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Matthew Gilbert talked 2007 Emmy nominations

Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert was online Thursday, July 19, at noon to chat with you about this year's Emmy nominations.

What did Gilbert think of the nods?

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Matthew_Gilbert: Greetings.
Corey3rd__Guest_: so did the Wire get shafted again?
Matthew_Gilbert: Because it's too good, Corey. Seriously, the show is just so real and complicated and realistically acted that I think Emmy voters just can't deal with it. Alas.
Greg__Guest_: I kind of get the feeling that this is the year of The Sopranos and Ugly Betty. Despite the fact that it should belong to Lost and 30 Rock.
Matthew_Gilbert: I kind of agree with you, Greg. Ugly Betty is the crowd pleaser. 30 Rock could use the wins more, since it's starving for viewers. Oh well.
Greg__Guest_: We keep complaining and complaining about the emmys being a crock, yet we anxiously await the nominations and watch the show every year...
Matthew_Gilbert: Oh yeah, baby. We love to hate!
cdog__Guest_: AS excited as I am for Dennis Leary I cannot undersatnd why Rescue ME didnt get nominated. Shows like Ugly Betty and House are cookie cutter shows and dull as dishwater. Whats wrong with America? Why do they watch crap like that?
Matthew_Gilbert: I hear you, kind of. Rescue Me is great, although House is more than cookie cutter, if you watch it. Hugh Laurie transforms the show into a crazy in-your-face character study, kind of like Denis Leary on Rescue Me.
Matthew_Gilbert: Anything that's too dark, like the Wire or Rescue Me, often struggles when it comes to the Emmys. The Voters don't want to celebrate anything that's just too disturbing. Sad but true, and often true for the OScars, too.
matty__Guest_: Matt - where was Tina Fey's nomination? They nominate 2 different actresses on one show that are only on part time??? What gives??
Matthew_Gilbert: Tina Fey was nominated, Matty dear. SOMEONE wasn't doing his/her homework.
rose__Guest_: How coudl they nominate Two and a Half Men over How I Met Your Mother?
Matthew_Gilbert: My feelings exactly, rose. SHAME on them. They're dead to me, at least for a few seconds.
rose__Guest_: I can't believe Lost wasn't nominated...also no Elizabeth Mitchell?
Matthew_Gilbert: Lost had an uneven season, so that might have harmed the show's reputation in the voters' eyes. Although they've celebrated Lost in the past, they may find it too culty at this point.
Matthew_Gilbert: And Ms. Mitchell? I have to say, I've never really liked her in that role, but most of my Lost friends love her.
LostFan__Guest_: What are your overall feelings about the nominations? Biggest Surprise? Biggest Snub?
Matthew_Gilbert: Biggest snub is EASY, lostfan. WHERE IS FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS???????????????????????
Matthew_Gilbert: ????????????
Matthew_Gilbert: Um, sorry. Anyway, FNL deserved best show, best actor (Kyle Chandler), best actress (Connie Britton), and a whole mess of supporting nods.
Matthew_Gilbert: Biggest surprise? I'd say the deserved nominations of Kevin Dillon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Rainn Wilson in the best supporting comedy actor category. I'm always surprised when the voters get it completely RIGHT.
rose__Guest_: I'm torn...Rainn Wilson or Neil Patrick Harris for best supporting actor...who would you pick?
Matthew_Gilbert: Me, too. Oh, sigh, I'd probably want to vote for Neil, just because that show needs more attention. But they are both excellent.
Matthew_Gilbert: Notice I avoided the Sophie's Choice comparison. Too tacky.
rose__Guest_: What are Jenna Fischer's chances of winning?
Matthew_Gilbert: I think she stands a chance, to be honest. But Vanessa Williams is a formidable opponent.
rose__Guest_: Seriously, who watches Two and a Half Men?
Matthew_Gilbert: A WHOLE MESS of people. In fact, it's often in the Nielsen top 10. Many more people watch it than the Office and 30 Rock, for sure.
LostFan__Guest_: Do you think Boston Legal is a better show than Lost or FNL?
