization finally hit me, I too, along with the rest of the country was moved enough to say through the tears, "Change has come to America". (Actually, I think Brian Williams' speech really did it in for me--"The people chose hope over fear....")
In Grant Park, people were singing, crying, and dancing, leaving me to wish that I could join in on the fun alongside them. Instead, I had to keep my happiness nearly muted, because, unfortunately, my hometown is center to many of the most prominent racists in the eastern part of the state, as well as being host to ignornace(courtesy of the First Babtist Church!) in its cruelist forms. Likewise, I couldn't have a civilized conversation about the historical significance of this election with any of the students on my college campus, due to the fact that most of them can I put this nicely........pathetic, ignorant and bigot.(That's the nicest things I could say....)

Posted by The Gambler November 7, 08 12:08 PM

#307 Bubba Ribone- you silly hillbilly---sorry, but that's what you are. Read my words slowly and carefully: YOUR NEW PRESIDENT IS BARACK OBAMA.
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Come on, say it a few times and get used to it. The irony of your ignorance is that you will be the one who benefits most from an Obama presidency. If you can't accept this godsend, then why don't you go ahead and start another civil war and see how quickly and completely you get squashed again. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA.

Posted by fara scafuri November 7, 08 12:12 PM

Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama ! I pray, God please keep Mr. President humble, fruitful, balanced, loving, faithful, obedient, courageous, energized, honest, insightful, intellectual, and healthy during his journey and contributions to an American Dream.

God Bless, President Barack Obama

Posted by Latrell B. November 7, 08 12:17 PM

I'am very proud of our country and proud to be an American. I trust that our President elect Barack Obama will bring a great change that we as a people all need. Unity is a great word and that is what USA is all about. I trust and believe in Unity. It is time for healing America. I know and trust that everything will be alright for everyone. LTD: Love, Togetherness, Devotion. America will continue to rise.

Posted by Aneesha November 7, 08 12:19 PM

My heart is overwhelmed with joy. I am a first time voter... and am so happy I was able to make my vote count in this historic election. The right man was chosen for the job, it should not about the color of his skin, but the values and competence he caries. We need a change and the time is now!

Posted by Shauna November 7, 08 12:21 PM

Hey, #807, no it wasn't. Learn a bit about history:

"Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting "Jesus Christ," so that it would read "A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;" the insertion was rejected by the great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mohammedan, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination. "
-Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography, in reference to the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom

But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.
-Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787

Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

There you have it. One of the prominent framers of the Constitution. Undermines your argument a bit, doesn't it? Religion has no place in government or law whatsoever.

Posted by Mark November 7, 08 12:22 PM

God bless you and your family. I am so glad that CHANGE has finally come. In the words of Sam Cook" It's been a long time coming and I know a change gone come". Congratulations.

Posted by Shaletha Hall November 7, 08 12:23 PM

I'am very proud of our country and proud to be an American. I trust that our President elect Barack Obama will bring a great change that we as a people all need. Unity is a great word and that is what USA is all about. I trust and believe in Unity. It is time for healing America. I know and trust that everything will be alright for everyone. LTD: Love, Togetherness, Devotion. America will continue to rise.

Posted by Aneesha Jamelah M November 7, 08 12:24 PM

It is really naive to suggest that just because Obama won the presidency racism and its ugly head has disappeared instantly. Slavery still happened along with the effects of it. There are still alot of racism in this country and it will not disappear.

What a beautiful family!! Obama Yall!

Posted by Jackie November 7, 08 12:25 PM

Great pictures there. Nothing to say that hasn't already been said.

Posted by November 7, 08 12:29 PM

I can't stop smiling. When I heard the announcement that Barak Obama is the next President of the United States, I felt a thrill.

After years of horror under the Bush regime, we have another chance to make America great again. The job is daunting; undoing all the damage to our country will take time but I believe American's can band together to help our president make things right.

How wonderful not to be hated by the rest of the world, how uplifting the return to sanity, how inspiring that the new President is reaching out to the intellectual community rather than rewarding cronies with positions they are unfit to carry out.

I can't get this smile off my face. BTW, I am a 65 year old white woman who evidently still doesn't conform to the mold. Thank god.

Posted by Nancy Kaylor November 7, 08 12:30 PM

God is good! God has a plan! So I ask that we pray daily for the family and for our new President's strength. Think about this election, think about how calm the weather was, think on the land slide victory, think on change! Don't worry about him staying alive, he is covered in the blood of Jesus, who else could have kept this man so calm and focused, who else could prevent all the tickery we know was going on, who else whispered in his ear and said this is your one but God. So the Obama family will be just fine, we just need to continue to support them and offer up thanks and prayers for all the work he has ahead of him.

Posted by Clara Petty November 7, 08 12:31 PM

Those pics were just wonderful, my faith in this country is restored.

Posted by JMcWilliams November 7, 08 12:38 PM

Mr. President Obama,
This is a proud time for me. You've revived my hope and dream. Truthfully I didnot believe I would live to see this day, "A black man as President of the United States". I thank God for allowing me the experience and joy of it all. I was hurt so deeply when the world receive news of your Grandmother's death. Then I thought, everything has a purpose. The world grieved with you on your powerful lost. But I believe she's gone to a place where she is able to watch you and yours without pain. Know this Mr. President, I donot expect you fix everything that's been done in our economy, only for you to do your very best and allow Jehovah God to guide your path with understand and Love.

Posted by Mrs. Gloria Ruffin November 7, 08 12:39 PM

President Obama, you are an inspiration to hope; your success proves that impossible really is nothing, and that if we have the courage to reach beyond the barriers that we think will keep us from our dreams, we will find in us that voice that says "Yes, we can"!! Thank you Barack. And to the first family of the United States of America, you look like a wonderful family.

Posted by Maureen Sande, Nairobi - Kenya November 7, 08 12:41 PM


Posted by ROACH November 7, 08 12:41 PM

God is healing a nation that was so clearly divided and needed help. Thank you Lord for Mr. Obama and his courage and determination. I will continue to pray for you sir, now and in the up and coming years. You and your family will be in may prayers daily. It has taken us 8 years to create this mess and I know its going to take longer to correct it all but at least we are beginning. WE ARE BEGINNING. And we will begin again, and again and again if we have to. This is a start and it's wonderful. I've learned not to despise small beginnings and my heart is with you. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge. God bless.

Posted by Sylvia Ferguson November 7, 08 12:43 PM

Amazing images!

Posted by Miguel Pola November 7, 08 12:43 PM

Black or White he is our President and he EARNED the right as did Busch as did Clinton as did Reagan. Leave race alone! Give him the time and space to do what he does without judgement as we others. Who I may so weren't the best.

Raquel for the record any race, gender or culture at any time can cry discrimination. It is evident no matter what. Just because our president has African-American roots does not mean DISCRIMINATION goes away. I guess you will figure it out if you ever experience it. Keep your negatives to yourself.

Posted by Theprofessional November 7, 08 12:44 PM

Unfortunately, the disease of racism is still alive and well in this country as well as in most areas of the globe. That is what makes this moment in history so spellbinding. Obama has managed to transcend the institutionalized racial challenges we face and inspire everybody. Standing on the corner of 14th and U Streets in Washington, D.C. with my wife at midnight was second to only the birth of my children as monumental moments in my life. It’s not everyday when you have a front row seat to history. Anyone who is a believer must know that this moment was preordained from on high. Think about how disappointed we were in 200 and 2004. Without those moments, there would be no President Obama. Think about how hard this economic crisis has hit us all. Without it, we may be staring at a McCain/Palin presidency. Sometimes it is hard to see God’s perfect plan but at those moments when it is revealed to us, there is truly no magic greater in the universe. That night, my wife and I celebrated, hugged and hi-5’people of every race, creed and color. Not to be corny, but that moment seemed to be what America was intended to be……….what it was always supposed to be. I don’t know how long this feeling will last……..a month, a year, a generation. But I think we can all admit a new day is here. We don’t know what the future brings. He could be a disaster. He could be a one term president with unrealized plans or our nation. Our country could be left in ruins (I personally don’t believe any of this, but I’m playing devil’s advocate). Or we could once be sending our kids to Barack Obama High School. Our sons and daughters may one day serve on the U.S.S. Obama. We may one day fly into O’Hare/Obama International Airport. The important thing is that this country gave him the chance to be the person to lead us. We gave a black man the chance to get his face chiseled on Mt. Rushmore. It is that chance that we should all shout and be thankful for. “Lift Up your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates!!!”

Posted by Joseph Isaac November 7, 08 12:46 PM

Thank you Jesus, for all that you have done, and for what you are about to do right now. God please protect the Presidents family as well our families. God we first love you among all other things in Jesus name we pray Amen. thank you God for the change.

Posted by Sha'rron November 7, 08 12:50 PM

. "MY EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY" THIS IS A VICTORIUS WORLD EVENT IN SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS. THE PHOTOS SPEAK VALUMES TO THE CHARACTER OF PRESEDENT ELECT. GRACE COMES THROUGH IMIGAGES SO PERFECT. THE GlORIOUS THINGS WE CAN ACHIEVE WITH AN OPEN MIND AND LOVE IN OUR HEARTS. Only as high as I reach can I grow, Only as far as I seek can I go, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can I be. . THIS little light of mine am gone let shine, let shine, let shine. YES WE CAN!

Posted by Rosie November 7, 08 12:55 PM

Let us see the change

Posted by Athiyaman November 7, 08 12:55 PM

I am so proud to be black, to be an American, to be a wife, to be a mother.
- Proud to be black because through Barack's accomplishments and others, I see that the sky is the limit, and I will not allow anyone to put limitations on me and my dreams.
- Proud to be an American (even though not by birth) because this kind of story can only be created in America, the land of opportunities.
- To be a wife because I see real love in both Barack and Michelle, the way they look at each other. Also, how strong his wife is and how she stood and is still standing by her husband in good and bad times, and she encourages him and most of all love him.
- Proud to be a mother because through Barack stories you hear how much love his mother and grandmother poured into him to make him the man that he is today..
- Proud to be a citizen of the world because this man will change the world for the better so our children and grand children can live in peace and have prosperity.

Barack our hearts and prayers are with you, your family and every decision you make may God be your guide. You already made us proud, continue to be you and never change. We love you.

P Williams in PA

Posted by polly williams November 7, 08 12:56 PM

I am a white man who was willing to leave this country if Barack Obama was not elected! We need him...we needed him 8 years ago but I'm glad we've got him now. He WILL be a wonderful President.
I have one concern though. I wish people would leave religion and "God" out of this. Part of the problem with the right wing conservatives was that they ruled by religion. Whatever happened to the seperation of church and state. We are all free to believe what we want, but we NEED to keep religion OUT of the white house and OUT of government for good.

Posted by Obama '08 November 7, 08 12:57 PM

He looks awesome.. Hope & Pray he does awesome things too :) ..Lotsa Love from India.

Posted by Neetu November 7, 08 01:02 PM

I worry that the sweet charisma of President-elect Obama may make it easier for "the new world order" to be ushered in with out protest. This man could sell a refridgerator to an eskimo. I worry that he supports the "Patriot Act" and a world currency. We must pay attention to errosions in out soverignty

Posted by shannon November 7, 08 01:04 PM

All my demostrating and picketing and marching, in MS With Bob Moses and the freedom riders, has not been in vain!! A long time coming but on time..
God Bless the one!! or "That One". I'm happy.

Posted by Curtis Gayden November 7, 08 01:04 PM

The day after the election I sat observing a student teacher at work in an inner city placement. As I admired the spirit and energy of the group of toddlers at play in her room I couldn’t help thinking, do they know their world has been changed today? Something that was not previously possible has become so. Virginia, the cradle of the civil war, went blue and helped propel a black citizen into the presidency. Well over two centuries in the making, all of us were here when it happened. Many of us helped. And if all goes well those toddlers will one day think little of it, this huge thing, no more of note than watching a black man or a Latino take his turn at bat on any summer day in any of two dozen scheduled major league baseball games around our country. Yes, it was a good day. Maybe we haven't fully arrived, maybe the mountaintop is still up there somewhere, maybe we’re still climbing—but heavens, turn around for a moment and take a look at that view!

Posted by Douglas Udell November 7, 08 01:04 PM

Great Obama!!! keep flag flying...

Posted by Vasu Babu Sirigibattula from India November 7, 08 01:07 PM

A beautiful dream came true November 4th 2008 and I was alive to see it!! I just wish our great Heroes who paved the way were able to see it. Thanks to them we can all say, "free at last, free at last, thank God almight, we are free at last"! To a great President and his family...much love and respect, God Bless!!!!

Posted by zola camille williams November 7, 08 01:08 PM

With all the hype and pressure people have now put on Obama, I feel sorry for the guy. What if nothing changes? He is still a part of the federal government which bubbles at every level. I voted for Obama, but I don't think much is going to change. It's really not up to the president to change things, it's up to us. And people that think he is going to do major things, I doubt it's going to happen. Like I say, he is just another guy in the chain of madness. So, go into your community and do something about it. Help the homeless, put a positive feel on everything you do and make stuff happen. Good you voted. Pat yourself on the back and now go and do something. As a matter of fact, post up what you did today on this blog. I bet no one does.............

Posted by luke November 7, 08 01:13 PM

I still get chills...This is an incredible moment in history. One that I didn't believe I would see in my lifetime. I am African-American. I did vote for Pres-Elect Obama, but not because he is a black man, but he is the right man for this moment in time. I hate that the race card is being called and that race issues are emerging from different sides, but I hope all can remember that this country is a melting pot. What makes this country great is the diversity of ethnicities, religions, and cultures that contribute to building the strong foundation that exists and despite what some want to believe it is the collaboration of that same melting pot that will allow us to become even greater through this crisis. God Bless Pres-Elect Obama, his family, and all of those placed in a position to advise him.

Posted by Alicia November 7, 08 01:14 PM

Thank You for sharing these wonderful pictures, I am so ready for Change! I know it won't happen over night but I can see it is on the way. We the people of the United States of America say so!

Posted by SheriB November 7, 08 01:15 PM

On the evening of Nov 4th 2008 the United States of America, regained it's dignity around the world. Now we have hope for a better tomorrow. I have not felt this good about our politics since the early 1960's. We now have a great leader, let's all rally around him. What amazing things are to come!!

Posted by Bev (Lancaster, PA) November 7, 08 01:15 PM

Type your comment here...

Posted by Sharon November 7, 08 01:16 PM


Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 01:17 PM

I will remember Nov. 4, 2008 for the rest of my life. I yelled loud enough to shake the windows when Obama won Ohio. I sobbed when CNN projected a win for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. This win is a blessing to Americans and sends a very American message - anyone who has what it takes, and is willing to do the hard work can rise to the very top in this nation, regardless of their ethnicity. Barack Obama got my vote because he is amazingly brilliant, and has the proper view of what it means to be an American - he is inclusive, pragmatic, and intensely reflective. I am so proud to have him as the President of the United States (I know I'm supposed to say "President-Elect," but I won't do it. God has truly blessed America this time around!

Posted by Jana November 7, 08 01:18 PM

102.Here's an honest question, Obama supporters:

102: What does Obama plan to do now, and how is he going to manage to do it? Especially consider that, as a country, we have no money and continue to dig ourselves further into debt by stretching our promises further and further.

This is not meant to be snarky. I really want to know how he is going to accomplish all of the things that candidates have been promising for years and not delivering.
The same way John McCain was going to deliver all of his promises to Amercia if he had won the Election. So, does that answer your question? I sure hope so! If you don't give Barack Obama a chance how would you know that he can't be a man of his word and do what he said that he will do if elected? You will never know until your open up your heart and let him and the Lord do their work. So, let's just say Congrats to President Elect Barack Obama and come together as One Nation under God and be the Americians like I know we can be!

Posted by i'm loving it barack November 7, 08 01:21 PM

Such a brilliant black man..........with a beautiful intelligent family! So giving...This was meant to be, Heaven sent and I am just glad I could be a part of the the movement......... Thank God for this angel on earth :)

Posted by Ersla November 7, 08 01:23 PM

As President Elect Barack Obama spoke to the world, some of us still refuse to listen. It took the best that we have in an African/American Race to connect with the best that we have in a Caucasian Race to come together to create a man, and the nurturing of an Indonesian, Hawaiian, Caucasian and African American Community to make him an amazing multi-cultural individual.

At the same time we have an African American Family giving the best that we have as a race to create an amazing woman, to connect at the right time, in the right place to reach their destiny.

The world is watching and we have put our best forward into the White House and we as a people must put the best that we have to the World. Let's stop tearing down the good, the bad and the ugly, let's uplift the good to make sure that we are offering the best that we have to our race, community and his administration.

We can only do better, when we know better, lets find the best in each and everyone of us and work together.

We are sending an amazing family into the White House, the pictures speak for themselves. The world will write the script..... Enjoy the moment!

Posted by Willa - Obama Fellow & PCO Washington State November 7, 08 01:23 PM

837 - Thank you for your mature and patriotic attitude toward the election results. Yes, we all owe the man and the office our respect, and yes we all need to pray for his succsess because that will mean success for all of us. I voted for Sen. Obama, but I don't agree with all his positions. God bless you and President-elect Obama.

Posted by Patricia Timus November 7, 08 01:25 PM

FROM INDIA with LOVE!!! OBAMA, we LOVE you........GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Posted by SHYJU THOMAS November 7, 08 01:29 PM

it seems in some ways that america is the world's child. and like all parents, you watch, with hope, with bated breath, as your child is in those simple life-changing moments, where one choice, will shape the entire future. and the heart-swelling of pride and joy and certainty, when your child makes the right choice.
and what that child feels, too, in the moment of knowing that this IS the correct path.

what a great collective and individual experience this election has been. what a wonderful connection each and every voter has had with this moment and each other. and looking around, we see that the world is smiling, laughing and full of heart with us.

making this choice was the 1st step in this new experience. this country, and all these wonderful people, have renewed my confidence in the intelligence, adaptability, and true generosity of spirit of the american people.

let us write a new world, a new history together, a new story that hasn't been told before, that has a space for every person, every voice, and look with bright eyes into the new dawn.

blessed be!

Posted by hope in san francisco November 7, 08 01:30 PM

Thank God!

Posted by Derwin Royster November 7, 08 01:30 PM

As a young woman from MN, I traveled to the deep south in the early 60's and was so appalled by the segregation that still existed at that time. The evidence was everywhere! COLORED ONLY prevailed at drinking fountains, restrooms, cab companies. To see Barack Obama elected to the presidency of the United States is so marvelous, words cannot do this incredible event justice. But there is much work ahead, and I believe this man can help all of us to be better, stronger, more productive, in the face of so much challenge. He leads by his example.

Posted by C.D. Fournier November 7, 08 01:31 PM

to #823 Christine, I say only "AMEN".

Posted by Liz November 7, 08 01:32 PM

A wonderful dream came true November 4th 2008. He will be a great President for the USA. aLL OF MY SONS VOTED. We all got up at 5:30 am. One thing I can say he love all people of the USA. Bless his family and god will keep all of you under his wings.

Posted by Sheila Ballance November 7, 08 01:38 PM

I hoped no one actually believed that I voted for Obama because of his color. It would be silly when this individual will be incharge of how my future would unfold. I wish him the best of luck while he attempts to realign our Nation. He now knows that he was millions of supporters to include myself.

Posted by Sandra cummings November 7, 08 01:41 PM

I have been reading different perspectives on different blogs throughout the internet during this whole election, and have just a few words to say.

For those that have been around and have memories of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or have sat down with their great grandmothers and grandfathers and heard of the struggles that our fore fathers experienced can understand why African Americans are embracing the “idea” of an African American President. The hurt is prevalent and deeper than any Caucasian/Mexican/Anglo will ever understand since you have not and could not ever know how it feels to be in our shoes. No matter what anyone says, the color of your skin affects the way you’re treated in every aspect of your life in the country, even now in 2008. Ten times out of 10, “darker skin” is always on the negative side of any situation; no matter it it’s right or wrong.

