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London from above, at night

With the end of the Olympics in Beijing, all eyes turned for a moment to London, site of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. While looking for good photographs of London, I was contacted by London photographer Jason Hawkes, who had some wonderful images of London, seen from above at night (from a helicopter, to be exact) - some of which which he's agreed to let me share here. From Jason: "Shooting aerial photography during the daytime had its own difficulties, you are strapped tightly into a harness leaning out of the helicopter, shouting directions through the headsets to the pilot. If shooting in the day can be difficult, night and the lack of light causes its own set of problems, but overcoming them is half the fun and the results can be stunning. I shoot at night using the very latest digital cameras, mounted on either one or two gyro stablazied mounts, depending on the format of the camera and length of lens I'm having to use." (19 photos total)

The city of London, at night, featuring the financial district, NatWest Tower, and the River Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)
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Posted by Anonymous August 29, 08 12:35 PM

Truly Awesome pictures! Imo the best post so far.

Posted by Snurk August 29, 08 12:42 PM

The changes look great; it's very useful to be able to link to individual photos.

Posted by brett August 29, 08 12:50 PM

Absolutely gorgeous!

Posted by LucyInTheSky August 29, 08 12:53 PM

Oh my goodness! Wonderful. I love London so much and this makes me want to head right on back!

Posted by lisa samson August 29, 08 12:54 PM

Can I be the one to nitpick that "Big Ben" is the bell inside the clock tower, not the clock tower itself?

Great photos though. :)

Posted by kevin r August 29, 08 12:54 PM

It's not Eros: it's his twin brother Anteros. That's an extremely popular misconception, however...

Posted by Andy Gimblett August 29, 08 12:55 PM

It would be nice to add a section to the "Add your Comment" area with a little numbered thumbnail of each picture, so we could click a thumbnail to automatically add a reference to it to our comment. Then, in a comment which refers to a specific picture, the thumbnail of that picture would appear next to the comment.

Posted by Jon Kovac August 29, 08 12:59 PM


Posted by yo5bdm August 29, 08 12:59 PM

I love these photo's! The color, the contrast, the detail, un-freaking-belivable!

Posted by Paul August 29, 08 01:03 PM

WOW, #13 took my breath away........

Posted by Wayfaring Wanderer August 29, 08 01:03 PM

Gorgeous photos!!

Posted by bri August 29, 08 01:04 PM

Fantastic images. Thank you!

Posted by Mark August 29, 08 01:06 PM

Wonderful photos!
Is it possible to make this site compatible with the PicLens/cooliris Firefox add-on?
I think it would make viewing the photos even more enjoyable.
See this:

Posted by Ori August 29, 08 01:08 PM

That traffic circle makes me panic just looking at it. Let along trying to drive in the madness.

Posted by Ashley August 29, 08 01:08 PM

Awesome pictures Jason!!

Posted by ryan August 29, 08 01:13 PM

Sir what camera did you use on this photos? I like the shots

Posted by Danrain August 29, 08 01:27 PM

I wish Google Earth had this kind of images. I feel like playing SimCity now. By the way, great camera: It seems the photographer took low light conditions without long exposition. Very interesting.

Posted by Paolo Mao August 29, 08 01:38 PM

It's Amazing.Very Nice Shoot.
Next weekend I go to London !!!

Fred, tu veux m'accompagner?

Posted by dguinehut August 29, 08 01:38 PM

Thankyou for not calling it “the Thames River” ... There are some problems with other parts of the captions, though.
In 1 you call it “the Financial District”, but in 4 and 12 it’s “the Financial district”. In fact, since this is just an informal term, it should be “financial district” in all three cases. (The formal term would be the City of London and another informal term would be the Square Mile, but let’s not complicate things.)
Also in 1 “NatWest Tower” is a commonly used name, but it’s out of date, as NatWest Bank departed some time ago. It’s now called Tower 42. Hmm, on second thoughts, that’s a stupid name, so I can see why it’s worth avoiding.
In 2, didn’t “Big ben” look odd when it was typed?! And yes, “Big Ben” is the name of the bell, but almost everyone calls the clock and the tower Big Ben too, so that’s another lost cause there.
In 9 the “the” in front of “Tower Bridge” is not needed - it looks Victorian, not 21st-century.
In 14, “canary Wharf” is obviously a typo too.
But enough with the nitpicking. These are great photos on a great site - thanks!

Posted by Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner August 29, 08 01:42 PM

# 1 is fantastic, the streets look like lava.

Posted by elaine davis August 29, 08 01:44 PM

A great photo set of my (adopted) home town. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

As people are fussing over the names of clock towers and statues, I may as well add to the list. The Eurostar no longer comes into Waterloo, but that's a recent change.

Posted by Justin Buckland August 29, 08 01:46 PM

Typos fixed, thanks for the heads-up.

Posted by alan taylor August 29, 08 01:49 PM

I would just love to see exif data for the pictures so I can understand HOW you managed to capture such beautiful pictures with such little light. stunning really.

Posted by Justin Scott August 29, 08 01:56 PM

Great photography

Posted by Helge Nome August 29, 08 02:09 PM

Beautiful photos of an awful, awful city.

Posted by P-a in Montreal August 29, 08 02:09 PM

Fantastic work, thanks for sharing.

(I went to London for a couple of days this month, and took a picture of almost exactly the same place as photo #5, from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral:

Jason's photo as got much more melancholia (and beauty) to it, but I did try).

Photo #13 is out of this world, by the way.

Best Regards,

Posted by Tiago Costa August 29, 08 02:51 PM

these are the most gorgeous things i've seen all week. my eyes are popping out of my skull! in a good way. amazing.

Posted by ashley August 29, 08 02:55 PM

Great photos. As a photographer it's long been my dream to do what Jason's done above. Jaw dropping!

Posted by Davin Greenwell August 29, 08 03:09 PM

The Big Picture is a truly brilliant site, but is there any way to preserve the exif data in the photos, so we can get some more information about the way they were shot?

Posted by Pete August 29, 08 03:11 PM

Absolutely amazingly fantastic.

Night photography is one of my personal favourties. But as lucky as I am to live in London and be able to shoot here, my 30D and tripod will never come close to being able to matching these. If Jason ever wants an unwanted passenger (!) then I am most definitely available.

Just some comments on the comments:

1 - NatWest Tower is now called Tower 42 and has been since the late 1990s. Originally built for the bank it was originally named after, and designed to match the shape of their logo, it was damaged by an IRA bomb attack in the early 1990s and following it's repair they decided not to return.

2 - Is a photo of St Stephen's Clock Tower. Big Ben is the largest of the bells inside it.

5 - Is a street called White Lion Hill. The blank space in the trop right hand corner being the River Thames. The building in the bottom of the photo is St Benet Paul's Wharf. An Anglican church designed by Christopher Wren and built in the 17th century. One of the few churches in the City itself that was not damaged during WWII.

6 - Is Apex Corner, the junction of the A1 and A41. The A1 is the longest road in the UK connecting London with Edinburgh, while the A41 goes to Birkenhead, on the opposite bank of the Mersey to Liverpool. While both are still major roads, they have long since been superseded by motorways for those travelling longer distances.

7 - The building in the bottom right opposide the Lloyd's Building is 51 Lime Street. Known as the Willis Building it only opened earlier this year. As a tip for any photographer's visiting, the he curving face of the building offers interesting reflections of the Lloyd's building.

9 - The diagonals in the bottom right of the photo are the non-terminus platforms of London Bridge station. You can also seen Canary Wharf in the top middle, City Hall immediately to the south east of Tower Bridge, and HMS Belfast sitting in the Thames. The former WWII cruiser has been permanently docked as a museum since the 1970s.

10 - It should be labeled the former Eurostar terminal, having closed last November. With the opening of a new high speed line Eurostar trains now arrive at St Pancras International to the north of central London. The Waterloo International part of the station has been abandoned since then. Although it is intended to use it for domestic services, this will first require changes to be made to the track layout approaching the station.

11 - The interesting looking building to the north east of the Eye is Charing Cross station with Embankment Place, a shopping and office complex designed by Terry Farrell, above it.

12 - The orange glow in the top right of this view is Liverpool Street station. While the portico in the bottom left belongs to the Royal Exchange. The current building dates from the 17th century but now functions as a shopping centre rather than a financial centre. The large square building immediately to its left, extending to the junction at the bottom, is the Bank of England.

13 - This looks like a west facing view of the junction betwen the M25, a ring road circling London, and the M11. The latter connecting London with Stansted Airport and Cambridge. And is also the way to my parents, which is the only reason I recognize it!

15 - You can see London Bridge station more clearly on here. The Bridge at the bottom of the photo is the current London Bridge.

18 - The statue in Piccadilly Circus is actually Anteros, who was the brother of Eros. Although it seems very few people know that.

19 - The building in the centre of, and going off of, the bottom of the frame is Bush House. This is where the BBC World Service has been based for almost 70 years. When their lease expires though they plan to relocate this service to their Broadcasting House complex, home of BBC TV and BBC News, in West London.

The other Bridges on view here are Hungerford Bridge, carrying rail lines into Charing Cross station, and flanked by the Golden Jubilee foot bridges on either side. Then Westminster Bridge, with St Stephen's Clock Tower visible on the right hand side, and finally in the distance Lambeth Bridge.

So much for a few comments! I feel like I have just ruined the whole page and the idea that the picture's should do the talking. Although to me the fun of such views as these is being able to recognize and identify places, so I hope this 'virtual tour' is of interest to others.


Posted by Michael August 29, 08 03:17 PM

I was there last year! Awesome city!
Great places to visit and these pictures make it even a nicer place :)

Posted by Wilff August 29, 08 03:21 PM

Regarding the EXIF data for photos on this site. (It's even in the FAQ now) - If I had it, I'd pass it on. Almost none of the original photos I can get my hands on have any EXIF data intact, so I have none to pass on to you. In this particular case, you could try contacting the photographer Jason Hawkes directly.

Posted by alan taylor August 29, 08 03:23 PM

amazing! just simply breathtaking...
thanks the Big Picture...reading this blog has always been the highlight of my day

Posted by roel August 29, 08 03:35 PM

It's all been said re the photos - brilliant! But ...

#15 - traffic circles (called roundabouts) are much more efficient and MUCH safer than intersections with lights. Proven many times over. Very easy to navigate assuming you have even a scintilla of lane sense and even those who don't, manage. Intersections with lights make people think they are safe and not pay attention (especially to the nutter who is paying even less attention and runs a red light) whereas roundabouts force everyone to be alert. Strange how just about every other country in the world, other than USA, uses them and have no problems. The roundabout in question above, due to its size and volume of traffic, actually has lights too, to make it even easier.

#26 - some justification for your comment might be more insightful

Posted by Fred August 29, 08 04:28 PM

The first photo really draws you in. For a brief moment there I thought it was HDR, but then my eyes clarified and I knew better. :)

Posted by kevjohn August 29, 08 04:42 PM

Michael (#31): Thanks so much for the extra info, although trying to correct "Big Ben" mistakes really is a lost cause. In the common parlance it's the name of the tower and that's not going to change, however pedantically one might yearn for correctness. ;)

Posted by Matt August 29, 08 04:43 PM

nice pics but it also shows how much energy is wasted in just one city!

Posted by free August 29, 08 04:54 PM

I am so homesick right now...

Posted by Dean Smith August 29, 08 04:59 PM


Posted by Ken Swallow August 29, 08 05:00 PM

Really incredible photos!

Posted by Fernando Nieto August 29, 08 05:02 PM


errr we actually DO have traffic circles (roundabouts, rotarys, whatever you want to call them) in the US. So I guess you could get off your high horse now if you choose.

Posted by pevans August 29, 08 05:15 PM

At least he's a Gunner's fan! Up Arsenal!

Posted by Bryan August 29, 08 05:44 PM

Awsome, gorgeous, speechless

Posted by popp August 29, 08 05:57 PM

Jason's photos are wonderful. The M25 motorway in photo 13 looks like a river with lights. I like the new format very much. The numbers make it easy to comment on a specific photo. I am a huge fan of THE BIG PICTURE.
Best regards,

Posted by Content in a Cottage August 29, 08 06:08 PM

Great pics Jason! Thanks so much for sharing- some of the rest of youse need to stop being so anal! Geez!

Posted by Judy August 29, 08 06:27 PM

A spectacular use of energy. A pity this will all be under water in less than a 100 years.

Posted by Duncan Grant August 29, 08 06:55 PM

Wow CCTV's have gone hi-definition!

Posted by John August 29, 08 07:04 PM

Lindo, fantástico!

Posted by juca August 29, 08 07:08 PM

I love these photos. Can we have wallpaper-sized photos? Like 1280x1024 and 1280x800? THANK YOU!

Posted by Ryan August 29, 08 07:41 PM

Amazing photography, I supposed London looks nice on photos.. shame about the place when you're actually there though

Posted by Davwuh August 29, 08 07:45 PM

Such good photos are illegal. One should not be allowed to take such awesomely amazing pics

Posted by Abhijeet Rane August 29, 08 07:56 PM

After a lifetime of wishing I could visit London, these photos make me feel as if I have been there. They are very beautiful, but also very realistic - they show a REAL, living city, not a series of retouched, touristy shots. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Guinnevere August 29, 08 08:00 PM

Quite ugly city.
Not even close to New York

Posted by szanne August 29, 08 08:03 PM

Wonderful photographs! I'd love to see the rest of them...

Posted by Grimpickle August 29, 08 08:38 PM

Great photos. I'm from the UK and have been to London many times and these are probably the best photos I've seen of London, certaintly of London at night.
My opinion of London has always been that it is a cluttered city with rare pieces of beauty within and that is captured very well within this set of photos.

Posted by Gary August 29, 08 08:49 PM

Wow, I am a Londoner by birth and those pics just make me realise how beautiful the City of London is. The pic of the M25 is truly amazing.

Posted by Dawn August 29, 08 08:50 PM

That's an impressive amount of light pollution they have over there, almost as bad as the Eastern Seaboard.

Posted by Jon August 29, 08 08:55 PM

London takes NY by a mile - more international, more steeped in history, better business environment in the last 5 years, more research and scholarship, superior utilization of shore space, less crime, better public transportation system, better museums, better non-skyscraper architecture, and, arguably, better High Culture (opera, symphony, theater) - that last point could probably be argued for a good while between interested parties.

NY has an edge in: fashion, food (although not as much as it used to, either internationally or domestically), and skyscraper architecture. That's it.

Weather is a wash.

I've lived in NY and I've lived in London and I'm a US Citizen. Get your head out of the sand - NY is far from the capital of everything these days. In fact, ironically, in many ways NY is London's 'Little Brother' historically and currently.

Travel a bit my friends.

Posted by Terris Corps August 29, 08 08:55 PM



Posted by MCCAIN '08 August 29, 08 09:03 PM


Posted by Karen August 29, 08 09:04 PM

Beautiful pictures. Its wonderful to see it from another angle.

Although, eyes will be turning to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Posted by Ben August 29, 08 09:11 PM

First off the photos are incredible! They would look great as printed pieces of work or as my desktop background. ;-)

Second off; Texas sucks, as do the cities in that state. London is far better than any American city.

Third and final; McCain sucks, welcome Bush 2 or 3.0! Vote Obama!!

Posted by no thanks mcsuck August 29, 08 09:20 PM

Best series yet. I love night time cityscapes.

Posted by Brad August 29, 08 09:20 PM

What a waste of electricity.

Posted by Frank August 29, 08 09:31 PM


Posted by skippy lanphear August 29, 08 09:37 PM

Can you be homesick for a city you've only visited?

Well, these photos make me homesick for London. And Terris Corps - spot on! NY pales next to London...but not everyone's up to travelling and finding out for themselves. Suppose that just means a lot of interesting places will be less crowded when we're there.

NY is not the center of the universe, and you won't fall off the edge of the earth if you venture beyond any last stop on the MTA - Scout's honor.

Would love to see how Jason sees the rest of the world at night...

U.S. citizen, currently living in NYC

Posted by T.J. August 29, 08 10:04 PM

The images are fantastic, but think of all the glass, wood, steel and concrete represented, and all the labor to put them all together. How many doors were made and hung in # 19?

Posted by jack August 29, 08 10:23 PM

Wow, I am flying to heathrow in a week. Too bad its not going to be at night!

Posted by Alex August 29, 08 10:30 PM

Makes me want to go back.

The first time I was outside of Canada (America doesn't count) I was in London.

Great times.

Posted by Seann Alexander August 29, 08 10:43 PM

My wife is English and I probably should not be sowing these to her. We will have to start planning our next trip!
Nice pictures!!!

Posted by Jack August 29, 08 10:48 PM


Posted by jasmin August 29, 08 11:11 PM

Had the pleasure of living in London (SW1) as an expat for 5 years. I love this city and your pictures brought back many fond memories. Simply, excellent photography.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted by J. reeder August 29, 08 11:24 PM

Incredible pictures, wonderful resolution. Very nice job. What brand of cameras do you use?

Posted by PriorChaos August 29, 08 11:39 PM

IMO, as an editorial decision you probably could've done with only one photo of Tower Bridge instead of two (photos 9 and 15). Not that they're not both beautiful, but they're shot from nearly the same perspective and differ only in the time of day (or not, as it is) and the field of view

Posted by FP August 29, 08 11:49 PM

What an extraordinary talent!

Posted by John B August 30, 08 12:07 AM

Awesome... Thanks for sharing

Posted by Sudha August 30, 08 12:22 AM


Posted by miki August 30, 08 02:16 AM

Just... wow! These are absolutely incredible shots.

Posted by Alex Muller August 30, 08 02:48 AM

simplemente excelentes!!!!
thanks for sharing!!!

Posted by Carmen Quiros August 30, 08 03:23 AM

I look forward to these posts. Please keep it up.

Posted by Samuel Wiebe August 30, 08 03:47 AM

Love it! And perhaps the Americans will see it and realise that London isnt some sleepy village now.

Posted by TR August 30, 08 03:54 AM

Don't believe all you see . Possibly photoshopping going on here . I see no litter. Piccadilly Circus for one is full of litter.

Posted by jonny August 30, 08 04:24 AM

I thought it might be nice to plot the location of the photos on a map, so I went ahead and did it - hopefully reusing the images is OK (each links back to this site). I could locate most of them already, but thanks to Michael in comment 31 for the roundabout and for noting exactly which M25 junction it was.

Posted by Paul Mison August 30, 08 04:32 AM

Absolutely stunning photographs; they truly capture the essence of London. I used to live in London for a short while and seeing these brought back a lot of memories and makes me want to move there for good. I hope to see more of other cities in the future!

Posted by Nicole August 30, 08 04:39 AM

pics are really awesome.kudos to the photographer.

Posted by shah nawaz khan August 30, 08 04:47 AM

Thank You

Posted by rozelotfi August 30, 08 05:09 AM

ohhhhh very nice very nice LONDON is very beautiful......


Posted by parham August 30, 08 05:33 AM

any pics of wembley
nice pics there you taken though

Posted by darren August 30, 08 05:38 AM

Born in London, but now living 90 miles away, I love the City. I've travelled widely but despite the problems we have, London will always be home. Each City has it's own unique character, just back from Vancouver, what a fantastic place, last year we found Denver equally mesmerising. But on Monday we pay our first visit to Boston, and from what I've seen so far, could be the best yet!

Posted by Jon Porter August 30, 08 05:46 AM

Bingo! I need to find a helicopter to start taking night photos of Katrineholm, Sweden. Thanks for the idea!

Katrineholm Uncensored

Posted by Katrineholm Uncensored August 30, 08 05:48 AM

Woooooooooowwwwwww!!!!! THANKS!

Posted by hal9000 August 30, 08 05:55 AM

Quelle magnifique sensibilité.
Merci pour autant de beauté...

Posted by Denis Migneault August 30, 08 06:28 AM

My wife and myself met up in Australia in 1988. She arrived via London from her home land. We parted as fate didn't seem to want us to stay together and have since lost touch. I still love the old cow and often think of going to England to try and find her & catch up with her so we could keep in touch and rekindle our romance. She is as beautifull as the pictures of this lovelly and complicated city but how on earth could I find her?! So many distractions and things to do. It would be fun but like looking for a shadow in a glittering Diamond! Still I know that if I made it to London there would always be something or someone pleasant there to remind me of her.

Posted by Layne Warner ("Rhett") August 30, 08 06:31 AM

Gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!

I Loved your pictures....

Posted by Ebtisam Abd. August 30, 08 07:11 AM

I don't think you have to choose between London and NYC. They are both wonderful cities.

I haven't been thrilled with the food in London, and the auto emissions 'over there' still need to be addressed, but the people are fantastic (contrary to what you may sometimes hear), the history - amazing (I could put a hundred exclamation points on that one), and just the 'feel' of the place with its traditions mixed with 21st century energy immediately reinforces why London is always mentioned in any discussion of the world's great cities.

If the US must still be referred to by some as England's little brother, this is one sibling I don't mind having. ; )

Posted by NativeBostonianAndProud August 30, 08 07:45 AM

When I link
The text caption for that picture shows up at the top of my browser and picture number 12 comes up on the screen.
I use Opera.
Great pictures, liked number 5.

Posted by Lars August 30, 08 07:52 AM

Just beautiful pictures, makes my picture taking skills look horrible! I love the lighting and the color!

Posted by Marzouq August 30, 08 08:02 AM

going to london for the first time next month. thanks for the chance to see it up close. great photos.

Posted by ken mckinnon August 30, 08 08:04 AM

Amazing pictures...... Reminded me of my trip to London!!

Posted by Aloke August 30, 08 08:06 AM

too wonderful....thanks ..

Posted by alireza August 30, 08 08:08 AM

Great pictures. London, i'll be there in 2012!

Posted by fabio santos August 30, 08 08:58 AM


Posted by MaM@L! August 30, 08 09:06 AM

Amazing photos......equally amazing are the posts of those who corrected some of the names of the landmarks...nice little education.

I am blown away however, by some of the meanness and rampant stupidity exhibited by a select few.

Posted by DB August 30, 08 09:10 AM


Posted by ARASH August 30, 08 09:22 AM

I don't know about London sucking, as I've only been to Heathrow, anout 30 years ago. As far as Texas sucking...Houston, yes. Evidently the poster has only been there. Sad. Lastly, this isn't a political forum; idiotic spouting off about McCain or Bush have no place here. Morons who have better things to do should stick to playing solitaire.

The photos, btw, are superb. Kudos to the photographer!

Posted by Ignatz Horowitz August 30, 08 09:25 AM


Posted by Rodney August 30, 08 09:27 AM

A truly beautiful city. P-a in Montreal, how can you possibly say that London is an awful, awful city. I've lived in Montreal for over 20 years now, and Montreal, beautiful as it is, isn't a patch on London. Let me guess, you love Paris.
Truth is, each city has it's good and it's bad and are beautiful in their own way, but these are great shots of a truly great international city.

Posted by Mike in Montreal August 30, 08 09:48 AM

Magnifique, ça donne envie d'y aller...Bravo au photographe.

Posted by Germain Cherhal August 30, 08 10:35 AM

I mute when See this landscape

Posted by Hamed August 30, 08 10:55 AM

As a somewhat successful amateur photographer who recently shot London from the EYE and a very choppy river in daylight, I truly appreciate these amazingly good photographs of London at night. I have just once landed in London at night and it is an awesome experience - Jason's shots capture the magic really well. Thank you Jason for generously sharing your work with the cyber world.
Now Candian, but British born and raised close to London, I am appalled and embarrased by the 'nit pickers' who posted comments criticizing the photo labels - please find something more constructive to occupy yourselves with.
Wonderful photography - thank you again for sharing.

Posted by mary August 30, 08 11:58 AM

Awesome! ... Very few Londoners actually would believe London to be this beautiful! Thank you!

Posted by Santosh Srinivas August 30, 08 11:59 AM


Posted by Anonymous August 30, 08 12:38 PM

WANT CHECKERS!!!!!! *claws at wall*

Posted by Greg Zoltek August 30, 08 12:40 PM

wounderfull pictures. great work!

Posted by Potassium August 30, 08 12:43 PM

Whether you love London or hate it -these shots are awesome! Beautiful views, captured perfectly.

I live in the Midlands but travel to London often and i for one think it is a truly stunning city in every way.

Fantastic photography, a joy to look at :o)

Posted by Adele August 30, 08 01:11 PM

Wow - fantastic pics!
Absolutely amazing!
I've lived in London for 16 yrs and never knew it could look so bright!

Posted by August 30, 08 01:14 PM


Posted by J.H. Chapdelaine August 30, 08 01:16 PM

Thank you for this fantastic images.

Posted by Alireza Abdollahi Milani August 30, 08 01:22 PM

#35: Having lived for a bit just west of London, I agree that roundabouts are better than stoplights and intersections. Most Americans experience them only on vacations, though. The combination of driving on the left and dealing with a large roundabout at motorway can be very daunting. Too many of us pick up a car at Heathrow and blithely hit the motorway without giving it much thought.

I suspect we have right-angle intersections here rather than roundabouts (although more roundabouts are being built) because most of our roads are comparatively new and were built more or less in straight lines on a grid pattern, That's not usually the case in the UK.

As or those few folks whining about the light pollution and the "waste" of electricity... get a life or go live in the woods. London is one of the world's largest cities. It goes 24/7/365. Of course, the lights are on at night, because people are out doing things rather than cowering in their suburban complexes.

What is it about people these days that makes them want to drop crude anonymous insults all over the web?

In any case, absolutely beautiful images of a wonderful city.

Posted by justcorbly August 30, 08 01:35 PM

#69: Enjoy the flight. and, if you ever have a chance to fly into Heathrow at night, get a window seat. The first time I flew to Heathrow was on a night flight. We came in from the northwest, flew just east of London and then droppped to a low altitude and made our final approach to Heathrow by flying directly over the entire length of the city, east to west. Just fantastic. Most flights don't take this route, but who knows?

Posted by justcorbly August 30, 08 01:41 PM

Amazing, amazing pictures. Can't believe all those folks nit-picking over typos and bits of description. Relax and get real! Beauty is everywhere and all you have to do is LOOK FOR IT. Thanks, Jason for a wonderful reminder of my home town. You are a fabulous artist/photographer.

Posted by Sue Denham August 30, 08 01:53 PM

Actually the statue in Picadilly Square is neither Eros or "his twin brother Anteros." It was placed there originally to honor the accomplishments of Lord Shaftesbury, and was originally aimed toward Shaftesbury Avenue. During the Second World War, it was removed, and when it was replaced on the site, the archer was facing the wrong direction (away from Shaftesbury Avenue). It was originally named the "Angel of Christian Charity."

Posted by Art Bassett August 30, 08 01:54 PM

Paul Mison's Google map of the photos is pretty cool (I wish this were standard for all photos displayed on this site - I've gone looking for locations after seeing some of them before.)

It would be even cooler if these were plotted in Google Earth; I'm pretty sure that you can give specific directions to where the 'camera' in that program should be pointing. With just a little more work it would be possible to get a pretty close approximation of the exact place and location that each photo was taken from.

Nice changes to the Big Picture, and great photos as usual.

Other suggestions - ways to either flag inappropriate comments, or to vote them up/down.

Posted by Thom August 30, 08 02:35 PM

The best night time aerials I have ever seen

Posted by D. Martin August 30, 08 02:44 PM

People trying to compare cities is ridicules. One does not have to be better then another. Just because one likes a pear, does not mean they can not also like an apple. I enjoy the photos for the beauty of London they show.

Posted by Nick Knight August 30, 08 03:15 PM

Greetings from the UK:
Shame about the negatiive comments some people are so jealous of other peoples talent

btw: 83, Piccadilly Circus is regularly cleaned. Do you really think it's always covered in garbage? Shame!

Just one thing to note however. Pic no10: Waterloo is no longer the Eurostar terminal. Eurostar now operates from the wonderfully restored St Pancras station, which is well worth a visit in itself

Posted by brizer UK August 30, 08 03:16 PM

Art (#123) - It is Anteros in Piccadilly Circus:

"The winged figure on the fountain is generally called Eros, is often supposed to be The Angel of Christian Charity, but was intended to be Anteros, a brother of Eros, and is recorded as such in the records of Westminster City Council

The sculptor Alfred Gilbert had already sculpted a statue of Anteros, when commissioned for the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, and chose to reproduce the same subject, who as 'The God of Selfless Love' was deemed to suitably represent the philanthropic 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

When the memorial was unveiled, there were numerous complaints. Some felt it was sited in a vulgar part of town (the theatre district) and others felt that it was too sensual as a memorial for a famously sober and respectable Earl. Some of the objections were tempered by renaming the statue as The Angel of Christian Charity, which was the nearest approximation that could be invented in the Christian pantheon for the role of Anteros in the Greek."


Posted by Michael August 30, 08 03:17 PM


Posted by Anonymous August 30, 08 03:45 PM

all cities sucks
just Qom i like that

Posted by PanGuL August 30, 08 04:05 PM

Good to see another perspective of London; I absolutely love that city. Thank you and fantastic job, keep up the good work!

Posted by Christopher August 30, 08 04:35 PM

nice view... ive never seen london like that before!

Posted by Sunny August 30, 08 04:49 PM

Beautiful work. I lived in Mildenhall, England for 5 years while stationed at RAF Mildenhall. The public transportation system made it very easy to get to London (and Paris, Munich, etc.). Even though the weather was sometimes "challenging" it was easily fixed by ducking into a pub to warm up.

I agree that the roundabouts make traffic flow better, when drivers follow the rules. We have a roundabout on Hickam Air Force Base and no one follows the rules and the cops don't enforce them. "Drivers" will enter the circle in the far right lane and stay there even though they are exiting at the second, third, or even fourth exit! When I first drove it I entered and got in the left lane knowing I was exiting at the fourth exit. When I went to get over the driver in the lane (who had stayed in the right lane the entire circle) actually sped up to not let me in even though I had my blinker on. I was forced to speed up to get in front of him prompting him to blow his horn at me! And then, a cop pulled me over. I asked why and he said I was going faster (though still under the speed limit) than the drivers in the right lane. I said of course I was going faster as the other drivers had to slow down for each car exiting (when you drive a huge SUV you have to slow down to extremely slow speeds so as not to tip over). I asked the cop if I was following the rules and he agreed, but said that since others don't follow the rules I was "sticking out". I asked him if I was getting a ticket and he said no and that was that. My long-winded point is that American drivers don't follow the rules, don't drive as well as those in England (or Germany-but that's another story).

Lastly, to those non-US visitors here, don't judge the US by the ugly comments of some here. Many of us have actually traveled around the world and can appreciate the beauty and culture of others. English beer, German cars, French wine, Spanish beaches, the beauty of Prague-anyone that thinks the US has a monopoly on good living is, to be blunt, ignorant. Although living here in Hawaii doesn't exactly suck.

Again, beautiful pics.

Posted by Mark August 30, 08 05:16 PM

These pictures are truly fantastic, I can even see my home in one of them.

This clearly demonstrates that the mundane which I see each and every day can look so much better when seen from an usual perspective and captured through the eye and the lens of an Artist.

Thank you for posting such amazing work.
Bloody brilliant.

Posted by Garth August 30, 08 05:25 PM

wicked pics mate, london has its problems like everywhere else has but i truely belive it hasnt lost what makes it special, which is different for everyone.

London,ONE of the best cities in the world,lovely jubbley.

Keep up the great work


Posted by Dave London August 30, 08 05:45 PM

I DREAM OF LONDON after these pictures.

Posted by jane August 30, 08 06:03 PM

Alah Akbar! I dynamited the whole world ... I'm a terrorist! Terror to all the cities in the world! Buahahahaha!!! ... 3 ... 2... 1.. Ka-Boom! ...

You people are dumb! Can't you appreciate beauty any more? Ah, some times I'm ashamed to call myself an American, since most are so insecure about their possessions and surroundings, that's why Americans are constantly trying to be always on top of everything no matter what! Ignoring everything in the world! Shame!

Posted by Kevin August 30, 08 06:27 PM

Ha, that's my school on the left-hand side of 5.
These are beautiful, wonderful post.

Posted by Alkamal August 30, 08 06:36 PM


Posted by ÀÍÒÎÍ August 30, 08 07:24 PM

Amazing. Would look cool in HDR too.

Posted by Flobulon August 30, 08 07:36 PM

Many thanks and congratulations to the photographer. This collection is exemplary!London is still "BOOK CAPITAL OF THE WORLD' and I hope these photos are published as a "coffee-table" book . It would compare very favourably with "Above London" by Robert Cameron and Alistair Cooke.

Also, I hope that these photos are exhibited as a travelling "roadshow" to the great Art Galleries of the world.

Posted by Gordon D. Brearley August 30, 08 07:42 PM

I lived in London in the 1970's. These fantastic pictures bring back fond memories and make me want to return

Posted by Richard August 30, 08 08:14 PM

Amazing pictures!

I think #2 of Big Ben is spectacular! I found my new background!

Posted by Kyle Korpi August 30, 08 08:58 PM

I live in Central London. No better place to live.

Posted by Gwen August 30, 08 09:10 PM

Did I miss something in these spectacular photos? I've been looking for the dome of St. Paul' it one of these or is it now hidden by the new skyscrapers?

How did you do take these? Such quality...they are simply amazing...oh why, oh why does London have to be sooo expensive?

Like the man said, "When you are tired of London, you are tired of life."

Posted by Joe August 30, 08 09:53 PM

Truly amazing photography. I'm moving to this city in 11 days and you've somehow managed to make me more excited about it than I already am.

Posted by Ben August 30, 08 10:03 PM

I find it funny that a guy spending the resources to have a helicopter fly him around doesn't take the time to first learn to use the camera. Half of the pics (or more) are grained and poorly structured. But bravo for giving it your best try, even if it was only mediocre.

Posted by Bjartur August 30, 08 10:13 PM

IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by MADDOG August 30, 08 10:14 PM

If you've ever been Beijing or Shanhai, you would know it's nothing. Probably like a middle size city in China. Like "FengTai"?

Posted by ItsNothing August 31, 08 12:07 AM

Some people read a book simply to challenge the author.

Others read a book to enjoy the authors effort and imagination.

I simply cannot challenge this photographer when he has given us such beauty.

Posted by R. Johnson August 31, 08 12:12 AM

WIERD!!! Excellent ! Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous August 31, 08 12:34 AM

Enormous amount "golden hutches". Strangely. Terribly. Amazing.

Posted by Robin Bering Isl. August 31, 08 01:00 AM

London is amazing...and huge! Dirty air, though, but the Londoners are ultra-friendly and helpful. As for food, do aim for the "pub grub", as the food at the many pubs is great with a tall pint or two of beer. Do be careful of the traffic, as there is no mercy for pedestrians! The shopping is terrific on Oxford Street, and don't miss Harrod's. Gorgeous statuary and the Houses of Parliament are beautiful. Terrific aerial photos!

Posted by Ilovebostonmassachusetts August 31, 08 01:55 AM

Stunnings pictures & incredible photography, makes me envious of the skill and the opportortunity.

Posted by John Simpson August 31, 08 03:21 AM

London = capital of the world

Posted by mad1982 August 31, 08 03:36 AM

very like to tehran

Posted by Anonymous August 31, 08 03:46 AM

bazam az shahrhaye dege mikham

Posted by alireza August 31, 08 04:00 AM

Nice pics!
I really loved those from above, where you can't see the end of London.

p.d all changes you did look nice

Posted by Ulises August 31, 08 04:09 AM

awesome awesome shots.

i must know how you got such clear night shots.

what camera/lens(es) did you use to take these?

Posted by shaun August 31, 08 04:11 AM

china mate - i've been to Shanghai (live here) and to Beijing and to Hong Kong (though some credit for that has to go to the UK) and to Shenzhen and to Harbin and to Guilin and many more besides.

But none of them compare to the international city which is London and which these photographs show to be so amazing...

Incidentally I am enjoying my time in China but your comment is a little silly.

Posted by Ian August 31, 08 04:14 AM

f*cking fantastic

Posted by mxr August 31, 08 04:22 AM

Nice photos..!!They look much better than the real life in London....;-( ;-( ;-(

Posted by Londoner August 31, 08 04:23 AM

Absolutely incredible,congratulations to Jason Hawkes on his wonderful photography.
I have emailed these images to our friends in,New Zealand,and Ausrtalia.
Well done.

Posted by James T.Hardman August 31, 08 05:50 AM

You'll be pleased to hear that all I saw were your STUNNING pictures of London - I don' think I have ever seen better! Thank you.

I have a Canadian friend coming to London for the first time in November and have sent him this link - he was very excited already, now he'll be champing at the bit to get here!

Truly amazing photos..

Posted by Sue August 31, 08 06:34 AM

Joe (#145) - St Paul's still has several legally protected sight lines so it will never be totally obscured. You cannot see it here simply because none of the photos are of that area. But one of the photos on Jason's site (which is well worth a look) features it. Just!

For reference, here is one of my own (sorry) shots taken from 5 miles away that shows how St Paul's Cathedral still stands out on the city's skyline:

Bjartur (#147) - I disagree with your comment about them being poorly structured. As apparently it seems do many major corporations around the world who hire his services. But as for the grain, what do you expect? Even with a wide aperture you are still only going to get a slow shutter speed, and despite using stabilizers on the camera a helicopter is still going to be in motion. So it would surprise me if he did not have to use a high ISO.

As Jason is presumably a fan of this blog it would be nice if he/you could post a brief summary of what you do, even if just a sample of the EXIF data, either here or on your own site just to satisfy our curiosity.

Posted by Michael August 31, 08 06:35 AM

Great! Amazing!

Posted by Andre August 31, 08 06:50 AM

Perfect tribute to old London town!

Posted by Morningsider August 31, 08 07:14 AM

These photos are TRULY remarkable and show in HD from a helicopter how much this technique has advanced. This is purely art, why some people have to bring in politics/comparisons just shows their narrow minded-ness. They are probably amongst the 75% of Americans who don't have a passport and believe all the patriotic propaganda they are fed dawn till dusk courtesy of TV.

Posted by Peter Robson August 31, 08 07:50 AM

very biuty very very thanks

Posted by ahdi August 31, 08 07:51 AM

Some realy amazing shots here.

Always love to see The city from an alternative angle.

It'samazing the different things people pick up about London. Some see it as dirty and old, which is fair enough. It's a old city and there is a lot of polluiton, like all big citys (London is very clean compared to most US cities, largely due to the road network being very old and thus cars are not the main mode of transport)

Other people look at the history of the place, the amazing buildings, old and new and the huge variety on offer. I wouldn't swap that for anything

Posted by Dave August 31, 08 08:00 AM


Posted by Mehdi August 31, 08 08:17 AM

mmm, Londonians should save some energy....

Posted by Alex August 31, 08 08:24 AM

These pictures really capture the highlights of the city. I just returned from 4 days in London with over 1000 pictures and I'm glad I have a link now to these. It would have been nice to add an aerial view of Portobello Market to this collection.

Posted by Dave Vattes August 31, 08 08:44 AM

Jason Hawkes you are a great photographer, what a collection of amazing photos.

Posted by Attila the Hun August 31, 08 09:27 AM

This made me miss London even more! I really need to get back to that wonderful city asap!
Great pictures!

Posted by Ana August 31, 08 09:31 AM

London is a brightly lit up toilet

Posted by Dusty Binn August 31, 08 09:39 AM

Just beautiful pictures,
You are grat !

Posted by Fotograf Wroc³aw August 31, 08 09:46 AM

hhmm..rather good photos
aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!that just made me miss london even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by yentiee August 31, 08 09:46 AM

why is a soccer statium lit at night?

Posted by jur August 31, 08 09:56 AM

Fabulous photos!

Posted by Monica Pileggi August 31, 08 10:19 AM

BRAVO! Just incredible photos!

Posted by L. Di Fabio August 31, 08 11:14 AM


Posted by Rich August 31, 08 11:27 AM

Those wonderful photos remind me a lot of things...BRAVO !

Posted by Georges August 31, 08 11:37 AM

Very NICE ! I take this and will put in my web site too.
Thanks a lot

Posted by Zibua August 31, 08 11:40 AM

Incredible views. Very nice.

Posted by bixiukas August 31, 08 11:45 AM

I'd like to go there to see London with my own eyes, wonderful night pictures!!
I congratulate the photographer and the pilot who made possible taking those nice pictures!

Posted by Gloria Calle August 31, 08 12:15 PM

Some of the nerds on here look as if they've swallowed a copy of new hart's rules.
Splendid photography. Congratulations!

Posted by Phaedra with her looking glass... August 31, 08 12:43 PM

"why is a soccer stadium lit at night ?"

So they can see the ball !!!

Posted by Pete August 31, 08 01:13 PM

how has he shot this? He must be on a helicopter so cant use the tradtional method you would expect of tripod and a long exposure as the vibrations would cause a blurry photo. In any case the cars in all the photos are sharp - no light trails on the break lights ect....

Can someone tell me how he has managed this effect? Never seen this done before and would like to give it a go.

Any help would be usefull or more links to similar photos.



Posted by Will August 31, 08 02:00 PM

Wonderful, incredible, beautiful -all those words. Brought back memories when I lived there in the 50's. It would be great to see comparative pictures especially the West End and the City. If I remember correctly Picadilly circus was a round-about. I remember circling it on the back of my boy-friend's motorcycle! Back in the 50's if you stood waiting for someone at Picadilly in the evening you invariably met a fellow Canadian you didn't even know was in London. Good Work Jason!

Posted by Betty Therriault August 31, 08 03:32 PM

We really liked the photo's. They are really interesting.

Posted by Ian and Harry August 31, 08 03:41 PM

nice photos but the society of the city is rotten....
the beaty of the city is nothing more than keeping up the appearance...

Posted by truthseeker August 31, 08 03:51 PM

perfecto numberone:D

Posted by turkýyee August 31, 08 03:54 PM

Amazing photography!!! I want to go back and visit again.

Posted by Molly Green August 31, 08 04:43 PM

Wow,Excelent job It feels like you are in the heart of London, thanks

Mohamed Garmah

Posted by Mohamed Garmah August 31, 08 05:26 PM

Awesome work it is making me very home sick I love London at night.

Posted by Ivan August 31, 08 07:07 PM

cocaine or shine? ye big things on picture

Posted by Anonymous August 31, 08 07:59 PM

These photos are just awesome. Why all the nit-picking about them? Just enjoy the scenery.

Posted by Judy August 31, 08 08:50 PM

Thanks for a fantastic trip around London with the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. Whatever it took to get these photos was well worth it.

Posted by William F. Torpey August 31, 08 09:21 PM

Such beautiful photos!

Posted by anonymous August 31, 08 09:48 PM

Oh wonderful. Thank you so much. I love your site

Posted by stljoie August 31, 08 09:50 PM

I visited London in 1991, and fell in love with it.
Thanks for these photos. They really took me back. I now see I have to make the trip back there.

Posted by Don August 31, 08 09:57 PM

wow, beautiful, I am missing London so much, am now living in the Caribbean...

Posted by Ellie August 31, 08 11:48 PM

I like the city of London.

Posted by crime September 1, 08 12:31 AM

very nice...

Posted by morgan September 1, 08 01:24 AM

Stunning photos - I LOVE London ! Thanks for sharing..:)

Posted by India J September 1, 08 01:44 AM

London from the TOP

Posted by imran September 1, 08 01:49 AM

The clarity is amazing....superb pics. Well done.

Posted by Anil Assomull September 1, 08 02:39 AM

this village london sucks so much

Posted by Anonymous September 1, 08 02:44 AM

I lived just by the left hand side of Tower Bridge. My mum comes from South London ("Sauth" in the local dialect) and like any other big city, it is not all bright lights and breathtaking pictures. It is still a magnificent city though and I still visit the sights. Camden Market is still worth a days visit.

Greenwhich is fantastic on a Sunny day too.....

Last time I went on a "Jack the Ripper" tour at Whitechapel. A nice cosey story, yes I suppose our capital city still has its redeeming features.

Posted by Eddy Knox September 1, 08 03:27 AM

That's beautiful,much different from BeiJing

Posted by Anonymous September 1, 08 03:44 AM

amazing pics!!

grtz from greece!

Posted by ilias September 1, 08 03:49 AM

It's very nice

Posted by Ehsan September 1, 08 03:56 AM

lot wastage of power supply

Posted by mahes September 1, 08 04:04 AM


Posted by EHTESHAM September 1, 08 04:13 AM

Absolutely mind-boggling - i mean the way the pics have been taken. The pics themselves are all awesome, the finely etched details look amazing, especially when you know that the photographs have been taken at night. Fantastic work!! I hope the team that carried out this stupendous task will be inspired to do more such adventures in other cities of the world.

Posted by Mukul Jhaveri September 1, 08 04:32 AM

Truly Beautiful. Great work.

Posted by An admirer September 1, 08 05:10 AM


Dvins, France

Posted by Dvins September 1, 08 05:26 AM

Beautiful photographs.

Posted by watson September 1, 08 06:21 AM


Posted by ADNAN September 1, 08 07:00 AM

Looks like London can contribute to global warming all by itself, not to mention light pollution. How many Londoners have ever seen the milky way , the spiral arm of the galaxy we live in, a far more awe inspiring sight than the indiscriminate use of earths resources.

Posted by rosa adams September 1, 08 07:16 AM

Gorgeous, thank you for posting this!

Posted by Amy September 1, 08 07:58 AM


Posted by mario September 1, 08 08:02 AM

I like the city of London.

Posted by Chintu Kumar September 1, 08 08:32 AM

Why spoil what is wonderful snapshot of London with a picture of the Emirates Stadium!

Posted by Alan Williams September 1, 08 08:41 AM


Posted by Albertina September 1, 08 09:20 AM

London's a great metropolis. And you recorded so well its greatness with these nocturnal photos. I'm curious what time of exposure you have used in general...

Great work!

Posted by Catalin September 1, 08 09:24 AM

De side is top! Goedgekeurd door John en Willeke.

Posted by John en Willeke September 1, 08 10:05 AM

àêóåöü, ïèëÿòü!

Posted by lander September 1, 08 10:32 AM

Wonderful shots ! Stunning subject & brilliant technic !

Please, Jason, mention the ISO & camera you used !

Guillaume, wannabe half that good a photographer

Posted by Guillaume September 1, 08 10:39 AM

I'm an American living in London. I immediately recognized the huge roundabout in picture #6. I live a two minute walk from that intersection. Someone mentioned earlier that it's Apex Corner and that was correct. It's in Mill Hill, North London.

Posted by April G September 1, 08 11:04 AM

has any one toured the rest of the UK!! I live here. The north is far better

Posted by georgehumes September 1, 08 11:19 AM


Posted by regg m September 1, 08 11:35 AM

nice pict dude!

Posted by etienne September 1, 08 11:36 AM

Yes more information on how to do this...

Posted by Obamatracker September 1, 08 12:10 PM

London, London.... best place in the whole World...

Posted by Eduardo September 1, 08 12:59 PM

Well Done!
Excellent Photos.
Such a shame so many silly anal people on here feel the need to nitpick and criticise!!
Luckily the beauty of these photos far outweigh the negative comments, which incidently, should be about the photos and not anything else!
You should feel very proud of them Jason, and the nitpickers really should get a life!
Thank you for allowing us to view these wonderful pictures.

Posted by D.Winter September 1, 08 01:34 PM

It must be true that there's no ghetto in London

Posted by Ras Baba O September 1, 08 02:04 PM

Cool photos.

