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November 14, 2008 Permalink

Peering into the micro world

A team of University of Michigan researchers has recently created a set of electron microscope images of carbon nanotube structures depicting images of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. John Hart, leader of the research team says it wasn't a political statement, but an attempt to draw attention to what is possible these days with nanotechnology, and imaging at the very small scale. I'll take him up on this invitation and share with you some other images of very tiny things in our world. For visualizing the scale, most measurements below are in microns - one micron is a millionth of a meter - human hair is approximately 100 microns thick. (32 photos total)

Images of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, each made with approximately 150 million tiny carbon nanotubes, are photographed using an electron microscope by University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering Department in this image released to Reuters November 10, 2008. The image, based on an original drawing by Shepard Fairey, is just wider than 500 microns and is made of approximately 150 million tiny carbon nanotubes, which is about the number of Americans who voted on November 4, according to John Hart at University of Michigan. (REUTERS/John Hart, Sameh Tawfick, Michael De Volder, and Will Walker/University of Michigan/Handout)
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152 comments so far...

Awesome pics and somewhat frightening!

Posted by Robert November 14, 08 01:48 PM

This is sweet. I love these pictures so much that I can just look at them all day.

Posted by Yan Papov November 14, 08 01:50 PM

C'est un peu degueu' quand même... juste avant d'aller manger... beurk !!
Mais bon, c'est un sujet comme un autre, qui ne devrait pas trop attirer les foules...
Bon week-end à tous !!!!!!

Posted by Fabien November 14, 08 01:50 PM

WOW; UNIQUE pictures

Posted by Pedro November 14, 08 01:59 PM

Frankly, some of these made me feel a little sick. The thought of #29 crawling through my veins makes me shudder.

#12 is absolutely amazing. It is one of the few things that was both novel and yet could be connected to something familiar.

Posted by Joe November 14, 08 02:05 PM

#10 and #24 have the same caption. #10 sure looks like sperm.

Posted by Kevin November 14, 08 02:14 PM

I love this site so much. Each entry is like a museum exhibit! Plus, you always put up things that are so cool! This has got to be the best site on the internet...

Posted by B November 14, 08 02:24 PM

Very Impressive pictures! That´s the nature.

Posted by Pablo Darde November 14, 08 02:29 PM

Creepy! Thanks.

Posted by Kat November 14, 08 02:35 PM

wow! great ;)

Posted by ben November 14, 08 03:07 PM

#8 Makes me want to sneeze!

Posted by AGR November 14, 08 03:14 PM

i think i like bugs now.

Posted by beth November 14, 08 03:19 PM

#7 looks like a very tiny TIE fighter

Posted by Rick Leasure November 14, 08 03:26 PM

I'm both equally fascinated and disgusted. What's crawling on my skiiiiiiiiin??? :)

Posted by robina November 14, 08 03:50 PM

screaming the glory of Christ..

Posted by W November 14, 08 04:02 PM

I think 1 millimeter equal to 1000 microns? If so, these items are small!

Cool pics.

Posted by Natman November 14, 08 04:19 PM

They're Small Big Pictures!

Great and fantastic.

Posted by Joseph November 14, 08 04:48 PM

"#10 and #24 have the same caption. #10 sure looks like sperm."
those are neurons with apical dendrites - and yes they are from the same project.

Posted by Doc November 14, 08 05:27 PM

William Paley just called. He wants to know whether #7 is designed or natural :\

Awesome images - thank you!

Posted by Mike November 14, 08 05:33 PM

#12 made me shudder for a few minutes. i literally had to get up out of my seat and look away, it's grossing me out. i'll probably have nightmares about it now. the insect ones are subconsciously making me scratch!

otherwise, i really enjoyed these. haha.

Posted by Michele November 14, 08 05:37 PM

Wonderful images. Thanks again.

#25: Perhaps "chemical cues" is meant here, not "queues"?

