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October 8, 2008 Permalink

In Afghanistan with the ISAF

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is the mission established by the UN Security Council in 2001 to secure parts of Afghanistan to allow the establishment of Hamid Karzai's new administration. The ISAF operates separately, but cooperatively, with the U.S. coalition operation in Afghanistan called "Operation Enduring Freedom". The mission of the ISAF has expanded to provide security for all of Afghanistan, and is presently made up of over 53,000 troops from 43 different nations. The recent push into Taliban strongholds has led to more frequent conflicts, and increased attacks against ISAF convoys and soldiers. Pictured here are ISAF soldiers throughout Afghanistan, many of them from Germany, courtesy of Reuters' embedded photographer Fabrizio Bensch - again it's impossible to portray every member nation in just a handful of photos, just see these as representative of soldiers from 43 countries, all undertaking the same tasks. (30 photos total)

A German Bundeswehr army CH-53 helicopter of the ISAF lands on a helipad near a camp in Fayzabad, north of Kabul, September 19, 2008. (REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch)
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Nice to see Canada represented here, though a very sad photo.

Posted by casey October 8, 08 12:05 PM

To all service men and women out there.
Thank you for all that you do and for your sacrifices.

Posted by luis October 8, 08 12:17 PM

best images..
bad war..

Hy from italy

Posted by October 8, 08 12:17 PM

3 of the pictures really stood out to me:

#8) Just the nonchalance of the soldiers while they are in the midst of a rocket attack. I suppose you just grow accustomed to these things while there.

#16) The silhouette of this soldier looks like something out of a video game. Team Fortress 2 or something.

#29) The woman's face is heartbreaking.

Posted by Jared October 8, 08 12:21 PM

God bless all of the underfunded troops!

Posted by Content in a Cottage October 8, 08 12:26 PM

stunning pictures you got here!
I'm just wondering why there are so many pics from the german troops :)

Posted by Florian October 8, 08 12:26 PM

They ask nothing except recognition for their service. Thank you to all those fighting a war they didn't start but felt compelled to finish.

Posted by James October 8, 08 12:34 PM

Amazing to see the Bundeswehr in action. They sure have changed from the time I served. Thank you so much for the pictures!

Posted by Markus October 8, 08 12:35 PM

#29 is really sad :-( not sure if a 4 year old realizes what is happening there, however seeing how a daddy's casket is carried in front of his daughter and wife is just brutal and shows again the senselessness of all these conflicts.

Posted by Marcus October 8, 08 12:36 PM

a foto do Canada é impressionante...
tanta tecnologia aplicada a estupidez de uma guerra

Posted by Bruno H. (CWB - Brasil) October 8, 08 12:37 PM

I'm stating the obvious here, but #29 is absolutely heartwrenching. I cannot say more except to thank those who gave and who continue to give, so selflessly.

Posted by lmt October 8, 08 12:40 PM

Great to get a chance to see things from another nations perspective. We don't normally get to see many (or any) photos from these two wars and when you do it definitely serves to make it more of a reality. Thank you once again.

- Blake J. Nolan

Posted by Blake J. Nolan October 8, 08 12:42 PM

very impressive photos. #29 just breaks my heart. The sacrifices our men and women make often go unappreciated. Many thanks for highlighting their trials with these photos.

Posted by Tochi October 8, 08 12:51 PM

Do you really need to this freeloto ads in this page? The pictures are usually touching, and the ad has nothing to do with it.

Thank you all for the great work.

Posted by Hermeto Paschello Anderson October 8, 08 01:44 PM

Thank you for protecting us; serve proudly,
come home safely. God bless you.

Posted by Bruce October 8, 08 01:49 PM

I don't quite agree with the presentation saying "soldiers from 43 countries, all undertaking the same tasks."

There is a lot of differences in the approach and the goals of every nation involved in the ISAF, but the common situation for all of them, is the difficulty to not be confused with the US army by the local population.

Most of the Afghans are traumatised by the "bomb first, ask later" US policy, and really don't believe the ISAF is there for peacekeeping missions, especially lately, when US soldiers broke international laws by purchasing ennemies across the Afghano-Pakistanese border, instead of warning the Pakistan, supposed to be an allied country.

Posted by thomas pereira October 8, 08 01:50 PM

I'd also like to say I'm glad Canada is represented here. Often those countries with fewer troops in a war are considered less important, but as that photo shows, the death of any single individual is devastating to those that loved him.

Posted by Scott Murdoch October 8, 08 01:50 PM

I'm glad New Zealand isn't represented here. I 'm ashamed to say they're still apart of this sham.

Posted by Christiaan October 8, 08 01:57 PM

#13 is my favourite picture. It´s really a great capture. A decisive moment.

Posted by daniphoto October 8, 08 02:08 PM

What is all this sacrifice-related talk is about, now? You can only sacrifice your life for something, and what is there to sacrifice it for in that occupation of an independent country? I can understand people dying to protect their country and people mourning their losses, but can somebody explain me at last what are those men dying for in Afghanistan and Iraq? The money international corporations make?

Posted by danvolodar October 8, 08 02:13 PM

Check your facts, #16, the United States Armed Forces are participants in ISAF. In fact, many of our soldiers serving in Afghanistan wear the ISAF patch on their fatigues. Why don't you try rooting for America, for a change?

Posted by American and proud of it. October 8, 08 02:30 PM

#29... there are two kids in the picture... little boy holds a red rose as well...

Posted by stockler October 8, 08 02:30 PM

If I see that cat one more time...

Posted by Chris October 8, 08 02:33 PM

war is stupid

Posted by anonymous October 8, 08 02:51 PM

Interesting in photo #27 that the pilot appears to be using a Logitech Wingman joystick to control the UAV.

Posted by Jeff October 8, 08 02:53 PM


"war is stupid"

Yeah, and your point is...? Try telling that to the Taliban and Al Qaeda--they don't think "war is stupid" at all.

Posted by MarkJ October 8, 08 02:59 PM

Thanks for showing another country's perspective. Wonderful set of photos and great job, once again!

Posted by christine October 8, 08 03:04 PM

Politics aside...I pray that these brave men and women may return home to their families in one piece. The picture #29 breaks my heart. A husband, father, daddy gone. So sad. War is so stupid. Leaders with no soul are so quick to send others. God bless all those who sacrifice for others.

Posted by shadinAZ October 8, 08 03:11 PM

Well it only took threads before the US bashing started. It's really awesome to see the US is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens (negative things only obviously) in the World. I'm going to protest and whine about Cheney's direct responsibility for the cold weather that happens in Winter.

/whine, cry, whimper, blame.

Posted by Carl Barelli October 8, 08 03:17 PM

Stunning photos. Heart wrenching sadness.

Many people here are linking the absurdity of Iraq to Afghanistan. I don't think that is fair. For all intents and purposes the Taliban government of Afghanistan waged war on the U.S. and Spain by harboring and funding Al Qaeda. Meanwhile they brutally oppressed and murdered much of their population. Taking them out was the right thing to do from a national security as well as moral perspective (as opposed to Iraq where neither is the case). The men and women pictured here are fighting the right war, for the right reasons without the support they deserve.

Posted by PhillR October 8, 08 03:21 PM

Thank you to all the men and women from armed forces all over the world who continue to serve to expand human rights around the world. We're not done, there will be more Sgt. P. Shipway's out there. I hope that we can all honour their commitment and ask our collective governments to stay committed.

Posted by Shane Serack October 8, 08 03:22 PM

Great pictures, absolutely great. Thanks to all who serve to fight terrorism. It is these people and their countries who have kept further attacks from happening. To all of those who would use these great photo's to give their personal opinions, I have this to say. When was your country last attacked by terrorist? Not lately, I bet. That is because of the war in Afganistan. No longer can you set back in your perfect world and allow these terrorist come to your house and kill your family. We must take the fight to them or they will take it to you.

Great photo's, thanks so much for sharing.

Posted by Aaron October 8, 08 03:24 PM

Quite captivating photography. Easy to see why we are so enamored by war. Too bad that we seem to forget the other side of this paradigm but then again stunning pictures of dead children don't make the front page or win Pulitzer's anymore now do they.

Posted by Elijah L October 8, 08 03:39 PM

Pic #30 is just outstanding.

Posted by Gravdigr October 8, 08 03:42 PM

Wow, that's probably the entire German Army in these photos...and definitely the entire force structure from the Netherlands.

Posted by merfti October 8, 08 03:47 PM

#6. What a strange job to have.

Posted by MarkH October 8, 08 04:08 PM

Thank yo so much for these pictures!

If you like to see video coverage from afghanistan you should go to:

Posted by Sebastian October 8, 08 04:16 PM

I guess when you say "senselessness of all these conflicts", you have never lived in London, New York, Madrid, Bali or Israel. Perhaps if you stopped living in your magic world where no one wants to hurt you, and awoke in the real one, you would realize that this war needs to be fought. And you should only show appreciation to the men and women who are better than you, that stand up and fight it.

Posted by Chris R October 8, 08 04:19 PM

My hats off to those who serve their country. Thank you for existing and having the courage to do what you do.

Posted by Mike October 8, 08 04:25 PM


Why arent't the next/prev quick keys (j/k)not working?

Posted by scribu October 8, 08 04:26 PM

@scribu - for the j/k keys to work, the page has to fully load. Sometimes the ads can be slow to load, or hang, preventing them from working.

Posted by alan taylor October 8, 08 04:30 PM

Great shots in challenging conditions for all. Afghanistan is where the focus of international efforts to combat terrorism needs to be, not Iraq.

Scribu: The j/k keys work for me.

Posted by Miles October 8, 08 04:42 PM

#36: An observer is a strange job? You have to FIND enemies before you can engage them.

To all you "war is bad/stupid/unnecessary" people, WAKE UP. There are evil people in this world. Those people want you dead, or part of their demented religious theocracy. Do you think Hitler was swayed one iota by all the diplomatic efforts prior to WW2?

Your freedoms, EVERY LAST ONE, are there because of the sacrifices of soldiers such as these. And the politicians who send them? We vote them in, and give them the horrible responsibilty of sending those troops. Could you make that call, and live with it?
God Bless our troops. They put their lives on the line, and make the greatest sacrifices for your ability to freely whine about how stupid war is.

Awesome pictures, by the way.

Posted by Andrew October 8, 08 04:42 PM

I hope that everyone notices the bereaved family in the bottom right of #29.

Posted by scully October 8, 08 05:05 PM

@25: that's extreme 3d pro. Owing that stick, I can imagine UAV pulling slightly to the starboard all the time :) It's POS ...

Posted by il2 player October 8, 08 05:05 PM

remember guys, we actually DO have a reason to be in afghanistan.

this is not a photo gallery from iraq

Posted by Brandon October 8, 08 05:06 PM

Thank you to all troops out there it is nice to see canada still permits photos to be taken of their fallen service men and women.

Posted by b October 8, 08 05:13 PM

Les images de conflits, soldats, armes commencent à être un peu trop répétitives sur ce site... Allez, un petit effort de recherche de sujets encore inexploités...

Posted by Fabien October 8, 08 05:24 PM

For those of you that question the purpose of this particular set of photo's, please look at them again and maybe you'll see that the theme of this has nothing to do with politics, or justifications, or your general opinions on war.

These pictures are meant to honor those that make it their personal responsibility to go out and protect others. (Whether it's innocent men, women & children in Afghanistan or comrades in arms.) I think we all can, (and should), all take a moment to say thank you for that.

Posted by Dave Rawlins October 8, 08 05:28 PM

ISAF is a paper tiger of a fighting force and is doing far more harm than good in Afghanistan. I wonder why no pictures of ISAF commanders bribing Taliban and al-Qaeda commaners not to attack their convoys are shown here?

Posted by drew October 8, 08 05:41 PM



Posted by FERNANDO October 8, 08 05:54 PM

Let's start another bogus war since I feel so much safer after the two bogus wars we are already in (and will NEVER win) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Posted by CJ October 8, 08 06:09 PM

29 breaks my heart.

Posted by Chris October 8, 08 06:23 PM

God bless the men and women of all the armed services in Afghanistan and their families at home.

Posted by Mark October 8, 08 06:24 PM

29 is tragic. What is more so are the nameless thousands of civilians who have died in this conflict, who have neither the benefit their memories being cherished as 29 has, nor their deaths sympathized with as 29 has.

Posted by TGU October 8, 08 06:50 PM

Absolutely fantastic pictures. Can't say enough good things in this space about it.

As for what it depicts...well, the soldiers in the photos signed up for duty, but they aren't the ones that decide where they do it or what they are supposed to do there, hardly any more than anyone in those photos chose to be there, in the war, including Afghanis. These photos don't have to be seen as glorifying the Nation State and related war policies, if you see the soldiers, the people, in the picture. They are what they are, that's all.

Posted by JoeOvercoat October 8, 08 07:57 PM

"29 is tragic. What is more so are the nameless thousands of civilians who have died in this conflict, who have neither the benefit their memories being cherished as 29 has, nor their deaths sympathized with as 29 has."

Every dead Canadian Soldier in honoured. Every Canadian Soldier killed abroad lands at CFB Trenton to be transported to Toronto to the Ontario Provincial Coroners for an autopsy. As the hearse (lead by a Ontario Provincial Police honour guard) travels the 401 (which in and around Toronto is the most heavily travelled stretch of highway in the world by volume of traffic) traffic almost entirely ceases in one direction as virtually everyvehicle pulls over in respect and every overpass along the entire stretch is filled with people showing their respects. The Provincial Government has renamed that stretch "The Highway of Heroes".

Posted by Trevor Brooks October 8, 08 08:25 PM

Thanks again for the wonderful photos. As for the soldiers, they are handsomely paid lads sent there to serve the failed agendas of neoconservatives.

Posted by Shabnam October 8, 08 09:35 PM

Amazing pictures!
It's unfortunate mankind as to resort to this kind of action to resolve problems in this world. As a Canadian I'm very touched by picture #29. Too many people are dying in this conflict and it's a shame. On a side note, I certainly hope no one is criticizing the American soldiers (or any other nationality). They are there because of their civilian governments put them there to do a job. They are following orders from their superiors who are following their civilian government's orders. Let us not bash the little guy on the battlefield that might have to pay the ultimate price while performing his duty.

Posted by Jet Jockey October 8, 08 09:56 PM

I don't believe that the Western forces in Afghanistan will ever eliminate the Taliban. They can beat it down but it will grow back like a weed. It's my personal view that the ones at the head of this organization are likely involved in the drug trade ( not unlike the current propped up friendly Afghan government ) and that they likely find extreme fundamentalism a convenient and efficient tool as well as excuse for controlling their masses while they ply their trade. I seriously doubt that they practice what the preach. Our forces can't kill every single one of them and even if they could, the money and violence of the drug trade would produce new leaders/despots to continue their legacy.