Nice to see the atmosphere at the Emirates is as dead as ever.... Someone asked why they had the lights on. The practice goals suggest that it's not a match night, but there's a fair chance there's a corporate event going on there. After all, if you've paid a lot of money to stage an event at a football stadium, you'd expect to see the pitch! It's also possible that the ground staff are working on it after a daytime match. Presumably Wembley didn't have its lights on - would probably be rather more impressive.

In reference to previous comments - what would be the life expectancy of an undefended British helicopter hovering over any part of Iran with a large gyro-stabilised attachment hanging off the side?

#1 - as someone's mentioned I think - the City of London is just one part of the city of London, and when you talk about the City, you mean that square mile, and not the city as a whole. Could #1 and #12 be a picture of any city in North America? Cornhill and the other streets coming out of the Bank junction in #1 look like the legs of a Louise Bourgeois spider.

#3 They can't be commuters, there's not enough traffic around - maybe 10pm?? I'd guess that one or more of the big theatres nearby has just finished for the night, and they are theatregoers heading home - Shaftesbury Avenue is the equivalent of Broadway. The fact that Big Ben reads 9:35 in #2 kinda suggests that's the time he's overhead, and if the James Bond book was released at midnight, that would put #18 at 9:08pm. And yes - you will never win the arguments about Big Ben and Eros, no matter what the pedants say. When in Rome.....

#4 The Gherkin is the one building that doesn't look better by night, it fades to mono when it fact it's coloured. It was first christened the "Erotic Gherkin", and then shortened - an interesting building, worth looking up about it.

#5 proves that there are some pretty dismal buildings in London, particularly down by the river , many put up in the aftermath of the Blitz - a lot have been replaced though.

#6 You think that's bad - even we get confused by the "magic roundabouts" of Hemel Hempstead and elsewhere, big roundabouts made up of a circle of miniroundabouts.... Bizarrely Wikipedia has a surprising amount on the theory of road junctions, if you want to know more, but the magic roundabouts would surely make a great subject for Jason.

#10 St Johns Waterloo is the distinctive church top-leftish, and the round building in the top left is the BFI IMAX cinema - another one for roundabout fans....

#11 Embankment Place looks particularly like a hunched spider in this shot I think. It's the headquarters of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the accountants. At the top of the picture, the lit-up building is the National Gallery, on the far side of Trafalgar Square. Nelson's Column can just about be seen vertically up from the axis of the Eye, Canada House is to the left.

#13 Amazing the foreshortening effect that makes those curves look so violent - at first I thought the kinks were where the M25 joins the M26 in Kent, beyond the M20 junction - but then I realised that it would require Sevenoaks to have disappeared.... Guess it's a comment on how crowded this corner of Britain is, we seldom waste land on cloverleafs. Has Jason done Spaghetti Junction by night?

#14 Nice group photo. You can tell how much of Docklands is still docks if you look in the foreground. The Britain from Above TV series which Jason was involved with had a lot of "before" and "after" photos from above taken by the Luftwaffe - presumably you guys will get to see it on BBC America at some point. The building with the green light is 25 Bank Street (mostly Lehmanns), the building with the red light is Citigroup Centre. (sic!)

I really like #15 for the way it shows my way into town, the sinuous dark artery of the railway through London Bridge station. Guy's Hospital is the complex on the right of the station. Canary Wharf is just visible at the top centre. Just down from the right-hand end of Tower Bridge you can just about make out the sloping form of London's new City Hall, or the "glass testicle" as its first resident Ken Livingstone described it.

#19 must be hovering over Lincoln's Inn and the LSE - if they'd crashed they would have taken out so many lawyers and economists, it would almost be worth doing..... You can see the IMAX roundabout much more clearly, at the far end of Waterloo Bridge (nearest). The next one along carries the railway from London Bridge past Waterloo and in to Charing Cross (underneath Embankment Place). You get a nice sense of the buildings facing off against each other across the river - in the foreground King's College London, Somerset House and further up the Strand, the Savoy contrast with the modernist National Theatre and Southbank Centre, the PWC accountants stare across at Shell Centre, and in times past our national politicians in the Houses of Parliament had to endure their London equivalents strutting their stuff at County Hall (now an aquarium and gallery among other things). It must be pretty soon after a Waterloo sunset - you could almost write a song about that....

Posted by Patrick September 1, 08 02:29 PM

Wonderful pictures. I laughed at #5, which shows my office, Baynard House (the big lump top right). At least I had turned my lights off! Baynard House is a BT communications centre and has been called the ugliest building in London. The tall white building bottom right is Faraday House, London's first main telephone exchange. It housed the Citadel, a concrete bunker protecting critical telephone services during World War 2. The building was designed by Lutyens - in the days when the world's greatest architects worked on telephone exchanges. The church is St.Benets, a Welsh Anglican church. On the far left is the City of London school.

This is probably one of the least attractive main streets in central London, partly because the area was heavily bombed in WW2 and redeveloped in the 1970s. However, even where London is ugly, there are lots of things of interest. Mediaeval street layouts might be hell for motorists, but they are good news for pedestrians.

Posted by Andrew, London September 1, 08 02:53 PM


amazing work!!!

Posted by jorge September 1, 08 03:23 PM

Amazing photographs!

Posted by Karen September 1, 08 04:38 PM

I've done quite a bit of traveling, but never to London. These pix make me want to call my travel agent right away!!! These are beautiful. I would like to see Paris done the same way!

Posted by Maredith September 1, 08 04:51 PM


Posted by Max September 1, 08 05:26 PM

awesome photographs and fabulous composition! please do more of the same with different cities worldwide and publish a book. ariel night photography is such exhilarting fun, nice to see someone elses work. thanks for bringing back many wonderful memories. i love London at night and at daybreak. thanks Jason, you nailed it!

Posted by terry j. September 1, 08 05:35 PM


Posted by Amy September 1, 08 05:49 PM

Wow, we definitely need to visit London soon for some episodes for

Posted by FLAKE September 1, 08 06:05 PM

Stunningly beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing,

Paul B Jackson, MS USA

Posted by paul bellenger September 1, 08 06:22 PM

Beautiful photographs! What a pity some people have to nitpick - could they do better?

Posted by Carole September 1, 08 06:37 PM

Dear Jason!
This is amazing! Keep clicking like this! Regards! Beatrix

Posted by Beatrix September 1, 08 06:40 PM

What beautiful photos... Can't wait to get back there September 9th

Posted by Dot September 1, 08 07:38 PM

I love London, These are just fab pictures!!! Absolutely breathtaking.

Posted by Allana Mitchell September 1, 08 07:54 PM

Excellent photo's of London. Never what I expected it to be like at night time. Well done and keep her clicking......

Posted by Ged McKinley September 1, 08 08:54 PM

Brilliant Photography, though I'm sure I would appreciate the beauty of London more if I had a helicopter and it had not rained for the entire month of August.

Posted by Harvey Cooper September 1, 08 09:01 PM

I was just there! Great to see it again and bring back the memories, the traffic is mysterously missing from the pictures, it was bad.

Posted by Joe September 1, 08 10:11 PM

Incredible pictures and a great site!

I second #14's comment that making this site compatible with PicLens/Cool Iris would be a great idea.

Posted by Cory September 1, 08 11:01 PM

Brilliant photos, all of them. #17 my personal favorite as it is the home of my beloved club, Arsenal FC. Can't wait to get back to see them soon.

Posted by SFGooner September 1, 08 11:33 PM

I lived in London for most of the 1990s and these pictures nearly made me cry. Wonderful work!

Posted by Susan September 1, 08 11:37 PM

I visited London 10 years ago when I was still a university student, everybody called me Young Lady in London, hehe. That was my first time out of country, I was so impressed by the beauty of London architetures, the Thames, even the flowers in front of the Buckingham Palace, and so excited about the museums, threatres, even the tea house show and the crowd in Piccadilly line.
We foreigners always call the Clock Tower Big Ben and see it as one of the famous signs of London.
These night views of London are so amazing, no wonder the Londoners/English are so proud of their city, they are so familar with the names and the roads of London. Thanks for sharing the photos, Alan.

Posted by Sasha September 2, 08 12:23 AM

New York is much more better than this sleepy town. Much more "city" and better everything. NYC=Capital of the world. Deal With It!!!!!!!!

Posted by Roland (Brooklyn Born & Bred) September 2, 08 01:19 AM

Unbelievable, I wish I were there.Thank you for your amazing shots.

Posted by khadije September 2, 08 02:08 AM

Amazing clarity.

Posted by Cliff September 2, 08 04:02 AM

For me, it was nice to find out London from another point of view, the quality of pictures is perfect but it should be an idea to take some pictures from closer angles.

Posted by Nader Tahan September 2, 08 04:21 AM

intoxicating beauty from above!
Please let us fight to keep London clean and tidy as the view on streets is different!
Do not litter - do not spit !

Posted by Steve Katuramu September 2, 08 04:46 AM

Great photos but compared to PARIS, london is ugly....
Photos from above PARIS at night soon??? Much much more beautiful!!!

Posted by Cris September 2, 08 04:48 AM

I suppose it depends on your experience (and why would you want to share bad ones) some nasty/strange comments, but the photos you have taken of our city are fantastic and shows what a stunning variety of history (new and old) we have.


Posted by nik callan September 2, 08 05:46 AM


Posted by Patrick September 2, 08 05:54 AM

i was in this great and unique city for 6 month.that is the best city i've seen in my life.i'm a doctor in medicine.i'm from iran.i love london and it's polite people.please if you have more pictures and videos from london please send me .

Posted by Dr.Ali September 2, 08 07:37 AM

Belles photos mais votre talent devrait plutôt s'appliquer à Paris qui est autrement plus belle surtout photographiée du ciel!! londres? Bof, des entrelats de rues, un ou deux monuments intéressants...c'est tout. Ah oui, il y a quand même les parcs qui valent le déplacement. Quant aux perspectives et à la beauté que dégage PARIS, cela n'existe pas à Londres!

Posted by CRIS September 2, 08 07:56 AM

wondeful photo's. well done.
nitpicking is what we do well, get used to it.
I live here, and have never seen photo's of my home city look so good!
such a shame that he had to include the Arse-nal stadium, well we can't all be perfect.

would love to see aerial photo's of Heathrow at night/dusk, but probably not feasibly due to air traffic control.

Wembley Stadium would look good at night, so would the O2 dome.

Posted by Jon September 2, 08 08:11 AM


Posted by BIDDY September 2, 08 08:21 AM

Thank- u for sharing these wonderfully breath- taking photos. I appreciate beauty whenever and where- ever it takes me ... THANK-YOU JASON!!!

There is already too much negativity surrounding all of us... so shame on the goof- balls who have tried to put a negative spin on these gorgeous pictures... mis-spellings and all...

This is ART ... take it or leave it ... understand it or not!!!

Posted by Linda September 2, 08 08:39 AM

i enjoyed london through this photographs

Posted by mohan September 2, 08 09:13 AM


Posted by Australia September 2, 08 09:19 AM

... like ants at a picnic... there will always be those "dim- witted" individuals who find joy in trying to sabotage a good thing... like those who mark up bathroom walls... just because they're there!!
... but that's alright... my eyes have just feasted on a wonderfully tasty picnic for the eyes... THANK-YOU for sharing your art with us, JASON!!

Posted by Linda September 2, 08 09:28 AM

no.260 "New York is much more better than this sleepy town. Much more "city" and better everything. NYC=Capital of the world. Deal With It!!!!!!!!"

Firstly, i see your grasp of the English language is about as good as your understanding of London, ("much more better!?") Secondly, this "sleepy town" has just recently overtaken New York as the world's leading financial and business center and is recognised by many historians everywhere (god damn spell check there isn't a z in recognised!) as the city which has most shaped the world we live in, with the possible exception of Rome. You of all people should know, without London, there would be no New York.


Posted by Tom September 2, 08 09:49 AM

Stunning photos of a stunning city

Posted by Tom September 2, 08 09:51 AM

I love London!
It's a fantastic city in a sinshine too! :)


Posted by Alex September 2, 08 10:00 AM

you wanna try living here boys and girls ...there wont be no "awsomes" and "amazings"

Posted by creevo September 2, 08 10:42 AM

@ 26 you REALLY must have had a bad experience is all I can say, can't agree with you I am afraid though each to their own as we say. :(

I am no fan of London and I spend most of my working life there but it is without question one of the (and some would argue the) greatest city in the world. Now that is of course subjective but to call it awful I believe does it a disservice. A FANTASTIC set of images of an amazing city that has culture, history, atmosphere and 'life' to match anywhere on this amazing planet of ours. Brilliant work and thanks for sharing.

Posted by MeThatsWho September 2, 08 11:00 AM

Wow, great impressions! Jason Hawkes should win a prize for those!

Chan from TheJunction

Posted by Chan TheJunction September 2, 08 11:03 AM

How odd these pictures would be if there was no lights on in the buildings.

Excessive energy useage can be VERY artistic.

Posted by Lindsey W September 2, 08 11:41 AM

Truly amazing! The photography is spectacular but the subject is beyond magnificent.

Posted by MG September 2, 08 11:41 AM

Tom (#276) - Actually there is a 'z' in 'recognized' in British English. It is the main form in the OED, which lists the French influenced -ise suffix as a variant. There are enough people on here who seem to think this is some sort of 'my town/city/country is better than yours' contest rather than being about the photography and the story it tells. Please do not get people arguing over spelling too.

creevo (#279) - I do live here, and in an unfashionable inner London suburb, but I still think it is an awesome and amazing place.

Posted by Michael September 2, 08 12:23 PM

These are so incredible, they're going straight into my screensaver! Day or night, London is the greatest. I'm living a good life and saying all my prayers so I'll go there when I die. :-)

Posted by insertnamehere.99999 September 2, 08 12:27 PM

BAh!!! Nothing like America!!! This Tiny Hole Town is nothing, we Have NY, San Francisco, LAs Vegas, Seattle, Houston to name so... The London Eye?? We Have DISNEY!!! hehe

Man you are only an Island... Not even yours ther is Scotland(man that is a country.. Viva The Scotch and William Wallace) and Wales.

But.. Keep Dreaming suckers!!


Posted by Walt September 2, 08 12:36 PM

Great Pic's...

Posted by safetymark September 2, 08 12:59 PM

Can't be London, it isn't raining!

Posted by Cabo2005 September 2, 08 01:01 PM

What a shame we have to endure some of the comments like the above. By the way if you actually had some knowledge of the UK you would realise that London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This includes Scotland and Wales. Scotland have a devolved parliament but the overall parliament of all British countries is London. Of course I wouldn't expect you to know that our Prime Minister, as well as many leading politicians are Scottish. Where are they located? Yes, London.

Anyway Getting away from politics. The first time I visited London I was awe inspired. There is no other city I have ever been to that keeps revealing more and more every time you visit it, not in the same way. I remember walking past the Royal Courts of Justice (amazing building) on a main road and seeing a small alley way, I walked down and was confronted by a totally complete and still working 12th century chuch of the 'Knights Templar', knights of the crusades! It was a crisp and beautiful Christmas night (you should see London at Christmas!) and lights were glowing from proud buildings in ancient lanes, wow! I came across a beautiful theatre (there are so many) and an American (a New Yorker) stopped me and said 'you must see that play' and with a real misty eyed look (honestly) he said contentedly 'I love this City'. At that moment I knew I would always love it too.

Posted by Johnny Zenith September 2, 08 01:12 PM

Why so bitter Walt?
Whether you're a fan of our beautiful city or not you have to admit that the photos represented here are simply stunning!
Born and bred Londoner and I still walk around Westminster and marvel at the architecture. I love this city and I love these photos - Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Cleo September 2, 08 01:12 PM

Amazing photos, must've taken some damn impressive kit to get such good shots!

"BAh!!! Nothing like America!!! This Tiny Hole Town is nothing, we Have NY, San Francisco, LAs Vegas, Seattle, Houston to name so... The London Eye?? We Have DISNEY!!! hehe

Man you are only an Island... Not even yours ther is Scotland(man that is a country.. Viva The Scotch and William Wallace) and Wales.

But.. Keep Dreaming suckers!!


Lol, Americans

Posted by Will September 2, 08 01:16 PM

Love all of those photo's ! Great work !

Posted by Sky September 2, 08 02:12 PM

These are beautiful, great photography.

As to Walt, I'm American, and embarrassed by your comments. NYC is great in it's own way, but London is too.

Posted by Anti-walt September 2, 08 02:52 PM

It certainly looks better at night

Posted by Michael September 2, 08 02:54 PM

Absolutely fantastic!!! congratulations!!! gorgeous!!!

Posted by Rogerio September 2, 08 03:25 PM

My dear Lord!! i need desperatly go to visit London, i´ve always wanted to visit the Uk and now i´ve convinced my self that is a must in my life. Regards for sharing this beautiful pictures of this lovely city.

Posted by David September 2, 08 03:52 PM


Posted by Laura September 2, 08 04:02 PM


Posted by K J September 2, 08 04:12 PM

Fantastic photo's brought back all the great memories from my last visit to London

Posted by Dan M September 2, 08 04:22 PM

ive only been to london once, but it is a magnificent city

Posted by Anonymous September 2, 08 04:44 PM

i wonder what camera they used for that

and what tripod!! lol

Posted by Anonymous September 2, 08 04:49 PM

Wonderful set of images ! Great work !

Posted by Pixfan September 2, 08 04:51 PM

Fantastically Brilliant photos! Having left my home town of London 8 years ago, your pictures were wonderful to see. Please sir, can we have some more?

Posted by Kathie L September 2, 08 05:08 PM

Õóéíÿ! ÍÎ õîðîøî âñå ïîäñâå÷åíî! ÿäåðíîé áîìáîé íå ïðîìàõíåìñÿ! :)))

Posted by Anonymous September 2, 08 05:25 PM

fabulous mind blowing pics...

Posted by sonal salian September 2, 08 06:39 PM

Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent.

Posted by bbcleve September 2, 08 07:53 PM

@301: I'm guessing a Nikon D3 at ISO 3200 with a super-fast lens like a 35mm f/1.4 or something :)

Posted by Will September 2, 08 08:58 PM



Posted by patricia a morton September 2, 08 10:05 PM

oh my god your a truly talented guy , fantastic !

Posted by mrs susan cross September 3, 08 01:48 AM

when i see these photos, i notice that i really miss london

Posted by ilkay September 3, 08 02:32 AM

Wonderful pictures !

The make me want to go back and see London for a couple of days (or nights ;-) )

Posted by Jean-Pierre September 3, 08 02:41 AM


Posted by ms September 3, 08 03:10 AM

Have tears in my eyes...

Posted by alet September 3, 08 03:49 AM

Having just moved to UK, the photos of London from the air at night are absolutely stunning!

Posted by Ian September 3, 08 04:16 AM

I love these pictures, they make me want to do a sex wee

Posted by patrick lahaise September 3, 08 04:40 AM

these pictures are like so totally like awesome man, you ROCK!

Posted by chris robinson September 3, 08 04:44 AM


Posted by JAN EN ANITA DEN HELDER HOLLAND September 3, 08 04:45 AM

Fabulous! Amazing sensibility, congratulations!
(You should try also Paris and Rio de Janeiro! :D :D)

Posted by AF September 3, 08 04:58 AM


Posted by Robert September 3, 08 06:09 AM

Woah, these would have to be some of the best images I've ever seen in my life. We need more! :]

Posted by Van September 3, 08 06:25 AM

what a beautiful city. These pictures were great but im quite sure they do no justic

Posted by D Davis September 3, 08 06:42 AM


Posted by bodegraven September 3, 08 07:09 AM

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww, fantastic, fabulous, amazing n mind blowing pics. wanna to be here only...............

Posted by rani namala September 3, 08 07:50 AM

London is my favourite city; well, I am a Londoner. Thank you for these fantastic images. I really need to find out where the un-named roundabout, roads and M25 junction are! Linda

Posted by LINDA HILLIER September 3, 08 08:40 AM

I didn't know that london inasmuch as big befor I saw these pictures??!!

Posted by marjan September 3, 08 08:54 AM

Merveilleuse ville captée par un photographe de grand talent!

BRAVO, ça donne vraiment envie d'y aller

Posted by Renée September 3, 08 09:03 AM

INSPIRATIONAL!!!!! :) thanks a lot..
Please give me some important tips to be noted while taking photographs as my dream is to bcum a photographer!! :)

Posted by sharanya September 3, 08 09:35 AM

all good apart from the arsenal one, look closely enough and you might just make out someone getting stabbed too in a couple of em

Posted by marcus September 3, 08 09:43 AM

these pics are just sweet(trolley), you can almost see some cheese eaters down below if you turn around enough times and dont get picked off

Posted by will morgan September 3, 08 09:52 AM

Brilliant!!! I'm just back from London and I'm amazed by all the things u can see in this city! Great work u did! Nice pictures!

from Romania

Posted by Sinziana September 3, 08 10:42 AM

what amazing photos! its so difficult to get a good night shot sometimes, and it's incredible that these were taken in a helicopter! wow!

Posted by malia September 3, 08 12:49 PM

Superb! Amazing!

Posted by Fernando werner September 3, 08 01:07 PM

From London living in Florida, makes me miss home alot. Great job in catching the essence of London

Posted by Daniel Kent September 3, 08 01:50 PM


Posted by CJ September 3, 08 02:12 PM

London is my favourite city. Thanks for these fantastic images and for sharing your incredible talent.

Posted by Nelma Freitas Assumpção September 3, 08 03:16 PM

Truly beautiful pictures, a selection of probably several thousand taken and then hours of work in Photoshop per picture. There is a huge amount of art involved in these photo's and I am not having a go in any way.

What can be achieved with a good eye and imagination as well as excellent skills as a photographer with a program like Photoshop is here for all too see.

Posted by Neil Hobbs September 3, 08 03:47 PM

wow. Not many people know this but London speaks 340 languages and is 50-60% foreign born in the centre, and 30% in the outskirts according to the latest figures (by comparison NYC is 35 % foreign born).

3 castles, 5 cathedrals, 5 international airports, 6 palaces, 6 orchestras, 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 8 rail termini, 15 stadiums, 85 major ethnic minorities, 87 square miles of parkland, 120 theatres, 300 markets, 300 galleries, 300 museums, 340 languages, 350 mosques, 600 cinema screens, 600 dance troupes, 1500 theatre groups, 4000 churches, 8000 pubs, 14,000 restaurants, 30,000 shops, 40,000 protected buildings, 500,000 clubbers a night, 30 million overnighting tourists, 60 million visitors, 140 million air passengers, $150 billion invested in public building projects alone.

Its one hell of a city...

Posted by Trenton bro September 3, 08 03:49 PM

London the greatest city the world

Posted by tonero September 3, 08 04:15 PM

Absolutely AMAZING !

Quelle belle ville et photos merveilleuses !

Posted by marcelle Bouchard September 3, 08 04:23 PM

Great shots! I'll think about these pics when I'm in London next year.

Posted by brian September 3, 08 04:40 PM


Posted by DARRELL JORDON September 3, 08 06:36 PM

Wonderful! Congratulations! You have a great camera, but the visual of london helps you a lot too =] Amazing!

Posted by Michelle September 3, 08 08:49 PM

Yes, great camera and equipment but it's useless without a fantastic photographer. Jason, not only are you a wonderful photographer but a true artist. What a wonderful representation!!! Thank you for sharing you brilliant work with us.

Posted by Evangelia September 3, 08 10:52 PM

All the cars are on the wrong side of the road!! And the cars are going the wrong way in the circle (round about). In America, we go counter-clockwise as opposed to those cars in the pictures going clockwise! Or maybe the clocks in England go counter-clockwise too. I'm so confused! :)

Anyway...awesome pictures! Keep up this amazing photo blog site.

Posted by MJBose September 3, 08 11:05 PM

One can now understand why there are not many astronomers in London.
What is one persons beauty is another persons pollution.

MJBose, here in the UK we drive on the Left hand side of the road not the right so that is the reason we go clockwise around roundabouts.

Will be awaiting the jigsaws at Christmas as many have the Vista for being used for that purpose.

Oh!!! Better take this oppertunity to say it then.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS For December 25th 2008

Posted by Steve Davis September 3, 08 11:33 PM


Posted by shankar.c September 4, 08 12:00 AM

Very impressive stuff. I actually have one of Jason Hawkes books 'Arial'. It's definitely work looking at.

I'm amazed at how steady the helicopter much have been to take such shots without blur.

Posted by Nick Kind September 4, 08 01:54 AM

Greattttttttttttt Potos

Posted by Atif Shahzad September 4, 08 03:56 AM

pretty fab! it`s amazing how much light that the city lights give off to create these superb photo exposures, thanx to modern digital camera systems,a very steady hand and great climbing equipment and some warm clothes you did well 100%. do you think the same resulit would have been possible with a film camera?? superb!! pix

Posted by paul innes September 4, 08 05:20 AM

Wil you please type the propertise of the images!

Posted by amirhossein September 4, 08 06:03 AM

The nerve of 'P-a in Montreal' ! (post #26). Montreal is the unfriendliest city it has ever been my misfortune to visit. I spent three nights there one new year and had to eat at the same restaurant each night, as it was the only place they would speak to me in English.

Jealousy will get you nowhere !

Posted by A true Scouser September 4, 08 06:24 AM

These are so wonderful. You are truly talented for your eye and your abilities. For me you brought me right into a remarkable city with all of the riches and delights that can only be seen by someone who likes, no loves what he is looking at. If that is not the case then you have us all fooled. I am still thinking and will be for the day long about your #1 photo...the phrase streets of gold keeps running through my head.
The quiet picture #5 is truly haunting for me. I have been on a street at night all alone and with it's winding way it took me right back to that time in my life...I actually peered in to see if I could possibly see a lone figure walking all bundled up somewhere in that shot. Thank you, thank you so much for sharing this with us. You and this beautiful city have truly made my day.

Posted by twistedangel September 4, 08 06:39 AM

I can see my office floor on photo number 10 !!! Excellent photos, I'll be buying a few of these mate.

Posted by Mason Laird September 4, 08 06:42 AM

Great photos.

And some really anal comments.

Posted by Dave Wilson September 4, 08 07:11 AM

I have always loved London, and yes, I have driven the roundabouts. My opinion....Just close your eyes and go. Lovely pictures by a talented artist.

Posted by Honyerry September 4, 08 07:12 AM

szanne and Cris,

I ask that you do not compare and judge cities. New York was founded in 1624, or 1623, or 1653, or something like that. London is so old, nobody really knows when it was founded. Some remains have been found to be 3,000 years old. London was one of the largest cities in the world while New York was still farming land. Paris once followed a similar pattern to London, but was deliberately rebuilt.

You have to appreciate that many of our streets still follow the same paths they did in Medieval times, and that many of our major roads were paths between farmer's fields. London is a truly organic city, and out of all of the world's major cities, almost the only one. New York was not bombed every night for 8 months. Paris has never been the world's largest port, as London used to be.

New York and Paris are but beautiful in their own rights, and I have visited both on many occasions. But they are different cities. London is a special city, and incomparable to any other.

Posted by Thomas Edwards September 4, 08 07:15 AM

Belas fotos....parabéns!!!

Posted by amarildo nunes September 4, 08 07:44 AM

I'm very jalous about your talent of making perfect compositions.
Really nice pictures overall!

Posted by Avanisha September 4, 08 08:26 AM


Posted by ALBU September 4, 08 08:40 AM

Truly the biggest sh*thole of the world.

Posted by Gerald September 4, 08 08:50 AM

wow!!! what sights!!!

Posted by rita larney September 4, 08 09:18 AM

Have always wanted to visit I have...awesome..just beautiful...thanks for sharing...

Posted by RONNIE PHILLIPS September 4, 08 09:44 AM

Photos are really awesome

Posted by Ankur Barua September 4, 08 10:06 AM

truly awesome photos it would be very difficult to believe anyone could get better quality photos of any other city. well done guvnor.

Posted by richard hoole September 4, 08 10:07 AM

Great shots...!!

Posted by George/CA September 4, 08 11:10 AM

Fabulous!! Mind Blowing!!!

Posted by Bharti September 4, 08 11:13 AM

Fantabulous pics. Mind blowing.

Posted by Garima Kumar September 4, 08 11:39 AM

This is simply AMAZING!!!

Posted by Jefferson Fabbio - Brazil September 4, 08 11:54 AM

Beautiful Photos...well done!

Posted by Anthea Caruana Gibraltar September 4, 08 12:24 PM

I currently live in London (but a Bostonian at heart- go Sox!), and it is amazing to see these pictures. I especially love the picture of Piccadilly Circus- it is so quiet and peaceful at night, in such contrast to the throngs of people always there during the day. Wonderful!

Posted by Lindsay September 4, 08 12:53 PM

Mate, forget the negative comments and focus on the bright and positive ones, cause all I can say is that you did an amazing job and, on top of it all, picked the most beautiful city in the Old World. Congrats again, mate!

Posted by Lou September 4, 08 01:05 PM


Posted by Treyniqua williams September 4, 08 01:29 PM

These pictures make me so proud to be a Londer - amazingly beautiful

Posted by Lesley Roberts September 4, 08 01:34 PM

I love these pictures they are incredible. London looks so much better at night

Posted by Roger September 4, 08 01:48 PM

These photos are AMAZING. Got back from London 2 weeks ago, had a great time - these photos brought it all back. Wonderful night shots of the Eye.

Posted by Janine Penfield September 4, 08 01:52 PM

incredible pictures

Posted by moruzi gabriela September 4, 08 02:41 PM

That's the why I never get tired in repeating: I LOVE LONDON!

Posted by Marcelo Finkler September 4, 08 03:10 PM

Stunning and breathtaking pictures - My Becca lives there so thank you for sharing.

Posted by Amanda September 4, 08 03:19 PM

Amazing photos , congratulations to the photographer.
It does make you wonder if we really need to use all that electricity ? No wonder the World is becoming short of resources. And you never see the stars in London with all the light pollution !

Posted by Marged September 4, 08 03:27 PM

Your photography is superb and I used to be a professional photographer didn't have the usage of a Helicopter so used other means. Now I try to do the same with the cooking of food. Can't please everybody but still try. Have been all over most of this World and you have done an excellent job on London. My Warmest Wishes for your future.
Thank You for sharing.

Posted by Charles A. Garrod September 4, 08 04:08 PM

I'M brazilian but loveeeeeee london !!!

Posted by Ana Bellas September 4, 08 04:34 PM

I am proud that New York and London are twinned. Both great cities.

London was the capital of the largest empire the world has ever known, although a 3rd of it was destroyed in WW2 in a time known as the blitz, it is so huge that enough survives to this day. What i'm saying is that despite the losses over the years that massive history resonates somehow on many streets. Think of the history that was lost, heartbreaking. However London always survives, always reinvents, always evolves.

Bill Bryson once said that he wonders why Londoners fail to see that they live in the most wonderful city in the world. People call London ugly, people call it beautiful, but that is the point of London and it is the very point they have missed. London defies these terms because London is all of these things, that is what makes London special. When you see an ancient street with 2000 B.C ruins, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th 20th, 21st century architecture all living together your senses are bombarded with the sheer fascinating juxtaposition of it. You can have a drink in 'Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese' a pub...and get this...REbuilt in 1667 after the great fire of London. It has a list of the kings and queens (monarchs) that it has outlved on the outside. You walk out of this pub and the alley and down the road and come to trafalgar square. Now this is how you do squares. London has it's flaws of course it does, nothing in this world is perfect, even me, but like any person you love you take those flaws as part of the whole package.

There are always negative comments, but you have to ask yourself one thing; If so many people say it is so great there must be something in it.

Posted by Johnny Zenith September 4, 08 04:47 PM

Truly amazing are to be congratulated on each and every shot...........just beautiful !

What you do reveal as a valuable contribution , as mentioned above, is how much, (not only in our Wonderful City of London, but in cities all over the globe), we are contributing to global warming.

Thank God the Goverment here increased the Road Tax on high poluting vehicles to contribute to this waste !!!!

Posted by Roy Mann September 4, 08 05:43 PM

Gorgeous Pictures
Way to go, Jason!!!!!

Posted by KC September 4, 08 05:51 PM

Not surprised by the amount of comments on these pictures; they are very inspiring and really makes me want to get better.
They are beautiful; thanks for sharing them with us!

Just a short note to "Maybe it s because I m a Londoner"; people are here to share their passion for photography not English literacy...maybe you have the wrong site!

Posted by Valerie Dupont September 4, 08 06:51 PM

Lovely Lovely My friend,
James want is the man, he sent us this nice link to see lovely town like this

Posted by Hamed Youssef September 4, 08 06:54 PM

Breathtaking compilation of beauty. Too bad sodium yellow permeates the landscape so overwhelmingly. We need lighting to enhance the natural beauty also colorful accents which are starting to appear in recent years.

Posted by Jeff September 4, 08 09:04 PM

Wow! I'm pining for London.

Posted by chris cugini September 4, 08 11:17 PM

hye...amazing pictures!!! awesome.......i loved it...........

Posted by john September 5, 08 01:38 AM

This is my dream place -one day!!! - great photos you have taken - well done.

Posted by Marg Bedford September 5, 08 04:28 AM

Brought back some wonderful memories. Would love to see it all again.

Posted by Julie September 5, 08 05:15 AM

Makes you want to live in london

Posted by Anonymous September 5, 08 05:26 AM

Fantastic Pictures I wish I had a camera that good. Im falling in love

Posted by Chris Peakcock September 5, 08 05:39 AM



Posted by akashi yaki September 5, 08 05:42 AM

Thats me, walking in Picture 8, I did think what is that Helicopter doing?

Posted by ted September 5, 08 05:45 AM

Amazing, I have lived in London for 15 years and have never got bored of it!!!! I travelled to NY a few years back and although I did like it I have to say it doesn't approach London for sheer excitement, energy, culture or diversity. I hate to break it to our American friends but London is SO much more a world-class city than NY, which, like the rest of the US is on a slow, steady, decline from being a world power. Sure there are more beautiful cities in the world than London, such as Paris, but then again the French surrendered pretty quickly in WW2 so Paris never endured the bombing that London did and remained mostly undamaged. The only city that I have ever been to that compares to London, as world-class city is Hong Kong, a truly awesome place with an amazing mix of western and oriental cultures, I can’t wait to go back!

Posted by NJ September 5, 08 05:50 AM

How many hours did you spend with Photoshop????!!!!

Posted by Photographer September 5, 08 06:09 AM

i'm a londoner and love your photos : )
is it possible to buy prints of them?

Posted by bex September 5, 08 07:20 AM

i wouldnt believe if i wouldnt had seen the pictures for my self the man is really a genius, hats off to him and his entire helicopter crew keep it up .

Posted by ashok m khubani September 5, 08 07:47 AM

I have live there before, These pics Makes me want to move back.
You can never get bored with London. There's just too much to do.

Posted by AL September 5, 08 07:49 AM

Makes me proud to be ENGLISH.
Well done to the photographer

Posted by Helen Arblaster September 5, 08 07:58 AM

Having taken many photographs from a helicopter of Bafin Island. I know it's the only way to go!
Quite beautiful photograph's - I don't like London particularly - except for the theatres,but from above it is quite beautiful. Well done Jason.
By the way London does NOT suck - ever been to Houston?!

Posted by Ron Irvine September 5, 08 08:43 AM

Fortunately for London, there is the city!
Beautiful pictures but nothing very nice in London.

Posted by JO September 5, 08 09:01 AM

Outstandingly amazing photographs man!!! they simply rock, Nice tricks in between aswell

Posted by Hrithik Roshan September 5, 08 10:11 AM

I was born here, but moved to America 25 year ago...I loved these photos's! Amazing photography. Most cities in America had planning - the British have had to work with old buildings and limited space...Hats of to them...London has changed so much and you captured it wonderfully!

Thank you for preview of what we will get to see in 2012!

Posted by Zehra Ahmed September 5, 08 11:11 AM

Looking at these photos only strengthens my belief in the city, I love my city... I'm a Londonder today and forever! No other city today comes even close.

2012 is going to rock, we are going to put a show that the world will never forget!

Posted by Naveed September 5, 08 11:54 AM

ahhhh, seeing these photos reminds me why I endure living in such a stressful,expensive and chaotic city, it makes it all worth the while, I still have to pinch myself whenever (almost every evening) I cross Waterloo Bridge at dusk/evening and try to catch all the awesome sight

Posted by laura September 5, 08 12:26 PM

really amazing pics.

Posted by Abhijeet September 5, 08 01:33 PM

Just Smashing makes me home sick, but so much has changed since i was their last makes me want to go back for a last look

Posted by Rita Martin Sth Londoner , 42 years ago now in western Canada September 5, 08 02:31 PM

pretty cool stuff........... BJW :-)

Posted by Barb September 5, 08 02:51 PM

it's so wonderful that i am thnking to be there within few months....

Posted by shahbaz September 5, 08 03:10 PM

These are fabulous photos. I just am curious to know what settings you are using to get these? Besides the giro thing mount for the heli, what ISO, shutter speeds, ect.,ect. not to mention Canon or nikon or whatever. I also noted 1 comment from somebody in the mix asking how much post work was required in photoshop. My belief of these are that you are one talented individual to have captured these picts and the post work is only secondary to your brilliant initial captures. We all have to dive into photoshop for a few corrections no matter what the occasion but the actual capture cannot be ever underestimated. Well done sir.

Mahalo from Honolulu

Posted by Jim Silva September 5, 08 04:03 PM

Number 17- All togeter now..........
We all follow The ARSENAL

Posted by AP September 5, 08 04:42 PM

London is a boring as its people. Rainy, gray, depressing, without any excitement at all

Posted by Sam September 5, 08 08:33 PM

Wonderful pictures. You have great talent!

Posted by Mary September 5, 08 08:57 PM

it was really wonderfull photoes.I knew London is nice but now i am sure.

Posted by mahmood September 5, 08 10:28 PM

Obvious some sort of pic editing or photoshopping happening there. Impressed...sure..yet, frown at some of the obvious doctor-ups

Posted by Blue September 6, 08 02:21 AM

Surprise, these are amazing pictures, i love to see & like to visit London,,,,,,thanks

Posted by Naeem Junjua September 6, 08 04:37 AM

I visited London in 1990 and adored it inspite of adverse comment before I left NZ I also have a book on London from the air but in the day time taken many years ago .your night tie phographs are amazing and quite beautiful but have only received 4 and the rest are all the lovely comments. Well done keep up your great talent and Best Wishes

Posted by Mary Duncan September 6, 08 04:55 AM

Whilst i do agree that the images are indeed impressive I dont beleive they truely capture London... What makes this city soo great is it's soul. I know I romanticise about London and from other peoples comments so do many others from around the world. The great thing about this city is that wherever you come from and whoever you are you'll always feel right at home here, it really is a city that is all things to all people, there is soo much character and history here but unlike Paris and Rome namely it is looking to the future, its an organic, growing city steeped in history but building for the future. As many travellers to London know, London more than a collaboration of buildings it really is an experience like no other...

Posted by Jason September 6, 08 05:58 AM

Brilliant, Amazing so clear

Posted by Hazel September 6, 08 06:18 AM

Fantastic shots! I love London and I'm going there this Thursday for my masters! These images made me even more impatient...5 days left!

Posted by John T, from Corfu, Greece September 6, 08 06:39 AM

Fantastic photos of London. It makes such a grotty, filthy city look very inviting!

Posted by Gwen Bragg September 6, 08 07:59 AM

I think it is very unfortunate that many people feel the need to be critical in such a blatant and jingoistic fashion. I have lived in many cities in the world and visited even more. Each city has its strong points as well as its weak points. London is no different to the rest but please, this isn't a competiton. Let's just glory in the good things that the world has to offer.

For what its worth, I agree that in many parts, London isn't the most beautiful city in the world. Many of the reasons for this have already been given, but at least the Brits are doing something to clean it up. Compare it now to twenty years ago. There is no comparison! By 2012, I hope it will be something even more special. London does have many good points that make it one of the most important cities in the entire world. Oh, and Cris (comment 269), I think it is rather disingenuous of you to dismiss London as a one or two monuments, parks (of which by the bye, Paris has virtually none) and a medieaval steet pattern. Whilst I agree that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, London has as many places of interest and of international importance (if not more).

Posted by Mike Burton September 6, 08 08:55 AM

Just fantastic. I have been to London only once very briefly on my way to the Middle East. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is time to go to London and truly appreciate the beauty of London.
The English people should be proud of their city. Oh yes but Vancouver Canada is not far in its own beauty.

Posted by Feroz September 6, 08 09:05 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 6, 08 09:24 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 6, 08 10:15 AM

out standing, excellent, amazing photos

Posted by Anil Kumar Malhotra September 6, 08 10:20 AM

Not interested in the spelling or grammar of the information, just REALLY impressed with our capital city, and the talent of the photographer.

I was concerned about the olympics after Bejing's effort, but if this is part of what we can show the world, Bring it on!!!!!!

Great Jason, Well Done!!!

Posted by Ruth Halladay September 6, 08 10:41 AM

Absolutely fantastic!

Posted by Manolis F September 6, 08 01:41 PM

I only wish my parents could have seen these pictures. They were both born in England and had been to London many, MANY years ago and although the city is 'old' I'm sure it is also much larger now than whey they were there. However, I enjoyed the aerial pictures very compliments to the photographer!

Posted by Donna J. Fox September 6, 08 02:50 PM

If you think the city is looking good now, wait until the Shard Tower Bridge tower has been built! The Eieffel tower will be put to shame..

Posted by Thom September 6, 08 03:19 PM

As a video engineer and having spent some time in London many moons ago!
WOW! Everyone a winner.
Social comments are a giggle and they are out there!

Posted by Ron Shoemaker September 6, 08 04:18 PM

Awesome.. = )

++ that's the "A" of the Amasing!

Hahahah \o/


Posted by Tica September 6, 08 06:51 PM

Super pics,,bit what a load of "nit pickers!!"even correcting grammer!!,,sad sad people,,GET A LIFE!

Posted by Phil September 6, 08 07:38 PM

Thanks for sharing this! is so beautiful, I'm a photographer myself, and is fantastic to see your pictures, I feel similar as I went in London eye at night, I'm so far now, but I can see myself on your pictures walking on oxford street and picadilly circus at night..lots of memories, very nice memories.
The picture of river Tames remember me my first viw of london from the plane.

I love your pictures!

Posted by Alejandra Gomez Vasquez September 7, 08 12:14 AM

Wonderful aerial photo's,I have yet to see better aerial views.Thanks for the free viewing.

Posted by Malcolm Bennington September 7, 08 06:06 AM


Posted by Mike & Carol September 7, 08 07:46 AM

Technique,photography and subject - par excellence indeed. Shame to see all these empty buildings lit up all night WASTING Energy. What about the Carbon Footprint???

Posted by Saleem Rangoon September 7, 08 07:50 AM

The photos are breathtaking!

Posted by James John Malcolm September 7, 08 09:03 AM

This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Just nothing like it. Would love to go there

Posted by Margaret September 7, 08 09:27 AM

wonderfull pictures of our capital. I've tried taking photos from the air at night and never got anything nearly as good.

Posted by Matt Young September 7, 08 01:29 PM

good pics

Posted by Anonymous September 7, 08 01:32 PM

amazing pictures of London!
great stuff!

Posted by Steven Prio September 7, 08 03:30 PM


Posted by Marsha September 7, 08 03:49 PM

beautiful pictures!! pity the person who made comment 60 didnt have their glasses on! Perhaps they should stay home!!!!!!

Posted by beautiful , lets be grown up though about it September 7, 08 04:09 PM

Absolutely Awesome !!!! Really make me want to go back.

Posted by Tina Spencer September 7, 08 04:24 PM

These are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing them.

Posted by Elizabeth B September 7, 08 04:38 PM

Photo 13 is junction 27 on the M25/ junction 6 on the M11 not too far from where I live in north London. Breath taking photos.

Posted by Paul Harrison September 7, 08 04:49 PM

awsome pictures,,,london at its best,,,,,

Posted by steve drew September 7, 08 05:45 PM

amazing, great shots...

Posted by Kevin September 7, 08 06:05 PM

London is as stunningly beautiful from the air as it is walking around!

Posted by Hjalmar September 7, 08 06:44 PM

Great photos,brilliant shots Thank you

Posted by Andy P September 7, 08 07:29 PM

WOW...stunning...I haven't been since much has changed...I really need to go back and soon... ;) ... Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Kathleen Plourde September 7, 08 08:30 PM

Detroit Michigan should take a lesson from these pictures and try to improve their image accordingly.

Posted by hugh murray September 7, 08 09:59 PM

Beautiful London. I'd forgotten how lovely it is at night, especially with such
stunning photography! Rachel

Posted by Rachel Wagner September 7, 08 10:58 PM

Best night photographs from a helicopter I have seen. As a photographer I would be interested in the equipment you used. Again, one word "stunning".

Posted by Dieter Roth September 7, 08 11:44 PM

As a trophy winning amatuer photographer myself, I can appreciate the beauty of a big city by night, and your wonderful compositions and clarity of them.
But since becoming mother and wondering what kind of world our children will grow into, with all the talk of greenhouse emissions and fuels needed to power our cities, I wonder why all the big cities of the world, including my own, Sydney, Australia, cannot switch off at least 65% of their lights! sure we do not need to have so many lights on! sure, enough for safety's sake, but we should make it a point to only have on lights that are strictly necessary!

Posted by Leanne Williamson September 8, 08 01:42 AM

An absolute miracle. From one brain to another via a small round ground piece of glass and a few well positioned wires, to another soul sitting in front of a computer screen thousands of miles away. A joy to see. Many many thanks for sharing all your years of effort to bring technology into an Art form.

Posted by Stanford Allen September 8, 08 03:41 AM

Yep, wonderful shots, I would get the high res versions or the posters!

Posted by Giuliano DANSKY D'Angelo September 8, 08 04:16 AM


Could you please let me know if it would be possible to buy your prints and if yes, how much would they cost?

Many thanks,


Posted by Ave September 8, 08 04:31 AM

Really liked the photos, I am from London originally (now live abroad), I was surprised at how modern the city has become with all those sky scrapers. Many thanks. All very different when looking down.

Posted by Wendy Newman September 8, 08 04:57 AM

Took my breath away. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Posted by Lyn September 8, 08 05:04 AM

These are totally beautiful and awesome photo's. Thank you so much for sharing them. I apologize for all my ugly fellow Americans to make such tacky remarks. These are the kind of people that can't see beauty in anything. And comment 291, well the mention of so many American places, it took that many to make up for ONE London. I have been to each place the person mentioned and they are beautiful and I am proud to be an American but come on people, see the beauty, the work it took to take the pictures, the dedication. How many of the people that made ugly comments have done the same. Shame on each of you. Comment 291, take some pictures of the places you mentioned and send them to Jason. I have been to London once and would love to live there for awhile. Comment 438, if you really think our future presedent made such a comment, REALLY!

Jason, thank you for sharing your lovely city.

B.J. in Arkansas USA

Posted by B.J. September 8, 08 05:25 AM

I have lived in London all my life and had no idea it was so beautiful. I paid good money to go on the London Eye to get this sort of view, all I ended up with was a very steamy capsule, to think all I needed to do was link into Jason Hawkes. Thank you for sharing these magnificent photos with the world.

Posted by PSH September 8, 08 05:43 AM

The most Bootiful city in the world

Posted by Ali Ghotbi September 8, 08 05:55 AM

God likes beauty.

Posted by Iman Eslami Afrooz September 8, 08 06:02 AM


Posted by Raniery Pimenta September 8, 08 07:02 AM

Re comment 54
I have never heard before that London is ugly. Most of our cities are not built on a grid. I think the writer of this comment must like grids, we don't!
All the photos are excellent, thank you.

