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June 23, 2008 Permalink

Ethiopia in Food Crisis Once More

Recent crop failures, drought conditions and the current high price of food have plunged Ethiopia into another food crisis, reminiscent of the famines of 1984-85 which killed over 1 million. People have become so desperate for food that they are eating seeds that were meant for their next harvest. 4.5 million Ethiopians are in need right now.

News like this feels familiar, yet distant. Words like famine and crisis describe the situation broadly, but it can be hard to personalize, to put faces to such things. Reuters photographer Radu Sigheti takes us on a brief, painful and intimate visit with the Mohamed family, as they experienced the loss of their young daughter Michu, due to malnutrition, earlier this month.
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Amina Nanessa Mohamed cries outside the intensive care unit of Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders after her four-year-old daughter Michu died of malnutrition near Sheshemene, southern Ethiopia, June 8, 2008. Some 4.5 million Ethiopians need emergency food aid due to failed rains and high food prices, reviving grim memories of the country's 1984-1985 famine. (REUTERS/Radu Sigheti)

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Gripping and heartbreaking. That is the only way to describe these photos. But, that is also how I feel about many of the photos posted. I recently discovered this blog and I am ADDICTED! I check the headlines and read whats going on everyday as part of my morning ritual (breakfast, email, etc.), but this just gives me more. The pictures put you on the front line of world (and apparently out of this world) issues like no other news feed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing contributions...and the wake-up call!

Posted by Rachael June 23, 08 09:11 AM

Very humbling to see the plight of this family. Thank you for the fresh perspective.

Posted by Melinda June 23, 08 09:29 AM

I'm always a little uncomfortable with photos of families who have just experienced a loss. Seems a little too opportunistic.

Posted by dd June 23, 08 09:30 AM

SO heart-wrenching and devistating.

Posted by Rebecca June 23, 08 09:30 AM

It hurts to view these pictures, but thank you for posting them.

Posted by Mark June 23, 08 09:34 AM

There is no doubt in my mind that these picture essays are taking the internet to a new level. This work is heart rending in a way that TV or words do not convey.

Life Magazine, National Geographic, and now this, high quality picture essays with real impact - online.

Thank you!

Posted by Jon T June 23, 08 10:00 AM

Dear God.

Posted by Chookooloonks June 23, 08 10:12 AM

I am at loss for words. Thank you for sharing.

@dd It might seem opportunistic, but it is the only way to put a face to these events. People can place themselves in that situation, and perhaps get the urge to do something.

Posted by Itkovian June 23, 08 10:18 AM

So how do we help? Awareness is definitely important, but frequently I am dissapointed by a lack of additional research into direct avenues to aide...

Posted by Chris Petescia June 23, 08 10:22 AM

The shot of the relatives washing the body of the girl is both heart-wrenching and so ethereal. Great shots.

Posted by Jordan Brock June 23, 08 11:02 AM

Moving photos indeed, but i find myself yearning for a Stan Grossfeld "hand of god" black and white look to them.

Posted by Jeff June 23, 08 11:48 AM

Really powerful photos.
I agree that it seems a little too opportunistic, but I think that's a good thing.
Without images like these, that do take a lot of guts to take as well, the message would'nt be conveyed to so many.
Very moving a profound group of shots.
Thanks for posting these wonderful photos!

Posted by Bond June 23, 08 12:03 PM


Posted by flaunted June 23, 08 12:51 PM

Thank you for your work, it's a poignant window on the world.
I think the correct spelling of MSF is Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

Posted by Benoit Picaud June 23, 08 02:24 PM

For the photographer to be allowed to be a part of this family's plight is saying a lot. Very strong photos.It's a heart-wrenching story that many of us hear about but rarely see the effects of.

There are millions of people starving and this is part of the face of what is going on in Africa. We should be aware of the battles that countries are going through with waves of crop loss and scarce food. I don't see it as opportunistic, it is a window into another part of the world, and one that is very very real.

Posted by Robin June 23, 08 02:31 PM

For as long as I can remember that region has had problems on and off with famine. It is really sobering to see that suffering. They need immediate food relief followed by education and planning to make them self sustaining.

Posted by Alcoholism June 23, 08 02:50 PM


“Witnessing pain and sadness is an act of love.”
- James Nachtwey, Look3 Festival 2008

Posted by GKB June 23, 08 03:02 PM

Where can we send birth control and family planning education along with regional planning for the people who already exist? Enough is enough. This has been going on in Ethiopia for as long as I can remember and it wears a little thin after the first four decades. Repeatedly showing features of starving individuals from this region of the world is actually creating prejudice and stereotyping.

Posted by bizen June 23, 08 03:29 PM

Thank you for making these people real. So many Aid pictures have always featured "Poor Third World People" who always remain anonymous.

By making the world aware of these people and naming them, you bring the situation into sharp focus.

Real people , in real trauma and in need of help in whatever form.

Moving images!!

Posted by Nick (UK) June 23, 08 05:01 PM

In a country of anorexia, bullemia, obesity, high cholesterol, and lipsuctions, we should be ashamed of our self indulgences and grateful for our blessings.
Perhaps, we should also remember there are hungry children in this nation too.

Posted by Jane June 23, 08 05:13 PM

@9 I was searching for such a post! Thank you!

These are amazing shots but sometimes it's just another one that's just going to be forgotten in a few days.

Posted by Lee June 23, 08 05:41 PM

Haunting photos.
May be some should ask the government , where the $2 billion /year western aid went.
Oh I forgot, our proxy war with Somalia ews/arms.php

Posted by Dave June 23, 08 06:51 PM

This nearly brought me to tears.

As for what to do, please consider donating to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders), the humanitarian relief organization mentioned in the captions.

I have been auto-contributing to as a Field Donor for several years. Believe me, if you let MSF take a monthly deduction, what you'll quickly forget is whatever else you would have done with the money, or even that there's any deduction at all.

Until something like this makes you remember what you chose to do.

Posted by Jen June 23, 08 06:54 PM

I just heard on the news the other night about something called "puffynut" or something like that, that was supposed to have a major effect upon malnutrition of children. Doctors without Borders were using it.

When I see photos like these, I wish I was a multi millionaire or had the power to move governments all over the world to reach out to their fellow man.

There are so many countries rich in their own assets that sit back, and do nothing!
We have a responsibility.

What is the matter with these men that we keep electing..and they do nothing for the poor people of this world.

I know we have difficulties in our own land, fire, flooding, factories closing down, people on the food line for the first time in their lives..but we are still a very rich

You know what really scares me...God has an expectation of us to reach out...shame on us if we don't. Picture yourself being born into that land, instead of the one you were born how do you feel?

If everyone's heart is touched that sees these pictures and writes into the local
news station, their perspective local gov't official....maybe somebody will have the power and the inititive to do something.

I just did. As did the others before me on this site...but it's not enough.

Posted by Gladys Foreman June 23, 08 07:46 PM

I don't really see why this matters so much. We have hungry people here in America. Why don't we feed them first?

Posted by Mr. E June 23, 08 07:50 PM

This is happening again after the great famine of 1984. almost a quarter a century later. And all the reports I have read so far are this is happening becouse of lack of raind and due to rising food prices all over the world. How cruel and dishonest.

This is first and for most the failed policy of the government of Ethiopia and it supporters (doner nations). How come you do not talk about that, ethiopia is waging wars and invading neghboring contries and just increased its millitary spending by $50.000,000 for this year. Talk about misplaced priorities.

the ethiopian government is waging wars on behalf of George Bush while its people are starving.

The media should talk about that and fandamental change on the gov. of ethiopia and the so called donor nations. Instead of rushing to feed ppl. in schools and feeding centers after the fact.

this is a failled policy First and Most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous June 23, 08 07:58 PM

It is hard to believe, in a world where there are a powerfull countries spending for the war.

Posted by Salvador June 23, 08 08:39 PM

The government in Ethiopia is accountable since it diverts all the aid money into their fat pockets.

No country in the world gets aid like Ethiopia does...yet it is at the bottom of the rung.
Sad..its too bad the western powers are cajoling the dictator and instead are helping him invade neighboring countries..... instead of helping the poor and downtrodden in Ethiopia. Sad Indeed!

Posted by Ethiopia is a basket case...the dictator must go June 23, 08 08:57 PM

This blog is one of the few that I check every day......... and I live in Missoula, MT!!! Amazing work, Thank you.

Posted by Chadwick June 23, 08 09:55 PM

I hope you guys acting as a pace makers for an Aid Organizations to collect money behalf of this innocent people and spent for running cost as well as salaries insted of giving food.

Posted by endalk June 23, 08 09:57 PM

I am an Ethiopian and know the situation very well. The opposition to the goernment were fighting to prevent this since a long time ago.The people voted for the opposition but PM Meles rigged the election and cracked the opposition in 2005. thousands sent to lail hundreds killed by snipers.the government did this becous they have the world powers bush and blaire beside thhem under the cover of alliens.its so pity it happened so soon but we were expecting this long time ago.We all know but had nobody to help us.We tried to pass the 2003 humanitarian bill but stucked in the sanate after passing with full vote in the house.Oh my god help this people.

Posted by sholla June 23, 08 10:05 PM

American tax payers need to know that their government is partly responsible for the horrific famine in Ethiopia. The famine is not caused by drought or lack of food, contrary to what the Ethiopian regime and the lazy reporters working for the international media are reporting. There is enough food in the country. And water is not a problem in Ethiopia that is endowed with numerous rivers. For example, farm products that bring in hard currency for the corrupt regime, such as coffee and flowers, are not affected by the rain shortage. The root cause of the problem is the mismanagement of the country by the U.S.-backed tribal regime of dictator Meles Zenawi that is currently waging wars in numerous fronts with its own people and neighboring country. In May 2005, the Meles dictatorship, with the complicity of the U.S. Government, had reversed the result of elections the same way as Mugabe is currently doing in Zimbabwe. Americans need to tell their government to stop supporting the brutal dictator in Ethiopia that is causing such horrible sufferings to the people of Ethiopia. Thanks you. - Elias Kifle, Publisher,

Posted by Elias Kifle June 23, 08 10:07 PM

Tears is all I have, I don't know how that will help the mother, the family and the thousands more that will go through this. please help pray! please!