Posted by John October 8, 08 10:04 PM

Two quick questions:

#18 - Any idea what the different colours of the bullets represent? Regular and tracers?

#26 - Is that the actual shell coming out from the right side of the cloud of smoke? That's a very fast camera!

I'm also struck by how much these troops and their gear look like they're from a science fiction movie like "Aliens" or something - especially in comparison to the poor Afghans. I hope it's all worth it.

Posted by ajlb October 8, 08 10:14 PM

All these lives lost on both sides for an endless conflict...
And to think that so many people are convinced that war is necessary, and that there is no solutions other than that !
Dear soldiers, stop sacrifying yourselves and come back home right now. The real threat may not be where your government tells you it is.

Posted by Michiro October 8, 08 11:01 PM

Is there or has there ever been a just war? All can be rationalized by those who profit from it - and all will be fought by those who hold no sway.

I was one - two decades of blood, tears, and brotherhood. After a time, I realized my position on the chessboard - but my choice caused no remorse. Few have lived as I, and few can savor life like those who have challenged death and prevailed.

Posted by Harmless Fuzzy Bunny October 9, 08 12:16 AM

#29 is hits fairly close to home. His family lives next door to me. A terrible loss, on all accounts. His memory will live on forever in the hearts of his friends and family.

I wish someone could edit the caption in the photo, though. His son, Hayden, is clearly visible.

Posted by Monty October 9, 08 12:35 AM

I don't support this war, but I will always support the troops.

Amazing pictures.

Posted by Shust One October 9, 08 01:22 AM

Here's to a world without war. Open communication, compromise, and human collaboration.

Posted by Dylan October 9, 08 01:37 AM

These technically very good, and emotionally brilliant photos make me think of the Ecclesiates quote at the start of the film Platoon "Rejopice O young man, in thy youth"

Posted by Dave, Melbourne, Australia October 9, 08 02:01 AM

photo 29 just broke my heart.

Posted by Stop the madness October 9, 08 02:01 AM

Thank you all ,
for being there and helping.
Good luck

Posted by durgesh nautiyal October 9, 08 02:16 AM

I am glad my country isn't shown on the pictures. I am even ashamed to state my county since we participate in terrorist acts of invasion into Afganistan and Iraq which will not be forgotten by the free world, uncorrupted by corporate dictatorship from USA and neocon fascism. 21 century USA is just an equvivalent of Nazi Germany.

Anyway, great site, great pics, it just bothers me, this pro-war bias and brainless support for stupid wars it shows regulary.

Posted by Bole October 9, 08 02:17 AM

Great photos of a lost war!

I pity these men and women who are fighting someone else's war and laying their lives for NO CAUSE!

Posted by Salman October 9, 08 02:38 AM

To people like "merfti" and "shabnam": If you don't have anything constructive to add, at least refrain from posting stupid untruths in a post that is clearly meant to *honor* those that lie their lives on the line to fight for our freedom and safety...

It is not about winning the war for them, it is about fighting and surviving it! Please think about that, before you whine again!

Don't blame the soldiers in the field for the decisions of their government! If you have to blame anyone, blame those that find it necessary to intentionally kill innocent civillians to further their cause(s)...

Posted by F.P. October 9, 08 03:04 AM

every picture tells only part of the story. to what do we have to look forward? to save your world you asked these men to die.

Posted by Jay Evans October 9, 08 03:28 AM

Hard to believe that all this effort is put into imposing western & european brutality onto this poor country with absolutely no proof whatsoever they did anything wrong (911). The only terror in Afghanistan is the USA and it's cronies. Sure, the Taleban may not be the nicest bunch around but at least they aren't invading other countries for their resources under the false guise of fighting terrorism.

Before anyone starts praising these mercenaries, be mindful they are killing innocents who want to liberate their country from occupation and a western-imposed puppet. They aren't fighting terror. They are the terror.

Posted by frank October 9, 08 04:01 AM

I liked 13, that kid looks like a trooper.

Posted by Cypher October 9, 08 04:02 AM

A fine bunch of pictures. Good effort

However, I would like to see pictures of all countrys within ISAF, they should at least have that honor.

R.I.P to the fallen

Posted by NL October 9, 08 04:36 AM

#9 caption: "I iz in ur army base, spieing on ur planz"

"I can has AK-47?"

Posted by Art October 9, 08 04:50 AM

Great photos. They capture every conceivable emotion succinctly.

While I can agree with some of the commenters who have said, in effect, war is bad. I can not agree that it is unnecessary. Many of our countries were attacked (UK, US, Spain, etc.) and that required decisive action. I am a veteran and I can appreciate the sacrifice that these men and women are making. I thank each and every one of them for their sacrifice.

I am glad that these men and women are willing to protect me. I am glad that my country is willing to protect me. I am glad that my political leaders have the wherewithal to make the decisions required to protect me.

To those that complain, protest, mock, and berate. Before you utter your next sentence of disrespect, take a moment to thank these men and women and all veterans for their sacrifices that enabled you to even utter such a sentence.

Posted by John October 9, 08 05:03 AM

good photos thnx

p.s lol at the guy who saw the logitech joystick.

Posted by hanis21 October 9, 08 05:23 AM

God was also dazzled

Posted by SHUAIB October 9, 08 05:29 AM

Great images...

Stop The War Please!!!!

Posted by lowcong October 9, 08 05:36 AM

It's very shocking for me too see all these things are happening within 500 km from me. I live in Mashhad, Iran, East of Iran. We have a lot of Afghans as refugees in Iran now, but the government has a plan to deport all of them. The reason for that is that Afghanistan is now safe and they can return home. Seems to me it still has a very very long way toward peace and calm.

If you like to see some pictures from my hometown in Iran you can check my blog at:

Posted by AmirHossein October 9, 08 06:15 AM

picture #2. that soldier there, what kind of weapon does he hold?

Posted by Olzhas Alibekov October 9, 08 06:30 AM


Deep condolences to your neighbors. The image of their suffering and loss has reached so many hearts. Above all, it is an image of love, of the love for their departed one and the love that binds the survivors. May their mourning be comforted and may their happy memories bring them relief from their sorrows.

Posted by Ann October 9, 08 06:44 AM

Surprised to see they are allowed out at night. Rumors were soldiers from certain NATO countries are not allowed out of their bases after dark, and even their helicopters must head back before dusk.

Leaving the more 'engaged' forces to fight for themselves.

PS Better fight the fundamentalists in Afghansitan than let it slide again and threaten Pakistan. This is a nasty war for a useless piece of ground but 2001 taught us all a lesson on letting afghanistan fail

Posted by John October 9, 08 07:00 AM

From an American to the 43 countries represented in the ISAF:

We know we're not the only ones to suffer (or fear) Al Qaeda attacks, but we also remember that when we were attacked, you stood with us as brothers--and you still do.

Thank you.

Posted by Peter Rivard October 9, 08 07:10 AM

#29, I couldn't control my emotion, may god bless the little one...

Posted by Mahes October 9, 08 07:16 AM

Wow, absolutely amazing phots. Very nice indeed.

Posted by Lisa Holtz October 9, 08 08:01 AM

Impressive photos. Such a shame, though, that Western imperialism continues to this day.

Posted by Alfred October 9, 08 08:22 AM

Wir wischen die Taliban Schweine vom Gesicht der Masse ab. Deutschland
stoppt nie, die Al-Qaeda Drohung zu kämpfen.

Posted by T. L. Coyote October 9, 08 08:25 AM

Someone said, what the hell are they doing there occupying a land and killing people?

Posted by Mark October 9, 08 08:25 AM

These troops are the greatest thing this country has on our side. Politics aside we still need these great men and women helping to protect our freedom. God bless America!

Posted by Chuck October 9, 08 08:30 AM

I love the picture of the cat.

Posted by The Baltimore Babe October 9, 08 08:39 AM

Thank you for all your service. You are truly brave women and men out there.

Posted by epeters October 9, 08 08:45 AM

Awesome pictures. But why is this all needed . . .

Posted by Hans October 9, 08 08:53 AM

More like 'Employees' of Corporate World than 'Soldiers'. Who's fight? Against Who?

Posted by iblees October 9, 08 09:25 AM

No amount of pretty pictures can desguise the horror of what is really going on.

To all those gung-ho "justifyers" of this so-called "war on terror", yes, it is honorable to fight for the defence of your country or innocent victims of unjustified death and destruction. But when young men and women are killed by the tens of thousands and civilians are slaughtered by the millions over the years, because of crude foreign policy fueled by corperate and big oil greed, it is time to reflect on the REAL causes of these conflicts.

The social economic and environmental costs now demand we deal with these realities and not hide behind the lies, deception and hideous hypocrisy of so-called leaders - on ALL sides - responsible for this perversion of humanity.

Posted by Dimitri October 9, 08 09:42 AM

the look on that womans face tells it all

goddamn this war

Posted by Lono October 9, 08 09:59 AM


Posted by Vader October 9, 08 10:04 AM

GOD Bless all good people……..


Thank you for the war training. Now we can build newer weapons!

Posted by LOL October 9, 08 10:07 AM

# 16 .... if pakistan would get some balls and go into their own territory and take care of the talaban, terrorists, etc hanging out in their tribal regions , we wouldn't have to. Middle eastern countries need to stop giving us lip service and do something about the bad guys in their country. I think when it comes down to it, they really agree with them and thats why they don't actually do anything. Sure they may catch joe shmo the bad guy with a gun that may have had an uncles former roomate related to a terrorist, but they never catch any big fish. Seems to me they don't want to.

Posted by harry October 9, 08 10:11 AM

nice war marketing

Posted by b4zs1 October 9, 08 10:18 AM

They wouldn't have to be there if George W. Bush and the rest of those Republican dirtballs didn't pull out the majority of our US troops back in 2001 to invade Iraq. We had the Taliban on the ropes at Tora Bora and dropped the ball, we should have crushed them but the Neo-Cons decided to invade another country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Eight years later, Iraq's a mess, Taliban's still around, and who knows whatever happened to that Bin Laden fellow. Thank the lord that idiot is almost done with his second term of ruining America, it's a shame the rest of us have to pick up the pieces after he's long gone.

Posted by Douglas Dedge October 9, 08 10:22 AM

red is tracer and green armour piercing

Posted by ancer to no 61 October 9, 08 10:30 AM

Pic 14 has so much story and depth to it. Shows how one picture can say so much without any words.

Pic 1. is from Michael Bay's Transformers movie isn't it ?

Posted by Gerb October 9, 08 10:32 AM

I am so sorry that the war mongers, our US leaders, lied us into this. My deepest apologies to all.

Posted by RJ October 9, 08 11:02 AM

@#74 Frank.
You are correct... Bin Laden never came out and admitted anything... Oh wait a minute, HE DID. I see what you did there, replacing reality and replacing it with your own twisted view of reality.

To all those in the Forces... thank you.
To all those who have fallen, may your God bless you and your families you left behind.

Posted by Nick USA October 9, 08 11:08 AM

Thanks to all who serve and who have served

Posted by Chris S October 9, 08 11:45 AM

why dont you guys simply wipe out Afganistan and Pakistan for once instead of playing this tic toc ... wipe them of from the world map let the future generation learn " there was some hell hole called Afganistan and Pakistan ..."

Posted by world peace October 9, 08 11:46 AM

Typical morons, blaming the evil corporations and Dubya. Yes, Dubya f*cked up a war and made America hated again, but OLOLZ STORMTROOPERS!11ONE AND WAR MARKETING!11ONE AND CORPORATIONS!11one

Christ, you morons are the people who make Democrats look stupid. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Aging Hippie Liberal Douche October 9, 08 11:51 AM

Great pics can attract the most ignorant people.
I have held the hands of dying Afghans and have been thanked by hundreds of them for clearing out the filth of the Taliban.
I watched as the terrorist murderers sent a child to the group -- with a bomb strapped to his chest.
For all of you that think that America is to blame -- feel free to leave.
If you can't stand behind your soldiers -- feel free to stand in front of us!

Posted by MyHeadHurts October 9, 08 11:54 AM

A big thank you to all the service men and women out there doing a tough, but eseential, job.

To those spineless cowards who cannot fathom fighting for anything, I salute you with one finger.

Posted by MadMonk October 9, 08 11:56 AM

La foto 29 è la piu triste del mondo: una bambineta che ha perso suo padre. Che mondo è questo ?

Posted by Fabrizio October 9, 08 12:06 PM

@ merfti
You are really stupid... That sure isn't Germany's entire army... And if it's a joke I can't appreciate it. The Netherlands have about 3000 troops in the province Uruzgan, a region in Afghanistan where the taliban are still very strong. The Dutch materials consist of hundreds of Pantserhouwitsers, couple of PATRIAs, Bushmasters, F-16s, Apaches and more. It isn't called 'Camp Holland' for nothing.

And because no other NATO country wants to take over our tasks and very few want to aid us they we have to stay there. The Dutch millitary has been ordered to stay in Afghanistan for another 2 years or so, but probably longer...

I like the pictures a lot, but it's a shame that there are no pictures of the Dutch, except for #26.

Posted by TJ October 9, 08 12:26 PM

"Bundeswehr army" is redundant, as "Bundeswehr" basically means "Army" in English.

Posted by tom October 9, 08 12:40 PM

Some only liked the pictures. They did not care about the cause.
Why are there people (Swine) like BIN LADEN ?
Without these bastards from hell there would habe been no need for all this

Peace without the Taliban would be possible
Without the FRE WORLDs strength never
GUTMENSCHEN under the sofa with you !!!

Posted by Jerry Lister October 9, 08 12:47 PM

Kabul sure looks different at night than it did in 1977... I was 7 then and remember it well. The rest of the country looks about the same though.
As for fighting the Taliban... until the Afghans and the Paki's decide to be rid of them then all we can do is keep a lid on the pot.

Posted by Wheezley Blighter October 9, 08 12:57 PM

Poor fools that call this an occupation. Perhaps you don't pay attention tom what is going on. The Afghans are 100% better off than they were. Perhaps you think it is ok to not educate women?

Regardless kudos to all of these brave men and women from all over the world who are doing their part!

Posted by Miguel de Pito Grande October 9, 08 01:31 PM

Frank, Bole, Salman, RJ, Dmitri, and others. You have clearly been educated beyond your intelligence. It's attitudes like yours that allowed Adolf Hitler to start WWII in Europe. Appeasement in the face of belligerence leads to future belligerence. It is a historical fact. But I doubt any of you has a working knowledge of history other than that which is fed to you by your local community organizer.

Posted by Buck October 9, 08 02:03 PM

Who names a cat "Ebola"?

Posted by Tom Helonius October 9, 08 02:22 PM

Thanks for the photos. They speak for themselves.

Posted by Stan T October 9, 08 02:34 PM

Re: Harry
In case you haven't noticed the reason Pakistan isn't really helping is that they are really helping the Taliban and Al-Qeida and playing a double game with the West.

