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August 1, 2008 Permalink

Large Hadron Collider nearly ready

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27 kilometer (17 mile) long particle accelerator straddling the border of Switzerland and France, is nearly set to begin its first particle beam tests. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is preparing for its first small tests in early August, leading to a planned full-track test in September - and the first planned particle collisions before the end of the year. The final step before starting is the chilling of the entire collider to -271.25 C (-456.25 F). Here is a collection of photographs from CERN, showing various stages of completion of the LHC and several of its larger experiments (some over seven stories tall), over the past several years. (27 photos total)

View of the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment Tracker Outer Barrel (TOB) in the cleaning room. The CMS is one of two general-purpose LHC experiments designed to explore the physics of the Terascale, the energy region where physicists believe they will find answers to the central questions at the heart of 21st-century particle physics. (Maximilien Brice, © CERN)
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4743 comments so far...

This thing is going to kill us all.

Posted by Aaron August 1, 08 11:53 AM

It looks like Half life:)

Posted by Palko August 1, 08 11:53 AM

Awesome pics! I've been there 6 weeks ago and was one of the last visitors they let down to see CMS. And I have to say, these pictures let you receive an excellent impression of the things down there.

Posted by André August 1, 08 12:01 PM

awesome. where can we sign up to be the first person to jump into a black hole?

Posted by science August 1, 08 12:03 PM

Don't worry, they have confirmed that the chance that a sustainable black hole will form and consume the earth is quite small.

Awesome pictures as always.

Posted by Viking August 1, 08 12:03 PM

Nope! We're all gonna die.
(isn't it more fun that way?)

Beautiful photos, love this blog

Posted by Hannah August 1, 08 12:17 PM

really who thought of this? How big does your head need to be to think of something lke this... Fantastic Photos as always.

Posted by chris s August 1, 08 12:18 PM

Oh. My. God

Posted by Jeff August 1, 08 12:18 PM

wow!!! wonderfulllll
now I change my wallpaper

Posted by juhan August 1, 08 12:23 PM

mind blowing awesome pictures; can't wait to see what happens...
they have countdown on this website
i am new to this site, any idea what camera was used to take these pictures??

Posted by seaWOLF August 1, 08 12:24 PM

This is incredible. It's like in one of those spacey space movies, where they're building something really ah... i don't know. Just incredible.

Posted by Peter August 1, 08 12:25 PM

Hope there's not a cable loose somewhere...

Posted by Jonathan August 1, 08 12:25 PM

I don't understand anything about nuclear research BUT this pictures are amazing and impressive. Thank you.

Posted by Renaud August 1, 08 12:25 PM

I love how there is only a "small" chance of a killer black hole forming. Couldn't they have just lied and said "no chance"?? Some people are way too smart to have any common sense.

Posted by me me me August 1, 08 12:33 PM

I truly have a bad feeling about this.

Posted by Ian August 1, 08 12:40 PM

Are we positive that inside all that stuff there isn't a HAL hiding?

Posted by Jon T August 1, 08 12:40 PM

I have my crowbar ready for any unforseen consequences.

Posted by Omar August 1, 08 12:40 PM

Absolutely mind blowing pictures. Probably the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen about technology.

Posted by kut August 1, 08 12:40 PM

The site isn't run by anyone involved with CERN and has gotten the "countdown" wrong in the past. Not that I personally know more than whoever is running that site, but someone who is actually working on an experiment with CERN posted about it in July and explained that the actual dates for when they start the particle beams and experiments are all tentative based on how successful each 'stage' of preparation is.

He posted more photos of the LHC and experiments and explained some of the physics behind it here:

Posted by Andy August 1, 08 01:01 PM

4th photo....

Man 1: So, you ready to blow up the world today, Ralph?
Man 2: *sigh* Might as well, Bob. Might as well.

(looking closer at the photo, I think... those might be women.)

Posted by kevjohn August 1, 08 01:03 PM

"Sir, there is something coming out of the vortex. Some type of creature... sir, it's got me."

"Roger that"

Posted by Hax Or August 1, 08 01:06 PM

I HOPE it kills us all.

Posted by Anonymous August 1, 08 01:10 PM

i'm not sure i want that thing to go online.

Posted by razmatazz August 1, 08 01:20 PM

Absolutely wonderful!!!!

I would love to see more pictures of Atlas and maybe even the Tevatron.

On safety concerns:

Posted by Umair Rahat August 1, 08 01:22 PM

To me me me:

Science shouldn't lie just to make you more comfortable. That's religion's job.

Posted by Eric August 1, 08 01:24 PM

On #4, think the left one is woman.

And much more energetic events than any event that will ever happen in LHC are happening every second in the upper atmosphere right NOW, yet we are not seeing any black holes. So chill out, think about it, take a second.

Posted by t8m8r August 1, 08 01:28 PM

I remember visiting CERN in my physics class a couple years ago. Although these pictures are outstanding, it's still hard to convey the scale of these tunnels.

Great article.

Posted by Simon Christen August 1, 08 01:32 PM

how many people could we feed with that money?

Posted by yes i have one August 1, 08 01:57 PM

@Simon Christen: Absolutely agree on scale.

Posted by Umair Rahat August 1, 08 02:01 PM

Does anyone know what welding process and equipment that guy is using? I note the mirror, which is pretty common in pipe welding, and am assuming a TiG process - but what the? it must be relatively low heat (no gloves). Professional curiosity.

Posted by Mark Leichliter August 1, 08 02:13 PM

@yes: that's what people asked when they heard about James Watt's research.

Posted by runam August 1, 08 02:18 PM

These are amazing photos. I feel like i am there. Technology is quite amazing. I am fascinated with this project.

Posted by Rodney Rumford August 1, 08 02:24 PM

OH_MY_GOODNESS. funny how the Atlas and CMS detectors look like something out of the Stargate series: . I have also heard there is a chance this beast could destroy the earth at some atomic level.

Posted by Geoff August 1, 08 02:26 PM

yes I have one said: "how many people could we feed with that money?"

Hmm, I don't know... the entire human population, maybe?!!

Posted by Robert P. August 1, 08 02:32 PM

Probably if that thing eats us all it will be so fast that we won't even realize, so there's no need to worry..

Anyway I would like to be in another galaxy the day that machine starts to work :-)

Posted by david August 1, 08 02:33 PM

"I love how there is only a "small" chance of a killer black hole forming. Couldn't they have just lied and said "no chance"?? Some people are way too smart to have any common sense."

lulz - "common sense" usually implies knowing when someone's just kidding

Posted by Nacht August 1, 08 02:33 PM

What I find most incredible is that we have build something so huge to study things that are so tiny. It's evidently colossal (and based on Simon Christen's comment, even more colossal than it looks), and yet we're using it to look at particles so small the sharp end of a pin is made up of millions of them.

I can't wait for this thing to go live, and I hope that it lives up to its potential.

Posted by Alastair Smith August 1, 08 02:43 PM

The end of the world is pretty.

Posted by Don_Durito August 1, 08 02:44 PM

@yes i have one

Huge sums of money are daily wasted on wars, fashion&lifestyle, marketing & production of totally useless products, showbiz....etc...etc....etc...can go on for hours like this...
The LHC at least has a purpose and defines PROGRESS...think of the possibilities that this thing has..our perception about the world and the rules of physics may could be the first step to many new things..I have high hopes for the LHC!! (Except if we all die of course :D:D:D)
Don't you think you're a bit out of focus here??

Posted by noclueaboutphysics August 1, 08 02:44 PM

"It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity."
- Albert Einstein

Posted by Ryan August 1, 08 02:48 PM

Wow, Half-life 3 is going to be sweet!

Posted by daniel August 1, 08 02:57 PM

"Hey, what does this button d...? SINGULARITY!"

Posted by kez777 August 1, 08 03:03 PM

to eric in post 25... that was great! got me laughing.

Posted by me me me August 1, 08 03:09 PM

OK, so we are socially and intellectually retarded by comparison. They have advanced science, smart people, and a sophisticated culture. Around where I live, we have an Appalachian culture, failing rust- belt factories, lots of superstition, homophobia, racism, and very few educated people ... but we do have a pretty neat 'creation museum', and a very large Jesus statue . So, It's all about priorities. :)

Posted by Jay August 1, 08 03:09 PM

Dude, looks like that thing might take over the world before Google does. LOL


Posted by Jim Jones August 1, 08 03:12 PM

Nacht.. if you read articles about this project, the scientists state there is a very small chance something bad could actually happen (this is a paraphrase, of course). Do some research before you criticize... the scientist being quoted wasn't "just kidding."

Posted by me me me August 1, 08 03:15 PM

I want to have sex on every detector they have. Wait... i want to have sex period.

Posted by bigboom August 1, 08 03:21 PM

What a way to go!! Beats frying from global warming or being swept away in a tornado or hurricane or drowning in a meltdown of the polar ice cap!! Wasn't CERN featured in The DaVinci Code?

Posted by Elizar August 1, 08 03:21 PM

@runam: what social enhancement do we expect to see from the LHC and other experiments? Is there a practical application here? I agree that the questions are well worth answering, but it's not like they're researching cleaner, better, faster *socially enhancing* technology with this thing

Posted by science for science's sake August 1, 08 03:25 PM

Alastair #37 has got it right...such a giant machine to get (hopefully) a peek at something so small...not even to see it but the effect of it's presence. If everyone has done their job & the thing actually works it will be the most amazing thing of the century, operative word "if."

Posted by momz August 1, 08 03:26 PM

They're waiting for you Gordon.....In the tessst chamber!

Posted by Leon August 1, 08 03:32 PM

Don't forget, we weren't sure the reaction would stop when we split the atom, either. If this thing takes us all out, well really, who cares?

Posted by Jeremy August 1, 08 03:40 PM

A modern building in our town
I joked that soon we'd all go down
they said: "brand new high technology,
just as safe as it can be."
Nobody doubted the security affirms
of the government and the industial firms
these power plants seemed quite strange to me
just as safe as the ought to be

Posted by Doug August 1, 08 03:42 PM

Well, if this does kill us all, it will be a shame we won't have this blog/comments section to learn why America was to blame...

Posted by Zippy August 1, 08 03:47 PM

@49: What practical application does a newborn baby have?

Posted by michael August 1, 08 03:47 PM

@ yes I have one: The guy of comment n. 39 have given you a very sensible answer. He may have noclueaboutphysics, but on the rest he's right.
If you want to have the right scale of things, have a look here for example:
or else do some little research on your own on the web.
@ science for science's sake: You can find some answers as well at the address I cited above. We actually have no clue on what practical applications of LHC discoveries will be possible in the future, but the same was true in the past for things like electricity, X-rays etc... And, by the way, the web was invented at CERN

Posted by Roberto August 1, 08 03:54 PM

Sadly for those wanting the Ultimate Fate of the Universe, it will not kill us all.

Posted by Ricardo Carvalho August 1, 08 03:57 PM

Those of you questioning the value of this machine have no idea of its importance. There has not been a major significant discovery in fundamental physics since goverments and private industry stopped doing research that does not have IMMEDIATE ability to generate revenue.

North American governments needs to get a clue (I am in Toronto).

How much money is wasted on development of products that are completely frivolous in our economy?

How much money is spent by governments on questionable programs that no one is ever accountable for and that squander people's hard earned money?

This LHC if, I remember correctly cost USD 15B. Is that a big deal? The losses in the USA due to lax loan/mortgage legislation has already burned through USD 500B in realy value and is not expected to stabilize until 1 Trillion is lost. And why? Because government allowed companies to load money to people without actually checking if the borrower could actually repay the loan. Completely and utterly irresponsible. In Canada this did not happen because of a much more conservative approach to lending, house prices are as high as they have ever been, people actually save money for retirement here...maybe it's the level of education, who knows...anyways, enough of this tangent.

The USA cancelled their collider because it was going to cost too much money (pressured by smallminded people like some of those posting to this thread). If you take the duration of the US presence in Iraq (all poliltics aside), they have essentially been funding the equivalent of one LHC every two weeks.

WTF? Is that more important than building something that can take physics, science in general, and the resulting applications thereof to the next leve?

Get a clue you dirty, money squandering lefties ;-)

Posted by disgusted August 1, 08 03:57 PM

Just hope they don't plug it into an outlet attached to a light switch...

Clark: Russ, we checked every bulb, didn't we?
Rusty Griswold: Sure, Dad.
Clark: Hmm... Maybe we ought to just go up there and check...
Rusty Griswold: Oh, woo. Look at the time. I gotta get to bed. I still gotta brush my teeth, feed the hog, still got some homework to do, still got those bills to pay, wash the car...

Posted by John August 1, 08 03:59 PM

this thing terrifies me

Posted by Anonymous August 1, 08 04:02 PM

Pic 18 (the gear thing): Anyone else reminded of the vault door from the fallout games?

Posted by Kay August 1, 08 04:03 PM

so how fast does it download porn.... you know that's the only important question!

Posted by Alberto August 1, 08 04:11 PM

With all that technology, couldn't the firemen get a little cooler looking cart to drive around in. That thing is ridiculous!

Posted by JMCColorado August 1, 08 04:13 PM

gotta LOVE all the cience... GREAT pictures !!!

however, i got my crowbar ready too ;)

Posted by luciano August 1, 08 04:28 PM

What an 18 billion dollar budget and the cant afford to give the IT guys a flat screen!

Posted by tommy gun August 1, 08 04:29 PM

I never took a physics class, so I honestly only understand about half of these captions, but wow, are those pictures fascinating..

Posted by robina August 1, 08 04:30 PM

yea but can it make pancakes? if it cant why are we even wasting our time with this?

Posted by john August 1, 08 04:41 PM

We should be spending more money on cleaning up the environment this place is trashed.

Posted by Dude August 1, 08 04:47 PM

I just hope they dont cross the beams!

Posted by jneal August 1, 08 04:53 PM

Jak pierdknie to obudzimy siÄ™ w innym wymiarze!

Posted by aaloy August 1, 08 04:53 PM

I think it´s just there to play Crysis 2 max settings.

Posted by archmed August 1, 08 04:55 PM

Gosh... Americans truly are retarded. This comment thread is the living proof of it. poor country.

Posted by sebsainclair August 1, 08 04:56 PM

I hope those scientists have plenty of crowbars handy....

Posted by mudkipz August 1, 08 04:56 PM

more like large HARDON collider amirite?

Posted by David August 1, 08 05:04 PM

63, they're already 2 times over the budget, but if you want, you can donate them a couple of chrome rims with spinners, carbon frame and some nice paint.

Posted by lollipop August 1, 08 05:10 PM

I already made my bump stickers....

"I was a black hole survivor"

want some?

Posted by Rodrigo August 1, 08 05:17 PM

Ja cie pierdole... ale jazda.

Posted by FlasH August 1, 08 05:18 PM

this thing is gonna bring about the zombie apocalypse. But the zombies will be smarter at physics than me.

Posted by Killusallforscience August 1, 08 05:20 PM

Awesome! Looking at the way things have gone since the days of Niels Bohr, this is only yet another wheel of the wheels within wheels!

Posted by S. Krishnakumar August 1, 08 05:23 PM

I hope it does not run Windows Vista

Posted by steve August 1, 08 05:24 PM

Maximilien Brice is an artist.
i want to see those pictures instead of all that pseudo-art stuff in the galleries.

Posted by Bernd August 1, 08 05:24 PM

So how far back in time does it take you?

Wow this this is amazing

Posted by John August 1, 08 05:34 PM

by their calculations, there's a 1 in 50 million chance of creating a black hole and consuming the earth. there are 6.6 billion people alive on the earth. turning this thing on is the moral equivalent of killing 132 people. nobels all around!

Posted by jee August 1, 08 05:42 PM

@ Elizar: No, CERN was featured in Angels & Demons. Can't wait for the film to come out next year! That book was so much better than The DaVinci Code.

Posted by Chris S. August 1, 08 05:43 PM

Is this where babies come from?

Posted by Donovan August 1, 08 05:46 PM

@sebsainclair "Gosh... Americans truly are retarded. This comment thread is the living proof of it. poor country."

Please, bless us with whatever wisdom you've been ordained with that allows you to divine one's nationality simply by the content of their post.

Posted by Paulo August 1, 08 05:49 PM

69. Ghost Busters LOL!
76. LOL, I'll take one, u can message me on aim, Visbits (I really think we should make some)

Half Life 3 is gona be sweeet.

Posted by Tyler Bishop August 1, 08 05:53 PM

no black holes please, there is more to life than being sucked into one!!!

Posted by James August 1, 08 05:56 PM

So if you put some popcorn kernels in the middle of the circle, do they pop when the thing gets a phone call?

Posted by Jacii August 1, 08 06:04 PM

at disgusted #58:
(all politics aside), lefties???

Posted by all politics aside August 1, 08 06:05 PM

LOL, French Fire Truck!

Posted by Idiot August 1, 08 06:11 PM

What will this thing produce, you ask? It will produce a few more answers, lots more questions and more PHD physists. Surely we need more of them.

If we didn't spend the money here, I really doubt we would spend it on hungry people. We have food, we have money, the problem is elsewhere.

I agree with 63. I joined a volunteer FD so I could drive a big shiny truck. Other than that it would have been cool to be part of this project.

Posted by Stacy August 1, 08 06:13 PM

Wow. Beautiful pictures. Although looking at them gave me a strong sense of foreboding, because it's not hard to picture that place swarming with headcrabs.

note to self - buy more crowbars and invent HEV suit.

Posted by mr freeman August 1, 08 06:27 PM

At the cost of 10 days of war in Iraq, the United States could have been the leader in this cutting-edge research...

Posted by ep August 1, 08 06:46 PM

Wich is the real objetive to create this machine???

Posted by Santiago Vega August 1, 08 07:01 PM

Progress can song like atomic bomb, MOAM, guns, ... Progress can't kill, human kill. I am for all kind of progress, specifically science progress.
The real question is who should handle new progress and the goal. As example, atomic bomb can be use to destroy asteroid as save humanity.

Americas... this is not a legend?

Posted by MathTheLord August 1, 08 07:03 PM

no.55: best response I've seen yet

Posted by Nev August 1, 08 07:05 PM

@72 - Lighten up Frenchy. Just some folks having a little fun on a Friday with something none of us fully understand (yes, that includes YOU).

Posted by Zippy August 1, 08 07:06 PM

Hmm. Read Angels & Demons by Dan Brown...

Posted by Michael Knight August 1, 08 07:07 PM

We don't feed the people but we feed the machines......

Posted by dan August 1, 08 07:30 PM

pfft this thing again? i have one in my backyard.

Posted by Enrique August 1, 08 07:30 PM

Havent they got anything better they could be doing with their spare time like mini golf or something

Posted by ratsyboy August 1, 08 07:30 PM


Lefties?! "Left-wing" is generally ascribed to progressive social policy (irrelevant) and increased communalistic and social monetary/economic policy (which your beliefs match exactly).

Posted by Hey-O August 1, 08 07:32 PM

@49 (Science for Science Sake)
Congratulations, on the excellent troll (I hope it's a troll?). Almost everything that gives us the quality of life we have today came about because of basic scientific research, and most of it did not have an immediately obvious application.

Social spending and environmental spending is great. Most people agree more money should go to that. However, there's PLENTY of other stupid crap people waste time and money on that adds nothing to humankind (or actively helps to retard or destroy it). You should be criticizing that instead.

Posted by mdoc August 1, 08 07:34 PM

This is the ass of the universe we are building here.
It's gonna explain why gravity force is so weak comparatively to nuclear force & electromagnetic... sheeeeit. What are they trying to do like that ? Teleport my ass out of space ?

Posted by Sheeeeit August 1, 08 07:36 PM

Could be the inside of "Linens and ****"

Posted by Jerry Becker August 1, 08 07:37 PM

#99 - yes Dan Brown is where I learned my science too. sheesh.

Posted by disgusted August 1, 08 07:38 PM

Hmm giant magnet next to an airstrip, other than that, simply awesome.

Posted by Boris Khobolotovski August 1, 08 07:39 PM

i would love to scrap that thing

Posted by Benjamin Tofte August 1, 08 07:40 PM

Research for research sake is a beautiful thing.

Posted by JPOnion August 1, 08 07:51 PM

Uhm, it's a little excessive don't you think? Just get yourself some margarita need for such a large blender.

Posted by Bob W August 1, 08 07:57 PM

@57 You're right - it won't kill us all. Us here in Australia on the other side of the world will be perfectly safe thank you very much :-)

Yes the money invested in this could have gone towards solving problems of poverty and starvation and without seeming heartless there are more important long-term things to think about and progress towards than living in the past and helping third-world countries catch up.

If this LHC helps us create technology that helps humanity colonise another planet once we've FUBAR'ed this one then I'm all for it. Or whatever the applications are. We have to keep moving forward.

Posted by NathanaelB August 1, 08 07:59 PM

Stephen Hawking showed in the 1980s that "small" black holes
evaporate instantly in a shower of gamma rays before they can
swallow anything. It's called "Hawking Radiation" in his honor.
This is why the average cosmic ray coming into earth's atmosphere
doesn't create a mini-black-hole that can "eat the earth." Good
thing Hawking's right, otherwise our solar system could not have
formed in the first place... too many black holes eating up all the
matter. So don't worry, CERN is not dangerous. And Dan Brown is
utterly clueless about science. As a physicist, I give him credit
for this: he writes better pulp fiction than me.

Posted by madboy heterodyne August 1, 08 08:05 PM


wait, now - what does god have to do with it?

Posted by Richard August 1, 08 08:06 PM

Yah, any reassurances they give ring rather hollow. Half the things they're hoping to observe may or may not exist. They have no idea. And plenty of theories have been forulated in the past century, only to be proven wrong or incomplete. All they know is that they are unleashing an incredible amount of power into a confined space, and that something new and exciting will probably happen. And I hope this wasn't built by the lowest bidder of some government contract...

Posted by The Adama August 1, 08 08:08 PM

RE: Fourth Picture

"Now where did I leave my car keys...oh shit."

Posted by zxcvb August 1, 08 08:23 PM

This would make a very cool set for a remake of the 1960s TV series "Time Tunnel"

Posted by bigants August 1, 08 08:24 PM

yes I have one said: "how many people could we feed with that money?"

Who cares? Seriously. If people can't feed themselves, they shouldn't be having children. Let 'em starve. There are too many people in the world anyway. I know that might sound callous (and it is) but c'mon.

Scientific advancement is way more important than feeding an already out of control population.

Posted by Never Lament August 1, 08 08:26 PM

Hello, CERN? I'm a salesman with the ACE Wire Company. Will you be needing any WIRE in building your Hadron Collider?

Posted by Trev August 1, 08 08:28 PM

@28: If we didn't spend the money on this, there's no guarantee that we'd spend it on food for starving people. We could easily feed the whole world right now if we wanted to. We just don't want to.

I'd rather see the money go into basic physics research than a bunch more weapons, which is probably where it would end up otherwise.

Posted by Ernest Adams August 1, 08 08:29 PM

What if we really could, through focussing our collective intention, bring about a positive result that would inspire us all to an understanding of the Universe and how each of us has a place in it?

Nothing is written until we assent to it. We CAN choose differently.

Posted by Jordan (Jordan Thurston) August 1, 08 08:33 PM

I never thought I'd see a resonance cascade, let alone create one!

Posted by Humanity August 1, 08 08:37 PM


Posted by fatty August 1, 08 08:41 PM

:D All this just to make small things go fast. The human mind is a curius one.

Posted by Logan August 1, 08 08:42 PM

Why can't we just be and not create destruction to understand.

Posted by Efrain August 1, 08 08:42 PM

I, for one, welcome our new subatomic overlords

Posted by Matt August 1, 08 08:46 PM

I just love that with all the colors this this looks like its made out of lego,

"Hey dave we need some more yellow bricks in sector five pr we'll never get the electron beam online"

As far as are imminent doom is concerned, i just hope this ain't the dissapointment the millenium, sorry Willenium, turned out to be, cause i really wanna shoot aliens and stuff

Posted by Taemur August 1, 08 08:46 PM

I hope it runs Mojave, if it did I'm sure it would create rainbows and peace.

Posted by Kyleh August 1, 08 08:48 PM

"how many people could we feed with that money?". I think a more pertinent question is how many people could you feed with Exon-Mobile's profits from last year? At least this has the capacity to answer many unknown questions about the universe in which we live.

Oh and I agree with the sentiment that these are some of the most beautiful photos of technology I've ever seen.

Posted by rgh August 1, 08 08:48 PM
Posted by MoJo August 1, 08 08:51 PM

Troubleshooting this would be a nightmare

Posted by Parka August 1, 08 09:09 PM

Breathless. Remarkable achievement of the Human Race. Simply unbelievable.

Posted by Casey Clark August 1, 08 09:30 PM

"My God, it's full of stars!"

Posted by David Bowman August 1, 08 09:32 PM

In my view the most beautiful machine ever built by mankind, capable of taking us to within moments of the creation of the universe...

Posted by Paul Yarnold, PhD August 1, 08 09:36 PM

This is really made to fix Global Warming once and for all, a project devised by Al Gore:

** Poof! **

No more Global Warming.


Posted by JK August 1, 08 09:41 PM

Based on a majority of the comments here, i'm kinda rooting for the black hole possibility. Regardless of how remote. In all seriousness, i'm more interested in the possibility of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle. Come on "Unified Field Theory"!

Posted by August 1, 08 09:49 PM

This is the first time I've been to this blog and I'm already tired of reading the "Americans are retarded" comments. How do you even know that the non-educated idiotic comments are from the Americans? They could have been left by some non-educated idiotic Brits just the same... Anyways, I too am not very educated in the ways of physics, but I for one support any money which goes toward science and the future advancement of mankind. Oh, and I'm an American. Good day.

Posted by Justin August 1, 08 09:55 PM

You are all afraid to explore the unknown.

Posted by THEONE August 1, 08 09:58 PM

You are now looking at what the sets for every other sci fi movie on the subject will be based on for the next 5 years. And if they don't have the budget for it, they'll just cut to some of these views and then back to the control room with lots of flat screens in it showing info-porn.

That is, if we aren't sucked up in the killer black hole. Oh, never mind... (*fwit!*)

Posted by David August 1, 08 10:01 PM

does it do wifi and bluetooth?


Posted by alaero August 1, 08 10:13 PM

My physics teacher worked on it. Professor Kevin Stenson at Boulder.
Me:(jokingly) I know this is somewhat unrelated to what we are learning. But is the Large Hadron Collider going to kill us all with a possible creation of a black hole?
Him: (Very serious) No. Absolutely not. Thats absurd.
Me: Are you sure?
Him: Positive.
Me: I'm blaming YOU if IT happens.
Him: (Angerly) It won't.

I hope he's right.

Posted by Doug August 1, 08 10:22 PM

Wow! hope it works, world will be a different place when the mysteries of string theories get unraveled. Cant wait for the testing to begin!!!

Posted by Doctaha August 1, 08 10:29 PM

You people are stupid ... read something.

Posted by gotohell August 1, 08 10:31 PM

2000 years from now it will be dust and the pyramids will still stand, hurrah for progess :P

Posted by Tut August 1, 08 10:31 PM

The question is, "will it blend ?"

Posted by Mr. Jones August 1, 08 10:34 PM

Fabulous pictures, and I love the fact that we (humanity) are still willing to spend a lot of time on money on something of uncertain value. There is a tremendous beauty here, where something so obviously industrial is so anti-industrial.

Posted by Stephen Downes August 1, 08 10:36 PM

at first i was very afraid of this but i guess they know what they are doing and i guess if they feared something may go wrong they would not allow this to happen and now i think this is so awsome and maybe we will discover another dimension and maybe this will be a portal to another universe who knows and we will find out
this is scary and fun at the same time and they said there is only a small chance of something going wrong but how do we know they are not lying about that and if it swallows us all who knows maybe we will be sucked in to another better more beautiful world
will this be the end of the world and the beginnig of a new one
only god knows what will happen and in him i trust amen

Posted by david August 1, 08 10:40 PM

Well, if it ends up eating us at least they made it in pretty colors...

Posted by Lisa August 1, 08 10:40 PM

OH MY GOD... it's awesome,it was hard form me to assimilate the scale of all these....i hope they get the results they are looking for after all that work.
Excelent pictures!

Posted by Rosa Belliard August 1, 08 10:43 PM

People need to learn not to condemn things just because they know nothing about them.

I am so disappointed with the level of education in this country. (or world). The media brainwashes youth into prioritizing materialism and stupidity.

Maybe science will find a solution to everything else that is killing us; pollution, global warming, disease, high gas prices. I hardly think that the physicists want to die either. And seeing as they know more about it than anyone else, let them do their jobs. For everyone else that falsely thinks that CERN is going to kill us, at least we'll die a lot smarter.

Posted by Amanda August 1, 08 10:46 PM

I hope they sweep the place for head crabs, even de-beeked ones, as you would not want one disconnecting wires from an airconditioning grill... Crowbars at the ready... We may meet a Vortagon... Kewl...

Posted by Le Zand August 1, 08 10:46 PM

That's the biggest espresso maker I've ever seen. The French and Swiss certainly do take their coffee seriously.

Posted by HeySuus August 1, 08 10:48 PM

I hope Nick Nolte's son arrives there pretty soon.

Posted by arkdward August 1, 08 10:49 PM

Strange, beautiful, frightening and questionable.

Posted by Lola August 1, 08 10:55 PM

So i thought the whole idea of living was to live =/ I could understand wanting answers to questions.. but at the risk of the whole world? is it worth that 1 in 50 milion rist? Whats the odds of the lottery again? i think its about 1 in 18 million.. soo people win the lottery.. thats about 3 or so out of 50 million people win the lottery.... So ya that 1 outa 50 million isnt lookin to nice

Posted by Matt August 1, 08 10:56 PM

Server: "There is a problem connecting to the netowk. Please make sure your network cable is connected."
Guy1: ......*Cries*
Guy2: What's wrong?
Guy1:..*points at screen then to network cable that is properly connected*
Guy2: but that means........shit........

Posted by Guy 67878 August 1, 08 11:04 PM

I prefer nature

Posted by earthling August 1, 08 11:05 PM

All they need now is lightning to strike during a test and send us all to another dimension.

Posted by Anonymous August 1, 08 11:06 PM

Where is the flux capacitor, and how does one get that thing to 88mph?

Posted by doc August 1, 08 11:06 PM

What an fing waste of money and resources...

Posted by Splitter August 1, 08 11:07 PM

Mmm big circuits. I so would have loved to be on the design team for this!
Whining about starving people every time someone makes expensive fancy machinery for research is just boring. If you really care, lead the way, sell your house, your car, your big plasma screen telly and go buy food for some starving third world kids. How can you live with all that decadent consumer shit you dont need while people are starving?

Posted by Dan August 1, 08 11:10 PM

oh my godddd im high and im looking at it... its so crazyyyyyyyyy lol

Posted by Pappu cant dance sala August 1, 08 11:24 PM

Nice. Now we can blow a hole in the moon. I say we use it to slow the earth's rotation down, make a day equal 48 hours...24 hours of daylight and 24 hours of night. Imagine how nice it would be to sleep 18-20 hours at a stretch...

Seriously, I'm dumbstruck at the techno-beauty of it all. In each picture, I want to know what *this* particular wire does or what *that* piece of enormous plate steel reinforces.

I bet it could zap wine stains out of my white shirts.

Posted by R.P. August 1, 08 11:24 PM

This begs the question: Anyone read Douglas Preston's "Blasphemy" ?
If so- you think we will be duped into thinking we can talk to God?

Posted by Hiway August 1, 08 11:35 PM

Why the hell is the chick using a CRT monitor in an advanced state of the art facility. o.o

Posted by steve walker August 1, 08 11:36 PM

I hope they point it at Peking.

Posted by Berry August 1, 08 11:38 PM

Wikkit Gate, meet Key. Krikkit will be alone in the universe. If you hear a loup "Whop" and see white robots...THEN, we're all gonna die.

Posted by DNA Lives August 1, 08 11:38 PM

Should it be, that some outgrowth of this will lead to commercial fusion power, we will have unlimited energy potential for at least a millennium. Unlimited energy potential with zero CO2 output, which will make the global warming zealots feel warm-n-fuzzy.

Posted by JFree August 1, 08 11:38 PM

Listen. Hadron has been messing with us for so long, it has this coming.

Posted by InDeep August 1, 08 11:43 PM

Cool! I was just reading today about how this thing was going to tell us how many dimensions there are, and whether the universe is made of building blocks or strings. I'm glad they went with the brass and copper look, too. Very steampunk.

Posted by CClio333 August 1, 08 11:45 PM

@155 learn some basic math. The reason people win the lottery when the chances are 1:18 million is that a *lot* of people play the lottery. If there is a chance that some event "e" happens is 1:2, and you try it twice (independently), then the chance is 3:4 that at least one try will achieve "e". If you try 3 times, it's 7:8. If 18 million people try an event that has a 1:18 million chance of success, then the chance of someone winning is almost 1:1.

However, here we basically have one try. Either it fails (1:50 million chance) or it does not (49,999,999:50,000,000 chance). There is no large number of tries to bring the probability of any try succeeding down. You are comparing apples to oranges, it's nothing like the lottery.

Posted by Jim August 1, 08 11:46 PM

Awesome pics. Hope they made sure not to build it on a fault line....

Posted by Mike Schinkel August 1, 08 11:48 PM

Put all of the hype aside. Yes, they want to create a *small* blackhole on earth.

But I work in the technology industry and I know that programmers can not plan for *everything*!

Now look at all the wires and servers and capacitors, diodes ect. Hmmm, nothing can go wrong here... nothing!

I'm hoping the most this contraption does is go "ZZZT"...
Sorry guys, the lines fried, find the shorts and come back in 20 years! I sincerely hope, given the diameter of this contraption that it doesn't go KABOOM and make France and Switzerland toast.

On the other hand what if they are successful and create a blackhole larger than they expected.

And which big monkey brain came up with this idea!?!

Read again how far it goes under the earth.

Awsome endeavor, they could have feed Africa with that Cash! :)

Me and mine will be taking the day off the day this monster goes off, looking in the direction of France with our sunglasses on!


Posted by Roni August 1, 08 11:49 PM

Wow, the mind boggles at so many percision parts over such a huge machine...

While I wish also that a huge chunk of humanity wasn't getting screwed over this very second, and that throwing money at it would solve things, I do believe that there still has to be the bleeding edge to push things to understanding it all. I would like to think/hope that projects like this will ultimately lead to abundance (energy thus food thus life, etc) for virtually everyone.
Science/tech will either save or kill us all, its unavoidable (unless the asteroid hits us first). Should be interesting to see if this gets to be the 'inward gaze' version of the hubble (minus the initial screw ups).

Posted by Grampa No Op August 1, 08 11:54 PM

Is that a blackhole countersucker operators in the trailer behind the Swiss firemen?

Posted by mang August 1, 08 11:58 PM

When it is fired up, it will be fired up in stages ... a little at a time. If it farts, it will be shut down. It's going to be tense in the tunnel when it first lights up. Those guys NEED it to work or they are, simply put, glow in the dark toast. Oh well ... it's all in the name of science and in the spirit of M. Curie.

I don't like 1 in 50,000,000 odds that what someone else decides to do could wipe out all that my life has amounted to ... but I probably stand a worse chance of being bonked on the head with a lightning strike. Who am I kidding, I live in Detroit ... I stand a better chance of riding out of here on a stray bullet!

I am a machinist. I would have liked to have worked on it ... even just some small parts. I made some parts that helped the Pakistanis chase the Russians out of their mountains and some part for pocket battleships. I would have like to have made something for this project to sort of balance the scales.

Posted by BillinDetroit August 2, 08 12:00 AM

Wait a minute... statue of liberty? THAT was OUR planet! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Posted by anon August 2, 08 12:03 AM

this looks like the business end of a Death Star...hope there not planning on blowing up the world w/ this thing

Posted by urinalcake August 2, 08 12:04 AM

Yes, but will it blend.

Posted by RC PoP Art August 2, 08 12:11 AM

Go LHC! Yay!

Posted by Peter August 2, 08 12:16 AM

why is it made????
it vl kill al of us......

Posted by brij mohan August 2, 08 12:17 AM

They want to see the Higgs-Bosom? Was that Brenda Higgs?
I must be lonely. Last night I dreamed about a proton shooting into a tunnel!
The only time particles were released faster than this was when Ed McMahon belched at a party in 1979.
Seriously, folks, the LHC will kill us faster than Charlie Manson in a bad mood.
Good night everybody! Drive safe!

Posted by Cap'n Cough Syrup August 2, 08 12:21 AM

US contribution for the CERN

-- 2 free Ultimate Window Vista.
-- 1 prototype Window 7.

Thanks America.

Posted by Vista August 2, 08 12:30 AM

just goes to show that money put towards science instead of war and killing can be both beautiful to look at as well as provide some potential good, it would be nice to have the US be a leader in science again, instead of the leader of stupid, unjustified wars....good luck to our European friends, what great beautiful work they are accomplishing

Posted by elray colorado August 2, 08 12:51 AM

Fantastic...well, I guess getting sucked into a black hole is a bit more dramatic that most deaths you see in the obituaries...I guess if you gotta go, we might as well all go together and dramatically.

Huh...I wonder if it'll be potent enough to give Chuck Norris some competition?

Posted by Matt August 2, 08 12:57 AM

I hope they don't use MS Windows for control!

Posted by ken August 2, 08 01:03 AM

Too much money and too much time on their hands.

Posted by Gene Chapman August 2, 08 01:08 AM

I predict that this will be the most anticlimactic event since Y2K. After spending billions and waisting enormous resources, they will proceed to smash particles for years and learn next to nothing. And waist a ton of energy in the process.

Those of you worried about the end of the world, that chapter has already been written. And it looks nothing like this. It is far more terrifying.

Posted by the casual observer. August 2, 08 01:18 AM

Viral marketing!

Posted by CoolAnon August 2, 08 01:58 AM

The bird's eye view of the 27km ring is amazing

Throw in a little creative landscaping on opposite sides, and it will be the world's biggest GOATSE

Posted by O'Rly August 2, 08 02:03 AM

This 'Thing' is going to educate us all.
The power required to 'kill us all' as you put it, is at least a million years of evolution in front of us, so sleep easy.

Posted by Clive August 2, 08 02:05 AM

Amazing.. do you think a person could be totally unqualified for the scientific accelerator work..and bluff through it all. Ie that pic with the surveyor guy sighting into the mass of cables and wires.

Could you read an Asimov novel and then just blurb about asteroid nano second
thrumptons etc. (at coffee break with the scientists) Do they think that they
are now on the verge of understanding all things?

Posted by leon August 2, 08 02:06 AM

Great pictures! Just want to add if someone IS interested in reading about a black hole gobbling on the Earth, try "The Krone Experiment" by J. Craig Wheeler. Some parts of the writing could be better (it's his first book) but the concept is excellent. Give it a read.

Posted by Bill Murrey August 2, 08 02:18 AM

yes, but you you get itunes on it, or is there an apple version coming out soon, half the size and with a white case.

Seriously, an incredible piece of engineering that will help move our understanding of the whole universe around us and within us to a more complete picture

Posted by Wolf Cocklin August 2, 08 02:23 AM

This thing is scaring me.
Imagine when we build all daily things for the first time and things actually go wrong.
There would go wrong something with this for sure.

Posted by Waqas August 2, 08 02:28 AM

#103 - I actually thought the same thing after I read my post...but, I am a physicist, but I also like to make $....but I tend to think I am right of center on most issues.....well, the science is just great, and it's great to see that not everyone has abandoned pure science. Not all republicans are pro Iraq you know...we are not all bible thumpers.

Posted by disgusted August 2, 08 02:33 AM

the zombie army on the other side is waiting for the portal to open!!! don't do it!!!

Posted by nils August 2, 08 02:34 AM

Wow... sad to see how ignorant and fearful people are.

It's amazing we make any progress at all with you monkeys dancing around and jumping up and down cause you're afraid of something you have no clue about.

Posted by You kidding? August 2, 08 02:35 AM

Plenty for everyone! Pet Black Holes. Vanity Particles. Quantum Chaos. A future so bright you'll need lead underwear for your gene line to continue at all. Escaping this event's horizon would be vaingloriously futile. Join us or watch your genome become devolved to the slobbering apes of 50,000 years ago. Praise the LHC and it's surrounding Magistracy.

Posted by Crempole Stalwart August 2, 08 02:47 AM

I used to work at Fermilab, some of the photo angles are from there, this is magnificent engineering. While it may not have practical applications in the foreseeable future, the pure science of it will help with understanding the big bang (now really, is there enough to collapse?) , and black hole comments are funny to read. Great snarf of the pics at CERN.

Posted by Mr Slippery August 2, 08 03:13 AM

Has it occurred to anyone that this may be the reason why we have never been able to find any other intelligent life in the universe? Every time a civilization on some planet gets to our level of technology they get curious about finding the Higgs boson, build a big machine like this to investigate, turn it on and ... PFFT!

Posted by Wendell August 2, 08 03:22 AM

It's cool that they are building something like this, but on the other hand i think anyone inside those circles is screwed.....

Posted by Dude August 2, 08 03:42 AM


Posted by mogrom August 2, 08 03:48 AM

I wish they would turn it on already!

I want to see what its like to live as strange matter :D

Posted by Chris August 2, 08 03:49 AM

What is that thing....? T_T

Posted by Its Scary o.o August 2, 08 03:57 AM

I hope this thing doesnt run with Windows.

Posted by sven August 2, 08 03:59 AM

I'll be out of europe during august...

Posted by ric August 2, 08 04:00 AM

I love it.

Posted by Alan August 2, 08 04:02 AM

Alright, end of the world. here we come! Somehow I thought there would be more zombies.

Posted by Parker August 2, 08 04:14 AM

A sublime waste of money

Posted by Duncan Grant August 2, 08 04:32 AM

imposible is nothing

Posted by ja August 2, 08 04:41 AM

Where is the string?

Posted by holon August 2, 08 05:22 AM

wait let me move my T.A.R.D.I.S.

Posted by TheDoctor August 2, 08 05:25 AM

They hope that if a black hole happens then it will be traveling so fast that it will be in deep space before it can cause harm to us, that theory is ok if it travels through the shortest distance of the ground and into space.
But what if it travels deep into the earth and through the core before going deep space , remember these guys have no control over the result of running the collider and anything they create , Frankenstein springs to mind lol looks like we are all about to go on a one way trip.

Posted by james August 2, 08 06:01 AM

That is sincerely one of the most beautiful machines ever built. The craftsmanship is stunning and perfect to the finest degrees of measurement. It is truly a work of art.

Posted by James August 2, 08 06:09 AM

I bet you any money that everyone that said it's going to kill us all or is even worried about this thing are from AMERICA.

Science at it's best, there is no advancing without understanding, and if u think this is gonna kill us, go and live on a farm without electricity, see how u like them apples.

Posted by CorruptSoul August 2, 08 06:17 AM

OMG it's going to kill us!

God, STFU people. The only thing that's going to kill us are your boring and and sadly predictable comments.

Posted by Turning August 2, 08 06:51 AM

methinks "Willie" would fit.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 07:03 AM

Oh come on. You can't eat money.

And scientists have to eat too. What do you expect them to do all day? It's nice that they build LHCs and play with it instead of sitting at home watching TV or posting dumb comments on the internets....

And for the black holes: It's assumed that whatever rays they will create in that experiments are rays that hit the earth all day. If they don't create black holes there, the LHC won't create them either. Even if anything goes wrong.

Posted by Gernot August 2, 08 07:03 AM

i will litteraly die laughing if it fails

impressive pictures though

Posted by Carl August 2, 08 07:28 AM

Earth gonna look like the macs logo.

Posted by Bastard August 2, 08 07:34 AM

I don't really understand why people are so afraid of this thing. The experiment that creeps me out is LLNL's NIF project.

Posted by Jim Bob August 2, 08 07:35 AM

Sadly the God particle has been lost. TeVatron confirmed the Higgs boson is not in the 170 GeV range and so the science is wrong. Will the science stop now at this stage with this much invested even if it means utter destruction?

Me I am praying, believing on the resurrection of the spirit through living water and waiting on the return of the Messiah.

Posted by Michael Noonan August 2, 08 07:42 AM

how STOP the monster?
somebody know?

Posted by blanc August 2, 08 07:49 AM

it realy looks like the doomsdaymachine.... perfect

Posted by flawijn August 2, 08 07:57 AM

well, i couldn't see the de lorian motor car with the flux capacitor anywhere in any of the pics!!

fairly sure i can see a loose wire in the very first pic at about six o'clock at the outer edge.....

on a more serious note though....'kin seriously impressive, i think i have a few particles that need accelerating!!!!!


Posted by johnbaz August 2, 08 08:21 AM

I think they crossed a wire. First picture, left side, 3rd bundle from the 9 o'clock position, they have wire going to the second bundle.....check that out will ya? Or we will all get a couple of days off work.

Posted by Keith August 2, 08 08:48 AM

Damn impressive. The sheer size and volume of the equipment is mind blowing. I am very sure the scientists who have designed and built these pieces of equipment have taken note of past experiments and have built the unit to function correctly.
The picture quality is superb.
Pity some of the comments border on the side of stupid, shame.

Posted by Len Bown August 2, 08 08:52 AM

kogda ono ebanet - uge izvestno?

Posted by e211 August 2, 08 08:52 AM

How does someone think of something so large and complex?!?! This has got to be the greatest engineering feat in the history of mankind. Be proud fellow humans, haha.

Question: Would it stop working if someone cut one tiny little cable somewhere? That would be problematic.

Posted by Fraser August 2, 08 08:57 AM

@185: No, no competition for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris once roundhouse'd someone so hard, that the force of his foot colliding with their face created a micro black hole. The LHC is based off of this event.


Posted by Komeuppance August 2, 08 09:11 AM

Have to laugh at the posters who complain "how many people we could feed with the money that thing costs", because that EXACTLY what is happening. This created JOBS, people get paid to make engineer and design the parts, to make the parts, to deliver the parts, to assemble the parts and so on. And it is happening without war. That's a good ting isn't it? Besides there is some great art here.

Posted by Hans August 2, 08 09:21 AM

Well Cern is the facility where MRI technology was discovered and that saves the lives of who knows how many people every year. If it were up to some of these neanderthals we would all be well fed overpopulated morons still living in the stone age. It costs money to develop technology and technology saves lives. It also takes lives but that's mankinds fault. The point is this is by no means a waste of money.

Posted by carlos the great August 2, 08 09:27 AM

We have to go back to 1955 and stop biff from giving himself the book, this time for real.

Posted by ron August 2, 08 09:31 AM


I hope I don't feel any pain.

Posted by Ray August 2, 08 09:53 AM

Great, just when I get my hair done, they fire this thing up and it pulls out all of my bobby pins and throws off the airplanes navigation system at the airport next door!

Posted by R2D2 August 2, 08 09:54 AM

I think I just got cancer.

Posted by Wally August 2, 08 09:58 AM

They're waiting for you the test chamber.....

Posted by George August 2, 08 10:01 AM

How many people could we feed? None I hope. Let them feed their selves.

What a gorgeous instrument.

Posted by filanthropist August 2, 08 10:07 AM

there was a time when people were afraid of windmills, thinking they were creation of the devil. cheers. whatever

Posted by edi August 2, 08 10:08 AM

@#177.... Combining Charleton Heston and Homer Simpson...great quote. Thanks for giving me a large belly laugh to go with my morning news and coffee!

Posted by Bob F. August 2, 08 10:10 AM

klaatu barrada Nikto!

Posted by Mitchell Weissman August 2, 08 10:20 AM

lol we gona die all :D

Posted by iivansi2 August 2, 08 10:21 AM

It is a truly impressive monument to human spirit and ingenuity. Are they taking applications?

Posted by Kevin Kyle Tidemand August 2, 08 10:24 AM

Gorgeous photos, although in #4 you can see the flashgun sitting in the shot (bottom left next to the magnet tube thingy). I can't wait to see what happens. We're about to make a quantum leap forward in our understanding of the universe.

Either that, or it'll turn us all into ducks.

Posted by woody August 2, 08 10:27 AM

#5 I had a dream about that the other night... was very vivid... then I saw this article.

Posted by ALittleFreaked August 2, 08 10:28 AM

The problem is that no matter how we want to imitate nature,
we just won't be able to reproduce perfection.

Thus, If the whole point of this experiment is to study how matter is being created, then I guess its rather stupid to put the whole planet at risk (even if the risk is 0.005% or something).

I like observing stuff rather than trying to tamper with it. I just wish
scientists could have much stronger work ethics when it comes to making science "experiments"..

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 10:30 AM

We are crazy...estamos locos.

Posted by Francisco August 2, 08 10:33 AM

Yes, fear us normal people! We the scientists will destroy you all! We have been trying to kill the whole human race for years. Look at all the evils we have created by the basic understanding of our physical universe! Fear the scientists!

Joking aside, this machine will not destroy the universe or the planet. It does nothing new. All that worst case scenarios also happen in the rest of the universe. Only now we can see the particles in controlled conditions.

The whole increase in mistrust and misunderstanding of science is troubling. Seriously people, it is not a doomsday machine that will kill us all. (Not that anybody is going to trust a random person talking on the internet, I could be part of the NWO/* insert your favourite doomsday/conspiracy cult).

But the machine itself looks great. Can't wait to hear about some of the results. (The results that I can interpret at least ;), gotta wait for the more popular science articles).

And for the 'we could have spend all that money on food!!!1!!' argument. Just for thought, the amount of money spend on this project pales in comparison to the total amount that is spend each year on the different armies. And you can use this argument to discredit any type of spending.

Posted by Soyweiser August 2, 08 10:34 AM

some say, its a waste of money and recources, but you never know what comes out of it. the appolo project payd of $3 to $1, and if not, man climed a mountain- because its there.

Posted by peter wijts August 2, 08 10:36 AM

If black hole is to appear and swallow us all instantly, then I welcome the event with open arms.

Compare with the global warming where we are killing ourselves slowly. Quick death seem to be a better way to die. hahaha....

Posted by Wayne August 2, 08 10:38 AM

Hope they find those, what they want to find Oo :D

Posted by nemesis August 2, 08 10:38 AM

Gordon's Alive!!!!.....

Posted by Barnaby August 2, 08 10:38 AM

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!"

"It ain't what ya DON'T know, son, that'll hurt ya. It's what ya KNOW that AIN'T SO!"

"if man accelerates to faster than 45mph in the new horseless carriage, he will die!" " If man were meant to fly, he would have been given wings." "It is impossible to go to the moon." "Lasers may be an interesing toy, but they will never have a practical application." "Ignorance is bliss"......

