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May 30, 2008 Permalink

Uncontacted Tribe Photographed in Brazil

Members of an unknown Amazon Basin tribe and their dwellings are seen during a flight over the Brazilian state of Acre along the border with Peru in these May, 2008 photos distributed by Survival International. Survival International estimates that there are over 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide, and says that uncontacted tribes in the region are under increasing threat from illegal logging over the border in Peru. (7 photos total)

REUTERS/Gleison Miranda-FUNAI/Handout
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239 comments so far...

we should give them tv's and guns!

Posted by jonathan lepos May 30, 08 07:04 PM

Stop staring at us or we will let send the dog!

Posted by Robrecht Struyf May 31, 08 02:49 PM

muy buenas fotos, pero la curiosidad mata al gato.
desde mi punto de vista lo mejor q se puede hacer es dejarlos ahi aislados y evitar que lleguen personas haica ahi por el echo de q ellos no estan inmunisados a nuestros virus e infecciones.
por otra parte poniendonos en su lugar a de ser muy impactante ver un avion asi como para nosotros verlos a ellos.
son una poblacion segmentada y tendran sus propias creencias producto de lo inexplicable.siguen bajo la ley de la naturaleza el mas fuerte sigue no hay medicinas.saluti

Posted by claudio June 1, 08 03:58 PM

Look at those people! They only work four hours a day making baskets and hunting and they don't even know that they need Viagra or iPods! If we don't globalize them now, the Terrorists *and* the Communists win! Remember, The World Is Flat At All Costs!

Posted by nathan June 2, 08 03:21 PM

Throw an empty Coke bottle out the window.

Posted by Bill Martin June 2, 08 06:36 PM

Coke bottle comment is the funniest thing I've heard in a LONG time!!

Posted by Dave June 3, 08 12:37 AM

Yup... the Gods must be crazeeee...

Posted by Flubert June 4, 08 07:45 PM

IF the plane was forced to land there, I give the pilot, mmmm....maybe enough time to unbuckle the seatbelt before they lop his head off and boil it for dinner.

Posted by Simbah June 4, 08 10:15 PM

only if the folks in 'Lost' crashed here instead. now that would be must see television!

Posted by Sunny June 5, 08 03:22 AM

Some super delegates whose vote did'nt count. DER'S GOLD IN DEM DAR HILLS

Posted by REDINCA June 5, 08 09:24 AM

Leave them alone, they are far better off then if they adapted to our so called civilization.

Posted by Rich June 5, 08 10:00 AM

I just love how they are trying to down the plane with bows and arrows. That is just classic. I wonder how savage they really are? If you walked in there, would you make it out alive, or would you be lunch?
This sounds like an excellent idea for an Xtreme reality game show.
Go the orange guys!

Posted by Adam June 5, 08 10:35 AM

don't under estimate those orange dudes with bows and arrows. I bet they have a few tricks up their sleeves - oops, no sleeves.... well, still, don't under estimate them.

Posted by booboo June 5, 08 11:04 AM

Wow..amazing shots.interesting...we have similar tribes back in the days in the Philippines..they were called headhunters..they kill their enemies and eat can probably find some info from google. Anyway, I'm not amazed if Amazon still has some very primitive people living inthe jungle. A huge part of amazon is still untoched and unspoiled. There's nothing funny about this encounter except for those people who have not broaden their horizon and expose themselves to the culture other than the US.

Posted by Noypi June 5, 08 11:14 AM

Why do they use tomato soap?

Posted by BT June 5, 08 11:27 AM

#5.... Very funny, made me laugh out loud. Great pictures.

Posted by Alex June 5, 08 12:06 PM

Throw a black Zippo down at them.

Posted by apeguero June 5, 08 12:15 PM

what incredible pictures. i am amazed that they have the courage to shoot down the invading flying thing and defend themselves with their bows and arrows. it looks like the women and children are hiding and being protected. i wonder what kind of explanations they are thinking about for this phenomenon?

this is how our species survived for eons - imagine the things we can learn from them about our ancestors. and i hope when contact is made, it is done with very little disturbance.

as to most of the writings above - quite a comment on our own culture !!!!!

Posted by alexa June 5, 08 12:42 PM

I agree with alexa's point:

"as to most of the writings above - quite a comment on our own culture !!!!!"

and am filled with shame and embarasment for the so-called humor, and sadness for the future of our culture and our planet.

Posted by rosemary June 5, 08 01:35 PM

I'll to throw them photos of me sitting my couch, eating a tv dinner w/ my laptop and tv on...... WOW!

Posted by Plow June 5, 08 01:39 PM

Esto es increible ,pero como por alli digeron dejenlos tranquilos ellos tienen su propio mundo y pienso que viven mejor que nadie.

Posted by Yenita June 5, 08 03:21 PM

How truly "uncontacted" is a native tribe whose village you just flew a helicopter over?

Posted by Nick June 5, 08 04:11 PM

Please take a minute and think seriously. Think about your everyday existence. how many people know your business? how many people are you forced to talk to on a daily basis who you really don't like? how many times have you worked for
the political arena today we pay, pay, pay all day long?how many cameras are watching you that you don't even know of? We have no privacy, something that every human being needs as much as food it's a natural existing desire that we, as people who pay dearly for, are not receiving in any way shape or form. Just think, no phones, no parking problems, ,no tickets, no state troopers waiting behind the bushes, no taxes, no pay check, no clothes, Just waiting for people who are looking to take your only security away from you and humilitate you any way they can that's the American people. Shame on you. Let them live there life in peace. That's what's missing in this country. Too many malcontented people. We have to stay in our homes to find any peace!!!!!

Posted by janelle June 5, 08 04:16 PM

Hooray for Alexa, Rosemary and Janelle!!!

To think that this is humorous is shameful. You just don't get it. Leave them alone. You only WISH your life could be as simple and peaceful as theirs.

Posted by Julie June 5, 08 04:50 PM

Please leave them alone!
One sneeze from a “well intentioned scientist” could wipe them out.

Posted by Terry June 5, 08 05:47 PM

What they really need is a Wal-Mart and U.S.-outsourced call-center jobs.

"Hello, this is Quinzacatal. I have a bow and arrow, and my tribal colorist says I'm a 'red.' How may I help you, today?"

Posted by MaybeOprahWasInTheCopter June 5, 08 06:48 PM

On the one hand, wanting to protect people from potentially fatal epidemics can be a noble motive for polcymaking. But on the other hand...

...Has anyone ever thought about how, in a way, it could be racist to make laws that prevent people from coming into contact with these people? Brazilian law on the subject works similar to the way in which endagered species legislation prevents people from having physical contact with (or even immediate proximity to) marine mammals in California. We should also question whether forcibly isolating human beings without their even knowing it bears any resemblance (or not) to the way we treat... animals.

And lastly, to all the Rousseau fans who cherish the idyllic state of nature supposedly once enjoyed by our species, I ask you this: why haven't you moved to such a place? Would the trade-offs be worth it, and do your statements and actions conflict? I work in an fast-developing but still very economically underdeveloped country. The overwhelming majority of its inhabitants, both on the left and the right, favor more development, not less. There are people in other countries who do not want their culture left "untouched." Indeed, they often seek to change what anthropology calls their "material culture" while being left to their own devices as how to direct the subsequent evolutions in their own behavioral culture.

Just some food for thought...

Posted by C.A.E. June 5, 08 07:39 PM

omg these pict r so cool

Posted by izzie June 5, 08 08:18 PM

I want to move there!

Posted by Helen June 5, 08 09:31 PM

WOW! Increible! Es totalmente sorprendente que todavia hay pueblos en nuestras junglas que no han sido destrozados por la "civilizacion". Para aquellos que creen en Dios y en La Biblia como la palabra de Dios, recordemos que es lo que sigue una vez que TODOS los pueblos hayan escuchado de Jesus. Falta poco.

Mayco Castro
San Jose, Costa Rica

Posted by Mayco Castro June 6, 08 12:16 AM

haha i like the coke bottle comment....

people who say its how sad that people are making fun of this need to realize they're NOT being serious... it's a joke, don't take it so seriously

haha they should just get the leader and like show him new york then take him back so he tells all his friends

Posted by carlos June 6, 08 01:26 AM

Apocalypto II

Posted by Good June 6, 08 11:08 AM

leave them alone! Truly unbelievable!

Posted by period 6 Science June 6, 08 12:41 PM

If they wanted to be contacted...wouldn't they have contacted us? leave them alone and move on! KEEP THE PEACE!

Posted by period 7 June 6, 08 01:30 PM

C.A.E: I think peoples problems with contact are that the end results of contact have been so disastrous in the past. They are not saying we should isolated them because we are treating them like animals. We are leaving them be for the very fact that we actually believe our culture to be harmful. (Not to mention the fact that the first people likely to contact them are illegal Peruvian Loggers, not anthropologists who may actually have some idea what they are doing!) I think perhaps we are wiser than we once were, and not arrogant enough to think our civilization is the better one. Material culture is shiny and nice to look at, but not actually very kind to its recipients for the most part.

Posted by herbalamanda June 6, 08 02:16 PM

How about a pair of Nike shoes, a football and a David Beckham jersey!!!

Posted by Socceroo June 6, 08 03:18 PM

if they wanted to be contacted they wold not be throwing arrows at the planes! for everyone's good please leave them alone!!!!

Posted by kid from period 7 June 6, 08 06:12 PM

they are not living on trees, thats fine - they are not dangerous yet

Posted by alastair June 7, 08 09:00 AM

I have to say, they are very interesting peoples. I would like to come into contact with them, just to see what their life is like. But at the same time, like so many others, I think we should just let them be, let them live their lives the way they have for thousands of years...

