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November 28, 2008 Permalink

Mumbai under attack

Late Wednesday night, Mumbai, India found itself the target of a ferocious terrorist attack, and the situation remains unresolved even now, three days later. According to reports, upwards of 60 young men entered Mumbai in small inflatable boats on Wednesday night, carrying bags filled with weapons and ammunition, and spread out to nine locations to begin their attacks. Lobbing grenades and firing their weapons, they entered hotels, a railway station and several other buildings, killing scores and wounding even more. As of this moment, the identity of the attackers has yet to be definitively determined, though there are reports indicating some of the gunmen were Pakistani - at least nine of them have been killed, nine more arrested. As of this writing, there were a reported 151 people killed from 11 different countries - though nearly 100 were Indian. More than 300 injuries have also been reported - those numbers may yet rise as several hostage situations still exist in the city. (35 photos total)

A reporter talks on her phone as smoke is seen coming from Taj Hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. Large plumes of smoke were seen rising from the top of the landmark Taj Hotel in Mumbai on Thursday and heavy firing could be heard, a Reuters witness said. (REUTERS/Arko Datta)
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2827 comments so far...

so sad...
i hope they kill all the terrorists
they dont deserve to live

Posted by george November 28, 08 11:56 AM

Truly terrifying.

Posted by R Patel November 28, 08 11:58 AM

Horrible attacks, obviously, I hope the people of India can stand tall in the aftermath.

Posted by Mark November 28, 08 12:02 PM

Incredible pictures. Amazing. Heartbreaking. I don't have enough words. Maybe tears will do.

Posted by BFP November 28, 08 12:03 PM

people are crazy

Posted by Goofydg1 November 28, 08 12:08 PM

I hope at least now USA opens its eyes stops giving ANY kind of support to Pakistan!!!

Posted by Tushar Mahule November 28, 08 12:11 PM

This is nothing camparing to what's happening in Palestine and kachmir. So don't talk too much.

Posted by Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar November 28, 08 12:14 PM

I'm speechless..

Posted by Lawrence Garwood November 28, 08 12:15 PM

Powerful. Some of the most powerful photos I've seen on here. Where is the humanity?

Posted by John November 28, 08 12:15 PM

A city bleeds, nation mourns and an army of heroes who have dedicated their lives to the country fight a savage battle with extremists to restore peace and order. But the truth is the terrorists have claimed victory and a small section of their inhumane breed will call them martyrs. Cowards they are. If this what their religion teaches them to do, then I am proud not be born as one among them. Its true, they only represent a small fraction and others from their community cant be held responsible, but my heart cries looking at these images. These are common people from all walks of life. People who are at peace with the word while they fight their own individual battles. Do they deserve to be caught in this ghastly act.

Shame on those who participate and perpetuate these. Shame on your so called religion.

Posted by Bleeding Soul November 28, 08 12:18 PM

"Religion of Peace" indeed.

Posted by JL November 28, 08 12:20 PM

Very powerful photos. Very Moving. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Vishnupriya Sharma November 28, 08 12:30 PM

"This is nothing camparing to what's happening in Palestine and kachmir. So don't talk too much."

An they're nothing compared to Darfur, which in turn is nothing compared to what went on in Rwanda which in turn is nothing compared to the deaths each year from road traffic accidents.

This is an horrific event. As is the murder of even a single individual.

Let's not start making statements like and address the issues of what happened and why.

Posted by Ed November 28, 08 12:31 PM

Who the f&&k is this Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar ??? 1st off learn how to spell Kashmir then learn that every life is priceless ....if you dont want to talk too much then get your f&&king mouth shut....OK?

Posted by John November 28, 08 12:35 PM

Alan, you really have a way of putting these photo essays together in a way that makes sense to me.

And the terrorists? Animals all of them. It is so "brave of them" being able to mount a surprise attack on unarmed people going about their daily lives. Terrorists and all those who sent them will all be going to hell - for eternity.

Posted by Jon T November 28, 08 12:36 PM

The terrorists who commited these crimes will surely pay for their deeds if not in this life than in the next. They will pay for their crimes for all of eternity. God will have no mercy.....

Posted by robin delta November 28, 08 12:39 PM

seeing this we feel so disgusted. we cant leave our country in the hands of these politicians....time has come we have 2 take the countrys responsibility in our hands.......this has happened only because our great leaderrs are busy fighting among themselves....terrorists destroy life and property....and our leaders also do the same....then whts the difference........

Posted by Shailesh Advani November 28, 08 12:41 PM

Too much violence, Too much bloodshed.
I hope All terrorist and everybody behind these attacks dies a painful death.

India is a peaceful country, and we will answer this bloodshed with peace too. No more ANY kind of relation with a "'P'articular country' who supports terrorists.

Posted by AshwinS November 28, 08 12:46 PM

These pictures say the horror that we all have gone thru these past days.... Cant even call them beautiful pictures cos they transform the fear that we all went thru in gloss... All de best n pls take a few pics of the brave NSG guards who have really made us see the new day with hope...

Posted by Bobby November 28, 08 12:47 PM

our religion does not teach this,and what do you want to say about the incident which happened in gujrat a few years back???when 30,000 innocent muslims were killed???is that what your religion teach you???

Posted by asma ali November 28, 08 12:49 PM

It looks like Al'Hazrad is the next psycho terrorist recruit. islam is truly f*cked up

Posted by sunny November 28, 08 12:50 PM

To Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar :
You sir, deserve NO respect whatsoever. Small minded idiots like you are the one's responsible for everything that is wrong in the world today.

Posted by Marcelo November 28, 08 01:05 PM

Incredible, Incredible photos. I have no idea how you manage to ge the best photos while major news sources don't seem to have them.

I feel so sorry for everyone involved

Posted by Gus November 28, 08 01:05 PM

What a bunch of freaking NUT JOBS!

Posted by Hugh G Rection November 28, 08 01:06 PM

Al Hazrad is a fkin retard.......a shame on my religion!

Posted by True Indian Yusuf November 28, 08 01:09 PM

It's NOT Islam that is f***ed up, it's the LUNATICS who kill in its name--they are not Muslims, they're nuts. Just like the Christian fundamentalists in the US who are not real Christians, either. They are just using the name for protection, as if it could justify their actions.

Posted by april November 28, 08 01:09 PM

Why are these people referred to as "Militant Islamists" and not Terrorists ? Is it some sudden fit of political correctness or is that only when Americans/White People are attacked,then the bad guys are called Terrorists ? Such lousy double standards are definitely a minor issue compared to the loss of life but it betrays the attitude of those in the west.

Posted by DM November 28, 08 01:14 PM

The commands are showing incredible patience in trying to grab the last terrorists from Taj alive. It is only if they are captured alive, the true people behind these atrocities can be found out and brought to justice. Killing them is easier than capturing them alive.

Posted by John November 28, 08 01:15 PM

Nice pictures. We have been following the entire episode glued to our TVs, computers for the last 48 hours.

Posted by Zishaan November 28, 08 01:15 PM

omg this is so terrible, when will this end?

Chan from TheJunction

Posted by Chan TheJunction November 28, 08 01:16 PM

@Asma Ali : Who the heck told you 30,000 muslims died ? Bin Laden ? A total of 1000 people died - of which 750 were Muslims and the rest Hindus.And besides this was in retaliation for the earlier incident where around 60 Hindu pilgrims (two-thirds of whom were women and children) were burnt alive by a blood-thirsty mob of 2000 Muslims.
And yes - this is exactly what your religion teaches you.

Posted by DM2 November 28, 08 01:16 PM

C'mon ppl. This is not what Islam is about. It's not like you kill someone and tell everyone ok I'm Muslim and everyone thinks so this is Islam huh? This is truely f*cked up ... no religion teaches killing. The blame is on human being himself.

Posted by Soheil November 28, 08 01:18 PM

The world is stone.

La religion entraine pour les plus faibles l'extremisme... Pourquoi vouloir imposer son opinion à d'autres ?

Beaucoup d'incompréhension de la part du petit occidental que je suis.

Posted by S@m November 28, 08 01:21 PM

this would not have happened if we had send the troops into afghanistan and pakistan that we had wasted in Iraq... thank you bush the world is so much safer now. mission accomplished.

Posted by 66577 November 28, 08 01:21 PM

""Religion of Peace" indeed."

Are you psychic? You seem to be the only one that knows who did this.

Posted by JD November 28, 08 01:21 PM

Horrible. Last time I checked Bush who is responsible of killing of hundreds of thousands innocent people is not Muslim.

Posted by Khanabdosh November 28, 08 01:22 PM

Terrorist should not be killed with a Gun. They should be put in in a Pig Farm after cutting their Legs & Hands..

Posted by Subu November 28, 08 01:24 PM

aside from the terrorism i think it's really bad that the photographer took pictures of injured people instead of helping them...inhuman if you ask me

Posted by kiwus November 28, 08 01:27 PM

Death is too good for such terrorists.

Posted by Randall Johnston November 28, 08 01:28 PM

it is very unfortunate. I salute the martyrs who laid their precious lives to save the lives of innocent public.I sincerely believe that at least now the government machinery wakes up and take necessary steps and programmes to prevent such mishappenings in future.deep consolence to all the members who lost their near and dear ones.

Posted by REHAN November 28, 08 01:36 PM

These terrorists represent Islam just as much as Timothy McVeigh represent Christianity.

The abject poverty and lack of education in Pakistan has created these brain-washed murdering groups and yes it is Pakistan's responsibility to do something about it. But keep in mind, Pakistan itself has lost hundreds of troops trying to fight them and has 10,000 soldiers deployed against them.

These terrorists kill to instill fear. They don't really care if they're killing Pakistani, Indian, American, British... as long as it will instill fear in the populace and might lead to their demands.

Posted by baker November 28, 08 01:42 PM

@ Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar - U would probably kill more people.. life does not mean anything to you. I pity on you.
@asma - Terrorism cant be justified by anything at all.. anything.. I bet you love your life too.. Dont live with a narrow thinking.. and of course get ur figures right.

Posted by Richard November 28, 08 01:44 PM

Why ?

Posted by Madhan R November 28, 08 01:46 PM

I would like to draw the attention of you all to this sample list of casualties here and kindly note the number of Muslim names... These terrorists HAVE NO RELIGION!

Posted by jk November 28, 08 01:50 PM

@ April

"It's NOT Islam that is f***ed up, it's the LUNATICS who kill in its name--they are not Muslims, they're nuts. Just like the Christian fundamentalists in the US who are not real Christians, either. They are just using the name for protection, as if it could justify their actions."

Actually, it is Islam that is "f*cked up." History has endless tales about how religion after religion is ABUSED through bloody crusades that defy the very core of the religion in question. However, there is only one single religion on this planet that, word by word, in its "holy" scripture, actually CALLS upon its followers to behead and shed the blood of the "non-believers" - those who refuse to convert - and that is Islam. Yes, really, the Quran LITERALLY calls for it. "By own will or by the sword."

You dwell on that for a while before again stating that Islam is a peaceful religion.

Posted by Robin November 28, 08 01:55 PM

Until the world moves away from any and all religions and adopts a secular world view and perspective on things, these tragic acts will unfortunately continue to happen.

I cried while viewing these images for so many reasons. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the senseless, cowardly acts.

Posted by Scott Cramer November 28, 08 01:57 PM

One wonders just how much more Muslim mischief the world is going to tolerate before it acts decisively against this "religion".

Islam is the single greatest threat to world civilization since Nazism.

Posted by Charles November 28, 08 01:59 PM

India (Specially Tamil Nadu) kind of asked for it, by giving support to LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka.

Posted by LL November 28, 08 01:59 PM

Why doesnt the indian army storm the hotels like they did the Golden temple?

Posted by Oswald November 28, 08 01:59 PM

@kiwus - They weren't injured, they were dead.

Posted by max843 November 28, 08 02:00 PM

Is anyone paying any attention at all to the fact that the Qu'ran actually coerces its believers to "convert" every non-believer by any means possible, incl. taking their heads off if they don't chose to convert by so called free will?

This is something unique to this religion alone. No other religion in the history of mankind except Islam praises the killing of another man.

Posted by Marcus Graham November 28, 08 02:00 PM

How much longer can the civilized world turn the other cheek? What is needed is an united front from the U.S.,Russia, China, the E.U. to crush these vermin, where ever they hide.

Posted by Robert D'Isidoro November 28, 08 02:04 PM

Islam is the religion of peace and they will kill you to prove it.

Posted by Shalom Akhshav November 28, 08 02:09 PM

Kindly check the list of casualties which is already out. And look at the number of Muslim names on that list...
These terrorists HAVE NO RELIGION.

Posted by jk November 28, 08 02:15 PM

I was at St George's hospital on Thursday morning. Saw much the same as photo'd here. Devastating stuff.

Posted by mumbaiwallah November 28, 08 02:19 PM

horrible, even more because a relativly small group of people can do such havoc.
I think bush thinks twice next time he says shock and awe.
Makes you question your own safety and that of your children. shivering with the thought of it, they just kill at random just to get attention and respect from a group of simple blinded by religion people. sad indeed.
Thank god (or allah) that its just a small group of people that are extremists.

Posted by Antonius November 28, 08 02:21 PM

@ oswald .... Cuz in Golden was just the militants who were holed up.....This is a hostage situation..

Posted by PM November 28, 08 02:23 PM

We should kill these filthy torturers and terrorists. But first, we should ram how wires through their gonads, and make them drink goat urine. Then we kill them.

Posted by Randy Mantooth November 28, 08 02:23 PM

These religious zealots and their endless bigotry are f*cking up the world. There is NO justification for this and no excuses.

The only ones responsible for this are these medieval f*ck-ups themselves. I hope India will react with overwhelming power and wipe these nutjobs out of India.

Posted by Forever November 28, 08 02:25 PM

What is this ancient human inate behaviour constantly achieving whe thre are levels of love.

Posted by Fredrika November 28, 08 02:27 PM

Its true that terrorists don't have any religion..But sadly, everyone will take up this chance to throw mud on Islam once again. Does anyone ever stop to ask the normal/sane Muslim what he thinks? There will be many who will commit such horrific acts, but then there are others who will have a voice of reason! Sadly, no one focusses on them!

Posted by Sheba K November 28, 08 02:28 PM

Fantastic work this is really photo journalism.

Posted by Dani November 28, 08 02:37 PM

@ Robin,
you think every person with a beard is a terrorist? then why Jews, they have beard too, so why not call them terrorists?
are u sure Quran says to kill those 'non-believers'? read the scripture first, then read the islamic history, by then you will regret what you've said here.
Islam DOESN'T force anyone to convert islam, its upto their own freewill.
Its non-muslims in the name of muslims who kill and fight for revenge.

Posted by Ali Akram November 28, 08 02:39 PM

are we really so helpless..plz answer.

Posted by bikash November 28, 08 02:44 PM

Everyone seems to forget the past and the atrocities the Christian Crusades brought to the whole of the world. Religion as whole is messed up never mind concentrating the blame on Islam when things like this have been happening for centuries. The development of the media has just exposed the brutality of these actions to the vast majority of the world, don't blame Islam. Blame Religion.

Posted by Adam November 28, 08 02:45 PM

Very sad.

Posted by November 28, 08 02:48 PM

This is very disturbing. I hope this ends soon.

Posted by Suraj November 28, 08 02:49 PM

Tragedy seems so surreal in 8 X 5 glossy.

Posted by lisa marie November 28, 08 02:50 PM

Islam, Islam, Islam only responsible for the whole mischief in the world. It started crusades, world Wars, Vietnam War, Afghan War and Iraq War. But the fact is, Islam ruled over Spain for more than 300 years, but still it is inhibited by non-muslins. Why didn’t they kill all those infidels or converted them to Islam? Why not in India where Muslims ruled for more than 700 years? Why there are still non-Muslims Arabs in middle east? Why such events occur at the times when India and Pakistan come close to negotiations? Why was a serving Indian army Hindu colonial arrested this month for killing and attacking a Hindu village? Alas! Minds have been so brain washed by Faux news propaganda for last 8 years that even morons switching to internet/web still live with that crap and never try find the truth.

Posted by Propagandist November 28, 08 02:51 PM

Pakistan = Terrorism = Pakistan

Posted by Alok November 28, 08 02:52 PM

Yes folks, even if you feel angry in such a situation, and feel that muslim religion & muslim people are the culprits, lets please wait, think for a moment and not just blame every muslim in this world. I am a indian hindu, i have not read any holy book of my religion completely, neither i have read the koran or bible. Whatever these books teach, ultimately its the human being who acts. So the blame is on the person. please don't blame the entire community for it. I know many muslim friends who don't care about their/other's religions and just carry on their life as a normal person.
And its true, these terrorists don't have any eligion.

Posted by dp November 28, 08 02:53 PM

its amazin how ordinary these terrorists look
with a population of billions, we hv no right to blame our security agencies of being incapable of identifying these scoundrels
our security forces hv done a brilliant job today...God bless them!!!

Posted by Priyanka Bhattacharya November 28, 08 02:58 PM

Very sad.

Posted by Dianej November 28, 08 03:00 PM

not all muslims are terroritst, but most of the terrorists are muslims
let's face the facts.

Posted by kufir November 28, 08 03:02 PM

there are more than billion hinduses
no reason for sadness

Posted by Ark November 28, 08 03:04 PM

As difficult as it is to see these photos, it is important to look upon them to realize the magnitude of the destruction to human life. These photos bring home the fact that victims aren't anonymous objects, but people with hopes and dreams cut short. I left Mumbai the day of the attacks - had I prolonged my trip by a single day I would have been at the Taj, at Leopold's, or walking the streets of South Mumbai at the moment the attacks erupted. My thoughts are with those I met or passed in the streets of Mumbai during my short stay in this beautiful city. Although I am home safely in Montreal, my mind and heart remain in Mumbai.

Posted by Michelle Sullivan November 28, 08 03:08 PM

I am gutted that terrorists in a mob can descend into a capital city & wreck so much havoc with loss of life.......I am impressed by the positive policing & the professional action by the Indian Military. After living 25 years in Northern Ireland - over the years of "troubles" I know that there is no soft option.

I just hope the Indian Authorities sort the problem quickly & restore the calm that this city generally has

Posted by Bruce L. Farrar November 28, 08 03:09 PM

Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar you need some further education.
Unreal. Extremism is what this is, using religion as an excuse to justify the truly grave nature of these crimes. I am a Hindu and have many friends from many religions. You cannot blame the Muslim religion for the actions of a few. We need to practice towards a non-violent world. As Mahatma Gandhi once said "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." and "You must be the change you want to see in people". Kudos to the unnamed "Heroes". India will recover as she always has. Jai Hind!

Posted by A. Gore November 28, 08 03:10 PM

Islam has nothing to do with this. The Quran forbids the killing of innocents. The Islamophobes are sick people trying to divert attention away from the crisis onto their own ideological agenda.

Posted by Shukri November 28, 08 03:13 PM

I can show you thousands of photos of similar events, but with Christians as the militant, or Jews as the militant, or Hindus as the militant, etc. This type of action is not limited to Muslims. Photos like these tend to incite our emotions. If we were to look at photos of the Iraq war, we might just lose our appetite to still want to be there even one day more. But believe it or not, OUR news is censored. The land of the free, we are not.

Posted by jack November 28, 08 03:13 PM

The Messiah Obama will cure all the world's problems...we will be at peace beginning on January 21st 2009.

Posted by Claire O'Connor November 28, 08 03:13 PM

If this can happen in India, it can happen in the United States. My govt needs to stop funding terrorist states like Pakistan. Shame on you George Bush for continuing aid to this country.

My heart goes out to those murdered, and to their families. I never want to see such horrific pictures again, but I know I will, so long as Islamists are permitted to coexist with the rest of civilized humanity.

Posted by Marius De Lucca November 28, 08 03:14 PM

Get rid of these people before they destroy the world .What cowards and losers these people are.
I hope Obama and Bush talk to Pakistan on this.

Posted by KillTerrorists November 28, 08 03:15 PM

If anyone knows Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar, please help him mend his broken heart before others must suffer from it.

Posted by D. November 28, 08 03:17 PM

Stunning pics, indeed capture most of the tragedy. Its high time the Indian Government looks beyond the myopic vote bank related vested interests and declares a nationwide emergency against repeated incidents of terrorism. A mere pretension of bouncing back to normalcy is no bravado, rather would result in a perennial state of being numb and insecure.

Posted by Nitin November 28, 08 03:26 PM

Where are the political leaders now? We can't find any one coming out to help the suffering people? Don't come out for the elections infront of us

Posted by shan November 28, 08 03:27 PM

I don't want to point fingers at Islam but can anyone enlighten me why most of the terrorists almost all over the world have some or the other link to Pakistan ? Kabul, London, Madrid, Mumbai, NYC, Bali .....and the list is endless ....??? So I wonder if Pakistan is the problem ???

Posted by John November 28, 08 03:28 PM

Blaming this on Islamists only helps their cause. These people gave up religion a long time ago. No religion preaches such acts of barbarism. Just call them terrorists no matter whether they're Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, or any other religion.

Posted by Mahek November 28, 08 03:29 PM

Actually, in India, situation is aggravated by pseudo secularist politicians and their pimps in media. Muslims also get swayed by their false promises and divide and conquer strategy. I bet 90% of Indian politicians will find difficulty in feeding their families, if they choose any other profession. But by playing with the sentiments of citizens they win the election and earn millions/billions via corruption. They are the real tumors... They should be kept behind bars. And India needs military rule to get rid of fundamentalists from all religions and to create equal laws for all.

If anybody thinks, this is not the correct time to criticize the politicians, then I beg to differ. In fact this is the time they should be held accountable and jailed under the charge of so many deaths.

Posted by ram rahim robin November 28, 08 03:31 PM

7. This is nothing camparing to what's happening in Palestine and kachmir. So don't talk too much.

You are a major freak. There is no such place as palestine. Those living in Gaza are Egyptian and those living in the West Bank are Jordanian. Kashmir belongs to India. May all the terrorists die in pieces!

Posted by Linda November 28, 08 03:35 PM

It's NOT Islam that is f***ed up, it's the LUNATICS who kill in its name--they are not Muslims, they're nuts. Just like the Christian fundamentalists in the US who are not real Christians, either. April

Yes April, I can see how you arrived at that comparison, what with all the Lutheran Militia kidnappings and murders in the Midwest USA. Absolutely appalling.

Posted by Bob November 28, 08 03:37 PM

I would like Ark to meet Al'Hazrad Malek Al'Nar and then have some fun with each other. You both have so much in common ....

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 03:39 PM

Those animals. Those barbarous, disgusting murderers of innocents. It almost makes me wish there was a hell where they would burn.

Posted by FB November 28, 08 03:39 PM

Wake up America.. stop feeding Pakistan & making the enemy stronger. We did it with the Taliban, look where that got us. Stop aiding Pakistan & expose it for the failed terror sponsoring state that it is. Let's help our democratic friends get rid of this menace, once & for all. We're already on the western border there.. now we can have India on the East.. let's end this with getting Bin Laden, all his coherts & everyone of these masterminds planning the next one. God Bless America, god bless the victims, their families & our friends in India.

Posted by Josh November 28, 08 03:40 PM

When Messiah Obama is going to attack Pakistan ? I can't wait but tell you what just take my word - IT IS COMING.

Posted by John November 28, 08 03:43 PM

Very nice pics but so sad

Posted by Seamus November 28, 08 03:44 PM

Re: Those who say Islam has nothing to do with it blablabla.

For once, stand up and say I am a fellow Muslim and CONDEMN these atrocities and I demand that these medieval bigots who committed these crimes will get jailed or hung.

I know it is hard for you to say it like this, but I AM SURE, many Westerners would start looking different at Muslims individually when hearing/seeing such a strong response. However, this never happens.

Posted by Forever November 28, 08 03:44 PM

Ali Akram "are u sure Qu'ran says to kill those 'non-believers'? read the scripture first, then read the islamic history, by then you will regret what you've said here."

What do Sura's 2 through 9 with all the sub verses say to do to Jews, and unbelievers? And, don't try to equate it with the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Islamic holy books (Qu'ran and Hadith) are to be followed entirely by devout practicing Muslims, whereas the Old Testament of the Bible are seen as spiritual guides only, not enforced as law. As someone said earlier, Islam is the only faith that has verses that tell followers (current practitioners) how to treat the unbeliever. Taqquiya doesn't work when the truth is known.

Posted by Infidel Bob November 28, 08 03:45 PM

@Jhon or Some Coward in Disguise of Jhon
I hope you will come up with any evidences in blaming a country which itself is highest target of terrorists. And all of this is happening because its again fighting west’s proxy war. In 80s Pakistan fought US’s proxy war against USSR and saved the west from its biggest fear of socialism. Now it’s again fighting and loosing thousands of its civilians/troops fighting the so called War on Terror. This is how you treat your allies/friends. I think you are completely ignorant of history, because all these current Jihadists have been trained by US army in 80s. Why would u still wonder Pakistan is the problem and not the US foreign policies. Just leave Pakistan alone, because you are worse than enemies, in disguise of a friend. As they say, who needs a foe when you have friends like America?

Posted by PK November 28, 08 03:45 PM

it is sickenning .. this seems to be a horrifying nightmare from which one may never wake up ....we should salute the comandos ...who are still fighting relentlessly .....also providing a constant reassurance to the viewers who can still go to bed safe under their presence ,,,,cos we definitely cannot rely on our govt. for any kind of support cos all they have done here is to find out avenues to bag in votes...might as well let the military rule than this old bastards ......a simultaneous display of determination by the comandos and a selfish vote bagging strategy by the govt.

Posted by debasmita November 28, 08 03:45 PM

To all those who blame Islam for this......I,as a Hindu, and as an Indian, would like to tell you, I cannot bring myself to hate a muslim just because he prays to some other God. Hate is not something taught to me by my family, and as the youth of India would tell you, we do not care for religion. You can take all your religion bull shit out of India. To hell with Hinduism and Islam, if it means we can live at peace. After all, if religion is useless as it is now, since neither Jesus or Allah or Krishna is doing anything to save people, what is the point of having a religion in the first place? We don't want your religion or politics.......just give us peace and let us live our life.

Posted by Tired Indian November 28, 08 03:47 PM

I dont understand why is everyone blaming pakistan for all this stuff? Islam never promotes such kind of acts. First we are humans and after that we have other nationalities. This is totally against humanity but plz dont blame pakistan for this unless you people have some solid proof.


Posted by sameer November 28, 08 03:48 PM

the Rabbi and his wife from the Chabad house were peaceful people who died 'kidush hashem' there were many brave people who died trying to save peoples lives such as some of the employees of the Taj. These people also died "kidush hashem" the jewish religion would consider all these people to be hero's. violent terrorists are never hero's in my religion.

may G-D bless all who put themseleves in danger to save innocent people
G-D bless the Indian army.

Posted by Yochanan November 28, 08 03:49 PM

looking at theses pictures all i can say is i'm shocked.... i don't get one thing.. why and how would a human want to kill another human by the name of their religion??? and your religion doesn't teach you to take lives????

Posted by patel November 28, 08 03:50 PM

Please Mr. Obama, can't you intercede and purge all of these bad things from this world NOW like you promised? YOU are the savior of our world not Mohammed or Jesus.

Posted by Michelle November 28, 08 03:51 PM

From where came the forced Partition of the subcontinent?
How was Pakistan formed, from what, with what, and why?
How was East Pakistan/Bangladesh formed, from what, with what, and why?
Those scars are not that old. Unfinished, hurried business left over from the last World Wars, which explains much of the instability from the Med Eastward. A War weary West just wanted to get on with this party called 'modernity', and left alot of hurried, unfinished business. The issue of 'modernity' was never fully resolved. Throw into this mix the West's very own radicalism and self conflict over this issue of modernity, and what singluar direction 'it' should take -- as if the freedom eating enemy of all of us was not that very premise, that such directions were singular.
The Pakistans were formed, I think, at least in part, as a past futile attempt to separate this sensless tribal/religion based hatred. But after all these years, it remains.
Hindu/Indians have largely embraced modernity without unduly giving up their religious and cultural heritage, while Muslim/Pakis are much more torn on that issue, divided, (literally, and even seceding from themselves, when East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971)and at its most radical fringes, we have this confluence of radical 'Jihad' and restoration of the Dark Ages Glory That Once Was ... and old scores, Kashmir being an excuse to endlessly carry out same. Add to that, while moderates in Pakistan are conflicted allies in the conflict against fringe radical extremism, India is a modern strategic trading partner with the West, and that may be playing into this fringe madness. We all ache for these people, but we all need to modern up already.

Posted by FG Bartlett November 28, 08 03:52 PM

thank you USA
you started all this crazyness

Posted by jm November 28, 08 03:54 PM

I think it is naive to think whole Islam is behind this. I am non-muslim person and I visit UAE (middle east) quite often since my parents work there. UAE is place where lot of Indians and Pakistanis resides. I know of people who are local Arabs and Pakistani 's who are god fearing people and very nice and respectful. Infact last time when Kargill happened we were at a dinner with our friends who were Pakistanis - who had tears in his eyes and closed the TV covering the war saying that the Politics creates this evil and the result is innocent deaths and sufferings of army men and civilians leading to hatred. Point being - we go to all the religious places - church, temples and mosque to learn about good stuff and gifts of god and get the positive energy. It's upto individual to interpret religion.

Posted by DSK November 28, 08 03:54 PM

who IS this Alok son of bitch you Damn bluddy stupid without any informattion you have blammed on pakistan last time in train blast it was your f*cking army officer and it was bluddy raa involved in that .you bludyy chap dont even dare to blame pakistan .As a pakistani we condem this act.


Posted by father of alok November 28, 08 03:55 PM

-- comment removed --

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 03:58 PM

When do the media stop the name games and call a terrorist a terrorist and not this lame militants. This entire event was about killing innocent civilians and causing widespread terror.

Posted by Russ November 28, 08 04:02 PM

I am deeply sad. I just have one question in my mind..

Why world's 99.99% terrorist are Muslims or Islam followers?... and why every terrorist activities are linked to Pakistan?...

May God bless those innocent souls!.. May world leader praise Indian and Courageous Indians for that remarkable fight against Terrorists!

Posted by K H November 28, 08 04:02 PM


Islam is a religion without a Golden Rule... Muslims will scream if a fingernail is taken from a Muslim but cheer if the infidels are killed... In truth, it is a death cult of the Bedouin Arabs, nothing more...

Posted by Pastaneta November 28, 08 04:07 PM

Hmmm. 40 militant idiots who in a hurry for their 72 virgins.

Posted by Mary November 28, 08 04:08 PM

All Muslims hold that Islam is a culture, a religion and a political system. The politics of islam divide the world into muslims and the "other" who they call kafir, and westerners translate as infidel.

There is no unitary Golden Rule in Islam (treat all others as you would have them treat you). They have one set of rules for the treatment of believers and another set for the treatment of the kafir who by sacred decree can be robbed, raped and killed. These dualistic beliefs are set out in the Koran, the hadith of Bukhari and Muslim and the Sira by Ibn Ishaq. Read them and weep.

The attacks in Mombai are jihad against the Jewish and polytheist kafirs.

Posted by Elizabeth November 28, 08 04:10 PM

moderate muslims need to stop "condemning" these attacks and start doing something about the cancer in their own house.

Posted by halal talabani November 28, 08 04:11 PM

Thank you for that I will forward the link to every one I know.

Posted by BB November 28, 08 04:12 PM

thank you USA
you started all this crazyness jm

Jm, this started on, I believe, Oct. 3, 1985 when Leon Klinghoffer, an American Jew was shot in his wheelchair aboard the Italian cruiseliner, Achille Loro, in front of his wife and was then thrown overboard. It sounds a bit like recent events in Mumbai. The USA can't be blamed for everything. It only makes it easier to not think of the real causes and the strong actions that will be required to stop attacks of this nature.

Posted by Bob November 28, 08 04:13 PM

hey robin, where do u get ur quotes from? i bet you anything ur a fox news fanatic/cnn/ all the fake sh*t you see in the media. how about u check some bbc europe, al-jazeera english, or better yet, reuters? islam does NOT teach us such things, trust me, i lived in saudi arabia for 10 years of my life and there was no such thing as "force." these people are nut-jobs. u wanna point fingers and call "terrorist"? how about the MILLIONS of crimes that happens in our country (USA) on a day to day basis, columbine shootings, virginia tech? everything else? no, they arent terrorists, theyre just convicted felons right? or how about that guy who killed his wife and children cuz he lost all his money, that dude in california, no no, not a terrorist at all. all these guys are christian, yet do u see US saying that they're "radical christian terrorists." no we dont, and f*ck those guys in inda, they are total whackjobs

Posted by OB November 28, 08 04:15 PM

This is what religion has brought mankind...

Posted by Wim November 28, 08 04:16 PM

It's a plain lie to equal Christians or for that matter any other religion to the horror that Islam is, was, and always will be.. short of cannibals feasting on body parts Islam is the worlds leading death cult. I don't agree that they should all be killed like the rabid dogs they are.. but they shouldn't be allowed to raise children.. speak in public.. or travel in groups of more then 3. They should be registered.. at the local police station.. and their neighbors warned to the danger of them in the neighborhood. That is only the start of protecting the worlds people from Islam.. then we have to go after the roach colony countries where they rule.

Posted by R H November 28, 08 04:20 PM

its so easy to pick up a gun and kill easy targets or to blow some one up
but these people who do this are just murderers.
they prove nothing and never will .
its far braver to stand up and be counted with speach.

Posted by Robb Barrett November 28, 08 04:20 PM

Terrorism has no religion or morality or even rationality. The terrorists are 20-25 yr old boys. They probably dont even know what they are fighting for and that this doesnt achieve anything except further insult their "religion". It is a sad and pitiable situation that such youth are SO motivated and trained for something with no rationality. The real solution must be to imprison the fanatic religious (which ever it might be) leaders who misguide people. That is the only way one can tackle terrorism at grass roots level.
Also, you can see the audacity and fearlessness of these guys . I wish they are caught alive and tortured and made a public example. If they can send us a video of daniel pearl , we can return the favor. It seems barbaric but clearly being civilized DOESNT work . They can not enter our home and hold us hostage and NOT face the consequences. This might be the only case where human rights shouldnt afforded. They too must feel the helplessness and fear which ordinary citizens feel on a daily basis.

Posted by mumbaikar November 28, 08 04:21 PM

@63. aLI Akram
> Islam DOESN'T force anyone to convert islam, its upto their own freewill.

Oh really ??? go and fu**ing read some history of India right from when the Mughals appeared in ancient India and you will learn how that g*ddamn conversion works in Islam ...

Posted by Nonbeliever November 28, 08 04:23 PM

Islam preaches hatred of Infidels. Radical Islam has destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha, it killed women who wants to work or go to school. It has driven away 3,50,000 kashmiri pundits out of Kashmir. It has eradicated 35 % of Hindus living in Bangladesh. It is threatening over 2.5 million Hindu minorities in Malaysia. Quran is the most misinterpreted religious text in the world today.
People are blaming Pakistan because all the religious hatred in brewed in its Madrassas and the Pakistan government has failed to moderate this religious hatred. What has pakistan done to destroy the infrastructure in POK where all the Jihadis are trained ?. What has Pakistan done to destroy Taleban in Afganisthan and in North West frontier ?.

Posted by skg November 28, 08 04:24 PM

I went thru most of the comments and they broadly fall into 2-3 categories. There is the "Can't we all just get along". Then there is the "all muslims are terrorists" and also the occassional "you can't blame the whole community" for the crimes of a few. There was also a little back and forth on the lines of "But you started it", what about kashmir and Palestine".
I could'nt help but feel that we are missing the point completely. If you look for historical justifications to slaughter people, no doubt you will find plenty.
Violence begets violence, at the same time, terrorists cannot be stopped by candlelit wigils. Mumbao was attacked. The cities police force proved inadequte to meet the challenge. At the end of the day its that simple. In this world everyone has to be aware that terrorism is a threat that can't be wished away. We cannot hope to cater our behavior to cater to the tastes of these terroists, we can t conduct foriegn policy in fear of them. So what option do we have but to prepare for a long hard battle, where lives will be lost mistakes will be made. But that cannot keep us ffrom ourt chosen course..

Posted by PD November 28, 08 04:27 PM

@119 whackjob OB
Dont you fu**king understand the difference between a terrorist and a criminal? its time you take a vacation man......

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 04:28 PM

pakistan islamabad sareena hotel under attck
india mumbai taj hotel under attack

both countrues are suffering really sad

Posted by dove November 28, 08 04:32 PM

Asama, I'm not sure what tragedy you are talking about but if it happened then people here would view it as just that, a tragedy.
Now if your mentioning what we are seeing here as some kind of warped retribution against people who had nothing to do with what you mentioned then I hope you die....horribly and get you 72 male virgins.
Honestly, moderates Muslims= Extremist Zealots that simply need a cartoon or the sight of a womans bare ankle to flip their switches, we need to focus more on them.

Posted by Yuma November 28, 08 04:33 PM

This isn't about God or religion, this is about hate. Hatred is a cancer that is blind, selfish, and stupid. These murderers will have to answer for what they have done.

Posted by Sherry November 28, 08 04:33 PM

I am an Indian and Hindu also... but do not blame to any muslims... It is true that most of terrorist are muslims but all muslims are not terrorist... they are not Hindus or Muslims.. they are just terrorist... They say they are helping Indians Muslims or they are fighting for them... If really they are.. so why they take training from Pakistan... why they take help from Al-Quida... or such group... !! So they are just terrorist only terrorist......!!

Jai Hind..!!

Posted by Shruti Sharma November 28, 08 04:35 PM

Religion has not brought this to mankind..... the evil that is in man is the problem here.

Posted by Willie November 28, 08 04:35 PM

OB, where do you get that the Columbine killers, the Virginia Tech shooter, or that guy in California, were Christians? Did they self-identify as such? I don't think so. "Christian" isn't the default religion of people who aren't something else, even in America.

I'm not going to blame Islam for this attack, but if people self-identify as Muslims and say that their religion prompts them to do what they do, then who am I to argue with them? Look up the definition of "mujahideen" and tell me that these people aren't claiming Islam as their motivation.

Posted by LauraInFlorida November 28, 08 04:35 PM

you are falled victims to yours country PR

Posted by Ark November 28, 08 04:36 PM

The world would be truly at peace WITHOUT religion.

Posted by Rene van de Linde November 28, 08 04:36 PM

I'm from Indian security forces - As an young indian youth i hated Muslims cause thats what my typical indian society and surroundings made the view out of terrorism in India, but now as a responsible indian i do think we need to get out of the habit of blaming it on a religon rather than the mislead freaks who actually do it.

As far as our friends from Pakistan are concerned - We both started in 1947 together infact you were a day ahead of us, look at the avenues after 60 years, we both have reached. You are very much responsible for this mess called terrorism, and you are breeding it in the name of a religion. You are doing it coz of your frustartion churning out of the competition with India. But you forgot that you are defaming a religion and billion of people who have the same religion but the conscience as you.

Its not hidden that these breeds have always been born & brought up in Pakistan, and the terror you face is from your internal people - coz thats the only way they know how to deal with conflict.

I can still have a heart to say - "My Pakistani friends", so my fellow indians, let me know if there is a person at your side who has the guts.

Posted by Abhishek November 28, 08 04:38 PM

avtualy they r not understanding the power of Indians who r more than 1 billion.but they should not forget that this is a country of gandhi but this is also a land of bhagat sing and chandra shekha aajad.
so if we will react thn u will not even get place in ur home (means the countries from where they r operating) and who is saying this that there is opression on kashmiriie for their knowledge i wana tell him tht be 2 days from these attcaks thr was elections in kashmir and the public of kashmir had given thier poll without any fear and this time polling ratio in kashmir was much enough than the other states of india. and they r happy in democracy .go n see situation in pakistan

Posted by rohit jaiswal November 28, 08 04:38 PM

Ah, brilliant photos. Comprehensive.

Posted by Naveen Kumar Molleti November 28, 08 04:40 PM

I am an Indian and Hindu also... but do not blame to any muslims... It is true that most of terrorist are muslims but all muslims are not terrorist... they are not Hindus or Muslims.. they are just terrorist... They say they are helping Indians Muslims or they are fighting for them... If really they are.. so why they take training from Pakistan... why they take help from Al-Quida... or such group... !! So they are just terrorist only terrorist......!!

Jai Hind..!!

Posted by Shruti Sharma November 28, 08 04:40 PM

>>Islam preaches hatred of Infidels. Radical Islam has destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha, it killed women who wants to work or go to school

radicall pendoss war-ravaged Yugoslavia and think that they fought for justice

Posted by Ark1 November 28, 08 04:43 PM

Nobody can wish the death of a human being, even if this human being is a terrorist. I've read so many time "we should kill them", and so on. It's really shocking. People who think those kind of stuff are truely dangerous.
Who are you to take such a decision ? A god ? Killing a person makes a murderer of you. Period.
Otherwise, that would be adopting the terrorists logic.

You can not explain these actions. These people are mad, the only thing that motivates them is hatred. They have their very own interpretation of islam that they use as a pretext to justify their action.
So please, stop saying that Islam = terrorism. That's just nonsense.

Posted by Denis November 28, 08 04:45 PM

Hey OB.. when will you learn not to wear your friggin ignorance on your sleeve for the world to see. You're a fool. THESE ARE RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.
As for living in Saudi Arabia for ten yrs. either you're a liar about living there or you're a radical yourself. Saudi Arabia teaches the most virulent violent form of Islam...the kind practiced by Bin Laden. Crimes happen everyday in the US. This event in Mumbai was not a criminal event it was a TERRORIST event. JUST LIKE 9/11. It appears that they were financed and trained by Al Q. in Pakistan. They are likely members of LET a well known TERRORIST organization. Every intel org. knows this is a terrorist act. Only terrorists are deny it. Well not all of them!

Posted by Huntress November 28, 08 04:47 PM

Something must be clarified here. Pakistan obviously isnt officially attacking Mumbai or India . It is clear there is more than one tier of governing in Pakistan . The government isnt in control of the ISI or the terrorist. It isnt endorsing or supporting terrorism but the problem they arent doing anything to stop it either. Terrorists are trained in Pakistan and come to India and pakistan isnt doing anything to prevent this. Thats what Indian anger stems from. Pakistan must do more to erradicate terrorists who are a menace to pakistan too. Thats what PM manmohan singh is saying too. Thats why war on pakistan isnt a solution to anything , infact it will play into the terrorist plans of keeping us divided. Killing more innocent lives isnt going to make terrorism go away. Pakistan government must do more to keep terrorist camps in control as must India have better intelligence.

Blaming Islam is our first reaction but we must remember the fanatic religious leaders must be imprisoned. they are breeding terrorists. They have twisted religion so much that it is no longer recognizable. One can interpret a verse in a religious scripture just as easily to spread peace or justify killing someone depending on the persons intention.

Posted by mumbaikar November 28, 08 04:47 PM

@ 139 - shruti sharma
stop posting the same again n again
you are fake, not hindu or Indian.
have seen you on rediff forums before, its clear where your priorities lie. pls dont come into forums with an agenda to push. not at this time pls.

Posted by samuel jaikishen November 28, 08 04:50 PM

no comment.

Posted by the world November 28, 08 04:51 PM

Once again more fun and games from "The Religion Of Peace"

Posted by swassociates November 28, 08 04:55 PM

Can we not fight over religion and just realize that people are dying and we need to help those that are grieving and who survived? People have died because of an extreme ideal and we need to come together not be torn apart because of it.

Posted by jocgirl687 November 28, 08 04:55 PM

All those who blame Pakistan for not having done anything make me very angry and very upset. Pakistanis - whether they are civilians or the militia - has paid the highest cost of this menace, which has been created by power-hungry America whose citizens are the ones that act the most concerned. If they are so against "America funding Pakistan funding terrorists" they could have stopped paying taxes. But no. They didn't because hey, if I don't pay the tax, I may not be able to take the vacation I plan to once I retire and am living on my unemployment benefit.

I feel the pain of Mumbaikers and the rest of the Indians, but Pakistan hasn't sacrificed any less. The Pakistani people have not gone through any less pain than them. And continue to. Anticipate to. In this year, Pakistan has faced WAY MORE than India or any other country has. Give credit where it's due...those in Pakistan are not partying. They are as much citizens of the world as anybody, there lives are no less precious.

I used to feel that the average American is just naive, but now I think that they are both naive and selfish. I just hope that Indians wake up and realize that this is yet another trick. I hope those who read this comment ponder over this: India is fast growing into one of the strongest economies in the world, and there was a time when Pakistan was up there too (but America definitely took care of that and now the Pakistani economy is back in the shreds). Anything that is a threat to American domination i.e. America's superpower status, needs to be wiped out, and this is what they're trying to do to you India. PLEASE concentrate!! Don't fall prey to this rhetoric that Pakistan is behind all this blah blah. What will happen if you do? Pakistan and India would again be at loggerheads, India's attention would be diverted from the brilliant trend of economic growth it has been achieving, and there goes America's objective. America is a country that can do anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, to keep it's power. India and China are considered second-generation superpowers, something America would definitely not want.

Come on Indian people, wake up to the truth. I know you're in pain, but it is times like these which require the most use of the mind. We all should wake up.

Posted by Monkey November 28, 08 04:59 PM

We must all condemn the acts of these terrorist now matter what religion we observe.

Murder is wrong -

No matter

Who commits

No matter

the reason.

It is wrong.....

Posted by G November 28, 08 05:00 PM

Amazing photos!! pictures 34 and 35 are such a contrast of emotions....This is a real tragedy.... never forget - 26/11

Posted by Ar November 28, 08 05:05 PM

Religion in the likes of Islam, Christianity and Judaism only want one thing: Keep people madly dumb and throw us all back to the middle-ages. Christianity received its share of enlightenment and Judaism is also fairly moderate, except a small amount of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

But a religion with over 1 billion followers like Islam dictates to its believers that Islam is the alpha and the omega, the absolute and thou shall not question anything written in the Quran or Suras. Ultimately establishing the Ummah - a World of devout Muslims and Muslims only or under the condition of being subjugated and classified as dhimmis (second class citizens) non-believers could exist. These notions make Islam very very dangerous, as there is no enlightenment happening in this religion and the Arabs show their true intensions: Imperialism and Colonialism through chaos and disorder and a sick religion to keep the masses oppressed.

Posted by Forever November 28, 08 05:14 PM

Religion doeReligion does not teach violence and killing of the innocent, both maybe misguided in their action, such the Lesser Evil are that of those who have been killed. God has never advocated Man should raise Arms against the weak and Defenseless, it is Evil in Any Form and Guise that which must be Oppressed, via the Prescribed Manners, Problem is that the current Justness and the Laws have been gentle tweaked to slant and Favor of those who hold the Power, and their Entourage of Cronies in the name of Manipulative Meritocracy. Something is very wrong in this system where the Teachings of God has been mis-treated, manipulated and regulated by the so called Leaders all over the World, who most of the time are only Self Righteous and not Righteous, who have no Principles or the Right Order. Pray to God to Guide us into a better World tomorrow, One which Full of Peace, Love, and True Righteousness, Even if God were to be born as a Human , he would have been Nurtured in the wrong manner and Belief, as this is a lost Society, mislead and manipulated by the Self Grandiose and equally Lost Leaders. All is not Lost. The Right Leader will rise in times Dire Straits, God sent Leader who know the right way. Globalization brings Mankind together, so shall the New World and the True Leaders.
" We are the Sum Total of Our Conditioned Minds"
Nothing More Nothing Less. Meanwhile Dharma and Karma Plays on! Cessation comes only with realization of Self. non can Teach or be Taught, But the SELF.

Posted by Avatar6^ November 28, 08 05:15 PM

@ #80 Jack.. Please show us these 'thousands' of photos of Christians, Jews and Hindus committing similar terrorist acts. You then go on to refer to the Iraq war , where we are the good guys, trying to prevent these terrorist bastards from committing mayhem like this on the civilian population. You should recognize this. In wars people die! That is a fact. Or maybe we should surrender and hope for the best. We can not longer pet rabid dogs. I urge the powers that be in India, the US, EU, Russia and China to coordinate an all out attack on the terrorist training camps located in the lawless areas of Pakistan & Afghanistan, and take them out one by one. Blockade the Somali coast as well.

Posted by MikeyHunt November 28, 08 05:16 PM

a muslim is the one who submits(obeys) to GOD and pay obedience to the Prophet....

it is clearly mentioned in the quran by God, that if a man kills an innocent it is like he kills the whole humanity and if he saves one it is like he saves all....

further, prophet has mentioned that a muslim can never steal, never fornicate, never do any heinous act being a muslim....

so it is apparent and clear that whoever does these acts are terrorists and not muslims.... because a muslim cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a muslim.... there can't be a co-existence of the two... either he is a muslim or he is a terrorist..

i deeply condole for the victims, and keep my voice, literature and anger against these malicious terrorists (who for their sake misuse the religion's name)...

i'm a muslim who had subverged my obediecne to GOD and His prophet, prays 5times a day, fasts one month an year, pays the annual charity, and had done the pilgrimage......
i never (like any other muslims) do support any act of terrorism from any kind of people.....
terrorists has no religion... they are terrorists... nothing more nothing less

Posted by ali, india November 28, 08 05:17 PM

I just need to ask one thing regarding Koran that what is the exact verse mentioned in the holy book regarding the treatment of non-believers.......since..I guess most of us (non-islamic people) know only a part of it, that too.....through internet and blogs only....I hope..... if any true practictioner of Islam knows and mention it here.......on this blog.......

Posted by a human being November 28, 08 05:17 PM

Is there any place or organization through which one might send money or care packages to those affected by these heinous attacks? If I don't do something positive to help soon, this sense of helplessness and second-hand grief will poison me. I refuse to let the terrorists have the final say.

Posted by JHN November 28, 08 05:23 PM

My heart goes out to everyone involved in this terrible incident, peace be with you and love from all over the world.

Posted by Eric Toldi November 28, 08 05:24 PM

Welcome to the modern world Obama. Can we all have a chorus of Kum-bay-ahhh? hy can't we all just live together?

I think we have to start being kinder to Pakistan. We have no business being the world's policeman. America - come home. We are not wanted overseas.

Posted by tom bolair November 28, 08 05:27 PM

My grandpa was born in Peshawar in the late 1890s. He was a staunch Muslim and also a fighter according to family lore. Thats all Islam produces- Muslims and fighters. That is why I am an atheist now. If you ask is Islam. Islam has the potential to turn a perfectly normal person into a beast. It has that potential.

Posted by Rehem November 28, 08 05:32 PM

Declare PAKISTAN a rogue state.

Posted by Steve Douglas November 28, 08 05:33 PM

cute dog!

Posted by poo poo November 28, 08 05:38 PM

it's important to make the distinction between islam, which is a largely non-violent religion, and the fascists that have warped its message into condoning this sort of behavior. it's disgusting that some would find these people's actions acceptable in any context, but it certainly is not without precedent across world history. we're all to blame when we as a society view violence as a justifiable form of conflict resolution.

Posted by CWC November 28, 08 05:39 PM

Quran is subjective,it was written in a Era and Venue not of similarity to the present existence of God fearing People of different Denominations. Mostly I believe that it must have been altered by some Fanatical Minds to suit their Self Righteous and Selfish purposes. Such,this must be set right by the Refined and Enlighten in this Religion or more Havoc will Prevail Humanity. Conceiving that "We are The sum total of Our Conditioned Minds" dire adjustment must be made be these Highly regarded Religious Leaders and Guides, who hold the Lamp of Righteousness. Otherwise the Fight between Evil and Good will see Good Losing its Grounds and Evil will REIGN.

Posted by Avatar6^ November 28, 08 05:40 PM

@ Tom Bolair # 158.

"We have no business being the world's policeman. America - come home. We are not wanted overseas."

Thank you.

Posted by Monkey November 28, 08 05:43 PM

Why the comments about Obama? In your minds, to you really think that anybody who voted for Obama expects him to personally solve such problems? Are people making these sarcastic comments like #95 and #105 and especially #158 really so completely ignorant and cynical?

Nevermind, after electing Bush not once but twice, I know the answer is yes. But rest assured, whatever "promises" you are imagining, they exist only in your own warped, damaged little minds.

Posted by Jay November 28, 08 05:55 PM

My condolences and prayers to the people suffered and suffering in Mumbai.

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 06:00 PM

I really hope my comments will be published. We all know Muslims can not live with any other religion or people from other beliefs its a proven fact over and over again. We have been tolerating them since 1947 its time now to get them out from india completely. I think its time to teach a serious lesson to pakistan and all the fundamentalists. We seriously need to get rid of crooked politicians and get the youth power in who has more power and quick to decide. India is the only country right who does not have stong law against these terrorists.

Posted by nextfactor November 28, 08 06:05 PM

This is the true face of Islam, the Religion of Peace.

The world will not know peace and safety until this vile political doctrine masquerading as a religion in utterly destroyed.

All the Taqiya from the Muslims here can not dispute what we see with our own eyes, not only here in India, but everywhere in the world with a sizable Muslim population suffers from terrorism, violence, and ignorance. Those with Muslim majorities also suffer from oppression, poverty and more ignorance.

Posted by David Hoffman November 28, 08 06:13 PM

Wow! Some of you have an interesting concept of America and her people. Well guess what one thing is true, we here do not give a hoot what you think over there. I personally have no recollection of any of you big mouth countries coming to our aid in times of disaster, but oh those taxes you speak of goes to your sorry a--es when something happens and you're happy to receive it.
As for me I have always said religion is the misery of society. God is God and religion is oppressive with only lip service to God.If there is a heaven, may those innocent souls swiftly find thier way. If there is a hell, may that scum fall hard
like a rock.

Posted by JB November 28, 08 06:17 PM

Thank you for not omitting that these terrorist are radical Islamists. Too often because of political correctness the religious background of these individuals is left out of the description.

Posted by michelle l November 28, 08 06:19 PM

hey, islamic apologists, you can try to hoodwink people with your straw man arguments but there is a glaring truth that cannot be ignored. By FAR the vast majority of terrorists acts are committed by jihadist's. When christians,or buddhists start blowing up things in the name of their religion then I'll believe your tripe. Oh and just because there where crusades centuries ago does not excuse current behavior! BTW the crusades where started to repel the spead of islamic empire and here we go again, history repeating itself.

Posted by sinbad November 28, 08 06:24 PM

As for the US starting all of this.....does anyone remember the Barbary Pirates? Google it and think again! The US came into existence long after the mentality of these terrorists was thoroughly established in the world. Thomas Jefferson wrote at length about his concerns with Islamists.

Posted by michelle l November 28, 08 06:29 PM

It's easy to pick one country or one people and point the finger of blame at it. But it's not Pakistan, and it's not the Muslims. This is not about Islam. This is about fanaticism. These people who are killing my people and burning my home are not Muslims. They are fanatics. Robots programmed by a remote zealot somewhere to do the work of the devil in the name of God. The irony is heartbreaking.
I refuse to believe that in the cities of Pakistan, people are watching the carnage in Bombay and celebrating. It may be true of some but it can not be true of all.
Sadly I'm equally sure there are a few who were born Indian, who do believe what is happening is righteous and good.

Posted by Meera November 28, 08 06:31 PM

STOP GIVING AID TO PAKISTAN that inturn is what goes to ISI and that goes to aid alqueda, LET, gangsters, taliban and they kill people of all colors if they are not muslims.

Posted by VM November 28, 08 06:33 PM

few things to point.

Is islam to be blamed? ....No
Are most terrorist doing it in name of Islam ? Yes.
Are terrorist linked to Pakistan? Yes
Is Pakistan(i mean govt) involved in it? No

The point here is responsibility. If you have so many people breeding in one country or have affiliations to Pakistan in some way. The government should bear the responsibility to fix it. Instead of ignoring the situation and it is time to understand the real cause behind it. Even it is not state sponsored terrorist group. There should some responsibility for country for its citizens.
I do agree on premature blame which is going on. But you have to realize, if a citizen of particular country attack the country should own up some reposibility and understand the hatred in the air.
I know U.S foreign policies for that matter even western policies havent helped Pakistan. In fact they have dug a deeper hole. Politicans in Pakistan need to take a good stance in what they believe and what they stand for. (1. Fix your problem before helping other countries) I am sure India may not go into a war with Pakistan unless it finds credible source that ISI was invovled and even then will go using allies. The problem is for Pakistan is not India. The problem is Pakistan is mentioned everytime Afghanistan has been mentioned and Afghanistan has been in war for some decades now. If it is sign of anything serious. It is time for people of Pakistan to step up and demand the democracy that needs to thrive.

Posted by rp November 28, 08 06:34 PM

I am so tired of all the EXCUSES for Islam. The sound of denouncements from the Muslim world is DEAFENING.

It is Islam, over and over again, that leaves dead bodies in the streets.

Posted by JPVann November 28, 08 06:36 PM

What is always predictable after such an attack are the vaguely worded fake words of sympathy from the Muslim countries & organizations about "Muslims don't kill innocents", with the dog-whistle and sly message that if you are innocent in their definition, you will not be killed.

Posted by DejaVu November 28, 08 06:41 PM

We are told that the terrorists arrived by rubber boat and yet there is the pic of a blown up auto. There is too much damage to that auto to have been done by grenades. Also how in the world did the director of the ant-terrorist unit get killed? Did he go to meet with the terrorists or what? India is always preaching peace to everyone maybe you should try strength for a change.

Posted by stu November 28, 08 06:51 PM

For all the Islamic apologists. Here is a simple observation. If Islam did not exist, this attack would not have happened, neither would terrorists attacks all over the world happen. So tell me Islam is NOT the problem, but if Islam went away, all of these problems would end. Christianity had its reformation. Islam needs to have one, or become the most hated group on earth, and at some point even the corrupt Western World will fight back.

Posted by Jehu November 28, 08 06:54 PM

Israel and USA started all this madness

Posted by Dead Turkey November 28, 08 07:00 PM

this is top political game by BJP, RSS, Bajrangdal, VHP & other fanatic HINDU groups to deviate the hidden fact by SADVI in MALEGOAN & other Blast in India. this present attack is like a contract given to the "Int. Terrorist group" & the subcontractor are these small groups to attacked our mumbai. the main terrorist group is the BJP along with are many top brand political names. and more than 75 % files are opened by MR.KARKARE (ATS chief "may god rest his solve in peace") & his group members. just think within short period all the best ATS officers are killed. just think a small terrorist group will never have best plan with best ammunition to attack mumbai. unneccessary names of some terror groups and stupid Pakistan is taken. Pakistan is itself not in position to save his ASS from home civil riots. Sir INDIANS and Media are quite educated to think about the deviation politican turn by this attack. BJP anyhow never wants Peace in India. if thruthfully officer like Karkare comes in front more new terror files of BJP will be opened. BUT ITS WRITTEN IN HOLY BOOKS OF EVERY RELIGION, SATAN HAS CHALLENGED TO GOD THAT HE WILL LOOK INTO HOW GOD IS IN PEACE. Dear religion brothers of united india, today satan is BJP and god is our motherland. Please face the fact and rise with humanity.

Posted by sameer surve November 28, 08 07:15 PM

ok mainly everyone is pi**ed of at muslims rite now which is prettty obvious why,
but seriously have u ever heard of a muslim being allowed to consume alcohol , and especially these guys in expectance of their 72 virgins would commit such a sin of consuming alcohol ,

and @ infidel bob (98) just try looking up the parts u mentioned i.e. surah 2 to surah 9 thats a lot of aayaths (lines) in there, id say around 300 pages, where it describes heaven, hell etc. etc. and theres no part on killing somebody bcos they dont follow ur religion, infact it mentions about freedom to choose ur religion as long as u r willing to face the consequence in ur afterlife (i.e. heaven or hell)
y dont u just try to read the part u have quoted rather copy paste someone elses lines dont make conceptions based on conceptions

Posted by mn November 28, 08 07:16 PM

dead turkey --please elaborate

Posted by dick jackman November 28, 08 07:19 PM

Feels like 9/11 all over again...
but we must not fear terrorists because that is exactly what they want

Posted by medaholic November 28, 08 07:20 PM

Those who complain against America should remember one thing. Radical Islam started way back in 9th century AD when America was inhabitated by Native Indians. This menance continued during the Mughal empire in India under which Hindus have suffered humiliation of their religion and systematic destruction of their places of worship. This hatred reached its peak during India Pakistan Partition in which over 1.5 million people are killed.
The hatred preached by Radical Islam must end otherwise it will have to face the reality of extinction from the face of earth soon.

Posted by skg November 28, 08 07:21 PM

What's scarier to me is that in the name of making the world safe, we will all lose the supposed freedoms many before us fought and died for. India also has nukes, so who knows what their response might be when they find out who was behind this? The bottom line is that anything can happen anywhere. Security is and always has been an illusion.

Posted by Martin Turow November 28, 08 07:21 PM

The problem is not with Islam, but with Islamism, which is political Islam. It is an increasing global problem, and by not naming it and facing it for what it is only allows it to grow. We must not hide behind political correctness and ignore the true source of the problem, which is a virulent ideology. Islam is not just a religion, but a political/social system as well, with Muslim majorities imposing sharia on entire countries. It is a new tyranny which is sweeping across the globe.

Posted by steve November 28, 08 07:21 PM

As for the US starting all of this.....does anyone remember the Barbary Pirates?

Excellent point, Michelle. Prior to Thomas Jefferson, we had been paying tribute to the Barbary Pirates in exchange for not taking our sailors for ransom. They sometimes did it anyway. The NATO countries need to understand that if the middle east and other countries in the region fall, the front line moves to Europe. Some would say it already has. I predict the West will ultimately buy them off, just like the old days. With the possible exception of the USA, of course.

Posted by Bob November 28, 08 07:24 PM

You know...I never really thought much of John Lennon's song *** IMAGINE ***.

But on days like this, I NOW THINK that it just might be the greatest song ever written!!!!!!

Posted by JW November 28, 08 07:25 PM

@57 Untrue. Tragically the Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple despite knowing it was a Sikh holy day and there would be thousands of innocent pilgrims and visitors. It became an indiscriminate massacre. There were several reports of barbaric acts by the army. The Guardian on 13/6/84 reported the following:
"A Sikh doctor drafted from the Government hospital to Jullunder to conduct post mortem examinations said that he had seen the bodies of two Sikhs who had been shot at point blank range, their hands tied behind their backs with their turbans. His colleagues had reported others, some of whom had been machine-gunned. This doctor headed a team that conducted 400 examinations. He said that most bodies were riddled with bullets and bore bomb wounds. He said, "It was a virtual massacre. A large number of women, children and pilgrims were gunned down."
The same doctor told journalists that bodies of victims were brought to the mortuary by police in municipal refuse lorries. (The Times of 13/6/84 and the Indian Express of 18/6/84) reported that of the 400 bodies, 100 were women and between 15-20 were children under five. One was a two-month-old baby.

Let's hope the communities stay united and that there are no anti-muslim riots as there were anti-sikh riots in 1984. Don't listen to the hate-mongers. Peace.

Posted by truth teller November 28, 08 07:26 PM

180. - obviously idiocy has no limits your comment is a perfect example of that

Posted by al November 28, 08 07:28 PM

To Ali Akram who posted:
"are u sure Quran says to kill those 'non-believers'? " Ali Akram, Koran/Quran indeed teaches killing non-Muslims. Here is one verse for you which Islamic Terrorists quote over and over again: "...And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers." Quran 2:191
There are several such verses in Quran and the Hadith is even worse!

Posted by An Ex-Muslim from India November 28, 08 07:30 PM

All that you people need to do is read your korans and the truth will come out. Christians and Jews are "people of the book" because they worship the same god as Mohammed. According to that book, Christians & Jews are, at best, 2nd class citizens (Surah IX verses 29-35). Just Google "jizya" or "dhimitude" and see what you get. The politheistic Hindus aren't afforded this courtesy, they're just slaughtered. If Islam is so tolerant, try taking a bible into Saudi Arabia or openly convert from Islam to another religion in an Islamic country without the threat of death. I like how if you question the koran you're automatically an "islamophobe". Yeah, lets namecall instead of debating the facts. If wanting to protect my family from savages who still live in the 7th Century makes me an islamophobe, then so be it!

Posted by john the kafir November 28, 08 07:31 PM

John Quincy Adams on Islam:

"In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar [i.e., Muhammad], the Egyptian, [.....] Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST.- TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE.... Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged. The war is yet flagrant ... While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men."

(Capitals are in the original -- the boldfacing has been added for this blog post.)

The behavior of radical Islamist terrorists has nothing to do with Iraq or Israel. It's been going on since the seventh century.

Posted by Sheedog November 28, 08 07:31 PM

I can't believe these idiots are blaming this on the U.S and Israel. These are the only 2 countries who aggressively fight these barbarians.

Posted by The last sane person left, apparently. November 28, 08 07:32 PM

Looks like they need the right to carry arms, that way, they're not sitting ducks waiting to be shot down my some worthless existence that should have been sucked out of his mothers infected womb !

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 07:32 PM

Claire O'Connor, you are a moron.

Posted by Reality Check November 28, 08 07:36 PM

A terrorist is a man with a bomb but no plane....

Posted by The Seeker November 28, 08 07:38 PM

Good idea De Lucca, when all else fails let's just blame Bush.
Maybe Obama can chat and reason with the fellows that organized this whole thing.

Posted by Jason Gosnell November 28, 08 07:38 PM

These scum "terrorists" want to die for their cause. Lets continue to make that happen. Every last one of them.