Posted by DaveEE October 9, 08 02:38 PM

"Bundeswehr army" is redundant, as "Bundeswehr" basically means "Army" in English.

Posted by Seventy6er October 9, 08 03:15 PM

@38. Posted by Chris R
I get your point. The men and women being in Afghanisthan, probably doing the best they can to hunt down the taliban, need to be shown appreciation, as you put it. No doubt about that. But does that exclude the need to critizise a policy of war that one thinks is totally wrong? Ever seen some Mr Bush/Blair/Schröder (or any other leader who sent them there) going there and most of all _staying there_ for a longer period of time? I don`t think so. I`d say, if they did, they`d most likely think it over because it doesn`t really seem to work !

Posted by Olaf Mertens October 9, 08 03:27 PM

Fantastic photography - my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones over there.

However - I'm annoyed by the mindset of those who expect instant gratification - "But we've been there for years! When will it end?" *moan, wail*

Wake up - war is not a video-game and is not won instantly at your convenience, you ungrateful, ignorant, over-fed chumps.

Posted by AndyC October 9, 08 05:06 PM

@ Olaf (#124)

You, sir, are a moron. I suppose you're one of those types that would sit down and have tea and cookies with Bin Laden, and try to talk this whole thing out? No, I don't agree with our decision to go into Iraq, but Afghanistan is an entirely different story. I am going to assume you aren't from the US, or, if you are, you didn't know anyone directly affected by 9/11. Perhaps the next time Bin Laden decides to commit genocide, he'll do it on your doorstep so you can understand the need for war.

Posted by John B. October 9, 08 06:32 PM

I appreciate the work of the soldiers over there, since they were sent there by our parliament, but in the 6 years that the Germans are in afghanistan they have killed three innocent civilians -,2144,3604113,00.html
that is three too many. Add together those killed by the US, Britain Canada and the others, then at some point you have to draw the line in saying that their civilians deaths are in no way less important than civilian deaths in a western country. The killing of innocent US civillians - that was the reason for going to afghanistan, and now we we have to admit that we are guily of the same crime

Posted by Matthias October 9, 08 06:39 PM

God Bless all the men and woman in harms way, as for all the liberals living in their self induced fairy land and don't see the terriorist in the world as the real evil then I suggest another hit or drink and go back into your dreamland. I only hope we will continue to have leaders with a backbone and take the fight to the terriorsts. Oh for the libs please try this experiment, bend arm and reach back and feel the bumps going up and down...that's a backbone....GET ONE!
mark s.

Posted by mark smith October 9, 08 08:19 PM

How do you make it right for the family in #29 and all the other families that have lost their fathers, sons, brothers, wifes and daughters? War for what ever reason is BAD no matter how you spin it. Who among you will help this family with their bills and the life challanges of raising two young kids alone and heart broken.

I am truly sorry for your loss. I will pray for your family tonight, that your suffering will be eased and your children will never have to face war in their future.

Posted by hoplessly lost October 9, 08 08:38 PM

Tip 'o the hat to the brave women and men in uniform, doing their duties to the best of their abilities, selflessly.

I was very touched to see the funeral of the Canadian serviceman.
It is ironic that we, in the US, get to see other countries pay respects to their servicemembers, but our casualties are hidden from us, as if there's some shame associated with it. So sad to see that we can't honor our own countrymen who have given their all. Just for this travesty alone I hope Bush and Rumsfeld are tried.

Posted by Annie October 9, 08 08:58 PM

~T. L. Coyote:
Nicht Schweine sind die Taliban in Verbindung stehen, sondern Männer, die für einen anderen Grund Kampf.

Bravo Deutschen Soldaten - wenn der Tod für Sie kommt, wird er sagen: "Dieser Mann lebte ein ehrliches Leben".


Posted by Harmless Fuzzy Bunny October 9, 08 09:08 PM

Thank you,

Posted by Roger Johnson October 9, 08 09:10 PM

For their sacrafice, they are paid so little. It is not the money, but the honor and the duty to their Country. The know what freedom feels like, and I know they want others to feel the same. I have 2 Sons in the Military, I was in the Military. We do it because we care. I'm proud to be an American, a REAL American. I believe in what the REAL America stands for. These are brave men and women. They deserve our utmost respect.

Posted by Curt Crook October 9, 08 09:15 PM

Pic #25 broke my heart. "A German Bundeswehr soldier stands next to a former Soviet army tank". After just 63 years?

Posted by Ivan October 9, 08 10:05 PM

I can only express my profound gratitude and highest respect for those who are brave enough to put on a uniform, sacrifice all and dedicate themselves to the service of mankind. You are my heroes!

Posted by Jennifer Henderson October 9, 08 10:39 PM

I agree with Fabien, #48, even if those (great) pictures need to be seen and share, there are a bit too much war/weapons etc on that wonderful blog. Please Alan Taylor, don't forget to show us great and positive things of that world too. It's just a matter of balance, i guess. Anyway, thanks for the work you do to inform us.

Posted by François October 10, 08 12:29 AM

#107 Nick
Ben Laden admitted his involment in 911 on a tape the US government found. However many specialists, from all countries, recognized that it was not him on that tape but merely a guy with a beard and a turban who was used to justify that war.

Stop beeing blind. Don't you see that war profits higher interests ? Don't you know some people actually earn money with war (weapons traffic, oil fields...) and have interest of starting a war, regardless of all the lives lost in the process ?
Stop talking about "reality" and don't trust blindly what your TV shows you.

Posted by Michiro October 10, 08 12:46 AM

Well, John B. (#126), at least i didn`t call anyone a moron for having a different opinion. I suppose you`re not from britain, because these people are known to be polite, aren`t they? And next time you use the term "genocide" - look it up first!

Posted by Olaf Mertens October 10, 08 01:04 AM

These photo's are amazing and of the finest quality. It is a shame that they are of such a tragic circumstance. Very brave people civilian and soldier.

Posted by boxhead63 October 10, 08 04:40 AM


Posted by English October 10, 08 05:13 AM

Mindless embedded "Journalism" and Propaganda at its best.

Posted by Toni F. October 10, 08 07:19 AM

#29 wow ...look at the family...breaks me heart!

Posted by Melissa October 10, 08 09:53 AM

Truly fantastic photography, just normal people doing a very un-normal job. The weapon they are carrying in #2 is a Hecker & Koch G36, serious kit. Plus Do you have to name the troops in #15, they are doing enough without having to be named and inviting trouble on their families.

Posted by Chris October 10, 08 10:01 AM

Picture #29 -
Please honor Sgt Prescott Shipway and his family by updating the info on the photo to include the fact that his son, Hayden, is standing right beside his Mommy and sister with his head down, rose in hand. Lest no one be forgotten. If you have the means, please have the caption editted for his family. May the children and family find strength in their love and the love from all Sgt Prescott has touched.

Posted by Long time friend October 10, 08 11:45 AM

The name of Sgt. Prescott's son Hayden now added to caption for #29, thanks to all who pointed that out.

Posted by alan taylor October 10, 08 11:55 AM

To my fine friends in Western Democratic Countries please remember that these
"Rude men and women do terrible things so you can sit back and complain without fear for your lives" Their employer requires them to Die if needed to protect your bum if necessary, and for little pay I might add. Respect them because they protect your rights to complain about the Loo not working and the Coffee being cold, or what ever is bothering your little Important Life today.
Complain or critizise in a third world Islamic country and someone will find your body. Remember " God wills it "!

Posted by PSG270 October 10, 08 02:38 PM

@116, Jerry "Why are there people (Swine) like BIN LADEN ?
Without these bastards from hell there would habe been no need for all this"

I can shortly answer your question: Bin laden was trained by the CIA in the 80ies. Without the americans this bastard would not excist and they would have no need for this. Of course life/history/politics is not that easy. As you see.

Posted by Jan October 10, 08 03:02 PM

War, greed, stubborness, lust, anger, desire for power is conceived in the mind of man who wants to dominate others. Untill he changes his ways and submits his heart to the Almighty Creator, we will have no peace on Earth.

Posted by Sandie October 10, 08 03:06 PM

These photos are excellent!!!!!!!

Posted by Marisol October 10, 08 04:12 PM

Only persons who have served in the military understand that there is no greater love than being able to give your life for the freedom of your fellow man. No matter what country that fellow man is from.

Posted by Reese(Vietnam Vet) October 10, 08 04:27 PM

These are exceptional pictures..We should never take our freedom for granted..and NEVER forget those who are fighting to keep it free..God Bless America!!

Posted by Karen Bennette October 10, 08 07:58 PM

May God bless all of the troops fighting terrorism wherever the fight may take them.

Posted by EL October 10, 08 09:08 PM

To all of you that sit there and curse what we do and have nothing but negative things to say about both of the wars, you are very ignorant people. You should educate yourselves on what really goes on over there. Yes sometimes bad things do happen but the majority of the things are great. Americans especially have no clue how good our freedoms and way of life are. I so wish that everyone who wants to criticize what we do would get on a plane and go to a third world country and live there for just a week and see what it is like and then maybe you would appreciate what you have and what we soldiers have given you. I'm sick to death of people who know nothing running their mouths non stop. Educate yourself or just do us all a favor and shut the hell up

Posted by DeWayne October 11, 08 01:21 AM

The General Public tends to forget the Troops.. God Bless the Troops and praying that Psalms 91 covers them on the field.

Posted by Ben Kranz October 11, 08 03:37 AM

Wow, such polarized views from both "sides".

These picture a pretty good, and yes they are of a conflict, but then every picture has a subject matter.

As much as I hate global imperialism, and don't agree with the Iraq Occupation, I feel a lot of people are being VERY ignorant into trying to frame Afghanistan into a Right/Wrong issue. Every issue has lots of details, and if I had to call one place on Earth "complex", Afghanistan would be it.

The fact of the matter is that we should have more true UN coalition missions, but less interference with non-western cultures. I know that that is nearly impossible, but with the right leadership, Peacekeeping, or at least true stabilization missions should be a goal of all nations. These of course need to be backed up with aid, resources and assistance, with out the strings attached that the "World" Bank always demands. World Government is not the answer either, but cooperation when deemed necessary would be fantastic.

Nations and cultures ebb and flow, but people, whether as a group, or as individuals should not be forced to suffer for this. It is the duty of stable nations, or organizations to render the maximum assistance truly needed, with the least interference, to those who find themselves in the opposite circumstance.

Posted by rory October 11, 08 05:30 AM

àìåðèêîñû ïèíäîñû

Posted by 333222 October 11, 08 07:06 AM

Awesome photo's. God bless these brave men and women. We too often forget about those things that we do not see. They are forever in my thoughts and prayers. Especially liked photo #13. The littly guys face says it all. Photo #29 is very heart wrenching, although another reality of war. Thank you for sharing these with the world.

Posted by J. Doty October 11, 08 09:38 AM

I just wanna thank you so much for your services,my family loves you all............
xoxoxoxoxox.'s If theres any way we can help let us guys sacrafice a lot
actually everything.I don't want you,any of you to think your not recognized or gretfully appreciated. may god bless you all and deliver you home safely
Danny White

Posted by Danny White October 11, 08 04:25 PM

Thank you !
My husband is overthere right now !

Posted by mimiletti October 11, 08 04:54 PM

thank you ....i can see my boyfriend its wonderful!!they are doing such a dangerous job...hope to get him back healthily.
good luck boys!!!
and thank you for publishing !

Posted by juli October 11, 08 07:39 PM

three quarters of the sept 11,2001, were saudis -
the revenge decision: "round up the usual suspects" (& the afganis, who didn´t even have the slightest idea where new york was, get shafted again)
maybe the empire (us/uk/canada/australia/newzealand), and their flunkies
(the nato "volunteers"), can explain to the world, what are they really up to in afganistan (we were told that the soviets "conquered" afganistan, and the
alphbet soup coalition "liberated it")
can you give us an expalnation that matches reality?

Posted by george polentacaliente October 11, 08 08:35 PM

For all those previous posters that said "stop this war", lets not forget this is Afghanistan and we did not start this war. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qeida who is based in Afghanistan started this war. Maybe you forgot about September 11, 2001 and all the innocent lives lost during those terrorist attacks. It could be that you think if we just stop fighting and trying to get Osama that he will turn himself in. I will agree that we need to end the war in Iraq, our mission was accomplished there in december 2003 when we got Saddam but as far as Afghanistan and Bin Laden go, we need to get him where ever he is..

Posted by Jimmy October 11, 08 09:33 PM

#14 Solider uses a photo of his family as a bookmark

One of most beutifull photos that I have ever seen... MASTERPIECE.

Posted by PETER October 11, 08 10:51 PM

I served in the US military. However, I do know that blind faith can get people killed. Afghanistan is a just fight; Iraq is not. We never should have invaded Iraq. There was no valid reason for doing so, except for President Bush's private agenda. This is not the fault of our military men and women. Let's support our troops by bringing them home from Iraq NOW!

Posted by Marc October 12, 08 01:03 PM

Ya know what? Initially I was just going to post a comment and say "thanks" for sharing these beautiful photo's with us - as they say, pix are worth thousands of words ... and I was going to add that you can view some other spectacular photo's (for free) courtesy of the Canadian Army's "Combat Camera", at However ... when I saw comment #70 by "bole" ... I saw red. I'm Canuck (so you can't falsely accuse me of Yankee bias), I've served in Afghanistan, and I saw the sea containers that were used by the Taliban to execute unarmed civilians by herding them in and then tossing in a hand grenade before closing the doors ... and then leaving the wounded to suffer in excruciating pain until the heat killed them. Yes, "bole" is correct when he says he's too ashamed of his own country - I've no doubt his own country would be ashamed of him, too (and, you little coward, last time I checked no country in NATO has built death camps like the Nazis did)

Posted by Clyde MacGregor October 12, 08 01:08 PM

To Douglas Dedge:
I doubt that you ever have or ever will "pick up the pieces". You most likely have and will continue to run your mouth and show your ignorance of the real world. You are being protected at great cost. Show some gratitude. You obviously could not make the tough decisions required in this real world......Maturity will come with age (in most cases).

Posted by LimaSierra October 12, 08 02:05 PM

Fuer die deutschen Soldaten in Afghanistan ein grosses DANKE. Ich bin sehr stolz auf Euch!

For the coalition troops a great THANK YOU!

War is and always will be hell!

As for those who dare to critise and make negative remarks about this issue and the war in Afghanistan. It is YOUR inactivity and willfull ignorance that allowes monsters like Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Pol Pot , ETC. and their ideologies to come into existance unchallenged. Sticking you proverbial head in the sand ( or other places) is the contributing factor.
YOU should be ashamed.

When good people do nothing, then evil will prevail!

Posted by Manny D Stone October 12, 08 02:15 PM

Great pics. Bless all the troopers and their loved ones. To you all outside the wire it harms way keep your heads up you all are doing an outstanding job.