Posted by Polly September 8, 08 07:34 AM

Super pics, nice to see our great citys in a good light. We're knocking our citys far too much in this day and age, And who, to be quite frank gives a stuff about the "Carbon Footprint" with all these lights left on. Get a life and go hug a tree.

Posted by Mr Chomley-Warner September 8, 08 08:06 AM

One word.... AMAZING!!!

Posted by J September 8, 08 08:12 AM


Posted by cinepark September 8, 08 08:32 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 8, 08 10:42 AM

very nice

Posted by sahar plus September 8, 08 12:29 PM

Picture 5 is White Lion Hill and it sweeps down to the Victoria Embankment on the Thames from Queen Victoria Street at Blackfriars Bridge. The river runs along the top of the picture.
Can we have some more shots like these?

Posted by Paul Harrison September 8, 08 12:42 PM

Great shots truly jaw dropping

Posted by XR473D September 8, 08 01:54 PM

Nice pictures, just a bloody shame about all the wasted electricity lighting up all those empty offices !!

Posted by karlo Ispan September 8, 08 02:27 PM

This is awsome ... wonderful shots ... I wish I had these in my office on the wall ... would make my office look better ...

Posted by Jamey September 8, 08 02:57 PM

I simply loved the photos and thank you.My oldest son has been there but not I yet... but we still enjoyed this fully

Posted by JChurch September 8, 08 04:01 PM

these pics look sooooooooooo GREAT (AWSOME)

Posted by Anonymous September 8, 08 04:29 PM

Great work!
While stationed out side Oxford England with the U.S.milatary in the 40 s and early 50s I visited london many times and was awed by the devistation still apparent from the blitz,but the Brits were still upbeat and ,like practically all the people I met in that country ,were very hospitable and friendly.I thouroughly enjoyed my stay.
In the past few years I took my wife on a nostalgic trip to london ,foolishly expecting to find the same England I knew in the past.The old saw says you cant go home.I found the same people but a completly different City. Even the pubs are so changed.Too Americanized. A pity, but life goes on.. But all in all it is still a great city to visit.Un like many U.S. cities the Brits take great pride in thier cities long history.
It is a very spendy city but I would recomend a visit to all Yanks.

Posted by Al. Reeves September 8, 08 06:53 PM

Amazing pictures of an amazing city by an amazing photographer.
I visited London in 07 and had a wonderful time.

Posted by Kenneth David Pollard September 8, 08 10:50 PM

While these photos are stunning, I saw some photos of Tokyo at night in HDR and really, nothing can compare. It'd be lovely to see them up on the site here, although I suppose you'd have to contact the artist. In any case, I'm sure most of the readers here would love it:

Posted by Jess September 9, 08 12:25 AM

From NZ I must sent your amazing photographs to my son and friends.
It's is really a beauty photos I did enjoy it I have never been out of NZ and we are 72 yrs old My son and his wife been over to London 15 years ago for 2 years and they went back to London with their daughter was about 2years old and year later they came back home to NZ, From Jackie and Ray Spencer

Posted by Ray and Jackie Spencer September 9, 08 01:20 AM

Its really amazing pictures.. its the wonder of the world

Posted by chethan September 9, 08 02:55 AM

great photos, spectacular

Posted by louise van eeden September 9, 08 04:02 AM


Posted by S September 9, 08 04:13 AM

Oh it's wonderful. Congratulations to the photographer. It's fantastic! How i wish I could visit London someday. From Maris Daling of Cagayan de Oro City, Phlippines.

Posted by Maris T. Daling September 9, 08 04:41 AM

Stunning pictures of's just a shame that so many businesses still leave lights on in their offices and waste electricity. Shame on you city slicking, cappucino drinking yar yar's!

Posted by Sonja September 9, 08 04:44 AM

These Photos look amazing. London has never looked so good

Posted by Sandra Holmes September 9, 08 06:18 AM

Great shots of a truly massive city.
However, I see not any of the Eiffel Tower in group.

Posted by mercenarypiper September 9, 08 07:02 AM

I think that the M25 pic makes the road look like a throbbing artery - and reminds me how being stuck on it in congestion is a very real pain. All of the photos really make the city look like a wonderful living creature and we should take as much care of it as we do ourselves (more, in most circumstances). Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

Posted by sarah September 9, 08 07:38 AM

Makes you proud to live here. London is not as ugly as people make out;...

So many officesm so many jobs

Posted by passion08 September 9, 08 07:51 AM

it's very very very very beautiful very very nice

Posted by jaly September 9, 08 08:13 AM

i'ts very very very very beautiful and very very nice

Posted by jaly September 9, 08 08:14 AM


My misled american friends.

Missing from your photo's are the endless streams of drunks from Thursday to Sunday evenings, showing each other what a fine line there is between love and hate in the UK by having intercourse in door ways, abusing vagrants, mugging tourists, fighting or projectile vomiting, missing are the thousands of eastern european refugees currently plagueing our once beautiful city, whom cannot speak a word of english but expect you to give them money.

Further more there doesn't appear to be any pigeons (Flying Vermin) cars, black cabs, buses or even worse the new craze death trap rickshaws, making the centre of London unpassable and choking in its own filth, also missing are the endless road works stiffling your passage even further or the excessive amount of speed cameras or mobile traffic wardens happy slapping tickets on your car to the tune of £60 per time if you are lucky.

Nearly 8% of the population have left the country in the last 10 Years, including myself - alas I still work in London - and people wonder why?????

I love you guy's but London is not as fantastic as portrayed in the photographic works you all seem to love.

Posted by G. Heneke September 9, 08 09:23 AM

Absolutely breathtaking, and such stunning photography!
Simply awesome! I want one!

Posted by Val September 9, 08 09:25 AM


Posted by GET A LFIE AND ENJOY September 9, 08 09:37 AM

As a life long amatuer photographer I can only say I have seldom seen photographs of such high quality , in colour, sharpness and photo arrangement.

The arrangement of each photo was paramount to the photographer to obain the best view to the viewer later, and this is also enhanced by the sharpenes of each excellent photograph.

Posted by Mr Kenneth Webster September 9, 08 09:51 AM

Amazing shots... What a photographer..

Posted by ami phillips September 9, 08 09:59 AM

wow these photos are truely awesome! i wish i could take photos this good but unfourtunately i never go to college.

Posted by Mitch Johnson September 9, 08 10:05 AM

Amazing Photos.
Amazing city.
Amazing people.
Too bad they are so affriad to offend all the muslims.
Too bad there are so many of them there.
I hope it returns to the England that was so strong.

Posted by Al Keida September 9, 08 10:59 AM

stunning, I have been to London many times, I know its beautifull, but never thought it is so, I want to go one more time.

Posted by P.Tauqir September 9, 08 11:30 AM

Don't listen to the overly cynical guy on 496. No city is perfect. When you have one of the worlds greatest cities like London, if not the greatest you get a city where everything happens, this can be good and bad. What does this guy actually think? That London is supposed to be a total utopia with no faults. That all those people can live together and problems never occur? Rubbish. Do not listen to him, you are not being mislead in the slightest, hence the great comments from people who endure the stress but point out the positives also.

HDR photos of Tokyo of course look amazing, and it is one of the big four. It is however not one of the World Alpha top 2, which is London and New York, due to a number of factors. Have youy seen Tokyo during the day? An amazing city but it isn't London.

Posted by JohnnyZenith September 9, 08 12:41 PM

Its been 8 years since we visited was nice to see these pics to relive the fun we had and to see the sites from a very different perspective.
Thanks so much...very well put together..what a buzz it must be to see it from your perspective!

Judy from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Posted by Judy Melrose September 9, 08 01:25 PM

London 2008. Magnet for every would-be benefit claimant from every third world dump imaginable, bringing all their problems to our streets. And we let 'em...

Posted by Peter September 9, 08 01:45 PM

Photography it's always suprising...
Great work!

Posted by Eduardo Goncalves September 9, 08 03:07 PM


Posted by Gordon L. Coombs September 9, 08 04:30 PM

excellent photos. you're a very lucky person to have the opportunity to picture London from above. amazing!

Posted by Doug September 9, 08 04:36 PM

wowooow so great beauty

Posted by naif September 9, 08 04:57 PM

Great photos.

What a shame to the people whom choose to leave comments at the end of this presentation whom spend more time bickering with each other than concentrating on what an amazing accomplishment the photographer had in capturing these images. The point of this set of photos was to illustrate the beauty of London, and Jason Hawkes pulled it off brilliantly.

Thanks for sharing them.

Posted by Darcy September 9, 08 05:17 PM


Posted by GERRY September 9, 08 06:05 PM

The photographs are wonderful . They speak for themselves. I'm glad Jason Hawkes shared them with us.

Posted by Sue ----Vancouver Island . Canada September 9, 08 07:37 PM

..................and they call Paris the city of "Light"!! Wow, what a view!

Posted by Steve Davis, Toronto September 9, 08 09:16 PM


Posted by Donna - Vancouver, Canada September 9, 08 10:30 PM

Wow! What a contrast with London at night in November 1944.

Posted by Al Israelsen September 10, 08 12:31 AM

Traveled through London by train from Liverpool to Southampton during WWII; we coudn't get off and the shades were drawn so we didn't see a thing!
Finally I got to see what I missed!

Posted by GRW1 September 10, 08 12:44 AM


Posted by MARYE September 10, 08 01:16 AM

stunning !!

Posted by cihan ergur September 10, 08 01:29 AM

OK, that's it..... I've got to go back to that amazing city! It's been over 30 years since my last visit, which lasted all of 4 days, and it is definitely time to reconnect with the charm of London. And now this time I can spend a couple of weeks to really absorb the city and countryside.

Posted by Ray Moshay September 10, 08 01:44 AM

I knew London is awesome, but this is really mind blowing.... My family & Me Love to vacation there, but is it pollution free???

Posted by Dr.D.V.Arasu September 10, 08 01:46 AM

I live not more than 25 miles way from London, and have been to London several times over the years.
I have always classed it as a dirty place compared to other cities around the world.
However the views from the sky are beautiful, and any imperfections hidden, how lucky are the birds, and Jason to see the City as a work of art.
Fantastic pictures.

Posted by kris chandler September 10, 08 02:29 AM

I love London

Posted by Lenka Ugrinovska September 10, 08 02:43 AM

Very nice pics, good job we have maps & sat navs.

Posted by G. Collins September 10, 08 03:31 AM

Truly amazing photos. How I miss London!

Posted by Nicole Byrne September 10, 08 05:48 AM

Being a Londoner who lives 30 miles from the Capitol I really appreciated these awesome photo's.
London or Londinium as the romans named it is the Southern hub of England-It can be approached by the Air and Sea (via river and airports) and as such has been here for a long, long time.
Please don't rubbish such a place that historically has been around longer than many places in the world. Yes it has it's faults but heck it is ours. I went to live in Australia in the 70's but got so homesick I came back and I'm glad I did.
Thanks for taking these photo's as there are places I would never have seen day or night without them.
Now looking forward to 2012, God willing I'll still be here to enjoy that spectacle as much as I have enjoyed the Beijing offerings.

Posted by itza September 10, 08 06:13 AM

Very nice Jason, but Im a London cabbie, so I`de rather see New York

Posted by Bill September 10, 08 06:53 AM

Why do the Yanks think they are the best at everything? They are not. But I am derogatory about their country? I am not. So keep your nasty comments to yourself and just love these wonderful pictures for what they are. London has been a residential place since time immemorial - New York is a recent upstart!

Posted by Jax September 10, 08 07:33 AM


I think the pictures where magnificent only one picture i got disapointed ,is the picadily centerit does not have it's full appiarance.
Thank you for the show.

Posted by Irene Raftopoulos September 10, 08 08:22 AM

This is MY city - aren't I lucky!!!

Posted by Sandra Collins September 10, 08 08:25 AM

Wow, That's it!

Amazing night images of one of the best cities..

Posted by Triers September 10, 08 09:14 AM

fantastic sight. how beautiful london looks

Posted by mel September 10, 08 09:28 AM

I'll take the scenes out West in the U.S. anytime, can't beat The Grand Canyon, the mighty Rocky Mountains, Utah's canyons....a city girl I am not, even tho I was born and raised on the outskirts of London, this is the place to be, the good old U.S.A.

Posted by Pam Dawson Lally September 10, 08 09:53 AM

I don't understand... how do you take photos like this through clouds.. haha


Posted by Rob Holmes September 10, 08 10:31 AM

What a fitting tribute to the Nikon D3! - the first camera that allows such quality in low light

Posted by Cameraman September 10, 08 10:43 AM

A great source of light polution and energy waste is illustrated.---has this any effect on global warming?

Posted by mike etheridge September 10, 08 10:46 AM
Posted by Totonet September 10, 08 12:18 PM

awsum pictures, i wuld love to go and see it for myself 1day, your luky to take pictures from up above

thankz 4 sharing !

Posted by rose xox September 10, 08 12:43 PM

extraordinary,fantstic way way waaaaaaaaaay cooooooooooool pictures

Posted by hyre September 10, 08 04:06 PM

Brilliant as an oap it took me back to the days of working in London it brought back many happy memories. supererb photography.

Posted by Iris Cooper September 10, 08 04:09 PM


Posted by PAT & BILL KREER September 10, 08 05:03 PM

I love the round about. We have one here that is smaller and it's hilarious to see people drive it that has no clue how.

Posted by Kate Stromlund September 10, 08 05:56 PM

Fantastic photograpy.
I'm an amateur photographer and being originally from England i really appreciate your stunning work. I would also like to succeed in my night photo's but for some reason cannot get the lighting down, any suggestions.
I now live on the wonderfull island of Bermuda.

Posted by JOHN HOWELLS September 10, 08 07:02 PM

You keep repeating the same aerial views - a pity - though they're very good and very different shots - shame you don't go into the rest of London - most people's London.

The junction - is it Elephant and Castle perchance?

Posted by Ariane Lak September 10, 08 07:27 PM

Stunning. Really, really amazing. That lighting, man I'm ... just wow.

Posted by Rayne September 10, 08 10:05 PM

ganda ng mga pictures dito click mo lang yung links, after looking at it marami pang iba dun sa mga links ng previous issues sa upper right side ng website "RECENT ENTRIES" .


Posted by john September 11, 08 12:22 AM

I'm so awed of these night scenes and find myself speaking in whispers...I love these many views London. Makes me want the eyes of a bird, angel or spirit. It is so uplifting... just watching the world go by - an expansive feeling - above it all. I can almost hear music with these images!

Thank you, Jason, for taking me to a higher state of mind.

(from an American Anglophile and member of the William Morris Society)

Posted by Judy Hanks-Henn September 11, 08 01:52 AM

Awesome - makes me want to be back there!!!

Posted by Renae Macarlino September 11, 08 01:59 AM

Very nice images. But then so they should be after hiring a chopper and flying above London at great Not to mention using some extremely expensive equipment of course - a great camera fixed to a giro to keep things nice and steady, and top-notch prime lenses that cost as much as a big car. Having said that, photos from the air will always have a magic about them and attract many appreciative viewers like me, who, apart from understanding the technical problems and skills involved in getting them, will look at them with admiration. Though I would think a 39mp Hasselblad with prime optic set at infinity would cope fairly well with night photography noise levels issues at high ISO ratings, by allowing some pretty fast shutter speeds.

Posted by Keith September 11, 08 03:24 AM

Spectacular photos of what has to be the greatest city in the world... a strong statement coming from a Bostonian. HOWEVER, Emirates Stadium is not Fenway Park, even though The Boss has performed in both.

Posted by Lost Bostonian September 11, 08 04:18 AM

Excelent presentation of a city I visited in 1974.Breathtaking views and lighting of motorways. A few churches could be included.Blessed city.

Posted by Paul M Arumainayagam September 11, 08 05:05 AM

Stop it before it kills us all!!

Oh, wait..

Posted by RobRecord September 11, 08 06:01 AM

Ariane (#544) - the junction in photo #6 is Apex Corner in north west London. See my comment #31 for details of where the less obvious locations are.

John (#543) - is the problem you are having with night photography the metering or the dynamic range?

With the former it is to some extent a case of learning to be able to read the light and know what to meter. But a digital trick to be able to take test shots while shooting long exposures if to set you aperture to its widest and ISO to its highest so you can get reasonably fast shutter speeds. This way you can try an exposure and quickly see the results and make adjustments. Once you have the exposure you want you can then set the aperture to give the required depth of field by increasing the shutter speed for each stop you remove. Like wise with bringing down the ISO to give the best quality results.

The other option is to bracket, which is also a solution where it is the dynamic range that is the problem. This is where when you expose for the shadows the highlights are totally blown out, or if you expose for the highlights too much gets lost in shadow. It can be a big problem in night photography because you have a generally dark scene but containing bright light sources. Unfortunately that is a limitation in the technology of your camera's sensor or film. The tones in the scene are just to widely spread out for it to be able to cope.

The solution here is to either meter for both and then set a compromise exposure bearing in mind that (usually) the majority of the scene will fall in the shadows. Or if you want to capture as much detail as possible you can bracket and blend. The latter is what I do. Assuming you are working with digital images, whether from a digital camera or scanned film, then here is what I do.

First I find the compromise exposure and then adjust the shutter speed to also take shots one and two stops above and below this. In Photoshop I then take the best shot for the shadows and add the under exposed versions as layers under this. You can then use a layer mask and 'cut holes' in the blown out areas to reveal the detail from the layer underneath. Just makes sure you use a soft edged brush on the mask so it blends rather than gives nasty hard transitions.

That is a simple technique which should work in most decent applications. In Photoshop though, and maybe others, there is a much better method which effectively automates the process. The instructions for this are:

Load your middle exposure
Add the overexposed version as a layer above this
Add a layer mask to the overexposed layer, then with it selected go to the menu option Image > Apply Image...
On the dialogue just check the "invert" option and OK it.
Next add the underexposed version as a layer between the other two and set the blend mode to "pin light"
Again add and select a mask and use the Apply Image... option, but this time make sure "invert" is not checked.

That is it, although you will need to add some local contrast to bring it back to life due to the dynamic range having been compressed. Of course you can also edit the mask if there are areas where this effect was not needed and you feel it has lost vibrancy.

You can also add increasingly underexposed images in the above between the previous underexposed image layer and the original image layer, just use the same rules (pin light and no invert).

It is one of those things that sounds far more complicated to read then it is to do once you are used to it. But it gives a fantastic higher dynamic range that still look like a natural photograph, unlike usual tone mapped HDR results, which some people like but others do not.

Here is an example of the result:

On that, because of the illumination on the insides of the piers of the barrier they were blown out patches on my 'normal' compromised exposure, but by blending in this way it added the missing detail and colour. It did, incidentally, also require some manual editing of the masks as the large TV screens around the O2 dome showed different images on the different exposures and obviously resulted in a mess when blended. So I just edited the top mask to only display that version.


Posted by Michael September 11, 08 07:20 AM

London beats Paris any day......................

Posted by ABCPIT September 11, 08 07:33 AM

How many tons of CO2 for these "nice" pictures ?!!

Posted by mandela September 11, 08 07:50 AM

You captured some beautiful shots of a wondrous city. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Louise Rhoads September 11, 08 08:15 AM

Been selling pictures for 30years in the photo agency business and these pics just took my breath away and i'm almost old and pretty cynical.

Every client says 'I want something different', well you have it here, so well done and I hope you have success with them, must sell for a calendar erc etc!!!

Posted by martin September 11, 08 09:37 AM

I`d heard there were a lot of ~waterways~ but these pictures kind of make one leary stepping out of bed in the mornings. The beauty of it all -is something to behold.Thankyou for sending.

Posted by Evelyn Konsler September 11, 08 10:38 AM


Posted by Balaji September 11, 08 11:05 AM


Posted by Richard King September 11, 08 11:15 AM


אין מה לומר - מדהים לאללהץ
כך הכבוד

Posted by avi September 11, 08 03:12 PM

No. 6 is Apex Corner, North West London

Posted by David September 11, 08 03:27 PM


Posted by BOB TAYLOR September 11, 08 04:08 PM

fantastic pictures, thank goodness they were all at night ,, soooo beautiful thank you,, Jason

Posted by madge critoph September 11, 08 04:30 PM

wow they look really good

Posted by bronwyn dyer -boreham September 11, 08 06:02 PM


Posted by JOHN K. September 11, 08 06:20 PM

We Aussies love your beautiful city too, and I have shared this Email around my friends who have been there, and want to return. Thank you for the wonderful photographs.

Posted by Shirley McDonald September 11, 08 07:06 PM

Although I lived near London for only two years, these photos make me incredibly homesick.

Posted by Jerry Jerrems September 11, 08 07:57 PM

These are amazing..I would LOVE to use them on my site ...these are the best night pics I have seen!

Posted by Belle September 11, 08 08:25 PM

Maravilhosas fotos. A câmara fotográfica deve ser super especial. Conheço Londres por terra e adorei. Agora visto das alturas é simplesmente espetacular.

Posted by Helga Asmus Parke September 11, 08 09:32 PM

Oh my, oh my, oh my...just fantastic photos! ! Have never been to London but will be there before the 2012 Olympics. AND, most certainly enjoyed reading most (but not all) of the comments! ! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Richard R. Rhoads September 11, 08 09:39 PM

"Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London Town" - even though I live in Florida now. There's nothing like 'going home' once in a while...........

Posted by Sheila Darcy September 11, 08 10:38 PM

Looks like a fabulous place. 'Really enjoyed all the pictures. You did a great job. Thanks. -Rick

Posted by Rick September 12, 08 01:14 AM

What's with the sudden increase in racisit comments?
The UK was built on immigration,. Get over it.

Posted by Anonymous September 12, 08 03:53 AM

As a Londoner myself i an say i have never seen such great photos of my City,all to all the Americans who either think this is some sort of contest, there is no contest,i have been to most of your Citys and i love most of them,you must be either jelous,thick,never been out of the U.S or cant afford to come here! Great photos.
P.S. Looking forward to whipping your asses againg in the Ryder Cup. (In the hole)

Posted by Graeme September 12, 08 05:45 AM

Very nice...and amazing..

Labeed Abdal


Posted by labeed abdal September 12, 08 05:56 AM

Its truelly amazing and awesome pictures I have ever seen. Beautiful shots taken. I would say there is no such place as london.

Posted by Huma September 12, 08 06:42 AM

oh my god.
amazing pictures
truely stunning..

Posted by jess September 12, 08 07:55 AM

Great photos of London by night. It ALMOST made me homesick!

Posted by Pauline Taylor September 12, 08 10:50 AM

Wonderful "Stuff" Certainly not like the London that I was born in as a Cockney
in the late '20s.

Posted by Leslie Miller September 12, 08 03:08 PM

I grew up in suburban London leaving over 50 years ago. These beautiful photographs are a reminder, you can take a person out of London but not London out of the person.

Posted by Peter Croome September 12, 08 03:36 PM

Shows that with the right photos we are as good as anybody inthe workd WELL DONE Jason!!

Posted by Eddie Butler September 12, 08 03:57 PM

Oh my god!!!! Truly amazing photos! I just got home from visiting England and these pictures make me want to go back RIGHT NOW!

Posted by Connie Moreno September 12, 08 04:06 PM

My wife and I were in London in 2006 for our 25th, these pictures bring back such great memories.The photographer who took these is truly an artist and gifted.

Posted by Peter keech September 12, 08 05:45 PM

Wow! I have never seen London in such a stunning group of photos.

Posted by Dianne Hotchkin September 12, 08 07:59 PM

London is by itself a "masterpiece of art" !
It shown now by the lenses of a true artist becomes magnificent !

Congratulations !
Antonio Guilherme Martins
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Posted by Antonio Guilherme Martins September 12, 08 08:55 PM

The images are fantastic, I lived in London in 1960 and loved it. these pictures bring back such great memories.The photographer who took these is truly an artist and gifted.
Vancouver Canada

Posted by Anonymous September 12, 08 10:31 PM

Grande Bosta!
Sou mais São Paulo!

Posted by Eduardo Cardoso September 13, 08 12:59 AM


Posted by babak rad September 13, 08 03:49 AM

It doesn't say at what time the photographs were taken. Yes, they are wonderfful but what a consumption of energy. Is it all necessary? I myself, staying at the Union Jack Club by Waterloo Station, looked out of my bedroom window at three in the morning. The whole of the cities of Westminster and London appeared to be lit up, there was hardly an office window not illuminated. I cannot believe that there were workers working in every one of those rooms. Are the businesses using those offices not boithered about excess eneergy bills?

Posted by Bernard Beadle September 13, 08 09:01 AM

WoW!!!!!These snaps are really amazing.........NO WORDS
The photographer i equally amazing

Posted by Dean Hendricks September 13, 08 09:24 AM

I have never been to London. Now I would love to go! The pictures are beautiful!

Posted by C. Matheney September 13, 08 09:57 AM

wow............................................supperb,wonderful,amazing,spectacular pictures.

Posted by varsha prabhakar amonkar. September 13, 08 10:20 AM

these really make london look beautiful.
i dont like london much, but i have to say these make me wonder why

Posted by karen beckett September 13, 08 12:45 PM

Hey these pics r awsome!

We love them!

Posted by Jim September 13, 08 12:56 PM

Amazing! Makes me homesick!!

Posted by Hazel C. Thompson September 13, 08 01:29 PM

Fantastic pictures. London is a fascinating and beautiful city and she took a dreadful battering during WWII, I know, because I was a child during the blitz. She has grown and developed into a modern city alongside her many historical buildings (although not altogether fitting in well with each other - tall, glass covered offices around the Tower of London spring to mind). The river Thames is a lovely, long river and a trip on a pleasure boat from Westminster to Greenwich is wonderful and exciting with historical landmarks pointed out along the way by the captain. Westminster, St James's Palace, Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade, Westminster Hall, Westminster Cathedral, the Museums, Madame Tussuad's - I could go on

Posted by Anne Chippendale September 13, 08 01:56 PM

Great Pictures
London's changed a lot since I was last there, nice to see it lit up from the air,

Posted by T.C.Midgley September 13, 08 03:25 PM

So this is the lovely city and country the Allies protected from the Nazis during World War II. It looks as beautiful as it did during my stay at RAF Fairford during the height of the Cold War. Looking down on it now, I fear that I see too many bleeding-heart Liberals and Neville Chamberlains that hove totally sold out America. I have no doubt that none of you will ever come to our aid when we are attacked.

Posted by Derek H. Detjen, Major, USAF (ret) September 13, 08 05:04 PM

Pretty cool, but, where are all the roof top gardens? What the hell do these people eat?

Posted by Big-radio September 13, 08 05:23 PM

Outstanding photos, I thought London was beautiful from the ground but this is out of this world photography.

Grass Valley, California

Posted by Howard Miller September 13, 08 05:26 PM

Love these pics, wonderful!

Tel Aviv

Posted by Giga September 13, 08 06:53 PM

Hello !!!! Jason Hawkes

Wow !!! !!!

Perpect Shots - good condition - well spotted - great timing - perpect angle - good commitment - must be awarded - good afford - keep your good work continue

Thanking you!!!!!

Posted by Alexon September 13, 08 07:32 PM

Amazing photos.! I do love London- and I do love the British accent- it's quite elegant- beautiful-sophisticated. Phantastic pictures.!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bosta, e´S.Paulo- suja- povo ignorante- terceiro MUNDO.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ricardo Marcondes J.J. September 13, 08 09:15 PM

Awfully inspiring. Wonderful London !

Posted by Krishna Kumar September 14, 08 03:01 AM

super amaizin photos

Posted by Anonymous September 14, 08 03:51 AM

The best I have seen for a long time keep them coming please Allan F M

Posted by Allan F. Markwick September 14, 08 03:49 PM

I'm totally emo, but I still like these pictures...

Posted by Steve Martin September 14, 08 04:09 PM

The most beautiful pictures of London I've ever seen. I can say no more and what I've said doesn't do them justice.

Posted by Bob Chandler September 14, 08 06:24 PM

Mary Bledsow will really enjoy these!!

Posted by Bill E pop September 14, 08 07:33 PM


Posted by Charles W. Field September 14, 08 07:43 PM


Posted by James S September 14, 08 10:11 PM

I'd love to see a photo of you hanging out of the helicopter and the cameras on their gyro thingies! Any chance of that? Thanks so much for sharing these amazing photos--they make me feel like I am flying! Very cool!

Posted by Jean September 14, 08 11:05 PM

thanks for shareing your photos with us wonderful site`s to see you must be very pleased with what you done

Posted by sue September 15, 08 03:47 AM

Wonderful photographs.....I have enjoyed some of these views from the air at night as we circled Heathrow. The pilot gave us a running commentary of what we were seeing as he was a Londoner himself.

I have seen several pictures of night-time scenes during the Blitz ...firefighting and the way the buildings were partially destroyed and lit in the flames. They make a terrific counterpoint to these pictures of the city today.
As for this piece of insulting nonsense:
"So this is the lovely city and country the Allies protected from the Nazis during World War II. It looks as beautiful as it did during my stay at RAF Fairford during the height of the Cold War. Looking down on it now, I fear that I see too many bleeding-heart Liberals and Neville Chamberlains that hove totally sold out America. I have no doubt that none of you will ever come to our aid when we are attacked."
What a very perverse thing to say. London was attacked on a nightly basis and defended by RAF fighters and lost countless buildings, countless civilian casualties and had her children evacuated en masse. Despite this, the USA didn't 'come to our aid when we were attacked' took two years and Pearl Harbor. (In fairness back then the US couldn't have done much anyway.) When NYC was attacted the British people stood shoulder to shoulder with their American cousins from Day One.

Posted by Fred Maguire September 15, 08 05:51 AM

What beautiful pictures of my London, which i left 20 yrs ago - only to move to 40 miles outside of London - it has changed so much i hardly recognised some of these lovely, lovely pictures, My congratulations to the photographer, ive never seen anything like them in my life, just out of this world, thank you for sharing them.

Posted by Jean Weston September 15, 08 06:36 AM

Lovely Pictures

Posted by Dave September 15, 08 07:51 AM

These pictures are of London, but they could have been of any other place in the world. It's knowing what elements it takes to make a picture stand out like Jason Hawkes do in these breathtaking shots. He makes magic with the lens. These pictures should be around for all-time.

Posted by Eddie Lusk September 15, 08 08:31 AM

It would look even better with the lights out!

Posted by Alan Miller September 15, 08 09:00 AM

So, this was the Luftwaffe view! I don't understand how they could miss so many targets. Terrible navigators!

Posted by Nick Wagner September 15, 08 09:58 AM

London, London, why my blood pressure get so high when I think about you ?? Wait for me, I'll spend my time with you, walking around your streets, drinking in your pubs, looking amazing museums and architecture... Let's breathe culture and development... Amazing pictures... Amazing city...

Posted by Wolff Alexandre September 15, 08 10:14 AM

The pctures are perfect

Posted by Lazar Angelkov September 15, 08 10:49 AM

During the fourteen years I lived in the U.K., my British in-laws often reminded me that "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Looking at these awesome photos, I can see why that is true.

Posted by Rick September 15, 08 06:55 PM


Posted by John September 15, 08 08:00 PM

Yes, amazing photographs, well done to the photographer....
Patron September 16 2008

Posted by Patron September 16, 08 02:28 AM

Ah London. Its so good living in the best city in the WORLD!

Posted by Russell September 16, 08 03:34 AM


I have never seen such amazing pictures of London!
There one hell of a talent in Jason Hawkes there!

Posted by Buffy September 16, 08 05:38 AM


Posted by Constantine September 16, 08 07:09 AM

For Nick Wagner - There was a national black-out (NO LIGHTS VISIBLE FROM THE STREETS!!!! London was well and truly blitzed, hence the number of newer or post war (wwII) buildings in these magnificent aeriel photo's. The Luftwaffe
relied on DAYLIGHT & MOONLIGHT raids.

Back to the point - SUPERB PHOTOGRAPHY, much appreciated.

Posted by Cait Ni Flionn September 16, 08 10:16 AM

very nice

Posted by amina September 16, 08 10:48 AM

Wow makes me want to go back

Posted by Valerie September 16, 08 11:13 AM

la ville des reves

Posted by sonia September 16, 08 11:14 AM

Wonderful. Beautifully in focus. Thank you.

Posted by Rosemary September 16, 08 11:19 AM

Bravo !
nous sommes admiratifs !

Posted by September 16, 08 12:18 PM

My friend sent me these wonderful shots. Very nice...i have never visited to London...i missed a lot !! nice photography....

Posted by Barby (Sri Lanka) September 16, 08 01:10 PM

....................great picsof a beautiful city, BUT DON'T GO IN DECEMBER!!!

It is dreadfuly COLD and DANGEROUS, at that time of year!

I do indeed plan to go back at another time of year and once again vist one of the most beautiful city in the world.

Doug Burns Peterborough, ON Canada

Posted by J D Burns September 16, 08 03:53 PM

Truly fabulous photography, I personally don't like going to london it makes me very uncomfortable. Nice to be able to view from a distance.

Posted by D Barfoot September 16, 08 04:16 PM

Simply Gorgeous !!! I can't wait until I vacation here. Thanks

Posted by LFE September 16, 08 05:18 PM

Stunning pictures. We've been to many of these sites many times and thoroughly enjoyed your pictures.

Posted by Judy & Jerry September 16, 08 06:21 PM

Ah, Londinium! One of the ancient cities.
Fabulous images! Time lapse from the door of a helicopter, amazing.

Does anyone know how London's age compares to Beijing's?

Posted by Clint Atkinson September 16, 08 07:08 PM


Posted by Cool Simms September 16, 08 08:00 PM

truly amazing, brings back so many memories, of my youth

Posted by Dave Rowe September 17, 08 03:27 AM

just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by alpa September 17, 08 04:18 AM

Absolutely fab.

It makes a horrible place look really nice

It almost makes me want to visit there...........well praps not!!!

Posted by Jon September 17, 08 05:23 AM

Amazing pictures.

You don't have to know or like London to appreciate these pictures.

The photographs may be destined for the history books as I don't think it will be too long before the economic situation and energy price rises (backed by the global warming lobby) will have most of the lights switched off.

Posted by Anne September 17, 08 05:52 AM

Great work !!!

Posted by ancov September 17, 08 06:36 AM


Posted by JULIE NIHILL September 17, 08 08:20 AM

absolutley fantastic !!

Posted by Anonymous September 17, 08 09:00 AM


Posted by Äèìîí September 17, 08 09:26 AM


Posted by Pam Ulery September 17, 08 12:02 PM

I rode on the " London Eye" last summer, and it was certainly worth queuing up for. Now I wish that I had taken the trip in the evening as well. I love London and I've visited there many times, as I have family living in the UK. I also like visiting New York, it to is an amazing city. I find cities in Canada, where I live, as well as cities in other countries, to be most interesting and fascinating in their own right.
Wonderful photography

Posted by Maggie September 17, 08 12:45 PM

Attractive pictures, it´s time to visit LondON again ,,, ! but tell me, why do you drive at the wrong side of the street?

Posted by Joshua Brazil September 17, 08 04:55 PM

Outstanding photograpy......I have never been there- It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Posted by Sydney Whitesell September 17, 08 06:45 PM

Del piuts!

Posted by Alejandro September 17, 08 06:52 PM

I was born there, looks fantastic from a helicopter, and fantastic photography, but it is still just a large metropolitan thingy for the normal person, but praises for making it look soooo good!!!

Posted by Bob September 17, 08 07:31 PM

Great photography Jason, I would love to know what format you use. Great shots like yours is why I became intrastad in photography years ago, I'm not there yet, but I'll keep trying, Thanks for sharing. PT

Posted by Paul R. Thiebaut September 17, 08 07:54 PM

These pics are just great!
Good job!

Posted by Vito September 17, 08 08:23 PM

I think these pics are awesome!!!! I have always wanted to see London and be in helicopter, but never imagined seeing images of both !!! good work!

Posted by Sandi September 17, 08 11:56 PM


Posted by BHUVANESHWARI THANGAVELU September 18, 08 12:15 AM

The pic's are amazing !

Posted by Helen Janet Jones September 18, 08 04:49 AM

waw......really great city...

Posted by Rajendra Kalidindi September 18, 08 07:15 AM

its really superbbbbbbb

Posted by Satish September 18, 08 07:33 AM

My thought is big whoo !!!!!! What is the big deal?

Posted by notta September 18, 08 10:38 AM

Really what i think after observing these pictures is about the capital invested to built that city, how its economy is managed, what are the techniques to be followed to managed this big city... I do not get my answer yet..

Posted by Rabin Karki September 18, 08 10:48 AM

Wow we live in London but these pictures really make you proud

Posted by I.P.Shearwood September 18, 08 11:34 AM

Fantastische fotokes, ben denk ik den eerste vlaming.
Proficiat aan den trekker

Posted by Mertens September 18, 08 01:45 PM

Nice photos, but I didn't see Big Ben in photo number 2. Big Ben is the name of the largest bell in the Tower Clock, it's not the name of the clock.

Posted by Ron September 18, 08 03:18 PM

" I see too many bleeding-heart Liberals and Neville Chamberlains that hove totally sold out America. I have no doubt that none of you will ever come to our aid when we are attacked.

Posted by Derek H. Detjen, Major, USAF (ret)"

Mr Detjen - with people like you about, your assumption is bang on!

Brilliantly evocative images of a high standard and for the history books.

Posted by Maxadolf September 18, 08 03:18 PM

Breathtaking photos.

Posted by Pete September 18, 08 03:27 PM

These photos are great with a capital GREAT!

London by night or dusk has what I call 'holding power', once you've experienced it you'll want it again, and again......

Posted by Sippy September 18, 08 07:07 PM

Where are the trees???

Posted by Ray of Light September 18, 08 07:51 PM

So gorgeous~~ When I looked the photos, I was so wanted to go the

Posted by Seed September 19, 08 03:07 AM

Re 599
Too right John Wayne - why should we ever come the aid of your country. You only joined in WW2 because you were attacked. If it wasn't for pearl harbour you would have left Europe to rot and then set up a cozy trading alliance with Hitler.

Posted by Barry September 19, 08 03:29 AM

ultimate !!!

Posted by Muthu September 19, 08 06:03 AM

From that far up, you don't see what a filthy, rude and expensive city it is - it almost looks clean in these photos. Plus, you can't smell the body odor in a photograph. Well done!

Posted by Mike September 19, 08 06:23 AM

Impressive photos, indeed!

Posted by Brian Smith September 19, 08 07:51 AM

Cool city--lots to do. Also, a great hub if you're flying out of some strange airport in Gujerat or Burundi on your way to the States.

Posted by Aroop Mahanty September 19, 08 08:14 AM

Beautiful, bjt did you see all those cars on the wrong side of the street?

Posted by Paley O'Crockus September 19, 08 09:19 AM

this is very very good!!

and interesting!!!

i want see more than pictures...

Posted by arisa nagasawa September 19, 08 09:24 AM

Off the scale my friend. Truly magical.

Posted by Adam Robinson September 19, 08 10:10 AM

Truly amazing....I've lived in the USA for 30 years and these photos really make me homesick for dear old England. My eyes misted up as I looked at them. Congratulations on truly wonderful work! Guess I should start thinking about packing...!

Posted by Anne September 19, 08 10:44 AM


Posted by Joann Highfield September 19, 08 11:04 AM

Lovely from a distance. Street level though, filthy, polluted, overcrowded, I know I live there!! Wish I could get a helicopter home instead instead of the rat infested tube.

Posted by wheezer September 19, 08 11:52 AM

i feel proud to be a Londoner !

Posted by Graham Rowland September 19, 08 12:55 PM

the pictures are really wonderful, especially the "junction of m25 motorway"
it was an amazing sight to look at that

Posted by avni September 19, 08 02:09 PM

These photos made me very proud to be a Londoner

Posted by Jeff Sturrock September 19, 08 02:26 PM

Photos are great.

London reflects what you bring to it, illumination or dirt, beauty or misery, a sense of adventure or foreboding, crowding or humanity. London has whatever you are looking for in a city. When you think of going, do you shudder or smile? If you smile, London will smile back, so go.

Posted by Margaret in Ypsilanti September 19, 08 02:45 PM

Just recieved from a friend in New Zealand! Quite remakable photography and very exciting.. I flew in the Battle of Britain Flypast of London in 1952 and the photo`s brought back many nostalgic and happy memories.

Posted by Norman Lyons September 19, 08 02:58 PM

Truly amazing pictures. Was over there a couple years ago to see where I was born but found only Hi rise buildings in it's place.(after WW2 Bombings). Still had same street tho. Navagating the streets on the ground misses the majesty of this city that these pictures exhibit.

Posted by Sidney Gardner September 19, 08 04:04 PM

It's not so pretty on the ground at night, it's an ugly, dirty, violent city with loads of drunks/drugged thugs and vagrants. Not my cup of tea 'ol chap.

Posted by john September 19, 08 07:10 PM

There are no words that could adequately describe these photos of London. They are all beautiful. I don't know how anyone could have ugly thoughts, as some, when they look at these photos. Jason you did good Thanks so much. I have never visited London, so seeing it through the eye of your camera helps me to know what I have missed. My brother was there during WWII and I have a few friends from England that speak with the English accent and I could listen to them talk all day because of it. Again, thank you.

Posted by Winnie Semon September 19, 08 07:29 PM

Wonderful photographs. Jason, you have a real talent, well done!

Message for the senile retired Major Detjen: -
1. Most of the money that the IRA had was raised in places like New York and Boston. So YOU have financed terrorism in Britain.
2. The USA only came into WW2 after the Germans had stopped bombing London.
3. Which country is the biggest supporter of the US in Iraq and Afganistan? BRITAIN. YOU'RE A MORON!

Posted by Bruce Kay, Rochester, UK September 19, 08 08:10 PM

Jason, The photos are truly wonderful. Thank you for making my birthplace look amazing.

As for the retired senile Major Detjen, its a shame he's forgotten that America didn't entre WW2 until after the Blitz. He obviously doesn't know that Americans in places like New York and Boston raised millions of Dollars for the IRA so have, therefore, financed terrorism in Britain. He also doesn't realise that Britain is by far the largest and most committed supporter of America in Iraq and Afganistan. Someone should tell him that he is a dozey pillock!!!

Posted by Bruce Kay, Rochester, UK September 19, 08 08:26 PM


Posted by ROB VAUGHAN September 20, 08 12:57 AM

Thankyou dear friend Yvonne for sending me such beauty.The photos are truly fantastic.I am so home sick .I wish I could go back home, but only in my dreams.

Posted by Sylvia Scott ,Australia September 20, 08 02:35 AM

As a fellow photographer & having also hung out of a helicopter in a harness but above the skyscrapers of Dallas, Texas I understand the problems & think your shots are fantastic, Jason. It just shoes what a wonderful city London is!

Posted by Peter Barry September 20, 08 04:29 AM

Very Nice

Posted by JOJY MATHEW September 20, 08 08:49 AM

Absolutely gorgeous photography. I'm going to "google" Mr.Jason Hawkes. I think he just gained another fan. If his other works compare, I'm "Hawked".

Posted by Cheryl De Mars September 20, 08 10:30 AM

Beautiful Photography! Great for tose who can only see the world in pictures,Thank you!

Posted by Marvin Albaum September 20, 08 12:52 PM

How privileged am I to live in the best City in the world.

Thank you Mr Hawkes for your magnificent photographs of my beloved City.

Posted by Jean September 20, 08 02:20 PM

Fantastic photos, why is there so much vitriol? . We Brits all know London has similar problems to most major cities but am a little sad about comments made by our American friends. I have visited NYC and found it to be one of the most friendly places I have ever visited. Also found ground zero very moving. Everyone in the civilised world took a deep breath on that day. However, it has to be acknowledged that NYC funded IRA terrorism for years, I would like to think through ignorance of the facts. What is a fact is that although the British government takes credit for the peace in Ireland, after 9/11 IRA funding from the US dwindled away almost as if a light came on somewhere. So Major upstart or what ever your name is get the facts!!!

Posted by Rob B September 20, 08 02:45 PM

grate pictures....

Posted by sunil September 21, 08 06:45 AM

Excellent photography, where else? London is where it is & no where else would you cituate it but where it is. In England

Posted by John hughes September 21, 08 07:58 AM

un placer para los ojos!

Posted by Giora Szabo September 21, 08 09:55 AM

fara comentarii,super.

Posted by ghita September 21, 08 11:10 AM

Yes London really is amazing as seen on those pictures! In the night its just beautiful!

Aren't we Londers the luckiest people on this planet?

Posted by Zakiah September 21, 08 11:36 AM

The pictures were suberb! Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us. I have never had the pleasure of going to England, and this I regret very much.
Its really a shame that some people have to focus on negative things and bring politics into their comments...apparently they dont have a very happy life if they feel they have to cast gloom and doom on things like this.
I am a Canadian, and still regret that we are not "British subjects" anymore. My ancestors came from London, and of that I am very proud!

Posted by Doreen Harvey September 21, 08 02:07 PM

Wow ... !

Posted by Phil September 21, 08 02:31 PM

My heart lives in London, my life stands in Germany. My visual addiction becomes so big if I see these nice photos. I know, my London. You wait for me.

Posted by Jutta Schultz September 21, 08 04:36 PM

My wife, and friend of our's and myself were staying in London, for 5 days in April of 2008. I am still amazed to see a building shaped like the Gherkin!

Great photos and keep up the camera!

Your photos are FANTABULOUS (Fabulous and Fantastic) (I made the word up!)

Posted by John Kerr September 21, 08 07:24 PM

Please stop with the ignorant comments. London looks beautiful -period. This is about photography not politics.

Posted by J. Weckelman September 21, 08 08:47 PM

i would like a poster of no 11 the london eye , how do i get one ,

Posted by stephanie September 22, 08 05:29 AM

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We visited London over 20 years ago. The pictures are stunning. It's great to see the English be proud of THEIR CITY in the comments. I feel the same way about where I live. Everyone should feel that way!

Thenk you for the views from thousands of miles away.

Posted by Keith Johnson September 22, 08 10:55 AM

I never realised that London was so attractive at night time. Brilliant pictures.

Posted by Steve Whitehurst September 22, 08 12:30 PM

A great piece of arial photography done at night. It is is niece to see great places from another perspective. Most of us mortals would never have the opportunity to do so if it were not for the likes of of man like Jason Hawkes and their dedication and skill. Exellent job, well done and inspiring. Thank you.

Posted by Will Kuhlkamp September 22, 08 01:02 PM

Photos are remarkable and bring back many wonderful memories of our trip to England -

Posted by Margaret Guild Lambert September 22, 08 03:21 PM

omg these are like the best pictures of london i've ever seen i hope u have more photograghy of big ben its just BEATIFUL put more picture on the internet of europe they are just beautiful i wish i was u becuz i would luv to travel around the world like u guys but i'm just 11 ina month by the way if u want to send me a post card of london send it
bye lu the pictures!

Posted by jennifer claure September 22, 08 03:53 PM

omg these are like the best pictures of london i've ever seen i hope u have more photograghy of big ben its just BEATIFUL put more picture on the internet of europe they are just beautiful i wish i was u becuz i would luv to travel around the world like u guys but i'm just 11 ina month by the way if u want to send me a post card of london send it
bye luv the pictures!

Posted by jennifer claure September 22, 08 03:54 PM

My wife sent me these INCREDIBLE!!! INCREDIBLE!!! INCREDIBLE photographs.
Now I've seen London in a different light(pardon the pun).
One can tell it was a labor of love for this great photographer.
St. Catharines, On.

Posted by Moe Viau September 22, 08 06:32 PM

I wonder why some british people cannot handle what happened in the past ...