Matthew_Gilbert: No, indeed, no. The Boston Legal thing is still a mystery to me. The Emmy voters just love to give it nominations. Enough already. It has moments of cleverness, from what I've seen, but still, Friday Night Lights puts it to shame.
rose__Guest_: How can they nominate Two and a Half Men and not How I Met Your Mother?
Matthew_Gilbert: Another factor in all this Emmy talk is the failing Emmycast ratings. If the voters don't put familiar shows into the competition, viewers won't turn in to watch the ceremony, you know? The Oscars are dealing with the same problem. Two and a Half Men is a big hit, a lot of people know about it.
LostFan__Guest_: Shouldn't Boston Legal be a comedy anyway, like Ugly Betty?
Matthew_Gilbert: That's a great question. As these hourlong hybrid shows like Desperate Housewives show up in the comedy category, the rules are getting pretty hazy.
Matthew_Gilbert: I'd love to see FX nominate Rescue Me in the comedy categories!!! It's the darkest comedy on TV, possibly ever.
FNLFan__Guest_: Speaking of FNL...I heard today that Rosie O'Donnell might join the cast. What do you think of that? And is she still planning on doing the Nip/Tuck spinoff?
Matthew_Gilbert: Rosie is scheduled to appear on a bunch of episodes of Nip/Tuck this season; talk of her spinoff has died down. I know that she and the Friday Night LIghts people are talking about her coming on for a few eps as a soccer coach, but I don't think anything has been nailed down yet.
Matthew_Gilbert: Rosie has gotten pretty annoying, and yet I could imagine her doing a nice job on FNL. THink A League of Their Own.
whipmom__Guest_: IWhat about The Riches? I've loved that show since day one. I am pulling for Minnie to win, but I think Eddie & the show in general was robbed! Any thoughts?
Matthew_Gilbert: I have to agree with you whipmom, at least as far as Eddie Izzard is concerned. He's great on the show.
Matthew_Gilbert: Maybe the voters shied away because his standup is so crazy?
Matthew_Gilbert: They'd rather give YET ANOTHER nod to James Spader. Ug.
ImageDissector: OK, another Sophie's Choice question: Daily Show or Colbert Report for best variety show?
Matthew_Gilbert: I hate you.
JediFonger: Is Mad Men award-worthy?
Matthew_Gilbert: I think it is, jed. Hard to say if the show can maintain its quality through the season, but I've really loved the first four episodes.
Matthew_Gilbert: Check out Mad Men tonight at 10 on AMC, if you haven't heard about it. Best new show of the summer, for sure.
Greg__Guest_: Do you think, even with his troubles, that Alec Baldwin will break Tony Shaloub's lock on the best actor category? I can't say I know anyone who even watches "Monk"...
Matthew_Gilbert: Fingers crossed, greg. But you are right to wonder if Baldwin's personal problems will get in the way. They may still be too fresh in voters minds.
LostFan__Guest_: I can't stand Rosie, but if she can do anything to save FNL, I'll love her forever
Matthew_Gilbert: Yeah, I guess I agree. Gulp.
JediFonger: What do you think of piping TV series through the web like ABC+CBS is doing?
Matthew_Gilbert: It's a good thing, jed. People who don't have DVRs can at least catch up on shows they've missed. I love serial dramas, and so I love the idea of making them easier for viewers to follow.
rose__Guest_: Are you surprised Kiefer Sutherland was nominated what with the subpar season 24 had?
Matthew_Gilbert: I'm always suprised Kiefer gets nominated. He seems like a nice guy and all, but...he's totally monochromatic, you know? Same voice, same face, over and over again. If they started up an outstanding grunter category, well then I'd throw all my support behind him.
whipmom__Guest_: I've got to get into FNL, I just keep hearing about how great that show is. What do you think Minnie's chances are ? I love her character on The Riches!
Matthew_Gilbert: Minnie's chances are VERY slim, I think. She's up against a bunch of beloved actresses, including Mariska Hargitay and Sally Field. And then Kyra (my beloved Kyra) is a favorite. And of course Edie Falco is a powerhouse.