In no way am I now, or have ever considered myself to be prejudice or making excuses for the way African Americans. However, you much please remember what side of the coin this word evolved from. If you know anything on black history, I want you to ask yourself some these “How Would You Feel” questions:

• How would you feel if someone came and took your mother, father, brother, sister, best friend, husband, or wife, and hang them from a tree or dragged them on the back of a vehicle until they were unrecognizable?
• How would you feel if they sprayed you with fire hoses that has so much power, its amazing anyone survived?
• How would you feel if you had to sit in the back of the bus and then went home and a cross was burning in your front yard?
• How would you feel if someone took your property from under your feet and you were left homeless with no where to go?
• How would you feel if you, your mother, or sister was raped and had to have the children from such a cruel act?

I don’t know anyone who would wish any of these examples on themselves nor their worst enemy. And for these same reasons and many, many more are African Americans “ELATED” on the election on the first “African American President of the United States of America”. Just know that all of the excitement African Americans are feeling at this time, is not made to make anyone feel bad or to further divide the country, but to finally exhale “realizing” that all those that have suffered in past generations did not go through the suffering in vain.

Posted by Perky November 7, 08 01:42 PM

i feel as though we have awakened from an 8-year hangover.
godspeed, prez-elect obama and family. you are our heros.

Posted by mark in nyc November 7, 08 01:50 PM

I have faith and confidence in our new president and I'm happy that we as one nation, came together and saw what is right and did the right thing by putting this trustworth man in charge of our country. God Bless America and God Bless OBAMA.

Posted by Lisa November 7, 08 01:50 PM

After viewing these pictures and SO many others that are being sent all over the internet, I just have one question.... Does anyone think that Sarah Palin understands NOW what REAL America REALLY is? I am ecstatic that it was a MAN like OBAMA that caused SO many to see the light.

Posted by Saundra M. Brown November 7, 08 01:56 PM

Whole Europe is happy that Barack Obama has been elected as the new president of United States of America. We are looking forward to see him as the new hero who will do great job. At least better than George W. Bush, but it shouldn't be so hard to achive this, right?. I'm really happy of his succes and I hope he will be more inclined to cooperate with European Union while dealing with world financial crisis.

Posted by Michael M. - Poland November 7, 08 01:57 PM

Congratulations to President Obama and the citizens of the United States. I am overwhelmed by the promise and hope of his presidency. It is with pride and confidence that I hold my head higher today. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

Senator Obama and now President Elect Obama has proven once and for all, that anything and everything is possible. I pray as a country we continue to dream, achieve, encourage and motivate each other. Most importantly, I know we will continue to challenge the status quo. America is forever changed!!!!

Posted by Pat November 7, 08 02:01 PM

What's with all the GOD stuff here?

Barak Obama is a man, kids. Our president will make human decisions and his power of authority is limited and human and his actions will be human and his effect on our nation will be human.

Hopefully he will be guided by wisdom, his own human wisdom and that of others.

Your god and every other god will have nothing to do with it.


Posted by Catherine Weaver November 7, 08 02:02 PM

This is what the Bible speak of The Just shall live by his faith. Jesus was black and now we have a black president wow the bible is being forfilled just as he promise. Only the strong will survive

Posted by Roberta November 7, 08 02:03 PM

We Did it!! Someone indicated that we should leave God out of this.
One must realize, with out God we can do nothing.

Thank God for the change

Posted by EJ- New Jersey November 7, 08 02:03 PM


President Barack Husein Obama, powerful very powerful. A christian country, like America is, elected a man of color, young, and with a muslim name to lead the free world, this is a good time for everyone. America we are a nation of winners, and we show the world that we live up to our ideals that anyone and everyone can make it in this big ole' land. Let us spread democracy around the world for everyone to see. For the first time in my adult life, I am very very very proud of my country. I've been proud before but not as proud as I am now. I walk with my head high, because we are a great country. John Mccain after your gracious concession speech you have earned my respect again. You are a good man, but your timing isoff, this is time for a change. God bless us all and God bless the Good Ole' U.S., there is no doubt I love this land, God Bless the USA!

Posted by Polly Williams November 7, 08 02:08 PM

I feel so honored to say Barak Obama is my President! God Bless YOU President Obama...You are truly God's precious gift.

Posted by Kyahnte Clark November 7, 08 02:10 PM

Ahhhh, finally... the silver lining of the Bush years.

Posted by John Q November 7, 08 02:15 PM


The blessings of Heaven are being poured out to all people to receive them.
The windows of Heaven are open, all we have to do is stay focused and
stand with this Chosen Man of God. It took 8 years for our state of the
union to be torn apart, it will take just as long to fix it, we as a people, as
a human race MUST bond together and get rid of the jealousy, animosity
and hatred of the opposite race, and realize we truly are one race, one creed.


Take care and stay prayed up - A Change Has Finally Come

Posted by Vonda Thomas November 7, 08 02:16 PM

I find myself sad, angry, and scared at this time. You have hired the devil to play God. I hope you all remember you hired this man when terroism comes again to our country and is allowed by him. When he takes all of guns away from law abiding citizens who use them for hunting and home and property protection (I garuntee you criminals will always get guns no matter what the law).

I am disappointed as well the many people voted for this man becasue of his color. Which is just as wrong as not voting for him for the same reason.

Posted by Scared Citizen November 7, 08 02:19 PM

I have witnessed an historical moment in my life, one which I knew was possible as only the strong survives. I am a strong black african who believe in my race and know we can if we only have faith and believe and Barack Obama's victory only prove that we can, o yes we can. Barack's victory to me is very personal because his it is a lesson to all Blacks and Whites alike. Now my children and their children's children can soar

Posted by Cloverlyn Grizzle Douglas November 7, 08 02:21 PM

I am truly blessed to see this day along with my for boys! I know that there is a long road ahead and that Obama is the person who God has put in place to do it . I believe that this man understands " that to whom much is given , much is required" King James Bible. Myself and my family believe in the power of prayer and so our prayers will continue to be with him and his family as they embark on this long journey .

Posted by Khia Abanyie November 7, 08 02:21 PM

I am so proud of President elect Obama. Not just because he's black, but because he was the best choice -- the only choice. I truly believe that he will make a difference.

He and his campaign manager ran a masterful campaign. I am proud of our young people - Black & White. He could not have done it without you.

I'm proud of America -- Proud to be an African American.

God Bless America.

Posted by Cookie November 7, 08 02:27 PM

I am proud to be an American. I love the Obama Family. Our President theme song should be "Never would have made it" by Marvin Sapp, because without the good Lord on his side he would have never made it. I pray everyday that God keeps our President and His family covered in his blood.
I never would have dreamed that I would live to see a Black man as President, but that just shows me that there is NOTHING God can't do.
My faith became stronger after America came together with the power of God , and voted this wonderful man our Commander In Chief. President Obama I love you.
And may God continue to Bless you & yours.

Posted by S.McGill 11.07.08 Pittsburg,Ca. November 7, 08 02:31 PM

Speechless........I am so elated to be a part of history in the making. Let us embark on this new challenge with prayerful hearts, minds, and spirits for this awesome and powerful leader. President Obama should your eyes rest on this.....may God richly bless you and your beautiful family. You guys are truly.........THE CHANGE WE NEED!! I pray that God will direct all your ways and endeavors.

Posted by Danielle Miller November 7, 08 02:33 PM

AMAZING! May god always be with our new leader who has obviously been touched by his gentle hand!!!

Posted by Brenda November 7, 08 02:36 PM

It was an amazing experience. I learned so much from the Senator's organizational team. The personal emails and text messages all along the way keep me personally in touch. I felt he knew me personally. I worked the call center in Largo Maryland. We were blessed with so many people that came in to make calls and be a foot soldier in VA and PA. The victory was to see every state we had worked become Obama states on Tuesday night, November 4th. When people come together for a common goal "Yes We Can" became "Yes We Will" and then "Yes We Did". We were a sea people of all ages, races and faiths. Fired up and ready to GO!

Posted by Darline Cheers November 7, 08 02:38 PM


Posted by SANDRA SMOOT November 7, 08 02:38 PM

Citizens of the U.S.: a GREAT choice. We Canadians were holding our collective breath, I can tell you. I am struck by the similarity in tone of the comments above, and the pictures, to the election of John F. Kennedy, a previous "hope of America." We all fervently hope this one stays alive throughout his term. By the way, there are 40 (yes, 40) countries in "America", including 23 in North America alone.

Posted by Watching from the North November 7, 08 02:41 PM

First he was "half-black" (never "half-white"). Now he is "black". What color will we paint him in four years? The sad fact is that we are all racist with the most adamant of the lot being the self-righteous racists who now believe the time has come to be lavished with all they have ever coveted with no effort put forth but a single vote.

Posted by thomas wolf November 7, 08 02:47 PM

This is a day that all people can rejoice!!!! I am over flowing with pride and hope for the future.

I wish President Obama and his family well and I Pray that God will bless I'm all the days of his life and his family!!!!! I am proud

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 02:47 PM

Lets wake up America. This is waaaaaay bigger than a black and white thing. If you pay attention to the pictures there were more white people out ther than blacks. Black people didnt put him in office America did. If you didnt notice it was a landslide victory and we dont make up that much of the population. Remember we are still "minorities" Black people, yes we should be celebrating but lets not make this an us against them issue. Since we have our first black president lets not embarrass him or our black race with ignorance. Racists, you can all kill yourselves. This is not the 60's anymore and if you havent noticed we can do anything you can. For the rest of america be it black, white, hispanic, asian or whatever, lets all celebrate. a new day has come. More important than him being black, he is brilliant.

Posted by Rev Will November 7, 08 02:49 PM

I wish my parents could have lived to see this day in history and the hand of God work in this powerful election! I cannot explain the joy and excitement that I feel inside. I wake up each morning thanking God and praying for Our President and his family’s protection while on this new journey in their lives.

Posted by Peggie J. Dismuke November 7, 08 02:51 PM

You can actually see his hair going grey over these photos.
What dedication. I love the deli shot the most.

You are a very fortunate country, USA, to be under new management.

Welcome back to the world.

Posted by collin douma November 7, 08 02:56 PM

I am so proud to be an American at this time in our history. The American people came together to rise about the fear and smear rhetoric and to elect the candidate who inspires us to have hope, to move forward and to become a nation at peace, prosperous and with the respect internationally which we used to have. President-elect Obama is one of us. He was not born into wealth, but worked his way up, educated himself and ran on honesty, integrity, intellect. I know that the African-American population sees this as a triumph over race. This is the first step in overcoming judgement of people based on the color of their skin. President-elect Obama offers us hope, change and a brighter future!

Posted by bonnetteblj November 7, 08 02:57 PM

Congratulations to american people. I have no doubt that President Obama will be a good president not only for US , but for the entire world too.

Posted by William ( Brazil ) November 7, 08 02:57 PM

The lesson in all of this for us is NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF A POSITIVE BELIEF.
All of the hard work of millions of people who worked to change the education system, to change legislation, to change society's way of thinking, has finally come to fruition. It was everyone who witnessed our shameful history, and most of all, our young people, exposed to all of the positive social changes, who gave Obama the momentum that spurred him to victory.

All of us from Hawaii are so proud of Obama, and feel so privileged to have walked the same streets with him during his formative years. groups th

Posted by Lovey November 7, 08 02:58 PM

This is so unfathomable…but yet so absolutely, beautifully real!!!

Posted by CLARA November 7, 08 02:58 PM

Now the real work begins. But HOPE has never felt so real!
I feel overwhelmingly blessed. I have so much faith in this man!!

Posted by YogaChick67 November 7, 08 03:04 PM

#908...oh, boy, am I laughing! you are so right and i hope that anyone visiting with something bad to say sees your comment!

i am a 30-something white woman. just eeking out in middle class. voted for the first time ever after feeling so strongly that we finally had found the right man for the job. i am overjoyed, estatic, elated, proud, and every other word you can think of that means so happy that "my cup runneth over".

i am truly excited to see what happens in the years to come. seeing a man like obama rise to presidency makes me so overcome i want to cry. and i can only hope that he inspires more people to have the audacity to fight their way to the top and do their best to take care of their public.

barack obama gives a genuine definition to the term "power to the people". he founded his campaign on the good people willing to dig into their pockets for a few extra bucks to contribute and not on those that would use their money to get what they want.

so congrats and thank you, dear sir. i wish you, and your beautiful family, all the protection and love you deserve.

Posted by CantWaitForChange November 7, 08 03:06 PM

Dear President Barack Omaba;
I'am so happy for you and Joe and your families.
This is a marvelous time to be alive and witness the power of God. Him
all things are possible. My wife and I always believed in your dream. We never
stop to question if you were the right person to lead our nation. If you have hope
you have chance to turn our nation around and point us in the right direction that
we need to go in. Barack your heart and spirit is amazing. We will always keep you
in our prayers. We love you God Bless America

Posted by Crispin Johnson November 7, 08 03:14 PM

Iam Gratful to God And the entire American people, for electing the Afro-american.this along set the history of this world strict and proofing to those beleive that on black could have ever be a president of the supper power country. thanks to obama and the entire citizens of America for making the right choice. iam liberian, hopping to see the great changes that Obama would set in the years to come. bravo , bravo. May God almighty blesse america and inspires africa

Posted by jacob G Toee November 7, 08 03:19 PM

God brought Barrack's grandmother home to celebrate over him with Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, and all the others who had a vision that Nov. 4, 2008 would be the day. To God be the Glory!!

Posted by Johnette M. Powell November 7, 08 03:20 PM

The reaction around the world to the Obama victory is gratifying to see. Let's hope he can heal this country's divisions and restore the respect we once had in the world. For him to go from a little known IL legislator to the US senate and now the presidency in so short a time, says to me he is something special...not unlike another IL legislator who in his second inaugural address said... "with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations"I thought John McCain's concession speech was gracious and moving. In it we saw something of the real John McCain reemerging....not the one he became under the mismanagement of his bigoted republican handlers.

Posted by Jano November 7, 08 03:24 PM

I do not understand why the McCain supporters are so angry with Blacks. It was white people that help to get Obama where he is. Blacks could not do it alone, I pray and I am asking everyone to pray for Obama's strength and safety. I pray that God will order he's steps and his cabinet's steps in the right direction. I pray that God will protect his family.

Posted by VIRGINIAN November 7, 08 03:26 PM

I donot see this as historic. I see this as ignorance. Why vote somebody in because he speaks well, and can brainwash the masses. Obama will fail. He is not now or will he ever be qualified to hold the office of President. African Americans stop voting for people because of their skin color. Read and educate yourselves on the issues.

Posted by Princess November 7, 08 03:26 PM

This is awesome. It gives me new found hope and excitement about our future. Also amazing to me is that so many others embrace him. If you did not know our history of struggle you might think it was an easy win. But now all of the struggles have finally paid off and now we can truly say ' Free at last , Free at last Thank God Almighty we are Free at last". And having said that it makes me feel that Dr. King was truly a prophet because his dream and all he said is now realized.

Posted by olivia November 7, 08 03:27 PM

I am very glad of your Present Obama.
This is the voice of God.
May the Holy Spirit Give you wisdom and
knowledge to accomplish the mission God gives you.
All my whises for tou and your great family

Posted by Pascal November 7, 08 03:33 PM

A Letter to My Daughter From Election Night
God Bless America . There is no other place in the world where a Democracy is as strong as ours is right now. It remains to be seen how Senator Obama will follow through but one thing is known for sure, which is that everything that has gone into the making of this man, his very fiber, says that he will do everything within his power to carry out his promises and to read the Constitution in the way our forefathers wrote it. After reading both of his books you would see this as clear as day. I cried last night. Oddly it was when I saw Jesse Jackson crying, of any people. Few have been harder on President Elect Obama. It is just an example of how powerful a moment it was when we finally knew for sure and the effects of it began sinking in. I still can not wrap my head around this. This is the end of Apartheid, the downing of the Berlin Wall and the sending of a man to the moon in one event for the African American community and for the entire United States of America . Every human will not just see the African American in a new, more equal, light, but minorities of every origin in a new light. African American children will finally truly believe in the dream that Dr. King had. Success stories will be measured with a new gauge. There will be no more excuses or accusations. I think as an ill country, that the U.S. is actually already made progress down the road in the healing process.
The emotions overcame me as I stood with my 11 month old daughter last night and for once since her birth felt real, tangible hope for her future. Hope for our Economy to make the comeback that it did in the nineties under Bill Clinton. Hope that we will be fighting just wars in the next two years and no longer be shedding the blood of our sons and daughters in a country that is projected to have an $80 billion surplus from the oil that we secured for them, while children are starving and without homes on OUR OWN SOIL! Yes we can put those soldiers and the $10 billion that we spend a month in Iraq to a new use making Americans lives better. I also believe that the barriers to us moving fast towards an end to our dependence on oil will be smashed and we will see hundreds of thousands of jobs created in alternative energy, just as FDR created infrastructure jobs and World War II converted our booming auto industry into a completely different manufacturing power in months. Finally, I have hope that the Stars and Stripes will see the respect they deserve around the globe again. That the world will see just how special a place we live in. They may just have enough respect for our leaders now to where we can actually get so many tremendously important things done. There is so much to be done with failing states mounting in Africa, Haiti and elsewhere. Let us tackle our Domestic Issues first and foremost as we have left our own children behind for so long. GOD BLESS AMERICA ! This is what our families have fought for in the Armed Services and elsewhere. This is what we who have vested ourselves in making this country a better place for all have fought for. This is what the Kennedys have fought for and so many other great men and women like Dr. King and Hillary Clinton. GOD BLESS AMERICA ! This is the greatest country on earth.

Posted by ForMyDaughter November 7, 08 03:36 PM

Congratulations from France to the American people black and white.
I wish I could be there to share your joyce and proudness to have been able to elected such a nice president. Untill now I never want so much to go to America.
Nothing is impossible we can do it.

Posted by Larible Christine November 7, 08 03:36 PM

Princess if you read you would know that Obama didn't win the election with the black vote only, he had to have the white vote as well. Sounds like you need to read and educate yourself.

Posted by LB November 7, 08 03:46 PM

Handsome , charasmatic, Intelligent , loving family man the most powerful man in the world .....I'm so excited that I was one of the millions who was smart enough to choose BARACK OBAMA as our next president......

Posted by Imogene Miller November 7, 08 03:48 PM

Barack Obama is what my sister-in-law would call a Universal Kid and as such is not able to see only from a local and national perspective, but also from a global one, that in and of itself represents more change than I ever expected to see in my life-time.... THIS CHANGE WE NOW SEE IS THE CHANGE WE NEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From anlther Universal Kid

Posted by Claudia Sabur November 7, 08 03:50 PM


Posted by VIET November 7, 08 03:51 PM

Turn your face into the winds of change. Breathe deeply. Let the air of inclusivity, unity and hope fill you with pride. Especially you dissenters (#995 for example). Be well, be free, and be proud, our arms are open to you too.

Posted by Camille November 7, 08 03:57 PM

God Bless you, Mr. President. Lets all work for Peace in the world and the total erradication of poverty and misery. Wish you and your family all the best.

Posted by Aspi Tavaria November 7, 08 03:59 PM

Scared Citzten is delusional

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 04:02 PM

Hi I am from australi
Your picture was just amazing ,breathtaking and so real.
Such a great job for such a great historical event.
Best regards

Posted by maryam November 7, 08 04:02 PM

I am a 72 year old white woman who has always been an idealist. The past decade featuring pointless wars, corruption and sleaze, however, has made it difficult to maintain optimism. With the election of Barrack Obama, my faith in the people of America and in our abilty to again be a positve force on this planet is restored. Thank you Mr. Obama for accepting this challenge.

Posted by Lois Sojat November 7, 08 04:05 PM


Posted by JOHN H.CARWELL SR. November 7, 08 04:06 PM

As a Mexican I just couldn't be happier than this. I lived in the USA for 2 years and this is my far one of the greatest feelings I've ever experienced. FROM MEXICO ALL MY RESPECT FOR ALL AMERICANS FOR MADE THIS ELECTION ONE OF THE MOST BRILLANT, WISE, INTELLIGENTS, SMART, PROUD AND CONCIOUS ON HISTORY.

Posted by David Ramirez Gerlado November 7, 08 04:07 PM

All that I have to say is that we went from "Yes We Can" to "Yes We Did!"

Posted by Ragan Brown, Charlotte, NC November 7, 08 04:12 PM

I'm Happy Now!