Posted by USNavy(Retired) November 28, 08 07:44 PM

When are the people with the power to do something, going to do it? When are they going to quit treating these terrorists like bad children who are misbehaving and start fighting fire with fire. When are the politicians we elected to protect us going to stop taking the seemingly moral high road. The only people that is benefiting is the terrorists. I would bet anything, no one in any country is willing to lose a loved one to a terrorist act so their country can take the moral high ground. People are always worried about these terrorists rights and not to treat them inhumanely. What about the victims rights?! What about the rest of us law abiding peoples rights. These people are waging war on our way of life. The only way to kill a monster is with a bigger one. These people can not be reasoned with or persuaded with bribes. They are like house pets that have gone ferral. The only way to deal with them is to put them down.

Posted by Elijah November 28, 08 07:46 PM

This is callled a civil war...
The basis does not relate to religion.
Some elements ( the perpatraitors ) take ''credit' for this mayhem.
And the media take it further and further....

Just another civil war, in disguise ( of religion )....

This was just another German right-wingers opinion.

One advice to all: Keep up the good work populating my television with real crap.

Posted by bloeder peter November 28, 08 07:52 PM

"180.Israel and USA started all this madness
Posted by Dead Turkey November 28, 08 07:00 PM"

The USA did not start anything. If it wasn't for the USA, the entire world would be communist or worse. Get over blaming America for the problems in the world. Without us, you would be a slave or dead. Maybe we should just pull back and let the world fall to Islam, Communism or whatever.


Posted by Ilovetheusa November 28, 08 07:57 PM

A terrorist is a man with a bomb WHO DELIBERATELY TARGETS CIVILIANS AS THE MAIN TARGETS, whether he has a plane or not.

Posted by ryuge November 28, 08 08:07 PM

Hey Anonymous, I had been thinking the same thing. Maybe they used planes in the USA because a lot of people are packing. It might not have been so easy to pull this horror off on the streets without the wild, wild west breaking out.

Posted by JB November 28, 08 08:10 PM

A Quiz for you all

Which country is the hub of ALL terrorists of this world?

Imagine if that country vanishes in thin air, then more than half of world's terrorism will be gone. Aameen to that. Unfortunately, that terrorist country is India's neighbour.

Posted by Vivek November 28, 08 08:14 PM

I really wish people wouldn't blame a specific religion or country. Stop blaming the U.S.A, the middle east, and even the Muslims for these terrible acts. You talk as if the average American citizen is issuing orders and making pacts with the leaders of Pakistan. The way you ramble on about Muslims makes it seem like every single person who is a Muslim is picking up a shot gun and going around shooting innocent bystanders. Terrorism has been going on for hundreds of years, by people of all different ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions. And as long as some person somewhere in the world has their own agendas and their own way of doing something there will be terrorism. Because in the end all of this is some pathetic mob of people doing these horrific stunts in the hope of scaring the world. Blaming one place in particular doesn't solve anything, the only thing it manages to do is anger someone else somewhere else in the world. If you really are that childish to point fingers than maybe you should just point into a mirror. Your endless rambling isn't going to help the situation, it isn't going to help rid this planet of terrorism, and is sure as hell isn't helping the poor people of this world who lost their loved ones in this horrendouc act. I think some of you should think before you start typing.

Posted by Rose November 28, 08 08:18 PM

All the religious fanatics are originating from Pakistan. Considering it is nuclear i fear it might get into the hands of terrorists. They will stop at nothing. Stop funding Pakistan for godsake.

Posted by Karthik November 28, 08 08:22 PM

It is clearly established 29 out of the 40 are from Pakistan 11 are from Bangladesh. They are all muslims. Islamic fundamentalism. What is their motives behind targeting jews, americans, british.

Posted by karthik November 28, 08 08:32 PM

a muslim is the one who submits(obeys) to GOD and pay obedience to the Prophet....

it is clearly mentioned in the quran by God, that if a man kills an innocent it is like he kills the whole humanity and if he saves one it is like he saves all....

further, prophet has mentioned that a muslim can never steal, never fornicate, never do any heinous act being a muslim....

so it is apparent and clear that whoever does these acts are terrorists and not muslims.... because a muslim cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a muslim.... there can't be a co-existence of the two... either he is a muslim or he is a terrorist..

i deeply condole for the victims, and keep my voice, literature and anger against these malicious terrorists (who for their sake misuse the religion's name)...

i'm a muslim who had subverged my obediecne to GOD and His prophet, prays 5times a day, fasts one month an year, pays the annual charity, and had done the pilgrimage......
i never (like any other muslims) do support any act of terrorism from any kind of people.....
terrorists has no religion... they are terrorists... nothing more nothing less

Posted by M.S November 28, 08 08:33 PM

"thank you USA
you started all this crazyness"

Your ignorance is what helps keep this going.
This has been happening since well before the USA was even a country.
If you cannot see that these fools are using the USA (among others) as nothing more than excuses -- and YOU conveniently accept that, you are lost, my friend. Every terrorist has a convenient enemy... if the USA was the enemy, why were so many Indians killed? People like you lend credence to their excuses and allow these murderers to continue -- with their idiot excuses. One day, when you wake up, you will see that. Hopefully, it won't be too late for you and millions of others.

Posted by Ster November 28, 08 08:34 PM

These are truly horrific crimes and as yet the motives and the perpetrators are not fully clear so lets not jump to hasty conclusions.
In response to the comments that Islam = Terrorism I would like to make a couple of points. There are plenty of non-muslim terrorists. I'm British and I was in my home town of Manchester when some distinctly non-muslim terrorists decided to bomb the main shopping centre in the city (IRA / Catholics). And the Troubles were not without Protestant atrocities either. Spain has recently suffered bomb attacks from non-Muslim separatist fighters (ETA ). The Tamil Tigers who have bombed and fought a bloody battle in Sri Lanka are predominantly Hindu as were the perpetrators of previous bomb attacks in India. Possibly the only world religion I have not heard implicated in any type of terrorist attack is Bhuddism....!

Posted by MFK November 28, 08 08:37 PM

Last I checked the Gun Laws in India are VERY Strict......The common person isn't allowed to own a weapon for self defense.......If Law Abiding Indians were allowed their birthright of self-defense by carrying a weapon, this couldv'e been stopped early symapthy for the WEAK!!!!!!!.......

Posted by Doberman November 28, 08 08:38 PM

Blame it all on us, the foolish, ignorant, arrogant....ungrateful human kind. Human has always been weak, uncivilized, easily distorted....and above all GREED. Human activated the devil's work in the name of salvation and freedom long ago by hijacking religions of all kinds. So too the unseen level of high negative energy released on earth by human's emotions and their creations, left mother nature no choice but to punish everyone.

Posted by mocky November 28, 08 08:52 PM

Want to have some insight into Islam, the Religion of Peace? Look at the top news stories from:
There's plenty more. I think you're starting to get the picture. There is no moderate Islam. When is the last time you saw Muslims march for Peace? Women's rights? Nope! Slavery? OK by Islam! Killing anyone whose religion is different than Islam? That's OK too! Rape? OK if it's for Islam! Terrorism? Once again, OK if it's for Islam! Music - mostly illegal. Movies - mostly outlawed. Books - only allowed to read what the local Islamic theocracy says you can. Islamic terror was not started by the USA. It's been going on for decades. The USA is one of the few countries willing to stand up to the growing Islamic threat. You people who blame and hate the USA will be the first people screaming for them to come and help you when Islam takes over, locks down and starts killing your country.

Posted by bse5150 November 28, 08 09:00 PM

I believe putting the terrorists down is exactly what they want. My guess is they don't want to be captured so I would rather not give them what they want. And if we forget about laws, rights etc. then the terrorist truly do win don't they? They want to destablize the democratic world. If we start circumventing and ignoring our own laws then when the same laws need to be applied to different situations they can be struck down based on precedents. The terrorists want us to execute them and strip them of their rights because this would be removing one of the bricks of democracy from the bottom. Once you start removing the foundation, the entire structure will fall. I vote to fight the terrorists with law and democracy. I don't want them to win!!

Posted by Roger November 28, 08 09:03 PM

The religion of peace strikes again. I suppose there's going to be millions of Muslims demonstrating against this senseless violence. Just kidding. There are millions of 'moderate' Muslims celebrating instead. Pakistan , Iran Syria.. it doesn't matter . The only thing in common is Islam and its 1600 hundred years of death , fear and hate. May God have mercy on these poor victims souls.

Posted by oldwolves November 28, 08 09:12 PM

Turkish couple let off by terrorists for being Muslims.

This is proof that attacks were directed towards non-muslims as directed by the Koran.

Posted by Rahul November 28, 08 09:13 PM

I am appalled by how many idiots are actually posting their sh*thead-opinions here... poor world, extremists are everywhere!

Posted by Andi November 28, 08 09:25 PM

@ Ali 154

Operating word being INNOCENT. Read the Quran Ali... Kaffirs like us cannot be innocent because we made a choice of not believing in the Quran.

I do not hold present day muslims guilty of the immense damage done to peoples of erstwhile pagan states of Persia, Afghanistan, Greater India etc. by the marauding troops of desert dwelling islamic barbarians, who have usurped the immense scientific and cultural accomplishments of these great civilizations as their own.
The destructive raids of Bin qasim, Ghori, Ghaznavi (all glorious ghazis of Islam) etc plundered the wealth, land, and enslaved free peoples of India, Persia and Afghanistan (Kushan) to build the great cities of Islam. Every where these barbarians went they destroyed the elite educational institutions of such civil
izations, beheaded the intellectual leaders such as the monks in the world's first university in Nalanda. What we are seeing is just a continuation of those days. Some faced with such enormous oppression chose to join their oppressors and lead charmed lives, but for those who put up resistance, there was no mercy, they were put to the sword in Delhi, in Rajastan and many communities chose to fight to the last man and woman such as the Rajputs where women of fallen kingdoms chose to immolate themselves rather than face depradations as slaves to the raiders. Yet to many muslims these barbaric raiders were heroes of god and in Pakistan they still are. You may ask yourselves why did the muslims not convert everyone and the answer is that they tried but people of India did not want to convert to a religion more suitable for the deserts of Arabia and not the colorful gardens that was India.Much of what I say will cause cognitive dissonance to you, raised as you were a devout muslim, but the fact remains. There is almost no cultural or scientific knowledge that is the genius of Islam (not the number system: India, not the maritime compass: China, and many others, the entire arabic mathematics is lifted
from Indian sources). The genious of India is also your legacy and every attempt by muslims to insulate themselves from the larger public causes immense damage to the idea of India where a thousand religions, countless philosophies and immense wealth was generated and through civilizational faults and schisms in civil society lost to outsiders. You may not know but the Quran has always been an Arab political philosophy masked as a religion and it reflect in Arab attitudes to non-arab muslims, you will never be equals to those who speak in Arabic the language of god but here in India we will always love those who hold India and i
ts lands and denizens sacred as dearly as a mother loves her child. Unconditionally! but remember this pagan/kaffir India perhaps even the rest of the world
is slowly waking up from its slumber and rightly or wrongly it will demand a penance for all the past crimes the Ghazis of Islam have committed on its body.

It is upto you to recognize past excess and start the healing process. Jai Hind!

Posted by Karthik November 28, 08 09:26 PM

Pakistan start counting your days.......u r finished....u r done...I am blamed for your doings.......ur support to inhuman practices........

Posted by Allah November 28, 08 09:27 PM

this is a disgusting incident. I feel bad for foreigners who were singled out in this incident. much as USA claims they are the real victims of terror attacks - that claim is wrong - outside of iraq , India is the country most affected by terror. unless Pakistan is helped to overcome the terror groups in the country and led to have a stable democracy - loose elements in pakistan will continue to wreak havoc inside india, in pakistan and the rest of the world.

the world must recognize that the fountainhead of all terror, pakistan, must be tamed.

Posted by ashok pai November 28, 08 09:34 PM

To all who are making ignorant remarks on Islam, I have one question. . .
What faith did Timothy McVaugh belong to? How about Ted Bundy?

Just because those terrorists claim to be Muslims it doesn't mean that Muslims are proud of this. For all you Islamaphobics, what makes you think we encourage this? Do you see any Muslims dancing on the streets and jumping for joy for this? Stop making the assumption that Muslims encourage or promote this in any way. Because we don't.

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 09:34 PM

the terrorist is wearing a RED hindu band on his hand as seen on picture #5
all hindus I know of wear that band
he doesn't even look Muslim

Posted by Mohd. A. T. November 28, 08 09:35 PM

Brilliant Photography...Nice comments...valid points and invaluable counter points.... and ABSOLUTELY NO ACTION...NO RESOLUTION
So wait till they strike again.. until they get to you and me...

Posted by what ever November 28, 08 09:36 PM

I know Islam preaches that they should kill ones that do not believe in Islam (don't try to teach me that it does not ....) and then they become martyrs and go to heavan ....I wanna know what happens to the Muslims if they kill a fellow Muslim in their after life? we need to remind them in that case they go to HELL .....!!

If you kill even one innocent Muslim then you go to hell my fellow radical islamic terrorists ...always remember that.

Posted by Anonymous November 28, 08 09:36 PM

The only way Muslim Terrorism will cease, is when good Muslims stand up and take back their religion from the extremists. No more picking and choosing what you agree or don't agree with the extremists views. Terrorists are terrorists. Stop rationalizing their acts. If the good Muslims don't eraticate this disease themselves, then stop complaining how the rest of the world will handle it.

With this recent event, not only Muslims must stand up but the Pakistani people must stand up to these individuals and organizations that hide amongst them. Stop using cultural and 1000 year old greviences as an excuse to target tourists. If the infidels are so evil why do the terrorists use the infidels cell phones, bombs, Ak-47's, internet, TV, cars, airplanes, clothes, laptops, radios, etc ...?

Posted by Stand Up good Muslims !!! November 28, 08 09:38 PM

Do you want to see the real motive & rewards for the terrorist??? see " Paradise rewards for Jihadis" in google,wikipedia,or Yahoo-- Unless their radical leaders & priests sincerely denounce & deny this motive this will continue--- -- what a peaceful & tolerant religion ???

Posted by nicholas November 28, 08 09:39 PM

Those are some really high quality pictures, and I must say great job on the camera work by whomever took these.

Posted by Sean November 28, 08 10:05 PM

I totally agree with it.

Posted by Nabeel Kadhim November 28, 08 10:15 PM

Those who trained and financially supported this carnage must be found and punished. I don't care who or where they are.
Secondly, Muslims must denounce this carnage. Any Muslim who who openly rejoices over this carnage must be condemned by decent Muslims. Those who do not condemn the carnage are complicit in it, just as the "good Germans" who followed Hitler's orders.
Third, private ownership and the right to carry firearms are necessary for self defense. This sort of carnage is only possible where legal gun ownership is outlawed. If you are afraid of firearms, be courageous and take a class on the safe and effective use of firearms.

Posted by Mark November 28, 08 10:33 PM

As a US citizen I am shamed by many of the comments above. We are a people who once stood for freedom and equality. What I hear from many of you is hate and intolerance. Islam is the second largest religion of the world. I feel sorry for anyone who believes there is that much evil in the world. They must live in constant fear.

Posted by E S November 28, 08 10:35 PM

I am sorry for india
But i also watch the muslims around me.
I watch them because out of all the terrorist attacks in the last 40 years
some 13,000 (just the reported ones)
98% were committed by muslims
1% by hindus
.5% by so called christians (but they arent)
.5% by so called ulta orthadox jews (and they atrent either)
Its your stinking crappy relegion of pieces
Muslims you clean your crap up

Posted by james November 28, 08 10:49 PM

Allah Akbar! These clowns cannot even spell it. Young guys with to much time on their hands and to much Koran!

Posted by T.Gerard M.D. November 28, 08 10:57 PM

As a fellow US citizen I have to ask 232 what are you talking about. The ones who saying they are from are country are defending the raw comments being made about it. What makes you think these comments are being typed by Americans. Please reread them. We stood for and still stand for those ideals. I am ashamed of you.
We constantly see the same violence for one part of the world to the other committed by the same terrorist group,Timothy McVay 's act was perpetrated only in the USA no where else and Ted Bundy was a Serial Killer for goodness sake.Stop looking to make the US the badie.

Posted by JB November 28, 08 11:09 PM

My friends in India: I am very sad that you have suffered in this way and send you good vibes and strength in this horrible hour.
Your Fellow Human Being

Posted by CS November 28, 08 11:11 PM

Wow, so much hatred on this board. Where are the moderators?
Seriously people need to be calm and collective when reading such news.
Pakistan is suffering at the hands of these barbarians on a weekly basis, dozens die every week, is there a headline about this? No because Pakistani lives cheap, dirt cheap. I feel for those who lost their family and friends in these attacks on Mumbai but some idiots just like to hype up the situation by pointing fingers at a certain group/religion/country. Such ignorance.. Don't blame the public, the Indian media is like the #2 bollywood, they might as well write movie scripts.. no wonder the public is so caught up in finger pointing. Finally Indians need to look in their own country, their own terrorists are being brought up. Just week ago the chief of ATF was investigating a Hindu terrorist cell and brave as is was he ge got shot in this Mumbai attack. Sounds fishy why him.

Posted by Mike November 28, 08 11:13 PM

Pearl Harbor in Asia.

A Sleeping Giant awakened into a grim fury.

Remember what happened in Japan?

A time for war.

Posted by The Past Repeated November 28, 08 11:20 PM

Gr8 camera work.. terrorist cant be the follower of any religion.. they are terrorist.. and we all are against of it.. to face terrorism and to clean this we have to come under the same umbrella.. catch my hand and i'm catching yours.. lets do it to save our world...

Posted by Dihan November 28, 08 11:28 PM

After reading the 232 comments that have been posted thus far, it's clear that the Internet has provided us all with a public service; that being, the validation that the world is largely populated by ignorant fools and idiot apologists incapable of evaluating events such as these with any amount of objectivity. This fact is almost as discouraging and as alarming as the acts being perpetrated by these Islamo-fascists. If this downward spiral continues, we are truly doomed. May God help us all.

Posted by Cynical November 28, 08 11:29 PM

JM above blames the USA, but Islam is an expansionist religion (remember it started in Mecca and marched up to Vienna), so let's not forget that. If the USA was a colonial power, then why didn't they conquer the world unopposed when they were the only ones with the A-bomb?

Posted by Jack Salami November 28, 08 11:31 PM

JM above blames the USA, but Islam is an expansionist religion (remember it started in Mecca and marched up to Vienna), so let's not forget that. If the USA was a colonial power, then why didn't they conquer the world unopposed when they were the only ones with the A-bomb?

Posted by Jack Salami November 28, 08 11:32 PM

As good muslims we should be ashamed,shocked & repentant for these doings by a few -who bring a bad name to all.All our radical priests & leaders should openly & sincerely denounce these terrorists & their families for silently supporting their young men to become jihadis to get all the fabulous rewards(72 virgins,wine & luxuries, etc ) for the families too.Only good muslims should thus stand up & show their real sincererity.In case of any future hostage crisis our leaders should come forward to talk to the terrorists on loudspeakers to release them-& not leave it to the army to act...

Posted by nilofar November 28, 08 11:36 PM


Yes, there is that much evil in the world! Muslims had many opportunities to organize and vehemently condemn terrorism by staging public demonstrations. Instead, they staged public demonstrations for silly cartoons. By reasoning over terrorism, by finding excuses for terror and by failing to react to terrorism as a body, they are now held responsible for terrorist act. If not terrorists themselves, they are enablers of terror. We have had it with Islam and taqyia! No more!

Posted by Eva November 28, 08 11:45 PM

what a shame!. when it happens in usa, you call perpetrators as "terrorists" but when it happens here they are referred as "gunmen". alan taylor your are hypocrite!.

Posted by aklmv November 28, 08 11:47 PM

These attacks are totally mindless and insane, and no muslim that I know of will ever condone such acts. However, the Indians have habitually blamed Pakistan for any trouble in their country conveniently looking away from the condition of their own Islamic population which comprises a sizable chunk. 40% of that segment lives below poverty according to conservative estimates. Radicalisation doesn't need anything more than collective economic plight. The "its Pakistan" mentality is sadly hardwired into the average Indian mind which make majority of the Indians blind to the mess in their own society.

Posted by Fahd Khan November 28, 08 11:51 PM

Look. The Bible is no gem either if you dare to try to follow everything in it to the letter but the Koran is very very clear about hating non-Muslims who, according to the Koran, deserve to be either enslaved via Sharia law (Christians and Jews) or killed (Hindus, Buddhists and everyone else). The Koran ORDERS MUslims to take over the world. As such, the terrorists are the Muslims who are actually following the Koran to the letter.

Posted by Jon November 28, 08 11:53 PM

They all wear sandles. Why do they all wear sandles?

Posted by jack meoff November 28, 08 11:55 PM

I am muslim and denounce every bit of terror and pretty sure the people who did commit these crimes are burning in hell right now. Thats what they deserve.

Posted by annonymus November 28, 08 11:58 PM

"It is the duty of all human beings to think God out of existence. Then we have a future. Because then — and only then — do we take full responsibility for who we are. And that's what you must do: think God out of existence; take responsibility for who you are."

Posted by TheScientist November 29, 08 12:09 AM

@215 (Parts of this message was also posted on other forums)
Been following the hostage situation for the past 58 hours. Some condemned, some swore, while others went about bashing each others religion. I left IR simply because of this. Its full of nutters who talk about political/international and have come to discuss them after having made their judgments.
A bunch of lunies have attacked, killed and held hostage a lot of innocent people. The least you all could do was to say a little prayer for them, which I'm sure sure a small number must have.
Yes these terrorists are muslims and they have killed alot of people but I don't see how muslim bashing on IR, where a huge chunk of muslims could be classified as 'moderates' would help.
These terrorists don't belong to a religion, country, organization or even a family. They belong to an ideology. An ideology that denounces political dialogue, an ideology that feels a sense of jubilance over killing innocent people who have done them no harm. An ideology that condemns those that disagree with them but above all seeks to justify its act.
These ideologies fit the frame of any militant fundamentalist group
Ideologies have always branched out of religions and unless people stop dissing each others' religion and work together to eradicate a problem faced by literally every community, nothing will change!!
Lack of knowledge about those outside our cultures, religion, community, caste whatsoever they may be, form the core of any ideology. And young people will keep getting brainwashed into committing these abominable atrocities.
Why is it that at a religious round table, every religion thinks they are right. Why do we all feel we are the chosen people. This is the reason behind every sh** that happens.
Let's hope the NSG's and MARCOS finish this within the least possible time span.
My message to those that may support such inhumanity is to pause for a moment and think about what is has changed?Resilient India will wake up tomorrow, remember the brave and life will go on. Think,whether any act of violence ever changed anything?
I urge Indians in particular to appeal to our government, whether it entails writing letters or speaking to politicians, MPs we may know and pass the message that enough is enough and unless we know go on the offensive, things won't change.
We can't change ideologies but there is nothing that can stop us from changing our destiny.

N.B- I forgot to mention that I am an Indian Muslim. I would be deeply offended if anybody every attempted to test my patriotism or question my religion. My religion is a matter most personal to me. I am proud of my country and my religion and wish I could do something to help. Furthermore, I feel there may be more people out there, like me who feel the same way .

Below is a message posted @215 by bse 5150 and the response is posted following his statement.
"When is the last time you saw Muslims march for Peace? Women's rights? Nope! Slavery? OK by Islam! Killing anyone whose religion is different than Islam? That's OK too! Rape? OK if it's for Islam! Terrorism? Once again, OK if it's for Islam! Music - mostly illegal. Movies - mostly outlawed. Books - only allowed to read"
Do you wish I showed you pictures of Peace rallies I attended? Or prove that I have never tortured a woman? Helped slavery even before i was born?Killed anyone?Raped anybody?Am a terrorist?Listen to pirated music? Or read outlawed book?
I sincerely hope what you said was in a fit of anger and would refrain from preaching the same thought to you children and your family. As for myself, I would regard myself as someone who doesn't deserve to be despised by anyone;blamed and passed judgments by those who've never met me and above it all, seen as a human being who feels the same was as you, or any other person.
If I was all that you condemn me to be, I wouldn't be here reading through all the posts, slavishly hoping and praying this was over with the least casualty. I wouldn't even be bothered writing back.
I am a 24 year old Indian Muslim who just wishes that you didn't condemn his existence. I am in every possible way different from what you think I am.

Posted by Sayeed J November 29, 08 12:12 AM

The world would be mostly (if not truly) at peace without people. Therein you will find your solution.

Posted by A November 29, 08 12:26 AM

Terrorists like to attack victims who seem weak and defenseless. My heart goes out to all the innocents who's only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Islamic world needs to acknowledge it has a serious problem and start taking responsibility for itself. Why is almost every country in the middle east except Israel so dysfunctional? It can't be a coincidence. By the way, if any terrorists plan on trying that in the US, there are more guns than people in that country. Food for thought.

Posted by Mr Man November 29, 08 12:31 AM

eh guys.....guess what? we are the only species in the world that kill each other these much...war....terrorist attack....etc
just imagine a lion dude.....they never kill another lion right....though they kill each other to a small extent...
SO....STOP THIS.... God created us not to kill each other....OMG....

Posted by darp_prad November 29, 08 12:42 AM

@aklmv: Just responding to being called a hypocrite - the word "gunmen" was merely used as a descriptive term, usually to distinguish the attackers from plainclothes policemen. "Gunmen" are also just as capable of carrying out terrorist attacks as "terrorists". Please don't get caught up in semantics - surely you can see there is no support for the perpetrators of these acts here.

Posted by alan taylor November 29, 08 12:48 AM

There was no terrorism till USSR fell in 90s... It is well known that Al Queda and Laden were funded by US to fight socialist govt in Afganistan... US convinced its citizen's for militarisation of economy by showing the threat from USSR till 90... Now all the major capitalist countries need an enemy so that they can spend for their military... Who supplies arms to these terrorist groups, please think? International arms dealers?.... So that major economies will buy their goods?..... In India also there was very less Islamic terrorism till 90s... It became significant only after Babri Masjid demolition and Gujarath riots and India leaning more to US which unjustly attacked Iraq and Afganistan.... So the domestic and international policies of India as well as US helped the extrimists to grow..... No point in blaming any religion for the cause........

Posted by Ravi November 29, 08 12:48 AM

Amazing Photos.
Shocking, disturbing, sad images that are hard to comprehend yet my eyes are seeing the truth of it.
Proof of the evil in men's hearts, proof of mean spiritedness and wickedness to the core.
Lacking in both sense and sanity, and showing only cowardice and pure ignorance of their own religion.
A religion selfishly interpreted by bitter and twisted old men training young men to kill and die for them.
Terrorism and hatred meant to fracture and destabilize.
Yet which in time, actually does the opposite by uniting the world against them and strengthening our compassion for the victims and their families.
I am sad but I am not afraid.

Posted by Elle November 29, 08 12:53 AM

Lets not give Terrorism a religion, I would be really harsh on the billion other people of the same religion.By reading u ppl comment i feel like its not us vs terrorist but a war between two religions.
ps:This is to the owner,thnx for sharing the pics,I however urge you to moderate the comments so that we dont have a situation here

Posted by Shashank November 29, 08 01:00 AM

i feel indian govt shall take lessons from what US did after 9/11.......... its now or never.......

Posted by skk November 29, 08 01:02 AM

Bravo Sayeed J.
As much as anyone else did, muslims have denounced these kind of acts all over the world. No person can ever think of agreeing with acts of terror.

Hatred is the last thing we need on this earth.
If we want to see our generation living in peace in future. We need to stop hating each other in the name of religion, country, color or culture.
We need to seriously start thinking for common good.
Stop rheatorics of eliminating each other. The moment we start thinking in this line, we start a chain of reaction. We should not become part of these kind of horrible acts and make the world filled with atrocities which our own generations will have to live with.

Posted by Annonymus November 29, 08 01:13 AM

@237 & @258, re: your calls for comment moderation - they are being moderated, just so you know.

Posted by alan taylor November 29, 08 01:14 AM

The point is not that only Muslims are susceptible to terrorism. There are plenty of counter examples, of course, like the IRA (Christians), the Lankan Tamils (Hindu/Chrisitan) etc. It seems to me that these groups, at least the Tamil tigers, are fighting a political war, though they use terrorism as a means. They're driven by the discrimination they face under the Lankan govt. I don't think religion plays any role at all in motivating them to commit suicide attacks. They see it as entirely political, not in the hope that dying as martyrs is a shortcut to paradise. Compare this with Islamic terrorists, who are mostly driven explicitly by their religious beliefs. This makes it all too easy to make terrorists out of Muslims. Muslims are not a problem, perhaps, but Islam is.

Posted by Suraj November 29, 08 01:15 AM

In 1985 the calcutta high court after detailed hearing had actually decided to ban this book-as direct incitement to kill non muslims- but the then govt after a lot of protests by muslim -dropped it--see details in google-refer below- can any radical leader & priest dare to deny this openly???

Calcutta Quran Petition ( to ban Quran in India)
Reader comment on article: Is Allah God?
Submitted by Burton (United States), Dec 2, 2005 at 15:23
Pasted from "Negation in India" by Keonraad Elst.
In 1985 Chandmal Chopra filed a petition with the Calcutta high Court, asking for a ban on the Quran. He added a list with reprehensible verses from the Quran: 29 assages from the Quran (1 to 8 verses in length) that incite violence against unbelievers, 15 which promote enmity, 26 which insult other religions.

Posted by nicholas November 29, 08 01:22 AM

So there are people who are still stupid enough to the US/ISRAEL thing is to blame for this? Radical Islamic fanaticism has existed before the Unites States ever did. If you live in the United States, and you think this is our fault, there's the door. Go live overseas, get a library card, do some research. Maybe you'll learn to appreciate this country when you're not a part of it.

It's about time we fought fire with fire and eliminated these people off the face of the earth. I'm a lifelong democrat, and God help me, I hate the thought of war as much as the next guy, but come on. The only thing these subhuman animals believe in is hatred and violence, and, brave souls that they are, they take it out on the innocent: surprise attacks on civilians. There's not a more cowardly, gutless act ever conceived. And because these heathens don't have the resources or bravery to do otherwise, they need to prove their own worth in this world by attacking those not equipped or prepared to fight.

My heart goes out to these victims. If India takes action, I will be steadfastly behind them 100%. If I could press the button that wipes this filth off of this planet , I would gladly take that responsibility and not miss a second of sleep. I'm sick and tired of a worthless, disgusting, immoral group of fanatics running around like gutless thugs trying to ruin our world. As I said before, I'm a lifelong democrat and I hate the situation my county is in, but I am getting sick and tired of this. It pains me that I feel this way.

Enough is enough. Like a previous poster said, I am sad, but not afraid. It's time we unite and take action. Anyone who feels differently might as well line up alongside these killers, and get the hell out of our way.

Posted by Realist November 29, 08 01:38 AM

pls add pic of our heros who gave their lives for our nation we have to salute them first and all the political parties should atleast remember them

Posted by rudresh November 29, 08 01:43 AM

I hate these men. Yet even my hate would not allow me to kill bystanders in my search to destroy them. What on Earth could their objective be, that it requires such seemingly random violence? What solutions are there, that will not simply breed revenge in an endless cycle? If, by my hand, these men die, then will not their kinsmen seek my head in return? is a cycle with no end until one side is completely exterminated. Is there no other way?

Posted by righteous anger November 29, 08 01:44 AM

It is time for islamic countries to control their own people and stop these fanatics by accepting responsibility. I would say if these mass killers come from Pakistan then make Pakistan a terrorist country by stoping all business trading, social relationship, and migration of its citizens with that country until the rest of the world is sure that no attacks like these will ever happen. we can not control all the crazy people in the world, but at least we can control this kind of behavior should not be accepted anymore. attacking any muslim country will not make things better, unless the whole worlds attacks like they did with Hitler. thats the only way to control and change the country.

Posted by alboston November 29, 08 01:45 AM

People also need to pull their heads out of the sand & understand the politics, ideology & power game behind terrorism. Poverty & illiteracy are not the root causes. Osama was born into one of the richest families in the world. Zawahiri was a medical doctor. AT some point they were indoctrinated and found out how they can ride the tiger. Read about them. Even if USA pulled out of middle east and stopped looking at that direction, nothing will change. This is a game of world domination. Once Muslims reach 10% of any nation's population, all kinds of problems arise. Once they reach 51%, game over. Read about Dhimmism & dhimmitude. Open your eyes.

Posted by SK November 29, 08 01:49 AM

Unbelievable photos. Brings out the highly motivated, brainwashed and cold blooded attitude of terrorists. May god give strength to the people of India. I am totally moved, shocked, and still cant believe my senses that a thing like that has actually happened. It is high time now that the Indian government does something, that would totally prevent all this from happening again in future. For example take stern action, expedite the interrogation of all the people locked up and accused of terror activities in the past. Secondly strengthen the intelligence. Thirdly strive for strong international pressure, sanctions, etc. against Pakistan. Fourthly check the unchecked growth of hateful Islamic teachings spread through the Madarsas that have sprung up in so many corners of India.

Posted by speechless November 29, 08 02:06 AM

#204 - "A terrorist is a man with a bomb WHO DELIBERATELY TARGETS CIVILIANS AS THE MAIN TARGETS, whether he has a plane or not."

In which case, Harry S Truman was the biggest terrorist of all, having deliberately targeted the CIVILIANS of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (neither of which cities had ANY military value) for nuclear annihilation.

Posted by regnaD kciN November 29, 08 02:21 AM

Congrats Realist. You're angry just like everyone else. No one cares if you're a Democrat or not. The issue is that you can't figure out who the Islamic fanatics/terrorists are. How do you tell them apart from a peaceful practicing Muslim? You can't. Almost everyone supports the idea that terrorists need to be put in jail or shot, but it's idiotic to rant about it when it's not possible to do anything about it.

Posted by Reality November 29, 08 02:23 AM


Posted by Vittal Uyike November 29, 08 02:41 AM

"This is nothing camparing to what's happening in Palestine and kachmir. So don't talk too much."

Please substantiate that claim. Give me evidence so that I can at least empathise with you. Of course, I won't agree with you on looking at this incident with a less sympathising eye. There is no "tit for tat" when it comes to lives. The path these terrorists have chosen only leads to an endless cycle. You kill, I kill. Educuate the world of the misdeeds that you claim to be happening in Palestine or Kashmir and seek alternate, more peaceful, methods to solve your problem. Doing exactly what your "enemy" does is not going to save you.
Just like someone earlier said, I can't bring myself to hate an entire community for the misdeeds perpetrated by a misled bunch, but what were they thinking? Isn't what they did going to result in exactly that - a deeper communal divide?

Posted by Naresh V November 29, 08 02:46 AM

Such news always portray Islam as the enemy, the cause of such evil doings. Take a step back and look at the situation in Palestine now, Those folks there are really suffering the hard life there. I am not a muslim btw, i'm just another human being...

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 02:50 AM

"Israel and USA started all this madness"

Yep, just like the Jews started all that madness with Hitler. Poor little Islamonazi nutbags. It is not their fault they were turned into fanatical murderers. They were probably oppressed by some evil Jew or arrogant American somewhere and had no choice but to attack innocents. If we could just understand how they feel or maybe give them a hug it would all be better. Let's not point fingers about what religious affiliation is to blame. Let's just let it fester until the next group of virgin seeking wackos decides to murder another couple hundred people. Our thoughts and actions should go out to the innocent people in India. America stands with you against this evil.

Posted by Giveemahug November 29, 08 02:52 AM

Enough is enough.

Killing the human being is not acceptable.

Terrorist are not human being and also they are not 5 sense animals.
Terrorist are unwanted thing, should be thrown out from the earth.

Posted by N.Balaji November 29, 08 02:56 AM

I felt very bad after listening the news of attack. I am sad but not afraid, it's time we unit & take action against these terrerist attack.I heartly salute to Mr. Hemant Karkare that he is loss his life in the Mombai attack.

Posted by Prakash Bhate November 29, 08 03:00 AM

I am sad / terriffied / speechless / angry / helpless / ...
It looks like the world is going towards another great war... crusade would maybe be the better word for it.
So much hate and violence... and Religion is put as the reason...
Nonesense I say! It's not the religion that you believe in... it's the people teaching you this religion!
I am living in Kuwait for 5 years and i am 'surrounded' by muslims. Did I ever feel threatened by Islam? NO!! Did I ever get shocked by some of their LEADERS preachings? YES!! Did I ever get shocked by 'our' leaders preachings! YES!
Is an educational issue... If you are not allowed to question your teacher and his teachings, you are condemned to believe everything he says. Kinda like some movements in the US that want to change the school books and base everything on religion other then science.
Only a small fraction of muslims (AND CHRISTIANS TOO) are blinded by their teachers (preachers) and do such terrible acts or support them. The vast majority is as disgusted by such acts as I am or the rest of this world.

My condolences to not only the victims of this terrible attack but also to all families all over the world that are losing their loved ones over relgious fights and misinterpretation!

Posted by Nikolai Reisch November 29, 08 03:06 AM

This is only to be expected from people who do not give any credence to patriotism and nationalism. Unfortunately, there is a big community who still belives in archaic laws and interpretetations and for them they are unable to see the progressiveness and development of modern society. Their medivial beliefs and fanatic doctrination which includes religious books can be stopped only by ruthless neutrliazation of such elements and suppression of these called "Human Rights" activists who protest at every opportunity presented to them.....

Posted by P. Jacob November 29, 08 03:09 AM

Please remove all comments claiming that this is ISLAM

Posted by Michael November 29, 08 03:17 AM

i am not surprised to read all those comments..... and someone wisely said about getting library cards and doing some research... i hope you will find the results of flowers being thrown on iraqis, afghanis, pakistanis, palestinians and of course kashmiris.... and this might be the first of reaction from gujratis tooo....
Its very easy to blame on muslims but let me pose a question to all of you... how many of you really felt like this when whole iraq and afghanistan was being ruined.... dead bodies were lying everywhere.... haaaaa..... you might not have even thought for a moment..... its a simple rule of life guys... as you sow so shall you reap...
now you must be thinking what kind of a fanatic i am .... and thats what i am asking myself right now... i was feeling the same pain as you did when all this happening in mumbai but after reading all these comments it appears that i wasted my tears...... and right now again i am cursing myself about whom i am talking too....... all those who clap and enjoy when muslims around the world get killed ...... is that what your ultimate aim is............ Oh GOD what am i saying.... are you turning another common muslim into an extremist......... may be thats what you guys want.......may be thats what is the destiny of this world...... people fighting with each other and blaming each other...... finishing each other's races.....
MAY GOD HELP US ALL..................

Posted by stylish November 29, 08 03:20 AM

India should take hard action against this attack, like US has taken after 9/11. Call it war and finish terrorism and supporting nation. We want peace forever. Dont want live like afraid people.

Halla Bol.......

Posted by Sudhir November 29, 08 03:25 AM

GUYS it is not ISLAM which is to blame here. No religion supports such acts and as a person who resides in the middle east, we know and and understand this relgion better.

Posted by kavalier November 29, 08 03:29 AM

What is that talk about muslims ffs... you really think a REAL muslims agree with these terrorist actions?

Posted by Brian November 29, 08 03:32 AM

These fiends want kashmir. They are pigs in a drainage eating the Hindus' excreta. Give kashmir to them and let them (Indian as well as Pakistani muslims) burn in the hell that is Pakistan.. Peace will return to india once we do this.
Think of how many thousands of lives have been lost only because our false sense of patriotism and the mule-in-the-sand attitude. Why convert the other parts of India too killing fields.

Posted by asokan November 29, 08 03:32 AM

I do not take issue with the religion of the perpetrators of this horrible act. Instead, I take issue with the way they practice their religion. Doubtlessly, there have been, are, and will continue to be moderate, enlightened Muslims, such as Sayeed J at 251, who would never dream of committing such acts, let alone condone them. Our real enemy in this "War on Terror" is ignorance, not Islam. Denying the perpetrators' humanity is contrary to the point. They suffer, just like the rest of us suffer. I call on everyone who disagrees with this point to question why it is that you do not agree. I do not presuppose that they, the perpetrators, should go unpunished; I do, however, advocate that those who react with vitriol examine closely the differences between themselves and those who did this.

Posted by TimCub November 29, 08 03:38 AM

So, here is what typically happens whenever we have a terrorist attack on our soil:

1. Pakistan releases a statement that they condemn the attacks, and that their country is fighting terrorists of their own on their western front.
2. All the Islamic organizations around the world come out and denounce the attacks, some willingly some unwillingly am sure.
3. Muslims will keep re-iterating upto no end, that their is a peace loving religion and that whoever is guilty will burn in hell....blah blah blah.
4. Indian politicians will blame Pakistan, blame the opposition party.
5. The Indian public will salute the slain officers, give them state funerals, award them gallantry medals, parade their remaining kin during the award ceremony.
6. The "elite" media, will hide behind their secular veils and characterize these attacks as the result of disenfranchisement of Islamic youth because of poverty, etc.

Now, what needs to really happen is we have to be in a position of strength and not of weakness. When we can show our country is strong then anyone will think twice before they attack us. Strength of might, strength of purpose and strength in cohesiveness. Unless we put our national security above all other issues we will not be able to achieve this strength to defend ourselves and reply aptly to these attacks.

We have gathered lots of proof tying Pakistan to numerous terrorist attacks within our country. Let all the Muslim organizations and all muslims in India take out a march to Pakistan and show that they are really on our side, let the Indian muslims break all religious ties with Pakistan. These are not times for lip-service alone, any more. We need the support of Indian muslims in preventing these attacks as much as we need the help of our military. Indian muslims need them to show that they are serious and not unparticipating bystanders.

Posted by TT November 29, 08 03:40 AM

India has been too soft on terror all along.........time to wake up, take strict actions against Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

Posted by Nick November 29, 08 03:42 AM

Israel and USA started all this madness

Posted by Dead Turkey November 28, 08 07:00 PM

Yes we all know !

If you have a flat tire than it must be Israel and Americans fault

If you have no brains than it must be the Jews and Americans

Glad we could accomadate you and your coherts

Posted by Live Turkey November 29, 08 03:51 AM

India's Federal Government is entirely to blame for these attacks. The de facto Prime Minister of India Sonia Gandhi has not given permission to any of the functionaries of her Government to act against the terrorist network operating in India. In fact Sonia Gandhi's Government has a lot to gain from the acts of terror. It strengthens the Muslim vote bank of the Indian Congress Party which is headed by Sonia Gandhi. India's home Minister in-charge of internal security Shivraj Patil is so ineffective that the Rubber-stamp Prime Minister of India has convened a meeting of Security Agencies to discuss the post-Mumbai attack situation without inviting Shivraj Patil to the meeting. It is high time the World leaders begin to question Indian Government over its indirect support to the spread of terrorism all over the World.

Posted by Narinder Singh November 29, 08 03:51 AM

Terrorirsts were successfull in every target.. this shows failure of Police... corrupted politicians which resulted in poverty which encourages terrorism in both Pakistan and India... incapable police... failure of Media(There may be more media people on streets than police )... at the same we should not forget how US and Russis indirectly encouraged extremists in Afghanistan during coldwar .. who are terrorists now... and how much they failed in Iraq .. everybody should accept their failure and try to reconcile it...

Posted by sirishkumar November 29, 08 03:51 AM

Not all muslims are terrorists, but it seems almost all terrorists are muslims.
What did they ever contribute to the world?

Posted by CARA November 29, 08 03:52 AM

indian goverment sleeping like anything,even they know who is behind the scene.
now its time for some action not for talking.

Posted by kapil November 29, 08 03:54 AM

Sayeed J - Well, am sure you can do something about it.....think hard about it and you might be able to do something real and concrete so that you muslim brothren dont keep killing innocent people. I can suggest a lot of things that you can do, but being a muslim you know what you are taught and how you are taught, am sure you might have an idea why the majority of the terrorists in this world are Muslim. There must be something that these terrorists are being taught, something that they have been brainwashed with.....if you know what it is, and if you have the heart to tackle those issue, then you have the responsibility to try to correct the situation. You are not helping yourself or your religion just by saying some nice words about the attacks....THIS IS THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING. The burden or responsibility is more on you do something because you are a muslim. If a Hindu/Christian suggests that somethings have to change then the entire muslim world will perceive it as an attack. That is the reason why the change has to come from within. You and thousands of your muslim brethren can become agents of change..... BUT ARE YOU WILLING TO BE THAT CHANGE is what you have to answer yourself.

Posted by TT November 29, 08 03:55 AM

hello i want to ask indians,their army and their govt. what they did in gujrat??in ahmadabad??they killed thousands of innocent childran,men women because they were muslims...what is indian army doing in kashmir???if u supress one's rights he will take action.involvement of pakistan in every issue has been the criterea of must remember the day when"samjhota express"was attacked by terrorists and indian spokesman blamed pakistan for this investigations have proved that it was indian's army person "terrorist"again the same person has blamed pakistan for can one believe now.............

Posted by muhammad faisal November 29, 08 03:55 AM

my thoughts, prayers and condoleances to all victims of these cowardous attacks on innocent civilians. Also I hope India will keep their calm in their response. Hunt down those responsible; first of all the aggressors but a big question from my side is HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Bombay is a metropole, like NYC of India. Is there no security or where was it? India has had so many terrorist attacks, you would expect at least Bombay would be densly secured. Smells like complete political failure.

Posted by Matthijs Jansen November 29, 08 03:55 AM

Meera -
You feel there will be some Indians who will be rejoicing at this carnage? There might be some Indians who would feel this whole act was righteous?

There is no sane person who can rejoice at this, that being said, there will not be a single Hindu in India even remotely affirmative of these cruel actions. There might be some Muslims in India who are fanatics and extremists, but they are not Indians, they are not even citizens of any country, because their religion is death.

Similarly, there will be more than a few Muslims in Pakistan rejoicing right now.
Pakistan is to blame because it was a perpetrator. Unfortunately it is true, but this is a breed of Islamic terrorism.

Posted by Arash November 29, 08 03:55 AM

With each such incident, muslims are alienated from the rest of the world as they are too afraid to denounce these fundamentalists openly. There is no point in crying on the oppression by west or other. They are oppressed within their society and they have absolutely no voice. I feel sorry for them.

Posted by arjun November 29, 08 04:00 AM

If anybody wants to get rid of terrorism from India
They have 2 do 2 thing only. GET RID OF CORRUPTION and GET RID OF DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY. Which nearly all the bloody politian do.
Just one example. As Indian Goverment says that there are around 7 Lakhs Army personal is in Kashmir. The whole of Kashmir Population is around 1 Crore (10 million people means every 12 people there is a army personal. How can a terrorist enters in such a huge security. Corruption is the main reason for terrorism any body can come in India by bribing officers

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 04:01 AM

It is time India takes action and not worry about what other nations say. Sanctions and isolation should not worry us Indians, because we know that God is with India and we will be well off. We have always loved peace and have preached peace but there are times when strict action needs to be taken. India is a beautiful country, one of a kind, but surrounded but enemies on all sides. With China, Pakistan and Bangladesh around, one cannot expect anything good because these nations have not known PEACE, MERCY and KINDNESS. With the current leadership, I don't think anything is going to happen. I would like to see a change at the top and see someone very differebt who is confident, courageous and aggressive and at the same time kind and merciful to see to it that the right message is sent out to world and also to the people Of India. May the almighty God guide us in the right direction.

Posted by Davis November 29, 08 04:03 AM

Please check the photo No. 5 and investigate what this GUNMAN IS WEARING ON THE RIGHT HAND WRIST. This things to be noticed as so many things can be found out from this.

Posted by diwan November 29, 08 04:05 AM

Its just horrifying to see those bloody images. Indian government Including our so called cm vilasrao should commit sucide. what they are giving to innocent people these kind of undefining death. I want to ask all the politicians if they cant protect a common man, what kind of leaders they are. They are just here to sit on our money and enjoy their lavish positions. Its not about a single party. every party in India should ask a question to themselves; are they doing the right thing?
I want to ask them what kind of development they had given to Indian people.? Congress covernment sucks. Its a time for Indian ppl to wake up. salute to martyrs

Posted by S Mhatre November 29, 08 04:09 AM

Rose @ 207, i couldn't agree with you more.. i wish people realised that terrorism has no religion / no god.. it's so easy for one to point fingers at muslims as being the cause of all this disturbance.. but arent they also human beings? dont they also experience the feelings of love, fear and loss..? it's the pathetic breeding that some group is hell bent on, that is actually bringing about so much hatred and violence. It's pointless taking examples from the past and concluding that Islam is the main cause behind all wont change anything..and neither is it possible to wipe out the region, as suggested by some on this forum.. the only option we have now is acceptance and love towards one another. I know, as difficult as it may seem, it is perhaps our only chance at human beings. Hatred does nothing, it solves nothing. It is love that will ultimately make a difference.

Posted by Aarti Sinha November 29, 08 04:17 AM

This is a very sad day. There are many reasons why it happened. Following are the most important.

Irresponsible Political Parties, Poor Governance and Corruption:

Tons of ammunition can come to India and we don't even know that it is coming inside. Why? Corrupt customs and excise officials, are to be blamed. No matter which political party comes to power there is no cure for corruption in India. People are so corrupt that they will allow ammunition to come inside the country. Why not investigate the properties of Customs and Excise officers and compare it to their wages? What about illegal immigrants in India? There are large number of illegal immigrants in India, and government does not want to deal with it. India is a "dharmashala"! The country is getting eaten from inside and now only a handful group of people, about 30-40 can inflict city's blood. What would have happened if there were say 200 terrorists instead of 30-40?

This is WAR! Mr. CM and Dy. CM DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? When are we going to understand that this is a WAR? If there had been about 200 terrorists instead of 30-40, they could have controlled the whole city for at least a week. Mr. Deshmukh, Mr. Patil DO YOU REALLY GET THIS OR ARE YOU BLIND AND DEAF?

Incompetent security infrastructure:

Police are neither trained nor are they prepared for such attacks. Given the circumstances, and equipments they have, they DO THEIR BEST! But, here there are terrorists with AK47 and AK57, and here are our cops with service revolver or a Hawaldar with a stump!! To all the political parties: With the amount you spend on election, I am sure we can buy enough automatic weapons for at least Mumbai police. The cops even don't have proper helmets and body armor to deal with this! So when they are going in, death is a certainty!

Unreasonable Judicial Procedures:

1993 Bomb blast case is still not finished. Sanjay Dutt was found guilty in that case and he is still making crores in films, and contemplating to run for an office. Is our JUDICIAL SYSTEM A JOKE? If people are not scared of the punishment, how could you deter them? Afzal Guru was found guilty but the punishment is still not carried out! WHY? What message are we sending to the terrorists?

Life is Commodity in India:

Life is cheap and a commodity in India! Lets face it. Neither our politicians nor we ourselves view life as a precious thing. We have so many of them! Right? I am confident that nothing will change. In couple of years we will have another, and more bolder attack perhaps, and the things won't be different! At that time the difference will be number of innocent lives taken. May be thousands will die. WHO CARES? Certainly neither Congress, nor BJP. This is a fact.

US was attacked only once on the mainland after World War II. They taught the lesson of a lifetime to the attackers. There has not been a single attack on the mainland in last 7 years. "Ek parinda bhi par nahi mar sakata"! is a fact in US. There is a reason why it is a super power. US is called as the land of the free and home of the braves! What should I call my country? Land of the corrupt politicians and home of the gutless leaders? Is this the same country of Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak and Sardar Patel? As an Indian I dare to say, that we are light years away from being a Superpower! Only 30-40 kids between the ages of 20-25 can shatter a country like never before. It takes more than 24 hours to flush out these kids from our own homeland, and we dream of superpower! What kind of Super power? BPO or Software Export Super Power? This day has made a scar on my mind which will never heal!


Punish the political parties in the elections! Ask the leaders tough questions! Let them know enough is enough! Now is the time not to follow these gutless leaders but to lead from the front.

Finally, my salute to the police force and soldires who are not afraid to die for us. They are not worried about their families! On this Thanks giving Day, I cannot say in Words, what your sacrifice means to all of us! Many Thanks, and WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND YOUR SACRIFICE!


Posted by SHRIPAD November 29, 08 04:19 AM
305. country man....It is enough.

We Mumbaikars do not want to get fooled by the words anymore....Mumbai will bounce back.....Mumbai the city that never sleeps....

These politicians are the real cheats. Even at this hour the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader of the country cannot come together....after all it is the vote that matters most to these people....Shame on us that we have such political parties...

Hates off to those brave hearts( the NSGs, the Army, The Mumbai Police and the others ) who faught the battle with lot of care to save the innocent lives. The country is proud of you all.

My prayers to the God for those who died in the operations fighting the Islamic Terrorists....MAY THE SOULS OF THESE MARTYRS REST IN PEACE and I pray to the Almighty to give enough strength to their families to come out of this situation.

Jitendriya Mahapatra

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 04:20 AM

I'm living in Indonesia which is the largest population of Muslims in the world.

True about how muslim is so NOT tolerant to other belief than theirs. If there's an act against Muslim or Muslim countries (like Palestine and Israel war) somewhere in the world, all of the Muslim groups here are protesting, making wildfire statements.

When this Mumbai incident happen, the media here is doing their work as usual. Reporting, posting pictures and possible connection of the Mumbai terrorist with Al-Qaeda. And the Muslims extremist here? Well they kept cool and not doing thing as probably they watch and read the news of Mumbai incident with proudness.

They cannot stand of the Genesis 16, the story of how the Muslim got to be here in the first place. Ishmael is the "unwanted" son of Abraham. Son outside the marriage. So when Isaac born, Ishmael had to leave. Later on the descendants of Ishmael are known to be Arabs and Isaac descendants is Jews. So up until now, the Muslims are 'fighting' their way, so to speak, to get recognition which they will never get.

The brutal honest is every muslim knows this story and is afraid to hear it. They cannot stand the truth that they are the unwanted ones. Rather than the Christians as the chosen one. They're just lost. Not too late thou. God said make every nation his desciples.

Not my word. God's

Posted by Shin November 29, 08 04:23 AM

Where is the "silent" muslim majority that is seen to be moderate? Can't its members form a movement to cleanse their religion of such inhumane violence? Or are they secretely rooting for the terrorists? Is Islam a religion of peace or one of hatred of the infidel?
If Islam preaches strength in the face of adversity and defense of the innocent why isn't this silent majority taking a public stand? Why aren't moderate muslims marching the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Dhaka, Islamabad, Tehran, Mecca, Ankara, etc...demanding an end to this violence which also kills their brethen?...It can't be just fear of their fundamentalist minority? All other major religions and spiritual philosophies have shown the way for a purposeful leader to take on the mantle of peace and love and reform their belief systems from within...Many (Jesus, Gandhi, etc.) have died in this endeavour...Maybe in time, islam will find an illuminated reformer who will deliver its followers from a perpetual "victim mentality" and a schizophrenic view of the world around them..He or she (that can't be impossible???) may relegate the present Quran to the status of the Old testament (with a demonizing and unforgiving God/Allah and his sidekick Moses/Mohammed) and inspire by his/her deeds suras of a forgiving and loving messenger of God (a la Jesus/Buddha/Gandhi)....Time only will tell. Until then, everyone (Muslims and Infidels) should brace themselves for years/centuries of spiraling violence! Insha Allah!

Posted by Pessimist November 29, 08 04:23 AM

Hats off to Our Commandos for their bravery act andKill all muslim bastards and send them to pakistanand bombarded the whole country forever..including Imam of Jama masjid..and Huriyat leaders...

Posted by Unknown November 29, 08 04:29 AM

Paying homage to the great heroes of the war on terror in Mumbai !!!

We salute you.

Posted by kumar2008 November 29, 08 04:33 AM

its wakeup time for indian government and also for each and every indians.please tell these politicians apart from there seats there is something that constitutes india and thats we begin with first we have to clear the dirt from witin us.nasty political games,secular atmosphere with a breath of free air.its time up.its now time for all indians to stand up put hands together and fight against all odds.many of us run away from such situations but tommorow it can be stand up all for your rite and lets prove we are the best.

Posted by pal November 29, 08 04:33 AM

The Indian politicians are too BUSY Filling up their own pockets that the common mans life has gone for a toss. There has to be an internal connection if someone is there listening to me then we should stand up against this gruesome act.

Posted by andy November 29, 08 04:35 AM

Keep aside all blame game against religion. Fanatics are like Virus. They prevail everywhere. These killers who are nothing but tools doing the bad work meted out by powerful King Bees (such as politicians, business people with vested interests, religious fundamentalist etc). It is quite clear that through the years of terrorist mayhem carried out right from the U.S to Europe, India, Pakistan etc., these people will continue to carry out life threatening activites to create more discord. If we read history, its unfortunate that it continues to repeat itself. So learn from the past,, correct the present,,and plan best for the future.

Posted by Concerned historian November 29, 08 04:37 AM

i am shocked to see all this happening in my motherland,contract killers[terrorist's] killing innocent people,for the purpose not known to anybody who has been killed by them,govt should go deep in tracking the real culprits behind all this carnage,even bomb the camps in pok where all the training is going against us as usa did when it was attacked on 9/11,its time now to take some drastic measures otherwise this will happen again ,God help my country and it's people from all this.

Posted by Tk November 29, 08 04:38 AM

its high time v stand up for this cause. v have tolerated enough and not anymore.its time when there should be a strict check on d pakistani's giving training to such ppl in their home what the americans did to afghanistan and iraq after 9/11..its our turn to do it with our neighbours.carrying out such acts of open terror in the name of jehad wont amuse allah,,tell dose sick animals who are killing our people.

Posted by vrinda November 29, 08 04:38 AM

This is work of Indian poiliticians who are afraid that the ATS will open all the files and will nail them. All these sadhus and mullah are hand in glove. They make merry behind and show hatred in front of camera.

When the terrorist attack why are the common public made target and not these Togadia and imams who make all this irresponsible comments and give hate speeches. The reason is they are the one spreading terror and if a tru report is ever made it will not be surprising if they are the culprits.

and if they are so sure that pakistan is the enemy why the hell they are not attacking and finishing the story. Or maybe they are afraid that if they do it they will stop getting money from them.

Our leaders have only guts to make chariots and ride them and break mandir/masjid and create hatred and kiil. Advani who actually should have been hanged for casuing so much destruction of life is looking forward to become a PM. The idiot comes to mumbai cst and says he is assessing the situation and wants to get a feel of it. I guess what he meant was he wants to see if the money they paid to the terror guys have doen there work or not.

Posted by husain November 29, 08 04:58 AM

The bitter fact still remains that Indian politics still follows "divide and rule" even after the British are long gone...

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 05:02 AM

Mohammad AT, about your keen observation about the 'Hindu' red band worn by one of the terrorists - unfortunately he is the guy caught alive and has spilled the beans about the plot, apart from confesssing being a Muslim from Faridkot Pakistan.

Your lies and denial in the face of glaring facts exposes your guilty mind. Yes that guy is a Hindu, pigs fly and Dawood Ibrahim has not been granted asylum by the government of Pakistan. Who are you trying to fool ?

Posted by DKM November 29, 08 05:05 AM

terrorist ...

Posted by sayaji November 29, 08 05:05 AM

In an age where the word " Impossible " seems non existing, whether it be advancements in technology, innovations, management theories, health & science, why are we not able to find solution to this rappidly spreading deadly desease " Terrorsim". Is kiiling the " On the site Terrorists" the only solution ? Can't we make efforts in studying the psycology of these terrorists to find the root cause of such inhuman behaviour ?

Posted by Preeti Sawant-Adhikari November 29, 08 05:07 AM


Posted by viswa November 29, 08 05:08 AM

In 1939, most Germans were "moderate" Germans, and a minority were fanatical Nazis. But, because they failed in their duty to stamp out the evil that exists in their midst, Germany, Not Nazi's, Germany, started a world war which lead to millions of deaths.
Moderate muslims may be a majority, and only a small minority may be doing these dastardly acts, but like the "moderate" germans of 1939, they are doing a terrible job of containing a problem that clearly exists in their midsts.
As others have pointed out, more than 95 % of all terrorist activities involve muslims as the agressors. This is surely not coincidence. This is a fact which can be confirmed through some basic googling, which people like SUraj in their politically correct mindset do their best to ignore. Why is it that the maximum number of terroism victims after Iraq, are in India ???
India is not opressing Iraq, not invading Palestine, nor even claiming Kashmir on religious grounds, purely on legal ones. Muslims need to stop inventing "root causes" to justify such evil and WITHOUT ANY QUALIFICATION OR EQUIVOCATION, condemn such acts.
Those who dismiss such acts as those of "lunies and Nutters" need to get of their high horse and ask themselves, why so many of these lunies and nutters are inspired by what they read in one particular holy book, the quaran.
Also, to those who belive "oppression of minorities" is a justification for killing innocent people, here's some advise, read up about the Indian Freedom movement led by the Mahatma. Read about the black civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King, and go back a bit and read / see the images of buddhist monks marching unarmed against the Burmese army. Plenty of oppression to go around in all these cases, yet, largely peaceful.
What is it about Muslims being "oppressed", that is different or worst than any of these ? And please highlight what these "oppressions" are supposed to have been. The civilised world transfers billions a year in extortionate oil wealth to Mid east, fanatical, oppressive regimes for Oil, and they re export poisonous ideologies back to us, this is the "oppression" ? 5 middle east countries tried to wipe out a legally created country at birth, and boasted of wiping out those inhabitants of that country who had been luck enough to survive German Death camps. WHen they lost, Israel , as any victor nation has done, consolidated its territories. This is oppression ????
Sorry, Muslims are responsible for this, and Muslims have to solve this.

Posted by Anirban November 29, 08 05:09 AM

While it is true that this is the face of Islamic terrorism, I find it hard to blame the religion as a whole. I wonder if this form of virulent medieval ideology is not an expression of Arabic expansionism and desire for hegemony. I cannot help feeling that there is an undertone of Arabic agenda being imposed upon the non Arab muslims. I believe that the general Arabic attitiude towards non-arabs are quite demeaning regardless of whether they are Muslims. If you look around the world, you will see that there is always an Arab ideology, often even a physical leadership that is behind these terrorist attacks. The primary means of extending the arab agenda is of course the madrasas or the islamic religious schools. No wonder most of them are funded by the kingdom of saudi arabia! See Bangladesh and Pakistan for the impact these have had. And, by the way, these are also active in India, Indonesia, Malayasia. So whe you look at the close relation between USA and Saudi Arabia, you got to wonder if it is time to rethink the whole geopolitical game. By blaming a whole religion per se, you may be missing the ball. Perhaps there are groups (e.g. non-arabs) within the muslim population that needs help to fight against the facsism of another group.

Posted by rsopin November 29, 08 05:13 AM

i feel indian govt shall take lessons from what US did after 9/11.......... its now or never.......

Posted by shabs November 29, 08 05:15 AM

I think you forgetting there was terror attack Mariot Hotel in Pakistan...Terrorists are terrorists....I am glad Pakistan Govt did not point fingers straightaway at India....but India instead of looking at the problem within themself blaming others. Why Chief of Intelligent service got killed and its not a big news...He got killed by terrorists because he exposed Hindu Terrorism on Samjota Train few weeks ago, would any other Security man expose anymore Hindu terrorism? Ofcourse not because he has seen what they are capable of doing.....and did you see the boat which they claiming terrorist came in? do you really think with your brain you can travel from Karachi to

Posted by sarah November 29, 08 05:15 AM

What a shame, condolences to all those who had to loose their lives....

also... for those sick disgusting individuals that keep talking about how Islam is the reason.... I got news for you ignorant and moron fools... YOU ARE AS DISGUSTING AS THE TERRORISTS THAT COMMITTED THIS ACT.....
thats right, a lot of people who commented here are as disgusting, stupid, hateful, sick and twisted as those guys in the pictures with the guns....

Posted by A-man November 29, 08 05:16 AM

to nextfactor,
They were all Hindus who killed thousands of Muslims (only)
Were they brought to justice. NEVER...
this one is a terrorist act, and the terrorists killed everyone, regardless of the religion, forget Pakistan for time being and try to clear those more than 30 indian terrorist groups who operate within india, once you do that, I'm sure you will not be having these kind of activities.

Posted by S. Ahmed November 29, 08 05:17 AM

MASTERMIND OF MUMBAI ATTACKS-INDIAN POLITICIANS:- Sad but True...Indian Politics has attained another successful victory i.e. The Mumbai 911. This politics of BJP with masterminds of Advani, Modi and the flag bearers of RSS has brought HUMANITY to a very shameful state not only once but many a times.(We all know what and How). This attacks have a very postive link with the ongoing Sadhvi case (Malegaon Blast). People Who was the one inquiring and interrogating, following up, about this case and almost had some major names that were to pop out those who had masterminded the Malegaon Blast? YES ITS WAS THE ATS CHIEF HEMANT KARKARE WHO WAS KILLED FEW MINUTES AFTER ARRIVING AT THE CRIME SCENE. Think People think before its too late to say OH MY GOD!
Some top bosses did not wanted their names to pop out in the Sadhvi case, so only way out was to create this inhumane drama as thier scapegoat.


Posted by Muslim with INDIAN HEART AND SOUL November 29, 08 05:18 AM

people,let us not start the blame game before we know the facts.pakistan as a country is clearly not involved.they have their own problems and continuous terrorism in their own country everyday! the common man in pakistan has no time for this.the gunmen were not paid assasins,they were jihadis. willing to die for a cause.they were misguided youth,trained by fanatics and made to beleive in a cause beyond their understanding, and this is the problem with our young today all over the world. they have no direction,and live a mis spent youth. as parents,councillors,teachers,leaders we are to blame.we need love and understanding not hatered and venom to resolve this crisis.

Posted by yogesh mehta November 29, 08 05:18 AM

War on terrorism has got to START. We cannot let it die as a politically correct cliche anymore. If Pakistan Govt. has any involvement in this dastardly act, then they must be made to pay. They can no longer be tolerated as an ill-behaved cousin of India. The perpetrators and the instigators MUST PAY.

Posted by Siddharth November 29, 08 05:22 AM

nice picture but very sad to see our peoples blood

Posted by somnath November 29, 08 05:24 AM


All Muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are muslims..Y so?