Posted by Ernst September 23, 08 02:40 AM

I was in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII and spent some time in London; of course there were no lights on at night (blackouts). Was there during some of the bombings, therefore London was not a pretty sight to see what with the results of the frequent heavy bombing attacks by the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).
These pictures of London are beautiful; only wish I could visit London again in it's rebuilt state.
The many, many people I met there during WWII were amazing, no complaining, their spirits were high, were totally convinced they were going to win the War!

Posted by Gerald A. Black September 23, 08 03:25 AM

Makes me want to move back!

Posted by Lindsey Park September 23, 08 04:54 AM

Boy this brings back so many wonderful memories!!!! Absolutely stunning!

Posted by Ria Etsebeth September 23, 08 05:25 AM

so what, someone left the lights on there's nothing stunning or spectacular about that

Posted by Percy Cuter September 23, 08 06:49 AM


"652. Attractive pictures, it´s time to visit LondON again ,,, ! but tell me, why do you drive at the wrong side of the street?

Posted by Joshua Brazil September 17, 08 04:55 PM "

We drive on the left because historically we road horses and our sword arm was the right arm. In order to have this arm free and able to strike oncoming "nasties" we had to ride on the left. When cars etc came in it had already stuck that you drove on the left. Shame if you were left handed though.

Posted by Rebecca September 23, 08 07:07 AM

Beautiful.... But can someone turn the lights off?!!

Posted by Monkey September 23, 08 07:42 AM

Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing it.

Posted by Sue September 23, 08 10:10 AM

Beautiful Pictures.....

Posted by Ali September 23, 08 10:22 AM

Its wonderful.U R Great,Alok ! U R Great.I liked it very much.Please keep sending such pictures with your experience.

Posted by Indra deo Singh September 23, 08 10:34 AM

To literally put this in perspective, listen to Bet Midler singing,
"From a Distance".

Posted by Patrick MacKinnon September 23, 08 11:08 AM

Very beautiful pics.London so beautified by your cammera,so i have to visit soon ,Insha Allah.

Posted by dr akbar khan September 23, 08 01:29 PM

The best city in the world

Posted by Jim September 23, 08 01:47 PM

Very Beautiful sights , what a difference from WW 2 ! I prefer these Views ! Keep up the good work .

Posted by Anthony DiBitonto September 23, 08 02:31 PM

A masterpiece of creative work! Congratulations and many thanks! Jim S.

Posted by James G. Stark September 23, 08 04:12 PM

Thank you. I am fortunate to have been to London but had never seen her from the
air until now. Nite is gentle and quite lovely on all of us and we thank you for this

Posted by Lori Sheldon September 23, 08 04:24 PM

Cant say that I like London, but I have to say that these pictures make me think twice, they really give a different angle on our great captial!

Posted by Anne Weaver September 23, 08 04:40 PM

Photography at it 's very finest.

Posted by Stanley King September 23, 08 05:05 PM

Very Very Nice.
Thanx for the link to these pixs Carrie. I can better understand why you picked this city to live and teach in for a while.A living education in itself.

Posted by Brian W Shaw - Canada September 23, 08 05:23 PM

I never saw London and I have to say it is beyond what I ever imagined.

Posted by barbara September 23, 08 06:57 PM

My close friend, who was born in London in 1921, sent me these fabulous pictures with a comment that now, with the new buildings, he couldn't find his way around. London today.. After thanking him for the pictures, I commented that judging from the street layout, I don't know how he found his way around then !!

Posted by Russ Soper September 23, 08 09:59 PM

what amazing photos! Like paintings! It makes me so proud to have grown up and been educated in London. As a young child, one does not always appreciate the beauty around oneself. But the amazing archeology, the history, the culture, the education truly makes me proud. To step away - or in this case - step up into a plane/helicoptor and view one surroundings from just a little distance is bound to create an awareness of the vastness of London, and the differences it offers, to anyone who takes advantage of it. What a wonderful way to bring back beautiful memories.

Posted by mirjam gunz schwarcz September 23, 08 11:09 PM

I recall parts of London from working there in my first job of work in 1950. These pics. show how much it's changed. Gone are the many bomb sites left by WW2!

Posted by Maurice Clyde September 24, 08 05:28 AM

A fabulous city in fabulous light. Wonderful London. From Australia, I'd love to come see you again....

Posted by lynton barry September 24, 08 06:42 AM

i thought that they were realy good

Posted by lisa bembridge September 24, 08 08:41 AM

great areil shots

Posted by alex September 24, 08 08:42 AM

Awesome Snaps.....

Posted by Devanand Mudaliar September 24, 08 09:14 AM

Truely spectacular photographs!!!.... from a retired photographer who really appreciates what you have succeded to do.

Posted by Joe B September 24, 08 10:56 AM


Posted by SILVIA MILASANASKAS September 24, 08 11:11 AM


Posted by NANCY IN MISSOURI September 24, 08 01:27 PM

Wicked Pictures

Posted by Alex Lane September 24, 08 02:14 PM

Street lamps aglow, with newsboys calling.
City I love with twilght falling.
Deep in my heart I keep recalling.
The London I love.
Birthplace 1922.

Posted by Stanley H Monk September 24, 08 02:48 PM


Posted by Sandra Milasanaskas September 24, 08 03:17 PM

Great pictures . . . but Oh Dear, one or two vitriolic comments from some quarters! As Thumper said to Bambi, "If you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Good advice! Trevor, Berkshire, UK.

Posted by Trevor September 24, 08 03:45 PM

So sad that people just can't see the beauty around them or get along with others no matter where you/they come from. Why do people have to post such hurtful messages?

These pictures are GREAT.

Jason did an amazing job! Please.... just enjoy the pictures.

Posted by Missy September 24, 08 05:49 PM

Wonderful Photo's - London truly is a wonderful city -

It was a joy to view

Posted by Fay Purdy September 24, 08 07:00 PM

absolutely beautiful and stunning. it s my wildest dream to see london. i enjoyed viewing thes panoramic views.

Posted by lorna c. jasa September 24, 08 09:29 PM

good capture dude..... love it.....

Posted by Aussie Guy September 24, 08 09:59 PM

I am a Canadian and I have been to London few times and I have always enjoyed the city. I have never seen London from the air at night. Wonderful. These pictures are awesome. It brings back a lot of memory and I can't wait to go back.

Posted by Sultan Ismail September 25, 08 12:35 AM

No visual air polution!

Posted by C.B.Canada September 25, 08 12:46 AM

panchod,,,,,,,,,,,kay drama ha yay

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 08 01:29 AM

heyy dont ask 4 comments nw... wat all things i typed in ma earlier mails .... not displayed. R u making us fool.

Posted by janvi September 25, 08 04:48 AM

The pictures were amazing, thank you, I am now sending sending them to my daughter who is terminilly as I am what a treat.

Posted by patricia dyte September 25, 08 07:35 AM

London looks fantastic, yes it is dirty and the people are rude but lets be honest its not just the british who are in london!!!

As for the stupid arguments regarding the war get over yourselves, people sufferd and people continue to suffer through human atrocities.

congratulation to the photographer

Posted by c ward September 25, 08 07:53 AM

Awesome Picks

Posted by Quentin September 25, 08 09:00 AM

Maybe I didn't read all the comments before 665 so I don't know what brought on comments 668 and 673. What does coming to a countries aid or a rebutal to that statement have to do with the beauty of the pictures? My husband and I have been to London several times and will continue to go back again and again when ever possible. London is a beautiful City with so much culture and history, with gorgeous architecture and so many things to see.

My hat is off to you Jason for capturing the beauty of London from the air.

Posted by Eileen September 25, 08 10:32 AM

London is one of the top two (many say the top) two cities in the world in terms of overall clout. It is the worlds most international city and sits on the GMT prime meridian, therefore London is trading with all markets at all times of the day and night as they start and finish trading.

Some people have to start realising that London is a 24 hour city, and like New York it never sleeps. Workers are still working in their HQs at all hours, ok not all but trust me many are. There are many shops still open well after dark. Landmarks are well lit (amazing lighting) for all to see 24 hours a day. Safety is also paramount to us so the streets and buildings are often well lit even at night. I just hope many read this and understand a little better why at least some of the lighting is there.

So to recap; London is a 24 hour city, Safety is paramount, well lit streets and landmarks are important to us, and there are many, many streets and landmarks.

Posted by Zenith September 25, 08 01:06 PM


Picadilly at night in total darkness was a special experience.

Posted by JOHN MOON September 25, 08 01:55 PM

Congratulations for your excelent photos. I really enjoyed watching them all.
I can't understand why some people are unable to look at them and see the beauty
of your work. Instead they prefer to comment about violence, II WW, dirty, etc.
Unfortunately this people are dirty and they make the our world dirtier!
I am from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, a very beautiful city that has violence and all things that big cities have. But in spite of violence, it is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
Photographers like you will take photos to please our eyes and not to get people chocked.
London has much more than rude people, violence, etc. It has culture, parks, museuns, etc
Thank you very much for you wonderful work.

Posted by regina September 25, 08 05:08 PM


Posted by DIANE September 25, 08 08:40 PM

Whoa, those are so beautiful. Urban London looke great at night.

Posted by Mike September 25, 08 10:20 PM

'Just because I am a Londoner, I love London Town...'

Posted by David Tamby Rajah September 26, 08 03:36 AM

Wotta feat of photography. Fantastic.

Posted by Cynthia September 26, 08 03:49 AM

i was born in London and now Make my home in Canada , thankyou for shareing these beautiful pictures, it is hard to imagine what i saw in the war with all the buildings and rubble thanks to the germans well done London and well done on the photography it is truly brilliant teresa

Posted by teresa Lakeman September 26, 08 05:31 AM

Having been to London several times, even being lost at times,
I really enjoyed seeing the view from above. It brought back
many memories. Thank you.

Posted by Dallas Wood September 26, 08 10:45 AM

Lovely pics of London.


Posted by HennersBay September 26, 08 11:48 AM

Beautiful photographs Jason, particularly those of London. You make me homesick. I have been back many times and never get tired of exploring those dirty old streets.! nancy.

Posted by nancy Archibald September 26, 08 01:36 PM

I arrived in London on a pleasant morning in November 1938 and lived there for the subseqsuent couple of years.
Ten months later, a couple of days after my 18th birthdays, I well remember hearing Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declare war on Germany.
Over the years I have visited 'old smokie' on many occasions, even until they cleaned up the air pollution problem - old smokie no longer applies.
I settled in London for a few months with my wife and children in 1950.
I have seen a large part of the world and London is one of my favorite places, and all of the people I ever knew there were good people. God bless them.
The night photography from the helicopter is truly great. Good luck - give us more!

Posted by Patrick Murphy September 26, 08 01:49 PM

Gorgeous photos! My husband and I have visited London 9 times and are hoping to make our 10th visit soon ... after seeing these photos we'll have to start planning!

Posted by BK September 26, 08 02:21 PM

M A R A V I L H O S A S ! ! ! ! ! !
that's the why I love London!

Posted by Marcelo Finkler September 26, 08 02:40 PM

Great photos of London. I loved it on my visit over 20 years ago. Hope to go again someday. Also love your English china. Wrote a Book on it. A Collector's Guide to Royal Albert China on ebay. England is the home of my ancesters and has a warm place in my heart. Look forward to more photos. Take care and God Bless,

Posted by Beverley Hanson California, USA September 26, 08 03:11 PM

Great photos, I'll try and keep these in mind next time I'm fighting my way onto a tube train or dodging commuters on London Bridge...

Posted by Matt September 26, 08 03:55 PM

Fantastic pictures ! the last time I saw London in the flesh was in November 1973
when we immigrated to Australia, all the members of my family with the exception
of my youngest son & myself have made the pilgrimage back to the old country,
some several times.....I wonder if I will before I die, the older I get, the less likely
it matter what I will alway's be proud to say 'I was born in England'

Posted by Mike. Williams. September 26, 08 05:38 PM

Absolutely beautiful! I wish I could purchase copies.

Posted by Karen Bryant September 26, 08 05:58 PM

I have worked and lived in London and saw the beginning of the expansion of old London - when the Gherkin went up I hated it as I thought it would change the whole of London but I saw the development take place and marvelled at what had happend to the City - particulary the Canary Wharf area where my Bank's Head Office is now situated.

These pictures are absolutely marvellous and it is a privilege to see them at night as walking round the city just does not do justice to this beautiful city but these pictures just show how the developers have made such an outstanding job and the city is still wonderful. My father was born within the sound of Bow Bells and he would be proud of the development which has taken place in his home area.

Thank you for taking these pictures - I now live in Egypt but still return to the UK.

Posted by Pat Aboellil Hamza September 26, 08 07:18 PM

that's the sh*t! stunning!

Posted by mathew b September 26, 08 11:31 PM

London has always inspired me from the the first day I took a drive in & these photos only double the love for what must be the best city in the world.
From Canay Wharf to Ealing Broadway theirs majic in the air.
Would love to see photos of the old docklands or Battersea Power Station St Pauls
I'll look up to the sky this evening when I walk across Hyde Park on my way to a party in Bayswater!!

Posted by Gavin Miller September 27, 08 05:00 AM

Top photography work :-D

Posted by Andrei September 27, 08 07:07 AM

i thought the Brits were leading the charge against global warming, you would never know to see all these lights on empty stadiums and highways.

Posted by Bob Wattly September 27, 08 10:00 AM

Wonderful photography but what happened to energy conservation? Don't ask me to use my dishwasher or washing machine at 2:00 a.m. to avoid "peak energy periods" when this type of waste is going on!

Posted by Garry Stover September 27, 08 11:47 AM

Great Pictures. Would love to know what camera equipment was used.

What were that couple up to in that office !

Would you come and talk to our Camera Club about your photography and show us your pictures please ?

Posted by Peter Tulloch September 27, 08 12:34 PM

I have seen the london night photographs its amazing i cant see the photography except this photographs

Posted by Gurvinder Singh Reehal September 27, 08 12:59 PM

i am egyption man iwoud like visit these land i like it i like london forever

Posted by mahmoud aboellil September 27, 08 07:37 PM

Great photos................loved them...........very relaxing to look at.....

Posted by Ron Mattila September 27, 08 08:30 PM

I had the chance to visit London for the first time from Sept ! to !5th of this year! Gorgeous! marvelous city! truly a world capital! I took the bus, the Tube, I run, walked, took in as much as I can. Culture, arts, architecture, food, music, and people! Oh one thing that really caught my attention both men and women has fantastic butt and thighs, I assume from all the walking and climbing stairs! they all looked good in their jeans! Love London at night this pictures are just ( as the English would say) Lovely! Fantastically crisp and clear pictures, I guess nice weather, but I still Love London in the rain.

Posted by emmanuel de guzman September 27, 08 09:30 PM

Your photographs are outstanding, beautiful and laced together, so you could pin point buildings and land marks previously viewed. I've never had the pleasure of traveling to London, but now I feel that I have been there through your wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

Posted by Eddie Nelson, Springfield, OR, USA September 27, 08 11:03 PM

As an USAF officer I was stationed in High Wycombe in the early 1960's and therefore visited "downtown" London on many occasions during my wonderful three years in this very fascinating country and its marvelous city. So full of history, so full of humanity, so full of friendly , helpful souls! But how the city has grown since I was there! I was an aerial photo specialist and so I have a great appreciation for these magnificent photos. I have lived in may places in the world and London heads my favorite cities list, just above Tokyo and San Francisco.
Lt. Col. USAF (ret)

Posted by PLW September 27, 08 11:37 PM

What beauty! Your pictures of London are absolutely amazing. I viewed
all of them 3 times as I cannot seem to believe how beautiful London is. Thank you for sharing your masterpieces with us.

Posted by Anonymous. September 27, 08 11:56 PM

that was awesome....

Posted by nishant September 28, 08 07:51 AM

Great pictures - it is a very different perspective to see any city from above at night and even from above by day. At night, with the lights, you can tell where the city starts and ends and where people live and don't live. Most cities do look more lovely and well kept at night.

Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Teresa September 28, 08 12:53 PM

Ahhh, now I remember why I love London so where one least expects to find it...thank you so much for sharing your photographs...

Posted by Suzanne September 28, 08 03:04 PM

The pictures were great and all, But I was disappointed that they had used so much land to make all of those buildings. Not pleased. At all...

Posted by Jacob September 28, 08 04:11 PM

These pictures are very beautiful indeed. I would like to see it in person, but it would take a lot of time to do so. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.


Posted by Don and Lillian Cunningham September 28, 08 05:12 PM

interesting pic! great pics!

Posted by September 28, 08 10:52 PM

Wow! I'd love to see some of it. Have heard it's not as pretty from street level though.... Dirty like most big cities.

Posted by Shannon Leigh September 29, 08 03:16 AM

There's no place like London for ticking all the boxes--Only 2000yrs of history--as a world player, can provide this. These wonderful photographs enhance this fact further. I'm in the winter of my years now, but i hope to visit 'her' one day. Philip---Slough UK.

Posted by Philip Croft September 29, 08 06:11 AM

Although it is beautiful I don't see anyone worrying about the amount of electricity being used to power the buildings. When necessary - fine but this is all for show.

Posted by Anonymous September 29, 08 07:18 AM

Beautiful!! what a city!

Posted by sheila hoffman September 29, 08 08:18 AM

I live in South Africa. You have renewed my longing to re-visit my beloved London. I have been there several times, but have never seen her in all her glory at night. What beautiful pics....thank you.

Posted by Di Hazelhurst September 29, 08 08:20 AM

A dream I have to fulfill in my life. Can't wait to discover it and see London myself. It's so beautiful!!!! Thanks for the great pics.

Posted by Reah Gokool September 29, 08 12:03 PM

I am from Colombia and go to London from time to time. Love your pictures ... Love London, my favourite place in the world

Posted by Andres September 29, 08 04:53 PM

If you complain about rude people in London, come to Paris and you will see that worse is possible.
Wonderful pictures, I am amazed. Absolutely stunning!!!

Posted by Brigitte September 29, 08 05:12 PM

Well never been there to London but would love to go.

Posted by Patsy September 29, 08 05:58 PM

Well never been there to London but would love to go it is beautiful

Posted by Patsy September 29, 08 05:59 PM

Thank you for the emirates stadium home of my belove Arsenal FC.... Gunner for life....

Posted by TrueGooner September 29, 08 06:21 PM

I would always comment how beautiful london looked at night. Mind you it was always after a few beers. Stunning photography.. You have made me miss London!

Posted by Amber September 30, 08 02:54 AM

I was born in London, but was evacuated to Woking, about 40 miles away, at the start of WW2 I remember being woken up one night to see London in flames - it was spectacular, but awful to think of all the people being injured or killed, and having their homes utterly destroyed. How different now. These pictures are absolutely beautiful, and wonderful to see how things have changed. It's a real privilege to see something most of us could never expect to see - London from on high.

Posted by Audrey Page September 30, 08 06:19 AM

London is one of two of my favorite cities. I think it is beautiful always; but these pictures were breathtaking. . Kudos to Jason Hawkes for bringing such magnificant scenes to us.

Posted by Charlotte Puopolo September 30, 08 10:02 AM

The London I love , spent my youth there, that was the time of ww2 I grew up walking over the people sleeping in the underground stations , working for a pay of 30 shillings a week, at that time just a couple of dollars a week worked in New Bond St. London. had nothing , lined up for an hour to get a couple of oranges to eat, was from a poor family but always had food on the table, my Mum and Dad went without so us 4 children could eat. My Dad enlisted in the army leaving my Mum and 4 children , me being the eldest 11 yrs. old took care of the others , and I owe my hard work and being responsible for my family to the way I turned out ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS "no pun intended" Always a BRIT, my sister hates this word, so should say BRITISH Love the hussel bustle the rain and the dirt...Daphnr NC USA

Posted by Daphne Majewski September 30, 08 10:04 AM

Fabulous photos. Excellent photographer. London has really changed from the one I visited many years ago.

Posted by Barbara Plant September 30, 08 11:06 AM

My Huusband and I were born in London, lived through the war in London. Although we now live in Canada ,England was getting a little crowded . My Husband has traveled the world and belive me there are rude people in every country , we Brits are not the only ones.
The pictures are wonderful, and what a photographer, Thank you

Posted by Ann & John September 30, 08 11:11 AM

WOW !!! My Father was born in southampton in early 1900s. moved with his parents & siblings. He was 19 yrs old. They came toAlberta, Canada & met my Mom, raised 4 children, My older sister & Brother visited England several times, my other brother & I never did go!! I am the youngest, &have 3 grown children,with 8 grandchildren,& 3 beautiful Great Grandsons !!!!! I intend on sending these Georgeous,Beautiful, Unbelievable Photographs to my whole family & all my friends !!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these works of art with the whole world !!!!!

Posted by Barbara Andreychuk September 30, 08 12:09 PM

My sister and I just returned from a wonderful visit in London. Though I thought that we saw most of the city, these pictures make me realize that we did not even scratch the surface.
We will have to go back for a longer visit next time!

Posted by Elizabeth Shelledy September 30, 08 02:57 PM

I'm blown away by this photographers pics. SPECTACULAR

Posted by Ceri from Perth Australia September 30, 08 03:20 PM

Formidable...Mortefontaine small village north of Paris France best rgds....marc

Posted by marc September 30, 08 03:45 PM

When I was only 9 years old, studying at a public school in the Philippines, I have been reciting the poem about a pussy cat going to London to visit the Queen and then asked myself when I was going to visit the Queen.
I never thought I would come and now live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England and have been to London but never have the chance to visit the Queen. But speaking of London, I can say that it is a first class city for its beauty and class.
I am taking my hat off to you for producing such beautiful and first class photos about London. Congratulations!

Posted by Libby Mackie September 30, 08 03:52 PM

Awesome pictures! Fabulous photography! I was fortunate to have visited London twice in my 70-some years.After viewing(studying) these photos, I am detemined to go back a couple of times ,at least , with good legs and good walking shoes. Then a relaxing ride on The Eye???????

Posted by Regina dixon September 30, 08 08:44 PM

WOW Makes this ex Londoner want to visit,(havent been back since 1976)

Posted by Colin Rosenberg September 30, 08 09:31 PM

We were in London for 2 weeks in Aug./08. Pay toilets? - YES - but why? Go to McDonalds. They have free toilets. Thank you McDonalds. No human drinking fountains in Hyde Park. If you want a drink you've got to purchase a bottle of water.
Someone has shut OFF the human drinking fountains. Yes there's water down low for dogs. Buses that didn't keep their schedule. London Tower was over crowded still they continued to sell more tickets.
Now about these photographs. They are remarkable. Excellent almost express the quality of work accomplished in these photo. Thank you.

Posted by Donald Houser September 30, 08 11:02 PM

The pictures are VERY impressive. The BBC TV programme called Britain From the Air is well worth watching - but especially if you know some of the places. However, despite being British, I hadnt been to quite a few of the locations they showed, but have since made the effort to go and see them for myself... from the ground!

Posted by Stephen October 1, 08 01:30 AM

My home town, Stunning, thanks for sharing

Posted by Maria October 1, 08 05:28 AM

Fantastic Pictures London is truly a beautiful city

Posted by Shani russell October 1, 08 07:15 AM

My wife and I 1st visited LONDON in 1983 on our Honeymoon. We have been back every year since then, except for one. 24 or 25 years. Knock it if you like, but it is the most important and most impressive city in the world. GOD bless my favorite city on the planet. We have been to almost every continent and hundreds of cities and yet we go back to LONDON every year. As Dr. Samuel Johnson said about 100 years ago, “Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Looking forward to our next trip.

Don & Terri - Kansas City, Missouri

Posted by Don Rogers October 1, 08 08:40 AM

Thankyou Jason Hawkes,perfect pictures,you have endless talent.
So very impressed.

Posted by Sophia Khan October 1, 08 11:39 AM

These are just awesome!

Posted by Darren John October 1, 08 01:15 PM

I was born in Chelsea and at one time worked close to the Tower of London, back two years ago and can't believe all the new buildings. Congratulations and thanks for all the wonderful pictures. I now have lived in Canada for 50 years but look forward to next visit to my hometown.

Posted by Sally Reed October 1, 08 01:16 PM


Posted by HARKISHAN MEHTA October 1, 08 01:34 PM

These shots made my heart beat a little faster. I'm at work till 7pm, but now all I want to do afterward is jump on the 94 and go straight to the center.

Posted by Christa October 1, 08 01:37 PM

Those are 'mind-blowingly' beautiful pictures - awesome, fantastic, great work! Thanks for sharing them with us - makes me want to go there right now!

Posted by Debbie Pretorius October 1, 08 02:24 PM

I live in London and these pictures help me remember why! I love the light and there is so little trafic that it looks to me like early hours of an August morning. It reminds me of when i used to be coming home from clubbing at 6am.

Thank you

Posted by Samantha Shanley October 1, 08 06:00 PM

Amazing pics, Left it 25 years ago for australia for a better life, have been back once hope to go again to see it before I drop off the perch. 70 next year maybe then. Once again great pics. & a great photographer I am still proud to be a Pom

Posted by Ken brown October 1, 08 11:42 PM

these are beautiful pictures. i would love to take a holiday there

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 08 01:17 AM

No photoshopping necessary!

Posted by Handy Mandy October 2, 08 02:38 AM

I am impressed by the beauty, brilliance and perspective of these London pics.
Great!! I Visited the city in 2007, but here I saw and overview I have never had before. Thanks!

Posted by Jochen Tofall October 2, 08 03:02 AM

I thought the pictures were fantastic, Seeing London by night is far preferable to seeing it from the air by day. I will be sending these on to my friends all over the world as they are as good as, if not better, then any you can get from any other city in the world.

Posted by Allan Stewart October 2, 08 04:48 AM

What great and wonderful pictures! The city is amazing to see with such clarity and beauty. The photographer's work is outstanding! Here in the Ozark mountain country of Oklahoma, USA, we don't see so many lights. I am blessed to have a "Brit" for a pal ,that sent them to me. As an 'okie' I wonder that there are no accidents - with the numerous vehicles going on the wrong side of the streets! LOL

Posted by Wilburtia Burns October 2, 08 08:49 AM

London truly is a giant playground for adults. Although I love travelling the world, London is the only city where the whole world comes to you; black, white, yellow, young and old, gay and straight. Dive in and live out your wildest fantasies on the streets and towers of London!!

Posted by Oliver Murray October 2, 08 10:27 AM

I have never been London, but have always wanted to go. These photographs make me want to go all over again. They are spectacular!

Posted by Sandra October 2, 08 12:23 PM

My wife and I have been to London three times. She loves it. I do not care for the hustle and bustle. I love its history. Now that I have seen the awsome photography, I want to go back. Absolutely fantastic.

Posted by Don Woolly October 2, 08 01:52 PM

Hats off to wonderful pics. Give the man an A plus for originality and scope.
They bring Londona alive, At night it takes on a new form with the lights. London is full of wonderful and warm people. Had lots of fun on my visit there a few years ago. Congrats to the helicopter pilot for his elevation for the phiotographer.
Great job to both. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Anne October 2, 08 03:05 PM

The photos are beautiful ! I was in London in the 80's and found it to be delightful. The people were friendly and helpful. I hope to return in the near future.

Posted by Deanne Matney October 2, 08 03:05 PM

OK, so some people complain about the use of energy - but if they were there they would probably complain about unlit roads... etc, etc.

Posted by J.A.C. October 2, 08 04:35 PM

Saw a lot more of London in these photographs than I did during two brief visits in 1970 & 1971 while studying at ULB Bruxelles, Belgique.

London looks quite different now, and from above, than it did during my all too short stays.Wish, how I wish, I were able to share, once again, the beauty and excitement
and interesting sites of this great city.

Congratulations to the photographer!


Posted by Roland Dion, San Diego, CA October 2, 08 05:40 PM

London is a beautiful city by day, it's even more beautiful by night. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

Posted by anita chan October 2, 08 06:22 PM

I'm out of words to discribe the beauty in every picture. I consider myself fortunate to have received this from a friend and I will hurry to forward it to all in my address book.

Thank you so much Jason and BRAVO!

Posted by F. Mallais October 2, 08 07:53 PM

aww i wanna go home....i didnt realise how much i miss england and the fish n chips

Posted by diane October 3, 08 12:02 AM

Oh! How I miss my London. The pics are wonderful. I remember a poster i had on my English classroom which stated "If you are tired of London you are tired of life"

An ex Pat in Tennessee USA.

Posted by Jennifer Cotter October 3, 08 08:28 AM

It is amazing............ I love London too........

Posted by Himali October 3, 08 11:04 AM

What stunning photography - the pictures are beautiful. Well done Jason

Posted by Linda S. from Kent October 3, 08 11:53 AM

Love the photos they are fantastic. Was in London Feb and March this year 2008 and visited most of the places shown from ground level. Well done have sent the photos to my daughter who was with me.

Posted by William October 3, 08 12:41 PM

Beautiful pictures!!!!!! You can take that type of picture of all the great cities.
Ablolutely fantastic!

Posted by Nancy October 3, 08 02:51 PM

Had the pictures been slightly smaller, the full photo and the description at the bottom would have been available in the frame. The photos were astounding.

Posted by Ron Walker October 3, 08 04:31 PM

I am not a Londoner, though many of my Ancesters were, but I am English, and proud to be so.
The Photographs are awesome, I still hope to see London at night on the "Eye"
Thankyou so Much.

Posted by Mrs Pamela Usherwood October 3, 08 05:39 PM

I have to go there!!!

Posted by Russ Blair October 4, 08 12:51 AM

As Dr Johnson said.."he who is tired of London is tired of life" - these pictures merely give an updated endorsement of the good doctor's observation.
Great camerawork.....

Posted by Raymond Batkin October 4, 08 05:19 AM

I have been to U.K. twice and yet it is so refreshing to see beautiful pictures of the country. Posted by David Godinho-New Delhi, India

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 08 06:51 AM

Is it the light in the dark, is it, that no people can be seen? What amazes everybody in this perfect photographs? May be the shinig result of hard work and great thinking.

Posted by Hanno October 4, 08 12:52 PM

Cool! Love the pictures!

Posted by The Stig October 4, 08 02:35 PM

awesome.. wish i could visit London sometime....thanks for sharing...

Posted by Shirley October 4, 08 03:54 PM

These pictures are so awesome! I've only been to London twice, with my brother and my sister-in-law, and can hardly wait until I can go back.

Posted by Jeran October 4, 08 04:12 PM

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London so.!!
I am an expatriot who moved to the U.S.A. in 1967.
These pictures are magnificient

Posted by Jackie Swartz October 4, 08 04:17 PM

After reading all the comments, would like to say that a "GAFFER" is your boss, at least where I come from up there. I have spent many trips to London on a Pan Am jet but since they went down, I just fly to North County, Manchester. The lights are remarkable and I think London is better than Paris for "Ciy of Lights" The photographer fantastic. Being a Brit in the USA this makes me want to nce again to the country of my birth again -keep up the good work and abort the negative comments, we don't need them.

Posted by Gilda Bart October 4, 08 04:42 PM
872. should watch the night pictures of Paris, Rome, Berlin and Madrid.....At the same level, believe me.
Unfortunatelly I did not keept he pictures that were sent to me of those cities and they were absolutely breathtaking.
Europe has learned to use even light as a work of Art.
London, anyway, is such a beauty, day or night. If it would not be so expensive, I would travel there more often
And that said,I live in Rome

Posted by ENRICO BERGIER October 4, 08 05:09 PM

I have not traveled that part of the world, but it looks like a place I could call home, I know several people from the area and they are just as grand as the picturtes...

Posted by Jim Spanglert October 5, 08 01:46 AM

Wow---what a city. I cannot wait to go one day! It`s pleasantly mesmerizing to look down into the city and wonder about all the hundreds of thousands of people working, eating, shopping, romancing, driving, walking the streets holding hands, sleeping, among other things all at this very moment.

Posted by JimHofman October 5, 08 02:16 AM

London needs to do more to reduce her carbon foot print. Did you see all the lights on in that city?

Posted by Lois October 5, 08 02:56 AM

aahaaaaaaaa nice n lovely pictures...........

Posted by shankar lal October 5, 08 04:55 AM

Fantastic photos, they really show the scale of the city....London is truly a one of the world's wonders...... Mankind has really created marvelous cities all over the world, but these pics are very thought provoking in that they make me wonder about our impact on the natural environment, and the earth as a whole....

Posted by Mike, Delaware USA October 5, 08 08:43 AM

Fantastic pictures! amazing, impressive
London is such a beautiful city day and night!

Posted by Hector Geist October 5, 08 09:03 AM

Glorious London,a city to be proud of.

Posted by Louise October 5, 08 10:10 AM

Amazing photos......London......Nostalgia...

Posted by GARIK October 5, 08 10:21 AM

Born in Tottenham ,London in 1926 and lived there until 1953, when we moved to
Victoria BC.Canada. Thanks Jason for wonderful pictures of the greatest city in the world..Lived through the Blitz and now at 82 relive a lot of good memories.
Good Luck Britain you can show the world. Margy and Len Brdgeman.

Posted by Margery Bridgeman October 5, 08 04:13 PM

What a wonderful reminder of just how beautiful London really is - especially the pictures of the city, the financial district and those with Tower Bridge ! I now know I must re-visit the places I once worked in and lived within 20 miles of for over 60 years.
Hearty congratulations to photographer Jason Hawkes on his skill in taking such amazing and sharp shots.

Posted by Michael Chilton October 5, 08 04:59 PM

absolutely wonderful !1!, although I was born there I left aged two and never returned, How I would like to rectify that , Michael you have a great talent , thankyou for shareing these views with us .

Posted by Joy Morgan October 5, 08 11:08 PM

wonderful photography, wonderful city, the flower of europe, 42 years in Aussie but still a POM at heart

Posted by Cliff Morgan October 6, 08 12:04 AM

amazing photography andyeah we do live in a wonderful city, shame about the people in it!!!!

Posted by annonomous October 6, 08 07:12 AM

very fantastic photography! and really amazing, I would like to visit this beautiful and very clean city one day in my life time.

Best wishes for the adventurous photo grapher.

Posted by S.SURESHKUMAR October 6, 08 08:23 AM

Its a ghetto with more crime than all of Europe put together.

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 08 01:34 PM

Stunning photos! I have been to London and loved the time I spent there - will go back if I can

Posted by N. Clarke October 6, 08 02:06 PM

Superb photos Jason - well done. I enjoyed tracing my walk home from work (Minories, EC3 by The Tower, over Tower Bridge to London Bridge Station, via the South Bank riverwalk; past the 'Headiamp' (City Hall), HMS Belfast and Hays Galleria. Am a photographer myself, and also a pilot (PPL) - so appreciate and applaud your pilot's skill in providing you with such great frames.

Don't listen to some of the worthless crap spouted by a very few jealous nobodies, ecology commandos (the world's latest and greatest bores) and general idiots with nothing to say, posting pointlessly on what is supposed to be a photography discussion. Thanks also to Alan and The Boston Globe for giving this the space.

Posted by Philip, London October 6, 08 03:37 PM

A brave and talanted man!

Posted by K Mundy October 6, 08 05:57 PM

Wow! It is breath taking....
Used to live in London, for 15 years....
Memories just overwhelmed me!!!
I would say... "MY BEAUTIFUL LONDON"
Still have my children living there, and hope to return one day, HOME SWEET HOME!

Posted by Shaida Jamal-Daya October 6, 08 08:29 PM

You have such talent !!!! Amazing photos. Never been there, really had no desire to go...until now. I enjoy my small town, but I wouldn't mind visiting London. It looks so lit up, so bright...I wouldn't be able to sleep!!! But in the same token, I think I could adjust. If nothing else, I would surely get lost...It would be quite an adventure!!! And what better place to have an adventure in than London!!!

Posted by Michele Gundlach in (Small Town), Ohio,USA October 6, 08 10:51 PM

so beautiful london at night
i can only see its pictures but i can not go there because i am an afghan

Posted by samim October 7, 08 03:34 AM

wow, my time a day. gotta go there

Posted by dave October 7, 08 04:24 AM

What fantastic pictures! I have always thought that London is a beautiful city. The entire layout - the parks, architecture, streets - whether viewed by day or night.
Thank you for this truly wonderful treat!!

Posted by Helen October 7, 08 04:29 AM

These pictures are indeed fantastic but look closer and see the poverty and the drug dealers and the shootings!!

Posted by John wright October 7, 08 05:00 AM

things always look better in the dark lol,,,,,, very nice pics

Posted by pj morgan October 7, 08 05:14 AM

¡Fantastics photographes..!. I have visited London with my wife recently and we like a lot that beautiful town. We expect to have the opportunity to visit London again as soon as possible. Congratulations to the photographer .

Posted by Julián de Pablos October 7, 08 07:02 AM

very nice pix of London`snight

Posted by nidhi October 7, 08 09:29 AM

Its future!Modern world.Contrary to wher i am from. ITs nature thats make it beautiful.

Posted by Rinchenthongdrel October 7, 08 09:56 AM

magnifique .......... tout simplement

Posted by patrice (FRANCE) October 7, 08 10:46 AM

I think London is the best city that I've ever know^^
I love this place, and this photos are great!!

Posted by Manuelspain October 7, 08 11:02 AM

Well done. London ! ! I have had the good fortune to have visited London many times in my work and have always enjoyed the pulse of the city and the people. We speak the same language but have enjoyable little differences in describing things. Bonnet, boot, lift, many more but most of all driving on the left. And all of that from a TEXAN

Posted by Morgan R Kelly October 7, 08 11:59 AM

I will celebrate my 60th birthday in London, visiting relatives I've never met before will be first on my list , then off to Harrods shopping for the day. The pictures are surely amazing now you've got my mind rolling on where to start my planning.
Thank You !!

Posted by Patricia Canada October 7, 08 08:55 PM

I will celebrate my 60th birthday in London, visiting relatives I've never met before will be first on my list , then off to Harrods shopping for the day. The pictures are surely amazing now you've got my mind rolling on where to start my planning.
Thank You !!

Posted by Patricia Canada October 7, 08 08:56 PM

I was born inEngland, the last time I saw London it was almost rebuilt from
the terrible war damage, it is lovely to see such beautiful present day pictures
almost makes me homesick. I was back for a visit in '69, my daugher has
visited twice, but I would like to see it once more, I am a warbride and Canada
is now my home, for 62 years.

Posted by B. Dalrymple October 7, 08 09:59 PM

Looks very beautiful, I would love to visit London sometime

Posted by Kim Sterling October 8, 08 12:08 AM

Don't Londoners turn the lights off ? What a waste of energy.
Nice pictures, but no one works in the downtown offices at night, but all the lights are on in the office towers. I don't get it???????

Posted by Chris L October 8, 08 01:07 AM


Posted by Kaye October 8, 08 02:28 AM

In these photos, you can''t see the filth, violence, crime, horrendous crowds, constant traffic jams and almost unbelievable rudeness of the city below. I'm in London now and cannot wait to leave.

Posted by joe October 8, 08 04:25 AM

Also check out some amazing night photography of London on this interactive website:

Posted by Matt Johnstone October 8, 08 05:09 AM

I love London and the rest of England, with green lush countryside. Lovely photography.

Posted by Vonnie October 8, 08 07:25 AM

Amazingly clear images. Beautiful London at night, but not too promising re greenhouse gases!

Posted by Rosanna October 8, 08 08:50 AM

Magnificent city...amazing photography! Thank you

Posted by Denise Nettleton October 8, 08 11:30 AM

But don't foget to switch your TV off and don't leave it on standby, therefore saving enegy and the planet

Posted by Frank October 8, 08 12:20 PM

Fantastic pictures. I love London by night, what beautiful colours,.
Would have loved to see Wembley all lit up though

Thank you from a very proud Londoner

Posted by Jayne October 8, 08 04:24 PM

Looks good ---- But where is cornation street ??

Posted by Lloyd Stankey Canada October 8, 08 05:53 PM

Oh such a wonder amazing what human society has achieved in rebuilding I wonder what it looked like in 1945!!!!!! We are so lucky arent we

Posted by Jilliann CLUNES,NSW AUSTRALIA October 8, 08 11:11 PM

What wonderful photography shows how beautiful London can look. But it is a shame how we are told about global warming and to switch off all non required lights and switches at home its a shame all the big corporations always seem to get away with it. if all the big cities started switching off it might give some others thought to do the same

Posted by Glenham Frost October 9, 08 03:27 AM

Hi 918 In 1945
have a look in the records dep't of The Imperial War Museum,in particular a diary of a Mr G woodward (heavy rescue) therein you shall know what differences are now,
Mr Photographer,What a time you must have! great fun,and daring shot's,how do you get past the athorities to take pictures at night in a helicopter?

Posted by James P Batt October 9, 08 04:59 AM

1950's song:-
London by night is a wonderful sight, there is magic abroad in the air
I'm often told that the srreets turn to gold when the moon shines on circus or square
Deep in the dark that envelops the park there's romance in each cigarettes glow
Down by the Thames lights that sparkle like gems seem to wink at each girl and her beau
Up comes the moon when the city's asleep, he's not alone for it seems
Somewhere up there is an Angel to keep a watch while each Londoner dreams
My love and I watched the sun leave the sky, then we kissed in the fast fading light
Most people say they love London by day, But Lovers love London by Night!

Posted by Tony Hill October 9, 08 06:01 AM

Outstanding photography Mr. Hawkes! I enjoyed seeing places I visited in the past, only now from a bird's eye view and in the comfort of my chair. Thanks for the wonderful memories and for preserving such beauty for posterity in digital format. Mara Yeates-Trumbo British Subject living in Rugby (Tennessee) USA

Posted by Mara Yeates-Trumbo October 9, 08 08:12 AM

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -CHEW THAT POWER - SUCK THE EARTH DRY !!!! And then, when there's none left, we'll make more power!!! Pity the generation a hundred years from now. Sorry - I just had a bad day at golf - ARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH..

Posted by Jim October 9, 08 10:43 AM


Posted by Anjum October 9, 08 12:13 PM

Ich bin aus London! Yes,born and bred and still here after 45 years! My family were
all here during The Blitz . I've loved and romanced here [still do!] and boast to our
American cousins about our [and your] history! I am learning German to visit our
'freunds' in Berlin, and many also from Deutschland 'commen sie hier' for our
common heritage! Thank you World for all of your lovely comments about 'My Fair
Lady' and 'Old Father Thames' and just watch us put on our THIRD Olympics!!!

Posted by Laurence Williams October 9, 08 03:36 PM

Never saw any thing this beautiful, am in oxford, now i can not wait to really see what it looks like and feels like just gat to uk from 9ja for studies. will definitly give it a try. you really tried in these captures they are wanderfull.

Posted by Anita October 9, 08 04:47 PM

All I can find for words is......WOW! It is beautiful but a bit too busy for me. I can't help but notice that it was as if every inch of ground contained a building, road, water, etc. I can not imagine living and working in such a metropolis and the hustle and bustle that goes along with it. I guess I will always be a country bumpkin and thank goodness there are those who opt for cities or there would be no country left.

Posted by Cheryl Denis from Danbury, New Hampshire, USA October 9, 08 08:40 PM

I spent 3 weeks with my daughter and my wife in London in July this year 2008.
You must if possible get some one who knows London to make a list of places to go for you.We had perfect weather and the people were so well mannered.My wife and i are in our 70s My wife did not have to stand once on bus or on the under-ground,which is the only way to travel.What magnificent Photo's,they bring back some lovely memories.Ben.

Posted by Bernard Green Sydney Australia October 10, 08 05:17 AM

This is really good stuff well done

Posted by Bob from Australia October 10, 08 05:28 AM

You have done awesome work with your camera. I was sent to take a look at your pictures through a friend. Thanks Peter for doing so. Through your lense,you have made London very romantic. May I walk the streets of London on my travells someday.

Posted by Toni -Lee October 10, 08 09:28 AM

I just came back from London and my......the negative comments mean nothing to me. Of course no city is 100% perfect, but if you keep your eyes open you will find what must be the most incredible city I have ever visited.

I walked into the Great Court in the British Museum which like so much in London I knew nothing about, as I didn't like to read too much touristy stuff. I was amazed! The American lady next to me gasped and said 'that is the most harmonious space I have ever seen'. Well I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been there. Yes I can. I won't get into a City vs City debate but of all the cities I have visited London was the best. Each borough (of which there are many) was distinct, it was like a great adventure. People who call it a rude city are the very people who dont understand that a city this huge is full of people who need to get somewhere fast. It is not personal, they are just very busy. Most people were polite, courteous, and full of great humour, very British, very English.

Best memory: This is difficult. Just walking, randomly taking the tube.

Posted by Johnny October 10, 08 01:34 PM

These pictures make me homesick...we lived in London for 5 years and two of our children were born there. I would move back in a heartbeat! What wondeful photos!

Posted by Lise October 10, 08 02:33 PM

Great work. It is indeed a pity that the city is so crowded with buildings with very little green areas, Al D., Canada

Posted by Anonymous October 10, 08 03:41 PM

I was born and bred in London (Hammersmith). I now live out in the sticks!!
Seeing these photos just make me very proud to be a Londoner. check out
Jason's web site for a great many more pictures of London, there is more to see.

Posted by Keith October 10, 08 06:33 PM

my firend BHADRESH is in london... he always talk about this...

Posted by Ramesh Gadhvi October 11, 08 03:05 AM

Thanks a million for sharing your wonderful pics. Amazing!!!

We were fortunate to visit London two years ago and got the taste of your wonderful city, and would like to go back for a month.

Went on the London Eye - WOW!

Posted by David Powley October 11, 08 10:20 AM

I am a born and bred Londoner (Mile End) Thank you for portraying my home city in such a wonderful way I was born when it was being bombed day and nght and I have watched it evolve into the great city it is today It ain't perfect but it will suit me Thanks for such wonderful photos

Posted by Ted Dalton October 11, 08 11:49 AM

So how come the UK is going to the Dogs if we can achieve all this ???
Shame about the UK !!!
Maybe we should photograph our way out the the Hole we are in !!
Anyone got a Flash Bulb??

Posted by Phill October 11, 08 01:19 PM

It made me homesick for England, I remembered times long ago when London was just a train ride away. A person cannot go to London and not appreciate the beauty and history of the one and only London. I have traveled to many places in my long life, But London is still my favourite city. These are the best pictures I have ever seen
Thank you for taking them

Posted by Edith Driver October 11, 08 01:23 PM

I was i London two months ago had a wonderful time it is Spectacular.

Posted by Mary Allen October 11, 08 01:58 PM

To the person at number 933. London is twice the area of New York, and it has the most green space of any major city in the world. I say this because what you're seeing in these pics is a fraction of London.

The Victorians/Edwardians and even later built the worlds finest parks. 33% of London is green space.

Posted by Johnny October 11, 08 03:07 PM

My husband and I and my sister were in London 2 weeks ago and stayed at Mary Sumner House. We had a similar wonderful view of picture no. 2 - Big Ben from our bedroom windows. What a wonderful city London is. These are fantastic photograhs.

Posted by Jan Strehler, Vancouver, Canada Oct.11/08 October 12, 08 12:41 AM

I'm a Londoner from 1950 - and I reckon that these pictures could only have been taken with some wizard technology not available until 'today'
How is the camera kept still for fine, long range detail - or, I guess it's incredibly sensitive sensor with a VERY short exposure - hence the black tops of buildings have detail - + Moonlight maybe?!
This is fascinating technique
LONDON - Alluring but tough!

Posted by Steve SOMERS October 12, 08 07:50 AM

stunning! magnificent! overwhelming! amazing!...........the man deserves an award!