Matthew_Gilbert: So I think the nomination is the prize for her, whip.
JediFonger: Why is Sopranos nominated again? They stopped deserving it after season2.
Matthew_Gilbert: Oh why
Matthew_Gilbert: I oughta...
Matthew_Gilbert: The Sopranos stayed great, far as I'm concerned. Yes, some small ups and downs, but always superior to most of the rest of TV.
Toby__Guest_: Do the Emmy's ever recognize new talent? This list looks like a recap of last year's> If Kyle Chandler wasn't nominated, could the jury even be watching TV?
Matthew_Gilbert: Actually, my little goose, you're kind of wrong. There are lots of new names on the list this year, from 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, the Office (Rainn and Jenna), from Entourage....
Matthew_Gilbert: But still I agree in part. The Friday Night Lights ommision is hugely screwy.
Seth_Bullock__Guest_: All be it dark and disturbing: Where are the Deadwood nominations?
Matthew_Gilbert: Indeed, seth, indeed.
JediFonger: Your picture on the web here next to the transcript looks like Michael Bay =P
Matthew_Gilbert: I play him in the movie, Jed.
Toby__Guest_: So you actually think Two and a Half Men is better than How I married Your Mother?
Matthew_Gilbert: Don't bait me, Toby. See above for my screed. I think Two and Half Men gets a lot of nods because it's popular. The Emmy voters don't want to seem out of touch with what's popular, and they want viewers to be familiar with the shows that are competing so they'll tune in for the ceremony.
Matthew_Gilbert: Which is Sept 16 this year, by the way.
Greg__Guest_: I'm also surprised to see the lack of guest star nominations for 30 Rock. Will Arnet? Paul Ruebens? Far more brilliant than Beau Bridges in Earl. They're just looking at names they recognize, aren't they?
Matthew_Gilbert: Yes, sad to say it's true, greg. Familiar names always seem to get nods more easily. Remember the Ellen Burstyn travesty last year, when she was nominated for a like 9 ssecond appearance in an HBO movie? That was all about name recognition.
ImageDissector: Why do the Emmy voters care who watches the ceremony? They don't work for Fox. Who votes for these things, anyways?
Matthew_Gilbert: They care because they want the Emmys to matter. If fewer and fewer people watch the awards show, then the Emmys will lose their power.
Matthew_Gilbert: Go to the Emmy website to find out more. The Academy of TV Arts and Sciences voters are in the industry.
rose__Guest_: I was hoping that Angela from The Office would get nominated too. She's so great on that show!
Matthew_Gilbert: I AGREEEEE! I love her. She gives so much away with the littlest expressions. But Holland Taylor must get her nod, OR ELSE...
ImageDissector: Where's Michael C. Hall? Dexter was eligible, right?
Matthew_Gilbert: It was snubbed, imaged. Cruelly and unfairly snubbed. It was very eligible, and it got a couple (maybe 3) nods in technical categories, including best title sequence (which it deserves).
DwightKSchrute__Guest_: Just because you said you'd vote for NPH over me, I'm revoking your invitation to the beet farm. My brother Moes is not pleased.
Matthew_Gilbert: No no NOOOO. What if I designate you the deputy of getting me lunch today? Will you forgive me?
SoxFan__Guest_: I noticed there are two reality categories now, one for competitions and one for everything else? Do we really need to encourage more reality program development? Enough!
Matthew_Gilbert: Sigh. Reality stuff is going to continue, whether or not the Emmys acknowledge it.
Matthew_Gilbert: Reality contests are still the rage, and they make the nets lots of money since they're so cheaply made.
chatty__Guest_: HOW on earth did Dexter get overlooked for best actor??
Matthew_Gilbert: I don't know, but Dexter doesn't take kindly to such criminal acts, so those voters better watch out....
JediFonger: When does Dexter start up again? ep1&2 are already out in the torrents >)
Matthew_Gilbert: In September, I believe. Along with Brotherhood on Showtime.
Matthew_Gilbert: Got to go write about the nominations. Thanks for showing up, see you in a couple of weeks. mg