Posted by Zinash Bizuneh June 23, 08 10:19 PM

This reminds me of the famine in Wollo and Tigray provinces in Ethiopia that resulted in the overthrow of Haile Selassie's Government. How could this current Ethiopian Government be so callous!
After all the leadership in Ethiopia are from Tigray and they should be more sensitive.

Posted by Ted June 23, 08 10:53 PM

Where is the government ?

Posted by Ganamo June 23, 08 10:56 PM

it is very sad and disturbing to see what is currently happening in Ethiopia. The present govnment is equally responsible like the government in the early 80ties. This government spends million of money for unnecessary war and to silience the majority of Ethiopians. There is so much aid money spent on that. Those who are giving this money should ask for accountablity. Otherwise, they have bloods of innocent ppl in their hands.

Posted by mertolemariam June 23, 08 11:08 PM

No one can do anything,because they r in large,this should be given to GOD,he will be taking care of hard to see all nation are trobled with some problem.......

Posted by vigneshnatarajan June 23, 08 11:43 PM

This is the paid advertisement of anti- ethiopian

Posted by teshome June 24, 08 12:05 AM

Ethiopia is a nation that is endowed with a lot of resources. Be it rivers lakes and large farmlands . I am at a loss for words every time I see this in the news.
Maybe if the government was geared to develop the nation instead of using its aid money to invade neighbors and become a tool for western powers. At this moment the unpopular regime in Ethiopia is exercising a hate based ethnic divide and rule. Ethnic groups different from the ruling regime have no voice and are left to whither away as we see in theses haunting pictures.
Ethiopia is the biggest recipient of aid in Sub-sahran Africa, but also has the lowest GDP bar none. Where is all the money going?
If we cannot start answering these questions then we are to be held responsible as well!

Posted by Jim Daggit June 24, 08 12:14 AM

Who can save these people from total eradication?
Year in ,year out it is death & destruction in different forms!!!

Posted by manaamtu June 24, 08 12:19 AM

OMG save them, down with dictator!

Posted by Anonymous June 24, 08 12:21 AM

Are we back to square one? Again?
Everytime we are exposed to these kind of images, my taxes go to helping the people around the world. I am also very aware that Ethiopia receives aid in the billions every year.
This is direct result of failed policies and mismanagement of resources inEthipia. The current government is solely responsible for this mess! We need to reconsider our relationship with the regime if we are ever to break this cycle in Ethiopia
The US government has to stop assisting dictators just because they are at our services at the expense of whole generation of Ehiopians.

Posted by Brad June 24, 08 12:39 AM

For your information the “prime Minster of Ethiopia” who is also known by the local people as "Butcher of Addis Ababa and Mogadishu" or simply "the butcher of East Africa", along with his wife "Azeb" have stashed over $40,000,000 from this "poor country", but rich potentially and historically. Ethiopians know that the gung of the PM. Meles have also kept their shares in the Western Banks and Malaysia. This is taken partly from the "Western countries Aid money allocated for the starved children", and the wealth of the country for example the $200,000,000 worth of Ethiopian Gold stolen in a day light from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Mind you the dictator and his atrocious “Army” haven’t had even proper clothing when 17 years ago when they took the power, as eye witnesses confirm from Addis Ababa. Suddenly 17 years latter they become Mega rich? Is that not amazing? I doubt if the world knows about such things happening in that "poor country". I also think this case deserves a thorough investigation in order to help the starving children to death! It is also known that some government officials of the Western countries are part of the problem since this deceiving regime of "PM. Meles of Ethiopia” lobby them from the stolen money snatched from the mouth of the poor and hence they protect the brutal regime from falling down.
I think the world has to help Ethiopians in their just struggle to remove this brutal regime.
Thank you

Posted by j.p.h June 24, 08 12:57 AM

here we are what can we do even for next generation i feel shame and shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by abu ayoub June 24, 08 01:01 AM

Thank you for exposing the true extent of human suffering in my country. The illegitimate TPLF government says this is a "minor" problem. They deny that there is famine in Ethiopia. They are seriously offended by the pictures and international media reports. Should they not instead be offended by the degree of depravation and human tragedy slowly unfolding under their nose?

Posted by saba June 24, 08 01:29 AM

Ethiopia receives more than $2 bilion in aid each year. Its people starve each year, the corrupt warmonger ruling the country has money beyond his wildest dreams stashed in other countries, along with his cronies. As of right now, the country is engaged in war with Somalia where it spends $2 milion a day. Meles Zenawi is a smooth-talking warmonger, the West prefers to look the other way. He has been in power for nearly 20 years with an iron fist and he plans to continue this misery and war. Western tax money at work. We aid dictators and look the other way until it is too late.

Posted by Steve June 24, 08 01:53 AM

I’m tormented to see the photos. As a father, it is really hard to see dying children. I hope, the Bush’s administration divert the egocentric nature and participate with a Samaritan act for the sake of these people. Let’s give them a long term help to support themselves rather than giving them war machines and create animosity.


Posted by Scarlet June 24, 08 01:59 AM

I'm just curious why there were "bodies" in at least half of these pictures, and not a single one in the Iraq photoset. This makes no sense, unless you consider that mainstream media are connected through their parent companies to the corporations -- Blackwater, Lockheed Martin, News Corp -- profiting from our continued presence in Iraq.

Posted by David Crespo June 24, 08 02:09 AM

may God be with those oppressed people of Ethiopia (Oromo) and the rest of the nations and nationalities. i couldn't sop crying looking at those pictures, it's one of the saddest picture stories i have ever come across. the government of Ethiopia keeps on denying about the famine while the people of the Ethiopian empire die by hundreds of thousands as we speak. yet again, the government buys weapons with millions of dollars to keep on killing it's neighbors and its own people. i would just like to thank who ever is responsible for this pictures and website, keep on exposing the true nature of the Ethiopian government. maybe the donor countries US and EU will some day feel sorry for the people of the Ethiopian empire and do something about it.

Posted by Gada Bedaso June 24, 08 02:30 AM

Devastating!! This is just a few from millions, but it is powerful. Famine is more of artificial in ethiopia than due to natural causes, what can we do people?? Uffffffffffffff...

Posted by Teshome June 24, 08 02:58 AM

This what they want the American administration. This is the out come of US and other western contries and the world bank policy. The dictator regime in Ethiopia supported by the US administration to kill and starve its own people and this is as a sign of democracy by the US mentality. The US adminstration is the sole resposible to this crisis in Ethiopia. The US admistaration failed policy of dominance creates tormal and crisis in all part of the world and in particular in Ethiopia creates starvation and ethinic genocide. The US admisinstration currently invoved in genocide massacar in Afganistan (the convoy MASSACAR), in Iraq in planting bomb and excution and in Ethiopia by creating ethinic cleansing and starvation and in Somalia by planning invation and supporting Ethiopian invation to somalia. All these mention are the result of US policy to dominate and conlonise Africa and other part of the world. However, this policy will bring hall to the US its selfe and its people. The current drught in Ethiopia is not because rain failer or shortage of wanter , but the USAID secrately buying food and sending them to other contries from Ethiopia in order to increase the instability Ethiopia and to dectate the minority regime in Ethiopia to follow US policy. The current minority regime in Ethiopia soon will be topled by the peoples power from its current position. The presence US in the Horn will be history. I want to send this message to all ETHIOPIAN political parts " what did you learn by been American friend in the last 100years" I think what we learn is the famin and starvation that planted and spread by US adminsitration in ETHIIOPIA and the killing of Ethiopian democracy process by the US admnisistration. Therefore any Political part that comes to power in Ethiopia must adjust the relation of Ethiopia with US.

Posted by hagos June 24, 08 02:59 AM

My Dear Friends..... Let me tell you what is really going on inside Ethiopia. This is no Famine, Drought or Starvation. This is a money makin proposition for the ruling regime in Ethiopia, which is controlled by less than 100 people.

Dear Friends... do you know when Shashamane is located? It is located in the hinterlands, well away from arid areas, and the most fertile regions in Ethiopia. The government is so gotten used to getting their ways in appealing to the international community for money, they have no shame or have no regard to the image of the country, they keep asking for money. Money which the locals will never see. You see friends, money and food is distributed along ethnic lines and political affiliations. If you as critical of the government or you belong to the wrong tribes in Ethiopia, you are doomed to starve systematically.

So this is all a hoax engineered by the Ethiopian Ruling Clique, led by Ato. Crime minister (prime minister) Meles Zenawi and his family. Shame on you Mr. meles.! Shame! God and Humanity will judge you some day.

Gedion, an Aid Worker from Ethiopia!

Posted by Gedion June 24, 08 03:08 AM

Heartbreaking, there is no other way to describe this. The fact that such famine occurs in a World full of plenty is shame. What is needed is Marshal Plan for African Countries like Ethiopia and not superfecial aid which only makes dent on the problem.

Posted by brite June 24, 08 04:15 AM

This so sad! Its god awfully heart wrenching to look at these images and wander if the government is not directly accountable for this mess. I know the Ethiopian government receives billions of dollars a year, and to think that money is going in to the coffers of the leadership is not far fetched to consider.
First off, that government is responsible for invading 2 of its neighbors utilizing its aid money for waging wars only in the space of 7 years. It has wrecked havoc in the horn of Africa without impunity partnered up with the US in its ill conceived adventures' fighting terrorism in the horn.'
The regime in power in Addis Ababa is a tribalist regime that is polarizing Ethiopia along religious and ethnic lines. It sparks and inflames strife between groups thereby weakening them; eliminating any chance of opposition!