Posted by M.R November 29, 08 05:24 AM

For the Islamic Militants they have succeeded in producing a solutionless problem. How the civilised governments of the world approach this is crucial where politics have got to be put to one side.

Where is this enemy of the planet ?. How can we wipe them out ?.

My heart cries for the victims and families in Mumbai. Its a very sad time.

Posted by Stephen Smith UK November 29, 08 05:25 AM

If we know who (country or personal ) is responsible for this, then why we are waiting ! Just go and finish them as US done after 9/11. If they can do, then we also do same for our country.....

Posted by Ani November 29, 08 05:25 AM

Late Hement karkare a Sincere & Clean Hearted Officer who came in lime light because of Malegoan Case , Who We Lost in this attack , Don't u all think the Location & Movement of these officer was rightly shown to estrimist through out electronic media ? I Condem his death & Suggeest Goverment that in such cases Govt should BAN ALL PRIVATE NEWS CHANNEL & ONLY GOVT CHANNEL SHOULD GIVE THE NECESSERY NEWS !! " All TV News Channel should Donate their this 3days Earning what They have earn through Advertisment to Mumbai Police / NSG for instaling Camera's at Airports / Rail stations / imp Places with AMC Contract & Recording Centre "

Posted by Ashok Upadhyay November 29, 08 05:27 AM

By And Large now the situation has come that West and US must Stop all aids to Pakistan and its Govt. even if it is humanitarian aid. This country must be bycotted from all the corners. There must not be any diplomatic relations of all the countries with Pakistan for atleast 2 years from now till the normanlcy is established. Pak Govt must stop all their aids and support through ISI to these militants and religious outfits who carry out all these missons all over the world. They must be instructed to flush out terrorist camps in PoK. Or India and US military Jointly do so in PoK. like US is doing on Pak - Afgan border. This mission was carried out by pakistani boys in their late teens and early 20s, picked up from UK and other nations, trained in POK for 7 months, given 1 month holiday and brought to karachi for another 1 month training in marine fighting for capturing and driving ships , boats, swimmimg etc. Some of the terrorists were able get job of waiters in Taj hotel too to get familiarise with Taj topography and were already present on 26/11 to aid their counterparts. (Similar to US twin tower attack where terriorists were trained as pilots in their own training school).

Posted by Suresh November 29, 08 05:29 AM

This is a cowardly act.As for the victims i am very sad and pray for them .

Posted by Brewyn November 29, 08 05:30 AM

hi everybody i think its not right to blame islam or specifically muslims before facts come out u never know it might b some body ways i think its bjps plot to do all this to show the civilians that congress govt .is unable to handle this problems n why such big disaster only happnes when general elections are so near....last time they did this big riot in gujarat just for vote bank......come on grow up....islam strictkly denies killings of innocent pple and one who does it he is not a muslim stop blaming religion its not gonna solve the problem it will only make it worse...u cant just get away from ur duties by blaming other religions....

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 05:31 AM

unite against "TERROR" kill TERROR
love the world not any religion

Posted by nf2222us November 29, 08 05:32 AM

Its the time to wage war against PAKISTAN.

Disintegration of Pakistan based such groups and Annihilation of sponsors of such terrorist activities is the need of the hour.

wait and watch now.....for the INDIAN RESPONSE.....

Posted by abhi November 29, 08 05:38 AM

whate ver it may have been the eason for them to attack...but we indians are to remove their junk,,.....
it is said......"to forgive the terrorists is in the hands of god....
but to fix their appointment is our job" - NSG
a mourn of two min for those who helped, participated and died in the havoc of the attack...Thank you.

Posted by Rahil Lakhani November 29, 08 05:40 AM

indian muslim leaders do not have courage to comment on this issue

Posted by jagadeesh November 29, 08 05:42 AM

as per my friend who survived the attack from shooting spree at cst railway station,25% of those killed were muslims.

Posted by raj November 29, 08 05:49 AM

i've never been a fan of islam or any other religion to be honest, our little planet would be better off without any of them and although it is very probable that these atrocities were carried out by muslims i believe its just another sad case of brainwashing young men into commiting mass murder, the age old battle of good versus evil carries on, may the victims rest in peace and my heart goes out to all their families

Posted by kaine November 29, 08 05:50 AM

Amazing! when a single person or a group of people do killing by showing themselves Muslims, Islam is blamed all over the media. But in a lot of such incidents in USA where priests commit crimes, where religious students bring guns in colleges and universities to kill other students and teachers (very common in USA compared to other countries) no religion is mentioned, even when most of them are true followers of Christianity. Have you ever heard of the the term "Christianists" or "Jewists" when people kill in the name of Christianity and Judaism respectfully. If media continues to become hypocrite and portray Islam bad instead of blaming the bad Muslims, they won't be able to stop such acts. If Islam is not the Religion of peace than why is it the fastest growing ever

The media is the biggest hypocrite.

Posted by Jonathan November 29, 08 05:51 AM

iam sad , iam angry, iam crying..most of all iam flng shaken n helpless. Is anybdy listening? shud i blame my fate . my stars, my numbers if i or my loved ones die like this. that we were at the wrong place at the wrong time. How much time do we need to wake up before taking an action? hw many more innocent lives need to be lost? shud the common man take up guns n fight these terrorists? what do u want to say mr home minister???? are u listening? is it ur duty to just give statments and leave our fate to us? try hurting urself a bit and u may fl the pain everyone is going thru today. these are nt 170 or more people killed, these are 170 families who died because their loved ones died. nw the govt will give statements n the opp parties will encash on this situation n try to win public votes. everyone wants to live. even those who sacrificed their lives for us ..even they wanted to live. Is it only their responsibility to protect us?Who is to blame? Maybe we all are to blame. We only believe in ' i me myself' attitude? We alws say we are punjabis,sindhis,tamils , hindus,muslims bt we dnt call ourselves indians. Should such a grave tragedy bring us together? iam at a loss of words. i appeal to everyone to stand united and bring this to an end. i appeal to the politicians that pls dnt play with our lives and take action. i dnt want to die like this and i dnt want my loved ones to die like this. my tribute and salutations to the brave men who died fighting for us and to the people who helped those in danger.

Posted by Jyotsana Dang November 29, 08 05:52 AM

@ 154 ali

f*** u ali....remember one thing...ho sakta hain tum ek ache muslim ho,but majority of d muslims have spoiled the world...!!!
all muslims r not terrorists,but all terrorists r muslims..!!!
remember dis!!n stop takin side of ur religion wen u know...people of ur community doin dis..!!!jo galat hain wo galat hain...n u got to accept dis..!!

Posted by hindustani November 29, 08 06:01 AM

sameer surve may be true in his view. i do agree with his views. there are many brand politicians unlike BJP who has a great hand in doing all these non-sense.
All n all civilians are the final victims.and this is truely for diverting the mindset of people for the incidents happen some days before about the BJP and all other hindu supported parties.As ATS uncovering the brand faces of politicians they plan this and named it as Islamist.Think of it how closely Mr.Karke (ats Chief) has beed gunned downed.dont you think is a well game plan to remove thorns from the politician.

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 06:01 AM

La Revue de l'Inde*magazine | Nov 10, 2008

When the Mahatma's cowards erupt in fury, it hurts. It isn't terror - Francois Gautier

Is there such a thing as 'Hindu terrorism', as the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur for the recent Malegaon blasts may tend to prove? Well, I guess I was asked to write this column because I am one of that rare breed of foreign correspondents-a lover of Hindus! A born Frenchman, Catholic-educated and non-Hindu, I do hope I'll be given some credit for my opinions, which are not the product of my parents' ideas, my education or my atavism, but garnered from 25 years of reporting in South Asia (for *Le Journal de Geneve* and *Le Figaro*).

In the early 1980s, when I started freelancing in south India, doing photo features on kalaripayattu, the Ayyappa festival, or the Ayyanars, I slowly realised that the genius of this country lies in its Hindu ethos, in the true spirituality behind Hinduism. The average Hindu you meet in a million villages possesses this simple, innate spirituality and accepts your diversity, whether you are Christian or Muslim, Jain or Arab, French or Chinese. It is this Hinduness that makes the Indian Christian different from, say, a French Christian, or the Indian Muslim unlike a Saudi Muslim. I also learnt that Hindus not only believed that the divine could manifest itself at different times, under different names, using different scriptures (not to mention the wonderful avatar concept, the perfect answer to 21st century religious strife) but that they had also given refuge to persecuted minorities from across the world-Syrian Christians, Parsis, Jews, Armenians, and today, Tibetans. In 3,500 ears of existence, Hindus have never militarily invaded another country, never tried to impose their religion on others by force or induced conversions.

You cannot find anybody less fundamentalist than a Hindu in the world and it saddens me when I see the Indian and western press equating terrorist groups like SIMI, which blow up innocent civilians, with ordinary, angry Hindus who burn churches without killing anybody. We know also that most of these communal incidents often involve persons from the same groups-often Dalits and tribals-some of who have converted to Christianity and others not.

However reprehensible the destruction of Babri Masjid, no Muslim was killed in the process; compare this to the 'vengeance' bombings of 1993 in Bombay, which wiped out hundreds of innocents, mostly Hindus. Yet the Babri Masjid destruction is often described by journalists as the more horrible act of the two.

I have never been politically correct, but have always written what I have discovered while reporting. Let me then be straightforward about this so-called Hindu terror. Hindus, since the first Arab invasions, ha ve been at the receiving end of terrorism, whether it was by Timur, who killed 1,00,000 Hindus in a single day in 1399, or by the Portuguese Inquisition which crucified Brahmins in Goa. Today, Hindus are still being targeted: there were one million Hindus in the Kashmir valley in 1900; only a few hundred remain, the rest having fled in terror. Blasts after blasts have killed hundreds of innocent Hindus all over India in the last four years. Hindus, the overwhelming majority community of this country, are being made fun of, are despised, are deprived of the most basic facilities for one of their most sacred pilgrimages in Amarnath while their government heavily sponsors the Haj. They see their brothers and sisters converted to Christianity through inducements and financial traps, see a harmless 84-year-old swami and a sadhvi brutally murdered. Their gods are blasphemed.

So sometimes, e nough is enough. At some point, after years or even centuries of submitting like sheep to slaughter, Hindus-whom the Mahatma once gently called cowards-erupt in uncontrolled fury. And it hurts Mangalore, and Malegaon. It may happen again elsewhere. What should be understood is that this is a spontaneous revolution on the ground, by ordinary Hindus, without any planning from the political leadership. Therefore, the BJP, instead of acting embarrassed, should not disown those who choose other means to let their anguished voices be heard.

There are about a billion Hindus, one in every six persons on this planet. They form one of the most successful, law-abiding and integrated communities in the world today. Can you call them terrorists?


(The writer is the editor-in-chief of the Paris-based *La Revue de l'Inde*.)

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 06:02 AM

come on. Such bloody acts keep continuing. Power mongers will always encourage. Religion is always a shield. Look this year there are major blasts this could be a well organized. If we are feeding franatic religious groups with political support ; these things are bound to happen. Of late, a political party wanted other states people not to live in bombay. I think he achieved his objective. We are in a democracy we have freedom of speech. Not to an extension that people could follow the so called leaders. We are all indian first and human after.

Posted by Emani November 29, 08 06:02 AM

Anybody who questions that this is an Islamic phenomenon should read the Koran. The rest follows automatically. The exhortations to violence against unbelievers and idol worshippers are too numerous to mention.

There are some amusing comments about religion being a matter of "personal choice". With due respect, when such "choices" threaten life, property, peace and security, they cease to be a "personal" matter.

Posted by Anon November 29, 08 06:07 AM

Laws in India should be made so strict that no one should dare. The terrorists who is caught should be punished in such a way that nobody will dare to do such things.

Posted by AK November 29, 08 06:10 AM

It can never be proven if Islamic terrorists are sufficiently removed from Islamic moderates. But someone who is not declared terrorist must be financing these guys, must be providing them space and infrastructure to plan their activities. That someone most likely is someone whom we call a moderate Muslim. Our instincts of decency and fairness do not and should not allow us to discriminate individual Muslims but would it be wrong for the civilized world to avoid large scale Islamic interests. For example, if you must take a vacation, avoid a Muslim country. If you have to fly, stay away from an Islamic airlines. When you have to buy a T-shirt, pick one made in a democratic country. When you must drive, drive less. If you have a dollar to invest, choose a non-Islamic country. I do not claim that it is the most fair thing to do but doing nothing is a lot more unfair to those whose blood you just saw flowing in the innocent corridors of Bombay.

Posted by CivilDisobedience November 29, 08 06:14 AM

to all people here who is blaming Islam,
i don't like people who blame the muslims!shame to u!Islam never supports who does why blame the Islam??u can blame those muslims who does not understand the proper lesson of islam!but i beg to u not to blame Islam!because in ur religions,it is said not to blame other keep ur religion in mind!!and think once before u blame other religions.because it will make ur religion low!!

Posted by SHAHRINA RAHMAN November 29, 08 06:15 AM

I think now time has come or the youth to take charge because our old politician cant think only how can they take decision... as we all know, even the arrest terrorist also admit he is from pak.. so we are waiting for what. I know if we attack pak..tomorrow the so called Muslim Indian living here(called them minor) will tell its not good India has killed some innocent people there and they stared protest so again will face some problem... but do you guzs have any other options...

Posted by Rahul November 29, 08 06:17 AM

Indian politician is clearly at fault and some defector also contribute in this.
ATS, Mumbai Plice, NSG Commando,Military and True Indian's pay dearly that by death

Posted by prashant November 29, 08 06:18 AM

I can only say that the men who rescued hapless hostages were 'god' in uniform. If we must , let us worship bravey , honesty and sincerity as our religion. All else is a big farce

Posted by seema November 29, 08 06:22 AM

I am apalled by some of the comments here. It feels like a bunch of people that commented know very little of what actually happened in Mumbai.
There are a lot of comments which involve Americans and US politics, but this has almost NOTHING to do with that! Very few foreigners were killed, maybe 10 according to the latestst responses. Meaning that the majority of victims are indian. So my heart goes out to all of the victims and Indians that are living with the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks.
I am also apalled by all of the anti-islam comments on here. I myself am Catholic but that does not mean that I hate all muslims. In fact, I do not hate muslims at all, some of my good friens are muslim. So people posting that islam is a problem and generalizing this to all muslims, what are you thinking? It is only a very small percentage of muslims that feel this way and are this radical and extreme in their ideas and actions! And anyone remember the crusades and the Inquisition? So its not like Catholics were much better.

Rather than blaming people, lets all try and help out and prevent this from happening again.

Posted by Nathalie November 29, 08 06:26 AM

I am a Hindu, and I have many muslim friends many of them from Pakistan, and we shared dinner n lunch together, I believe them and I am from India.,,Truely I dont say they are bad and I trust them as my owm brothers n sisters,,,But I am asking my muslim friends that these people are killing innocent lives small kids, innocent old man who cant even chew his food properly and a husband who works on road wd no sandals in 46 C and his wife awaiting that he will bring money to buy some food, small 5 year old handicapped waiting for his widowed mom to bring food, what fault they had done, whom they have cheated , WE Hindus, muslims,christians have to come together and fight those who ruin people who not only know whwtere food will be ther at dinner ot not....

Posted by David November 29, 08 06:27 AM

"It's about time we fought fire with fire and eliminated these people off the face of the earth. I'm a lifelong democrat, and Allah help me, I hate the thought of war as much as the next guy, but come on. The only thing these subhuman animals believe in is hatred and violence, and, brave souls that they are, they take it out on the innocent: surprise attacks on civilians. There's not a more cowardly, gutless act ever conceived, than the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Wow, what a difference a couple of words make. Not nice reading is it?

The first step in justifying atrocities against a people is to first dehumanise them, referring to them as “subhuman” and “animals”. From there it is just a few short steps to the showers, and genocide. Do you really want to put your hand up and claim kinship with the Nazis?

Yes, terrorist attacks are a disgusting stain on humanity, but your reaction to them is a worrying indication that you are willing to sink to their level. I don’t care what the situation, nothing can ever justify genocide. Ever.

If you allow them to drag you down into evil, what really is there left to defend against? By relinquishing your own humanity, you have effectively surrendered to them. Of course you must fight against evil, but in doing so you must guard against becoming the thing you oppose.

Posted by Jim November 29, 08 06:30 AM

if i as an indian kill any pakistani or so called ziyadi, as my answer to this disgraceful act, to get rid of my anger, my call toward my country, media and all other expert will say it wrong, even i also called it wrong methord for answering,
but ask someone who had lost his family member or near one.
are we indian r born to be killed by anyone. dont we have blood in our body.
how can we forget azad singh, bhagat singh, lala ji, bose ji and many other great fighter for country r all those people r wrong they also must had killed people.

one more thing media says keep calm, keep quite, make peace. " i want to ask
if some kill my countrymen without reason am i supposed to be like that.? "

please answer my question so i can sleep calmly.

Posted by alok gupta November 29, 08 06:31 AM

India is an amazing country ......CNN should stop posting "war on Mumbai" on the CNN news channel...

Posted by annonymus November 29, 08 06:32 AM

Wow. What a bunch of assh*les. Why do people try to place blame where it doesn't fit. How about blaming the ones holding the guns, setting places on fire, taking hostages and killing at random. WTF is wrong with you people. My heart goes out to the people of Mumbai. God bless you all and God bless America for putting up with all this scrutiny.

Posted by Jacob November 29, 08 06:35 AM

Can anybody watch the threads in the right hand rist of terrorist in railway station.. it clarly indicates, he is not a muslim... so please stop blaming muslims or islam, they r terrorist and they dont have any religion.... if u are saying its muslims then let me ask u few questions, who did blast in jama mosque, hyderabad, who did in malegoan, who killed thousand of people in orrissa, gujarat... come on man... stop harressing muslims....

Posted by sheeraz November 29, 08 06:36 AM

Enough is enough.....Live nd let live...

Posted by neeraj November 29, 08 06:36 AM

i want all the people of the world to come together and fight against terrorist(all pakistani). A war should be declared against pakistan to kill all bastards.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 06:41 AM

can u see the image of terror who has wrape in his right wrist a yellow & red rope., and this kind of rop only weair those who are from hindu comunity and if sec urity person naked the body and see weather they have KHATNA or not on his penny than our security and FBI can come from this conclusion. this is only for your kind info and to show my petroisum for my country.

Posted by November 29, 08 06:50 AM

Islamic terrorism !!!!!!!!!! what a bunch of cr--p. These people who fight in the name of Islam are brainwashed zombies who believe what they do is the right thing. When bombs blasts take place the bombs don't see religion.
I am a Hindu but i don't believe all Muslims are terrorists out to kill us Hindu Christians etc. The basic problem is we forget that this is not about religion but about an attack on our humanity and the only way to fight them as i believe is to all of us to come together and fight this evil peacefully
I also like to pray for the dead and also salute our brave officer of the police who lost their lives (14 officers)protecting the citizens of Mumbai me bieng one of them.

Posted by silveredge November 29, 08 06:53 AM

"India need a grate leader to lead our nation for grate changes at this time."

Posted by SCP November 29, 08 06:54 AM

Come on people. I was really shocked to read all these comments. A lot of you are just blaming Islam and many of you are blaming Pakistan.

One thing we must remember is that, Terrorists have no religion nor do they have a nationality. They are people who kill civialians for their own twisted ideas.

Rather then divide into religious groups, and fight each other, we (everybody, every religion, country) should unite together and fight the terrorists and not become like them and fight among ourselves! As I am sure, if we divide up and start fighting between ourselves then the terrorists would have achieved what they really wanted.

Also in these attacks and in all other terrorist attacks were none of the casualties Muslim? They were, the Majority of Muslims do not stand for this kind of behaviour. So please do not make such assumptions!

Posted by Sadaf Khan November 29, 08 06:54 AM

I am Muslim from Mumbai. I sincerely condemn for what happened and by God our military should have caught those maniacs alive and stoned them to death in public any how what every our military did I am happy and really very happy. These are high time, we Muslim community must stand up and openly protest to what happened in Mumbai. All our big scholars and Muftis must stage public rally against this act and must pass a fatwa that any individual or organization involved is such an act will be considered out of Islam and their families will be blamed for not teaching their children the proper norms of Islam. Islam does not teach terrorism, but of course it also does not teach to be silent and repressive.
And for those people talking about individual like Bin qasim, Ghori, Ghaznavi and relating them with Islamic teaching then kindly note that I can provide you names of more than 100 kings and leaders who were not Muslims but they were as worse as Bin Qasim and Ghori.

Regarding U.S. I think if US want to be world police then she has to take blame of very thing or other wise change their foreign policies.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 06:55 AM

Post 9/11 not a single incident is reported in the US coz the Govt is taking sufficient action & precaution.
Similarly in India the ruling Govt has to take definitive & strong actions instead of simply summoning various heads (ISI Chief) for discussions & verifications.
Such strong laws, examples have to be set that no person/group/country will ever lookup again to even think about terrorism in the whole of Asia.
If US can take action within Pak without their consent then India has more than enough power, intelligence to carryout covert operations within Pak.

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 07:00 AM

Today, if u really wan to solve d problem of terrorism dn go for d root cause of it.
Frm vre dis terrorism is coming...???
Definitely frm sm Muslim Country'
Which Country..????
Either Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan
Afghanistan - cn't possible after American attack
Iraq- ---------do--------------
Pakistan- Definitely, undoubtbly it is '"pakistan- d gateway of terrorism"
I ask u America,,,,wn'll u attack Pakistan nw ???
bc'z Indian Politicians r not goin to do dis.
dy still believe in forgiveness....if one slaps on one side of ur face shw him d odr dre philosophy....
today v need another Indra Gandhi.....who though scarificed her she took d brave step in Punjab n look today Punjab is free frm terrorism....
who'll bcm nxt Indra Gandhi..>??
Which politician will dare to sacrifice his lyf....n take sm really bold steps to end terrorism...???

Posted by rahil November 29, 08 07:04 AM

Someone explain to me what exactly is the reason for this attack? What do they want? I'm confused on the reason behind this?
Was it really to make India weak economically all that?

Posted by confusedboy November 29, 08 07:04 AM

London bombings
Bali bombings

What is the common denominator? It's not the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists that are doing all this. It's the Muslims.

While not all Muslims in the world are terrorists, every terrorist is Muslim.

When attacks occur on their own people, they start crying and whining, but when Muslims attack non-Muslims and carry out terrorist violence, their silence is deafening.

The truth is, as many here have pointed out, that Islam instructs its believers to kill others. It is pretty much the only religion that does this. In Christianity, "thou shalt not kill", Judiasm is peaceful, Hindus don't even kill animals, Buddhists are ultra-nonviolent.

The time has come to rid the world of Islamic fundamentalism. Muhammad was a terrorist himself....

I am sick of Muslim apologists who stay quiet when these types of episodes occur.

If that jackass Muhammad was not born, the world would be a better place. And if there was no partition in 1947, the world would never have faced this much terrorism.

India-U.S.-Israel: United We Stand

Posted by Preeti November 29, 08 07:05 AM


Posted by JACK November 29, 08 07:07 AM

Who seperate MUSLIM,HINDU

Posted by AJEESH FAZIL BANGALORE November 29, 08 07:09 AM

All islamic countries always denies any link with terrorism. But it is a fact that, its origin is islamic countries. If they condemn the terror attack then why they are giving sheds to terrorist. In fact its foolish to say islam never teach any terrorism. I think what islam teach is whole world can see. so better not to comment on it.
terrorist has a religion and thats islam.
I think only two ways are there to solve the terror problem.
1. Destroy all islamic countries. or
2. Ban the entry of any one from these countries.

later is i think will be accepted, and i too will support this option.
third way can be increase in security but its of no use that we can say from experience.

Posted by ASHWIN H November 29, 08 07:12 AM

i feel that the indian govt should take immediately action about this terroist attacks and they should stop entering Pakistani.

Posted by Chandan Banerjee November 29, 08 07:14 AM

These pictures are really shocking. This unfortunate incident is an eyeopener that that still after the recent attacks earlier, politicians have not taken pains in securing Mumbai, which is THE business hub of India. Such high priority issues are choked down by red tapism. Moreover politicians tend to create artificial nonsense commotions to take mine, yours, our minds off the real burning issue. Let this be a painful eyeopener to all the politicians who have taken a part of India, or for that matter, any part of India taken for granted as per their whims and fancies.

I proudly salute all the concerned police, soldiers who did their best to ensure that the casualities are reduced to the minimum, putting their life in danger. I also bow and am humbled by the sacrifice of life given by our Indian soldiers, IG Karkare, Hav. Jagdish, & Maj. Unnikrishnan.

A humble request to all the politicians... Let their sacrifice not go in vain.......

Posted by Anil Cyril November 29, 08 07:15 AM

In our area, we have lot of poverty all people hungry they need food but stupid terrorist they are giving us bullet shot.

Posted by irfan November 29, 08 07:18 AM

When others say that Islam should be held responsible for the Mumbai Fury, I would think earlier that it is not a rational thought, but somewhere now I believe to a certatin extent that it is. To those who have been up-to-date with the headlines of the terrrorism stories in UK, would try and remember Reilly-the 'Christian converted to Islam' terrorist who walked in a family restaurant with a bunch of nails and explosives to explode the self made bomb in the loo and ultimately ended up blowing himself. Is it not evidence enough. See this;

Posted by Ananya November 29, 08 07:19 AM
The Captured terrorist wants to LIVE.
Please donot kill him & take pity on him. We should chop off both his hands, both legs & his tongue then should allow him to live.

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 07:20 AM

Muslim, by definition, means terrorists. The definition I create comes from historical accounts. The violence attached to this group predates my life, your life, your momma's life and your momma's momma's life. The Muslims took Mecca by force. Long ago, they took northwestern parts of India by force, when India was weak and torn from war. It goes back further: Abraham was told that the seed of Ishmael would be a mighty nation, but a 'wild donkey' of a nation.

Posted by WW November 29, 08 07:21 AM

If there was a god - any god - he, she or it would be deeply ashamed by this and other atrocities perpetrated daily throughout this world. The sooner we get rid of religion the sooner humans will learn to live together in peace. You never hear of an atheist harming anyone in the name of their non-belief. Atheism is the next evolutionary step for humans in the quest for higher understanding and tolerance.
as John Lennon said :
Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Posted by Stephen Walker November 29, 08 07:21 AM

My sympathies to the families and my wishes for recovery to the injured. Steve #187, you have it right. Also: The west has too many supposed "Allies" show harbor and supports these fanatic terrorists, but hide behind saying "it's not us!". It's time to punish incitement - blow up their places of gathering places - aboard and even at home! Apologists - pick a side and get out of the way!

Posted by anonymous November 29, 08 07:21 AM

it's true, I'm convinced. Most people aren't actually entitled to an opinion.

Posted by jack November 29, 08 07:22 AM

Someone explain to me what exactly is the reason for this attack? What do they want? I'm confused on the reason behind this?
Was it really to make India weak economically all that?

Posted by confusedboy November 29, 08 07:24 AM


Posted by tania November 29, 08 07:28 AM

Where is the usual brigade of people like Shabana Azmi,Javed Akhtar,Teesta Setalvad and others?What do they have to say now?Are they very busy trying to clear the name of Islam for the umpteenth time now?
My dear friends,lets face the fact once again--Islam just cannot reside in peace with any other religion in the world.Lets stop fooling ourselves time and time again.The other `normal` Muslims know this very well,but they have created sort of a shield around themselves to ward off all religious attacks(verbal) of any kind.Sad.
As for our great PM and defense minister,I shall send sarees and bangles for you.

Posted by Abhishek November 29, 08 07:31 AM

whomso ever have done it,i ugre government to aaply one more tax that should be a 'safety tax' by applying which the this taqx collected from us will be awarded to the informers who has the real information about such incedences. the money which government always offer for casualties should also be transfer to the intelegence beuro.

Posted by RAHUL.SHROFF November 29, 08 07:37 AM

Its the terrible state of affairs and the emotional tranquility of those few who are mislead, and are conceived to blame someone else for their suffering which is responsible for these extremist activities...
Blaming a race or a country isnt justified as such. Those of you who contradict this, ask yourself once again. Is every muslim or every pakistan celebrating the present bloodshed. I ,for one am most certain that they are not. Its high time people realise that the ideals one stands for and is willing to die for, do not warrant killing for the same..

Posted by K.S.S. November 29, 08 07:40 AM

There is enmity between India and Pakistan and also between Hindus and Muslims and there have been Pak sponsored terror strikes in India before,but this one is not.This is different..This was a CIA and Mossad funded operation to scuttle the Iran-Pakistan-India oil pipeline.The Pakistani Foreign Minsiter was in India and the talks to finalize the pipeline deal was in the final stage.No unknown terrorist group operating from caves will have such ammunition,planning and funding.Predictably the Indian hardliners have started talking about teaching a lesson to Pakistan and the pipeline talks are abandoned.We are not fools.

Posted by Mandar Kolvankar November 29, 08 07:40 AM

India must stand up to its enemies,we are tired of Pakistan ruining our peace. Let us stop all relationswith Pak & our criketeers must boycott playing with them. They have been black mark in ourlife since1947 . India must stop looking for bilateral relations & black out Pak from our vocabulary. Anhiliate their ISI and send forces to destroy them. It is much better than seeing innocent lives being sacrificed in the name of terrorism

Posted by INDIAN November 29, 08 07:42 AM

First of all my sincere condolences to all the people/guests of hotels/staff, NSG, Navy, Commandos, and Mumbai Police who have died in this terrible Terrorist incident in Mumbai.

Secondly, my family’s, entire Bangalore City, and my salutes to the heroes of NSG, Navy, Commandos, entire Mumbai Police Force, and Hotel Staff who risked their lives in saving so many lives in this terrible Terrorist Act in Mumbai.

My family and I have been following the entire events of the inhuman terrorist acts conducted in Mumbai for the past three days. We haven’t slept ourselves here in Bangalore and we had been glued to our television set watching continuously and following every second of the news reported from news channels. We are really really shocked about this entire incident and we are also so so angry with the entire system of our country where such an inhuman and heinous act could have been avoided, but nothing or no precautions had been taken.

It is even more shocking that it took nearly four days to close the entire operations of this terrorist attack in Mumbai.

I have so many questions where I am so shocked, confused, angry, and sad.
1. First of all my question is how in the name of god did so many terrorists managed to get past our country’s waters and landed on our INDIAN SOIL? What was the Coast Guard and Navy doing when they were sailing all the way from Karachi to Porbandar to Mumbai port?

2. When these terrorists landed at Gateway of India, when some of the locals saw them, why didn’t ANYONE or SOMEONE report to the police or concerned authorities that some suspicious people landed in front of Taj.

3. What were the Hotel Officials and Hotel Security doing when the terrorists booked rooms and were stocking explosives in the rooms. Were there no bomb detectors or arms detectors erected at the entrances. How come the hotel security staff never got a clue or at least a hint that someone looked suspicious?

4. When the terrorists bought mutton for worth of 50,000/- at a local market, what was the shopkeeper doing? Why didn’t he feel suspicious? He never got a clue that in his entire lifetime that someone had suddenly bought something for worth of 50,000/-? Was he just happy that he made business worth that much money?

5. When the terrorists were recorded on CCTV, were there no people monitoring those CCTV screens? What were the people who were monitoring or supposed to monitor those screens from the cameras doing at the time when the terrorists appeared on the CCTV?

6. When terrorist started to open fire at VT station and started to move towards Cama hospital, there must have been thousands of civilians there with their usual daily chores, was it too much to ask that someone or anyone could have tried to confront just two terrorists though the terrorists had ammunition and other sophisticated arms?

7. When the police jeep was kidnapped and driven, why the state’s security not alerted and why did it take so long to reach the spots and take control of the situation.

8. Why were there not proper facilities given to our Mumabi Police like bulletproof jackets, sophisticated weapons like what the terrorists were carrying, immediate communication gadgets or equipment?

9. Now a very very important question. When the captured terrorist declared that they had satellite images of the hotel and they knew completely about the surroundings, entries and exits of the hotels, and many more things that we could possibly imagine; why didn’t the hotel officials or even the Tatas didn’t even bother to provide a map of the hotel or help the Commandos, NSG, Navy, and the Police that how they are supposed to go about inside the Taj Hotel. When the terrorists have so much information and even SATELLITE IMAGES, we couldn’t provide a simple guiding map of the Taj Hotel, it is really really shocking.

10. When Taj’s GM’s family was trapped in fire, why did it take nearly 3 hours for the Fire Brigade to get there? Why was there no other alternate thought or option to rescue his wife and children?

11. The terrorists had so much ammunition and grenades and so on, that means someone inside the city was involved in providing them with all these devastating equipment. It is definitely not possible for the terrorists to carry all that ammunition and equipment all the way from Karachi to Porbandar to Mumbai and into the Taj, it is definitely definitely not possible. So, someone or a group here in Mumbai is involved in providing them and it is possible that the Terrorist Information and Supplying Group are still in Mumbai and have been following all these inhuman events conducted.

12. I want to ask where is Raj Thakrey now? What is he doing? What are his comments now? Can he come to the media and to the terrorist hit spots and comment that so and so person is a North Indian and so and so person is South Indian? Is he just sitting in his residence and sipping coffee or tea and enjoying the whole event happening in Mumbai? WHERE THE HELL IS HE????

13. What the hell is wrong with our POLITICIANS??!!! I feel that all these politicians should be sent out of our country. They only know to talk rubbish and create problems for our country, and ignite fire of hate between our own country people. Since Mumbai bomb blasts, what has the governments, whether it is Congress or the BJP done to protect our country? Haven’t these politicians learnt anything all these years? These politicians are even more inhuman than the terrorists.

14. It is also shocking that when Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s body was brought to Bangalore and cremation procedures are carried out, where was the CM of Bangalore. Did he not have the courtesy to come down and salute the heroe and give his condolences and show some moral support to the family. WHERE THE HELL IS HE??!!!

Lastly, now what is our Indian Government going to do about PAKISTAN? Are they going to have hoards of meetings and meetings? Keep talking all over the place and do nothing? Blame each other and let time pass and somehow make people forget of these past 3 days of inhuman events in Mumbai?

The entire WORLD knows that every terrorist act is conducted, funded, trained, etc, from PAKISTAN. The entire WORLD knows that all the terrorists are holed up in PAKISTAN. The entire WORLD knows that PAKISTAN, the NATION ITSELF is involved in training all these terrorists. What is our INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND THE WORLD going to do about PAKISTAN???!!!

In conclusion, I really really really think it is TIME to DECLARE WAR AGAINST PAKISTAN AND DESTROY THAT TERRORIST COUNTRY.

Posted by Rupesh November 29, 08 07:43 AM

> Why do they all wear sandals?

Mainly because of the weather. Hot and humid. Makes sense to let your feet breathe.

Posted by आलोक November 29, 08 07:43 AM

When you are in a jungle you know you can be attacked by wild beasts from anywhere, you take precaution and build a ring of fire surrounding yourself... why should it be different in this case...
Before blaming muslims or pakistan, lets ask what has the government done so far in terms of 'taking terrorism seriously'? The casual statements made by the political leaders are just to fill airtime
Economic inequality will drive people to desperation - as there are 1 in a billion saints, there are 1 in a billion evil minded power hungry people, who manipulate other people in the name of religion. in past centuries we had seen people from different religions, now it mainly happens to be muslims. But the point is it is the politicians who are either remaining blind to it or maybe indirectly encouraging it, once again, to ensure at least one part of their vote banks become loyal to them.
So what should we do... well at a personal level i dont have any answer. at the country level, India should really take up terrorism as a serious threat, increase spending on security measures, counterterrorism tactics, policies for coordinating counter attacks. I dont think India lacks the resources or the budget, the only thing lacking is political will.
And yes, media needs to be responsible. How can they have background music while showing the blood stain floors, and other pictures/videos of terror? Irresponsible reporting is the worst thing that can turn you suspicious about the most innocent and peace-loving neighbour not practicing your religion the 'next terrorist' in the making. apart from already killing so many innocent people, that would be the biggest success of the evil masterminds behind such attacks.

Posted by Suman November 29, 08 07:47 AM

they are not muslims , they can be extremist hindus , jews , christians.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 07:51 AM

200. you're pathetic. you were only a tool for the worst act of humanity. Comments such us yours only add fuel to the fire. If it's like you say "their cause" then let them be, why sticking your nose on that?
I feel sorry for you

Posted by Annonymus November 29, 08 07:51 AM

I am amuslim from Jordan and i was honored to stay in India for about 9 years.I had been at Taj and drank tea and ate there so many times. When i saw burning i felt that my flesh is burning. I cursed all these pigs, sons of satan and dakos. I have read almost all the comments here, unfortunately there was a good percentage of those who blame Islam and all muslims. I will not discuss alot, but did any one mentiond the Great empire of Britain who captured and colonized India for tens of decades ????? were British army who looted India, killed her beloved sons, led by a muslim general???? our memory is very short, we forget that the killer of The Great Leader Mahatma Ghandi was a pukka hindu of RSS ??? We have forgetten that Britain is the creator of Pakistan not to give Muslims of India a seperate country rather than maintaing it's own benefits on the basis of divide and rule. Britishers had left the issue of Kashmir just to engege these two countries (after the divission) in wars and lookforward the prosperity of their own people. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isa'i ya kuch be ho yaad raklo yeh zameen hamra sub kilyeh hain, hum log zaroor satt main jina hai sat main marna chahe tomara bagwan allah ram budha ya isa hum sub insan hai, Dharam ka batt chordo or insaniyyat apne apko deko. I want to say that terrorists has no religion and these killers do not represent neither muslims nor isalam. Akhri bat BASS bahot Hogaya. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Land is for all and relegion is for God only and the relegion is a very personal matter between the sole the gode it worships. ThiNK HUMANLY AWAY FROM RELIGION. MY deepest condolences for the people of India and may all GODS curse those evils. JAI HIND

Posted by Shehadeh Eyad November 29, 08 07:57 AM

I have been watching the television for the past three days - it
appears to me that there must be a better way to hole out the
GAS - which can affect the people for 8-10 hours and induces them to
sleep. With such a gas people will sleep and the commandos can easily
carry out their operations wearing masks.

Posted by Ketan November 29, 08 08:01 AM

F*ck the terriost!

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 08:03 AM

Here, "truth teller", can you or the Guardian provide the name of that "Sikh doctor"? Or will someone plead the ghost of possible retribution over 20 years later? Have your researches revealed why "Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple despite knowing it was a Sikh holy day"?

190.@57 Untrue. Tragically the Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple despite knowing it was a Sikh holy day and there would be thousands of innocent pilgrims and visitors. It became an indiscriminate massacre. There were several reports of barbaric acts by the army. The Guardian on 13/6/84 reported the following:
"A Sikh doctor drafted from the Government hospital to Jullunder to conduct post mortem examinations said that he had seen the bodies of two Sikhs who had been shot at point blank range, their hands tied behind their backs with their turbans. His colleagues had reported others, some of whom had been machine-gunned. This doctor headed a team that conducted 400 examinations. He said that most bodies were riddled with bullets and bore bomb wounds. He said, "It was a virtual massacre. A large number of women, children and pilgrims were gunned down."
The same doctor told journalists that bodies of victims were brought to the mortuary by police in municipal refuse lorries. (The Times of 13/6/84 and the Indian Express of 18/6/84) reported that of the 400 bodies, 100 were women and between 15-20 were children under five. One was a two-month-old baby.

Let's hope the communities stay united and that there are no anti-muslim riots as there were anti-sikh riots in 1984. Don't listen to the hate-mongers. Peace.

Posted by truth teller November 28, 08 07:26 PM

Posted by Partha Rai Chowdhuri November 29, 08 08:05 AM

Salute to our armed forces, NSG commandoes, Police jawans and other security agencies for putting their life at stake so that we can live peacefully. They are our heroes. May God grant them long life and happiness. I bow my head with gratitude to our forces and experess my heart felt condolences to all those brave hearts who lost their lives for us. They will always be rembered for their valour. My tearful farewell to them and I pray to God that He should give courage to their families to face the loss due to the supreme sacrifice by their dearest of dears.,

Posted by Vishwa Vimohan Murari November 29, 08 08:06 AM

Fix your Religion or we will fix it for you.

Posted by retribution November 29, 08 08:08 AM

our paki brothers are expert at acting so innocent after each attack - wonder howcome lollywood hasn't become bigger than bollywood cuz these guys are great actors.
The world knows that Pakistan has promoted extremism as state policy right from Zia ul haq's time - this to bleed india in kashmir and the russians in afghanistan. the ISI is known to be a very dangerous agency which is hand n glove with all those terrorist groups and this was recently conveyed in clear terms by the CIA to the Pakistan Govt.
Well if you'll are so much against terrorism then how come the chief of LET walk's about freely in your respected country making inflammatory speeches? howcome you'll are so hospitable to Dawood who is a royal guest of the ISI? why don't you guys put these guys behind bars?
and why is is that whereever in the world there is a terrorist attack there is some connection or the other to Pakistan? wonder why such a saintly state is blamed so often:)
my dear friends there is never smoke without fire and it is pretty clear to the world now that Pakistan is the epicenter of world terrorism - hard fact but very true and about time you nice people of pakistan put pressure on yr Govt to stop state sponsored terrorism and rein in the ISI!
i beleive it will be in both yr and our interest if your country rather concentrated on improving your economy, education system etc.. cuz as of now all we see is yr president constantly on the move with a begging bowl to UAE, Saudi, China or the US and when you guys get some money it is again channelized for all the wrong purposes. Time to introspect my Pakistani friends and just living in constant denial will not get you'll anywhere.

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 08:08 AM

Christianity has more blood on its hands then Islam. You can't blame an entire religion for the actions of some radicals. Look at all the crazy bible bangers out there who blow up abortion clinics.

IMO the world would be a better place if everyone was atheist or Buddhist. At least the extremists don't go around killing people.

Posted by Dlish November 29, 08 08:10 AM

To all the folk screaming "these terrorists are not muslim" and "islam does not condone violence against the innocent", let me riddle you this ... does islam not consider all non-muslims guilty by default as they have not accepted Allah and the Quran? It is written in the Quran! SO ... these muslims who indiscriminately shot and killed scores of unarmed - and in a civilized definition - innoncent civilians - were the truest warriors of Islam - were they not? They followed the book (Quran) to exact Allah's vengence on the kaffirs - aka - non-Muslims. They methodically killed Christians, Hindus and Jews - while letting those who they knew were muslims go. See - they did not harm the innocent :).

Radical islam is a malaise that needs to be eradicated - methodically.

Posted by Kaffir November 29, 08 08:11 AM

I watch them because out of all the terrorist attacks in the last 40 years
some 13,000 (just the reported ones)
.5% by so called christians (but they arent)
.5% by so called ulta orthadox jews (and they atrent either)

So james by your reckoning in the last 40 years there have only been 65 reported cases of chritians involved in terrorist attacks? Have you an overdeveloped sense of Irony

Posted by james

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 08:13 AM

They are us and we are them; we're all red on the inside, you know?

Posted by Jim Pettit November 29, 08 08:14 AM


What you don't realize is that we are bankrupting our self's chasing these people. That's really the only way they can take use down. They don't need to destroy our country with a bomb to destroy our way a life. They just need to bankrupt us financially and morally and guess what? Unfortunately because no politicians was intelligent enough to see it from the start, they are getting away with it.

Posted by Dlsih November 29, 08 08:15 AM

There is no us and them. The world has gotten too small and we have created weapons that are too destructive for us to frame the problems, which are all of ours to share, in such simple ways.

The natural reaction expressed in so many postings is one of fear, anger, and retaliation. It would be convenient to target a nation, or a religion, or anything you can easily label. That's them, this is us. There is comfort to be found in such simplifications because simple problems can be solved with direct force and we have what seems to be a limitless ability to exert direct force. Some of you make it seem that if I could just show you which ten million, or one hundred million men, women and children to kill, that you could solve this problem once, and for all time.

Please find the humanity to realize this would not a viable solution.
Please find the wisdom to realize there is no such solution to the problem of terrorism.

And to those of any nationality or religion that would teach hatred and violence to children, or preach it from your media pulpits to warp men's minds in such a way that they become capable of perpetrating such terrible crimes- please find any reason to realize that the stakes are much too high for your hate.

We live in an age where we have the technology to connect with and affect the lives of people anywhere on the planet. It is a shame to discover that we do not yet have the humanity to match it.

Posted by American, Human November 29, 08 08:18 AM

First thing is there is no good educational system in these so called islamic countries. Whatever is ther it is missguidin the poor young ppl.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 08:21 AM

Terrorist are terrorists. We cannot categorize it as Islamist, Christian, Hindu or any other. Its time every body should know that no Muslim supports any form of terrorism and believes that people behind it should be given harshest punishment. At this sensitive time every body should be united to fight against terrorism rather then blaming any particular religion.

Posted by Sid November 29, 08 08:21 AM

since there were more than 20 persons involved in this attack, why the only one face captured by every cameras? the images published from different sources, however the person is look same, his different activities. Anybody got any idea?

Posted by shah tanur November 29, 08 08:24 AM

not every muslim is a terrorist... but every terriorist is a muslim. many of them have made ironical statements. " war for peace" it was the slogan during the iraq war. how many time we are going to fight. and fight for what??????.
who said that we are humans , we are animals ( and we believe in the theory of survival of the fittest). urge to be the most powerful , has made humans crippled and has showed the devilish characters, through-out centuries in any part of the world. throught the world as history says many wars were fought, leaving behind happiness for some and grief to some.
india has its own history of fighting wars, ruthlessely killing the human race.
Gandhiji made a revolution in the way war can be fought without blood shed ( satyagraha). but still he was not able to convience some societies of the world.
(it cannot be war or satyagraha which can end this. it can be only an natures warth that can solve our problems......
i have seriously pray to nature " let there be a meteorite of the right size and fall down at the right place and destory all the power craving people on this earth."
let there be a new begining!

Posted by parashar moghe November 29, 08 08:25 AM

The Logic war on Terror has Failed completely, USA Invaded IRAQ under this banner!!! But a Disaster, War On Terror can only be Won when the Issues that give excuse to groups for recruiting youth for such missions.. are solved, The Occupation of Palestine, The Iraq Invasion, The attrocities in Kashmir.. Solve it & you Dont Have any terrorisim. This is a Simple Logic when you BOMB & kill someones family You dont Expect a Flower buques in Retaliation. We shouldnt relate such incidents with religion...No religion Encourages Such acts of Killing Innocent people !!! Our full Condolences to the Families who lost their Loved Ones in Mumbai Attacks.

Posted by khaleel November 29, 08 08:33 AM

All i want to say is we will fight and kill every last man who try's to attack my motherland......we have a army,navy,airforce equal to 15 million soilders.....second only to come pakis one and all and we will reteach you the lesson we taught you in 1947,1965,1971,1999and today.......civilizations,rulers,britishraj came and went but this majestic country called INDIA.....well live fore ever..JAI HIND......VANDE MAATARAM............PAKISTAN MURDABAD...HAI HAI HAI

Posted by Capt Sameer Behel (9 PARA Commandos)INDIAN ARMY November 29, 08 08:34 AM

islamic radicalism is not new to india, through out history the hindu culture has seen disruptions of universities, temples and other political strong holds. the islam claims to have so many rules safe guarding the sanctity of women, india has suffered a lot at the hands of muslims, where rape was used as a method of mass terrorism through out history. so all the muslims should stop hiding behind their pious veils, and admit to their diabolic plans of world dominion. attack on hindus is attrocious, in last four thousands years of history, never has the hindu culture invaded any other country to propagate our beliefs. it time all muslims of india need to be kicked out.

Posted by razeom November 29, 08 08:36 AM


Posted by anna galizia November 29, 08 08:39 AM

The terrorist with a gun shown in the picture is clearly wearing threads on his right hand wrist - clearly showing him from hindu sect. This game of killings and creating terror does not have any religion in particular. Instead of blaming blindly islam and muslims is not justified.

Posted by Ajaz November 29, 08 08:40 AM

This terrorist attack in mumbai is the worst the country has seen so far.This is the time that our system and all the political establishments should wake up and take proper actions to ensure the safety and security of india and it's citizens so that the sacrifice made by our brave soldiers and policemen do not go in vain.

Posted by ABHISHEK DUTTA November 29, 08 08:41 AM

this is NOT about religion... i agree with one of the previous comments psted here ... this is just about FANATICISM... extremism... religion in itself can never be a bad thing.
what has happened in mumbai is the work of extremists . im not a muslim...but i could NEVER condemn the entire society for the horrible ghastly incident that has taken place in mumbai. doing so would be ridiculous... its like giving in to the mass hysteria that these so called terrorists are trying to create. we must stay united . india as a nation should stand together as one against these miscreants. we must not make this about north india versus south india.. or the north east versus west... india versus the world ... its high time we pressure our government into uniting us .... and not play the blame game as has been happening in the past.. trying to flush out terrorists by doing what the US did after 9/11 will just result in them coming back with double the force... we will create sitting ducks of ourselves. we need to understand why there is so much unrest amongst these 'extremists' ... why do they feel that killing innocents is justified?? how can they possibly justify such a ghastly act of violence ?

Posted by aarti November 29, 08 08:43 AM

Please everybody don not get confused with what you are seeing but its difficult to digest what is being aired. Its all a big false..
Congratulate BJP that it has been successful in its grand plans...Yes now they have finished Hemant Karkare the ATS chief..and from now onwards whoever comes in between their creating a so called' Hindu Rashtra ' , will have to submit his/her self to death.
When the ATS guy was doing his job sincerely and professionally and honestly, he was submitted to death. Why?...
Because all their past deeds had come clear in front of the people of India. Malegoan Blasts, Jalna Blasts, Nanded, Parbhani, Thane, Indore, Kerala, and many more places were commited by these marauders...
We have now come to know that Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and Lt. Col. Purohit joined hands and how they used the Army to make successful their plans and put a shame to our nation.And this has been happening for a long time..
Now some eye- openers.
If somebody has observed the pics of the terrorists that Mr. Sebastian D'Souza have taken, then one of the pic shows a man whose name govt. agencies say is Azam. If u have closely looked at the pic, then it u also see that the man is wearing yellow thread (which is of course Muslims never wear). And there is another pic. again by Mumbai Mirror photographer in which we see a yellow thread worn by another terrorist......What say???
Now, I put some more facts in front of us...
The vehicle in which 3 top officers including Hemant Karkare were present was ambushed..remember he was do the people who killed them knew that he was coming that way...they had been waiting from him..someone really is involved in ATS chief murder...

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 08:46 AM

Im so sad about what happened in India.This country in not well known for getting sides in other countrys war.They should leave these people in peace alone.

Posted by Raya November 29, 08 08:51 AM

This attack had an Indian component.Somebody in the Muslim community in India knew what was going on and this was going to happen.It would be right if the Muslim community themselves handed over these people or else the security agencies in India should have the right to mass up the muslims in India and investigate.
India has not particpiated in the Afghan war,iraqi war .This has not deterred the Muslims to attack India.So Indians should not think too much about Human Rights when they retaliate because the terroists have showm time and again that dead have no rights.

Posted by viking November 29, 08 08:52 AM

Islam doesnt allow even 0.1 percent of killing the innocent people, i want to ask one simple question to everybody, does a bullet or bomb or any kind of weapon know who is the victim? the answer is no, so please do pass such a comments which could creat more proble. This is all beacuse of dirty POLITICS.

Posted by AJIT November 29, 08 08:53 AM

This is in response to post no. 181 by sameer surve, brother you have hit the bulls eye. when I heard the night when ATS chief Mr. Karkare was eleminated along with some of the upright and honest officers of mumbai police, i knew something sinister is on. The way these officers were eleminated in one go is something to be noted, unfortunately the investigative agencies and politicians have their guns already pointed on directions that benefit their vested agendas and we common people of this great country will never be able to get the real story or capture the real perpeterators of this henious crime against humanity. This crime is above religion, race and creed and we as human beings must rise and fight together to uearth the nefarious designs of the anti-social and anti-national elements and organisations such RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP who are hell bent on destroying our very ethos on which our freedom fighters such as Gandhi have tirelessly fought to establish this great nation.

Posted by Disturbed Indian November 29, 08 08:58 AM

Why communities are forgetting one thing.Religions are made not for violence but for for Peace in humanity.Is there any religion has taught about violence.?These militants have forgotten basic principals of religion. ....being a hardcore religion is not in killing other but in respecting.GOD is one then why all this? GOD will not excuse these killers.All they will be burning in hell.It is very sad humanity is under threat not from alliens but from our own brothers who has missed their path.

Posted by Suren November 29, 08 08:58 AM

First of all, my condolences to the victims and families of innocent people who lost their lives during this madness.

Secondly, I have read the comments from people and Islam-bashing has started in full swing. So very typical of people who are ignorant. What evidence do you have?? How sure are you that your Mumbai Godfathers (shiva sena) are not involved? IF you look carefully at the picture of the terrorist holding the gun his right wrist he is wearing an orange color thread -- which only Hindus wear. Now, I am not saying terrorist were hindus, mulsiam or etc but before any evidence is published stop acting in a brash manner and spread hatred. People have quoted Quran out of context -- which is so sad . I can quote hundreds of references from the Bible and other religious books which are far more violent. But again I am not a hypocrite.

Posted by Nirvana November 29, 08 09:04 AM

Terrorism is about terror more than it is about casualties. I hope the world keeps that in mind as they respond. If you take away your most fundamental rights like America did, you have let them win. Do not sacrifice your nation's dignity to the people whose acts were designed not for mass casualties, but to take it away from you.

America obliterated the things that made it America in response to 9/11 (like that we respected human rights and needed probable cause to spy on people). Let us hope India doesn't make the same mistake.


Posted by Jacob November 29, 08 09:05 AM

Every generation sees a form of blood-crazed madness grip the world.
We've had two world wars and we know that war is just hell on earth.
Now is not the time to indulge in this madness again. Don't rise to the bait.
That's exactly what these terrorists want. They thrive on chaos and mayhem.
This incident was massive in scale - therefore, there are many on the streets
and back alleys who know something about the perpetrators. It's a matter for
the police. Criminals are just criminals. Who cares what their reasons are?
They represent nothing but their own evil and madness. The worst thing India
can do is to treat them as 'legitimate' warriors and start blaming surrounding countries.

Posted by Random November 29, 08 09:11 AM

time to take action...get all the terrorist mf**rs out of their foxholes in pakistan..get them howewer you can..use whatever weapons necessary..if the f*ing paki govt can't do it topple it and do it yourself..go India go!

Posted by Mark Abelman November 29, 08 09:13 AM

If you want to know the reason behind the MUSLIM response, read about AL TAQYA, AL TAQIYYA etc from as many sources as possible.

Posted by Anonumous November 29, 08 09:14 AM

just because of few muslims the whole community have to face problems.why dont india take a serious actions against this?oh i get it,only when these politicians will get out.raj thakre says tht mumbai is mine and this, when mumbai needs him where has he gone?he's a coward and dont deserve his seat.but dont forget tht he has come to this stage jus bcoz of us.if only v,the youths will take some action against this.

Posted by fatheem November 29, 08 09:17 AM

It's quite evident these terrorists are Islamic radicals. But hey, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism (yes, dont be surprised, wars have been fought in its name too, lots of bloodshed ) whatever.... you people are debating monstrosities of equal measure. Religion is truly the opium of the masses. Very easy for fundamentalism to creep in when young 'uns are schooled to be gullible morons all their lives. Look at the American bible belt for more proof. And Sarah Palin. Hey, don' t get me wrong here, atheistic Communism killed whole cultures too, but only because it supplanted religion and assumed all its worst aspects. As did Nazism.

Let all priests be and so-called Holy or Wise men be, Listen to clear rational thought, the best of human civilisation. Liberalism and religion can never completely go together. We're doomed to keep repeating all this if we never get over the God delusion. Islam especially. It's never had a Reformation of sorts and most of its adherents live in abject poverty and illiteracy. Militant Hinduism in India exploits the same conditions.

As one historian wrote about the Crusades, the two deadliest words in Human history: God's Will

Posted by HJ November 29, 08 09:19 AM



Posted by kalil amin November 29, 08 09:20 AM

I do not understand, we are in the 21st century where we have become so much advanced in technology and there are tracking systems like GPS available to us. Wont we still know the hide-outs of the terrorists, where they are trained, where pre-terrorists are provoked to be terrorists, etc.? I am not ready to believe that the Govt. or the people who are directly or indirectly linked to the Govt would be ignorant of such details.
To conclude this, whatever happened cannot be recovered, so if anyone who is reading this has the power or can reach someone who possess the power to act against this, then plz plz plz STOP THIS ... END THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. Show the terrorists what your real capability is. Be united, be courageous, be loyal to humanity and God will give you all the power.

May the lost souls rest in peace.

Posted by Human November 29, 08 09:27 AM

I request my brave commandos to kill that militant in the worst and most painful way. Make a video of it so that other living militanats can see and really know what and how dreadful can happen to them. In history INdia helped some country and these bastards are creeping up forgetting what good India did to them. Kill that bastard militant becuase if he is left at mercy then he is bastard enough to forget it and plan attack again.

Posted by Ash November 29, 08 09:30 AM

I pray for well being for those are injured and pay homage to the victims of Death, may God bless their holy soul and their family members.

We salute to the Martyrs, who bravely faught to save hundreds of life, let pray for them.

Lets stand still and to do every thing to prevent terriosm so that this situation will not happen in future

Posted by sumant Mishra, Manish Mishra November 29, 08 09:30 AM

the muslim children killed directly from their mothers' womb, muslim women raped and burned to death, muslim men torn into parts, almost two thousands of them in gujrat . shooo bad terrroist muslims. 2000 muslim burned maimed raped to death in gujrat and no one from the humamkind angry at this truly detestable mumbai incident bothered the kind of protest and hatred against the criminals at that time. terrorists are terrorists, whichever religion they belong this includes those who killed a million civilians in vietnam, everone, so lets hate terror for it is terror

Posted by peacemaker November 29, 08 09:31 AM

I hear some say 'They want their voices heard'
Those who want their voices heard do not take Ak 47s and kill innocents. There are 200 civilized ways of getting your voice heard. News papers, magazines, Books, movies, poems, songs, web sites , youtube , blogs, and of course digg comments. So think what are you hearing over the gunfire and remorseless killings of innocents.

I hear some say it is the 'have nots killing the ones who have, the exploited killing the exploiters'
Well the money spent on this operation would have bought each one of those terrorists a nice apartment in bombay. An AK 57 costs at least $500. You can start a business with that money in India or Pakistan. If you they are so worried about the poor and have nots than why don't they spend their money on building schools, hospitals why can't they micro-finance small business. If someone does not have a fish and you don't want to teach fishing at least don't give him a gun.

Posted by sahi bhai November 29, 08 09:42 AM

Nothing we brought into this world when we born. Nothing we will bring back after our death. LOVE all and SERVE all. May god bless all of us.
LOVE has no religion.

Posted by Rajen November 29, 08 09:44 AM

@251 Sure all muslims are not bad, but why is it that most of these attacks are carried out by islamic terrorists?? Why dont we see hindu or christian or buddhists doing such things?? The Q demands an answer!!! Why dont we see any islamic country or organisation strongly condeming such attacks. Their defeaning silence is certainly not endearing them to anyone and is causing people to get more suspicious...227 well said, things will start changing for the better if good muslims stand up and make themselves heard...........but unfortunately that isn't happening yet and as long as that doesn't happen all of them will need to share in this guilt and blame and must be held accountable.

Posted by 4 a better world November 29, 08 09:52 AM

@ comment no. 169.. we are in no way asking for US help..
If u would have known a anything about your country's politics in Asia you would have known that's the last place where we expect help from... fighting a war for oil on a foreign doesn't make it the anti-terrorist leaders...

in india thousands die every year because of terrorism.. and with the money put in defense each year we know we can tackle these terrorists..We are just waiting for our sleeping politicians to wake up and go something .

Posted by akhil November 29, 08 09:53 AM


Posted by JAWAHAR SINGH November 29, 08 10:00 AM

Hell with the government and hell with the corrupt ministers they should be ashamed of all this what a common man,foreigners and security personals have suffered due to all this.They dont understand what problems our country india is facing they are linked up with their own comforts ,valueless (speeches,discussions,debates) and with politics.they need common man only for vote bank purpose and nothing else.Our p.m. should be a person like Mr.Narendra modi who is well efficient to handle such type of situations and is a very strict and dead honest person.I want to ask where is Raj thackerey at the moment where is Mrs sonia gandhi and our p.m. Mr.Manmohan Singh...????

Posted by Karan November 29, 08 10:02 AM

I love the advancement in technology.
Now we can post our thoughts about things that impact us most.

First, of all my heart goes out for all the innocent people who lost their lives.

Am not anti-pakistan, but the truth is, most of the time (99%) such acts happen, it has pakistani involvement.

I am really proud of our brave soldiers who have shown that they are the best, no matter it be kargil, kashmir, mumbai... any part of the country.

But what abt our politicans? evrytime PM jst expresses his condolences and the matter is over.

I read an article where after 911, there have not been a single attack on american soil.

And look at india, we cannot bring the real culprits of AI hijacking, mumbai blasts,parliamnet attach to justice.

We as people need to raise voice to let out government know, its enough.
Our eyes are now dry and there is blood instead of tears.

One way to do tat is through internet.
In canda, the province of ontario, there was a new rule to be passed by government for teenagers which brought lot of restrictions.
On facebook, a guy started a social group to protest it.
The result, it is so huge that, the minister is planning to abandon the plan to pass the rule.

do we need such kind of thing, to open our eyes of government to take some action.

Posted by Hardik November 29, 08 10:03 AM

look on the bright side. maybe environmentalists will show more concern about radical islamists than they do global warming. islamic terrorist's liberal use of incendiary devices isn't good for the planet. plus, blowing yourself up isn't very eco-friendly.

Posted by dabears November 29, 08 10:08 AM

These terrorist are not human being they are devils and they are disgracing the Religion of ISLAM and they should not call themselves Muslim.Pakistan is a country filled with devils they dont know how to live in peace i want to tell them first look in Pakistan Future what they have its only filled with darkness............ which will never end all medical, monetary aid should stop to Pakistan as they are fully Supporting TERRORISM.

Posted by Faizan November 29, 08 10:09 AM

I salute the Commandos and NSG for doing a perfect job. A special tribute to the 2 commandos who died in the operation. We have got to remember, They gave their today for our tomorrow!

Terrorism knows no religion or boundries. We have a neighbour who's Intelligence force has funded , trained and has pushed terror for a long time now.

We should be ashamed of our politicians. I sometimes wonder why we Indians take the time to vote for anti-Indian elements. . One is worse than the other. Even now, after this carnage they debate the issue of a 'Bandh'! They are equal to the terrorists!
Army rule for a year or 2 would do India good.
Raj and Bal Thackrey should have gone in to save the Marathi Manoos! This goes for all the politicians. They are bullies and only intent on splitting the country for their personal gain. We have seen who took advantage...

Posted by Errol November 29, 08 10:17 AM

Hey every one is blaming here Islam for this. You people are not at all right. Its not Its not Islam, its interpreters who interpret the Islam that way. We are the lovers of peace we have great culture. True, most of the terrorists are muslims, but I don't say them muslims, one who is kills some one can never be true muslim. I am of the openion that our muslim leaders should think of removing these bad interpretations of the Islam these terrorists make. They should teach us to believe in Humanity and "not only the Islam" (Belive in Islam). Reforms should be made to change Muslims. Our people now also have dozens of children, many of them beg on streets or do some lowere class labours.Badlo bhaiyo badlo!

Posted by jamir November 29, 08 10:20 AM

not all muslims are terrorist ..Rather no one is terrorist if u can have a right definition of terrorism...whom to balme as terrorist? l.e.t.ltte.ulfa,those who carried out masscare in sudan,iraq(saddam),isarel,korea,germany ,kosovo n western europe... or on borders of brazil n many s american countries...or america n russia who could be blame for such new sort of war fare in cold war answer is no we can not blame any one... we have to admit this as a war but by a party who dont have n physical shape as such....LOOK AT THE PICTURES N U WILL FIND THESE ARE 20 -24 YEARS BOYS WHO MUST HAVE BEEN TRAINED A LOT TIME BEFORE MAY BE WHEN THEY WERE JUST 15 YERAS OLD

Posted by parag November 29, 08 10:24 AM

If the government is strong in security means then no foriegn ant also feel afraid to enter into india .......... As far as my own concern,NOT EVERY MUSLIM WILL BE TERRORIST BUT UNFORTUNATELY PEOPLE WHO BECOMES TERRORIST ARE MUSLIMS ONLY..... I don't know what the HELL they earn with these violence....................

Posted by sudhakar November 29, 08 10:25 AM

The fact of the matter - these terrorist acts are indefinitely connected with extremist Islamic groups, not (NOT) the Islam we encounter on the streets of London, Paris or New York. However, these terrorist have used/manipulated the teachings of the Qur'an to back their 'Holy War' against the Western World and Israel.

Similar to Christians who are disgusted with the 'Crusades' of centuries ago, most Muslims are disgusted by the acts of these terrorists. But we must not forget that these terrorists DO SUPPORT their actions through extreme interpretation of the Qur'an because of their Islamic faith. That is UNDENIABLE.

Posted by Onlyfacts November 29, 08 10:25 AM

Less in talk, more in deeds. We Indians are experts in giving grandoise advise but none to implement. Let the Israelis do it. Let Mossad into our country and give them a free reign.

Terrorism from Pakistan will be history in a year or two.