Posted by NOVAENG August 2, 08 10:42 AM

Yeah, the superconducting magnets have a profound effect on flux dispersal..

I wonder how much power the thing draws?...
(could it actually be 1.21 gigawatts?)

Posted by ethana2 August 2, 08 10:43 AM

This could be the utimate scientific device ever invented, that will reveal to us laws in physics which will open the doors to the 21st century. A truly incredible era we have ventured into, warp speed scotty.

Posted by Nick Barone August 2, 08 10:46 AM

It's bigger than me..
I don't understand it...

don't you think it's a bit pretentious to think that you understand anything of what will happen there enough to actually say something that might not be completely stupid?

i visited those things 3 years ago when i was in my last year for physicist graduation. Those guys know what they are doing. Sadly, only 0.00000001% of the world population is able to understand cutting edge science (here in europe people coming out from school haven't even heard about basic physical discoveries made in the early 1900...)
But PLEASE, it's not because you can't understand it that it is dangerous.. try to respect yourself a bit more, it makes you look stupid to say when you pretend you know it's dangerous.

Posted by arnauddd August 2, 08 10:47 AM

Again the paradox serpent raises its other head; one head of ignorance, greed and violence so recently seen in our world, the other head of creativity, hope, and discovery. It is wonderful that we are willing and able to create and use our resources for such a purpose. Bravo and Thank You for all your efforts.

Posted by John Van Slyke August 2, 08 10:50 AM

These are great!

Posted by Justin August 2, 08 10:51 AM

Saying you can't tell a person is American from reading his retarded post is like saying you can't tell a person is ugly from looking at them.

Posted by Eddie August 2, 08 10:51 AM

Äà íå ñöûòå, ïèíäîñû! Âñå íîðìàëüíî áóäåò!
Amazing photoes!!! Thanks///

Posted by nervniir August 2, 08 11:01 AM

My bet is it's going to create a rift and aliens are going to come and close it and we're all going to know they are working with our governments. Pretty smart of the swiss for doing this

Posted by Aman234 August 2, 08 11:01 AM

if you're scared that this will destroy the planet, fear not. AL GORE will save you, after he saves the animals, the trees, the atmosphere, and the water. (note: if you are in the oil business you're screwed. AL GORE will not save you, you're evil)

Posted by OBAMAS BABYS MAMA August 2, 08 11:06 AM

I wanna smoke weed in there ...

Posted by Carloz August 2, 08 11:11 AM

This place need to rename to Black Mesa

Awesome photos!

Posted by tetsucceed August 2, 08 11:14 AM

Some still call it Science. But Science has 'evolved'. It's all about power and control... and your slave labor to work and pay the bills they create for maintaining their power and control, and all the other projects done in the name of 'good' which exert power and control over... well everything and everyone on the planet. Now THIS applies to the whole world - like it or not.

If you are among those who would not buy into this had you a choice, just how do you suppose you'd get off the bus when you already lack control of your own life, property and money?

Science AND governments have morphed into powerful global dictators. Only way outta here is death - and, again, this applies to the entire human race.

While you ARE here, do whatever you can to stop the printing and use of all that fiat money they invented which gives them unlimited power over you- strive to become the Master of your government servants instead of their slaves. This alone would make a much nicer EARTH which already provides us with everything we need to live, prosper and be ecstatically happy! And this appies to EVERYONE on the planet - like it or not.

Posted by Bellatruth August 2, 08 11:15 AM

Ernest would be proud !
i would love to flip the switch

Posted by Thomas August 2, 08 11:15 AM
Posted by Bram August 2, 08 11:21 AM

Letsee, at $18 billion, and 6 billion people on the planet, they could either figure out the nature of space and time, or they could buy everyone on earth a tall latte at Starbucks. I think they're spending that money pretty wisely...

Posted by Harlan August 2, 08 11:24 AM

As an engineer, I am proud to see it and hope it uncovers a new view of the universe. Carl Sagan would be proud. I think the new metallurgy techniques alone (looking at raw money) would pay for it in whole. Sad that so many people can't understand that. More sad that many of the ones throwing out the food argument will be the first in line to blow a month's wages on Amy Winehouse or Hannah Montana tickets. I hope for the best..... Good pics.


Posted by James August 2, 08 11:26 AM

Oh man...this thing looks like its made for something way beyond 'knowledge'...holy crap...!

Posted by Gussy August 2, 08 11:26 AM

The human race RULES!!! Screw lower life forms...screw them royally.

Posted by markuspea August 2, 08 11:26 AM

Good Luck

Posted by Mark August 2, 08 11:29 AM

Make sure to equip all the scientists with crowbars and leave random ammo and weapons laying around the complex before turning it on. Just in case.

Posted by Blayze Kohime August 2, 08 11:32 AM

Man's technology has exceeded his grasp. - 'The World is not Enough'
Zealous Nobel Prize hungry Physicists are racing each other and stopping at nothing to try to find the supposed 'Higgs Boson'(aka God) Particle, among others, and are risking nothing less than the annihilation of the Earth and all Life in endless experiments hoping to prove a theory when urgent tangible problems face the planet. The European Organization for Nuclear Research(CERN) new Large Hadron Collider(LHC) is the world's most powerful atom smasher that will soon be firing subatomic particles at each other at nearly the speed of light to create Miniature Big Bangs producing Micro Black Holes, Strangelets and other potentially cataclysmic phenomena.
CERN physicist Alvaro De Rújula in the BBC LHC documentary, 'The Six Billion Dollar Experiment', incredibly admits quote, "Will we find the Higgs particle at the LHC? That, of course, is the question. And the answer is, science is what we do when we don't know what we're doing." And CERN spokesmodel Brian Cox follows with this stunning quote, "the LHC is certainly, by far, the biggest jump into the unknown."
The CERN-LHC website Mainpage itself states quote: "There are many theories as to what will result from these collisions,..." Again, this is because they truly don't know what's going to happen. They are experimenting with forces they don't understand to obtain results they can't comprehend. If you think like most people do that 'They must know what they're doing' you could not be more wrong. Some people think the same thing about medical Dr.s but consider this by way of comparison and example from JAMA: "A recent Institute of Medicine report quoted rates estimating that medical errors kill between 44,000 and 98,000 people a year in US hospitals." The second part of the quote reads "...but what's for sure is that a brave new world of physics will emerge from the new accelerator,..." A molecularly changed or Black Hole consumed Lifeless World? The end of the quote reads " knowledge in particle physics goes on to describe the workings of the Universe." These experiments to date have so far produced infinitely more questions than answers but there isn't a particle physicist alive who wouldn't gladly trade his life to glimpse the "God particle", and sacrifice the rest of us with him.
This quote from National Geographic exactly sums this "science" up: "That's the essence of experimental particle physics: You smash stuff together and see what other stuff comes out."
Find out more about that "stuff" below;
Popular Mechanics - "World's Biggest Science Project Aims to Unlock 'God Particle'" -"

Posted by SaneScienceOrg August 2, 08 11:33 AM

"Where is the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"

Posted by Marvin Martian August 2, 08 11:35 AM

I am all for progress for the right reason and I think there could be lots of good come of this. There are alot of worse things that money gets "wasted" on in this world, and most of our technologies that we can't imagine living without were experiments like this at one time.

We need to have some perspective and open minds in this world. I see God in all of this by the way. He gave us our brains, and anything we accomplish with them can be credited back to Him. If we manage to stop a war or even save a life of someone you love some day, I'm sure you will all be cheering this technology then!

Posted by Deb August 2, 08 11:40 AM

Oh YES. Our first real the-chance-of-it-being-a-doomsay-machine-is-small-enough device looks beautiful indeed. And so colourful. Who would have thought that reality would beat 1960s Science Fiction trash in COLOURFULLNESS...
Hm. Maybe anyone who knows cables come color coded when deployes in masses...
Anyway, the flaming eye of the TOB is most impressive.

Posted by Thomas Ritter August 2, 08 11:42 AM

COOL!!! A STARGATE!!! When can I go for a ride?!?!?!?!?

Posted by Steve August 2, 08 11:43 AM

Holy Jesus, that's aucking fwesome.

Now. machines are gonna take over this world.

Posted by Batman August 2, 08 11:48 AM

Living Water (post 223)? What, in God's name, is that??


This LHC is simply gorgeous - in so many ways - and will tell us a Lot about the Universe that we don't currently know.

Just gorgeous...

Posted by Frobenius August 2, 08 11:57 AM

For those comments above: There is ZERO chance of this destroying the Earth. The collisions this thing will make occur regularly in our upper atmosphere already due to cosmic rays. for all the details.

Posted by Blayze Kohime August 2, 08 12:00 PM

Listen, to think that there is no chance of any unforseen consequences is just ignorant.

Human beings tend to think that we know everything and that we are always at the forefront of science, medicine, etc. Then years go by and time proves us wrong every time. it's so arrogant to think we know anywhere near a portion of all that there is to know.

We don't even understand so much about our own environment, etc.

SO I think that those who are acting like children making fun of people who are concerned are compeltely ignorant.

I am thinking personally that it will probably be okay, but I have a healthy amount of concern - we don't truly understand this stuff all of the way through, and when you get into the quantum level things get strange.

Posted by mother August 2, 08 12:04 PM

You think CERN could also start making starship with all those parts while they are at it. Maybe before they turn the LHC on.

Posted by pico August 2, 08 12:05 PM


Posted by TJ August 2, 08 12:05 PM

lol i love the funny comments. by the way HOLY CRAP WE'RE ALL GOING TO ******* DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by alexthecrazy August 2, 08 12:07 PM

Maybe it will send us all to our own little worlds...and in my world everyone is a unicorn...they eat rainbows...and poop butterflies...

Posted by the end August 2, 08 12:12 PM

@223 We've know for decades that our current model is not quite correct. We have developed several theoretical models in response, but we lack the empirical information to choose among them. This experiment, regardless of its findings, will help narrow the field of theories and guide us toward a more unified model of physics.

@224 The eventual practical uses potentially include power generation, storage and transmission and interstellar propulsion. The risks are negligible. So why should it be stopped?

Posted by Dave August 2, 08 12:14 PM

"I'll take two, please! How much does that come to now?"

Posted by poopsmith August 2, 08 12:16 PM

Is this absolutely necessary ,,,,, When half the population live in rags...

Posted by Sunil August 2, 08 12:23 PM

We are NOT all going to die!

All the Swiss, some of the French ... maybe not so lucky ...

Posted by Stella Cadente August 2, 08 12:23 PM

The Illuminated countenance of G-d is viewed in our Age through Science

Posted by Ken Cybulska August 2, 08 12:25 PM

It's not the blackhole to worry about it is the revelation regarding the singularity.

Some scientists might be leaking it over on

"Disturbing yet Liberating" they hint

Posted by Richard Thomas August 2, 08 12:25 PM

it amazes me how the human kind can be ignorant. Do we remember what has been said for the Titanic? Unsinkable! We cannot possibly know what this device can bring about. Hopefully it will not be that what we most fear of.

Posted by Dr.Strangelove August 2, 08 12:27 PM

Oh bloody hell, all this destroy the world bollocks; you have to get to at least 10 to the 24th EV to do that, and the Yotta ElectonVolt Collider hasn't even been evented yet. This thing couldn't even nuke New York.

Well, not all of it, anyway...

Posted by Dr Strangelove August 2, 08 12:27 PM

That's a totally amazing machine!
Part of me is hoping mankind will finally prove one of it's theories of everything, and It'd actually let us unlock the entire universe.
Of course the other parts of me just want to see it blow up.
I'd give anything to be one of the people behind that project!
Our world of knowledge is advancing so fast. Information is worth so much- This is definitely one of the more worthwhile projects we've developed.
After all, the applications could be endless! (Or it could be pointless, but let's be more optimistic...)

Posted by Planet Onion August 2, 08 12:32 PM

Can I hear the word, oops...

Posted by Mike Kotch August 2, 08 12:35 PM

Just think.... in 50 years everyone will have one in their house.

(That's what they said about computers that filled buildings to do simple mathematic equations that a 1st grader could do....)

Posted by KC August 2, 08 12:38 PM

A dude from Napal built one in his back yard out of old car tires and some A/C coils for thirteen bucks and posted it on YouTube. Same guy who built that awesome Hydrogen Generator....Said it did create a tiny Black Hole but that so far it had only vaporised his wife`s head and left the rest of her body fully intact so hes cool with that.

Posted by inanout August 2, 08 12:40 PM

But what a cool way to go!

Posted by leathej1 August 2, 08 12:40 PM

What will they do, if head-crabs appear? Where is Gordon?

Posted by Evgeniy August 2, 08 12:45 PM

An inspiration, thanks.

Posted by Nancy August 2, 08 12:51 PM

What does CERN stand for anyway?
I think its a Alien company that means "Complete Eradication Remains: Nothing"

Nice pictures, this Half-Life version has best graphics ever, High FPS and No lag in Multiplayer.
It will surpass every other MMO and leave em trembling and ruined :P

Seriously: I cant but feel some fear at the sight and possibilities of this thing, but then again, weren't we all afraid of dieing when the first train went 50km/h :P

Posted by Barefoot August 2, 08 12:51 PM

> I bet you any money that everyone that
> said it's going to kill us all or is even worried
> about this thing are from AMERICA.

Yes. Ha ha. Americans are all stupid and retarded. Aren't you clever.

That's why people spend their life's savings to go to our schools.

Posted by A. K . Bear August 2, 08 12:51 PM

Only God knows what will come of firing up this machine but I forsee nothing but good in the realms of knowledge of the universe. Sure the money could of been used to better humanity but it wouldn't of been. It would of probably been given to coorperations or the military.

Good luck!

Posted by Trevor August 2, 08 12:51 PM

The pictures are awesome. Just could not help myself in noticing something. Third picture from the bottom, the server room looks awesome, but what is up with that old school monitor? An LCD screen is not more than a few hundred dollars. Sporting a tube monitor is not cool anymore especially when working with Proton accelerators and magnets the size of my house. Cheers! to CERN Boo! to Tube- monitors

Posted by Diego August 2, 08 12:58 PM

I want one.

Posted by Caleb August 2, 08 12:58 PM

What the hell is wrong with people? How ignorant and uneducated can people possibly be in civilized nations?

Feed the world crap, global warming crap and waste of money crap. People like you prevent the advancement of humanity - you are waste of space, life and resources! There's plenty of dollars to be had for feeding the world and other important tasks - just scrap building new B-2 bombers and you've come a long way! You can never downplay the importance of large scale scientific research like this. Let all those who oppose progress be transferred to live in huts in the forest without water, medicine, electricity etc. That's where we'd be if we'd listened to you!

Posted by Honk August 2, 08 01:06 PM

Throwing money at Africa hasn't done any good. It just causes continued civil war and government corruption. Stop interfering with their business and build LHCs. Without basic physics (and other science) research you wouldn't have X-Rays, DNA tests, etc..

People who lack the ability to understand the concept of investment (intellectual and monetary) need to shut up, turn off TV, and start reading. I refer to most bleeding heart liberals and warmongering conservatives.

Unfortunately, this won't answer much in the near term...

Posted by Doug August 2, 08 01:07 PM

To Palko,

Welcome to Black Mesa ! ;)

Posted by Scarolle August 2, 08 01:15 PM

A-a-a!!! I'm fearing!!! What a horror!!!

Posted by Mjauza August 2, 08 01:17 PM

All they need now is a pic of that Duracell Bunny and we're in business.

Posted by floodGate7 August 2, 08 01:22 PM

To all the cynical Americans out their, the following illustrates the power of Science over the mindless brutality you do understand:If the U.S. had chosen to be a moral people, and leaving Iraqi oil alone, and following Al Gore, decided to develop the South Western deserts, with the technology of the times - solar/thermal-molten sodium - electricity installations, for the same amount of money as that war cost, ($650 Billion), today, we would be tapping into the largest, renewable, sustainable, energy source the world has ever known. It would have paid every energy bill in the U.S.A. for maintenance fees only - FOREVER! It would be equivalent to an oil field that can NEVER run dry! Low cost electric power, and storeable hydrogen gasoline replacement from the electricity, for all!
After the millions of murders, and $650 billions of dollars, borrowed from our children’s futures and pissed away, with thousands of our own and others maimed and disfigured for life, millions of families utterly destroyed, ours and theirs, we are no closer to Iraqi oil production than the Iraqis are!
The next time you hear a blithering idiot spoiled brat, drunken, drug addicted, sociopath, rich Arabic saber dancing daddie’s boy oilman, stand at a microphone and threaten YOUR safety with someone ELSE’S weapons, remember what you lost America, remember, and weep! (also see

Posted by Uncle B August 2, 08 01:26 PM

jebacu im ja mater ako ako nas pobiju.

Posted by tempo August 2, 08 01:27 PM

Even if all we discover is that the properties of matter & energy in our universe arose at random, it will have been worth it. We may have to learn to accept that we live on a small planet in an insignificant solar system in one of a trillion+ galaxies in the universe and that our our own universe is just one paltry slice of an unimaginably vast, diverse & evolving multiverse. How can we ever hope to describe something definitively if it continues to evolve?

That aside the chance that we'll be able to describe the fundamental basis of reality is very exciting indeed :)

Posted by them August 2, 08 01:27 PM

Will you stop Dave....

Posted by Jimbo August 2, 08 01:30 PM

Not that I'm religious or anything remotely close to that (I'm an Atheist actually) but I can see a Monty Python sketch here. Picture this....They are just about to start this thing when out of nowhere, the mighty hand of God pulls the plug and then a deep voice from nowhere says...."No way gents are you going to find out about my secrets"

Can't wait it to start...a new revolution has begun...and nice pics :)

Posted by The Big Fat Guy August 2, 08 01:33 PM

> how many people could we feed with that money?

1) ZERO! You can NOT feed a man with money.
2) More humans you feed -- more humans you have to feed.
3) What work do YOU do to feed humanity?

Posted by Vasdi August 2, 08 01:34 PM

Did you hear that they've screwed up the math already and broke something first try... Does this concern anybody else?

Posted by Doker August 2, 08 01:37 PM

To boldly go where no man has ever gone! - Old federation phrase

Posted by Victor Motas August 2, 08 01:39 PM

The LHC is not what worry me the most, it's the fact that they are still using old CRT monitors on a billions dollars project.

ref pic "View of the Computer Center during the installation of servers"

Posted by WhyIsThatSo August 2, 08 01:41 PM

@sinclair: "Gosh... Americans truly are retarded. This comment thread is the living proof of it. poor country."

You're welcome. Without us, you'd be nothing. Or Nazi.

Posted by LoL at Euros who don't appreciate August 2, 08 01:42 PM

@Palko: This is exactly what i tought...

Posted by tscherno August 2, 08 01:42 PM

fuck black holes imagine a strangelet

imagine a matter anti-matter cascade

i suppose creating a quantum singularity in the middle of Europe might also be a problem ;p

but guess what? corporations want it, high energy science wants it, and none of us can stop the LHC - lets hope this gets us closer to freeing humanity somehow because the risk is almost certainly not worth it.

Posted by Joshua August 2, 08 01:45 PM

i lold

Posted by Josh August 2, 08 01:47 PM

i'm just worried about the new level of nuclear discoveries this thing will make possible, while we have groups in this world who are only interested in making their bombs better.

Posted by anderbilt August 2, 08 01:48 PM

Lest we forget when everyone thought the detonation of the first Atomic (A-Bomb) weapon, then again with the first Fusion (H-Bomb) weapon, would "set fire to the Earth's atmosphere"?

That didn't seem to pan out. People worry too much. The total mass of the particles that they're colliding would hardly be enough to create a Black Hole. Black Holes are created out of MASS, not COLLISIONS. Sure, they're definitely going to make one hell of a bang, perhaps even larger than they think is possible, but Black Hole? Nah.... Even if it did (make a Black Hole), it would be so minuscule that you wouldn't have to worry about it in your lifetime...

Posted by Jager August 2, 08 01:50 PM

I'm American and I am not afraid of the thing. The advances it could bring to nuclear physics are potentially tremendous. I do have to apologize for our president, though, no one in American even bothers to listen to what he says since we all think he is brain dead. He is likely to believe the bloody thing will lead to the end of the world.

Posted by mark August 2, 08 01:52 PM

About this thing killing us all... Once upon a time scientists were firmly convinced that at a speed exceeding a mile per minute the human body would liquefy. needless to say, they were wrong and today we complain if anyone dares to go that slow on an expressway.

Yet more were sure something horrible would happen, not only to the pilot, but also to the world if we exceeded the speed of sound. The same went with nuclear devices, and some rather poor movies were made of this when the theories didn't pan out.

The bottom line is that there is always a chance of something going awry. but usually the universe turns out to not be quite as fragile as we all would like to think. If it doesn't blow up the earth, you could always make a B-movie about it.

Posted by Ulf Joronen August 2, 08 01:54 PM

also, i just Googled the NIF project at Lawrence Livermore. fascinating work. i don't understand the scary aspect of it, it's so big it can't be a stealth weapon. unless you think it will also create a black hole or a five-state crater someplace.
since fission is not a long-term solution, we need to know everything there is to know about fusion and nuclear processes, and NIF and LHC take us in that direction.

Posted by anderbilt August 2, 08 01:57 PM

Great photos!
Please send this message to my nephew, Peter Loscutoff.

Hey Peter,

It's exciting to have you working on this project!

Love ya a lot,
Aunt Maria

Posted by Aunt Maria August 2, 08 02:00 PM

@jneal: actually the WILL cross the beams :)
@steve walker: probably because they like to see artifacts firing subatomic particles in a vaccum tube and see how they form pretty color patterns... you can't hace that with an LCD monitor ;)

But... all that money and resources to see how particles behave? Come on! When an observer is present those particles behave quite different that when an observer is not present (i.e. the beggining of time? )....
So whatever results the colider will bring will not be the correct ones... sadly :(

Still.. quite impresive! :o

Posted by c.solano August 2, 08 02:01 PM

Hence the reason for all the UFO sightings recently.

They are taking samples of the planet before it disapears.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 02:08 PM

Awesome! A great investment in mankinds fututre. Will open up new potentials imagined and yet to be imagined. May even help fight cancer. Will advance already researched proton therapy for cancer treatments, and may with its never seen accelerations of other particles open new fields in medicine. What about alternate nuclear fuel to solve energy crisis, as a spin off from the understanding of sub atomic particles.


Posted by pppp August 2, 08 02:09 PM

I think the server room is required to host Wrath of the Lich King when it comes out.
Or maybe Duke Nukem Forever!

Posted by Qweefy August 2, 08 02:10 PM

TOO COOL! Let'er Rip!

Posted by Genny August 2, 08 02:10 PM

GOD IS IN CONTROL.................... Fear not.................

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 02:12 PM

these ppl do not believe in Jesus and they r trying 2 be god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this machin is made for the devil and these evil ppl need 2 find jesus!!! worship jesus or u die!1

Posted by jolynn August 2, 08 02:18 PM

Amazing what humans are able to do when they focus on something and they have to get the results to get even further.

This is one of those amazing steps into future.

:), mov

Posted by Jouni Miikki August 2, 08 02:19 PM

That thing that washed up on Montauk last week was a result of the experiments at CERN (yes , I know , they haven't started the experiments yet, I cant explain it now). GET YOU CROWBARS READY!

Posted by titlated August 2, 08 02:21 PM

Turn you head please and cough.

Posted by Bob Sloggin August 2, 08 02:22 PM

So, the person mentioned viral marketing. Put out the slim chance of a black hole - it just gets way more people interested in the project. And the comparison to Frankenstein is even better. Hah! A work of fiction!

Posted by Steve August 2, 08 02:22 PM

Now that the device is turned on and working properly, I have trouble sleeping and a strange desire for... unnatural things. Ia! Ia! Unggghhh Cthulhu!!

Posted by Daniel Medicis August 2, 08 02:24 PM

"How many people could we feed with that money?"

Idk, ae we talking Lobster or grilled cheese sammiches?

Posted by Jones August 2, 08 02:26 PM

This is gonna end just like half-Life

Posted by Adam August 2, 08 02:26 PM

Just to clarify, there is absolutely no chance this thing will kill us (and none of the *actual* scientists have said that there is). The situation they create inside this ring occurs naturally all the time, and so far, it hasn't killed us.

Posted by Lukas August 2, 08 02:27 PM

It's utterly amazing, thanks for the photo's, hope you get to post some more


Posted by Guy August 2, 08 02:28 PM

@casual observer: Even if they find nothing at all, it will tell us a lot and will invalidate a lot of theories. Whatever the outcome, we'll learn a lot from this experiment.

Posted by Lukas August 2, 08 02:32 PM

Wow Jay, comment number 44...if America is so bad, and backwards, why don't you move to a more progressive country, you know, like maybe Zambia, or North Korea. Just think how backwards all those 'racist, homophobic, superstitious hillbillies would to you after you got a good dose of the Third World. Does anyone really take his bitching seriously when 3/4's of the World is starving, and doesn't have fresh water, and his main bitch is that people are 'superstitious' where he lives? Yeah, just in rural Africa, land of reason, superstition was laid aside long ago.

People just want to complain, nothing is ever good enough for them. Jay likes the sounds of his own makes him feel bigger to cut down faceless people who he judges simply by where they live. Funny, if I were to do that, say about, oh Pakistan, I'd be judged a bigot. Luckily for him, bigotry is just fine against certain groups, justified or not. He doesn't his three fingers pointing back at himself.

Posted by John August 2, 08 02:33 PM


Posted by Duncan August 2, 08 02:34 PM

For all that makes me lose faith and hope, it is this that gives it back.

This is science and man at its best. Those who fear the potential of the Collider are the saem who stayed in their caves when man first started exploring this world of ours. Without moving forward we are all doomed to extinction and without efforts like these we would then deserve it. I only wish the people of my own birthland would be so visonary. Alas, the U.S. of A. is dominated by the lifeless.

Posted by Ben August 2, 08 02:36 PM

I don't understand the "killer black hole" hypothesis that's floating around. The reason a black hole is a "killer" is because it has the mass of a hundred thousand suns. Where do the proponents of this idea propose that this mass comes from?

Posted by Brian Norton August 2, 08 02:38 PM

This thing is just gonna piss of the Greys and they're gonna come after us.

Posted by 2dum2care August 2, 08 02:44 PM

I wonder what would have had happened if the course of physics had not been derailed by the death of Maxwell, and the exclusion of the ground work he had done in the Hyper-dimensional area. Quantum physics, and the work of Tulsa, would have provided a electromagnetic containment field, coupled with the utilization of the plasma pluse which connects the universe. Perhaps we would be in a better position to draw the natural power of the universe using the flow method, rather than the crush concept. The idea of this machine, even by the slightest chance of creating a black hole, on the planet itself, leaves me with a sense of dread. Old saying " Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should."

Posted by leo griffith iii August 2, 08 02:47 PM

can it give me a prediction on a possible bcs college football national champion??

will bret favre retire??

will the red sox make the world series without manny??

Posted by finebammer August 2, 08 02:52 PM

Dude... Iron man... now we can power a suit!!

Posted by chriskalani August 2, 08 02:54 PM

They should have made it bigger. So much data, so little time.Absolutely magnificent!!

Posted by Chuck Glasser August 2, 08 02:54 PM

Damn! It's realy Half Life ep. 2=)

Posted by Batraz_ August 2, 08 02:56 PM

Notice that the same type of people who told us man was not meant to fly are now telling us they aren't going to kill us all...
Let's face it, we are all about to be sacrificed to appease the great god they call 'Nollij'

Posted by AdamG August 2, 08 02:56 PM

people always want to damage themselves. i'm against unnatural processes

Posted by upiachka August 2, 08 02:58 PM

Just hope that the boffins know what they doing ... and that it fulfills all expectations ... without any unforeseen contingencies ... the latter could be worrying.



Posted by dunk August 2, 08 03:00 PM

Amazing what a group of nations can do when they don't have to spend much treasure on self defense. Good thing they live in a world where the world's most dominant power always stands ready to protect their nations' freedoms and battles the forces in the world that would seek to take them. And that power even lets the passive beneficiaries bitch about how they go about it! This is as an example of the correctness of human liberty.

Posted by gene August 2, 08 03:04 PM

All these comments and nobody pointing out that there's no such thing as "Lake Geneva"?

Posted by Gerg August 2, 08 03:08 PM

Dun worry, we will have Chuck Norris doing a roundhouse kick on the black hole incase one would appear.

Posted by Chuck August 2, 08 03:09 PM

Anybody remember the movie "12:01" from 1993? :-)

Stunning photographs!

Posted by VM August 2, 08 03:11 PM

Numerous scientists at the Trinity test were concerned that the resulting detonation would ignite all the oxygen in the atmosphere...Back then they were smart enough not to trust stupid people with information beyond their level of understanding.

Nothing apocalyptic is going to happen, relax and enjoy the show.

Posted by traveler August 2, 08 03:13 PM

Don't worry, superstition and fear will ultimately destory us.

Posted by Shay August 2, 08 03:24 PM

I don't know why the scientist involved are in such a rush to begin an arguement between religion and science again. One of the main goals of this research is to prove an underlying concept of the big bang theory.
Granted it's good to have fact rather than belief, however if they're right there are going to be some serious consequences regarding the religious community.

Consider investing in whoever makes those quant little Darwin fish for car bumbers though. I'm sure they'll be getting plenty of orders soon. You know right after they prove there's a chance that the galaxy was created without some divine being.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 03:24 PM

Wow! so incredible! We might as well go out looking good. This stuff is made right down the road from the site I hope the village around the site is safe.


Posted by kevin jon August 2, 08 03:25 PM

Geeze, wonder how many lasers are targeting that puppy! Take out that whole continent and then some...America is not that stupid 'make such an easy target of itself' Wow, we are certainly living in the DAY! Wonder if I can catch a wormhole or 2.

Posted by Teresa August 2, 08 03:26 PM

Science is brilliant. Thanks for the photos.

210: "A sublime waste of money"

Yeah, they should've built a mall with iMax and bowling alleys instead. /s

Posted by DavidONE August 2, 08 03:27 PM

éà õåäêðàá!

Posted by ûûû August 2, 08 03:28 PM

[after learning of the Doomsday Machine]

President Merkin Muffley: But this is absolute madness, Ambassador! Why should you *build* such a thing?

Ambassador de Sadesky: There were those of us who fought against it, but in the end we could not keep up with the expense involved in the arms race, the space race, and the peace race. At the same time our people grumbled for more nylons and washing machines. Our doomsday scheme cost us just a small fraction of what we had been spending on defense in a single year. The deciding factor was when we learned that your country was working along similar lines, and we were afraid of a doomsday gap.

President Merkin Muffley: This is preposterous. I've never approved of anything like that.

Ambassador de Sadesky: Our source was the New York Times.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 03:31 PM

Murphy's law: if anything can go wrong, it will.

Posted by Dakie August 2, 08 03:32 PM

beautiful machines

Posted by pauli rikula August 2, 08 03:32 PM

The observations will prove one simple fact. Collisions will not cause new particles. Simply they will be witnessing vibrations of those super long cosmic strings.

Posted by Kevin Roberts August 2, 08 03:33 PM

@113. Hah, and being the backward idiot I am, I already knew what Hawking 'figured' out. A micro blackhole would be satiated instantly given its proximitey to mass. Everything would have to propagate at the speed of light yeah? Can't see it getting much bigger than one of those really expensive magnets. More than likely, we have been exposed to events like that in the past and we've went on without noticing. I've heard the scientists have figured out the possibilities of a black hole forming, but I haven't heard what they speculate the outcome would be given the event. Still, just for arguments sake. What are the odds of winning the powerball? better than 1 in 50 million hah! Also, for arguments sake. Do you know how many hypothesis are formed by all the 'Stephen Hawkings' out there and are debunked with no more than a whisper? Even the most brilliant scientists fail and are (gasp) WRONG. Just like the rest of us. Personally, I hope the thing works.

Posted by Ron August 2, 08 03:33 PM

After surviving asteroids, ice ages USA/USSR Cold War MAD policies the species faces extinction at the hands of... the SWISS!!?? OMG!!!

Posted by R A Varga August 2, 08 03:37 PM

LOL @ 203 Judgment day!

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 03:39 PM

I've read all of the comments up to this point and am sad to say that I honestly can't separate the trolls from the real nutbags.

That's a compliment to the trolls; you're getting really good at your job!
For the nutbags, not so much.

I'll be watching threads not unlike this one after the first real result is achieved.

I'll expect apologies from one camp to the other.
I already know which half would actually do that.

Posted by Koliedrus August 2, 08 03:40 PM

I want one!

Posted by GaryT August 2, 08 03:43 PM

As you can see, my young apprentice, your economy has failed. Now witness the power of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!

Posted by sonb August 2, 08 03:45 PM

"on a long enough time-line the survival rate for everyone is zero." Tyler Durden

Dan Brown? HA. God? HA HA ROFLOL.
We could feed everyone if we wanted to, how much money worldwide is wasted on other endeavors, like Golf, Government, Green movement, Guns, Girls, Guavas, Ganja, and that is just the G's.
Unfortunately this won't kill us all.

I am not that freakin lucky.

Posted by chainsaw667 August 2, 08 03:45 PM

I am waiting impatiently.

Posted by Misko August 2, 08 03:49 PM

So this is why Pi never ends....

Posted by Bob Who August 2, 08 03:50 PM






Posted by CATASTROPHE August 2, 08 03:53 PM

I thought everything had to be superclean - so why isn't the guy wearing gloves. Sweat is liquid and acid - neither too clever around sensitive electrics. Wonderful project, even if the science is already out of date. Good to see so many professionals not working on a bomb, and so many nations cooperating.

Posted by Mike August 2, 08 03:55 PM

Before i tell you if its gonna kill us or not, can someone tell me what the heck its supposed to do?

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 04:01 PM

Oh my God...

It's the Black Mesa compound...

Posted by Lance August 2, 08 04:02 PM

222. I don't really understand why people are so afraid of this thing. The experiment that creeps me out is LLNL's NIF project.

Why would that creep you out?

Posted by Livermoron August 2, 08 04:14 PM

Wake me up when it over......Thank you.

Posted by Silapong August 2, 08 04:16 PM

Pictures are beautiful art. Would love to display them in large electronic frame
on wall to watch whenever I pass through my living room.

I envy the feeling of accomplishment all involved must have
as the project moves into high gear.

The worst that can happen if all the Cassandras are right
is that we'll all be converted into strings which will bump into
each other through eternity while our
Creator marvels at the ingenuity of His children.
Maybe next time He can do better.

Posted by Max August 2, 08 04:17 PM

Black holes aren't really that exotic -- they're just a lot of mass in a very small volume.

The mass of a possible mini Black Hole in the LHC is not nearly enough to hurt the Earth. Do some physics. It should calm you down.

Congratulations LHC -- I'm sure the next few years will be amazing.

Posted by Ron Proctor August 2, 08 04:22 PM

The USA spends 3% of taxes on Energy, Environment, and Science. That includes NASA, NOAA, NSF, and EPA, etc.. The USA spends 42% of taxes on Military not including Homeland Security. An additional 10% goes to interest on national debt. The debt is $9.5 Trillion and growing at the rate of $500 billion a year.

What say they quit wasting money on science and education and put it all into a peace-loving endeavor like war and make the world a more secure place? Remember, Bush is a pro-life, Christian man. He knows what is best. The United Nations inspectors don't know what they are doing. Bush knows.

Posted by Newbie August 2, 08 04:23 PM

We're all gonna die!!!!!!

Posted by bob August 2, 08 04:26 PM

Re: "How many people could you feed with all that money?"

Remember, money is an abstraction layer to make the market turn over smoothly. Ain't nobody eating dollars and cents; if you put investment capital to incentivise effort into new ecological cropping science and scale up alongside food preservation and transportation techs, not to mention universal water purification/extraction techs, sure, you can "buy" a solution to world sustenance... but let's be honest, as other posters have said, we have the investment capital and effort potential to research and develop many important things at once, and instead our current system spends 90% of its effort investing in a rabid-dog circle-jerk economy of the myopic, deluded, self-destructive *me* - pardon my Anglo "French".

Posted by George Henry August 2, 08 04:28 PM

To all the people that are afraid that this thing will kill us all, don't worry about it. If it happens, so what? You won't know.

I agree that something like this could advance science tremendously. Trust me, if it goes boom, you won't know and nobody else on earth will know. And any aliens that know about us, redneck's that are wasting away the resources on this nice little rock, will most likely be happy because the real estate value in this part of the universe will, if anything, go up.

I promise, it won't hurt... for long anyway's.

Posted by Mike August 2, 08 04:30 PM

the hadron will open the interdimension world beyond universe

Posted by diogenes August 2, 08 04:30 PM

Black hole - How quaintly Anti-Green
Absolute intellectual stimulation.
Tuning those magnets for an accelerator must be challenging.
But I missed the part about how many people this is going to help, or resettle on a less overcrowded planet or feed.

Posted by Joseph August 2, 08 04:34 PM

The science channel last week had a film on one of these only here in the states and the purpose was to use it for "time"manipulation or time travel? as if that is possible. Someone thinks so.

the pictures are great congrats to the photographer.

Posted by Claire Read August 2, 08 04:35 PM

what will happen if something went wrong?
im very scared
can someone explain to me??

Posted by gabriella tepezano August 2, 08 04:35 PM

Awesome pictures. What an insanely cool machine.
Shame the SSC didn't get built. It's always good to have a bit of competition.

Posted by BossHogg August 2, 08 04:41 PM

One small step for science, one giant curb-stomp for creationism.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this. It turns out that one of my clients is working on this project. She's currently here in Canada, which gives me a great opportunity to sit down with her for a coffee and pick her brilliant brain.

Posted by Urbanredd August 2, 08 04:45 PM

THinking about it, on a cosmic scale, 1 in 50 million that it will do something bad are pretty scary odds.

Posted by dave August 2, 08 04:47 PM

Extremly impressive pictures! What is even more
impressive to me is the ability to check these extremly
large installations for correct operation.
The LHC is really a step forward for menkind, for
a fraction of the cost of the silly ISS and projects
to send people to the moon and mars.

Posted by Jens Decker August 2, 08 04:48 PM

Re #58, fortunately, we don't have to worry about any international policy issues evolving from the LHC in the next few decades. Too bad that similar amounts of money haven't been spent to accurately reconstruct historical temperatures, determine with accuracy the Greenland temperature in the Year 1000 and the current relative contribution of CO2 to the 34C degree global warming blanket. These are the scientific issues driving serious international policy and the current relevant science is built on a house of cards.

Posted by bbgeezeer August 2, 08 04:50 PM

Me thinks that even if this thing is 100% successful, as far as determining the origins of the universe is concerned the researchers will still be utterly lost.

I have to reiterate the words of the German guy in "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" just before he was consumed by the power of the Ark:
"It's beautiful".

Posted by re August 2, 08 04:58 PM

Metaphorically speaking, all this may be akin to mankind sneaking up behind Mother Nature and jerking her drawers down.

Remember, if Mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

Posted by chammon August 2, 08 05:07 PM

Let's review the messed-up logic:

1A) Because the Big Bang is perfectly proven undisputed fact obtained during a direct telephone call to God The Creator himself, the fact that the Big Bang occurred just like we know for certain that it did logically implies that these little black holes dissipate.
1B) We have spent billions of Euros on this thing to prove whether the Big Bang occurred or not, because we are not sure that the facts support a key criterion on which the Big Bang depends.

2A) Because input stimuli in the LHC happen in nature all of the time, the LHC is perfectly safe.
2B) We have spent billions of Euros on this thing, because we have never observed the outcomes of the LHC in nature.

1A and 1B cannot both be true. 2A and 2B cannot both be true.

To produce different outcomes than seen in nature, evidently the LHC actually does produce different input stimuli than possible outside of the laboratory, or else we would have already been able to observe the LHC's wonderful outputs already in nature. The EU could have spent their LHC billions of Euros on something more useful, like socialized medicine or the Birth-a-baby Bonus to stop the declining population growth-rate. Even people with very high IQs can be very stupidly illogical. Book smarts are not street smarts!

Posted by Logician August 2, 08 05:10 PM

haha, I love it.

And yes, it does look like Half-Life. Which is great.

The bigger and more complicated it is, the better it looks.

I hope they get a lot of answers with it.

Posted by Anthony Vallad August 2, 08 05:11 PM

The world can survive a black holes machine... If the world survived when chicholina open her legs in porn movies...then the world can survive black holes... easy!

Posted by j4ck August 2, 08 05:21 PM

Picture Four......"And that was the second time I got crabs"

Posted by SlickRS August 2, 08 05:26 PM

Best comment --133: "My God, it's full of stars!" :D

Posted by Joyce Ellen Davis August 2, 08 05:27 PM

Guys, it's all made of plastic, and some rendering also. LHC doesn't exists. It's just excuse for not doing anything and wasting our money on the way.

Posted by YeboSlik August 2, 08 05:27 PM

It will create a black hole and swallow the universe in a nanosecond. Enjoy the rest of your time on earth.

Posted by Frankie Canada August 2, 08 05:30 PM

Now I see where our money is going...

Posted by AB August 2, 08 05:35 PM

Isn't technology a wonderful thing?!
And aren't people soooo dumb?!
Some could do with spelling lessons as well.........

I'd like to see the boy's at UU High Energy Magic Building construct something as awesome as this with Hex running it! Knowing them we'd end up going down the wrong trouser leg of time!
Think I feel one of my heads coming on..... anyone got any dried frog pills?
Anyway, simply awesome pictures!

Posted by Mike August 2, 08 05:35 PM

Prepare for unforeseen consequences...

Posted by Joss August 2, 08 05:41 PM

"The USA cancelled their collider because it was going to cost too much money (pressured by smallminded people like some of those posting to this thread)."

I recall that the SSC had been cancelled largely because of scandals. For one, it went over budget by nearly 3x with no completion in sight, and as I recall, quite a lot of SSC money was spent on parties.

Posted by JD August 2, 08 05:50 PM

Everyone's talking about black holes but its already been proven they [black holes] have a finite capacity to 'swallow' things up. Which is relative to size. For example, the suns mass would have to be crushed into a 3KM sphere for it too become a black hole. At which point it would happily consume the Milky Way and its current central hole. If one of these did form from these atoms it wouldn't be able to swallow much more than the French/Swiss areas of the planet, although what happens after that no one knows.....

Hopefully it'll have a soul and choose to take pity on us Brits and suck up all the European diplomats (Inc. british ones =] ) then collapse into some unknown dimention with depression over whats its mostly full of and never be heard of again.

Also, there are no amazingly large black holes because the center of a star collapsing into one is rare and very little mass, comparitive to the mass of the star, is actually left to form the hole so they end up being harmless.

I wonder if anyone has tried to collide to kittens in one of these yet :P

Posted by Sleep well the Madness Hamsters are coming! August 2, 08 05:51 PM

Curiosity killed the cat.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 05:51 PM

La Madre Del Cordero.

Posted by 4536456 August 2, 08 05:53 PM

I can't wait until we start getting good science form this. Confirmation of the Higgs boson particle will be a truly monumental achievement in physics. Based on the data this thing is expected to produce, the field of theoretical physics should be fascinating over the next decade or more...


Posted by Steve August 2, 08 05:55 PM

Just amazing pictures...

I love the admin in the "server center" sitting in front of his old, huge monitor, while everything around him could not be more high-tech.

Posted by falk August 2, 08 05:57 PM

so freaking cool. I want one.

Posted by Kenn North August 2, 08 05:59 PM

There are a TON of idiots commenting here.. this isn't some new design or mad invention. It's basically a larger version of the particle accelerator at the FERMI institute in the US. The people saying "OMG it looks scary and it will cause a black hole" and unbelievably clueless about the function of this facility. It's the biggest ever (because republican congress canceled a nearly-completed project in the US during the late 90s), and it pains me to see the rest of world begin to surpass America in the realm of science.

Shame on the Bush administration and their god-fearing constituents. sigh

Posted by Daniel August 2, 08 06:04 PM

The Hadron Colider is a hoax to lure you out! Every time someone sends something about feeding the hungry over the internet the same bush administration thugs that perpetrated 9/11 break down your door and send you to Guantanamo Bay!

Posted by Assface Mcgarnigal August 2, 08 06:04 PM

you are kidding me , right ?

Posted by Ziad sharif August 2, 08 06:05 PM

To the guys who will have their crowbars at the ready...

What good will a steel crowbar do against a giant magnet?

Posted by Rad August 2, 08 06:07 PM

Hope they got all the rats out of the tunnels. Hate to think of a chewed cable somewhere..

Posted by David Apimerika August 2, 08 06:11 PM

Bring out your dead.... ding
Bring out your dead.... ding

Posted by Dr. Adiabatic August 2, 08 06:20 PM

flux copasitor. that is all.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 06:21 PM

lol @richard (#114).
you atheists get so precious, dont you.
you are far less tolerant that any Christian i have met.

p.s we are all going to die


we are all going to have flying Delorians/hoverboards by 2015, as promised.

Posted by david miscavige August 2, 08 06:31 PM

What no pictures of the Benben?

Posted by Osiris August 2, 08 06:36 PM

Are they building God?

Posted by sanjuro August 2, 08 06:38 PM

This is GREAT GREAT GREAT! Comment 58 got it right, there is a huge segment of my fellow Americans who are operating from a neanderthal mentality, and not just the lefties...I am a liberal and I think the is the best news I have heard in a decade....possibly ever.

But our nation is and has been "under the Influence" of Flouride, toxic terminator vaccines, chem trails, mind numbing media, junk food, big pharma, big chemical, big agro genetics, a substandard public education system, for quite awhile really can't expect all of us to have any sense of values, free thinking, scientific appreciation, unprejudiced views, altruistuc sensitivity, or a mind that aspires to traverse the unknown regions of our essential, core material and non material universe.

Hey...... most americans are more concerned about where there next burger is coming from, and are faced with bigger crises like closures of Starbucks, and who will win American Idol. This is exactly where the powers that be like us to dwell, so they can depress our currency, steal our wealth, foreclose on our homes, drill the s_ _ t out of our wilderness, ( and still gouge us for energy which will never stop), and keep us complacent, small minded and selfish. Sheep led easily to stupidity . So sorry so much of America is this. Not all of us thankfully.

But this is the most amazing new Wonder of the World, this is Taj Mahal, Ankgor Wat, Pyramids, Borobodur, all rolled into one Wonder of modern science. I just want to be aware of a real countdown site, so I can have my popcorn and 3D glasses and a good seat!

Posted by ninja_tiger August 2, 08 06:42 PM

May my mother forgive me, I do read "large hardon" at first glance every time I read about this thing! Seriously, who named that particle?!?

Anyway, can't wait for my synthetic-anti-gravity flying car, molecular transporter and black-hole-trash-compactor based on the discoveries this will bring!!!

Those pics are awe inspiring!

Posted by t-o-steve August 2, 08 06:51 PM
Posted by SOHBET1 August 2, 08 06:55 PM

Does anyone but me reckon the first pic resembles a cacodemon? :)

Posted by fuzzix August 2, 08 06:55 PM

So is this thing gonna give us faster internet or what?

Posted by Martin August 2, 08 06:58 PM


Posted by GOD August 2, 08 07:05 PM

Jeepers Creepers! Enjoyed the trip through a kalidescope of brilliant colors and shapes. Too bad the Black Hole will be boring......

Doomsdaymachine #225 is a great description if this gigantic contraption. Are we sure "Dr. Suess" wasn't the idea man?


Posted by bert August 2, 08 07:06 PM

I can't believe I sat here and read 230 comments! Who will read mine? :-) As a European living in America for 35 years, I feel obligated to explain to several Europeans who posted, that what Amercians have plenty of, is humor. Most of these comments were not written seriously. And if they were, what better way to go indeed, than to die laughing! As for the comment that Brits might be writing these posts -- not many, maybe two. Brits have this annoying tendency to think they must use correct grammar at all times. I like to walk the boundaries of physics and metaphysics. I happen to think they touch more closely than most physicists want to believe. That is the hope and future promise I see in this newborn baby at CERN. And if she's born with Down's Syndrome, she will still bring untold pleasure to those who choose to cherish her. (FWIW, a withdrawal from warmongering will feed the world in many more ways than one.)

Posted by Observer of What Interests Me August 2, 08 07:13 PM

What hath physics wrought? Let the hadron colliding commence!

I, for one, cannot wait for the fundamental truths that LHC scientists will discover here!

Posted by Stav Prodromou August 2, 08 07:20 PM

Should anyone be allowed to make something that has a chance to end the world instantly?

Posted by pipboy August 2, 08 07:21 PM

Oh, my God ! First see such awesome scientific pics , and I am wondering which one is more compicated compared with airplane GE engineers ! Is it positive for mankind ?

Posted by cmoonflyer August 2, 08 07:27 PM

James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.

Posted by Auric Smith August 2, 08 07:41 PM

High-energy particle accelerators don't kill all people, planet-consuming micro black holes do.

Where's the seating and how much are tickets?

Posted by zluz August 2, 08 07:44 PM

the future's filled with useless new technologies

Posted by joe August 2, 08 07:45 PM

Not again...not again....

Posted by Barney Calhoun August 2, 08 07:54 PM

"It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity."

- What a stupid thing to say. This is for pure research. It's not a weapon. Idiot.

Posted by protowhalepig August 2, 08 07:59 PM

Do you suppose they use a high-end custom power cord?

Posted by Don O August 2, 08 08:03 PM

V GOOD I WISH i look this live ........ all thebest

Posted by sufyan August 2, 08 08:05 PM

I dunno, but if any of the equipment has a plate with the name ACME on it, you'd better leave town.

Beep Beep!!

Posted by Bruce Lagasse August 2, 08 08:13 PM

The guy thats not waring his mask right has unknowingly left a piece if hair in the collider that will cause a catastrophic explosion or it will grow up to be some kinda of hair monster that eats everyone on earth :)

Posted by Stan August 2, 08 08:23 PM

Computers were huge when they were in the experimental stage.......another 50 yrs and we could all have personal black holes .............

Posted by librtyhead August 2, 08 08:24 PM

a mi me parece que esta prueba es una locura mas del hombre,que es el ser mas destructivo que hay sobre la faz de la tierra.

Posted by omar August 2, 08 08:27 PM

Yes they could have spent this money on poverty programs, but like all the other money spent on poverty programs, it would have disappeared into a black hole, and there'd be nothing to show for it. At least with this we'll get some busted up protons out of the deal.

Posted by Self-hating boomer August 2, 08 08:34 PM

Looks and sounds like man's modern version of the "Tower of Babel", Lord, Have mercy on us!