Posted by Anna June 7, 08 02:11 PM

Actually, to be honest, I think I'm more amazed at the color of the people. I know it sounds kind of racist, but what color skin have we known other than brown, apricot, and tan? These people are LITERALLY red and orange and black.

Posted by Anna June 7, 08 02:15 PM

Erm, I'm sure they're painted

Posted by San June 7, 08 06:13 PM

Índigenas civilizations from the jungle are there since 10 000 years ago. Clear water, nature, pure air, (no pollution, no homelesses, no child protitution, no serial killers). In his hands the Amazon forest is surely preserved.
Western civilization in few 500 years of existence have almost destoyd the planet with trash, global warming, nuclear weapons. Amazon forest is the last border. Since the western development came to the jungle, in the 1950´s, the last border is surely in danger.

Posted by Sergio Paulo June 7, 08 07:52 PM

These people aren't freaking zoo creatures, they deserve to be contacted.

Posted by Bob June 7, 08 08:46 PM

Wow! Those buildings look a lot like the wikkie-ups of the southwest USA indigenous people. Can we tell if they are using atatatl or bows?

As for the "jokesters," heh-heh-heh, I don't think you're so funny.

Posted by Matt June 7, 08 09:18 PM

i dont know if those are poeple. may be they just discoverd some kind of ancient man-beast hybrid from the future. whats up with the black hairy one , is he leader of these down syndrome havin monkey men. dont get me wrong i think they should be protected; for our own safety.

Posted by who June 8, 08 12:34 AM

There's a huge amount of anthropological interest here.... And I'm talking about the ethnocentricity of many of the comments, not the pictures.

Posted by Marco June 8, 08 12:41 AM

They have been found through deforestation, it is a shame....alll we do is take and take, the deforestation is for franchises like Macdonalds, the big cattle companys,etc...its wake up time folks. Leave them alone...

Posted by lakotawoman June 8, 08 01:05 AM

Most of the people who left comments here live in their own secluded little village. Everyone's an authority on his own fantasy. The helicopter of reality is flying by... we warn it away.

I'm no different.

Posted by Kyle B. Stiff June 8, 08 01:37 AM

These people are similar to the Huaorani (Wowrani) of Ecuador. When I was there in 1987, a group of "Redlegs" killed a Spanish priest and Columbian nun who "visited" them uninvited. They naturally want to keep their way of life and only know that intruders will take it away. I think variety is interesting and wish them luck.

Posted by Joseph Vignos June 8, 08 02:35 AM

If indeed these people have been isolated all this time, it’s interesting to see they parallel the rest of civilization, their roofs have a similar shape, they develop weapons we’ve used before, they cover their genitals, they differentiate for status, they fear the unknown , surely the must be aware of westerners since their home has been logged for such a long time . I also wonder about breeding, their gene pool can’t be that great?

Posted by Trent June 8, 08 05:11 AM

LOL! whyt are they doing this instead of getting clothes and guns instaad of arrows it doesnt even make scense

Posted by rudy June 8, 08 09:00 AM

as a former Bostonian directed to this page by the New York Times story on the same topic, I have to say - I am so embarrassed for my hometown. How ignorant and uneducated the comments on this post are.

Posted by MKS0880 June 8, 08 10:35 AM

I wonder what they thought the helicopter was. Maybe some sort of god or UFO.

If you've got a roof over your head, friends and family, and enough to eat, it seems like you'd be all set. To them, clothes and guns don't make sense. I hope they don't get screwed with.

Posted by ryan June 8, 08 10:54 AM

Whoa. Some of your folks are really ignorant. Read a book. Open your minds. Stop and think.

Posted by Eve June 8, 08 11:25 AM

Really it's surprising to find still uncontacted people like them. How come they are so and does not the Brazilian government know they are there ?

Posted by Shyam Rai June 8, 08 11:50 AM

I come from a jungle country, but was born in the city and live with all the benefits and complications of a city, but at least once a year I have to go off to the jungle. There is peace there. Most of the medicines come from the jungle, there is food in the jungle, exhuberant vegetation, and beautiful sounds of the animals (especially the howler monkeys) and the birds. These people are people of peace, but are prepared to defend themselves if threatened, and they are always happy people with absolutly no stress. In the jungle one feels free, without Big Brother watching you. One does not have need for TV, newspapers nor gas fumes!
I don't understand why westerners always try to impose their way of living, it is not always the best. You have to live and let live, and be content with what you have!

Posted by verena June 8, 08 12:20 PM

i doubt these people are not completely isolated from the rest of the world; they have some connection with at least neighboring dwellers because the huts seen here and spears they are carrying are similar in construction to the one in use by other such habitants in general. it would then be a mistake to say these people were hitherto unexplored until now because a total isolation of people or habitants would invent civilization in a totally different manner.

Posted by wasim June 8, 08 04:42 PM

We are poised, with this so called discovery, to see who WE are, not them.

Posted by ignoble savage June 8, 08 07:53 PM

i think they should be left along. Why push them out of their enviroment.
why must man take animals and people from their habitate. Making fun of these people is not nice. Think if it was you. Would you want people to make fun at you or say negative things about you? We are learning another piece of history Be glad that someone was willing to show us that these people exist. There is medicine plants for them when ill and food for them to eat. They have learned to survive with what they have and do not need anyone to change their way of life.

Posted by angela June 8, 08 08:28 PM

I wish i hade a bow like that

Posted by someone June 8, 08 09:17 PM

i think its fantastic that their are still regions of the world remote enough for this to occur. I hope the same will be true for my children.

p.s. look at comment #40... WOW.

Posted by overpop June 8, 08 09:37 PM



BRAVO FOR VERENA - COMMENT #56, I AGREE W/YOU TOTALLY ("I don't understand why westerners always try to impose their way of living, it is not always the best. You have to live and let live, and be content with what you have!")




Posted by MARIANGELES June 9, 08 12:02 AM

I do believe they're hiding weapons of mass destruction, we need to invade and turn them into westerners before the public see that as an ideal lifestyle.

Posted by david June 9, 08 03:42 AM

don't touch them!

Posted by prepple June 9, 08 06:11 AM

Please do not make their life miserable by flying close over their settlements on your choppers. They are best left alone than approached with aid and medicines which they never would require

Posted by John Thomas June 9, 08 06:32 AM

Caps Lock = Cruise Control for Cool.

I lol'd.

Don't have kids.

Posted by Full Metal June 9, 08 08:40 AM

I'm sure they all owe a considerable amount of tax to the Brazilian Government by now. Ignorance is no excuse. Settle up fellas.

Posted by JamesThe Administrator June 9, 08 09:28 AM

Umm... Just as a clarification for # 62, the coke bottle comment is only referring to a wonderful movie called The Gods Must be Crazy, which follows what happens in an African village when someone drops a glass Coke bottle out of the plane... This is not an attempt to colonize by forcing the addictive and destructive elements of Coca Cola on a culture but just the opposite--forces a different view of colonization. The whole Coke rant is a bit excessive. Can we do some homework before we put up RIDICULOUS comments?

Posted by Chewie June 9, 08 10:42 AM

Once "the civilized" have exhausted all resources we will be looking to these people about sustainability.
They have survived for centuries and will likely continue so long as we don't keep cutting down their forests.
The question is not so much what can they learn from us, but what we can learn from them.

Posted by Desirae June 9, 08 11:16 AM

Let us not bring them to our so called civilization society which is full of pollution particles like jealous,inferiority,superiority,selfishness etc..............

Leave them to Live in their own passion....

Posted by Vijay Kumar Gupta.C June 9, 08 12:12 PM

Just think no Euro's around to spread disease. No virus, plagues and bacteria which the whites of Europe appeared to carry around in their bodies.

Posted by Ted June 9, 08 02:20 PM

They have every right to live
and have families
We need to stop deforesting their homes
for our selfish desires and wants.
If we only learned how to live in harmony with nature
instead of cutting and ruining our world
we would have peace and a world in the future.
Please watch A Sacred Duty and make a difference for the good of our planet and our world!
Because we can!!
God bless

Posted by Catherine Manna June 9, 08 03:59 PM

We all have the right to our opinions. Amazing Pics.
#12...We're the savages.
#23...Great comment.
and #40...Great observation.

Posted by Kez June 9, 08 08:29 PM

I would love to go camping with these guys. I should be interesting!

Posted by Oz June 9, 08 11:49 PM

oh my god this is my home my home my home..........go home yankee go home keep out keep out now

I don´t like G.W.Bush

ok ok ok kisse from Brazil.....for all

Posted by william haddad June 10, 08 04:42 AM

paradise is here

Posted by william haddad June 10, 08 04:47 AM

We are the tribe and they are the civilized people, at least they decided to live in the nature, a simple clean life that lacks polution and politics and this dirty paper thing called money, they eat healthy food that lacks chemicals, they do not have deseases, no viruses in the air, I doubt they get sick, really doubt it, they are happier than us, we should leave them live in peace, they are what they are, let them be ... Think wise, plus do colors or shapes matter ?

Let them be, people !! .. They're just like us and even better than us ..

Posted by Chantal June 10, 08 03:26 PM

The fact that we can all sit here and communicate across such giant borders about these "uncontacted" people is amazing to me. unfortunately the things we communicate.... How can, lets says post # 62, a person say something like, YOU MIGHT GET RIGHTFULLY KILLED MAKING REMARKS LIKE THOSE. AND DON'T FORGET 9-11....and then follow it within the same post with, LET THERE BE PEACE IN THE WORLD, LET THERE BE PEACE IN OUR HEARTS.

