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Ten 'Office' pranks we love to relive

Posted by Emily Wright  May 16, 2013 12:05 PM

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"The Office" is over, but we don't want it to be, so we're reliving our favorite pranks that were pulled on the show over the past eight years. If we were as clever as the writers, or as daring, we might have tried these on our co-workers.

1. Jim as Dwight

Jim mocking Dwight all the time is hilarious, but Jim mimicking Dwight, dressed as Dwight, is gut-bustingly funny.

2. Wrapping paper desk

It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's none of those. And it wasn't really a desk either. Jim gave Dwight's desk a special treatment for Christmas.

3. Dwight's being recruited by the CIA

What's funnier than Jim convincing Dwight he's being recruited by the CIA? Jim convincing Dwight he's being recruited by the CIA a second time.

4. Jim puts Dwight's stuff in Jell-O

Another desk-related stunt. Equally funny.

5. Benjamin Franklin

What's better than a stripper at Phyllis' bridal show? A Benjamin Franklin impersonator, that's what. Bow chicka wow.

6. Dwight's Velcro suit

Jim orders a custom-made suit for Dwight and has it sent to his dry cleaner. This may sound like a kind gesture at first, except the suit is made from tear-away Velcro. And Jim rips it off of Dwight in the parking lot.

7. Jim and Pam learn Morse code

Anything to make Dwight go bonkers cracks us up. Jim and Pam learning Morse code to get on his nerves, then using their eyes to communicate, is the ultimate annoyance.

8. Andy's convinced he's getting fired

Ed Helms' Andy is manipulated into thinking his job is on the line by Darryl and Creed.

9. Michael's birthday surprises (that are good enough to be pranks)

Michael has a habit of surprising his co-workers on their birthdays. His antics are scary enough that they can be called pranks in our eyes.

10. "You've been meatballed"

It may not be clever, but filling Dwight's desk with meatballs and encapsulating his stapler in one makes Stanley (and us) howl with laughter.

Did you enjoy the finale? What about these clips? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

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