Posted by Hardy Green November 7, 08 04:15 PM

Although I am proud that we have finally gone beyond the barrier of race in electing a president, this is not really the most important thing. What is most important is that we have elected a good man for the job. Besides his many other attributes he is a statesman. It has been a looong time since there has been one in the office of President or Vice President. I pray that he will have the strength, courage and support to start reversing the damage done over the last 8 years to our international standing, economy, balanced transportation, environment, etc., etc. Let there be no more arrogant bullying.

Posted by Bill Ewen, Providence, RI November 7, 08 04:19 PM

#995....your the ignorant one

Posted by candace November 7, 08 04:20 PM

these picture are some of the best ever. thanks

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 04:28 PM

What gorgeous and telling photos, I am really inspired by him and the way that his light shines. He loves his family. The most important part of being a good leader is being a good human being and these photos are a glimpse into his good nature..

Posted by Jessica November 7, 08 04:31 PM

It feels like the excitement surrounding Christmases of my childhood; already everyone seems to be in the holiday spirit. God Bless us, everyone!

Posted by Diane November 7, 08 04:32 PM

As Martin Luther King said 40 years ago, " Do not judge a man by the color of his skin but by his character." Obama did a very good job on staying focus on the issues and the problems Americans are facing. I am very proud that so many people stood beside him and help him get elected. We stood as a Nation and said, enough of us losing our homes, jobs, retirement, etc. not to mention the trust we lost in our government.God has prevail, we need to work together as a nation and make America great again.

Posted by Kim Rule November 7, 08 04:36 PM

Just cannot find the appropriate words to express my feelings . . . . .

Posted by Lionel November 7, 08 04:37 PM

this victory belongs to eery one!! it means many things to many people.
i also have my own reasons both political ans personal. i am of Puerto Rican descent and my children are biracial. We are a democratic household. i remember my ex husband (who is till very much a part of our family) not getting hired for jobs because of his race. i remember my grandmonther telling me that my children will suffer because they will not fit in any group and be discriminated against. i believed diferent.
i casted my vote in hopes that this would make a better day for them. i am grateful that my grandma was alive to witness this tremendous victory. we were united right then in the emense happiness that these barriers were torn down for us and our kids

Posted by Tito, Liv, Mikey, And DJ's mom November 7, 08 04:37 PM

I am crying tears of joy over the election for Barack Hussein Obama.

May he lead our country.
He & his family are truly inspirational.

Posted by Mary November 7, 08 04:38 PM

998. President Obama you are the choosen one God wanted to be elected. You have made all people proud to be an American.....I pray for your family and you are protected by the blood of Jesus........God Bless.

Posted by D. Wright November 7, 08 04:41 PM

I heard about the Obama photos a PowerPoint file created with music. I will send the file to be happy if you tell me how it should be done.

With best regards,
Laszlo Koncz

Posted by Laszlo Koncz/Hungary November 7, 08 04:41 PM

what a beautiful man with a beautiful family and story. One who has brought us together, who will help us to stand together.

He will help to change the world.. he already has changed us so much.

Posted by Reese November 7, 08 04:42 PM

These are great photos and the significance of this moment must not be lost on Barack Obama but know that The most high God created a moment like this for his glory. I am proud of the achievement but as Barack also knows we must unite to heal the wounds of this country. I am indeed blessed to be a part of the awesomeness of this entire experience.

Glory Be to the Most High God

Posted by Trenise November 7, 08 04:43 PM

I believe that all dreams are possible. Obama was sent to us by GOD, he is what our nation yearned for, to bring us back in unity and love and with GOD. I am proud to be an American. He is just so....right

Posted by Donna Pickett November 7, 08 04:48 PM

The Heavenly Father's Will Is Being Fulfilled!
The Earth is Lord's and the Fulness Thereof!
God has blessed President Obama and all that has to be completed!

Posted by Heart November 7, 08 04:49 PM

I saw you on the Oprah Show shortly after you won your senate seat & i said to my husband that you were a man to watch & you were running for President,I'd vote for you. I did and now you are. Congratulations !!!

Posted by Phyllis M. Kahn November 7, 08 04:51 PM

So glad and happy for Americans and indeed for the world. The incompetent dolt Bush, and his gangster clique are finished, but what a mess they've left behind . They've made billions for their supporters and will waltz offstage retaining their looted gains.One example, Paulsen bank chief has made $700 million dollars, and the others in the banking world's shadows we are not allowed to know about, have made similar and more obscene amounts.I wish President Obama all the goodwill and luck in the world to give back to America its dignity and respect.
Go to it Obama

Posted by paul from glasgow scotland uk November 7, 08 04:55 PM

congradulation obama, this country needs change and your the one, i hope will do it .may god be with you and your family.

Posted by sandy November 7, 08 04:57 PM

It's two days later....and I still keep welling up when I think of how proud I am of my country.....what an amazing statement we have made by overwhelmingly choosing to vote for this man who, against all odds, stood before us all and gave us hope for an America we can feel a part of again. I feel we have moved past the ignorance of our past and stood up together to say..."Yes, WE can!"

Posted by CT November 7, 08 05:00 PM

NOW...CHANGE HAS COME!! November 4th, 2008, confirmed Americans are once again HOPEFUL that we have a future filled with unlimited possibilities. REJOICE IN GODS GOOD WORKS AND EMBRACE THE OPPORTUNITY YOU WERE GIVEN TO WITNESS A HEAVENLY MIRACLE.

GOD continue to Bless the Obama family!!!

Posted by Levon Hunter November 7, 08 05:03 PM

Please stop all the comments about what we are concerned about and the "what ifs". Now that President-elect Obama has been elected, just pray for him that not only God will keep him and his beautiful family safe, but that he will continue to surround himself with intelligent advisors to make wise decisions. We all know that we are afraid not knowing what will happen to our country, but let's try to have faith and hope that change can and will come. After all, this is the reason why the majority of us elected the senator who consistently and deliberately delivered with great passion the message of hope and change, right? The positive forward look is what will propel this country ultimately if we all work together in that regard, not the constant barrage of "can he", "will he", "what if". Please try to put yourself in his place: Carrying the weight of not just a country, but also of the world, on his shoulders. Those of us who voted for him are not just to support him during his campaign, but throughout his presidency. He cannot do it alone. If we believe in him, let's all do our part (no matter how small) in helping him. May God bless Mr. Obama as he enters the White House as our new Commander-in-Chief!

Posted by Ruth Nunez November 7, 08 05:05 PM

Yes we did it! And to the lonely and pitiful right wingers out there who are scared, you need to get over your bitterness and anger and accept reality. After one of the most avaricious presidencies in american history we finally have a man to lead us out of the pit. So "concerned" and others like you, you're just sad, lonely, pitiful, confused, misinformed, ignorant and living in denial. I suggest a good stiff drink of Scotch or whatever spirit you like, and know that your time is over, your pathetic lies, i.e. "he's a terrorist", have blown away in the wind and you're just talking to crickets in the forest. You're an anachronism so for your own good, smarten up and know what you're talking about before you make fools of yourselves.

Posted by Paul Carroll November 7, 08 05:08 PM

This is the best thing that happened in our lifetime!

I am still only gradually coming to grips with this!


Barack you ba'rock!
We will continue to stand with you and fight with you and pray for you for the next eight (!) years, Mr. President!!!


How sweet the sound!


Posted by Nick Tobias November 7, 08 05:08 PM

God does not wear pajamas cause He hasn't got time to sleep!
He has given to the nation of America what that troubled place needs...a man of boundless integrity and man steeped in loyalty, a man raised to eat, sleep, breathe and live for righteousness! not righteousness in the purely religious sense of the word....but in the righteousness of understanding ordinary pain; being able to feel ordinary hearts beat in tune with his; to be able to reach out an ordinary hand to help upward other ordinary fellows and womenfolk; an Ordinary, yet EXTRAORDINARY MAN....who must be ordained by the higher One for the purpose ahead of Him! joyfulness around the world which accompanies this victory. I would like to ask
I have

Posted by Frederick Andrew Granger November 7, 08 05:10 PM

995.I donot see this as historic. I see this as ignorance. Why vote somebody in because he speaks well, and can brainwash the masses. Obama will fail. He is not now or will he ever be qualified to hold the office of President. African Americans stop voting for people because of their skin color. Read and educate yourselves on the issues.

That comment in whole is pure ignorance. Obama did not win by the black vote alone. Numerous ethnicities voted for this man, before you make such an ignorant, unsupported, totally uneducated comment please do just a little research. The only person that knows what it is like to be president is someone that has been president. Go figure!! To say that a man that graduated from Columbia University with a degree in political science and specialized in international relations. A man that is a Harvard Law School graduate, graduating magna cum laudeand and was the first African American to serve as president of the Harvard Law Review (do you know how prestigious that role is?) Who also taught constitutional law at the Univ of Chicago Law School and had numerous offers to work at top notch NY law firms such as Simpson , Thatcher & Bartlett....and...when elected to the U.S. Senate he received 70% of the vote and was the 5th African American to serve in the U.S. Senate. To say a man, a person, President Elect Obama is not qualified and never will be qualified to be President of the United States. Is a truly moronic statement. Seems to me outside of his community organization background, his upbringing, and various other things that make him the man he is today. He seems pretty well qualified to be the President of the United States oh also 364 electoral college votes kind of says he is more than qualified for the job he has been given by the citizens of this country…Sorry Princess.

Posted by Mary November 7, 08 05:10 PM


Posted by JENNETTE L. November 7, 08 05:12 PM

I just thank God. Not so much that he's black, although that is a credit to our race and history, but he's a fair Christian man. I pray that God keep and direct Obama along with those that are working with him to make a change. Just like he said, he can't do it alone. It is going to take all of us doing our part and not being wasteful. Dads need to be dads and moms need to be moms...and invest in our children so they can be productive and not depend on the government so much. This is what family is all about.

Posted by D. Thomas November 7, 08 05:19 PM

I was so tired on Election night that I went to bed early. My intent was to just "listen" to the results. As soon as my head touched the pillow I was out. However, not completely. Sometime during the night when the news reporters said "Barack Obama is the President Elect," my hands and arms flew up in the air in Praise. I am so happy. I never thought I would ever see a Black man elected President of the United States in my lifetime. Look at God. Now we as Black people have no more excuses. We can do anything we set our hearts and minds to. Barack Obama is our example.

Posted by R.M. Saunders November 7, 08 05:22 PM

CHRIST--What has happened to this Century--Not just I, but our whole community feels fulfilled--I know he is from Kenya--I am too- but that he is so committed for the whole world, and, in particular to USA, is wonderful. Also, the fact that Kenya announced a PUBLIC HOLIDAY on the results, is mind blowing!! May Almighty Lord God be with our President Barak and guide him in the best interest of our "poor planet"-- Oh God, please let there be a lot of peace in this wretched world,Amen--Albert

Posted by ALBERT November 7, 08 05:24 PM

November 2008, with its first Tuesday, will be remembered in history. It seems in America it has taken us 40 years to come full circle to a threshold of a dream. Forty years ago, back in 1968, the year I graduated from high school, America “had a dream.” It was in part, articulated by an inspirational civil rights leader, who also spoke-out against an ill-advised war. So I guess it should not have been too surprising to me to feel such emotion, when our new president-elect on that election night, addressed a crowd of over 100,000 in Grant park in Chicago. It was the same site of the police riot, otherwise known as the 1968 Democratic Convention. In 1968, our country was torn for one reason, as it is now for many reasons. But what moved me so, had little to do with the personal characteristics of the man who now addressed the crowd in Grant Park. It had to do with the vision of which he spoke, and the tone in which he spoke it. It reminded me so much of another man, who inspired me to enter a life of public service. This man, like Martin Luther King Jr., and his brother Bobby, fell to an assassin’s bullet. But before he left us much too soon, he opened our hearts, which opened our minds to possibilities for us all, not just some of us. And for that I am eternally grateful. That is the hope I felt on that first Tuesday in November; and that is the hope I feel today.

Posted by Roger A. Nowadzky November 7, 08 05:29 PM

We have been given Hope again. HOPE!

Posted by Doug November 7, 08 05:30 PM

When I went to see Obama on New Years Day in Sioux City, I felt the same as I did when Robert Kennedy visited The Indian Cernter in San Francisco, Ca when he ran for President. The same positive energy, electricity and feeling of HOPE for all of us as a people. I cried when the announcement was made on election night, I cried for the ones who have gone on before us and since that have stood for their people. I am so fortunate to have lived long enough to see history being made! My prayer is for strength and safety for him and his family.

Posted by MabelAnn November 7, 08 05:31 PM

I don't understand.... I didn't see God in my voting booth. I thought I cast my own ballot. People certainly have a right to believe what they wish, and yes this is indeed a watershed moment in our great history. But if I'm not mistaken, wouldn't this be the same God who apparently wanted George Bush for the past 8 years. Was that a mistake on his part, or has he changed affiliations. I like Obama, but if there is a God, why would he care about race or party politics. Why don't we just thank the 52% who voted for him

Posted by Alan K November 7, 08 05:35 PM

I think this guy is the real deal.

Posted by Jolem53 November 7, 08 05:37 PM

I voted for Obama, I think he is the best person for the job right now... I hope that he can bring the change that people are hoping for...

that being said, if you look at the exit poll data, something jumps out which I'm hugely surprised that the media has not covered: Obama won because of the black vote. Here's the math: He only won 43% of of the white vote, which is 73% of the total... however, he won 95% of the black vote, which is 17% of the (repeat 95%, so 19 of 20 blacks voted for Obama); this huge separation in the black vote enabled Obama to not only to make up how much he was behind in the white vote, but also surge ahead....

all the other minorities voted for Obama 2 to 1, which kept him in front... the bottom line is that if an overwhelming 95% of black people had not favored him, Obama would not have come close to winning...

Posted by questions November 7, 08 05:41 PM

God is real and showed up like never before! His will be done in the lives of the American people, in the world, and the in the lives of the Obama family! We have to listen to what God is trying to say and as of now, President Obama is His messenger! God blessed us all and may He keep us! Congrats to you Mr. President - Barack Obama!

Posted by Wendy November 7, 08 05:46 PM

To #969 who was so scared of this change that he/she couldn't sign his name, Obama's never said he's taking away your guns and he doesn't have the power to do so anyway. Your firearms are safe, as if you'd let anyone take them anyway. BTW: The supreme court just ruled in your favor, in case you weren't reading the papers a few weeks back. To #995 (Princess) who thought we voted this guy in because of his color and that we should have read more, well I'm a white middle class guy and I did my homework. Guess what? I voted for Obama and I certainly didn't vote for him because of the color of his skin or even in spite of it. Further, he's no God and no savior to me. But he is our new president and he has his work cut out for him. Get used to it. We had 8 years of the current occupant (a guy who bankrupted two businesses before going into politics and, gee whiz, look what he did to our country...) so electing a guy who lacks the integrity to fight a decent, issue driven campaign didn't make much sense. Most of us didn't vote color, we voted intelligence--his and ours.

Posted by Douglas Udell November 7, 08 05:56 PM

Now there is Hope instead of dispair...
It will not be easy or quick but it will be done...

Posted by Tom W November 7, 08 05:57 PM

I am once again proud to be an American. I am happy to finally be able to put up my American and feel super good about my country and my President. Go Obama!!He is a gift from God.

Posted by concepcion s federman November 7, 08 05:57 PM


Posted by CRAIG November 7, 08 05:58 PM

I saw this on NBC NY WITH pat Battle and found it to be totally inspiring

ROSA that
MARTIN could that
BARACK could that


Posted by dee November 7, 08 05:58 PM


Posted by MARKIE DARLING November 7, 08 06:00 PM

All I have to say is...THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! I cannot believe we have come so far as a people, as a nation to finally get over racial barriers and elect a man for president that was destined to fill the shoes of presidency. I am a young African American woman, I attend college and have a 2 year old daughter who is my joy. All I can think about is explaining our struggles as a people to her way before her time and letting her know we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!!! I can finally be at ease now to know that I will have a good future and be able to live comfortably and provide for my baby girl! Obama, you are the truth, you were destined to be in this postionon and I will be constantly praying for you! MAY GOD BE WITH YOU AND STAY WITH YOU AND GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!

Posted by Amanda, a proud american! =) November 7, 08 06:05 PM

He needs our help ,,he can,t do this alone,,,,,and it s our help to change this to

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 06:12 PM

Most beautiful! I'm speechless!

Posted by Dawn Roznowski November 7, 08 06:19 PM


Posted by ELLA M. GARCIA@SMITHBARNEY.COM November 7, 08 06:20 PM

With the election of a new african american president comes an enormous responsibility for all african americans.
In the wake of a new era in the american history the crawling civil rights movement has just taken a gigantic leap towards its ultimate goal.
yes my friends , we have managed to come a long way , but we still have quite a ways to go.
no more excuses , no more pettiness.
As Americans we are all equal , so let`s act that way.
Let us rise above our differences and become one NEW nation under a wise leadership.
And to my peers the Iranian-Americans, we too must embrace this change and find ways to spread the message of global peace . Let us regain our respect in the world community by being the trumpeters at the forefront of this long jubilant parade .

Posted by Farshyid Amin November 7, 08 06:32 PM

995. Princess - This response is for you.
Are you serious? What planet do you live on? Are you actually saying that 48 million people of different race, creed and color are ignorant, have been brain-washed, and need to read and educate themselves? .There are many intelligent, knowledgable and educated human being in this world, including African Americans,. If you think there are not then you need to read and educate yourself,. President elect Obama had to prove to the world that he was capable of running this country (i.e. debates, speaking on the issues, displaying leadership, judgement and how he ran his campaign). This is how individuals came to their conclusion as to the person they wanted to lead this country He is a human being first, that happens to be bi-racial.
It is a historical event based on the fact that out of 43 presidents the 44th President elect is the 1st of color. This is the USA where all things are suppose to be possible, including becoming the president. Maybe if you grew up as a person of color and the images of all the presidents that you were taught about were all of the same color and all male, you would have a better understanding why 48 million human being view this as a historical event. Obama will not fail, because he took on this mission for a reason, to suceed not fail. Additionally, 48 million people and a power greater than you, will guide him during this difficult time.
I'm very proud of President elect Obama and his family. Also, I'm so glad that he had a vision with a plan to suceed.
I patiently await your response. djd

Posted by djd November 7, 08 06:42 PM

I like Obama. I voted for Obama. But all this bible thumping is scary. Faith may be important, but do you people really believe that God chose Obama for president? I assume this is the same God that McCain and Palin believe in. Why would he choose Obama over them? Does God like him better? Is he more worthy? Why would he care who was president? Could it be that Obama is simply the right man for the times, and that you folks are bringing God along for the ride? Isn't this the same God who was around for the the disasterous 8 years of George Bush? Did he make a mistake or just change party affiliations?

Posted by Alan November 7, 08 06:42 PM

We will be holding you up in prayer that God will guide you in every plan, meeting, and activity you engage in.

Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 06:50 PM

I am an American citizen, and therefore if I and others choose to think that God is with us, then we have that right and noone should indicate that we are wrong.
Not until they can prove that there is no GOD! So I say God has blessed the United States of America! Previously, and Now and hopefully we will stay blessed in the Future. If you don't believe me, just ask Billy Graham.......... A rebel in Florida.

Posted by Mary November 7, 08 06:51 PM

we walked we prayed we had hope now we have a new beginning, too much can't go wrong when god guides ur steps ;thank u god and thank u america H STALLINGS CLEVELAND OHIO

Posted by HAROLD STALLINGS November 7, 08 06:53 PM

Princess #995
Please check your facts - Barack could not have won without the white vote.
Next, speaking well tells a lot about a person - Bush could not speak well and brought this great country to its knees.

(Kennedy spoke well and stopped Russian war ships from going to Cuba - Reagan spoke well and helped the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, under Bush (I repeat, who cannot speak well), Russian war ships are in South America, deeper in Americas backyard than ever - this might be a huge problem).

Princess is it possible that you do not know the issues. Would you have preferred another limited-intelligence (graduated near-bottom-of-the-class) individual who promised to continue spending billions of our money in Iraq - someone who had no good plans for the masses to continue running the country into the ground? From your comments, I gather you would answer - yes.

The verdict on ignorance seems to point back at your comment. Do you agree? I bet you do not.

