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The Sun

The Sun is now in the quietest phase of its 11-year activity cycle, the solar minimum - in fact, it has been unusually quiet this year - with over 200 days so far with no observed sunspots. The solar wind has also dropped to its lowest levels in 50 years. Scientists are unsure of the significance of this unusual calm, but are continually monitoring our closest star with an array of telescopes and satellites. Seen below are some recent images of the Sun in more active times. (21 photos total)

A sweeping prominence, a huge cloud of relatively cool dense plasma is seen suspended in the Sun's hot, thin corona. At times, promineces can erupt, escaping the Sun's atmosphere. Emission in this spectral line shows the upper chromosphere at a temperature of about 60,000 degrees K (over 100,000 degrees F). Every feature in the image traces magnetic field structure. The hottest areas appear almost white, while the darker red areas indicate cooler temperatures. (Courtesy of SOHO/EIT consortium)
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The 3-D image (#4) is something I've never seen before.

Posted by adenalynne October 13, 08 11:22 AM

tout simplement magnifique!!!!!!!

Posted by alex baudry October 13, 08 11:24 AM

like adenalynne said the #4 image is something incredible for me... |

Posted by DLT October 13, 08 11:30 AM

Gorgeous images, as usual.

Posted by John October 13, 08 11:31 AM

These are freaking awesome!

Posted by beebo October 13, 08 11:33 AM

Image 3 is flashing... can't see anything with it flashing.

Posted by Hax Or October 13, 08 11:33 AM

A chaque nouvelle publication c'est l'emerveillement ! quel boulot exceptionnel..


Posted by william October 13, 08 11:35 AM

Amazing pictures like always. What astounding power.

Posted by Brian October 13, 08 11:40 AM
Posted by Gregor J. Rothfuss October 13, 08 11:40 AM


Posted by Nora October 13, 08 11:42 AM

#16 is .... amazing ... captivating .. though it was an "artistic" rendering.

Posted by matthieu October 13, 08 11:46 AM

16 Looks like a massive bird. It's a wonder that we dream up things like a phoenix and then find photos like these, hundreds of years later, that look JUST like what we imagined.

Posted by Lesley G October 13, 08 11:51 AM

Phenomenal images! One minor issue, though: I don't know who is responsible for the text below the photos, but there's a technical error in the comments for Photo #1 (and possibly also #11 and #19). The text says: "...temperature of about 60,000 degrees K..." Kelvin is a unit of measure in itself, not relative to any other reference point. Therefore, the word "degree" should not be used.

Posted by Greg October 13, 08 11:52 AM

Je m'intéresse un tout petit peu a l'astronomie et ces images sont tout simplement magnifiques, comme d'habitude!

Posted by Lucile October 13, 08 11:52 AM

Truly amazing images.. makes me feel soooo small :P

Posted by joseph October 13, 08 11:53 AM

The TRACE pictures (#14, 21) and those concerning the magnetic structures (#2, 18) are particularly striking. Thanks so much for adding a little 'sun' to my gloomy day!

Posted by JHN October 13, 08 12:00 PM

Wonderful images. But - I can't *believe* you didn't think of including a photo of an ISS transit as well.

Posted by guestwork October 13, 08 12:04 PM

Awesome pictures.
Es algo espectacular, gracias.

Posted by Pedro October 13, 08 12:05 PM


Posted by Divya October 13, 08 12:08 PM

@guestwork: I wanted to include the ISS transit photo, but it was a question of time and asking permission. But here is a link to a photo of a transit of the ISS and shuttle Atlantis.

Posted by alan taylor October 13, 08 12:08 PM

Wonderful images as usual.
Thanks for showing us so many great things on such a regular basis.

Posted by Content in a Cottage October 13, 08 12:11 PM

The sun is something that really worries me. It's a very unpredictable entity and nobody knows why it does what it does. They say it's been really quiet lately? What does that mean?

Posted by Confused Kent October 13, 08 12:41 PM

And they wonder why I say give full funding to space programs like the old days.

Posted by moose with a j October 13, 08 12:46 PM

Just humbles me.
Such power makes me feel like a wee little man.

Thanks for sharing and providing me with some perspective today, often times I forget just how minuscule we really are.

Posted by Aaron October 13, 08 01:13 PM

I particularly liked No. 9 with the movement giving it a kind of life. And I liked the one with the solar flare shot from the side. These photographs are not only visually interesting but also could be useful in school science classes, showing the drama, color and possibilities of science. My science classes involved awful smelling things in jars that I didn't want to cut up, or they were dry lectures. Science is the only antidote to the bottomless ignorance of religion.

Posted by Peter The Doubter October 13, 08 01:22 PM

Amazing imagery as usual. Many thanks again and again....

- Blake J. Nolan

Posted by Blake J. Nolan October 13, 08 02:00 PM

Stunning imagery, again! I've never seen images of the massive Sun like these. Simply incredible. The size is inconceivable and that we can see it like this is unbelievable.

Posted by Shelley Noble October 13, 08 02:13 PM

Amazing collection of pictures - thanks for gathering

Posted by MattR October 13, 08 02:28 PM

Jaw dropping, I wonder, what if the Sun died? We will not only be lft in hellish darkness, but we'll all die soon after we finish the last storage of food and energy. We often take it for granted of the sunshine beach, but remember, the sun will not shine forever.

Posted by Newswolf October 13, 08 02:35 PM

These are very impressive shots. Thanks for sharing them.

Posted by Jason Goroncy October 13, 08 02:48 PM

My mind was completetly blown with these pictures. I am so glad that i was not under the influence while viewing these pictures as I probably would have vapor locked. Thank you for the great pictures.

Posted by R. Briseno October 13, 08 02:59 PM

These pictures are hot!

Posted by Paul October 13, 08 03:05 PM

These images are spectacular. I have seen many images like of these in the past and they are always impressive. However, the image processing and editing shown here takes the images to a new level.

Posted by richfj October 13, 08 03:19 PM



Posted by pj October 13, 08 03:30 PM

-you still believe there is no God?

Posted by HRH October 13, 08 03:39 PM

Very cool !! I want to be a scientist !!

Posted by greenmonster October 13, 08 03:47 PM

Nice collection - but with the solar corona at solar eclipses we can do much better now: see e.g. this result from August 1 this year!

Posted by Daniel Fischer October 13, 08 03:50 PM

Good grief, the size and power of the sun is simply unfathomable but these pictures are amazing.

Posted by Miles October 13, 08 03:54 PM

Fantastic images. Plus really appreciate you responding to readers' comments, Alan (eg the ISS transit image you have linked to)

Posted by Scott October 13, 08 03:57 PM


Posted by Frederico October 13, 08 04:02 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 13, 08 04:06 PM

HRH: Yup. We know how the sun was formed, and God/Gods had no say in it. It would have formed anyway, under the laws of physics. Just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's somehow mystical/supernatural. It's just another example of the beauty of the real world, no deity needed. So you can take Occam's Razor and cut god/gods out of the equation; you're left with the same result.

Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 13, 08 04:11 PM

Keep the religious nuts from the 6th to last image. It looks like a person with their arms in the air.

Posted by none October 13, 08 04:17 PM
Posted by Liz October 13, 08 04:20 PM

The image of Mercury beginning it's journey across the Sun is incredibly humbling. The sheer difference in scale really brings you back to those after school specials showing the difference in size between the Sun and the Earth using a basketball and a pea. But to see a real planet sized up against the Sun is awe inspiring. We think cruise ships and sky scrapers are big... they're as microscopic as we are in the grand scheme of things.

Posted by NK October 13, 08 04:34 PM

Ahhhhh! My eyes!

Posted by Tom Hay October 13, 08 04:45 PM

Picture 17 has the Hindu OM symbol visible on it. Amazing.

Posted by Rufice October 13, 08 04:54 PM

I love you! This made my day. Thank you.

Posted by I Want To Be A Future Astronomer October 13, 08 04:54 PM

Only God can make something like that! I'm humbled and speechless!

Posted by Alicia October 13, 08 04:57 PM

Maybe Bill Belichick ate the sun spots.

Posted by Anonymous October 13, 08 05:02 PM

These are absolutely spectacular! The sun is so beautiful!

Posted by Elizabeth the first is the absolute best October 13, 08 05:11 PM

Fantastic !

Posted by Al-Kanz October 13, 08 05:28 PM

Isn't lovely how allways surprises us?

Posted by John Stanley Bama October 13, 08 05:51 PM

My eyes! I'm blind!

Posted by Andy Baio October 13, 08 05:52 PM

"Just humbles me. Such power makes me feel like a wee little man."

We are smaller than 'wee" on the scale of the universe. We are smaller than a speck of dust.

There are trillions of stars in the universe, some bigger, some smaller, some younger, some older than Sol. A million Earth's could fit inside the sun if it were a hollow sphere!

Posted by Jojo October 13, 08 06:09 PM

Don't stare at the sun for too long

Posted by Open Source Doc October 13, 08 06:15 PM

The Sun is hot-
In the sky-
Just like a giant spotlight!

Posted by PHYSICS101 October 13, 08 06:18 PM

Great pictures, stunning!

Posted by Aquarium Fish October 13, 08 06:20 PM

While in Boston this weekend, I had a chance to do the "Solar System" geocache by the Museum of Science. It's a scale model, with the sun centered at the museum proper. It's interesting considering how powerful the sun is in the images above, then scaling that to the space of the solar system, specifically how "far" the planets really are. (Because I was walking, I made it out to Jupiter. Pluto's somewhere in Newton.)

Posted by jim October 13, 08 06:33 PM

wow these pictures are amazing .........

Posted by Erin October 13, 08 06:37 PM

I like #16. Who is Dick Shine?

Posted by Larry October 13, 08 07:09 PM

Wow, some of the most amazing images I have EVER seen.


Posted by Jiff Mason October 13, 08 07:11 PM

who's ready for the deep freeze?!

Posted by stayclassySD October 13, 08 07:37 PM

Thank u so much for this article and the pictures! DAMN!!!! really good

Posted by b90 October 13, 08 08:04 PM

Trippy as fook kid.

Posted by CrippleNinjatune October 13, 08 08:10 PM

These pictures are absolutely amazing. Imagine sun waves reaching at a speed above 250,000 mph and its upper chromosphere temperature reaching above 100,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Posted by Lajpat Rai October 13, 08 08:12 PM

Lake of fire...

Posted by Bodie October 13, 08 08:13 PM

I'd like some sort of comparison for image #19. If that were a wave caused by the ocean on earth, how big would that wave be?

Posted by zack mctee October 13, 08 08:21 PM

Only supernatural being would create such a precise thing.

Posted by I believe in God because I think rationaly. October 13, 08 08:30 PM

how come no one thinks the devil had anything to do with it's conception? looks more like the fairy book hell than anything heavenly... also the sun is dying.

Posted by Condor October 13, 08 08:32 PM

This Earthling says, with all humility, Thank you!

Posted by T Worthington October 13, 08 08:50 PM

that's not so hot .

Posted by Carl October 13, 08 08:54 PM

Whoever posted these magnificent images should also included information like how big one of those sunspot is compared to earth. That would have given us some perspectives.

Posted by abcc October 13, 08 08:57 PM

Now This is how NIKON works. Go NIkon. These are all taken with a D3.


Posted by Chuck October 13, 08 09:52 PM

LMAO....I was gonna say that the global warming chicken littles were going to blame us for the lack of sunspot activity! But I see someone beat me to it.

Posted by Lenny October 13, 08 10:10 PM

image 16 looks like a pheonix

Posted by lec October 13, 08 10:21 PM

Actually, IBIGBITR, gravity created the sun roughly 4.59 billion years ago from the rapid collapse of a hydrogen molecular cloud. And while it may seem precise now, in 2 billion years it will start to grow and in roughly 5 billion years it will become a Red Giant. Eventually, the sun will expand to 250x its present diameter, most likely swallowing up the Earth, whose occupants will have long since vaporized due to the increase in luminence that preceded the transformation to a Red Giant. The Red Giant will eventually cast off its outer layers via tremendous pulses, leaving a white dwarf star in its place. Don't worry, you'll be long dead. So enjoy it while you can!

Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 13, 08 10:28 PM

Amazing picture! I think those who will be punished after death may be they will thrown in similar place; So this picture will help them to believe in GOD!

Posted by zahid October 13, 08 10:40 PM

"The Heavens declare the Glory of God!"

Posted by Anonymous October 13, 08 11:01 PM

Unbelievable Great Awesome Fantastic Pictures !!! Mighty Gods Creation

Posted by June Garcia October 13, 08 11:51 PM

All hail Odin, creator of the universe and all other gods and majestic cosmic artefacts.

Posted by Loki October 14, 08 12:14 AM

nice pictures

Posted by chennai vijayan October 14, 08 12:28 AM


Posted by Alex Uy October 14, 08 12:45 AM

I wonder how long it took God to think up nuclear combustion, and whether he used any references. Kudos to the photographers and the sun-Gods for such fine work.

We live in Seattle, where the sun is still a mysterious mythological occurrence we only see on occasion, so I think these pics are all faked.

Posted by littleoldme October 14, 08 12:47 AM

Really awesome stuff. And is it just me, or are #'s 14, 16, and 21 are all pretty spooky looking?

Posted by Reluem October 14, 08 01:20 AM

And lo, the Flying Spaghetti Monster did forge the mighty sky stove, the source of all power from which humans were gifted the ability to prepare tasty, pasta-based dishes. How could any pastafarian not be in awe at these amazing photos of His awesome creation?

Posted by Matt October 14, 08 01:25 AM

interesting .very nice ...

Posted by maryam October 14, 08 01:40 AM

Absoluter Wahnsinn ^^

Posted by struschie October 14, 08 01:56 AM

Superbes images de notre astre de lumière

Posted by frenchbenji October 14, 08 02:22 AM

Gr8 Pictures

Posted by Amit October 14, 08 02:36 AM

Fantastic,I have never seen them before.

Posted by Pooyan October 14, 08 02:43 AM

I am always amazed and disgusted that the rabidly religious seize upon something/everything their pea brains can't comprehend and prostrate themselves, proclaiming "Hail! God is Good!" The incredible beauty and wonder of the sun is most certainly not completely understood, but it can largely be explained without invoking supernatural entities.

Among civilized nations America stands apart, having the highest percentage of "true believers". One would think that these last eight years under a faith-based regime would be enough, but no, the more evangelical lot of them are just getting started.

Please, understand the 1st Amendment gives you the right to believe in anything you like -- Santa, Tooth Fairy, Great Pumpkin or God -- just don't think you have to kill me for deciding to believe differently.

And stop insisting you know what's good for me -- better than I do myself. It's really beginning to piss me off.

Posted by Godless Wastrel October 14, 08 02:43 AM

All hail almighty Zargblarg! Zargblarg is your lord and savior! Also, he made the Sun!

Which, c'mon, is pretty sweet!


Spectaculars shots!!! Something that we'll never see to the naked eye!


Posted by Giò October 14, 08 03:31 AM

Those pictures are amazing! I am thankful for the scientists that made these images possible

Posted by Dory E. October 14, 08 03:36 AM

Mar-vel-ous. Excellent work done here.

Posted by Martin Onyango October 14, 08 03:52 AM

Why do awesome pictures of natural things always send people running for their bibles? I can't imagine how depressing it must be to have to justify anything nice in reality as being "nice" because a ghost made it beautiful.

Conversely, you never see these people look at something "ugly" and begin bible thumping. "wow! Look at that hyena eating the innards of that still living zebra! God is so wonderful for blessing us with this beauty!"

Thanks, #77 for the nice "background info", and thanks, especially, TBP!

Posted by Chris October 14, 08 03:56 AM


Posted by Municum M.P. October 14, 08 04:56 AM

For first time i see pics like this, thanks for the compilation!

Posted by Martin October 14, 08 05:00 AM

hot stuff... :)

Posted by Louise October 14, 08 05:06 AM

Awesome, thank you!
Seems like "global warming" is going down : )

Posted by Andrey October 14, 08 05:11 AM

Extraordinary pictures. Marvelous...

Posted by Andreja October 14, 08 05:25 AM

The sunspot drought is over. There are some new ones, just been sighted:

Posted by Bob Meade October 14, 08 05:28 AM

There can never ever be an infinite regression of prior causes

Posted by dirk October 14, 08 05:30 AM

Feeling hot now, after watching n imagining.

Posted by subhash October 14, 08 05:45 AM


Posted by SHUAIB October 14, 08 05:52 AM

incredible images. though i can not understand why the person who wrote the tags for the images went "over 60k Kelvin (almost 100k F)" - please wake up to the logic of Celsius, and finally move out of imperial units while you're at it... :)

Posted by John October 14, 08 05:55 AM

Beautiful pictures , glad I have solar panels collecting energy.

Posted by Mike Kerin October 14, 08 05:57 AM

Those pictures are unbelievable... This is our life provider in all its glory

Posted by gamov October 14, 08 05:58 AM

Aika hienoja kuvia!

Posted by Ihme Sankari October 14, 08 06:03 AM

Nice pic

Posted by Krishan Sharma October 14, 08 06:21 AM

i think someone already echoed the sentiment that we are preetty darn tiny compare to the order of the rest of the universe. its mind boggling yo!

Posted by freshouttatime October 14, 08 06:38 AM

Unbelievable images!! Solidifies my beliefs even more that He is beyond all we can comprehend!! What gifts He has bestowed on us all!! Thank you!!!

Posted by susan October 14, 08 06:55 AM

Absolutely fantastic. (and those lovely creationist posts just crack me up, too).
I'm left with the completely irrational desire to go there, get closer, stick my hand in it, surf on those groovy granules. Electric lighting was a dream a century before Edison, so maybe in my grandkids' life time... for now I'll just reread David Brin's SUNDIVER (1980), this time conjuring these wonderful images in my head as references.

Posted by Ray Granlund October 14, 08 06:56 AM

Where can I get a high-res of #20?so beautiful.

Watch 'Sunshine' - to me the sun is meant to be like god in that movie. Both in the movie and these pictures make you really appreciate the scale and the magnitude of the power that the sun has over everything around it.

Stunning and amazing.

Posted by Court October 14, 08 07:07 AM

There's only one god--
He is the sun god--
Best done as a cheer.

Posted by Daniel Harper October 14, 08 07:32 AM

Abosolutely Awesome.. Brillaint.. Space Rocks..

Posted by Sriram Govindarajan October 14, 08 07:36 AM

Number 9 animation is really incredible. New and original.

Posted by Tinella October 14, 08 07:43 AM

Óäà÷íî ñîõíóòü òóïèöû ))))

Posted by dj October 14, 08 08:08 AM

Great images but just as the Sun reverts to its normal phase wait for the carbon for brains brigade saying we're all doomed!

As for th Sun being "!unpredictable" I would say it is just about the most predictable thing there is!

Posted by Brian October 14, 08 08:32 AM

Re: newswolf: the sun won't "just die". it will cause a spectacular explosion on its way out, the likes of which we won't be able to imagine for more than a few seconds before Earth is engulfed in the flame. This will likely happen long after we destroy ourselves (or become so enlightened that we've found a way to live in space, but first we should fix our broken societies here on Earth).

Re: everyone afraid of the sun based on these images: good, you should be, and it's always nice when people are brought down a bit in that regard. But it does no good to speak apocalyptically about the end of the world and what if this happens/what if that happens. Enjoy life, live it to its fullest, if the sun explodes, you won't suffer for more than a few milliseconds anyway!

Posted by FJ October 14, 08 08:33 AM

I was feeling cold until I saw these amazing pictures! Thanks for the warm-up!!

Posted by Manny S. October 14, 08 08:42 AM

There's a movie directed by Danny Boyle (starring Cillian Murphy) that shows great images of the sun and space. They must have used some of these images in the movie.

Posted by Ashley October 14, 08 09:04 AM

Quote: "Amazing picture! I think those who will be punished after death may be they will thrown in similar place; So this picture will help them to believe in GOD!"

Patronising voice:
Yes yes Zahid, calm down, of course you can have an there's no need to hit your little, no, don't throw a tantrum THAT'S not very nice, is it....

Posted by Wid October 14, 08 09:06 AM

"Only God can make something like that! I'm humbled and speechless!"

you're obviously mistaking god for nature.
if you see "god's work" in this, you're probably just blind.

Posted by Benny Boy October 14, 08 09:09 AM

Amazing pictures and well presented

Posted by Kevin October 14, 08 09:22 AM

Fantastic photography. Thanks for the post. Very interesting stuff!

Posted by Nate Balcom October 14, 08 09:22 AM

Absolutely amazing. The best collection of solar pictures I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Great work, Alan!

Posted by Øyvind A. Holm October 14, 08 09:26 AM

I am so Tiny, and life is too short compare to the billons of years that our sun lives. Keep updating this worderful site. All the pictures are very interesting.

Posted by Jose Luis Auza October 14, 08 09:32 AM

Stop with the "God" nosense quotes!
Knowledge is a part of science and some tried to kill it to keep people ignorant!

Posted by me October 14, 08 09:32 AM

Funny how the zealots will rush to attribute beautiful works to God, but not a hurricane or earthquake that wipes out hundreds of lives.

Posted by Jon October 14, 08 09:34 AM

Just Amazing & Fantastic. Great Work!!!
I Love These...

Posted by Pradip Kumar Choudhary - Bangalore October 14, 08 09:47 AM

This is breathtaking!

Who is stupid enough to be contept with made up gods (all of them) and the silly fables associated with them, when REALITY is this beautiful and amazing?

Posted by there is no god/gods you idiots October 14, 08 09:49 AM

These images have shaken my religious faith. The sun is clearly not a fiery chariot driven by Helios. I'm so confused now...

Posted by Mike October 14, 08 09:56 AM

Fabulous pictures!!

Posted by smd October 14, 08 09:56 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 14, 08 10:04 AM
137. grand...and leaves me speechless....amazing collection Alan...u are doing a great service to visual story telling :)...pls keep going....

Posted by Rajarajan October 14, 08 10:09 AM

If you like these pics you might want to check out the movie Sunshine:

Posted by MarcM October 14, 08 10:10 AM

awesome sause!

Posted by hotcakes October 14, 08 10:12 AM

Simply great! Incredible shots. Thank you!

@39 where did u note God?

Posted by ArMyZ October 14, 08 10:20 AM

Awesome! And this is made of individual inert atoms. Imagine what conscious beings could do all together! I truly believe that, as the sun, human beings can do great things, if we stop acting like “atoms” and work together as “sun”...

Posted by Eric Deziel October 14, 08 10:20 AM


Posted by Annie October 14, 08 10:24 AM

You say God is not needed for such a naturally beautiful scene. Science explains this and the laws of physics would have caused this without a super deity. How were the laws of physics set in place? Is it not possible that God is science? Science is the language/code to the universe. Who wrote the code? These pictures are absolutely amazing.

Posted by Eric October 14, 08 10:27 AM

Would the film by Danny Boyle be The Beach Or Sunshine?

Posted by candace Perich October 14, 08 10:33 AM

Amazing images of the thing that is the very reason for our existence.

p.s. what is with all the god comments? I guess the average American is behind the rest of the modern world when it comes to this sort of thing. Kudos to those that have enough intelligence to think for themselves.

Posted by David October 14, 08 10:33 AM

Simply Fantastic

Posted by Me October 14, 08 10:41 AM

Regarding the "God" comments... you folks do realize that there are billions of stars out there right? That this Sun we are looking at is not the only one of its kind created especially for us, right? Hello? Is this thing on?

Posted by J October 14, 08 10:41 AM

really scared of Qayamat , this sun will come on earth. n make us ash soon .now after seeing this images, i am really sure it can burn each n every thing,

Posted by sarwat October 14, 08 10:41 AM

Scientists, Al Gore, and the UN are 100% certain that man is 100% responsible for global warming (which hasn't happened for 10 years), and yet we frequently see headlines such as the one above: "Sunspots Are Fewest Since 1954, but Significance Is Unclear". Ridiculous beyond words.

Posted by Me October 14, 08 10:44 AM

You would think that such images would promote good old-fashioned sun worship, rather than the worship of a giant finger in the clouds.

Posted by adam October 14, 08 10:46 AM

Bow before the great God Orbus, ruler of all things rule-able.

Posted by Snifter October 14, 08 10:49 AM

the granules photos prove it. the sun is really just a hot pomegranate.

Posted by fruit October 14, 08 10:51 AM

Where did the stuff that the sun is made of come from? The "Big Bang"? Where did that stuff come from? point to anything and ask..." where did that come from" and then ask where your answer came from.

God made that sun as He made every sun.

Posted by Jason October 14, 08 10:54 AM

My dear Sun

You are a wonderful nuclear reaction and gravitational pull thank to a tremendous mass and marvelous hydrogen.

Sun you are beautiful and one kind of many.

Posted by oomu October 14, 08 10:54 AM

Thats the most amazing thing ive ever seen

Posted by WOW October 14, 08 10:54 AM

To me the most awe-inspiring photo there is #3. Look at all of those lights behind the comet. Most of them aren't even stars..they are galaxies! I used to be able to imaginine the immensity of the universe when I was a child. Now it is more difficult and is increasingly difficult with each passing mundane Earth-bound year.

Posted by Olderanddumber October 14, 08 11:09 AM

All these comments are hilarious! Just goes to show how messed up people are. It's no wonder our world is as crazy as it is...and some of you are actually in positions to make decisions for the rest of us? Heaven help us! And by the way...
"If you're living like there is no God, you'd better be right!" Got news for all of you won't need to worry about the Sun burning'll be enjoying plenty of heat for eternity! Thank you Lord for the beauty of these pics!

Posted by KLHD October 14, 08 11:11 AM

You know... if it wasn't for all the heat and imminent death.... it looks like a fun place to hang out. slide around on some solar flares. Ski down a sun spot. I mean if it was a gigantic soft marshmallow type thing. mmm... marshmallows... mmm...

Posted by Eric October 14, 08 11:16 AM

Humans will destroy ourselves and this planet long before we have to worry about that.

Posted by Chuck October 14, 08 11:19 AM


Posted by Joel October 14, 08 11:19 AM

Observe the glory of nature!
Where are your gods now! That's right, NO WHERE!
Don't try to take credit for what eclipses your fairytales.

Posted by Duzi Chuj October 14, 08 11:23 AM

their are pictuers is very beautiful . tank you ........

Posted by meisam October 14, 08 11:27 AM

non est ad astra mollis e terris via. per aspera ad astra

Posted by laughtrack October 14, 08 11:30 AM

Stan Brakhage would have loved these.

Posted by David Goodis October 14, 08 11:36 AM

I just enjoyed the pictures so much. Then i ruined by reading all these dumb posts, "God did it!" "God didn't do it!"

Jeez, just shut up and enjoy the amazing pics. Why do we sound like we're living in the 1400s or something?

Posted by Tim October 14, 08 11:40 AM

I am truly humbled. These images are simply unfathomable.

Posted by Apollo October 14, 08 11:48 AM

"Unbelievable images!! Solidifies my beliefs even more that He is beyond all we can comprehend!! What gifts He has bestowed on us all!! Thank you!!!"

Susan, I appreciate your enthusiasm for science, but in reality these are the gifts that H has bestowed on us all. H really makes the ultimate sacrifice in this case, and He is a by-product.

Posted by Kevin October 14, 08 11:49 AM

All hail the glory of God that has given us the miracle of Digital Photography, that we may marvel at his great works!

Um, yea.

Any time you see the word "God", replace it with "Magic" and you'll get the same statement from an atheist's perspective. Both god and magic are the layman's explanation for the unexplainable.

Posted by All Creatures Short and Squat October 14, 08 11:51 AM

On the Swedish website, there is an explanation that every granule on the Sun is about the size of a continent on Earth (North America/Europe).

Posted by Michael October 14, 08 11:59 AM

How does this compare to the Maunder Minimum that caused the little ice age from 1645 to 1715, when sunspots became exceedingly rare?

Posted by Bob Murray October 14, 08 12:09 PM

"Susan, I appreciate your enthusiasm for science, but in reality these are the gifts that H has bestowed on us all. H really makes the ultimate sacrifice in this case, and He is a by-product."

LOL. Brilliant

Posted by Mobrit3 October 14, 08 12:10 PM

God ? sigh. I am assuming you mean the happy modern trio of father, son and holy ghost.

Ever heard of Mitra ? He was born on the 25th, was born of a virgin, did miracles, had 12 disciples, and existed way before Jesus.

........................................ And if he was so cool, he would have gotten rid of 'hell' by now.

Posted by Aethist October 14, 08 12:10 PM

No matter what your perspective, one must acknowledge that the universe has an origin somewhere; for those who subscribe to the Big Bang theory or some similiar variation, that origin is some amount of matter and some finite amount of energy necessary for the explosion which sent things into motion.

However, since neither mass nor energy can be spontaneously created, one must either assume that this matter and energy existed eternally and at some point somehow, something catalyzed an explosion, OR, there exists some supernatural diety, who is eternal, who supernatually enacted this beginning.

Regardless, God and science are not mutually exclusive, as it is conceivable that God created and set in place what we observe as scientific laws. However, being God, he is supernatural and omnipotent, and can therefore "bend" or defy those laws. I'll stop there for now.

Posted by Onyx October 14, 08 12:11 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 14, 08 12:24 PM

Some observations/reactions to the faith-related comments from a Christian perspective..

    there seem to be a lot of folks intent on bashing any belief in God. Most of them seem bitter or angry about it.. you might say they are even zealous about it
  • RE #131:Try telling someone who is hurt by a Hurricane that it was within God's will and He will work out His purpose through it. If they are not a solid Christian they probably won't listen because they don't want any purpose that would cause so much pain and destruction in their life. They reject His purpose for the disaster because they don't want a God who might hurt them even if there is a much greater good that would come out of it. Sometimes it is hard to remember how much Jesus suffered voluntarily so that we could be better off.

  • RE: 97: Maybe it would be depressing if we maintained a worldview that said "I don't really know how this universe exists, but it certainly wasn't God." Why is it so difficult to entertain the possibility that a extra-natural force defined the laws of nature? If you maintain a naturalists' worldview you are reduced to a foundation of purposelessness that says "everything just exists and there is nothing beyond the laws of Physics." There seem to be quite a few who are satisfied with that.. but there are plenty more who see a need for more. Is what you're actually saying that these acknowledgments of a higher power than nature are instead depressing you because you don't believe in anything more?
  • RE: #92A few people make a comment on a news article saying that God has made something amazing and you're concerned that they are telling you what to do and that they might actually try to kill you if you don't do it? Sounds like you've got quite an ax to grind..

  • RE: #70: Actually.. according to the Christian faith, this whole universe is dying and will need to be remade.. but the reason why the Devil didn't make it in the first place is because only God has the power to create things.. Anyone else can only manipulate things that are already there.

  • RE: #42: How do you know what beauty is? How were the rules that determine how a sun is formed are put into place? If we have "natural" laws then they must have always existed or have been designed by a being that is outside of the confines of "cause and effect." It seems to me that Occam's Razor would find it easier to say that there was in fact an initial force that caused something to exist rather than believing that "there was no initial cause, but there are numerous cause/effects now.. and.. well.. there has therefor always been causes and effects."

Posted by Alston October 14, 08 12:33 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 14, 08 12:34 PM

WOW What great shots. How will the Suzukis and Gores make any money when the warming slow down or stops?
Thanks for the for pics.

Posted by William October 14, 08 12:35 PM

The Sun totally copied off the Eye of Sauron. Biter!

Posted by kevjohn October 14, 08 12:39 PM

The Heavens declare the glory of MATH AND SCIENCE

Posted by Anonymous II October 14, 08 12:41 PM

There is a program on the History channel called 'The Universe'....if you liked these images the programs will tell you everything about our universe...including a two hour special explaining the big bang theory....

As for the God comments....I'm a PhD in Nuclear Engineering....and I still don't have an answer. As my knowledge grows, my interface with the unknown becomes greater. The result is I have only created more questions.

Posted by Kyle October 14, 08 12:43 PM

This is how Canon works. Go Canon! These were all taken with a Canon superzoom.

Posted by Native October 14, 08 12:44 PM

Am I the only person that feels the immense energy from these photos? Truly, some things are better left unknown and meant to be appreciated for its natural curiosity.

#174 - I am right there with you! Just enjoy the spectacle. =) The answers my never come but if/when they do just enjoy the feeling of being in the know.

Posted by Thomas October 14, 08 12:56 PM

dirk said:
> There can never ever be an infinite regression of prior causes

Why not?

Posted by Sandro October 14, 08 01:14 PM

The pictures are AMAZING......

Posted by Meg J October 14, 08 01:15 PM

Almost realtime satellite image of sun by NASA:

Posted by rt October 14, 08 01:16 PM

As always, a great collection of amazing and stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Chan from TheJunction

Posted by Chan TheJunction October 14, 08 01:16 PM

These photos are crazy good. Especially the animated revolving sun. I'm in awe.

Posted by ryan October 14, 08 01:22 PM

Grrreeeaaattt!!!! Suppppeeerrrrbbb !! ....... !!! ........!!!

Posted by Ravi Rattihalli October 14, 08 01:24 PM

After seeing these pictures I MUST say: I don't have enough faith to be an atheist.
To believe that something so perfect just "hapenned" without any sign of a creator requires a HUGE amount of faith.

Yep. The heavens declare the Glory of God.

Posted by Anonymous October 14, 08 01:37 PM

"Funny how the zealots will rush to attribute beautiful works to God, but not a hurricane or earthquake that wipes out hundreds of lives."

No one ever refers to hurricanes or earthquakes as "acts of God"? Yep. You've sure got your finger on the pulse of your fellow man there, Jon.

Posted by Gabriel October 14, 08 01:39 PM

god is a scientist . ahh now that works.

Posted by paul October 14, 08 01:42 PM

Sunshine is one of the blessings I hold dearest and its awesomeness as seen in these photos astonishes and scares me.

Posted by Sun lover October 14, 08 01:45 PM

Believe in God or don't believe; as Americans we have the amazing gift that thousands have given their lives to protect. Why can't we let people believe what they want without insulting and degrading each other. Respect and love among our fellow men is dwindling and it is so sad to see.

Posted by Jamie October 14, 08 01:46 PM

bahal boood :D !

Posted by Amirreza October 14, 08 01:50 PM

I was in rapt contemplation all the way through, and must revisit often. If you're not deeply moved you're not alive. THANK YOU!!

Posted by Jake Sigg October 14, 08 02:00 PM


prekrasne fotke...
josh uwiek ih se ne mogu nagledatii...=)

Posted by ..TiNa.. October 14, 08 02:01 PM

Thank you!

Posted by lolipopp October 14, 08 02:25 PM

1. How do you know what beauty is?

I know it when I see it. It's subjective. Are you saying only those people with faith (the belief in something for which there is no evidence) are able to see beauty? You should see some of my photos. Most people consider them very beautiful.

2. How were the rules that determine how a sun is formed are put into place?

Read a little Newton and Einstein and you'll find the answer.

3. If we have "natural" laws then they must have always existed or have been designed by a being that is outside of the confines of "cause and effect."

Must it? I think you're thinking a bit too narrowly. Again, study some physics and then come back to that one. The universe is a harsh place. If someone/something designed it, he/she/it obviously hates life.

4. It seems to me that Occam's Razor would find it easier to say that there was in fact an initial force that caused something to exist rather than believing that "there was no initial cause, but there are numerous cause/effects now.. and.. well.. there has therefor always been causes and effects."

There was an initial cause: The Big Bang. We need only reverse the current expansion of the universe to see that is the most plausible origin. Plus, the discovery of uniform background radiation has pretty much confirmed it. Occams's Razor would certainly rule out anything magical/supernatural as entirely unnecessary. If something can already be explained by X, the more complicated solution of X+G should be discarded. Occam's razor discards that which isn't needed; the simplest answer is the right one.

Getting back to the photos: They are gorgeous!

Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 14, 08 02:33 PM

Duh...Wow, man!

Posted by Billy Bob Rube October 14, 08 02:36 PM

What's so great about getting these pictures if everything happened by chance as the atheists say? It doesn't mean anything in the end. All that we're doing is patting our collective backs about spending millions to take pictures when we could have used that money to help a lot of people. Who cares what the sun looks like if you can't find enough to eat? Oh, and look at the billions we spent on the LHC in some pointless religious quest to find out what the universe was like during the moments after the "big bang".

I despise atheists cramming their religion of science down my throat (and grabbing money out of my pocket to do it), and I despise so-called "Christians" who refuse to act on the teachings they claim to follow, while sanctimoniously pointing out everyone's faults. Why would I want to be associated with either group?

So enjoy the pictures people, and remember them next time you see someone homeless or hungry. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear the atheist smugly proclaim that there's no god (according to their best information, of course), and they'll be equally glad to hear the "Christian" tell them that the atheist is a godless sinner going to hell.

Posted by Angst October 14, 08 02:40 PM

just strikingly beautiful!!!

Posted by reichsamely October 14, 08 03:10 PM

Kaunista. Todella kaunista. Elämänlähde niin kovin kauniissa kuvissa. Runoutta, sanoisinpa.

Posted by Xavier E. Vitutus October 14, 08 03:10 PM

excellent pictures. wonderful images. please do post such images again n again. thanks a lot.

Posted by pavan October 14, 08 03:12 PM

Very nice, these pictures are beautiful, makes me appreciate that much more, the warmth on my face on a sunny day.
Praise be the Lord!

Posted by mike October 14, 08 03:24 PM

RE: 199.
"We need only reverse the current expansion of the universe to see that is the most plausible origin. Plus, the discovery of uniform background radiation has pretty much confirmed it."

Can you explain?

Posted by Tyler October 14, 08 03:24 PM

I am just amazed how this huge thing can just keep burning for such a long time, pouring out so much heat and light, for billions of years. its truly a awesome, amazing feature of the universe.

Posted by Anatole October 14, 08 03:40 PM

God is Good

Posted by Anonymous October 14, 08 03:58 PM

RE: 206 "Can you explain?"

Sure. Though it is probably too long a subject to discuss in this forum, the gist of it is that we know that the universe is expanding (via doppler effect). Think of an explosion in slow motion. If you saw it slowly expanding, you could deduce that it was a much smaller point in the past than in the present. Many years after the Big Bang theory was generally adopted, scientists concluded that microwave radiation would have been part of the original Big Bang. A scan of the universe confirmed that hypothesis to be correct.

For more info, this is a good place to start:

Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 14, 08 04:29 PM

RE: 199:

  • I know it when I see it. It's subjective. Are you saying only those people with faith (the belief in something for which there is no evidence) are able to see beauty? You should see some of my photos. Most people consider them very beautiful.
    That's exactly my point. The folks who consider your photos beautiful have a similar idea of what beauty is.. culture and personal taste play a significant role, but when everyone who responds to this post are struck by a sense of awe at the power and intensity of the sun it gives some credence to the possibility of a definition of beauty that transcends individualism.
  • Read a little Newton and Einstein and you'll find the answer.
    What Newton and Einstein provide are pragmatic observations about the way our Universe functions. They do not explain how the rules were put in place, but what those rules seem to be.
  • Must it? I think you're thinking a bit too narrowly. Again, study some physics and then come back to that one. The universe is a harsh place. If someone/something designed it, he/she/it obviously hates life.
  • I'm afraid our worldviews might clash too loudly on this point... but I'll see if I can explain it from my point of view.

    I believe that the world was created perfect, but that mankind, being given the opportunity to rebel against his purpose, broke it when they chose to do something God told them not to do. Because there is only one God and His rules govern the universe everything was now spoiled and must be destroyed.. unless He decided to make each person a God and let them determine their own right and wrong which would, in effect, create multiple universes. How can both God and I be right if I say that there should be a moon around every planet and He says there shouldn't?.

    If God is outside His creation (which He must be so that he can fully define it) then there would be no way for Him to create another universe that is outside of his rules.. You could argue that this may already be the case.. that we are already god's in our own universe.. anyone I've met (including myself) has limitations from beyond themselves, but if you can prove your Godhood to yourself then I am wrong.

    The reason why the world is broken is because God gave it to humanity and we tried to make it work according to our rules instead of His.. which is why things keep going wrong.. it is like going against the grain of the universe which produces a lot of friction and tension until it is set correctly again.
    As proof that God loves us and wants to to restore us He sent Jesus to die so that we could be restored to Him. He's going to have to remake the whole universe because of our selfishness and because Jesus Christ died for us we can accept his sacrifice and accept God as the actual ruler of the universe and be a part of the new universe when it is remade instead of cast off like all the marred bits of the current universe.

    As far as how narrow my worldview is.. it seems to be consistent with what I see. How can something come from nothing? There must instead be something that always exists from which other things are derived or effected. If I concede a naturalist's viewpoint and say that "the rules of the universe are eternal" then I have simply an infinite line of cause/effects with no beginning and no end. Cause and effect certainly seems to be true; if it isn't, then we need to base science on something else. Cause/effect, however, is still a rule of the universe and can not reasonably explain where it came from.

  • There was an initial cause: The Big Bang. We need only reverse the current expansion of the universe to see that is the most plausible origin. Plus, the discovery of uniform background radiation has pretty much confirmed it. Occams's Razor would certainly rule out anything magical/supernatural as entirely unnecessary. If something can already be explained by X, the more complicated solution of X+G should be discarded. Occam's razor discards that which isn't needed; the simplest answer is the right one.

    The Big Bang theory is simply a description of a physical process that may or may not have happened. The existence of background radiation simply proves that there is a boundary to our physical universe. Neither background radiation or the affects of background radiation are sufficient to explain how the rules that govern this "white noise" or our ability to perceive it are put into place. The mere existence of X is not sufficent to explain how X came to be. Instead, it seems reasonable to assume that because X (meaning the universe and all of its rules) exists in a tangible way there must be something by which it is defined.
  • As an aside: We should be careful when we use Occam's Razor to understand that it is not intended to say that something is not true simply because there is a simpler explanation. After all.. I could have a black box with two handles on either end.. when I push one handle in the other is pushed out. I could claim that I know for a fact that the two handles are actually a single bar, but there might in fact be a series of gears inside that transfer the motion of one handle to the other handle.

    Posted by Alston October 14, 08 04:29 PM

    "What's so great about getting these pictures if everything happened by chance as the atheists say?"

    It's religious people who keep saying this tbh. It's a silly argument because the only times I hear this it's from some believer attempting to make a rhetorical point. All it does, is make you sound pompous, obviously you are way to important not to be created by a god, in his image, on a planet just suited for your needs, therefore, it must be so.

    If you can live your life like that that's fine, just don't go around pretending to have even the slightest clue what people who do not believe in any gods are thinking.

    Posted by D. Delight October 14, 08 04:37 PM

    does anyone know how so many people can become so upset after looking at some pictures? what is wrong with us?

    Posted by decide for yourself October 14, 08 04:52 PM

    Fantastic photos!

    Absurd comments.

    For the intelligent ones out there, give up on trying to convince the superstitious zealots. The word "irrational" means not based on reason. Anything faith-based is by definition irrational, and you simply cannot have a rational discussion of facts with an irrational person. The ones who actually question their beliefs based on evidence are dealing with cognitive dissonance. Typical responses to cognitive dissonance are denial and anger. They become irrationally angry with the people who dare to point out their flawed thinking, and try to either convince them to convert to their thinking (by threats of punishment in the afterlife, et. al) or try to force their silence through social controls.

    The concept of "god" in religion is completely analogous to the concept of Santa Claus. It is an imagined being which has supernatural powers to know what everyone does and thinks, and is capable of miracles to reward the good and punish the bad. This belief is actively pushed by those who desire control over the behaviors of others. (parents for SC and "prophets" for god). The belief actually provides some comfort for the immature who crave structure in their life because they fear failure and disapproval if they make their own conclusions on acceptable behaviors. Once they figure out that the idea is a fraud, many "faithful" claim the belief loudly anyway because of the perceived social benefits or fear because the largess from the supposed belief will end.

    ALL religious people are either 1) profoundly ignorant and comfortable that way or 2) hypocritical "con men" who espouse the belief for cynical personal gain and power over the ignorant, (social, monetary, sexual or otherwise).

    There is a reason that there is strong negative correlation between IQ and strong religious belief.

    Did I mention how awesome those photos are? Awesome in the literal meaning of the word, to inspire awe. No nonsensical deity required.