Posted by Old SFC October 12, 08 04:39 PM

As a Vietnam vet, I want to thank all of the young men and women who are in harms way in Iraq , Afghanistan and around the world.
I'm sorry for all those Morons who don't understand that Freedom isn't free.. There is a price to pay . GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.........
Airborne/Recon all the wAY

Posted by Rudy October 12, 08 06:29 PM

The USA has its own faults, but that's expected in an unjust world. Our greater mission: democracy for millions, the freedom of an entire region of the globe, should not be viewed with skepticism because of the internal faults all human society inherently has. Corporate greed is not the same as Evil. Totalitarian oppression (the Taliban) is an evil that should be fought where ever and whenever it can. Our ancestors aided the Greeks against the Turks and the Poles against the Russians while some groups at home made politics against the wielders of Freedoms Banner. Even Hitler had his apologists and support groups in the USA before war was declared. No vote for war by the USA has ever been unanimous.



Posted by Robert October 12, 08 06:35 PM

It sickens me to read some of the cowardice in these responses, especialy when it comes from Americans. It encourages me to see the patriotism in those that would stand up for what is still good and right in this world. Excellent pictures ! Thank you.

Posted by D Shaw October 12, 08 08:44 PM

I am so sick of people bitching about how horrible the United States is. If it wasn't for the BRAVE men and women that came before me the world would be a much different place. Who has been there to stop naked aggression and spit in the eye of pure evil? Every one knows who. A million thanks to ALL fighting men and women of all countrys who has layed their life on the line.

Posted by Dave October 12, 08 09:14 PM

enjoyed the comments more then the photos,now i'll have to go back & look again. however reading some of the dastardly uninformed tripe coming from these petty agitators reminds me of what president reagan once said,"freedom is only a generation away from extinction!" what these fools dont realise is they won't know what they've got untill its gone! anyway to the soldiers i think what the lady ment was,keep your heads down & your chins up,cheers!!!

Posted by steve,downunder October 13, 08 02:39 AM

Frank is clearly a nut.

Posted by John October 13, 08 03:40 AM

In my lessons to selected leadership of German ISAF I have described the true American interests in the region as: Encircling Iran and China, containing Russia, serving selfish pipeline interests and trying to perpetuate their rule of the region by “terror management”: A fine-tuned and violent method of covertly employing Pakistan’s mighty secret services to encroach and undermine the Islamic Movement in order to be able to efficiently use it as a pretext to continued troop presence – none of the Generals present ever contradicted. The procedure was confirmed as being known to the German government since a good while by a high ranking source from inside the German chancellery. Another credible and ranking German witness reports a refusal to arrest Osama bin Laden in 2001 – and Rumsfeld as MoD personally stopped in the last second a 300-strong raid team aimed at taking in his No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Colin Powell as head of the US State Department was quoted with typically American openness: “I hope we don’t run out of monsters in Afghanistan!” And president Karzai confided to a ranking member of German parliament, that the US could have achieved peace in the region in 2004 – but were disinclined to use the opportunity. Most shocking is the openly declared use of so-called uranium weapons in Afghanistan, obviously causing genetic damages and thereby leading to hundreds if not thousands of terribly deformed children and slow death to those adults, who were strongly affected by this war crime, which I call “silent genocide”. Part of this silence is upheld by the established fact, that all Western hospitals in Kabul refuse to forward tissue samples to laboratories adequately equipped to prove uranium weapon use, while the media remain silent – and the politicians keep up the usual lies.

Posted by Christoph R. Hörstel October 13, 08 07:24 AM


Posted by DARLENE October 13, 08 09:29 AM

Great pics. Sure is nice to see the Germans fighting on our side for a change. Thanks for all the help.

Posted by Alvin October 13, 08 02:42 PM

Thanks all for the sacrifices you have made, I wake up every morning and can't think of a better country to live in. Keep fighting hard and go home safe, wherever you are from. I'm proud to be an American.

Posted by Let Freedom Ring October 13, 08 08:26 PM

No doubt it is nice to see the germans fighting on our side. its about friggin time! Thanx for the assist. Make it home safe...I'm out!

Posted by E Miner October 14, 08 01:01 AM

Pict # 9 I like it the best. The rest make me hate of BUSH the most

Posted by achmad enka October 14, 08 04:36 AM

My thanks to all of you who appreciate what we do. And to my fellow coalition soldiers it is always an honor to fight alongside you.

As to those of you who whine....why isn't you can show so much passion in your complaints and not even attempt to adjust your lifestyle? I am recieved better in Afghanistan than I am in the US and everyone of you should be grateful that we have people we want to protect and fight for.

You are lucky that by protecting them means I have to protect you as well.

"De Oppreso Liber"

Posted by Leslie October 14, 08 06:17 AM

can anyone change this ?
this is our life and we are living in it

Posted by r.a October 14, 08 12:14 PM

Pic #14 broke my heart.
God shoot.


Posted by Thomas October 14, 08 12:29 PM

German soldiers have a "no combat" provision in their national caveats to participation in ISAF. They will not engage in offensive operations and have refused deployment to southern Afghanistan where the Brits, Dutch and Canadians have been taking casualties. The German sector is among the quietest in Afghanistan.

Posted by Yank in Germany October 14, 08 04:11 PM

Thank you all the troops for everything you do may you all come home saftly!!!!! For or against the war show some respect these men and women stand for more than you will ever know in your life time

Posted by Amanda October 14, 08 05:11 PM

These photos are touching in several ways (even though he Germans are doing there part in Iraq by taking up space while other nations take the blows via suicide bombers and sh*tty-radical cowardly religous-radhead bastard martrys). We all need to support these brave men and women who have voluntered to serve there country. No matter if your for or against the war, pro/anti Bush; we are there to stay and nothing is going to change that any time soon. Yes, the reasons why we went into Iraq are unclear, who cares now, dont make the troops out to be the bad guys. Their job as soldiers is to say yes sir and do there damndest to perform their duty. GOD BE WITH THEM, PRAY.

Posted by Riley October 14, 08 09:13 PM

"Impressive photos. Such a shame, though, that Western imperialism continues to this day." From Alfred (typical under a rock socialist). Hey Alfred, BITE ME!

Posted by Dave October 14, 08 11:15 PM

You may not support the war, but SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!! and God Bless those doing their duty to their countries and to freedom everywhere

Posted by B Dub October 14, 08 11:33 PM

God bless those troops and a tip of the hat for the photographer.

Posted by Nathan Large October 15, 08 03:33 AM

After these magnificent photos one can not help but demand: more war please!
Aren't we wonderful, Wunderbar, Bravo. I'd say kill all who oppose us, terrorists, al qaeda, so called insurgents,Iran, Chavez, Farc, Palestinians, Russia, Mugabe, Somali, Filipino terrorists,etc.

Posted by Jan October 15, 08 02:42 PM

Great pictures.
Those soldiers are doing great honor to their countries and the opposition of terror in a whole. We won't let terrorists win.
Good luck, guys, and stay safe.

Posted by Razi October 15, 08 04:18 PM

God Bless those doing their duty to their countries and to freedom everywhere..



Posted by frank chatham October 15, 08 04:19 PM

Alright! I'm sick and tired of people saying to pull our troops back! It's ridiculous- did you people ever stop and think if we did that we would lose the grip we have on the war against terrorism? That if we left without finishing the job- that those soldiers who have died in this war would have died in vain? Yes, ending the war would be great and all, but it's NOT REALISTIC! We stay there until it's finished! Yes, it may take longer than we'd all like but we can't just say-OKAY! We're going to war -and then seven yrs. later say- oh, let's end it, its been going on for too long. NO! We started a job- and we're gonna finish the job!

Posted by A. Strickland October 15, 08 05:50 PM

You are right Civilian deaths are not acceptable, but I guess they weren't civilians until we got there. Get a grip! Thousands were killed before we got there but you weren't bothered by that little statistic were you Jerk!

Posted by SSG A October 15, 08 07:43 PM

No greater love than the sacrifice these and others are making for all mankind.
Their decision to serve confirms the last thoughts of those brave souls that have fallen to protect the innocent in our Liberty. They have all the same hopes and dreams as the protected at home. But they know without their Valor, the hopes and dreams in our Democracy would die with it. God will forever be on the side of these men and women so daring and noble. Those they fight for can never repay them so let us pray our Creator will forever keep them held high, for they truely are his best..

Posted by Larry D. Trammell October 16, 08 12:49 AM

Magifiques photos d'une guerre qui ne peut être gagnée par les armes ! en attendant des hommes et des femmes souffrent, sont blessés, et le peuple afghan commence à craidre l'intervention des soldats ..
J'espère que le prochain président américain sera Obama et qu'il saura se sortir de ce piège...
Bonjour de la France

Posted by METRAL Robert October 16, 08 03:59 AM

Thank You to all the men and women of all nations who stand a post against evil.

We ought to remember and be grateful for their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families.

God Bless them all.

Posted by Jeff Foutz October 16, 08 10:53 AM

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR BRAVE TROOPS for letting us have our freedom, sacrificing everything, and keeping us safe. Thank you for letting us have freedom of speech even though morons take their gift and bash you and our president for things they have no idea about. They only know what the media tells them to believe. Even if it is false information. 90% of news stations are liberal. We love our troops and their families.

Posted by Kelly Shipman October 16, 08 12:34 PM

Americans at their best!

Posted by michele styers October 16, 08 01:25 PM

I'm not a fan of war in general, but I agree that the war in Afghanistan is necessary. Iraq is a different story altogether.
I didn't realize there were so many Europeans fighting there as well. So thank you to all the troops of all nationalities!

Posted by Charlotte October 16, 08 09:08 PM

-----"I'm glad New Zealand isn't represented here. I 'm ashamed to say they're still apart of this sham."

As an American military member who has had the honor of serving along side of the NZ SAS, I know for a fact that they're ashamed of you too. So to you and Mr/Ms Bole its a good thing that those of us who are prepared to fight this war no matter if we think its right or wrong don't give up on you, the selfish civilian, who will probably reap more benefits out of being safe in bed at night then I ever will. Sometimes the world would be a much easier place to for us mil members to live if the military just said screw it, but we accept the life we have to protect yours. So thanks for the support.

Posted by Matt_US October 16, 08 10:07 PM

Thank You for your dedication and sacrifice. Some people appreciate your commitment to serve. Thank God for everyone one of you. Be safe and come home soon

Posted by Mark October 17, 08 04:44 PM

It is encouraging that the campaign in Afganistan is a true multi-national force. Fighting for human rights is not exclusive to America. The lack of support from many other countries speaks volumes. You do nothing but sit back and bad mouth the efforts of these brave men and woman while knowing you can count on the same to fight and die for you.

Posted by Rick Kirby October 17, 08 07:01 PM

Great stuff, great pictures. G-d bless these kids volunteering to do what every free-loading jerk sitting in the rear with the beer should be doing as well.
And for those with their heads up in very dark areas who criticize President Bush blaming him for a war that started 20 years before he stepped in office should fall on their knees and thank G-d he was in office when the towers were taken out September 11, 2001. Thank G-d for his cabinet for their excellence and performance. Where would we be? I suspect the majority of these critics are under the age of 26,the age when the mind finally matures. Thank you Troops!

Posted by Anonymous October 18, 08 12:53 AM

I concur that these photos are gorgeous (from someone who does photography himself.) And I am appreciative of the sacrifices that soldiers make tho I admit that I find myself confused about when the US is using self defense and may actually be making wrong decisions in Iraq. I am not sure if this is the place to do it, but I am trying to ask people to fill out a survey for my coursework for psychology. I am interested in people's passionate opinions about global warming and the Iraq War. Anyone wanting to "contribute" can take my survey. It does not require registration and its anonymous. I need to get people any way that I can. Thanks.

Posted by Tony October 18, 08 07:59 PM

The history of the American soldier is to fight for the liberty and freedom for those who cannot fight for themselves. You cowards who look down your nose and spew your hatred against those of us who have served you with our blood, sweat, and tears need to realize that you are slaves to your comfortable lifestyle. That lifestyle has been guaranteed by the American soldier. I do not expect you to understand. Before you can see what we see, hear what we hear, and feel what we feel you have to sacrifice your freedom to fight for a cause greater than yourself.

Posted by rick mann October 18, 08 10:44 PM

Long live our American soldiers, men and women, who put their lives on line to preserve our freedom, and bring freedom for those who never had one!
I lived for more than 30 years in a Communist country, a regime imposed by the Russian troops after the second World War we could not do anything to get rid of it. For more than 30 years, most of our people dreamt of the day when the American troops or other freedom fighting countries would deliver us from the oppresive Communist regime. It never happen until a man, called Reagan, took the evil from its horns, rested with it, and won. Then all these Communist regimes fell like a castle of cards! What a relief! You people don't know what means to live in a country where you can be taken away by the secret police during the night time, then be put in a "gulag" or be dead, and your family will never know what happened to you! You don't know what means to live day and night in fear, be lead like sheep, be told what to do, when to do, what to eat and how much... Those of you who condemn (particularly) Irak or Afghanistan war or the war agains terorrism don't know what means lack of freedom, or be chased and hearded day and night, or be beaten by the police without any recourse just because you dare to show your face instead of wearing your burqua, or that you wanted to go to school and be educated, and so on! You lived all your life in a free country where you could say and do whatever you wanted without fear for your life. It's sickening that you try to tell us what is freedom for Afghanistan or Irak when you have no idea what is not to have freedom. Yes, freedom is expensive, and unfortunately must be paid by blood of those fine men and women who think sacrificing their lives is worthy! I don't think I will ever be able to express my thanks for these brave men and women going in a harm way for all of us, including the whinners and the cowards!
May the Lord bless every one of them, bless their families, particularly of those who lost the loved ones!

Posted by Lee Juro October 20, 08 07:56 AM

Ok, angry people.
As a Swede, I am -naturally- your intellectual superior, by default.
It is thus my moral duty to educate all of you about the reasons you are all upset.
I know these reasons better than you do because, as a swede, I carry with me an empathy for my fellow humans that is so vastly overwhelming, its almost unbareable.

Now, all jokes aside, maybe people should not confuse the reasons to why men and women GO to afghanistan, with the reasons of why they are SENT there in the first place by the powers that decide.
Chances are that those reasons does not match. At all.

So before we start badmouthing eachother on a personal level, just because the other person happens to be in the army, maybe we should stop to think that this guy might be trying to do the right thing? So who are we to blame him?

And maybe the "cowards" that complains are just worried about the development of the new political structure where armies are apparently being moved around the world for the profit of private businesses, as a part of a much bigger plan.
Big plans, big lies and big profit. Can we blame them?
Can we blame any of them?

No! But you do, because you dont speak the same "language". You dont have the same pictures in your heads when you say "War".

Ive always said that if you suspect youre not speaking the same lingo, say something bad about those new age vegetarian treehuggers, and youre instantly in sync.