Posted by Choudoufu November 14, 08 05:38 PM

Wow, there is a God. In #19, I wonder how far the recursion of hexagons goes... incredible.

Posted by Gaurav November 14, 08 05:42 PM

I didn't want the pictures to stop. I was sad when I got to #32 heh. Incredible, amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Nytesky November 14, 08 06:30 PM

These make me feel as humble as looking at stars. As above - so below. Fabulous. Life is irresistible. Humans are transitory. Enjoy it while we can.

Posted by jed November 14, 08 06:58 PM

Muy buenas. Gracias

Posted by Roberto November 14, 08 07:23 PM

Another great feature. This is the best photo blog in the world. Every time a post comes up it shows all of us another spectacular view of the world.

These images are wondrous!

Posted by Dane Deasy November 14, 08 08:05 PM

Les plus belles choses sont dans la nature, même là où on ne les soupçonne pas !

Posted by Cot November 14, 08 08:06 PM

Go Drexel! Bravo Jessica and Caroline :) :) :)

Posted by AZ November 14, 08 09:54 PM

Fascinating! There's so much detail in the world that we can't even see.

Posted by Mark November 15, 08 12:33 AM

it took me 45 minutes to get through these pictures. The image of the cells of a facet of a multifaceted eye blue my mind!

Posted by jerome November 15, 08 01:46 AM

awesome microworld!

Posted by Kane November 15, 08 03:01 AM

If you read about a creature with a nose between its eyes, and the a pair of arms protruding on the sides of that nose, you would think this Sci Fi writer is mad, but the weevil, #3, looks just like that. Good stuff the whole lot.

Posted by Cecil November 15, 08 07:53 AM

jaleb boood !

Very Nice !

Posted by Amirreza November 15, 08 08:50 AM

Astounding photographs...just goes to to show ya...the micro world is just as complicated and beautiful as the universe..I rank these right up there with the pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope...GREAT JOB

Posted by NJ CARGUY November 15, 08 09:45 AM

Wow, amazingly beuatiful

Posted by Eran Katz November 15, 08 12:06 PM

uah... now im scared ;)

Posted by kdaowd November 15, 08 12:38 PM

nice - like all of photos here, all the time. thank you.

Posted by Mitya November 15, 08 01:11 PM


Posted by The Baltimore Babe November 15, 08 01:39 PM

Awesome pictures! The materials scientist part of me is screaming for scale-bars though. Magnification numbers just don't cut it.

Posted by expli November 15, 08 05:07 PM

Those are amazing pictures, #29 is so scary, I can imagine that burrowing through my skin...

Posted by Jylan Wynne November 15, 08 05:32 PM

One of my favorites thus far

Posted by Keith November 15, 08 05:53 PM

Tolko sinee, vso ostalnoe brak.

Posted by Augite November 15, 08 06:58 PM

nature rule!

Posted by d November 15, 08 07:03 PM

Thank you ... there's so much of God's creation at the micro level that remains unexplored. This beats NASA hands down. Thank you again.

Posted by John Gillmartin November 15, 08 07:04 PM

Two things, I am thankful to live in a time when we can see past our own “measure” and we use electrons to make these images yet we have never took a picture of one cool huh.

Posted by Joshua Kugel November 15, 08 09:10 PM

The micro world is fascinating and so complex!

I don't think you've done a presentation on the macro universe. For instance:
Chandra deep field view of all the galaxies in just a very small section of the sky, like here:

I use this as desktop wallpaper.

Posted by Jojo November 16, 08 04:31 AM

Fascinating pictures of live.

Posted by Philip Chau November 16, 08 05:33 AM

ha,i would've loved to read but the pictures seemed to be looking right back at me i got so scccaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeedddd

Posted by candy November 16, 08 06:26 AM

I think I saw Whoville on one of the photos!

Posted by BB November 16, 08 08:24 AM

These are great.
Who could ever deny the facts of existance?
Thanks for those who show us the lovely aspect of our world .......and.....

