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July 23, 2008

Everybody In - Beating the Heat

The northern hemisphere is feeling the summer heat. A number of heat waves have already rolled across parts of southern Europe,the United States and Asia. From swimming pools to rivers, wave pools, ocean beaches and more, here are some recent photos of people around the world having fun, competing and keeping cool in the water. (22 photos total)

Swimming instructor Abbas Khalid (L), 35, assists an Iraqi child during a swimming class at a public pool in central Baghdad on July 15 2008. Abbas has been giving swimming lessons for Iraqi children for the past two summers, when school is out and kids take to the water to cool down. (AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

People swim to avoid the heat in a swimming pool in the Everland amusement park in Yongin, about 50 km (31 miles) south of Seoul, July 13, 2008. (REUTERS/Everland Amusement Park/Handout)

Spanish long distance swimmer David Meca attempts a world-record breaking swim from the beach at Tarifa, on the southern tip of Spain, on July 4, 2008. Meca is hoping to beat his own record in 2000 of crossing the straits of Gilbraltar three times non stop between Tarifa and the Spanish enclave in Morocco of Ceuta. (JOSE LUIS ROCA/AFP/Getty Images)

Manny Cothran, 11, of Nowata, Okla., is enveloped in a shield of cool water at the Splash Pad Waterpark in Owasso, Okla., Tuesday, July 22, 2008. (AP Photo/Tulsa World, Stephen Holman)

Palestinian women and girls spend some time at the beach June 20, 2008 in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. Today is the second day of a truce between Palestinian militant groups and Israel, brokered by Egypt. (Abid Katib/Getty Images)

About 25,000 people attend on July 15, 2008, the boat procession of the Virgin of Carmen (Virgen del Carmen), the protector of fisherman, at Puerto de la Cruz on Spain's Canary island of Tenerife. (DESIREEE MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

A serviceman and his horse from the Household Cavalry, the Life Guards regiment, swim in the sea along Holkham Beach, Holkham, eastern England, Tuesday July 22, 2008. Members of the Household Cavalry are currently stationed in the area during their three week summer training camp and a break from ceremonial duties in London. (AP Photo/PA, Chris Radburn)

A man leaps into the waters of the Arabian Sea near the Gateway of India in Mumbai on July 5, 2008, as a high tide approaches the western Indian city. The monsoon season, which runs from June to September, accounts for about 80 percent of India's annual rainfall. (SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Anthony Chance, 23, a Florida State University student from Crestview, Fla., enjoys a plunge into the cool waters of Wakulla Springs, Thursday, July 10, 2008, in Wakulla, Fla. Chance said he was taking a break from school and the mid-ninties temperature with a visit to the Springs.(AP Photo/Phil Coale)

Participants are seen waiting, at the start of the 3.8 kilometer (2.4 mile) swimming event of the Ironman Frankfurt 2008 triathlon in a lake near Frankfurt, central Germany, on Sunday, July 6, 2008. (AP Photo/Daniel Roland)

Participants begin swimming at the start of the 3.8 kilometer (2.4 mile) swimming event of the Ironman Frankfurt 2008 triathlon in a lake near Frankfurt, central Germany, on Sunday, July 6, 2008. (AP Photo/Daniel Roland)

Afghan youths dive at a swimming pool on Wazir Akbar Khan hill in Kabul on June 24, 2008. Temperatures in the Afghan capital are approaching the 30 degrees Celsius mark as the summer sets in in Central Asia. (SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)

Hungary's Olympic hopeful Nikolett Szepesi swims at the 50-metre backstroke competition during the Hungarian Swimming Championship in Budapest July 11, 2008. (REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh)

Residents hold a portrait of late Chinese leader Chairman Mao Zedong and a plate with Beijing Olympic logo while swimming in the Yong River in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, July 13, 2008. The swimming activity was held to mark the 42nd anniversary of Mao swimming in the Yangtze River and to welcome the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, local media reported. (REUTERS/Jeff Xu)

A boy lies in the water off Compostela beach in Vilagarcia de Arousa, northwestern Spain on July 22, 2008. Temperatures in Spain are expected to hover around 40C over the course of the week due to a current of hot air from Africa. (MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP/Getty Images)

A bull charges men off the port during the traditional bulls celebration on the seafront in Denia Alicante on July 7, 2008. (DIEGO TUSON/AFP/Getty Images)

A US soldier walks past an Iraqi child playing in a wading pool in the courtyard of a residence in the Dora neighbourhood in Baghdad on July 2, 2008. (ALI YUSSEF/AFP/Getty Images)

A South Korean woman plays with mud during the Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach in Boryeong, South Korea, Sunday, July 13, 2008. The 11th annual mud festival features mud wrestling, mud sliding and a mud king contest. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Visitors swim in a pool at the scenic spot called Salt Lake, also known as China's Dead Sea, at Penglai Township in Dayin County of southwest China's Sichuan province Saturday, July 12, 2008. Officials said Sunday that tourists can now travel safely to Sichuan's scenic spots, apart from those in 30 counties seriously affected by the May 12 earthquake. (AP Photo/Color China Photo)

A bather is silhouetted as he prepares to dive into the Walensee lake in the town of Walenstadt, about 75 km (47 miles) outside of Zurich, July 16, 2008. (REUTERS/Christian Hartmann)

Children learn to swim in a pool in Xiangfan in central China's Hubei province Sunday July 13, 2008. (AP Photo)

A surfer falls from his surf board the Escobilla beach in Ixtapa, Mexico, Sunday, July 6, 2008. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

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