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Faneuil Hall has, in large quantity, everything college students should avoid: Rip-offs, pickpockets and a cappella groups. (We kid!)
The truth is, a savvy student can mine this tourist trap for some good, cheap eats. First off, the Quincy Market Colonnade is a giant step above the food court at the Cambridgeside Galleria — no BK here.
Grab a jumbo frankfurter from the Dog House and then head off chowder shopping. Most seafood shacks permit you to sample their soup. Once you’ve selected one, ask for it in bread bowl, then head to the North End Bakery, grab a slice of chocolate cake and take your stash to the seaside — far away from the jumble of tourists, magicians and mimes.

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Ethiopian/Eritrean Any place you can eat moist and spicy lamb, beef tenderloin and crushed chick peas - with your hands - is fine by us. Check out Asmara (739 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 617-864-7447), near the clubs. Moroccan belly dancing, sausage tapas and a hooka - rock the Kasbah (59 Putnam St., Winthrop, 617-539-4484), even if it's a drive away.
Portuguese Chill at the laid-back, intimate O Cantinho (1128 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617-354-3443), a casual cafe that serves its steak with a fried egg on top.
Tibetan Try the delicious phikpee at rangzen (24 Pearl St., Cambridge, 617-354-8881) first - then we'll tell you what it is.
Vietnamese The meat soup, it's all about the meat soup, at To Chau (17 Beach St., Boston, 617-423-3934).

Boston Area: Night Owl Deliveries You're home, you're not moving, but you really, really want a Twix bar, a garden omelette and three Advil. Call Night Owl. They'll deliver almost anything till 12:30 a.m.
(617) 894-8294
Theater District: News Been a long night out? News is the perfect place to grab an early, early breakfast, with a diverse menu (pasta, burgers, steak tips) and a kitchen that's open until 5 a.m.
150 Kneeland St. | MBTA: Red Line to South Station. (617) 426-6397
Chinatown: Ginza Satisfy your late-night sushi cravings until 4 a.m.
16 Hudson St. MBTA: Orange Line to Chinatown. (617) 338-2261
South End: Franklin Cafe Serving up good 'ol American fare til 1:30 a.m. 278 Shawmut Ave. | MBTA: Orange Line to Back Bay. (617) 350-0010
Brighton: IHOP The ultimate in anytime dining. Breakfast lunch and dinner served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
1850 Soldier's Field Road. | MBTA: Bus #83. (617) 787-0533

South Boston: Barking Crab This outdoor haunt, right on the water, works that Jimmy Buffett vibe - walk in and they put a parrot on your shoulder and Corona in your hand (if you've got ID). Crab cakes and live music, too.
88 Sleeper St. MBTA: Red Line to South Station. Silver Line to Courthouse. (617) 426-CRAB
South Boston: No Name Fish chowder? Eaten next to actual fishermen? Come here. 15 Fish Pier. MBTA: Silver Line to World Trade Center. (617) 338-7539
Boston/Cambridge Summer Shack It's like the best-catered party ever. Where else can you eat buttery lobster while wearing a "lobster hat" with eyeballs and claws? 50 Dalton St., Boston. MBTA: Green Line to Hynes/ICA. (617) 867-9955
149 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge. MBTA: Red Line to Alewife. (617) 520-9500

Coffee. Pastry. Wireless net connection. You have needs. The following have the hook up:
Harvest Besides free net access, the café here has all the food you want - it's also an organic food co-op.
581 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. | MBTA: Red Line to Central. (617) 661-1580
Espresso Royale If Googling yourself doesn't keep you awake, the Robusta beans will.
Near BU at 736 Comm. Ave., Boston. | MBTA: Green B Line to BU Central. (617) 277-8737
Starbucks Chestnut Hill has an excellent connection, but check the Web site for many more. (Davis and Central Squares are also wired.)
1154-1160 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill. | MBTA: Green D Line to Chestnut Hill. (617) 738-6939

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Top of the Hub Because you need to eat brunch 52 floors above Boston. Because you'll never afford it on your own.
Prudential Center, Boston. | MBTA: Green Line to Prudential. (617) 536-1775
Rustic Kitchen Perfect for nearby Tufts or Harvard kids-plus-rents, this Italian restaurant (from an Irish cook?) makes pizza and pasta for those too good for the Olive Garden.
1815 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. | MBTA: Red Line to Porter. (617) 354-7766
Oleanna The chef of this Mediterranean hideaway (featuring lots of seafood and shellfish) just won a James Beard Award which, although it doesn't sound very appetizing, will probably impress your dad. It's worth a walk to Inman Square.
134 Hampshire St., Cambridge. | MBTA: Red Line to Central, then walk down Prospect Avenue. (617) 661-0505

Usually, it's hard to tell if an ethnic restaurant is "authentic," but in Chinatown, they all are. The hard part is finding out which doesn't suck. Take the Orange Line to Chinatown to try out:
Chau chow City Three floors, swarms of locals, live octopus in the supersized fish tank- it's gonna be OK. Just stick with the dim sum.
83 Essex St. (617) 338-8158
Ginza It made our Late Night eats list and rates here, too - the best Japanese food in Chinatown.
16 Hudson St. (617) 338-2261
Buddha's Delight All veg, all good.
50 Beach St. (617) 451-2395
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