No one likes vegetarians anyway.

Posted by Hansen, Sweden. October 20, 08 11:01 AM

Hats off to those who die.

Posted by Essage October 20, 08 02:32 PM

To those who keep us safe; God Bless!!!!!. Where would any of us be if it wasnt for those who have fought and died for us. Those who did what they had to do. Everyone needs to remember: Nothing comes for free. There is always a price to pay. It is heartbreaking that the price for our freedom is the brave men and women who choose to protect us. Things will get way worse before it gets better. Dark days are still ahead of us. Thank you to those who have served to protect us. Thank you to those of you who have had family die for my freedom. Thank you for helping to set others free.

Posted by James October 20, 08 03:53 PM

Awsome Pix. Im praying for all of them. God Bless

Posted by Thomas October 21, 08 11:25 PM

I am so sick of people saying Iraq was wrong. Answer this 1990, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Kuwait did not go to the U.N. and ask for help. Probably because they knew the U.N. was spineless. They asked the Americans for help in kicking him out. Of course, we had oil interests so it served us to help kick him back to Iraq. Along comes the U.N. mandates trying to keep Saddam Hussein in a box. Did the U.N. soldiers enforce that mandate? Hell, no..because the U.N. is spineless. It was American manpower and money that kept him out of the north and south of his own country. Eventually, we agree to an "oil for food" scheme which he immediately began to exploit for his own power and greed. But when he refused to let the U.N. inspectors do their job, he was given an ultimatum. Again, this was a U.S. mission. . to contain Saddam other country pitched in yet there were plenty of other countries in collusion with his "oil for food' scam. Security organizations the world over thought he had wmd. Saddam Hussein could have avoided all of this if he had taken the ultimatum to leave the country so we could check further for wmd. Saddam Hussein created this mess. As usual the Americans are trying to clean it up. Going into Iraq was the only option.

Posted by Stew October 22, 08 09:08 PM

As the son of a member in the US Armed Forces, I respect those who have gone into combat for our country. No matter what others may say, they are doing all they can to protect our nation. Yes, mistakes are made. It is war. War is a terrible thing, but it must be carried out in order to protect freedom and truth. In case those of you Americans who think that what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq and Afghanistan is wrong and unjust because people are dying, remember why you are an American. People went to war and died to give you your freedom. The least you can do is respect those who go out to protect that freedom

Posted by Luke, son of an airman October 22, 08 10:06 PM

If there are no terrorists, then why did Senator Bieden state that Obama would be tested? In the 90's our soldiers and Embassy's were attacked, which is completely unacceptable. Yet the only response we gave was to bomb an empty building - which means exactly what to a terrorist? Clinton's response was completely inappropriate. Once they realized we wouldn't do anything to them off shore, they attacked us in our own country. We wouldn't be here today had Clinton handled it appropriately back then. Bush got it right. Terrorists have been attacking us for years, and when we've had a President - such as Reagan or Bush, the attacks seem to slow down. How many times since 911 have we been attacked on our own shores? Sure, we get attacked in Iraq and Afghanistan - where we are at WAR. At least the terrorists know where Bush stands and that he won't put up with it. War is ugly, there is nothing glorious about it and I wish we weren't in it but we are and there are times where war is necessary. Our brave men and women deserve to be honored and thanked for their service. The most rediculous part about the war, is how the press is behaving. You cannot win a war when you have a trial about it in the newspapers; It effects the decisions of leaders. You may have the attitude that this war is a sham but it's funny how you seem to change your mind when it's your family member that died or your life is on the line. Do you really think a terrorist can come to the table of reason? The pointless part about this war is it didn't have to happen - Bin and his loosers didn't have to attack us - now did they? I read an article a few years back about the dutch congresswoman who's father was one of these haters. She stood up to them in her country because they were trying to take them over and now she lives here and works in the US for a washington think tank. She's an extremely bright athiest. She said that the biggest mistake the US has made is believing that you were attacked because of something you did. She then said, they don't hate the US for anything you did - they hate the US because you exist.

Posted by Debbie October 23, 08 01:11 AM

I LOVE OUR COUNTRY! BUT WHY WE JUST GIVE A COVER STOREY OF U.S. SOLDIERS? There's other country's in this RITE? I just saying when I see 4 u.s. solldiers on the news that died! Im preety sure we got other soldiers in the U.N. that lost there lives! IF ONE GO'S WE ALL GO!! THIS IS NOT JUST AN U.S. PROBELM! IT'S EVERY BODY'S PROBEM! THINK OBOUT IT!!!???

Posted by FORTY U.S.A.! October 23, 08 08:02 PM

Awesome pictures, thanks so much!

Posted by SH October 24, 08 02:20 AM

Each picture reflects emotions which are felt only by those experiencing the event but I appreciate the opportunity to try and develop a moment of understanding better the daily dangers, boredom and disgusting conditons our military is enduring because they were chosen to do so. We had to go to Iraq , terrorists do not understand "diplomacy" - they understand a big stick and that is what they deserve again and again until they get the message that we are not going to allow them to impose their "religion" or barbaric lifestyle on the rest of humanity and that is exactly what the Taliban and Al Queda are planning and have been for centuries. Wake up you ignorant people who go about your daily life never thinking about what their real intentions (Taliban and most Muslim leaders) are attempting. With Obama at the helm our country will be so weak and so proMuslim that no wonder he doesn't want offshore drilling to prevent his friends from receiving the annual billions from the US for Saudi oil - all Obama friends, all Obama campaign contributors most likely. Get straight with his intentions - we will all be reading the Koran before he is out of office. Just don't vote him in in the first place ! He is antimilitary, and will bring home our troops in disgrace and disgust rather than the honor and pride that should be shown to our brave troops and they should be allowed to complete their mission!

Posted by Barbara Austin October 24, 08 03:19 PM

The pictures are great!! I would just like to say, politicians exist because of our brave soldiers. Our soldiers make the split-second life and death decisions so politicians can sit back and argue over what's right and wrong with the war. I still remember 9/11 and i still remember Bush saying this would be a long war and that if you support a terrorist you are a terrorist. Then we attack Iraq to bring down a terrorist and and not even 5 years later we're whining. We have a volunteer force, so these guys are there because they chose that life and thank God for it.

Posted by Patrick October 24, 08 05:38 PM

God love each of them and keep them safe.

Posted by Jim October 24, 08 05:50 PM

olaf from #138
gen·o·cide (jµn“…-sºd”) n. The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. [Greek genos, race; see gen…- below + -cide.] --gen”o·cid“al (-sºd“l) adj. --gen”o·cid“al·ly adv.
HERE IT IS OLAF the D.A. from wherever your from. (Obviously not from AMERICA)

Posted by PAUL from TEXAS. Ex. US serviceman October 24, 08 10:16 PM

Well put # 128 Mark Smith
# 126 John B

Posted by Paul from Texas (ex US serviceman) October 24, 08 10:19 PM

#217 Barbara Austin.
I Love You. I just wish that I had said all that first. THANK YOU!

Posted by Paul from Texas (ex US serviceman) October 24, 08 10:23 PM

#129 Hoplessly lost
What about the thousands of family members that suffered loss of loved ones and the WTC after 9/11. Who is helping the thousands with their bills and life challenges. What about the men and women suffering and dieing from the rescue efforts. LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Paul from Texas (ex US serviceman) October 24, 08 10:29 PM

All i see are pictures of foreign troops, where are our soldiers at? No disrespect to the ISAF- but the americans are the heart and soul of the operations over there. My husband served two tours there, and i'm completely disheartned to see that there are no pictures of American men and women here.

Posted by Lauren October 24, 08 11:10 PM

What the hell... germans are not doing their part properly. Heavy lifting is done by Canadians, Brits and Americans.

Posted by winston October 24, 08 11:26 PM

To Matthias:
You’re whining about 3 civilian deaths? So you would have let Hitler rule the world rather than let three innocent people die in the war to stop him? Grow up. If you’re going to rule a line somewhere, rule it through your ridiculous comment and start again.

Posted by Rob October 25, 08 06:14 PM

Our military is our first line of defending our country, they sacrifice every thing, their families take a toll on their absence and they have the most dangerous jobs in the world.
Lets talk about agent orange in Viet nam and how they kept denying its effects on the our men and women, and the genetic defects it had on their children. Thirty years later, yes thirty years later, many deaths and psychological trauma years later the government finally admitted to the effects. Now we have our police , firemen and medics facing the same lies and deceit that befell the military from the causes and effects of 911. Unreal ! Lets get rid of corruption.

Posted by kate G October 26, 08 11:53 AM


Posted by FRANCO US ARMY RETIRED October 27, 08 12:42 AM

Well, let's see If I can sum this up.....

Terrorists - Bad
Troops - Good
War - Bad
Pictures - Good
People in general....... STUPID

Posted by D. Sanchez ! October 27, 08 02:48 PM

God Bless these very brave men and women. We can only pray that they are allowed to do the job they have been sent to do. No small part of that is fighting for the right of people to write childish comments on postings.

Posted by Rob October 27, 08 07:54 PM

Thank you for your sacrifice. This quote is from John Stuart Mill (1806-1873).

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature, and has no chance of being free unless made kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." You're always in our prayers.

Posted by Raquel Adcock October 28, 08 09:17 PM

I'am a veteran and i say Hooah! to all our troops every where in the world and our allies that make the sacrifices for freedom in the world,and anyone that has anything negative to say about them needs to put on your combat boots and get into the fight or shut the hell up,because you are the spokes persons for the people in the world that are cowards that are not willing to stand up and take arms against those in the world that challenge your safety and freedom and peace for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOAH!!!

Posted by Pat Havens October 28, 08 11:39 PM

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Posted by Morn October 29, 08 10:27 AM

Somehow I have found myself at this website. I am sitting here in tears while reading these comments, from those that have seen the pain and horror of war, and have served so unselfishly for people they will never know; those that are so grateful for being rescued from oppression and persecution; and those that are grateful for being able to wake up each morning knowing their family is safe... I can't imagine how difficult it must be for every wonderful man and woman in uniform to fight for ALL of us! Especially with the anger and hatred that fills the hearts of so many. (Not just on the battlefield.) Thank you and God bless you.

Posted by Gretchen Floto October 29, 08 01:06 PM

Thank you soldiers of freedom , stay strong . and to you folks that riducule and whine , move to china, oops you can't they would throw you in jail.

Posted by charlie ross October 29, 08 07:02 PM

WELL...SOME PEOPLE CANT READ....(HINT:GO USA!)WOW! As a marine Infantryman,veteran of iraq, and working college student it still amazes me the amount of sheep we still have on this planet. Wars do turn a profit at times no denying that. We have spent alot of money on the "Global War on Terror".However to insinuate that the bush administration is "evil" and that "war never solved anything" is just , well.....for lack of a better term ludicrous.War believe it or not has brought stability to the people of Iraq and perhaps the people of Afghanistan(eventually). I have seen it personally in Iraq, with my own eyes. Just remember if you live in America just remember it was a war that brought you freedom.Maybe not this one,but it was a war none-the-less.Whether you believe in the war in Iraq or not. Do a little research ,ask a veteran or two what he thinks about may get a positive response, possibly a negative one,but the point remains the same.We all signed the same contract and we knew the risks when we did. Now we need to finish what we started........I believe that whole- heartedly.

"the kind of evil we must fear most is when good men stand idly by and do nothing"

Posted by Patriot1987 October 29, 08 10:24 PM

Mindless embedded "Journalism" and Propaganda at its best.

Posted by lduck November 1, 08 05:50 AM


Posted by NICK KENEN November 2, 08 03:48 PM

"God Bless our Troops" Thank you for the freedoms in which you fight so valiantly for. I'm grateful everyday that I have hot showers, good food and a nice bed to sleep in. Thank you so much for all your service and to your families who are away from you.

Posted by Stacey November 2, 08 04:05 PM

Pic #7 is Kids and guns. I predict more fighting will be the result of teaching kids that guns solve problems.

Posted by Bucko November 2, 08 04:52 PM

It is very simple and not hard to understand. Al Queda attacked the west first - and they do kill indiscriminately. The Taliban chose to side with them, and thus we are forced to fight in Afghanistan. To those who advocate letting the UN do the job. I assume that we are talking about the same UN that set up so called safe havens in Bosnia and failed to act in Rwanda and even now are failing miserably in Darfur.
I sleep a lot better at night knowing that soldiers from NATO other nations are daily putting their lives at risk so that I won't be butchered in some train station or maimed in a cafe. There is no sitting on the fence here. You either support Al Queda or you oppose them.

Posted by Christopher W. Whybrow November 3, 08 02:11 AM

Its because of america the war even started so shut up

Posted by Emily November 4, 08 10:15 AM

To the soldiers of America... thank you! Many take for granted the sacrifices you've made to protect our freedoms and way of life. Again, I thank you!!

Posted by Don November 4, 08 01:47 PM

Bucko guns do solve problems! Because of guns you arnt under british rule, Because of guns slavery was abolished, Because of guns you dont have the hammer and sicle as the symbol of your country........ sounds like you owe guns and the people who fire them a little respect!

Posted by Tyler November 4, 08 02:19 PM

Thank you, brave German citizens for partnering with the US in doing such dirty, but historic work.

Posted by Ken November 4, 08 02:51 PM

These pictures are so sad but so real!! All one can do is ask not to forget our soldiers and live a life of such gratitude!! NEVER FORGET!!

Posted by chad caddell November 5, 08 12:48 PM

The last poster blames Bin Laden on America. Sure, so let's blame Hitler on the Jews. There have been such men throughout history. Inadequate in themselves they seek a base to provide power, adulation, recognition and often, wealth. Bin Laden had begun long before the first American weapon was handed over to the Afghan rebels. Nor was it American shoulder weapons that brought down the WTC. The suxcess of such men depends on one common talent........the con.

Posted by Anonymous November 5, 08 01:37 PM

I am truly amazed, that those who decry the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and believe that the Western governments think life is cheap, aren't hearing themselves cheapen the lives of those who are trying to keep yours safe. Citizens from cultures of liberty and just cause understand the Blood shed by those who came before us can't be dishonored by retreat, and defeat, and allow those who would bully the rest of the world into their way of thinking, their way of praying, their way of living. Those men and women who serve us now, cannot be dishonored either by those who can't stomach the truth, that they themselves are inwardly ashamed that they have neither the courage nor the strength to serve themselves or support those that do. It is far easier to criticize from afar, than to get onto the ground and see for themselves. Thanks to all of the nations around the globe who support the fight for Freedom in this world. Blessings to each and every man and woman who gives of themselves on a daily basis to keep us free and ensures that future generations will have freedom, and a country they can call their own.

