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June 27, 2008 Permalink

Xenophobia in South Africa

Last month, during two weeks in May, 2008, a series of attacks took place all over South Africa. In a clash between the poorest of the poor, gangs of local black South Africans descended on informal settlements and shanty towns, armed with clubs, machetes and torches, and attacked immigrants from Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabawe. Locals accused these immigrants of taking jobs away from them, among other grievances. Over the course of those two weeks, over 60 foreigners were killed, several hundred injured, and many thousands of immigrants are now displaced, or are returning to their home countries. Dealing with the aftermath of the attacks has become a large problem for South Africa - prosecuting attackers, accommodating refugees, dealing with a labor shortage, political damage control, seeking to address root causes, and some soul-searching are all taking place. (15 photos total)

A human smuggler cuts a border fence while illegally bringing Zimbabwaen refugees across the border into South Africa May 27, 2008 near Musina, South Africa. Facing economic strife and political oppression at home, Zimbabwaens continue to flood accross the border, despite recent violent attacks against foreign immigrants in South Africa. A human rights group recently reported that up to 49,000 Zimbabwaens are illegally crossing into South Africa each month, adding to the 3-5 million Zimbabwaen refugees already residing in South Africa. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
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168 comments so far...

Wow, some of these photos are particularly moving, especially the more graphic ones. This blog has helped so much to open my eyes to what goes on in parts of the world that are a lot less well off.

Posted by Brady June 27, 08 12:52 AM

The "black" question. Thanks for these strong images that permit us to know and view a thus far situation from here.

I leave you this link like a sign of hope. Black and white integration is possible:

Posted by David La Tache photography June 27, 08 01:14 AM

Wow. That one with the gate is just mind blowing.

Posted by Aaron G June 27, 08 01:36 AM

I've had a rough week, but stuff like this always puts things in perspective.

Posted by Ray June 27, 08 01:55 AM

Poor people My Heart Goes out for them.
You Guys are doing a Great Job.
Picture of a man Burning is very much Shocking. It tells bitter truth of this world.

Posted by Prakash Anandaraj June 27, 08 02:54 AM

very strong and compelling images.
your work is fantastic

Posted by Kris Van de Vijver June 27, 08 03:25 AM

wow - these pictures are so scary! incredible!

Posted by Florian June 27, 08 03:56 AM


Posted by v June 27, 08 04:55 AM

It's sad and mind boggling that still in 2008 segregation and racism are stronger than ever.
So much ignorance and stupidity in the world and unfortunately, the innocent and weak continue to pay with their lives the inability of the politicians to ask for help abroad (since they obviously cannot handle it) and apply the strong arm of the law agains those murderers and savages that kill people on broad daylight everyday and still get their pictures in every major newspaper for all the world to see.
Sad times we're living in. I'm ashamed of the world we're leaving for our childrens.

PS: this blog is the most awesome and eye opening thing in a long time.

Posted by Marcelo June 27, 08 05:11 AM

Poor people :( really sad!
They haven't done nothing wrong...
But the pics are awesome, love this blog!!

Posted by Wilff June 27, 08 05:13 AM

I wish I could say I can't believe the depths of evil man has in his heart. I wish I could say that. But I can believe it.

I don't want to be desensitized to this brutality. I want to weep for these people. But, this world, this race, we are animals with weapons and fire. No, I do not think animals wouldn't be so cruel. We are and we are. But we are also worse. We know the suffering other people feel but yet we knowingly hurt others. This does make our species evil.

Until people will no longer do these things to each other, ANYwhere on Earth, I will continue to wish for the day our species ceases to exist. That is extreme and I love and care for many people. I am very grateful for life. But you can't suffer or make someone else suffer if neither of you is ever born.

(note: I am an atheist so evil is not something that can be changed just by reciting some words from an old book. It is within our choices to bring out this behavior and anyone is capable of stopping it too)

Posted by M Caldwell June 27, 08 05:26 AM

Isn't the real problem here not South Africa, but Zimbabwe? You throw that word around as if the South Africans didn't already have their own problems before 3.5 million poor people from another country arrived.

Posted by mpbk June 27, 08 05:35 AM

Pour quelles raisons l'homme cherche-t-il systématiquement à s'auto-détruire ?? Heureusement que notre intelligence nous distingue du monde animal !!!

Posted by Fabien June 27, 08 05:40 AM

Superb Photographs - I daily don simply miss em!!

Posted by Venkat June 27, 08 06:20 AM

The world we live in is mad... Congrats for showing this to all of the world in the most disturbing way. Maybe we will learn to appreciate life and stop all the atrocities that happen everyday.

Posted by yo5bdm June 27, 08 06:51 AM

Perhaps the most moving Big Picture yet.

Posted by Isaac June 27, 08 07:04 AM

Oh my god, no text in the world could describe what is going on in South Africa as these pictures do. People need to see in order to understand.

Posted by Karsten June 27, 08 07:30 AM

WOW! It's absolutely shocking. It reminds me of the boarder between the USA and Mexico!

Posted by Pointing Out The Obvious June 27, 08 07:52 AM

This makes the immigration issues we have in the US seem ridiculous

Posted by acme June 27, 08 08:45 AM

Very impressive photos!
I like the last, a man in the window of the train.


Posted by Alex June 27, 08 09:06 AM

Wow, amazing images utterly revealing the terrifying darkness of humanity and all at once quite striking, poignant, haunting and beautiful.

Posted by The Baltimore Babe June 27, 08 09:16 AM

Remember about 30 years ago when President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania got tired of Ugandan issues spilling over into his country? His troops invaded Uganda and kicked out Idi Amin. Check out for more information.

Perhaps President Mbeki should take note...

Posted by A Nonymous June 27, 08 09:19 AM

The horror ! The horror !

Posted by Fabricio Luz June 27, 08 11:20 AM

I leave you this link like a sign of hope. Black and white integration is possible

These attacks are not between black and whites, it is African people in South Africa attacking Africans from neighboring countries

Posted by anon June 27, 08 11:26 AM

These paint a much more stark and realistic picture of the violence, about which I had simply read previously. This is the most shocking Big Picture for me thus far, but I wanted to say how genuinely appreciative I am for this blog. Congratulations on doing something new and different and being a big success! Keep them coming - the world needs this.

Posted by Sam June 27, 08 12:18 PM

The image of the man set on fire by the mob sums up to me the human condition, unless the species can learn to exist on this planet with cooperation and with common goals of co existence we are all ultimately doomed as this individual was in a local tribal fracas in South Africa.

Posted by PJ June 27, 08 12:44 PM

This blog has opened my eyes to our current world more than anything else in recent memory. Thank you.

Posted by Andrew June 27, 08 01:03 PM

Xenophobia is hardly unique to Africa, but admittedly it's probably less brutal, barbaric and savage elsewhere.

Africa is still mostly an extremely primitive land, still the Dark Continent, in many respects. I spent the first 32 years of my life in Africa: the blood that pumps through its veins is tribal. That tribalism is crudely primaeval, too, which is why these pics from South Africa are so brutal, barbaric and savage.

Like taxes, death and rising oil prices, you can bet xenophobia isn't going to disappear in any hurry. Especially not in Africa. Looking at pictures of my homeland, from the outside in, I realize how very difficult it must be for non-Africans to truly understand what his racism, xenophobia and tribalism is all about.

The whole thing is sad, really tragic, when we consider the magnificent beauty being turned to ashes.

[keep up the great work, Alan, and the photojournalists who dedicate their lives to capturing today's news and tomorrow's history]

Posted by Anonymous June 27, 08 01:17 PM

Fantastic work. Thank you for the disclaimer on the more graphic image. I appreciate it.

Posted by js June 27, 08 02:28 PM

Once again a very interesting and moving post.

I find it interesting how this phenomena can be seen all over the world. Always blaming the weaker ones for your own hardship. In South Africa it's the refugees who are "stealing the jobs", in the US it's supposed to be the Mexicans and in Europe it's refugees from Africa and ex-Yugoslavia. It's everywhere the exact same ugly hatred that gets fueled by desperation.

Posted by Simon Christen June 27, 08 02:31 PM

my jaw keeps dropping every time i come back here..

