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Matthew Gilbert's TV-14

Matthew Gilbert's TV-14

Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert has rounded up 14 points of discussion in various categories. Why 14? Why not? Here are Gilbert's latest countdowns:

Decade's best TV moments

A look back at the best moments on scripted television in the past 10 years. Some were mind-blowing and some were iconic. All of them represent the peaks in a decade of superior writing and acting on TV.
Decade's best TV moments
Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal

Annoying characters

We all come across characters who get on our nerves and offend our personal tastes. Gilbert offers his top picks.

Top TV pilots

The creation of a strong pilot is an art form in itself - it's the art of opening a story, just as filming a series finale is about the art of closing a story.
Unforgettable dads

Unforgettable dads

Because the "best" dads came from the 1950s, here's a selection of the most memorable fathers, for good and for ill, past and present.
Crazy TV moms

TV's crazy moms

There are quite a few crazy mothers in our TV history. Here's a list of moms – from both comedies and dramas – who aren't exactly Disneyesque.
'Star Trek'

Time warp TV

TV writers have often invented their own rules regarding chronology and the relationship between the past, the present, and the future.
Holiday TV specials

Holidays on TV

Though these episodes can be hokey and emotionally manipulative, as they evoke the bittersweet emotions of the season, we love them.
The Brady Bunch

Top title sequences

Here are 14 of TV's best title sequences, based not just on the songs, but on the total package — sound, imagery, and tone.
'Beavis and Butt-head'


TV's straight men have become far more overt — at times, comically so — about their attractions and bonds to other men.
Mia Wasikowska on 'In Treatment'

Emmy shame edition

In honor of the 60th annual ceremony (which aired on Sept. 21), it's time to look back at some members of the Emmy Snub Hall of Fame.

Strong season finales

Here are 14 classic season finales — no series finales included — that left Matthew Gilbert reeling.
Jump the shark

Jump the shark

There are countless ways a show can jump the shark and turn bad. And when good shows go bad, there's usually no stopping their decline.
Memorable TV therapists

Memorable therapists

Alas, therapy can be really boring. Unless it's on TV, and then it can be crazy, funny, scary, and dramatic.
'Arrested Development'

Top rescue fantasies

Here's Matthew Gilbert's list of the top 14 shows that should have been saved from early death.

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