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October 1, 2008

A Quick Note

Just a brief note, three things to mention (more inside):

- Navigation using j/k keys has been added to the Big Picture. Pressing the "j" key moves you forward one image, the "k" key moves you up. Thanks to Parand Tony Darugar for the inspiration (he has a bookmarklet that works with jQuery, the code on this site is straight javascript, slightly modified) . Be sure to check out Parand's ReaderScroll bookmarklet for a more general j/k-navigation tool too.

- A second ad position has been added (yes, I know, I know) but I wanted to be upfront about it, and not sneak an ad in. It's below the photos, above the comments - I'll never put ads in amongst the images - please feel free to give your feedback here in the comments. Just so you know the rationale: the bandwidth bills must be covered. In a single day, last month the entry on Hurricane Ike was served up over 1 million times. The 28 images on that page add up to a bit more than 5.2 megabytes. Multiply that a million times, and we (The Boston Globe) ended up serving nearly 5 terabytes of images for just one entry from one blog in less than 24 hours (not counting the HTML or the thousands of comments). And we topped one million daily pageviews at least five times last month.

- Please keep your eyes out for an upcoming event, to be unveiled worldwide in two days, October 3rd, from well-known photojournalist James Nachtwey and the TED Conference: Nachtwey's Wish. Nachtwey won the TED Prize in 2007. From the teasing placeholder there now: "James Nachtwey is preparing to reveal his photographs, which highlight a shocking and underreported global crisis. Over the past 18 months, the TED community have been working with James to gain access to locations he wished to photograph, and to prepare spectacular plans for unveiling these pictures."

Again, thanks to everyone for your support and for spreading the word about The Big Picture. It's been an amazing ride, and it feels like it's just beginning.