Posted by Mike November 7, 08 07:06 PM

BARACK is the TRUTH!!!! sitting across the table from RACISM and Division.
Inspiring, Educated, Compassionate and Humble.... What an AWESOME combination..... What a MAN!!!!
And to those who do not beleive, you are tarnished with the same division, racism and pessimism as the rest of your Republican party. And your half-baked idea of having a VP like Sarah Palin "just shows to go ya" how ridiculous your though process is.
The REAL AMERICA voted for OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Saundra M. Brown November 7, 08 07:07 PM

Congradulations to President elect Obama, it has been a long time coming. I pray that the world stay strong and allow you the oppurtunity to what is best. all it going to take is we all work together and move forward, it will come together.

I feel the love already, and I also see more enemies showing up. it gonna take everybodies work. it can be done.

Posted by GTH November 7, 08 07:08 PM

So white americans have almost taken colour out of the voting process (60/40 vote split AGAINST obama). Maybe the press will now focus on the black americans doing the same instead of ignoring that aspect? (97%/3% FOR Obama).
He's a strong candidate and can be proud, but black americans need to wake up and realise it's their turn to stop making color an issue.

Posted by Honest November 7, 08 07:17 PM

I'm a 62 year young African American male who thought in his lifetime he'd never see what Barack Obama did for all of us. He is a breath of fresh air, Change We Need, hope of our Fathers, and no longer does the blood off of the back of our ancesters have to be tracked to the front of the line we're so used to being at the end of. This is a movement for all of the " . . . huddled masses yearning to breathe free." We're standing on the mountain top that Martin could not be here with us, but we're on the thresh hold of achieving his vision, mission and goals, to be free because of the content of our character and not because of the color of our skin!

Posted by Paul Forte', Jr. November 7, 08 07:18 PM

We did it! We have finally overcome the hate and fear instilled in us by the Bush administration. We are all hopeful that we can find peace, love, and tolerance in the years to come as our leader, no matter his race, leads is in thoughful, intelligent action. Thank you all for using your brains instead of your fear to guide you this time! I love the United States, but I have not loved what it has come to stand for over the past 8 years. Each and every one of us has alot of work ahead of us to pick this country up from where it has fallen to. The American people are more united than ever in this movement, and I am proud and hopeful!

Posted by BsidesJess November 7, 08 07:24 PM

Let's just all who voted for "OUR" president be happy, support him and this country in all ways possible, to get the job completed that needs to be done. We are still Americans regardless of race. color or creed. Those who do not believe in what President Obama and the majority of the country strives for still have a right to post their opinion. Right, Wrong or indifferent. After all is that not our right as citizens. Somewhere down the road all of the nay sayers will eventually see the light. "We" must "ALL" come together as a "Nation" to assist in repairing all that has been done over the last eight years! Godspeed America!

Posted by GG November 7, 08 07:27 PM

Our President Elect Barack Obama,
CONGRATULATIONS, truly The Almighty God has answered our unprecedented prayers. We had Great Faith that this would come to pass & INDEED, He never let us down. My family & I believed right from the start when you announced your candidacy, just like "David" in the Bible- anointed and from a humble-beginning was one that was standing before us today- Barack. We continue to pray for Wisdom & Protection upon you, Michelle, Malia, Sasha & your entire cabinet.
If God is on your side who can be against you?
Loads of Hugs!

Posted by Liz November 7, 08 07:29 PM

To #1062-- Thank you for your thoughts, but I will forgo the offer. I don't need God to guide me. Believe it or not, I know right from wrong and good from evil without the help of God.

To #1063, I defend your right to believe whatever you like (except for the possibilty of proving a negative), I am seriously curious how you can believe that Obama's election is the will of God, but George Bush was not. Or why God would want Obama over McCain. Surely you are not saying that Obama is more deserving of God's good graces more than McCain. You must therefore also believe that that the war in Iraq is God's will as Sarah Palin said. Why does God keep changing his mind? If you choose to respond, please do so by answering the questions posed.

Posted by Alan November 7, 08 07:31 PM

I just wanted to say as white American that Rev Will( Post 981) could have not said it any better!!! Kudos to him and OUR next President!!!

Posted by John W. November 7, 08 07:31 PM

This day has long been coming and we as a people are the better for the roles we played in making this happen. The day America elected an African American, to the highest seat in the land is the beginning of all Americans being free at last. Do not take this for granted, do not stop making the dream a reality, do not stop working in our homes and in our work places, do not stop till all Americans are able to have the "American Dream", a piece of the rock, and peace of mind. President Obama, thank you for being who you are, and thank you for being our President.

Posted by Annette Hughes, San Francisco November 7, 08 07:35 PM

I have always been proud to be an africian american, but on tuesday evening I have never been more proud. All the haters out there, get over it, he is not going to order you to the cotton fields! This is America and the rest of the world and our children can finally understand that we are and should be created equal.

Posted by Renita November 7, 08 07:37 PM

I love these pictures. May the Lord bless you and your family, and let his angles encamp round about you with his sovergn protection. God Bless You All Dearly. D. Hawkins 11-07-08 Fri.

Posted by D. Hawkins November 7, 08 07:38 PM

Let me start by saying this.. anyone who thinks that Barack Obama was voted our next President based on the color of his skin is just plain stupid.. This man was voted into this office because he was seen as the hope and change this country so drastically needs.. the last 8 years have been a nightmare.. two wars, the economy in the toilet, 240million jobs lost and how may hardworking people lost their homes, people dying due to the lack of health care.S o before anyone says that this man was voted for only based on the color of his skin think again.

Posted by pat ruehle November 7, 08 07:43 PM

1061 use your head and realise if it were not for God you wouldnt be breathing right now. Be careful how you talk /write about when it comes to God.OBAMA YALL .God chose Obama because he knew he was good for the job and would a better job than the rest not because he loved him more than Mcain and Palin.Recognise !!!!

Posted by Michael Kamau November 7, 08 07:48 PM

I am still in awe and it has not settled even 3 days after the election. I am so full with emotions. I love the Obama family and I just have this feeling that God's angels surround them. Thank you Lord!

Posted by Katrina Joseph November 7, 08 07:55 PM

08 New Beginning ; God's plan. Accept it, because we're here to stay, we're
not going anywhere. God's timing. Congraluation President Elect Obama, &
God Bless you & your family.

Posted by E.W. November 6, 2008-6:55pm

Posted by Evelyn Williams November 7, 08 07:58 PM

Yes America you did it.! You have shown the entire world that you can be fair and you have truly elected the best man for the job. I am from St kitts and I right now I feel like an American because I feel so proud. If I feel like this, I can only imagine how you Americans are feeling right now.

Posted by KAVITA FRANCIS November 7, 08 08:04 PM


Posted by JOAN LOYD November 7, 08 08:04 PM

A word tot he wise about the ignorant = ignor their rant

Posted by Comedian Stevie Mack November 7, 08 08:15 PM


You bring ignorance to another level. Before you open your mouth and blare out things like that you should probably do your homework and see what he is doing and what his plans are in relation to foreign policy and protecting our country.

Posted by Brian November 7, 08 08:19 PM

I have never been so proud to be an American. Our prayers go out to you, my president, Barrack Obama. I hope that a cloud of energy and protection is over you and your family.

We love you!!!!!!!!!

We are ready for a change.... I am tired of our nation being driven by fear!!!! Mr. President you are the change we have all been waiting for.

I have a new faith in my life and path... everyone taht says that we voted because of race is ignorant. It is your views and your ideals that I believe as well, we support you Mr. President.

Thank you

Posted by Isis Nohemi November 7, 08 08:20 PM

I am an immigrant but I am just as proud overwhelmed and awed by the accomplishments of this brilliant young man. He needs the support of every , creed and race finding an equal place so that God will bless this nation..
We go against this inevitable happening, we will pay the consequences.African americans have no excuse to succeed under all difficulties.We can raise loving families , brilliant children to continue this new genre. caucasions should haveno need to fear we are educated and treasure this era in our history.

Posted by anita mc farlane November 7, 08 08:23 PM

what is with these racist's posting here pretending to be afraid and all freaked outyammering about criminals getting guns and terrorists running the country....haven't they had enough already? Maybe it's time to just shut up,mind your business and just come together and get to work undoing the last 8 years of stupidity and selfishness....there isn't going to be any room in most of this country for that racist foolishness anymore I hope. Those days are long behind America and it's time for us to become adults and join the world. They're waiting for us....

Posted by GDP November 7, 08 08:23 PM

Scared Citizen - You need to learn how to spell before you start complaining and throwing out misinformation.

However, I would like to know your feelings about Bush if you think Obama is such a bad person. Additionally, you couldn't possibly think that McCain and Palin could do a better job! OMG!! I pray for you.

Posted by Cathy R November 7, 08 08:27 PM

Boy, I was up all night that night because people were running around the city screaming OBAMA! OBAMA at 3 AM LOL I won't lie though, I was singing in the shower for the next couple days "OH I'm proud to be an American!" Ya know, I'm only partially black myself. I've had identity issues in terms of heritage being of 3 races. All in all I've learned that my heritage is American. Although, I know I'm a stagnate Democrat and would have just voted for the running Demo LOL Course unless the other side had a good argument. But man Obama. You came out of no where and rocked all of our lives and hearts. I don't think I cried so much when some one spoke. I'm proud to have a leader that I can respect with my very being. XD Now get to work! LOL

Posted by Carly Crawford November 7, 08 08:35 PM

I am awash in the history, sentiment and significance of this time on earth.
Yes, We Did!

Now the hard work begins and again I say, Yes We Can!

Given the extraordinary responses from around the world, it appears Congratulations are in order for our new President of the planet!


Posted by Anonymous November 7, 08 08:53 PM

This is the greatest birthday gift I could get on November 4th I am 73 year old that day thank Preisident Obama.

Posted by Willie Mae Brown November 7, 08 08:58 PM

He was destained to be the president of the United sates. In doing so he has to overcome advisities and insults to show that a black man can excell. When you think abouat it , It hasn't been more than 50 yearas since blacks were being chaced by dogs in Atlanta Georgia. Meggor evers lost his life trying to vote in Mississippi. This is a great accomplichment for black fkolks. Its just another Chapter in the book " Up farom Slavery. I am confident that he will do a good job. God Bless Amos Morris

Posted by Amos Morris November 7, 08 08:59 PM

Dear President Elected Obama, I just want to take a moment to thank you for going after the american dream and for all of us who indeed believe but were waiting for just that day that moment in time for it to pay off, thank you, thank you so much, because I know you will bring our country together as one. Even republicans will come to your side. God Bless You & our Country. We Love You

Posted by Beatrice Aponte November 7, 08 09:02 PM

#995 Obama might fail but we know for sure Bush did.
#969 The devil (Bush) is leaving office and not none to soon. He has ran this country into the ground.
#979 I hope we do not paint Obama the same color as Bush. The color of failure.
In the last eight years more people in the history of this country have lost their jobs, homes, dreams of college for their children, and hope. What person in their right mind would want to see this continue? I know people like you and Bush. I will pray for you.

Posted by Feeling good about Obama in the White House November 7, 08 09:03 PM


Posted by R & S B November 7, 08 09:07 PM

Fannie Lou Hammer, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Martin Luther King, Jr, James Baldwin, Malcolm X and so many more, prepared me for Mr. Obama .I knew, in my lifetime, I would see a very competent person lead the USA. No surprise here!

Posted by Debra Ward Whitlock November 7, 08 09:11 PM

I'm sitting here looking at these pictures listing to Christian Music and BREAKTHRU comes on!! What a revelation!! People we have gotten our breakthru!!!!

Posted by Sandra Mayo November 7, 08 09:12 PM

I am still trying to process the enormity of what our country has done, how we have redeemed ourselves and the American dream. But please, please stop saying it had anything to do with God. For one thing, that kind of talk just exacerbates our divisions. For another, it puts way too much pressure on President-Elect Obama. He is a man, not the messiah. He will make mistakes, but he will govern with wisdom, sensitivity, intelligence and humility. But please, give him a break! Do not expect magic or miracles.

Posted by melinda November 7, 08 09:25 PM

the time has come for a change,let us thank our Lord Jesus Christ from gloria november7 2008

Posted by gloria rose November 7, 08 09:27 PM

I did not vote for Obama. I believe Mcain to be the better candidate. This does not mean I will sit back and hope Obama fails. Quite the opposite really. It is time that all Americans, all of us, pull together to make this country great again! No more greed. Be proud of the things you have, that you've worked hard for. It's time the president recieve respect for the person he is... the most powerful man in the free country. This is not a black/white issue, nor has it ever been. Had Colin Powell ran for president, he would have probably won even more dominantly. Race is only an issue for those still dwelling on it. Let's move forward as a country united, all working for a greater cause than ourselves. A proud country, not arrogant. Lets get some of that respect that the ":greatest generation" will go to their gaves with. Lets show the world what a leader we really our. Barack Obama, be our leader, not our excuse.

Posted by Joe November 7, 08 09:28 PM

I think obama is the greatest person.I hope this man would bring up the world from financial crises and improve the IT sector.Jesus is along with him i am sure that will test the success .............................

Posted by sandeep November 7, 08 09:54 PM

God Bless you for this is a wonderful thing you have done. Just remember " THE BEST YET TO COME" This has happen "ALL IN GOD"S TIME" and you have captured just the beginning . Thank you for sharing all of this!

Posted by Diana November 7, 08 10:16 PM

I traveled almost two years ago, on my own, with no prompting nor requests from anyone, otherthan my gut instinct; to volunteer for a man whom I had prayed would announce his bid as President of the United States. The man was Barack Obama, the place was Orangeburg S, C., the VERY first Presidental Debate of both parties. I was a middle aged white women in a sea of young people, black and white, as well as other various ages (meaning other younger ones than myself). I felt something...something that I JUST KNEW I was standing right in the middle of history, I had to come. I met President Elect Obama that night, and several times since then. I thank the Lord above that others have seen, just what I saw so, many, many days/months ago...the hope, the promise, the prayers for our America. Living in the South, I was threatened, yapped at, and at times outkasted, but I had hope deep inside. I am awaiting a day that this one human being delievers on what I saw deep in his eyes, for my childrens future as well as my grandchildrens future.Win, lose, or draw...I am PROUD to be an American! I can't wait for January 2009!

Posted by Marie Strickland November 7, 08 10:17 PM

What a joy it is to alive to see this day. I have demonstrated, sit-in and marched as a young man. I was Washington with Dr. King when he did the "I have a dream" speech but I must admit that I did not believe I would see this day. God bless President elect Barack Obama and God bless America and the rest of the world.

Posted by Archbishop Claerence Davis November 7, 08 10:22 PM

TO # 1037.....................So Bush was quallified to be presient......I don't think so. Or you have to be a war criminal, lier, thief, making things up so you can go to other places and kill inocent people and make your own people miserable? That is what makes a good precident right? Well we just have one and I don't think we are doing good, so far.
Obama will make mistakes and it would take him A LOT to fix everthing the real IDIOT, did (with the rest). Or Macain is qualified, do you remember what happend in Chile? I did't think so Macain helped kill Allende, I really don't think he is quallified to be president, look who he choose to be vice president,someone who thinks Africa was a country!!! UPPSSSSSS!!!!!
Nobody is saying that he is captain america but he is he is a good man, and we all need hope and a change.!

Posted by patricia November 7, 08 10:23 PM

Congratulations Mr. President and best wishes to you and your family as you take this awesome position of leading the most powerful country in the world. You worked for it and deserve it. I know you will do a great job and continue to make every American and other people of the world proud of you. You have been in my prayers everyday since announcing your intentions to run that cold day in Illinois.
May God walk with you, direct you, and protect you always!

Posted by Glennis November 7, 08 10:25 PM

We are definitely blessed to have our new elect President Barack Obama to make the "New Change" for all America. With eyes that show such compassion, and such stance for his beliefs of hope, My family wishes him "CONGRATULATIONS" and warm wishes to his family.

" to one soooooo deserving

Posted by Joni C Relyea November 7, 08 10:30 PM

These are beautiful pictures... I'm very proud of President Obama

Posted by Latinoamerican November 7, 08 10:50 PM

You know that saying "light @ the end of the tunnel, that's what it felt like when I heard Barack Obama President. I know its not going to be easy,but as an african american this is something we have looked forward to years, not just because he is black, it's because he stands for alot of things we believe in . Family means something to him . ALL FAMILIES

Posted by Renee November 7, 08 10:51 PM

Why does racism have to show it's ugly face all of a sudden.
I go to a giant PWI in SC and it just drives me crazy to have to hear all of the racist comments that people say as I'm walking to class. Many people are now saying "I need to start going to church so that I can pray for our poor, poor, poor country". My question is why weren't you praying before when Bush was doing his thing? To those who say "I'm leaving the country"...I say GOODBYE! And most importantly to those who say "the end of the world is coming because of this"...I am highly versed in the bible and I NEVER read that! Anyways I feel that the Obama family must be kept in our prayers.

Posted by pissed November 7, 08 10:52 PM

As a Jamaican immigrant, (now United States citizen) it was with a tremendous sense of pride that I exercised my right to vote in what I believed to have been the most thought provoking, issues-oriented election I have witnessed in my 31 years of residency. I watched with pride as Senator Obama matured in his role as a candidate and captured the hearts of all races to become the 1st African-American President of the United States. Isn't ironic that he was not born on the mainland, is really an AFRICAN (father) / AMERICAN (mother), is the product of a broken home, was raised by his grand-parents, writes of his drug use, went to an Ivy League school, found a woman who shares his values and in his relatively short life has accomplished what black men and white men who are his seniors could not ? I hope Rev. Jesse Jackson's tears washed out the plank that was in his eyes. The outcome of this election proves that when people pay attention to what really matters, race becomes irrelevant.

Posted by Minerva November 7, 08 10:56 PM

These are amazing photographs of an amazing man!

Posted by Carsten Nielsen November 7, 08 10:59 PM

President-elect Obama, I love you as my son. You and he have much in common--born in 1961, several weeks apart, are left-handed, smile with closed lips, have ears that stick out and are beautiful, kind, husbands, fathers, siblings and sons.May He continue to bless you, Michelle, Sasha, & Malia.

Posted by Jean Robinson White November 7, 08 11:00 PM

I am so proud of our choice in Obama, we the people have elected this man to correct what has been destroyed in the United States of America, may God Bless Barrack Obama in his undertaking.
Please God protect this man and his family for all harm. Give him the strength to follow through on his promises and let him see the best way to make our country the strong powerful country that it once was. Provide him with the knowledge it takes to correct all of the faults that have come to our "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave". Guide him Lord in the best way you see fit. Amen

Posted by Jeanette St. Paul, Minnesota November 7, 08 11:14 PM

May G-d bless President elect Barack Obama. He represents the best America has to offer. Thank you for returning hope to us. Even as a mexican his election touches and fills me with joy. Great things are still to come to the world with leaders like him.

Posted by Hugo Lippmann November 7, 08 11:32 PM

Besides being one of the premiere historical happenings of our times, this is just a wonderfully heart-wrenching moment in my life. This man is awe-inspiring and we as a country are so lucky to have the opportunity to let him lead us to a better place! I worked dilligently in his campaign and feel honored to have done so. YES WE CAN!

Posted by Sharon Slutzker November 7, 08 11:32 PM

I think the American people since he has chosen. It certainly has reason to. In any case, to believe that he will be very good. And hope that he can do for a peace camp. Can solve the economic crisis. Come on!

Posted by Chinese people K November 7, 08 11:36 PM

I went to the rally when he came to St. Louis and it was so amazing. My mom started to cry. We go there kind of late so we were far away but we could still hear him and I caught a glimpse. When Obama was declared the winner of the election i jumped out of my bed where i was half sleep when I heard my mom screaming and crying and it was an amazing moment. We received phone calls from my family members and they were all crying and I was very excited. To be at the rally made me feel so happy and it felt good to know that I heard the future president of the United States of America speak in person, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I am only 12 1/2 years old and I am proud to be an American!!!!!!! GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Aliya (Aaliyah) November 7, 08 11:37 PM

Congratulations to President elect Obama, wishing you a successful term.
You have a wonderful spirit and you move with such "swagger".
Be true to yourself and our country will be blessed.
Many more blessings to you, your wife and your beautiful daughers.

Posted by kolbe November 7, 08 11:47 PM

Reading these posts makes me feel like I'm at one of those old time Christian Revival Meetings at which people faint, speak in tongues, and are cured of blindness. I didn't vote for Obama. I don't trust Obama. I am glad that our country has gotten over this racial barrier. But just remember, the higher the climb, the farther the fall. The reality is that he will not live up to your expectations. Nobody could.