I'm no better than you, or anyone. The jokes on this page are hilarious. As far as comedy is concerned nothing should be sacred. Lampooning is the only thing in our civilization (and no quotes over that because we've been to the moon) that keeps us in check.

Also, don't go thinking these people won't be touched. They probably have already been, and if not, just give it time. Nothing will stop progress. Don't let that word offend you. I don't mean to say that contacting them is the best thing for them, who knows what the best thing for them is. You don't and neither do I. They are people of course, so the best thing to do is remember that they can make choices.
Of course, I'm no better, to sit here typing my anonymous opinion, and thinking I am actually doing anything unselfish.

And if science doesn't contact them, then military, or industry will. Or worse....Religious missionaries. I saw that film with De Niro, right....and he and that british it was a good movie.

Posted by Martin June 10, 08 05:01 PM

Hats off to those of you who are standing up for these people, and all the above inconsiderate assholes how are making fun of them and wishing them a western life style can kiss my ass.

Posted by luis sanchez saturno June 10, 08 05:45 PM

The pics are pretty fantastic. I felt a little guilty looking at them though. But not enough to stop me from googling.

and um... I think (#40) who said they were coloured Red, Black, Orange LITERALLY, was actually making a joke, albeit not a good one. Although I sincerely hope she was or I would have to agree with # 66 (whose comment made me LOL as well).
As for the racist (#71), get over your superiority complex and try to understand people of all races, religions and regions suck! Not only the whiteys are evil doers.
And to Miss Vegan Love Child Hippie (#62) who probably drives a beat up old VW van that emits more toxins per mile than it gets miles to the gallon, push your van to the nearest blockbuster (Please refer to #68) then eat a bloody steak! The lack of iron has obviously tampered with your brain cells and has caused you to lose your sense of humour.
I 100% agree with the comment made by #35
" I think peoples problems with contact are that the end results of contact have been so disastrous in the past. They are not saying we should isolated them because we are treating them like animals. We are leaving them be for the very fact that we actually believe our culture to be harmful. (Not to mention the fact that the first people likely to contact them are illegal Peruvian Loggers, not anthropologists who may actually have some idea what they are doing!) I think perhaps we are wiser than we once were, and not arrogant enough to think our civilization is the better one. Material culture is shiny and nice to look at, but not actually very kind to its recipients for the most part."

but I must say I do agree with #31
"people who say its how sad that people are making fun of this need to realize they're NOT being serious... it's a joke, don't take it so seriously"

For crying out loud, this just a stupid blog and its not as if these tribe members are gonna pick up a laptop anytime soon and get all indignant about it!

Posted by redfox June 10, 08 05:53 PM

Enough of this cultural relativity crap! Cultural isolation does not always spell peaceful and enlightened. These people should not be mistaken for the Tasedai in the Philippines. Their warlike posture to the camera man is a good indication as to what might await somebody who unwittingly stumbles over their territory.

Also before crying over their quality of life, just what is their average lifespan and infant mortality rate. Do they sacrifice virgins? These are real questions that a government must ask. The feds giving the Navaho indians a pass on smoking Pioti is one thing. Tolerating ritual or extra judicial killings on its territory in the name of respecting other cultures is quite another.

These people should not be treated as some sort of endangered species. Treating these people as such in the name of cultural anthropology is in itself
cloaked racism. They are members of the human race and should be welcomed as such to the rest of their bretherin.

Posted by Bartley Kulp June 10, 08 07:52 PM

Give them hammers and nails. The beginning of modern life. This will make it easy for them to do simple constructions.

Posted by Pastor Johnson Odewale June 11, 08 12:10 AM

Das ist doch nur ein Werbegag für den neuen Indiana Jones Film...

Posted by Dr. Schuh June 11, 08 12:34 AM

¾ÆÁ÷µµ Àú·±»ç¶÷µéÀÌ

Posted by ±èÁ¾±æ June 11, 08 12:45 AM

Look at those sinners down there, they are just crying out for Jesus.

I'm kidding btw, very cool, but leave them be.

Posted by Kevin June 11, 08 02:13 AM

is it rell pic i can not bleev that ther is still pople like that i wanaa stay with thim

Posted by Yaser June 11, 08 02:48 AM

Ha ha .... like the coke bottle idea

I wonder if they knew about our existence?

Posted by Anirban June 11, 08 02:53 AM

#5 coke bottle lol thats great also love there arrows they are remaking black hawk down

Posted by sadas June 11, 08 08:54 AM

Good points #81. I have to agree. We don't know anything about this culture. Absolutely nothing about how they live their lives. They might castrate females. They might sacrifice life. On the other hand, they might live peaceful lives. There's just no way to know. It would be wise to stop posting that we should just leave them alone to their ways (what if they are barbarous and oppressive towards other humans within their own clan). I would argue that their life could be more cruel than ours depending on their culture (even without TV and iPods).

Posted by Kelly June 11, 08 10:53 AM

jeler!!!! stop staring guys! you're humans too!

Posted by andrew asidera June 11, 08 12:56 PM

We live in a insanely high-pressure materialistic society. It is a sick society getting sicker. Contact with these people would be nothing short of an invasion, and a destruction of their culture, end of story.

What is all this nonsense about contacting them as some sort of a favor? Maybe we should wonder why we are not contacted by THEM? We are not their daddy. They live in a sustainable society. It's simple math that our way of life cannot be sustained. I hope and pray that they are left be, and that areas of this world remain mysterious and unpolluted by the plastic, garbage, Quik E Mart elements of our culture.

Posted by Harley June 11, 08 06:30 PM

Why is empty coke bottle funny? Because it is a derogative remark?

I can't believe that they have stayed isolated so long. We should simply leave them alone. Flying over so closely does not seem necessary to me. The pictures are awesome, but are they worth it? For the people on the ground that is.

Posted by Stellare June 11, 08 07:42 PM

am i the only one who thinks this is propaganda made by those against illegal deforestation? i mean cmon.....

Posted by Shonathan June 11, 08 11:39 PM


Posted by SYSNETIC June 11, 08 11:56 PM

hahaha!! Do you think they even know that mere pictures of them have generated so much discussion? They remain blissfully unaware, so I say, let them be. Enjoy their pictures, respect their culture and privacy and go on with our lives!!

Posted by trixie June 12, 08 04:34 AM

uncontacted from this turbulent and bad world

leave them alone guys!!!

Posted by sriram June 12, 08 08:04 AM

regarding #80's comment
"And to Miss Vegan Love Child Hippie (#62) who probably drives a beat up old VW van that emits more toxins per mile than it gets miles to the gallon, push your van to the nearest blockbuster "
Why so hostile towards people who don't eat or drive the way you do? The old vw van emits less toxins and uses less gas than the suv you might be driving around with.

The last sentence:
"For crying out loud, this just a stupid blog and its not as if these tribe members are gonna pick up a laptop anytime soon and get all indignant about it!"

really highlights the lack of understanding of the portent of the previous comments as well as of the pictures themselves.

Posted by zippydeedooda June 12, 08 09:50 AM

Forget the coke bottle. Throw them some shampoo and a calendar. I can't believe how people can think inbreeding and stomach parasites is somehow the sure path to Eden. I doubt you'd feel the same way if you came across toothless hillbillies. These people are suffering from isolation. Sure, they might suffer more in the modern world, but only as a result of not being able to cope. Not because nudity and ignorance are preferrable to being aware that there's a world outside of the jungle. I hate to break it to everyone but lack of immunity among certains peoples is why some of us are presently communicating digitally and some of us are picking nits off ourselves and eating them. It's evolution, baby.

Also, I'd hate to know that looking down on me right now from outer space is an advanced people thinking, "Aw, let's leave 'em alone, guys. They're just too quaint and peaceful running around naked and blowing themselves up with primitive nuclear weapons. Aw, look they're trying to communicate with radiowaves."

Posted by Shep June 12, 08 10:17 AM

How come they can be left alone in isolation, without adhering to the laws of the land and it's okay? Why should they be protected from outside contact? Who knows how grotesque their culture and rituals might be.

Polygamist Mormon sects in Texas have their own way of life and culture as well…

Posted by doosaree June 12, 08 11:20 AM

I agree with #98, and think that we should give them the choice to join the modern world or not - neither "force" it on them nor leave them alone. To anyone who thinks that these people live an idyllic and pure life, you're deluding yourself. Pre-modern life is brutish and short (although the scenery is quite lovely). With inbreeding, no medicine and limited/no agriculture, people tend to be hungry and diseased. It's not any way to live.

Posted by Ben June 12, 08 11:39 AM

Guys, have a sense of humor... What is great about these photos is that is shows us that the world is not always what we think of it. I am sure that NOW they are not reacting the same way to this aerial invasion... they may even have a sense of humor about it too. Maybe they wanted to get that large bird down there to share some tomato soap......

Being a photographer, I am amazed, and want to know more about them but I would opt to leave them alone.

Being a normal, grounded person though can't help but want to toss out a coke bottle :)

Posted by pesh June 12, 08 11:41 AM

This fly-over has probably changed their cosmology forever

Posted by Janine June 12, 08 12:00 PM

Somehow the posts have become more interesting than the photograph. From a Sociologist's point of view, this gives more insight than viewing pics of people going about their lives. People are very interesting, but I think the ones that get on here and rant at each other say more about the world than the ones shooting arrows at the big noisy thing in the sky.