Posted by Alireza November 16, 08 10:29 AM

the tissues, structures and patrons are f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g ! thanks again for sharing.

Posted by juud November 16, 08 02:15 PM

It is unbelievable!

Posted by Agata November 16, 08 02:25 PM

I now truly understand why pollen makes me miserable!

Posted by Matthew Asner November 16, 08 03:00 PM

Amazing shots

Posted by Pete November 16, 08 06:55 PM

I am so glad I stumbled onto this website. It is tremendously informative and fascinating. I will return time and again. Thanks.

Posted by Lyle Wood November 17, 08 02:07 AM

I am amazed for what God has done!!! Incredible creativity...

Posted by Andrew from Italy November 17, 08 04:32 AM

Amazing to see things with these electron microscopes as a change from the normal shots posted that some of us photographers could see ourselves shooting.

Posted by Anonymous November 17, 08 09:46 AM

So wonderful ! Thanks for sharing this pictures !

Posted by Charles R November 17, 08 11:12 AM

xtra cool !
nature knows more than us about us!

Posted by arjun November 17, 08 02:54 PM

got to looove these sci-photos!

it makes you think, who rules this place!

10x a bunch!

Posted by Iliya November 17, 08 05:42 PM

So wonderful ! Thanks for sharing this pictures !

Posted by payam November 18, 08 02:43 AM

Wonderful images. Thanks Posted by November 18.08 18:30PM

Posted by H-R-S November 18, 08 10:00 AM

Pretty amazing, and beautiful! To think...nature did all this.

Posted by Doris November 18, 08 04:18 PM

A wonder to behold, makes you give your head a shake and gets you thinking about what we still can't see in our microscopic universe.

Posted by Darryl Lussier November 18, 08 05:29 PM

Wow, a whole new world life aoround us. This is just amzing, unbelievable, beautiful; it is a REAL new science work. Keep up the GREAT work!

Posted by Abeer Hallak November 18, 08 08:29 PM

its a great content dear.....

Posted by baij singh November 18, 08 09:37 PM

your pictures are very wonderful
taban ghodrat co.
1-farzad moghadam
2-hossein pour

Posted by taban group November 19, 08 03:08 AM

Nothing compares with the beauty and complexity of God's creation.

How can we compare the outstanding skyscrapers built by Men, with the beauty and complexity of God's creation above? It is incomparable.

Posted by LiveByFaith November 19, 08 06:55 PM

it's very amazing.Other world in our.Thanks for all

Posted by AROLDO FROTA,RJ BRAZIL November 19, 08 10:04 PM

Horton Hears a Who much?

I think I saw Jojo.

Posted by lox November 19, 08 11:41 PM

I'm frightened...hold me.

Posted by steve beschakis November 20, 08 01:06 AM

The beauty of the micro...nothing is insignificant. I would love to have a large print of 10 & 24 on my wall. Leonardo could not concieve of such beauty. Thank you God, for all creation!

Posted by Nancy Laherty California November 20, 08 02:14 AM


Posted by BASSIMA BALAL November 20, 08 04:44 AM


I disagree, it is nature which is great. Not to mention the science that reveals it. God has nothing to do with it. Don't you think the universe is cool enough as it is, without having to invent stuff about it?

Posted by Gustav Nyström November 20, 08 08:56 PM

I disagree, it is nature which is great. Not to mention the science that reveals it. God has nothing to do with it. Don't you think the universe is cool enough as it is, without having to invent stuff about it?

Right : " The end of believe is the beginning of Intelligence" !

Posted by Founder Riddle November 21, 08 04:55 AM

whoa! # 2 made me jump out of my seat!!
Fascinating, and it's no wonder why we sometimes get sick.

Posted by Cheryl November 21, 08 02:39 PM

This is stunning.!! It just goes to show how "Life is Beautiful!" In this day and age when we pay little attention to our planet and its inhabitants, I am thankful that there are humans out there that remind us how precious life truely is, NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

Posted by John Culich November 22, 08 04:40 AM

Its very nice to see the images from the micro world. Micro photography is one of the evolving art form. and it may be the art of future.
The law of nature is extremely Fascinating. But it is not a law from the god or other mere concepts. Thanks very much for sharing these images for the world.
Thanks again.