Posted by Swaminathan November 29, 08 10:29 AM

I laugh at some of these comments posted here. These Sub Humans are not interested in your talks or negotiations. They want to KILL you, imbecile, not break bread with you. The more we talk of needing to "understand" them, the wider the grins on their face become, and the weaker we as a nation become. I'm sorry but this is about Islam. I know not every Muslim is radical Jihadist but, what is the tipping point? When is the jihadist element the mainstream viewpoint and the radical viewpoint the moderate? That time is drawing near. The world is quickly losing patience with this "religion" and the violence committed in it's name.

Posted by rrk November 29, 08 10:29 AM

The simple fact is these terrorists trained in another country for these attacks. That is an act of war by the host country and cannot be overlooked.

Muslim apologists, be gone. Your religion is promoting and enabling the world's terror.

Posted by Jal Arky November 29, 08 10:29 AM

We all know that these barbaric terrorist calls themselves Mujahidin.. meaning Islamic Warriors who rages Jihad (Religious War) .. the only thing I dont understand, who they fear and why? Is this what there religion preaches them to do. Dont' they have family and children.. NO LIFE.
Some one has commented that no one said a word when people were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he felt sad and tormented and concluded that all this makes a normal person.. an extremist. Did he bother to think that what was the reason for killing them.. It was a retaliation and not a JIHAD. Did he ever thought that the people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were victim of this Barbarism caused only and only by Islam.
World is at Chaos, no place is safe on earth.. why.. because Its Islam, that the mujahidins are trying to preach at point blank.
Even the most secular person on earth will be against Islam now.
I feel Islam is all about KILLING INNOCENT PEAOPLE.

Posted by ashok November 29, 08 10:37 AM

once again britain and america are blamed for this sh*t.your cowardly acts will never be forgoten .british and american law abiding citizens will never give in to your cowardly attacks.if you want a fight show yourselves and stop cowards

Posted by true englishman November 29, 08 10:41 AM

Its a shame for the indian Government, the indian establishment, the indian serurity forces and the intelligence that this event took place! i have grief in my heart for all the people who died, not coz they were indians or americans or wotever nationality but coz they were human beings! .. the indian people should ask their govt and Inteligence org. to do their job instead of pointing fingers across the border! .. and just to add to the faliure, they are asking the Paki Intell chief to come and give answers to them? thats like freekin accepting that the indian govt. and intelligence is the crappiest! .. wot loosers! seriously .. and bottom line .. terroristism is not a race so dont give em a religion,

Posted by Ali November 29, 08 10:41 AM

We should follow the policy of Israel....kill the f***ing terrorist and their families, destroy their homes....and then nobody will ever dare to commit these dastardly acts

Posted by mumbaikar November 29, 08 10:42 AM

Where Islam where problem.

Posted by S-padrilla November 29, 08 10:45 AM

Poster No 443 with opinions like:
".Our p.m. should be a person like Mr.Narendra modi who is well efficient to handle such type of situations and is a very strict and dead honest person."

- is a large part of the reason why such attacks will never cease. This Modi is as culpable of genocide as the US might indict, say, Saddam Hussein. His deplorable stewardship of Gujarat state and its 2002 pogrom against Muslims is exactly what drives more poorly educated and unemployed Muslim youth into jihadi arms. Sad. And these are people who, like this poster, will vote for the politics of hatred, fanning these very flames that consume them. Tragic. This attack is sadly not the last we will see if this cycle of mutual hatred and doesn't end. If you think this poster is nuts, try talking to/chatting online with some Pakistani ones. Mirror images - but more virulence and self-delusion in many cases there.

Posted by HJ November 29, 08 10:45 AM



Posted by skanda November 29, 08 10:47 AM

thanks to our nsg,atc,police force
i think we must bannned the terrorist camp which are being run by pak gov.
in every highr pofile city there should always one squad prepared for such things


Posted by MANISH November 29, 08 10:48 AM


Posted by SAKTHI November 29, 08 10:50 AM

I salute to all those who participated in this operation to save hundreds of innocent lives. Such things should not take place on this planet so that the peace prevails all over the world
Asutosh Sharma
Governemnt approved tourist guide
New Delhi

Posted by Asutosh Sharma November 29, 08 10:53 AM

India Should take hard stand on the Terrorist now ...................
Enough is Enough .....................Each of them should be picked up and then should be killed in front of Thousands .................

"Every Muslim is Not a Terrorist , but the fact is that every Terrosrist is Muslim"

Posted by Prashant Ikhankar November 29, 08 10:54 AM

I am an Indian Muslim, a very religious person and that makes me god-fearing, human and law abiding. At a time in my youth I was almost an atheist. Today I can see myself as a strong hard-code Muslim who would not bend from anything that my faith orders me to. I have been able to get a good education (western modern whatever), has lived all my life with my non-Muslim (why do I have to say that?) friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. Whenever such incidents happen I go back to the 'book' and try to find answers. I must say I do not like to read so much bad things about my religion (I guess nobody likes it); so just to reassure myself I go back to the 'roots' or fundamentals of Islam and see whether it has the substance to make a person like me a 'radical' in the mould of the terrorists. I can tell you my answer has always been 'NO' The reason is maybe because I was not raised to be a zealot, I verified any thin about my faith before I implement it for myself and my family. I would want to see my kids to grow up like me and benefit from his/her existence in this world rather than stand diametrically opposite to or in conflict with this world. If I could do this without any formal teacher from my community I suppose many of my co-religionists can and also do that. Honestly I do not see how a practicing believing Muslim can be a threat for this world or maybe many of those in this forum have not come close to the real Muslims like us, who are just like all of you here, with humanity, fear of God and law and who are also struggling with their daily existence. But it is this mass of Muslims who are not representative of Islam today in the m4edia rather it is the religious zealot, bigots and fanatics from Pakistan, Saudi, Iran....etc who are seen as representing Islam though all the mad-heads have their own reasons to take up violence and they also happen to be followers of Islam. Any Yes, I am no fan of the mughals or today's mullahs.

Posted by Ahmed Koya November 29, 08 11:05 AM

Pakistan is a hell and they want to create hell for India. I am an Indian muslim and I want pakistan to mind its business, if they cant learn from their mistakes better keep fighting within and dont create problems for us in India. They have already used religion for their purpose and now it time to suffer but suffer within.

Posted by Aamir khan November 29, 08 11:07 AM

isn't it time that sensible people who are for peace distance them selves from islam? it is a violent religion for a time gone by.

Posted by Jim Beam November 29, 08 11:11 AM

You are absolutely right in your post!

Posted by MJ November 29, 08 11:15 AM

First up all I SALUTE our brothers NSG,MILITERY FORCES ,FIRE FIGHTERS,LOCAL POLICES........ETC.God will funish this DEVILS.

Posted by sundaram November 29, 08 11:17 AM

Give it a week and the politicians pus***s and cops are going to all forget about
this and go about usual business of stealing from people.
The bottom line is life has too less value in India.
Look at Kashmir more than 80,000 people have died there in 15 years and even
though Pakistan had attacked India during Kargil war India was not ready to
cross LOC.
Its time to make sacrifices by regular people and learn something from Isreal and US

Posted by Samir November 29, 08 11:18 AM

its the time to wake up and fight against terrorism ,dont you see the blood colour is same!!!! or different religion shed different colour? did those butchers check the caste or religion before shooting the inncoents...hate those bastards who are killing inncoents in the name of god..which god wants to kill innocents without mercy?wearing a red band doest make makes him nonmuslim or makes him muslim.they r evils from pakistan,thats for sure,even a kid can say that without second thought,all religion is good but there are evils stop mentioning the religion and fight against those butchers.
salute those heroes who lost their life for our life....

Posted by anonymous November 29, 08 11:22 AM

Why is Narendra Modi the biggest terrorist still free at large? If we are talking about justice and equality then it should he balanced across the board. There is a general feeling in the muslim community (especially the youths) that they have been marginalized - hence, I am afraid that we will continue to see more cases like these - either we solve some fundamental root problems (like arrest Modi and his stooges for once) - or we will continue to see this cycle of violence. Remember Punjab in 1980s? There are about 10 times the number of muslims in India - the cycle of violence will be long ... painful and will be harmful to both sides and we will continue to slide in our progress as a nation.

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 11:23 AM

I believe PAK GOV should allow Indian Army to finish all camps and groups based in Pakistan who has been operating world wide terrorism.If PAK GOV says no than its clear to the world its state sponsor activity and India should make forceful entry in to Pakistan.

Posted by Andy November 29, 08 11:24 AM

com'n guys don't make it hindu-muslim war.

It's between terrorists and us.
People in pakistan are also like us.
They are not at all aware of all this things and they are also normal humans like us.
We have often seen terrorist attacks in pakistan also so they are also suffering from all this

Posted by BAS November 29, 08 11:24 AM

"There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance"

-Ali ibn Abi-Talib.

I wish people would stop saying that the cause of this all is Islam. Terrorism is the spread of fear, and the American and Israeli armies has much done the same (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestina, etc). To say that there are no Christian, Hindu or Jewish terrorists is just plain lying. There has really been a lot of Christian and Hindu violence throughout the past (Crusades, anyone, not to mention the constant problems in Kashmir), and most Muslims (almost all of them are against terrorism (I advise you to look up Khatami's statements concerning 9/11 and terrorism overall. And yes, he was the president of Iran in the past).

Most religions say that non-believers should be killed, whether they be Hindi, Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

Posted by Hax November 29, 08 11:26 AM

to preeti, who "refers to muhammed the messenger" as jack ass!!!!!

you are un aware of the teachings of muhammed, that is why u say such things, islam means PEACE and islam does not allow for terrorism and clearly condemns all those who cause trouble and even goes to the extent of punishingsuch ppl... dont blame the messenger if you dont know his message... its not his fault that these pshychopaths go about doing this saying its in the name of religion.. they dont know the true religion so please dont stoop so low to their level and condemn the holy prophet who was peace loving....

Posted by saadiya November 29, 08 11:27 AM

I have seen lots of comment about terrorism and islaam...
someone said terrorism has no religion..but why its all terrorist are muslim..why its problem in only with this religion only..wherever there is killing or wherever there is this sot of attack only Muslim people are involved.what what about the Quran in which its written about the jihad and 72 virgin..every religion teach peace and love weather its Chirstianity, Hinduism, Budhism ,no one says that if you kill you will get 72 virgins...(and for what...)everyone knows for this a teaching from a religious book.I am a hindu and i have read quran. Quran also says many different things which people don't follow...

Posted by akash November 29, 08 11:35 AM

Very good photos, full marks to the brave photographers involved.

Commiseration to the victims of these cowardly acts, however it will take far more than this to suppress India, and us their British friends.

Posted by Philip Page November 29, 08 11:35 AM

Please… all of the comments that attack Islam and Pakistan can only increase the tensions between religions and cultures. Let's stick to the values we appreciate, rather than retaliating with the same — learn from Gandhi's or Nelson Mandela's non-violence, or Christianity's forgiveness. Don't let these terrorists propel the world into a state of fear and distrust.

Posted by Frederick November 29, 08 11:35 AM

It really doesn't matter, if we write here or not. Time has come we the citizens of India stand together and secure our country. Lets first cut away the arm which is rottening and by the arm I mean our so called politicians and let all of us work hand in hand to make a "better India", "Safe India" a "Peoples India"

Posted by Priya Radhesh Menon November 29, 08 11:36 AM

We are a weak nation because of our leadership.We are strong nation because of our people .Congress has being ruling india for almost fifty years and they cannot produce a single leader apart from the family rule they follow . But every thing has a limit .It is time to atttack than resist .Break all diplomatic ties with pakistan.They have all the info about LeT. and other organisations . If not then india can provide the info. needed .In fact they were the sponsors of Taliban and JKLF . If they have little sense than they must realise that they are reeping what they had sowed .
Hatred begets hatred Love begets Love. .

Posted by Bhupen G. November 29, 08 11:38 AM

At present, instead of discussing about Muslims and terrorism one should concentrate on the recent attacks. How do they get information? Who is funding them? What nationality do they belong to?. If there is the slightest link of them being linked to Pakistan India should retaliate strongly. So far India has remained silent due to world politics but gradually terrorism and extremism has penetrated deep into India.
Quick judiciary action should be taken and the court should not think twice before giving capital punishments. These militants have killed thousands in the last one year or so.
Enough is Enough for God's sake.

Posted by Anant Gupta November 29, 08 11:43 AM

no comment

Posted by spiros grammenos corfu greece November 29, 08 11:46 AM

i also condemns all these terrorism.but one thing i wan to say is dat where is raj thackery???all the nsg members were called frm delhi.......he divided the nation into communities.........any one can use it for their the terrorists did......

Posted by jagmohan November 29, 08 11:46 AM

all this aside, hating each other isn't going to solve anything at all is it, ?
It cannot be justified to walk around shooting at innocent people,.. and terrorising the world, it only creates more loss of life... These people are selfish, and any religion what can justify taking peoples life and causing terror is not needed in the world. We live in the 21st century and all this is going on, its all very silly and maybe we should all grow up and realise that being peaceful is more fun!!

would you people rather hate each other?, what if i may add wont solve anything,
or Just get on..

Posted by Tom S November 29, 08 11:47 AM

hi guys,
i can see the hate and completely understand it. if muslims are sincere as they portray themselves they need to prove

1) delhi imam to visit the wounded and condemn the terrorist act. offer unequivocal support in war against terrorism.
2) if any madman gives call for jihad in their mosques nexttime turn him over to police for spreading communal hatred?

are u ready to do it and show sincerity of purpose? otherwise fingers of suspision and hatred will point at u.

Posted by alwaysindian November 29, 08 11:47 AM

what freedom these moron are talking abt. bloody unemployed youth of this century, donot have capability of doing some thing constructive, then who r u guys to destroy this beautiful world?????
Being son of an army personal i have strong feeling for my country. And take one think for guaranteed
this country have too many young people who can laid there lives for bEAutiful nation of mine.

Posted by SANDEEP November 29, 08 11:48 AM

This is the worse ever attack that has hit Mumbai and india its reallyy shocking to have terrorist attacks that frequently.I dont want to hold any religion responsible for that its the mere failure of our intelligence agency and the policy of our country politicians.We have to take sum serious measures as taken by USA after 9/11 otherwise such disaster will hit India again and again and all we will be left with pointing fingers to some religion and organisations.Our politicians should look beyond their chairs if we have to avoid such disasters again.In the end I pay homage to all the martyr in this battle and they will be remembered forever.We common men should learn from them and should look beyond their personall life and if they find anything suspected they should inform to police.JAI HINd

Posted by Abhishek November 29, 08 11:49 AM

In this situation our bloody politician must away from Mumbai. While our Heros are fighting with terrorists, what fuck politician are doing here. Dont give them any security.

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 11:49 AM

Whatever happened was worse for our country..We must stand united in this times of despair for that is what will give hope to us.Hats off to Police,ATS,NSG and the martyrs who laid down their their lives for us;Inidans.Politicians try to divide us on basis of evry peice of discriminating factors.We must be united.Believe that something will change will not help,we should try something to change the situation.Why does security have to lapse everytime?
Politicians even now;try to grasp all possible votes;even now;when the city bleeds.
I wonder What will happen if We Do Not Vote....

Posted by Anon November 29, 08 11:50 AM


Posted by MUMBAIKAR November 29, 08 11:59 AM

Beautiful photojournalism. My humble respect for those who took these gorgeous pictures documenting an extremely terrible event.

Posted by Weeder November 29, 08 12:00 PM

Closely watch the picture of the terrorist with gun in the Indian media.
The wrist band is worn by Indians and not pakistanis. The height, body, face features and skin complexion is clearly that of someone from southern tip of Inida. Kashmiris and Pakistani in general have fair complexion. Let the govt finish the investigatino and then begin to blame.

Posted by Ali November 29, 08 12:01 PM

Why do we keep opening our borders with Pakistan. What is the need to start train and bus service between the two countries. Let the Pakistan go to hell. Just seal all the borders with it, and break relations with it completely. No Trade, No Business, No Cricket, No movies .... just stop everything with them, and let India start looking afresh towards future with the others. We have beautiful world of ASEAN countries next door to be with. We have good relations with European countries and the US. I don't understand why do we need to keep any relations with this epicenter of Terrorism called Pakistan at first place. India is a land where Buddha and Mahavir were born. A country where Jainism followers do not even kill as small a living beings as insects and ants, becoming an easy and soft target of Muslim Fundamentalism. Either cut off yourself with them to save yourself. If you can not do that, then stand up and face them boldly and kill them once for all.
Earlier the better, we finally accept the fact that Islam is a Religion of Terror. 1947 was a blessing in disguise that millions of Muslims left this country. Unfortunate part was, equal number remained behind with us. Millions of them and millions others in other countries may come and try to explain how their religion is tolerant and all such blah blah from their holy user manual. For example, I see in the Times of India, one Dr. Zakir Hussain, in India does not leave a single stone unturned to explain to the whole world how his religion is most tolerant, and like him there are millions of others who continue to believe they are peace living creatures. Where are these Zakir Hussains of today to explain what happened for last three days.

Only solution is just to ignore them in every stage and instance of social interaction, and at every stage whenever they raise their head just give back a fitting reply there and then.

No comments please from any Muslim …. We just do not want to know what Islam is … your actions have already shown it.

Posted by Deepak November 29, 08 12:04 PM

Forgiving terrorists is upto God but fixing their appointments with God is our responsibility.

Posted by Sumantika November 29, 08 12:05 PM

God is 1
India is 1
No terrorism can break us
when a billion people become1
Only Our Spirit Can Kill Thems.
Mumbai Is Unbreakable...............Jai Hind

Posted by Kaustubh Shirke November 29, 08 12:06 PM

Few of you can raise fingers & blame the Islam religion but how many of you have taken the effort to read the Islamic book & understand Islam yourself.
Unfortunately, these terrorrist are Muslims but do they actually follow Islam? well definitely not. They obviously dont understand Islam.
I am not fond of VHP, RSS or BJP coz to an extent they can be termed terrorist. but I will never say anything against the Hindu religion coz thats not the Hindu religion teaches.
Now I leave it for you to think & decide yourself.

Posted by Imran November 29, 08 12:07 PM

1.All the terrorists in the prison must be shot dead immediately. Show NO mercy to those animals.
2.Educated People are also responsible to this indirectly. They wont vote in the elections but crib all the time about the worst politicians.
3.Ministers like Shivraj Patil are not at all qualified, how many attacks have taken place so far, what is the Puppet PM under Sonia's shadow doing? He must throw out these useless ministers.
4. Does anyone know, the minister of state for home minister Radhika Selvi from TN is a wife of assaninated ex Gunda?

Posted by Suresh November 29, 08 12:08 PM

This is a very bad terrorist attack. Congratuilations to the Brave Soldiers, NSG Commandos, Mumbai police and authority. The terror fear is in all over world. There should be some solution

Posted by Dipak Shah November 29, 08 12:09 PM

This is the time we need to focus on HOW TO KEEP INDIA SAFE from these terrorists, extremists. jihadists or millitants or naxalites or any separatists etc. Because that is the only challenge we will have in becoming the global super power. We, the citizens of India need to use all our common sense, alertness, creativity and empathy for others to make this happen. Yes, all of us can contribute to this common goal irrespective of our age, gender, education, political affiliation, language , religious belief, economic status, skill level and physical capabilities.

The first thing we should not do is getting involved in a biased discussion from political and religious angles as that will not take us anywhere and divert us from achieving our commong goal. We need to stand for our own country and make our politicians and law makers realize that they do not get our vote unless they become honest and straight forward with us or if they devide us because of age, religion, language, gender, political affiliation,, economic or social status or religions. I do not have to take any names but any honest reader can understand and recognize these politicians and law makers who have been fooling us around for years just to remain in the power and doing nothing to protect us but deviding us within and making the whole country vulnerable to these challenges.

It may be late for us but still it is not impossible. We learn from our experience and we still have time to fix our leaders. Next time they come to ask for your vote please do not only ask them what they have done to make our country safe but also ask them if they honestly believe in them selves and in their spoken words and actions that they have never tried to devide our country on the basis of our language, religion, political affiliation, economic or social status. It will make a very big difference. Once we elect our leaders with that frame of mind and ideology INDIA will remain safe for ever and these terrorists, separatists, naxalites, millitants or any anti-social and anti-Indian activists will just go to hell. But once again we need to work on this common goal together. It is not easy but not very complicated either. We just need to understand it well.

Posted by Debadutta Dash November 29, 08 12:13 PM

Pakistan is living in the past, they need to wake up and get with the program. The majority of their citizens live in poverty, while the government spends billions on the military to accomplish ghastly endeavors such as these. I live in the US and always believed that you cannot paint people with a single stroke, but I think I no longer feel that way. Islam teaches intolerance, mayhem and murder. All the conflicts in the world have some aspect of muslim involvement. Its sad for me to say this, but all muslims are alike with their fanatic agenda. What will these people accomplish with violence, just hatred towards their people and their religion.

Posted by raj November 29, 08 12:14 PM

India is really not a democracy! Its mob, gangs and a few families ruling India!
Intellectuals do not take a rule in governance. They are totally involved in making money and letting GOONs rule this country. Until all of them are defeated and intellectuals assist in picking good people to lead there will be no solutions. The YUVRAJ who managed to get a degree with great difficulty at an institute which is mediocre at best is touted as the next leader. Hope this wakes up the buisness leaders and Intellectuals that without rule of law and good goverance we will go no where! Until that time may be we should look at China for type of Govt. which can help us tackle these problems

Posted by rvga128 November 29, 08 12:16 PM

After going through the comments I have come to known a fact that the world is full of ignorant and retarded people.

Posted by Khanabdosh November 29, 08 12:17 PM

Do not beleive Media as they are misled by the comments from the so called politicians and police. This attack has killed mumbai civilians and foreigners irrespective of religion.
If the intention behind this was to blow up the TAJ or any other structure, They could had done it with the enough amunition they had brought and safely return as to how they had come into.

USE YOUR MIND ALL EDUCATED PEOPLE, that why would they sit in the hotel and be cornered to death ? Why was ATS chief and his team killed in this mission ? An attack like this will help whom the most ? What have the killers got with this ? Why are we never shown the captured terrorists acceptance for what he has done, why are we made to beleive only the police and media ?

Hindu muslim issue was born by British and followed till date by politicians. Hindu Muslims are everywhere on planet. Why great nations like US, UK, Australia with lots of migrants and varities of religions dont have any issues like ours ?


Posted by Indian November 29, 08 12:17 PM

Well-terrorists have no religion--ok-- can the doctors confirm whether all the killed & captured ones are circumcised or not .? This will confirm to what religion these belonged-- let the pak ISI expert also see this--& not repeat again that terrorists have no religion--Publish face photos of all killed terrorists -their names & locations-----

Posted by Richard November 29, 08 12:19 PM

HI EVERYONE! i'm an indian and living in usa... my heart goes out to all the families and the victems.. i'm very proud of india... so far for not reacting to any of paki's attacks... but is that a good thing or bad????? i dont want my brothers and sisters in paki's to get killed for no reason.. but i want this to stop!!!!! not for india but for everyone is this world..... i'm tired of hearing all this attcks from paki... i want to know what is paki doing to help india with this matter??????????????

Posted by patel November 29, 08 12:20 PM

If the Goverment Of India doesn't do something fast and i mean it real fast the people will simply not be able to hold on.

People in Mumbai are always told bty these politicans, news Journalists, radio Jockey's abt the " Spirit Of Mumbai " " Resilience Of the Citizens of Mumbai"
"Mumbai people are mentally strong " and what not crap

Frankly speaking each and every Mumbaikar has gone through a lot of Trauma
which is simply keeps a person on a High Blood Pressure

I just hope something good and positive comes out of this else it wud be just the same story and that's it people will soon forget and move on and the Goverment as it is doing "PEACE PROCESS" the biggest joke of the century

Let's see how far can these fools jump "

Posted by Shrinidhi frm Mumbai November 29, 08 12:23 PM

Hey....This is all because of the Politicians....this is not because of the bitterness among the religions...first of all the ministers should be strict and shoud ahve the ability to take decisions...INDIA DONT NEED THESE MERE PUPPETS TYPE MINISTERS...

Posted by anony.... November 29, 08 12:24 PM

Upon seeing something like these attacks, my heart breaks, thinking of the innocent victims and their families. I think of lives cut short and like with every terrorist attack and war, I remember the children who lost one or both parents and are now bearing the unimaginable pain of orphanhood. Let us condemn every act of violence no matter which group is responsible for it. Unjustified and vicious acts of violence have been carried out by governments and groups associated with all the major religions of the world, not only by those claiming to be Islamic. Like all major religions encourage us to do let us love our neighbors and stop fighting.

Posted by skycastles November 29, 08 12:25 PM

Did anyone informed Raj Thakrey that some of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives were non Mumbaikars. This isn’t the only time when all Indians should be ONE but they should always be ONE so incidents like this one should never happen again.

Posted by Anshuman Khanna November 29, 08 12:31 PM

some of the above commensts stole the words out of my mouth but just to add



Reminder : in the elections you can cast a null vote to show that none is worthy, and none truly are

Posted by Sunil November 29, 08 12:31 PM

Mr. Ali of Comment Number 497, I too instantly observed the thread band on the right wrist of the Militant carrying blue bag on his shoulder. However, you have wrongly observed his other attributes. His facial features and shape of the head are definitely that of a person from the Northern Region of the subcontinent. I have known Pakistanis very closely as a part of my work overseas, and I have known South Indians too very well. Moreover, I think you did not hear the voice of one of the terrorists who called up the TV channel from Nariman House while the siege was going on. His Hindi had a Punjabi accent. But it was unlike an Indian Punjabi. If your ears are attuned well, Punjabi spoken by an Indian Punjabi and a Pakistan Punjabi are quite different. His diction and pace of talk was unlike an Indian Punjabi leave alone a South Indian. Use of his Urdu words was another indication he was from the North.

Posted by Deepak November 29, 08 12:32 PM

i would like to say the same thing again, which is only the only way to fight with such kind of acts is to stay "UNITE" .blaming any religion or going to what it means or going to past will ruin our present and future the present and future of INDIA. India is a nation of diversity with peace so lets not disturb the situation more, like these terrorists did.

Posted by neelam November 29, 08 12:32 PM

@deepak I have a few Muslim friends and please dont categorize all Muslims this way... Accepted that most (read all) terrorists are Muslims, you just can't blame a whole religion for a few zealots. Thats like Muslims blaming all Hindus for the Babri Masjid incident.

If you replace terrorists with innocents/disbelievers i think you'll get what the terrorists feel.
But yes.. we need to take firm steps to curb this menace. An attack on India is an attack on all of us. This has been going on for a really long time now and this cannot go on. We need to equip our defense with state of the art weapons and gear and not send them into battle wearing WWII memorabilia.
The real heroes are the police, the ATS and our NSG..
and yeah to the politicians :: F*CK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU !!!

Posted by Protik November 29, 08 12:33 PM

i think this was nt india...
i am talking abt religions here...dun wanna hv a fyt....
india should stop..alll the political fyts..

Posted by nik November 29, 08 12:33 PM

Today morning while surfing through channels I had a chance to see an election campaign of BJP for Rajasthan. In the time of acting together,their govt in Rajasthan was asking for vote by taking advantage of the situation in Mumbai. I am a proud Indian but after seeing that Ad I was ashamed of my so called leaders. At the time of chaos also these politicians always think of there own benifit.Gone are the days of leaders dying for country. now there only motto is to have the power in there hands. And most importantly I dont see any MNS activist raising slogans against these terrorist...Mr Raj where are you? When persons in Mumbai needs u you are sleeping happily in your home. I appeal to all the citizens of india....WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

Posted by Priyesh Raj November 29, 08 12:33 PM

Save Pakistan To Save Us All
The world must devise a plan to rescue the country from chaos
Gautam Adhikari

The ferocious cruelty and unprecedented nature of the terror strikes in Mumbai may have left many in the world gasping at the daring and meticulous planning of the operation. There’s also some mud on India’s face as a result. But this is an excellent opportunity for New Delhi to try bold thinking and some sorely necessary plain speaking.

To start with, call a spade what it is. It’s Pakistan. Much of global terrorism today, not just what hits India, emanates or is planned from Pakistan. Just take a few instances that are obvious to all in the know but the world’s eyes seemed, till recently, reluctant to see.
Look at how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who masterminded the 9/11 operation of 2001, was captured in Pakistan; notice how Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri are hiding and leading al-Qaeda from Pakistan, or the Pakistan-Afghan non-existent border, for years; count the jihadi terrorist groups that work from inside Pakistan who seem to enjoy considerable flexibility of movement within that country despite promises of crackdowns made periodically by the Pakistani security forces. And that’s not all.
Recall that the US confronted Islamabad, to apparently little avail, with evidence of the involvement of Pakistan-inspired elements in the July bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul; wonder how the world’s premier nuclear smuggler and rogue proliferator, A Q Khan, can lead a low-profile, yet comfortable and virtually unexamined life in Pakistan while being under so-called house arrest, with no one from the rest of the world allowed to go near him; and, to gently remind everyone of India’s concerns, Dawood Ibrahim —a terrorist by any official standard — continues to be sheltered by Pakistani security forces.
No, Pakistan’s people are not the problem. To the contrary, it is the people and their future — in other words, the viability of Pakistan’s state and economy — that the world must get together to stabilise and help prosper. There’s no time to lose.
The world doesn’t have to believe New Delhi, which has been warning about the threat of an unhinged Pakistan for years. Everyone in the know of things now sees the threat clearly; the point is to undertake a global approach to tackle the problem head-on.
Stabilising Pakistan — which means genuinely democratising its polity and helping its economy grow back to a sustainable level of prosperity in the medium term — will help ensure a viable future for the nation and its people, thereby beating the menace of Islamist extremism that provides ideological energy for jihadi terror. An unstable and economically
desperate Pakistan, on the other hand, will continue to promote terrorism under the guidance of the ISI, which helps a corrupt military establishment keep its stranglehold on power by citing external threats and warning of chaos as the alternative to their remaining in effective charge despite the recent transition to civilian rule.
The world must call the Pakistani military’s bluff and quickly. But the answer can’t be a military one, except in the very limited sense by which sporadic raids are carried out by outside forces and unmanned aircraft or missiles into the badlands on Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, where the Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership run free. US president-elect Barack Obama perhaps sees the problem of Pakistan in stark outline, more so than the Bush administration for most of its tenure had cared to see. But increasing allied troop levels in Afghanistan alone won’t be able to deal with the crux of the problem.
The crux of Pakistan’s problem lies within that country, specifically in the country’s military establishment. Remember it ain’t Iraq, which itself is still not amenable to a military solution after five years of fierce armed intervention. This is a larger country, with a complicated terrain, and it genuinely has weapons of mass destruction which its armed forces would cleverly threaten to use if push ever came to real shove.
No, the answer might lie in a concerted global effort, at ensuring, first, the sustainability of Pakistan’s democratic experiment. And, second, in pouring in as much assistance as required, under strict supervision of not just the IMF but perhaps a specially designed international political-economic authority that would oversee the country’s direly needed transition from military domination to democratic viability.
In short, the world, under the newly assertive leadership of an Obama-led United States, must devise a Marshall Plan for Pakistan. Such an effort will require the support of not only the traditional G-7 powers; it must have the cooperation of India and, most importantly, China, which is Pakistan’s all-weather friend.
If China, and to a large extent Saudi Arabia, can be persuaded to weigh in with their considerable influence — financial as well as strategic — over Islamabad, implementing a global plan to pull Pakistan out of chaos might actually succeed. And India should quietly help such a plan from the sidelines as a close ally, as it has become today, of the US.
If, however, China and Saudi Arabia choose to continue to offer their shoulders for Islamabad’s military establishment to lean on in order to extract sustenance — financial and strategic — indefinitely, there won’t be any hope of devising a global rescue plan for Pakistan. In which case, we might as well give up any serious hope of fighting terror. The export of the Pakistani-Afghan mayhem to the rest of the world will continue merrily.

Posted by Rus November 29, 08 12:35 PM

Don't worry World. Pakistan is just an infant. They just don't understand what is terrorism or how to kill people. Even they don't know what is a gun. Is it an edible object or wearable stuff, they don't know! I swear it.

But miraculously some of their citizens lands in foreign countries with guns and kills innocent people. Ask them how it happened? And suddenly they are mature! They will term it a big conspiracy. They will say about diplomatic support and all those complicated things.

So, how this kind of situations occurs. Why almost every terrorists captured in India have a Pakistan root? Don't point your fingers towards them, because they are just a week-old baby. The fact is that the whole world is mature and full of terrorists. Every country in the world is a terrorist, except Pakistan. And those terrorists takes full advantage of Pakistan's immaturity. That's why often we hear their names in terror attacks.

The bottom line is "Pakistan is the World's most innocent country"! Don't use the name of Pakistan, otherwise the baby will cry. Shh...

***Learn from history. Learn from evidences (you have so many that they will require hard disk space bigger than the biggest search engine). Learn how to protect your own home. Learn how to destroy your enemies. Otherwise they will change the whole face of this world. Because, they, the world's biggest enemy, have an immature brain. And we all know what an immature bran can do. A big mess...

Posted by Sandeep November 29, 08 12:35 PM

the islamic terrorists want to kill all infidels (christians, hindus, budhists, maybe atheists too and ofcourse scientologists). then the sunnis will kill shias and other sects and similarly other sects will kill sunnis.
finally only one sect survives so then one tribe kills another .....
once this is done, they kill most of their women and the few decent muslims according to sharia.
after this families fight each other and only one family survives. then the brothers kill each other and then the world ends....

Posted by a soldier November 29, 08 12:36 PM

If we could bring an end to war, prejudice and hatred many of the terror attacks
we have witnessed probably wouldn't have happened. When we invade other peoples beliefs and goverment just because we don't agree with it and try to force them into submission we are no different than the terrorist. We only fuel them into wanting to retaliate. Every time someone dies at war it only hardens the heart of a family, so for every one death there will be scores of angry people looking for revenge for every minute that goes by more people loose another loved one and the bigger the plot becomes for terrorism. but that doesn't make it right. It is predictable , for every act of anger there will be an angryer reaction there are very few people who forgive before they forget. Human emotions will always be a common trigger for terror. I don't know if we will ever see the day there are no more terror attacks this violent act has been repeating since the begining of time and in all all forms of life .. To end terror everybody would have to beleive in the same common beliefs so if you think about it would you rather live with terrorism
or live your life without the freedom of believing in your concepts and beliefs, a life without emotions and always agreeing with the same things even if you don't believe in it. I don't condone terrorism or killing, but i do think punishment must be carried out for these acts.

Posted by Rosanne November 29, 08 12:36 PM

People of india should not blame pakistan for these attacts,this can be usefull excuse to the indian politicains to cover up for their inabilities to create a safe and able india
We cannot keep our doors open and them blame the outsiders why they can in

Posted by Tejas November 29, 08 12:38 PM

response to 437.
The international intelligence community is unable to further their surveilance on the "terrorists" because the "terrorists" won't add them on Facebook.

Posted by dontaskdonttell:) November 29, 08 12:39 PM

I am Indian and Hindu and I think it is grossly unfair to blame 'Islam' for terror. I think the blame lies squarely on those people who mis-interpret religious texts and indoctrine impressionable minds on the basis of these interpretations. Pakistan today deserves pity for being the almost failed state that it is. The Pakistan state and the people have no control over their territory or their people......its a clear example of a struggling democracy, if we can even call it that.
I feel angry too, but at terrorists- no matter what their nationality or religion. Please realise this is the time for mature action, not for fanning anti-religion sentiments.

Posted by A concerned Indian November 29, 08 12:41 PM

"Look at all the crazy bible bangers out there who blow up abortion clinics. "

One should, perhaps, tally up the dead at bombed out abortion clinics and then do the same for Islam inspired terrorism in, say, the last fifty years and then come to a conclusion. Doing so may prevent one from sounding, ah, how to say it, stupid. This is pure equivocation, and it is false.

Certainly, it is possible to debate the origins of terrorism, the underlying causes, but building ridiculous and trite straw man arguments, in an attempt to, what, condemn all religion?, is probably not the way to go about things.

Posted by HeSaidSheSaid November 29, 08 12:43 PM

Hand over the terrorist residing and operating out of the Pakistan bases, or we will get them, get them within 10 days with no exceptions, or else India army should move into pakistani soil and destroy them (NO MERCY). If pakistani govt cant get them..... let indian army move in... If pakistani govt doesn't allow Indian Army to move in.... its a clear indication of a non co-operation by Pakistan (just by saying we are co-operating and not doing so... doesn't justify the statement), in which case Pakistan should face a global pressure todo so, Clearly for the terrorist operating out of that country is trained there and then dispatched to world over for killing innocent people with the motivation and brain wash of supporting islam. We need action and quick. As it seems from the initial report Let is nothing but an integral part of al-qaeda. I am sure they are receiving financial help and arms and ammunition help from some source which is not small (you cannot get an LMG machine guns just like that). Definitely its a support of some top level ORG helping them in this carnage. I won't be surprised if behind the scenes some other country intelligence (apart from Pakistan) is also helping. I think it will be best if we can use US intelligence, Israeli attitude and indian army together to combat this terror. Also we need a strict timeline (say by 2010). Whipe out these dirty fellows from the face of the earth.

Posted by Subhadip November 29, 08 12:45 PM

i salute to Indian army, who saves our life and pray to god please delete terrorist word in his dictionary

Posted by Varun Jain November 29, 08 12:49 PM

Reply to Deepak, Comment no 498...
Here is a hindu replying to you,
You want an answer to what happened to us in last three days from all the muslims & so called Dr Zakeer Husain, U should ask them to Dr Abdul Kalam for that matter.
And further you should ask our hindu politicians in bihar who kill more than 200 during elections, our shankaracharyas who are acquitted of murder charges. And maybe your ownself about what you have contributed to the country. Atleast stand by the pledge you take in saying all "INDIANS" are my brothers & sisters, Don't distribute them into religious sects & be an anti INDIAN.
I believe there is need for Hindus in india to be outspoken when supporting INDIAN MUSLIMS who i believe are the best ones in the world. And Indian muslims too should be outspoken & vocal in their dissent of the terror attacks. So that they lead to set an example to young muslims around the world to be not get influenced by fidayeens.

Posted by ramesh November 29, 08 12:54 PM

NSG..They are the real heroes of this country!!! Not indian cricket team! Jai hind!

Posted by Sreesh November 29, 08 12:56 PM

If America can bomb a country half a world away to combat and retaliate to terror... why cant we strategically bomb the terror camps our selves? We know where they are.. all we need is a good of recon of the area!! what are we waiting for? Pakistan has just agreed to help us combat terror.. also Pakistan will succumb to international pressure if they deny to our strategic bombings...which if they do, indirectly means they support terror!! not to forget the fact that the leaders of jaish-e-mohomad and hizbul mujahideen freely roam in Pakistan! I feel pity at the short sightedness of the terrorists.. their actions show our innocent and sensible muslim brothers in a bad light!!

Posted by Nimit November 29, 08 12:57 PM

Am a muslim and am not going to go into arguments and stuff...we have as much whackos as the next religion...

All am thinking right now is why? why? why? why do 60 people go into a city and just randomly kill innocent men woman and children who are only going about their lives.

This is sickening and appalling, these are just a bunch of sick homicidal criminals.

I wish all the brave security forces the best of luck in clearing them out. and my heart goes out to all the families...this is too much...

Posted by wan November 29, 08 12:59 PM

The motive of these attacks are to terrorise, but we, Indians are not scared of the cowards who only kills innocent people..... They fail in their mission .

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 01:00 PM

we always lived in peace, but from past 10 years we are forced to live in terror. we don't know as and where any blast will happen. I don't know how our intellegence and our special task force and our police and our cbi are working. by this type of negligence we cannot become a super power in 21st century. we must take some firm steps on the administration level and our own thinking. we have the best militery and scientist and our people are wonderful and chearful, but i think we miss something in our own. we must send a strong massage to the world by taking firm steps against terrorism and curreption.

Posted by bipin November 29, 08 01:06 PM

>> The world would be truly at peace WITHOUT religion.

I believe that universal peace among humankind is impossible until all humankind is at peace with God.

I also believe that religion itself is not to blame. What is to blame is the darkness in people's hearts. People, rather than loving God, love themselves (and power and money and pleasure and ...). That includes me.

Religion comes from our broken relationship with God—all people yearn for fulfillment and we all feel some essential unique lack within ourselves which only God can fulfill. Religion is one attempt to fill that need, sometimes more successfully, sometimes less so. But the problem with religion isn't the search for fulfillment but the fact that religions are full of people, and people are corrupt, and as they follow the dark desires of their hearts they self-identify as "this something" or "that something" and so people mistake these somethings or the search itself for pure evil. In their search for God through religion they can prevent themselves from truly finding God because he would eventually require that they die to themselves in order to live for him, and they misunderstand that this is not a loss of anything of value but a gain of everything there is to gain.

No one can earn God's favor by obeying or submitting, since no one is capable of obeying or submitting. God's favor comes not through doing, like killing unbelievers (or by following "live and let live" either), but by accepting God's offer of clemency—which includes acknowledging that you need it—and believing that his word is good and he'll do as he promises. Through this process, one becomes his slave, but it is a curious and light servitude (yet one is still utterly owned by him) where one begins to taste the *ultimate* pleasure of intimate relationship with him. Sexual and emotional intimacy are good and wonderful things, but are cheap tricks compared to enjoying God forever.

'Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. Be of the same mind toward one another; do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation. Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men. If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY," says the Lord. BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM, AND IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK ; FOR IN SO DOING YOU WILL HEAP BURNING COALS ON HIS HEAD. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.'

My heart goes out to those suffering in Mumbai. I will pray for them. Will you pray for them, too? And to pray also for the terrorists? Can you be so sure that, were you brought up in the same circumstances, you could never be one of them? I cannot. And I will pray for you all and for myself that God would continually break down the walls of our hearts and bring us all into peace with him, and thus into perfect peace with each other, too.

The more sure I become every day that I am not capable of doing good, the more God changes my heart, and paradoxically the less evil I do. I am NOT a good person, but there is hope for people like us! It is a simple free gift from God of life, amazing life, and even yet more indescribably wonderful life in him.

If you are still at war with God, please do not wait until you die before you come to peace with him.

Posted by Emtucifor November 29, 08 01:12 PM

a thread on wrist or the continuous frantic calls on sattelite phones from pakistan?
thats no brainer.

Posted by jitin November 29, 08 01:13 PM

muslims did not burn alive the christian nuns and raped them in india. hinus did it. hey but they are good good people peace loving. muslims bad. hindus burned that priest with his son in the car but no hindus good good

Posted by anonymous November 29, 08 01:14 PM

i still cant believe wht has happen in mumbai.........the government should do something and not just sit back and take it lightly as always....kill the bastards......enough is enough...
My heartiest condolences and prayers to the people suffering in Mumbai.

Posted by hritika thadani November 29, 08 01:15 PM

Look at his TROUSER..typical katua style pant....armband is a distraction.SOB.mulla.We should shunt

Posted by jaihind November 29, 08 01:16 PM

Its been one of the worst times India ever had. Its time we all look beyond small and trifle issues and unite together to fight the evil.

Long live India....

Posted by Harry November 29, 08 01:17 PM

Where is the security status of India today?Would this be the state of Mumbai if proper security services were there?Mumbaikars Please Don't get back to the "spirit of Mumbai" by treating this as "just another incident " that took lives of people.Please do something.Only if we don't sit back will the Gov do something.
Today we have lost some superb officers-thanks to the "safety jackets" and "helmets" they had.Hope the Gov takes necessary steps to keep our country more secure.Not to blame the Gov alone we too have to become more responsible and as some ads say "BE AN ALERT MUMBAIKAR".Well its high time that all Indians wake up...Last but not the least "JAGO INDIA JAGO".....

Posted by Sudha November 29, 08 01:19 PM

For all your GENIUSES who claim "not all Muslims are terrorist, but not all terrorists are Muslim" Here are a few examples to prove how F****** retarded you
*Oklahoma city
*The Spanish Inquisition
Not to mention our president which has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. .....Or the KKK ....or the abortion clinics. The nut christians are no differnt than the nut muslims

Posted by Stupid Rednecks November 29, 08 01:19 PM

I love my country...India...I am Muslim ......nd i think it is unfair to blame Islam.The kind of killing these Bas***$£ carried out in mumbai killing innocent people and children, they cannot be from any religion ....just demons...........we need to hold together at these times or else the terrorists will achieve their aim of alienation and breeding hatred amongst communities.When Babri masjid was demolished i never took it against my hindu was all political.I will go further to say that even the probs all over the world today are due to the power struggle initiated by US in their aim to control and police the world.

Posted by Arif November 29, 08 01:23 PM

When we (India) say its Pakistan sponsored terrorism, we DO NOT refer to Islam or Muslims. Why does Pakistan always associate Islam and Muslim words with terrorism? Those who are killing innocent people are not neither MUSLIMS nor HUMANS. ISLAM does not promote killing innocent people in the name of Jehad.

Also Pakistan is not the only country that follows ISLAM. India has more Muslims so Pakistan should not behave as if they are the only ones who follow ISLAM. I wonder why they call themselves TRUE Muslims and refer to those who are living in India as KAFIRS?

I think INDIA should seal all sorts of relations with PAKISTAN to resolve this issue. No buses, no trains, no flights, no events, no meetings… nothing. We are happy in our own world and Pakistan has always given wounds to us.

On the issue of Kashmir:

What Pakistani troops are doing in so called AZAAD KASHMIR? If it is really AZAAD (free) then Pakistani troops should not be there.

Why Pakistan is interfering in the issue of Kashmir when it is not a part of it? Kashmir was a part of India and will remain a part of India. Now it is up to Pakistan to manage AZAAD Kashmir. They can either set if FREE or continue to rule it.

Posted by Vicky November 29, 08 01:25 PM

i would just say, don't go out to blame anyone just see who the hell corrupted peoples are in OUR country that helped terrorists and terrorism...
clean them up firstly...
INDIA need the JOSH of youth and the mind of OLD peoples, youth should come forward and old ones should be with them too...
WE have to SAVE INDIA...
kill the traitors and then go for toher countries supporting terrorims...

Posted by Ankur Sharma November 29, 08 01:30 PM

Operation FLUSHOUT its over!!! is it???

it is far from over..the carriers are down but the disease isn't,its here to stay and will haunt us in the worst possible ways.every day we sleep, we have dreams, we have fears, every moment that freezes unwraps something new,something that changes the very idea of FREEDOM.

This world has moved and moved fast but the feeling of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" has transformed into "SURVIVAL OF THE LUCKEST" ..who is responsible?? are we??
YES we are we have always moved on and have always taken the grinch of their doing but isn't it time to stand and question the suffering we recieve ?

We the common man don't know who they are and why they attack us and sabotage us even kill us and this very ignorance has turned our bliss into a curse .
a curse which has haunted us for years and will be with us for many more to come,are we ready for the fears ahead??

The glimpes of what is coming can be felt and it is fearful enough to jolt us from inside out..We have cried, we have mourned for a day,for somedays,sometimes months but do we have a cure to this disease?
yes its a disease,we have been searching for answers for last 15 years but have just examplified our sorry image of adapting ,isn't adapting to a situation like hampering our freedom? is this what we exist for???


Posted by mayank November 29, 08 01:31 PM

Common themes among these comments include:
1. Dont blame Islam. The work of a few extremists is not what the religion preaches : I am sick of hearing this. Ultimately each and every terrorist activity boils down to Islam and Quran. I am past the point of caring what you sensible muslims think about the religion. Quran is open to interpretation as a vehicle for violence. All blame lies squarely on Islam.
2. There is more blood on the hands of christians: FFS, that was centuries ago. Christians have evolved since then but muslims have not. In fact they seem to devolve if you look at the situation in some Islamic nations.
3. God will blah blah blah: Enough from all sides about your stupid gods. Even when people die all around you still stick to your retarded concept of god. Escapism at its finest.

Posted by Voice of Reason November 29, 08 01:32 PM

From what I am told, any Muslim having prior knowledge of this atrocity would be obliged, by his religion, to keep it a secret.
Can someone confirm this?

If this is true, we are all in danger.

Posted by Robert S. November 29, 08 01:33 PM

It touches heart to see so many people being so worried,yes I too agree that terrorism has no religion.Please ,please don't get pulled into the fire being ignited by a bunch of lunatics.the horrific past of divide and rule and bake the cake on burning flesh is history.Now we have the power of communication,all hindu ,muslims,christians,and jews together ,let those psychotics know that this time they've failed to fool people. Ketan you have a genious idea,go on boy,invent a gas like that.

Posted by R.singh November 29, 08 01:35 PM

Raj Thackery and his sena are big time f*ckers doing all useless and easy job, i mean Social-Policing.
US has CIA, Israel has MOSSAD, Europe has INTERPOL and UK has SCOTLAND YARD. What do we have? RAW. All full of oldies using obsolete technology. Bloody they can't even tap a telephone line I believe. ISI is more resurgent that RAW. What a shame.

Posted by Some Indian November 29, 08 01:37 PM

If each one of us believes in religion. Ever wonder what all our gods are thinking right now? Which God is winning? Must the hindu god fight against muslim god for Hindus to do well or Is the Cristian god waiting to pounce?

Silly as the above comments seem to be. I hope we all realize, that none of us need religion any longer to survive. That's the only way to survive. Mohameed, Jesus all were great MEN who realized the power of uniting people during times when everyone was directionless and they did this by bringing people under 1 umbrella of common thoughts and beliefs i.e. religion.
Mohameed and Jesus were not prophets , they were not gods, they were hihgly intellignet men who had great vision and knew what it would take to bring people together thousands of years back.

We do not need it anymore. Give it up! It's the only way!

Posted by mithun November 29, 08 01:37 PM

indian media and goverment cannot play positive role in this situation,media is the way of people"s feelings.they are fell in blame game for politics.we are not in state of 1965 and 1971 .this is time to fight against terror because pak and india also that crtiicals problems.blame is easy way of any problems but we r not believe in blame game.

Posted by ali.pakistan November 29, 08 01:39 PM

The world is filled with uncivilized, barbarians and most of them are holed up in the F*KING mountians of PAKISTAN and the Pakis KNOW IT
It's time the India politicians got their thumbs out of their asses and did something.

Posted by GSM November 29, 08 01:55 PM

Someone deserves an award, both for photographic excellence and also for bravery, for taking these photos.

Posted by Al Smith November 29, 08 01:55 PM

First of all a reply to post @497 by some Ali. The terrorist in the pic is not from southern tip of India but from Faridkot in Pakistan. He has revelaed a lot to the police about the whole affair ......Stop generalising the Pakistanis on complexion!! I havnt ever seen a fair pakistani in my life......You have same features as indians. You were formed from India and not a country which came from heaven.......
Thread can be worn by a terrorist to mislead... that is not rocket science to deduce...

Posted by Alexbond November 29, 08 01:55 PM

Aren't there historically more terrorist attacks from (catholic?) latin america than from muslim countries?

Posted by James November 29, 08 01:56 PM

I am really amazed that on every anti social activities throughout the world is carried by Islam groups in the name of Jihadi and all these groups have an direct or Indirect link with Pakistan.....
Why are our Global leaders not able to curb/reform pakistan....

Posted by Mondeu November 29, 08 01:57 PM

Hi all ,
I totally agree with the post of Kalil amin. War against terrorism is war that all of us have to fight in unity. Terrorist infact have no religion. By holding Muslims responcible or blaming each other won't solve any problem. We all have to join hand for war AGAINT TERROR.



Posted by Neha November 29, 08 01:59 PM

In today's world the solution to the terrorism is not the solution the way everyone is thinking, just punishing few countries in the name terrorism. My thinking is that there should be some international independent body. The way UN body was created after WWII for greater cooperation between the countries. On the same lines there has to be an international independent body, with no influence of any particular country. Most of the countries have to fight these kinds of wars in the 21st centruy. Countries do not fight the way they used to fight in the last century. I do not have any specific data but ask yourself how many countries have direct confrontation. It may be one way action.

Posted by sanjay November 29, 08 02:02 PM

will this sacrifice bring some change or will it be another matter of discusion????
A salute to the great heros and hope there sacrifice brings some change!!!!!!

Posted by Aditya Uppal November 29, 08 02:04 PM

It seems that the only ideology of Islam is to spread itself, be it at the cost of other human beings. History has witnessed this. And it is still going on. The roots of Islam are corrupted or are made to appear corrupted by today's extremists or the so called Mullahs. Jehad, for an example. Why there should be a terminology of war in the ideology. And wtf is fatwa. Muslims feel that the world should run as they want, go to hell!!. Its impossible to expect tenderness from a religion which believes in slaughtering sheep and goats for pious ocassions. Who the hell they are to decide the fate of other living beings?

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 02:06 PM

Jai Hind
First of all i want salute from my heart to our brave solders of nsg and army and other company who saved our mumbai and lots of love to all of them .

this msg from my heart ---- I dont know why our respected prime minister and other politician are interested in making relationship with bloody Pakistan.
And I think this time should take strong action against pakistan and we should break all relations with bloody pak is just like a virus for india who cant digest India successfulness ................
again very very thanks to our brave army and Nsg for completing success full operation against bloody terrorist's.............

Jai Hind , Bhart mata ki Jay

Posted by Ajit Gupta November 29, 08 02:07 PM

Terrorist have no religion, no country and no race. Lets not talk about this but, rather help people around you and be strong and show world that we Indian's are brave and strong to face this. Lets ask terrorist 'What do you get from killing innocent people??'. May God change all there mind before doing any thing sin.
Jai Sai Ram!!

Posted by proudIndian November 29, 08 02:07 PM

How refreshing to find on twitter, today some photos of muslims, protesting and calling for the end to terrorism, maybe some good will come of all this misery, pain, anguish, It does seem to be a ground root movement, If you search for muslims against terrorism you might find the photo too, It made me feel a glimmer of hope.

Posted by David thomas November 29, 08 02:08 PM

The captured terrorist confesses that all the terrorists were pakistani :

Posted by Sameer November 29, 08 02:11 PM


"Closely watch the picture of the terrorist with gun in the Indian media.
The wrist band is worn by Indians and not pakistanis. The height, body, face features and skin complexion is clearly that of someone from southern tip of Inida. Kashmiris and Pakistani in general have fair complexion"

Well... My cat has four legs. All dogs have four legs. Therefore my cat is a dog.

Your stupidity is rare. Please preserve it carefully.

Posted by Kunaal November 29, 08 02:15 PM

Raj Thackrey? Where is that buffoon? Where is he? He's supposed to be the caretaker of Mumbai and Mumbai people, yes?

He's lame and impotent.

Posted by Kunaal November 29, 08 02:16 PM

No excuse for such act. No matter what type of injustice and sufferrings we could have face but then doing the same in retaliation is mere insanity.
I love Bombay, I have seen it coming out of darkness every time... i hope this time also people of this magnificent city come together and let the terrorist not win in there motive of spreading fear.
My condolences with the people who have actually sufferered.

Posted by Mushir November 29, 08 02:20 PM

Indian governement should take strong decision this time , many people died many family suffering like anthing, if its go like this in upcoming future india ill struggle more , foreigner's ill think to inverse and they ill think to visit india, its not fair to take our country upto that level, indians are born to win, not to lose in any circumstances, i am requesting governement to do best for the public and for the foreigner's, then only everything ill be fine otherwise this incident ill take more problem in upcoming days, jai hind.

Posted by shashi kumar November 29, 08 02:20 PM

TERROR ATTACK, yes it is a terror attack, and it is a terror attack by the terrorists........this act is of multi dynamics, as earlier posted by others it has served with all the purpouses for the talks of all the levels, types, religions of people,
1) The people are made to suffer
2) The victims are chosen on random
3) But a chosen few are eliminated
4) The few in question are releived
5) The world is made to watch
6) The people are given a grand show
7) The actual job of a soldier is displayed visibly

Posted by 8) Every body raises to question November 29, 08 02:25 PM

"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind."
- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

This is a time to embrace all that is happy and optimistic within us. That is the greatest defeat for those who feed off other people's happiness.

Through history there have been power-hungry, blind individuals who have tried to bring the world to a stop. And through history good has ALWAYS won at the end. And it is sad that these few misled individuals are still trying to disrupt peace and amity amongst mankind. May they find enough peace within themselves to prevent them from leeching off the joy of others.

Posted by Anu Ganguly November 29, 08 02:25 PM

I think that whatever happened was very unfortunate ,and no one ,beside our own security and the government was reaponsible for this whole menace .Its not about blaming a community ,its about the countries security and the security of each and every individual that reside in that country .if our government cannot protect its citizen ,then there is no use of such a government .This is the time when the government should take strict steps to ensure that such things donot happen in future ,even if it takes to declare a war against the other country .This is the time when India should make a world wide impact by showing the world that we are not less than anyone and when it comes to us we can protect ourselves at any cost .

Posted by vipul jain November 29, 08 02:31 PM

Referring to the picture of the terrorist wandering on Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminal railway station, Isn’t the orange string band in the right wrist of this terrorist a Hindu symbol? I guess media is simply ignoring this and I also wonder how big the projection would have been if it was a “Taweez” or a Quran.

Posted by Kapvista November 29, 08 02:34 PM

Its so hard to understand that we Indians have no value of our life.Understandably this is all made up by the nasty dirty policies of the Govt that is run by selfish people(to say the least) who care only for themselves. And once again as always in few days we will forget what happened In Mumbai. Its time for us to come together and fight against the poor stance taken by the government(may be vote bank) and force them to take stern action against the evils of humanism.Terrorism has no religion and lets all fight against it.Please don't wait for Manmohan's and Patil's to do something as they are not going to do anything.

Posted by Sushanta November 29, 08 02:36 PM

its not about religion its not about faith....its about guts which our country lacks......our politicians are old peace of sh*t who worry more about north indians than about pakistani terrorists.....and no doubt i agree with my friends that islam religion can not be blamed for all this but it is a bitter fact that when we see islam connected with every disturbance around the world....these perceptions are going to be the only outcome.....
and as regards narender modi thanks to him that gujarat is a happy place to live in now...there was a time when it was impossible for a hindu girl to move freely in her own countryyyy...thnks to modi it doesnot happen now....

Posted by nitin November 29, 08 02:36 PM

Saare Jahan se Achha Hindustan Hamara
Hum Bulbule hain Iski
yeh Gulistan Humara
Mazhab nahi sikhata , aapas mei bair rakhna
Hindi hain hum Watan hai , Hindustan humara

-those who love to see blood should kill themselves and bleed in the Process and see their own blood and have their Wish.
- those who want land ( read Kashmir ) how much land do u need? I think a 1500 sq. feet house should be good enough for you? Get one made in Pakistan
-those who need honor. By God , nothing can be more dishonorable than this. Not only to you but to other innocent people in your Community
- those who want terror. does peace hurt you ???
-those who want to do something for Pakistan - fight AIDS, Hunger, Unemployment.. i'm sure u have lots to worry about
- those who want to do something for India -go to the poll both and Vote to NOT VOTE{ Article 49 (o) of the Constitution of India}.. this way if there are more people opting not to vote than the difference of victory of the candidate, notonly does the candidate not win, he also cannot contest for elections next time.

Posted by God November 29, 08 02:41 PM

Though I am presently not residing in India, but I was going thorugh all the news channels, websites, photos etc over the net and TV. It was nightmare, in fact thats an understatement and I dont want to say what my fellow countrymen wnet throught over the past 3 days on terror and fear. I can never imagine that neither I can feel it. But its a sorry state of affairs that once again Pak is involved in this and its high time that we take very very strong stance against them. I sometime wonder, how can a human being perform such inhumane acts?? I beleive people who have the slightest link with any kind of terrorism or tesrrorist acts should be simply shoot without asking any questions or clarifications whatsoever - irrespective of any religion....proud to be an INDIAN....

Posted by Sanjay November 29, 08 02:42 PM

Where was Bal Tackrey & Raj Tackrey , Where was Shiv Sena & where was Nav Nirman Sena These Names Were Busy Hiding In their DEN escaping from Terrorist . Attack if they were REAL MARATHAS Like our Brave Police Man They Would Have Come & fought the terrorist But they ARE COWARDS Hiding Shame On These Names Shame

Posted by Manoj Bihari November 29, 08 02:43 PM

CNN had a great coverage for this event. Thanks to CNN. As I watched this event unfold, I was looking it with a different set of eyes. I could see the lapses of the authorities, politicians, security personnel,etc. Generally Police people yellow tape the zone if it happens elsewhere, but in Mumbai, people walk next to the Hotel freely, second thing, value for life is less, I see there was no effort to negotiate or engage these terrorists in any kind of communication, instead, commandos were dropped in, and they did not care if these terrorists killed the hostages. I think it was a numbers game. Even our Prime Minister's talks did not have any tact in dealing with these bad guys. All of them were busy blaming Pakistan. Leave alone all this, just few weeks ago all the Marathi localites were jumping with greatness about Mumbai, but ultimately the whole country was reacting to the local incidents in Mumbai. What Mumbai has to learn from this incident is that, they are not an Island, they have to live with all the different flavors of people that India is supporting or else Mumbai will not remain Mumbai.
--Gunaseelan Arokiadass

Posted by Good Citizen November 29, 08 02:45 PM

It is all done by Hindu groups. They want to hide their identity to world. They did lots of bomb blasts in India. BJP is involved. ATS was going to make world history to name L K Advani as terrorist. So Modi and Thakary planed a war on ATS. remaining things are just drama.

Posted by Sajid November 29, 08 02:46 PM

It can never be proven if Islamic terrorists are sufficiently removed from Islamic moderates. But someone who is not declared terrorist must be financing these guys, must be providing them space and infrastructure to plan their activities. That someone most likely is someone whom we call a moderate Muslim. Our instincts of decency and fairness do not and should not allow us to discriminate individual Muslims but would it be wrong for the civilized world to avoid large scale Islamic interests. For example, if you must take a vacation, avoid a Muslim country. If you have to fly, stay away from an Islamic airlines. When you have to buy a T-shirt, pick one made in a democratic country. When you must drive, drive less. If you have a dollar to invest, choose a non-Islamic country. I do not claim that it is the most fair thing to do but doing nothing is a lot more unfair to those whose blood you just saw flowing in the innocent corridors of Bombay.

Posted by CivilDisobedience November 29, 08 02:49 PM

We may point our fingers at one religion or another, but these terrorists have no religion. They are just radical extremists who have been brainwashed to the extent that they begin to believe that killing of innocents is a virtue and not the most heinous and morally degraded act a human being can commit. It is scary to even imagine that someone can believe that God would reward a person with the highest pleasures in heaven for killing an innocent Rabbi, his wife and hundreds of others as innocent as them. How can you associate anything apart from lunacy with such people.

Posted by Devvrat November 29, 08 02:52 PM

Yes, ISLAM is a great religion.
Yes, ISLAM is misinterpreted!!!!
Yes, even by the MULLAS ( the learned people).
Pakitstan : Daily muslims extremists killing innocent MUSLIMS.
Iraq : Sunnis killing Shias ( one religion two interpretations)
Afganistan : Taliban killing innocent Muslims.
Why are the MULLAHS quiet. The QURAN has an explanation for each situation.
We never seem to hear any comments from the LEARNED ONES.

Posted by Dilip November 29, 08 02:52 PM

I just wonder why these attacks occur when elections are on the brink......

Posted by Adnan November 29, 08 02:56 PM

I would like to add that India is my country too. Its not about Hindus and Muslims. What about Gujarat riots .
This is issue about terrorism.
And shud be dealt like that. To all those morons who claim they know Islam, you know nothing and point fingers at Muslims. Look at your selves how much hatred you have in yourselves.

Posted by annoynmoues November 29, 08 02:57 PM

This is nothing to do with any religion. Not only some Muslims are terrorists but there are many Hindus are also Terrorists i.e.; Malegaon Blast, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Modi, Shinghal, etc. now please stop blaming on each others religion. In every religion there are some good and bad people, so, please don't generalize.. be united and fight with terrorist irrespective of religion, cast and creed.

Posted by Mohammad Abdul Samad November 29, 08 02:58 PM

This time the elite have been affected so the the world and media has stopped to take notice to the atrocities committed by these Pakis.
Our politicians are so gomless and uninspiring specially Mr Shivraj Patil and our puppet PM Mr Singh. They should resign in wake of such a collosal screw up. How long is India going to put up with these Pakis sponsoring cross border terrorism ,its about time we kicked some Paki arse.
All proud hindus should consider this an insult to our existance and take up arms.
I wish the Indian Govt would take an example from Israel and bomb Pakistani camps and locations where these punks are located .

Posted by hari November 29, 08 03:00 PM

If Islam preaches even a hint of peace and harmony, Can a Imam of any Masjid come out to condemn the barbaric attacks on innocent people ??

Posted by unitedindian November 29, 08 03:00 PM

Jai Hind
photos r really excellent and being shooted at very high risk may god bless the photographer May the soul of great martyas live in peace may god bless their family memberits really a pain when I see our brave brother dies in such a cowardly act against hummanity.The operation was excellently handle by our NSG our great heros who really needs a warm and heartes thanks from bottom of my heart.. and plz i request all the politician plz being Indian stop criticising each other and start workin against terrorism

Posted by Mayank Gupta November 29, 08 03:00 PM

I've one question for "Roadside Randecha Patil". (R. R Patil).

As your new law, how are you recover the cost of lost lives and damaged property from these f...g Islamist Jihadis?

Now question for we, coward Indians who, still worship coward Mahatma:

When we have brave leader ship like Godess Indira Gandhi? Does bravely died from India aloneg with India Gandhi?

Posted by Thokuchand Hazarimal November 29, 08 03:00 PM

these terrorist are cowards
they kill innocent people while hiding themselves
they are not human beings they are maniacs
there death would be pathectic then there wildest imagination.
this is a curse iam giving to these terrorist on behalf of the country and its people.