Posted by Peoplewatcher June 12, 08 12:15 PM

This tribe is just one of over a 100 uncontacted tribes around the world, all of them facing huge threats to their land, livelihoods and, ultimately, lives. For more info on this - for more photos, some video footage and stories about the issue - have a look at

One of the few things known about tribes like this is their preference for living in isolation and until they make it clear they want contact, they should be left alone to live on what is their land (as, in theory, recognised by international law) in their own way, rather than having that decision made for them by governments, companies, wildcat loggers and miners and whoever else who want to take their land and will force contact with them in order to do so. And contact is almost always catastrophic: it is common, in Amazonia, for more than 50% of a newly-contacted tribe in to die because of their vulnerability to outsiders' diseases - even the common cold.

This isn't about 'preserving' the tribes or 'freezing' them in some kind of time warp, nor is it about denying them 'modernity', nor is it about saying they shouldn't ever have contact. It's about respecting the way they live and giving them the time and space to make decisions for themselves about how they interact with the rest of us.

Posted by D Hill June 12, 08 12:43 PM

I had no idea such primative life still existed... I realize they are saying "go away" with their bow and arrows, but it still looks hilarious!

Posted by Jan Bus June 12, 08 01:28 PM

you all have to find the movie "the Gods must be crazy" It made you really think about our lifestyle.To put down some one ,about the coke-comment,when you have not seen the movie is just ignorant. Make war over the distruction and poisoning of the enviroment,not oil or ideology!

Posted by laguna June 12, 08 01:56 PM

re 105..
Why is seeing a culture different than your own, which is wanting to protect themselves in the only way they know how, "hilarious"?

What is funny about people struggling, or suffering?
What is hilarious about human beings being bothered?

Posted by zippydeedooda June 12, 08 01:59 PM

this pictures are invasion of privacy.

Posted by ed June 12, 08 02:07 PM

Leave them alone and undefiled by the increasing baseness in our civilization these days.

They are true survivors.

Posted by Rafo June 12, 08 02:22 PM

Part of me says leave them alone and then I think about the women and children. What if they have sick rituals where they rape women and sacrifice children? In that case they may need to be questioned and then stopped.

Posted by just wondering June 12, 08 02:51 PM


As to the "American" exploitation and similar comments about these photos and people - read the article (*link above). This fly-over and the report was issued by a gov't agency of Brazil. Why must you all assume that it was American? Read the story before you speak your uninformed drivel.

Posted by Bill June 12, 08 03:07 PM

Please....before any more people make negative comments about the "COKE BOTTLE", please take the time to rent the 1980 movie titled:

Directed by: Jamie Uys

If you can't find the movie - at least google the movie title and read a little bit about the plot before you make un-informed comments.

Here's the link to the info page about the movie on the Internet Movie Database website:

Posted by LondonsMum June 12, 08 03:10 PM

Why be a non-conformist like everyone else?. Or if that's too scary, at least begin to look for ways to think for yourself instead of joining the crowd.

Posted by Larry June 12, 08 03:11 PM

I think is amazing that there could be "uncontacted" peoples somewhere on the Earth in this day and age. Humankind's need to see what is over the horizon (for as long as there have been humans) hasn't reached everywhere is amazing. Either "us" reaching them or they wondering what is over THEIR horizon and stumbling into a larger village.

We bemoan our children's lack of academic education in the U.S. a lot. What we fail to understand is that their cultural education is also important. That way when someone says "toss them a Coke bottle" they know it is a reference to a MOVIE and not a literal suggestion to toss a Coke bottle out of an aircraft. My kids may not be on the honor roll, but they won't be making fools of themselves on a public message board by getting their knickers inappropriately knotted up.

Posted by NED June 12, 08 03:23 PM

Wow... just wow...

Posted by JAH June 12, 08 04:57 PM

I think the black-painted figure (the one on the right in the last picture) is a woman. As it appears the rest of the women and children are hiding, I wonder if this woman has a special role in the tribe? Something ceremonial? She's not armed but does hold some sort of thingy in some pictures.

Posted by Sanne June 12, 08 05:03 PM

#52 Get over it

Posted by Brian Leary June 12, 08 05:14 PM

@18 Just like we trying (or hoping) to shoot down UFOs with missiles or watever. u never know :)

Posted by john June 12, 08 05:46 PM

I wonder what Indiana jones would do? ----- you can pay me later Mr. Lucas....

Posted by Martin June 12, 08 07:54 PM

I think that it is a crying shame that the majority if not all of the comments above are evidently from Americans in the US - why is it that so many of you feel that the US is the centre of the universe and that therefore you must impose your distorted notion of civilization on to another people, tribe, nation or country.

Please - get your own house in order first. Is it any wonder that so many people across the world hate and despise America, Americans and all thing American. There are other ways, ideas and cultures that have equally and in many respects better answers to life and how to live it.

Until recently only 7% of Americans had passports (and this has only recently changed because you now need one to visit your neighbours) - so it is no surprise that so many of you are unaware of other ways of doing things. Before you decide what is good for others go - 'Travel with an open mind and see how other people, neighbourhoods and nations do things' - without saying or thinking "awe you should do it like we do back home". And that does not mean only going to countries where they will accept the US$ and speak some form of English. Travel to a land where you have to speak a different language to begin to be understood - and you do not have to learn that language before you go. You can learn a lot when you do not understand the local tongue.

Leave them along - until they decide to venture out of the forest.

Posted by Tremaine June 13, 08 02:33 AM

Those guys are lucky. I hope they won't be contacted by anyone for as long as possible.

Posted by jaas June 13, 08 03:05 AM

Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games...

Posted by GNR June 13, 08 05:43 AM

To all the people who left negative comments....and you all know who you are:


Posted by Joolz June 13, 08 07:15 AM


Posted by LONGY June 14, 08 08:59 AM

Wow, I am FLOORED by the lack of common sense and humor of people on this site! Since when did joking around become so taboo? Its really almost sad that people can't find humor anymore because of politically correct morons or religious freaks these days. Why do you have to suck the fun out of everything?

Even if you didn't have the intelligence to know the movie "The Gods Must be Crazy" even an idiot would know that the commenter was not intending for somebody to actually throw a coke bottle at them.

Remove whatever is spikey and hard from your a$$ and learn to laugh! Life is much more enjoyable that way, trust me. Oh and people might not think you're such uptight prudes.

and to make up for the lack of relevance on this post: Those pictures are amazing, its almost humbling to know that there are still people out there who live such lives uninterupted by modern society!

Posted by Laura June 14, 08 08:35 PM

This is the 'noble savage' we admired for centuries: headhunters, cannibals, etc. This is what happens when civilized people are left to themselves in a forest.
Just like our own American Indian who caused stampedes of hundreds of buffalo by burning dry grasslands, tkaing a few buffalo and abandoning the hundreds of carcasses behind them-talk about conservationism. These same Indians eviscerated their enemies, like other local tribes, to prevent them entry into the world-to-come. Welcome to real history.

Posted by Michael June 15, 08 12:43 PM

#125 Laura, you're exactly right. There are so many self-righteous comments on here! It's amazing that the self-righteous types see themselves as the bastion of goodness in a world gone evil, and what are they doing? Screaming their heads off at people who are making less-than-100%-serious comments! "Uh oh, someone quoted something from a movie - look out, he's destroying an alien culture! Must be an American, since that's the way Americans are on TV!"

#120 Dude, it sounds more like you need to come visit America, find someone who isn't in a business suit, talk to them, then be floored by the unbelievable knowledge that he or she is pretty much the same as you. We go to work, we chill with our friends and families, we bitch about the ruling class, then we do it all over again. I know you watch George Bush on TV and you think, "Americans are insane!!!" Listen man, we have a ruling class who decides how everything gets done. It's just the same as it is in your country. If we could change it without bloodshed, we would, alright? So just chill.

Now, having said all that... I'm grabbing my PlayStation 3 and heading down there right now... I'm going to SAVE those people and none of you can stop me!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kyle B. Stiff June 16, 08 12:58 AM

In the third or so photo one is clearly holding a Machete...doubt he forged it himself. There was some contact somewhere alo0ng the way.

Posted by cracklarock June 16, 08 05:56 AM

My understanding is that this tribe is so primitive, they are still using dial-up.

Posted by Stan Mikita June 16, 08 08:23 AM

Hey Kyle...I think Guitar Hero III is the way to go, but make sure to bring 2 guitars...competition always brings out the best in everybody.

In fact, I'll met you there, I was going to run to Abercrombie real quick and buy them all some logo shirts, they deserve only the best in American consumerism!

Posted by Laura June 16, 08 11:11 AM

Laura - #125 - I love you! :D You are a bright light in this world of darkness. The darkness being people who are stuck up snobs with no common sense and no sense of humor.

These pictures are incredible - I'm sitting here typing on a laptop surrounded by fancy computer equipment talking to people all over the world, and the people in the pictures have to hunt for food. Humans have set foot upon the Moon, and there are still people who use rocks as weapons (because that is the best that they can do).


Posted by Matt June 17, 08 08:20 AM

Go Laura! (#125).

Oh yeah... and the photos are excellent.

Posted by GilbertN June 17, 08 04:56 PM

i think we should preserve them and keep them away from civilation

Posted by megan paige June 18, 08 12:56 AM

Send them Jehova's Witnesses and film it

Posted by Patrice June 18, 08 08:03 AM

Makes me want to play Diablo 2.