Posted by chris June 27, 08 02:39 PM

It stops your breath,mind and thoughts all at once.Is it the south Africa of Mr.Mandela that can hand out these abuses to hapless and hopeless runaways from Zimbabwe.From frying pan to fire is what these people or facing.What do we call this wild and uncivilized attitude-hate or desperation-as a necessary form of defense.I think the problem is more with South Africa and its road to poverty and destitution.The ANC has not met the expectation of its supporters and the other voters who expected a slow but sure path to better lives.It is amazing how housing,public health,sanitation and other basic human needs have been neglected and a growing income disparity is dangerously growing out of control..I think the neighbors should talk seriously and take sustainable longer term action

Posted by subrashankar June 27, 08 02:53 PM

The world ring their hands and offer sympathy and platitudes but still the persecution by despots goes on. how many more must die before the leaders of other African nations speak out against the genocide which goes on. The despots blame the europeans for their troubles, but the truth is that since independance they have plundered and pillaged their own countries and brought their citizens to the brink of starvation and civil war.
Billions have poured out of these countries into private accounts around the world, ready for when the need to exit by private jet comes. Who will then offer sanctuary to these despots. Action should be taken now to not only ostrasise these people, but to make it plain that they will eventually answer to the people, and their ill gotten gains will be seized and returned to their people.

Posted by Dave June 27, 08 03:32 PM

Riveting, compelling images. This site (The Big Picture) never ceases to amaze me.

Posted by Kevin Shields June 27, 08 06:02 PM

ALL nations everywhere must speak out - violence anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. What is more, we cannot simply turn to Zimbabwe or to South Africa of Africa in general to find the root of these problems - we have to turn to the systematic discrimination brought on by imperialist powers centuries ago, and which continue to be reproduced in foreign policy today. We all have a responsibility to learn about these issues, and to change the way we think about our place in this world.

Posted by Julia June 27, 08 07:33 PM

I actually cried.

Posted by Kendra June 27, 08 08:58 PM

The story has been told .
Captured in a moment.
Felt for a lifetime.

God forgive them

Posted by laura k June 28, 08 01:17 AM

will this ever happen to those illegal mexicans here?

Posted by a reader June 28, 08 02:24 AM

We live here - its a disgrace for South Africa. What bugs us more is our President's inability to show backbone and react by condemning Robert Mugabe.

Posted by Deezaly van Rhyn June 28, 08 03:36 AM

It is so sad that we all stood by and watched this torture persist. This country has become something of fear, hate and more violence. I feel so heart broken that our dear great Mandela who's dreams and aspiration of a rainbow nation (this includes, blacks, whites, indians, coloureds, chinese, japanese) had become a nation that has turned agains him.

The racism and hate has become worst in this county from what I can remember, I am a black South-African who had never had a white man been rude or mean to me, in fact a very good white man had payed to get me through University. I myself have never been rude to a white man either.

It pains me, I wish, I only wish that people could re-read the "Manual" that Mandela wrote, qoutes like "freedom for all", "Democracy" and "Rainbow Nation" has been turned to suit the needs of the vindictive, irrational and Stereoptypical to intice more hatret agains a certain race "BLACK AND WHITE

Posted by Sipho June 28, 08 04:37 AM

The people fleeing oppression and poverty at home only to be greeted by more fear and hatred is a theme seen throughout the centuries. The hard hitting photos showing the depths humans can inflict suffering on others. It appears in the so called developed world we turn our back on Africa and simply do not enough to stem the poverty and brutality. Would more be done if oil was oosing from the land? I think so.

Posted by Colin June 28, 08 08:37 AM

It is sad. It stirs up an anger inside of me, wanting to bring these things to an end; wanting to slap all the gang members upside their heads and say they and say, "Hey these people are doin the best they can, just like YOU."

If only people would realize that sharing wealth could solve a lot more problems than we realize. If someone else gets the job that you were goin for, it's probably because they're more qualified and tried and worked a lot harder. People just need to realize that they're not gettin the jobs for an actual REASON. And instead of attacking the people who are alike, they should go to the source.
I'm gonna do some research to find out what I can do to help. You never know....


Posted by Phillip June 28, 08 12:10 PM

The images are moving. It surprises me that South Africa continues to support the Zimbabwe in suppressing its own people and then gives little help to the refugees who suffered as a result back in their own land and now in South Africa. While I don't endorse attacking a neighboring nation, commenter [22] seems right on the mark otherwise -- the South Africans need to assert themselves in favor of democracy and human rights.

Posted by Noah June 28, 08 01:10 PM

What does this have to do with racism? People see dark skin and instantly its racism. This isnt about racism at all, and if you think it is, you need to do some thinking.The pictures are startling and moving and really do show how far behind other parts of the world even the relatively affluent south african nation is. And to "M Caldwell". Your statements are completely ignorant and actually exacerbate the kind of totalitarian attitude these people and all free people around the world are struggling against. Its the same defeatist retoric terrorists use as justification for killing innocent people. Man is by nature neither good nor evil.

Posted by Phil Evans June 28, 08 02:03 PM


Posted by ADELLINE June 28, 08 02:45 PM

The problem about these whole Xenophobic attacks is that Africa is the poorest place on earth,and South Africa being the most developed in the continent,has people who undermine their African siblings and judge them by the conditions of the countries of their birth.A typical example,we the residence of the rainbow nation,attacked only "Black Skinned" Africans but if a group of White people from England came and lived in Alexandra,learnt our languages,sold some vegetable on the streets and became friends with black peole in S.A,the story was going to be most loved thing and it would probably appear on megazine,WHY?because they are from England and they are white.Im not saying its ok for foreigners to come here,but we should rather try to understand that most of them came here to live in a better place and stop judging them by their skin colour as there is no difference between these attacks and Apartheid.

Posted by Tumi June 28, 08 04:36 PM

What to do to stop this? Education of the population, media attention globally with the recognition that we all share one home and a common race--earth and the human race are the place to start. Revamping the global economic system including financing of aid, the internatinal money markets and even a global currency also need to come. Tools are available and it is time to move past fear, uncertainty and denial into solid action. In the real world--get politically active and stay that way. Burn out is a cop out. Rest if you need to and then get involved again. The net helps but get to know others, up and down the economic, educational and political scales, keep the conversations going--anger can fuel you but don't let it distance you from others and yes, I speak from experience. None of us can do this alone. It is not going to be solved by luck, a diety of pick your name religion or anything other than people, coming together and building change. We can do it--if we will.

Posted by Sherrie Noble June 28, 08 07:36 PM

Cette réponse s'adresse à Fabien (Réponse # 13) : heureusement que notre intelligence nous distingue du monde animal, dites-vous?

Certainement qu'elle le fait! Connaissez-vous une autre espèce animale capable de s'auto-détruire ?

Combien de temps nous reste-t-il ?


Posted by JiJi June 28, 08 07:54 PM

Even with this story showing graphic photos, some of these Comments say it's racism. But #44 is right, "What does this have to do with racism?" It's tribalism.

Posted by R Hall June 29, 08 02:01 AM

It's ironic that Mandela has just celebrated his 90th birthday in Britain with a lavish concert and all the hoopla. The cause is not over, what's there to celebrate?

Posted by Irwan June 29, 08 02:11 AM

The picture of the man being burned to death shows just how desperate people are to hurt others who many be encroaching upon their livelihoods. It's so sad to see that in 2008. Immigrants are always seen as easy targets and scapegoats for larger problems in society and countries.

Posted by Carol M. Wan June 29, 08 03:03 AM

Our governments have failed us. Instead of controlling the human spirit and taking the resources of the people, the governments should enhance the lives of its citizens. If they don't, they should be replaced. Sherrie in number 47 made some excellent points. Get involved and stay involved and use your power as an individual and don't give up. We will create our own new world and our children will be amazed that things like this actually used to happen. If you want to do something but are not sure what to do, write me at:
Together we will change the world.

Posted by Matthew Rover June 29, 08 03:18 AM

Identification of criminals is in pictures. Thousands could be identified. It requires the will and a resource to do the right ting. Bring these criminals to face justice. South Africa you shall set a tone of civilization. People should feel free to come to South Africa for 2010 games.

Posted by Dambibiyaa June 29, 08 05:14 AM

Unbelievable images. My motherland has turned against its own people.


Posted by Oscar Mwawu June 29, 08 07:07 AM

The U.S .sends billions of tax dollars through the federal agency U.S. AID for International Development each year to Africa. Billions to the extent where the relief efforts in the flood torn Mississippi River Regions Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas' regions are non-existant and suffer. The relief effort is taxed because the U.S. Disaster Relief Trust fund is depleted, and FEMA has admitted a substantial resource problem since Hurricane Katrina.