    Posted by John Kater October 14, 08 05:06 PM

    What is it that you are thinking?

    Posted by Eric October 14, 08 05:10 PM

    John Kater:
    Please explain to Francis S Collins your theory of negative orrelation between IQ and Strong religious belief.

    Posted by Tyler October 14, 08 05:16 PM


    Posted by cerebroterminal October 14, 08 05:32 PM

    These images make me want to drop some acid and listen to trance music

    Posted by cdewer October 14, 08 05:34 PM

    really impressive :-o

    Posted by pichulines October 14, 08 05:35 PM

    I think we miss frequency range of emectromagnetic wave at wich this pictures were taken. I it obvious that most of them are not from visible light.

    Posted by Hamp October 14, 08 06:06 PM

    Wow, beautiful pictures!

    And what with all these religion comments? I firmly believe in religion, however I believe in science and the big bang and quantum mechanics. Religion may have once, and still with many, be an ideology which manipulates people. Some use it as a scapegoat to reassure themselves about the afterlife during life. And atheists believe in good for common human decency being logical and feels good. However, theres much in my own bible I don't believe, who ever said God ever made contact with humans? I firmly believe in God because we don't know EVERYTHING. For me, it satisfies my curious existential beliefs and I find that to truly not be ignorant, you must be open to everything that doesnt have inexplicable proof disproving it. I find that God is simply the other end of a spectrum. On one end is God, on the other, man creating fire.

    Posted by Daniel Michlewicz October 14, 08 06:07 PM

    There is no god. But these pictures are heavenly! --High five--

    Posted by essequemdoeia October 14, 08 06:23 PM

    The pictures are beautiful, the comments are not.

    (rant mode: on)
    How sad that on the one side, the atheist self-proclaimed "rationalists" talk as if those who disagree with them about a belief for which they cannot possibly claim any empirical basis are obviously irrational, stupid, evil and so on, while on the other side, those who claim to believe in a loving and merciful God act as if that love and mercy extend only to themselves. News for you both: you're wrong.

    There are literally thousands of brilliant and accomplished scientists who are also religious believers--more brilliant and accomplished, I am willing to bet, than a good 99% of the self-righteous atheist bigots commenting here at least.* Cognitive dissonance is such a fantastic claim to lay coming from those who are most practiced in it: the universe is purely material and mechanical, and yet there are such things as "inalienable rights," beauty, evil, or even something so basic as a "better" or "worse" when it comes to actions or opinions? Let's see the empirical proof establishing empiricism as the only (or even "best") way to find the truth. What? Empiricism is a philosophical approach to science that by definition can have no empirical support? Oh dear, that's a bit of a quandary. No, of course there's no such thing as faith in atheism!

    *Just a few:

    And if you're one of the (admittedly few, here) religious folks who love to shoot off comments like "hope you like the pictures, you'll be there for eternity!" and such--please stop claiming to have anything whatsoever to say about God. The absurdity of the silly literalism with which your atheist opponents approach scripture is rivaled only by your own. Read some history, learn some theology older than 1517, learn what the Church run by the actual disciples taught rather than what some preacher 2000 years later decided they must have meant. Tell you one thing: it has a whole lot more to do with the all-encompassing mercy and love of God--and less to do with the self-righteous sectarianism of contemporary Protestantism and its many offshoots--than you may expect.
    (rant mode: off)

    In sum: these pictures are stunning, absolutely blindingly stunning. They don't prove or disprove at all, but for those for whom all beauty points to the Beautiful, they can indeed be a cause for praise in and of themselves. For those who find no such meaning in things: enjoy the pictures. They're beautiful, and so are you.

    Posted by That one guy October 14, 08 06:46 PM

    To whomever "FJ" is...

    Our Sun is only a medium sized star, it will not go nova or supernova, simply exhaust its supply and bloat up to about Mars. Earth will get destroyed by its slow, and eventual expansion.

    Posted by WithoutSol October 14, 08 07:23 PM

    OH! to FJ.... again Post #121...

    If the Sun did "explode" which it will not.... it would take just under 8-minutes for that to make itself known to us IF and ONLY IF the explosion is traveling at the speed of light... which is an impenetrable barrier. 8-minutes... not seconds..

    Research before posting.

    Posted by WithoutSol October 14, 08 07:27 PM

    That's hot!

    Posted by cubs-win! October 14, 08 07:29 PM

    I worked in the emergency room at a hospital. I have seen miracles. I have witness things I cannot explain. Maybe someday Science will offer the solutions, as of yet, Science won't go there. I think it is better to believe and be wrong, then not to believe and be wrong. My faith was not taught to me in school or churches. It came from eye witness accounts at work. My colleagues and I have seen things and heard things I would accuse a madman of experiencing. Life after death, I know it to be so! What I saw exists and I was n't an only witness, Where there are angels, I believe there is a God. Good luck to you guys. Great pictures!

    Posted by Janet Dawn Briggs October 14, 08 07:30 PM

    Incredible pictures ;-)

    Posted by Marius Wlassak October 14, 08 07:58 PM

    Taiyoo no shashin wa totemo kirei desuyo. Bikkuri!

    Posted by kimi October 14, 08 08:26 PM

    To Angst, or to anyone banging on about The Creator etc. Look that's fine. Whatever your God is, you know. Whatever it means to you. To me, I love the giver of life, OUR SUN. The reason life exists as it does on Earth is the Sun. It's like our mother. It was, after all, our first God. Makes sense.

    When someone talks about Atheists, it makes me think, "D*ckhead", seriously. Because we don't believe in Jesus? I'm sure he was real, but the Sun has done more for life on this planet than Jesus or his dad.

    And whenever I see a starving homeless person, I will always think, that if they weren't such losers they could see these great photos and appreciate the amazing world they live in. Anyway, I'm sure their happy, just as much as I am to see these beautiful pictures. God bless...or whatever you use to bless the things you love and awe!

    Posted by Tony October 14, 08 08:58 PM

    I would like to know John Kater's IQ. He knows the hearts and minds of EVERY person on the planet, and that ones who believe in God fall into 1 of ONLY 2 categories. Amazing. Amazing how some atheists foam at the mouth and make no sense whatsoever, then make claims about millions of people they DON'T EVEN KNOW being stupid, or having a "negative correlation." His IQ must be off the chart, but he is severely lacking in open-mindedness and humanity.

    Posted by Lynn October 14, 08 09:05 PM

    Impressionante !
    Imagens como essas nos levam a repensar sobre a palavra "vida"

    Posted by Filogônio Filho October 14, 08 09:06 PM

    If only I could see these in a planetarium or on a huge screen...I think my breath would be stolen it is, the Sun and the Cosmos create an enormous feeling of awe in me, even when contemplating using only the pictures in my mind's eye.

    As for the religious bickering...I'm an atheist and I hate to be condescended to by religious folks. Because of that, I never condescend to those who have faith. As a matter of fact...religion is generally a good thing. Folks who believe are generally happier, live longer, have better life satisfaction and are less likely to be criminal. This is meant to be a generalized observation (check out Dr. M. Seligman's works).
    As a matter of fact, I do kinda wish there was a benevolent creator out there who knew me and loved me and wished the best for me. But didn't get, you know, murdered for me. It would be nice to have an entity to lean on in times of stress or trouble. I think I'd like to have that little delusion. Ah well. I shall stay satisfied with knowing that (through?) inconceivable odds, a minute amount of stardust became a self-aware Me.

    Regardless of your theological standing, the Golden Rule is a wonderful thing and I am of the belief we should all do our best to practice this social nicety.

    @168 Marvelous! I Lolled.

    Posted by Nayathena October 14, 08 09:12 PM

    Gorgeous pictures; thank you for the post. But please, friends, let's leave out all the mythologies of organized religion and appreciate the majesty of the Sun and the exceptional ability of the scientists who captured these images. I do believe in a Higher Power, but I don't need to define mine for you - and you certainly don't need to define yours for me. Thank you.

    Posted by CP October 14, 08 10:48 PM

    Praise God for this glorious display of his awesome nature and power. To those bearing an issue with my comments and other comments like mine, you consciously chose to read such comments, so you could have consciously chose to overlook them and/or ignore them. If you want to thank science for these wonderful photos, no one is stopping you. However, unlike my God, science will not be listening.

    Posted by Jim October 14, 08 10:57 PM

    Okay, well, I'm not attributing the beauty of the sun to God, but rather it's majesty and glory, which is a reflection of God's. You can't really laugh at the sun, and say that a God who made it must be pretty weak, huh?

    Posted by Mark Buchanan October 14, 08 11:22 PM

    Eyes to see and ears to hear. Love these photos and this site. Thank you for both of them.

    Posted by Bobbie October 14, 08 11:22 PM

    "For the scientist who has lived by faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries." Robert Jastrow, 20 year directorship of NASA's Goddard Institute

    We know the world was created by a 'big bang', God was the banger, no theory needed. He gets to see these spectacular views daily.

    Posted by Cori October 14, 08 11:45 PM

    A friend sent the pictures to me, All I can say is, God sure does know how to do things. But my Sons birth was still the best thing I ever saw.

    Posted by Joseph L Keller Sr October 15, 08 12:02 AM

    GOD is great !

    Posted by Raj October 15, 08 01:19 AM

    The greatest Power station of the world without which there would be no living creature on this planet. Just imagine this a mile or two away from us as it will happen on The Day of Judgment. May The AlMighty protect us & have Mercy on us Ameen.

    Posted by Aliya October 15, 08 01:23 AM

    God is a threatening, uncomfortable presence to many. He must be ridiculed, reduced and dismissed as a fairy tale, before He interferes with moral license. That's what the angry snarls of atheists are really about.

    Posted by John K. October 15, 08 01:32 AM

    The whole Universe is stunning.

    Whoever before me here who stated that no one ever says that God created a hurricane, etc, has never had a disaster in their life adjusted by an insurance company. There must be a God, because I have it in writing. A tree branch fell through my windshield, it's an act of God, coverage denied. Read your policies; it takes good old Capitalism to define what natural disastrous events are caused by a God. Is He real? Must be. He sure took it out on my car!

    Please just enjoy the photos.

    Posted by Definia October 15, 08 02:04 AM


    Posted by Pieter October 15, 08 03:04 AM


    Posted by Shibu October 15, 08 03:14 AM

    As a devout believer in creationalism and a true christian, I can see the images of God in all of these photos. Thus proven, God created the universe. And now resides in a place of pure molten-fiery hell that may contain minute amounts of brimstone. Wait a minute. God is Satan! Ahhh! Everyone run from the Satanic beast called the sun! Bury yourselves underground and protect yourselves from this entity of evil formerly called the sun, now, Gotsanda.

    Oh yeah, awesome pics.

    Posted by Jason October 15, 08 03:29 AM

    Seriously people, stop with the religious bullsh*t. The fact that we cannot explain something, does NOT mean, that it CANNOT be explained by science. It just means, that we're not there yet. Look. In ancient Greece or Rome almost everything had a "god". The weather, the oceans, the wind, plants, food, animals, war, love, even booze for cryin' out loud. People back then couldn't explain a sh*tload of stuff happenning around them, so they created their reasons. To be more secure in their knowledge, and not feel alone and abandoned in an unexplainable world. They asked the same question: "Where did it come from?" And when there was no answer, they decided, that the origin must be supernatural. They were obviously wrong. It's just the same now. Just because we don't know where the big bang "came from" does not mean, that it was created by a supernatural being. Of course, it doesn't mean the opposite either. So stop it.

    Posted by Ori October 15, 08 03:43 AM

    God Is Great ! :)

    Posted by Nisha Gupta October 15, 08 03:44 AM

    On image 9 something flashes across the surface of the globe of the sun's right hand side, at a slight angle leaving a brief, but clear single line trace right across the lower right portion of the sun. Is that a close pass by an asteroid? But if so, surely the speed is too fast and makes that single line image of immense importance and should be studied in much greater detail.

    On the animation of the comet tail, would it be fair to suggest that, if you would assume there was an atmosphere, then it looks like it is flying in the atmosphere, rather than simply empty space?

    Posted by Chris Coles October 15, 08 03:51 AM

    Thanks for the collection of photographs. My favorite is the one of Venus's traverse. The Earth is roughly the same size as Venus, so this gives viewers a sense of how massive our Sun is.

    As to the religious diatribes: If God created the Universe, who created God?
    Why do the religious always find it necessary to proselytize when science is discussed? I don't go to various churches each week and shout at the congregants that the Bible is full of logical inconsistencies and narratives that are identical to earlier myths.

    Posted by gigi October 15, 08 04:17 AM

    Most beautiful pictures of the sun I have ever seen - But what has God got to do with it.

    Posted by Montero October 15, 08 04:22 AM

    Can people just shut up with all the "Who but God made X" or "Where did Y come from if not from God" comments? Could you stop pretending that the questions are even valid? Please? You're making asses of yourselves. These aren't philosophically profound questions that are born from understanding the universe, or even basic logic. They're just smoke-screens. Skyhooks.

    You are monkeys. Monkeys don't get to force the universe to conform to their view of it, to their inane understanding of cause and effect.

    Posted by Doru Apreotesei October 15, 08 04:32 AM

    May I remind all of Einsteins well fitting quote "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"
    Simple minds... how do you expect to understand infinity etc?
    Stupid humans... nature rules...
    In the great scheme of the universe the individual is insignificant just like the individual ant in your garden. In ones own mind we are everything... Humans just cannot believe they are actually nothing but a mechanism with a strong survival instinct, hence trying to support a belief that they are here forever and inventing a model to believe in...... I refer to the above quote again.... Get perspective and develop your thinking power I say!

    Posted by anonymous October 15, 08 05:09 AM

    Are these pics real ?

    Posted by Anonymous October 15, 08 05:54 AM

    absolutely stunning....

    Posted by ASZ October 15, 08 06:05 AM

    quite amazing and a bit scary too..

    Posted by masum October 15, 08 06:09 AM

    do we HAVE to attribute any of these to anything? can't we just appreciate those pictures without arguing from where/whom it came from? it's just not appropriate, and, I'm sure, was NOT the intent of the original poster.

    By the way, thanks a LOT for those : i have never seen their equal.

    Posted by Lionel Bergerat October 15, 08 07:10 AM

    The ultimate syron.

    Something so explosive and deadly, yet a big reason life can exist.

    Posted by Bex October 15, 08 07:22 AM

    That was fantastic !!!
    This is one of unlimited GOD power .
    Thanks alot

    Posted by Hamid From Iran October 15, 08 07:22 AM

    Beautiful, fantastic, mind-boggling: how I wish such images had been available when I was in school, over 50 years ago! We had to make do with much poorer and far less interesting images. Though my grandmother's telescope was some compensation…

    Posted by alicia October 15, 08 08:02 AM

    it was very very wonderful

    Posted by hamed October 15, 08 08:33 AM

    I wonder what inhabitants of a distant rock are saying when they look up and see their star.

    Posted by rube812 October 15, 08 09:03 AM

    These images are perfect examples of why I've loved astronomy since I was a small child. A perfect blend of physics and philosophy.

    Posted by SpaceScience October 15, 08 09:04 AM

    These beautiful images totally prove the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as far as I'm concerned.

    Posted by PastafarianMan October 15, 08 09:05 AM

    if u can believe in a sky wizard,
    u can understand that all this is a huge mass of light molecules igniting themselves under their own pressure

    nice to know that these kind of spectrometers are let out into the public in 2008, was hugely enjoyed

    Posted by An0n October 15, 08 09:05 AM

    Mind blowing. I never think sun is so beautiful.

    Posted by Anant October 15, 08 09:33 AM

    I can see the sun from my window...and the moon too (that's the little one right?). I love astronomy!

    Posted by Sarah Palin October 15, 08 09:39 AM

    Thank you Alan for the pictures--absolutely stunning.

    Posted by denheels October 15, 08 09:53 AM

    Man, that was cool

    Posted by Stephen W ERamsden October 15, 08 09:59 AM

    Kevin -- You owe me a new keyboard ; )

    "The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace.
    Where Hydrogen is built into Helium
    At a temperature of millions of degrees."

    Posted by maggie October 15, 08 10:00 AM

    Our we really the only intelligent beings in the universe to see and wonder at such images

    Posted by Anonymous October 15, 08 10:08 AM

    I thought this was a scientific site, but it seems more like a church from the previous comments. Why can't you "good christains" keep your thoughts in you head & heart and just enjoy what has been presented here for our viewing pleasure? The photos & descriptions were outstanding work and I thank you for sharing them with me.

    Posted by Wolf Edwards October 15, 08 10:09 AM

    The photographs and animated images are stunning. Thank you for sharing them with us all.

    God is to adults as Santa Claus is to children. But that's okay. If you take comfort believing in God, that's fine by me. *shrug*

    Posted by Bob October 15, 08 10:13 AM

    There is no "Him" that gave us anything, maybe people don't want to comprehend what the Universe and its Plantes, Starts, and Galaxies are all about and how they came to be. Automatically they throw the "god" statement so that it reasures their beliefs without any real proof... please! Its the Sun!! like many other billios of Suns and similar bright stars that there are in the Universe...

    Posted by Alex October 15, 08 10:26 AM


    Posted by hamid amir October 15, 08 10:33 AM

    Religious people can't help it. It's a genetic, biological, brain-chemical thing they are born with, like being gay.

    Amazing photos. Thank you for sharing them.

    Posted by Tolerate October 15, 08 10:56 AM

    Simply Marvelous Creations of the SUPER CREATOR!!!

    Posted by Ram October 15, 08 11:08 AM

    For 248 regarding image 9 the streak is just a glitch in the camera, after all it is staring at the sun.

    Posted by Jormagandr October 15, 08 11:31 AM

    Incredible pictures! I’m constantly amazed at how gravity (something we really have no understanding about how it manifest itself) can coalesce various elements to the point fusion happens and BOOM a star is born. Then all the byproducts of that fusion, heat, light, transformation of elements. Stars are incredible stellar factories. When we can replicate that fusion here, think of how our energy problems will be solved. Go ITER!!

    It’s a damn shame that the doubters on this page can’t attribute the source of all the science and wonderment to the one being that started it all. God.
    I laugh at the atheist post and the mocking FSM post. How anyone can claim an enlightened point of view by “freeing themselves from the shackles of religion” shows a complete and absolute lack of understanding of at least the Christian faith. The ignorance is stunning.
    As a Christian and a scientist there is no problem in reconciling my faith and my understanding of the physical, and it is only the closed mind and scientist in name only that can’t bend their knee before The Master of us all.
    Couple of quick refuting points (although one could write a book cutting through the ignorance of these post)
    191 – Ahh actually hurricanes and earthquakes are called “acts of God” all the time, check your insurance policy. There is a beauty in these powerful events, the results from the events hopefully bring people closer to faith.
    213 – Your analogies display an almost zero understanding of faith and religion. Faith is not irrational. For example: Do you have faith in a spouse that they will be true to you? Why? Because they said so? Because of past acts? So you then have evidence to backup your faith, so do I. Beyond the glorious works of the Father. I have the son Jesus Christ, whom performed documented miracles, seen and experienced by thousands. Failure for you to recognize this evidence shows your own hypocrisy and immaturity. The bible isn’t a work of fiction no matter how many times you say it is. Discarding it’s historical documentation would be equal to discarding Socrates Scholasticus, & Ecclesiastical History works.
    Further as a Christian I’m far, far from being angry. I (and I know this is unchristian like) really could care less if you believe in the Lord or not. I’m not the one going to hell (which by the way # 245 isn’t a place of brimstone, it’s a place of absence from the presence of the Lord) you are. Hey believe or don’t know skin off my teeth. I’m more than happy to pass along the Good News as Jesus asked, but unlike a zealot (and there are many even in the Christian faith) it’s not my job to convert you, that is only possible via the grace of God.

    Posted by Charles Root October 15, 08 11:42 AM

    Why is everyone discussing God in here. These are pictures of the Sun.

    Posted by Anonymous October 15, 08 11:43 AM

    Why are you jerks giving credits to god when it's Gordon A. Newkirk, Jr. who made the CAMERA.

    Posted by Ben Lo October 15, 08 11:47 AM

    wow but too long.

    Posted by Anonymous October 15, 08 12:07 PM

    If you don't understand the God references, please ignore it.

    Is it just intolerance? I won't say it's ignorant, but it sure is intolerant of other people's ideas.

    Try to accept people for who they are.

    Posted by Hax Or October 15, 08 12:21 PM


    Posted by Anonymous October 15, 08 12:38 PM

    The level of intelligence from most postings here is only slightly above that of my five year old grandson. The real question, the real issue here is what the lack of sunspots may do to our climate. If you'd stop silly comments about God or weed or whatever you would know that each time the earth has experienced a protracted period of few or no sunspots we have experienced colder climates. Is it global cooling we should be preparing for while running around yelling the sky is falling over global warming.

    Posted by Lowell Green, broadcaster cfra ottawa, canada October 15, 08 12:38 PM

    If, as you doubters suggest. How did matter, assemble itself into the patterns
    of heavenly bodies and life as we know it, by its self?. Gods creativity is
    unsurpassed by any humans abilities. GOD IS GREAT.

    Posted by Billy October 15, 08 12:48 PM

    God, I hate God.

    Trying to convince someone that their religious beliefs are wrong is as futile as trying to teach Differential Equations to a first grader. They wont pay attention and start talking about the "pretty cloud in the sky" midway through the conversation. I have given up trying to convince people they are wrong. I am not saying THERE IS NO GOD. I am saying be realistic and have some common sense. Being able to doubt what you have been taught from childhood is human nature and should not be frowned upon. The only reason you believe in God and not Allah is because you are a victim of your surroundings. You were born into a Christian household(or other God worshipping religion) instead of being born in the Middle East. To claim that it was God’s will that you be born to this surrounding so you can believe in him is to say someone born in the Middle East was damned not to believe in God before birth. Is that the sign of a just God? Regardless… The photos are amazing and should be looked at for their beauty and not whatever religious rose color glasses you may have on. Keep in mind that the Sun is in fact dyeing. I cant wait to hear God’s explanation for that one.
    (And don’t say End of Days! Book of Revelations! – Shut up. Every major catastrophe that God has no part of – must be the Devil who God, all powerful and all knowing, refuses to get rid of – that Caused Katrina and 9/11. God caused the Tsunami that killed millions of Asians. They must not have believed in him enough. )


    Posted by Juan October 15, 08 12:56 PM

    The Sun is our God...

    Posted by Delfwaren October 15, 08 01:12 PM

    Stunning pictures!

    Obviously a creation made by The Flying Spaghetti Monster. See for example picture 18 and tell me what you see!

    Posted by Antti October 15, 08 01:26 PM

    je suis un artiste plasticien....ayant travaillé sur la problèmatique spatiale dans les années 75/80 voir mon site "groupe SPACE" ces images sont bouleversantes et illustrent bien que l'univers tient dans une goutte d'eau ..l'infiniment grand est toujours à l'image de l'infiniment petit

    Posted by Michel Gueranger October 15, 08 01:40 PM

    #286 - There are lots of people that are born in the Middle East that are Christians and not Muslims, it has nothing to do with your surroundings. You need to do some more research on faith before making such blanket comments and yes God does create people that will never come to faith to him, just as a potter makes some jars for food, some for water, and some as garbage cans, the Lord creates humans for specific purposes. Believing in Him or not has nothing to do with if you'll get wiped out in a disaster. If he didn't spare His own son Jesus Christ from suffering on the cross, what makes you think He's going to save you suffering from an earthquake?

    Posted by Charles Root October 15, 08 01:52 PM

    #290 - He didnt sacrifice his son, he sacrificed himself right? Or was that the holy Spirit... But they are all him... So He is a martyr in his own name. Kinda arrogant isnt it... Your right, there are people of different religions living all over the world. Christians in the middle east, while not common, do exist. But they were more than likely born of christian parents. Tell me. Have you ever put on the garbs of a muslim man (or woman - idk what u are hehe) and taken a hike through Mecca? Seen the burning shrub and touched the sacred stone?

    You do know about the burning shrub and sacred stone no? God forbid you should choose a religion without knowing about all other religions… Christianity is the largest of them with Islam following right behind and Agnostic/Atheists behind that… I’m sure those 3 you have tried…. What about Hinduism, Sikhism, Juche or Spiritism? And don’t argue that those aren’t popular religions because all of them have more members world wide than Judaism. Rastafarianism has more members than Scientology. But then again, so does Neo-Peganism and Zoroastrianism. But then again, I’m sure you have learned everything there is to know about all of the major religions of the world and can argue with a swift “you need to do some more research on faith” comment. Point is, you were brought up Christian or with many Christian influences and therefore have chosen the religion that most corresponds to your surroundings. If you grew up in a Mormon community, you would be arguing something completely different right now.

    Posted by Juan October 15, 08 02:29 PM

    Truely awesome pictures! And to think this goes on all the time without us realizing it.

    Posted by Cheryl October 15, 08 02:47 PM

    To post #237: Those "theologians who have been sitting there for centuries" ...they better watch out, because science, rational thought, and human intelligence are not content with just sitting around and eventually will enable us to shed ourselves of the religious beliefs that seem to limit us in so many ways.

    Posted by Randy October 15, 08 03:12 PM

    #290 - He didnt sacrifice his son, he sacrificed himself right? Or was that the holy Spirit... But they are all him... So He is a martyr in his own name. Kinda arrogant isnt it... Your right, there are people of different religions living all over the world. Christians in the middle east, while not common, do exist. But they were more than likely born of christian parents. Tell me. Have you ever put on the garbs of a muslim man (or woman - idk what u are hehe) and taken a hike through Mecca? Seen the burning shrub and touched the sacred stone?

    You do know about the burning shrub and sacred stone no? God forbid you should choose a religion without knowing about all other religions… Christianity is the largest of them with Islam following right behind and Agnostic/Atheists behind that… I’m sure those 3 you have tried…. What about Hinduism, Sikhism, Juche or Spiritism? And don’t argue that those aren’t popular religions because all of them have more members world wide than Judaism. Rastafarianism has more members than Scientology. But then again, so does Neo-Peganism and Zoroastrianism. But then again, I’m sure you have learned everything there is to know about all of the major religions of the world and can argue with a swift “you need to do some more research on faith” comment. Point is, you were brought up Christian or with many Christian influences and therefore have chosen the religion that most corresponds to your surroundings. If you grew up in a Mormon community, you would be arguing something completely different right now.

    Posted by Juan October 15, 08 03:35 PM

    *sigh* Juan read my post #278 as to why I'm not going to argue religion with you.

    Just so you know, I wasn't a Christian until about 3 years ago when I was saved, and I weep with joy at the grace God has given me. So yes, I have studied other religions (am I an expert in them, no, but I am an expert in semi-conductor design if you care to know) I originally looked for a unifying religion one that took all the various dogmas and wrapped them neatly up for me. I found that, that idea was flawed and after reading the Bible cover to cover (can you say you've done that, before you again dictate to me what is and isn't in it?) gravitated towards Christianity

    Posted by Charles Root October 15, 08 03:56 PM

    Thank you Boston Globe for these awesome photos. All we are is dust in the wind...
    As far as all of the aetheist/Christian arguments, will everyone please just EMBRACE DIVERSITY.

    Posted by pittpaul October 15, 08 04:17 PM

    Reading this thread hurts my head. I'm scrolling back up the pictures.

    Posted by Dropped October 15, 08 04:26 PM

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. As they lay down for the night, Holmes said: "Watson, look up into the sky and tell me what you see." Watson said, "I see millions and millions of stars". Holmes: "And what does that tell you?" Watson: "Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Theologically, it tells me that God is great and that we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you?" Holmes: "Somebody stole our tent."

    Posted by Definia October 15, 08 04:58 PM

    and it was there for, perhaps, 4 billion years, and will be there for next 4 other billion...

    Posted by guy October 15, 08 04:58 PM

    Please, can we just enjoy those pictures, without having a discussion of beautyness??? It's 1 or 0, and keep the rest of intelligence for another forum.

    Posted by KoentjeDuvel October 15, 08 05:36 PM

    Great pictures, and troll comments.

    Posted by 123456 October 15, 08 06:01 PM

    I don't know too much about god and all that religious stuff, I only know some little things, like, when someone is 100% adamant about something, they have closed themselves off to other possibilities, and the more we learn we learn about this wonderful universe we live in, the more aware of how little we truly know. God, atheism, whatever, within all the possibilities of quantum mechanics, chaos and string theory, parallel universes, bubble theory etc.. maybe they are both true. (ok maybe a little fence sittin here, but I don't truly know, and one thing I definitely believe in is allowin other people to make up their own minds)What i do know for certain is this, pictures like the ones above, fill me with a sense of wonder and joy of the same type I had when I was a child over something as simple as a plane. Increasing my knowledge has allowed me to increase my wonder and appreciation of this universe, and to laugh at how little we know and feel a joy in that there is still so much to learn.
    In short, Damn Those Pics Are Cool!!!!!!

    Posted by jon jodvalkis October 15, 08 06:05 PM

    #278 & #295 are right. If you are living like there is no God, you better be right. If you believe, and die and nothing happens or you come back as a cow, what did you have to lose? If you don't believe and die, and find out you were wrong, God(who DOES exist because I can feel him, and he talks to me and I can see his fingerprints on my newborn babies) is going to be pissed at you. To say you don't believe because you can't see Him is that same as saying you don't believe in electricity because you don't see it in the power lines, but you sure see and feel the effects of it.. You only have these pics by technology that God gave you a brain to figure out. You can't take hyour next breath without his permission. Every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is Lord. It is not amatter of if you will bow, it is when you will bow.

    Posted by R A Robinson October 15, 08 06:07 PM

    Ditto comment 208

    Posted by mr.k October 15, 08 06:38 PM

    Agreed Dropped... civilized discourse seems to be a forgotten art in our society.

    The photos are amazing though, thank you for posting them!

    Posted by Thanks for the headache October 15, 08 06:46 PM


    Posted by MARIO October 15, 08 06:50 PM

    Disclaimer: If you haven't already been sucked into the "Beauty must equal God" debate, skip this post and rave about the fantastic photos and enjoy proof of the wonders of the universe. The entire thread probably belongs elsewhere, but...

    Responding to the following comments:
    Please explain to Francis S Collins your theory of negative correlation between IQ and Strong religious belief."
    "There are literally thousands of brilliant and accomplished scientists who are also religious believers--more brilliant and accomplished, I am willing to bet, than a good 99% of the self-righteous atheist bigots commenting here at least."

    Anyone who understands correlation understands that there is a continuum of individual instances being measured, and that these generally fit a bell curve. Yes, there are a few brilliant people who choose to believe in a creator, but the majority do not. I will even grant the fact that, assuming a brilliant and accomplished scientist is a genius, that by definition geniuses fall into the upper percentile and therefore 99% of all the posters on this site are statistically unlikely to fall into that category. The fact that someone has gone to the trouble to compile a list of "accomplished scientists" who are believers is in itself fairly indicative that they are in a significant minority. So granted, there are literally thousands of geniuses who believe in God. Let's be incredibly generous and call it half a million instead of thousands. One definition of genius is having an IQ three standard deviations from the norm. This equals about 1350 geniuses per million people. Given roughly six billion people, this means that the half million we are referring to are just over 6% of the total population of geniuses, a significant minority. Just like there are certainly people with room-temperature IQs who are atheists, although the vast majority of less gifted people rarely question the religion imposed on them at birth. And, yes, I'm aware that "not every genius has been polled about his or her beliefs"; this is merely to point out that a small number of contraindications to a generalization do not invalidate it until other factors have been ruled out. Conversely, a small number of positive indications to a generality aren't probative.

    Posted by John kater October 15, 08 06:54 PM

    More atheism vs God- please feel free to skip over.

    Regarding post 222

    "Cognitive dissonance is such a fantastic claim to lay coming from those who are most practiced in it: the universe is purely material and mechanical, and yet there are such things as "inalienable rights," beauty, evil, or even something so basic as a "better" or "worse" when it comes to actions or opinions? "

    These are social constructs. Evil can be completely explained as degrees of selfishness and clannishness, while good is altruism and generosity. As social animals, the former tend to harm the long-term survival of the species as a whole in favor of a smaller group, while the latter helps the entire species.

    "Let's see the empirical proof establishing empiricism as the only (or even "best") way to find the truth. What? Empiricism is a philosophical approach to science that by definition can have no empirical support? Oh dear, that's a bit of a quandary. No, of course there's no such thing as faith in atheism!"

    If you are so suspicious of empiricism, imagine this situation. You are accused of a crime you did not commit. Would you prefer that your innocence or guilt be determined by factual empirical evidence or by the intuition of a self-proclaimed oracle? Or how about a magic 8-ball? My sources say "No".

    Posted by JK October 15, 08 06:57 PM

    There IS a God. It is just not anything that anyone anywhere is able to comprehend. Those things and ideas that each of us claim to be authority are not God, nor are those things that we claim do not exist, for in the claiming, we give them existence, and, so, refute the very arguments we propose. Silly rabbit, Trix are for Kids ;)

    Posted by Bass October 15, 08 07:06 PM

    Disclaimer: More longish religiosity ranting, less picture appreciation. Do not read unless you have a dog in the fight.

    I would like to know John Kater's IQ. He knows the hearts and minds of EVERY person on the planet, and that ones who believe in God fall into 1 of ONLY 2 categories. Amazing. Amazing how some atheists foam at the mouth and make no sense whatsoever, then make claims about millions of people they DON'T EVEN KNOW being stupid, or having a "negative correlation." His IQ must be off the chart, but he is severely lacking in open-mindedness and humanity. "

    I claimed no knowledge of the "hearts and minds" of anyone, merely drew a logical conclusion. I'll illustrate my logic:

    Assumption: We are discussing rational people only, not lunatics.
    Definition of "rational" I am using for this argument: "presented or understandable in terms that accord with reason and logic or with scientific knowledge"
    Assumption: Religion is a set of beliefs does not depend solely on reason, logic or science but which must be taken on faith.
    Conclusion: Religion is by definition irrational.
    Assumption: A rational person who claims to believe something that is irrational is either telling the truth or is lying.
    Assumption: If a rational person is lying about a belief, they are doing so for reasons of personal gain or self/group protection. (For example: the Inquisition, or some modern areas where renouncing Islam is punishable by death)
    Conclusion: If a person is lying about a belief in religion, they are deliberately misleading others for reasons of personal gain or protection, hence the con-man conclusion.
    Assumption: If an otherwise rational person is truthful about a belief in something irrational, probable reasons for this are that they have been mislead, they have misinterpreted or failed to interpret empirical evidence or that they have insufficient evidence to rationally dispute the belief.
    Definition of ignorance: lack of knowledge or education; unawareness of something, often of something important.
    Conclusion: A person who has been mislead, has misinterpreted empirical evidence or has insufficient knowledge to rationally dispute a belief is ignorant.
    Therefore: A rational person who believes in religion is either deliberately misleading others or is ignorant.

    I am not saying that rational people who truly believe in religion are stupid, only ignorant. The idea is stupid, not the people. Regarding the negative correlation, I did not mean to imply a causality that religion makes you stupid. More to the point, the smarter you are, the clearer and more efficient your thought processes and the more able you are to quickly get to the underlying assumptions and determine how well they fit the evidence, providing you with the ability to accept or reject the hypothetical assumption.

    I was not aware that I was foaming, by the way, so thanks for the heads up, I'm keeping a box of tissue handy. ;-)

    As far as open-mindedness and humanity, in my (admittedly limited and biased, like everyone else's) experience, most self-proclaimed atheists have undergone a long struggle with a great amount of study, exploration and navel-gazing to get to the point that they would publicly admit to atheism despite considerable social stigma (try running for public office as an atheist), and arrived there BY BEING open-minded and willing to question their most precious assumptions. Being open-minded has nothing to do with accepting unfounded ideas simply because someone else thinks they are true, open-mindedness is the willingness to thoroughly analyze an unusual idea before accepting or rejecting it. People who have an opinion and try to dispute evidence that refutes that opinion are close-minded. People who examine all evidence and change their opinion accordingly are open-minded. The only "evidence" for religion are a few texts with no footnotes or living witnesses and a history of their study, making God exactly as likely as Frodo Baggins or Beowulf.

    Regarding humanity, when an atheist is a good person or does the right thing, they do so simply because they realize it's the right thing to do, not for fear of retribution after death by some all-knowing judgmental dictator. On the other hand, you must admit that there are people who would behave badly if they were not constrained by that fear. So who has the greater humanity of those two groups of people? Don't bother to point out that there are evil atheists and naturally good believers, this was merely an example to illustrate a point and again, a few exceptions without further study are insufficient to reject a hypothesis. However, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and there is no claim I am aware of more extraordinary than "There exists a being infinite in scope, power and knowledge that catalogues your behaviors over a roughly 80 year period and decides whether to keep you as a pet or have you tormented for eternity. This being cannot be seen or measured by any existing scientific instruments, but single-handedly made everything from nothing 5000 years ago." Sorry, after many years of honest-to-god (pun intended) study and introspection, I had to call bulls**t on that one.

    Posted by JK October 15, 08 07:18 PM

    God vs. atheist again: you are forewarned.

    I found this one particularly amusing:

    God is a threatening, uncomfortable presence to many. He must be ridiculed, reduced and dismissed as a fairy tale, before He interferes with moral license. That's what the angry snarls of atheists are really about."

    The logical deconstruction of this statement is that atheists fear and reject the idea of god because they desire to behave badly.

    Actually, the statement much more closely applies to my observations from discussions with self-proclaimed Satanists; the religion in the USA with the fewest number of crimes committed per capita, which sort of disputes the moral license idea. Unless, by moral license, you are talking about enjoying non-missionary sexual activity for reasons other than church-sanctioned procreation…

    Posted by JK October 15, 08 07:24 PM

    Please acept these photos for what they are....beautiful renditions of
    powerful processes MANY TIMES the size of our Earth!
    Leaving aside the atheism/religion debate, these photos signify and illustrate
    that we are very tiny cogs in a very large universe and since our sun is a mere
    runt...whereas VY Canis Majoris which is a red hypergiant star 5000 light years
    from Earth located in the constellation Canis Major, is 1800 to 2100 times the
    radius of our own, meaning it would extend l the way out to the orbit of Saturn
    or in more defined terms 1,037,880,000 Miles (1,670,986,800 KM) in diameter
    that's MORE THAN ONE BILLION miles in diameter which is HUGE!!!

    Posted by Henry A. Eckstein October 15, 08 07:44 PM

    Religiosity; Last one- I promise. I'll leave the last word to the other side.

    Re "Refutation" in # 278
    "213 – Your analogies display an almost zero understanding of faith and religion. Faith is not irrational. For example: Do you have faith in a spouse that they will be true to you? Why? Because they said so? Because of past acts? So you then have evidence to backup your faith, so do I."

    Unfortunately you are not talking about faith here, but trust. Trust is earned or lost through observable evidence, faith is accepting something as true despite or in the absence of evidence. I *trust* my wife's fidelity based upon her actions in the past and my knowledge of her character. If I had *faith* in my wife's fidelity, even if I caught her en flagrante I would have to find some way to rationalize that evidence away, because it disputes something I have accepted as incontrovertible truth.

    "Beyond the glorious works of the Father. I have the son Jesus Christ, whom performed documented miracles, seen and experienced by thousands."

    "Documented" long after the "fact", *allegedly* witnessed by thousands who were presumably long dead before the events were ever penned. A rational thinker would not consider this strong enough evidence to consider these acts to be factual; the exact same argument could be made for the existence of leprechauns with precisely the same argumentative validity.

    "Failure for you to recognize this evidence shows your own hypocrisy and immaturity. The bible isn’t a work of fiction no matter how many times you say it is. Discarding it’s historical documentation would be equal to discarding Socrates Scholasticus, & Ecclesiastical History works."

    If you think this is an "is too! / is not!" discussion, then you've failed to understand what you've read. I am saying that regarding the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Dianetics, Science and Health, whatever your source of choice for "faith", that all of these works make outrageous claims very different to our observed reality and that they are virtually impossible to verify by multiple, credible sources. The main argument that the Bible is not a work of fiction conforms far better to your "proof by repetitive assertion" that you accuse me of than is my refusal to accept it due to flimsy evidence.

    Posted by JK October 15, 08 07:58 PM

    Regarding humanity, when an atheist is a good person or does the right thing, they do so simply because they realize it's the right thing to do, not for fear of retribution after death by some all-knowing judgmental dictator.

    Watch out there, Mr. Kater, it seems you're out of your depth. If we are to take you at your own word:

    These are social constructs. Evil can be completely explained as degrees of selfishness and clannishness, while good is altruism and generosity. As social animals, the former tend to harm the long-term survival of the species as a whole in favor of a smaller group, while the latter helps the entire species.

    So to speak of an atheist (or anyone) doing what is right or evil is purely rhetorical, and ultimately meaningless. Can you really claim that you only do things because you know them to be "right," if right is purely a construct of the society surrounding you? From a mechanistic point of view that you outline here, there is literally nothing wrong with any crime against anyone else (at least so long as you don't get caught). Perhaps you might do the species a favor by killing off a few of the weaker elements in it. It's downright altruistic in terms of the long-term survival of the species (not to mention lessening to ecological strain those creatures put on the planet!). What about rape? Sure, a woman might not like it, but (again, if you avoid getting caught) you're just ensuring that your strong genes get passed on as widely as possible. If any other animal did it, you'd talk about fitness for reproduction and such. Anything that happens in nature from which humans recoil in their own species is really only convention? Eating one's mate, or the offspring of one's reproductive competition? Killing one's prey needlessly slowly while playing with it? Sexual assault (even of corpses), or unprovoked violent attacks for non-food purposes?

    If morality in any concrete sense is only a social construct, you can't possibly object to these things on rational grounds. It's getting caught that keeps a great many people from doing bad things, for better or for worse. Oh wait, better and worse are social constructs with no basis in rational thought. Nevermind, then. Civilization is only a convenient arrangement for the weak if one accepts the second of your quotations above, and the former quotation is nonsense in the context of the latter.

    Posted by That one guy October 15, 08 09:04 PM

    Yes, there are a few brilliant people who choose to believe in a creator, but the majority do not.

    Unsourced, of course, because it is an unsourcable assertion. And of course, what I said is that there are many thousands of scientists, (not geniuses, of which there are most certainly many millions at the very least) who are believers. Look at it another way: current estimates in the United States are that roughly .4% of the population self-identify as atheists. You can knock that up to nearly 1% if you include self-identifying agnostics in there, but that would be a dubious calculation considering the enormous epistemological gulf between agnosticism and atheism. So four out of every thousand people. And yet, absent any kind of hard data regarding the I.Q. levels of that four thousandths, or of the religiosity of those who qualify as genius, you're willing to say that the majority of geniuses do not believe in a creator. Your statement is not reasoning, it is desperate and blind propaganda.

    The fact that someone has gone to the trouble to compile a list of "accomplished scientists" who are believers is in itself fairly indicative that they are in a significant minority.

    Does the same statement apply to the analogous lists of atheist scientists also found all over the internet? Any time someone makes a list showing evidence of something, it's because that something is in the minority? I believe a philosophy class or two could help you with your apparent inability to argue rationally.

    Finally, my ability to reasonably accept empiricism as an often useful method of determining the truth with reasonable certainty has little to do with your inability to defend it rationally, if empiricism is your starting point as the only way to know the truth. It's called "begging the question," and has been discouraged for thousands of years. Again, I prescribe at least a baseline of philosophical ability before you begin talking about rationality.

    Posted by That one guy October 15, 08 09:37 PM

    is amazing...
    ....and think that the sun is a small part of the universe...

    Posted by Patricio Bastidas October 15, 08 10:02 PM

    Everyone know science not created the world or this universe. Science show us the way. It talking about the nature and its behaviors. But why not its talking about the who created the nature and why it is nature?

    Anyway I am not the protester of science; I like science and I am grateful to those scientist who capturing this amazing creation of God.

    For religious:
    I request you to read one more book before passing from this world like others who was passing before us. This universe will definitely destroy one day.
    People I am not talking about the best religion, I am talking about studying a book. This is the book of all books from creator of all creators, inventor of all inventors, scientist of scientists, God of all Gods.

    The last book from only God who is nearest to you then anyone/anythings:

    The holey al-Qur'an

    Learn and discover which you not know before if you understand.