Posted by ANKIT MEHTA November 29, 08 03:03 PM


Posted by VENKAT November 29, 08 03:09 PM

Sorry To All Those Indians Who Think This Is Something Done By Pakistan Or Muslims, For Saying That I Dont Think So As Much As 100%. At Least Such Terrorists Are Not Muslims. This Is Simply Misleading And Misguiding In The Way That Those Who Misguide Tell Such People That This Is Also Part Of ISLAM. I Am A Pakistani And I Hav Seen All This Deeply And I Think I Also Hav Some Sound Knowledge Of My Relegion ISLAm. So Wat Is Said By Islam Is To Respect Everyone. You Might Be Knowing That "Makkah" And "Madina" Are Among The 2 Most Sacred Places For Muslims But One Of The Relegious Persons Has Said " U May Destruct Those Places nd Destruct Everything You Can But Never To Destoy a Heart (disheart) Of Any Person." So I Think U Can Judge How Can Such A Relegion Allow To Kill Innocents.What The Problem Is That There Are Certain Elements Who Are Misusing Teachings Of Islam. About The Jihad, Islam Says " If Some Country Offers Problem To Your Relegion Or Attacks Your Relegion, First Of All Give Them "DAWAT" (Invitation) To Accept Islam. If They Dont Agree, Then Give Them The Option To Pay A Kind Of Tax And Give Their Country Under Muslim Control. If They Dont Agree Even To This, Then U Fight With Them And In That Case "Allah" (GOD) Will Also Help You. And This Is What Happend In The Age Of Our Prophet Nd The Help Also Came. And Islam Says If You Die In Path Of Allah You Will Go Straight To "Jannat."

Now Something About This Thing What Is Called Terrorism Or (What I Think Shouldnt Be Said) "Jehad Of The Day". The People Who Are Spreading This Thing Are Just Doing Brain Washing. They Tell These Young Children That If They Die Doing This, They Will Go Straight To "Jannat." But They Dont Tell What Is Called Exclusion Criteria For This. Simple Thing Is That First Of All You Hav To Give Them Options And Then To Do Anything And Then You Will Also Get Help From "Allah" For Sure If You Are Right. So You See No Options, No Help From "Allah". If Help Would Have Come, It Would Not Have Taken Such A Long Time.

So Saying Simply This Is Misuse Of Teachings Of Islam Wat It Has Not Given In That Way.
Islam Says If You Kill 1Innocent Person, It Is Like Killing The People In Whole Of The World. According To Islam You Can Only Fight With Those Who Fight With You. Just Like Forces Fighting With Some Other Force.
This Thing Is Also Considerable In Pakistan Because They Kill General People Everywhere Most Of The Times Which Are Innocent People Mostly. So Pakistanis Themselves Are Suffering From Same Thing Wat India Has Suffered.

Now I Think It Is Clear That This Is Not Teaching Of Islam. So Islam And Our Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) Must Not Be Held Responsible For Anything. Here I Would Also Like To Support The Request Made By Saadiya To Preeti.

Posted by Akram November 29, 08 03:10 PM

This all politicians are worthless, just see the comments, just a minor incident which happens in big cities! WTF!! these ****stards are ruling us.God save India and people like us.

Jai Hind!

Posted by Abhishek November 29, 08 03:18 PM

first i would like to say that we have to crush all the terrorist activities. Iwill salute all the persons who have lost their life in rescue operation.
all of know the terrorist has suppourt from pakistan but i would ask that how this suppourt is coming. There is a fault in our basic security which should not be there. Instead of security they have attacked so easily at pur busines capital

Posted by lucky November 29, 08 03:19 PM

The culprits of all these terrorist activities are
1 Terrorists across and within India who plan and execute.
2 Corrupt and inefficient border security force who for money allow illegal immigrants from Bangla desh to enter our country.
3 Our corrupt politicians ( more or less all of them) who divide the people on the cast , religion , creed and region. Support the illegal immigrants to garner votes. Take favour of the terrorists to gain sympathy and vote from a particular community
They have got no vision except filling their own pockets and plundering the country
4 Mahatma Gandhi for allowing a particular community to stay in the country after 1947 partition5 Incompetent police and intelligence machinary.


Posted by Vinay Syal November 29, 08 03:21 PM

all the gods and prophets (muhammad, jesus and even krishna) were charismatic leaders of there time. They knew that people then lived in a life of fear and needed support. They offered this support in diff ways to soothe them, calm them....keep them sane.
We need such a leader. It is us, the youth of this nation to do something about what our spineless 'Administrators' have been unable to do since the past 60 yrs. I do not know how but we need the educated youth to stop chasing money and take up this mantle of guiding our country towards progress. If it were not for our Govt, Today our country would have been much ahead in each and every walk of life then it currently is.
It is OUR NATION and we have to take control of its affairs if the our current leaders are incapable.

Posted by Jignesh November 29, 08 03:24 PM

There is no point in blaming Pakistan "a country that has no governance from the time it was formed". That is why Bangladesh was formed. This part of the world unfortunately is a black spot on humanity cos its at the junction of lost reason for the basis of human civilization, human culture, human recourse, understanding of the principles of human co-existance and years of mismanagement by successive military governance. Every Democratic leader either faced death or exile thanks to a well set up system by the Army that set its foot hold into the politic of this lovely country. We all over the world including the leaders of the world know who holds the maximum clout in this country kept impoverished by the army. When ever the good poeple of this country wake up and rectify the wrongs and really follow the tenents of "Muhammed"(Peace be upon him) The world or at least, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and India can live in peace and the people along with thier economies thrive and become world beaters. We all together can be the best --- Religion is for personal peace-- For economy and have your daily three sqaure meals --- u have to work. God has no hand there. I rest my case.

Posted by Taddy November 29, 08 03:27 PM

We sacrificed so may lives to get this freedom and we have been growing to be a powerful nation now. This is not a terrorist organization's act to get something like this done. There are records of the planning was done for months and there were lot many people involved to execute and orchestrate an act like this. They have just killed the people with guns in the incident. There is no details on how many people involved to execute such a massive plan. This is an operation which would require a lot of money, equipments and they had them all. There are more than terrorist organization involved here many countries along with many multi-millionaires. This has to be something done by special organization to monitor the borders and all the visitors coming to our country to avoid such situation. You can't ask Pakistan or other country to do stuff for you and nothing is going to happen. This is our country's problem and deal with them with what we can do. To control wild animals you don't talk to the animals and pet them. The wild animals tendency is to attack when they get chance. To leave peacefully in life we can't live with wild animals side-by-side. They shouldn't come to human habitants if then you go through this kind of situation often. The only way we controlled them is to gave guards in villages to lookout and kill them when they come into villages.millionaire

Posted by True Indian November 29, 08 03:32 PM

I dont understand how do people always come on a conclusion about blaming any particular religion. If muslims were to kill everyone than no other community, caste or creed must have been present in india. History cleary speaks that when mughals were ruling in india hindus were always encouraged to follow their religion & the flourishment of hinduism is clearly visible today. Everyone who is posting comments on this blog is definately matured enough to understand the fact that we have forces in our society today who succeeds with the help of division of religions. To all the people who keep naming jeehadis to anyone & everyone in such acts"Jeehad is only allowed when someone wants to wipeout your religion from this world. Its not a fault of any religion if people who follow that religion participates into such disgraceful acts. My humble request to everyone is that please take your precious time out in atleast knowing the basics of islam, because it never ever teaches to kill innocent people.

Posted by Mohsin November 29, 08 03:34 PM

The world needs to wake up and see Pakistan for what it is -a nation that condones and harbors terrorism. Just like all Muslims are united, all non-Muslims should unite and isolate these animals in society. What a stupid comment about skin color. There are many Pakis and Bengalis who are dark skinned as well as Arabs. Proves how moronic they are to sacrifice their lives and morals for a lost cause.

Posted by Katie November 29, 08 03:36 PM

Hi I think everybody to be blamed for Mumbai case
from east to west.
A Hindu can kill Dalit Hindu in a day light. Politician can do a lot wrong 'Gujrat' .
Mr. Bush can do anything in Iraq.
Israel can do anything In Palestin.
So what if Muslim doing anything.
Media can prove anythjing right or wrong. Most fools beleive in all what written.

Posted by OBSERVER November 29, 08 03:37 PM

All this talk of Islam being a peace promoting religion is baseless. The Qoran actually asks true Muslims to slay Infidels without remorse. Indian Muslims lie when they say their Holy Book prohibits killing of innocents.

Why can't Indian Muslims adopt a more sanitised version of the Quran rather the barbaric version. They should stop having ties with Arab world and promote their own peaceful Indian version of Islam. They should also stop going to Mecca for pilgrimage. Allah is everywhere and Omnipresent.

Posted by Balaji November 29, 08 03:37 PM

In response to Ali's comment:

Your "doubts" have been cleared by the terrorist captured who apparently is the same one in this photo, and my the tons of evidence at these 3 sites. Good luck but remember you guys have been feeding a snake who has now started to attack your own country (Marriott hotel attack in Pakistan). Terrorism hurts, we will strike back, but we wont go away, its more likely your support for terrorism and subsequent ignorance will only hurt your economically backward, and unstable country

Posted by Rahul November 29, 08 03:38 PM

If you kill a single human being, it is as if you have killed the whole of humanity and if you save a single human being it is as if you have saved the whole of humanity - Holy Quran

Killing any one who so ever is not justified .....

Posted by Umar Jan November 29, 08 03:45 PM

Unfourtunately Sena & others can not get brainwashed suicide bombers as they have no religion where alluring rewards like wines ,72 virgins etc are prommised & no Osama to fund them .The killed & captured terrorists should be checked -whether circumcised or not-to confiirm if they are muslims & shown to all peacefull radical leaders & priests,Teestas,Shabanas.Lalus,congressmen ,leftists ,Paki ISI chief, etc -who shout from rooftops that they have no religion---

Posted by Jesoo November 29, 08 03:46 PM

People of India has again experienced major terrorist attack. Lot of innocent lives have again been lost. I wonder where are the politicians raising doubts giving speeches where is the speech now? when we need the most from our supposed to be leaders? the leadership quality does not lie in giving speeches and promising somthing but lies in handling such kind of situation. We must be grateful to the security forces for their brave works and extreme sacrifices. The terrorists has no religion/nationality and they must be dealt with iron hand.. Let us salute all the Indian Army for saving hundreds of innocent lives and extreme sacrifices made by them. May God give strength to all the families who lost their loved one in the attack. This is the time we must wakeup and do something.Some action some flow in the system some clarity in the matter and instant results. This was the extend to test our patience.

Posted by harshal November 29, 08 03:50 PM

At First, my greatest Condolence to all those who lost life, got wounded & who lost there loved one.
Great Job NSG & all other forces personal who were part of this Task. These guys were just great and did there best with whatever source they had.
Next, I think India should start the so called "WAR ON TERROR" and hit back. Its high time, we have seen bomb attacks on almost all major cities, every other day we read some news abt Kashmir or some attack in India. We have to be proactive now, After 9/11 US started "WAR ON TERROR", it was there only city attack, India has been attacked in almost every city. Join Hands to Hit back, JAI HIND

Posted by Yash November 29, 08 04:00 PM

hi all,
I am an Indian and a Christian. I have read a lot of comments, regarding Muslims as being wholly a violent religion and all Muslims as being terrorists.
I beg to defer, some of my very good friends are Muslims and in no way violent nor zealots.
If we are coming to generalizations , as somebody rightfully pointed out, shouldn't we name Narendra Modi and the Hindus who committed the atrocities in Gujarat as terrorists? And off course lets not forget the Thakerays.
I watched the events with pain and sadness.My sincere sympathies with the families of the victims and the security personel.
These terrorists are just misguided youths, probably unemployed and fed with propaganda since they can remember.Who else would believe that they could return safely after the havoc they created.
Our emphasis should be on how to prevent such attacks ,securing our borders, I.D ing alll our citizens and should make it mandatory for all to undergo 2 years military training like Israel, Russia etc so that we ll have more discipline n be prepared.
And finally the vultures {politicians} have already started feasting, pity them, and us, to be led by them. To my Muslim , Hindu, Sikh,Jain, Jew and all the other brethren lets stay united. JAI HIND

Posted by Joe Mathew November 29, 08 04:01 PM

Guys you ppl have been commenting a lot ..
i m joining the army .. not that i don have a gud future for me.
i m from Birla Institute of Technology.
If all of us are really moved y not atleast a few try for RAW, Intelligence etc?

Posted by INnoSENSE November 29, 08 04:01 PM

Hi all, this is in reply to one Mr.Deepak, Friend you are speaking insane out of frustration. How on earth could you link terrorism to islam?The very fact that these criminals fired at public indiscriminately without asking who is what, a hindu or a muslim, and that a number of those killed are muslims, manifests that terrorism has no religion. this is an open war against India, wake up, dont show the enemy our cracked society, else it is people like you who in their ignorance help breed terrorism. It time to stay UNITED not DIVIDED

Posted by kahn November 29, 08 04:01 PM

hi i am a muslim pls do not think all muslims are same i dont live in india but still love my country

Posted by feroz November 29, 08 04:02 PM

Vandae Maatharam!!!!!!! Unity is our strength. This is the lesson for those people who are thinking to break India into pieces.

Posted by naushadme November 29, 08 04:12 PM

awful, just awful

Posted by JX November 29, 08 04:14 PM

well what i want to say is:- all of us have seen what they showed us but any of us have not thought
only we know, punjabi indian or paki- they came from paki, we are best killing terrorists, give us a chance. uuuuuffff
where is the bad man!! is he sitting inside us or we want him to be with us.
all the comments above mine are mean, very mean. take example as an indian(what ur GHANDI said) take as islam- what islam has said to everyone. please change your thinking and start believing, find out what is the TRUTH. why two police officer, why poor people, why not rich people.

Posted by A.R.B November 29, 08 04:23 PM

Enough is enough.......
Army should rule this country now....all politician can go home or either replace them with young guns....India is highly pretictable...anyone comes down and attack this county now...this will not bearable....Y all action is taken after some bad happens?????????

Posted by Ketan November 29, 08 04:24 PM

ummm....there seem to be so many anti Pakistan comments here that I am abasolutely aghast...Firstly, there is yet no proof that Pakistan is involved....Frankly speaking it wouldbe sheer stupidity for the country to antagonize its neighbors while it is so heavily comitted on its northern front. Secondly, Pakistan is a constant victim of terror...I don't see any world outrage over the Marriott bombing or countless similar ones over the past couple of years. Also, just the sheer number of Pakistani citizens, be it soldiers or social workers that are currently being killed in the name of the so called war on terror should stand testament to the fact that we are victims here too. I just find the outrage here aimed at pakistan absolutely disgusting....wait for the facts to come to light and atleast draw a breath and mourn the passing of so many innocent victims before deciding kill many more in the neighboring country...yes we have fanatics in pakistan who have been blwing themselves up on a regular basis...but i see just as many fanatics on this forum...wonder what you all would do with some arsenal in hand? A bigot is a bigot...whether with words or with lets just take it easy and not point fingures at neighboring countries...which seems awfully convienient especially during the elections. By the way note that i said that the MO of fanatics in our country is bombings not shoot outs...why this sudden deviation from strategy then? Ask intelligent questions before jumping to conclusions....nobody detests terrorists more than a pakistani citizen busy avoiding cinemas, marketplaces and traffic signals. Nobody dislikes muslim fanatics more than a Pakistani woman constantly living under the threat of being held to task by one for wearing a pair of jeans and a revealing shirt...
People in pakistan are victims too...I have had to actually run out of my house with my two month old child in my arms when the windows of my house shattered spraying glass over my infant as a bomb went off next door in a naval academy...So before you blame pakistan, consider how our lives as citizens are being affected by our country's war with the taliban....the last thing i need is this villifying that leads to an attack on pakistan that eventually harms my child who i have managed to save from being killed by a muslim fanatic..
And in allocating all this blame the victims are being forgotten...having been in a similar situation and having been lucky to come out of it alive, while seeing limbs and heads flying around me, I fully understand the fear and the despair and the pain....focus on that and not on spreading more of the same!

Posted by Concerned November 29, 08 04:32 PM

Those who blame on RAJ Thakre and BALA saheb they are stupid. all the suspitions muslim comunity (not all muslim) should be check and rechecked by Indian authority by special police dept. Keep Chagan bhujbal as a Home minister you will get more tite sucurity in Bombay. We are taking lightly about extemist. India should tia up with America to fush all extimist activies in Pakistan. If India support to Pakistan for there economical problem that means we are finicing to this extemist. visa to Pakistan should be banned urgently.

Posted by sunil wankhade November 29, 08 04:36 PM

preventive steps:
1) Muslims who honor their religion should come out and report whenever Jihad or praising of any terrorist cause is given at a mosque. Silence only dirties the face of Islam more.
2) Imams and leaders all over the world should outright say that these radical cowards are not muslims, and they will not go to heaven.
3) Torture the terrorist(s) that were captured. They are not human beings and thus have no basic human rights.
4) Destroy all known terrorist bases in Pakistan. Do this wih or without Paskistani help.

Posted by HumanBeing1 November 29, 08 04:41 PM

Well,I just been through some of the pics of the brutal & cowardly acts by the terrorists,it's vividly not the anger but brain washed,well-trained & JANNAT seekers,who've done such inhumanly act.
I hate to believe that they're backed by some domestic MASTER MIND nonononono...they obviously very well traind,well-equiped & well-Taught comando like guys,highly trained as if some professional army ,indeed some millatry agencies are backing them.
Now the Govt must take instant & strong action to bark each & every tree ,yeilding such horrible fruits,May BHAGWAAN forgive all the sins of the innocent victims & make peace with them & courage the maron families to bear all that. AMANIm shattered & depressed {sajid Khan}

Posted by Sajid Khan November 29, 08 04:41 PM

@Khanabdosh: It took you this long to figure that out?

Posted by Rich November 29, 08 04:42 PM

We indians have a corrupt political leadership. See the comment of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil. "such small incidents happen." for them it is a small incident, a part of a dirty political game. We can expect more incidents like this till we realise the real faces behind this incidents.

Posted by angel November 29, 08 04:44 PM

This massacre was done irrespective of caste ,creed,religion and all the other divisions that we can think about .So it is time that we stand up not as individuals but as a global entity against terrorism .Let us stare them in the eye and let the fight against terrorism be global .Lets not forget the trauma and the suffering of the peple who faced the action and their kin .Death is not the end let it be a new beggining for every one . Lets bow down for them who lost their lives fighting foe the helpless . At least we can take preventive measures and keep our eyes and ears open so that these anti social elements dont continue their madness within and among us .We can make a difference .SO LETS STAND UP TO CHANGE FOR GOOD .

Posted by Deepanjan Bhattacharyya November 29, 08 04:46 PM

All you clowns blaming Pakistan, have a good look at the pic of the terrorist in the railway station...scroll up..the chap in the blue sweatshirt, light grey cargo pants carrying the weapopn....he's wearing an orange arm band, usually worn by BJP's a hindu tradition. i was watching someone point out the same thing on the news earlier, his name is something singh and he's a RAW, BJP agent....furthermore, he seems to be of south indian- dravidian ancestry, so it's really very doubtful he's from pakistan.

Please refrain from jumping to conclusions based on sh*t information.

Posted by Ellie November 29, 08 04:51 PM

The attacks are definitely by Pak based terrorists. And ISI could not be ignorant of what is happening under its nose by the people it protects. India has for long asked for extradition of Dawood and LeT chief, but all falls on deaf ears not because ISI and Pakistan is hard of hearing but because they are not willing to. Its simple Pakistan survives on terrorism- It created and nurtured fundamentalist group Taliban, whose ropes they control, for Afghanistan. In the 70's Kabul was more modern city than any city in Pak but today Afghanistan seems to be a country in the middle ages, thanx to Taliban and those who nurture it. Pakistan and its protege can not see India prospering while they carry their begging bowl to rich middle-east and IMF. So its simple wreak havoc, create panic ,the world is in a recession and so will India be. There is no religion involved in this game.Its a game with which u kill two birds or should i say many birds with one stone. It serves the purpose of LeT and ISI and also gives those fundamentalist fools a fast track ride to jannat where they'll be received by 999 or more hooran (beautiful women or fairy queens) upon there arrival as martyrs .

Posted by Vaneet Gill November 29, 08 04:51 PM

Our messages, mails and salutation are valueless in front of the work and sacrifices our MARTYRS have done. I salute all mothers who sacrificed their sons and all those wives who sacrificed their loveable husbands and all those children who sacrificed their father for such a nation where the formula is POLITICIAN + CORRUPTION = TERRORISM. So hey indians over there wake up and shoot the politician first who sitting in A/C 5star rooms blame other countries for such cruelty acts. I only ask the govt and the security agents where were u all when such TERRORIST ENTER OUR MOTHERLAND? WAKE UP INDIANS!!!!!!!

Posted by AN INJURED INDIAN November 29, 08 04:51 PM

Posting 601 continues...
These killings was done to create confusion in India and targetted towards westerners. This was mainly done to scare the westerns as the Indian prosperity delves on the westerners. These are the acts to sends scare waves through the westerners to think twice before coming to India. We Indians are not scared of these acts of violence when they did serial balsts and they tried a different route to target the westerns to create chaos. The terrorist activity is not done by a group but now it has become an industry harvard in Pakistan. All these group names you hear are like training institute who just put there names for training innocent people into becoming weapons and kill the mass. Every successful mission they complete they get more money for that next activity. The person funding these are rich multi-millionare people from Middle East and they just doing it to showoff. They would want something like this happening every few months and they will fund as long as they are successful. All the weapons for these are supplied by many countries including the westerners and the final dispatch is done through Pakistan. The Pakistan goverment gets commision for these acts and they know what happened and they don't do anything until their purses are getting filled up. This is done on the name of Islam as they can get more people who are not having work and would die to get money due to unemployment in their country. Now it has reached the next level with this latest attack where they are now recruiting college students well educated in 20s to do an act like this. These are no more suicide bombs but well executed 72 hour incident. This incident won't be the last as they are going to get more funding to do more crazy stuff like this. This is not going to stop and Indian Goverment need to act fast as they haven't got the wereabouts of the brains and funding source for such an act. God bless us all now as this act wasn't as worse as they had initially planned.

Posted by True Indian November 29, 08 04:52 PM

first time in indian history, indian government raised finger straight towards pakistan , they clearly pronounced the name of the country while declaring them as the reason for the disaster. it was seen never before. the words " neighbouring country" were replaced by the name "pakistan". at least something good coming from some of the politicians. but would it be an end to it .... ? answer is NO. For sure, there is no effective law, or may be the implementation of law [ to be more precise ] present in the system till date.... no matter which government do the 100 crore people chose, there is no stop to it. most unfortunately, it was ridiculous to know that the news channels, the only available media for mumbai'ites was blocked during the 2nd day of the episode. morover the political parties tried to take advantage of the BLOODY situation for the collection of votes, some local newspapers had advertisements to chose BJP to avoid future terrorism... what a F**K.... u cant even blame someone, as you have to chose first whom to blame.... pak or indian politics ? i guess this is the most unfortunate aspect of a 100 crore democratic country, if Abraham Lincon knows it today, any how, he would die again.....

Posted by hemant upadhyay November 29, 08 04:54 PM


Posted by SHREYA November 29, 08 05:06 PM

I would say this is just one more example of what is happening these day. This can only be stopped if our law makers are made targets of these.

Posted by KK November 29, 08 05:07 PM

So Ellie - join the ranks of the brain dead PC idiot group. Said terrorist was captured - is indeed Paki and its name isn't Singh. The trouble originated from Pakistan however how high the sponsors in the Paki government are remains to be uncovered.
Islam - religion of peace - the world tour coming to a place near you
New York - 3000+, London - 50+, Bali - 200+, Thailand 5000+, India - 1000+, Phillipines - 2000+, Paris - 100+, Holland - 10+, Sweden - 10+, Australia -10*,
Mumbai, 2008, 180+ and the list goes on.

Posted by kaw November 29, 08 05:19 PM

Screw the Militants back. Few months back I watched a movie Swordfish. Here I am pasting it's Movie Quotes. Read it Carefully

Stanley: War? Who are we at war with?
Gabriel: Anyone who impinges on America's freedom. Terrorist states, Stanley. Someone must bring their war to them. They bomb a church, we bomb 10. They hijack a plane, we take out an airport. They execute American tourist, we tactically nuke an entire city. Our job is to make terrorism so horrific that is becomes unthinkable to attack Americans.

American did just that, why not we ??

Posted by Bat21 November 29, 08 05:19 PM

our salute to commandos who involved in this operation.

Posted by ramakrishna November 29, 08 05:23 PM

Phillipines-Indonesia-Malaysia-India-Whole of Middle East-Chechnya-UK-USA-Africa...Australia ...Why is it that everywhere it is the Islamic Terrorists...Jihad...Think...and all trails lead to PAKISTAN-They have only one agenda...Islamic world through forcible conversions....

For Muslims all other regions are Kafirs..these brainwashed muslims are religious bigots and nothing else...

Posted by Singha November 29, 08 05:29 PM

Eureka!!!The terrorist was seen wearing saffron arm band so he is a RAW agent hindu BJP terrorist, blah blah....
Pakistani are learning CSI from madrassa, wonder they failed yet again.

Remember when bill clinton visited India years back, Pakistani terrorist disguising as Indian Army men shouting Bharath mathaki jai...cold bloodily killed many sikhs and hindus in kashmir wonder the terrorist are delibrately made to wear saffron bands ,I am sure they must be made to wear swastiks and sacred threads by their pakistani terror masterminds to make them look as

Posted by v vishnu November 29, 08 05:39 PM

It doesn't matter who these A-HOLES are, or where they come from. A strong second ammendment right of the people to keep and bear arms, and concealed carry permits would ensure that they are put down by their intended victims before they even get started. America will never give up their God given rights to defend themselves.

Posted by American cowboy November 29, 08 05:39 PM

really sad pics. Good journalism. Hope the photographer didn't get shot at.

Posted by Amit November 29, 08 05:42 PM

Pakistanis it is better you invest in educating your children, make them better citizens who can contribute towards humanity rather that teaching them hatred and jihad...since partition you guys have just one agenda..India bashing Hindu bashing, Jew bashing, Christian bashing..your herat burns whe you see India progressing...please learn from us..
You are already a beggar nation and going backward only..this nurturing of terrorism in the name of Islam, will only bring you doom and nothing else..
You try to isolate the Muslim in India in the name of Islam has only made their situation worse..they are also going your way...

Posted by Singha November 29, 08 05:42 PM

Education, love, and economic equality. That's the only answer.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 06:15 PM

You're not going to detect and prevent terrorism with all that corruption, India.

Posted by Gene Johnson November 29, 08 06:21 PM

Its truly a coward act by the PAKI terrorists......... I am feelind bad for those who lost thier lives in this attack and I salute mumbai police, our jawans and NSG for their brave work.......... I think that PAKISTAN is involved big time in these attacks, n they feed their children for terrorism.........Its passed our tolerance level and now its time to take some very very strict action.......Lets do it for once and all, "Na rahega baas na bajegi basuri"........Also, Its my request to all the politicians not to play politics on this coz we dont want to suffer any more!!!...............

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 06:32 PM

God Bless the brave soldiers & police of India who have responded to this depraved nightmare of violence. The prayers and support of the people of the United States are with you. Never surrender to these cowardly killers.Your nation has depended on you - and you have shown resolute courage. The civilized world stands with India today.

Posted by JJD November 29, 08 06:42 PM

In trying to make sense of this tragedy, I know that violence has three possible causes, aggression, revenge or accident. Aggression is for greed and power, like Genghis Khan wanted to loot and conquer. This seems to be revenge, for what I do not know, but only finding the cause and addressing it will solve the problem.

Posted by Serena Carmel, Greensboro NC November 29, 08 06:43 PM

Instead of killing innocent people, it'd be great if the terrorist screwed a few politicians in both the nations. They are the ones who harbour them, sponsor them and orchestrate events to their advantage.
If you want a change, have strong leaders first. Not some sissies who keep misusing their position for personal advantage.

Posted by Ab November 29, 08 06:50 PM

I remember the days when I worked as a trainee in an automobile plant and my manager wanted to eliminate the defects in the engine. He told me, ''80% of the defects are due to 20% of the causes. Eliminate those causes and you have a better product.'' In India's case, those 20% causes are in Pakistan. Eliminate them and you have a better country to live in.

Posted by Abhijeet Nandy November 29, 08 06:51 PM

I agree its true that we cant generalise the mentality of the Muslims on the whole, but looking at the general trend its been seen that thrz something disgusting n crazy mental problem with the muslim psyche that they can just turn their bloody heads against anyone and start throwing bombs n bullets anywhere..
So, just clean them out of our country n let them mind their own F****** business in their own country,
Stop preaching and thinking Gandhi's stupid ideology of secularism and brotherhood!!!!!!!

Posted by ALEXBOND November 29, 08 06:53 PM

I think that india should atleast have shown responsility on this barbaric act , instead of trying to exploit the situation for political gains. This thing once again proves that the hindu majority could never tolerate other minorities and decision to make Pakistan was right. If the hindu extremists continue their blamegames , there are definitely going to be many more Pakistans in India in future. Lets go for peace in the name of all innocents who have lost their lives.

Posted by James Maseeh November 29, 08 06:56 PM

To defect the terrorism in India first the people have to stand up to the politians
( who are so corrupt - every single party which say they represent the people), they don't care the lifes of commom man.They are the biggest danger to India's stability. If they work for the people of the country we would have not faced this innocent loss of life. Example: Where was Raj the tiger of Mumbai? Sh*tting in is pants!! - when is masacre was happening?.For past couple of months he has distrubed the peace of mumbai by dividing the people. Fools like him need to be hanged in public. Whom came to resuce Mumbai - Commandos who never gave a second thought or say why should I fight for Mumbai -- they came from all regions of India. And every political party instead of pointing fingers at eac other should learn to work together for the country. Every election they are fighting to stay in power the whole five years and do nothing for the poeple other then filling their pockets and blaming each other. Unless we the people don't stand up, the politians we elect are just dogs of thoushand father they will not work for the people.

Posted by Gopi November 29, 08 07:01 PM

@402 I cannot provide the name of the Sikh doctor and The Guardian would most certainly have done so if it had been at liberty. This is highly unlikely as at the time, any doctor especially Sikh would have been risking his life by disclosing his name. I figured there wasn’t enough space to go into details but seeing as you asked…
S.S. Bhagowalia, Vice-President of the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (Punjab), threw light on the efforts of the Government to suppress information. ‘The doctors who conducted the post-mortem of the victims of the army action at Golden Temple were simply terrorised. If there were 20 bullets in a body, they were forced to record only two bullet wounds, under the threat of being shot.’
However, there are numerous credible eyewitness accounts holding testimony that after the army had killed the militants they turned their attention on innocent pilgrims, lining them up against the temple walls and shooting them in cold blood.
Despite a media blackout in Punjab some journalists and human rights groups such as Citizens for Democracy witnessed dead Sikh bodies being thrown in dump trucks and illegally cremated by the Indian Army.
The Sunday Times (10/6/84) reported:
’About 20 million people in an area more than twice the size of Wales have had no contact with the outside world for a week.’
Brahma Challaney, a correspondent of the Associated Press, had managed to dodge the authorities to remain in the city during the Operation Blue Star, Later, he reported that dead bodies were taken in municipal garbage trucks round the clock and cremated in heaps of twenty or more. One attendant at the city’s crematorium told him that there was not ‘enough wood to burn the dead’ individually. He also saw ‘an estimated 50 corpses’ in a large rubbish lorry. Chellaney also saw ‘dead bodies of at least two women and a child’. He talked to a doctor who had been forced to sign post-mortem reports of some people killed inside the temple. The doctor corroborated the reports that their hands and been tied before the soldiers shot them.
Christian Science Monitor (8/6/84):
 ‘On Sunday, Medical workers in Amritsar said Soldiers had threatened to shoot them if they gave food or water to dying Sikh pilgrims wounded in the assault lying in the hospital.
Amrit Wilson of New Statesman (16/11/84): ‘On 4th June, when thousands of Sikhs had gathered at the Golden Temple, army tanks moved into the Temple complex, smashing into the sanctum and shooting everyone in sight. Many wounded were left to bleed to death and when they begged for water soldiers told them to drink the mixture of blood and urine on the floor.’
The Indian Army recorded 492 civilian deaths inside the Golden Temple including 100 women and 75 children killed, and 86 wounded (7 women and 4 children). The unofficial casualty figures from eyewitness accounts (such as Amnesty International) and independent historians placed the figure far higher in the region of thousands. Mark Tully estimates that approximately 4000 people may have died. Chand Joshi suggests 5000 civilian deaths.
The timing of Operation Blue Star IS baffling. It was a religious day to celebrate the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev (the founder of Golden Temple), when large numbers of Sikhs would be visiting. Even more baffling because Bhindranwale and the other militants did not remain in the Temple complex 24 hours a day, but freely roamed Punjab and surrounding areas on a daily basis. If the army felt they had no other alternative they could have planned an operation when the Golden Temple wouldn't have been filled with thousands of innocent pilgrims.

For further information Human Rights Watch has commended ENSAAF (, an organisation dedicated to fighting impunity in India, for its 150-page report, Twenty Years of Impunity, analysing the patterns of the pogroms and the attitudes and practices of impunity revealed by previously unpublished government documents and other materials.

Posted by Truth Teller aka Ignorance Isn't Bliss November 29, 08 07:11 PM

A few weeks ago some radical Hindus burned down a nunnery and raped a few nuns. All Hindus are terrorists.

Not really, only the morons would blame a religion/people who follow a religion for the violence.

Posted by Saak November 29, 08 07:14 PM

the time has come to stop bullsh*t, idealistc and bookish talks away and realize the truth. "Terrorism has no religion and islam has nothing to do with terror" this is all bullsh*t talks ,, why afraid to accpet the reality or trying to be so generous? Point is - then why this growing fanatism is only in this religion?? why each part of the world is affected by this muslim terror groups? we dont come to hear budhhist group attacking people, or parasi group or hindu group creating troubles in entire world. and If u talk about hindu group then this is not fanatism.. coz if one community is repeatedly killing innocents then ofcourse the sufferer will retaliate someday!! But y problems and terror groups are from this muslim community only? we have to accept the fact that there is definatly growing extremism among this community no matter how we say millitants are not humans or muslims.. bla bla bla.. some strong and harsh measure have to be taken to stop this world crisis .. or else keep on suffering.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 07:16 PM

Instead of blaming Moslems, which offends the moderate moselm, and puts them in defensive, we can suggest to them the following to help make a better world. E.g.
1. I never talk about hinduism as a better religion than other religions to my kids. That is the first thing that sows hatred for anything that is not similar. So, as a parent don't tell them Allah is the only way out. Tell them that it is your god, but nothing wrong with others following other gods or not following a god.
2. Don't empathise with Moselsm deaths alone in front of your children. Be as passionate or dispassionate with tragic events affecting every person/religion/atheist.
3. Never takeyour kids to sermons which preach hatred towards other religions or promote superiority of islam over other religions.
4. The Koran was written in medevial ages(jehad, kafirs etc..) and so is other hindu texts(promote samit, castesim). When interepreting te Koran, tell them in todays context. For e.g. a Kafir could be someone who does bad things. rather than someone who is not a moslem.
5. Never talk about conversion or wanting to do it. It offends a lot of people, and it in combination with a few intolerant people leads to genocide, crusades, persecution.
6. I never say "Jai Shri Ram" everytime something turns good. I make sure I don't wear my religion on the sleeve. So an "insha allah" even though said with good intent is not taken well in our times when people are so touchy about these issues.

I can go on & on, but my moslem friends have got the idea.

Posted by dinesh November 29, 08 07:31 PM

I saw some comments abt the saffron bands. Hes the one who was caught by the police. His name is ajmal ameen. hes from Pakistan. He has also told the police that these guys were askd to wear saffron bands and red mark on the forehead so that they wouldnt be suspected. The others were abu ali,fahad,omar, shoaib,umar,abu akaasha,ismail, abdul rahman,abdul rahman. I dont see which one is a sikh among them.

Posted by Varsha November 29, 08 07:37 PM

@ Stupid Rednecks post 544...
*Oklahoma city bomber did not attack in the name of Jesus, nor was he a practicing Christian...modern terrorists do kill in the name of Allah and receive the full blessing of their religious leaders.
*Columbine thrill killers were not religious...modern terrorists are and they are taught to hate infidels in their religious schools.
*The Spanish Inquisition happened centuries ago, the Muslim Inquisition of Jews is happening today..
*Salem witch hunters do not exist today...jihadis wanting to kill non-believers do.*Hitler the genocidal maniac share Muhammad's goals of massacring Jews.
Our president has not killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The fact is you can't name a single Christian group killing others based solely on the Bible. The same can not be said of Muslims and the Unholy Quran.

Posted by Michael LeFavour November 29, 08 07:44 PM

Being an Indian i should not say this, but i am shamed of our cowered Indian politicians,even though they know this attack is carried out by Pakistan. They wouldn't do any thing. In the name of Democratic country and in the name of discussion they just sit in a hall have a tea discuss about there safety and wait for another catastrophic. I don't know to whom we have to fear that little Pakistan or to the world Police US.

I think street Dog have more gut than us to protect his territory.

Better drain our Indian blood and infuse from that dog...

Posted by Anil November 29, 08 07:49 PM

Please train and equip our police and army better. There should be special anti terror squads that are equipped with good gear - bullet proof vests and helmets. India should not have refused the help of Israel and USA, who offered to send anti-terrorist commandos. All help should have been valued as a way of saving lives, instead of stupid pride at the cost of human lives, which is also pretty callous!
As long as Pakistan remains a breeding ground for terrorists, we should seal off our borders and not let any Pakistani nationals into India for any reason.

Posted by Seema November 29, 08 08:03 PM

All you Muslims. Why don't you go out and protest these crimes? Be vocal. Please.

Posted by Doug November 29, 08 08:06 PM

All the comments here accuse that action has not been taken by politicians or we have corruption. Is this correct? What are the educated Indians doing? Did we protest one day about lack of security. Did we organize any rally to take steps to increase policing? We were/are busy in counting savings, real estate investments meaning personal or family wealth. If there is no pressure or fear, any politician will make money and look for avenues for prolonger periods of power. Are we prepared to organize a morcha tomorrow in Mumbai or Chennai or Hyderabad or Bangalore demanding security? No. we are busy in our own world and we expect someone else to protest for our security. Wake up! Jai Hind!

Posted by Nagesh November 29, 08 08:20 PM

Its 6:48 am,
no i didnt get up now,i entered home half an hr back
i look at these pictures and what all you guys are writing,and there is a tear in my eye...
i dont know when one of us can stand against terrorism, and instead of speaking do something...
even i talk but it ends there.i hope we do something.its affected me though not physically but mentally it has shaken me,i hope we all unite be it hindus muslims christians all of us,do something against these men..
They need help,like said by Krishna tolerance has a level,if they dont understand our words make them by giving them a dose of their own medicine..
its time to fight and show the world,what material we are of!

Posted by Anand Ranawat November 29, 08 08:27 PM

We (USA) have been giving money to pakistan "to fight terrorism" but they find 1200 us dollars on one of the dead attackers.Where the hell is our money really going? They are launching attacks into afghanistan from pakistan and now an attack on mumbai from pakistan. We are afraid of destablizing Pakistan because they are a nuclear power but it seems they are already unstable enough. I am tired of my country backing the wrong side time after time.

Posted by redwhitebluepatriot November 29, 08 08:30 PM

Its not Islam that has to be blamed, But I strongly believe that the so called teachers of Islam who are supposed to" know it all" spread the wrong message to the society. Most of the time the Madrasas are not places where they teach to love other humans . its a place where hatred for the other religions is taught. The kids grow up thinking only the Muslims deserve to live in this world. I had a Muslim friend who used to tell me; when we face a dangerous situation, a true Muslim must first save other Muslims rather than going around saving every single life.. Thats what her madrasa teacher taught her! What a weird message is that...Think beyond all these religions people. Every life is equally precious.

Posted by Mekha November 29, 08 08:33 PM

well, what can i say, sad and shocked by the attacks, but after reading few comments about people attacking Islam and Muslims of India i feel more sick. you blame politicians for blaming each other and end doing the same. Yes fraction of a Muslim community are invloved (and i hate them and believe they should be destroyed) but lets not forget the recent Christian butchering (by who, we all know but surely not Muslims) and Malegaon (well respected Karkare was immensly praised by advani, modi, thackrey i think, was it?). Every relgion has the potential to be misinterpreted, and often is by some people of all religions. lets unitedly expose the misnterprtors instead of blaming and accusing each other. together lets say Jai Hind

Posted by Indian November 29, 08 08:35 PM

The thoughts and prayers of the people of the United States are with you. We grieve with you all. The bravery of your police and military is second to none. Stand united in the face of ignorance and terror.

Posted by Garan Lyles November 29, 08 08:37 PM

ISI has to be dismanteled. Most of the terrorist activities by islamic terrorists have connections to ISI.

"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind."
- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Well, if it doesn't cost the attacker an eye for an eye, there is a danger that he will be emboldened to blind you in the only remaining eye.

Posted by Yashodhan November 29, 08 08:37 PM

Where are so called " MUMBAITIES"....the Shivsainiks?????????? Where are they today when the city needs them the most??????? Why weren't they out on roads fighting with terrorists?????
They are impotents who just wants to claim their right on the city......
No words can express the sorrow i feel for the people hurt... I can just pray for them that they gather strength to face this harsh reality .

Posted by Mumbaitie November 29, 08 08:57 PM

The terrorists claim that one of their reasons for the attack was to avenge the atrocities meted out to the Muslims in India. And then they go about killing everyone in their way, including many innocent Muslims. This goes to show that their only motive was to attack Indians. Killing for the Indian Muslims is just an excuse to gain sympathy from atleast one quarter of the Indian population and also to divide the Hindus and the Muslims. This will give rise to more hatred in India and help their cause. They will be able to employ more Indian Muslims who may be victims of the subsequent communal hatredness, in attacking their India. Therefore, we must create an atmosphere conducive for all the religions, including Hindus and Muslims. Please stop accusing each other, when actually, we should be accusing the Pakistanis.Lets stand united against them, against terrorrism and all the elements which try to divide India.

Posted by Ruhul Hasan November 29, 08 08:59 PM

Jai Hind,
These are trying times. We need to be calm as well has face some facts.
1. We salute the work of police, ATS, NSG, Army and every one who stood up against these terrorists. We owe them our independence and security. We do not have words that can express our gratitude towards them.
2. We need to have platform to express our disgust on the behavior of our politicians. These leeches and spinless persons should face each and every effected family member so that the family members can let them know their feelings.
3. Our Home Minister should relinquish office immediately after taking total responsibility of this incedence.
4. No matter how much you hate George Bush one thing no one can deny that he has made North America safe and Indian politicians can learn a few things from him.
5. While I regret the loss of life and cannot do anything to fill up the loss, I appreciate that this time we did not see a spineless politician escorting a worthless piece of s---t to surrender to the terrorists.
6. I feel that there is no difference between what these terorists have done and what Thakrey did in the recent months. Both of them divide the society on baseless issues for personal gains.


Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 09:00 PM

Firstly my sympathies towards all the innocent victimsof these ghastly crimes. Reading all the those letters it is apparent that non muslims are very aggressive, whilst muslims all over the world are trying to defend themselves vigourously through intelligent debate. The west have no respect for anybody else, and as the native Indians used to say - white man speak with forked tongue - is so true. i live in England and have a fair idea about how India and its culture is constantly ridiculed, let me tell you that this also means you. Recently an English guy asked me, why did those bastard Indians kill us, after all the aid that we give them...Look at the letter dated 29Nov. Gene thinks that you are all corrupt. World food and fuel shortages are also blamed on India's 'growing population. This is where the issue of oil comes in. The west needs that oil, which was the main reason for attacking Iraq.The US are building the largest embassy in Iraq at the moment - why? Their next plan is to destabalise Iran, who have the largest reserves of oil. Guess what the main religion of these countries are?! You with me so far? Lets spread hate and rumours.After all, we own all the media that surrounds the world- its easy.
Now, the middle east are so fed up with the west that Iran and Iraq were planning to supply oil eastwards to India and China via pipelines running through Afghanistan, yes. Get the picture? The west does not like this. So, we get horror stories. It was not so long ago that the Americans actually trained and armed the Taliban to fight agaist the Russians, who also wanted to secure that area for their pipelines - oh dear!
America is the most armed nation in the world and involved in more 'justified' wars than any other country - makes you think, huh. Corrupt?
So, if any soldier who fights for his country to the death is a hero. Jihad, comes to mind. A warning to all those bitter cyber heroes, don't be like those stupid american soldiers who went to Iraq thinking they were fighting a just war, then torturing and killing innocent people or coming back mentally scarred. Imagine how you would feel if a foreign country were to take over Mumbai, bully, torture, rape and kill your loved ones, and basically destroy it. At the moment many muslims are being persecuted in their countries, who sadly then create terrorists.
I urge all Indians to unite, I know its hard, but there are people in the world who would like to see developing countries self-destroyed through divisions.
By the way, i was born in India of Jewish descent, but still consider myself Indian, and was proud of it's diversity. Please don't let stupidity destroy it. Your enemy is not who you think it is. Trust your government. There are many peoples, but only one race - the human race on this planet. (and this letter is going to get me into a lot of trouble!!)- with love to you all.

Posted by Bigfeather. November 29, 08 09:02 PM

If Muslims have to gain respect in this matter they dont have to write comments or blogs or letters. They have to come out in the street and march against terrorism and help to capture those who have done this. Only then they will gain credibility and respect of rest of the world. Any muslim willing to take this challenge in India?

Posted by svntam November 29, 08 09:06 PM

I am from Kashmir, from the Indian part of it. I am a Hindu and I have been forced to move out of Kashmir because some people wanted Independence. I have also lot my dear Uncle in 1993 blasts. Now, please give me one reason of why I shouldn't blame Muslims for all this. I have friend who are muslims but there is a crack already and this crack will always be there. So, think about it, what will you do if you see a crack in the relationship. You try to move away and then if something like Mumbai happens on the way, you feel that you did a good job by moving away. If there are some sensible Indian Muslims there, which I am yet to see, please come out in open and say "pakistan Murdabad, HIndustan Zindabad. Send a message that you don't agree to what is happening. March towards Pakistan all of you with rest of Indians and tell pakistan to back off. Pakistan is taking an advantage of us being divided. And just think, if we were not divided, how can we loose the trust. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU NOW, INDIAN MUSLIMS, TO ESTABLISH TRUST. otherwise you were never and will never be a part of the country.

Posted by Raj November 29, 08 09:12 PM

hi ..
i would like to say to those who blaming pakistan see u security . its a crap and indians should not be proud of their crap army and commandoes who couldn't top those guys aged below 25 and conquered all bombay, and indians had to call their all security agencies beacuse of those boys . and what about those extremist hindu's who killed 2000 innocent muslims in gujrat where every body was .. and when babri mosque was shaheed where every body was . ?

Posted by waqas November 29, 08 09:13 PM

killing innocent people, and then claiming to be most peaceful religion of the world is complete mockery of Islam. I am disgusted and so hearbroken after seeing this pictures of innocent blood and pround faces of in humane terrorist. i have not word to describe how insane these brain washed muslims are. I hate to feel this way.

Posted by anant chandler November 29, 08 09:16 PM

Terrorists have no religion.Just see these names
I saw some comments abt the saffron bands. Hes the one who was caught by the police. His name is ajmal ameen. hes from Pakistan. He has also told the police that these guys were askd to wear saffron bands and red mark on the forehead so that they wouldnt be suspected. The others were abu ali,fahad,omar, shoaib,umar,abu akaasha,ismail, abdul rahman,abdul rahman. All are circumcised ,all from Pak-still Laloo,Teestas,shabanas,pak leaders,mullahs-- will say they have no religion.Pak have allowed them to operate merrily- & will not admit any evidence.These gangs are now using the same weapons for settling scores between shias-sunnis etc & govt can not control them.They use only bombs as these are easy to make & hide compared to big guns & can kill more people at the same time.Have the radical mullahs ever taken out & demonstrated against these & other koranic rewards( 72 virgins,wines etc) as they have done for the harmless silly cartoons ??? Will pak show their sincerity by handing over Dawood & all Kandahar hijackers??--Till then -no more cricket -no more their players in ICL, no trains,.no business-- They do not want to work hard & are only jealous of others & always dreaming of Paradise's 72 virgins & wines--take hostages hiding behind their womenfolk & dare not come into open & fight face to face- never take part in open election facing sure defeat-will any radicals react to this ? come on--

etc u

admit any evidence as proof

Posted by Ron November 29, 08 09:18 PM

More bodies, more innocent people dead forever, families ripped apart and for what?

OK if Islam is a religion of peace then certainly all those peaceful Muslims will have the intellectual integrity to admit that a large segment of Islam has become necrotic and needs to be cut off and incinerated for the disease that it is. OPEN YOUR EYES! No other belief system has spawned even close to the number of terrorist groups as those that claim to be the pure expression of Islam.

Why would anyone

Posted by Mac November 29, 08 09:20 PM

How on earth could the terrorists get across the 900 kilometer water belt, crossing the NAVAL BASE and other Indian NAVAL facilities without being spotted even for a second?

And I agree with one of the ladies who wrote that a fanatic is a fanatic, whether he carries a weapon or bitter words... I see many fanatics not less eager to spill blood in response to this cowardly and dastard act... thats not the way sensitive issues are handled. if you guys are so ready to wipe out terrorism, eliminate the reasons and causes of such mindset...

Don't forget, samjhota express and Malegaon carnage was executed by YOUR OWN people...
look for culprits in your own ranks first...!

And the world media is definitely playing a fu***d up role. There was all but sympathy when Marriot was annihilated.


Posted by Ali Asad November 29, 08 09:24 PM

Terrorists have already succeeded in their plans using Indian Roadways, Indian Railways and Indian Waterways. Now if our politicians still keep their hands in their pockets, the day is not far away when terrorist s will use Indian Airways to hit us back. And I also presume the next attack is going to be much more powerful, devastating and full proof. May god help and bless all Indians in this painful situation.

Posted by Mohammed Mansoor Khan November 29, 08 09:25 PM

i think indians first should see at their crap army and commandoes who couldn't stop 25 boys aged b/w 18-24 . and then also think about hindu extremist and what they did in gujrat ..

Posted by sunny November 29, 08 09:26 PM

I hope our politicians are smart enough to break all relations with Pakistan - Bus link
- Rail /bus link
- Business
I have read enough of Islam is peace etc blah blah, but it is big problem for whole world. They won't live happily and won't let others. You check any terrorism related problem across the world and they all links with Muslim people.
They are increasing their population than any other religion, just for this reason.
It is bactarial infection for the whole world and we need to root it out carefully.

Posted by Aniruddha November 29, 08 09:32 PM

look our people have died and yes a particular reigion is to blame, any religon that preaches hate and intolerance is crap, it needs to reexamin itself. killing innocent people for any reason is the worst thing that any human or religon can do.
i am a converted secular person.
sorry been secular all my life but right now i question it.

Posted by renee November 29, 08 09:33 PM

i feel so poor for does people that died
god BLESS them

Posted by victoria November 29, 08 09:33 PM

I am not against Muslims and its true that every muslim is not terrorist .. but every BLOODY TERRORIST IS A MUSLIM .. n if other MUSLIMS are not supporting them they are also not making a effort to STOP>>>>>>>>

Posted by SID... November 29, 08 09:34 PM

Great job by NSG!!!!!!!!
But what abt the future? Are we equipped to PREVENT another such attack.
I hope the answer is yes. Lets hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. May god give us the power to eliminate the Terrorism from the face of earth irrespective of their religion. (I do not believe terrorist have any religion, they are just bunch of cowards shooting at unarmed innocent people)

Posted by greg November 29, 08 09:35 PM

Thank u Times Of India!!

Posted by Anand November 29, 08 09:39 PM

The time for dilomacy is dead...we need action and we need it NOW.
We need to address a few core problems that India has:
1) Starting with being inflexible with tax evaders and get them to pay the appropriate taxes for their income bracket.
2) This way the govt. has more money to equip our police & armed forces w/ the necessary tools & precautions during combat. Its for everyone's personal safety and to ensure our economic growth. Defense is an investment the govt. needs to make.
3) Also we need to have more Corp./Non-Porfit sector ppl. who will get into politics because they are patriotic implementors, people who are elected because they are creative thinkers & can deliver results.
4) Lastly but definitely not the least, our heros should be compensated & rewarded for their outstanding work. We shouldn't be pinching pennies/paise from the people who protect us.

My heart goes out to not only the victims & their families of this senseless terror but also the unsung heros of our armed forces. I am so proud of our police & army. India will come out of this stronger & I want to see the countries top people whether businessmen, goverment officials, policy makers work together to protect and equip the largest democracy in the world with the necessary tools & infrastructure so that we are prepared when these heartless, souless, godless people attack people of the free world.

Jai Hind!!!! Long live India & its courageous citizens.


Posted by Lara KF November 29, 08 09:49 PM

At the time I am writing these notes it is far from being clear what really happened in Mumbai. The questions I ask myself are the same ones most everyone else is asking: Who were the attackers? Who was behind them and what did they try to achieve? However one thing is evident. The “War on Terror” is a total disaster. The so-called ‘terrorists’, whoever they are, have won. America and its allies have been defeated.

But it doesn’t stop there, throughout this war America has lost its primacy as a super power. It is now financially ruined. Its leadership is regarded by most people around the world as a solid core of evil. It doesn’t take a genius to gather that this enormous defeat is an outcome of a chain of events that started with a single orchestrated attack that took place in September 2001. To those who fail to remember, the 18 terrorists who devastated the world on 9/11 didn’t carry a nuclear bomb, they weren’t equipped with some advanced weaponry. All they carried was knifes. As bizarre as it may sound, all it took to bring the American empire down was a dozen and a half highly motivated people armed with knifes.

Unfortunately, America and Britain, on their way down, have managed to get themselves involved in some war crimes of colossal magnitude. Two million Iraqis and Afghans are dead. Many more millions are gravely wounded, millions of others are refugees. Each of these victims is a direct outcome of an illegal war launched by the Anglo American democracies.

In spite of the carnage these Anglo American colonial wars have left already, they are far from being over. For weeks we are reading about American airplanes dropping bombs on Pakistani villagers. We learn about the so-called allies targeting ‘alleged terrorist suspects’ in rural Pakistan. Evidently our elected democratic leaders see innocent Muslim civilians and villagers as disposable soft targets. Hence, it shouldn’t really take us by surprise that some people out there in the East see us as equally, subject to terror. They see us as potential soft targets. Yet, while British and American crimes are committed in our behalf, in the name of democracy, by leaders we ourselves put in power, the crimes that were committed yesterday in Mumbai were committed by an unknown body and not an elected one. The crimes in Mumbai were committed solely in the name of those who commit them. The Anglo American crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria are committed by elected governments on behalf of the British and the American people.

Terror is a message written on the wall but for some reason most Westerners fail to read it. Our enthusiasm to bring Coca-Cola to the Muslim world must be curbed immediately. We should keep our liberal democratic fantasy to ourselves, especially now when it had been proven as a faulty concept. Our insistence upon making Arabs and Muslims as stupid as us is not going to work. We must let people live their lives according to their beliefs and cultural heritage.

The British foreign minister Miliband along other politicians announced yesterday that the attack in Mumbai is an attack against Western democracy. I think that we better face it, as long as the Western democracies treat Muslims as soft targets the Western subject may be as well subject to retaliation and terror.

I would suggest Miliband and his colleagues stop immediately trying to democratise the world. Doing so would simply make this world a far safer place and by far nicer to live in.

Posted by gilad November 29, 08 09:52 PM

To Concerned at 619:

10 of the muslims were from Pakistan. All the terrorists were Muslims. Some from yemen, some from Britain and some from india. What more proof do you want.

Posted by sri November 29, 08 09:55 PM

ali asad:

You are a paki i think. Your conutry is failed and you want to destroy others. Read the news. Listen to what your countryman who was captured ahs to say. they came from Pak, hijackeda fishing trawler (indian) and killed its occupants. had one person alive and went towards Mumbai. There they had 4 motorboats waiting for them around 10 miles from Mumbai and split to differnet locations.
Dont ask for proof. Your country and religion has a defective DNA since inception and I pray to allah that both will not survive.

Posted by sri November 29, 08 10:00 PM

Totally agree with the popular feeling that all muslims are not terrorists. I have many muslim friends and definitely they are not terrorists but nationalists to the core. They love India as much as we Hindus do.
But my tainted brethren, how do we believe an unknown muslim who can be a terrorist in disguise?How do we say one is a terrorist or not when more than 80% of the illogic terror deeds are committed by people who hail from our own neighbourhood? Is it not the time for world Muslim leaders to join hands in stopping such barbaric practices by fanatic islamic militants?. If the they are not taking any action, then can we think they are supporting the acts?

Posted by Sandy November 29, 08 10:02 PM

It's result of contry's governence by non-political people like Dr. Manmohan Singh & Shivraj Patil.

Posted by Ajai singh November 29, 08 10:04 PM

look our people have died and yes a particular reigion is to blame, any religon that preaches hate and intolerance is crap, it needs to reexamin itself. killing innocent people for any reason is the worst thing that any human or religon can do.
i am a converted secular person.
sorry been secular all my life but right now i question it.
Posted by renee November 29, 08 09:33 P

well which religion promotes terrorism ?

can u tell me ?

Posted by WR November 29, 08 10:07 PM

All I needed to know about islam, I learned on 9-11.

This episode, along with Madrid, Beslan, Bali, and countless others just reinforces the lesson.

My condolences to all the victims and families of this latest outrage carried out in the name of allah. The true tragedy is that it won't be the last.

Posted by Scott Cunningham November 29, 08 10:09 PM

Its true that R.R.Patil is son of thousand fathers. Wish any one from his family should have been killed or whole family.

Posted by Gopi November 29, 08 10:14 PM

First of all this is what happens when poverty closes in on you. You are willing to do anything even sacrificing your own life. Poverty is the reason many look for refuge in religions, whatever religion it may be. And we all know, it is dangerous when religion is practiced in extreme form.
Pointing finger and seeking revenge is not going to help anyone. Putting more salts in the wounds is not going to help, rather thinking of healing it would.
There is no place on earth for this heartless people who kill innocent people with no mercy. Nothing can be achieve through violence.
Most of the world's wars were due to religions. Religions are roots of all evil.

Posted by The Great Athiest November 29, 08 10:17 PM

1. First hang all terrorists captured in front of India Gate.
2. Any Terrorist caught in future will be hung only in the streets
3. Human Rights commission should shut their mouth. Because they don't raise their voice when a terrorist kills common man. They want to protect a common man or terrorist?
4. India is an empowered country to destroy all terrorist bases in Pakistan. Go ahead.
5. To all politicians: If you cant be united against terrorism, please quit.

Posted by N.V. Prasad November 29, 08 10:28 PM

Media is the most important link in terror. If media acts responsible and refrains from eulogizing terror the impact ca be reduced.

Posted by Anonymous November 29, 08 10:33 PM

this is so sad. it breaks my heart to see the people with panic in their eyes. i wonder why people are trying to kill each other. who or what is a terrorist? why can't Earth live in world peace? i don't understand why people are trying to kill each other for no apparent reason at all. i hope someday people will realize that there is no need for violence in this world. we should think about how God would react if he saw this. we all are equal and we should be treated that way too.

Posted by Cynthia November 29, 08 10:39 PM

dear all, instead of blaming the world as a nuclear country we need to have our house more clenesed . We should implement military rule for sometime till things are under control, like this india has always lost innocent vicitims , chilidren & our Jawans, but still we do not learn from our mistakes. I pray god for all the victim families who have lost there life or scarified there life. We should all come forward & save this nation. Our polatical system has to change i dont know when it will happen? this type of attacks will be ongoing we have to fight. JAI HIND.

Posted by ARUN JANARDHANA November 29, 08 10:44 PM

I as a Pakistani condemn this act of murder and terror.
Please wait for the investigation and then pass judgement. All the information comming out of indian newsprint is unsbstantiated and rumor, it keeps changing. But it can seriously misguide people whith raw emotions.
After all we have to remember that all the tourists and foreigners will go home and we will still be neighbours, we will share the common space and borders.
Government of Pakistan in recent times has been very soft towards India and have tried the best to stop all problems across the border, and this reflects the sentiments of broader public of Pakistan.
But my Indian neighbours have to look at their acts In supporting all type of anti-state elements in Pakistan and willfully keeping Pakistan unstable through proxy and direct financial and other modus operandi. India cannot gain the status of large brotherly neighbour by being cunning, it has to realy act great.
Work with us with sincerity, for a lasting peace. To remove the clouds of suspicion, terror, poverty, war and nuclear annihalation from the south asian region.
And if our great neghibours to the east they can cheat us by pretending to be freinds while passively and actively conniving to undermine the existance of Pakistan, then the dream of lasting peace is a hoax.

Posted by MD November 29, 08 10:51 PM

were are raj thakare and bal thakare amche mumbai they are hiding in the hloe why they didn come out and beat them up like they do to the poor people like taxi men and redi wala making there living and supporting there family.
its shame for maharastrian they had to call nsg from delhi when they they siv sena behind.
now is the best time to forget all and say jai hind and all are indian.

Posted by suresh November 29, 08 10:51 PM

may god bless the dead and shower peace on them, let there be peace in the world...........wake up everyone? don't blame or point fingers to others, stop nonsense of religion......f....those terrorists n their supporters, stand united n proud indians n proud human beings. stop preaching the next generation hatred......
all my heart goes out to the suffered, and also to army, police n public mumbai for their bravery. we have shown the world that we stay united in any circumstances. innocents die b'coz of wrong religious beliefs, so be matured not brainwashed like

Posted by sagar November 29, 08 10:52 PM

Where are all the fatwa issuing Mullahs and Imams and why are they not standing up and condemning these attacks?

Posted by Sandeep November 29, 08 10:56 PM

dear sir,
god knows which country ,which person wants to create hangama, who is main who is guiding financing helping other nations to create problem in our country.

Posted by ajaz November 29, 08 11:00 PM

After hearing the cries of the dying , helpless and the suffering familes. Unfortunately we are still quite, India with the might of the 3rd strongest Army is still quite. What are we waiting for attack is the best form of defense. Learn from the US when they got attacked they did not wait to collect the sympanthy of the world they hit the enemy with their full might.
Peace at any cost is cheap, but not at the price of innocent life.
What are we waiting for attack is the best form of defense.

Posted by INDIAN November 29, 08 11:01 PM

May soul of all who died may rest in peace. And all those who are responsible never ever get a sleep and may they die soon. All corrupt polticians should have been made hostages and should have been killed. Militants should not target innocent but welcome to take away people like who are spreading hatred and dividing north indians and south indians.

Posted by Mohit Sood November 29, 08 11:11 PM

This is from a True Indian.
Rules 2 be implimented:
1.If you want to be a political leader,you hav to serve in DEFENCE for a minimum of 5 years.
2.President Rule must be Implimented and a Highly Educated and qualified person must contest for the elections.
3.Salaries & pays must be increased for the REAL HEROES,not politicians.Without them,our nation is a WAR ZONE.
4.There must be advancement in the technology in ARMY,AIR FORCE & NAVY.

Posted by Sujay,bangalore November 29, 08 11:16 PM

History repeats, isnt it? India teared apart Pakistan in 1971, in doing so, 2 lakh innocent biharis were killed in bangladesh, and Pakistani army killed around 10 lakh civilians in Bangladesh. In Karachi, there are numbers of those bihari families and also Bangladeshi families, they both hate India. They are also the most deprived ones as they are known as mujahirs. And I dont think religion is to be blamed because there are 1.07 billion muslims in this world, and if that number is taken into consideration, we would have terrorist attacks every minute in every single city of this world. But what really surprised me in this Mumbai attacks, it took only 12 / 13 people to siege a city for almost 3 days? There has to be something wrong, this is very big. There is a conspiracy going on for a 'New World Order', we may get to know all these things after 25 / 30 years, if we are not bombed before that.

Posted by James stewart November 29, 08 11:17 PM

The problem with Indian media is the hasty solutions they find. 'Pak Hand' is a sterotyped accusation for any thing that happens in India. This situation is expolited by the Hindu terroists who destroy the country under the disguise of 'Pak Hand'. Narendra Modi was so enthusiastic to enter the lobby of Oberoi where stiff firing was going on... He was overwhelmed to decalre Rs 1 Crore to the deceased... Doesn't his unwarranted presence in the blood ridden lobbies of Bombay hotels point out to some thing nasty! Was he not monitoring the carnage in person! Was he not hasty to pronounce that the attack was against Americans and Israelis! It is a well known fact that he has connections with Mossad. He is unscrupulous! He has proved it time and again... Think my dear friends!...

Posted by Lamsheen November 29, 08 11:28 PM

If islam is such a peaceful religion, then why most of the terrorists are muslims? There is definitely wrong with the your religion. So you stop boasting how peaceful religion it is and all! Nobody (not hindus atleast) is interested in knowing what islam is and what it preaches, we can all see what your religion preaches and how peaceloving muslims are. So stop your rubbish and take a good look at what is wrong with you muslim people and your religion.

Posted by indian1965.2008 November 29, 08 11:30 PM

please concentrate on the photos from india.we cant stand this type of kills the harmony.

Posted by vasanth November 29, 08 11:36 PM


Posted by GM A HUMAN November 29, 08 11:36 PM

A caption from today's Times of India edition...

"Patil said: "They were having maps of the hotels but got directions from another country" refusing to disclose the name of the country.

We all know that country's name. When will we Indians stop excusing these terrorists as they keep on perfoming these atrocities?? There will be no end to these acts, not as long as something is done about it....