Posted by Bidinger June 24, 08 04:57 AM

Thanks to TPLF!!! as an Ethiopian.....???
ethnicity ,drought , much more !!!

Posted by chekunu June 24, 08 04:58 AM

Hunger! it has been and is result it of poor governing and Nature!

but now it is compounded by the greed of the richest as it touches every household due to this damned called "globalization" which actually means marginalizing the already marginalized.

Donors donate not to save lives,they donate as far as what they demand of the gov't is fulfilled. As long as a gov don't go against western interest it can consume the flesh of its people...that is the hard fact this days...why need of morality, after all it is natural eveythin has its carrying capacity...beyond that let it happen the way goes!! that is the motto of political donors which is the ruling in today's world !!

So Blame the people themselves !! for failing to feed themselves!! they should know today's donors are happy to see them like that to use them as a lever for some benefit !!

Posted by Daniela June 24, 08 05:06 AM

well, i have read some comments above. but saddly most of u comment on the government rather than the issue. i believe the most important question is how fast we can help to these fellows. guys just wake up and do our best.

Posted by Anonymous June 24, 08 07:32 AM

Abetu cheru amlak fithin wede Ethiopia melis.

Posted by Selam June 24, 08 07:59 AM

sad , incredible , sad

Posted by gus27 June 24, 08 08:19 AM

We are not seeing dead children buried in South Ethiopia as reported by locals on radio for fearing of retribution from the regime cadres in Ethiopia. This famine is going on quietly for sometimes and the USA and UK administrations who are the staunch supporters of Meles Zenawi for the so called war on terror tried to hide this famine and when they were exposed they are now degrading it as food crisis.

This is the same as declaring there was no terror before 9/11 while US supported tyrants from Cairo, Addis Ababa, Riyad, Islamabad etc terrorize their own people we failed to recognize.
Our famine is USA and Uk's food crisis not a failed policy of a tyrant they put in office.

Posted by Tedla Asfaw June 24, 08 08:28 AM

Please bring more of these kind of powerful and heart breaking pictures. They are awakening. Each one of us should ask ourselves what have I done to stop this human catastrphe? If we act quickly and forcefuly, we can avert another human tragedy in our beautiful country, Ethiopia. It is not a time for blaming and squabble on who or what caused it. Let's do everything we can to do our share to avert this tragedy. Together, we can save our children and make a difference. We need to act quick!


Posted by Biadeglegne June 24, 08 09:24 AM

The 2M aid money is being used for war against dissents. Meles Zenawi is responsible for these crimes.

The west has failed Ethiopia. We all rest up on the help of The Almighty GOD!

Posted by Bulcha June 24, 08 09:29 AM

Yeah ! Its' heart breaking and deeply shocking to see this pics. But How many of us know that the ethiopian government is trying to downplay this fact by blaming western medias for "exaggerating " this horrible truth.
How many of us know the military spending of Ethiopia has grown by 10 fold this year !!

Posted by JOHNNY June 24, 08 09:58 AM

You know what, #30 (endalk)? Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders spends only 1.3% of its budget on administrative expenses, and has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

(Oh, and a Nobel Peace Prize, too.)

That's good enough for me. In the meantime, I'll put my money where your mouth is.

Posted by Jen, who sets the pace June 24, 08 10:15 AM

I am deeply sorry for my fellow ethiopian citizens who are dying everyday with famine.
Matthew 7:7-11 " Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Therefore, have we ever asked our selves to find a soultion before we simply wait some miracles comes from sky to resolve all these complex problems. We all have to realize that we have the solutions on our hands...lets invest our potential to save millions of our people who are dying everyday with famine that is caused by lack of good governance. Lets fight the bad governacne by any means we can so that we all can ultimatly resolve our end less crises. Lets stop sticking together our leaps and start asking our selvers questions like what can i do? what is my contribution to resolve this? and so on...but stop expecting a miracle to resolve these crises after we read and saw the devasting news by saying....EGEZER ANDE NEGER YAMITALIN....lets us all come to one umberella and remove the weyane regime once and for all.

Posted by Hagos Araya June 24, 08 10:28 AM

Abetu Amlak hoy eskemechie? Abetu Hizbihin Tadeg!!!

Posted by Alem June 24, 08 10:36 AM

The Regime of Meles Zenawi has just raised its military budget by 50million dollars. The criminal thugs that starve that beautiful country are supported by the west and the lords of Poverty , the World Bank and the IMF. The famine in Ethiopia has little to do with the weather. It the bad governance and the misguided, plotically expediant policies of the minority regime that rules Ethiopia. The western backers that pumped 25 billion dollars only to give us such tragedy should be ashamed. They have been buying and selling us cooked development statistics over the last many years. The hypocites are angry against Mughabe, who is less barbaric than Zenawi . That is staggering.

Posted by Tockich June 24, 08 10:56 AM

The cause of all problems in Ethiopia is bad governance. It squanders all the resources (believe me, there are) that the country could put toward fighting famine and poverty. When those in power are primarily interested in personal wealth and power, the people suffer. We all need to see the result of their work, to which we may have some direct or indirect contribution. Think about it!

Posted by nuba June 24, 08 11:02 AM

Sad and heart-wrenching pictures! I could not stop thinking about the millions who are dying unobserved. This is as awful as it gets for mankind! Thank you for exposing this unfolding tragedy! The generosity and humanity that resides in us may not have saved this child but we can still save millions in Ethiopia. In order to do so, we need to demand accountability from the ruling elite in Ethiopia and their backers in the West otherwise our donations will end up enriching and entrenching them.

It is true Ethiopia is a blessed country that can feed its people and contribute to the allieviation of food shortage in the wider world. However, this would remain a pipe dream as long as the Ethiopian farmer is under bondage and land in Ethiopia is used for political control. In today's Ethiopia, the farmer is held in bondage, does not own the land it tills and cannot raise capital by using the land as collatoral. Agricultural input, such as fertilisers are distributed based on political loyality to the ruling elite. Three generations are still limited to a hectar of land that was distributed over 30 years ago by the communist junta. What was at that time allocated to a single household is now being used by 5 or 6 households as the family has expanded. Humanitarian agencies are told by the government where to operate and who to help, which is usally based on political loyality. If the West is to help eradicate the recurring famine situation in Ethiopia, they need to stop assisting the ruling clique and come to the resque of the Ethiopian people who are generous of heart, hard working and God fearing! Please help the Ethiopian people to unschacle themselves from the 'pest' that calls itself a government by stopping direct and indirect support to this government which is being used to enslave the population. Only then would you see the discipline and work ethic that built the oblesik of Axum and the wonders of Lalibela free itself up to contribute again to human civilzation!

Posted by Girum June 24, 08 11:12 AM

The pictures once again brought out our shameful existance caused not by God but by human's greed for power. This is a result of a disfunctional government. A governmet always striving to last longer instead of giving their best to their subjects. I am an Ethiopian and whenever this kind of misfortune comes up, I hurt inside and walk with my head down. We Ethiopians, living in foriegn lands, share the burden of responsibility, we had been struggling for political power for a long time, without helping or listening to the plites of our people for food and economic stability. This famine resulted from lack of attention and a proper treatment. I think it is time to shift our attention from politics to economics and contribute our best for the development of our country.

Posted by Fistume Andeberhan June 24, 08 11:43 AM

The picture tore me to pieces. And as an Ethiopian I know the expressions on the faces of the people.
Meles Zenawi has successfully transfered Ethiopia's famine from his Ethnic region, the North, to the rich south where famine and hunger were unthinkable. The agrarian policy where government owns all land and hands out to farmers on the basis of their political loyalty, the use of land as a political tool, the ethnicization of the country that hampered free movement of capital, the degradation of land where even steep slopes come under cultivation to increase output, are more the reasons for this widespread hunger in the country. Even in the city of Addis Ababa where 80 of the population lives on less than a dollar a day, hunger is rampant. The criminal regime of Zenawi, and its accomplicies of western aid agencies have a lot to answer for this crime.

Look at the hands of Michu's mother. You can see how hardworking the lady is. The part of the region Shashemene is surrounded by lakes and rivers. Please know that drought is not the problem. It is the governance and economic policy of the tyrants ruling Ethiopia with an iron feast and who are the benificieris of the "anti-terrorism industry" - dictorors who terrorize their people while claiming they are allys for the war on terrorism. this world has become a stage for so much tragedy. I wept at the pictures all morning.

Posted by Mersie June 24, 08 11:55 AM

The main reason for the current food crisis in Ethiopia is the ruling communist junta of tyrant Meles Zenawi. He has directly or indirectly contributed to the death of thousands of innocent Ethiopians. Mind you just one week after this hunger was reported, the so called Ethiopian government has increased its military budget by many millions. This government is involved in an unlawful and costly war in Somalia, which would create more havoc, instability and poverty to millions of Ethiopians and other residents of the Horn of Africa. The junta has killed, maimed or caused the internal displacement of thousands of Ethiopians including peasants who have started to seek refuge in neighbouring countries like Kenya, Eritrea, Sudan and Djibouti. If you are not a supporter of the ruling clique, you would not have access to fertilizers or other items. Morale is very low in the Ethiopian society under this brutal, murderous regime and no one expects agricultural or other productivity. Corruption of the ruling junta is the worst in Africa. The country is literally mismanaged by the despots who have not even completed high school education. Thus it is no wonder that famine has become the order of the day in Ethiopia under Dictator Meles Zenawi. To add insult to injury, the junta denies the existence of famine and hunger in the country. What you see in media outlets is a tip of the iceberg; thousands of Ethiopians have died of starvation in Borana, Bale, Hararge and several areas since January 2007. Unfortunately, hypocrites from the west support this junta, because the regime brought “democracy” to the Ethiopian society - meaning war, destitution, hunger, humiliation and human rights abuse!