    Posted by Kollol October 15, 08 10:27 PM

    Ahhh.....lovely pictures, but could you all please keep me out of the conversation. I'm on vacation at the moment and I just want to relax, listen to some cool music and sip a nice cocktail by the pool. It gets difficult to do that when you're all shouting at each other down there on Earth. So, for my sake, shut the f**k up! And just enjoy the pictures for what they are. Beauty.



    Posted by God October 15, 08 10:55 PM

    Its called the SIRIUS Effect/Event, i.e. S-olar I-ntense R-adiation & I-llumination U-nto S-upernova, which thanx to early 1970's PC-speak has also been devolved or ascribed as U-ltra S-trength.. See also ELENI, i.e. E-xtinction L-evel E-vent N-ot IM-minent, versus ELEHIM ..... H-ighly IM-inent, and other. The US Govt and aligned Perts had known since the 1970's as per changes in Sun's and Earth's magnetic fields. PROBLEM > NO ONE, GOVT OR PERT, IS CERTAIN WHAT THE SIRIUS FLARES OR EXPLOSIONS MEANT AS PER SOLAR ACTIVITY AND ULTIMATELY LT EARTH SURVIVAL, since science was not around during epochs e.g. Ice Ages.

    Posted by JosephMendiola October 15, 08 11:10 PM

    Eh. No one knows the real answer, they just pretend to. Either there is no God and we all fade off into oblivion and our essence and personality disintegrate along with our physical forms, or the alternative, "God". The afterlife or continuation of consciousness seems like a better option, and more plausible than the winking out of everything, don't ask me why, thats just my personal reasoning. The Universe is too complex and intricate and fantastic for any one conclusion to be drawn or found. Anyways, to all my fellow HUMAN BEINGS. STOP BEING SO F*****G SIMIAN . LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND QUIT KILLING EACH OTHER. Maybe if every single person could learn to cooperate, empathazise we'd make it.

    Posted by Dylan W October 16, 08 12:07 AM

    good ,very good,wow, megnificent.exellent,superb,what else all the words which we can think of we r using ,everything r his creations .love is great,so is sun and god.

    Posted by lover of universe October 16, 08 12:15 AM

    Much too much digression on this one.
    The images that present themselves are too much for human digestion.
    One cannot understand the energies, the scale, the transcendence into the infinite that powers the universe.
    This is the argument for God and yet I cannot but feel that this is something that humans can never comprehend,

    only believe.
    God is real, only strangely unavailiable when he is needed.
    God is real, but more related to " god helps those who help themselves"
    than to any "hallaejeah I'm saved", " Jesus protect me".
    So, do not digress, revel in the fact of living in such an interesting universe.
    You'll never get this chance again.

    Posted by John Hyatt October 16, 08 12:43 AM

    nice go LT!

    Posted by edwinas October 16, 08 01:01 AM

    Oh John Stamos, thank you for your blessing of wonderful hair!

    Posted by Stamos Lover October 16, 08 01:44 AM

    gracias a Dios por l'universo e gracias a vosotros por las imagen :-)))


    Posted by massimo October 16, 08 02:52 AM

    Oh, by the way! Magificent pictures and a wonderful place to share God's love!

    Keep it going!! ;o)

    Posted by The Old Man of God October 16, 08 03:10 AM

    "The images that present themselves are too much for human digestion." WRONG
    "One cannot understand the energies, the scale, the transcendence into the infinite that powers the universe."WRONG
    I'll respect your way of thinking but open your eyes and just see and understand that God has nothing to do with this.
    I can understand a lot, but what I can't understand is what you are saying.
    Blame your God for the way humans behave but stay away from things like understanding the universe.
    For the future, I will understand because my ears and eyes are always open.

    Posted by Rob October 16, 08 03:53 AM


    Posted by lemon October 16, 08 03:59 AM

    Can anyone post a picture of this God guy, Or do you think we should just enjoy the brilliant photographs

    Posted by Mart October 16, 08 04:11 AM

    True. One day the universe, sun and ourselves will cease to exist. However, only we can consider our later end. For the statement, "I hate God", try that one on your deathbed. We should always speak as if it's the last time we will. One day, it will be. has very nice pics too.

    Posted by rj October 16, 08 04:12 AM

    Sorry, guys, you don't need a god to form a cloud of hot gas...
    You need Jeans' equations first and will end up with magneto-hydrodynamic description of plasma in the end.
    That's it, pure (but beautiful !) physics.

    Posted by solar physicist October 16, 08 04:56 AM

    Amazing that gravity can do this.
    Looking at this I thought back of a clip I once saw. Gravity is by far the weakest elementry force. It was depicted by someone falling of a building. The whole of the earth is pulling this person, yet the electromagnetic forces between the atoms of only a few square meters of concrete are able to stop this persons' fall.
    And yet, it is all gravity that made this huge ball of matter spring into light.

    Posted by Henri October 16, 08 05:18 AM

    Fantastic pictures. When I scan through the comments they remind me of the stupidity of humans - and I look forward to the time when the Earth is rid of us. I just can't understand where the notion of god comes in amongst these amazing pictures of a single star in our solar system - one of billions of stars in our galaxy and billions of galaxies in the (observable) universe. If anything, science continues to prove every day there is no such thing as god, except in the deluded minds of his followers.

    Posted by Mark Lamerton October 16, 08 05:47 AM

    Amazing pics, unfortunate that the comments got hijacked by the sky-pixie worshippers of a variety of hues really...

    Posted by Ky October 16, 08 05:53 AM

    Nice images. Too bad this became an arena for imposing personal beliefs. :P

    Posted by another A-word guy October 16, 08 06:48 AM

    Its very-very STRANGE !!!!! :-)

    Posted by Kundan October 16, 08 06:52 AM

    bloody good pictures best I have ever seen

    Posted by trevor rhodes October 16, 08 06:56 AM

    Praise Allah!

    Without his divine grace such beautiful pictures would not be possible. A jihad on those who praise false idols, like Jesus. How can you not see the beauty and grace of Allah here?

    Posted by Mufti October 16, 08 07:22 AM

    Stuned to see the mechanics of a star in motion. What wonderful views.Thank you so much. Oh, and F**k the scardicats! Best from WorldLudlow

    Posted by Robert Winnie October 16, 08 07:42 AM

    Ra is powerful and beautiful.

    Posted by djon October 16, 08 08:07 AM

    Kaar torrak! Immaa taamaatsimik assiliiveqarlini! ( Holy smoke this is great! I wish I have such a camera my self!) Hey, we are in the evolution time, our mind, our materiel discovery are allways in progress, so why are we not in progress in our thinking that we are all ONE ?? Alfa Omega created us, we are part of Alfa Omega. We are individualized Alfa Omega!!

    Posted by Steen Berthelsen October 16, 08 08:08 AM

    All praise must go to Allah! He is the creator of such life giving beauty as the Sun and everything that exists. So prostrate yourselves before Allah and worship him alone.

    Posted by Taslim Abdani October 16, 08 08:18 AM

    "170. On the Swedish website, there is an explanation that every granule on the Sun is about the size of a continent on Earth (North America/Europe)."

    That would be a typo. It should say that the granules are about the size of a European country or US state.

    Posted by Mats Löfdahl October 16, 08 08:37 AM

    absolutely incredible,the mere intensity of such power gives more than credence to what it is all about and how long in time it continues.the fact of its question is truely its intensity,this reality is no mind game,keep going masters in mankind keep going,fantastic!!!!

    Posted by Michael Higgins October 16, 08 08:46 AM

    'Gott strafe England'
    'And God save the king'
    God this, God that and God the other thing.
    'Good God' said God
    'I've got my work cut out'

    Stunning photos, let down only by the remarks that follow them - possessive idealogues instantly attributing the sun to the pinnacle entity of their own personal beliefs. Where's the doubt, where's the questioning: the very qualities that teach us humility and provoke us to strive? Naturally they're quite absent. Instead all is certainty in the fortress of the zealot.

    Posted by Achi006 October 16, 08 09:00 AM

    Somebody must have done something right: the first camera, the first electronics etc.etc. to produce such beautiful pictures of such a magnificent creation.
    Somebody also must have done right to make this 65 year old laugh when reading the comments.
    Peace to all.

    Posted by Miryam Zafran October 16, 08 09:08 AM

    Amaing pictures !

    All Gods are works of FICTION.
    DEAL WITH IT. Muppetts !

    Posted by Darth October 16, 08 09:29 AM

    Thanks for the incredible pictures!
    By the way, god or no god, I think I know where the big bang comes from. Black holes bounce around the universe, like Roomba vacuum cleaners, eventually sucking up and concentrating all the matter. Then there is an explosion and all the matter is dispersed again with a big bang! Expanding until the next time.

    Posted by Jay October 16, 08 09:34 AM

    I think these photos are beautiful. And I think God is like broccoli. If you love broccoli, you should eat it. But don’t hate everyone at the table who doesn’t have it on their plate. Maybe they’re allergic. Maybe they tried it and didn’t like the taste. Maybe they found a worm in it. Don’t stand on your chair and shout about why broccoli is healthy for you, why it grows, why it’s better than corn, what it should be called. It ruins the meal for everyone, including you. There are as many different experiences with broccoli as there are people at the table. Just eat your broccoli and enjoy it. Or not.

    Posted by Kim October 16, 08 09:49 AM

    God is responsible for all things good!

    The devil is responsible for all things bad!

    God is powerless to stop the devil but he's omnipotent otherwise - all hail god!

    Or do as most educated people do - think for yourself instead of placing all your hope and gratitude in ridiculous superstition.

    Posted by Muc Beag October 16, 08 09:51 AM


    Posted by M NELSON October 16, 08 10:06 AM

    I love how those of you who say there is no God are the ones who always get your panties in a bunch when someone who believes in God makes a reference to the creator. Their belief which isn't directed at your non belief, but rather to the pictures is no reason to ram your non belief down their throat.

    These pictures are awesome.

    Posted by Ben October 16, 08 10:07 AM


    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 10:09 AM

    ne ochen-to i oxyenno...
    no Lensky krut!))

    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 10:28 AM

    Cool post. Thanks!

    Posted by Vahid October 16, 08 10:30 AM

    hi. sorry for causing so many arguments and wars, i just kinda forgot you guys were here, my bad.
    iv been a bit lazy over the past 13 billion years,i'll get to work on famin and poverty today,i'll fix the sun tomorrow,and dont worry about the russians i'll have a word with them over the weekend.
    love and peace
    GOD x

    Posted by leeroy harrigan October 16, 08 10:43 AM

    Sun rules!

    Posted by Jac October 16, 08 10:46 AM

    "Wisdom is realising you know nothing. Wisdom is saying, my mind is open. Wherever I am, I’m just beginning. There is more to be realised by a hundred-fold than what I know. That is the beginning of wisdom!”
    Amazing pictures! THANK YOU

    Posted by San October 16, 08 11:27 AM

    343 refers to Allah and wants us to "worship him alone". Fine, when I'm alone I worship Allah, but when I'm with other people, I worship Cthulhu, and Wotan.

    Posted by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs October 16, 08 11:33 AM

    More about God so skip it if you are so inclined.

    Which is kind of my advice about the God argument on both sides. Why are you all so emotionally invested in convincing each other of your own beliefs? And why is the other guy stupid if he disagrees? I think the centuries of debate and the millions of adherents each belief system (including atheism) has garnered is proof that the question of God's existence is a tough nut to crack. So whatever your beliefs, you can hardly be called stupid (or of less than average intelligence) for holding them.

    I originally wrote a lot more about what I believe, but I will spare you that. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to post your thoughts. They provoked a lot of my own.

    Posted by Laura Womack October 16, 08 11:40 AM

    A che eto Lensky krut?

    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 11:42 AM

    But here is you visit in Belgorode. And extract from belly through mouth kilogram foods on rails at hour of the nights.

    Posted by Numa October 16, 08 11:46 AM

    These were amazing photographs, I only hope to see more like these.

    Please, can we leave religion out of this? Any good scientist knows that God did nothing, this was all science... I agree with those of you who said that those religious people use "Him" as a way to reassure their unstable and need-to-be-conclusive minds.

    Thank for the amazing pictures. Good job. :)

    Posted by CodyZT October 16, 08 12:23 PM

    I keep seeing the same arguments against the existence of God over and over again.. I'll try to be more focused this time..

    RE: Physics is all there is (aka. Naturalism)

    I don't think that those who hold this view appreciate the philosophical implications of this stance. The laws of physics (and all natural processes) are descriptions of processes. This means that physics describe the causes and effects of phenomena we see in the universe. These causal rules are limitations that help distinguish a cold from heat and other convenient restrictions that make this world habitable to us. We can choose to dogmaticly claim the laws of physics have always existed, but the fact that there are laws/rules/limitations/distinctions imply that there is something by which they are defined. We can't say that they are defined by their relation to one another because that would not provide a rational explanation for why they exist in the first place.

    For anything to exist in reality there must be something by which it can be distinguished from. If something indistinguishable can exist then there is no reference point by which we can percieve it (concretely or abstractly). Also, if something like that were to exist we certainly wouldn't be able to conduct any science expirement on it or reason about it with even the slightest degree of sensability because it would not have a distinguishable affect. This is why it is impossible for science to answer questions like like "How do we exist?" Science purposefully limits itself to the exploration of cause and effect because those things can be experimented on and verified. Please stop looking to science to answer existential questions.

    Now, let's consider another possibility. We have observed that the physical universe appears to behave in a somewhat regular fashion (physics). We rely on the rule of causality in pretty much everything we think and do. If we concede that the universe is ordered then we may rightly wonder how that order came to be. At this point we must leave the realm of physics and consider instead how these rules governing the universe exist (a philosophical question). We recognize that we can not perceive something unless it is distinguishable from something else and so it is reasonable to entertain the idea that there is something that we can distinguish the rules of the universe from and generate a definition from this correlation. There must be something that is not within the rules of the universe.

    For myself, I've already come to conclusion that that something outside our universe is God and my own experiences and reason in conjunction with the answers to questions I have asked others have further shaped my beliefs about God and my own purpose. I can easily see how someone elses views of God could be different from my own. But please don't continue to blindly believe that there is nothing beyond the laws of physics. The implications of something being beyond this universe is something well worth wrestling through regardless of how long it takes. Because our view of the universe is so fundamental to the way we think about things (life, death, natural disasters, what is worth living for, etc..) it is best to reconcile ourselves to what we find to be true/real.

    The amazing intracacies and sheer weight of the laws of physics are indeed amazing. But don't stop at simple amazement. Continue to wonder not only at it but about it. If you look at the ocean and are merely impressed by their magnificence you will be missing a significant portion of their relevence.

    Posted by Alston October 16, 08 12:31 PM

    We're so small,so small, compared to a sand grain...why do we make wars instead of peace?

    Posted by labinanhipo nhipo October 16, 08 12:37 PM


    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 01:14 PM

    After reading most of the posts (up to 366), I like #353. Science can explain pieces of the puzzle, but it fails to show the complete picture. Most of all, it's the arrogance of science and its followers that we have discovered all that there is to be learned about All There Is To Be Learned; but they fail completely at an attempt of capturing their own faith. I have my own issues with faith, but I find it no more improbable that there is something unknown to us, just because we can't prove it today, than these pictures are events of randomness. I can "stomach" many of the comments that are pro or con in the God vs. Science thread. Except for #350 Kim. This person is an idiot.

    Posted by OtherBillC October 16, 08 01:57 PM

    Nice pics. Leave it at's not a God issue. Just awesome pictures

    Posted by Slick October 16, 08 02:07 PM

    Absolutely awesome set of images!

    You can see 1000s more like those at

    Posted by Stephen "Darkstar" Ames October 16, 08 02:13 PM

    Fabulous pictures, but I'm not humbled!

    I think that the minds that enabled men to progress so far as to observe, photograph & understand the sun & other celestial bodies, are the true heroic & wonderful things.
    Minds filled with fantasies, ghosts, and gods are an anathema to human science & technology, and peace between individuals. Only objective reasoning and observation of nature, including a normative understanding of Man, advances civilization. The Dark Ages were called "Dark" for good reason: religion!


    Posted by RnBram October 16, 08 02:21 PM

    Great photos!

    Answer to life: Explore human curiosity.

    Posted by Observer October 16, 08 03:09 PM

    Juan you seem to be an angry person.

    Posted by Ahmad October 16, 08 03:19 PM

    Amazing... it makes you think how small and insignificant we all are.

    Posted by VCM October 16, 08 03:51 PM

    There isn't any proof either way on the existence of god. These beautiful photos aren't much different than many things that happen on an ongoing basis on earth but because it's the sun (and it occupies a bigger place in our imaginations, and is much more noticeable) we say 'ooh' and 'aww' which is of course, totally justified. But god vs. no god? It's metaphysical vs. physical, and the two do not have to meet. A Scientist who says "I know there is a god and if you don't believe in him you're going to hell" is no better than an simple atheist who calls a religous person "crazy". Holding yourself to religious ideals can truly improve you life. Holding true to yourself and your own imagination can do the same. And I think that anyone who becomes angry at another person's so called 'stupidity' for believing either way on the 'god' debate, can be categorized as falling under this buddhist quote.

    "If you say you know something, but do not act in accordance to that knowledge, then you do not truly know."

    I like it - it covers zealots, atheists, morons, etc. To the foolish - sorry if this offends you! God professes love, as does the human heart. For me, the message is a type of god, in that it can real effects and change lives. As to whether there is some 'god' dude sitting around, keeping an eye on us? Sure, maybe. I don't understand how something came out of nothing, but that doesn't mean that it didn't.

    Peace and Love all!

    Posted by Lonn October 16, 08 04:37 PM

    Concerning the "God, no God" comments: I will not add to anything that has been said here. If you are interested in checking out my journey, go here:
    (Note, dot info, not dot com)

    Posted by Lawton October 16, 08 05:24 PM

    Wow. Truly great photography. I'd like to pitch in with my own little blurb after reading all the comments. First, everyone on the side of science seems sooo convinced about the Big Bang. I invite you to look into the theory of plasma cosmology, as outlined here:

    Not saying it's absolute truth either, but it helps to remember that as a race, the entirety of all our highly prized knowledge amounts to very little.

    I also find it interesting just how worked up people get over the whole spiritual/religious issue. Reading some of the comments, i found myself thinking 'what dogmatic *&#@, these people are retarded!' A minute or so later, after some serious introspection, I found that's not what I actually believe at all. My belief is not something i'll go into here, but the point is: where did that thought come from, if it's not what I actually think? Scary social conditioning and brainwashing techniques? Is it even worth the amount of effort to argue something that should be entirely personal? Believe what you want so long as it causes no harm or obstruction to others' views. It's not hard, and our existance would be much more pleasant as a result. I implore people to lose this rabid insanity. Why does everyone need to believe what you do?

    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 05:31 PM

    Also, is it just me, or does #363 manage to make aboslutely no sense, and be vaugely disturbing at the same time?

    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 05:38 PM

    -- comment removed --

    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 06:15 PM


    I just keep asking myself where all this burning energy comes from...


    Posted by Rodrigo Picorelli October 16, 08 06:18 PM

    wow...great pictures
    for the religious, try A BRIEF HISTORY OF DISBELIEF

    Posted by brent October 16, 08 06:20 PM

    These pics are amazing. Thank you for sharing them.

    Religion is fear of the unkown;
    Had we all continued to listen to the teachings of religions such as christianity, we would never have left this globe. The Earth would still be the centre of the universe, man would still be made in Gods image and all we see above would still be rotating around us. 'God' is the answer to all the questions science is yet to answer. 'God' is an anthropomorphism, [unconsciously] intended to help us come to terms with a universe whose majesty we are only just begining to fathom.

    thank god someone saw sense and decided to check this universe out for themselves. lol. and thank god for the pioneer of astronomy, Galileo - for daring to refute an 'all knowing' religion.

    Thank god someone saw sense and decided to

    Posted by DIGITALDEVIANCE October 16, 08 06:52 PM

    Did you ever consider that God created the man who created the camera? Just a thought...

    Posted by Molly October 16, 08 06:59 PM

    The first sunspots of the new cycle have started appearing on the sun.


    Posted by T October 16, 08 07:11 PM

    Great photos, thank you.

    Posted by Me October 16, 08 07:12 PM

    Wow, can't people just accept another belief? You don't believe in God, who cares? You obviously believe in something. You believe too much in God and can't accept those who don't. Shame on you for calling yourself a Believer. All I have to say is that I feel sorry for each and every one of you who feels you have to try to "disprove" another's beliefs.

    These absolutely gorgeous pictures weren't taken to spark such ignorant comments, which many of you have decided to do. Can't we all just accept that one person says, "Another example of God's masterful creation" and another will say, "Another example of the great mysteries of our universe"? I think it is quite possible for both to exist at the same time - just saying.

    Posted by Alli October 16, 08 07:24 PM

    hahahaha in # 303 the guys argument is that we had better believe just to be let me get this straight...we should believe out of fear? screw that.

    Posted by Steve October 16, 08 07:24 PM

    Know Now's Only God !

    Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 07:28 PM

    wow!all this from nothing...?don't you thing its something?

    Posted by azeb October 16, 08 09:48 PM

    for #381 Yes, human created the camera. But consider where the all material of camera came from and who created the brain to make a camera ...

    Posted by October 16, 08 09:49 PM

    How little we know of nature. Wish I could live long enough to see the things mankind will discover millions of years from now. Pity those, if any, who are around when the sun expands and eradicates life on earth. Hopefully mankind will have learned how to escape the planet by then, which really is the most important work imagineable. Should be easily doable unless nature or mankind eradicates civilized life on the planet so that we have to start over (we being the indigenous tribes in Papua New Guinea, of course). Not that it matters one bit, but I'd like to see our team keep surviving indefinitely.

    Posted by Windu October 16, 08 10:17 PM


    Religion is fear of the "unkown" according to whom? You? Handy how you can just decide for literally billions of people what their beliefs are. Here's one from me: democracy is hatred of other people. Maybe not what people who believe in democracy would say, but who cares? It's what I say!

    By the way:
    Christianity is not opposed to any of the things you listed there. Many of the most important scientists in history were Christians (Pascal, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Mendel, Pasteur, Kelvin, Planck, to name a few). There have been an astonishing number of Catholic priests who were scientists. Galileo himself was a Catholic who was, despite the political hot water he got himself into, a close friend of the Pope and several bishops.

    Posted by PB October 16, 08 10:41 PM

    # 381:

    The materials were created by man (plastic) or are natural elements created during the cooling of the universe following the Big Bang.

    As for the brain, it's a combination of time and environmental pressures. Over the course of a few hundred thousand years, if you were smart, you lived long enough to procreate; if you were dumb, you didn't. Eventually, the smart ones outlasted the dumb ones enough to raise the intelligence of the species as a whole.

    Posted by Brainiac October 17, 08 01:18 AM

    The problem I have with religion is that for a long time it prevented the human race from fully exploring the universe. Ironically, these photos would not have been possible if someone wasn't brave enough to explore a non-deity explanation of a natural phenomenon. I'll give you one quick example.

    In 1054, the Crab Nebula exploded in a massive release of light and energy. It was so bright, it instantly became the second brightest object in the sky (after the moon). During the first couple of weeks, it was bright enough to be seen during the day. It remained the second brightest object for at least two years. The event was well documented in China and India, but no mention in Europe. Religious doctrine stated that the heavens were perfect and unchanging. To go against the church meant you were stoned to death or burned at the stake. For the sake of self-preservation, no one dared acknowledge this sudden and obvious change in the heavens.

    Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 17, 08 01:44 AM

    I don't believe in god but that doesn't make me an Athiest. Athiesm is a religion in itself. To be involved in a religion is to obey ones rules based on a belief and not fact..... No thanks.

    Personally I think religion was created to explain the world we didn't know. Today, we are discovering more and more about our universe and ourselves and eventually the facts will speak louder than any belief. I hope that it will happen in my lifetime but there is probably as much chance of that as there is jesus appearing on the 6oclock news with a message from god.

    Posted by Jason October 17, 08 02:41 AM

    Yes, according to me. I was voicing my opinion.
    Ive no wish to belittle others beliefs, but theres some interesting discourse going on here. Unfortunately many in the religious camp take the tone of 'cant you lot be quiet and accept our beliefs?' Well yes i could, but that would be a dull world dont you think? Afterall, god gave me this voice.. right?

    Religion is fear of the unknown;
    Intersting examples; Copernicus, whose insight into this beautiful universe was almost lost by him taking his knowledge to his deathbed, why? because of his religion and its FEAR of the unknown. Galileo, again a religious man whose wonderfull insights bourne from the first ever telescopic observations were REPRESSED by the church because what he saw didnt fit in with christianities idea of what the universe should look like.
    Religion claims to have all the answers, all written down in a small book no less.. so why look up? all the answers are right here children, right here. History is replete with religion showing this attitude, its evolved today for sure - but its had little choice in the face of men who dare. Copernicus, Galileo.
    I claim, my belief, is that the universe if far more wonderfull, far more amazing and complex than any book can hold explanation of. Far beyond any words yet created by man, including 'god'.

    democracy may just be hatred of others. humans are work in progress, assuming were around long enough we will work it out. The picture is still being painted, our universe is not yet complete.

    Posted by DIGITALDEVIANCE October 17, 08 03:54 AM

    Amazing pictures.
    Amazingly retarded comments by the god-squad on here. I think you need to grow up and stop believing in imaginary friends.

    Posted by Daddy Cool October 17, 08 05:47 AM

    Be careful not to be so open minded that your brain falls out.

    Posted by J.Keys October 17, 08 06:02 AM

    this is the most spectacular photography ever seen in a long time, such detail unmatched anywhere in the Universe, (so far)
    someday, someone is going to invent a spacecraft so "tough" and durable to be sent to the closest point near the Sun (like 100x closer than Mercury's orbit!) to appreciate the spherical "hellish" like ball!, and take some out of this world pictures at that distance from the Sun!.
    Thank You

    Posted by Scott Houdek (Orion105) October 17, 08 08:08 AM

    Is the sun, any star, complex enough to be sentient ? If it were so what would be it's "time frame" ? Would he become aware of mankind ? Or would the limited time mankind will spend on earth just be a microsecond of his time ? Something so fast that it would escape his gaze. Not even a minor disturbance.

    Posted by Uber Jalemon October 17, 08 08:19 AM

    Everyone was dead for billions of years before you became alive. You are now living, and by being able to do this have been given the chance to see and enjoy these great pictures. Enjoy them, because once you are will be for a very long time.

    Posted by J.M. October 17, 08 09:18 AM

    Amazing pictures! Too bad it had to turn into a religious debate. I really just enjoy the pictures for what they are......beautiful.

    Posted by Susan October 17, 08 10:30 AM

    In response to 378 - item 363 is message from the Vegan Orbital Fort that you can see in pics 6 & 13 - (qv. J Blish - Cities in Flight).

    Seriously good photographs and they has provoked some very interesting, helpful, entertaining and often altogether daft (from both sides) contributions.

    Suggest you have a look at:

    Posted by Colin October 17, 08 11:10 AM

    Hola Hermanita espero te guste, esta pagina

    Posted by Ana Gabriela October 17, 08 11:20 AM

    Hola Hermanita espero te guste, esta pagina

    Posted by Ana Gabriela October 17, 08 11:24 AM

    Have you ever stopped long enough to look in awe and wonderment at the imeasurable intensity of life? From the germs on your hands to the solar flares..birth to death..planetary movement to astro influence. The magnetic and gravitational push me pull you exists everywhere, even in universes still unseen and undiscovered. Solar winds blow through our very bones. Did you ever wonder?? I look to the stars and my horoscope every day....some people look to the bible or the's just another way of interpreting the winds of change in the universe. We are all ONE..born of cosmic dust , we return back into the One effortlessly!

    Posted by Andrea H. S. October 17, 08 12:08 PM

    To those who lack the logic of keeping on 'track'....we don't care if you believe or don't believe in a Supreme Being.
    Please keep your insufferable comments to a minimum.

    The pictures are exceptional and awe inspriring thanks for showing them.

    Posted by FHVaughan October 17, 08 12:13 PM

    Absolutely awesome pictures! As a scientist, it's amazing to see what our hobbled senses and minds have come up with. Hobbled? Yes, we are limited and hunger for more. So much more than what we have. Our atmosphere is clear enough to give us a taste for the cosmos, but blurry enough to frustrate. Result of our frustration? Space telescopes, adaptive optics, digital photography, image processing, all of which required amazing creativity. We only see from about 380 nm (violet) to 780 nm (red), but could observe the effects of other wavelengths such as heat (infrared), suntans and fluorescence (ultraviolet), fogged photos by radioactive ores (gamma and x-rays), so we invented ways of converting these invisible wavelengths to images visible to our eyes. Curiosity about rainbows and strange dark absorption lines or bright lines in them led to us being able to isolate very pure single colors (hydrogen alpha, the brightest visible emission line of hydrogen). Again, our hunger for more led to this!

    What I'm saying is that it's in our very nature to hunger for more. We don't have wings, but wanted to soar with the eagles. Result? Airplanes, hang gliders, ultralights, parasails, jets, blimps, balloons, and spacecraft. We go slow but longed to go fast, so we first harnessed horses, then horsepower (steam, fossil fuel, and electric vehicles) so we could. When looking at nature, we see beyond the simple need for food and shelter--even the poorest malnourished people still enjoy a beautiful flower or colorful gemstone. We ask why the sky is blue and leaves are green. Then we use our minds to delve into these mysteries. We determine the descriptive laws that explain why planets orbit stars the way they do, why magnesium ions in chlorophyll make leaves look green, iron in hemoglobin makes blood look red. Then we long for more and more detail. Petabytes of data have been gathered in human curiosity, yet we long for more meaning.

    We grow old, just as we know enough to truly make a difference, our bodies betraying our longing to keep on going. Something crucial gives out, and we die. We also long for more there, too.

    I believe that we are in a way examining the artwork to plumb the nature of the Artist. This Artist put a hunger in us to be more than we are currently, a limited body with useful fingers and a creative mind. Then gave us enough to see what is possible, and denying us the easy way (i.e. wings so we could fly without inventing the airplane), but designing birds so we could become envious enough to seek to fly anyway. Why just continue to seek the details in the art? Why did the Artist hide from our natural senses? This is where our longing for meaning comes into play. There is a God-shaped hole in our hearts (I realize the "God" word is abused by so many, so just try to humor me here), that only a personal knowledge of God can fill. What sort of God? One who creates stable laws of physics, dynamic ecosystems, beautiful flowers and leaves (if coldly logical, black leaves would gather more light, but not be pretty), enough mind in people to contemplate reality and wish to understand it, a need for companionship and love beyond procreation, and a primal longing for the reason why it is. I won't push a particular faith, but look into each (trying to ignore the abuses of some of the practitioners of same faith) and find the type of God who wants that personal relationship with us. I serve and love such a God, and am not ashamed to say that as a Ph.D. scientist.

    Posted by Chris October 17, 08 12:44 PM


    Posted by Davorka October 17, 08 12:51 PM

    lol, to think that the mechanics of the universe can be simplified by religion or 21st century science is arrogant.

    Everyone tooting their horn for religion or science should just take a few steps back and realize that our beliefs and "rationalizations" about the universe and life are naive and fruitless.

    I especially like the people that try to be objective about stuff like religion. It's hard to be objective about something when there a re no facts to back up your statements in the first place.

    If "God" made us in his own image, not only is he arrogant and naive, but ignorant and boorish to boot. None of you know how anything in the universe works, and likely never will. Just be happy that your insignificance granted you the ability to actually exist.

    Athiests are just as bad as the religious IMO. They have so much certainty about things they have no way of knowing. Get off your high horse, you know nothing.

    And btw, the bible cannot be taken as factual evidence. It's a collection of fictional stories, and though the message of peace and whatnot are great, the stories that go with them are no more real than something published under the moniker of Mother Goose.

    Posted by Steve October 17, 08 01:02 PM

    just think if are planted starded to eruped and would not stop
    lava over the whole planted we couldnt drill for anthing anymore

    Posted by john doe October 17, 08 01:51 PM


    The sun is not complex enough to be sentient and certainly there is no evidence that any star is sentient (much like rocks and other elements).

    You raise an interesting question regarding the passage of time. We know through special relativity that time and space are variables, only the speed of light is constant. No matter how fast you're traveling, the speed of light is always the same. So, for example, if you were traveling at half the speed of light, you would still measure light to be the same speed, which defies logic. Shouldn't it be traveling at 1.5x the speed of light? Well, if speed is merely the distance traveled in a period of time, then time and space must variable! Because we live in a world that runs far slower than the speed of light, it's hard to grasp that time and space be varied and, indeed, that was the thinking until Einstein came along (and it's what made him a household name). He defined relativity in the famous (and elegant) equation e=mc2, where e = energy, m=mass, and c is a constant (the speed of light).

    There are four results from this breakthrough in physics:

    1. "Now" is defined for each person in relative motion. "Simultaneous" events aren't necessarily simultaneous for all observers.

    2. Objects are measured to contract as they approach light speed. A yardstick on a spaceship would measure smaller as it approached the speed of light.

    3. An object's mass increases as it approaches lightspeed. It becomes infinitely more massive (don't confuse mass with volume) as one gets closer to lightspeed. Therefore, only massless objects, like light, can actually travel at the speed of light.

    4. Time slows down as one approaches lightspeed. It becomes infinitely slow the closer you get to lightspeed.

    Lightspeed is the ultimate barrier. You can never reach lightspeed, only a percentage of it. Also, the E on the other side of the equation is the energy needed to make the object travel at lightspeed. So an infinite amount of energy is needed to propel the object to lightspeed. You can get to 99.99999999% the speed of light, but you'll never get to 100%. You can keep tacking on an infinite number of 9s at the end of the 99.x%, but getting to 100% is impossible.

    So, let's assume you are an all energy being, made up of no mass and capable of traveling at the speed of light. Time for you would be infinitely slow, meaning the rest of the universe (at relative rest) would be infinitely fast. You would experience everything at once and the entire lifespan of the universe (not just the lifespan of mankind, who have occupied the universe for .000002% of its lifetime) would flash by in an instant.

    Such beings are relegated to science fiction. In the real world, it is impossible for any matter to achieve the speed of light. You would grow infinitely large, time would be infinitely slow, and you would need an infinite amount of energy to achieve that speed.

    NB: I must credit "The Physics of Star Trek" for some of these examples. If you want a real book of physics that uses graspable analogies to convey difficult concepts, I highly recommend it. Also, if you're not a Trek fan, there is a whole genre of "The physics of..." books out there that do the same thing with different themes. These books discuss real physics and use analogies from pop culture to help convey the concepts.

    Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 17, 08 01:53 PM

    those photos were fantastic

    Posted by george October 17, 08 03:11 PM

    It is rather interesting to note that as soon as someone praises "God" for the beauty they observe, another "believer" will get their hackles up and somehow, everyone else is considered stupid.

    There are two mutually exclusive lines of thought here. One appears to fight the other immediately the other is mentioned.

    Has anyone ever thought or considered these two lines of thought without getting their knickers in a knott? Creationism is unique in that IF it true, Evolution can not be true. IF Evolution is true, then Creationism can not be true. The two lines of thought are so completely opposed to each other and there can be No mixing of the two. I fear this is why each of these lines of thinking will always bring up conflict.

    It is each person's responsibility to work it out for themselves from the evidence presented. It seems quite unfortunate that instead of presenting evidence, quite often there is just the nasty name calling which does not prove either theory true but actually shows up the ignorance of the presenter for either theory.

    When someone is going to war, they need to know what the information the opposite army has before they can work out a clear strategy. To act without this information will cause dramatic loss on behalf of the one without the knowledge of the "enemy's" knowledge base.

    Basically, what I see in most of these comments is a glaring misunderstanding of what the other person believes, and it is all belief as neither side is presenting facts only what they believe.
    I will be brow beaten and told I am stupid be the other party. If I should say "Wow, what an incredible result of the big bang," then am I to be considered stupid by the creationist?

    It seems to me that what is being inferred is that IF I am prepared to "think" outside the box of either party, then I have to be stupid. My question is "By whose authority?"

    Something that seems to be coming through these statements quite stands out. The Creationists praise God for the Glory of it all while the Evolutionists just bash the Creationists. Maybe something is shouting quite loud here as to which way I should be thinking. One praises and the other condemns. hmmm. I wonder which camp will have the better consideration for his fellow man? Though, over the last couple of thousand years untold hundreds of millions have been killed because they dared to disagree with established religion. Maybe, just maybe, the established religion is what is out of line and not The Creator.

    Posted by Rob G October 17, 08 03:34 PM

    Put's things into perspective...

    Posted by Stew Steckel October 17, 08 03:54 PM

    I can talk directly to god. Wanna send him a message? Give me 10% of your wage. oh... do you have kids? Leave them with me for some interesting afternoons. They will love it!

    Either way, pictures are breathtaking. It´s a real privilege to be in 21st century, and not in darkness of middle age.

    Posted by a.manast October 17, 08 05:18 PM

    I didn't know that you can shoot a teliscope out into space and take pictures of the sun with out having the pictures soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bright thats really cool

    Posted by Anonymous October 17, 08 05:44 PM

    Very good, wow!!!

    Posted by Irao October 17, 08 06:23 PM

    Bravo my GOD !!!
    How and for what goal and purpose you have created it ?!!!!!!!
    your thrall.
    ÝÊÈÇј Çáå ÇÍÓä ÇáÎÇáÞیä

    Posted by m_h_hakami October 17, 08 08:45 PM

    Very nice pictures.

    Watching the clip #3 makes me wonder why a force like that wouldn't at least skim some atmosphere off of our planet.

    Posted by ziggy October 17, 08 09:18 PM


    Beautifully put, thank you. It is a dazzling universe in which we live, and believing in God does nothing to lessen my wonder at it all, or my appreciation of it for its own sake. Artwork, indeed. As an artist, I wish that I could capture just the smallest sliver of its beauty in my own work--it would be the greatest art ever produced by human hands, and would still fall short of the mind-blowing beauty of our universe.

    And to think that these amazing photographs are just one almost unimaginably tiny portion of it!

    Posted by Loves it all October 17, 08 09:46 PM

    Sol Invictus!

    Posted by dayll October 17, 08 10:43 PM

    Ode to the Sun, that great orb which radiates us to life. Fantastic! The Sun may have a form of consciousness. I can't fathom it. All religions stemmed from Sun or Moon worship before becoming more complex. We worship the sun when we use its light to see. When we take off our coat to feel its warmth. We may not pray to it (though some may) But it sustains us and has sustained all our ancestors. It will sustain our descendants for many many aeons. Hail to the King baby, The Sun King, The one power we can indeed see and feel. Scientists and theists agree , the Sun is the sustainer of all life. Hail to the King! Hail to Life!

    Posted by Ash October 17, 08 11:03 PM

    In the science vs. God debate it is interesting that those believing in God believe in science but not the other way around. Look at it this way; science explains "how" and religion explains "why"; science cannot do this. Even the Big Bang theory (discredited or not) only explains how -- it cannot explain time at minus zero. Alpha and Omega says that there was an existence before T=0. Science says "thanks a lot, I'll take it from here (T at T minus 46 seconds and less not included)". Until you can come up with a better explanation for T@minus 0 then God will reign supreme. It is the ONLY explanation that has stood the test of time.

    Posted by Ray @ Renton October 17, 08 11:24 PM

    who is this god person anyway?

    Posted by the_weaver October 18, 08 12:16 AM

    To those who proclaim: we came from nothing and are going nowhere...Prove it!
    To Christians: live it.
    That the sun holds together is evidence of order and design.
    Design evidences a Designer...creation, consciousness, wisdom....
    Science is linear: big bang to an expanding universe.
    So the Designer is outside of energy, space and time.
    Hail the Designer and respect the wisdom.

    Posted by knichol5 October 18, 08 01:35 AM

    Interesting that the spraying sunspot structure casts a shadow on the rumpled surface of the sun. I would expect the the atmosphere of the sun looking up if one could stand on the surface of the sun, then it must be reflective to cause this shadow effect. Also in that the hot materials thereon the sun are stated to follow the magnetize lines of force for the sorted forms at extreme heats, then why in earth material in its various forms, it is interesting to ponder why heat in earth material cause material loose magnetism. What dose it take to make earth material hold on to the magnetic lines under higher heats? Also one might speculate that the black spotting is total light capturing in that that the area are acting like a black hole or collection thereof due to action at distance on inertia axis alignments for a period due to the reversal effect of the electromagnetic plasma. SOMEONE WILL GET HIS DORCATE ON THIS. Like to hear this explained?

    Posted by George V. Sproat October 18, 08 02:01 AM

    Buddha be Blessed! When I see images of this kind I can ONLY think to my teachings from childhood to adulthood of accepting Buddha into my heart and attempting to convert everyone else around me to believe like I do so I can save them from eternal damnation. I truly feel pity and remorse for you who do not accept the Buddha and face a eternal torment in a pit of ruinous hell...oh wait wrong religion is pretty cool...there is no hell.

    Awesome sun pictures man. I never knew the surface was so defined or that the sun has an activity cycle it follows.

    Posted by Movezig October 18, 08 02:25 AM

    Really, I read a lot of comments here and it's actually pretty sad to see how people have to disapprove somebody elses beliefs. Some people need religion to get by on a day-to-day basis - some people need to believe in the concepts of Darwinism and so on.

    You don't have to ridicule someone because they need to believe in a god.

    From my point of view all of those that feel the need to smear someones beliefs is more ignorant and stupid then the rest.

    and Thanks for the Photos.......They were absolutly beautiful - It reminds me that there is an existence a greater power out there in the universe than any of us can imagine...

    K. Regards from Brazil

    Posted by Rodrigo Segura October 18, 08 02:38 AM

    It' amazing :) the sun are something wonderful :)

    Posted by Gædas October 18, 08 02:45 AM

    wow its too good iever seen sun such as..

    Posted by bhanu pratap singh October 18, 08 03:31 AM

    to je gooooooooooooooooooooooooood a líbí se mi to

    Posted by rambo October 18, 08 03:33 AM

    wow what a pics.
    i never seen such photographs.....

    Posted by bhanu pratap singh October 18, 08 03:35 AM

    It makes a person understand just how unimportant he or she really is! In the comparison, Knowing everything is from "God's" hands.

    Posted by John H. Huffman, Sr October 18, 08 07:06 AM

    The workings of the universe do not suffer for being comprehensible through scientfic research. The pictures that thrilled me as a child led to the science and technology that produced these astonishing images of REALITY. Error is not illusion, even if illusions produce errors.

    Posted by Patricia Kendziorski October 18, 08 07:30 AM

    Simply Amazing photos!

    What I find even more amazing is 50% of the comments were composed by sentient beings. The other 50% computer generated, identified by the intentionally inserted spelling errors!

    Except for the first line

    Posted by MEB October 18, 08 09:21 AM

    very good

    Posted by navid October 18, 08 11:29 AM

    El sol es la máxima fuente de energia que tenemos en la tierra y las plantas son la interface que transforman tal poder en alimentos útiles para los seres. Nosotros destruimos los bosques, ignoramos el poder del sol, y saciamos nuestra sed con petróleo. mmmmmm!!! Estas imágenes pueden inspirarnos a pensar en nuevas formas mas sostenibles de vida.

    Posted by JohnR October 18, 08 12:06 PM

    Just amazing photos. Keep posting more like these... thanks!
    By the way, Rodrigo Segura, vc disse tudo, cara!!!
    Regards from Muqui-ES, Brazil

    Posted by Carllos Ricci October 18, 08 12:55 PM

    Wonderous,beautiful,magnificent,stunning and YET I can see the sun:feel the sun;am aware of its existence...I can think on it...appreciate it...calculate it...Think further than its rays and winds...I am not small...We are also wonderous...We almost understand the star...It hasn't a clue about me!!!!!