Posted by Colleen November 8, 08 12:02 AM

Very powerful pictures I wish we had more media cover for our Canadian politics i am glad he is in and this is history I am proud to be living in the era where a afriocan american is nominated by americans to be president its a strong feeling. Hey i am canadian and i watched the elections with my husband from day ! (one) and rpoud to say WAY TO GO OBAMA!!!!!

Posted by Shamus and Jeannette Norman (Canada) November 8, 08 12:05 AM


Posted by sures November 8, 08 12:09 AM

Its high time that America need a change over.He can either be a good president and a good man who can do someting to the world or putting the election campaigns into the air as a mere gimic to get only the votes .But he proved himself as a good person and the time is the only healer .The photos obviously are stunning and the beauty of the photos will be counted more when he put some strategies to tackle the recession .Pray for the best things to happen
Note :America is going to conduct a campus recruitment and there are all chances that our prime minister will be shortlisted for the chief finacial analyser(MANMOHAN SINGH)

Posted by TONY GEORGE THOMAS November 8, 08 12:10 AM

As we all know, communism died some years ago and capitalism is reachin its final stage right now - maybe Barack Obama is the man finding what the human race really needs - may the Big Lord help an guide him!

Best of luck: Klaus Klages - Weyarn, Bavaria, Germany

Posted by Klaus Klages November 8, 08 12:11 AM

I must say that when I first heard this man speak in 2004 I knew then that. This man was on the road to something much bigger and greater. He was destined to become President for it is a part of his journey. I'm just bless as well as grateful knowing that I as well as my family was a part of history being made. The stage had been set and we as the people played our parts by letting our voice as well as our votes count. Praying that we as the American people can bridge the gap toward racism and move forward toward a better future here in the United States and aboard.. GOD BLESS!!!!! Gigi

Posted by Gigi November 8, 08 12:25 AM

Being a man of flavor, I can truly relate, however here is the biggest thing to be aware of is that people outside of the USA have no idea what most international people are saying, I have been working abroad for the last 8 years, and now people in Malta walk up to me and say Obama is good not just for the USA but good for the world, Does it not seem a bit strange the world leaders whom we do not typically communicate with are reaching out to Obama to at least begin talks about bettering the communications with the US even though past leaders and potilical groups have shooned them away, I thinks its great

Posted by Big Mike November 8, 08 12:28 AM

thank you Barack Obama, for having the courage to stand for change. May all Americans, regardless of party affiliation or ideological beliefs, come together and strive towards change, because Obama cannot do it on his own.

Posted by Happy for America November 8, 08 12:30 AM

Dear President "elect" Obama, I can't begin to describe the elation, heart-felt pride, & sense of renewed hope in my spirit at the mere thought you as the next leader of this country. I so relate to your life story, as I too am a single mother raising two children with the help of my parents. They have given as much of themselves as if they were their birth parents. My struggle to make sure my children have as many of tools they need to succeed has been a long and arduous one, as I am in danger of losing my home, have no health insurance and am currently unemployed. While my situation appears bleak, I still have hope that this too can change, and I can recover. Continued support, success & encouragement to you.

Posted by Christine Spriggs November 8, 08 12:44 AM

OK --- Obama preached unity and change. Then the first thing he does is choose the most divisive and partisan ex-Clinton hard core democrats to run the show.
Let me know when the blinders come off the 48 million voters. Until the I'll just smile and wave, smile and wave!

Posted by Alvin K November 8, 08 12:55 AM

Congrats to President Elect Obama.
This is the first time in 8 years that I have felt good about being an american.
Mr. Obama has his work cut out for him, we all need to be patient and supportive.

The damage that has been done to our country, didnot happen overnight, it took eight years. We have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us, and it will not be done in (1) one term. We gave the current president (8) years to screw up our economy, so its only fair to give President Elect Obama time and support to fix it.

Posted by Eva N Shauntee November 8, 08 12:59 AM

I have been crying for three days now, and they are tears of JOY. I am 60 years old and never thought that I would see this day. I hope this is a sign that racism in America is finally dying. American's view that all men are created equal is beginning to be more than just words. As a Nation, we must continue to push for this value. God Bless the New America!!!!!!

Posted by Tony of Baltimore November 8, 08 01:03 AM

Awesome pics!!
America should be proud of the historic election of 2008 and
YES Change is coming alright....say goodbye to the FREE world as we know it.

Posted by IsNaN November 8, 08 01:09 AM

Thanks God, we're waiting for Obama.

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 01:24 AM

I'm still in shock! Y es God has showed up and showed out! Let us rejoice and thank God for his Heavenly Miracle. I'm glad my first grandchild who is 5mths can one day tell her children.."yes baby you can be anything you want to be, there once was a African American who was the very first President of The United States, Barack Obama!"

God Bless!

Posted by christina November 8, 08 02:16 AM

I was the eyewitness when our impoverished people on the street corners of Afghan capital Kabul, wept with joy and hope when they heard the final news of elections, and Barack Obama as the new President of United States. In the eyes of common people, who have been deprived of the basic human rights and economic necessities in life, Obama is seen as the savior and messiah, to help overcome the impaired state of affairs in Afghanistan, and remove the current obstacles or at least favorably change the situation for the sake of humanity, and to prevent in any way possible, the ongoing skirmishes, mainly due to personal interests, corrupt practices and underlying purposes of dubious elements, within the government and outside, trying to play with the destiny of this land. The people here believe that any failure to reform this country will reflect harmfully on the future of the United States administration. May god be always with Barack Obama.

Posted by Daoud Morid November 8, 08 02:34 AM

Congratulations Mr. President and best wishes to you and your family as you take this awesome position of leading the most powerful country in the world.

Posted by danesh November 8, 08 02:53 AM

MR Presidnt,
I wish you continue the way you started as i and the whole worled are all expecting a lot from your good self to reflect the new features of the expected new wolred ,we all know it cant happen with in one day or one year or as you said with in one term pls dont disapoint us when transformed to power wish you all the best and ask god to bless you and bless america and the whole worled .

Posted by adel ramadan November 8, 08 03:30 AM

Au-delà de la question raciale, bravo à vous les américains d'avoir enfin élu à la tête de la Nation quelqu'un d'intelligent, de sensé et quelque part un peu plus "humain" que tous les faucons des gouvernements précédents...
Espérons maintenant que le President Obama puisse mener à bien tous ses projets, et en premier lieu celui de redonner confiance au reste du monde dans la capacité des Etats-Unis d'Amérique à dialoguer d'égal en égal, et non comme uns superpuissance impériale..
Le monde est avec vous, President Obama. Pour des relations internationales apaisées, pour le respect de l'environnement et le retour de la diplomatie dans la résolution des conflits.

Posted by Nicolas Aubertin, France November 8, 08 03:47 AM

God guide obama as he starts his role

Posted by ranji November 8, 08 03:50 AM

To God be the glory for He has done allthings well.My Heavenly Father has shown me in the spiritual realm that He has raised up his servant, president elect Barack Obama THis truly is an assignment from God. We are one people under one God and one nation. Whosoever will stand with me in unwavering faith knowing that what God ordain so will He sustain, and He will maintain . it was my Heavenly Father that anointed and appointed the next president of this united states of America. the only thing the president elect , Obama has to do is to trust in the Lord with all his heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he sjroBAMA HAS

Posted by ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Sis. Flora November 8, 08 04:17 AM

Française je suis aussi tres heureuse de l'election de monsieur Obama
le nouveau president des etats unis
Ces photos sont tres belles

Posted by frederica monteux November 8, 08 04:19 AM

Thanks for sharing so many historic moments! It's like I've just walked through Obama's campaign with him.
Although I'm not American, US Presidency Election 2008 is as much important to me. Today, Mr. Obama has won. The change has finally come! I can feel the new age has just begun. Together, we can make Earth a better place.

Posted by Chavy November 8, 08 04:25 AM

Superb pictures of an Historical Event that will be remembered forever. As a UK resident, i applaud the Amercian People for giving the whole world a chance to make a change for the better. And with President Obama, this will happen.

Posted by Darren Jenks November 8, 08 05:21 AM

Please leave your religious views in your head comment writers!
Congratulations Obama! Thank you for taking on arguably one
the amazingly complex and difficult presidencies ever.
Now we have much to do in the future in order to further
world diplomacy and ultimately peace and prosperity
for those whom work towards a greener cleaner for the planet and
brighter future for generations in the US to come.

Posted by Holly Biné November 8, 08 05:27 AM

Barack is the real Truth!!!!!!!! Congratulations Obama. You changed the world.Even my congratulations go out to the American people for having the courage to stand up and make a change.

Posted by Swati Batra November 8, 08 06:29 AM

I am so relieved to finally have an intelligent, capable and compassionate man heading into the White House. This is truly a great day for America and the world. What a joy to see people around the world dancing and singing the praises of America instead of burning the flag!
To all you you religious folk talking about how God elected Obama, please remember that a lot of religious folk also thought God elected Bush! Let's try to keep religion out of the public square. It serves no good purpose, Unless you beleive God elected Bush, you can't say he elected Obama either. Obama won the man and the good people in America made this happen. Not God.

Posted by Steve Neaz November 8, 08 07:00 AM

But all this bible thumping is scary. Faith may be important, but do you people really believe that God chose Obama for president? I assume this is the same God that McCain and Palin believe in. Why would he choose Obama over them? Does God like him better? Is he more worthy? Why would he care who was president? Could it be that Obama is simply the right man for the times, and that you folks are bringing God along for the ride? Isn't this the same God who was around for the the disasterous 8 years of George Bush? Did he make a mistake or just change party affiliations? I agree. And some people just don't 'get' it.


Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 07:20 AM

hmm nice thanks, indeed although brought to you
by hyundai.

Posted by alex de souza November 8, 08 08:04 AM

I am a woman of the 45% white vote, and I have PROUDLY supported Obama from the get go. I remember the night he was elected Senator, I knew great things were going to come from this man. I was thrilled when he announced his campaign for presidency.

I too, have cried tears of joy. Not just because this country elected a black man. His skin color has nothing to do with it. It's because he is the RIGHT MAN for this job. I am SO happy our country is OURS again. Obama helped us acheive a dream. All of us....

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 08:04 AM

What a beautiful country we live in, I am so proud of the people of the United States of America. We will also be a witness to more great things, this man is nothing short of a genius and he is prepared to make a change...

God Bless!

Posted by Shelly Leon-Kennedy November 8, 08 08:09 AM

First & foremost i'd like to congratulate you, myself and the whole world for you being the president of the United States Of America. Indeed Mr. President Obama , a change should occur as you said that this is the time where a change should happen and the whole world is turning out to you and looking forward for that change to happen.Hence, being true to your self is very important now, as personal integrity is the thing that can most easily be damaged in modern society.
MAY GOD BLESS YOU. Congratulations Obama

Posted by Khalil Ibrahim Kafal November 8, 08 08:53 AM

WE ALL LOVE YOU Obama. You are the man of dreams and your reflection on the world will make this world a better place to live. You are the other name for the Dream Comes True. Your actions reflect the hope that the world have in you. Your words reflect the words in prayers. Welcome. Welcome to redefine this world as the best place to live in this universe.

Posted by Mirza Asghar Hussain November 8, 08 08:59 AM

Congratulation president elcec Obama. I remember seeing you sitting on the Oprah show and wondering who you were and where had you come from. I must admit i was voting for Hilary Clinton, but when you won over her you had my full support. I support you as President, and the road ahead is a tough one. Continue to stay grounded and tackle these "new" things as you have the old ones. May these next four years provide you with enough time, energy, focus and discipline to show the nah sayers................"YES YOU CAN!"

Posted by Ruby November 8, 08 09:13 AM

President-Elect Barack Obama is an intelligent, articulate, educated man who did the hard work and was rewarded accordingly. I am certain that Mr. McCain prepared himself as well, but the bottom line is, the people chose. Not only did Obama win, he won by a significant margin. McCain supporters, please be as gracious in defeat as your candidate is and rally to support Pres.-Elect Obama, just as John McCain has pledged to do and has encouraged you to do also. A house (USA) divided against itself cannot stand. I am married to a McCain supporter and believe it or not, there is peace in my house, praise God!

Posted by T.Guerrant November 8, 08 09:18 AM

God has blessed all of us with this great man and his family. If you believe, you will achieve. When you stay focus on the power over all and giving thanks unto him, all things are possible. The color had nothing to do with the race, Obama was the "man" for all. He was our gift from God as was Rev. Dr. MLK, John Kennedy, Billy Graham, Booker Brooks (my father), and all the other great men with good hearts. When in suffering and feeling lost, focus on the prize. Ask and you shall receive. Thank you Jesus for looking out for your children and all who believe. We need you always. Thank you Father , thank you President-elect Obama, and most important, all the people with the right spirit. God bless you!

Posted by Beverly Rasberry November 8, 08 09:24 AM

Thank you President Elect Obama. I have never been more proud of my country! And, I have never been so proud to be and American! For eight long years we have had to bear the shame and ignorance of the Bush Administration. On January 20, 2009 we will truly be free! "Free at last" My heart is bursting with pride. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Gerald Palumbo, NYC

Posted by gerald Palumbo November 8, 08 09:28 AM

The enlightened youth and enlightened white folk of the nation have much to be thanked for for helping Obama succeed. Yes, I'm sure a strong majority of black folk voted for him but they alone could not have carried Obama to the Oval Office.

To the unenlightened middle-aged white folk and just-plain-old-fashioned old farts of the nation: You are becoming outnumbered and will eventually die off. Suck it!

Posted by Evil Jaze November 8, 08 09:43 AM

The glass ceiling has been shattered with the election of Mr Obama. How we walk around the pieces without getting cut , rests solely on our ability to appreciate the meaning of this moment. This momentous occasion does not exempt us from more hard work and being ever so vigilant. If anything, we are compelled to be proud without being arrogant, smart not sleek, determined not hostile. Congratulations Mr. president...

Posted by Dimitri Etienne November 8, 08 09:44 AM

It is time to come together and do what it takes to turn this country around. Obama has the intelligence, integrity and leadership to guide us. I pray for him and for our country at this crossroad in our country's future.

Posted by Deborah Ireland November 8, 08 09:52 AM

I am so thrilled to be alive and to see an african-american win the Presidential election. It is my plan to attend the Inaugeration in Washington next year. I have lived long enough to be happy my non-black fellow Americans finally saw the light. What a revelation. It does me proud. My 96 year mother cannot stop crying for joy!
Alberta in Atlanta

Posted by Alberta November 8, 08 09:53 AM

For Barack Obama, the 44th President

What a world we live in.
Stunned, we surround him with our love.
What days will he discover,
With bright possibilities shining in his eyes?
His measured pace moving forward,
Has opened our hearts, our minds, our lives.

Posted by Jeff Leahy, Venice California November 8, 08 10:06 AM

What a man what a man what a mighty god man...
Obama Y'all :~)

Posted by sheree November 8, 08 10:15 AM

We have arrived. It has been a long time coming. but 2008 is our year. Yes we have hadd all of the struggles ans back sets along the way . The battle has been long but the victory is sweet. My mother is 93 years of age and she has seen one of the best parts of history . YES WE HAVE ARRIVED.

Posted by j. walton November 8, 08 10:16 AM

DAMN RIGHT WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by WEBB November 8, 08 10:27 AM

obama and all americans have showed the world what democracy is especially to the third world

Posted by marvin loreh November 8, 08 10:38 AM

Congratulations, President Obama.
Now we need your voice over here in California.
Support marriage equality.
Prop 8 is taxation without representation.
Or am I in a minority that's still okay to hate?

Posted by StopPropH8 November 8, 08 10:50 AM

Thank God! Yes, God did have some say in McCain and Sarah Palin not being elected as well as the new President's election (PRAISE GOD). The War in Iraq, was a CHOICE of PEOPLE that God allowed, be it right or wrong. God knew which candidate was better for us, and it is done. God does not make choices for us, He allows us to make choices, and that is what the American people have done! Please do not make this about race, please show your intelligence, and be so ever thankful that this has come to be, and that we will overcome all of the hate, and challenges we face! YES WE CAN!

Posted by Linda November 8, 08 10:52 AM

I ,too, cried tears of joy for this day - I feel the whole planet sigh with relief - I feel the death spiral we were descending into lurch to a stop. will cheney and bush and the other unamerican criminals who hijacked our beautiful country go to jail? i'm just glad the nightmare is over and i feel so proud of everyone who made this change happen. obama, you are beautiful.

Posted by barbara may November 8, 08 11:04 AM

we are full ov jjjjoyyyyyyyyyyy
that that beautiful man won elections.obama africa is uganda is proud of you.yo the

Posted by IVAN ATUHEIRE November 8, 08 11:09 AM

After looking at these photos and recalling the past 18 months I can't believe I ever wondered who was going to win this election. I am so proud of our country and feeling optimistic again for the first time in 8 years. Go Barack!

Posted by Mary November 8, 08 11:15 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 11:22 AM

que DEUS te abencoe e america . felizmente o povo declarou ok os outros adversarios que DEUS continue abencoando. avera nova oportunidade com humildade sera , espero ansioso de novo,,, DEUS te abencoe erasmo paiva gracias;;

Posted by erasmo paiva November 8, 08 11:25 AM

Where can I buy the sunglasses Obama is wearing on picture number 20. They're cool! What brand and style are they?

Posted by Alberto November 8, 08 11:25 AM

I am a 45 year old female who was 4 days old when MLK gave his "I HAVE A DREAM' speech. I worked many hours volunteering in PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA'S campaign locally in COLORADO. Today I am very proud to be an AMERICAN and have great hope for what BARACK OBAMA will bring to our hurting country. YES WE CAN!

Posted by Michelle November 8, 08 11:30 AM

never been so thrilled.
good job America!
gd bless President Obama and his beautiful perfect family.

Posted by Annie Pinkert November 8, 08 11:32 AM

I beleive it was written years ago when Barack was born he was destined to be where he is today. He came from humble beginnings like most of us and has remained humble all his life. I trust that he continues to govern with humility. I am sorry that his grand mother did not live to see this moment. President Obama elect represents all of us in the world, whether we are black, white, red or yellow. Let us all live up to his motto. Change has come. Together we stand divided we fall. Lets all stand shoulder to shoulder together in the world to help Obama restore peace and dignity in the world.

Posted by Rosie McIntosh, Pickering, Ontario, Canada November 8, 08 11:49 AM

Selamat buat Presiden AS yang baru Bapak OBAMA...!

Posted by Indonesia November 8, 08 11:56 AM

After ALL the insults, personal attacks, etc. he has shown the worls he would not stoop to such levels. He rose to the ocassion and won. I am emulating this model behaviour right now with the rest of Americans who think they can treat people with such disrespect because they may feel superior because they are white. Change has arrieved

Posted by maria wells November 8, 08 12:20 PM

May God bless you with more wisdom and knowledge so you will become one of the greatest American President of all times!!!
God bless ur perfect family and marriage!

You guys make me wanna believe in LOVE again! lol

Posted by Gigi November 8, 08 12:21 PM

Obama is a terrible choice for president. He has no experience and his judgment/choice of friends is awful. His pastor is racist as well as the majority of his friends.. Keep the change!

Posted by Peter November 8, 08 12:24 PM

Un grand moment d'émotion mais surtout un espoir politique pour l'Europe et le monde.
Pierre-Louis Gauthier - France.

Posted by Gauthier November 8, 08 12:32 PM

This is the greatest feeling in the world. I am so proud of the Obama family. May God Bless PRESIDENT Obama and his family. All the years of hard work paid off. Yes we can and we did it AMERICA!

Posted by siris Hawkins November 8, 08 12:33 PM

To #1168

How you can spew this nonsense in one breath, and in the next ask people to show their intelligence is unbelievable. If god "allowed" people to make the choice to go to war in Iraq, then explain how god knew Obama was better and had a say in his election. Either he allows free will or he doesn't. If you believe god wants Obama to be president, then you must belive that god wanted...well.. take your choice of any number of atrocities man has commited against man. Explain why god would want Obama more than McCain. After all, god's law is that abortion is wrong. Palin and McCain agree with that. Not Obama. Seems to me god would want someone who would follw his desires. I was hoping that by getting rid of Bush, we would also be rid of fundamentalism.. I guess I was wrong. God help us !!