Posted by Mary August 2, 08 08:37 PM

I'm made out of bosons, so I'm really getting a kick out of all these replies.

Posted by Scott August 2, 08 08:49 PM


You know. We Americans tried to build one of these a few years ago down in Texas. We spent billions and then abandoned the whole project. It was called the Super-Conducting Super-Collider. If the scientists had been smart enough to call it the "Super Conducting Super Colliding Particle Beam Weapon". It would have been fully funded.

Best of luck to CERN!

Posted by Don August 2, 08 08:50 PM

What the heck is it?

Posted by J August 2, 08 09:00 PM

definitively this is madness...

Posted by randradas August 2, 08 09:04 PM

Look at all those cables and wires. Com'on, if the machine breaks down, which faulty wire shall be replaced... Awesome pictures by the way.

Posted by Funky August 2, 08 09:31 PM

>... they have confirmed that the chance that a sustainable black hole will form and consume the earth is quite small ...

Does it make sense to trust somebody's estimate of the probability that they don't know what they're talking about?

>I hope this thing doesn't run with Windows.

If you're worried about it destroying the earth, you ought to hope it does run Windows ... so there'd be no chance of it working correctly.

Posted by musanim August 2, 08 09:37 PM

Well I'll be damned... looks like a predecessor to Halo.
And not to point out the obvious... but if these scientists were half as smart as they are supposed to be, they would have left the part about the black hole out, even if it were true.
I'm thinkin a quick "Pull yer head out of yer keester" class couldn't hurt at this point...

btw... those pictures are awe-inspiring at the very least. I hope this thing brings about a revolution of some sort, we could use one.

Posted by Anonymous August 2, 08 09:38 PM

....and when the hadrons collide , they will discover some more little odd-drons , and they 'll need to build a bigger collider to figure out just what the fuck they are , and ......

we'll be righ back where we started , not knowing a fucking thing about the origin of the Universe back beyond a few nanoseconds after the Big bang , which we're not really fucking sure of to begin with .

And YES .....a few thousand children a day will pass away from unecessary disease and starvation .

-the trouble with science and scientists is ....they dont know how to simply say "we dont fucking know " ...and they will continue to attempt to prove it .

Posted by Excaliber August 2, 08 09:39 PM

where does Jodi Foster sit?

Posted by Rolly Beaverton August 2, 08 09:41 PM


Posted by August 2, 08 09:42 PM

I love every person so far who has read the 1 : 50 million figure, and, in fewer or more words, replied with, "So you're saying there is a chance?" It makes me think that perhaps the world collapsing in a black whole would be a lot more like winning the lottery than we could possibly imagine.

Posted by Chris August 2, 08 09:43 PM

sweet, now we can get howard the duck back where he belongs, here on earth, thank god they built this....!

Posted by Hindean August 2, 08 09:57 PM

I agree with the first comment...this thing will kill us all!
Who ARE these people? How can they guarantee anything with confidence after their life has been spent in a fraternity of scientific minds who have been bent on inventing ways to kill humans for so long, their mindset has only one final outcome........ destruction! These guys are no different than the one's in the military who go around saying those horrible two words..."what if".
EVERY single person on this planet has a differing electrical potential, on a minute to minute basis, because NOTHING stands still...only a vacuum!
Therefore, EVERY living thing on this planet WILL be affected by the running of this monstrosity!

Posted by BlueyBlogger August 2, 08 10:05 PM

There is a wondrous symmetry in the fact that something so awesomely complex and large is required to study something so very small and simple.

I wonder if the good people at CERN, in developing their contribution to the creation of the internet ever, in their wildest dreams, envisaged that their intelligence and effort would enable the ill-educated to make stupid comments about the work of CERN in the 21st Century?

It seems that about 70 percent of the posters here are like the pigeons which alight on St Paul's cathedral and defile it with their faeces, having neither understanding of what they have done, nor the capacity to understand.

Thank goodness for the LHC, a beacon of intelligence in this otherwise depressing mindscape.

Posted by BrianM August 2, 08 10:06 PM

Simply Great!! Best of Luck to everyone at CERN. May the scientists succeed in their endeavor. Great example of finest human brains at work.

Posted by Suhas Kotbagi August 2, 08 10:14 PM

The men on litlle car, Picture #9

"(driver): Hey!!! Let´s go out of here, this shit will blow out !!!!!!!!"
"(rider): Hurry !!! there´s still time, take the first at left !!!!""

Posted by Viktor from Volkano August 2, 08 10:22 PM

seriously... will it give us cure for cancer? will it give us cure for AIDS? will it fight viruses? will we have less wars? will it make Earth a better place with no hunger and poverty?

what a waste of money!!!

Posted by Krzys August 2, 08 10:25 PM

Many people here are stating that the Scientist say it wont do anything, and then go on the elaborate on how this might open up doors of physics that are 'unknown'.
That is exactly the point of the people whom are concerned about the safety of this project. Since obviously this WILL lead to a new physics model(the entire reason they are doing it). This being the fact leads to unknown consequences as well. Cause and effect. If there is a misconfiguration of a single parameter, the effect might be the end. Since this new model of physics is unknown, and they are fixing to start 'tinkering' with it, there is no way to prototype the theory without running the risk of a miss calculation, or much less even knowing what a 'miss calculation' would even be, since the new model is unknown. This is the risk, and it is valid...

Posted by An Honest Scientist August 2, 08 10:30 PM

Silly Europeans, there are easier ways to blow yourselves up!

Posted by Dantmann August 2, 08 10:35 PM

It will not turn us into ducks.

It MAY turn us into sperm whales or bowls of petunias...

I love how Dan Brown talked about this thing, paraphrasing:

"a bit like smashing clocks together to find out about their bits..."

Posted by Tristan August 2, 08 10:38 PM

"At last, after 2,000 years of work, the eludium pu36 explosive space modulator. At long last, my dream come true.

The earth?

Oh, the earth will be gone is just a few seconds.

Oh, I'm going to blow it up, it obstructs my view of Venus."

Posted by Marvin August 2, 08 10:40 PM

The Man Playing like ,,, GOD ???

END OF THE WORLD'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sergio Tovar... Fresno, Ca. USA August 2, 08 10:48 PM

My fantasy is that it'll be turned on, and somehow destroy everybody who doesn't understand it and tried to oppose it anyway, but leave the rest of us untouched.

Posted by someone with very little patience for fools August 2, 08 10:54 PM


Posted by jimmy limo (las vegas) August 2, 08 10:57 PM

I just wanted to wish everyone here that posted so far a Happy Memeorial Day, Labr Day, Rosh Hashanah,Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, united Nations Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, because we simply may not be around for the rest of the year.

Actually this reads more like Stephen King's "Mist". Sounds like the Arrowhead project. We won't get sucked into another dimension, however another dimension will get sucked into ours. "Them is different atoms."

Oh and just reading this post tells all you folks that yes I am American, and we Americans understand a lot more than you think, and no I'm not in the least scared of this thing. There are much scarier things in the world than this. And...I'm very much into science and research, and have numerous science mags, and links to Universities sites on research and development......but we Americans can still have fun and laugh at the expense of so many billions spent to make something that will do something, and possibly be very impactfull to a certain extent, then again maybe it won't. We'll just wait and see in the next couple of months, won't we all?

Oh, by the way, Happy New Years, too! =)

Posted by Beth August 2, 08 11:08 PM

Dude! Your getting a Dell!

Posted by LHC Admin August 2, 08 11:23 PM

First: There is a small chance of you dying from any death imaginable at this very moment, but it is very small.

Second: Look up Hawking Radiation.

Third: Everything that will happen in this thing is already happening in our upper atmosphere due to cosmic rays.

Fourth: I can see virtually everybody doesn't understand how black holes work. They don't suck things in, they just have a great deal of gravitational force due to their mass being concentrated in a very tiny space compared to most objects of comparative mass, both of which exert the same gravitational force at the same distance from theit centres.

Fifth: "Strangelets"; if they exist and are what some say they are all neutron stars (which we can observe) would have been converted to quark stars (which have not been shown to exist) long ago. In fact, it is possible Earth would have been converted to a quark star to boot if such were the case.

Sixth: In light of what is said, the LHC is harmless and I welcome it, but there is the cost, in light of this I say is there not a greater benefit in knowing something, whatever it is we may find out from this device, than remaining ignorant? Our lives literally depend on what scientific inquiry that may have seemed silly or costly in its time has brought us and there is more to come. Plus, the money spent on this entire project pales in comparison to what is spent on war (such an ennobling endeavour that is, eh?), in fact, it is amazing what scientists are able to do with what little money they get. What if we were to stop electing leaders in favour of war and overseas military presence and put that money to something better spent? I suspect we could sufficiently keep the human population fed while throwing a bit to those evil scientists who have made feeding the world much easier to do today than it ever has been in human history, and who will continue to improve the lives of all fellow humans.
Or we could just stop scientific progress, go fighting wars and eventually regress to brutality, starvation, poverty and disease. Personally, I don't see that all too appealing.
I welcome the large hadron collider and it will be interesting to see what will come of it. The understanding of particle physics may greatly benefit our technology on all ways, including possible new energy sources. We may have a grand unified theory of everything that relates the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak atomic, and strong atomic forces together, unlocking huge potential breakthroughs.
And somehow I get the funny feeling that once the collider is turned on and everyone notices it is not the ned of the world, any discoveries made will go overshadowed by the news of the latest drunk celebrity's nipple slip. Priorities. Sure.
At least I for one openly welcome this triumph of human inquiry that is the LHC, and I do hope there others who will agree.

*gets off soapbox*

Posted by Mike August 2, 08 11:25 PM

H.A.A.R.P. eat your heart out!

Posted by Your New Overlord August 2, 08 11:26 PM

well parts of it are coming from US, lets hope that it wasn't made/sent on a friday or monday, i mean if it was, goodbye everyone! It was fun while we inhabited a part of the universe

Posted by jghawk13uallknow August 2, 08 11:27 PM

Well, for the nay sayers. There is a strong possibility this will increase the amount of knowledge we have in high energy physics and fundamental understanding of the nature of matter. And that that knowledge can be useful for new sources of practical energy. So when (big and if) we have practical nuclear fusion because of this, look back at your comments asking if the money could be spent on feeding some group in some impoverished area and think that if that had been the course chosen, they would not now have an energy supply that was cheap, effective and relatively free from pollution or nasty environmental impact. It is in the same line as give a man a fish and he eats that day, teach him how to fish and he eats for the rest of his life. And, if you want real long term thinking, we only have a few hundred million years of habitable conditions for people (as we know them, and having pretty much stalled evolution through "modern" practices, from "it's different ... kill it" to better medical treatment and soon more practical gene therapy to resolve "bad" genetics). So we need to find a way to leave earth, find habitat supporting planets, and so on. The problem is tough enough we need to start now. Even if the results are in the many generations a head of us. Just think. Without further advances in technology, much of what we take for granted now will now be easily duplicated. We are depleting rare earth elements almost as fast as easy to extract oil. So super magnets, much of the semiconductor industry, like LED makers, and so on, down to some of the high tech welding materials and optics 'glasses' depend on rare earth materials that are increasing in short supply. We need a better understanding of how to supplement or replace them. These experiments will help solve some underlying very cool theoretical problems but commercial use of the results is very very likely.

Posted by Tjp August 2, 08 11:28 PM

This is a thing of absolute beauty. I hope they have a large budget because it is going to cost a small fortune to operate it.

Posted by Lanny August 2, 08 11:33 PM

For those of you against the LHC I only have 3 words:

Commence Primary Ignition.

Posted by bilateralrope August 2, 08 11:34 PM

The "super gravity" which might be created will only act in a very small area, approximately the size of a green pea at best. A Black Hole is defined as a tremendously large gravitation event.
Please sleep well. There is no chance of CERN producing even a small Black Hole. Do the math. It is really impossible when you know even fundamental physics.

Posted by Steve August 2, 08 11:35 PM

How much did this bad boy cost?
Yes, I would absolutely hate to troubleshoot a problem on this thing.

Posted by Tecumseh August 2, 08 11:51 PM

So what if it sweeps us into nothing? That day I'm still going to work... And I hope there will be a nice dessert.

C'mon, we will most probably not even notice it... what's the big deal? That money would have ended starvation for good, just as you wanted it to.

Have a nice black hole... ;o)

PS: Crowbars... jajajaja

Posted by pepe August 2, 08 11:52 PM

Ignorance leads to fear.

Posted by Amber Thompson August 2, 08 11:52 PM

This is the most disgusting thing I've ever read about. If you want to read about two Hardons colliding, that is your business, but don't take it public.

Posted by toontwaki August 2, 08 11:55 PM

It is nothing but smoke and mirrors... well at least it is putting food on some folks tables. If only people had learned to listen to the silence they would know everything they want to know.

Posted by Indus August 3, 08 12:13 AM

What a waste of money. I'd invest into a gigantic telescope instead. Much more fun!

Posted by demos August 3, 08 12:23 AM

I have a strange desire to have sex in there.

Posted by funkspiel August 3, 08 12:27 AM

" Weesa gonna die?"

Posted by South Park August 3, 08 12:35 AM

Oooooo, shiney!!!!

Posted by leapinleptonsbatman August 3, 08 12:47 AM

Beautiful photographs of a beautiful creation of a beautiful idea. Humanity's joy of discovery will increase with the results of each experiment.

Posted by Neil Walker August 3, 08 12:54 AM

If the chance of a black hole getting created and then sucking all of us in it is 1 in a trillion, then that is TOO MUCH.

There is no way they can definitively calculate the risk of a black hole creation.

How come there is no intelligent life out there? Because their scientists built an LHC without calculating the risks.

Posted by MohammedRapedHisSlaves August 3, 08 01:10 AM

We've all seen what a mess was made of "The Big Dig". There's just too much carelessness that is inevitable in these massive projects. Those two people who are hanging out in the #4 photo, where the precise alignment of the magnets in the LHC tunnel is "vital".... so just how much "wiggle room" is still "... close enough for government work ..."? I agree that the photos are stunning. Kudos to M. Brice, who should get a Pulitzer for this work. This is spectacular and mind-blowing stuff.
And it is a wonderfully cartoonish moment of "Oops!" to imagine this contraption -- at the first flip of a switch -- sucking everything into a maelstrom of some kind.
The chronosynclasticinfundibulum! (spellcheck)

Posted by Rich VanWart August 3, 08 01:27 AM

The images look eerily like some of the episodes from the Yoko Tsuno comics I used to read in my youth.

Posted by Martin August 3, 08 01:35 AM

does it have a wof and reg? would u swap for two recaros and a sub (no box)

Posted by dutchie August 3, 08 01:56 AM


It's The Final Countdown.

Posted by Venus August 3, 08 02:00 AM

Nerdy, Sexy, Cool, Awesome, Science! I love it!

Posted by FinTech August 3, 08 02:07 AM

"seriously... will it give us cure for cancer? will it give us cure for AIDS? will it fight viruses? will we have less wars? will it make Earth a better place with no hunger and poverty?"

No, but it may give us such small things as cold fusion or workable antimatter power.

But who cares about actual technical progress. Nuclear research never gave us anything useful; nether did electricity or steam. Just a bunch of money sinks, I tell you.

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 08 02:15 AM

I have spent quite a bit of time reading through 480 comments. I am a physicist retired from Lawrence Livermore. I am stunned to see how little science most of the writers have any inkling of. First of all, the NIF is designed to explore nuclear fusion. When successful, it will produce the first instance of fusion in a target the size of about a bebe that will put out more energy than it took to produce the reaction. All this will take place in microseconds. What is scary about that? This ability to study fusion processes in the laboratory can lead to the development of clean fusion power generation. In regards to our not studying naturally forming micro black holes born from cosmic rays. These events take place randomly in the upper atmosphere. How can we study them? The LHC will bring them into the laboratory where we can study them.

sstudystudy .

Posted by HRR August 3, 08 02:17 AM

My god, it's full of stars!

Posted by Lynsey August 3, 08 02:31 AM

you forgot the part were it has an opposite effect of black holes or anything like black holes, what if it rips a hole in some dimensional seal holding back psychokinetic monsters of age past from another world? what if these monsters desire to eat the flesh of the innocent and start coming for various vortexs or gateways? what if the monsters have various different powers shapes and sizes and hoards of them invade and take over our world and begin to mas self reproduce,over population of monster babies because of only taking the monster babies to grow to adulthood in one week? then the world would be overcrowded with monsters and monster babys who wish to devourer our flesh. also some of the monsters could be huge and destroy all places of hiding so no were to hide or run

Posted by Fedora Hat August 3, 08 02:41 AM

Looks like the the French are trying to build a machine to make an engine better then the LS7.
Good luck...silly bastards...

Posted by Big Al August 3, 08 02:44 AM

Some amazing and truely beautiful photos. It's so good to get a look inside the facility. The photo of the fireman is so funny. The driver (although he looks like he should be peddling) looks so intense, lol.

Personally, I think people questioning the funding of this have it back to front. An increase in funding for projects like this would also see a separate (uncorrelated) increase in focus on poverty, etc. Both issues require a similar shift in headspace. Both require governments (and society) to shift their thinking from purely commercial and definable short term outcomes to long term, holistic and indeterminate outcomes.

Funnily enough both also have 'hope' as an underlying motivator.

Bring on the black hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Posted by Soxy August 3, 08 02:50 AM

i'm spending all my night reading the entire roll of the comments (500!!!) ...because is pretty funny, and sometimes very interesting, too...

Posted by Alessah August 3, 08 03:04 AM

Half Life!!! I don´t wanna live in Xenon planet muahahahhaahaah

Posted by arturo Gutierrez August 3, 08 03:05 AM

Noooo! They'll let the combine come to earth!

Posted by chris August 3, 08 03:09 AM

what if this thing rips a hole in some ancient sealed dimensional prison world or opens a portal to another world filled with various diversities of monstrous alien beings of age past who desire to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the innocent and guilty alike?? and what if the various vortex's and portals appear randomly and have no way one being sealed up, what if these beings have a virus when they bite you that makes you so mentally compulsive you abandon your morals and spread the virus to others causing them to become flesh eating hybrid aliens as well? what if it unlocks some ancient super intelligent machine creature who spawns billions of its man eating offspring in our oceans and it gets in our water supply's and crawls up our butts while we poop or when we drink water? what if!!

Posted by Fedroa Hat August 3, 08 03:10 AM

Hmm, wonder how much it would cost to be able to be the one to flip the switch on this baby! I recommend they consider letting ordinary people turn it on.. charge them for it.. recoup some building expenses. It's probably safer than being a space tourist.

Posted by snottling August 3, 08 03:26 AM

Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. We could feed all of Africa for a short time with this money, but we would learn nothing.
We could have skipped experiments with steam generation, electricity, fundamentals of physics and live in the dark ages. Less food. More serfs And Merlin is really a magician.

Posted by Harl August 3, 08 03:44 AM

wow it looks weird

Posted by brenden August 3, 08 03:49 AM

Wow, this thing is soo shiny... And if its shiny its good, wright ? :D

Posted by Greetings From Croatia August 3, 08 03:58 AM

Holy shit. ME TOO!

I have a feeling someone will, and....well...

I'm preparing for the head crabs...>_>

Posted by Lolerskatez August 3, 08 04:00 AM

OMG is full of stars

Posted by Dave Bowman August 3, 08 04:13 AM

How much kinetic energy is generated by a collision. How much isoton are we talking about?

A 25 isoton explosion can destroy an entire city within seconds. (VOY: "Living Witness")
A 54 isoton explosion can blow up a small planet (VOY: "The Omega Directive")
Photon torpedoes with class-6 warheads have the explosive yield of 200 isotons. (VOY: "Scorpion, Part II")
A 5 million isoton explosion can affect an entire star system. The shock wave has a dispersive force radius of 5 light years. (VOY: "Scorpion, Part II")

Posted by Borg August 3, 08 04:14 AM

If you are a TX terminator you should try standing next to the ring when it gets turned on!!!

Posted by Bodo August 3, 08 04:16 AM

I think the L.H.C. is a N.I.F.ty idea.

Posted by werewol;f123 August 3, 08 04:17 AM

No 499.. meet me there in an hour. I will bring the bondage paddle and lube.

Posted by Spunkfiel August 3, 08 04:19 AM

I'm more bothered by people's reactions to this (those of the irrational opposition) than whatever potential hazards might result from this. (Do you, blog readers, really think you're qualified to asses that anyway?)

Posted by Fuji August 3, 08 04:20 AM

If I had to guess...this accelerator is a copy of just one (the smallest one) of the Iranian Nuclear projects they always brag about, they are light years ahead of the world in physics and partical beams.

Posted by Beddgelert August 3, 08 04:29 AM

I would have been more interested to see what would happen if they spend that much money and effort honoring the Lord Jesus Christ. This project is a giant testimony to the ego of man, and its creation is similar to the building of the tower of babel. Having spent most of my life as an engineer, this attitude is new to me. But technology is only good if it benefits man. My life work pretty much benefitted Bill Gates. In retrospect, I wish I had spent my life helping people in a more meaningful way. When I get to heaven, I want to say more for myself than, I wrote a bunch of drivers. These scientists will be able to say, "We build the worlds largest machine". In the end, God will have his way and the project will create as many questions as answers, and faith will still be a virtue. IMHO

Posted by An American Christian August 3, 08 04:42 AM

buff!, if powerfull people make this, may be something really interesting they will find...

Posted by me August 3, 08 04:48 AM

Because of science you are able today to sit here and write bull*waste* on this page about things you don't understand. Because of ignorant, power-famine people that claimed were servers of GOD, great scientists have burned at the stakes, that would have made possible for this kind of experiments centuries ago. Who knows where we would be right now...

to those whom the major concern is money wasting:
Have you ever heard of the "War in Iraq" ...... I will stop here.
Scientists see real opportunities in the LHC of creating sustainable anti-matter

Posted by ANONroiseOMUS August 3, 08 05:00 AM

Can you/ anyone help me with a name of someone at CERN who works on this project that I could approach to come and tell us about it at the AMPLIFY Innovation & thought Leadership Festival that I produce in Sydney, Australia? That takes place 22-26 June 2009, if we all survive the collision!) Leave a message for me at or direct message me on Twitter @maverickwoman. Thanks universe!

Posted by Annalie Killian August 3, 08 05:04 AM

Having read the most of the comments made here i have only one question.

Will this cook my chicken tv dinner faster than my current mircowave ?

Posted by brafur August 3, 08 05:34 AM

"It is nothing but smoke and mirrors... well at least it is putting food on some folks tables. If only people had learned to listen to the silence they would know everything they want to know."

Yes, because science and experimentation never did anything for anyone did it...

Posted by Macros August 3, 08 05:43 AM

Pero qué coño es esto?

Si parece que se hayan metido dentro de mi PC a hacerle fotos.

Madre mía, ya sé por qué está tan caro el cobre, si está todo ahí copón

Posted by Palorousse August 3, 08 05:44 AM

I will have a roll of duct tape and some plastic sheeting on hand...just in case.

Posted by lego of the gods August 3, 08 05:57 AM

i think it might be a pop-corn machine

Posted by Alan August 3, 08 05:59 AM

Oh. Play nice now children.t
Remember humility in the face of the fact that not even the wisest among us can prove to know anything outside of human construct, our little knowledge base.
So with that great equalizer in mind, please don't embarrass yourselves by
name and nationality -calling. Ya just need a little love, dude.
What it is is, what'll be will be, and may have always been.
Oh, and da ting went break awready! Hmm.
Be thankful always.
Aloha and Alohim.

Posted by Hubbard August 3, 08 06:05 AM

This is amazing... It's great achievement.

While back, during Manhattan project Professor Feynman was asked what are the chances of whole atmosphere blowing up during nuclear explosion? He said they are non-zero, but very unlikely :)

Posted by Toni August 3, 08 06:07 AM

This is future NOW.

Posted by nikolas August 3, 08 06:18 AM

Ìû âñå óìðåì :)

Äàé Áîã ÷òîáû Ðóññêàÿ íàóêà íå îáëàæàëàñü

Posted by drammadetryi August 3, 08 06:20 AM

Connecting the smallest particles with the biggest research machine is wonderful

Posted by Ruud Maarschall August 3, 08 06:25 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 3, 08 06:35 AM

This thing beats PS3 - I want one! :)

Posted by Ziggy Stardust August 3, 08 06:48 AM

Look at the guy riding the bike in the 9th picture and tell me I wrong if I say that he's Valentino Rossi! They really get the best equipment and the best technicians at CERN :-)

Posted by Kappa August 3, 08 06:50 AM

some things only click once

Posted by meg and mark August 3, 08 07:06 AM

@ comment 486

Well said sir, a little sense in a blog full of muppets.

Posted by KD August 3, 08 07:07 AM

Ooh, I can't wait till the part where that crazy albino Jesus freak dude blows the thing up then the chick who lost her kid in Flightplan goes to Japan where they have another machine just like it (only cooler looking) and gets transported to another planet or maybe she just hallucinates the whole thing because she bumps her head but then omg there's like a few seconds missing on the videotape so maybe she really did walk on a space-beach with her dead father who's really an alien that looks just like that creepy guy from that Disturbia movie.

Posted by Al Bino August 3, 08 07:07 AM

Hmm, so thats what it looks like under the hood of a Hummer.

Posted by give me a hummer August 3, 08 07:19 AM

do jaja

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 08 07:32 AM

This is so big, a lot to go wrong. It will never work for a long time if ever.

Posted by Shinny98 August 3, 08 07:50 AM

If the universe is so fragile that a bunch of smart monkeys could destroy it, I don't think it is really such a great place to be anyway.

Posted by hahahaha August 3, 08 08:16 AM

On the 8th day they turned the machine on and God smiled.

Posted by techteach August 3, 08 08:51 AM


*jumps dramatically through window

Posted by Cagliostro August 3, 08 08:52 AM

Î÷åíü êðàñèâûé è íàó÷íî-ïðîäóìàííûé ïèçäåö æäåò íàñ..

Posted by dsfox August 3, 08 09:04 AM

Never mind having a crowbar ready; get your towel ready.

Posted by Sam August 3, 08 09:05 AM

Awesome thing.Keep Tesla in life-score for science!

Posted by Roberto August 3, 08 09:21 AM

Dobrze jeszcze, ze zdazylem przeleciec swoja kochana dziewczyne, zanim to cos uruchomia :) [Idzie pieprzyc swoja kochane znowu, poki jest jeszcze czas] :)

Posted by Russkij August 3, 08 09:23 AM

This is simply magnificent… This struck me in a positive fashion. We, humans, can be so elevated and the next second be so crass as to fight wars... We are, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, guided Forces much greater than us, we need to KNOW for example and this is a proof of the efforts we will put forth just to KNOW

Posted by Lesly Misteus August 3, 08 09:25 AM


Posted by PAUL LEO FASO August 3, 08 09:29 AM

"I would have been more interested to see what would happen if they spend that much money and effort honoring the Lord Jesus Christ. This project is a giant testimony to the ego of man, and its creation is similar to the building of the tower of babel. Having spent most of my life as an engineer, this attitude is new to me. But technology is only good if it benefits man. My life work pretty much benefitted Bill Gates. In retrospect, I wish I had spent my life helping people in a more meaningful way. When I get to heaven, I want to say more for myself than, I wrote a bunch of drivers. These scientists will be able to say, "We build the worlds largest machine". In the end, God will have his way and the project will create as many questions as answers, and faith will still be a virtue. IMHO"

Hardly humble. But when you get there, please pay homage to all the scientists, artists and creative human beings whom you will meet. Listen to them and Jesus and anyone else with a good soul, and maybe you'll come away finding your own worth.

Keep your minds open, there is so much for us to learn and do. To those people for whom religion is important, just be kind to others. Hate is not part of religion. It is something inside yourself to be expunged.

Posted by David DelMonte August 3, 08 09:38 AM

why has britain had no real news coverage of this amazing piece of technology, i know nothing about physics but i mean wow who cares, if it works good well be abit more knowledgeable if it dosnt work then at least we tried something worth while if it goes really wrong we all get an experiance which should be fun....ish lol
all i know is hope they remember to earth it or the fuse might blow.

Posted by Rivyer August 3, 08 09:43 AM

Âñå ïîêóïàåì ìîíòèðîâêè è ãîòîâèìñÿ âîåâàòü ñ õýä-êðàáàìè

Posted by Paul August 3, 08 09:47 AM

Sadly, all the Creationist retards will not see the benefit of the research and still argue that God created mankind and all life on earth. Shame they cannot all stand in the middle of the beam so they have a good close look at how life was created.

Posted by Agnostic London August 3, 08 09:55 AM

According to Eric Lerner's book, "The Big Bang Never Happened," this colossus will prove nothing and neither will it produce a black hole...check more of this line of reasoning out at:

and read the book - it's fascinating even for non-scientists.

More importantly, his work is now culminating in a cheap and clean fusion process, called "Focus Fusion":

and he only needs about $20 million to build the first commercial fusion ppower plant. Here is a project with immediate benefits you can also invest in....

Posted by Steve Kingsley August 3, 08 10:02 AM

It's pretty cheap too, about 5 billion euros. Only, for example, about 1/10th of the UK's yearly defense budget.

Posted by Boaby August 3, 08 10:09 AM

It should work but you know, it's gnome. Rofl wow comment

Posted by Wow Crack August 3, 08 10:11 AM

#531 - this IS honoring JC - we were created in God's image, and given free will and minds to think. Do you think JC would want us to just sit on the couch all day?

Posted by thinking... August 3, 08 10:15 AM

This is great... Just great they are going to create a black hole for what.

Posted by Ackmed August 3, 08 10:18 AM

You fools, why did you turn the Earth into the DeathStar ?

Posted by cdognutz August 3, 08 10:22 AM

I'm all for the advancement of Science, but I just wonder how much of a chance for disaster is too much. If we gave these scientists a gun that in theory held 1 bullet and had a thousand empty chambers. Would they spin the barrel and pull the trigger. What about 1 bullet and 1 million chambers, would those odds be any better? Right now the barrel is pointed at everybody's heads, the timer is counting down, and we don't have nowhere to go to get out of the way. Also makes me wonder if every time they pull the trigger the odds increase as well.

Probably would be a better project for space in the future. Hopefully they put wheels on the thing so they can move it to be launched into space, haha.

Posted by Avitar August 3, 08 10:31 AM

I have an idea! ...Invite George Bush to the startup and give him a few refrigerator magnets to put in his pockets, (you will need to tell him it's for his protection) then get him to go inside and light it up. I am interested to see how the Large Bush Collider works using a concrete backstop!

Posted by Hassan Bin Sober August 3, 08 10:31 AM

To ryver@564

I am not sure what news you watch or follow, but this has had pretty constant

attention in the UK press for some time. The UK has invested approx £700m in the project. Alongside that, one of the best UK Physicists, Professor Brian Cox, former singer from Dare, is also involved in building ATLAS, one of the particle collectors in the HCL.

Posted by Ray Lee August 3, 08 10:53 AM

Todo esto para freir un huevo?

;p S.

Posted by Tersio August 3, 08 10:57 AM

Silly Europeans, there are easier ways to blow yourselves up!
Posted by Dantmann August 2, 08 10:35 PM

i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that the person who left that comment is a US citizen or brainwashed by one , , , and with that, I REST MY CASE :D

just keep in mind Dantmann that the copycats of everything great came from the US, and the rest of the world is the originals, NOT the other way around. U voted Bush twioce for crying out loud . . . looooool

Posted by Europe Rocks August 3, 08 11:16 AM

big big physics for small small particles...

Posted by Jerry August 3, 08 11:19 AM

Ñêàçàü, ÷òî âïå÷àòëÿåò - íå ñêàçàòü íè÷åãî.
ß ïðîñòî ïîðàæåí äî ãëóáèíû äóøè!

Posted by Chum August 3, 08 11:20 AM

*pulls css console down*


lolol! i lold? :D

p.s wtf is it?
p.p.s O NOES WE ALL GNA DIE!!!! *runs in circles

Posted by Sipho Ndlovu August 3, 08 11:21 AM

The pictures remind me of the awesome structure of The Matrix. How does the nuclear industry get away with it and come to this point where it literally appears to hold our life in its hand ... and chooses to throw it away?

And which country powers this thing?


Posted by Glenn Carroll August 3, 08 11:44 AM

This would have been built in Texas EXCEPT the Democrats in Congress killed the funding for it. It cost as much to tear it down than it would to have completed a USA super collider. If you live in the USA remember this when you vote in November.

Posted by Lanty Wylie August 3, 08 11:46 AM

All hail to the Collider!!!

Posted by fat_angel August 3, 08 11:54 AM

retards + science = retards

Posted by jackshiznit August 3, 08 12:05 PM

Ok, this looks like somehting that will fling our world into a black hole.

How do we know that the other black holes in the universe are not remains of civilzations reaching this specific point in evolution.

Famous last words
-"Hey, i think we can manufacture a black hole, wouldn't that be interesting?"

Posted by Andreas W August 3, 08 12:13 PM

The pictures and story give me hope in the future of humanity. The comments take all that hope away.

Posted by Sad August 3, 08 12:21 PM

It DOES look like Half-Life....
Resonance cascade ahoy...
I for one welcome our new Combine overlords.

Posted by Nillerz August 3, 08 12:38 PM

Well, up to a meeting in other life.

Posted by Collider Victim August 3, 08 12:52 PM

No, No! I said a Bud Light!

Posted by Beau August 3, 08 12:54 PM

I like all of the stupid and non-thought out answers. Those who have posted semi-intelligent remarks show some level of intelligence and thoughtful processes. But many kudos to those who have written the intelligent responses that have added to some understanding of the LHC and its potential application. As for myself, I know very little about this incredible undertaking yet I have high hopes that everything that is expected of it and more will fundamentally raise the science knowledge of all those physicists and parapathetics involved. FIRE IT UP AND LETS HAVE SOME MORE PHOTOS!

Posted by non-sequiter de plume August 3, 08 01:01 PM

According to the American Pet Producers Manufacturers Association (APPMA) Americans spent $41.2 BILLION dollars on their pets in 2007. $3.0 Billion of that money was spent on pet grooming & boarding.

The annual budget for the CERN program is $1.0 Billion.

If you are concerned about feeding humanity with responsibly spent money, start in your own home. Euthanize your pet and donate a tiny fraction of the money you save to Unicef.

Posted by PETA Activist August 3, 08 01:02 PM

I know how the big bang happened. The universe that existed before us, ran a Large Hadron Collider experiment. :)

Posted by bleh August 3, 08 01:09 PM

I wonder what it's actual purpose is? Colliding lead... big bang... probably would be impossible to get a budget like this for such esoteric purpose. There are some heavy-duty potential break-throughs anticipated here... but who knows what?

Posted by Cliff J August 3, 08 01:13 PM

These are some beautiful pictures and this is one magnificent creation! Hats off to anyone involved in the project! Any chance of seeing the photos in higher resolution? (say, your average wallpaper size ;))

Posted by Anton Tcholakov August 3, 08 01:36 PM

If the same type of collisions are happening constantly on our planet then why do we need to build this LHC? Why don't we just view what is already happening naturally to our planet?

Posted by John August 3, 08 01:41 PM

half life 3 is comming xD

Posted by carlos August 3, 08 01:48 PM

Can you put a Big Mac in there and run it through, and when they smash, find out what the hell is in the secret sauce, besides thousand island dressing?

Posted by noy August 3, 08 01:52 PM

Will I get a domestic headcrab?

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 08 01:56 PM

Hello Gordon Freeman. we all die

Posted by Mark August 3, 08 02:10 PM

This was a triumph...

I'm making a note here:


.....GLaDOS is that you?

Posted by unstable muse August 3, 08 02:12 PM

Hello Gordon Freeman. we all die

Posted by Mark August 3, 08 02:12 PM



Posted by FGZ August 3, 08 02:18 PM

Simply put - fear of the unknown is what stifles progress for a better tomrrow. As an American, I look at these dedicated scientists, engineers, programmers, etc., and see them all as saviors of this vision, and at the same time almost embarassed that our own leaders are so caught up in scare tactics that this vision is ultimately blinded. Way to go Europeans - your priorities prove your dedication.

Posted by jonny positron August 3, 08 02:21 PM

Wow. Those are amazing pictures. Who knew science could be so incredibly beautiful. Lets hope they don't destroy the universe with that beautiful machine.

Posted by Mordennight August 3, 08 02:25 PM

Truly beautiful pictures...
Now could someone please in plain English (English for Dummies will do) tell me why they built that thing and why it's so important for the whole world to have it built? For those wondering, no, I'm not stupid and I'm not illiterate, I just don't understand it...Science is not my forte and this thing seems a bit menacing and I tried to read about it on the net but the technological explanation is so complicated for the normal and humble human being that I am that I just don't get this whole thing...

Posted by C.Daponte August 3, 08 02:43 PM

Ajme buraz kolko bakra tu imaaaa!!!

Posted by Armin August 3, 08 02:45 PM

Science is going in the wrong direction if you are trying to help mankind.we can't even solve the gas problem, the food problem, the health problem and many other problems that confront us now. Us the money and talents wisely.

Posted by head- out-of-the-clouds August 3, 08 02:59 PM

Re. Comment 80. AFAIK, they are running a customized version of RHEL. At least that's what they do at Fermilab in Illinois. You can download it from CERN or Fermilab websites if you want. I'm not sure what the changes entail, though my wife who is a staff physicist at Fermilab does as she works in the computer division and is involved with the LHC software tools and libraries, traveling to CERN a couple of times a year to deal with LHC software issues directly. The LHC is a HUGE world-wide collaboration of particle physicists, and draws on the resources of all the other accelerator labs around the world.

Posted by rubberman August 3, 08 03:03 PM

Okay, so there's a minute chance that this could kill us all. So what are the chances that aliens are watching us from orbit and will come down and stop the experiment? I can see it now.

Alien: You know that X-ray source in Cygnus? Yeah, well that's the last time someone tried this experiment. :-)

Posted by polyGeek August 3, 08 03:19 PM

It's gonna make Zombies.
The huge scientific machines out in the middle of nowhere, built underground ALWAYS make zombies.

I'm gonna go sharpen my axe, now.

Posted by Chris August 3, 08 03:32 PM

There is no way that we could CREATE a black hole. I don't think there is anything to worry about.

Posted by Taylor August 3, 08 03:37 PM


Posted by DEATH August 3, 08 03:54 PM

Gosh, 18 billion, that's enough to keep the u.s military in Iraq for another year and a half where there are real achievements being made.

It's enough to keep all the leaders of starving countries equipped with fire-arms and armored vehicles for quite some time.

There are enough nuclear bombs today to blow us all to kingdom come, results guaranteed. This machine seems a mere trifle.

Bring it on.

Posted by Solange August 3, 08 04:04 PM

If religion shouldn't be involved in science, shouldn't politics stay out too?

Enough of your political mumbo-jumbo using this science thread to bash Americans. If you want to bitch and moan go comment elsewhere.

Just because some religious wackos in America are afraid, doesn't mean all American's are, in fact the vast majority are in support of science efforts like this.

Not to mention, in Europe there are plenty of wackos who fear this.
So, shut up and talk about science, not your intolerant political views.


Posted by Dave August 3, 08 04:14 PM

ÏÍÕ âñå

Posted by Æîïàøíèê August 3, 08 04:16 PM

Okay, Gordon Freeman, now just push the cart into the beam...

Posted by Craig August 3, 08 04:27 PM

i predict a riot.

Posted by k. August 3, 08 04:36 PM

Stupid thing. Scientists think only about their area of interest. "Chance is small" doesn't mean "chance is zero". So this is a worthless risk for all humanity just because some freaks think they can found some mythical particles. Stupid. Lots of brains doesn't mean high wisdom. I really hope that this big ass stuff won't function at all. Science is not the thing that worth human lives to be sacrificed for.

Posted by Moses August 3, 08 04:40 PM

Not to worry,Aaron. If you're right you won't feel a thing.

Posted by RRcoolW August 3, 08 04:44 PM

Heard on the ladder:
"No, take it away, we ordered it in blue"

Posted by baldy August 3, 08 04:45 PM

Good reportage!
Good lights control

Posted by Omodilatta on Flickr August 3, 08 05:03 PM

Òðàõ òàðàðàõ, áàáàõ)
Ðåñïåêò ðåáÿòàì!

Posted by ÄèÄà Óõó (6 ïàëàòà) August 3, 08 05:04 PM

How many people would all than money have fed? What do you think the money went on. How about lots if salaries to lots of people so that they could feed their families. The money doesn't just disappear into a black hole!

Posted by Steven Blumenkranz August 3, 08 05:09 PM

The concept, design, construction and eventual deployment and use of this device is a feat of intelligence and tenacity. Congratulations to all involved. What remains to be seen is if the yet-to-be-learned science becomes part of the science commons – the royalty free and shared repository that has helped advances such as the human genome, or if the knowledge will be sold to the highest bidder so mindless for-profit corporations can squeeze money out of those that can afford it the least. I fear not the scientific advances, but the moronic ways our politicians, greedy investors and corporate lawyers have of controlling knowledge and science that belongs to all for our common benefit and advancement.

Posted by elptuxman August 3, 08 05:20 PM

Well, can you feel the 'static' in the air, of fate and destiny preparing to collide??? As if the clock is slowing, and shrinking under the coming strain, upon unknown relativistic regions? Well then, it must be time to begin!

Remember: Follow the 'White Rabbit'!

Posted by THE FIFTH KNIGHT August 3, 08 05:22 PM

Åñëè ìåíÿ òóäà çàñîñ¸ò... à íàñ âåäü âñåõ òóäà êîãäà-íèáóäü çàñîñ¸ò...
òàê âîò... ÿ áóäó ãîðäèòüñÿ ýòèì ìîìåíòîì è íàñëàæäàòüñÿ èì äî êîíöà ñâîèõ äíåé... ñåêóíä äåñÿòü âåäü ó ìåíÿ áóäåò ïîêàéôîâàòü? ))

Posted by OWK August 3, 08 05:42 PM

The lion will roar!
Awesome Pics

Posted by S August 3, 08 05:43 PM

Just 2 words...


Posted by Lucas August 3, 08 05:44 PM

Keep politics in everything....that is the American Way.

Look for USA to have no energy policy either. We can all freeze to death in the dark because of POLITICS.

Posted by Augustus Yearly August 3, 08 05:49 PM

#28: "how many people could we feed with that money?"

Everyone. Experiments such as these may unlock a mean of tapping limitless energy from quantum foam. You never know until you spend the money and try.

Posted by Tom August 3, 08 05:57 PM

Awesome Pictures! Great Project!
I guess I've spent to many years working with mass spectrophotometers bending particals.
Most of the people commenting on these photos should stay far away from the ocean because they would surely sail off the egde of the earth.

Posted by Larrs August 3, 08 05:58 PM

Îíè åáàíóëèñü íà îòëè÷íåíüêî!

Posted by traaance August 3, 08 06:02 PM

Áëåê õîëû
ß èç-çà íèõ íå ñïàëà äâà äíÿ
À òåïåðü ïîíÿëà, ÷òî óìèðàòü - ýòî íåáîëüíî
ß æäó âàñ âñåõ â áåññìåðòíîì ñåêòîðà êîëëàéäåðà, ïðèòâîðèâøèñü, ÷òî ñïëþ

Posted by Kate August 3, 08 06:03 PM

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." - J. Robert Oppenheimer

Posted by JT August 3, 08 06:07 PM

never mind the blackhole!!

is there any possibilety that it might interfere with our delicate magnetic feild ;ie reversing the poles or destroying magnetosphere which sheilds us from solar radiation..has there been any reserch into this area??? it looks so powerfull..
geneva might be the next north pole.......
.any one for a lead suit???...
no wonder gas is expensive.....
very cool

Posted by the kiwi August 3, 08 06:08 PM

Devil Has A Vacancy For You My Brother

Posted by name August 3, 08 06:09 PM

Хорошая машинка.

Posted by bazil August 3, 08 06:22 PM

This is what would happen if it made a black hole, the black hole would be small and it would cause a massive shut down of the collider ,it would be so small our earths gravity would pull the black hole to the center of our world and as the crust rotates the black hole would partially stay stabilized as it drills deeper and deep into the core, eventually it would reach the core and slowly begin converting the core into useless matter that would leave our planet slowly desolate, but for a tiny black hole to consume the vastness of the core of the earth would take a long time, longer then you might be alive, also another thing to consider is once it hypothetically finally consumed the whole core you would have a hallow planet or a planet with a strange form of mater for a center, the black hole would stay at the center of the world due to spin which causes gravity and eventually our planet would collapse in on itself or it would stay stable due to the to the strange matter

Posted by Black 888 August 3, 08 06:28 PM

Ïðèêîëüíî. Äà âñå ðàâíî ÷òî-òî âûéäåò èç ñòðîÿ è ÷òî-òî ñëó÷èòñÿ íåõîðîøåå.
Ýòî êàê ÀÝÑ â ×åðíîáûëå, õîòÿ ýòî ñîâñåì ðàçíûå âåùè.

Posted by Ïðåäñêàçàòåëü August 3, 08 06:28 PM

Something this massive just to make one little bitty thing they say is harmless. HUM?

Posted by DDD August 3, 08 06:32 PM

Õýäðàáû çàïîëîíÿò íàøó ïëàíåòó!

Posted by Headcrab August 3, 08 06:33 PM

Õýäðàáû çàïîëîíÿò íàøó ïëàíåòó!

Posted by Headcrab August 3, 08 06:37 PM

"#---" That's what I get for experiencing the black hole of this blog. It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the planet is rotating, and I could be riding my bike thinking that tools are just that: tools. We abdicate our responsibility to evolve when we bicker about who is Right. Thank God for physicists, for engineers, for clerics, for creative thought, and for the little person. I'm off, to ride into the sunset...smiling. Btw: wonderful photos; wonderful science.

Posted by Lolly August 3, 08 06:39 PM

dude its likeTron is gonna pop outta there dude!

Posted by bian scazzzy August 3, 08 06:42 PM

Êëåâàÿ øòóêà =)

Posted by Ûûûûûûûûûûûû August 3, 08 06:43 PM

looks like magic

Posted by Ñåðãåé August 3, 08 06:49 PM

Forget mini black holes.
Metastable Vacuum is whats going to kill us all, and this machine could possibly do it (probably not).

Posted by Andreas August 3, 08 06:51 PM

I spoke with one of the physicists working on that project.

"What're you going to see when if fires up?" I asked.

"Tiny pink unicorns," she replied. "With wings. Faerie pegasuses, really."

THAT is terrifying.

Posted by opendna August 3, 08 06:53 PM

Have you seen the site

Professor Otto Rossler calculates that if micro black holes are created by the LHC Earth will shrink to the size of a golf ball in 50 months to 50 years.

Posted by JTankers August 3, 08 07:10 PM

ß â ðîò âàñ âñåõ åáàë!

Posted by Áëÿäîòà! August 3, 08 07:13 PM

another thing to consider is that if the black hole goes to the center of the core effectively replacing it then it would consume the core and the magma etc, and if hypothetically producing a strange form of matter would then reheat that matter by the high intensity radiations the black hole emits, this matter once there is nothing left to consume could be reabsorbed as a continual cycle and reheated so this material would be also continually heated endlessly and so it would mimic functions of the core of our world and it would produce a substance which would be just like lava due to the fact that the intense x-rays reheat the matter and this material would act as a stabilizer preventing the world from being hollow or suffering from huge earthquakes as the result of a hallow earth, but the constant fluctuation of the earth adapting to the differences of a new core would cause huge destructive potentials example cars being flung in the air 10-20ft high and the surface crust rapidly being completely changed ,the damage to the ocean and the tidal flows would be the real killer though if it effected it badly enough

this makes me wonder one thing, is our planets core already a super small black hole? and as you might have already known when two black holes merge they combine and get bigger, but this hypothetical black hole from the collider would be tiny maybe millimeter in size or smaller...

Posted by Black 888 August 3, 08 07:18 PM

this thing will lead us to an endless time loop.


Posted by jcbf August 3, 08 07:46 PM

Science, on this scale, keeps more than 90% of the world population light years behind. What a gulf being created! However, its sweet and bitter fruits will be shared by everyone in the world.

Posted by Satish C. Bhatnagar August 3, 08 07:53 PM

íàì áû òàêîé...

Posted by zorro August 3, 08 08:02 PM

Well, if we die I hope it be fast xD
(sorry for my english xD)

Posted by selken August 3, 08 08:03 PM

amazing how in such an expensive and complicated peice of equipment, that there are so many 1cent zip ties holding all kinds of cable bundles together.
lets hope these 1cent zip ties dont break under the temperature stresses and cause a catastophy.

Posted by FAH-Q August 3, 08 08:05 PM
657. be part of that gig. This is easily a tool of a whole new order of answers to the questions of the universe.

Posted by Mark Loveland August 3, 08 08:25 PM

Remember the movie "Event Horizon" that is what this shit will do
no wonder the number of people encoutering "shadow beings" has
increase dramatically in the past few years we are openning and will open
portals which we will never be able to close again..

I love all this shit.......


Posted by DarkAngel August 3, 08 08:41 PM

It looks unreal. The Compact Muon Solenoid looks like a sea animal.

Posted by John Doe August 3, 08 08:52 PM

Reminds me the Doom 3 portal from hell.

Or one of the Star Wars' Death Star cannon, maybe this can be use as planetary defense heavy cannon (only they need the earth rotation to point it to the target).

Science (gadget?) is cool.

Posted by zontar August 3, 08 08:57 PM

Don't know why people view science so negatively in this
set of comments. This is the same science that runs their
PCs (so that they can comment) and kept their parents alive
with smallpox vaccines and green revolution. I pity them.

Posted by Edwin Jose Palarhinkal August 3, 08 09:04 PM

First - These are Brilliant and Beautiful shots of a project that is bigger in scope than anything. Understanding the universe, not fighting other people or ripping each other off, or murder or any other ills that humans have developed.
Modern science is here to help get our lost and lonely, collective arse off of this one rock and out into the universe.
That way we can ensure the human race will survive.
AND in Reply to Post 28 # "how many people could we feed with that money?
Posted by yes i have one August 1, 08 01:57 PM"
I would like to answer - not as many people as we could feed if we stopped the war in Iraq.

Posted by Stephen Marshall August 3, 08 09:07 PM

First of all...if the scientists already knew everything that thing machine was going to do/produce, why did they build it? They have made an exceptionally reasonable estimation that it will not produce anything such as a earth sucking black hole, based on todays science and an assumption that this HUGE machine functions correctly.