Posted by Kumsa June 24, 08 12:02 PM

dear god plssssssssssssssssssssssss healp us give us strength,look our ppl. our contenent ,our ,worled .help us to serender to you amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Posted by DANEI June 24, 08 12:09 PM

The causes for the food crisis are many, not just the drought in certain areas. The drought is not throughout the country but in limited places. The famine has become a cronic crisis for the past thirty years. Normally there should have been sufficient food reserve to meet such disasters when they occurr. The present regime has been receiving an average of 5.6 Billion US dollars for the past 15 years for development and partivularly for famine protections, agricultural improvement etc. etc. Yet the famine happens regularly every year and year after year the regime and NGO's cry for emergency help. Nobody seems to approach the root problems that bcause such conditions. Which are:
a, The regime is the sole owner of all the land. The peasant are mere tenants or indent labor of the state without any voice or rights of any kind.
b. The regime directly and indirectly through its owned corporations or affliates companies controls all commodity trade. It is the sole importer and distributor of fertilizers.
c. It owns and controls the major Banks, Commercial concerns, Industries, import-export firms, transportation and businesses in the country. In recent years it has been promoting the production of export goods like oil seeds, coffee and similar crops rather than building up edible food reserves..
d. The regime receives every year from the Donors millions of funds in hard currency to buy food surplus from farmers and provide it to those in need. Nobody knows exactly what deals are made during these transactioon. Aid receiver, food buyer,and proovider is the regime with no accountability whatsoever.
d. The corruption, cronyism, nepotism pervasive in the country are very well known, and have been reported by many reputable sources.
All these crimes and misdeeds by the regime are the compounded cause for the food shortage and continuous famine, misery and death of millions of people.
The US and donor countries have full knowledge of these conditions. Yet they continue to support the regime, the WB, IMF and other agencies give well arranged statistics to justify these misdeeds.
The nain justification is that trhe regime is an alkly gainst terrorism. Does any one know how many terrorists have been and captured in Ethiopia and Somalia ?

Posted by Imru Zelleke June 24, 08 12:13 PM

This is a man made disaster. The ethnocentric regime of Meles Zenawi had shifted all the resources to Tigray, its Ethnic base and punishing others for not voting for him.

Ethiopia is regionalized based on Ethnics and languages making it easy to punish who ever is not co-operating with TPLF the Tigrayan based leadership. This is the tip of the ice-berg. there is yet more to come as we know that Ethiopia is the most aid reciepient country yet we see people starving in the south, east and west.

Posted by steveson June 24, 08 12:22 PM

The primister told his parlament that farmers hold their products to get more paid that is why the price food is sky high in Ethiopia...joking ,,kkkk... The pictures above tells us the people are farmers. How can they hold their product while they are straving to death. Meles you know no body ask you when you lie day and night for the people ethiopia. Total dictatership...I am afried that you may say us one day a stone is bread...we have no choice other than to accept what you will say to us......

Posted by alex June 24, 08 12:34 PM

UK, USA & European Union should be blamed for this. Meles regime has increased his military budget about 50 millions while Ethioipian people are dying. He has a budget for his army commiting a massacre in Somalia and in Ogaden. This shows how stubid is Meles. International community should act to save civilians and cut aid to the regime.

Posted by Tasfay M. June 24, 08 12:55 PM

All we R gonna die but there should not be someone who hastens it, who makes it the worst possible. But people forget this fact and keep on consuming far beyond what they fact what most of us waste is much more than needed to fend of this sort of crisis. the sad part though is that, what we abuse comes partly in deprivation of those very people we say we r helping, same people who work as hard as ever but with lesser and lesser out put. They don't have any idea of the fact that their very existence is decided in the wall street or the white and similar houses.

Look at what has happened in Congo, Seraleone, darfur....just because of their diamond, oil or other resource ...look at what 's going on in east africa because of geopolitics. the thing is the whole world, especially the developed world, is parlty responsible for the suffering of millions across the globe.

Most importantly the rogue regimes which are actually a group of gangs who well know as long as they keep their loyalty to the HOUSES they can do whatever they want !!!

Posted by Elias June 24, 08 01:21 PM

Very profound images. This is not malnutrition. It is a man made starvation. It is really sad to see people dying of hunger.

The government should be held accountable for this tragedy and for the money it has been receiving in the name of aid.

Ethiopia is the highest aid and money recipient in the world , yet starvation is popping up every year in areas where it shouldn’t be. How come the government is not feeding its people before going to invade other country and spending money for their luxurious life style and weapons?

Posted by Teshome June 24, 08 01:47 PM

Recently and at this very moment, people in USA, Philipens are hit by a successive HURRICANE; and in China the devastating Earthquake. In USA , China and the Philippens died many people due to this Natural Catastrophic. The crop failure in Ethiopia is not different from the above calamities connected with the soaring price of Food Stuff and OIL; that developing countries could afford it. As you see during hard times, even very rich countries need help. As and individual ethiopian, I am against those " Lords of Poverties" who ran for raising fund in the name of the poor and hungry people! The first time I saw the BBC and Medecin sans frontiere reportage, I was shocked and ashamed by those jornalist and I found that the photographs of those shown above are taken in the hospitals and clinics where usually and normally the lowest class people are delivered medicine for malaria and vaccination for their children and it's easy to see different families affected either by Malaria and shortage of food. Believe me, I'm not siding the government, but I as an indigenous ethiopian, I see and judge differently than these biased Photos. Instead of showing the bad image of Ethiopian people and their suffering, why these international humanitarian group come with food and medicine rather than Costy-Video Cameras?

Posted by Negusse June 24, 08 02:16 PM

thank you for disclosing the horrible pictures of ethiopians. what is going on in ethiopia is inhuman and heartbreaking. these pictures are evidences and reality that most ethiopians faced especially (ogadenis and oromos) let me pray for those oppressed and marginalised.

Posted by ahmed mohamed ali June 24, 08 02:47 PM

We spend money on war, killing each other everyday. These poor poor people are trying to survive. Poor innocent babies who want for nothing. We should be ashamed! We will destoy ourselves as we are doing now and have only ourselves to blame. We will spend $900.00 on a lousy basketball game ticket and not feed an innocent baby food so she can survive. We should all be crying as that mother is now. God forgive us all...and after you read this you will go about your day.

Posted by Debra June 24, 08 02:51 PM

And here in America we are worried about getting a new car....just doesn't seem right or fair...why can't we fix this problem and help?

Posted by Danielle June 24, 08 02:57 PM

For the last 17 years Ethiopia has been largest annual recipient of US and EU aid. Where did you think our tax money are going to Ethiopia for? The real problem is that the Ethiopian regime has made sure that economic assistance is diverted into military budgets. The regime is even taking control of aid deliveries and diverting it to feed the army so that it can continue to invade and occupay neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, up to 11 million people are facing starvation in Ethiopia. Now isn't it time to stop wasting US and EU tax dollars on a lawless and brutal regime that puts its own survival before its people's? Enough is truly enough.

Posted by Thomas June 24, 08 03:02 PM

i think u need to help this people out. its not there fault that the government are stealing the country money.

Posted by tejal June 24, 08 03:03 PM

God Bless the poor, the weak and the defenseless (the babies and children). We are definitely living in the end years. I give to two International Christian based relief non-profits, but I still feel helpless when I see these gut wrenching photos. It makes the purpose for the war in Iraq seem very marginal but not the lives that were lost. As a Veteran I honor them.

When we go the pump to pay almost five bucks a gallon for fuel in some places, try to remember those Ethiopian babies who have died or will die today. One fuel up could feed an average family there for a month!

Posted by Joe June 24, 08 03:13 PM

After reading all of the above posts, I'm not sure what to believe. That anybody should starve to death in the 21st Century is just beyond my comprehension. Sounds like the matter is very complicated, with no easy answers. If there were, then the problem would have been solved long ago, no? If Ethioipia's government is letting it's own people starve, there MUST be something we can collectively do. My heart & prayers are with those suffering. May God bless them...eventually?

Posted by Cindy June 24, 08 03:17 PM

egzabhare ethiopian yasebat

Posted by tensaye June 24, 08 03:38 PM

Thank you for bringing light to the hunger issues around the world. While the photos are very sad, they are also a gentle reminder to all who read that if you can donate so everyone can say they ate, the picture essay has worked.

Posted by A Bostonian in Texas June 24, 08 03:58 PM

Dear Negusse: This situation is not about you , it is about children dying because of malnutrition !! There is no excuse !
I am so sad to see these pictures. I will do whatever I can to help, even if it is sending money to those "Lords of Poverties "

Posted by Indira June 24, 08 04:00 PM

i am ethiopian and what people dont understand is that the goverment is doing this on purpose just like it did 20 years ago. For them hunger iss the best form of genocide. The U.S. doesnt say anything about this because Ethiopia is a very good aid when it comes to the war on terror.

I saw a documentary once about how the aid that was coming in never reached the people because the goverment was selling it to other countries and making money at the expense of people starving

Posted by michael June 24, 08 04:06 PM

I hope these pictures will help the Americans to come to their senses and stop helping the regime in Ethiopia, which is starving its own people. For the sake of humanity, Whitehouse stop helping dictator PM Meles Zenawi. Look at the pictures, Bush is part of the problem.

Posted by Marc June 24, 08 04:14 PM

Pray! Pray so that God turns his merciful face towards Ethiopia. Pray that the estimated number of people that will be affected drops to ZERO. Ethiopia does not need food aid, she needs God's mercy. Ethiopians have been dependent on foreign aid for many many years. It is time to STOP begging wealthy nations for food and START begging for God's mercy. PRAY MY PEOPLE, PRAY!

Posted by Concerned Human June 24, 08 04:18 PM

Shame on all of us for our choices in leadership. America does a lot on the world market to spread charity, and unfortunately pain as well. We have willingly exchanged part of our humanity for our complaints about safety and a few dimes in gas prices.

There is so much you could do individually, but we are generally fat, lazy, selfish, without good conscience and materialistic. As with most things, we have not reached the critical point where enough people have died to truly inspire change.