Posted by Daniel - Pennsylvania November 5, 08 02:07 PM

I think you all should take it down a notch.
It sure is nice to get drunk on international policies, but the real question is: As the live of the people been improved?
Is it better than before the war?
I think in Afghanistan that Answer is a definite yes. While still somewhat 'undemocratic' by western standards things are going better. And while, in our eyes, their is still much improvement to be made, they did at least achieve a platform from where all other things can be reached. They are free to do as they see it, even if that means they do other then we would like them.

Posted by J.S. Meyer, Germany, former member of Bundeswehr November 5, 08 06:16 PM

In Iraq on the other hand, so far one kind of lawlessness has been replaced by another. The Dictatorship of one group has been exchanged for the cronyism of another. The Kurds do as they want in the north and have established a kind of police state (though noone cares because, as the Iraq goes, they at least keep you reasonably save). In the south sunni and shi'i, and more important, people of persian and arabic descent war against one another. And since this war has been going on for some 500 years now, it does not seem to be so smart to encapsule them both in the same national state.
While Afghanistan is a success of kind, Iraq is a huge mess. And no end in sight.

Posted by J.S. Meyer, Germany, former member of Bundeswehr November 5, 08 06:21 PM

I was spiritually moved by these pictures, I just wanted to say thank you for all the nations fighting for the worlds freedom.

Posted by Keith November 5, 08 10:13 PM

I was an American paratrooper in Iraq. I know what you guys go through and I appreciate your efforts, keep up the good work.

Posted by tony November 5, 08 10:45 PM

I guess the only one picture of the Dutch and Canadians eventhough the Canadians make up 25% of NATO casulities with only 10% of Troops on the ground in the dangerous southern Afghanistan. And the right beside our troops the Dutch which are engaged with the enemy every day.

Posted by Gary Carnegie November 6, 08 10:06 AM

30 pictures, a million thoughts a million lives and counting on the cradle of civilization to start new again. Wanting to change and waiting to change be-
comes a matter of thought seen in 30 pictures.

Posted by Gary Hern November 6, 08 11:52 PM


Posted by TAMMY SHEPHERD November 7, 08 01:07 AM

As a Vietnam and Iraq vet I'm proud to have served with soldiers like those shown in these pictures. As for the detractors, maybe we should be showing pic's of the Taliban killing men and women simply because they didn't wear the right clothing or have a beard. If these wimps lived in a Taliban controlled country they wouldn't survive long after the first complaint about the murder of innocents.

Posted by Alan Wheeler November 7, 08 10:31 AM

Thank you for all you are doing to keep us here at home safe! keep your heads up! God Bless America!

Posted by Alex November 7, 08 10:53 AM

Awesome pictures. What a sacrifice to leave home and family to fight! Let's be sure to support them while they're there and try to do everything to help them accomplish their objectives and get them home. War is a costly and horrible thing, but sometimes necessary.

Posted by Mark November 7, 08 03:46 PM

I've seen the Sun

A.M.S. (c) 2007
Part of the collection 'There and Back Again'

Noble men write the words,
Honorable men deliever those words,
Hopless dream upon them,
and I'm just the bastard that defends them.

I've seen the sun the way most never will,
I've felt the light of God and the burn of the Devil.
I've longed for the inoccents of the rains,
only to watch them pass me by.

I've ran through the fires of hatred,
and dodge the bullets of rightiouness.
I've made choices that turned boys into men
and made men cry like little boys.

Some say what I am doing is right,
Some say what I am doing is wrong.
I've played in the gray for way to long
to know the diffrent of right and wrong.

I've done things that made Angels sing,
and Demons cheer in victory,
while God and the Devil Laughed in dispair.
All at the price of my inoccent.

I've fought for freedom,
I've killed for another homeland,
Lost some of those I admired and called brother
all for the chance to see my family again.

I've seen the sun the way you never will.
I felt it's light like the burn of the devil.
I've longed for the rains of innocents,
only watch as they deemed me unworthy

Posted by AMS- November 9, 08 04:47 PM

Breaks my heart to see another casket covered with my country`s flag, but i know we`re doing good over there. I also despair that so many in my country seem to have no understanding of the sacrifices made by our troops and their families, and have no stomach for the realities of warfare. More soldiers were killed in a single battle in WWI and WWII than have died bringing freedom to Afghanistan.
"In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders Fields."
- John McCrae

Posted by Andrew E November 9, 08 09:13 PM

To our military troops. Thank You! Thank You!!!!

Posted by Jeriann DePrisco November 10, 08 06:02 PM

This is in response to Marc at #164 - I too am a military veteran, Vietnam, Infantry, class of '70 and I have to say that Iraq was NOT and IS NOT, a war to satisfy President Bush's ego. We went into Iraq with a vote of the Congress of the United States, after intelligence agengies from the US, GB, France, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Jordan all INDEPENDENTLY reported that Sadaam Hussein had WMD's - something which President Clinton himself warned about just before leaving office AND to enforce the 17 United Nations Security Council Resolutions which Hussein continually broke.

Posted by Robert November 12, 08 01:09 AM

Are people still suggesting that we leave Iraq at this point? I know we have heard it before for a long time, but we are finally on the brink of victory. To leave now would be an insult to all of those that gave their lives and hand over a victory to our enemies. Absurd!

Posted by JP November 12, 08 12:38 PM

SOLDIERS!!!! I salute you. Thank you for my freedom. Thank you for my peace of mind. Thank you for defending this country and liberating others. Do not fret. God watches over you. My prayers will always be with you. I will never forget what you have given for me. I am forever indebted for the service you do not hold me indebt to. Keep up the good fight. I stand beside you.

Posted by Spc. Fernandez HHC 1/501 PIR 2002 November 12, 08 06:33 PM


Posted by ALICE CALLAHAN November 12, 08 07:15 PM

I am a former wwII marine that lost a brother in Air plane crash in California in 1954. He was Navigator on B-29's in bombing Japan. I know what our brave troops are having to do and receiving caustic comments from our free press,I lost quite a few buddies in Korea,Viet Nam.I would volunteer tomorrow if they would accept 81 year olds.May God bless all our troops and our allies in this fight against terroism.I salite each and every one.

Posted by James Robinson November 13, 08 09:06 PM

I saw the pictures and I am proud to see that our allies are in the thick of it as well. I understand that the German Govt. will not let their troops participate in direct offensive combat operations. I believe that this is because of the memories left behind from the second world war. We have to respect the fact that the Germans are there to help out. As for the other nations that are willing to duke it out, I say GIVE THEM HELL BOYS!!! I am a combat vet from "Operation Just Cause" (AKA 1989 Panama Invasion) I am proud to see fellow grunts doing the "deed" and getting dirty!!!!

Posted by Allen from El Paso November 14, 08 07:49 PM

I wish to THANK all the troops fighting the terrorist in other countries, where ever they are. Since their actions have began, there has not been another bombing on US soil. Even though most Americans do not know better or they are not educated enough is beside the point. If their family members had been in the twin towers, I bet the liberal left, or the protestors, would have a different opinion.

Reguardless of the country you come from I thank all of the troops for fighting for what is right and justice is being served each time a terrorist is killed, captured of detained. "Kill them all and let God sort them out!".

Thank all of our servicemen from whatever country they come from. Being a former Veteran of the Viet Nam Era I salute you with my pride in your service and the pride I have in what you have already accomplished to promote freedom in a country that has not know freedom in their life time.

Posted by Mack Mcklemurry November 15, 08 07:19 AM

I want to thank all of our US soldiers for everything you do. Also I would like to thank the other countries that are there helping too. To all American Troops please don't let Obama bring you home until your done and fight for what is right.
Don't let this be in vain. US soldiers are 1st in my book and I am proud of our Military. Thank you for all you have done USA loves you.

Posted by Sharon November 16, 08 12:48 AM

Thank you for all the support and care you all provide for us. It is much needed, and very much appreciated.

LCpl Murray, United States Marine Corps

Posted by usmctx86 November 16, 08 03:13 PM

A big thank you to all trying to do the right thing!

Being cowards and complaining and not
doing anything except complaining and
being cowards! Get my point?
Great pictures, some people are big talkers,
that is all they do, some give their lives to make life better for

Posted by RCB November 17, 08 11:17 PM




Posted by GEORGE TOMANOVICH November 25, 08 05:05 PM


Posted by SYLVIA BURKE November 27, 08 01:57 PM

Sincerely, . Mrs. Dana N. POTTER----MISSOURI

Posted by DANA POTTER November 28, 08 01:20 AM

We pray for all soldiers safety everyday. All of you are a part of not only me, but of the American people as a whole!! We appreciate everything you do in standing in defense of our freedom God bless all of you!! It is our hope and prayer that it will not be long before you can come home and be with your families!! My wife andf I have the utmost respect for all of you!! Americas military is second to none. Thank you, and come home soon!!!!!

Posted by Chris Boston November 29, 08 07:47 AM

I do not think of myself as being very smart. but the knowledge that ive gotten even with our failing schools, and media bias. in my 42 years of life and my 27 years of 1finger typing 3 kids and two dogs what do i have too be mad about.. ............ ........... lets see the guys were fighting might be able to read at a 6th grade level their brothers been shot to death by who knows at this point. their fathers a whissbang blowhard that is.. if he's still alive. and their mothers are not important to their lives.- what to they have but genuine hatred for anyone who comes around and looks different -this is a ticking timebomb that no one cept perhaps dumb guys like me actually understand and this unfortunatly is why we need war and its hell....

Posted by david boxOrocks November 30, 08 02:35 AM

Service Men and Women All Over the World: Thank-you every one of you...I realize you are in numerous ways, sacrificing more than I can ever understand, while offering more hope to more downtrodden and hopeless people than I can ever count. Be many people here are depending on you to come home safely...they love you so!

Posted by Karen Smith November 30, 08 11:25 PM

I have one question fron the ISAF seurrity.
Why the Afghan governoment cano't stop the bad situation and what is the responsebelety of Afghan Governoment and the ISAF securrity.
Objection: As I think if you (ISAF) and Afghan Govenoment make a good securrity and best check points the condation will be save

Posted by Haroon December 1, 08 12:50 AM

My favorite pic is #3, look at the faces and you see that they have concerns. #1 I like for the sake of our mighty sword that I pray we use with wisdom and rightousness.
No matter what we should all recognize that warfighting is a noble endevour. GOD BLESS...

Posted by Erin Calo December 4, 08 08:54 PM

Commentor 180,

You cluesless blame Bush for terrorists attacks? Other countries are not in Afghanistan because of anything Bush did..what a mental midget. They are there because terrorists want to KILL YOU, YOUR FATHER, YOUR MOTHER, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR FRIENDS, and as many of YOUR RELATIVES as they can. Why? Not because of Americans or Britians, or Germans...but because you, by their definition, are an INFIDEL according to their religious belief. So unless you are ready to convert to THEIR RELIGION and start worshipping this oh so wonderful god of VIOLENCE, WAR and HATE, I suggest you shut your pie hole. Doing nothing means they will continue in their joyful willingness to MURDER millions of innocents for a chance at pleasing their god. Only the mentally deficient are unable to see the imminent threat...maybe we SHOULD follow these mental deficients' advice and negotiate peace with the terrorists...I know just what to offer them...we will offer a hundred mental deficients for public sacrifice as infidels to appease their god and their blood thirsty desire to murder, in return for 1 year they will agree no need to launch their terrorist attacksof no ... besides, lately we seem to have enough mental deficients to last us at least a millenium...FINALLY at long last we will have peace.

Posted by Tom December 8, 08 11:35 AM

God Bless and Thank You All for being so Brave!

I am so truly inspired by all the nations of the world coming together for a common goal of Good vs. Evil!

Carpe Diem!
And Thank You For Protecting Us!!!!
-Eagle Scout, troop 737, San Clemente, CA, USA.

Posted by Adam C Eastham December 11, 08 02:10 PM

These photographs are BREATHTAKING, and transported me to right where they are. They are, no doubt, award winning shots.
These guys and gals are my they know that?
How do I say thank you? There is no way to express...
Thank You.

Posted by Anonymous December 12, 08 01:14 AM

We are still here, because you are there!

Posted by Mike December 12, 08 12:23 PM

I was that which others did not want to be.
I went where others feared to go
And did what others failed to do.
I asked nothing from those who gave nothing
And reluctantly accepted the thought
Of eternal loneliness should I fail.
I have seen the face of terror,
Felt the stinging cold of fear
And enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's love.
I have cried, pained and hoped,
But most of all I have lived times
Others would say were best forgotten.
At least some day I will be able to say that
I was proud of what I was
an American Soldier-Sailor-Marine

Posted by Don Justin, CWO USN (Ret) December 12, 08 10:54 PM

In a perfect world, these pictures would not exist. Mothers would not cry while holding their children, words like artillery and laser-guided missiles would not exist... But we live in a ver imperfet world. In this world, these things are necessary. We at home, here in God Blessed USA, what can we do... Support the brave men and women who found themselves in the middle of war, pray for them and do our part to make this world as perfect as it possibly can be. Someday, when Christ returns, these things will dissappear and all will be well, meanwhile, strive to overcome.

Posted by Mark December 13, 08 10:49 AM

there are things that happen and that are said that none of us will ever know about. the only thing we can do is pray that the boneheads running our government(democrats and republicans) won't screw things up too badly before we can actually get some decent leadership in washington. our government is failing us, folks, and wer'e letting happen right in front of our eyes.

Posted by kevin hollis December 16, 08 12:52 PM


Posted by N JAY GOLD December 18, 08 12:54 PM

nice words Mark the best way to support our troops is some how change the ways of the U S Government as it stands. We have a hierchy of theives. Is that what you want to fight for "the 1%"?

Posted by n jay gold December 18, 08 01:04 PM

The men and women of the U.S. armed forces and those of our allies who are in the War on Terror with us are all heroes in my book. For those of you who fault them for being involved, just wait until a terrorist bomb goes off in your neighbor hood.

Posted by Jack A. Smith, Jr. Major USAF, Ret. December 18, 08 02:03 PM

I am a soldier too, Macedonian Army. I was at a peace keeping mission in Kabul this year, but never been in a danger so far. I wish nobody is in danger too, and feel how it is not to be scared about his/her life. I pray for all those who are at mission now, or who will be and hope for the best. We are brothers and sisters in arms. Do the same job and have same duty, no matter what army we are soldiers in. God bless all of you.

Posted by Biljana December 20, 08 06:55 PM

To the men and women of the armed services that are sacrificing thier lives to
protect the rest of us so that the idiots that do not support you congressmen and
all need to be placed on the front lines and see how it feels to be there with no-
one to support them. May we all pray for all of your safty and support fully and
bless each and everyone of you and your family members back home.

May God bless each and everyone of you, Thanks.
12/22/08 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted by Curtis L Robertson December 22, 08 08:00 PM

To all my brothers and sisters in uniform.Merry Christmas and May God Protect you all. Whatever country you're serving in. You'll be home soon. God Bless!