Posted by Bosco Lopez June 18, 08 07:33 PM

generally, the more you hate a thing, the less you understand it.

if you hate americans, it's probably because you haven't talked to very many in person and you have NO IDEA what we mean, think, or feel when we use idioms and colloquial terms -- you get your mass information through a filtered media with its own agenda (just like we do!) which is full of half truths (read: LIES) meant to inflame sentiments and sell headlines.

if you hate technology, it's probably because you understand too many narrow aspects of our current, globally tangible state and too few broad aspects of the creative motive entwined within the hearts of all humans to prosper towards ideals. technology and civilization are mere tools to that end; they are imperfect, incomplete and disposable.

what a profound contrast to realize this small culture has no such talking-heads to sway their inter-personal connections.

and since WHEN did ANYONE on this forum become the spokesperson for this tribe as to whether they are seeking isolation or contact? reading most of these comments makes my head spin. seriously, get over your self-righteous opinions; you don't know this culture at all.

Posted by Leilani June 18, 08 08:27 PM

I absolutely agree with Leilani. And would like to add..... all of you who would say "leave them be" without even knowing a thing about what they seek, need, or have should be forced to live in a grass hut under a freeway over pass with none of the advancements made in medicine and technology. How awful of you to offhandedly suggest that progress should be limited to them alone. Let them choose. I mean... these are human beings.... not a newly discovered bacteria or species of animal. They would obviously be capable of understanding and choosing. Maybe you would like to put a fence around them so nothing can get in or out..... sheesh

Posted by Bass June 20, 08 04:43 PM

Does anyone know where the exact coordinates of the camps of these uncontacted people are? I would like to see them on Google Earth, just to get a sense of how close other settlements are and what the state of the rain forest around them is like...

By the way, these people should be left alone until they themselves choose otherwise. If they truly want contact, I'm sure they have scouted the jungle deep enough to know where the nearest "white" settlements are. They would have at least visited them at night or something. The fact that they're pointing arrows at us means "leave us alone"!

Posted by DenialOfService June 21, 08 06:20 AM

In my wildest imagination, those pictures of the so called UNCONTACTED TRIBES seems not true.I believe in their long years in the jungle they have HISTORY passed on by their ancestors from one generation to another.Moving from place to place inside the jungle means that they are aware o f others existence.They have language, system in survival, etc., they are creatures that made them adapt with the life in the forest.I am sure they talk and asking how to mingle and how to adopt others tribe ways of life.Who knows they think of us like other tribes just few kilometers away.
Why not the government of Brazil form a commission to help those tribes.Careful studies will help us to come closer to them and will learn more about them and vice versa.Let say...send group of misionaries, bring them the tools like shovels, picks, rakes,varieties of fruit seeds and vegetables,.... they need hem to survive in the jungle if they dont want to move closer to our so called civilized society,Easier said than done but if we really want them to survive we should share to them the BENEFIT of every inventions ever made for us be they simple or technical.There is nothing funny about them, they deserve help.Remember hundreds of TRIBES are existing in deep jungle of Amazon that needs help, those pictured were only but few.

Posted by LEO D. LUNDANG June 23, 08 07:42 AM

Thats really scary!!
Im pretty scared to sleep at night now.

Posted by Ashley<33 June 23, 08 01:20 PM

Do their huts have WI-FI?

Posted by Bill Gates June 23, 08 10:43 PM

I'd like to see the Verizon guy walk through there.

Posted by Troy June 24, 08 01:40 AM

just remind me a song named "Earth song". check it out!

Posted by sam ford June 24, 08 03:35 AM

you people are all nuts.
instead of focusing on the pictures you become bitter and comment on your comments and all kind of bs, i even saw someone that mentioned 9-11, and american education, wth?

Posted by tards June 24, 08 06:13 AM

Oh life would be so simple; no 50+ hours at the office, no paying taxes, no two hour round trip to work.
These people may not be the most fortunate compared to some but to some they have the "life"!

Posted by Jonathan of Atlanta June 24, 08 06:59 AM

Read about the HOAX! It's not true, afterall!

Posted by Indiana reader June 24, 08 07:51 AM

the red ones have a low power left, i think the black one is there head leader he has still full power.

Posted by haya June 24, 08 07:52 AM

This whole thing was a hoax. Check it out here:

Posted by Hoaxy June 24, 08 09:19 AM

We should give them education, manners and home.

Posted by h_E_l_3_N June 24, 08 09:26 AM

I am disgusted at the comments made by some of you! It is amazing that "we" claim to be such a great country but yet we make fun of what "we" know nothing about. Don't kid yourself-----you are no more "civilized" then whatever notiion you have about them!

Posted by jenny June 24, 08 09:38 AM

I am horrified that someone would suggest throwing a Coke down there. How can you be so insensitive?
We can't have Western Society infecting this untainted culture with obesity!!!

Better to throw a Diet Coke.

Get off your high horses and grow a sense of humor. Until then I'll keep drinking.
Comment on the pictures, not the comments.

Posted by Neil the Scouser June 24, 08 10:31 AM

wow! i think some ppl should just go there and invade the tribe.... its time they get with the program

Posted by Ed June 24, 08 01:16 PM

#151, didn't you just do the opposite of what you said. you just commented on a comment. Why don't you do yourself a favor and read ALL of the comments, and realize that about 10 people before me have stated that the "COKE" comment was not an insult, rather a reference from a very informative movie about civilization called, "The Gods Must Be Crazy". EVERYONE PLEASE LEAVE THE COKE COMMENT ALONE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS REFERRING TO! You're making yourself look silly.

Posted by bueller June 24, 08 01:49 PM

How about that coke comment? Eh....

It's really funny how everyone was getting so angry about making jokes about a thing that actually turned out to be a hoax made by a stupid environmentalist lying to "better portray the truth." Anyone ever read "The State of Fear."

NOTHING is too sacred to make jokes about. Getting offended is the dumbest of all human emotion. Being offended equals being uptight and conservative. For all of you offended liberals making comments up above, you look as dumb as conservatives. Do yourselves all a favor and learn to laugh and vote Libertarian.

Posted by kyle hyde June 24, 08 04:21 PM

This comment is directed at all you people who are saying things like "we're the savages, they're the smart ones" and posters like #23. The "honorable savage" stereotype is disgusting and the most inaccurate mindset possible. Stop romanticizing people seen in these photos. They are known to war with other tribes... when was the last time you killed your neighbors? Computer-using civilizations are materialistic and debased in many ways, but do you reach for a shotgun and grenades when some people from the next town over drive through?

The lives of people in those photos are full of happiness, sadness, disappointment, pride, drama, difficulty, and love, JUST like ours. Just with much, much more violence.

Posted by Mike H. June 24, 08 06:24 PM

At our prayer meeting today something was shared that I had to come home and search just to see if by chance I might find what had been seen.
I don’t know what it is about the Amazon Basin, The End of The Spear, Mincyea and all the Lord does in that area but I had to try to find the sight.
As the Lord had it, first try out and first sight on the search resulted in the sight. Becky never even mentioned the website she had been to. She only mentioned what one of the pictures looked like.
It grabbed me real hard. It hurt. I wanted to do something. I felt deep heartache and sorrow for the lostness.

Is that my Congo? My heart connects. There is so much compassion.
I’m a mess right now.

The garbage commentary was such trash heap of banter compare to the remote separation and yet possible “sinners” ignorance those people in the forest might stand by way of saving grace as the rocks declare the glory of a living God who gave His only Son, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance and live eternally.
When trees are no more, the grass fade, and the flowers wither the Word of God will stand forever, then and only then will every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. He alone lives. He alone has conquered the grave. There they are, people just like you and I once were. People that make wrong choices suffer the consequences and cry out for justice all the while complaining because things are not fair. What the soul longs for is justice because there is a just God that will settle all accounts. He has settles our penalty of wrong having done nothing Himself. How fair was that for Him?

Do those people know that? Do you?
I’m glad God is not fair, were that the case, it would be up to be a completely imperfect person to undo everything I ever did wrong.
God pardons at His expense. I am blessed by accepting the gift of life He grants if only I will choose to trust Him with my life.
Do these people know that? Do you?

It seems to me with all the commentary of what to do with unreached people groups the obvious has been missed.
All I read is commentary on what someone should do or not do have I missed the questions?
That to me seems the obvious; not what someone should do… rather what did you see?
What will you do?
There is a reason for these photos, there is a reason for these words. Every moment has its opportunity to impact eternity.
How will you use it?
This is my moment, these are my questions are you really any different than the person in the picture?
Is your spear raised to a God watching you whom you will not let near?
Was it really about a plane?

More than Conqueror in Christ Jesus!

Posted by V A Davis June 24, 08 10:52 PM

To #156, V A Davis,
I respect your stance and your enthusiasm to seize the moment for Christ here. But I think you took this one over the top. Please don't let your emotions get the best of you here, and think also with your mind. I too am a devout Christian, however if you read all of the comments and not just the ones that move you to preach, you will see that 1) the coke comments (or in your words, the "garbage commentary") was not a degrading comment towards these people, please see the other comments that say this was a reference to an informative movie. Learn to laugh. and 2) This story was not 100% true in the sense of them being "uncontacted". A few comments point to the real story (whether it was a hoax or not). These people have been in contact with civilization, but have chose to still live this way. Who are we to choose how they live? I gather from your comments that you intend to do something about this so-called tribe. Why? Why intervene? Do you not think God will take care of the situation?

I realize you just came from a highly spiritual experience like a prayer meeting, but please don't think you have to take everything to the extreme and change the world now. Learn to laugh a little.