Posted by jj June 24, 08 04:22 PM

well american and uk stop help pm meles zenawi
meles no tink for peopel dictaors criminals family killers

Posted by wondesen June 24, 08 04:36 PM

It does seem sad, BUT we need to worry about all the poor and starving people here in the United States.. Let's take care of our own first!!!

Posted by la June 24, 08 04:38 PM

There is enough food in this world to go around it's just that we don't care anymore.

Maybe one day everybody will be fed/

Posted by fdfs June 24, 08 05:08 PM

If you want to point the finger of blame, look no further than the dispicable organization ironically named the United Nations. What about all the billions of dollars the UN gave to Kim Jong-il?

Posted by Ray M. June 24, 08 05:22 PM

I have a wild idea, how about if they moved out of the desert.

Posted by Fred Wilson June 24, 08 05:26 PM

Egzabher shewoshewun yasbatshew yetebkat.

Posted by mimina June 24, 08 05:41 PM

It's really scary. God please protect them

Posted by mimi June 24, 08 05:46 PM

Fred, how about letting them move in with you? Do you think people can just up and leave and go where ever they like? They are not in America but I'm sure if you got off your tail, offered to finance their travels, INS may let you bring them over. Look up Africa and look up laws regarding travel and relocation and then get another wild idea to grace us all with.

This was utterly disturbing but not surprising. The talks have been in the papers/news for weeks. It's sad that people can wake up to this daily in their lives.

Posted by Sonia June 24, 08 05:59 PM

This is side effect of the so called reckless war on terror
While increasing the military budget
From NY times, how aid is being used as a tool
American officials giving diplomatic cover while being warned situation getting worse than darfur

Posted by ted June 24, 08 06:33 PM

This has been going on since the demise of colonial Africa. I don't think anything but recolonization will help. You see when Africa was colonized by Europe, the inhabitants were better off. Now every tin horn warlord exploits the people in his jurisdiction. European powers never allowed this.
Yes I can hear the whiners about my post. But what do you want to do ?
Be politically correct and let people suffer?

Posted by Steve D June 24, 08 07:06 PM

Let's all help instead of watching!!! our country in this food crisis .and Pray for are people god blees ethiopia and all people what is the world coming to my lord!

Posted by kedus June 24, 08 07:19 PM

One famine is a disaster; dozens of famines is a pattern. We must do more to prevent hunger, deprivation, and underdevelopment across the world, but Amina's children have no one to blame but their parents. If Ethiopian mothers made (or were allowed to make) better choices about their bodies, Ethiopia's population would not be continually at its ecological carrying capacity.

Posted by John June 24, 08 07:46 PM

Like it or not, this is a result of western hypocrisy on Africa. When the people of Ethiopia were so determined to scrap the current wicked and dictatorial Government that has flourished on the misery and agony of poor Ethiopians, in the 2005 Election, America has sided with dictatorship and condoned the Government in view of all the extra judiciary incarceration and killings and other blatant human right violations, for its self-serving purpose of a planned proxy war with Somalia in the name of war against terrorism. And now, we are reaping what we saw. Famine is a result of dictatorship and the tears that we shed now are crocodile tears.

Posted by Mesfin from Maryland June 24, 08 09:48 PM

Blame does no good to these people. We as Ethiopians must do our best to be part of the solution. So let’s pull our resources and help our people. Once we get over this tragedy, then we can address the causes and seek solutions to end this malignant calamity that has hovered over our country the last four decades.

Posted by Abba Tena June 24, 08 10:30 PM

It is just so perturbing to see bows of famine in Ethiopia every time the rainfall is erratic. The country is endowed with the largest fresh water resource and huge arable land. Ethiopia has numerous rivers that feed downstream countries. This and other previous famine are totally man made. They are results of poor Governance and lack of political and economic frredom. In a country where land is owned by the Government and that is being used as a means to intimidate farmers every time to vote for the Government whenever there is sham election, famine should indeed be inevitable. If Ethiopia has to feed itself, it shall institute a Government of the people and the US and other developed western nations should stop their allegiance with a despot like Meles. If the US and other western countries could help the country institute a Government of the people, famine would be a distant memory and the country wouldn't bother them for their alms. Ethiopia would be more grateful if the US and other western countries would condemn dictatorship and help us institute a democratic Government than throwing us their alms every time there is erratic rainfall in the country.

Posted by Mesfin from Maryland June 24, 08 10:32 PM

WOW, Thanks Meles for showing the whole world your 11% economic growth

Posted by qamatew June 24, 08 10:36 PM

I feel so bad and sorry for them, especially the mother. Being a mother of a three year old girl myself.

These photos provides is with a different perspective.. disturbing and heart breaking.

thanks for posting.

Posted by Liquidskinn June 24, 08 11:28 PM

Every problem and our vulnerability lies in key economic and political problems which Meles will fight to death not change. We are in an underdeveloped agriculture that puts us at the edge of survival. One of the major key factors to change our agriculture is the privitization of land which illiminates productivity insecurity of the farmer and set us on the track of large scale industrialized agriculture as it's everywhere in the world. But privatizing land is losing the power to insecure and harass the poor farmers in times of election and whenever needed for Meles. Meles, along with most of our leaders, minds for power not for their people.

What we need to change is the unchanging mind of Meles and his folks.

Posted by zelalem June 25, 08 12:45 AM

It is heat breaking and hard to say as a person used to know this place. Indeed Crime minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has done his job of changing the dynamics of famine from the his ethnic based north to south because they belongs to the wrong ethnic group like oromo, Hadiya, walliyta etc
Ethiopia is the number one state in siphoning the aid from the western world (especially form the US) and still blame rain for their failure. The Bush administration dot care much about as lion share of the many will be paid back to Washington lobbyists and Ethiopia is doing proxy war for them in Somalia. Dry season can some times happen to any sates but 3.5 million people starved to death can not be justifiable.

Posted by Senna June 25, 08 12:51 AM

every body seems hell bent on scoring cheap political point insteat of trying to come up with solutions. I don understand the gfact that it's the government of ethiopia who failed our people, but we should also be aware of the fact that aid agencies are in a constant hunt for distressing picture of dieing children to rais money for themselves. and you shouldn't be surprised if they make ethiopia their prime target as it's more beliveable due to it's past misfortunes. what I see on most media out lets is rather poverty portrayed as famine. this is not to say any level of poverty is acceptable but ethiopia shuld not be used as an aid poster to keep aid workers jobs. any way the solution to ethiopia's probles are educating people about modern farming to exploit the natural rich of ethiopia. believe me there aren't many countries as blessed with rivers and lakes as ethiopia.

Posted by mark June 25, 08 03:14 AM

Few weeks ago, the Bush Administration and the United Kingdom gave the Ethiopian Government $90 Million Dollars in relief assistance, and few days later the Ethiopian Government secured a contract worth close to that amount to buy weapons from North Korea.
It is as disturbing picture as the picture of those Ethiopians suffering a man-made famine and starvation. The BBC reported close to 30 Million Ethiopians are exposed to a man-made famine of a Biblical proportions that will soon dwarf the 1980's famine. Why are our governments supporting a corrupt Ethiopian dictator that is killing its own citizens by live bullets and a famine that it created ?

Posted by James Tony June 25, 08 06:32 AM

This are some of the traumatic images and terrible stories but the more you go deep into the remote villeges you will find worest situations than what you see and read here. I advice you go deep into the Southern, Eastern, and South Eastern regions of Oromia to see very disturbing humaniterian crises. There has been always a fimine in Ethiopia but the world communities get the fact when there a natural draughts and humaniterian crises are exposed near the big cities where Media could see. The people in this region have never gotten away from fimine.

Posted by Baabile June 25, 08 11:41 AM

The administration and foreign policy of the Bush administration created this mess and many more messes throughout the world. Assisting the worng side in the battle creates more disheartening cases everywhere, Ethiopian rulers just announced an increase of $50 million to their military budget as they appeal for help to the international community. Can you see the irony? This is only one picture out of millions, there are more of these.

Posted by Mengistu June 25, 08 12:27 PM

pleas canyou sand my email addres for Kufu mohamed coreact addres or telphon nember Thankyou

Posted by iyob abebe June 25, 08 09:54 PM

My God! For some one like me, such and such things are known to happen in advance. Poor people! Inocent people!
No matter what happened, they always HOPE and leave the issue for God to bring a solution. TPLF ruled by a human like evil meles, will yet bring even worst to come. All these was planned gents. You know how much we suffered for 97 election. We tested how bitter it was for suggesting ideas and new ways of doing and ruling people. Thousands and thousands are forgotten in the jell and yet others are killed or bitten for predicting all these to happen unless we do it the other way.
Shame!!!! Woyanie! Shame on what you have done!
Ohh God! Famine again? Crisis again? death and starvation again? efffffffff
You know what? What i am worried is not on the number 4.5 million people! No no no no no...But, instead how bad this number will grow soon to address almost all the people of ours. And the end consequences.
God! Some of you like hagos was commenting on Americans administration influence on ours. Forget it brother! We know the truth! It is ALL OUR PROBLEM and hence ....
God save our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers from such disasters!
God bless Ethiopia!

Posted by Bewnet June 25, 08 10:04 PM

and the dictator of this poor African country spends more than $300 million on defense budget to sustain the occupation of Somalia, a neighboring poor country where millions are also facing the same famine, displacement from proxy Bush war. The Bush administration contracted Ethiopian PM to invade Somalia and pays all the money for this military madness? Imagine what that much money could have done for the poor families like this one? to dig a sustainable water-well costs less than $5000. clinics for mothers and children is needed to teach them family planning and raise their living standard. But no, hunting few unsubstantiated Al-Qaeda terrorist is more important and deserves more than $300 millions. Forget about humans being equal. These poor Ethiopians are sub-human to BUSh

Posted by Sid June 26, 08 12:29 AM

i think we need to turn our face towards almighty God. That is the only way we did not doingit properly. Fist we all need to know how can we approch to our father God, start changing from our self and the comunity will change immediatly then God will do more than we asked his help. that is how i understood this situation. The key is in the hand of God. lets knock the door he will open it for us immediatly.