In my lifetime (which is

With something this large, and complicated, and the extremely unlikely yet potentially possible KNOWN bad side, these scientists need to be extremely cautious and their planned experiments should be carefully, and honestly scrutinized BEFORE being allowed to run their course. I personally have serious issues with the blind arrogance I have seen presented on the news to date, from the guys running this project. I would expect people who are on the forefront of science would be a bit more humble and respectful to the unknowns of the universe.

And to those in this world who love to bash the US and it's people. I am glad my grandfather did not have your attitude towards Europeans when he was in Bastogne or when his brother was in Normandy, Or my other grandfather when he was at Midway.

Posted by Gouranga August 3, 08 09:14 PM

And I suppose that we citizens of the United States financed 75% of this project, as usual, for the European Union to gloat over.

Posted by C. Cruise August 3, 08 09:24 PM

What is the hurry?

Posted by Don Robertson August 3, 08 09:26 PM

1. Micro black holes created in the upper atmosphere or on the moon would be moving nearly the speed of light. They are outta here before anything bad happens. But some micro holes created (if they are) at LHC will be moving quite slowly and would oscillate through the earth's center.

2. Hawking's theory about black hole evaporation is exactly that, a theory. It's not been observed or 'proved', and it may be 'a little' wrong.

Posted by KBK August 3, 08 09:29 PM

OK - great pics, especially the aerial view of the LHC (Hadron). The secret should have been revealed earlier. It is a subspace communications device, first identified - at least hinted at after scientific exploitation of the materials remaining after the 1947 crash in Roswell N.M. The test beam particles acceleration, disintegration as well as the newly-formed short-lived particles will provide cosmic energy which will act like a beacon to extraterrestrial civilizations. At least those societies with advanced communications systems such as we invented in the later half of the last century. This LHC should interact with the magnetic flux fields at both the north and south polar regions. The 'energy signature beams' will be amplified and sent from the polar regions in a perpendicular angle from the Milky Way's disc, thus pinpointing the sector of this galaxy's major concentration of 'earth's life forms. Welcome to the future, Earthlings.

Posted by Jonathan Starzion August 3, 08 09:34 PM

Hello C. Cruise,

The United States only financed 10%, but we provided much of the technology (super cooled super conducting magnets, computers, etc.).

However if the LHC produces micro black holes as some theories predict and if Professor Rossler's calculations are correct then in 50 months to 50 years the LHC will shrink 100% of Earth to about the size of a golf ball.

Posted by JTankers August 3, 08 09:38 PM

you know what you doing??

all your base are belong to us!

Posted by bert August 3, 08 09:39 PM

im just wondering if we know for a fact that black holes behave the same in atmosphere as they do in a vacuum.

Posted by Just me August 3, 08 09:59 PM

To all of those people saying that the team will fail to find a Higgs-Boson particle and that all that money and manpower will be all for naught, think about it for a second, if they do fail, do you honestly think they will tell anyone? They will find the particle one way or another, even if they have to resort to Photoshop to do it. So I guarantee that they will succeed, even if they fail.

Posted by lilricky August 3, 08 10:05 PM

God has allowed us to do this, and givein you free choice too. I wonder why.
I hope it brings understanding.

Posted by Pete August 3, 08 10:05 PM

There isn't an Ernst Stavro Blofeld overseeing the project by any chance? This just cries out for a bald guy in a Nehru jacket with a white Persian cat.

Posted by Cap'n Morgan August 3, 08 10:13 PM

If this thing doesn´t work, somebody will get into trouble.

The machine is a piece of modern art anyway.

Posted by Ignacio T August 3, 08 10:14 PM

absoloutly amazing photos, cant wait to see the result when this thing kicks in

Posted by matt August 3, 08 10:30 PM

Ñèëüíî halflife íàïîìèíàåò

Posted by Anton August 3, 08 10:32 PM

alguien tiene cinta aisladora?

Posted by seragonza August 3, 08 10:35 PM

They should test this with Mr Bush...., to see where he ends up..hell probably

Posted by Kubat Cavdar August 3, 08 10:40 PM

That looks very will kill us slowly. Âî áëèí çàìóòèëè òà!

Posted by Äàøà August 3, 08 10:43 PM

will it make a good cup of tea?

and not something that is "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea"

Posted by chris August 3, 08 10:47 PM

I hope they don't control this device via a Windows application.

Posted by Peter Evo August 3, 08 10:53 PM

First of all, do NOT believe a thing these intellectual idiots are telling you. The public [you and I] will never be told what the real purpose of this device is being created for, I can assure you. The GOD particle, my foot!!!~ This is the OPPOSITE and it is going to be used for a demonic purpose. There is no BIG BANG. It is all a lie, too. They [science] cannot even cure the common cold. Go check out some Egyptian hieroglyphics and you will see that this thing [Collider] has already been invented. GOD created this whole universe. HE is ever merciful and patience beyond belief. The problem with this thing [Collider] is that there is NO fear of GOD. The time is coming folks, we are all going to be physically/bodily shaking from HIS AWESOME power, not some manmade collider. We are out-of-time. Get right with GOD. Live for HIM…… HE is all we are going to have at the end of it all…… And for some reason, I think all of us [the human race] know this in our "knower". We just need to be reminded that GOD is not up in Heaven wringing HIS hands wondering what is going to happen next. HE is going to shake this whole world to its core…………. He will let man destroy himself - - to a point!!!!~

Posted by Anonymous August 3, 08 10:56 PM

Not sure I really want to be in the middle of that area when it's turned on, or maybe I do want too. =|

Posted by Jcseks August 3, 08 10:58 PM

#668, does that mean the price of my house will go up or down? I'm so confused.

"It's the end of the world as we know's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine."

Posted by Lock'n'load August 3, 08 10:59 PM

Allow me to explain some basic physics for you people, seeing as you just don't get it.

Black hole - a super-dense celestial mass
This term is deceptive, because the object is not a hole, but a ridiculously heavy chunk of matter.

Universal law of gravitation: F = (G * M1 * M2) / (R^2)
F is the force between the two objects
G is the gravitational constant
M1 and M2 are the masses of the respective objects
R is the distance between the centres of the two objects.

Newton's Second law: F = ma
F is the force exerted on an object
m is the mass of the object
a is the acceleration the object experiences

The “micro black holes” they are discussing are super-dense chunks of matter. Since they are only firing a few particles (about 2 x 10^-20 kg in mass) at each other, the black hole can't weigh much more than a few kilograms at the most. Note that the universal law of gravitation DOES NOT have a variable for density, so the density of the object DOES NOT MATTER.

The reason that black holes are black is because they weigh more than one thousand times the mass of our sun, and they are compressed into a tiny, tiny space. So, the black-hole itself has an UNIMAGINABLE amount of mass, and other objects can come into very close proximity to the mass. This means that the gravitational force is unimaginably large, and can draw even light into itself (which is why the black hole is “black”)

Micro black holes, however, only will, at the most, weigh as much as a newborn. Since newborns cannot cause an apocalypse simply due to their existence as a newborn, a micro black hole cannot destroy the world.


Posted by Charles Stover August 3, 08 11:13 PM

We are all doomed!
All together now......

Abide with me amid the - - - - - -

Posted by Daniell Dowsterswivel August 3, 08 11:15 PM

You wanna know what happens in the first try?

Markus: Ok. Get ready... now push this button and.....
Markus: Olaf. Have you plugged the cord?
Olaf: D´oh

Why did they took two monts to make a second try?
They were trying to replace Olaf

Anyway, i guess i don´t want to fly to swiss the day of the ignition.

Posted by Dexter August 3, 08 11:51 PM

I bet they use linux.

Posted by linuxzealot August 3, 08 11:56 PM

The comments are almost as good as the pictures.
And I am not talking of the most enlighted ones!
We have meet the enemy...and that is us!

Posted by Jeffersonian August 4, 08 12:17 AM

#44 Jay -- Typical condesending elitist liberal... comments like your remind me of why so many Americans hate people 'like you'.

If I could quote South Park for a second... "Why can't God be the answer to why and Science be the answer to how"

I'm a life-long Roman Catholic and love all these technological advances... they don't scare me, but at the same time I'm not a reflexive jerk so myopic and pompous to be so eager to refute the divine and the unknown.

TRUE wisdom is not about knowing many facts, but rather knowing that you don't know everything, and accepting it.

Posted by Justin in Pennsylvania August 4, 08 12:27 AM

This is where Science will turn spiritual.
Awesome times ahead.

Posted by suresh punj August 4, 08 12:35 AM

No crei morir a los 28 años de edad tragado por un agujero negro, o compactado hasta morir por la increible gravedad de una particula de masa exotica supermasiva o simplemente desintegrado y transformado en solo vacio cuantico por el decaimiento de mis protones debido a la fuerza de un monopolo magnetico.

Y lo mas triste es que todos vamos a morir por un grupo de cientificos que dicen "No se encuentran bases fundadas que conduzcan a estas amenazas", espero no encontrarme a uno de ellos en la calle porque me lo llevo con el carro.

El unico punto positivo que le veo a toda esta investigacion cientifica es que probablemente voy a morir rapido y sin dolor.... Ojo, este es el unico punto en el cual no estoy de a cuerdo en el adelanto cientifico, en el resto de los puntos opino que la inversion en adelanto cientifico es lo mejor que se puede hacer.

Quisiera que otras personas escucharan mi opinion sobre esa bomba que estan construyendo en Ginebra, siento que ese conteo regresivo es como la fecha en la que el mundo se va a acabar, y lo tomo mas en serio que el apocalipsis o que los otros tipos que predicen el futuro, ya que esto lo estan diciendo cientificos que salieron de las mejores universidades del planeta!!!

Todos somos humanos, y todos cometemos errores por mas ingenieros que seamos, de hecho una de las tareas del ingeniero es calcular el procentaje de error, ya que no se puede eliminar, solo se puede reducir hasta que no sea significativo; pero tarde o temprano todos cometemos errores, en esa bomba que construyeron en Ginebra tal vez no nos desintegremos al finalizar el conteo, pero ellos van a seguir jugando con su nuevo juguete y cada vez se van a confiar mas y a tomar mas riesgos; tal cual como todos nos confiamos despues que llevamos mucho tiempo detras del volante de un vehiculo o en la cabina de un avion. Que sucede de esa confianza??? Chernobil... A esta tragedia no vamos a tener chance ni de ponerle nombre... No se que tanto daño se puede crear con 1150 TeV de energia, pero se que un dia van a estar jugando alli con esa cantidad.

Yo creo que siempre debemos tomar precauciones no para todo lo que puede suceder, pero si al menos para lo peor que puede suceder; y con esto, no hay mas precauciones que tomar que simplemente la prevencion.



Posted by jonathan August 4, 08 12:40 AM

FYI -- for all the doomsday people this isn't it. FAR... by magnitues of 10 the most likely cause will be genetic engineering of a biological organism not natural to Earth. A DISTANT (and I mean waaaaaay distant) second would be self-replicating artifical intelligence making use of a open information network (ie the internet) to overcome the old adage 'a computer only knows whtat is programed to know (think terminator's skynet).

Posted by Jayson August 4, 08 12:52 AM

ûûû, æåñòü, ïûù-ïûù!!111

Posted by August 4, 08 12:53 AM

Hey Frankie.. look at this sticker on the bottom... it says "Made in China"...?

Posted by Peacefrog1968 August 4, 08 12:56 AM

damn I shouldnt do anything worthwhile for the next five days juzt in case

Posted by bigfuzzykittun August 4, 08 01:03 AM

Your comments are as brilliant as the photos. Well, many of them are. This LHC physicist will never be able to look at CMS again without thinking of for example Linens and **%&.

Posted by Duncan August 4, 08 01:08 AM

5.6. Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite
(Centurie I, Quatrain 46)
Research scientists will be investigating the powers associated
with the various energy fields of the earth. They'll try to harness
the powers for different purposes, including warfare. When they
begin experiments, in an area near the North Sea they will
accidentally rupture one of the earth's fields so that a beam of
energy will shoot out into space and draw a steady stream of
meteorites to earth. They will continue to rain down until the
scientists can repair the damage. Doing so will cause an
earthquake from built-up stress. The research will be a secret
government project. To the world at large this will appear to be a
natural phenomenon and will be recorded as such in future
history books, because the government will keep the project
concealed even after the accident.

Posted by Jerry August 4, 08 01:12 AM

×óð ÿ áóäó õýäêðàáîì!

Posted by Ðîìàí August 4, 08 01:19 AM

Wow. Very good photos. Vonderful.

Posted by V@s3K August 4, 08 01:23 AM

Oh yeah. I've got one of those. I keep it under my bed...

Posted by j.1.0 August 4, 08 01:45 AM

Ìû âñå óìðåì???? Àààà!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ïîìîãèòå!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by serber August 4, 08 01:46 AM


Posted by THE FLY August 4, 08 02:05 AM

We're gonna die! ! ! We're gonna die! ! ! . . . Wait. . . Linux??? . . . Hmmm . . . We're still gonna die! ! !

Posted by Javajojo August 4, 08 02:05 AM

Am I crazy or does this machine look to be shapes and patterns of crop circles I have seen on the internet??

Posted by sheila August 4, 08 02:13 AM

How many FPS can that thing play cs:s at?

Posted by Will August 4, 08 02:19 AM

Scary but cool, who knows? not me lol

Posted by Jacqueline August 4, 08 02:24 AM

engage in destruction of the world, kill em all!!!

Posted by Anonymous August 4, 08 02:33 AM

Ïåñòäåö õåðîâèíà.
Êîììåíòû æãóò, ïðèâåò êðóòîï÷åãàì è àðìàäîâöàì!

Posted by Æåêà August 4, 08 02:36 AM

Da ebali my etot vash LHC.
Bablo-to ne zaebalo esho otmyvat'?
Pidarasy burjuyskie.

Golakteko opasnoste!

From Russia with love.

Posted by Racoon August 4, 08 02:40 AM

äà ïîëþáîìó ìû âñå âûæèâåì)) íè÷å òàêîãî íå áóäåò.
ñ êåì ïîñïîðèòü íà ïàðó ìèëëèîíîâ? ))))

ñïåöèàëüíî äëÿ íåðóññêèõ äîëïàåáîâ ïèøó:
we will survive!!

Posted by RD August 4, 08 02:52 AM

the real question is how does a event horizon exist in a state that contradicts current temporal coexistence's of an event horizon which exists in a state of temporal dilation not in sync with current temporal existences, does this prove that the theoretical event horizon is non existence or does it prove hat it existed at one point but faded from our frame of perceptional time and ceases to exist in our time frame or did the chaos resulting from dual chaos quantum oscillation opposition of two temporal values in opposition of each other cause a canceling out of the event horizons existence and did the temporal dilation trap the effect of gravitational density without relying on the necessity of a event horizon in the current external perceptional time frame, proving ,all conventional theory's wrong, and remember they have never had a front seat view of a black hole or the ability to put it under a microscope they never could analyze if the black hole obeys their various different contrived theory's and these physicists could not even come up with a explanation of why Saturn has a hexagon on its poles, what makes them think they know how a black hole or theoretical white hole would operate?

Posted by Agos August 4, 08 02:52 AM

@ Rad /429: The crowbars are not for use against the Magnet , it's an allusion to the HALF LIFE and HALF LIFE 2 video games in which you play a scientist that has to battle the interdimensional aliens that are hostile and want to take over the Earth (after the resonance cascade in the test chamber). You may need more then a crowbar , and maybe befriending a Vortigaunt would help, if reality imitates fiction. Personally , I'm all for this scientific endevour , regardless of the 'unforseen consequences' ; it would make living on this planet more interesting. Better yet , to all those who say it's the end of the world : I BET YOU 3 TRILLION DOLLARS THAT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, AND LIFE WILL GO ON AND BE AS BORING AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN FOR YOU PEOPLE. I'LL SHAKE ON IT/ SIGN A CONTRACT . If anything does happen , well you can try and find me in some alternate universe , if you can. I got my crowbar ready.

Posted by titlated August 4, 08 02:53 AM

@626: íå, ó òåáÿ áóäåò 0,0000000000000001 ñåê. íà ïîêàéôîâàòü :-)

Posted by -=KildeN=- August 4, 08 02:55 AM

ÃÀëàêÒåÊî  ÀïàñíîñòÅ %)

Posted by habr August 4, 08 03:01 AM

Just a few answers. @ 595: Yes, these kind of particle collisions are happening all the time around us. The LHC will simply create a few additional ones, conveniently placed inside a detector where we can study them. It's sort of like growing penicillin mold in vitro and putting it under a microscope.
A few asked why we still use CRT screens. Actually they have almost disappeared now, but we try to phase them out only when they die, to save money. On top, CRTs are small particle accelerators, really. And round here we like this kind of stuff ;-)
Last for now, yes, we do use linux for our control system.
A few other infos on LHC here:
And about the black hole scare:

Posted by Roberto from CERN August 4, 08 03:01 AM

ÀÕààààà! Æàëêèå ëþäèèøêèè! Íàñòàë âàø ÷àñ ðàñïëàòûû!

Posted by Ïîâåëèòåëü Ìèðà August 4, 08 03:04 AM

moosehunt anyone?

Posted by Esten August 4, 08 03:07 AM

Just wait 'till they finally find the ellusive Higgs boson (the remaining, predicted, missing particle). Can you say M-Theory, and get your head around 11-dimensions? Goodbye Standard Model! Welcome to the dawn of the Age of Aquarius!

Posted by endof days August 4, 08 03:09 AM

æèòü îñòàëîñü ñîâñåì ÷óòü ÷óòü

Posted by revix August 4, 08 03:14 AM

Nothing like "Black Mesa" complex
everything will be allright

Posted by Din August 4, 08 03:27 AM

This is like man delivering a baby and becoming a mother! I don't think scientists should run against the nature. People are already aware of and experinced of what has happened with the atom bomb. This will be yet another BOMB!!!

Posted by Anil Hatkar, India August 4, 08 03:33 AM

Íå âçëåòèò [x]

Posted by Reliko August 4, 08 03:33 AM

Dumb asses!! its just a collider, freekin idiots.. Run forest!! its going to kill you.. hahaha

Posted by notasdumbass August 4, 08 03:34 AM

Yes, the comments are good. Especialy the funny ones. I ike the ones about the cute fire truck. But think about it. Have you ever heard of a machine so large that it can have its own fire brigade on the INSIDE?!

Posted by Mobo August 4, 08 03:35 AM

I suppose the TOB is located in the 'cleanroom', not the 'cleaning room' ?


Posted by Dave Schenk August 4, 08 03:42 AM

Ààààà ÆÀðåíàÿ ÊàëÁÀñÑñêà

Posted by Vishenca August 4, 08 03:51 AM

Ààààààà ÆÀðåÍàÿ ÊàëáÀñÑñêà +0) õåõü

Posted by Vishenca August 4, 08 03:54 AM

With all those 1,000s of KM of cabling, any chance that a few won't work first time? tracing and fixing all the bugs could take years!

Posted by Anthony August 4, 08 03:56 AM

Îõåðåííàÿ âåùü, ýòîò êîëëàéäåð!
Âîò ÷åãî ìîæåò ÷åëîâå÷åñêàÿ ìûñëü ñîòâîðèòü)
Òåïåðü òîêà áû çåìëþ íå óíè÷òîæèë!

Posted by Ñåíÿ Ðóáëåâ August 4, 08 03:56 AM

"Let this be the moment that the oceans ceased to rise. Let this be the moment that the human race realized that with me on the job, we need not the LHC."

Mr. B. H. Obama.

Posted by Doug August 4, 08 03:57 AM

Great photos..
The universe that existed before us, ran a Large Hadron Collider experiment. :)
my website

Posted by Alexey August 4, 08 04:05 AM

Black Hole sweet %)
Linux, FreeBSD good =)
I Wanna DIE !

Posted by BinaryMind August 4, 08 04:12 AM

I don't think we should be aware of this collider. We should remember previous installations like Tevatron in Fermilab University... LHC can help us to better understanding rules in say so "attoworld", it can lead us to clean and safe energy, or new ways of communication and transporting. Nowadays we do not understand complexly ;) the rules of base particles, we even do not know does quarks are the definitely most "base" products of the hadrons collisions... So this might be a very important moment for all of us, not only the physics science... Saying that this thing may "kill us all" is a bit irrational. True science has always peace in mind, our task as a human mankind is to keep tech and know-how against unproperly use - against wrong people - like it was last time in Japan...

Posted by Spin August 4, 08 04:13 AM

Êëàñíî !!!

Posted by Anonymous August 4, 08 04:14 AM

Forget the Collider.........the comments themselves are the real newsworthy item. Analysing the comments for possible redness of neck and degree of idiocy of the author might be an interesting topic for a social science thesis. ;)

Posted by peterz August 4, 08 04:15 AM



Posted by G-MAN August 4, 08 04:19 AM

This thing is going to kill us all.

Posted by DEREK from Ukraine August 4, 08 04:28 AM

Gotta buy a crowbar. Just in case.

Posted by Kuroki Kaze August 4, 08 04:32 AM

I also feel absolutely fine about this fantastic machine. I admire those people, scientists who built it. I can't wait for they let it go.
And yeah, I agree that this engine is really piece of modern art. It's perfect and beautiful as a beautiful woman.

Posted by vadim beltz August 4, 08 04:35 AM

That is THE most beautiful time machine ever! What's wrong with you people? Where's your sense of adventure? IF we die - and I don't believe that we will, we certainly won't know anything about it......and think of the things we COULD discover. Remember what Goethe said:- 'Whatever you dream you can do - begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it'.

Posted by Vicki August 4, 08 04:36 AM

Íà ýòèõ ôîòêàõ ìíîãî ïðîâîäîâ è ïðèêîë, åñëè êòî-òî åãî íå òóäà âñóíóë?

Posted by Ðóññêèé August 4, 08 04:36 AM


Posted by Ïàíèêåð August 4, 08 04:39 AM

With all the brain power, money and time put into this project, they better discover something that would help build the WARP drive. In spite of all the apprehensions and doomsday predictions, I think we should consider ourselves lucky, for we have been given a chance to witness history in the making !!!

Posted by Venu August 4, 08 04:40 AM

Ó÷åíûå ñàìè íå ïîíèìàþò ÷òî îíè ñäåëàëè.Ýòî íà÷àëî êîíöà! ÀÀÀÀ,áóíêåðû íàñ íå ñïàñóò!!!

Posted by õóé âîéíå August 4, 08 04:42 AM

It has already created its black hole. And its sucked several billions of dollars!

Posted by smskin August 4, 08 04:51 AM


Posted by LOULOU WOLF August 4, 08 04:53 AM

I bet there's G-man somewhere on the photos)))

Posted by ArturBSU August 4, 08 05:06 AM

Ìû âñå óìðåì!

Posted by sergimm August 4, 08 05:09 AM

Wow! I can't wait to read the results they come up with, exciting times!

Posted by klikklak August 4, 08 05:14 AM

Charles Stover thank you, now I understand the magnitude of the situation. This machine is awesome. Imagine working on this everyday! Isn't life amazing!!!

Posted by Ingrid Stevens August 4, 08 05:18 AM

cool thing!!!

Posted by pekar August 4, 08 05:25 AM

where freeman?

Posted by zorg August 4, 08 05:26 AM

"Science shouldn't lie just to make you more comfortable."

Like Chernobyl? :)

This photos are cool! I hope it can make anomalys like in STALKER game :D

May the force is strong with us.

Posted by ThomAce August 4, 08 05:26 AM

What an amazing piece of engineering, wow.

Posted by Paul August 4, 08 05:50 AM

Please, disable uninformed people from posting comments about stuff they know nothing about and just cause panic to other misinformed people.
THEY are the real danger.

Posted by Sebas August 4, 08 05:59 AM

Les photos venant des States sont toujours aussi effrayantes !!!!!!!
Moi je retourne voir celles du Tour de France...
Tellement plus belles et rassurantes...


(C'est quoi le problème avec la Suisse ?? Trop de commentaires pour savoir)

Posted by Fabien August 4, 08 06:01 AM

Désolé pour le commentaire débile...
Je viens de lire le résumé des photos !!!
Remplacer American par European !!!!!

Posted by Fabien August 4, 08 06:10 AM

Yes, that is U.S

Posted by pyry August 4, 08 06:16 AM

Would they create a gate to another universe??

Posted by pekujawang August 4, 08 06:27 AM

pizdec o_O

Posted by trupin August 4, 08 06:32 AM

Amazing however a new dangerous shit is coming to change the world... ;-(

Posted by ZIBI - Uznam Island August 4, 08 06:32 AM

The e mind boggulates
I have so much admiration of people that can build a thing like this.
Is there any one person that knows how it works?
I hope we are not losing our "sight" in technical marvels!
By the way who started the rumour about the BIG BANG and black holes any way

Posted by Gary David Transom August 4, 08 06:50 AM


The funniest comment LOL

Posted by attila August 4, 08 07:03 AM

Silence!!! i'll kill you!!!

Posted by Akhmed Dead Terrorist August 4, 08 07:04 AM

yeah,but does it come with a remote control?

Posted by Paul August 4, 08 07:10 AM

×å, ïåíäîñû, î÷êî âçûãðàëî?))

Posted by buagaga August 4, 08 07:12 AM

yup this should be fun you just know that meglomaniacs everywhere are r stroking there cats and planning to hijack it
think i might book one of those virgin space tours in august

Posted by capt samuel oretega August 4, 08 07:26 AM

Beautiful pictures, however Switzerland was my favorite country, it'd be a pitty if damaged by experimental activities.
Hope that test will succeed w/out any physical lost and environmental disastre.

Posted by Hayri Levi August 4, 08 07:29 AM

Óðà!!! ìû âñå ñäîõíåì!!! ÛÛÛ!!!!!

Posted by evgen_ru August 4, 08 07:29 AM

Why is everyone so worried? They have a crew of 3 firemen on a trolley at the ready.

Posted by Nooka August 4, 08 07:45 AM

Goddamn beautyfull!!!

Posted by zobot1 August 4, 08 07:47 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 4, 08 07:55 AM

In case this thing transforms 99% of Earth's population into the living dead: The value of the shotgun should not be underestimated in the counter-zombie role.

Posted by Mad Cow August 4, 08 07:56 AM

How long will it be before I can purchase the "in home" version. How long will it be before they make an add-on for my iPhone. Steve Jobs who?

Posted by Rage Within August 4, 08 08:04 AM

"I love how there is only a "small" chance of a killer black hole forming. Couldn't they have just lied and said "no chance"?? Some people are way too smart to have any common sense."

Did you ever think that there is a high chance of a killer black hole forming, and they did lie to stop all of us from going mad?

Posted by andy August 4, 08 08:15 AM

íå íå íå íå íå äýâèä áëýéí ìû íå õîòèì òâîèõ äåìîíñêèõ ôîêóñîâ íå íå íå íå íå íå íå íå íå

Posted by Ñàí÷åëëî August 4, 08 08:20 AM

one feeling is coming down on me!!!
just impression of how big the mind of the men kind!!!
i hope that it will work for our futhur and not against it!!!

Posted by egor August 4, 08 08:22 AM

'The future, Marty, the future is everything. I built this machine to see the future...' -- Doc Brown, Back to the Future')))

Posted by Alexander Kroll August 4, 08 08:23 AM

one feeling is coming down on me!!!
just impression of how big the mind of the men kind!!!
i hope that it will work for our futhur and not against it!!!

Posted by egor August 4, 08 08:24 AM


Posted by EZQUERRO August 4, 08 08:30 AM

It's sobering to realise that man has to build a machine of this magnitute and complexity to understand the building blocks of creation.

Posted by Matt Buck August 4, 08 08:33 AM

Âàñÿ è Ïåòÿ áûëè çäåñü

Posted by Âàñÿ August 4, 08 08:41 AM

Ïðèêèíü ýòî âñå íàìåäü ñäàòü :)

Posted by àëêàø August 4, 08 08:43 AM

This is the only chance to taste headcrab..

Posted by raspezdal August 4, 08 09:08 AM

Can i just add, just incase he makes a return...

Please don't bother asking me to put up E.T in my house. Last time he was here, he made a whole lot of mess around the house, and I just haven't got the room or time for him.


Posted by Billy August 4, 08 09:16 AM

This thing is going to kill us all.

Posted by Andreas August 4, 08 09:28 AM

Amazing photos. It makes most science fiction seem plausible as far as the scope and scale of the construction and sophistication. However, what it does - neither myself nor, I suspect, most people in the world could comprehend.

I can only hope that the enormous cost of such a design and construction can lend itself to research that will better the human condition through its findings and their applications.

Posted by Douglas Matthews August 4, 08 09:28 AM


Posted by koi August 4, 08 09:36 AM


Posted by unholy August 4, 08 09:44 AM

I offer a bet to every "It Will Kill Us!" prophet:

If they switch it on and it doesn't kill us, you promise to read more books and try to be less of an idiot for the rest of your newly-gained life.

If they switch it on and it kills us I promise that the atoms of my lips will kiss all the atoms of all the asses of every panicky doomsday prophet. Forever. Deal?

Posted by Kiss me quick, LHC! August 4, 08 09:48 AM

÷óð ÿ õåäêðàá!

Posted by ads1a August 4, 08 09:51 AM

LHC User Guide
Step 1: Lower the temperature to minus 50 gazillion degrees.
Step 2: Power up the collider.
Step 3: Throw some atoms and stuff into the one end.
Step 4: Watch the atoms spin around and around. Whee!!!

That's when it's going to start to get boring, and the technicians are going to start throwing other stuff in to see what happens.

Rupert: Let's chuck in a pie.
George: Nah, let's go for the big ride, and jump in ourselves...

Both jump in, get sent back in time and rupture the space-time continuum, and we all end up evolving from frogs instead of apes.


Posted by Declanation August 4, 08 09:54 AM

Finally, the end of this stupid human civilization.
We, cats, will rule the world after humans will gone.

Posted by The Cat August 4, 08 10:04 AM


Posted by LargeHadronCollider@GMAIL.COM August 4, 08 10:12 AM

I think it is stupid. The point??? We could feed the world, remove the deception have a future with peace and love.

They build this POS as a giant penis extension to feel uber complicatium absurdium.

It is flippin retarded. We have fluoride in our water aspartame in our soda, frankin foods undisclosed and unresearched to eat and drink.

Way to go dumbasses. Build a shiny penis extension to show the world.

Posted by Liekiller August 4, 08 10:18 AM

Now that's what I call progress !

Posted by Jim B August 4, 08 10:21 AM


÷óð ÿ áóäó àëèêñ...

Posted by carbon black hole master August 4, 08 10:22 AM

Åñëè íàñòàíåò êîíåö ñâåòà, òî êàê òî ïîõ .

Áóäåò Half - Life, real mode on =)

Posted by spdif August 4, 08 10:22 AM

Is this thing in any way associated with the Umbrella corporation?

Posted by Manuel Martensen August 4, 08 10:31 AM

I personally like photos of beautiful orange sunsets myself than photos of test labs ....... LOL ....

Posted by Jim B August 4, 08 10:35 AM

I think it is the weapon of a James Bond-esque villian who will threaten to open a black hole and swallow up the earth unless we pay a ransom of ONE BILLION DOLLARS !!

Mark my words

Posted by Timbo August 4, 08 10:36 AM

Thank you!
Now I can see what the Hell looks like.

Posted by Johnik August 4, 08 10:37 AM

There was an attempt to get approval to build one of these super colliders just outside of Dallas, TX back in the 1980's.

It would have required some sort of public approval/financing which the local hayseeds voted down on several occasions. Instead they elected George Bush as their Governor, thereby garnering him enough political cache to worm his way into the White House.

Posted by Carson August 4, 08 10:41 AM

Ãîðäîí! Òû çàáûë ñâîþ ìîíòèðîâêó!

Posted by bigbud August 4, 08 10:58 AM

It's amazing - the same science and theortectical framework that created the LHC also underpins the physical reality of modern computing, which in turn is allowing literally millions of ignorant, uninformed and stupid people to spread FUD all over the world with their half- and complete misunderstandings and idiot opinions.

The LHC, even if it doesn't find the Higgs, is a remarkable achievement of human collaboration (60 countries helped build it), engineering (it's pushed mettalurgy and materials technology limits) and above all of human hope and faith in the idea that we *can* understand the universe, that we can step out of Plato's cave into a brighter universe of understanding.

Oh, and all the 'Spend the money on the poor'...if any of you supported the war in Iraq, go and p*ss up a wall with your opinions.

Posted by kyser from London August 4, 08 11:12 AM

When this one wears out, keep and eye on eBay. You might get it for a fraction of the original price. Shipping will be a killer, though.

Posted by Springfield August 4, 08 11:17 AM

The photos help me tighten up the design of the one I'm working on in my basement. I won't be the one to tell them, however, that the green wire should really be connected to the orange one.

Posted by Someone August 4, 08 11:23 AM

From the same folks that built the SST?

Posted by Rom G August 4, 08 11:25 AM

Actually, "Carson", the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) being killed had nothing to do with "local hayseeds", or George Bush. Congress killed it, all by itself. Your ignorance is entertaining, however.

For actual information on the SSC, see:


Posted by das August 4, 08 11:27 AM

And one more thing: there wasn't just an "attempt" to get approval; it was already approved, and was being buiklt. 14 miles of tunneling were completed and over $2 billion was already spent. Nice try to somehow link its death with Bush, though!

Posted by das August 4, 08 11:30 AM

So they still believe in the Big Bang.

Posted by Linus Granström August 4, 08 11:45 AM

Is this a 110 or 220? :)

Posted by Reiner Roldan August 4, 08 11:52 AM

Carson August 4, 08 10:41 AM wrote:

There was an attempt to get approval to build one of these super colliders just outside of Dallas, TX back in the 1980's.
It would have required some sort of public approval/financing which the local hayseeds voted down on several occasions.

You must be thinking of the Superconducting Supercollider, that was terminated in 1993 because of it's huge cost:

Posted by Alessandro S. August 4, 08 12:09 PM

and colliding particles will tell us what? If this thing is not creating renewable fuel, curing cancer, augmenting breasts or eradicating erectile dysfunction then it is a waste of money

Posted by Patrick August 4, 08 12:14 PM

Jimminnee, what the hell are the cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys up to now ?

Posted by Ratt Stone August 4, 08 12:16 PM

I for one will be happy to see the household energy appliance (aka Mr. Fusion) ;^)
that may come a decade sooner thanks to this research. But I have no oil stocks :^(

Posted by The Professor August 4, 08 12:20 PM

Åáàë ÿ Â ðîò òàêóþ õðåíü!!!!
ìû Âñå óìðåì!!!! ÀÀÀÀÀÀ!

Posted by Panicmaker August 4, 08 12:24 PM

Everything that humans do comes from the human mind. This thing is very impressive from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, just the ability to do it, and what it may or may not achieve in terms of new knowledge, but the created will always be
less than the creator. You should see the closeup, full color, high resonace pictures of my neural network, and all built out of a few ounces of carbon. As for doing things; just now I imagined myself standing on the surface of Mars, five-hundred years in the future, and I was there, instantaneously, and with very little energy expended; not too shabby. I suppose we will keep doing these things until we don't need these physical manifestations any more, a few more millennia up the road. Do the imposssible because it's beautiful, and vice versa. MR. BOOM

Posted by Mr. Boom! August 4, 08 12:32 PM

Olimpus Mons? So thats how the people of mars died out. The martian version of the LHC sucked the planets core out by running constantly for a few decades...

( where did I put that crowbar....)

Posted by Hoiballs August 4, 08 12:41 PM

if you switch the d and r in Hadron, you get Hard-on.

Posted by Uberhack August 4, 08 12:41 PM

óæîñ íàõ.......ìû âñå ñäîõíèì îñòàëîñü 3 äíÿ!

Posted by timewriter August 4, 08 12:44 PM

I am scared... of all the predictable, pedantic, and pathetic nay-sayers and nincompoops who cry foul. The only black holes are the ones riding between their ears.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Posted by One_Misanthrope August 4, 08 01:02 PM

They have fun spending the money :-) Very nice pictures!

Posted by scitheist August 4, 08 01:18 PM

Hey! worried about the end? Check out Luke 21.....

Posted by rong August 4, 08 01:19 PM

We are in panic! x_X
Russia, Saransk

Posted by FladeX August 4, 08 01:30 PM

Sorry guys . . .

"E" really does NOT equal "mc2" !!!

Nice effort, but ... BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD !!!

Posted by W0T3V3R August 4, 08 01:33 PM

So let me get this straight..... they turn it on to create an event that will last a nanosecond then what do they do with it?

Could turn into the worlds largest microwave! lol

Seems like a lot of effort to recieve the porn channels for free???

Posted by Irish August 4, 08 01:35 PM

this is just like the shit in Terminator-3 where the bitch gets stuck to somehting similar and then she starts to melt :P

This is really gonna happen now :P

Posted by shez ! August 4, 08 01:43 PM

The guys working on this should be the first to try it out.
and leave the animals at home

Posted by June Smith August 4, 08 01:44 PM

No chance of finding the Higgs.
A good chance they will keep us guessing long enough to get the next tranche of funding! But good luck to all the CERN team.
Now if they would like to hear about my quantized gravity theory...........

Posted by steve bryant August 4, 08 01:46 PM

íàäåþñü, åáàí¸ò òàê, ÷òî ðàçí¸ñ ïîë-åâðîïû ê åáåíÿì, íàñ íå òðîíåò. áóäóò çíàòü, êàê âñåëåííûå ñîçäàâàòü..

Posted by äîáðûé äÿäÿ August 4, 08 01:48 PM

Have they plugged the speakers in properly?

Posted by Jimmy Changa August 4, 08 01:49 PM

Yea....when they flip the switch on this could be the end of the world.

Posted by EastCoastJedi August 4, 08 01:51 PM

I don't think United States will spend this amount of money to something like this. Probably, they will provide those to the Military contract companies or to the war. Well, what can I say? This is how the U.S. government do their policies. Look at what happened to the society. No innovation, Few money to spend, Layoffs, Mortgage crisis, etc. Sigh, where is this country leading to?

OBAMA '08!!!!!

Posted by Conspiracy Theory August 4, 08 01:54 PM

What can that thing do? Hope it is for something good

Posted by Mr_Rovhal August 4, 08 01:55 PM

Gordon Freeman will save us from the combines!

Posted by dt August 4, 08 02:20 PM

That's no moon...

Posted by Jack August 4, 08 02:23 PM

I hope they are not running Vista!?!

Posted by VistaBoy August 4, 08 02:26 PM

Extremely important research. GOD approves of our curiousity. The results will hopefully help us to better understand the utter brilliance of the design the HE created. It may also lead to understanding that allows us to create more plentiful and cost effective energy for daily use... and help us feed the planet. Money well spent in my opinion.

Posted by MrDLiberty August 4, 08 02:27 PM

I have 3 days to write my bucket list....!

Posted by stephendeo August 4, 08 02:27 PM

Does anyone have the link that shows all the CERN scientists with large crowbars hanging from their belts? Classic!

Posted by Michael Cowan August 4, 08 02:30 PM

To those people saying, "how many people could we feed with this money?"

We can already feed the entire world, we just choose not to. Criticize capitalistic Americanism, not science. :)

Posted by Not blind August 4, 08 02:37 PM

This level of investment into high energy theoretical science long ago passed the point where it does more overal harm to other areas of science research than good for the Standard Model of physics.

Investment in alternative energy research and development could have employed far more people and resulted in science that could have improved the economies of participating countries for hundreds of years to come.

But what do these scientists care of their fellow man? Only that they provide a blank check to further their personal desires and glory. The LHC is a monument to the needs of the few over the needs of the many.

Posted by Sane August 4, 08 02:38 PM

I just hope the guy on the OFF switch has good reflexes 8)

Posted by nervous August 4, 08 02:39 PM

Obama won't point it to Iran, so my vote goes for McCain

Posted by George Cole August 4, 08 02:43 PM

Hahahaha I love all these anti creationism posts. I believe in God, yes. And since I believe God is the creator of everything, that means He created all the Laws of Physics, created everything to make the universe work and be in balance. Why couldn't God have used the Big Bang to create the universe? He's certainly powerful enough to. No where in the Bible does ir say HOW God created everything, so in my opinion, if this machine does support the Big Bang Theory, then to me, it just shows me a way in which He created the universe in which we live. I mean c'mon, God's not all hailstones and frogs, I'm sure He's pretty smart too

Posted by Ultra Right-Wing Conservative Nazi August 4, 08 02:46 PM

Steve! Your quantized gravity theory sucks salty monkeyballs! I want my money back!

Posted by Barry Young August 4, 08 02:47 PM

I think many people seem to be looking at this the wrong way when it comes to the worth of the investment in the LHC. The thing is, not even the people working on this are certain what will come from the discoveries they make (and they will make some even if they don't make any ;) ).

Consider what Einstein gave us practically out of nowhere with regards to sources of energy... sure, it wasn't used for good to begin with but he gave us the cleanest source of energy we currently have - it's not his fault that some people can't be trusted with power. And if some more investment were directed at making cold fusion a viable power source, we'd have a safe, clean, renewable energy source in the not-at-all-distant future.

Sure, the mental masturbation is good but that's not what it's all about!

Posted by Anton Tcholakov August 4, 08 02:49 PM

Will it balance my checkbook?

If it requires that many wires and funny looking devices merely to smash a couple atoms, just think of how complicated a time machine would have to be.

Posted by jaime August 4, 08 02:53 PM

I hope they're not planning to use Vistas as an OS to run this thing!

Posted by Gear Pig August 4, 08 02:54 PM

From the comments, I am astounded at the scientific ignorance of so many, and even more astounded that the ignorant are those who are the most judgmental.

The machines pictured are all detectors. They're giant cameras, essentally, and they're so big because the things they're taking pictures of are so small, so fast, and so "slippery" that they can pass right thru a normal camera without leaving a trace. There is nothing "scary" about them.

The idea that the LHC will produce a particle that will destroy the world is a fabrication made by someone exploiting the uncertainty in our physics in order to make himself famous. There is no real possibility that anything even remotely dangerous will happen. The mathematics can be twisted to the point where a description of a "black hole" can be wrung out of it, but the likelihood that anything more hazardous than tiny amounts of plain old radiation will result is for all practical matters equal to NIL. Zero. Nada.

You'll find the same kind of eternal, pointless arguments over whether 0.999... repeating infinitely is equal to 1. The difference is so small it's immeasureable, and only serves to fuel arguments between people who love to argue.

And the potential value of the knowledge gained by the experiments to be performed here is limitless. What if these folks discover how to make safe, affordable fusion power, freeing us from fossil fuels forever and enabling us to travel to the stars? A longshot, but not impossible -- though certainly it will never happen if we don't even try.

Posted by bughunter August 4, 08 03:14 PM

Cool picture serie , they are cooling down some sectors now (-271Celsius)I wonder if they still reach the planned deadline - > this Friday 8-8-8.

Posted by Giuseppe Contelli August 4, 08 03:17 PM

Of course, they'll fire it up and people watching the webcam won't think anything is happening because they won't see electrical fields dancing on the conduits and bright lights.
It's just going to go HUMMMMMMMMM SNAP!! and those who know what's going on will be happy... the public will think it failed.

Then someone will make a movie about it with lightning and pulsing fields.

Posted by Rich August 4, 08 03:36 PM

Still not anywhere as cool as Space Harrier in the arcade!

Posted by Stu Rankin August 4, 08 03:41 PM

Understanding the fundamental principles of nature is pivotal to our evolution.

The argument that this funding could've fed enumerable starving, suffering masses begs the question, "…and then what?".

Prolonging the inevitable results of political corruption, destructive religion teachings, military expenditures before education , and lax childrearing won't be resolved for the cost of one collider.

We should absolutely spare no expense on high energy physics (or genetics) research. They're controversial not because they're inherently "immoral/dangerous", but because they have the potential to change the world in profound ways, which many are ill-equipped and/or unwilling to accept.

Posted by Chris August 4, 08 03:46 PM

Ho, ho, ho...!
Drink, eat and f#ck!
The whole world
is going to crack....
Love, play, kiss and drink!
The world is going to sink!
Be injudicious, my good friend,
as if the world goes to its end...!

(...and if not happens today,
your life will be get away...)

Posted by unklet0m August 4, 08 03:54 PM

I am looking forward to read the first scientific paper based on working there

Posted by Samanta Carter SG1 August 4, 08 03:54 PM

It's true that this is an awesome achievement of engineering. And it won't destroy the world, despite what the kooks are saying. But sadly, I'm not very enthusiastic about the advancement of high-energy physics--even though it's super cool.

In our warlike culture, the first applications of each big advance in high-energy physics will be weapons.

Example 1: The a-bomb came before nuclear reactors.
Example 2: Nuclear fusion is still not commercially ready as an energy source--though we've had fusion bombs for more than 50 years.

This supercollider indirectly promotes advanced research in plasma physics and nuclear weapons. It also helps advance high-energy physics, which will lead to the invention of new and unimaginably powerful weapons, which could destroy us all.

How about we focus on all those other cool branches of science, that won't make it easier for us to blow ourselves up? Like computer science, genetics, etc. Just a thought.

Posted by Noah August 4, 08 04:04 PM

Just Think of the Electric Bill!!!!!

Posted by Rick August 4, 08 04:08 PM

Has anyone seen my car keys?

Posted by Jeff Dufffy August 4, 08 04:14 PM

Extremely impressive, I only wish the explanations were aimed a bit more at the average surfer. I don't have a clue what any of those bits are for or how they fit together, but I have told the wife I want one for Christmas.

Also, are those firemen adequately equipped to deal with a black hole

Posted by ferg August 4, 08 04:20 PM

Se eu morrer, minha mãe me mata!

Posted by aaa August 4, 08 04:44 PM

@C. Cruise: What an incredibly petty comment and undeniably ignorant to boot. Jealousy, perhaps?

Posted by Ripley August 4, 08 04:47 PM

the cake is a lie!

Posted by psyguy August 4, 08 05:02 PM

Like many of the bloggers before me,I'm looking forward to the start up . I have confidence in our scientist and they have families to.I have alwys been interested in science and new discoveries and if it doesn't go as planned no when will be critizing anyone. So lets enjoy the show and it's accomplishments.

Posted by Anonymous August 4, 08 05:19 PM

I don't want to die from a large hardon.

Oh, Hadron. Sorry, my mistake.

Posted by Tough Room August 4, 08 05:21 PM

You naysayers will be singing a different tune when the terminator is chasing you and you need the supper powered magnet to save your behind.

Posted by John Connor August 4, 08 05:25 PM

I heard we'll be connected to an alternate universe filled with guidos. Rivers will flow with jaeger bombs, hair will be blown out, and mothers will always provide protein powder.

Posted by hater August 4, 08 05:28 PM

I'm not so much concerned about the scientists, but what happens when they leave the janitor alone late at night and he decides to collide half of his ham sandwich with the other half of his ham sandwich.

No matter. Somebody call corporal Sheppard

Posted by Chris August 4, 08 05:30 PM

no se para que escribo si leer no saben...
bueno, por que veo ningun cometario es en mi idoma natal..
aah, noo ya vi al de la cinta de aislar jjajaja

estan muy buenas las imagenes, no se cmo un blog de Hulk me conduho hasta esta pagina, pero buenoo

espero encontrar informacion y mas que nada comprender un poco de que se trata este proyecto

por lo mientras a ver si copio una de estas imagenes para poner de fondo en mi pantalla

Posted by FELIPE August 4, 08 05:34 PM

Those pictures are bad ass and i hope it makes a big enough black hole to destroy our entire galaxy, or what if it just sucks up the earth and spits it out on the other end and at that other end there are tons of other races of living things that also went so far as to make something like this and then all of our neighboring planets are just as fucked up as ours, smog, crime, politics, etc...etc.... im very curious to see what testing results will be and this is a very big motivational bump for anyones imagination, that itself is a success beacuse there are to many close minded people out there.........p.s. im american and i think our country sucks.

Posted by John Clayton August 4, 08 05:55 PM

This all well and good. However the article doesn't address my primary concern. Which is how well will it pop my popcorn?

Posted by Frans August 4, 08 06:21 PM

ÎßÅÁÀË, íàì âñåì ïèçäåö !!!)))))

Posted by akaGlam[RUS] August 4, 08 06:27 PM

Europe will be glowing soon...

Posted by Joe Blow August 4, 08 06:31 PM

The search may be varied but the answer is the same, you will all find, that we are all one mind. There is inteligent energy present.

Posted by akbal 7 August 4, 08 06:38 PM

Ïîêàæèòå ñèñüêå íàðîäó! Íå íóæåí íàðîäó êîëëàéäåð — íàðîäó íóæíû ñèñüêå!!!

Posted by alex August 4, 08 06:41 PM

When scientists discovered, by looking at Venus, that a similar global warming was happening here on our own planet, it was an unintended result of a purely scientific exploit. To quote someone I really don't like very much (Donald Rumsfeld -- and I'm paraphrasing): There are things we know we know, and things we know we don't know, but then there are things we don't know that we don't know...

Sure, this thing is kind of terrifying, and I'm in no position of authority to say that it's -good- for us per se. I'm simply saying that just because a purely scientific pursuit doesn't appear to be socially beneficial, it doesn't mean that we won't learn something unexpectedly useful in the process.

But, who knows right? There's the atomic bomb, bio-weapons, cars... Any philosophers here?

Posted by Greg August 4, 08 06:42 PM

wow wow wowyye
that is sure one big thingy ma jig.
I like how it's all fangled and shiny like.

I remember once when I ran my exhaust pipe back in through my car,
and got a buzz, then a big headache....I wonder if that giant gizmo will
give everybody a headache or a nose bleed or somthin.

Well, if it does, they can just suck on some sorgum root and backwash with
a little moonshine,,, and they'll all feel better next plant rebirth.

Posted by Appalachian Emergency Room August 4, 08 06:50 PM

I hope they don't make a mistake in whatever they are trying to do.
I'm a bit nervous, especially when I look at their acronym:
The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

Posted by Databit sideways August 4, 08 07:06 PM


Posted by Mugwump August 4, 08 07:10 PM

Scientist James: "Give me Full Collision Power!"
Engineer Scott: "I'm giving you all she´s got James"
Scientist James: "Bones.. give me a power reading"
Doctor M. Bones: "Damn it Jim, Im a doctor, not a scientist"

Sorry, couldnt help it. ;-)

Fire it up!! Let the smashing begin.

I want anti-matter warp drives asap. =)

Posted by Saga August 4, 08 07:38 PM

Some of the pictures look like they're from a sci-fi movie, like a future weapon or something. :) This is real 21st century technology. I'm glad they built this thing in Europe.