The pictures are graphic, and display what is also going wrong with the genocide also occuring in Dafur, and the Sudan with tribal conflicts all over the African continent; add in Keyna, Nigeria, Nambia, Zambia and Sierrra Leone.

Add the mid-east religious conflicts between Pallestine and Israel, Suni and Sheite in Iraq, and you have a world not in harmony, where there will always be conflict, as a way of Life.

Our immigration policies are extended to the point where these pictures demonstrate fairness in our political position on the matter. Nations are clampming down on immigration reform, while we bash SA try and go down -under to Australia where they have zero tolerence because of the socio-economic and financial woes immigrants appear to create to the nationals.

Posted by whr June 29, 08 09:01 AM

The need for people to flee their countries is created by their corrupt governments. Have you been watching Mugabe lately? He is a monster and until he is destroyed nothing will change. He needs to be taken out. And illegal immigration into the U.S. is caused by the same issues. Corrupt governments who refuse to take care of their own. Mexico is a perfect example. It is the 12th largest economy in the world, very rich and growing in wealth. Yet people leave Mexico not because they are starving but because they want more and their government will not provide that for them. So they come to the U.S. and take what isn't theirs to take and become a burden on legal citizens. That isn't right in any way. That is greed. In SA these people are trying to survive as their very lives are threatened.

are responsible for their own people.

Posted by Debbie June 29, 08 09:43 AM

Robert Mugabe's thugs shout: kill the baby

We took out the leader of Iraq but for some reason the world cannot bring itself to take out Mugabe. I wonder why. Of all the tyrants on the world scene can anyone think of someone more evil and dangerous than this man?

Posted by Debbie June 29, 08 10:21 AM

As Kurt Vonnegut said, "There's nothing intelligent to be said about a massacre."

Posted by Ron June 29, 08 10:58 AM

Most of these pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

The picture of the burning man was disturbing for two reasons: first the picture itself is shocking; and second the fact that it exists implies the photographer thought taking the picture more important than trying to put the fire out and end the suffering of another human being. I hope the only reason he got the shot was that he was too far away to lend assistance, i.e. using a zoom.

Finally I have good news for M. Caldwell. If you are truly an atheist than there is no such thing as evil. There is only meaningless behavior in between coming into existence and going out of existence. So cheer up and don't worry about old books that try to convince you such things as good and evil exist.

Posted by Bob White June 29, 08 11:47 AM

Anyone with half a brain can see this is a classic example of "man's inhumanity to man". But it really makes me angry to see in the blog several of you who think the lack of interest in the "developed" world is caused or is related to, if only "oil were oozing out" of the ground. It shows a cynicism that is prevalent in much of Europe who have forgotten the wars of the past and who are thinking it "could never happen here".

The world may take notice but memory is fleeting and day to day problems impinge on one's ability to maintain interest in the plight of refugees thousands of miles away. If you have a sloution that is not simplistic drivel I would like to hear it and I bet so would the government of South Africa..

Posted by jcnowlin June 29, 08 11:49 AM

Hey blame on China, India and the USA , for over consuming, that leaves fewer resources for the rest of us, so we end up rioting&killing to get our share.if this countries stopped over consuming and over populating the earth we would all be happier

Posted by njuguna June 29, 08 02:14 PM

No disrespect intended jcnowlin, but there is a simplistic solution, that was submitted to the south african goverment (State v. Johnstone, CPD-HC A 696-04, JAG 07-146), media and people, although not reported, or publicised. The simplicity thereof: education on the benefits of humane low population growth. Unfortunately, low population growth is not the African way. It conflicts with African concepts of -- in brutally frank terms -- 'children as slave and cannon fodder breeding factories' where, similar to Indian concepts -- again in brutaly frank terms, emotionally and psychologically, not to mention economically, stunted -- children give birth to children.
It's the African way of culling of excess population, that have not been culled by AIDS.
Unfortunately most African black leaders are not willing to publicily attempt to educate their followers about this reality in such frank -- verbal, as opposed to Pres. Mugabe's frank physical -- terms, and to be fair, if they tried to, they probably wouldn't be seriously listened to. Quite, to the contrary. Europeans who try to receive a response similar -- if not physically, psychologically, emotionally and economically -- to that received by Amy Beal; or as a I received from Former President Nelson Mandela with his 'Shut the F*^k Up!'
So, I view these pictures, in the context of Sean O' Sullivan in Leon Uris's Armageddon.
They are overpopulation concentration camps, just like Calcutta, Bombay, Shanghai, American ghetto's, Gaza, etc. The different cultures of these 'excess populations' in these concentration camps, simply have different cultural means of dealing with their frustrations: whether that be from breeding more destitute children, mob riotting, to organising terrorist or activist cells and democracy movements, or USAID family planning clinics on every ghetto corner (a real simplistic possibility), etc.
Those who are disgusted with these pictures, and who have guilty consciences (I don't, I've sat in South Africa's prisons, been assaulted by other prisoners and prison guards, and bust my butt on behalf of a black and white South African and African low humane population policy.).
My suggestion: make copies of these pictures and mail them to Former President Nelson Mandela, c/o his spokesperson at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Ms. Zelda Le Grange. If you are really disgusted, sign the envelope cover with "Happy Birthday President Mandela".
[PS: Nelson Mandela was the individual who years ago encouraged black Africans to breed prolifically so that there would always be enough blacks to fight 'white apartheid'. Since the 'end' of apartheid, he has never withdrawn the statement. For all President Mugabe's horrific sins and brutality, I don't know of any statement where he actively encouraged anyone in Zimbabwe, particularly poor uneducated blacks, to breed prolifically. If anything, his conduct encourages the exact opposite. On 04 August 2002, I requested an emergency 10 minute meeting, via a contact at the National Intelligence Agency, with Former Pres. Nelson Mandela to request his support for public education on these population policy issues. I was denied the interview and meeting. Perhaps he feels he did enough, and perhaps he did.]

Posted by Lara Johnson June 29, 08 03:25 PM

Mugabe is the reason for all this madness. Mugabe is the reason for all this death.The guy is in his 80's and he still won't relinquish power despite the billions he stole from Zimbabwe. Where is Nelson Mandela? He should be denouncing this madman. This is a cautionary tale about the psychology of politicians. They ALL have varying degrees of megalomania and narcissism and should all be term limited out. This is why I am for term limits. Remember Mugabe, Mugabe , Mugabe is reason...
the skeptic Yankee

Posted by the skeptic Yankee June 29, 08 08:28 PM


A quoi bon nous doter d'une forme d'intelligence si elle ne sert qu'à (nous auto-) détruire ? Autant revenir à l'âge de pierre (et c'est pour bientôt, à ce rythme !!)
Et puis une fois ces photos visualisées, que faisons-nous à part des commentaires (intelligents) ? D'un clic, nous retournons à notre page d'accueil favorite pour surfer sur des eaux plus calmes avec cette arrière pensée persistante : "Jusqu'ici... tout va mal !!!"

Posted by Fabien June 30, 08 07:12 AM

Reading the comments shocks me more than the actual story!! Most of you are commenting on the brilliant photos! What's wrong with you people??? Human beings are dying, but the pics look good!!

But yes! The blame is fully on Mugabe!!!!!! These people are not only rushing into South Africa, but all neighbouring countries... Just to get away from that monster!

But as any other story, this one has two sides as well... Immigrants get slaughtered becuase they are taking the jobs, but what do the locals do when finished killing all these people? Nothing!!! They don't go & apply for these jobs now! No, they'll carry on stealing & killing like normal...

The problem is that the new government promised all poor people new houses, furniture etc if they'll voted ANC more than 10 years ago... Now they're waiting for it, but refuse to work towards a goal like everyone else...

Chase the locals away & get more people from Mozambique! They will actually make a positive contribution to South Africa

Posted by T June 30, 08 09:52 AM

There is nothing one can say but to condemn these horrible acts of violence in these pictures. The SA government has worked to address these violent acts, and refused to deport the refugees in SA. I think that we would be better served if the pictures were linked to the social and economic reasons for this acts. The situation must be put in a context, otherwise it is just barbaric people taking on revenge.