Posted by a proud indian November 29, 08 11:40 PM

Bring Back BJP, Bring Back POTA

Posted by HINDUSTANI November 29, 08 11:40 PM

i have watched in pain the whole episode of Terrorist attack on Bombay. I was wondering what would Thakerays got to say about it now.. are those commandos fearlessly fought and sacrificed their life to secure the place and people was not only Marathis? Those who support these selfish politicians are the most stupid people. Let us live together to raise as the most powerful nation and don't allow a fraction of a community could de-rail our dream! Jay hind !

Posted by suresh November 29, 08 11:40 PM

The right to defend yourself against violent attack is a universal human right. Why does the Indian government deny the right of its citizens to keep and bear arms? One responsible citizen with a concealed handgun and some basic training could have saved numerous lives. In particular I am thinking of the cafes and the train station. The photographer who took the photos of the two terrorists in the train station said he could have stopped them if he had a gun. I believe him. Look at Israel - the presence of armed citizens is a major deterrent against such massacres. Time for Indian citizens to stop beating the war drum and instead take personal responsibility to change their gun laws and get armed to defend themselves.

Posted by Mark N November 29, 08 11:43 PM

While going through most of the comments here, I found that people are talking about the animosity between India and Pakistan. Blaming a particular clan or religion is not going to make things better!

The basic question is, "How could there be such an Intelligence failure or was it a failure at all?"

The attackers just couldn't have cruised through our country and breached our security so easily! Like 9/11 supported some theories of it being an Inside-Job, I won't completely deny such a possibility in the Mumbai Attacks! If it's not an out and out Inside-Job, then there must be some sort of hidden intrinsity.

And no one but the politicians can "facilitate" such a thing, 'coz it's only them who are so insignificantly powerful and uselessly capable! We should get our basics right and think beyond the picture we're given to look at! Looks like, India is not meant to be democratic anymore 'coz the better part of this democracy is just being misused!

Posted by What's In The Name November 29, 08 11:45 PM

ONLY ONE SENTENCE REPEATEDLY WITH GREAT FORCE: The one mentioned by: Gene Johnson - "You're not going to detect and prevent terrorism with all that corruption, India."

To INnoSENSE - Which batch you are from buddy, if you are from the one at Mesra, Ranchi?

Posted by RahulBhai November 29, 08 11:47 PM

I find a lot of comments rooted in anger or frustration - I can completely empathise with the anger but unfortunately for most of us is always an impotent anger, washed away after a few days of apathy - If we are really keen then lets spread the word on as many forums as we can for some action :
1. Expose Pakistan's ( ISI & some elements of Pak govt ) double standards by asking for joint Indo-Pak-US action against Let Terror camps . The reaction to this will be clear proof of Pakistan's "honourable" intentions
2. Pressurise US ( using the current situation ) into sharing information about the location / support networks / financial assistance to terror on Pak soil
3. Highlight role of US to US citizens ( on nytimes, wall street journal , business week , cnn etc ) in supporting terror in India
- Most of the US aid against terrorism is being diverted towards Pok & India - Need to highlight that the biggest financiers of Mumbai blasts actually is the US government - In fact highlight that supporting Pakistan-based terror ( through ISI ), US is again rearing a monster which will turn against it one day
4. Highlight in as many "business / expat relocation / investment forums" that Pakistan is a rogue-state harboring terrorists and clearly not a safe destination for investment / business
5. Finally, ensure there is enough sustained pressure on the Indian govt ( irrresective of Cong or BJP ) to prove their credentials against terror - Economically India is close to becoming a super-power - It needs to start asserting itself on the world stage - That cannot happen till the reins are with 70-yr olds who have been raised in an bygone India of poverty & servitude - We need more young people / business leaders particiapting in governance who have the necessary attitude to demand and earn respect in the world order

Posted by ashish November 29, 08 11:47 PM

Remember that this terror attack was indiscriminate..... many muslims too were killed in the attack.....
India has had several reverend mislim leaders in the past........Abdul Kalam Azad, our beloved former president A.P.J.Abdul kalam, to name a few...

The need of the hour is to stand united at this time of trouble....if we indians get divided NOW based on religion, than its like awarding laurels to these terrorists......then it will not take long for our beautiful country to be split in pieces... we have to build our nation's LOC stronger and the inner system more immune to such ghastly terror attacks.............. and very proudly i can say my country India has endured lot of such attacks in the past and yet stands united.......................there are more muslims here in this country than all the terrorists put together (wrongly call themselves as Muslims) .... Fighting these terrorists is the JIHAD that we need to wage now......... to save humanity..

Posted by A true Indian Muslim November 29, 08 11:48 PM

Pakistan is the epicenter of global terrorism. The Madrid, 9/11 and London bombings can all be traced to Pakistan. In training camps and madrassahs that dot the north western parts of Pakistan, thousands of jihadis have been trained to conduct a holy war against non believers or kafirs.There is sufficient evidence to link these militant groups with the Pakistan intellegence or ISI. Ex- President Musharaff played a double game with the Americans; hood winking Bush in supporting the war against terror while quietly supporting some of these militant groups. The world should realise that the scrouge of terrorism cannot be defeated unless there is a global effort to physically purge the NW region of Pakistan.Today it may be Mumbai, tomorrow it can be a soft target anywhere in the world. So all peace loving global citizens have a stake to ensure that the epicenter of terrorism is purged and cleaned up. If the Pakistan authorities are reluctant to do it, then a global force consisting of the West, india and Isreal should.

Posted by micheal vernon November 29, 08 11:58 PM

This is what I don't get: Apparently, it's OK to follow a flawed religion as long you practice is peacefully. I'm sick of hearing people say, "these terrorists don't represent the real Islam". Well, what is the "real Islam" and why does it even have these loopholes in thought that allow this? Muslims have a long, long history of rule by the sword and we are just seeing a continuation. Just because most people today are civilized and don't participate in the terror doesn't make your religion worth following. It is flawed at it's core.

This goes for all religions, but as an impartial (agnostic) bystander, I will say that Islam is the worst, followed by Christianity.

Posted by SP November 30, 08 12:00 AM

Well when we say Pakistan govt, ppl take that as our allegations against muslims, interesting! I think you all think the way u know Pakistan is made of. There are 2 possibilities, one Pakistan is involved, the other Pakistan is not. In case " Pakistan is not involved " and "All muslim's are not like that", then please prove it to us. We are in desperate need of somebody who comes and defies us. What Narendra Modi did was wrong. What happened with Babri masjid was also wrong, but what happened in last week was wrong as well. I really don't care, if the culprit was a muslim or a hindu, or a indian or a pakistani, but definately they ought to be caught. Honestly there is so much anguis currently, just can't describe. Felt like crying yesterday.

Posted by Jags November 30, 08 12:00 AM

It Shows the kind of Evil the whole world is fighting against. I salute all the brave men who fought in the battle and sincere condolences to all those who died. India is strong enough to come back with more and more strength. But the point is the whole world should join hand and hand and fight the evil.

Posted by Madhu November 30, 08 12:01 AM

why did our PM invite ISI chief ?? to see the crime commited by terrorists trained by them ??? or to take him to the confession chamber and request him to confess ??? No thief will ever admit to his crime .so it is stupid to expect Pak to help.they have been doing this sort of terrorist acts,which have been proved many times before.But our WEAK leaders do not take proper action.If it will be proved that Pak was indeed behind this attack,will we declare war against Pak?? we must .

Posted by Ram.S.Chandran November 30, 08 12:02 AM

All the above comments are of no use including mine. What has happened is going to happen again. Our government is sleeping and is going to continue its sleep. All will forget what has happened until a something new like this happens.
Afzal will contiue to live as congress wants muslim votes.

100 mein sein 100 beiman, fir bhi mera bharat mahan.
We cant do anything guys, india is big, vast, and screwed.

Posted by kishor November 30, 08 12:03 AM

Where is Mr. RAJ THACKERAY??
Is he seeing all the on-goings... its not the fight between north indians n south indians... or east or west... I hope this incident has atleast brought him out of his sick-mentality!! God bless that sick mind... and atleast now he talks of uniting people.

Posted by xYz November 30, 08 12:07 AM

Stop all relations with Pakistan and put tight security on the boarders. No prison for terrorists. Only encounter. This will end all the terrorist activity in India.

Posted by Raghav Singh November 30, 08 12:19 AM

This only cause of terrorism in india is VOTE BANK POLITICS played by the CONGRESS+ SAMAJWADI PARTY and RJD.They support Terrorist's indirectly(some times directly Ex:BATLA HOUSE ENCOUNTER IN DELHI)for there own political gains. they wont care about safty of the people..only solution for these problem is tougher laws (like POTA which is REPEALED just to get minority vote's ) i urge all the hindus in this country plz unit and elect a government which works for us and ensure safty of hindus in this country(THE ONLY OPTION IS B.J.P)

Posted by RKUMAR November 30, 08 12:25 AM

Would R R Patil have given the same comment if his children/wife/parents had been a victim of the cold blooded murder? What an as@#$%e he is.

Posted by sandeep bihani November 30, 08 12:26 AM

Salutes for the Camandos. 3 days, without food and water they stayed as rocks against the "war". When we're safe and happy, our peple were struggling with the gun. It is only for saving civilian's life our camandos could not rush inside Taj and other terror spot. Otherwise,Indian ordinary people would have been rush inside smashed all terrorist in couple of minutes. We don't need army or any gun to kill these kinds of terrorist. It is a fact that "They don't have any message, they don't belongs to any religion, they are mad people."
Not all muslims are terrorist..but all terrorists are muslims. This is a fact. When we

Posted by Karadas November 30, 08 12:27 AM

To waqas @673

Hi - as Indians, we too are ashamed of Babri Masjid, Gujarat riots and Samjhauta - but you forget that there have been so many blasts after Babri and Samjhauta.

If we take your logic of killing innocent people now for past deeds, what about people killed during these bomb blasts -- many of them are muslims and christians - by what logic is the killing justified? And how many times, will you say that you are doing it for Gujarat riots - how many times -- we are just fed up.

hi ..
i would like to say to those who blaming pakistan see u security . its a crap and indians should not be proud of their crap army and commandoes who couldn't top those guys aged below 25 and conquered all bombay, and indians had to call their all security agencies beacuse of those boys . and what about those extremist hindu's who killed 2000 innocent muslims in gujrat where every body was .. and when babri mosque was shaheed where every body was . ?

Posted by Srikanth November 30, 08 12:28 AM

It is clear that the religion of Islam is inherently flawed, as is Christianity--they are both large, single-deity religions that have ruled and gained by the sword. The difference is that Christianity has steady leadership (the Pope, evangelical leaders, etc) and tends to have civilized followers while Islam's followers are overwhelmingly poor and illiterate.

It wasn't always this way of course. When Islamic empires were conquering the world centuries ago, they maintained stable nations with upright citizens. They were even leaders in science and technology. Today, Islam has lost its way much like the Republican party of the US. It appeals to the poor and gullible, the uneducated and hopeless. This and the flawed religion they follow has created the toxic environment where stuff like this happens.

Islam's moral leadership is non-existent. Who are their leaders? Muqtada? Osama? Khamenei? These are all radicals/terrorists. There is no strong, respectable, sane group of voices to speak for an entire religion of almost 2 billion. Until every single imam and cleric in the world comes together to not only condemn terrorism and call it un-Islamic, nothing will change. This is an Islamic problem and it will require Muslims to fix it themselves. They follow a flawed religion with poor leadership so they must find the new era of leaders and change their ways.

Of course, the best path is to not follow any religion at all. All religion is a stain on humanity. The very nature of religion is to segregate and alienate people from one another. Believing in a space god is one thing, but killing each other over it is something entirely different. There are impoverished minorities all over the world and have been for a long time, but we don't see them go anywhere near these lengths. The untouchables caste of India is way more impoverished, illiterate, poor, etc., but do we see them terrorizing their "oppressors"? Blacks in the US didn't kill their oppressors did they?

This idea that Indian Muslims have that they are an oppressed minority is insane. There is no institutionalized discrimination. It's a completely free country with equal rights. If Muslims in India are trailing behind Hindus, it's only because of Muslims themselves not moderating and modernizing.

Posted by Andrew November 30, 08 12:29 AM

It is not a matter for India only, there are various coutries over the world have been suffering from this Fobia - Terrorist. It's not just only Hindus are victims every moments, There are muslims, Christians, Sikhs, buddha too.

Terrorists are the output of the politics only itself. Attacks are the reason for Elections. Not Police, Not People just only Politicians and Governments are responsible for these attacks. Everything is preplanned.
Government Should understand now. One attack affects the economy of coutry, economy for individual. Come one Wake up now.

Posted by Bhavin November 30, 08 12:29 AM

This is horrible. I can't believe my eyes. I'm a Bangladeshi and today I am not very proud to say that I'm also a Muslim. I express deep sorrow at the loss of lives. India should find and punish those evils behind the attack. And I would like to request not to generalize all Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Blamimg all Muslims will not solve the problem.
Has anyone thought about the root of this problem? Why terrorist leaders never commit suicides? Why young and ill-educated people take part in the attacks? Isn't it easy to misguide poor uneducated hopeless people? I think, to solve this problem leaders should emphasize on promoting secular education for all (Both for Muslims & others). I know this is a long-term process. But we should not ignore this. We need to ban madrasas now. Proper education can the best weapon in the war on terror.
And one more thing. Why the number of Islamic militant groups have increased a lot after the Cold War? Isn't the phenomenon more sociopolitical than religious? This argument might be week, but if we really want to stop this nonsense we should not overlook the sociopolitical factors.

Posted by no one November 30, 08 12:31 AM

MUSLIMS OF INDIA, 150 MILLION. Please stop your debates on the internet about the "GOODNESS OF ISLAM" and get out of your seats, light a candle, and march the streets of every city and then only you can say that ISLAM IS GOOD. That is the meaning of a true JIHAD. Also drag every (brainwashed) Mullah to lead your march. In Mumbai have Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhter and all the KHANS of Bollywood Lead your march. Then and only then are you a good muslim. Set up a Trust fund to help the families of the police killed in this carnage.

Posted by SW November 30, 08 12:35 AM

Its horriable , It must be stopped , All comman man are now insecured .
All politicians are responsible for this events.
If in this events any politicians close family member will die then they will know the sereicesness of this events.

Posted by santosh jadhav November 30, 08 12:35 AM

sad pictures bcoz the hindu have done it. the guy wearing the red cord thread is a hindu practise!! these guys are clear proofs.. pakistanis dont wear this niether do other muslims..
this is done by the hindus form indian.. or probably got these guys from britain or something where they got training and the supply of weapons was done from india.. the BJP themself.. the red cord on the gunmen's wrist is enough proof.. now that the topic is out.. they named him Azam Amir Kasab? who the f*ck has sucha muslim name? and they say he was the only pakistani in the group? unbelievable.. think this is a hindi movie?

Posted by Nadz November 30, 08 12:36 AM

What the hell........Everybody is blaming that this brutal act done by pakistani's. stop blaming u can't say any thing without any evidence that pakistanis (muslims) are killing inoccent people by the name of jihad, they not coward & jihad is different so please dont say anything about pakistan & ISLAM its only govt politics ...............please open ur eyes and ur mind

Posted by anonymus November 30, 08 12:36 AM

I have no word to comment only can say truth is fire and nobody can cover it with anything. It will come out. The brave fighters of india has proved it again. But the protection system of the nation should be more hard and need a proper investigation of this nasty time made by those animals. May GOD bless all of us.

Posted by Debashis Bhattacharjee November 30, 08 12:37 AM

HOT PURSUIT on Terrorist camps inside Pakistan
Do not grant visa to any Pakistani
Do not bring any Pakistani to participate in reality shows
Keep an eye on most of Muslims those who are in India
Bring BJP Govt at Centre
RSS and VHP are patriotic
Keep SP, RJD and Congress out of Power

Posted by Tushar November 30, 08 12:37 AM

so much hatred and anger while so little cool heads that go to the distance to think of the larger pictures..

With this I think we are still way off to a good debate based on facts, and accepting other people way of life and respect them to live as they liked. Muslims and non-muslims alike.

Intolerence brings fanatisme and war, east and west, north and south, while state sponsored terrorisme or individual groups terrorisme for muslims and non-muslims alike runs rampant.

Until muslims and non-muslim tolerate each other,respect each other way of life,doesn't dictate to each other what you or we have to do,doesn't demonised each other,doesn't plunder other people's properties or wealth, i see no ends to terrorisme.

Posted by abdullah November 30, 08 12:38 AM


Posted by VISHAL November 30, 08 12:42 AM

We create terrorists, we create heroes!

Posted by sreesan November 30, 08 12:43 AM

How easy it is for a government to point finger on realitively soft target "Pakistan"?
No matter who is behind this barbaric act, the question is what are these Indian agencies are doing? Instead of putting your own house in order, you guys always choose to do easy work "BLAME". This will lead nobody nowhere!
These politians and agencies like RAW will blame Pakistan to cover up their own wrong doings and for political gains.
If you want a long lasting solution, indians should stand up against these agancies and ask them where they have been spending Tax Payers money? and why they failed to protect innocent people and their properties?

Posted by Eye Opener November 30, 08 12:46 AM

This should open America's eyes and stop all aids to Pakistan. It should force Pakistan to eliminate terrorists. If not, should declare Pakistan as terrorist country. Pakistan is the root for all these attacks, they promote these activities though they say they are against it. How can you believe to a person how can kill his own wife for power in the name of terrorist activity. Everything he says is bullshit. It's not Muslims, it's Pakistani's (also Pak Government) should be punished for all these...

Posted by Ram November 30, 08 12:50 AM

Terrorism Sucks.....wherever it India or Pakistan or US... The need of the hour is that all the countries should understand this... All should unite to form a global army to fight against Terrorism.. and global terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, and organizations like Lashkar and Al-qaida should be eliminated from the face of the earth..

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 12:53 AM

All the terrorists are trained and armed in Pakistan. Beware you people who supply Pakistan with logistics, Intelligence and arms, all of them will be used against you in the times to come. One of the better solution would be to bifurcate or trisect Pakistan into small states. The present government of Pakistan has no hold on these criminals. Even they are under threat. Better some West nation or NATO take over Pakistan and take their Nuclear Arms to safer places. It is not longer those Nuclear arms would go into the hands of these extremists. The West should realise this, while supporting their "friend".

Posted by Indian National November 30, 08 12:53 AM

Nothing is opaque,the matter is clear to every child in this country,so why the hell we suffer these sorts of fear in our own country to walk freely in our own streets.Where are those freedom dreams which our politicians have shown us??? Stop playing politics,you guys have ruined INDIA.This is the time to fight against both terrorism and our corrupted politicians.And surely,if its not now then that day is not that far when we will discover that just only supporting America and having a so called frienship with those pakistani"s has lead us nowhere!!!

Posted by shayak biswas November 30, 08 12:57 AM

The Mumbai blast is surely an act of Terrorism that has no face, no boundary, no beliefs in existence of God and his promise of Judgment day. Terrorism surely has no value for life. I learnt from my Holy book that 'The murder of a single man, not guilty of any heinous crime, is a keen to murdering the whole humanity'. But people who perpetuate such crimes are Terrorists, who works only for money, for their selves, for the fulfillment of their desires at any cost.

It was not surprising to see the oldest trick in the world, religion as a justification of dastardly acts. It was quite ironical to see terrorists having just killed scores of innocent people wanting to promote his religion as a religion of refuge and safety. They actually caused much more harm to the religion than anyone else could ever do from outside.

As for the blabber about the injustice meted out to the Indian Muslim community, well listen - we don't want anybody talking on our behalf. Babri Masjid, Gujarat, Malegaon and Kashmir are not Indian Muslim problems - these are Indian problems. And we as a nation are capable enough of resolving these issues. We might fall on our way, make mistakes or have serious disagreements but- we will find solutions as a nation.

The idea of India is too strong for terrorists to have any impact. It has stood the test of time over centuries and has not only survived but progressed. We will overcome this crisis as well

I salute the brave soldiers of India. I felt pride at seeing them march on bravely into the face of terror. And the final thumbs-up by a commando gave me joy. But even then, I felt sadness for all those who died. The innocent civilians and the police officers, hotel staff and others who lay down their lives are martyrs, martyred to remind us to remain united.

Posted by Sajeed Parnazhikath Rasheed November 30, 08 01:04 AM

Unfortunately, my aprehensions about bloody traitors/idiot politicians, police with lathis who cant even control 25 unarmed rioters, holds meaning. I posted this a week ago at the MSN following link:

Paying taxes to a govt. that provides us with ZERO absolutely ZILTCH security, complacent society which watches a handful of "gundas" hound north indians without any revolt, we just watch our TV sets, write a few blogs, then back to work/school/.... normal life continues... politicians successfully push their individual agendas (even using this massacre... just watch carefully... you will notice.... 9 million viewers...etc., etc.)

OK. LETS TAKE A STEP BACK. Both countries India and Pakistan are mostly watchers... i would say 90+% (the figure may actually be 99.9853%)... both watch cricket matches with fervor, so also news on TV. Watchers. When frustration hits the roof, we blog...and if it gets very bad, then non-stop blogging...then back to work, in a very corrupt system. Politicians, ISI, (controlling/ruling forces), they know this all too well. They can do whatever the F...', after 5 days all normal. In their eyes, we are sheep...
They have already seen it on TV. Demonstrators pelting stones, damaging property, killing innocents in broad day light, then walking away laughing.
This asshole 19 year old AMIR, is so scared to die!! after slaughtering innocents/kids. Doesnt want to die!..? These MF'krs actually believed deep down that they could actually just walk away from all this swatzernager style... escape! well, considering what they have seen on TV recently, indian police with lathis. And, they were almost bloody right, if it takes 9 hours to get commandos from Delhi, AMIR must already be sms'ing home to keep food ready. Can you imagine this AMIR is "scared shit", "afraid to die", after all this slaughtering....

Corrupt bloody systems on both sides of the fence (politicians, police, ...) have you ever pondered:
- why do we have to deal with very very loud NAMAZ everyday at the loudest decibels in Mumbai, when supreme court has ordered it illegal. Funny, you dont hear the same in a muslim place such as Dubai!!! v. strange! We just have to accept all this crap, due to vote banks.
- why is your local MP/MLA often times from backward or minority even though the location is predominantly majority based...

I am ok with all this, as long as the majority is not constantly being used and absued over and over again...

2-weeks ago: a motorcycle rams into my car, driver is with kids in the car returning from school (Bandra), 50+ muslims decended on the car in less than 5 minutes, car beaten to pulp, driver hammered, kids manage to run to a pizza place after being roughed up but "spared", police refuse to file FIR against rioters afraid to offend local minority politician, instead we must cough up some funds to police to save driver and placate the blood thirsty crowd, police insist on keeping driver for 4-5 days for safety, lest he be linched.... WELCOME to India... aapkaa swagat hai... we live with this everyday... and life goes on... launch satelites and clap on great progress... Can we please address the basic problems!!

so, we are complacent....... world knows, ISI knows and ISI has come to India...

UNLESS we completely REVOLT, things will only get worse. Dont JUST sit in front of TV sets watching news, dont JUST blog....

INDIA.... PAKISTAN.... PUBLIC!!!! WAKE UP... this is FINAL WAKE UP CALL!!!!! (maybe, before Nuclear explosions..). Stop bickering and hit at the root.

PAKISTANIS, Pl support us in FINISHING UP FUNDAMENTALISM in YOUR COUNTRY including ISI.... when Indian Army arrives, support them, and jointly finish off the evil forces!!


Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 01:12 AM

instead of blaming the inhuman acts of the terrrorists aided and abetted by PAK & ISI,we must secure our selves to protect the country against such attacks from sea,land or is high time that our weak political leadership give full power and support to the armed forces to tackle internal as well as external atacks with strong repulsive attacks,either defensive and / or offensive.If it is convincingly proved that Pakistan is indeed sponsoring the attacks,then we must attack the enemy once and for all.we must learn something from Israel,which brooks no nonsense eventhough surrunded by islamic countries.these coward people respect only strength.Gandhian principles are not valid any more in the present times.

Posted by Ram.S.Chandran November 30, 08 01:14 AM

Any terrorist activity is not possible without local help
Indian muslims are helping these terrorist thayts ashame on India
All the muslim leages in India should wake up and stop this
or else we will be killng each other in near future and pakistani muslims will laugh at us
thats wat they want...

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 01:14 AM

Coward & jealous , are basic of all the religion reasons they say or will say... :(

Posted by denny November 30, 08 01:16 AM

For all those pakistanis who have posted ur comments, Just one simple question
when u know ur not a culprit y the pakistan goverment backed out by the decision to send the ISI chief ??

I will answer
It shows ur cowardness, when the fact came out You people are scared & ur answerable , u dont have any answer to our questions, to our proof that the terroist (may be jihadis for u) came from karachi, wake up guys & think If your brother , ur mother any one of ur family member would have been in that hotel wat would have gone through your heart, Killing innocent people is not bravery its just a coward act.

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 01:21 AM

First and foremost, we should salute the bravery and courage of the Indian Army and commandos who have risked their lives once again to save the lives of 1000 more of us! I just want to tell those of you who are calling the Indian Army inefficient, that we should keep in mind that they are the only people who dared to go ahead, risking their own lives to save other people while the rest of us could do nothing more than reading the news updates! I sincerely salute those who have fought and lost their lives for us!
And I really do not understand that where do these big-shot politicians go during such crisis..they are no where to be found!! Its time for the nations to unite and together fight these worms cause this is affecting them all...Bhagwan jaane kab ayega woh din!

Posted by Indian November 30, 08 01:23 AM

We should not blame our politician because they are there because we voted them that too only 34% people slected them and rest 66% complaining about them.
If we want to change the nation then please don't sleep on election day.
That's is the only solution for problem in democrocy.

Posted by sukrut November 30, 08 01:23 AM

Now the names of all the circumscribed terrorists from Pak are out.will the Teestas,Lalus,mullahs,shabanas,all khans of Bollyhood etc at least now bring out a repentant peace march to condemn this act of their most peacefull biradars--never???All terrorists are now laughing all the way to Paradise to claim their rewards of 72 virgins etc. Unfortunately no other religion can match such sensuous rewards to recruit their fighters.Wish Sena & others also start a new religion with better rewards ( more virgins,laptops,vodka,belly dancers etc) to match these jihadis. Do you know-that -in 1985 the calcutta high court had decided to ban their book for directly inducing terrorism but the govt dropped it? See in google for more info. Shall we expect a peace march now by the most peacefull religionists
to denounce & condemn the alq's,tabligs,lashkars,mujahs,??never


Posted by hisbu November 30, 08 01:28 AM

During the current (sad) terrorist attacks in Mumbai- why didnt the great Raj Thakeray call on his MN Sena (Army) to rescue the city ? ; why did the INDIAN Army (plz read Indian=North, South, East and West India) have to come to the rescue ? The country is ashamed to have leaders of his mentality.

Posted by Kuunal November 30, 08 01:31 AM

With all due respect to the Shivsainiks and RSS and their so called leaders !!!! Wonder where they were when Mumbai needed them most. Instead of fighting with their own countrymen, people of Mumbai would have liked to see them in action durint the days of the terror ! But we did not hear even a word from them !! Wonder why?! SCARED shitless?!!! Or planning something? Whatever it is they better do something for their Amchi Mumbai instead of sitiing with their tails!! between their legs !!!!!

Posted by STC November 30, 08 01:31 AM

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

This is not Jihad........(hiding and killing innocent people) no way this is not jihad
These bloody people are not Muslims ...(it is not our fault that they born as Muslims)
Islam means peace .We dont have any right to kill
Please do not blame MUSLIMS ...PLEASE ...
They are not Muslims ..if they are muslims they dont have any right to do all these bloody things...if they are muslims they will definetly protect the country ,it is a part of iman..
How they entered in our country .. iam 100% sure they got support from indian political leaders.....
and also one gun man was wearing red cord on the wrist is enough proof that he is not Muslim
Instead of blaming any religion,please we all together will pray for the peace of our country

Posted by Fathima November 30, 08 01:31 AM

Amazing photos, congrats for the photographer for this, and very sad for those who loose there lives and all my heartly condolense for their families. This is time to wake up against the terrorist and the same time the govt should take prior action against them, BUT why only ATS top officials targetted, there is another hand looking behind of this, RSS and its alliance, may be. Let us see what the govt wish is.

Posted by bhai_jaan November 30, 08 01:33 AM

so the biggest proof for my pakistani friends is thread on the wrist of terrorist.
wat about the continuos calls made from pakistan on their sattelite phones???

Posted by jitin November 30, 08 01:40 AM

the pictures were very sad and devastating.its brings in a lot of courage 4 the photographers to be there ,feel it and come out of it safely. all politicians r responsible 4 this disaster.they should be put into this situation to understand the seriousness of the disaster.HATS OFF to our NSG, FIRE PERSONNEL,POLICEMEN, AND ALL OUR OTHER PERSONNEL who helped mumbai and mumbaikars from these terrorists.

Posted by hiral sanghvi November 30, 08 01:41 AM

Its Horrible Incedent in India.

Posted by Revanth Madastu November 30, 08 01:47 AM

We all Indians hope that this latest attack by terrorists originating from Pakistani soil in India will open the eyes of our politicians and they will work together with the world powers to end the terror outfits in Pakistan Intelligence Agencies.

If something like this happens in a country like USA and if they find out terrorists originated from Pakistan they will surely take serious steps to eliminate the problem from is roots in Pakistan with or without the will of Pakistani government.

Lets see if Indian government shows that courage or they will still be just be complaining against Pakistan just in words as they have done so many times now in the past. If they repeat the same its shame on all Indians who will be known world over as cowards. Indian politicians learn something from your new allies USA

Posted by Paul November 30, 08 01:50 AM

Mumbai people have been more than resiliant in the past but enough is enough! Terrorism of this magnetude needs a vigourous response. This is an attack not only on the development of an emerging economy but on humanity.
What happened to us is devastating, and it's time we get political maturity. Politicians wake up, and stop palying the blame game!!!

Posted by An Indian, Mumbai. November 30, 08 01:57 AM

i really appreciate the media people and the cameramen behind these photos!!! thnk u so much!!! may lord bless u guys... i m sure these photographs will surely awaken one out of a thousand

Posted by mayuri ghosh November 30, 08 01:58 AM

Horrifying times these are.Pictures bring back thsoe horrible hours when we were all glued to the TV waiting for some good news.But so sad that so many innocents have been killed.At the same time media should not give so much inofrmation which so many people can access about the loopholes!

Posted by Kalpana November 30, 08 01:59 AM

Actually i am also shocked to see terrorist wearing red chord in his hand which is worn by hindus, muslim never worn like these, If police or authority is misleading media or people then real terrorist will escape and find new way to terrorise people, CATCH real terrorist and hang him in public,but please dont do injustice to innocent people,\
lets HANG AFZAL IN PUBLIC because he is terrorist who attack our parliament.

Posted by oolala November 30, 08 01:59 AM

Solution. Kill violence. Violence begets violence. No matter which part of the world, Palestine, Afghanistan or Kashmir. All religions hate violence especially Islam. Violence is a short term answer, which extends the erradication of the problem.
Educate the people , and eradicate poverty.
After Germany was defeated the Americans did not exterminate the Germans. After Japan was defeated In WW II the Japanese were not humbled. The Turks did not do the same for the Kurds.
Use "brain power" not "muscle power".Do not escalate the problem.

Posted by Tom Brown November 30, 08 02:04 AM

First of all the what does the Media get out of blowing out the cover of whatever positions out armed forces take? Is the media with the terrorists or with the country?
e.g. "Snipers have taken positions in the surrounding buildiings",
"commandos have just entered the Taj building", "comandos are preparing to launch an attack after at end of the day"........e.t.c.
What does the public benifit out of knowing all this? Just that the media is putting in danger the lives of our brave forces that are trying to save us from such evil. Its about time a law should be made to prevent this kind of dumbness that the media so call news.

Posted by Raylon November 30, 08 02:06 AM

It is SAD to see so much hatred. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT
Lets unite against violance of all kinds.

Think what Ghandi Ji would have done

Posted by human November 30, 08 02:07 AM

Well Hat's off to the brave Army/Mumbai Police/RAF/NSG/TAJ/Oberoi/ personals who saved the people of Mumbai and foreign nationals from the Terrorist, without their efforts it could not have been possible. I wish the captures terrorist, after getting all the vital information would have been handed over to the Mumbai public, so that they handle him properly.
At the same time I also feel sad for the NSG personals (who saved Mumbai) who were brought in a normal ST bus.

Posted by VN November 30, 08 02:09 AM

superb work done by the photographers
obviously its all horrible bt.........the wrk done is great

v al can never forget ds black day.......

may all souls rest in peace.......

Posted by Monika November 30, 08 02:11 AM

The terrorist that was caught by the indians accepted that he belongs to Hyderabad Deccan. So, it is clear that he was an indian. Don't blame Pakistan for your inadequacies. Indians are claiming that the terrorists came from pakistan in speed boats. Where is the proof? Indian navy is well organized. A few years ago a Pakistani ship caught some indian fisherman ships that were crossing the pakistani border illegally. After a while, 2 indian navy ships along with a navy airplane came overthere and asked Pakistani ships to release the fishermen. They said they keep an eye on their borders and are capable enough to spot anyone crossing the border. How did a navy capable enough did'nt saw speed boats entering their border? It is stupid to say that th terrorists came from pakistan on speed boats and covered the whole distance in 36 hours.

A few years ago when the train blasts took place in india, indians started blaming on Pakistan. But, after sometime one of their on duty military officials was found involved in those attacks. At another incident, another indian military official was found involved. There are more than 300 hundred groups inside india who want to get separated from india. What happened in mumbai could have been done by them.

I would like to say that whatever muslims do is the reaction to what others have done to them. Look what is happening in Kashmir, daily 2 or 3 people are killed, iraq, average killing rate was between 40-50, palestine, where is palestine, is it on the map of the world? nobody knows. Why does'nt anyone takes a notice of the Muslim massacre that is being done in these countries? We muslims are not extremist you people are extremists.

Each and every child of pakistan knows how to protect his country and fight for his country. We have shown it before in the previous wars with india and we will show it again. Allah has always helped us and inshallah he will help us again.

Posted by Faraz Abdullah November 30, 08 02:14 AM

i feel sorry for the kids who were brain washed and sent to mumbai to kill their fellow human beings
Real terrorists are probably preparing the next batch in some madarsa/masjid.

Shame that it is so easy to brainwash young minds in poor countries

they say politics is short term religion and religion is long term politics
in my opinion islam is the champion in politics .. surly it does not preach violence
but the more i look at the practice the more i get fascinated by the mind who came up with this politics

i wonder when will people of pakistan and other islamic states start questioning
"what has islam given to them"

out of all the muslims i know i cant think of any who will dare to ask that question because they are too afraid

their way of living was defined hundreds of years back in a cave and they dont let their kids think outside that boundary

my heart cried for the mother who lost her two kids shown in these photos

i dont know what is the solution to this problem but in my opinion "the solution" can only come from within the islamic society
they need a leader who can show them the path to peace and prosperity ... more violence will only make the situation worst

Posted by Tanatan November 30, 08 02:15 AM


Posted by NAGALAKSMI,MYSORE. November 30, 08 02:19 AM

really horrible

Posted by srinivas November 30, 08 02:23 AM

It's time India respond - a military acion ! Nothing else !

Posted by MC Binoy November 30, 08 02:24 AM

Its time to make more + ves out of this - ve incident. Let us frustrate these idiots with our self dicipline, love, service to the mankind and carry forward the charm of democracy. Let us keep region, religion, caste, sect and even god aside and put our mother India in the fore front. Our internal unity is more important to fight these external elements.

Posted by Nirmalanathan November 30, 08 02:24 AM

it seems we are not safe in our own country...well in fact it is true. no one is safe. its not a ques of relegion. its man killing man. and it is just HORRIBLE. can anybody tell why the top cops of india were specifically killed? its all political.... and we are the sufferers. they give us a reason to fight.. relegion ! but we must understand the truth. we shud be united.
this link shows how hemant karkare recvd threat calls 3 days before he was killed.
the least we can do is pray!! God bless the departed souls.

Posted by shefali November 30, 08 02:27 AM

We all Pakistanis strongly condemn the incidents of violence in Mumbai. Our grieves are with the families and friends of those killed and injured but India should shown responsibility on this barbaric act , instead of trying to exploit the situation for political gains. In previous all cases they have acted like this, but later it all proved wrong. "We should avoid a replay of that beaten track of the blame game."
I am saying it again, We condemn it, the whole Pakistani nation has condemned it.
God bless us all!

Posted by Kamran Ali Asghar November 30, 08 02:30 AM

According to tales and movies India is a country which depends and wait for ONE hero to act and make a difference. This theory is repeated over and over in folk tales, and bollywood movies. One hero taking over corrupt politicians or villans while the impotent sidies and janata watches on helplessly. We have finally seen that there is a hero in all of us, we witnessed heroic acts of security personals, hotel staffs, firemen, hospital staff and general public who did what needed to be done without waiting for that someone. There is no point blaming the politicians - we citizens vote for them, elect them to represent us despite being aware of the fact that they are bunch of corrupt parasites. The responsibility of prosperity, peace, stability etc lies with each citizen of a country. So wake up India and cremate your callousness, your indifference towards your own country. No more apne ko kya karne ka hai, kaun lafde main padega, jeb garam karke kam nibtao mentality will not cut it anymore. Finally to all our fellow indians who happen to follow Islam - actions speak louder than words and right now you are letting the actions of Islamic terrorist speak louder than your loyalty towards your country. Speak up against these elements who are bent upon mutilating our matribhumi. For the likes of Thakrey's you guys should appear on the most wanted terrorist list because you want to divide the country based on what - LANGUAGE - you guys are a disgrace to India.

Posted by MB November 30, 08 02:31 AM

May please our dear Politicians, like Mr. Amar Singh, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad, Abu Azmi please come forward and explain to us how and why Muslims are not responsible for these latest terror attacks.

Posted by WhyShouldYouAsk November 30, 08 02:32 AM

I am no more in India but don't really know why I miss my country all the time. Issues like this shake my believe to return back. It is further more disappointing that one government say bring POTA and another denies it just for cheap publicity.

After so many terror episodes in our country, l don’t know why our governance denies rough regulations against terror. What prevents our country from being America and screw Pakistan for once and for all.......

Posted by nilesh November 30, 08 02:40 AM

I think the Indan Govt should learn from the US and authorize 'strikes' against the Lashkar e toiba and other terrorist groups that commit crimes against India. Thats the way to dissuade terrorism.

Posted by Binu Azeez November 30, 08 02:42 AM

@738 The thread on the wrist was just a disguise to appear as local fisherman. They had done meticulous planning. See this:
And just stop making lame excuses, sire. Please confront the reality.

Posted by sad soul November 30, 08 02:44 AM

Taem , Again we proved we are indians , yes last month same mumbai facing the south indian and north indian problem but now we are indian

Posted by Elumalai G November 30, 08 02:47 AM

These are really sad pictures that one can see..reading all the comment of people all over the world..some are saying things to muslims and others are blaming the hindus...but has anyone thought who are making these people terrorist? why are they killing innocent people? It is to think how did these people manage to come inside our country if they say they are Pakistani's then how come they are hear because of our country people been corrupted ...i believe its not the muslims or hindus issue here it is 100% political issue here and we have our top people involved in this our so CALLED GREAT POLITICIANS. I am posting this link please everyone read this
This is all done to press the case of the malegoan...I feel really sad and depressed seeing all this.This is our country and i suppose we the citizen should really do something about it now.If not now then this will go on and on take out and throw away the corrupt politicians.If these politicians family or relative were in the attack how will they have reacted im sure they would have been crying outside some hospital like how the other poor and innocent people are.Think about the country not about your pockets and position.One day you also have to die do something good for someone once.
What guarantee do they give us for the security of a common man will we be able to go out and walk freely or will they tourist come to our country now.ABout Muslims..ISLAM doesn't say that we have to kill innocent people ISLAM says fight against the wrong.These politicians use religion against us common people.People open your eyes and stop fighting with each other on the name of religion.Get united and clean up the mess ourselves,it is we who elect these politicians.
I was watching on the news channel how the commandos rescued the people but i was very upset to see that our military was not using modern technology we don't use gadgets saw on TV how the commandos were using a stick to move the curtain ..i mean what the hell are we such a poor country we can't afford new technology.And we always forget that we have our military we just remember them when someone dies or something like this happens .I strongly feel the govt should have these kind of people as a team.

Posted by KH November 30, 08 02:49 AM

Islam is the only religion followers of which attack and kill non-muslims in the name of religion and their so called jihad. Followers of no other religion go around the world with guns and bombs with intention of killing people belonging to other religions.

Have you heard of any group of Christians going to an Islamic country and killing people because they are of a different religion. Have you ever seen or heard a group of Hindus going to USA with intention of killing.

To me it looks like there is some fault in the teachings of Islam. All these Muslim Militants mention of Jihad, which is nothing but a religious teaching given to them by their religious leaders, and these religious leaders are definitely learned people who follow teachings of their holy book.

I feel like laughing, when I read posts by Muslims saying what their holy book says, and blames non-muslims for not reading their holy book before posting such comments as that of mine.

Dear Muslim writers, please keep your holy book with you and please let us keep our holy books with us. You follow yours and we follow ours. You are happy with yours, we are happy with ours. Please do not take extra steps to make others read your book. No sooner you stop intentions of teaching your holy book to the others, the world instantly will become a holy place.

Shabana Azmi(S) and Mahesh Bhatt(S) and Javed Akhtar(S) of this country, please note.

Posted by WhyShouldYouAsk November 30, 08 02:53 AM

Our forces are brave no doubt . I salute them. But what about the politicians who are hungry of money and can be bought on a certain price. Just look at the wealth they have accomolated . You will understand the reality of life in India.

Posted by P.N.Sharma November 30, 08 02:58 AM

it's really sad. my heart goes out to everyone--Indian or not--who died, or lost someone from this tragedy.

#28 - stark contrast from all the carnage that went on. the dog was totally oblivious to it all.
#29 - it's always heartwarming to see children in these trying times, moreso as they are united, all praying to end this.

i hope this isn't a preview of more things to come.

Posted by lg November 30, 08 02:59 AM

We just do not want to know what your Holy Books Says.
Please leave India and its peace loving people alone.

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 03:00 AM

This is not the time for debate,focuss the persons who behind of this attack and eliminating them asap.Otherwise as usall indian politicians declearing statements it will cause an other incident.

Posted by Ragesh November 30, 08 03:01 AM

its really cowerdly act of distorted people,by such type of heinus acts the whole
mankind is heading towards the disaster.
I pray to almighty God don't forgive to all misscreants, jihadi militants and those who suppoets them as well.

God bless to those who believe in humanity,peace,justice,values and progress.

Posted by Yadvendra yadav November 30, 08 03:01 AM

Let us keep the present in perspective. Now is the time to grieve and express our sorrow for those who have lost their lives. We must remember these events and never forget them. Our children must know of what happened so they can guide themselves to avoid such atrocities in their lives. We must now pray, pray for those who perished and pray for peace in our future.

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Jew are just labels. These labels cloud who we are, and what we stand for as human beings. We cannot, and will not let the actions of a few create divisions within the majority. No God sanctions killing. Those that perpetrate such acts have lost their connection to God. They can stand in the bright sunlight of midday and be blinded in darkness. We will not let them block our light.

It is our responsibility to overcome hate, racial and religious stereotypes and seek out truth. Let us, the good people of the Earth who believe in peace, stand up and march for our beliefs. We march without guns, without grenades, and without hate, and our numbers grow because our appeal lies deep within the heart. It is time for the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Jews to march together for peace; to show their strength not as followers of their religion but as members of the human race - the greatest race ever to walk on the face of the Earth. Please open your heart and march with us.

Posted by WGI November 30, 08 03:01 AM

they were not Muslims..........this is the war between two country should not bring that in here.............

Posted by 739 November 30, 08 03:03 AM

739. Its sad to see that that so many human lives R gone be it from any where in the world,as long they were Human,My condolences R with the family who have syffered this great loss and I salute the brave who fought this war and gave there life for the country.
After saying all this I must pen my openion on the few things which i feel R wromg in my country which I am proud of.
1)its sad to see we indians fighting betwween ourselves foe no reason,we copy the west but we do not copy there unity between them very SAD
2)we have people of political backgrounds who R fighting for mother tounge where if we see to day majority of the commandos and other personal were from outside the state of maharastra and they hand in hand with the local forces helped too bring peace in MUMBAI.Think wht it proves The Thackray family
3)We have ministers who R good at talking but have they ever suffered wht the public is suffering on day to day basis have there children been in the armed forces or police to see what life those people have,its easy to comment on the negative of the personal who lay there lifes for those whom they dont even know.
4) They make slogans TO FIGHT TERRISIM please vote for BJP or CONGRESS
do they even know the ABCD of what they say.
5)Why cant they send ther children to the forces and set an example for the rest
6)why do not people of INDIA (HINDUSTAN) boycott the elections totaly as its better to be under a army rule and feel pprotected than with the old haggards who R still wanting to be rulers of the country and run it with there feet in the grave.
6)I did not see or hear even one of those smart politicians who shout on the mikes every day in front of the poor farmers and villagers and beg for votes and in the end make a palace and fortune for them ,not even once they were ther for the support of there people thinking they might be one on e of the victims .the cowards as they R good for nothing.
7)we have defence ministers who know nothing of defence who have never fought the war or taken a bullet or let there family be in the defence,or police.
why cant we let the ex general be a defence minister there have been great ones in the defence sevices.
8) we have our poor police personall who cant even meet there two ends and people expect the world from them.They have family ,children dreams but two feed that family or send his children to school that poor police jawan has to get into wrong means of getting his ends meet.
9)polce lines where u have jawans staying has a minister ever eaten in there canteen where deside a Dal and roti rest he has to fund himself.
he has no shoes to wear for protection of his own and public he has a batton in hand,and when any thing goes wrong we all blame them.
10)has the so called Govt./ministers/home minister ever thought to give them the best in uniform accomadation,food ,education ,salary if all that is provided why will any body adhere to wrong doings but i guess our POOR ministers have to get there valts filled first and they R so greedy that they R never satisfied.
11) Why cant the biggest democracy of the world the people of INDIA decide to retire a minister like antother govt.servant at the age of 60.and pay him pension.
why cant they decide that the burocrats should me leading the important ministries like defence, home,finance,national security etc
12)why cant all ministers be graduates and havea knowledge of atleast to major languages that is english and hindi before allowing them to come in politics.
13)why cant we stop blameing the neighbours for any wrong doings and first secure our own house/country.
why cant we be prepared for the worst and train every body in the country to be skilled and brave to handle our own house.
why cant our kids at a certain age be given compulary army training before joining the college even 1yr is enough for our young ones to be strong and make the country strong and healthy thinking.
and learn from the other countries who we copy for all the wrong things
and remeber USA after that one attack has kept them selves very secure and strong and avoided any other major attacks but then if INDIA does not have all this then who will vote for OUR MINISTERS HAhahaha,what a joke

Posted by mickey November 30, 08 03:04 AM

I deeply condemn the incident happend in my country - India... These politicians and terrorists have killed innocent people.. who dont bother about the politics.. Thakrey infulence should end in India..NOWWW AT LEAST.. we have seen what a coward he is... He gives speaches and mis leads the Indians being within his security .. Why dont people realise... he is making OUR COUNTRY so insecure... Given a chance to have a say, I would hand over INDIA "My country" to the Indian Army and Black cat commandos who should such a wonderful team work and successfully stood by OUR NATION and our people... Democratic rule SUCKS !!!

Posted by An Indian November 30, 08 03:09 AM

All over the country there is praise for our brave soldiers who got the situation under control in Mumbai. For these brave soldiers, i think there is some sanity existing in our country. But i think that we as a country only do lip service by just remembering these soldiers only during the calamity, be it Kargil war or Mumbai attack. Because once the event is over they are conveniently forgotton. When it comes to give better renumerations to them and recognise there worth we develop a cold feet. Case in point is the sixth pay commision. The irony is the Armed Forces are fighting for status parity and better pay. Is it not a shame that
these people who give there life for us are trampled by the bBureaucrats and Politicians.

Posted by alinsaha November 30, 08 03:10 AM

@664 There may be extremists in all religions but some religions have a much higher propensity to promote extremism than others, and Islam happens to be at the top of the ladder. It is meaningless to treat presence or absence of extremism as a binary switch. Quantitatively speaking, Islam has the highest extremism because it is the most intolerant of all religions.

Posted by Varun November 30, 08 03:11 AM

all of you who rave and rant about religion,islam,hinduism,corrupt politicians and what not forget a simple fact. terror is all about power. it is a new method of waging a war. the objective of terror attacks is to shake the targeted nations. the masterminds that send young lads to wage such terror wars are fully aware that they cannot wage a fullscale war against america,india or israel. pakistan has resorted to a low intensity war against india only after three defeats in full scale wars. the americans have helped the pakistan isi develop terror capabilties. the world cannot forget that the americans fully backed the afghan mujahideens via the isi. the americans have backed pakistani dictators like zia and musharraf and looked the other way when the nuclear bomb was being assembled. pakistan as a country has always been rewarded for this role. even in the war on terror, the isi made money by handing over thousands of terrorists while keeping the taliban and the al qaeda top brass safe. true the indian politicians are to be blamed. they have not helped their cause. they have not created a security apparatus that is held in awe like their army. the solution for india lies in creating a security apparatus that inspires the same awe and respect which is commanded by the indian army. just as the pakistani military mulls the military option against india several times over, similarly india would not be safe from terror attacks unless the security apparatus is strengthened to the extent that all terrorists have to think several times over before they launch such an audacious attack. right now, they get away with impunity. of course, it has to be remembered that terrorists will always keep chaing their tactics. this time they shunned the hit and run approach, and choose a target in which they could entrench themselves and wage a war so that maximum damage could be caused by using limited manpower.

Posted by anil bhopal November 30, 08 03:15 AM

i will request all person Please don't make this as HINDU - MUSLIM comment issue. This is external attack at least be unite this time.
This is terrorist attack form the terrorist , who are grown up at training center at PAKISATAN by ISI or some terrorist organization.
And I think motive of this was to move pakistan army from afganistan border to indian border.
I think we should make a plan with US/to destroy this groups in PAKISTAN.

Posted by vijay November 30, 08 03:19 AM

i salute for my Indian army.
and want to spit on congress who will be more happy now, becoz they like killing of innocent people.
On question of hindu extremist i want to tell that they never initiate violence but not replying for killing our people will be considerred as cowardness.
Worst religion in world currently is followed by terrorist, and this religion sud look in its basics. Not only indian but everybody in world hate them why?????? one community can have misperception but not whole world. So terrorist community and religion require thinking...........................................

Posted by peace November 30, 08 03:21 AM

Why these Terrorists not attacking these Polititians ????? Whether it is their act before elections????

Posted by sai November 30, 08 03:29 AM

Nice pics you took as far as blogging..although the topic and what it contains.. really, really sad. I hope all the survivors get through all of this and do not let this horrifying experience ruin their lives that got damaged. I hope the photographer/s did not get shot or killed in some other way.

I will be posting an article on this on my site soon.


Posted by Nurse Jen Doll November 30, 08 03:32 AM

My request to all who gave comments on muslim they should know that even many muslims have died in this attack. The aim of the terrorism not on any religion it's only on nation. You can say pakistani or whatever but dont say muslim since terrorism doesn't have any religion.

Posted by naaz November 30, 08 03:34 AM


The Indian political & beaurocratic system is corrupt, impotent and vision less. Nobody has taken cognizance of the people behind Indian forces, intelligence& policing. Vis-a-vis the global scenario, they are underpaid while being strapped to diverse situations of transfers and lengthy hours of work in unfriendly & unprofessional working atmosphere. Basic amenities, infrastructure, ward facilities, etc etc are absent, thereby providing sufficient room for dishonesty to creep in the minds of even honest people, coz they need to survive, give their families the best and hold on to their job despite their dislike. These are the people who are victims of bribe in various forms. A modest financial security followed by creating more employment in the forces would bring the required breathing space and respect by the armed forces be it at the border or at administrative levels.

The way the recent terrorist activity has been carried out, shows that Indian hands were greased without which the terrorist mission would not have found their way so easily. Why did the money change hands? YES, it surely is venomous & to be condemned, but the Indian Government has not done much to improve their lives through which a patriotic inhabitance could spring..........My message to the parliament - "Analyze, Introspect, then improve things at home, and you shall have more honesty in your citizens thereby uprooting corruption at macro level". Today it takes money to survive and anybody and everybody wants to be like the other. If the government does not think about these realities, such corrupt and sinful practice shall continue and more innocent lives shall be taken on account of an ignorant government. The country has ample room to employment in policing at grass root level, yet they prefer to have the current incompetent work force to execute their job profiles for 13 to 16 hrs a day. How can you expect to have proper policing? In average India has 1 police for 1000 citizens. Do we actually have a employment issue at hand?

India is a great country but in the hands of people who have no vision, limited education, criminal backgrounds and greedy minds. The supreme court and the President of our country would need to take firm decisions to improve life of common citizens and introduce acts that scare defaulters to death, bring stern electoral reforms, introduce eligibility criteria for candidates standing for elections, compulsion to vote and an innovative way of easy and convenient voting process. Unless the two important country heads don't intervene and enforce alterations to the constitution, the political parties shall take leverage of the liberal democratic system and exploit the Indian masses for their vested interests and the show will carry on and one day turn into a nightmare................. Please Change the attitude and blindness towards these important clauses.

The Muslim Leaders at all levels, be it clerics, mullahs, politicians and world leaders around the world SHOULD sit and denounce terrorism and crime at all levels. They need to take the entire Muslim community around the globe in confidence to uproot and resist crime & criminals from their society or else Muslims shall loose their identity as good and patriotic people. It is true that every Muslim is not a Terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim. Muslim leaders do have a task in hand in order to save the identity of the entire community.

I together with my friends, family and foes SALUTE the brave soldiers who risked their lives for common man. Hope the government takes positive and quick action on providing all assistance in every form to the families of those died in this unfortunate terrorist strike.

The time taken to squash the nefarious designs of the terrorists need alot more thinking on our competency.. The world glared at India does sympathizes with us but they are also talking on our capabilities, intelligence, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc



Posted by Daryl Pereira November 30, 08 03:34 AM

The heart feel very low after seeing the pics.....all those 3 tragic days....i was stuck to my TV and watched the every single news which came from various me.....there is no point in condeming the they are not going to learn anything from this......but i strongly feel that it's time for all indians to stand against all this nonsense and build a momentum.....
I would advocate.....we need a strong a dynamic team of leaders to run the country....who can serve the country with passion and zeal....
It's time to attack training camps across the border in POK and also teach some lessons to Bangladeshi's...would you believe that both were...our part some years ago....very sad....
We salute our solidiers and hate our poloticians and policy makers.....

Posted by satinder November 30, 08 03:38 AM

If you look at the basic content of all religions (all peaceful religions) they have one universal message. do what is right, just and peaceful. Speak the truth. Love others more than yourself. Share what you can. your love. Help others. All of these acts brings you in alignment with the "Creative force of the Creator". Who is the creator? Look around u! A billions of "types" of creations!!!. Live in alignment with the Creators laws and you will be blessed with the best in this life. Enough to inspire others or nations around you.

What beauty is there in blood that bleeds from a father or a son? What is inspiring about these acts. If the Koran teaches Jihad and if this is the actual end result of Jihad, then by golly you are stupid to practice it. Jihad as a concept is downright stupid.

All that is good is a narrow path. All that is evil is easy to practice and spread. Pay a little attention to what is good and you and your generation and your country and your nation and the world will be a better place. I have noticed the Indians to be a peaceful type. We are not war mongers. Just watch and see. we will truly be a great nation. That superpower bullshit, but a great nation.

Let this be a reason to see and practice Love and caring. Let us look at these pictures and know that violence does not pay in any way. Love you all.

Posted by Mathew G November 30, 08 03:43 AM


Here comes our answer.....we will come back harder than ever....

Posted by Indian November 30, 08 03:45 AM

I have heard that India has all the power to destroy Pakistan in 1 go!!! But are silent as they are following the footsteps of Dumb Mahathma Gandhi...
Gone are the days when terror could have been silenced by Ahimsa...

It is high-time now & we must stand up & reply back to these coward Pakistanis...

Shame on you, Pakistan!

The whole of the world is against you now!!!

Posted by Ambika Pai November 30, 08 03:46 AM

To say that Christianity is second to Islam in it's terroism only proves one's ignorance. Do you have any idea what kind of atrocities have been committed by the "secular" world? Hitler and his millions, Stalin and his 10s of millions, ... and please note that the greatest death toll can be laid at the feet of Communism world wide. Ask yourself, "Why has the world gone mad?" and "Why has it escalated so recently?" Ask yourself who said this, "You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighborand hate your enemy.’ but I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, ... “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ ghbor as yourself." A scary thought huh.

Posted by Jese November 30, 08 03:51 AM

Very hilarious & Shocking !!

Posted by Khaladkar V V November 30, 08 03:52 AM

no point in ponting fingers , Indian Govt knows the place of root cause .
why can't we take action , we need whole world to support this cause .
just elimminate them

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 03:53 AM

Seriously not tolerable incident... the government should take initiative after losing its personnel, its public, its goodwill, its image around the world and its dignity.....

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 03:57 AM

In response to #738
looks like this is what you guys will say in your coming friday bayans in masjid and make your youth believe in it ... and your youth will go back home hating hindus for committing such a crime
i feel sorry for you and your muslim community
hope your community finds a brave leader who accepts there are problems within and brings the community out of this hole else there are some tough time ahead for the world

Posted by Tanatan November 30, 08 03:59 AM

Folks.........It is very annoying to see comments from an educated people about religion/ blaming on countries,........who dont even have a sense to see that it is a crime against a humanity and whatever or whomsover or whichever does it is unacceptable.............

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 03:59 AM

All I could see from the posted messages that most of them are posted on an instant outrage basis - few have taken pains to really think about the core reasons/possiblities of such a ghastly attack. No point in blaming any perticular religion at the onset of investigation; because everybody's guess is as other's. Following could be possiblities of the culprits/reasons who did this:
1. Politicians from Opposition Parities (BJP)
The targetted killing of Hemant Karkare speaks volumes. Advani wants to be PM by any means before he retires to arthi.
2. Mosad/CIA
The so called "war on terror" by the American & Allies has failed to its bones. They do not need Pakistan anymore as a strategic partner. Pak has already been so much into its own home grown problems that it cant serve it lords. USA & Israel want to eliminate the Nukes from Pak. The best launch pad for them to do that is nothing but the arch rival India!! They dont loose anything. No matter if we fight another war with pak.
3. Home Grown Muslim Extremists
The barberic killing of some 2500 muslims in Gujrat by the ruling party and non existence of the justice for the victims so far (apart fromt the revelation of many inside stories by The attrocities of the biased police on Muslims in connection to every of the blasts in India, irrespective of the venue and nature.
4. Kashmiris
Why we dont let them excercise their right to choose their own government? The UN resolutions are very much clear - yet using excessive force by us to pacify the lingering/imposed issue is creating/producing tons of extremists on daily basis.
5. Pakistan (ISI)
They are in trouble around all the angles until the neck. It is least possible that they do this stupidness to divert the intention of their public. Atleast not officially. ISI could do that as its track record says a lot.
Apart from all that - one needs to think quitely that we, as a secular nation, leaving behind a population(muslim) of almost 15/20% just because we dont like their faces? Satchar Report is quite evident. What Cong gov has done in its tenure of 40/45 year for muslim? I dont know why muslims vote cong??? Animosity with muslims is on BJP agenda, but Cong blood suckers too are good for nothing.
The muslims have too shed their blood for their motherland, India. Few know that there were thousands of muslim Ulemas from Deoband who died during the first uprising in 1857. They lost their lives for their motherland acting on a Fatwa who pushed them to fight against British.
What i m trying to say is, just give a second thought before jumping to conclusions. Implicating muslims in every of the wrongdoing is doing worst than u imagine. If u again victimise muslims, u wont create gentlemen, they would b nothing different than the one's we dont want to see. Just dont follow the criminal and barberic stand taken by the west against muslims without any proved guilt - either it is in Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnia, Afghanistan.
For sure we too may sink in abyss as USA is going to be - if we follow its trail.

Posted by An Indian November 30, 08 04:05 AM

@ Nadaz (comment no 738)
I've read all the comments - agreeing with some, disgreeing with some others - but none of them made me wanna scream and hit back as much as yours!!!

I believe that terrorism has no religion - its politics and power play behind it. And i DO NOT believe that one can blame all Muslims for acts of terrorism across the world. Neither do i think that Hindus are not capable of such acts.

Hindu youngsters also get brainwashed into committing heinous acts of violence. I believe what's needed to stop this at the grassroot level is proper education. And equal opportunities — based, of course, on merit nurtured by education.

And the greater cause of concern here i think is not what the man's wearing but that he's a young guy. Whatever religion he belongs to, he is too young to be doing all this. To be killing. Spreading hatred and violence.

And @ the other gentlemen who made the comment "He doesn't even look like a Muslim": WHAT DOES A MUSLIM LOOK LIKE, pray tell!!!!! aren't you reinforcing stereotypes here (of the way certain communities dress or keep themselves) that only encourage discrimination??????!!!!!

Red 'Hindu' cord, my foot!!!! He could be wearing bangles for all i care!!!!

I cant believe you people are trying to determine this boy's identity by his clothes, appearance etc... All you can say or do after this horrendous act of violence is try to determine if the guy in the picture is Hindu or Muslim?????!!!!! If your loved one was on the other end of his gun, would it matter to you???!!!!! Because this terrorist, at least, wasn't checking if his targets were wearing red cords or fez caps!!!

Never mind what he's wearing, man!!! Look at what he's CARRYING, what he's THINKING!!!! WHAT HE'S DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 04:16 AM

Anomynous people who like to slander religion are the problem. I have been both riled and irked by some of these disgusting racist comments. How on earth is mindless racism going to solve anything. Get a life.

Posted by Owen November 30, 08 04:17 AM

All said..well said...I understand that all these comments have come out of extreme emotions after following the current coverage by media...but pause! think what we all have done so far? Asking all Muslims of India (& the world) to prove that they are true followers of Islam! What proof we are looking for? Just a march...rally..condems and fatwas? I don't think it would help in anyway...Lets take our focus out of any it Hinduism...Islam...christianity etc. Forget what happened in history and what a particular group did. Lets move on from this debate. Focus now on how to deactivate aggression in such terrorist groups. Remember no one is born terrorist. Every one has a cause for what they do. Why not teach our kids to be friendly with all that we have in our society minus religion. If you want to practice religion..(which I believe is personal) lets practice at home with better education. Out in the part of the society, share the culture and all that you get from the nation. Be a nationalist. Be India, Pakistani, Afghanistani or bangladeshi. If we simply follow the basic preachings of any religion with our heart at the judgement (not seeking toward a so called Moulawi...Pandit etc) me, PEACE would be instant.
Lets start a new day by taking this oath that WE and only WE have to fight agianst terrorism, corruption (includes you when you try to pass the buck/bribe to a traffic policeman etc.) poor education and all that you think is bad for us and our global society.

Hats off to all those who participated actively to rescue hostages and neutralize the attack. Remember its not an attack on a city. Its an attack on Mankind from all religious/non-believers, poor/rich, young/old, men/ hasn't spared anyone and would not ever.
Don't let ourselves misguided by anyone trying to score his own individual benefits by giving non-secular it Thakerays or Gandhis or Modis or Laloos.
We all are Indians.PERIOD.

Posted by Shubrat November 30, 08 04:17 AM

Pakistan and Positron are similar. Positron Doesn't exist naturally. Is created. It eats electrons which in the first

place provided parafernelia to create it. Pakistan was created by Britishers. That's why it is against them. America is

responsible for its current existence. That's why it is against America. Pakistan is not just similar sounding it is much

more like positron. When it meets an electron (american support money) it creates two particles moving in exactly

opposite directions. One is its army and the other is its terrorist counterpart created by the same government. Its army

keeps its people silent. Its terrorists keep its neighborhood seeded. That way its army appears internationally inactive

(except taking over some Indian areas as and when the Indian chicken leadership initiated peace talks seem to take place)

while the real job is done by terrorist counter part. See what have they done to Kashmere and Afghanistan. Total momentum

remains zero so west thinks Pakistan a nice host (the byproducts of the electron annihilation is the mehman navazi

Pakistan offers to the west who are foolish enough to think of it as a great feast). They don't have any religious

support to hate Israel. It is simply that they want to channelise all the American money to Pakistan. Israel is like a

'sout' to them and they are happy as their neighboring middle east is busy with it. The overall picture of middle east

say 1% western and 99% tribal. They have never been moslem extremists. Making them so has been due to western money and

pakistani ideas. The world must realize that it is Pakistan that is the nest of extremism in the world and should be

dealt with so.

Posted by Aisa Mujhe Lagta Hai November 30, 08 04:18 AM

concerned to 738... i ll correct u mr nadz...u can go and check their passports if u want...u ll get to knw they were hindu or muslims...think before u say...nw y it cums to muslims again n again...go thru the history of these terror attacks nd u ll find hell lot of muslims invloved may they b frm any country in d world..y dont they just go and do smthng constrctive..seems they have nthn to do in their develpoment...u shud fcus on these things and try to make paki a batter livin place rather than makin a hell full of blood and terror...why juss these kinda thougts come in to their minds only...y nt other ppl...stop ur habit of beggin and snatchin frm others wateva it may and let live... MAY GOD BLESS THE SOULS OF PPL WHO WERE MADE VICTIMS...