Posted by koira August 4, 08 07:49 PM

they are desperately searching for an exit, because they want to escape judgment and they are putting so much effort and trust in their deus-ex-machina-messiah, who will of course miserably fail. men always tried to be god and searched ways and means to achieve that. this is just another chapter of it, and "science" is only a marketing-gag for the naive minded plebs

Posted by Charly Vision August 4, 08 08:03 PM

An amazing feat! What a difference in the facility since the time I visited it while it was still under cosntruction.

I suppose, just like any other big machine, with time (years, probably, decades), additional components will be added to keep up with the evolving technology and research. In the mean time there will be new discoveries. Current theories will be tested and perhaps validated.

We will be watching. Congratulations to the international teams that made this a reality.


Posted by Dr. Dimitrios Cokinos August 4, 08 08:03 PM

lol imagine the change we will have if they find out an alternative energy source to oil etc.

There will be war in middle-east, the whole region will become unstable since it's oil they depend on.

Posted by Bingo August 4, 08 08:16 PM

I just hope all these parts weren't made by the lowest bidder. . . . .

Posted by Dave August 4, 08 08:22 PM

God must surely be amused at the pomposity of man.

Posted by ottoman August 4, 08 08:23 PM

Great views on the hi-techiest hi-tech we have on this planet.

Posted by Peter L. August 4, 08 08:36 PM

Utterly amazing!
If you have negative uneducated comments, don't post them.
Truly prodigious.

Posted by davidschmid August 4, 08 08:44 PM

I hope this research drives to build a Stargate ^_^, or anti-gravity engines, or at least a hyper driver / hyper space engine ^_^

It's very large, 27 kilometers, is an ULTRAGATE, needs to be no more than 7 meters, and need some more science LOL

Posted by Cristian August 4, 08 08:52 PM

mathematical understanding of particles etc lead to the creation of atomic bombs the study of the particles themselves and the machines never destroyed any one while they operating but the research and knowledge was used to form the first atomic bomb that did lead to mass casualties and who is to say that even if this device could not cause a mass catastrophe while in operation , that the knowledge that comes from this research wont be used to make more deadlier weapon of mass destruction that may just be as scary or scarier then a black hole

Posted by Ghost August 4, 08 09:05 PM

Great Scott!

I bet this thing dissapears and reappears 7 years from now orbiting Neptune.

Anyone want some more pop-culture references?

Posted by Aidan August 4, 08 09:28 PM

You humans are meddling with forces beyond your comprehension.

Posted by The Doctor August 4, 08 09:41 PM

Will we see God?

Posted by Albert August 4, 08 09:45 PM

hey lets throw Obama in there and see what happens!!!

Posted by Erik August 4, 08 09:49 PM

dw guys if it does make a block hole gordan freeman wil save us!

Posted by :D August 4, 08 10:21 PM

How many people have to make stupid comments on blogs? If this thing does indeed do something phenomenal, I hope they're the first to be decimated. =D

Posted by Physics Lover August 4, 08 10:24 PM

Oh. I sure hope this collider will solve Riemann's Hypothesis. Then we will be completely and utterly satsified and die a happy death.

Posted by Rockabilly August 4, 08 10:28 PM

Scotty, beam me up........NOW !!!

Posted by starstruck August 4, 08 10:30 PM

Stimpy, what does it mean?

Posted by starstruck August 4, 08 10:32 PM

What if a small scale black hole IS created... We awaken one day finding that parts of Switzerland and France have exchanged places with the country of Mexico, and the Collider has been destroyed in the fact lost in the black traces of it can be found. What an interesting cultural exchange program.

Regardless of experiment results, the position of humanity will not be advance on bit. War, corruption, violence, human slavery and exploitation, cultural and religious abuse of women and children, hatred, violence, racism, nationalism, destruction the environment, abject poverty, food shortages, Detroit will remain be more dangerous than the middle east, and I still will not have health insurance!!

Posted by ng August 4, 08 10:47 PM

Upon the precipice of time we stand in awe of the moment, ready to push the button of a unknown science into harmony with tomorrow, as the aged machines of our minds rattle, screech and belch into simplicity and out of chaos. What time is it now, and now, and now, and now? Where am I? How big is GOD? Why does it matter? What is matter?

Posted by Jim August 4, 08 11:04 PM

I see the UAC finnaly found the ancient artifacts. Someone call the marines.......

894. I agree. As for the world problems, we created those using money and science as our scapegoat.....(GHOST touches on this a bit)

Great photos though.

Posted by DWH August 4, 08 11:06 PM

> U voted Bush twioce for crying out loud . . . looooool

How did Chirac and Schroder work out?

Funny that it turns out Bush was right...

Posted by dieadolf August 4, 08 11:13 PM

"It is what you learn after you know everything that is really interesting and more important "


Posted by J. Camarena August 4, 08 11:18 PM

That is sweet! Probably the largest, most complex piece of equipment ever built by humankind.

Posted by rack88 August 5, 08 12:27 AM

My list of the best comments / Mi lista con los mejores comentarios:

- #1 This thing is going to kill us all.
(Traducción: esta cosa va a matarnos a todos)
- #12 Hope there's not a cable loose somewhere...
(Traducción: espero que no haya un cable perdido en alguna parte)
- #25 To me me me: Science shouldn't lie just to make you more comfortable. That's religion's job.
(Traducción : Para me me me : La ciencia no debería mentir sólo para hacerte sentir más comodo. Ese es el trabajo de la religión)
- #62 so how fast does it download porn.... you know that's the only important question!
(Traducción: ¿Qué tan rápido descarga porno? Tu sabes que esa es la única pregunta importante)

- #67 yea but can it make pancakes? if it cant why are we even wasting our time with this?
(Traducción: Ok, pero ¿puede hacer panquecas? Si no puede…¿Para qué estamos perdiendo el tiempo con esto?)
- #76 I already made my bump stickers.... "I was a black hole survivor" want some? (Traducción : Ya hice mis “bump stickers” y llevan escrito “Sobreviví a un agujero negro” … ¿Quieres uno?)

- #80 I hope it does not run Windows Vista
(Traducción: Espero que no use Windows Vista)
- #85 • Is this where babies come from?
(Traducción: ¿De aquí vienen los bebés?)

- #101 pfft this thing again? i have one in my backyard.
(Traducción: pfff esta cosa de Nuevo?? Yo tengo UNA en mi patio trasero)

- #119 Hello, CERN? I'm a salesman with the ACE Wire Company. Will you be needing any WIRE in building your Hadron Collider?
(Traducción: Hola, CERN? Soy un vendedor de la compañía de Cables ACE. Necesitarán algún cable para construir su Gran Colisionador de Hadrones?)

- #140 does it do wifi and bluetooth?
(Traducción : tiene wi-fi y Bluetooth?)
- #152 : That's the biggest espresso maker I've ever seen. The French and Swiss certainly do take their coffee seriously.
(Traducción: Esa es la máquina más grande de hacer café expreso que jamás he visto. Los franceses y suizos se toman seriamente este asunto de hacer café).
- #156 Server: "There is a problem connecting to the netowk. Please make sure your network cable is connected."
Guy1: ......*Cries*
Guy2: What's wrong?
Guy1:..*points at screen then to network cable that is properly connected*
Guy2: but that means........shit........
(Traducción: Servidor: “Hay un problema para conectarse. Asegurese de que los cables estén bien conectados.
Tipo1: *llora*
Tipo2: qué pasa?
Tipo1: *señala a el cableado que está conectado correctamente*
Tipo2: pero eso significa…. $%&/()$%&/)

- #177 • Wait a minute... statue of liberty? THAT was OUR planet! NOOOOOOOOOO!
(Traducción: Dame un segundo… estatua de la libertad?? ESE ES NUESTRO PLANETA ¡! NOOOOOOO Ustedes $%&/( Lo arruinaron ¡! Duh!)
- #297 • Can I hear the word, oops...
(Traducción: Casi puedo escuchar el “Ups” que se acerca
- #364 Dun worry, we will have Chuck Norris doing a roundhouse kick on the black hole incase one would appear
(Traducción: No se preocupen, siempre tendremos a Chuck Norris para que le meta una patada voladora al agujero negro que atreva a aparecerse)
- # 385 • So this is why Pi never ends....

(Traducción: Con que esta es la razón por la que Pi es infinito…)
- #440 : • So is this thing gonna give us faster internet or what?
(Traducción: esta cosa nos va a dar un internet más veloz o qué?)
#499 : • I have a strange desire to have sex in there.
(Traducción : Tengo un extraño de tener sexo allí)

Posted by Alessah August 5, 08 12:34 AM

This is excellent news!

Entertaining and potentially useful too, plus its pretty. Not many things in our world possess such qualities.

So I would say this is a good investment. To all of those talking about using that money for poverty, please follow simple instructions :

(1) stop masturbating while watching CNN (2) sharpen knife / chainsaw / etc. (3) make nice meat cubes from your proprietary fat arse (4) ship to Africa.

Posted by tamère August 5, 08 12:43 AM

Give an infinite number of end users an infinite number years to make an infinite number of blog postings, and eventually they will create enough silly B.S. that the people smart enough to design and build the LHC will be able to escape off-planet without anybody noticing.

Posted by Nobody you know August 5, 08 12:46 AM

All this was created with paper backed by thin air.

Really amazing.

Posted by Vince Burns August 5, 08 01:02 AM

wow... heard this was gonna kill us... what does it do again?
we should rave in it :] lolz

Posted by StoO August 5, 08 01:16 AM

What's it all about, Alfy?

Posted by Cowboy 1894 August 5, 08 01:24 AM

nos van a hacer mierda a todos

fuck europe
latin power!

Posted by graciela alfano August 5, 08 01:25 AM

why? why do they want to blow up the world? whats wrong with the way the world is now? were all getting along just fine.. aside from the wars and stuff...thats prolly why the world is gonna end in 2012.. cos these scientists are gonna have a power that only God has ever had.. (btw any atheists reading this.. ur screwed).. and hes gonna be pretty pissed and let everything in revelations come to life... the free masons who founded america were all devil worshippers( look it up.. yea google it )... and the bible says that there will be one superpower on false god. and those who follow him will not be invitied into his kingdom...the superpower is the USA obviously and the fact that its created by the protestant who fled from the catholic church which is the first church of jesus christ ( to all u catholic haters aka christians..we follow the teaching and practices of christ literally maybe too literally.. u guys didnt like it so u fought it and made your own damn church and moved to america... hence your a protestant.) and the fact that we were founded by the free masons( smart men.. but devil worshippers) is only more proof.. who does everyone love and know is gonna win the presidency? who do we all love so much? Obama... hes gonna do wonders he'll really change things.. and after having a dumbass airhead like bush.. we will really love him.. you might say adore him... what does that hint at FALSE GOD... The government is even making underground bombshelter stuff.. they know its coming and theyre not telling us cos it'll cause world wide panic.. i can tell you.. cos u wouldnt listen or dont beleive me but google it.. do some research......theyre already passing a law to insert the microchips in our finger and it will be used for everything ( google it)... its goona happen.. and anyone who doesnt have it cant survive.. its like ur social security number.. your money.. there will be no cash.. its all in ur microchip its what we will need to survive in our technological world. those who refuse it.. (and you should .. hello? mark of the beast..) will be outcasted cos they wouldnt be able to make it in the cities... so we got like 3 1/2 years.. right ur wrongs, go to confession, visit the world which will no longer be... go skydiving or some shit and party and fuck like crazy!

Posted by hellokitty_jimmy_and_cock_ lover August 5, 08 01:49 AM

Åñè îíî áàáàõíåò. òî ýòî áóäåò ïîâåñåëåå ÷åì ×åðíîáûëü.....
òàì äàæå òàðàêàíû íå âûæèâóò.

äà è êîñìîíàâòû íà îêîëî çåìíîé îðáèòå òîæ ñäîõíóòü....

Posted by ßðîñëàâ August 5, 08 02:04 AM

yes, but will it blend?

Posted by pedobear August 5, 08 02:25 AM

Someone needs to calculate where the exact opposite spot on earth is from this thing and congratulate them since they will be the last to die when the blob of expanding anti-matter escapes from this thing and destroys all, kind of like in the "golden goose" episode of Duck Tales.

Posted by DT August 5, 08 02:25 AM

Dont worry, this crazy machine can only accelerate partikles and no black holes or black matter will apear. Nothing at all happends when this machine starts, but they may soon find that old Albert made a useless theory and Cern build a useless machine to test this useless theory. Higgs partikel is a Whiskeypartikel...higgs..

Posted by Bernhardt August 5, 08 02:42 AM

Can it be powered by USB?

Posted by adam pinson August 5, 08 02:50 AM

Òâîþ ìàòü!!! Ìû âñå ïîãèáíåì! (RUS) Tvoyu mat` mi vse pogibnem! (translit)

Posted by Vredovsky August 5, 08 03:06 AM

Ñóäÿ ïî ñâÿçêàì ïó÷êîâ êàáåëåé êåìáðèêàìè â óçåëîê ) ìîæíî ñêàçàòü ÷òî îáâÿçêîé äàííîé õðåíîâèíû çàíèìàëèñü ðóññêèå èíæåíåðû ÊÈÏ, ÷òî ìàòü åãî íå ìîæåò íå íàñòîðàæèâàòü. íàì òî÷íî âñåì ïèçäåö

Posted by maj August 5, 08 03:17 AM

915 = too much time on your hands!

Interesting photos. Trying to read up on what this thing is supposed to do has left me more confused than when I thought too hard about how time travel works when I had just watched Back to the Future as a 7 year old! Don't even get me started on Terminator.

Posted by Rhys Jones August 5, 08 03:21 AM

we gonna fuc*ing die with that thing

Posted by Oliver Madrid August 5, 08 03:50 AM

(915, Google could be your false god, you quote it so much.)

These pics made me wanna cry, i dont know why, but I just wanted to cry. and run away, and watch, with a glass of wine in my hand.

impressive stuff.

Posted by dirtboxbitch August 5, 08 03:53 AM

Looking forward to the end of it...

Posted by Hasan Subasi August 5, 08 04:47 AM

Crazy shit! I hope it doesn't kill us. Science is moving faster than ever, and in a scary direction, too! I just watched "Dr. Strangelove: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb" yesterday, so mutual annihilation is still fresh on my mind. I'm not a religious man, but times like these make a man want to seek out a higher power, a higher authority... the divine hand of some distant deity. I want to go see CERN someday, so I hope this thing doesn't destroy the area either.

Posted by Charles Osborne August 5, 08 04:56 AM

'Good to see so many professionals not working on a bomb, and so many nations cooperating.'

It's the biggest bomb imaginable!

Only kidding.

And you can always justify spending money or not spending money on anything, it's a pointless exercise (the argument that is, not the LHC)

Posted by james Proud August 5, 08 05:35 AM

There's definitely "end of the world" movie material here. They say there only a slight chance that it could create a sustainable black hole.


... there is a chance.


Posted by Ross Freeman August 5, 08 06:35 AM

It will make black hole for sure, but only for Republicans and Fox News and McDonalds and Dick Cheney and all the insufferable detritus of the past.

Then, the universe will be cleansed.

Posted by christo August 5, 08 06:59 AM

How many Big Macs could we send to Africa with that money? Or do you guys think they'd prefer McFlurries?

Posted by yes i have one August 5, 08 07:05 AM

Pathetic comments from Americans! CERN is an expression of the fact that Europeans were fed up of killing each other for invented reasons and preferred to cooperate. The USA has to learn to do without invented enemies and voting for nomarks like Bush and his puppeteers. LHC is a triumph of imagination, creativity, skill and engineering. It is a monument to what can be achived by working together internationally.

Posted by John Sharpey-Schafer August 5, 08 07:06 AM

Don't worry )
"Scientist - one who knows things as they are." (Perfect Question Perfect Answer, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada)
After launch this machine our scientists will get new things, wich give birth to new questions. This is cheating and gambling, not science. By launching they can't see thing as they are. Simply it makes new question. Like advancing a microscope.
When men get first microscope and try to learn mitosis, they saw cells with small worms. Later they called this worms by name "chromosome". Now when they get current limit of precision, they knows more more about this process. But proportionally they get more questions. But mitosis is going on. Billions of cells are propagating every moment in this Universe. And they do not ask us. They propagating and propagating, without interest, knows we about they or no.

similarly this experiment will give new information, and new questions. Without answer to question "who are we", why we are take birth, old age, desseases and death.

So, don't waste your time. Learn spiritual science of "Srimad Bhagavatam" and "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" wich consists complete knowledge about spiritual and material existence. This is science, becuse it is reveals thing as they are.

Posted by Ivan August 5, 08 07:09 AM

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an alien civilisation built one of these things to explore what they didn't know or understand about the initial moments of the big bang. They fired it up and caused our big bang.

Recently, in our own galaxy, our civilisation built one of these things to explore what they didn't know or understand about the initial moments of the big bang. They fired it up and caused a big bang.

A long time from now, in a galaxy far far away, an alien civilisation will build one of these things to explore what they don't know or understand about the initial moments of their big bang. They fired it up and caused a big bang.

etc etc etc.

Posted by Gerb August 5, 08 07:11 AM

Whum... , Whum..., Whum, Whum, Whum! ... plib.

It seems that their great big thing is going to push boundaries up to three times as large up to twice as far back as the last quite big thing.

Big science does make good pictures sometimes.

Posted by SteveL August 5, 08 07:29 AM

Have not laughed so hard for quite a while: thanks to all the posters.

I would have loved to have had the chance to be the official photographer, there are so many beautiful reflections and colours.

Check out the Large Hadron Rap on YouTube : it is irreverent and informative :)

Posted by Stefan Carey August 5, 08 07:34 AM

So it create a micro black hole. So what? You just focus E beams at it at push it away from the earth.The laws of physics still apply to it. even anti-matter can be moved using E beams.

Then you work real quickly to mount E beams on a spaceship and push it out of the solar system. It will be a great motivator.

/Now just flat out ripping a hole in the space time continuum , that's a whole 'nother story!

Posted by VultureTX August 5, 08 07:37 AM

See you on the otherside guys ;-)

Heres the drill...

1: hold head between hands...
2: pull head toward and as quickly as possible, between knees...
3: Kiss your ass goodbye....


Posted by godparticle August 5, 08 07:42 AM

The Doomsday Device #1 :)
The most beautiful cyberpunk movie scenery ever :)

Posted by Rostej August 5, 08 07:50 AM


Posted by Dead man August 5, 08 07:50 AM

Religion will destroy us before Science does.

If the radiance of a thousand particles were to burst at once into the collider, that would be like the splendor of the HADRON. Now I am become Discovery, the destroyer of atoms.

Posted by Gerb August 5, 08 07:50 AM

We gonna die and fry. but wait....that's happening now. We gonna die and fry faster.

Posted by Odi August 5, 08 08:04 AM

It seems that a 936th comment would be pointless but then again there is a lot of boredom to go about so here it is.

Enjoy sensibly.

Posted by Greek Dentist August 5, 08 08:05 AM

If people are really about this thing turning into a way of creating an Anti-Matter bomb, then you should really chill out. This will do nothing of the sort. Oh and since the creation of the Atom bomb war casualties and the amount of wars has declined. So even if a great bomb is made it will probably justd keep everyone a little more in check. oh and if 915 is from the US I'm really sorry about that he doesn't represent what true educated americans stand for...... neither does bush sorry about that too.

Posted by Josh August 5, 08 08:11 AM

Cheap, limitless energy is the hope and promise of this project.

The US Congress had approved money for their own Superconducting Super Collider (would have been the largest in the world) and construction had begun in Texas However, the startup money approved was squandered in the process of digging a big ditch. Congress; upon learning of the waste, facing another big ticket item called the space station (still orbiting the planet) and knowing that the Europeans where working on the LHC killed the SSC.

The SSC was placed in Texas, with the help of then VP George HW Bush, over more suitable locations. HMMMM! I guess that the prospects of cheap energy ran counter to big oil special interests. If the SSC would have continued, it would have been operational today and we would be that much closer to fusion power with the US leading the way.

Posted by JimCM August 5, 08 08:38 AM

What a wast of MONEY. People are starving to death and disease is rampant and these people are throwing money away on this thing? What is the world coming to?

Posted by Darin August 5, 08 08:59 AM

Why are so many people complaining about the CRT in the server room? Why spend $100 on a new LCD when this thing still works? We better invest that $100 in parts that actually make a difference, like another harddisk. That is also what this large scale science is about - efficiency. not being blinded by technology for the sake of technology. we spent 20 years trying to make the LHC good enough for what we want it to do, while keeping the cost to a minimum. of course every computer screen bought new these days is a flat screen, but why throw away working older models?

Posted by Chris August 5, 08 09:28 AM

To all those who think the LHC will kill us all; try reading a book on Quantum Field Theory. That's the only way particle physics is going to make your feeble heads explode.

On the other hand, if I can just get that damn neutrino gun working...

Posted by CERN_summie August 5, 08 09:50 AM

What happens if they don't find what they are looking for. Will they tell us after spending all this money...

Posted by BarryZ August 5, 08 10:04 AM

Beautiful pictures.

I think the world needs more of this... cooperation over science and the search for more knowledge. It certainly beats war :)

Posted by Amber August 5, 08 10:25 AM

You all know of course, the original plans for this came from a spacecraft in Area 51? Turning it on will open a wormhole and ten-foot tall parasites will come out and steal our tv's. Probably.

Posted by MadewithMonkeys August 5, 08 10:33 AM
Posted by %#%# August 5, 08 10:35 AM

All of this to charge one lousey Lithium Polymer 2100 mAh battery pack?!?


Really amazing, hope it works!

E - F

Posted by Elfi Flyer August 5, 08 10:35 AM

What happens if every thing goes wrong? Wormhole? Big bang 2?

Posted by Qwerty August 5, 08 10:45 AM

And we shall call this installation Black Mesa

Posted by Byron August 5, 08 11:12 AM

This looks just like Half-Life, which was set to occur in the first decade of the 21st Century. Oh god!!

Posted by Eli Vance August 5, 08 11:16 AM

Yeah, we're becoming aliens! :D

Posted by alequis August 5, 08 11:16 AM

to noclueaboutphysics/roberto: a simple reminder

by nature, humans are a flawed species and regrettably prone to war, but to deny the scientific progress that was borne of war-time operations and strategic aims is naivety. consider progress in nuclear physics, for one. the very internet we use found its conception in the formation of ARPA as a result of the Sputnik launch.

it's easy to criticize "war in general" from a position of freedom provided by those who sacrificed to serve.

criticizing the foci of others while speaking broadly of "money wasted on war" (whose money? what war? money spent on infrastructure?) is off-topic.

back to the collider! ... i wonder if it has a flux capacitor / mr fusion

Posted by soldierwithsomeclueaboutwars August 5, 08 11:28 AM

"And much more energetic events than any event that will ever happen in LHC are happening every second in the upper atmosphere right NOW, yet we are not seeing any black holes. So chill out, think about it, take a second."

Why dont they just take some detectors on a plane and go up to check those collisions ? No need for such big show-off underground thing...

Posted by fromTheVault August 5, 08 11:36 AM

The following happened to me at dinner whilst on vacation:

Dad: What's all this about the world ending from some machine?
Me: It's the LHC, dad. Some crazy lunatics believe it'll cause a black hole and a bunch of other crazy stuff.
Dad: What's LHC stand for, exactly?
Me: Large Ha-
Brother (whispering): Say it right...
Me: rdon Collider.
Brother (whispering): Damn you!

Brother (whispering): Damn you!

Posted by Draak August 5, 08 11:39 AM

×åòî ñûêîòíî ìíå =)

Posted by Êîñìîíàâò August 5, 08 11:42 AM

I wonder how much of my tax has flown into this and how much more will.

Posted by Joe Uncle August 5, 08 11:43 AM

Dear paranoids and conspiracy theorists: please shut up. Thank you.

Posted by Geo August 5, 08 11:46 AM

ýòî êàêîé-òî ïèçäåö, ãîñïîäà.

Posted by me August 5, 08 11:52 AM

But, on the created God in his own image

Posted by god2 August 5, 08 11:54 AM

Bible, Daniel 12:4 "... even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

Posted by Robert August 5, 08 11:54 AM

Hahah, I can't believe how many other people said Half-Life! I thought the same thing right before I sent an e-mail to my friend explaing how if the galaxy is destroyed by the end of the year, it'll be because of this thing!

Posted by AnthonyIac August 5, 08 11:58 AM

I'm loving some of these comments.

Here's hoping they do something uniquely important like develop an unlimited source of clean power.

Posted by Your Mom August 5, 08 12:00 PM

Oh well, at least the thing that will kill us all is one of the most beautiful things....

besides we all as a race deserve it!

Posted by Stuart Upson August 5, 08 12:03 PM

The U.S. alone spends something like $16 billion a year on pet food. For creatures that wouldn't exist if we didn't breed them so we can "waste" money feeding and caring for them. Surely we can afford a few billion here and there for cool science toys.

Posted by Bob S. August 5, 08 12:16 PM

Miller: Oh. My. God. What happened to your eyes?
Dr. Weir: Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.

Posted by event horizon August 5, 08 12:32 PM

Are there any pictures of the Gyrotrons? They must certainly be equally impressive.

Posted by Charles Glasser August 5, 08 12:36 PM

That's great and all - but what if I only want to defrost my steak and cook it on the grill later.

Posted by Meechomarcho August 5, 08 12:36 PM

Switzerland no longer the maker of warches and clocks. Beat killing Iraques!

Posted by Ralph F. Wuerker August 5, 08 12:40 PM

holy mother of pearl

Posted by werf August 5, 08 12:43 PM

There are a lot of people out here whose science "knowledge" comes from Hollywood sci fi movies, apparently. Guess what? Not every big gizmo is a weapon! Guess what else? Money spent on basic scientific research benefits all of humanity, because it helps us understand the nature of our universe better.

However, if you are afraid of scientific advances, I would suggest that you unplug your computer from the Internet (which was actually created by high energy physics researchers who needed to share data), then get out a hammer and smash it up because IT COULD BE DANGEROUS. Then go live in a cave eating nuts and berries -- don't cook them. Fire can be dangerous, I hear.

Posted by eye roll August 5, 08 12:57 PM

Our first mistake as intelligent beings was to advance past simple construction and energy usage (mud huts and fire). I'd love to go back to the hunter-gatherer days.

Frankly, I don't give a shit if this hunk of metal and wire instantly increases the cup size of every woman on the planet...I'll still be in Idaho living the life of a hard working man supporting his family, and I'll still be enjoying it.

Posted by Marcus August 5, 08 01:09 PM

Everywhere in the skies you detect a black hole
there was a life once, that is until some smart pants
decided to conduct an experiment!

From Moscow with love.

Posted by Smart pants August 5, 08 01:10 PM

Look at all the beautiful stars.


At last a substitute for oil.

Posted by Eric August 5, 08 01:13 PM

#963:Dear paranoids and conspiracy theorists: please shut up. Thank you.

Well said.
I don't think that the LHC, that can only produce a 14TeV collision (1eV=1,602 176 53×10-7 joule) would provoke anything bed to the world. Please stop reading Dan Brown and don't think that what he writes might be true.

Posted by User August 5, 08 01:33 PM

what a beautiful is simetry

Posted by anthony August 5, 08 01:35 PM

What said Nostradamus about this?

Posted by Ricardo August 5, 08 01:39 PM

Looks like it is time for The Resonance Cascade scenario to become a reality. The problem in our reality is that there is no Gordon Freeman. Oh well we will just have to do what a human has to do.

Posted by Nervous Energy August 5, 08 01:41 PM

Ouch, my eyes hurt looking those photos... Still damm cool thing they have there. Higg's boson, or black-hole which will kill us all?

Posted by Rnd( August 5, 08 01:45 PM

I believe the particles have to be going 55mph before it applies the 21.1 gigawatts of power.

Posted by Ryan August 5, 08 01:55 PM

Mike: Boy, the landlady's gonna be mad.
Tom Servo: Are you boys cooking up there?
Mike: No.
Tom Servo: Are you making an interositor?
Mike: No!

Posted by RRR August 5, 08 01:58 PM

Wheredo I sit?

Posted by Phil Cramer August 5, 08 02:08 PM

Where do I sit?

Posted by Phil Cramer August 5, 08 02:10 PM

If the past is presents that have happened
And the present is a future left behind
Then the future of the past is in the present
And the present of a future in the mind

Posted by Gary August 5, 08 02:12 PM

jump to the hadron cannon and u will survive xD i will destroy the hadron and become a patriot myself xD no not a patriot a god and i promise all the people will be fine ^^

Posted by Zero August 5, 08 02:21 PM

Reply to yes i have one's observation about how many people could you feed with that much money...

How many people, who have bothered to educate themselves and worked hard on this thing, DID that much money feed...

Posted by Dave August 5, 08 03:18 PM

my god, stupid scientist , they havent got brain , my god

Posted by noone August 5, 08 03:24 PM

yes I have one said: "how many people could we feed with that money?"

Who cares?
People have been over producing children and living by survival of the fittest since before we evolved to our current "civilized" status.
Why should we drag other nations kicking and screaming into our wonderful society when they feel just fine about the way things are??

This is a great development, and I'd like to extend my congratulations to the European scientific community.

Posted by Dogstar82 August 5, 08 03:31 PM

Que pasadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Posted by p August 5, 08 03:33 PM

what will evil doers use that toy for?

Posted by madman August 5, 08 03:49 PM

To "how many people would it feed" - I reply:

A whole lot. But they're GOING to be and are being fed currently. If one were to take all the science money research and convert it to rice, soy and diesel to ship it to the poor of the world ... no science would be done, but a lot of bellies would be filled. How long before the lack-of-science research (that will solve future malnourishment problems) and over-food delivery will topple the precarious balance of civilisation?

Not long.

We have 300,000,000 people, are growing at 1%/year, feed ourselves, parts of asia, huge swathes of africa. We were DIRT poor only 200 years ago. No one came and delivered big bags of money, rice, potatoes, corn, or anything else to this continent to save our sorry asses. Indeed, as the spuds went kaput, there were dozen-year famines in Europe, the poor-but-determined took their chances at coming over here, and doing something.

Hence, we are.

I'm not saying, "don't feed the world". I AM saying, "gddamit... why the fraque can't y'all start WORKING efficiently with the resources (land, minerals, people, water, education) you have, and get yerselves out of the rut?" We need to see more of the 900,000,000 (size as Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada combined!) Africans getting their best-and-brightest into CERN, into the research arms of the companies that will turn around their impoverishment (they're not related in that sense, but CERN and 'getting scientists going' is.)

Posted by Bob Lynch August 5, 08 03:59 PM

It's not the collisions you need to worry about, it's the programmers who might have left a divide by zero error in the code somewhere.

Posted by fwisong August 5, 08 04:01 PM

>Everywhere in the skies you detect a black hole
>there was a life once, that is until some smart pants
>decided to conduct an experiment!

>From Moscow with love.
>Posted by Smart pants

You're right! :D
I was thinking the same thing before reading your post.
Every blackhole in the universe is unsuccessful experiment of "intelligent" civilization.
Not maybe LHC but next one to be build.

Greetings from Finland, Espoo

Posted by Xeryp August 5, 08 04:23 PM

This represents the noblest human endeavor. If we just follow our wonerous curiosity, we will get to a good place. BRAVO!!!!

Posted by Richard S Binder August 5, 08 04:40 PM

yep the danger can come from the divide by zero
or the driver on the 9th photo....

Posted by cb August 5, 08 04:41 PM

See you later.
See all you in the black hole.
I hope that we will not be very tight.
I want to be together with the girls of Playboy.

Posted by BlackHoleManiac August 5, 08 04:42 PM

OMG we are all going to DIE!!

Posted by James T Kirk August 5, 08 04:44 PM

I am really happy to see this fantastic move into unknown!

It proves that despite all relevant problems of bringing such project up to its implementation (see other responses!) there is reasonable number of bright people, dedication and capacity to provide adequate resources. With the world becoming crazy on spending most of its resources on everything which does not really improves societies, knowledge and life on our only beautiful planet this is really THE ACHIEVEMENT TO BE PROUD OF!

It is really very sad to see in our 21 century that religions, relevant perceptions, fundamental lack of education and intellectual capacity to understand the need for research of our world fundamentals impact our ability to go forward as fast as advanced societies can. As already was mentioned in many previous comments too many people do not see or cannot understand that this is the only way to advance, meet future challenges and improve life of our children.

Congratulations and thanks to those who brought up the idea, approved funding, designed the THING and make it happening!

Posted by SergeG August 5, 08 04:49 PM

One huge penis extension...
They could of just dusted off their meccano sets, but no...

Posted by morpheus August 5, 08 04:51 PM

it's hard to imagine something so complex will work... assuming it's a flop and doesn't self-destruct (at the very least), it''ll make a great movie set!

Posted by peter hendrickson August 5, 08 04:58 PM

Îñòàíîâèòå ýòó õðåíü!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 12 August 5, 08 05:01 PM

It's like something out of the Venture Brothers.

Posted by Ian Hardwick August 5, 08 05:15 PM

Do they have an upgraded version with 4 gigs of DDR2?

Posted by Jesse August 5, 08 05:20 PM

The politicians and the public in the US are short sighted. The nuclear accelerator in Texas was stopped by a public vote, and now the most advanced research in particle physics does not take place in the US, even though billions were already spent. We have the most expensive wine cellar ever built.

Posted by PeterG August 5, 08 05:38 PM

i wonder what the electric bill would look like??

Posted by kim August 5, 08 05:44 PM

Even if the risk is small, who are they make that decision for the rest of the world? SO WHAT if we discover the "God" particle? It's not going to feed the hungry. Its not going to bring world peace. Its not going to give us interstellar space is a massive, expensive, potentially disastrous experiment designed to satisfy a curiousity...nothing more.

Posted by Pauly_K August 5, 08 06:10 PM

Anyone had a look on today? Server down due to maintenance or capacity problems.

Remember the start of Half-Life? No one could log into their networks or servers, they mentioned it.

Haha oh sheeeeeit

Posted by Trilby August 5, 08 06:27 PM

If I understand this correctly, the output from this machine will be connected directly to the internet, which will undoubtedly become self-aware during the first and possibly the only actual test firing.

Posted by Bruno Fusoe August 5, 08 06:38 PM

There will always be things too small to see, how else can we have things too large to comprehend.

Posted by Gavin Winship August 5, 08 06:58 PM

I'd like to be there when it's almost at full power and trip over the plug and it goes off!!

Posted by powers August 5, 08 07:28 PM

i hope they don't destroy the universe

Posted by sean b August 5, 08 07:51 PM

"i wonder what the electric bill would look like??
Posted by kim August 5, 08 05:44 PM"

Read the bill would be $100,000 a day.

Posted by Justme August 5, 08 08:05 PM

Wow....that's really awesome. I want to work there one day.
You have a 1000000000000 times higher chance of dying in a car accident. These people know what they're doing. They're not "mad scientists"...

Posted by Sarah D August 5, 08 08:06 PM

Black holes sucks!

Posted by Pablo Cordo August 5, 08 08:19 PM

And when it's done, we all get cake!

Posted by Rit. August 5, 08 08:34 PM

No, wait! Doc. Doc. The-the-the bruise - the bruise on your head. I know how that happened! You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet, and you were hanging a clock, and you fell, and you hit your head on the sink. And that's when you came up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor...

Which... is what makes time travel possible.

Posted by Jeff Duffy August 5, 08 08:38 PM

I fear that this machine will create changes that are completely unforeseeable, however, I am not against it. We are such interesting animals!

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 09:02 PM

I feel it down to the very core of my bones

This mother of all inventions will be the answer in unlocking a new dawning in events leading up to Dec 21 2012

In the words of CERN courier - the LHC is a black hole factory. Scary, very scary. Yet exciting. New times are dawning folks.

Posted by SolReka August 5, 08 09:39 PM

mansa gilada

Posted by nene August 5, 08 09:47 PM

What a pile of crap! I could have done a better job with a roll of duct tape.

Posted by Tim August 5, 08 09:48 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 10:03 PM

Looks like a scaled up Dyson vacuum cleaner...
I think they are secretly creating an atomic wine-cheese variant.
All kidding aside, I wish them success.
Wonder how long it will take to build the NEXT, BIGGER one!!!

Posted by FiOS-Dave August 5, 08 10:10 PM

ISAIAH 24:18-20

The earth is broken up, the earth is split asunder, the earth is thoroughly shaken. The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls-never to rise again," (Isaiah 24:18-20).

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 10:10 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 10:21 PM

IF - this THING screws up the Earth's Magnetic Field and messes up the Earth's natural Wobble. Are you in the mood for Earthquakes that will be OFF the Richter Scale.......... I'm not in the mood, people................ One more day until activation. I'm getting really queasy.........................


Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 10:29 PM

The Super Conductor Super Collider will be built one day!
Remember the nutrenio!

Posted by Bill Carpender August 5, 08 10:30 PM

Tengo miedo :(

Posted by Micaela August 5, 08 10:39 PM

GOOGLE - CERN IMAGES - Does it look like an abstracted: 666........................

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 10:47 PM

Are you prepared to meet your Master, your GOD?

Posted by Anonymous August 5, 08 11:04 PM

Why couldn't they just leave Stargate SG-1 alone!!!!
It was better when it was just fictional, now it's going to become a reality - OMG!

Posted by Craig August 5, 08 11:20 PM

It probably won't kill us all...but it will definitely start the Zombie uprising,then all we can do is call Simon Pegg

Posted by Badger August 5, 08 11:22 PM

I for one, cannot wait until they activate it!!!!! I hope an anti rapture-happens and sucks all the god fearing imbiciles into a big black hole ... and they never come back... ever ... EVER!

Posted by ViandtheTornado August 6, 08 12:21 AM


Posted by PEDRO EMNDOZA August 6, 08 12:24 AM

>> "I would have been more interested to see what would happen if they
>> spend that much money and effort honoring the Lord Jesus Christ"

I don't know what you mean by 'honoring'. Do you mean the construction of large statues? Or decorated buildings? Those are the usual ways to 'honor' a person in our society. Maybe I'm misjudging you, maybe you have something more humanitarian in mind, but you surely didn't SAY so.

Anyway; if you want to get THAT much funding for a Jesus statue, you have to go through the same process that these scientists ALREADY went through. Here it is:

[1] Build a small Jesus statue with the funds you've got.
[2] Prove that it actually does something.
[3] Other people copy your plans and their statues also get results.
[4] Brandishing your results, apply for more funds for a bigger statue.
[5] Repeat from [1]

Posted by David Byrden August 6, 08 12:44 AM

Well done , Scientists think about how to kill earth fast.

Posted by Eldho August 6, 08 12:48 AM

A lot of comments that we have to FEAR GOD. Why is that? Why would GOD want us to FEAR him? He/She/Them gave us our intellect and capacity to learn.

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 01:16 AM

Someone said looks and sounds like Half Life. That's what I told my gf.

I didn't read all the comments, too many. But one thing I didn't see while glimpsing it was the chance that any anti-matter created could possibley destroy us, and the entire universe, in less than a blink of an eye. Just *POOF*...gone. We wouldn't even know.
Then there's the problem of creating a black whole that turns us inside out. Or the possibility of what I now call the "Half Life Scenario", where it essentially opens a door to another reality or dimension and introduces things from either one into the other.

Thing is, we don't know what will happen. Part of the reason it's being done. However, curiosity killed the cat. We haven't perfected reanimation of once living things, so there won't be any satisfaction brought it back.

Someone said that the chances of an incident like one of the above happening is pretty is winning the lottery or being hit by lightning. But both happen everyday.

See ya all in hell!

Posted by Zagnut August 6, 08 01:40 AM

no hay pedo de cosas peores nos levantaremos

Posted by vaison August 6, 08 02:19 AM


Posted by 123 August 6, 08 02:29 AM

fumemonos unos porritos antes de que le den al ON!!

Posted by chuck norris August 6, 08 02:32 AM

But for all of us down her in Alabama, just how many pigs can one get on this fancy barb b q

Even got room for beans!

Posted by Halfred August 6, 08 02:39 AM

Beautifully! but, I live in Russia and is honored am terrified, year three have back read the book Angels and Daemons, all so it is likely that will hereon beautiful creation! it is difficult to present if this terror is honored before what äîøëî the mankind, us created not that we harmed itself, such impression that people gradually want itself to destroy.

Posted by Russia August 6, 08 03:02 AM

impresionante... en cualquier caso no servirá para viajar en el tiempo porque si no, ya nos habríamos enterado..

Posted by sagatz August 6, 08 03:09 AM

Yo tambien.

Posted by Rodrigo. August 6, 08 03:18 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 03:29 AM

I really think that this technology has huge economical advantages especially in the manufacture of computer chips. allow me to explain. get a screw driver, open your computer, and look for some resistors on the mother board. tiny aren't they. for our technology to advance our computer chips will likely become smaller every few years, up to the point where even chip components are at the nano scale. jump roughly five decades ahead and then you reach the point where even the nano scale is to big. well i have some good news in case this frightens you. scientists are now working on ways to store information at the atomic level, where positive electrons could represent 1 and negative electrons could store 0 or -1. later on scientist couldn't even find ways to use quarks to make more advanced technology.

or they could take it in a different direction and make space jumps/ warping possible.

just some outlandishly imaginative ideas that i believe justifies the LHC's budget.

Posted by micmccond7 August 6, 08 03:37 AM


Posted by Tasio August 6, 08 03:55 AM

y yo

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 03:55 AM

We need to do more experiments like these, knowledge is what keeps us busy.
If it goes wrong we'll just have to deal with the consequences. Great pics btw, those people really had to use their heads, it's almost unimaginable that there won't be any mistakes. I hope they've done their regular checks so this thing really works^^

grts from Belgium
@1030: How can you believe in a GOD when there's science? No fairy tales here, these things are made by people who can think out of the box.

Posted by David August 6, 08 04:09 AM


Posted by Petxo Wolf August 6, 08 04:36 AM

i always wondered how man kind would end i know. =[

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 04:39 AM

÷¸ ïàíèêó-òî ðàçâîäèòå?
íîðìàëüíî âñ¸ áóäåò ;)

Posted by lisiy29 August 6, 08 04:41 AM



Posted by JANET August 6, 08 04:46 AM

Half-Life Real :-0 ¨ïò pzdc Ñêîëüêî Ìåäè òî =_=

_ÍÀÌ _ Ï È Ç Ä Å Ö _
ßÿÿ ×åëîâåêàÓñòðèöà =))

Posted by SokoL August 6, 08 04:46 AM

This is all a big hoax using some cardboard, paper, duct tapes... why is it not on tv yet?

Posted by Critic August 6, 08 04:58 AM

Esto no me gusta

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 05:11 AM

Anytime Science tries to re-create the normalaties of nature, There are always a few failed attempts.
As im sure there will be here.
No one really knows whats going to happen. Remember they hope to find the elusive "DARK MATTER". This means they have no clue what "Dark Matter" is or does. In nature this could be the very thing that evaporates black holes.

Maybe there are particles smaller than this alleged "Dark Matter", And maybe they play a role in destablizing black holes. MAYBE...all i said no one REALLY knows what gonna happen. But its too big to stop so just sit back and hope for the best cause there is nothing you can do about it.

And for the record i was not the least bit worried about this hadron collider until the vista im crappin myself at the very thought of microsoft having anything to do with this machine...god i hope they use thier own components and programs. Letting bill gates near this would be like giving george w bush a disposable razor with the blade still intact. GOD HELP US ALL

Posted by Dustin August 6, 08 05:13 AM

this means we have a chance at defeating darth vader, right?

Posted by Dave August 6, 08 05:16 AM

i knew there was a reason frogs legs started tasting like chicken!!

Posted by woody August 6, 08 05:20 AM


As Homer J would say... Woo Hoo!!!

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 05:32 AM

God is not real, the LHC is

Posted by Royce August 6, 08 05:35 AM

WTF has this "God character" to with anything?

Imaginary skypixies do sweet FA for the human race even if they did exist and as for the morons who think quotes from a book will change the world.

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

This is human beings using their brains and skills to develop and hopefully improve our understanding of things with practical measures. Success could mean enormous benefits to human beings as a whole.

Posted by Leaguefan August 6, 08 05:37 AM

You´re a bunch of Rednecks! I prefer to die by Science than to die by G.W. Bush

Posted by Lick it August 6, 08 05:53 AM

Sencillamente, impresionante!!!

Posted by Jose August 6, 08 06:10 AM

May b it will b ..the .. day ..when.. MAYA civilazation calender ends..
on 21 december 2012.. and ..... !!!!!

your project.. LHC will start.. in full way..

then i cant .. imagine..wht will happen ...of this world..

may b.. a successfull operation of project..
and ..successfull .. prediction of MAYA..civilization

..GOD..bless ..all..

Posted by prediction August 6, 08 06:17 AM

y to eso pa que coño sirve?????

Posted by dani August 6, 08 06:21 AM

I think that an 11-25% chance of something going wrong is a risk not worth taking.
I also wish them success,because if they fail we all pay the price.

Posted by Ian G August 6, 08 06:23 AM

awesome, awesome!!

Posted by Mar August 6, 08 06:36 AM

No eres la única...

Que flipe!!

Posted by Kilava August 6, 08 06:47 AM

Anyway, Bruce Willis will save the world

Posted by Runner August 6, 08 06:57 AM

Why do humans need such a thing?? I think we need food for starving people more urgently and we need extra funds for medical and environmental research.

Posted by ZH August 6, 08 07:08 AM

Ìû âñå ÓÌÐÅÌ

Posted by Àëåêñ August 6, 08 07:09 AM

Âðîäå äîëæíî âñå ðàáîòàòü? o-O
ïî èäåå ó÷åíûõ:)
maybe it working.... ñêîðî óçíàåì)
...what next? Gyper Super Mega Large Adronno-Collaider?:-D

Posted by Aleksander August 6, 08 07:17 AM

so what does it do again??

Posted by jane broughton August 6, 08 07:24 AM

ha ha, the scariest thing for me is pic no.9, what the f*ck is that little dude on his monkey bike gonna do if this goes wrong!!!

Posted by Joel August 6, 08 07:24 AM

juck norris will

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 07:30 AM

Who's going to troubleshoot this thing?

Posted by Lyenyo August 6, 08 07:49 AM

This is f*cking sick, I'm just stunned by the fact that they can creat a black hole (although the change is small).

Nice pictures. If this experiment works out perfect, then this means that there is no more power problem for the whole world???

btw: Hire the a team, superman, badman and chuck norris in case something goes wrong

Posted by apocalypse now August 6, 08 07:50 AM

This thing will fail...

Look @ "View of the Computer Center during the installation of servers."

A woman is installing them!!!

Posted by CC August 6, 08 07:57 AM

Who remember Akira (anime)? It looks like the scary facility with those children under Olympic Stadium in NeoTokyo.

Anyways, unbelievable facility...

Posted by Pawel August 6, 08 08:03 AM

Dear Intellectual Idiots:

How Dare You. Of all the unmitigated audacity to make a decision like this and leave the rest of humanity out of the decision. What arrogance. How incredibly self-serving can you be? Folks, in Switzerland - - I would get out of there NOW!!!~ The Swiss Alps are going to be ground into powder. Unbelievable, that the scientists would not ask the rest of the world about this decision. What is the hurry. Let's all sit down, GET THE FACTS and THEN make a decision. Activation - - TOMORROW!!!~

Ohhhhhhhh, Brother.................

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 08:13 AM


Posted by JOORCH22 August 6, 08 08:15 AM

Great. We all had a small contribution..!!! Waiting for the bang !!

Posted by Padma August 6, 08 08:15 AM

i think the guy in picture 8 had justed farted and the guys in picture 9 are trying to make a quick getaway!!

Posted by jane broughton August 6, 08 08:36 AM

only 01 day 09 h 17 min to... ;)

Posted by %#%# August 6, 08 08:41 AM

aaaaaaaah the middle classes do get bored

Posted by jirimenzel August 6, 08 08:48 AM

As a techy this just blows my mind.

Posted by meekon5 August 6, 08 09:01 AM

More importantly, WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE!!!!!!!~

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 09:14 AM

Who let the Mexicans on this board?

Posted by Heywood Jablomey August 6, 08 09:24 AM

we are playing to be GOD

Posted by been August 6, 08 09:27 AM

People used to be afraid of eclipses, too. Open a book.

Posted by Justin Lighat August 6, 08 09:44 AM

You are A fckin' aussie?
You know there are more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America who speak Spanish?
Don't? Really? Take a book and learn something out of your navel.

Posted by Heywood Jablomey Is NERD August 6, 08 09:47 AM

really? O_o

Posted by krispis August 6, 08 09:48 AM

Nice pics... If I were living inside that circle i would problably get moving... xD
Now... lets open Pandora's Box

Posted by Aleitox August 6, 08 09:55 AM

masmola el destructor de humanos.


Posted by deskiciado August 6, 08 10:14 AM

I begin to pray tonight

Posted by Dr. Otto Van DerWahl August 6, 08 10:20 AM

When will it happen?

Posted by reemacon August 6, 08 10:26 AM

FC estubo aki mamones!!!

Posted by Yustin August 6, 08 10:26 AM

it is to be switched on at 21/12/2012

Posted by Playboy Nolan August 6, 08 10:29 AM

Metérsuslo pol cul0 XD

Posted by motherfacker August 6, 08 10:29 AM

I hope everyone is right with God....

Posted by ashrael August 6, 08 10:35 AM

With the conjunction of NASA seeking life of Mars, times are really getting interesting.


Posted by descartes August 6, 08 10:38 AM

Dear "Dear intellectual iditot:"

I can't wait until it fires up and you are proven wrong. I only hope that you posted that inane comment to get a reaction from someone like me. Do you have any more names that you'd like to call us?

Also, would you like a lesson in appropriate comma usage? Insulting one's intelligence while using improper syntax is either brilliantly ironic or very far from it.

Posted by R August 6, 08 10:49 AM


Posted by Ricardo August 6, 08 11:13 AM

it looks like the old version of stargate

Posted by GUA August 6, 08 11:34 AM

There is DEFINITELY a very small chance that we'll all survive.

Posted by Mark A. Richman August 6, 08 11:37 AM

Como se nota que son de Bilbo, la ostia! si es que eso ni Chuck Norris...

Posted by Eneko August 6, 08 11:48 AM

Always go out with a BANG!