GOD you know our weekness i am bagging you in the name of your mother, holly angels and your serevants who make you happy in all their life. Please see the tear of your inocent kids, please forgive all of us and visit your land Ethiopia.

Posted by Gebreyohannis June 26, 08 12:48 AM

No matter what the reason people should not go hungry. However, the government of Ethiopia has perfected the art of getting money through aid agencies. Billions of dollars goes into the coffers of these agencies that are tied to the government in Ethiopia. The government intentionaly starve people from time to time, to those whom do not subscribe to its poltics. What happened to the 10% growth that has been told over the last years. Just a week ago the Ethiopian government raised its militery budjet by 50 million dollars. What a shame, shame shame. Shame on the state department led by Jundi Frizer who is been a disaster in the horn of africa. Creating more chaos in Somalia by sending Ethiopian troops and supporting these Ethiopian government whose record speaks for itself. Most of all under our name. Find the truth under the rug. Follow the money

Medicine san frontier
Formerly stationed in Eastern Ethiopia

Posted by Martin June 26, 08 03:40 AM

one day you can claim, drouhgt, the other, natural disaster, then war. In ethiopia I think they wait until something horrible comes. they wait until children are skinny, dead. and then they collect their photos to advertise for donations. I think this all problem is manmade. The politicians in Ethiopia are happy to get such advertised and when money comes for the poor, they stash it in their pockets or invest somewhere. We are fedup watching this photos of poor poor ethiopians. Their problems are purposely created to anihilate ethnic people. hanger was in tigray all the time, why is not hunger there now. Beause the government is doing everything to reduce hunger intigray at the cost of the people of southern, eatern parts of the world. Ethiopians government does not need to bother itself to educate people and introduce family planning because famine is the best way to reduce population groth. This what is in their doing. Otherwise they could have done a lot to avert the disaster. they could have put the Aid money they goet in billions every year to produce food. at one time they say ethiopia is rich with natural gifts, such as land, water and forest. and then they cannot produce food tofeed the poor. Even american wheat has not been able to alliviate the famine that occurs year out year in. Beacuse government officials sell it and put the money in their pockets. There is abuse and misuse of funds that comes in the name of the poor starving. Ethiopia is not short of money but it is only directed to foreign banks by corrupt govnment officials and the leaders of the country. there is no hope for ethiopia.

Posted by Anonymous June 26, 08 06:51 AM

Well, I think it is time for the world to ask the Ethiopian government where the billions of dollars they keep donating is going ? we from Ethiopia and our neighbors in East Africa know where it is is going to the pockets of few elite leaders and also for buying arms to envade sovereign neighboring countries such as Eritrea and Somalia.

Posted by Daniel June 26, 08 08:41 AM

Thanks for the heart breaking photos. I would like to ask the Ethiopian government for this responsibility. The rulers and their cronies are spending millions for celebrations and image creating propaganda while these poor people are dieng hangry. The government spent last year over $20 million to celebrate the millenium and before a month other millions to commemorate their party anniversary. They are cheating their people and the world that the economy has been growing at 10+ per year. But the reality is now showing the fakeness of this government and their western allies.
God help Ethiopia to get some day some good rules.

Posted by sem Gebr June 26, 08 10:14 AM

All this is the consequence of invading Somalia, a war with no end, several thounsands of our boys have already died to fight US's proxy war in Somalia . What do we gain from this war??????????????????????

Meles Zenawi's days are numbered.

Posted by Daniel J June 26, 08 10:24 AM

I see a lot of opp point of view here...

My point is very simple Ethiopian people are very lazy people.... We are so lazy we have to import unskilled worker from CHINA to finished our own road... Most Ethiopian perfered to beg then to work.... Ethiopia is very green all you have to do is work hard... they will tell you there is no rain... This is not 10,000 BC build small dam do something instead of crying about rain.... off course if you depend on rain you will be hungry regrdless of mele is in power or not... but the opp. here trying their hard to telling us removing Meles is the answer... it will not work

Posted by hard work June 26, 08 12:52 PM

This crime against humanity caused by US and other western countries and minority regim in Ethiopia. The regime in Ethiopia is the sole responsible for this crime and co-sponsers. The regime in Ethiopia and the US adminstraiton both comiting crime aginst humanity in ETHIOPIA and Somalia. They are also creating other problems to prolong the suffering of people in the horn of Africa. The regime in Ethiopia will soon getred off by force and the consquence will be very seriuse and i apple the world to act before it is to let.

Posted by Hagos June 26, 08 04:29 PM

Oh my Gosh, i have saddened a lot on this tragic pictures. Please God, Turn your face to Ethiopia and arrange all these messes.

Brothers and Sisters, the dark time is always ahead of the light. Lets be strong, pray and help as much as we can.

Our Only solution is "God". Whoever believes in him should pray hard and push the hands of God to Ethiopia and then all these messes will clear up.

Let God Be With Ethiopia.

Posted by Ermi June 26, 08 05:57 PM

My fellow readers and friends, the main cause of this disaster is the lack of accountability from the donors and Gov of Ethiopia. Listen, Ethiopia is the most blessed country from the world for it has nine, I mean 9 big flowing rivers. No other country in the world has 9 big flowing rivers. The coward GOV of EThiopia could have used irrigation and still feed the whole Ethiopoian people. The rivers are always flowing with water, you hear. there is no shortage of water in Ethioopia. The NILE River flows from Ethioopia to Egypt. I mean 80% of the nile water goes thru doors of the poor Ethiopoians and Ethiopinas are starving.

No, oh no the GOV of Ethiopia has no desire to do that for its intention is still to break away from Ethiopia but use Ethiopia resources ( Human and Material) to accomplish its long awaited goal, to create the BIG TIGRAY KINGDOM that can controll part of Ethiopia and most of the highland of Eritrea. Therfore, in order to accomplish its goal the whole EThioopia has to pay the price of death,starvation and humuliation in broad day light.

If the west really cares about the plight of the Ethiopian people the west knows what to do for I do not even have to explain it.

The Ethiopoian people on the other hand have to stand up and fight for your right and take controll of your country your fore fathers have kept it untill this junta took over. No more excuses and no more of expecting for piece to come to Ethiopia thru some kind of charity handed out to you. Fight and fix your problem. Stand up for your right.

Posted by Awet Berhane June 26, 08 06:19 PM

What an incredible waste of time, money, and talent. With the problems we face on Earth we have no business taking our troubles to other planets. Fortunately there appear to be no inhabitants to be adversely affected by our intrusion. Time to get out priorities straight, fix Earth first!

Posted by Dr. John A. DeLong June 26, 08 07:46 PM

the the reason is that the ethiopian goverment spends their money on ivading contries and making the horn of africa all turn on each other

Posted by 3333 June 26, 08 10:07 PM

help others because u are human being thanks too all people

Posted by asha abdi June 27, 08 01:08 AM

No way to clinch power by dirty games!
Meles Zenawi forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it was not for Meles, the crisis could even have been the worst in the world!!!!!!!
LONG LIVE THE EPRDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Moges June 27, 08 01:46 AM

Ashamed when i heard of the press release by the Ministry of Health over the exaggerated reported figures by international agencies!!! Should we argue over the figures of starved people who are in need of immediate help instead of facilitating solutions to help those dieing of shortage of foods.

The ruling government should relentlessly seek for immediate solution instead of hiding themselves for what once they are preaching that the Farmers are hording harvests for speculation of better prices. Yet we are publicly watching they are in very urgent food aid situations.

Posted by God please held the nation June 27, 08 11:22 AM

Horrible and heart-breaking! It's a damn shame for the Ethiopian goverment trying to deny the famine. Where is the 2 billions in aid? To wage war and terrorize the neighboring countries/people and innocent ethiopians. Nothing will change in lives of millions in Ethiopia as long as a dictator is in power.

The western government lost their moral responsibilities but driven by political motives. It's time the citizens of the west to hold accountable thier governments and stand for the casuase of humanity.

Posted by Gabriel June 27, 08 08:12 PM

Dear moderator,

Would you please disregard the previous one and post this one instead. The previous one was not edited.


This is a regime in which its hallmarks are denial, deceit, ruse, treachery and betrayal. There wouldn't be anything that the regime wouldn't deny as long as doing so could prolong its stay in power by a day. When much respected International Human right Organizations reveals the regime’s blatant human right abuse records, atrocities, mass killings and incarcerations, intimidations of opposition politicians, muzzling of the free press with solid evidences and unequivocal language, the barefaced regime doesn't have any qualms to deny and disregard all the reports completely.

When respected Relief and Humanitarian Organizations warns about the clouds and specter of famine and Hunger hovering on the horizon and substantiate their reports with solid evidence and pictures of the dead, the shameless, callous and self-serving regime would try to discredit and deny their reports and would try to play games with figures and involve itself in a red-herring in a relentless effort of obfuscating the seriousness of the problem.

When the regime has illegally sold some territories of Ethiopia in a very myopic and reckless manner in a desperate attempt of coaxing Sudan into not being a sanctuary to any anti-Government rebel movement and that being declared by various mouth pieces in the Sudanese Government, this same shameless Government would try to hoodwink and deafen the whole world by saying that it is all baseless rumor. The regime’s effrontery and contempt to all Ethiopians and the whole world is so stark and ineffable. I believe it is the right time for all Ethiopians to take this malodorously moribund regime into its grave and set up a Government of the people of Ethiopia on its grave that is accountable to the people and its life span would be determined only by the people of Ethiopia.

Enough is enough!

Posted by mesfin from Maryland June 28, 08 05:55 PM

how long our people to have suffer? is there a light at the end of the tunnel? what kind of goverment be sleeping with there stomach full of row meat and kitfo while people/little ones dying from malnutrution? I know there is enough food to go around, if we crushed coruption.VERY VERY VERY SAD, i am specch less.