    Posted by John W Richardson October 18, 08 01:11 PM

    Absolutely georgeous pics! It is wonderful to be able to see these and then debate the matter of creation. I too think that those who choose to belitttle others for not sharing their beliefs are by far the weakest and most insecure.
    The base of the argument seems to be "roll of the dice" and creation. I'm a reasonably smart man. I am not a rocket scientist, nor a Noble Laurate. So, I have to default to the words of a man far brighter than, well, most any of us here, Al Einstein. Excuse my loose quote>>>Al said, " I don't think the ancient one was rolling the dice when he did this..." Not an exact quote, but close enough.
    The American Indians believed that all creation was alive and that the dream stae was more "real" then the "waking"...Interesting views. To this I would like to ad that the enormity of our universe precludes us from being able to observe and analyze all but the most miniscule parts of it.
    We are in a small, solar system, in a realitively small galaxy, off to the side of the main show. So, clearly, we are not the central issue here. God or no God, we are not the heavy hitters here.
    Additionally, I would like to point out a simple observation of mine and a favorite as well..."when an ANT walks on an ELEPHANT, he doesNOT know it's ALIVE!"
    There is a chance the we are quite simply miniscule bugs living and operating in a much larger organism, the sameway that "bacteria" operate within our bodies.
    Now, none of this proves there is a GOD or not.
    Only your heart can make that judgement, that there is a GOD, it is your EGO that decides there isn't one. So, you choose, where you want to operate from, your HEART or your EGO.
    Gnerally, when people say someone has 'HEART" they mena this as a compliment. Comments regarding someone's EGO are generally negative. Heart loves, gives, shares, sacrifices and nurtures. A ego on the other hand takes, frequently slips to stealing, cheating, lying etc. Mother Teresa, Gandi, Nelson Mandela...ALL HEART! Adolph Hitler, Satlin, Kahn, etc...All EGO!
    Before I go I have another observation for you. Have you ever wondered the difference between heaven and hell? Where they might be...? How about this: HEAVEN IS IN YOUR HEART, HELL IS IN YOUR MIND...Ever hear anyone say the an idle heart is the devils playground?
    Whatever, you decide, GOD, or as Al called him, ther Ancient ONE, LOVES ALL. There is no evil, other than what is in YOUR MIND AND YOUR ACTIONS. That is free will. You choose.
    Let go of your head, and open your heart. There are more wonderful things to discover in there than all the galaxies of all the universes combined.
    Thanks for your indulgence and have a great life...and how about those MAYANS!!!
    I can't wait for 12/12/12/12/12...should be exciting, peace, onewingman

    Posted by George October 18, 08 01:23 PM

    Muito bom...

    Posted by Vladimir October 18, 08 01:47 PM

    wow these are awesome pictures from NASA, NICE WORK

    Posted by persian October 18, 08 02:16 PM

    Gam zeh ya'avor.

    It will be sorely missed.

    Posted by Barkmor October 18, 08 02:31 PM

    Thankyou for these astonishing pictures.

    SubhanAllah, All praises are for one God almighty, the most powerful, the most merciful for creating such an incredible universe for us.

    Posted by Ayesha October 18, 08 02:32 PM

    The fact that those amazing pictures of our Sun has brought a heated discussion of God does not seem unexpected. Unfortunately the "culture war" is raging, in spite of ceasless efforts of truly intellectual people to quell it. To meet them, just look at the list of Templeton's Prize recipients, Freemon Dyson among them. As a retired physicist myself (though far from cosmology and other "high caliber" physics) I cannot but be amazed by how much intellectual energy (and probably money) has been spent by atheist physicists on proving that the Big Bang had not happened, and even if it had happened, it had not been an act of "Creation."

    BTW many non-physicists believe that the Big Bang was like an explosion of a super-super-super bomb (you can find in media that collisions of protons in the future experiments of Large Hadron Collider would be like "mini-Big Bangs." The Big Band, however, was not an "explosion" of any kind in our space-time. It was the CREATION of our space-time. That is why attempts to understand what happened BEFORE, but staying in our space-time may be doomed.

    Even if God created our Universe, I don't think that he dared much about how our Sun would look like 13 billion years later – it would look like myriads of stars of the same spectral type. Well, it IS special: we live under it, and it is well possible that we are ALONE – at least in our galaxy.. But or Sun IS beautiful!!!

    PS I red about a funny proof of God's existence: The diameter of our Moon, as projected on the Sun during the eclipse is almost precisely the same as that of the Sun. And it is in order for us to see the beautiful picture like # 5!

    Posted by GLK October 18, 08 02:53 PM

    I thougt the pictures were really fantastic. Beautiful color.

    Posted by Udell October 18, 08 06:38 PM

    Great pictures - How anyone can believe that these are the results of chance amazes me! - Again, great pictures

    Posted by David G October 18, 08 06:50 PM

    It is amazing reading these comments and seeing how people can't get past theories, opinions, "God vs. no God", science vs. religion , fact vs. fiction etc. and the list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately, this is all to common. Can't anyone simply be awestruck by the beauty and immensity of all this and leave it at that? Ultimately we know nothing of our universe and never will. It's mystery (if you really think about it) is part of the beauty. WE CAN NEVER KNOW !

    Posted by Kevin October 18, 08 07:40 PM

    Thanks to all the scientists, technicians, and others whose hard work provided these amazing pictures. And thanks to God for creating a rational universe in which their work could be productive, and for creating so much awesome beauty in it.

    Posted by SERW October 18, 08 09:27 PM

    Amazing and gorgeous pictures that clearly demonstrate we only understand the tiniest bit of the natural universe around us.
    Of course if you are a big-bad internet atheist "scientist" hiding behind a keyboard (read: frustrated, no-life techno know-everything dweeb) this would provide a colossal opportunities to flex your "virtual" intellectual muscles describing how you are fighting against the injustices created by the big bad church over the past two thousand years. For every mind there is a model of how the universe works and everyone is struggling to piece it all together. God is - we are the ones "becoming". By the way, the hallowed sciences have also produced their spanish inquisitions so it is more likely that the darkness these critical "scientific voices" are ranting about are more likely just the innate darkness of man's nature.

    Posted by big john October 18, 08 10:17 PM

    I dont think debates like this have ever been a bad thing, Religion may not sit right with me, but i love hearing people argue for it. Religious people have an undeniable passion for their beliefs. It makes you listen. And like it or not, were all talking about the same thing. The beggining.Its the most fundemental question weve ever asked and could ask of our universe..This task is imense, and seemingly impossible, but were unstoppable in our efforts. We seem to be custom made to inspect our universe, and happy with the task at hand despite the immensity of it. If were ever to succeed, ALL input will be required. Egos are to be left at the door.

    Posted by DIGITALDEVIANCE October 18, 08 10:36 PM

    What I think of, particularly from the shot of Venus ( about the size of Earth ) transiting, is how arrogant the hairless chimps can be thinking the exhausts of their tailpipes have a greater effect on the planet's temperature than this massive star.

    This arrogance becomes even greater when the most educated among them remains a fool believing that physics is the only thing needed to understand the universe when physics cannot quantify or predict the emotions of awe and inspiration. In those areas beyond physics there is one certainty. The universe has proven that it is capable of producing a being having a limited awareness of the universe itself. Much like a baby discovering its toes. It is a sad thing to believe that after billions of years an arrogant hairless chimp is the best it can do.

    Posted by IOpian October 18, 08 10:52 PM


    Well, duh, of course it's the sun causing the warming, and the more CO2 to hold the heat, the warmer it stays.

    To educate yourself on the subject, start here:

    Oh, and it's not up to others to prove the a supreme being does not exist. It's up to those that postulate its existence to prove it does.

    Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 18, 08 11:38 PM

    The UNIVERSE is our God. It gives us (we humans) what we need to survive and can take it all away in an instant. To me, thats what God means. The giver and taker of ALL...whether it be life or matter. From the beginning of infinite time there has never been more or less of anything. It has just changed forms. Nothing begins and nothing ceases to exist. Everything is forever. And yes, the photos are absolutely gorgeous and awe inspiring. Thanks.

    Posted by ShanghaRay October 19, 08 12:35 AM

    simplismente lindo!!!!!

    Posted by suzana cirillo October 19, 08 01:18 AM

    It is He Who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be a light (of beauty), and measured out stages for her; that ye might know the number of years and the count (of time). Nowise did Allah create this but in truth and righteousness. (Thus) doth He explain His Signs in detail, for those who understand. ( سورة يونس , Yunus, Chapter #10, Verse #5)

    Posted by praz October 19, 08 05:21 AM

    Well, duh, of course it's the sun causing the warming, and the more CO2 to hold the heat, the warmer it stays.

    Hi #454, That is quite simplistic a view. We had far more CO2 during the ice ages than we do at present. There are far too many factors that interact in far too many complex ways for anyone to claim wiuth any degree of confidence that global-warming is mainly due to man-made CO2 emissions.

    Posted by razdan October 19, 08 06:27 AM
    Posted by joe plumer October 19, 08 09:36 AM

    I'm S**ting Bricks!

    Posted by Alex Young October 19, 08 11:25 AM


    Please provide references for your claims. Take a look at the basic info that Wikipedia provides. It looks pretty clear that CO2 has increased dramatically since the advent of motor vehicles. We now pump millions of tons of CO2 into the air and to ignore that is simply ignoring reality. What is the down-side to producing fewer CO2 emmisions? If we don't reduce our CO2, we'll never know if it's us. If we reduce by 50% and the world keeps getting warmer, we can look elseware for the cause.

    Ice ages following a great increase in CO2 would be consistent with the theory of global warming. At some point, all of the ice (which reflects heat from the sun back into the atmosphere) melts from the increased temps. That causes a rapid cooling (because water absorbs heat instead of reflecting it) and sparks an ice age. Either way, the result isn't good for life on Earth.

    Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 19, 08 11:28 AM

    Chris, of "408". That was the most interesting comment posted, by far. Thanks for it.
    The Sun is awe-some, and those photographs are a monument to human achievement.

    Posted by To' October 19, 08 11:29 AM

    384 ~ Thank God. I was afraid the sun might be going out! ;)

    Posted by Joyce Ellen Davis October 19, 08 12:57 PM

    extraordinary stills,fantastic and interesting

    Posted by jayakumar kandan October 19, 08 01:25 PM

    Yeah i agree with 458, not only because its true, but because 454's website was Wikipedia, which as we all should know allows people to manipulate information to get fools to believe it. Its hard to get good info and the internet, but wikipedia is the last resort for the last resort. And another thing, the people of China and India and other big important countries are also driving. in fact there cars are increasing in numbers, their just discovering the luxury of the car, their not going to give it up.

    Posted by krazy October 19, 08 02:12 PM
    Posted by MoonbatBane October 19, 08 03:17 PM

    Faith in the unseen things\people. Those that take our Lord's name in vain... not sure what He will say to you.
    To attribute the creation of celestial bodies to the big bang theory or any other theories is complete non-sense. Perfection does not come from accidents, from explosions etc. Just like man is here on earth to administer it and creates perfection in our eyes - cars, telecommunication, beautiful homes - we all have a GOD that created us and the planets around. Why spend a lifetime trying to prove GOD wrong, enjoy your families and friends and pray when in doubt.

    Posted by DORIN FRAI October 19, 08 03:20 PM


    Posted by pappa October 19, 08 04:10 PM

    This solar photography is beyond words! Thank you for sharing some of the most amazingly awesome pictures I have ever seen. For those who are in the midst of the "god" debates, just remember: For every action and/ or opinion there is an equally opposite criticism!

    Thanks again for the fantastic photos!

    Posted by Eyes of a Deer October 19, 08 04:20 PM

    radazan: Comparisons of present day and Ice Age CO2 levels do not support your assertion that There are far too many factors that interact in far too many complex ways for anyone to claim wiuth any degree of confidence that global-warming is mainly due to man-made CO2 emissions.

    global-warming is mainly due to man-made CO2 emissions.
    Central Scrutinizer makes no such claim in his/her post.

    Posted by Carlos October 19, 08 04:40 PM

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures of God's Creation.

    Posted by Maryellen October 19, 08 09:03 PM

    If you are religious, you are intolerant of those who do not share your beliefs.

    Posted by Jim Roberts, Alexandria VA October 19, 08 09:09 PM

    Arrogance is a common trait in man. The Sun is. The Earth is. Balance attained from the beginning tru til now is. The only wonder is Man, and Life.

    Posted by Jerry S. Dickinson October 19, 08 09:23 PM

    In terms of the visual poetry the Moon is more interesting-- changing size, shape, and color as we see it, adding romance to an earthly twosome or gathering. Navigating in and out of cloud banks. At times, large in the day-time sky, just checking out Sun and Earth. Looking directly at the sun, with no eye protection, is dangerous. Looking directly at the moon begins a relationship.

    But I certainly welcome the sun when snow-camping in the California Sierras.

    Posted by Stan Goodman October 19, 08 10:13 PM


    Posted by Anonymous October 19, 08 10:23 PM


    Posted by Jeane Mariuza Pinto da Silva October 19, 08 10:25 PM

    Science is the study of how God created. He does not require our belief in Him to exist. We require His belief in us to exist. As a retired physics/AP Biology/Science teacher of 24 years and the daughter of a nuclear physicicist who worked with Klaus Fuchs and Edward Teller, I can affirm that a true unbiased, study of the world and our universe confirms His existence. The deeper you reach into the sciences, be they nuclear, biological or mathmatical, the more they confirm the order and method to our universe. Our God is intangible, He cannot be physically affirmed or "proven", you must have faith- the ability to believe without proof or substance. He has surrounded us with His creation so that we might look deep at His wonders and know His glory more fully. After all, was it not our faith in our ability to fly that brought us the airplane? Faith in our ability to have light that brought us the light bulb and electricity? Faith in our ability to reach the moon that took us there? The very same people who declare that science is supreme because of man are the very same one's who decry God's existence because of man. Faith in man can be both very hazardous and very rewarding, but faith in God is the ultimate test, and requires the biggest leap. After all, science has been wrong again and again. I do not judge our scientific results on the humans who did the work, after all, we never hear about most of the mistakes. I only enjoy each discovery as it comes- with awe to see how our God created. Why then should I judge who or what God is by the works of humans? Religions are not God, they are man's attempt to display our understanding of Him, and like science, it is extremely susceptible to misinterpretations, misunderstandings and mistakes. But this no more negates God's existence than does Edison's hundreds of mistakes negate the existence of the light bulb. Truly open minds are open to everything, so that good and evil may be judged and so that all things may be examined and known, including all science and God Himself. Why would you exclaim in awe over the incredible photographs displayed here but shut your mind to the possibility of a Supreme Creator? Find Him yourself, do your own research, depend on no man, the awe you will experience far outweighs the awe felt here.

    Thank you Boston Globe, for sharing these incredible pictures.

    Posted by an humble servant October 19, 08 10:45 PM

    I believe we are all gods, living in the mind of a god, who lives in the mind of a god, who lives in the mind of a god. Our minds construct is a universe with life energy and matter. This is how the living universe reproduces itself, through the creation of new consciousness, which are creations of new space time dimensions. Or I may be wrong but at least im open to new ideas. If Im correct then I call it Judism hehe. Beautiful pictures by the way.

    Posted by Juda October 19, 08 11:46 PM

    More fun to watch than the political and market fluctuations of this season.

    Posted by victoria October 20, 08 02:04 AM

    So much jibber-jabber.
    Behold and marvel.

    Posted by Chris_in_Paris October 20, 08 02:58 AM

    I find it ironic that religious debate can be precipitated from these images of the sun. The ancient Egyptians (and many other cultures) centered their religions on sun-gods. The celestial bodies in our solar system are also named after gods: Greek deities. But, most of the discussion here is so western and judeo-christian centric that it boggles my mind. The idea of god/s is a very common among different people around the world, but that they are not identical tells us that they come from the mind of creative human beings. Whereas science (true scientific findings, not pseudoscience and non-peer reviewed work) is truly universal. A man who prays to Allah and a man who prays to Jahova must still eat and sleep, can only yell so loud and throw a stick so far. They share a reality which is separate and greater than each of them. They each may disagree about how they should live their lives, but each do live, and each do die, each share experience. It is this reality which is so awesome and grand that humans are diminutive in comparison that we are inspired to attempt to fathom it, have an effect on it. But, humans, our planet, our sun, it is all less than insignificant. Our imaginations, however, are limitless, and this is what gives god/s a power. Reality, though, holds a much greater power as anyone who witnesses it can relate.

    Posted by Philofrog October 20, 08 03:55 AM

    It is a surpising for me

    Posted by jahed October 20, 08 07:08 AM

    Such pictures brings out peoples theories and hopes and wounder. There is so much one could ask and try to understand. So the human mind is doing just that. Let it. Thank you for the pictures, it made me see a bit further but keep on woundering still further and deeper into the yet unknown.

    Posted by lepso October 20, 08 07:45 AM

    Well said, 481.

    Posted by Central Scrutinizer October 20, 08 09:42 AM

    It is interesting reading the comments from religious fanatics and doubters alike each taking the opposite side of the wonders of science. Somehow both belive that science and religion cannot co-exist. This is the position of the Fundalmentalist religions. Thank GOD the mainline christian churches have finally come to their senses. I recommend highly the book "The phenonomen of Man" by a sceintist and preist Pierre Telard which points out that GOD is the God of evolution and that his LOVE is the true energy of the universe. For those all knowing CREATIONIST, did you know that Dawin was not only a christian but also was studying to be an Anglican priest when he decided to go into science? Think about this statement. I WOULD RATHER HAVE A MIND OPEN TO WONDER THAN CLOSED BY BELIEF.

    Posted by Frank A. Raso October 20, 08 10:03 AM

    "And I will show wonders in the heavens and on earth: blood and fire and clouds smoke" - Joel 2:30

    Posted by A. Believer October 20, 08 10:55 AM

    If you know the latest theories of astrophysics concerning the creation of the universe belief in God is much easier. The theory developed by Steven Hawking and others is that the universe sprang forth from a singularity. Any Physicists out there know that a singularity has no dimensions in 3 space, the space we live in. Then all the matter we see today and much more we can't see sprang from this "nothingness". I personally have a hard time picturing that all the galaxies,stars, etc. were contained in a spot that has no physical size and just suddenly gave forth the "Big Bang" creating the universe. What was the trigger? Where did the singularity come from? Sort of blows your mind if you stop to think about it. Makes the sentence"And God said"Let there be light" much more believable,or at least as plausable as the theory that it just "happened" for some unknow and unknowable reason.

    Posted by BobF October 20, 08 11:08 AM

    I like the sun.

    Posted by Neil October 20, 08 11:17 AM

    "How little we know of nature. Wish I could live long enough to see the things mankind will discover millions of years from now. Pity those, if any, who are around when the sun expands and eradicates life on earth. Hopefully mankind will have learned how to escape the planet by then, which really is the most important work imagineable."
    posted: Posted by Windu October 16, 08 10:17 P

    Hrrm, why do you say that? When we go, we go. I really don't see why it's that important. When we are gone, why does it matter?

    Posted by azure October 20, 08 01:54 PM

    I guess if we think this is beautiful then we really need to remember just how hot it will be if this is a type of Hell. So if this is hell and

    Posted by Yeah October 20, 08 01:55 PM

    Once you get past all the religious-speak, if you look closely, I think you can see a pair of boobs in the 5th shot down...

    Posted by AmuzedbyHumans October 20, 08 02:00 PM

    I must apologize for my Christian brethren on here. Some do not know how to converse with people who do not share their same faith. I hope you can accept my apology on their behalf.
    I am a Christian and do not apologize for that. However, I would say I am very openminded. I also think you can be open minded and still have faith. Christians don't have all the answers - only what's been revealed to them, like thru the Bible. Nor does anyone else have all the answers.
    I will end with this: No discovery to date disproves the Bible or God. It only enhances our understanding of the world we live in.

    Posted by Jon Wilburn October 20, 08 02:27 PM


    Posted by CHET HOUSTON October 20, 08 02:30 PM

    Why don't you mention Darwin? Back in history most people believed, but when technology evolves it becomes harder and harder to believe what the bible tells us. Everything is contradictionary. Darwin started to doubt his religion because of what he found. So I really don't see any strength in your argument.

    Posted by MartinfromHolland October 20, 08 02:38 PM

    Sin palabras! pensar que sin la existencia de esta estrella ninguno de nosotros estariamos aca.
    Espectacular las imagenes, una mas hermosa que la otra.

    Posted by Claudia Kocaychu October 20, 08 03:04 PM

    Clearly, this proves beyond the shadow of any doubt the irrefutable existence of the Sun God, Ra.

    Posted by Jumpin Jehosephat October 20, 08 03:05 PM

    Are you talking to me MartinfromHolland? If so ... then, what's to mention about Darwin? I mean he stated a theory and doubted his own theory. It started with a theory for him. For some reason the theory of evolution is considered a fact. How can you consider a theory a fact? That very statement goes against Science. I know there has been very prominant Evolutionists who have concluded after years of study that they have no doubt there was at some point a Designer. You can't have a design without the designer, nor laws without a lawgiver. The Bible says God created ex nilho (from nothing). Hard to fathom yes, but so is an explosion that just happens.

    Posted by Jon Wilburn October 20, 08 03:30 PM

    Beautiful!! Where as a person do we proceed from here; God I'm sure has another step or world for us to enter into and to discover. We catch only glimpses of His wonderful plan; but one step at a time lest we are overwhelmed beyond our present understanding.

    Posted by william c. woelfle October 20, 08 03:47 PM

    Beyond Fascinating !!!

    Posted by Rocco T. October 20, 08 04:38 PM

    Realmente me he enamorado de als imagenes.

    Posted by Leonard Mattioli October 20, 08 04:38 PM

    the root of you and me

    Posted by abingo October 20, 08 04:47 PM

    Awe inspiring - wonderful images.

    Posted by Tariq Juneja October 20, 08 06:27 PM

    I stand in awe of this magnificence and "religion" is the furthest thing from my mind, quite frankly.

    Posted by Mike Hallett October 20, 08 06:28 PM


    Posted by Anonymous October 20, 08 06:49 PM

    All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Risking your egg-based tendrils to whip up a hot ball of gas, we worship you O mighty one.

    Posted by dix October 20, 08 08:07 PM

    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace
    Where hydrogen is built into helium
    At a temperature of millions of degrees

    Yo ho, it's hot, the sun is not
    A place where we could live
    But here on Earth there'd be no life
    Without the light it gives

    We need its light
    We need its heat
    We need its energy
    Without the sun, without a doubt
    There'd be no you and me

    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace
    Where hydrogen is built into helium
    At a temperature of millions of degrees

    The sun is hot

    It is so hot that everything on it is a gas: iron, copper, aluminum, and many others.

    The sun is large

    If the sun were hollow, a million Earths could fit inside. And yet, the sun is only a middle-sized star.

    The sun is far away

    About 93 million miles away, and that's why it looks so small.

    And even when it's out of sight
    The sun shines night and day

    The sun gives heat
    The sun gives light
    The sunlight that we see
    The sunlight comes from our own sun's
    Atomic energy

    Scientists have found that the sun is a huge atom-smashing machine. The heat and light of the sun come from the nuclear reactions of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and helium.*

    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace
    Where hydrogen is built into helium
    At a temperature of millions of degrees

    Posted by They Might Be Giants October 20, 08 08:54 PM

    I give praise and am in awe of the BEING who put all these things in order. Surely there is a HUGE ARTIST/CREATOR behind all these. How we perceive the Creator is when we recognise our nothingness in the presence of this great and supreme BEING. Let us continue to be AMAZED.

    Posted by Franciska October 20, 08 09:32 PM

    This is why a comments section is not always necessary.

    Posted by fkdsjlfksjdfl October 20, 08 10:15 PM

    Why can't some of you just appreciate the beauty in these photographs for what they are and leave all the polemicizing alone?!!!

    Posted by It's All Maya October 20, 08 10:16 PM

    What ever you belive in or who ever you belive in, please don't force your beliefs on me, I belive in the Creator, by any name-Buddah-God-Jesus-Mohammad-Jahova-or anyother name. If people could just quit trying to push their beliefs on others and let people have what makes them feel good to believe in, the world would be a far better place.
    Lets just all agree that the pictures are BEAUTIFUL.
    And yes I also belive in UFO's. We are not alone.
    Yes I know my spelling is awful.

    Posted by Gary October 20, 08 11:36 PM

    I think the pictures were very cool and strange at the same time

    Posted by Keri October 21, 08 04:22 AM

    the sun is my favorite planet.

    Posted by jonsi October 21, 08 05:13 AM

    these are wonderful picture of the sun

    im useing them for one of my science projects

    Posted by kelly October 21, 08 05:28 AM

    from a small corner of scotland, where democracy was concieved, may I say , why are we even questioning why light travels at such speed , its light, why does water become hot when heated up, why is water wet , these are things that are, as much as we have evolved to be homo sapiens sapiens , facts, which are conducive to human habitation of this great planet , wonderful to know all these things , as we travel on ,and if the info is needed one day ,it is very available, thank you wonderful scientists.

    Posted by a king October 21, 08 05:40 AM


    Posted by NELLY PARIS October 21, 08 06:34 AM

    Anyone notice the comet in image number three vaguely resembles a sperm cell?

    They do say that comets are the source of Earth's water.

    Water is life.

    Sperm is part of the formula that perpetuates life.

    I'm just sayin, yo.

    Posted by Might be a pervert October 21, 08 07:47 AM

    most human reactionst o viewing the extraordinary tend to pivot on the closest awe inspiring unknown--God /the unknown/ the beyond. its natural.
    one may also look at the flares and spots and wonder at the human mind which has a curiosity to decipher the information as rigorous mathematical formula for each of the flares, photographic technique which gives an impression of what might be on and so forth.
    the human mind is the best deserving amongst natural beauties

    Posted by ramesh October 21, 08 08:05 AM

    Of course there is a just aint like anything your tiny organized religons say. The Universe is amazing.......we have seen the smallest we can see with our we are seeing the largest we can see with our technology.

    And we have bearly scratched the surface.

    Be kind to one another....and live a life of amazment.

    Posted by Roman Johnston October 21, 08 08:21 AM

    In "AWE" of the pictures!! It shows how tiny we are and shows our inginuity to be able to acquire such views! Great accomplishment for all that was involved.

    Posted by Stimpy October 21, 08 08:27 AM

    all there is, is that nobody knows.

    Posted by timmay October 21, 08 08:34 AM

    Great Pictures! Many thanks for sharing them with us!

    Posted by Danny Campbell (UK) October 21, 08 08:44 AM

    Amazing pictures, all of them!

    To all of the science vs. religion comments, STOP!!!!! The two are not mutually exclusive, so cut out the silly shenanigans.

    Posted by MikeH. October 21, 08 09:03 AM

    I choose to belive in my Heart and Consciousness not the words of man!

    Posted by Julian October 21, 08 09:06 AM

    Wow, that simply astounding. Pictures such as these truly make you feel small don't they. Some may take these for granted, but can you imagine what our grandparents would have thought if they had seen these photos in they're life times? Amazing.

    Posted by Joey October 21, 08 10:15 AM

    512, i hope you're trolling. It's a star, not a planet.

    Posted by asdf October 21, 08 10:46 AM

    It's going to burn out.

    Posted by Mike Hunt October 21, 08 10:47 AM

    Weird but beautiful pic LOL I love them they are so awsome

    Posted by Mekka October 21, 08 11:18 AM

    The photographs are excellent. The comments about God and religion are really unnecessary and therefor inane.

    Posted by The Raven October 21, 08 11:35 AM

    Increible!!!! Me quede sin palabras ante lo que es el sol. Las fotos son un tesoro o mejor dicho un patrimonio para la humanidad. Ya no podre decir que el sol es una estrella mas en el firmamento. Gracias a los que hicieron posible esto. Veanlas!! Admirenlas!! Saquen lo mejor de las palabras de Dios en forma visible para ver quien es El y para asomarnos a las maravillas del universo que el formo. Asi como el sol tiene sus leyes y actividades, el universo esta lleno de normas tan estrictas y precisas que nos da a gritos la idea de Un Gran Creador. Que alentador saber que no somos obra de la casualidad!!!

    Posted by Hector Vidales October 21, 08 11:45 AM

    I'm not pushing my beliefs on anyone. Just stating what and why I do believe it. Honestly ... the reason people decide, consciously or unconciously, they do not believe in God or that there is a God but you can't have a relationship with Him is, if they acknowledge Him, then they have to submit to Him. I know, I know. You say that's not true. Really? Then why are you getting defensive right now. Listen, its hard to imagine that the Creator of all things wants to have a personal relationship with you, but it is true. You can know him. Eternity has been placed in your heart. If what I say isn't true you have lost nothing, but if it is you have lost everything.

    Posted by Jon Wilburn October 21, 08 11:58 AM

    Qué creador nen farrapos de gaita, é a pura natureza, e o sol non é mais que uma puta estrela entre as máis das milhoes que há no espaço.

    Posted by evaristo gonzalez October 21, 08 12:03 PM

    Qué creador nen farrapos de gaita, é a pura natureza, e o sol non é mais que uma puta estrela entre as máis das milhoes que há no espaço.

    Posted by evaristo gonzalez October 21, 08 12:04 PM

    Some of the pictures were scary and compared to them the quieter sun looks quite tame looking. But... is a quieter sun good news for us??!!

    Posted by Shyon, 10 years old October 21, 08 12:22 PM

    These photos have provoked considerable debate about global warming and about the existence of God. Is our carbon footprint increasing? Is there a single supreme pattern to existence? For me, these photos hold the key to both issues, because when I saw these photos, I got out my pipe and burned a ton of tasty weed. One love, mon. Jah irie one love, mah brudders.

    Posted by Johann Sebastian Kock October 21, 08 02:14 PM

    Incredible pictures. Thank you.

    And I'd just like to point out to some of you here who are clearly intellectually challenged that no theory in science claims that any of this, at any time, developed "by chance" or "from nothing." Stop embarrassing yourselves by constantly bringing this up. We should be way past this level of ignorance by now.

    Posted by Igor Kazakov October 21, 08 03:04 PM

    # 7 reminds me of McCain and # 10 reminds me of Palin. Dunno why.

    Posted by DL October 21, 08 04:45 PM

    The title was The Sun!!!!!!!!!
    Now all you experts can make one called GOD--pictures please!!!!!!
    Do not mix the two sets of pictures.

    Posted by Ralph October 21, 08 04:53 PM

    Igor: wise words. Religion would be a fine thing, if it didn't persist in making a virtue of ignorance. Faced with that which it cannot enfold, the human mind produces the vacuous concept 'God,' and proceeds to feel smug about it, even though it has not advanced the debate in any way. The reality is what it is - it doesn't need your vague labels and anthropocentric mythologies to enhance it. Conversely, if you take some arbitrary conclusion about the unknowable as a starting point, it's easy to arrive at all manner of hateful and counterproductive conclusions. As we've seen throughout history. Time to wise up!

    Posted by fung0 October 21, 08 05:48 PM

    All you religious cooks stop preaching at me. Your ruining my love for astronomy!
    Kudos 535, they ARE incredible pictures but it has nothing to do with God! It's science!!!

    Posted by Teezy T October 21, 08 05:51 PM

    . . . and then there are those who claim that the universe came about without an Intelligent Designer!!! Thank God for His Almighty Power and salvation through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Chrsit!!!

    Posted by Gene Kohli October 21, 08 05:52 PM


    Posted by Anonymous October 21, 08 06:18 PM

    Thank you for such wonderful images.

    um, more plz? !!

    Posted by Joy King October 21, 08 07:31 PM

    Why not look at it directly - many do. Refer to an interesting history and information about the practice of sungazing.

    Posted by me October 21, 08 07:42 PM

    is anybody else worried the sun looks like it's holding off for a big explosion
    in the 2008 pictures

    Posted by Anonymous October 21, 08 07:45 PM

    simply breathtaking

    Posted by GL October 21, 08 08:58 PM

    Why should our differences in views matter? Is it really so difficult to accept the fact that not all of us think of believe the same things. Like fingerprints, no two minds are exactly the alike. That is part of the beauty of it all. The refreshing knowledge that we can think whatever we like, and no one can ever take that from us.
    The pictures are breathtakingly lovely, BTW.

    Posted by RatherVerboseUtahTeenager October 21, 08 09:06 PM

    This is stunning, the photo of our moon as seen from afar by the STEREO B spacecraft is an incredible image; what an accomplishment by the minds who put it there.

    Far, far less stunning and incredible is the way people have used this as a venue for religious discussion. Starting with Galileo, brilliant minds have stepped away from religion toward a fuller, more awe-struck and complex view of our universe. My one meek hope is that our journey towards true discovery can continue long beyond my years on this tiny planet. Amazing images!

    Posted by Kevin Cartwright October 21, 08 09:51 PM

    I know that NASA has already knowed Sun is not a hot heavenly body.
    Perhaps many lands and oceans exist on the surface of Sun.

    Posted by Anonymous October 21, 08 09:53 PM

    Great pix! They neither prove nor disprove the existence of a deity, but something created this magnificent universe, so we might as well call that something God. Neither do they indicate whether God has any interest all in the mundane day to day lives of the mites on this insignificant speck of dust that may well be replicated innumerable times in the vast expanse of the universe. To those of you who take comfort in believing otherwise, please continue with your faith if it helps you face the rigors of daily life. I think these pictures do show how little control we have over our fate in the cosmic sense, including over global warming or cooling.

    Posted by Pete from St. Pete October 21, 08 10:24 PM

    Sun Pictures- Amazing
    Dialog- Passionate
    I think it can be said that these fantastic pictures have inspired (up to this point 550 people) to express whatever moves them- Theology, Environmentalism, Technology, Philosophy... Ganja....A sense of humor...
    I usually never comment on blogs, but I too felt the urge to write.
    These pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with the world, may they continue to inspire more people to convey, articulate, and communicate their thoughts and ponder the mysteries and magnificence of our universe. Jai Guru!

    Posted by Christina October 21, 08 11:42 PM

    Hi everybody!
    I'm from Switzerland and my english is not good. But I'm a physicist and I want to add a comment about the Religion vs Science debate. In fact I think that people don't really understand that science gives not an answer to the question "WHY??". Physics tell us HOW the world may works. Thus, everybody can find a large freedom to think about the reason of your existence. And I believe that the religions can provide some answers. And it's true that the latest theories in physics and mathematics are so powerfull and so beautifull that one may easilly believe in God.

    Posted by Julien October 22, 08 04:00 AM

    Super TOP

    Posted by G.C.Haas October 22, 08 06:31 AM

    Beautiful pictures. And lol @ 512.

    Posted by Terra-jin October 22, 08 09:29 AM

    The sun and EVERYTHING you see comes from our minds. For we are all nothing but pure energy. And We are all part of God and made up what we see so we can experience ourselves . So do not worry about dieing because you do not. You just leave this form . Do not envy those who will see the future because you will. And do not hurt your fellow man because you only hurt yourself in return.
    So when you are thanking God you are thanking yourself and every one you see and don't see.
    So thank you all for everything that is.

    Posted by Mark October 22, 08 09:34 AM

    Wow, amazing photos.

    Don't ruin it with religion people.

    Posted by Dan October 22, 08 10:43 AM

    Allah is great!

    Posted by Shahid October 22, 08 12:12 PM

    Oh these are the beautiful and wonderful pictures.

    Posted by Benudhar Sahoo (Orissa) October 22, 08 12:13 PM

    Marvelous pictures!

    Posted by Giuseppe Contelli October 22, 08 12:31 PM

    #554 - Nice use of Philosophy. It all boils down to this: where did the energy come from? If all we are is energy, some ... thing had to start it or create it. Is it really that hard to believe that Jehovah (God) created everything? It sure makes more sense that there was a huge explosion and poof ... tiny organisms exist. That takes more faith to believe than a Creator. And when we do where do we leave to. You said we just leave this form, but to where? I'm afraid I have a hard time accepting that we are all energy. I will pray for you my friend that God is revealed to you in a real way.

    Posted by Jon Wilburn October 22, 08 01:25 PM

    Plants thrive more and more the higher the CO2 levels.. which in turn means more oxygen , soooo ........ you better try to cool the sun down if you want to stop global warming.
    Ice melting on the Saturn moons.... is it SUV's?

    Posted by Anonymous October 22, 08 02:54 PM

    The ultimate in photography, amazing images that mysteriously reminds one of the human eyes. How marvelous sight is and how flambouyant! To see these pictures is a priviledge and I for one am honored! Thank you!

    Posted by Patricia Adams October 22, 08 03:23 PM

    I find it interesting that some of the pictures actually look like a close up picture of a human retina. There are theories of consciousness that involve quantum mechanics. Perhaps there is such a thing a reversal or decreasing entropy (which applies to the growth of every living thing) associated with sunlight. Maybe the sun provides the "information" for life (eg DNA code) as well as the energy for it.
    Is there such a thing as "photosynthesis of consciousness"? That is, is there a means of developing / ordering the human mind i.e. lowering the entropy state of it, just as there is a process in the photosynthesis of plant life? There is nothing to rule out a form of consciousness beyond human understanding in the high temperature, low entropy mass of plasma called our sun. Many people have had spiritual experiences that have involved sunlight dating back to beginning of recorded time, after all, the ancient Egyptians used to put drops in their eyes to dilate their pupils and get a bigger buzz (from a serotonin boost?) as part of their sun worshipping rituals. Don't be paranoid about the "big eye in the sky" - "He" clearly loves us if the sun does indeed have a form of consciousness capable of love.

    Posted by Doug October 22, 08 06:22 PM

    #559 I do not think we are that far apart as you may believe we are in our beliefs. You see I believe that God did create everything. The only difference is I believe we are part of God therefore we all created everything. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we leave we return to spirit just as God is until we decide to come back to learn more and to hopefully evolve the human race.
    Be well my friend.

    Posted by Mark Smith October 22, 08 07:43 PM

    Sunlight affects our human minds in ways we are only beginning to understand although humanity has recorded spiritual experience associated with gazing at the sun since recorded time. Those interested in the history of sungazing would find this link an interesting compilation as I have. After all, Isaac Newton was a sun gazer and so was Socrates. Sunlight is known to increase the availability of serotonin in the brain not unlike anti-depressants and it is free. Bright light is also known to induce symptoms of hypomania (Refer DSM IV) so take care. A small percentage of the human population look directly at the sun without damaging their eyes and yet others suffer retina damage. How is that explained?
    All of these mysteries only enhance the beauty and wonder of this definitive collection of photos. Thanks

    Posted by Doug October 22, 08 07:49 PM


    Posted by Jordynn October 22, 08 08:49 PM


    Posted by Anonymous October 22, 08 11:15 PM

    Out of this world !!!!
    Thanks for Sharing NASA.

    Posted by Freddy WILLEMS October 23, 08 12:37 AM

    Stan are a bird brain....sorry birds!!!!

    Posted by Ron Conte October 23, 08 01:19 AM

    I've so got my desktop images for the month now. Thanks for the beautiful imagery!

    Posted by Me October 23, 08 01:29 AM


    Posted by JUTUR October 23, 08 02:04 AM

    Great pictures and wow at the religious about pride in ignorance and delusions. The irony here is that the sun was one of the first gods worshiped on this planet by primitive people. Only later was the figure anthromorphized and transformed into more humanoid characters such as horus and subsequently in actual human characters like isis, mozes, mythras, jesus etc...

    It's funny and somewhat disturbing to read people in the 21st century calling dibs on creation for their own gods. It is a monumental testament to the willing scientific ignorance of the general public when it comes to very mundane empirical issues such as the history of the universe and the evolution of our ecosystem.

    Posted by Tanin October 23, 08 07:38 AM

    ...That... that only a name would stain...
    The magnificence shown within these pictures and the sense of awe they impart is pretty ineffable. Whether you believe in a Deity or not, when confronted by these images I suggest that the tendency for most is to exclaim, "...oh my God..."

    Posted by hypnosis121 October 23, 08 07:49 AM

    And people still believe God don't exists? There's a great mind behind the beauty of the earth & universe!!

    Posted by Jordy, Netherlands October 23, 08 08:09 AM

    Enjoy the sun now. It'll be gone in 10 million years. Billion, I meant billion. Sorry, didn't mean to scare anyone.

    Posted by chuckie chuckie chuckie October 23, 08 09:55 AM

    #563 - How did you come to your conclusions?

    Posted by Jon October 23, 08 10:07 AM

    how amazing and beautiful :)

    Posted by rachel October 23, 08 10:33 AM

    ''in some way, creatures like us, and there probably are many, are the conciousness of the intelligence of the universe. It's almost as if the universe invented a way to know itself" - Alan Dressler

    Posted by deepstuff October 23, 08 10:34 AM

    487 Have you ever wondered ... if the only explanation for three dimensional space and time is that some all powerful being created it, how exactly is it that this god came about? This super being that existed where space and time did not. Where did this entitiy come from? If the only explanatin for creation of everything is an antthropomorphised entity known as god, doesnt it make you wonder what created that all powerful entity. All god theories wil all fall down at this point, saying the entity has always existed is slightly more than naive, and its a basic response because at least it provides some form of comfort for those that can think only SO far. God is Santa Claus for "grown ups"

    Posted by wombat October 23, 08 11:12 AM

    #578 - Have you ever considered that our feeble, narrow, minds cannot comprehend the beginning. At some point in any argument there is an element of faith. Some is more "blind" than others. Thru reason and evidence God can be proved. If He is all powerful, He wouldn't have needed a beginning, because He IS the beginning. Our minds cannot comprehend life without time and space, because that is where we live. God does not exist in time or space. He always was and always will be. If He is my Santa Clause then I get Christmas everyday.

    Posted by Jon October 23, 08 11:51 AM

    Oh please everybody. You can't prove or disprove God's existence through mental processes. Just like you can't prove or disprove you were conceived and then born (as opposed to being brought by the stork). You either take it on faith that your mom is telling the truth, and you notice that it resonates with everything else you know, or you decide that something else happened and you will figure that out somehow through observation and looking backwards through the patterns of your life. Well, guess what. The farther back you go to your own beginning, the less cognition you had and so the less you can know what preceded, to the point that you can't know your own origin. And here's the funniest part. Since you ultimately can't know for sure one way or the other, both are acts of faith. It's nothing to do with feebleness or narrow mindedness. It's the limits of knowledge. We're inside a dark box, trying to describe the outside.

    Just enjoy the pretty pictures. Sheesh.

    Posted by chuckie chuckie chuckie October 23, 08 12:44 PM

    Chuckie chucki chucki - nice name by the way! I completely understand what you are saying, but just as you have said, thru reason, evidence and some faith, we can conclude that we were conceived and born of our mothers. The same goes for anything really.

    Posted by Jon October 23, 08 01:28 PM

    lol, you dont need faith to know humans are born of mothers, the word faith implies not acknowledging reason, full stop.
    Our minds cannot comprehend life without time and space, exactly, so how do you proclaim to know anything past that, becuase someone in a robe told you? yet all religions are born of this inability to know and of the ability to manipulate.
    Through reason and evidence god can be proved ... is about the funniest thing ive heard in years. Of course you can prove you were conceived ... go ask mummy.
    indeed some IS more blind than others. Hey if you are happy then go ahead and beleive, but dont try to convince others of YOUR faith, there is NO proof. There is however proof of how your particular religion came about, read about it someday, you might be surprised.

    Posted by wombat October 23, 08 02:07 PM

    At last, pictures of the cause of global warming.

    Posted by Albert Miller October 23, 08 02:37 PM

    I like it!

    Posted by Holly Grasse October 23, 08 03:05 PM

    Oh my gosh, these pics are truly facsinating. Just capture my attention and makes me want to learn about it. Amazing!

    Posted by Matthew October 23, 08 05:20 PM

    Amazing pictures, and I'm a photographer! Don't have that kind of lens though. I'm gutted the solar winds have died down recently because I was wanting to go and see the northern lights soon. I guess they'll be a no show until it all kicks off again. I'm noticing that the religious types on this thread can't spell, which is concerning me somewhat., and that the physicists are using large words, which at least I can look up. I don't need faith for that, just a dictionary. Peace to all the youngsters on here researching their projects, peace to the 'religionists' - you will die (as we all will) and you may just get recycled, and peace to the scientists for trying to look outside the/our box (and for showing us their amazing results here). x

    Posted by poppixel October 23, 08 07:53 PM

    I'm in awe of what science has revealed to us in these pictures, and not in awe of what religion has revealed to us thus far in our wars, hate, mistrust, terrorism, et al... We need to continue to advance the science towards the infinite truth and beauty of the Universe(s) and what is yet to be revealed through strength and pragmatism...