Posted by David August 6, 08 11:53 AM

damned!!! so big o_O'
i m living just a hundred miles from there... is it enough to escape from a black hole ;)

Posted by picon August 6, 08 11:56 AM

To the ones that criticize this project based on budget, you say how many people could we feed with this money? The answer is, a lot of people of course, but, for how long?? Not enough, you don´t give to the starving a fish, you should give him a rod and then teach him to fish.
Can you imagine the consequences of this project if it works?? Do you realize of how big this could be? If this works, in 10, 20,or 50 if we are still on the earth, there will be no need for oil, this would be the solution to our main problem

Posted by Sylvia August 6, 08 12:02 PM

eso es imposible de hacer en españa por multitudes de causas

Posted by 222 August 6, 08 12:04 PM

Have any of you seen Event Horizon? Whoa...this looks TOO much like it. I'm with the scared bunch.

Posted by Justin August 6, 08 12:10 PM

If there were a black hole formed by the LHC it would dissipate quickly. And it would be very tiny. They are testing particle collision, not planets. 8-P

Posted by Fsquaredmedia August 6, 08 12:21 PM

Another day,another way to blow us up.
Thanks a bunch!!!

Posted by kattemans August 6, 08 12:26 PM

OK - so if your worried about the planet dying, it started dying just like all living things, as soon as it was born. We are accelerating it's demise just as any parasite will shorten the life of any host. The population increase, with its technological advances accelerating the process exponentially, is overwhelming the natural balances of physics. We are selfish enough to think that we will all be dead before that actually happens. We cannot work in unison to turn our species into benevolent parasites. Maybe the LHC and the impending fear of immediate destruction will bring a few more into the cause to extend the life of planet Earth.
It will either be quick, or of huge benefit to us and our home in terms of energy sources. The worst, as I see it, is that the event itself will be uneventful. Nothing is worse than something.

Posted by None of us are getting outof here alive August 6, 08 12:26 PM

All this talk about the 'risk' of dying at the hands of this experiment is just plain lame and ill-founded ... "a 1-in-a-trillion chance is too much" ... "an 11-25% chance of something going wrong is a risk not worth taking" ... think, people ... you run a great 'risk' of dying everytime you go anywhere in your car (or on the bus, or in a cab, or on a plane, or ...). Science is very important ... Science is progress ... Science moves us forward. "If Mother Nature were conservative, we'd still be living in the age of the Trilobites".

This is a truly fantastic time in science and the understanding of everything ... the Universe. Don't ya' think ... Or, don't ya?

Posted by WSM August 6, 08 12:41 PM

Where can I order one ?

Posted by Martijn August 6, 08 12:42 PM

I want one..

Can i have one?

Posted by Verbal August 6, 08 01:01 PM

I don't know what I think about it.
I haven't a good feeling about cern, but
it looks fantastic.

Posted by powermaus August 6, 08 01:08 PM

This curiosity will leave us without balls (human balls)

Posted by JFI August 6, 08 01:23 PM

Is this love???

Posted by vipul August 6, 08 01:32 PM

Hey, look at it like this:
IF it sucks us all up in a black hole, we'd probably be dead after. Wich means worldpeace! finally! gogo:D

Posted by Sop August 6, 08 01:35 PM

Who is God? The omnicient, omnipresent, immortal being who created the Heaven and the Earth. He is the one to whom you call out when you are alone and terrified in the dark, the one you pray to when a tsunami hits, when an earthquake strikes, when 9/11 occurred. What is that phrase so many of you love to use? Oh my G___? Oh my what did you just say? I challenge anyone who uses that phrase, and does not know who God is, to trace the word God back to its earliest origins, and see what you find yourself looking at. Betcha find yourself staring at Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God..." As for this monstrosity of wasted time and money, these foolish scientists are probably going to get exactly what they wish for... and its probably going to be the absolute worst day of their lives...

Posted by Jay August 6, 08 01:39 PM


Posted by luepez August 6, 08 01:40 PM

We are able to fly today, becasue Wright brothers had tried first, without having a thought that we would be able reach Moon one day!

Posted by RG August 6, 08 01:51 PM


Posted by Manuel August 6, 08 01:59 PM

I D'ont know if is a possibility that the nanos "black holes" genereted by the colision could merge one in each other and create a bigger black hole in an endless process that can destroy our planet and solar system.

If this possibility exist, is better not iniciate the experiment, because if the merge of the nanos black holes happen, every thing will disapear, including all the scientistes and all the science too.

Posted by Andre Goncalves August 6, 08 02:16 PM

I think this is a bad idea...

Real typical of us humans to mess with
things we don't even know anything about.

Like the first nuclear bomb test...

Common sense is the less common of all senses...dammmit!

I hope ppl wake up soon.... or it will be to late...

Posted by erlendbh August 6, 08 02:17 PM

No need to worry... the One, who press the button, will die first. This thing sucks... us all in. Calm down people, it really doesnt matter when you die and what happens after you die.

Posted by animal August 6, 08 02:21 PM

vamos a morirrr!! jajajaja

Posted by dac August 6, 08 02:25 PM

Crap. DON"T TURN THAT CRAP ON. It's because of that thing I had a nighmare about the whole world turning in a black whole dammit! :[

Posted by Scared August 6, 08 02:26 PM



Posted by Pedro Henrique August 6, 08 02:33 PM

Bumper Stickers for the side of the LHC.

“Aim away from face”
“My other car is the Death Star”
“Is that your LHC, or are you just happy to see me”?


“Did I fire 6 Protons or only 5. To tell you the truth, I lost track myself in all the confusion. But this being the LHC, the most powerful accelerator in the world and could blow your head clean off, you have to ask yourself, do you feel luck today? Well do you PUNK?” (Dirty Harry of course).

I say fire it up… It’s about time for some new discoveries!

Posted by John in Arizona August 6, 08 02:42 PM

Good luck, scientists of Black Mesa.

Posted by annddy August 6, 08 02:45 PM

Interesting to see that God comes into play everytime one doesn´t understand things. There is no God, its just stupid people need something to believe in if they don´t understand something.

"God" is a story, like Harry Potter is one.

Posted by ntx August 6, 08 03:22 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 03:28 PM

Just to leave a comment here in case if this shit goes wrong and we died.

Saludos a los aliens, esto me tiene cagado XD espero que todo salga bien

Posted by Edworld August 6, 08 03:29 PM

>> "Who is God? The omnicient, omnipresent, immortal being who created
>> the Heaven and the Earth"

And you believe this because... somebody SAID so.

And we believe in neutrinos because... we can MEASURE them.

That's what distinguishes religion from science.

Posted by David Byrden August 6, 08 03:57 PM

That 10th level of Duke Nukem forever is going to be AWESOME!

Posted by nunya August 6, 08 04:06 PM

Being A inbred Hillbilly and Republican Conservative, I have couple important questions:
1- Was it may in the US?
2- Can I microwave popcorn on it..?
3- Could Bin Laden hide there..???
4- Can illegal Aliens get into the US on that Machine??

Posted by -Ed August 6, 08 04:13 PM

one again, and again, and we never see old world, world of beautiful forest, beautiful seas, only indastrial style, only steel and neon light's and no more not syntetic matirials, it's good for nothing....

Posted by Alexander August 6, 08 04:15 PM

Incredible science fiction aesthetics; like an alien artefact straight out of an Arthur C. Clarke novel.

Posted by Thorsten Franz August 6, 08 04:20 PM

Finally its up! Glad to see something done for humanity instead of wasting resources, money and intelect trying to improve and finance war. I'm very glad for this project and everyone involved! GO GO CERN... oh yea, and show those NASA guys that they're useless, we dont need them, their technology, or their "once-in-a-while-space-shuttle-failure", their lack of knowlegde and their ignorance telling everyone what to do and how it is done.

Once again... congratulations and GO CERN!

Posted by Harbinger August 6, 08 04:20 PM

hey quit the god bashing......bush won the 2000 election without having the votes......And people dont believe in conspiracies so...there must be a god huh?

Posted by dustin August 6, 08 04:21 PM

( Purposely misspelled my question # 1)
I am a inbred...
( is supposed to be Made, got it ???)

Posted by -Ed August 6, 08 04:22 PM

Woman in picture #9 looks absolutely f-ing determined to unleash a torrent of strangelets to roam the earth disappearing small objects and people. And wtf is VERSONNEX... the drug these people are all hopped up on?

Posted by VERSONNEX August 6, 08 04:44 PM

Well, if this thing is going to suck us all in, at least i wont be paying my mortgage anymore.

Always look at the bright side of life....

Posted by Toni August 6, 08 04:45 PM

I would if I can get the sharks now that we have tha lazer? I mean I can I guy get freaking sharks with lazer beams... Dr Evil

"Austin Powers"

Posted by Dust T. Nutts August 6, 08 04:54 PM

The scientists are going to find out >

A. * Bugger all.

B. ** Subatomic particles are composed of smaller particles which are composed of smaller particles which are......... infinitum.

C. Level 2

D. The end.

* This is assuming it even works.

** Well that was a trillion dollars well spent. Hey are people still dying of starvation and cancer and aids and are we still burning fossil fuels at an unsustainable rate? I dunno let me check.

Posted by NO_LIFET.32 August 6, 08 04:57 PM



Posted by julio August 6, 08 04:59 PM

Marty "Why don't you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?"

Nigel "[pause] These go to eleven."

Posted by iamspinaltap August 6, 08 05:01 PM

Pile of rubbish.

We would already know by now if it were any good for time travel.

Posted by Toni August 6, 08 05:02 PM

§Yup, we've created the anti-matter time stopping black hole maker Death Star Planet§Have your Dramamine tablets ready§See you on the Other Side of the Universe§

Posted by Starbuzz August 6, 08 05:09 PM

Espero verlos el viernes.

I hope see you all the friday.


Posted by MexMen August 6, 08 05:10 PM

I've lived more than enough, let's do it, push the button...

Posted by vituh August 6, 08 05:38 PM

sorry for some spanish comments from spain,
nice pics, thanks for all

Posted by VoB August 6, 08 05:39 PM

It wont work...................... Looks pretty tho :-)

Posted by Paul Hooligan August 6, 08 05:45 PM

yay! only 23 hours 53 min :>
yay!! can't wait! :>

Posted by %#%# August 6, 08 06:07 PM

Sem sombras de dúvida, algo fantástico e promissor. Devemos creditar esperanças de um mundo melhor.
I have hope a better world !!

Posted by André_Brazil August 6, 08 06:19 PM

pero que cojones son todos esos tubos?

Posted by el juli August 6, 08 06:21 PM

Did we establish whether it could blend or not?

Posted by Phil W. August 6, 08 06:25 PM

Dear #1108 - I would like to personally say I am very sorry about my rude and caustic comments about Intellectuals. I am truly sorry and did not mean to be so attacking and offensive.

Again, I am very sorry for the comment. It was inappropriate.

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 06:26 PM

I wonder how long it is untill America turns this technology into a weapon.

Posted by Scott August 6, 08 06:33 PM

Weird, the first picture looks like the Aztec Calendar wait a minute when are they supposed to do this hopefully not in 2012 the end of the Aztec Calendar.

Posted by Unknown August 6, 08 06:35 PM

Observer : "so what does it do?"
Scientist : "we made a black hole ! "
Observer : "Where is it then?"
Scientist : "Erm..." *points* "there, but it's too small to see"
Observer : "Let's use a microscope then"
Scientist : "Erm" *thinks* "well you won't see it now, it's imploded"
Observer : "and this cost how much again?"

Posted by Phil W. August 6, 08 06:40 PM

Why do religious people always go crazy all the time. Can't people keep religion to themselves? If you want to believe in some fictional boy/girlfriend, I frankly don't care but keep it to yourself.

OT: Trust me this things isnt going to suck us all in. And what if would? It's not like you are going to notice anything about ir death.

Posted by Gregorius August 6, 08 06:46 PM

Hahaha I agree with Jeff Duffy, we need 1.21 Gigawatts to move in the time, besides it is not required a big machine like this, we just need a Delorean car and one plutonium cartridge.

Everybody, See you in hell, ( from the heaven) haha. I hope this machine works like the scientifics says.

Posted by Juan Antonio August 6, 08 06:47 PM

it would be cool if the beginning of time was a pizza pocket.
and when the things collided, it would just make a pizza pocket.

Posted by xbrosephx August 6, 08 06:49 PM

Amazing pictures!

Posted by gino August 6, 08 06:57 PM

It's funny, "the probability of a black hole creation is quite small they say"....
so there is a probability, and, if i don't have it wrong, we will all die if that occurs.
Why do we take a risk then? even if i is one aout of a million, there is a chance to erase the earth from the cosmos....well, at least there will be no more wars between us.
I think we should be a bit more concious about this.

Posted by Tomás Galano August 6, 08 07:28 PM

Such a beautiful and complex machine cannot work with MS Windows... Confess, you used Linux, didn't you?

Posted by Pietro M. August 6, 08 07:31 PM


Posted by Xylitol August 6, 08 07:42 PM

wasn't it an experiment like this some billions years ago that went beserk because of static electricity, created the big bang, and out came... us? wonder what world it obliterated then... and what new religions this will create in the next world to explain the new species...

Posted by Voxpaxmidi August 6, 08 07:53 PM

i got my own black hole in my ass and it swallows everything that comes nears

Posted by Paula August 6, 08 07:53 PM

This thing can divide by zero :)

Posted by skeepa August 6, 08 07:56 PM

Looks like the Death Star's main Weapon grid ;)

Jokes aside, I seriously wouldn't want to work in Quality Assurance or -Management there, hope it fires up without bugs.

The little SuperComputer Installation looks comfortable though, certainly wouldn't mind being Admin of that baby...

Posted by FalconFly August 6, 08 07:59 PM

Europe-The Final Countdown

Posted by Igor August 6, 08 08:28 PM




Posted by Dallas August 6, 08 08:56 PM

The dark hole will destroy all of us!

Posted by BOOOOOM August 6, 08 09:08 PM

I don't think we have to worry. I am sure the whole process is being monitored by intelligent beings in our galaxy. They would not allow us to do somthing stupid that would also hurt them.

Posted by Joe in Illinois August 6, 08 09:14 PM


Posted by chulini August 6, 08 09:16 PM

sweet sign me up to be in the line for 'first to be in the black hole'! better than having america corrupt us even more, thank god its in sweden!

Posted by ANUS August 6, 08 09:19 PM

Teh GTR can nevah lose....

Posted by XxXxX August 6, 08 09:20 PM


Posted by NURUPO August 6, 08 09:49 PM

Ok so everyone says that we will we die tomorrow.

I dont think so. We were supposed to already die on 6-6-06. It never happened.

And people are saying that science wont kill us. But it actually is. Isnt global warming being caused science. So it can kill us.

But were not going to die tomorrow.

Posted by Alyssa August 6, 08 10:00 PM

Our FATHER who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory Forever and ever, AMEN and Amen………..

Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 10:11 PM

The world is going to end anyways were slowly killing ourselves. then its just going to restart all over again.

Posted by Kyle B August 6, 08 10:13 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 6, 08 10:29 PM

Can anybody say Half Life?

Lots of similarities..

Posted by Anomyous August 6, 08 11:08 PM

Whats funny is the guy in the server room with a, high tech indeed.

Posted by Marc August 6, 08 11:09 PM

What about the pressure test failure of parts subjected to opposing forces that they missed during years of engineering review?

You can talk about "American Ignorance", God and the need to know and move forward but, if this thing does not scare you with it's power and uncertainty of outcome, you are a fool.

I am American, understand the basics of what they are doing and this thing scares me. Those who have no fear are simply ignorant or have nothing to lose.

Posted by 157 IQ Points Ignorant in AZ August 6, 08 11:20 PM

Independientemente de lo maravilloso que puedan descubrir con ese experimento, creo que las consecuencias no han sido bien estudiadas, quien pensaria que el fin del mundo lo vamos a crear nosotros mismos? Solo espero estar con los seres que mas amo, cuando esto suceda!!!

Posted by Catherine August 6, 08 11:28 PM

Que impresionante!!!!!!, es hermoso, mi hijo trabaja alli.

Posted by raul y alicia August 6, 08 11:31 PM

Yes, the thought of dying is indeed scary, it's supposed to be.

Although, a huge advancement in technology such as this shouldn't be discouraged by our fears. We need to keep advancing in our knowledge, we need to keep improving on our technology. The way things are going now the young generation may experience some very harsh conditions in their lifetime due to the way we treat the planet. We're constantly warring, on the verge of world wars. Just imagine what a huge break-through in technology could bring us.

We could suddenly have the technology to cross galaxies. We could, in our lifetimes, find ourselves with the possibility to migrate to other planets, harvest new resources, new energy sources. Imagine the possibility of peace when we don't have these increasing limitations burdening us day by day. We won't be funding money on weaponry and warfare related objects. Countries would instead be spending their funding on advancing and building the equipment to get into space. We could be looking at a world-wide peace here. Maybe not peace in the fact that all crime will end, but peace in the fact that we no longer have to be concerned so much with war.

Think of all the great things to come from this, yes, when matched with death it can be very scary. but, with great risk, can come great reward. There are way too many great things that could come from this. Stop focusing on the bad possibilities and think about the insane amount of great possibility.

Posted by Jemini August 6, 08 11:45 PM

Be nice to them when they appear.

Posted by jesse August 6, 08 11:53 PM

(First, sorry for my english. It's not my 1st language)

I'm very tired of the people saying it's dangerous. Please stop the FUD.

1. Those collisions happen daily in the atmosphere (cosmic rays).
They're just recreating them in a confined space, to study them. We can't study them at random places in the atmosphere, so we have to create our own.

2. Even if they really create a black hole, it'll be so small it'll evaporate (hawking radiation).
It's not massive enough to attract anything, and the smaller it is, the faster it evaporates.

3. There are a lot of particle accelerators being used, without any danger.
This is just bigger. If there was any danger, other accelerators would have had problems, and they just worked nicely.

4. If it's dangerous, why the physicists (which would know it) are going to be in 1st line when it gets turned on?
They know their work. If you're not a physicists, stop trying to know better than them. If you are one, you already know it's safe.


BTW, it's a very big engineering accomplishment. I absolutely love it. I'm not going to say that i hope them to find something, because even if they don't, it'll be a big step forward. Thanks to everyone @ CERN for their great work!!

"Science. It works, bitches!"

Posted by I'm not afraid August 7, 08 12:09 AM

Nice pics of Chuck Norris' home gym v. 2.0

Posted by vertigo August 7, 08 12:22 AM


Posted by Dr Wea Lea August 7, 08 12:57 AM

I hope the universe finally dissapear

Posted by Real August 7, 08 01:09 AM


Posted by ANDRES August 7, 08 01:17 AM

So cool!!

Posted by seasonedchop August 7, 08 01:31 AM

How much is it a ride & where can i get tickets, is there height restrictions

Posted by GRAETZY August 7, 08 01:37 AM

I feel so small now.

Posted by Leon van Voornveld August 7, 08 03:07 AM

Did MacGyver build this?

Posted by Gerrie August 7, 08 03:37 AM

Why people think like this?:

(Modern Guy): Hey, I think we can clone animals to increase the production of "non-diseased" animals. We can also improve it's quality by using this "new" technique!

(Religious Guy): NO YOU CANT PLAY GOD! KILL THE IDEA! THAT IS A SIN! *chants:espiritu sancti!!*

This is some reason why scientist can't expand further knowledge improvements.

Posted by Almost Legal August 7, 08 03:38 AM

thats what we here was thinking...scary

bugger...we are doomed.......doomed i tell you!

Posted by us at work August 7, 08 03:49 AM

one in one billion chance guys.. cmon!! pretty cool stuff though :P " HEY GUYS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE BREAK SPACE?" "IDK LETS SEE"

Posted by kevin August 7, 08 03:50 AM
Posted by Austen August 7, 08 04:13 AM

@I'm not afraid:
You are forgetting one thing: the theory of Hawking is [b]never proven[/b].
I suspect huge gravitational forces ripping nearby cores of atoms apart into separate protons, neutrons and electrons.. this will collide.
CERN: Caution! Evil Reactor Nerdstation

Posted by bernie August 7, 08 04:26 AM

Is it blendable ?

Posted by Mr. Jones August 7, 08 04:31 AM

loving you

Posted by orbsycli August 7, 08 04:53 AM

If this thing doesn't work, will they change their National Anthems to 'Send in the Clowns'?

Posted by gwinasia August 7, 08 04:54 AM

Ya veremos si los cientificos estos no nos mandan todos a la mierda por descubrir las mierdas habidas y por haber T.T
Yo quiero vivir, quiero disfrutar de mis seres queridos, me importa una mielda lo que haya pasado hace 10000000 años joer T.T
Espero que esta noche no nos muramos tods ¬¬

Posted by Anonymous August 7, 08 05:09 AM

its just a big flume

Posted by POAH August 7, 08 05:25 AM

When will people realise that God (in all its shapes and/or forms) doesn't exist and that they've never in their entire lives thought for themselves?

This Hadron Collider sounds and looks fvcking awesome. I wanna lie in it on a street-luge and see how fast I can go...kinda like that sh1tty scene from The World Is Not Enough inside the oil pipeline.

Posted by Tom C August 7, 08 05:54 AM

Hi from Spain! We think these are amazing photos, and we hope to still be alive tomorrow!

Posted by Vicky, Javi, Jorge August 7, 08 06:57 AM

Phantasmagorial.Hats off to the brains behind it .Would like to know more about de technical part of it. Wishing a great success to dis great leap in science.

Posted by atr August 7, 08 07:21 AM

What is it :D

Posted by Wickkk August 7, 08 07:23 AM

If u wake up in between of alians tomorrow .. blame these guys..

Posted by Rohit Sachan August 7, 08 07:40 AM

What the heck is that thing?!

Posted by Separi-ASD August 7, 08 07:58 AM

Hope they don't start a resonance cascade.

Posted by Anonymous August 7, 08 08:00 AM

That should go down as one of the largest blunders off all time

Posted by John August 7, 08 08:04 AM

lol wow this thing is amazing.

i am HIGH. took a blunt to the face!

Posted by charles August 7, 08 08:16 AM

yay! 9 hours 35 minutes :)
yay! yay! can't wait! :)

Posted by %#%# August 7, 08 08:24 AM

First of all:
Really nice Photos! Science at it's best.

@The Comments(only read ~900 of em):
Damn! It sure amazes me that there still is people that actually belives in god. FFS grow up will you! Take a look around you, read some books, talk to some people. How hard is it to realise that there is no such thing as a god. Silly ideas by people acting like children. But fine by me, if you wanna belive in fairy-tales, go ahead, just don't let it stand in the way of science.
BTW, actually separating the trollers from the retards is kinda hard...

Posted by Jimmy August 7, 08 08:30 AM

Vamos a morir todos, esta maquina no es una buena idea....

Dios mio....con lo bien que se esta tomando el sol en la playa, y ahora vienen con estas cosas...

No se juega con la vida de la gente, joer!

Posted by Michie August 7, 08 08:39 AM

Estais como putas cabras.
Dejar de tocar los cojones joder.

No se puede jugar con la madre natulaleza.

Posted by Vanesa garcia August 7, 08 08:53 AM

Rise and shine Mr. Freeman, rise and shine.

Not that I wish to imply that you have been sleeping on the job, no one is more deserving of a rest and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until. . . Well let's just say your hour has come again.

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world, so wake up, Mr. Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes.

Posted by The G Man August 7, 08 08:54 AM

This is Crystal Palace , is anyone out there ..

Posted by WOPR August 7, 08 08:59 AM

Dont worry, Chuck Norris is there for safety reasons.
If something tragic will occur like a black hole he will smash it to where it came from. Hell, it will be so fast u wont even see him do it!:o They will shut down the project and say it didnt work or something like that :P

Or maybe all of the above is just bs and it will occur and the opening ceremony of the olympic games! that would be really some spectacle, a giant black hole lol!

Posted by Robert A August 7, 08 09:59 AM

I knew it...i tld my wife smoking is not goin to kill me, looks like the CERN will beat it it :)

seriously guys i've read the i still dont understand how is this goin to help me... yeah we'll know wht dark matter is..blah blah.... so... will it mean cheaper booze for me... i dont wnt to travel to a different galaxy... all i wnt is to go to work on less than a dollar worth of fuel....

Posted by Jeff August 7, 08 10:24 AM

When does this scary ass yet gorgeous machine get started up??

Posted by Gareth August 7, 08 10:32 AM

I can't believe I read this entire blog...some pretty funny stuff. I especially like 127, 299, 793 and of course "has anyone seen my keys?" Classic.

Posted by scienc30 August 7, 08 10:43 AM

POrque no unir esas energias y toda esa tecnologia para preservar nuestra naturaleza o hacer algo por ella y no estar creando mounstrocidades, cientificos locos solo hay un planeta tierra con vida a millones años luz porque no se largan y los juntan a todos y mandarlos mas alla del cosmos. Solo lo que quieren demostrar a la religion que Dios no es el creador del universo y la vida, creando esta maquinita (sacada de una pelicula de ficción) y destituir nuestras creencias...pero no lo lograran.
Queremos vivir!!! y disfrutar de este mundo bello y cuidarlo.

Posted by jessica August 7, 08 10:49 AM

Awesome, does this mean I don't need to worry about the state of my garden anymore? DOOMED, WE'RE ALL DOOMED. lol

Cracking phots by the way.

Posted by Johnny Studded August 7, 08 11:21 AM

This is where science and science fiction collide (pun intended)

Posted by herbert maloney August 7, 08 11:24 AM
Posted by %#%# August 7, 08 11:25 AM

********************* DEXTERS LABORATORY ********************


Nooooooooooooo Di-Di ... Do NOT push the bu...........................


/Mr Ismay

"This ship cannot sink........"
/Mr Andrews ..........................

"Well that SuXx0r" ?


Formerly of Planet Terra !!

Posted by Outcast August 7, 08 11:36 AM

That is the most beutiful set of images I've EVER seen.
The technology to get all this together has to be worth the money spent.

As for how many people the money would have fed ? Why bother?
If the people can't feed themselves, why strangle science to pander to them?

There is no imperitive to preserve life that can't keep up with reality.

Posted by zeebee August 7, 08 11:39 AM

Spending millions of dollars on a glorified microwave when you could feed half the world with that money....
worst of all, its a machine built on pure theory. it might not even work!!!
All that effort and money should be put to save the planet, not trying to get beamed up by Scotty.

Posted by Mike Lyon August 7, 08 11:49 AM

So has this thing gone online yet? and as far as a small chance got a black hole... small or not a black hole is a black hole with the strongest gravitational draw in the universe, that we know of anyway, so micro or not and even if it only exist for a matter of seconds it could still do massive unreversable damage... for me though I'm curious i say fire that baby up... oh and I'm "American".

Posted by Virtual Me August 7, 08 11:53 AM

Sure it's cool, great, amazing but let's look at the practical side. If we make a black hole for each major city our garbage problems are over. won't that be cool.

Posted by Gerald August 7, 08 11:56 AM

La pérdida de sólo un 10-7 en el haz es suficiente para iniciar un 'quench' (un fenómeno cuántico en el que una parte del superconductor puede perder la superconductividad). En este momento, toda la energía del haz puede disiparse en ese punto, lo que es equivalente a una explosión.

Posted by chilango August 7, 08 12:00 PM

Question: Who knows about Zero Point? Theory of Everything? how particles react when hurled into eachother?
Answer: These guys are tryin to start a new phase of our knowledge. i just hope they dont destroy us in the process

Posted by Greg S August 7, 08 12:35 PM

Can't we just buy the new OBMA tire gouge to solve our energy problem??

Posted by Henry August 7, 08 12:40 PM

This thing is going to kill us all.!!!!!!
Please please pleasee!!!!
The life is beautiful!!!

Posted by Sandra August 7, 08 01:21 PM

Well it should be interesting. One thing I don't quite understand is this.
"There is nothing to worry about, it happens all the time in our atmosphere" How come we can't study it when it's happening within a 'natural' enviroment?

Just a thought. I hope it opens up new and interesting veins of research.

Posted by Johnny August 7, 08 01:28 PM


Posted by Kid A August 7, 08 01:36 PM


Posted by Qweezy Monkey August 7, 08 01:39 PM

@ post 48:

It wasn't mentioned in the Da Vinci code, but in 'Angels and Demons', a book from the same author.

@ post 1247: It would only be cool if we could also use it for mother-in-laws..

Posted by Snel August 7, 08 01:45 PM

ello everybody i am from mexico and every mexican city are with munch scary for this project

Posted by garcia August 7, 08 01:47 PM


Posted by John Bosolin August 7, 08 02:12 PM

And I just fell in love :(

Posted by depressed August 7, 08 02:13 PM

Ese artefacto no caduca. seria mejor no verlo funcionar en hasta tener datos de procesos naturales. Si los cientificos son conocidos en la historia es por su acierto depues de cientos de errores, el LHC les va muy grande a personas que tienden a la inestabilidad emocional, relacionarse y a la empatia. No comprendo como los habitantes del lugar no han organizado quejas ni movimientos de concienzacion por el anillo de la verguenza

Posted by NENITO August 7, 08 02:29 PM


Amanda: "People need to learn not to condemn things just because they know nothing about them.

I am so disappointed with the level of education in this country. (or world). The media brainwashes youth into prioritizing materialism and stupidity.

Maybe science will find a solution to everything else that is killing us; pollution, global warming, disease, high gas prices. I hardly think that the physicists want to die either. And seeing as they know more about it than anyone else, let them do their jobs. For everyone else that falsely thinks that CERN is going to kill us, AT LEAST WE WILL DIE A LOT SMARTER"

...the media skipped brainwashing her with materialism and went straight for stupidity.

Posted by JB August 7, 08 02:37 PM

What are they looking for?

Posted by Dr. Lee Monsher-bet August 7, 08 02:55 PM

all that insanely expensive equipment, hallways full of servers, and the technician is using what looks to be a measly 15" old-school CRT monitor. Couldn't even get the poor guy a computer screen from this decade?

Posted by Phil August 7, 08 03:08 PM

I forgot to buy crowbar

Posted by fera August 7, 08 03:20 PM

I think a "bug" would be a bit of an understatement when a moth shorts this thing when they fire it up :P

Posted by box August 7, 08 03:40 PM

i got the crowbar AND the glock 17 already

Posted by gordon August 7, 08 03:42 PM

Our first mistake as intelligent beings was to advance past simple construction and energy usage (mud huts and fire). I'd love to go back to the hunter-gatherer days.

Frankly, I don't give a shit if this hunk of metal and wire instantly increases the cup size of every woman on the planet...I'll still be in Idaho living the life of a hard working man supporting his family, and I'll still be enjoying it.

Posted by Marcus August 7, 08 03:49 PM

The last day of the earth, hope I'll have sex tonight....

Posted by Antonio August 7, 08 03:54 PM

Don't Panic ;)

Posted by R August 7, 08 04:08 PM

Podremos habitar marte entonces???

Posted by Ivan August 7, 08 04:09 PM

when this go online

Posted by kristjan August 7, 08 04:12 PM

:O this stupid machine is going to kill us ¬.¬

Posted by aNiiTa August 7, 08 04:15 PM

Podremos habitar Marte entonces???!

Posted by Iván Arriagada August 7, 08 04:18 PM

if this wasn't in europe or the USA, we would immediately bomb their asses away.

Posted by O. August 7, 08 04:44 PM

Is this a time machine? ..... Notice the Time Projection Chamber.

Posted by Pabulus August 7, 08 04:49 PM

Haha, I was just watching a news story, and it went a bit like this:

Big Headline: LHC will create a black hole that will destroy the earth!
Physicist: No. It won't. Explains why.
*Computer graphic of the earth being destroyed!*
Conclusion: we're all going to die.

Alright, is there really any evidence to say a black hole will be created? I mean the headline might as well be 'Entire earth to be turned into giant lasagna by LHC!'


Posted by Theresa August 7, 08 05:01 PM

quiero mostrar mi admiracion por la magnitud de tal obra de ingenieria que es capaz de realizar el ser humano , pero sigo pensando que no estamos preparados para el salto de gigante que vamos a realizar , ... teoria de cuerdas , dimensiones extra y su percibimiento , demostracion de existencia de particulas solo concebidas en teorias y calculos matematicos.....
si vamos a descubrir todos y cada uno de los componentes de la materia en todas sus longitudes de onda , nos cabe pensar que sabremos detectar la energia vital , alma o conciencia como energia? podremos contenerla o saber como se encauza y a que dimension dentro de la materia de particulas se desplaza?...... o podremos copiar , transportar particulas de un cuadrante a otro en el mismo estado de origen?....
si somos capaces de eso y mas , espero que si el mundo revienta , que sea rapido y sin dolor ... que la vida haya sido un sueño

Posted by sergio arroniz August 7, 08 05:07 PM

The Swiss just couldn't be satisfied with making holes in cheese, and they had to make the biggest hole-making machine ever.

You know what the real plan is, the Swiss will make little black holes at the finish line of the Olympics in Beijing so that anyone beating them in any events will get sucked into these mini black holes and no one will beat them in any events, and the Swiss will get gods for everything.

Let's all lope that all the butterflies in China are taped down so none of them flap their wings today. Last thing we need is more chaos.

Posted by Archiewarchie August 7, 08 05:16 PM

Áëýê Ìåñà íà âûåçäå

Posted by Snork August 7, 08 05:19 PM

À!!! ß ïîáåæàë ïðÿòàòüñÿ â áóíêåð Ñèäîðà!!! Áëýê Ìåñà âîçâðàùàåòñÿ!!! Õýàäêðàáû àòàêóþò!!!

Posted by Ñîñû÷ August 7, 08 05:22 PM

Que lo pario!!

Avisen cuando la prenden!

Posted by Yo! August 7, 08 05:27 PM

no. 314, LOL covece :D jebacemo im mater s one strane groba?

Anyway, who needs crowbars with home-made baseball bats? Go science! Go baseball!

Posted by Milanche August 7, 08 05:35 PM

Don't know why
but im scared shitless :(

Posted by Anon August 7, 08 05:36 PM

But can it run Crysis?

Posted by LarchOye August 7, 08 05:38 PM

one month reprieve everybody, come back Sep 10...
Now I'm off to practice my Half-Life skills.... girls only want guys who have skills...

Posted by PeterFromMissouri August 7, 08 05:47 PM

This thing might usher in the AntiChrist.



Posted by The End is Near August 7, 08 06:10 PM

Countdown to LHC start-up:
33 days 9 hours 16 min 51 sec


Posted by hasan34 August 7, 08 06:13 PM

I think, it's Ok.

I Prefer Diying by Smart Guys Trying to Investigate than involved in a war, by sickness, or hungry, or cancer, or VIH, or hateness of any dope guy or an insane religius man or even worst, my neighboor.

Go on CERN, go and kill all humanity, at the end we dont deserve alive, since we don't like each other at all. its time to next Earth Age.

Posted by AtraX August 7, 08 06:14 PM

hola mi nombre es leo si te pillo te culeo

Posted by luciiahno August 7, 08 06:16 PM

honestly kids...jeez
one thing more dangerous than nay-sayer rumours is preachers that actually believe in them

Posted by smev August 7, 08 06:16 PM

It seems that they have delayed till September 10.

Posted by La letra helvética August 7, 08 06:18 PM

This thing needs more cowbell!!!

Posted by Anthony August 7, 08 06:19 PM

Is it edible

Posted by John Fennimore August 7, 08 06:27 PM

Even it it does what they say it will, with all the other things going on in the world is it worth it? A magnetic force of this magnitude, could actually mess up anything within or around it - clocks, cars, electronics's.... is it possible that it could mess up the earth's own magnetic field?

Posted by Budd Staub August 7, 08 06:28 PM

Crap... Does anybody know where I can get a good price on a Gravity Gun?

Posted by ejk August 7, 08 06:28 PM

Neo-Switzerland is about to explode... The end of the world was only the beginning!

Posted by Briz August 7, 08 07:09 PM

The start time is being delayed. There is a lot of pressure in the United States because Major League Baseball has the World Series in October. The Chicago Cubs have an excellent chance to win and everyone wants to see the outcome. CERN agreed not to push the button until the World Series is over.

Posted by Joe from Illinois August 7, 08 07:09 PM

yes, I played all night long the half life. it is a half life.

Posted by blaeks August 7, 08 07:22 PM

Where is the Flux Capacitor, Doc??

Posted by Alvaro August 7, 08 07:39 PM

A lot of people have been questioning the cost of the collider. Don't forget the USA space program costs billions of dollars and the technology gave us ink pens that write upside down. I suppose we can sell them to Autralians and recoup some of the costs.

Posted by Joe from Illinois August 7, 08 08:03 PM

I know the end is near:
I've seen the warning signs.
Been preparin' myself,
Layin' in supplies.
I bought a case of Jack,
A boxed-set of Merle:
I'm gettin' ready,
Ready for the end of the world.

I'm gettin' ready for the end to come:
That final hour it all comes undone.
An' she drops the bomb:
An' says he ain't my girl.
I'm gettin' ready,
Ready for the end of the world.

My neon shelter waits,
Where I can go to hide.
While the memories burn,
I'll be safe inside.
With the honky-tonk few,
Bracin' for the worst:
I'm gettin' ready,
Ready for the end of the world.

I'm gettin' ready for the end to come:
That final hour it all comes undone.
An' she drops the bomb:
An' says he ain't my girl.
I'm gettin' ready,
Ready for the end of the world.

Yeah, I'll be ready:
Ready for the end of the world.

Posted by Richard Kennedy August 7, 08 08:25 PM

This is the same that Half Life !

It will be lovely

Posted by Gabriel August 7, 08 08:40 PM

SO, How DO they get that large magnet off that truck???

Posted by hank August 7, 08 08:40 PM

We should take it easy playing God...

half of what we know is false, we just aren't sure which half... Someone is gonna get sucked into a mini black hole.

Posted by ryan August 7, 08 08:47 PM

IT'S OVER 5000 !!!!

Posted by Brands August 7, 08 08:59 PM

I Don't Want To Die!!..
I Love Sam King

Posted by Deanie.B August 7, 08 09:29 PM

Why cant they afford a LCD monitor in their data centre.

CRT come on!

Posted by Adrian August 7, 08 09:37 PM

can we have a world wide vote on this?

Posted by Ev August 7, 08 09:44 PM

Isso é Loucura .. os Idealizadores desta pesquisa são loucos ..
colocando a vida do planeta em risco por um objetivo que não faz sentido nem um ..

Posted by Zézinho Afram August 7, 08 09:47 PM

Well, my HEV Suit fits well and my crowbar still good!
Bring the headcrabs and vortigaunts!

Posted by Gordon Freeman August 7, 08 09:50 PM

can you see the size of our brain???? so great =)

at least the size of some of us =P

Posted by Nikkolazo August 7, 08 10:13 PM

To Disgusted comment #58: Keep your comments in Canada (you know the country with no back bone!?!) Well on second thought, trash comments is about the only thing your country has contributed to this world.
You have no idea what our soldiers in Iraq are going through unless you've served your country.(which i doubt b/c those are the ones to shout out thier miscalculated opinions first) So back off and go sign up for YOUR country or do something for YOUR community (which will be hard b/c Canada sucks and all) and get off your computer.

Posted by spreadhead August 7, 08 10:44 PM

ojalá esto sea para generar energía...

Posted by hans August 7, 08 10:55 PM

i hope its not running on windows vista... or we're all fvcked...

Posted by jules cadbury August 7, 08 11:07 PM

me parece una locura......1700 millones de euros no lo pueden gastar en semejante locura.....ustedes gastando ese dinero mientras hay millones de personas q se mueren de hambre..DIOS es el creador....del mundo no hay otra ciencia..lo de ustedes no es normal es de sicopatas,desmentados gente sin cerebro.q no piensa en los demas...esta es la opinion de una adolescente de 15 años

Posted by romina August 7, 08 11:07 PM

To all the people who are worried about cern scientists playing GO;D don't be so ignorant research has improved many many lives where as religion has caused untold death and hardship, after all religion is a glorified argument over who has the best imaginary best friend.How else do you keep the poor in check and still take their money off them? by giving people false hope .I know that whatever the outcome from this LHC tests they are done with the very best intentions in mind .i'm british so no calling me an american because i will almost certainly take offense . ALL THE BEST TO THE BOYS AND GIRLS AT CERN I'LL HAVE A DRINK FOR YOU>

Posted by THE REALIST !SCIENCE IS FACT ! August 7, 08 11:33 PM

You know what would be funny.... ?? If it just did nothing!!! :D

They turn it on, it makes a few noises, lights flash, and NOTHING!!

Now that would be funny....

Posted by Daniel August 7, 08 11:39 PM

meh. Go RELIGION!!!

Posted by Also boring to God August 7, 08 11:49 PM

Ithennathaa sambhavam>>???

Posted by Vakradrishti August 8, 08 12:04 AM

I bet that thang could cook a turkey in about .002 nano seconds.

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 08 12:21 AM

it should be apply for the growth of all nations. Good luck for all scientists.......

Posted by baiju mohan August 8, 08 12:27 AM

We now all finally know where Bin Laden has been all this time.

Posted by Austin August 8, 08 12:48 AM

i still cant believe thats man made!

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 08 01:06 AM

Amazing that people this "smart" are willing to believe that something like THIS created us, and yet they won't believe in God! What a crock of poop!!

Jesus lives--(and He created magnets!)

Posted by Shauna August 8, 08 01:40 AM
Posted by HerraPulmu August 8, 08 01:50 AM

Quick, everyone - show a physicist some love and maybe they won't destroy us.

Posted by Walter August 8, 08 02:08 AM

Americans are just pissed off because HULK is gonna be a skinny French janitor working at LHC.

Posted by Tim73 August 8, 08 02:24 AM


Please pay attention, this is of greatest importance.

Don't take your para-Higgs™ or ant-I-graviton® medication yet.
Also, If you're the proud owner of an iMicrowhithall© or frack'o'charmoniquark device, do not unwrap it yet: if you've read the instructions booklet, it should be armed at most 10 days before LHC comissioning:

CERN has just announced the first shot of the accelerator to be due for September 10th.

Thank you for your attention.

Posted by swissunix August 8, 08 02:37 AM

I hope when they do this it'll be live on the news or something, I have to see what happens. It's a pretty damn scary thought though, of what COULD but probably won't happen.

Posted by Ryan August 8, 08 02:38 AM

könnte mir jemand auf deutsch sagen ob dieses teil uns alle töten wird oder nicht.... ich meine, nicht dass das dann etwas an meiner lebensweise ändern würde aber ein paar sachen sollte ich dann doch noch tun: baum pflanzen, sohn zeugen, haus bauen....etc danke.

Posted by survivor August 8, 08 03:01 AM

Para Romina (1313): Tu si que no tienes cerebro, como se nota que eres una chavala de 15 años. Primero, el presupuesto que se gasta en investigación es minúsculo respecto al que se gastan en armamento o el mantenimiento de los ejércitos, y ya me dirás tu que utilidad tienen estos. Y segundo, obviando todo el tema de la religión (así es como te han educado y se por experiencia que no vas a cambiar de opinión), gracias a la "terrible" ciencia puedes tener la vida que tienes ahora mismo, con los lujos que ello conlleva (no podrías haber escrito este mensaje por ejemplo). ¿Sabes acaso la de enfermedades que han sido erradicadas gracias a la investigación? Eso ha salvado muchísimas mas vidas que tu querido Dios, so IGNORANTE.

Posted by Ats August 8, 08 03:02 AM

We still here?

Posted by John Doe August 8, 08 03:10 AM


Posted by lolertoad August 8, 08 03:37 AM

Heeey! Push the RED BUTTON NOW!!!!

Posted by onumad August 8, 08 03:40 AM

aun no me queda claro hay o no probabilidades de que ocurra una catastrofe que dañe a la humanidad? y si la hay pero minima? ...nuestra vida no vale lo suficiente para parar con esto y vivir feliz? las particulas que usaran son limitadas e indispensables para la vida de este planet o dan lo mismo ? de lo contrario porque acavar con algo indispenzable?,la teoria de que los hoyos negros puedes desaparecer esta fundada o la opinion en el mundo cientifico es dividida? porque de hecho escuche que esta teoria asi querian comprobarla y resulta que si no funciona, habran hoyos negros y nos moriremo todos

si realmente fuera de todo esto, realmente es segura esta maquina esntonces no le veo el problema. pero siendo seres humnanos lo mas probable es que ocurraun error.

Posted by abril August 8, 08 03:44 AM

g-g-gordon f-f-freeman

i wonder what would happen if someone jumped in that

Posted by Alec August 8, 08 03:47 AM

I love this thing. It's us future!!!

Posted by Maks August 8, 08 05:43 AM

it looks like the death star from star wars

Posted by trabant August 8, 08 06:11 AM

ÐÅáÿòà! Àõóåäü!!! âîò ýòî íåõóåâàÿ õóåâèíà!!! Äàæå åñëè âñå åáàí¸ò - áóäåò íà ÷òî ïîñìîòðåòü!!!

Posted by Ïèñþêàñòûé Çëûäåíü! August 8, 08 06:30 AM

Possible that this is going to kill us wise, but if it suceeds, then humanity will have a major scientific breakthrough. There are certain risks we as a specie have to take...

Posted by Johnny T August 8, 08 06:40 AM

Just don't let a scouser down there. He'll have the wheels off in no time and be back home with them before you noticed! Then we're all doomed! :-)

Posted by Crazy Brummie August 8, 08 07:25 AM

We have a black hole in South Africa! Working every day, sucking in all matter. It is called the Government!

Posted by Crunchie August 8, 08 07:30 AM

This is actually the key to the bottomless pit as spoken of in the book of revelations.
I wonder what demons will escape when they open the portal?

Posted by Jim August 8, 08 08:18 AM

OK now let's make a wireless version.

Posted by Jim August 8, 08 08:21 AM

The US already has one of those things, It's about the size of a VW Bug because we got it from that crashed ufo in Roswell NM.

Posted by Jim August 8, 08 08:28 AM


Posted by JOHNNY INFLATOR August 8, 08 08:34 AM

I saw one of these in a Woody Allen movie I think it was called an orgasmatron.

Posted by Jim August 8, 08 08:37 AM

Wait... I've seen this movie before...
Isn't the 4th picture the same stuff as in the Terminator 3 movie? From the labs with the magnet tubes, i think. They better find and hide John Connor before that thing happens... just in case. Kinda eerie... distributed networks known as the Skynet: Isn't CERN where the World Wide Web first publicly appeared??? And the world as we know it could end there.

Pics are awesome as always on the bigpicture. O well... got new wallpapers to show before the world implodes! (Enter Frank Sinatra's My Way intro)

Posted by StarShooterTroyFerrer August 8, 08 09:04 AM

It looks like a giant robot vagina.

Posted by yeah see August 8, 08 09:47 AM

is this art or science fiction

Posted by willen August 8, 08 10:04 AM

todo este gasto, para que sirve?
tiene utilidad para las personas
que utilidad?
influye en el cambio climatico?
que presupuesto tiene?
quien lo paga?

Posted by Javier,uno de Tudela August 8, 08 10:43 AM

I love all the programed religious fools chanting don't play god and the like. If we listened to your like we would all be in the dark ages killing each other over unprovable differences of opinions. Take Bin laden and Georgy boy for example both trying to tear us backwards for the good of God of course. You have been kept in line by fear and try to use the same tactics on others. EPIC FAIL!

Awesome work Science dudes keep it up.

Posted by OffTopicAsAlways August 8, 08 10:56 AM

I've got one of those things in the garden shed. We use it to mow the lawn!! ;-p

Posted by Johnny Dippa August 8, 08 11:11 AM

Talking about food, start cooking b!tch ! I'm hungry and reading a very important blog :-)
Didn't they say in the 30's that driving any faster than 40mph would kill you? Or in the 40's passing the speed of sound?
Only one thing is the main killing force on the earth; stupidity of orthodox religion. Killing people over differences in an ancient book.
And so what if Jesus comes back in the year 3776 and only finds a black hole? He should've came a bit earlier, let him sort out the mess he created himself.

Posted by Leo August 8, 08 11:15 AM

oh my god this is a wonderful thing we can't believe this
wish you all the best for your attempt

jeethu jiju

Posted by jeethu jiju August 8, 08 11:21 AM


Posted by ra August 8, 08 11:23 AM

oh this wonderful

Posted by jeethu jiju August 8, 08 11:24 AM

Good pictures. And anyway, don't worry. These black holes radiate away in what is called the "Hawking Radiation". Black holes are very dangerous since they suck in all matter even light, but these examples are very large and exist OUTSIDE of our solar system. And I would say...well... a few thousand lightyears away. And anyway, if one of those eventual cern black holes sustain it would take another 2 years until it would gobble up our earth. But won't we destroy the planet anyway? Theres not really a difference.

But another theory. Maybe scientists saw black holes in space which another civilization on another planet produced in just the same way we might do it on Earth. And so this will go on and on and on... Well you know what I mean.

And my own theory: Just like the universe gets smaller, (so from linked parallel universe to our own universe to galaxy to to solar system, to planet to particles/photons to atoms and at last to quants) each organism contains another something: like the earth us, or atoms quarks, quants the "smallest" particles of the universe contain something as well. It is just so small, that we would see sense it as nothing. But this effect goes on and on and on into the extreme infinity of nothingness. The same way it works the other way out. The universe is just part of something larger.

Posted by somebody August 8, 08 11:29 AM

Looks like the real Star Gate. Who has been selected to be on SG-1?

Posted by Harry Gladfelter August 8, 08 11:32 AM

Anyone got a match?

Posted by Johnny Sloppy August 8, 08 11:33 AM

Great pics...Lots of theories.


Must have been very expensive. Will it feed the hungry? Will it reduce waste? Will it clean our air or water? Bring back extinct species?


Posted by Lorena August 8, 08 12:13 PM

One in 50,000,000 odds is absolutely insane.

It is too high for my comfort.

They have to be crazy to move forward with those odds, considering that the whole Earth is at stake.

Knowing our luck, we'll hit this jackpot. See you on the other side of the black hole.

What a ride it's gonna be!!!!

Posted by desperado August 8, 08 12:26 PM


this is the end of the universe!!!! stop please!!!!!!

Posted by jose luis August 8, 08 12:50 PM

I predict the Higgs Boson will not be found after the October 21st full bore run...or ever. The universe is not perfect or eternal and will not "fit" itself into any kind of unified theory. So...where does all the mass come from without Higgs? hmmmm

Posted by amareis August 8, 08 01:30 PM

Perhaps not the end of the universe but i think these tiny black holes might destroy a big chunk of france and zwitserland. Oh well let them have it anyway.

I also think this experiment might open new dimensions like a gate to hell or something like that bringing malevolant life forms to earth or creating a big crack in the earth crust or even changing the orbit of our planet in fact this experiment can only have a negative effect on humanity and space time universe

Tell me what can possibly come positive from this madness colliding billions of protons at light speed what kind of twisted fuck came up with this utter nonsens how about bringing us a cure to cancer or hiv save millions of human lives from hunger and poverty allowing free energy the people who are making this experiment are only exhibiting one thing their own alter ego and their ignorance experiments like these invented the a-bomb making a thirld world war ever close.