Posted by sammy June 29, 08 05:34 AM

I'm in short of words to express this terriable manmade phenomena which
to some or sertain extent created purposely by weyane. As once Derg did, weyane too didn't anounce the wide reaching food shortage in Ethiopia before the Genbot so-called victory day. why? because for wayne the dying Eth. people are the source of revenue that gets from intetrnational community etc. so why they should anounce early enough? they have to have time to enjoy, they fill time goes
against them, they got old, accordingly, thinking ability highly declining, they don't realize fully what is going on, in the final analysis, they would be "yeenbuay kab" .
The most important thing is now to help our people by constant fund rising and to find the remidies once and for all. The aid should reach directaly to the people, not to the so-called goverment.ALAS.

Posted by lemma June 30, 08 01:23 PM

Do you know this area is where all our known athlets come from such as Haile Gebresilassie, Kenanisa Bekele, Tirunesh Dibaba, Darartu Tullu and others. It is possible to raise fund this way for this people!
GML Ehtiopia

Posted by Girma Legesse July 1, 08 06:01 AM

It is very sad to see such repeated devistating and wreching news from Ethiopia. I felt bad and it is really painfull to see such heartbreaking true story.
Please, those of you have got the chance of getting this sad information, Would you please pass this to all your friend who can at least help one child to save from death as a result of shortage of bread.

Posted by Feyisa Gudeta July 1, 08 08:40 AM

Please consider ways to help - contributions to MSF are essential for the survival of families. $40 can feed a child 6 weeks worth of Plumpy'nut - that's $1 a day! You can check out the CBS 60 Minutes website and see Cooper Anderson's piece on Plumpy'nut that features MSF doctors. I, myself, am helping with the Janus Charity Challenge and hoping to win $10K for MSF. You can donate directly to this effort through the Ironman Wisconsin Website at:
I can't just feel the hurt, I have to act. This is one way many drops of water can become and ocean of change!

Posted by Meg Walsh July 1, 08 04:46 PM

Let's do something!

My friends and I are working to win $10,000.00 for the purchase and distribution of Plumpy'nut by Doctors Without Borders. You can donate to them directly, but by participating in the Ironman Wisconsin Plumpy'nut Fundraising effort, you can help secure additional dollars for Doctors Without Borders...Janus Investments gives $10,000.00 to the charity of the athlete who raises the largest fund for a non-profit organization, so you can watch your dollars and their impact grow. $40 buys enough Plumpy'nut to save the life of a child on the edge of death by malnourishment! It's clear, direct, documented, and saves lives and hearts!

Read more about our effort here:

Make a gift to Doctors w/o Borders through the Janus Charity Challenge here:

We can make a difference by working together. You can do this. We can do this. Let's make it happen.

Posted by Amber Ault, Ph.D. July 1, 08 07:51 PM

it's very sad news to see innocent childrendying of hunger aye ethiopia yaltadlsh
hager. it's very heart breaking to see such kind of things oh GOD please hear
our prayer and forgive our sin. i was just crying when write this comments.

Posted by jonnysisay July 1, 08 10:06 PM

How heart breaking...Famine has become a common occurance for decades.

Someone must be accountable for this tragedy.

Knowing that famine is going come, as it always has, the government should have come up with a scheme to accumulate emergency food aid in advance. Instead Melese Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia decided to stash the aid money in his pocket. It is a shame for the US govenment to befriend such a corrupt and insensitive government towards their own people.


Posted by Teodros Meta July 2, 08 01:49 AM

Boycott ESFNA events in Washington DC:

Posted by Tegbar July 2, 08 09:09 AM

No famine is an accident nowadays.

Too much spent on crap (read war equipment), too much unprotected sex, no education whatsoever, too many children, religion that fails to help but generates worse, no interest from the country's authorities and encouragement from the various "helping" organisations for the situation to go on forever as they come and aid, and things never change because aid is free. And the government spends money on anything else, well, the people are "cared for" by outsiders, right?

Excruciating pain that could have been avoided. And that will repeat itself.

Posted by Messa July 2, 08 02:50 PM

Es increible como imágenes tan bien logradas pueden reflejar una horrible realidad!

Is incredible how good taken pictures can reflect an awful reality!

From Venezuela.

Posted by Any July 3, 08 02:17 PM

I visited Ethiopia in April/May of this year and saw the poverty there. I am currently supporting a family in Lalibela and helping them to build a house; but I am wondering how they will get food as there has not been the rain as expected and they can't eat the money!

Posted by Bridget Devlin July 6, 08 10:10 AM

It is sad. What are the oil-rich muslim nations doing in support of their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia?

Posted by ralph July 7, 08 01:27 PM

it's always hard to look at pictures like this, they give a totally different perspective to the things happening. It's like almost being there, and really makes people understand this stuff.

Posted by Jory July 8, 08 12:18 AM

Heartbreaking are the only words to describe this man made hell. I would encourage everyone to sponsor (NON GOVERNMENT) a child, at least that is something. How the wealthy Western World continues this to keep on happening to our fellow humans is beyond comprehension. I wonder what their excuse will be when God calls them up on Judgement Day.

Posted by Jayne July 8, 08 12:42 AM

The pictures put a sad break in my heart .But this is due to the barbeian and supretion regime of THe DEVIl MELES.SO let us UNITE AND CYR TO GODto remove him.

Posted by DEREJE ASSEFA July 8, 08 08:29 AM

It is so important that we see the pictures. It puts a human face on hunger and reaches out to the compassionate side of humanity.

Posted by Todd A. July 9, 08 10:22 PM

très belles images,emotion et sensibilité;quoi faire?

Posted by claude July 13, 08 03:53 AM

We can help with donations to Doctors without Borders, Project Mercy Ethiopia and World Vision.

Posted by Katherine Meares July 13, 08 08:24 PM

You Diasporas,
Do you have the audacity to comment about the government and its policies while you have been out there for so long and have no good knowledge about the country and its people? I am not saying the government is perfect because it can't be. But if you really want to help your people, come home and live their lives. And only then, you can know what to offer to your people. I don't think most of you can do that because you don't have the courage to face challenges. Moreover, don't politicize everything. Do you think you know everything only because you r living abroad?? I don't think so.
Anyways, get MATURED!! I will pray for you.

Posted by HEH July 15, 08 11:07 AM

I feel like crying over our brothers and sisters in Africa.... so sad....

Posted by Eric July 18, 08 02:11 AM

The rain stopped and the crops died
leaving no traces of food for life
nothing to harvest, no food to eat
one by one dead bodies scattered and fry

Did God forgot this place on earth?
Abandoned, hungry, stomach have nothing
Where is the help, that can feed something
Where is that hand, to help the weeping?

Posted by Eric July 18, 08 03:44 AM

The ethiopian government which infact lost the election in 2005 still control the whole land like a communist system. Famine and ownership of land are directly interrelated. Ethiopian Government has implemented ethnic federalism which made it very difficult for people to move to an area where they prefer to farm.
European Union has suspended direct budget support because of lack of basic human rights in ethiopia. read more,

Posted by ethio lion August 5, 08 10:28 AM

I have seen a picture of our ppl starvation I cray in my hart!! we Ethiopians are a victime of a dictator Meles rule by killing and starving!! Therefore we have to stand to fight our enemy to secure our ppl from starvation and killing!!


Posted by YE BUGNAW August 5, 08 12:47 PM


Posted by beluy August 7, 08 10:07 AM

All comments above are targeted to the Ethiopian government as a problematic for such crisis. Yes, tit is true. The government as well as other concerned organization knew this fact but useless for the starved Ethiopian people at this moment because they are losing their life so we should keep them as soon as possible. Do not surprising, there are a lot of miracle phenomena that are taking place in Ethiopia by the government but not exposed to media.

Therefore, the best solution is, we Ethiopians must unit and come together for ever start from now.

Posted by ethopian August 9, 08 10:14 AM

human total count on earth is at max
please, don't make new babies
instead try to nourish already born ones

who needs 9 billions human ?
who could succesfully deal with such a menace ?


Posted by dondiba August 11, 08 03:41 AM

You presented presented a well thought out agenda that all Ethiopians can rally abound, nertheless it is a short list but crucial agenda. There are other agenda like the sovereity and integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians as a nation and man made starvation that is going on under the watch full eyes of the current regime.
Nevertheless, I commend for effort of comming up with these crucial agenda and arrangement for a protest.

Let the peacefull protest continue and be followed action/stragy to bring about meaningfull results. Protest by itself is not an endbut might serve as means to an end by bring Ethiopians together to a common cause.

Posted by Atatke Haile August 11, 08 08:24 PM

stop the murderer now

Posted by altaye August 12, 08 10:45 AM

Does food aid hinder food security in the long-run?

A great website to check out if you're interested in learning more about important (and often overlooked issues) in the world today:

Posted by cc August 15, 08 04:54 PM

OH GOD JESUS !!!!! Why this bad fate for ETHOPIA.

Posted by VAmsi August 17, 08 11:49 AM

i can feel the sadness.
thanks for sharing.

Posted by Aliff August 17, 08 11:33 PM

no one posts positive pictures of Ethiopians ever.when people post pictures like this that's all the world sees and knows of Ethiopia.It disappoints me to see this but know that there are soooo many other places in the world dealing with hunger issues and all everyone ever focuses on is Africa.Go to Ethiopia and you will see that its not like that!such a beautiful place whit such beautiful people

Posted by Asili September 13, 08 07:36 PM

These photographs reminds us our duty to help co-human being, Lets try to think of them for a moment and extend help in what ever way we can.

Posted by Srinivas Sekha September 14, 08 02:52 AM


Posted by ELSABET TESFAYE October 5, 08 11:30 AM

I left my sweet country [ethiopia] about 10 years ago.when i say this don't get me wrong,i forgot all about it.i really care about my country,my peoples and all that.but ;today what i see in here is completely different and outrageous from what i heard .i know where that comes from and why should be on the media.that come from PM melese zenawi.but;it's not gonna make me surprise.because; it's his discure.this is how he collect so much money throughout the world by posting skeleton pictures .but;the money never got to those who suffering with diseases and dying by the lack of food.i ain't say say nothing else but i will .....