These are some of the questions and thoughts that came to my mind as a South African when confronted by this sad and shameful situation:

Why are all these people coming to SA? Can South Africans not enjoy their new freedom before they have to share with ALL of Africa because of failed leadership in these countries? Killing people is not right, and must be condemned, but there are deep seated reasons for these actions.

Some may be third force causes fueled by the complex political situation in SA of the defeated; others the criminality that has come with this large number of economic refugees; poverty and jealousy by locals of the business savvy of the new neighbors, etc. to name a few.

Surely when all these Africans came to SA, they knew NOTHING about how to set up and build a house and where to get the building materials, knowing the "lay of the land," getting free health care, etc.They were able to settle and set up businesses or get day work by the kindness shown to them by those that they found there - NATIVE South Africans. It has not always been this. How can one live peacefully for many years, and then all of a sudden there is such hatred?These are all economic refugees, except for the Zimbabweans and Somalis. They are the only ones who should be given political asylum. The others must go and build their own countries. South Africa cannot be the permanent solution to the poverty in their home countries. The building of an African Rennaisance means reviving and developing Africa as a whole, not just South Africa. Mozambicans, Malawians, West Africans, Kenyans have been independent for over 25 -50 years. Why are they in line for basic needs in SA with the poor, when they should be advising SA on what to do as a new nation?

I lay the blame fully on the leaders in these countries that drives young men and women to drug trafficking and illegalities when their country (Nigeria) should be the black Kuwait of Africa because of their black gold. There are African immigrants who are pushing drugs to school children in SA,;engaged organized child prostitution by bringing in young girls and boys from all over the African continent and South African young girls and boys; demobilzed soldiers from Zimbabwe engaged in bank heists and home invasions; and car-jacking gangs that are led by Mozambicans which move the local cars all the way to Cairo, Kenya, and West Africa. These people lived in the township, and the local people were watching. They saw the social fabric of their society being torn apart by people who have a "soldier mentality" and no feeling for the local conditions or culture. The only goal was to make money, and send it back "home." at whatever cost. When South Africans were in certain countries in Africa, they did not engage in criminal activity. They got funding from the UN and the Scandinavian countries for their upkeep, and the host country also gained from these monies. Nigeria is the only country that actually used tax monies from the population for a fund for South Africa. For that we are very grateful. When our goal was achieved, we left the host countries in peace. No criminality, no drug peddling, no car jacking, no bank fraud, no child prostitution, no corruption of the population for economic greed.

Nigerians and Ghanaians also have a short memory, and forgot the "state directed" abuse and ouster of African foreigners by BOTH governments for economic reasons in the 1980s. Nigerians wanted to be the ONLY ones to gain from their oil wealth.There was plenty of violence that took place, and people lost everything, as they were given no time to settle their belongings. Ghana had done the same thing to Nigerians earlier. Not a new feeling that begins and ends with South Africans. Why are South Africans called xenophobic and painted bad when they address the same feelings?

Zimbabweans have to learn to compromise and settle their differences, and stop blaming South Africa's President Mbeki for their stubborn refusal that has let their country go to the dogs - that is BOTH SIDES. We, in SA sat down and compromised and negotiated with the worst people because of the love of our country. We did not want to ravage the economy and make the country a basket case, as Zimbabweans have done to their country because of their refusal to compromise. I hope sanity will prevail, and that they can build their country back in unity. In the last election a few months ago, Mugabe got 43% of the vote, and the opposition got 47%. That is not a "landslide victory, "and therefore the country is divided almost in half. No movement or development will go forward with that kind of division. Only a government of national unity will work in re-building the country. Zimbabweans are the most educated people in Africa, thanks to the early policies of Robert Mugabe's party. They can and will quickly make Zimbabwe an African showcase, if they just swallow their pride and work in unity. They do not need to suffer the abuse and resentment that is being rained on them in SA when they have a rich country full of bounty.

In closing, God bless the child that has got his own.

Posted by Zandi June 30, 08 10:59 AM

I'm from California where anti-immigrant feelings are prevalent - particularly on the ubiquitous right wing talk radio programs as well as in the Republican suburbs surrounding our major metroploitan areas. I work in politics, so I listen carefully to popular sentiment.

I spent a month in SA last fall. The most discordant part of what was a wonderful vacation was the anti-immigrant sentiments I regularly heard from otherwise wonderful black South Africans. In my reading before the trip, I had somehow missed the tribal rivalries that were still playing out more than a decade after the fall of the apartheid system. The comments were so similar to those heard in California about "illegal immigrants," that I wrote about it repreatedly in my journal.

One example. I was in Jburg the day that Lucky Dube was shot in a car jacking. The driver who was taking me to the airport, whom I had used several times, was a marvelous gentleman, mid 50's, Xhanga, and lived part of the year in Jburg, and part in rural Limpopo, near the Zimbabwe border. We had engaged in wonderful conversations about food, cultural differences, and all sorts of political conversation. When the news of Mr. Dube's death came over the radio, his comment stopped me cold. What he said was this: "The people who did this are not from South Africa. They must be from Zimbabwe or Mozambique. We do not behave this way." And this was before the police had made any announcement concerning suspects.

For a better accounting of the tribal issues in SA I highly recomend the book, "My Traitor's Heart," by Malcolm Malan.

Posted by Alan Gordon June 30, 08 01:21 PM

The two people who disagree with me, neither of you comprehend my point at all. The comments you made show that.

I don't mind if you think I am wrong, but you should at least understand something before you form an opinion about it. Maybe it's what you think I am trying to say instead of what I DID say.

There is no excuse for it, and evil is not a reason, it's a feeling or an emotion. That's the point. It's up to people to keep _people_ from doing these things.

Posted by M Caldwell June 30, 08 06:25 PM

Méfions-nous de nos regards d'occidentaux bien pensants sur les phénomènes sociaux africains. Voyez l'effet qu'a eu notre condamnation de Robert Mugabe pour ses stratégies electorales: un front commun africain porté à sa défense.
Considérons plutôt la tendance quasi universelle des individus qui se sentent lésés par la société qui les entoure: ils se sentent justifiés de commettre à leur tour des gestes aliénant les droits des autres. Le Principe de la loi du Talion, suivant lequel le prétexte pour clamer le droit à la vengeance est bien souvent trè mince ... Comment accroître la tolérance sociale ?

Posted by JiJi July 1, 08 01:24 AM

All those fotos show that we are living in the end times.More worse things are coming.No wonder God's prophed said it will be so.Check out this

Posted by Kakooza Isaac July 2, 08 07:38 AM

Those pictures HAVE to be published, they are more than a "nice" picture,
I feel so helpless, great work from the guys behind the storys ...

Posted by Michael C.Geiss July 3, 08 03:06 PM

Mais Jiji, un front commun de despotes de bas etage qui craignent un regard similaire de l'ouest, pourquoi le mentioner.

Les bien pensants, les bienfesants, quelle que soit leur provenance, sont tout ce qu'il nous reste en matiere d'espoir.

Merci a Teg pour le poste.

Posted by Chango July 3, 08 05:27 PM

We are made by the image of GOD. Which means when we kill the fore foreigners we are killing GOD him self.

Posted by Mirriam Ntombie Konela July 4, 08 05:06 AM

Thank you for waking us...
Hoping and parying that these pictures can chabge the world to better one!

Posted by Michael July 5, 08 04:14 AM

Very Good comment Mirriam Konela!

You know what, this is JUST some of the images in Johannesburg. Then there were violence in Cape Town and Durban too.
Who cares about Iraq and USA, you don't call that war!
Take the lives lost just this month in SA and compare it to the lives taken in the 'war' in Iraq.

Open your eyes people!

Posted by Eduan Naudé July 7, 08 06:02 PM

Living in South Africa gives one a different view on the situation and photos. No country can tolerate illegal immigrants that exceeds 10% of its total population. We already have a jobless population of well over 40% of our own people. The goverment does nothing to prevent the flow of illegal immigrants into this country and the neighbouring countries also do nothing to stop these zero-skilled persons from flooding our country. Because Mugabe's wife is family of our president, nothing is done from our side to free Zimbabwe from the bastard.

We saw this coming months before the time. The "poor immigrants" does not have any skills and therefore resort to crime in order survive. The blacks in the townships suffers most, then the farms (my inlaws were brutally attacked twice by Mosambicans the first time and the by Zimbabweans the second time); then the town residents, etc. Most of the bank robbing gangs and hijackers are forigners. Therefore, think twice before you fell sorry for all of them and rather balme our goverment for failing to control the situation.