    Posted by hereintime October 24, 08 01:42 AM

    Simply Beauitiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing NASA.

    Posted by Zahid Anwar October 24, 08 04:15 AM


    Posted by Anonymous October 24, 08 05:59 AM

    Realmente fascinante!

    Posted by Médice João October 24, 08 08:00 AM


    Posted by Médice October 24, 08 08:10 AM

    I think I like the way #551 thinks! Something about their posting attracted me (kinda like the sun does...!).

    Posted by shynes - ny, ny October 24, 08 01:35 PM

    all these pics are awsome

    Posted by the bomber October 24, 08 03:48 PM

    please can we see a wee bit more of you in Scotland in 2009

    Posted by mark mathieson October 24, 08 04:26 PM

    The sun is not a planet first of all :).
    And i more think this has nothing to do with god, but thats my opinion ofcourse. :)

    Posted by Michael October 24, 08 04:35 PM

    I read in some of the comments an arrogance. We are so small in the total scheme of things. I for one am in awe as to what is seen here, and am made continually humble at the power and magnitude of the place we're in that which we call the universe. There is so much out there and to think there is no intelligent hand in the order of things, is totally pure arrogance or beyond stupidity. Face it, we have a Creator. Hope you are ready to meet him face to face at some point and are prepared to answer HIM when HE asks you, "why didn't you acknowledge me when you had a chance" i came to earth, i did so much for you".

    Posted by rick October 24, 08 07:19 PM

    surely it must be clear by now that the idea that the Sun is powered from it's core
    is no longer valid. The corona is charged via the Vacuum of Space.
    If the core of the Sun was the sole source of it's energies then the Sun would have run out of steam by now.
    It 's now reasonable to assume that when a star finally explodes it does so because it can no longer contain the accumulated energies from the prime source of all energies ...the Vacuum of space.
    Solar flares are an attempt to release surplus electrical energies.

    what fuels a star

    Posted by Brian Sallur October 24, 08 10:01 PM

    So many nut job pushy christians and so few lions!

    Amazing pictures THANKS TO SCIENTISTS that are helping to under stand ever more about our universe and the real reasons of how it came to be!

    Posted by Hell distroyer October 24, 08 10:44 PM

    i think my favorite picture was the one of the sun.

    Posted by that guy October 24, 08 11:43 PM

    596. ¨I did so much for you¨. And you call us arrogant. One can only laugh. Face it, you are brainwashed by pastors whose scope for manipulation far exceeds those of their sheep. ¨Why didnt you acknowledge me when you had the chance?¨ Surely your benevolent creator would find it in his heart to forgive ... or are atheists to burn for eternity in the fires of hell as those of other denominations. Hypocrisy runs rampant ... only those that were born in the correct geographic location and therefore "educated" by the correct priests are deserving of salvation. The mind boggles.

    Posted by fire and brimstone October 25, 08 02:07 AM

    very beautiful.
    thank you.

    please continue

    Posted by mohammad fotoohi ardakani October 25, 08 06:02 AM

    super slike
    svaka cast

    Posted by milos October 25, 08 09:51 AM


    Posted by Anonymous October 25, 08 10:08 AM

    Only Science can show us these amazing stuff. But it is your brain that should get it that there is a strongest Creator behind all of these beauties and amazing things we have, on earth or up there...

    So let's thank The Creator for giving us all these stuff to use it in a good way.

    Posted by Azita October 25, 08 01:04 PM

    Wow, the sun is pretty incredible. Now, I am no expert on life or anything ( I am only in high school) but why is everyone arguing over religion on this thing. Why can't we all just agree the universe is pretty cool, we will likely never understand how everything came to be, and we will NEVER understand why. As intelligent as humans are, we will never understand why the universe was created, especially until we can all agree on one set of beliefs. So stop all your bickering. Please.

    Posted by Hydrogen October 25, 08 07:17 PM

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    -- Albert Einstein

    But after reading a few of these posts, the intellectual vapidity of some of our neighbors cannot possibly be in doubt.

    Posted by Dan October 25, 08 08:16 PM

    loved the pics but loved readign all the comments even more.This took my mind on a much needed break .Thanks everyone for being individuals with so many opinions . Lori L.Schwartz October 25, 08 9:55 PM

    Posted by lORI sCHWARTZ October 25, 08 09:49 PM

    Wow! I'm Speechless!

    Posted by Julie October 25, 08 11:54 PM

    Beautiful Images!!!

    Posted by Esteban Cervantes October 26, 08 12:03 AM

    If global warming is going to give me better summers, then bring it on.

    Posted by Sun God October 26, 08 06:52 AM

    And don't be fooled into thinking that this little, er, thermonuclear explosion, is causing Global Warming now. Nooooo, you silly billies, it's the horrible Power Stations, the evil Corporations, and the cruel Capitalist System that's doing that.

    Posted by JimB October 26, 08 07:22 AM

    Now, if only Jesus had told us how the Sun and the Cosmos works, we would not have to rely on these pesky Scientists to trickle-feed the knowledge to us - we could just look it up in the Jesus Book of Everything. I mean, it's not like Jesus wasn't aware of Nuclear Fusion, it's just that the Italians killed him before he could get to writing it all down. Bleedin' Romans!

    Posted by JimB October 26, 08 07:41 AM

    OMG!! Magnificent pictures! CONGRATULATIONS!

    Posted by Tiago October 26, 08 09:06 AM

    FATHER SUN!!! That's what the Native Americans belive.....

    Posted by Russ October 26, 08 12:09 PM

    We are all free to express our feelings. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. Being ugly isn't a free card to tell others what to say.

    Posted by Linda October 26, 08 11:22 PM

    MASHA ALLAH, Scientist should these photos and do research and say thanks to Almighty Allah that HE has given brain to all to use it not to challenge HIM.

    Quran - "When HE wills a thing, He says to it only 'Be!' and it is."
    (Sura - Ya-Seen 36:82)

    Posted by Raza October 27, 08 12:41 AM

    Subhanallah. Thanks God to give us the opportunity to look at HIs amazing creation.

    Posted by halima October 27, 08 05:29 AM

    Merci pour ces superbes photographies, c'est extraordinaire....

    Posted by Jeff October 27, 08 10:54 AM

    beautiful! i especially loved the transit of venus. lovely indeed.

    Posted by lg October 27, 08 01:34 PM


    Posted by Gilson October 27, 08 02:02 PM

    After reading some of the comments I just have to give you my explanation of the God/Science thing.
    There was once an all powerful thing that was experimenting with time and energy until there was a humungous Bang.
    The all powerful thing said something like "Oh! Shit" , washed his hands of the failed experiment and went to another place and time -
    but the experiment kept on going which is why we are here today - frantically hoping that the all powerful thing will come back. Best o' Luck

    Loved the pics.

    Posted by Derek Skinner October 27, 08 05:05 PM

    Hydrogen to helium. Spectacular photos. Wouldn't it be fun to gather around the "camp fire" and roast marshmallow on the sun. Oops!!! Where did that marshmellow go??? is getting hot around here.

    Posted by Ed October 27, 08 06:11 PM

    this are the best pic i have ever seen!THANK YOU NASA FOR SHARING

    Posted by SONIA GUZMAN October 27, 08 06:59 PM

    Thanks NASA, for the shared experience of the solar body , the side of which was unknown to us till now. thanks a lot again.

    Posted by Sunanda Kumar kunda October 28, 08 02:10 AM

    #554, tosh. You are not energy, you are a consitution of many chemicals, mostly hydrogen dioxide, and carbon. You 'see' the reflection of randomised light particals, which bounce off everything around you, through your eye, not your mind. You interpret them with your mind. When you die, your form decays and the essential elements are returned to the ground, and whatever it is that you think is a soul, or energy or whatever you may call it, is lost, (if one ever assumes it ever was) and does not change from one form to another. This is the cycle of being, and i am grateful for it. There is no transition to another form, there is only nothing. How much better than an eternal existance. I for one, do not want to experiance anything forever, this has been quite enought as it is, thankyou very much. But feel free to place your entire lifes beliefs on the basis of nothing! and nothing without proof at that! Religion is a way to justify the unessesary need for eternal salvation, because their own perspective is unable to accept that, 'this' is it. These photographs are stunning and wonderous, and a marvel of science, as well as being stimulating, i still dont understand why magnetism is such a powerful force on the sun or why it has magnatism, or why ejected matter fals so slowly to the surface (relitivley), or why its surface is segmented, or why suns pots are cool (relitivley), or why millions of tons of super heated matter can be ejected into space and not destroy something, what it does not inspire is a feeling that it was 'created' by an ultimate designer, or was planned and constructed by a god. But if that is what it means to you, fine, but please try not to mix science with religion, as you can clearly have science or religion, not both. You cant believe in the creation of earth some 6500 years old (according to the bible calculation), and then deny that carbon dating proves the world to be billions of years old, either embrace one or the other, sorry.

    Posted by Shedlock2000 October 28, 08 02:30 AM

    #586...................what he/she said!

    Posted by Shedlock2000 October 28, 08 02:40 AM

    Personally, I'm insulted that people assume this is created by science. Obviously, a divine being must have created this, because something this complex must have been created by something even more complex, and I will completely disregard that an extension of my logic shows it to be quite false.

    But seriously, why do religious guys get to claim this is the work of your Christian God, when it's obviously a manifestation of Mithra, created by the almighty Ahura Mazda, as laid out by the prophet Zoroaster, long before some dude climbed a mountain and brought down some commandments given to him by a burning bush, and even longer before another dude got nailed to a cross.

    Posted by Zoroaster October 28, 08 03:11 AM

    I loved the pictures of the sun - so beautiful, artistic. I loved the attempts of people to explain the awe it inspired in them, humanly, religiously, humorously, etc. I did not like the times people called each other stupid. If the Creator is smart in any way and S/He created all of us, then we've all got something intelligent to share. I don't think science and religion clash. Science is simply systematic, applicable knowledge. I love it when people take their love and compassion (the true essence of religions and even atheists) and exercise it wisely and consistently. It results in peace, goodwill and harmony where the irrational would produce hate, violence, etc. Here's to scientific exploration of Love and it's universe.

    Posted by Susieee October 28, 08 04:25 AM


    It works as well as Turtle, Fox & Raven, amongst others. Cheers

    Posted by R.Laird October 28, 08 04:40 AM

    It is interesting that not many have commented on the recent solar flare inactivity, and do not tend to fall for most of the hype generated by the global media, however the global warming scenario being bandied about seems to have absolutely no real basis in any truth, Of course i am thoroughly against polluting the environment, yet having lived in several countries over the last few years, if anything it seems to me that summers are cooler and shorter. Are there any others that have noticed these milder summers where they live, and doesnt that seem contradictory to the whole global warming scenario. Regarding those that upon seeing these images, have felt the need to shove their respective omnipotent deities down others throats i do admit to feeling a mild form of pathos, however it must be said that it is no fault of their own, rather those that have formed them. Good day to all.

    Posted by eddie October 28, 08 05:06 AM

    if there IS a god, how can he/she/it NOT love science???? these pictures PROVE there IS not only God, but that God gave us SCIENCE!! all hail SCIENCE!!

    AND pass the weed...

    Posted by Taam Hubert October 28, 08 09:55 AM

    The Sun. It represents streams of Timelessness and is the cursor of this reality Ñ this existence with Time being the dream or illusion. Eternity is the All, encompassing essence of the Totality (One with no second). It is the generative order or implicate unity. Mentality is multi-purposed, multifaceted, and multidimensional. In thought finality, Mind is the Totality. Mind rides the Light but is not reliant upon it. Light is capable of creating the universe in illusion as a virtual reality, what some call the moirŽ arena. God is Mind...and Mind issues forth in GodÕs motion Ñ The Enigmni. Mind moves from nothing to everything and back. Mind is the experience of existence where all creativity is found in a catalytic state of reinvention. It is a constancy of change. There is nothing faster than Mind, then comes Light. Because Mind is present with Light they appear as One...they are two, but light is the expression of the Mind Ñ the broadcast. One is God the other is His Means Ñ the Holy Spirit...the mover Ñ Enigmni.

    The First Logos or Creation is the Son; the Word catalyzes ideas into existence in sequence. The Word is REASON. Mind is first cause with no last. Last is an illusion of Time, which moves as a linear aspect generated in Timelessness. Linearity can be accompanied by dimensionality. Increased dimensionality adds complexity and solidity to Time for those who ride the Light. The more complex, and the more coherent, the hotter is the form. Mind is not affected by any of its creations, but its creations are affected by each preceding creation that manifests in directed evolutional sequence. Feedback created naturally by Mind and Light is essential to coherent knowing of each preparatory creation. Congruence, Empathy, or Love and Knowing is amplified by each structural dimension created. 1¥3¥7 is the number of Creation.

    Beings or Mind segments that are attracted by each amplifying and complex structural level will localize in sequential fashion. From the smallest atomic structure to the most complex. Thus is the spiral of creation. Mind is uniformly everywhere, everything, and Eternal. Mind is the atmosphere of be-ness. Humanity is represented by a multitude of structural levels animated by total mentality. Light creates the illusion of body and its programs of DNA supply the variety. Mind selects the product based on cause and consequence. Mind is God. Man is a part of God. God is the Whole.

    Mind may seek itself in exponential feedback waves that are everywhere at once yet holographically focused by a reflection mechanism on the physical side called a Brain (gestalt / sequential computerized device). Such a virtual organ can and does make localizations think they are individuals capable of god-like creation. It is an illusion that must be learned due to sequential limitations. We are one. Individuals created in localizations use brains as a secondary focusing agent to create a holographic virtual domain wherein personality rises. Personalities create dimensional illusions that flux and must be reinforced by recognition or observation from others. These brains coalesce mind into a sense field capable of creating solid reality. This virtual reality is hard copy to a conscious mind aided by a lens of being. The lens collects data for evaluation by the All.

    The generative order is symbolized by a being (person) seated in outline form. It is fractalian in nature and existence is created within the relation to a mathematical (geometric) interface inherent with this symbol. Inside the symbol is the void-potential, outside is the creation. Where the two meet is the implicate order or cursor of GodÕs Eye. The leading edge is where Time is on the FLY. Timelessness feeds the potential that smears out over created space awaiting localization of monadic mind.

    This smear of potential is as the multifaceted or holographic plate (information float), all potential is inherent within its confines as feedback looping is progressing faster than the speed of Light. It is Mind. This combination allows Light to seem to have "Prior Knowledge," to a singular localization.

    But, Prior Knowledge in totality is the All, seated in Timelessness.

    Posted by Orion von Koch October 28, 08 10:06 AM

    Wow. The quote #598 said about the nut job christians and not enough lions was harsh yet truthful at the same time. As a christian we are to not be pushy but to accept others as they are and their beliefs and quit trying to change their thinking. If some want to believe what they believe let them but cramming truth down a persons throat will get you quotes like #598. Amazing how a few pics of the sun can cause the most arrogant people to surface. No wonder we as christians are hated so much. Truth without love is just rhetoric. Try discussing things and not debating. God doesnt need us to defend Him, but He would like us to speak on His behalf in love. The pics are amazing and gives me such peace that God would care so much to provide us a front row seat of his magnificent handiwork. I am deeply honored!

    Posted by smash October 28, 08 10:14 AM

    #633 - I have made many comments on here. Whenever we write we can't here the other persons tone at all. That is the problem. I haven't cramed anything down anyone's throat. It may read that way to some, but the way I wanted it to come across was to encourage deeper thinking for everyone. I am a Christian and believe that God is the Creator of all things, however, as you said, I cannot "prove" that to anyone. Especially on a comment section. The best way to reach out to others is through love and by example.
    Thanks for understanding.

    Posted by Jon October 28, 08 01:06 PM

    What it could be...
    #597. It's like magnificent! (see )

    #ALL. What IT can't be (from various web definitions)...
    (i) the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; (fails omnipotent)
    (ii) deity: any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force (if controlling force, its without; meaning outside the universe, a manifold of sorts, if not controlling then see (iv) below)
    (iii) a man of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people; "he was a god among men" (violates (ii) being within therefore non-controlling)
    (iv) idol: a material effigy that is worshipped; "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"; "money was his god" (again within, and false)

    We all command the forces of nature, using machines to share these inspiring images, from without (has anyone found the mind in the neural patterns?), nay, from within (I think we're here).

    Not to confuse complexity with multitude, nature is simple; the rules can be written. We cannot, however, simulate the universe, a problem of the many.

    The sun is knowable from within (our minds), it can be pursued. To know from without the universe, impotently, is moot; to worship "that" observer is absurd.

    It starts with looking for what actually is. So thank you all for the glimpse.

    Posted by Fred October 28, 08 01:57 PM

    simply the sun is an awesome sight up this close...but all fo the people who have commented on religion etc well thats just their view and although its not my view of certain happy to be apart of this world..time will only tell what lies in store for us over the next couple of years..thanks for the pictures once again...

    Posted by brian October 28, 08 01:59 PM

    Ìîçãè òàþò, à ìûñëè, èõ ïðîñòîíåò

    Posted by Vagarshak October 28, 08 04:46 PM

    Mozgi tayut, a muisli, ih prosto net

    Posted by Vagarshak October 28, 08 04:49 PM

    Praise the almighty lord Bob Saget....whos waaaay better than your crappy ALLAH....BOB SAGET BLESSED US WITH SUCH A BEAUTIFULL SUN. PRAISE BE SAGET.

    Posted by Bob Saget. October 29, 08 01:07 AM


    Posted by IMRAN KAZI October 29, 08 03:07 AM

    Man (comments) and Science (pics) at their best!

    Posted by Jerry October 29, 08 04:21 AM

    I love this site.

    Posted by Sally October 29, 08 05:10 AM

    they were great.

    Posted by jon (england) October 29, 08 08:49 AM

    STOP RUINING THIS WITH RELIGION. Focus on the topic on hand (the Sun), not Allah, Jesus, or Spaghetti Monster.

    Beautiful pictures!

    Posted by Sun October 29, 08 01:20 PM

    Wouauh......... splendid, fascinating ........ a real delight for the eye !

    Posted by Jacot Paul-André October 29, 08 01:31 PM

    irena wrona Oct. 29, 2008

    Posted by irena wrona October 29, 08 03:32 PM

    These photos are fantastic and give an insight of the Sun that would otherwise
    be unknown to us, as a retired semi-professional photographer I really appreciate
    them, they are wonderful, and I wish I could get shots like them!.

    Jim Barr.

    Posted by Jim Barr October 29, 08 04:21 PM

    The fact is, that we cannot prove or disprove God. The best we can do is philosifize about whether or not He exists. In my opinion, we should all live life as if He were watching, not go to church. If He does exist, then by being a good and decent person should get you into heaven. If not, you will have nothing to regret. Easy Peasy.

    Posted by Blargin Shmargin October 29, 08 06:11 PM

    These pictures are BEYOND AWESOME! BUT I am just as impressed by the high school student #605, who seems to show his/her maturity in asking what the bickering is all about. These pictures are humbling and beautiful whether one is a Christian or not.

    Posted by C.Treadway October 29, 08 06:49 PM


    Posted by Waldemar Severi October 29, 08 08:39 PM

    I prefer the moon personally.........

    Posted by Flashart October 29, 08 08:54 PM

    I am an Irish American and I got sun burned just looking at these pictures!

    Posted by Brian M. Stanton October 29, 08 09:49 PM

    #579 - You said, "Have you ever considered that our feeble, narrow, minds cannot comprehend the beginning. At some point in any argument there is an element of faith. Some is more "blind" than others. Thru reason and evidence God can be proved. If He is all powerful, He wouldn't have needed a beginning, because He IS the beginning."

    Unfortunately, your reasoning and evidence is false. If God is all powerful, you are correct in your assumptions, but here do you prove that God exists and is all powerful? Aquinas couldn't nor has anyone ever been able to prove it. Most scholars doubt the veracity of the New Testament and it is interesting that Paul never mentions Jesus as the son of God, nor do the Dead Sea Scrolls. Basically your argument is one of faith... and cannot be proved.

    Having said that, I believe in a higher power and pictures like we saw only reinforce that belief, but please don't try to prove what cannot be proven.

    Posted by Sean October 29, 08 11:08 PM

    ALLAH SWT is great........................alhamdhulillah

    Posted by shamim October 30, 08 02:48 AM

    Too bad such beauty has to be stained by these religious bullsh*t comments.

    Posted by black light October 30, 08 06:12 AM

    The truth will set us free, and these magnificent photos bring us closer to that time. Thank you, NASA, and may your Tribe increase!

    Posted by PattySue October 30, 08 07:09 AM

    superbes les photos. J'aurais aimé lire les commentaires en français.

    Posted by Bombled October 30, 08 11:01 AM

    Awesome pictures! Thanks to NASA and all the scientists involved. These pictures do bring out our thoughts about ourself and our relationship and position in the universe--as sun-star gazing might have done from beginning of humanity. Being restricted by our mind/intellect complex in TIME & SPACE all of our such thoughts are speculative. But one has to remember the proved fact that we are made of the same elements as the universe-for example the same iron that appeared billoions of years ago in the universe runs in our blood as hemoglobin carrying oxygen vital for life. Perhaps the same enrgy that powers the sun and other stars powers us.

    Posted by Sudhir October 30, 08 11:53 AM

    Csodálatos! Ezekért a pillanatokért érdemes élni!

    Posted by Lalika October 30, 08 04:14 PM

    nice pics

    Posted by tom October 30, 08 11:02 PM

    There aren't enough words to describe our LORD!!

    Posted by James Brock October 31, 08 03:22 AM

    Marvellous !

    Posted by David Jeremiah October 31, 08 06:55 AM


    Posted by Anonymous October 31, 08 07:51 AM


    Posted by Thelma Shillingford October 31, 08 10:49 AM

    wow what a trip

    Posted by jerry devito October 31, 08 12:32 PM

    Glory to Mr. God? Great. Another emotional response from a nonthinker.

    Posted by Reasoned October 31, 08 01:51 PM

    cool pitchers of the sun and the earth and the moon. ROCK ON

    Posted by M5.K3NAD!i October 31, 08 01:54 PM

    it was AWSOME

    Posted by SABINE October 31, 08 01:58 PM

    #625, #627, #648: You are in for a rude awakening when you cross that barrier between life and death!

    Posted by The Shadow October 31, 08 04:14 PM

    leave religion out of this. its all explainable by science. religion has nothing to do with it.

    Posted by deadman October 31, 08 05:38 PM

    Thanks to Nasa for the priviledge of witnessing such close up photos of pure energy......appreciate your comments, Sudhir... 658, but fully agree with Shedlock 2000 ...625.......why can't we mix Science and Religion? Biblically the world is supposed to be 6500 years old and Scientifically some billions years old, but written history gets lost and distorted in the contant retelling and in interpretting from various languages over the centuries, so who knows the "truth" but the magnificance of the solar body is only eclipsed by the magnificance of the human body..... 12 systems operating as one......held together and fuelled by pure energy.. we take our human body for granted........ever stop to think how the heart beats, or how the blood is circulated?.......could go on with further revelations about the intricacy of our human body.......when life ceases , the body returns to a compilation of 12 minerals...... but the energy that fuelled the body can't dissipate, so even if it is taken up by the wind etc.... we were given a mind to think and so its useless to blame "God" when things are so wrong and people can be so cruel... we are responsible for what happens in our life by our thoughts (energy) and action......... I for one, believe that spirits guide and protect us if we only give them a chance and live with faith...........and before some of you madly disagree, faith is as simple as explaining as "see the ship on the horizon? and when it goes out of your vision, does that mean the ship wasn't there? or does faith tell you that it has just gone out of your vision........ so when your friend says there is no ship, you can be very sure there is.......such is and faith makes us better people.... not the fanaticism of some religions and or cults, but the love of God and fellow men then doesn't allow us to steal, hurt or murder our fellow human beings......None of us can ever explain the beginnings, certainly life didn't start with just an Adam and Eve as dipicted in the Bible, but the ten commandments are certainly a good set of rules to live by..............

    Posted by Aunty I October 31, 08 05:53 PM

    I still do not understand why after looking at a few pictures of the sun people have to go on about God, Allah, Jesus, Mithra, Yahweh or whatever the name your pastors have chosen for some anthropomorphised omnipotent being, nor why these people feel the need to convince others that their particular God not only exists but that he is the correct one, the one who will offer them and them alone eternal salvation. Salvation from what?
    669 an awakening upon death? now there is pure unadulterated logic for you.656 Free from what? You are already free. 661 There are not enough words to describe human stupidity, 648 Hedging your bets is simply hilarious, 632 Get some help, you have spent way too long in your secret society.

    Posted by joe October 31, 08 05:58 PM

    If the new ideas are correct and the whole universe is speeding up at faster and faster speeds and finnally will cease to be what will happen to a supreme being? Will he also cease to be? If so where is the power of such a potent person?

    Posted by don foulger October 31, 08 06:41 PM

    Absolutely facinating and amazing. What incredible pictures and how lucky we are to be able to see.

    Posted by Jodie October 31, 08 09:13 PM

    Anyone has the right to believe in God or not. I believe by faith in God and others believe in faith of science. There is proof of God because He lives in me. There is no proof of the big bang theory and is unprovable. Just like Darwin's theory, it's just a theory. The proof of intelligent design is being proved more and more each day by your science.
    Let's all agree to disagree with honor rather than some tactless name calling. Those whose only recourse is the use of coarse language and juvenile comments is self-proof of their ignorance.

    Posted by MSgt Mackel November 1, 08 03:37 AM

    Thankyou Nasa for these beautiful breathtaking pictures. I stand in awe!
    I agree with MSgt Mackel, very well put!
    I personally believe in Jesus, but I don't tell others what they have to believe or not believe. Jesus never tried to convert anyone at the edge of a sword. He came to show the heart of God to us. His command is this "Pray for your enemies, bless those who curse you"
    Imagine if all in the world followed this wonderful command. But I know I cannot do that apart from Him.
    What I find cool about the sun is that it teaches us something very spiritually important as well. Everything revolves aroundf the Son

    Posted by Laurie November 1, 08 10:27 AM

    Awesome is all i can say at the power of God, and for those that dont believe if your right nothing harmed your buried 6ft in the ground but if your wrong wow what lies before you i wouldnt ask to put on my worst enemies, if im wrong well i am buried 6ft in the ground and lived a good life but im not wrong look at the bible as a science book for example...
    Genesis ch. 1 In the beginnig God create Heavens (space) and the Earth (matter), and when God said let there be light proper interpretation would be let there be energy. also the triune Godhead (Father,Son, Holyspirit) (space, matter,time)

    Posted by Richard November 1, 08 02:00 PM

    675. MSgt Mackel, not only are you are apparently unable to construct a proper sentence, (how old are you?) you also claim that was HAS been proven within our limited realities has NOT been proven, and what is UNPROVABLE by reason is TRUTH, the reason you give for this statement is is that 'he lives in you' This is not proof of intelligent design, this is not even proof of intelligent human beings, this is merely proof of human naivety and gullibility, and i will dare to say stupidity as many are bound to believe this message is insulting when it is in fact only a clear statement of what to any thinking individual is our reality, (notwithstanding the many possible interpretations of what reality is) for simply put, we CANNOT know as we are part of our space time environment, possesing limited methods of interpreting our surroundings and are only able to exist through course of this distortion and deletion by the senses and the mind. By using the phrase 'faith of science' enough has been said by yourself about yourself. The only reason that you may not be proclaimed hypocritical by calling others ignorant is because of your very own blatant ignorance. 676. There is NO historical evidence whatsoever that Jesus actually existed, if any of you that believe so profoundly were to actually read something other than the collection of pagan stories that make up your so called bibles and holy books you would appreciate how uncultured and dare i say it, ignorant your remarks make you appear. Everything does NOT revolve around the Son, nor does everything even revolve around the Sun. There are multiple solar systems, i would go so far as to say almost as many as stars (suns) there are, although my catholic teachers would fume at the mere suggestion of there being any other solar system than our own and go into raving fits if i dared suggest there were other planets. Those of you that cannot understand the methods of adaptation of DNA by merely looking at the life forms on the planet, perhaps deserve to be manipulated in the way they have been and continue to be by groups that use religion as their method of control. It is a fitting and also ironic situation that the christian, jewish and arabic monotheistic faiths all stem from the initial sun worship practised in times of Akhenaton by the egyptian peoples and their slaves. They too looked at the sun and said praise be the 'Lord', as they were told to do by their superiors from very early ages. Read something about how the brain develops over the years and you might see part of the manipulation and its effectiveness. You people would do well to look into where the bible stories come from, the origin of the word Amen or Amon, the name Iesa, the fact that Arabs, Jews and Christians all draw their faiths from the same root, all proclaiming to be the chosen people and all speaking of that wonderful man Abraham. In my lifetime the faith i was brought up with has altered their discourse claiming intially that the old testament was absolute truth then claiming it to be a collection of moralistic stories and now claiming both depending upon the day of year apparently. In response to the message of a rude awakening upon death i have to tell you that you are heading for rather a rude death. I would say lets hope that religious fanaticism may end saving countless lives and minds in the process, however that would make me as ignorant as the rest, and i am ignorant enough as it is thank you very much. Good day to all.

    Posted by The truth may set you free, but probably won't. November 1, 08 02:12 PM

    The mind of the fundie is like the pupil of the eye - the more light you shed on it, the narrower it becomes

    Posted by Martin Luther November 1, 08 09:52 PM

    Marvelous. But dare to look at how long it has taken humanity to produce these wonderous images. Can we even comprehend the technology? Have we evolved well enough to even begin to understand the sun's very existence? Such understanding will probably take another 6500 years (or billions-whatever). In the end of it all, and if there is no one single solitary person left on earth that could even explain 'it' well enough to understand -then- being the sun in all its glorious wonderment would have been good enough for me in the first place. All I want to know is where did LOVE come from (or go, for some people)? Explain that!

    Posted by trikiriki November 1, 08 11:57 PM

    Great Photo's, but some of the comments are a little over the top, who are any of our scientist's kidding, they and we are not in control of anything, we are sitting on a big hunk of rock with a molten core, hurtling through space at an astronomical speed, only a loving God can keep us safe in this environment, science will never find God, only the human heart can, but with hate and unforgiveness in the world that is becoming harder for most.

    Posted by Larry Bailey November 2, 08 02:43 AM

    Nice snaps. I wonder what exposure they used.
    Scientists have the best kit .... You wouldn't find those lenses in Jessops.
    I see the religiosos are all leaping up and down claiming their fave fictional entity made it all. He must have a big shed....
    Anyway it's passing chilly this morning in my particular particle of the universe so perhaps one of these "Gods" might consider squirting a molecule of heat in my direction. You know, just enough to take the chill off.

    Posted by Yiblon November 2, 08 05:22 AM

    Maravilhoso saber-mos que existe um Deus criador e que mantém todas as coisas funcionando na mais perfeita ordem. Louvado seja o nosso Deus!!!! A maravilha da natureza de Deus!!!!! Que sol lindo nós temos!!!!! Imaginem o restante do universo!!! Grato a vocês da NASA por tão belas fotos do nosso Sol a estrela de 5ª grandesa!!!

    Posted by Renê Pereira November 2, 08 07:01 AM

    Why do we even talk about God like something or someone that can be discussed? It is obvious the existence of God is not a scientific hypothesis (it can not be confirmed, nor can it be proven wrong). We should all just let each other believe whatever it is that we want to believe, because it is in fact a belief (that's why it's called 'religion' and 'believing'). Do not act like your God is the one and only true and factual one, and don't act like no God is a fact, either. If He is so kind and good he will forgive the ones that chose to live their life as a righteous being without him. If he doesn't excist, then we lived our lives well. No problem there.

    Posted by Wendy November 2, 08 09:50 AM

    çok güzel fotolar süperrrr

    Posted by büsra November 2, 08 12:44 PM

    Ecellent pics and clips of our nearest star ever

    Posted by Francisco Ramirez November 2, 08 06:45 PM

    All praises be to Allah, Most Merciful Most High, this is only a drop of His Greatness and Creation.

    How can you see this and not submit to the Will of Allah (i.e. become Muslim)?

    Posted by Samir November 2, 08 07:11 PM

    Let's not pretend any of us are professional scholars on here. Everyone is making claims with no evidences. In fact here are some:

    There are over 5,000 manuscripts of the New Testament, this number in regards to ancient documents is staggering.
    The average ancient writing may have about 20, which most consider to be fact.

    What do we with this? Well, some have chosen to ignore it, while others have considered it carefully. The fact is many "unbelieving" scholars agree that there is enough evidence for the life of Jesus. Interesting fact. Remember these scholars are either athiestic or agnostic in nature.

    Say what you want, but these facts speak for themselves.

    Posted by No name November 3, 08 12:17 PM


    Posted by DONNA November 3, 08 12:26 PM

    Mashallah, the power of Allah..... Alla praises to him. May Allah forgive our sins..... .. Al-hamdu-lillah, shukar-e-Khuda.. I am a Muslim

    Posted by Faisal November 3, 08 12:57 PM


    Posted by PULENTO PABLO November 3, 08 02:29 PM

    When I was five, My father smoked a piece of glass and helped me watch an ecli[pse of the sun. It was only one of the ways I leaned to love science.
    One of the many joys of teaching science was demonstrating things that appeared "magic" but were simple sci ence. Once I even hired a young student who wanted to be a magician to show off some of his tricks and show how the "magic" was simply knowing how science works and then know to show how the tricks worked!
    Thank you for their astounding pictures

    Posted by Monna Greenstreet November 3, 08 04:30 PM

    668. You are making claims with no study, what exactly do you mean by the "average writing", i am sure you do not even know yourself, then you say 'most' as in who exactly. I most certainly have not ignored the material that is available and have chosen to read it myself. In fact i have done what few people have which is to place the originals alongside the 'translated' versions, and if you or any of your ilk would do the same you would see the manipulation involved ... specifically the manner in which references to gods or religion are inserted when none are to be found. One of the greatest linguists of our times was asked to translate the latest discovered documents and his conclusion was that much of the writing was in code and that Jesus did not in fact exist. Of course the structure of our society would not admit this therefore most 'scholars' refute this, yet none of these scholars has even read the originals and base their sayings on their skewed distorted faith and the manipulated translations made available by those who possess them, (surprsie surprise these are the very same as the people that run your religions).
    Read about how when discovered, many of these 'documents' were forwarded to specialist linguists, and the results they obtained, and how these were covered up and then 'scholars' who were of a particular denomination were brought in to rewrite the trasnslations in a manner which best suited their employers. Then read some more about how many pagan sciptures were incorporated or not into the catholic and christian bibles depending upon whether they 'suited' the roman catholic church or not, for that matter take a look at how the standard 13 month calendar was altered acording to the whim of the roman catholic churhc and one of their power mongering popes and became 12 months, leap year included.
    Both the roman catholic church and the semitic faith have manipulated all ancient writings to suit their aims. you then go on to say 'Remember these scholars are either athiestic or agnostic in nature.' You are completely wrong, most of these 'scholars' you refer to belong to either the semitic faith, the roman catholic faith or some form of society whose main believes are those of the 'mystery schools'. Of course its easy to say whatever you wish when you have not done the groundwork yourself. No i do not consider myself a scholar, but i have definitely gone and read the material available and you have to admit that you may only discuss any of this with any reasonability if you actually do go out and read for yourself, the material is available, look for it, and study it, rather than regurgitate what your pastors and their controlled media feed you.

    680. Of course you believe that this omnipotent being came from nowhere or noone, so i would say you are on even ground with athiests there.

    Posted by joe November 3, 08 05:08 PM

    NASA has done fantastic job of revealing some of the secrets of the SUN, over many years. There are many secrets about the SUN, still remain unknown.!!! Whether it is religious belief or scientific discovery, the truth is that SUN is our source of energy, which sustains our lives. We salute the sun and offer our thanks to it. This is the least we can do. !!

    Posted by Kanapur Savalappan November 3, 08 07:20 PM

    wonderful! the only thing i could say is that this pictures remind me that the mysterious of the sun is not fully discovered yet...

    Posted by shima shahjouei November 4, 08 10:24 AM

    Continuing from my 1st comment, see 658: These responses have tried to reveal our inherent true nature. We are so joyous at looking at these photos and yearning to learn more and more and we wish we will live for ever to discover more and more. Our life's journey knowingly or unknowingly is towards these goals of Pure Joy, Seeking Knowledge and moving towards Immortality.
    Let us always move forward from Ignorance to Knowledge, from Darkness to Light , from Lethargy to Action and from Shackles of Mortality to Immortality.
    These are the fundamantal Spiritual rights of everyone. Spirituality should not to be confused with Religion.

    Posted by Sudhir G Desai November 4, 08 11:26 AM

    Queee doideira

    Posted by osama November 4, 08 02:10 PM

    that was sooooooo coooooooeeeeeel!!!!!

    Posted by brittznee47 November 4, 08 02:41 PM

    "Jesus never tried to convert anyone at the edge of a sword."

    Nah, he left that to his delusional followers.

    Posted by Horus November 4, 08 03:14 PM

    God has created this Huge magnificent Sun , same as He has created us Humans,!!!!To Him We Belong and To Him is our return .And He will inform us , of what we used to do in the Life of this World/.Life is a test and we are accountable for it .This amazing Signs in the Universe proves that God Exists and We are accountable for our deeds.........

    Posted by Anisa Riaz November 4, 08 04:19 PM


    Posted by MOB November 4, 08 05:01 PM

    its beautiful
    and stop aguring!!
    we all have diferent religions!!

    Posted by suv November 4, 08 07:08 PM

    These are fantastic!...The power, the energy, it just boggles the mind. And to think our sun is just a medium sized sun (star).
    Thanks for the pictures - immensely fascinating.
    Now concerning the comments...
    Someone said about science should be separate from religion - um- religion was the first science - in other words science is just another form of religion and religion is just a different kind of science. So how can you separate them? True, science is supposed to based on facts, but as we're all finding out is that the facts keep changing, so you have to have a little bit of faith to believe in the big bang theory right?

    iTo me GOD ( any and all the other names you can come up with to call him/her/it) is science, is religion, is behind every little quark and every galaxy out and in there. So quit trying to comprehend GOD - You can't do it with your brain (even if you could use the whole thing), I don't even think Jesus completely understood (comprehended) GOD (although he probably was the closest, at least here on earth). The sun is a great wonderful thing (it gives us life here on this earth) but there is even greater and more powerful things out there in the universe, things we don't or haven't even discovered yet. So don't limit yourself with our modern or ancient ideeologies - just try to understand the greatness and wonders of life and it's beautiful connections to it all.?

    Posted by Bary the Dead November 4, 08 09:34 PM

    Subhan Allah! Allah and asks us to look and research His creation i.e. science..history...paleontology...geography.... to strengthen our belief and indeed just looking at His craftmanship from such a distance has an amazing impact.

    Posted by Aisha November 4, 08 10:01 PM

    Beautiful! We can't exist without it. Thank whoever you want too!

    Posted by Mike H. November 4, 08 10:15 PM

    Its beautiful and stop aguring!!

    Posted by Imran Ali Khan November 4, 08 11:39 PM


    Posted by Farhan November 5, 08 12:02 AM

    [quote]"Jesus never tried to convert anyone at the edge of a sword."

    Nah, he left that to his delusional followers.[/quote]

    Jesus command was pray for your enemies, bless those who curse you. His true followers have always abided by that.

    Posted by Laurie November 5, 08 10:18 AM

    SubhanAllah It's really imazing and no doubt Allah is One

    Posted by Aamir November 5, 08 10:55 AM

    the pics shown by u are good but you can do improve by giving some more information and videos...videos should be in the first slide of the page.....

    Posted by varun jouhari November 5, 08 11:44 AM

    God's power is not known and can not be known directly - it is known only through the Universe, which is the real power and mystery.

    Posted by d.ana November 5, 08 02:33 PM

    What if the universe is God? If so then we are a part of God. It would then be in our best interest to live in support of humanity.

    Posted by Jerry November 5, 08 05:05 PM

    I am scare and proud of my Allah creation. May Allah (swt) give all of us understanding and the guidance.

    Posted by Tanweer Hussain November 5, 08 05:37 PM

    Impresionante, asombroso, espectacular..... no hay palabras

    Posted by Pedro November 6, 08 04:02 AM

    I like it very much.

    Posted by Midhun M November 6, 08 05:43 AM

    As if a god who could create an entire universe filled with billions of something so majestic would care about what happens on a little blue and green ball in the western spiral arm...

    Posted by engy November 6, 08 07:46 AM


    Posted by Saqib November 6, 08 08:38 AM

    Interesting comments on a wonderful set of photos that are actually a
    maricle in them selfs. #678 had a long winded disertation mostly about
    his education and #679 put him in his place with one sentence. some comments
    are like the stupid chat sessions on the net, to bad we cant just enjoy the
    pics for what they are and leave your bad driving habits in the garage.
    Wonderful pictures. OH, if you need proof of anything in the Bible, Luke, John
    and Acts pretty much covers it all. Luke being the best record keeper of all time.
    New Testament if you start looking. I am just a "poor" student of the Bible.

    Posted by Lee Byers November 6, 08 12:29 PM

    #716 -
    Have you ever considered why the Universe is so massive or why the atom is so small? Maybe God is showing His power through this. Nothing is too small or too big for God.

    Posted by JMW November 6, 08 03:22 PM

    Absolutamente maravilhoso, tão cerca e ao mesmo tempo tão longe. A beleza do universo nunca acaba de me impressionar, de me fazer feliz, porem isto é mais que beleza não palavras para descrever.

    Obrigado NASA, Obrigado BOSTON GLOBE.

    Posted by Francisco Luis Ivanissevich - Brazil November 6, 08 03:38 PM


    Posted by kimi November 7, 08 08:33 AM

    #693 "Of course you believe that this omnipotent being came from nowhere or noone, so i would say you are on even ground with athiests there."

    How can something that always existed come from nothing? That does not line up with the definition of "God". Let's just say there is no God. How or why can we conceive of such a being? That fact that there is even an argument about these types of things indicates at least the potential for a God.

    " I most certainly have not ignored the material that is available and have chosen to read it myself."
    The only problem is, is your only reading it from one side of the argument. What do Biblical scholars say? Have you researched both sides objectively? The only real way to reach a true conclusion to the historicity of Christ is looking at ALL the evidences and then deciding for yourself. History is a puzzle. You have to way the evidences and decide. There are "good" evidences on both sides of the argument. I assure you that. But because one linguist suggests Christ never existed you agree? That seems shallow.

    FYI, I am doing my own research and am listening to both sides of the argument.

    Posted by JMW November 7, 08 12:12 PM

    "The shadows prove the sun"

    It's all that matters.
    Creeds and beliefs distiguish one from another man and from all other species.
    Let's be greatful to have the ability to believe...

    As Michael Scott would say: "That's what she said"

    Posted by Sandrino Vejar November 7, 08 02:05 PM

    718 Lee, You refer those seeking proof of the bible to the actual bible, using this argumentation i will now believe in superman, spiderman, the green lantern and captain america for marvel said they exist, if you do not believe me regarding the veracity of these super figures i urge you to read the comics, the proof is there, Sam Lee was a marvellous historian. If you wish to discuss the topic without your obvious bias do take it upon yourself to actually read other sources, might i suggest for example, the sources the bible was drawn from, and perhaps your 'poor' studying may be enriched. Bad driving habits indeed. 722. JMW. You ask how can i say that something that always existed came from nothing, and i ask, How can you say that something always existed, and if you do say so, i will argue that the universe always existed, same reasoning is it not. How or why can you conceive of god? How or why can anything be conceived, how or why do children conceive of santa claus, does the ability to conceive of anything at all automatically result in that anything actually existing, these arguments are definitely shallow, which is of course how you define my conclusions, however, I have not based my conclusions upon the claims of one linguist, i am basing them on actually reading the various translated documents and comparing them to the originals, perhaps if you were to do the same you may arrive at the same conclusions, the manipulation - both additions and omissions are glaring. You claim that you are listening to both sides of the argument yet your bias is obvious. 723. The shadows prove the sun, yet you can of course see the sun, you have the pictures right here on this page. 'Creeds and beliefs are what distinguishes man from other species', that is rather an unfortunate statement, in fact, creeds and beliefs are the methods used by those that wish to manipulate you, separate your group from another group and create conflict in order to maintain power. Now i am off to play with spidey and aquaman, they dont believe in god either.