Posted by abhimanyu October 12, 08 05:41 PM

These photos are spectacular! It is a dream of mine to visit England someday. These pictures make me want to go all the more. I am lucky to have a cousin there who sent the link to me. Thanks Dona and thanks to you Jason for sharing your hard work and talent with us.

Posted by Mary Cannady N.C. U.S.A. October 12, 08 08:02 PM

I have visited London a few times and seeing these pictures makes me want to go back again. They are AMAZING!

Posted by S KUMAR October 13, 08 12:03 AM

Im a boy from Oz.(born Manchester,deserted 1966as a 10 pound immigrant.))Went back around 1982 for 1st time and drove to London with a mate.Left the car at Earls Court before we left a week later.could not cope with the traffic then, It took us 2 hours to get out thanks to the nice misleading directions we got from the locals.( They must have picked the Aussie accents).What chance will i have next year if i visit.?. Great city , fabulous ,This view is fantastic but scares me to think that I may have to drive there again.I dont think so. Taxis and tube and Shankshes pony are fine..congrats on great photos.Come to Oz and have aBBQ.Cool.

Posted by Dave Cole October 13, 08 04:20 AM

I am a born and bred Londoner still living here. I didn't realise what jewel we had until I saw those breathtaking pictures.

I have enjoyed showing my American friends around London but now I will take time out to see them all again, just for myself.

Posted by Lesley October 13, 08 05:01 AM

these are wonderful!

Posted by rebecca Campbell October 13, 08 06:11 AM

I have never been to England the pictures are just beautiful I always wondered what it would be like and thanks to you I found out.

Posted by Beverly Samuelson, Hampton, NH October 13, 08 09:03 AM

Why do Brits and Americans alike use every opportunity to snipe at each other about WW2, IRA funding, overweight people, bad dental hygiene and the list goes on ad nauseum...I've been visiting London and England for over thirty years and living here fo the last five. No it's not America or New York but why would anyone coming here expect it to be? It is expensive but it's worth the trip and as far as I know it's STILL the number one tourist attracting city in the world....chill out folks, enjoy the photos for what they are, snapshots of a living vibrant city and leave the politics for another forum.........

Posted by Jake October 13, 08 09:09 AM

These are wonderful!

Posted by DIANA October 13, 08 10:02 AM

lived there for 4 years until 2006 december and loved every bit of it...wish i could get a job there and live there!!! brought back all the memories!!!

Posted by Sam October 13, 08 10:13 AM

Super Outstanding images very well done and shot

Posted by Barry Ailetcher October 13, 08 11:19 AM

Excellent photojournalism. Thank you.

Posted by Robert October 13, 08 12:45 PM

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. Having just returned from London two weeks ago,they are still fresh in my mind.
All the pictures are fantastic- but numbers 6,9 and 17 are "tops" -reveal a depth of details!
Great job and "hats Off" to Jason Hawkes and the pilot.

Posted by Mani from Orlando,FL October 13, 08 12:50 PM

Fantabulous and spectacular! London rocks once again in Jason's images!

Posted by Punam Singh October 13, 08 01:00 PM

Qué fotografias!!!!
Son geniales, fantasticas, espectaculares....sin palabras!

Posted by Cristina October 13, 08 01:45 PM

These pictures are magnificent!!! London is a city I have always dreamed of living and now seeing these pictures I wish I was younger so I could make the dream come true. Thanks for sharing!!!

Posted by Barbara October 13, 08 03:17 PM

What a dump. Lucky the lights are on to make it look half decent

Posted by Dave October 13, 08 06:29 PM

Fantastic Photos... I have lived and worked in London all my life, a lot of negative comments are regarding how many lights are left on during the night... People should understand it gets dark at 4pm in the winter, many people work in the city till 9pm and the shops stay open even later.. it helps to have the lights on to work and walk... Hello!!............I wonder if the same people are as energy efficient as they make out to be?

Posted by Phil Wood October 13, 08 07:22 PM

To Comment 960 `Dave' Your the kind of bloke who makes London the "dump"
Why bother commenting? Its a shame your not "half Decent"! yourself...
You were obviously interested enough to look at the pictures in the first place thou!?

Posted by Londoner October 13, 08 07:27 PM

Homesick... odd, seeing that I am an Aussie, Sydney born and have only been to London 10 or so times, what gorgeous photography! Looks like the travel bug is blighting again!

Posted by Mark K October 13, 08 11:09 PM

Fantastic pictures. Beautifully taken and not at all easy considering the exposures required. But London and other cities look great in the dark from a distance. Get up close and all they are are a mass of humanity scrambling to get where they want. I can't say I miss living and working in London at all.

Posted by R Wiltshire October 14, 08 04:50 AM

what a fantastic piece of photogaphy
i had worked in london for the past 8 yrs it's a shame i didn't take all the incredible sites into consideration/ just drove past
as 947 dave says traffic is a problem but if your a tourist take the tube that way you get more time to spend looking around

Posted by rob October 14, 08 07:25 AM

Amazing best London Aerial Picture at Night I've ever seen. Just wondering what camera setting was used? (How can slow shutter speed taken on Helicopter?) Special camera?
Good to see my favourite stadium at Emirates at night.
Well done.
K. Bromley (Gooners Fan)

Posted by Mr Kerry Bromley October 14, 08 12:33 PM

it is very beautiful.... someone must ride on the helicopter .. and with good camera too.... it is so real...

Posted by debbie mcewan October 14, 08 04:18 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 14, 08 04:20 PM

wonderful i've worked in most of the area shown when i worked for BT as a service engineer now retired and living in France and don't miss the traffic at all but lovely to reminiss on the greatest city in the world

Posted by john b October 14, 08 04:48 PM


Posted by jeanette dugger October 14, 08 05:00 PM

I have never seen London in such light !! Thank you for your wonderfull pictures,

Posted by John O' Shea London October 14, 08 05:26 PM

I live in Surrey and find myself getting excited every time I catch the train into beautiful London. Has anyone played the real monopoly, its a most amazing game. Visit every place on the board, photograph the proof and make yourself an album of an experience never to forget. Dave(960) you must be a sad sad person, i feel sorry for you. Possum

Posted by Possum October 14, 08 06:17 PM


Posted by Tammy October 14, 08 07:24 PM

You could have more or so caught the more urban feel you know, highlight the nice residential areas.

Posted by Lauren Smyth October 14, 08 08:07 PM

Great photos. I don't think that the "carbon footprint" is a problem though. Britain's contribution of pollution is a drop in the ocean to places like China.

Posted by George Jungle October 15, 08 06:55 AM

All photographs are amazing..........

Posted by Harsha Panchal October 15, 08 08:53 AM

What a shame that no matter where you go in this world,there is always somebody who can only see the nasty side of life. All large cities have things that
are not to be desired, we can't change things but we can all try to look for beauty and when we see it enjoy it !
Try not to read the horrible comments that some people have said, it's just there nature and they can't help the way they are made, just feel sorry for them,they are in the minority. LONDON IS WONDERFUL. I am very proud to be a =Londoner.

Posted by denis October 15, 08 09:08 AM

...All photographs are amazing.....................

Posted by Harsha panchal October 15, 08 09:13 AM

It all looks so beautiful, i really hadn't realised it.

Posted by Carole Trevethan October 15, 08 10:28 AM

A unique view of my home town and today probably the best and safest way to view it.

An amazing city but just not what it was, thanks for these wonderful shots, technically brilliant but first time visitors need to know that much of central London is a haven of muggers, pickpockets and marauding drunks and all the best neighbourhoods are owned by Russians and Saudis -sad.

Posted by David - retired to Florida October 15, 08 01:06 PM

Anywhere in the world would look nice through this photographers eye, the crime and poverty has nothing to do with beauty that is in the eye of the beholder, regards to "go green" have you flown over toronto at night?. or any city in the world for that matter, maybe it is due to all those "years in the dark" go London...

Posted by margaret October 15, 08 02:35 PM

Photos are great. But you wouldnt want to walk those streets at nite since we have been invaded by eastern europeans

Posted by s andy October 15, 08 03:14 PM

Surrealistic. Great lighting. Makes you want to go there. Up the English.

Posted by Michael A. Timpane October 15, 08 04:03 PM

Unbelievable! Have recently moved to London and find it a city of such contrast, beauty and inspiration! These photographs make me feel even more excited about how lucky I am to be here...

Posted by Aparna October 15, 08 05:06 PM

Congratulations to Mr Hawkes and thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs. I used to live in London and I am definitely going back for a visit !!

Posted by Maria Johns October 15, 08 09:04 PM

ahhhhhhhh London. Ex Londoner now living in Melbourne. Thanks for this amazing photographs.

Posted by HRG October 15, 08 09:48 PM

These are fantastic photos. Indescribable! Though I've never been to London, I've seen photos from friends,but never like these. Will keep this site for viewing at leisure.

Posted by Annie Yeo October 16, 08 01:32 AM

Incredible pics. How did Jason manage to get above it all?!!

Posted by Vyvyan M. Symons October 16, 08 03:56 AM

I lived in London for seven years and always love going back. These pictures show a lot of the beauty of the city at night, thank you for sharing them. Some people on this board are being derogatory about our lovely capital. (a) There ARE loads of green spaces in London, they're just not shown in night pictures 'cos they'd look boring with no lights. (b) Why ask about the lights being on at night? When else would you put them on? They'd look stupid in the daytime. And a LOT of people do actually work all night FYI. (c) Of course there are bad things in London as in every city, drugs, squalor, rubbish etc. But why would anyone want to take pictures of them unless it was for a news story?

Posted by Khbs October 16, 08 04:22 AM

All apart from Arsenal's losing ground are good.

Posted by Yasser October 16, 08 04:31 AM

I love London and these brilliant photos just make me so proud to be part of such an amazing entity. I live and work in the centre and spend so much time walking around, watching people go by. There is such peace within such life.

Thanks Jason for the work involved in producing these images.

Posted by Paul Hicks October 16, 08 04:57 AM

Yes looks nice but what a waste of energy, Makes you realise what a load of crap it is trying to save energy, when this lot is switched on all night.

Posted by Edd Terran October 16, 08 05:24 AM

Really great photos, never seen beuty like this

Posted by Amit Makwana October 16, 08 09:25 AM

super photo's to think from a high pos'n it looks great,but to live there is a different matter

Posted by barry dearsley October 16, 08 11:39 AM

Fantastic photogaphy. The detail is outstanding. I've never been to London but after seeing these photos I feel I have. Wonderful. I live in a small town on Vancouver Island called Port Alberni British Columbia Canada. Maybe we will get there one day.

Posted by Ramon Kwok October 16, 08 12:00 PM

Amazing. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous October 16, 08 01:32 PM

I have just fallen in Love with London again!! I lived in London in 1971/2 and visited every year. It is fabulous, wonderful at night - but what a lot of wasted energy!! Some of us have to suffer power outages due to lack of suffieciet energy.

Posted by Joanne October 16, 08 03:10 PM

I live in London with my daughter and husband. We also are fortunate to have homes in some amazing countries and from our windows there, we have incredible views . However, it is ALWAYS London, the British countryside and yes... the WEATHER that I miss most when I am abroad. We are fortunate to have incredible 360 degree views in our UK home, so these pics are spectacular, as they capture the pure nocturnal magic of London. I think that I will have to print them off, so I can carry them around with me, when I feel homesick for this magical city!

Posted by Isabella Moorsom Ohan October 16, 08 05:51 PM

Thanks so very much for making these photographs accessible on the Internet! I was born in the US; but I was raised as if I was in the United Kingdom. I have been to London 9 times. When my Soulmate and I got married, we went to London on our honeymoon. He told me on day 2 that I had obviously come home!!!

Posted by Linn Gyger October 16, 08 06:16 PM

Born in London in 1940. Knew the West End well as a teenager and worked off Oxford Street.. Used to take my girl friends to Soho, which gave me pretty high street cred in the late fifties. Brilliant photography. All huge cities have crime and pollution problems. Don't knock The Smoke, the photography doesn't really do it total justice. But did they HAVE to pedestrianise Piccadilly Circus???? Quite spoils an old mans memories but I suppose everything must move on. Awesome is the word all right.

Posted by trevor bristow October 16, 08 08:39 PM

Fabulous photography which made miss miss London by night as I browsed through them. It's a good thing we can't see the security cameras on almost every corner or feel the gloom in the air... I lived in London for 30 years when one could drive anywhere and park in most places with out fear of being clamped or fined! I wouldn't change my simple life on an Island in South East Asia for the London rush hour, late transport, expensive taxis, rude street kids, cold damp weather or the dirty North Circular to list just a few of my groans... how about some photos of the City during the average winters day light? They could be romantic and energising too...

Posted by Susie October 16, 08 09:14 PM

Brilliant photos and so much fun to actually recognize places we have seen and been to. We had a lovely time there this summer, then went on to a cruise. Unexpectedly, we met a great British couple and miss them terribly, even more with the viewing of these pictures.

Posted by Cindy of Atlanta, GA October 16, 08 10:03 PM

Sitting at my computer here in Sydney I had a feeling of nostalgia looking at the city of my birth ( Bow) in 1940.It has certainly come a long way since my leaving london in 1964.However, Australia is the place for me!

Posted by David sheridan October 17, 08 12:53 AM

wow..... it,s too cool to see london in pictures,......i assure u that i ill see this country,infact i have a wish to settle down there....i hope it would b happen.

Posted by SUJATA TYAGI October 17, 08 10:05 AM

Thank you so much for the one who took these wonderful views of London at night . I live in Thailand and I have been to England several times since 2005, and seen only some places in London at night. Those pictures were so beautiful that make me misss the charming sightseeings in London. I hope I will have a chance to visit there again in the future and I also would like to invite everyone to visit the land of smile like Thailand, we always welcome you to have a good time in our country!

Posted by Angel October 17, 08 10:43 AM

wonderful pictures make awonderful book

Posted by elizabeth lalondedizzylizheader@gmail October 17, 08 11:02 AM

Very stunning photographs, thank you for sharing.

I visited London a couple of years ago, it is a beautiful city and I would return in a heart beat given the opportunity.

Posted by Reb Laca October 17, 08 03:58 PM

Cracking photos.. Live in Surrey, but with London being 20mins by train, we go up to the West End regularly. I have travelled to the other side of the world, but no other city compares to the historic, vibrant, energetic and multi -race LONDON. How proud I am to be a suburban Londoner, and proud of the way we do provide a better life for people from other cities that cannot give to those that our own city can - freedom, work and equality. Any negativity from other people who have commented, should be ignored. London is one of the safest cities in the World. God save the Queen!

Posted by Marc G - SURREY October 17, 08 04:09 PM

This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen in a long time.

Posted by Anonymous October 18, 08 12:44 AM

Incredible :) thank you for those pics

Posted by ziz0u October 18, 08 05:06 AM

Not a London (visited a number of times) fan but great pics.
Can you come up to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to show off this fantstic city with some of your camera wizardry?
Please, pretty please, pretty pretty pretty please!

Posted by Buck October 18, 08 05:37 AM

born there and left in 1972 and cant wait to go back

Posted by andrew smith October 18, 08 08:10 AM

Went to London after seventeen years last August., enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully shall visit again next year!

Posted by Ersilia Zammit October 18, 08 11:16 AM

These Pictures are amazing thanks for sharing them.

Posted by Donna October 18, 08 04:15 PM

I'm in awe at the amount of energy that must be required to bring us all this beautiful illuminary - and how many cities like this do we have in this world?

Posted by Edmund Jacoutot of Phoenix October 18, 08 05:40 PM

What a fantastic city and great photos. London is the center of civilization.

Posted by Wally October 18, 08 07:36 PM

Fantastic photography and composition - extremely well done. Loved them all, except no 17, which is sh*te.

Posted by Mike October 19, 08 04:48 AM

Absolutely beautiful! It's also great to show my niece Martina in Italy where I have been living for the last 10 years. She likes very much the M25 photo.

Martina & Rosi

Posted by rosi October 19, 08 04:54 AM

I am a Londoner and its nice to see from the air the places that I work and travel through each day. Thankyou it gives a new perspective on the greatest city in the world.

Posted by Paul Campbell October 19, 08 06:22 AM

I love London (but at the end of a busy day there I am always glad to go back to my home in a more restful town). London is fantastic but hyperkinetic and after a day there the pollution turns your snot grey, which makes a person worry about what it would do to your lungs to actually live there. It has improved since the congestion charge was implemented. After a day there my snot USED to be midnight black.

Posted by Cannah October 19, 08 09:05 AM

What wonderful photographs - many thanks for making my birthplace seem so alive at night.
Especially loved the one of The Arsenal....Come on you Gooners

Posted by Sue October 19, 08 12:11 PM

It reminds me how beautiful London is at night and makes me feel guilty for not making more effort to travel the short distance from home to share in it more.
Well done!

Posted by Minkymoo October 19, 08 02:34 PM

Fabulous pictures. Makes me proud to live in London.

Posted by darren smith October 19, 08 08:23 PM

Ah, London, my London - a jewel inside my heart. I still miss you after 48 years and I'm so proud to have been born and bred within you. Thank you, Jason, your pictures are indeed awesome.

Posted by Hermione MacVicar October 19, 08 10:01 PM

London, ah London. My home town. Although I don't live there now. Every time I visit, my pulse quickens as I go over the Fly over at the West Way. Love it, or hate it, there's no place quite like it. Will give Beijjing a run for it's money, no doubt about it!

Posted by Barbara October 20, 08 10:26 AM

Samuel Johnson said : "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

Posted by Peter Whitelegg October 20, 08 01:54 PM

My 90 year old parents, brother, sister-in-law and I had the most wonderful visit to London. Londoners were so respectful of my parents and jumped up to provide my parents with a seats. We stayed in Earl's Court and my brother/sister-in-law and I walked endlessly and randomly around London. The photos at this site tell me I will be returning very, very soon. Love London.

Posted by Adrien October 20, 08 08:22 PM

too bad the average tourist cannot ride a helicopter at night over London with their cameras!

Posted by Jeff October 20, 08 09:09 PM

I love this city! Those pics made me feel nostalgic...:)

Posted by Regina October 21, 08 04:48 AM

the beatles forever

Posted by zero October 21, 08 07:58 AM

Very nice!!!! So beautiful...congratulations.

Hugs from Brazil

Posted by Humberto Júnior October 21, 08 09:38 AM

No hay palabras.

Posted by Yerlyn October 21, 08 11:05 AM

Amazing pictures.I like it :)

Posted by Chris October 21, 08 11:41 AM

Its not at all a nice place. Its full of scoundrels and ruffians.
I went there once and was lucky to escape with my life.
These photographs are a fine example of the world through rose tinted spectacles.
Why do you think so many people say they used to live there?? Thats because nobody wants to live there now. The only resident population are the office cleaners and beggars.
If you want to go there you must be off your chump!

Posted by Tarquin F Smythe QJM October 21, 08 12:06 PM

Nice pictures - Shame the city is filthy dirty and noisy all the time

I'm very glad I got out!

Posted by me October 21, 08 12:30 PM

lovely pictures

Posted by daphne White October 21, 08 02:10 PM

excelent pics top man

Posted by dave October 21, 08 03:46 PM

Thank you for showing us the beauty of London at night. You were fortunate to have a clear view. I saw a good view in daylight from London Eye 3 years ago. The next day I took a Canadian family at the same time of day and saw only near places, due to mist. We cannot depend on the view.
Are we allowed to show these pictures to friends abroad? I would like to send to Norway and France.
Best wishes for future delights of the eye.

Posted by Mafoda October 21, 08 03:53 PM

Like all big cities, there's good and bad in abundance. I for one am glad to have been shown some unique and breathtaking views of my old hometown. "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London so" ?
Thanks to Jason

Posted by JacD October 21, 08 08:04 PM

These pictures are ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING! Fantastic job, they really are amazing! London is the best city BY FAR in the world. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these, they really made my day when my friend sent them to me. I have never seen such beautiful photography.
& i must agree these pics made me feel nostalgic. I am from Toronto, Canada and I miss London so much!!!! I have only been there once, but if I could go back there right now, I really would. I had an amazing time, I haven't enjoyed myself on a trip as much as I did when I went to London.These pictures truly DEFINE London for what it is; with its beautiful scenery, astounding history, breathtaking landmarks, lovely people, awesome accents and that isn't the end of it....what more could you ask for in a city?
London is truly like no other. :)

Posted by Sarah October 21, 08 08:14 PM


Posted by Sarah October 21, 08 08:16 PM

I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA I absolutely loved looking at your photos. I never realized the beauty of London. I will definitely put it on my list of places to visit. Amazing work!!!!

Posted by Linda October 21, 08 08:33 PM

Living in Essex I have many chances to go to our great capital but probably
don't go as often as I should. These amazing pictures have made me want to
visit even more and as I'm now retired I even have my Freedom Pass for the
tube, do so !!
I would like to say to Ramon Kwok (995) that I envy him living in Port Alberni,
Vancouver Island. What a beautiful island - Yes, I've been there twice & even to Port Alberni, Tofino, etc. etc. and really fell in love with it all What about a swap ??
Thanks to the amazigg photographer for a truly great "Show"

Posted by Aileen Baudrey, Hornchurch, Essex October 21, 08 09:28 PM

I had the very good fortune to be in London some time ago during Wimbledon because my brother-in-law was a nationally ranked US tennis player and was invited to participate in the games. I found everything and everyone to be so pleasant and cordial. When the matches were over, we toured all over London and ate at so many interesting places. The city transportation was so easy for getting around to all the sites when we didn't take a cab. One of the most exciting cities to visit. I've been there twice and would relish going back again. These photographs are phenomenal and seeing London from the air rather than the ground gives you an entirely different perspective as to how beautiful the city really is.

Posted by Marcia Lippett October 21, 08 10:10 PM

London is such a beautiful city with roots so very deep in history remember people we are looking at a city which goes back 2000 years.
London is beautifully planned and the Georgians did a great job of laying out the grand elegant, avenues, streets and squares of central and inner London and they did an even better job of the buildings. Still today beautiful Georgian and Victorian architecture which is extremely grand lines every street of central London giving the city a huge sense of class.
Which it is an extremely classy and extremely rich city which has so much that makes and adds to its character.
No matter what people say about London I will live here and put up with the few bad points so I could love the hundreds of good ones even more.
London is an all time world class global city and it has everything in it that many foreign people are jealous of.
it has
Very very deep and rich history
Extremely beautiful buildings
6 world heritage sites (yes that’s just for one city)
It has everything and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
We British should be proud that we have such a beautiful, elegant, historic and fantastic city that is our capital.

Posted by lee setters October 21, 08 10:31 PM

Incredible pictures! it really makes me homesick, Los Angeles just doesn't have the city feel, although they are making a brave effort downtown.

Posted by Sarah October 22, 08 02:14 AM

Amazing. Beautiful. I will never get to London in my lifetime, so these photos make me see what a great city London is. Thank you so much.

Posted by Dolly October 22, 08 07:47 AM

most beautiful pics I've seen

Posted by amber October 22, 08 08:10 AM

unfortunately only the first four pictures showed on my computer. i have dial up service but waited over 1/2 hour and still no more.

Posted by dorothy c romo October 22, 08 12:07 PM

I've visited only once...but the photographs make me hunger to be there once again. It's such a magnificent city...your camera work truly reflects the grandeur of the London my husband, son, and I so enjoyed...the warmth of the people, the joy of seeing the many places we have taught about for over 40 years. Thank you for sharing your work!

Posted by Gerty Smith October 22, 08 12:38 PM

A major and criminal waste of electricity. So much for conservation of energy!
The UK energy suppliers must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Posted by Kenny Hamilton October 22, 08 12:55 PM

For sure now, I don't want to visit London.
I'll stay in northern Canada.
Ta Ta for now.

Posted by Russ Innanen October 22, 08 01:12 PM

Congratulations... Such a incredible photos... such a wonderful Place!
I never saw something like this before.

Posted by Nelson Semeraro October 22, 08 02:16 PM


Posted by RYCARDO GREEN October 22, 08 04:18 PM

if you have an artistic mind which i do then i truely feel these pictures are beatiful. i can look at each picture many times and see many things that i didnt see before. i live in indiana and would love to visit london someday with all its rich history. thanks for the pics.................

Posted by bongo larry October 22, 08 05:50 PM

I've never made the trip to London but seeing these beautiful panoramic night shots of the city (thank you Jason and your patient chopper pilot) actually makes me want to go. It could turn out to be a disappointment viewing London in the daylight as many commentators have hinted, but then again perspective is everything and it all depends what you focus on.

Posted by JB October 22, 08 09:30 PM

very nice london I love london on the naigt

Posted by jacob ponte October 22, 08 10:51 PM

Awesome I have never been to England looks fantastic

Posted by dawn casey October 23, 08 02:08 AM

To comment 960 - And I quote: Those who tire of London tire of life ...Dave go to bed!

Posted by Sarah October 23, 08 04:47 AM

One thing for sure these views are breathtaking but they certainly hide the 'litter'!
what a pity that London is one of the dirtiest cities in the world. We are all concerned about global warming, are all of those lights necessary? full marks, however, to the superb camera work.

Posted by Paul October 23, 08 05:50 AM

London, I've never been.
Always wanted to visit.
Now even more.
Live in a little Mexican Pueblito, Ajijic.
What a contrast!
Casa Preciosa, Ajijic, Mexico

Posted by Joel October 23, 08 07:44 AM

WOW! Absolutely stunning!

Posted by Ian October 23, 08 08:22 AM

WONDERFUL STUNNING PHOTOGRAHPY....London is a great place to visit, lots of history and great buildings...I lived in North London but now live in the USA, trouble is London has become dirty,full of litter and people who dont really care and have no roots with London, the true londoners have left and been driven out even...Shame!!
However, the best theatres in the world are in London!!

Posted by susan October 23, 08 01:02 PM

London is the best. Every shot brought back memories of happy times spent there


Posted by Cynthia Portas October 23, 08 11:13 PM

Iv just returned to sydney after living in london...... these photos are amazing, brought back some wonderful memories, thank you so much for sharing your brilliant photos. KP

Posted by KP October 23, 08 11:47 PM

Amazing pictures definately makes me want to get out of Australia and see the rest of the world.

Posted by BN October 24, 08 01:15 AM

WOW!! ........ I don't know much about fotography, but the pictures are really AMAZING!!!! You really had to do a lot of hard work to take those awesome pictures!!!! Keep up the good work!!! ;)
...... Now I want to visit London myself!!


Posted by Sarah October 24, 08 01:47 AM


Posted by MAUREEN WARREN October 24, 08 04:08 AM

its really amazinig pictures that i never seen. I born in India (Andhra Prdesh)(Kakinada) Really i am enjoing by seeing these pics. Any way at least in my whole life at least once i have to visit london. Its my dreeam.

Posted by Lakshmi Suneetha October 24, 08 04:26 AM

I can see my house from here...! ;) Awesum photos.

Posted by Alan October 24, 08 08:32 AM

As a wise person once said, "He who is tired of London, is tired of life."
London is a beautiful city and Jason,. . . . kudus to you. You've done a marvelous job showing it in such an artistic and loveable manner. Have visited this beautiful city often and have always wanted to see it from the air at night. Thanks Jason.

Posted by Tufail Y. Habib October 24, 08 09:52 AM



Posted by NASIR October 24, 08 10:29 AM

Wonderful photography! Thank you for showing it!

Posted by Gordon of Prather CA USA October 24, 08 11:21 AM

Its really amaging. I lived in Canada but I never thought about England. I will personally see the beauty of its.

Posted by Shahzad Ashraf October 24, 08 06:50 PM

I was born in London so have a love for the place, but never seen it quite like this before, did come close as we flew from and back to Luton when my partner and I went on holiday to Turkey

And in Piccadilly Circus my father owned the paper stands so many years ago

So many fond memories, and so many friends I sadly left behind when I had to leave and go and live in Lowestoft when I was 13


Posted by Cathy October 24, 08 07:17 PM

Fantastic pictures! I love London! I lived there as a young Kiwi doing the big O.E., from 1965-68. Some of the happiest years of my life. Your great photos make me very "homesick" for one of my favourite cities.

Posted by Don Raynes, Auckland. New Zealand. October 24, 08 11:55 PM

thank you so much ,a Manchester girl my self
but l just love these photos, keep up the good work ,

Posted by betty October 25, 08 01:53 AM

Fantastic work!! There is NOWHERE like London. I've lived there and worked there and now visit there a couple of times a month. Never tire of it. BYW, Oxford Circus has NOT been pedestrianised as one person thinks. The photo of it must have been taken quite early in the morning according to the sparse traffic and few people walking along. It's incredibly congested during the rush hours.
Thank you Jason Hawkes!

Posted by Jo Street October 25, 08 04:17 AM

We love London. Can't wait to come back next year for Tracy and Steve's wedding!!

Posted by Lizzie and Mike October 25, 08 10:05 AM

Picture number 6 is of Apex Corner; It's about 5 minutes from where I live.

Posted by Rob October 25, 08 01:42 PM

London is undoubtedly the greatest City in the World.
It is the Centre of the Universe.

Posted by Shahzad Murad October 25, 08 01:57 PM

We live in Southern California and have never been there, but our friends reside in East Sussex and thought we would enjoy the photos, what clarity and just very enjoyable....Maybe someday we will get there in person, until then all we do is admire them. at the present we live in a recreational vehicle and when they build a bridge or tunnel we will head that way...

Posted by Irwin & Linda Karasik October 25, 08 04:29 PM

What beautiful photos, so outstanding that it makes me yearn to see it in person.
I have a friend who is a writer living in state of Maine, USA. I love her English accent...when I worked for Xerox in Webster, NY as a receptionist many Englishmen would visit our facility and being at the front desk I would complement their english and would have a conversation going of their great travels, families, etc.. You have the best comedians on PBS as well as detective of my favorites is WAITING FOR GOD...guess I'm dating myself now.
Will save these photos with my present collection, Thank you Jason Hawkes

Posted by Jeannine Setterlund October 25, 08 04:43 PM

Awesome pics of an awesome city, where I lived for 8 years

Posted by John Moody, Corvallis Oregon October 25, 08 04:50 PM

Your pics made me feel that London is the best city in the world.i made the right choice to go to London for my post graduation. I will have a great year here !!!!!

Posted by Adit Madhani October 25, 08 05:13 PM

Wow - these are breathtakingly beautiful.

Posted by Margaret Price October 25, 08 09:56 PM

Thanks so much, I spent ages studying each picture, I recognized many of the spots, but some have obviously changed since I left England many years ago. Every year when my plane touches down at Heathrow, I know I'm home!! Thanks again, great pictures, almost felt as if I were there.

Posted by Sue Gajewski October 25, 08 11:38 PM

This is too good! I have sent these to my family in Pakistan, Canada & USA.
Very difficult to say words in English All I can say is " Well Done"

Posted by Sid Sohail October 26, 08 07:06 AM

the pics r amazing . idon't hav words to express them

Posted by cathy October 26, 08 08:14 AM

Beautiful, thank you.

Posted by Claire Field October 26, 08 08:19 AM

Loveley pictures thank you

Posted by Alma October 26, 08 09:01 AM



Posted by MIKKI October 26, 08 11:20 AM

In case there are any oddballs out there like me, the picture of the M25 looks like it is just south of Epping and the M11 connection. Thanks to the photographer for great pictures.

Posted by Mikki October 26, 08 12:32 PM

It was Dr.Johnson who cried if you are tired of London, you are tired of life.He did not live to see new London made of many shades of lights and melodies of sounds.

Posted by A.A.Islahi October 26, 08 01:10 PM

makes me feel proud to be born and bred a Londoner

Posted by doreen wonnacott October 26, 08 02:02 PM

Beautiful pictures. I only wish that I was able to see the Brewmaster Pub in Leicester Square. It was a favorite of mine when I lived in London in the 90's. I spent many nights and pounds there watching the city pass by from my alley way table.

Posted by Clifford Edwards October 26, 08 02:42 PM


Posted by GEOFF BREACH October 26, 08 05:02 PM

Born in Holborn, married in St. Margarets' Westminster in 1954, took my training in the building upper right, in the picture of Piccadilly Circus. Emigrated to Canada in 1954, and still miss London, especially when I see gorgeous pictures like this.We go back there when ever we can. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl!

Posted by M.Boncey October 26, 08 08:29 PM


Posted by RITA CHILDERS October 26, 08 11:49 PM

These pictures are truly amazing. Well done. I'd love to learn how to do the same. Thanks for putting them on here for us all to see the talent you have. Brad

Posted by Bradley O'Connell October 27, 08 05:09 AM

Absolutely breathtaking!

Posted by John Reed Midland, Texas October 27, 08 11:12 AM


Posted by V. MCBURNEY October 27, 08 02:59 PM

Absolutely fantastic- I lived there for so many years and in fact I go there every year- I love LONDON, it is the best city on earth.

Posted by Anonymous October 27, 08 11:27 PM

Beautiful, lived there for several years and have visited since. Bill, ND

Posted by Bill October 27, 08 11:36 PM

The tongue unable to describe

Posted by Samer October 28, 08 03:13 AM

Never having been there they are really beautiful.

Posted by Keith A Duncan October 28, 08 07:28 AM

very nice. got to see that great city once.

Let's keep our eyes on the stars, wherever we see them. Funny how these lights look like stars, yes?

Lets become the stars....shine bright, for others to keep hope

all our best

Posted by Richard and laura October 28, 08 10:37 AM

I have sat for the last fifteen minutes looking and again looking at these wonderful pictures I never thought London could look so beautiful ThankyouS

Posted by Sheila Sheath October 28, 08 02:48 PM

Thanks! Some truly amazing pics Jason. A job well done :).

Posted by yvonne owen October 28, 08 04:16 PM

I think that's amazing!

Posted by Cheese 5 October 28, 08 05:01 PM

How many Power stations do they have to bring on-line to be able to turn on these light-shows? Do people realise that London isn't the only city on this planet lit up like a Christmas tree? When will governments and councils realise that you can't keep doing this - the 'battery' is going to run out sooner or later, and NO! - it's not rechargeable! I admit that these pictures look pretty, but when you realise the amount of CO2 being pumped into the air to run this show - I think it loses some of the 'prettiness'. And I'm not advocating a complete blackout, but there must be smarter ways of managing our energy consumption rather than turning on all the light switches (just because you can).

Posted by Joe B October 28, 08 06:31 PM

It didn't look like that when I was there last year -what did you do? 'Course it didn't look like that when I lived there as a child in the '30's and 40's either. I think we were blacked out and bombed out and stuck in shelters most of the time. I liked it better then ,but they are smashing pictures . Where was Trafalgar Square ? Is it still there?

Posted by Barbara Cattley Lesta October 28, 08 06:52 PM


Posted by CHAT WALLACE October 28, 08 06:53 PM

A "world's eye" view of London!
Absolutely stunning!
London is truly one of the great cities of the world - a city which made me feel entirely comfortable even the first time I visited it, twenty-five years ago.
I've been back several times, and each time I've grown to like it more.

Posted by Tino de Sa, New Delhi, India October 28, 08 11:09 PM

Simply out of the world Jason.
Great photos and well framed .


Posted by Bidyut Chatterjee October 29, 08 01:17 AM

phots are great i was born i london and its just so great to see it like that at night coz as a londoner you probley never get to see london at night like that well done m8

Posted by chris October 29, 08 06:17 AM

I worked in London Electra House (its not there anymore, been pulled down) It was the Overseas Telegraph.Cable & Wireless, Post Office etc.Just outside Temple Station. for 22years. These Photos are beautiful..Lots of memories from working on Night duty. Oh! by the way I'm also a long long Arsenal Supporter, the Stadium looks fantastic. How many times I've walked over Westminster Bridge to get to my car after they brought in the parking Meters.

Posted by Irwin De Souza Adelaide

Posted by Irwin De Souza October 29, 08 08:08 AM

Thank you for giving me the chance to see London by night. I absolutely adore the city and could never get enough of it when I have visited..Beautiful photography, breathtaking. Canada is my home, England is where my heart is.

Posted by Betty Baker October 29, 08 09:30 AM

Congratulations Jason for these amazing pictures!
There should be many awards in your future............Thank you!

Posted by Barbara October 29, 08 09:51 AM

Just now saw this and emailed it to friends in England. I love London. I feel so at home there...fantastic photography!

Posted by Ann Ellison October 29, 08 12:21 PM

oh to see london again,born in croydon we went to covent garden at 2 in the mornig to get flowers for my parents shops i loved it then and i adore it now oh to see it again and i will if my heart keeps beating, you cannot see london in a day its takes days to see this fabulouas place, the lights well they are wonderful ,lets face it los vegas to show fools the way to loose there money london pride my heart is happy tohave seen a magician at work with his camera.

Posted by kitty logan October 29, 08 01:17 PM

I am breathless with the beauty of the City. Been there many times and feel the timelessness of it each visit. What is so truly amazing is that the UK is only as big as our state of Colorado, yet is and has been a world power. Its history goes back several thousand years, but London encapsulates it all -- money, power, richness, tradition, a richly descriptive language (glad the brits left us that) a sense of pageantry (we have a deficit there) and for everything we are lacking in our relative newness, London has our voids. Thanking a very competent and artistic photographer for my mini e-stroll above the streets of London.

Posted by Brenda Sieren October 29, 08 05:00 PM

Thank you to Tarquin F Smythe QJM for his amusing opinion of the city, I laughed and I laughed. On the more serious side, however, I was last in London in 2000 and it is a beautiful city filled with life and a rich history, and an amazing mix of the past and the present, and these pictures capture it perfectly. Thank you to Jason for them, and to Tarquin for the good laugh. I guess I am "Off my chump."

Posted by Jon J October 29, 08 05:11 PM

wonderful pictures of my city of birth .I now live in Canada on the west coast it has made me want to to return to visit it one more time!

Posted by Eric Wells October 29, 08 09:45 PM

I live in Sydney the Emerald city and rank it slightly above London and San Francisco. A trio of my favorite cities. Great photography.

Posted by Max Lake October 29, 08 11:28 PM


Posted by edgarcruz October 30, 08 12:41 AM

Just for the record, London isn't as bright as that. The photographer has used long exposures and filters to make it glow.
It's no brighter or less bright than any other city. Environmentally it's got a great record due to the congestion charge, excellent public transport and the clean air policy.
It is also the centre of the universe. As someone who moved here 15 years ago, I can honestly say I'd never live anywhere else. I get to cross the river every day on the Millenium Bridge and it never fails to insipre me.

Posted by hobbes October 30, 08 07:28 AM

superb photographs, it`s amazing how something can look so wonderful yet hides so much sadness and grief?

Posted by Barry Walker October 30, 08 01:42 PM

Isn't it amazing how anything can look great form a distance... and even better yet when lit up like a Christmas tree!! London is a whole different reality in the cold light of day and down at street level!

Re... posts 1051 & 1054, If they didn't have it all lit up at night, there would be more murders, muggings, rapes & robberies taking place than there already is! Good call re. post 1034.

As for post number 1030... The Beatles were from Liverpool not London!

Posted by Chukka October 30, 08 03:58 PM

The pictures are lovely and very inspiring. Love to visit there.

Posted by B Turlich October 30, 08 06:22 PM

Terrific photos. Made me home sick for the UK! Thanks for sharing

Posted by Ruth taylor October 30, 08 07:32 PM

The clock on Big Ben at the houses of Parliament shows that these photos were taken at about 9.30 in the evening. Most of the lights in buildings are probably on for the cleaners to carry out their duties, security, safety,and because finance carries on24 hours aday,staff dealing with stocka and shares in the Americas would be at work followed soon after by those of Asia. London never really sleeps. m y working lifeas an electrician saw me working on the construction,and alteration of so many of these buildings. I f these photographs had been taken at about 5.30 in the vening London would look even more spectacular.the view of Tower bridge are looking east and the horizon is about15 miles away.

Posted by Bill Willson ,Peterborough, Cambridgeshire October 31, 08 12:37 AM

Good Show Old Man

Posted by Glen Belcher (The Burp!) October 31, 08 01:39 AM

london is a foul smelling ,infestet

london is a foul smelling,infested with uninvited unwelcome and unwanted aliens
full of buildings fit for the attention of mr sid bishop
as a londener born and bred .
perhaps a few controled demolishions .
as for the sham of the games its not to late to sell to paris a use the money for vital drugs that cant be afforded now. LONDON looked bettter in1945 and the people were much happier


Posted by d e jones EN GLISH {endangerd October 31, 08 06:03 AM

My friend from Arizona sent these pictures to me! I live in the Midlands and have worked in and visited London many times, but have never seen it look so lovely. All Cities of the world are different at 'ground level'......London is no better or worse than others. Please smile and be thankful that we are able to rise above the ordinary.

Posted by Margaret October 31, 08 01:41 PM

WOW These pictures are ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING! Fantastic job, they really are amazing! London is the best city BY FAR in the world. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these, they really made my day when my friend sent them to me. I have never seen such beautiful photography.
& i must agree these pics made me feel nostalgic. I am from Toronto, Canada and I miss London so much!!!! I have only been there once, but if I could go back there right now, I really would. I had an amazing time, I haven't enjoyed myself on a trip as much as I did when I went to London.These pictures truly DEFINE London for what it is; with its beautiful scenery, astounding history, breathtaking landmarks, lovely people, awesome accents and that isn't the end of it....what more could you ask for in a city?
London is truly like no other. :) I REPEATThese pictures are ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING! Fantastic job, they really are amazing! London is the best city BY FAR in the world. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these, they really made my day when my friend sent them to me. I have never seen such beautiful photography.
& i must agree these pics made me feel nostalgic. I am from Toronto, Canada and I miss London so much!!!! I have only been there once, but if I could go back there right now, I really would. I had an amazing time, I haven't enjoyed myself on a trip as much as I did when I went to London.These pictures truly DEFINE London for what it is; with its beautiful scenery, astounding history, breathtaking landmarks, lovely people, awesome accents and that isn't the end of it....what more could you ask for in a city?
London is truly like no other. :) AND AGAIN These pictures are ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING! Fantastic job, they really are amazing! London is the best city BY FAR in the world. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these, they really made my day when my friend sent them to me. I have never seen such beautiful photography.
& i must agree these pics made me feel nostalgic. I am from Toronto, Canada and I miss London so much!!!! I have only been there once, but if I could go back there right now, I really would. I had an amazing time, I haven't enjoyed myself on a trip as much as I did when I went to London.These pictures truly DEFINE London for what it is; with its beautiful scenery, astounding history, breathtaking landmarks, lovely people, awesome accents and that isn't the end of it....what more could you ask for in a city?
London is truly like no other. :) ONCEMORE
These pictures are ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING! Fantastic job, they really are amazing! London is the best city BY FAR in the world. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these, they really made my day when my friend sent them to me. I have never seen such beautiful photography.
& i must agree these pics made me feel nostalgic. I am from Toronto, Canada and I miss London so much!!!! I have only been there once, but if I could go back there right now, I really would. I had an amazing time, I haven't enjoyed myself on a trip as much as I did when I went to London.These pictures truly DEFINE London for what it is; with its beautiful scenery, astounding history, breathtaking landmarks, lovely people, awesome accents and that isn't the end of it....what more could you ask for in a city?
London is truly like no other. :)

Posted by ADITYA October 31, 08 02:14 PM

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of London at Night. I made my very first visit to London in JNune of 2007 and it was beautiful! Rode the London Eye on a slightly rainy day, but could see very clearly, went to Churchhill's War Room, the Tower of London, my all those lovely jewels and just had a wonderful experience visiting theaters and great restaurants.

Posted by Dorothy Strenk October 31, 08 03:29 PM

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful city. I came here for one year in 1957 -- and, 51
years later, I'm still here. It grows on you!!!
I intend to live here for another 51 years!
Victor, West London

Posted by Victor Godfrey October 31, 08 06:45 PM

One just has to view these pictures and give them a little thought to realise how wonderful and exciting this world is, if only we would allow ourselves to visit
the many man made exhibits available to us. LONDON is a prime example.
Marvelous pictures and oh so enticing. I must go.

Posted by Jack Cullen October 31, 08 07:02 PM

Although London is very expensive and stressful, is really gorgeous!!!

Posted by Rosario Vera October 31, 08 07:18 PM

This work takes too many adjectives to describe! I will use one. Wonderful!!

Posted by Ron October 31, 08 08:29 PM

Great pictures, brings back memories of wonderful visits to the city. Jason, would you please give the same treatment to Paris, the world's most beautiful city?

Posted by Rob Villegas October 31, 08 11:48 PM

I will never see London in person so any picture are wonderful for me. Jason, have you ever done this for Boston? I would love to see them. Raechel

Posted by Raechel November 1, 08 06:31 AM

What a stunning images u have taken! Never seen such a great aerial images that been processed such yours. Its like FAKE!!!


Posted by November 1, 08 07:44 AM

As so many have said, wonderful photography Jason. Yes London did/does look great from the air, but as others have stated, seeing it in the light of day, is another experience altogether. Having been born in Scotland, and having family live in London, I've visited it many, many times, over 50 decades, it ain't so pretty now. I used to think as a young child, and even into my teens London was ace. As did our daughter who lived there for 11 years.Then on one trip, when lots of our Kiwi friends were with us, I was so disgusted to see the pile of dirt in the streets. That was '89,they said there was a "strike" by refuse workers. What's the '08 excuse?. excuse now, still the same '08!

Posted by joan carlow, now living in New Zealand November 1, 08 08:33 AM

Wonderful pictures - you have great talent.

Posted by Mike Eborall November 1, 08 01:16 PM

What some lovely photo's of London at night..

Posted by Jacqui November 1, 08 02:40 PM

Great photos! I'll be in London in about a week, so I'll see for myself what it's like these days. I lived there throughout the '70s, but haven't been there in 10 years. I live in Orange County, CA now and miss many aspects of living in London. But that was then.....we'll see.

Posted by Michael Ashcroft November 1, 08 02:46 PM

London is very nice city, In the summer, I visted over here and I sit on the train, and I especially for the shopping I enjoy over here. This is the second time I have been visited in london.

Parveen Esmail.

Posted by Parveen Esmail November 1, 08 03:21 PM

I am a Londoner, and very proud of it too. Jason has done us proud with his superb pics, thanks Jason. I love to read those rare moans and groans to demonstrate those narrow minded folk - you sad people. I recall when London was being bombed so I am thus very proud of our great people and our city. God Bless and do put a visit on your "to do" list. Cliff

Posted by Cliff Morrey November 1, 08 03:25 PM

I think that alot of the people that are saying bad things about these pictures are the ones that have never been or experienced this beautiful city! I live in australia but am born from english parents, i have been to london 3 times and love it so much that if i didnt have a family and friends here i would move to wonderful london myself, these pictures are gorgeous well done Jason, people shouldnt really knock london until they have experienced it for themselves!

Posted by Lisa November 1, 08 07:35 PM

soooooooooo gud tooo view ,,,,, i felt im in london while seeing pictures

Posted by praveen kumar reddy November 1, 08 10:24 PM

My wife who was born and grew up in Birmingham GB and came to Fl became my wife for 25 yrs. Her ashes are back in GB beside her mom. We were there in the 90's but never made it to London. I thought the country was beautiful and very clean coming from Fl and grew up in Mass. We planned on going back but my wife passed away and never made the return. Some day before I pass I will go and see her final resting area. It's a beautiful Country and the people were absolutely beautiful. The problem with London, it's a tourist trap like Miami and all they care about is money and not the people. The rest of it is perfect.

Posted by Howard Kornet November 1, 08 10:49 PM

I lived in Braintree in 1968-69. Went to London many times. What a great city and such fantastic historic architecture. Your pictures are absolutely awesome! A totally different view. I hope to come back one day to see the changes. Great work, Jason!!