Posted by Navaneeth Krishnan, Kerala November 22, 08 05:09 AM

nice simple repeatitive patterns as in art form also actually are in the micro world. An art form and combination of natural contrasting and mixup colors...shashi shrivastava

Posted by shashikiran November 22, 08 04:14 PM

Great pictures, but they are creepy!

Posted by Ju November 22, 08 11:21 PM

My deepest admiration and grateful respect for those dedicated humans who explore this incredible world/universe for the rest of us to enjoy. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Posted by Ivan Bawa November 23, 08 02:21 AM

I am reminded of a study that dealt with the human brain's problem with dealing with huge numbers, or in this case very small numbers, hence the human tendency to compare things to familiar scenarios (i.e. saying 3 empire state buildings tall, or using AU when dealing with planetary distance) Most people, myself included, have a hard time appreciating how small 50 microns really is.

That being said, what's up with all the bugs? Give these scientists a million dollar electron microscope and that's all they can think of to use it on? I'd use that thing so much on just random objects that the power bill would insane.

Posted by Sir Struggle November 23, 08 10:52 AM

Bufffffffffffffffffffff que bueno

Posted by Nimou November 23, 08 04:34 PM

I disagree, it is nature which is great. Not to mention the science that reveals it. God has nothing to do with it. Don't you think the universe is cool enough as it is, without having to invent stuff about it?}

Thank you.
It is refreshing to know that there are others who can enjoy the beauty of nature's reality without invoking the imaginary.

Posted by Evan November 23, 08 05:54 PM

brillliant & amazing it's very interested the algae is wonderful

Posted by mariam riaz November 24, 08 03:15 AM

I am amazed at some of the comments by some people. It's we realized that God is behind all of this.

Posted by Samir M. November 24, 08 03:44 AM

That was a bit interesting, but a bit gross at the same time.

Posted by yevin November 24, 08 03:06 PM

these should made you think of the creator of all these ....

Posted by mam zeyad November 24, 08 03:12 PM

Amazing! these designs point to a Designer.

Posted by nodoubt November 25, 08 05:29 PM

I thought it is George Washington in the first photo.
All of the pictures are fascinating and some of them are frightening :)

Posted by Memo November 25, 08 05:32 PM


Posted by Abhijit November 26, 08 04:23 AM

First of all, thank you for these images, they are lovely and provide means to ponder for those with minds.

As for the interesting previous posts:

"I disagree, it is nature which is great. Not to mention the science that reveals it. God has nothing to do with it. Don't you think the universe is cool enough as it is, without having to invent stuff about it?" Gustav Nyström

No Gustav, science does not go against belief in a creator/designer, a God, after all things don't just "invent themselves" in a very ordered manner and go hand in hand with other creations in harmony. If they had made themselves each creation would have followed its own pattern and there would be chaos (no coordination) and we wouldnt be able to survive cohesively. Not to mention that many referred their collective fascination in these images to 'nature', which is an instinctual monotheistic reaction to direct the creation to one source (i.e: God)

Founder Riddle : " The end of believe is the beginning of Intelligence"

40:57 Assuredly the creation of the heavens and the earth is a greater (matter) than the creation of men: Yet most men understand not.

This is from the Quran: text dating back 1400 years ago (transcendent from God to humanity), never changed. These images: modern technology. Both are forms of knowledge, connect both ends and you get belief.

30:29 But nay - they who are bent on evildoing fol­low but their own desires, without having any knowl­edge (of the truth). [23] And who could guide those whom God has [thus] let go astray, and who (thereupon) have none to succour them? [24]

30:30 So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith: (establish) Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind: no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah; that is the standard Religion, but most among mankind understand not.