Posted by alan November 8, 08 12:34 PM

Très belles photos d'un moment d'émotion et d'histoire. beaucoup d'espi politique pour les USA, l'Europe et le monde .
Pierre-Louis Gauthier - France

Posted by Pierre-Louis Gauthier - France November 8, 08 12:42 PM


Posted by DONNA JARVIS November 8, 08 12:56 PM

I greatly admire the boldness of this man as a husband, father, public servent. I can truely say, God has blessed you, is blessing you, and is willing and well able to lead you through anything that comes your way. MY FOLLOW AMERICANS, GREAT JOB, GRETA JOB....................................................

Posted by Gilbert Davenport November 8, 08 12:56 PM

Words can not expressI how I feel. I am overwhelmed with pride, joy and the spirit of truth. We will continue to pray for you President Barack Obama and your family. You are the chosen one. We love you and your family. May God continue to bless and shine His love and protection for you and yours.

Posted by Louise Pierce November 8, 08 01:00 PM


Posted by KING COUNTY NURSING STAFF November 8, 08 01:05 PM

This is Beautiful.. Am so proud of the change that the Americans choose for..From an Indian. The first political decision and choice has influenced me personally the most. Thanks to everybody who made this change possible - Tanushree

Posted by tanu November 8, 08 01:08 PM

I loved the photos. I personally shook Obama's hand at a rally in Prince George County, Maryland. What a thrill to have been there to hear and see him speak! I'm 81 years old and marched in the 60's for freedom, and the right to vote for others. I'm a former New Yorker and couldn't wait until I reached the age of 21 to vote and have never missed voting all through the years. I feel this time my vote was indeed valuble and not taken for granted. Please don't leave God out. No matter whom you worship, it's all good. God blessPresident (elect) Obama, his family, America, and all it's varied peoples.

Posted by Paniagua/Talbert November 8, 08 01:15 PM

I cannot express enough how proud I am of President elect (cannot wait until we can drop that word!!) Barack Obama!!!! He has weathered many storms up until this point... and he will continue to weather many more. Even though you may not support him, you have to admit that the suave and smarts he has will only work in all Americans' favor when he has to meet with other world leaders (many of who have not been particularly happy with us) to discuss issues that affect all of us who live on this planet. The proof of this is already being witnessed by the emotional reactions all over the world!!! He will bring much needed diplomacy and may be now, the stalemate that has crippled progressive thinking on domestic and foreign issues will be a thing of the past. He is not just good for Black America he is good for all of us who dare to have the audacity of hope!!!!!

Posted by Diana November 8, 08 01:37 PM

I can't begin to tell you how awful he will be as POTUS. For those sheeple who think he'll be do anything positive for this country: you have been drinking too much flouride from your tap water, taken one to many vaccinations, allowed to be brainwashed, watching to much darn TV and plain ole' hoodwinked. It's time to wake up! He will only spend more money and the American public will pay for it in INTEREST. He will not disperse of the troops in Mid-East because brand new ones will begin either blatant or indirectly (false flag operations). Strip you off your God earned liberties and teach your kids pro-abortion in school. And if you don't want to believe me...that's fine by me. You'll reap what you sow.

Posted by Constituent November 8, 08 01:46 PM

I wish him and the country well. that's as pauciliqienmt as I get...........................
great photos

Posted by minette Siegel November 8, 08 01:48 PM

How can i get my hands on a pair of those pirate boots the one photographer was wearing....?

Posted by Jamie Fraser November 8, 08 01:52 PM

Congratulations, Mr. President. Thank you to you and your family for taking on this daunting task. Together we can fix it. I will be there in any way you ask. Thank you for stepping up and being our leader. Helping us show the world what the United States of America stands for. Robin

Posted by Robin Knisley November 8, 08 02:10 PM

I did not , could not, would not vote for such an anti constitutionalist, anti capitolist , socialist , person with absolutely no experience what so ever. Somehow strangely .. I find myself being very proud of our country , and happy for Barack and his family.. Hopefully he will see the light ,,, keep taxes low for all , get the economy back in motion, secure our borders , and not shred our constitution. Good luck to him

Posted by jscan67 November 8, 08 02:14 PM


We're proud of you.

The U.K.

Posted by Dude November 8, 08 02:17 PM

Thank you Obama for showing all children that if you work hard you can do all things through Christ Jesus. I wish that everyone can see that it takes all people to make it work. I think that you will be the best president ever. Thank you for paving the way and giving others hope! God bless you and your family.

Posted by Sonya November 8, 08 02:19 PM


Posted by CRISSY M. LOCKHART November 8, 08 02:19 PM

My Prayer are with you everyday.

Posted by Janet Smith November 8, 08 02:27 PM

President-elect Obama is on a rightteous course of action and compelled to fulfill his purpose to lead this Country forward and to help help heal the wounds of racism, injustice, bigotry and hate. His path is a tenuous course and he needs each of us to work with him to achieve the change we need. I can now say that I am truly poud to be an American and I am committed to doing my part to make life better for all people. Thank you President Obama for your foresight, gallantry and determination to do what's right even when being ridiculed and taunted by the ignorant few. Together we will do great things for America and throughout the world! YES, WE CAN!!!!!!

Posted by Ruby Butler DeMesme November 8, 08 02:33 PM

What an awesome feeling !!!! Blessing to President Obama & family

Posted by Blossom Marshall November 8, 08 02:34 PM

I love America for giving Obama a chance to lead us back to the root that our founding fathers established for us. I believe Barack will be devoted to the principles that our democracy was founded on. I hope all Americans stay involved, stay viligant and stand together to continue to make our country #1 again. We have a chance to work together and keep Barack and Congress focused on the goals that we want them to achieve. I appreciate all White and Colored People, Republicans, Democrats and Independents who voted for Barack and McCain. Long live American Democracy, we can disagree and still love each other.

Posted by Regina Hines November 8, 08 02:42 PM

My name Marcelo Matos Santarém-PA - BRASIL
Never in the whole world saw a president like Obama so sweet I am happy to USA has a president so dear by all !!!OK Obama

Posted by Marcelo November 8, 08 02:47 PM

Congratulation Mr President and i thank you Alan Taylor put this picture together for us to look and any one participating on this proses especially the photographers.
Know just the work begin "Yes we can" that he show us his part how the good work pays, lets change our self and change others for good work and being humble I am so thrilled when i see over 10,000 people on Broadway (Seattle WA) at the election night and the next morning you don't even see any trash on the street that am saying the change just started thanks to you start helping to change for good to
PS Don't seat and see be part of it . "GOD BLESS AMERICA and Mr PRESIDENT"

Posted by Genene Seifu November 8, 08 02:47 PM

After this memorable and historic presidential election, man can say in choir : USA are the greatest democraty of the world, really! ...Yes. I feel American today... After the election of Barack Obama as President of the USA, all the people of the earth felt this hope of better future. They felt the future of the world is not compromised for ever, with the language of weapons and war, misunderstanding, exploitation of man by man, global warming, fate of the famine... In fact: human values are still there, very present and solidly established, to face these plagues of destruction, to preserve humanity.. It is a song of hope from Cameroon (Africa).

Posted by Gaston DOnnat BAPPA November 8, 08 02:51 PM

I am so happy. Happy for our country and the effects this historic election will have for us and the world. Barack Obama has restored a sense of hope. Hope in the democracy of a country who once embodied HOPE for people everywhere but somehow seemed to have lost it's way. As a veteran, I've always loved this country but this election has made me especially proud to be an African-American. I truly believe he is change we can believe in and change we need. America can once again become a standard bearer in the world. Let' us sieze this opportunity for excellence in our new global community.

Posted by Desia "One Woman's Voice" November 8, 08 02:51 PM

Words can't not bring to show how I feel as an American. That many realized that we truly needed a change in order to move forward. And voted in the masses young, old all shapes and colors. We stood up and made it happened. We are all Americans under the red,white and blue. I am so proud to be an American.

Posted by Joanna November 8, 08 02:54 PM

I have never been more proud to be an American! I am only 36 and I never thought I would live to see a black president. For all of our races that dont understand our overwelming happiness, please try to understand where we have come from. For all of the races that voted for our new president..........thanks for the love! More than that if you are angry, disturbed, or upset about our new president, well; talk to God because His will, will be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Donna C.G. November 8, 08 03:05 PM

So beautiful a keepsake

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 03:12 PM

My heart is full and tears are streaming down my face. I have prayed and prayed that God would keep you safe and that you would win the Presidency. My prayers have been answered. I can see in your eyes that you truly care for us, the people, and that you will do all in your power to set things right in America. We are free at last! Now we have to prove we really are free. God Bless You! God Bless America!

Posted by Carolyn W. Cameron November 8, 08 03:13 PM

Response to comment #1099-Melinda, 11/7/08
Yes it does have to do with God. Romans 13:1 reads: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers(human government). For there is NO POWER but of GOD:
The Powers that BE are ORDAINED OF GOD." (In other words GOD PLACED HIM THERE through the people. All of his attributes and talents came from God and I hope he will use them to the glory of God. Only miracles come from God, not magic. I thank God for this miracle. We have a black U.S. President. I pray for him and his family's safety. May God continue to Bless America.

Posted by LEOLAW November 8, 08 03:15 PM

Hi I am from Va my name is Gray. Congratulations. I felt a new kind of way when I heard you won. Recently seperated I was home alone and felt so many different emotions at the same time, but I cant explain the feeling. How do you explain happiness, excitement, relief, joy, elation, suprise that they did not cheat us again, all of those and some more at one time. I cane explain it but if you look at those pictures you will get a taste of how I felt. Thanks to God, thanks to those that are by his side protecting him and his family thanks to his wife and her mom, thanks to all that got out and voted thru bad weather and etc. THANKS

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 03:15 PM

It is a blessing in disguise; as you continue to walk the pathway, we will be there to share the works of God with you and your family. According to Psalms 1:1-3 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful./But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night./ And he shall be like the tree that planteth by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; but whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."

May the Lord continue to richly bless YOU.

Posted by Patricia Lashley November 8, 08 03:18 PM

This is not about race or gender but about a fine gentleman with integrity, humility, grace,poise, calm, vision, determination, spirituality. An embodiment of very rare characteristics reserved for a chosen few . Barack is the Joshua of our time who has led us into the promised land that was forseen by the great Dr.ML King.
His victory has healed a lot of wounds and broken spirits and has restored a huge sense of hope, change and self actualization across the world. Thank you Mr. president and May God grant you the wisdom to lead us to freedom.

Posted by Elizabeth Nwosa November 8, 08 03:20 PM

God Bless America and Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!! We elected the best canidate for the job. Good Luck President Elect Obama. We are with you all the way.

Posted by Loritha November 8, 08 03:21 PM

I feel like I can breathe again! Congratulations, President-Elect Obama and congratulations to the United States of America -- finally, someone in the Oval offfice who honestly cares about humanity, as a whole, than "whats-in-it" for him.

Posted by Deborah November 8, 08 03:23 PM

To God be the Glory & Honor for all the things He has done. Lord we thank you for this wonderful vessel that you created named Barack Obama. We ask you to continue to keep he and his family in your arc love & blessings. President-elect Obama, please continue to keep God first and he will direct your path. We thank you for answering the call to serve & lead our country into a new day. I would like to help you and our country in any way that I can. It will take all of us with willing hearts and spirits to fix the issues now and those that may be ahead. Thank you for courage and the vision that ONLY GOD could have given to you. We love you more than you could ever know for the sacrifice you and your family have made. Take care & be blessed always.
Amazed by his grace, mercy and unconditional love for all of us,
Althea Nichelle Owens-Lindsay

Posted by Althea Nichelle Owens-Lindsay November 8, 08 03:25 PM

I am so bless to live to see this day. Coming from the south where we have had our struggles, and to see what God can do. I believe God has chosen President Elect Obama to bring the people together as one Nation, undivided in unity and justice for all.

Posted by Pat Harris November 8, 08 03:26 PM

What's with all the religious comments? You Americans are making me feel very nervous. I hope that this religious agenda doesn't infect Canada. (Well on second thought, I think it may have already - Stephen Harper!) I'm very happy that Obama won the election. I think he will be a much better leader than the former, but, people, come on. If you put him on this huge pedestal now how can he ever succeed? Let Obama deliver some "goods" first!

Posted by Todd November 8, 08 03:43 PM

We have so much to be thankful for and so many people to thank who have gone on before us who have made this day possable and we should never forget that in this great nation of so many people that out of many we are one. One nation under Gog.Thanks be to God.

Posted by Violet Clarke November 8, 08 03:57 PM

I'm so happy a person I can believe in and trust. Obama, do the best you can do and if its not enough, I then know it was too late. You have the trust of the nation and the world, I know you'll find a way to bring back a nation in near ruins. The very best of luck to you, we all need it.

Posted by Noel Crawford November 8, 08 04:03 PM

I never thought I would live to see the day is all I hear from people over 40 years old. I am a 70 yer old Black man and only wish that my elders had witnessed this day but I am compensated by the fact that my children and grand-children are living the moment.
As a US Army veteran, I salute you Barack Obama.
I have no advice to give you, Barack Obama, except to continue as you have done, because you are faultless and exemplar. I will unquestionably follow you.

Posted by Maurice Sparks November 8, 08 04:11 PM

If you are republican I am certain you can relate to those snake handling revivals, but what you are experiencing is a nation exhaling. We all are experiencing a root revival. Our souls and dreams for the future are being restored. We know we have a long way to go, but look at what we have overcome thus far.

Posted by Trina November 8, 08 04:17 PM

"President Obama" how sweet that sounds.

Intelligence, thoughtfulness, consideration, intellectual inquiry, compassion and diligence. These are the words that describe the newest President (elect) of the United States of America. As it should be, now and for always.

Thank you, America, for helping me to elect Senator Barack Obama to be President Barack Obama. I am proud of us all.

Posted by Lisa Harris November 8, 08 04:18 PM

I was with the masses in Grant Park Chicago. Never in 43 years of life have I experienced such unadulterated joy and unity at such a large scale. Fist bumps, hugs, smiles, kisses, strangers photographing strangers of all walks of life... straight,gay,young,old,singles, families all multi-racial and basking in a historic moment.
I'll say it and mean it..It is the 1st time in 8 years that I felt proud to be an American again.

Posted by David A November 8, 08 04:20 PM


Posted by PAMELA HASELRIG November 8, 08 04:34 PM

obama,thank you for the hope spirit ,love ya man, norman

Posted by norman d. hatley November 8, 08 04:41 PM


Posted by SIS C November 8, 08 04:43 PM

This is the greatest and most important day I have witnessed in my lifetime. Obama has the intelligence, judgment, integrity, and morality we so desperately need. Now that he's built an e-mail empire, I hope he will use it. Call on us, Barack: we're here to help!

Posted by Karen Ebeling Brown November 8, 08 04:43 PM

It's odd to hear so many on the right saying "he won't live up to your expectations." I guess they're talking about taxes or something. Who knows.

From my point of view, he has already lived up to my expectations: he has demonstrated that a man of intellect, compassion, grace and class can still win the Presidency of the US; I had started to think those days were behind us in recent years. Especially the intellect thingy.

Obama can raise my taxes all he wants. I trust him to spend the money wisely.

Posted by Doug Mahugh November 8, 08 04:55 PM

We Have been so blessed to witness a divine manifestation in our life time, this is a God sent to us as a people, to America as a popsitive chapter in our history, and to the world as hope. Our President, Barack Obama!

Posted by Aulden Thomas November 8, 08 04:56 PM

WE, Ameriocans have chosen you,Presisent elect Omaba,First Lady,Michelle,
Sasha and Malia as our first Afro-American family to direct our blessed country in a new direction.
We are64-65rertired educators,from Columbia South Carolina ,volunteered to open our home up to our community to bring about a"change" and to educate other people about Senator Obama,after reading his book,Dreams From My Father.
Starting from the bottom and move on up to the top is very authentic .

Posted by Donnna Jean &Mcarthur Young November 8, 08 05:08 PM

Parabéns, Obama. Sinceros votos de um ecxelente ministério presidencial e de um direcionamento novo para a humanidade e para os EUA.
Ivo, from Rio de Janeiro/RJ- Brazil.

Posted by Ivo Alfredo Hanauer November 8, 08 05:15 PM

obama now can help the whole world not just, the united states of america.I am glad you made it obama

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 05:22 PM

I pray for all Americans to work in harmony to bring into fruition our country as we know it needs to be and can be if we are to be the world power we should be. We must all work to see this happen - this is not a choice; it is mandatory. God has given us the opportunty and we must acknowledge His good works by responding every day to His power. God gives us the strength if we will but use it. Tell our youngsters what is required of them and guide them well. Mr. Obama achieved winning this election because of hard work and self-discipline which define his character.

Posted by LaVerne Spurlock November 8, 08 05:26 PM

Dear Mr. President,

I did not vote for you, but I'm well aware of your symbolic significance. My respect for the presidency, which many of your followers don't have, demands my best wishes for your days in office. May your future be more substantial than your past, and may your eloquent speeches translate into positive action.

Posted by TR November 8, 08 05:29 PM

America has finally got it right. It has been a long time coming for us all. This is definitely going to be a year that will never be forgotten. I truly believe that OBAMA is going to bring the change that we have been waiting for. GOD has been a big part in this and we as American don't need to forget that. We also do not need to forget even though OBAMA is the president of the USA, God still sits on the throne!!! May God bless America and keep OBAMA covered in his blood to be able to lead this country the way that it should be led. YES WE CAN, DID, and will CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Andrea McNeil November 8, 08 05:43 PM

40 years ago I was inspired by Martin Luther King,Jr., Malcom X, family, a host of teachers and some very special local mentors. I protested, strategized, marched, sat in, wrote letters to the editor, and registered voters in a small town in South Carolina with the hope and expectation that one day Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision would be fulfilled. For all of us who shared that vision and struggle, that one day, we could be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin, the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America has deep and reverent meaning to the fulfillemnt of Dr. King's Dream.

Posted by P Rush November 8, 08 05:45 PM

The more I know about him, the more I become comfortable that he was the right choice.
He has a lot in front of him, we need to keep backing him up.
God Bless America.

Posted by Maheen November 8, 08 05:48 PM

Goood bless USA. Good bless the world. I'm happy in this world

Posted by Chung ho Ahn November 8, 08 05:50 PM

There was no doubt in our minds that Barack was the only candidate with the intelligence and capability to take over this mess we're in. He knows who to listen to and make proper judgment for our future. He will be able to talk with other countries to reinstate the prestige we once had. He is 90% white as he was not only 1/2 white but raised by white, loving people. He and Michelle make us proud. It's the first time in our lives that we've ever donated $ to a campaign. Our few dollars added up to alot.

Posted by Hank & Norma Allan November 8, 08 06:00 PM

Thank you for giving us our country back.

Posted by Randall Souviney November 8, 08 06:10 PM

We have done it.
I thank God for you President -Elect OBAMA for answering my prayers that now my children will not be sent to wars that they don't have to fight, but they will serve this great nation just like you do. May God continue to guide you as you lead the world and most of all be the best courageous President today. My prayers will always be with you and your family.
Overjoyed Marine Mom
Mary Kangethe

Posted by Mary Kangethe November 8, 08 06:21 PM

Yes, God has the PLAN and His will will be done. He has a purpose for everything even when we do not understand it. So please, those of you who do not believe that God is on the throne and He is not going anywhere. He gives us a choice and when we pray for His help, He is there to guide us. So, Pres.-elect Obama, congratulations and God bless. An Irish Prayer for the Coming Year: "May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow, for every tear, a smile, for every care, a promise, and a blesssing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sign, a sweet song, and an answer for each prayer."

Posted by Nancy Coleman-Zacharias November 8, 08 06:23 PM


Posted by Ethel B. Harper November 8, 08 06:28 PM

Mr. Obama I am so excited that you won the election for President of the United States of America. I thank God for the courage, the strength and the wisdom that you demonstrate throughout this very long and hard campaign. I am very proud of you.

Congratulations and May God continue to bless you and your family.

Posted by B. Coleman November 8, 08 06:36 PM

It is not form man, it is God gift, we love you Obama

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 06:40 PM

I almost got shot in Birmingham Alabama in 1963 for talking to a black friend. Now we have a black/African american president. Change is good!