    Posted by joe November 8, 08 03:46 AM

    I have seen all the discussion regarding the sun in this website. But people are just seeing the picture rather thinking who created this mighty SUN. its temp. is about 60,000 degree C. Can you imagine how hottest the sun is!! In the holy Quran Allah S.W.T clearly written about the creation of the whole universe. As Muslim or believer of Allah knows about it. I request all people to read the quran and then and only then you could understand that only Allah created every thing in this whole universe only for the mankind. When Allah revile quran to Phophet Muhammad S.M. then there is no existence of Science. So, how can it was clearly written in the Quran before 1500 years ago. So believer thik when there was no science, no arts, no commerce who had written regarding the every single creation and things on earth in the Quran. He is that Allah who know because He created this universe and everything. I request all learned and educated people collect a Quran and read it from first to last with an open mind. Then you put your comments.

    Posted by Zaved, Chittagong November 8, 08 06:10 AM

    dont you think {(AaFala Ta Ta Fakaroon) arabic}.
    this is the messege from Allah to the whole world, despite of your religion and belief. search search and research is the messege for all human beings and we have to explore the secrets of this universe untill we find the creaters of this universe.

    Posted by Aamer Waheed Satti November 8, 08 08:40 AM

    we should make observation and seek knowledge. these pics are simply awesome but lets pause for a moment and think where does this come from? how it was created?think of all the balance in nature? think, could this all be "by chance"? think , is it possibly the result of an accident and there is no ONE behind it? think! and why there has to be only ONE to create, control and own all this? think what happen when power is shared? think at one level there has to be AN ABSOLUTE POWER and plz think to get to the truth, keeping aside all the previous beliefs and think of all the species why do we have conscience?

    Posted by shazia bhatti November 8, 08 02:27 PM

    Just enjoy the pictures and keep your religion at your place of worship.

    Posted by Walter Lee November 8, 08 02:31 PM


    Posted by BINT MALIK November 8, 08 03:26 PM

    Truely breathtaking, would love to see more

    Posted by Debs Merrilees November 8, 08 04:08 PM

    These are the best pictures I have ever seen of the Sun.

    Posted by Brandon R. Evershed November 9, 08 01:14 AM

    Other than looking into the faces of my beautiful grand babies (5 girls) these pictures are on my added list of beauty.

    Posted by ajm November 9, 08 07:49 AM

    absolutely beautiful!

    Posted by Julia Denver November 9, 08 02:46 PM


    Posted by cofryg November 9, 08 04:10 PM

    Makes you realize Mother Nature will have the last say, eh???????

    Posted by Ross Martin November 9, 08 06:46 PM

    awsome i love it but the website will not show me all the pictures soo it is pretty slow

    Posted by Sierra November 9, 08 07:22 PM

    It is a very good thing the earth is flat, other wise we may be sucked into the suns orbit. Did one of the flares cause the dinosaurs t( and Alley Opp) to extinguish a couple of thousand years ago?
    I believe the Republicans might now be right after seeing these photos.

    Posted by Jim Harrison November 9, 08 10:45 PM


    Posted by UDAY NAIK November 10, 08 09:48 AM

    Joe, joe, joe!

    We can conceive of a unicorn right. Do they exist? No. However, if God did exist He would have to be the most powerful being of all, would he not. I mean if he wasn't then he wouldn't be God. All I'm saying is the argument that you and I are having is some proof or possibility of this being. The same goes for the Big Bang. It was conceived by someone. Does this make it true? No. We can conceive of such of thing though can't we.

    Posted by JMW November 10, 08 10:18 AM

    Joe -

    If the language had indeed "changed" wouldn't there be more press about it? Scholars have corroborated the manuscripts against each other. Many many manuscripts say the same thing. I find it hard to believe scholars "changed" the words to fit their own biases.

    Posted by JMW November 10, 08 10:43 AM

    pretty colors

    Posted by pooop November 10, 08 11:15 AM

    739. Yes I do agree with what you say, there is no proof one way or another. In fact the only reason i have spent so many years of my life investigating these things, and reading everything i could get my hands on is because i found a large number of incongruites in the answers given to me by friends and acquaintances that are priests, rabbis and pastors of various denominations as to who or what we are, why we are here, and where we came from in the first place. These are questions that all humans make of themselves, and some are quite content to believe what they are told, as it makes them feel that much more secure. The truth is that reading that much material not only does not solve the questions it brings others to the fore, however the blatant manipulation over the course of history is obvious, and the motives for these also are. 740. The press is a tool, and it is censored, ask any person that works in the field about censorship. Many things are hard to believe, i will agree there, all i am asking is that you do the groundwork yourself, surprisingly enough with the advent of the internet it is far easier to access much interesting material, including photographs of many original untranslated mansucripts, unfortunately most of the really good stuff is hidden away, and there are mountains of garbage to wade through, but if you look, you will find, be prepared to keep an open mind, and you will eventually see, when you do, you will still be wondering why, how and whose purpose these methods serve, but you will be able to appreciate quite clearly what i have written about regarding manipulation of texts. 741. Right on.

    Posted by joe November 10, 08 03:21 PM


    Posted by zeeshan November 10, 08 03:45 PM

    ALL PRAISE BE TO ALLAH (SWT) THE CREATOR OF ALL THE WORLDS!!!! MashAllah AWSOME SIMPLY AWSOME!!!! In some of the pics it looked like a crysentymum flower. May Allah (SWT) protect us from its heat at the day of judgement!!!!

    Posted by BULBUL November 10, 08 09:06 PM

    Joe, though I agree with you on the non-existence of an omnipotent god, it is important, when formulating arguments, to remain neutral in tone and not to insult a person’s education or intelligence. Doing so only weakens your position since the listener ceases to listen. Asking a person “How old are you” after telling them they cannot construct a proper sentence (post 678), is a personal attack, does not boost your argument in any way, and comes out as ignorant of your own failings since you fail to capitalize any “I” when referring to yourself. Since your syntax is generally good, I realize this may a type of social commentary, something like an e e cummings gesture of humility, but it screams of bad grammar and a gesture is useless if it is not perceived or understood.

    Yes I realize that post wasn’t signed “joe” but by “The truth may set you free, but probably won’t”, but the post is evidently by you as the orthography (your written voice, so to speak) is exactly the same as your other posts. If I am completely wrong about the provenance, I do apologize.

    One other point, it is also important to refrain from all-encompassing comments. Unless you are fluent in ancient Aramaic, or the ancient forms of written Greek, English and all of the languages through which the translations have passed, it is very unlikely you’ve read the original versions of the bible. You most likely read the translations into English by those proficient in these languages. And even they argue as to interpretations of certain words from the original manuscripts.

    Lastly, if a person has faith, everything is a proof of that faith. It is useless to argue or try to convince them otherwise. If it makes them happy, then let them live in that happiness. We are on this earth such a short period of time; we might as well pass that time with a smile rather than a frown – it just feels better. Let the comments be said, and simply pass over them and feel happy in your own way. Ooo, unless you are happy in the arguments, then that’s a whole other kettle of fish. HA!

    Not saying, just saying.

    Posted by Gertie November 11, 08 11:18 AM

    Its god creation.

    Posted by nimesh November 11, 08 01:36 PM

    unbelievable ...........but still believable 'cause if MR. SUN is not there EVERYBODY ( That includes me ,you and who believes that they are better than others )...........that includes the Khristis ( Christians ) ,Miyas (moslems ),Hindus ( That includes me ) Buddhists,Shikhs ,Jains, Jews ( They are exempted .....just kidding ) Woo Doos . Doo Doos and what not.................whatever religion it may be ........are DOOMED.
    If ever MR.SUN wants a day off .... or may be a vacation ....... because He has worked Enough ... would you give him that ...........????????????
    Certainly Not ,Because you want LIGHT ( a free source ) Search within yourself "You ARE the Light

    Posted by Anonymous November 11, 08 06:21 PM

    I now feel even MORE comfortable in my belief that man is not causing global warming. We certainly have an inflated sense of ourselves to believe we can change or alter our planet in any way....and I have an even stronger belief in a supreme being after viewing these magnificent pictures. And it's only a tiny infintesimal part of our universe. Aren't we an egotistical lot?!!!

    Posted by Sylvia Barber November 11, 08 09:28 PM

    I had some 'weird' experiences with the sun starting around 2001, around the time I was first diagnosed with Type I Bipolar Disorder. During some of my manic episodes I would stare at the Sun convinced that I was engaged in telepathic conversations with it. The cognitive results of this experience were quite interesting, however, the physiological ramifications nearly caused blindness. Fortunately many of these periods were during the Fall/Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so perhaps the damage was lessened by that fact. Opthamalic imaging of my retina is quite disturbing, and my macula will never forget this unfortunate consequence of my mental illness. Thankfully after many years of trial and error, I have found a great deal of stability and no longer experience the dramatic episodes from the early days of my diagnosis. Also, my eye doctor is confident that as long as I cease and desist sun-gazing, my retina will not be further damaged.

    Anyway, with a congregation of so many people loving the Sun, I was curious if anyone had considered and/or explored the idea of the Sun as a conscious object?

    So glad my girlfriend sent me the link to these pictures. I now spend a good amount of my free-time 'studying' the subatomic to the supergalactic. Very interesting stuff. We're planning a trip to Asia next summer when I understand there will be a solar eclipse. I have faint recollections of a solar eclipse from elementary school. That must have been quite a spectacular occurrence for the ancients.

    Posted by Supernova November 11, 08 09:33 PM


    Posted by ADNAN AHMED SHEIKH November 12, 08 01:20 AM

    745 Gertie
    Thanks you for your comment, you brought a smile to my face, and i do appreciate that very much. You are quite correct in pointing out the the failings of character and argumentation within my posts, apart from the matter of whether or not i have been able to compare documents, and whether it is useless or not to try to convince people otherwise, all of your points are most valid. I am well aware of my own failings, and well aware that i have reacted to certain posters emotionally. My tendency to mirror attitudes is a definite failing, as is my sarcasm and unfortunate attempts at humour, i do gain some satisfaction from these though, and therefore i do so with no remorse and accept all fair and reasoned criticism as valuable. Nothing within my posts however was intended to give the impression or in any way claim that i 'know' everything, much less that i am well educated, oh yes, i am ignorant about many matters as i myself pointed out in one of the posts you reference, i have yet to meet a person that knows enough to not be called ignorant. There is much solace to be found in irony, and much irony to be found in semantics.

    I rarely capitalise 'i's except when beginning a sentence, i also do not capitalise certain nouns. The motives are various and i do realise what it may 'scream' of and also that it may not be understood, i find a form of perverse joy in maintaining the purpose of particular mannerisms out of the reach of the general public, excepting for those who are able to perceive them, thus if they are understood, fine, if not, then it does not concern me, there being no intent or 'usefulness' other than for those who are able to comprehend in one way or another without the explanation.

    Yes, i would like for people to go out and see for themselves what i have seen, i could quite easily give specifics however as with any form of 'knowledge', what is parroted and not experienced by oneself is rarely of value. Those that wish to investigate for themselves will find, those that will prefer to blindly follow will contine to do so. I lay no claims to my intellectuality, which in fact does further my argument in that all who wish to find may do so with some effort, if i have been able to then anyone can. Therefore those that would be sheep do so of their own accord.

    The issue of all encompassing statements and your claim that i have not 'read' documents warrants aclaration. Why would i urge anyone that obviously has no understanding of aramaic to compare the original manuscripts with the translated versions? Why indeed. You are correct to say that the translations by those proficient in certain languages or in the 'study' of such material do vary and there is an ongoing academic 'brawl' regarding these. However your commentary regarding what i have or have not done is unfortunately false. I HAVE compared, 'read' is not the correct word, this is an important point. You see, the interpetation of words is important but only part of the problem, and is not where i have centred my argument. I have referred to additions and omissions. You will find when comparing translated documents to their originals that there are additions and omissions. I speak three languages fluently, and am accustomed although certainly not proficient in variations of structure. However one does not even require this much to see how religious references have been inserted where none were to be found, and that is obvious after looking at but one paragraph, when you go through several pages you begin to see how the manuscripts have been altered at will. All translations a religious nature, current and from millenias past, are shaped to conform to religious and political aims. That was the basis of my argument. But there is more.

    Posted by joe November 12, 08 04:15 AM

    749 Supernova
    There is much yet to be discovered regarding our surroundings, the human race is but an infant in many ways. It may comfort to know that your 'experiences' with sun gazing are shared by many 'groups' current and past. There are many things for which our 'science' has no answer at all, however this does not mean that they have not been studied or that certain experiences have not been documented or indeed gone on to form the basis of certain 'teachings' mainly 'occult' (hidden from the general public) and verbally transmitted for centuries, what's more, you dont have to join any groups to find out much for yourself. Look and you will find. There are some groups that claim that all that exists is actually conscious, and many others that claim that all is one, yet separate. Many that have ingested entheogens will tell you that they have felt the unity of all and the individual illusion of separation and insist in this being the ultimate reality of our universe. I have no idea if Einstein ingested entheogens however he is noted for saying this very same thing. It may interest to note that many so called saints or spiritual leaders became so after an experience which involved little or no sensorial stimulus, one particular iesa did nothing for almost 30 years, then spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert, thereafter he was enlightened and later referred to as the son of god, gauthomo siddhartha reached true enlightenment after meditating for ages under a tree, (although he later claimed that act was not only not necessary but ridiculous) by the way this guys advice in a nutshell is that in order to avoid being reincarnated one must not give a damn about anything, if you do not 'want' or 'desire' you will not be reborn, francis de assisi was locked in a closet for days on end, the list really does go on, anyway, these days, people use isolation tanks and others look at them funny, its all essentially the same thing, by shutting out contact with the conscious state, we take part in the so called 'spiritual' which is in essence nothing but a waking dream, look into the pineal gland and the internal 'clock', serotonin etc. The rabbit hole goes deeper when you ask yourself what exactly are dreams. As far as your practice of sun gazing goes, may i suggest looking at the sun with your eyes closed. Cheers.

    Posted by joe November 12, 08 04:52 AM

    745. Gertie, The More ...
    With regards the disputes between linguists and scholars, of particular interest is the fact that many words are simply not translatable. This occurs within current languages, where words in one language have no direct translation to another. When this happens the words used in their place have many times conformed to the religious or political needs of certain power groups. In addition much of the argumentation between linguists stem from the fact that they are utilising or referencing translated documentation to begin with, mostly in ancient greek, which were themselves translated all those centuries ago. Add to this the common problem with so much of the 'scientific' or 'academic' in that it has been customary for centuries to place value only on information which may be falsely 'corroborated' by quoting or referencing a predecessor, and we have a wonderful little stew of conformation to prerequisites. For a posit to be recognised it must have references to 'sources', most of these not being the original manuscripts but translations in greek or recent translations by other 'experts', in particular those that necessarily conform to the religious and political whims of the 'owners' of the manuscripts. When anyone dare step out of the 'accepted' they are lambasted, and how. What a perfect manner in which to stagnate true progress this is, in all areas of endeavour, if any of these so called experts took it upon themseves to view the originals they might themselves be very much surprised.

    An example of how a lie or false reality of a historical nature is perpetuated is the myth of dinosaurs. There is current 'knowledge' that dinosaurs were, if not all, mostly, feathered and rather more birdlike than reptilian, yet the mainstream is still fed images of the "jurassic park' nature , and many scientists will dispute certain 'facts' - undisputable evidence which proves their 'knowledge' false. Yet their 'education' or 'indoctrination' does not permit them to admit they are wrong, this would take away from their postion in society and the position of their insitutions. As the evidence builds there is no alternative other than to accept, however this has and will take many years. Now this is all well and fine when it regards creatures that are no longer with us and have little bearing on our society, but what if the 'facts' are religious in nature, what if the 'facts' affect a number of insitutions with roles in our current society that extend far beyond what most are aware.

    You may note i do not take issue with the many purveyors of the islmaic faith on this page nor those christians that have not been rude or offered insulting comentary. To each his own, there is much to be gained from the 'teachings' in the various holy books. I am fortunate enough to be acquainted with many fine people of various faiths, i do however take issue when those people are rude or violent in their commentaries, and replicate in kind.

    Finally, you suggest i let the commenters be, unless i am 'happy' in the arguments. Who does not enjoy having their say, you yourself have put up a good 'argument'. In addition, if after reading any of my comments here and elsewhere but one person goes out and looks for themsleves past what their pastors have fed them, then that is stimulus enough. Have a wonderful day.

    Posted by joe November 12, 08 08:38 AM

    My 7 year old is smart enough to look at his toys and know they didn't just get there by chance. Those toys did not just evolve out of a premordial soup, no, those simple toys had a Maker.
    How much more so the complexity of the Sun, or even our cells, so complex, but we are expected to believe that something that complex just arrived by chance.
    You can believe that, but as for me, I believe in God, and I believe that God came down in the person of Jesus to save us from our sins.

    Posted by Laurie November 12, 08 11:26 AM

    îõðåíèòåëüíîå çðåëèùå!!!

    Posted by ñòàñ November 12, 08 02:54 PM

    Allah is the Greatest! Allahu Akbar!

    Posted by Anonymous November 12, 08 04:51 PM

    I would like to add a correction to this. . . belief in God is fine. However, the real power behind Intelligent Design is not God. No, it is the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM from now on) who created all we know and see. Please read more at and see the light for yourselves!!! No Jesus, only Meatballs. I have no fear of death for I know when my time comes I will be embraced by His noodley appendages.

    Posted by Pirate November 12, 08 05:40 PM

    Great pictures :)

    Posted by Anonymous November 12, 08 08:34 PM

    757. Forgive me for being antipasta. :) 754, My 7 year old is smart enough to look at god and know he didnt get there by chance. That god didnt just evolve out of a primordial soup, no, that god had a maker, indeed those gods had many makers. And jesus came down to save you from your sins, i used to believe that at 7, that concept is sure nuff funny, god gave you the ability to choose, yet he sent his son to die so that you could still choose but not feel guilty about it as you are christian and will be pardoned and go to heaven, unfortunately for those not born in your particular location nor raised into your faith they will go to hell, jesus, or god sure is picky huh. He also sent a load of guys wearing funny robes to give you forgiveness for your sins.

    Posted by joe November 13, 08 01:44 AM

    754, Your 7 year old realises toys have makers, and you don't realise that god has makers? Your point is ???

    Posted by all hail the FSM November 13, 08 01:54 AM

    Yes this is the evidence for those who do not believe in One God / Allah.
    Look these are the symbols of his presence Allah is one and only one.
    Like a programmer, engineer architect God is the biggest architect who created every thing.

    I only pray from God that Please forgive all of us and be humble with us because we don’t know what He Knows. (Allah-o-Akbar) Allah is the biggest.

    Last Note:
    Do not tease others and always keep people happy because this is the only way in which you will be punished or awarded Paradise or Hell.

    Farid Ahmed

    Posted by Farid Ahmed November 13, 08 04:54 AM

    Magnifiques photos, merci : )

    Posted by Guiligui November 13, 08 03:48 PM

    759. It doesn't seem fair yet, Christianity is the only "religion" that requires nothing from you. Absolutely nothing. All others require some sort of work.

    P.S. If you've done any research into anything you'll know this is a true statement.

    Pretty amazing, huh?

    Posted by JMW November 13, 08 04:11 PM

    Very impressed with the views.

    Wonderful that NASA cares that we have

    a chance to view.

    Posted by John Thomas November 13, 08 05:26 PM

    763. Not true. You are required to believe in your god, to believe that he created all, that his son was a man named jesus, that a collection of stories from diverse backgrounds gathered together and defined as the bible is valid. You are required to believe that the stories ommited are heretic. You are required to follow their 12 month calendar, instead of the natural 13 month division, to obey their sabbath which is on the sunday instead of the saturday from whence the word was derived, if you wish to be married, you are required to be married under their rules, by their priests and in their churches, you are required to be baptised, and depending on your particular flavour you are required to not be divorced, you are required to believe that yours is the only correct denomination and that all followers of others will go to hell, no matter how they lived their lives, the mere act of pertaining to another denomination condemns them, pretty hefty that last one, fairness? You are required to go to mass and partake of the modified version of ancient pagan rituals where you are to eat the flesh and drink the blood. You are also required to follow the ten commandments, and if you commit a sin to confess to one of their men in black, their priests are required to abstain from sex, women are required to abstain from priesthood, and there are many more, especially withins specific groups, for catholics an interesting requirement is that you are to believe that the pope is the representative of god on earth, and that he is infallible. Shall i go on or do you require your own research to know these are true statements. Pretty amazing huh. So what was your point? The photos of the sun are indeed beautiful. Interesting the lack of activity over the last months.

    Posted by joe November 13, 08 07:33 PM

    That physical body of this archangel, essence on energy,carefully investigated by humans,that is a way to approach his creator and a way to find our own sun.

    Posted by Alfredo Gaudry November 14, 08 04:32 AM

    thanks for the pictures. We have come a long way since the days of Gallaleo. It would seem that every time we learn something new we then have 10 more questions. This is as it should be. Thanks again for all of the hard work.

    Posted by David Hargrave November 14, 08 11:21 AM

    How awe-inspiring! Believer or not, doesn't it make you want to leave judgement at the door? Thanks be to God, whatever that is, and whatever you want to call it, for providing such wonders, and thanks be to science and the curious mind of Man for making it visible to us. It just makes me want to know more! Magnificent!

    Posted by annieo November 14, 08 12:11 PM

    Joe - wow! That is a lot of stuff.

    And there proves MY point. You don't have to do anything ... regarding works. Of course you have to believe that God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for my sins. Read Romans 10.9-13 for a clear picture.

    Joe, I was talking about works. If you have to work your way into heaven or there are many ways to get there, then you'd never know when enough was enough. That makes sense, doesn't it? Unfortunatley there is a lot of legalism in Christianity which is so wrong. This is exactly the stuff you are referring to. It is all legalistic stuff.

    There are things I do, because I choose to. I obey Him because I want to. I am never commanded to do these things. What matters is the motivation. Am I motivated out of love or by rules. Rules don't work, that is why Christ came in the first place.

    My prayer for you Joe is that the Holy Spirit will dray you to Him through our discussions.

    God Bless!

    Posted by JMW November 14, 08 12:46 PM

    Boy, I bet you could cook up a mess of hog mawl and chitlins up there, by cracky!

    Posted by Danny Cockmeyer November 14, 08 12:50 PM

    I love the comments. Someone asks, "Why is it necessary to bring God into this?".

    Easy, all of the people who are unable to wrap their head around the beauty and wonder of natural science need something to fill that gap of knowledge. The end.

    Posted by Lsaul November 14, 08 01:59 PM

    In the mind of Hannes Alfven, the universe had no beginning. I t simply has existed and likely always will. The idea is central to a theory Alfven advocates that challenges one of the great scientific theories of the 20 th century, the theory that the universe came into being 20 billion years ago in a tremendous explosion, the ”big bang.” Alfven, a Nobel laureate in physics and UCSD professor of electrical and computer engineering, believes the big bang never happened.
    difficulty explaining. “The big bang is just an invention. No compelling argument favors that,”

    Alfven said matter of factly last week in an interview at this home in La Jolla, where he spends the winters away from its native Sweden.

    “They say the whole universe was smaller than a grain of sand and exploded. I have difficulty believing all we see, the sun and stars, should be smaller than a grain of sand. I‘m not clever enough to get that in my mind. “

    Alfven offers as an alternative a universe infinite in space and time, in which galaxies were sculpted over hundreds of billion s of years primarily by the forces of electricity and magnetism – not gathered by gravity.

    The theory of the universe known as plasma cosmology has grown out of Alfven’s laboratory studies of plasma, a state of matter in which atoms have electrons missing from their orbits around the atomic nucleus. More than 99 percent of the matter in the universe is such plasma, including stars and interstellar gases. It is for studying plasma that he received a Nobel Prize in 1970.

    People are still very much of the scientific belief that one should work within the confines of the big gang” said Claude Canizares, a physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an advocate of the theory. “There are difficulties with the big ban, “ Canizares said, “Abut if you weigh its success and difficulties, the successes outweigh the difficulties. “

    The big bang theory holds that th time an s space came into being in a explosion, expanding tremendously and dumping energy into matter. By David Graham Staff Writer.

    Posted by Dennis November 14, 08 11:58 PM

    681, I haven't read all the comments on here but I did read a handfull of em' and was quite disturbed by the lack of belief in Jesus Christ. Your comment was right on the money and I couldn't have said it better myself. I would rather believe and then be disappointed to find out that He doesn't exist than to not believe and find out that He does! Hell is a real place and I once read a quote that I will always remember.... "Earth is the only hell christian will ever know. However, earth is the only heaven a non-believer will know. "

    Posted by Rickey Bueno November 15, 08 01:10 AM

    In astrophysics lingo, stars are born, there are star nurseries, life spans, they experience death throes, they die, and there are stellar graveyards.

    In relation to my earlier post (749), one thought perceived from the sun was an sort of anthropomorphic pride in the earth. In addition, in the same telepathic way my conversation was occurring, the sun was steadily transmitting details of our planet to it's solar social network around the Milky Way, and consequently to other locations around the Universe. This intergalactic communication was to compare, brag, and learn about what other stars' pride and joys, (i.e. their own planets) are up to. Any thoughts on this thread?

    Posted by Supernova November 15, 08 01:32 AM

    JMW. We are all motivated by the forces that surround and shape us. I thank you for your goodwill, however we all have our personal beliefs, as long as you find solace in yours i cannot add anything that would be of value to you.

    Dennis. i find all theories fascinating however the unfortunate or perhaps fortunate reality is and may always be that we will never truly know much at all.

    Rickey. Do not be disturbed by the lack of faith in others, you may find they are equally disturbed with the presence of faith in you. If you would rather believe then that is your prerogative, to say 'hell is a real place' is interesting, and one of the reasons i began my search for truth. Some of my 'teachers' would hold that it does and others would deny that it does, and these men were priests. Heaven and hell are concepts formulated by men, a little study and common sense will reveal to you the motives why.

    Supernova. It is an innate capability of the human brain to anthropomorphise virtually anything. Where i reside the use of entheogens is legal, if this were so worldwide i would suggest you try to do so yourself, if this is not a possibility any of the methods used to avoid sensorial input whilst maintaining a waking state are equally valid. The human brain tends to expand upon thoughts that are revisited, this is how it learns and how beleifs become 'set'. It builds connections and these are strengthened as you revisit the same 'thought', the more you believe in something the stronger the connections and the more 'real' it becomes, irrespective of whether the thoughts are based in reality or not, it becomes your 'reality'. There are no truths only choices, as the little kid says in the matrix. However, i cannot argue one way or another, i can expand upon my own 'spiritual revelations' whereby all that exists in our environment (the universe) which we measure in space and time, can be perceived as one whole 'being' whilst at the same time we are born into separate 'entities' in order to experience the joys and sorrows of 'life' within this environment. What others exist if they do at all is beyond our capacity of appraisal.
    Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers ever to exist, had this to say about the 'whole' universe and the illusion of separation.
    "A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
    He also had this to say about 'knowledge"
    “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” (Note he was religious however he uses the word gods here perhaps figuratively)
    He also had this to say about not 'knowing'
    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
    and this about wanting to know
    "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
    and this about reality
    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
    and this about those who choose to forge their own way
    "Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."

    Posted by joe November 15, 08 05:49 AM

    Masha Allah! The pictures and the descriptions below the pictrures are fantastic, simply marvellous and heavenly.

    It is no doubt Allah's, God's, Jehova's or Bhagawan's whatever you call, creation.
    Now, having seen the pirctures, nobody has the guts to argue that God does'nt exist. God was there, is there and will be there. Amen.

    Posted by Miran Sheikh November 15, 08 12:29 PM

    Absolutely amazing!!! What a humbling feeling.

    Posted by Sandra Goyal November 16, 08 12:32 AM

    The pictures were amazing and I'm thankful for getting to see them! In reading the other comments here I can't help finding myself shaking my head in disbelief! All of the pros and cons about if there is or isn't a God. Then all of the conflict within those who believe in God as to which God and religion is the "only one." Can't all of you/us agree to disagree? Nobody here is going to convert anyone else, so why not just "agree to disagree?" A little tolerance of others is preferable to me to geting into the (you know what kind) contest. I remember when the "God is Dead" movement was and the reply being "My God isn't dead, sorry about yours"

    Posted by Joe (NOT the one that is previously named) November 16, 08 12:42 AM

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of what surrounds us. I call it a priviledge to view the things we down here on earth would never have known the likes of on a daily basis.
    I am disappointed in the ramblings of right & wrong, black & white, truth & false.
    These were for our view and comments of what we see from them. Not he said she said and carry on between each other like a chat room. You would think after you viewed and made a comment you would save your favorite pictures, forward to other friends and that would be the end of it. But, apparently some have nothing better to do than check back in to see if someone didn't like what they had to say. Move on and enjoy the beauty regardless where it comes from. Does there always have to be a conflict between people? Isn't that what is wrong with the world today?

    Let your imagination run away with you and focus on "The BIG Picture" for yourself.

    Of course, though I have probably added to all of this for someone to pick my comment apart. But I won't know because I would have moved on to bigger and better things that are interesting. Enjoy the view!!!

    Posted by Karen, Idaho November 16, 08 01:51 AM

    has anyone figured it out yet.... religion is the devil that causes most if not all wars... all religions ... muslim, catholics...bla blah blah... you freaks are causing all that is wrong with the world.

    Posted by Carlos November 16, 08 07:12 AM

    Ignorance is proven by the desire to convince. A true truth needs no majority.

    Nature is awesome, and i cannot comprehend it. i bow to it.

    Posted by SvP November 16, 08 07:18 AM

    I am a Christian, and I love all peoples. Muslims, Catholics, JW's,evolutionists etc
    Just because I disagree doesn't mean I don't love people

    But I do think to believe we got her by a big bang needs much more faith than to believe that a loving God created us.

    I would highly suggest the movie "Priveledged Planet" to anyone who loves science, as it has scientists on it telling why they believe in intelligent design. Even if you disagree with it, you may find it interesting.

    Posted by Laurie November 16, 08 09:37 AM

    its scary

    Posted by mark November 16, 08 09:31 PM

    very very nice

    Posted by Pournima November 17, 08 02:43 AM


    We all should agree that SUN existed even before the prophets.......and hence humans have seen it for quite long.

    So, let's all salute the NATURE........
    and leave the Prophets and GOD in peace.

    Posted by Kongoorpally November 17, 08 04:45 AM

    Ah belief, Only nature has assumes in relaxed behavior when not being predated, that things are the way they are intended. We have to invent theories and beliefs in order to rest our ever wandering minds. The need to have an answer to everything so that we aren't predated without an answer as to why. That life is without purpose is an answer we can not tolerate.

    Posted by Mark November 17, 08 05:56 AM

    My little contribution ... we have two types of truths - absolute & changing. While absolute truth is not everyone's cup of tea to analyse & understand, the changing truth is something which is always mistakened to be absolute. Changing truth is RELATIVELY absolute ... just like your weight on earth and that on Moon and that on any other planet. We might calibrate the concept of weight under a controlled environment on earth, but it's significance changes drastically once you get rid of the controlled environment. Most of the debate over here is about such truth, as no one seems to have a clue about te absolute truth including me. Whether the one exists or not, is your own BELIEF, but should never be a conclusion that can be forced or convincing put forward on others.

    Posted by Raj November 17, 08 06:46 AM

    Amazing photos... truly humbling.

    Interesting comments too! I find it enthralling the sheer fanaticism that exists out there, either for or against god. It intrigues me when some people take a stand and then feel that they have to defend it - vigorously at times... Personally i am a non-believer, however i am married to a full bodied christian - as you can imagine it makes for some interesting debates. Remember that debate is healthy, because without questioning we would not make progress.

    Here are some of the questions that i would love to hear opinions on: Most religious believers live by a book - whether it be the bible or whatever - and at the end of the day this book has been written by people. There is no real proof as to which people wrote the original manuscripts, how they have changed over time, whether they are completely ficticious or actual accounts... So why should we live by this book? There is also no getting around the fact that organised religion has been used throughout human historly as a form of control, and as such (even if all the underlying values remain similar) has been skewed and manipulated to tighten that control - So which religious denomination is right? Are any of them right? Why is so much war and conflict created by religion? Surely god does not want this? There are so many questions and it seems there are no answers beyond blind faith and that just isn't enough for me.

    Posted by MarkF November 17, 08 04:57 PM

    thank YOU ALLAH for making such a wonderful world and giving humans the wonderfull brain to explore it.
    Al lazi allama bil qalam, Allamal insaana ma lam ya lam

    Posted by naji November 17, 08 07:42 PM

    Awesome!! Nature is supreme and we human beings are trying our best to explore the truths of nature. But as we go forward, we see billions of new things and the quest for exploring the universe would never ends.
    This is the sun who gives life on earth and that’s why we Indians respect Sun as one of our GODS.

    Posted by Rooprajinder SIngh November 17, 08 11:06 PM

    Marvellous ! ! ! i can even imagine this....
    I am running short of words to explain my feeling..

    Posted by Vanitha Ramasamy November 17, 08 11:44 PM

    i really liked the pictures. they are soooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooool especially when the sun has sun spots they r so coooooooooooooooool!!!!!!! And im thankful 2 god 4 making 'em.

    Posted by sarah jang November 18, 08 12:27 AM

    MarkF - 788,

    You are correct. Questions are excellent. In fact, it is amazing how many so called Christians cannot answer some of these difficult questions. I have been doing some research into my faith, Christianity, for the sole puprose of being able to defend it. In our times and culture, is seems many "religions" are gaining popularity. I would say this is because people are searching for answers. On top of that Christianity has gotten such a bad rap do to so much legalism.

    I would recommend any book by Gary Habermas, I'm currently reading "The Historical Jesus" and "The Case for the Resurrecion". They are many other resources that you can read to find answers. A deeper more thought provoking book is "To Everyone an Answer". This is a collection of several essays written by various scholars. By the way, if you read something that is attacking Christianity and its claims, many times they take verses of the Bible out of context and are finding exactly "what they are looking for". I'm not implying, however, that Christian scholars don't have a bias, I just believe they really look at "ALL" the evidences and find that it logicall leans toward Christianity more than not.

    This is just my opinion. I'm sure someone on here will have something negative to say about it., but it is what it is. Jesus wasn't like by many people in His day either.

    Good luck in your journey. I can only pray the Holy Spirit draws you to Himself.

    Posted by JMW November 18, 08 12:58 PM

    Awesome that's all I can say just Awesome.

    Posted by Willy Masters November 18, 08 07:53 PM

    I agree MarkF, debate is healthy. The way I see it truth does not have to be coerced. Truth stands on it's own.
    What I believe personally is religion is man's attempts to reach up to God, but the Bible is about God reaching down into humanity, and saying I love you this much when He died on the cross.
    For me the prophecies Jesus fulfilled and are still fulfilling are proof He was who He claimed to be. But also the personal changes He made in my heart and life. And the reality of the changed heart I see in so many of His people, where His love shines through despite our many warts.
    Glad you are open enough to talk about these things in a kind way.

    Posted by Laurie November 18, 08 10:50 PM

    I cannot help but be in total awe that someone, or several people, were able to capture these increidible pictures. I do see why thoughts immidiately go to God and his creations. THere are so many things known, and unknown, and in studying space we continue to go forward to find what is beyond this star or that planet., or that galaxy. THe pictures are awesome beyond belief.
    I have been curious to read the banter going on between Joe and two should go out really, and should get some have been up all night. I've been just as facinated with your responses as the pictures. Cheers!

    Posted by Carol Leigh Marshall November 18, 08 11:19 PM

    Masha Allah! Wondering how ALLAH would have created all our world in 6 days in such a Amazingly Beautiful Way. Thanks to Allah for creating me to in this world and giving me knowledge to explore all this wonderfuls.Heart Shivering...

    Posted by Shilpha November 19, 08 06:46 AM

    Phenomenal pics! As to your religious observations...You're all wrong - Zeus created it all.

    Posted by Steve Bergstrom November 19, 08 09:47 AM

    i think your pictures and info WAS ASWOME

    Posted by Anonymous November 19, 08 02:25 PM


    Posted by BIANCA November 19, 08 02:42 PM

    " Silence is the language of God.
    All else is a bad translation."
    - Bhgavan Sri Saytha Sai Baba
    Keep it simple.
    - Three Buffalos

    Posted by Douglas hree buffalos November 19, 08 05:31 PM

    that is the best site in the world IT IS SO COOL

    Posted by JAMIE HARRISON November 19, 08 06:09 PM

    These pictures, though overwhelming to the human eyes, emotions, and imaginations are a mere "drop in the bucket" to the true majesty and power of almighty God. In fact, our little star, known as the son, would be so tiny as to be unseen when set beside some of the other giant and magnificient objects in the universe. The Bible says, "eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.".....Also, "He calls them all (stars), by name." So all the stars in all the galaxies have already been named. so don't pay to have a star named after you, and recorded in the registry.

    Posted by Ted Hall November 19, 08 06:18 PM

    you religious idiots, this has nothing to do with god or any other related made-up crap. if you knew anything about stars, you'd realized that. pick up a science book and try to learn something.

    Posted by ActuallyAphysicist November 20, 08 12:14 AM

    hey, religious weirdos: please try using your heads for something besides convenient places to wrap those ridiculous-looking turbans.
    thank you.

    Posted by Anonymous November 20, 08 01:30 AM

    in an imagenative sense do you think God exist in the sun

    Posted by wale November 20, 08 04:48 AM


    Posted by WASIUDDIN November 20, 08 06:54 AM

    Wonderfull pictures, wise and absolutely true words JMW! God bless you.
    He is the only true and living God and yes, we can not do anything to come into heaven than just make a concious decision to accept HIS son Jesus Chrtist, in our lifes.

    Posted by Bruno November 20, 08 12:48 PM

    It is people just like you that get really upset when "religious" people say and do things that promote their beliefs and yet here you are calling them idiots. There is actually great evidences for a Creator, despite what the science books may say.


    Posted by Jon Wilburn November 20, 08 12:54 PM

    Amazing!, mindboggling!, The Sun is really impressive in these pics, I must say that they left me astonished. My thanks to all the people who make these photos possible! Good site, I will recommend it...

    Posted by Tavo Gonzalez November 20, 08 01:24 PM

    I find it interesting that most of the individuals have commented upon God in one form or another in relation to these pictures. It says to me that these pictures capture something too large to understand or explain. That is Neat! something way beyond ourselves. AWESOME! Jan

    Posted by Jan Lazo-Davis November 20, 08 02:10 PM

    .........As my kids watch the revolving sun, I try to explain,........"This is the Sun, a round burning ball in the middle of darkness. It spins, it never stops. It keeps burning, yet never burns up". They are looking at me like I am nuts! But yet, there it is. I vote Creator.

    Posted by In Awe! November 20, 08 05:20 PM

    Without a doubt there is a Creator! I'm shocked that anyone can look at anything so magnificent and doubt the tiniest bit there is a God that made it all for us to enjoy. (Unfortunately we're doing a good job of tearing up the parts of creation we can get to!) And to think these photos are just one aspect. On the other spectrum, take the human body...! The more I learn, the more amazed I am - the more awed at how fearfully and wonderfully we are created! I sure didn't evolve from any monkey that came from... a mold spore or whatever! Without someone orchestrating it all there is NO WAY it could be or continue in such an orderly way.

    Posted by Yeah, God! November 20, 08 07:17 PM

    Incredible photos..................................Amazing!

    Posted by Saifudeen November 21, 08 04:36 AM

    There's nothing but us trying to expain it, because as men, we need an explanation, and so we need someone to tell us that explanation.

    But in my opinion nobody is going to explain it, just live and watch this amazing images, and if you need to believe to be happy, believe without doubt, but I don't need it.

    Posted by S.G.Q. November 21, 08 08:28 AM

    cool pictures

    Posted by ok November 21, 08 03:25 PM

    These photos are so amazing and marvelous. They increase my own personal love of the MYSTERY of it all, of God.
    As a woman, I reject all notions of God as a MALE figure. It is misinterpreting Bible
    Thumpers as well as Muslims who enslave women for the subjagation of men, that take away from the notion of GOD.
    We are humans and GOD /Dess are the creators. Our egos and dominance fantasies are the problem.. God created this world for all. And women birth us all into it.. Ask non-dominated women for the spiritual perspective you all long for.

    Posted by God's Nature Lover November 22, 08 02:41 AM

    If anything, those images give direct evidence for the existence of Zeus and the other Olympian Gods. Now, to all those that don't accept this fact, prove me wrong.

    Posted by James November 22, 08 04:29 AM

    If one thinks this wonder just happened by accident i WOULD BEG TO DIFFER WITH TOU. This whole structure is so very beautiful and precise that it couldn't be by accident. There is an intelligencce behind all of this. Call it what you will but it is there.and we will never understand it as humans because our understanding is very limited.If we could could understand it we would be on par with the whoever or what ever created this masterpiece.A thing that has no beginning and no end and yet it is here and is beyond all of our understanding as to why.or how.

    Posted by J. Eddens November 22, 08 08:48 AM

    I would say enjoy the wonder of science and the beauty of these images, leave your respective religions at the door.

    Posted by Mel November 22, 08 01:24 PM

    whats after the sky or the outerspace

    Posted by jarna November 22, 08 04:58 PM

    @ #754, @ Laurie: Is he smart enough to realise that said toys have a mechanism, a way with wich they work without importance to who made it?

    Think of existence as... an unlabeled toy if you will, you can speculate all you want about who made it, but with the information at hand the only thing you can know is how it works, the rest is the imagination of a 7 years old trying to fill in the blanks.

    Posted by Morrigan November 23, 08 02:12 AM


    Posted by Anonymous November 23, 08 08:44 PM


    So far all we know, is that outerspace just keeps going.....and going.....doesn't end, hard to understand isn't it!

    Posted by Edward A. Weissbard November 24, 08 12:35 PM

    "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day."
    Albert Einstein

    Scientists are well aware that “the search for truth, even when it concerns a finite reality of the world or of man, is never-ending, but always points beyond to something higher than the immediate object of study, to the questions which give access to Mystery”.
    Pope John Paul II, "Fides et Ratio" (on the relationship between Faith and Reason)

    "O LORD, our Lord, how awesome is your name through all the earth! You have set your majesty above the heavens! … When I see your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars that you set in place -- What are humans that you are mindful of them, mere mortals that you care for them? Yet you have made them little less than a god, crowned them with glory and honor."
    (Psalms 8:2, 4-6)

    The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky proclaims it’s builder’s craft.
    (Psalms 19:2)

    By faith we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God, so that what is visible came into being through the invisible.
    (Hebrews 11:3)

    Posted by Tom November 24, 08 01:10 PM

    What the hell is wron with all of you? Why cant people just look at the god dman pics and keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves

    Posted by Anonymous November 24, 08 02:10 PM

    it's very useful me first time i saw the sun pichure

    Posted by jegan November 24, 08 02:13 PM

    Êðàñèâûå ôîòêè. Èíòåðåñíî, êîãäà îíî ïîãàñíåò?)))

    Posted by Serg November 25, 08 03:43 AM

    #826 -

    What in the world! Why do you even take the time to post? You obviously took time to read the posts. You are hostile my friend! If these opinionated posts upset you why in the world would you take time to read them.

    Posted by Anonymous Too November 25, 08 11:53 AM

    These are the most amasing pictures

    Posted by Bethany November 25, 08 02:12 PM

    Truly outstanding pictures. I was not aware that Germany had a presence in Afganistan until seeing these great pictures. I have passed these on to my family including 18 grandchildren. Keep it up. You should be proud of your efforts here. TPM.

    Posted by Tom McGuire November 25, 08 05:21 PM

    Consoling to read that we are all still human. Over the ages, anything to do with the sun has always provoked either debates or massacres or witch-hunts on creation versus evolution. I wonder, do baboons or skunks have similar disagreements? If not why not? Maybe let's go ask the serpents, they're sure to have the answer - as the only nonhuman creature (note I said creature) involved in the Fall (Read Genesis 3).