Posted by bueller929 June 25, 08 09:46 AM

Wow, it's so fascinating how they attack the plane as it flies over. And a couple of them ARE actually red and black. The red seems like it could be paint, and is still close to the color of the others, but what's up with the black? How odd.

And V.A. Davis, stop it. You are the deluded one. I do not doubt there is something that exists beyond our current world, but your personified God, an figure in the sky who acts with regard to his creation humanity, is not it. Figure out why it is you feel a need to believe in an "other" that will take care of and save you, and then dismantle the insecurities that led to it. Then you'll see you have only your own integrity to rely on.

Posted by kicklecubicle June 25, 08 03:57 PM

amazing. LET THEM BE

Posted by LIKOYRGOS June 27, 08 06:36 AM
Posted by rory July 2, 08 03:27 AM

wow this is amazing i never knew there were tribes still in the world that were unknown and didnt know what the world aroud them was like...they should be left in peace to live how they want its there tradition and i think its spectacular the rainforests must be saved!!

Posted by leearna July 2, 08 04:34 PM

So many comments bourne of the worst kind of ignornance on this board before the hoax was claimed.A shocking statistic that speaks for itself ... well done to the hoaxter I say

Posted by Rob July 5, 08 04:07 PM

To all the people who are glamorizing and idolizing so-called "primitive" cultures while bashing what is commonly known as "western" civilization: Who are you arguing against? Why are you assuming someone is trying to assimilate these people to western culture? Per the AP....

"The photos were taken to prove to the Peruvian government that the Brazilian tribe exists because there have been challenges controlling illegal logging near the border and the logging might be pushing Peruvian tribes into Brazil and into conflict over resources with Brazilian tribes, Watson said."

Also - don't assume the stupid comments are from Americans just because this blog is hosted by an American median company. America produces a large volume of high-quality media, that doesn't mean all the people consuming the media are from America!

The issue here is that illegal logging may harm the local environment of these people and potentially cause a decrease in fertility rates.

Posted by bren July 6, 08 01:34 AM

I really like this blog, but I think the comments section falls on the lower end of the intelligence scale. Most blogs carry two types of comments:

1 - Comments written after investigating the noted references or performing a quick web search of the issue/topic. This takes about 3 minutes.

2 - Comments based on the emotional reaction and pre-disposed opinion of the reader.

While I thoroughly enjoy it, the format of this blog seems to lend itself to the latter type of commenting.

And I would definitely throw a coke bottle out the window (if you've made it this far into the comments without navigating to IMDB or Google to understand what this means, then you probably already posted a #1 type comment so screw you)

Posted by bren July 6, 08 01:46 AM

" # 11 )Leave them alone, they are far better off then if they adapted to our so called civilization.
Posted by Rich June 5, 08 10:00 AM "

This is the best comment i read in this whole bunch of cr* all are so uncivilized that you think that the world is all about your little iPod and laptop....don't get me wrong i have those too but at least i respect their culture whatever it think it's funny how they look at a should have seen our faces when we first saw something called a laptop or an iPod or an iPhone...for them they think they are living alone...what if aliens came from other planets and watched us from above....wouldn't we point our cannons and M16 to them?!?!..and trust me they are happier, more peaceful, calmer, and definitely live a lot longer than anyone of us living in this huge cage called the city.......

Posted by Bassel July 12, 08 06:30 AM

I think people ought to recognise that they're people in the world who are not infected with TV dinners, air condition, war, pain and hatred. The tribe in this picture are happy as they are, who are we to infect them with our ways.... our fast moving ways. I hope no one will try to go in and destroy their way of life and culture , or even take their wealth, whatever it may be. The affluent in society love to do that. So if anyone reads this remember they are also men and women GOD created, and if no one is willing to help, or love them for who they are then...... PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO READ THIS , LEAVE THEM ALONE..... They too need privacy...

Posted by AudmayLea July 16, 08 09:56 AM

they live… and a probably a very nice live… money break that… the truth is like that ;)… free mind… free live… the last beauty of this world is at this place… not in our countrys.

Posted by lionel from france July 16, 08 06:04 PM

Can you imagine how scary that must have been for them? Some strange, loud, shiny thing flying through the air.

Posted by Sandra July 19, 08 05:07 PM

in fact, there is a rumor that the govenment knows about them since 1903. Just havent photographed them, until that day.

By the way, I´m from Brazil.

Posted by Claudio July 23, 08 12:47 PM

I would hope these people are not taken from the jungle for their "protection". Native peoples have never been successfuly introduced into society in South America, or anywhere else for that matter. I truely hope they fight to their last drop of blood to keep their way of life. It may seem harsh but, it would be a far better death than dying of some simple flu or cold because you have never encountered such a disease in your peoples history. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Posted by Joshua July 24, 08 03:00 PM

All I can say is that I hope globalisation never ever reaches them...

Posted by Jones Timmothy July 30, 08 08:11 AM

I think we're doing something wrong here...

We are taking the joking and gags too personally, too reactively, instead of having some humor about the situation and comment in a reasonable way. I mean, wouldn't it be better if , instead of saying "how immature these Americans that view this blog and comment are", or "LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU SO-CALLED CIVILIZED ONES", and that sort of things, we just comment our ideas freely, thinking about what other fellows say, respond to their comments if we want to, but not insulting or provoking them? Because what we do with that is to only stir the air and cause the relation between us to disrupt.

I know these tribal people are better without us, or maybe not. You can't definitively tell. I mean, maybe that’s your idea, or that’s other ones idea. But what you cannot do is to react that way to others’ thinking, because that in fact demonstrates a lack of temperance and manners, and most importantly, denotes lack of civilization, or whatever.

Posted by Albert August 1, 08 09:37 PM

I am not some powerful supreme being that knows one way or the other what the result would be if the people photographed were, for example, given some labour saving tools and/or communication kit. I don't know if this was a hoax or not - although it all did look like a scene from a movie. Perhaps because movies are like reality? It's ok, I know they may not be, so no lecture please!

Maybe it is non PC, but what if women and girl kids are living primitive lives with no power over their own destiny? Are we supposed to take reponsibility for libeating them? What if they were poor families in UK or US? There are very many people living deprived lives, so should we just leave them to beat wives and kids, using all the welfare money for booze and fags? Just hope someone replies.

Posted by lizzie August 3, 08 03:59 PM

#122, haha tango men lol
#124 haha guns n roses lol classic
#142 "can you hear me now?" lol
#127 lol the playstation part was funny!!!

all these are # are funny if you havent gotten a chance to read them, hilarious!!! nice people!!! haha
Laura -#125 you rock, point heard-point understood. now if we can get the rest to listen right?
and for the record am not ignorant, i just have a sense of humor!

cause the truth is that the people who ARE talking seriously, have very valid points--JUST LET THEM BE...

Posted by yourmom August 10, 08 04:12 PM

They like the way they are used to so why not leave them free...............

Posted by Namil August 11, 08 08:59 AM

that guys is look at us ha ha they are searching others without knowing thierown

Posted by rashhed August 12, 08 04:27 AM

If you don't give them chance to educate their kids, civilization will kill them sooner or later.

Posted by Lubasha August 15, 08 02:57 AM

If you don't give them chance to educate their kids, civilization will kill them sooner or later.

Posted by Lubasha August 15, 08 06:13 AM

You can tell their social status by their color. Did you notice all the red ones are the aggressive ones, aiming their weapons and shooting. The orange ones have weapons but aren't as aggressive, just holding the weapons...some aiming. The black ones are unarmed, just standing around.

Posted by Anonymous August 27, 08 11:52 AM

They have to be converted to Christians and taught our capitalist & democratic way! Otherwise they could become part of axis of evil...

Posted by European August 30, 08 05:59 PM

how interesting..... For those guys, the plane was mere a gigantic fly trying to harm them.... and when its gone they are saved...

These guys are one of the hot talk of the blogs, and thier pictures are all around the world. and they doesn't know this ...............

Really interesting ....

Posted by Sudha Sankar September 2, 08 05:37 AM

i think the pictures r amazing. but u guys neeed to realize that they just need to be left alone. and i dont think this was a hoax. i think the guy that discovered them truly didnt know they existed til then and didnt know they had already been "discovered" by somebody else. so CHILL!!!!

Posted by Alicia September 2, 08 01:19 PM

I can't believe that some of you automatically assume that they're cannibals. Don't be so closed minded. I wonder what life for them is like.... If we did contact them, imagine how that would feel-learning about this crazy globalized world going on around them...

Posted by alec September 3, 08 11:45 AM

What this uncontacted tribe needs is Jesus, not civilization or isolation. If they are like the other tribes in the Amazon Basin, they live in constant fear because of their Animistic religions. If only they could HEAR and understand John 3:16.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life."
These pictures have definitely sparked my prayer for them and the other uncontacted tribes that do not know the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Posted by KP September 5, 08 10:47 AM

#184, your jesuit statement implying forced christianity disgusts me.

Broaden your horizons; what you need is an account that does not depend on any particular conception of the good, that does not presuppose the superiority of one way of life over others, this goes the same for belief systems. Only a justification neutral among ends could preserve the resolve not to favor any particular ends or to impose on a culture a preferred way of life. But what sort of justification could this be? How is it possible to affirm certain liberties and rights as fundamental without embracing some vision of the good life, without endorsing some ends over others? What's to say your perception of religion as any better than these people? Of course YOU have been appointed by God to save the 'barbaric cultures' of the world. Look to the transcendent force that you ascribe to and tell me why would a benevelent god be condemning these people to hell since the beggining of time, waiting for a missionary of 'your' status to save them from damnation?