Posted by Rez November 8, 08 06:58 PM

Brit here.
Congrats Obama.
Take us into the new age!

Posted by Nasiano November 8, 08 07:06 PM

Though how does pulling out of Iraq and u-turning to Afghanistan help peace? :)

Posted by Nasiano November 8, 08 07:08 PM

To 1184: Thanks for your comments and taking the time to think about what I said in 1168. I do not contend that God makes the choices for us, I contend that God allows us to make choices - the atrocities and all, and suffer the consequences if that is what comes of our choices. The choice to go to war - because of the weapons of mass destruction that STILL have not appeared - was a CHOICE of man/men who were supposedly elected by the American people. That was the choice, America (supposedly) chose Bush/Cheney, and they made the choice for war which got us into this mess, and the deficit, and we have lost so many young people as a result. Time for Change is now! YES WE CAN! AND NOW - WE WILL!

Posted by Linda November 8, 08 07:22 PM

I Just love this man...he represents changes in all forms,
Change in Thinking
Change in Doing
Change in just Being
He is the epitome of a man of Great Character
He is unreprentant about the extent of his speculation,
will admit to his short comings and seek advise from those who
have the experience to help. He is never a prisoner of events.

Posted by Marie Matthews November 8, 08 07:30 PM

for those who oppose our new president-elect, i have one suggestion. GET IN YOUR RIGHT MINDS! THIS IS BIG HISTORY BEING MADE! AND YOU CAN'T GET OVER THE FACT THAT OBAMA WON!

Posted by bobby Cecil November 8, 08 07:33 PM

I grew up in a very racist south, was 12 when schools were beginning integration, and was sent, by a grandfather, to a private school--for the obvious reason. My parents, never racist, but inheriting some--just some--of the vernacular of racism, grew up the children of their parents. But on the day we moved north, one of the best moves any of us ever made, I asked them to never say "nigger" or call a black man "boy," terms I had heard my whole life. And they never have.
They are 84 and 85, and with all that background, the excitement of this possible victory, the joy of the fruition of this campaign--I find them as much a sign of change as I do our nation's election of you, President Elect Obama.

Posted by Elizabeth Hodges-Henry November 8, 08 07:35 PM

You know it's a beautiful thing when chills go through your spine when you see it.

Posted by Richard Cho November 8, 08 07:35 PM

Let us hope he is not the "next President", but the next "elected President", as the new House members impeach Bush and Cheney, and the new Senators convict them and remove them from office and Pelosi secedes the Presidency for even just one day - so history knows we did not let them get away unscathed with starting a war of choice based on lies, torturing people, and unlawfully spying on Americans.

Posted by Harry R. Sohl November 8, 08 07:40 PM

Lo queremos mucho aqui en el Salvador Senador Obama , sabiamos que usted ganaria bendiciones para usted y su pais

Posted by Paula de Matute November 8, 08 07:43 PM

congratulation Mr. Obama

Posted by Paula de Matute November 8, 08 07:44 PM

Sr. Obama usted siempre sera el mejor de verdad aqui en el Salvador lo queremos, lo respetamos y lo admiramos mucho y sabemos que si usted hace de ese pais cosas maravillosas tambien lo hara con este pequeöito pais.

Bendiciones para usted.

Posted by paula de matute November 8, 08 07:50 PM

Dear President Obama
The air is different now. A new day has come. I am blessed that my son, Chase saw you Sunday November 2nd at University of Cincinnati. I know he will remember being there. I was saddened to hear of your grandmother passing on November 3rd which was also my birthday. My heart ached for you still pushing thru to get to the end of the race. November 4th, my life changed because of your victory. November 5 I drove around an hour and a half trying to find a newspaper and found the last one at a newspaper stand. November 6th I am still on high November 7th I am still on the Obama high and can't get enough of the victory on the internet.

I pray that you be about God's work. Satan has a plan for you to but the devil is a liar and will be defeated. You were called to do this Mr President. I know it will be rough at times but if you put God first and your beautiful family next it will be a smooth 8 years with you going down in the history books as the first one to get the job done RIGHT.



Posted by TRACY DILLINGHAM November 8, 08 07:55 PM

To 1184: As an afterthought I remembered what you said about abortion! Obama is not FOR abortion, he is FOR CHOICE, leaving decisions up to individuals. This is supposedly a free country, and I do not like choices being made for me when it involves me personally. I also do not approve of Palin spending thousands of dollars on clothes for her and her family, and for taking money to build a bridge and then using it elsewhere. What about her pregnant unwed daughter? It also scared the heck out of me that McCain is 72 and a cancer patient, if he dies, Palin is President! What about him dumping his first wife, Carol, because she was disfigured in a car accident, and porposing to Cindy BEFORE a divorce? You mention fundamentalism, I can not think of anyone else who is more of a fundamentalist than our President Elect. Please, hold on and see what good is going to come of all of this. God Bless You!

Posted by Linda November 8, 08 07:56 PM

I was doing a very ordinary thing when First I heard your voice. I was brushing my teeth in the bathrooom when I stopped brushing because I heard this magnificent voice coming from the TV in the bedroon,,,,,,,,Instantly I hurried into the bedroom to hear this voice of wisdom and soul..That was my introduction to you the year you spoke at the Democratic National Convention. I uttered very softly to myself and said,"This is a man of great promise for the world." Thank you so much for who you are and for asking us to walk with you as we continue to build a great democracy.

Thank you indeed for

Posted by Phoebe Forrest Link November 8, 08 08:35 PM

Congratulations from Canada! Such an amazing time of hope.

Posted by alex November 8, 08 08:45 PM

Some of my Christian Brethren did not vote and are still hung up on the fact that the President-elect favors abortion and gay/lesbian marriages. I recall Jesus teaching about two sons. One agreed to do what was asked of the father, the other, for whatever reason, refused. The one that agreed refused to do, but the one that refused, after giving the request more consideration, did. Jesus asked which son was righteous. I pray for the President-elect daily and believe that he will be guided by the Lord and will act accordingly. He will have the heart of David, the wisdom of Solomon and the closeness of Moses.

Posted by Bishop Napoleon D. Rhodes November 8, 08 08:49 PM

Our country is going to hell

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 08 08:56 PM


Posted by JASMIN November 8, 08 09:15 PM

I thank God for you Mr. Barack Obama,the 44th President of The United
States of America!! You are simply a blessing to mankind world-wide!

Posted by Elora Richards November 8, 08 09:20 PM

If GOD is for us who can be against us.Mr Obama president elect, you are one in a million.We the american people love you and we come in different colors,we are praying for you and your wonderfull family. You are blessed!!!! a man of GOD and with God all things are possible. You held your head high and follow through...GOD has given you this power to lead and HE WHO IS ALL POWERFULL will guide and protect you always....May GOD continue to richley bless you and your family.

Posted by Mary N L Willabus November 8, 08 09:28 PM

CONGRATULATION PRESIDENT OBAMA -CONGRATULATION AMERICA ! My prayers are with you as you lead this great Nation forward.

Posted by Girtie Saddler-Banks November 8, 08 09:32 PM

This has truly been an inspirational moment in my life. I have been in the U.S. for 29 years and have always voted since I was able to do so. This election, however, was the first one that I became an active participant. I have seen changes in this country over the years - but the last eight years have been perhaps the most depressing of times! Homelessness, joblessness, you name it. Having to choose between feeding your children and putting gas in your car to get to work....not a choice a hardworking parent should have to make. Yes, the road will be difficult and the task almost insurmountable. Take heart, it did not happen overnight and it cannot be fixed overnight. May God grant you the wisdom and the insight to know which path to take. America, stand behind this man, he CANNOT do it alone! May you and your family continue to have God's blessings during this difficult journey!

Posted by Poncietta Chavez November 8, 08 09:48 PM

He said, "Yes We Can!" and now we say, "Yes he did!" What a testament to the will of the people. What a beautiful family and oh what a beautiful country!!! God Bless America. I Love You so!!

Posted by Diane Steinberg Lewis November 8, 08 09:57 PM

Congratulation President Elect-Obama. My prayers were with you and family before the election and shall be with you during your two terms. That right, I said your two terms. Yes we did.

Posted by Shepard M. Johnson November 8, 08 10:02 PM

CONGRATULATION PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATION OBAMA GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by posted by Ms.Osceola AR November 8, 08 10:07 PM


Posted by Chris November 8, 08 10:10 PM

the proof will be in the pudding

Posted by not so hasty November 8, 08 10:14 PM

especially for those who saw the 70's, 60's ,and under, who were victims of water-fire hose sprayings,police dog bitings,and all the other rapes,murders,and other terrorist acts, who are still alive.Wow ,NOBODY can't know the feeling they have!Oh!, and let me not forget the deceased africans in america that went through slavery,the so-called "BLACK HOLOCAUST". They finally have a reason to smile in they're graves!

Posted by rduane November 8, 08 10:42 PM

I am Guiadem Tekam From Cameroon. I hope this election showed Africans , Americans, asians and european opposition parties that war is not the only option. I always believed that the answer is organization and I feel vendicated by the obama win. Thank you Mr. President.

Posted by aliou FL November 8, 08 10:51 PM

Finally, a president who will be the smartest person in the room. I am filled with so much pride. I am proud to be an American. For the first time in my life I feel the nation came together, looked beyond race and chose the best person for the most important job in our country. God Bless America and God Bless Barack Obama and his family.

Posted by RH November 8, 08 11:07 PM

President Elect Obama. I am praying that God will continue to bless you and your family. America needs the change. Pray always before you made any decisions.

Posted by Bugaa November 8, 08 11:15 PM

I am so glad that you have been elected, and cannot bear to even imagine what road the country would have gone down if it had been otherwise. There is so much to be mended and healed and put back to rights before any forward movement can be made--some will point fingers and say that you haven't done what you promised to do in your campaigning days. But if even you just succeed in keeping things from becoming worse; even if you and those whom you bring around you for advice and counsel simply keep us from falling into despair and wrongdoing, you will have succeeded magnificently. Already our own respect for our nation is rising. And your respect for the world will restore the world's respect in us, no matter what the outcome of each particular impossible problem. Simple things you will be able to touch--the Arctic will have been preserved. You will pour our energies and intelligence into harnessing the infinite power of the sun (it is not renewable--it is indefatigable). You will not reward rapacious capitalists who turn a blind eye to the effects of their selfish actions on future generations, but you will reward capitalists who live in the knowledge that they cannot foul their own nest with shortsighted greed. Anything beyond these things is gravy in my book, delicious but extra. Notice how the Supreme Court was not needed to be called in, not a hanging chad counted, not weeks of wrangling. Just a country dancing in joy, and wonder, and pride. Thank you for agreeing to take on this impossible yet vital task, and roll up your sleeves, everybody.

Posted by J. E. Darling November 8, 08 11:20 PM

I'm floored by the religiosity of Americans (including Obama). This is a step forward, but the world is screwed until rationalism is embraced.

Posted by critical thinker November 8, 08 11:26 PM


Posted by JULIE SCOTT RUSSELL November 9, 08 12:04 AM

Obama is just cool. I never tire of looking at this guy. Some people say he's just another politician and people are getting pop-icon fever, but I absolutely disagree. Obama has proven himself to be more, and he hasn't even stepped in the "White" house. Obama is probably the smartest President to date. He is cool and he is brave, taking on the job as a black man in a racist world. After eight long, horrific years of trying not to look at Bush, I feel like I'm watching some sort of movie. It's just too good to be true, and his wife is smart as hell too. As a caucasian I am also proud of my fellow Americans for finally seeing past color and getting on with business.

Posted by David November 9, 08 12:12 AM

President elect Obama, I'm so proud of you and all of America. I only ask that you pray for Gods will be done in any situations that may arise. God bless and keep you and your family.

Posted by Cathy Kent November 9, 08 12:16 AM

"The Law that permeates all of the universe, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, continues make the impossible possible! GANDHI, KING, IKEDA, OBAMA!
In October 2,1960 Daisaku Ikeda came to Hawaii to bring this Law and the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin to America in a quest to bring about Kosenrufu (World Peace) through empowering people to obtain individual happiness. Barack Obama was born one year later. October 8, 1960 D. Ikeda arrives in Chicago and went to Lincoln Park where he witnessed an act of discrimination against a young African American boy. Seeing the racial tension still prevalent in the United States, he vowed to create a world that valued human beings, and 12 million like myself in 192 countries joined him! Fourty Eight years later our 44th President of the USA emerges from Lincoln Park, Chicago, an African-American named Barack Obama who brought back Hope and became living proof that Change Is Possible!' - Blane Charles

Posted by Blane Charles November 9, 08 12:27 AM


Posted by steve November 9, 08 12:34 AM

Pinche Obama.

Posted by rob November 9, 08 12:40 AM

Congratulations to my president! I was so glad to be able to help.

Posted by Shelby J McCalpin November 9, 08 12:54 AM

Thank you for posting such good photos along with supporting information, a rare treat

Posted by Ruthie Bowman November 9, 08 01:02 AM

This is a joyous moment and I want to savor it. It discourages me to read so many who use religious statements at this time. We should be giving the American people, all of us, credit for the judgement we had, the determination and hard work many put into this campaign. The choice was right and we worked together to make it happen. Obama is destined to greatness and will bring harmony to this world after so much anguish. Let's just enjoy this great event and leave the rest for tomorrow.

Posted by Gloria Holzman November 9, 08 01:10 AM

Congratulations to Obama and his family and God has blessed them and its only because of him that things happened the way they did , I must say that some people forget that as bad as things are that God is still in control .May God s Riches Blessings be on them . Yes we can,

Posted by Gertrude E. Hill November 9, 08 01:32 AM


Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 04:43 AM


Posted by MARITA CARTER November 9, 08 04:47 AM

Le faccio i migliori aguri e le auguro che lei possa realizzare tutto quello che ha programmato , perhè anche se non la conosco a pelle la ritengo un uomo giuso sia per l' America sia per il resto del mondo.


Posted by sgambato November 9, 08 05:46 AM

Enfin !!!! c'est le début d'une grande révolution des mentalités. Pour vu que ça dure ! ... Un peu d'humanité dans ce monde de brutes ça fait du bien.
Bravo OBAMA, YES HE DID !!!!

Posted by Jerome Cosh November 9, 08 05:57 AM

Black people have problems of exclusion everywhere in this world especally by
white men every where including Asia.. Even in India, it is strange that such a country disrespect of their dark-skin people. The SUDRAs are Indians

Obama's recognition and respect by people all over the wold is a proof of man's instinctual feeling of the fact that "all men are created equal" not only white men.
as "old white Americans" expected.. May God bless the world .

Posted by Ebenezer Armah November 9, 08 06:02 AM

congrats Obama, May the LORD continue to blessed and protect you and your family and give you the strenght to guide and protect our nation.

Posted by regina November 9, 08 07:00 AM


Posted by HENRI November 9, 08 07:21 AM

I am thankful not only to those Americans that voted for Obama but we must also give thanks to our Creator and ancestors who covered him and his family during this time. I believe the Creator chose Obama at the time of conception and that he is truly the choosen one. Creator and ancestors thanks! My our Creator be with all of us for the next 8 years. Love and Peace to the OBAMA FAMILY

Posted by ajm November 9, 08 07:36 AM

Now lets get to work Mr. President, we've got alot of things to do and fix. I'm alittle tired and stressed out from the previuos president, But I think that I have enough strengh to help rebuild this place. So where do you need me at?

Posted by heavylabored November 9, 08 07:49 AM

A change has come for Jesus is alive and well. Congratulations President -elect Barack Obama.. May God keep you and your family safe in His arms, strengthen and comfort you as you go forward leading our country in bringing stability and peace for all. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily and I thank God for giiving us "the" man to bring the change that is needed. I thank God also for letting me be here to witness this new day in history. I am so very proud for the Obama family and it truly feels like its my own family. God bless all of us in worldly peace and brotherly love. Thank you Father for all your blessings. Peace!

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 07:55 AM

I thank the Higher Power for allowing me to live this transcendental and historic moment. It's reassuring to see that dreams can come true. We are filled with hope and enthusiasm that we as a Nation can rise again. This moment exemplifies that everything is possible. Yes we can. Si, se puede.

Posted by Ada Nieves-Brull November 9, 08 08:11 AM

I am a white man living in the heart of Republican country, feeling out of place. For the first time in many years, I am proud to be an American and I have hope for my country. I congratulate all the persons of color who (justifiably) feel a sense of [pride in association with Obama. And I am glad that we have shown the world that America really means hope for a better world.

Posted by Brian Compton November 9, 08 08:13 AM

"Hypocrites will take a bite" but now that their night has turned to day I am
sure a lot of them will come your way.
God bless you and your family President Obama and thanks for
awakening the concience of the world.

Posted by Tony DaCosta November 9, 08 08:23 AM


Posted by UNEMPLOYED IN NYC!!! November 9, 08 09:04 AM

It is impossible not to be proud of a country that elected the first Black President of the "only"s superpower in the world. However I and uncomfortable with all of the comments connected to God. Remember this is a pro choice president. Last check God does not approve of this. Although I am an African American, my allegiance is to God first in all things. Let's be hopeful he will preside with discernment and good judgment..

Posted by Conrad Wales November 9, 08 09:21 AM

The Last Shall Be First. and The First Shall Be Last. For God will Maintain his Promise and All Things Shall Come To Pass! To God Be The Glory and His Will Be Done. Whatsoever is Done here on Earth, It has Already been Establish in HEAVEN. GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Posted by TEDDY R. SIMMONS November 9, 08 09:31 AM


Posted by Stl MO November 9, 08 09:36 AM

I am so relieved for having Mr. Obama elected as our next president of United States: he represents the future for all of us ; tolerance, peace, respect, support for innovation and research, for all humanity and for our earth. We will support him all the way for us and the new generations to come.

Posted by Dascha in Denver November 9, 08 10:01 AM

Thanks be to the ALL MIGHTY CREATOR who continues to manifest unbelievable miracles in our every day life!!! May we all remember to unitedly continue to pray for President Obama's courage, wisdom, strength, and protection for him and his family. _ DEETASDAWTER

Posted by J.C. November 9, 08 10:22 AM

These are absolutely magnificent :)

Posted by TareX November 9, 08 10:27 AM

After 8 long years of a shameful administration, I am overjoyed that Americans finally made the right choice! There's much to be done in the years ahead, but I truly believe that Mr. Obama has the heart and the intelligence to turn things around not only for America but to work with the rest of the world to restore peace and much needed change. After Bush's arrogance and ignorance America needs a president that will treat other countries with the respect that they deserve... Together we can undo the damage that was done in the past 8 years !! Hope is well and alive !!

Posted by Jacqueline Schuck November 9, 08 10:28 AM

The Best thing that ever happen in America was to vote for this man Barack Obama. There is a god and he's not sleeping, we all need to continue to keep him in out hearts and mind and prayers as well congratulations Mr. President.

Posted by DP November 9, 08 10:41 AM

Glory be to God the almighty: I am a single black woman, who has been very ill for the last six years, with know health insurance, working tempory jobs and I am thankful, I have hope for Health Insurance for all poeple. CONGRATS TO OBAMA, OR PRESIDENT ELECT!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bettye of Hammond, In

Posted by Bettye McNeil November 9, 08 10:49 AM

I was proud to work for your campaign in a modest way - posting signs, making phone calls, writing post cards and talking to friends and family. The only remarkable aspect of my support (according to the polls) is that I am a woman over 65 years of age and a lifelong registered Republican. I voted for you because 1) you are super-intelligent 2) you have wisely opposed the war in Iraq and 3)you will improve our image in the world. May you continue to have the wisdom and strength you will need to carry on as you have begun!

Posted by Joan Miano Joakim November 9, 08 11:09 AM

I see a cult of personality.

Posted by Larry November 9, 08 11:11 AM

Well said, TR

Posted by rajadog November 9, 08 11:42 AM

God's will be done! God too, elected you, President Obama, to do HIS will. This election has so many ties.....and I am BLESSED to see that in my LIFETIME, MLK's dream, and the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of my ancestors manifest into greatness! May God's blessings continue to fall on you and may HE bless your steps!

Posted by Leslie Taylor, Age 37 November 9, 08 11:44 AM

It's time now for us to do our part! One person can't do it alone and we must be patient and participate! I have no doubt that our new President and his team will get the job done, but Congress has to do its part as well! If Congress wants to a obstacle then its up to the American People to tell them to MOVE! We must move this Nation and the World Forward! If America doesn't Who will!