Posted by Willie July 8, 08 03:29 PM

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Posted by Mike July 11, 08 09:11 AM

what is this I did not understood this inaformation

Posted by murali Krishna July 12, 08 01:02 AM

Paraphrasing many posts:

"We" will never learn!

When will "Humanity" learn!

"We" are so pathetic!

Give me a break with all of this oh-so-holier-than-thou BS. I am so sick of the liberal, global warming types constantly berating us for other people's problems. "They" is a word for a reason, you know. Example, "They" have some domestic problems.

Please take your self loathing to a psychiatrist and spare us from your blanket guilt-ridden sermons.

Posted by Tim July 12, 08 02:36 PM

The Xenophobia is instinctive causative.
The photographs and story line calls attention to humanity fundamental vision of continued existence.
I am saddened for the family and the man himself that his life was taken.
The only offense this man committed was in seeking out an improved existence. This endorses abhorrence towards those whom had no right in taking of this man life. We can only look at the haves and the have not’s and look at our self-indulgence, deceitfulness, greed and total wretchedness, as the state of affairs before the world today

Posted by B.Y. Faithicj July 14, 08 03:42 PM

answer to N° 4. Because there are no oil fields in Zimbawe and it is far from Israel.

Posted by Guy-Edward July 17, 08 11:24 AM


Posted by SANDISA ,SOUTH AFRICA,CAPE TOWN July 18, 08 07:09 AM

blame it on Apartheid, congrats to the journalist for running the story without spouting the Apartheid, Apartheid, Apartheid blah, blah, blah

glad I got out of there in 98 glad to live in the USA where Freedom does not mean the absence of Law and Law Enforcement!!!

Posted by Traveling Boer July 18, 08 10:46 AM

Thank you for publishing these pictures. Sadly South African.

Posted by Barbara Volkwyn July 19, 08 05:48 AM

... bad, but remember God is able. He will deliver Zimbabwe one day SOON

Posted by lovemore July 21, 08 07:52 AM

This is why I wrote both my poems.

One day, as our late leaders said
One day, as we always say
One day, Zim will be free

One day and the day after, will be alright

Posted by Deejay Busang July 22, 08 07:22 AM

The A.N.C is trying to deliver but in countries with low human development indicators, politics is seen as a way of beating the education system. So what is happening is cronyism, corruption, mismanagement and all this is exculpated by a national executive that neutralizes challenges by promoting lackeys and high school drop outs to positions of local authority. At least the beneficiaries of such patronage will be grateful for the handout but they sure as heck won't deliver anything. As for the xenophobia being a product of non-delivery of public services, I think it is complex as an issue but it is a by-product of envy and criminality. Much of the worldly goods of the displaced were liberated quite quickly. So we can blame politicians, the past, the way society functions. We need not ever blame ourselves.

Posted by Justin July 22, 08 08:16 AM


Posted by PONANI July 23, 08 08:57 AM

we dont want the xenophobai in south africa

Posted by Anonymous July 24, 08 04:08 AM

These are the most intense pictures of this tragedy yet. Here is my blog post about the event:

please leave a comment, especialmente gostaria de ouvir os comentarios dos mocambicanos

Posted by Heather Leila August 11, 08 07:28 PM

It's sad how people fight each other, and don't see that kill another human been it's like killin themselve's.
Hope this photos, show that the world isn't too big, and we should live and work for a better place. C'ya and good job

Posted by Argel August 12, 08 11:26 PM

I am a South African and I feel ashamed of my country for violating human rights under the facade of democracy. What type of democracy are we in? These people helped us fight against Apartheid, they are Africans just as we are. It does not matter if you are black or white, coloured or Indian, thin or fat!! it does not matter from which country you are,we are suppose to help these people, for they fled from their own country because of violence, unemployement etc. but South Africans welcomes them by accusing them of stealing our jobs, women and committing crime, this is so untrue! I date a Congolese guy and I will confess to the whole world, that he,his friends and relatives are hard working people, they are not lazy and depend on affirmative action or black economic empowerment to get them somewhere in life. And yes maybe they do steal our women, because im a South African woman, dating a Congolese guy, but you know what? He is hard-working, caring, educated, mannered, respectful and proud and that is much more than many South African guys i have come to terms with! Iam over emotional right now, I can not believe what I just saw! South Africans can use whichever excuse they want to, but theres is no way or no explanation that can justify xenophobia! What type of country am I living in?

Posted by Louisa August 25, 08 11:27 AM

I'm a Nigerian and a youth. I pray that God will foregive all African Leaders for making Africans slaves in their mother land. For as long as Human Security in Africa remains a MIRAGE, Africa will never see a better future. And by that, Africa will contineur to be a land of slavery.

Posted by Jerry D. Gwom August 25, 08 12:53 PM

i never thought that Africa could behave like htis to each other, aren't we supposed to be brothers of the same continen? if we mistreat our brothers in our own baack yard, what makes us think that we wont be mistreated out there? lets learn form our mistakes and never repeat them.

Posted by jane njenga August 27, 08 08:12 AM

This really is so shocking and embarresing for our country. I always thought that South africa was a place full of opportunities, a place where discrimination of every form had been buried. I cant understand how people who where worried about others from neighbouring countries are stealing their jobs, afterall if a foreigner wants a job, works harder than any other South african for it, earns the job, then why should geographical location be pertinent? South Africans need to pull finger and start working, rather than always complaining.

Posted by Richard September 3, 08 08:07 AM

It is a sad thing that Africa has always seemed to be in such turmoil , all the genocides that have taken place in northern african countries , I always thought i would never see something like this happning in my own country , we always seemed to be above such violence, our economy being better than most . But this goes to show u , wat people will do when pushed a little ....

Posted by Aidan Green September 6, 08 07:25 PM

OH MY GOD!! these pictures are amazing! wow- the photographer is GREAT!!
Yet- South Africa should be ashamed of themselves that such brutality an pain can be shown and heard! Lazy South Africans put our country to shame
! I'm embarrassed!

Posted by Yellow-Bicycle! September 7, 08 04:11 PM

wow.... these pictures are a major eye opener...the government is pretty useless at this stage.....some one needs to send the pics to some one who is actually willing to do something about it....these people come to our country to find security and safety and then arrive here and get treated way worse than they would be in their own country....they are human too..give them a break!!!!!!

Posted by tanica and kerri September 8, 08 02:42 AM

I Dont know were to begin to discribe this rage I feeel within about those who attacked rtheir fellow brothers .How could one even have the odesity to claim that some people are foreighners , kwerekweres what ever they refer to my fellow brothers as .Yes , I am south African , Proudly Tswana for that matter .Proudly african instead of proudly south African which i believe ,was that main cause of such seclusions.Instaed , I urge the world to go read and understand they history of Africa before saying or dong anything as stupid as thai again

Posted by Kelebogil Moruane September 9, 08 02:15 AM

Yo! its a touching pictures but i can put the blame to the leading Gorvenment they fail to create job for South Africans, they fail to fullfil the need of the votes. they think on their own benefit, if they are in powers and they forget about us down here. that is why we are fighting each other which is wrong but they made us and lead us to this fight.i am not say people are right by fighting they are wrong but let our govenment try to help black people so that they can concantrate in their job and forget to fight one unather. we born to help each other and lift one onether. to the all South african lets us try to helpour self let us not stop and weit somebody to feed us we have hands to do things so let us woke up and do something.

Posted by Thulani Mnguni September 16, 08 04:41 PM

being desensitized is sick

im a bit uneducated as to the positions of the African government,
images from Africa don't surprise me, since i was very young,

its an failing ability within the governmental administrations.

they don't actually care,

Posted by jason September 18, 08 05:47 PM

Everyone is blaming south africa, but dont you people realise that it has nothing to do with south africa as a country, but rather with the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flowing into our country everyday, depleting our already stretched resources. why should it have to take this violence for people to realise the struggles of our people in our country. native, and deserving of what THEIR country has, not for this to be given away to foreigners!
i agree that what happened was wrong, but the blame should not lie on the shoulders of our government or South Africans, but rather on the ILLEGAL immigrants. there is a reason why we have systems in place... to prevent this kind of occorence, but too many people think that they are too good for the law.