It was your type of thought that was the leading factor to destruction of grand civilizations such as the Aztecs. This civilization may well fade from existance under your 'west is the best' exposure. Your ignorance knows no bounds...

Posted by DB September 15, 08 12:32 AM

The helicopter is terrorizing these people, plain and simple.

So many comments from adolescent-level immaturity and tiny minds. To think it's anyone's "right" to just walk in there and change things parallels the kind of thinking that allows a person to walk up onto your carport and steal your car, but that wouldn't be funny at all, would it?

Posted by Mary Keel September 15, 08 07:05 PM

Some people are so eager to scream out "leave those people alone", and some people are crazy enough to say that we are "terrorizing these people". I will take a crazy guess that majority of the comments left here were by people that leave in North America and those that are not should be able to figure out what I'm saying anyways...

SO, my question is this. Has it ever occured to any of you, that if Columbus left us "savages" alone when he arived in AmericaIt's a nat on his big ship, that probably looked as bizzar to our ancestors as the helicopter does to this tribe, YOU would NOT be sitting in front of a computer screen, voicing some stupid opinion like "Don't you think these people would contact us if they wanted to be bothered?"

It's a natural progression of life and why wouldn't you contact tribes like this? I'm certain that there is plenty we can teach each other. The argument of keeping their culture and so on, of course, but not because they choose to, because they just don't know any better!!! If you saw this picture on your computer, while eating a microwave dinner, watching TV, updating your iPod, and texting someone from the letest model blackberry; and than said screw this, I want to live like these people, you paint yourself red and go join them in the jungle, THAN yes, you chose to be that way, but until than that's the only way they know and they probably pray every day to their God to show them a way to EASIER life.

Posted by Vadya September 19, 08 09:05 PM

Like most tribes, they probably have the most fulfilling life possible and are in contact with God, and live WITH God, so if they have been praying for an easy way of life for all this time, and they are that connected with Earth, I am sure they have exactly what they want. We killed most of the natives everywhere else, and call other cultures primative. Look at us? We are committing suicide. Whether we do it slowly, or just get right to the point, if you look at our society you will see that as a whole, we have a serious mental problem, were diseased, we're in denial of ourselves living. Just living as human beings, having a close relationship that all that surrounds us, and would protect us if we asked. Who cares about rituals they have, even if they do involve sacrifice. That is there own fucking business. That's why they are still sustaining a life they know, even now, in all the madness of the world. We have the same attitude as when we killed 90% of the natives in Norh America....and people are talking about evolving? Who needs technology, something so primitive, when shamans of tribes can speak directly with higher beings without any cell phone or computer. The possibilites are endless, and if we focused our minds on being the creative beings we are, there would probably be a big bang inside each and every one of us over night.

Posted by megan September 21, 08 02:26 PM

Amazônia e póvos indigenas pédem socôrro, urgente urgente, parem de desmatar,ganância não vai nos levar a caminho algum Help to amazon please

Posted by cacildo gimenez September 24, 08 10:05 PM

Leave God where he is, and these people where they are. Keep the tree cutters away, and all the helicopters of the world too, with the people in them as well, whatever good intentions they have... I think that what these "primitive" might meet is not God, but preachers who will have no better idea than put on them bras and shorts... This way they will look like true children of God, won't they? Next come the burning of cultural items, or rather their collecting for high prized auction sales (missions must be self sufficient, or maybe preachers accounts!). And then the tribe will be "reserved" from the outside and hostile world, parked on a ever shrinking territory, and they will prosper in such a wonderful world... Before taking care of these people, let's take a good and better care of similar "natives" in other parts of the world; ie in Asia, Africa and Americas... maybe on our doorstep too.

Posted by DABURON JeanMarie October 2, 08 03:38 AM

Agree with DABURON and megan, although I don't believe in Gods and higher beings. We should leave them alone. It just might happen that we are the on the brink of total collapse. There is nothing sustainable in the way we live. And from that perspective we can learn much more from them than we can give to them. Some people say we should give them choice. Bud did they ask themselves if we have any choice? I would pick a much more sustainable way of life but I actually have very limited options of doing so...

Posted by Jernej October 9, 08 07:16 PM

woooow sh*t it must be scary to be them and watch that helicopter pass by.

they must believe it's from a different planet, from a different time, maybe even believe that we contain any answers! maybe that we created them or want to use them! it must be like us observing an UFO. would we want the UFO to land and to explain something to us using intelligent communication? I would, if it came with peace.

but knowing history, greater civilizations never greet people like these with kindness or good intentions.

leave them.

:( that's so sad- they'll never find out.

Posted by nemo October 14, 08 10:54 AM

The Amazon Basin rain forest will be lost in 40 yrs, these jungle civilizations become dependent once they are contacted, they have no immunity to flu, small pox, chicken pox.... they also live in a very primative way...they color themselves red to ward off death and evil spirits, they have black magic or witch doctors, some of the tribes have slaves they capture on raids to other tribes, they still kill each other, at one time they used to put the heads of their conquered on poles in their huts. They live in fear if anything.... look how they reacted to an airplane comming to close. Saving the forest will save their way of life.

Posted by Hey There November 9, 08 01:36 AM

In response to DB, # 185…
Perhaps I am ignorant, but may I presume to say that you believe there is no way for one person to tell another that something is right or wrong, in cultural and moral matters. To me, the crux of your argument breaks down to moral absolutes. In “Neutral justification”, you are taking out all standards of right and wrong. In answer to this view, let me pose a question. Did the 9/11 hijackers do right when they killed hundreds of people? They sure thought it was. That was a right and noble act in their belief system. But was it right? No, you say (Or yes. To that, I would ask you if you would think it was right for someone to kill your entire family because they thought it was right.). There ARE moral absolutes of right and wrong, and though I agree that no one should ever be forced to take on another belief system, I do believe they should be given the chance to decide for themselves.
I do not suppose to say that our American way of life is superior to that of the un-contacted tribes of the Amazon. In some ways, I am sure they have a better, simpler life. But as # 193 stated, they do live in fear, which in our culture is not a very relevant part of life. We may worry, but never live in real fear. Spirits control everything in their lifestyle and belief system.
I do not ascertain that someone of ‘my’ status would ever be able to make a difference in anyone’s life. I am just as sinful as those who kill, and I too would be condemned to hell if it were not for the fact that God reached out to mankind and sent a redeemer. Mankind as a whole is sinful, beyond anything in us that would ever try to be good. It is because God reached out to US that we have hope of eternal life. It is up to us to receive the forgiveness of sins and a right standing with God. This belief system has been linked to western culture, but honestly, this all began in Israel over 2000 years ago.
I would also ask that you broaden your own horizons in considering that there are absolutes, and please understand that I am not out to ruin un-contacted civilizations.

Posted by Anonymous November 18, 08 10:21 PM

#126 Buffalo Hunt, um no, research your take on history first please.

Everyone else needs to:
Learn the definition of a TROLL

Posted by Tyler Webb November 19, 08 01:22 AM

Wow, this is incredible.

Posted by Jenson November 23, 08 09:12 PM

You could understand their fear, if these tribes have never made contact with other people but themselves, then they have no idea how to react but with fear and to protect their families. Most of these tribes choose to live un-contacted for many reasons; some could be because they don’t want outside influences to reflect how they live their lives. Some just do not have the resources to become part of society.
We as human beings speak such judgmental words without even knowing the true background of these tribes, we assume to know why they live in isolation, and think of them as nothing but animals, But we must look past what we see on the outside and think of the real reasons why these people live like they do, something has made them feel as if they can not trust the outside civilization, thus they have there own, and choose to keep it that way. I think the people who choose to judge these tribes so much should take a step back, and look at the whole picture, and realize these are people just like you and me.

Posted by Ashley December 3, 08 03:57 PM

This whole thing is a great study of humanity. First, of course, the pictures. Then the comments left. Its sort of interesting how most of the people here truly believe they know what is right for these people, yet know nothing about them. Also interesting is how diverse the comments are. Dull to Humorous, ignorant then brilliant. I love it.
All from a few pictures.

Posted by Darin December 5, 08 01:14 AM

I am so thrilled to know there are still some isolated human tribes in the world and i hope they will remain that way. The movie "The God's Must Be Crazy" was mentioned in other comments, the movie in fact shows a tribe in the Kalahari desert in Africa that was isolated until a bunch of anthropologists dropped on them, as well as a big Hollywood studio (this is not the plot of the movie this is actual facts) if you compare their original traditions to the ones they acquired from their contact with the outside world, i would definitely rather they have stayed isolated. Other comments were saying maybe those tribes sacrifice, rape, ...etc you don't know that and we shouldn't go bug them to find out either.

Posted by Ali December 11, 08 07:16 PM

lol, some of you guys are insane. absolutely, clinically, mentally insane.

they are just a bunch of organisms, like the rest of us, existing in this reality, like the rest of us. there's nothing to discuss. we're all doing our own thing, end of story.

who cares if they are doing it different to you or I? EVERYONE IS!! and guess what? no one cares less how i do it, and i don't care how you do it. we all just do it because we are made of stuff which does stuff.

Posted by nich December 21, 08 07:14 AM

haha all of you peoples' comments are hilarious.

yeah it IS bizarre that there are people out there that aren't aware of everything else going on in the world, but don't be so vain as to think that makes their world any less real.

Posted by katie December 22, 08 03:38 PM

They should bring the people on a world tour to open their eyes to what they are missing. It seems unfair that there are people with no hope of prosperity. The worst part is they don't even know that they're hopeless.
Their forest is being sold for timber and they don't get a cut. That's just wrong.

