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Beyond The Big Dig
About this project

What happens to the ribbon of land being created by the depression of the Central Artery may be the most important development decision to face Boston in a generation.

About the parcels

The focus of the Big Dig project has narrowed to the manufactured "land" that will soon cover the buried highway in Boston's downtown. While many decisions have been made about the future of this corridor, a few remaining parcels have inspired a long debate about the character, purpose, control, and management of these highly visible civic spaces.

Bulfinch Triangle: Blocks of new buildings will fill in a restored cluster of streets recalling a district laid out by Boston's first architect.
| Parcel 1 | Parcel 2 |

North End: Several parcels will be filled with mixed-use buildings complementary to Haymarket and the North End, along with structures to hide ramps and ventilation shafts, and provide parking.
| Parcel 6 | Parcel 7 | Parcel 8 |
| Parcel 9 | Parcel 10 | Parcel 11A |
| Parcel 11B | Parcel 12 |

Wharf District: Planners have eyed the area from Columbus Park to the Financial District as an opportunity to build new connections between the waterfront and the rest of the downtown.
| Parcel 14 | Parcel 15 | Parcel 16 |
| Parcel 17A | Parcel 17B | Parcel 18 |

20th Century Downtown: Three downtown parcels are slated for an ambitious plan by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society to create a world-class "garden under glass."
| Parcel 19 | Parcel 21 | Parcel 22 |

Chinatown/Leather District: This space will be an important neighborhood amenity for residents of Chinatown and the adjacent Leather District.
| Parcel 23D |

   PARCEL 1 Parcel 2 Parcel 6 Parcel 8 Parcel 7 Parcel 9 Parcel 10 Parcel 11A Parcel 11B Parcel 12 Parcel 16 Parcel 17A Parcel 14 Parcel 15 Parcel 17B Parcel 18 Parcel 19 Parcel 21 Parcel 22 Parcel 23D

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