Are you a fan of ABC's 'Lost'? Share your predictions for the show's finale.

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ABC's "Lost" is ending on May 23. What will happen during the show's finale? Share your predictions: How will the series wrap up? What will happen to each of the main characters? You can tell us face-to-face with the camera or even act out the final scene as you see it unfolding. Submit your two-minute (family-friendly) prediction video in the form below to be considered for a featured spot on

We'll consider your videos today through March 21, so send your videos now.

'Lost' (ABC/Mario Perez) A scene from ABC's "Lost."

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Here’s what we’re looking for:
  • A two-minute video sharing your predictions for the finale of ABC's "Lost." It can be a simple shot of you making your case directly to the camera, or something showing interaction with friends and relatives. That's all up to you. Feel free to be creative.
  • Keep it short – no more than 2 minutes max (100MB maximum)
  • Keep it clean – We have a diverse readership so please - no profanities, strong sexual content, violence, drinking, drugs, etc., etc., etc.

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