Posted by Steven t. Scott December 23, 08 03:03 PM

May God bless and keep safe all service personnel from all over the world who are engaged in fighting these evil enemies of peace. Anyone who has a problem understanding you or your sacrifice on behalf of innocent men, women and children who by accident of birth find themselves the victims of cruelty and violence is not rational or humane. If we do not stand in the gap to defend them, who will? We have the might and will to resist those who steal, maim, and kill for their own evil gain and this should be looked upon as honorable by the world. Anyone who has a problem with that IS the problem.

Posted by Steve Cox December 30, 08 02:43 PM

nice, it is nice to see some pictures of the u.s.a.s finest

Posted by mike kitchens December 30, 08 11:55 PM

i feel sorry for all those other people that fought side to side at that war, and thank god i shall for having an injury in my legs which gave me the chance to leave that grave yard.

its a whole big fight for nothing, aggression against everyone that lived there and was in our range of fire.

bankers, politicians and oil companies draw the game for what's best for them, and no one give a flying shit about us soldiers having to deal with all the threats.
i got news for all the people that think they understand what's going on there, no you do not!
broad casts say we got small casualties and whatever but real thing is we got hit pretty hard many times, lost a lot of good soldiers in that aggression and for what?
i wish it was for what's best for America or American people. it was all for the binifit of multi million companies and politicians here in the us.

i hope someday you people would realise that.

Posted by Robert washington December 31, 08 08:58 AM

May God Bless all of the brave soldiers that have given their time and lives to help make our world a safer and better place. Thank you for the pictures, it does help to understand what you all are doing. Be safe and thank you for your service!

Posted by Brenda from Nebraska January 1, 09 11:51 PM

Scott Shipway is my cousin. I think about him every day and the effect his death has had on his immediate and extended family in both Canada and the UK.
He believed he and his comrades were making a difference. I hope that history proves him right.

Posted by Steve January 2, 09 06:57 PM

Thank you guys for showing the bad guys the business end of USA freedom. I pray that you and your family back home are forever blessed. thank you.

Posted by jeepjam January 4, 09 02:08 AM

Awesome pics Thanks for fighting for America

Posted by Justin January 6, 09 01:09 PM

God bless America!!!

Posted by David Toper January 8, 09 11:05 AM

GOD bless them all!

Posted by John Berta January 12, 09 03:31 PM

To those who serve to keep us safe and free: What would we do; what would we be, without you? OUR loyalty to YOU is never-ending as are our prayers and thoughs of you all. Thank you for your sacrafices and resolve. Daily you stay in our hearts.

Posted by Linda Schoenberger January 13, 09 02:59 PM

I would like to see pictures of the troops from Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and other middle eastern countries fighting for peace and stability in their own backyard.

Posted by Ray from Florida January 15, 09 09:26 AM

good pictures

Posted by Anonymous January 21, 09 12:43 AM

Those who do not hear the call of Duty, Honor, Country are incapabile of understanding why some sacrifice and lay down their lives for others. Principles escape them!

Posted by Been there January 22, 09 03:53 PM

great pic's displaying courage and comittement..God bless nthem and the USA

Posted by mike c. January 23, 09 01:25 PM

hello, hope u r fine and doing will,
it's great unforgetable help for afghan people,
thanks you all
would like to find job interpreating with you if there is need of me
thanks best regards

Posted by shams January 25, 09 12:09 AM

My father in heaven has a plan for all that do evil.The day is at hand and time is running short. US has a choice ,get in the will of god or get left behind.The rapture of the church will soon take place and eternity is a long time to spend in heaven or hell. JESUS IS LORD. John 3;16 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son that who so ever believes in him shall have eternal life. GOD BLESS THE USA Thank you AMERICAN SOLDIER

Posted by RODNEY January 25, 09 04:17 PM

Amen, Stew (#212). The same thing has been happening for 100+ years. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietman, etc. The bad guys never seem to catch on to their situation. Every now and then they win a battle, but never the war. I know other countries contribute, and that's fantastic, however, the USA is still the earth's Big Brother. If only the money that was spent on weapons and carnage were spent on good, the world would be a much better place. In Vietnam, toward the end, we were killing the young, old and challagned, from other countries, Mongolia, Korea, China. So the NVA and their supporters were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Posted by George S. Reagan January 27, 09 02:32 PM

To all the brave men and women who are fighting and who have fought in ANY war that helps procure America's freedom and helps bring democracy to countries run by terrorists and cruel dictators, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are truly no words to express my gratitude for all that you give and for all that you have given up. God bless you and please know that you are deeply loved and appreciated by many silent strangers.

Posted by Cheryl January 29, 09 08:33 AM

God bless and keep those men and women who are there (in that dusty, cold place) for us. And how about we put those pictures up on the news now and then - to show the American people what's really happening. We need to see it.

Posted by Gail Denham January 29, 09 10:05 PM

What the hell happen! Everthing in this country is for sale.
We sold out.. Congress for sale. Everthing must Go!!!
Obama For sale... Letting Terrorists go.. Our bank's Rapping us.. Stock market Rapping us...Retirement gone..America wake up...Get your ass out of your head..
God help us..

Posted by Bryan January 29, 09 11:35 PM

My son is currently serving in Iraq and although I am reading these comments in tears it is inspiring to realize so many people understand and appreciate the sacrafices these men and women make for our country. Thank you all for your prayers and words of support, they help to lesssen the effect of small minded people who do not understand the importance of this mission. God Bless our troops!

Posted by Kim, Pennsylvania January 31, 09 12:02 AM

May God bless and protect these fine, young men and women. I was honored to serve with them in Iraq as an old Soldier. I was also honored to serve as a young Marine in Viet Nam. Those who have not served can never fully appreciate the sacrifice and hardships of those who do. We are a Band of Brothers!

Posted by Retired Soldier January 31, 09 12:14 AM

Lots of pictures of Germans standing around and practicing but are they doing anything really!

Posted by Eventempered January 31, 09 12:53 PM

Wow, those pictures spoke volumes.

Posted by Clyde Martin February 4, 09 10:11 AM

I served in the Army Infantry for many years, served in two different combat zones there is nothing anyone can say to discourage my belief in the American Soldier. To the people who talk badly about America or its soldiers, why don't you do something as brave and as selfless as what they do. Oh ya thats right there is nothing more brave or selfless. Perhaps if you would quit blaming people who are working to fix issues in the world and start doing something yourself this war would have been over a long time ago. Remember peace is only attained through sacrifice so what have you sacrifised. God bless our USA

Posted by Kent February 8, 09 08:55 PM

I thank God everyday for my liberty and my freedom, both of which would be non-existant without the sacrifice of our military personnel. I listen to a variety people and news organizations and still cannot come up with a reason as to why so many people in America have abandoned thier traditional values. The former U.S. Marine that posted line 266 is one of the greatest men I have ever come into contact with and I don't even know the man; to say he would rejoin and fight at 81 years old is a true testament of what the country used to be. Indeed God bless the troops and thank you veterans, but God help us all.....

Posted by Chris February 9, 09 01:23 AM

Our guy's and girls are paying in blood for our freedom and safety. Anyone with comments about our troops and what they are doing should be only made with the highest of praise. Our American soldies are the very best the world has, or will ever see. If you can't say something nice, then go to california and visit with Nancy P. , she will fly back from washington this weekend.

Posted by Bobby Bess February 11, 09 02:46 AM

It seems to me that there are a lot of people, like Helen Thomas, who think there are "supposed terrorists" in Pakistan and Afganistan. Wake up for God's sake! We are at war between civilizations. All terrorists are connected and are not separate entities. By the way, the Mexican government is on the verge of becoming a narco state and their gangsters are spilling over the border in greater numbers. I wonder how many terrorists have crossed the borders with them?

Posted by Shilo Amy February 11, 09 10:43 PM

It is with great respect and honor to our troops that I respond here. Yours is no easy talk, so ours at home shouldn't be, either. We as free citizens made safer by the selfless missions of our soldiers abroad must never forget why we are there and must defend our liberty every day!!!! We must do only the best for our troops and their families wherever they serve and whenever we get them home. It is my belief that we would be a better, stronger country if all of us were required to serve this great county in one way or another by doing some type of humanitarian service to better the lives of someone else unable to do so. All of us must sacrifice for all the benefits and blessings of living in this country. Thanks, troops!!! You are in my prayers every day. Comoe home safely!!!!

Posted by Chris February 12, 09 12:38 AM

Big HOOAH to all the troops. Come home safe and successful. The times are much better now for returning vet's as far as public sentiment goes. Let us all follow through on our commitments to them as they suffer from PTSD, injuries, Brain Damage and require medical services / compassion.

Notice one thing though. There is almost no mention of returning soldiers and increased funding for resources on how to cope with returning from combat in the rescue package.

Things never change...even when they do.

Posted by Scott R February 13, 09 01:32 AM

I honor the men and women that have so freely gave of their time, sweat, blood and even their very lives for the fight against evil and tyranny that would other wise spread to all the world. Those great men and women stand proudly in the presence of all those who have gone before them in defending freedom for all.
Let not the fear and cries of the shallow minded and cowardly sway you, You are loved and cherished by most of us in this world who know and remember what the alternative is, SLAVERY and the pain and death of tyranny! Three cheers to all of you!!!!

Posted by Steve Hise February 15, 09 01:34 PM

Commentor 280,

Dude, look at Commentor 180's name "achmad enka". What do you expect.

Thank you Troops!

Posted by Bill February 19, 09 12:07 PM

How much will it cost and how long will it take and will it be worth it to the USA?

Posted by The Old Cold Warrior February 21, 09 05:34 PM

god bless all the countries helping fight terrorism!!

Posted by lironrocks@HOTMAIL.COM February 22, 09 02:21 AM

" No greater love hath mortal man than for a friend to die. " Right now men and women of the free world - GOD bless them - are giving their lives so that we do not go to the market and end up dead, killed by one who has no respect for life. one who simply wants to kill the " infidels ". even if you do not support the war, at least respect the warrior. May GOD bless each man and woman who risks their lives every day so that we may enjoy our freedom and safety. Especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. SEMPER FI.

Posted by BILL PARKS February 26, 09 12:13 AM

we should of went to afghanistan kick butt and got out. no country can stay in and occupy afghanistan for years. these people have nothing to lose there lives mean nothing to them. another bush screw up and i am a republican

Posted by george March 2, 09 05:52 PM

Plain and very simple, If you didn't go, you don't know. So shut the f up!!!!!!!
roger that, Semper

Posted by Mr. Pink March 5, 09 03:28 PM

my prayers are with all men and women who defend our freedoms everyday, i also pray for the famlies they leave behind so they can defend our freedoms and give freedom to those who do not yet have it. the U.S.A. is an all volunteer service, and there is no grater heart than the heart of a volunter. keep up the good work.

Posted by John March 7, 09 01:06 PM

George in comment #328. First of all I think you meant to say: We should "have gone" to Afghanistan "kicked" butt and "then gotten out". Regardless, I disagree with you 100%. You are able to sit in your home with the freedom to say the Commander in Chief is a screw up thanks to all the men and women who are away from their loved ones right now fighting terrorism. You are not privy to the same information which the POTUS and his administration base their decisions to go to war on. Unless you have seen first hand (and I do not mean in newspapers, magazines or the plethora of other media outlets out there) or have contributed personally in the fight, do not make such uneducated statements. It is OK to disagree and have a personal opinion but don't suggest that President Bush is a screw up unless you have a better more educated suggestion on how to handle Afghanistan.

Posted by TU72 March 10, 09 01:41 AM

I think we all should thank our troops for doing a fine job!! Go troops and every other fighting with us to fight terrorism. It is a ugly thing terrorism and fighting and some off of us lose the fight!! That is why it is important to keep fighting terrorism!!! Hats off to all of you that risk your lives so that we can live and have freedom!!!
pc from california

Posted by pat cahiill March 10, 09 06:13 PM

It is interesting to think that troops from one of the Nations (Germany) fighting alongside of us is one that we bombed, practically into the stone age (think Dresden). Of course, after the destruction we turned around and helped them to rebuild a new society. Who knows, troops from Afghanistan may fight alongside of us in a conflict against some future evil. I hope & pray that we see this through, unlike Viet Nam which we won militarily, but lost politically in our very own Congress. God Bless these valiant Warriors!

Posted by Craig E. Nikel March 11, 09 12:11 AM

Fellow Americans, God has certainly blessed this great country with the most generous, respectfull people on Earth. We must stand our ground now more than ever. We cannot let socialists and terrorists take away our freedom so many have given their life for. To our troops, please remember the power of prayer. Trust in God and he will take care of the rest. Know that you are doing right fighting the brainwashed forces of evil. Though some may live among us, speak up for the truth and spread the word. Right now we have the least Christian government in history and you can see where it is leading. Be careful who you are voting for, it could mean you get what is coming to you....Marxism

Posted by Rob Reim March 11, 09 05:39 PM

Wow! These are outstanding shots of America's Best and Bravest! You young men and women in uniform are a beacon of shinning light for all the world to see!.....Your smiles assure us that your hearts are filled with the fire of freedom!
May God Bless each and every one of you and May God Ever Bless our America!
America Loves you!!!! America prays for you safe return home.. commendation to the photographers...WOW!

Posted by Janet Joan Canale March 12, 09 06:28 PM

Regarding the men and women of all armed forces who serve in the far-flung rooftops of the world, there was a motto once, adopted by a now discredited and even dishonored organization, but which is relevant and defines the soldier: Loyalty is my honor. I do not in any way relate these honorable service members to the past except that they are doing their duty, and they are honorable. I salute them all and hope they are accorded the recognition they have earned in their homelands.

Posted by Maj (ret) George Jacoby March 12, 09 09:27 PM

As an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran I would like to thank you for displaying the Military in a good way. I’m sick of you Liberal pukes thinking you know about war because you saw a few pictures and read a few books. You can never understand the sounds, smells, and tastes of the battlefield but you feel the need to add your two sense in anyway. It is currently a volunteer military and like it or not we are in the business of war. You can either back us up or get out of our way because we have a job to do. Just remember that every time you talk negatively about the military in the media that is being used to recruit terrorist. When we are victorious in both of these wars I hope our next war is with you left wing nut jobs. I will fight that war for free.

Posted by SGT US Army March 13, 09 01:30 AM

I was 17 in '69 and was given the choice of jail or Army. I chose Army and off to Vietnam I went. And for what? When we were close to victory the US libs and left media helped the VC and eventually we were withdrawn. We were so close to victory and media bias and the people of the US just didn't know how close we were.