Posted by Angered! September 24, 08 04:48 AM

i m very feel disperate for seen this pictures. its was not right that thing that will happen at south africa because the time that counrty did affected with an apartheid they was going outside the country to find a place to fold head since the situation was right in south africa.actually i m a south african i m very sorry for their brothers and sisters coz we know all that that people they come herte to get some job if we are a south afriacan u stay at u think that who can u give u a work sorry guys i hope that will get the permission for living there in SA.lastly we are all brothers and sisters it either with adifferent mothers.thanx

Posted by mthobisi zimu October 1, 08 10:51 AM

this is a sad situation to our bretherns that were involved . how can a sane person do such a thing ? south african , how can you forget so soon. some few years ago , some countries like zambia. zimbabwe helped you out from aparthed. you seek refugee in these countries. todays the appreciation you can pay back to these people is by murdering their bretherns. mind you , no condition is permanent , one day you will pay heavly for these atrocities that you have committed . God is not happy about it . Here in zambia we are shamed of you . personally if a see a south african , i see ungrateful person. what has entered you people, killing your own brothers and sisters . animals are better than you people. you have put SADAC REGION IN SHAME. I REPEAT , NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT.


Posted by MOONGA. October 5, 08 11:37 AM

The xenophobia is a way of trying to get revenge due to the apartheid but only with the wrong people.I´m not against the people but the government which is doing absolutely nothing about the things going on in South Africa.It´s a good thing that Mbeki is gone because he could have done something better in order to prevent these things from happening but he focused on trying to create peace between the two Zimbabweans which was totally unacceptable.SA citizins decided to ntake matters into their own hands by creating the xenophobic attacks but still the government did nothing possitive for SA citizins.

Posted by V.T.Mohibidu October 7, 08 11:05 AM

Its really shocking to see that there are people who are so heartless. I really can not imagine what the fellow Africans have gone through, the pain of loosing their friends and loved ones because they are not South Africans. I can not find logic in the actions taken by th fellow South Africans: were they trying to say that killing each other will bring employment or it is the best job they could possibly do? What I'm trying to say is think before you act. Put your self in the other person's shoes, and STOP being ARROGANT.

Posted by Phephisile G. Sibitane October 9, 08 07:49 AM

Xenophobia doesn't realy surprise me! Because I am South African and live with many problems each day, I know just how my people think and feel about illigal immagrants coming into our country and making it even harder for us to find jobs...I am a white female wich makes it hard as it is to find a good job due to BEE(black economic empowerment, wich is just aparteid in reverse). What these people are doing to the immagrant is utterly discusting, but its not a racial situation! Apparteid was a racial issue. Xenophobia is an uprising and protest towards foreigners. What these people have done in not right and could have been solved differently! I beleive that our government is to blame for alot and that this country is only going to get wors befor it gets any better (especialy if Zuma becomes president of anything)...This country needs a leader who understands its people and improves the country for its people, and not spends its money on bettering there own lifestyles but the country as a whole!

Posted by Sharna Simpson October 10, 08 04:01 AM

Whoa! I live in Zimbabwe. I can't believe this is happening! This is just terrible.

Posted by Alex Giles October 10, 08 12:52 PM

This is very terrible

Posted by The incredible fighting candy October 14, 08 09:06 PM

You are right.

Posted by John Q October 15, 08 09:39 PM

this is totallly unacceptable

Posted by savashinash moonsamywalagardomery October 27, 08 02:47 PM

Are tourists still allowed in South Africa? I have relatives there.

Posted by Adrian October 30, 08 01:52 AM

to POST 112: your ignorance is astounding. this is a series of photos from months ago. the photos highlight some atrocities that did occur. one can't deny that. but to base your opinion and worry on a series of dated photos smacks of US ignorance. do some research. you are obviously on the net... so go and get some knowledge of the outside world.

Posted by Al November 3, 08 03:39 PM

Well just to clear something up Al I am actually Canadian but you make a very good point with what you said. We shouldn't worry ourselves just from some photos. My Cousin and Grandfather live there but I think they are fine. Sorry about that whole misunderstanding. You are intelligent and I respect you very much. And yes the atrocities that did occur are very heartwrenching. All I heard from somewhere was that tourists were not allowed there.

Posted by Adrain November 10, 08 10:01 PM

I think people should worry more there character not by the color of there skin,as Matin Luther King would say.I have black friends and they would my friends no matter if they if they are black or white, and truely thats what counts the most.

Posted by Blair Matthews November 13, 08 09:41 AM


Posted by martin November 27, 08 04:12 PM

I ve been there.I did leave there.I get married there.I do have a child there and i never be happy there and i left my i did realise that my life for eight years have been build there,i mean in South africa.For all those year i did find out that South africain people dont love others Nationalities.They leave with no love.The see wrong doing all over the show.The smile will they are getting something from you otherwise foreigners is a danger for they are leaving.The will not stop xenophobia and let me tell you that what did happen in South africa in May will happen again soon or late.It s a very difficult people to judge.

Posted by Rodrigue December 10, 08 02:53 PM

Maybe its time to recolonize Africa... seriously, maybe the only way to save itself from its inherent self - destructive tendencies. I am an African , with a bit of education but could not get a worthwhile job at home. now I am far from home seeking education and probably work after. I can not see myself ever returning to my home, whatever happens, except maybe in a casket. This is a home I love dearly, a beautiful place with beautiful people, but so utterly ruined in just over a decade.

Saddnes me to see the indifference of the world esp, our so called brothers - SADC. But like most things in Africa, tit will be their turn sooner or later. Then we will see how they like it.

Posted by ndwangu January 5, 09 08:35 AM

it hurts seeing this as a fellow Zimbabwean because i have family in Zimbabwe.Forget the poilitics these are people, there lives destroyed-just imagine your parents-grandchildren and grandparents anyone you love going through such suffering.whats worse is that i'm powerless.I wish that people could realize unless someone does something there will be no change.I hope the heavenly father intervenes and takes control of this situation.

Posted by Tanaka GT nYAWIRI January 6, 09 09:52 AM

I live in Namibia. But I am study in Usa. I have heard of these happenings.

Posted by P. Aswal January 17, 09 01:21 AM

I am completely ashamed, i am not even proud of saying that i am a South African and looking at those spears and the "SA approval" questions the fact that i am Zulu would be even worse, however let us not point fingers but try to find solutions. i think it is utter stupidity that these people burnt down shops owned by other Africans as I know for a fact that the majority of those shops employ South African. Uma wazi ukuthi Wa Hlanganyela kulokhu YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED, do you not know that the majority of us come from Central Africa, the it has not even been more than 2 centuries since the Ndebeles from Zimbabwe left Kwa Zulu Natal!!!! If such behaviour carried on I would gladly support the Boycotting of the 2010 World Cup, Lord only knows how South Africans would carry themselves around sooooooo many Foreigners.

Posted by Buyiswa Mncube January 23, 09 10:14 AM

Hi guys. Howard Hughes was able to afford the luxury of madness, like a man who not only thinks he is Napoleon but hires an army to prove it.
I am from Maldives and learning to speak English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Action verbs for job description naturally, a resume needs to be revised periodically during."

Regards :D Gelsey.

Posted by Gelsey February 22, 09 09:25 PM

south africans don't tolerate each other and these resulted in xenophobia. if we can just learn to accept each other zulu or tsonga then it will be much easier for us to tolerate our african brothers stop blaming unemployment and poverty cos the reality here is that we can't stand each other, stop seeing ure neighbor as tsonga/shangaans /venda/zulu or sotho cos what differentiates us is only our language sumtimes people from limpopo are reffered to as amakwerekwere simply because sum cultures think they are superior than others. pls south africans lets build a culture of tolerating each other and stop xenophobia its embarassing and so uncivilised.

Posted by TRYPHINA MTHOMBENI February 24, 09 08:37 AM

South Africans must respect one another.
We are all special and unique in our own ways.
Let us stop the hatred against foreigners,they are our brothers and sisters.
Without them we are nothing.
South Africa let us love one another as we love ourselves because '"WHO WE ARE MATTERS MORE THAN WHAT WE HAVE".

Posted by Nthabiseng March 7, 09 04:05 AM

i think these pictures are fantastic...even though pretty much all of them are not happy photos,there ones i will never forget.