Posted by Bernard Dix November 9, 08 11:51 AM

Let us all hope and pray that President Elect Obama has the stamina and wisdom to rally our country back to the distinction of being the greatesst country in the world, exemplifying freedom and democracy to all nations. Regardless of one's political leanings, we should all stand behind him in view of the tremendous challenges that lie before us. Our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren are at stake. We are ONE nation.

Posted by Joseph R. Novack November 9, 08 11:56 AM

I envy and admire you, America.

Posted by Marie November 9, 08 12:02 PM

This pictures are amazing :-o
Thank you very much!

Posted by Félix GG November 9, 08 12:04 PM

I say we have come a long way. My grandmother was born or brought to America in 1854. I just moved to st Louis, MO to be near my great-grandson. He represents the 6th generation from slavery for this family. I remember the signs in public places, Colored/White bathrooms, hospital waiting rooms, not being able to sit at the lunch counters, moving to the back of the train when crossing the Mason-Dixon lines, having to sit in the back of the bus, etc. I was a member of the "PYA" (Progressive Youth Association) back in the sixties. They were a group trying to get equal rights for Blacks. This is a long way from what my grandmother used to teol me about.

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 12:11 PM


Posted by RAY Boone November 9, 08 12:14 PM

I am a Jamaican but I have never been more emotional in the selection of a US President. God bless and protect you, President -elect Obama.

Posted by R D Williams November 9, 08 12:20 PM

I m really excited about all this! It is fascinating to see people HOPE again!!!
Good luck Obama! I wish you to stay true to the people!

Posted by George Pahountis November 9, 08 12:21 PM

My heart is full with various emotions. I pray nightly for you. You are a man with many visions. I can only expect you to continual to follow your heart. I appreciate you and wish you and your family well. Take care of yourself.

Posted by J.Tisdale-Pitts November 9, 08 12:28 PM

From the steps of The Lincoln Memorial not too long ago I heard, and I still hear the echo of a man and his dream.... and you President Elect Obama are another
giant step in fulfilling this man's dream. Congratulations to you. Peace.

Rick Bodlaender

Posted by Rick Bodlaender November 9, 08 12:36 PM

Thank you God; he is intelligent; confident; rare; gifted; anointed; a true true blessing. He's like Moses; he is going to help HIS people. ALL the people!!!
HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OPRAH WAS RIGHT ON HE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO BARACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOUR THANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by barbara sidwell November 9, 08 12:46 PM

I have not felt this great since the election of John F. Kennedy. I was only six back then but I can still remember the impact that moment made on me. Today I feel so proud to be an American as our vote for Barack is a vote for creating an even stronger weave in the fabric of our country. Barack Obama has all of the positive energy and love about him and his family that great things will come to pass for all of us because of his wisdom, his humanity and spirit.

Posted by Frank Pietronigro November 9, 08 12:54 PM

Allaah is Most Merciful and decreed that the best candidate should win. This is a historical and a great moment. As a student of African and African American Studies, I hope that Pres. Obama success will show our young people the possibilities other that just sports. Now the real work begins. All the Praises and Thanks is due to Allaah.

Posted by Abdurraheem Suleyman November 9, 08 01:10 PM

I am so over joyed I never thought and mu lift time I would see an frican merican President.I have heard stories from my ancestors on racism in America, people of all colorsshould see this as a good thing for the country to grow and go forward. I pray everyday for the Obama family that God covers them in the blodd of Jesus. I know that this is not going to be easy but this is what God has placed in his heart to do. And for my Christain friends out there if you are truely Christians the world of God says to pray for our leaders. So these Preacher, Pastors need to be spreading that message rather then talking about abortions and taking away a women rights. This is not slavery where we had no right. Freemdom of choice.Next they willbe telling you that you cannot marry outside of your race. And I know some of these Christians that want to take away a women's rights sit up in church next to their spouse, or mates that happened to be of a different race. So in closiing I would say Yes we did and now let's support the Obama adminstration..

Posted by Linette November 9, 08 01:21 PM

I know there's a lot of white people heating on you becauese of your color but they got see that there is a change in ameraica's history. That we all live here. An we all want to live.!!!!

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 01:26 PM

From France : Please do not thank God for Obama's Victory, it has been up to you American people to elect the right man for the White House, no matter how faith can be important to you. For the sake of the rest of the world, I think you should not associate Faith & politics...
For the 04/11/08, the world already thank you Americans...

Posted by Nicolas Aubertin, Grenoble, France November 9, 08 01:43 PM

Congratulations Mr. President Elect.........It's been 232 years and finally there is freedom. May God Bless You always and especially during the presedential year.

Posted by Cyndi Thorne-Wagner November 9, 08 01:44 PM

I can say now, that at 51 years old, I am a PATRIOT when prior to Barack Obama, I was an anarchist. I now believe I'll get me a flagpole and run our flag up there and proudly display the red, white and blue colors that I could not stomach before this election. You could have called me a cynical "b" about America before, NOW I AM A PATRIOT

Posted by JL Trump November 9, 08 01:46 PM

There is a reason that the President Elect is Barack Obama. His Hope is our Hope, that someday we will be able to love our neighbor as ourselves, to strive for equality and that God is in control. All he has to do is reach his hand out and take hold of the one person who is in control.

Posted by Grace Custard Ware November 9, 08 02:05 PM

Pres. Elect Obama, congratulations and I pray that God will continue to bless and guide you. Remember that like King Solomon, you must always ask God for wisdom and He will give it to you. You were raised up for such a time as this.

Posted by Druscilla November 9, 08 02:06 PM

I'm either American or live in the States. But this is HUGE for me!! Thank you President Obama for your involvement and for holding on. You made many peoples dreams come true. I am lucky to witness this special event. Congratulations and good luck!

Posted by Senait November 9, 08 02:07 PM

Per me, che ho creduto nella Neu Ftrontier di Kennedy da giovane madre, per me la cui 2 figlia Roberta Torres dirige il laboratorio di immunologia dell'Ospedale ebraico nazionale del Colorado a Denver, sposata ad un immunologo Americano'
per me che faccio e ho fatto politica in Italia, ma anche in Kenya per il primo voto degli Italiai allEstero, e che considero il Kenya la mia seconda Patria, niente poteva rendermi felice di più della nomina a PRESIDENTE USA del Senatore
Barak Obama! I miei più vivi auguri a Lei Presidente e alla Sua bella famiglia.
Vittoria Buttiglione

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 02:12 PM

Like I've been saying since the wee hours of November 5th (along with most of the rest of the United States), "I'm proud to say I'm an American again". At last, a man of destiny will be in the White House...a man with heart, a man with dignity, a man of integrity, humanity, quality, warmth and with a little twinkle in his eye that draws you in and says "You did the right thing in putting me in the White House and I will work very hard to prove it to you". May God bless and keep you and your family and give you the strength and wisdom to give back to this country what it has been so sorely missing for too long.

Posted by Joel Chasen November 9, 08 02:32 PM

I am In Tears Those Photo's And The Energy That Our President Barack Obama Brings Out Is So Overwhelming I still Cry Every time I see These Historical Moments. a horrible thing... WE as a people, One People No Race Envolved
Are honored and Blessed To Have a Human With soul In the whit house, Obama Has a soul and we need That shift Right Now! Be Well Be at peace.
Rebekah Bell

Posted by Rebekah Bell November 9, 08 02:37 PM

Dear President-Elect Obama and future First Lady Michelle Obama,

You both have been anointed to lead a world and you must know that you have tremendous support and love. Remember first your God and your family, they will always be there for you, beyond your imagination. Take the time, as you have, to united and reach out to those that need help and understanding the most. Help bring us out of ignorance and shame into a world of respect and caring.

Thank you for bringing a dream to reality and showing my children, Jordan and Erin, that our words about doing anything in world is actually manifested through your victory.

We thank God for you and will pray for you always.

See you in DC!!

Posted by Jacquelyn Howard November 9, 08 02:47 PM


Posted by TERENCE TURNER (T-BONE) November 9, 08 02:53 PM

I love America and the Americans again! I really believe pres. Barack Obama will Bring back peace and positivity back into this world.


Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 03:00 PM

To 1277 and 1267....
The proof is in the pudding! After eight years of ex-president "W." You know, I knew our government has pulled some shady stuff but I never thought our government would lie to us over an issue that would send our most valuable resource -- our sons and daughters -- to a phony war. Over 4,000 men and women have died to support a lie told to us by the "W" administration.
The proof is in the pudding! Now the economy --- we were lied to about the economy, a phony economy, just like the war in Iraq -- "a nation of whiners" --- "it's only a mental recession." Trillions of dollars lost in retirement funds but, hell, let them eat pudding I guess.
Proof is in the pudding.... Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden is still at large. He's diabetic, no pudding for him.
To the Christian brethren --- I need to qualify that. I think it is the right wing of the "Christian Party" I'm addressing --- I find it interesting that under the current administration you found a home. The paraphrase, "Know them by their works." I think you better examine who you are affiliated with. Over the last eight years you have lived in the same country I have --- Are we better off?
I voted for Barack Obama for many reasons, not the least of which is the love he has shown to his family, his country and it's citizens, and, in turn the love he has received back. A rally of 70,000 plus in Oregon! Thank you Oregon! 250,000 in Chicago! You could go state by state with few exceptions and witness one of the most amazing scenes in political history --- Historical on so many levels! The promise of the "Promised Land" has gotten ever closer!
Please don't confuse my excitement with euphoria -- I'm a citizen of the United States and I believe in this country and it's people even though I disagree with 46% of them.
We will overcome because ultimately the decision is ours and every politician is fully aware of that. If you don't believe that just ask the Republicans.
So as Bill Cosby says, "Let's enjoy a little pudding!"
Keep our eyes and ears fixed on our country, our fellow Americans, and more importantly our elected leaders, because in four years we will again, thanks to our forefathers, have the opportunity to evaluate our leaders and decide yet again, Are we better off? Is the world better off?
I have one final thought for those of you who didn't vote, I think you should reexamine your conviction to your causes. By not voting you were not only unpatriotic, you gave in and gave up.
Eat up.
Signed, Ralph Moore; Veteran and business owner

Posted by Ralph M. Moore November 9, 08 03:07 PM

I know that you ( with help) can bring ALL of us together. I hope the Rep., the Indep. partys see that we are ALL one people. And that what ever happen, will happen to ALL of us. May God bless you and your family.

Posted by KDM for Philadelphia November 9, 08 03:10 PM

Ad majora President Obama!
Grazie di esistere!

Posted by Sara da Roma November 9, 08 03:12 PM

The Mr. Pateta ( Bush ) finaly end the poor way for the contry

Posted by Arnold Macedo November 9, 08 03:19 PM

Mahabang Buhay! President Elect Barack H. Obama, I could not believe that I will live to see the most magnificent happening of the world. Long live, and may Allah Almighty bless you forever with great wisdom, good health, and with moral and spiritual strength. And most of all to go right for America. I am so proud to be an American citizen now and along with my family pray for your success. MMM (Filipino-American) from Tustin, California.

Posted by Mengmeng Mendoza November 9, 08 03:20 PM

United again, at least for most and what a struggle ahead of our great country. As we move forward it is important to understand we need each others help, even if it is just a word of encouragement, a smile or handshake that says we still have a chance to be great as we are and there is enough room for us all to be great.

Posted by Joshua Clayton November 9, 08 03:25 PM


Posted by ESTELLE OJI November 9, 08 03:30 PM

dall'Italia tanti rallegramwnti ! Presidente Obama auguri di buon lavoro !

Posted by Antonio Nobili November 9, 08 03:36 PM

This indeed an extraordinary time in America and the World, the content of a person's heart and character won out over the color of his skin, jealousy and deceit. God has his hand in the mix, and as Mohammed Ali said, "he shook up the world". Young people please recognize the beauty of this experience, and consider the possibilities.

Posted by Stan Hall - Oakland, CA November 9, 08 03:47 PM

Holy good cripes! That is one stonking set of images. number 24 = awesome. "yo, buddy, show me some love!"

Posted by Dave November 9, 08 04:05 PM

This country is back on its track. Finally, sanity is back to the WH.

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 04:08 PM

Goddess Bless America too!
Goddess Bless Michelle Obama & her children for all HER work as well.
She will be the Rock for Barack
and may he continue to serve her well, all children well, and his higher self well.
Congratulations President Elect Obama
and may God Bless and Protect you!

Posted by Intention November 9, 08 04:20 PM

I am 73 years young and a white man. I am rejoicing in the President Elect's victory, knowing that he is the hope for the future as a black & caucasian, charismatic leader of all Americans, of whatever ethnicity or spiritual point of view. God truly has blessed America with this Martin Luther King moment in our history. When I slow down long enough to think deeply about this historic event, it still, to this day, makes me well up with tears of joy! I am not certain that will ever stop.

Posted by Richard Hume November 9, 08 04:28 PM

Barack Obama rocks!

Posted by ggggggggggrttdrtte55t November 9, 08 04:56 PM

Perhaps you have seen my picture in a magazine. Perhaps you have wondered how I survived 18 years of a battle with cancer. I Jacqueline Golson , survived so that I could see the day when aBlack man became president. You were chosen when you were born. Your conception was foretold. Thank you for following your destiny even though it wss hard at times. Though the weight of the world is on your shoulders, please know that heaven dispensed angels to guard and protect you and your family and make your burden lighter. Every second of the day someone is praying for you. You are blessed to be a blessing.

Posted by Jacqueline Golson November 9, 08 05:00 PM

President Obama, It has been a long road for you and your family during the past two years but it was worth it. I pray that you will be able to do the things you have promised too the american people and help us become the great nation we have always been. I think it is wounderful that our world has become more able to except the changes in our days. I will pray for you and your family and for our nation in this hard time. I know you can and will make a difference. May God Bless you always and your family.

Posted by Rosemary November 9, 08 05:12 PM

President Obama, you have a tough road ahead, but if we beleive in our Creator and hold dear to our faith by praying often, you will overcome the obstacles. God be with you always. Russ & Teddy Osantowski

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 05:13 PM

Esperamos que esta vitoria seja para todo mundo que depende da economia dos USA ! Donizeti. Brazil

Posted by Doni November 9, 08 05:16 PM

I rejoice that God has saw fit to place President Elect Barack Obama and his Family in this position of leadership. I pray that this exemplifies to ALL how God does answers prayers. A prayer from many for a CHANGE.
As we move forward to the years to come under this Administration, let us move in unison as we pray for this Family, our country, and one another.

America Has Spoken, God Has Led!

Posted by Marie K. Compas-Polo November 9, 08 05:20 PM

My tears were flowing while I was viewing the pictures...They were moving...Congratulations.

Posted by Napoleon B. Alcedo Jr., MD , Philippines November 9, 08 05:22 PM

Oh Barack Obama, I so happy and honored that you have been elected to be our next president. I know it will be a long hard road to travel for all of us but there is hope in the air and we will succeed. I pray for you and your loving family. Gail from Ohio

Posted by Gail Arneson November 9, 08 05:31 PM

I see you as a legitimate leader of Planet Earth operating out of Washington and making Greene's observation of the 'ugly American' irrelevant.

Posted by Eucliffe Loague November 9, 08 05:33 PM

Dear Mr. President Elect, Mr. Barack Obama,
I am a 64 year old African-American female and I never thought I would see the day when we would have an African-American President. My Grandmother, Mrs. Eunice Roberts, use to tell me in the late 50's and and early 60's since she passed in January 1962, about God revealing to her the riots in 1968, after Kings death, she said blood shed African-Americans killing each other, Father against son and Mother against daughter. She also talked about a Black President. She told me it might not be in my time and she knew it wasn't going to be in her time. I thought it was going to be in my grandchildrens' time. I am so Thankful to the good Lord that I was able to witness and vote and work on you campaign as a volunteer caller and neighborhood voter register . I talked about the importance of voting wherever I went. My grandmother and mopther instilled in us to register to vote once we turned 18 and vote .

thought But she did call it

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 05:45 PM

You are the best!!!!

Posted by aduni November 9, 08 05:49 PM

God Bless, Mr. President. Not only have you changed my world, but also of those who had never thought to, witnessed it. A President who is not only intelligent & compassionate, but an Afro American One. May we all honor, President, Barack Obama. Thank You, Lord

Posted by A fAMILY WHO WAITED FOR HISTORY TO BE BORN November 9, 08 06:04 PM

We are toast.

Posted by John November 9, 08 06:07 PM

Dear President-Elect Barack Obama,
God Bless you and your family.
Keep the faith and God as your pilot.

Posted by Eloise Liddell November 9, 08 06:12 PM

To us oldsters--black, white or whatever--it's a little like the words of Martin Luther King: "I can see the promised land . . . I may not get there with you . . ." But then again, with a decent health care system, our odds of being around to marvel over a new society would be greatly improved. Our spirits have been uplifted, in any case--and that's also a big part of the battle.

Posted by Tom Camfield November 9, 08 06:18 PM

I don't believe in god or jesus or a higher power. I am an Atheist. I follow logic and reason and Logic and Reason have prevailed in the election of Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. I am finally proud of this country and look forward to what the future holds in racial tolerance as well as religious (and non-religious) tolerance.

Atheists for Obama!

Posted by Proud Atheist Obama Mama November 9, 08 06:25 PM

I'm so glad this finally happened. Maybe things have really changed in America. I wanted this but I didn't it would really happen. Thank God it did. I just pray he does make a change/difference. Yea Obama. As my daughter says "We rock the vote" I love you"Mr. President-elect"

Posted by Wanda Thomas November 9, 08 06:27 PM

Mr. President, elect, a whole nation of people of color are in awe that we can say that we witnessed your awesome win! I am very proud of you and your beautiful family. It is my prayer that God will continue to guide you and your family. I also pray that God gives you the wisdom to select the right people who will have your best interest as you guide this country.
God Bless you!

Posted by Maryann McLemore November 9, 08 06:31 PM

Brilliant photography, really captured and man, the experience, the campaign, the hope for a new beginning.

Posted by Dale Barnett November 9, 08 06:33 PM

Barack obama you will be a great president GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Posted by NOONE November 9, 08 06:38 PM

I'am Emmanuel and i leave in French Guyana. At october shoot a music video for Barac Obama. you can view this by Entering the name Obama Toko in Google, I reports, You Tube or Daylimotion. I would like to use some picture in a second music vidéo. Can you tell to me if it's possible.


Posted by Toko Emmanuel November 9, 08 06:47 PM

I am so very proud of our new President. He needs to take a little vacation with his family before he under take all of this mess. We can do it. We have to stop and think about where do we go from here.

God Bless President Barack Obama elect

Posted by Romaine Mitchell November 9, 08 06:49 PM

Dear President Obama and family thank you so much for standing and holding firm to what you believe you could do without giving up! My famiily and friends have decided to stand in the gap with daily prayer for you and your family!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Posted by D.DIXON November 9, 08 06:57 PM

Mr. Conrad Wales; What you are saying does not make any sense?!!!! I understand that's your opinion but it is strange :(

Posted by barbara November 9, 08 07:01 PM

I am truly greatful to have lived to witness this moment, and will remember it for the rest of my life. The world is now a better place.

Posted by BM November 9, 08 07:05 PM

Dear President Elect Obama,
It is such a pleasure to congratulate you and Mrs. Obama! What a joy to see that finally the American people have spoken out to elect you as our President!
I don't believe that race had a part in selecting you. Just knowing in our hearts that you have provided hope when there was none has made us all hopeful. The road is long and rocky, but we will go with you if you lead us to the new
promise land!

Posted by Patricia Blair November 9, 08 07:12 PM

We were looking for a leader with the Great Spirit on his side. And now we have a chance to right the wrongs of the Bush years.

Posted by paul November 9, 08 07:31 PM

No one can tell me there is not a GOD..............Praise him for all things are possible..

Posted by yolanda king November 9, 08 07:46 PM

I think there is nothing more heart warming to me, than to see the look in President-Elect Obama's eyes when he looks at his family. There is so much love and I only hope people can say the same about me when I look at my son.

God Bless the Obama family!

Posted by Nica November 9, 08 07:53 PM

I'm a 50 year old African American elementary teacher in Los Angeles. Now we can stop lying to the babies, they really can be anything they want to be. Every morning I wake up and