Posted by c m March 13, 09 06:45 PM

As a former US Navy engineer on the USS John F Kennedy CV-67 I am proud of all of the men and women who wear the uniform of the American military and their families for all they do in fighting for our freedom . It is a life of sacrifice and hardship for all those who are serving in the war zone, the least we can do is support the troops. I tried to reenlist into the guard after 9/11 but found I got HBP. Thats a medical problem common for truckers. For all those fighting to prevent another attack, I salute you. For all the liberal crybabies out there complaining how much it costs or how long it takes, stop crying and join the fight for the freedom you take for granted. Posted by JRH USN Ret. march 19, 1215am

Posted by James R Hemminger March 19, 09 12:16 AM

You people who are against our trooops that have kept you safe and free stand up and suport them. Most of you don' have the guts to do their job. All you have going for you is a big mouth. Go live in a country where you have no rights or freedom. Maybe then you would realize how good you have it.

Posted by Sara Kingsolver March 19, 09 09:35 PM

It is said "all it takes for evil to succede is for good men to look the other way"
thank you all for the sacrifices and freedom you provide our nation and other nations who long for human rights and freedoms.......

Posted by cjmann March 24, 09 10:53 PM

To emily below me-get the hell off this page, this is to honor my brethren who've fallen and we don't need your far-left liberal rant about things of which you do NOT know on here. Terrorists started this war(911-did you forget so fast?!) and WE will end it when we kill them all!

Posted by Attila from Galveston March 30, 09 12:45 PM

I would like to thank the fine men and women of the German Bundeswehr who are doing their part. Thank you for your service and sacrafice. You must be very proud!

Posted by SteveS., USN NAVY CHIEF March 31, 09 09:31 PM

I saw the pictures and am saddened that we live in a time when combat troops are a necessity and so many don't believe we are at war this is only a Police action. The fact that our new head of Homeland security want call terorism what it is, this is quite desturbing to me. I would like for some of theese naive peolpe to be dropped off in the middle of Talhiban country to try and negotiate with them. This said I am proud of every man and woman in the Military who is doing an thankless job to defend us from these terrorist and the Terror States that want to rule over the whole world. Radical Fascist Islam is a clear and present danger to all our freedoms and those who want to impose their peversion on all must be stoped at all cost and these men and women in our armed forces deserve much more than our thanks, they deserve to be honored for being called to the colors from civilian jobs. They should also not have to worry about their families being evicted from their homes and piling up debt and interest because they have chosen to defend the very people who are now threatening to evict them, I really don't think Our President gets the fact this is war not a crimanal investigation.
Truth over lies.
John R. Bloxson Jr.

Posted by John R Bloxson Jr April 1, 09 02:32 PM

The photos are a grim reminder of the difficlut task of searching for world peace, this action is taking place on lands that nearly all of those picutred do not live on. They are there for those that belive and long for freedom for all peoples. I add my few words of thanks and salute them as a greatful American, retired Seabee, member of the US Navy. May your GOD bless and keep you safe and return you to your loved ones.

Posted by Jerry Landcastle, Ferndale, WA April 1, 09 11:00 PM

The utmost respect goes out to my brothers and sisters in the military, every branch. For all of you that choose to disrespect the military in place of George Bush. Listen to this. We do our jobs because we swore to, you can't blame any soldier for what the President and his cabinet do. That being said. These are two seperate entities, and your soldiers should NEVER be treated with anything other than respect and admiration, after all, they are taking bullets for you and your children. THANK them. If you have issues with Bush, or the war, voice them to your congressmen. Voice them to your president. But do not forsake the ones that will always be the front lines to your freedom. One day you will need them more than you know.

To all the vets: Carry your heads high, you've done amazing things. Support each other, as you know, when it comes to the wire we're all brothers and sisters when we're in the thick of it.

Posted by Jake April 8, 09 04:03 AM

Thanks so much for your service to our country and to freedom. May God bless and keep you where ever you may be. Asking God's blessing on each one and may the Lord be there before you arrive and prepare the way so that you will be safe. God bless your families while you are away and break down any barrier's
that may stand in front ot them. God bless our troops protect and defend them in their time of need. Amen

Posted by Robert Brown April 15, 09 01:13 PM

True honor bestowed upon the fallen heroes who gave thier lives in defense of freedom, the tree of life becons to be nourished from time to time by blood and the ultimate sacrifice of those who heeded thier country's call to serve. There is no greater reverance and respect to be given without reservation, than to all those people of freedom loving countries who fight to lift the innocent and oppressed from the clutches of Islamic Fascism. God bless all the warriors who are serving and have served so bravely. Sergeant E-5, David J. Gerhauser, 2/504th Parachute Reg, 82nd Airborne

Posted by David J. Gerhauser April 15, 09 11:56 PM

I want to thank all these amazing people who put there lives in danger to protect me! Iam truely thankful and want you all to no how brave and heroic you all truely are!
Thanks again, keep up the great work!

Posted by Britney Erwin April 16, 09 08:05 PM

NO! War

Posted by jimmy April 17, 09 05:29 AM

My heart goes out to the families of those who serve. Thank you for your sacrifices. My son, went over at nineteen last year and I now share the pride and fear of those left behind. My prayers and thoughts are with our country and all who contribute to her safety now and for the future. For all those here and abroad who devotedly serve our country regardless of her trials and tribulations of the political realm here on the home soil, a simple 'Thank You' just doesn't seem enough. I'll continue in my efforts to fight for the rights of veterans affairs, military benefits and my active support of those serving in the war now as a means of appreciation. God Bless and God Speed.

Posted by Bridget Robertson April 17, 09 11:52 AM

Thanks you for your service! I am proud to have served and see others proudly doing the same! Do not let a few keep you from the great you are doing nothing will ever change your courage and strength for all that you protect and serve! God bless:) MOST THINGS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR AND USUALLY THE HARDEST THING TO DO IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB ALL OF US ARE BEHIND YOU 100% AIRBORNE!

Posted by Jessica Ann Turnbough April 19, 09 03:46 PM

To all the troops fighting the Taliban, Thank you for hard work and sacrifice far from your homes. May God award your efforts with success. May the Afghans know what true freedom is. May those who kill for obscure reasons and promote terrorism be soundly and unequivocally defeated.

Posted by Keith Longar April 27, 09 06:46 PM

My cousin FRANK WELCH has ALWAYS BEEN MY HERO! HE is a TUNNEL RAT whom fought BRAVELY AND SURVIVED by the grace of GOD! I WILL NEVER FORGET what he did to PROTECT ME! Since then I have lived a very peaceful life yet never was able to say THANK YOU COUSIN! SO TODAY I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU! I know you never would think of yourself as a HERO but believe me YOU ARE! I remember my father throwing a firecracker under your table on the fourth of July as a prank and seeing the FEAR in your eyes as you ran for cover. WHAT A TRUE SOUL YOU ARE! Last year my friend JOSH MUNNS was TORTURED AND KILLED IN IRAQ BY FILTHY EVIL souls! HE WAS A BRAVE SOUL WHOM DIED WITH PRIDE! Without these kind of men we will all be either wearing rags on our heads and raping women praising Allah committing torturous acts on innocence or we shall live in peace!!!! In order for either to happen we MUST FIGHT! It is time to forget about the tragedies of war and FIGHT TO WIN NO MATTER WHAT! WARS ARE WON BY THE MOST BRAVEST AND DETERMINED UNTIL THE OTHER SIDE DECIDES IT IS NOT WORTH THE PAIN! Which side do we want to be on????? FOR ME IT IS THE ONE WHICH WINS! WE MUST FIGHT TO WIN NO MATTER HOW UGLY OR CRUEL IT MIGHT BE! WAR IS NEVER PRETTY!

Posted by David W. April 30, 09 10:54 AM

i would like to thank all of ower troops for fighting for what is right and defending the strangers back at home.

all troops and firefighters (volinter or not) are my heros and i will always have there back.

Posted by michael May 4, 09 10:08 AM

Great pictures. May all german soldiers and all their allies in Afghanistan return safely to their families.

Posted by Youdice June 21, 09 07:52 AM

Wow so was zu sehen beunruhigt ein schon ein wenig ich fliege nächstes jahr rüber und dann mal sehen.

Posted by Anonymous June 27, 09 03:54 PM

@# 315
Do u really expect pictures to be taken during a fight? You won't get to see pictures of german soldiers killing the bad boys, since the german gvt. still won't tell the truth to their people. Thanks to WW II, they're sticking to the version, that they are only building bridges and houses for the afghans, even though they already admitted that there is a "new quality" to that war - in other words: "we started killing". If u want to get the truth here in germany (i am german) u have to search the Internet for clues.

Daher möchte ich allen Soldaten jeglicher Nation meinen herzlichsten Dank aussprechen - Gott segne euch und eure Familien!!!
(Therefor i want to thank every soldier of every nation from the bottom of my heart - God bless you and your families!!!)

Posted by Tao July 24, 09 10:47 AM

Thanks for these pictures. It shows that German soldiers are doing their job well.
@ #358: Sie haben einfach nur recht!
To all those who posted nice comments: Thank you very much! God bless you and your families.

Posted by German soldier July 31, 09 07:41 AM

Ha Ha! War is the best thing ever on the World. "One world, one war!"

Afghanistan never attacked Germany. I liked Gerhard Schröder, the former Federal Chancellor of germany, when he said NO to take part in the "war" in afghanistan. I'm looking forward to the time, when mankind has been vanished from earth.
So, to all german war supporting politicians and war supporters: GET LOST!!!

Posted by gravity pilot August 11, 09 08:12 AM

It's very sad seeing that all this is happening in my homeland and especially my land Badakhshan. It is even more painful to actually be from there and at the same being unable to help. I can't believe that now they are accusing my little town of being involved in terrorism which is located way in northern Afghanistan. LAY OFF of those poor civilians!! How much more pain do we have to bear? Trust me that land has been tortured by Soviets, then drought, and etc. Some of them they don't even know what does Terrorism mean. They are so poor and miserable themsleves. Of course I pity those Western soldiers too and their families abroad. But because of this stupid war we had to move from place to place. Being kicked out of our own land.

Posted by Insomniac )) August 11, 09 03:14 PM

I am a major in the Canada Air Force and fought at Kandahar until I was wounded and sent back to Canada. Three months later I was back. Somebody named
"Eventempered" made a comment in January that the German soldiers were doing nothing. When our barracks were being shelled, he knocked me down and lay on top of me to protect me. He was killed. I don't feel I can say his name here. But he is more heroic than Eventempered could ever be.
All the pics are great. Thank you.

Posted by Raoul August 11, 09 06:08 PM

Maybe all those german politicians who don't admit that german troops are participating a war, should go on this page an search for the ISAF stuff.

Why, when there is no war, these pictures are in the "war" section?

Posted by gravity pilot August 12, 09 04:26 AM


Posted by jason c spears August 21, 09 12:37 PM

@364: Why are you blaming German soldiers? It is NOT the German soldiers who are ill trained, badly motivated, not willing to support their allies! It is (unfortuantely) our government, which is not able to "sell" the truth about Afghanistan to our people. the German government is afraid about "falling" soldiers, (they call it malicious murdered, if happens), because it never explained accurately to the German people why we are there! But what is your problem? Did you loose someone in combat? Then I am awfully sorry! I did too, and I understand your feelings! Good luck, and take care (brother in arms?)!

Posted by German soldier August 30, 09 11:28 AM

long life afghanistan ahahhahahhah afghanistan is the best country and brave people

Posted by Anonymous September 2, 09 07:54 PM

Still bad? German army is doing nothing? Yeah, sure! If there is nobody dying, the German Army is bad fighting. If there are 50, 100, 125 whatever dead Taliban, why are even the U.S. Arrmed Forces are blaming us? Why? Are we not brothers in arms? Are we not fighting together in Afghanistan, against an asymetric enemy? Where is the distinction between policy and soldiers tactics? I am not saying "kill these bas....", but, honestly "give them a dam!"

Posted by German soldier September 7, 09 02:33 PM

god blass on afghanistan forces and ISAF
form Afghanistan

Posted by Nazaar Mohammad Safi September 23, 09 01:40 PM

An alle deutschen Soldaten.
Euer Land ist stolz auf euch und ewig dankbar.

Posted by Chris November 16, 09 02:28 PM

We thankful for the soldiers for all their sacrifices they do for good and for peace and I prayed for the soldiers that they come home safe for this christmas to their family. Just live in our heart the Love and care to each one of us as an individual. Keep up the good works soldiers : ) and God bless you all

Posted by Edenel December 5, 09 06:09 AM

War, what is it good for? Absolutley nothing, right?

But where are the pics with us soldiers? why blame the germans, when there are even no pics with americanos? don't get it...they don`t look like, they weren`t doing anything?

Don`t call it war...when it`s just for oil and a better sleep for us goverment!

Posted by Enrico December 12, 09 11:40 PM

War, what is it good for? Absolutley nothing, right?

But where are the pics with us soldiers? why blame the germans, when there are even no pics with americanos? don't get it...they don`t look like, they weren`t doing anything?

Don`t call it war...when it`s just for oil and a better sleep for us goverment!

Posted by Enrico December 13, 09 12:09 AM

We are fighting our own creation. The Taliban and Al Qaeda both rogue organizations were created by Pakistan's ISI and funded and armed heavily by the USA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

US has a history of supporting dictators, rogue organizations just because of serves America's interests in the short term. Iraq's Saddam, Taliban, Pakistan's Yahya Khan, the list is endless. Claiming the US to have a moral high ground is absolutely ridiculous.

Lets hope that our boys can come home safely and Afghan people can get a good nights' sleep after years of strife.

Posted by john March 11, 10 12:02 PM

Thank you for your sacrifice, love, dedication and unconditional service to the world. So that this world will be a better place to live with harmony and unity. I remember the quotes for the late Pres. Abraham Lincoln says "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend". I still believe that peace and unity will be achieved in the near future. God bless you all, the men and women in uniform, all the armies of the world serving the Iraq and afghanistan war and other parts of the world fighting for freedom, peace and lawfulness.I salute you guys and I am PROUD of YOU!

Posted by Eric E. of Rockville, MD USA April 15, 10 02:18 PM

why name a cat "ebola" ?

Posted by paul May 1, 10 03:29 PM

thank you 373 for stating a truth, america is no angel yet many fail to see that, at least in our own country but its not our soldiers fault as most of them are trying to do what they feel (or are told) is right but we cant forget or forgive the soldiers who commit crimes in the warzone Ex: The Mahmudiyah gangrape and murders and various other crimes committed by coalition forces. if we are to succeed in fostering democracy in the middle east we must adapt it to the local customs as one of the greatest fears of the arabian world is that america has come to destroy islam and replace it with christianity. and if we want them to believe in democracy we must abide by who they elect pro-american or not.

Posted by Kevin June 27, 10 06:49 PM

To Karen Smith:
You're very welcome! ;-)

Junior Sergeant Florian D.
German Air Force, Security Forces

Posted by Florian D. August 22, 10 09:43 PM

I just really don't know what's going on here. Afghansitan

Posted by saman October 12, 10 07:26 AM


Posted by LIK October 17, 10 06:08 PM

Totally agree with you Tom ,(post #1)

Posted by Fidel December 19, 10 07:38 AM
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