Posted by Larry November 1, 08 11:08 PM

Spent a week in London in Jan 1945 and again in autumn and winter of 1962. Too old now to ever get back again, but these pictures evoke a nostalgia for a city I would like to have known better.

Posted by Bill Reed November 1, 08 11:48 PM

Wonderful photography, saw London in the 90's on a trip back to England, didn't realise how beautiful it really is. Emmigrated to Canada in the 60's, not been back for 10 yrs. I love Canada and Ontario where I live.

Posted by Maureen Farrington November 2, 08 09:30 AM

Just as beautiful as I remember. Been there just once, but I know that it is my spiritual home - my own belong-space.

Posted by Wynne Nepgen November 2, 08 10:51 AM

having worked most of my life in the City (the financial district} have seen many changes but London just gets better by the year. Dirty, perhaps but mainly from the tourists; expensive, perhaps, but everyone visiting will have a great time; happy people; maybe, but the ecomomy isn't helping us at the moment. The pictures are spectacular but London on the foot isn't so colourful, but still beautiful (mainly) and the parks are really delightful and greeen, pity these don't make good night-time photos. Everyone must visit London at least once in their lifetime for the feeling of history, power, royality, and pageantry.

Posted by ALAN GUNN November 2, 08 11:22 AM

I love the lights! The glow looks awesome :)!
It is so pretty !

Posted by evelyn November 2, 08 08:06 PM

You have done a great service to a great city, due to family commitments I now live in Tennessee, USA another beautiful place, but how I wish I were back in London, my heart tugs at every picture, a painful pleasure, thankyou so much

Posted by Trevor Smedley November 2, 08 10:28 PM

The best thing about London is the road going out of it stunning pics any way

Posted by Pedro Johnson November 3, 08 12:19 AM

Beautiful photographs and outstanding photography, I have only passed
through Gatwick on my way to Dublin, Ireland in 2001, having seen these
photos, I now want to go back to see what I missed.

Posted by Steve Donnelly November 3, 08 12:50 AM

A Canadian living in Toronto.....another city with some fine attributes. I have been an occasional visitor to London and enjoyed it every time. Beautiful pictures!

Posted by Jim Loewen November 3, 08 03:44 AM

We lived in Hindhead in 1977-79. I can not get over the difference that has occurred in the past 30 years. I would love to be able to afford to come back and see it again.

Posted by Bruce Galway November 3, 08 09:48 AM

Truly wonderful photographs. I left England in 1982, but I was lucky to be able to go with my husband to England last year, to show him where I grew up. I've never seen London look the way it does in these photos though and now I yearn to go back and see it again! Thank you for posting these.

Posted by Jayne Wilson November 3, 08 10:36 AM

Ugh! These photos brought back all the feeling of antlike anonymonity in metropolitan living. So, thank you for making this escapee glad!

Posted by R Williams November 3, 08 01:21 PM

Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by eryk November 3, 08 02:22 PM

Brings back many memories.I worked in London(Mayfair) before my marriage.So much history in that city. Beautiful pictures.

Posted by Jane Ongaro November 3, 08 06:51 PM

I can only say that I'm disgusted by the waste these pictures illustrate. We are in a global recession, fossil fuels are running out and utility prices are going through the roof and yet this city is flagrantly wasting resources.

Unsurprisingly the corporate and banking sectors are the worst offenders. Those who work in Canary Wharfe and the City obviously couldn't care less about the environment, and the government is so in hock to them it looks the other way.

Yes, London is a world centre, a world centre of corporate waste and arrogance.

Posted by JRR November 3, 08 06:51 PM

Beautiful pictures. I was born and raised in London in the sixties, never a better time, the Beatles, the Stones, Mary Quant, the wonderful pubs and English humour, and the great good stodgy food, Ha Ha! Josie.

Posted by Josie November 3, 08 11:07 PM

Absolutely breathtaking....Simply out of the world...Thanks for sharing these pics.
I went back to my old golden memories of 2 years stay at beautiful london.
I am missing london. :(

Posted by Deepali Dodamani November 4, 08 07:00 AM

Lovely photos, wish I lived ther now. I used to live in Drayton park, then Archway,Now I livein Romford.Missing you London

Posted by Ted Harbutt November 4, 08 10:16 AM

Born in London 1930, I now live in Florida, and thoroughly enjoy my annual return visits to my son in Chiswick. I love the ease of getting around on the tube and -- yes, on foot! Ride a number 11 bus -- the top front seats if you can -- and enjoy a great show of Life as you head towards the city center. Thanks for the magnificent photos Jason, I don't know how you did it!

Posted by David Henry November 4, 08 11:12 AM

I was born in London, I live in London and I will probably die in London. Simply the best city in the world. These pictures and comments send a shiver down my spine, showing our capital city in all its glory.

Posted by Fred November 4, 08 01:38 PM


Posted by BONNIE TRUPIANO November 4, 08 03:00 PM

This is magnificent photography. Jason, you have some talent. I found them breath taking. I recognized Picadilly Circus before I read the caption. it has been a long time, 1974, since I was there. Planned to return but never have and now it looks like I may not. The comment from #1153 "too bad for the tourist traps" made me laugh. I loved the lovely people there, maybe just a comparrison to France. The delightful parks! ! . I don't remember it being dirty, but then I don't go looking for what I don't like as some of your comments state. And I never saw London at night from above. I am glad to see this view. Thanks so very much.

Posted by Estell Allen November 4, 08 09:13 PM

Thank You I really enjoyed the pictures and applaude your effort to get them for us.
I have never been to London and never outside of the US except for Canada---just about 60 miles away from where I live.
I am wondering if you will get pictures from other cities around the world and share them with us ---who do not get to to much traveling either in the US or another country.

Posted by Barbara November 4, 08 09:44 PM

Absolutely awesome

Posted by Anonymous November 4, 08 10:40 PM

Just phenomenal! I was in awe!

Posted by Kristin November 5, 08 12:35 AM


Posted by AHMAD FARAZ November 5, 08 01:16 AM

Really Great Pictures-------------and that's from someone who has seen many of these places at ground level, fantastic camera work.

Posted by GBA November 5, 08 06:20 AM

Nostalgic memories of the place I visited many a time . Seemingly changed by the Night Lighting .Always another LIGHT beckoning for one more trip .

Posted by Errol November 5, 08 09:39 AM

These photos are the best I have seen in years.
As I am always happy to get a quite acceptable shot at dim light, I can imagine the skills of the photographer of these photos.
My highest respect.
Photos like this separate the masters from the apprentices.
I took Nr. 6 as background to remind me to practice with my Canon much more.
Of course the technical skills of the photographer are to be admired as well as the objects on the photos. They're wonderful views of London.
Thanks and Congratulations !!!

Posted by sinaalex November 5, 08 10:33 AM

It looks different from above doesn't it?
I would love to know the settings used!!
Brilliant Photos. Thankyou

Posted by Basil Hirniak November 5, 08 03:00 PM

I have been there. The pictures are beautiful.

Posted by W Brady November 5, 08 06:27 PM

Wow! absolutely breath taking! My wife and I left London in 1975 for the USA. It has changed so very much over time and has also become one of the cleanest cities in the world. We return whenever we can but you cant see the brilliance from ground level. Thanks for sharing...

Posted by Mervyn Wood November 5, 08 06:36 PM

Almost brings tears to my eyes - have been so fortunate to spend many days in London on vacations since '91. Read LONDON the Biography by Peter Ackroyd and you then you will know and understand why so many pine to return to her arms.

Posted by Gordon Kerr November 5, 08 08:07 PM

I have never been to London so these beautiful pictures will have to substitute. I live in Texas and do not travel much anymore so these pictures will help me dreamof going to GB and London.

Posted by Ruth Kottler November 5, 08 10:54 PM

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Posted by Margot Ditterich November 6, 08 03:57 AM

I had forgotton just how beautiful London was, seeing these photos brought
back happy memories, thank you

Posted by Anne Owen November 6, 08 05:26 AM


Posted by JJ FLOOD November 6, 08 11:37 AM

Shows as a Nation we can still sell London Well done

Posted by Prof Dippy Dippit November 6, 08 12:35 PM

Those photos are the most wonderful and interesting pictures of London, I just love that city and I have never seeing it in that perspective, I am just blown away by them, thank you very much to whomever took those photos. Cheers!!

Posted by Lucrecia Fontes November 6, 08 06:02 PM

I lived here (London) in the 60's and came back in 2004 because I love this vibrant city which has a palpable atmosphere. To Joe B, October 28 08 6:31pm, hey it gets dark at 4pm in London, we need the lights to work, has that ever occurred to you. AND a lot of us work after 6PM having started at 8AM - think about that.

Posted by Della M November 7, 08 03:14 AM

"Torre de Londres" shouted our 4 yr old Spanish son as we skimmed thru´ the pics at breakfast. Definitely these are brilliant memorable images.

Posted by Robert & Martin November 7, 08 05:56 AM

If they say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" then Jason Hawkes is surely unselfish with his treasures. London is truly one of the worlds great cities , and rightly so. over two millennia of shaping and grinding. Standing tall, bright, hurt but unbroken in terrible times when Europe (and indeed further afield) needed to see that last bastion of light unheeding to the darkness of tyrany.
With its absorbsion of many races, cultures, ideals and ideas. It is a city that stands testimony to acceptance, tolerance and freedom. It shows the power and achievements attributed to the free world. This is the crucible of modern society from which procedures of law, finance, and democracy we all take for granted have been Londons proudest gifts to the world.

London is many things to many people. Some people may come unsure of what they are looking for but know this, if you come with an open heart, mind and of course eyes (we dont want any accidents now) you will find it and it may be the last thing you expect.

Anyway that said it gave me a good laugh to read about "Kiwi Joan" (post 1145) who still smarts coz when she came to London there were some bins waiting to be emptied. I reckon she kind of misses the point. Well Joan I went to New Zealand once and was "fouled upon" by a passing bird needless to say I will not be returning to that god forsaken country. ;-)

Once again great pics Jason, inspiring stuff I look forward to seeing more.

Posted by Aaron Stephenson November 7, 08 06:51 AM

Nice clear pictures from above, thing which s really rare to see clear skies over London and its ashame. I live here and wish it was that beautiful as in the pictures

Posted by Vas November 7, 08 09:22 AM

Beauty is in the eye...I just returned from London after a business/leisure trip. and yes - it IS that wonderful to see. It is easy to become complacent about a place when you live there; my home is on Whidbey island northwest of Seattle - one of the loveliest places on earth, but I take it for granted. While in London, I visited the Tate Britain and Fulham Palace - 2 places that aren't necessarily for the "London Eye" crowd, but are spectacular nonetheless. If you visit there, give them a go - you won't be disappointed.

Posted by Suzanne November 7, 08 09:39 AM

I have lived in Corfu Greece for the last 8 years but looking at these wonderful photographs i felt like i had gone home for 20 minutes, well done truly amazing.

Posted by Anthony Guest November 7, 08 11:09 AM

Truly brilliant pictures - I wish I were back. I used to live just outside London and it was so easy to reach. However, I`m now living in Wales (which is lovely) but I do miss London lots. Anyway, looking at these beautiful pictures makes me feel "at home".

Posted by `M. Maynard November 7, 08 01:28 PM

I worked in Electra House (overseas telegrams) 1968, like Irwin de Sousa in
Adelaide. I now live in Vancouver, Canada. Haven't been
back to the UK since 1983 and I'm sure I would now get lost in London now,
back then I knew almost every Street.
Fantastic photos, I cried.

Posted by Vivien Krull November 7, 08 02:38 PM

I have been in 16 capitals all over the world and there is none to compare to London. The history, shopping,sights to behold as well as the friendly people are incomparable.

Posted by Una Schwartz November 7, 08 03:57 PM

Who could ever think that it would be possible to make such wonderful photos of such an awful place!

Posted by John Cole November 8, 08 08:19 AM

What a wonderful London! I have been there several times ... and these pictures are outstanding. Thanks to all those ones who had been working on this big job!

Posted by Ursula Jaeckel November 8, 08 08:41 AM

this was very niice to see.

Posted by edward November 8, 08 12:01 PM

i think i want to live there it is so awsome

Posted by isabel lang November 8, 08 01:48 PM

I think they would make wonderful jigsaws. Really challenging.

Posted by Florance November 8, 08 04:11 PM

Born in Fulham now living in Tennessee USA these are absolutely awesome youve made me cry THANK YOU!

Posted by Martin B November 8, 08 04:15 PM

It might look pretty, but it adds up to a huge waste of energy and lots of greenhouse gas emissions and nuclear waste from power generation!

London IS a great city. It is made of lots of towns and villages all with their own centres. Also people live everywhere so London doesn't have the "downtown effect" with huge office towers whose workforce abandons the city for the suburbs after working hours, like north American cities. London is also blessed with more green space than any other city in the world - and is planning to add more!

I lived there for seven years and never grew tired of it. Mind you, it was better in the 1970s because the tourist season was only from June to late August. Now, very unfortunately, it's year round (especially since the construction of the Chunnel), and immigration is totally out of control.

As for the person who said Tate Britain wasn't for the London crowd, well that's not true. Londoners use their city's public amenities very well. However, tourists have made visiting galleries, museums and historic quite unpleasant compared with what they were like previously and this tends to drive the local people away - at least until the quieter winter months. There are some incredible wild spots in central London, things to see such as hidden architectural treasures, and ways to move around the city within a radius of about six miles from Piccadilly Circus that tourists generally don't find - but we're keeping these a secret!

I miss London as it used to be prior to the massive invasion of tourists, but I wouldn't want to live there again.

Posted by AAA November 8, 08 04:47 PM

Wonderfull photo's of London,
The Aerial view is great at night with all the brightness of London.
Thanks for sharing,

Posted by Michael November 8, 08 05:02 PM

Beautiful Pics. The nearest I ever came to London was during the
occupation of Germany traveling through the English Channel.

Posted by Doug Flanders November 8, 08 06:48 PM

I've been all over the world but London is the place I keep returning to. It is different every season, the people are wonderful, and I'm on my over again next week. I live in the woods of New Hampshire, but London is "my" city.

Posted by JJ November 8, 08 08:07 PM

Congratulatons!!! Beautifully done. I actually felt like a bird flying over
London and enjoying the wonderful sights. Well done !
How nice of you to think of us and doing this.
Wishing you more future success.

Elizabeth M. Wright
Guilford, Conn. U.S.A.

Posted by Elizabeth M. Wright November 8, 08 08:16 PM

I attended St. Godric's College in Hampstead, London 1960-1962 & enjoyed London & it's magnificant architecture & ambiance. Thes photographs are amazing & such wonderful detail - I'm gratefu for same.
I've returned to London dozens of times since & it continues to draw my attention.

Posted by GILLIAN PRYSTUPA, NEE JAMES November 8, 08 09:24 PM

Very Breath Taking And Beautful

Posted by Rebecca Kelly November 8, 08 09:44 PM


Posted by ROBERT PAGE November 8, 08 10:21 PM

Ah sweet motherland , the breathless beauty astounding .

Posted by patty wood , kent washington November 8, 08 11:40 PM

Hi! This was superb! I have been to London once but couldn't test this wonderful view of it then ;-)

Posted by Mostafa (IRAN) November 9, 08 06:36 AM

WOW These pictures are absolutely breathtaking They are really amazing pictures. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these wonderful picture.

Posted by Aida November 9, 08 09:20 AM

Beautiful pictures =)) I love them they are soo pretty

Posted by Anonymous November 9, 08 10:18 AM

When I was a youing GI stationed at Bushey Hall inj the 1950s, I thought I knew London as well as most Londoners. However, when I returned in 2000, I couldn't find my way from Piccadilly Circos to Leicester Square, or from there to Soho. The constant was the wonder denizens of the city which inspired the song which was popular the first time I was there. The first line was, "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London Town."
That would say it all! There is no place like it in the world!

Posted by Tom Conway November 9, 08 02:16 PM

oh my that waz so major cool

Posted by jjkkjj November 9, 08 05:54 PM

My husband and I have been there and it is breathtakingly beautiful and so clean!
These pictures make me want to go back again.

Posted by Betty and Nick Tompkins November 9, 08 07:11 PM

These wonderful photos by Jason Hawkes brought on a sense of nostalgia, even though I have been to London only three times (2007 & 2008), and maybe I will be there once again soon. The shots of Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus plus the Thames were completely recognizable. London is a fascinating city. For a city of its huge size, it is safe and clean. I think that it is the capital city of the world - everything leads to London. And I love the pub food! And the people!

Posted by Peter Strazdins November 10, 08 01:39 AM

These shots brought back some great memories. I was born there and spent my first 20 years in the Big Smoke. Every city has it's 'moments', but London is one of the most fascinating places in the world. These photographs show how a city that was a ruin in 1945, can over time and thanks to the efforts of it's people, come back to become a jewel. I love London even though I now live in Ontario Canada and have done so for 42 years. Nostalgia is a lovely emotion and thanks to you Mr. Hawkes, you have enabled me to enjoy this wonderfull feeling some more. Keep up the good work. By the way, I am also a pilot and know how difficult it was for both you and the flight crew to get those shots.

Posted by Al Stoller November 10, 08 02:29 AM


Posted by Chilabe November 10, 08 06:07 AM


Posted by CHERYL FLOWERS November 10, 08 11:36 AM

Truly first-class photography, if ever I saw it - well done that man!
Coming from the UK's second largest city I have doubts about some of the emotional recollections on this thread, and personally I don't believe that Londoners are any different to Brummies, Novocastrians or Glaswegians; it just seems that way for those who have some connections with London or its suburbs.
Point is, these photographs show the city's layout from a unique perspective, and that's what makes them so special.

Johnny Bramham, Solihull.

Posted by Johnny Bramham November 10, 08 11:45 AM

My husband and I first went to England, of course to London in 1978. It was an awesome trip for me, never having been abroad. We loved London then and have returned a few times. I felt like it was home! We live in North Carolina, where I was born. In 1992, we along with Daughter went to London and enjoyed pre-Christmas there. We then spent Christmas in Jersey,CI. We love that Island from which my husband's father was born and lived to age 14. Relatives still living there are great to visit. The photos at night are incredibly beautiful. thanks!

Posted by Jean Marett November 10, 08 01:03 PM

I have never been to England but these pictures certainly gave me a beautiful overview of London. I adore aerial views and yours are one of the best.

Posted by Claudette from Ontario November 10, 08 03:08 PM

Very lovely pictures and any city looks better at night at least any modern city.Vancouver looks wonderful at night for example but at street level you could be in say LA. Its the people that make up the city that is more important .Im afraid multiculturism has ruined this city and is ongoing.I will not be going back sorry to say.

Posted by ED November 10, 08 03:53 PM

Excellent pics, my congratulations to you.

It has been many years since I have been to England (& London) but these pics are worthy of being placed in any brochure anywhere in the world.

Peter Stickland, Perth, Western Australia.

Posted by Peter Stickland November 10, 08 05:44 PM

These works of art show how beautiful order/colour/ and good building design can be caught on superb technology so we can sit in our homes and wonder at it all. Thank you so much

Posted by Finlay November 10, 08 06:00 PM

I have always been proud to be a Londoner but the job this photographer did on my City is fantastic. Thank you & welcome to all.

Posted by David November 10, 08 06:45 PM

What glorious photos, I have never been but dream of visiting London, one day soon.......I can't believe the beauty of it all!!!!

Posted by Janice November 10, 08 11:28 PM


Posted by emranbhatti November 11, 08 05:57 AM

Thank you ,for the breath taking experience, London from a birds eye view.
What more can I say, Merry Christmas to you all

Posted by Anonymous November 11, 08 06:13 AM

Very pretty but shouldn't someone turn the lights out?

Posted by Clive November 11, 08 07:17 AM

what a beautiful pictures,do you think we can afford to spend to a trip now a days?
good enough for me to see london in the picture...

Posted by anonymous November 11, 08 07:17 AM

Superlatives fail me; these are spectacular photographs. They make me nostalgic for London.

Posted by Doug November 11, 08 10:49 AM

I flew the London Eye this summer by day, now I see how beautiful it looks by night... Great work..

Posted by Tom Hunt November 11, 08 12:45 PM

Some of the best of British - doesn't it make you so proud?

Posted by Lucy Jordan November 11, 08 03:32 PM

With respect to the following lady from New Zealand and her comments. I suggest that she be in the Guinness book of world records - she says and I quote:-
1145.As so many have said, wonderful photography Jason. Yes London did/does look great from the air, but as others have stated, seeing it in the light of day, is another experience altogether. Having been born in Scotland, and having family live in London, I've visited it many, many times, over 50 decades, it ain't so pretty now. I used to think as a young child, and even into my teens London was ace. As did our daughter who lived there for 11 years.Then on one trip, when lots of our Kiwi friends were with us, I was so disgusted to see the pile of dirt in the streets. That was '89,they said there was a "strike" by refuse workers. What's the '08 excuse?. excuse now, still the same '08! . She indicates above that she has been visiting London for 50 decades which now makes her over 500 years Geoff petersold!!!!!!!!

Posted by joan carlow, now living in New Zealand November 1, 08 08:33 AM

Posted by Geoff Peters - Canada November 11, 08 03:39 PM

i loved the pictures. i've never been to london cause my country is too far from it. since, i saw the pictures it felt like i've been there already. thanks!

Posted by zeny November 11, 08 04:05 PM

Wow I have never been to London but from what I have seen I love

Posted by Edward MacPherson November 11, 08 06:36 PM

These pictures take you right into the heart of London - the beautiful city. Beautiful exposure and speed in the photography capturing the natural light.

Posted by Max - Australia November 11, 08 08:56 PM

Observation from Québec, Canada .....London is the shining example of a determined valiant people who have so benefitted the civilised western world.

Posted by Wayne November 12, 08 02:43 AM

Wow and its all on my door step what a lucky girl i am, sorry there was one site that spolit it The Emirates Stadium home to the arsenal.

Posted by Sue a Spurs fan November 12, 08 09:54 AM

When I was in the Royal Navy we loved to spend a week-end 'up the smoke' the old nick name for London. We stayed at the Navy Club or sometimes when there was no room there we managed to get a bed in the old tube shelters. This was just after the war finished and bombed out buildings littered every street.
It is wonderful to see how London has been transformed. and I never tire of visiting the city.

Posted by Peter Sellar November 12, 08 10:39 AM

Beautiful colors and exciting features in the city. I have never been there, but a trip in the future would be exciting.

Posted by Victoria Davis November 12, 08 11:05 AM

the images are beyond gorgous. i was privileged to visit london two times in 1993. i have never forgotten it. these pictures are so awesome and i thank you for them it brought back some wonderful grandfather who raised me, his parents emigrated from kent. many of our family members went to montreal,five generations now. so its very personal for me. thank you fo the magnificent works.

Posted by sandra rund November 12, 08 01:18 PM

The photos are brilliant......however......before the electric company comes to my house, they better first look at the cities..... *smiles*

Posted by Carole Durkin November 12, 08 04:37 PM


Posted by ED WALLACE November 13, 08 12:32 AM

I cannot remember London being so big in 1977 when we were felt like home walking the streets with our family and friends. The one picture with looking out passed London is beautiful...makes London seem like a huge huge city....which we didn't feel it to be that big. Would love to go back someday....and see the things we didn't get to see. One of my 20 wishes is to walk by the river in the fog.....funny I know....but that is what keeps us going...Thank you so much for the pictures Jason....BEAUTIFUL.........and brought back wonderful memories.

Posted by pawpapww November 13, 08 12:48 AM

Yep. Wonderful pictures. Very crisp. It almost looks like a wonderful place to live. It is not so pretty at ground level however, but places seldom are.

Truly great pictures, though.

Posted by Charles Sheldon-Gleave (Arendal) November 13, 08 06:49 AM

Great photoes, I visited London in 1974 by myself and always dreamed of returning to see what I missed.
I walked from buckingham Palace to the Tower Bridge to see the Crown Jewels.
I felt like London was home to me and I loved the friendly Londoners they made me feel so welcome. I enjoyed the experience, I was only 18 and very brave.

Posted by Robyn Warren November 13, 08 09:38 AM

Wonderful photography, not the same London I left in 1967. Almost makes me want to move back, Almost.

Posted by Tony Llewellyn November 13, 08 11:42 AM

I was on the London Eye earlier this week and thought the view was spectacular but these photos are far superior and the views are absolutely mindblowing.
No wonder i think that london is the best.
This is not only top phtography but a fine advert for our great city thanks.

Posted by ray collis November 13, 08 05:45 PM


Posted by Jacque November 13, 08 05:49 PM

Magnificent!!!! I have never been to London but your beautiful pictures have allowed me to see a great city...Thank you,Thank you, THANK YOU!

Posted by Catherine Egan November 13, 08 06:07 PM

Jason, absolutely superb photographs, took my breath away and brought a tear to my eye.......I was born and raised in North London, but now live in Alabama and in fact I used to work in Regent Street, so to see Oxford and Piccadilly Circus there was a real treat for me....Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent. Please keep up the good work and keep sharing with the world and as for the Comment made by # 1169 JRR......Get off your soapbox you miserable old git!!! Your comments should have dealt with the photographers talent for taking wonderful pictures, not a place for you to air your grievances, Hope you never get laid for the rest of your life!

Posted by Susan November 13, 08 07:24 PM

these picts r awsome!!!!!! i REALLY want to go there!! i hope who ever went there to take the picts had a fun time there!

Posted by emily j November 13, 08 09:39 PM

The pictures are amazing and beautiful. Having toured London for 4 days in 1989, it is a totally different perspective to see it from above and at night.

Posted by Posted by Joe Komenda, 11/`13/08, 10:15PM November 13, 08 10:20 PM

Thank you for lovely photos, I was born in London 1926. My father took us around
when we were children I was fasinated by the history of London I live in Perth
Western Australia for 40 years. Have been back several times I still have
relations in London.The pictures were delightfull . I still love London.

Posted by Phyllis Roe November 14, 08 01:54 AM

As a kiwi mum, I have just enjoyed a London holiday with my daughter who is working there. It's nice to be reminded of sights I saw in daylight and at night by foot and bus.
My memories also x-ray beneath the surface to the underground rail system. It was such an efficent way to get around, even carrying suitcase and backpack at times.
After the Last Night Of The Proms, enjoyed at Hyde Park, we ran to retrieve luggage, then ran with that luggage via several tube changes, for the last train from Waterloo. Now there's a new race for the London Olympics!

Posted by Margaret McLean-Craig (New Zealand) November 14, 08 03:02 AM

Very nice pictures and beautiful London nights.

Posted by rasika thanki November 14, 08 04:18 AM

Great Pics of the worlds greatest city! brought tears to me old minces!

Posted by dave November 14, 08 06:22 AM


Posted by MAHESH.PATEL November 14, 08 08:26 AM

i live in pakistan"s village where we just can imagine to live in london. i like these fotoes v mch & pray to God to see me london soon by visit.i thanks to all of those who made these pics, adnan ahmadani 00923336498842 is my ph number. thanks a lot

Posted by adnan November 14, 08 09:58 AM

i love these pics v much. i never see london except pics of this site. thanks adnan mukhtar ahmadani.

Posted by adnan ahmadani November 14, 08 10:49 AM

lover of these pics

Posted by adnan ahmadani November 14, 08 10:51 AM

These are some of the most magnificent photos I've ever seen in my life. Jason, you are a Master of your craft. Thank you.

Posted by Chip Dockery November 14, 08 12:27 PM

It was my dream to seen London, now i have to collect some money and go see it personally. it is an awesom views i have ever seen. Specially i want to see KOHINOOR DIAMOND at one of the museum.
I love it

Posted by Minaxi Joshi November 14, 08 06:39 PM

This is Awesome.

Posted by yamism November 14, 08 11:23 PM

I live here and I am still in awe of it's beauty every single day.

Undoubtedly the most amazing city in the world.

Posted by Phoebe November 15, 08 04:03 AM


Posted by sana November 15, 08 05:45 AM

Thank you we come to Canada 1n 1953 but this will aoways be home to us we thank you we had a good cry and we stil love England do you have any moor pic like this Polly B

Posted by Polly B November 15, 08 08:15 AM

I spent almost a year in Europe in 1970 and was in England/London 3 times. When people asked me which place in Europe I liked best, I always replied London. The pictures show a beautiful town, but cannot show the beautiful people that continued to draw me back. I will go back - largely because of the beautiful pictures reminding me of the beautiful people.
Speakers Corner was something that had to be seen to be belivied! Now - thanks to Jason, we can see so many more wonderful things that can be experienced.
Thanks Jason

Posted by Hugh James November 15, 08 09:16 AM

i'm a female age 34 yrs old I was born on january 18, 1974
i love big cities

Posted by Ms. Miranda Anne Gould November 15, 08 10:23 AM

Well done - this is art! Please do some more, also of the London suburbs at night from above - the lights make ordinary and ugly place turn beautiful.

Posted by Jan Lock November 15, 08 01:03 PM

just beautiful!!!!!

Posted by renee lindsey November 15, 08 02:41 PM


Posted by karolina November 15, 08 05:15 PM

I haven't been home for 22yrs, the photographs brought a lump
to my throat, Thank you for sharing.
Nicky Chester, British Columbia, Canada...

Posted by Nicky Chester November 15, 08 05:19 PM

Planning a return visit to UK (after sixty years away) and had vowed to steer clear of London. Now I'm not so sure.

Posted by Mike November 15, 08 07:38 PM

Stunning,Now I know why I still live in & love england.

Posted by E.B.Pulsford November 16, 08 02:38 AM

Have the people who've immigrated from London and say they won't be coming back because immigration/multiculturalism has ruined London never heard of irony? These are wonderful pictures of the world's best city and it's the best because it has always been the world's melting pot.

Posted by Terry in London November 16, 08 06:12 AM

Very nice! I could see places where I had stood only a few months ago. Wonderful memories flooding back. Heading back to Wales in a few days. With an English Mum and all Welsh heritage, I feel so connected.
Thank You.

Posted by Phil Skidmore November 16, 08 10:09 AM

One of my favorite cities. Not only because of it's beauty, but the people are outstanding. Amazing how they have "come back" after the terrible bombings. What stoic and wonderful people. I know many will not remember and say "What bombings", but ask an older Englander......Thanks for reminding me.......

Colleyville, Tx.

Posted by Anonymous November 16, 08 03:59 PM

One of my favorite cities. Not only because of it's beauty, but the people are outstanding. Amazing how they have "come back" after the terrible bombings. What stoic and wonderful people. I know many will not remember and say "What bombings", but ask an older Englander......Thanks for reminding me.......

Colleyville, Tx.

Posted by mimi November 16, 08 04:35 PM

London is a marvellous place. People all over the world believe me would like to be there in a determinated moments of your life, same that have been an unique week, must be unforgettable. I hope to know London a day...I hope...thanks for reminding me...

Posted by Yara November 16, 08 05:19 PM

Some of the most wonderful pictures I've ever seen. I am going to print out each of
them and frame them for my office.

Posted by Ron Glans November 16, 08 06:30 PM

The world holds many beautiful places
These pictures take my breath away
My Mind and Soul sweetly embraces
What life offers, each new day.


Posted by Margo Scrimshaw November 16, 08 07:08 PM

Never been to London, but will definately visit when we go overseas

Posted by Joy Agius November 16, 08 07:19 PM

Stunning photography - makes me so homesick!

Posted by Cheryl from Brisbane November 16, 08 08:55 PM

Its really really amazing and superb. its worth to visit London once in a lifetime.

Posted by Bhavisha Mistry November 16, 08 11:34 PM

London is an hour away on the train from where I live in Sussex, visits there always leave me astounded by the inherant "buzz" of the city. As an ex farmer from a non existant Rhodesia I can see the huge draw to London for young people from the Southern hamisphere to visit, sometimes for years.
Your photographs convey the "feeling" of London wonderfully, thankyou for making them available.

Posted by geoff pocket November 17, 08 03:37 AM

Excellent pictures

Posted by Glyn Maelor Williams November 17, 08 10:03 AM

Stunning photo's of a beautiful city, best i've ever seen.

Posted by john Hooper November 17, 08 10:15 AM

I was in the military from 1960 to 1964..... half of that was in the U.K. was stationed just out side of OXford.... Went to London 2 times while stationed there... sure did not look that good then as it does now. amazing and beautifull photos from above... I left some real good friends over there when I returned to the U.S...Am in dallas , Texas now..once again. excellent photos.. Thank you for the memories.

Posted by Don Hancock. November 17, 08 10:39 AM

having driven into london on a regular basis its a blessed relief to view these stunning pics from the air.

Posted by mark lane November 17, 08 11:56 AM

Very nice photos congratulation to the Photografer, Keep the good work.
I never have been in London
But by looking this beautiful pictures I will be visinting London in the next summer.

Posted by George Sakis. November 17, 08 02:04 PM

I live inPeru, Southamerica, and I always lovethe city of London. I have visited
London four times, since 1975 (in 2000, 2005 and in 2007) and I always enjoyed
to go there. I enjoy the photos very much ! They are really beautiful !!
Thansk Jason and Congratulations!! You are a Maste !

Posted by DINA November 17, 08 02:10 PM

Am I lucky to live in London or am I luky to live in London?
These are inspirational nocturnal photography of the city of London.
Congratulations to Jason Hawkes for first class images.

Posted by Jaffer Bhimji November 17, 08 02:41 PM

I was in London three years ago and could go every year-glad to have these pictures--thanks.

Posted by elizabeth byles November 17, 08 03:30 PM

now that's a round-a-bout...

Posted by henry Coleman November 17, 08 06:01 PM

I lived in London for 25 years before moving to Toronto. Those were the Best years of my life, and I still travel to London every year to relive those moments. fantastic city...the very best. Merry Christmas and all the very best in 2009 to all you Londoners.

Posted by Victor D'Cunha November 17, 08 09:19 PM

From colonial days in Kenya, to living in the UK for many years travelling to many parts of the globe including colossial India (ancient), and now living in Australia, England will always be the best and fairest, and the big brother. Your pictures can boast of London a thousand times and all because you are far ahead of the game. Wonderful photography.

Posted by John Costa Bir November 17, 08 10:01 PM

truly cant get better than this

Posted by vikramaditya November 18, 08 05:48 AM

Outstanding Photography.

Posted by Rohit Gohil November 18, 08 06:02 AM

wow that is beautiful, my nan sent me it and really is lovely view.

Posted by C.S November 18, 08 07:17 AM

They are awesome .... you make London more attractive, thanks.
i'm a person live in London.

Posted by Cashy November 18, 08 08:24 AM

These is so beautiful. I loved being able to see these wonderful shots!

Posted by Patricia Cooper November 18, 08 09:28 AM

Absolutely breathtaking. Definitely a journey I want to share with my family.

Posted by Donette Pierce November 18, 08 09:47 AM

wonderfull truly amazing

Posted by carol November 18, 08 09:50 AM

These are great! You really captured the essence of the City. I grew up in England; lived, worked and went to college in London. There are clearly many changes but the old landmarks still look majestic, especially with your night images.

Posted by Sue Knight November 18, 08 10:55 AM
1316.'s fantastic..
it's really beautiful scenery...

Posted by sasha November 18, 08 12:48 PM

We we're there in July of this year (2008), our first trip to London since 1981. Oh, how it's changed. London is truly a magnificent city as these photos will attest.

Posted by BCS November 18, 08 02:15 PM

These photographs are wonderful! If you can't actually BE there, these are the next best thing! I look forward to viewing more pictures from the fantastic artist.



Warner Robins, Georgia, USA

Posted by Anonymous November 18, 08 03:07 PM

I have to say, I live on the outskirts of London and work within London.
Totally breathtaking. I feel broud to be British.

Posted by Spencer Rolls November 18, 08 04:46 PM


Posted by JOHN CHAMBLESS November 18, 08 09:31 PM

A great collection of photos .London by night. Our last visit to London was1992 a City all should visit if ever in UK . Thanks to the photographer for sharing them. As they say the old girl is glorious by night and vibrant in the light of day the old and new complement each other well.

Posted by Joy Catlow November 18, 08 10:02 PM

Amazing photography, felt as if I were back in time. So many wonderful memories of days of yore in London, where I once worked and now enjoy visiting. Always feel so at home in the city of dreams, where people are people and entertainment is endless. Thanks!

Posted by Angelina November 19, 08 01:12 AM

Ever so beautiful, bringing fond memories of west end theatres, galleries, the colosium, all the throbbing cultural activities, friends' hospitality and all the heart-warming sharing of proud Londoners, those who've emigrated, and past / to-be visitors...on said he's born there 1926! Yes, thx for Your fun and risks, we could revisit this jewelled night scenes , enjoying your expert ariel shots in the comfort of our homes, wallowing in the sentimental hotpot of global-village nostalgia and forward-looking aspirations. Appreciation with capital 'A's.

Posted by christine November 19, 08 02:07 AM

Wow! makes an ex-pat very homesick. I will look for more work by this photographer

Posted by Trish Catrysse November 19, 08 02:29 AM

Pity most of it will be under water within the next 100yrs !!

Posted by Donald Morrison November 19, 08 05:13 AM

After seeing these incredible photo's, who could argue that London is not still one of, if not THE, most beautiful city in the world. These pic's should be formerly adopted by The British Tourist Board and posted on any relevant website.

Posted by Jason Everett November 19, 08 07:05 AM

amick robinsonwesome sights this is what photography is all about,never mind youre so called celebrities and super-models

Posted by mick robinson barnsley November 19, 08 11:13 AM

i love it , london mean to me a lot , wonderful weather ,bcz i dont like the sun , really a great photographer , incredible photo's :) & i should say thanks to my friend harold from canada to tell me about this web .... hi to all ... sarah from lebanon ...

Posted by sarah November 19, 08 11:35 AM

Fantastic...I work around London and see many different sites all the time..But not from those fantastic camera angles..Well done Jason these photos are a credit to you , And thanks for showing London to the rest of the world as i believe its one of the best cities in the world..WELL DONE..

Posted by Scott Edwards November 19, 08 12:01 PM

I'm from London left in 82 been back numerous time but these are the pictures we all dream of snapping them when we are there .... simply GORGEOUS brought back a lot of memories Thank you .....

Posted by jAmIn November 19, 08 12:25 PM

The Gunners stadium from above fantastic,excellent photos of the city i was born in great job Mr Hawkes

Posted by Ray Boswell November 19, 08 03:47 PM

Great pictures, now I really want to see London and looking forward to it in the next few years.

Posted by Dave Stewart November 19, 08 03:51 PM

I've been to london about 10x over. You can never get too much of London =)

Posted by Russell November 19, 08 03:51 PM

How breath taking. It has been many years since my last visit to London but it sure was memorable. I would go back in a moment for the city and the people. Merry Christmas to all and a wonderful 2009!

Posted by Fiona Kerr Wilson November 19, 08 04:34 PM

I say what a change from the second world war 39=45,from devastation to something of the future and it looks like the strip in Vegas.

Posted by Peter Ramshaw November 19, 08 05:24 PM

This is absolutely spectacular!!! My dear friend, Bob, has been there, & sent this to me for my enjoyment, as he has been & seen in person. Appreciation in abundance......for such a thoughtful idea! Happy Holidays to all.. "JJ"

Posted by Joyce Brooks=Pasha November 19, 08 06:35 PM

I thank my sister-in-law for sending me these photos of London. I emmigrated
to Canada 37 years ago and adore my adopted country. A lot of these photos
brought back memories from 2006, when my sister, brother-in-law, husband and myself were 'locked out' of an underground parking lot, having just been to a show at the London Palladium.......we couldn't retrieve the car until 6 am the next morning, so we decided to wander around the west-end all night long! We walked and walked.....and visited lots of the sites depicted in these wonderful photos....such as: The London Eye, I gazed up at Big Ben as it struck 3:00 am!!
It was lots of fun as my sister and I bonded all over again s we shared this unique experience! I used to work in London before I emmigrated, and this night, I got to
visit "my" London again, through a tourists eyes! Joy Claydon, B.C, Canada Nov 19/08

Posted by joy claydon November 19, 08 09:52 PM

Absolutely magnificent!!-- beautiful -- -- my ancesters immigrated from England- York I think --Metcalfe-- to Canada and then my G father to the US-- I would love to go back and visit -- e

Posted by Lola November 19, 08 09:56 PM

It's too beautiful. I love this photographs too much. Its my dream to visit the London once in life.

Posted by Harshad Limbachiya, India November 20, 08 12:10 AM

I know that you will enjoy this view as i did. Let some of your friends enjoy it also. Read the footprint so thst you will know what each picture represent.

Posted by KATE OKOYE November 20, 08 01:43 AM

what beautifull pictures,I was born in Bermondsey,So Tower Bridge is my Bridge,I walked it many times as a child. But to see the beauty of it from above,brought a tear to my eye.

Posted by Marian November 20, 08 06:53 AM

I can only dream of visiting London. Would love to visit there before I die. A very beautiful and impressive place.

Posted by Helen Shiver November 20, 08 07:55 AM

In one of the photographs where the road are taken close up, what is in the center, on my pc it looks like a large hole. so beautiful

Posted by Helen Shiver November 20, 08 08:02 AM

I love my beautiful London. Live in Bethnal Green and I never ever wanna leave this city!

Posted by Adam November 20, 08 08:23 AM

I spent my youth in England in the mid 70's pursuing an education.Got married n lived in London with my young family for a few years.These photos are GREAT!True abt comments seeing London during the day of the old n new buildings, comes night the kaleidescope of colours. MAGIC!!!
Mary Poppins would be lost for words - supercallafregelisticexpialidocious !!!

Posted by Tony Tee Seng TAN November 20, 08 08:47 AM

This is how it looks at its best....from a distance. In fact the further away the better it looks.
I am about 50 miles away, its fine from here, I would'nt wish to be any closer.
I'm not alone in this view. Several other people share my opinion.
A chap called Hitler didnt like its appearance (scurrilous foreign type)and resorted to severe measures in an attempt to change its appearance.
I dont approve of such behaviour, its not the British way.

Posted by Tarquin F Smythe QJM November 20, 08 11:02 AM


Posted by poo November 20, 08 12:02 PM

Great memories.
Saw most of this, this past August, but not as spectacular as your photos.

Posted by Earl Lafferty November 20, 08 01:06 PM

beautiful picture.........................

Posted by abhi November 20, 08 01:23 PM

A W E S O M E ! ! !

Posted by M. Clark November 20, 08 03:15 PM

I love the pics it reminded me of the first time to london! I wann live in Greenwich Village!

Posted by Bo November 20, 08 05:36 PM

Ahhhh ..... there are just some cities in the world that have a majestic magic. If I could live in London or at least close to .... I'd jump at the chance. I'll just have to make do with the wonderful memories of 8 seperate visits to London. Looking foward as ever to touching down in Heathrow for visit number 9.

Posted by John Camel November 20, 08 07:29 PM

Now I realize how boring Buffalo is......

Posted by Emily November 20, 08 07:42 PM

Fantastic photos
Brings back a lot of memories when we sailed our canal boat "NOMADICKIWI"out of Lyme House marina and up the River Thames
We are now living back in New Zealand and treasure such wonderful photos

Posted by Nev & Wendy Hooper, Pauanui, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zea;land November 21, 08 12:23 AM

fantastic views

Posted by lorraine November 21, 08 05:50 AM

Recently returned from a trip to London, your beautiful pictures took me back. Thankyou.

Posted by Barb November 21, 08 09:21 AM


Posted by HELEN HEMETEK November 21, 08 11:28 AM

I arrived in London September 1959 and left for Canada in 1963. I was never able to get London out of my mind, in fact "OUT OF ME" Loved it, Loved the life and people and always anxious to return. (yes, been back a few times) Now if you will excuse me, I must be on my way to make plans for my next trip. OH! those pictures! My....My...My, what a City? Truly marvelous, see you soon London

Posted by Julien Polimis November 21, 08 11:56 AM

Being a born Cockney and bombed out of the East End in 1943, would like you all to have seen Hitler's abortive attempts to re-arrange London. But that's now in the past. These wonderful pictures show how far we have come.

Posted by Colin Scanes November 21, 08 12:42 PM

London is my home, but I have lived in the USA for many years. Nothing anywhere can compete with London or England, it is beautiful, such a shame the weather isnt better and more reliable, But its a gorgeous city now with the old and the new, and there is no other place in the world like it. I was born there and lived there all through the war and after, so many changes now and so much advancement, it truly is a capital city.

Posted by Blanche Teller November 21, 08 04:26 PM

It is a long time since I walked those city streets. I was in awe then, working in the city at 17 years and still am at these wonderful photo's Thankyou Pauline Paisley Ont.Can. Nov 21st.08.

Posted by Pauline Weston November 21, 08 04:31 PM

great pics of the city i was born in & still love...Arsenal stadium as well thats a bonus....well done whoever took them

Posted by Arfer November 21, 08 05:53 PM

nice camera, for sure.

Posted by jason woodruff November 21, 08 05:54 PM

marvellous pictures.

Posted by najam November 21, 08 08:04 PM

For all of us expats, these photos and the good comments they recieved.
Just shows you that old saying is too true, you can take the person out of London, but you cannot take London out of the person.

Posted by Johnny November 21, 08 08:46 PM

Absolutely stunning photos. You are definitely giving us a run for our money here in California.This is where "The City" (San Francisco) is absolutely the most beautiful city on the entire west coast of this entire continent. And looks pretty darn good in the daytime as well.

Posted by Toby November 22, 08 12:12 AM

I am a professional aerial photographer, so I - more than almost anyone else - am qualified to tell you how truly excellent these photographs are. Getting night exposures perfectly correct AND avoiding the dreaded "motion blur" is almost impossible, even with a helicopter, gyro & good low-light glass. This could well have won "Best Commercial Photograph" at last years annual Professional Aerial Photographers Assn. International conference. Maybe this year...? Your invited! :-)

Posted by Mark R. Remaley November 22, 08 01:40 AM

The photography is 'incredible' BUT as an American I am more impressed with the class and reverence as well as respect you British show for your homeland! I only wish Americans showed the same for their Country. You do impress me and you are truly cherished as an Ally.

Posted by Papa_d November 22, 08 01:48 AM

great pics ,didn,t know London was so beautiful at night, must go and see it,
Mick Morton.

Posted by mick morton November 22, 08 02:55 AM

Only two words to describe these pictures; ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!!

Posted by JENNIE GOMEZ November 22, 08 03:22 AM


Posted by mick morton November 22, 08 04:15 AM

Stunning photographs. Most people were never see London like that.

Posted by Rosemary Stewart November 22, 08 06:18 AM

An Angels' passing by night around London, what beauty they see.

Posted by Lin Sing Min - November 22, 08 07:57 AM

Ah, the spectacular night scenes! Yes, very impressive, almost surreal, but during the day take the bright lights away and London is a typical big city - a place to visit but not to live unless of course you are into high-pressured living, enjoy stress, crowded streets and transport, high prices, dirty streets, the general impersonal coldness, and the always present underlying violence.

Posted by Roman Iwaskow November 22, 08 08:13 AM


Posted by BERTHA L ALBORNOZ November 22, 08 09:10 AM

Congratulations Mr Jason Hawkes.
Thanks a lot for the pictures. As a teacher of spanish your calification is A+
The good Lord bless you today and tomorrow.