"The law of nature is extremely Fascinating. But it is not a law from the god or other mere concepts." Navaneeth Krishnan, Kerala

So far, nothing has been added here but opinions not established on any form of knowledge. I would really recommend everybody to take their time reading about what surrounds them, especially before making statements. Life is short, you should not let yourself be stubborn and never know if you were wrong until life is over.

Thank you again for the images, they are very fascinating, and they aslo make me feel so small in this world.

Posted by noImage November 26, 08 05:32 AM

Here are these miracles to see and what I do not see is any reason to argue further than what we see. God-no god? Creation-evolution? our arguments about origins are man-made. Our conclusions are personal.

Ladies and gentlemen, respect for one another please. And let's not imagine we mammals have the final answer.

Posted by everydaysawonder November 30, 08 10:49 AM

beautiful :-)

thank you so much !

Posted by nadavkav November 30, 08 01:56 PM


Posted by yossi December 1, 08 04:28 AM

@93-- I think I agree. However I am tired of getting crap crammed down my throat everywhere I go with no mutual respect.
This planet was here long before we evolved on it and will be here (despite our mucking about) long after. We mammals aren't the final answer - nor do we have it- this is true.
@ 94-- yes science is beautiful

Posted by Cordellia December 2, 08 07:05 AM

G-d is great. Let's appreciate His creations.

Posted by Leon Potter December 2, 08 09:47 PM
98. beautiful...

Posted by Roxy James December 2, 08 09:59 PM


Posted by jason December 3, 08 06:34 PM

Who said "I can just imagine"

Posted by Ron Bryer December 4, 08 02:41 AM


Posted by sultan December 4, 08 09:59 PM

God's world is amazing
if people believe evolution did this, they are stupid.

Posted by lightbringer December 5, 08 06:59 PM

Absolutely Fantastic!!! How Awesome is our God!!!

Posted by Heather Burgess December 6, 08 02:16 PM

beautiful images. shame about the overly medical language - trichomes? maxillary galea?? english next time please!

Posted by DM December 7, 08 04:50 PM

great ! very great pictures!!

Posted by nik877 December 10, 08 04:55 AM


Posted by celio jardim December 11, 08 06:07 AM

Kennesaw Mountain Magnet Biology Block #2 absolutely adores these micrographs :]

Posted by Anonymous December 15, 08 10:33 AM

You people keep misspelling chemistry, there is no G or O or D in it.

Posted by anonymous December 16, 08 12:48 PM

Now I know where movie world get all their ideas for bizarre monster images... very cool!

Posted by Loretta Indo December 21, 08 10:17 PM

Amazing how many evolutionary pathways have developed. It's as if life is unstoppable -- and perhaps not just here...

Sapere aude

Posted by Michael December 24, 08 12:24 PM

Thank you very much to all people involved in making and sharing these pictures.

Some of the comments here makes me sad though.
I feel so sad for all who think the wonders of our universe were created by an angry King Goblin by the name of Javeh The Jealous.
They will never truly understand or love anything - because they have to filter it through the ideas of an old fairytail. Stories made by a frightend self-aware animal - a naked dancing and singing ape on a very small planet.

Posted by P. Ayilar Sternwasser December 28, 08 06:29 AM

Beautyful images and very of the creacionist/evolucionist discussions - it doesnt surprise me that so many people believe in god (of any nature),it makes life easier for them, I have only pity for them because they blind themselves with their belief...

Posted by blaz January 8, 09 08:34 AM

Exactly, Aylar and Everydaysawonder says true!
And this forum is so predictive about our society.
I havent feel anything in common with mindless religionists...

Posted by Lacifer January 8, 09 01:13 PM

it would be more effective, illustrative & inclusive to use mm instead of microns ( which *cannot* be visualized by any normal people ) in all such imagiary, and also using every-day terms to *explain* instead of jargon to exclude ( but to specialists only, identify ).

This could have been much more interesting to much more of our world's people...