Posted by rachel aultman March 18, 09 06:41 PM

I find it soo hard to believe that south africans think that they have the right to pick who deserves to be in south africa and who dosent. These Xenophobia attacks just showed how ignorant majority of the people in this country can be!! None of us have lived in heaven therefore if we were to die today and go to heaven we would also be foreigners at the gates of heaven and frankly i think all the peopple who were involved in those inhuman acts should have their asses xenophobiad out of the gates...

Posted by Maria March 24, 09 08:18 AM

people must love their foreighner,because we are all created by God we are brothers and sister God loves us by one love.

Posted by Mampheu Rodney March 28, 09 02:58 AM

I wonder what makes other people forgetting that they are on a journey. Apart from being a South african, an african or European, we are all visitors on this earth and as we carry on with our journey, let us remember that it's better fighting for eternal life than this soon-ending life. N.B: Hating foreigners does not create jobs but conflict which will even make life worse to south africans, because " who knows where he/she will be tomoro?

South Africans, THINK TWICE

Posted by Odette April 8, 09 04:06 PM

i'm japanese 12 yrs old so i dont know details of this, but i can say we hope our peace.

Posted by Anonymous May 5, 09 02:44 PM

now they know gift of God is life and the wages of sin is death,but it is very shame for those who are doing bad thing like that,God forgive them they do not know who they are doing.

Posted by Kenny May 20, 09 07:44 AM

its a year later and i feel so ashamed to call these attackers my brothers (and sisters)...just the graphics alone are enough to send tears down my face. South Africa, why??? Let's work together and communicate, educate one another and find better ways of handling conflicts and dispute. THIS IS NOT THE WAY ITS DONE!! Ndincamile!!

Posted by BongekaTsekiso May 20, 09 10:40 AM

am deeply saddened by this a lot its disturbing so much so that the South African gov hasn't made an official rreport on what led to the attacks. it is "unfair' to narrow these cruel attacks as xenophobic alone because South African were attacking each other (am not refering to those who looked 'foreign" due to skin colour. But Zulus attacking Pedis, Xhosa telling them to go back to ether Limpopo or Eastern Cape. these attacks started in Alex hostels, a place that is overcrowded, not hygenic and filled with labour workers. lack of service delivery by the gov esp. local gov and ruthlessness of capitalism.

Posted by Nomhle May 22, 09 07:03 AM

But why you the South Africans doing this to your fellow humans!!!I am actually shedding tears as of now!God forgive you!

Posted by Sylvia Kataya,Malawi May 25, 09 05:08 AM

I have been living in Cape Town for half a year and Í guess I actually can't understand what's really going on there. Still, these pictures make me incredibly sad...why does the governement not understand that refugees are human beings, too?? South Africa doesn't treat them like that...I don't know if this country will ever be able to solve this problem, but somehow, they have to because in fact they are fighting against menkind. Terribly sad, but true...I will pray for all the refugees who are desperate enough for leaving everything back and heading for a "better future" in a country that doesn't want to help them.

Posted by Tina May 28, 09 11:00 AM

If you say GOD is for al why BURN and kill others god help you because they are gonna regret it mark my words

Posted by Ruan May 30, 09 08:47 AM

I personally think that it was a disgrace for our south africans to potray themselves so disgracefuly towards our fellow african mates although i do agree that it is unfair for our president to consider the needs of south africans and those of foreigners as well.

Posted by Anonymous June 3, 09 11:01 AM

its high time africans started to break way from the colonial rule shackles and love, help, respect one could one african see another africa as the other and not as their brother, sister but see non africans as "gods". some claimed that they attacked other africans becuase they took their women and jobs but we have people from asia, mexico who work here and marry or date south african women. Africans come on now its high time we started playing the victim and rebuild our countries and Africa in peace PLEASE.

Posted by Nomhle June 4, 09 06:55 AM

i believe that black South Africans are the most rasist people amongst themselves, because they have too much hatered to those other blacks who come from outside South Africa; what about the Asians, Indians, and other tribes that originate from other countries and have now made south Afrrica their own home. absolutely nothing is done to them. it is another reason why it is so hard for black South Africans to become wealthy,because they are jealous and have hatered for each other. we can never grw if we continue like this.

Posted by Yonela Potwana June 18, 09 04:34 AM

this was really bad im really hurt

Posted by ndiweni nomakhosi June 24, 09 02:42 PM

you americans dont know anything this is how it is africa was doomed from the start now listen what mozambique and zimbabwe is doing is wrong no matter how bad theyre country is borders are there for a reason its the same as letting mexicans jump over the fence and live and work in california? its no different and i bet you americans will do the exact same thing if a mexican steals your job and start killing americans and form gangs and rob and steal from the country so you dont know what your talking about i am south african living in australia and i hate it here i love south africa i would go back anyday but then i see those pictures and there is absolutely no point guess you have to wiegh out the good and bad can be happy and fear your life can me misserable and be safe thanks for reading

Posted by LNC July 1, 09 11:56 AM

i think xenophobia is just wrong!

Posted by tshepiso July 26, 09 10:07 AM

It is very sad to see peope have to suffer like that knowing that it could be a person you meet in a store counting down some cents to buy a bread or begging you to give them a job for a sallary that almost mean nothing.It also bothers me to know that all this people are inosent people that dosnt deserve it. I KNOW THAT IF I COULD I WOULD TAKE AWAY ALL THEIR PROBLEMS AND KEEP THEM FROM HERTING, IF I ONLY COULD...

Posted by CHERRY August 6, 09 08:51 AM

I'm ashamed to be South African when I see pictures like these.

Posted by J Mitchell September 1, 09 05:36 AM

where is the love south african,i will be presenting on thursday(1 october 09) about this topic hopefully the immigrants would be happy afta my prsentation in lecturer theatre @ uj (joburg)

Posted by sphiwe September 28, 09 01:59 PM

I am a South African so if this thing happens, i wonder to myself where is the sprit of UBUNTU where we are one person. It not good at all we have to remember where we come from.

Posted by Anonymous October 13, 09 03:39 AM

xenophobia is not cool

Posted by uclate October 15, 09 08:32 AM

We really need to stop this issue,cos i really do believe that we all are africa,well i will not blame south africa as a country,but i will blame those lazy people in south africa.the problem they have is that they dont want to work,all they want is to be the best,are will they be the best in life if they dont work hard,like they say hard work those not kill,but lazyness does,my brother and sister let us live as on because we are africa,and we are not animal...Thank you all

Posted by Anonymous October 20, 09 02:04 PM

We really need to stop this issue,cos i really do believe that we all are africa,well i will not blame south africa as a country,but i will blame those lazy people in south africa.the problem they have is that they dont want to work,all they want is to be the best,are will they be the best in life if they dont work hard,like they say hard work those not kill,but lazyness does,my brother and sister let us live as on because we are africa,and we are not animal...Thank you all

Posted by funky October 20, 09 02:13 PM

i wonder why south african can treat black peoples foreigner like that.if south african peoples knows the history of they country during their apparteid,they can do such stupid act like that. today you kill those poor black who come to your country and the majority of south african are not working just to still and robber.and if i look physcological this action was made by peoples but was pushed by south african gouvernement, coz during xenophobia no one even the presiden did not say anything.

Posted by patrick masimango October 27, 09 08:47 PM

South Africans: After witnessing how you kill rape and rob eachother It doesent amaze me if you burn your african neighbours alive. I am Kenyan who had a chance to live in Johannesuburg, I was there when the xenophobic attacks took place. I remember when i was just small boy crying after seeing on TV children in soweto killed by the police and secretly swearing to my self to fight aparthied. Luckyly for you south africans you were free before you needed the help of a child in East Africa. But it amazes me to find out what a disappointment you have become to my childhood image of what you and your country represent.

As the woman who stood and watched me get robbed in broad day light said it is a "SHAME"

Shame on you South Africa!!

Posted by Isaiah January 9, 10 02:38 AM

These pictures have really put the troubles of Africa perspective. All these atrocities being committed acts of violence and rage and these photographers have condoned it. But what really horrifies me is that the photo of the burning man. I can't believe that the photographers would actually stand by and let that happen. Let another human being suffer that much pain. I sincerely hope that he/she was called away immediately (or some other circumstance) and that is why they couldn't help this poor soul. But I want to thank this sight for opening so many eyes and showing us that this can not go on.