    Posted by Elsa November 26, 08 04:38 AM

    Yes, animals scrap too..LOL
    Oh yes they have disagreements if you observe animals.
    Unfortunately as humans we should be kinder to one another than mere animals seeing as we were made in the image of God

    Posted by Laurie November 26, 08 10:50 AM

    First off, the pictures are simply wonderful. Thanks for letting us have a dekko.

    This Joe fellow and the JMW fellow had quite a bit of a scrap. Motivated too. Got a bit carried away in their pedantics I thought.
    Just goes to show how the depths of science lead to religion and the depths of religion lead to science (Fritjof Capra)
    An interesting thought-
    1. What is the answer to the question 'who made this creation'?
    A. God (creator) of course.
    2. So this God person made this creation you say. What did he make it out of, and where was he standing while he made it?
    A. He would stand somewhere I would expect, and use stuff that was there. Maybe he would just will creation out of thin air or even out of nothingness.
    3. So this somewhere that he is standing or existing in, is the actual creation. The pre-existent somewhere is the actual creation isn't it?
    A. I see the logic. I would be lead into an endless regression of pre-existent creations. So if the God person were to 'make' something, he would need to exist somewhere. So let me modify the answer and say nothingness(God) created Creation out of nothingness (material).

    The Nasadiya Suktam therefore says that the human brain is too small to contemplate creation. Stephen Hawking says that just because a chimpanzee does not understand calculus, doesn't mean calculus isn't there. Humans use it on a daily basis. The chimp's brain is too small to comprehend calculus, just like the human brain is too small to comprehend creation.
    Just because the toymaker didn't write his name on the toy doesn't mean that nobody made the toy.

    Posted by Rowans November 26, 08 01:33 PM

    It's amazing what can be seen through the eyes of tecknowledge these days.
    At this moment think of all the brilliant minds throughout history and the inventions they made, the things they discovered, and the things they then learned. With all things, there must be a creator, right? I mean when you look at the screen you read this off of, "Where'd it come from?" you may ask. The same goes for the earth, sun, and all other things created in this universe. The truth is that everything must have a creator, a preserver, something to make sure that it is intact. The belief in God is not a fantasy of someone who just thought of a story, it is a long well preserved acknowledgement of God's being here and sending his son to die for our sins. Think. We have a calendar based on the life and death of Jesus. So do you think he was actually here? Do you think he might have been so important that we based our time system on Him? Well I believe that there is a God. That he created the heavens and the stars and everything there is. That He sent his only son for our sake, and that Jesus died for our sins. I believe that God accepts our mistakes because he created us perfect but accepted the imperfections and just asks for repentance. He still loves us because we are all his children. I admit that I am not perfect and will never be, but I can help you make a difference in your eternal life. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your savior and ask for forgiveness.

    If you feel that you want to know anything else, or just want to ask me a question, please don't hesitate to do so ask.

    Posted by James November 26, 08 02:56 PM

    Wow these are breathtaking

    Posted by Courtney Crawford November 27, 08 05:46 PM

    what a beauty GOD has made thats y i pray GOD.

    Posted by kalas November 28, 08 05:04 AM

    what a bunch of religious nutters..... this is really scary!

    Posted by Atheist November 29, 08 02:33 PM

    these pics are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Girl December 1, 08 12:00 PM


    Posted by YSAJAN December 1, 08 12:50 PM

    I think we all agree that whoever put the sun out there, it is universally awesome, spiritual, and necessary. Thank you for creating it. I love and appreciate all the diverse religions and beliefs that commented on this picture. It's what makes us a unified, intelligent and tolerant planet. Let's keep it going.

    Posted by anynomous December 1, 08 08:31 PM

    How bout we just appreciate it's beauty without trying to find meaning or cause of it's creation. Some things, no matter their undeniable importance, just are.

    Posted by shutupboutreligionalready December 2, 08 05:57 AM

    Most people beleive in the Big Bang theory.
    I'll give you one guess who
    pulled the trigger?

    Posted by Quazimoto December 2, 08 09:02 AM

    you simply cant look at those pics and not believe theres a God. You cant rule him out . If you don't agree then i believe i takes MORE faith to assume it all just happened. I pray for you non believers, for the same God who created the very sun you see in these pictures will judge you one day.....By the way these pics are beautiful.

    Posted by FORGIVEN December 3, 08 01:57 AM


    Posted by Anonymous December 3, 08 02:09 PM

    Pedantics? Interesting word there. I will agree with you that our human brains are too small to comprehend creation. As far as God needing a place to stand, that is irrelevant. It doesn't really matter. He created the world we know and time as we know it. He created our reality. Interesting thoughts I will have to say.

    Thanks for you post.

    Posted by JMW December 3, 08 04:24 PM

    tis pics are so awesome

    Posted by Anonymous December 3, 08 06:15 PM

    The pictures are awesome. What is going on out there in the universe is beyond our ability to fathom.
    The religious treatises indicate the point at which each of those people (and their cults) have given up the search for understanding.
    Anyone who thinks further about the origin of the universe will eventually realize after a while that it's turtles all the way down, by which I mean that it is a pointless and fruitless search.
    You don't need a God or book of laws to live a good life and treat other people and the planet well, you just do it on your own initiative.

    Posted by EarthUnit12BA2604C.2 December 3, 08 11:22 PM

    Before anyone discovering the sun, its features , very very long time ago we indian have knows this mystery. And that mystery was stolen by western countries and now they shows that they have discover this. But I always wish that someday in life of whole world history, everyone will know this thing.



    Posted by Anonymous December 4, 08 11:51 AM

    You can think all you want, about anything you want, but when research is done regarding our earth and the beginning of time, more and more scientists, even atheists, are proclaiming that an Intelligent Designer had His hand in it all. It doesn't take very long into the research to realize that the possibilities of life coming from some ooze out of a pond is zilch. Mathematicly it is impossible to get life without a lifegiver. If YOU really thought hard about it you would see this too.
    God Bless you in your research.

    Posted by JMW December 4, 08 12:54 PM

    Fantastic data collection.Thanks for availing.

    Posted by Vivek Y Kadam December 4, 08 09:55 PM

    these pics are amazing

    hahaha why the religious debate guys? Can't we just appreciate how awesome the sun is without diving into that bucket of worms?

    Posted by Zeke December 6, 08 09:24 PM

    OMG, its so cool

    Posted by Lillyanna December 7, 08 03:46 PM

    God is great hes the most forgiving god . i know that he exist & if you people on here dont know what your talking abt then you shouldn't say anything at all ! i don't know all abt god and im not saying i do but i know enough to know whats right & whats wrong ! there is no sence in arguing on the computer with peoples belifs its not gonna change there minds on whats already programed inn their heads and what they belive ! Be happy , don't worry abt who doen't agree with you they can judge you only your god can judge you & that will happen on judgment day . Unlil then Merry Christmas all (:

    Posted by Kriska December 8, 08 11:15 AM

    It so great pictures.

    Posted by thureinyemyint December 9, 08 04:33 AM


    Posted by Anonymous December 9, 08 07:49 AM

    it is awesome!!

    Posted by Nick December 9, 08 09:00 AM


    Posted by Giedrë December 9, 08 11:48 AM

    I what has relgion got to do whith all this

    Posted by heleo December 10, 08 01:07 AM

    very help ful thankyou

    Posted by lauren December 10, 08 10:47 AM

    freakin' awesome

    Posted by crakajack December 10, 08 12:08 PM

    Amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg thank you.

    Posted by megan joseph December 10, 08 12:46 PM

    It has nothing to do with religion. All to do with how it was created.

    Posted by JMW December 10, 08 01:51 PM

    These wonderfull pictures are the prove that there is someone who is almighty & only one, who is contolling this universe without any interferance of others.

    Posted by wiseman December 10, 08 06:32 PM

    these pictrures of the sun are great I think that my teacher would love them since we are stuiding space there the best I've seen

    Posted by kenzie December 10, 08 09:00 PM

    Believing something is the end of thought. Einstein's biggest mistake was his 1 belief. Religion shuts doors, faith doesn't.

    Posted by Anonymous December 10, 08 10:14 PM

    That's puzzling. All I can say is that there is so much yet to be known out there. The sad thing is that all this which these guys have come with is just but a very small fraction of what there is to know. God have mercy. Keep it up good friends and remember to ask for further wisdom from God.

    Posted by Standa December 11, 08 11:14 AM

    very helpful

    Posted by glgblhlghkgjhgkj December 11, 08 04:34 PM


    Posted by Erin December 12, 08 10:57 AM

    ''I love the comments. Someone asks, "Why is it necessary to bring God into this?".

    Easy, all of the people who are unable to wrap their head around the beauty and wonder of natural science need something to fill that gap of knowledge. The end.''

    LOL Finally someone with brains!

    Posted by Gazzmann76 December 12, 08 04:17 PM

    OOOMMMMMMJJJJJJJJ!!!!these r so cool beans!but some of them look like they had negative effects added to it..........

    Posted by kristina minga December 12, 08 08:17 PM

    Too much religion and too little science. Think about this: God is not Positive or Negative, Male or Female, God is the Nuetral force and therefoe not effected by gravity or time. God is the Light, the invisible force within all things. Just suppose there was a translating error eons ago and the phrase Son of God was meant to be Sun is God. And think of the computing power in the electromagnetic core of the sun, it would be unimaginable and beyond comprehenssion of mans feable mind, and certainly powerfull enough to influence the structure and life of all living things.

    Posted by Jack Andrew December 14, 08 11:56 AM

    Jack Andrew (#872) -
    Why is that scientists who have actually studied things like cells, proteins, and DNA have discovered that mathmatically it is impossible to have such without an Intelligent Designer. So many come on here ranting and raving. If you actually were open to learning and the yearning in your heart you might realize that this Intelligent Designer actually Loves you. But what am I thinking, our feable minds are not capable of thinking about such things.

    Posted by JMW December 15, 08 01:20 PM

    well its good for my report

    Posted by jose December 15, 08 03:59 PM

    these pictures are great it makes you wounder whats going on in the inside
    I guess it would make you think of god but on the other hand it makes me think how pretty hell would be .

    Posted by thatguy1988 December 16, 08 10:08 PM

    JMW - when you say something like "Why is that scientists who have actually studied things like cells, proteins, and DNA have discovered that mathmatically it is impossible to have such without an Intelligent Designer" which has no factual basis, it really doesn't further a discussion. If you do not know what you're talking about, it's usually best to remain silent. Nobody has said that it is mathematically impossible; mathematics has very little to do with it. In the quest for an understanding of the world around us, scientists have been so awed and confounded by what they are presented with that indeed SOME do believe that there must be an intelligent design behind it all. Others remain agnostic while others believe there is a logical scientific explanation for everything.

    What I wish to propose is why can't there be a mix of the two? Perhaps we can venture past the old, over-visited, polarizing, endless, and pointless argument between Science and Religion. We see these pictures of our Sun, a typical star (one of trillions in the universe), and we are all amazed at its wonder and beauty. Is it so difficult to find a spiritual sanctuary in this wonder? Some may call it God, some may call it Science, but it could just as easily be called Mystery. I am not in any way proposing that people abandon their beliefs, but suggesting that we should not be so quick to jump down each other's throat. Our ancestors all developed these various beliefs in an attempt to explain their world, to give a context to existence, thus giving birth to BOTH science and religion.

    Though I am sure this will receive many negative responses, I will also suggest that those of you who are ever-rooted in your one belief should at least educate yourselves about other religions or sciences. Even though you do not have to believe in everything you read, it is a waste of human life to close your mind to all of the great texts humans have written throughout history. Christians should not limit their knowledge to the Bible, for Muslims the Koran, Jews the Torah, Hindus the Vedas, etc. Further, people of faith should open a science book. If your God truly created something as awe-inspiring as our universe, is it not disrespectful to Him to give short shrift to all the effort He put into making something so complex? Indeed the human body is complex, but wait until you learn about the stars!

    Open your minds, open your hearts. Shalom, salaam, shanti, peace.

    Posted by Dan December 17, 08 05:11 PM

    I believe and I know I am right. If you don't believe destroy it. God has given us so many beautiful things and the ability to build our own beautiful things. The Golden Gate Bridge for one. When you reach the top of Half Dome in Yosemite, take the time to look.

    Posted by Bill hoffrage December 18, 08 10:56 AM

    Awesome pictures. They are truly amazing. Thank you. Another great site is

    Inside everyone of us there is a desire to know the answer to:
    "is there a Creator and how did this all get here?"
    We all know the answer, even those that fight it and call us freaks, you also know the truth.
    Science is amazing it helps you to see just how indescribable our Creator is.

    Posted by Jess SA December 19, 08 07:14 AM

    Unas fotos preciosas!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Posted by Joan Manel Tena Monrort December 19, 08 07:59 AM

    Galileo was persecuted by religious zealots for inventing the telescope, because they thought that God created all the stars in the heavens for man to see. So why then, would God create objects in the heavens that man could not see?

    The answer is quite simple: If God gave us the intelligence to create such a tool as the telescope, what would it do to our curious nature if we could not see any more of the universe WITH it than WITHOUT it?

    For once you reject the prattling of religious zealots, only then will you begin to understand the universe and God.

    Posted by H. E. Retik December 19, 08 10:58 PM

    I like the sun.

    Posted by Anonymous December 20, 08 05:37 PM

    I'd rather like to see the reality than imagining. These pics are amazing. Specially #9 with 3D.

    Posted by shan gunasekera December 21, 08 01:21 AM

    Teþekkürler.( Thanks.)

    Posted by delidna December 22, 08 10:16 AM

    Dan - 876

    I am not closed minded. I do not pass judgment. You can believe whatever you want. Our universe is so complex. In fact, this is what leads me to believe that only an Intelligent Designer could have done it all.

    You said that nobody has said that it is mathematically impossible, yet you say I have not done my research. I do not have the source in hand at the moment, but will find it for you. Someone has claimed this. You claim I don't know what I'm talking about, yet you don't know that this is claimed. Looks like we both don't know what we are talking about.

    One more thing. I know some about various religions and their doctrines. I think the amazing thing is, is all of them have the answer. Isn't that ironic? How can there be multiple religions and ALL of them be true? It doesn't make sense to me, does it to you? The thing to do is to see what is different. What separates one from the other. They all posses something you must do, say, or keep. Except one. Is this close minded? No. Is it sincere searching? Yes. Christianity is the only "religion" that you don't have to work your way into "heaven". The work was done for us, by Christ on the cross. In His own words, "It is finished!" We don't do anything to earn it because all we deserve is death.

    The value for me to study other religions is to know where someone is coming from. What their perspective might be.

    Lastly, there can only be one way the universe came into being. It can't be both created and exploded into being. There cannot be many rights and many wrongs, there can only be one right and many wrongs.

    Posted by JMW December 22, 08 11:06 AM

    Firstly id like to point out that i consider myself an evangelical christian.
    With that said id like to say that i fail to see how viewing such wonders necessitates a creator God, the laws of science seems sufficient to explain this phenomenon.

    Posted by Daniel Soury December 23, 08 06:48 AM

    Daniel Soury (885) -

    Can you explain to me how you can be an evangelical christian and not believe in a creator God? The first chapter of John's gospel is full of declarations of Jesus being God. How do you explain that chapter away or the whole book of John away for that matter?

    Posted by JMW December 23, 08 11:23 AM

    JMW....... oh JMW!

    What are you doing? I find that you are not getting through to any of these foolish blokes. They just don't have the patience or the focus to engage into an intelligent argument. They just make a random comment and are back to their bleak blinkered lives.

    The Universe! Ah the Universe! What a colorful place it is. H2G2 painted it so vividly well. Douglas Adams did try to answer the God VS Universe question, and side stepped it so elegantly.

    I find your arguments quite interesting, but you seem to have a morbid need to come back and 'educate' people. As the Italians say, "Washing a donkey's head is a waste of water!" Mate, I don't think you are making any inroads into the hordes of nuts blinded by religion, that are visiting this site. Take my advice and let them make their small minded comments. If you have nothing better to do than to argue with these people, then I pity you. Go on! Life is short. Let those wide open eyes of yours continue to take in more of the wonders of this Universe.

    Good Luck

    Rowans (originally posted in #834)

    Posted by Rowans December 23, 08 04:12 PM

    Rowans -

    I actually am a quite busy person. And yes I do realize that most of these people will only visit this site once and then go on. I guess I find it interesting that so many people have an opinion and no "proof" to back it up. I know that I may not have the best "proofs" yet for my beliefs, but you have to start somewhere. This is more of a testing ground for me. Kind of like, "I wonder what they'll say to this? or How will they answer that?"

    You are right though, most of these comments are aimlessly pointed at whoever will read them. Thanks for your insight!

    Posted by JMW December 29, 08 02:12 PM


    Posted by ZERONOMO December 31, 08 09:15 AM

    Looking upon this star with eyes not of our own but of our own making is full of emotion. Deep and firery emotion, moving from deep withing us exploding and flaring out, I almost leave my body on gazing at this images, seeing into a mystery my heart craves to know more about. I feel I would almost dive into this star if it were not to consume me and even then, maybe. It is living. We live like it, all that stirring inside of us, craving more knowledge or more closeness, more sharing, more understanding, more. Rapturous is the truth. I love science. I love the connection I feel to the mystery and to the source which I am to feel filled by. Love

    Posted by jenastra December 31, 08 01:02 PM

    Belíssimas imagens!
    Saudações do Brasil!

    Posted by Marcos January 3, 09 03:29 PM

    the picturus are amazing and the information are too good

    Posted by anshif January 4, 09 07:00 AM

    This site is awsome i got tons of good pics for a project i'm doing :)

    Posted by ry627 January 6, 09 07:44 PM

    Vary Good Sun

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    I love these pictures

    Posted by Anonymous January 7, 09 06:22 AM

    I hate the sun AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    Posted by Kyle Wecords January 7, 09 01:25 PM

    Take it outside godboy!

    Posted by Zartimus January 7, 09 03:31 PM

    the 1st one is aswome!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by not me January 8, 09 10:32 AM

    pictures of sun were amazing
    The idea of capturing these pictures was excellent.and i want to send my regards to the members who worked and involved in this project

    Posted by vadlamudi srikanth January 8, 09 07:04 PM


    Posted by JESS January 9, 09 12:47 PM


    Posted by JJ January 9, 09 12:50 PM

    good pics.

    Posted by Anonymous January 9, 09 11:43 PM

    Thank you for these wonderful views of the sun. I love everyones interest and opinions! What's crazy to me is all the people, friends and family around me that never stop to gaze into the heavens at all! When I try to talk about what I am seeing and learning about all this , they look at me like I am crazy or boring. There is nothing boring about all this new info brought on by technology. Alot of people go about their day to day life taking it all for granted. We are living in times where all this is available to us, unlike people from hundreds of years ago. I feel priveledged to have lived and seen what I have seen, through photos obviously.
    You all should too! Also remember we can only account for 1/3 of all the matter in the universe. Where is the other 2/3's? If we live in a few dimentions wouldnt the other 2/3's be made up of other dimensions? Like 8 more or so. Could that be where the answer is?

    Posted by Sheila Stiles January 10, 09 11:02 AM

    Reading the comments of many of the god belivers is strikes me that these kind of people are obviously schocked and realize that all those bulsh*t in bible koran of tora or what ever is written, tell them , how WRONG and MISLEAD they are
    Good times for Shrinks are comming !!

    Posted by the trully ATHEIST January 10, 09 11:14 AM

    Some of the flares are greater than the distance from Earth to the Moon. Increased Solar activity is the reason Venus, Earth and Mars got warmed during the late '90s and early 00s. It was not SUVs, spray paint or cow flatulence.

    The Sun is now entering a less active phase and the Earth will cool slightly. That's why the ice caps are back to their 1972 configurations.

    Posted by Norma Lee Kwik January 12, 09 11:34 AM

    There really cannot be a true Atheists. They claim there can be no God. Well, that is an absolute claim. If they knew God didn't exist, then they could also know if God really did exist. So, what we end up with is a person who really can't know for sure if God exist. There is a big difference there.

    Posted by Truly NOT an Atheist January 13, 09 12:55 PM

    Amazingly beautiful, Good Job and thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Hadi Jaafarawi January 14, 09 11:10 AM

    I came here to view information and images about the sun and the whole place is full of zealots.

    Please all of you go to and stay away from scientific endeavors. Your interference and opinions are not welcome in actual actual scientific debate.

    The views and opinions expressed here are deeply disturbing. God has NOTHING to do with humanity's quest to understand the universe.

    Please go preach at the temple of god, not here at the temple of knowledge.

    Posted by Mark January 14, 09 11:20 AM

    these pics are cool!!!!!!!

    Posted by paola January 14, 09 12:05 PM

    For those who do not believe in God, God creation is revealed not only in these pictures but the your ability as human to recognize the beauty and feel it!!!
    Nothing has a value if you don't feel the beauty and the majesty

    Posted by nisrine hallak January 14, 09 04:00 PM

    Why the big argument over science vs. religion? As a Christian who is also a scientist, I find that these two are inseparable. The sun is truly amazing in all its fiery glory and we look forward to discovering more about the flaming ball that allows life on earth. Believing is not the end of knowledge, it is only the beginning. Most of our great philosophers in the course of human history were not atheistic. I pity the most the people who never look toward the heavens and ask why. Their lives are usually quite empty of deeper thought. And by the way, the mathmatical evidence that was mentioned does exist (read "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell, a former atheist) and deals with mathmatical probabilities. Pet peeve - it's hard to take many of you seriously as intelligent and educated people. Your spelling is really, really bad. My 10 year old can write better.

    Posted by Christianbiologist January 15, 09 11:39 AM

    911.... Best post yet!

    Posted by Enjoyed the pix January 15, 09 05:24 PM

    these pic. are so awsome i loved them

    Posted by Corina and Alexis January 15, 09 08:28 PM

    mmm. these photos make me hungry. Its cold outside and some remind me of sizzling marshmellows on my fire (to go with the graham crackers and chocolate) or rice krispie treats before they harden, while others remind me of a gooey blue cheese tomato soup. I gotta leave work and get cookin before the sun goes down...

    Posted by JOE January 16, 09 11:05 AM

    This are amazing pictures!!!!

    Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 01:43 PM

    how did you take those pictures?

    Posted by Anonymous January 16, 09 02:58 PM

    Oh someone "behind" this did it just because its beautiful... convinced me!!

    Posted by randombloke January 16, 09 10:00 PM

    these pictures are amazin how did u take them wow i am still amazed

    Posted by charly January 18, 09 10:11 AM

    it's amazing to watch the sun, but I have a doubt how is possble to take a picture so close. if there is answer to this please tell me

    Posted by Alexander January 18, 09 01:00 PM

    The next solar maximum is apparently in 2012. We enter perilous times. The end times. Not just because of Solar Maximum, but because of all the things that are going on around us.

    We are the final generation.

    God's blessings to all. The Christ will return to earth to harvest up the "Good Grain" His followers.

    Posted by Arthus Goldmoon January 20, 09 01:21 AM

    O how depressing. I'm beginning to wish I'd never bothered creating this universe. If this goes on much longer I'll destroy the sun along with the miserable little planet you call 'Earth'. It's not as if I'll miss it, there's approximately 10zillion more where your solar system came from.

    Beautiful pictures, of course, I created them.

    Posted by God Almighty January 21, 09 10:26 AM

    no whie

    Posted by gnjfjfjfjfjfjfjfj January 21, 09 11:43 AM

    Buaaa haaa haa ha ha ha!

    I feel like I live in bizzaro land. I honestly thought adults were smarter than this. It's like Jesus Christ is the pied piper leading his sheep to crazy imaginary land. The species is doomed!

    Posted by Mark Burningham January 21, 09 12:00 PM


    Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 03:33 PM

    the picks are cool but no information on this website

    Posted by DtttyRTYRFDYULFYD January 21, 09 07:10 PM

    Where are the pictures of heaven?

    Posted by Carl Butler January 22, 09 04:04 AM

    WOW! how did u get those buitiful picts

    Posted by Anonymous January 22, 09 10:48 AM

    realy this picture have never seen
    amazing picture

    Posted by Pawan Rawat January 23, 09 07:21 AM

    These pictures are amazing, no matter what you carry away from them. To view them makes me feel humble and open, and I do find it ironic (as another contributor noted) that pictures of the sun bring out some of the seemingly most arrogant people in our world. I appreciate the thoughts of #628 and welcome open-minded and considerate discussions that allow for the possibility that the full truth is ours to discover.

    Posted by Sonya January 24, 09 10:26 AM

    hi the sun piture is very wonderful and marvelous


    Posted by vanessa pearl r domingo January 24, 09 07:59 PM

    hello how are you
    i realy love the website and i love the pictures
    got to go bye

    Posted by cameron metcalfe January 25, 09 04:01 PM

    Wow! .... Awesome pictures ...... It's hard to believe that a ball of fire of that magnitude can continue to burn for such a long period of time without, exploding, imploding or just burning out ... Why it's almost as if it were sustained and controled by .... oooh .. shall we say a "Creator"? ....... Food for thought

    Posted by James January 26, 09 09:10 PM

    These photos are very nice.Coungretolations.

    Posted by Viktoria January 28, 09 08:28 AM

    love the pics

    Posted by me January 28, 09 07:56 PM

    It`s not god, we live in a petri dish watched over by 3 white mice in lab coats!!!!!!

    Posted by CARL. January 29, 09 10:50 AM


    Posted by PAT BUCHANAN January 29, 09 04:27 PM

    god is the creator!!!!!

    Posted by some one January 29, 09 08:08 PM

    i love it

    Posted by Anonymous January 29, 09 08:30 PM

    OMG! These pictures of sun are awesome! Especially #11. That one is my favorite.

    Posted by Miranda E. Lara January 29, 09 10:42 PM

    Science is the study of how God created. He does not require our belief in Him to exist. We require His belief in us to exist. As a retired physics/AP Biology/Science teacher of 24 years and the daughter of a nuclear physicicist who worked with Klaus Fuchs and Edward Teller, I can affirm that a true, unbiased, study of the world and our universe confirms His existence. The deeper you reach into the sciences, be they nuclear, biological or mathmatical, the more they confirm the order and method in our universe. Our God is intangible, He cannot be physically affirmed or "proven", you must have faith- the ability to believe without proof or substance. He has surrounded us with His creation so that we might look deep at His wonders and know His glory more fully. After all, was it not our faith in our ability to fly that brought us the airplane? Faith in our ability to have light that brought us the light bulb and electricity? Faith in our ability to reach the moon that took us there? The very same people who declare that science is supreme because of man are the very same one's who decry God's existence because of man. Faith in man can be both very hazardous and very rewarding, but faith in God is the ultimate test, and requires the biggest leap. After all, science has been wrong again and again. I do not judge our scientific results on the humans who did the work, after all, we never hear about most of the mistakes. I only enjoy each discovery as it comes- with awe to see how our God created. Why then should I judge who or what God is by the works of humans? Religions are not God, they are man's attempt to display our understanding of Him, and like science, it is extremely susceptible to misinterpretations, misunderstandings and mistakes. But this no more negates God's existence than does Edison's hundreds of mistakes negate the existence of the light bulb. Truly open minds are open to everything, so that good and evil may be judged and so that all things may be examined and known, including all science and God Himself. Why would you exclaim in awe over the incredible photographs displayed here but shut your mind to the possibility of a Supreme Creator? Find Him yourself, do your own research, depend on no man, the awe you will experience far outweighs the awe felt here.

    Thank you Boston Globe, for sharing these incredible pictures.

    Posted by reposted January 31, 09 03:39 PM

    OMG !
    This pictures are amazing ! just beuatifuls !!!

    Posted by Kareen February 1, 09 04:11 PM

    I have never seen anything like this before!!!!!

    Posted by Samantha February 2, 09 06:37 AM

    OK. Let's say there is a God.
    Which one? :p

    Posted by Simanos February 2, 09 08:20 AM

    who is sun and if this is sun so who is the one on the sky every day and especiely who come out every morning for saying good morning

    Posted by shair February 2, 09 10:48 AM

    Extraordinary, Amazing, Excellent, Super no words to express. Good Job

    Posted by Esther Glory John February 3, 09 01:50 AM


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    ok first of all you some of you people are weard and second of all these pictures are the best thing that I could use for my school project!!!!!
    love Natasha

    Posted by Hi February 5, 09 09:36 AM

    i like the second photo it was awsome!

    Posted by a'lonna clark February 5, 09 10:04 AM

    I love the photos, taken by real people using a tangable invention, of real objects. But really..some people...when are you going to stop claiming "God did it" everytime you can't find a factual, provable answer or reason? Would it be satisfactory to put the word "God' as an answer in school tests, every time a child didn't know the correct answer???If you are so Godly about everything, then you must have a logical answer to the question " Who were Gods' parents? And what about his gay brother that no-one seems to make reference to??

    Posted by andy February 5, 09 12:00 PM

    cooooooooooooollllllllllll sun
    i sugest you c it

    Posted by Anonymous February 6, 09 09:11 AM

    these pics are awso e

    Posted by Anonymous February 6, 09 09:56 AM

    Wow, awesome photos.

    Thank you

    Posted by Denise February 6, 09 03:07 PM

    hola out there ailens

    Posted by bob February 6, 09 04:18 PM

    its really coolll,............. i dont have word to explain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Posted by sandip srivastava February 6, 09 04:32 PM

    I love the photos, taken by real people using a tangable invention, of real objects. But really..some people...when are you going to stop claiming "God did it" everytime you can't find a factual, provable answer or reason? Would it be satisfactory to put the word "God' as an answer in school tests, every time a child didn't know the correct answer???If you are so Godly about everything, then you must have a logical answer to the question " Who were Gods' parents? And what about his gay brother that no-one seems to make reference to??
    what the f*ck are you talking about???

    Posted by andy February 5, 09 12:00 PM

    Posted by sdfggh February 6, 09 05:21 PM

    Fantastico!!!!Nunca vi nada igual.
    Saudações quentinhas do sol de Lisboa.

    Posted by Cândida February 7, 09 05:41 AM

    perfect pictiurs ;)
    I love it.

    Posted by HAmed February 7, 09 06:08 AM

    " The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the
    work of His hands" Psalm 19:1

    Posted by Peter Tkachuk February 7, 09 09:55 AM

    Why has everyone who has had something to say rather than nice pics, only spoken their views on god. Students actually read what is said and want answers to questions not opinions on religion. JJ # 901 asked why it looked like that, you supposed scientist could help me out since I'm a college dropout, but a breif explanation is that the Sun unlike earth magnetically is all over the place. I don't really know exactly how it happens but it magnetic pull being so sparatic is what pulls a dark spot into a solar burst or flare. Since it is so hot, at certain temps, solids become liquids, liquids become gases, and at the Suns temp, gases actually become plasma, which gives it that gel bubbles look.

    Posted by ridge February 9, 09 02:28 AM

    Also our Sun's longevity without burning out, exploding, or imploding has nothing to do with an almighty god keeping it in order. Somehow everything came into existence by way of which we can not be certain but dont lead the unknowing or uneducated into believing our sun should have fizzled away like a pile of logs. please anyone who wants answers to questions about our unverse pick up a book andnot a religious text. answer to james 932

    Posted by ridge February 9, 09 02:44 AM

    to all teacher, teachers teach, preachers preach. Which one were you really.

    Posted by dude February 9, 09 02:48 AM

    to 834 and 835 we can scientifically figure out how the toy was made though so lets encourage that, and if #835 is arguing that god made us perfect but we are imperfect, umm I guess I'll go on being perfect and work on my imperfections. lol

    Posted by rj February 9, 09 03:04 AM

    thiz iz really cooool god can creatue some things oommmmmmmmmggggggggg it look verry hooooooootttttttttttttttttttttt n wolduf some 1 stay up there omg the r burnt lolz........ i really lyke diz =] =P lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Posted by jasmine works February 9, 09 05:07 PM

    hey, are you talking to me? oh no you better not be talking to me!! well anyway the solar system is cool. When you look at the pictures of the suns very closely you can see the waves of lava in the sun splashing in the atmosphere.

    Posted by stephanie February 10, 09 09:13 AM

    well they are good sun

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    >=D Awsome!! This website is on meh favs!! =D

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    Thats so kewl.

    Posted by Zachary.H February 10, 09 01:13 PM

    All of this is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Posted by Anonymous February 10, 09 03:07 PM

    as in real life its funny how you used religion to distract the beautiful and mysterious photos.. thats proof enough isn it?

    Posted by gtvr February 11, 09 06:28 AM

    I was amazed by the pictures that you took"

    it is incrediably facinating!!!!

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    these pictures are awsome! It must have been hard to get them.

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    how did u guys ever get those pics? Besides animation.

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    It's absolutely absurd to think that we as humans can even begin to think that we have the capability of brain power to really understand what created all that is around us. Just the shear thought of it makes anyone who thinks they do look ridicules. The unmitigated gall of any one of you to have the arrogance to say you know is unfathomable and quite honestly ignorant.

    Posted by JD February 24, 09 01:52 AM

    wow ;that's amazing picture of the suns i wonder who made the sun thanks

    Posted by monica naz February 24, 09 08:47 AM

    for the people that don't like the sun u should be lucky u got a sun becuz u can die so be lucky!

    Posted by mason161 February 24, 09 08:55 AM

    To 940: 55% of scientists, and 95% of SCIENTIFIC Nobel prices do NOT beleive in god. When Einstein was asked about wheter he was beleiving in god, he would ask:" what god are you talking about?"
    Where there is science progress, religion and superstition draw back.

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    Posted by miranda roy March 3, 09 07:31 AM

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    Posted by christopher meyers March 3, 09 10:23 AM

    yay for the sun! but wth is with ppl..."The next solar maximum is apparently in 2012. We enter perilous times. The end times. Not just because of Solar Maximum, but because of all the things that are going on around us.

    We are the final generation.

    God's blessings to all. The Christ will return to earth to harvest up the "Good Grain" His followers.".... wtf. its science, not bullshit. you need to read other books.

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    For those who are interesting in space, plants, sun,.. I suggest to see that application by Microsoft:

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    Why can't anyone just appreciate ANYTHING?! It always seems that anything displayed from a cosmic level has to turn into a religious debate! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am pretty sure these pictures were NOT posted to start a religious forum! Just appreciate the true beauty and complexity of our Sun and how hard it really works. But stop trying to attach a message to everything! There might be a God, there might not. Who knows?? That's where a person's faith and beliefs comes in. That's the issue that should not be under scrutiny so just stop and enjoy the moment!

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    These pix are some of the best I've seen of sol. As far as you religion freaks go, if you spent as much time on something constructive, rather than trying to prove to the rest of us that there is no God, you might accidently do something constructive, rather than the endless, mindless chatter of your own antithiestic beliefs in some vainglorious attempt to feign superior intelligence. It's a matter of personal choice, like abortion or prayer. Instead, let us focus on awesome power and beauty of Sol, and rejoice that we live in a time that we can behold her in all her majesty. Only afew billion years left before she goes nova, so tan while ya can!.

    Posted by Steve-0 March 18, 09 11:34 AM

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    Posted by pmurali March 25, 09 02:47 AM

    I'm amazed that so many can claim there is no God. If you know there is no God, then why is there still a debate about it? You can't claim an absolute with out actually knowing. So all we have to look at is facts.

    Posted by JMW March 25, 09 01:30 PM

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    Give thanks to allah and sure ull be in heaven and allah gives u a choice white or dark means heaven or hell so fear allah and be stict and He will give you a double portion of His Mercy, and He will give you a light by which you shall walk. And He will forgive you. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.O Allah praise and give peace to our Master Mohammed, his family and pure, righteous companions.

    Posted by majdi bengaji March 27, 09 11:20 AM

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    this photo is exelent
    but in december 21 2009 the end of world

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    Posted by S K Kumaragooru March 29, 09 01:13 PM

    You theists,
    (1031)If there is no Santa why is there discussion about it?
    Also, all those who are wondering who created the Sun, the answer is : Me. If you want to know more details I can explain for 7 days how I created the Sun.
    Why don't you theists prove I did not create the Sun, just like you ask Atheists to prove there is no God.

    I am the God and I will forgive you theists who are believing in false gods like allah, etc.

    1039, I agree with you. These pics are not posted so people can start nonsensical commentary about imaginary entities.

    One can just enjoy the pics and wonder how beautiful they are. like Douglas Adams said "I can enjoy a beautiful garden without imagining fairies underneath".

    More importantly the scientific value of the pics is great. Hopefully someday we will escape this planet.

    Posted by phtjkm March 30, 09 12:01 AM

    cool pics

    Posted by Anonymous March 30, 09 03:14 PM

    This is the most amazing thing i've ever seen. The sun is so beautiful! We as human beings should be thankful that we live in an age where technology is available for us to behold the sun in all her glory and splendor. without the sun none of us would be in existance. The sun helps to maintain balance within the galaxy that we dwell. I'ts awesome elemental power at work.

    Posted by Roxanne Wells March 30, 09 09:57 PM

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    a gigantic nuclear furnace
    where hydrogen is fused into helium
    at temperatures of millions of degrees.

    Posted by Sunny Sol April 14, 09 11:51 PM

    You guys need to shut down the comments; just look at this trash. Hopefully this wonderful sun burns us all to a crisp before it's too late.

    Posted by Humanity is Doomed April 15, 09 12:03 AM

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    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace
    Where hydrogen is fused into helium
    at temperatures of millions of degrees.

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    Such awesome power....and there are untold trillions of these things in the Universe....but even greater is the darkness that contains them....and still retains a temperature of near absolute zero! The vastness is inconceivable....

    Posted by David April 28, 09 09:37 PM

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    Posted by Anonymous April 30, 09 10:35 AM

    I agree with Michael. It is purely science...god has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Posted by Chloe April 30, 09 02:06 PM

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    Posted by Anonymous May 5, 09 11:44 AM

    The sun is god. or as close to him as we will ever come. all religions seem to stem from sun worship, which is/was the center of most types paganism. theres nothing wrong with it, its natural. but politics & prejudice creeped their way into human spirituality and it became religion, a silly dogmatic thing.
    when i look at these images i feel peaceful, in awe of nature and the universe. if only we could see every star the way we see our own.
    i do not believe in god in a religious way but i know that there is a connection between everything in the universe, and its love and its sacred. i do not think it is such a scary concept for the universe to be without a keeper, without a maker. it keeps itself, it made & makes itself. that fact that all of this chaos created such intense and incredible beauty is more divine and more mindblowing than some strange entity who is supposedly all loving (but also terribly vengeful and sexist- a truly all loving "god" would never turn its back on its children, a real parent can tell you that) and gives commands to its little organisms with their little egos and fears.
    this makes sense, nature makes sense. the universe is divine. and that is that.

    Posted by Lisa A May 5, 09 10:18 PM

    dont diss god and the sun is awesome

    Posted by yeahhhh May 6, 09 02:27 PM

    My 6, 4 & 3 year old loved these pics. I did as well. Superb!

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    Posted by Anonymous May 8, 09 10:12 AM

    stop bashing God.
    we're talking about the sun.
    if you wanna bash God, go to a forum for it,

    the pictures of the sun are AMAZING!
    i loved them.

    Posted by Rachel May 8, 09 04:22 PM

    If the sun was giant (like the Red giant) that would be soooooooooo cool!

    ~Brennen C. Rigley =)

    Posted by Brennen May 9, 09 04:31 PM

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    Please don't put god in it you fricking numbskull. I mean seriously? Why do you attribute anything to a mythical creature.

    Thanks for ruining this amazing posting for me and everyone else with a brain.

    Posted by Unbelievable May 26, 09 06:16 PM

    these pics are amazing and yes...they do show the glory of God. science proves to me that God is really out doubt. it may take faith, but i have no idea how not to believe in him. i feel it is not necessary to make assumptions about my beliefs and accuse me for an idiot. God is great and he has saved me. i pray he may save you someday as well.

    Posted by Anonymous May 26, 09 09:33 PM

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    Posted by samantha June 17, 09 12:24 PM

    These photographs definitely reveal that these structures are not caused by burning of gases like hydrogen but, instead, show some resemblance to super-heated condition of lava. The temperature of surface of the sun, which is nearly 5800 K, perfectly matches with that of the lava in a super-heated state when it is nearly in the state of acquiring a gaseous condition. A temperature of the order of 15 million K at the core, where millions of nuclear explosions are constantly taken place for billions of years also do not matches with surface temperature of sun, since this is the only escape surface for the sun's heat. In the International Year of Astronomy , it is necessary to introspectively review our previous interpretations.

    Posted by Dr. Subhasis Sen June 18, 09 05:39 AM


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    i did not like these images

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    Those Pictures Are Soooooooooo Cool

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    these pictures are awesome i got an a on them for my science report

    Posted by alana June 23, 09 04:24 PM

    yes indeed God is so great! all d honor, glory and d highest praise belongs to Him,.God loves even those hu dont want 2 biliv in Him and dat is d very reason y He gave his Son Jesus Christ to save d sinners..God created everythng through Him and 4 Him. Col. 1:16. Believe in d Lord and u wil b saved u and ur household.

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    Posted by ABDUL KIFLI ABDULLAH July 9, 09 02:02 AM

    See the spirits God cast in to the sun (lake of fire).
    Like Anubis the Egyptian Man Dog; or many faces, many types of creatures nearly in every photo. Its like throwing something into a big fire,and when it is totally consumed with fire all you can see is the shape made of fire.
    The light of the sun is his conscience !
    So can any one tell me why we can't see any light shining from the inside of the sun spots? It seems we should be able to see the other side threw the sun spots if it were not solid.

    Posted by Robert deRussy July 9, 09 04:39 PM

    GOD is creative HE know what to do with the sun planets even we human HE know what to do.

    Posted by Steve Patrick Joo i'm a filipino age 13 July 14, 09 08:45 AM

    God made a really good structure that produces sunlight for people that cannot afford lamps or another source of light and good for heat because some people may not be able to afford heaters, or heat lamps. Kinda liked pictures, didnt prove or show much plus some info might not be correct.

    Posted by Becca July 14, 09 04:37 PM

    Given enough time - and under the proper circumstances - hydrogen atoms will arrange themselves into human beings

    Posted by julius peppers July 14, 09 05:45 PM

    God is wounderful.

    Posted by beauty July 15, 09 06:49 PM

    realy nice pic ....thanking u for making.....this is very help to .....

    Posted by Dushyant kumar Shivhare July 18, 09 04:03 PM

    i don't bilive ... this is real pic's or no..?
    But realy wanderfull ..... no ward for this pic's greatness ...!!

    Thanking You !!

    Posted by Dushyant kumar Shivhare July 18, 09 04:15 PM

    It is truly amazing as to how God has such controle of the elements, He is more-so the Great Chemist, for only God can balance the elements the way they are in order to create life as is. Those images of the sun are awesome, they cause the idle mind to run in ways never before. They tend to make one question his faith. I would love to meet God one day.

    Posted by Mr. Michael a. Martinez July 18, 09 05:05 PM

    God DOES exist!

    Posted by Daniel Bitencourt July 20, 09 05:37 PM

    Iam amazed that people cannot see God in the science..It blows my mind. God is amazing ..He created it all..How in the world does this all exist so perfectly and amazingly function the way it does on it own. God created the heavens and the earth. God is alive. And His wonders are never ending.

    Posted by Sarah July 20, 09 10:32 PM

    These pics and every thing reveals that God exists and mostartes his greatness. La elah ela ALLAH

    Posted by Riham July 21, 09 03:14 AM

    Isso prova que existe um criador , cujo nome é JEOVÁ !!!

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    wow those pics are so pretty
    wow there great lol

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    Is the sun hot???