Posted by Captain Obvious January 9, 09 04:08 AM

absolutely amazing !!!

Posted by MK January 9, 09 06:28 PM

Certamente muito Belo!!!. Fantastico como as coisas sao estruturadas

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 09 10:36 AM


Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 01:55 PM

just i will send these quran verses to atheist :
Look what your lord say :

"If thou couldst see when they are set before their Lord! He will say: Is not this real? They will say: Yea, verily, by our Lord! He will say: Taste now the retribution for that ye used to disbelieve.
the penalty, because ye rejected Faith."

31. Lost indeed are they who treat it as a falsehood that they must meet Allah,- until on a sudden the hour is on them, and they say: "Ah! woe unto us that we took no thought of it"; for they bear their burdens on their backs, and evil indeed are the burdens that they bear?

Posted by NoName March 5, 09 10:54 AM

Therefore, the seeker after the truth is not one who studies the writings of the ancients and, following his natural disposition, puts his trust in them, but rather the one who suspects his faith in them and questions what he gathers from them, the one who submits to argument and demonstration, and not to the sayings of a human being whose nature is fraught with all kinds of imperfection and deficiency. Thus the duty of the man who investigates the writings of scientists, if learning the truth is his goal, is to make himself an enemy of all that he reads, and, applying his mind to the core and margins of its content, attack it from every side. He should also suspect himself as he performs his critical examination of it, so that he may avoid falling into either prejudice or leniency -Alhazen

Posted by TurkeyBurgers March 18, 09 04:36 PM

These creationists believe their delusion so well they say with total stupidity that who thinks evolution did this is not sane.We are in 2009 and there are still people doubting, contradicting evolution and still ignorantly blaming everything to a non existent 2000 years ago fairy tale hero.

Posted by Luan March 21, 09 10:35 AM

Maravilhoso!! Muito interessante!

Posted by Alexandre Martins May 14, 09 04:38 PM

Good morning. I have very strong feelings about how you lead your life. You always look ahead, you never look back.
I am from Bhutan and too poorly know English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Sythroid is a great thyroid hormone with no detectable side."

Thank you very much :-D. Thomasina.

Posted by Thomasina May 15, 09 08:52 AM

Up in the northeast here, being attacked by mosquitoes, I found this site looking for SEM images of these little winged parasites. I'm still slapping, but with a new respect for these ancient, mother hunters!
What a wonderful collection of a life all around us we can see. Is there no end to the complexity of life's design?

Posted by Philip A. Oliver June 2, 09 02:03 PM

Thanks for the wonderful images, each takes us into a new universe. And each can take us beyond until the next microscope greater than electrons. Thanks you science and great scientists for finding the ways for us to comprehend and see our amazing universe. Lets not argue about the who/how/what created it, anyone who has been involved in this argument knows that there is never an agreement. If you walk through life with science or god or both or whatever you believe, that is how life is interpreted to you. Who cares, lets just enjoy the images and the universe and let everything be what it is.... BEAUTIFUL!!!

Posted by cr July 9, 09 05:17 PM

Thank you all,this is wonderfull.I think hubble shows from out,this shows from in.There is very big similarity.

Posted by Salih TASDELEN July 11, 09 02:27 AM



Posted by Anonymous July 15, 09 07:22 AM

Perfect work,

Posted by name July 29, 09 07:43 AM

That was amazing, I have never seen anthing like that in my life!

Posted by Daisy C. August 1, 09 02:24 PM

Incredible images. Can't help but to feel frustrated at all the creationists...

Here's a concept:

God created nature, which itself evolves.

And please, I don't want to see a copy-pasted lines out of the bible telling me god's wrath shall consume me. That is, of course, you can find a bible passage telling us about god planting fossils to instill doubt.

Posted by Lazorbeam August 10, 09 10:17 AM

Thanks for your contribution to knowing the truth because "The truth will free you"
"Even the most stupid student of today knows truths for which Archimedes would have given his own life"

Posted by topy August 29, 09 10:55 AM

This is science, technology and knowledge working together, faith and believes, bibles and corans must be kept inside the temples walls and never cross the doors of schools and universities.