Posted by The Viewer January 10, 10 04:04 PM

xenophobia is not cool at all

Posted by Lincoln Onalenna Masikela January 21, 10 11:43 AM

what has happened to us human beings, we have turned into animals, instead of protecting each other we kill each other, what happened to ''ubuntu'' we are all ARICANS, and bare in mind PROUD AFRICANS, it does not matter for which part of africa u are from you are still our brithers. I never thought we would go through this again after the aphertheid era. people lets act as adults not infants. Xenophobia became the turning point in south africa in may 19. are still going to be worlds topic, people let us represent south africa in a good way

Posted by babra pinky sithinta February 20, 10 03:48 PM

I am totally shocked as to how we humans tend to forget that we are all part of human civilisation. Instead of us trying to make the world a better place for all to live in we tend to become animals and use violence as the only solution to solve our problems. Xenophobia was an issue that was meant to be dealt with in a sensitive and mature way. We are now living in a democratic country and we were supposed to conform to this norm so it will help us improve the situations that we are faced with. When people are faced with dire situations it is our duty to help eachother out because we are one nation. It is time that we all start making a change for the better and make SOUTH AFRICA a better place for all...

Posted by UMMAH HANIE ALLY February 28, 10 07:32 AM

I doesn't look as if the South African Police were attending to the "Burning Man". To me it looks as if they were cheering up.
The South Africans, to do what they have done, they must make sure that they are self sufficient. What they have done is a kind of a game that can be played by two.
It makes me sick to see South Africans crawling in my home country as "Guest workers".

Posted by Al-Ustaadh Ahmed Mohamed March 22, 10 02:41 AM

As an atheist, it is up to humans to decide right and wrong. To massacre and murder each other is not in our best interest as a species thus giving us generally a natural aversion to murder. The realities of the universe aren't sunshine and daisies as your ancient text reads. (Bible) Unfortunately even if the realities of a godless world are grim to those who are weak minded, it doesn't alleviate the responsibility to treat our fellow man with decency and respect. Your point is moot, and I hope you don't invoke the classic "Stalin was an atheist and murdered millions" argument. Unfortunately even if he killed people due to his atheism, it wouldn't change the validity of atheism. The issues of our world are caused by money, scarcity, and borders. Grow up. These things CAN be stopped.

Posted by Mike Leroux May 25, 10 07:52 PM

nice, is it not? isn't it really nice how a few images of daily life in Africa. All this talk about remaining true to culture, exactly what does that mean? what the f**&& does culture have to do with it? what you have here is a culture created by ignorance, superstition, and trust, on the part of the black people of africa. then there is the issue of malevolence on the part of the white people existing in africa.all this bu** talk about uplifting and all the warring factions in the area is like saying " i will continue to live without a heart or oxygen " how do you educate a people who refuse to be educated? you can't. because the ones who are educated will pray upon those who are not. well i can go on and on but i digress. here is a simple solution. start with building electrical power plants. the country can afford it. in doing so yo offer the people in the area jobs->income->porsperity->(most importantly) a sense of well being.-> while the plants are being built, the cities, buildings, offices are being built with the vision and infracture of the coming power and technology of the day and with a few of the future. you will encounter resistance from the minimally educated (just remember the educated will not fight you on this. The ones to concern yourself with are the ones with little enough education and personality to lead the uneducated and hungry. negotiate agressively or be bullied by them. if all communications fail, stand your ground. you will need guards to protect material on the ground. the national guard, legal military, and police force must be in place to protect and maintain the pace of production. there are enough people on the ground to have buildings going up simultaneously. shady craftmanship is not to be tollerated. no short-cuts in the construction of these buildings. because time is not an asset. again i can go on and more...i think i will stop now.
so...who will flip the bill for all this? really simple. all the countries who have gained from the pillaging of the nation, including countries within the continent who benefit from it. we are talking building infrastructures on a continental level. if North Korea or China are willing to participate..then so be it. to catch up with the rest of the industrial the revolutionary must be done inside the country...

Posted by nobsbuildit May 31, 10 10:16 AM

its practicaly an evil way of handling a matter South Africans are just cowards.actualy its disgusting to see these pictures.i just hope God will punish the offerders&reward the victims@norest Aj Junior

Posted by Norest June 8, 10 06:37 AM

I am adding to what one commentetor said "no condition is permanent" by saying that people should kow that "what goes around comes around"

Posted by fashanu July 8, 10 02:05 AM

This was unethical and must not be allowed .it only that criminals wanted
to prove a point that was not neccesary to be proven.And note that we are africans instead of fighting let"s send our children to a human being i strongly condem this act

Posted by Bright ndlovu July 8, 10 08:16 AM

i realy wonder if these guys think this is a game or some sort of imbumba by teaming up and taking their wasted time,instead of going out there, since they got the FREEDOM and POWER in their hands,why don't they use it for looking for jobs.
because rightnow they are ruining the name of this beutiful country.
the goverment won't be serving billions of lazy poeple who DO NOT WANT TO EXPLORE THIER TALENTS productive things.

and don't forget "what goes around comes around" will you be ready when it comes for you or your feuture???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by PURE AFRICAN July 10, 10 08:53 AM

good for them,l always believe that god have his wayz to solve problems,God will provide something to punish those who think there have powers to kill

Posted by prince July 15, 10 05:12 AM

to Isaiah m sorry that u were robbed in front of that woman but i dnt blame her for doin' nothing,lots of people got killed tryin' to stop the thugs frm doin' wrong,& 4 xenophobia m not proud of wat ma fello brothers dd seems lk we forget too wat these ppl dd 4 us by the tym of aparteid.some of them they too our ppl in their houses whn they were in exile they helped us,& about the jobs u say they r taking they need anything they can get 2 put bread on their table,feed their children no1 can leave his/her country if they'r happy so they left their homes for a it not tym to help them back as they dd to our combrades b4,hv we forgotten so soon & i was watchin' ppl were so happy during this world cup there was spirit of togethrness & ihope it stayis that way we r all children of God to Him theres no south africans,zimbweans,kenyeans or nigerians we r all the same i hv to say whn i was in south africa i nvr use to lk foreigners bt now that m a born-again christian i c things differentely & m very sorry to whom ever i hurt at that tym bt now m very different,as 4 mr Mugabe i wish him along lyf so he can c wat hes done 2 pplbcos sooner or later he'll step down lk it or not for nw wat he's doin' he's jst diggin' his grave shame on him...

Posted by Anonymous July 16, 10 06:40 AM

I really feel that: most of these acts are comminted by South African people in response to how the the government and how the South African Police feel about foreigners.

It is quite bad!! and this is quite barbaric and for a country that potrays itself to be world-class!!

Most foreigners (only black Africans) in SA have to walk around with their, documents and are subjected to either police brutality or public jeering:

It just a war on blacks against blacks - quite sad!!!

Posted by Pinky December 1, 10 08:29 AM

u know am a prouidly eritrean some of u r saying that all should go out except somalies and what ever>>what i know abt south africans is that >>most are very lazy >and they don't have money they don't go to university>>what i know is that most foreigners r interseted in education >>they r all eager to learn >>most forign's comes frm poor countries >>so even R150 a week is not a problem>>while south africans say onallle matata >>which means i have a problem>>yes u r right take those who come here illegally >>but during xenophobia they were beating eritreans ethiopians somalis mosambiqs zimbabewean >>and all the people who came here legally>>take my advice leave it to the government to solve ths probleme>>and u people should be ashmed 4 beating the forigners!!!!

Posted by kirubel January 8, 11 11:58 AM

Good day

I would like to purchase the images that you have used n this blog. Please advise how I can go about doing so. I think the images used in this post are amaizing.

Posted by Lerato January 24, 11 05:24 AM

I never thought that South Africans can be heartless in that manner to even burn another human while alive . Really South Africans should be ashamed after what they did in that year

Posted by sandile March 15, 11 02:50 AM

i was myself victime of this bad page of story in south africa;witness one death of congolese ladie pull out of the train with 4 or 5 months pregnant.close to here i was praying to save my live.this was happened in cape town at 05 line not far the maitland station in may 2008;in june of the same year we lefts south africa to zimbabwe.
since that day in decide to never and ever go back to south africa;in memory of my friend Alfonso who was killed by stone at nyanga station and all the foreigners who died in south africa; i decide rigtht now to write this.

Posted by mike May 14, 11 03:25 PM
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