Posted by Anonymous October 10, 08 01:17 PM

This is an outrage people are dying every day and it is like it don't even exist in the minds of the wealthier countries. I guess because it is not their people, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, or brothers dying of hunger it does n ot matter to them. I can't understand why the government is allowing this to happen. They all should come together instead of making war to kill eachother and make peace and save a life. I guess to them it is more human to take a life than to save one. Looking at this lets me know my sisters and brothers are suffering while the governmnet sit healthy and fead in their "well taken care of homes". this sickens me to know they don't give a sh*t what happend to these children of God. they will wreep what they soe in the eyes of theLORD

Posted by kecia of USA October 17, 08 01:00 PM

Olá gostei muito das fotos deste site, sou fotográfo e tenho laboratório fotográfico, gostaria de obter mais fotos em alta resolução obrigado! Donizeti. São Paulo Brazil

Posted by Donizete November 9, 08 04:52 PM

If this problem wanted to be "fixed" by the US government, it can be in a very short time. These are the types countries the US should invade, then get rid of the corrupt government and install a government that will actually take care of it's people. If you offer true freedom to these people, and feed and educate them. Teach them to use birth control, and to not have 15 kids each, then maybe they have a chance. I don't know about you, but if I was so poor that my kids could die of starvation, I wouldn't have 15 kids, would you?

Posted by Mike Ford November 17, 08 03:34 PM

That is so very sad

Posted by Anonymous December 13, 08 08:21 PM

I shed tears continuously as i looked at the picture of the four year old.Who passed away because of malnutrition.Oh how comes many people even i talking to you.Have more than enough to eat and even chose their days menu.Whereby there are our brothers and sisters out there who need just the minimum amount of food supply to sustend their lifes.Please let us not waite on the government of any nation to do something.I KINDLY BEG ON YOU THAT WE SHOULD DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO SUPPORT:THE MEDECIN SANS FRONTIERE PROJECTS:No matter what we give be it in cash or kind .Your contribution and my contribution can make a great differnce. .May GOD BLESS YOU

Posted by NGOLE ROLAND January 1, 09 06:05 AM

Please every ethiopian think about your country!!. Athletics must not be the only awared for us. Think about the picture and plan your own to solve such problems.Oh really it is very pain full to see/here such thing even in any place of the world not in mother land. Please go ahead every body who have the ability to support on your effort by having single individual from ethiopia for there basic problems. I belive if you think about it god help you since obviously God Bless Ethiopia. HISTORY IS AS HISTORY.

Posted by MULUSEW TILAHUN January 27, 09 07:26 PM

these is the reason why I hate people who said to themselves that they hate their lives. Pathetic.

Posted by Anonymous January 28, 09 09:35 PM

meles must take his panishement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is bad gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mesefen January 29, 09 05:32 AM

My Kingdom, Your tears will not be in vain , for my rivers are dry. My rivers wil be filled, and you will DRINK from my LIVING WATERS, AND YOU WILL LIVE AS I LIVE, FOR I LIVE FOREVERMORE, I ALLAH , THE ALMIGHTY.

Posted by RobertO Lynn Buchanan, Freedom. February 15, 09 12:41 AM


Posted by CAALAA February 19, 09 03:09 AM


Posted by SOMEONE February 20, 09 09:21 AM

#99, i read your comment and it is a wild idea because if they could they wouldn't be there. also, move where? you not talking about one family, we are seeing here is a town or bigger. If Ethiopian Government stop doing what he is doing, we wouldn't even be in other country. Life is hard in the city ass well. I hope one day God will make the Gov. and others to pay back what they doing to this people

Posted by Meaza February 21, 09 08:21 PM

Very moving photos but I think something is not right in that country as far as agriculture is concerned. What I find disturbing is that this is the same country that exports huge amounts of coffee while its population is dying of hunger.


Posted by Jarnice March 5, 09 02:03 PM

naww poor kidos

Posted by thjmn March 17, 09 05:06 AM

What to say!?? 70% of all population on the earth are starving!! and rest 30% are eating all the food that is meant for the whole world!! - Why shoul I blame others? May be, I am also part of that 30%. Like Jesus Christ said, "dispose your wealth and distribute to poor" is the only solution to end starving!. But, who will do that?! No one care about those words..because every one is selfish!! awefully selfish!! .....

Posted by Augustine April 6, 09 07:52 AM

malas must be to charge war crime becouse of

Posted by ahmad April 23, 09 03:12 PM

people need to stand up and make a change if i had the chance i would do whatever i can to help but im only 16 but when i get older i will

Posted by Destanie bell May 22, 09 11:18 AM

This is really so sad.I hate myself for doing nothing.We Ethiopians are not able to help single child even in such away send a dollar .But we are good at state complain and try to externalize our weakness.As a matter of fact ,we have a right to blaim government on what is going on.neverthless, We consider ourselves we are not responsible on this scenario. It is much better to ask ourselves what we have to do rather expressing sadness on weblog.I think every body would have own solution.That is ,we have to do something that enables to save the given society from cease COMPLAIN ,PRAY,and by any means ACT .God bless every body

Posted by mehari,las vegas August 22, 09 03:26 PM

The cultural-agricultural practices of the Ethiopians cause most of the so-called 'drought' in this region - through overgrazing and slash-and-burn 'farming practices' which should have gone out with the middle-ages. When Ethiopia was farmed by Italian farmers, the country actually was much more fertile and was even exporting fresh food and produce! And why do people who are so clearly not able to afford it, have such huge families? I think it's time the Ethiopians stop blaming the rest of the world for their plight, and start looking at ways to improve their own agricultural culture. Get red of the 'tribal traditions' and start embracing the modern agricultural practices which now are able to feed most of the world adequately, including in the most populated country in the world, India and China.

Posted by Adriana Stuijt October 1, 09 02:44 AM

Stunning! Breathtaking! Unbelievable!
Usual comments we all make, when ever we see pictures like these from Africa, India, Bosnia …
We might even shed a tear or two and say to ourselves: “Oh my God how can things like that happen?” Forgetting, that most of “those things” do not happen! We, the (so called) human beings, make them happen.
And then what? What do we do to rectify the situation? NOTHING. We switch the “tely” off or change channel and five minutes later, having erased completely these pictures/thoughts from our mind, sit round the table with our lovely, healthy, well fed (quite often “overfed”), clean, well dressed, cheerful children, enjoying our plentiful, nutritious and tasty food. And of course, when finished, we throw away (or give to the dog) the remnants, not bothering us a bit the fact that, most of the people in those pictures, could … kill for those remnants! If we bother to give it a second thought, we, very quickly, come to back to our sences(!) with the handy excuse: “I cannot save the world single handed”!
What can we do about it?
I don’t know! Unfortunately, I am one of them (us)!
But surely, it must be SOMETHING we can do. We read and hear often enough about those charitable Organizations with good people who do a fantastic job (“Doctors with out frontiers” is one of them). We only have to devote five minutes of our time to find them and spend a few Euros/Dollars/Pounds to save one or more lives. So, don’t sit there thinking “that’s a good idea”. DO IT NOW !!!
The only time (I am ashamed to admit) I donated some money to such an organization was after watching a relevant program on the television and the lady reporter, showing a desperate mother, holding in her arms a week, “living (at that time) skeleton” of a child, surrounded by the, in a similar condition four older children, said in grave voice: “By the time you see this report on your television, this child and most of her brothers and sisters WILL BE DEAD”!!!!
Need to add anything more?
Panos from Athens-Greece

Posted by PANOS HADJICONSTANTINOU October 3, 09 06:49 AM

it is redicules that nobody wants to help if i could i would feed every one and help the homeless

Posted by someone November 15, 09 08:35 PM

people say that there going to help but they dont but when i grow up im really going to help people that are sufering hunger

Posted by patricia December 15, 09 12:57 PM


Posted by EZZ March 5, 10 05:58 AM

This is horrible and unacceptable which is a crime made by the Woyannes who are scrambling the resouces of the country making people die because of hunger. They are literally 'eating' the flesh of these citizens, Meles is responsible to hide these problems as well as not acting in a manner to help those dying. Yes we all know there are problems, but Ethiopia can never be so different from the rest of the world with a continued crisis where it looses its people for hunger! This is a shame on you Meles and his friends. We should rather struggle to allow our people to determine their freedom .... no more dicators .... no more ''flesh eaters''. Everyone remembers that Meless and his soldiers have sold the aid given to victims of Famine in 1984, now still they are sucking the blood of citizens. We should make them stop this !!!

Posted by Zelalem Feleke August 9, 10 09:58 PM

The world is much more connected than we really think. The rich is rich at the expense of the poor. But you land lord Ethiopians who bark from abroad extend your hand not only for your siblings as you usually do but think in a bit increased vista. Uncover your comfort blanket and do something that goes beyond your household and save the human being. No one needs an old dog or a dead body to be berried in Ethiopia. Do good for your people or be part in enabling the people on how to hook a fish from a see. Don't blame yesterday's election, it is over...calasss!!!!!! what is the way fore ward and what is the answer to the existing problem should be the topic to raise.

Posted by abraham November 3, 10 06:48 AM

We originally ran across these photos doing a school project for my 10 year old daughter on wasting.We wanted to make a point to all the children in America who waste so much food weather it be at home or at school.When you let your child throw there food away because they don"t like it remember those table scraps could have saved Michu.We all need to stop taking our blessings for granted!Look at this mothers face for a few minutes.It's heart wrenching!!!! This is a tragedy that should have been prevented.

Posted by Amber January 14, 11 09:49 PM

I AM from Ethiopia it is sad being poor but i am happy to be loveing pepil

Posted by mahalet May 8, 11 10:21 AM
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