Posted by INDIAN November 30, 08 04:22 AM

Time to unite against terrorism, and to the first step will be to unite against regional and religional poilitics,
Let us all unit to say no to those politicians who want to divided us by the name of region or by religion,
This is not the forum to spread hatred - and no one is callign for the future peace and all you guys are only talking about past and fueling for the future hatred,
Again and Again terror has no religion,
In every communitiy and in every religion there are people of terror

Posted by Mak November 30, 08 04:24 AM

for good or for bad, these F****** terrorists have united india... and divided us as well... its now indians on one side and the muslims on the other side... the present generation will be biased from now... and we will speak about islam and muslims to our kids in the same manner how our parents have spoken to us... sad but true... u Muslims will never change, will u?

Posted by INDIAN November 30, 08 04:24 AM

They are doing these kind of things on only innocent people only because they cant do anything. If they really can do any thing let them do on Indian politetions, and see.

Posted by pmr November 30, 08 04:30 AM

Anyone who has travelled/lived in Pakistan can attest to the fact that Pakistan is fractured into many many MANY political and religio-political interest groups. Because one group does something, this does not mean that most Pakistani people, or the Pakistan civil government agree with it. If the KKK went to Canada and enacted anti-Jewish/Black/Catholic/Chinese/Indian terrorist activities in Canada, would it be logical for the Canadian government to blame the US government? Maybe-- for not curbing the KKK earlier. However, a better approach for the civil governments of these two countries is to get together to fight non-state actors, regardless of their religion.

Yes, Islam is facing challenges. This is clear. Yes, the agencies are a serious issue, and their involvement is totally inadmissable. But the civil government in Pakistan recognizes this, and is obviously struggling with finding ways to curb them.

These attacks were obviously designed to forge a rift between India and Pakistan at a politically ingenious moment. These kinds of emotional responses of hatred are natural, but totally not productive. Indians--keep your heads on. You are citizens of a truly great country. But the new battle is between state and non-state actors, not between your government and the government of your brothers to the west. You should support moderate, cooperate affects.

And whatever role religion plays in this, only dialogue, not hatred will bring progress.

Posted by ujala November 30, 08 04:35 AM

The problem here is TERRORISM not ISLAM. Let me clear that point first. I admit that most of the terrorist are muslims but it does not mean that all muslim people are bad. Abdul Kalam is also a muslim, Shah Rukh Khan is also a muslim, Hassan Ghafoor, The Commissioner of Police, Mumbai is also a muslim....does it mean that all these guys are terriorist? There are many muslim commondos, who saved many of the hostages. SO THIS IS A TERRORIST ACT, NOT A MUSLIM'S. Also i would like to bring into light one important matter - MALEGAON INCIDENT. As per ATS chief Hemant Karkare ( May his soul rest in peace ), some important hindu religious heads where terrorist with a mask of innocence on their face. This was proved and he collected all their laptops and was ready to present it in the court of justice. But unfortunately he died on the next day in this attacks. If i say thtat he was killed because of this MALEGAON INVESTIGATION, noone can say 1that its not because of that. It cis possible. Why Narendra Modi gave compensation to his wife? Who is he to give? The president? or chief minister of maharashtra? This is a very bad attack. And we are all affected by it a lot. We have to stand united to take action against this. Muslim, Hindu, matter which religion we belomng to.

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 04:36 AM

738. Nadz's (Paki?) observation that the terrorist with the gun is wearing a red cord,so he is a hindu,is a red is just to divert the attention and mislead the public, just like rumour was spread that deccan mujahideen claimed the responsibility for the attack ,while it was very clear that the unholy terrorists came by a ship & then rubber boats to wreak violence to harmless public.
no need to use bad words whilst expressing the views.anyway,what can one expect from such bad guys supporting evil acts in the name of GOD & religion ?
a good muslim just like a good human being will not condone such dastardly in-
human attacks on harmless and un armed people.

Posted by Ram.S.Chandran November 30, 08 04:36 AM

What you sow, so shall you reap, India. Ever since independence, the minorities have been targetted in India. Operation Bluestar, Riots 1984, Babri Masjid Demolition, Godhra Massacre, Christian Massacres....... The list goes on. Where were the Police, Army, NSG, Black Cats, ATS, etc., when Sikhs were slaughtered in Delhi ? India will only exist, as long as it stays secular. But it seems it has long veered from the secular path. So the end is near. Look at Russia. Once a superpower, what is it now. Where are the Thackreys, Shiv Sainiks, Bajrang Dals, RSS, when Bombay is burning. Probably shitting in their pants right now. When they feel safe, they will come out and slaughter the Muslims. Learn something from History. Nothing is permanent. If today is your time, tomorrow will be somebody else's. Stay secular India and exist !!!

Posted by Someone Somewhere November 30, 08 04:41 AM

I feel so bad for what happened in Mumbai... This is just too much! All these innocent people dying... and for what?!?!?! And by whom? Can we wake up one day and have people shooting at us randomly in the streets? What stops this from happening again in any city around the world? As a person who was once a Muslim, it is true that they say the Islam is a religion that is peaceful but at the same time it asks Muslims to fight enemies of GOD, in the Quran, the enemies of GOD are those that do not believe in GOD ( I am so against the idea of fighting/ killing anything or anyone)... It is here where the teachers start to scr*w with the brains of the poor, deprived and uneducated. They brain wash them to believe that Christians nowadays are not the same Christians who follow Jesus and are mentioned in the Quran and the Jews are different form the early true Jews and it applies to other religions and they convince them that these are the enemies of GOD... I was born Muslim but converted into the religion that asks you to turn the other cheek... My heart felt condolences go to all the families of the victims in Mumbai and around the world in Iraq, Palestine/Israel (whatever you wanna call it), Lebanon, USA etc... Who are killed and who leave behind families, friends and loved ones… When will there be a day when man stops killing man? My son is 18 months old and we live in a country that is so secure so far, but what if one day some gunmen do what they did in Mumbai, how do we know that we are secure? And who will ensure that we have this security….

Posted by Peace November 30, 08 04:52 AM

My Version of the last 60 hours ....

I have slept 11 hrs in the last 60, watching the same pictures, images and videos on news channels over and over again. Home or office no matter where I am, all I have thought about is the burning rooftop of Taj, Blood spats at VT station and that Kid in a blue sweat shirt and a M56 in his hand.

It’s not the terrorists but the entire system that has killed those innocent people not only during the last 60 hours but in the last 15 years since the serial blasts in 1993.

System made up of the corrupted politicians, bureaucracy, and most importantly US. As Mahesh Bhatt rightly pointed out in one of the interviews, the entire moral fiber of our country is F*CKED up. Why do we break signals, why bribe custom officers, why can’t we stand in a queue, we all have contributed to what has happened over the years. We all are bearing the poisonous fruits of our own selfish seeds.

The government too rightly is to be blamed. When I was in Bombay, 33 % of my income was taken away by the MAN. I felt cheated, I don’t have an issue with paying my income tax, service tax, property tax, water tax et all but it’s the fact that this money is not translated into productive outcomes which pisses me off the most. F*ck knows where this money goes. Why cant we have a common easily maintainable IDENTIFICATION system? Like the NRIC number or the Social Security Number?

Now the people are angry and they want answers.. But from whom? And what kind of answers? We need to ask questions 1st to our own selves and then the government. Next year, We, Indians have our General Elections and State Elections. How many of us read the proposed economic, social and political reforms that our so called politicians promise. How many of us ask for these details if not provided by the politicians ?

Every1 has something to say, someone to point a finger towards and I am no different. I jus said what I Had to and am pointing a finger to my OWNSELF !

Posted by Dhi November 30, 08 04:57 AM

it's horrible whatever happened before and after the terrorist attack................sad's been said "ghar ki ladaiya aksar aadmi ko bahari khataro ka anumaan lagane main aasafal kar deti hai" means fight amongst the family members make it impossible to estimate outer danger.

Posted by richa singh November 30, 08 05:01 AM

I am sick and tired of this blame game. Earlier the politicains used to do this and they still do whenever any such lapses used to happen/happens the opposition would start slinging mud at the ruling party..But thats ok because we know these damn polticains are good for nothing other than mudslinging.But the sad part is now even we Indians have started blaming each other. Wake up Guys!!! First we are humans and then Indians and then either we are a Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Jew/blah blah. India is a democratic country.We can practise whatever religion we want to. How does it matter to others?? We are not born as Hindus/Muslims. We are born as human. We are not tagged by the Almighty(Krishna/Allah?Jesus whoever he/she is) as Hindu/muslim..we are born as human beings. I am just a simple Indian, who is begging you all fellow Indians with folded hands to stop blaming each other. Please please its my earnest request do not nurture such bitter feelings against each other. Let us all unite for a greater cause that is safety of our country. Let us become alert. Dont we secure our homes from robbers/thieves??Then shouldnt we stop intruders from coming into our country too??Isnt it our responsibility too???Why let the politicians decide our fate??We all know that they have got vested interest in ruling this country.
At the end I would just say that I have friends who are Muslims and even they share the same views as us about this pressing issue of terrorism that is hanuting India since Independence. They are Indians to the same extent the way we are deep down inside. They are also 100% Indian. They too cheer and applaud when Sachin scores a sixer the way we do when Irfan Pathan bowls a googly.
Let us bow our heads in respect of those martyrs who gave up their lives trying to secure our nation. And let us pray to God for granting strength to those bereaved families who lost their near and dear ones.

Posted by A simple Indian November 30, 08 05:20 AM

I think everyone should go through this site at least once in your lifetime, to learn and teach morals..............please join hands and post a comment whatever comes from your mind and conscience.......... and start doing something and everything that u can for your fellow-people and thereby yourself!!!

Posted by Soumya November 30, 08 05:21 AM

I condole the incident. Be assured that your great country is only wounded, not dying. You'll come out of this strong!
I hope you won't take any drastic measures against Pakistan.
Look at the history - they tried to destabilise you from the time of of its illegitimate birth.
Where are you now in political, economic and scientific standing in global stage? Where are they?
You export educated and skilled youths - those who enrich and contribute to the society in other nations. They export illiterate,disenchanted, fanatic youths who commit murder in other countries.
Your country is growing in every facets of life. They are a dying nation under political and economic pressures and terrorism - all of THEIR OWN MAKING.
Most of the educated Pakistanis are fleeing their country, willing to work in any positions abroad. None of them want to return.
Your economy withstood the financial crisis better than most developed nations. They are knocking at every possible doors begging for money to avoid a bankruptcy and very few are willing to help. Pease read this quote:

"With Pakistan forced to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Wednesday for help avoiding bankruptcy, its government is learning that having friends in high places doesn't always pay."
"Pakistan, a frontline country in fighting global Islamic militancy, counts wealthy nations like the United States, China, and Saudi Arabia among its friends – all of whom understand that Pakistan's shortage of funds will severely handicap its already weak government."
"Yet its tumbling economy has caused even its strongest allies to so far resist bailing it out."
"If the economy is out of line," says Haroon Sharif, a senior adviser for the British Department for International Development in Islamabad, "any lender will think twice before handing out cash."


Posted by Global citizen November 30, 08 05:25 AM

"sad pictures bcoz the hindu have done it........ cord on the gunmen's wrist is enough proof"

Wow, you jump to your conclusion looking at some wristband band that he is wearing? You'd make a fine detective indeed.
BTW, notice the same guy is wearing a Versace T-shirt as well. Do you suppose he is Italian?

Posted by Joe November 30, 08 05:27 AM

Well Said Aniruddha,

None of the other peole from other religion becomes a terrorist, but Muslims they say Love peace etc etc but the sad thing they dont follow.
Its all fake.
Enough of all these.
we need government who can be strickt with those kind of people.
The terrorist has said he doesnt feel guilty and he has said he is very much attached to the Islam religion.
I think this is what they teach in the schools in Pakistan

Posted by Vijay November 30, 08 05:27 AM

Basic thing is the whenever our govt. not relize that a small terrist attack is on attack on India, such kind of action wil not be stop by pak. terrist because they know the all loop point & weak point of our police, army as well as lays by which they will have to treate badly. Every time in our country we have seen some peoples oppose the sentence of Death just because of it is not proper solution of terrirrism. Being an Indian i am fully sure that main & prime duty of our govt. to protect our people & property. After being happen all these accidents govt. take actions as:- Form a committee to know the basic fault from security forces & intelligence agencise, Suspension of few ministers if possible & suspension of few officials. We have seen such kind of actions after every attacks but no solution. We belive that India is most dynamic country where we can grow as such as we think, but these accidents breaks the moral of common man. i have to say that if these attacks happens in Prime Minister Office or President Office then what action will take our govt. .. Off course govt.will decide to act.. but in Mumbai only common man laid their lives not a single political leader has faced anything that's why they are not reacting as per intensity of this attacks. .

Posted by Deepesh Pandey November 30, 08 05:33 AM

i dont know what to say?
this is horrific.

Posted by damon king November 30, 08 05:33 AM

The terror attatcks are on the verge of being the worst nightmares of each and every person living in this world.There is no one to blame for all these anti-social acticities.
Blaming pakistan doesnt make sense as the weapons used and the strategy involved was way beyond pakistan thinkings.There might have been a hand of other nations too.What we people need to do is just belive in humanity...Forget all the discrimancies between races, religion and castes.No human is superior or anything.Man cannot survive the world alone.He does need the support of other being.So just believe in communal harmony and try things that may help in bringing to this world....
God bless all the people affected by this incident.
God bless us all.....

Posted by Pankaj November 30, 08 05:34 AM

Has anybody ever thought of the freakin corrupt Indian politicians?? All they want are votes for their greed of power. Ask them to pump in money to upgrade the Indian Defence forces.. they prefer to sleep over it for yearss.. With today's technology, the Indian political establishment has proved once again that it lacks the political will to defend its own nation by not even heeding to the constant needs and requests of the Indian armed forces to upgrade their technology & equipment for the army, the navy & the air-force. And each time the politicians only play their infamous blame game.. Shame on the Indian politicians once again!!

Posted by A True Indian November 30, 08 05:35 AM

Many comments here reflect the views expressed by Narendra Modi, C M of Gujarat and L K Advani who aspires to become PM of India. No one seems to accept that Narendra Modi and L K Advani are two of a few persons who have aggravated the situation in India through their extremist contributions. These people should have been brought to justice for the actions they took at various times during their political careers. They love only to hate and they have kept Muslims at the forefront of their hate view. Their following is quite strong. This is the rightist group also masquerading as nationalists.

They must be made answerable for their misdeeds. Instead they have been put aloft as great men. I do not see how people who appreciate these low grade leaders have the right to criticise similar actions by people whom they hate.

Their hatred of such communities is so intense that people who question their crimes are also not spared. Hemant Karkare is one such example. This Anti Terrorist Squad leader was literally hounded by Advani and Modi just a few days back because Hemant Karkare went to expose Malegaon blast accused who also are confirmed terrorists.

This country has seen too much of power slipping into the hands of these extremists. Their intolerance is historic and they are now showing their colours more brazenly than ever before. I am sure they will climb to more lethal levels in course of time. Muslim bashing has been a well known national sport - physically, economically, educationally etc. Now they have begun Christian bashing as well.

These home grown terrorists who pose as great nationalists must also be curbed immediately. Tney are terrorists - there is no doubt about it. Narendra Modi is the same person who was refused entry into USA since 2002 due to his contribution in riots against Muslims in Gujarat.

Posted by Romano November 30, 08 05:45 AM

this is shamefull on the terrorists to attack the innocent for no harm.

Posted by vinay November 30, 08 05:47 AM

what is this going on.U just keep on discussing hindus and musalmans.Please for the sake of our country love every indian be it hindu or musalmaan.This discussion needs to be stopped now atleast.
The solution to this problem lies in trainng every citizen of country against these terrorist attacks at the school or college level or any other level.
if we indians keep fighting each other based on religion these attacks will never end
According to me more than anything,increasing population is to be blamed for it

Posted by rishi November 30, 08 05:48 AM


Posted by RIK November 30, 08 05:49 AM

This is a pathetic debate in itself revolves around Hindu, Muslim, Christians but one should know whoever these people are, anywhere in the world they are the Terrorist. We should never ever make soft the issue by changing the main topic of terrorism to that of communalism this is the language of the politician, who are victorious in making our mind and thinking change from the main issue. We have now after centuries being under them started speaking there own language we ourself have become politician. REMEMBER ONE THING WHEN A TERRORIST SHOOTS HE DOESNT SEE WHO IS STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM WHETHER HE IS A MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN OR HINDU THE BULLET DOESNT HAVE A RELIGION AND THESE TERRORIST ARE LEAST CONCERN OF IT. Its time to stand upright, show solidarity forget what these educated “illiterate” Politician preaches and practices its the time for all Indian to unite and be one. The photo of the terrorist wearing the red threads on his right hand is very confusing but these people don’t know any language they know only one language of bloodbath they are there to kill and that’s it, now to debate about them who they are what religion or country they belong is all fake and time passing discussions and we know within two weeks time we will start forgetting everything the news channels have started showing film promotions ads. Lets rise to the occasion make our own commitment towards the country we all become law abiding citizen start from saying no to bribe every system of India has been paralyzed from villages to cities bribe is rampant if we tackle all this small issue major problem of terrorism will be also tackled as the security automatically would be strengthened, lets stop corruption at the smallest level I bet by doing so we can tackle all the problems.

Let’s give our homage and respect to the departed souls of this nations who have sacrificed their life for the cause of the country by saying no to corruption. We salute the wife of Hemant Karkare's for refusing any monetary support , She has shown the country what is to be an honest Indian. The whole of India is indebted to the services of her husband and like minded people who have sacrificed there life for the noble cause of saving the motherland India.

Posted by EDRIC DECHOSTHA November 30, 08 05:49 AM

5 times of the time violence and crime- is the policy of a minority muslims.
but good muslims and good hindus and good xtians and good hearts and good human beings are still there on this beautiful earth...
tolerence..patience...willingness to stay calm...will save them from fear

Posted by PHILIPS November 30, 08 05:59 AM

INDIANS, STOP BLAMING PAKISTAN.. IT'S YOUR WEAKNESS NOT TO IDENTIFY THESE THREATS AND THAN START BLAMING PAKISTAN. We face sucide bombing every day in Pakistan and we face more terror than indians especially from indian fuelled Talbain In NWFP. So stop this blame game!!!

Bring some PROOF and than start talking otherwise ordinary indians shut up your mouth (especially your media talks SH*T)

Posted by Vijay Kumar November 30, 08 05:59 AM

Well i think rather than just talkin bout wat happened we should now be thinkin that what has to be done from nw on.
My salute to all those who have lost their lives for the Nation.....but now wat?
iradicating terrorism is not easy ....we could be much safer even if we have proper intelligence support with us. we r a total failure at this front.......i mean let apart finding out their plan....even after "they" sending us a mail "we ll b doing this and stop us if u can" , our people took it lightly......

So i think this should be our first priority to fight against this....

Posted by SUJITA November 30, 08 06:03 AM

It's high time and now the politically & morally corrupt political communuty of India who unfortunately are law makers of the country should move away fromm vote bank politics and firstly hang afzal guru convicted in parliament attack case , and each and every person involved directly or indirectly involved in terrorists attacks in the country publicly , so that others will think twice before indulging in these kind of activivties .

also instead of buying luxury planes , cars etc for ministers, the political community or so called government of india , should focus on modernising the police forces & the army. It's amply proved from the fact that a police constable from any state in India is armed with outdated 303 gun , whereas thier counterparts i.e. terrorists are armed with automatic weapons such as A.K 47 .

One last request to all those are in power in India atleast now increase the
pay package of all men in uniform's esspecially army personnel , and reduce working hours of the state police personnel .
Jai Hind !!!!

Posted by Somdatta Sase Patil November 30, 08 06:06 AM

No comments. It is time to act i think for government.

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 06:11 AM

It's high time and now the politically & morally corrupt political communuty of India who unfortunately are law makers of the country should move away fromm vote bank politics and firstly hang afzal guru convicted in parliament attack case , and each and every person involved directly or indirectly involved in terrorists attacks in the country publicly , so that others will think twice before indulging in these kind of activivties .

also instead of buying luxury planes , cars etc for ministers, the political community or so called government of india , should focus on modernising the police forces & the army. It's amply proved from the fact that a police constable from any state in India is armed with outdated 303 gun , whereas thier counterparts i.e. terrorists are armed with automatic weapons such as A.K 47 .

One last request to all those are in power in India atleast now increase the
pay package of all men in uniform's esspecially army personnel , and reduce working hours of the state police personnel .
Jai Hind !!!!

Posted by Somdatta Sase Patil November 30, 08 06:13 AM

If this is BJP playing dirty tricks then their leader Advani should be executed. As he was the frist one to bring evil to the peacefull land of India when he instigated the Hindus to destroy the Muslim Bawri Masjid. Also BJP to cause damages to the peace loving Christians in the North and all over India. Everytime BJP wants to come in power they cause riots or murderous killings between 2 communities. BJP are the main Terrorists. Never Vote for them. Another is Modi. Coming to Bombay to mud sling the damage caused. Not forgetting Raj Thackery who started in Bombays: the Muslim / Hindu hatred - the Christian / Hindu hatred and now North and Bombay Hatred. These should be considered as terrorist.

Posted by Januse November 30, 08 06:16 AM

Is it Mumbai or India or the world? I guess it is the entire world, but what is appalling in India is the extent of apathy the Government institutions have.

Today not only do I mourn the 154 deaths that have happened in last 50 hours but also the countless we have had since early 1980s. Somewhere I regret the past for I couldn't get into Indian Armed Forces for today even I could have been one to go inside Taj / Oberio to kill these bastards.

Without digressing from the issue, our government is not serious about the issue at all. To quote - "The country's anti-terrorism effort is reactive and episodic rather than proactive and sustained. The failure to put national security above partisan politics by the "Squabbling" political leaders for a series of terrorist attacks that the country has witnessed makes its approach to terrorism "haphazard and weak-kneed.

This is 21st century where terrorism can't be fought with lathis, terrorists no more come with AK 47 Kalashnikovs but with LMGs! When does our political brass think that we need to equip our security forces with ammo? Doesn't India require an Intelligence Agency? India poses absolutely no threat to terrorists for they are free to raid and write history, like Mohammad of Ghazni did a few centuries ago. We, common man, are lame duck targets for the worthless political brass is protected by NSG.

I possibly can't change most of the above but what I can do is to stop corruption. Somewhere I feel that it is the deep rooted corruption that is the root cause of all our problems. The corrupt society would bread inefficient police and spineless legislature.

I write to all of you to apply yourselves to find the reasons of the problem for it is up to you and me to resolve it and none of the governments are going to do anything about it. Congress is going to say – We won't tolerate these acts of terrorism and BJP would be too happy to send Union Minister to return three hardened terrorists, who were captured after sacrificing so many lives.

People wake up, for my message may not be very clear for I am so very depressed with what is happening in Mumbai. My heart goes out for all those families for who have been directly affected by it. With the tears in my eyes, all I can repeat is what Prannoy Roy said – Enough is enough, people of this brave land, wake up for we have to secure our nation from external aggression, read as terrorism and free our nation from these corrupt politicians.
Praying in deep anguish.... Neeraj

Posted by Neeraj Gupta November 30, 08 06:24 AM

This was a truly the most coward act of PAKISTAN. Instead of giving good education and leading their youth towards the path where they could compete with the world, its leading their youth to the path of terror.

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 06:31 AM

Dear All

Please note one thing that on this earth there is no believe which say or convay that you should execute innocent people. If you dont know about Islam then pls dont comment it.

What is there in the name of the person? for eg. xyz khan or blah blah. Please take a strict note that Muslims are not by there name it is the believe from your heart core. and more over there is no clause in Holy Quran that we can Kill innocent People. (it is a complete senario to be understood before concluding on the direct meaning of verses in the Holy Quran )



More over We the Indian Muslim Love our Country as much as Any One.

hence please know the factline and then discuss.

Posted by IndianSecularism November 30, 08 06:37 AM

Terrorist don't have identities or nationalities, so please stop identifying the terrorists. What is required is to stop terrorism, specially in "politically-infested" India.
Terrorist are ultimately "neutralized" but what of these breed of callous and insensitive, don turned politicians, who will "neutralize" them ?
Such a big country with so much of resources, power, brains and people strength but governed by self-centered politicians.
Who has voted them to power its not public, its their own goons &money, everyone knows.

Posted by Devesh Misra November 30, 08 06:40 AM

Hey! its really nice job done by media..but there should be some sort of intelligence cover as the whole operation was going was showing the live coverage of the whole operation and the steps been taken by armed forces which was really helping the terrorists...and thanks to our politicians...still after such massacre, they are still having debates n only debates....learn from what USA did after 9/11...

Posted by Vikash November 30, 08 06:40 AM



Posted by NIKHIL DUNGAWAT November 30, 08 06:45 AM

REALY AMAZING PICS .Good work done by the photographer

Posted by AnilKumar Pillai November 30, 08 06:46 AM

Here we have to look at the Human Value's & morals.... It is the nation we have to think about.... it is not religion... doesnt matter who did it. we should have unity within our nation... "Vande Matharam....."
Our political leaders are taking advantage of religions in india and creating voilence....

Posted by naresh November 30, 08 06:52 AM


For the past many weeks, the biggest story in India was involvement of Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan. Many Indian army officers were caught and Indian Police was forced to work deeper into finding more BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists in Indian military and Intelligence setup. This story had created a serious panic in Indian military and their Fascist patrons in Hindu Zionists. Something had to be done to divert the attention of the world and Indian public from acts of terrorism by Hindu Hardliners. .....Then comes the Mumbai Massacre. Even when the shootings were going on in hotels, Indian media and army were blaming Pakistan for the attacks. The game is clear and sinister. The Indian Intelligence have diverted the global attention towards another issue where they would blame Pakistan for this slaughter and use Barack Obama's doctrine of attacks on Pakistan to encircle Pakistan from both sides. It is such a shame that Pakistani media is not highlighting this issue and is only repeating what Indians want the world to see and believe. There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen. In the coming days, Pakistan should prepare for a high risk threat response as Indians would go to any limit to open another front against Pakistan to divert the local and world attention from their internal fascist elements in Hindu Zionists and military intelligence. The enclosed document is a BT policy paper and explains the actual sinister game which Hindu fascists are trying to hide.

Posted by raza November 30, 08 06:53 AM

Its really Bad comments but only pray from god to keep mercy on the members of the family wo got effected in this terrorist attack and also request the goverment of all the states to please help all the army persons and heigher offecials fighting the terrorists in Mumbai.
Great terrorist Desaster after America.
Will Indian Goverment be able to trace and finish the main victim as americans do..............................

Posted by Manoj Gauba November 30, 08 07:13 AM

Indian mpney stashed by politicians, businessmen, and Beuraucrats is about $ 1496 Billion as per Swiss Bank Association 2006 report and is still growing.
These people work to earn money for elecctions and show as they govern when they find time from their favourite sport. May it be chara ghotala, Taj corridor, sell of spectrum space or the stamp paper scam of Maharashtra. We must ask the politicians where our hard earned money has gone. Had it been gone for the security of the country and its honest people we would not have seen these unfortunate pictures.

Posted by Shriniwas November 30, 08 07:16 AM

I am an proud Indian first and then a muslim. First of all Whole hearted sympathy for those who have lost their near and dear one due this inhuman and cowardise activity of some lower grade souls. They can not belong to any religion , community or country. What ever may be the reason , killing of innocent can not be justified by any means. No relegion and no reason is big enough to kill any innocent.
It is hgh time for all indian muslims to denounce such activity who ever trying to to in the name of religion as a single and strong voice. Educate our children and give them the means of of understanding , reaspect for others and progress not hatred and illetracy and ignorance in the name of religion.


Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 07:19 AM

On my disussion with a muslim freind on mumbai attack, her reaction made me so upset that I wrote her the enclosed mail...go thru it let me know if I did the right thing

Copy of the mail sent to her:-

My question to you was - do you condemn killing of innocents in Mumbai?
This was an objective question, the answer could either be YES. (Full Stop) or NO. (Full Stop)
You smartly chose to say:- "Yes, (comma) BUT we must also consider why he killed a rikshawala, how sad he must be - there are no schools/colleges and jobs in Kashmir. So, I take your answer as NO.

Now, its your turn to listen or rather read because you won't let anybody speak.
Your problem is that you have read a lot of biased reports and articles which has effected your sense of judgement. Humanity is a universal religion so, BE on
Humanity tells us that the "Self" which dwells in each and every being in this universe is one and the same with Godhead. Every soul in this universe is a reflection of this Supreme Self. Thus every individual has the potential to realize Godhead by the realization of this "Self".
Realization of the "Self" is possible only when someone is free to think on his/her own and act accordingly. The most heinous and barbaric crime in this world would be to stop an individual to think freely. And when such a crime is legalised in the form of a religion, one can easily imagine how disastrous it can be. Muslim Extremists is such a religion.
Islam is now divided into two sections:-
- First there is Muslim Extremists - who justify violence by tweaking the meaning of the holy book quran and justify everything with REVENGE
- The other is modern Islam which believes in peace and are happy leaving with other religions.
Muslim Extremists imposes a threat to the whole world which is far worse than deforestation, nuclear destruction or AIDS. It is an insidious, devilish disease creeping into the veins of the world. Every individual must realise the destructive and evil nature of this religion, for it eats away at the very foundation of humanity which is an individual's ability to think individually and act accordingly.

Muslim kindness on India
Muslims have been terrorizing India since the 7th century AD. Muslim regimes throughout India have a record of unparalleled terror and torture described in gory detail by contemporary Muslim chronicles themselves. Subjecting all non-Muslims to abject atrocities, plundering their wealth, abducting their women and usurping their houses of worship to be used as mosques and tombs, has been considered sacred duty of every Muslim. Such acts earned for the tormentors the coveted title of Ghazi, to be paraded as a citation of great Islamic glory and greatness. Aurangzeb, one of the last Muslim emperors had 10,000 Hindus massacred everyday for an entire year. He alone was responsible for the massacre of at least 3,650,000 Hindus and destruction of more than 11,000 Hindu temples. William Durant, author of the voluminous "Story of Civilization" has described the Muslim conquests in India as constituting the saddest and goriest chapter in human history. Muslims have destroyed and looted the whole India and have killed countless innocent Hindus in the process.

Kashmir...they are fighting for
The Muslims Extremists forced the violent partition of India into three parts in 1947 (India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan). Even today, they terrorize the innocent people of India by causing bomb blasts and killing innocent individuals. Currently, the followers of Islam are concentrating their efforts in Kashmir, a northern state in India. Kashmir has been the land of the Hindus since ancient times. The word Kashmir itself is derived from Rishi Kashyap a great spiritual leader of Hinduism. The Muslims have destroyed this beautiful land completely. Today the Pakistan-sponsored Muslim terrorists continue to kill, torture and rape the innocent Hindus of Kashmir. To cite the most recent incidents: In a cold-blooded massacre on the night of January 25th 1998, 23 Kashmiri Hindus, including 10 women and four children, were gunned down by a group of Islamic terrorists from Pakistan in Wandhama, 27 km from Srinagar. On April 19th Islamic terrorists belonging to the Pakistani Lashkar-e-Tobia terrorist organization claimed responsibility for gunning down at least 13 Kashmiri Hindus in Prankot village near Mahore in Udhampur district. The victims included four women and two children. Pakistan's aim is to separate Kashmir from India and declare it as an Islamic state.

Genocide committed in the name of Allah! These figs are for the last 150 years ONLY!

3,000,000 Bangladeshi Hindus Killed during the Pakistan-Bangladesh war in 1971.
From 1894 to 1896 Abdul Hamid, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, killed 150,000 Armenian Christians.
In India, Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur along with his disciples was burned to death by the Moghul ruler Aurangzeb in 1675.
Another Sikh, Bhai Mati Das was sawn into right and left halves while he was still alive.
In July 1974, 4,000 Christians living in Cyprus were killed by Fahri Koroturk, president of Turkey and his Islamic army.
From 1843 to 1846 10,000 Assyrian Christians including women and children were massacred by the Muslims.
From 1915 to 1918 750,000 Assyrians were killed in the name of Islamic Jihad.
In 1933 thousands of Assyrian villagers were murdered by the Iraqi soldiers in Northern Iraq.
Since 1990 more than 10,000 Kashmiri Hindus have been brutally murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
Over 280,000 Ugandans killed during the reign of Idi Amin from 1971 to 1979.
Over 30,000 Mauritanians have been killed by the Islamic dictators since 1960.
In 1980, 20,000 Syrians were murdered under the rule of Hafez Al-Assad, President of Syria.
Since 1992 120,000 Algerians have been murdered by the Islamic fundamentalist army.
As long as the muslims loot and raid the kafirs (non believers of Islam), it is completely justified. Ghazzua is an Arabic word for raid as well as killing and enslaving the kafirs. From this word the term Ghazi is derived which means honourable warrior of Islam who has killed many kafirs.
The distribution of the loot or booty, which includes the men, women and children, is done as prescribed by the well defined regulations stated in the Quran and the hadiths. Four fifths of the loot is to be shared by the barbaric, lecherous invaders who took part in the heinous plunderings while one fifth is reserved for the great Prophet or the Caliph and in their absence to the mullah who is in charge.
Such loots and raids were considered shameful acts in Pre-Islamic Arabia. But Mohammed revealed to his followers that since he was the last prophet for all time to come such raids were now sanctioned by Allah. Thus he legalised these inhuman acts of raid, plunder, loot and rape.
Let us closely examine the pattern that these barbaric invaders followed all over the world. This pattern is written down in the Quran; practised, perfected and prescribed by the prophet in his own life time and closely followed by the Caliphs later. Even in present time, this pattern is followed by all Muslim leaders who aspire for name and fame in this life and houris (beautiful virgin women) hereafter.
The pattern is:
Invade the lands of the infidels.
Massacre as many infidel men, women and children as they like after winning a victory
Capture the survivors as slaves and confine the women in their harems as slave girls
Plunder every place and person for war, booty, a fifth of which (including the slaves) went to the Caliph or some other religious heads.
Demolish the places of worship of the infidels and build mosques in their places.
Defile and desecrate the deities and other symbols of the infidels' religion by throwing them into public squares or making into steps leading to the prayer area of the Muslims.
In 627 A.D muslims raided the Jewish tribe of Qurayza. The Jews were defeated in the fight and many prisoners were taken. They were either sold or assassinated in the name of Allah. In one place alone, approximately 800 Jews were beheaded in cold blood. In 629 A.D after the battle of Khaybar, and the defeat of the Jews, the same play was enacted. All the Jews were put to the sword.
The raids undertaken in by the initial days of Islam and methods followed became the guidelines for the Caliphs and other leaders who followed it.

Quotes From The Hadiths:
Sahih Al Bukhari, 216:"I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but Allah & that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah & until he performs the prayers & pays the Zakat."
The quote above clearly states that Allah has ordered the Prophet to torture the Kafirs until they submit to Islam. And by ordering Muhammad he is ordering each and every muslim to do so as Mohammed is the true model which every muslim must strive for.
Sahih217: "Verily Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things. Thus if you kill, KILL WELL, & if you slaughter, SLAUGHTER WELL. Let each one of you sharpen his blade."
Need I explain the above quote??

I know you will have your own history records but you must know history is one subject which has always been modified and changed as per an individual/organisation/religion/country's own vested interests. The purpose of writting this was to show you the other side of the story. I am aware that all of it might not be true but it still counters your incorrect knowledge of history.
And inspite of all this the next time I hear an innocent kashmiri being killed, I will condemn the act by saying Yes. (Full Stop) - where I could have also refered to the henious crimes done by other muslims.
One of the reasons why I can not match your fluency while we argue is because this poison of biased history chapters was not injected in my veins. But as you said you would surely cascade this to your next generation...your wish!
If we keep on telling these stories on Islam to a 5 year old child until his brain is completely washed out, I am sure we will also start having Christian and Hindu terrorists.
Thank you for motivating me to explore the truth but mind you I still am a person who believes in Self Realization and not what tampered history states or what people/religion preach.
The world has changed and so has the amount of dependence of countries/humans on each other.
Just imagine a country which only has Muslim population and wants to live in isolation without any touch with Hindus, Christians and Jews - starting from an electric bulb to life saving medicines are all invented by people of other religions; I am sure the self respect you were talking about, you would not take any medicine invented by Israelis but I'm afraid you do. Even pure Muslim countries like Iran & Saudi Arabia consume these medicines and save millions of Muslim lives.
Saudi Arabia is rich not because they are Muslims and produce oil, but because the christian and Hindu countries are buying it from them.
So its high time for all the self obsessed morons to shed their double standards and stop faking self respect.
Always remember...
"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring;
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain;
And drinking largely sobers us again"
How can I forget Imran - The Terrorist...Opps! your Hero
Appologies for your reading displeasure - HE WAS A COWARD
Hiding behind women & children is no act of bravery. He was powerful - only when it came to killing unarmed, unprepared, innocent civilians from behind but when trained commandos attacked he ran for cover and cried like a sissy girl. One of the terrorists arrested, actually pleaded for his life and was also found to be drunk. Where is this written in Kuran - Jihad under the influence of alcohol.
You know who the real heros are - policemen & NSG because they fought not to claim their supremacy, nor for religion or even for revenge but for saving innocent lives for a democratic country called India. (in case you haven't heard of this name)
My suggestion to you:-
BE REAL! and above all BE HUMAN!
Either this or that, can't be both,
Take your stand
Don't deceive others
And most importantly yourself.
I have a lot respect for Muslims - they have contributed significantly to the heritage and culture of not just India but the entire world...majority of my freinds are muslims and fortunately, most of them said YES. (Full Stop), except for one
Again asking you the same question, this time expecting a YES. (Full Stop)
BE HUMAN...coz we are meant to be so

I am yet to receive her reply...may be she is too shocked to revert

Posted by Aman November 30, 08 07:22 AM

In spite of all these news in media and clear evidence, some had posted here above (named "Nadz") a stupid comments ..These are the real terrorist. I think he is one among them.

Posted by vicky November 30, 08 07:24 AM

It is hard to say and may be very rude but there should be happen something like this to the rich people so that now government or other political leaders will understand that how much the poor and middle class people feels on their lost family or family members or relatives. But i still think Governement would still close their eyes and wait for another attack untill the election and then they will promise some and the other thing......and we foolish people still support them....i think now just we can do something but i think when we try to do something leaders will again try to disturb us and then the same situtaton so its better to shut.....their F*cking mouth...

Posted by Common Stupid Man November 30, 08 07:27 AM

please the human beings of the world unite in the name of humanity to destrpy these terrorists. Pakistan and the most of the midle east is in flames because of some crack guys who should be eliminated. let us unite and destroy them so that we can have some peace

Posted by fedup November 30, 08 07:43 AM

Threads like the one the attacker was sporting are also a custom in many dargahs in the subcontinent. Like Ajmer for instance. But best way to blend in as as attacker would be to dress the part, so I dont see the point here if they were sporting the threads around the wrist. Earlier posters have spoken of many Pakistani's living in self-delusion, sad too see comments like this:

"sad pictures bcoz the hindu have done it
think this is a hindi movie?"

In any case, let investigating agencies do their job, and everybody needs to face the truth, however hard it may be. Religion truly is the root of most evil in the world. It keeps people in a deliberate state of ignorance, stupidity and superstition, open to paranoia and fundamentalism. The very opposite of rational thought. All religions preach some form of exclusion, that its own adherents are somehow better and blessed, while some prefer that non-believers must be subjugated and killed. The peace-and-love crap is just that for all faiths. Pure crap. Its just that some faiths have matured and moved on, while some still rage on. Sadly, humanity is unlikely to rid itself of this disease for quite a while. Easier to battle AIDS, Cancer and TB than get rid of the God delusion. I mean, look at so many of the posts here.....what happened to 5000 years of progress, civilization and culture!!

Posted by IP November 30, 08 07:59 AM

738. Nadz's (Paki?) observation that the terrorist with the gun is wearing a red cord,so he is a hindu,is a red is just to divert the attention and mislead the public, just like rumour was spread that deccan mujahideen claimed the responsibility for the attack ,while it was very clear that the unholy terrorists came by a ship & then rubber boats to wreak violence to harmless public.
no need to use bad words whilst expressing the views.anyway,what can one expect from such bad guys supporting evil acts in the name of GOD & religion ?
a good muslim just like a good human being will not condone such dastardly in-
human attacks on harmless and un armed people.

Posted by Ram.S.Chandran November 30, 08 07:59 AM

Attack in Mumbai means attack in India. Tell Raj Thakrey that the cops of all over the India has fight and some of them are loss their life for Mumbai.
So, in this scenario all the Indians have right to live anywhere in India and fight against terror.
I request all the Indians specially the people of maharashtra that please do not obey these politician comments to divide the hinduism for their own benefit. Ultimate we are sufferer. So be unite co operate each other and do not believe on East-west-north-south. We all are one INDIA.....
Be proud to be Indian.....

Posted by Abhi November 30, 08 08:08 AM

is there an end to all these massacre ?????

Posted by Sharon November 30, 08 08:16 AM

No Indian can stop his/her anger after seeing this brutal attack on our country. these attacks are proving our failure in the fight against tarrorism. We dont understand why innocent people are being killed every now and then. No child of this country is safe and no place of this country gives us feeling of safety.
The time has come when we should abstain from blame game, and as an individual also we should think how can we abate such practices in our country. It is really abashed that even on this heartbreaking incident our political leaders are not being able to stand together, And still cant think anything beyond votes. It has become our duty and responsibility as a citizen of this country to make this attack the last attack on our united country. Now i think our direction of thought should be that only. and not only tarrorists should be killed but also all those sources who abet such activities on the name of crusade must be crushed.

Posted by Dhaval Badheka November 30, 08 08:23 AM

26/11 was an evidence of the incompetent Home Ministry ,Politicians and the amount of corruption in the Government. Our Ministers live for themselves!! People should keep their emotions aside and elect competent people.
NSG needs to be de-centralized. Our cops need to be paid well and given better protective gears, Every cop needs to be trained on use of guns, to handle all emergencies. First in foremost our cops need to come out of the lethargic attitude. They need to be agile, quick to action, smart to react to any situation!! What have the people's representatives done for their people!!!!

Posted by KVL November 30, 08 08:31 AM

Whether it s a pakistani or Indian, at the end of the day, there is loss of life for the benfit of those who dont see things in the right perspective. Those common mass who lost their life or the young guys (who were brained washed by goons to conduct these grusome excerise) who lost their life shamelesly. Those who seeds this ideas are common threat to the world. Selfish nature to change and respect the life of the human. If this is continue, human are to be called insane animals.

Posted by steven November 30, 08 08:53 AM





Posted by James November 30, 08 09:19 AM

In response to Mr. Faraz Abdullah's comment #775
Mr Faraz,
What is the source of your news that the terrorist caught has accepted that he belongs to Hyderabad Deccan? I m interested in this piece of news only.
Dont make storries.
If you want to compete with India compete in ahealthy way & not by destruction!!
Undesrtand. If not better be.

Posted by Don November 30, 08 09:20 AM

its wrong to blame pakistan or any other muslim country ...[PS: im NOT A MUSLIM]
its the western countries like US and Britain who milk feed terrorism and its centres .....and then pretend to show solace to the victims ......why the hell does US support Pakistan and afghanistan (previously) ....there is a deep divide and rule policy that these countries adopt against asian countries ...and yess ...fuck china too!!!! ....bye take u all ...nothing personal!!!

Posted by varun November 30, 08 09:21 AM

Whoever is reponsible for such a barbaric act , whether it be a troop , a mass or a whole nation , at the max we should pray to the Almighty to spread global peace and on our part we should show these bunch of insane beasts that we are not giving up our courage to any of their brutal acts and should try to banish such elements from society.
We shud also be active in all the incidents going in our locality and should raise our voice at any form of corruption at all levels so that their is no chance of such elements to rise in the society and further be moved and dominated by the upline of terrorism. May God bless all . JAI HIND

Posted by Abhishek Kumar Singh November 30, 08 09:28 AM

Blame the terrorists - not Islam. That route only leads to even more horror and destruction. Maybe the terrorists in this case are radical islamic militants. That does not mean you clump them together with all muslims. Also a war between the govenments would be just what the terrorists want.
This was an incredibly shameful cowardly and inhuman act, murdering unarmed helpless innocents - something all human beings condemn.

Posted by k November 30, 08 09:35 AM

I am a Muslim student living in Kashmir.I have lost my eldest brother to Pakistan militants in the name of religion who forcibly captured him and killed him
when he disobeyed i heard. While my Father was interrogated badly by Indian forces on suspicion charges with terrorists then.
After losing all hope and years of struggle for autonomy and more rights for people of Kashmir, I find my second elder brother is now an Engineer working
with US based MNC in Delhi.
Even I voted in this election in valley for first time a few days back and hope our voices will be heard in Indian Parliament now.
Given a choice we would choose to be an autonomous state, and if not, then will remain part of India, no question of being part of
Pakistan where I feel more unsafe esp after such attacks by some of my misguided brothers.
I want to stop people speaking on behalf of Kashmir, esp some people from Pakistan who bring bad name to my great religion
and also to my beautiful land of Kashmir when they hardly know of reality.
Pls stop all hatred, such things only make our cause difficult when we are beginning to see ray of hope down the valley.

Posted by I_Kashmir November 30, 08 09:47 AM





Posted by Swati Nigam November 30, 08 09:52 AM

Words can't express what every Indian is feeling right now... What have we done to those **** that we received this? It's high time we take severe action against a nation that doesn't otherwise have much of an existence on the world map, but tries to prove it by constantly attacking on India, a nation much bigger in all the aspects than it's neighbour.. .. Yes, we Indians need an action, and the action is revenge! No samazauta expresses anymore, for these paki cretins don't understand the meaning of the very word.
Once a traitor, always a traitor...that's what Pakistan has always been and if it continues to exist, always will be. In the past few years, many a terroris attacks in the world including USA, spain and UK were originated in this country and there are ample facts to prove it... We've had enough.

Posted by Meenakshi November 30, 08 09:53 AM

All the comments posted above are bang on the target.Indeed these terror attacks are inhuman IMPLIES they are irrational. Only ANIMALS do not posses the knowledge to know what is right or wrong. But guys we are forgetting one important thing. Why are all these things hapenning???
1. People fight because they cannot differentiate between right and wrong. A small trigger implanted into innocent youths turns them into terrorists.....coz it is only the young bloods who dare to sacrifice their lives."HAVE YOU EVER COME ACROSS A SUICIDE BOMBER AGED 60+ OR SEEN A 75 YEAR OLD TERRORIST......"
2. Friends its because these youths lack proper education and are easily brainwashed by corrupt politicians who fight against each other for claiming the power. When there's such mishaps the opposition party puts the blame on the ruling party & vice versa. These people wait for a chance to putdown each other.
3. Only educated citizens know what harmony, freedom,love,peace,brotherliness and cooperation is. How would it be if the country's president is an IIT ian, HARVARD ian, or a person with the highest education.
4.Throw away these uneducated politicians. How can u surrender our country in the hands of such people who cannot even think rationally.If KERALA can be a state with 100% literacy,then why cannot the other states of INDIA , PAKISTAN or AFRICA be the same???
5.Lets start educating people, for friends this is the only way in which you can combat terrorism, accidents,hijacks,or any other mishaps."KNOWLEDGE IS POWER"???? NOT AT ALL!!! "APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS POWER".........................

Posted by punith November 30, 08 10:12 AM

really disturbing and heart breaking..... this incident is really is really sad to see how barbaric one can be and how much a person can fall in the name of religion these people really don't have any consience ......i salute all the people who lost their lives in this blood bath fighting like real wariors.....all those responsible dont deserve to be alive they don't even deserve the hell...but india lived and will live again we the people of the country can't be stoped so easily.......may india live forever!!

Posted by swati November 30, 08 10:20 AM

from the so long time india and indian people always be targeted by our nabour's like if we go in history Nadir Shah attacked india 8 times but only one Punjabi gave him right answer of his attacked now latest is Pak Depute 1 lakh army person on border .I as a nabourer Pakisthan have to With India.Because it was the Part of us.We all have too "SAY ENOUGHT NOW WE HAVE TO DO SOME THING " other wise politician again destroy our Piece loving country "INDIA" .All Indians are ready to die for thier county

Suket Gupta (journalist)

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 10:23 AM

F*ck all the the terrorists and they jehadi principles .

Posted by sanjay November 30, 08 10:27 AM

Spectacular photos. We must work for peace and not have a knee jerk reaction.

Posted by A.P. November 30, 08 10:34 AM

Looking into future, wish we all take the lessons learned from this carnage and be prepared to stop let happen.

When situations like this arise, 99% politicians has instincts to save their positions and not to work towards the action/resolution. Old generation politicians currently in power or aspiring to be, do not understand the dynamics of the current world. We should encourage fresh blood with passion to politics.

I support reservations, its good tool to achieve equality financially. but positions in intelligence and security should not be open for reservation (people should have passion and capacity to perform tasks, they cannot be paid for).

Posted by Patriot November 30, 08 10:36 AM

Where are the men of Bal Thakery and Raj Takery. They should have been there in the forefront, fighting the terrorists. Sad, they are not seen even after the tragedy. May be they will rise up, once the situation becomes normal and all Bihari Bhais (Our valiant heros) of the NSG hand over the city to the locals. Jai Hind

Posted by Kommattam November 30, 08 10:39 AM

i dont believe these attacks have anything to do with religion. its more of economics and obviously hatred and jealousy. these attackers r surely the followers of the same man who once said that we will wage a war against india for 1000 yrs even if we eat grass. they have kept this promise at least. they r waging a war and still eating grass

Posted by jitin November 30, 08 10:43 AM

The caption under picture #5 needs to be changed to read TERRORIST and NOT gunmen. Call the Terrorislamists what they are - cold blooded homicidal TERRORISTS.

Posted by BJ November 30, 08 10:49 AM

The entire world knows that ISLAM is not a religion of PEACE

Posted by subhash November 30, 08 10:50 AM

All the Blogs that are posted by different users, I would like to ask them a question, that how do you know that these terrorists are pakistani's. Did u ask them, or did you see the reality. Every situation will always be blammed to Pakistan. Is this the way you teach your youngers to attach yourself and blame to Pakistan. Even we are also facing such kind of situation here in pakistan.
Kindly take a deep breath and try to figure out the situations not to blam others..!
That may lose your respect all over the world..!

Posted by Rizwan November 30, 08 10:51 AM

please read post number 882 .....that guy is ...awesomeee....

Posted by barney November 30, 08 11:00 AM

i feel proud that i am an indian.
i am having no words after seeing those pictures.
from this massacre its vrery evident that "TERRORISM" is not just within the country but also very close by !!!!!!!
Condolences to MAJOR Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s family and to all who faught against terrorism even at the last moment....
i hope atleast now the government would take the initiative of protecting the country from TERRORISM.
i convey my regards to all the news reporters and news channels for bringing upto date news to the public even in such a dangerous circumstance.

always proud to be an indian.
JAI HIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by christine ann varghese OOEHS November 30, 08 11:04 AM

Since the ISI Chief of Pakistan (Lt-Gen Shuja Pasha) first agreed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's request to come to India and then backed out of the agreement, I think it's time India declared a formal war on Pakistan.
We should not accept their offer of sending "representatives".

1) Satellite phone belonging to the terrorists found on a boat gives clear evidence of ISI-backed Lashkar-e-Toiba's hand in this act of terrorism.
2) The arrested terrorist Ajmal has said that Zakiur Rahman, one of the founders of Lashkar, had lectured them.
3) The terrorists were instructed by Muzammil alias Yusuf who is in charge of Lashkae-e-Toiba's anti-India operations.

Let Pakistan hand these people over to us, otherwise we should get them by declaring WAR.
Pakistan has always lost to us in every conflict so far.
So what are we scared of? People dying?
Count the total death toll due to terrorism during this year.
You will get your answer.
These terrorists are cowards who have targetted CIVILIANS.
Let them get a taste of our ARMY.

Fellow Indians, let us take a lesson from nature. Even a cornered cat with it's back to the wall will go for your throat.

Posted by Outraged Indian November 30, 08 11:05 AM

It is a very depressing feeling that 10 people overpower India for Sixty Hours..We have lost so many innocent lives...the saddest thing is people will forget this in a week or two...politicians will continue they shameless behaviour...the youth will not feel its responsibility...we will just blame the system without understanding we are a part of the system...Its time WE ALL NEED TO WAKE UP..or else one of us may be the next target!

Posted by Aishwarya Chitnis Prabhu November 30, 08 11:09 AM

well said rizwan @post 898
we r still not sure that they are pakistani
we don't need to blame ur country
i am sorry for all that....nobody should blame a country which is funding terrorists for all these body should blame a country which gave birth to talibans...we should not blame a country which is heaven for terrorist organizations like can we blame a country which dares to come inside india [kargil] thinking dat it will capture our land........i am really sorry rizwan for all that...may god bless your country and your leaders may understand that money should b consumed on food and education not on terrorist camp...

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 11:10 AM

actually no words to express. what i am going to express may not be something new but still i would like to ask a few questions which have really disturbed me. have any one noticed or thought that isnt it very strange that as usual there is no politician in the list of the victims!!!! it is the history that in such public terrorism they are always safe. even once when parliament was attacked they all were very safe & afterwards shouted like anything. even in this recent unfortunate incident, it was told that two m.p/mla of a political party are trapped in taj & surprisingly they came unscratched after almost 24 hrs. great. either the terrorist know them or they know terrorist very well, hence this previlage. even the self styled mai-baap of mumbai were totally out of picture. they were not even commenting on it. now the crises is over, really hats off to the police, ats, nsg, commandoes, marcos, other forces & even the common public of mumbai for their acts. now the blame game is on. really i cant even express the shamelessness of all of our politicians. instead of thinking about the future ,they are eyeing on their vote bank.
all dear citizens , pl make a note of all the things & whenever they come to u for VOTE, just think once about these people which came to mumbai by BOAT, match the qualities of both & then decide to vote.
Jai Hind,

Posted by chetan marwah November 30, 08 11:14 AM

People shouting their heart out here.Can anyone think "Can I do anything to India ?" I know the answer will be "Yes" but question is "What ?"

Anywayz ,blaming is easy be it the politicians or on other countries.
I feel the bigger problem is "Not politics" nor "Terrorists".
Its people and unity first.
Then others follow.
My suggestions :
1) Improve the police armoury and train them to handle all situations.
2) Make police decisions independent of Politics.I think this will be the key.
3) Try stop corruption.This is the major cause of all.
Any terrorist can bribe people in India to enter India.And these terrorists are not short of money.

Posted by Praveen November 30, 08 11:27 AM

Please think before you write and comment on matters that need to be understood beyond news and media portrayal. I would say we need to focus our anger and grief towards pressurizing the govt to setup homeland security agencies, good coast guards and spend more on technology and defense. Believe in your country and its people. Democracy gave you the opportunity to express yourself, so believe in it too. Demand action, condemn petty politicians like Thakeray. Do not react just the way the terrorists want you to react. THINK! what happened to the power of protests and national movements? ask for answers!

Posted by PMSR November 30, 08 11:28 AM

May all the souls who died in the brave act of saving other lives and our country live in peace ..

Posted by Indian November 30, 08 11:32 AM


Posted by priyadharshini November 30, 08 11:43 AM

These terrorist respresent their own ideas and NOT the teachings of the beautiful religion of ISLAM. Islam is a religion of PEACE. As mentioned above, the guys who did this like all other "jehadis" are brain washed by uneducated so-called maulanas who dont knw the head or tail of islam! they tell the little ones whn they are gullible, whn the kids cant make decisions for their own, they MOULD their tender minds into these extremists, they teach hate, not love. These fanatics are nothing but COWARDS who hide their cowardice by placing the teachings of islam as the reason for their attacks. If they but knew the TRUE preachings of islam.... Peace.

Posted by Feras November 30, 08 11:53 AM

Hi there

I cannot see the picture , it is so much in agony . as i am from india i feel so sorry to see what has happen to my country , and to my people no more words comeing out of my mouth.....

Posted by sandra November 30, 08 12:02 PM

Still amidst this devastation terrorist attack in Mumbai, Indian politicians are playing their political game. This is high time for them to consider the safety issue as priority rather than to fight among themselves which they are doing since India's freedom.

Posted by Sonu November 30, 08 12:07 PM

the children with the lights for peace before christmas and just after diwali, the same sun god is saluted and invoked.

Posted by poonam November 30, 08 12:15 PM

I recently read the Book Three Cups of Tea where the authorsays instead of Divide and conquer we can Unite and Conquer ...we should unite more than ever .
The whole world should unite....that is all.

Posted by Bee November 30, 08 12:17 PM

First of all i would like to offer my condolences to the Indian people. There is no doubt that this was the most cowardly of attacks. However many people on this blog seem to blame Pakistan for the attacks. Some of the things to think about:

Who is gaining the most from these attacks? It is no secret that the US and Israel want to disband the nuke program from Pakistan. What better excuse for an attack on Pakistan than to create rift with India and carry out such attacks from Indian soil.
To understand the current situation you have to look at the past

Remember this Taliban ideology was created and financed by the CIA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This ideology has now come back and hit Pakistan worse than ever. Many of the suicide bombings that regularly occur in Pakistan have Afghan links i.e. the bombers have come from Afghanistan. The CIA have a huge role behind the bombings in Pakistan. The Pak government has formed peace deals with tribal lords on the border with Afghanistan and yet CIA controlled unmanned drones keep bombing villages killing innocent civilians. WHY IS THE CIA KILLING TRIBALS WHO HAVE FORMED PEACE DEALS WITH THE PAK GOV AND NOT THE REAL CULPRIT BEHTULLAH MEHSUD. He is the one who is openly against the Pak government claiming suicide bombs everywhere. I hope that gives you some background into the tactics employed by the CIA to destabilise Pakistan.

To get back to the present bombings. Some people are saying that the ISI wanted to divert attention from Pak to India. That makes no sense since everybody was going to point fingers at Pak (as is currently happening) so it would only attract more attention. THE MAIN BENEFICIARY OF THESE ATTACKS ARE THE CIA. They want an unstable region so that their agenda to attack Pak and its nukes becomes a reality.

Pakistan is suffering more than ever at the hands of these animals who call themselves Muslims. They are inhumane, so worried about the next life they forget to live in the current one. India needs to be strong now and unite to face this terror. All I ask is to not let the CIA get involved in the picture. My condolences from across the border. Our hearts go out to the victims.

Posted by Nadir November 30, 08 12:22 PM

How you all people know that this is beacause of pakistan? be realistic and dont play in the hands of extremists who are now controlling you indian people, like BJP and SANGH you indian blamed pakistan when there was SAMJHOTA EXPRESS incident and MALIGAH GAON, now your serving colonel proved guilty and your officer who was investigating. is killed in this an dkilled on very first day and in very first hour. so what you people think. who will get benefit from his killing and he got threats before his murder. so be realistic and show maturity.

Posted by Amjad November 30, 08 12:26 PM

Instead of spending money on Chandrayan and other researches, put more effort on surveillence satelites and allied defence research.

Posted by Vijaya Kumar November 30, 08 12:32 PM

i parden th police officers o give me a chance to kick the militant who was caught.,.. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by teja November 30, 08 12:36 PM

Their must be many more terrorist in mumbai & hyderabad (all over india), Govt. should keep special forces to identify them and kill them, before any attack happens again. Govt. should take this matter serious.

Posted by kiran November 30, 08 12:41 PM

i think india shud stop blaming pakistan for everything.they shud realize by now that the govt and the terrorist organiztion are two separate bodies. India should have seen this comin , it is their incompetence that led it go this far.
They cudn restrain 4 gunmen took them almost 50 hours to control the situation...
this incident is jus worsenin the hindu muslim relations in india and is definitely goin to result in hate crimes...however considering the NATURE of indian politics it wont be far from surprising that some freakin intelligence agency had a hand in this and conveniently as always will blame the LET and isi..and wat not ..jus to promote hate against muslims and by the time the elections are around the BJP is goin to have an upper hand...for all u know this incident cud be traced back to israel jus like the 9/11 attacks were ...(watch the zeitgeist)
Basically indians least the educated ones shud help promote tolerance and maintain sanity at this time difficulty...we are all indians be it muslims or hindus...all we can do is pray fr the souls of the ppl we lost in this tragedy..and shud not allow our behaviour to shadow their deaths by lettin these terrorists achieve wat they want and this is to cause disunity in india especially communally.

Posted by maya November 30, 08 12:47 PM

Mamma Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by InnavoiG Siralas November 30, 08 12:52 PM

raj thackeray, the eunuch was pissing in his pant in the corner of his house.
Its time now to fight for our fundamental rights. This joker govt cant be trusted. We need a kind of revolution which stops these politicians from being all about 'I, me , myself'. 5000 ordinary citizens are not worth getting a single constable, while a minister gets 5 NSGs. Is our elite force meant to protect these jerks? Why is not a single politician getting killed in terror attacks. Are they aware of this beforehand or is it because they have the security?

Posted by JustAnIndian November 30, 08 12:55 PM

Impressive! The world needs ens to terrorism. Peace, Peace, Peace!

Posted by Fabio Santos November 30, 08 12:55 PM

@898 (Rizwan) - in which world do you live? Don't u know Pakistan has done nothing except raising terrorists at its land. Isn't terrorist camps working in POK and that too with the support of Pak govt and the blackheaded ISI. Terrorists work from your soil and then go to India to kill innocent people. The same way you funded and raised Taliban and support Al Qaida. The whole world knows where the islamist terrorists find support and are raised officially only to spread hatred and kill innocents. Everyone prays to God to give them some good wisdom. Shame on you Pakistan.

Posted by Joe November 30, 08 12:59 PM

i just want to know why is it tht the government of maharashtra is taking the responsibility for wat has happened inspite of the facts tht they had prior info abt the act, moreover i feel the deputy cm should not be proud of tht only 183 people have been dead he should be ashamed and please the govenment should sacked and each and every person in the government should be responsible for this act of terrorism, please Dr. Manmohan singh our Prime minister please act tough on yr people first and show us some results.

Posted by rishi galrani November 30, 08 01:19 PM

We are all hurt deeply be it which ever part of india, what ever religion, which ever language. This is a blow to our self-esteem.The after effects are going to be weaken economy in these times of heavy competition missed opportunity will prove costly for our country .

It is the mistake of all Indians for electing such a lame and lousy politicians to power. Politicians are afraid to take any concrete actions and as always disintegrated with their own political statement.

They should take brave steps to strengthen the nervous system of the administration and bureaucracy.

Politics should ensure policies recruit best of the talent to perform but not just to fill the position and always evolve policies based on lessons learned.

Reservations should be applied to only appropriate positions and important positions which requires intelligence and courage should be open to all general.

Indian Police Services for example should avoid any reservation and open to only passionate individuals for serving the task of protecting civilians and it is countries responsibility to equip and compensate them well. Todays Indian police are proving to be feeding more on public (eg: collecting mamul from hawkers) than protecting the civilians (Eg: Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminals).

Make no mistake we need reservations to our country but the policy of reservations should be evolving. Reservation fundamental idea is to give financial stability to families who need most by providing employment and it should be that and not a tool to win votes and elections.

Posted by Patriot November 30, 08 01:25 PM

here is what i have i learned:

1.its easier to blame pakistan then to blame themselves as indian elections are on the way and there trying to do wat bush did during his re election campaign.

2.america and india are trying to squeeze pakistan on both sides ...

3.they say one of the terrorist was pakistani well 3 of them were british national s that doesnt mean that the uk is responsible the same way pakistan isnt either.

Posted by shujaaa November 30, 08 01:27 PM

Hi, i like the comments of "JustAnIndian" - Post - 921

Bal Thakrey and his chemchaas should be busy preparing for Feb-14 to use their mighty on Valentines day going kids.

Posted by Patriot November 30, 08 01:32 PM

where does the buck stop? if a buisnessman makes a mistake, if one person dies in his factory or shop, he is jailed. what about this terrorist attack. is'nt the govt supposed to be responsible for this security lapse? the IB is busy collecting info about the opposition for the ruling party. Where does it have time to take care of the country? we want the whole cabinet jailed for the inhuman murder & torture of the victims. Our MOST corrupt politicians, you will have to pay for your sins. Nobody is bothered about our country, they are only stuffing their pockets or paving the way for their children to take over. Is this their bloddy feifdom?? We hate these politicians
Angry Citizen

Posted by c.roongta November 30, 08 01:38 PM

My earlier post
INDIA.... PAKISTAN.... PUBLIC!!!! WAKE UP... this is FINAL WAKE UP CALL!!!!! (maybe, before Nuclear explosions..). Stop bickering and hit at the root.
PAKISTANIS, Pl support us in FINISHING UP FUNDAMENTALISM in YOUR COUNTRY including ISI.... when Indian Army arrives, support them, and jointly finish off the evil forces!! "

I wish to improve upon considering AMIRs cold blooded confessions.

Pakistan consists of:
3. ISI, and

Also, there is a person by name DAWOOD ASS BRAHIM whose daughter is married to a cricketers son (Mian-dad). How so respectful!!

Here's the ACID TEST:
Mr. ASS BRAHIM is our son of the soil and we are missing him and would like to bring him back and put him with our other b'strd son's of the soils in Mumbai (we have a few).

We would like to ATTACK the #4 and parts of #3, SHRED them, STAMP on the pieces and GRIND with our feet any tit-bits left over. Feed them to the dogs.... naaaah, what has the poor dog done to warrant such evil blood!

Dear Pakistanis, you have lost your beloved Benazir the same way, dont sit quitely, raise your UNITED voice, we are ONE in this WAR ON TERROR!

RISE UP... yes yes, UP, A LITTLE HIGHER, ABOVE RELIGION, yes thanks, Humanity is Above all! Even above Religion.