Posted by Betty Albornoz November 22, 08 09:36 AM

the pctures were sent to me by my son maurice. So thanks to him and the photographer. Really beautiful

Posted by Moira November 22, 08 10:42 AM

Born and raised in Bermondsey, SE London, it was great to visit some of my old childhood haunts. Especially the Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf areas. As a boy the Canary Wharf area was still handling shipping and such. It sure has changed. Marvelous photographs that bring back a lot of memories. Moved to Canada in 1957 but now live in Texas. A cockney boy a long way from home.

Posted by Roy Kemp November 22, 08 11:04 AM

Fantastic pictures....made me very envious, not to have been along for the ride.
Seeing the Emirates ground (my team - Arsenal) was a highlight! Seeing "Tott" on the road surface gave me goosebumps...I lived in Tottenham for years. England is in my heart and my soul. I've decided I've never really 'left'...even though living in Canada for over 30 years....

Posted by Penny L November 22, 08 11:22 AM

Absolutely fantastic please send some more.

Posted by Frances Bloomfield November 22, 08 01:01 PM

Looks like Nutbush to me!

Posted by Tina T. November 22, 08 01:19 PM

I have been to London, took a ride in the double decker buses, visited many places and would love to return sometime. It's an amazing city.
Stayed for a week and then flew to Paris for a week...
I love to hear those people speak.....

Posted by Charles Walls November 22, 08 04:07 PM

I'm an 18 Karat Cockney boy and I love London. these pics only go to prove that it's still the greatest City in the world regardless of the negative effects of the large influx of immigrants and so called "multi-culturism" that has blighted so many parts of it.
I love London and above all, I'm proud to be English and these pics are a perfect explanation why.
Lenny boy

Posted by Anonymous November 22, 08 06:54 PM

It's a Wow! These photos have such CLARITY, not to mention absolutely beautiful! I've never been to London and am Lovin it!
I would love to see your photos of Slovakia. It's such a lovely growing country I can imagine what you and your "LENS" could capture!

Thank you,


Posted by Doris Madonna November 22, 08 09:40 PM

Yep,that's my town......I was there for the London Blitz too.
I recognize most of the places 'cos I return when I can.
Did you know a bus can turn on Big Ben's face?...hard to appreciate.
Love the place.
A.David Barnes,MD

Posted by A.David Barnes,MD November 22, 08 10:39 PM

amazing pictures of my home town

Posted by Jeannette November 23, 08 02:35 AM

What wonderful photos.I was born in London but now live in Johannesburg,and have done so for 50 years.I visit London for 1 month every year but find it too claustrophobic, and the weather is awful even in the summer.Everything is so expensive but despite all that it is the most exciting city in the world.
Thank you for letting me see it from a different angle.

Posted by Phil Savinson November 23, 08 03:46 AM

All me life i've been a Londoner, I was born there, I was there in the blitz, and also during the big clear up, I thought I knew London, well I do now. Thank you for these wonderful pictures that showed me a London that I thought I knew..

Posted by John Purdy November 23, 08 05:39 AM

Well done Jason.Being 65,and an ex Londoner I well remember what London was like in my time from growing up.These pictures are fantastic.I would love to go down and spend a lot of time going round the place.But seeing these pictures has helped a little in that dream.I remember when the traffic went completely rounfd Picadilly Circus,and the Big Cocola illuminated clock.Thank you for making a bit of a dream come true.

Posted by Terry Mundin November 23, 08 06:02 AM

As a Canadian born to Brit would I love to visit the home of my "ancestors". It is a beautiful place to be proud of. maybe one day I'll have the chance to see it in person.

Posted by Amanda Doreen November 23, 08 08:55 AM

Makes me proud to be a Cockney girl.

Posted by Iris Warne November 23, 08 11:31 AM

My mother was British, born and raised in London. She met my father while working in Oxford (he was stationed there) during WWII and as they say the rest is history. I have been in London several times and never ever tire of visiting there. It is a great city and the photos (sent to me from a Brit cousin) are fabulous!! Thanks for posting for all to enjoy.

Posted by Sharon, Maryland, USA November 23, 08 12:04 PM

Great pictures but what a dreadful waste of energy. Until we sort it out our children will never see the Milky Way.

Posted by Martin Mayer November 23, 08 01:02 PM

Having never visited London, my wife & I are seriously considering making it our next vacation. Congratulations on this fine show of art.

Posted by Walter Dunevant November 23, 08 01:52 PM

I was born and bred in London. I get fed up living in London. I have seen the lights in Central London many times. Although i don't like it living in London but South Kensington is a beautiful place especially lights at night. I travel there every Saturdays and enjoy the night do!

Posted by Sal November 23, 08 02:40 PM

Pics are great. I had to sent them on to my sister in New Zealand

Posted by Ron McCabe November 23, 08 04:14 PM

Sorry to see that the two great buildings i competed in to win a british championship in the sport of Boxing are missing ."the Royal Albert Hall and Wembly Stadium"

Posted by Doug Howard November 23, 08 05:30 PM

Stunning! Thanks very much.

Posted by Ted November 23, 08 07:02 PM

Inspired by my Mother's stories of her life in London, I couldn't wait to live there myself; and in 1973, I set off on an adventure that would last 18 years. I was lucky enough to spend the majority of that time living in St. Katharine's Dock (right next to the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge). The City was on my doorstep; and the West End was within walking distance. I couldn't believe my luck; and, although I am now back in Canada, albeit, living on the beautiful West Coast, I will never lose the sense of the thrill of living and working in London. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

Posted by Judith November 23, 08 07:23 PM

Fantastic! Beautiful and awe inspiring. One thing puzzles me...where does London city get its electric power supply?
A Quebec, Canada resident.

Posted by Felix November 23, 08 07:48 PM

Thank you so much for these beautiful beautiful " Home Sweet Home" ....a very proud Londoner

Posted by Sharon Orr November 23, 08 09:33 PM

I lived in London from 1928 to 1963 and hated it for the filth, pollution and weather. I am pleased to see how much London has changed. Thank you for making me miss the City in which I grew to manhood.,

Posted by Walter Coleshill November 23, 08 10:38 PM

we were there in 1994 for a family reunion and I just loved London GREAT SHOTS keep up the good work

Posted by donna November 23, 08 11:34 PM

From a Londoner, born and bred, who didn't really appreciate the beauty of his own city at night - simply OUTSTANDING!!!

Posted by Geoff November 24, 08 05:26 AM

Great photography!

Posted by Carol Camm November 24, 08 08:14 AM

Our grandson has been given a job transfer with an American company to work in London for two years, seeing these photos excites us even more so to make our arrangements to visit him this next spring. What a beautiful city and done so well.

Posted by Robert Luscombe November 24, 08 09:31 AM

London born 1938 and worked in London between 1970-1988. A magnificent city with a heart of gold and people who have a lot of character. Wonderful photos that mean a lot to me having travelled all over during my working life in London. My late Uncle was a cabbie and he would have also loved these pics. Well done!!!!

Posted by Ted Thomson November 24, 08 09:35 AM

I was born a cockney 75 years back, and witnessed the devastation inflicted by Hitlers Luftwaffe; London lives and it brings pleasure, pride and tears to my eyes when I viewed these pictures. Roy Cable, Herefordshire

Posted by Roy Cable November 24, 08 10:18 AM

Lucky you, had a truly fine evening, makes me homesick. Just proves, you can live there all you life and never really see it all. Many thanks. Bob Kelly, Florida.

Posted by Roland Kelly November 24, 08 12:08 PM

It's hard to believe anyone could sleep, knowing how gorgeous and spellbinding the night with it's lights are!! A true wonderland!! Except: I would probably NEVER find my way out of that traffic roundabout.
I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar night in London.
babs from Palos verdes, California usa.
These pictures are a "save as" to be viewed many times. THANKS

Posted by BABS WOODCOCK November 24, 08 02:07 PM

we are Londoners. COCKNEYS, London is truly the greatest city in the world, we are soooooo proud of her, and thank everyone for their fantastic comments x

Posted by rick and family November 24, 08 06:49 PM

Now I can almost say I have seen London. Thanks to you Mr. Jason Hawkes. It was a grand trip I shall treasure in my dreams.

Posted by Segundo R. Zaraate, Martinez, CA November 24, 08 10:49 PM

Nice photos, spectacular even. But it makes me wonder, in these days of energy efficiency and economy, how much of the light emmitted in towns at night is really necessary.

Posted by Bob November 25, 08 04:26 AM

Hi the pictures are fantastic, are they for sale anywhere? I would be interested in one or two of the imgaes for prints for my office wall?

thank you


Posted by rob king November 25, 08 05:15 AM

I lived in London a few years ago. To be honest it wasn’t that great. Sprawling, overpriced and dirty compared to many other international cities. Certainly now it is a city in decline and if present rates of global warming continue, it will be under 10m of water in 50 years time. Still... nice photos!

Posted by Jim, UK November 25, 08 05:29 AM

Wow, My breath has been taken away by the beauty of these pictures & yet when I go into London it's just over crowded & full of rats.

Posted by Patricia UK November 25, 08 07:05 AM

Absolutely beautiful.
Hope to visit there some day.

Posted by John, Seattle, Wa. November 25, 08 07:07 AM

Amazing, Ive got a place like this in Herfordshire.....nobody ever turns the lights off.

Posted by Alan November 25, 08 07:31 AM

What a wonderful project; as an ex Londoner (Born in Plaistow), and a world traveler it is great to be able to such great views of my old home town.
Phil Rogers,
St. Louis, MO.

Posted by Philip G Rogers November 25, 08 10:12 AM

Outstandingly beautiful pics. I was born and raised in London, bombed out, evacuated. Back to school in South Tottenham. N15. Then into the RAF.
Luckily emigrated in 1964 because when I go back it isn't "my London" anymore. Streets are full of foreigners and "new Brits". Their cultures dominate.
I feel sadness for the young ones left there, riding home on the Tube, pale and tired. Peter Gough, Naples, Florida..

Posted by Peter Gough November 25, 08 11:26 AM

i dabbled in aerial photography as interpretor, and these photos of this super beautiful city do amaze me. The results speak volume about your genial approach to such a feat. Congratulations. Charles, Que. Canada

Posted by charles maheux November 25, 08 01:58 PM

The pictures are GORGEOUS but I have to say..... What a waste of electricity!!!!

Posted by Sharlene Nicolai November 25, 08 02:11 PM

That old black magic has us in its spell that night skyline we all know so well..........

Posted by Lindy Wilsmith November 25, 08 03:25 PM

London is a remarkably enchanting and captivating world metropolis. It has factored large in history from prerecorded times. The City has been the centre of finance and commerce for centuries and remains so today. It is a virtual beehive of activity in every respect and the nexus of culture, business and politics - a beacon onto the world. Unlike other capitols it is multi-dimensional and is not confined to the life which revolves about the politics and bureaucracy of government and educational institutions. London is a macrocosm which reflects the entirety of life's endeavours. Cosmopolitan and hospitable. History past, presetn and future. It is fulfilling spiritually and culturally. Utopia does exist - in London.

Posted by Andrew Nellestyn November 25, 08 03:28 PM

Fab photos! Thanks for them.

Posted by Ashley November 25, 08 04:31 PM

IT was good to see some of the pictures,not been back for some years and it was good to try and work out where some of the places are from the Thames,beautifull.

Posted by Shirley faulkner November 25, 08 05:19 PM

Stunning pictures!

Posted by Bert Kwok November 25, 08 05:30 PM

"Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I love London town".......I was born there in 1948 and lived in the city from 1967-1972 at the high time of Carnaby Street, high boots and mini skirts! What goes around comes around eh! Even went to Arsenal games at Finsbury Park, look where they play nowadays! Have been in living in Australia for 34 years in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and have been back "home" many times, but never seen the beauty of London from above at night. Thank you so much for these images and congratulations in stirring so many emotions in so many people around the world... a real artist!

Posted by Rosemary Milton, Queensland, Australia November 25, 08 06:05 PM


Posted by DAVID W. November 25, 08 08:58 PM

Thefirst thing I thought waswhere does all the electricity come from. The height of our western folly in some ways. Better tolook at the heavens away from civilization and realize the wonder of the universe. The height of consumerism isn't it.

Posted by Hugh Halliay November 26, 08 03:12 AM


Posted by Deirdre Williams nee Hodge November 26, 08 06:39 AM

I am a londoner,born and bred. I am also a retired airline pilot and have flown over the city at night on many occasions - but these pictures took my breath away. They are, quite simply, superb.

Posted by Alan Ratcliffe November 26, 08 08:09 AM

Smashing Pics! Certainly one of the Lovliest Cities in the World. Thanks. Don

Posted by DJ Gree November 26, 08 10:15 AM

I was stationed at RAF Wethersfield [1968-1970] - the most wonderful tour in 24-years; these London pictures serve to remind me of beautiful, wonderful London! It has so much to offer! Fantastic pictures! Piccadilly Square is too much! And the Saturday antiques fair of London! Such culture!

Posted by Russell Farnham November 26, 08 10:23 AM

I happened to be airborne over London at the time of VE-Day in May 1945. What had been a huge black hole along the Thames became a sea of light. Quite startling but not as gloriously startling and revealing as these present-day aerial views giving a fresh perspective on many boyhood haunts. Wonderful. Now in Dallas but forget London? Wot? I should co-co! Thank you

Posted by Rick Brown November 26, 08 10:36 AM

Inforgetable London! Where's life and dream toghether a way.

Posted by irineu w ferreira jr November 26, 08 12:45 PM


Posted by AMEE November 26, 08 01:27 PM

Amazingly. Beautifully and perfectly.Thank the author!

Posted by Igor November 26, 08 01:34 PM


Posted by joyce stamps November 26, 08 01:36 PM

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful city!!! I could smell again the air of London. Thank you!!!!

Posted by Marilda November 26, 08 03:50 PM

marvellous pictures.
True you can take the person out of london,
but you cannot take london out of the person.

Posted by Frank ROLES November 26, 08 04:24 PM

I lived in London during the war, it wasn't like that then. I'll bet the Germans wish it was. I wish I had a dime for everytime I heard an ARP person shout "Put the bloody light out"

Posted by Norm Dack November 26, 08 05:04 PM

Superb Pictures.
You have done London proud.
Am forwarding to most of my 'E' Mail contacts.

Posted by Alan Bloomfield November 26, 08 06:12 PM

Great pics but I couldnt help wonder
(a) what would the Romans have made of their Londonium now,and

(b) ditto for Elizabeth 1 ?

However If the green fanatics get their way we can say good bye to pics like these in the future -because the future will be back to the past old dark Londonium again

Posted by Thomas Hogg November 26, 08 06:58 PM

Was born in London and lived there for 20 years thinking it was the greatest place on earth - but then moved to Paris, Bristol, Birmingham and now Spain, only to realise that London is generally a grim, grey, overpriced toilet full of yobs!

These photos are brilliant and at night and at a distance the city looks much more attractive than it does during the day, at street level. But while looking at them I could not help but think I wish I could see some photos of Paris at night taken by the same photographer - now that really would be something special!

Posted by Mark A Solomon November 26, 08 07:21 PM

these are incredible

Posted by Monika E Gallard November 26, 08 10:21 PM

We just got back from vacationing in London. My husband and I absolutely love the city! These pictures are amazing!

Posted by Sandra November 26, 08 10:46 PM

Beautiful pictures of the most wonderful City in the World. Visited just three times and lived there for around six months in 1951

Missed seeing Buckingham Palace from the air. Cant imagine London without it

Posted by Kumaran FERNANDO November 26, 08 11:33 PM

I lived and woked in London way back in 1949. I worked at Lillywhites in Picadilly Circus as a Book-Keeper, and lived in Streatham. Travelling on the Underground Northern and Picadilly lines was my daily travel to work. This was just before I was called up into the RAF. In those days no one would employ you especially when you had just finished college and was due for call-up. Happy days and Happy memories which have not deminished after all these years and that is 60+ years ago.

Posted by John Loasby November 27, 08 12:10 AM

London is quality city with super quality people. I lived there for two years and London town will forever be close to my heart. London is a city that makes life worth living!

Posted by Mel November 27, 08 01:35 AM

Think about What you are you looking at.
Its the best way to view London and I can appreciate even more Why I moved to France.

Posted by Brian Dingwall November 27, 08 03:44 AM

STUNNING PICTURES of a truely awe inspiring city. I am lucky enough to work next to "THE GHERKIN " pictured in those photos and every day I see something new on my way to work, something new to me that is. The things I notice have probably been there for hundreds of years. We are very lucky to have such a long and well detailed history that is so evident in every day life.
Thank you for such great shots, you have really captured Blightys atmosphere.

Posted by Joanna November 27, 08 04:56 AM

Born in London in 1930 seen Trams, Drove Trolly-Buses & Route Marster.
Seeing your pictures brought a tear to my eye.
Glade the Germans could not defeat us so we can still call it London.
God bless London.

Posted by Frank ROLES November 27, 08 07:24 AM

Our grandfather, who emigrated to the USA when he was young, wistfully told me if I ever got to London I should be sure to get fish & chips served in a newspaper. Many years later I did get to London and at the 1st fish stand I asked for my order to be served in a newspaper. She smiled and said they stopped doing that back in my grandfathers day. Sorry, gramps ... I tried! Maybe your story will stir some other memories.

Posted by Bob Buckley November 27, 08 11:14 AM

The photographs are spectacular and the comments are insightful. The majority of those who were London born are reflective about the past but show no desire to return. Those who have never been to the City are captivated by the lights but do not see the reality of a now unfriendly place where you never meet a true native. There are the Anglophiles who love the history and the West end shows and there are the environmentalists who decry the waste of resources. I am proud to be a Londoner but I prefer to think of her before 1960 when it was less bright but more welcoming. Tony Ridley, Florida.

Posted by Tony Ridley November 27, 08 11:19 AM

I have been to London several Times, about 20 times since 1979. I have seen London changed during these years. London is very facinating and is a world of it's own. It is good for everyone's life.

Posted by Paul J. Pace M.B.A. November 27, 08 11:19 AM


Tina T. If that comment above . . . . was really you? - My wife and I saw you in concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills Michigan last week. Incredible performance. Just like London, you are timeless!! Come back and see us next year.

Posted by Dr. Richard P McDermott, Bloomfield Hills MI November 27, 08 11:22 AM

Felicidades al fotògrafo!! Excelente vista, es todo un espectàculo!!
Saludos desde Chihuahua, MEXICO!

Posted by Laura Elisa Pèrez Valverde November 27, 08 11:37 AM

These are absolutely breathtaking photos! I am moved by them! Exquisite!

Posted by Lucy Hall November 27, 08 11:58 AM

I so miss London, actually, all of England. Beautiful photographs!

Posted by Paddy Root November 27, 08 12:34 PM

Samual Johnson had it right.
He who is tired of London is tired of life, for here is in London all that life can afford.
Great pictures!
Proud Canadian member of the Commonwealth.

Posted by Ken Mitchell November 27, 08 04:20 PM

Loved the beautiful photographs. There will always be an England!!

I met my husband during WW !! while he was stationed at Ascot. I was 17 and he was 19. We now live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Haven't been home in five years but hope to go home next year.

Keep up the good work, excellent photography.

Helena Farlow

Posted by Helena Farlow November 27, 08 06:09 PM

I've visited London many times and thought it was lovely, but looking back and reflecting on my view of London, I had not really seen it at all.

Posted by David H. Roberts November 27, 08 06:21 PM

Striking, striking...........Excellent

Posted by Gord November 27, 08 09:27 PM

I am from South Africa and 12 years ago we took a young English woman to the game reserve in Zululand. She is now reciprocating by giving us the use of her apartment in London for a week. My 2 sons and grandchildren live there. My 2 favorite cities in the world are London and New York. There is so much of interest to see in London - I can't wait till December!

Posted by Christine Hodge November 28, 08 01:37 AM

absolutely absolute

Posted by rosie london November 28, 08 02:57 AM

i drove around london at night for two years on security quick response obviously too quick i should have appreciated it more

Posted by john cole November 28, 08 04:51 AM

Most Londoners don't get to view their cities at night. The photos are indeed spectacular, but I think the "cover of darkness" makes it seem much more beautiful than it really is. Any town at night would seem to be attractive and glittery, but when the sun rises, along comes the dirt, trash, pollution and reality with it.

Posted by poescrow November 28, 08 07:16 AM

breath taking....thankyou....

Posted by ferriec November 28, 08 08:02 AM

Living in London for the past 4 1/2 yrs I never did look at London from this perspective.

As an amiture photographer guys like you Jason really encorouge us to work the camers till distruction.

Well done & keep up the good work.

Posted by Rom Moodley November 28, 08 08:15 AM

Absolutely fantastics pics!

Posted by Ed Calton, ....... Utah U.S.A. November 28, 08 08:24 AM

Beautiful....................... Stunning.................... Inspiring......................

Posted by Anon from Welwyn Garden City November 28, 08 08:39 AM

Absoloutely awesome pictures.
Posted by Fred from Sheffield.

Posted by Fred Roberts November 28, 08 09:25 AM

during my younger days I lived in London a couple of times for business reasons , a couple of years in total
but it wasn't until I had the opportunity over many years to visit other major cities in the world that I came to realise that the facilities that London offers , both in quantity and quality , are unsurpassed

I admit I never thought of the old girl as beautiful , but having seen these stunning photographs I seem to have been proved wrong

Posted by colin grayson November 28, 08 09:45 AM

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. Great city, lived there for 3 months in 1956 & have traveled there many time during the 70's and 80's.. The city has done nothing but improve.
Long live London.

Posted by Fred from Groton, Connecticut November 28, 08 10:23 AM

Ah! Eros' statue. I remember a group of us, in the late 50's & early 60's, going to Picadilly Circus every New Years Eve to celebrate and have a giggle. The statue was completely surrounded by a high, solid board fence to prevent revellers from attempting to climb it. Unseen behind the boards, dozens of coppers lurked and quietly had a 'ciggy' until called into action to quell the trouble-makers and punch-ups! Oh happy days! Toronto, Ontario has been home for the last 44 years but still can't get 'The Smoke' out of my system. Cheers!

Posted by Roger Scraggs November 28, 08 11:07 AM

Lived in Hampshire, England from 1959 to 1996.Returned to my home country, Canada. My son in Bromley Kent will enjoy these pics and also my son in Perth, Australia. These pics have been forwarded by my daughter in Vancouver and I live in Nova Scotia. We all love London, England. These pics are brilliant..

Posted by June Meredith November 28, 08 04:03 PM

After returning from many years living in New Zealand and coming back to live in London I have a love affair with this city that will never cease. It's inspiring, magnificant, vibrant and keeps me young, I wish I had been born a Londoner instead of a Maid of Kent!
Barbara, SW London

Posted by Barbara McDonald November 28, 08 04:35 PM

Beuatiful pictures! I am going to London for the first time next year and I can't wait to see it myself.

Posted by Hana - Melbourne November 28, 08 05:45 PM

These pictures took my breath away; they are so beautiful! I have never been there (I live in Canada) but after seeing these, I would love to go.

Posted by Terry Holt November 28, 08 10:27 PM

Went to London with my Dad, sister and her husband in '95 and thought it was great. The photos are beautiful! But I think the other reader is right in saying that Paris at night would be even more spectacular, and I would like even more to see Venice, Florence or Rome at night.

Posted by Scott November 28, 08 11:35 PM

I was born in South London 1947 and am a very keen photographer. Your skills are really great and I admire your photography very much. Would love to know how you do it.

When taking various people around London, I've always said never look down in London always look up! I still adhere to this now.

Your photography takes it one step further. Thank you.d

Posted by D. November 29, 08 04:36 AM

Fantastic pics, but remember, there is more to England than just London. Within an hour or so you can be in the English countryside. I'll be pleased to show anyone around my neighbourhood - The Cotswolds. Tony Burrows

Posted by Tony Burrows November 29, 08 06:46 AM

Great pics by a great photographer.

Posted by Ken Rexstrew November 29, 08 08:26 AM

Yep grew up in London during the war years, lived in Hanwell Middx, moved to london during the blitz, I did not care for the London of those days, liked the suburbs better and wished I could live back there.Met my husband came to USA in the late 50's London sure looks great now, especially these pics they are beautiful,England has come along way in modernization. Have been home several times to visit family, always missed them and England,.My parents and two siblings are gone now one sibling left MISS IT THOUGH.CARRY ON LONDON.

Posted by mary middleton November 29, 08 09:00 AM

Woderful pictures. especially the one of Tower Bridge -- one of my favourite landmarks. I was born and raised in Surrey but a trip to London was always a treat, Thankyou for the memories. there's no place on earth that can quite compare to good old London Town.

Posted by Angela Anderson November 29, 08 09:41 AM

The pics. are beautiful !!!!!! I don't care to visit there as my two daughters did 4 yrs..ago....Paris sounds better to me..!!!!!! I love the good ole U.S.A..!!!!!...Beautiful picts. Postrd by OSB Nov.29,08-10:45

Posted by Osb Nov.29,08 November 29, 08 10:49 AM

I have never been to London, but now it's on my list.

Posted by Alvaro Gil Colombia S.A. November 29, 08 11:02 AM

Great pictures. I have to send them to my daughters Debbie, Tonia and Natascha in Essex.

Posted by walter butz November 29, 08 11:04 AM

This is very cool i hope that i can go to London some time theese pictures look sweet its freakin awesome

Posted by Emily Bowers November 29, 08 11:54 AM


Posted by TAMARA November 29, 08 01:25 PM

I was in London for the first and only time in 1997 and it was fabulous! I was at many of the places pictured and these beautiful pictures brought back wonderful memories and I hope to visit London again sometime soon.Daryl...Pleasanton,Ca.

Posted by Daryl Horan November 29, 08 07:29 PM

Absolutely wonderful photography. Also I can't get over how tidy and well maintained London looks. Many buildings I've never seen before in these pictures.
I'm a huge fan of British culture, humor and just generally of all things British. My family is of British ancestry (and German, D'oh!) and I've always wanted to visit England. This just makes me want to visit even more. Well done.

Posted by Tom T. - Overland Park, Kansas November 29, 08 07:56 PM

what pictures it brings back memories we are going back in june 2009 my sister lives in kings cross ,thank you

Posted by isobel traynor November 29, 08 09:14 PM

Fabulous pics - reminds me of one of my most wonderful trips to my very favorite city. - Kathy C., Hoboken, N.J.

Posted by Kathy Coughlin November 30, 08 08:36 AM

Incredible pictures. Gives me vivid memories of my visit in 2001. I was only there for a week, but I will always remember and will look forward to my next one soon.

Posted by Will Carino November 30, 08 12:20 PM

Simply put, nowhere in the world can beat London.t. I was born there, grew up there, met my husband there, then came to the U.S. But my heart will always be in England. Seeing those pictures makes me very homesick.
..Charleston, WV

Posted by Barbara Buchanan November 30, 08 12:57 PM

Stunning pictures, unreal

Posted by Ann Jackson November 30, 08 02:45 PM

I think these pictures are great, I was born in Liverpool, and have only been to London once,a lot of years ago. I have a chance to see London this April,on a cruise ship, was not going to bother to take the shore trip to London, after seeing these pictures I will definitely go.Thanks for these pictures!

Posted by Sheila Cross,from Florida November 30, 08 03:16 PM

nice :)

Posted by Douma November 30, 08 03:54 PM

where in london is pic number 5 located? it looks to be next to the thames, but i can't for the life of me figure where.

Posted by adam November 30, 08 05:01 PM

When I flew into London one night, my mother and sister in tow, I remarked to myself that it looked like diamonds flung across black velvet. These pictures bring back that occasion. I don' t much care for London these days, however, as someone mentioned, it's hard to meet a native. Still, I always find a pub - or several - and order a shandy. I still go to the parks, the antique stores, looking, maybe for that first visit in 1972 when Carnaby Street defined London. Still, all that it has to offer is incredible, in spite of the modern world intruding upon our sensibilities. I stood once in Westminster Abbey, in Poets Corner, perusing the gravestones when I turned and saw Chaucer's tomb. I burst ito tears as all those English voices came down through the ages to speak to me. These pictures capture the magic. Thanks.

Posted by Sharon Pickard November 30, 08 05:41 PM

Kathy C., London, Ontario, Canada

Posted by Kathy Charland November 30, 08 06:53 PM

Not having been there, we was confused by the descriptions. Could not always figure out which building was being described.

Posted by Don and Terry November 30, 08 09:49 PM

thanks , absolutely amazing
I'll forward this graet images to a friend who lives in London

Posted by Renate Pfleiderer December 1, 08 01:30 AM

Been living in London since 2001, and I'm not bored yet. The city is beautiful from any angle, any time of the day...great pictures it makes you love the city even more.

Posted by Maria Barnabe December 1, 08 06:04 AM

what an amazing set of photos! I am a Canadian born woman, never been to London and this now makes me want to go. The only thing is, seeing London by the ground is not the same as seeing it from the air as the photos show. So we'll have to do a night flight! :)

Posted by Hilda Andrade December 1, 08 08:01 AM

In response to comment #1408- Why you always bringing up the past?
In response to comment #1413- In these days of conservation, how much energy is expended when you publish a useless comment such as yours?
In response to comment #1505- While your at it, have your friend foward you a "Graet" book on the English language from England, might sharpen up your spelling skills.

Posted by Master B. Tororium. December 1, 08 09:51 AM

These pictures make me want to go back to London! A lovely place to visit with so much culture and history. Truly lovely . . .

Posted by Terri Taul, Derby, KS December 1, 08 10:11 AM

I thought the photos were rather incredible since I had no idea what London really looked like, simply amazing in a way, but for me, it would be nice to have them explained with more definition. If you notice the slight hesitancy to going all out in praise, it is because I read the after comments and received some very different slants. The Reality somewhere in between???? But I sure know what it looks like at night!

Posted by CJ Brehme December 1, 08 10:51 AM

Great photography - I can't really say much more other than to remind some of the folks (those who have commented on the 'waste' of electricity) that in the winter months it actually gets dark in London at 4pm; lots of people will still be working in their offices - and probably will be for the next two or three hours!
Enjoy the beauty of these photographs, admire the artist's talents - and please, don't always seek the downside because life is far too short!

Posted by Trevor December 1, 08 10:58 AM

London will always be my hometown, even though it has grown much since 1971 and you can't drive into it. That's what buses are for.
Ex-pat in Michigan USA

Posted by Maggy Mae December 1, 08 11:29 AM

Spectacular photos !!! Born in Egypt, living in the south of France, have been to London (which I love) several times, but have never had a nighttime bird's eye view such as this. Wonderful. Thank you Jason Hawkes.

Posted by Annie Norsa December 1, 08 12:21 PM


Posted by Anonymous December 1, 08 01:59 PM

fantastic pictures !! man's a genius

Posted by iggy bhogal December 1, 08 03:05 PM

Marvellous pictures!!!!

Posted by Norma Sittrop December 1, 08 04:21 PM

Very nice pictures and very nice town I was in London visiting my brother

Posted by dalmatino December 1, 08 05:39 PM

wonderful pics, makes me so homesick!!!!!!!!

Posted by Irene Eve December 1, 08 07:26 PM

Just fantastic vues.

Posted by A.P.Quesnel December 1, 08 08:07 PM

A fantastically stunning body of work - A real marvel...

Thank you & ell done.

Posted by Gilles Luwullèwa December 1, 08 08:25 PM

Great pictures! Wish I could be there - hovering over London!
Thank you, Babe Fargas, for sharing them with me.

Posted by R. B. Ocampo December 1, 08 08:45 PM

That's my London....... beautiful, spendour galore, exciting, extraordinary, and welcoming. The people aren't bad either.......always willing to help a lost tourist, and direct them to where they want to go. People say we are either shy or stand-offish.....well I smile a lot, and I always get a smile returned. By anybody and every body. I find my London is one of the friendliest places in the world, and our London policemen just terrific and so helpful. I cannot think of a lot of other places I would rather be, even with our very odd weather pattterns !!!! I like where I am and where I live .LONDON, YOUR GREAT !!!

Posted by Lesley. Finsbury Park. London. December 1, 08 08:58 PM

My Wife and I Visited London 2005 & 2006 Loved every moment And Old Old City That never get old.

Posted by Terry & Faith Suley December 1, 08 09:40 PM


Posted by EVELYN GLADBACH December 1, 08 10:11 PM

I agree with one of the comments:- Life is too short, just enjoy the stunning photos of stunning London and her stunning people.

Posted by Gilly-a transplant to California December 1, 08 10:54 PM

Best City in the world, and I have been to a lot of places,
I was born in Bognor Regis but always enjoyd a trip to London.
great pics

Posted by Bob Kemp, Australia. December 1, 08 11:02 PM

I lived in London for two years it was amazing time for me! And now seeing these pictures like I never left city! Photos might be rated as AAA! Amazing, Astonishing, Awesome ;)

Posted by Askar December 1, 08 11:09 PM

I arrived in London from Argentina in mid October 1941 at about 10PM, during an air raid, to join the RAF. London was not welcoming. Outside Euston Station was a blackness I had never seen before in a City but thunderous noise and blinding flashes allowed me to find a taxi. What an astounding change is reflected in the magnificent portrayal of this unique, beautiful, inspiring city through the brilliance of your lens. Yes, London is still a resplendent inspiration and your pictures so vividly create this awe!

Posted by Jack Miles December 2, 08 12:31 AM

I was born in London in 1930 and was raised there until I married and came to the U.S. three years later. These pictures have made me so very homesick, although I am fortunate to come "home" fairly frequently. Of course London has grown (up and out) but it's just as beautiful and the history is more than most other places can boast. Thank you for these wonderful photos but where is Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London? Please take more for us who cry for something of home and who wish they could come back to live.
Pat Wiggins

Posted by Patricia J. Morris Wiggins December 2, 08 01:10 AM

I lived in London until 1960 when I emigrated to Australia. I was back in London this year for a months holiday, I saw the sights during the day and now I wished I had seen it by night. The photos are incredible. Thanks to Jason for taking these I will keep them for ever.

Posted by Iris Rainback Melbourne Australia December 2, 08 03:29 AM

really wonderful,what beautiful scenes,never mind the electricity waste much worse is being squandered in the country! We need to see something uplifting now and again.
Thank you
Irene Anderson

Posted by Anonymous December 2, 08 05:56 AM

What brilliant pictures of our fine city. Ok very different during the day but still one of the most beautiful cities in the world. "Coz i love London town"

Posted by ryminister December 2, 08 08:01 AM

this picture,s are very awsom and they have helped me alot in school because we had to research some stuff about london and this picture,s and what you,ve written is very good.good work and you,ll even get more better cindy>3

Posted by cindy December 2, 08 08:40 AM

They were very nice photo's,nothing like the London I remember.I live in Israel now
talk about lovely sights now thats something to see.

Posted by Sandra December 2, 08 09:21 AM

Type your comment here...
Great (quality) Pictures of a great city. Well done

Posted by Reg Steers December 2, 08 10:19 AM

Fantastic shots ! Only disappointment is not seeing St. Paul's Cathedral.
I worked in the Central Telegraph Office a block away right after the war ended and lived in S.E. London throughout the war. Loved London then. Played cricket in Hyde Park. Congratulations on such an excellent presentation.

Posted by Vic Snowden Canada December 2, 08 10:39 AM

Fantastic views of a great city

Posted by Donald Sherriff December 2, 08 10:41 AM

shame about the ozone layer though!
everything come's at a price.

Posted by Mags December 2, 08 11:39 AM

Visited London many time, this pictures brought great memory, great job.

Posted by Iran Gratzon December 2, 08 12:08 PM

I am a born and bred eastender and I thought I had seen London. Obviously not.
Fantastic pictures and thank you for sharing them with us.

Posted by Martin F December 2, 08 12:28 PM

Looks great from above; zoom in and you will see chavs and rubbish scattered about and probably someone getting shot!

Posted by Harry December 2, 08 12:36 PM

This is the London I know. Love it!
Wouldn't it be better If it was all L.E.D. lighting...

Posted by Dorothy Cormack December 2, 08 12:50 PM

London Booya! Check that view out! x

Posted by Tasha Maw from Sheffield x December 2, 08 01:50 PM

what amazing scenes
give me more of them.

Posted by E. Anafu December 2, 08 02:25 PM

We are headed over to England for Christmas to be with our son and his family who live about 30 miles from London. We've been to London on two other visits and it is a fascinating city. I love history and that's abundant. Thank you for the lovely photos!

Posted by Nancy, Shawnee Mission, KS December 2, 08 02:54 PM

Well. I haven't seen so many lovely pictures. It is so beautyful town.
I know London from the ground level during the late evening and night only.

Posted by Jerzy Lipinski December 2, 08 03:02 PM

These look better than the real thing!

Posted by Luigi Cappel December 2, 08 03:43 PM

I have visited London many times and always get a buzz when I am on the MI travelling down south from Yorkshire. It is an amazing city with wonderful historical buildings to wander round, beautiful parks to sit in and the fantastic shops in which to to spend your money. Most of all I love the theatres and over the years have seen many top stars appearing in the top quality shows. We have met many friendly Londoners and have always had a laugh with the taxi drivers. Long live London. ps The photos are excellent showing London from a totally different view.

Posted by Patricia Pollard December 2, 08 04:48 PM

I cried when my daughter moved to London 3 years ago from australia but since then I go to London every year and loved it. yes even more than Paris. Hey! and I am french!!! Of of the nicer cities of the world. Stunning photos.

Posted by evelyn chastre December 2, 08 05:58 PM

My husband and I visited London for just 3 days in Sept 2006 with our daughter and son-in-law who live in Scotland. We had been travelling for 6 weeks around Scotland, Ireland and some of England and by then were both really weary. At the time I certainly did not appreciate the amazing sights, sounds and atmosphere of London, and look forward to the time when I can return and spend time at a more leisurely pace looking around. I did 'revisit' though when scrapbooking our trip and it was then that I longed to return. These photos are truely amazing. Thank you for sharing them and your incredible photographic abilities. Well done.

Posted by Narelle Stanley of Perth Western Australia December 2, 08 06:16 PM

I was there in the mid eighties with a bunch of Boy Scouts form the U.S. It is truly a great city with great people I will never forget the experience.

Posted by Don Smith from Texas December 2, 08 06:20 PM

Lovely pictures and great photography. I am really impressed at how clean London appears. I saw no sign of trash or graffiti in any of the pictures. I was surprised at how large London is. The variety of architechture was very interesting, too. I would love to see it up close and inperson one day.

Posted by Sandy Hansen December 2, 08 06:42 PM

When I first arrived in London in '65 with three girl friends, the cabbie said "Ah, four more girls for the wicked city!" I've loved it ever since!

Posted by Basia Wrobel December 2, 08 06:49 PM

It makes you want to go there again to the wicked city, eh?

But what a photographer...even though he had to use 1 oe 2 gyros.

Posted by Charles Chen December 2, 08 09:55 PM

Everywhere around this great globe are people who have been to the Great City of London as have I. I was stationed in England with the U.S. Air Force at RAF Alconbury 1958 - 62 and I sure do miss London. I never ran out of sights to see and great people to meet.

Posted by Tom Burns of Hartselle, Alabama December 3, 08 01:10 AM

Putanayda na kasanting king London!!Anakputa mibalik ku ken!More power!!!
Dr Pelayo

Posted by Garry Pelayo December 3, 08 06:20 AM

All the posts here are saying "Oooh, gee whizz, awesome!"
But what about the extravagant energy wastage that these pictures really reveal? How many of those illuminated office buildings are actually being used? If they are empty their lights should be switched off.
Further energy wastage comes from floodlit public buildings which in the current climate of concern about climate change and global warming is no longer acceptable.
More thought should be given to the consequences of our actions when light is abused at night.

Posted by Colin Henshaw December 3, 08 08:48 AM

I was only in London for a weekend after visiting my husbands relitives in Wales in 1967 and what a change, i didn't realized how beautiful it realy is, I hope to be in England in May of 09 with any luck i may get to see some of London again..
Jan W. --------Pembroke , Massachusetts, USA

Posted by Jan Williams December 3, 08 10:50 AM

I have seen oil slicks on water look beautiful. Behind the art of these pictures there is another more important story. Conrad was prescient when he wrote 'Heart of Darkness'.

Posted by Gerry December 3, 08 10:59 AM

Brilliant Photography
What an enticement to visit London.

Posted by Geoff Laws December 3, 08 11:16 AM

Congratulations Jason, it must have been a lot of fun to get such good shots from the air. All familiar to me but from a different perspective. Can we see more please?

Posted by John Cook December 3, 08 12:39 PM

I have never been to London and probably never will, so it was great to view such wonderful pic's.

Posted by Maureen Leo NJ<USA December 3, 08 12:46 PM

Jason Hawke has a wonderful name and is shooting a wonderful city (my home town) but they are merely snapshots anyone (with a helicopter) could have done. No essence or feeling here, such a pity.

Posted by rowland December 3, 08 12:56 PM

My first visit was in late 1943. I was a fighter pilot (USAAC). Visited several times as we moved across Europe and by coincidence flew back on May 8, 1945 the night the lights came back on. Keep it lit like this forever!

Posted by Clayton Kelly Gross December 3, 08 01:47 PM

An absolute disgrace!! Doesn't anyone give a damn about light pollution?? I live in this city and have to put up with this nonsense every night.

Posted by Stanley December 3, 08 03:39 PM

Been to England 6 times, I still want to go back . I am first generation Canadian so all my cousins still live there. Love these pictures.

Posted by Craig Sparham December 3, 08 03:44 PM

Jayson, You have an eye for beauty where most of us just cant see it until it is put in front of us like this. Thank you for sharing your sight with us commoners.

Posted by Trish December 3, 08 10:08 PM

Welcome sight for my homesick English wife of 42 an a half years. Almost as pretty as Alaska, where we live now.

Posted by Dave Tribble December 3, 08 10:42 PM

from an expat Pom in Australia

Posted by Marj m. December 4, 08 03:06 AM

Must be a word than beautiful that describe that city. I love that city.

Posted by tayyar cengiz December 4, 08 04:01 AM

Oh! London the City where I live, so beautiful, great and wonderful, as everybody can see from these amazing pictures, what can compare to this amazing place, I think London is unique, it is why I am in love with my City.

Posted by Santiago Plicio December 4, 08 06:11 AM

impressive photos. I live in London and am surprised how quiet some of the streets look. It must be late night on some shots. Even at 3am places like Piccadilly Circus are very busy.

Comment 1508. You are ill-placed to criticise others' spelling when you cannot distinguish between "your" and "you're" and misspell "forward" as "foward". Those in glass houses...

Posted by Ben December 4, 08 06:34 AM

I,ve got a book of photo,s, 100 sights of London, way back in the twenties/thirties and would like to have someone take the same photos at the same location and see what a changes there has been since then. I know one thing has changed and that is in every photo all the males from boys to men are all wearing head gear from caps to top hats. fasinating just to wonder what time was and is today.
p.s..your photos are right up to date and brilliant.

Posted by Thomas Stewart December 4, 08 07:13 AM

I was a child in London in the late forties. All that these pictures show me is that London now looks like every other big city.

To all those who think these scenes are awesome. You and your children will be paying for it, maybe you already are.

My message to the Canadians who posted is 'being a Londoner I prefer Bracebridge'.

Posted by Gerry December 4, 08 07:59 AM

I first came to London as a child in 1952 and was there for the Coronation. I fell in love with London then and have never recovered. I've been back twice since and am 'coming home' again next year. Is there any chance of a night shot which includes the new Globe theatre? For a drama teacher, that would be the icing on the cake. The photos are marvellous, stunning. Samuel Johnson was right.

Posted by Rosalind Jennings December 4, 08 08:18 AM

In one word.. WOW!

Posted by RajinderWalia December 4, 08 10:42 AM

Beautiful pictures...was in London in October, 2004 with a dear friend. She knows London well and brought me over to spend my 50th birthday. It was a fabulous week. It was truly a trip-of-a-lifetime and I am looking forward to visiting again.

Posted by Susan in Montreal, Quebec Canada December 4, 08 11:49 AM

Wowser!! Guess I'll go over and check it out for a day!

Posted by Ed Dickie December 4, 08 12:03 PM

"Wow" factor in every photo. The clarity and sharpness is outstanding. Congratulations on a creative endeavour extremely well done.

Posted by Bruce Bidinoff December 4, 08 01:10 PM

Last time we were in London, the "eye" was just begun! What a grand sight it is now!
All the photos are beautiful , far beyond description and so very many and soooooooo brilliant! I envy the master of this piece of work!
My age is such that I doubt I will be able to go back again, but Thank You for a wonderful tour!
P.S. Seeing the scope of this "town" allows me to realize why I was lost so many times!

Jack Miller, Colorado, USA

Posted by Jack L. Miller December 4, 08 02:05 PM

Wow! The streets look almost like streets of gold. I've never seen so many lights! Thank you for sharing with a farm girl from Missouri, USA

Posted by Deby Taylor December 4, 08 02:24 PM


Posted by Anonymous December 4, 08 04:57 PM

It is a beautiful city. They appreciate history in England. We here in America don't have that appreciation. We tear down our buildings or let them fall down in our cities. We are the disposable generation. I have always loved London. We lived there for a year when I was in my twenties. I was too young, and busy with young children to appreciate it as I have in the last 20 years.

Posted by Lynda Lenell December 4, 08 05:19 PM

come to the north then you will understand friendship.

Posted by donna December 4, 08 05:24 PM

those pic's make me hope my next visit will have a fly-over at night...

Posted by Dick G. December 4, 08 05:45 PM

WOW! What ab fab pics!!!!!!!!! Startling, vivid and very abstract.......

Posted by julie cansdale December 4, 08 06:03 PM

Thank you for these absolutely incredible photos. You've shown true artistry in capturing this wonderful, vibrant city. I've been to London 2 times in the last 2 years and intend to make an annual visit...the city is that marvellous. Thanks again for the photos!

Posted by Lou Nettleton, Canada December 4, 08 07:36 PM

No he estado en London; las fotos me dan una buena idea de lo que la ciudad es. Gracias por participar estas impresionantes fotografías y felicitaciones al fotógrafo.

Posted by MARIA EUGENIA GARCIA December 4, 08 08:04 PM

Night images of London by Jason are beautiful to behold. What a talent, now I am wondering if our Barnes and Noble Book Store have any of his books. I am a regular customer and will find out this weekend. Thanks again!!!

Posted by Jim Hewitson December 5, 08 01:03 AM

Wonderful pictures. Makes you want to go and visit London soon. Stunning photography.. On my next visit I am sure to have these pictures as my guide and visit all the places..Congratulations

Posted by Cathy. . December 5, 08 01:07 AM

what kind of camera did you use...
and at what settings???

Posted by jeremy dean December 5, 08 02:31 AM

they r so lovely so i thank u for the pics

Posted by amy December 5, 08 08:38 AM


Posted by renne December 5, 08 08:42 AM

great pictures. I'm off to London tomorrow with some Flickr mates.....I hope we get some good snaps!

Posted by Angela Smith December 5, 08 10:39 AM

f..... amazing photo,gives me great pleasure to be a Londoner.
would love to buy some prints if poss?

Posted by James Prentice December 5, 08 11:25 AM

WOW! Tack sharp and not a motion streak any where-- How'd he do that? Big sensor and Zeiss lenses? At ISO 6400? I wonder-- Anyway, beyond beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing. Hope you sell a bunch.

Posted by Charlie December 5, 08 01:43 PM

I don't know what to say, but it's beautiful. Seeing London at night is wonderful.

Posted by Sabrina Abdulrazak December 5, 08 01:51 PM

Have to be some of the Best Photos on the net!
For the critics...I would say, get up in the 'copter and let's see what you can do!
You must surely be very pleased with these images Jason.
Well Done!