Thanks for this. David. Barcelona

Posted by David August 29, 09 11:10 AM

God say in his book the Holy Quran;
Surah 17 - Al Isra' THE NIGHT JOURNEY (085 )(They ask thee concerning the Spirit. Say: "The Spirit is of the command of my Lord: of knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you, (O men!)"
Surah 53 - Al Najm THE STAR 053.031(Yea, to God belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: so that He rewards those who do evil, according to their deeds, and He rewards those who do good, with what is best. )

To every one belief that there is any other particopant whose share god in his belongs, even if he is one of his perfect human.
To every one belisf that we are here for just evolution, growth, change....
Who makes these picture,any scientist.. he is greath between us, the most scintillating brother they are rising the life quality..but they are just watching wich present, discover , calculate and give the result. of the things that they are not made.

Posted by Abughalia August 30, 09 11:12 AM

its just glorious and amazing......reminds me of the great physicist richard feynmann talking about beauty at the micro level.....

Posted by debayan dasgupta September 18, 09 04:25 AM

i love it yeah

Posted by s September 29, 09 11:17 AM


Posted by Anonymous April 13, 10 11:36 AM

I liked it.It was soooooooooooooo cool.You shud add more because I liked it.No,I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Citlaly Summer Carrillo April 21, 10 10:44 PM

These mites, and insects are humans of the future at the peak of their evolution. They have come back in time through a wormhole in order to alter the course of history, hoping that they will not not evolve into bugs (because being a bug sucks). Unfortunately they were unable to accomplish anything more than biting, stinging, and causing their great ancestors a great deal of itching and sneezing. But I shouldn't sell them entirely short, I'm certain they are some essential component to our dynamic ecosystem. They also make for very interesting photos.

Posted by Gnarls Darwin April 22, 10 10:43 PM

now I see that everything was arranged to the most quantic size. As I saw from pictures, God (Allah) designed even hair of the ant. That show us that there is no coincidence in the universe. If you say that that is nature that design this, I will laugh at you with a question DOES NATURE HAVE A MİND? If you have mind you should not say that this creatures designed by coincidence in billions of year because as you know any work of art occurs by coincidence, every work of art belongs to an artist and this universe is also a work of art and its artist is God(Allah)

Posted by adem karadağ May 1, 10 11:09 PM

It was increnible!! i love it! now i know how look like aunt..;//

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 10 09:08 AM

The Pollen and flower labeled Penta lanceolata should be Pentas Lanceolata. Fabulous images breathtaking in detail.

Posted by Paul Skibinski July 20, 10 12:55 PM

It is a valuable piece

Posted by Viagra Online August 20, 10 02:20 PM

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures!!!

Posted by juliet sun September 6, 10 10:58 AM

I love love love these pictuers..Please continue

Posted by Kamran October 9, 10 03:31 AM

Beautiful......carefully and fearfully designed :-)

Posted by Rahul October 29, 10 11:32 AM

This was enlightening to say the least. These images are amazing. Nature is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these.

Posted by Dave November 29, 10 04:18 AM

God's great works!!!

Posted by Jaewoogy January 4, 11 10:45 AM

very helpful, thanks you very much.

Posted by usanee January 14, 11 07:26 AM

And we're microscopic to someone, or should I say something. Truly amazing and beautiful.

Posted by LG January 21, 11 11:40 AM

beautiful. thanks

Posted by Anonymous February 16, 11 04:15 PM

So amazing. Gave me the thrilling chills of wonder.

Posted by Tricia April 8, 11 09:59 AM

I have a wonderful awesome GOD and heavenly FATHER is waiting for me in HEAVEN Thank you GOD

Posted by D. Lowe April 16 2011 April 16, 11 11:29 AM


Posted by Dr Horncastle May 12, 11 05:31 AM
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