This is not the biggest experiment of human kind but it's biggest mistake messing with genes was't enough polluting everything wasn't enough modifying the weather with haarp wasn't enough now they want to create billions of tiny black holes. The most dangerous element in the universe probably for military use later.
Fuck them anyway!

Posted by pitt bull August 8, 08 01:45 PM

Re-creating a "Big Bang" scale nuclear event does not sound like a good idea to this Earth based Humanoid. We will be assimilated!

Posted by Jason August 8, 08 02:18 PM

Mensaje para Ats (1329).
¿Quien te enseño a tratar a la gente?
Aca no importa la edad, sino que se esta haciendo algo que sabemos tiene sus riesgos. Pero eso no te da el poder de tratar a una mujer de esa manera. Si sos TAN inteligente tendrias que tener un poco de respeto hacia los demas en vez de atacar con ofensas sin sentido.
Asi que por favor, no te voy a pedir que te disculpes con ella porque se que es algo que no piensas hacer por tu manera de expresarte y pensar. Pero te pido con mis 27 años que reveas como te dirigis hacia los demas.

Romina, tu pensamiento es muy correcto por la edad que tienes. Si todos los adolescentes pensaran y expresaran como vos, este mundo seria mucho mejor.

No dejes NUNCA que otra persona te hable de mala manera o insulte. Vales mucho mas que cualquier otro.


Posted by Reminder August 8, 08 02:24 PM

I've been fiddling around with this thing for two hours and I still can't get CNN

Posted by William Richards August 8, 08 02:29 PM

Maybe if someone goes thorugh it they will learn a way that humanity can control earth without killing it.

Posted by JOhnny August 8, 08 02:36 PM

OPASNOSTE!!!!111 one one one
We're All Gonna Die!!! *hysterical laughter*

Posted by chibito August 8, 08 02:39 PM

i m realy get panicked by this, in case if it will make a balck hole .............
till now the scientist never ever knew the real reaction of collider work out ,im realy scared about our nature and unique beaty of our earth do our soul wil miss this earth.??...........vinod balkrishnan,vipanchika, kollam,kerala,india

Posted by vinod balkrishan August 8, 08 02:49 PM

Great Storytelling. Excellent pictures.

Posted by Oganes Oganesyan August 8, 08 03:19 PM

Amazing who much with less than 1% of the cost of the Iraq war this year can be achieved, technically.

Posted by Flintstone August 8, 08 03:55 PM

This just proves that we have the knowledge and solutions to many of our world's greatest issues: drought, hunger, disease of so many assortments. So, why are we not using all these resources and changing the entire world? We all know why!
However, this is amazing to be able to watch and be a part of such significant research.

Posted by Mary Sue August 8, 08 04:54 PM

it amazes me that they have all that technology but are still using a huge ass CRT monitor haha

Posted by Will Ayers August 8, 08 05:31 PM

Someone has finally figured out how to kill that damn Roadrunner. Wile E. Coyote spent the last ten years at M.I.T. didn't he? There is no way that thing doesn't say ACME on it somewhere.

Posted by Steve Tassler August 8, 08 05:46 PM

Los Mayas lo anticiparon..... este es el Fin

Posted by PEPE August 8, 08 05:48 PM

Big, deal... what's a few black holes between friends?

If we spent less time playing video games and more time in science class, we wouldn't be concerned about black holes. The 1 in 50,000,000 odds sounds to low. I think the true odds needs a few more zeros.

There was a far greater chance of the Y2K apocalypse than CERN concern. By the way, how did that Y2K thing workout? Are we still here?

Posted by S P D August 8, 08 05:52 PM

Los Mayas lo anticiparon..... este es el Fin

los mayas anticiparon el fin para 2012, asi que deja la estupidez si?

Posted by pedro August 8, 08 06:37 PM

Always cool to see that despite numerous cut downs, we still manage to get things going ! Go, guys !

Posted by SoMK August 8, 08 06:59 PM

La ciencia tiene un precio que va mas alla que el dinero

Cuantas personas criticaron a Galileo, cuando el estaba en lo cierto

Yo pienso que DIOS dejo las ciencias para que desarrollemos nuestro potencial

y asi reflejar su gloria atravez de nosotros, el mejor invento.

Esta es la opinion de un Joven de 18 años...Estudiante de Ingenmieria.

Posted by Carlos August 8, 08 07:13 PM

Great pics...Lots of theories.


Must have been very expensive. Will it feed the hungry? Will it reduce waste? Will it clean our air or water? Bring back extinct species?


Posted by ELLE M.C. August 8, 08 08:13 PM

Goes to show what France and Switzerland can produce with the money they save by not creating wars.

They have given people jobs and are advancing a body of knowledge. Maybe what the American government can aspire to someday.

Posted by Kschlesi August 8, 08 08:17 PM

#28 asked "how many people could we feed with that money?"

Wrong question. The better question is "How many people could we feed, clothe, house, heat, cool, transport, educate and sustain with what we LEARN from this thing?"

Posted by Garrett August 8, 08 08:52 PM

If the plumbing breaks they'll find out why Scotty told Captain Kirk he was afraid of antimatter.

Posted by SeedyROM August 8, 08 09:02 PM

Ps: i like science but this large hadron collider is utter nonsens. recreating the big bang? And for what creating a new universe.

Here is what i think will happen a micro black hole spinning very fast will emerge and fall in the center of our planet which is a neutron star by the way (see inner sun) this micro black hole will grow very fast in the beginning then gradually slow down as it gets biggers this will not happen instantly but will take decades if not hundreds of years ....

Posted by pitt bull August 8, 08 09:07 PM

Re-creating a "Big Bang" scale nuclear event does not sound like a good idea to this Earth based Humanoid. We will be assimilated!

Posted by Jason August 8, 08 09:15 PM

Mensaje para Ats (1329).
¿Quien te enseño a tratar a la gente?
Aca no importa la edad, sino que se esta haciendo algo que sabemos tiene sus riesgos. Pero eso no te da el poder de tratar a una mujer de esa manera. Si sos TAN inteligente tendrias que tener un poco de respeto hacia los demas en vez de atacar con ofensas sin sentido.
Asi que por favor, no te voy a pedir que te disculpes con ella porque se que es algo que no piensas hacer por tu manera de expresarte y pensar. Pero te pido con mis 27 años que reveas como te dirigis hacia los demas.

Romina, tu pensamiento es muy correcto por la edad que tienes. Si todos los adolescentes pensaran y expresaran como vos, este mundo seria mucho mejor.

No dejes NUNCA que otra persona te hable de mala manera o insulte. Vales mucho mas que cualquier otro.


Posted by Reminder August 8, 08 09:16 PM

people how can u think this thing and the money that we really should use to feed people it's really thing science it's progress?, progress for you stupid curiosity, and sorry for my english i am argentinian i am not very good at it, and then, it is no good for us, look where we are because of science and "progress", you really think the world we got it's progress?, poor you... i would prefer to live some years less hunting animals and not be here lossing control of the world, you can't control nature i'm sure, but well, i guess humanity is like that=/

Posted by Agustin August 8, 08 09:29 PM

I hope this thing doesn't run on Vista.

"System Error. Press OK to implode planet, Cancel to explode."

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 08 09:32 PM

The the chance of a black hole consuming the earth is quite small. Thank God!
What? Where's God? Killed by this machine!

Posted by T August 8, 08 09:43 PM

It's so sparkly and pretty!

So, if this thing goes wrong and it lights off the entire earth (and maybe the whole solar system, too), who will be around to ask what happened?

Maybe messing with such physics is what others in the universe are doing, the results of which we observe as supernovas.

Posted by fagarch August 8, 08 09:51 PM

it's going to be like the Movie "Event Horizon" But on earth!!!!!

Posted by pyroboy August 8, 08 09:53 PM

this will end up on south park i am sure.....

Posted by robert lapolt August 8, 08 10:14 PM

Go ahead with that let see what will happen...:-) but first i want to see the new movie Star Trek before i die :-)....

Posted by MrSeN August 8, 08 10:16 PM

Go ahead with that let see what will happen...:-) but first i want to see the new movie Star Trek before i die :-)....

Posted by MrSeN August 8, 08 10:17 PM

WOWEEE!! Maybe we can beat Islam in destroying the world. Hood ded doo!

Posted by David Allen August 8, 08 10:30 PM

Given the inability of the French to handle anything close to a weapon these days without drastic results, this may not be such a good idea.
The accelerator at Stanford ran above ground, even right next to the 101fwy at one point. People don't generally go to the expense to build something 300 feet under the ground that is harmless.

Posted by Zagnut August 8, 08 10:44 PM

This is amazing, I hope that this works!
Kisses from Temuco, Chile, bye!

Posted by Patricia Andrea Ibáñez Arellano August 8, 08 11:01 PM

Maybe time will reverse and we can see England beating then drawing with Germany

Posted by Roger Munns August 8, 08 11:03 PM

WOW! I guess I shouldn't complain when I have to set up my computer and all the other components. Great brains! I would like to meet them.

Posted by Bertha Torres August 8, 08 11:06 PM

Always cool to see that despite numerous cut downs, we still manage to get things going ! Go, guys !

Posted by SoMK August 8, 08 11:07 PM

I love all the smug Euro-snob talk going on about Americans.

You wouldn't even have ANY of this technology or science without America and all of the research NASA has provided.

Posted by Shoop Da Whoop August 8, 08 11:12 PM

It looks like a big ginger electictic wig.

Posted by Pete August 8, 08 11:14 PM

ive only lived for 17 years and i want to see the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Trisha August 8, 08 11:16 PM

Prepare your crowbars, be ready for some head-crabs!!!

Posted by LosNir August 8, 08 11:30 PM

CERN - - I think we all need to be conCERNed!!!!!!~

Posted by Anonymous August 8, 08 11:51 PM

LA CAGÓ................

Posted by CVG August 9, 08 12:00 AM

yo creo que tiene que ver con la vida misma y con las religiones todas

Posted by nicolas August 9, 08 12:05 AM

All the $ involved in this. All the money spent on wars, death devices, negative things, etc. But they can't cure diseases, paralysis, brain trama, etc. Goes to show just how crazy human beings are. They say the average person only uses less than 2% of their brain capacity. To think in less than 100 years the earth seen the dawn of flight. Then nuclear weapons that with as little as 7 warheads launched around the world could destroy the entire planet. Now this. It amazes me how sorry humans really are.

Posted by OneHundredProof August 9, 08 12:21 AM

So THAT is where Davros has been hiding. Fat lot of good that time lock did....

Posted by stuck August 9, 08 12:25 AM

Looks great, but to be quite honest... it could use a little more cowbell

Posted by THE Bruce Dickinson August 9, 08 12:59 AM

Hi Gordon

Posted by Martin August 9, 08 03:40 AM

This will become a great show when this monstrum goes onli aahh what goes on feeling strong gravitational forces aaaahhh unbelievabl

No, no, no, i think it will detect some strange particles but never will damage the spacetime-structure of the universe, because the spacetime-structure is not the bottom layer that binds the world together.

Steve from Germany

Posted by Steve August 9, 08 04:40 AM

Be ready for IRL Half-Life ;)

Posted by uhapetter August 9, 08 04:42 AM

If anything is happening to the earth no way to escape... thosewhomadethis will also what is the need of it.if u guys r pretty surenothingis gonna happen to the earth no probcontinue with thisdamn project...and onething is we cannot say what will happen so every ody rush to there favorite hotels to have sum favorite meals.itcan b ur last meal..who knws what will happen.. any way i goin to rush to the pizza hut............... and those of u have deposites in bank withdraw it otherwise later dontsay ma money lost ...

Posted by m.r. x August 9, 08 04:50 AM

For some reason a massive particle beam rings the words "End of the World" In my head. Or maybe end of Half of the World. Or maybe invasion of head snatching aliens that turn you into zombie aliens.

But maybe because I have played to many sci fi games. and watched too much sci fi tv & movies. Or maybe Im just right.

Posted by Mark M August 9, 08 06:41 AM

I hope it can hit 88 miles per hour and the flux capacitor doesn't blow

Posted by Arclight - Michael August 9, 08 06:49 AM

This is a mile stone in the Human races achievements to date and Im truly proud,but I cant help thinking about a story I heard about Enrico Fermi ( Ithink thats his name ) I read that when he created the first atomic pile he did it in the university tennis courts and that just in case things went wrong he had a safety plan, His plan was to have about 8 people about 20 foot away with buckets of sand and water. Luckily it didnt go wrong or it would have been more than the tennis courts that felt the brunt of that underestimation. I really hope that this goes ok and that the clever guys responsible are not also unknowingly ignorant to the possible consequences. Chin up though eh? Im sure itl be fine?


Chin up

Posted by Sam Rogers August 9, 08 07:53 AM

that looks huge... mind you i am only 4'3 lol

Posted by johnnypacker August 9, 08 08:02 AM

i'm scared!

Posted by sindy August 9, 08 08:17 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 9, 08 08:26 AM

If it spills my pint can i pick a fight with it?

Posted by JohnnyLube August 9, 08 09:51 AM

"All the $ involved in this. All the money spent on wars, death devices, negative things, etc. But they can't cure diseases, paralysis, brain trama, etc. Goes to show just how crazy human beings are. They say the average person only uses less than 2% of their brain capacity. To think in less than 100 years the earth seen the dawn of flight. Then nuclear weapons that with as little as 7 warheads launched around the world could destroy the entire planet. Now this. It amazes me how sorry humans really are."

You do realize that "add your comment" isn't imperative so you don't have to give us your opinion on something you have no fkin clue about.

Posted by meh August 9, 08 09:53 AM

i hope the met police get one of those then i can own from the edge of the map and snipe with it.... i hope they calibrate it correctly.

Posted by johnnypinched August 9, 08 09:55 AM

Hmm its Saturday and were not dead...

Posted by Chiller August 9, 08 10:45 AM


Posted by OOOOOOO August 9, 08 10:48 AM

Can it emulate Megadrive and ZX Spectrum?


Posted by Nikola Tesla August 9, 08 11:45 AM

This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at all of that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by dance machine August 9, 08 12:21 PM

Forget the Calender or whatever you call it. This Blog is the biggest thing I've ever seen!!!

Posted by Terry Simcik August 9, 08 01:07 PM

If indeed we manage to create a new universe with this thing, I hope it's less buggy than the present one.

Posted by Bruce Walker August 9, 08 01:19 PM

it makes me horny xDD

Posted by juanki August 9, 08 01:58 PM

This is fake

Posted by omnitron August 9, 08 02:07 PM

anyone saying this is a waste of money is simply small minded. without physics that shitty desktop youre using to post such ridiculous comments and bitch about an ill-fated country in africa wouldn't exist. be afraid, for you only fear what you cannot understand. go volunteer if you're not happy with things around the world, but please do not get in the way of (or complain about) our civilizations scientific progress. by the way 100proof, how do you think diseases are cured, idiot? it might have something to do with science, research and development. MIGHT.

Posted by "sorry human" August 9, 08 02:41 PM


Posted by pietroz August 9, 08 03:23 PM

thjat thing is going to kill us all, even if the offchance its going to create a black hole, it should not be allowed to start up!

things like this should be illegal!

Posted by jamie August 9, 08 03:41 PM

Es impresionante todo esto, pero realmente un poco preocupante, Siempre el ser humano es tentado a tratar de comprender cosas que no estan dentro de su alcanze, ocacionando cosas como esta, es importante saber que hay cosas que no estan dentro de nuestras posibilidades, imaginense que ni siquiera supieron poder usar correctamente la energia generada por un atomo ahora con esto, quien sabe que se pueda generar, segun los cienficios es algo que esta previsto, pero si todo sale de control es problable que todo y cada cosa que conosemos desaparesca, ahora bien tambien hay un lado positivo, el afan del hombre es siempre entender el porque de las cosas, de niños siempre planteamos el porque, y si con esto podemos comprender el origen del universo y de nuestra existencia, sera un gran paso, lo mas importante es saber usar adecuadamente y correctamente todos los conocimientos generados asi como los logros, en beneficio de la humanidad.
Tengo un par de teorioas referente a este Gran y maginfico Experimento...
"Saber que no se sabe, eso es humildad. Pensar que uno sabe lo que no sabe, eso es enfermedad"..

Posted by ×e§ð® August 9, 08 03:42 PM

Dang. We could've had that thing in Waxahachie...

Posted by JohnDoe August 9, 08 04:18 PM

sorry boyo. but i am from welsh wales.
and i have never seen any thing like this in my life time and i am well old.
i meen proper old i still have the old pound notes in my purse. and this scares me almost as much as johnnypinched's handbag...
im sure he cheated and had a horse shoe in there

Posted by johnnyMuchin August 9, 08 05:06 PM

Estoy escribiendo desde Córdoba, Argentina. Realmente este tipo de emprendimientos se pueden hacer solamente en países del primer mundo. Todo lo que sea para desarrollar la ciencia con "fines pacíficos" sirve a la humanidad, por más dinero que se gaste, ya que si no vemos nosotros, tal vez las generaciones futuras lo disfrutarán. En vez de gastar dinero en guerras idiotas que no sirven para otra cosa que atrasar la humanidad, ésto, por lo menos, para algo servirá. Con respecto a la posibilidad de que nos trague un agujero negro, es interesante ya que podríamos aparecer en alguna otra dimensión, que, posiblemente, sea mejor que la que vivimos ahora.

Posted by juan luis herrera August 9, 08 05:44 PM

One comment is REALLY amazing if read in the correct context.

144 - 2000 years from now it will be dust and the pyramids will still stand, hurrah for progess :P

Nobody can say it's NOT a possibility with the MANY things that can go wrong such as global warming, this tests, nuclear heads etc.

What is really amazing is the words that "the pyramids will still stand". Amazing creations, is'nt it?

Posted by Frank August 9, 08 05:56 PM

I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but some reckon that Nostradamus has seen something to do with Geneva and some sort of ray:

Century 9, Number 44

"All should leave Geneva.
Saturn turns from gold to iron,
The contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ) will exterminate everything,
there will be signs in the sky before this."

Let's just hope the law of unintended consequences is not in force when this thing is finally switched on full :-)

Posted by mark jackman August 9, 08 06:27 PM

This will kill us all, just remember there is a possibility this will consume the earth

Posted by Tim Of Ohio August 9, 08 06:52 PM

I have one question for the "This will kill us all" crowd. If this does NOT in fact "kill us all", how many of you, RIGHT NOW, will promoise to post a message here saying that you were wrong? Show of hands, please?

OK - And how many of you will just lurk around and wait for the next big innovation to predict that THAT one will "kill us all"?

Posted by Garrett August 9, 08 11:40 PM

ãû....à îíî òî÷íî ðàáîòàòåò? Î_î

Posted by Anonymous August 10, 08 01:52 AM

The comments here are the reason I Blame America First.

Posted by Liberal LOL August 10, 08 01:59 AM

Also the reason for every negative comment posted here is because the author knows he or she will never do anything nearly as important in their entire life as contributing to this experiment.

Posted by Blaming America August 10, 08 02:11 AM

This is amazing!!!

Science is a beautiful thing, and I really don't see why everyone is panicking about. We are all going to die...if is sooner...oh well...i guess we should have lived while we had the chance lol

And I agree with comment 1440
Besides....they probably already performed the experiment at this time...I'm still alive, so I guess you are too

Posted by Abel August 10, 08 02:15 AM

I am really necurious what they will discover here. Ik hope they can make a nice black hole for transporting things. That would be nice for cheap vacations...

Posted by Luitzen de Graaf August 10, 08 03:49 AM

i hope works to time travel i need to comeback

Posted by Roxy Reagan August 10, 08 04:03 AM

i wonder if it make biscuits? i like biscuits. i like biscuits with my muffins, i like biscuits with my cookies, i like biscuits with tea,lunch.breakfast.

Posted by johnnytooslack August 10, 08 05:03 AM

Thats almost as big as my missus undercarriage! and i still cant touch the sides..

Posted by JohnnyInflator August 10, 08 05:07 AM

In answer to #1421,
I am actually actively working on protocols and methodologies to restore "paralysis and brain trauma". We have been extremely successful with a small N and are rapidly developing better techniques. I find these pictures invigorating! The science is radiant with some of the best traits of the species. There is always the opportunity to project ones own fears onto something new ; but take heart, we've done ok discovering the earth is round and not the center of the universe.

Posted by e w white August 10, 08 05:18 AM

hey you dudes, that will kill us ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jeremiah August 10, 08 05:32 AM

May I share this beautiful fotos (and links) with the scientifical part of my family? There are some bright young boys...

Many, many, countless best thanks :-)))


Posted by Zofia Chmielewska August 10, 08 06:26 AM

Fantastic.....makes our synchotron at Monash Uni. in Melbourne here look like a midgit!...And if anyone wondered why there is a world shortage of copper....................!

Posted by Tony Whitmarsh August 10, 08 06:53 AM

beautiful scientific art :)


How many people that predict that this will kill us all, be it now, when it is started, or when it has been used a few times, will actually kill themselves?

Posted by Jim August 10, 08 07:31 AM

Jopa ko vsem bezit !!!

Posted by Anonymous August 10, 08 08:33 AM

Im with LieKiller, about half way up the comment page. I could think of many things to better humanity with the money they spent instead of satisfying the quest for irrelevant knowledge of a few geeks. Lets say it does what the scientists predict and all of a sudden, they know a little more about the universe. How in the hell does that effect progress on this planet? Maybe in a classroom somehwere at a college most of us could never attend. Lets say it does cause a black hole or blow up that part of Europe. Lets throw another umpteen billion dollars building another dumb machine to see what made the last one blow up. The Titanic is sinking and we're polishing the brass.

Posted by Justin August 10, 08 09:25 AM

Who is going to pay the Electricity bill of CERN??!!


Posted by porcino August 10, 08 09:28 AM

Well if this is the beggining of Half Life3 i always thought those sonic boom dog things with all the eyes were kinda cute :)

Posted by Anonymous August 10, 08 10:44 AM

I really dont understand that much, but what i think is that so many millions dollar would be better used in REAL PROBLEMS like the Global Warming or similars... (sorry for my english... :P) This thing is made to understand some theories... who cares about the theories????

Posted by Lestat August 10, 08 11:04 AM

congratulations for physicists!

Posted by Deo August 10, 08 11:17 AM

I believe that all life and all things from the subatomic level up to 3-D and on shall become of a greater balance, but what is this machine going to do this belief? For this being said I curiously can't hardly wait to see. :)cool

Posted by Paul August 10, 08 12:52 PM

All life and all things from the subatomic level up to 3-D and on shall become of a greater balance, but what is this machine going to do this belief? For this being said I curiously can't hardly wait to see. :)cool

Posted by Paul August 10, 08 12:55 PM

It is funny, becase I read the same comments over and over again. People don't be lazy to read the posts!
Respect for the people who designed and built this stuff!
Half Life rulz of course:))
No comment on the "so much money spent on blablabla", what about e.g. the wars and private stuff?? But many others have posted in this topic I don't wanna repeat them.
BUT beautiful pics, I really would like to understand a bit about it!

Posted by Shalafy August 10, 08 12:57 PM

I suspect that if we Christians are meant to see any of Revelation come to pass, this LHC may be how it happens. Ever wonder how on earth such strange horrible creatures as mentioned in Revelation, which attack man or cause other mayhem, could possibly exist? Most Christians say it's allegorical (I think I'm using that word right), not literal. But... what if this device actually creates a rip between the physical realm and the spirit realm and we start seeing manifestations of these horrible creatures?

Or maybe the radiation and all whatnot, cause massive mutations. Maybe demons help the process along. Insects live very short lives. The mutatable life cycle of an insect is relatively short. Weeks to months, on average. What if those flying insects with scorpion tails and crowns and whatnot, actually are mutated, demon possessed creatures, as a result of this LHC doing it's thing?

Could a small black hole, formed on earth, suck space debris down to earth, causing large rocks "about the weight of a talent" (50-100 lbs. each, from what I've read) to hit?

This device might very well open us up to seeing stuff we never before imagined. Stuff that would make make us ALL cower in fear... saying "My God, what have we unleashed upon ourselves?!?"

I sense this LHC device may be the beginning of sorrows, the likes of which NONE of us can imagine... but I guess we'll all see soon enough, if that happens...

Plenty of people were warned... can't say they weren't. Mankind is definitely playing with forces of which they ought not. It may well be our ultimate undoing. And, that undoing, would all be (interestingly enough) noted down in a little book called... the bible.

But, I must admit... the thing is unfathomably MASSIVE! The arial pic shows just how big it is. The inside is huge, but... the rings... MILES in length! How long has this thing in contruction? Years? And to think I hadn't heard of it until just this year! Wild.

"A danger foreseen is half avoided."

Posted by Luposian August 10, 08 01:01 PM

I love how people, who enncounter something, they can't/don't want to grasp return to a state of monkeys going "ape ****". Always preserving the status quo, no matter how costfull and harmfull it is, fearing the unknown... Get this, folks: an asteroid can reduce life on earth back to simple bacteria in a couple decades - the chance of that happening is giant compared to anomalies caused by theLHC. Life by it's nature is a gamble, and untill now science helped us survive. Those experiments might help us colonise other planetary sytems in the future and preserve the sparkle of life before something happens to Earth - think about it.

"I really dont understand that much, but what i think is that so many millions dollar would be better used in REAL PROBLEMS like the Global Warming or similars... (sorry for my english... :P) This thing is made to understand some theories... who cares about the theories????"

BUAHAHAHA!!! Don't you know that the idea that we have a meaningful impact on the climat change is a shaky theory itself? Ask yourself: who feeds you those beliefs and by what, if any, arguments do you accept them? Is it just because it's trendy? Because the next person accepted them?

Further more, what'd happen, if we stopped experimenting in the XVIII century? Do you people imagine the pollution by now? Or in XII - could you take a 60% child mortality rate? My advise: stop being smug towards inventors - they may not do what you percieve to be the most effective way to help humanity, but at least they're doing SOMETHING.

Posted by Loo August 10, 08 01:29 PM

#401 - What if something goes wrong?

During a test a couple of months ago, something DID go wrong. The supports for the magnetics weren't strong enough and a serious accident ensued. There are lawsuits to stop this thing from EVER going on-line until scientist can give some definitive answers. Contrary to what the lame stream media is writing, this thing will probably be powered down and mothballed until full disclosure of UFOs are announced.

Posted by Magickj August 10, 08 01:31 PM

if this has been built to see how atoms and or the earth were formed, then how or what will it look like because dont we have to know what your looking at to be able to say what it is. if ive got this wrong then i appologise but i just thought that if they are trying to see new things then the "new things" must be old things and someone must of seen them before to say that it is new, and if im correct then whats the point in the experiment if they allready know what it is. if it creates something new then who has the ability to say what it is with out being made out to be a liar.

Ps.if it all goes horribly wrong ive got first dibs on the salvage of all that scrap metal.

Posted by mikeyleeds August 10, 08 01:48 PM

why would we take an object that wieghs 400 lbs and make it travel at light speed

that real smart we will die

Posted by Anonymous August 10, 08 01:53 PM

cool if you guys blow up the world let me know.

Posted by nick August 10, 08 02:20 PM

I REALLY dont see that "seeing very tiny particles" is worth killing a whole planet..
But whatever, I lived my life great, I have nothing to regret.

Posted by Dude August 10, 08 02:55 PM

wena kauros!!!!!
dale por el oyo negro!!!

Posted by christian August 10, 08 03:10 PM

Excelent pictures, hope that science behind them will be excelent too! Can't wait start of Collider! Cheers, Aivars.

Posted by Aivars from Riga, LATVIA August 10, 08 03:42 PM

Don't open the hatch Locke...

Posted by Led August 10, 08 04:27 PM

My only contribution to this discussion is regarding the use of the CRT monitor. The reason they're using a CRT monitor is because they use crash carts and CRT monitors will not topple over. When you work in a data center as I do, you are constantly rolling carts over some potentially uneven floors. Stick a flat screen monitor on the cart and you'll be replacing them once a week. Besides, why waste money on unnecessary equipment like that? Crash carts are usually an afterthought.

Posted by michael August 10, 08 04:40 PM

# 1466

One of the reasons for the LHC is to look for the boson particle, which if found, would be a cornerstone to the Standard Model, and would explain why things have mass.

Posted by Irrelevant August 10, 08 04:42 PM

the amount of energy this thing will take alone is scary now add that with what it is going to do. a lot of people on here are looking at this like a joke. put it this way if they say there is a five percent chance of a black hole you better triple that because they don't want to panic anyone.... besides who knows what else this thing might create or pull from outer space man has never try ed anything like this before October is when the real test is that's when you have to worry.... this is a little off this but did anyone see that movie THE MIST .... WELL SHIT LIKE THAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU PLAY WITH STUFF THAT IS NOT MENT TO BE PLAYED WITH

Posted by JOHN August 10, 08 05:04 PM

yeah...sure you could feed a lot of people blablabla...come on...this is mindblowingly wonderfull!!
I wish i could be there...

Posted by Inge August 10, 08 05:10 PM

wait till they start it up , planet Nibiru will be on us before we know it !
How do they plan to save the world with this thing ? No wonder the price off metal has shot up too , theyv got all the copper in the thing and now theres hardly any to go about ! Betchya Nick Leeson worked on theyre behalf too.
Why didnt they just build a spaceship to take us to the moon this time , with all that lead to stop the spacemen getting radiated as they passed through the radiation belt they mighta made it with todays technology .
Mind you , whatever happens or goes wrong , which usually does , oor motorbike rally is still on the 1st week of edinburgh trades , , but there might be a change of venue/new dimension next year haha . Ride free !

Posted by wee Andy August 10, 08 05:38 PM

You wanted the physics in metric ?

Posted by edd browne August 10, 08 05:50 PM

There should be a quick filter to have a comment posted;
like .... What is the metric equivalent of 33 ?

Posted by edd browne August 10, 08 06:01 PM

Who cares if the money would feed people? You spend the money on food and the warlords of those countries keep the food and starve the people still...stop your pedantic nonsense....the possiblity of things we can learn from this machine are amazing....if you going to complain about people spending money go complain about all the money wasted on the olympics in china...

Posted by William August 10, 08 06:38 PM

Let there be LIGHT!

Posted by JohnnyWasheduppa August 10, 08 07:50 PM

Does it shred?

Posted by polom August 10, 08 08:28 PM

Muy bonito

Posted by hhfdg August 10, 08 09:06 PM

Someone made the comment earlier. Just what IF the Rapture does take place and this particle collider is used as a convenient way to explain what happened to hundreds of thousands of people?

Posted by Tim August 10, 08 10:21 PM

that guys is seriously using a crt moniter in the 3rd to last picture...all that gadgetry and that cant even afford an lcd moniter :/

Posted by Jimbo August 11, 08 12:51 AM

Hey Bill, The wife found a nut in my shirt pocket when doing laundry yesterday which i forgot to install on friday. What should i do?
Do'nt worry Stan, i did the same with an electrode last month. Im sure it'll still work??

Posted by wayne August 11, 08 01:09 AM

5.8 billion for piece of crap , it wont feed us , its absolutely rubbish , you want magic , plant a seed watch it grow , thats quantam physics , thats reality

Posted by warren terra August 11, 08 01:19 AM

Magnificent! Now we'll probably understand how it all begun, where we came from and where we are going to. Hope that string theory will be finally proved.

Posted by Christo Lozenov August 11, 08 01:40 AM

I think they are all overplaying their hands. This will never work no matter what they try!!!!

Posted by Connie August 11, 08 02:10 AM

Open the Pod door HAL

Posted by tomaji August 11, 08 02:15 AM

Some of the comments are pretty funny.

When I was a teenager, I used to build amplifiers as a hobby with my father.
We used to have a joke, that went like this:

Dad: Give me 5 minutes to get a few km away before you turn that amp on.
Me: ok, see you later.
Both of us: HAHAHAHA

We are all such nerds

Posted by August 11, 08 03:12 AM

We all voted "YES" in 1993 and ended up where we are today with the huge problems in SA. We think back, had we voted "NO" would we still have the same problems today? If anything goes wrong with this machine it should sort out all of our problems because we won't be around to have any.

Posted by Eish August 11, 08 04:28 AM

i wonder if it will polish my big shiny head.

Posted by johnnyspurta August 11, 08 05:07 AM


Posted by Pierre August 11, 08 05:52 AM

yeah, so like, the day before the test, we spent all our cash on booze n LSD coz, like, it was the END OF THE WORLD and like, then you know, it wasn't.

ps. like bron saw these pink flying things and like she even saw god... but i think it was just the trip. really

Posted by wibs August 11, 08 05:52 AM

Thanks for the Link(s). Suberbly crafted photos of an amazing complex construct, that was in itself the reason for the WWWeb making it's appearance. That's a long lead time!

On this discussion; given the number of responses and the number of views, I feel there is degree paper in the study of it.

But briefly, residents of Central North America would be well advised to be aware that the moment they open their mouths, or put finger to keyboard, that the entirely idiomatic word & sentence construction(s) used in your area of the continent are so distinctive, that 'you' are instantly recognizable to the majority of people who don't live in your country. Well educated or not, althought the later are a mite easier to pick.

I'm not having a go. (Hmm, maybe I am ) The two places on earth to which I could willingly move are Muscat, Oman, or Boulder, Colorado.

Lets hope the CERN discoveries are as impressive as the construction. Go, CERN, go!

Posted by JenC August 11, 08 06:12 AM

how come the lady working with the giant super computer is using that old fashinoned screen. Seems like they might have sprung for an LCD screen now they had their wallets out?


Posted by Mikkel T August 11, 08 06:50 AM

If this can be used to accelerate a cheese sandwich faster than anything before, then let it go ahead!

Posted by loldude August 11, 08 06:55 AM

I don't think they should go ahead and use this thing. They are going to wipe out the civilization that is living in the center of the earth.!

Posted by Norma August 11, 08 09:04 AM

It's WONDERFUL! And definitely a must for all physics lovers like me!!!

Posted by Srishti August 11, 08 09:51 AM

Ground Control to Majot Tom:
Can you hear me Major Tom?

Let it be a black hole, as an exit door.

Posted by Ground Control August 11, 08 10:33 AM

Yes, but can it make Coffee?? Popcorn maybe... Hell I hope it aint made a GE..

Posted by kNIGHT 2000 August 11, 08 10:41 AM

This is Major Tom, to Ground Control...

I hope this is not a thin can, and dont let us floating in the dark...

Posted by Major Tom August 11, 08 11:10 AM

Ikkitty Akkitty ooH Ahh Ahh Flippity Flappity Floop, It's yours. Now lets smash some particles! That's all folks.

Posted by Bugs August 11, 08 12:51 PM

Esto hace mas de 30 años que ya lo han probao en la Moralea y lo tienen to controlao,ignorantes, se creen que son los primeros en hacer esto jajajaja la madre que los pario ¡¡¡
Esto en la Moralea lo tienen dominao, ahora lo gastan pa salar tocino y jamones.
Viva Belmez de la Moraleda, los pioneros del parchis de las particulas y del aceite de Sierra Magina.
Lo dicho.

Posted by Valenzu33 August 11, 08 12:56 PM

Will this L.H.C. contraption help us advance on Einstiens theory of relativity or maybe solve the mysteries of dimensions and time travel.
Will the H.R.C. discover ways of travelling the universe, ie; Worm Holes, Star Gates and the like.
Is the H.R.C. capable of creating alternative energy (Giroscopic Drive is an extreemly cheap form of propultion) .
If the H.R.C. cannot achieve any of the above it should be closed down and sold off to Disney World as a white knuckle ride.
To find out more visit

Posted by Clive August 11, 08 01:12 PM

i hope this photographer is there to capture God in the nanosecond of the collide when we are supposedly able to see Him proving the big bang was there in the beginning; hopefully the rest of the sentence does not hold (...and the end)!

Posted by janni stewart August 11, 08 01:14 PM

When asked of his opinion of the Large Hadron Collider, Professor Henry Jones of Marshall College simply stated, "Willy,!"

Professor Jones would not elaborate on exactly what he meant by the statement other than saying that "If it is captured by the Nazis the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the earth. I mean that for nearly three thousand years man has been searching for the Large Hadron Collider. It's not something to be taken lightly. No one knows its secrets."

Posted by Matthew Joseph August 11, 08 01:59 PM

Why did they build this machine? The same effect can be created by a Chuck Norris round house kick - which is even more dangerous!

Posted by Chuck August 11, 08 02:12 PM

I hear that a man called Gordon Freeman will be running the experiment. eh opens blak hols and doesn't afraid of anything.

Posted by lulwut August 11, 08 02:39 PM

wonder when the 1st wire comes kinda difficult fining it lol.... Super neutron

Posted by brian August 11, 08 03:08 PM

this machine kill our planet...

Posted by Viper August 11, 08 05:38 PM

Rise and shine Mr. Freem.. Wait, this comes after Black Mesa..


Posted by G-Man August 11, 08 06:10 PM

I hope you're proud killing us all : (

Posted by Tou August 11, 08 06:43 PM

WHAT DOES IT DO????? In plain English PLEASE!!! I need to finish my homework

Posted by fdsa August 11, 08 06:47 PM

*insert generic crowbar gag here*

Posted by None August 11, 08 07:17 PM

So what are the chances this thing is going to create a black hole and suck us all into a baseball sized pill?

Posted by Tbizzle? August 11, 08 08:40 PM

Man Machine, pseudo human being
Man Machine, super human being



Posted by Ben Cabrera August 11, 08 09:28 PM

Wow. Its the biggest red button ever. Press it! Press it now! Whats the worst that could happen?....................Oh yeah all that end of the world stuff.

Posted by Rory August 11, 08 10:04 PM


~Buzz Lightyear

Posted by Jeff Duffy August 11, 08 10:44 PM

Tou: It's a highly advanced instrument capable to recreate the big bang, what it does cannot be explain in the english you are asking. It simple recreates the effect of the big bang allowing the research of new particles and most likely the search of the God Particle although it has other fields to work on such black holes.

This instrument is also considered the most destructive weapon for people and are afraid of something goes wrong. I guess we either do it or we live as scarey cats.

Posted by Kora August 11, 08 11:37 PM

Just how do you think all those other Black Holes in the universe got there?
Most probably other intergalactic civilisations poised on the brink of getting all the answers to the big questions, about life the universe and everything, when suddenly.... pooof, BAM, caboom, hey presto!, Black hole(s)!!! Ha, ha, :-)

Posted by Enzoid August 12, 08 01:39 AM

Even though I'm a physicist, I'm not sure which question is going to be answered by the experiments on this beautiful machine. However, I do already know the answer LHC is going to produce: 42 ! :-)

Posted by Karel K August 12, 08 08:29 AM

Hey I don't think anything will happen to us while the aliens are guiding our hands with our technology. Ask the astronauts. Naw screw that this is the coolest thing i have seen in a long while. if you think you are going to blow up the earth it is a small consequence to learning the secrets of life. After all there is no god to punish the evil doers.

Posted by Nos August 12, 08 09:00 AM

Encontrados os " BOSONS DE HIGGS" nessa máquina maravilhosa, o que restará para a crença no divino?
Só o que veio antes do BIG BANG. Não é nada. A ciência chega lá. Quem viver verá.

Posted by Geraldo Cassales Izaguirre Junior August 12, 08 09:30 AM

this is absolute rubbish there is no way that we could in any way be harmed these are controlled experiments

Posted by william August 12, 08 09:42 AM

Top 4 of...What they going to say if this thing fails

3-...."Run !!"
4-...." Wait... no point to run...just...uhmm wait to die"

If you got other... please share !! ( before this thing kill us all of course ).

Posted by Coke August 12, 08 11:15 AM

I said "LUNCH" not "LAUNCH"!

Posted by Allen Price August 12, 08 11:21 AM

this machine is a star gate? XDDDD i like join SG1!!!!

Posted by vrolok August 12, 08 11:29 AM

can it do the laundry???

Posted by JeanneKerch August 12, 08 11:41 AM

las imagenes son hermosas.
aunque no va a pasarnos nada, algo en el fondo de mi, espera que esta belleza nos destruya de una vez.

nos lo merecemos.

Posted by jk August 12, 08 12:13 PM

las imagenes son hermosas.
aunque no va a pasarnos nada, algo en el fondo de mi, espera que esta belleza nos destruya de una vez.

nos lo merecemos.

Posted by jk August 12, 08 12:31 PM

Áëÿ ïî ðóññêè áû õîòü êòî ÷¸ ñêàçàë (

Posted by ÛÛÛ August 12, 08 12:59 PM

does it fly

Posted by art ent August 12, 08 01:03 PM

@171: It's called relative risk... multiply the probability of a scenario by the impact of that particular scenario. Let's use this lottery example of a 1:50.000.000 chance of disaster, and multiply those odds (2x10-8) by the possible economic loss (~13 trillion per year?) Relative risk is $260,000 per year, multiplied by forever. In human terms, it is (2x10-8)X(6.5 billion people) = 130 lives.

Obviously, 1:50.000.000 is an example. Theory is either correct, or it is incorrect (hawking radiation, etc.). The whole point of an experiment is to support or disproove theory; if the physicists involved here were confident that they knew what is going to happen, there would be no point in the whole endeavor Thus anyone who tells you there is NO risk is lying.

There are other experiments that could have bad consequences. Have none of you ever heard of "grey goo"?

Posted by Mike August 12, 08 01:42 PM

Obviously you know what you are talking about, Aaron:


Posted by José August 12, 08 01:51 PM

It's the world's biggest Easy-Bake Oven!

I'm not a physicist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

Posted by Roscoe P Coltrane August 12, 08 03:32 PM

So, let me see if I get this... The "big bang" was a collision that no one knows what was before, but its the closest we can assume to what created our known world and the such... so, we're re-creating the big bang, in hopes to discover some sort of dark or anti-matter. I mean, the use of a potential "anything" matter would be awesome... Wait a second, what if we were what was before the big bang??? Gee, I hope we got the equations right...

Hey, if it for some reason doesn't work, can we officially refer to Hawking as Best Super Villain Ever? Well... I guess if he's really a great super villain, we'll never know...

Lastly, I'm spending my last hours in a strip bar, asking what the whores know about getting quantum physical on my junk and making my own big bangs. Gawd, it's gonna suck if the 22nd exists... I'm gonna have so many crabs...

Posted by Dave August 12, 08 04:07 PM

The Big Bang is just a theory, this giant beast of a magnet is nothing more than attempt to seek the scource of our consciousness , its like looking at an atom with an atom , you wont see it because you are it ,the matter they seek is within us ,it is us , it is thought and it is more dense than the matter we think we can sense with our limited senses ...we are looking into ourselves .. we are it !, ...what we may find with this beautifully crafted techno Behomoth is that matter can be bent along with time , but still it leaves the question of who we really are and what are we about ,the answers to that is the very fact that we do indeed exist and we are always trying to find ways of destroying our existance......I rest my case

Posted by Metatron Akashik August 12, 08 05:24 PM

It's merely a child's play toy....nothing to be alarmed about.

Posted by God August 12, 08 05:53 PM

Forget Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix, will this get us noticed by the Vulcans?

* This is officially the geekiest comment I have ever posted. I was gonna do the "It's full of stars" thing but it's already been done it 3 times on here.*

Posted by Tom Faull August 12, 08 06:28 PM

Same old design: A mandala floating in space.

Circles are wonderful and, you know, unknowable.

But whoever owns this thing has the future. Pure research, like we used to have in the USA, is so important. And the un-expected result, many of them, emerge.

Pity we couldn't get the money from Bush's war budget.

Posted by Jok Church August 12, 08 06:30 PM


Life = sci-fi.

Too bad Arthur C. Clarke didn't live to see this.

Posted by David Bowman August 12, 08 07:10 PM

I wanna watch, so make sure CNN is there, Also, have lots of earth moving equipment standing by in case they need to quickly do a lot of backfilling.

Posted by DON POLSON August 12, 08 07:36 PM

We all gonna die, we all gonna die, LOL.
A loose screw with all those magnets could be fun.

Posted by LOL August 12, 08 08:02 PM

ß áîþñü... ß íå õî÷ó óìèðàòü...ÍÎ
ß áóäó ïðàâèòü íîâûì ìèðîì, êîëëàéäåð î÷èñòèò åãî îò ñêâåðíû.
Âî èìÿ ìåíÿ...

Posted by Anonymous August 12, 08 09:23 PM

Large Hadron Collider or Super Hypocrisy?

©2008 Ted Twietmeyer

It’s far bigger than a bread box, with a huge diameter of 17 miles underground and spanning the borders of Switzerland and France. All this to find the elusive Higgs Boson, a large particle that only exists in theory according to theoreticians.

Meanwhile, all of Europe and the western world suffers economically like never before with little short term hope of recovery.

Will any of this misery stop or slow down the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project? Of course not. Meanwhile, we have a global economy spiraling downward. Will the over-taxed and under-employed people of Europe losing their homes at a record pace, receive any government help as the northern hemisphere becomes closer to winter with each day? Don’t count on that happening either.

You’re probably asking “What’s with this guy? He’s saying all this on a science-based website?” You bet I am. There are times when the good of the people should come first over expensive science. The LHC will not be saving any lives, and it’s unlikely any life-saving technology will be a fall-out from the research. Common sense must play a role on our little rock, for without it we are indeed doomed. I’m only stating facts about the LHC project, which is something apparently few people today are prepared to do.

But this isn’t just about the staggering cost of building the world’s largest particle accelerator, which is basically built on nothing but a theory the Higgs particle exists. Fifty years ago we heard the physics community promise us that fusion to power the world’s cities. And we’re still waiting while they attempt to create that perfect confinement system. Starting fusion is the easy part and that was mastered decades ago. Confining it and sustaining it is the difficult part. Our sun works mainly because of its massive size and its gravity created by warping space. That cannot be done on Earth.

To me, the physics community’s credibility is about as trustworthy as Charles Manson saying to his review board that he’ll never kill again. Physicists create convoluted theories based on nothing but conjecture. Then over time, it becomes reality in their minds. In other words, they believe their own bullshit as truth. When famous physicists like Stephen Hawkings (the God of physics today) supports a bullshit theory, it will accelerate the transmutation of BS into truth even faster.

There was the Farnsworth Fusor invented in the 1950s by the father of a very successful commercial television receiver. The entire test device was mounted on the end of a workbench. Did it use magnetic confinement with gigawatt power levels? No. It used only a few hundred watts of power to create electrostatic confinement. If built with today’s electronics, it would be a fraction of that. A student in Utah replicated it a few years ago, and his crude model (which according to his words in an interview was “built with junkyard parts”) generated the required signature neutrons indicating fusion was taking place. The faculty was dumbfounded because they did not believe it was possible.

The student who built the fusion device also used a stack of 50 CDs to create a low cost neutron detector. Could he have constructed a detector any cheaper that that? I think not.

And what happened to Farnsworth’s idea? He received a US patent on it, and licensed it to Standard Oil Co. in the 1950s. After about one year went by and he saw nothing in the news about it, he contacted them to see what happened to the invention. They told him his idea wasn’t going anywhere. Oh, what a big surprise that was. But that isn’t a surprise to anyone in our time today.

Are there any fusion research facilities trying to duplicate the Farnsworth Fusor today? Of course not. The snobby physics community would have to admit they have been wrong for FIFTY YEARS and going in the wrong direction. Don’t expect to see or hear that any time soon.

According to CERN/LHC there are about 4,000 scientists at their facility at any one time. That’s a whopping payroll for both CERN and institutions around the world that send people there.

The LHC has a high voltage transformer substation attached to the power grid, supplied by cross-country high tension power lines. Few people realize the amount of energy this monster consumes when running – it will gulp the equivalent electricity consumed by a city of 300,000 people. If connected to an equivalent number of light bulbs for this power, one could see the bulbs from the moon about 350,000 miles away and perhaps further.

Can any of us comprehend our monthly electric bill multiplied by 300,000? I work with large numbers everyday in my engineering profession – but a monthly electric bill multiplied by 300,000 is too sickening to comprehend! And it would be an ongoing electric bill for decades to come.

In early 2008, a basic functional test of the proton confinement and acceleration system in the LHC tunnel resulted in an explosion with significant damage. This was not an attempt to accelerate and collide protons, which the system was not yet ready to do. It was only a basic functional test.

Officials at LHC stated with some embarrassment to the media that 160 positions around the 17 mile ring will need to be retrofitted and modified in-place, setting the project several months. What was the failure? The metal tube cracked and leaked gas that will house the circulating protons. This is the result of bad engineering and under-design. This is the same tube that runs the length of the 17 mile ring.

So what happens if the LHC doesn’t work as expected, or it never finds any Higgs particles? Someone, somewhere will probably get the blame – perhaps it will be a deceased physicist who can no longer speak for himself. After all, dead physicists cannot argue nor can they defend themselves. The LHC will probably turn into another fusion-type project, where endless “technical problems” will be blamed but never the physicist’s theories that caused it to be constructed in the first place.

Wikipedia states some of these mind-boggling economic facts about the Collider:

“The total cost of the project is anticipated to be between €3.2 to €6.4 billion. The construction of LHC was approved in 1995 with a budget of 2.6 billion Swiss francs (€1.6 billion), with another 210 million francs (€140 million) towards the cost of the experiments. However, cost over-runs, estimated in a major review in 2001 at around 480 million francs (€300 million) for the accelerator, and 50 million francs (€30 million) for the experiments, along with a reduction in CERN's budget, pushed the completion date from 2005 to April 2007. 180 million francs (€120 million) of the cost increase have been due to the superconducting magnets. There were also engineering difficulties encountered while building the underground cavern for the Compact Muon Solenoid. In part this was due to faulty parts lent to CERN by fellow laboratories Argonne National Laboratory or Fermilab (home to the Tevatron, the world's largest particle accelerator until CERN finishes the Large Hadron Collider).”

6.4 BILLION Euros = $9,630,084,383! That’s 9.6 billion dollars at today’s exchange rate as of the date of this writing! And that cost is before all the cost overruns are added on. Imagine how many homeless people could be given a home with that kind of money.

This seems like an insane amount of money to spend on a theory that no one can currently prove. Even worse, there is no way to make a small scale model to test the theory. Like most things in particle physics, its an “all or nothing” proposition. Computer models were used in the LHC design extensively, but any computer models will only perform as programmed.