Posted by MusicLive December 5, 08 05:24 PM

Fantastic pictures of London! It makes me wanting to visit London soon!

Posted by Klara Schroeder December 5, 08 05:34 PM

I'm at University in Canada for photography and I just have to say, truly inspiring! Fantastic work!

Posted by Colin Walker December 5, 08 05:57 PM

What fantastic photo's of a fantastic city. My city,
I LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sue Hall December 5, 08 06:12 PM

I lived in London on South Street in 1975, and I knew the city well. I don't think I would know it very well today! Lets hear it for the Running Footman!

Posted by Dennis L. Hayford December 5, 08 07:19 PM

One of the few cities in Europe I have not visited yet. After seeing these, London is definitely my next visti

Posted by BH December 5, 08 09:36 PM

Greatest place in the world. Thanks for the memorable journey.

Posted by Angela Maresma December 5, 08 11:27 PM


Posted by amelia lombardo December 6, 08 12:32 AM

They are Absolutely Beautiful Photo's
Thank You!

Posted by Linda Hightower December 6, 08 09:11 AM

Can you just imagine what former kings, queens, princes and princesses, and of course the common folk who lived there long ago would think, when they viewed these wonderful pictures of a modern metropolis shining proudly into the night?!

Posted by Dr. John Harding December 6, 08 09:26 AM

"WOW" Never been to London but it will be on my BUCKET LIST after seeing the photo's Thanks

Posted by Bobby Bob December 6, 08 11:24 AM

Wow!!! Absolutely amazing.I am stunned. An architect speaking....London is the most fantastic place in the world. I travelled a lot but nowhere like London and its people. I think I am in love again... : ) thank you.

Posted by Rebecca Sidiropoulou December 6, 08 11:46 AM

Words fail......Nothing can compare to a beautiful city like London at night. Thanks for the eye candy!!

Posted by Jim Jarmon December 6, 08 12:18 PM

This is London as It should be, These pictures are untouchable Thanks for showing them to us

Posted by Pete Young December 6, 08 12:21 PM

Our home town!
Never miss out on a trip to London
Did you ever visit such a lovely City?
Only the best!
Never to be missed!

Posted by Rose December 6, 08 04:07 PM

Sure looks different than it did in 1956 when we were stationed at Newbury RAF Base and flew over London several time.

Posted by Smokey Beucus December 6, 08 08:00 PM


Posted by TERESA ZIMMERMAN December 6, 08 08:30 PM

Fantastic photography. Never been thee there but enjoyed these pictures immensly. Margaret

Posted by Anonymous December 6, 08 10:22 PM

Wonderful perspective of a wonderful city, the technolgy and vision required to obtain photgraphs of this quality is a testament to a great photographer.

Posted by Trevor Neale December 6, 08 11:15 PM

very nice pictuer

Posted by Anonymous December 7, 08 12:10 AM


Posted by JUDE H GOMES December 7, 08 12:24 AM

A friend in Scotland sent these to me, as I was born in Eltham, which at one time was in Kent, in 1940. Great to see the homeland again and recognise a few of my favorite places. Wonderful photographs. Thank you.

Posted by dilys yap December 7, 08 12:57 AM


Posted by GERALDINE DEURO December 7, 08 01:06 AM

My city ! You can take a girl out of London, but never London out of the girl ! Thank you for celebrating London which such talent

Posted by Sara Hatchuel December 7, 08 06:36 AM

These pictures make me so homesick. I worked in the Lloyd's building (it was my first job from leaving school) I don't think there is any city to compare with London. Wonderful pictures.

Posted by Doreen Oliveri December 7, 08 08:04 AM

These are totally awesome.
Do you have them in book form? I hope so, I would love them in a book.
Thank you

Posted by Marlene Laing December 7, 08 08:40 AM

I was born there when my father was in the Air Force and brought his bride Barbara back to the US with their baby me. I have been back several times and I still miss it as I still have family there in Wimbledon Park.

Posted by Carole Tiger December 7, 08 11:12 AM

The straighter the streets, the duller the city.

Posted by James December 7, 08 12:12 PM

Thanks to my friend Diane for sending these great photos along to me - now I shall prove my thanks by sending them along to people who have never had a chance to visit this fabled city - to give them all a glimpse of what I was talking about when I told them about my visits here.

Posted by Blake December 7, 08 02:07 PM

Luv London! I was born in London in 1946 - just after WWII! Seeing the London Eye, River Thames, etc., brings back a host of memories from my last visit over! Although, having become a Canadian, I've retained my British Citizenship. God Bless The Queen!

Posted by Helen (Hall) Shewchuk December 7, 08 02:44 PM

I am from the USA.
I think these pictures are beautiful.
There a lot of us who have never been to London
or anywhere near there.

Posted by Peggy Graham December 7, 08 03:13 PM

Truly a vibrant City with a history to boot! Been there many times and have lasting memories.Looking at picture 13 of the Junction 25,you can almost visualise in the distance......... the Great Cambridge Road at the turn off of J25 and the A10!!!!

Posted by Steve Aaron December 7, 08 04:44 PM

Just got back from a weekend in London and think these photographs are magnificent. I feel really churlish mentioning the American spelling of the word "neighbourhood" on what is a British project.

Posted by Cathy Hurley December 7, 08 04:53 PM

Many years since I've been to London, But it's still amazing.

Posted by Kathleen Murphy December 7, 08 05:37 PM

Next to Dawson Cityy (where we were born ( and raised

in Bear Creek ), London is so lovely , day OR night .

Posted by Alan MacMillan VE7NY / APM December 7, 08 05:45 PM

As part of the crew of the USS Nautilus, my Dad returned there in 1958, before returning to Boston. My paternal grandfather was born there in 1912 (which gives me the right to get one of their passports!!).

The pictures are stunning...just stunning! Best I have seen in a very long time. I won't soon get tired of them. I hope you share more of them...

Mark Murphy
New England Press.

Posted by Mark Murphy December 7, 08 06:15 PM

WOW just returning from London and riding up in the eye at night,must say your pictures are much better than mine.Just loved the city night or day

Posted by Delores Rabinowitz December 7, 08 06:40 PM

Great pic's....was there 1965-1970....London SWINGS then and definately now,,,,,thanks for the memory refresher

Posted by Jerry L Smith December 7, 08 07:51 PM

I lived in Switzerland for two and a half years in the early eighties and saw many beautiful cities while in Europe. However, we missed London. I was amazed how large it is......these pictures are absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.
Wanda Dougherty in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

Posted by Wanda Dougherty December 7, 08 08:28 PM


Posted by Anonymous December 7, 08 08:40 PM

Lovely pictures. But, whatever possessed the Brits to put up that ridiculous Ferris wheel & that giant phallus? Glad I knew London before those hideous things were built. I'd like to see similar pictures of my favorite city, Paris.

Posted by Reg Clarke December 7, 08 08:54 PM

Absolutely stunning photography. You make me quite home sick as I live in California now. Really amazing how you caputered one of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities.

Posted by Debbie Grant December 8, 08 12:46 AM

i had been in london many times and had the luck and pleasure to feel the city' however those emazing photes give me the apetite to be there again soon
gideon timor , israel

Posted by gideon timor December 8, 08 04:38 AM

Great pictures of a once great City - now better viewed from the air.
I lived in London for twenty years...ran three pubs in those years (two in the East-End of London) For the last eight years there I mini-cabbed (with a BMW 7.35) for two years - to learn the Knowledge - and then chauffeured a stretch Limo for the last six years...I knew every street , back street (rat run)in the City (Financial) and the East End.
...I came back to Yorkshire when I retired.
With much sadness and regret, I have to say this ...but London, our Capital City, is now the most expensive, over-run with illegal immigrants and foreign criminals Capital City in the Western World.

Posted by Trooper December 8, 08 05:54 AM

I am professional photographer and this is really great work. One reason these photos are so colorful is the differance in color temperature. The orangeish colors come from tungstun sources (ordinary light bulbs) to the blue green colors given off by florescent lighting. The eye and brain normally make this unnoticeable in everyday life. However in photos, it stands out. Also it had to be taken with a very high end camera, probably mounted on a gyroscopic mount to prevent vibration Terry Gardner - Gardner's Photography

Posted by Terry Gardner December 8, 08 11:57 AM

People come and go but London evolves. She has been the crossroads of the world for a long time and can be all things from awesome to awful. Long may she continue.

Posted by John December 8, 08 12:14 PM

I knew London better after my nephew and wife went do live there.
For 3 consecutives years I went there and I loved the city and people is very
polite. I hope I return soon. Im brazilian.

Posted by vera duprat December 8, 08 12:44 PM

Wow...amazing photos of a great city. The photos brought back memories of my years as an apprentice carpenter and journeyman carpenter when, in the fifties, I helped to build it. London was not all glass and steel, it had a great heart and great people: The Palais, the Strand, the Garryowen, the Queen Adelaide, the Banba, Petticoat lane, the Serpentine, to name a few fun places. Yes, I have fond memories of 'The Big Smoke'.

Posted by Dan McCarthy December 8, 08 01:10 PM

made me feel home sick as i now live in the n/e of England, brilliant

Posted by DAWN December 8, 08 01:17 PM

This is the London of global capitalism, glitzy, brash, as indifferent to its impact on the environment as it is to the lives of the millions who work in third world sweatshops and unregulated industries producing the goods that ultimately generate its wealth. These photos, apart from a few signature details, might as well be of New York or Chicago or any other modern city. They show nothing of what makes London unique, nothing of its architectural heritage, no sense of the neighborhoods that still retain some sense of place and tradition. When I was a child we could still see millions of stars in the night sky. London and all the cities like it have replaced them with this artificial light-show.

Posted by Ann Pearson December 8, 08 05:43 PM

Fabulou views of my home city and lovely to see from way out west in Vancouver. They are so excellent, Jason, I am already heading to the airport to "come home," so must dash ...................... :)

Posted by Heather BL, Vancouver, BC. December 8, 08 07:39 PM

What a flattering and beautiful way to showcase the old girl. London will always be my favourite city.

Posted by Limey Lady December 8, 08 08:26 PM

I totally LOVE London! It is amazing

Posted by Allie December 8, 08 09:03 PM

What an amazingly vibrant metropolis this is. There are more people living in London than in all of my country - the numbers are mind-boggling! Such fantastic photography, light and shades. A privilege to share. Paddy Richards - Australia.

Posted by (Mrs) Paddy Richards December 8, 08 09:55 PM

I lived in London for nearly 5 years and came back to India 2 yrs ago. And after seeing these lovely pictures I'm itching to go back and visit this beautiful city once again..Thanks Jason, for sharing such beautiful pictures.

Posted by Kanupriya December 9, 08 03:37 AM

When William Wordsworth wrote "Upon London Bridge" he could never have imagined that it could become even more beautiful.
William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)
Composed on Westminster Bridge,
September 3, 1802
Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty:
This City now doth, like a garment, wear
The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,
Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie
Open unto the fields, and to the sky;
All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.
Never did sun more beautifully steep
In his first splendour, valley, rock, or hill;
Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!
The river glideth at his own sweet will:
Dear God! the very houses seem asleep;
And all that mighty heart is lying still!

Posted by John Hackett December 9, 08 04:09 AM


Posted by PAUL ARTHUR December 9, 08 04:31 AM

I would like to tell you I have really enjoy myself while I was station there. I was also in the U.S Air Force station at RAF Alconbury from 1984 to 1987. I was a single person at that time and also lived off base in the town of St. Ives. The people there really made me feel at home away from home. I left Hawaii where I was station and also my home town, but when I got my orders to England I couldn't wait to get on the plane and start my new assignment there. I really enjoyed and can't wait for one day to take my family back to see what I got to see while in the service. England outstanding.

Posted by Lawrance M. Teanio December 9, 08 04:42 AM

Thanks for the bird's eye view, like I could never see it on my own!!

Posted by sandi December 9, 08 05:37 AM


Posted by ROBERTO LYNCE December 9, 08 05:41 AM

I was born and bred in London, worked in Fleet Street and the Covent Garden area for many years, and then emigrated to Canada. Have been back home
many times and was somewhat sad to see so many changes ... but then,
that's Life. I still think it's the greatest city in the world and if only a clone
of it could be plonked in the middle of Ontario, I would be the happiest
old lady on this planet. Bravo, Doctor Johnson for his wise observation"
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life. For there is, in London,
all that life can afford."
Cheers! Yvonne Garry, Dundas., Ontario, Canada

Posted by Yvonne Garry December 9, 08 07:44 AM


Posted by ARIS ZOGRAPHOS December 9, 08 10:51 AM

Have lived in the U.S. for 52 years but London will forever be my home! Worked in London throughout my teens and go back to where I was born whenever I can.
Although the city has changed and there are so many new buildings, I can always recognize Piccadilly Circus from when I used to work in the film industry on Wardour St. The memories you bring back are priceless! Well done, Jason.

Posted by June Hooper December 9, 08 10:56 AM

Most beautiful and exciting place on Earth,
your pix are fantastic Jason,oh how I wish I had been up there looking down...fabulous..
someone complained about the Ferris wheel,?
you should be there and take a ride.
it is worth every penny,
it moves slowly so you can take in all the sights,and it takes 30 minutes only...
the Gherkin?it is unbelievably fabulous,a real Landmark.

Posted by Pat Davies December 9, 08 11:14 AM

P.S. to my former posting: I see a lot of postings from people who were stationed in England. There is a site that you may find interesting (I certainly did having worked for both Air Force and Army!) It has many interesting blogs:
The site is:
Hope this can be posted for people who are interested. Thanks!

Posted by June Hooper December 9, 08 12:14 PM

Clearly a good photographer. Got to get it right to shoot these shots otherwise you get flared out and no clarity or detail.

Tell Grumpy, if he does not appreciate good work, to do what he probably does best, go tidy the kitchen with Snow White.

Posted by Barry Gilbert December 9, 08 12:47 PM

I have always wanted to go to London, this was such a beautiful way for me to see it. I hope that one day I can enjoy these scenes live.

Posted by C L Jaimes December 9, 08 12:48 PM

Any big city makes me lonely and sad and feeling very much alone.My English-Canadian Father used to keep me busy finding places on a map of London that he spread out on the Study floor. It was huge and folded into book form .Attached was a tape measure of sorts.He would give me the cordinates on the map and the tape and it would take me about 15 minutes to find the said location.The feeling of the pictures (all those unknown people) brought back the same feeling the map gave me when I was a child.( map hunts circa 1934)

Posted by Marguerite Seymour December 9, 08 01:50 PM

Although not a true Londoner but born in the suburbs , I recognised nearly all of the places photographed. What a treasure trove of photographs. Makes me proud to show visitors round our capital, Have travelled a lot but so far have not seen anywhere to beat this amazing city and these remarkable photographs just prove it.

Posted by E.J.Montgomery December 9, 08 01:56 PM

I am more than overdue for another visit. Except for astronomy a wonderful place to visit.

Posted by Patricia Gail Harrod, Canada. December 9, 08 02:15 PM

It is clear these pictures came from your heart. Continue to follow your heart, the results are amazing!

Posted by D.James December 9, 08 02:30 PM

Been there and done that except the big wheel- I would never go on that thing- and no pics of the airport. Thats what I remember the most as I flew for Pan Am- Remember them? Beautiful pics! JM

Posted by Jim McIntyre / Capt Pan Am December 9, 08 02:50 PM

Magnificent ! I saw the east end of London burning as the results of the air-raids,I was 8 when the war started. We would chance going up tp London from Northwood Hills,when we hoped it was between air-raids. It was fascinating to be there then, miliary people from the then Empire and the Free Forces of Europe. Been back once(1975) , since emigrating to Canada in 1948. Lovely to see London in it's continued glory.Beautiful, thank you..

Posted by Barbara Martin December 9, 08 03:11 PM

Very well done. I live in the USA and travel all over the world. There are only a few cities that compare with London. Number 1638 said Paris is better. I totally disagree! I have spent many days and nights in both cities and London offers more in many ways. Keep up the great work. Looking to find a book of your work.

Posted by Don DeCorte December 9, 08 05:34 PM

No wonder we have global warming & greenhouse issues!
While there is a great beauty in these shots, it masks a serious underlying issue of energy wastage in all cities around the world.
The Artic ice is disappearing, likely by 2020, permafrost is melting in Siberia and Alaska with absolutely huge methane gas releases & trees falling over, polar bears dying, seals & eskimos losing their habitat, and Antartica ice
buffer shelfs are dissapearing at an alarming rate. What will London look like in another 20 years with climate change?


Posted by Doug Harland December 9, 08 07:12 PM

What a beautiful Christmas gift you have shared with all of us! I waited 20 years to see London, have been there 9 times since 1992, and can't wait to go back. The excitement and magic of this wonderful city never ends. Would love a view of St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, etc. You have a rare and special talent.

Posted by M A Switz December 9, 08 08:33 PM

1583 said that we English appreciate our history and don't tear down our buildings like they do.. Don't forget the 60's and 70's! The dark ages for architecture.. Where London and all English cities were massacred by the urban planners and filled with 60's dream buildings and concrete. London and England has looked desperately prettier than this.Having said that I still am in love with London, It is hard not to be in awe at the vast metropolis that has swallowed up South east England. And London's history, the best on earth, is something you can't take away no matter how many buildings were destroyed.
Learn about London and love it..

Posted by Edward December 9, 08 08:40 PM


Posted by Carole Weal, London December 10, 08 02:45 AM

BEAUTIFUL!! We were there in 1991. Fasinating city even in the daytime.
These pictures make me want to return.

Posted by Molly Elliott December 10, 08 03:32 AM

am from kenya and these pictures are fantastic i love it.

Posted by sammy December 10, 08 04:15 AM

Brilliant photography capturing London as is in 2008. 1956 was my last visit at Piccadilly Circus awaiting my passage to Australia. What a transformation in this troubled world. Makes my heart sing - many thanks.

Posted by Paulene December 10, 08 04:59 AM

This shows the London I know but from a new angle. I agree with a previous post that there are a lot of illegal immigrants but that's true of every city in the UK.

Great photos.


Posted by David Raison December 10, 08 05:46 AM

Such beautiful and wonderful places, i was in London and everything looks like that. it is amazing!!!!


Posted by Sabrina December 10, 08 07:59 AM

I work in the building in the centre of picture 16. Makes the place look very cool. Excellent pictures and a different perspective on the place I spend most of my time.

Posted by Carl Wright December 10, 08 09:45 AM


Posted by Isabella Anne Comas December 10, 08 10:51 AM

Thank you, wow, they are very beauitful place. . . I'm british from Lincoln, live in USA since 1963 but went back to U K for while then came back and settle down in Texas.
God bless the Queen of England.

Posted by Isabella Anne Comas December 10, 08 10:55 AM

Wonderful pictures, London looks like a jewel. Thanks for giving joy and tears to an ex-pat.

Posted by Gillian December 10, 08 11:27 AM

THESE ARE AWSOME,thanks for sending,I really enjoyed looking at them.

Posted by MS BEACH December 10, 08 12:53 PM

Utterly brilliant. As a keen photographer I know how difficult night shots like these are to take and from a helicopter they are almost (but obviously not quite) impossible. I am totally blown away!

Posted by Clouseau December 10, 08 03:23 PM

brilliant photos thanks for sharing them with me.

Posted by Gina December 10, 08 04:33 PM

Your photography is simply amazing and really show cases a beautiful city. My wife and I were there in June of 2006, and someday we hope to return. We also tooka ride on the eye which as well was an amazing treat.

Posted by Jim Wall December 10, 08 05:11 PM

Spectacular pictures of a very beautiful city - London !

Posted by Roger Ramtej December 10, 08 05:12 PM

Absolutely beautiful. I worked in London for over 20 years and didn't realise how stunning she was! Thank you for sharing.

Posted by Treena December 10, 08 06:05 PM

These are all incredible photos!

Posted by Larry Jordan December 10, 08 07:09 PM


Posted by DEA DO BRASIL December 10, 08 07:35 PM

I have lived in London for the past 52 years and I know London very well indeed - but only from ground level.
London's wonderful architecture viewed on a sunny day is a joy that last in ones memory for a long time. Jason's night-time photographs recorded from the air is something different - I am experiencing pure joy in my heart just by perusing these beautiful photographs. Jason Hawkes you are blessed

Posted by Vincent Blye December 10, 08 07:55 PM

I worked London Town Patrol while I was stationed at Bushy Park in 1955-56.
It was beautiful city then, but WOW what it looks like now is WOW I sure would love to go back today.

Posted by James A O'Sail December 10, 08 11:10 PM

wow! I hope to know this country some day! it is just fantastic! I'll be there soon!! yeah!

Posted by ashley parker December 11, 08 12:17 AM

Yup makes me homesick too

Posted by Penny December 11, 08 01:13 AM

LONDON IS LONDON --just as shakespeare is shakespeare

Posted by madhavi badiani December 11, 08 05:33 AM

It is so amazing to think London could look so beautiful,it even makes me feel proud to be English something i haven't done for a while.

Posted by Christine Saunders December 11, 08 05:43 AM

I have lived near Tower Bridge in London for all of my sixty years, even though I see the city every day it never fails to take my breath away with it's beauty and history. I often cross the Thames bridges, the views always amaze me. Thank you for your kind comments, we Londoners really appreciate them and hope that you are able to visit us and share our pride in our city.

Posted by Bermondsey Boy December 11, 08 07:45 AM

Fantastic city. I was barely there once in 1944, but didn't get to see much and what I did see was sometimes a bombed mess. Hitler was doing his best to eradicate England at the time. Hope your city can remain the traditional city it was at that time less the war time mess. Hollie Workman

Posted by Hollie Workman December 11, 08 09:41 AM

Did you attend Chiswick County School for boys?

Posted by Ian Hancock December 11, 08 10:15 AM

Well here go's
I live in the far wesy from you all where the Pacfic Waters are cool and the dfay's are long. But we do get that fog on some cool night's ! the light sow that I recevbied WAS the best that I have ever seen, Your land Is a eye opener for us on the west side of the rock we are all on.
You all have a Good Day the guy on his way to work Dave...

Posted by Dave Ferguson December 11, 08 02:38 PM

I spent four years in London in the early 60's. What memories these pictures brought back. Thank you

Posted by Hilda Walters December 11, 08 02:38 PM

Magnificent pictures of a magnificent metropolis . Congratulations !

Posted by Rhod. Boziki December 11, 08 04:28 PM

Truly magnificent.......!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Terry December 11, 08 05:16 PM

What masterful technical and artistic expertise.!!!
Turn out framed large- format, limited edition prints. Say 200.
Then a 2010 calendar.
Make a pxxx- pot full of money and get the world economy cranked up again.

Posted by Stuart Hunter December 11, 08 05:36 PM

Hello from Victoria,BCCanada
I truly loved your photos and it brought wonderful memories of London back to me having just returned from a trip past year Sept 2007 and she is a glorious city for certain It certainly has a Buzz to it and soo beautifully designed withthe River Thames Tower Bridge ,Big Ben"s and many historic buildings and sites I was born in Lodon Ontario Canada in 1945 and it too has a Thames River but no comparison I enjoyed London over Paris

Posted by Dalr Grace Poeckert December 11, 08 06:05 PM

Having lived in England for 4 years,it was great seeing it from a different angle. London is one of my most favorite cities and the night view is unbelievable,really beautiful. The photographer really took some great shots of this wonderful city.

Posted by Dee Levine December 11, 08 06:07 PM

Saw London in 1999 but notlike this.
Unbelievable caera work.
Thank you for the super pictures.
What camera was used?

Posted by Chas December 11, 08 07:36 PM

I have visited the old girl in 1975, 1993 and 2007 and beware all that glitters is not gold. A once lovely ,lively city is now a noisy smelly heaving body of moving humanity with none of the grace and friendliness once afforded the visitor. Thanks for the beautiful images Jason but to anyone wishing they were there save your pennies and just look at the pictures or hang on to your old memories of grander times. PS Paris and Prague have stolen my heart.

Posted by Suzanne Costello Melbourne Australia December 11, 08 08:37 PM

Wonderful photos of the most vibrant and exciting city in the world. Proud to be British. Thank you

Posted by Honey December 11, 08 10:06 PM

I was a baby in London in 1943 and remember playing on bombed sites as a child. Moved to the suburbs, and traveled to London for training after I left was so exciting in the 1960's! I have lived in Chicago for over 40 years, which has a north-south, east-west grid street layout. Just looking at that maze of streets made me wonder how I ever found my way anywhere! Political correctness has no place here - we should just be saluting the quality of the beautiful photography show. I visit my family as often as I can, but this aspect of our City is one that I have never seen before - just fantastic!

Posted by Angie December 11, 08 10:23 PM

Thanks to the Pilot who took the photos it is indeed a sight to see. Looking down on such beauty is a real treat. I have never been but I would be tempted if I were younger. I can see now why London is for the Men and Paris is for the Women. Only through the magic of the Computer can we enjoy such great scenes.

Posted by Annie December 11, 08 11:59 PM

I will first time ever go to UK, and London is the first city i am going to visit. keep looking at this amazing photos and don't believe i will be there just in a couple of days.

Posted by Nazgul, Kazakhstan December 12, 08 03:05 AM

Great photos! Worthy of a mention in pics 9 and 15 are the Tower of London (on the left just below Tower bridge) and the HMS Belfast moored on the opposite side of the river.

Posted by B from Brighton, England December 12, 08 05:23 AM

Wonderful photos!

I was lucky enough to go up to the top of Centrepoint in London a couple of weekends ago and grabbed some long exposures.

They weren't as good as these photos but I'm quite happy wit the results

Posted by Rory O'Sullivan December 12, 08 06:57 AM

Outstanding photos!!

Posted by Klaus-Jürgen Krüger December 12, 08 09:33 AM

Whenever I go to London I have to stand on a bridge and stare at the thames- it belongs to me!, I live in Spain but love my city more than ever -thanks for the pictures, wonderful pictures of a grand beautiful city

Posted by Diane December 12, 08 10:38 AM

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs. I am a textile artist and there are so many designs to fire one's imagination!

Posted by Viviene Cullen England 12.08. 16.19

Posted by Vivienne Cullen December 12, 08 11:18 AM

Wonderful photos and very pretty and spectacular views but don't they show how much of the natural world these cities have destroyed - especially clear in no 9. I just feel sorry for the animals who should be living there. And I too miss seeing the stars.

Posted by Barbara Moxley December 12, 08 11:55 AM

I live and work in the vistas shown here, and may easily have heard and looked up at the helicopter Jason was hanging out of as he captured the images. I must agree they are well worth twenty minutes perusal by anyone who knows or loves our capital city. London is however a crazy, brash, very dirty, mixed up, less than safe and somewhat careless city. There are many I prefer elsewhere in Europe. I would love to see Jason's take on all my favorites ... now that really would be some book !

Absolutely brilliant work! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Peter December 12, 08 01:58 PM

WOW l lived in London 20 years it never looked this good

Posted by Jo December 12, 08 02:15 PM

Beautiful pictures from the air ofl LONDON. Have visited the city twice and haven't seen it all yet. The Eye caght my eye!

Posted by Klinedale J. Baker December 12, 08 04:10 PM

I made my first visit to London with my father in 1978. We were both in tears ,so overcome with emotion at seeing all those familiar sights first hand and felt an instant connection with the city. I have been very fortunate in having the opportunity to return to London on many occasions since and have come to know it very well but it never loses its magic for me. I love the parks and gardens, the galleries, the little side streets full of hidden treasures, I also love the eye and the gherkin which I think is one of the most elegant and imaginative buildings I've ever seen.
Your pictures have now given me the chance to see it in a different light, we should treasure these pictures before global warming forces us to turn out the lights.
Thank you for giving us this great opportunity to see London from the air.

Judy, Canberra ACT Australia

Posted by Judy McLeod December 12, 08 04:17 PM

Fantasic pictures, I lived in London some years ago never seen the the beauty of it until now.

Posted by Mary Josephinr Stevenson December 12, 08 05:48 PM

Never been to London....awesome. Really enjoyed the views. I'm mailing this from Arizona

Posted by Nita Johnson December 12, 08 06:42 PM

Been to many cities in the world, London stands out and so do your pictures, thank you so much.

Posted by Jeff Forbes December 12, 08 09:37 PM

They are simply magnificent! Really enjoy the view of London from above, thank you.

Posted by Lim Siew Luang December 13, 08 03:06 AM

What could I say more?? It's simply breathtaking, fantastic and awesome.

Posted by usha December 13, 08 03:33 AM

Never been to England, as back in the 50s, my friend and I joined the service, and he got to go to England and germany, and I was shipped to, the far East, and I have seen how Korea, has changed , but never relized how much, England has realy built up, over the decades, would like to see photos of ,Korea, and some of the far east, The detail is realy great, Keep up the great work;; Bill, in Florida, USA;;

Posted by Bill Matthews December 13, 08 09:37 AM

I have lived in London all my 68 years. These views are just stunning. It makes you proud to be a Cockney boy.

Posted by Alan Timms December 13, 08 12:07 PM

I've never been to London, but these pictures make a very strong "Invitation". The photography is excellent. I've just started to learn photography and have signed up for a training course in early January. I know I can't afford a camera like this photographer used, but I do want to learn to take the very best photos my new Canon Rebel XSI is capable of shooting.

Posted by Chuck December 13, 08 01:11 PM

My wife, and 2 children have been to Londen in the "80s twice, and toured the country.
those pictures are stunning, and I wished that we could have seen Londen from above at night ourself.
Thank you so much for the found memories, Stanle & Vilma V.

Posted by Stanley V. December 13, 08 02:26 PM

As a WAC MSgt, I spent two years at the American Embassy in London and lived (billetted) in Lord Fairhaven's mansion on Upper Grosvenor Street during 1943-1945. These pictures are magnificent, but it sure has changed since I was there......I DO remember the statue of Eros on Piccadilly Square and the Tower Bridge. That was the time of the buzz bombs (the V 1's) and the V 2's.

Posted by Ruth Gwin, Arroyo Grande, California, Dec 13, 11:30 a.m.

Posted by Ruth Gwin December 13, 08 03:33 PM

great photo's , more than you can see on your own two feet!

Posted by molly edwards December 13, 08 04:35 PM

Wonderful photo's. Thank you for sharing them. I think that person (1638) who called the Ferris Wheel "hideous", is wrong. Having been to London many times I felt it really was a truly a spectacular way to see London from above and I recommend anyone visiting to go on it. It's like seeing these photos for real.
Having Big Ben just across the Thames is like the old keeping a wise eye on the new.

Posted by Lynn Harvey December 13, 08 07:12 PM

What a treat in this holiday Season! The lights are stunning! I too was in London for a few days back in mid 1970's. I loved the sights, theaters, all from the ground, but never could see that lovely city from the sky. Thanks for sharing and bringing back fond memories.
Liliane from California

Posted by Liliane Heydt December 13, 08 07:28 PM

Having read many of the comments from people who came from this grand old city, what surprises me are the numerous grammatical errors made by them when writing about London. My goodness, one would think that an Englishman would know how to write correctly in English. As for comparing London to Paris, it's apples and bananas -- they are each very historical and interesting, but Paris has the charm and is an epicurean's delight.

Posted by Vincent Principale December 13, 08 08:03 PM

London is indeed an amazing city. I have beeing there for quite sometime,and hope to revisit it as soon as I can. Nevertheless seeing these lovely photos is like having already returned to thes fantastic city! I am brazilian and admire the british people and his country.

Posted by Pedro Capucho de Oliveira December 13, 08 10:04 PM

I have never been to London, but have enjoyed your pictures and appreciate your sharing them with me. They are fantastic, and of course, taken from a helicopter gives you a different fiew, Thanks so much.

Posted by Carol M December 13, 08 10:08 PM

Wow, what a beautiful city! My ancestor, Richard Terry, was born in London around 1610, but came to America around 1630. Someday I'd like to come back and visit. You have a lovely city there!

Posted by John D'Angelo December 13, 08 10:31 PM


Posted by GINNY BUSEY December 13, 08 11:29 PM

Nice photos - very good ones. Brings to my mind good and lovely memories. I found my myself and got all the love that a woman can have in the life. If I could I would go back there before I leave. Times changed but memories stayed.

Posted by Ari -Mexico City December 14, 08 12:59 AM

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London so,
Maybe it's because I'm a londoner, that I think of her, wherever I go.
I get a funny feeling inside of me, when I walk up and down.
Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I LOVE London Town.

Posted by Geoff Ford, Ottawa, Canada December 14, 08 04:30 AM

Awesome pics....thank you. I am South African but I love London, I have been twice and would love to visit again...just so much history and beauty to take in.
Thank you so much for these pics and to my friend for sending me your link.

Posted by Mara Rennie December 14, 08 06:36 AM

We really enjoyed seeing these photos. Thanks to Charles, a cab driver from London whom we met on a cruise was kind enough to send them to us.
We have been to London but the visit was far too short.
I have shared these photos with many of our friends in the US.

Posted by Richard and Jean Edmond, Oklahoma USA December 14, 08 08:22 AM

Super photos, sent to me across theworld by a cousin in California. where I spent many happy years. But it was great to come home and get married, and to see dear old London town again, so reborn after the Blitz!!! Wonderful photography.
Pat Slade, a Cockney gal.

Posted by pat slade December 14, 08 10:11 AM

Amazing photography...we do not appreciate our heratage .Pictures like this show what a wonderful city London is. Thankyou Jason Hawkes I salute you and your talent

Posted by Ann Wilkinson December 14, 08 02:26 PM

Magnificent photographs of my favourite city in the world................they make me homesick. Many, many congratulations to the photographger who is an artistic genius.....................

Posted by catherine December 14, 08 03:11 PM

I was brought up in London in the early 60's. I was an army brat travelling the world.Started off in Hammersmith 61, lived in Paddington 63 (17 years old) my grandparents lived in Bayswater. I hung around Maida Vale with my mates,Worked on the dust from 66 to 71. Got in the casino business in 74. left for the Bahamas in 74. and now have been settled in Florida all these years. SO nice to see London at night. Terrific pics (would like to know Camera details on these pics).
GREAT job. I miss London even more now.

Posted by dudley mc Dortch December 14, 08 07:37 PM

My Mother was a true cockney who lived in the East end during the blitz. She loved the city and often talked about the way people took care of each other during those hard times. I wonder what she would say if she were able to see it today, particularly using the technology you have to portray it so beautifully, in a way few of us will ever be able to see for ourselves. I hope some use will be made of your wonderful pictures in the publicity preceding the London Olympics..

Posted by Diane, West Sussex December 15, 08 08:29 AM


Posted by SYLVIE MICHEL December 15, 08 08:46 AM

I've traveled to a great many major cities, Moscow, Tokoyo, LA, San Francisco, Berlin, Rome, Mexico City, NY, Lisbon, Rio, Manila, Seoul, Hong Kong, Peking, and a goodly many more however, London has a pull that tops them all. If one MUST live in a city then surely it should be LONDON.

Posted by C. L. Yeckel December 15, 08 01:23 PM

I was born London's east end "west ham" 1927 .my wife and I have been back 5 times,hope to go again in2009.Came to B.C.Canada in1957 and love it like my children ,I remember the war years and the devastation ,the Americans,the Canadians,and other nations that helped to save G.B. I am forever in thier debt ,as without them I would NOT be seeing the city of my birth as I am right now in these most wonderful pictures.Thankyou .I have tears in my eyes now.

Posted by leslie w salmon December 15, 08 02:09 PM

Lovely photos, but what terrible light pollution, not to mention the tremendous waste of energy. I suspect that many of the lights shown here are on in vacant buildings, thus serving no real purpose.

Posted by Barry Danard December 15, 08 05:24 PM

I used to work in Central London and lived in North London in mid 60s. This is far nicer to look at than I remember, albeit thare are loads of new landmarks now.. The photographer is very talented; I do however have a slight niggling worry in that I wonder how easy it would be for someone with 'less innocent intentions' to obtain these photographs? I suppose you have to balance it up and to be honest I would have been 'the poorer' for not having seen these superb photos, even though I now live in the most beautiful part of the UK - Scotland.

Posted by Mrs Diane Shaw December 15, 08 05:35 PM

LONDON is a elegant old lady, BEIJING is an old man with powerful sexual function.

Posted by kissingfire December 15, 08 11:30 PM

Thank you so much.

Posted by Dan Plank December 16, 08 04:13 AM


Posted by chetan bhatt December 16, 08 04:57 AM

Well I live in Surrey in England, but born in London many years ago!. These pictures were sent from Ohio for me and I think they are absolutely stunning. A marvellous photographer.

Posted by Anne Cornwell December 16, 08 10:30 AM

Ah yes, I remember it well.

Great photos!


Posted by Anthony Bellotte December 16, 08 10:46 AM

Amazing photographs! Well done1

Posted by Claire Elliott December 16, 08 12:02 PM

Absolutly amazing, i lived and worked in London for a church for about six months, and these pictures brought back so many good memories. Many of those beautiful pictures were right where we walked and had so many great experiences. This was really a fantastic job

Posted by Andrew December 16, 08 12:17 PM

Unless I can fly over London in a holicopter, I shall remain living on the south coast of England. " London" the tourists can keep It.
Wonderful night photography, does not look that good from ground level.

Posted by Walter Wooller December 16, 08 12:30 PM

Thank you for showing me your breath taking photography a part of Europe ie: London that I may never get to see, but now have an even greater desire to visit in the future!

Posted by Pam Talkington December 16, 08 12:54 PM

Stunning photos. Hong Kong is also amazing, and on a par with these shots.
Global warming is a myth put across by the governments of the world to raise even more taxes; look back over the cycle through the ages. You used to be able to grow grapes to make wine in the Highlands of Scotland; not any more. It is all to do with the sun and the planets.

Posted by Doug Hewitt December 16, 08 03:15 PM

Doug Hewitt should have stopped writing after his first two words. Simply appreciate the beauty of the photos before you and leave the politics to another day/time.

Steve Bland

Posted by Steve Bland December 16, 08 05:47 PM

I am a Londoner born and bred and I find these pictures amazing! it makes me very proud to be a Londoner when I see these. Thanks to the computer I can forward these to my aunt in NZ to remind her what she is missing after all she only left in 1958

Posted by Helen December 16, 08 06:29 PM

Wonderful photographs. Makes me feel very home sick but I don't miss the weather, crowds and traffic.

Janet from London
(Colorado resident)

Posted by Janet Thompson December 16, 08 08:50 PM

as a sixty year old londoner born and bred (stoke Newington) these pictures stir the cockles of my heart and make me yearn for her streets and alleys. brilliant work. Keep it up so old cockneys like me who live far from home can view her when we have a need to. I chose to live as far away as possible (NZ ) and have sometimes lived to regret it.

Posted by Peter Ryder December 17, 08 02:41 AM

why london??? . its a dirty smelly hole. pics are great but more beauty abounds in cleaner ,friendlier, and far more beautifull places in the uk. eg, the west coast of scotland

Posted by bigfoot December 17, 08 09:41 AM

One of the greatest cities worldwide. Great Pics

Posted by John Watkins December 17, 08 09:56 AM

Loverly picture but dont be fooled
you can still be Mugged Raped.
stabed or shot and we are all skint and look at what we have to pay for the
electricy so think about it before you come I moved out 25 years ago
thank god

Posted by D.f. Stephens December 17, 08 03:52 PM

Just WOW!!! Many thanks for these brilliant pix.. Would just love to be in a 'copter at night flying over MY London. Each time we return to UK, we usually fly over London and into Heathrow and I just well-up inside and my throat tightens.
Wish we could afford to live there, but Australia ain't so bad either: I need to live at least two lifetimes.Thank you so much for posting these fabulous pix.
Roger Stanley. Crib Point. Oz.

Posted by Roger Stanley December 17, 08 05:29 PM

I have never been to England, nor London. But after seeing these brilliant pics, it makes me want to go there.
This Photographer is brilliant, to have come up with fascinating Pics, at different angles and at night too!!
I'm wondering if he would make other photo's in other Countries and Cities, just as brilliant.
In my opinion, HE is a Photographers, Photographer.
This man will be in HIGH demand, for his Brilliant ideas in "Night Time Photography"!!

Posted by Phillip JONES December 17, 08 07:06 PM

I grew up in East End London and remember my aunt and uncle taking me to the city to see the lights when they first turned the neon signs on after the war. I thought they were wonderful then, but it was nothing compared to the way London is light up now. These photos show how really incredable London is.

Posted by Connie Groh December 17, 08 10:37 PM

Breathtaking,sweeping display of beauty.Thank you for these images.Although I will in reality never get to London,these will afford me the stuff that dreams are made of.

Posted by Geneie Dugie December 17, 08 11:53 PM

Truly stunning ! but just think how much all that light is costing ? and what that money could do for the "poor" countries of the WORLD ..... !!

Posted by Jacqui December 18, 08 04:34 AM

Beautiful photography and breathtaking.
Thank you Jason Hawkins for providing these photos.
Do I miss London, no.
Rather be in the warmer climes of the Med.

Posted by Lawrence Jay - Malta December 18, 08 07:51 AM

My husband and I were in London February 2007. We spend a weekend there following a trip to Rome, Italy. We enjoyed England very much! It's nice seeing these pictures............we were able to see some of these sights and have pictures too. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Kelly December 18, 08 09:58 AM

On my way to London Town and I'm now more excited than Ever!!!

Posted by Hayley Johnston December 18, 08 10:46 AM

Absolutely fab!!! My first child was born in London in 1971 unfortunately he passed away in 1979 in my home town of Grimsby but i still return to the city every year to visit friends and sight see all the fabulous buildings etc And even carboard city where I lived for a while when i first lived in london when carrying my son..I never go away on holiday only to London.It brings back many memories from my younger days only being 17 at the time of the birth of my son.London is a precious place for me!!!!! These pics would make great prints and I would definately love to own some.Well done they are gr88888888888.Johanna.

Posted by Johanna D Bolland December 18, 08 10:51 AM

never been to london but its beautiful and I'd love to go after I graduate.

Posted by Kelsey December 18, 08 02:34 PM

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner....
Thank you for these fabulous photographs of my home town.

Posted by Lila Das Gupta December 18, 08 08:51 PM

Yeah its very good to be like.Very fabolous place to spend life.

Posted by Noor Hyatt Khan December 18, 08 11:55 PM

They are stunning pictures! Thanks for showing us London

Posted by SK Giam December 19, 08 02:43 AM

Quite remarkable photos. Makes London look clean and sparkling.

(BTW it's not been called the NatWest tower for quite a while. It's called Tower 42)

Posted by Jon Allen December 19, 08 07:05 AM

Great shots.Only really centered on a tiny part of London,the financial district mostly.Would like to see some shots of the rest.Loved the Arsenal pic.COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!

Posted by Toby Baker December 19, 08 08:36 AM

please do all of London. I would buy the book ! these make me homesick for a visit.

Posted by Julie Hall December 19, 08 09:11 AM

One of the greatest cities worldwide. Great Pics

Posted by Pajor Istvan December 19, 08 10:21 AM

I hate the place.
There is only one good thing about London, the road North.

Posted by steve pounder December 20, 08 06:06 AM

Looks beautiful from above and its a great place to go for vacation. But when you actually have to live in London, you realize how filthy, smelly and rude it is. It is the filthiest city of the major world cities, in my opinion. Bathing is not a priority, nor is deodorant. People claim there is a "Britsih Reserve" but it is actually just socially inept, unfriendly and akward people. Dining is just awful - stuck in a 30-year-old time warp. Alcoholism and binge drinking is the norm. Chrsitmas time here means more drunk people than you can imagine, and lots of vomit in the streets. Lovely place, can't wait to get out as soon as my contract ends.

Posted by tom December 20, 08 06:17 AM

I was brought up in London and seeing these pictures,just confirms that London will be always be my favourite city

Posted by Anonymous December 20, 08 08:31 AM

I thought that I was a good photographer ,and then this. May I say that this collection is breathtaking.

Posted by Glen Holland December 20, 08 02:02 PM

Amazing pictures - London is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities on the planet...

Posted by Greg Kennelly December 20, 08 09:34 PM

These pics are superb works of art and meant to be enjoyed as such so leave social and political comments out..LONDON is the greatest city on earth in anyones language..and these pics brought a lump to my throat..a famous man once said.."he who is tired of London is tired of life"

Posted by Frank (Western Australia) December 20, 08 11:42 PM

I was born in Middlesbrough in 1940, just before Hitler tried to break the spirit of the people of the greatest city on this Gods Earth, he could not do it. I was in London Sept 07, loved every minute of it. I only wish that I can go again before I plop my clogs In Perth W.A. When I lived in England I tried to go to London at least once a year. The photos are fantastic, brought back great memories.

Posted by John Craster December 21, 08 12:56 AM

I worked in the City of London for 28 years before moving to Australia over 4 years ago, the pictures are amazing and brought back many memories.
Jason Hawkes, you are a legend.

Posted by Kev Brookbank December 21, 08 01:01 AM

I lived 26 years in London and enjoy these pictures very much. I have downloaded them and pointed m y screen saver to the file. Thanks Jasen Hawkes!

Posted by Wam Eskes December 21, 08 04:00 AM

Stunning photos of a city with so much character ... Amazing photography ... Truly artistic genius. Jason Hawkes, Thank you for sharing.

Posted by Mia December 21, 08 06:21 AM

Magnificent pictures of our great city.Would love to see the new Wembley Stadium from above at night.Excellen photography,Well done.Posted by Jae.

Posted by JAE December 21, 08 07:53 AM

Thank you for these amazing photos. From the number of lights who would think that this old country of ours is now in recession?

Posted by Keith Hedges December 21, 08 11:27 AM

Great Photography !!
I have never visited London but last year I visited Disneyland/Universal Studio California USA and saw the "Soaring over California".
Your beautiful photography reminds me of that experience !
Now my resolve to visit Great Britain with my wife has become more firm.


Posted by S.K.Patel December 21, 08 12:42 PM

We have been without electricity for 10 days now, due to an ice storm in North Central New England. I turned on my computer after this length of time, this has to be the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Your photographs are just exquisite. We are now having a blizzard, with over a foot of snow. What next......
Happy Holidays!!!!

Posted by Joanne Schreiner December 21, 08 02:51 PM

Merry Christmas from Penrith, West of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Great work with the photography.

Posted by Wayne Beard December 21, 08 07:08 PM

Simply stunning.

Posted by Don Whyatt December 22, 08 05:45 AM

These photos are terrific--I would love to see Jason Hawkes do some of the San Francisco Bay Area at night with the beautiful bridges which look like giant strands of jewelry spilled out of a huge treasure chest.

Posted by Betty Wilson December 22, 08 01:43 PM

Great pictures. A visual feast! Thank you. London may well be all the negative things that has been levelled at her by previous comments but then so are many other cities of the world (with the exception of Singapore which has a strictly enforced litter policy!) London is both fascinating and dangerous, old yet modern. You can eat food from around the globe and hear more languages than can be identified. Thank God for London and Londoners. I am a Brit now living in Virginia and DC isn't a patch on London, nice city that it is.

Posted by Jacqui December 22, 08 02:54 PM

Absolutely superb shots of Londinium from the sky at night!
Well done Jason, amazing detail with your camera! They obviously cleaned the streets especially!
Where else in the world will you get such a unique blend of history , character and modernism!
Shame there were no shots of my favourite building - St Pauls Cathedral - and I can't believe I had to adorn the home of Arsenal when I'm a Spurs fan!

Posted by Ryan, Wimbledon, London. December 23, 08 06:25 AM

Answer for (1709).
Take in the site you visiting.
There are Hubble Telescope photos.

Posted by Danylo December 23,