Posted by Samir J November 30, 08 01:39 PM

dis is truly ridiculous!!!!!indianz hv nthng else 2 do xcept blaming pakistanis over nthg!!!!!they shud investig8 it wid open mind n eyes!!...

Posted by tahreem beg November 30, 08 01:42 PM

pakistan is terrorist country..f**k pakistan...attack pakistan...blah! blah! blah!...

I feel ashamed to see how irrationally an average indian thinks(and yes i am an indian.. and a hindu). Do you guys really think that this is the ultimate solution.. hatred breeds hatred ..wars never end.. Do you guys believe that a normal pakistani sitting in pakistan would be laughing right now seeing our destruction.. i certainly dont..
And moreover who are we to blame pakistan when some of our own countrymen have betrayed the country and helped them do this heinous task..

and also its not seeing these people as muslims.. they are not..they are robots ..configured to do such an act and they do it..
so guys before blaming anybody wake up and open your eyes !!

Posted by akhil November 30, 08 01:53 PM

what they want...TAMIL EELAM ? or language problem...what the hell..

Posted by sivam November 30, 08 01:55 PM

Wah re INDIA AFJAL KO MAAFI, saadhwi ko fansi,RSS par pratibandh,simi se anubandh,Amarnath yatra par lagaan,HAZ ke liye anudaan...MEra bharat sach main mahaan...nthn is gonna improve until n unless nythng happens to those 542 mp's and their families....they ll wake up then only

Posted by Deep November 30, 08 02:03 PM

Who are they ? Why they are doing this ? Who is telling them to do this ? There must be some good amount of hate which is provoking them to kill others and get killed.
Why & Why ? If it is proved that provoking is being done in nebouring country then India must break all ties at once; and get ready for defence.
Indian leaders resignations is not the final solution.Solution is to take hard action.

Posted by Pran November 30, 08 02:06 PM

My comment with reference to 923's comments ....Dude Joe i am indian and even i can tell ya this ......Osama ran al qaeda and for all we now with help from vicious corporate circles in the us government. (BTW he was helped by the usa against the ussr).....the other thing is if u know the history of the area u shud know by now that the isi and the pak gov are most of the time in conflict....the isi is a organization run with very strong military ties....The two in actuality are almost two separate entities blaming the isi is possible to an extent but to blame the innocent people of pakistan who like us are in chaos themselves, is not going to help the situation....and u are blaming a religon and the people with it ....u have to know that you urself are now promoting communal hatred ...there are a few who do wrong and u blame everyone else associated with the religon ....again here not promoting tolerance.......,,now i urge that our government stands firm and be swift and effecient and take responsibility in protecting the people of india and not just
the few politicians who show up with directors at the scene .....and i also urge the people of india especially the educated class to be wary and critical of the government and ask them why our taxes are not providing us the necessary security ......Peace
Jai Hind

Posted by Sujith Ravva November 30, 08 02:15 PM

Well this terrorism is just SICK...what is wrong with the human race that we have people who do things like this? What do these people think this accomplished for them? If these people are "religious" what kind of religion would foster the murder of innocent ordinary people...or anybody for that matter. There is no respect for life among these terrorists. Their "religion" is a sick one, and any religion that becomes extreme can be dangerous to society. What good is religion if it steers people to do such disgustingly cruel meaningless and murderous rampages?

Posted by Beth F November 30, 08 02:17 PM

Private ownership of firearms is needed if India is to avoid the next massacre. I read of people throwing rocks at the terrorists at one point. If only responsible citizens had the right to own firearms the massacre could have been greatly reduced. Be courageous and learn more about firearms and why private ownership of them is an essential human right.

Posted by Mark N November 30, 08 02:27 PM

I think it ws the saddest moment not for India only but for all over the world.... it can not be planed by a single person or group there is a a special people and evidantialy Pakistans intilgance agency ISI is behind all these .... they are not muslim and they are not belong to anyothere religion becouse Islam is religion of peace and tolerance.....
Good bless u all victims of Mumbai attacks

Posted by Ahmad Naveed November 30, 08 02:29 PM

Just nothing will happen ........... all these death on innocent people all this scarification of Indian Army officers and Police force will be a memory with in few days ....... we will forget all .......and again we will blindly support and follow the orders and rules of our GREAT INDIAN GOVERNMENT .

Again after few months these fu****r terrorists will attack us again lots of innocent people never go back to their homes, and left lots of pain and unanswered questions and some never fulfilled expectation to theirs families' eyes. Again our GREAT GOVERNMENT says few bookish dramatic words for them.......... nothing gonna change . The only hope is US WE THE INDIANS ......may b its our last call

Posted by Rahul - A helpless Indian November 30, 08 02:33 PM

We should only do one action...............don't believe on any party just appeal for army action. ................. be uncorrupt and plz plz plz respect who are saving us --police and defence.

Posted by truly want a change November 30, 08 02:39 PM

WTH!! YOU GUYS DONT EVEN HAVE ANY PROOF THAT EACH OF THEM WAS A MUSLIM AND I DONT THINK ANYONE WAS AND YEAH CONCERING PAK!WHY CANT YOU GUYS STOP BLAMING MUSLIMS AND PAKISTANIS ? we aint responsible for this,and people here dont have any proof so you can shut ur lame mouth! think twice before blaming someone! and someone who does such a cowardly act has no religion!

Posted by BIlal November 30, 08 02:42 PM


Posted by ASHI,, November 30, 08 02:55 PM

This is a typical Indian thing that happens again and again. Hindus kill muslims, hindus kill christians, muslims kill hindus, goverment kills poor Maoists and Maoists kill officials and officers........

Two words, "big chaos"

Posted by Steven November 30, 08 03:09 PM

A message to the terrorists: This a terrble, ghastly, barbaric, cowardly thing that you have done to India. You have not helped your cause one little bit. Instead you have made people hate you even more, not to mention the prejudice and hate that will be directed towards your religion. What has India done to you? Go and take issue with the right people such as the governments who attack you. Take pictures of their atrocities if you want to tell the world, even if means risking your own lives taking these pictures - after all, you do not even value your life. You might get some sympathy then. Not like this. So please stop killing innocent people. Two wrongs do not make a right. Go and study your religion properly you idiots.


Posted by Bigfeather November 30, 08 03:11 PM

I feel very bad after reading that all is done by PAKISTAN and ISI etc. This is all propaganda which all the Indian media is portraying. Pakistanis are not stupid to invite the enemy for war when they themselves are undergoing a critical situation in their country. Its the need of Indians to create a reason for calling PAKISTAN a terrorist country and get sympathies from all over the world in their interests.
All seems to be inside job. How could the terrorist sustain the attacks for three days if they managed to jump in the hotel with some assault rifles. The picture also shows some proofs that are enough to believe. The RED BAND inst worn by Muslims infacts hindus do wear RAKH !!!!!

Posted by Pround Pakistani November 30, 08 03:16 PM

Again the financial capital of India was attacked by the terrorists. Mumbai which represents India in front of the world in business community is being rocked by some terrorist for more than 48 hours. This is not the first time the city was attacked. It happened in 1993 when around 300 people were killed by Bombay blasts. It happened in 2006 when train were targeted and many innocent lost their lives. But the matter of fact is every time this kind of things happened, the Mumbai citizens came back to their work with more bravery than earlier. People leave the terror days behind and tend to live the normal life. And what does government do? Every time this kind of thing happens, some arrests and then the prosecution over the arrest go for years.
But the question is till what time it will happen. Whenever they try to forget the past, something new happens to make their life more fearful. How long can these people overcome these and come back to normalcy.
It is high time that government do something. Something which will make the enemy of India thinks twice to go for this kind of act. We know, US eliminated Taliban from Afghanistan when 9/11 happened. I am not saying to attack a particular country but right now we are not even in a position to take the name of the country openly that is responsible for all these attacks. Why? As we have to maintain relations with that country. The time has come when we need to give proper answer, a hard one to the country responsible for terror in our country.

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 03:16 PM


Posted by SACHIN November 30, 08 03:21 PM

Hi Joe, These are not sad pictures bcoz the Hindu have done it.. as you said just because the attacker is wearing a band on his wrist.. That is the deceiving techniques. I really fell pity for your comments.. by the way, I am not Hindu. And the Terrorist seen in photo # 5 is already caught .. Alive! his is from Pakistan..
These picture are sad, because they are against humanity & any civilisation. Those terrorist only depict the demons & non-human values.. nothing else.

Posted by Danny November 30, 08 03:28 PM

One thing that i cant understand is dat how these terrorists got so much of sofisticated weaponry and high levels of training now one of the dudes were talkin bout pak. being targeted by the millitants ,,, tell me one thing that y dont u stop the trainin camps in POK they have so much ammunition because they are supplied with that by some big organization trained by their officers and thats the truth my friends we shud accept it and stop blaming others .............

Posted by karma fauji ....... November 30, 08 03:31 PM

Dear Indians,
Please stop blaming Pakistan. Don’t u see we face suicide bombing in Pakistan? Don’t u remember what happed in Lahore FIA building a few months back? MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS AT ALL.. by blaming and swearing other countries what will happen? This is not the solution.

Posted by Chand Ali November 30, 08 04:27 PM

We must unite against these barbaric acts of these cowardice individuals and their organizations.
We don't have clear evidence as to which country/countries these people belonged to. Pakistan is a easy target for all countries to point fingers at, because no doubt there have been terrorist training grounds previously. But let us see what has been happening in the recent past.
There was assassination of benizer Bhutto, the Marriot in Rawalpindi was attacked and large numbers were killed, everyday there is suicide attacks especially in the NWPP area. Who is making these attacks Pakistan on Pakistanis?

Posted by azar November 30, 08 04:29 PM

Politicians are the one who to blame for every terror attack, not any one else

Posted by Kamal N Sharma November 30, 08 04:30 PM

You seem to all be off the point.
Terrorists, by definition as well as nature have one goal, one aim: to terrorize the victims (unlike a murder due to jealousy or theft etc.).
One cannot attempt to give a reason or rational for actions done in order to cause chaos, fear-terror.
Why do you see to find one to blame i.e. the cause behind their actions when they THEMSELVES admit it as being purely to kill, so (if not the victims themselves) countries will respect them and fear them etc.

Just as one wouldn't blame murderous act on the cafe the murderer ate his breakfast at (and was dissatisfied by); so too the muslim terrorist, cold blooded, cowardly killer of innocent women and children must be we must blame him, himself and the theories, teachings and religion he acts to please.

Posted by Michael November 30, 08 04:35 PM

how is it that no mullah has come foreward to deny or denounce the Paradise reward motive to jihadis given in Koran -of 72 virgins & all lifelong luxuries etc -- for the families too.This shows that it is very well there. See some more facts below-comments from mullahs will be appreciated-----What do they say about the captured jihadi's statement that he & all others were from Faridkot - Pakistan ???--

Some interesting facts & figures: Thought provoking and scary facts(?) for non muslims - worth reading. These are certain facts which are extracts from the book, hence not individual's views. Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam:The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult; in it's fullest form, it is a complete, total, 100% system of life. Islam has religious, legal,political, economic, social and military components. The religious component is a beard for all of the other components. Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their religious rights. When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious rights, some of the other components tend to creep in as well. Here's how it works. As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:United States-- Muslim 0.6%
Australia-- Muslim 1.5%
Canada-- Muslim 1.9%
China-- Muslim 1.8%
Italy-- Muslim 1.5%
Norway-- Muslim 1.8% At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This is happening in:Denmark -- Muslim 2%
Germany-- Muslim 3.7%
United Kingdom-- Muslim 2.7%
Spain-- Muslim 4%
Thailand-- Muslim 4.6% From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves -- along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring in:France-- Muslim 8%
Philippines-- Muslim 5%
Sweden-- Muslim 5%
Switzerland-- Muslim 4.3%
The Netherlands -- Muslim 5.5%
Trinidad &Tobago -- Muslim 5.8% At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world. When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris, we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam, with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:Guyana-- Muslim 10%
India-- Muslim 13.4%
Israel-- Muslim 16%
Kenya-- Muslim 10%
Russia-- Muslim 15% After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues such as in:Ethiopia-- Muslim 32.8% At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:Bosnia-- Muslim 40%
Chad-- Muslim 53.1%
Lebanon-- Muslim 59.7% From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:Albania-- Muslim 70%
Malaysia-- Muslim 60.4%
Qatar-- Muslim 77.5%
Sudan-- Muslim 70% After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:Bangladesh-- Muslim 83%
Egypt-- Muslim 90%
Gaza-- Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia-- Muslim 86.1%
Iran-- Muslim 98%
Iraq-- Muslim 97%
Jordan-- Muslim 92%
Morocco-- Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan-- Muslim 97%
Palestine-- Muslim 99%
Syria-- Muslim 90%
Tajikistan-- Muslim 90%
Turkey-- Muslim 99.8%
United Arab Emirates-- Muslim 96% 100% will usher in the peace of 'Dar-es-Salaam' --the Islamic House of Peace. Here there's supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:Afghanistan-- Muslim 100%
Saudi Arabia-- Muslim 100%
Somalia-- Muslim 100%
Yemen-- Muslim 100% Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons. 'Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe the tribe against the world, and all of us against the infidel'. -- Leon Uris, 'The Haj' It is important to understand that in some countries, with well under 100% Muslim populations, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law. The national police do not even enter these ghettos. There are no national courts nor schools nor non-Muslim religious facilities. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. The children attend madrasses.
They learn only the Koran. To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death. Therefore in some areas of certain nations, Muslim Imams and extremists exercise more power than the national average would indicate. Today's 1.5 billion Muslims make up 22% of the world's population. But their birth rates dwarf the birth rates of Christians, Hindus, Buddists, and Jews, and all other believers. Muslims will exceed 50% of the world's population by the end of this century.******************************************************************************************Interesting...... Then Prime Minister, John Howard - Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.
Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques.
Quote: 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.' 'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom' 'We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!' 'Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.'
'We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why.. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.' 'This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE VE'.' 'If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.'

Posted by roebling November 30, 08 04:56 PM

How can 10 terrorists kill so many people?

Sigh, may you all victims blessed in heaven.

Posted by lovestoned November 30, 08 05:16 PM

this is the most craziest attack that ever happend it was way to organised between the attack and the help that came afterwords this was forsure planned out being that its bf elections and thay wanted to storm up a littel this is nuts what is happining to the world we live in could someone wake up and finsh this whole goverment joke thats now in india and out someone up there that wont be so scared to make a point when needed please guys wake up the fire just spreads put it out,

Posted by zallk November 30, 08 05:32 PM

What we, as a nation, have witnessed for the last few days is really shocking. Where will all this hatred and religious intolerance lead to and when and how will all this needless bloodshed of innocent lives finally end? The politicians and the system have failed in their duty to provide security to the citizens of our country. We need to do something to stop this madness before it's too late. Let us all unite to do whatever needs to be done to restore peace in our country.

Posted by Anita G. November 30, 08 05:43 PM

What we, as Indians, have witnessed for the last few days is really shocking. Where will all this hatred and religious intolerance lead to and when will all this shedding of innocent blood finally end? The politicians and the system have failed miserably in their duty to provide security to the citizens of our country, especially to the common man on the street. We all need to come together to do whatever it takes to stop this violence and to restore peace in our country.

Posted by Anita G. November 30, 08 06:04 PM

@945. Proud Pakistani

RAKH ? what does that mean ? any way how long does it take for a guy from Faridkot, Pakistan to buy and strap a red string around his wrist.......?

Posted by RAKH November 30, 08 06:11 PM

May god bless the Victims of Mumbai Attack and may god Bless India

Posted by Patriot November 30, 08 06:24 PM

Since the media has "disallowed" us to use the words Islamo Fascism I recently started blaming all terrorist related bombings, shootings, beheadings and suicide bombings on Martians. From now on, anytime a sick person blows up a building or stabs someone in the name of Allah and Islam we should not be blaming Islam but the terrorists from outer space. One of modern man's greatest weaknesses is his incessant belief that being politically correct somehow makes life's problems go away. So if all you nice politically correct people of the world want to feel better, this is the way to do it. Lets all blame all Islamic terrorist activities on imaginary space beings, because lets face it... Muslims are peaceful people.

Posted by Sal November 30, 08 06:27 PM

The terorrists are the public enemy of the all faith people and deserves to be punished death penalty by the authorized Indian authority as done well yesterday.
Deeply condolence for the all victims and his/her family and really proud, salute and many thanks to Indian Government and the photographers and journalists who taking the great prictures and sharing the news. God bless us all, amen.

Posted by Joseph K. Wirayudha November 30, 08 08:13 PM

The topic is about "Terrorism", and not a communal fight!! I wont blame the indians(hindus) to develop ill-feelings about Muslims(indians and non-indians), because most of the terrorist has some ties towards muslim countries!! Terrorist call this "Jihaad" and so on...!! It is very normal to think less about people with muslim origin, because all we hear is -some islamic militant group has taken the responsibility of these attacks, OR the name of most of the terrorists are either mohammad, akram or karim or ......!! why the names are not BOB or ROBERT,or Dsouza or Patel or Chatterjee or Malhotra?????????

Posted by Anonymous November 30, 08 08:35 PM

Terrorists are simply criminals. Mass murderers. How does a criminal think? A criminal is driven by emotion, like anger. In order to justify his crime to himself, he needs to find a religious reason that could fuel his anger and justify his actions in front of himself. A religious reason could also get support from other angry people around this criminal. But in fact, this is a MADE UP religious reason the criminal has fabricated in order to justify an explain his actions.

In fact, Islam STANDS AGAINST TERRORISM CLEARLY AND STRONGLY. Before Islam, the Arab Penisula consisted mainly of tribes fighting and killing each other on an annual and regular basis. However, Prophet Muhammed was able to -single handedly- unite the entire nation and lead them into an era of peace and prosperity. Sciences were established, Scientists emerged, Economy flourished leading way to the Golden Age of Islam. This transformation from social and intellectual backwardness is the true miracle of Islam.

I leave you with these verses from the Holy Qur'an; the sacred muslim scripture:

If anyone slays a person
- unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land -
it would be as if he slew all people.
And if anyone saves a life,
it would be as if he saved the life of all people.
The Qur'an 5:32

Invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching.
The Qur'an 16:125

Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to heedfulness. Heed God (alone). God is aware of what you do.
The Qur'an 5:8

Repel evil with what is better.
Then that person with whom there was hatred,
may become your intimate friend!
And no one will be granted such goodness
except those who exercise patience and self-restraint,
none but people of the greatest good fortune.
The Qur'an 41:34-35

Fight in the Way of God against those who fight you, but do not go beyond the limits. God does not love those who go beyond the limits.
The Qur'an 2:190

And if they incline to peace, then incline thou also to it, and trust in God. Surely He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
The Qur'an 8:61

And do not kill yourselves. God is Most Merciful to you.
The Qur'an 4:29

There is no compulsion in religion
The Qur'an 2:256

"And when they hear vain talk, they turn away therefrom and
say: 'To us our deeds, and to you yours; peace be to you: we seek not the ignorant.'
The Quran 28:55

"The servants of the All-merciful are those who walk in the earth modestly and who, when the ignorant address them, say, 'Peace'"
The Qur'an 25:63

Say ye: "We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma'il,
Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all)
prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: And we
bow to Allah (in Islam)."
The Qur'an 2:136

(But the treaties are) not dissolved with those Pagans with whom ye have entered into
alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided any one against you.
So fulfil your engagements with them to the end of their term: for Allah loveth the righteous.
The Qur'an 9:4

"And if they call you a liar, say: My work is for me and your work for you; you are clear of
what I do and I am clear of what you do."
The Qur'an 10:41

I am proud of my peaceful religion. God have Mercy on all those who lost their lives in this savage barbaric crime., and may He bless their loved ones with patience and serenity.

Posted by TareX November 30, 08 08:35 PM

I can't expect anything better than this from PAKISTAN or from it's people. If we look back we will see the country has got nothing to proud in it's entire history at any occassion. Howcome they still claim that they are Muslim!!!!!!!!!

I am a muslim and I know what it says in this religion about our life style and as a Muslim I saw what pakistani did with their brothers and sisters in Bangladesh in 1971. You don't belong to Muslim community and you don't even have any right to claim that. You are a nation who is always after blood. In recent days if I even see any Pakistani people I don't feel like to look back to him again since he is failed to perform his responsibility to make his own people nice. To me that is a country of few busturds so far who don't belong to mankind.

Dear pakistani people, please open your eyes and mind. The World has started hating you like anything just because of your fellow nasty people. There is nothing to proud with what you are and what you have done so far. Please become civilized for GOD sake. As a muslim this is my urge to you because for people like you Muslims are getting bed impressions to the rest of the World. We didn't give you the right to represent our name. Muslims are not coward like you. They introduced the modern science and everything to the rest of the World and we still belong to those muslims not coward like you.

To my Indian fellow friends just one request. You have so many things to proud with. You had person like Ghandiji. Remember always what he said: An eye for an eye makes the whole World blind. Please don't do that. The way we all made the British ashamed for what they did with us the same way please make the neighbours ashamed for what they are doing to us. Please please.................

Posted by Zahedul Islam November 30, 08 09:33 PM

What the world needs is the saving mercy of Jesus Christ. There will be no lasting peace until then. The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked. Seek the Lord while he may be found

Posted by AJ November 30, 08 10:00 PM

If terrorist could view this then i Would like to tell them this note:
'Life is nothing, if your killing us today then We will die today.. otherwise we will die Tomorrow. There's no necessity for you people to kill us...Everyone is born to die. Remember that even you will die one day.'
First of all politicians should be honest.. None is cared about the nation. They just wanna earn money and save for their family and grandchildren. What a selfish buggers..

Posted by gladis November 30, 08 10:05 PM

The tragedy should serve as a reminder to all Indians that we should do what we can to prevent another such incident. A beginning can be made by booting out politicians who have perpetuated the myth of oppressed muslims in India.
From six crores in 1947, the number of Muslims in India has jumped to 13.8 crores and they occupy important positions in the media, academics and bureaucracy. The liberal Indian elite has even removed reference from history text books about the destruction of Hindu temples by Muslims kings, and readily supports any ban the Muslim fanatics want thwarting any freedom of expression. But for poor Hindus....the same liberal elite uses a different standard. Shame on them.

Educated Muslims don't speak up

Posted by J. Pratik November 30, 08 10:16 PM

People.. all said & done., after all the hue n cry, blaming politicians, blaming religions, tarnishing images of the same n their respective countries.. where exactly are we heading...
we gotta be practical rather than sitting n commenting on the issue.. we have to show our feelings in action..its high time we act.
What i can suggest to each individual is be socially conscious, be responsible for the things happening around, keep your self vigilant and make your self a part of the process of protecting this world from terrorists rather than blaming others. Report any thing or activity which u feel is suspicious, Get frisked in malls & other such places rather than avoiding it.,coz this ensures everyones safety. Educate people about what is right and what is wrong? Educate people, not to get provoked by extremists, because extremists are the people who does not want people to live in harmony, peace & love. These are just a few actions we could take from our side and this is the least we could do.
what matters is how much are YOU contributing towards making the world a better living place.

Posted by Nads November 30, 08 10:32 PM

There is no connection between poverty and terrorism, if anything it is the terrorists and Islamists that cause poverty. how do the apologists explain the fact that the "terrorists" we talk about are often well off and very educated? killing all terrorists is the way to end the violence and make peace. it is NOT a cycle . Why do poor Japanese not blow up buildings and massacre Innocents? poverty is not the cause of Islamic extremism . It is the result of it.

Posted by khalid yusef saab November 30, 08 10:33 PM

This is a dastardly attack on the lives of innocents by ruthless terrorists. Our politicians should rise to the occasion and not let this pass off as just 'another' incident. The basis question in everybody's mind today is where next? Which place is secure and where to go or not to go? We cannot become sitting ducks everytime and keep blaming one another internally. Stringent action needs to be taken and if enough evidence is available against anyone involved in such nefarious activities, no time should be wasted in handing out punishment We cannot dilly dally like this as we have done in the case of the hanging of the terrorist who was involved in the Parliament blast case. Wake up India, wake up!

Posted by Babu Ravichandran November 30, 08 10:33 PM

As Atul Bihari ji Said " Terrorism has no Borders", evilness can creep to any part of the world unless and until people in the higher levels starts thinking for a proper solution...A common person is just like a disabled, he sees everything in front of his eyes however cannot do anything except to pass that moment and get into next attack...

May their souls rest in peace !!!

Posted by Srinivas Sekha November 30, 08 10:43 PM

This is a vicious circle.Terrorists claim they are doing this as a retaliation to the way muslims are treated.But these acts further increase the alienation of muslims from the rest of us since all of them are looked with the same suspicion.No matter how much they might deny ,fact is Pakistan is the root of terrorism and all the terrorists happen to belong to the same religion

Posted by AC November 30, 08 10:52 PM

My heart is crying.. I don't know why people act or become so barbaric in nature.. they have killed someone's brother, father, children, sister.

If we don't rise today then we can never rise ever. Rise my dear fellow country me and lets put an end to this barbaric dead of these so called regilious men.

Posted by Subhro Dasgupta November 30, 08 11:04 PM

It's now confirmed that there were ten guys altogether in this carnage. Why it took so long for Indian law enforcing agencies to control the situation. It should'nt have taken more than ten minutes to nip the trouble in the bud.

Posted by ABDUL KADER HAJEE AHMED November 30, 08 11:04 PM

Pray to God that their soul rest in peace.(Bhagwaan kare ke unki aatma ko shanti mile)...Upper waale se fariyaad hai ki bhale hi hamrai zindagi mein ek khushi kam de...par kabhi unke parivaar pe ghamo kaa saaya naaa padne paayie. Hamein garv hai ki hum Bharatvaasi hain!!! JAI HIND!!!

Posted by Ajay Ganpat Chavan November 30, 08 11:14 PM

The only best possible action that Indian Govt can take is to just get your air force and hit those training camp hard. I am sure if politician do not make this decision and allowed navy to do their job, it is just one night enough to let them know. USA is leading by example. They ensured that no training camps are running now in Afganistan. Resignation of any leader or any langauge sympathy will not bring 200 lives but attack on training camp (Not on any country or community) will make sure we at least save next 200 lives.
I am sure nothing will happen in my country where people are dead and dump, currupt politicians are with no brave and constructive brain (apart from showing
how shitty democracy works). While we are discussing this, another event will happen and we all will start talking about that by forgetting this.
So do not wait for any further serious event. Just prepare, go and hit hard.
All the best for action that will never take place.

Posted by Sandesh November 30, 08 11:15 PM

good job indian force i am just asking can you help our country as well
I am a sri lankan please try to help us

Thank you

Posted by fahim sahid November 30, 08 11:17 PM

These cruel people don;t have heart and they don't think about human life ,......wat i belive ..instead of killing them we should torture them to die ......and Mumbai should also learn a lesson that India is One and Indians are united ...its democractic country and v cnnot be separted by any religion,language and colour this point of time ..all indians are united and I hope they will continue this spirit forever .......Sangeeta (New Delhi)

Posted by Sangeeta Prasad November 30, 08 11:22 PM

I Salute(Obeisance) everybody who involved in this greation Mission Commandos/Police) & also god please “Give eternal light and peace to all who died”

Posted by Siddu November 30, 08 11:26 PM

wow.. im wasting my time reading all this.. this is just another scam to blame Islam AGAIN.. open your mind and think out of the [BOX]!

Posted by willy wonka November 30, 08 11:30 PM

This is very bad to us while watching this photographs, just imagine how the commandos, policemen & the people rescued from the terrorist really feel?
We must have to Salute our Indian People who fought against terrorist!!

Posted by Vaibhav Dharme November 30, 08 11:32 PM

I hope people in India have the right to own firearms. Governments can never stop attacks like these. Only armed sane individual people who care about others can stop mad attacks like these. Love all!

Posted by John November 30, 08 11:34 PM

We are running away or denying from the truth by just saying that 'WE ARE UNITED' sort of things. Things are not gonig to be well until and unless we ourself do not take the blame of everything. YES! at the end of the day, its we, who are also a part of the Conspiracy. The Day, people will understand this fact and will convince themself (and each other) to fight against these evils, India will surely be a safer place. Just crying over this incident is not all. what about other such bombings that took place recently which took place with the help of local aid (supposedly). If we are alert anddedicated to eradicate this, I Believe we can make the Difference. Alert India is the Only way to be a safer India.

Posted by Sujeet November 30, 08 11:47 PM

With all due respect to the life and blood of those courageous sons of
India who sacrificed their lives in the 26/11 Episode. Let thier
patriotism and their lives be an inspiration to all Indians to fight
against TERRORISM.

The 26/11 War over Mumbai – The extending shadow of suspicion.

Mumbai the commercial capital of India, the emerging economy of 21st
Century, was attacked by the terrorist. More that 162 lives have been
lost. Who will be behind this massacre? What are their aims?

Conspiracy Theory 1:- Making instability in the commercial capital is
prime aim of the terrorists. The world economy is jealous on the
miraculous progress of India as an emerging economy. More and more
developed as well as developing countries are coming forward to
associate with India in all possible fields. Making this development
haywire, the terrorist has chosen the hotels like TAJ and OBROI which
is the hub of investors to aim them. Also they know this can destroy
the Tourism Industry that brings major revenue to Indian Economy.

Conspiracy Theory 2:- The emerging discussions between India- Pak new
elected government giving out its positive signs is upsetting America.
America already has given clear indications that it wants now India as
its closest allies in the so called war against terrorism, keeping
Pakistan at the bay, by saying that it protects Taliban and Alqaeda
and has started air raid over them. In this circumstance America do
not wish India to make friendship with Pakistan. By storming in
Mumbai, it is easy to link ISI and thus divert all the bilateral talk.

Conspiracy Theory 3:- The most possible and the ultimate is the recent
finding of ATS regarding the Malegaon blast. The inquiry leads a
pointing finger to the Hindu Fascist organizaions and this upsets the
Sanghparivar organizations who wanted to finish the probe at any
expense. ATS also found that there are the hands of Sanghpaivar and
related Army officers in other blasts also. The arrested army officer
Col. Purohit revealed the clandestine correspondence between RSS and
ISS. In this deadly war over Mumbai the concerned have finished the 5
ATS officers- including Mr. Hemant Karkare- who were in the HITLIST of
Sanghparivar. Two days before Mr.Karkare is reported to have received
an anonymous call from Pune which said that he will be shot dead in 3
days. He had warned the nation against the Sanghparivar and its ally
groups who are receving huge forign fund.
FISI ( Friends of Indian Society) in America
IDRF ( Indian development and relief fund) in America
Seva International in UK
HSS Friend ( Hindu Svayam Sevak Sangh) inUK
And many more working in the foreign countries and their alleys in India like,
Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram
Vikas Bharat
Swami Vivekandan Rural Development
Janaseva vidya Kendra
Giri Vanvasi Seva prakalp
G. Deshpande vanvasi vastigrah
And like similar number of organizations are funded from outside India
and are terrorist organization with a fake identity of charity.

The Abhiav Bharat is one among the above and the arrested Army Man
Col. Srikanth Purohit is an active member of the same and he revealed
that the RSS leaders has relationship with Mossad, the terrorist
Intelligent Agency of Israel and CIA, the America spy network and ISS
the pak terrorist Intelligent agency to spread terrorism in India.
These finding by the ATS put the officers' life in danger.

The inquiry was leading to the involvement of Mr. Narendra Modi, the
modern era Pharoa or Indian Hitler and this made the threat to the ATS
Chief and his active role in the whole episode of 26/11 can not be

The worst blood shed in India, made the loss of valuable lives of more
than 160 .The patriotism of those Courageous Javan Including Mr.
Hemant Karkare who dedicated the blood and life to the Country should
be honored by a truthful probe in to the hot issue by the India
government. Otherwise it is an injustice to their patriotism.

Foot note:-
1. Mr. Karkare's family rejected the "happy" Mody's offer of 1 crore
that was declared for each family of the dead officers. WHY
2. We did not see MNN (Maharashtra Nava Nirman) or Shiva Sena
demanding that only Marathi officers should come for rescue
operations. WHY ????????????

Posted by GEO NARAYAN November 30, 08 11:50 PM

Keede padege saloon ko....Let us all unite to fight against terrorism!!!

Posted by Neeraj Lakra November 30, 08 11:53 PM

Why cant these bloody assh*les called politicians take a firm decision and destroy all the training camps and the hideouts of the terrorists (I am sure with all the intelligence..etc they should be pretty clear where these are exactly located). Reminds me ofNaseeruddin's Shah's characters last half-hour burst in the movie A Wednesday. Theres at least a starting to take politicians to task and make them accountable after this event, hope we people dont forget it too quickly and keep nagging those bastards for some action taken in this regard.

Posted by Rups November 30, 08 11:53 PM

India has long been a supporter of 'peace' and 'harmony' .. It's time we realize that we are not dealing with people of the same opinion. Personal animosity is to be kept aside within the state and its time we stand up and fight this act of barbarism. Politicians for god's sake think about times when your own families could be at stake. Think about your own son or daughter pleading for mercy after being hit by a bullet in the chest.
We are the targets and if not today then tomorrow we are in for the same thing. I plead all including the "radio jockeys" to stop inviting SMS on how one feels about 'people being killed this is going to do no good to the nation. IF YOU ARE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN THEN FIGHT FOR IT NOT WITHIN IT !!

Posted by MAULIK November 30, 08 11:58 PM

What all of you need is some cartesian common sense and logical reasoning. Keep whining and fighting. You all are nothing more than pawns in the game of death. We all have blood on our hands because we are the ones with our little negligence add to this chaos as a community.
What Muslim/Hindu/Christian/Sikh/Jewish terrorists? Terrosists have no religion except massacre and destruction.Grow up you all and realise one thing.
In devastation there is oppurtunity!
For whom, is what you have to figure it out.

Chah! Bunch of losers fighting on a webpage.

Posted by Indian December 1, 08 12:02 AM

Hats off to our brave soldiers...
Also, please throw out Patils, Thakreys, Yadavs and Gandhis. Lets all be Indian!

Posted by Chandra December 1, 08 12:03 AM

It doesnt matters for me whether it is Congres or BJP.... I just want to see silence and peace in my country..

Posted by Ankur December 1, 08 12:03 AM

My Comment is for Mr. Zahedul Islam .

I just want to say that u r really a great man.
May god make all indians like you.
God bless u

Posted by Sandeep December 1, 08 12:06 AM

Deepest condolences to the grieved families, who lost their near and dear ones inthis tradegy. "May the souls rest in eternal peace". Hope this tradegy remains in the mind of every Indian for a longer time (we indians have a short memory) and call for a change. The valiant action by the security forces have once again proved that they are our last line of hope.Its time the govt equips them pays them their dues. Time to stand as one "INDIAN". Jai Hind.

Posted by Maj William Trivedi December 1, 08 12:09 AM

This is For All Pakistanis,
Blaming one religion or a comunity or a country is really unfare because its pretty unethical to blame and form a genaralized view over a partcular class. I know, it wud be hurting many of the Pakistanis, when someone makes a comment that Pakistan is bad or a terror-aid-Nation. the way we indians have patriotism within us, it must be same towards ur end as well. A common man is always a victim. but still, some statistics and history reveals that there has been various trainnig camps undergoing in POK or so. May be, even if we say that pakistani govt do not support these practices, still we cannot (no one can) deny that they are even not making Any efforts to stop/control these things. The least thing we expect from your government is, that they should find all such loop holes and try to fix them as ASAP. This will not only do good for other countries, rather your reputation over world would get improved..
An Indian, though a Human first...First.!!

Posted by Faizul December 1, 08 12:16 AM

India has long been a supporter of 'peace' and 'harmony' .. It's time we realize that we are not dealing with people of the same opinion. Personal animosity is to be kept aside within the state and its time we stand up and fight this act of barbarism. Politicians for god's sake think about times when your own families could be at stake. Think about your own son or daughter pleading for mercy after being hit by a bullet in the chest.
We are the targets and if not today then tomorrow we are in for the same thing. I plead all including the "radio jockeys" to stop inviting SMS on how one feels about 'people being killed this is going to do no good to the nation. IF YOU ARE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN THEN FIGHT FOR IT NOT WITHIN IT !!

Posted by Anonymous December 1, 08 12:18 AM

We need to send a very clear message across the world that we are not a passive countary always taking the terror doled out to us quitely and silently. And how we send this message across is up to our leaders. We have to show action and now while the wound is still festering because once the wound heals some what history will only repest itself.

Posted by Padma Gangwani December 1, 08 12:19 AM

ref no 954-we must thank you for bringing out this vital info -which all including our govt must note.This shows how Australia is asking them to leave if they do not want to obey its laws & not to expect their own laws.Same thing with UK-they even monitor mosques & tighten the families too with the result that now british mullahs are themselves reporting suspicious activities.
The captured jihadi is now admitting -they were fully trained in Pak by army chaps & wants to go to Jannat to pick up his 72 virgins etc,but our govt will only treat him as state guest like Afzal Guru till they are released by another Kandahar.
Today another Tablighi Jamati -the bearded Inzemam wants the cricket tour to continue-no thank you- no more ICL for you chaps in India too.Why are the Teest as,Lalus,Shabanas,all Bollyhood khans ,leftists etc not reacting?? These people should be boycotted unless they openly express sincere public repent & denounce the jihadis & their Jannat reward secret motive of 72 virgins etc.Surprisingly no mullah is refuting this motive in their comments here as this is an open fact now. Thank you ref no 954 for your vital info- must for all to read--

Posted by Ediswan December 1, 08 12:19 AM

I will not tolerate terrorism any more ... i am strongly against this..please tell me how can i help my country...

Posted by Glen M. Pappan December 1, 08 12:26 AM

An act of brutality,hatred grips our nation as we stand shivering and the hair raisen.
The clock of time alarming on our heads asking us to aive up the attitude of 'CHALTA HAI' a pass.We may blame others for this as we have been doing most of the times but deep inside me must atleast now realize that the culprit lies within.The unconcerned attitude,feeling that its not us who die should now give way to a more intelligent and concern ways towards our own people and country.Blaming politicians is right but who gave them the authority.Mr. Raj thackerey and his mobs were beating up the Biharis,why didnt he send the same guys to beat up the terrorists??and why will he...while he was professing hatred among ourselves we were watching it on the television,cursing him in our drawing rooms along with our loved ones and the next day we woke up and now there is a certian Mr. Raj thackerey and quite luckily you are also there bcoz u preferred not to have dinner last night or you didnt go to work and you stayed at home but the loved ones they are not there , you are now alone.....We are the power of this country and now we need to make it sure that every single step of ours lands on the right place. WAKE UP INDIA..ITZ ALWAYS BETTER TO BE LATE THEN NEVER.

Posted by ABHIJIT SINGH December 1, 08 12:34 AM

its devasting.

Posted by drj December 1, 08 12:41 AM

Long live India !!!

Posted by vikas December 1, 08 12:42 AM

To All the pakistanis,
We Indians don't hate you but the extremists who support the terrorist activities. We have alwasys thought of you all as our brothers and sisters but when we see our own brothers and sisters being killed ruthlessly due to the inefficiency of your government, we are bound to think foul of you.
And as for the blame game, we and the rest of the world have enough evidence to prove where all these terrorist activity is being supported from.
To the rest of the world, especially the US which keeps claiming to have all the proofs revealing the terrorist camps and their supporters,
Please publish all the proofs supporting where is the terrorist activity coming from. It will help to put an end to the blame game, and you will find the real support from all sections of the world to support your cause in putting an end to the terrorist activities.
To Indians,
We are a peaceful nation but when it comes to saving our people, let us not sleep and wake up only when some of us are killed. Let us act hard and be constantly on the watch. We should start an operation "Indian" to remove all the non violence supporting elements working on our soil.
Few thoughts to change the indian politics,
Support youth for getting elected to the assemblies and Indina parliament, we need new energy and new thoughts to take India to the new era. Support the educacted to reach a post where they have power to help us.
To the educated youth,
Think of India and then think of the money. We are always blaming Indian politics and many of us don't even think of joining the army because they pay less. Indina politics can be changed only if you change your mentality.
To Rahul Gandhi,
I have seen you covering many colleges and universities getting the support from the youth. Just one concern, it will be of no use to you until and unless you provide tickets to the selected youths. If you want to believe them, you will have to help them. Don't try playing politics with them because they are smart enogh to understand anything. Dont take us to be fools.
To the Indian army.
We salute all the Indian army, navy and air force families and the warriors for continuing to guard the indian borders. May be you all don't get so much cash as the other people not working beside you, but you all have something which all other Indians wish for but they dont have the guts to join you. You all have the guts and the support of each and every Indian.
We salute you. Jai Hind.

Posted by Indian citizen December 1, 08 12:43 AM

Hi, i am an Indian residing in UAE, yes i am from MUMBAI. I was glued to my TV since WED eve, its so scary. Why is this happening? Guys STOP blaming Indian Govt., Pakistan, our intelligence etc.... The only way to be safe is by taking up the responsibility. In the sence, why is it so easy to attack India, its because people are careless, if there is an unclaimed bag lying in a railway station, people are not bothered, they feel its not their responsibility, let the cops see and handel. NO guys, its we, we have to take charge, take up your responsibility. Be responsible for your own safety. We say the system has to be changed, the politicians to be changed but guys is that happening???... No ,,, then why not change our attitude, why not keep our country clean as our houses, will you allow an stranger to walk into your house? then why your own country?
Its our country, stop getting bothered by mutual conflicts, there are fights in every house but when an outsider tries to take advantage we unite. In the same way, we have to be one as a nation.
My dear people, its high time now, we can't and will not take it any more. Please start getting responsible for our own country. I know we all have our work pressure. tentions at home, but do we forget our responsibility towards our house , our family?
BE RESPONSILBE FRIENDS , thats the only way out.
The terrorist should be scared to enter our country, walk , talk , feel for our country.
Dont depend on others for the safety of ourselves. If someone slaps you on your right cheeks, do you show your left cheek to be slapped as well, noways, you would rather slap him twice and come back, lets show that attitude to the terrorists.
I sincerely pray for the responsibility to take over every Indian.
Thanks Guys.

Posted by Priscilla Paul December 1, 08 12:44 AM

Terrorist are not born. They are made, made by the evil mind people. Those people have to identify and hang them till death. All terrorist are Muslims. But all Muslims are not terrorists. We the people have to find out the terrorist and hang them till death. We the Indians should compulsory military training for our students after completing +2 to gourd our mother Country.

We want immediate resignation of the home Minister and change the all corrupt military official and politicians to save innocent public. We need the benevolent dictator and emergency declaration of war against terrorism with Pakistan. Insistency compulsory ID card for the all people for better monitoring by the home department. Immediate breaking all the relationship with Pakistan.

All sea boundaries must be fenced to protect the Innocent life.

Posted by Villavankothai December 1, 08 12:44 AM

The masses of India do not deserve democracy anymore for they have abused it by electing some of the most incompetent morons who are more concerned about their vested interests or the patronage of their vote bank. Safety, Security, Development of Human Capital, Social upliftment, Environmental sensitivity are terms better understood by professional speech writers they hire. Until and unless they refrain from provoking and patronizing communal discord the Society will remain vulnerable to attack by any anti social elements. A "terrorist" is a an outcome of lawlessness, frustration from dealing with non senceical governance systems, A facade called POLICE (one of the most corrupt governance bodies of out country, who do not have an iota of sense to manage and deal with the power they have been bestowed with.). Its come down to the level of being a VICIOUS CIRCLE OF A MESS that can only be cleansed up by a military rule. The Nation Demands NATIONAL EMMERGENCY NOW!
While the 3 days that everybody has been glued to TV sets, another set of terrorists may have identified new targets and set foundation for the next attack.
The common man might just fall prey again, and if any one can at least do something about it now, its the Defense Force that protests the Nation on the borders not the indecisive politicians who pretend to govern us. For if they cant do something worthwhile with their lives, they cant be concerned about ours.

Posted by Sachin December 1, 08 12:45 AM

Shame on all out currupt politicians for bringing our country to this state.A very sad affair indeed!!! Please go back to your History Text Books of the primary level and read the sacrifices done by our actual heros during the British rule./Read about the heroic deeds of the Marathas... etc They are the actual patriots of our country.

These Politicians are only into money making business and are least bothered about the common man.

Shortly they will start propagandas on the next agenda..elections where they need to win and stick to their so called "KURCHI"

Please make a panel of l Ms KiranBedi/Ratan Tata, Ribeiro /Chandrashekar .Godrej..Maxwell Pereira to make concreate discisions for our country as they are the ones who are clean chit and responsible people of our country and also who wishes good for the country.

Posted by REKHA VINAY DESHMUKH December 1, 08 12:46 AM

I think why not Indian goverment start the clearing of the terrorists site in Pakistan like america is doing. india is also having unmanned Drones which can deliever some bombs. so even if we not declare war with pakistan we should atleast start these activities of cleaning up the camps in POK or pakistan.

Posted by somesh December 1, 08 12:50 AM

As now the time has come, when we have to think and act. As we now come to know the how impotent our politictian are, it i m request to evry one pls stand up agaisnt all these power loving sick peoples, who want to use all these powere for them self only ......... now pls wwake up and have to act , if we wont act thn i must we 'll never act and one day we 'll also die like that......... pls wake up.... as we can't afford any one to loose ......

Posted by Ashish December 1, 08 12:53 AM

1. D defination of terrorism itself is to terrorise the innocent people by all means.
We cant stop their activities, one thing that we can do is develop the intelligent beuro, that will outcome this terrorist;awreness in the people about terrorism; so that we will have the idea about their activities & we will act accordingly and make the any terrorist activity unsuccessful-thats our victory and defeat to THOSE TERRORST.

2. Make the Security Pattern in India in such a way that terrorist has to pass the Ultra-filtration to penetrate in any place in our country; 1st thing is to put the highest,modest,world class security at the countor of India-on Land,In Sea through Air. Then its very difficult for them to penetrate this filtrarion with the ammunation they get frm other nations.

3.Bring the Very very STRICT law against the Terrorism In Indian Law.Now a days it has become the trend as Pakistani knows that doing such Disghusting activity in India they can escape as in India there is no Strong rule against such crime; in addition to this they know that there r few "Our Petriotic-Politician" who defend them even after any assault they put against India for the sake of their f*cky voting banks.

4.Make the Defence service compulsory for every nationalist for aprticular duration(right frm poor family member to the member who belongs to ministry level); this willgive them idea to fight in situation like war, how to defend ourself and rescue the others.


After All I Want to Say" My Dear Friend Pakistan, Don't Dare to WIcked Eye on our Nation; Its Our Greatness that we are showing kindness to u. when the time will come we will Bang u! Do Keep in Mind What we did in 1971"

Posted by Mandar Desai December 1, 08 12:55 AM

My salute to our forces, my condolences to the grieved family. We Indians need to get united together and find out a solution to stop such terror attacks.
We need to make the terrorist world know, that inspite of the diversification India is one. We cannot and should fight amongst each other and give them the opportunity to attack us.

Posted by Shrabani Roy December 1, 08 12:56 AM

Mera Bharat Mahan...
This is an opportunity for all Indians to come together and fight against the terrorism.

Posted by Nanda December 1, 08 12:56 AM

We should only do one action...............don't believe on any party just appeal for army action. ................. be uncorrupt and plz plz plz respect who are saving us --police and defence.


Posted by Visha Patel December 1, 08 12:56 AM

How many terrorists were there? Did they number 20 as Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh told a press conference on Thursday? Or did they number many more? If two or three terrorists attacked the CST, how many terrorists were present at the Taj and Trident? Did the CST terrorists drop a grenade/explosive device at Dockyard Road on the way to the station? Or was someone else responsible for that act of terror which claimed three lives?
The terrorists are said to have set up control rooms at the Taj and Trident hotels, a Cabinet minister told PTI on Thursday. When were these bookings made? A detailed investigation into the bookings made at both hotels in the months, weeks and days before the attacks may reveal the names of suspicious guests who registered there.
Military sources tell that there was no way the terrorists could have carried so much ammunition with them when they assaulted the two hotels with their guns blazing. They believe the ammunition may have been stored earlier in rooms at both the hotels, perhaps on the higher floors.
If some of the terrorists had registered at the hotels earlier, could these men/women have left along with the guests who were released? Did the police record the identities and addresses of the guests who were released from both hotels?
Indian Hotels Chairman Ratan Tata indicated on Thursday that the terrorists had intimate knowledge of the Taj, its service corridors, its layout. Does this mean that they had a mole inside the Taj? Or more worrying, did a couple of them work there at some point of time? Did they have drawings of the layout of the two hotels?
If the terrorists were Pakistani, how did they have such an intimate knowledge of the terrain? The two or three cowards who attacked the CST on Wednesday night made their way from the CST through a road on the left side of The Times of India building towards the Cama and Albess hospital/Azad Maidan police station, a route that is known only to true-blood Mumbaikars. Were they locals? Or did they conduct extensive reconnisance of the likely routes of escape?
These same two or three men, who are said to have commandeered ATS Chief Hemant Karkare's [Images] police Qualis after shooting him, Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Salaskar, revealed similar familarity with the road outside the Esplanade Court, making an easy U-turn towards the Metro cinema junction rather than head on the road towards the CST. How did they know this if they were Pakistanis?
How did those men, whose images have appeared all over the world, get to the CST from Colaba where they are said to have landed by boat? Did they take a taxi? Or did they have local transportation? Did they come by a suburban train, which could explain the firing on one of the suburban train platforms? Who left the grenade on the Gitanjali Express, which killed a Bengali mother?
The terrorists are said to have done extensive reconnisance of the city. If they are Pakistanis, how did they get earlier entry to the city unnoticed? Did they come in by boat? Or did they use other routes to escape notice?
Such an operation could not have been conducted without extensive training and preparation, possibly on models of the Taj and Trident or Chabad House/Nariman House. Could this have been achieved at the rudimentary training camps hosted by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? Or was it a more systematised operation conducted by a State agency in a hostile country?
How did they know Chabad House/Nariman House, which even long-time residents of Colaba -- the area in South Mumbai where the Taj, the Leopold Cafe [Images] and Chabad/Nariman House are located -- are unfamiliar with? The choice of this target indicates precision thinking -- it is doubtful if the Lashkar strategists are capable of such deep strategy -- and again points the needle of suspicion at a government intelligence agency in a nation inimical to India or renegades within such a bureau.
Early onThursday morning, the television channels spoke about an exchange of fire between the terrorists and the police near the Liberty cinema (which is close to the Metro cinema/Cama hospital, but situated on an inner road). There was even fear expressed that these terrorists would enter the Bombay hospital, but nothing was heard about them thereafter. Where did they go? Were these two/three terrorists the same men who took over the police Qualis and shot at people near the Metro junction? Or have they escaped?
The police say the two men, who took over the Qualis, grabbed the Skoda that was halted at a police road block near the Girgaum Chowpatty [Images] beach. One of them was later killed by the police. Where did the other man go? Is he the Ismail, the Lashkar terrorist who is appparently singing like a canary to the police? Or is he someone else? If these are the two of the three terrorists who attacked the CST, what happened to the third man seen in photographs and video captures? Where did he vanish?
Another terrorist is said to be in custody. Where was he captured? What has he told the police?
The Times of India reported on Friday morning that wellknown food critic Sabina Sehgal-Saikia's cellular phone recorded activity in the Raigad area, which is located across the sea from the Taj, where she was staying on the night of the attacks? Nothing has been heard from Saikia for over a day, so how did her phone reach Raigad? Could one of the terrorists have escaped under the guise of a guest to the Raigad area?
One report said that a taxi laden with explosives was on its way to have a fidayeen attack on the Mumbai International Airport. But something went wrong and the taxi exploded at Vile Parle under the flyover itself. The question is -- who was driving the taxi? How did they get hold of the taxi? Was there support from locals?
How can the terrorists fight for over 40 hours without any sleep?
The television visuals clearly showed Hemant Karkare wearing a helmet and a bullet-proof vest. How did he get hit in the chest?
How could the three top cops travel together in an operation? Shouldn't they have been given back-up and cover?
It is said that there was a massive recruitment drives at the hotels a few months ago. It is suspected that a few of the terrorists's aides might have infiltrated into the organisation of the hotel. Is this being investigated?
Kunal wants to know: I just heard from a guy who escaped from the Taj on Aaj Tak. He said that he saw a lot of security personnel, but none of them questioned him when he escaped from the rear of the Taj. This means that the terrorists as well could don a normal citizen's clothes and escape without any questions asked. I want to know what about Mumbai or rather Indian citizens's security if even one among them gets lost in Mumbai's crowds?

Posted by tndeshmukh December 1, 08 12:57 AM

I would like to thanks all of who involved in this greation Mission Commandos/Police .

I would like to Suggest Some thing to Commandos/Police.

They should flow a gas , by which all the terrorist and people , become unconscious and rescue the innocent people.

may be they can use this, if we face similar kind of situation again(I hope this type of situation should not occur again)

Posted by Murtaza December 1, 08 01:03 AM

plese don't make this as an a plitical eshu...................
i want pease in my country...........all orgination's want to be work with unity..........................

and one thing ....that......
i proud to be an indian...............

Posted by Nishant singh December 1, 08 01:11 AM

It is indeed a shame for our country that a small country like Pakistan is creating so much of trouble for us. Either our defence is poor (which I dont believe it is) or our policies and politicians are not doing anything for us (which I strongly believe). In all cases we are suffering. Has any politician lost his life to a terrorist??
Lets pledge to stop this tolorance against this act and hope the ones concerned will atleast try to do something..
We need not worry abt those who have come thru BOATS but must worry abt those who have come thru VOTES..! Lets think hard before WE VOTE !!

Posted by Shailendra December 1, 08 01:13 AM

To all those bereaved hearts, I want to send my condolences, and earnestly prayer the almighty , render their souls at peace.
I want to to sincerely thank allthose courageous men (rescuers), the police, the army, the commandos, the firefighters who saved numerous more lives taking their own lives in their hands.
And last but not the least, my hats off to all those mumbaikar, who showed tremendous resillience , tolerance and attitude to keep the show alive come what may. You are the embodiment of the spirit of modern india- spontaneous & ressiliant while having its root, firm and rigid in Her core valus- the same values which were propagated by the Father of our Nation. You have yet again proved that indians know to endure it till the end, to show unlimited tenacity and make all those criminal give a test of their capacity untill they are tire of their act and bend to their knoees to surrender.

Posted by Pamela December 1, 08 01:19 AM

We are blaming Politicians… but a Single Question
Who Elected them???????
If Democracy is not Helping INDIA. We should change our system.
Because this is going to repeat every 5 years….and again we will be blaming these So Called “Innocent Politicians”
Let the Indian Military Rule Our Own Country…..Then Only We will be more disciplined, More Effective ….More developed…and they belive in action not in just statements game or the word game....
I guess that’s the Only Solution ….

Posted by Prasad Patil December 1, 08 01:20 AM

I think this is high time we all react & I think there will be a day where all of us will be the 'Stuupid Common Man' , a character played by Naseerudhinshah in the movie 'WEDNESDAY'.
Most of all our politicians should stop draining out our country's money to fill their bank accounts & start using that in strengthining our defence forces.For no fault ,so many people lost their lives & the country lost the brave souls. This is an irrepariable damage!
We need to fight back on these terrorists & our so called neighboour.

Posted by Meera December 1, 08 01:26 AM

After looking all these pictures, the only word which i think is

Where is Profit and loss account for this?

Posted by madhav December 1, 08 01:26 AM

You can easily understand that only few people can disturb our country then why not few of us can save and make safe to our nation. Be ready , wake up brave young generation and should support to a Government who can fought adquetly with terrorist. We should directly hit the target and i.e. Pakistan. Do you remember 9/11 of America and how they tackled the situation. They attack on Afganistan and no body in the word dare to oppose because all knows that America is doing the same for its safety.. So situation is same & India should take the same stand and no body can dare to speak against this. We are able enought to protect our self . we have lot of power in the form of nuclear bomb, missiles and weapons then no need to speak so much do or die.
Thanks & think

Posted by Trilok December 1, 08 01:27 AM

anyone interested in changing this corrupt system ??
i have one thing to tell ya !!!! please form a political party with sensible youth who are willing to actively participate on issues like this...and take apt actions...
and please advertise it properly....!!! i swear i'll force my parents n friends to vote for you n not a bunch of bloody pigs !!! {invite me to join ur party as well,,, i want to save mother india }!!!!
please do sumthin immediately.....!!!!!!!! i'll try my best as well !!!!!!!!! please !!!

Posted by priyadharshini December 1, 08 01:37 AM

Inspite of IB informing the system that there will be a terror attack throu the Arabian Sea .Our system as usual decided to ignore the msg.Thanks to the system due to which we lost such great leaders who were ordered to be killed by our political leaders because these 3 officers were against the wrong system.We indians are only good in sitting at home and writing blogs when something of this sort happens.Y cant we get together and stop Corruption,CHANGE THE SYSTEM.R we only going to sit and watch the terror atacks and cry when a family member is killed.Why so much money is spent on the minister's Luxuries when the same money can be used for the new technology and to improve the defence system.

Posted by ozzy December 1, 08 01:39 AM

I request the government to release the one terrorist who caught , and hand over to us - the PUBLIC. We will let them know the fear of death..
Infact is is the time to take hard steps.. as American did with others, else we know that everything will remain same...... few discussion,,, some committees.... some soft decisions... and then calm... Nothing much.
My dear country men.. let us be together and change the system.

Posted by Yuvraj December 1, 08 01:41 AM

It is the pride of the people and being crab mentality thats why there is a terrorist of our different country,so we cant blame by other people or country...So lets us pray for good for all and peacefully for us all.

Posted by cassandra December 1, 08 01:41 AM

Hats off to India's brave soldiers.......

Posted by Anirudh December 1, 08 01:41 AM

What happened was hideous. It was shocking. I am of the opinion that Pakistan should not be blamed as a nation as such. But what needs to be looked into is that the extremists are roaming free and getting trained easily in Pakistan and Afghanistan. One should think why they are not being caught.

There no debate about the inefficiency of the Indian political system. It's high time that we stop dropping the ball.

Resignations and condemning the incident is not the solution. It is just brushing off the responsibility. The people who were non-reactive have started reacting which is a good thing and I hope it does not fizzle out as time passes by.
Setting up FIA was on the back burner and it has come out now, but that needs amendment in the constitution. I have no idea how long it is going to take for doing that considering that India always survives on coalition governments. There needs to be one body which can override all the political bureaucracy and the corrupted system and consider nation's security as paramount.
We are taught to be tolerant. We are taught to accept the system.
That time has gone ... I feel so.

By the way, where is Pratibha Patil?

Posted by Shocked December 1, 08 01:42 AM

These terrorist groups are not powerful compared to the power of all the government forces in the world. All these people must come together and act towards eliminating all these terrorist group across the world. May be Iam asking more. Why it is not being done?
But at the same time some where in the world some country is suffered due to these terrorists at regular intervals? Do these terrorists have more technology , intelligence as compared to the governance of the governments across the world?
These terrorist groups are small organisations that are not powerful than any country.
Its time to form international organisation to combat the terrorism.

Posted by MK December 1, 08 01:49 AM

In photo number 14 the word used "Islamist militants" is not correct at all.
Because many islamic followers has already died in this attack. The Islam or Hindu has no relation with this incident. Is it ?

Posted by Ashok December 1, 08 01:52 AM

This is high time, now we should not wait and watch. As it is people are dieing so lets do and die. " Literally in Hindi :- MARNA TO WAISE BHI HE TO KAM SE KAM MAR KE MARE".
And to politicians - there will be no changes in situation even if there are changes in faces, coz , "PEHLE BHI APLOG KUCH NAHI KARTE THE AUR AB BHI KUCH NAHI KARNE WALE HE" u people are just playing with the emotions of Indians.
Aur aap log marne ke bad hi kyo rupiye distribute karte ho, there is no value of that money, atleast give money to those who are really heros and are still alive and stop giving those criketers.

Posted by Meeta Mangal December 1, 08 01:52 AM

This reply is for those people who are not sure if the activity was supported and influenced by Pakistan,

# 950 - Chand Ali
# 945 - Pround Pakistani
# 930 - tahreem beg
# 898 - Rizwan

I would like to request you all to go through the recent news posts and confession of the arrested terrorists. Everybody knows that the boat came from Karachi, isn't it in Pakistan? They called before and after the attack started.. Isn't karachi in pakistan? Still now you need explanation why people other than muslims blame pakistan for all kind of terrorist activities? Wake up.. open your eyes and stop killing innocent people, stop wasting money.. use those money for improving your countries economy..

Posted by Indian December 1, 08 01:56 AM

We salute our armed forces those saved our innocent people from Pakistani terrorist. Perhaps Pakistan do not like peaceful atmosphere in neighbors (India Or Afghanistan). If Pakistan wants peace then must handover Dowood Ibrahim and many most wanted terrorist in Pakistani soil. Will they hand over?
India must teach a lesson to those persons or country that involved in this terrorist act. India must show those proofs to those wanted to help India's cause. We always remember that this country belongs to every Indian and save it with any cost.
Jai Hind!

Posted by Madan Sharma December 1, 08 02:02 AM

Enough is Enough
Uneducated and corrupt Politicians self made religion leader of India : Please be serious or else quit you have looted the country with both hands, Marhashtra deupty C.M Mr Patil shameless comments proved him worse than terrorists, shameless and coward Raj Thackary hiding not a word from him in praise of NSG, who came from all part of country to help our Mumbaikars , Shiv Raj Patil a shame less and coward home minister ever in Indian Govt quiting at this juncture is of no use he has already done the damage "Jago Indians Jago"

Posted by Anurag Chattree December 1, 08 02:02 AM

@ 882...wat strong with u ? wat do u mean? there's nothing to do with china..sigh..pls..comment to built peace....

Posted by B.P December 1, 08 02:03 AM

Only a thousand comments from a population of 1.3 billion is too little ! Come on guys, speak your hearts out. Don't be lazy like the custodians of the land who took 3 days to neutralise a bunch of 10 hoodlums after ignoring all intelligence reports and warnings. Thank this group for opening the eyes and exposing the weaknesses so that these may be addressed to protect against bigger disasters.
Sinking an innocent Thai trawler after assuming them to be Somali pirates is an act of terrorism as well irrespective of the magnitude of the consequences. Are such Naval forces capable of protecting its coastline ?

Posted by A Proud Pakistani December 1, 08 02:06 AM

muslims are good people. i dont blame muslims for this terror. it is organised by our own people,own political play, acting innocent cause they got power. as per my knowledge always these hindu fundumenteliste by support of politicians using their dirty mind to trouble minorities. just for example, indian christians are not involved with any politics,nor any terorism. then why these fundumentalists with the influence by politicians, killed,beaten( inside the church territory by force) & taken in jail for what...?poice were standing & laughing. actually by doing this we think we are doing some stunt....???? it never go too far. so i respect muslims as good people& i blemae our own politicians. i will also not say jai hind. barath ki jai.if you have little shame this is the time to reconsole & master is always master.

Posted by paul d`souza December 1, 08 02:09 AM

Dear Friends,
The issue is more complex and almost beyond of our thinking, Problem i see and i found them true are:

a) Muslims in NWFP, Same area i belong to, We mis interpret Islam, and economic problems continuously hitting our society leads to terrorism. I mean to say:
Misunderstanding of Islamic teachings
Terrorisits are in the market where they brain wash innocent people and transfer them to terroisim and we people don't have the real knowledge of islam, like Dr. Zakir Nayek do.
The worse death is a hunger death, So, mostly cheap people do it for money as well and join jihad group as they are job less or they are living below powerty level.

b) Location

A best location for terrorist, why:

No government control
Best place to get them trained
Us Dollors are acceptable
US Like to control Asia and next target is pak
Russia wants to destroy pak and US and take revange
India don't like pak to be stable and face future fight
Afghanistan wants to take revange because Pak did helped taliban against current government of afghanistan
and rediculus is that US also helped taliban and now they against taliban.



Allah Hafiz, if someone disagree send me mail to

Thanks and sorry if i hurt someone's feeling but this is what i feel.

Posted by arif jan December 1, 08 02:11 AM

What was highly paid and professional security of TAJ and Oberoi doing
Managment should also be accountable ,
Corrupt Polticians , plssssssss search your soul
Religion Leaders: Be sensitive to other religions too.
Muslims of India : Dont get trapped in Politicians and religion leader webs and plss help country you are important part of India
Jai Hind

Posted by Anurag Chattree December 1, 08 02:15 AM

we prud of our NSG FCommando & Mumbai Police ( ATS)

Posted by jimit darji December 1, 08 02:19 AM

....hi, fellow indians.....whether u r hindu, muslim, sikh or christian, but if u r an Indian born n love ur country then please forget about Gandhi's "non-voilence", which is the only reason for all these terrorisms...
As the great saint Sri Aurobindo said, "if u want peace, then fight till the end until u find the actual peace"....
If u go on following non-voilence then these terrorism is going to continue for please fight n destroy all terrorism....only by sitting and gaurding won't help it.....we all need to stand up and fight.....i don't understand why politicians are just sleeping on their bed and enjoy watching the killings of poor people over television.....they react only when the news are sent to them, only when the whole mahabharat is over....
...they r just fools.....please forget what Gandhiji said....for him only we are still suffering so much......though holding 'GITA' on his hand, he still used to talk about non-voilence.....what a fool he was....!!!! if he never opened the page on what Shri Krishna said to Arjuna.....
.....If you want to fight against falsehoodness, then better finish them completely and erase them from the world of truth....
.....Militants and terrorists have no rights to breathe in this world....
......Its now a high time when all the politicians must open their eyes and demand war with terrorists.....

Posted by the truth December 1, 08 02:21 AM

My heart goes out to all the innocent people who died in such a cowrard attack & My salute to the great Indian defence forces.......... these are the elite & bravest of the brave sons of Ind