Posted by Brittaney January 1, 09 03:54 PM

@ 200

exactly my man.
the things alot of people are thinking on this board are just absolutely mental.

Posted by Inti January 7, 09 01:23 AM

It's a HOAX people.

Cultures that don't adapt, don't survive. History of the world and a damn good one or we'd all be throwing spears at a tiny mammal for dinner.

Posted by Todd February 3, 09 10:08 AM

Wow, can you imagine what must have been going through their minds as they saw this monstrous, loud, strange object in the sky hovering above them?
I believe I'm going to have many a sleepless night just trying to digest the meaning of these images and the impact that this experience had on those people.
It could be compared to our obsession with UFO's, to a certain extent.

Posted by fatima February 4, 09 10:21 PM

i think that these tribesmen and women are the luckiest people on earth. they do not have to deal with the modern society which is all about money and what u have. these people are living history of what this world was and everyone can learn from them when they choose to comeout from hiding the reason they will not do so is for their own livelyhood. Would u come out from hiding if u knew the smallest flu could kill u? and i think that these people are way smarter than a lot of the people in the world now days. t.v , radio, and all the other technoligies have only made people dumber. these people are true survivers. i would like to see regular people go and try and live in the woods with the little that they have and survive through all these centruies. we should just let them be and hope that they live forever because they sare real. people are just not real anymore. it is all about glamoure but really, its not its about surviving and they survived thus far. and u think they have stress and worries that people have now days. they dont care the stock market is crap they just live life everyday trying to survive and eat. i wish i could escape debt and daily stress and live whwhere no one could contact me.

Posted by Bebs February 11, 09 02:43 PM

Hello, I am a Soldier.
I believe that modern war does a hell of a lot more damage than the backward fart battles that the red painted naked men could ever. So if they war against each other grab a camera and some pop-corn, chill out. Look the uninformed sister lovers lol jk. but hell they might have sexual relations with a toucan for all I know and care for. let them run, let them kill, let them die. they are no threat to us, and they have nothing worth taking. No need to try and "educate them , hell I rather like them the way they are. Oh and the naked balck guys they are obviously female trust me I spent many lonely a night so when I see breast I drool. in those pics not so much but you get the idea. hey they could very well rape women and children, have blood letting parties "It is OKAY!" let them do it. It's normal. it happens. you might try to go down there and do something and "BAM!" they all drop like flies just because youre disease carrying arse go over there "just trying to help" but if that is your intention then do it whatever...

Posted by Anonymous February 12, 09 02:17 AM

What if they are making weapons of mass destruction! Someone ought to check it out LOL!

Posted by AluQeema February 22, 09 04:23 AM

first of all, if they were sacraficing ppl ( which is horrible) it wouldnt be any of our business. we need to leave other countries and other different places alone, thats how we gain enemies and start un-neccesary drama and wars. i like how ppl are worried about other continents but if that specific continent or place does not need our help, then we have no business interupting what they do. what if one country came to america and saw how bad the economy was and all these foreclosures and they decided to act upon it. how they decide to act upon it i dont know, but they still have no business in what our government is doing. PERIOD!

Posted by Jazmine Moore February 24, 09 02:14 PM

Those of you who are making jokes and stupid comments GROW UP.

These people have survived for centuries without modern technologies and have not bothered anyone LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LET THEM BE.

Posted by sierrarebecca March 2, 09 02:02 PM

Can we send some drones in there to check out these folks, Discovery channel needs to tie up with US Army.

Posted by Brahmin April 6, 09 06:43 AM

I would just like to say it just makes me wonder what if. nothing else no jugement either way just what if.

Posted by coconut April 21, 09 07:59 PM

#120 stop being pompous. #156 your god isnt real

Posted by anon September 27, 09 11:08 AM

We must leave these people completely and utterly untouched.

Let's not repeat the mistakes of the well-intentioned missionaries - and the less well-intentioned exploiters - down through history.

Posted by Bruce October 26, 09 01:06 AM

Hehe, maybe this is it, how Aliens think about our civilization :D

Posted by Fred October 31, 09 02:01 PM

They paint themselves to show their status? That would be so cool in an age of empires game. Base it on the idea all humans go extinct except this tribe and start the game from there.

Posted by slamdunked December 9, 09 12:08 AM

I don't think this person who talked about hating americans does hate americans, but you should know that yes, there are lots of people around the world who do -I am not one of them- and you are right, they don't know common american people, neither do I, it's just that your goverments have come all around the world to make us in other countries live the way it's better for their interests, but not your interest, you people, but powerful people's. I mean, since the 60s your goverments have sent thousands of men to wars where you people get nothing but death, loath, illnesses, solitude and madness, and when soldiers come back they usually can't get a f*cking job... I mean, the problem is not american people, it works just like in any other place, the difference is that your country is the most powerful one...

Oh and to end ('cause this has nothing to do with the pictures) I'd like to say that I really don't like calling people from the US "americans", because those amazonic people and me, from Uruguay, are americans as well. America is a continent, not a country. It'd be cool if you change that one day :)

Posted by Renata December 16, 09 09:45 AM


They are calling all the men to get ready for war... The woman and children will be hidden... they are afraid... actually terrified... Many of them haven't seen a plane before, but some have... They are crying out in terror... Some of them think its the end of the world... This is the most fear they have experience besides the forest burning or a tribal wars... They are moving deeper into the jungle away form the open sky...

Posted by PTOLOMY February 5, 10 01:05 PM

This is so cool! I guess I always have this sense that we know everyone in the world by now, but this is so neat! I wonder if we could ever get a group of missionaries out there to show them how un-evil we are.

Posted by Alicia Evans May 12, 10 09:32 AM

I think that it is amazing !! Imagine what they knowww that we dont ! But I think that we should leave them alone x

Posted by Megan Wright June 15, 10 06:59 AM

should be more respectful of peoples, respect their space

Posted by Lucius July 10, 10 01:40 PM

If you're going to throw something down to them, I'll bet they would love some really soft toilet paper.

Posted by Peter Forsythe August 8, 10 02:33 PM

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Big Picture is my new favorite photo site:)

Posted by Bettsy Mitchell August 22, 10 01:15 AM

there's only one painted in black, Im gonna assume that hes like the leader or something, and where's the machetti?

Posted by Roxie October 18, 10 02:55 AM


Posted by margarita December 6, 10 10:23 PM

Can't believe "Michael" dumping on Native Americans in the north. For his information, they lived in harmony with the buffalo for centuries. The hundreds - make that thousands, maybe millions - of abandoned rotting carcases were shot by the white settlers, who almost drove the buffalo to extinction, as they did with the passenger pigeon. And to say "cannibal?" Nonsense..

Posted by jzernitz February 2, 11 03:13 AM

We must communicate with them.

Posted by Raghunath Dhungel February 2, 11 05:49 AM

I think its awesome...They may have it tough surving but I bet they dont suffer from depression of seeing what all the stupid people do all over the world all the time and they dont know of the wars and all the good people we lose everyday from it. You dont miss what you never had so let them be and enjoy and good life instead of one trampled with bad news reports everyday of peoples stupidity!!

Posted by my own name February 2, 11 11:22 AM

we all need to respect their lives and how they live. they are very intelligent people they require little to live on 95% of the people outtheir had to live like they do would die. they know how to live off the land. thye have no hard econnomice times only the life problems we all have,

Posted by charles February 2, 11 11:30 AM

why can't we try and help to identify these people? they have not had the opportunity to see what civilization is all about. we are condeming them without trying to help them survive.

Posted by ed February 2, 11 11:31 AM

Its easy to be sarcastic about this but they are people just like you and me. Just put in a more intense situation, they would be civilized....IF they where born into civilization!

Posted by Matt February 2, 11 11:33 AM

A glimps of life pure, nature and free... we could only hope for that.. we are nothing but spoiled,ungratful bastards.

Posted by Sue February 2, 11 11:33 AM

I really do appreciate seeing photo's such as this. It most likely depicts a
life devoid of hatred of other people before we began sticking our snouts
into the liives of peoples heretofore unbeknownst to us. I sincerely hope that these photo's will be the last of our intrusion into their world, and it is
THEIR WORLD. NOT OURS!! We as a society have a sordid past and
present of being where we do not need to be. Take our native peoples for
instance. Take the Muslim world for another.

Posted by beejay February 2, 11 11:41 AM

#120 What are you talking about?? American's are forced everyday to see the ways of other cultures... it's thrown in our faces everyday of our lives because we are now outnumbered in our own land. Our entire way of life is influenced by people of other countries. Get a clue please.

Posted by NOT SURPRISED February 2, 11 11:45 AM

Leave them be..To each his own....

Posted by glenda February 2, 11 12:27 PM

You think the only people who are people...
Are the PEOPLE who look and think LIKE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

BUT if you walk the footsteps of a stranger,
You'll learn things, YOU NEVER KNEW, YOU NEVER KNEWWWW..



Posted by Anonymous February 2, 11 05:48 PM

Primitive, yet so advanced. Everything they have nature gave them, whereas we're synthetic, synthetic breasts, synthetic lips, synthetic medicine. Nice going white man. :\

And yes, leave the alone. It's obvious from the arrow throwing and pointing, they don't want any of our corruption. I don't blame them

Posted by BlogShag February 11, 11 03:06 AM

Just unbelievable

Posted by Adil February 27, 11 05:39 PM

If they have survive for so long, I wouldn't think that they need any of our help! Just let them be!

Posted by Jose March 9, 11 04:35 AM
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