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7 best Jason Sudeikis 'SNL' moments

Posted by Emily Wright  July 25, 2013 12:54 PM

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Jason Sudeikis has decided not to return to "Saturday Night Live," joining fellow castmates Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in calling it quits this summer. We're going to miss his sketches, namely the seven below (and one honorable mention), which have kept us cracking up for the past eight years. Take a look.

Honorable mention: 'Bad Guys, Good Conversation'

Sudeikis plays the villainous Sensei from "Karate Kid." He's not the star of this one but his off-screen presence is felt throughout the entire skit, from the start when he gives direction to Johnny Lawrence ("START THE SHOW"), to the end ("FINISH IT"). He might be the funniest part, if not for Bill Hader as Buffalo Bill from "Silence Of the Lambs."

7. 'Jon Bovi'

You've heard of Bon Jovi. The New Jersey band is great but their opposite band, known as Jon Bovi, is greater. The duo (played by Sudeikis and Will Forte) sing the exact opposite of Bon Jovi songs. Well, sort of the exact opposite. P.S. Good medicine is not what I need.

6. 'Muppet Bus'

Amazingly, the veteran funnyman doesn't once break from his cheesy smile while he plays Fozzy Bear, even while throwing in an equally-cheesy set of one-liners.

5. 'Weekend Update: Rod Blagojevich'

Sudeikis as the disgraced former Illinois governor makes the list for the following reasons: the voice is on point, the character is perfect, and hello, look at the hair.

4. 'Weekend Update: The Devil on Penn State'

Sudeikis quits being the devil in this one, but only after he admits to some unforgivable evil, like the fact that he created Internet buffering.

3. 'Ladies' Bowling'

Pete Twinkle (Sudeikis) and Greg Stink (Forte) team up to emcee a women's bowling championship, complete with hilarious ad drops for a specific women's hygiene company. Those alone are what make the skit. Don't believe us? Just watch.

2. 'Maine Justice'

Sudeikis serves the people of Bangor, Maine, as a small town judge (possibly via New Orleans) in this skit, modeled after daytime court TV. He doesn't take too kindly to out-of-towners while presiding and his fury with a particular defendant gave us one of our favorite quotes from the show. Just "shut ya butt" and watch it.

1. 'VP Debate Open: Palin/Biden', 'Mitt Romney Campaign Cold Open'

Sudeikis's portrayal of politicians is a large part of what made him so memorable on "SNL," so we picked two to top the list. First, he plays Joe Biden. It's hard to tell who is better in this sketch, Tina Fey or Sudeikis. Fey's infallible impression of Sarah Palin is just part of the magic that earned it No. 1 on our list. Add in Sudeikis's polished portrayal of vice president Biden, and you've got a winner. Second is his unforgettable impression of former governor Mitt Romney. Enjoy.

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