    Posted by Vicki July 24, 09 05:49 AM

    what a fantastic picture. i don.t believe god as i am believe on reality.......but it s supemme powers gift to all creaturs who live on this beautiful planet. "earth"

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    this simply excellent really i astonished THANK U NASA

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    those pictures r scary to me

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    halo the sun is like a fire

    Posted by Anonymous August 9, 09 10:32 PM

    Off course purely science, but what is science?
    Other than, discovering the laws of physics, chemistry, biology... that all pinpoint to a design in every detail in the universe, in the atom, in the cells, in the DNA, in your eyes and in your ears it is very unlikely that chaos ordered them to produce well functioning organisms and this is before evolution because to get evolution we should first have a well functioning organism that evolutes.
    So unintelligent matter cannot evolute into an eye or even a cell that knows how to duplicate and behave in its environment to feed itself as a minimum to ensure continuity so we get diverse living organisms.
    So probably the designer has given us humans brain and mind to use them to discover and explore the material world objectively by discovering the signs and traces of his design by following the evidences not by blind faith and to admire him and not denying this when all evidences lead to this conclusion.
    Human mind and intelligence are not given by the “Designer” so we can get material pleasure so we can feed ourselves and reproduce and not to fight each other to control territories and resources because animals can do that with a lot less intelligence and off course this intelligence is also there not for having a blind faith in a creator without questioning because he has given us this brain and questioning mind so this mind and intelligence are the tools to know him (NOT BLIND FAITH) so it is not really strange to get a book like the Kura’an that includes all of the above ideas and asks us to follow the evidence without prejudging or judging without evidence and that claims that it is from the designer and creator and includes clear evidences that supports this claim, an objective and intelligent person will search and accept the truth without prejudging off course the bible and other books and other prophets are all true and honest too but the idea of following the evidence is more clear in the kura’an and as imam Ali PBUH said : God sent his messengers to stimulate the brains and objective thinking so that humans don’t live like sheeps.
    This is Islam believe me but unfortunately some ignorant people and some other on purpose are doing a lot of bad acts in the name of Islam while this has nothing to do with Islam and people should not judge on Islam based on them.

    Posted by Marwan August 10, 09 03:47 AM

    these pictures are beast!

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    im learning about space but i have never seen the sun like that before

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    the pictures were awsome a teacher evan thinks there awsome......................................... well done for N.A.S.A
    but in some of them they look fake lol !!!!!!! but good job N.A.S.A

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    Can anyone see the phoenix in 16? How about it?

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    these pictures are amazing i used them for my astronomy class
    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    esta perfecto muchas gracias por el aporte

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    Allahu ekber.

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    There's much more to be reveal about our living sun. Answers to questions mankind has always searched for.

    Posted by Bruce Riggins September 4, 09 09:41 AM


    Posted by jacoby September 5, 09 10:38 AM

    then in the name of God, we shall kill ignorant Muslims so that the intelligent and those living in good will shall live on and not breed ignorant children and full of hatred for everything the don't understand.

    We are all brothers, regardless of our religious creed. We were from the same God, only a moron would deny that. We should be travelling into space by now if it wasn't for the constant warring & fighting over stupid causes like cartoon pictures of Muhamad, over women MUST be veiled,etc.

    Allahuakbar, may God be with you all.

    Posted by Hafeez al-Sadaqqah September 5, 09 10:13 PM

    It puts into perspective how much of a small role we play in the grand scheme of things. If only we treated each other as beautifully as the
    universe has been created (if it was created or has it been here always)
    then everything would be perfect.

    Posted by disco September 6, 09 08:13 AM


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    Allah hu Akbar. " Innallaha ala kulli shain qhadeer.i was thought was every day that how is sun give us light and how it is look like so thanks to team of sun biggest picture who introduces to us with sun im very very thankful to them.

    Posted by parveen bahamany September 8, 09 03:47 AM

    Now I know why it was 100+ degrees in San Diego all this past week.. DAM It was hot !! Keep up the good work, awesome pictures and story.

    Posted by SUN-Lover September 8, 09 08:35 PM


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    have you ever wondered how does God holds everything in space? Just look at that big beautiful sun and marvel that it just stays in place. God is so wonderful and so good to us. Praise his name forever. I am so awe struck when I look at these pictures and think ----they just stay in place as God holds them . I can't really express what I feel and how it all is makes me is just awesome!!!!!

    Posted by Grandma September 11, 09 12:59 AM

    This info I have found very useful and interesting. Will use with my class. God in all his glory.

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    wow.. so red, does it mean it is so close to the end???As red means old enough to say good bye...anytime soon?hm.. better be prepared!!

    Posted by sun lover September 17, 09 03:53 AM

    No, it's not really red; these images are all taken through filters and provide false-colors. The Sun is naturally a yellowish-white color, although in billions of years it will evolve into a red giant.

    Posted by Rules For September 17, 09 12:45 PM


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    next eclipesxD lol(:

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    Proof of our Lord's exsistance!!!!beyond amazing!!!!

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    This closer image of the sun its so amazing.I like this closer image of the SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Jordan September 25, 09 10:54 PM

    These are magnificent astronomical images of the sun I've ever seen. In space we are certainly less than a grain of sand and thanks to God we exists.

    Posted by carlos dominguez September 28, 09 01:19 AM

    i fricken love the sun

    Posted by sdfagfsdagfasdg September 28, 09 11:33 AM

    These pictures are scaring.
    God saves us from the heat and fire of hill.

    Posted by Anonymous September 29, 09 06:48 AM

    These truly are amazing pictures, kinda puts things into perspective huh?
    and no disrespect to the religious people who have commented here but the universe and probably many other universes are full of wonderful things like solar systems, nebula, planets, stars.. it's never ending stuff and infinite beyond our belief & comprehension.. yes it was all formed but something had to happen and thats why we have what we have now, we have nothing else to compare it too, we're here because of a series of events.. not by god sitting in his workshop. But this doesn't make it any less beautiful and amazing, infact it makes it even more amazing.

    Posted by Clare September 30, 09 01:05 PM

    wow it's something incredible I see that the sun turn on its self and not stable but what you don't know is that move is mentioned since 1400 years ago in the coran the holy book of musulman you can verify that reality Allah Akbar thanks god who illuminate our life by this a dangerous and wonderful star which calculated by millimeters, which means that nothing happen from its self as a series of events, sun to worm the earth moderately,sky which let a special percentage of good radiation to be passed on our planet and forbid a lot of killing radiations, sea, wind,water,etc. - so incredible harmony can not be happen just a series of accidentally events.

    Posted by Nordin October 1, 09 02:57 AM

    The sun looks cool in soooo many ways!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by dawnee October 1, 09 06:56 PM


    I appreciate your awe and wonder at the sun and our universe. I will have to respectfully disagree with you about the "series of accidently events". Scientists have actually ruled that out because the probability of all this happening by chance is improbable. Most scientists who have studied these things agree that there was a Supreme Intelligent Designer who placed all this hear. It is scientifically impossible others.

    Said in Love,


    Posted by JMW October 2, 09 02:18 PM


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    -much love !
    -A lOVE .

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    i love the pink sun it is cute!!!!!!

    Posted by BRIANNA HUFF October 8, 09 01:22 PM

    The purpleish sun was super cool. But im not mocking any ones religion but every comment on her is manly about god. Yes these pictures are fantastic but no one can really prove there is a GOD with simple pictures. NO ONE is a billion percent correct that there is. it took technology to take these pictures not god. if technology wasn't repressed for so many years in the dark ages we could have very many cures for so many thing and we could have even proven or denied god.

    Posted by Mary N. October 10, 09 01:58 PM

    Great pictures! All made by hard working scientists - not priest...

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    really kool pix!!! I've not seen pics like this b4........beyomd amazin!!!!!!

    Posted by IBRAHIM BADSHA October 11, 09 04:49 PM

    I don't get the relationship between pics of the sun and an imaginary god. Pathetic ... what are all these religious nut cases on this blog? Yeah keep believing in fairy tales.

    Posted by Gabriel October 13, 09 02:13 AM

    yes i can see the phoenix

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    Very nice site!

    Posted by Pharmk48 October 15, 09 08:23 PM

    Jeez... What is with all the idiots on here? Can anyone form a complete sentence? Hey, idiots... If a red line appears under your typed word, its spelled wrong! Fix it! Anyway, I think this blog illustrate only imbeciles believe in a god.

    And, JMW... No REAL scientists believe in "Intelligent Design". Intelligent Design is a HOAX! Please children, do not believe what you are told about Intelligent Design.

    Posted by Zach October 20, 09 11:06 PM

    ALLAH'ým sen ne büyüksün nelerin var bizler gördükçe þaþýrýp kalýyoruz

    Posted by OÐUZHAN October 25, 09 07:31 PM

    It’s pretty funny that yet some how the believers in a god can pick and choose when it comes to religion and science!!! Sorry, you can’t have both people! The best part is that when you actually spend time learning about space you find that the earth is so small and insignificant in terms of the universe......HA! Yeah, god's a genius!

    Posted by By Matt October 26, 09 05:01 PM

    HAHA thats the sun

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    awesome pics very gooooooooooooooooooooooood

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    I used these pictures and got an "A" on my science test.THANK YOU GOD FOR LETTING ME GET AN "A"

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    the sun is a very important thing in the world if we didnt have energy we wouldnt have food or cars or animals

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    Since the dawn of mankind there has always been a power seen but unseen and yet so misunderstood. This same power is the same awesome power that sustains the Stars, the Planets, the Moon, and the Sun. It would be foolish of us as men and women, another phenomenon of God's ingenuity, to believe that the God of the Heavens does not exist. I strongly urge all non-believers to reconsider their belief in God's "seen but unseen" presence. For it has been evidence of since the dawn of our existance as men and women as your eyes and mine have beheld in these beautiful and respect demanding photos. Science is a word taught to us as children by the school systems, designed to create a world of unbelievers and give glory to man. God is a verb, and has demonstrated and proven so by "creating" everything that "is," and is deserving of proper acknowledgement. It was God's "science" that brought forth life and all that our brains scramble to unravel to no aveil. Who can understand God's Divine Hands but God's Divine Thought? With this I leave all my readers as I came with love and peace. Behold and Believe the Glory of GOD!!!

    Posted by Mr. Mrk36015 November 14, 09 12:15 AM

    cenabý allah ýn yaratma kudretýdýr güneþ ise bunun içinde inanoglunun tasavvur edemeyecegý kadar kucuktur

    Posted by HASAN November 14, 09 04:11 AM

    To be honest, somehow these pictures freakin me out. How about the hellfire later if we have to go there. This is just sun. The fire was freak, how about hell? Repent people, pray not to be fated to be in hell. These pictures shows how big is Allah.

    Posted by Iqbal Nasir November 14, 09 05:22 AM

    These pics rock!

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    I have always been a fan of the sun this adds some wonderment to the equation for sure!!!!!

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    God is Great, Subhanallah

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    Fantastic, fantastic
    Who create all this???
    If a small watch made by people, Who made all these universe??
    Must be Super Creature had made it.
    Is it G O D ??
    I think so

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    simply amazing

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    Fotos fabulosas! A guardar.

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    wow........i'm really impressed. We don't have any idea how powerful is god.
    really think about it?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? GOD IS LOVE AND POWERFUL.

    Posted by Anonymous December 2, 09 09:39 PM

    those were the best pics of the sun i have ever seen. it kind of makes you forgert about all the minute things here on earth when you see how much more there is to experience or get out of life. it made me feel like a kid in a candy store with no worries at all! thanks for the moment of peace :)

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    the sun is clean.

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    hi im only12 and i know almost every thing the is to know about space!!! the pics that you took are amazing !!!!!!! they are realy kool ........ yal shoud get sum more pics for us to look at!!!......................simply...AMAZING**********BYE***********

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    hey you picture i love them so much are techer even though it was so cool some time you sould have more picher's of the sun couse me and my friend love them

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    I like the sun it is cool!

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    that is so scary but cool and preety at the same time

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    these photos are the bees knees...

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    the sun is so creepy but cool at the same time i am doing a project about the sun so these would be perfect to show to my class and my teacher!

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    I'm 8 years old and these pictures were totally awsome, keep up the great work :)

    Posted by dominik December 13, 09 04:19 PM

    Unbelievable the glory of the Trinity the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit! He calls out the host of the heavens and calls them each by name. Jesus we stand in awe of your power and the works of your hands. We bow down in your presence and worship you Lord for there is none like you. From the rising of this sun to its setting there is none beside you for you are God and there is no other.

    Posted by Danny Bridges December 16, 09 09:58 AM

    really wonderful. Nature's gift

    Posted by krishna and shankar December 17, 09 07:06 AM

    Great article - awful, depressing comments of religious propaganda.

    Religion is NOT the right way to deal with the limits of our understanding, people. Art is. Science is.

    Posted by svarog December 24, 09 03:54 PM

    I thought the sunspot was a hole. Very cool pictures.

    Posted by Kayla 7 yrs old December 29, 09 08:56 PM

    a good look at whats gonna fry us in 2012

    Posted by rick January 2, 10 11:00 AM

    It felt great to sunbathe today in Arizona 1/2/10 Local temp. 65F

    Posted by Mac January 2, 10 06:50 PM

    This wonderful close-up display of the origin of all power on Earth disturbs the minds of the simple but strengthens in a happy few their faith in science. Showing it teaches and Galileo is still fighting. Truth will pyrolise superstition.

    Posted by Alexander Hornstein January 3, 10 12:17 AM

    these pics are the best,a very rare collection,i just loved the animation of the sun in #10,it is something worth wondering,that huge ball of gases is what we see from the earth as the sun,we don't even think about how it stays up in the sky without harming us,but instead giving us just what we need,the heat and light,how can we not think about our Lord even after all this?if that sun was a little closer,it could destroy our tiny planet,if it was farther,we would be left in darkness and in cold,it stays in just the right place in the sky.Glory be to God,the Best to Create,the All Knowing.

    Posted by Glory be to God January 9, 10 03:00 PM

    By the sun and his morning brightness and by the moon when she follows him, by the day when it displays him and by the night when it enshrouds him! By the heaven and that which built it and by the earth and that which
    extended it!

    ( The Holy Quran, Sura Ash-Shams, verses 1-6, Translation: Arberry)

    Posted by Abdul Quddus January 9, 10 09:14 PM


    Posted by sWEET January 15, 10 12:38 PM

    what the hell

    Posted by emily January 17, 10 06:34 AM

    Really, really impresionant pictures. If scientics studies sun proccess, pehaps we know the effects of the sun over the earth.

    Posted by Luis Arqueros January 21, 10 03:23 AM

    God bless Amarica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Me sentí pequeño ante el majestuoso poder del universo…

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    Wow these images were great for class!!!

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    wow thanks for putting these pic on the internet because i got some good pics on the sun now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Patricia Singleton January 28, 10 04:39 PM

    that pic of the sun spinning and every thing else is so f*cking cool

    Posted by Anonymous February 1, 10 03:48 PM

    some of dese pictures look nasty like da 4th one

    Posted by Anonymous February 4, 10 01:20 PM

    You can see the flares coming out of it.Its not red I geuss

    Posted by dylan cole stephens February 5, 10 09:30 AM

    Such a beautiful object the sun is, it signifies radiance, evolution from the universe and the cataclysmic change to the surrounding star systems. Bringing new growth to planets and creating a irradiating death to those that which are drawn closer. It reminds me of the heated fiery depths of Hell, hot, balmy, fiery- all radiating and creating light on earth.

    Posted by Morgorth February 10, 10 06:03 AM

    Hi, I am 11 yrs. old and i am soo... thankful that my Lord has created such beautiful things for us to see!!!! THANKYOU LORD!!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cool pictures

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    Allahuakhbar.........God saves us from the heat and fire of hill.

    Posted by Amri Hj Yahya February 12, 10 03:00 AM

    wow it's so great the nasa is so very nice goodluck to yuou all i'm christian from philippines

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    OWWWWWW OH MY God I'm so SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!


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    the sun that roatates is beasty

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    great pictures

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    Hold the religion out of it, please. Remember, we once thought the world was flat, and that evolution was sacrilege.. oops, that's right... some still do.
    Great science here... thank you!

    Posted by Jane Harter February 25, 10 07:39 PM

    These pics are awesome

    Posted by cynthia frederick February 26, 10 01:45 PM

    wow! This website is super awesome! i really love to learn about the sun!

    Posted by hershy man February 28, 10 07:49 PM

    I also believe that this beautiful and life supporting planet that is called sun is made by God, the father of all creation that loves us so much that put everything at the right place so that life can be sustained. The God that loves us so much that although we sinned, gave His Son Jesus Christ to pay for our sins (by being sacrificed on the cross) so that we can be able to go to the paradise again.
    Praise be to our loving God that created us and wants us to be again to the paradise. Lets accept our Lord Jesus Christ as our savior so that we enjoy all the good things without the evil ones that exist in this fallen world that we live now!
    God bless you all:)

    Posted by Anonymous March 1, 10 01:23 PM

    Posted by JASEREAN March 3, 10 09:28 PM

    you are the best i hope you make more. who made them?

    Posted by Anonymous March 8, 10 09:15 PM

    god is not real

    Posted by Anonymous March 9, 10 11:09 AM

    omg like that was so awsome it was so cool i love the freakin pictures :) oh yeah

    Posted by brooke March 15, 10 11:43 AM

    wowowow i can belive this this very nice this god is the best and i wish u all the best and wait for him he is show kind and how was the sun be like the this is amazing i love that and my name is richmond mensah and i attand school at Roya Academy international school and i wont to say that god is wonderful

    Posted by richmond March 15, 10 03:14 PM

    the sun si the most prettest sun's I have ever seen in my whole life time. I have never seen anything more beautifullest thign about the sun in my life I would like to see it again.

    Posted by king france March 15, 10 06:45 PM

    i know i will het an a+ with these pictures. AMAZING!!!!

    Posted by Anonymous March 17, 10 12:31 PM

    i know i will get an A+ too

    Posted by Anonymous March 17, 10 08:47 PM

    Sorry guys, god had nothing to do with this. The sun was actually created from pockets of condensed gas and dust, remnants of other celestial bodies long gone. A process taking billions of years. It just so happened that our sun, after it formed, was one of the many hundreds of billions of stars of its kind that threw off mass which formed planets, and one happened to have all the right stuff (the required various elements, and the correct temperature and distance) for a few microorganisms to survive, adapt and reproduce. A couple of billion years later, the end result: us. Chances are its happening in other places all over the universe. But like all good things, they must end at some point. But not like your book tells you. Instead, sometime in the next billion years, as the sun continues to get brighter and hotter, it will become too bright and too hot to sustain our delicate balance. The oceans will begin to evaporate, greenhouse gases will be too warm, the entire world will be like a sauna. Until eventually our atmosphere will dissapate into outer space. By then most of life will perish. But for the earth, the worst is hardly over. In another 4 billion years, the sun will finally deplete its hydrogen supply and switch to helium fusion. When this switch takes place, the sun will expand far beyond earths orbit, swallowing it whole. Eventually, it will contract back down, and shrink to a small sphere roughly the size of earth. This is what is called a white dwarf. At this point it no longer has a fusion reaction, the heat and light emitted from it is only radiant heat and the resulting light from the intense high temperatures. With no nuclear reaction to sustain this heat, the white dwarf that was once our sun will eventually cool and go dark. Dormant. A dismal fate, but thats what we have to look forward to. Sorry guys, hate to spoil it for ya. But thats nature. Anyways, yeah, great pics. I especially liked number 21. Looking at it on my 42 inch HD monitor. Incredible.

    Posted by TheMatt March 20, 10 07:13 PM

    the sun is so bright i never thought it would be that bright when u look at it and now when u look at the sun it is so bright that it hurts your eyes!!

    Posted by Ashley Gore March 21, 10 01:44 PM


    Posted by MOHAMMED March 24, 10 12:50 PM

    the sun loooks so kool up close but cant u die if u go to close so how are u able to get them pic's omg :)

    Posted by georgia March 24, 10 03:22 PM

    WOW very KOOL pictures

    Posted by malissa April 7, 10 01:52 PM

    these pictures rule,so keep posting more!

    Posted by jk34 April 19, 10 11:51 AM

    the suns look cool

    Posted by jesse April 20, 10 05:15 PM

    WOW. These pictures are truely amazing. It really bugs me that people are talking about religion. It tears us apart by telling people that only what they believe in is corrrect. There may be a god, there may not be. We'll just have to wait and find out.

    Posted by Camille April 22, 10 07:04 PM

    very cool...................ummmm u guy told us only about the sun almost u should at least tell about other planets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by shyanne April 25, 10 03:22 PM

    Beautiful Pics.
    Great creator.
    In olden days people prayed to SUN as it gives , warmth,air circulations, rain etc.Without sun(Father) and Earth(mother) we would have been a big ZERO.
    What is the purpose of this creation ?
    I want pic of beautiful sunset & sunrise . Sun should be huge.

    Posted by v k Anand April 30, 10 03:31 AM

    what the @u#king @ell i didnt know there where so many differnet colors the sun can have

    Posted by Kizi Dazzara May 3, 10 02:31 PM

    it so cool i wish i cold be ther

    Posted by yajaira pena May 8, 10 12:36 PM

    IT VERY COOL I LIKE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    man never thought of the sun so cool man

    Posted by abdullah May 15, 10 11:33 AM

    i am consider Sl.No.1363, but it is good for stay at distance lakhs of kilometers if it is not in heat position, our scientists will research for benifits and definitely this will damaged. Congratulations boston team to get pictures. i wish u in future also more & more images will provide

    long live boston team

    satyanarayana from INDIA,

    Posted by kommuri satyanarayana May 19, 10 09:19 AM


    Posted by UMAR AFAQ May 19, 10 11:57 AM


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    theis pics are bomb

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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!! awesome

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    maza agya yar...

    Posted by kamran June 2, 10 01:20 AM

    Its amazing.Beyond our thinking.....Don't try to understand it.just celebrate it.

    Posted by Dr.Parthieve Shah June 5, 10 12:25 AM

    Yes these pictures are awesome,and it does make one think of Hell.

    Posted by Daniel Aplet June 9, 10 08:22 AM

    Hey ppl!!!!
    These pics are awesome!!!!
    Cant have a flash out of it!!!!
    Really superb!,

    Posted by Sonika June 9, 10 02:34 PM

    this was verry interisting i hope to find some thing eles like this or come back to the exacted sight

    Posted by tliop killopia June 10, 10 12:31 AM

    Why would a so called "GOD", say worship/love/believe in me or I will hurt you!! That's the basic premis of **ALL** religions. Don't try to deny it because you know it's true.

    Posted by Rod June 17, 10 11:34 PM

    subhanallah....ALLAH MAHA BESAR

    Posted by nini June 19, 10 10:15 AM


    Posted by gemok June 20, 10 01:32 AM


    Posted by beby June 23, 10 03:05 AM


    Posted by JULIAN June 26, 10 12:29 PM

    The third picture looks so cool. I know how hard it could of been for all of you. I am really happy for all of you! Also, number 1378 is in airibic ( sorry I don't know how to spell that well) :) :) :)

    Posted by Emily June 27, 10 01:11 PM


    Posted by adha181 July 1, 10 11:18 PM

    Why is there so much religious hooplah here? We can all look at these images for all their beauty and wonder without the notion of religious doctrine. The universe is wonderous enough without having to bring your own personal ideology in to it.

    Posted by Tim July 6, 10 03:25 AM


    Best comment on here. Congratulations!

    Regardless of your religious beliefs, everybody should feel awestruck and have a sense of humility when they ponder the heavenly bodies.

    Remember this: our sun is simply one star- and not an especially bright, large, or massive one at that.

    The Milky Way Galaxy contains 100-400 billion stars.

    The observable universe contains around 170 billion galaxies (according to our best estimations).

    It boggles the mind.

    Thank you Boston Globe for posting these truly remarkable and awe-inspiring photographs.

    Posted by Jake Jones July 6, 10 11:12 PM

    is these real

    Posted by Hassan Riaz July 11, 10 09:18 AM

    its very very horrorable scens and biggest efforts

    Posted by Anonymous July 12, 10 04:24 PM

    I would love to have a 1metre halpha telescope. I am hooked on the sun.

    Posted by Anonymous July 13, 10 07:09 PM

    ooooooo eeeemmmm gheeeee! i dnt belive it

    Posted by tinchyy bwoii July 15, 10 08:32 AM

    Very Fantastic I really enjoyed the picture.

    Posted by Saravana Yuvaraj July 18, 10 11:15 AM

    it loves so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Christian July 21, 10 04:53 PM

    oooooooh my goooooooooooooood! its amazn i nevr thought the sun would be like that its sooooooo hot!

    Posted by Khayti gupta July 29, 10 02:34 PM

    Hey svarog:

    I know that "whats his name" is overly religious. And, I agree with you that there is much science at work in our solor system and the universe. BUT, it's impossible to think there is NO spiritual being behind all of this! So, your anti-religouse tone is really anowing (sp).


    Posted by Anonymous July 30, 10 03:23 AM

    Allah o Akbar
    May God save us from Fire...

    Posted by Faisal Saeed August 3, 10 03:03 PM

    Nice fire for a big BBQ.

    Posted by Luis August 4, 10 05:54 PM

    wow what ever

    Posted by Anonymous August 12, 10 04:41 PM

    Fotos magníficas...realmente incríveis os poderes do sol.Como é belo e assustador.
    Amo tudo oque vem a ser sobre universo,poeira cósmica,galáxias,meteoros.
    Agradeço a Deus por poder ver essas imagens tão lindas e maravilhosas!!!Tudo oque Deus fez é belo.

    Posted by Janete Rodrigues August 28, 10 01:13 AM

    feel great and very proud to say that what all discoveries being done today are already informed in Quran -E-Pak 1400 years ago by our sweet prophet (pbuh)

    Posted by atif August 28, 10 04:05 AM

    WOW .....these pics are amazing ..... i love geography !!!! ...plz ...put some real more pics of sun , moon & other planets ......

    Posted by lavanya19 August 29, 10 03:57 AM

    Science is the Candle that burns away the dark ignorance of religion.

    Posted by Science August 29, 10 09:40 AM


    Posted by Anonymous August 30, 10 06:37 PM

    what a beautiful scene.... HOW GREAT IS GOD to create such thing like that...

    Posted by tin September 3, 10 01:13 AM

    Save the Earth by distruction of Sun, by saving ozone layer!!!!
    All the countries and human,Think about it????????

    Posted by Muhammad Azhar Saeed September 25, 10 06:54 AM

    i would like to go up in space and discover it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Anonymous September 25, 10 08:59 AM

    i put this site on my computer via the icon over 18 months ago
    glad to see people are still finding it. i like to go to this site to keep things in perspective. the pictures of venus and mercury transitting the sun pretty much depict the enormity of the sun and its influence on our planet
    i can see how some people can look at these photos as a religious experience

    Posted by loub September 30, 10 03:17 PM



    Posted by Anonymous October 2, 10 05:25 AM

    mintblowing,really awesome snaps..
    GOD s greate.

    Posted by D''pin October 2, 10 02:48 PM

    what's wrong with believing in something like Jesus Christ! I hate to think about when i die i just get burried in the ground and thats it,what would this life be for anyway,I'm sorry some of you think we derived from bacteria,but thats not the truth!GOD BLESS YOU ALL, LORD HELP THEM TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by MICHAEL October 3, 10 04:35 PM

    wow also

    Posted by Anonymous October 4, 10 03:30 PM

    God is to real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless all of you who believe!

    Posted by Anonymous October 5, 10 11:15 AM

    wow!inever know that the sun is so big.
    from this,i will find more about sun

    Posted by joanne October 6, 10 05:30 AM

    Oh! Surprising pictures.

    Posted by Foyjul Reshad October 7, 10 03:25 AM

    sweet, sun is big

    Posted by Anonymous October 7, 10 11:28 AM

    absolutely incredible images im totally speachless woooww.........

    Posted by soumya khuntia October 7, 10 04:37 PM


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    Posted by lucasrox October 14, 10 11:28 PM

    Surprise. Nature is amazing

    Posted by kusumalatha lankamulla October 19, 10 12:09 AM

    Surprise. Nature is amazing

    Posted by kusumalatha lankamulla October 19, 10 01:18 AM


    Posted by Anonymous October 20, 10 07:44 PM

    The reality of our universe is far more amazing, awe inspiring and intriguing than the tawdry "miracles" or the burning bush of a bloodthirsty iron-aged volcano demon (Yahweh). Religion has been totally incapable of discerning the true nature of our universe. These discoveries were made through logic and reason and not the mystical divination of fear mongering witch doctors, shamans or priests, who, claiming the authority of imagined deities, often murdered and tortured those who had better, more rational and scientifically verifiable explanations. It would be laughable, if it were not so pathetic, that the religious ,and the deity they imagine, have opposed and obstructed science for so many centuries and yet now they claim the knowledge revealed as "proof" that their delusions have any veracity. You can keep your mental disease (religion). I will take the science.

    Posted by Anonymous October 24, 10 08:14 AM

    To Michael,

    The prospect of oblivion is no more terrifying than contemplation of the nothingness from which one came. Your apprehension of a world with no ever after comes from your attachment to habitual behaviors and the fear that you will be deprived of their pleasure. Worry not. You were not aware of their absence before birth and will be incapable of lamenting their loss when you die.

    Posted by Anonymous October 24, 10 08:25 AM

    omg i'm so gratfull for these pics i now so much more about our sun and the things around it

    Posted by Anonymous October 24, 10 09:45 PM


    Posted by ROSMAN October 26, 10 08:06 PM

    You know reading yall comments and seeing all the things that is going on in the world and now looking at the sun and it's size, you have to know that their is a GOD, and the only one that can make something so hot, and the earth being so close to it and not brun,
    but i can tell you one thing if you don't think their is a hell, MY GOD is showing you how hot it would be. my GOD bless you all.

    Posted by ann October 27, 10 02:31 PM

    stop complaing

    Posted by Anonymous November 1, 10 12:06 PM

    these are the coolest pics on the sun. who knew the sun was so cool. all i really thought it was just a big gas ball that helped to support life. never would have thought it was cool looking.

    Posted by Makala Cooper November 2, 10 12:05 PM

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome, i wanna go there!!!

    Posted by lidia higginbottam November 4, 10 10:05 AM

    I came here to look for a picture of the sun and find yet another blowout between the athiests and the religious. It so old already. Though it's mostly the athiests once again refusing to accept the fact that people in this world believe other things and have the right to do so.

    Science needs to be updated every year or so. I don't really buy that science has discerned the "true" nature of the universe, if it even has one. It's simply ridiculous to believe that humanity, in its paltry 10,000 plus yrs of existence has managed to gain even a speck of knowledge of the greater universe, yet we arrogently sit atop our tiny world, blind and mute and deaf, and proclaim what can and cannot exist.

    H.P.Lovecraft once said that since religion is false that ALL social rules and norms are contrived and should be done away with, but it's been my experience (this point strengthened by this very forum) that most absolutist athiest are far more preachy than any witch doctor, priest, or shaman and twice as judgmental. If they really believed what they say they believe they must except that there is no such thing as right or wrong and that all "sins" are only sins because someone told us they are. And yes, that includes racism (which is an evolutionary idea), pedophilia, murder, etc.

    No matter which side of this debate you fall on you have to accept the fact that this reality shouldn't exist at all. In order for it to exist something had to come from nothing and that's scientifically impossible. Science tells us that that simply cannot happen. So set your woefully inadequate human "reason" on the backburner and try to think outside the box when discussing the origins of our universe, because i seriously doubt that anybody has gotten it right yet.

    and btw, every single race, religion, and political ideology (including science) has ruled some kind of civilization if you go back far enough in the history books, and none of them have gotten it right. They have all caused nothing but death, destruction, and misery because human beings cause nothing but death, destruction, and misery. So please, i beg you, give up on this elementary school, play ground mentality that if we could somehow get rid of all "those" people and put "our" people in charge that we'll usher in some kind of new golden age, because it's never happened, it's never going to happen, and the very idea that it could happen is just stupid. Thank you.

    P.s. Love the awesome solar pics. ^_^

    Posted by Anthony November 10, 10 04:02 PM

    your picks were awsome and cool, but how did you get them if any one knose how contact me.

    Posted by billibon November 15, 10 10:45 PM

    is the sun like the earth

    Posted by Anonymous November 16, 10 11:19 AM

    Secrets of the Sun, Hidden since 1885.

    Sun and Sun Spot Granulation Processes and Movement Research
    By: David D. Stacey, Private Researcher

    Private Academic Research and Abstract Conclusions,

    (Additional data regarding 'entity' demonstrated abilities included.)

    On July 5, 1885, a spectroheliograph image was taken of the photosphere that was claimed to be the best image taken in that early date. That image was published in 'The Sun,' Kuiper editor, 1953.

    Indeed, it was a very clear image where one may easily see the granulation and entity transformation. Of course the entities were called faculae until K O Kiepenheuer took the initiative to identify them properly for that which they were in 1953, entities. (Kiepenheuer Lecture for The Sun.)

    Additionally, Kiepenheuer identified faculae (entities) were always present surrounding spots. The spot entities were in place to assist horses (member/leader by Kiepenheuer) from the spot. The process is very much akin to granulation transformation, but comes from the darker sun spot pool assisted for removal by the ever present entities found there. (Kiepenheuer, The Sun, 1953/Stacey observation 2009)

    As the horses are retrieved from the spot with the assistance of the faculae (entities), they are quickly matched with an entity rider. In some cases when entity is matched by horse, a surge prominence moves them into the Corona. (Stacey observation, 2009)

    From the Corona, the entities and entities with horses are further disbursed throughout the Solar System and Milky-way.(Stacey with sources, 2009)

    The entities are provided, internally, with magnetic electrical abilities that may produce high or low temperatures. Theory demands the excessive heat found in the Corona is generated by the inherent numerous entities found there before they exit by self power or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). (Stacey, Logical theory of Coronal heat distribution)

    The entities have shown an ability to provide a self induced internal light source that will project a beam. (Stacey observed source, 2009/2010)

    The entities have an ability with groups to form a biological craft for flight. Additionally, each individual entity exerts the ability of flight without craft of any type. In groups the entities join arms or hands, after which they exert a magnetic electrical resonance which joins the entities into a biological craft for flight. Some entities have been misidentified within the Corona as space craft around the Sun. (Stacey observed source, 2009)

    Observance of pregnancy and offspring has produced and shown an ability by the Sun created entity females to give live birth the same as terrestrial human's. (Stacey observed, 2009)

    Found within our own atmosphere, the entity's survive well and may not have a need for solid food sources. They can and have traveled to the Earth's surface and returned to the atmosphere around Earth, demonstrating a power over Earth's gravity. (Stacey theory, 2009)

    The entities biological magnetic/electric resonance allows them to defy Earth's gravitational pull. (Theory, Stacey, observed source)

    Primary mechanics shown here support my research conclusion that propagation/creation of Celestial horses and Celestial Entity creation is a leading factor of the Sun operation. It is theorized to have been in production since the earliest creation era of our sun.

    The solar creation methods support the theory of divine intervention in the creation of Sun entities and possibly terrestrial humans.

    The Solar proliferation of entities and horses which have spread throughout our Galaxy demonstrates the fact it is one of human creation. An estimate of the Celestial Human Presence within our Galaxy would reach a very high populace number since the fact remains our Sun has been creating entities, large and small since it was first created within our Solar System.

    Posted by Dabe November 17, 10 11:16 AM

    waca waca mayaway shakira made this world shikira bless us all

    Posted by POKOLOKO November 19, 10 07:04 PM


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    OMG.These pics are soooooooooooo cool.

    Posted by lauren November 29, 10 11:30 AM

    wow nakakabilib tlaga ang anawa ng DIOS para satin...........kung wlang sun...the universe is very dark!!!!!!!!!!!! wlang mabubuhay kung wlang araw...dito tau kumukuha ng energy.........

    Posted by notre dame of tacurong November 30, 10 10:13 PM

    It was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had no idea that it could be purple and green the inside of the sun WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Maddy December 5, 10 12:45 PM

    nice pics

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    the sun is big

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    the sun looks very beautiful.this pics is very cooooooooooooooolllllllllllll.i can see the venus.enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy.from vithya.......hihihihihi........

    Posted by vithyasri December 10, 10 05:57 AM

    I love this website, i love the sun, in fact i pretty much love everything...
    The mvoign sun amazed me, please make one for the moooooon (:
    YAY! moving pictures! I love the sun, and these pictures were so pretty!

    Posted by Roxanne December 10, 10 06:32 AM

    its very cool i think that its gods way to do things his way that hes still in charge

    Posted by Anonymous December 11, 10 12:07 AM


    for those who doubted the existence of God, go search for the truth urselves. we have lots of signs and sources for u to look and ponder for. IF u wanna know the truth. it's all in our hands. our choices. dont just think n speak based on your own thoughts only. there are many more things way beyond what u can think of.

    Posted by searchingforthetruth December 14, 10 09:28 AM

    Allah ho Akbar.every one should think about it.this is the signs of Allah.and very soon they will know about the reality who is deneying the truth.may allah gide them.

    Posted by muhammad iqbal December 20, 10 12:55 PM

    Allah says in the glorious Quran` those people who are denying.we prepair Hill fire for them,and that is very bad place.ayat no 6 sura mulk.

    Posted by Anonymous December 20, 10 11:32 PM

    Subhanallah....The Great Almighty...Allah The Creator...

    Posted by anonymous December 24, 10 04:25 AM

    awesome pics i love all of them specially the SSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN

    Posted by Anonymous December 25, 10 06:48 AM

    ســـــــبحـــان الخاااالق الذي خلف فأبدع اشهد ان لا اله الا الله وان محمد رسول الله
    كل ما في الوجود يدل على عظمة الخالق وتفرده بالعظمه والحكمة والابدااع
    فسبحان الذي لا شريك ولا ند له
    عجبي ... كيف لأهل الجهل ان يجعلوا له نداا.. آنّا يؤفكون

    Posted by Mo7aMeD January 4, 11 05:58 AM

    WOW those pitcure's were so awsome!!!! I wish I could take pitcure's like that! thay are the best pitcure's I have ever seen in my whole life! thay were GREAT!!!

    Posted by leah January 9, 11 09:01 AM

    that look soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool is it real

    Posted by Anonymous January 12, 11 05:46 AM

    Ante estas vistas del Sol, me encantaría saber que hubieran opinado los filósofos de la antigüedad y también los astrónomos hasta Galileo de estas imágenes. Pero no es posible, ¡Que lástima!

    Posted by Enrique January 22, 11 08:55 AM

    this is really tight now i wanna cee that in person

    Posted by Kendale Anderson January 24, 11 01:46 PM

    Great document, well written I must say.

    Posted by Karey Luzinski January 27, 11 05:57 PM

    This is actually on the list of superior articles regarding those who We've keep reading this kind of theme lately. Good operate.

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    cool sun!

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    awsome i love it mm5,tltfgl

    Posted by Anonymous February 3, 11 11:56 AM

    Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Akbar
    subhaa NALLAH


    Posted by Abdulkarim dero February 5, 11 02:12 PM

    Who is Allah, when we are talking of the God of all creation the God of Moses, the God of Abraham, the God of our Lord Jesus thats the God we are talking about

    Posted by Java February 8, 11 04:03 AM

    these r awesome

    Posted by Anonymous February 9, 11 11:36 AM

    this rocks

    Posted by geode satlehow February 11, 11 10:18 AM

    AWWSOME... It is like your in space next to the sun.

    Posted by sheila miller February 11, 11 09:08 PM


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    this pic are really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by brittany February 25, 11 03:38 PM

    my friends we have to make the preperations for the day of judgment bcz at that day this sun comes very closer to us just imagine may ALLAH BLess us

    Posted by Mujtaba Khan February 28, 11 03:31 AM

    these are so awesome especially number 20

    Posted by nick hon March 1, 11 07:47 PM

    GOD is great..really incredible...dont knw what say.....

    Posted by miles47 March 2, 11 09:27 AM

    GOD is great..really incredible...dont knw what say.....

    Posted by miles47 March 2, 11 09:27 AM

    The pics are cool i can't believe they discovered all this.

    Posted by Javier Juarez Garcia March 2, 11 12:29 PM

    haha get a life ppl and stop spending all ur time looking at pictures of the sun

    Posted by LuluShaLulu March 2, 11 01:55 PM

    wow its really awesome... some more animation please....

    Posted by Anonymous March 2, 11 08:27 PM

    GOD is real. the sun weights 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

    Posted by destiny March 7, 11 06:39 PM

    Space is truly amazing! These images are outta this world! LOL

    Posted by Toan Duong March 9, 11 06:03 PM

    muito bonito ,,nosso pai Eterno é muito bom ,e ele criou o sol ,para aquecer a terra ,,o sol é um presente do pai,amen!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by David March 13, 11 10:03 PM

    Destiny your stupid enough to think that the sun why's so much you idiot.I know who weigh that your mother and you need to study yurs books instead going on the computer don't you have a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I also forgot you don't know how to spell it because your in first grade

    Posted by Britney March 14, 11 07:12 PM

    give me bigger stars!!

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    so amazing..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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    its so amazing and i was just looking for normal pictures of the sun but then i saw this pictures i was amused soo much..........................................................................................................................................

    Posted by ana mendez March 23, 11 08:15 PM

    T h e . s u n . i s . w a y . c o o l e r . t h a n . I . t h o u g h t .

    Posted by Blank March 24, 11 02:18 PM

    god is great!

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    Allahuakbar. SubhanAllah.

    Posted by shakir March 26, 11 01:12 PM

    toooooooo good pics.........SUN is TERRIFIC........BEYOND IMAGINATION............ TO THINK OF ORIGIN...AND PURPOSE............

    Posted by SUMATHI March 27, 11 01:57 AM

    god did not make the world or space nature did and these pics are great i was making a paper sun and it looked great i colored it orange i love god id well but he did not make all of this

    Posted by megan doherty March 27, 11 10:29 AM

    i lou ur sun it makes me so hot

    Posted by Anonymous April 5, 11 05:41 PM

    LoVe tHe PictUrE!!!!~

    Posted by bambi April 6, 11 05:17 AM

    this is awesome

    Posted by joe April 7, 11 09:41 AM

    these pictures are rockin( ;

    Posted by Dalles Cowboy April 8, 11 11:10 AM

    hat is awsome

    Posted by Anonymous April 11, 11 10:24 AM

    "The reality of our universe is far more amazing, awe inspiring and intriguing than the tawdry "miracles" or the burning bush of a bloodthirsty iron-aged volcano demon (Yahweh). [Christianity] has been totally incapable of discerning the true nature of our universe."

    yeah. you're right. and barry bonds wasn't using, either. i wish i had seen this post months ago. my friend, you have picked a fight that you are incapable of winning. just because you say that you have truth doesn't mean that you are correct. you want logic? i'm yet to see ONE monkey person on the planet, or any other link from one species to the next.

    Posted by SaMmIe M... April 12, 11 07:46 AM

    we wear sun hats

    Posted by Anonymous April 15, 11 08:18 PM


    Posted by carlos April 18, 11 08:59 AM


    Posted by Anonymous April 18, 11 11:09 AM

    wow i never new it was the sun that was hot i thought it was me!!!!!!

    Posted by Anonymous April 18, 11 12:03 PM

    I have seen beter

    Posted by Anonymous April 18, 11 04:40 PM

    the sun will kill us ha ha

    Posted by Anonymous April 18, 11 04:49 PM

    i dont care!!!

    Posted by lol May 5, 11 12:14 PM

    God created Sun * and Sun created man how wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by subodh kumar May 5, 11 01:01 PM


    He (the Mahdi) will not come unless a sign emerges out of the Sun. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 47)

    The Mahdi will not emerge unless the Sun rises as a sign. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-zaman, p. 33)
    the name and image of Hazrat Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi has appeared on the moon and sun u can see full moon and sun

    Posted by amir May 6, 11 10:36 PM

    To the Atheists:

    God is real. He created our very universe. We were sent from the pre-mortal existence and sent here. Why we were sent here is because He wanted to test us. Everything in this universe is a creation of God, and He has a Son: Jesus Christ. If God created the universe and it's laws, wouldn't it be reasonable to say that He is a scientist too? In fact, He is more than that... He is the Father of all existence. He can see into the future, and never makes a mistake. He is perfect. Some of us will rise to the Celestial Kingdom and we will become perfect too. God isn't a deity. He is real. But, knowing that some of us wouldn't believe in Him, he gave us the power to choose. So, Atheists, know this: You are lucky to have such a power. You might not think it's much, but in the most desperate situation, you might reconsider.

    Posted by Anonymous May 9, 11 08:48 PM

    Allah swt likes the words SUBHANALLAH ,ALLAHUAKBAR than this sun!!!!!

    Posted by hati May 12, 11 05:51 AM

    a boll of fire is so cool

    Posted by Anonymous May 12, 11 03:14 PM
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