Recall that extensive retrofit around the ring at all 160 stations I mentioned earlier? That part of the LHC was computer designed, too. A computer model can be made to prove anything is true or correct. A computer model can even be made to show that our Moon bounced around in space like a beach ball before settling into orbit, too.

Meanwhile, the western world is set to invade Iran based on nothing more than the lies, desires and sabre rattling of a powerful few. This will be a war that will bring mightiest countries in the world involved in it to their knees, when they are attacked from the inside by islolated Iranian groups seeking revenge. Even intelligent people know this but rarely speak of it.

There seems little doubt that the LHC is complete hypocrisy in a world now quickly entering a depression era lifestyle. Europe has long been considered the wellspring of modern governmental ideas. Yet even the United States with it’s deep English history and laws seems to have lost its way and joined in on the hypocrisy.

It's interesting how "cist" is in "physicist." But that's only a coincidence, right?
Ted Twietmeyer

Posted by Anonymous August 12, 08 10:25 PM

THE SPAGHETTIFICATION OF THE SINGULARITY!!!~ Come on, people - - You are making this stuff up!!!~ PPPPPpppppllllleeeaaasssssssse!!!!~

In astrophysics, spaghettification is the stretching of objects into long thin shapes (rather like spaghetti) in a very strong gravitational field, and is caused by extreme tidal forces. In the most extreme cases, near black holes, the stretching is so powerful that no object can withstand it, no matter how strong its components are.

The word spaghettification comes from an example given by Stephen Hawking in his book A Brief History of Time, where he describes the plight of a fictional astronaut who, passing within a black hole's event horizon, is "stretched like spaghetti" by the gravitational gradient (difference in strength) from head to toe.

Posted by Anonymous August 12, 08 10:39 PM

This is a most impressive undertaking towards the advancement of particle physics. What I find silly though, is the high level of support given to the notion that the universe was created. Could we please move past religeous excuses and accept the obvious truth: that the universe has always been here? What part of infinite is so hard to accept?
I hope that this ambitious device proves to enlighten mankind.

Posted by Phil Bilzor August 13, 08 12:56 AM

well the truth is that these scientists have been working on something they have believed in for 50 years. In that span, an enourmous amount of research has been dedicated to accelerating technology to its limits. When you deal in limits, you have reached the point of either stretching or breaking that boundary. Let's hope for everyone's sake that the margin of error is extremely elastic. In conclusion, a lot of good or bad can come out of this enterprise. Whether good or bad, their is always something to learn unless the repercussions of the latter are have dire consequences. Let's try and stay positive about this but, it is always fun to speculate.

Posted by Utnapishtem August 13, 08 02:50 AM

Kilõjük magunkat a világûrbe:)
Közvetlenül ezután építhetjük a Voyager-t

Posted by Nils August 13, 08 05:08 AM

this experiment is so huge that even a 'small' malfunction could possibly cause huge scale of damage.. let's just hope that every part of this machine will live up to its designed operation.. God Bless CERN...

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 08 05:35 AM

Yes I've been working on this here Halogen Cauldron for nigh on to 50 years,and let me tell you there ain't nothin' shinier, longer bigger or better'er so, y' all have fun hear?

Posted by Spanner Hands August 13, 08 05:49 AM

It's bigger on the inside!

( one else said it yet...)

Posted by Dreggor August 13, 08 07:18 AM

That JLG Liftlux scissor is pretty sweet too huh .....

Posted by anonymous August 13, 08 07:56 AM

i hope it's not going to be like howard the duck....or half life

Posted by habib August 13, 08 08:35 AM

"6.4 BILLION Euros = $9,630,084,383! That’s 9.6 billion dollars at today’s exchange rate as of the date of this writing! And that cost is before all the cost overruns are added on. Imagine how many homeless people could be given a home with that kind of money."

Isn't that about the same amount of money the US is spending weekly to have their war for oil?

Posted by Tom August 13, 08 09:46 AM

OMG! They'll gonna kill Kenny!

Posted by Bocskai Csaba August 13, 08 10:15 AM

Ever since the scientific method of theory and experiment started to harvest results and expand our knowledge, religious fanatics have been trying stop it or slow it down. One of the favourite themes was the "end of days" (which puzzles me: if Jesus will come at the end, why are they so afraid of it?) and the biggest weapon they have is a fear. Well, the only one, since what they say doesn't make any sense at all. The LHC is going to open the gates of hell (or a parallel universe) and will bring the hellish beings to the Earth? The LHC has already been invented by the Egyptians? It is dangerous because there is no fear of god (which one, Ra or just Jesus?) ? And I am sure quoting a Bible will help us explain what LHC exactly does and contribute to understanding the world. Because there is no knowledge as the 6000 years old knowledge of sheep sacrifying, murdering, incestuous, desert dwelling shepherds. You guys are NOT EVEN WRONG! Some posters I really suspect of having a mental health issues...

If you ask me, the LHC is superbly more impressive than Moses and his pathetic burning bush.

Posted by Vene vidi August 13, 08 11:38 AM

quisiera que la Cern diera una noticia real de cuales son las intenciones de este gran colisionador.

Posted by francisco August 13, 08 01:16 PM

A loose screw with all those magnets could be fun.

Posted by LOL August 13, 08 01:35 PM

Ok people,

You see where ur looking @?
Its your PC screen.
If your PC like 400 euros can do all this magical calculations as fast as freaking hell.

Why wouldnt this work ?
If the machine works out like planned:
-It can provide us about 80 years of energy in 1 week...

I didnt see any black hole
I hope the gas prices will decrease this way ^^

Posted by Anonymous August 13, 08 01:42 PM

Didn't we see this thing in Terminator 2?

Posted by Rick McDonough August 13, 08 02:17 PM

Nice apparatus. Very nice pictures.
But it makes me think about the first computers, one needed several rooms for those, and now a zillion more power is build into a needle (or something like that, if you cath my drift).

I bet there will come a time (will be past 2012 I guess :-) when we will all be wearing our own partical-accelerator, in a wrist-watch or so.

Posted by LukVdH August 13, 08 04:57 PM

Its a death star!

Posted by Grat August 13, 08 07:16 PM

One hell of a big dildo!

Posted by Gee Tee August 13, 08 07:59 PM

yes I have one said: "how many people could we feed with that money?"

Hmm, I don't know... the entire human population, maybe?!!

Sadly, the world does not work quite so neatly. If we were to take all that money and put it into Wheat, or Corn, there are free market forces and emotional tendencies that would cause us to line up at our local fried chicken supplier, waiting for corn-fed chicken with a loss ratio of one chicken in two, because what we want to eat, and what we ask the market for is not the government cheese, but the convenient meal on the way home.
And yes, I have eaten government cheese.
eat low on the food chain, and encourage others to do the same.

Posted by Malthus the Marketer August 13, 08 10:10 PM

How fast can it pop a bag of popcorn and will it be in this universe when its done. If this thind goes all to sh!# I don.'t want it to mess up my hair or screw up my television reception.

Posted by Holy Cow August 13, 08 11:19 PM

These guys, despite the fact they are spending more money than the fortune of the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim (No, not Bill Gates: he was beaten by that Mexican businessman), they're putting the planet at stake. Someone must stop this, we can't take any chances with such an experiment. Neither America, Germany nor Japan have done such experiments. And why the technology-leading countries avoid those experiments? well.... I guess the answer could be as simple as this: risks are tooooooo huge.

Someone has to intervene in order to stop that. We can't afford to take that chance.

Posted by Josh Bertrand August 13, 08 11:25 PM

Wow. Just wow at the fourth picture.

What the hell is that woman doing outside of the kitchen?!?!

Posted by GameFAQs Gold Account August 14, 08 12:22 AM

From Charly Vision, post # 884; August 4, 2008; 8:03 PM

"they (naysayers) are desperately searching for an exit, because they want to escape logic and they are putting so much effort and trust in their deus-ex-machina-messiah (Jesus), who will of course miserably fail. men always tried to justify god and searched ways and means to achieve that. this (the "LOL hadron collider = Satan's plan" mentality) is just another chapter of it, and "religion" is only a marketing-gag for the naive minded plebs"

Fixed. You're quite welcome. Also, pool's closed due to AIDS, fail, and religion.

Posted by /b/tard August 14, 08 12:45 AM

Have you noticed that those least educated about the subject always make the loudest noise?

Posted by Vene Vidi August 14, 08 06:50 AM

I thought the cables under my desk were chaotic

Posted by Anonymous August 14, 08 06:53 AM

Perhaps man has forgotten that IF the big bang theory really did create the universe, or universes as we know them, then the original source of the big bang itself must have been at a sub atomic level! Knowledge is good, but have we REALLY looked into the possible consequences?? To try to copy God is the ONE thing the Holy books warned us against, There is a passage in Revelations stating that the DOOR to Hell will be opened, and that the Four Archangels will hurl those judged of evil into the pit and then the door or gateway will be sealed for eternity. This really does sound like a wormhole or stargate. And Sumarian drawings do show a very similar concept of a door with water on each side and a being standing bewteen the pillars. Stargatepppstargatestargatewww warning warning!warningthat SATAN, (the Gouald) may really exist also. And it is not impossible MAN may just open that doorway. I donot trust science, it usually begins looking for new ways to destroy BEFORE looking at what good can be done as well, the atom bobm is a classic example, the same power can be used for good and is today, but that was NOT the original reason it was made. The collider is an amazing technology, but are we really advanced enough to use it WISELY

Posted by michael cull August 14, 08 07:03 AM

sweet as!

Posted by Ollie and jack August 14, 08 09:59 AM

a la mierda che.
dicen que ya lo probaron y no paso nada malo, pero no se si algo bueno tambien!

alguien sabe?

Posted by CaCuS August 14, 08 11:12 AM

@ Michael Cull. dude. take a deep breath and go walk outside. please.
what a Troll.

Posted by Marcelo August 14, 08 01:22 PM

What about the end of the world? i thought that be in december 2012, like the mayan says.

Posted by El Alfrek August 14, 08 01:59 PM

I don't think we are trying to copy God at all but to get a better understanding of what God have created. It surprises me that people think about this stuff as bad and against God. If we think like that we will still be living in caves with no cable...

Posted by Frank August 14, 08 02:44 PM

If this thing fails and just blows Geneva or creates a paradox or some strange phenomenom instead of blowing up the Earth I would be making fun out everyone who got worried like crazy.

Posted by Anonymous August 14, 08 03:18 PM

very true #1579.

Posted by nate k August 14, 08 03:59 PM

Pics look wonderful, and if any of you took even basic astronomy you'd probably know that there is probably no chance for this thing creating all of those cataclysmic disasters that the critics are making. And they can't say "no chance" because Brahe or one of those old tyme scientists began proposing that things aren't always spot on, but a plus or minus to whatever they find in their calculations. So they can never really say 100%, Something like that.

Posted by Donovan August 14, 08 05:10 PM

Can I push the button, pls?

Posted by Puffination August 14, 08 05:10 PM

Could somebody please explain what the point of this is? I'm all for scientific progress, but this has aboslutely no practical use. Fine, not everything should have to have one, I like TV and stuff, and it has no use. But, typically things without practical use, don't have a chance (however slim) to destroy the world.

Their failsafes for why everything (should be) fine is using untestable hypothesises that this thing is built to test. If somebody could please explain the logic in that? And even with their circular logic, they're still not even sure. Nobody has the right to take a chance with everyone else's life, even if that chance is small, and especially when the payoff doesn't seem to be anything more than potential resolution of an arguement between scientists.

Posted by Zavion August 14, 08 07:03 PM

GameFAQs Gold Account posted:

"Wow. Just wow at the fourth picture.
What the hell is that woman doing outside of the kitchen?!?!"

Most likely? Because she has more useful intelligence than you do in your entire brain, and I dont mean the one you think you have between your ears.
Consider yourself and your pitiful breed equal to that of religious believers: a dying breed. And if you didnt already know, the origin of you ignorance lies within religion anyway.
-sleep well xoxo

Posted by Miss Andry August 14, 08 07:30 PM


Posted by asdasdaf August 14, 08 09:26 PM

where the hell are those geeks sending us? they are science fanatics. Science and religion are ideologies, both have fanatics ready to kill or die for imposing his view to the rest of mankind.

I am Against this project in this planet, please install the lhc in a moon of saturn or jupiter

Posted by monkeybusiness August 14, 08 10:02 PM

What if I didn't think that I was working like a slave for next to nothing I realize how utterly fkn useless my species is...I have been funding my very own extinction..nice. Does anyone have a prescription for the new drug "FUKITALL" I could use some, I'd rather be sitting in my own feces in a sugar coma sitting on my couch watching comedy central than entertaining the thought of what this fkn thing is really for....

Posted by Christine August 14, 08 10:28 PM

#1574 WOW! lol

That's just a tour-de-force of uninformed, irrational thinking.
Do you live in a cave?

It's sad that people end up so misinformed. I guess you can only go so far with that level of thinking.

Oh well, leave the bigger things to people who can think.
The world needs janitors :)

Posted by Ronny LaJondro August 14, 08 10:35 PM

Good. We as a species are so insanely stupid... it is only fitting that we would build a machine that will, hopefully, send us into a black void in the form of microscopic particles. I just hope some other life form didn't build one that would put us back together again

Posted by Christine August 14, 08 10:46 PM

Well here it is. The current pinnacle of mankinds quest for knowledge. When the LHC is activated, the data should add more bits to the particlezoo. The new data may or may not clarify some of the big questions.

The answer to the big bang question can be found in the first chapter of the Bible. There was no big bang origin of the universe, so the results of the new proton smasher (LHC) are only going to tell us what happens in the present time. There now exists an excellent mathmatical model to explain the formation of the universe without a the need for a big bang or dark matter and why we see distant starlight in a biblical universe. just google starlight time travel.

Consider how flimsy big bang idea is. What was there before the explosion? What made it explode? It is required to explain an expanding universe but cannot explain the acceleration of it. Big bang requires unseen untestable dark energy and dark matter to constitute 80% of the universe in order to explain galaxy and star formation. There is not much else in the universe is there? When you think about it, an explosion just produces a disordered expanding cloud of gas.
Dont be afraid of the idea/theory that the universe will dissapear when a certain particle is observed because that power solely belongs to the Lord Himself and it is in His timing. Jesus stands at your door asking you to believe. You have a choice just remember He said He will return quickly and then all will be changed.

Posted by Ian from OZ August 15, 08 12:10 AM

The authorities responsible for building this are definately not going to tell us what it is exactly or what they really plan to use it for.

The LHC is most likely the beginnings of some vessel to get the big boys off the planet as they push the little red button to nuke the rest of us.

Posted by Sally August 15, 08 02:36 AM

wow they actually created a dooms-day machine. way to go guys give yourself a pat on the back your about to swallow the earth. bravo

Posted by ashten August 15, 08 02:51 AM

Hah, you don't even know enough information about LHC but the first thing that jumps to everyones mind is FEAR. Yes, I can confirm as an American that American's are retarded...and they don't care.

Posted by ES August 15, 08 03:15 AM

Didn’t Nostradamus say “get out of Geneva all?
The positive and negative ray will annihilate all.
Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Robert August 15, 08 03:36 AM

1574: did somebody leave the door open at the pshy hospital?

1588: it seems to me that you are doing exactly that

1591: semi truth is more dangerous than a lie. The dark matter is not proved, but let us forbid the making of machine that might lead to the proof. FYI science generally opens more questions by giving answers to the old questions, so it is perfectly normal not to have all the answers. Not only normal, it is desirable. The world is too complicated a place for simple answers. Anyway, I guess 100 monkeys typing on a typewritter couldn't make Shakespeare's works, but they might have made a biblical mathematical model of the universe 6000 years old... I was particullary impressed by words like "decay" and "blueshifts" - they sound as if the person who wrote it really knows what he is talking about. Ooo, he used big words, he must he correct then! I only missed one word: nucelar.
6000 years old universe? I you weren't serious, I would be laughing.

Posted by Vene Vidi August 15, 08 07:02 AM

Science is the devil and the physicists will kill us all with their evil magic.


Posted by Cracko Witcho August 15, 08 07:51 AM

As such an incredible and amazing and brilliant engineering and technological machine it is I must say that I am a little concerned.
Do they really know exactly what they are building,

I sure hope so.

Posted by Daniel August 15, 08 08:26 AM


Lovely pictures!

Unfortunately many people that are are bad at science fear the device. :)):)):))

Posted by Robintel August 15, 08 08:32 AM

1591: I am in the smallest room of my house. I have found the creationist solution on the google you proposed, printed it and now I am reading it. Pretty soon it will be behind me.

Posted by Vene Vidi August 15, 08 08:33 AM

Agent Mulder says everything will be fine, so I´m not afraid at all... :D

Posted by ONLY HUMAN August 15, 08 09:06 AM

if only Einstein was alive to see this

Posted by Malcolm Park August 15, 08 09:25 AM

1591: I am in the smallest room of my house. I have printed the creationist solution and I am reading it. Pretty soon it will be behind me.

Posted by Vene Vidi August 15, 08 10:08 AM

In all seriousness this will not destroy Earth or the universe. But one thing is sure, it will NOT find the God Particle. The creator gave us the brains, the skills and intelligence to seek out knowledge, he gave us the free will to do as we see fit. But he also stated MAN has neither the power or the capability to destroy HIS works, Only GOD can destroy HIS own creations. We MAY open wormholes, we may even create a real stargate. we may even find this is the means to meet other races in the universe. We will learn much, for both good and evil. we may even learn the truth of creation. But let us not forget GOD is not just a mere being. If GOD exists it has to be something far beyond knowledge of mere man, a force that certainly will be so well protected, WE will never be permitted to discover it. creation.

Posted by michael cull August 15, 08 10:41 AM

I don't think that CERN's LHC is anything to worry about. The chance of creating a stable black hole is about 10^-25% where someone said that the chance of LHC finding God is only 10^-20. He he. The Texas Superconducting Super Collider would have had a much better chance of destroying us (much higher energy), but the senate cut the funding 15 years ago. Perhaps in the next 30-50 years we'll have colliders that are 1000 more powerful than the LHC and creation of black holes will become a reality. BTW, doesn't time stop at the event horizon? If so then black hole would not kill us anyway ... just suspend us in time.

Posted by JWR August 15, 08 12:53 PM

Imagination land here I come. Keep the man bear pig back for I am the key.

Seriously, they kill us all, I am going to be very unhappy.

Posted by Dano August 15, 08 02:34 PM


Reminds me of the SouthPark Movie.

Posted by emichan August 15, 08 07:44 PM

k capullos nos van a matarrr

ai metro esta noche

smoking weed

Posted by heyyy August 15, 08 08:19 PM

I can't wait for all the new insights this beautifully elegant machine will produce.

The particle physicists gearing up to use it must be creaming in their pants.

This experiment is NOT going to destroy the earth, it's NOT taking food out of anybody's mouth, it's definitely going to better our understanding of how the universe ticks and what it’s made of. Most Americans are not retards (I bet there are a fair few of them working at CERN that have moved from Fermilab ;) True a lot of money is wasted by our governments on dubious research projects and our industries invest a lot of cash into producing trivial items that satiate our seemingly trivial wants & desires. It’s also true we should all get along a lot better, champion our intellectuals and be glad that for once money is being well spent.

So please, chillax everyone and enjoy watching mankind take a giant leap forward!!

I know I am.


Posted by Richard Barrett August 15, 08 08:46 PM

The only worst thing of this device is that will create more questions than answers.

And will skyrocket the crowbar's market *-*

Posted by Blah Blah Blah Mr. Freeman August 16, 08 12:38 AM

I... Feel...
H... a... p... p... y...

*you cannot grasp LHC's attack!"

Posted by Gyigas August 16, 08 02:26 AM

" i meant a BUD LIGHT"

Posted by elrolony August 16, 08 05:37 AM

I can't wait for all the new insights this beautifully elegant machine will produce.

The particle physicists gearing up to use it must be creaming in their pants.

This experiment is NOT going to destroy the earth, it's NOT taking food out of anybody's mouth, it's definitely going to better our understanding of how the universe ticks and what it’s made of. Most Americans are not retards (I bet there are a fair few of them working at CERN that have moved from Fermilab ;) True a lot of money is wasted by our governments on dubious research projects and our industries invest heaps of cash into producing trivial items that satiate our seemingly trivial wants & desires. True we should all get along a lot better, champion our intellectuals and be glad that for once money is being well spent.

So please, chillax everyone and enjoy watching mankind take a giant leap forward !!

I know I am.


Posted by Richard Barrett August 16, 08 10:35 AM

We are soooo screwed.


Posted by Sam August 16, 08 02:10 PM

Is it just me, or does it look like the machine that sucked in the dark overlord on Howard the Duck!!!


Posted by Bo Henry August 16, 08 03:12 PM

Âîò ýòî æîïà !!! êòî çíàåò ê ÷åìó ìîæåò ïðèâåñòè èõí èå îïûòû !!!

Posted by Garik August 16, 08 03:40 PM

The most unstable form of matter is nothing.

God is nothing, because of nothing He (?) created Earth.

We can only hope to find nothing

Posted by Darren T August 16, 08 07:32 PM

1613: Richard Barret::

Yes, I will chill out and watch how that thing destroys (at least) Europe. = )

Well spent money? HA HA HA HA.

And please, DO NOT SAY Mankind when You talk about making a giant leap. You'd better say: Europe, since not all mankind wants this planet's destruction. = )

Posted by Josh Bertrand August 16, 08 08:18 PM

Everything starts in a past newspaper edition, when some scientists demanded to stop LHC construction months ago, but now that this thriller is over I can say that I can't wait any longer to see it's first test with the hope that everything is gonna be alright, primary the people that lives along the three rings.

I have to congrats everyone involved in the project cause without them we cannot give steps forward ... From Mexico to the world --> David A. Dominguez

Posted by David Dominguez August 16, 08 08:40 PM

Just amazing

Posted by Ulises August 16, 08 09:57 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 16, 08 11:49 PM

I spent 4 years in charge of U S Navy quality assurance of construction of nuclear powered submarines at Newport News Virginia, USA. The (commercial) shipyard had their own inspection force observing all their work, and a QA organization of their own overseeing the inspection program. There was also a comprehensive testing program. The shipyard's overall program was as "airtight" as human minds could conceive. Yet my QA force found deficiencies which had escaped all the prior levels of inspection and testing. As I look at these photos, I am reminded of those nuclear submarines. If you compressed that Collider into a 300 ft. cylinder, it would approximate those subs in component closeness and, hence, complexity. If a man can make an error, he WILL. I predict a significant "break-in" period before readiness for normal operation.

Posted by Charles H. Wilbur, Captain, U S Navy, Retired August 17, 08 01:40 AM

I've had an opportunity to listen to some of the scientists working on this project. Ultimately it was made just to impress the girls.

Seriously, though, I agree with Captain Wilbur. They will be debugging this thing for a long time before they get any real results. But when they do, I hope that physics will realize some real progress.

I'm betting that the current theories will be found to be wrong.

Posted by Grant Czerepak August 17, 08 02:39 AM

The scientific scope of this project and the expected/unexpected possibilities are phenomenal. I hope it doesn't hurt.

Posted by college kid August 17, 08 05:18 AM

Guys and gals. If a stable microscopic black hole formed it would fall right through the earth and only have a very small chance of actually hitting anything. The gravity created by this hypothetical black hole would have no more than it did before becoming a black hole which is to say it would have far less gravity than any of your bodies currently have. If our sun somehow collapsed into a black hole the planet earth would continue in its orbit since the black hole would have the same mass and gravitational pull of the sun, only in a much smaller radius.

For all we know electrons are actually micro black holes. So please, lighten up and stop being wussies.

Posted by Len in Austin August 17, 08 06:10 AM

The ability of science

Posted by Rakend August 17, 08 08:40 AM

What ? No duct tape ?

Posted by mike dennis August 17, 08 02:16 PM

Amazing science experiment exploring how we got here. If we don't get the science to develop transporters to beam us up at least we should be able to get started on anti-gravity machines.

Posted by Bill Lasley August 17, 08 02:19 PM

Maybe we should get Niel Armstrong to step into it first! How the hell has this 'project' not been globally announced? Maybe its because they don't know the implications of what they are doing. The money spent just shows there must be a greater goal but they don't know if its death. Maybe we should drop bread as we go.

Posted by thelocust August 17, 08 03:15 PM

wow lets make something that has a chance of wipeing us out, FAIL!!!

Posted by GJ scientist August 17, 08 05:38 PM

For the Large Hadron Collider to work it is required to assume that time has no dimension. Reality is a series of sequential unrelated reference frames. Otherwise CERN is a time machine more than capable of rewriting reality.

Now to look at the proton just in points of simultaneity lets assume all the beam paths away from the directing, kicking and focus magnets are not subject to anything other than relative difference in velocity. It is your Einstein classic train in the tunnel relativity conundrum in micro scale.

Take the bulk of the beam path not subject to stress and divide it into paper thin sections. From the point of view of the along side the accelerator observer the option is to capture the proton between the paper thin section between the front of the sheet and the back of the sheet. Once the proton is in the page you can close the book and reopen before the proton leaves the page. Just as in the larger example of the train in the tunnel the gates of the tunnel so for our proton the closed book happens at different points of simultaneity.

So it can't be proven that the proton is different over the three quarter hour mark before impact or in the ten hour user time before dumping the entire beam into a carbon sink. But one can use the already accepted rules for matter for relativistic behavior at each point along the experiment and state that simultaneity does not exist for the protons in use. It is a leap of logic to therefore extend the concept to the entire windup and wind-down or ten hours and dump-stage.

So it is not the same proton at any point in reference frames of time equals zero or the whole machine is a time machine if time has any relevance to reality and symmetry breaking indicates that something is stretched beyond breaking point and now all that remains is to see is if there is a safety point.

Simply according to the math time has no significance and is not included otherwise the LHC is a very large and powerful time machine. Time is not included in the calculations because it means the protons injected into the machine are not the same ones getting smashed up during the hours in the machine. I don't know about the end of the universe but this machine has the capacity to rewrite to a trillionth of a second after the big bang some small part of our reality.

Just off topic momentarily it was pretty crude how the Olympics were used as a look away feel good to see the dogs of the old cold war given a run. I am so glad science didn't use global celebration as a foil for dumping the bad news. Just don't tell the kids there are no more shopping days until Christmas ... ever.

Posted by Michael Noonan August 17, 08 05:44 PM

@1605: No, at the event horizon nothing strangle happens. It's an imaginary line, not a real one. If you cross it, you don't notice anything unusual (that is, more unusual than going into a black hole). It is just where the escape velocity equals that of the light. When you cross that line, you can't go back, not even send signals to the outside (signals travel at C, so they fall to the black hole too).

Posted by Replying August 17, 08 06:00 PM

THE ALIANS ARE COMINGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by VoteforObama August 17, 08 07:29 PM

Escalators can never break... they just become stairs.

I hope they used a similar design principal with all the money they spent on this thing.

Posted by Rick Hansen August 17, 08 10:30 PM

Oh that Richard Feynman was alive to enjoy it .

Posted by Bob Leversha August 18, 08 01:37 AM

como pete eso adios a todos

Posted by jose luis August 18, 08 04:38 AM

Its not the black holes and other stuff that we know about thats the problem - its the the stuff this thing will create that we DON'T know about that could kill us. A lot of science is littered by discoveries that were are unexpected and incidental to the original experimentation.
We have to continue to learn in order to progress as a race, but this is alchemy in the dark on a very large scale. Lets hope we don't get any accidents that we can't handle!!

Posted by Cidergulper August 18, 08 05:53 AM


Posted by HONEY RAJA August 18, 08 06:42 AM


They should outsource the helpline....

Frantic CERN dude : ' There's an emergency. I think the particle collider is going into melt down. What would be the best line.... '

BPO worker : ' Calm down sir (holding hand against receiver). This guy is talking like the world's going to end.. '

Posted by K cube August 18, 08 07:43 AM


Posted by omnibus August 18, 08 08:36 AM

Game over man! Game over!!!!!!

Posted by texasbrowncoat August 18, 08 12:58 PM

Weird, the first picture looks like the Aztec Calendar wait a minute when are they supposed to do this hopefully not in 2012 the end of the Aztec Calendar.

Aztec Calendar

Posted by 2012 August 18, 08 06:16 PM

we're all going to die so fast we wont know for a week
and i'm not sure anyone cares

Posted by p kamenakis August 18, 08 07:12 PM

i wonder how long it takes to get to full power?
it is not science we need... it is love.
somehow i don't feel the love here :((

Posted by desire4liberation August 18, 08 08:46 PM

Which will come first . . .
a. the rapture
b. the omnivorous black hole
c. the four bladed razor
d. Rocky VIII
e. the cloning of Claudia Schiffer

Posted by Jeffrey R Smith August 18, 08 09:41 PM

I am ashok this is a good picture

Posted by ashok.kumarde August 19, 08 01:57 AM

Successful of CERN Large hadron Collider will possibly determine warp drive technology for space travel one day.
So be positive fellow humans!

Let us look forward, not at hollywood movies!

Posted by f for future August 19, 08 04:15 AM

A lot of these photos really put me in mind of the Death Star, especially pic #5.

Also, given the energy that's probably going to be given off by the particles colliding at such high speeds and the potential (however small) of destruction at the place, shouldn't the firemen in pic #9 at least have GLOVES?

I think I have to go with the general concensus on here and say that whilst I am completely fascinated with the device and can't wait to hear about the outcome of the tests, there's still a small amount of apprehension about what *could* happen in a "worst-case scenario".... But then, in all fairness, that's probably the sci-fi disaster movie-watcher in me speaking. I would completely despair at the prospect of finding there was a fault at some point in a series circuit running it's length and have to go back and check all 27km of wiring.... =D

Posted by SteelMist August 19, 08 09:41 AM

veidt industries salvation plan

Posted by ozymandius August 19, 08 10:15 AM

I am from the future, and this thing works, although in 3092 it is no longer called a LHC it is called 'VirginTravel', information is available to view from brain stem transfer cradle 437291AA except you cannot view it because you still only have the internet.

Posted by John August 19, 08 12:53 PM

If time is not sort of line, but a very large loop, this could be the end / begin.

Posted by joris driepinter August 19, 08 01:55 PM

i think my granmas gone craaaaaaaazy

Posted by sinead August 19, 08 07:18 PM

@ 1607

We are god, we can destroy whatever we want.

Posted by [Soma] August 19, 08 07:44 PM

Goooorddon freeeeeeemaaaan........

Posted by G Man August 19, 08 10:17 PM

Hopefully this thing will finally find Osama Bin Laden

Posted by Obama Bin Laden August 20, 08 12:41 AM

God bless u!

Posted by ali August 20, 08 02:09 AM

Ya nos llevo la chin................... con este aparato

Posted by hunter August 20, 08 04:37 AM

Where we can find a human who wants to go to the black hole?

Posted by sdafok August 20, 08 11:45 AM

Image you are a hiker about a 100 mile from CREN. CREN is fully powered up. You only have a compass and map to guide you. I think you going to get real lost.

Posted by Peter August 20, 08 01:36 PM

On va toussss mouurriiiirrrr ???

Posted by Jam eldebouz August 20, 08 04:15 PM


Posted by WE ALL GONNA DIE WIT THIS SHIT August 20, 08 06:06 PM

God bless u!

Posted by ali August 21, 08 12:25 AM

We'll survive and become strangelets!

Posted by The Big Strangelet August 21, 08 01:20 AM

ojala que salga todo bien
y que no desaparezcamos de la faz de la tirra ni del universo
mucha suerte a esos cientificos!
Soy de Argentina. Capital Federal. Villa Urquiza.

Posted by Dario August 21, 08 02:15 AM

IF we don't get sucked up by a miniature black hole .. i wonder how all these religious freaks will feel about themselves and their mumbo-jumbo :) They'll probably just wave their hand and say "phew, God was merciful" :) when they should be saying .. "OMG what a backward fool I was, God help me stop thinking crap all the time".

Posted by bananaman August 21, 08 07:01 AM

why do people keep talking about feeding africa with this money? why the hell would we even bother? what good has ever come out of africa? disease, slaves, genocide, and more disease... people should stop having babies over there and maybe try to educate themselves... stupid people and ak-47's make a very bad combination. This piece of machinery can give excellent insight into the start of the universe as we know it and people are worried about feeding a starving, disease ridden hell hole. whats the point? the truth hurts but when our population excedes this planets limits it becomes survival of the fittest. if you dont know anything about the LHC you should have nothing to say other than to admire its beauty in this forum.

Posted by shamrock August 21, 08 09:05 AM

"Hopefully this thing will finally find Osama Bin Laden "
LOL comment 1658
Ha ha

Posted by BZ August 21, 08 11:31 AM

With all of it's magnificent looks and curiosity - it will cause disasterous results - if it works that is. They have just recently discovered what sonar from submarines has done to the marine life. Devastating results come to find out 30 years too late.
There are some things not to be messed with. Such as creation. Anybody who still believes in the Bible might want to remember the Tower of Babel.
The majority of people have quit believing in our creator. It was not a Big Bang folks.
One day everyone will be asked one very important question. "What is my name?" I hope you have the right answer.
There is only one - AND HIS SON Jesus Christ. Don't be confused with the Father.
There is only one true religion that does not believe in politics, war, guns, and crimes agaist humanity. There is only one truth. Man can not come close to the power of our creator. He will not let them.
Believe what you will - Live the you you will - step down when you're asked.

Posted by Reverie August 21, 08 02:25 PM

I figure, this will come in handy, oh let's say around 2009-2012. It might just be enough, to change or alter in some small way, the impending trajectory of Nibiru's approach. Which causes the earth, the last real reminiscence of Tiamet, to go through, what modern scientist call, a pole shift.

The tenth planet or roman numeral for ten, planet X is coming back. It's circuit around the sun is every 3600 years. The Annunaki from Nibiru on behalf of Anu, came to the earth 7200 yrs. ago, landing in present day Iraq, where by leaving written evidence, US being the proof. (LOL)

Look up, then read, Zacharia Sitchen, and Jordan Maxwell. Read the KJV version of Genisis, mainly because it's the closest thing to an English version of the Babylonian Creation Epic, which was a ripoff of the Sumerian clay tablets of old.
Read The Book of Enoch. On the Seventh day he rested, earths the seventh planet in, from deep space, where He, (Anu) rested. The Bible is really something else in trierly

Time to meet our maker.

Posted by 13onan August 21, 08 04:42 PM

very excited, can we watch???????

Posted by jambo August 21, 08 05:50 PM

You bring the pitchforks, I'll get the torches.

Posted by dion August 21, 08 06:11 PM

Great message, 13onan. A fanatic like you should at least be able to spell GENESIS, don't you think?

Oh, sorry, you don't.

Think, that is.

Posted by Mikel August 21, 08 08:31 PM

..........."crying tears"..........................This ist just the Beginning of international physical theoretical values...!!! I Love LHC !!!

Posted by Micha August 21, 08 09:55 PM

Feeding the whole world for a while might not be so good idea. It would burst the population count to a whole new level which would eventually lead to another world hunger situation but in bigger scale. Theres already too many humans livings in the earth so a little black hole wouldn't be so bad afterall ;)
I say money well spent!
We would be even want to keep as much people alive as we can - for what purpose? I can think of one and that is progress and that is exactly what LHC does.

Posted by EZ August 22, 08 12:34 AM

MacGyver invented it. It's just rubber bands and paper clips.

he will also use these simple implements to defeat the black hole

Posted by Cranwell August 22, 08 01:58 AM

I wonder who's gonna volunteer to push the button every 108 minutes? ;-)

Posted by science fan August 22, 08 02:38 AM

I havent heard about this, what is it and what will it do``?

Posted by Isaac August 22, 08 05:03 AM

1699 How dare you to say such hateful things? I am sure if it was your survival, that you would be saying different things. The combination of stupid people and internet is just as bad combination. If you were so lucky to be born out of Africa, why didn't you educate yourself? Because sentences start with capital letters, you know. So, your point is that if somebody is suffering for centuries already first by foreigners and after that by their own dictators, bad management, slavery and disease, we should just forget about them? Most of the time, we caused it! Survival of the fittest? Even animals are protecting their own, elephants can return to the place of the death of other elephants and mourn for days, but I guess you still didn't evolve that high. You have no idea about Darwinism and plainly abusing it. You are not better than any other religious nuts that wishes and hopes to have the end of the world tomorrow, just to prove us wrong. We should be humane to each other, and treat each other with compassion and respect. What is wrong with you?

1671: I also think that technology can be bad, but without technology and science it would be much worse. Everything can be used and misused. If you drink two liters of water, you will die. Things should be done with a measure and careful thinking, including science - and I am sure that enormous lots of thinking of the best and the brightest went into this project.
You took antibiotics at one point in your life, right? You are using a computer, true? So why are you bashing the science when you are happy to use it when it suits you?
And, I have the answer to that important question: your name is Reverie.

1672: I figure, you are beyond repair. Try wearing silver paper hat against such thoughts. Time to meet your psychiatrist.

Posted by Vene Vidi August 22, 08 07:32 AM


Posted by lol August 22, 08 09:38 AM

Están locos estos romanos !

Posted by Obelix August 22, 08 10:05 AM

Marcus at comment 977, well said. I'm glad there are some balanced, intelligent people in Idaho! As for the cup size thing- Don't downplay it!

Posted by J in Europe fr. Ohio August 22, 08 11:54 AM

Who else has a bad feeling about this?

Posted by danny August 22, 08 12:02 PM

This is going to kill us. GOD made us and he is the only one who can make or break life. People are too curious about things that they need to leave alone. How about we take all that money that they WASTED on this and cure world hunger and end all the war in the world? It doesn't take a genius to think of that. There are people out there dying of uncurable diseases and they want to figure out how we got here? CANCER, AIDS, and all the other things out there that are killing us need to be solved. THAT is how you put money to use! Thank you and goodnight.

Posted by Lesley K August 22, 08 10:07 PM

You wanted a more realistic , stunning graphics, high audio quality of Half Life?!... You only have to wait until october and you will get it for free, no charges at all! nor spend lots of money to get an ultra CPU unit... just a real life experience

Posted by Aleksei August 23, 08 04:02 AM

I'm just very worried about a few things :

1) Many predictions of the end-of-the-world near 2012. Some are litteraly (the one from Nostradamus).

2) What scaries me mostly, is that the scientists don't know exactly what they are going to find. It's just an experiment for proving that some theories or particles are wrong or right...

Time will tell... hope just everything goes fine with this insane machine.

Posted by marc de landsheer August 23, 08 06:37 AM

Farking Jesus-freaks. Go to your churches, your temples, your flying carpets of whatever it is the drugs bring you, because when this baby hits the scene your so-called "god" (LITTLE LETTERS!!!) will crap his giant white robe in fear of what "his creation" will be unleashing on his "divine kingdom". WE WILL BLOW IT TO KINGDOM COME!!!

Screw the africans. Use them for disease testing and medical research. Give them a sandwich and they'll sit.

More power to the LHC!!!

Posted by Phantom Lord August 23, 08 09:01 AM

CAn i Be... Gordon Freeman? xDDD

Posted by Zebastiam August 23, 08 10:32 AM

Just a interesting comparison:

Total cost of CERN, paid by several nations in several years: 13.000 millions ($).

2007 defense budget, USA, (spent by ONE nation in ONE year): 532.800 millions ($).

And now, talk me about starvation....

Posted by manuel August 23, 08 01:40 PM

What a pretty toy.. I hope they have a backup hamster for that wheel.

Posted by Marion August 23, 08 03:12 PM

It is good to see this discussion is still going. In all of this I wonder if it has ever occurred that scientists might still be wrong?

As a logic exercise about a year ago I started to work out alternate possibilities for the start of the universe. I came up with 16 different variations. Any or none of which might actually be the one that occurred. What it does is give one a number of very different platforms to look at what the state of science and the nature of the universe could but might not necessarily be.

In space outside our solar system the temperature of the particles is around 6000 degrees which is the surface temperature of the sun. The curious thing is that while matter at that temperature space 'should' be glowing with all the luminescence of the brightest incandescent bulb. It is not which is an indication that our fundamental understanding of what matter is made of and what it should do is wrong. That is the thing that comes across most clearly when I look at physics.

So somehow in all the things I have been looking at it appears for whatever reason we as an intelligent species have taken a wrong turn somewhere in our understanding of what the universe is and how it is constructed. This is not the first time that people have made a miscalculation based on the best known information at the time. The path of electricity was first thought to flow from positive to negative. We had a 50/50 chance of guessing and we got it wrong.

The greatest resource this world has to offer is the life of its people ... not the oil or gold or any other material thing but the life of its people. In our haste to know the secrets of the nature of the universe all of that resource is being put at risk in a very carefully calculated and well thought out way that might still be wrong. This is what concerns me.

I have looked at the explanations by very respectable physicists regarding the nature of time and space and I can see why the current study would lead them to conclude that there is no God based on their understanding of the nature of the universe. It is that conclusion that leads me to conclude that the scientists are wrong.


Posted by Michael Noonan August 23, 08 09:03 PM

Will we hear about the startup of this on the news so we can grab our hardhats to save us from the flying metal caused by the magnetic turmoil that this machinery will create? This is an experiment. . . they do NOT know what will happen. I am both curious and scared to death! I AM really hoping to discover other dimensions. Good luck to all of you working on this project! Me. . . I'm gonna make sure that every day counts.

Posted by Fran August 23, 08 10:41 PM

Meanwhile, all of Europe and the western world suffers economically like never before with little short term hope of recovery.

are you completely historically retarded?

Posted by steve August 23, 08 10:44 PM

Post 1066 God is not real, the LHC is
Posted by Royce

I found this gem on reading back through the posts. It reminded me of the humor that made Dave Allen such a brilliant comedian. After the lightening flash swap the words "God" and "the LHC" .

Posted by Michael Noonan August 24, 08 04:00 AM

They say its for improving our lives but in what way ? I tip my hat to the people that got funding for this dreamers toy . I'm not sure if it works it will be a great thing .And if it is really necessary to know how to store more information. I hope some one studied the possibility of something going wrong? Just think if everything was created by the the Higgs boson and altering it in a way that you can only do with this machine .actually starts a reaction that forms planets ,black holes etc .What Kind of security have you put in place to protect the rest of the world from finding out that you are the biggest suicide bomber . Please!!! Safety First .

Posted by Joe August 24, 08 10:02 AM

1693. you have been misinformed of the particle temperature outside our solar system.

Posted by abstract August 24, 08 10:38 AM

one of those things in the photo looked a lot like a Star Gate. Is this science imitating fiction?

Posted by klah August 24, 08 12:20 PM

I find a couple things funny about these is the notion that money spent on science could be better spent on feeding hungry people. It's not an either or. Perhaps money from other frivolous pursuits could be channeled in that direction and noble research could continue. Further to that point, defending this as being relatively affordable compared to military spending begs the question, does anybody actually think there aren't military applications here?

As a species we are trapped in a conundrum of having the brilliance to create things like this while retaining the arrogance inherent in ignorance that leads us to believe we are ready for it or capable of controlling it. Having the ability to do something is not an adequate reason to actually do it. We are toying with forces way beyond our comprehension and rolling the dice on a lot of pretty serious what ifs. Oppenheimer quoted a line from, I believe, an Indian religious story that goes something like "today I am become death, the destroyer of worlds". He was right on a very small scale. These guys might be spot on.

Einstein said "I want to know God's thoughts, the rest are details." It strikes me that those standing on Einstein's shoulders believe they are God and are willing to roll a pretty apocalyptic set of dice in order to prove it.

As for the poster who commented on the stupidity of Americans based on some of the comments here, I would suggest you investigate the demographic trends currently apparent in virtually every European country. Once you have, come back and enlighten us all as to how such a supposedly intelligent (and self-proclaimed morally superior) collective could be so culturally suicidal as to basically hand your entire future over to those you fear the most.

Getting back to the specific doomsday scenario here, my guess is this won't come online until about oh...December 21, 2012!

Posted by Infidel August 24, 08 10:37 PM

hey 915...the US isn't even mentioned in the book of revelations, so your whole post is kinda...well, hogwash.

Posted by infidel August 24, 08 11:17 PM

shows the power of money..

Posted by vipin August 25, 08 02:28 AM

Hello 1698 perhaps this reference "" might help explain the 30 light year across region of local space structure our solar system is currently traveling through. Admittedly the gas is very thin.

Posted by Michael Noonan August 25, 08 06:03 AM

is good, all in this world are be destroy by this thing, this good xD

Posted by Ryu Shinobi August 25, 08 09:47 AM

why is it good? i don't want to be destroyed, nor do I deserve to be. maybe you do, but lots of us don't.

Posted by infidel August 25, 08 11:02 AM

When they initiated the collision...things went wrong...I tried to break the chamber and then..there was this gamma radiation...that is how I become the Incredible Hulk....and covered the black hole with my fat ASS!!

when things went wrong...all scientist were running out of options....I just covered the hole with the chewing gum...and that is how I became the super hero...

When things went wrong...the tech guy immediately dialed 911...(stupid its swiss)

Posted by Babu August 25, 08 11:45 AM

1648: C the Schick Quattro was introduced in 2003.

Over 1700 comments and it only took me two weeks to read them all, well all the ones in English anyway since I'm a dumb American. I pieced together most of the one German comment, though.

The most disappointing thing about all of them is all the people who feel inclined to not only disagree with other posters, but to continue on to attack their intelligence and/or religious beliefs. I am a creationist that is interested in science and how the two fields of study intermingle, therefore I take offense when "Religion is only a crutch for the weak minded." or "Physics is stupid." or other OPINIONS are stated as facts. Please present opposing arguments sans personal attacks; the trolls are hungry.

Posted by extragoode August 25, 08 12:45 PM

1681 - I guess you didn't understand - It's not going to be my question.
Study up! Exodus 6:3; Psalm 83:18; Isaiah 12:2; 26:4, Genesis 22:14; Exodus 17:15; Judges 6:24.
I too love science and think it's a very necessary tool for our growth of knowledge and independence - as long as we don't interfere with creation and our Creator's work. Some things really need to be left alone. Some scientific experiments are morally unjust for all of mankind. Mass hysteria will not be fun I can assure you! Tell me. What good is really going to come from this one? As fascinating of a machine that it is. I would have preferred it have been a giant recycling center for the junk yards, or any kind of pollution control - really. I have to agree with the posts about feeding the hungry. Why are the hungry procreating? Maybe the money could have been spent better on sterilization on the majority of the population of the entire earth, because so far all I see is the breeding of hate and intolerance.
What happened to us. If I could ask one favor. George Michael has a song from his Listen Without Prejudice album - Praying For Time. Man - What a fantastically incredible song- If you'll just play it at my funeral please.

Posted by Reverie August 25, 08 05:18 PM

Does anybody know why, were trying to find out what the smallest particle in the Universe is, and how come were going thru great expense and time to get to it...And if by chance we (the world) makes it thru the testing, are we all going to benefit from this as a whole, or is it going to be just a chosen few who benefit for their own reason's...whether it's power,control, greed...
P.S. if you looking for the source, look inside of yourself.......

Posted by Sha'taha August 25, 08 06:26 PM

Each humans ethic rights is never equal to the worth of commercial dominans. That is the world we are enslaved into, like it or not. The power to change is always in the individuals hand. The endless powers of the universe rest in each hand. The majority of insects behaviour is stronger than of few, when united by communication and acts of united force. The human race will therefore be destined to die by misstake of fragments of mind by fewer dominant individuals that does not use the united intelligence of the majority, which staticially mostly are right by percentage, which is the vital guidance for the faulty human race. Therefore to live our lives the way nature created us, is the united will of gods and materia. Bach would agree. For the love of god such a tool is uneccessary in the whole.

Posted by All and nothing August 25, 08 08:23 PM

We only "see" 4% of everything. 23% is "dark matter" that we don't see. 73% is dark energy that we can't feel. This grandiose machine will open up our eyes to some of the most basic components of the universe. I hope that it lets us in on the 96% that we don't yet know.

I can't believe the idiocy of some of what's been said. Any black holes created by this machine will be microscopic and transitory. We will only see their aftereffects and none of their hazards.

Before you reach for the panic button, open up a book on the subject and learn. You won't look so stupid.

Posted by Anonymous August 25, 08 08:42 PM

As a person who is neither political, nor formally religious, I negate the comments that are based on these excuses.

The human mind wants to explore and create at it's highest level. Applications are extensions (good and bad) to this. We will not feed the masses - nor should we - we will not destroy the earth or the gods. If each one of us strove to be the best we could be, without excuses, without blaming others, we would be supreme!

Posted by judy August 25, 08 09:28 PM

It's either going to be very good for technology or it could end up pretty bad. Actually, even if it provides us with antigravity, we could all be dead. Of course, we might get FTLT (faster than light travel) technology so we'd have somewhere to relocate.

Posted by Leonard Darizy August 25, 08 09:39 PM

1712 - we have been supreme on this planet for centuries and look where we are. Maybe you oughta get political or in either would at least help you craft more cogent arguments. You're statements do fit in nicely here considering they reflect pretty accurately the aftermath of firing this machine up. All we see are holes, holes, holes...

Posted by infidel August 25, 08 11:34 PM

hey 1140...what if you are wrong.

Posted by infidel August 25, 08 11:44 PM

Well.... I think I will go to las Vegas, NV, Atlantic City, NJ and Monte Carlo and bet USD$100,000,000,000.00 for the world is not going to be shredded by that black hole.... If I loose, there will be nobody to collect! XD

Posted by Josh Bertrand August 26, 08 01:28 AM

¨, ìàìà, ñïàñàéñÿ êòî ìîæåò!

Posted by Fleur August 26, 08 03:13 AM

Great, I will be on regular flight, somewhere above Switzerland on 10-th of September......maybe i will be able to make some awesome photos...:)

Posted by stev August 26, 08 04:15 AM

As if baguettes and Nazi gold weren't enough.

Posted by graham August 26, 08 10:08 PM

This is why the universe will exist forever. This will create a "Big Bang" eating our universe, within it every moment in our time will happen the exact same way in the new universe - starting over when we build the Collider. We are in an endless cycle.
I hate writing this every time.

Posted by Rick August 26, 08 11:20 PM

Somehow, my job now just seems so....


Want fries with that...?


Magnificent photos of an amazing endeavor.

Posted by Gary August 26, 08 11:27 PM

Possible effects of the Large Hadron Collider ? We'll have to see........












Posted by Anonymous August 27, 08 12:04 AM

Fascinating - am really looking forward to results.
Another issue though, will it cure TB, Malaria and prevent Starvation ?
Will it prevent the sixth extinction or enlighten mankind that war is futile, environmental destruction is real, and that money is a lousy way of keeping score ?
Please let it unify mankind and instill